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Sal's Place Restaurant 

A Sad and Troubling Story

My name is Michela Carew-Murphy and I am the eldest daughter of the family who has taken over Sal's Place.I write this letter reluctantly as my mother, Siobhan, is an immensely private person and growing up in rural Ireland, she was always taught to live and let live, that is, that you should keep your head down, work hard and quietly go about your own business which she has always instilled in my two sisters and myself.

However, she also taught us to stand up for what is right and to be true to ourselves and that ethos makes me feel obligated to stop the perpetuating of rumours that continue to plague the reopening of Sal's.

This summer was supposed to be a joyful homecoming for our family. My mother first came to Provincetown in 1981 at the age of 17 after getting on a boat in Boston Harbour, looking for an adventure with no idea of her destination. Immediately upon disembarking from the ferry, she fell in love with Provincetown for the same reasons that I imagine many of you did. The landscape, the community, and the uniqueness of the quaint fishing village cum artist colony called to her wild spirit and she was hooked. When she married and had children, she continued to come here, and my sisters and I revelled in the independence we had in this little piece of paradise, spending our days at the west end racing club or walking "downtown" to dive off the pier for tourists, collecting quarters and spending our bounty at the penny patch. My middle sister, Ciara, was even born here, 27 years ago, in the tiny little waterfront cottage we rented behind 47 commercial street.

It had always been my mother's dream to open a restaurant in Provincetown, but the right opportunity had never come along, until last summer. My sister's godfather, who had been a chef at Sal's Place and now owns his own restaurant in town told my mother about the sale of Sal's Place and this long saga began. When we met Lora Papestas and her son Alexander, it seemed like fate. Lora had raised Alexander in the restaurant, as we ourselves had been raised in our family's restaurants in Boston and we were (and remain) so excited to continue the proud legacy of such a historic and beautiful place.

In an article posted in today's Banner, entitled "Doors Remain Shut at Sal's Place", our neighbour, David Beraducci, attempted to paint my mother as an ungracious and unhelpful neighbour whose difficult behaviour has soured the relationship between ourselves and our fellow condo owners when that could be not be further from the truth. The relationship was soured before we even took ownership of Sal's, as our neighbour, Greg Connors, who purchased 101 Commercial Street from Lora in June of 2014 petitioned the town to stop Sal's, a restaurant that has been operating for over five decades from reopening. When his appeals were denied by the town, he filed suit against my mother and Lora in land court, outrageously claiming that the restaurant had been closed when he purchased "Home at Last" and he had been promised it would NEVER reopen, despite the fact that a quick Google search can show anyone that not only did the restaurant remain open throughout the 2014 season when he bought his house, but Sal's Place continued to be listed for sale as a restaurant until we purchased in in February 2016.

I only wish that was where the difficulty ended. When we came down in March to begin the process of cleaning the restaurant to get it open for Memorial Day, we were dismayed and distraught to see that not only had the iconic grapevines that covered the entrance to the property and it's accompanying trellis been ripped down without our permission, but the company hired jointly by our "friendly neighbours" in the pier units, David Beraducci, Brian Rafenelli and Mark Walsh as well Greg Connors at 101 Commercial had torn out our deck (and outdoor seating) again without notice or permission. Despite this bad introduction, we believed them when they committed to having the deck rebuilt by April 15 and we watched as the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months and still, we wait for the deck. We allowed the company, Cape Cod Docks, whom they had hired to repair the wharf access to our property, for them to drag and drive heavy machinery and tools and lumber across our property for months and months, at our detriment, as we awaited our deck to be put back.

Needless to say, it is July 21, and there is no sign of our deck. Furthermore, the pier unit owners accessed our personal storage lockers without notice or permission to install backflow preventers that I can only assume they thought were too unsightly too be placed on their own property, as countless experts have said there is no reason whatsoever for them not to be placed by their cabins. When we locked our lockers to prevent further unauthorised work on our property, Mr. Beraducci attempted to break in to them using a screwdriver and when confronted by a member of our family, told him to "just shut up and get out of the way" and attempted to instruct the plumber he had contracted to continue the work despite it's illegality. All of this work had been done either without permits or on expired permits, for which to date, there have been no repercussions from the town or its appropriate bodies.

When work on the back wharf was finally forced to cease, the bullying continued, with Mark Walsh telling my mother, "it's after July 4th and you're not open, you have no friends in this town." While we might not be as politically connected as our neighbours, Mr. Walsh was certainly wrong about us not having friends, as the outpouring of support that we have received from the community in Provincetown has been immense and some small solace in this difficult time.

While my mother would prefer if I remained silent as she still believes that good will prevail despite our neighbours continuing to attempt to thwart all of our efforts to open, I can not stand idly by as the narrative is manipulated by those who wish to use it for their own personal gain.

This ordeal has cost our family greatly, both financially and emotionally but our love for Provincetown and her residents and visitors will not be tarnished by the actions of the few who believe that the rules do not apply to them and that the truth doesn't matter. However, I can no longer stand by as these wolves in sheep's clothing continue to manipulate and bully and I cannot stay silent any longer.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all of our neighbours and well wishers who have written letters or come by with good wishes and we cannot wait to welcome you all to Sal's when we open.

Sal's Place is Finally Open!

Great Food, Great Service,

Great Atmosphere

Like Old Times  


Sal's Place Letter - Notice of Intent

Mr. David Panagore, Town Manager

Town of Provincetown

Via Email to:

Dear Mr. Panagore:

Siobhan Carew has directed me to inform the Town of Provincetown that I am working in the capacity as her building and zoning consultant and as her Agent on matters pertaining to 99 Commercial Street.

A copy of the condominium documents that clearly show controlling interest of 99 Commercial Street in favor of MS Carew is on file with the Town Of Provincetown and is also available at the Barnstable County Registry of Deeds.

I ask that you forward this email to all Town of Provincetown Departments so as to inform them of my relationship with MS Carew.

Please inform all Town of Provincetown employees not to trespass onto 99 Commercial Street without my permission unless in case of emergency (fire/ambulance/police matter).

All requests with a stated reason and statutory authority to trespass onto 99 Commercial Street by employees of the Town of Provincetown onto 99 Commercial Street shall be in writing and no trespass will be allowed unless reviewed and approved by me. Access may be granted subject to my or a representative from my office being on site at time of entry.

Email or facsimile request for entry onto 99 Commercial Street is sufficient as a method of communication to my office with a copy of the email request send also to MS Carew at

Should any Town of Provincetown employees seek entrance to 99 Commercial Street after this warning, it would be only by the Town of Provincetown seeking a warrant in a court of competent jurisdiction with sufficient statutory notice to the property owner for reasons of entry onto the private property located at 99 Commercial Street notwithstanding any Massachusetts General Law that allows specific Officers of the Court (Certified Building Official/Certified Health Officer, etc.) to enter the property in performance of their statutory duties.

It appears that Town of Provincetown employee(s) have been working in concert with a local plumber that has performed un-permitted/un-inspected work at 99 Commercial Street. The un-permitted/un-inspected work will be brought to the attention of Massachusetts Officials that regulate plumbing and gas fitting work as it appears that the Town of Provincetown has not enforced the Massachusetts State Plumbing Code at 99 Commercial Street. The work that has taken place involves potable water and building sewerage connections that may endanger lives if not done per the requirements of the Massachusetts State Plumbing Code. A request will be made for a State Plumbing Inspector to take charge of all plumbing and gas inspections in the Town of Provincetown.

An additional request for enforcement will be made to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for un-permitted/unsafe electrical work that has taken place at 99 Commercial Street.

Additional complaints will be made before other Massachusetts and Federal Regulatory Departments, Boards and Commissions for other work that the Town of Provincetown has allowed to take place  at 99 Commercial Street and 101 Commercial Street contrary to local, state and federal laws and regulations.
The complaints will cite specific employees of the Town of Provincetown with detailed charges of either misfeasance and/or malfeasance in the performance of their duties and overstepping the bounds of their positions with the Town of Provincetown causing great financial and stressful harm to MS Carew.

It has come to my attention that the owner of 101 Commercial Street may be building a masonry retaining wall at the border of 99-101 Commercial Street. No retaining walls construction located on the 99-101 Commercial Street lot line was included in any approvals granted by the Town of Provincetown. The walls construction is required to meet the requirements of the Massachusetts State Building Code, including flood plain regulations with a base of the wall below the frost line (4') and any wall footing located on the owner of 101 Commercial Street's property. A building permit is required to be applied for and issued prior to the construction of the wall after all regulatory approvals are granted and an As-Built survey plan is required upon completion of the walls construction. A plot plan prepared by a Massachusetts Registered Professional Land Surveyor is required as part of the building permit application as is the approval of the Historic District Commission, the Conservation Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals. MS Carew has not granted permission for the owner of 101 Commercial Street to trespass onto 99 Commercial Street for any construction work.

It has also come to my attention in reviewing Town of Provincetown records that no As-Build plans prepared by a Massachusetts Registered Professional Land Surveyor are on file for the work that took place at 99 and 101 Commercial Street. The Land Surveyors plans would show that the structures are built at the locations approved by the various Town of Provincetown Boards and Commissions and at the heights required by FEMA Regulations. Violation of FEMA Regulations could jeopardize the Town of Provincetown's Flood Plain Insurance coverage should the structures be found not to be built per FEMA and Massachusetts State Building Code Regulations. Your Building Commissioner should immediately notify the owner of 101 Commercial Street and the owners of 99 Commercial Street that demolished and rebuilt a pier/wharf of this issue and its severity.

The reconstructed pier/wharf at 99 Commercial Street may also be in violation of other Massachusetts laws and regulation as the destruction and reconstruction of the pier/wharf is not considered maintenance under MGL Chapter 91. In addition, any structures moved off and back onto the pier/wharf must meet the requirements of 780CMR,Eight Edition for new structures.


Matthias J. Mulvey, CBO, CET

Building and Zoning Consultant

28 Edgeworth Street

Weymouth, Massachusetts 02189

Telephone: (781) 331-0043

Facsimile: (781) 331-0085



29th Provincetown Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla September 10, 2016
The spectacular arrival of swimmers at Long Point on the Mystic. Photo: Nancy Bloom, 2015.
Greetings swimmers, kayakers, volunteers,

Question: Do you know the tide for the Swim for Life?
Answer: 6:18 am, high tide; 12:04 pm, low tide
The Swim starts at 11:00am, almost low tide, which cuts down the distance! 



It is With Great Sadness and Regret that We Announce the Passing of

Josephine Breen Del Deo

Noted activist artist and  author of poetry, essays, biography, art history,

"The Watch at Peaked Hill", and plays.  

Mrs Del Deo Succumbed to her illness, Thursday August 24 1:00am, while at Seashore Point 

She leaves behind her husband the noted artist Salvatore Del Deo, a daughter Giovanna, painter and writer; and son, sculptor  Romolo, a sister in-law Connie Banko a noted bathing suit designer and niece Susie  Banko as well as several grandchildren 


Thursday, August 25, 2016


Anyone know what is going on with those barriers ?  My understanding is that they are permanent.

Why would the town allow this or those type of barriers - what an eye sore !!

11:28 am edt 

BOS Decision - No Fall Town Meeting

No Fall special town Meeting? that is Great

But why is the posting so tiny, I can hardly read it. Amen to this decision. but how a bout a larger print for the former posting on not having a fall town meeting.
11:25 am edt 

Re: White Party

So, the White party is sold tix at gate. Many are now left out. Back in the 80's it was open to all.
11:24 am edt 

Re: Proposed Email Policy - Town Manager Invasive Absurdity!

Proposed Email Policy

If you are using a computer that is not personally owned by you, you have no right to privacy. Computers where you are employed (or use) and what you type on them, are the property of the employer. It is a common practice of companies to check emails, especially if you work where productivity counts.

If you are conducting business on your computer relating to your employment, you have no reason for concern.
9:30 am edt 

Re: Mark Hatch

"The Fincom Chair's role, when not running a meeting, is to do whatever socialization he wants to, with whomever he wants to."   Mark Hatch, referring to himself in the third person."

I read it as funny and ironic. Maybe you need more of that sot of fun in life. He was, as they say, "reading" all of you. I enjoyed seeing everyone in the town manager's car. They seemed to be having a great time, and that what we want our town to project, not the hateful dribble that is spewed on here. Some of you people have small lives, it seems. Thank god you have this outlet or who knows what you'd be doing.
9:28 am edt 

So, At Base, You are But a Republican

So Oastie Rogers Whatever, vote for Trump. Here is quite the confluence--a word you would understand--between you and Vincent Currier.

So both you--forget all the         , just vote for Trump and leave us at peace.

You don't like Hillary; you have problems with her--who the hell cares. Vote your Repulican base and that is the end of it.

Please, don't try to rationalize your ridiculous vote. Just do it and shut up!
9:22 am edt 

Re: New York Times

Pretty simple to encourage year round artists here.  There are many, units, I believe 30+ units that are artists studios. They were mostly built by Ted Malone, community housing, and are quite large and have bathrooms.   Pretty easy to Revise zoning laws and designate live/work.   Just allow a small kitchen and of course come up with a way to regulate that they are really used year round.   Not rocket science.
9:19 am edt 

Re: Route 6

Does anyone else feel we have a police state on route 6 in and out of town?  Always someone pulled over.  All in the supposed name of safety, which  it isn't achieving at all.
9:18 am edt 

Re: New York Times

"Also, most of these artists do NOT make their home here." 

Exactly- they can't afford it. Even in the winter-

9:15 am edt 

Re: Mark Hatch

"And, btw, I'm gay."

Doesn't mean your also not homophobic.

Hope this helps.
9:12 am edt 

Re: An Observation

Amen. Thank you for pointing this out. Agreed and seconded.
9:09 am edt 

Re: New York Times

"New York Times: Art Scene  Ok, I'll bite.  Can you name 3 artists under 30 who have had gallery shows this summer? Under 40 even?"

The question was name artists under 40 who had shows here, not artist under 30 who live here who had shows here.

I'm not arguing that things are great here for young artists. The galleries and PAAM obviously need to do more. But it's not like they aren't here. The Times didn't mention them, but that's not their faults.
9:01 am edt 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Question

It seems every time I submit a concern it never appears.  Why is that?
9:46 am edt 

BOS Decision - No Fall Town Meeting
Well, Is there a change Afoot? No Fall town Meeting  Finally a decision that was arrived at rationally. this makes so much sense, in spite Eric Yingling's insistence that it be held. Little sense in his thinking but much sense in town manager's position that we hold state of the "nation" meetings focused on main issues for the April town meeting.  And the other selectmen agreed. a sane and rational decision.  Maybe there is hope!
9:39 am edt 

Re: New York Times

"New York Times: Art Scene  Ok, I'll bite.  Can you name 3 artists under 30 who have had gallery shows this summer? Under 40 even?"

"Sure. Here are the ones off the top of my head:
Jicky Schnee
Juan Pablo Echeverri
Zehra Khan
Brian Einersen
Trevor Mikkula
Abbie Wanamaker
Maryscha Schultz
Colin McGuire
Julian Cardinal's
Meg Ly"

Not familiar with all of these artists, but I do know for a fact that several listed here are NOT under 30. Also, most of these artists do NOT make their home here. Ditto for the performers (and organizers) of the Afterglow festival.

As far as the "performance artists" you speak of, the Crown and Anchor is hardly an art gallery.
9:08 am edt 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


"Thank you for helping me to make a decision about the PBG. You are right spending 400 dollars on an organization, that for me offers nothing, is silly. Good bye PBG."

If it took this blog to help you make that business decision it doesn't say much about your business acumen.
10:27 pm edt 

Re: New York Times

"New York Times: Art Scene  Ok, I'll bite.  Can you name 3 artists under 30 who have had gallery shows this summer? Under 40 even?"

Sure. Here are the ones off the top of my head:

Jicky Schnee
Juan Pablo Echeverri
Zehra Khan
Brian Einersen
Trevor Mikkula
Abbie Wanamaker
Maryscha Schultz
Colin McGuire
Julian Cardinal's
Meg Ly

Maybe if you didn't know this, you're part of the problem.

That list doesn't include performance artists with their own shows, like Elle's Variety Show, or the plethora of amazing young artists who will be here during the Afterglow Festival. I can keep going on and on, but I think I've proven my point.
9:24 pm edt 

Re: Proposed Email Policy - Town Manager Invasive Absurdity!

Email policy

Gee, do you think it's too late to stop the bullying?  I think it is.
9:21 pm edt 

Re: Proposed Email Policy - Town Manager Invasive Absurdity!

Town Email Policy

It is part of normal supervision of employees to monitor work flow and all use of town owned property.  I know of no company that promises employees any degree of privacy when using work equipment for private communication.  If the town manager were somehow reading emails on employees private servers or other equipment, that would be illegal and immoral.  But, using tax payers provided equipment for private communication is wrong. When working for the town people should not be sending or receiving private communications on town owned equipment. They should be working. Of course, there are emergencies when telephone calls are totally appropriate.  Many companies no longer allow the use of mobile phones in the workplace.  Essential contact can be made through the town system. 

I would like to hear some well reasoned arguments on this subject.  Employee right to privacy using public time and equipment is not one of them.
9:20 pm edt 

An Observation

The top of this page says "Welcome to My PACC web site! Our goal is to educate, promote and encourage citizen participation in town government. Your support is critical to this effort. Together we can all make a difference."

Look at that nice lofty goal that this web site is completely failing at.

All I ever see here is people ranting about things they don't like. Where's the call for people to get involved and work on solutions? Most of the posts are made-up "facts", rumors, innuendo, and unfounded speculation. This does the exact opposite of the stated goal -- it fosters a hostile environment of distrust and discourages people from participating in town government!

The repeated personal attacks against town employees and volunteer board members is really shameful.

If you don't like what's going on in town, get involved and change it.
9:18 pm edt 

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