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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pot Shop

Ugh, another special town meeting? Residents appear to have collected enough signatures to hold a special town meeting to change zoning so the medical marijuana dispensaries can't open in the ResB and Res3 districts where they're currently allowed. This should be fun.
12:20 am edt 

The Joke

EK must of received his inheritance taking his gal pal to Sals..Classically Hilarious
12:17 am edt 

350 Bradford Street

Oh, going Back to 2003? We are in 2017!!

seems like this discussion of Motherwell's changes to her house are coming from the developer's friend! There is absolutely no comparison to the utter destruction of the land, the environment, the dunes and the streetscape at 350 Bradford. It is an environmental disaster, a gift to the developers from some inside town hall. and they are still protecting the developers with talk of "mediation" on the six feet, two inches built illegally one one building and perhaps on all the others.
Tear the over-built part down. Have the developers--all four of them--follow the zoning by-laws. Period.
12:16 am edt 

Community Center


As I think I mentioned before if we are to only do housing at the old CC, then the ULI rec. going out as combined w VFW, as I am aware there are a number of proposal for mixed use or only business (i.e. a business incubator), it appears to me the right approach is to go out with the cc on its own, and then it doesnt sell as a stand alone then combine it with a VFW RFP for housing.

                                                                   ~ D. Panagore, Town Manager, July 25, 2016

12:14 am edt 

David Panagore

If Trump can dump Sessions, we can dump Panagore.

12:11 am edt 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Re: Town Manager v BOS 
Wake up folks, this isn't tough. The selectmen are required to give the TM a  yearly performance review. Maybe, if they pay attention this year, they can find reason to give him a bad review and then use that as the reason for cutting him loose. Jarran was a jerk, made a scene in a public place, overstepped his authority, intimidated people and still was a protected class as he was a cop. The TM is very different.

This isn't rocket science folks.

11:21 pm edt 


The Uber drivers in town are serving a purpose: saving users money! The local cabs charge by the person, Uber charges by the trip!
6:38 pm edt 

Town Manager v BOS

But they are petrified of another Chief Jaran lawsuit. as they should be
6:36 pm edt 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

350 Bradford Street - Banner Editorial
Lise Motherwell is NO position to critize anyone of something she herself is guilty of, and which was covered by the Banner in 2003 and  a book about Provincetown buildings

Here's the direct quote from the film he published "Buildng Provincetown, The Book", by David W. Dunlap:

Florsheims estate sold the property in April 1990. It was purchased from interim owners five months later by Steinberg and Motherwell, who is one of Robert Motherwells daughters. Through VonThaden Builders/Designers, they applied in 2002 for permission to undertake what was variously described as a rehabilitation or a reconstruction of No. 651. Their architect was Paul Krueger of Cambridge. Just how fully they had divulged the extent of their plans in advance was the cause of considerable controversy and debate in January 2003 when  during construction  The Banner raised the question with local officials of whether the house looked more demolished than it should have. (Mary Ann Bragg, Work on House Seems to Go Far Beyond Renovation, The Banner, 9 January 2003.) John Dowd, the chairman of the historical commission, told Bragg he no longer recognized the house and said, That was not what was described to us.
10:56 pm edt 

Sounds Like Anyone We Know

"A Bad manager can take a good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose all motivation" unknown
10:13 pm edt 

Town Manager v BOS

Word is out that the selectmen want Panagore gone but they are petrified of another Chief Jaran lawsuit.
10:11 pm edt 

350 Bradford Street

So why, since there was a stop work order on parts of 350, have the builders continued to add corbels and decorative accents to the roofs of all the buildings?
10:09 pm edt 

Shank Painter and DPW - What's Up?

So DPW is working on a new design for Shank Painter Rd and there's nothing at all on the town web site about it. No public notices, nothing on the meeting calendar, no mention on the DPW pages, nada. Apparently there was a public meeting last week. Did they bother to tell anyone about it?
4:37 pm edt 

350 Bradford Street

Lisa Motherwell's Letter to the Editor is a Must Read

She clearly understands that exceeding the legal height of 6 feet, 2 inches on the 350 Bradford development needs the right correction: take it down 6 feet, 2 inches. Period. there is no negotiation for illegal action. There is no  mediation. It is illegal and was done so knowingly.

Lower the height whatever it takes. If it means losing one floor, then so be it.

And Lisa Motherwell advices us that the other buildings being constructed as fast as they can--also are too high. Stop them now. Make certain these other buildings are lowered to the legal height.

How did this mega complex not even go to Zoning? How could all the excavation and the major alteration to the land and to the dunes, not involve a Zoning decision?

How, indeed!

Someone at town hall needs to provide answers--and truthful ones.

Enough fabrications. Enough game playing. Enough lies.
11:06 am edt 


Those Uber drivers circling and circling and crusing Commercial Street need to be dealt with. They are creating unnecessary traffic congestion on our little roads and have no idea how to drive here -- all of the ones I've seen have out of state plates!
11:04 am edt 

Creative Commons

Word on the street is that lots of well-known donors are signing up to give money to the Creative Commons project, including a number of people who have never given big bucks to anything in town before. And a neighbor saw a truck there this morning from a landscape company, so it looks like work might be starting soon.
11:04 am edt 

Town Manager

Wow, another director level resignation. Again, it's DP related. Selectmen time to pull your heads out of your #*+*. There's a big problem in front of you that you aren't addressing
11:03 am edt 

Community Center

Community Center 2,000 month rent correction
11:00 am edt 

Re: Community Center

"What right of entitlement do artists think they should get the Give Away community center building for to use & charge large sums for studios as they do for their art work! Art work here is not affordable to the working class!"

So,you're suggesting that the local artists renting studios in the Community Center shouldn't be able to determine the value of their own work. You need to have a conversation with the crab, matey. I'll be happy to introduce you. 
10:58 am edt 

Community Center

I would hope people would gather information and think about things before they make random and inaccurate statements.

As most residents would expect from the BOS and town staff. If the community center is not suitable for housing why was it even discussed, ( ad nauseam) and recommended for housing in the DART report?
10:57 am edt 

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