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Grace Rizk Fund
On February 8, 93 year old Grace Rizk lost her home to fire, getting out with only the clothes she was wearing. In addition to a house full of memories, she lost countless pieces of her own artwork as well as those of her renowned deceased husband Romanos Rizk.

Below please find the online donation link to a fund for Grace Rizk. There will also be an account set up at Seamen's if you feel more comfortable donating directly.

Thank you so much!

Click Here to go to the Grace Rizk Gift Fund

August 13 & 17, 2015

11th Annual

Thursday, August 13, 7:00pm
The Crown & Anchor
247 Commercial Street, Provincetown
$30 per ticket

The Provincetown Jazz Festival moves to a new venue, day, and time in Provincetown at The Crown & Anchor and by popular demand, drinks will be available at this concert.

Dane Vannatter from Pittsburgh, PA is considered to be one of the best male jazz singers in the country and he will be accompanied by the Cape Cod Jazz Quintet.

Tish Adams will open the concert. This wonderful jazz vocalist from Rhode Island is making her debut at the festival and will be backed by the Cape Cod Jazz Quintet
with Steve Ahern on trumpet & flute, Bruce Abbott on sax & flute, Fred Boyle on piano, Ron Ormsby on bass, and Bart Weisman on drums.

Provincetown Police Department Announcement 

March 1, 2015

Snow Parking Ban in effect : All vehicles parked on posted snow removal streets will be ticketed and towed at their owners expense.

Snow and snow related precipitation is predicted over the next 12 to 16 hours.

Currently 4 to 6 inches of snow is expected. During this time it may be necessary to commence plowing operations. Residents and visitors are asked to plan ahead and remove all vehicles from posted emergency snow removal roads ahead of the pending storm.

All vehicles parked on posted snow removal streets will be ticketed and towed at their owners expense.

All of these streets are clearly posted and include: Alden Street, Atlantic Ave., Brewster Street, Center Street, Commercial Street. Conant Street (upper & lower), upper Cottage Street, Cudworth Street, Johnson Street, Miller Hill Road, Montello Street (upper & lower), Nickerson Street (upper& lower), Pearl Street (upper & lower), Pleasant Street, Pricilla Alden, Prince Street, Ryder Street, upper Standish Street, and West Vine Street.

Thank you for your cooperation.


 Provincetown Public Library


Free Movie Night: Birdman
Wednesday, March 4
6:00 pm
Former cinema superhero Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) is mounting an ambitious Broadway production that he hopes will breathe new life into his stagnant career. It's risky, but he hopes that his creative gamble will prove that he's a real artist and not just a washed-up movie star. As opening night approaches, a castmate is injured, forcing Riggan to hire an actor (Edward Norton) who is guaranteed to shake things up. Meanwhile, Riggan must deal with his girlfriend, daughter and ex-wife.
Run Time: 119 Minutes.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

You Have to be Kidding!

Erik Yingling the next Board of Selectmen Chair?

Say it ain't so Sam.


12:59 pm est 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Re: So Many on the BOS Disappoint
"is having a spine so difficult?"

Why don't you look in a mirror and then give us the answer, you spineless      .
7:40 pm est 

So Many on the BOS Disappoint

What happened? So much potential and yet it is a board that is leaderless. there
is no strategic thinking, no dynamic planning, little long term direction. They
just seem, too often, to just be there. and that is not enough.

Is leadership so hard? is having a spine so difficult? something is missing and
it is sad. These are good people gone soft and spineless when the issues they
face are not so hard or overwhelming.
11:32 am est 

Yes, Land Bank Vote is Great

I support and applaud the Land Bank as a separate entity. It is time we speak up
for land, for conservation, for open space. time to put our priorities in order
and conservation is one. sometimes nothing on the land is key--nothing there but
wild species, animals, and life.

11:30 am est 

Re: Land Bank Fund

"Just because you say it's so, does not MAKE it so"...the Land Bank
question will be on the ballot for spring town meeting. Be there or be square.
11:29 am est 

Re: Land Bank Funds

The question of the Land Bank Funds and whether or not to transfer
them into CPC funds to help the community Housing efforts has NOT been settled!
I repeat, NOT been settled.

The decision for the disposition of these funds cannot be made based on the fact
45 or 50 people have expressed an opinion. Of course, this will go before Town
Meeting to get a full vote. The Town Hall meeting was a public information
forum, not a binding vote. That is why only one side was represented.

I promise you, this will attract a large crowd at spring town meeting, make sure
you represent your opinion with your vote!
11:28 am est 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Erik Yingling - BOS Candidate

A little over 3 years ago I was on the Finance Committee and I wanted to take a more active role in policy decisions. I wanted to create REAL accountability and REAL transparency in local government. We released years and years of executive session minutes because ,at a minimum, you have a right to eventually know what happens behind closed doors. We made the Board of Selectmen meetings a live event on Community television so you know what's happening in town hall in real time rather than days or weeks later.
We took a stand as a community one cold winter night in a packed auditorium after weeks of lively meetings in the judge welsh room and declared, "we want accountability". and we achieved it together.
As a community we united around the idea that an echo chamber in Town Hall only serves the few and set out to create a deliberative decision making process that benefits the many.
We united around the idea that long term planning was something we can do rather than just talk about. We hired a town planner and set our sights on the current great struggle; providing community housing and updating our local comprehensive plan. We committed to long term planning with a 5 year capital improvement program. Your board of selectmen has declared with one voice that community affordable housing is our number one priority.
A little over 3 years ago I told the Provincetown Banner that I wanted to bring more people into the process to make your government more fair and responsive. In May of 2012 during a torrential downpour, you affirmed this desire and took a leap of faith by lending me your vote and electing me as your selectman. On May 5th, I ask you to lend me your vote once more so we can continue working together to make a better Provincetown. Thank you for your enduring support and vote of confidence!
1:37 pm est 

Affordable Housing -

What is this idea that one must live in the town they work ?

Most of us in the "real world" have long commutes to our jobs and certainly
don't work in the towns we live.

You want to live on the Cape ?  Fine - just don't expect that it has to be in
Ptown - one of the most expensive towns in the Country.

Find something in Truro - Wellfleet - Eastham - Orleans etc.

These towns are dying for year round rentals and are much cheaper.

And yes, the argument "well then we won't work in this town" - Yes you will -
because the $$$ is better here than anywhere and we all know it

9:44 am est 

Voter Registration

Please register vote, you can check your voter status here !! DEADLINE IS MARCH 17TH
9:23 am est 

Land Bank Victory!

Keeping Land Bank is a victory for all of Us

land is crucial and we all benefit from conservation land--not just a small
percent who gain from using land monies for the overused affordable housing

We won, all of us. Let CPC monies be used for housing and land bank monies for
land.  we need open space and we have never given it the attention and
dedication we should. So glad we now continue to have both.
9:08 am est 

2nd Homeowners Whining

I think it is quite amusing that 2nd homeowners are whining saying
they can't rent year round because they did before and tenants or their animals
ruined the place, haha. Quit the bs. You are either a money hungry person who
had no desire to rent year round and want your weekly rentals without paying
taxes or you are a horrible judge of character who does not know how to screen
applicants. But you are certainly not a good liar about stating the real
reason., haha.
9:05 am est 

Affordable Housing..........

When we moved here 20 years ago we planned
it very carefully. We didn't just show up and expect that housing would be
provided for us. We sold our house in CT (made no money) paid off all our credit
cards, no car payments and purchased a small condo 10 years prior to our move.
This was a long term plan and it proved to be a successful one. Recently there
has been another place we considered to move to but we can't afford it so we
will not move.

There is still so much opportunity to be successful in our town. Just last
month, a couple I know who have been here over 3 years and work year round
purchased a nice home in Truro. It still can be done. We all know people driven
enough to do it!
9:02 am est 

Re:Great That Land Bank Remains the Land Bank

No, very bad it didn't go the route of the CPC. CPC funds are used to preserve
historic structures throughout the town, public or not, can be used toward
recreation projects, (yes, rec is for older people too), affordable housing AND
open space. Right now, the land bank monies are used exclusively for open space,
that's it. How selfish!  80% of the town is already in open space and you open
spacers want more? You don't realize it but bit by bit you are taxing your way
out of the town. How? 80% of the town is already controlled by the feds, a non
tax paying entity in the town yet we take care of some of their roads and they
bring us tourists with trash and wastewater from their visits that we have to
take care of. Thanks. Then, the land bank funds, collected by way of your tax
bill, is used to buy even more land. 3% of your tax bill is added to your tax
bill to go to the land bank. That money buys land that is then taken off the tax
rolls and who foots the bill for the lost r!
evenue? We do! Then, as a result of buying the open space, you now live in a
"better" town. As a result, your taxes go up and then 3% of your now higher tax
bill goes to the land bank to start the dizzying process all over. Eventually,
and it's not long away, any remaining buildable open space will be bought up or
built on. That means the static number of residents will then foot the bill for
everything and it will always cost more in the long run. Think it's tough to
live here now? Think down the road.
9:01 am est 

Prospective Town Manager Candidate

After looking at the website of Dr. Cleveland I can't imagine why the
BOS has not reached out a very welcoming hand.
8:57 am est 

Affordable Housing Stats?

Exactly how many people have housing in Provincetown that would be
considered affordable? How many more units do advocates want? If every
conversation about spending tax dollars on affordable housing could start with
these stats it would make it easier to have a conversation about setting further
goals. Please do not say ask the housing specialist at town hall, she continues
to give a clear answer.
8:55 am est 

Land Bank is Saved

This outpouring of support for the land bank must tell the selectmen something.
Sadly, the DART meeting was cancelled because no one showed up up regarding all
of these "AFFORDABLE Housing issues".

This is sending several messages from the taxpayers. We want open land in town
and the far reaching hand of the Affordable Housing contingent is now seen by
everyone for the greedy beast of development that it has become.

The community center, Stable path, The fire house, three apartments in the new
Grace G. building-NOTHING IS ENOUGH.

This greedy bunch need to be stopped. They are putting all of this on the backs
of the taxpayers and reducing the quality of the life of the rest of us who DO
live here.
8:50 am est 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Great That Land Bank Remains the Land Bank

Good that it has not been turned into the CPC monies that would ONLY go for
affordable housing. Enough on that sad subject and sad plans that never work for
those who need it in town. All the work and apartments go to outsiders, year
after year, after year. Nothing, nothing has changed.

This is a good move. Land is crucial and protecting land so wonderful. And we
have never given enough of our monies to buying open land.

Victory comes in small packages. and this is one!
11:37 am est 

Monday, February 23, 2015

From: Dave Cleveland - Town Manager Candidate

I never did reach the end of this blog, I was starting to see names
like, John Alden, Charles Fuller, Miles Standish and many more down towards the
bottom. Because my eyelids are now drooping down over my line of sight, I've
decided to let you know of my attempt to be appointed as the new
Town Manager, and thereby making this blog even longer than it is, sorry!

My ~30 page proposal has been in place since last December 2014. I made a very
intensive, complete resume and left it with The Selectmen's Secretary. She has
guarded my resumes with due diligence during this almost 3 month period,
However, after several letters to the Selectman, my Poor Resume still sits on
the floor next to her desk, lonely, dusty, unread and unacknowledged.

One of my previous resumes was sent to a Local Ivy League College to apply for
their position of President. Within two weeks they wrote back thanking me for my
application and to let me know that they had Chosen another Candidate and to
thank me for stepping -up with my application, and for my interest in the
College. (Of course I mailed them off a check for  for a new wing ...) ("!")
I applied for Town Manager here on December1, 2014 observing that Provincetown
has many Major dilemmas.

I haven't mentioned this on my site yet, but I don't need a salary at $130.000 a
year and am going to put $40.000 of that salary into a foundation to assist with
the Poor, Emergency assistance, Helping Our Women, and other worthy groups
starting as soon as I moved into the not so Oval Office, and the position,
you'll see other ways I can be of service on my web site.

I invite people who are hard at work speaking their piece here, to come on over
and take a peak at my work in Progress at....


Thanks, Best wishes to all. And, if you happen to need 4-5 trucks of really
clean, cold snow FREE!-give me a shout.

Dave Cleveland
11:56 pm est 

DART Meeting

The Town Planner was known to refer to the DART
conferences as her baby. Well the meeting today was
cancelled because of lack of attendance.

So much for her baby, dead on arrival.

Just say goodbye!
11:11 pm est 

Town Planner

The town planner tried to get the job that brian got in wellfleet but
she never got an intervue. Now she wants a job in chatam. She wants more money.
who doesnt.
11:00 pm est 

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