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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thank You Sharon

We have to thank Sharon Lynn for recruiting, hiring and poorly
supervising that guy that passed for a Police Chief.
10:00 pm est 

Re: Jeff Jaran - Seen

"She shmooshes in circles of those at OysterHarbors."

Let's all hope then that he can soon join her in the "schmooching" at that place
surrounded by gates - the sooner, the better.
9:19 pm est 

Re: Jeff Jaran - Seen
"They were compiling their list of who would be deposed
on court on a paper cocktail napkin..."

Aaaaaah...the paper cocktail napkin thingy again...
9:17 pm est 

Re: Marcum Report

To one and all,

I'd like your feedback on the following issue:

The Marcum Report states, and I quote: "The issues that occurred over seven
months ago could have been addressed much earlier individually."

So my question to you is:
Who's fault is it that the incidents weren't addressed as each of them came up?
8:57 pm est 

Re: Marcum Report

Aside from what he report tells us, even if the chief somehow slides by the
reprimand due to him from the acting TM or the selectmen, how can he go back to
a department that has no faith in him? They stepped out and turned on him
(rightfully so) and now how can he come back and lead? Even if the report shows
what he did isn't criminal, he still can't work here. He too should do the right
thing and resign on his own. He's screwed either way he looks at it.
8:55 pm est 

Re: Where are the Appendices and Exhibits

And Who Are You? You weren't Promised Anything

Get the emails yourself. request them and the analysis. You don't need
anyone lese. Have at it!
8:52 pm est 

Jeff Jaran - Seen

Saw your chief and beautiful girlfriend at a really nice midCape
restaurant sitting with at least three attorneys. Dom Perignon was flowing,
toasting to termination. They were compiling their list of who would be deposed
on court on a paper cocktail napkin, laughing the whole way. Look for this case
to move out of your messed up little town where your chief will be vindicated
with back pay plus damages. Mark my words, on this date, that in the end,
Provincetown taxpayers will pay more than if they simply had reinstated him or
even paid out his remaining contract. Jaran's contract is ironclad. And they
know it.

By the way, I've known Kim for over two decades. Do you remember the Captain
Lyslander Inn? - hers along with her family. Direct Mayflower Descendants - blue
blood money. She has a ton more money than your Chief. She shmooshes in circles
of those at OysterHarbors. Can you say trust fund baby? Good luck Provincetown.
8:50 pm est 

Austin Knight

Forget about him resigning or being recalled. Wrap up everything that concerns
him In the report and anything  else pertinent  to his illegal actions, send it
to the attorney general, and get him arrested!
3:48 pm est 

If Austin Resigns

Mr. Richter was victim of the election chicanery. Isn't he the logical
appointee assuming he would want it.
1:39 pm est 

Re: Where are the Appendices and Exhibits

Never mind that, where are the emails we were promised.  I want to see what the
hub bub was all about and I don't have an extra $3000.00 laying around to get
them myself.

If there was nothing in them worth reporting on just say so and be done with it. 
We faithfull readers were promised a report on the emails by the week of
November 18th.  The webmaster himself posted that promise although I see his
promise has been removed.

If you keep delaying on your promise are you any better than those you accused
of stonewalling the request to get them in the first place?

Webmaster Comment: The work is on going and will be presented when complete. The dots are complex and interwoven. However, the work is being done and nearing conclusion. We apologize for our underestimating the required task.
The Marcum Report appendices and exhibits play a critical roll and as yet
they have not been published.

Patience is a virtue.
12:35 pm est 

If Austin Resigns

If Austin Resigns--Instead of a Recall--Here's the Problem

If he resigns, it is up to the remaining selectman whether or not to hold an
election. they could leave the seat open and we would be facing a two to two tie
that leads nowhere. Nothing would pass and that would be like that until may. We
need change and action that is good for the town.

Recalling is not that difficult when you have all this instability, all these
questions and a town that is not working well. And you have the Marcum Report on
illegal election activity, as well the Koumanelis report which shows threats to
those who refused to put up Austin Knight signs and take down Donegan and
Richter signs.

Enough. Recall. It takes 50 notarized signatures and then it sets in motion a
petition with 200 signatures requesting a recall. This can be done in three
weeks, even with the holidays.

It would make Holly folly really Holly folly!

12:20 pm est 

Birds of a Feather

Mr. Knight and Mr. Jaran, to be succinct, were caught breaking voting

Did the two of them do more than what we now know?
12:17 pm est 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Prospective Job Opportunity

Jaran should apply in Rehoboth.  There's an opening there, and his
would be boss already thinks the world of him.
10:52 pm est 

Nothing Heard From Hurd

For me one of the best things to come out of this whole police chief
scandal thing is that his girlfriend has stopped spouting off all over fb. OMG
was she insane.
10:50 pm est 

Re: Marcum Report

"In a nutshell, our current Provincetown Chief of Police has exhibited
a consistent and not diminishing pattern of abuse of power by virtue of the
position he now holds.  He has violated the oath he took when he was sworn in."

What's damning for his prospects of continued employment with us is that there
are several instances of abuse of power.  Only one...a little figurative at on
the top of his head while directing him not to do it again...but either his
supervisor never did this, or if she did, he was insubordinate, and refused to
follow her directive(s).

Because of his actions, we have spent tons of money in legal defenses, legal
settlements...costs that wouldn't have been incurred if it was a police chief
whose actions wouldn't have triggered the legal course of action we are now
10:43 pm est 

Rehoboth Update - Sharon Lynn

Here's the most recent article on our not-soon-enough-to-be our Former
Town Manager:
10:15 pm est 

Austin Knight

Austin should be asked to resign.  With his track record of misdeeds he has no
right to be makkng decisions that may affect our town.  The man lost all of his
credibility when he did what he did during the last election.  Obviously he is
not a person of honor.  He needs to go!
10:07 pm est 

Sharon Lynn

If, indeed Sharon Lynn did resign, then she should not
and can not, legally take part in any official town business (such as deciding
the fate of the police chief, and if he should or should not continue to be paid
by us tax payers.
10:03 pm est 

Austin Knight

Did you truly say that you didn't know that the police were distributing you
elect signs? Did you really,really, really say that. Does that mean that you
weren't able work that little item out in your mind? Could it be that the puppet
master was setting you up for a fall? Why o why didn't she warn you? Here you
are caught in a federal trap. Will she at least pay for your legal defense? You
do know that almost everyone in town knew about your signs being in the police
station. Why didn't the police chief inform you? In fact I'll bet the whole
cabal inner circle knew about your signs. Why did they leave you out to hang?
How come we all saw a picture of your signs in a identifiable room in the police
station. You still had no clue? Maybe the entire cabal missed also since not one
of them called to advise you to run for them thar hills! Should I have called
10:02 pm est 

Re: Marcum Report

"In a nutshell, our current Provincetown Chief of Police has exhibited
a consistent and not diminishing pattern of abuse of power by virtue of the
position he now holds.  He has violated the oath he took when he was sworn in."

In your comments on Thursday, November 28, at 10:06 PM, you only commented on
those charges included in the Marcum Report.

Let's not forget the other charges that weren't included, but are being
addressed by our legal system:

1.  The Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit - Who can forget Jaran's height if
enlightment and eloquence:  "Hey, Andrea, your stripper pole arrived."
2.  The Koumanides' Texts - "The Chief says..."
3.  The Union's written accusation that he enforced disciplinary action iin his
Department nconsistently.

Not a pretty picture, is it?  The more I think about it, the more embarrassed I
feel that this man was our Police Chief.
9:58 pm est 

Austin Knight:

I still recall when Austin Knight was working for the
person that owns the building at masonic place and the one on Bradford street 
(Dixie's old home) and said he knew nothing about what was going on at either
place.   There is an eye witness that saw Austin Knight work on both properties.  
He lies, he lies, he lies.  And he is our chair of the BOS?
9:55 pm est 

Re: Marcum Report

9:51 pm est 

Thoughts on Mr Austin Knight

There has been plenty of online discussion this week about Austin's seat on the
Board of Selectmen.Many people would like him off the Board, but have
reservations about subjecting the Town to a recall in the middle of winter.

He has clearly demonstrated he does not have the ethics necessary. He doesn't
know what a conflict of interest is. He doesn't know what the Open Meeting Law
is. He thinks its ok to involve the Police Department in his campaign.

One solution? Convince him to resign.

I would suggest that  folks send him letters requesting his resignation, copied
to the board of selectmen and the press, and/or attend Board meetings and
request his resignation during Public Statements. At some point, perhaps if we
are lucky, he will get the hint. If you see him in person, help him understand
his options: Leave now on his own terms. If not, recall.

Slippery Clam
9:50 pm est 

Jeff Jaran - Hearing

The Personnel Committee has no real say in any disciplinary
proceedings regarding the police chief (sorry Tina).  Any disciplinary
proceedings are handled by BOS and any appeal goes to arbitration.
9:47 pm est 

Jaran Apology?

There will be no apology because he did nothing wrong.

Having dated a cop, I know. There's far more than a bullet that separates them
from madness and the masses.

Once you get into the mind of a cop, you begin to understand the misguided
psyche that surrounds their brain. Trust me, it's a painful process.

A member of the rescue squad once said of the police officer I dated, "He's the
most despressed person I know." That was in 2003, and he's still on the force.

It's not about you; it's all about them.
9:44 pm est 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Re: Marcum Report

Thanks and finally some analysis of the Marcum Report

Thanks for analyzing the Marcum Report. I have been waiting for someone to
provide some understanding of what Rudewicz presented to us.

I'm so glad you are the first to help us understand the data and investigations
that Rudewicz did.

Yes we have the report but we4 need others to give us their report on the

10:43 pm est 

Austin Knight - Recall

Recall = Good idea, when it's someone who broke the election campaign
laws in a way never done before in Provincetown
10:29 pm est 

Recall of Austin Knight

There is only one real and actionable solution: Recall of Austin

It will work. forget the past. This is a different present and it is ugly. He
needs to go and we should boot him out and NOW.
10:28 pm est 

Jaran Still on the Dole

Almost, former Police Chief Jaran should apply for South Central LA,
Chicago, or NYC, his style of heavy handed policing would be welcome.
He needs to resign or we need to terminate IMMEDIATELY, it is absurd he is still
being paid by the taxpayers hard earned money!

Reminder, to all town employee's we pay your salaries.
10:26 pm est 

Here You Go Again!

Ms. Cyberbulling Labeler: when you post, when you defend Jeff Jaran, when you
say the Pig incident was resolved--when it never was--when you attack a small
group for continuing the dialogue--we know it is you again.

Dear Webmaster, please get this woman off this blog. She was the one who worked
to undermine this blog. Now let her speak to herself in her own mirror-- with
references to Dorian Grey!
10:23 pm est 

Jeff Jaran Hearing

There must be no hearing with BOS. It's the Personnel Board that he
has to face, based on the Town Charter.
10:20 pm est 

Re: Jaran Apology?

"Give up on that...  Jaran will never apologize..  He doesn't even
apologize to his own employees....."

You're right!  The investigator described his behavior at the Squealing Pig, as
getting his face real close to the person he was directing his anger towards.
He used to do exactly the same with the staff.  That and his
glaring...sophomoric, rudimentary FBI 101 gimmicks.  LOL
10:16 pm est 

Re: Flaws in the Marcum Report

Wow...was that    replying to the "flaws " in the Marcum report?
Sure the pig employees /owner apologised to the tm and chief.
You would too if your job /business depended on it. It happened
at the beginning of the season...just imagine if they didn't.

So   ...go away and take Austen with you.
10:13 pm est 

Was Sharon Intimidated by Jaran?

How come Sharon was so quick to undertake two investigations of our
Harbormaster, and yet, had to be directed, after months of unsuccessful requests
by many in the community, to investigate Jeff?

Does she feel intimidated by him?
10:10 pm est 

Re: Marcum Report

Here's my take on the report.  The employee that was investigated was
found to have abused, or attempted unsuccessfully to abuse his position by:

1.  Attempting to influence those he hired and supervised to vote for the
current Chair of our Board of Selectmen.
2.  Redirecting local public safety time and personnel to the attention to
influence the last town election outcome, in town government property.
3.  Attempting, aided by a then resident, to quell dissenting opinions expressed
in a social media website, including the submission of a letter, and the use of
a town Committe and a police staff member to attain his goal.
4.  The directing of town public safety personnel under his supervision to visit
and request identification of all employees and patrons at a local business who
were present when a song was played that he didn't like.

In a nutshell, our current Provincetown Chief of Police has exhibited a
consistent and not diminishing pattern of abuse of power by virtue of the
position he now holds.  He has violated the oath he took when he was sworn in.
10:06 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Why Are We Still Paying Jaran?

Unclear why JJ needs to be paid during all of his suspension.  $27,000
for doing nothing is a nice piece of change...on the other hand, it's better
than continuing to do the damage that he was doing.
11:14 am est 

Sad Joke

"What a sad, wasteful joke."

Well said!  EXACTLY how I feel about Jeff Jaran and his Chief Enabler, Sharon
Lynn, both are a sad, wasteful joke.
11:10 am est 

Jaran Apology?

Give up on that...  Jaran will never apologize..  He doesn't even apologize to
his own employees.....
11:08 am est 

Thoughts on Recall

Use your heads folks.  Recalls seldom are successful.  What happens is
you create a victim who people will then come out to support.

Recall = Bad idea
9:58 am est 

Re: Good Knight Austin!!

Sharon is gone, Jaran will soon gone and now, to clear the decks and in the spirit
of doing what is right for ther town, RESIGN AUSTIN. RESIGN NOW!!! The only way
the town can move forward in a completely clean and positive manner is with a
clean slate. No lawsuits, no buddy buddy system, no infractions against state
and town regulations, no issues whatso ever. Get off of the board and let the

Leave now.
9:58 am est 

Re: Flaws in the Marcum Report

Re: "The report's conclusion, that all recipients of the angry tirade
by the Police Chief at the Squealing Pig, including the IDing of patrons and
employees, we're okay with everything, and that apologies had gone all the way
around, so all was forgiven, is odd."

Odd? Well, I guess you are entitled to your opinion. However, I and many others
have been saying all along that the matter was settled the following day and all
the involved parties had made peace. The report tends to agree, pointing out
that this whole business was a smear campaign concocted by a few citizens that
snowballed, grew way out of control and has ended up costing our town a small

RE: There's evidence that the Squealing Pig's bartenders and owner apologized,
more than once, to the Police Chief, and his girlfriend.  Flowers were even
sent.  Is there any evidence of the Police Chief apologizing to the Squealing
Pig's owner, employees and patrons who witnessed HIS actions that evening?

Wow, you people just are never going to get it, are you? There is no law saying
the chief HAS to apologize! The fact that this whole business has dragged on for
months because a few people feel that the bartender is owed an apology shows how
childish, petty, and selfish people in this town can be. Go ahead, continue to
waste taxpayer's money on this issue because you feel you deserve to hear the
words "I'm sorry." What a sad, wasteful joke.
9:53 am est 

Didn't theTown Manager Resign?

Sharon Lynn resigned. She should not be conducting any more town
business. Please BOS grow a pair and do not let her be part of any disciplinary
action against the chief of police or negotiate employee contracts.
Erik Yingling and Tom Donegan please make sure this happens.
9:51 am est 

Oh, Austin

Were you THAT unsure of your win that you had to succumb to using our Police
Force for your gain?
9:48 am est 

Sharon Lynn - Why Are We Still Paying Jaran?

Sharon had the option of us not paying Jaran, after the first 15
suspension days.  Why does she insist on us paying him from Day 16 on?
11:26 pm est 

Sharon Lynn - ................Pants on Fire

Sharon Lynn went on record stating that the investigation on Jaran
would include the charges made in the Police Unions' letter.

The investigation didn't pursue more than half of the Unions' charges.

Sharon Lynn lied to the citizens of Provincetown, AGAIN!!!
11:23 pm est 

Sharon Lynn - Poor Manager

The report paints a very negative picture of our Town Manager.

Every time someone complained to her about the Police Chief, she accused the
individual, and defended him.

All of this happened because she refused to take action on the sexual harassment
violation, the 16 people under him who were forced to resign, the
unprofessional, explosive tirades, his inconsistently applied discipline actions
against his staff.

She even allowed the sexual harasser to leave Provincetown with a good
reference, so he could be interviewed in Chatham.

She knew it all, and is his willing accomplice.  Why, Sharon?
11:21 pm est 

Flaws in the Marcum Report

The report's conclusion, that all recipients of the angry tirade by
the Police Chief at the Squealing Pig, including the IDing of patrons and
employees, we're okay with everything, and that apologies had gone all the way
around, so all was forgiven, is odd.

Did the Police Chief abuse his authority that night?  If so, we must hold him
accountable for that.

1.  What ordinary citizen calls a business owner to complain at hours in the
night, when people are usually sleeping, because of a song?

2.  Did the Police Chief summon every one to his office the next day?  How did
they all happen to meet at his office at the Police Department?

3.  There's evidence that the Squealing Pig's bartenders and owner apologized,
more than once, to the Police Chief, and his girlfriend.  Flowers were even
sent.  Is there any evidence of the Police Chief apologizing to the Squealing
Pig's owner, employees and patrons who witnessed HIS actions that evening?

Imagine I stole $500,000 from you and your family.  All of you, for whatever
reason, forgive me, and accept my apology.  That is, if I ever gave one.  Does
this mean that I should be exonerated?
11:19 pm est 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Austin Knight

Say Austin, are you still following orders from the  puppetmaster? Is she still
advising you or did she cut you loose? Should you cut yourself loose and get out
of town? How can you walk around town? Have you no shame?
9:38 pm est 

Austin Knight - Negative Reflection

Austin You also bring Down the Reputation of the Masons

You are a Mason. You are part of them but now, your behavior and your illegal
acts with Jeff Jaran bring down the reputation of the Masons. Keep this in mind
when you want to go forward. You have besermched the Masons and your acts damage
8:58 pm est 

Go Wrong.....Go Wrong.......

We are here because of a personally involved              who joined
with a thug             and a two year Wall Street reject         who forced us to
hire their utopian vision or a         superhero to a job which was 12 steps
above her pay grade and 50 points above her IQ. What could possibly go wrong?
8:56 pm est 

Re: Good Knight Austin!!

I Like the Goodnight Austin --not a Good Knight but simply and
Straightforward Goodnight!

Time to say goodbye. Time to leave. Time to find something else to do on Monday
nights. No, you cannot continue to be the legal voice for any of us. You
forfeited that long ago. The Marcum Report implicates you and you should
acknowledge this--acknowledge your many legal mistakes and illegal actions--and
resign. Before the turkey is cooked,(and you know as we that your goose is
cooked, resign.
5:18 pm est 

Re: Matter Should Go before the Personnel Board as Per the Charter

"It is the Personnel board that is in charge of terminating the Chief
and if they cannot get a two-thirds vote to reinstate him, then he is gone.
There is nothing in the Charter about a Disciplinary Board by the BOS for the
Chief of Police.  They are making this one up.  Use the Charter and follow it
and it puts the Personnel board in charge of this."

If this is true, let's release our Town Counsel from giving the BOS legal
advice.  He's giving advice that is inconsistent with our Town Charter.  Hire my
cat instead.  Freddy can counsel the BOS much better.  And he'll cost us much
less - just a few kibbles now and then.
5:14 pm est 

Re: Austin Knight

"For your political gain  you may try to assume Selectman Knight was
involved in illegal activities the Marcum report listed no evidence of it."

Yep; Austin's grandmother gave his political signs to the Police; you know, the
ones all piled up in the Police Department.
5:12 pm est 

Austin Knight

I can't believe that I voted for you. What a betrayal.
5:10 pm est 

Dieter Groll Letter to Provincetown Clerk - Doug Johnstone

49 Bayberry Ave.

Provincetown, MA 02657

November 27, 2013

Doug Johnstone, Town Clerk

Town of Provincetown

260 Commercial Street

Provincetown, MA 02657

Dear Mr. Johnstone:

Through you, I would like to thank our town leaders for releasing to the public the independent internal affairs investigation report that was created by Marcum LLP, dated Nov. 25, 2013 – known colloquially as the “Marcum Report”.

I do need to point out, however, that the report as published online is missing the Appendices and

Exhibits. Predictably, questions and comments have surfaced as to why they were not included in the release. I'm not sure what Vice Chairman Elaine Andersen meant when she said "we already know what those exhibits said", because save for Exhibit 1, I have yet to locate a member of the public who knows what
any of those exhibits said, and not for my lack of trying.

The public interest is best served through complete transparency in this affair. Surely, the public

interest would override any other interest there may be in withholding the same.

However, seeing that either Staff or Counsel feels otherwise: Under the Massachusetts Public Records Law (M.G.L. ch. 66, § 10), I hereby request that I be provided access to and copies of public records that comprise the Appendices and Exhibits to the Marcum Report. These may include,
inter alia, the

Exhibit 1 – Chief Jaran’s Public Statement

Exhibit 2 – Nate Mayo’s Email Apology

Exhibit 3 – Butch Mullaney’s Letter to the Editor

Exhibit 4 – Selectman Letter to State Ethics Commission

Exhibit 5 – Candace Nagle Email Dated July 16, 2012

Exhibit 6 – PPD General Order No. 05-006

Exhibit 7 – Chief Jaran Email to Sergeant Lopes

Exhibit 8 – NPFH Update Email

Exhibit 9 – ADL Retraction

Exhibit 10 – Email from Sergeant Lopes to NPFH Committee

Exhibit 11 – Chief Jaran’s Emails

Any other Appendices and/or exhibits that were included with the report but not released.

Electronic Format

To the extent that you can provide this information in an electronic format, I'd like to request that

you do so, in keeping with SPR Bulletin 3-96, “Application of the Public Records Law to

Electronic Records Access” (June 6, 1996) at ¶ 6.

Itemized List of Redacted & Withheld Records

Please note that none of the Town's public record responses to date have included an itemized listing that details every redaction or withheld record, citing with specificity the reason(s) for their redaction or withholding. “After a redaction takes place, [the custodian] must explain in writing to the requester what information was redacted and the specific reasons why the record was sanitized.

The remaining portions of the record must then be released.”1 Failure to so include such a listing will be considered a denial that will be immediately appealed.

Exemption (c) – Personnel v. Internal Affairs Records

As I have stated previously, in 2003, the Massachusetts Appeals Court distinguished “personnel

records” from “internal affairs” records, and held that internal affairs such as the Marcum Report are public documents, saying, “It would be odd, indeed, to shield from the light of public scrutiny as "personnel [file] or information" the workings and determinations of a process whose quintessential purpose is to inspire public confidence.”2

Specifically, the Court held that, “documents from the internal affairs investigation proper,

including the [witness] interviews, the [officer's] reports, the conclusions and recommendations,

and the documenting of its results to the complainant are not so exempt” from the Public Records Law. (emphasis added)3 Furthermore, the Supervisor of Public Records, in the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, has also adopted this position.4

Exemption (f) – the investigatory exemption

Additionally, I'd like to draw draw your attention to the fact that previous responses from the Town

have erroneously relied on this exemption to withhold “
any information on Police Department

activities” (emphasis added). The Town's interpretation of this statute is overly broad, far too reaching, and not at all supported by case law. In short, it is simply wrong.

Exemption (f) "does not … create a blanket exemption for all records that investigative officials create or maintain."5 In a blunt memo to state and local police agencies, the Supervisor of Public Records in 2003 affirmed that "anyone can get any police record at anytime upon request. the record may be redacted to remove bits of information such as witness and victim's names and addresses.”6

“[T]here is little doubt that most police records are public records and must be available to anyone

upon request,” the supervisor’s 2003 memorandum continued. "[E]xemption (f), the 'investigatory

exemption' of chapter 4, section 7(26) may be employed by the custodian to allow for the redaction of the names and addresses of witnesses and victims or to remove information on the record which if

1 SPR Bulletin 3-03, “Public Record Requests and C.O.R.I.” (Nov. 21, 2003).

2 Worcester Telegram & Gazette Corp. v. Chief of Police of Worcester , 58 Mass. App. Ct. 1 at 9, 787 N.E.2d 602 (2003);

accord Leeman v. Cote and City of Haverhill Police Dep't, No. 05-5387, 21 Mass. L. Rptr. 411 (Suffolk Super. Ct. Sept.

18, 2006).

Worcester , supra at 10.

4 SPR Bulletin 03-04: “POLICE ADVISORY – Internal Affairs and Personnel Records” (March 10, 2004). Office of the

Secretary of the Commonwealth.

5 Guide to the Massachusetts Public Records Law (Sec'y of State, updated Jan. 2013) at 15., citing District Attorney for the Norfolk District v. Flatley, 419 Mass.

507, 512 (1995), and WBZ-TV4 v. District Attorney for the Suffolk District, 408 Mass. 595, 603 (1990).

6 SPR Bulletin 3-03, supra.

released, will so prejudice the possibility of effective law enforcement that such disclosure would not

be in the public interest.”7 The 2003 memo concludes by saying: “the burden of proving the prejudicial effect on law enforcement and the balancing test concerning the public interest lies squarely on theshoulders of the custodian. This office will not uphold any claim of an exemption if it is not substantiated by clear evidence.”8


If there are any fees for searching or copying these records, please inform me if the cost will

exceed $10.00. However, I would also like to request a waiver of all fees, in that the disclosure

of the requested information is in the public interest – to eliminate any appearance that the Town is attempting to shield damaging internals affairs information from public scrutiny. Failure to so provide, free of charge, calls into question “the workings and determinations of a process whose quintessential purpose is to inspire public confidence.”9 This information is not sought for commercial purposes.

Thank you for your time.


Dieter M. Groll


Ann Wood, Provincetown Banner

K.C. Myers, Cape Cod Times

Various Provincetown political Facebook pages


8 Id.

9 Worcester , supra.

4:02 pm est 

This Matter Should Go before the Personnel Board as Per the Charter

The Police Fits Under Section 4: Non-Union Paid Employees

     The town manager may suspend or discharge any non-union paid town
employee....there was an exception on state civil serve laws but that is what
Jeff wanted abandoned. thus the town manager can suspend (once) for 15 days for
good cause but then his case requires the personnel board--not the BOS
disciplinary ad hoc review.

Jeff Jaran, according to the Charter, should "request a hearing before the
Personnel Board, which hearing shall take place within forty days of the
request. the employee may be represented by counsel at the hearing and shall be
entitled to present evidence, to call witnesses, and to question any witness
appearing at the hearing. within ten days after the public hearing is adjourned
the Personnel Board shall render its opinion as to whether the suspension was
justified and in the case of suspension without may, by at least a two-thirds
vote, restore any or all lost pay.......but the employee shall other wise be

It is the Personnel board that is in charge of terminating the Chief and if they
cannot get a two-thirds vote to reinstate him, then he is gone.

there is nothing in the Charter about a Disciplinary Board by the BOS for the
Chief of Police. they are making this one up.

use the Charter and follow it and it puts the Personnel board in charge of this
3:38 pm est 

Austin Knight

If Austin doesn't resign as Selectman, we need to recall him ASAP. 
This man is unfit to sit as a member of a board, and make decisions about OUR
affairs, whether it's licensing, public safety matters, personnel issues,
lawsuits, etc., etc.
3:05 pm est 

Ah, Oh

Seems like Austin himself is posting here. Oh, yes, you are innocent and we
should see your virtures.

Are you serious?

Do you take us for fools?
3:04 pm est 

Oh, Austin,

Were you THAT unsure of your win that you had to succumb to using our Police
Force for your gain?
3:02 pm est 

Another BIG MISS on the Marcum Report;

The incident at the Bar was completely downplayed to a non issue on what
grounds? That the two parties considered it resolved? That does not excuse civil
rights violations, police harassment and intimidation etc. etc.

2:59 pm est 

Time For a Recall

If Austin Resigns--which is doubtful--it still takes 200 voters to
demand an election

Yes, the remaining four can call for an election but it would be a 2 - 2 vote
and that would not count.

so why wait? Let's do the recall of fifty voters who notarize their signature
and then 200 people who demand the recall. that sets in motion the required
election of a new selectman. this way we get a new member on the BOs and there
is hope that change can happen. Otherwise, we have a board that will be caught
in a two to two tie and will hardly gain a majority vote.

Recall is the best option and a new selectman who can cast the right votes for
Provincetown. After all we have gone through, we deserve a change!
2:56 pm est 

Police Chief Contract

I cannot find a citation in the charter specifying a contract for the
police chief. Does anyone know where it is and what is the term of the contract
(if one is required)?
2:53 pm est 

Austin Knight

For your political gain  you may try to assume Selectman Knight was
involved in illegal activities the Marcum report listed no evidence of it.

Time to find your next victim because you don't have anything on him.
2:49 pm est 

Re: Rehoboth Beach

Different state different set of rules, as always, do your homework before
1:51 pm est 

Marcum Report - Some Conclusions Miss the Mark

The Marcum report states that issues could have been quelled, if
matters had been taken care of soon after they had happened.  On several
occasions, some of these matters were brought to the attention of the BOS, on
the presence of our TM, and nothing was done.

In fact, every time anyone met with the TM to present a complaint about the
Police Chief, she blamed the victim, and defended the Police Chief.

We are where we are, because of the current TM.  The lawsuits...because of
her...$140,000 a year we have paid for her...and we got a lemon. With a car that
is a lemon, you have state consumer laws to get your money back, but with her...
1:47 pm est 

Dear Provincetown Board of Selectmen:

Click on the link below to see how a town policymaking body, in this case,
Rehoboth, abides by the law, which requires posting transparent, clear and fully
disclosed meeting agendas.  One more sign of Austin Knight's incompetence.  A
recall, indeed!  The time has come, because this guy is shameless!!!!
1:08 am est 

Sharon Lynn - Jeff Jaran - Match Made in Heaven or...........

I have no doubt Mrs. Lynn will hire (again) Mr. Jaran as her Rehoboth
Police Chief.  A perfect pair!!!
1:05 am est 

Where is Breaking News Author!?

Could the author of ...BREAKING NEWS... please give us something to
laugh about in these serious times?
1:03 am est 

Vincent Currier - Do It For All of Us!

It's important to remember that not everyone is surrounded by large wonderful families. Some of us have problems during the holidays and sometimes are overcome with great sadness when we remember the loved ones who are not with us. And, many people have no one to spend these times with and are besieged by loneliness. We all need caring thoughts and loving prayer right now. If I don't see your name, I'll understand. May I ask my friends wherever you might be, to kindly copy, paste, and share this status for one hour to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares. Do it for all of us, for nobody is immune. I hope to see this on the walls of all my friends just for moral support. I know some will! I did it for a friend and you can too! (You have to copy & paste this one, no sharing
1:00 am est 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Good Knight Austin!!

How dare you continue to sit in a position of authority while you knew, you knew
all along that what you and the chief did was WRONG!! How dare you take
advantage of the people of Provincetown. How dare you continue to sit on the BOS
and make decisions regarding any of this, especially participating in a vote to
keep the report private when you knew you were implicated!!

It's time to resign now and you need to do it right away. You think there was an
angry mob before??? Wait till you decide to remain on the board. Do the right
thing for everyone and get out!!
10:08 pm est 

Let's Analyze and Dissect the Rudewicz Marcum Report

why look for more when we haven't even analyzed what is in this report. what do
you think? what conclusion have you reached? what insights can you bring to the
report? what facts stand out and what understanding can you add to what this
report brings to us?

Let's get cooking here and it's not the turkey. let's get some deep
understanding and then...look for more data.

It just came out. don't just dismiss it--work with what is there, go deeper into
the material and come to your own brilliant conclusions. that's what we need
first and foremost.
10:06 pm est 

Sharon Lynn

She will go on and get her new post.
But big Jeff Jaran?

Believe me, he's toast.
9:19 pm est 

Sharon Lynn - Early Departure

If Sharon signs on the Dotted Line on Monday Morning in Rehoboth Beach

and they agree, then she should simply become our former town manager. she gave
30 day notice which she had to do given our charter. Now let her be our former
manager and then David Gardner automatically becomes Acting Town manager. then
he can handle the Jeff Jaran disciplinary Meeting and he can decide who should
be dismissed. those implicated in the Jeff Jaran scandal--SignGate--linked to
AustinGate--should go. whatever political pressure needs to be exerted, let it

We need those implicated to go and we need a town hall and a town government
free of scandal.
9:18 pm est 

Re: E-mails

The WEEK of the 18th has come and is long gone.  Where is the timeline report we
were promised by the webmaster.   Nothing wrong with my reading comprehension.  
A promise was made.  Now deliver on that promise please.  There had to be
something worth exposing or was it three grand down the drain for nothing?
9:14 pm est 

Austin Fully Knew; Austin Was Complicit

He has broken the Mass General rules and knew the police were using their
positions and their power and their authority to " convince" others to vote for
him. They also threatened others to vote for Austin and not vote for Donegan and
Richter. Richter was damaged in this election and Austin worked with Jaran to
play foul and help guarantee his own election.

It is illegal and against Mass General Laws and also town laws.

If Austin doesn't leave, doesn't resign, then there is only one thing to do:
Recall and we should do this now.
9:12 pm est 

Austin Knight - Must go!

Austin Knight is in no position to lead our Town Government anymore.
I voted for him. He violated my trust. He made a mockery of our last
town election.

When the disciplinary hearing for Jaran takes place, Mr. Knight should submit
his letter of resignation as Selectman.  He must be removed ASAP from sitting as
a policy maker in the Welsh room.

I'm extremely dissapointed in him.
6:22 pm est 

Town Manager's Resignation

When a person of high authority announces their resignation in a
private business it is a good precaution to relieve them of their duties
immediately as to mitigate any future decisions and damages that may occur. In
light of The Town Managers handling of the Police incidences and other breaches
of the public trust, I think it would be a smart idea for the BOS to do just
6:17 pm est 

Police Chief Report

I read the Investigative report on Chief Jaran and I can tell you that if Sharon
Lynn has her way, there is no way in hell she is going to fire him. I also
noticed how all the private emails the Investigator got, nothing was mentioned
or a breakdown of them was not given. I know for a fact that he has done allot
of things that there is no way he can return and lead the Police Dept
4:55 pm est 

Reality vs Marcum Report

Perhaps, just perhaps, if Mr. Jaran had paid a little more attention to his
staff (i.e., personnel issues concerning alleged sexual harassment) and invested
less time in promoting his political preference, we would not be where we are

Jeff Jaran deserves to be fired. He broke the rules, he violated the police code
of conduct, and he has disinfranchised his constituents.

Shame on you Jeffrey Darrow Jaran.

Now leave.

4:39 pm est 

Re: Jeff Jaran - Marcus Report

As the previous poster said,   this is Serious Stuff.
As bland as they could hope for but, jam packed
With information.

Austin should step downimmediately, but what has me
really afraid is thatSharon Lynn will be the one to determine
the fate of Jarren!

Outragious...what will she give him a golden handshake
and he will be back on the Job for the next 3 years?
4:34 pm est 

Marcum Report - Andrea Poulin

Andrea Poulin will probably soon be able to write a check to buy the condo for
sale at the Ice House...
4:31 pm est 

Once Again, Mypacc Gives Breaking News
You posted earlier that Sharon would be part of the Rehoboth Beach Commissioners
meeting on Monday December 2.  that they would would be meeting then (at 9a.m.)
to vote on her contract.

this was sent last night even before any other reporter wrote this story.

Those who know, know.

Keep up the good work Mypacc.
3:38 pm est 

Jeff Jaran - Marcus Report

Jeff Jaran has Seriously Violated Mass General Laws, as well as
Provincetown laws

His interference and attempt to sway a political election of Austin Knight and
to undermine the campaign of Tom Donegan and Raphael Richter is serious and
illegal and deserves his resigning immediately. He used his position as Police
chief to intimidate others, including his own police officers, to work to elect
Austin Knight--and to make certain Donegan and Richter would not both be

He also and directly and maliciously worked to target Mypacc when this blog was
supporting Donegan and Richter. also his association with Koumanelis to threaten
town residents because they had Donegan and Richter signs placed at their house
is part of this electoral civil misdeed and illegal actions.

this is serious and deserves serious consequences.

Austin Knight knew of this and participated in the campaigns signs being at the
Police Station and his political campaign being illegally supported by Jeff

They should both go--and go now. There is no second chance here nor should there
be one.
3:36 pm est 

No Guarantee That Sharon is Gone

She applys for a job that pays $40K less than currently and she is to be
interviewed for her contrct as the Marcum report comes out shopwing her
inability to reprimand by her own decision and now Rehoboth Beach is willing to
overlook that? She's running from problems here and now they want that in their
community? I would wonder if they too have an "angry mob" that will show up at
the Dec. 2 meeting with real concerns. Why would they want her so called
baggage? I think it's good she's leaving but for now, in my mind, she's
potentially leaving.
3:33 pm est 

Cape Gazzette

Rehoboth sets meeting to hire city manager

Officials support Lynn despite controversy at previous post
By Ryan Mavity | Nov 26, 2013
Source: Provincetown website Sharon Lynn, town manager of Provincetown, Mass., is expected to be named the new city manager of Rehoboth Beach. The commissioners have set a special meeting for 9 a.m., Monday, Dec. 2, in the city commissioners' room, to approve a contract.

Rehoboth Beach —
The Rehoboth Beach commissioners have set a special meeting to vote on a new city manager despite controversy at their candidate's current post.

The commissioners are set to offer the job to Sharon Lynn, town manager of Provincetown, Mass. A special meeting will be held at 9 a.m., Monday, Dec. 2, to approve a contract.

Lynn leaves Provincetown just as an independent investigation into the conduct of Provincetown’s police chief, Jeff Jaren, is unveiled. Jaren was suspended in September following a no-confidence vote by the town’s police union.

According to the Cape Cod Times, Jaren was involved in an incident at a Provincetown restaurant when the N.W.A. song “F––– Tha Police” was played.

Lynn was responsible for hiring Jaren. News reports say she at first dismissed the allegations but later suspended Jaren after the no confidence vote. Before Provincetown police were also involved in a separate police brutality case later settled out of court.

Commissioner Patrick Gossett, chairman of the city’s personnel committee, said the commissioners were aware of the police issues before Lynn interviewed.

“She meets the qualifications. You’ve got baggage with anybody, in essence. Those issues were discussed,” he said. “There’s nothing to hide.”

Mayor Sam Cooper also said Lynn was vetted over the police chief issue, but he said Lynn was not at liberty to discuss the issue while Jaren was on suspension. Cooper said details of Lynn’s contract would be available to the public before the Dec. 2 special meeting.

Cooper said he was satisfied with the hire of Lynn. She will step into the shoes of Greg Ferrese, who is retiring after 31 years. He said people he’s talked to, including Rip Copithorn, engineer on Rehoboth’s wastewater outfall, have met Lynn and spoken highly of her.

According to news accounts, Lynn told the Provincetown Board of Selectmen she was leaving, but she did not respond to requests for comment. Her salary was $141,000 as the town manager in Provincetown. Her salary in Rehoboth has not yet been disclosed; the city's advertised salary range was $90,000 to $110,000 per year; Ferrese was salaried at $95,000 per year.

Other than Gossett and Cooper, the commissioners were also mum on Lynn because contract negotiations are ongoing. Commissioners Lorraine Zellers, Bill Sargent and Toni Sharp referred questions to Gossett.

11:55 am est 

Vincent Currier: Marcum Report - ADL Staffer Faulted

I have sent e-mails to the ADL staffer, and she doesn't answer, but SHE is real, and was separated from ADL after this event. It would be nice to get her side of this, but as the Marcum report pointed out, after several e-mail attempts on Rudiewicts part to interview her, she never has responded. So that remains a missing link. She continues to ignore my e-mails, and probably wants to put this behind her!!
11:46 am est 

Sharon Lynn - Slap on the Wrist or Fire

I wonder what "action" will be against Jaran ..a slap on the hand
Sharon Lynn??  Do the towns people a favor and fire him!!
11:35 am est 

Marcum Report - Angry Mob?

Wow! Maybe now Rob Tosner and Candace Nagel will comprehend the power of an
angry mob.

11:32 am est 

Cape Cod Times - Marcum Report


November 25, 2013PROVINCETOWN  A long awaited independent investigation has
found Police Chief Jeff Jaran violated town and police policy related to
electioneering during the selectmen's race this spring.

The report, prepared by Frank Rudewicz of Marcum LLP, found that Jaran held
staff meetings in April, prior to the May 7 election, at which he discussed the
need to support a certain candidate for selectmen. No name was mentioned though
the parties involved were obvious, Rudewicz said at Monday's selectmen's

The report also stated that the chief told a staff member to pick up campaign signs
for the incumbent candidate, SelectmanAustin Knight, and bring them to the station.
The chief had them in the station for employees who wanted to take them, Rudewicz

The selectmen and Town Manager Sharon Lynn have scheduled a disciplinary hearing
for Jaran on Dec. 11 in a closed-door meeting related to the findings of the
report, said Selectman Elaine Anderson.

Rudewicz was hired for up to $8,000 by the selectmen in September in order to
answer lingering questions related to Jaran's behavior around his alleged angry
response to an N.W.A. song played at the Squealing Pig on May 7.

The report also looked into allegations that Jaran campaigned and encouraged his
staff to campaign for Knight.

Finally, the report examined if the chief actively targeted the website,, which deals with local politics.

Jaran was hired in 2008, and has three years left on a five year contract. He
was paid about $127,000 in 2013, according to his contract. But he has been out
of work since September when Lynn suspended him with pay pending the outcome of
this independent report.

The charges related to the chief has drawn enormous public interest and
controversy. The public didn't have an opportunity to react to the report Monday
because the selectmen would not release the full document pending redactions
that had not yet been made.

But after a news reporter complained, Lynn agreed to release it to the press by
8 p.m. Officials then posted the Marcum report on the town website Monday night.
Rudewicz on Monday said his findings were based on more than 25 interviews,
emails and documents, he said.

As for the Squealing Pig incident, Rudewicz said the bartender did not
intentionally play the N.W.A. song. Rather it was part of the songs on his iPod.
Jaran, however, did feel he was the target of the song being played, Rudewicz

This perception got worse when a patron heard the song and happily yelled 'I
love the Squealing Pig even more now,' Rudewicz said.

While Jaran didn't think he protested that loudly about the song, others
disagreed, Rudewicz said.

He did not behave violently, but patrons were intimidated, Rudewicz said.
We find that it is more probable than not that the chief was very loud and
voracious in his anger, Rudewicz said.

This angry response lasted five to 13 minutes, his report stated.
Afterward, he unnecessarily directed officers to collect names of the people in
the bar that night.

After the incident was over, apologies were made all around within two days,
Rudewicz added. All the primary parties considered it closed.

But the issue was kept alive by others who were not involved, Rudewicz said.
As for the charge that Jaran actively campaigned for Knight, Rudewicz said the
chief held staff meetings in April at which he made statements such as, Be
cognizant of who supports us. It won't be good for us if the other two guys get
The chief asked Lt. James Golden to pick up campaign signs for Knight. Golden
changed into plain clothes before doing what his boss instructed, the report
noted. The report found that Jaran requested the signs from Knight directly.
It appears clear that Mr. Knight knew that the signs would be distributed to
Provincetown Police Officers, the report stated.

These actions violated several town policies related to employee behavior and
police department policy.

While the staff and one selectman knew about these activities shortly after they
occurred, no one reported it to the town manager, Rudewicz added.

The third topic related to the Website,, administered by Finance
Committee member Clarence Walker. The Website contains anonymous comments
related to town politics.

The investigation found that Jaran did work with a resident, Candace Nagle, on
her complaint made to the Provincetown Police Department about
Nagle had stated publicly and it got posted on the town's No Place For Hate
Committee's Facebook page, that the Anti-Defamation League had declared a hate blog.

That was not true. But it was stated to the No Place For Hate Committee members
erroneously by a former ADL staff member, Rudewicz said.

Rudewicz concluded that paranoia and mistrust has permeated the town.
The issues that occurred over seven months ago could have been addressed much
earlier individually.

But due to the mistrust, the incidents festered, allowing rumor and innuendo to
mix with facts that negatively impacted the Provincetown community, he wrote.
11:30 am est 

Austin Knight - Campaign Signs

Austin Knight. what was your campaign slogan?


Something smells fishy, and it's not the stench from bay. Sadly, your
credibility has just hit an all time bottom. This time you can't say you didn't

Lies, lies, lies.

11:22 am est 

Marcum Report - Toxic Clean up Needed

A huge embarrassment for your chief of police. Perhaps this is a primary reason
why your town manager is bolting as fast as she can.

Leaders are supposed to lead by example. If the actions of chief Jaran are an
example of how Provincetown's officials take the lead, the town has a ton of
clean up to fix this mess.

A new sewer system is great for managing the sewage. But the septic system is
all backed up.

Good luck with your toxic clean up!

-- An outsider watching and questioning "good government"
11:21 am est 

Sharon Lynn's Rehoboth Contract

Good Luck Monday Sharon when they Negotiate Your Contract in Rehoboth

At Monday's meeting, the Rehoboth Beach Commissioners will vote on your
contract. Then it will be official--I hope.

So we hope everyone signs on the dotted lines: you and they and then off you'll
be on this assignment.

11:18 am est 

Marcum Report

Chief and his girlfriend should send Marcum flowers and then apologize to those
involved in these incidents.
11:17 am est 

Marcum Report

According to  posts read, appears report is like what many expected.

I do question how the  report can state that the ADL Director made statements
when they were never able to speak with him.  Only have one persons word
regarding the actual conversation.

Think they totally missed the mark on knowing what intimidation looks like in a
small community.

These issues have been raised for many months.  The town government and leaders
were the ones who did not get out front and address them.

The report seems to indicate that all this was just some misfortunate accidents
and coincidences.

11:16 am est 

Re: Let's Move On

To me,"let's move on" is a relative statement. I think that it cannot be"
pushed". People have to"move on" at their own pace dictated by their own
experiences. I suspect that if everyone is left alone, they will reach a point
of readiness which will allow them to "move on".
11:11 am est 

Re: Background Check on Sharon Lynn?

"Good that she has a new position. Good that she will leave before
Christmas. I see the star at top the Christmas tree and it is shining. I see the
babe in the manager and he is smiling. So am I!"

Are you drunk?  What an idiotic post.
11:07 am est 

Re: I Refuse to be Silent

"Yeah, well, I'm sure you are pleased as punch with your proclamation,
and refusal to be silent is your prerogative, but just be aware: fewer and fewer are

The courts of law can listen.
11:05 am est 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hands Out, Palms Up at PAAM

Never mind the White House, what do they do for our house?  Never see the local
people there even in the dead of winter.

Yet fun raising letters arrive on time.  I say let their trustee's lead the way,
anyone have an xtra $50,000 they don't need?  PAAM want's it.

They built it and "they" didn't come so they want us to pay for it.
10:41 am est 


Lets  all give thanks Sharon Lynn is gone (who cares if she gets the other job
or not) she has resigned her position here, the police chief has been exposed to
all as incopetent to manage. Thanks to all who worked hard to bring the
transgessions of these individuals to light.
10:39 am est 

Re: I Refuse to be Silent

Yeah, well, I'm sure you are pleased as punch with your proclamation, and
refusal to be silent is your prerogative, but just be aware: fewer and fewer are
10:37 am est 

Marcum Report

Well, tomorrow might be/is the day.
Based on my small email interaction with the investigators, and a public comment
by one of those being investigated, I am not convinced this will be anything of

At least it went to investigation stage.  My best guess is that the report  will
be directed more towards protecting the town than providing a narrative of what
actually happened in those incidents.

But, I do leave you with what we do know:
Police officers have stated the chief required them to campaign for certain
candidates for BOS, had them go to The Pig after the incident there, and the
chief reconstituted the NPFH Committee as a weapons against citizens.
(The first two from the union letter, and the last from MM quoting a member of
the committee).
Would think that those instances in and of themselves would be grounds to
terminate.  Maybe not.
10:35 am est 

Have We Learnt Anything?

We had recently had the militarization of our police force. We have seen them
dressed in SWAT team uniforms, turning in their short pants and bicycles for the
strong arm military presence. The seqways came and went and then soon the armed
cruisers drove through town.

But, I must ask, again, have we learnt anything from this? Do we know how close
we came to being militarized and how both the Chief of Police and the Town
Manager worked to control this town through threats, intimidation, enforcement
and arrest. I fear that we have not learnt the lessons that we could learn but
casually move on to another topic, to another issue, falsely following the
maddening crowd.

Those among us who are intellectuals should know better but, somehow, I still
feel that real analysis and actual understanding of what has happened here has
not been fully grasped or analyzed.
10:33 am est 

As Reported in the Rehoboth Newspaper, the Cape Gazette

"Rehoboth set to hire new city manager
Provincetown, Mass. Manager Sharon Lynn to move to new cape
Nov 22, 2013

Rehoboth city officials remain mum on the topic, but according to news reports
in Massachusetts, Provincetown, Mass. Town Manager Sharon Lynn has accepted the
job of Rehoboth Beach city manager.

The Cape Cod Times reported Lynn is a former police officer and detective who
was manager of West Goshen Township, Pa., in eastern Pennsylvania near the New
Jersey border, from 1996 until she accepted the town manager position in
Provincetown in 2007.

In a story about Lynn's resignation, still unofficial in Provincetown, the Times
reported one official said of Lynn, When she came, this place was pretty shabby,
but she's leaving it in sparkling condition. She does all the right things.

The official, Provincetown Vice Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Elaine
Anderson, described Lynn's work in Provincetown as outstanding. As a matter of
fact, I say extraordinary, the newspaper reported.

Mayor Sam Cooper declined comment on the new town manager because no official
offer has yet been extended or accepted. Cooper said officials are working on a
contract, which the commissioners must vote on before a formal offer can be

Until the commissioners have made a formal offer, there is no offer, Cooper

10:31 am est 

I'm Not For Let's Move On

It will be what it is. We yet do not know what will be. I'm not for moving on
but I will not be silent. I will not be nice just because she is leaving and we
should all place nicey nice. No and absolutely not.

We have not seen what is yet to come. Tomorrow at the BOs meeting when something
of or about or on the Rudewicz report is either read or implied or slightly
discussed, we may know more. Or we may not.

We move as the earth turns and as the sun stands where it is. I, too, stand with
the sun and I give credence to the moon but I will not be silent. Nor will Be
silenced. Not now. Never, in act.

do not label this a "let's Move on" title. You have missed the point. sadly, I
10:29 am est 

Background Check on Sharon Lynn?

She was the front-loaded choice of the cabal--the Ann McGuire/Sarah Peake done

There were no background checks. She was theirs and they wanted her. And they
determined to have her. Well, we had her and she has been more than a
disappointment. McGuie is smater than her and Peake is more politically savvy
then her. It did not work. It was part of their dream but as we know it became
our nightmare.

And it is not over.

Good that she has a new position. Good that she will leave before Christmas. I
see the star at top the Christmas tree and it is shining. I see the babe in the
manager and he is smiling. So am I!
10:26 am est 

She Remained Always a Cop

Often, even I forgot. Most of the time, I thought about her as town manager. She
was always first and foremost a Police Chief. So what we really had were two
Police Chiefs, a Gemini nightmare as it turned out. One Police Chief protecting
and supporting the other Police Chief.

And our town manager/Police chief is not finished. She is still in power. Wait
to see what she does. Perhaps she will still find and create as many ways as
possible to protect Jeff Jaran and make certain he gets the maximum money from
this town.

Again, she is not done with this town yet!
10:22 am est 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Re: Let's Move On

"There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the
people by Gradual and silence encroachments of those in power than by
virulant and sudden usurpations."

James Madison

Seems we need to read and re-read this statement.

Yes, we did and may still have a police=dominated cop warrior state. They
intimidated and arrested many and much happened that few know about.

We should not stop talking about intimidation, about the Koumanelis texting and
the Koumanelis intimidation, of the sexual harassment, of the arrest of many in
town. It was a police-dominated pier and they boarded town boats to search for

The silent underpinnings of the Jeff Jaran-led and Sharon Lynn assenting police
state has hurt our town and damaged many individuals here.

I refuse to be silent.
2:43 pm est 

Sound Advice

Seems like Gracie struck a nerve with his Lynn overview. Not since Gardner
Benson have the good people of Provincetown rid themselves of a manager so inept
and controversial. For your sake please accept her resignation. I think, like
Gracie, the residents of Provincetown have a chance to avoid bankruptcy with the
selection of a competent leader. Don't blow the process again with another
puppet from your peanut gallery.

Name Withheld for Fear of Retaliation
2:40 pm est 

Where There's Smoke..There's Fire - All Aboard!

I have never heard sooo many complaints about a librarian as I hear about this
one. something is surely amiss.

Maybe Sharon can take her and Jeff on the same boat when she sails away!

1:18 pm est 

Re: She Beat You at Your Own Game Ptown!

Wrong Assessment:

She is Leaving Under Pressure

She needs to maintain some level of respectability. this way she has a new
position and is not forced out and she is obviously intent on gaining maximum

We are the ones who have won and the absence of her presence is a great
thanksgiving gift.

  Let Rehobeth Beach celebrate their new town manager and let us celebrate her
1:15 pm est 

Re: Mr. Gracie

"The City of Rehoboth Beach DE already has a rogue cop for a chief. They don't
need another unless Ms Lynn has the authority to fire and hire staff positions
as she did according to the Provincetown Charter. What Ms Lynn has is the
opportunity to start new, without the pressure of a biased subculture exerting
undue influence on her decisions. She faces a troubled police force that maybe
she can fix, instead of use to intimidate."

Kidding us, right? She was a cop! Did they even do any research on her
before hiring? Seems like they didn't. In police misdeeds alone, she cost our
town plenty. I pity Rehoboth Beach!

1:09 pm est 

Let's Move On

OK, so now that the town manager is leaving, can we PLEASE stop the
endless complaining about rogue cops, the police state, the police looking too
intimidating, the police not smiling, the police pulling people over for
speeding (aka doing their job,) etc., etc.?

Let's move on and try to remember that there are plenty of other issues to
1:08 pm est 

You Don't Belong Here

Oh, Really! "Cyberbullying" Isn't that the term You Tried to Use
Against blogs in Provincetown?

Isn't this what the Rudewicz investigation is looking into? How you mislead the
No Place for Hate Committee and how you falsely and maliciously and publicly
stated on the No Place for Hate Committee blog that Mypacc was a hate blog. You
accused Mypacc, in your own terms, of "cyberbullying" and even brought in the
school committee and the schools themselves. How twisted your actions were and
how libelous. You used the No Place for Hate Committee to undermine, attack,
falsely implicate and out and out lie.

Here you go again! We really do not need any more           postings as far as
I'm concerned. You have done enough damage in this town and I'm glad you no
longer vote here.

1:06 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library

RE: No library board minutes posted for more than three months.  Is the
chair back home in PA?

1:03 pm est 

Sharon Lynn - Town Manager

I hope that I am not the only person in town who realizes how inept Sharon
Lynn continues to appear. Sly enough to apply for every potential TM opening in
the entire country before the Chief investigation is revealed, she announces
that she has been hired by Rehoboth Beach only to have them respond saying that
that is not true! NO CONTRACT HAS BEEN SIGNED! So, she pisses off her new bosses
but also could be without a job. She quits here and maybe by being so arrogent
doesn't get the Rehoboth job!                                                                        

Slippery Clam

Webmaster Comment: Town Manager only announced the prospective selection subsequent to it being made public by others.
1:01 pm est 

Monday at the BOS Should Prove Interesting

Let's hope they open up the back space and don't act surprised when many people
show up. Let them be more prepared for a larger crowd instead of acting as if
it's the bicycle committee or the Airport committee that is meeting.

And Austin, will you be recusing yourself from discussing the campaign signs for
you? It's as if the police station was your campaign headquarters.

You should not be able to vote on the Rudewicz report at all.
12:52 pm est 

Re: Marcum Report - Fishy Posting

Just heard the Marcum report finds no fault with chief of police.
Very minor issues, but nothing that merit termination.       

What makes you so special to have info that is confidential!!!!
Smells to me.
12:50 pm est 

To: Mr. Gracie

Thank you for your input.  When we need advice from Delaware residents we'll
certainly contact you.

The residents of Provincetown.
12:48 pm est 

Oh, It's You Again!

Cyberbullying. Isn't that what you accused this blog of doing and made false and
misleading accusations. So you're back? So Soon?

Take a break. Maybe you can follow Sharon as she settles in at Rehobeth Beach.
Try your daily e-mails to her there!
12:45 pm est 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

She Beat You at Your Own Game Ptown!

Good Lord. Sharon is on her joyful way out of here and STILL people
are offering their petty predictions and condescending "if she learned her
lesson" b.s.

She beat you at your own game Ptown! And now that the Marcum report Report has
come up flat we're in a heck of a mess. It's not a dream come true. It's a
10:29 pm est 

Re: David Garner Becomes the Acting Town Manager

"We simply need an open process where we hire, seriously and truly,
the best qualified candidate."

Agree!  The last time, we had the MaGuire and PeakeTown Manager's Search
"Consultant Group". Thanks for nothing!  Let's hire someone competent to help us
with the search this time, and have a clean, transparent and fair process,
without the intervention of the usual suspects.
10:23 pm est 

New Beginnings and Old Jaran

The City of Rehoboth Beach DE already has a rogue cop for a chief. They don't
need another unless Ms Lynn has the authority to fire and hire staff positions
as she did according to the Provincetown Charter. What Ms Lynn has is the
opportunity to start new, without the pressure of a biased subculture exerting
undue influence on her decisions. She faces a troubled police force that maybe
she can fix, instead of use to intimidate. She has the makings of a year-round
economy and an expanding tax base not corralled by a National Park. Her city
counsel is diverse unlike the one she left in Provincetown. Unfortunately Lynn
will be faced with similar monied interests who are intent on flipping the
quaint charm of her new town for their own personal gain. If she makes the same
mistake she made when she arrived in Provincetown, using the power of government
to benefit friends, she's doomed to repeat her mistakes. If she fails to learn
from her Provincetown experience, she will be temporary there too. Maybe she's just
leap frogging her way down the Atlantic seaboard hoping to reconnect with some of her
buddies who have retired to Forida.

Provincetown, you too have a new dawn. Let's hope you find a manager capable of
leading a group of malcontents into the 21st century. Your challenge is to find
someone with no connections to Provincetown. Find someone with no friends in
town and not indebted to anyone for past favors. Find someone who is principled.
The next manager doesn't have to be gay just honest with a little integrity.

Leo E. Gracie
Non-resident Property Owner
8:51 pm est 

Grow up People,its Politics

We should be ashamed of this bullying behavior! cyberbullying.
Be clear, that is what you all are doing, name calling, behind the back negative
campaigning, picking at every little thing people do ( yes little things!!).
Grow up people,its politics,its never easy or clean, this isnt 1950,this isnt

Why would anyone want to come to this town after they see how you behave!!  This
isnt an easy town to manage even on a good day,but when people  have nothing
better to do than pick at every thing management does, who would come here!!!
6:47 pm est 

Let's Just Try this One

    If nothing is found at fault, then let Jaran come back. Let him return and
then sit back and watch.

     He'd be best to resign and leave and then Sharon can place a wonderful
strong letter of support for all his great acts and "leadership." then she can
help Jaran work somewhere in Rehoboth Beach, head detective or just be her body

     Let the police take over the beach! Here he comes!
6:04 pm est 

Re: Marcum Report

Just great !! Marcum Report finds no legal cause for firing him. Now
we have to buy out this chief!! I can hear the chief now "show me the
money!!!!!" What a disaster this has become and now we must pay dearly for it.
5:06 pm est 

Re: Do You Agree With This Statement?

Until we stop glorifying the rich and start making them uncomfortable, we will
just continue to make cuts and raise taxes. $15 million a year in interest is
OBSCENE. When Alix was on the town economic development committee, she managed
to get the whole committee to agree that the way towards more revenue was to
support the arts. The rich give some of their money because they need the tax
break. Then they get the govt to fund their interests. We have lots of money in
this community. Let's figure out who has it and how to get them to share it for
what we truly need. Having money should not buy you a front row seat at the
decision making table.

Kind of scary, but this was written by        member      .
5:05 pm est 

Let Us Just Breath

We don't need to find a new town manger. We don't need to see if David Gardner
could be that person.

He will be the acting town manager and that is enough. Let us go on for a few
months and let us all take a deep breath and enjoy the opening and the space
that remains in Sharon's absence.

We need not do anything right away. Just stop and do nothing.
4:03 pm est 

David Garner Becomes the Acting Town Manager

when Sharon resigns. that is his position and until a town manger is hired, he
is the acting town manager.

We need an open process and no one here should have an advantage. Let all who
want to administer this town apply. then pick the best candidate and we will be
4:02 pm est 

Sharon Lynn

She is gone. Let's all be happy and move on.  She screwed up by allowing herself
to trust a fellow police officer, and stood behind him despite the facts (The
Blue Wall).  Hopefully she learned a lesson and will become an asset in her new
position. Let's all of us move on as well and get rid of the Three Stooges next.
4:00 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving on to Rehoboth Beach

"Kind of bittersweet ....."

Why the blackout regarding names? I posted those names as well as many others in
similar past posts and they were displayed as if an honor had ben bestowed upon
the leaders of the complainers and now they are hidden? These are all public
figures. Don't hide now, now that the end result has come true.
Bottom line is there has never been an exit strategy and the town in imploding.
No TM, no police chief, probably no HM if the heat continues, and when there is
no solid direction at the top,(the selectmen are the weakest ever) other
committees and boards become weak and unfilled. What is the next step? Where do
we look for answers? The charter may spell out procedures but is that what we
really want? Tell me so called "leaders" of the group that drove the town to
this point, what do we do now? Not saying it's a bad thing that all these heads
have rolled but now what?
3:57 pm est 

Re: From My Perspective

"Maybe we need to stop acting like a rebellious mob and start acting
like a community."

What you call "a rebellious mob" was created by the outgoing Town Manager, and
her inability and unwillingness to tackle her subordinate's abuse of power. 
Jaran's behavior went unchecked, even escalated as time went by, because of his
direct supervisor, Sharon Lynn.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Some here
predicted that she would go down with him, if she continued to cast her lot with
Jaran.  Those predictions became prophetic.
3:51 pm est 

Re: From My Perspective

"I'd be quite ashamed if the summer visitors could see some of the
behavior exhibited by locals in recent months."

Given the indulgences for which many of our guests visit, I don't think we have
much to worry about.
3:48 pm est 

Town Manager and Space Aliens?

Whenever I'm reading this blog and I come to the word "cabal" in a
post, I don't even bother finishing reading it. It's become like a symbol of
fanaticism  and conspiracy theorists in this town. Sometimes too, they sound
like they're going to say something sensible, but then they start in with the
"cabal" and "police state" foolishness, and it's like suddenly I'm reading the
National Enquirer. I'm just waiting for someone to say the town manager is
actually being controlled by space aliens and one of the selectman is Bat Boy.
3:47 pm est 

Re: From My Perspective

If I may, we are not "----congratulating 'ourselves for driving out the
tm'----", but trying to prevent it happening again.Further, we don't  expect
miracles, we expect the tm to work for all of the citizens of Provincetown, not
for ANY small greedy cabal. To describe us as" conspiracy theorists, rebellious
mob, etc.,", is nothing more than a tired old,old, debaters trick---we will not
be diverted. As for "shame",I'm more ashamed of the behaviors that summer
visitors did not see, I.e., destructive, greedy cabal behaviors. Lastly, we now
can go back to being the small friendly,tightly-knit community.
3:44 pm est 

David Gardner

Right now he looks very good to me, but, I'm still recovering from the betrayal
of the the present tm. What I would like to see is , as part of the hiring 
process, a background check conducted by an independent agency(could cost a few
bucks), a selection committee who will select the finalists and an open
interview in town hall of the candidates by property owners who can share their
thoughts and concerns. I think that David Gardner will do very well in all
3:40 pm est 

Marcum Report

Just heard the Marcum report finds no fault with chief of police. 
Very minor issues, but nothing that merit termination.
3:38 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library

No library board minutes posted for more than three months.  Is the
chair back home in PA?
3:37 pm est 

I Don't Believe Residents and Critics are Nuts

They understand that democracy and town politics requires governmental courage.
People need to speak up and to criticize when actions taken are misdirected or
plainly wrong. It is not an unreasonableness but a demand for right actions and
for doing the people's work.

I applaud them and all for speaking up. this is not "bullying" or "harassing"
but part of the at times messy work of democracy.
3:35 pm est 

Do You Agree With This Statement?

Until we stop glorifying the rich and start making them uncomfortable, we will
just continue to make cuts and raise taxes. $15 million a year in interest is
OBSCENE. When Alix was on the town economic development committee, she managed
to get the whole committee to agree that the way towards more revenue was to
support the arts. The rich give some of their money because they need the tax
break. Then they get the govt to fund their interests. We have lots of money in
this community. Let's figure out who has it and how to get them to share it for
what we truly need. Having money should not buy you a front row seat at the
decision making table.

3:20 pm est 

There Are Many People Who Could be Town Manager

This town wants competency. this town wants accountability. This town wants
transparency. Sharon failed to give the town all three of these requirements.
that is her problem. but now maybe she can learn from her mistakes here and do a
better job in Rehoboth Beach. that would be good for her--but she must change
for success there.
3:18 pm est 

Sharon Lynn - When Did the Downturn Start?

The Problem Began in the Beginning: Sharon Was the Least Qualified of
the Five Candidates

but it was a done deal when she applied. Sarah Peake was selectman and she
remained selectman even when she was already elected as representative. She also
had a conflict of interest since Ann McGuire was her campaign manager and Sharon
Lynn had contributed significantly to Peake's campaign. She worked hard to
demolish the other candidates, even calling one a racist. Then MaGuire was
working her deal and when they put the 30 member search committee together--most
were hand picked. Those who  would have an open mind were not allowed in.

Sharon Lynn was not bright at the interviews and was truly embarrassing. She
mumbled and grumbled her answers and failed to impress. But she was a shoo-in
and the seven years later showed the consequence of this pre-selected town

We simply need an open process where we hire, seriously and truly, the best
qualified candidate.

Do that and we will have a more impressive town manager who may prove to be a
true leader.
3:16 pm est 

Re: Town Manager

"Anyone who lives in town knows what we do to town empyees and unless
they are crazy themselves would be crazy to take the town manager job.
We need someone who hs no idea how nuts we are."

And that's why I've heard David has zero interest in the position.
3:10 pm est 

Re: 2 Down 2 to Go!

3:08 pm est 

Nice Legacy

I'm sure David Gardner is just dying to put his head on the Ptown
chopping block next. Not. It took Sharon less than a year to secure a job in a
less hostile environment, but it's going to take the town much longer to fill
her post. And when candidates review the recent history and histrionics, the
good ones will run like hell.

Of course there's always someone like the crack smokin mayor of Toronto around.
Maybe we can form a chorus of the six participants on the Voice Facebook page to
sing "Ding dong the witch is dead" and impress some TM candidates that way. It
may be difficult to get such a chorus together as many of them live out of town
or have false identities.

Truth be told this was far from a healing experience. It was a display of
bullying, meanness and misogyny. Nice legacy.
3:07 pm est 

David Gardner

Some are suggesting David Gardner be promoted to the Town Manager

Have you ever heard of the Peter Principle? Promoting someone to his level of
incompetence. (I claim no knowledge, nor make the suggestion that he WOULD be

David does a wonderful job where he is now, and is a great asset to the Town,
lets keep it that way.

A Rat In The Basement
3:05 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving on to Rehoboth Beach

"Kind of bittersweet" -    Are you kidding me. Bittersweet?? . More like Thank you
sweet dear _ _ _ _ .  Yes , the house of cards is not only falling but has fell.
Time for a new beginning. A few more to get rid of.  Yes Elaine, you are number
1 on the list. You are so self righteous . Dear, i feel sorry for you. Oh and
Austin(is that your naturally born name? and yes Mcschesney. The cabal is no
more. So sad for them . So sweet for us.
3:02 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving on to Rehoboth Beach

" point out flaws but have no answer to the next step. So,
what's next now that the TM is gone?"

Are you kidding? It is called plain and simple corruption. Corruption
in this town govt, police dept. and building dept.

This is the best thing for this town. Get rid of the tainted, corrupted, self
indulged governmental officials.  FYI. Elaine Anderson is out of touch with
11:08 pm est
2:57 pm est 

Sharon Lynn

Sharon applied, and got again, the wrong job.  She's perfect for a
public works job, and that's about it.
2:55 pm est 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Re: From My Perspective

" I'd be quite ashamed if the summer visitors could see some of the
behavior exhibited by locals in recent months." must be devastated by how decisions and votes were taken under the
tight control and watchful eye of one little cabal that doesn't reflect our
community at large.
9:58 am est 

Town Manager

Anyone who lives in town knows what we do to town empyees and unless
they are crazy themselves would be crazy to take the town manager job.

We need someone who hs no idea how nuts we are.
11:13 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving on to Rehoboth Beach

Kind of bittersweet. Yes she's gone but now the selection process for a new TM
will be handled by the current board of selectmen. Is that really what we
wanted? I said it a while back that          and the like have always been
able to complain and point out flaws but have no answer to the next step. So,
what's next now that the TM is gone?
11:08 pm est 

Salvation Army


Everyone knows the Salvation Army. Whether its the secondhand goods at their
thrift stores or their collection kettles outside department stores, the
Salvation Army is ubiquitous to the holiday season.

However, the Salvation Armys virulent opposition to gay rights both in public
and through persistent legislative lobbying raises the question how donations
intended for the needy are being spent. Many people forget that the Salvation
Army is in fact an Evangelical church, and as such, it tends to have a
hard-right social agenda. In fact, the Salvation Army goes so far as to say gay
people shouldnt be having sex.You can find this nugget on their website:
Christians whose sexual orientation is primarily or exclusively same-sex are
called upon to embrace celibacy as a way of life. - See more at:
11:05 pm est 

New Town Manager - No One Local

Too many political games being played.  Bring in someone fresh.
11:03 pm est 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two Down

Two down, two or more to go.
Goodbye Sharon, So long Jarran.
We hope we can do whats right,
And get rid of Mr Vitriolic Knight.
And then with luck,
The next defector,
Will be the Library director!!!
Woo Hoo, Two Down!!!!!
10:59 pm est 

From My Perspective

Once you are all finished singing "Ding-dong, the witch is dead" and
congratulating yourselves for driving the TM out of town, think for a minute
about how this town works.

We elect or hire someone to do a job, complain when they are unable to perform
miracles, point fingers at them when there are no year round jobs or affordable
places to live, expect them to fix all problems with a small budget and no tax
increases, jump on and attack them en masse if they do or say something
unpopular (even if it's part of the job we elected them to do,) accuse them of
conspiring to hurt the town and/or question every decision they make as being
motivated by personal financial gain, etc., etc., etc.

Maybe we need to realize that the TM is not a miracle worker but a human being.
I don't think anyone accepts the job with the intention of doing harm to our
town as the conspiracy theorists would suggest. Maybe we need to stop acting
like a rebellious mob and start acting like a community. Let's behave the way
visitors see Provincetown locals: like a small, friendly, tightly-knit
community. I'd be quite ashamed if the summer visitors could see some of the
behavior exhibited by locals in recent months.
10:57 pm est 

David Gardner

Why wouldn't David Gardner take the TM job. He is well qualified and
knows the town. He deserves the money for doing such a good job as assistant.
10:53 pm est 

Town Manager

Why would we look any further for a new town manager when we already have the
guy who has been doing all of the work a TM should do in David Gardner? Let's
save money and time on the search and choose the guy who already knows the job!
10:52 pm est 

Re: Town Manager Lynn - Fantastic News

I hope the BOS gets it right with their next hire. Hoping the end of the police
state is in sight. Maybe we can return some of the expensive toys she pushed
the BOS to approve.

How about David Gardner???? It might be nice to actually promote someone who
knows how it all works.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and optimistic our town will heal and recover.
10:50 pm est 

Lynn + Anderson

How wonderful that the house of cards is falling , i guess there
really is a santa claus.  Sharon i wish u fond farewell bye bye now. And Elaine
Anderson as you stated " its a loss for us and how she was extraordinary as town
manager " i would keep in close contact with her,  perhaps there will be an
opening there as well for you when your term ends,  after all a puppet usually
travels with its handler .
10:46 pm est 

Re: New Town Manager

Exactly, we'll get someone new, and people will tear them apart too
after a while.  It's the way the town works, work em, chew em up and spit em

I pity the next candidates!
11:56 pm est 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving On To Rehoboth Beach - Mike Canizales

The finance committee will have no business hiring the next town
manager regardless of how vigorous your insistance. Get a grip already.
10:49 pm est 

I'll Take Whoever is Looking to Be Town manger

If it isn't Sharon Lynn. and I say this after how many years of damage down to
Provincetown, including her hiring Jeff Jaran and the terrible situation at the
police station. she never had the right paradigm and now let someone else come
in. Even the Absence of no town manager is a god sent. We can breath. We can
live. We can hope again.
10:44 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving On To Rehoboth Beach

I'd Say: Get the Band to Play; Get the Choruses to sing; Get the
Symphonies to play

Bravo! Such welcoming news. such a delight. such a great day for all of us here
who love Provincetown.
10:42 pm est 

I Am so Happy. This is Such Wonderful News

And once again, MYPACC blog is the first to let us know what is happening. I
don't know how you do it, but Bravo to the Webmaster.

First for news. First for letting us know what is happening.
10:41 pm est 

Support She Deserved? What?

How odd. She received what she deserved and she did not deserve the support you
mention. she lacked leadership skills and she mumbled and jumbled most responses
to what she would do here. then she support Jeff Jaran to her own peril. And it
is on her lack of skills and lack of administrative expertise that she is now

Let her go! And let's hope she gets the respect she wants in a place where she
does better than here. Because here she was a devastating disaster and that
includes too many incompetents that she hired because they looked good or she
thought they would support her.

She has done much damage but I am so glad she will be gone soon.
10:39 pm est 

Dan Hoort May Have Stated That She Resigned Today

But we knew from this blog even before this that Sharon Lynn had taken the City
Manager's position in Rehoboth Beach. Big deal Dan!

You are behind the curve.
10:37 pm est 

What Does Sincerity Have to do With Her Leaving?

Leaving is leaving. I am thrilled, happy, pleased and a thesaurus of other words
to say how I feel. Great news. so glad they want her and now--take her and take
her away. Please and don't look back. Just keep on going.
10:35 pm est 

New Town Manager

The big question now is whether anybody currently in town is qualified to apply?
10:33 pm est 

A Toast to Us! Cheers and More Cheers!

I know it isn't Christmas but it feels like it is Christmas. It's time to
celebrate and grasp the full impact of the holiday season. Let me see when we
are sitting down to our Christmas meal, Sharon Lynn will be in Rehoboth Beach
and they will be welcoming her with salty arms. So good. Let's hope they just
love her so she stays there.

I am thrilled! I am so pleased for all of us. Time to move on and she is. Such
great and wonderful news. Truly, I'm ecstatic!
10:32 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving On To Rehoboth Beach

For all those exuding creepy joy at Sharon's leaving: you have no idea
who the BoS will select next for the thankless job of town manager.

Hey...         is available..and desperate enough to try out Provincetown.
10:29 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving On To Rehoboth Beach

Her predecessor in Rehoboth City was well regarded.
Only criticism - he didn't stop his Police Chief from running a corrupt police
10:24 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving On To Rehoboth Beach

Ding Dong, the        is     ! Oh, how I LOVE early Christmas presents!
Merry Christmas to all of us here in Provincetown!!!
10:21 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Library

10:19 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving On To Rehoboth Beach

As we move forward in this transition I will insist the Finance
Committee be involved in any search committee.  With my human resources
background and the other committee members expertise it would be foolish not to
include us.

We look forward to this transition and challenge.

Mike Canizales
10:16 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving On To Rehoboth Beach

Re: Rehoboth Beach I'm hoping the very best for Sharon. It's too bad
this town didn't give her the support she deserved. Your "sincerity" Clarence is
not needed, I'm sure. Sharon will do well, where ever she ends up.
10:14 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving On To Rehoboth Beach

Clarence, try looking up the definition of sincerity.
10:10 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Moving On To Rehoboth Beach

Just heard the news, Sharon Lynn is outta here.  Thank goodness!!
10:08 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Library

The library post is very interesting. I have been exploring beyond the
Library Journal link that was given. It seems that the info given in the earlier
post is pretty accurate.  See this (cut and pasted directly). Items in brackets
"[]" have been added by me:

9. Does the LJ Index measure the quality, excellence, effectiveness, value, or
appropriateness of library services?

No, the index measures none of these. [SO THAT IS TRUE] By definition, service
outputs do not reflect quality, excellence, effectiveness, or value of services
to the librarys community. . . Similarly, the index does not indicate whether
library service output levels are appropriate for the librarys community, nor
the extent to which services sufficiently address community needs.  . . .

10. How should we interpret and publicize the LJ Index score our library

. .  Libraries should publicize their LJ Index ratings carefully and
responsibly by including clarifying information like this: LJ Index scores
measure the levels of library service delivery relative to peer libraries
nationally. The scores do not indicate the quality, effectiveness, or value of
library services, nor whether the quantities of services provided sufficiently
address community needs. Our library examines these important issues locally by
[describe your library's self-evaluation efforts here].

Please avoid statements like Our library improved by xpoints over our prior
index score. As explained above, scores should not be considered to be highly
precise and definitive; and score changes can be due to a variety of factors
besides actual changes in library performance. [THE LIBRARY SHOULD NOT BE SAYING

12. Why does the LJ Index use per capita measures?

Per capita measures reflect the relative prevalence of library services and
library utilization compared with the population being served. . . .
However, per capita measures do introduce certain irregularities which need to
be kept in mind when interpreting comparative library statistics and rating
systems like the LJ Index. Libraries delivering substantial amounts of services
to non-resident users (for instance, libraries serving vacation communities) can
show very high per capita service levels. These high levels exaggerate the
relative levels of services these libraries deliver. [THIS IS ONE OF THE BIG
PROBLEMS] Unfortunately, we do not have statistical tools for reliably
identifying and adjusting for these cases in the IMLS data.

[The above info was taken from:]

Very unwise of the library leadership to try and fool us in the current
political climate. We have learned to read the small print and to question what
is reported to us. I encourage the Banner and Cape Cod Times to do the same.

Perhaps now that Sharon has one foot out the door, we won't have to worry much
longer about library leadership.
6:18 pm est 

Sharon Lynn - Moving On To Rehoboth Beach

Webmaster Comment: We are herein formally announcing Rehoboth Beach's
selection of Sharon Lynn as their choice as City Manager.

Let us all wish Sharon a sincere  farewell and thanks for all her efforts on our

Goodbye Sharon
5:00 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Could This Really Be True?

I did Want to Put a Big Red Bow on Her and Send Her as Our Christmas

Maybe, just maybe it worked! Looks like they like the lady with the big, red bow
and want her. Oh, dear, what a pleasure! What a delight!

She is our Christmas present to you. Open now. She is yours and we are thrilled
to give her to you as a surprise present, well packaged and well decoreated, to
all your residents by the Delaware shore.
3:25 pm est 

Re: David McChesney Comments at Last BOS Meeting

"Why, in the name of heavens, did he make such statement about their
previous BOS Secretary during the review of the minutes submitted by town staff.
Mr. Porter has been tormented enough ... .and it proves that EVERYONE makes
mistake. .  ."

That was a few weeks ago, not last night.  Selectman McChesney called me the
following day and apologized for his remark which I had not even heard.   I took
no offense at his comment and there was no need for him to apologize, but it was
nice of him to call and do so.

Vernon Porter
3:22 pm est 

Sharon Lynn

My sources in  Rehoboth just confirmed that Sharon is one of four finalists, but
no offers have been made yet.
3:20 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Could This Really Be True?

WOW- Sharon leaving!! I am sure Ann and Harriet will be right behind
her. Makes sense. Both have their homes up for sale and sharon has reduced hers
by 100,000.  Hope the chief is next. Time for a cleansing. So dirty this town
has been.We need a new Town Manager not only with vision, but who is honest,
trustworthy and true.

2:45 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Could This Really Be True?

OH HAPPY DAY!!!!  B-bye now!!
2:42 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library

Beware of the well-spun story coming out of our library that goes like

"Library Journal, the most trusted and respected publication for the library
community, has ranked Provincetown as the fifth best Library in the United
States for 2013. "

This is a very typically clever spin by Cheryl Napsha, the library director.
It's a spin worthy of politics.  NOWHERE in the Library Journal article does it
say that Provincetown is the "fifth best library in the country."  Sheer BS.

It's a statistics spin.  First, the Library Journal divided libraries into
groups by budget. Then they took the circulation rates, visit rates, and program
statistics (as given to them by the library director) and compared them to other
libraries of the same budget size.  The libraries with the biggest numbers
within each group won.

This is why Provincetown Library was designated a 5-star library, in spite of
what is going on there:

1.  The Ptown library budget is very small, as libraries go, and by Library
Journal's definitions, the town population could be reported as less than 3000

2. The Ptown library counts "visits" as every person that walks through the
doors. (Yes, there is an automated people-counter at the doors. And if there is
not, those numbers are made up.)  In the summer season, people are constantly in
and out, even if it's only to use one of the very few public bathrooms in that
part of town, to see the boat, to use the internet, to cool off in air
conditioning, to ask for directions. Those numbers are HUGE.

3. The Ptown library counts "circulation" as every item checked out in
comparison to the population of the town.  All summer, tourists check out books,
CDs, DVDs, museum passes, etc.  This does not speak at all to the quality or
diversity of the literature. Nothing REALLY wrong with this, but numbers boom in

4. Programs.  Yes, you can count the joggers who meet there, the fitness people,
the free movies, the knitting group, etc.  Again, nothing really wrong with any
of this; I think the young programming employees do a very good job. Again,
numbers boom in season.

5.  The following things are not considered at all:  the quality of the work
environment, employee turnover or wages,  the ability of the library leadership
to work with town government and townspeople, the number of tourists and
visitors, the attendance and complaint record of the director.

In other words, if one sits down and cleverly uses the statistics of our 
unusual town, the Ptown library will always come out as a 5-star library.  This
is the one thing that our library director is very good at:  making it (and her)
look and sound like what it (and she) is not.

Library Journal conducts these awards in order to encourage cities and towns to
add money to library budgets. In these times, many municipalities are slashing
library budgets and even closing libraries.  Part of Library Journal's mission
is to make libraries look good. This is a very good thing for libraries but it
is not an unbiased or necessarily accurate assessment.

Don't take this "award" at face value. And please don't take it as a sign that
the current state of our library is healthy and that people and the library
itself have not been hurt by the conduct of the library director.  And, for
those of you who are doubtful of what I say here, ask to see the ORIGINAL copy
of the application/information that was submitted to Library Journal by the
library director in order to be considered for this "award."

Here is the link to the Library Journal article:
2:40 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn - Could This Really Be True?

Sharon is Taken by Another Town

Oh, what great news. this is happiness. good for her--and even better for us.

Now we have time for the clearing of the air, clearing of some town employees
and perhaps a new vision.
1:20 pm est 

Sharon Lynn - New City Manager of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Congratulations to Sharon Lynn!!

It is Our Understanding From Confidential Sources

That Sharon Lynn Has Been Selected as the New

City Manager of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Congratulations Sharon!!

1:10 pm est 

David McChesney Comments at Last BOS Meeting

Why, in the name of heavens, did he make such statement about their previous BOS
Secretary during the review of the minutes submitted by town staff. Mr. Porter
has been tormented enough ... .and it proves that EVERYONE makes mistake. This
is sheer ignorance on behalf of the BOS who always mentioned any typo's during
the Selectmen's meeting. Let them ALL not forget that they have made MANY
mistakes throughout the years.  Looks like they have finally realized that Mr.
Porter made a huge different during his tenure with the BOS and they are
certainly at a great loss for ALL that he did for them and the citizens of
this Town.  He's been gone since August and here it is November and they still
haven't replaced him. Looks to me that he did a hell of a lot more that they
realized.  In any case, our very best to Mr. Porter and the town is appreciative
of all he did for us. Notice that they never had a retirement party for him
.. Need I say more!!

12:06 pm est 

Living in the Past

It is November and all people are doing is bringing up old grudges and talking
about who has what. It is the old "what is mine is mine and what is yours is
mine". We don't have a nice place to live so you folks who have a summer house
in Provincetown that you worked hard for--fork it over or else.

Wow, Just wait until January and listen to all the talk on these facebook oh my.
12:02 pm est 


The town has an asset in the high school building,assessed at
10 million according to ms. Lynn.
Why not sell the building with tax breaks to see who is
Interested? A culinary arts school,light manufacturing would
Be great, instead of the taxpayers having to foot the bill for
12:00 pm est 

Let's Face the Reality

This is not a town that ever will generate year round jobs nor many jobs not
related to tourism. It is at the end of Massachusetts, at the end of the land
and those who come here, come during the tourist season. The others have gone
and so many who call themselves residents are not here in November, December,
January, February, and March. You have eyes--use them! They are gone and they
will remain gone.

Trying to create the illusion of year round jobs, just like the illusion of year
round residents, is a Disneyland fantasy.

Wake up! This is reality. Few of us here and fewer and fewer every year.

It is what it is!
11:59 am est 

Re: Requested E-Mails - Freedom of Information

"A time-line summary will be presented shortly (week of November 18th)
on Shout Out and Provincetown Voice with detailed commentary."

Reading comprehension is your friend.
11:58 am est 

BOS - Executive Session

"The Agenda is Clear: the BOs Met in Executive Session to Discuss the
Staffing Report . . ."

Can you share with us when they met in Executive Session to discuss the report? 
I'd like to see what they posted.
11:51 am est 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dieter Thank You For Your Letter

But why isn't there any agenda posted by the BOS? Why don't they let us know the
when and where and what of forthcoming meetings. They have a December meeting on
the tax rate and an agenda today with the FinCom, but that is all.

Give us the information we need and in a timely fashion. Secretive group of
people who hold all the information like their cards in their hands. They hardly
seem to believe that they are public servants. They appear to serve private
interest instead.
12:52 pm est 

Town Jobs

What happens when you look around and see the labor force from another country
settling in and they aren't really legal--you see that they are taking jobs

Atlantic Magazine had an article about this--didn't it?

Time will tell and the years will go by and as you outside at night and see the
empty streets you will realize that there will never be sustainable employment
here that is enough to raise a family.
11:36 am est 

Reality of Living

Rents in Boston are $1,772.00 on average. What will the rents be here in
Provincetown next year?

A person I know put his house here in Provincetown on the market, it sold in 12
days and there was a bidding war and it sold for $25,000.00 over the asking

Affordable housing isn't going to cure the problem of no jobs or families moving

Homeowners have rights. They can sell their property and it can be made into
condos thus allowing more people to be able to live here.

All of the huffing and puffing on the face book pages isn't going to change
that. Interesting how so many well off folks from Lynn and California are
fueling the debate on housing  here--laughable as one bi-coastal person brags
about his book advance that is over a million dollars.

Just as my friends who were renters and whom I came to love ended up having to
leave, thus all of you who see your friends leaving see the reality of living
here as a renter.

I remember when a friend had one job and had a car etc..and they it was two
jobs..and a smaller place and then three jobs. What happens when you need
another job and there just isn't one? they move to Eastham..and then to some
small town. That is the reality of life here as a renter. .

11:35 am est 

Open for Thanksgiving.

Fanizzi's By the Sea is always open for Thanksgiving .. and they do a fantastic
job .. reasonably priced.
11:32 am est 

Re: E-mail Gate

November 18th has come and gone without a word on the mysterious emails, despite
promises from the webmaster that we would get a report on the 18th.  What's up
wtih that?  Maybe we need to file a freedom of information request to those who
recieved the emails.   Wonder what the cost of that would be?
11:30 am est 

Dieter Groll Letter to Board of Selectman

49 Bayberry Avenue

Provincetown, MA 02657

November 17, 2013

via e-mail to: (see Distribution)

Town of Provincetown

260 Commercial Street

Provincetown, MA 02657

Dear Provincetown Selectmen:

I am writing in reference to the upcoming meeting of the Board of Selectmen, scheduled for November 25, 2013 at 4:00 PM.

As reported in the Banner, "The Marcum report, primarily investigated by Frank Rudewicz, will be released first to the board of selectmen in executive session."

As can be expected, this has generated some "online chatter" amongst some of your constituents.

I have in recent days defended the necessity for executive session in this circumstance, since the Board of Selectmen should be free to ask questions of the presenter. In such a live setting, it is virtually impossible to separate "findings of fact" from "contemplation of employment decisions". Executive session is therefore necessary and appropriate in this circumstance.

However, the Banner article went on to say, "The selectmen will then vote on whether it wishes to release [the report] to the public at its public meeting that evening, Lynn added."

Initially, I was hoping that Ms. Wood hadn't properly captured the Town Manager's statement, but those hopes were dashed a couple of days ago, when she clarified, "The selectmen [will] vote on whether it becomes public AT ALL, though if they do I believe they intend to make it public that night."

It is this last point that compels me to write. For if such a vote is to take place, I hereby request that the remainder of this letter be read into the record prior to such a vote:

For the record, I would like to state unequivocally that the decision to withhold the Marcum Report from the public is NOT one that the Board of Selectmen can legally make. Beyond the legality of such a vote (discussed below), I can think of no faster way to erode what little is left of the public trust in our local government.

By all accounts, this document is an "internal affairs" investigative report. In 2003, the Massachusetts Appeals Court distinguished "personnel records" from "internal affairs" records, and held that such a report is a public document, saying, "It would be odd, indeed, to shield from the light of public scrutiny as "personnel [file] or information" the workings and determinations of a process whose quintessential purpose is to inspire public confidence."

Specifically, the Court held that, "documents from the internal affairs investigation proper, including



Worcester Telegram & Gazette Corp. v. Chief of Police of Worcester , 58 Mass. App. Ct. 1 at 9, 787 N.E.2d 602 (2003); accord Leeman v. Cote and City of Haverhill Police Dep't, No. 05-5387, 21 Mass. L. Rptr. 411 (Suffolk Super. Ct. Sept.18, 2006).

the [witness] interviews, the [officer's] reports, the conclusions and recommendations, and the documenting of its results to the complainant are not so exempt" from the Public Records Law.


Furthermore, the Supervisor of Public Records, in the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, has also adopted this position.


Attached please find a 3-page advisory from the Supervisor that clarifies the ruling and the state's position.


I urge your careful review of that document before making the mistake of even contemplating whether to withhold the release of this public record.

I thank you very much for your time and careful consideration of this matter.


Dieter M. Groll


Austin Knight, Chair, Selectman

Elaine Anderson, Selectman

Tom Donegan, Selectman

David McChesney, Selectman

Erik Yingling, Selectman

Sharon Lynn, Town Manager


David Gardner, Asst. Town Manager

Doug Johnstone, Town Clerk

Ann Wood, Provincetown Banner

K.C. Myers, Cape Cod Times

Attachment: SPR-03-04

2  Worcester , supra at 10.

3  A Guide to the Massachusetts Public Records Law (updated January 2013). Office of the  \
   Secretary of The Commonwealth. p.12.

4  Cote, Alan N., Supervisor of Records. SPR 03-04: POLICE ADVISORY - Internal Affairs and  
    Personnel Records (March 10, 2004). Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth. 04InternalAffairs.pdf

POLICE ADVISORY - Internal Affairs and Personnel Records

FROM: Alan N. Cote Supervisor of Records

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth

DATE: March 10, 2004

Recently, this office has received a large number of appeals and questions

concerning requests for Internal Affair and Police Personnel Records. In an effort to assist

all persons involved, I have drafted the following advisory opinion. I ask that you review

the cases cited herein and circulate this Opinion to all members of your staff concerned

with public records access. Thank you.

For many years, exemption (c) of the public record law has been utilized by the

record custodians of Massachusetts to withhold records and data involving municipal

employees. Widely known and referred to as the "personnel exemption", exemption (c)

allows a custodian to segregate and redact certain information from public records which

specifically relates to:

"personnel and medical files or information; also any other materials or data

relating to a specifically named individual, the disclosure of which may constitute

an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy."

G. L. ch. 4, § 7(26) (2002 ed.)

Recently, several court decisions have emerged which have caused great

confusion with respect to this exemption. This Opinion seeks to inform and advise the

various custodians of the ramifications of these court decisions and to offer guidance to

the custodians in answering the public's request for records.

Clearly, all medical information, data and records of whatever type and from

whatever source may be properly withheld in their entirety. For many, this is not a

Police Personnel Advisory

March 10, 2004 Page Two

change from tradition and still reflects recent court rulings. Personnel records, however,

and the definition thereof, have undergone significant changes. Most notably is a decision

written by Judge Grasso of the Appellate Court in 2003 in which he distinguishes "Internal

Affairs" records form "personnel" records.

In Worcester Telegram & Gazette Corporation v. Chief of Police of Worcester, &

another, 58 Mass. App. Ct. 1 (2003), Judge Grasso stated, "an internal affairs investigation

is a formalized citizen complaint procedure, separate and independent from ordinary

employment evaluation and assessment. Unlike other evaluations and assessments, the

internal affairs process exists specifically to address complaints of police corruption (theft,

bribery, acceptance of gratuities), misconduct (verbal and physical abuse, unlawful arrest,

harassment), and other criminal acts that would undermine the relationship of trust and

confidence between the police and the citizenry that is essential to law enforcement." See

Worcester at 607.

Citing Globe Newspaper Co. v. Police Comm'r. of Boston, 419 Mass. at 863 (1995),

Judge Grasso writes "the internal affairs procedure fosters the public's trust and confidence

in the integrity of the police department, its employees, and its processes for investigating

complaints because the department has the integrity to discipline itself. A citizenry's full

and fair assessment of a police department's internal investigation of its officer's actions

promotes the core value of trust between citizens and police essential to law enforcement

and the protection of constitutional rights. Disciplinary action is but one possible outcome;

exoneration and protection of the officer and the department from unwarranted criticism is

another. We reject the city's contention that, viewed as a whole, the entire internal affairs

file is exempt "personnel [file] or information" because it is a "disciplinary report" relative

to a specific complaint about a specific police officer's actions." See Worcester at 607.

The court further believed that even though an internal affairs investigation might

lead to discipline or criminal action, it does not automatically classify all records of the

investigation as "disciplinary or promotion, demotion or termination information." Such a

broad construction ignores the essential directive that the legislative term "personnel [file]

or information" derives its meaning from the nature or character of the document, not from

its label or its repository." Id. at 608.

Finally, Judge Grasso closes his discussion by further delineating the difference

between internal affairs records and disciplinary records by stating, "it would be odd,

indeed, to shield from the light of public scrutiny as "personnel [file] or information" the

workings and determinations of a process whose quintessential purpose is to inspire public

confidence." Ibid.

Police Personnel Advisory

March 10, 2004 Page Three

The court then held that materials in an internal affairs investigation are different in

kind from the ordinary evaluations, performance assessments and disciplinary

determinations encompassed in the public records exemption for personnel or information.

The court declined to discuss alternative exemptions or other privacy arguments such as

investigatory exemption. The court did state, however, that certain records should be

redacted or withheld to encourage "individual citizens to come forward and speak freely

with police concerning matters under investigation, and the creation of initiative that police

officers might be completely candid in recording their observations, hypotheses and

interim conclusions." Id. at 609

The document in question in the Worcester case was a notice from the disciplining

authority to the particular employee. This notice advised the employee of the findings of

the inquiry and the ultimate disciplinary decision to be taken. The court found that the

nature and character of this document made it part of "the core category of personnel

information that is useful in making employment decisions regarding the employee. Id. at


The court also acknowledged that such a minute distinction between the two types of

records appeared to be a "splitting of hairs" but found that the memorandum from the chief

to the employee contained personnel information, which is exempt as such while

documents from the internal affairs investigation itself such as the interviews, the reports,

the conclusions and recommendations, and the documenting of its results to the

complaining party were NOT exempt.

Therefore, in the way of guidance, this Division will view all future appeals

concerning this issue similarly. This ruling clearly narrows the definition of personnel

records and this narrowing will be followed by this office. If you require additional

information or assistance in dealing with record requests for personnel records, I urge you

to seek competent legal advice from your agency or municipal counsel.

See Above For Access to Guide to Public Record Laws

11:25 am est 

Methodist Church - Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner will be served at the Soup Kitchen at the
Methodist Church on Shank Painter.
Dinner is served at 12:30 and music provided.
We usually get over 100 people.
Everyone is Welcome and a fun time is had by all!
11:19 pm est 

It is a Rich Tourist Town

Yes, it is beautiful. Yes, it still has old roots here. However, it is rich,
over-priced and geared for the rich. good if you are rich but if you are
not--then it gets harder and harder to be here and to live here. This is just
the economic reality of Provincetown. Like other tourists towns--from Key West
to Nantucket to La Jolla, time to leave when it becomes this rich. Not time for
the band aid of affordable housing. Too late for this. Time has moved on and you
may have to too.
11:16 pm est 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Who is Open For Thanksgiving in Provincetown?

"I can smell the turkey cooking now, with all the sides. Yum."

By the gigantic response listing all the places open for Thanksgiving, I can
only surmise you'll be cooking that turkey and all the sides yourself, friend.

They'll be a few tumbleweeds a blowin' down Commercial Street should you need
some company.
7:49 pm est 

Fresh Faced European Students

Every student has to be interviewed at their embassy  before they may travel to
the US. These European countries want to make a good impression that is why all
of these guys are six foot tall, slim, trim, theatrically handsome and loaded
with personality..and the women--double that.

Sure many are bussers and food runners, but if they come here one year and
return again, they sharpen their skills and want to work every single shift and
will become the competitioin to beat.


7:42 pm est 

Yet Another PossibleTwist

Here's what I Heard: that the Rudewicz Report could be withheld from
Public view for Six months.

It seem that Frank Rudewicz told someone he was interviewing that if there is
any legal issue related to any issue he is investigating, then the report can
only be released AFTER the legal issues are resolved. that would mean that until
ALL issues linked to Jeff Jaran are resolved, the Rudewicz report remains hidden
from public view and thus from public discussion.

this seems wrong and a misinterpretation of the Open Meeting Law and the right
to get document in the public domian. this investigation is a town-funded
investigation--not a private, police-directed investigation that goes into the
personnel file.

Is it personal? Yes, is it personnel file related? Not the correct question to
ask. this is far and awy from a private internal investigation. This is
town-wide and town-run and needs to made public when it is released to the BOS
and town officials. the public has the right to know what Rudewicz found and his
6:30 pm est 

Take the Chance

To those who complain about how futile a business summit is and the
lack of jobs now and in the future, I say     . Do what I and many others did,
take a big chance with your own time and money and start your own business.
6:26 pm est 

Facebook Page Reality

Reading the stories of the hardship people face who live here has made us
question the wisdome of enjoying our "golden years here" and we have decided not
to do so.

We don't work at town hall. We don't have a pension except our own IRA accounts.
What do have is a house and what we will do is sell it once we decide to collect
social security.

Holding on until your are scraping the bottom and so desperate that you sell at
a loss sends chills down our spines.

We enjoy a "comfortable" life style, but selling our house will give us
Financial security. We live in a tourist town and when we go other places we can
get a 3 course meals with drinks and wine for what we pay for a regular lunch
here. These are just the plain facts.

We can sell our house, buy brand new cars for each of us and have a healthy nest
egg and travel more extensively and have no financial worries.

We will enjoy the next few years here but our life isn't agout going out to the
hot spots or seeing the shows like it was when we were young. We are homebodies
now. We have another beautiful place to live and the surprise is that we are so
anxious to live there!

How wonderful that we have this, our jewel of a home to sell in this seaside
paradise, that will provide us with a huge nest egg and which will also be
someone else's dream come true of living in Provincetown just as it was once
6:25 pm est 

Much Ado


My word: E-mails, investigations, Facebook bullies, all for what? These are
ordinary citizens who are on committees and serving as selectmen. What do they

All of this hoopla for what? There have been so many housing summits and
business summits over the years and the situation is that nothing can change due
to the fact that we are a small town at the end of the world.

Look around you at the housing summit this January. Where is the
fire-in-the-belly-business owner going to build his big plant that will hire all
of the towns people and make them have an affordable comfortable life?

There is no land for a fortune 500 company even if one wanted to build one here.
6:22 pm est 

January Housing Summit

How appropos that the housing summit is in January when the summer workers
collecting unemployment in winter are in Florida or Hawaii or South America as
well as in Province Landing.

In the reality of true Winter in Provicetown when only a smattering of places
are open, everyone in the housing summit will see that there are no jobs to
sustain people who want to move here and live here if they wish to raise a

If you want a year round job, work for an affordable housing developer! Every
year more and more units go to market rent so there are always units that can be
built : )

So many have left over the years...look around you and know that anyone who
rents has a shelf life here. The facts are that you are getting older. Can you
really work two jobs into your 60's? Do you really want to do so? Then your
landlord dies and the children either sell the place or raise the rents to
market value.

Even Norman Mailer's home is on the market. I live and work here and own a home
but our years are numbered here and we already know that we can't "retire" here.
So, we will get the equity out of our house and live across the bridge where the
cost of living is cheap but where we can still have a water view.
6:17 pm est 

Seriously, Where Will West Enders Now Park?

Where will they go? does this mean more and more requests for curb cuts along
the end of the West End? Does anyone know the parking strategy for those who
live there in the summer and year round?
5:34 pm est 

I Love the Silence on Commercial Street and the Quiet and the Peace

It is the most quiet I've ever witnessed this early in the fall season. it is
like January here in November. I love this quality but---I do not own a business
and I do not work in a restaurant where few now come in to dine.

It is our present fall reality.: fewer tourists; fewer if almost no European
visitors; and less and less Cape wide tourists visiting.

the restaurants closed early this year and there are few places to entertain
those looking for fun in Provincetown or those who want to shop. a few shells;
some fudge and taffy; a bangle or two.

this is our reality and no summit will change this, as the past business summits
failed to make any significant change. In fact, business at this time has become
even worse.
12:03 pm est 

I Like Your Male & Female Eye Candy

'Tis true. Look who most hire. they hire on "ability" ...the ability to look
good and be quite attractive. They are put up front hosting and also serving.
but in the back, in the kitchen, life is different. No Eye Candy needed.

Hiring is a subjective enterprise. Such is life in many places--and also here!
Though few address this issue.
11:59 am est 

Parking in the West End.....

The west end is no mans land after October...
They have all gone to another paradise...
Please don't fret over not enough parking.
9:52 am est 

40% of Current Jobs Will End in 20 Years

Articles I've read state that 20 years from now 40% of jobs that people do will
be ended due to computers etc.

Think of it, Video stores are gone, many cashiers are gone (even walmart has
self check out).

We don't use a  travel agent--we go to, Price line etc.

Provincetown will always need servers and folks to clean the toilets--but will
an establishment hire attractive 20 year old from Europe who speak excellent
English and are male and female eye candy-or will they keep the 50 year old Plus
workers on?

How long can fifty year old plus workers keep working two shifts a day?
9:50 am est 

Two House Facebook Moderator

How interesting that the facbook moderator who loves to fire people because he
is the CEO of his company proclaims,"NO MORE CONDOS"--AFTER he owns one LOL.

Must be nice to pontificate over the state that Provincetown finds itself and
rally the troops for more affordable housing and year round jobs.

Leave it to the new guy to just find out about issues and yet has ALLLLLL of the
ANSWERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to make our lives purposeful and complete.
9:46 am est 

November 18
Today is the business summit. All of you attending the summit should go outside
this evening on Commercial Street and see what you see-it will be only

After Holly Folly how much traffic or pedestrians will you see in an hour?

It is pure folly to think of a year round business here employing people with a
truly living wage that allows for savings etc.

Good Luck getting 50 people to meet each week at a different restaurant and
giving the propriator one of your Facebook engendered tee shirts.
9:43 am est 

Loss of Parking Spaces in the West End Will Be A Shock to Some

With the construction still going on, many will not realize how many parking
spaces they will lose until it is finished. then, where will they park? Where
will you park? It will prove quite a dilemma when the dust settles. It's as if
no one should park on Commercial Street when this is what we've done for years
and years.
12:34 am est 

7PM The Streets Were Empty

I walked to the movie and passed one person. I bought my ticket and went out
and talked to a clerk taking a cigarette break.

Last week some folks came into the store and said that they will never again
come to Provincetown at this time of year. Every place is closed he was told.

We looked up and down at the drab darkness of Commercial street. Holly Folly is
a joke he said when I asked if it brought in business.

He said that the place where he works brings in less and less money each year. A
co-worker was laid off that morning he said.

I can't see how you will get year round jobs here that pay a decent wage. The
world has moved on and we are a tourist town plain and simple. For you who rent:
the struggle, the work load--it is the warp and woof of your lives.
12:31 am est 

Executive Session Minutes

Executive Session Minutes violation of state law.  Where are our
executive session minutes???? We want them. Enough is Enough. We want the Truth.
Tired of all this B.S.   We want them. We will get them if it takes negative
publicity or hiring a civil rights attorney.
12:26 am est 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Who is Open For Thanksgiving in Provincetown?

Can someone let us know which restaurants will be serving thanksgiving dinner.
I'd love to see a list of which places are open for thanksgiving. I can smell
the turkey cooking now, with all the sides. Yum.
6:21 pm est 

Executive Session Minutes

Here's a question: Are the BOs Releasing the Minutes of Their
continual Executive Sessions?

does anyone know if they are being released? According to state law, they must
release Executive Session minutes "regularly and Promptly" and must release the
minutes the minute that the subject of the Executive session is resolved or has
passed as an issue. has anyone seen their Executive Session Minutes? And when
was the last time they were released?

this is all part of open government and the Open Meeting Law that includes
releasing Executive Session Minutes. this closed door is only temporarily closed
and must be opened as soon as possible.
6:19 pm est 

Re: Jeff Jaran - Suspenion

If Jaran is Being Continually suspended and This is Against the Town
Charter How Can He Be Continually Suspended--and Still With Pay?

If this is against the Charter, then it is illegal and can't be done. This means
that our town Manager is doing something unethical and illegal and something
should be done about this.

The Police chief should be placed on leave and without pay. We should at bottom
follow the charter and not a town manager who makes up new rules for certain key

Next, she will find some way to bring him back as chief. she will find Jaran not
guilty of any substantive crime and thus able and ready to return.
3:29 pm est 

Jeff Jaran - Suspenion

My understanding is that suspended Chief of Police Jeff Jaran is 
still being paid his full salary as well as having full time access
to a police car.

The Town Charter stipulates that as a non union staff employee, he
is only entitled to 15 days with paid and subsequent suspension time is 
without pay and associated benefits.

But of cause the Town Manager true to form ignores the Law.

Same as it ever was 
1:25 pm est 

Do They Want Her?

How did she do in the latest town manager interview? Do they have any interest
in hiring her? I hope they or the next interviewees see her "potential" and
"vision" for them?

I would dress her up and put a big, beautiful red bow on her and say:

       This gift is for YOU!
       Open NOW!
       Don't wait for Christmas.
1:11 pm est 

Did the Town Planner Position Ever Get Filled?

If it did, who is the new town planner? is he already hired and working? And if
he is here, what does he do? This seems so vague and ambiguous. A city planner I
understand but what is left to really and realistically "plan"?
11:46 am est 

Cart Before the Horse

So Who Will Pay for the Goodrich Projects? the community Advisory
Board and the analysis of Police organization??

Seems the BOS said "yes" to the further consulting, if not perpetual consulting,
by the MOPC group that Goodrich runs. But we just paid for the Goodrich report
and now who will pay for these two new consulting projects? also, who paid for
the "analysis" of the police staffing that was part of the Executive Session at
the last BOS meeting? And why should the town pay for more "analysis" when we
still have not read or been publicly informed about the Police Staffing report
done by MOPC.

Seems like we keep putting the cart before the horse. And what will the Rudewicz
report say? Shouldn't we FIRST have that report before we engage another
consulting project.

Analyze the problem then...create projects to "solve" or help with the problem.
It's the Rudewicz report that will tell us about our police chief and police
department and town hall problems. After we have read and analyzed and assessed
his investigation, then we take action. Is this just too logical for
Provincetown? I would hope not.

11:44 am est 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hacked E-Mails

Re: "Remember the E-mails that were hacked?  I bet none of those who
seemed so outraged have filed a complaint.  Could it be those e-mails weren't
actually hacked?  Why haven't they filed a complaint?"

Would you share the status of your complaint on your hacked e-mails?  Did you
file with the State Police or the FBI?  Have you heard back on anything?
6:03 pm est 

I Agree: Thanks to the Webmaster

All the time to post. All the time to make certain the postings are within the
stated goals. I know this is not like overseeing a facebook blog where what is
written is written.

You do a great job and I do believe it is rather thankless. but here's another
5:56 pm est 

To: Webmaster

Clarence writes so well in his responses. Great job Clarence and
thanks for what you do here.
10:36 am est 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Request For E-mails

Webmaster Comment:

Because of the extensive nature of the requested e-mails, a detailed review of
the submitted documents requires additional time to digest, correlate
and summarize.

A time-line summary will be presented shortly (week of November 18th) on Shout Out and Provincetown Voice with detailed commentary.
7:50 pm est 

BOS - Executive Session - Staffing Report

The Agenda is Clear: the BOs Met in Executive Session to Discuss the
Staffing Report

And this has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with personnel. it is an
analysis; it is a report of what is needed and what should occur. this is no
different than the Goodrich report posted on line. this should have been posted
on line. the executive session is simply a ruse; it is an attempt to use
"personnel files" as a pretense for going into executive session. but it is
false and illegal.

Keep it all private. Act as if the public are the enemy. close the door and
speak among yourselves. Not like a democracy and surely not following the Open
Meeting Law. this is the closed door 1984 policy. It is a disgrace and I am
disgusted in how the BOs now act. Have they really learnt anything in the last
few months and all the public outcry.

The answer my friends is blowing in the wind: what have they learnt: NO, NO, No,
7:15 pm est 

Re: The Silence is Deafening

"With such a fuss being raised, think folks responsible for raising the
issues should report back to the community their findings or an explanation."

Agree, their silence says a lot.  There are people who make a habit out of this. 
All the outcry over CN's e-mails and they apparently came up with nothing.

Remember the E-mails that were hacked?  I bet none of those who seemed so
outraged have filed a complaint.  Could it be those e-mails weren't actually
hacked?  Why haven't they filed a complaint?
4:20 pm est 

Re: The Silence is Deafening

What makes you think that the people who put their money out to get
CN's emails have any obligation to report anything to you?  If you are so
interested. put out your own money and buy them
4:16 pm est 

Two Different Reports

My understanding, probably wrong, is that the police staffing report
is different from the one the investigator has been conducting.

The staffing report would be to study the current level n which our Police
Department is staff, and determine if such level is appropriate.

The investigator's  report is to investigate the issues delineated in the chart
at the top of this page.
1:09 pm est 

Re: The Silence is Deafening

Anyone know the status of the CN emails and the allegedly  ill gotten
email traffic between FINCOM?

With such a fuss being raised, think folks responsible for raising the issues
should report back to the community their findings or an explanation.
12:13 pm est 

So, What Did the Police Staffing Report Say

Not to defend anyone, but the BOS must follow the law when it comes to
certain items.  I believe that personnel matters are covered by the law and must
be discussed in closed doors until the review is complete.  Even then the law
may dictate certain procedures that must be followed.  Don't fall into the trap
of thinking "conspiracy"  all the time.
10:09 am est 

Police Staffing Report & Silence

You civic minded folks need to pay a little more attention.  The Board of
Selectmen have not met to discuss the staffing report.

No report, No Executive Session, No Meeting,  End of story.
10:06 am est 

So, What Did the Police Staffing Report Say

Today we should all be enlightened! The police report is due out
today..H oorah!!
10:02 am est 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stop With the Catherine Bashing!

She is a Documentary Filmmaker,,it
is whet she does. I look forward to her next.

Don't you realise this is another Red
herring?  To get us distracted from the real
subject...Where in the hell is the Report???

As Taxpayers it Belongs to us
The People of Provincetown.

How do we get it???
12:34 am est 

So, what did the Police Staffing Report Say

Oh, how would we know? We are only the residents and voters. seems like the
selectmen did get the report and went into Executive Session and  now---silence.

This is ridiculous and worse. this is almost criminal. Discuss the report. You
are not the Stasi. Just silence and this little group of five now have the
information and they stuff themselves with the facts and their little mouths are
closed shut. Oh really. and you call this a democracy.

I don't, and shame on all five of you. such a disappointment. such a disgrace.
11:11 pm est 

Enough Already!

Please, enough on Catherine--Now off to Other Issues

This is getting boring kids. Please. let's look at the difficult town issues and
discuss these. No more chattering. again, it is getting too boring for words!
11:06 pm est 

Catherine Russo

"If you listened at all at town meeting, you would know the sentiment of the town
is against this kind of development.."

Funny, I was at town meeting and walk away with a different conclusion.  There
was slightly over 100 people there and the original zoning article was defeated,
then came a recount after several voters left the floor, and the article passed
by 2 or 3 votes.   I would not conclude that this is the sentiment of the town. 
She protests too much!
11:04 pm est 

An Early Snow Fall Means......

Mean people need to get out and enjoy life.

The posts are getting filled with venom far too early, folks. Could we hold off
on the poison at least until March 2nd?

That's when the universal sling gets erected.

Just saying ...
11:02 pm est 

Catherine Russo

It is the same mind set that was here when we first moved here many years ago.
What is mine and mine and what is yours is mine.

It is your property that you bought, you want to make a nice home for yourself,
but it MY neighborhood and I SAY **NO**!NO!!!! ***N*0**** AND THUS Queen
of the world, Ms. Catherine Russo has spoken.

Really? Nothing has changed, Malcontents all!
11:00 pm est 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Re: PTV - Catherine Russo - Abutter

"Stop complaining about what everybody else is doing and mind your own

If this were law the whole town would have been imprisoned.
10:54 pm est 

Re: PTV - Catherine Russo - Abutter

Change the bylaws and zoning regs instead of telling us all what you like and
don't like. Just because it's in your neighborhood doesn't make it a bad thing.
The eyesore will be replaced by a much nicer home, year round or not, and the
taxes generated will allow you to continue to keep your tax bill low. Stop
complaining about what everybody else is doing and mind your own business.
8:18 pm est 

Re: PTV - Catherine Russo - Abutter

"She, and her other abutting neighbor, did everything possible to stop
those people  from changing this house from an eyesore to an asset to the
neighborhood. She continually harassed them, got stop work orders and tied them
up in court where their complaint was essentially laughed at. All because SHE,
her partner and her other neighbor didn't like the new house's design. I find
this behavior as totally selfish. And, there is no excuse for it"

Selfish is the neighbors who want to built a very large house and come stay in
it once in awhile. Selfish is the neighbors who would not take into account how
hard their other neighbors on Fishburn Ct were willing to fight the
greed of developers and the caving in of historic and zoning. We fought without
lawyers using our own funds and time.  After two years, I presented the case in
court. I lost on a technicality. I was not on the deed even though my partner of
19 years is.

The judge was not laughing at all. He stated to me in front of the
entire court, "nice job" He obviously felt bad about it and many times during
the trial agreed that the house was indeed very large." If you listened at all
at town meeting, you would know the sentiment of the town is against this kind
of development and it will take work by unselfish townsfolk to defeat all this
greed and selfishness.  I do know how to develop these court cases now and would
be happy to help others.

Catherine Russo
4:28 pm est 

The Silence is Deafening

All the controversy over the emails  and the open records requests.
Now, crickets. 
Did the town provide?  If they did, assume there was nothing there to report.
4:25 pm est 

Re: Catherine Russo

Do you support the FinCom chair blackmailing PTV by threatening to take away
their space because he doesn't like a vote by the BOS?  Is that how you think
town government should work?  All this in spite of the fact that it is the role
of the BOS, not FinCom to decide a matter such as this.

That question should be asked of all FinCom members, not just Catherine.  Do
they support the chair of their committee when he threatens to blackmail PTV? 
Is that the way a Finance Committee, let alone its chair, should act?  And this
isn't about PTV, it's about the actions of a chair who threatens blackmail
against a committee or group with whom he disagrees.
4:22 pm est 

BOS Meeting

So, what Was the Police Staffing Report?

Executive Session, Why?

What did they tell you? and perhaps more importantly, what are you telling us?



Oh, really!
4:19 pm est 

Board of Selectmen Meeting

You Would Think There Are No Pressing Issues Facing Provincetown

Where do these selectmen come from? Have they all lost their tongues? So it
appears. Niceties and thanks to all. Please, attend to the hard and difficult
business of town. they all and I do mean all sound like Grandma thanking all the
kiddies for showing up at the Thanksgiving Day table.

This is an abomination! Get some balls! You all sound as mumbling, grumbling as

This is the lowest bar for leadership I've ever witnessed. How sad you are and
how disappointing.
4:17 pm est 

The Provincetown Voice

Well, it took less time than expected, but the Voice has now gone off the rails.

The current administrator might be the problem.  I know it is a hard and
thankless job, but brow beating someone with a different opinion and experience
on an issue which has no importance to the town?  Really?

The former administrator.  Who knows what happened there.

It was once a wild, informative, inclusive forum, that showed that groups of
people banded together could be stronger and more potent than individual voices. 
Had purpose and goal other than stroking egos.

What it has sadly become is a small group of inside commenters wishing to
silence other opinions and ongoing personal conversations.   Strangely, they
have become a copy of the pages they left or were banned from.

Sad.  Sure the folks with differing views and other pages could not have planned
an implosion any better.
4:11 pm est 

BOS Meeting That Attained Very Little
Last night's BOS meeting was almost useless. they couldn't even decide about the
place for the Farmer's Market and then decided to vote to have it at the Bar
Relief. they were told that the grass and the space will be damaged by too much
traffic and trucks that will go over the grass. Leave it where it has been for
seven years. That two neighbors keep complaining is not enough to move it and we
will have traffic tie ups for sure at Ryder and Bradford.

Sad group.
4:07 pm est 

A Growing Storm

Make room, Detroit, you may be joined by Desert Hot Springs, Calif.,
on the bankruptcy bandwagon. City of Detroit

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - A resort town in California warned on Tuesday that
it will run out of money by March due to burdensome salary and pension costs and
could join other U.S. cities that have recently filed for bankruptcy protection.

A bankruptcy filing by Desert Hot Springs, a city of 26,000 about 110 miles east
of Los Angeles, would make it the third California city along with San
Bernardino and Stockton to seek court protection from creditors.

San Bernardino and Detroit - the biggest U.S. city to seek Chapter 9 protection
- are likely to set precedent on whether retirees or Wall Street bondholders
suffer the most when a city goes broke.

The problems in Desert Hot Springs came to light last week when a new finance
director reviewed the city's records and discovered a $3 million shortfall in
its budget of $13.5 million. Amy Aguer, the interim director of finance, did not
have details on how the shortfall occurred but said it was the result of
higher-than-expected pension and salary costs, especially in the police
department, and overly optimistic estimates of revenue.

"It's obvious we can't continue with salaries and pensions that are in the
stratosphere, no matter how much love there is for our police department," said
Russell Betts, a council member.

Desert Hot Springs, which is near Palm Springs, filed for bankruptcy in 2001
after losing a multimillion dollar lawsuit and still servicing $9.7 million of
bond debt issued to fund its exit from Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

In a report issued last week, Aguer said bankruptcy was a real option under
consideration, although on Tuesday she expressed hope that the city could avoid
that fate this fiscal year.

Aguer said nearly 70 percent of the city's budget was consumed by police costs,
most of which were spent on salaries and pension payments to the California
Public Employees' Retirement System, or Calpers.

The fate of other cities struggling with pension costs - including Desert Hot
Springs - will add to the pressure for pension reform, said Karol Denniston, a
bankruptcy attorney in San Francisco.

"What is happening in Desert Hot Springs, and San Bernardino, are not going to
be highly unusual events," Denniston said. "Calpers keeps increasing costs and
many of these cities have cut costs down to where there is nothing else left to

An outside consultant's report earlier this year warned Desert Hot Springs that
its pension costs were dangerously high.

Detroit, in Michigan, and Stockton and San Bernardino in California, have all
struggled to meet their rising pension obligations. Managers in Detroit are
seeking a judge's permission to slash pension benefits.

Illinois has a $100 billion unfunded pension liability that has resulted in
credit downgrades that have left the state with the lowest ratings among U.S.

Although Stockton is on the verge of exiting bankruptcy without cutting payments
to Calpers, a newly elected cadre of officials in San Bernardino say they are
keen to confront Calpers over rising costs. Calpers is San Bernardino's biggest

Calpers is America's biggest public pension fund, with assets of $277 billion.
It has argued strenuously in court that pension payments cannot be touched, even
in a bankruptcy.
10:12 am est 

A Thought

What Provincetown needs is a Town Manager who knows no one in town,
has no social or professional connection to anyone from town and should reside
somewhere else during their tenure running the town. Live in North Truro or
Eastham. Prequalifification should be knowing nothing, knowing nobody, nada. And
if the candidate is 4 or 5 years from retirement age, so much the better.
Experience running something other than a police department is of greatest
importance. Disqualify anyone who has a previous relationship to town.
10:06 am est 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Re: PTV - Catherine Russo

Geez if you sign your name on the Voice and the twenty people who post
will attack you too if you stray from their like-mindedness. What's the
difference here?
5:44 pm est 

Tonight, Tonight.....

.....Won't be just any night
Tonight we may get what we need
5:07 pm est 

Jeff Jaran

So where is the Former or the Present or the Whatever Police Chief
Jeff Jaran?

That's a no brainer. Look for an             . He'll be in front of it.
5:06 pm est 


"What are you talking about.  You clearly haven't a clue and no you
don't know
the story."


Do you support the FinCom chair blackmailing PTV by threatening to take away
their space because he doesn't like a vote by the BOS?  Is that how you think
town government should work?  All this in spite of the fact that it is the role
of the BOS, not FinCom to decide a matter such as this.
5:03 pm est 

Re: PTV - Catherine Russo

Catherine Russo  If you tell your story AND sign your name, you get
attacked.  Nice
5:00 pm est 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Re: PTV - Catherine Russo

"If there is One Thing Catherine Russo is not is Selfish"

While the above statement may generally be true, I see nothing BUT selfishness
in her behavior to the people who bought the falling-down, fire trap property
abutting her own. She, and her other abutting neighbor, did everything possible
to stop those people from changing this house from an eyesore to an asset to the
neighborhood. She continually harassed them, got stop work orders and tied them
up in court where their complaint was essentially laughed at. All because SHE,
her partner and her other neighbor didn't like the new house's design. I find
this behavior as totally selfish. And, there is no excuse for it.
10:32 pm est 


"Maybe it would be a good idea for you to attend a few PTV meetings so you could
speak facts instead of fiction.
I don't know the entire story, but I believe Russo is upset because she lost her
ability to push for and produce her version of documentaries.   As is frequently the
situation on here there are two sides to every story and the person shouting the loudest
is upset because they lost their advantage."

What are you talking about.  You clearly haven't a clue and no you don't know
the story. Anyone can produce a show or documentary for PTV and it must be
shown. I produced two series of shows and they all aired without a problem. I
did do a show on the house that is going to be built next door to me and it did
show various times on PTV.

It is what Jonathan Sinaiko at town meeting called a McCottage.  My neighbors,
who don't live here, are building a large two story house off the back of a small
cottage. I am following the story. I videotaped it passing through historic and then
zoning. I will videotape it being built and I do intend to make a documentary of it. 
It is the story of what is happening to
Ptown and why. Stay tuned.

Catherine Russo
10:29 pm est 

Re: Catherine Russo

Catherine Russo seems to be a one trick pony.  OK, maybe two.  Watch
her on FinCom, if the discussion isn't about housing or PTV she offers no input.
10:22 pm est 

Sharon, I Can Only Wish You the Best

Hope they want you in other towns across America. This will be good and it will
be good for us. We will send you on your way and then we can breath again and
hope that time will heal. I can only hope some town wants you and hires you and
will be glad to have you.

Time for all of us to move on and to gain a new vision for Provincetown.
8:41 pm est 

Jeff Jaran

So where is the Former or the Present or the Whatever Police Chief
Jeff Jaran

where is Jeff Jaran now? Is he our Police chief or soon to be Police "chief
again? what is his status? If the Rudewicz report finds inconclusive evidence
and thus finds that the Police Chief cannot be faulted for his actions and there
is nothing illegal on what Jeff Jaran did do, then where are we and where is
Jeff Jaran in regards to Provincetown?

That is the question that linger and lingers and lingers.
8:39 pm est 

Re: PTV - Catherine Russo

If there is One Thing Catherine Russo is not is Selfish

she is a committed individual and she gives of her time and of her effort. She
is dedicated and her concern for PTV would be a concern for this town. She is a
woman of principle and she is rare.

Do not even think to besmirch this unusual and rare individual.
8:37 pm est 


"So Sharon controls Beth, controls the PTV board, and is Beth's
personal friend.  Beth's salary isn't too shabby, either (I think it's in the
$60s). Why wouldn't Beth do anything Sharon wanted?"

Maybe it would be a good idea for you to attend a few PTV meetings so you could
speak facts instead of fiction.

I don't know the entire story, but I believe Russo is upset because she lost her
ability to push for and produce her version of documentaries.   As is frequently
the situation on here there are two sides to every story and the person shouting
the loudest is upset because they lost their advantage.
7:30 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Malcontents - Sharon vs Ann

"I am sorry to burst your bubble. The group you name as "Malcontents"
are a very diverse group in socio economic status.They are not "jealous of
others and what they had accomplished" as you say.  They are merely interested
in equality-no more special favors for those within the Cabal. They want our
town run by those who put the best interest of its citizens first, not those
within the small circle of the Cabal. Pretty simple."

Amen!  We have a Town Manager that takes her running orders from the Puppet
Mistress of her cabal. If the Puppet Mistress is the one running our town, why
not get rid of Sharon, and hire her?  Seems Sharon can't make a move without
constantly consulting her.
7:20 pm est 


Re:  Catherine Russo......"They are a self perpetuating board that
needs to be looked at more carefully."

Ms. Russo likes to wave "the people" flag when it's convenient for her to
accomplish her own selfish objective.  Ms. Russo tried to manipulate the PTV
board for her own selfish purpose to create a production that attempted to deny
her neighbors their legal right to develop their property.   When she didn't get
her way, she left abruptly in a huff.  PTV has limited resources, and she didn't
like having to share them with other folks, which is ultimately why she left the
6:55 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Malcontents

"Provincetown has always had its malcontents, people jealous of others and what
they had accomplished or own. However, now they have face book and can gather as
a mob and attack and bully."

I am sorry to burst your bubble. The group you name as "Malcontents" are a very
diverse group in socio economic status.They are not "jealous of others and what
they had accomplished" as you say.  They are merely interested in equality-no
more special favors for those within the Cabal. They want our town run by those
who put the best interest of its citizens first, not those within the small
circle of the Cabal. Pretty simple.
9:34 am est 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Thank you, Catherine Russo, for saying what no one else has dared say
before about PTV. The director of that organization, Beth, is in Sharon Lynn's
pocket. Sharon also serves on the PTV board--what kind of conflict is that?
Also, Beth's salary appears in the town budget. Who is her supervisor? Why, it's
Sharon Lynn!

So Sharon controls Beth, controls the PTV board, and is Beth's personal friend. 
Beth's salary isn't too shabby, either (I think it's in the $60s). Why wouldn't
Beth do anything Sharon wanted?
10:34 pm est 

Re: Wikipedia - Provincetown Population Information

The problem with census figures is there are no help
in determining the number of people who actually
winter-over here. Before about 1980, most people
were here year-round. Now it is a small minority. I
think the previous estimate of 600 to 800 may even
be too high. Look at the mid-town webcam in
mid-winter & nobody is here day or evening.
8:27 pm est 

Re: Marcum Report

To the person writing in support of the police chiefunder the tittle of
"Marcum Report", what I have to say is the following:
Rogo please get real and stop this infatuation you have with the chief.  We all
know about the love fest you have for the chief and it is just so wrong.
8:26 pm est 

Re: Business Summit

What you will get is a summitt run by current business owners who want
enhance the seasons or grow the seasons to bring more tourists and tourist
dollars here.  I want to see the outcome of all of this in 5 years.

What would you expect to happen at a businees summit put on by the Visitor
Service Board and Tourism Office?

In this town people seem to sit back and complain that things aren't being given
to them.  I want a cheap place to live, I want a job, blah, blah, blah.  Get out
there and make it happen and if you can't make it happen here move somewhere
where it will happen.  I don't see Provincetown ever having a year-round
economy, if that's what you are looking for, you probably need to look
5:50 pm est 

Wikipedia - Provincetown Population Information
Not sure how accurate this is, but here are the Provincetown
population numbers every ten years since 1850.  Found on wikipedia.

Census Pop. %±
1850      3,157
1860      3,206 1.6%
1870      3,865 20.6%
1880      4,346 12.4%
1890      4,642 6.8%
1900     4,247 −8.5%
1910      4,369 2.9%
1920      4,246 −2.8%
1930     3,808 −10.3%
1940      3,668 −3.7%
1950      3,795 3.5%
1960      3,389 −10.7%
1970      2,911 −14.1%
1980      3,536 21.5%
1990      3,561 0.7%
2000      3,431 −3.7%
2010      2,942 −14.3%
5:48 pm est 

Four Days to Go!

Four days and we will all know an outsiders views of what our errant
police chief and chairman of the board selectmen did. Let us all hope
resignations are recommended. Then we can stop paying the chief for an extended
vacation, and we can eliminate one of the "Three Stooges". Possibly then
legislation without bias can be passed and police can go back to acting what is
recognized as "normal". Wishful thinking right??
5:42 pm est 

Re: Complaint

After a complaint is issued by a judge or magistrate then the court
can, upon receipt of a written request, release the information contained in the
complaint. Until that time the public does not have access to the information.
4:18 pm est 


For a private person to bring a criminal complaint they must submit a written
complaint befor a clerk-magistrate  of the nearest district or superior court
outlining their probable cause for such a complaint.
4:16 pm est 


The BOS dispanded the Cable Advisory Board a few years ago. I was chair of this
board when we put PTV into action. It should be put back in place as a watchdog
that PTV is living up to its contract for subscribers. I cannot believe that
someone from Ptown was not the recent hire at PTV.

There is so much talent in this town. It is another attempt to control the organization
that belongs to the people. This is our free media outlet available to all. I produced
many shows in the beginning but I stopped going there after I was yelled at and
disrepected by Beth for questioning why Ann McGuire had so much more access than
anyone else, including using PTV staff to go around town making her shows.

Ann resigned from the board after I questioned what she was up to. She was also on
fincom at the time. I recently tried to educate the PTV board about public access. They
are a self perpetuating board that needs to be looked at more carefully. PTV should
have a membership that elects most of the board. This membership has not been

Most public access stations have such a board. Here we have such a mixing of
government, educational and public access that government gets the lions share of
access and most folks are unaware of what is possible for public access.

The first PTV board under Beth was chaired by Ann McGuire. You can take it from there. I
t is about control and power. Stevie Roderick, I appreciate your concern for
community but you're really on the wrong side of this. As a Truro resident, you
might want to think about being on the public access board that the other 5
towns set up.

Yes, the other 5 towns on the lower cape have a board just for public access, not gov
or educ. Ptown alone chose not to be a part of it. I was a part of the discussions with
the other towns for over a year. Then, all of a sudden, I was not informed when the
meetings were taking place.  Nor was I invited to be a part of the initial PTV board even
though I was probably the most active and educated advocate for public access TV.

Catherine Russo
1:41 pm est 

Re: Marcum Report

Can an Attorney Answer This Question, Please

If we authorized a criminal offense investigation, doesn't that take it out of
the realm of local personnel rules thereby negating the need to give it SECRETLY
to the BOS and tm especially since many of us have lost all respect and trust in
them. The reason that I'm requesting an unknown lawyer's response is that I'm
not sure that our hired attorney knows who he is representing------us or them.
12:55 pm est 

Re: Building Housing 8 Apartmetens For Sale

To be absolutely clear: One building that has eight apartments had people
renting these apartments.

Now the building is for sale for almost one million dollars. Who is going to buy
this building and keep the rents the same?

I suspect that they would either go winter and summer rents or else renovate and
turn the apartments into eight individual condominums.

In the meantime, eight households will be looking to rent apartments. Are there
even eight apartments available now for year round renters? I seriously doubt
12:34 pm est 

Building With Eight Apartments For Sale

Next year you will see eight condominums for sale..and eight or more people
looking for housing!
11:57 am est 

Business Summit

Great News! A business summit. And what is the  median age of everyone who
attends? Everyone under 35 years old rais you hand.

All of you raising your hand, how many of you are capable of working in the bio
tech field? How many in any of the top earning, living wage fields that you so
desperately want to come to Provincetown.

What you will get is a summitt run by current business owners who want to
enhance the seasons or grow the seasons to bring more tourists and tourist
dollars here.

I want to see the outcome of all of this in 5 years.
11:56 am est 

Provincetown Malcontents

Provincetown has always had its malcontents, people jealous of others and what
they had accomplished or own. However, now they have face book and can gather as
a mob and attack and bully.

Cyber-bullying according to Attorney General Marthka Coakley's website includes
sending personal information of someone. This has been done to me by the
facebood page you all so vehemently endorse.

With this kind of pervasive attitude in the year round peoplulation who would
want to live here anymore? Who wants to be bullied and shreded apart on your
facebook page?

That is the reality of anyone who differs with the powers that be that own and
run the facebook page started by             and the other citizen who started
that Blog.

Who in their right mind would want to open a business here? I'd love to see the
applications a would be business owner would receive who is looking for a top
notch work force.

11:53 am est 

BOS Meeting

This Tuesday's BOS Agenda: 5 p.m. Executive Session and 6 Regular

What is scheduled for the Executive Session is:
1. Provincetown Police Services Assessment Report Follow up--Executive Director
Susan Jeghelian, MOPC discussion of next steps.

I do believe this is the report on how many police we need and their staffing
issues. Who did they talk to on this? Were residents and voters even contacted
or only---the police?
11:49 am est 

Rudewicz Investigation: This is not an Inside Personnel Issue

This is a public investigation, involving the voters and residents, and they are
part of this. This differs from a strict internal investigation where the
information can remain limited and rather secretive. this Rudewicz investigation
does not fall into this category. and it does not matter what the police chief
wants--this is a public investigation of acts he took and the report is a public
report with public money.

I believe that it is against the Open Meeting Law for the BOS to go into
Executive Session. this is a private issue nor a private report. In fact, the
BOS have been using the Executive Session to cut out the public in too many
cases when they have illegally used this tactic.
11:20 am est 

Re: Marcum Report

"If the Marcum report is about the police chief's actions I believe
according to personnel rules the chief may request the information be revealed
in Exec. Session.  And if I was watching you sharks circling that's what I'd
request if I were him."

HERE we go again. "personnnel rules and regs. "  
This is their favorite excuse. Yada yada yada!!  Yep lets put the chief first.
Forget about the terrible acts that were committed on numerous provincetown
citizens.Lets just put the chief first.  Oh yes, those "personnel rules". This
town govt stinks of the bay.
10:59 am est 

Re: Marcum Report

If I were the Police Chief I would insist my review be 1st analyzed
for discussion in private with public officials,and then released to public via
personnel protocol! I will be surprised if any serious issues in performance are
found against him! His style of management was not wrong,just foreign to what
people have been accustomed to "getting away' with! It may be suggested that his
style be tweaked to conform to the "local police micromanagers!" How
disappointing that would be for the "tongues of the vipers' that are waiting to
"lash him to the mast"! I doubt that will happen.
10:56 am est 

Re: Marcum Report

"If the Marcum report is about the police chief's actions I believe
according to personnel rules the chief may request the information be revealed
in Exec. Session."

Since he, his       , and the cabal think he's completely innocent, he has
nothing to worry about. The cabal will send him away with a glowing
recommendation, passing the junk to another future employer.
10:52 am est 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Re: Marcum Report

If the Marcum report is about the police chief's actions I believe
according to personnel rules the chief may request the information be revealed
in Exec. Session.  And if I was watching you sharks circling that's what I'd
request if I were him.
10:39 pm est 

Re: Marcum Report

Where did it show that the report goes to the selectmen first in executive session?
If thats true, where is it posted and when will it be discussed?

If it's true, this is an outrage!! It really underlines the blindness the
selectmen have toward the issues the report was to investigate. The TM, Austin
and potentially the police chief could be in the meeting and the report is about
them, something demanded by the people to investigate the issues surrounding
those people. This is truly nuts! What part do these people not get? I have been
in situations before when reports have come out and the selectmen have altered
the report by asking the investigators to change words, impact words, to soften
the blow, make the answers and outcome less impacting. The report should be as
honest and to the point as possible and NOT be altered at all by anyone, EVER. I
have no faith in the systen that is being investigated and the system is now the
one that will or possibly will not, release the report to the public. We NEED TO
TIME IN OPEN SESSION. Why shouldn't it?!
  What do they fear? What do they have to hide? This sucks!!!
7:38 pm est 

Re: To the Point

"What was the Provincetown year round population in 1993?  What is it
in 2013? Please provide the source for these data."

"Are you unable to look it up yourself?"

7:34 pm est 

Re: To the Point

"What was the Provincetown year round population in 1993?  What is it
in 2013? Please provide the source for these data."

Are you unable to look it up yourself?
5:15 pm est 

Marcum Report

If the board of selecttmen choose to receive the report before it is released to
the general public, then the copy they subsequently release to the public should
be certified by the originators to be factual and unaltered in any way.  The
public is entitled to the actual findings by the investigator.  That means
complete and unabridged!  If they see it first OK, but no editorializing, and
the originators MUST certify that what is presented to us as residents is indeed
what was discovered and presented to the selectmen.
1:29 pm est 

Re: Marcum Report

The public, BOS and TM should receive the report all at the same time and

Should they need to do so, the BOS can then retire to executive session to
conduct or discuss any business.

Should hold ALL of the selectmen accountable for this not happening or raise a
ruckus where those making the decision have to explain why not.  And not with
the usual BS.  Are they expecting a personnel problem?  Litigation?

As suggested, they can see the presentation, make no public comment, and them
convene in executive session.
12:03 pm est 

Re: To the Point

Someone posted that we currently have the same number of police
officers as we did 20 years ago.

What was the Provincetown year round population in 1993?  What is it in 2013?
Please provide the source for these data.
11:58 am est 

"Letter to an Innocent Bystander"

   "If I dare, in these few words, to ask you some direct and personal
questions, it is because I address them as much to myself as to you. It is
because I am still also able to hope that a civil exchange of ideas can take
place between two persons--that we have not reached the stage where we are all
hermetically sealed, each one in the collective arrogance and despair of his own
herd. If I seem to be in a hurry to take advantage of the situation that still
exists, it is, frankly because I sometimes feel it may not continue to exist
much longer.

.. "So here we stand, you and I, while "they" attend  to their increasingly
sinister affairs, and observe: "Well, let others mind their own business and we
will mind ours."

   ...First, let us assume that we are clear who "they" are. When I speak of
"them," you will understand that I mean those specials ones who seek power over
"all the others," and who use us as instruments to gain power over the others."
               From Raids on the Unspeakable  Thomas Merton
11:05 am est 

Re: Marcum Report

The Marcum report, in a nutshell, investigates the ones that will be
getting the report first.  Funny, isn't?
11:02 am est 

Re: Marcum Report

Here we go again. I predicted in a former posting that they(marcum, et al.)
would give the three mindless votes the first crack at the report because they
hired them. Again, we the citizens of Provincetown paid for this report and do
not want a sanitized report released to us. Thanks, marcum.former policeperson.
11:01 am est 

10:58 am est 

Re: Marcum Report

They do not get it and do not WANT to get it. They are
going to use every tactic to tame the report.  We all know what they are. They
use them all the time. This town govt is a lost cause. There is no more trust .
Until they are gone- we will not heal. Sharon,Hoort,Anderson, McChesney,and
Knight continue their dirty politics. However, their day will come. They will be
gone sooner than later.Local History in this beautiful town will NOT look kindly
on them.
10:11 am est 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Re: Marcum Report

Regarding "I am dismayed and disappointed that the report will first
be presented to the BOS and TM in Executive Session."

It should be done in open-meeting mode.  We 're footing the bill; we have the
right to know the results, without any alterations, of the report we're footing
the bill for.
10:56 pm est 

Re: To the Point

 I understand your frustration and lack of support for the number of Police full
time here in Provincetown, but we have had the same number of year round
officers since 1992 except the hiring of ONE additional officer. So for the past
20 + years we have had the same number of FT officers, why weren't you
complaining over the past 20 years, I believe the force is now more "visible"
and I agree too aggressive for the time period of November 1 thru April 1, the
challenge is this: can we have a FT force that can fluctuate in its full
complement during the "down" time? Can we have a force that truly is part of the
community and at the same time protect us and have some "sympatico" at the same
time. We can and should try to find that balance.
10:52 pm est 

Re: Connect the Dots

Right On!!  Unfortunately.
10:49 pm est 

Drugs Are Not Our Immediate ssue--Why This Now?

Our immediate issue is pointed elsewhere--to our town manager and to our police
chief and to too many working at town hall, including, yes, Dan Hoort. that is
our real and immediate problem and brining up this "issue" of drugs is rather a
poor excuse by someone to detract from the pressing issues that affect so many
of us. lack of leadership. Lack of solid management. lack of departments run as
they should be.

How appalling that they are at it again!
8:43 pm est 

Ah, Thanks to the Rat in the Basement

Ah, such understanding. ah, such insight. How we love our rats here, how they
are so smart and perceptive.

Again, a cheese-filled thank you.
8:37 pm est 

Marcum Report

I am dismayed and disappointed that the report will first be presented to the
BOS and TM in Executive Session.

Are these folks still tone deaf?  For the report to be seen as impartial and
above board, it should be presented to the entire town all at once.  To do it
any differently allows folks to question what might have been changed, edited,
etc..  Why give anyone that opportunity to question what went on behind those
closed doors?  This group seems to deliberately want to make trouble for

For the TM and BOS to gain any credibility in this matter they should get the
information at the exact same time as the public.  Let me guess.  They will pull
out the legal/employee/litigation card.  Too late.  That train left the station.

Am already a tiny bit skeptical due to a response I received when I emailed the
investigators and a post by someone connected to the investigations.

4:09 pm est 

Let's Get to the Point

How many of us are here year-round? And this I mean, in the winter? In January
and February and March? Let's be honest that it is down to 600 of us, if maybe,
and that is maybe, 800. they all leave. glad that they can and glad that they
have winter resorts to go. but..reality..we are few here. And that is who is who
handles the all-year issues and pressures.

Do you think that 600  or even 800 need the full police force that Jeff Jaran
established? and oh yes, make certain they are two on the street--the buddy
system--and two in any cruisers for the "dangers" on the street. And that is
Commercial and Bradford. Really! this makes no sense.

We are a community of few. We do not need ultra-policing in December and January
and February. And we do not need two people walking down Commercial street as
police--as if they are in Los Angeles. As if--they are in the Bronx.

This makes no sense when you consider who is really here----every day and every month. 
2:21 pm est 

Provincetown Big Drug Bust

Notice our latest detective work was done by the Boston Post Office Employees
and followed to a proper arrest by them as well?

Regarding 2879 voters registered in Provincetown:  Our census indicates 2642
souls living here year round and 2475 over the age of 18.  Perhaps we are
growing more then we think.
1:30 pm est 

Re: A Bit Suspicious

"All of a sudden, some are now overwhelmingly concerned about the drug
Who is writing this? Is Jeff Jaran back in town? I just don't believe that the
people are now overwhelmingly concerned with drugs! Some weird posting. Someone
trying to alter the real discussion about the real town hall problems. It is not
about drugs--but being inept, lacking leadership, protecting a cotery of friends
and casting out those seen as "outside" their inner circle. the desperation of
town hall employees trying to maintain their power and using whatever they can
against those who raise key issues, question the direction of the town and
demand accountability."

That is the real and pressing and poignant problem. The other is a diversion to
try to get others "engaged" in issues that are not the most significant at this
time.  Spot on!!  This is a Diversion. It is about accountability .
10:02 am est 

A Bit Suspicious

All of a sudden, some are now overwhelmingly concerned about the drug problem!!
Who is writing this? Is Jeff Jaran back in town? I just don't believe that the
people are now overwhelmingly concerned with drugs! Some weird posting. Someone
trying to alter the real discussion about the real town hall problems. It is not
about drugs--but being inept, lacking leadership, protecting a cotery of friends
and casting out those seen as "outside" their inner circle. the desperation of
town hall employees trying to maintain their power and using whatever they can
against those who raise key issues, question the direction of the town and
demand accountability.

That is the real and pressing and poignant problem. The other is a diversion to
try to get others "engaged" in issues that are not the most significant at this
11:45 pm est 

Inordinate Police Presence

Returning home on a rainy Thursday from errands in Hyannis, I was baffled by the
heavy police presence I encountered.  The first was a cruiser on route 6 at the
Truro line, then followed by another cruiser on Bradford Street in the east end,
then another near town hall and a fourth turning onto Bradford from Franklin St. 
What is happening again?  Are we returning to the police state that oppressed 
us so terribly last winter?
11:43 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Wealth

I know the Toyota you are speaking of and it belongs to an employee of
province landing.  That is why it is parked there. How do i know this? Because I
live here! Don't belive me?  The spot is labeled employee.  Get your facts
11:40 pm est 

Marcene Marcoux - Connecting the Dots

WOW! Talking about taking no prisoners.

Its just too complicated not to be true.

Thank you.

A Rat In The Basement
11:38 pm est 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Affordable Housing Wealth

I went with a friend to visit his brother who has a car dealership. Low and
behold the most expensive Toyota there costing over $35,000.00

Low and behold I saw the same car parked at Province Landing. How in the world
does someone qualify for affordable housing when they have a car like that? It
is a big Toyota.

Drive by and look at all of the late model cars. I own a home here and I have to
work hard to afford it. My second hand car is now 13 years old.

This is another reason why people are against affordable housing at taxpayer's
4:33 pm est 

The drug problem -- It was Here Before and Will Be Here After

That may well be true. What is also true is the financial debacle and the
current costs. Currently we have not one, not two, but THREE detectives (not
including the undercover officer we pay for but who works out of town).

My question is how are our tax dollars being spent? Wisely?
3:57 pm est 

Renters and Property Taxes

Renters do pay property tax, it is through the rent we pay each month.  Believe
me, when the taxes go up, my landlord adjusts the rent.

We are just as concerned with town fiscal matters.  They do have a great impact
on us also.
2:28 pm est 

It was Here Before and Will Be Here After

The drug problem in this town has been going on for years. I'm
personally happy to see it being discussed publicly, as it seems like most
people would rather ignore anything that paints the town in a bad light,
especially in front of tourists.

However, if you are bringing it up just to try and blame one more thing on
Jaran, think again. The problem was here before he arrived and will continue
after he's gone.
1:51 pm est 

Drug Problems

Give me a break.  Dont tell me all you posters on here tgat have been whining
about the "police state" now want the police lokking over everyones shoulder for
drugs.   Look back a fewMonths when your hackles went up over the rumor police
would be checking ferry passengers for dope.   Are the same people who now clamor
for police action The same who once railed again the samee?

I say live and let live.  As long as you arent hurting anyone but yourself do
what you want.   If you want the police hunting for drug users,  i say a more
usefull use of resources would be to have roadblocks to catch drunk drivers.  
Just kidding, i want niether. 

I just want to be left alone.
1:48 pm est 

Re: Mark Hatch

"Not attacking just asking, is Mr. Hatch a resident of Provincetown? Is
he a registered voter here and only here?"

Mr. Hatch registered to vote in Provincetown on October 11th.
1:44 pm est 

Will Police Chief Return

Hope not,but if he does, can we at least have him provide us with a mental
assessment, or at the very least, can we have a background check made? Just the
thought of him walking around our peaceful town, carrying a gun, scares the hell
out of me.
12:41 pm est 

Crystal Meth Problem

I agree with the poster regarding the police chief's poor use of his detective
resources. To me it was a power grab. The question also arises, why did he
announce, a while back, that he was," going to ' look into the cold case dune
murders', to try to solve them" . If he wanted to use his detective skills,
wouldn't  it have been wiser to put his energy into something more important to
the citizens of Provincetown----like crystal meth?----not grandstanding!!!!!
12:40 pm est 


Does everyone have their heads in the sand? HEROIN has been a staple drug on the
Outer Cape for decades, it has been dealt and abused and has caused many deaths
on the Outer Cape so let's not just pick and choose which drug is causing all
the stir, it is a problem, always has and always will in all communities,
welcome to 2013. We had the same number of police previous to the PIER
complement and nothing was ever done under Meades, Anthony or Meyers so let's
share the blame to those in power as well way back when, oh did I forget Keith
12:38 pm est 

2,879 Registered Voters in Provicetown

There are 2,879 registered voters in Provincetown. What you don't seem to get is
that there are many people in Provincetown who first bought a house in
Provincetown and then a second home in Florida or in ski country etc.

These aren't necessarily rich people. I know a maintenance worker who bought a
house in Florida and he rents it out weekly to people who go to Disney world.

The idea that people who own second homes are all upper middle class is
ridiculous. Second home owners who bought a second home in Provincetown in the
last 10 years are well off I'd say.

There are not 2,879 registered voters living here year round. How many year
rounders are there and how many are renters? What will life for a renter be like
in ten years?
12:37 pm est 

Twelve step Programs

Provincetown has a great many twelve step Programs and I applaud this fact. A
great many people are in them and are benefiting from them. However, a great
many people need to be in them.
12:34 pm est 

Marcene Marcoux - Connecting the Dots

Marcene Marcoux, bravo for connecting the dots, I have been waiting
for someone to do this, and you were very thoughtful and fact-based in your
account! Thank You for doing this for the community!
12:33 pm est 

Re: Mark Hatch

Not attacking just asking, is Mr. Hatch a resident of Provincetown? Is he a
registered voter here and only here?

12:31 pm est 

Serious Drug Problem

The drug culture in this town will, unfortunately, continue to
flourish. It's too widespread and there are too many "important" people
involved. Me or anyone I know could easily name two or three dealers off the top
of our heads. Everyone knows it's going on, but for some reason, nobody wants to
make this problem a priority.

One person asked "well, what are the people on this blog supposed to do about
the drug problem?" Give it the same kind of attention you gave to the Squealing
Pig incident or the ridiculous Green Line fiasco from a few years ago. People in
this town have proven they are capable of generating change. How many deaths and
overdoses have to happen before they realize that the drug problem in this town
is a serious one?
12:29 pm est 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Re: Crystal Meth Problem

I, for one, must agree. If this is a problem, then why, why, why did our police
chief allow one of three detectives to spend his time on the pier, directing
traffic, instead of helping solve the problem.

This is a prime example of how Provincetown tax dollars have been spent.

10:58 pm est 

Re: Mark Hatch

If Mr. Hatch owns property in the town of Provincetown, he has just as much
right to register to vote here instead of wherever he may reside outside of
Provincetown. A citizen of the state may register in one place to vote. He has a
lot more of a right to register to vote in Provincetown than do the renters that
come in from all over and then pay zero taxes to the town yet get plenty of
benifits offered by the town. This game of yearround versus partime is getting
old. Face it, the part timers are taking over the town and now that there is a
non resident taxpayers association, get ready for a lot more property owners to
split their household votes, one registered here and the other registered where
they live off season. They can and they will.
9:53 pm est 

Crystal Meth Problem

Really, With all the detectives on the police force why hasn't this huge drug
problem been ferreted out?  Maybe instead , of having a detective direct
automobile traffic on the pier he should be looking for drug traffic.  What a
unique thought.
9:50 pm est 

Re: Mark Hatch

"Is he a voter and resident or just another PTOWN wannabe..."

Typical.  You can't refute a single word he said, so you attack him on a
personal level.

We are not distracted from what he actually said, which hit home.
9:47 pm est 

Re: Vincent Currier - Why so Silent?

I am still here, and the rumors of my demise or "going underground"
are premature.

I will say that the e-mails reveal a stunning array of surprises and
Please give us until the beginning of next week to release the information.
You couldn't get rid of me that easily!!

Vince Currier
5:06 pm est 


                                        Connecting The Dots:

                  Linking The Three Investigations & The Texting Incident


     How to make sense of the three incidents by Police Chief Jaran involving the Squealing Pig, the Austin Knight campaign signs distributed from the Police Station and the Re-Activation of the No Place for Hate Committee? And also, how to link the threatening behavior of Sergeant Koumanelis to two town residents for placing Tom Donegan and Raphael Richter campaign signs at their residence? Where is the pattern? What motives can be revealed to help explain the questionable actions? Why did all four incidents happen? Why was Jeff Jaran so intent on taking questionable actions when he did?

     I propose that the answer lies in Provincetown's Charter. It states:


 7-2-5  The town manager shall hire the following town employees with the approval of the board of selectmen: (a) accountant; (b) assessor; (c) assistant town manager; (d)clerk; (e) licensing agent; (f) police chief; (g) tax collector; (h) town counsel; and (i) treasurer.


8-2-1 The town manager shall make all appointments within the police department

8-2-2 The town manager shall appoint the chief of police with the approval of the board of selectmen.


10-3-2 After the town manager has been in office longer than six months, the board of selectmen may initiate his or her removal by adopting a resolution to that effect and delivering a copy to the town manager in person or by registered mail to his or her place of residence.

10-3-5 Within five days following the adoption of such resolution, the town manager may file with the board of selectmen, the board of personnel board and the town clerk a written request for a public hearing before the personnel board.

10-3-9 Within seven days after the public hearing is adjourned the personnel board shall vote at a public hearing whether to reinstate or to remove the town manager. The town manager shall be removed unless at least two-thirds of the personnel board vote to reinstate.

Why are these sections of the Provincetown Charter key? Because they reveal that a three to two vote by the Board of Selectmen can lead to the firing or dismissal of the town manager.  With three selectmen holding similar views on the lack of leadership or sense of mismanagement by the town manager, the present town manager can quite easily-or at least more easily than most think-be removed. And when such a town manager is removed, the powers to appoint to key town positions, including the right to hire and fire the Chief of Police, is shifted temporarily to the Assistant Town Manager and then to a newly hired Town Manager. With the loss of the present town manager, many town employees, including the Chief of Police, as well as others like Dan Hoort, the Director of Municipal Finance, would find themselves in a vulnerable position, if not losing their present positions......

For the complete story click on the Above
"Connecting The Dots" Link or page


3:33 pm est 

Independent Investigation Report

The much awaited Independent Investigator report will be delivered to the Town

next Thursday, November ,14 2013.

1:51 pm est 

Re: Crystal Meth Problem

This In responce to the drug problem
post.  I'm not saying there isn't a problem,
we all know there is, but what the heck
are the people on this blog suspose to do
about it?
For the last seven years we have had the
super cop Sharon or maybe we should
call her The Police Superintendent and her
Boy Jeff as Chief.
When did they do Anything?
Oh yea,  they busted a assistant harbor master...
big bust!  I think he had 8 oxygen pills!
Ask Sharon about the problem,  not me.
They "work" for us...not elected.And do /did
nothing!  Together they cost us over three
hundred thousand a year! You would think
at that salary either one might have a clue?
I doubt it...
1:41 pm est 

Re: Mark Hatch

I'm confused, Mark Hatch's letter says he lives in Provincetown yet his Facebook
profile says he "lives in Lynn, MA" and teaches at North Shore Community College
which is in Danvers, MA. His address of record in town's property owner's list
for his 500 sq ft condo on Bang's Street is 67 Mudge Street, Lynn, MA. So I see
zero evidence Mr. Hatch is a Provincetown resident. Can anyone clear this up? Is
he a voter and resident or just another PTOWN wannabe wash ashore             



1:39 pm est 

Re: Vincent Currier - Why so Silent?

What Happened to the 6,000 to 10,000 E-Mails that Vincent currier

It seems a crucial request and the date that could reveal much about the way
this town has been run--if not run into the ground. these e-mails should reveal
the Candyland devious actions and the collusion of town hall with her and

so---where is the request at this time? Has Vincent currier disappeared? Can
Dieter Groll help in making this request a reality that will help this town
better understand what has been happening secretly for too long.
11:26 am est 

Crystal Meth Problem

Rather than all of this emphasis on this report or that report; I would like to
see an end to the drug culture here and the drug addiction that it fosters due
to these dealers.

It is laughable that there is all of this swirl of verbiage about jobs and year
round work when we live in a drug infused culture here.

The drugs that permeate this community has really taken its toll on the

Sunday morning and monday morning I could have created figure "8s" up and down
bradford street as there were no cars. Soon most employment in town will cease.

As winter arrives more and more hibernation and drug use will take place as
people won't have jobs to go to--so they will just chill and enjoy their
controlled substance of choice.
11:24 am est 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Re: Vincent Currier - Why so Silent?

So what has happened to Vincent Currier's request for information?

All of a sudden discussion of this issue has disappeared from the social media.
It is very strange indeed. Not even a word from Vincent.

Should I be worried?
10:50 pm est 

Jeff Jaran - Suspended Chief of Police

How long is the town going to continue to pay our suspended,
disfunctional police chief? He is and has been on a paid vacation long enough. 
Time to cut him loose so the police department can regroup into something
resembling a functioning police force.  Time to do a search for a chief, return
to the state list for officers, time to put Lt. Golden back to work.
9:00 pm est 

Goodrich Report

To Those Who Read the Goodrich Report: what are His Most significant

Could someone just list what they think are Goodrich's most key issues? since
600 individuals responded to the questionnaire, what are the most significant

I've yet to hear from anyone what they think. so, please, let us know.
1:38 pm est 

So Where is Jeff Jaran? Will He Return?

He could. If the investigation proves little wrongdoing by our former Chief of
Police, Jeff Jaran could be back.

Just try to imagine the chaos that could ensue. Can you see him back there with
the Vote of No confidence contingency--which is most of the police officers.

If you think things were bad before--you ain't seen anything yet!

1:36 pm est 

Re: ADL Gate

The No Place for Hate Committee

Just key in to the central person, if not culprit, and who do you find? Candace
Nagle. this is the third part of Frank Rudewicz's investigation. It is the
mandate by Police Chief Jeff Jaran to re-establish the No Place for Hate
Committee. He did this in August 2012. Wat did Jeff Jaran do? He empowered
Sergeant Carrie Lopes to re-constitute the No Place for Hate Committee. And what
was the aim? To target Tom Donegan, then FinCom chair and Clarence Walker, Fin
Com member and Webmaster of MYPACC.

Who then was added to the committee? None other than Candace Nagle. And what did
Ms. Nagle do? Present and assert to the No Place for Hate Committee that MYPACC
was declared officially by the Anti-Defamation League as a Hate blog. And they
believed her. And they acted on the "fact" that MYPACC was a Hate blog.

Problem? It was false and never happened. The Anti-Defamation League never, ever
declared that MYPACC was a Hate blog and for months and months, this committee
acted as if this was true.

This town and police committee published this "fact." They promulgated the
"fact" that MYPACC and Clarence Walker was part of a Hate Blog.

It was a fabrication of Candace Nagle and yet the No Place for Hate Committee
accepted this "truth" that was a fiction, a lie, a misrepresentation. and worse,
it was a libelous attack based on a fiction and an outright lie.
1:33 pm est 

Re: ADL Gate

What's the story behind ADL Gate. I never heard of it before?
11:04 am est 

Monday, November 4, 2013

ADL Gate

Investigative interviews are being held regarding the No Place For Hate
Committee's roll in the misrepresentation of the Anti Defamation League's
findings regarding MYPACC and in particular the part played by Committee
member CN.
3:33 pm est 

Reality Check

A house on vine street sells for a million dollars. Winter rentals monthly rents
from now until May--$1,200..another is $1,400.00. Rooms are $700.00.

Summer comes and the big rents roll in..But I thought that that $1,200.00 or
$1,400.00 was a serious rent. Wow, am I mistaken.

I feel like a dope landlord renting year round when I can get this kind of money
just for a WINTER Rental..and then I can rake in the big bucks in the summer.

2:05 pm est 

Beaux Arts Ball
Bravo! Shawn Nightengale Did a fabulous Job

What a party! What a night! Shawn Nightengale deserves many thanks. He did a 
superb job and it was quite the evening.

Bravo, Monsieur!
11:31 pm est 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Beaux Arts Ball - Let the Good Times Roll!

Off to the Beaux Arts Ball

Let us celebrate! Let's enjoy the good times! Let's have a ball!
7:02 pm edt 

Re: Truth be Told - Truth to Power

Ok, so tell us all how the problems in the town should have been handled? What
are the solutions you would have proposed to cure the problems with an out of
control chief, a town manager that is covering for him, a town manager that is
not fixing issues being raised by the public and the problematic selectmen like
Austin and Elaine that are either covering for the TM like previous selectmen,
(Coture) or have a lot of baggage themselves that haven't been answered to like
sexual harrassment of a town hall employee and zoning/permiting violations
covered up again by the TM and her underlings. Please tell us how your solution
to all of these problems would have a better outcome than the solutions being
proposed right now like the mediator who just recently reported to the town and
the investigation currently going on regarding the chief and his issues
regarding sexual harrassment in the department and his many other trip ups. Tell
us your suggestions of how you would have solved!
  the problems and how we failed to get the answers to these problems.
Seriously, do tell.
7:00 pm edt 

Re: Mystery Man - Oatsey Hussein Rogers

Sounds to me like Oatsey was in danger of being found out and decided
to drop the ruse. Anybody know who it actually was? A local public figure,
2:17 pm edt 

Re: Mystery Man - Oatsey Hussein Rogers

Oatsey is exporting his many mysteries to India these days, in a
country already full of so many cosmic extravaganzas.
12:41 pm edt 

Oatsey and Karl?

Are they the same person?   Nobody seems to know either of them.   Also, what's
happening to the Provincetown Voice.   Suddenly Oatsey disappears, then Vincent,
and now the Chair of Fin Com.   Is this the beginning fo the end?
12:39 pm edt 

Re: Mystery Man - Oatsey Hussein Rogers

Why have all the posts about Oatsey and Karl been removed? I smell a
12:36 pm edt 

Executive Summary - MOPC Report



100 Morrissey Blvd

Boston, MA 02125

P: 617.287.4040

F: 617.287.4049

Executive Summary - MOPC Assessment Report and

Process Recommendations Concerning the Provision of Policing Services

In early August 2013, the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration at the University of Massachusetts Boston (MOPC) contacted the Town of Provincetown to offer assistance to the community in addressing contentious issues regarding police services. MOPC thereafter designed and facilitated a conflict intervention and public engagement process consisting of three steps:

1. An initial conflict assessment, including an online survey and a small number of confidential interviews to frame the issues for discussion at a public forum.

2. The public forum, including opportunities for public comment and for participation in small group discussions facilitated by volunteers from Cape Mediation based in Orleans.

3. This report, including process recommendations for addressing the police issues based upon the results of the conflict assessment, the forum, and other opportunities for public input.

Initial conflict assessment process and the public forum

Almost 600 people responded to the online survey during the nearly three-week period that it was available. The MOPC Facilitation Team used that information to frame the issues for discussion at the public forum held on September 19
th, 2013 at the Provincetown Town Hall Auditorium. The forum was
shown live on PTV and was designed to provide an opportunity for people to voice their views concerning the provision of police services, including the proper role of the police in their community

and the interactions with the Police Department that the community would like to see occur in the future.

Although some people were concerned about the representativeness of the online survey responses,
MOPC’s review of the text comments showed a wide range of viewpoints, issues and suggestions with only a few duplicate submissions. In addition, there were no significant differences in the responses from year-round residents and other responders. At the public forum, over 100 attendees listened to

the MOPC presentation of the online survey results, approximately 80 people participated in the small group discussions, 4 people spoke at the microphone for the open comment period, 15 people filled out the anonymous comment cards at the forum, and 35 people provided their comments through the online web link during and after the forum. The presentation that MOPC made at the public forum is

posted on the Town’s website and includes a summary of responses from the online survey.

MOPC Report Highlights

The information from the online survey and the confidential interviews conducted during the initial conflict assessment, as well as all of the information from the public forum process, was compiled by the MOPC Facilitation Team and has been summarized in this report, grouped into four broad categories:

1. Concerns, issues and suggestions related to Town government

2. Concerns, issues and suggestions about the role and approach of the police

3. Interactions between the police and the community

4. Town-wide civic engagement suggestions.

The summary of the public input prepared by the MOPC Facilitation Team shows:

The community is divided in its views on the role and level of policing.

A substantial segment of the community has expressed their concerns about a wide range of policing issues, including leadership, interactions between the police and the community, the role and level of policing, and plans for a new police station.Many people have suggested ways to improve the interactions between the community and the police, as well as improving civic engagement within the town on important issues.

In MOPC’s compilation and summary, the Facilitation Team has indicated some of the issues where there appears to be a consensus and agreement as well as where there are differing views and disagreement. Many people who provided public comments feel that improvements can be made to the way the police department approaches the role and level of policing including the interactions with the community; for some, this suggests a reinstatement of the “community-oriented policing” activities that

were undertaken in an earlier time period. And, many people feel that the community needs to learn towork together as much as possible to address these issues and concerns, and to follow up on the many excellent suggestions that have been made through this initial conflict intervention and public engagement process.

MOPC Process Recommendations

Based upon this information from the public, it seems clear that the community would benefit from implementing the four process recommendations included in this report as soon as possible so as to avoid a continuation of the divisiveness that has recently characterized the discussion of these issues and enable constructive dialogue and collaboration in reaching a resolution that best suits the communitys needs:

1. Conducting a Police Department Workplace Climate Assessment

2. Conducting a Town Government Assessment

3. Implementing a Community Policing Pilot, and

4. Developing Ways of Enhancing Town-wide Civic Engagement

These process recommendations are designed to address the issues, concerns and suggestions from the public input. The police department workplace climate assessment can provide important inputs to both the town government assessment and the community policing pilot activities, while each of these can inform the broader and longer-term town-wide civic engagement process. The report includes brief descriptions of the process management services that MOPC and Cape Mediation could provide to support the Town and the community with these activities.

October 23
rd, 2013

John Goodrich

MOPC Senior Affiliate Facilitator, on behalf of the MOPC Facilitation Team

To Read the MOPC Goodrich Report Click Here

12:13 pm edt 

Provincetown Banner - Wicked Local

Provincetown police workplace study needed, says Goodrich report

By Ann Wood @awoodBanner
Posted Nov 02, 2013 @ 08:52 AM

Results from the independent investigation conducted by Frank Rudewicz of Marcum into suspended police chief Jeff Jaran’s reported inappropriate behavior in a restaurant and accusations that Selectman Austin Knight’s campaign signs were distributed from the police station are expected to be unveiled in mid-November, Town Manager Sharon Lynn said Monday, adding that a study about police staffing levels will follow shortly thereafter.

This came during a presentation to the board of selectmen of a report by John Goodrich of the Mass. Office of Public Collaboration, which led a public forum on police issues last month. He said that a police department workplace climate assessment needs to happen and an advisory committee formed right away. Lynn agreed.

“What this can’t become is something that goes on the shelf. What we have to do is look forward here,” she said of the MOPC report.

The timing is right for the workplace assessment, Goodrich said, because it would begin in December after the independent report is complete. Lt. Jim Golden, who is heading up the police department during the chief’s suspension, says that a climate assessment would be welcome and that members of the department “are beginning to speak more on what they feel.”

The workplace assessment will cost between $8,000 and $10,000, and help forming the committee is estimated at about $5,000, but Lynn thinks it would be money well spent.

“The funding is not there, it’s not budgeted, but it would be appropriate to look for other savings in the budget to pay for this,” she said. “There needs to be some healing and that will help to have that climate assessment done.”

Calling police officers “wounded warriors,” Lynn said that they are still managing to get their jobs done.

“It’s a highly charged atmosphere right now,” she said. “Not to mention the police chief who’s still right now part of this community and, as a person himself in flux, going through a rather difficult time.”

The police workplace evaluation would include anonymous individual interviews with members of the department, as well as overall workplace and climate conditions, including organizational structure, training and communication. Recommendations would be given for improving the workplace climate where conflicts, lack of clarity or ineffective communication exists.

Goodrich further recommended that a town government assessment should be done, a community policing pilot program put in place and ways of enhancing town-wide civic engagement developed, in which online tools could be designed to facilitate civil social media interaction.

While these things will cost money, he said there are grants available, including a state Community Innovation Challenge grant. While it has no matching monetary requirement, programs funded through it need to be sustainable past the grant period, he added. It’s not unusual for a town to be awarded a $100,000 grant, Goodrich said, adding that the grants are much sought after.

According to Gov. Deval Patrick’s official website, the CIC grant program’s focus “is to incentivize and support innovative regionalization and other cost-saving initiatives that will help local governments increase cost-efficiency while maintaining service delivery.” Through the program, the state funded 28 projects in 2012 with $4 million.

Should the town receive the grant, it will be awarded in February, Goodrich said, and if the police department workplace assessment is done and a committee is forming, the town will be in a good position to receive it.

Dan Hoort, the town’s finance director, said that the finance committee has about $50,000 in its reserve fund, which Selectman Erik Yingling thought could be used to begin on the MOPC’s recommendations.

The selectmen and Lynn agreed that the town should apply for the grant and decided that they will discuss workplace assessment and formation of an advisory committee at their meetings on Nov. 12 and Nov. 14.

The MOPC report is available online at

Read more:
Follow us: @139703022770721 on Twitter
11:09 am edt 

Re: Mystery Man - Oatsey Hussein Rogers

My Sense is: Let Oatsey be Oatsey

We don't need revelations. Just read and absorb. Let it rip!
10:53 am edt 

Has Anyone Read the Goodman Police Forum Report?

I haven't but I'd like to know what conclusions he came up after 600 responses
to the questionnaire. What were his most significant findings? can someone tell
me? Thanks.
10:52 am edt 

Re: Truth be Told - Truth to Power

"The town manager, some of the selectmen and the police chief have all
done a great disservice to the long history of good in Provincetown and they
need to be held responsible and let the town get itself back together."

The last line in your post is the one lick of sense you display. "Let the town
get itself back together." Divisive people like you and the rest of the so
called "heroes" have been tearing this town apart for months. You are so in the
thick of this mess that you've lost perspective, you can't even see what's
happening anymore because in your "us vs. them" mentality, all you care about is
winning at this point. You want your team to come out on top. Well, guess what?
This isn't the world series, this is reality. This is peoples lives. It's not a
game, this is the vitality of a town you are so haphazardly fooling with.

Maybe you should re-read that Cape Cod Times article very carefully, and try to
see what your petty little war looks like to people watching from the sidelines.
All they see is a town torn apart and with people unwilling and unable to behave
like mature adults, it may never heal. Do us all a favor and try to curb your
anger and vindictiveness and, as you yourself say, let the town get itself back
10:49 am edt 

Mystery Man - Oatsey Hussein Rogers

"So tell us the real identities of Oatsey and Karl. Your theory is
useless without facts."

This is a pretty good question. This "Oatsey" person has sent friend requests to
everyone I know on Facebook but nobody seems to actually know him/her. What kind
of name is Oatsey? Sounds made up. And yes, I believe someone is using it as an
alias. Does anybody have any idea who is behind the Oatsey alias?
10:47 am edt 

Affordable Housing

Don't forget to get rid of selectman Anderson. She has been one of the
strongest proponents of this affordable housing (aka Ghetto ) mess.
10:43 am edt 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Re: Truth be Told - Truth to Power

Anti police? Where do you get that line? Nobody is anti police. They are anti
rancid police CHIEF. Even the police uninion is anti chief! Those that spoke out
aren't anti government. They are anti CORRUPTION IN THE GOVERNMENT, speaking out
against the town manager and particular corrupt and useless selectmen. The
people that spoke out are some of the best in town. They are yearrounders, life
long residents, business owners, summer residents that choose to come here for
the beauty of the town and entire atmosphere, artists and laborers. Are there
some less than perfect on the roster? Yes, but that doesn't mean they don't
count. The town manager, some of the selectmen and the police chief have all
done a great disservice to the long history of good in Provincetown and they
need to be held responsible and let the town get itself back together.
10:35 pm edt 

Who are Oatsey & Karl?

So tell us the real identities of Oatsey and Karl. Your theory is
useless without facts.
9:32 pm edt 

So Now Where do We stand?

So, If the Lynne, McGuire, on and on cabal is out does that mean we
are free of the affordable housing bloc? Everyone knows this cabal has been in
power to force this ghetto mentality on the town.
7:47 pm edt 

She's Back - Dam It!

Maybe Clark Will Bolt and Sharon Will Have Another Bite at this Odd Apple

The deal is almost done. but maybe...just maybe...Clark will find that Harwich
is too Republican or too whatever. Or..ok..he gets the position and Sharon is
back in town. She returns to the corner office. The black curtains may be rehung
along the windows and she is ours.

I was hoping for a change--for Harwich and for us. well, Harwich will have a
change but we get the same ole, same ole.
7:26 pm edt 

Well, Sharon is Now Ours Again

William Clark is appointed Harwich town Manager and Sharon Lynn stays in

this would have been so good to have Sharon in Harwich. It would have been a
breath of fresh air. Now the air rather   stale. Now it is  more cloudy than

Such luck...dam.
7:22 pm edt 

Bad News

Cape Cod Chronicle, November 1, 2013

Clark Appointed Harwich Administrator

by William F. Galvin

HARWICH -- The Harwich Board of Selectmen voted 4-0-1 Friday afternoon to
appoint Southbridge Town Manager Christopher Clark as the new town

Selectmen spent three hours interviewing the three finalists for the position,
which included Provincetown Town Manager Sharon Lynn and Rockland Town
Administrator Allan Chiocca. At the conclusion of the session, selectmen were
split between Lynn and Clark. In the end, Selectman Ed McManus, who support
Lynn, abstained when the board voted to appoint Clark.

The board's vote is contingent upon Clark's agreement to accept the position
and successful contract negotiations.

- See more at:
7:20 pm edt 

Last Person Standing

Hit the nail on the head: New to town and think that affordable
housing or a year round economy initiative is so fresh you could slap it. Right,
never thought before.

I sure hope the ones left standing will be able to step up to the plate when the
"cabal" leaves. Seems like a lot of them might be better at tearing down then
building consensus and getting things done.
7:10 pm edt 

Truth be Told - Truth to Power

"If it were simply a group of bullies, nobody would support them and
the group would not have grown with the respectable and respectful names that
are associated with the group."

Oh PLEASE! I've seen the photos of the small number of people who showed up at
the meetings regarding the whole police/Squealing Pig business. "Respectable?" I
saw several people of dubious distinction who have been known around town for
years for their unstable antics as well as numerous summer residents (including
houseboys) who don't actually live here or even vote, but happen to be friends
with or employees of the some of the people involved in this whole mess.

I don't know who you're trying to impress with your line of bull, but anyone who
lives in town knows and can see the caliber of people who have jumped on your
"heroic" anti police bandwagon. Just keep patting yourselves on the back while
the whole town suffers financially due to your antics. Thanks a lot.
7:04 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Facts

The developers of 40-B housing are not held to the same regulations and market
value builders regarding density of people and buildings.

Developers of Affordable housing can cram in a great many buildings and units
than market value builders.

The quality of life is less in affordable housing units than market value

There is more money to be made from building SIX one bedroom apartments rather
than THREE two bedroom apartments.

Quality of life. I have a basement and an attic; I have ample storage space; I
have spacious rooms. There is such a thing as quality of life. You can live in a
studio apartment or in one abounding in space--it makes a difference.

I can have a dinner party and have folks congregate with their glasses of wine
and hors d'oeuvres in the kitchen while I prepare things and then we can go into
a formal dining room. I have a closet in which to hang up their coats.

Everyone who lives on the same floor doesn't jump bolt upright in bet when an
alarm clock goes off in someone else's apartment. These are all quality of life
7:01 pm edt 

Sharon Should Simply Retire

The word is out. How can they hire her in Harwich? I wish they would. don't get
me wrong on this. I would love fore Harwich to take her and then leave us with

But at this stage in her life--and perhaps not career--she should just retire,
get some money on the rest of her contract and join Ann MaQuire and Harriet and
anyone else who wants to join them in Fort Lauderdale and say goodbye.

The reign is over. it's time to say goodbye. And we will cheer you on and OUT.
6:48 pm edt 

Webmaster Please Stop Leading these Postings with "Bullies"

You are just reinforcing the wrong impression. Please stop doing this. Use
another term: arrogant posters or Dissents or Dissatisfied Voters.
12:41 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn - Town Manger

Bal Harbour, FL NO, Harwich, MA ???, Sharon should plan a retirement
rather than a job hunt. Every employer uses Google and with all of her bad press
due to the mess she and her police state created here in Problemstown her
re-employment chances are slim to none.

Bye, bye Sharon
11:55 am edt 

Facts and Food For Thought


People have been going on and on about the school, among other things,  without
knowing the facts. They come to town brand new and a few years later they
suddenly want a housing summit for Affordable housing and year round gainful
employment as though they just discovered the need for it.

Well, my dears, we have been fighting this battle and trying to come with
solutions for years. It just won't happen. You won't have a year round
employment sustained community. Sure, extend the tourist season, but it won't
get anyone a 40 hr a week job with benefits-period.

It seems that folks just learned that the school wasn't the best thing going in
town. These folks suddenly know what is best: they want to change everything,
disparage everything without bothering to find out the history of what has been
done before regarding trying to attract businesses or the facts about the work
here and what they can accomplish.

They will discover that a family can't grow and thrive on a summer economy and
have comfort and financial security. They live pay check to pay check and
needing a new transmission or having a medical emergency can set them back to a
degree from which they won't be able to recover.

You want to live here and raise a family? I wonder if the children will grow up
and look around and say we struggled and struggled as a family when you could
have moved some place cheaper and we could have lived a comfortable life. (I say
this knowing of a case where this has happened.)

If you rent here and work seasonally, the life you are living and have been
living is your destiny.
11:42 am edt 

Please E-Mail the Independent Investigator Now

We need anyone who grasp why Jeff Jaran did what he did and understands the
threatening atmosphere that dominated this town and knows why Jeff Jaran handed
out campaign signs for Austin Knight from the police department, to speak to
frank Rudewicz. We need this investigation to be as thorough as possible with
insights that an outsider may not have a bout what was happening in this town.

If you were intimidated, if you were made to feel uncomfortable supporting
Donegan and Richter, if you were told that a certain blog was a hate blog--when
this was a fabrication--then write to Rudewicz.

If you don't want only Elaine Anderson and Austin Knnight presenting their
sides, then write to Rudewicz and write now.

Here's the main question you must ask and answer: Do you really want Jeff Jaran
to return?
11:37 am edt 

Provincetown Voice

The Facebook page, Voice, is becoming a joke with all the phantom
profile accounts. Town officials hide behind phony accounts to promote their
self-serving agendas. Oatsey and Karl are just two of them.
11:35 am edt 

Re: Bullies

Re: "a town full of crazy, bullying people who want to impeachevery politician

Well, it's good to see others finally coming out and saying it. What we've
witnessed over the past year is a group of angry and misguided people who think
they are acting like heroes but are actually just clogging the town up with
negative energy, mountains of red tape and mounting costs to all Provincetown
taxpayers for all of their absurd follies. The CC Times article was pretty
spot-on, if you ask me."

Only thing I'll agree to in that post is that the CC Times article was spot on.
Other than that, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Bullies have run amok in the town and
caused all the problems? WHAT?

The people you speak of as bullies are the ones that finally spoke out and
demanded answers to what we all saw, CORRUPTION and COVERUP throughout
the town government. I'm glad someone started the ball rolling and as it did,
others weren't afraid to come out and speak as a group.

Their actions will fix the towns issues. If it were simply a group of bullies,
nobody would support them and the group would not have grown with the
respectable and respectful names that are associated with the group.

Enough is enough and these people have done a great job so far but it's not over

Thank you, keep up the good work and keep the heat on.
11:33 am edt 

Re: Bullies

RE: "You sound very passionate. Why do you not have the ----- to print
your name. We all know this DOES NOT  have to be an anonymous blog."

I notice you didn't sign your name either. Guess you are also lacking a pair of
11:27 am edt 

Sharon Lynn - Town Manager

Incompetent as a Town Manager -- unless it's building
projects - she's shown she's over her head.
11:25 am edt 

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