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  Mark Silva: A Rich Goodby

The church was packed. There was even a long line to enter St. Peter's. There were people sitting along the side pews. All the pews were filled.

We were there to attest to your legacy, to what you gave to this town and to all of us. You brought the energy for the Portuguese Festival and revived it. You brought the energy for the Regatta and revived this wonderful celebration. You gave of yourself, of your time and of your vision.

The town was there to bid you farewell and to thank you for everything that you have done for us. And you did it with humor, joy and a sense of much celebration. You knew how to throw a party and taught the town to do it too!

You were unique and you will be missed. But you would not leave without our thanks and without a party at the Red Inn. We were there with tears and we were there with much laughter and gratefulness for you.

Adieu, Mark! May the angels carry you on holy wings into eternal peace and celebration!


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thank You Michael for Everything You Have Done

Michael gave his all. He has been a most dedicated town hall employee. He worked so hard to maintain the grounds and he did excellent work. He is a sweet and kind man and I will miss his presence. He was a pleasure to talk with and I enjoyed his conversations.

I wish Michael the best in his retirement but I want him to know that he will be missed by many of us.

12:54 pm est 

To the Rat

The traps are still set!!
12:53 pm est 

Harbor Hill et Donegan and Truth

Tom Donnegan said that he wants to convert some of the two bedrooms to one bedrooms at Harbor Hill.

This statement demonstrates how inept and incompetent he is.

The lot size does not allow the creation of a single additional dwelling unit per our zoning bylaws.

Let's not forget the current 1980's septic system cannot be tested until after closing, a requirement of the bankruptcy court to sell the property "as is."

Should it fail and be allowed to hook up to the sewer under "affordable housing" gallonage allotment, the sewer betterment and sewer user fee will need to be added to the rental fee, all of which will make the units even less affordable than currently projected.

Stay tuned for this and additional renovation surprises.

Town voters may return Harbor Hill to private ownership sooner than later.

12:51 pm est 

Tiny Houses

"Yes, let's buy tiny houses and build a multilevel underground parking garage and do this and that and the other...."

You know how you're all worried about Provincetown becoming an enclave of the rich?  Spend that kind of money, raise taxes and you'll pretty much guarantee that only the rich can afford it here.  Meanwhile, all of the folks just hanging on by a thread will be forced to move.  Smart.  Not.
12:47 pm est 

Connecting the Dots

Perhaps a monorail should be installed going from Harbor Hill to Creative Commons to the Canteen.
12:46 pm est 

What's Next

Gloria wasn't beaten up, just called out for what she is. A failure
Thanks for nothing

12:44 pm est 


"Try to get your wee minds to comprehend what I said." 

?? that you have 6 cats?
12:42 pm est 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tiny Houses

Can't wait to see what the town officials do with this one.
7:13 pm est 

Tiny houses

People on Town Talk think the BOS and the TM are going to eat up the tiny house idea like candy.  Fraid Not. 
They will talk about it and talk about it and then pay the lawyers thousands more to force us into Harbor Hill.
Someone asked Panagore about a parking garage and he talked about building and selling it.  I think he should be a REALTOR not the Town Manager.
So, no to the houses, yes to his friends.

And Myra, of course your  friend wasn't admitted to Town Talk- she's a woman and Panagore is as Misogynistic as TRUMP.  A woman hater at his core.
7:11 pm est 

What's Next

What wil this blog talk about now that Gloria is gone. Any other women you want to beat up?
7:10 pm est 

Town Manager - Panagore


Can I add a person to the list of inappropriate people that need training on sexual harassment and how to treat people, please send the TOWN MANAGER.

Day after day, week after week, I watch and hear him yell at everyone around him.  Demeaning those that give their time to this Town.   He goes from hot to cold and changes his mind a lot.  He wants to keep you on edge all the time. I would quit but I like the Town, need the money, and the people.  I pray he leaves and I wish we had a human resource office or someone that was in charge and fair.  I watch the National News and hope that we will have our weinstein outing of this p**.  In the meantime, Stop harassing your employees!


7:07 pm est 

Monument Ride

To a point in the Banner article this week, we already have a Town Green, it's the Bas Relief park, which is going to be redone at considerable expense, thank you very much, .

The tram adds nothing and will sit dormant 8 months of the year and just junk up the park.

If the monument wants to mess up something let him do it on the campground that the quoted person just bought, which should have been put under conservation commission prevue.

Another boondoggle, like Harbor Hill and the Community Center, will the Town never learn!  Spend spend spend and add nothing!
7:05 pm est 


"So that misogynists can take back the town!"
Take back the town? They never left. More just keep coming. Provincetown is, and it's such a bore.  And nope, I don't live here anymore. Bye!
7:02 pm est 

Re: Canteen

The Canteen did get Chapter 91 approval for its seats. Learn what you're talking about before publishing inaccurate, malicious and defamatory comments.
7:00 pm est 

Harbor Hill and BOS

I think the year round rental board is realizing next to no one qualifies for Harbor Hill rentals. Lets be grateful that Panagore , Donegan and the rest of the board assured us that they have an exit strategy that we can count on so as not to become a problem for taxpayers.
6:59 pm est 

Harbor Hill and BOS

I fear the previous writer may be correct.  I can't think of any teacher, police officer or town hall employee who would want to live in the Harbor Hill dormitory.  The people who might be able to afford it won't want to live there.  And for the people who need housing it will be out of their reach.  It's unfortunate that this wasn't thought out before it was sold to residents and town officials weren't honest with us.
6:58 pm est 

Board of Selectmen

How disconnected are they?
It is clear that they only want to help themselves. They cant stop patting themselves on the back for this great purchase. A once in a lifetime opportunity. A one and done. We heard that and much more from our elected leaders. A year later just like the VFW. Empty. Ugh. I was taken with the fact that there is already a sell!plan on paper for harbor hill, the chair stated the specifics are confidential. The taxpayers will pay for this for years to come. The Manor in the making. At least the community center is in the hands of the FINCOM chair and not used like the Town Manager advocated in his housing playbook referenced by Anderson. I guess they are happy.
6:55 pm est 


I see the sh*tstorm of stupidity, misogyny and hatefulness toward the poorer members of the community continues unabated. It will be a fine day when the rising seas swallow the toxic waste dump that Provincetown has become. Good luck, Gloria, as your departure is proof that leaving Pee Town is "moving on up"!
6:53 pm est 

Mark Silva

My sincere thanks for your touching tribute to Mark Silva. It was so disappointing to note that The Banner, our so-called local newspaper, didn't have the perspicacity to afford Mark the coverage his death merited. It would have  been more than appropriate to have had both Mark Silva and Dr. Wilsa Ryder sharing the front page of The Banner since they both contributed so mightily in the life of Provincetown. It becomes more and more obvious to me at least that The Banner doesn't hae a clue.
Again my sincere thanks.
Mary-Jo Avellar
6:52 pm est 

Panagore et Hatch


The Town Manager should read the writing on the wall, take a page from Harvey Weinsteins playbook and not seek a contract renewal, he and Mark can fade in to the sunset and go ruin Palm Springs or some other resort community with their arrogance and ineptitude.

This will not end well!

6:49 pm est 

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