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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Re: Louise Venden



Please take a few minutes out of your crazy busy schedule and read the Charter and the few Mass laws about duties and responsibilities of the FinCom. Then take a deep breath and try to follow the laws.  Stop with the ego driven expansionism.  The Fincom is NOT in charge of the town's finances.  The FinCom has a very limited job.  Learn it and live it. 

12:08 pm est 

Re: Pizza Lady


I love that I am not the only one that thinks that everything Pizza Lady does is completely self serving and that she uses all forms of social media to promote her rather mundane product. Free pint of soft serve with all deliveries! Don't forget, all of the leftover turkey dinner scraps will be on a pizza slice today. LOL. I agree get rid of those gross and badly damaged props in front of the store.

12:06 pm est 

Re-FinCom - Louise Venden
I don't understand her comments regarding her desire to see more women on the board. Why would a woman be better than a man? It's about numbers, not feelings. Facts are facts, affordable according to the budget or not. What would a woman bring to the board that a man wouldn't or vice versa, what has a man not brought to the board that a woman would? There are plenty of women on boards throughout the town and they have made quite a mess on a few of them. Why would Venden need more women on FINCOM??
12:05 pm est 

Beer Garden

The temporary roof/gazebo given for a short duration is a structure, plain and simple, said structure needs to conform to zoning regulations such as set backs, etc. Anyone who knows zoning can tell you that it encroaches on the front set back, that being Commercial St. It needs zoning relief in the form of a VARIANCE, which is impossible to grant due to the fact they created the problem. The owners of the business which is a great asset to the town have a relationship to a sitting BOS member. Let's see if they do the right thing! The 3 members of BOS turned the town upside down and I am not sure we are in a better position moving forward today with trust and transparency!
12:03 pm est 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Re: FinCom - Louise Venden


No fool like an old fool! She would fix that which was not broken.

But don't worry she will break it and Mark Hatch. 

11:11 am est 

Re: Banner Front Page Article - "Walker Quits"


Ah, Oh, If Only

Peter Brown had asked the CHAIR to find out where FINCom is going??the article was about Clarence Walker Quitting--not about FInCom's future direction as laid out by Hatch. question to Venden, and off she went on and on about the future she will create.

What is this "if only Peter Brown had asked the CHAIR"? Someone has become rather important in this position.

Pride goeth before the fall!!

11:07 am est 

FinCom - Louise Venden


I'm for Women in Power

But let's separate the good and bright from the narcissitic and intellectually immature. I would want women on FInCom but not just anyone and not the most narcissitic as vice chair.

11:04 am est 

Re: Pizza Lady
Yes ,always for her gain. Hey,pizza lady,take down the giant
Ice cream cones,they are gross!
11:01 am est 

Beer Garden
Would it need zoning if it becomes permanent?
9:49 am est 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

You Guys are Insightful
I like how those who post know so much. They grasp what is going on and the implications of certain acts taken.

I am glad they are posting. They help me better understand what the hell is going on.
11:29 pm est 

Re: Banner Front Page Article - Louise Venden


For the record, before she gets buried by misogynistic BS, Louise Venden makes perfect sense. To me. Of course, a lot of (men) don't want to hear it, because they get away with snide and hateful remarks on the Beacon. Angry old men from Ptown and Truro, legends in their own minds. And there's Hatch holding down the rear, trying to be as clever, and yeah, not quite cutting it. 

11:27 pm est 

Re: Pizza Lady


Pizza lady is singing the praises of the Soup Kitchen, yet has been raising big money for her own profit making pending pizza program. That's taking money away from SKIP for her own benefit and profit.
Shame Shame Shame Now that's Twisted

11:25 pm est 

Perhaps Haggis Has Come to FinCom

Maybe, just maybe, that is what happened.
6:55 pm est 

Banner Front Page Article - "Walker Quits"


Peter Brown Has Written A Good Story

He is a good reporter and I like the w ay he told this interesting story. It is even in the telling and then the quotes continue from the new vice chair. Earplugs please!

but back to Peter Brown. He gives weight to the Banner. He is knowledge, dogged and good.

6:53 pm est 

Pizza Lady


Please, someone shut down the pizza lady on fb. She complains about a person's post concerning their new stove but give that girl a food truck and watch her spin.

6:06 pm est 

Banner Front Page Article - Louise Venden


Sorry to Say But...It's the Louise Venden Show!!

Where is the very old Ed Sullivan Show when you need it. Or maybe, it's Dancing with Stars when there is not one! On her way to be Selectman? Did I read right?

6:04 pm est 

Banner FinCom Front Page Article


Oh, Goodness! She Goes On and On

A good article by Peter Brown. He catches all the subtlety of the FinCom situation and Walker's quitting. But then, this woman goes on and on and obviously believes she will whip this new group into line.

thanks Peter Brown for good reporting.

6:02 pm est 

Fools Everywhere--and Here Too

Caitlin Jenner is bored by the democrats--just can't stay awake to hear them--but will vote republican. So here we go. I am rich. I am elitist. I am above everyone else. It does not matter that republicans are homophobic; it does not matter that they are against being transgendered. they are rich and the rich succeed. and Caitlin Jenner is on the winning team.

  A fool. An idiot. An arrogant person unable to understand who will be fore you and who really is against you.

   similar here in Provincetown. Being gay and being republican is simply an oxymoron except for those who are simply morons. they do not go together. Spin a fantasy. Create all the lies and untruths but if you are gay, you are simply delusional to be republican. When push comes to shove, you are out, my friend. And Scalia and Roberts will be there to affirm your demise.
6:01 pm est 

FinCom - Mark Hatch


I don't even know where to begin to say how dangerous and non-productive having Mark Hatch as Chair of our Fincom is and will potentially be.
He is used every day by the admin on the crapsheet, the Beacon, his old friend Richard Rogers. Rogers says jump, Hatch says, "how high?". (Incidently, Town Manager, where are the rules of public engagement with Committee members?).
Clarence was smart enough and experienced enough to see trouble ahead, as was Mike Carnizales, Doug Cliggot and any member who actually has the townspeople in mind. I will bet on more resignations!
We can all get used to the fact that our Fincom, which has been a good part of our local government, is now no more than a one-person Donald Trump style oligarchy. What the hell was the appointing authority thinking!? Town Moderator???

5:58 pm est 

Re: HDC - Nor'East Beer Garden


My point about the Beer garden was the issue of maintaining the temporary structure for 2 1/2 years and then asking A that it be called permanent. And if they allow it to be permanent does it fall into another category of building codes.

5:55 pm est 

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