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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Oh No!

Nooooooooooooo! Please do not elect Mark Hatch to BOS he is such a blow hard. Could you imagine Andrews and Hatch lecturing us all , together. Noooooooooo!
7:12 pm est 

2 Problems Solved...

Let's put all those illegals at the CVS
7:09 pm est 

Worried About ICE?

Geez people there's still a rule of law.
Ranting about all the ILLEGALS in Ptown...How about worrying about the LEGAL residents getting priced out every day!
The real enemy isn't ICE...IT's the TM and the BOS for their FAILURE to do anything.  Anything but give the Community Center to HATCH.
HATCH for Selectman?  Make Provincetown Great Again!
7:08 pm est 

Town Fear

I'm Afraid the Ptown Inn Pool is closing!
I'm afraid ICE is Coming!
7:07 pm est 

Housing Authority's New Hire

A seashore point worker who pushed an elder.
7:06 pm est 

Funicular Project


I am totally astounded by invitation to the public in the January 25 Banner to attend the "Development of Community Interest Public Forum on the Funicular Project Co-Sponsored by the Town of Provincetown & PMPM" on Saturday, January 27 from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. in Fishermen's Hall at the School at 12 Winslow Street.

In an accompanying article in the Banner, it is stated that the Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, Board of Selectmen, Conservation Commission and Historic District Commission "WILL ATTEND."

This appearance of collusion between the Chairman of the Board Selectmen, Dr. Andrews, and Paul DeReuyter, a leading proponent of the funicular project and trustee at PMPM, should cease immediately.

The Board of Selectmen are sending a signal to the community, the regulatory boards which must render judgment on the project and the town manager that it supports the project.

If the Chairman of the Board of the Selectmen is going to use the pretense of 2020 planning and impact on the Bas Relief project for its current involvement, then she should stop her deceitful and manipulative behavior.

Good friends don't necessarily result in good projects for the community.

If the Chairman doesn't cease and desist in this collusion or her bias to a preconceived outcome, then an ethics complaint should be filed against her.

Why wasn't the meeting held at Town Hall is if was co-sponsored by the Board of Selectmen?

PMPM is not held in high regard in the community so it was not politically advantageous for PMPM to host the new "Development of Community Interest" which terminology comes close to Zoning Bylaws terminology.

The Board of Selectmen punted on hosting the meeting because PMPM is a private non profit organization for which the Board of Selectmen would be using public facilities and resources illegally.

So Fisherman's Hall by default?

Did both co-sponsors pay for the use of the facility and custodial staff in accordance with School Department policy?

Did PMPM not have to pay because they are a such a good neighbor?

Will the School Department open Fishermen's Hall on a gratis basis to other non profits?

Why weren't the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board invited to the meeting, key regulatory boards?

Oversight or did Dr. Andrews determine their presence might appear as too much legal and ethical collusion?

Why wasn't the Town of Provincetown's Beautification Committee not invited to the meeting?

Maybe its members might think differently of the project?

This project needs intense scrutiny by the community.

The fledgling Provincetown 2020 Celebration will come and go. There is no urgency to undertake this project.

All reasonable alternatives should be considered and vetted thoroughly for cost/benefit/adverse impact before the community is convinced that scarring and denuding the last historic pristine landscape in Provincetown is the best viable solution for the community, let alone PMPM.

This is the discussion the Board of Selectmen should be initiating with the Board of Directors of PMPM before it envions takes a ride on the Selectmen-PMPM Fumicular.

Last Sentence should be: 

This is the discussion which the Board of Selectmen, led by its Chairman, should initiate with the PMPM Board of Directors before any further effort is expended.

The community deserves better than collusion.

7:01 pm est 

Eric Yingling

How can anyone with 1/2 a brain object to any of the negative comments posted about Yingling (Dingaling)? He is the most inarticulate elected official ever, a disaster from day one.

6:56 pm est 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Why Pay Full Price For Half a Loaf?

If you vote a pompous ass into office, one that has waaaay too close of a relationship with the Town Manager then you get the government you deserve
7:37 pm est 

An Observation

Looks like someone is off his meds.
7:34 pm est 

Pubic Officials

If that was true statement was, 2/3 of the town would have to run for your lives right now......but don't worry, the way the US is going, it'll happen soon enough.

"This is DEMOCRACY in action, you don't like that?  Move to Russia, Provincetown is already becoming too much like that!"
7:32 pm est 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Pubic Officials
"This is DEMOCRACY in action, you don't like that?  Move to Russia,Provincetown is already becoming too much like that!"
If that was true statement was, 2/3 of the town would have to run for your lives right now......but don't worry, the way the US is going, it'll happen soon enough.

9:16 pm est 

BoS Hats in the Ring
So far Mark Hatch and Lise King have pulled papers for the selectman race. Is anyone else planning to run 
11:03 pm est 

Sorry Kids!

The Town Officials have sold us down the river, just like everything before, they get theirs, will retire to Florida and the town will be the worse for wear!
11:01 pm est 

Soup Delivery

11:00 pm est 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My Wish


I never thought I would say it, she was duplitous but not abusive.
10:59 pm est 


MS. CABRAL WOULD BE Great, she could give them a run for the Money..................Capt. Schooner indeed, trys to suppress and discourage free speech.

Too much self interest and lack of transparency in this town and the country in general.
10:58 pm est 

Pubic Officials

Should be prepared to be publically savaged, especially if their decisions are based on self interest and bad judgement, that the rules of the game.

Just like our President, the minute you step in to the public arena you are fair game.

Don't like that?  Then don't run for office, or get appointed.

This is DEMOCRACY in action, you don't like that?  Move to Russia, Provincetown is already becoming too much like that!

Thanks, for the public forum, MAKE PROVINCETOWN GREAT AGAIN
10:56 pm est 

Oh Well Sounds Like Town Hall Posting

Funny, when I criticized anything, I was villified, but everyone should be subjected to your non-constructive whining? I never said no one should criticize; my complaint is with the INCESSANT, broken-record pissing and moaning that does noting but add more venom to the level of incivility already rampant in this pitiful, soon-to-be underwater burg.  Finally, let's be honest, SONNY -- you bitch about guys in power because you're jealous of their power, and you bitch about females with power because they're women, you're still jealous of their power, and you hate women who won't kiss your tushie or cater to your whims.

"Yes, all is great and wonderful should criticize the disaster that Eric Yingling has been. and no one should say anything nasty about Panagore. and we should all smile and love the mess that exists. Here's to happiness. You are nothing but a front and maybe even sending Gloria kisses from here."

You are more than suspect, kid.
10:53 pm est 

Grace Gouveia

After they were done developing the condos at the Grace Gouveia Building the developers sold the "extra " parking spaces for $25,000 each..........why didn't the town think of THAT before selling the property!
10:45 pm est 

Re: BoS Candidate

"Jennifer Cabral should be on the BOS."

And Wayne Martin too! Every dog has his day and this timing would be perfect. Start early Wayne and get the support!
6:24 pm est 

BoS Candidate

Jennifer Cabral should be on the BOS.
11:22 pm est 

Dunkin Donuts Coming to Tedeschi's

If it is true that Dunkin Donuts is coming to Tedeschi's, then we need an Honest Explanation from our Board of Selectmen on the  current  validity of our box store bylaw.

This is total insanity on the part of our BOS to pretend that the status quo is valid while the community gets screwed with the BOS double talk and deception on the maintaining the bylaw

Their transparency with the community is a joke, thanks  to Captain Schooner controlling the agenda

11:20 pm est 

Town Planner

VWhy do we need a town Planner???

We just, thank God, got rid of a terrible one. why do we need another one? Let David Gardner be our town planner. The last thing we need is another Gloria McPherson. Yikes!!

Look at the Banner and see that the town is looking for a town planner. this is just nuts!
11:09 pm est 

Oh Well Sounds Like Town Hall Posting

Yes, all is great and wonderful and no one should criticize the disaster that Eric Yingling has been. and no one should say anything nasty about Panagore. and we should all smile and love the mess that exists. Here's to happiness. You are nothing but a front and maybe even sending Gloria kisses from here.

You are more than suspect, kid.
11:07 pm est 

Personal Attacks on Yingling and Panagore

No one is attacking them personally.  Just their policy and their decisions.
Big difference.
11:05 pm est 

Parking Spaces

Just Look at Greg Connors Purchase of a parking space in the last few weeks

The spaces across from 101 commercial Street. And what did he pay? $149,000--that is the going rate. It is public. Look at the Banner. Others are asking residents to sell their spaces and the monies they are offering are $125,000 and they are getting a percentage of the sale.

Wake up, Harry. that is the going rate.

and look at the many spaces that the town gave up in selling the Grace Goveia building for $800,000. they lost the building and they lost ten spaces. another bright, innovative move by our town officials.

In truth, just rather stupid.
11:03 pm est 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The TM said directly to me on messenger when he didnt like what I had to say about Yingling that 1st amendment rights do not apply or come into play when posting on Facebook. After which he block me from commenting for a period of time.
10:11 pm est 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

And On, and On, and On...

January 20th, and the new postings are all the same old crybabying...personal attacks on Yingling and Panagore and any other Town officials you don't like, bitching about one lousy CVS and 11 parking spaces, whine, whine, moan...Must be nice to have all that time to sit on your asses and bitch because the town doesn't cater to your whims.  Pathetic.  All this worry about the "character" of the town?  This town hasn't had much of that in 20 years..GET A LIFE.
11:12 am est 

Good Job BOS

So CVS in the Riley's Building and now a Dunkin Donuts in the Tedeschi's Building, that's what I'm talking about Folks. Let's get this town humming in the winter. Good job BOS.

11:10 am est 

Panagore You Nailed it!

Your empty promises and bloviating about your success make you look more foolish than TRUMP. 
And that takes a lot! 
11:08 am est 

Yingling Proud of Town Planner

Yinlging is taking CREDIT for hiring Gloria, his ex girlfriend. She did NOTHING for the LCP and as for helping fix our zoning....Ask 350 Bradford, Sals, and of course many others who have felt her "help."
11:06 am est 

Re: Yingling Proud of Town Planner

"Yingling Proud of Town Planner"
Could be worse. I understand the planner in Truro has her degree in biology. and she's a planner .....?
11:04 am est 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

George's Pizza

To the poster who wrote about Georges Pizza, I agree 100%!
9:47 pm est 

Paper Tiger?

The Board of Selectmen owe the community an explanation on how the current box store bylaw remains valid per town manager's comments.

The only concessions I can see that CVS made were limited signage, which they've done many times before, and limiting their brand product sale to no greater than 50%, which is really no concession of you've been in CVS stores.

The BOS need to inform the community, and more importantly the ZBA and Planning Board in order to reduce future litigation expense, the allowable parameters of the bylaw.

Is it really a paper tiger bylaw?
9:46 pm est 



The people will not revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what's happening. Orwell didn't have a crystal ball, what he did have was an understanding of the human condition and its weakness. Apathy.

9:45 pm est 

Need for Proper Oversight

Why has the PBG not provided year-end financial statements for their fiscal year that ended September 30, 2017?

They claim to have ended the year in the black, but offer no back up.  (What about the folks who paid to sponsor the vacation guide that never materialized?)

The VSB should be paying attention and requesting an accounting of town funds now.
9:43 pm est 

Re: It Doesn't Compute

One more thing!

.............and don't forget 11 parking spots gone!

Geesh, who is the town for anyway, give people a reason to stay and get something from it, not be a total sell out to the tourists!
9:38 pm est 

Anger Management

Seems the retreat the Town Manager was sent to didn't do much good, nice try Selectmen, add this to the lack of preparedness for the flooding, the CVS and personnel quitting all the got some 'splaining to do!

9:37 pm est 

To: Town Manager
"Dear Mr. Panagore,I just read you turned comments off on another post on Town Talk. Worse, calling Citizen conversation a 'side show' is insulting at best to those in the conversation."
It's actually worse than this. He's blatantly picking sides and now he's also lying to people. That post about CVS? The woman in question is NOT who her name is on Facebook. She might be a real human, but she was seriously misrepresenting herself. The fact that it's not her real name (it's a shortened version) is, in fact, violating Facebook rules.
She also is NOT from Provincetown, but lives on Harry Kemp in affordable housing and is from East Falmouth, again, NOT from Provincetown. She won a lottery, she didn't "spend some time up Cape" because that was where she lived until she got the slot. Did he mention any of this? No, he just picked sides. Don't we have enough people not from Town telling us all what to do, including second homeowners?
Now we have the Town Manager running a town-sponsored page shutting down threads and telling actual residents and property owners what they can and cannot say? How is this legal? We couldn't pass a noise ordinance because it violated f! ree speech. How is Town Talk not violating free speech when it's run by the town manager in a very forward town sponsored way? Can someone answer this question?????
9:35 pm est 

Parking Space Market Rate

I am not convinced the market rate for a parking space is $150,000.  Show me the comparable sales.  I would estimate the market rate is more in a range of $40,000 to $50,000.
9:31 pm est 

Yingling Hurts Arm Patting Himself on the Back

Remember your BOS meeting?
Adoption of Annual Town-wide Policy Goals for FY 2016
The Provincetown Board of Selectmen held a Public Hearing on Monday, July 27, 2015, at 6 p.m. in the Judge Welsh Room, 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA, and then and there voted to adopt the following Town-wide policy goals for Fiscal Year 2016:

46 Bradford Street [former Community Center]: issue Request for Proposal; review
submitted proposals; select qualified developer to facilitate the development of year-round community rental housing. Creates estimated 10-15 new units.

Goal Missed. 

9:29 pm est 

Yingling Proud of Town Planner

In case you missed it, Yingling patted himself on the back for the foresight to hire Gloria.  Never mind that they were dating at the time, but don't forget the single purpose she was hired: TO REWRITE THE LCP.

Town officials have hired a new planner from the city of Concord, N.H.

PROVINCETOWN  Town officials have hired a new planner from the city of Concord, N.H.

Gloria McPherson will begin work as Provincetowns town planner Oct. 15. Officials hired a planner, a new position, to make sure the updating of the Local Comprehensive Plan goes smoothly, Provincetown Assistant Town Manager David Gardner said. The plan is meant to serve as a guideline for setting policies and objectives for the town.

McPherson, who has been Concords city planner for two years, will learn around $65,000 in Provincetown, Gardner said.  ~K.C. MYERS

NO LCP and a trail of litigation behind her, Gloria is gone.  GREAT JOB SELECTMAN YINGLING!
9:26 pm est 

Yingling for BoS

Thank you for hiring Gloria! Your Vision for the Town is awesome and she did a great job the LCP!  I hope you date someone else as good as her.

And a BIGGER THANK YOU for giving away the Community Center.  We don't need that tired old building.

Let me know if you need help moving into Harbor Hill!


your friend in Truro.
9:25 pm est 

Pot vs Kettle

According to the Oxford English Dictionary:
1A check of the spelling in a text using a spellchecker.
as modifier a spellcheck program
Pronunciation: spellcheck/ˈspɛltʃɛk/ A spellchecker.
Check the spelling in (a text) using a spellchecker.
the text shows signs of having been spellchecked but not proofread.

9:21 pm est 

Town Talk

Maybe our TM should have an OPEN House chat for the common folks who live here and call this our HOME, maybe at the Canteen, he spends most of his time there anyway! It's all smoke and mirrors with this guy!
9:19 pm est 

It Doesn't Compute

Outrageous that parking spaces were taken away for a bike lane. The probability of the bike lane being used is next to zero. Most of them love flying down Commercial Street terrifying tourists.

Can't believe the head meter maid at town hall would have not done something to influence the committee and the BOS.

Very sad this town is so poorly managed.

9:18 pm est 

It Doesn't Compute

Taking eleven spaces for a bicycle lane is insane! There's so limited parking as it is! It's not too late to reverse the mistake! The Bd. of Selectmen should do just that! people always rode bikes around here's one in & out of traffic! No reason why that should change! We are all on a risk,whether we're walking,driving a car,walking our pets,or bicycling! Don't be select in judging who gets special preference!
9:16 pm est 

It Doesn't Compute

"11 parking spots gone. What are residents to do?"
Park in the municipal lots...
9:14 pm est 

Harbor HIll

Since Panagore is too busy to mansplain an update to LS, he chooses to put her off again.
9:12 pm est 

What a Bunch of Utter DRIPS

Jee-zus, can't you creatures do ANYTHING but piss and moan?  Whine and complain and DO NOTHING to be part of a solution!  What a bunch of utter DRIPS.
8:02 pm est 

Monday, January 15, 2018

It Doesn't Compute

11 parking spots gone. What are residents to do?

This is foolish and so unfair to residents. 11 parking spots is significant and to lose these makes no sense.

What should residents do? Purchase parking spaces? the present market rate for parking spots is $150,000. Should residents now look to purchase their own since the town has abandoned them?

And given the market rate for parking spots, losing 11 parking spots for bicycles is giving bicyclists a gift of $1,650,000! That is what these spaces would go for on the open market.
Once again, a most "stupid" decision by the BOS under the influence of the so-call bicycle committee.
11:33 am est 

To: Town Manager

Dear Mr. Panagore,
I just read you turned comments off on another post on Town Talk.  Worse, calling Citizen conversation a "side show" is insulting at best to those in the conversation.   Residents trying to speak passionately about their beloved Town can not, but instead have their opinions silenced by you.  AGAIN.  Sorry to tell you but the reality is much worse than your "show." 

Unfortunately it's not a show.  It's our HOME.  For YOU it's a job.  For us it's not our job, it is our HOME.  Your flippant attitude towards some of our citizens and our problems is a disgrace.

Many have requested to speak with you on important issues, housing, zoning, etc., only to be ignored.  Instead, you chose to go for coffee with someone Hatch keeps hating on your site to placate her.  Is that really the biggest issue you need to address?

Perhaps the scarier part is that the BOS think you're the best.  Lie after lie.  It's a sad day for our Town.
11:31 am est 

Town Talk

Another town talk thread had the comments turned off. Seems Panagore cant keep the peace anymore than he can manage. Sad
11:29 am est 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bicycle Committee

I am more than over this bicycle committee

Really!! give up eleven parking spaces for bikes???Please, this is more than ridiculous. the bicycles have come and yet they have not replaced autos--but simply have added to the traffic.

I am for pedestrians and for cars. these bicycles are not so green but an added pressure on traffic.

Look, Gloria is finally gone and so let this Gloria-driven bicycle committee requests be gone too. Send them to New Bedford and see if they would be so stupid and ignorant to eliminate parking spots for bicycles.

What is wrong with the BOS? How could you think this was good? Of no benefit to most of us and disastrous for those who use these 11 parking spaces.
9:52 pm est 

Pot vs Kettle

"I have one word for you: SPELLCHECK."

And I have 2 words for you, dear sir. It's  SPELL CHECK.
9:19 pm est 

Where are the Town Administrators When We Need Them?

The town and town Administrators Need to Respond to the flooding Disaster

They are hardly doing what needs to be done. People are left with their tragic situations. Sorry, but calling Sarah Peake and Cyr is just not enough. and now MEMA will help public buildings but not private businesses or private homes.

Be pro-active. Get out there. Contact the people who are hurting. this is what true leadership involves.

For those without housing, due to the flooding and no heat, help them out now!
11:01 am est 

Yingling Gives Finger to theTown

The BOS removed 11 parking spaces because yingling said it would be a year round benefit to the Town.  A real F@@k you To all the homeowners told no way by the BOS to their request to remove a parking space.
10:57 am est 

Our Own Equivalences 
Panagore = Trump
Hatch = Bannon
Donegan = McConnell
Yingling = Ryan
Andrews = Collins
Vendon = Pelosi
Anthony = Moore

10:51 am est 

Panagore and Trump

Panagore and Trump.  2 of the same.
10:49 am est 

Panagore & Hatch

Once again Panagore cant control his pet Hatch.  He posted the rules again since misogynistic hatch cant stop demeaning women.  They are 2 sad sacks.  Total             
10:48 am est 

CVS and Case Law

The Board of Selectmen owe the community an explanation for the hasty settlement with CVS after CVS filed its lawsuit.

The landmark Cumberland Farms case was well known to the ZBA, the Board of Selectmen and CVS when the case was heard before ZBA.

Relevant case law is often cited in ZBA decision making as a fundamental basis for their decisions.

(1) Is our current box store unlawful in view of this case law?

(2) If so, why wasn't ZBA updated by town legal counsel prior to hearing the CVS application on the ramifications of the new case law on the town's box store bylaw?

It appears now that the ZBA process and denial of the application was a paper sham denial with the Town and CVS well aware that the Town didn't have a leg to stand on in court, particularly since Jamie Veara was the successful litigator for Cumberland Farms months ago and also representing CVS, and the solution was the a quick settlement to the lawsuit.

It seems the only condition that the town controlled with the settlement was minimal signage, essentially voiding the bylaw.

The losers in this case were the ZBA and the people of Provincetown, both of whom who fought the good fight, and were never apprised of the futility of the fight to be slaughtered.

Donnegan's double speak comments in the Cape Cod Times on Wednesday only confirmed the code of silence between the Board of Selectmen and town legal counsel, ultimately misleading ZBA and the towns folk.

The Board of Selectmen should have an open transparent discussion on this case for future process and trust building with their constituencies to solicit input from the public.
10:46 am est 


The Cape Cod Times, reporting that CVS will "kill the soul of the town", that was already dead and gone by 1980, and the rip off developers of late have already taken what is left and stomped on it, did the Stop and Shop "kill the soul of the town", TD Bank, Cumberland Farms?  You can be sure the Town Manager will            for the downpayment on a condo from this.

Get real, this aint paradise anymore!
10:44 am est 

We Need Housing

For 2 years, the TM wrote in the housing playbook how OUR community center could be used for housing. He even stated he WOULD NOT accept anything but housing at OUR community center. Yet, despite his words, he did the opposite. And despite the FACT that the BOS stated as their number ONE goal: Housing, they chose to do the opposite. They chose to give the housing asset (their words) to the Chair of FInCOM because it will create YEAR ROUND JOBS and be an "Economic Engine" (Their words again) for the Town. Seems like they disrupted a fine attempt at creating housing, instead giving the building to Hatch and friends. Not what the Town needs. We need Housing.
10:41 am est 

Historic District Commission


Historic District Commission Holds a Special Meeting to Deal with Emergency repairs and Renovations due to Flooding

3:30p.m. in the Judge Welsh Room on Wednesday January 10, 2018. If you need authorization for repairs or for renovations due to this storm, please come to meeting.

Tthe HDC is there for you and will do all we can to help get your repairs authorize and made easy.

If you have questions, we will try to answer your concerns and help you deal with any issues.

10:40 am est 

Seamens Bank

To whom it may concern:

Does a nose piercing change the employees job performance?  Seriously.....  Get real....
10:38 am est 

Town Charter

It's been approximately 25 years since a new Town Charter has been written to be voted on. I'm told one is now ready! There should be a hard copy available for the voters showing a comparison of where the changes are well before Town Meeting so there will be time to review it & not wait until the night of Town Meeting when handouts show up too late to read  before voting!
10:37 am est 

Re: Holiday Market


Maybe the high school could be turned into an indoor world mall complete with specialty foods produced by the cafeteria which would, of course, be leased to local food vendors.  At least there, there is plenty of parking.  The outdoors is overrated.  Too cold for anyone with health issues and many senior citizens. 
10:35 am est 

Re: Holiday Market

"you're just another troll pushing your anti-Canteen agenda."

Are you kidding me? "Anti Canteen agenda???" Sounds a lot like Trump's paranoid logic. Sure, man, the whole town is against your restaurant. They're all out to get you!

Fake News!!!
10:34 am est 

Seamens Bank

"What the hell is going with all the Seamens empluyees having nose piercing in there nose when you wait in them".

Wayne, you really need to proofread your posts.
10:32 am est 

Re: This Must Stop!

Driving on an expired license is what they call a "Discretionary arrestable offense", simply meaning it is left to the officers discretion if that particular incident is worthy of that action (as an example, over the last few years the Truro Police have arrested at least three individuals that did nothing more than unknowingly let their license's expire). So, if in fact the police were looking for any reason to address an individual/establishment (like the town I've mentioned in the example), the police were clearly in their legal boundaries to arrest that individual. The fact that not only did they not, but trying to work with the driver says to me that there is nothing to the story of harassment.
10:30 am est 

Canteen Holiday Fair

Yeah I gotta say the person who posted about having a fair in town hall was way out of line and frankly incorrect in describing the wares at the Canteen Holiday Fair as junk. There were some great craftsman there and I was one of them . The event brought the whole town together , and didn't cost tax payers a dime . Whoever wrote that should take a long deep look in the mirror. I'm really disappointed in that comment
10:28 am est 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Re: Holiday Market

"Yeee-ah...I guess we have different ideas about what "old world flavor" means. Apparently your includes freezing your ass off inn the backyard of a fish restaurant while munching on overpriced food and buying junk".

Obviously, you haven't been to the Market at Canteen otherwise you wouldn't be insulting all the local craftsmen, jewelers, artists, etc. who sit out in that freezing cold selling their beautiful items.  Nope, you're just another troll pushing your anti-Canteen agenda.  One last word:  SPELLCHECK.
12:19 am est 

Re:  Seamens Bank

"What the hell is going with all the Seamens empluyees having nose piercing in there nose when you wait in them".

I have one word for you: SPELLCHECK.
12:17 am est 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

No Longer Serves

Is there some other online source for information/conversation about Provincetown? This one has died out with long times between posts and the negative rantings of one or two people over and over again! I am out of town during much of the week and would really like to keep up with town, and this site no longer does that!!
9:43 pm est 

Re:  Can I get my deposit back, I'm allergic to mold!

Panagore shames the West End Inn by putting the picture of the Inn underwater as his cover photo on Town Talk.  Nice marketing tool.

Oh wait, he's the tool.
9:41 pm est 

Re: This Must Stop!

"To the poster who wrote about Georges Pizza, I agree 100%!"

Oh boy. You people responding should really find out firsthand what happened because this is actually hilarious you're so wrong. Yes, there was a stop. Yes he was going too fast for the road conditions. But his license was expired, so he was driving without a license. Furthermore, the officer let him use his tablet to try to renew online, but the card transaction was declined. Also, the officer could have towed the car and pulled in the driver but didn't. So once again leave it to the blogs to not track down the real story, but just publish a bunch of hearsay and half-stories, and the commenters just lap it up. I know it's winter, but find something productive to do.
9:40 pm est 

Seamens Bank

What the hell is going with all the Seamens empluyees having nose piercing in there nose when you wait in them
9:38 pm est 

The Passing of Richard Olson

If true, I am so saddened by Richard Olson's Death

He was such a part of this town. He was, clearly, an institution. I am so sad to know that he is now more and that he will no longer seat at many of our bars and many of our restaurants.

I just assumed that he would always be with us.

Sadness at his passing and at our loss.

9:28 pm est 

Re: Holiday Market

Holiday markets held at indoor venues have no appeal at all. Its like going to a second class yard sale inside. Outdoors is where seasonal charm is found.
9:22 pm est 

BoS Fake Leadership

All those threats the Trump administration makes about North Korea reminds me of the talk the BOS made about helping the housing crisis.
EMPTY WORDS mean nothing.  FAKE leaders.
9:19 pm est 

Re: Holiday Market

"Do that, and you completely kill the spirit and tone of Canteen's European outdoor holiday marketplace, which has been popularized in many places around the world, specifically because of the Old-World flavor!  Your method would do nothing but turn Town Hall into just another MALL.  Talk about tacky!"

Yeee-ah...I guess we have different ideas about what "old world flavor" means. Apparently your includes freezing your ass off inn the backyard of a fish restaurant while munching on overpriced food and buying junk. Personally, I think a market in the big room of the beautiful, historic town hall (How this resembles a mall to you is beyond me) would be great. There's a stage so live entertainment could happen. There's way more room for vendors of all kinds and the environment would be infinitely more comfortable for everyone, rain or shine. Nothing tacky about it. I think maybe you're just worried that your friends at the Canteen would have to share some of the profits with the rest of the community.
9:17 pm est 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Re: Thank You for Nothing!!
"Given that locals hardly support Commercial Street stores, we merchants have little choice. Thanks for nothing."
This local didn't support a lot of local merchants because (1) despite the high end prices, a LOT of products for sale were "Made in China"; (2) I could not find products I needed and could afford on my budget; (3) I could rarely find nice clothes in my petite size. I really would have loved to have shopped locally, but the merchants didn't seem to care about year-rounders on a I got stuck riding the bus to Orleans to get a lot of my shopping.  
3:46 pm est 

Holiday Market

"I agree, the town should definitely put on it's own holiday market next year. Do it inside, at town hall! There could be food vendors as well as booths by local merchants, like the annual craft fair that they always have there. It would certainly be much more comfortable and inviting than outdoors in frigid weather! Put up some festive lights, pump in some Christmas music. It would be wonderful!"

Do that, and you completely kill the spirit and tone of Canteen's European outdoor holiday marketplace, which has been popularized in many places around the world, specifically because of the Old-World flavor!  Your method would do nothing but turn Town Hall into just another MALL.  Talk about tacky!

3:44 pm est 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Holiday Market

I agree, the town should definitely put on it's own holiday market next year. Do it inside, at town hall! There could be food vendors as well as booths by local merchants, like the annual craft fair that they always have there. It would certainly be much more comfortable and inviting than outdoors in frigid weather! Put up some festive lights, pump in some Christmas music. It would be wonderful!
3:22 pm est 

Re: This Must Stop!

To the poster who wrote about Georges Pizza, I agree 100%!
3:21 pm est 

Re: This Must Stop!

That's because Panagore doesn't eat at George's.
3:19 pm est 

Thank You for Nothing!!

"Given that locals hardly support Commercial Street stores, we merchants have little choice. Thanks for nothing." 

Given that most Commercial St. merchants choose to sell Provincetown souvineers, expensive knick-knacks and overpriced mediocre food, why the hell would we support you?!? I frequent both hardware stores, George's Pizza, Cape Tip Sportswear and other practical stores on Commercial St. But how many $80 Provincetown souvineer t-shirts or paintings of the Days cottages do you think most locals need?

Get real. Thank YOU for nothing!!
3:18 pm est 

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