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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Re: "What It Is!"

What It is is--What it is

Good live radio. Hard to define but enjoyable listening. Sort of what WOMR was brought into existence to be. Quite the eclectic group and the live guitar quite good.
11:02 pm edt 

Re: Eating Out
"Must be Italian or Portuguese or a combination thereof!? That's not yelling,that's natural conversation,with those heritages!"
Racist pig...keep your offensive ethnic stereotypes to yourself!

5:53 pm edt 

Re: Vincent Currier

I Find Vincent Currier's Debasing Postings On Hillary More than Inappropriate

It is derogatory, disrespectful, dishonest and misogynistic. It is one thing to disagree with someone but surely another to defame her and debase her. I have lost any respect I once had for him.
11:22 am edt 

BOS Short Fall

Did I read correctly that the BOS approved a number of executive session minutes on Monday?  So they really were withholding them until after the election?

SHAME, SHAME on every one of them for withholding information from voters.  You are an embarrassment to this town.
11:19 am edt 

Re: Eating Out

Please do not insult my intelligence. It isn't hard to know the difference between putting down workers over loud talking.
11:17 am edt 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Re: "What It Is!"

Listened to the "What It Is" program on Sunday, it was great radio!
You broke a leg.
Keep  it up. 
9:53 pm edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn

I also like Sharon updates.  She did an amazing job in Provinceyown and is highly respected by all the staff that worked with her.  In other words, the people that worked with her know what a great job she did.
9:50 pm edt 

Re: Eating Out

Fill Me In: What Town Celebrity is yelling at her staff in the kitchen? Must be Italian or Portuguese or a combination thereof!? That's not yelling,that's natural conversation,with those heritages! Wanna make sure they are heard! people in dining room too noisy!!
9:00 pm edt 

Eating Out

Can't enjoy a meal without the town celebrity being heard yelling from the kitchen at her staff. It seems to have went to her head
8:35 am edt 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bernie Sanders

As to the Question what should Bernie Ask for at the convention

One word: forgiveness.
10:45 pm edt 

Re: "What it Is!"

Good Show on OMR

What It Is was back and I found it interesting. I like the intellectual quality that this group brings to live radio.

Keep it up!
1:35 pm edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn

I for One Like the Updates on Sharon Lynn

I like knowing that we are in a better place without her when I hear of her construction plans in Rehobeth beach or wherever she is. It makes me smile that she is no longer in the front office and her spend-spend-spend plans are not ours anymore.

when she was working hand in hand with Jeff Jaran, it was not good for Provincetown. We had two police chefs and we had over-policing.

Thanks for the information on Lynn. Soooo glad she is goooone!
1:33 pm edt 

Re: Those Who Have Gone Before

Wha wha WHAT???
8:32 am edt 

Re: What It Is!

"What It is!" is outstanding. Thanks for providing top rank radio and thank you WOMR.
12:07 am edt 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

An Observation

And if the old are so old that sleep is their excitement

what the hell!
Glad you are not leading our government!
10:27 pm edt 

"What It Is!" - Excellent Program

So glad you are back on What It is! So powerful to bring back issues of Hurricane Bob, of Abstract Expressionists and of the great and wonderful Teddy Lucas on live guitar playing. Great work and thanks!
10:25 pm edt 

Re: Help Wanted

So again some businesses are complaining that they can't get employees for the summer. Well do what I do, stay open all year. Yes it's hard for 5 months but I have a staff. If the pizza lady stayed open and employed just 4 people all year she would not be complaining about how hard it is now. Rent out your extra bedrooms in your houses people if necessary but don't act like morons.
10:22 pm edt 

Provincetown - Public School Children vs Zika Virus

"Why are we allowing children to travel to Costa Rica during this time when the zika virus is so much more prevalent in Central America? The children's safety should be our most important concern"

This is the same ass who earlier complained about the "waste of money"...that didn't work, so all of a sudden, this person "cares" about the your research, moron!  Zika is only a serious virus to development of the child in vitro (before they're born).

10:20 pm edt 

Those Who Have Gone Before

From Wayne Martin
Just imagine you just turned 18 you get dropped in a jungle all of a sudden you are surrounded by automatic gun fire and artillery strikes you look to your left and your best buddy from boot camp in blown in half and if only that was the worst you saw that day. Fast forward you get home a year latter to find out that everything that you once knew to be the truth is somehow different and no one will give you a place to live because you seem "a little off" so now you find yourself living under a bridge with just the cloths on your back. Wouldn't it piss you off that some A-hole in P-town cares more about the minor inconvenience of a broken windshield than a homeless man that has fought for his country. Priorities!!!
10:18 pm edt 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Re: Sharon Lynn


As Richard Fish ("Ally McBeal" fame) would say, "I like a fresh bowl."

For once and all, flush the toilet and move on.

7:02 pm edt 

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