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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Re: So Many on the BOS Disappoint
"is having a spine so difficult?"

Why don't you look in a mirror and then give us the answer, you spineless      .
7:40 pm est 

So Many on the BOS Disappoint

What happened? So much potential and yet it is a board that is leaderless. there
is no strategic thinking, no dynamic planning, little long term direction. They
just seem, too often, to just be there. and that is not enough.

Is leadership so hard? is having a spine so difficult? something is missing and
it is sad. These are good people gone soft and spineless when the issues they
face are not so hard or overwhelming.
11:32 am est 

Yes, Land Bank Vote is Great

I support and applaud the Land Bank as a separate entity. It is time we speak up
for land, for conservation, for open space. time to put our priorities in order
and conservation is one. sometimes nothing on the land is key--nothing there but
wild species, animals, and life.

11:30 am est 

Re: Land Bank Fund

"Just because you say it's so, does not MAKE it so"...the Land Bank
question will be on the ballot for spring town meeting. Be there or be square.
11:29 am est 

Re: Land Bank Funds

The question of the Land Bank Funds and whether or not to transfer
them into CPC funds to help the community Housing efforts has NOT been settled!
I repeat, NOT been settled.

The decision for the disposition of these funds cannot be made based on the fact
45 or 50 people have expressed an opinion. Of course, this will go before Town
Meeting to get a full vote. The Town Hall meeting was a public information
forum, not a binding vote. That is why only one side was represented.

I promise you, this will attract a large crowd at spring town meeting, make sure
you represent your opinion with your vote!
11:28 am est 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Erik Yingling - BOS Candidate

A little over 3 years ago I was on the Finance Committee and I wanted to take a more active role in policy decisions. I wanted to create REAL accountability and REAL transparency in local government. We released years and years of executive session minutes because ,at a minimum, you have a right to eventually know what happens behind closed doors. We made the Board of Selectmen meetings a live event on Community television so you know what's happening in town hall in real time rather than days or weeks later.
We took a stand as a community one cold winter night in a packed auditorium after weeks of lively meetings in the judge welsh room and declared, "we want accountability". and we achieved it together.
As a community we united around the idea that an echo chamber in Town Hall only serves the few and set out to create a deliberative decision making process that benefits the many.
We united around the idea that long term planning was something we can do rather than just talk about. We hired a town planner and set our sights on the current great struggle; providing community housing and updating our local comprehensive plan. We committed to long term planning with a 5 year capital improvement program. Your board of selectmen has declared with one voice that community affordable housing is our number one priority.
A little over 3 years ago I told the Provincetown Banner that I wanted to bring more people into the process to make your government more fair and responsive. In May of 2012 during a torrential downpour, you affirmed this desire and took a leap of faith by lending me your vote and electing me as your selectman. On May 5th, I ask you to lend me your vote once more so we can continue working together to make a better Provincetown. Thank you for your enduring support and vote of confidence!
1:37 pm est 

Affordable Housing -

What is this idea that one must live in the town they work ?

Most of us in the "real world" have long commutes to our jobs and certainly
don't work in the towns we live.

You want to live on the Cape ?  Fine - just don't expect that it has to be in
Ptown - one of the most expensive towns in the Country.

Find something in Truro - Wellfleet - Eastham - Orleans etc.

These towns are dying for year round rentals and are much cheaper.

And yes, the argument "well then we won't work in this town" - Yes you will -
because the $$$ is better here than anywhere and we all know it

9:44 am est 

Voter Registration

Please register vote, you can check your voter status here !! DEADLINE IS MARCH 17TH
9:23 am est 

Land Bank Victory!

Keeping Land Bank is a victory for all of Us

land is crucial and we all benefit from conservation land--not just a small
percent who gain from using land monies for the overused affordable housing

We won, all of us. Let CPC monies be used for housing and land bank monies for
land.  we need open space and we have never given it the attention and
dedication we should. So glad we now continue to have both.
9:08 am est 

2nd Homeowners Whining

I think it is quite amusing that 2nd homeowners are whining saying
they can't rent year round because they did before and tenants or their animals
ruined the place, haha. Quit the bs. You are either a money hungry person who
had no desire to rent year round and want your weekly rentals without paying
taxes or you are a horrible judge of character who does not know how to screen
applicants. But you are certainly not a good liar about stating the real
reason., haha.
9:05 am est 

Affordable Housing..........

When we moved here 20 years ago we planned
it very carefully. We didn't just show up and expect that housing would be
provided for us. We sold our house in CT (made no money) paid off all our credit
cards, no car payments and purchased a small condo 10 years prior to our move.
This was a long term plan and it proved to be a successful one. Recently there
has been another place we considered to move to but we can't afford it so we
will not move.

There is still so much opportunity to be successful in our town. Just last
month, a couple I know who have been here over 3 years and work year round
purchased a nice home in Truro. It still can be done. We all know people driven
enough to do it!
9:02 am est 

Re:Great That Land Bank Remains the Land Bank

No, very bad it didn't go the route of the CPC. CPC funds are used to preserve
historic structures throughout the town, public or not, can be used toward
recreation projects, (yes, rec is for older people too), affordable housing AND
open space. Right now, the land bank monies are used exclusively for open space,
that's it. How selfish!  80% of the town is already in open space and you open
spacers want more? You don't realize it but bit by bit you are taxing your way
out of the town. How? 80% of the town is already controlled by the feds, a non
tax paying entity in the town yet we take care of some of their roads and they
bring us tourists with trash and wastewater from their visits that we have to
take care of. Thanks. Then, the land bank funds, collected by way of your tax
bill, is used to buy even more land. 3% of your tax bill is added to your tax
bill to go to the land bank. That money buys land that is then taken off the tax
rolls and who foots the bill for the lost r!
evenue? We do! Then, as a result of buying the open space, you now live in a
"better" town. As a result, your taxes go up and then 3% of your now higher tax
bill goes to the land bank to start the dizzying process all over. Eventually,
and it's not long away, any remaining buildable open space will be bought up or
built on. That means the static number of residents will then foot the bill for
everything and it will always cost more in the long run. Think it's tough to
live here now? Think down the road.
9:01 am est 

Prospective Town Manager Candidate

After looking at the website of Dr. Cleveland I can't imagine why the
BOS has not reached out a very welcoming hand.
8:57 am est 

Affordable Housing Stats?

Exactly how many people have housing in Provincetown that would be
considered affordable? How many more units do advocates want? If every
conversation about spending tax dollars on affordable housing could start with
these stats it would make it easier to have a conversation about setting further
goals. Please do not say ask the housing specialist at town hall, she continues
to give a clear answer.
8:55 am est 

Land Bank is Saved

This outpouring of support for the land bank must tell the selectmen something.
Sadly, the DART meeting was cancelled because no one showed up up regarding all
of these "AFFORDABLE Housing issues".

This is sending several messages from the taxpayers. We want open land in town
and the far reaching hand of the Affordable Housing contingent is now seen by
everyone for the greedy beast of development that it has become.

The community center, Stable path, The fire house, three apartments in the new
Grace G. building-NOTHING IS ENOUGH.

This greedy bunch need to be stopped. They are putting all of this on the backs
of the taxpayers and reducing the quality of the life of the rest of us who DO
live here.
8:50 am est 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Great That Land Bank Remains the Land Bank

Good that it has not been turned into the CPC monies that would ONLY go for
affordable housing. Enough on that sad subject and sad plans that never work for
those who need it in town. All the work and apartments go to outsiders, year
after year, after year. Nothing, nothing has changed.

This is a good move. Land is crucial and protecting land so wonderful. And we
have never given enough of our monies to buying open land.

Victory comes in small packages. and this is one!
11:37 am est 

From: Dave Cleveland - Town Manager Candidate

I never did reach the end of this blog, I was starting to see names
like, John Alden, Charles Fuller, Miles Standish and many more down towards the
bottom. Because my eyelids are now drooping down over my line of sight, I've
decided to let you know of my attempt to be appointed as the new
Town Manager, and thereby making this blog even longer than it is, sorry!

My ~30 page proposal has been in place since last December 2014. I made a very
intensive, complete resume and left it with The Selectmen's Secretary. She has
guarded my resumes with due diligence during this almost 3 month period,
However, after several letters to the Selectman, my Poor Resume still sits on
the floor next to her desk, lonely, dusty, unread and unacknowledged.

One of my previous resumes was sent to a Local Ivy League College to apply for
their position of President. Within two weeks they wrote back thanking me for my
application and to let me know that they had Chosen another Candidate and to
thank me for stepping -up with my application, and for my interest in the
College. (Of course I mailed them off a check for  for a new wing ...) ("!")
I applied for Town Manager here on December1, 2014 observing that Provincetown
has many Major dilemmas.

I haven't mentioned this on my site yet, but I don't need a salary at $130.000 a
year and am going to put $40.000 of that salary into a foundation to assist with
the Poor, Emergency assistance, Helping Our Women, and other worthy groups
starting as soon as I moved into the not so Oval Office, and the position,
you'll see other ways I can be of service on my web site.

I invite people who are hard at work speaking their piece here, to come on over
and take a peak at my work in Progress at....


Thanks, Best wishes to all. And, if you happen to need 4-5 trucks of really
clean, cold snow FREE!-give me a shout.

Dave Cleveland
11:56 pm est 

DART Meeting

The Town Planner was known to refer to the DART
conferences as her baby. Well the meeting today was
cancelled because of lack of attendance.

So much for her baby, dead on arrival.

Just say goodbye!
11:11 pm est 

Town Planner

The town planner tried to get the job that brian got in wellfleet but
she never got an intervue. Now she wants a job in chatam. She wants more money.
who doesnt.
11:00 pm est 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Affordable Housing

I have worked hard to own my condo and a rental and I find it is so wrong that
the town wants to tell me who I can rent to.  Sorry I have done year round and
my house was left badly.  I did try another time, and they left the wood floors
marked and urine stained from the cat peeing outside the litter box.

Ended up replacing the floor, which was more than the deposit.

Maybe the zoning by-laws should change to have every new development with x
number of units.

Maybe with Truro changing their by-law on rental to full year rentals, maybe
housing will open up.

I have to say I blame this condo conversation to every board member who voted
for it.  Go back and look who sat on the boards, business owners and realtors.

Sorry some of us can no longer find housing it is a very sad time.
10:57 pm est 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Re: Town Planner

Regarding the town planner.  She is doing a great job and here to
stay.  Give it a rest, Clarence.   how sad is your life?
12:14 am est 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Town Planner - Rumored on the Run

Town Planner is in trouble with various members of the BOS, Planning Committee, Fire Chief, Building Commissioner, FinCom et al , where does she go from here?
4:16 pm est 

Shrinking Available Property

The story on the street is that the Duart property is sold
and the new owner has his  own plans which don't include
the BOS plans.
4:08 pm est 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Re: Posting by Louise Silver

"We will not accept blame for an unjust government that continues to put us at a

An "unjust government"? Our government is duly elected by the voters. We don't
live in a banana republic. Calling it "unjust" is an insult to our leaders and
the voters that elected them. I wonder if you have the guts to stand before the
Selectmen and look them square in the eyes and tell them that they are "unjust".

Another one that loves to scream "what's yours is mine. Gimme gimme gimme."
11:43 pm est 

To: "The School Will Never be Turned Into Condos"

Really?  You know this for a fact?  Why is an intelligent rebuttal so elusive on
this blog at times.  One person's opinion simply cannot be even unintelligently
rebutted without personal insults.  I do love children for your information.  I
am a parent of more than one child and also attended the Provincetown school
system from first grade right through the 12th, a proud Ptown High School
graduate.  I doubt you could say that.  However, whether you love kids or not,
or support them in this town or not, at some point, this archaic building's
prime real estate location will  trump it's use as a school. It is not the only
building in which our small number of students can be productively educated. It
is the only building sitting on top of a prime location that would make any
developer wet his/her pants.  It's okay, naivety is not a sin and I love you
11:41 pm est 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Provincetown High School

The school will never be turned into condos. As long as there are
children here they will be housed in the almost 100 year old school. Don't be
ridiculous. Unless you don't want children here either. More anti children on
this blog, just great... go back to the puppies and rainbows site, leave the
reality to the grown ups. Hahaha
9:13 am est 

True Responsibility

"The taxpayers have a responsibility to maintain the town, to build a
new police station and a new DPW building. We have an obligation to ensure that
municipal services continue uninterrupted. We have an obligation to maintain our
schools and our infrastructure and pay the salaries of Town employees."

Partially correct.  We have a responsibility to HAVE a police station, not to
build a new one.  We have a responsibility to HAVE a DPW facility Not to build a
new one.
9:12 am est 

The Sky is Falling--Let's Get a Real Town manager

That is what we need and then let that person hire and make decisions. Time to
move on David and time to stop making such abominable hiring decisions. Yes,
that includes the lo9vely Michelle J who should not be in that position. Not
9:09 am est 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Provincetown Public Library

There is a process, and given our town it's always miracle that you can get
anyone to agree on anything.  That's for sure.

The fate of the new library director (if anyone who reads this blog knows) does
not lay in the hand of one person alone.

Any certainly any candidate after reading this blog would be foolish to apply if
he didn't want his every move scrutinized and criticized.
5:52 pm est 

A Prediction

While it may be years and years from now, it is only a matter of time before the
old "High School" is in the hands of private developers and turned into high-end
condominiums.  Prime location, plenty of parking. While you may not agree, you
cannot fight the future and the future is all about more "development", and not
necessarily for those who need so called "affordable" housing.  High end is
affordable if you have the dough.
5:37 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing


They demand all of the town assest go to creating their housing. They want the
Land Bank money, they want the taxpayers to subsidize them, they want the school
turned in luxury apartments for them at cut rate rents.

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme is all we get from them. They move here and want to live the
good life working part time and collecting unemplyment..we do not owe them a
5:36 pm est 

Commercial Street Sidewalks

Didn't the town used to have a machine to plow the sidewalks on
Commercial St.? The condition of the walkways is just disgraceful, not to
mention dangerous. I saw an elderly woman nearly fall into a snowbank yesterday.
She was walking in the street (because the sidewalks are unusable) and trying to
avoid an oncoming truck.

I understand we are getting record amounts of snow this winter, but does that
mean that the town has just given up on trying to clear walkways? Am I the only
one concerned about this? I guess since the almighty tourist and their precious
dollars aren't here in the winter, there's no need to maintain the town. Real
5:34 pm est 

Re: Acting Assistant Town Manager Reviewing Candidates?

The reason we have so many acting managers and department heads is because of
the public outcry and demand to remove the incumbents in those positions. One
offical was fired; the rest resigned (mostly out of disgust). Now we've got a
few open poisitions. Gee, I wonder why?

You can't have it both ways, unless you have a magic wand.

Relax. The sky is not falling.
5:32 pm est 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Re: Acting Assistant Town Manager Reviewing Candidates?

Candidates for what positions?
11:34 am est 

Re: Acting Assistant Town Manager Reviewing Candidates?

I do not think the "town" should be making any decisions about
anything until we have a real town manager. Taking back the pier, library
directors. We don't even have a police chief in our town. How the heck is the
acting town manager focusing on these serious issues when in fact he is not in
the position to be proposing anything?? Get it right town hall. All or any
efforts should be finding a town manager to get this town back on tract. No
wonder why this place is a mess. Seems like anyone can join any board without
any experience in decision making. Look at our school committee and who has
pulled papers. Seriously?? What a joke! Come on, let's rally to get our town
back. Select the right candidates for the positions and hire a town manager and
police chief. This is outrageous!!!
11:31 am est 

Provincetown High School

Here we go again. Why would you say to turn the high school building
into affordable housing? You must not live here or are involved in anything in
town because you would know that the old high school is housing grades
kindergarten thru 8th grade! It is also a fabulous IB school. Please do some
research before you post such asinine comments about a building "rotting" when
in fact that building houses our school here in Provincetown. Better yet, why
not stop by the school and ask for a tour to see how the children fill up this
wonderful building with laughter and learning and then you could meet the
fabulous teachers and staff that are constantly hearing comments about wanting
to get rid of the only school here in town. Talk about backwoods thinking to
want affordable housing but then to take the school away which the majority of
the families live in town and support the year round community. Where would they
go If there was no school here? Please please please, think before you post.
Our school is called Provincetown Schools and it is located at the OLD high school
but believe me, it is a very functional school with very great children. For any one
reading this, it would be fantastic to support our school by going to any of the extra
curricular activities, in fact right now is basketball season and if you could see how
these children play and support each other as a team, and the proud parents beaming
from the bleachers you will see that we so indeed have a very strong and active school here. Remember, these children are our future and the future of Provincetown! :)
11:27 am est 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Re: Harbor Master

How does a barge ending up on the breakwater during a blizzard have
ANYTHING to do with the harbor master or pier corp? You sound completely
IGNORANT when u make comments like this. There were other boats and sailboats
that ended up on the breakwater as well during the BLIZZARD! Just some more lost
souls with nothing going on upstairs to make a big deal about nothing. Probably
the same one or two people who are always putting everyone down and I am sure
you could NEVER handle a job as serious as HARBOR MASTER so out of jealousy, you
are upset.Constant complaining gets you no where. Leave the pier alone and find
something more important to be nosy about. The harbor master does a fantastic
job with all of his major responsibilities. Dealing with ridiculous accusations
is not one of them. Move on already.
10:55 pm est 

Acting Assistant Town Manager Reviewing Candidates?

Therein lies another problem. she is acting and should not be in any decision
role. what a mess at town hall! Michelle J should herself have never been
"appointed" to this position. This is such a ridiculous choice and now she is making
decisions about other key positions. Please, time for a real town manager to
being making decisions. and let's hope, unlike what David Gardner has wrongly
been doing, put out positions for all to apply. Not appoint from within of
candidates unqualified for the positions he is appointing them to.
8:55 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

"The creation of the Pier Corp to manage the pier was an act of the
state legislature.  If I'm not mistaken, it would require a special act of the
state legislature to revert control back to the selectman."

If I'm not mistaken the legislation included the provision that the town manager
could dissolve the pier corporation.  They knew when they created it that there
might be a time when it didn't work anymore.
8:52 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Library

The Banner nor Laura Shabbot when they print their stories and ask for
their signatures concerning Matt Clark reveal the truth of his abilities.  This
is our library, it is not a track team or a business.  We deserve a director
whose passion is libraries and who is trained as a librarian.
8:49 pm est 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Re: Provincetown Public Library

Matt is doing a fine job.  The Search Committee, consisting of the Acting Town
Manager and others will review the candidates and submit their recommendations
to the current Trustees for their recommendation, NO ONE PERSON is controlling
the process, its' public and above board.  No conspiracy theories here, so
participate or not, as you wish but don't cry foul.

Too many complainers from the sidelines instead of helping make things better.
10:02 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

The creation of the Pier Corp to manage the pier was an act of the
state legislature.  If I'm not mistaken, it would require a special act of the
state legislature to revert control back to the selectman.  The state new better
than to hand over a $14 million dollar investment to a group famous for
mismanagement and deferred maintenance.
9:59 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Talk about the town not managing the Pier, but that was 15 years ago. 
Seems the town has done a much better job managing their property since then
from what I can tell.  If their barge ended up on the breakwater in the previous
storm it makes me wonder if it's the harbormaster or the pier corp.   I don't
know all the story but it makes me wonder.
9:56 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

In the past the Town Fathers & Mothers were not successful "landlords"
with responsibility of Town owned properties ownership! One of the reasons for
the Town Pier being transferred to Pier Corp. Voters need to know more specifics
why the Pier Corp. have failed their position and the Bd. of Selectmen again
need to assume responsibility! Why will it be better to revert
Financial/Administrative business back to our Board of Selectmen & Town
Financial Acct.?
3:44 pm est 

Re: So Much of What I Submit Does Not Get Posted

Why do I Not believe Your complaints?

Post on other blogs. they deserve your questionable insights! that is my
position from continual complainers here
3:41 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library

Are you sure Matt Clark is involved in Laura Shabott's plans to make him the
director? From what she told me when she asked for my signature, this was all
her idea, and Clark didn't know about it.

As for Clark being hired originally, I believe he and Rebecca Levin were hired
together as part-timers to replace one full-time vacancy.
Finally, someone posted that he was hired as interim director over better
qualified candidates. Who were they?
In my opinion he's doing a great job. I like the library.  I don't like when
people just make things up and present them ad truth. I think we are better than
12:25 pm est 

Louise R Silver posted in Provincetown Voters

Truth. We are smart. We are industrious. We are strong. We are responsible. We are deserving. We are the Majority. (We will not internalize a sense of inferiority via disempowering stereotypes, i.e.stupid, lazy, foolish, unworthy, irresponsible... made to reinforce the status quo. We will not accept blame for an unjust government that continues to put us at a disadvantage. We will no longer adapt to injustice in our town by not voting.) Vote at Town Meeting and control Articles that pass/don't pass. Provincetown Voters - Make Plans to Attend Spring Town Meetings beginning Monday, April 6 at 6 pm!

Truth. When Provincetown Voters are present, Articles at Spring Town Meeting will only pass/not pass with our votes. Cast your votes at Spring Town Meetings beginning Monday April 6 at 6 pm!

2014 Provincetown Median Household Income $48,523
12:06 pm est 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

"...but when the town manager, assistant town manager and finance
director all recommend the Pier Corp be dissolved and it be a town fund that
tells me they must have seen stuff.  Otherwise why would they want the headache?"

That's what I'm thinking.  No way would any of them want to take this on unless
there are real issues there and they don't have any other option.
10:27 pm est 

So Much of What I Submit Does Not Get Posted

What criteria do you use to exclude?  Please post a response.  This blog would
be much more interesting if everyone's opinions are heard.  People have a problem with the
Banner, but you do more damage by controlling free expression of opinion.  You
2:15 pm est 

Love is in the Air--but

This storm should hurt businesses here. Valentine Day's is always a great time
and then linked to President's Day weekend--but, somehow, winter has a way with
us--more cold, more snow, more wind.

Such is February this year--quieter time, more silence, less tourists and less
residents here as well.
2:13 pm est 


High school...

Take the school and turn it into housing......
Or will it become another town building that just rots like
12:49 pm est 

Can We Get a New Newspaper? Is that Possible?
I miss the old Advocate. this Banner is reduced to no news and I too am appalled
at this awful headline.

You are in your house and have been living here for years; you are 93; you were
once a New York celebrity; you were married to a noted artist. and now what
counts is your husband's art work?? Have you no value in this town? this is the

We still need to know how you, Grace, are fearing; how you are doing. but, no,
that is not the story. It is simply reduced to your husband's art work--what was
saved, what was not.

I am appalled. You are important and you should be valued--not simply some
12:47 pm est 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Pier Corp

It appears the Pier Corp and the harbormaster have gotten too cozy. 
Now they are both protecting each other to save their 'arrangement'.  I don't
everything about what is going on, but when the town manager, assistant town
manager and finance director all recommend the Pier Corp be dissolved and it be
a town fund that tells me they must have seen stuff.  Otherwise why would they
want the headache?
9:37 pm est 

Affordable Housing Issue

The easiest thing to do is for the rich COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Owners to get
together and to set up a fund to buy buildings and set them aside to rent to
people in town.

They are keeping quiet but these folks own WHOLE COMPLEXES.

Together they can pool their monies and buy lots of housing in this town. LOTS

They have the money to buy housing for so many workers in town. Let them do it.
Every Commercial building is owned by someone.

There is heavy money in this town and they can easily buy up these houses with
apartments in them and rent out at a reduced rent. It is a tax write off--all
kinds of ways for them to do this and provide housing. But they don't want to
bother doing it--they want the taxpayers to do it.
4:37 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library

There are  many of us in town who were willing to let the Library
search committee do their job but since Laura Shabott and Matt Clark don't want
to follow the rules, perhaps we should get up a petition not to have him as
Library Director. He lacks many of the skills and qualities needed and we can
only hope the committee realizes how terrible it would be to compound the
mistake made even to have him as interim director.
2:01 pm est 

Shame on the Banner

Shame on the Banner for allowing Peter Brown to write a puff piece
about Matt Clark for Library Director. Are they now going to give equal space to
other applicants. This position might not require a Master of Library Science
degree bunt it does need someone with experience and knowledge and skill in
dealing with the public and the library staff. Matt Clark got his job at the
library because the previous librarian was incapable of fulfilling her duties
and the town manager allowed her to hire not one but two assistants to do her
work. There were several people in town capable and willing to get the $ 30,000
a year part time job but Clark got it with no experience .Organizing events is
no substitute for knowing how to run a library. It was poor judgement to appoint
him as interim librarian when there  were staff members with years of experience
who should have had the job.
2:00 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing


The town owns only so many buildings and only so much land. Is it fair to make
the taxpayers pay for things when buildings can be sold or land sold and that
money go to pay for them instead?

That is the issue--the more that goes to affordable housing that belongs to the
town means that the taxpayers have to make up for it out of their pockets.

Otherwise, buildings can be sold and the money go into the general fund etc etc.
The taxpayers bought the VFW and that was bought to house the police station-now
the affordable housing want it.

The taxpayers pay and pay and pay. Meanwhile the affordable housing contingent
takes money from the taxpayers to pay the salary of someone to keep track of
housing; they take money from the taxpayers to hire people to help other manage
their money, they spend the taxpayer's money to hire staff to find housemates
for people.

There are taxpayers who work in town at non Town Hall jobs, people who own
property and pay their taxes and raise families and they are barely making
it--and they see this money going to renters--some of these renters are here on
a lark--like the two men who moved from Province Landing back to Florida--they
were far from indigent if you ask me

I just don't see this as fair-raise money on the backs of taxpayers to support
people who rent here working only part time but who want to live here year
1:58 pm est 

Joe Coffee

Joe Coffee keeps denying that they're closed due to sale, yet the
property is listed with 3 Harbors Realty (the owner is listing it himself) and
its under contract.

Just admit it. We're going to find out eventually.

When he did this major renovation and applied for his license he made promised
to stay open year-round. What happened to that? 3 years now and he hasn't been
open year-round.
11:54 am est 


From what I've been told, there are issues regarding continuation. Why would I
bring this up if it wasn't obliquely mentioned to me when I asked about the
seemingly non-use of that property years ago?

I want to tread lightly here--I'm just saying, look at what the burn dump had to
go through--what is required at the parking lot remains to be seen.

The EPA will undoubtedly be stressing its requirements in the future.
11:46 am est 

Banner Should Apologize

Headline could have been: Provincetown Firefighters are Heroes Or
Grace Rizk Saved!

The firemen did fabulous and courageous work and never get enough credit. they
were hard working and dedicated and help save the other houses and Ciro and
Sal's that were so close to the Rizk house and studio. Mike Travato should be
given a medal for his hard work.

The Banner fails to reflect who we are and what is really happening here. Too
much time in Florida does not help understand Provincetown.

but on this headline, the Banner should apologize.
10:17 am est 

Duart's Parking Lot

He was a multi millionaire. He dressed as he did like a lowly work man, wearing
a uniform in a way, picking up the paper around the place--but he has a fortune.

With all of the property that he owns etc etc etc. He lived the life that he
wanted to live and enjoy. He wanted for nothing.
10:15 am est 

Re: Banner is Out of Touch!!

I agree, the Banner headline was insensitive and a disgrace.  We all
make mistakes, but that was inexcusable.
9:38 am est 

Pier Corp a Bad Joke
It is time to get rid of Rex and the Pier Corp.  Ask the asst. harbormasters why
some of the harbor regulations are not enforced, such as not ticketing some
people who haven't paid their mooring fees.  Last summer there were not a few
but many mooring balls without stickers and boats on those moorings without a
current town sticker.  The town has lost money by not collecting these fees. 
How is it that some people get mooring's behind the breakwater while others who
have been on the waiting list for years can't get a spot and are told there
isn't any more room for them?  If I sell my mooring to a person not on the
waiting list, all that person is buying is the ground tackel not the spot where
the mooring is located.  How many people were fined for not paying for their
moorings after the cut off date?  And this is just the tip of the iceberg of non
enforcement down there.  It's time for the town to take back the pier and put
someone incharge that will enforce the harbor regul!
ations fairly.
9:04 am est 

Re: Duart Parking Lot

There hasn't been a gas station there for over 30 years. Any issues are long in
the past and never has there been a question. It became a parking lot when the
previous owner woke up to reality and saw a huge cash income coming from the
property as a parking lot. Low, if any, maintenance, minimal employees needed
and rent out what does exist to locals that need space. Hold on to it for a long
time, even better than stocks, and the price WILL go up and that's what he did.
Too bad he didn't get to enjoy his investments to the fullest, passing away too
early in my opinion.
9:01 am est 

Banner is Out of Touch!!
The Person who Was and Is the Victim of This Fire is Grace Rizk

You would think that it was only her husband's art work that counted in this
awful fire. Please--what are they thinking at the Banner?? Art is the
victim??that is the headline. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Grace Rizk is
the victim and her well-being and her house. All of this is reduced to Ray
Rizk's paintings/ You obviously do not know Provincetown and do not know the
lives of those who are here.

For you, Grace is not a victim? she remains the person most affected and damaged
by this fire.

Time you know this town or fold the paper.
9:00 am est 

Provincetown Pier Corp

The Pier Corp is circling the wagons and going on the offensive.  I
use to think Duane and Mary Jo were over-reacting about the Pier, but I've heard
enough stories now to realize they were right.  Will the pier corp be able to
keep it all hidden?

Just the fact that their barge ended up crashed on the breakwater during the
last storm is a clue of the mis-management and incompetence out there.  From
what I hear there is a lot more evidence.
11:13 pm est 

Provincetown Scape

"Is this a new play? Are these actors in some newly discovered Arthur
Miller play? so it seems: unrealistic, full of fantasy signifying nothing."

Um. Hate to break it to you, but Arthur Miller is considered the father of
dramatic realism. You must mean Disney.
11:12 pm est 

Crystal Balls

"You can try to drag provincetown back to the past..."

I love these prediction posts. The language and thought is so towering, dire and
grandiose. Listen, people who have been around long enough, we're talking from
the 70s till now, have seen the Provincetown market fluctuate as much as the sea

Provincetown was red hot and then AIDS struck, then hot and the market crashed,
then mediocre, crash, and then out of sight.

I don't trust you or your crystal ball.
11:09 pm est 

It's a Choice
It's a mistake to generalize about second home owners and affordable housing
advocates. Everyone has their own story about how they ended up here, and theres
no need to demonize either group. No one drove up property values. Free markets
do that in a supply & demand economy, and in any capitalist country there will
always be winners and losers. Just because you may not be doing as well as youd
like, it serves no purpose in using a broad brush to paint absent property
owners as villains. I have friends who own property and work in town who leave
in the winter and collect unemployment, but I also have friends who dont own
property and do the same thing. Is one group better than the other? One group
may be financially better off, but you cant generalize about the property owners
My first visit to Provincetown was over 30 years ago, but I knew then I wanted
to live here at some point in my life. Unfortunately, even then, I wouldnt have
been able to find a stable, full-time, year-round job to support myself AND
afford to buy a property. I had to take the opportunities that presented
themselves when they did to provide for a more secure future. I stayed in Boston
were the opportunities were more plentiful, and I was able to save money to
afford to buy something here about 12 years ago. I lived in town full time after
I retired, and just recently bought a small place in Florida to spend the worst
of the winter. My primary residence is still in Provincetown. My contributions
to the town are purely financial: I pay property taxes that support the town. I
try not to complain about what I see as self-serving and self-righteous board
members who volunteer on the towns boards because I myself am not willing to
volunteer. Im not a bad person, I just dont have !
the thick skin for it. As far as Provincetown goes, Im a firm believer in no
good deed goes unpunished. (Thank you, mean, angry people.) To the earlier
comments about how mean-spirited the town has become, Id recommend you read the
book about Provincetown, Time and the Town by Mary Heaton Vorse written a
hundred years ago. Theres always been mean, angry people here. I just try to
avoid them.
Would I be considered evil if I felt I needed to maximize my finances by the
taking the opportunity of renting my place out during a couple of the weeks in
the high season? Im in my late 60s and the excitement of staying here for
Carnival and Bear Week are long gone. And I could use the money, even though
perhaps I already have more than you. I made different choices than you did, and
I made sacrifices in my 20s and 30s that maybe you didnt make.
I want the person who cuts my hair, and the person who rings up my groceries at
Stop & Shop, and the people who serve me my food in restaurants when Im feeling
wealthy enough to dine out to be able to live here. I wish they would have
bought property here when it was cheaper if they didnt, but maybe they werent in
any position to do so. I surely wasnt able to on my first visit here.
I totally agree with the previous posters view on the future of the town. It
will become even more expensive and more exclusive. But those people will always
need their hair cut, and their groceries, and their food served. So if you dont
mind living in that role for the rest of your lives, and then to end up with
very little when youre 65, stick around and line up for affordable housing
because things arent likely to get any better for you. But dont be angry about
it. Its just the choice youre making.
11:06 pm est 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Duart Parking Lot

There was a gas station there for years. I'm sure that the reason there could be
no shops there was because of the condition of the land and what the cost of
mitigation was. So it remained a parking lot and nothing more. Buyer beware.
8:56 pm est 

Let's Buy Ice Skates For All in Affordable Housing

It's time to play! It's time to skate to your future! You can thank DART for the
new ice, views of the sea and a lovely place to entertain yourselves.

Ice skates for one and all! Practice your ballet moves now and be ready for the
grand opening of the Provincetown Amusement Park and Ice Capades Rink.
8:55 pm est 

Spring Recital: Regaled With Vacation Stories

Just like the last 30 years or so..THE SPRING RECITAL. Soon it will happen
again, I will encounter the workers who return to Provincetown and they will
say,"How was your winter" they ask, as they glow with their winter tans and
stylish new clothes.

And then they will regale me with their Spring recital. They will say, I've just
returned from another winter in this south American country and their side trips
to this country and that.  Another talks about surfing in Hawaii. Another talks
about the Florida keys and the parties and another about Palm Springs and
another about their Asian Sojourn.

I've worked with these folks and heard all of the stories about their expensive
colognes and about their travels. And I smile.

Amazing what can be done with collecting unemployment via the internet and
direct deposit checks it seems.

However, then they cry about about affordable housing. And this and that and
Affordable Housing on and on and on and isn't Stable path ready yet and on and

Again they are stuck on the waiting list. How they will still collect until it
gets busy because they make the same amount without having to work. If you don't
think that this is true--they you live in a fool's world.
8:54 pm est 

Anti Housing .....

First they say that seasonal workers all go to Florida ,then they said south
America,now it's Hawaii. I wish.....
Stop and shop pays around $11 per hour ,with no benefits provided because we are
all kept under 40 hours.

Florida here I come!
10:02 am est 

Our Exclusive Destiny

You can try to drag provincetown back to the past; you can build the affordable
housing in the limited space available for a limited time, but Provincetown's
destiny is to become as exclusive as the Islands.

An old time regular old cottage on the Islands now goes for $800,000.00.  Our
Condos are a bargain and $385,000.00.

All of this will end. People look back at these mid 2015 prices in the years to
ahead and say what a bargain.

Believe me. If every person in their 60's knew what property was going for now,
they all would have bought property years ago, but rents were a song then.

That is why all of the hippies were able to come here and the youthful baby
boomers. People then saw how the town was evolving towards the islands. Now,
fate favors the property owner.

Yes, you can build Stable Path and squeeze in some teeny tiny homes hither and
yon, but the low income housing developments will be is designated areas in our
industrial zone of Shank Painter Rd or off the beaten path as its own special

They won't be scattered incognito among the regular neighbor hoods. However, you
will get your affordable housing. It will be affordable considering the prices
in 2025 when the next one is built--but it will be beyond the folks striving and
clamoring for it now, unfortunately.

They will have to leave just as others 20, 30 years ago had to leave when rents
became too expensive. Noting is stationary, like the flow of a river, new people
will be here just like the new River water that pass under a stationary bridge.
It is the same river, just not the same water that rushes under that bridge.

New people will populate this town it is the ebb and flow of life as we fulfill
our destiny of becoming as exclusive as the Islands.
10:00 am est 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dart and the Skating Rink and Magisterial Walk to the Sea

Is this a new play? Are these actors in some newly discovered Arthur Miller
play? so it seems: unrealistic, full of fantasy signifying nothing. OK a little
of Faulkner but all of it a fiction in search of facts.
10:41 pm est 

DART Meeting at 5:30 PM

Again, we have a town full of people demanding that the taxpayers build hundreds
of affordable housing units--but none of these people bother to go to these
meetings--and they are presented to the taxpayer with tears as thought it is a
life or death situation that we control.

I'm totally over it all. And don't talk to me about families can't make it--we
have units built for single individuals--I'm talking ABOUT THEM ..or are they
away in Hawaii with their unemploymen-check-funded vacations all winter?
8:22 pm est 

It's Not Justn About You

Second home owners who keep telling us lowly year rounders what
cry-babies we are and how you shouldn't have to pay extra taxes so we can have
an affordable place to live (since you've driven housing prices far beyond our
reach,) here's a question for you: If you consider yourselves such an important
and indispensable part of the community, then why not hire someone to shovel the
damn sidewalks in front of your precious second homes here in Provincetown while
you are enjoying sunny Acapulco, South Beach, etc., etc.?

Some of us still live here in the winter and would like to walk without slipping
on ice. That's what community means. We take care of each other. Not just
8:20 pm est 

Little Ant

"Yes, we do dislike you, yes we do resent the fact you have bought up over
70% of the available housing in our Town, and effectively drove us out."

Nobody drove anyone out of town by buying up properties.  The lack of a year
round economy did it.  Sensible people who could not sustain a family due to no
jobs, sold their homes and moved on to greener pastures.

Besides, if you've been driven out of town, then it is no longer "your" town
anyways. Is it?  It's too bad you didn't work year round and buy a place when
prices were a lot lower in the late seventies and early eighties like I did.

I had to scrimp and save and yes rent out some weeks in the summer to make it
work, but work it did, and work I did, full time, year round, sometimes two jobs
plus completed my secondary education all while working.

Excuse me if I don't want to spend my twilight years being driven out of town by
ever increasing taxes solely for the purpose of building housing for those who
CHOSE not to work hard for their own future.  I have no problem helping the
elderly or disabled but any able bodied person who chose the party life instead
of building and working for their own future, I say let them eat the cake the
baked for themselves.

This little ant worked while those grasshoppers partied.  They spent their time
enjoying the dance now it's time for them to pay the piper, not me!
8:06 pm est 

Please Post the Fund for Grace Rizk Here on Mypacc

I think we should all support this fund and those who can, contribute. would you
please post it?

To be 93 and to lose so much is devastating. Let's support Grace and help her
at this difficult time.
4:34 pm est 

Maintaining the Town

The taxpayers have a responsibility to maintain the town, to build a new police
station and a new DPW building. We have an obligation to ensure that municipal
services continue uninterrupted. We have an obligation to maintain our schools
and our infrastructure and pay the salaries of Town employees.

We have spent over $3,000,000.00 on land to be given away for affordable
housing. The taxpayers are paying tens of thousands of dollars in salaries to
people to find other people housemates and also hiring people to tell other
people how to manage their money.

$85,000.00 to have someone tell people how to manage their money because they
are spending too much money frivolously instead of making sure to cover their
necessary bills.

We are providing 10% affordable housing, but we are not required to subsidize
the housing of any one who moves here to live year round and who works only 5
months a year. It is just the way that I feel. My co-workers went to Palm
Springs or Key West to work in the winter or to their jobs where they live in
the winter: school teachers, school librarians etc.

Provincetown is located in the National Seashore surrounded by land that can't
be developed. This makes the real estate here precious. We have pristine
beaches. It is one of the most desirable places in the country to live. That is
why the cost of real estate is so high.

Imagine what the cost of property will be here when the eighty remaining
buildable lots are built upon. Imagine what the price of the last condo.

4:30 pm est 

Re: Second Home Owners -

"Yes, we do dislike you, yes we do resent the
fact you have bought up over 70% of
the available housing in our Town, and effectively drove us out. We dislike when
it comes time for you to pay for the services we have added just to take care of
your needs for a few months a year while you enjoy your parties and fine dining,
you whine even louder!. We are the people who make it all possible."

Excuse me but doesn't EVERY town offer year round services to those who pay Real
Estate taxes and own property in that town ?

And what's this "OUR Town" thing ?  Anyone who owns property here and pays tax
revenue can consider it THEIR town.

It is not you who "make it all possible" - it is a market driven economy that
you choose to participate in
2:26 pm est 

Great Job Provincetown Fire Dept!!!

But I just want to put it out there to those of you
posting pictures all over Facebook your at a fire not a
photo opportunity !!
11:45 pm est 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To Second Homeowners

To all of the second homeowners who have been whining about how badly
they are being treated by townspeople....
Yes, we do dislike you, yes we do resent the fact you have bought up over 70% of
the available housing in our Town, and effectively drove us out. We dislike when
it comes time for you to pay for the services we have added just to take care of
your needs for a few months a year while you enjoy your parties and fine dining,
you whine even louder!. We are the people who make it all possible. We are the
cops, the volunteer fire dept., the town workers, sanitation, water and roads.
We are the healthcare workers who treat you when there is a problem. We are the
waiters and bartenders and dishwashers. We are the core of this wonderland you
all enjoy, and we can't afford to live here because you have driven the prices
out of our reach.
And now, you blame us for wanting affordable housing. You ridicule us and blame
the problems of living here on us, the very people who make and have made this
possible for you to enjoy and entertain your friends. How many of you are in
Town now?? The town services are still here, and so are the expenses of
maintaining the town for you all. If we do not find a way to peacefully and
equitably solve the challenge of housing and affordability of the year-round
community now, you second-homeowner whiners can have it all to yourselves....see
how much that costs you! The dislike comes from the total ignorance of the
second homeowners to the problem in your front yards, and your refusal to
address them. And there are so many second-homeowners who have been a great part
5:30 pm est 

Who Our Town Manager MUST be

I want the town  manager to be someone who worked his way up in a firm from the
mail room to an executive position. I want him or her to have been a second home
owner at one time.

I want them to have worked every single thing that they have so he knows what
hard work is and can cast an honest eye on the affordable housing situation here
and who really deserves it. and the summer workers who want to live here year
round working 5 or so months a year.

I do NOT want a town manager born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth and is
all sympathy for the plight of the people who chose self-induced poverty and the
make the rest of us make up for it.

I want someone who is very smart and who comprehends all of the situations in
town and who can express them to everyone from the janitor to the board members
so they can grasp what the town should and should not do regarding affordable
12:46 pm est 

Enough is Enough


Yet again, more hate and more blame on the hapless Provincetown homeowners--why?
it is because they own property and can make money if they rent out an apartment
or condo or their house part of the year.

I blame the AFFORDABLE Housing Contingent for creating this US VS THEM
mentality. Who in their right mind would even rent to the people who have
spilling this hatred across the pages of Electronic media for the last five

Provincetown homeowners are to blame for suicides and drug addiction and the
cost of real estate and the high cost of restaurants--and here I thought that
being a law abiding citizen and paying my taxes and me an adult of
accomplishment was enhancing the community.

Little did I know that will of my positive qualities that I'm viewed by the
board of selectmen and the affordable housing people as the SPAWN of the
devil--who knew?

What you will know is that I'm not contributing another penny to anything in
this town. So I'll just tear up all of the solicitations I get for all of these
organizations is town.
12:44 pm est 

Self Induced Poverty

Caused by choosing to live in a summer resort where the Town Government is the
biggest employer in the town, where you work six months and collect unemployment
for the HIGHEST EARNING DECADES of your life (Please read again) and then cry
poverty and demand that the taxpayers use town land and tax payer money to
provide housing for you.

Tell me that this isn't true and that providing this housing isn't the end all
and be all of our current town governemt?

Look at the DART meeting--no residents clamoring for housing attended!

12:42 pm est 

Re: Very Nice Phrase

Self Induced Poverty--Have you moved here in the last ten years and
now crying poverty?

People are choosing to live in a summer resort, work only the summer months,
collect unemployment in the winter where they spend the winter with their toes
in the Hawaiian Islands or South America and then cry for affordable housing.

Meanwhile, someone who has worked and saved and managed to buy a piece of
Provincetown by buying a condo and thus have this place as a place that they can
call home-are denigrated and looked down upon and are painted villeins and are
allowed to be denigrated by the housing people and town Hall.

What a travesty that the self induced poverty choosers have gained the ear and
where with all of the town government. Just empty your pockets, taxpayers.

The established mantra of Provincetown,"What is mine is mine and what is yours
is mine too".

Oh, and you second home owners are now the cause of suicides and drug use too.
12:39 pm est 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Very Nice Phrase
Self-induced poverty. It is playing the game. work in the summer, collect
unemployment, travel to Puerto Rico and South beach, then cry about needing
affordable housing.

Self-induced poverty indeed!
9:29 pm est 

Does Anyone Know How Grace is Doing?

I can't imagine what she is experiencing with such a loss. It was her home and
her husband's for so many years. And how much has been lost?

If someone can report on how she is that would be most appreciated.
6:42 pm est 

Affordable Housing Scam


Watch the DART meeting and the only people there are all the people on town

Why isn't the place jammed with residents if there is such a hosing crisis in

Why, because they have people cowed and afraid to speak up against them so no
one feels that they need to attend these meetings.

Again, this is a town where people who live a life of self induced
poverty--living year round in summer resort and not working to earn money in the
winter-have control over the town finances via the board of Selectmen and all of
town hall.
6:39 pm est 

It is Late and They Are Still throwing Water on Grace's Home

It is almost midnight and then I see the water being poured down on Kiley court.
The embers must still be red and the danger still present. The risk to the
houses and to Ciro and Sal's is still too great.

I can only wish Grace some sense of peace in the midst of so much pain and loss.

12:18 am est 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

This is Tragic!

The white smoke billowed and then it billowed again. the fires roared and we are
so fortunate that Grace was saved and that many of the paintings of Romano Ritz
have also been saved. the house is now so damaged and we wait to see what is
left. The industrial lights glow on Bradford and we can only hope that all the
fire fighters from so many towns will not have to return.

This is sad and tragic.
8:53 pm est 

I am Upset at the Raging Fire...

...and the billows of white smoke coming from Kiley Court. I am glad that Grace 
has been rescued but what of the damage and the continued white billowing clouds
that ensued today? what is left of her house and Romano Ritz's studio and of his
important work? what is left of their house and how will she fair?

The fire trucks remain, the industrial lights continue to shine and we can only
hope that all fires are extinguished and that the damage and loss is not as
great as it appears to be.
8:52 pm est 

Stop Judging

Everyone stop complaining stop judging. Jus,t be happy.
8:50 pm est 

Dog Bite

"I want to know what happens if someones who bring there dog to work at
town hall bites a customer coming."

My guess would be that the police would be called and the person who did the
biting would likely be charged with a crime and terminated from his or her
position in town hall.
1:16 pm est 

So What Are They Going to Do?

When will we begin the process of getting a new and dynamic town manager?  what
is the BOs trying to do? Start the process, request resumes, interview and hire.
this is not rocket science boys and girls. what is happening? Where is the
leadership we need to get the leader we want?
12:44 pm est 

It is a Lovely Night

So quiet with snow flakes. This town is wonderful at this time of the year.
silence reigns and it is peaceful and contemplative. Truly a night of light
winds, open skies, and a winter beauty that awes.
11:42 pm est 

The Mind Boggles

I want to know what happens if someones who bring there dog to work at
town hall bites a customer coming.

The mind boggles, too many disturbing images
11:39 pm est 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Re: $3,000 Rent Increase.

I know both parties involved.

The guy is a great tenant.

The roof on the building needs to be replaced.

The owner doesn't understand that renting is a business where the long-term rent
pays for upkeep too, not just income for the owner.

The owner doesn't want to put out money from their bank account for the roof
repair, so they raise the rent to cover the cost.

True story.

Believe it or not.
2:32 pm est 



I'm appalled by the comments I've read over the years by tenants in this town.
Some know every housing law which means that they are problem tenants. They want
to twist and turn everything to their advantage..makes my skin crawl.

I've read their comments over the years on the face book pages lamblasting
landlords; stating how every apt. is a dump being rented for sky high prices etc
etc..well, I have a list of people not only to whom I won't rent, but I won't
even hire them to do any work for me.

There are people in this town who have ruined the year round rental situation
because they have trashed apartments. I know landlords who refuse to rent year
round. They have other conditions to under which they won't rent to anyone even

I see someone's names answering an ad I put out--I don't even respond to them.

There are no apartments to rent in this town because people don't want their
property ruined by the people who are doing the complaining.
9:55 am est 

Affordable Housing


The town of Provincetown is focusing all of its assets and personnel and turning
over its land and demanding taxpayer money to developers for affordable housing
while the denigration of the tax payers is at an all time high by the affordable
housing constituents.

Self induced poverty is heralded and applauded yet anyone who owns property or
who has real estate as a retirement investment is fair game to be penalized
because they decided to buy property rather than risk their savings in an
unstable market.


The crusaders of Affordable housing pillar and ridicule and insult a person who
makes serious and wise decisions with their money and is then subjected to the
ridicule of the affordable housing Establishment yet someone who makes poor
financial decisions and even needs the town to hire someone to watch their
spending is beyond reproach?
9:53 am est 

Bennet Pond

I remember going to Bennet's pond and ice skating. If you have a rink by the
parking lot, the wind will create an uneven surface, the snow will be piled on
the rink...we have Bennet Pond in Beech Forest and I've skated on that in the

who wants to skate exposed to the winds by the parking lot?
9:51 am est 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Skating Rink?!

Who is Proposing a Skating rink where the municipal parking lot
presently is?

What bizarre idea is this?

This is rather nuts. Plain and simple. A skating rink? This is going beyond
ridiculous. It is mad!

We need a new leader and fast. We need a town manager before this madness gets
even worse.
10:36 pm est 

Duarte' s Property

Hopefully market rate condos and not more affordable housing!  Enough of opening
up the flood gates to more free loaders.  This town has enough... but not this
time of year.  They are at their second homes in Florida.
10:35 pm est 

Summer Rent Increase

Someone just posted a need for a summer rental because the one he was renting
just increased by $3,000.00.

I wonder what happened for the increase: didn't want the guy again?

2. Wanted to get the market rate?

3. Tired of being lambasted by people who rent so if he is being painted with a
certain brush--he might as well get the money he may command.
10:33 pm est 

Re: Duarte's Property

Just pointing out the obvious here concerning the "sale" of Duarte
property, until a deed is filed at the Registry of Deeds office, no "sale" has
occurred. And as of 2:00 p.m. Friday, February 6, no deed has been recorded. It
may be under agreement to a purchaser, but no sale has occurred yet.
10:32 pm est 

Any Suicide is Tragic

How tragic that several people have committed suicide on Nantucket. It is sad
and no one knows how desperate another person is.

It is unconsioable for someone who was once on a board here lay the blame on the
doorstep of second home owners.

What next? Second homeowners are responsible for global warming and Earthquakes?

The constant, ubiquitous, scurrilous attacks upon property owners in
Provincetown is unconscionable.

How these leaders of the people involved with affordable housing can continuance
such a constant barrage of iniquity against faithful citizens who own property
here is beyond the pale.

These ruthless, denigration, scurrilous attacks on home owners is allowed to
continue with out a word from anyone in town hall or our board of
selectmen--their silence is deafening. And yet they take our money to subsidize
said housing.
10:30 pm est 


In Europe, students are taking exams and making plans for their summer in
Provincetown. One student isn't returning as he was accepted into Oxford.
Another is studying medicine in Germany.

They worked with a Provincetown guy in his 20s. They said that this Provincetown
guy spends his time in his strumming his guitar in his parents basement in the
winter. (one would think that this guy's parents would be alarmed since he
acknowledged to them he gets depressed)

He was the "manager" but left work early and didn't keep his word. The other
locals they met they considered losers--their words.

Just some words to let you know that there is life outside of Provincetown for
young people too.
10:27 pm est 

What's Going On?

I would like to know why the town let employess take equiopment home
to sand break up the ice at there house. Plus I hear this same person took
bulldozier home also once to his house in North Truro. I want to know what
happens if someones who bring there dog to work at town hall bites a customer
coming. A lot of things going on with the town that people don't even know
10:25 pm est 

Duarte's Property

I'm Not sure You are right about the Duarte's Property

It is in estate and I think it is more complicated than you think. What was is
not necessarily now.
10:23 pm est 

Property Sold Appears in the Banner

Just wait until the Banner comes out and go to the real estate section and read
what it says regarding recent transactions.

Does this make the neighborhood more expensive or less?
9:12 am est 

Duarte' s Property

The parking lot and the yellow building where the flower shop has been sold and
not to the town.

Word has it the family didn't want to sell to the town.

More condos on the way folks!
11:04 pm est 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Volunteers For the Fire Department

Look up volunteer in the dictionary and you will understand.
8:31 pm est 

Affordale Housing

You can't afford to Live Here--then leave

Or take out a loan. Or work in Florida during the winter and then work here in
the summer.

It is a scam. We do have affordable housing and let those who need it put their
name and wait in line.
6:43 pm est 

Volunteers For the Fire Department

Someone made a comment on one of the Facebook pages about a potential
future lack of volunteers for the Fire Department. Made me think of this
question. How many of the people currently in affordable housing are Fire
Department volunteers? There's a lot of very capable, able-bodied men in
affordable housing units around town. How many of them are stepping up to the
plate and pitching in with the Fire Department? How many of those clamoring for
more affordable housing are stepping forward? Or is it all just "give me this",
"give me that"? You want subsidized housing? You want to rely on unemployment? I
don't have an issue with helping to provide those things. But what are you
giving back in return? I'm tired of hearing about how we're not going to have a
volunteer F.D. when I know there are so many capable men in affordable housing
in this town.
6:40 pm est 

All Kinds of Housing

There are all kinds of housing talked about for three years now: the virtuous
circle of rich mega property owners buying properties that rent out at a
fraction of the cost

All kinds of developments on parking lots and teeny tiny houses and storage
containers turned into houses.

However the looming question of land..and of jobs.

At what point does town hall stop asking the taxpayers to buy land and give it
away? Why don't the developers with their vast holdings and huge rents that they
collect put their own money into buying houses and land?

I'm tired of being a sucker
4:49 pm est 

Empty Houses!

Since so many townies seem to have enough time to
complain about empty houses around Town, I hope everyone is taking notes on
which houses are empty. Look around Town during this time of year and see how
many of those empty houses are owned by so called "year 'rounders". Including
some of those with the loudest mouths! Hypocrites.
4:40 pm est 

The Contrast

People make poor choices. Coming to town with no assets and squeezing in with
friends is fine when you are twenty one years old, but to be an older person and
to be reduced to having to give up your privacy and get a roommate-this about
it--is this what you want your life to be?

I've had roommates with their obnoxious friends coming over, with not cleaning
up after themselves etc etc etc. Once you have someone in your home--you can't
get them out-legally.

I contrast this hearing from friends who are going to Europe and this place and
that place and they have their own home and they live by the water, but in a
town on the other side of the bridge.

Living in Provincetown with some discretionary income and not being a slave to
an impoverished life style means a lot--otherwsise, it just wears down the
spirit and adds so much stress. It is a sad commentary that with all of this
clamor for affordable housing it will be ten years before it can even be
completed. Province Landing took 15 years and Stable lane ten years.
3:13 pm est 

Don't Panic About Housing

I heard Truro is going to town meeting asking to change the bylaws and allow
year round condo living, currently only three season. Lots of new rentals in
Truro to be had.
12:18 pm est 

My How We've Changed

It seems to me that more has changed in ptown than I realized.
You have become a mean  spirited town,with no direction.
12:16 pm est 

Not Just Whining

It isn't the whining, it is the sense of entitlement. It is a former member of a
board telling people to take over the homes of people who aren't here in the

It is the call to stop people from going condo and telling them what to do with
their property.

It is diverting all of the monies necessary for other projects into affordable
housing, hiring people and paying them big salaries to keep track of housing,
finding people roommates and how to manage their money.

This all increases our taxes..and then they sneak off to warmer climates in the
12:15 pm est 

It's Crazy

I am so sick of listening to people whine about can't afford to live
here, people take a look at all the so called low income housing we have. It's
half filled with illegal immigrants and the other half is filled with people who
are out walking there full bred dogs and driving there cars,   You can't afford
to live but tell ne how do you afford gas, dog food, vet bills.   I'll tell you.
We are paying your health insurance, your food.     It's crazy.
9:59 am est 

You Want to Live Here

Then either pay rent, buy a house or leave. It is that simply. I am tired of
those who think we should be paying for them--whoever they are--to live here. I
am fed up.

If you don't have the money to live here--then move out. Plain and simple. this
is not charity. this is not orphans. time to face the facts. time to leave.
9:55 am est 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Might as Well go For the Big Game


Just go to town meeting and hear the pleas dealing with people who can't pay
their rents. I don't know what the answer is about the housing situation. There
are laws that allow people to do what they wish their property.

If I had condos,I'd want them to be luxury condos and get the big bucks and
enjoy life.

What I don't understand is why these rich commercial property owners with all of
the commercial and guest houses that they own, why don't they all cash one in
and buy up houses and then rent them out to people?

I know landlords who do forgive rents when the business owner can't pay the full
rent. I know people who have written checks to bail out organizations in town.

They are very quiet about it--these are our heroes and heroines.

I'm just waiting for all of the folks who talked about building apartments and
the virtuous circle folks who want to create housing for everyone all through
town to make some plans is just the same talk.

Now go to town meeting and remember that you can submit an article if you just
get 10 people to sign it. Lets see some fireworks. Insert an article taking over
a bunch of houses in town. Insert one that demands that anyone who rents out two
apartments must make one affordable.--and they must throw in a car and an all
expense paid trip to Tahiti..Might as well go for the big game : )
10:18 pm est 

Fun in the Sun


Stating the obvious truth about the work situation in Provincetown; the life of
poverty that you chose for yourself and then rail against the town for not
supporting you or giving you the housing you want isn't Hate--it is just stating
the truth.

Now that so many people have aged and will eventually have to step out of the
work force, they are looking around and they see that they have no assets and
that they have to rely on the kindness of The taxpayers at town meeting.

However, bad planning on your part does not create an emergency bail out on the
town's part, the taxpayers part or the town government's part.

Province Landing never claimed that it would be affordable for every person in
town. Listen to the grousing of Province Landing..and then we will hear it from
Stable Path and then from all of the other housing developments as it turns in
to cacophony of bitterness over not having granite counter tops, zero temp
fridges, apartments where you hear your neighbor's toilet flush, their alarms go
off etc etc.

You have choices people and what I see these postings doing is reminding them
that we all see the situation in town and we see that it is self imposed.

Your highest earning years were spent here and unemployment and now you are
bitter and angry about people who own property here. This is the truth. I've
worked with people and I heard this for decades from different people.

I'm not some trust fund baby, I worked hard as hell and sacrificed and now a
woman was telling people to take over other people's home and other people want
homeowners to give up their homes in the winter to the disenfranchised.

I could tell you horror stories about winter rentals..and so can my neighbors.

Keep your blinders on and when you wake up and say Were did the years go--and is
this all that I'm getting from social security--remember the fun in the sun you
had in provincetown  and see if it compares to how you are living now.
10:14 pm est 

Ignorance Is Bliss!

What is it about this blog that it draws so many haters?
The same people who put up posts about the Trevor's project or lost puppies or
some injustice in the world don't understand what makes people reliant on drugs
or depressed. It happens for many reasons, when their family rejects them for
being gay, if they were raped or molested before, etc. my favorite post is the
person who doesn't want to help out his fellow man because of the "choices" they
made- you think they sat down one day and said "I think I'll be depressed? Or a
drug addict?" Did the poster sit down one day decide to be ignorant?
6:27 pm est 

Be Careful of What You Ask For


Well, my friends, let say that we build all of this housing. All of these people
approaching middle age get their apartments--then what? When does the next
generation get the chance.

All of these people demanding apartments are around forty years and older...In
five, ten years you have a winter community of people fifty years old and
older--are they going to keep the Winter economy zipping along?

Ah, the unintended consequences..keep this in mind. What a call to arms there is
regarding this town meeting and getting the affordable housing agenda passed.

Remember, consider the unintended consequences....
6:26 pm est 

We're All Heros

They are just doing their jobs. Snow plowing (sometimes plowing you in
again), policing, shoveling,clearing drains etc. Why are they elevated to hero
status for doing the work they are paid to do? So they work overtime during
extraordinary circumstances. So do a lot of people, administrators with a
deadline, business ppl with hundreds of clients to serve, those running shelters
for the homeless or helping those leaving situations of domestic violence. We're
all heroes. Geeze.
6:09 pm est 

Thank You!

"Underworked & overpaid" is a mistaken description by a previous
poster by my view! It would be more correct to say " Overworked & under paid" is
the reason most can't live here to pay the excessive rents that Landlords
command for inadequate places! take a trip through the current Police Station if
you want to see deplorable conditions! I was mortified & glad that the Town
hasn't been sued yet! We're all totally irresponsible to expect people to work
there! the building doesn't owe us - it was used almost 40 years for purposes
that it was never intended! P.P.D. Should be commended to "make do" for too
long! Duate property would be ideal for a new Police Station. V.F.W. for
affordable housing property that would be really affordable for local workers
here - not the kind built by Developers that are not affordable to any workers
here. The D.P.W. also need better conditions & work facilities! They,too,have
worked under deplorable building constraints that some of you!
  complainers would ever do! Their 1st commitment during this blizzard was to
unclog drains for drainage to eliminate flooding? They did a yeoman's job under
blizzard circumstances!  Applaud the Police working double shifts to shuttle
people & the D.P.W. for exhausting work & the Officials that guided them! THANK
YOU All!
11:44 am est 

You Just Missed the Point

My brother's keeper has nothing to do with the DPW. It has to do with all of us
supporting more and more affordable housing. Enough already. Face reality. there
is no one here in the winter and few late fall and few early spring. We do not
need more affordable housing but more jobs. but there are not enough people
living here in the winter to have these jobs. Think differently for a change
instead of going round and round in crazy thinking circles.
10:52 am est 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Fault is Not in the Stars But in Our Selves


Older men without living paycheck to paycheck, supporting drug dealers as they
feed their habit are committing suicide.

The are caught in a web of poverty and substance abuse and a woman from our town
puts the blame on second homeowners.

What kind of perverse thinking is that? I have tried to help someone and the
police have tried to help this same individual--all to no avail because he won't
put himself in a hospital. And he is much younger.

No one can force another person to seek help. I've seen with my own eyes how
insidious this drug culture can be--and the ruin that it causes...but no one can
do anything about it.

The police can't arrest someone if they can't catch them doing anything--even
when go to them with evidence. oh well, and here life goes on in our little
village by the sea.
10:46 pm est 

Re: Not My Brother's Keeper

You may not be your brothers keeper but you surely are cray-cray.I
mean,what brother (hypothetically speaking) is keeping the DPW from removing
snow? You need a surfing vaca in the tropics pal.
9:59 pm est 

Not My Brother's Nor My Sister's Keeper

Exactly--I am Not My Brother's nor My Sister's Keeper

You are on the mark! this is so true and missed by those who want to close their
eyes to the truth. There is a stark reality to this town and it needs to be
9:56 pm est 

Town Meeting Will Decide

Town meeting will decide where the money goes. It depends on who shows up and
votes to spend the taxpayer's money.

Unfortunately, everything is geared towards the affordable housing issue. I
guess that we are lucky to have any money for the school much less trying to
improve anything in town.

They have taken away money to pay the salary of a worthy town manager, what is
next on the agenda? the municipal parking lot? the playgrounds? Any and all open
4:04 pm est 

Re: I'm Not My Brother's Keeper


This gets to the heart of the matter: what are the municipal needs of the town
that benefit all of the residents--and what are the housing needs that truly
need to be addressed?

What are the year round, viable job opportunities in this town?

Anyone who has moved here within the last five years and ist at the start or in
the middle of their peak earning years and rents and works summers only--you
know what the economic consequences of your actions will be--poverty.

Why is bad planning on your part and emergency on the town's part?
2:53 pm est 

DPW vs Police

Snow Plow. Again it floors me to listen to ignorant people thinking
that shoveling and plowing snow is easy and pays a lot.  What do think that
those trucks run on air and the plows and sanders grow out the front and on the
back of these vehicles. How about the salt & sand they have to pay for as well
as the abuse the vehicles take doing this kind of work. How about the insurance
and the up keep. Why don't you people that think it's so easy and you get paid
so much try staying up for days on end and get your own equipment. Know you gets
paid a lot for doing very little and wants extra and praise just for doing their
jobs, POLICE that's who!!! They want an 8 million dollar building with all the
bells,whistles and luxuries for doing very little for most of the people in our
town. I want to know why ever since the joint complex  venture got shot down for
the DPW, PPD there has been no talk or money given to the DPW for their vehicles
or for the deplorable building and!
  conditions they have been working in ever since I can remember. On the other
side at town and selectmen meeting I constantly hear talk of a new police
station and more money for the police. What the F is wrong with our leaders
priorities in this town why do we cater to these  already under worked over paid
debutantes and their constant whining for more and better. Most of these people
don't even live or pay taxes in this town but constantly have their hands out.
2:51 pm est 

I'm Not My Brother's Keeper

Im not my Brothers keeper-when the CHOICE is theirs

I am not my brothers keeper when my brother deliberately chooses to live in a
summer resort town where the majority of businesses close in the winter and who
chooses to work only the summer months while demanding affordable, taxpayer
provided (through town meeting) year round housing at a price he can pay. (Town
funded means taxpayer funded)

I am not my brothers keeper when he DELIBERATELY spends his most productive
EARNING YEARS-Y-E-A-R-S--working part time during the year at a summer resort
and going on unemployment and sometimes traveling to sunny exotic places from
South America to Hawaiiin the winter and then, when older, demanding the town
ignore every other need of the citizens of the town to provide my brother with

Im not my brothers keeper when our community needs to build decent, safe, clean
and functioning buildings for our workers while my brother clamors for jobs and
yet refuses to grant our hard working civil servants and our DPW workers the
right to work in proper buildings that they need FOR THEIR JOBS.

Im not my brothers keeper when he vilifies homeowners who have struggled to buy
their homes or condo who struggle, work and save to own a piece of provincetown
through their hard work and diligence and sacrifice.

Im not my brothers keeper when he demands that HE has the right to demand that
people control their property the way that HE wants to control it. To Demand
that property owners either live here year round or require them to rent it out
to strangers in the winter; forbidding summer only rentals or weekly rentals.

Im not my brothers keeper when they want to unfairly tax property owners and
deny property owners the right to turn their apartments into condos--and then
demand that they make a unit or units an affordable unit.

This is still a free country. You may take over town government and kick us to
the curb, but town meeting determines what and who gets fundedand then it goes
to the Attorney General to determine its legality.

12:37 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

You Could Housing for 300 People

but there are  no jobs. they would be living here and then what? they would be
leaving their affordable housing units--like many do--and traveling south or
going to Vieques or Brazil. this is what happens and it would be even worse with
more affordable housing. No one is here and the town is closed. It is a tourist
town. Stand in line for more wonderful choices at 90 Shannkpainter road. We
created that so those who want affordable housing to put their name there--and
then Ted Malone's project at Nelson Stables.
12:34 pm est 

Re: Snow Removal

My take on the snow plow's their freaking JOB. It is what
they are paid to do and get paid a lot of money at that. I would hope with the
amount of money they make, they should do a "good" job. Why are people so
sensitive about congratulating them on what they are supposed to be doing???
They are not celebrities , just people who plow snow. Whoopdy doo.
9:46 am est 

Re: Soup Kitchen

"The understanding that you have is very different than that of many
of us who make donations.  I did not know that my donation was going towards a
social club."

Maybe if you stopped being so angry and judgmental you might understand that
physical hunger is not the only kind. Maybe you have never experienced the
hunger for interaction with the other members of the community. 

Be nice.
9:44 am est 

Snow Removal

I still have several feet of plowed up snow in front of my driveway
and cant get out nor can I seem to get any action on having it removed. Do I
have to wait till spring? I'm in my 70's and even if I could shovel where would
I put the snow?
9:41 am est 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Soup Kitchen

The Soup kitchen as far as my understanding is supposed to be a communal place,
where people who live here, some who contribute financially to the "pot" and
some who out of need "take" from the pot, share from the "pot".

The understanding that you have is very different than that of many of us who
make donations.  I did not know that my donation was going towards a social
club.  The mission of the Soup Kitchen should be made known to ALL who donate. 
It sounds like if we are donating to help the needed, it is not necessary as
there is plenty of food left over to take home and the individuals who eat there
and pay, more than make up for the people who are not able to donate.  Based on
your post, the message I received is stop donating because your contribution is
not needed or wanted.  Maybe the mission of the Soup Kitchen should be the "Off
Season Social Club".  Members can hold fund raisers throughout the year to
support a meeting place where all are welcome for a free meal no matter what
your financial status is.
1:50 pm est 

Re: Snow Removal

I can't beleive the ignorance of some people dating
that the DPW did a less than stellar job with cleaning up or streets. First of
all I am not a town worker nor is any family member of mine so I have no steaks
in this besides being a lifer in town as well as generations upon generations of
family that have lived and made this town prosper. To read that some people had
a problem with snow piling up during a blizzard that dropped some 2 ft of snow
in 30 hrs is ludicrous. They obviously had the same problem that everybody else
did that was shoveling out their own driveways, a lot of snow and no place to
put it, DUH! The question I have to you na-sayers was the pile of snow there two
days later after the workers had a chance to clear it out? Let us not forget the
govener declared a State of Emergency because of this storm so obviously this
was not just business as usual for our DPW. Once again I thank and congratulate
our DPW workers and the truck drivers from neighboring towns on a job well done.
These men and women stayed up for three day to clear our streets so we could go
to work and travel our streets safely.

1:48 pm est 


What's even worse is when you spend hours shoveling your vehicle out and they
come by again and plow you in again. A little consideration is appreciated.
Can't they continue to run the plow by the driveways that have already been
shoveled out instead of plowing us in again. Some of us aren't that young
anymore and the first time around shoveling is exhausting.
1:06 pm est 

Re: DPW - Bad Job Snow Removal

DPW has done an awful job plowing. Never in my 20 years of living here
have I seen such a bad job. I live in a neighborhood that has the mailboxes
gathered together and we usually shovel them out but this last storm the plows
put the snow in front of the boxes and created an 8 foot mound of snow imposible
to shovel out. I talked to our mailman and he agreed it was terrible all over
town. Bradford St. is also a mess.
12:14 am est 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Soup Kitchen

The Soup kitchen as far as my understanding is supposed to be a communal place,
where people who live here, some who contribute financially to the "pot" and
some who out of need "take" from the pot, share from the "pot".
It is my understanding that there is always an abundance of paid for food,
enough so that those in need are able to eat, and take home a doggy bag.
So what is the problem, everyone eats...
4:21 pm est 

Re: Police Station

No we don't want every penny to go toward housing! It's
not housing vs Police station it's the needs of the many out eating the needs of
the few. It's respecting the wishes of the tax payers and the voters who pay for
everything in this town. We have made it clear time and time again NO NEW POLICE
TAJ MAHAL!!! The DPW is in much more need of new felicities and it's workers
much more deserving of it! Just look at want they did for this town during and
after the blizzard. My family has been in this town since the 1700's and I
believe still owns the single biggest tract of land in our town so I'm not
speaking as some wash ashore or Johnny come lately looking for a free ride when
I say, We simply do not need or want a new police station for an already over
paid senior staff in our town that do not even live in our town and who does not
show respect for many of the tax payers. For those officers that are not happy
with the pay or the accomadations that this town provides for their police they are
free to go somewhere else!
2:21 pm est 

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!

but where is our press! where are the stories about the Patriots! Even the
Huffington post has the Sea Hawks one win away from history. this is something
quite wrong about the coverage and I believe the ball issue was created to
detract, alter the coverage, and hurt the Patriots.

I say: Go, patriots! On to Victory! Your skills and talent will be key in
today's victory!
11:28 am est 

Affordable Housing vs Police Station


It is this attitude by the ignorant people who want nothing but every penny and
piece of town owned property to go to affordable housing that is turning people
against the affordable housing bullies.

The Town Planner, the $100,000.00 positions funded by the taxpayers big bucks
paid to people in town held jobs to find roommates for people or to show them
how to manage their money that.

Meanwhile, we have a nearly condemned building for our town workers. Every year
we put this off it gets more expensive.

NO MORE MONEY No more time and energy devoted to the affordable housing bullies.
Lets complete what needs to be done to these men and women who work here first.

All these people clamoring for affordable housing seem to find a way to be
living here for years while waiting for their housing subsidy--doesn't that tell
you something?
9:51 am est 

Je Suis Kenji Goto

How sad. How tragic. Here is a reporter who has carried the truth and they have
killed him. another ISIS tragedy.

Je Suis Kenji Goto!!
9:40 am est 

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