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Friday, July 22, 2016

Lose the Town Planner

This town continues to mess with new business ventures. First Riley's could not open an entertainment venue now a restaurant. Some moron on fb is giving a new bike shop a hard time, what the hell people. Michael Shay's is still not developed on and on it goes. Lose the Planner she is a big problem.
1:59 pm edt 

Re: Mark Hatch - FinCom Chair

Another gem out of the mouth of the chair of the Ptown FinCom

As written by Mark Hatch when commenting on a assault and battery between spouses do to infidelity where series bodily occurred, " I don't know what's a matter with straight people if we caught our significant other  cheating we'd just have a threesome and party"!!! Again what the hell is this simpleton doing representing this town in any way shape or form. Where is Mary Jo? and why the hell did she appoint him in the first place? Being the fun guy a parties does to qualify Hatch to be on the FinCom please rectify the problem the sooner the better!!!
1:55 pm edt 

Trump is Our Nightmare

He is Hitler-like and Mussolini-like and a demagogue and dictator. He has the answers. He knows the solution. He can fix it--whatever the "it" is. He is absolute. He is the brain.

Trump is a sick man and sadly the voters are even sicker to tolerate this madness.
11:49 am edt 

Re: Hatch and Del Franco on the Beacon

The circus and embarrassment of Mark Hatch and Mark Del Franco on the blog the beacon is a huge disappointment to hear two appointed town officials say stupid things and not only stupid but also damaging information to voters. When will the town manager tell these two fools that it is NOT cool to embarass themselves daily on that sicko blog, and let Richard Rogers use them like little toys he plays with. Now, after months of being used by Oatsey, Hatch finally gives up for the 3rd or 4th time, Oatsey wins! Hatch and Del Franco are an embarrassment to the town!!
11:47 am edt 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Re: Bike Stores - Names Matter

Names are Important and Business Names are Key

They should not be allowed to usurp the name begun by PTown bikes. Open a competitive shop but don't plagiarize--ala Melania Trump--your words and phrases. Words become a trademark and names should be protected and respected. This is just wrong from any business perspective.
6:42 pm edt 

Re: Historic District Commission
"Another lawsuit against the HDC?" 
Yes, Just ask Gloria McPherson

if you want information on why a lawsuit is in process. Ask her why she purposefully undermined the HDC. it is not a pretty picture but more than the Portrait of Dorian Grey.

Look closely and you will see a familiar face turning and twisting into chaos.
6:39 pm edt 

Note to Wayne Martin:

We Don't care. Your posts are scrolled past.
6:38 pm edt 

Re: Mark Hatch - FinCom Chair


If You're the Chair of a board or a member of a board

You need to act professionally and should watch what you say on facebook postings. there is a responsibility and above all else, there should be restraints to some of the things said and a carefulness in off-hand remarks. Such behavior brings down a board's position in town and reduces its importance.

1:13 pm edt 

Historic District Commission

Another lawsuit against the HDC?
1:10 pm edt 

From: Wayne Martin


This is Wayne Martin once again and to make it perfectly clear It is my believe that the persona "Jimmy Hurd" was created just for the audience of the beacon to defame my name and impugn my character anybody that knows me knows that I am not afraid of anything and I certainly don't use fake profiles. The profile Jimmy Hurd can not be seen anywhere else to my knowledge besides the Beacon and it was the Amins of the Beacon "Hatch & Rogers who stated to all it was me. Also I was removed only after I went to the TM with my complaints against Hatch and Del Franco and screen shots to back it up! All I do is help people in this town and I have to deal with this crap from Ptown committee members that I exposed as corrupt liars and the TM refuses to do anything about It. They use the profile Jimmy Hurd to insite animosity towards gays and to call people horrific names then said it was me, although I could not comment on the Beacon any further and after a friend Eric Rego sh!
owed me what was being said about me I personal messaged members from the Beacon to let them know what Hatch, Del Franco and Rogers were up to. My next step is going in front of the BoS and then to the police to press charges of criminal harassment and or criminal deformation because the TM said there was nothing he could do even when these lowlives were using their own names to spread lies about me and defame me.

1:08 pm edt 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Re: A Personal Opinion
"I hope this town realizes that all this sudden interest in gun control and all these named functions for "The Pulse" victims regarding an incident that happened half the country away makes this town looks like a giant bunch of bigots!............." 
Yes,  a personal opinion, thanks for saying it. Some do care and have cared about Newtown. So glad to be away from the narrow minds and pigeon holing labels.
8:26 pm edt 

Re: Hatch and Del Franco on the Beacon

The two Marks are indeed blabber mouths and it's clear they think women insignificant, straight or gay. Their thinly veiled kingly misogyny is obvious, yet they never hesitate to dish on other men using female pronouns, 'she' and 'her', etc. It's sooooooo old and obnoxious, and the 2Ms have no idea how rancid and piggy the conversations are on the Bacon (lol).
7:46 pm edt 

From: Wayne Martin

This is Wayne Martin I was stopped from commenting on the beacon because I went to the Town Manager and showed him all the crap that Hatch and Del Franco was posting on the Beacon. The very next day I was chastised for it and removed from the Beacon which I also showed the Town Manager. I did not call any women the C word that's the kind of talk that Hatch and some of the others on the Beacon use and worse NOT ME!!! Again Hatch and Del Franco are the ones who post lies anonymously not me.
7:44 pm edt 

From: Wayne Martin

This is Wayne Martin the person who stated I use a fake profile by the name of Jimmy Hurd is lying frigging coward!!! Mark Hatch and Oatsie Rogers came up with that and led people to believe it was me. Why else was this person allowed to say all the anti gay and anti decent human being crap that was said on the beacon without this so called Jimmy Hurd being immediately removed seeing how they are both the admins. I have screen shots of Private Messages going back and forth between us asking who he was and where he live. Again it is all a frigging lie to make me look bad in the public eye because Hatch knows I'm going to run again for selectmen. Hatch is pissed because I exposed him as the                    bigot that he is and is not man enough to do anything but sneaky underhanded crap about it!!!
7:42 pm edt 

An Opinion - Hate Speech

It's amazing how much negativity, lies and garbage is spread by this hate speech you foster here
7:39 pm edt 

Re: Hatch and Del Franco on the Beacon

The two "Marcs" on the fin com are an embarrassment to themselves and the town. They continue on facebook to drop irresponsible sophomoric bombs loaded with sexual innuendo. They must think they are funny but in reality they are coming off as rude children that are deliberately defying common sense and dignity. Sure, we have freedom of speech so let them keep up their nonsense to the point that Mary-Jo realizes that they are not good and serious representatives of the town. Members of town boards must be held to a decent level of decorum that is far above being clowns.
7:36 pm edt 

Re: Bike Stores - Names Matter

Unless you trademark your name anyone can use the same name. So if a smart, hardworking 24 year old kid decides to name his store Provincetown Bike Rentals,  I say good for him. Now if the guy who made a boat load of money off of this town over the years decides to take to social media and complain about this hard working kid, I say too bad.
5:47 pm edt 


BIGOTRY, a word used loosely,means intolerance! We're all quick to pass judgement on bigots! If we all exam our own conscience & stop licking our wounds,everyone harbors bigotry of one kind or another! If people don't think or agree with us we brand them bigots! We need o be accepting of other people with whatever foibles there are that ar foreign to our own! PEACE starts with us all,not makeovers to the way we believe! ACCEPTANCE is the key! Embrace it!
2:00 pm edt 

Hatch and Del Franco on the Beacon

Big surprise....nearly every day I lived there, for five LONG  years, I got that crap from somebody every time I opened my mouth -- on the street, online, didn't matter.  They hate straights in general, they hate straight women in particular. That's why I don't LIVE there anymore!!! If Jimmy Hurd is smart, he'll do what I was too much of a lady to do --                                                          .

"Hatch was stating this to Mr. Hurd because Hatch and Del Franco were spewing straight hating speech to Mr. Hurd who was stating his opinion on firearms and other topics which the two didn't agree with.
      I have a screen shot of it but could not find a way to post it here. In this does not even come close to worst that these two FinCom members have stated on the Beacon and other social media sites. "
1:58 pm edt 

Bike Stores - Names Matter

This Really Amazes Me

For several years this town has had a bike store next to the old community center called "Ptown Bike Store"...

This summer, another bike store opened up several blocks away called "Provincetown Bike Store"...

How in the world was this allowed ? I already heard, the two bike stores are getting each others customers and mail. When someone calls 4-1-1 it must be confusing and if one or the other needs Police-or-Fire, going to the wrong one could be potentially dangerous.

Who's responsible for this, I'm not sure but I do know the new bike store needs to change their name. Town Hall, I gotta say you screwed this one up and the Ptown Bike Store is owed an apology and maybe compensation for loss of business.
1:54 pm edt 

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