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Sunday, January 21, 2018

And On, and On, and On...

January 20th, and the new postings are all the same old crybabying...personal attacks on Yingling and Panagore and any other Town officials you don't like, bitching about one lousy CVS and 11 parking spaces, whine, whine, moan...Must be nice to have all that time to sit on your asses and bitch because the town doesn't cater to your whims.  Pathetic.  All this worry about the "character" of the town?  This town hasn't had much of that in 20 years..GET A LIFE.
11:12 am est 

Good Job BOS

So CVS in the Riley's Building and now a Dunkin Donuts in the Tedeschi's Building, that's what I'm talking about Folks. Let's get this town humming in the winter. Good job BOS.

11:10 am est 

Panagore You Nailed it!

Your empty promises and bloviating about your success make you look more foolish than TRUMP. 
And that takes a lot! 
11:08 am est 

Yingling Proud of Town Planner

Yinlging is taking CREDIT for hiring Gloria, his ex girlfriend. She did NOTHING for the LCP and as for helping fix our zoning....Ask 350 Bradford, Sals, and of course many others who have felt her "help."
11:06 am est 

Re: Yingling Proud of Town Planner

"Yingling Proud of Town Planner"
Could be worse. I understand the planner in Truro has her degree in biology. and she's a planner .....?
11:04 am est 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

George's Pizza

To the poster who wrote about Georges Pizza, I agree 100%!
9:47 pm est 

Paper Tiger?

The Board of Selectmen owe the community an explanation on how the current box store bylaw remains valid per town manager's comments.

The only concessions I can see that CVS made were limited signage, which they've done many times before, and limiting their brand product sale to no greater than 50%, which is really no concession of you've been in CVS stores.

The BOS need to inform the community, and more importantly the ZBA and Planning Board in order to reduce future litigation expense, the allowable parameters of the bylaw.

Is it really a paper tiger bylaw?
9:46 pm est 



The people will not revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what's happening. Orwell didn't have a crystal ball, what he did have was an understanding of the human condition and its weakness. Apathy.

9:45 pm est 

Need for Proper Oversight

Why has the PBG not provided year-end financial statements for their fiscal year that ended September 30, 2017?

They claim to have ended the year in the black, but offer no back up.  (What about the folks who paid to sponsor the vacation guide that never materialized?)

The VSB should be paying attention and requesting an accounting of town funds now.
9:43 pm est 

Re: It Doesn't Compute

One more thing!

.............and don't forget 11 parking spots gone!

Geesh, who is the town for anyway, give people a reason to stay and get something from it, not be a total sell out to the tourists!
9:38 pm est 

Anger Management

Seems the retreat the Town Manager was sent to didn't do much good, nice try Selectmen, add this to the lack of preparedness for the flooding, the CVS and personnel quitting all the got some 'splaining to do!

9:37 pm est 

To: Town Manager
"Dear Mr. Panagore,I just read you turned comments off on another post on Town Talk. Worse, calling Citizen conversation a 'side show' is insulting at best to those in the conversation."
It's actually worse than this. He's blatantly picking sides and now he's also lying to people. That post about CVS? The woman in question is NOT who her name is on Facebook. She might be a real human, but she was seriously misrepresenting herself. The fact that it's not her real name (it's a shortened version) is, in fact, violating Facebook rules.
She also is NOT from Provincetown, but lives on Harry Kemp in affordable housing and is from East Falmouth, again, NOT from Provincetown. She won a lottery, she didn't "spend some time up Cape" because that was where she lived until she got the slot. Did he mention any of this? No, he just picked sides. Don't we have enough people not from Town telling us all what to do, including second homeowners?
Now we have the Town Manager running a town-sponsored page shutting down threads and telling actual residents and property owners what they can and cannot say? How is this legal? We couldn't pass a noise ordinance because it violated f! ree speech. How is Town Talk not violating free speech when it's run by the town manager in a very forward town sponsored way? Can someone answer this question?????
9:35 pm est 

Parking Space Market Rate

I am not convinced the market rate for a parking space is $150,000.  Show me the comparable sales.  I would estimate the market rate is more in a range of $40,000 to $50,000.
9:31 pm est 

Yingling Hurts Arm Patting Himself on the Back

Remember your BOS meeting?
Adoption of Annual Town-wide Policy Goals for FY 2016
The Provincetown Board of Selectmen held a Public Hearing on Monday, July 27, 2015, at 6 p.m. in the Judge Welsh Room, 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA, and then and there voted to adopt the following Town-wide policy goals for Fiscal Year 2016:

46 Bradford Street [former Community Center]: issue Request for Proposal; review
submitted proposals; select qualified developer to facilitate the development of year-round community rental housing. Creates estimated 10-15 new units.

Goal Missed. 

9:29 pm est 

Yingling Proud of Town Planner

In case you missed it, Yingling patted himself on the back for the foresight to hire Gloria.  Never mind that they were dating at the time, but don't forget the single purpose she was hired: TO REWRITE THE LCP.

Town officials have hired a new planner from the city of Concord, N.H.

PROVINCETOWN  Town officials have hired a new planner from the city of Concord, N.H.

Gloria McPherson will begin work as Provincetowns town planner Oct. 15. Officials hired a planner, a new position, to make sure the updating of the Local Comprehensive Plan goes smoothly, Provincetown Assistant Town Manager David Gardner said. The plan is meant to serve as a guideline for setting policies and objectives for the town.

McPherson, who has been Concords city planner for two years, will learn around $65,000 in Provincetown, Gardner said.  ~K.C. MYERS

NO LCP and a trail of litigation behind her, Gloria is gone.  GREAT JOB SELECTMAN YINGLING!
9:26 pm est 

Yingling for BoS

Thank you for hiring Gloria! Your Vision for the Town is awesome and she did a great job the LCP!  I hope you date someone else as good as her.

And a BIGGER THANK YOU for giving away the Community Center.  We don't need that tired old building.

Let me know if you need help moving into Harbor Hill!


your friend in Truro.
9:25 pm est 

Pot vs Kettle

According to the Oxford English Dictionary:
1A check of the spelling in a text using a spellchecker.
as modifier a spellcheck program
Pronunciation: spellcheck/ˈspɛltʃɛk/ A spellchecker.
Check the spelling in (a text) using a spellchecker.
the text shows signs of having been spellchecked but not proofread.

9:21 pm est 

Town Talk

Maybe our TM should have an OPEN House chat for the common folks who live here and call this our HOME, maybe at the Canteen, he spends most of his time there anyway! It's all smoke and mirrors with this guy!
9:19 pm est 

It Doesn't Compute

Outrageous that parking spaces were taken away for a bike lane. The probability of the bike lane being used is next to zero. Most of them love flying down Commercial Street terrifying tourists.

Can't believe the head meter maid at town hall would have not done something to influence the committee and the BOS.

Very sad this town is so poorly managed.

9:18 pm est 

It Doesn't Compute

Taking eleven spaces for a bicycle lane is insane! There's so limited parking as it is! It's not too late to reverse the mistake! The Bd. of Selectmen should do just that! people always rode bikes around here's one in & out of traffic! No reason why that should change! We are all on a risk,whether we're walking,driving a car,walking our pets,or bicycling! Don't be select in judging who gets special preference!
9:16 pm est 

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