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781-934-2666 (facsimile)

April 21, 2015

Thomas Donegan, Chairman

Board of Selectmen

Town of Provincetown

260 Commercial Street

Provincetown, MA 02657

RE: Application of BPJC, LLC, 350 Bradford Street, Provincetown, MA for Project

Eligibility Approval from MassHousing

Dear Chairman Donegan:

Please accept this letter on behalf of Cydney Berry, Elizabeth Read and James Turner,

Provincetown, Massachusetts in reference to the application for project eligibility approval

submitted to MassHousing by the BPJC, LLC (the “Applicant”) for a 24 dwelling unit

development (“proposed development”) off of Bradford Street in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Re: Provincetown Public School System


The Provincetown school system is just operating in a bubble. It is overstaffed on the administrative side  and these same people are grossly overpaid. When I start seeing posts about donations for another COSTA RICAN FIELD TRIP it makes me crazy. We went to the Museum of Science and Canobe Lake Park. Give me a break.

3:47 pm edt 

It's Fall

And the quietness soothes. The silence returns. There is a sense of peace that permeates Provincetown. Aahh! It is so good. It's like the town, the seas, the dunes need to renew and in the quieter times, it does.

Happy Fall!
1:23 pm edt 

Town Hall Goings-on


Wait til you hear the request for new carpeting or hardwood floors in the basement at town hall.  One employee brings her dog to work everyday and now there are complaints about the smell in the basement offices

A Rat in the Basement

1:21 pm edt 

Re: The Sound of One Hand Clapping


"Amazing How So Many Town Officials are on good behavior since David Panagore . . ."

I think most just don't care anymore.  They go to work, do their job and get their paycheck, they go home.  It's just a job.

1:18 pm edt 

Re: Condo Freeze


Condos have ruined ptown ! Enough already.

1:15 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Public High School


There is no Demand 

The heating system needs to be fixed.  The selectmen knew in 2004 and removed from budget to save money then. This will complete capital improvements to the high school building which is a large town asset.  Here is the problem, here is the solution with a 50% offset for costs.  No demand just facts and a solution

1:13 pm edt 

Vote NO on the Condo Ban


The people who own multi-family properties should not be forced to give up their property rights.  If the town wants more year round rental housing then it should encourage private developers to build more but taking away the property rights of multi-family property owners is not fair.

1:12 pm edt 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Time for the Gimme, Gimme's to Stop

I want. I need. I demand. Our children need a new heating system. Our pipes are old. We want more. Give us more and then more.

Maybe not this time
11:24 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Public High School


Okay let me get the facts straight -we can just close the schools down and send Kids to other towns for free and we don't have to take care of town assets we can just tear them down? Sounds like a plan to me.

11:23 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Public high School


"The school shut down three years ago and that's when the process started to get the grant to refurbish the then closed school?" 


Where have you been that you think the school shut down 3 years ago ?

11:19 pm edt 

Provincetown School System Cost Per Student


Provincetown has the highest cost per student in Massachusetts

1:13 pm edt 

Cape School Systems Comparitive Cost re Town Budgets

 Cape Cod Schools -

Truro Schools - $5,300,000 K-12  31% of town budget
Wellfleet - $5,100,000 K-12
Orleans $9,000,000 K-12

Provincetown - $3,700,000 Pre-K - 12  15% of town budget

1:12 pm edt 

The Sound of One Hand Clapping


Amazing How So Many Town Officials

are on good behavior since David Panagore was officially town manager. Rarely see nasty postings about others. Some have learned the monk's sense of silence. Even the most chitty chatty are offering neutral pieces of information and news.

He seems to be a town manager that will not tolerate unprofessional behavior, or revealing inside information on line. I applaud this fully.

It has made the other blog rather dull. there are always consequences and unintended ones.

1:09 pm edt 

Re: Condo Freeze


I Am for the Halting of condo Conversion

finally some action. Yes, the horse is out of the barn, but at least we are doing something relatively constructive.

1:06 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Public High School


Old Pipes are Everywhere Here

I am not convinced. too much. wrong decision.

1:05 pm edt 

Provincetown Beacon


OK guys It's  little dull On the New Beacon'

It was much more fun and informative. Now--well, it's rather boring. I am not saying that we should bring back the Rent-a-Boy site or that you should undermine all town officials but somehow now----it's sleepy time for bonzo!

a little more pizzazz. I think so.

1:04 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Public High School


So once again a school board member has to tell us how stupid we are if 7 million dollars is not spent to fix a heating system in a building to house students. Stop. Tear the damn thing down and make it a parking lot. Let's make some money and send the few remaining students to another town. Offer some assistance for day care for working families. There is no way that it won't be easier to just close the school once and for all. And if you are an alumni of Provincetown Schools and want to tell the rest of us we need to support this nonsense no matter what, stop. Most of the alumni of the school have already sold there family homes for top dollar and moved to Truro.

12:50 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Public High School


Where is town leadership on capital improvements?  We all know the can was kicked for years.  Now the Selectmen cannot step forward and stand up for repairs funded at 50% that completes a huge town asset?

12:49 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Public High School


Let This cup Pass

If the grant doesn't come up again, then let it pass. It's not the right time nor the right or appropriate amount.

12:47 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Public High School

"Yes it will cost $7 million and more if the heating system is not fixed now and we take advantage of the 50% grant or $3.5 millin the school worked hard to get for the past three years to get."

Wait a minute, WHAT??

The school shut down three years ago and that's when the process started to get the grant to refurbish the then closed school? And who was aware this was going on? Did the selectmen know it was ongoing? Did the town manager? Did the school committee just start the process and say "too bad for you if you didn't pay attention"? Where has the communication been related to this issue? Why didn't the taxpayers know this was potentially coming three years ago??

12:45 pm edt 

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