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 Gordon Siegel Announces Candidacy  For Board of Selectmen

I am proud to announce that I am running for a seat on The Board of Selectmen.  I ask for your support as I want to serve our Town through fair and honest governance. 

With your help, we can make the Board the best possible, and a Board that above all, adheres to the vote of Town meeting and keeps the Voters goals as the priority of our Town.

I have been here over twenty years.  I have watched as the housing situation has gone from critical to crisis; the result of many factors.  Combine the fact that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the World, with our social mores as a Town to welcome all, and it is little wonder we have expensive real estate and a housing crisis.   Therefore, now more than ever, we must use our Town assets for housing.  I have stuck to this theme in my endeavors this past year.

For us to seriously address the housing crisis, we must uphold the Vote, and follow through on both the Voter mandate and what is right for the Town, and use our Town owned buildings for housing. 

We the Provincetown Voters voted to sell the Community Center in 2011.  In response to the 2016 request for proposals issued, it could have been sold for at least $600,000. and used specifically for Seasonal Workforce Summer Housing.  Or, our newly formed Year Round Rental Housing Trust could take ownership and create year round rental housing on site.  Both of these options of using the Community Center for housing are identified in the Town Housing Playbook.  The Board of Selectmen, have instead, agreed to lease it for $2,000. per month, for 99 years, to a private Arts Center.  I want to correct this no housing option from happening.

Please join me in supporting the following article for the April Town Meeting:

To see if the Town will vote to, as the sovereign authority, direct that the Board of Selectmen uphold and implement all terms and conditions of the April 4, 2011 Special Town Meeting, Article 5, titled Sale of the Community Center Building, and order them to rescind, void, and, or nullify, any and all leases or other agreements awarded, or attempted to be awarded, pursuant to a bidding process that did not adhere to the requirement that the premises be sold and not leased, and to further authorize the Board of Selectmen to sell said parcel, pursuant to the procedures set forth in General Laws Chapter 30B, on such terms and conditions that promote the ideals as articulated in the Provincetown Housing Playbook; the land being all or a portion of Assessors Map No.7-2, Parcel No. 62, located at 46 Bradford St., and commonly known as the Community Center Building; or to take any other action relative !

I want to use my many years of experience here in Provincetown in a positive way to help make a difference in the Communitys housing crisis.  I voted for the new Housing Trust both times and I sought membership on the newly formed Year Round Rental Housing Trust.  I was not selected as they instead chose candidates not on the merits of the candidate, but instead by the candidates endorsement of the position held by the Board of Selectmen regarding Harbor Hill.   I believe a question of what skill set do you bring to the Trust? should not go unasked, and I will insist on members being above reproach, as they will be the representative of Provincetown as a Landlord to many people in the days to come.

I am asking for your Vote.  As a Board member, I will work on the parts of the Town that have been neglected.   The police station works well where it is, only it needs to be new and better.  I would encourage exploring the purchase of the building next door, as Dr. OMalley has offered.  A rush to site it on Route 6 now removes both the skate park and the green designation, and has no larger benefit.  A thought out process is key to a successful new Station, and that includes the siting location.

I support a new DPW Garage and will encourage an article for Town meeting for a Garage. We need to maintain the vehicles the taxpayers spend tens of thousands of dollars to purchase.  I participated in the planning session for the revised Local Comprehensive Plan.  I will encourage Staff to complete it.

I will continue to support our school system, the Pier Corporation, and of course Town Hall Staff and the members of our Police and Fire Departments. 

You have a choice this election.  In these days of alternative facts and fake news, I offer myself as a forthright candidate ready to serve Provincetown.

I ask for your support this May. 

Thank you for reading,

Gordon Siegel



Stan and Eva Sikorski invite you to

Meet and Greet


As she campaigns






Land’s End Inn

March 28th  5-7 PM





                  PLEASE RSVP to   


Louise Venden 


Provincetown is entering a time of change and challenge as shortages of modestly priced year-round housing continue, Fisherman’s Wharf becomes Provincetown Marina, and established businesses are sold with new owners putting resources into making these restaurants, Inns and stores their own. Ensuring that we protect our fragile and beautiful environment and make it possible for artists, fishermen and year-round employees to live here year-round will require engaging the community in finding the best ways government can balance needs and shared goals.

 I want to serve on your Board of Selectmen because I have spent years getting to know the Town and a wide range of people who live here, served as both an elected official and on the Finance Committee and other community groups. I have listened to you; I have learned about the tools government may use and the limitations of government to address the opportunities and challenges we face.

I am committed to this Town; to the rancorous, creative, passionate people who choose to live here. My goal is to help encourage greater community participation in Town issues, policies and lawmaking by improving public communication, revitalizing debates using more diverse media and reaching out to the many places and organizations where people express their opinions, values and hopes for Provincetown.

I hope you will give me a chance to serve you on the Board of Selectmen by voting for me May 2.


Louise Venden
You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Re: Canteen -Our Newest Waterfront Restaurant

The Privileged Few

Some get all the seats they want. some serve on seats they don't even have. and they continue to do whatever they want. Others, remove one window and violations abound. Others have six seats and fail to gain any more.

The privileged few--those connected to town officials who, instead of being fair and objective, give their select pets whatever they want.

And if the bow tied one sits on their seats day after day, of course they will get seventy or so seats!! And if the were part of the infamous 365--but, then, of course, they will be granted, from the Crown, the desired gifts!
2:14 pm edt 

Re: Canteen -Our Newest Waterfront Restaurant

"The Key to the Canteen?"

Tow words: Gloria McPherson.
12:26 pm edt 

A Question

Clarence, censoring Vendon comments?
10:25 am edt 

Re: Rob Anderson

"Big deal. You really had to post this twice?"   

You really had to respond? Maybe the poster didn't see other post.

You certainly are a big deal in your own little mind.   
10:22 am edt 

From: Gordon Siegel in Support of Article 17

My Speech to the BOS, Monday March 27 2017. 

Good Evening.  My name is Gordon Siegel.  Our rule of law is Town Meeting Legislates, The BOS issue Policy, and Our Charter requires Town Meeting vote for any lease over 10 years.  The lease addendum is a legislative change, not a policy change.

Town Counsel opined bring it back to Town Meeting.  However, if you allow a lease, lease for 99 years and call it a sale.

Judged by a review panel of 6 that included 2 non-tax paying, non-residents,  The Workforce Housing proposal was the loser.
Housing was weighted approximately 10-15% of the TOTAL score based on your criteria. Your Number One Policy Goal is Community Housing.       

The now signed Land Agreement has inconsistencies.   Instead of stating, to sell like the 2011 article, the document states we  authorized the Board of Selectmen to dispose of the Property. 

to sell  to dispose

It states that the winning bid will be redeveloping the Property at no cost to the Town;     
$100,000. taxpayer money is requested this year and allowed for the next 99.
It states Creative Commons is a non-profit corporation.  It is not.  A status not guaranteed. Until then, the owner is The Provincetown Compact.  They are not mentioned in the Land Agreement or the lease. 
There are other legal inconsistencies.   
As for Creative Commons, the Treasurer is the Chair of our FINCOM.  He spearheaded the rfp while boasting to help create the housing trust.  The very trust written about in the housing playbook on page 18 as using the community center building for housing.
The Chair of the Year Round Rental Housing Trust who also  voted yes in 2014 for Workforce Housing at the Community Center is now a signed Lessor to a collaborative art work center, not housing.

Another BOS member, a long time housing advocate, now giving up that opportunity for 99 years.

A third, stated she felt housing would be great there but so expensive. 

The workforce housing offer was $600,000 cash with no further financial commitment from the Town.

One BOS member said "he liked housing but we tried and it didn't work out.  An arts and cultural center may be an economic driver down the road.
<end quote>  That road includes reducing the criteria for an economic development grant from one year to nine months.  Housing Crisis.

There is an active and ongoing investigation with the State Ethics Commission.

I can say with certainty, that the 2011 Voters would not be happy knowing their vote to sell after a long discussion about housing, would now be satisfied with a 99 year lease for something other than housing.

The BOS asked for workforce housing at the Community center, they were offered a Workforce housing proposal, and you instead chose that the FINCOM chair get the community center building for something other than housing.

In closing, this vote will affect our great, great, great, great, grand children.

Please support Article 17.
8:21 am edt 

Re: Rob Anderson

"Rob Anderson, is on the housing trust board as far as I know is not female..wrong board, wrong gender..."

Big deal. You really had to post this twice?           . Lol.
8:11 am edt 

Re: Canteen -Our Newest Waterfront Restaurant

"The BOS should not give them 71 seats till they conform to all zoning rules like everyone else. What is their FLOW for the property now?"

The Canteen does seem to get special treatment in this town. Why? Do they know someone or is it just because they have unlimited money behind them?
8:09 am edt 

From: Cheryl Andrews

Someone has posted some comments about the sewer and added my name goes. Yes, Town Meeting approved a "No-growth" sewer back about 17 years ago. The language of the warrant article and the sewer legislation  specifically exempted any uses deemed "Public Use". To date , the following have been deemed "Public Use": Affordable Housing including 90 Shank Painter Road, Laundromats, Seashore Point, and projects that have received Economic Development Permits eg. the Cabral Wharf expansion now owned by Chuck Lagasse, Cafe Heaven, Cafe Edwidge, East End Market, Twisted Pizza ...there is a long list. If any Provincetown business owner wishes to apply for an Economic Development Permit, I encourage them to do so. My board seems to be in a generous mood. Best, Cheryl Andrews
8:07 am edt 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Re: Canteen -Our Newest Waterfront Restaurant

So the boys from Canteen are requesting 71 restaurant seats. I thought we had a NO GROWTH sewer Dr. Andrews? Let me guess this is to "legalize" all the seats they have been using on the beach with no permit and the seats in front with no permit for the past 2 years! When will they clean up the zoning violations of building seats and benches on an historic building with no permits nor variances. Let's reward those who violate the rules and just give it to them! Nothing ever changes in this town, there is no equal enforcement. The BOS should not give them 71 seats till they conform to all zoning rules like everyone else. What is their FLOW for the property now?
2:33 pm edt 

Our Newest Waterfront Restaurant

Is everybody coming to the BOS meeting tonite 3/27/17 and watch them award a new restaurant to the fair haired boys? Zero Growth Sewer My Ass.
1:24 pm edt 

Re: Rob Anderson

Um speaking of out of touch? Rob Anderson, is on the housing trust board as far as I know is not female..wrong board, wrong gender and wrong accusation of being out of touch...idiot
1:22 pm edt 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Re: PBG 2017

To posts re: PBG ED, yes it has been a frustrating 12 months, unfortunately the previous Board and its ex ED had some challenges and set the PBG back a bit. It took 8 months to hire a new ED after the previous ED "resigned" back in Feb of 2016,can there be better communication and updates YES of course, but now is not the time to blame, we need to mover forward in a positive direction to get the PBG back on track. I have been told that the following is occurring:

1.New marketing committee has been formed and is meeting
2.New logo and marketing plan is forthcoming within 30 days
3.New ED is meeting for the first time now that all Board members are back from vacations this week to    access the road ahead
4.Carnival "leads" have been going on for 2 months to no avail to obtain a Headliner for the Concert.
5. The ED just hired the Part time assistant for the office, which is a great step forward
6. I believe Steve Roderick has assisted with his vast history on getting the financials in order so we can move forward as well

I am sure the new ED is trying her best but 1.5 positions can't do it all by themselves, all members should volunteer if they have the time or desire to do so.
12:22 pm edt 

Vincent Breglia Posted in Provincetown Voters, March 23, 2017

It's another beautiful day in the hood.
If you are Provincetown registered voter and are in favor of housing, vote to sell the community center. Julian Cyr and Sarah Peake both spoke in favor of housing. Vote to sell the community center for housing. Housing first as we don't have workforce housing however we have several art cultural centers that are outstanding and nationally and internationally recognized. Let's focus on housing; year round, workforce, and affordable. Vote to sell not lease our community center so it can help our housing crisis. Show that you care about our housing crisis. Thanks for caring about our community!
12:14 pm edt 

Re: A Town Forum Without a Town

I agree that these pre-meeting forums are b.s. How many f...... times do we need to sit through Eric Yingling's condo tax article? We said no 3 f...... times moron. Please Mr Sinako, stop speaking on every f...... article, just vote like the rest of us.
11:04 am edt 

A Town Forum Without a Town

Another fake get together. The people are not asking for this but the town officials are trying to force the issues and force the votes on various by-laws and warrant articles.

So few were there. It is fitting. It is PR that the people do not need nor want.

Why go? Guess what? They didn't.
9:20 am edt 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fed Up!

Can we also talk about the PBG website tiles ads were removed without any regard that we paid for a year of advertising? Btw where's this years vacation guide haven't seen or heard anything about it. Nice communication they have going to the member base.

Not what it use to be when members were put first. I agree time to put my money else where.
6:22 pm edt 

Re: Blue Chair

Please relocate the adiridack chair in front of our beautiful town hall. It is so very out of place there. It belongs behind the chamber, by the buses and restrooms. Let the tourists have their fun there. Please don't make our town like all the others. Honkey Tonk!!!
5:15 pm edt 

Re: An Expression of Frustration

The DPW director just plain flat out lies for the TM and the BoS whether it's about the proposed new police station or the cutting down of in the way trees, he just does what he is told like a spineless toadie! He even told the DPW workers not to discuss anything to do with the town with anybody and this order I was told came directly from the Bow tied blow hard. This order was a direct result of the TM getting caught in a big whopper of a lie and me calling him out on it.

The Wall of corruption is slowly crumbling down around our town governments ears and they're not wearing hard hats. Even Richter cut and ran at the first sign of trouble.
5:13 pm edt 

Re: An Expression of Frustration

Maybe the DPW is tired of Being Bullied and told what to do by town Planner

Maybe, just maybe, he is tired of being under the town Planner and tired of McPherson directing his words, his actions, and even what by-laws he should support and publicly defend. Maybe he knows he can't be the Tree Warden without being an arborist and maybe he is tired of saying, Yes, Ma'm" and then "Yes, Sir" and then "Yes, Ma'm, Ma'm and Sir."

and maybe he is tired of being portrayed and the town's yes man--which sadly is what he has become. David Gurtin would never have succumbed to the Town Planner's constant directives, as he has.

And there is always a price to pay.

Sometimes, it's just not worth being someone else's fool!
5:08 pm edt 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Re: An Expression of Frustration

If the DPW [ deputy director]Does leave, when [well] then

so be it. It is one thing to have strength and take strong positions--but it is another to be weak-kneed, head-nodding, and yes-sir, yes-sir bobbing head to whatever that bow tie man demands.

Having a job is one thing. Handing over your balls is another.

And you'll never have enough of them to please a demanding autocrat or bow-tied clown. You become the monkey. so best if you do leave.
11:03 pm edt 

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