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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Re: Wayne Martin
If any Provincetown Town Voters vote for Wayne Martin, you have to be out of your mind. This guy is like a fox in the hen House. He can't be trusted and he obviously is Anti-Police and Anti Environmental Police. He says he has no prior arrest but I don't believe that. He has always been a loud mouth, and can have a vicious temper. He likes to stir the pot and then backs down when put in a corner.

Someone stole coins and valuables from his mother.                                                                          a                                                                                  .                                                                         

Please people see him for what he is. He is not the most intelligent person in the world and I doubt for one minute that he is writing these responses on Shout Out. I don't believe that he can articulate what is being posted, it doesn't sound like him at all.

He likes to make threats and that he's good at. Also why was he at the Truro dump if he's a Provincetown resident as he claims to be.  By his own admission he said he was there watching the cops target practicing. I also think the dump would have been closed for the officer's to use it. Something doesn't make sense there. Don't you have to have a Truro Sticker to go to the Truro dump? What does he have dual residency? Also where do you think his vehicles are registered, I bet not Provincetown. He doesn't own property and probably never has so he doesn't pay taxes. Does he have a full time job? I asked around and people don't seem to know where or if he works. Maybe he lives off the land, who knows.

So before you decide to write him in as a candidate, ask around about him, I'm sure you'll get a mouth full. He's not as nice as he portrays himself to be. God help us all.
4:18 pm edt 

Re: Wayne Martin

I Agree

This Wayne Martin diatribe is enough already. I would want someone to run but not you
Wayne--not now. You had a chance before but tie is of. Forget it guy. It's more than over.
4:12 pm edt 

Re: Wayne Martin

Its time to announce your candidacy Wayne! This is a perfect weekend to announce. Three days off and people will be looking in here from time to time. Not much time left.


Straighten the mess out. Get rid of at least one of the incumbents. NOW is the perfect time.
4:10 pm edt 

Re: Wayne Martin

Wayne Martin. Do you really think people take you seriously.   I mean really look at the reputation that follows the martin name. 
4:07 pm edt 

Re: Wayne Martain

Wayne Martin I never laughed so hard until I read  your post.  You  shoveled the elderly you called a tow ruck and paid for it and my favorite you turned in a $100 bill. Do you really think people in this town believe you. Come on we know you we went to school with you. Please who are you kidding
4:05 pm edt 


The ABE campaign has begun and too bad no one would step up to run against Eric Jingling in the first place--- Anyone But Eric!!

The guy cant even string a whole sentence together.  The cousins are turning out to be a gruesome twosome of arrogance an self interest. I don't care who you write in but can we get an intelligent
person on the BOS?
3:55 pm edt 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Re: Wayne Martin

Wayne, Enough Please

This is not your Dear diary--someone brought up your name and now you're writing to the world.

Please, silence is golden!
2:52 pm edt 

Re: Available Housing

"I do not understand why people think that one has to both live and work in the same town." 

EXACTLY !!!  Does everyone that work in Chatham expect to live in Chatham ?  Does everyone that works in Osterville expect to live in Osterville ?

These are wealthy Cape towns like Ptown - anyone that works in Ptown could find housing in Truro, Wellfleet, Eastham or Orleans etc.

What is this ENTITLEMENT that because you work here - we must provide you with housing ?

1:12 pm edt 

Re: Available Housing

I do not understand why people think that one has to both live and work in the same town. During the 10 years that I lived in Ptown I worked in Hyannis at a year round job with good benefits and rented a year round apartment in Ptown. I left town when the urge to own land became too strong to ignore. I moved to a beautiful area where real estate was affordable. I still commute 45 minutes to work.
10:21 am edt 

Re: Cries of Desperation

No one is talking about town staff with their teaching jobs and police jobs and town hall jobs. These posts are about the people who come here and rent and work the summer and expect to be given subsidized housing because they want to live here year round working summers only--and then they complain about how economically hard life is here and the deprivations they undergo by living here--the uncertainty of renting, not being able to carry any increase in rent etc etc etc
9:58 am edt 

From Wayne Martin

Duck comment, why do people like you hide behind blogs like this and make idiotic comments. I got charged without any investigation being done at all on the say so of a career criminal drug dealer and his low life thieving friend and it just so happens they are close friends of the Truro Chief and several of the officers!!! I will state again for the record I have no criminal record whatsoever, only after I made complaints about the Truro police did I start getting charged year after year with BS Charges. Also once again the Truro police lied on their reports just to get the complaint against me. 

  People like you are part of the problem with this country and why we are now living in a police state with less and less rights and personal freedoms every day!!! I only want to help people live their short lives on this earth as happy and for filling as they can. I don't supposed you went around on every snow storm that we had this winter and shoveled and salted stairs and walkways for senior citizens and others  for free like I did? Or who after finding several hundred dollars in a parking lot went and turned it in? Or maybe perhaps you pulled several people out of the snow that went off the road that you did not know so that they would not have to pay for a tow truck? No you sir or mam just most likely  take of yourself and does not care for your fellow man. So to your comment I can only say Duck You!!!
9:55 am edt 

Re:Article 29

"To the cryptic ALL CAPS!!!! poster:Seems you'll be busy suing various citizens within the next few months. You must have a lot of cash in your pocket and time to burn. Do tell." 

Oh please-stop with your hyperbole. You are going nowhere-only sparking more interest into Victor's past and more pertinent past infractions- keep posting and you will keep a keen  eye on him and his business dealings . Present AND past. Yes caps.Keep it coming!
9:50 am edt 

From Wayne Martin

"I will be going to a selectmen meeting to address all the issues that have been occurring with the Acting Chief and a couple of higher ranking officers in P town and the corruption in the Truro PD. I will not be holding back I have been getting countless phone calls about both departments and it should trouble everyone who lives in these two towns not just the people that are being victimized."

Which selectmen meeting-I would like to be there-please let us know
9:46 am edt 

Wayne Martin Write In?

9:44 am edt 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Re: Affordable Housing

"If you don't know that there isn't year round work to support you or enough summer savings to live year round here--then you are keeping yourself intentionally ignorant of the world around you.

Well folks, bad planning on your part in your choice to move here without any money doesn't make this a crisis on the taxpayer's part."

RIGHT ON!!!  enough is enough with the taxpayer subsided housing.  It's no secret there is no housing and not enough work in this town.  The facebook posts looking for $800 - $1,000 month baffle me.  Put down the pipe and look for opportunities where they might exist, not in Provincetown.
10:19 pm edt 

Re: Town Moderator

There is no competition in the Coming election

We do not need a Candidate's night when there are no real competitors. It's a done deal--and let's just admit this.
10:17 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing


The writers who continue to make this housing crisis like it affects people who only work a few months a year is an insult to our intelligence, or at least those of us who still claim some intellect.
The housing crisis in Provincetown is NOT for or about part-time workers, but about your town workers and people who work two or more jobs during the season equating full-time employment.
The fact is, it is your teachers, your firemen, your police officers, DPW workers, town hall employees, and a myriad of other year-round positions that keep this town operational year-round. Life doesn't stop here just because tourists and second-homeowners leave.
And we also still have a small fishing industry that has potential for growth, and other potential year-round business that will increase the need for year-round housing.
This is about maintaining a community in a town that has been bought out and cannot house it's own support community.
When that community is gone, I will guarantee it will be a costly fix, if it can be fixed at all. Lose the charm and the people who make this an attraction and lose the structure.
10:15 pm edt 

Re: Wayne Martin

OJ Simpson was also found not guilty...think about it.,,,,,  you will never have my vote.   Sorry but walks like a duck talks like a duck. ....get it. 
10:13 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

"If you don't know that there isn't year round work to support you or enough summer savings to live year round here--then you are keeping yourself intentionally ignorant of the world around you."

Hmmm, yeah. Why don't you STAND at the BRIDGE with a SIGN telling everybody that wants to MOVE HERE that they CAN'T according to you. Then WAVE a FLAG and talk about FREEDOM on the ride home. 
7:22 pm edt 

From Wayne Martin

I will be going to a selectmen meeting to address all the issues that have been occurring with the Acting Chief and a couple of higher ranking officers in P town and the corruption in the Truro PD. I will not be holding back I have been getting countless phone calls about both departments and it should trouble everyone who lives in these two towns not just the people that are being victimized. A good civic minded human being cares about his neighbor and does just not take care of him or herself!!! Our leaders should immediately implement  a no tolerance policy for any kind of police misconduct or officers lying to their Bosses aka the TM or the Selectmen. We absolutely do not need upwards of 20 Full time officers in this town it  is ridiculous for a town of this size and makeup with a history of very little crime. This is a small fishing village/ vacation spot on the tip of the Cape not Chicago, DC, or Miami's inner city. It scares the hell out of me when I see cops in riot !
gear with assault riffles shooting man size silhouettes from 15 feet away that many of us witness at the Truro dump while it was still open just recently. They are training to kill us not help us it's supposed to be serve and protect not kill and cover up!!!
7:21 pm edt 

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