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The Passing of Alan Cullinane 

With Much Sadness We Mark the Passing of Alan Cullinane

From the years you and Liz created Angel's Food to Café Heaven and the wonderful new expansion, you worked hard and made being successful fun. Your enthusiasm, zest for life, love of adventure and travel distinguished you.

In a moment, you are gone. Our hearts are filled with sadness, especially for Patrick. Our sympathies to him and to Alan's family.

May angels wrap their wings around your spirit and may you soar through heavenly and majestic space.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


One wonders what kind of shady stunts the Atwood brothers tried to pull to cause the PBG to disavow them in their latest letters to members.
11:53 pm edt 

Critical Comment
So, it this blog updated once a week now? Hardly worth anyone's time, is it? We can find more timely news in the Banner 

11:51 pm edt 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Re: GreedyTown

"Local kids many times come with local problems. A sense of entitlement, poor work ethic and drama all seem to be part of the norm here for this quaint town. I do hire people from the area, for the most part, but so many local kids over the years have been a problem."

Sorry that you don't want to hear it, but as a business owner I've experienced the same thing.  Not necessarily with kids who went to school here and live here year round, but those who have moved here to party.  Their sense of entitlement and lack of work ethic are obvious.

The 'I moved here with little skills, now give me Housing and pay me a high compensation because I need it to live here' group.
10:01 am edt 

Re: Harbor Hill

Does anyone have an update on the Harbor Hill fiasco? Haven't heard a thing in weeks. How much money did we just throw away now!!!
9:59 am edt 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Dr. Marcene Marcoux vs BOS Members

Does anyone know what's going on with the travesty/conspiracy against Dr. Marcene Marcoux? When is the Public Hearing? There appears to be "dirty politics" under this issue,by Government here! Why wasn't the other HDC members sited for trespassing? Why didn't the Town Planner admit she gave permission (which isn't her job in the first place) for Dr. Marcoux to visit the premises? Was it a trap? Why don't people put their egos & politics away & appreciate what contributions are made by serving gratis on committees? No one will want to volunteer for such abuses!!
12:37 am edt 

West End Lot


12:33 am edt 

Re: GreedyTown

"Local kids many times come with local problems. A sense of entitlement, poor work ethic and drama all seem to be part of the norm here for this quaint town. I do hire people from the area, for the most part, but so many local kids over the years have been a problem."

Absolute bull and you know it. And are you seriously trying to claim that the foreign kids don't cause problems? Try telling that to anyone who's had the experience of working with them. Drama, unreliability, drinking and drug use, laziness, etc. They're all KIDS, whether they're foreign or domestic, they all have the same "problems."
12:30 am edt 

So Andrews is Chair?

Can anyone make you people happy? You have a quality person serving. What are you doing besides mouthing off?

12:28 am edt 

"Abstaining Andrews" as Chair!??

Someone has to be kidding with us. Get ready for major hold-ups, problems and baloney with this chair. She has shown she doesn't have the capacity to get along with the decisions of the "boys", abstaining her responsibility to be informed for years. This should be interesting.

Ms. Andrews is all about Ms. Andrews!
12:26 am edt 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Professor Lisa E. Davis in Provincetown

Professor Lisa E. Davis will be reading from her book about Angela Calomiris of Provincetown, who owned Angel's Landing, and was an informant for the FBI. She infiltrated a lot of Leftist organizations, spying on the American Communist Party (CPUSA) during the rabid McCarthy Era, and was in general a stool pigeon. Many lost their jobs because of her, their reputations, their livelihoods, and Angie was shunned by lesbians in NYC's Greenwich Village. She retreated to Provincetown, and never talked about her spy career, her time on the witness stand, her past. She told people she had been a "gofer" for Eleanor Roosevelt, and there was some truth to that.
Ms. Davis will read Friday evening May 19 at the East End Bookstore, 389 Commercial St., Provincetown, 6 p.m.; and at the Provincetown Public Library Saturday, May 20, 3 p.m. All are welcome to attend.
11:51 am edt 

So Andrews is Chair? 
It will be fun to watch her condescending attitude towards the others on the board because she feels she so far superior to everyone else.  Will Louise allow Andrews to walk over her?  And how will Andrews continue to abstain on items claiming she didn't have the full information?
11:48 am edt 

West End Parking Lot

Has anyone noticed that ONE person has his five vehicles parked in the West End Parking Lot.  A Mercedes Van, Chevy Van, Mercedes SUV,
BMW Station Wagon and an Aston Martin, all with town parking stickers. How is it possible that one person is allowed to take up so many spots.  It is not fair to other residents. How much money does the town lose by not having these spots available for tourists?
11:47 am edt 

Re: GreedyTown

I'm not an owner but I can tell you this ... locals and Americans can work the length of the season we have because of school. And it definitely isn't cheaper to hire foreign workers because the amounts paid to lawyers and paperwork more than makes up that difference and then some.

My daughter will have work but most don't want to hire someone who has to leave the beginning of August and she only will because I can supply it to make life easier for a time at my place of employment.
11:41 am edt 


Now is your change, grow some "b___s" and confront the abusive man you are reviewing or you hired to run the town, or was it to drive employee's out!
11:38 am edt 

Re: Town Manager AOL?

Where's Panagore?
11:37 am edt 

Truth be Told

The biggest lie in Provincetown is AFFORDABLE HOUSING. If it weren't for the greed most exemplified by real estate brokers this would be a place to live.
11:36 am edt 

Re: GreedyTown

Local kids many times come with local problems. A sense of entitlement, poor work ethic and drama all seem to be part of the norm here for this quaint town. I do hire people from the area, for the most part, but so many local kids over the years have been a problem.
11:34 am edt 

Two Peas in a Pod

Donegan and Dingaling are not capable of looking st the bigger picture.  They cost us 1/2 million with Jaran, a case that could have been settled for 1/10th of the amount.  They have cost us millions with with the police station delay.  They gave away the community center and have let the VFW site sit idle for years.

No leadership, and then you have Andrews who abstains on everything because she doesn't have enough facts.  Note to Andrews, get the damn facts, you being ill-informed benefits no one.
11:33 am edt 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Re: Just You Wait and See

Just You Wait and See true and that figure doesn't include other fiascos created by this BOS
9:49 am edt 

Re: Personnel Board and Ann Maguire

Who is afraid of Maquire? one posted stated she might still be on personal board the other stated she was on it at the time of it's resurrection.
9:48 am edt 

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