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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Housing Agendas

Webmaster not mark hatch the cousin you know the one with the housing agendas.
11:49 am est 

Bear Week

Probably the highest grossing week of the summer, chill, nice guys and the townspeople seem to love them.

Gross?  I don't think so!
11:48 am est 

Harvey Weinstein - David Panagore

Just Like Harvey Weinstein

The Town Manager relies on a network of enablers, they are called the Board of Selectmen!
11:47 am est 

Re: Mark Hatch

Hatch talking about housing is like Trump talking about planning a quincenerra. What a hypocrite
11:45 am est 

'Swift Hand of Justice'
"I can tell you one thing, if the person running this house was an American, all hell would break loose about the wealthy Americans taking advantage of the hard working foreign students. The swift hand of justice would come down fairly quickly and people of ptown would be in the streets rioting.    Somebody clue me in here."
OK I'll clue you in..  There is 'swift hand of justice' in Provincetown, especially with housing,  and you are mistaken that anyone would care if it were Americans instead of foreign students..

11:39 am est 

Paying More in Taxes Versus the Real Price We Pay

I wait and wait for someone in Town Hall to have the guts to stand up to Panagore.  Demeaning other people at every turn and bankrupting the moral fiber of our community.

Anywhere else Panagore's actions would be enough to terminate him.  Here he is lauded as a hero.   Bullying his subordinates, they'd rather quit than deal with it.  Panagore is here to inflate his tiny ego.  He is not here to help our Town.

He ignores questions he does not like, refusing to acknowledge any personal error, he turns comments off, doesn't return emails, and he has lied to the Town numerous times.

The BOS gives him rave reviews, but compared to their awful performances I can understand.. IF THE BOS HAD THEIR WAY THE VFW WOULD REOPEN SO ANTHONY COULD SELL ILLEGAL GAMBLING TICKETS THERE. AGAIN...sigh...  #DrainOurSwamp.

Just look at the past few years. 
Town Hall exodus. 
Town buildings GIVEN away. 
Others sit empty. 
Budget up up up. 

Harbor Hill:  Not a done deal.  The lawyers made over 100K so far.  And if it goes through, congratulations on buying units that all need to be retrofitted to work, with no clear plan other than allowing summer  rentals.  YRRHT for summer workers.  Nice try.

100's of people, our friends,  have left Town in the past few years.  They all had jobs.  None could find housing.  Get it?  Housing, not jobs.  If you want to work in Ptown, there's always work.

These newbies are drinking the TM served Kool Aid.  We don't need to spend money on more jobs, we need housing.

Speaking of year round jobs, WHO BELIEVES A NON-PROFIT IS GOING TO GENERATE YEAR ROUND JOBS?  Paid for by the taxpayers!  One has to wonder if the Chair of FINCOM thinks this is so financially good for the Town, if he can't add well, or thinks we're so stupid we didn't notice?  

And speaking of corrupt, How come Panagore continues to drive Town owned vehicles for his personal use when it's no where in his CONTRACT?

How come we spent millions on a Town Hall historically correct renovation only to have the TM  ghetto it up with a PLASTIC chair?

How come we used to be a hand up community and now we are a hand out one?

Anyone who can't see the corruption, ask Dr. Regatta.  (the dentist) She knows how to do it.  All that hand washing.

Sad in our Country, sadder in our Town.
11:37 am est 

Jack Ross?

For all you town sleuths- Jack ross is a fake profile and is in insider with a beef against tubby.. maybe a ex-employee? hmmmm...
11:32 am est 

Community Center - Chris Wise

Anyone who thinks the worker dorm proposal for the community center was a good idea should go and read it. It was a slapdash last-minute effort and really poorly written. Compare it to the creative space proposal and you can see why the selection committee didn't go with the housing project.

And then Chris Wise flat-out lied at town meeting saying he wasn't involved in the dorm project, even though he's right there in that proposal on page 15 as a "development team member" and again on page 36 as the lead for permitting the project:

I'm looking forward to seeing Gordon's housing proposal for the VFW site.
11:31 am est 

Town Talk is So Boring

It is nothing more than pretty pictures and nice words. Nothing substantial seems to be posted. Why have this blog, then? Why, indeed!
11:28 am est 

Bear Week

Bear week is gross
11:27 am est 

Re: Mark Hatch

Now Hatch is housing authority ex director? Unbelievable.
11:26 am est 

White Male Entitlement

White male entitlement is deeper than sewer s... in god, the level of whining is ridiculous...GROW UP already!
11:24 am est 

Re: Banner Banner Editor Quits?

No shock that it came from the OC. Love that place, (not as much as she does) but that's her speed. Classy to the end? No, not her. Those two words have never appeared in the same sentence describing her what with her Hunter S. Thompson wannabe but will never be attitude.
11:23 am est 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Banner Banner Editor Quits?

Seems the Banner editor announced that she quit on Friday. The announcement was made at the OC and was immediately followed by a lengthy discussion of male genitalia. Classy to the end.
3:21 pm est 

Please--We Had a Great Project on Workers' Housing
A place for many summer workers at the Community Center but backstage deals brought in creative--so-called--space for certain individuals. this is not what we needed but secret deals with the chair of finance and his cousin, chair of CPC funds, brought us this "hatched" deal.

So, please, no constant crying about needing workers' housing. We had our chance and blew it.
3:19 pm est 

Seasonal Tourist Economy

I agree with the poster who suggested that we accept the reality that it is a seasonal tourist economy.  It does suggest a few questions:

1.  What can the town do to extend the season as far as possible?  Holly Folly at least to my eye is looking pretty successful.  Love or hate the Canteen, but the market out back is very cool. 

2.  Should we even bother marketing the summer months at all?  There were a few slow weeks this season, but seems to me that putting everyone's creative efforts into figuring out how to put asses in seats in off months would be way more helpful.  Maybe a Provincetown Bear sex party week in January?!?!?  Kidding.  Sort of.

3.  If it's really a tourism strategy, then we need to re-think housing.  We'd be much better off focusing on affordable year-round rentals and summer workforce housing.
1:15 am est 

Good Luck!

SO the assistance tourism director is off to work for Dan Horn.....
Good luck with that!
1:13 am est 

Campsite Cleanup

I think the BOS should have to clean up the STATE land where they put the homeless?  They magically ALL have housing now that summer is over.
They've charged their cel phones and their off.
Leave it to us to clean up the mess they've made of wetlands and the seashore.
Of course, Cheryl, Tom, and the gang don't care.
Just make sure she gets her REGATTA MONEY. 

1:11 am est 

Bears Week is Gross

"Bear week had 15 parties last year that were underwear, jocks, or less.  This year there will be more.  You belong Here!  Provincetown Sex Party for Bears."

Yeah. And some think that Gloria was over the top. Bears week is gross.
1:09 am est 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Re: Two Things

I have seen what is referred to as the overcrowded house with my own eyes.  One of the kids that worked for me lived there.  Although it is far from ideal, it is better for them to live there than in Truro.  Anything we can do to keep these kids from riding bikes on Rt 6A at night is the right choice. 
1:50 pm est 

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