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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Critical Comment - Blue Chair et Canteen

"I hate that blue chair. Put it in front of the Canteen with the rest of their crap."

Nice to hear someone just come out and say it. That place is really becoming an eyesore. And the blue chair is ugly too.
11:10 pm est 

Re: CVS Issue Still Alive!
"You can not prevent this from happening. Move on." 
Maybe you Should Know the Formula business By Law

CVS can be defeated. It is going to be voted on by the zoning Board and the issues are specific: historic site and town character. You can speak to both of these., We can say no to a national chain because we have a 201 formula Business By-Law--one that helps us fight national chains. and a CVS is one of 9,600 stores.

We need to be there. We can to say NO to the proposed CVS.
11:06 pm est 

 Re: Who's is the New Conservation Agent?
"And honestly from what I've heard both were unable to do their jobs"
Conservation Chair stated publicly, 'Deb did a good job', who are you listening too?
9:48 pm est 

Re: Inspector General Investigation?

"So far they are keeping it under wraps."

amongst other investigations. The rug needs a good shake!
9:47 pm est 

A Critical Comment

Great Job, Christopher, with lights on town hall and on getting the town manager to work with you, nice not to be stonewalled for your opinion. Again great job! Really too bad that chair screams tacky, Its like seeing that on the lawn of the MFA, completely out of sync kind of like the PBG and the marketing of Provincetown.
9:45 pm est 

Re: CVS Issue Still Alive!

CVS will be on private property people. It is a commercially zoned business district. You can not prevent this from happening. Move on.
9:43 pm est 

Re: CVS Issue Still Alive!

I will Be there at The March 2 Zoning Board Meeting

I am upset at a CVs being here. Provincetown does not need a CVs and it will hurt so many other businesses. I also don't want Walgreen's and I don't want TJMax. Not here. Not on Bradford. Not on Commercial Street. This is not the type of resort town we are.

No, No, No.
11:33 am est 

CVS Issue Still Alive!

Is the CVs issue still alive? thought it was a done deal. NO? Can people speak out still? Is this what you are posting. Say more, please.
11:31 am est 

BOS Violation

The Board of Selectmen are in violation of town meeting.  They were not authorized to rent out the building, they were only authorized to sell the building.

"April 4, 2011 Article 5.
Sale of the Community Center Building.  To see if the Town will transfer the care, custody, control, and management of the following described parcel of land from the board or officer that currently has custody of the land to the Board of Selectmen to be held for the purpose of sale; and further to authorize the Board of Selectmen to sell said parcel, pursuant to the procedures set forth in General Laws Chapter 30B, on such terms and conditions as the Board of Selectmen shall determine to be in the best interests of the Town; the land being all or a portion of  Assessors Map No.7-2, Parcel No. 62, located at 46 Bradford St., and commonly known as the Community Center Building; or to take any other action relative thereto. [Requested by the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager]"

11:29 am est 

A Critical Comment

I hate that blue chair. Put it in front of the Canteen with the rest of their crap.
11:27 am est 

Re: Who's is the New Conservation Agent?

Treasurer and conservation agent were both let go.  And honestly from what I've heard both were unable to do their jobs.  Both were nice, good people, but not the right fitt.
11:25 am est 

Re: Town Nurse?

"Whatever did happen to the money voted on to be used to help those with mental issues?"

Maybe that is the town nurse? It was to be a person who would be out on the street and do community health work and for those who were homeless to help with their mental health issues.

Has someone been hired? and if so, what is he or she doing? seems rather silent.
11:23 am est 

Inspector General Investigation?

I suggest someone do a public records request regarding procurement for Harbor Hill.  I hear the town has been notified it is being investigated by the Inspector General office for procurement violations.  So far they are keeping it under wraps.
11:22 am est 

An Observsation

Just saw a blurb on necn news about an escapee cow from Queens. Maybe there should be a law that any factory farm animal that escapes it's slaughterhouse should be pardoned automatically. What do you think?

Not on the level of HH, but bothersome nonetheless.
11:20 am est 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Re: Who's is the New Conservation Agent?

Guess Why Deb Ahlbenberg is No Longer Here?

She was pushed out and you can guess who did the heavy pushing, can't you? Deb was qualified but she was a threat to someone who had to get her out--and she succeeded in doing so. Again, we are disadvantage by this nasty action.
12:39 pm est 

Who's is the New Conservation Agent?

I hear Deb Albenberg is gone and I was wondering who will be the new agent? I liked working with Deb, intelligent and fair. Good luck to her on her new venture (if she's reading this)
Who will replace her? Last time there was a gap in the coverage, the asst. town mgr, was the stand in agent. That was a disaster. No clue what he was looking at, no clue on how to proceed correctly, always fell back on "by the book", zero insight. I'd ask someone in the building dept. but when I ask about such things I get the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" look from all of them.
12:23 pm est 

Re: Town Planner

Town Planner? Call Her for what she is: Town Developer

Friend of developers and an advocate for major developers here in Provincetown. she did that for work years back and she is doing now. How do developers here get what they want? McPherson is the go-to-person for special attention and special deals.

Town Planner? Oh, no, not at all and never was. She is not even qualified, academically, for this position. Learning languages is far from what a Town Planner needs, except for the language of developers which she speaks fluently.
11:45 am est 

Re: Town Meeting - Democracy Averted! Harbor Hill Process a Travesty!

".....current great BOS" 

11:42 am est 

Town Nurse?

We have a town nurse? When did that happen. What are her duties,really?
8:57 am est 

Town Vehicles

Previous post says town manager allows police to use town vehicle for their family too, what family members,explain please.
8:56 am est 

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