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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Marcene Marcoux/ Eric Yingling

I viewed the BOS meeting regarding Marcene Marcoux. It is quite evident Eric Yingling has some personal vendetta against Marcene Marcoux. The trespassing issue is nothing but a crock. Every board has gone on private property without permission from the owner. It has always been inferred this was protocol as far back as I can remember. If the BOS use this as a reason to remove her -She will have grounds for a lawsuit. In addition,  Cheryl Andrews brought up a very important point. There were 2 people viewed on the property in question. Why go after 1 person. Yingling is reminding more and more of why this town is where it is. When we let personal feelings about a board member fuel our ways of governing - nothing good will come of it. Look at the moron we have as a president. I for one am very disappointed in Yingling.His true colors are raging brighter than ever.
2:55 pm edt 

A Pattern Continues 
Panagore doesn't stay in one place very long and is forced out or leaves under strange circumstances.  Odds are that he won't make it through his contract here.  If two new Selectmen are elected those odds increase.
2:53 pm edt 

Re: Town Clerk

Town Clerk Doug Johnstone will be a huge loss to the town. Every time I went to his office he was extraordinarily smart about the law and was so patient and helpful. First class all the way. If he is leaving because of the Town Manager that should concern us all. Mr. Johnstone, I wish you well. You will be missed.
10:26 am edt 

Where did it Go?!

What happened on Bradford across from the old Tips for Tops!!! That big property that is not maintained well by one of the town slum lords, on the corner of Bradford and Pleasant , is now missing the big two story, three bay garage that was on the property!! ITs GONE!! Its my understanding that everything on Bradford is in Historic!! I am an abutter and have never heard or been notified of any hearings for demolition!! Does anyone know what has happened??
8:44 am edt 

Siegel v Provicetown Commons

What is Gordon ranting on about? I looked up Provincetown Commons on the state corporate database and they clearly are a nonprofit corporation:
8:42 am edt 

Marcene is Awesome !!

Was at the HDC hearing this week - she's professional - on the ball - and does what is right according to HDC regs.  A great asset to the HDC board.

Thank you Marcene !
8:39 am edt 

Marcene v BOS

DO the same thing Jeff Jaran did to these 2 knuckleheads on the BOS Marcene, sue them.
8:38 am edt 

Re: Dr. Marcoux v BOS

If the town has a problem with Marcene , why has she been allowed to stay on HDC all these years?  Her term is up next year so why risk lawsuits. I think there is something driving the BOS to risk this. Something else is going on and I do not like it.
8:36 am edt 

BOS Behavior

I am very disappointed about the behavior displayed by a BOS member regarding Marcene.

Remember folks, respect, honesty and professionalism starts at the top....

What happened to, " we want everyone to be treated equally"?

It seems to me, there are more facts that have not been told...

Maybe, Gloria will step up to the plate ?  or probably not...

It amazes me that the BOS hand picks and chooses how the laws and procedures will work....
8:34 am edt 

True to Form

Provincetown has always focused on getting rid of people they don't like and find reasons to do so.  But, the real people who are always making mistakes and errors they find a way to keep by protecting them.

I have been observing this behavior for many years.  I have watched good people get let go because of personalities.

Let's talk about town employees who are resigning, retiring because of their honesty which is getting in the way of the deceitful behavior that goes on here.

All I can say, is money talks and if you have it, the town will give you what you want and if you don't, they find a way to make things difficult.

Just look back folks about five years and count all the employees in the town who have resigned or retired as a direct result of issues just like this.. This town spends more money on arbitrations and etc on cases we lose that are pointless instead of the real issues in this town.

Again we fall prey to this behavior of a few selectmen.  If things were so bad with Marcine, how did she remain on the board?  Why now complaints.  REALLY ???
8:32 am edt 

Re: Removal of Marcene

As I sit in disgust and read the outcome of the meeting where two selectmen are requesting her removal, it is concerning.

This is a lady who volunteers to be on the board (which is one reason people do not want any part of these town boards)and spends as others countless hours in a professional manner working on issues in this town.

Its sickening when personalities get in the way.  To spend town money (and we will be) for this matter is shameful.  There are many other important issues and matters in town government that go unspoken for fear of retribution, that the BOS should be focusing on.

When a BOS member sits and laughs unprofessionally, that is the person who should be removed.

Gloria should have been available for comment if she allowed her and others to go onto the property.   Perhaps there is more to this story then being told by the selectmen..  As for complaints?, why were they not addressed at the time? 

I could go on and on about things that we should be focusing on and this is not one of them.  The real issues always get slipped under the carpet...

8:28 am edt 

There's Something Wrong in Denmark!

The town clerk, the ultimate employee of integrity, retires because of issues with the Town Manager.  That should concern all of us. 

Another employee discussed issues re Town Manager with a Selectmen who happened to be chair at the time.  That Selectmen went directly to the TM who then called in the employee.  She has also since resigned.  Employees know that if you see something wrong and report it, you will be in Trouble with the TM so they know to remain silent.
8:25 am edt 

Marcene v. BOS

Here's what I really don't understand.  Is there no redress that doesn't involve publicly shaming a sitting member of a volunteer Board?  We have a Town Manager still, I think.  Shouldn't he addressed the complaints directly with Marcene before it escalated to a public spectacle?  The answer is yes unless of course the BOS wanted a public spectacle.

How is it possible that Marcene could show up to a hearing with no idea what the allegations against her are except her guess in the Banner?

And how does Yingling think citing 'multiple violations' is appropriate?  And then he threatens to quit like a petulant little man-child.  Great leadership skills.  He's unlikely to be voted out but if he had an ounce of shame he would resign in disgrace.

Out of curiosity, I watched the hearing where Marcene was reappointed by this very same Board of Clowns.  (I also watched the December meeting the preceded it.)  Not a single direct criticism was leveled against her, even by Yingling who ultimately voted against her reappointment.  Cheryl and Tom had the decency to thank her for her service and Tom actually got to a good place with her on the solar issue.

This feels, looks and smells very personal. 

The BOS should think about this next time they're on Facebook begging people to join Boards.  They should also remember that nothing is forever in Provincetown, power shifts and karma is a bitch.
8:23 am edt 

Let the Revolution Begin

The Town Manager is away for three weeks; having sown the seeds of discontent with his inappropriate behavior learned in several other places where he was ejected from, he must come home to accountability.

We don't have to take this lying down!
8:20 am edt 

Re: Town Clerk

It saddens me that Doug Johnstone has decided to retire as a result of Panagore. This is not the first or second person who has left. Warning folks.... something is wrong..The town is losing great people with super work ethics. Shame on the BOS for allowing this to go on. Panagores problem (one of the many) is the fact he wants control of everything and everybody. That would be OK if he was personable instead of ignorant. Time to get a grip on the losses and get to the reason.... Remember folks.... leadership starts at the top..If you want respect, you have to give respect.. I don't see that happening in Town Hall...
7:48 am edt 

Re: Marcene

This is sounding like another good old fashion witch hunt like those of years past. Unfortunately, your not protected by contractual language and the possibility of a big pay day. Fight the good fight and stand on your record because the viscous attacks are again the works of Yingling and Donagan who are nothing but cowardly. Once again they prove they put their own agenda before the town. We always pay because of these two idiots behavior. To make matters worse, the have the incompetent Town Manager and the worst law firm giving the advice.
7:46 am edt 


Are you in charge of the Town Manager or is he in charge of you? What I can see, he runs the BOS? So sad..
7:44 am edt 

Selectmen Are Out of Control 23-4-17

Beware!  Politics plays a very big part in the proposed removal of Ms. Marcoux by a few property owners and public officials who are all in the same melting pot together. Is it right what they are trying to do, absolutely not. Does it stink, most definitely and that's who we have running our town and making decisions for us with our tax dollars. Time to start cleaning house from the top.
7:43 am edt 

Drain this Swamp!

Dr.M. Marcoux is far less biased than J. Dowd,one of her predecessors! He was misleading the HC until Marcene & J. Mcgothlin got on to make the process more fair! There's underlying,underhanded politics going on & Donegan should have checked the rules,unless he's part of the conspiracy before hastily putting her dismissal on the agenda! There should be no Private Exec. Session either,unless Marcoux requests it! public is the way to go if it's about her being accused! Further,One of the best Town Clerks this Town has had is suddenly leaving! Something is seriously wrong in this Administration! Ding-a-Lings want to remove Dr. Marcoux for naught because of inside politics! We need to "drain this swamp" or no one will serve on committees for free to be abused & get into legal issues with idiots!
7:42 am edt 

Town Manager

Perhaps the BOS should be asking themselves why so many employees have quit working for the town as a direct result of the Town Manager? Something is strangely wrong... Just Saying.... He is the most un personable manager I have ever met. Actually, it's called rude.....
7:40 am edt 

BOS Meeting

What a performance from the 3 Stooges tonight. The only sensible sane person on the BOS was Ms. Andrews, Kudos to her. That smug Ding a Ling should stay off his cell phone and show some respect to those who speak at Public statements instead of playing on his cell phone. Mocking and laughing at Clarence was typical of his lack of sense of decorum or being a leader. One more year of that jackass!
What a joke, I have no idea how Gardner and Panagore can function with these 3 idiots.
7:38 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Board of Selectmen v Dr. Marcene Marcoux

It's all about a power show. Yingling wants to show others that he can flex his muscles and has the "power" to make important decisions like the fate of a longtime member of a board. He's a creep and hopefully, if he does get her gone, others will see him for who he is and decide to abandon their committees in support of another committee member doing her job.
7:35 am edt 


I do not trust the BOS.

who does????
7:33 am edt 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Re: Town Planner Survey

"Yeah, she really should have spent more time making the survey more *fun* and *attention grabbing."
hey planner fan

yeah no-one said that, but keep your cheerleading up, ( you will be rewarded with gallons, or a community center, or a food truck)...while we all snooze waiting for the LCP.
10:09 am edt 

Feb, 22, 2017 Minutes HDC

Thomas Biggert made a motion to request that the Town Manager respond to the formal complaint of July 26th against the Town Planner.   The motion was seconded by Marcene Marcoux and passed 4‐0‐0.

Whatever came of this? Nothing, I bet, seeing the planner/planning is still a disaster.
10:07 am edt 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Re: Provincetown Board of Selectmen v Dr. Marcene Marcoux

I do not agree with much of Marcene M. decisions on the HDC. I do believe she is being attacked by BOS because of pressure from others that do not like her or her calls relative to their own HDC issues. Marcene has been on the board many years, so why has she been reappointed in the past and why she such an issue that BOS wants to take action now instead of just not reappointing her when her term is up? I do not trust the BOS.
7:30 am edt 

Earth Day

It Was Earth Day!!

Let's take time to focus on the earth, on our planet, and care about our home. It was a time to value science and to honor its importance in our lives.

The Earth--our home.
7:28 am edt 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Provincetown Board of Selectmen v Dr. Marcene Marcoux

I'm not commenting about the BOS vs Marcene because I don't expect the webmaster is able to be unbiased when decided which items to post about his wife.
9:03 pm edt 

Provincetown Board of Selectmen v Dr. Marcene Marcoux

BOS members have  placed the town in jeopardy with their gross mishandling of the HDC v Marcoux case.
This  case is a prime example of the poor legal advice  Town Counsel provides to the town.
A short review of the documented protocols in the Town Charter spells out the due process  procedures required to remove a committee  member. The BOS actions do not pass muster and in addition, by their acts, individual BOS members are subject to charges of defamation of character and libelous accusations.
It can be predicted that charges will be brought jointly against the Town and BOS and severally against individual BOS members. 
If I were Yingling or Donegan I  would  be more than concerned! 
8:34 pm edt 

Town Clerk, Selectmen-Things are in a State of Flux

I heard town clerk's retirement is indeed tied to the Town Mananger.  Town Clerk is somebody who always does things by the book which I think you'd probably want in a town clerk.  DP is someone who always trys to get around the rules.  Town Clerk got tired of fighting to do what's right.

We'll have at least one new Selectman, possibly two.  Will they do their job and start asking questions?  Will they ask why the Town Manager was given a town credit card against the recommendation of staff?  Will they ask why the Town Manager was given a gas card to fill up at the DPW gas pumps?

I think we need two new Selectmen.  Both Siegel and Vendon could start to put an end to this craziness.
7:56 pm edt 

Re: Selectmen are Out of Control

"Having served on town boards in the past I must say that I find the witch hunt to remove a member of the historic committee extremely disturbing."

Exactly what it is: witch hunt. And a lot of the town regards it as so. Her sins: older woman, acts independently, is not applauding the petty actions of "firebrand men" (in their own minds), intelligent and outspoken. Burn her! Or at the very least, humiliate and silence her. Firebrand men indeed... they all need to #$%^ off.
7:52 pm edt 

Re: Court St. Drainage

If a lot is buildable town has an obilgation to keep it so. And its not an issue for Fay's but for travel on Court st. Town must fix this for all that travel on the street.
7:48 pm edt 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Selectmen are Out of Control

Having served on town boards in the past I must say that I find the witch hunt to remove a member of the historic committee extremely disturbing. What do the Selectmen think that means to other board members in town? To subject a member to public embarrassment before even knowing what the issue is. I think the member of historic likely has a case for harassment, slander or libel.  Is that what the selectmen are supposed to do? humiliate Board members? Very ugly this. Surprised Raphael Richter wants this to be his legacy.
5:03 pm edt 

Somethings Never Change - Same as it Ever Was

Excerpts from "Rehoboth commissioners still vexed by city hall overruns"
April 14, 2017
Doug Ferrer

"A pair of workshop meetings April 10 turned into a wrestling match over figures as Rehoboth Beach city commissioners struggled to understand the skyrocketing price tag of their new City Hall.
The new building, which was budgeted around $18 million three years ago, has already cost the city nearly $21 million and it won't be done until early 2018."

"Mayor Sam Cooper, City Manager Sharon Lynn and Commissioner Stan Mills  who were privy to some of the contractor meetings where the change orders were discussed   were unable to explain the growing list of change orders to the satisfaction of some of the commissioners, while Commissioners Kathy McGuiness, Toni Sharp and Paul Kuhns continued to question how things got so out of hand and to ask for more inclusion in the decision-making process."

"Lynn insisted that the changes were vetted through a process of "good faith," which wasn't enough to reassure McGuiness."

5:01 pm edt 

Dr. Marcene Marcoux v BOS

After just reading about the intent to "fire" Dr. Marcene Marcoux from her dedicated position as Vice Chairman of the Historical Commission,it would be unwise! This is a Trevesty!! She has every right She has every right to go on questionable property for herself & her Board position! Further,if it's Chapter 91 Property everyone has the right to go on any such property & the property owner must carry enough liability insurance to cover any potential injury that may occur by "trespassers"or anyone on that property! There are no grounds legally,or otherwise to dismiss Ms. Marcoux unless the Town wants another law suit that she would win!
4:36 pm edt 

Hay Gloria!

Please finish the LCP.  DO YOUR JOB!
You and Panagore want to be stars.  It's not Broadway dearies, it's our Town.  So please DO YOUR JOBS!
4:33 pm edt 

Candidates' Night and No One Was There
Why? Because this is all a farce. There is no community involvement and after this BOS, who cares? No one. It is their agenda and no one else's.

are you really surprised that less than 25 people--and that is no one --attended?

Please. grow up and see how atrocious this town government has become.

4:30 pm edt 

Town Clerk Doug Johnstone Leaving!

We're about to lose another staff member and this one's a big one.  Long time Town Clerk Doug Johnstone is going to retire.  Is it Panagore?  Who knows, but at a minimum it should raise some red flags.  Johnstone is a huge loss.  Unfortunately this group of Selectmen have their heads too far up somewhere.
4:28 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall Losers

"Sorry, I know you all think so but there is no real conversation that happens. .  .but when you're staring at 4 nights of bulls*t all spewed by the same losers, nobody votes no."

I wouldn't call them losers, but there are some people who have such an inflated opinion of themselves that they think town meeting voters want to hear them talk and repeat what has already been said.  We all know who they are.
4:26 pm edt 

Re: Court St. Drainage

You build below sea level, don't expect the town to fix Court St. drainage. It's always been there and it's not going to improve
4:24 pm edt 

Town Leadership

Our leaders, heaven help us...

Panagore= Trump  UGH

Yingling = Kelly Anne  corrupt puppet 

Donnegan = Bannon  evil personified

Anthony = Ben Carson  clueless

Richter = running for the door.

4:16 pm edt 

Re: Town Meeting

From what I could see, Marcine asked a question, Town Council could not answer it direct. So she continued to ask the question and Maryjo said she was out of order. If that was the case, why did it go on so long? People have the right when their money is being spent to get the correct answer and not a generic round about answer. It appeared that Town Council could not directly answer many questions and had to defer to others... That is a very poor display of higher ups.... But then again, look what we are dealing with? Ship of fools.....
4:14 pm edt 

Tom Tom

Same old same old story. Moves here from DC,and needs to tell us how to run the town.  Thanks,we did fine before you got here and will be better after you leave!

4:13 pm edt 


Sounds like the future of the HDC lies in the selectmen's hands!
4:12 pm edt 

Town Moderator, MJ & BOS

Let's don't forget that MJA  when off the podium is also a Realtor!  Maybe she disliked what the Town Planner proposed or vice versa & challenged Dr. Marcoux,as Chairman of the Historic Commission, after she made her statement for or against it! As Historic Commission Chair.,did the Moderator ask for the on this article when it was presented by the Planner? If not,why not?
4:10 pm edt 

Re: Survey

"look at the survey, complex as the zoning bylaws, man, that woman could put a room full of people to sleep."

Yeah, she really should have spent more time making the survey more *fun* and *attention grabbing.* what on earth could she possibly have been thinking?
4:05 pm edt 


PBG knows not what they speak, it's to busy making up excuses for their own lack of leadership talking about he "Atwood brothers".  Anyone who knows the facts- like Dr. Murray and other long standing members could tell you that over the last five years PBG had an amazing membership growth rate, and continually Carnival profits doubled over the previous years (3 years in a row).

Perhaps the new leadership can stay focused on delivering a product  to its membership instead of trying to place blame on folks that worked tirelessly for the Ptown Business Community. 

4:03 pm edt 

Re: Dangerous Situation

The flooding issue between the cemetary and Fay's has been a problem for over 30 years. The town will not face the problem....too expensive to fix so go around down Court St from Bradford
4:01 pm edt 

Re:  PBG

I sure understand the frustration people are feeling about the new Executive Director for PBG. It is extremely unfortunate that the former Director left the place in such disarray.  And while I am on this subject, Eddie Atwood stepped into a big mess and was able to pull things together for Carnival despite what he inherited when his brother left the organization one year ago.  He took on a job valiantly that he hadn't been trained for, but kept the place running until his resignation last Autumn.  It's very easy to bitch about member demands on this blog, but what really needs to happen is for all of you to set a time to meet with the new ED and air your grievances as vividly as you air them here, to her face, in person, not hiding behind this anonymous blog.  New hours have been posted and I am assured the office will be open T-F, 10-2, beginning this week.  SO gather the posse, have your list of questions, demands and complaints in hand and face this big bad wolf all at o!
nce. What's the worse that can happen when you organize a plan that should benefit all??
4:00 pm edt 


"Regarding the Atwood brothers, they were never in the office, never answered calls, The past ED was either at the gym or on facebook or on a cruise all winter."

But at least they were MEN.  
3:58 pm edt 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Donegan and Maryjo

He is a small minded, petty person on the BOS.

and narcissistic hypocrite, who's unchecked ego, has done lasting damage to the community.

I think, MJA, had a soul once but sold it when market in town for soulless behavior was at an all time high. 
7:25 pm edt 

Dangerous Situation

What is the reason that Provincetown refuses to fix the drainage problem on Lower Cort St in front of Fay's automotive opposite Stop and Shop? If you walk ride a bike or even drive a car last week the street was impassable. Water was at least 8 inches and it is a regular occurrence. This is by far the worst drainage problem in this town and it is a dangerous situation.
7:23 pm edt 

Food Trucks?
look at the survey, complex as the zoning bylaws, man, that woman could put a room full of people to sleep.
7:21 pm edt 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Town Meeting Government

Town Meeting is not a great form of government.

Sorry, I know you all think so but there is no real conversation that happens.  And now the question is called before any real dissenting views can be heard.  I know, theoretically, people can vote not to call the question...but when you're staring at 4 nights of bulls*t all spewed by the same losers, nobody votes no.
11:48 pm edt 

Re: Tom Donegan

The saddest thing for me is Tom Donegan should know better. He is a small minded, petty person on the BOS. Not that I believe Louise and Gordon will do a great job but it is time to break up this BOS.
11:47 pm edt 

Town Meeting Agenda

Town meeting agenda is a done deal by the time it gets to town meeting.  Backroom deals have already taken place, votes are set. 
11:45 pm edt 

Re: Town Meeting

Town meeting is the worst form of government. People work behind the scenes to create scenarios that allow for total manipulation of outcomes. Then after votes are taken people that disagree with each other are ridiculed and if they own a business they pay financially by lack of support. The community center is an example. I will not attend town meetings in the future because I realize my vote does not count.
11:44 pm edt 

Re: BOS Meeting

"Mary Jo Avellar..."

So what are the rumors she spoke of in terms of what the "incident" was? No heavy details but what did Marcene allegedly do?
11:43 pm edt 


I think in the month of May many of the concerns just stated in previous post will be addressed , I hope!
Regarding the Atwood brothers, they were never in the office, never answered calls, The past ED was either at the gym or on facebook or on a cruise all winter. If you want a guide/brochure like they produced last year you need to reevaluate your marketing strategy. Remember the Past ED, was fired for good reason, ask how many members paid their dues under his stewardship, you would be amazed!
11:39 pm edt 

Town Moderator, MJ & BOS

I concur with previous post, she has never had a soul. She is a 2 faced politician who is only out for herself.


I hope the BOS charges all the past due sewer betterments to all those "fast" food establishments that have been running restaurants for years, everyone should play by the same rules except the Canteen owners but they are "nice guys".  BTW you are not the only game in town that shucks its own lobsters! Will they pay 3 years back sewer betterments? Ask our Health agent or Gloria who is always there, Guess who is behind the food truck? Ask our Town Planner and her favorite boy
11:36 pm edt 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Blind Board of the PBG!

On behalf of a collective group of PBG members, we're very concerned with the current state of affairs since the arrival of the new Executive Director and Board of Directors. 

.. we can go on... above all the previous staff always answered member phone calls and emails in a timely fashion, I wish we co u of say the same for the new folks!

If we don't get answers soon we will begin to actively campaign against this organization z action that in the past has been extremely beneficial!!!

11:47 am edt 

BOS Meeting

Mary Jo Avellar should receive and Academy Award for her performance tonight at Public Statements. She has no soul!
11:45 am edt 

Ecomonoc Development

Seems like we have several properties looking to increase seating and bedrooms. I thought we had a no growth sewer. That's what I was told when I inquired about adding to my property. What's going on? Seems and smells like something fishy to me.
11:44 am edt 

Tom Donegan BOS Selectman

Let's get a count- everyone who has been screwed over by Donegans small time-small town-small man-politics and dirty tricks and betrayal please raise their hand. Ive heard many whispered stories of his power play politics. Time for him to go. He's done enough damage to this town.
11:43 am edt 

Provincetown Parking Department

Is the parking office going to be open from 8-3PM for parking stickers including a half day on Saturdays? 

Saturdays are helpful for the owners who work all week and are here on weekends.

With two-three people in the office, there is no reason why they can't stagger their days if needed to accommodate.

Just asking?
11:41 am edt 

Town Meeting


"Fewer Voters are there Because...The agenda and the warrant are not ours... "

Lamest excuse ever. Town Meeting is the most encompassing aspect of government we have. Each and every person in the town and even non residents may speak at town meeting, Every article may be spoken to by any member of the public as opposed to towns that have "members" that represent a precinct or region of the community. Every persons comments will be heard and every article can be by citizens petition if people are willing to do the homework ad prepare an article for town meeting. Articles can be of any nature and always keep in mind, monetary articles and the budget can be reduced by amendment at town meeting with a motion, a second and then a majority vote but the public doesn't do anything other than complain that they are not being represented.
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Re: Land Agreement Between BOS and Provincetown Commons

I don't know what other part Atty Snow had at Town Meeting with the Gov. Bradford school/Community Center Bldg.,but he was right in questioning the building as a "Land Grab"! it must be stopped!! A group of people,whomever they are,have not demonstrated financial ability to take that building even for a short time,let alone for 99 years,especially when there are more crucial needs for that space! This is insane!!What "sleaze group" planned this & got the voters to spend &100,000 to rehab it before it's taken over? How can it be stopped?
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Re: Land Agreement Between BOS and Provincetown Commons

Provincetown commons may be a great idea, but the backroom deals leave many with a sour taste in their mouth.

Mark Hatch uses his position as FinCom chair and his friend David Panagore to push it forward.

Karen Cappoto uses her position on the Economic Development Committee to get a grant and become chair of Commons group.

Then you have jay critchley and the Provincetown Compact providing support to the group.  Jay, when I support the Swim for Life it's not to give you a pot of money to play with.  No more
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Re: Town Meeting

"Town Meeting Fewer and fewer people attending town meeting.  Fewer and fewer people care."

I think more people realize the futility of town meeting.  Your vote doesn't really matter.   Most of the issues are decided long before we gather.  I thought Mr. Siegel had a valid point about the community center.   But, that issue was decided by Panagore, Gardner, the BOS, the Hatches before it even got to town meeting.

Some  like to say it's the purest form of government.  I'd say it's the purest form of those with a self interest to get their way.  600 people at STM for HH, where were they in April?

I won't go again.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Re: Town Meeting

Fewer Voters are there Because...

The agenda and the warrant are not ours. It is pre-set by a few in town Hall that represents their interests. and then all the committees and all the presenters spend fifteen minutes on powerpoint presentations and then after two people speak--who are not being urged by those texting during the town meeting--to call the question. so there is not enough time to discuss and people are tired of everything being front-loaded.

So why attend? Why, indeed! Fewer Voters are there Because...

The agenda and the warrant are not ours. It is pre-set by a few in town Hall that represents their interests. and then all the committees and all the presenters spend fifteen minutes on powerpoint presentations and then after two people speak--who are not being urged by those texting during the town meeting--to call the question. so there is not enough time to discuss and people are tired of everything being front-loaded.

So why attend? Why, indeed!

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Re: Land Agreement Between BOS and Provincetown Commons

Conflict of Interest Between Mark Hatch and the bow-tied panda is mentioned by some

but what of Kristin Hatch? she is chair of the CPC and she is the one who helped Creative Commons and accepted as legitimate their application when they were not even a non-profit--and worse--Kristin Hatch accepted their application for the recreation building when Creative Commons had no relationship to this building, no lease, no bill of sale.

And, yes---she is Mark Hatch's cousin!! Kristin Hatch should have recused herself. Kristin Hatch should not have been involved in any way with judging the application from Creative Commons or allowing the initial $160,000 for CPC monies for repairs or judged their application--or been the one to defend this at town meeting. This is unethical, a veritable conflict of interest and actions against Mass state laws and against town laws.

Creative Commons treated specially? Connections, connections, connections.
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Re: Town Meeting

"Town Meeting Fewer and fewer people attending town meeting.  Fewer and fewer people care."

I don't think it's an issue of fewer people care, but rather it's a scheduling issue.  I think many more people would attend if Town Meeting were moved to the end of April or beginning of May.   Most residents are not back in Town the first week of April.  Unfortunately this Article was defeated.
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Re: Canteen

Perhaps the Question is why Hasn't the Canteen filed already for chapter 91?

They need to fulfill all the requirements of chapter 91 and they need to deal with the state on these regulations. any new seats should be based on fulfilling chapter 91 requirements which--may not have been done at all!
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PBG is in Trouble!!!
This new ED is under qualified and overpaid!!!
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As I read articles about how a certain selectmen was using his cell phone during Town Meeting, has anyone ever seen Panagore using his relentlessly during Selectmen"s meetings? Well folks... examples start at the top. Ignorance is just a word to some.... And that he is....
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Wait a Second....

Posted on the Town's website is this from a guy that said he had nothing to do with the workforce bid for the community center:

Ciluzzi is also a volunteer mediator at The Consumer Assistance Council of Cape Cod in Hyannis. The CAC
works in cooperation with the Attorney Generals office of Massachusetts. Its primary objective is to assist and
educate consumers and sellers of goods and services about consumer protection laws. CACs secondary
objective is to insure that consumer transactions are conducted in a fair and equitable manner and that ethical
merchants are protected from unjustified complaints.

Development Team Member, Christopher J. Snow, Esq., Snow & Snow, Esq. LEGAL
Christopher J. Snow, principal of Snow and Snow PC ( located at 90 Harry Kemp
Way, Provincetown, is legal counsel representing the company. Snow and Snow is the oldest continuously
operating law firm on Cape Cod. Founded by the late John C. Snow in 1949, his son, Christopher J. Snow,
joined the firm in 1977 and continues to provide outstanding legal services to individuals and businesses across
Cape Cod and the Commonwealth. The practice is frequently engaged in providing novel solutions to legal
predicaments unique to the Outer Cape.

What?????? He lied to the entire town!!!!!
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Attorney Non-Disclosure

Well! Isn't it interesting that a certain attorney in town stands up at town meeting and tells everyone that he has nothing to do with the Community Center he's speaking against, and yet, when I go and get the actual answer to the RFP, look at whose name is there!

He's on the permitting schedule.
He's an attorney on record.
He's a signature on the bottom of two submission pages.

NONE of this was disclosed to the town body. NONE of this non-disclosure is, btw, legal either. Just how badly does he think he can SNOW people by saying he has nothing to do with other other bid? Did anyone see his face when one of the Selectmen pointed out his name as a party to the RFP submission? Why did this person not simply say "for everyone to know, I advised the other team" and then go on to say what he wanted to? Entitlement? He thinks he's a bigger deal in the town than he is? Who's going to be the first person to file the ethics complaint against him? Is he going to deny, when called on it, that that's his name all over the documents?

Snow job indeed.
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Re: Town Meeting

Good to see that reason prevailed tonight at Town Meeting. The police station was approved, the Bas Relief project was funded, and the CPA grant for the Community Center exterior passed resoundingly.

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Town Meering

Fewer and fewer people attending town meeting.
Fewer and fewer people care.
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V.F.W. sale to the Town Of Provincetown

The V.F.W. sale to the Town Of Provincetown, I want the facts clear. When we realized we would have to sell the property. It was learned that The town in 1938 gave us a school building for $1.00,  and $3,000.00 for maintance etc.
A figure of $1,200.00 was appraised for sale. A motion was made,  and the membership agreed to, lessen the sale price by $300,000. At the time the Town was looking for a location for a new badly needed Police Station. We felt the honorable thing to do was ist ask the town if they were interested in the property for a new Police Station.  They responded yes, and a article was presented at Town Meeting. Myself  and the Commander and another member made these statements to the town meeting body. 
Prior we asked the neighbors if they had any objection to this proposal. We for over 50 years had a very good relationship with them and they all agreed to this proposal.

At town meeting  the proposal we had presented was amended by a citizen to re word for any other town use also.  and then passed.
I as one member am not sure the original suggestion of offering the property to the town would have passed at our meeting.

Paul C Mendes  V.F.W. member 50years.
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Re: Canteen


To whomever is in charge there are more than 39 people sitting and eating at Canteen today, just saying!  ask the "nice guys" to play by the rules.
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Re: Land Agreement Between BOS and Provincetown Commons

"Mass. general law, chapter 30b, section 12"
Hey genius, 30b is for procurement, not sale.

So you are saying signing a 99 year lease with a new entity with no financial history is a good idea?  I don't know procurement, but I do know a stupid business decision
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I Have a Question

There seems to be so many folks on this blog who have such an intricate knowledge of how town SHOULD be run versus how it is being run.  These individuals know things that we don't, understand all the hidden complexities of town government and appear to have all the answers concerning everything. My question is: Why are the aforementioned not running for town positions? The town would run so much smoother than it is now; we wouldn't have to worry about a new police stattion, a CVS, Harbor Hill, trees being cut or a housing crisis because these people have all the answers. All monies would be spent appropriately and there would never be the need to insult people because of gender, sexual orientation or what kind of tie they wear. People of the blog, WE NEED YOU.  Guide us towards that brighter future that only you seem to know how to achieve. AMEN.
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Re: Provincetown Development

"What next? Development creeps in, little by little..."

Um. Development creeped in 27 years ago. Where have you been? And, a CVS is not an eyesore for those who LIVE HERE full time and would appreciate its competitive prices.
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Re: Land Agreement Between BOS and Provincetown Commons

What sound business would enter into a 99 year contract with an unknown entity with no financial history?

I guess the answer is that if you were a town manager who served as best man for a certain fincom chair who's involved in that entity you might give your buddy a break.  Cause the voters are too stupid to see it.
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Re: Land Agreement Between BOS and Provincetown Commons

"Mass. general law, chapter 30b, section 12"
Hey genius, 30b is for procurement, not sale. Did you vote for Trump as well?

Can't really argue with stupidity.  Any contract longer than 36 months, unless specifically authorized by M.G.L. or the town's governing body is prohibited.
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Re: Canteen

You have to get all your town approvals before you apply for your Chapter 91 approvals,         .
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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Re: Town Manager et BOS

There is a history with our town manager and obviously there are issues with his past performance. He was not vetted as other town managers have been. so he snuck in and now some of this inability to manage and this laziness and lack of strategic thinking is catching up. They couldn't find anyone but Hoort. And they wanted to hire anyone but Hoort. After the first round the only candidate left was Hoort. They went out searching again and came up with Panagore. He was not Hoort so he was hired. Hoort gets hired by Wellfleet and everyone is happy
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Re: Provincetown Development

I understand that everyone wants a 'piece' of this beautiful town, but if you step way back and understand why most people fell in love with it in the first place, it is its natural beauty, quaintness, art/history, etc. Nobody travels to Provincetown for the conveniences of the city. They visit or live there to get away from all of that. The blue chair, the possibility of a ferris wheel at the end of Fisherman's Wharf (rumor?), CVS, other chain stores. What next? Development creeps in, little by little, and before you know it, Provincetown will look like every other seaside town (Annapolis, etc.) with the Gap, Starbucks, etc. (the only ones who will be able to afford the exorbitant rents). In a blink of an eye this can happen and is happening. Yes, all things will change, but some things really shouldn't. Provincetown seems to be heading for the blandness of every other store being a home store, real estate agent/developer, coffee chain, etc. Nothing new being said here, but!
Just saying...
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Re: Land Agreement Between BOS and Provincetown Commons

"Mass. general law, chapter 30b, section 12"

Hey genius, 30b is for procurement, not sale. Did you vote for Trump as well?
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Re: Land Agreement Between BOS and Provincetown Commons

"That must be a mistake. Any lease longer than 3 years in length is required to be voted on by the governing body (town meeting) and must receive a majority vote of approval according to mass. General law"

Typical for responses. NO NO NO. Leases are NOT A FUNCTION OF ANY TOWN BODY. PERIOD. That function is only for a Mayor or Board of Selectmen or similar. In fact, the law is the OPPOSITE of this.

But while we're on the subject, why did that Article get to Town Meeting? Oh right! That was when Sharon and Jaran were trying to get the 14M Taj Mahal police station built and decided the best way to do it was to sell off Town assets to make the price seem lower. Then, when they didn't get their way, they completely removed that building from the Town Budget so they could spend it in other ways.

Now there's the truth.
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Re: A Critical Observation

Over on Town Talk the manager's "friend" writes that we are lucky to have him.  and to google him.  SO I listened and I did.

The one yesterday about the $400000 of taxpayer dollars he used to fund a sandwich shop went bust just WEEKS after it opened and then closed and never repaid the City.  Not his fault.
4 months later his "opportunity".....overseeing parking cars, temporarily.

JANUARY 18, 2013  Panagore New Haven's interim parking chief

David B. Panagore, who four months ago left as chief operating officer for the city of Hartford, is temporarily running New Haven's parking system.
Panagore will serve while the parking authority board conducts a national search for Kilpatrick's permanent successor, officials said Friday.
The authority oversees 8,000 public parking spots in seven garages and numerous surface facilities downtown.

Panagore, once a top lieutenant to Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra, quit his COO post last Sept. 14 to "move to another opportunity.''
"I'm thrilled to to be here, ready to hit the ground running ...,'' Panagore said in a statement released by the authority.
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Re: A Critical Observation

The Past does find a Way to Creep In and Be Public

There is a history with our town manager and obviously there are issues with his past performance. He was not vetted as other town managers have been. so he snuck in and now some of this inability to manage and this laziness and lack of strategic thinking is catching up.

We deserve better. Perhaps this helps explain why he is unable to fire some town officials who should be fired. Seems like he doesn't know what to do and how to do it.
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