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Gordon J. Siegel

April 26 at 2:01pm
As you know I am running for a seat on The Board of Selectmen this Tuesday, May 3rd. Please let me know if you need a ride to the polls, which will be open from 7am until 8pm. If you can not vote on Tuesday, you can go by Town Hall in advance and pick up an absentee ballot. Of course I ask for your vote, and regardless of candidate, please vote, it’s your right.

I believe I am more than qualified to serve as a member of the Provincetown Board of Selectmen. I am an intelligent, focused, mature, hardworking and energetic leader with a genuine and passionate concern for, and a willingness to serve Provincetown.

My goals include:

Promote the use of our Town Assets for Rental & Community housing, including the VFW and the Community Center. I believe our most pressing issue is housing. I encourage private involvement to help alleviate our long term housing needs.

Support economic development by encouraging “Green” relationships here in Provincetown. Art and Artisan Products: made locally, sold locally.

Fair, consistent, and honest leadership for our Town. I am a military Veteran who understands the concepts of integrity, honesty and fairness, and strives to embody them. I am a full time year round resident who understands the demands and sacrifices we make to live in this great place. We must work with Town staff on the Goals of the Voters. We must refrain from controlling current property owner rights through taxation or unfair regulation. Yes, We must listen to the Voters AND we must hear what they are saying.

I believe my business experience and bold and ambitious thinking are attributes needed to help manage both our immediate issues and long term needs. I believe a Selectman should represent all the people they serve and have always been fair and honorable in my business dealings. I bring years of real estate experience to the Board and will resign as a realtor as to not recuse myself from valuable real estate discussions and negotiations.

I ask for your Vote May 3rd.
Thank you,
Gordon J. Siegel

Louise A. Venden
My top 3 goals as Selectman:

1. Get a detailed lisLouise A. Vendent of all Town owned property and identify how to use these assets to meet the needs and goals set forth in the Housing Playbook. Staff will need to expand on the playbook by more specifically identifying housing needs of existing full time workers, seasonal, and elderly or disabled. We must determine the best use for these properties and create an overall plan for how they might be used, sold or developed to provide housing, f...unds for housing or business development needs.
2. Work hard to improve the relationship between the Pier Corporation and the BOS. The Harbor and Pier are precious to us, and it is critical that leadership hammer out an agreement so that we will be able to coordinate MacMillan Pier activities and improvements with the investment being made on Fisherman's Wharf.
3. Improve public communication and information on policy proposals made by BOS, FinCom, other Boards and committees and Town staff. The website needs overall to make it easier for everyone to find regulations, procedures, rules and material to be discussed at meetings. The BOS posts generous meeting packets so that people get a chance to understand the issues before the meeting. We also need to reach out to community groups and bring them information on the zoning, planning, housing and budget matters so that questions and concerns are raised and answered before Town Meeting.

I hope this clarifies my motivation and the contribution I hope to make as your Town Selectman


Don't Vote For Donegan!

Break His Hold on the Board of Selectmen

Don't be Played For Fools 



Monday, May 2, 2016

Re: From: Wayne Martin

My comment about not knowing who you are wasn't actually directed at you, Wayne. Sorry you took it personally. I am not a liar or a new person in town. I wasn't belittling you -- I was commenting on all the folks who seemed to be obsessed with you (and Vincent) on this page. I just don't understand why you two seem to dominate so much of the discussion here but don't really seem to be a part of the actual life of the town. It's a strange disconnect. But I guess it points to the larger problem with this page. Most everyone here who is commenting isn't actually doing things to change the town, just sniping and complaining.
3:59 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Beacon - Tom Donegan Signs


In my humble opinion it was very smart of whoever posted the political signs around town. The competition sure did notice, lol. Richard Rogers had his little muse Wayne Martin out there filming the action! This of course gave Mr. Donegan twice the attention he had hoped for. Whoever is Tom Donegan's campaign manager should be congratulated for sucking the opposition in to help the campaign. NICE WORK, Waynie and Richie!! lolol VOTE TOM DONEGAN FOR SELECTMAN!!

2:29 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Beacon - Tom Donegan Signs

The Signage "Zoning Bylaw 3250" does not specifically state that it is appropriate to use Public Property to display political  promotions. Highway intersections are public ways which require clear unobstructed views.
If indeed public property is fair game for  postings, why not post signs on the Town Hall or Police Station lawns or in the Municipal Parking Lot?
Let's not pretend that there are no limitations on placement.
And who approved Donegan's sign placements on intersection islands? 
Rank hath privilege? 
1:50 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Beacon - Tom Donegan Signs


"Donegan seems to be doing the same or dangerously close to it."

signs in the public way are allowed by our zoning by laws and political free speech is protected by the 1st amendment of the constitution of the united states. This has also happened for the last 4 years during local elections.

hmm I wonder who is muddying the waters to gain votes...gee I wonder. Who stands to gain by smearing donegan?

although i'm not personally a fan of donegan, i'm even less of a fan of other local candidates deliberately muddying the waters for political gain.

let's turn to our general by laws for guidance on what's permitted.

Section 10 of our general by laws (also regulates political signage):

sign regulations deleted in its entirety by April 2, 2012 ATM Article 23.22"

From our zoning by laws:

"Zoning Bylaw 3250 Temporary and Political Signs Cloth or cardboard signs, banners and posters, except posters intended for window display, shall be referred to the Building Inspector for approval and issuance of a permit.  Temporary signs, banners, and posters covering social, holiday and political events must be firmly attached to a supporting device and present no undue hazard to the public.  The time allowed for this type of advertising shall not exceed ninety (90) days. 
Control of political advertising during an election campaign shall be administered by the Inspector of Buildings who may grant a one‑time group permit to the Chairman or Candidate of any party in lieu of individual permits.  All such advertising must be removed within ten (10) days after the election date."

so wait does this mean all local campaigns with permits can put signs in the public way if they have a permit?

answer: Yes.

Does this happen in other towns? I often see political signs at the orleans rotary for example. Is this legal and protected by the first amendment of the constitution of the united states as well as our local zoning and general by laws?

Answer: Yes.

1:33 pm edt 

Dear Provincetown


Looking not good for your quaint village or what's left of it.
Evil has taken over,politics and money.

11:27 am edt 

To: Vincent Currier


Men Who are Nice to Their Daughters and Wives

think that means they are not misogynist??? Being enamored with two or three women and then treating all the others like dog dung does not free one from being a bigot. Look at Trump. He loves his daughters and wife but treats other women as idiots. So Vincent currier, you too, in treating Hillary Clinton with such disrespect and degradation are a misogynist. Your words are hurtful and your postings an insult to all women--including your daughter. Perhaps your wife would have a different perspective on you than you on you.

Try posting about issues and not the gender of presidential candidates. I'm appalled by your postings.

10:35 am edt 

Send Donegan Home to New York - Don't Vote For Donegan!


Didn't we hate Austin Knight for having campaign signs on or in public property. Donegan seems to be doing the same or dangerously close to it.

10:32 am edt 

To: Wayne Martin


WAYNE You've Got some good Points but tone it down a little and try less is more. Non-stop postings just means many of us will not read them. Once a day would be good.

10:30 am edt 

He Has Become the Donald Trump of Provincetown

Brash, attacking, threatening, and arrogant. Donegan is sadly our Donald Trump and uses his power to intimidate. He is determined to maintain that three to two vote to ram awful articles and ideas down our throat.

He doesn't even care if Cheryl is not elected. It does not matter to him and his clique--only that HE, greater than god himself, be the chosen one.
10:28 am edt 

Tom Donegan Voting Strategy


Selectman Richter is urging Donegan supporters to "bullet vote" to preserve their board majority.

8:41 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Beacon - Tom Donegan Signs
May 1 at 5:02pm
BREAKING: Sneaky spammer TD has his campaign signs all over the highway and town roads islands WHICH IS TOTALLY ILLEGAL and yet another example how the rules are for everyone but him. arrogance par excellence !
12:29 am edt 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

From Wayne Martin

I see a post on here that the poster had never heard my name mentioned out loud, I wonder where this person was two years ago when people asked me to run for selectmen? Obviously this person either just moved to town or is a liar! A lot of people would disagree with you saying that I don't matter to the people in this town especially all the seniors citizens I do work for no charge and also for others that don't have a lot of money.

I wonder what makes me a little off as some anonymous cowards claim on this blog? Is it that I speak out against a totally corrupt Truro police force and call Police Chief JIm Golden and Robert J Martin the second                   because most people know this and would whole heartedly agree with that. let me reassure the coward that suggest I leave town I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE so get use to it my family were the original founders of both Provincetown and Truro and not you the police or anybody else can force me to leave!

I will be running for selectmen again and I promise you this all these executive session back room deals won't be happening and I will do my best to make sure all registered Provincetown citizens voices will be heard and everybody will be treated equally. By the way I will be voting for Trump not because he would make a great or maybe not even a good  POTHUS but I think Clinton definitely won't and will destroy this country and strip us of our constitutional rights not to mention in my opinion this candidate can't be at all.

11:43 pm edt 

Re: Mark Hatch - Mangey Fox?


I'm Offended by Mark Hatch's Remarks on the He has mange and a broken leg and yet persists and courageously keeps on going. Viewing the fox as part of a hunt is disgusting. Wildlife is life and they are part of our world here in Provincetown. Shame on you!

11:37 pm edt 

Oh, Child, You Are Na´ve

Alottery for housing? Really? an objective selectin process? Donegan made it happen, child and Vincent currier "won" the lottery! Like all the past affordable housing "lotteries"! On others, it is Ted Malone who "picks" the winners. It's been rigged for years and continues to be rigged now. some get affordable housing and others never get "selected."

Fair? Non-political? Objective? Please, child!
11:34 pm edt 

From Wayne Martin

As far as my brother goes why don't you say what he posts about me. He stole just about everything I own with the Help of the Truro police and Jim Golden. My drinking buddies huh who are they? Seeing how alcohol has only touched my lips once in the past 3 1/2 years and that was 2 years ago NewYears eve. I'm glad that the anonymous lowlives that write posts do stay away from me as for everyone else I have plenty of friends none of which drink or do drugs also i have people go out of the way all the time to shake my hand and say keep up the good work. Which brings me to this I hope most of you that read this blog realize it's not a sign of mental illness to speak out against tyranny and to call a spade a spade. I'm sure you are aware that these negative blogs mostly come from corrupt Law enforcement my deviant brother who is in actuality the               and his wet brain friends oh yeah I wouldn't put it past Steven McGovern and Mark Hatch either. Now let's talk about my propensity to violence shall we, it should be known that I don't have even a misdemeanor conviction to my name and I have never had anyone besides my lowlife brother make a claim that I was violent, which was promptly laughed out of court at the magistrates hearing. I think it time the admins change their policy on anonymity like most other blogs and groups have done unless your intention is to let slander and character assassination happen without legal ramifications!
11:32 pm edt 

Vote For Anyone But Donegan

Question: Why is only Tom Donegan permitted to place his campaign signs on strategically located Town property?
I noticed that there are only "Vote For Tom Donegan" signs locate at strategically located intersection islands of West Vine and Bradford streets across from Victor's Restaurant and Shankpainter and Bradford. Maybe there are others that I have not seen.
Is this a question of "Rank having privilege".
Don't be played for a fool. It's time to send Donegan on his way and break the back of the tiresome-threesome.
Don't vote for Donegan   
10:52 pm edt 

Re: Slander and Dishonesty Has Made My Choice Clear

You have made an allegation of affordable housing being "fixed" in exchange for political support...  it's a lottery governed by state law. It would also be extremely illegal for any selectman to attempt to influence the lottery or who gets picked. More importantly, there is no way for a selectman to influence this...because it's a lottery. They are completely divorced from the lottery process.

You have also made an allegation of corruption. let's see some proof; otherwise it's just slanderous blabbering to I presume get votes for vince and gordon?

You're ill informed opinion and blatant dishonesty has helped me make up my mind; I'm voting for Donegan and Venden on Tuesday.
10:34 pm edt 

The MYPACC Bubble

I just want to mention that, outside of this page, I have never heard the names Vincent Currier and Wayne Martin out loud. No idea who they are and why everyone here thinks they are so important. Seems like you're obsessed about people who don't really matter much to the actual life of the town. 
10:32 pm edt 

Rielly Parking Lot Complex


I will never understand the nasty remarks made by "neighbors" of the Rielly Parking lot complex when they attempted to get approval from Zoning for an entertainment license. The morons that made the most noise are moving to Plymouth for crying out loud. Some people are really just assholes.

10:30 pm edt 

Re: Vincent Currier

" Frankly tired of this Vincent negative postings about Hillary Clinton."

You'd think that some old guy who isn't even from here, sponging off the good will of the taxpayers, would learn how to just be thankful instead of constantly posting his bile against women and everyone else. I guess it's easy when you don't have anything else to do because your housing is subsidized and you live with your grown son. For someone who doesn't show up to any of the most important political gatherings in the town, he seems to have a lot to say. But hey, he's just like his hero Sanders...old, angry, and now impotent.
10:28 pm edt 

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