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The Declaration of Independence

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America,

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which

have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station

to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires

 that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with

 certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights,

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any

 Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute                                   

new Government..........



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Massachusetts Department of Revenue
A Guide to Financial Management for Town Officials  (Excerpted)
Role of the Finance Committee 
The finance committee is the official fiscal watchdog for a town. Because it is difficult for all taxpayers to be completely informed about every aspect of a town’s finances, finance committees were established so a representative group of taxpayers could conduct a thorough review of municipal finance questions on behalf of all citizens.The role of the finance committee is described in the Massachusetts Finance Committee Handbook published by the Association of Town Finance Committees. A new edition is published every few years, with annual supplements published in the intervening years. It is an excellent resource on the role of the finance committee.The primary duties of a finance committee are to advise and make recommendations to town meeting on the budget and other areas of finance. It has statutory authority to make transfers from the town’s reserve fund (a contingency fund usually created as part of the annual budget appropriations) to departmental budgets for extraordinary or unforeseen occurrences. It may approve with the selectmen some budget transfers during the last two months of the fiscal year and the first 15 days of the next year in order to close out the town’s financial records.In addition to its research and advisory role at town meeting, the committee can play a vital role in the financial planning of the town. In some communities, the finance committee develops long-range revenue and expenditure forecasts, which are very useful in scheduling large capital acquisitions and identifying major changes in the operating budget of the town.
The Association of Town Finance Committees
Finance Committee Handbook (Excerpted)
The ATFC has received many calls involving the duties and power of the finance committee. These have usually been instigated by clashes with the board of selectmen or town administrator, who are often getting more assertive in claiming a role, or even asserting sole responsibility, in presenting the budget to town meeting. This preface will duplicate parts of the following chapters, but I feel it important to bring together key elements of this issue.This preface will summarize this “discussion” into the broader framework of the division of powers within local government. I see this division of powers as comparable to that at the state and federal government. The board of selectmen and town manager/administrator/executive secretary are part of the executive branch of government. It is their job to collect budget information, developbudget priorities and formulate a balanced budget,the same as a president or governor.Once developed, that budget is presented to the finance committee, representing the legislative branch, the town meeting. In effect, the local finance committee has the same role as the House Ways and Means Committee in the State Legislature. It is the finance committee’s responsibility to receive the budgets from the executive branch (either as a collective whole or individually by department), analyze them, have hearings where the department heads and the public can testify, and present a balanced budget to town meeting. That budget should reflect the finance committee’s decisions based upon their best judgement of the issues and finances of the town.The budget before town meeting is the finance committee’s and it is their job to explain and defend it. This does not preclude department heads or the town administrator, if any, from being called upon to answer questions or explain items in more detail, but it is the finance committee’s budget. 
Without finance committee independent review, the town meeting would be at a severe handicap in voting on financial matters when all of the recommendations are coming from one source. Separation of powers was designed by our founding fathers for a reason—Defend It.


Allan Tosti,

Chair, Arlington Finance Committee

Treasurer, ATFC

Editor, Finance Committee Handbook

Chapter 1 Town & Town Government 
The finance committee’s prime responsibility is to make recommendations on all financial matters,including the budget, to town meeting. The committee has oversight responsibility for all municipalfinancial matters, as well as other statutory authority granted to them by town bylaws Page 1-5
Chapter 2  Municipal Budgeting Finance Committee
The finance committee is a town’s official fiscal watchdog. Its primary responsibility is to advise and make recommendations to town meeting on the budget and other areas of finance, although in many towns they prepare and submit the budget as well as comment on it. The state statutory authority of the finance committee does not vary from community to community, but the role and process does. Page 2-7 
Town Meeting
Town meeting is the legislative body and appropriating authority of a town. As such, it enacts bylaws (i.e., local laws), approves the operating and capital budgets, authorizes the town to borrow funds and may ratify major policies concerning the financial management of the municipality. Page 2-8 
The Finance Committee Report
The finance committee should promote the implementation of a budget process that results in a clear and meaningful budget document. The annual budget is the opportunity to present the voters with a clear picture of town government: what it is, where it is, and where it is heading.The finance committee report is the extremely critical end-product of the budget development process. This document should inform town meeting of the proposed budget and its recommendations on all financial articles. Further, the report often establishes the appropriation framework for the upcoming year.Whether or not the finance committee prepares the town’s budget, the committee is responsible for submitting recommendations on the budget and other financial warrant articles to town meeting.The finance committee report provides analyses,explanations, and justifications for its recommendations. Although the level of detail varies from town to town, more informative reports include financial and statistical data, often trace historical trends and specific appropriations. However, there is no need to duplicate information already presented in a comprehensive budget document.The town’s financial condition, the issues posed by the budget, local bylaws, customs and traditions,and the interests and skills of committee members will all shape the finance committee report. Often,town staff assists the finance committee in preparing the report, and in larger towns the finance committee may have its own staff. Pages 2-11 & 2-12
A local government’s budgeting process should provide a forum for the community to understand,evaluate, discuss, and determine the financial planfor the coming year. The budget document and the finance committee’s report are the media that should guide and influence these resource allocation deliberations and decisions. Properly prepared and presented, these comprehensive documents will meet the tests of excellence in budgeting as espoused by the GFOA, the national, stateand local government standard setters. Page 2-13
In 1870, a group of Quincy citizens banded together to restore financial order in their municipality,creating the Commonwealth’s first finance committee.In 1910, the Massachusetts courts ruled that a municipal finance committee was legal (Sinclair v. Fall River, 198 Mass 248). In that same year, the Massachusetts General Court also acknowledged the need for municipal finance committees statewide, requiring all but the smallest municipalities to establish such committees to assist in dealing with emerging municipal challenges (St 1910, Ch.130, s 2). Several additional legislative assists (i.e.,St 1923, Ch. 388 and St 1929, Ch. 270), reinforced the mandated or permitted existence of municipal finance committees. Page 3-1
Basic Legislation
The present basic legislation, Chapter 39 s16M.G.L. reads as follows:“Every town whose valuation for the purpose of apportioning the state tax exceed sone million dollars shall, and any other town may, by bylaw provide for the election or the appointment and duties of appropriation,advisory or finance committees, who shall consider any or all municipal questions for the purpose of making reports or recommendations to the town; and such bylaws may provide that committees so appointed or elected may continue in office for terms not exceeding three years from the date of appointment or election. In every town having a committee appointed under authority of this section, such committee, or the selectmen if authorized by bylaw of the town, and, in any town not having such a committee, the selectmen,shall submit a budget at the annual town meeting.”Almost every town across the state interprets this statute differently and has established its local finance committee to meet the community’s specific needs. In some towns, for example, the finance committee may prepare as well as comment on the budget. It is generally agreed that finance committees may consider any matter they feel will have a fiscal impact on the town, as well as any other matters the committee feels are relevant. It may reasonably be argued that little comes before town meeting that does not have a potential fiscal impact on the town. Page 3-1
Down to Basics The budget is a finance committee’s major concernand is likely where the bulk of the committee’s time will be spent. Depending on whether a givenf inance committee is responsible for developing the town budget from scratch or for reviewing and making recommendations on a budget developedby the selectmen, town manager or executive secretary,the finance committee will meet fairly regularly for three to six months before town meeting. Most of that time will be devoted to budget development and review.Throughout the budget cycle, the committee’s main goals should be:
• to optimize the value of each dollar spent;
• to address the town’s long range as well as immediate needs;
• to present a balanced budget to town  meeting; and
• to present budget recommendations in a clear and readable format, with sufficient detail and explanation so that town meeting members can understand the basic goals, policies,tradeoffs and constraints that shaped it.
Experienced finance committee members learn to read between the budget’s line items and see the policy decisions, and indecisions, built into the numbers. The finance committee should be willing to share that insight with town meeting. Page 3-6
Ideally, the finance committee can support its recommendations at town meeting without alienating advocates for opposing viewpoints. Where compromise is possible, the subcommittee should also work with the opposing sides come to a responsible resolution of their differences. Although the finance committee can and should advocate for its own position, its reports should make it clear that a given position was reached after fair and thoughtful deliberation. No matter how important or controversial the issue at hand may be, the finance committee must remember that its first responsibility and loyalty is to town meeting and the integrity of the town meeting process.Pages 3-8 & 3-9

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Release the 100 Emails!

To: Provincetown Board of Selectmen

We understand why the previous BOS withheld the 100 Emails. But why are they now still being denied publication?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Re: More Spending?

"I heard last night that the Police Chief wants to hire TWO of the
summer officers for full time positions.  Catch is we have to foot the bill to
pay for their academy training because they aren't certified cops!!"

I know at least two individuals who became police officers in this fashion. 
Don't know how prevalent this is, but here's my opinion:  Hiring full-time
officers who had worked in Provncetown as summer officers gives us a pretty good
idea that this individual will be a good fit with our community.  The other
alternative would be, as you suggest, to hire those who already have gone
through the Police Academy, but come from other communities.  Sometimes, this
individuals lack an understanding of how to work in a place like ours.

This may already be in place, but the only thing I'd suggest is that, if the
town pays for any individual's police academy training, that such individuals be
required to commit to a specific minimum number of years of work  in our
Provincetown Police a Department.
11:42 pm edt 

Reappearance of the Disappearing Committee Member

Yet again the disappearing committee member opines

"Peter Petas:  Um, why the      would we care what a professionally trained
architect would think.? Or the building committee that diligently studied the
problem for over a year? We have FinCom. Couple of days and they're experts on
most anything. Get with the program, Stephen."

Someone's been drinking again it looks like. Let me ask Mr Petas a question -
why would the same people, over and over again, try to jam a police station we
can't afford down the citizen's throats? Fincom is correct: we can't afford it.
Period. The Building Committee, a professional architect and even Christ himself
can't change that. If YOU want to pay for it be our guest but if you can't, then
do us all a favor and quit talking this the same way you quit the town manager
select committee and now post on that backwater blog. Or do you keep posting
there to ensure no one will ever take anything you say seriously again? WE CAN'T
AFFORD A NEW POLICE STATION. So stop throwing stones at people willing to tell
the truth. For the love of God STOP.
11:41 pm edt 

Re: More Spending?

So the police department - Chief - is taking the lazy way out and
hiring TWO summer hires that BOTH still need to go through the police academy,
AND tax payers are footing that cost. Isn't FINCOM asking every dept to cut
costs wherever possible???  This sure smacks in the face of that idea. For
Christs sake, hire two that are already certified!!
11:32 pm edt 

Re: A Town Manager Candidate Cooperating With Nagle?

"Or is it someone else at town hall using a fake

Funny you should say that. I've heard that there is an investigation going on
because someone at town hall (inside) is one of the more obnoxious fake profiles
on what some like to call "that backwater page". I understand it is of
questionable legality to hide one's identity and post from inside a public
building as a public employee, and that's why it's being investigated. So
someone may be sent packing soon or be allowed to "resign". That rat in the
basement is a mean one.
11:30 pm edt 

Let's Refocus

ENOUGH!!!!! Hasn't the general public heard enough about Candice
and Sharon Lynn? These lloathsome Individuals are Provincetown history. Forget
about them and concentrate on some of the positive aspects of our town, and some
of the real problems facing  the town such as a 20 percent increase in the
capital budget, and unbrideled expenditures  requested by numerous town
department heads. Try to put your concerns in perspective.
11:27 pm edt 

Let's Focus on What We Have

Ok, let's quit talking about michelle j whatever her last name is, we
all know that she is not qualified, truro didn't even pick her, and how the heck
can we hire someone who applied for two different towns? Who does that? Not
someone who LOVES ptown and will work to protect and take care of it. It seems
like she was just "looking for a job"

We all know that all she did was just write grants, my child can do that in its
sleep, lets focus on the other individuals, who are they? What are their
credentials? Lets give them the "open floor" if you will.

Change up the topic of the "who cant do it" to, "who can do it" We gotta have
something out of the other two candidates.

Move this negative attention from the negative attention       and lets focus
on what we got. The other candidates must really want to work for this town for
the fact that they even applied.

I want to know about them. It seems as all we have done is give that coo coo
cachoo all the attention, when this isnt even about her or her "followers"
Give the attention to the people who really want the best in this town. Lets
show them that we are a good town in need of a good town manager. Lets applaud
there effort to apply here and respect them for wanting to be a part of this
lovely little town where we can all co-exist.
11:24 pm edt 

Merry Go Round

Don't you fools realize by now that the BOS only listens to the FinCom
that controls the pulse of the town!? FinCom may not fill the positions but
they're the ones that make things happen! Obviously you're not paying attention.

This BOS is absolutely the weakest I've witnessed and I've been here long
enough to know that. Stop filling open positions until it's necessary. Is it
true the police want to spend money to train newbies who don't even know or want
to commit to our close knit community? What a waste of money, train these kids
on our dime. Hello FinCom, pick up the phone and call the BOS and explain it to
them. Let's get off the money spending merry go round .
11:19 pm edt 

Good Riddance Already

This blog is just talking all about,  wait what's her name oh yeah
nagle something. She is so enjoying this attention. Just like a child, when they
can't get positive attention they will get whatever is offered to them; negative
attention.  She is loving this, keep in mind she is the only one that is
responding to these posts. Unless she has some kind of cult like following lol,
it's pretty sad. This sad individual couldn't "make her way" in this town and
she is so sad. So since she cannot email the folks at town hall, since they all
learned there lesson about bad apples, all she can do is cause havoc from afar.
Like posting on this anonymous blog. She really needs to get a life, like a real
world life. She got away with her childish behavior here in ptown for a while
but the people pulled out there pacifiers and realized she was just doleing out
trouble. Good riddance already, I think we all said that, and take your cronies
with ya!!
6:03 pm edt 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Re: A Town Manager Candidate Cooperating with Nagle?

"Wait a minute.  That's exaclty (sic) what you said.  You said sending 3 emails
a year is fine."

Candace is that you Candace? Or is it Hoort? Or Georgie? Or whomever Oatsey is
pretending to be now? Or Jack? Or is it someone else at town hall using a fake
name? None of these people understand "anonymous" as opposed to "actively using
a fake name to hide their identity".

Oh and, btw, (sic) is a polite way of saying "your illiteracy would be improved
by using at least a spell check, and I'm acknowledging it in this snide way."
10:57 pm edt 

Send Candyland to Rehobeth Beach

She can help Sharon Lynn as Lynn instates a new city wide web site for Rehobeth
beach. If anyone can advise Sharon, it is Candyland herself. How to make certain
that key individuals gain access to key office holders. special web site access.

Send Candyland off to help this woman, someone I am certain maintains constant
e-mails with. I would be interesting to request town e-mails or city e-mails
from Rehobeth. guess who would appear like a mirage? Tart Candyland I am sure,
asking this, demanding this, and forever on line.

Here is her chance to shine!
10:55 pm edt 

Re: Candy Land

"This woman does need our help."

"Our" help? Don't include me in this whacked-out equation.   CN is certainly no
damsel in distress, and you certainly, aren't her savior. But a poster on this
blog did raise an interesting question. If she does indeed have minions doing
her bidding, exactly what is the benefit? Special privileges at the dog park?
10:49 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Public Library

The (finally) posted library board minutes indicate that a vote was
taken on Aug 4 to hire Rebecka Lindau as the new library director.  But given
that it is now Sept 19 and no public announcement has been made, it appears that
Ms Lindau did not accept the job. Doesn't the public have the right to know the
status of the library's current fiasco?
10:46 pm edt 

Re: What's the Rush? - Choose Wisely

"I know that most folks are all consumed with the latest failings of
the town manager search but let's please pay attention to business at hand while
we move towards the obvious decision to start a new search for a TM. I strongly
urge the BOS and the FinCom to hold off on filling any new or open positions
until we get a look at the upcoming budget proposals and ramifications to us
taxpayers. I understand there are openings in various departments and I don't
understand the need to rush to fill these immediately. It is now the slow season
and it can wait until it has been vetted through the budget process."

What lunacy.  "most folks"  Couldn't care less about what seems to be an
obsession with some.  Who says that the Search Committee Failed?  So you,
whoever you are,strngly urges the BOS to start over.  Why should they listen to
you when they don't even know who you are.  They do know that you are ignorant
of the way the town works.  The FinCom hires no one. Get it, NO ONE. Unless it
is part of the budget they don't even have a say in the matter.  What is it
about posters here that don't understand or want to learn about the very
valuable, but very limited, role of the FinCom in town government.

Now when you get a minute or more, please define "rush" for us.  There is no
"rush" to hire a new TM.  In fact, there has been a fair amount of people
complaining that it has taken too long.  RUSH?  Please get a life.
10:43 pm edt 

More Spending?

This town cannot stop spending money we don't have. I heard last night
that the Police Chief wants to hire TWO of the summer officers for full time
positions.  Catch is we have to foot the bill to pay for their academy training
because they aren't certified cops!! If the police department is going to keep
hiring more cops, why can't the Chief find officers already with training!! This
is insane! Where's the oversight on this kind of unnecessary spending? WHY ON
spending town money we don't have to spend.....This town is messed up.
10:40 pm edt 

Re: Let Us Stop the Process For Town Manager Now!!

"You don't believe this?  Talk with the town managers all over the cape.  They
wouldn't touch it with a very long pole.  It will take a very rare individual to
take and do the job well and last for more than two or three years."

You've talked to no one. You know why people don't want the job? It's
challenging and you actually have to work. The summer has the largest swings
anywhere on the cape, the tourist trade is very specialized, and again, you have
to actually WORK. As opposed to a place like Truro where you do...exactly what?
Or Wellfleet? Or Brewster? No comparison. And "nasty political environments"
exist everywhere, even Truro (home of our very own non-resident  gasbag).

And, btw, in 2014 people don't last 3 to 5 years at ANY job anymore. I don't
expect this position to be any different. What are you thinking, that this is
the old IBM of the 70's? Are you watching too much Mad Men and being nostalgic?
And since this is the case, who should buy in town? No one. They should rent but
the gasbags are trying to draw your attention that we don't have real year-round
rentals to attract people. 3 to 5 years. That's the length of any job. We don't
want a lifer, we want someone to do a great job and move on. And we don't want
someone who "buys" property because others in town financed the transaction to
make it possible and to make the town manager under their thumb. How did Sharon
get her place? Trace the money, then you get why she blew out of town.
10:38 pm edt 

Re: What's the Rush? - Choose Wisely

Re: "I strongly urge the BOS and the FinCom to hold off on filling any
new or open positions"

I was not aware that the FINCOM filled open positions. I thought the BoS and
town manager did that.
10:31 pm edt 

Re: What's the Rush? - Choose Wisely

I know that most folks are all consumed with the latest failings of
the town manager search but let's please pay attention to business at hand while
we move towards the obvious decision to start a new search for a TM. I strongly
urge the BOS and the FinCom to hold off on filling any new or open positions
until we get a look at the upcoming budget proposals and ramifications to us
taxpayers. I understand there are openings in various departments and I don't
understand the need to rush to fill these immediately. It is now the slow season
and it can wait until it has been vetted through the budget process.
12:41 am edt 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

As For Anonymous Blogs

Now we have and had Georgie Hutton--please, will the real--oh that is not
possible--Candace Nagle stand up. what a joke. Hide behind fake names and
then attack anonymous blogs. what a perverse situation.

This woman does need our help. Too bad that the Cape Code Hospital psychiatric
ward is now moving away from 24 hour service to a nine to five service. At any
moment--she may lose it!! then give her the best help the Cape can give. She is
a person in need of serious help.
10:43 pm edt 

Just Two words:

Start Over.

Yes, Start Over. Look ahead and look to see who in the future wants
to be here. Keep these three candidates--so-called--in the running and then open
it up.

Start over ---and we will all be better for this.
10:39 pm edt 

Let's Just Say: She Was a Loser

And we do not need another loser to lead our town. We are trying to gain a
leader and Michelle J is not the one to do this. she is not qualified
enough--that is key. she may be a nice person who writes grants but we need much
more than that for town manager.

Keep writing the grants and we will keep looking for a town manager that has
vision, leadership and new ideas.

Sorry, but as one song states: "it ain't you, kid."

10:36 pm edt 

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