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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wayne Martin - Prospective BOS Candidate

I was thinking the same thing the other day, considering the mess the town seems to be in. I probably don't agree with everything he would have to say but can say that I disagree with just about everything the current board is doing and saying. I can't believe the Winslow Farms issue wasn't dead in the water and then the community center? I thought these issues were settled but now the BOS decides on their own to move forward with their ideas?
10:32 pm edt 

VSB vs Room Tax

It is time rethink how much of the rooms tax goes toward the VSB. We should vote to decrease the amount by 50% and use those monies to finally build a new police station.
10:29 pm edt 

The Truth is in Ourselves

So On Target: Local Knowledge

thanks for that insight. It is exactly what is dismissed here and then local residents become silent since they feel irrelevant. Local knowledge is the perfect term to explain what we must respect and know. It is our shared history and not ideas brought in from "others" and forced upon the town.

Respect those who live here and love this town. Listen to them and then act. Then present ideas that reflect the entire community and not just two or three self-named experts at town hall.

Right on!
1:11 pm edt 

The Truth is in Ourselves

I Now Know Why I Feel Left Out in so many town hall-Initiated projects and plans

It goes back to Jne Jacobs's critique of most urban planning and so often here big projects are driven by what occurred in other places and often in big urban centers.
That does not work for us and yet some insist that these
mega-projects and new way of living will work here.

What is  missing and sometimes even purposefully overlooked is local knowledge. Jane Jacobs stresses the importance of knowing and respecting local knowledge. Not to guide a town by abstract principles or statistical studies but instead to base future plans on how the local people actually live and to base changes on how the local residents want to initiate changes.

but too much of what is concocted at town hall these days totally dismisses local knowledge based on the arrogant perspective that "they" know; that "they" have experience" and "we" are the uninformed, the naïve, the inconsequential.

thank you Jane Jacobs for helping me better understand the clash of cultures that keeps happening recently rooted in a dismissing of "us" and our understanding and replaced with "their" expertise that is rooted in other towns and other places.

It is local knowledge that is needed and local knowledge that should be respected. Without it, plans will fail; articles will be voted down; and the future projects will take weird and unexpected turns.

those in power should base their authority in local knowledge and respect for local residents. this change is the best change that could happen!
12:03 pm edt 

Wayne Martin - Prospective BOS Candidate

The town blew it when the passed over Mr. Martin for selectmen!!!

This town had the chance to elect an honest man a man who  grew up in this town and who's family has been here since it's inception and man who cares about it more so than any body that sits on any of the boards or the TM.  I know this man can not be intimidated or bought and was and is in the unique position of not having any business interests in the town so there could be no conflicts. He would have in my opinion brought the highest level of transparency to this towns inner workings that any board of committee member that came before him maybe with the only exception being his own father.  I have heard lately that he is thinking of running for selectman again because of the corruption and the mess this town is in. I would strongly suggest that you vote for him.
11:58 am edt 

Selective Enforcement - Where's Panagore?

I  cannot believe this town's administration leadership. They bold facedly look at Leif Hamnquist sit across  the various boards i.e. Planning, Zoning and Historic representing the architect for 101 Bradford Street, knowing full well that he previously worked as a town staff member reviewing the very same building.
Mass Conflict of Interest laws requires that if a former staff member has worked as a town employee on a project, they are barred for one year after leaving municipal employment from appearing personally before the municipal body on  behalf of  anyone, on any matters in which the municipality had a direct substantial interest and was under his official responsibility as a municipal employee at any time during the last two years of employment. 
This point was raised by an abutter to  101 Bradford at an HDC hearing, but was completely ignored by the Commission.
Our illustrious Town Manager does not hesitate to mention the fact that he is also a lawyer. Surely he is  aware of the blatant conflict of interest regarding Hamnquist position in this matter.
This is a yet another instance of selective enforcement of the law. Panagore is either asleep at the helm or chooses not to engage the issue.
Where are we going?
Thank goodness the state  
11:40 am edt 

Re: A Serious Question

Doug Johnstone is a wonderful town Employee and professional at all Times

He is always constant, efficient, and professional. He works hard and is always available. Annie Howard does a good job in a difficult environment. and the new building inspector seems quite good. also the BOS secretary is good.
11:00 am edt 

Where are the Answers?

To  hell with the bike 'non-issue'! Where is the Local Comprehensive Plan?
Where is the traffic study for the Tedechi's parking lot. Where is the Town  Planner's supposed degree in  City Planning? Is she under investigation? Where is  this town going? Who has the rudder? Where is Panagore?
What does it take to make this town's citizens angry enough to demand straight forward answers? 
9:55 am edt 

How Many Bike Racks do We Really Need?

Seems traffic meeting is dominated by bike racks here, there and everywhere. there is a limit to how many bikes we should have in town. I put pedestrians first. We do not have the road space for this city mentality about bikes. Our roads are narrow and we need to respect the layout of this town. Always a small group behind major changes. what works for Washington DC surely does not generally work for here.
9:39 am edt 

A Serious Question

I'd love to hear who the folks on this site think are doing a good job -- in town hall, on the BoS, in the business community, on boards, as leaders of nonprofits. We ALL know who it is you think are just the worst; but who is it that you think we all should be emulating? And what have they done that's good and worth admiring? A serious question.
9:38 am edt 

Yingling, Donegan and Panagore

Maybe It's time to Ask: who is there for us?

who is there at town hall for this community? who is there for those who have lived here and loved this town? who is there for the average man and woman who cares for this town?

Seems the caring is now for the rich and more powerful. seems town hall reacts to those who have money and those who act as if they are powerful

How sad. How tragic.
9:35 am edt 

Re: Tom Donegan - Hard at Work?
Obviously Quite Vindictive 
Woah! Is there any Legacy for this man?

seems like time is over for this one selectman. all the promises have led to naught. Now he is a non-functioning selectman. He is on his way out and this is the best that can be said.
9:33 am edt 

Re: Tom Donegan - Hard at Work?
Obviously Quite Vindictive 
Interesting how Donegan has turned.  I thought the blogmaster was the one pushing for change that brought us Donegan and Yingling.

Something soured there for Donegan to go after him.
9:30 am edt 

Re: Tom Donegan - Hard at Work?
Obviously Quite Vindictive
Tell then to f... off Clarence. Please tell the owner of the                                                                                         to as well, he never stops complaining.
9:28 am edt 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Re: Tom Donegan - Hard at Work?

Obviously Quite Vindictive

So much for a change when Tom Donegan ran for selectman. Much of the same, if not worse. What is wrong with this man? No longer chair, he needs to flex his non-power. Odd person who actually never did fit in with this community. Just like Mark Weinress. A disaster with Planning and none of his articles ever passed. Embarrassed as well Weinress should have been. Now Donegan looks for revenge. So it seems from these postings.

I still think he is an odd man out!
8:06 pm edt 

Re: Yingling & Donegan - Two Peas in a Pod

Yingling and Donegan, the inept guys who became selectmen and have both abused their position of trust.

Their FB postings and refusal to negotiate costs taxpayers $500,000 +
8:03 pm edt 

Yingling & Donegan - Two Peas in a Pod

"I heard Tom Donegan told staff to put on an item to prohibit the blogmaster from parking his car in the space by his house along Bradford St.  staff refused and said he had to do it himself if he wanted it at the hearing."

That speaks directly to Donegan's character or lack of it.  I also give credit to whichever staff person stood up to him and said no, we are not part of your power trip.

Yingling and Donegan, the inept guys who became selectmen and have both abused their position of trust.
8:50 am edt 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yingling & Donegan - Two Peas in a Pod
Between Yingling and Donegan I  can't decide who is worse. They represent the perfect examples of what is wrong with open town meeting government.
They personify the old adage "power corrupts and total power corrupts totally".
9:35 pm edt 

Tom Donegan - Hard at Work?

"Have we had the  traffic hearing?

I heard Tom Donegan told staff to put on an item to prohibit the blogmaster from parking his car in the space by his house along Bradford St.  staff refused and said he had to do it himself if he wanted it at the hearing."

Can you believe it, Tom Donegan turns out to be worse than the previous town administration he railed against for using their positions to persecute him.
He has become a pathetic residue of the man he once represented himself to be. Time to move on Tom, before you waste what little respectability you have left. 
New York beckons! 
9:25 pm edt 

 Re: Ongoing Community Center Saga

"Did We really Vote to Sell the rec building?" 
The real, almost laughable irony about turning the community center into summer worker housing is that it's called (hello!) the COMMUNITY center and will now become an instrument in the continued erosion of said community.

Hey, why go to all the trouble of creating year round jobs, housing, etc. for people who live here? We can just import more summer workers who will work cheap, live in dorms and take our money back to their own countries when summer is over. The business owners benefit, so screw everyone else!

Welcome to the new Provincetown, where community is a distant memory and it's every man for himself, where He who dies with the most toys wins!
9:10 pm edt 

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