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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



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Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Operations Director?


"Town employees getting fired,leaving etc... Is anyone looking into the town's operations director? Shes got some shenanagans going on that the towns people should be aware of."

I didnt even know we had an operations director.  Who is she?  Is that Michele Js position?

9:17 pm edt 

Snow and Plow


  These plows go by to way to fast, snow and ice hits the house. Glad no one was walking on the street.

9:16 pm edt 

BoS and Panagore


Did you know the BOS quietly renewed Panagores contract?  Try to find that in the minutes somewhere.

9:15 pm edt 

Rise Up!


Pose your questions, demand answers!

9:11 pm edt 



 Nothing says freedom in Provincetown like telling people they are not free to express there opinions.

Time for us to take back the town!  Let Freedom ring, isn't that what the Mayflower Pilgrims were seeking, Freedom?

9:10 pm edt 

Re: Maybe McPherson Can Now Work at the CVS


"And then she can clean the grounds of 350 Bradford and perhaps get a trailer and live at coastal Acres. It's a perfect end for this unqualified woman.  Arrogant yet ignorant. Now she has found her plateau."

My, my, what a vicious little misogynist         you are!  Can't wait till karma kicks your diseased soul into a pup tent in the Beech Forest.

9:09 pm edt 

Our Future Selectman?? 9:07 pm edt 

Re:Town Operations Director


What or who is a "town operations director"? What do they do and what department are they part of??

Seems like we have too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

9:04 pm edt 

Smaller Minds


 "Never get on the bad side of small minded people who have a little authority."

Did you mean who have little authority? LOFL

9:03 pm edt 

Where did the Conservation Officer Work Before?

does anyone know? what is his experience? what is his training and degrees?

9:01 pm edt 

Employment Opportunity

The city of New Bedford is advertising for a City Planner. Salary $82,000 to $103,000. Forward all applications to Mayor John Mitchell.

9:00 pm edt 

Maybe She Couldn't Sleep Her Way Up

Maybe in this city, they expect professionals to act as professionals. Maybe the city council wasn't interested in her offerings!

8:58 pm edt 

The Facts Speak for Themselves

Less than two months after being hired as city Planner, Gloria McPherson is fired. Reveals the problems tied to this woman. Reveals her lack of knowledge. the facts speak for themselves. Period.

8:56 pm edt 

Gloria McPherson


One of my favorite things to read on this forum is everybody's obsession over Gloria. I liked Gloria and LOVE how months and months can go by and her name is still regularly mentioned on this site by people who passionately hate her. It would almost lead one to believe those who hate her are actually the ones who miss her most

8:55 pm edt 

Re: Proof of Disaster


Not sure what is funnier 'straight' or 'woman w power.' 

8:53 pm edt 

Sunday, March 11, 2018



The bigger question for the town of Wellfleet is how many dispensaries do we want in this area. She rejected Bradys suggestion that the Cape was underserved. Provincetown is dealing with four dispensaries that are already in the pipeline, she said. I dont want to see that in WF.

10:37 am edt 

Small Minds


 Never get on the bad side of small minded people who have a little authority.

10:36 am edt 

Town Operations Director


Town employees getting fired,leaving etc... Is anyone looking into the town's operations director? Shes got some shenanagans going on that the towns people should be aware of.

10:35 am edt 

More Posting Please


How else to know what is going on? Please more postings.

10:30 am edt 

Maybe McPherson Can Now Work at the CVS


And then she can clean the grounds of 350 Bradford and perhaps get a trailer and live at coastal Acres. It's a perfect end for this unqualified woman.  Arrogant yet ignorant. Now she has found her plateau.

10:24 am edt 

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