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Update of Nomination Papers Requested/Returned As of 1/29/16  
Last Day to Obtain Nomination Papers is Thursday, March 10th by 5:00 pm 
Last Day to submit Nomination Papers for Certification is Tuesday, March 15th by 5:00 pm 
Beneath each office is listed those individuals who have taken out nomination papers to run for that office, and the date they returned papers with at least 20 qualified voters of the Town, if applicable.   
Board of Selectmen: Two positions for a three-year term beginning May 4, 2016 to May 7, 2019
Vincent G. Breglia, Thomas Neal Donegan, Gordon J. Siegel, Louise A. Venden 
School Committee: Two positions for a three-year term beginning May 4, 2016 to May 7, 2019
Anthony Mark Brackett Nomination papers returned on 1/25/16 
Board of Library Trustees: One position for a three-year term beginning May 4, 2016 to May 7, 2019.  
One position for a two-year term beginning May 4, 2016 to May 1, 2018. 
Charter Enforcement Commission: One position for a three-year term beginning May 4, 2016 to May 7, 2019.  
One position for a one-year term beginning May 4, 2016 to May 2, 2017.   
For additional information please contact Town Clerk Doug Johnstone at 508.487.7013 or .

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David Panagore Weather Report 

February 12 at 4:14pm
- Weather Alert –

A low system, expected to pass to our South, has been tracking slightly North and may kick up some Ocean effect snow squalls in the overnight hours tonight. There is a potential for the squalls to drop 2-6 inches of snow that MAY REQUIRE A PARKING BAN to be put into effect very early Saturday morning. It is advised that residents park in a Municipal Parking lot this evening to ensure they comply with the Parking Ban if and when it go into effect. It is unlikely that any cars would be towed in the overnight hours and Police will try and track down the owners to move their vehicles. As its not the most pleasant experience to leave the comfort of a warm bed to move a frigid vehicle at any hour, we advise you remain safe and snug and plan ahead.



Friday, February 12, 2016

Town Talk Blog


Town manager censors what gets posted/asked on Town Talk? whats up with this guy?

7:13 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Pier Corporation


Having just sat through the amazing meeting via PTV between the Pier Corp. and the Selectmen that happened last month (I know this is old news, but I just had to chime in), I can only say to Mr. Anthony: your Dr. called, you need to decrease your meds! What has Selectmen Anthony been doing for the past few months, sleeping?? Even I can recall their earlier meeting when the whole rent issue was discussed! Anthony and Donegan both did a good job of playing dumb during this current meeting and Anthony even went so far as to go off on the Pier Corp., yelling at them! How unprofessional! It was as if this subject had never come up! They were even surprised that a few fishermen were at the meeting! I heard Donegan say something about how the fishermen had been "spun up? Does that mean that he was threatened by their appearance there? Mr. Gribben was the only fisherman that spoke and he did a good job of explaining their position. He spoke of an earlier agreement that the!
  Selectmen signed agreeing to reduce their dockage rates. So why does that reduction fall on the Pier Corp?

I thought that the Pier Corp. chairman made his points during the meeting quite eloquently and very concisely. It seems that Selectmen Andrews and Richter were the only ones paying attention all along since they were willing to vote to allow the Pier Corp. to stop paying rent. Only Donegan and Anthony had concerns which resulted in their Board delaying a vote in favor of yet another meeting with the Pier board! How many meetings will this subject take? It makes me wonder if any other Town owned properties have to pay rent. Perhaps the DPW and Library should receive rent bills for their buildings! Amazing! If the Pier Corp. is charged with maintaining the Pier, why does the Town require them to pay rent? A Pier Corp. member even asked that very question to the Selectmen during their meeting! I don't think he received an answer! Another Pier Corp. member accused Selectman Anthony of "hating" the Pier Corp. to which Anthony replied that he "strongly disliked" the Pier Corp.! Hu!

The Pier looks great! It's a hub of activity in the summer and thousands and thousands of people cross that pier daily during the season.  The Harbormasters handle the traffic and pedestrian volumes quite well. The staff there is friendly and knowledgeable. Harbormaster Rex McKinsey is well-liked and certainly shows that he cares about the tenants there. The Pier Corp. worked to acquire millions of dollars from FEMA to make repairs to the pier that resulted from the severe storms they suffered in the last few years. Does anyone remember that story in the local paper? I see a volunteer board that works very hard and seems to be passionate about the pier and the tenants. They seem to get little support from some of the Selectmen who expect them do the job and then hamstring them with a rent requirement! That just doesn't make any sense to me!

I'm well into my 70's now and I can still remember the previous pier that was in such a state of disrepair that it had to be replaced! At that time, it was run by the town. Should we go back in that direction? Perhaps you Selectmen could do a better job? Many of my close friends are fishermen and we often speak. They seem quite pleased with the way things are going at the pier. If the Pier Corp. is forced to pay rent and maintain the pier, somethings going to have to give. It sounds to this voter that this means higher rates to the fishermen.  Let the Pier Corp. do its job and stop charging them rent to do it! Rent was a silly idea from the beginning and dates back to Keith Bergman! It's the Town's pier; the Town should be responsible for the costs it incurred to build it, not the Pier Corp.

In closing, I'm thrilled that Cabral's Pier is under private ownership. I see only good things ahead

1:49 pm est 

Gardner and Town Planner - The Problem


As acting town manager Gardner let the Town planner get out of control and did nothing to stop her.  While 365 has its merits Gardner should not have let the town planner go off and start her own little group effectively bypassing all other governing bodies in town.

11:20 am est 

Clear Problem


So most of us agree we haven't elected leaders to lead.  When there is a lack of elected leaders who steps up?  In most towns that is going to be the town manager.  Having an out of town stranger who most of us know little about lead us is problematic.

11:18 am est 

Re: Duarte's Entertainment Venue - Good Job Town Manager


The Town of Provincetown needs to reevaluate how it handles local business. The Riley's want to better their property. They have added  about a 100 parking spaces and now look to use an empty building to add an entertainment venue bringing in more jobs, tax revenue. The ZBA delays the entertainment venue from probably opening on time and the town is also probably going to screw with much needed parking when all is said and done. Good job Town Manager, way to get your first summer off with a bang.

11:15 am est 

Do We or Do We Not Have a Town Planner?


Does anyone know whether she is here or not here? On an extended no-show without calling it such. This is          --or am I too close to the bone!

1:15 am est 

Re: Zoning Board Delay vs Duarte's Entertainment Venue


"Town Planner Giving Bad Advice to Boards"  

So where is the town planner?

One day she shows up only on Thursday and then she is gone. Seems something is up and she is not doing the job she was hired to do. so what do you do with an employee who is not performing as she should? The answer is not complicated.

1:11 am est 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Re: Zoning Board Delay vs Duarte's Entertainment Venue


"Town Planner Giving Bad Advice to Boards" 

Is there evidence of this statement, "She seems to be adversely affecting so many business plans in this town, more and more as time goes by." The majority of post here, evidence someone with vendetta not facts. Thanks for the input but doesn't answer the questions.

11:29 pm est 

Re: Zoning Board Delay vs Duarte's Entertainment Venue


"Town Planner Giving Bad Advice to Boards"

New Theater Studies

Gloria the town planner needs to hold all new businesses at the same level, if she demanded new sidewalks, traffic studies and drainage studies at the New Businesses on Shank Painter Road then it should be the same throughout town. Those reports cost the new businesses thousands of dollars...for nothing    Whats good for Goose is good for the Gander!

11:27 pm est 

Re: Zoning Board Delay vs Duarte's Entertainment Venue

Regardless of whether or not the bylaws allow the operation, the only question before the ZBA (remember, they're asking for relief from zoning) is whether or not the project will be a detriment to the neighborhood.
11:25 pm est 

Re: Zoning Board Delay vs Duarte's Entertainment Venue


"Town Planner Giving Bad Advice to Boards" 

I'm sure if the zoning board had NOT scrutinized the theatre there would have been an equal amount of voices blaming Gloria for not doing her job. Give the woman a break!

11:23 pm est 

Re: 365 Group - Local Comprensive Plan Committee


"Town Planner Giving Bad Advice to Boards"

"Just a question, no need to trash the planner further" 


Of course the Town Planner needs to be addressed. She seems to be adversely affecting so many business plans in this town, more and more as time goes by. She was hired to help Provincetown plan for it's future, where is this plan. When will the Town Manager take this person aside and let her know that concerns continue to arise about her performance.

7:22 pm est 

Re: 365 Group - Local Comprensive Plan Committee


"Town Planner Giving Bad Advice to Boards"

Just a question, no need to trash the planner further, but how many people in the 365 group rent?  How many have lived in Provincetown for more than ten years? How many don't own a business? Same questions could be directed to the local comprensive plan committee.

7:00 pm est 

Re: Zoning Board Delay vs Duarte's Entertainment Venue


"Town Planner Giving Bad Advice to Boards" 

Forcing Riley's to do a Development Impact Plan

and who else has been asked to do this? It's just a theater and what is the problem? It has 300 parking spaces and there has been major commotion for years with cars coming and going. Now the neighbors are shocked, shocked. they are afraid of noise!!

I smell a rat and I think I know who is behind the difficulties being hurled at the owner. Let's hope our town manager has the guts to do something constructive on a staff gone awry.

5:05 pm est 

Re: Zoning Board Delay vs Duarte's Entertainment Venue


"Town Planner Giving Bad Advice to Boards" 


If Gloria McPherson is Involved in the Delay on Duarte's then she should b e reprimanded. She has tried to undermine certain businesses and her advice is delay, delay, delay. she has even brought cases before Zoning that should have only been in front of Licensing. and that caused undue delay and legal bills and business problems.

We should be supportive of businesses and not place hindrances in front of them.

Seems this town planner should go.

5:02 pm est 

Re: Zoning Board Delay vs Duarte's Entertainment Venue
"Town Planner Giving Bad Advice to Boards"
Didn't she give Sal's restaurant a hard time when they went before Zoning.
It seemed that she and Peter Paige were really  quite obviously against the
opening of  the restaurant by new ownership.
What gives with her? 
1:30 pm est 

Re: Zoning Board Delay vs Duarte's Entertainment Venue


Town Planner Giving Bad Advice to Boards

I think this Town Planner is giving really bad advice to boards. She screwed with Michael Shay's, angered so many people on Shank Painter and now turns her malice towards Duarte's. Time to step in Town Manager, not everything is a sound bite on the radio.

1:26 pm est 

Re: Zoning Board Delay vs Duarte's Entertainment Venue


The Delay of Duarte's By Zoning Does Impact the business

People need to work towards the new venture they are envisioning. It is not a matter of neighbors who don't want noise--but whether the by laws allow this. And they do. Zoning is acting quite questionable and this is not the only case they are delaying and delaying. No, stupid they are not. Bought perhaps. Sad to say, but some of their recent behavior needs legal scrutiny--not to mention back room deals to delay.

12:49 pm est 

Re: Zoning Board Delay vs Duarte's Entertainment Venue

They want an impact study, give them one! When the study comes back as a pure positive for the property, the area and the town, the board has to believe it because THEY aren't having a negative impact study done by anyone professional are they? How can they question the income it will bring and the upgrading of the property and area? Give them what they want.

Be careful of what you ask for!  :)Re: Zoning Board Delay vs Duarte's Entertainment Venue

12:48 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library Moby-Dick Marathon Reading


Provincetown will join New Bedford MA, Mystic CT, and New York City in celebrating its rich whaling heritage by hosting the first annual Provincetown Public Library Moby-Dick Marathon Reading in April 2016.  The Marathon will be the latest entry in a series of new annual events created by the Board of Library Trustees focused on expanding Provincetown’s involvement in national literary, art, and academic communities.  The three-day marathon-style reading of this nineteenth century masterpiece will be held in the Provincetown Library Marc Jacobs Reading Room, and officially begins at 2:00 pm on Friday, April 22.

12:00 pm est 

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