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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

To: "Just Like Anywhere Else." Provincetown? Really?

Kudos on questioning town similarity.  It is not, not even close.  Only here can
property and parcels be butchered up and development plans be busied and
spirographed enough to actually get "approved", probably due to confusion in
reading them.  New development on Bangs St.? What a shock.  A fast food chain
would do this new "quaint and greatly improved neighborhood ", more justice. 
And kudos to those who will be able to take another lick off the triple scoop
ice cream Ptown land sugar cone.  Sharks of one sort or another may be summering
in Chatham but they are always working and strategizing in Ptown.

11:23 pm edt 

New Bumper Sticker

A New bumper sticker for Provincetown...
"A quaint fishing village With a POLICE problem"
10:58 pm edt 

Private Ballots

Please vote for private ballots on the police budget, police cars and police
station. As slippery clam said the police department has been creepy this
10:53 pm edt 

Re: Police Parking

I have a feeling it's the same one or two people constantly writing in
to complain about the supposedly over aggressive behavior of the police. This is
such a non-issue.
10:51 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Police

"Just like anywhere else."

Provincetown? Really?
3:28 pm edt 

The Police Are Just Doing Their Job

Wasn't that the Nurenberg defense? Not to suggest a direct parallel but the
point is over zealous officious duty.
3:24 pm edt 

Re: The Banner

I like it when Clarence responds on here......he is one smart dude.
3:20 pm edt 

Re: More Affordable Housing From Ted Malone

"After that, any developer of non-residential land will have to make
every 5th unit an affordable housing unit."

I am not sure this is true as there have been many developments in recent years
that have had no affordable housing component.  The developers have been putting
up more than 4 unit for years without putting in affordable units.  One way is
to buy a residential lot, subdivide it and then put up 3 or 4 units per lot.  As
an example, see the development on West Vine across from the horse barn by the
corner of Bradford where 16 units are going in, all crammed 3 units per lot on a
former 1 acre parcel that was subdivided into 6 lots with no affordable units. 
Across the street is the development at the site of Victors restaurant where 7
units were put up with no affordable units and this development wasnt even
subdivided.  And now there is a new road that was cut into a dune and more units
going in.  So, in practice there are ways around the affordable housing

In the last 15 years the town has become overdeveloped.  The formerly low
density aesthetic with lots of open space and greenery is now dominated with
condominiums everywhere.  There have probably been more new dwelling units put
up in the town in the last 15 years than in the 50 years before it.
3:13 pm edt 

Provincetown Police Station


The assessed value of the Police Station is $744,000 which means any renovations
over 50% or $372,000 kicks in the mandates (it may even be less than 50%). The
FEMA flood maps eliminate the lower level which means it would be impossible to
renovate for $372k or less.

The state mandates are not grandfathered in to existing buildings. It is only
when one builds a new building or substantially renovates an existing building
that the mandates kick in.
3:11 pm edt 

CN's Facebook Page

I can get on just fine to CN's Facebook Politics page. Perhaps you've
been blocked?? Gee, wonder who you are? Lol.
3:06 pm edt 

Police Traffic Stops

Did you know that most police officers killed in the line of duty are
shot at traffic stops. That why you see more than one cruiser at most traffic
3:05 pm edt 


The face book page mentioned has NOT been shut down...and re: police- I suppose
the previous poster things we should change the slogan for town to
"Provincetown, like everywhere else"?!  Fact is, as someone who travels to
Boston and back frequently the police in town are most aggressive than any other
town I pass through along the way. Been pulled over twice for nothing, not
speeding drunk on drugs, car registered and insured. .....seems like people move
to town for the freedom and Bohemia and then complain about the freedom and
Bohemia. Maybe go back to the grey life and grey place you came from???
3:04 pm edt 

Police Department Open House

Who attended the open house at the police department?  critique
please, did chief have the                                            ?
3:03 pm edt 

Article 29

Does anyone know whether the business responsible for bringing up article 29 on
the warrant was legally doing business last year? Did they have a license to do
business in Provincetown?
3:01 pm edt 

Re: Police Parking

Shut up about the Police sitting on Bradford St. Don't speed and you
won't get a ticket. Don't break the law and you won't get arrested. Don't do
drugs and you won't be stopped by the police. Grow up and shut up. Just stop the
whining. PJ
2:59 pm edt 

Re: Article 29

If you go to Provincetown Community TV and watch the last Selectmens Meeting on
March 25th you can watch Rebecca Matarazzi who sits on the licensing board speak
during public statements. She says that Artcurrent gallery hasn't had a license
and has been operating without one since 2011 and also states that other art
galleries have been operating without a license. Is this a fact?
2:58 pm edt 

Unusual Suspects

Seems like we have the resistance against the collaborators. Round up
the unusual suspects.
2:57 pm edt 

Re: Police Parking

"Just like anywhere else."


How long have you been on the force?
2:54 pm edt 

Wrong and Wrong Again

It's not a matter of whether you speed or not. Many of us follow the law and
still resent the police stuck on some hill in winter waiting to catch a four
over the limit driver. This is not what they should be doing and not what we
want. Frankly, it's nuts. Is this what we are paying for? give me the old days,
then. This is not how the police did their policing.

It is aggressive, arrogant and unnecessary,. And I blame those in command for
this poor decision.

This is not what we admired in the police. This is just wrong.
2:53 pm edt 

Police Parking... Don't Blame the Officers

People are complaining about the Police parking in various spots around town
looking to stop cars. Let's not lose sight of the fact that the officers have a
quota to fill every shift or else they face discipline from above. The blame
rests with the Chief and his policies. So let's not blame the officers when
they're just following orders.
2:52 pm edt 

Re: Police Parking

Re: "You have to be kidding...... We never had police hiding in bushes,
Behind buildings etc. it's the method that's totally wrong for ptown. This is
another example of the police going overboard and Creating a atmosphere of

Are you out of your mind? "Wrong for P'town?" What are you suggesting? That we
have different traffic laws here than the rest of the world? If someone is
speeding in a residential neighborhood, they should get a ticket. Doesn't matter
if they are a year round resident or not. Police don't write tickets just to
collect the fines, they do it to enforce the laws that everyone has to obey.
Anyone who lives here knows that there are drunk drivers out on the streets all
the time. It's dangerous! Personally I think the police cut people a lot of
slack just out of courtesy.

Instead of feeling all entitled and invoking "townie privilege" as if you are
somehow above the law, try imagining what it's like in the real world. Laws
apply to everyone. The police are just doing their job. Obey the laws and you
have nothing to worry about.
12:41 am edt 

Re: Police Parking

If you don't like all the police cars go to Town Meeting and vote against the 4
of them which are on the Warrant! Do a secret ballot if you must. Otherwise, why
not wave as you drive past?
12:34 am edt 

Re: The Banner
The Banner a better newspaper under Alix Ritchie, not.

She too was a great supporter of the status quo crowd and then sold it a company
that wasn't local and did not have much of a commitment other than profit.  With
her millions, she could have passed it on to a community group to run. Alix has
always been "my money, my way".  Same with the theater. She had a lot of power
on the economic development committee that came up with the crazy idea to put
wifi booths around town. So, Clarence, stop glorifying her commitment to Ptown.
Just too wealthy a person with too much time on her hands.

Webmaster Comment: The sale of the Banner to Gatehouse was a basic business
decision, driven by the reality that it was not a profit making instrument. In fact
it was a loss, which required the continual support of Alix Ritchie. She sustained
the business for all those many years of its existence with her own capital, which
represented a great personal expense.

It would have been, and is, totally unrealistic to argue for the sale of the Banner, a loosing operation, to a non existent "community group". The operation was unsustainable without a continual injection of supplement revenue.

Ultimately the sale of the Banner represented an act of cutting loses in the face of a growing
reality that the industry was undergoing a major transition. Having wealth does not equate
with unrealistically wasting ones resources. Under the circumstances, would you?

As to the other issues i.e. the theater and town-wide economic development proposal, these were decisions which I personally did not agree e.g. bad
location for theater and unrealistic town-wide economic development concepts.

Finally, a close review of my presentments will substantiate that at no time
did I "glorify her commitment" to Provincetown. She was and is but a
woman, prone to the same foibles and hubris we all suffer.


Clarence L. Walker, Jr. 


12:19 am edt 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

More Affordable Housing From Ted Malone

Relax everyone. Mr. Ted Malone owns land on Bangs Street and there will be more
affordable housing. Once 11 more units are built after all of the ones in the
pipe line--then we will have reached our quota.

After that, any developer of non-residential land will have to make every 5th
unit an affordable housing unit.
11:27 pm edt 

Clarence, How Dare You!

You claim the Banner is lacking in coverage of the selectmans race when now I
have posted questions 3 times and none of my posts have been put up on the blog.
"People in glass houses ..."
11:25 pm edt 


The person that said he/she would be happy to see the police parked on her
street, wouldn't be happy if he/she were stopped for going 5 miles over the
limit. This is overboard folks.

I think Provincetown needs to clean house internally.  We need new blood.  Get
rid of the corruption. Get rid of the agendas.  The corruption is from within. 
From town manager on down.  Send the chief packing. All of this excessive
spending.  Who pays?  We do!  Any project that costs millions they're on it.  I
thought we didn't have any money.  We got rid of the school because of lack of
11:23 pm edt 

Kick Backs?

Who is benefitting from all of these million dollar proposals and projects?  Is
anyone investigating?

Wake up people!!!  We are being taken.......yet again.
11:21 pm edt 

Re: Police Parking

For the person who posted the blog about two police cruisers, lights, etc...your
obviously oblivious to allot of things. All Cape Police Depts run one man
cruisers and when one cruiser does a motor vehicle stop, it's automatic for the
other to head his way. It's called Officer Safety, something you are not aware
of obviously.

As for where they park, who cares. I also don't think you are going to get any
sympathy except from people of your own life style. They are just doing their
job. For you to keep complaining, they must be getting better at doing their job
and your just upset they are out smarting you.
Have a good day and may you enjoy Easter tomorrow.
11:20 pm edt 


Clarence is awesome !  So appreciate what he does for us here - thank
you Clarence
11:18 pm edt 

An Inconvenient Truth

Re: "What I was writing about is that I have lived here many years and
that seeing cruisers parked in town in places i have never seen, struck me as a
little odd, and given the tension about the police station...perhaps a bit of
big brother."

See, this is what my friends and I refer to as the "Helltown Mentality." An
attitude shared by a group of people who believe that Provincetown is like the
wild west and shouldn't have to obey the same laws as the rest of the world.
They feel that they should be allowed to drink and drive, smoke pot, not have to
get the proper building permits, etc., etc. They feel this way because they are
what they like to call "townies."

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news "townie," but if you speed, you get a
citation. Just like anywhere else. Maybe you've gotten away with things in the
past, but it's time to get over your sense of entitlement. It's not a "police
state," it's just the real world. Sorry if you are finding it inconvenient.
2:30 pm edt 

They Just Don't Get It!

It would appear that CN's new Provincetown facebook blog has done it again and been shut down.

Need anyone say anymore?

1:56 pm edt 

Response to "Police Parking"

Slippery clam is right. I share the same view relative to police. And
I do not like seeing more than one police car pulling over someone for what is
obviously not a major crime and its usually a single elderly person.
11:40 am edt 

Re: Response to "Police Parking"

"For the life of me, I cannot understand someone's postings on here
about where the Police cruisers park."

Other than their sneaky, antagonistic, and over aggressive behavior I too
support the police.
11:38 am edt 

Response to "Police Parking"

Police Parking

"For the life of me, I cannot understand someone's postings on here about where
the Police cruisers park. First thought that comes to my mind is, either you
keep getting stopped by them because they never park in the same places or the
idea of them parking in various places is interupting you ability to speed."

Here is my response:

A. No, I don't get stopped by them. I have not been stopped by them in over 10

B. I don't speed. I stopped that many many years ago , when I was young.
    speeding is a foolish thing to do. its illegal , and unsafe.

What I was writing about is that I have lived here many years and that seeing
cruisers parked in town in places i have never seen, struck me as a little odd,
and given the tension about the police station...perhaps a bit of big brother.

If you like seeing cruisers parked around town in March, thats nice. but it
seemed a little creepy to me.

Slippery Clam
8:35 am edt 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Re: Banner

People in the news business couldn't foresee changes in the news industry??? in
oct 2008, seeing the writing on the wall,  the Christian Science Monitor went
online only as the first major publication to do so, in March of that same year
Alix sold the Banner To Gatehouse.

She's an adept business person, so Clarence, while I appreciate your disclaimer
(which you didn't really need to post because it wasn't your comment about the Banner)
I find it difficult to believe that none of you knew which direction news was
point was really about the poor quality of the paper and the loss of local jobs.

And I believe Sally Rose has been the editor through both owners....and that the news
of such layoff has not earned even a peep from the publication....

Webmaster Comment: My response was triggered by my personal knowledge of events
surrounding the sale of the Banner and what I perceived as an unfounded attack on Alix
Ritchie. I felt duty bound to respond, but only after divulging my past relationship with
the Banner.

As to the present quality of the Banner as a newspaper, I find there to be much  lacking
in the quality of the product and can only surmise that the past leadership of Alix Ritchie
is sorely missing. Alix and I did not always agree, but we were always respectful friends.
My perception is that the editorial process of the Banner lacks any semblance of
objectivity and is ignorant of town history and lacks any connection with current town spirit.

The Banner has become the platform of the status quo and works in direct contravention to 
any opposition to the existing administration as evidenced by their lack of objective coverage
of the ongoing Selectmen campaign.

Accordingly, I suspect the  demise of the Banner, for many, will not be viewed as a loss.

Clarence L. Walker, Jr.
11:46 pm edt 

To the Blogger Requarding Hiding Police

You have to be kidding...... We never had police hiding in bushes,
Behind buildings etc. it's the method that's totally wrong for ptown.
This is another example of the police going overboard and
Creating a atmosphere of distrust.

Friday 2pm - two cruisers stopped a single occupant ,lights going,
The whole thing. How they waste our $$$$$$$$.

10:26 pm edt 

Back on the Streets!

Please...The police responding to residents' complaints about speeding

Please and please again. Having the police at night along Bardford and using
provate property to park their cars waiting to ticket residents makes no sense.
With few residents here, they sit and wait for whom?  Us?  the real winter

Walk the streets and do community policing. Yes, it's colder. but that is where
you should be. Back on the streets.
10:24 pm edt 

Police Parking

The last poster is completely right about police parking.  I don't understand
why people would get upset that police are parked in various places.  They
should do this, and it is common in other towns to see police parked and hidden
away in different places.  That's how they catch people doing things like
speeding.  I would be happy and appreciative to see them parked on my street.
10:22 pm edt 

Please Help!

My post did not appear. Can you let people know how to go about
posting?  I can't find any instructions?
3:05 pm edt 

Re: The Banner

There is no question that it was a better publication when Alix Ritchie owned it
but she could continue only so long. We are lucky she owned it for as long as
she did and what has happened since cannot be blamed on her.
1:17 pm edt 

Police Parking

For the life of me, I cannot understand someone's postings on here about where
the Police cruisers park. First thought that comes to my mind is, either you
keep getting stopped by them because they never park in the same places or the
idea of them parking in various places is interupting you ability to speed.

Also, I can tell you from my sources in the past that some times neighbors call
the Police and report how fast cars keep driving by their houses and would like
to know if the Police can patrol those areas. So maybe that's also why they park
in various locations. Keep in mind,you will find in other towns, their Police
cruisers do the same thing so if you ever move, guess what.
11:42 am edt 

Article 29

I would recommend that anyone looking to support article 29 go to town
licensing online and look under 2012 permits issued and find the 2 galleries AMP
and ArtCurrent that supported this article and see if they had permits to
operate a licensed gallery. I could not find them. I also noticed in 2011-2012
that there where many other galleries not on there. Is it a mistake of omission
or are they legally licensed in Provincetown?
11:38 am edt 


So the Banner has even further cut local jobs - thats at least 8 local jobs lost
since Gatehouse (soon to go bankrupt) has eliminated since they took over...some
went to india others upcape. Thank you gatehouse and Alix Ritchie for
that...funny we never read about this in the Banner - what's that about Sally
Rose?? Too busy using the paper to further your friends political goals?? text
messages and such take priority over news that impacts our community?? My
suggestion? Petition to get Patch News in our town- go to "Suggest a Community
for Patch" - hyperlocal news is the new thing- great LOCAL reporting -

Webmaster Comment: Full disclosure, I was a member of the Board of Directors of
the Banner for Approximately 14-15 years. Additionally, I was a signatory to the
documents selling the Banner to Gatehouse.

As Publisher, Alix Ritchie, after many years of supporting the Banner was ready to move
on to other interest and in good faith sold the Banner to Gatehouse Corporation, with the
full concurrance of the Board of Directors. 

It was  concluded that the sale to Gatehouse represented the best opportunity to assure
the continuation of the Banner. No one foresaw the epic changes that would negatively impacted
the newspaper industry as a whole, let alone that of Gatehouse.

Any change in policy, reduction of services or staff has solely been the results of current conditions at Gatehouse and in no way can be attributed to Alix Ritchie.


Clarence L. Walker, Jr.
11:29 am edt 

Does Wellfleet Have a More Progressive Community?

WELLFLEET  A Cape-wide competition is underway in Wellfleet to design a
freestanding affordable housing unit. Called Add-on 13, the project puts to
practice Wellfleets bylaw that allows for an additional affordable rental unit
on the lot of an existing house.
The hope is that it will encourage other towns on the Cape to enact a similar
bylaw, said Peter McMahon, founding director of the Cape Cod Modern House Trust,
who, along with a steering committee, came up with the idea. The steering
committee includes Gary Sorkin of the Wellfleet Housing Authority, Chris Doran
of the Homebuilders Association of Cape Cod and the Islands and a representative
of the Boston Society of Architects, among several others.
Add-on 13 is a two-phase competition, McMahon said.  In the first phase,
participants submit innovative designs for a freestanding, one-bedroom unit. In
Phase 2, finalists develop their designs and propose construction strategies
that are suitable for local needs and a modest budget.
The deadline for submission of Phase 1 proposals is March 1. By March 31, six
finalists will be notified by e-mail. So far, 40 people have submitted
Winners will have the opportunity to spend a week at one of the houses restored
by the Cape Cod Modern House Trust, and the winning projects will be exhibited
in Wellfleet and at the Boston Society of Architects gallery in Boston. There
will also be a cash prize for the first-place winner, McMahon said.
More information concerning deadlines, the selection jury and where to submit
proposals can be found at

Read more: Affordable housing competition puts Wellfleet rental unit bylaw to
the test - News - - Wicked Local Provincetown
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
Follow us: @WickedLocal on Twitter | 119311408344 on Facebook
9:08 am edt 

Re: "Community Power"

I went to a community forum at the Wellfleet Library last night. 
Senator Dan Wolf led a discussion on how we can build economies that better
serve the people on the Cape. He said he was influenced by  author Marjorie
Kelly who wrote "Owning Our Future, the Emerging Ownership Revolution" It's at
the library. He said that when he met with Ms. Kelly, she has completely
bypassed government and is encouraging people to build their own public/private
coops. Sen Wolf said he still sees a role for government but that we first must
elect some new people to office. He was quite optimistic that municipalities can
control their own energy needs. He was totally inspiring and should be invited
to speak here.

Catherine Russo
9:01 am edt 

It's Honesty

The Facebook set keep saying they want transparency. whatever happened to
honesty ?

So transparent dishonest government is ok?
8:58 am edt 

How Citizens Can Create Sustainable Local Economies

Are you kidding?  Get rid of the royal court, for a start.  Then proceed to stop
the bloodletting by the royal court parasites.  Then, focus on the year-round
population, young, middle-aged, old.  Ptown will always survive in summer.  It's
winter that's the problem.  Common sense is how citizens can create sustainable
local economies. And an abrupt end to Ptown being a cash cow.
8:56 am edt 

Re: What's Up With the Parking Lot?

Really?  Doesn't the town need to reign in expenses?  Having humans at the
parking lot is so not cost effective.  Let's go a step further....  There are 2
people on the truck that collects my trash every week.  In a previous life there
was a truck with a lift which dumped the trash from the container into the
truck.  Same with recyling.  While we need to employee folks we also must move
up to at least the 20th century some day.  Folks either evolve or wither....
8:54 am edt 

Re: Kerry Adams

Clarence- I sent you Kerry Adams FB posting about his candidacy which
you posted, THANK YOU! Unfortunately, as I submitted it, the end of my paragraph
says "Kerry Adams". For the sake of clarity, that's how his posting on FB starts
out! It looks like Kerry signed my post. Let me assure everyone that he did not
sign the posting, it was mine! I, like everyone else (almost) who posts here
don't sign my name. Thanks again Clarence for playing fair! I will try to find
the other candidates FB posts.

Kerry, if you read this blog, I did NOT sign your name! Sorry if it appears that
way! Yes, I will be voting for you!

I also like Rafael Richter and think it's wonderful to see a young person in the
race! Is he a long shot? We need more youthful people involved in our Town Govt.
8:52 am edt 

The Police Are in the Strangest and Most Unnecessary Places
How about hding in the old Bradford Gradens parking lot on Bradford! Really! I
have never seen them there--ever. I agree with the posting on finding the police
in rather weird settings.

What's up? What's the real reason for the most unnecessary presence.

Best if they stayed in the police station and drank coffee or tea. Or--did real
investigations and real police work. anything would be better than these dark
hiding places when all who are here are the few 600 winter people.
8:50 am edt 

Tom Donegan BOS Candidate
A great day meeting and visiting with voters...
Tom Donegan8:52pm Mar 28
A great day meeting and visiting with voters at the Spiritus Pizza opening. I was so glad to to talk to so many because virtually all of the conversations turned to the police/police station. Voters seem to be very well informed and have very definite opinions. I was expecting to hear more about the Pier, wave attenuators , taxes and the roads so it was good to hear what is most important going into Town Meeting. - at Spiritus Pizza.
8:48 am edt 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Re: What's Up With the Parking Lot?

I say give these woman their parking booth jobs back..where in the
world is sharon lynn isnt she over seeing this sort of stuff or is she the
source to ridding native ptowners of their jobs...what a cold.. horrible town
ptown has become
5:16 pm edt 

"Community Power"

Tonight at 6pm at the Wellfleet Library Dan Wolf will lead a discussion on
how citizens can create sustainable local economies. It is based on the book,
"Owning Our Future"  I'm going.

Catherine Russo
12:22 pm edt 

Peoples Party of Provincetown

I enjoy living in a capitalistic country. The Peoples Party of
Provincetown sounds a little pink for me.
12:16 pm edt 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Re: What's Up With the Parking Lot?
What? Are you kidding me?

They hire the most qualified candidates. That's the language they use.

Get em in, get em out...

But those poor workers should get bench warmers before we build a new police


11:44 pm edt 

What's Up With the Parking Lot?

I noticed a help wanted ad for the parking lots.  What's up with that?
If the town didn't rehire 3 long time employee's why are they looking for new
employees?  Is this an age thing?  If so,  than that's illegal!
You can not discriminate because of age.

Does anyone have an answer?
11:01 pm edt 

Thoughts on a Wednesday Evening

A. Driving down Shank Painter Road tonight before sunset and there was a police
cruiser sitting. not anywhere near the station.  In more than 2 decades, I have
never seen a police car sitting there like that. What the hell is happening  in
our town?  Does the chief really think that this kind of stuff enhances his
chance of getting anything he wants?? Not from this voter. I don't like it.
Winter is for all of us locals to chill. This is NOT chill.

B. I will be voting for Mr Richter. I will certainly NOT be voting for Mr Knight
who only does what he thinks is in his own best interests. What  a bad seed. bad
for town.

C. We need a newspaper in town.  Any ideas?

D. Might need to vote for mr. donegan too. John, there is no need to support
clear conflict of interest. It does not serve you well.

E. The peepers are peeping. lets all plan to go to town meeting.

Slippery Clam
10:48 pm edt 

Tom Donegan & Rafael Richter - BOS Candidates

I support Tom Donegan and Rafael Richter for BOS because I believe
they both feel the need to bring more people in to the conversations about
important issues and decisions.  I trust them to set up committees that more
fairly represent the diversity of this town.  Both of them, in their own way,
have shown their commitment to making a change in town government that is more
transparent and more fair for all residents.

I have worked with Tom on Fincom for the past 6 months. He is honorable and very
intelligent.  He has both managerial and human service experience. He deeply
cares about the everyday lives of the folks here.

Raffi knows this town.  He has a deep and intimate experience of where we have
come from and what we have lost. He is connected to the people in town who feel
disenfranchised. I hope he can bring some people back in to service on the
boards. He knows what it is like to have to earn a living here and has created a
local business that provides work for many.

Catherine Russo
10:44 pm edt 

Dear Blogmaster

Please, please change the format that displays on your blog.  The sentences are
printing as chopped as day-after Easter ham hash. Deciphering the blogs is hard
enough without the added indentions.

Thank you

A loyal reader and sometimes blogger

Webmaster Comment: Having reviewed our transmitted content, no distortion
of text or graphics has been found. Additionally, yours is the only report of this
condition. It suggests that the problem is local to your computer.

Please shut off your computer and after 30 seconds restart the system to
initiate a full reboot of your system, this might correct the problem. 

Thank you
10:41 pm edt 

Re: Oatsey Hussein Rogers

Everyone I know has gotten a Facebook friend request from "Oatsey
Hussein Rogers" but nobody seems to actually know this person. Probably doesn't
really exist. It's someone using an invented persona to mess with people.
10:27 pm edt 

Kerry Adams - School Candidate

Clarence- In the spirit of fairness, I pulled up Kerry Adams posting
about his School Committee re-election bid for you. I will try to find the
others, assuming they post on FB.

Kerry Adams

Dear friends and fellow P-town voters!

Most of you here know me, but for those of you who dont, my name is Kerry Adams
and I am running for my third and final term on the Provincetown School
Committee where I have served the town for the past 6 years. I am a former
graduate of Provincetown High School (Class of 1978), as is my wife, her
parents, my mother, my eldest daughter Krystal and presently, my youngest
daughter Caitlyn who will be graduating from P-town High in this years last
graduating class of 2013! I congratulate this years graduating seniors for all
of their hard work and dedication with the knowledge that this has to be a
difficult journey for them being the only high school class in the entire

I am seeking a third term to continue the projects that we have started and help
to usher in the new International Baccalaureate Program (I.B.) for the Early and
Middle Years classes. This is a new and exciting program for our school that
will help our students to learn and experience their education in a way that
develops their intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live,
learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world. The I.B. strategy states: Working
collaboratively with schools and educators, we will develop distinctive, high
quality programs of international education to improve the teaching and learning
of a diverse and inclusive community of students and to influence thinking about
international education globally. The School Committee supports this new program
100% and we are all very excited to see its implementation! We strongly believe
that this new educational direction will help to put Provincetown at the
forefront of schools on the lower cape.

I am proud of the work we have done and the difficult decisions we have made
along the way. The decision to close the high school was the most difficult of
all and not an easy one for any of us. We wrestled with this for some time,
weighing all of the options before making the final decision. It was a
heartbreaking decision but one that was made with the best interest of our
students in mind.

We have moved the Kindergarten through 8th grade classed into the High School
building, leaving the Pre-Kindergarten and Early Years programs at the Veterans
Memorial school Building. The unused portion of this building was given to the
Town to house the Senior Center, Recreation Dept. and other town department
needs. We believe this will work well for the town and particularly the
Recreation Dept. who now have the much needed space to continue their programs!

Recently, we met with the Finance Committee about the School Budget for 2014.
Even though we made many difficult cuts before presenting our budget, the
meeting was turbulent and we faced many tough questions from the Finance
Committee members. The budget was ultimately approved but we will still need the
towns support to see it passed at Town Meeting. The voters have been
overwhelmingly supportive of our school which we are very thankful for as we ask
for your support once again!

We have many more exciting things upcoming at our school as we look forward. I
hope you will be there to share them with us! Remember, this is YOUR school too!
I am excited about another term on the School Committee and ask for your vote!

Thank you all so much for your support!!

Im happy to answer any question here!

Kerry L. Adams

4:39 pm edt 

Article 30

To the poster who stated the Building Committe "failed" I would take exception
to your opinion and please understand the Building Committee to,date has not
taken a vote for any recommendation for a new police station building to the
Board of Selectman nor to Town Meeting. Our mission is not complete so please
reserve judgement till we make our recommendation to the BOS and subsequently to
the Taxpayers. I understand the frustration on process, price tag and what had
happened in the past. I am one of five but am committed to a fair, transparent
informative process and will try my best to make an informed vote when that time
presents itself.

Rick Murray
4:36 pm edt 

Candidate Posting

I can't seem to figure out why the Webmaster feels the need to log in
to FACEBOOK accounts and then post the comments from there on these pages. We
can certainly do that on our own, can't we? There are several candidates running
for office. Does that mean we can anticpate a posting from each? I haven't seen
anything here from the School Committee candidates! Is the Webmaster not
"friends" with these people?
4:34 pm edt 

Re: Oatsey Hussein Rogers

Who are you and where do you live?
4:31 pm edt 

Russo versus Nagel

Russo versus Nagel on all things politics on Facebook. No one can hide
behind the profile pictures/name. Let's see who posts where and what on their
perspective Facebook pages. I give it a 10 in the entertainment category. This
should be a blockbuster hit. You cannot make this stuff up.
4:29 pm edt 

This Comment and Question is For Catherine Russo

First thank you for your service to this town.  I read that you have publicly come out
in support of Tom Donegaen and Rafael Richter for Board of Selectman. Could you
please tell the voters why, and more important how are they different from Jon Santos
and Austin Knight who are also running.

Thank you
2:40 pm edt 

People's Party of Provincetown

I've created a new facebook page to stimulate dialog for the Provincetown May
7th town election. It's called the People's Party of Provincetown.  I promise
not to clutter it with my own rantings and ravings.
Catherine Russo
2:29 pm edt 

Re: Oatsey Hussain Rogers

Over 500 people will disagree with what you posted here. You just are doing this
to get attention here and bad mouth others. what are you..12 years old?
2:21 pm edt 

Re: Dear Community

Oatsey, thanks for sharing your situation with Candice's facebook
page.  Unfortunately it is a microphone for her and a few others.  It was a
great idea in the wrong hands.

I like that you are signing your name on this page. It would be great if more
people did so. I understand that people don't want to suffer the ramifications
of what they write and I admit that I have submitted posts here without signing

This blog does offer information that is hard to get anywhere else.
Statements have been posted here that slam me.  I accept it as part of the
mission of this blog. Thanks Clarence for all your hard work keeping this going.

Catherine Russo
11:13 am edt 

Health Care Cost to Taxpayers

The taxpayers will pay $246,000.00 in health care costs for retired employees of
the manor this year.

Unfunded retiree health insurance liability for the taxpayers is $40 to $50
million dollars etc etc..go to page 6 for the finance committee report on these
health care costs.
11:11 am edt 

Dear Community

Because I asked Candace to apply the same standards to herself regarding
guidelines as she requires of others, I was removed as a member of the ptown
community and politics page.


Oatsey Hussain Rogers
10:20 am edt 

Re: Victor's is Not Opening Until April 2

Thank you very much for the update
8:24 am edt 

Re: I am in Favor of Article 30!

Because it's reasonable. If we get to the fall town meeting and the potential
plans for the police station aren't done or are turned down by town voters, then
what? What's the backup plan? And what if something dramatic happens until then?
Article 30 ALLOWS the selectmen to spend UP TO $3 million on the current station
if needed. It doesn't mean they abandon new plans at a different spot. Read the
article very closely. Town meeting should perhaps even reduce the number (can be
done on town meeting floor) and vote to support this article.
8:11 am edt 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"...I Guess That Means She's For Austin and Grassy."

She already has her running orders.  Has already been told what she must do and
say.  She's a good servant to them.  And she will be watched to be make sure she
carries through with her assigned duties.
11:53 pm edt 

I am in Favor of Article 30!

It is rational and responsive to the town's needs. We want an affordable police
station, not an exotic one. and we want one where it is central to the town--not
located across Route 6. It works where it is. so fix it up and we will be better
off for this creative article.

The Building Committee failed. It never offered a proposal that was different
than the BOS project and the Jaran/Lynn project. But that was not OUR project!

Time for us to vote for reasonable alternatives. We've spent enough of our
monies on grand plans, grand renovations, and grand projects.

Reality and reasonableness are good. That's my vote!
11:05 pm edt 

Re: Victor's Opening

Victor's is not Opening until April 2

He changed the date. It had been March 29th but that changed. Such is life. But
so soon the doors will open.
11:02 pm edt 

What a Hobby!

Candi loves to name drop the ADL.  Maybe the ADL will honor the Dog
Park Lady for her leadership in 2013 for fighting hate.  No, one second thought
...she's too busy creating hatred of Provincetown volunteers on the Facebook
page she owns.  God, what a hobby Candi has...creating hatred.
11:01 pm edt 

To: Candace Nagle

Nagle, it seems all you want to do is cause trouble. You want people
to hate those that for reasons unknown to anyone, you dislike. You turn on
people and want to create anymosity. You are an ugly person inside and out. I'm
trying to figure out why you are such an awful person.                                       
                                                                                                Stop creating
HATE. We have enough of this in our world. Please STOP this madness. Get a life.
Move on..

Moderator, I have sent this many times and you have yet to publish it. I have a
right as does she to voice my opinion. Why can she post hateful propaganda?
10:53 pm edt 

Town Administration Out of Control

Is it weird the police chief's spouse is posting on facebook book about
political and police issues, in very personal ways? Or is it weirder the Finance
Director is posting about tourism projects while his husband is posting about
the Finance Committee?

You can't make this stuff up
10:49 pm edt 

Tom Donegan
On this Passover, I remember with great pride...
Tom Donegan10:30pm Mar 26
On this Passover, I remember with great pride being honored by the ADL at the Kennedy Center for my work on hate crimes. The ADL does great work combating hate. I am grateful for the work they do, and on this Passover hope one day to live in a world when Jew, gay, Muslim, women all live without fear of bias.
10:37 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing Quota

Once 11 more units are added to what is going to be built, Provincetown will
have reached its quota for affordable housing.

Yet Yingling and now his cousin campaign on it as though they can make the
taxpayers pay for more. Why not push the developers to buy the Grace G. building
and the Community Center and build the 11 apartments using these two
buildings--then we wont hear about affordable housing any more.
6:29 pm edt 

Re: Library Benefit

The posting for the Library benefit does not state WHERE the benefit
is being held!!!

Webmaster Comment: At the Library
5:55 pm edt 

Responding to Police & Article 30

Kim Hurd will of course say he (the Chief) is a nice guy, she lives with him.
Candance has the same mentality he does, so no wonder they get along. As for the
person who allegally stated she was in favor of Article 30 but was afraid to
vote shoudln't be, because the Police Union refused to support the Police Chief.

For those who think he's a nice guy, well maybe you need to talk to those who
worked for him. The ones who currently work for him can't talk because he has a
reputation for being vendictive. I could go on with other facts but for those
who have not been following the other facts that have been posted here, then
shame on you or them.
3:32 pm edt 

Re: Reaching Our Affordable Goal

We only need 11 more affordable deeded rental units to be built beyond the ones
slated to be built and then Provincetown will have reached its goal for
affordable housing.
3:27 pm edt 

The Problem With Chief Jaran ...

.. is that he thinks little. Small means small. All of a sudden Provincetown has
become ridden with crime.

Nothing has changed since he arrived, except there are more police toys in the
play pen. Funding may be from other sources, but the toys have not been donated.
Someone paid for them. You and I all paid for them!

There are still drunks, druggies and derelicts. Three detectives later, I ask
this question? What has changed?

Police "enforcement" on the pie? Boy that has really helped, hasn't it?

What's next? Will there be cops in the Stop & Shop, too?

Jaran claims the fact that Provincetown has the third highest number of
incidents for public safety calls is the primary reason why we need a bigger and
better police station. What he ignored in reporting that statistic is the period
of time those calls are received. It's over twelve months.

Point of view is important here. Just because we have a thriving tourist
population for a few weeks out of the year doesn't mean we buy more ambulances
or build a hospital, does it? Perhaps that is next, after the new police

Why should we succumb to the whimsical fancy of one person?

Money might flow on trees in New Hampshire. But it doesn't here in Provincetown.

3:25 pm edt 

Police and Article 30

I talked to a woman today who said she supported Article 30 but was afraid to
vote for it.  She said she knows that the police are reading the blogs and
facebook and will be watching who votes for it.  Wow!

Candace, Michael R and Kim Hurd (Chief's girlfriend)have been all over the
political page they own on facebook,  doing the bidding of the chief. Kim
actually wrote a post on what a nice guy he really is. Kinda proves the need for
this blog.
1:51 pm edt 

Re: We Reached Our State Mandated Affordable Housing 10% Long Ago

I do not understand all the mean comments about the need for
affordable housing.  Do you really think like Romney that the working people of
this town are just mouchers?  Perhaps there are some that know how to game the
system, but this is small as compared to those who know how to game the system
to make huge profits off the back of the rest of us who hold this town together
doing the everyday tasks.

I met with a number of people who have been involved with affordable housing in
the past and the present.  As a member of the fincom, I am trying to put
together this history and why we can't seem to get to the 10 percent needed and
promised. The figures are not fudged.  In 2006 we paid a housing specialist to
write a report.  This report is in the public record.  It can be obtained on

Educate yourself or at least identify yourself if you really believe what you
are saying. There are hundreds of people walking around town trying to identify
anything to live in. This community belongs to them as much as to anyone else.


Catherine Russo
1:46 pm edt 

Raphael Richter
I would like to thank Catherine Russo for the endorsement after her decision to leave the BOS race.
I am honored that Catherine feels I can work as hard as she does to keep the community strong and to provoke meaningful discussions.
Her voice will be missed during this campaign period, as many important issues must be addressed. Once again, thanks Catherine for the support!
11:54 am edt 

Adams & Brackett for School Cmte

Thanks for the post about Adams & Brackett for School Cmte! I too plan
to definately vote for Adams. He has done a great job and is approachable and
knowlegeable! Brackett will also get my vote for being an active participant in
our Town Govt.                                                                                          
11:44 am edt 

Seems the Praises for the Nagle Post is "Nagle" Written

Such praise. Such objectivity that is presented as existing there. Such lovely
understanding of town issues.

This is pure bull my dear. Write away but spare us the praise for yourself. It
gets a little sickening.
11:40 am edt 

We Reached Our State Mandated Affordable Housing 10% Long Ago

We had almost 8% when Keith Bergman was town manager. the numbers are always
fudged and lowered, even as more and more affordable housing units get built.
then of course you have the affordable condos that Ted malone developed and five
years later, were sold at market rate. guess what? the number of affordable
units then become lowered by those sold. It's a game and sick one.

The town and housing director--to keep her job--keep manipulating the numbers.
You could have this town loeaded with more and more blocks of affordable units
and they would say we had only reached 9.1% Simply a game where some in town are
making a huge profit and few people in town get real affordable living.
11:38 am edt 

Victor's Opening

Anybody know if Victor's is opening on the 28th as planned ?  Heard there may be
a delay ?
8:41 am edt 

What's Next?

Well, Candace has posted on her facebook site that she'd never vote
for any candidate who posts on this blog.  She seems a bit too infatuated with
Clarence for my taste - watch out Marcene!  She also got called out for saying
this was a hate blog with virtually nothing to back it up except a few posts she
showed someone, somewhere, sometime who may or may not have told her it was a
hate blog.

So since Donegan and Richter have posted on here and Russo is out of the race, I
guess that means she's for Austin and Grassy.
8:11 am edt 

Re: True Leadership

"A previous poster proposed true leaders are never mentioned when
people discuss their achievements."

Completely misunderstood my statement.  A true leader develops and fosters
teamwork.  It's never "I", but "we".
8:03 am edt 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tom Donegan
Congratulations to Catherine Russo. I am...
Tom Donegan5:34pm Mar 25
Congratulations to Catherine Russo. I am honored to have her support , yet regret being in an all male race. Let's continue to work to make sure we get more women on the BOS. Again, thanks Catherine!
10:23 pm edt 

Banner Broke?

Wall Street Journal

GateHouse Media Inc., the struggling local newspaper chain owned by Fortress
Investment Group LLC, is weighing a streamlined bankruptcy-protection filing to
tackle more than $1 billion in debt coming due next year
9:42 pm edt 

Ms. Russo Quit

Ms. Russo withdrew from running for selectman. We do not need her abrasive style
or her meanness.
9:40 pm edt 

Kerry Adams & Tony Brackett

Though I'm not much of a Facebook reader, I did take the opportunity
to look at Candace Nagles Community page recently. One thing that really stood
out for me as a voter was a posting by School Committee member Kerry Adams about
his seeking re-election, offering his words about the work he has done on that
Board and even offering to answer questions, which he did in a very thoughtful
and educated manner! I was quite impressed by this. It was refreshing to see a
candidate so keenly aware of what his positions and decisions meant and so
willing to share them with anyone who would ask. There must have been 30 or more
comments including questions from interested citizens and his cogent responses
to them. There were no attacks, no statements against others and no criticisms;
just well thought out answers that actually made sense! I will most certainly
vote to re-elect Mr. Adams!

I am also aware that Tony Brackett is seeking a position on the School
Committee. This man certainly sounds educated about the school. He and his
partner have children attending school here and I understand that he regularly
attends School Committee meetings. He is a relative newcomer but I think he
deserves an opportunity to serve.

NOTE: I posted this earlier but it was omitted by the Moderator. I assume
because I mentioned the page by name?
9:39 pm edt 

Attention! Eleven More Rental Units to Reach Quota

Provincetown needs only 11 more units built after Stable Path is completed and
then we will have reached the States 40B guidelines set a minimum of 10% of
year-round units as deed restricted in accordance with their regulations as

10% for Provincetown would be 213 units.
We currently have 5.84% [124 units] on the 40B SHI [Subsidized Housing

Both 83 and 90 Shank Painter Road developments which should bring us to 8.67%
[184 units] [note that 5 units at 83 SP were already on the list].

Once Stable Path is completed [it is in the pipeline for funding], we will have
an additional 18 units, and assuming that no units expire, that will bring us to
202 units at 9.52%.

We will then need at least 11 more units on that list to get to 10%.

The units are scattered across town and the majority are rentals.

9:36 pm edt 

Re: True Leadership

A previous poster proposed true leaders are never mentioned when people discuss
their achievements.   They then went on a crusade of crass criticism of candace
for being associated with her accomplishments.

I don't agree with that definition of " true leaders".   My definition of a true
leader is someone who exhibits leadership by getting things done.  Say what you
will about candace.   She gets things done.  By the way if you want to know why
her name keeps being brought up,  it's because a handful of hateful haridins on
this blog  of bloviating blowhards keep bringing it up!

If you want to stop hearing candace's name all the time,   stop bringing it up! 
Why don't you all try to make this a candy free blog for a while and see how it
goes.  I know you all need someone to blame and hate for all your own
shortcomings.   Try looking in the mirror.  Beter yet, why don't you go out and
actually get something done ( like candace does) instead of instead of sitting
at you keyboard blogging bilious bull####!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
9:33 pm edt 

Re: Catherine Russo Withdraws From BOS Race

Don't feel badly Catherine  You have just joined the victims of mutt
9:30 pm edt 

Selectmen and "Wanna be" Post Here

Interesting that the candidates post here even though private citizens are
ridiculed here just for giving their opinion.
9:28 pm edt 

Catherine Russo Withdraws From BOS Race

Last week I met with Tom Donegan and with Rafael Richter separately  and told
each of them that I supported their campaigns  for the selectmans race and  that
I would be withdrawing from the race so as not to split the vote.   I would be
happy to see either of them win, hopefully both of them.

I had planned to withdraw before the ballots were printed on April 2nd.  In the
past few days, some  reactions to my comments about the Pope have become a
distraction to the serious issues needing attention in this election.  So, I am
officially quitting today.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to bring forth some issues.  This is
an important election as we have the opportunity to change the agenda and
dynamics on the BOS.   I hope that you will use your vote wisely for Tom and/or
Raffi.  Please do not write in a protest vote.  Every vote will count in this

Catherine Russo
9:27 pm edt 

Re: Tom Donegan

Why are all of Tom Donegan's Facebook posts showing up on this page?
Is it really important to the readers of this blog that he is enjoying the
bright and sunny day?

Webmaster, I think you've lost your marbles.
9:23 pm edt 

3 Woman Were Not Rehired

To the person who post about the 3 women not being rehired and calling it a hate
crime, pls call the MA Attorney General's office and they will
Investigate the hiring process.
9:22 pm edt 

Is She or Isn't she

Is Ms. Russo running for selectmen or not?
9:20 pm edt 

Re: Impending Financial Doom Due to Pensions

How do I get to the area of Tom Donegan's facebook page where I can ask for more
information regarding the financial doom facing us due to the pensions. I'd like
an explanation of the essence of this "doom". What are his plans to deal with
it? How sever is it?
9:07 pm edt 

Tom Donegan

Questions: Why did the Moderator of this Blog feel the need to post
the following?

Tom Donegan

Erik Yingling posted in Tom Donegan For Selectman
Erik Yingling 11:46am Mar 23

Wow, 700 members and counting! That's some serious community support! one of the
things I love about our community is that you always surprise me. What do you
love about Provincetown?



12:08 am edt 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tom Donegan
Today, I met so many people and I also got...
Tom Donegan6:54pm Mar 24
Today, I met so many people and I also got some great messages when I got home. Thank you one and all :) I'm very proud at how enthusiastic Provincetown is about my candidacy.

Some of you asked how you can help. And it's simple. Let's make sure this is a campaign about ideas, not about people. Let's talk policies not personalities. And please help me spread the word, Provincetown deserves a fresh start.

Thank you for your support! And please tell your friends and co-workers about my campaign!

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11:56 pm edt 

True Leadership

Someone in a previous post made a good point about Candy.  When you
hear about the Building Committee, it's not "Tom Coen"; it's always "the
Building Committee".  But whenever Candy is involved in a committee, it's always
"Candy Nagle", never ever "the committee".  One of these two exemplifies true
leadership; the other one doesn't.  And by the way, I disagree most of the time
with Tom Coen.  But credit where it's due.
5:23 pm edt 

Urban Word of the Day

March 23: blogosfear

Fear of being talked about or becoming a character in someone's blog.

"When he talked to his friend, he was overwhelmed with blogosfear thinking their
conversation would be published the next day in her very popular blog."
5:20 pm edt 

She is a Sad Woman and Perhaps Even a Sick One

She is consumed by her own ego. she may love dogs but she hardly understands
people and she hardly understands this town.

Good, her condo/house is for sale. maybe she can find happiness in Fort
Lauderdale. when she leaves, I will breath a sigh of relief.
2:27 pm edt 

Tom Donegan
It's a great sunny day in Provincetown. I hope...
Tom Donegan8:17am Mar 24
It's a great sunny day in Provincetown. I hope to see you on Commercial Street today. Coffee stops at Angel Foods, Wired Puppy and Joe's.

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9:35 am edt 

Candace and Who?

You are all hung up on one word  PIG  Taken out of context it seems
horrible  Put it in the text and it makes perfect sense why it was used  Who
said Nagel just reported it and Russo did all the damage to herself?  Take any
word out of content like Nagel did and it takes on a whole new dimension.  Candy
and Rogo must love being in the papers all the time.  Candy will have a problem
with sharing the credit.

Name one other person who helped get the dog park. If you can't, there's the
point. She did it single handedly all by herself NOT but she made sure she got

And wasn't there a bicycle committee?  Who is on it  Just Nagel again making
sure the universe revolves around her.

Anything she gets involved with is HERS HERS HERS
As a Provincetown resident I find her behavior appalling on many levels
especially since she doesn't live here nor does MR but at least he can say part
12:25 am edt 

Re: Maybe I'ts Time the Banner Tries to Cover Real News

They CAN'T cover real news because they have terrible "reporters". The people
they hire are usually between jobs, starving artists or bored people that really
aren't actual reporters, you know, the ones that get BOTH sides of the story.
Reporting news gets ALL the facts and REPORTS them to the public, unlike the
local broadsheet that just reports the side they like and maybe the ones that
sells papers, you know, the juicy ones. Nothing more than our local National
12:21 am edt 

3 Woman Were Not Rehired

I guess no one cares that 3 woman were not rehired for their jobs at
the parking booths...3 year round taxpayers,who own homes in ptown and depend on
those summer jobs to get by and instead they hired 3 men in the world
can the man who did the hiring get away with this..these woman were born and
raised in this town and have have worked these jobs for more than a
decade..maybe this is a hate crime
12:20 am edt 

OH Boy!

OH Boy! Someone is furious. :)
12:18 am edt 

Thinly Disguised Weapon

Re: "Nagel doesn't care what she says or who it hurts.  She's a leach
on this town, sucking the blood out of decent people.  She and Mike R have a
great thing going on on FB where they say anything they want and target anyone
they want."

Uh, kinda like what happens on this blog every day?? I am no friend of Ms. Nagel
and have disagreed with her actions on numerous occasions, however, she at least
has the courage to back up her opinions by signing her name. This blog has
become a tool for it's creator, a thinly disguised weapon of propaganda to
further his own political agenda.

Candace may be misguided and flat out wrong a good amount of the time, but at
least she doesn't hide behind the guise of anonymity. When I see a post full of
allegations and then srcoll down to see that it is unsigned, I tend to take
those words with a very large grain of salt, as do most sensible people.
12:15 am edt 

Tom Donegan
Wow, 700 members and counting! That's some...
Erik Yingling11:46am Mar 23
Wow, 700 members and counting! That's some serious community support! one of the things I love about our community is that you always surprise me. What do you love about Provincetown?

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12:12 am edt 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Banner Policy In Question!

Aren't there Limits to Letters to the Editors By the Nude Male Frontal
Artist and the Bicycle Queen Who doesn't ride Bicyles?

Seems they have letters every week in the Banner. Isn't that strange? Aren't
their limits that I know they impose on others in town. they do not let others
write letters every week. But these two questionable writers seem to have easy
access. something's amiss here.
2:15 pm edt 

Maybe I'ts Time the Banner Tries to Cover Real News

The old Finn Comm never received much newspapaer coverage. Interesting that any
allegations causes a front page story. Even if there is not story, they run a

Time fore their parent company to be informed about how irresponsible the Banner
has become. It seems to be a feeder for some in town who want to undermine Finn
Comm and will use any and all allegations.

But the problem is that allegations and innuendos and false accusations are only
that. Serious news print would not even cover this. Maybe it's time the Banner
covered the real issues that affect the town.

Try poor leadership in town hall and the lack of enforcement of building codes
just for starters.
2:13 pm edt 

Wrong and Wrong Again

Catherine Russo isn't leaving the running for selectman because of that
ill-minded, tart-tongued dog woman. It was a decision she made long before the
issue of what she called a religious leader came up. Wrong assumption.

Plus, the dog woman doesn't have that much power. She has only a long, black
tongue. she is but a fly that annoys. she is nothing much when it comes to
2:10 pm edt 

Candace Nagle and Her Facebook Blog

So many of you are getting hung up on the Russo thing  Her remarks
would have gone unnoticed if it wasn't for CN who then posted it on her FB site
and let savage remarks be made against Russo. 

Did Nagle first ask Russo privately to explain. ABSOLUTELY NOT. She instead
went off on her as she has done to many citizens in this town like Mary-Jo Avellar and
Mike Canizales and Clarence Walker, who she created a hate page about and had to
be removed from FB and hid behind her favorite words- yours in good government. 

I cannot but feel badly for those she has attacked. Though I question Ms R's use of
the word pig in reference to the new Pope, her historical information about the man
now Pope happens to be true and can be substantiated.  Other than that pig word, no
foul here.

It is not what a person does, it is how they do it and WHY they do it.  Russo
was questionable.  Nagel WHO DOESN'T EVEN LIVE IN THIS TOWN, is on an ego trip.
That makes her behavior unneeded and unwanted by many. All I see here is a woman
who has severe mental problems  being destructive and patting herself on the
back and gathering a small group around her who will do the same.
I am sorry to see so many of you joining with Nagle and her attacks.
2:08 pm edt 

Candace Nagle

Candy Cactus is only trouble.
2:03 pm edt 

Re: Hate Filled Dialog

Blaming Candace for Ms Russos own words? Because CN made us all aware of her

Russo made the statement, not Candace.
Blame your friend Russo for the damage. Not CN.
2:02 pm edt 

Catherine Russo

Please don't bring your problems with your religion into this political contest
and  disrespect part of the population you wish to represent.  The last thing we
need is a radical feminist with a chip on her shoulder spewing hatred.
2:01 pm edt 

Nagle Continues Her Hate Mongering

Nagel must really be happy with the problems she causes She's been
target shooting at everyone.  She gets involved with a no hate campaign and
spews venom at everyone. She calls this good government? I call it hate at it's
highest level.

She has started a FB page and had to be shut down because it was a hate page. 
Now she puts her eye on Russo for having an opinion unrelated to being a
selectman, an opinion grounded in a large element of truth.

  Nagel doesn't care what she says or who it hurts.  She's a leach on this town,
sucking the blood out of decent people.  She and Mike R have a great thing going
on on FB where they say anything they want and target anyone they want.

Just keep repeating the lies over and over Nagel.  You will get the little minds
to believe and follow you. I will not. Sooner or later the tide will turn and
Karma will bite you in the ass. Everyone watch out that one of her personal
groupies does not add you to the page and you are forced into her party the BIG
MAC (Michael and Candace)
2:00 pm edt 

Re: Scurrilous Attacks

"She was shut down for her scurrilous attacks!" He attacked scurrilously.

Ahhhh sweet, sweet irony. Gotta love it.
1:56 pm edt 

Re: A Close Check of the FinCom Meetings

Thanks for that suggestion. I was hoping since many or all of the candidates are
stating here their positions on  everything from blowing millions on Cabral's
pier to their assertion of papal piggishness they could state clearly their
position, in writing on shoutout, on the coming pension crisis or why they are
ducking the issue.

1:54 pm edt 

Catherine Russo

I don't know potential BOS candidate,K.Russo. We all have redeeming
qualities.I will pray for her. She lost her faith in her religion and in
humanity. Obviously she has had an interesting life. She got grants to write an
article on the indigent in South America. What did she do about it after that?
Blaming the new Pope Francis isn't the reason. Money and politics are. It's
appening all over the world.It's happening in our country. It's happening in our
wonderful Town of Provincetown too,Ms.Russo. We cant go back to what was.It's
history to some,happy memories to others. We're moving on to what is & what will
be,depending on what those living here now make it. This is an elementary
lesson. Love and prayers cures anger and bitterness! I'm off my "soap box" now!
1:49 pm edt 

Catherine Russo

The Dalai Lama is a beautiful man.  He is as close as we have to a
leader being "god's representative on earth"
Catherine Russo
1:47 pm edt 

Catherine Russo

If you are running for office and you call anyone a "pig", I'd think
twice about voting for you. Have a little decorum when running for political
office. Be respectful... imagine Russo sitting on the board and not liking
something someone is presenting or has done, what will she call that person?
Just not the kind of person I'd vote for, for any seat in town. JMHO... PJ
10:28 am edt 


Why did you take your post down regarding Cathrine Russos comment calling the
Pope a "pig" on your facebook page?

I heard the press got ahold of it. Is this correct? Surely if local/national
news got ahold of this they would certainly run with it. Especially Fox.
Provincetown would be a target. Not good.
Choose your words with more restrait and respect Ms Russo or drop out now.
10:26 am edt 

Hate Filled Dialogue Against Russo

CN removed the hate filled dialogue against Russo from her FB page.
Not before the damage was done.
10:23 am edt 

Re: Thinning the Ranks

Now that Russo has essentially ruined her campaign by her own doing, who of the
remaining will be the best two? Russo can't be. No doubt she's lost in her own
dimension. Sit her next to Yingling and what a circus that would be! My vote
right now are for Donegan and Santos.
12:16 am edt 

Re: Catherine Russo

"Hello, this is Provincetown not the Midwest" says Catherine Russo.

I've spent time in rural Kansas, and now here in Provincetown.  If any place
should be accepting and sensitive to different beliefs and have a live and let
live attitude, it should be here.

But sorry to say, that's a lot truer of the Kansas I know than here; and this
blog demonstrates that most every day.

Ms. Russo is entitled to her opinions.  But denigrating others' beliefs is no
way to be, and certainly no way to win an election, here or in the Midwest.
12:06 am edt 

Messages From Garcia

One wonders how the Sharon and Jaran coalition gets Loose Cannon Candy
and Rogo-cop to march, if not goose step, in synch. Are there strategy confabs,
tweets or do they simply sip the Kool Aid? Do Mutt Park and Jeff sit down at
secret meetings? Does Ann M dispatch carrier pigeons from high upon Mt. Olympia?
We need to know.
12:04 am edt 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Re: Pensions

A close check of the FinCom meetings will establish the fact that Tom
Donegan has discussed extensively on PTV  the pending dilemma and negative
consequences of unfunded pensions.
5:41 pm edt 

Re: Question - Dalai Lama

If the Dalai Lama, or any other religious leader behaved like Pope
Francis has behaved, then, by all means, yes, he or she should be considered  a
5:31 pm edt 

Re: Pensions

I didn't ask if the selectman candidates would abrogate existing pensions. I
asked if they would change the terms of pensions for new employees to at least
make a slight start on lowering the future unfunded pension obligations.

I also asked, and have yet to see a word of reply from any of them, how they
would deal with the unrealistic assumptions in the county pension plan for
returns from markets. If, as I and many many experts around the country agree,
those assumptions are to high we face millions and millions more in cash
contributions we will need to make.

Right now the plan seems to be ignore the problem and hope the current taxpayers
don't notice or die before it's a problem. Which of our candidates for selectmen
have the guts to address the issue now? Probably none because it means forcing
taxpayers to face the looming reality that in not too many years we won't have
money left for any services because every cent of our budget will go to energy,
healthcare and pension costs.

We'd rather sit on here viciously attacking each other over religion,
resolutions that have zero impact on town issues, alleged conspiracies, false
accusations of police overreach than actually deal with some of the elephants in
the room in a meaningful manner.

4:58 pm edt 

Re: Historic Houses

"historic house has been completely gutted inside" or "the sky is

Last I read through our historic by-law there isn't, wasn't and never has been a
restriction on what one can do with one's home interior . Are you saying the
town should now start interfering with owner's property rights inside their
house more than what the basic building code requires?

Similarly the historic by-law only applies to portions of the house that can be
seen from a public way so if the back can't then it doesn't apply. It may also
be the case that the back is not a historic structure. Just because it is old
doesn't make it historic. If it can why don't you go look at the building plan
on file or wait until it's done before you get your panties in a twist. I
suspect historic applied the same requirements they put on everyone else to make
it look historic.

Though one can take issue with individual decisions on the whole the historic
district committee does a pretty good job of preserving the look and feel of our
historic district.
4:55 pm edt 


If Ms Russo called let's say, the Dali Lama a "pig" how would people in this
town react?  I would bet something significant that there would be an uproar.
Typical double standard here in this town.
There are many many Believers in this town. She just alienated us all.

Open minded? Nah. Not when it comes to politics and religion.
4:51 pm edt 

Pain and Damage

Can't understand why so many are ranting against Candy.  Whenever I
hear her speak I can't help thinking that there's a tremendous amount of pain in
her.  Who or what damaged her so palpably?  I think she deserves our deepest
2:48 pm edt 

Historic Houses

Several concerned citizens requested that the Banner do a story on the
systematic destruction of historic houses in Provincetown but instead they
put a big picture on the front of their Home Improvement section of 524
Commercial Street. This historic house has been completely gutted inside and the
back side torn off and possibly about the only part left will be the front-
in some form. May we assume that this house will be removed from the list
of historic places? Many people already feel that the Historic Commission is
a joke and maybe they are right.
2:45 pm edt 

The Historical Truth

Russo makes an excellent point about the role of the Catholic Church. 
It has operated as a corporation with the primary goal of perpetuating itself,
sadly at the expense of its own faithful as well as others.  Anyone who has
studied a little bit of history knows of Pope Pius XII and his colllaboration
with Adolf Hitler.
2:43 pm edt 

Re: Chatherine Russo

Catherine Russo posted that she believes selectmen should have term
limits and encourages people to read and follow the local comprehensive plan. 
Before running for a town board or serving on a board, she and everyone else
should read the charter.  The one section that she may find interesting is that
we do in fact have terms already in place.  Great Suggestion Catherine, now come
up with one that is not already in place.
2:41 pm edt 

Tom Donegan - BOS Candidate 1:00 pm edt 

3 Cheers for Provincetown DPW workers and...
Tom Donegan7:51am Mar 22
3 Cheers for Provincetown DPW workers and their families. The plows have been going all night. I suspect no one wants Spring to come faster than they do! Thanks!

View Post on Facebook · Edit Email Settings · Reply to this email to add a comment.
12:19 pm edt 

Tom Donegan - BOS Canidate

Tom is really busy with Fin Com keeping a...
Erik Yingling8:28pm Mar 21
Tom is really busy with Fin Com keeping a close watch on our taxpayer dollars and always offering thoughtful solutions to big problems. The Town of Provincetown is fortunate to have such an intelligent, knowledgeable, and honest person volunteering his time. Could you take 5 minutes and invite your friends to join this group?
12:15 pm edt 

Candace Nagle - Loose Cannon

And now Candace Nagle is the protector and definer of proper/correct speech?

This is the person that was shutdown by Facebook for her scurrilous attacks.
Why would/should anyone give her the time of day? 

Oh sanity to whence have thou fled?! 
12:07 pm edt 

CN Did Not Target Russo.

She clearly stated a fact. The fact that Russo called the Pope a "pig" on
a public page.  As a Provincetown voter I am glad she pointed this out.
This lady is not qualified to be a selectman. Period.

How dare she insult someone with such disrespect.

May GOD Bless her!
Oh wait, she stated the church hurt her "body and soul".
Get over it lady.
11:59 am edt 

What an Interesting Slate of Candidates

so happy that some of these people are willing to spend time working for us. I'm
particularly pleased with Raphael Richter and Tom Donegan entering the fray.
Catherine russo also has great ideas and strong principles. this should be more
than interesting and we are the winners if these people win. Santos is ok too.
11:57 am edt 

Catherine Russo To: Candace Nagle

Catherine responds to Candace Nagle's post on her comment about the Pope:

Hello, this is Provincetown not the Midwest. In the 1990's I received a grant
from the American Film Institute to produce a film for FEDEFAM, the movement of
the detained and disappeared of Latin America.

For a year I travelled throughout Latin America documenting atrocities committed
by the generals who took over most countries in Latin America in the 1970s and 80s.
In Argentina, 35,000 were tortured and/or disappeared. It was one of the countries
with the most horrific record. The new Pope, Pope Francis, was the cardinal of Buenas
Aires and knew what was happening. 

He remained silent for two decades of these attrocities, even through people were
begging him to get involved. More information will be coming out on him.  Just
yesterday there was a stunning report on NPR about this situation. My film FEDEFAM
was screened at the United Nations. Maybe it's time to get it out again and screen it
around town.

Growing up Catholic has left me with many scars, both as a woman and a lesbian. 
In the movements of the 1960s and 70s,I learned to call a pig a pig.  To me the
Catholic Church and the Pope represent the height of the evils of Patriarchy.

Remember the Vatican's role of turning a blind eye to the Nazis? I do regret using the
word pig.  Pigs are really lovely animals and I don't mean them any disrespect.
Catherine Russo
11:54 am edt 

Austin Knight

Remember 7 Masonic place?   He lied to the other board members; he lied to the
town manager.   He knew about the property had no license and he knew  Dixie's
old house had 3 additional bedrooms put in without a license too.  He also knew
plumbing and electrical was being done with no license.  And today he sits as
chair of the BOS.    What is wrong with this picture?
11:35 am edt 

Freedoms and Rights

We keep giving away more and more of our freedoms and rights. Instead
of neighbors complaining about a run down property next door,try offering to
help them instead. It's a form of habitat for humanity. That's what we're all
supposed to be about - otherwise mind your own business re what your neighbors
do or don't do on their own propery.Not everyone here are in the same financial
position as the nouveau riche that moved here now. Don't cast stones at the
Republicans because hippocrits sound worse! The poor are the priveleged!
11:33 am edt 

Pension - Lawyer's Field Day

The proposal to cut pension benefits in our town would be a "lawyers
field day",especially older retirees who made far less salaries than is paid
now. Pension is based on salaries received upon retirement. Put your thinking
cap on!
11:31 am edt 


"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise people
as false, and by the rulers as usefull."

Truer words were never spoken.
11:29 am edt 

Re: The Pope

Who gives a rodents rear end about the pope?  KEEP YOUR RELIGION OUT AMERICA'S
POLITICS!  The pope is a man like any other.  A man does not rise to a position
of power in any political organization ( church included) without having a few
skeletons in the closet.  The history of the roman catholic church is rife with
leaders who went along with facist thugs in order to get along.  The vatican
only became a sovereign state under a deal with Mussolini.    That's a fact.  
IF the current pope (just a man) rose in the church unmolested during turbulent
times whilst other priests advocating for the poor and for freedom from tyranny
were persecuted, that's prima facie evidence of complicity in my opinion.

Dont use religion to divide and turn one against another.   That is not what its
for.  Regardless,  religion has no place in american politics.  Your religion
should be between you, your god and your church.  Dont  worship idols.   The ten
commandments has something to say about that.  Your pope is just a man like any
11:27 am edt 

Nagle v Russo?

It is interesting that CN is posting on her FB page exact quotes from
this site in regards to MS. Russo's statement  taken from Tim Mc Carthy's FB
page as if they are her own and she found them.  Ms Russo will now be under CN's
personal attack in an attempt to discredit and undermine Ms. R's Campaign. Ms R
a word of advice  Don't post or defend yourself there.  You are now her target
11:24 am edt 

Time to Check For Your Name

Looks like CN is posting on this page again  Now an attack on Russo
and her post on TM's page.  Seems like there is no depth to her viciousness.  I
also found out that anyone can be added to her FB group page by members of her
page.  Time to check for your name.
11:22 am edt 

How Many Times do We Need to Have the Same Conversation?

It is not a year round economy. All the talk, all the discussions, all the
marketing will not make this happen. It is the reality of where we live and who
we are and what the economy is.

Trying to make it other wise is more fantasy than marketing reality.  It is what
it is and we are down to less than 600 of us here in the winter. what are you
proposing to us? We have little money and the town has little options.
11:19 am edt 

Re: Year Round Economy Dream...

I agree wholeheartedly with this post!  We really need to become conscious and
look reality in the face!  People wake up!
1:01 am edt 

Ms.Russo Comments About the Pope

For all those Provincetown Voters who are Catholic, please go to Tim McCarthy's
Facebook page. Scroll down to the picture of our new pope. Read the comment that
our candidate of Selectman has posted about the new pope.

Just so Ms. Russo doesn't delete it first, here is her post: 'This guy is a pig.
He supported the generals who took over Argentina and tortured and killed
thousands of left leaning people. He is for the poor as long as they stay in
line. He even let them take away priests who were involved in liberation
theology, with is basically a movement of the poor.'

Could someone please forward to St. Peter's Church many of whom are celebrating
our new pope and would certainly want to know what BOS candidate Russo thinks
about his Holiness.
12:54 am edt 

BOS Candidate Catherine Russo Platform 3

Afluenza or Live Simply so that Others May Simply Live
The planet and Provincetown are suffering from a very bad case of Affluenza. 
The Affluent have taken over the political agenda.  We see it everywhere.  The
income disparity is strangling so many on the planet  and here in town.  The
result is too many using too much of the planets  resources. No matter how much
money you make, you are just one person who has to share this planet.  There is
a direct connection between the too large homes that are being built and the
desperate need of others for just a simple apartment.  The Real Estate industry
and developers have been able to have too much influence on the boards that are
set up to protect the community.  Just look around at what the zoning board has
allowed to happen.  It is out of control. Where is our Planning Board?  A new
BOS needs to carefully select these boards and make sure they are following the
Local Comprehensive Plan, not using parts of it for their own profit.
I would like to see term limits on the Board of Selectmen.  Two terms, 6 years
is enough.  When I look at the present BOS, I see a chair that has become
apathetic to the needs of the working and middle class of this town, a chair
that has become aligned with a small affluent group who know how to work the
system.  If the town can elect two new voices to the BOS, perhaps we can turn it
around, set a new agenda, save what hasnt been overdeveloped and help our
struggling neighbors trying to pay their mortgages or find an apartment.   When
someone is standing over you with their boot on your neck, choking you, it is
time to take action.  A small success here can ripple out to other parts of the
12:51 am edt 

Tom Donegan posted in Tom Donegan For Selectman

Nicely attended Council on Aging forum on the...

Tom Donegan
3:40pm Mar 21
Nicely attended Council on Aging forum on the Town Meeting Warrants this morning. Some great questions. And lunch too! :)
12:46 am edt 

Re: What I Will Not Do!

Town Meeting will still be a two night affair. You know how people in this town
like to talk...
12:43 am edt 

Raphael Richter

Oh great if Raphy runs this town like he runs his business, this town
will look like a dump.
12:31 am edt 

Re: Cabral's Wharf


I am confused by your claim that this structure would be condemned by the state. 
If you are right, why hasn't the town itself condemned it?  Isn't the town
taking a huge liability risk by allowing this structure to operate if it is an
dangerous as you claim.  It seems it wouldn't be the owners fault if something
happened, but rather the towns for not upholding the same safety mtandards when
it comes to public use that the state would.   Please clarify.
12:27 am edt 

Re: Something Big is Happening

I remember a few years ago the BOS elections were boring and behind closed
doors.  The candidates were sneaking around kissing rings rather than speaking
to the voters.

Now we have a number of qualified people running for office that campaign in the
open and are accessible. novel concept!

I see there is another working member of the community running..this richter
fella. yes, he is related to Eric Yingling. it's not much of a secret.  on his
facebook profile it says they are cousins.

So long as they recuse themselves on any vote that is of financial benefit to
themselves or their family; I don't see a problem. we need people that can work
together rather than marching around bad mouthing people with different

Russo is a volunteer on the fin com. nice woman but more time on fin com would
serve the town well.

Tom Donegan basically worked full time as chairman of fin com and he is running
for all of the right reasons.

It's important that we have someone with institutional knowledge on the board of

The other two have served the town okay but my sense is the voters are unhappy
with the status quo.
12:24 am edt 

Santos Voted Against the Article to Shut DPilgrim Nuclear

You know, the one 28 miles from us that is like the fukishima plant?!

This article also asks for a better evacuation plan since we are down wind.

That's a pretty shocking vote!
12:20 am edt 

This Is a Great FinCom group

I am impressed. I am so glad so that so many of the past committee resigned.
Good. Now we have a strong, committed, intelligent and economically savvy group.

Thanks guys! you should be proud of the work you do.
12:15 am edt 

I Resent Your Position or Odd Position

Cannizales was not a "stage hog." He is who he is and he did not dominate Finn
comm.  They all hold their own and I resent your attack on one person who
presented what  his views are. You should be ashamed!
12:12 am edt 

Re: Austin Knight Campaign Attack Sounds Desperate

Don't believe Austin wrote insinuations about anyone.  fter all , he 
not that squeaky clean himself?
12:08 am edt 

The Town Messed Up McMillan Pier

It does not need to mismanage Cabral's. That would be disaster. Keep away from
buying piers and/ or running them. The town is inept in this are.

Anyways, it is time to stop buying, buying, buying. The town needs to pull back
and deal with what it  has. Enough of this buy, buy, buy. That is no the
solution. It is the wrong-headed approach to our many town problems.
12:06 am edt 

I Find These Candidates Exciting

I am so glad that younger people are running for selectman. Time for a change.
time for the older, stoggy and yes-I-Agree-with-Sharon-people to take time
out--like five to six years.

I want change and I think it may happen this time.

In with the new---out with the older thinking selectman.
12:03 am edt 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Year Round Economy Dream

I agree with the poster who stated that we need to accept reality and accept
that we will never have a year round economy. We once had a year round economy
and lots of families and lots of children, but that was when we were a fishing
community.  That is long gone and it is not returning.
So lets do the best with what we have ( and in reality, all that we can have),
which is a seasonal tourist economy.  Lets stop spending money trying to create
more affordable housing for people who will have no work for a great part of the
year.  Lets stop spending money like we are a big city, as this is delusional
and will only result in many of the now year rounders leaving because of high
taxes.  As the town becomes more expensive, there are fewer full time residents
( have you noticed this town leaders).  Lets work with what we have and not
destroy it with aggressive  para-military policing.
There is no need for four cops for a minor traffic violation.  It is bad and is
costing us money.  Lets live in reality and get rid of the people who are
destroying what we have with grandiose projects, and the fantasy that they are
running a big city. We're not a big city and never will be.  We are too far from
everything for any kind of business or industry other than tourism.  And
accepting reality, this tourism will always be seasonal despite some  idiotic
ideas such as a skating rink in the town parking lot ( now whose stupid idea was
10:51 am edt 

What I Will Not Do!

I will not vote for any candidate that advocates for the town to
purchase Cabral's warf. Nor will I vote for anyone who sues town boards. Nor
will I vote for anyone who lets their property run down so badly that their
neighbors have to complain.
10:02 am edt 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Re: MacMillan Pier

To the inquiring mind about MacMillan Pier being closed long before it
was rebuilt was true. It was under a court order with weight restrictions and
limited uses. One Harbormaster was either forced to retire or be fired because
he refused to lie in court for other public officials about the court order
still being in effect and he purchased those court tapes as proof.Town was lucky
they weren't sued for the "games people we elect play!"
11:36 pm edt 

Re: Austin Knight Campaign Attack Sounds Desperate

" just would've added look at his personal property and the condition of
not only his home but cab business, and God help this town. Is that how we want
our town run?"

Oh you mean a cab company that has grown by leaps and bounds and provides jobs
to people living here year-round?

Sounds good to me!

I wish the Knight campaign would stick to the issues rather than engaging in
petty politics.

Folks, this is a great example of why we need to vote Austin out of office.

Webmaster Comment: In fairness, it is noted that the claim attributing the above comment to Austin Knight's campaign is unsubstantiated.
11:33 pm edt 

To: All Youthful Candidates!

Any young and energetic person with new ideas who,grew up and went
to school here that wants to throw their hat in the political ring will get my and
my families vote. Maybe they'll be more transparent in their performance.
11:27 pm edt 

To: Every Candidate

1) What will you do about the totally unrealistic assumptions used in the
Barnstable County pension system plan that are far above what any reasonable
investment adviser expects for the next 20 years?

2) How will you solve the looming many millions of unfunded dollars of pension
deficit and health care benefits deficit we face for our retired town workers
because of #1?

3) How would you immediately change employment benefit policies for new town

If you can't answer the above (which are orders of magnitude more money than our
police station, even the deluxe original version) I'm not voting for you. Look
forward to your answers here.

11:22 pm edt 

Re: Is That How We Want Our Town Run?

Yes so it appears. The same group of folks, Barbara Rushmore, Mary Jo Avellar
and others who repeatedly year after year in the past* moved to put excess
revenue to lowering taxes rather than maintaining buildings is hoping to take
complete control of board of selectmen again. It appears they're doing a darn
good job too between this blog and the other BS they spread.

We're going back to the days of infrastructure and other fiscal problems
building up and hugely expensive fixes because these folks would like to defer
all spending until they are dead and gone. Further they inflame resentment
against second homeowners and anyone with an ounce of fiscal sense. Their hand
picked candidates are now warming up to do their bidding if they are elected.
It's a sad day that all the hard work to repair the mistakes of the past is
going to unravel when this crew gets their hands on the wheel.

* don't believe it? see the minutes of many town meetings.
11:19 pm edt 

Provincetown Will Never Have a Year Round Economy

Having grown up on the shore,my home town has the same
Problems as ptown is dealing with, plenty of tourists and part time
Residents. Desolate in the winter.

There is no solution to this problem"...........
It's time to stop nickeling and diming the citizens whom call ptown
Home,12 months a year.we do not have the money,a second home,etc
To afford this spending spree by our various boards and our town

The first step , a raise freeze for any town employee making over

8:42 pm edt 

The Future of Cape Cod

Webmaster, I hope you will allow the following link to be displayed:

"On The Point, WCAI Senior Reporter Sean Corcoran talks with Mindy Todd about
his series "By the Numbers: Worries about Cape Cod's Workforce." The 2010 Census
confirms that the youngest generations of workers are leaving the Cape, while
the oldest generations are retiring or moving to part-time work. What does the
loss in population means in terms of the Cape's workforce and culture, and what
can be done to hold onto young Cape Codders?"

This will take the user to a very interesting radio piece that was on The Point
with Mindy Todd. It takes an in depth look at demographic trends on Cape Cod. It
also looks into previous unrealistic expectations of creating new full time year
round jobs on the Cape. Shows also how many of our regional housing zoning
policies and hatred of affordable rental housing has caused many problems.

Every person concerned about the massive loss of young people on the Cape,
issues facing greying population and what can be done about all this you need to
listen to this show.

The problems we face in Provincetown aren't caused by a cabal of conspiratorial
second home owner loving politicians. The problems we face are caused by
demographics and economics and the entire Cape faces the same issues. Pitting
one group against the other won't solve them and won't keep or attract young
people it will only allow the decline to continue.
8:39 pm edt 

A Ridiculous Point and Untruth

People in this town do not resent gay and lesbian second homeowners. Hogwash!
You may want to spread this untruth--that is your sad business. But this is
hogwash. this town is open and your presentment is so far from the thurth that I
almost want to laugh at you but feel sad instead.
8:36 pm edt 

Purchasing Cabral's Wharf


8:34 pm edt 

Re: Key Points of Campaign Platform

They're way ahead of you... pigs already fly. Haven't you seen the GEICO ad?
8:31 pm edt 

Re: Raphael Richter -

Kudos to the poster of  "key points to the campaign platform"   Well
said.  I just would've added look at his personal property and the condition of
not only his home but cab business, and God help this town. Is that how we want
our town run?
8:28 pm edt 

Mike Canizales

The article 30 debacle is an embarassment.  While Mike Canizales may
not have violated the letter of the law, he definitely violated the intention by
anonymously authoring an article outside the boundaries of his committee. 
Remember, it's about the APPEARANCE of impropriety, and this certainly appears
8:26 pm edt 

Mike Canizales

Tom Donegan may have held the title of Chair of the Finance Committee,
but at every meeting I watched it was clear that it was the Mike Canizales Show,
and he was quite the stage hog.
8:25 pm edt 

Raphael Richter

Is Raphael Richter related to Erik Yingling? If so, I think that's
information that should be made public.  Some people may be uncomfortable voting
in a candidate with a built-in alliance.
8:23 pm edt 

No to Russo!

The candidate who whines about 70% of properties being owned by 2nd
homeowners is a few decades too late.  It was the 'old' families of Provincetown
who happily sold their homes at inflated prices, driving up property values for
future generations.
The reality is that this is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and
people will pay a great deal to live here, even if it's only part-time.
There's nothing she can do as selectman to reverse the trend of the 2nd
homeowner or reduce property values.  Her goal of more affordable housing is a
laudable one, but where will it go?  There's virtually no land available.
I don't need a dreamer filled with rhetoric.  I need an effective elected
official.  She is not that.
8:21 pm edt 

Re: "...and Envy Gay and Lesbian Second Homeowners.."

Nowhere in other posts, have I read the words "gay and lesbian" preceding
"second homeowners". You are the one putting these two phrases together.  No one
else. The question is: Why? Is it your own low literacy level? Is it your desire
to make trouble for others?  This inquiring mind wants to know.
8:19 pm edt 

Re: Key Points of Campaign Platform

Just so I'm clear on this. This candidate wants a new plan for Police Station to
save money and not overspend. He also wants to launch into a purchase of
Fisherman's Wharf which would obviously be a many millions of dollar effort.
Seems a contradiction.

I'd like to run for office and I will make pigs fly and promise all sorts of
unrealistic things for a small town where a significant portion of townies hate
and envy gay and lesbian second homeowners who subsidize the remaining
population's services and the population is suffering the same impact as the
rest of Cape Cod, eg dwindling and aging population. I think I'd have a good
shot at it too from the platforms I see already.
9:43 am edt 

To: BOS Candidates

With all the candidates it will be hard to choose.  One thing for sure
is that anyone who allies themselves with the dog woman will NOT get my vote.
9:38 am edt 

To: BOS Candidates

I'm encouraged to see some good candidates running for the select board! Time to
get rid of most of this group that uses dirty political manovering and seems to
have little interest in preserving the unique character of town and seems to
only care about second home owners while the population continues to decline
every year. Let's take back our town!
1:21 am edt 

Tom Donegan - Candidate For BOS

Re: A Way Forward

This year the Selectmen will present a budget in which spending is growing
faster than revenue. After reviewing the budget in great detail, virtually every
line item supports a worthwhile program, yet when it is all added together, it's
obviously an unsustainable trend.

But it's not all about money and taxes, We need to promote a year round economy.
We need to tackle the housing crisis with concrete solutions. We need to find
ways to welcome parents and their children back to Provincetown. We need a "Plan
B" solution for the police station, and a realistic plan for our Capital
Improvement Program. We deserve a Board of Selectmen that creates a transparent
Town Hall, encourages participation and listens before it acts.

Tom Donegan
1:19 am edt 

Tom Donegan - Candidate For BOS

About Tom Donegan

Tom Donegan was previously Vice President of Marketing at AOL were he ran direct
response marketing programs including direct mail and telemarketing. Before AOL
he worked in an advertising agency and later on the client side with the
AFL-CIO's insurance subsidiary. Tom co-founded Gay Men and Lesbians Opposing
Violence (GLOV) Washington's GLBT anti violence group.

Tom was board President of Crisislink a social services agency that took suicide
prevention calls, provided crisis counseling at schools and workplaces and
developed support programs for survivors of suicide.

In Provincetown, Tom serves as chairman of the Finance Committee. He joined the
FAWC development committee two years ago and became a trustee last year. Last
summer he was a vice chair of the FAWC Summer Celebration. He is a year round
resident of Provincetown with his partner Mark Weinress.
1:16 am edt 

Raphael Richter - Candidate For BOS


-Raphael will work to ensure your property taxes rise as little as possible. 
While our economic projections clearly indicate inevitable rises in property
taxes in the coming years, he will work to make sure the only tax increases are
those that are absolutely necessary and in the best interest of the community at
large.  Unless property taxes are kept in check, the costs of housing and rental
units, as well as the generally high cost of living will continue to rise and
force families and contributing members of our community out.  Additionally,
higher property taxes will encourage even more property owners to rent
seasonally for top dollar, rather than offering their unit(s) for a year-round
community member or family.

-Affordable and seasonal workforce housing must remain a top community-wide
priority.  Our town is in a long running housing crisis, and good people have
been forced out, and will continue to be forced out, unless we keep costs in
check and rental units available.  Raphael will bring a fresh perspective to
help tackle this difficult issue.

-Raphael will never support a relocation or a reduction of the educational
opportunities we offer our preschool, elementary, and middle school students. 
He believes we must always keep the children of our community in Provincetown
schools, and ensure they are provided with every opportunity we can afford them
as a community.

-Raphael supports the building of a reasonably priced police station in a
community friendly location that reflects our current and future public safety
needs.  Raphael wants the voters to be given clear options in deciding on the
location, cost, and scope of the new facility.  He hopes we can break ground on
a new police station, sooner rather than later, so that our hard working town
employees can work in a facility worthy of their dedication and professionalism. 
The building committee has worked very hard to present the town with a strong
plan A, and now we should direct them to develop a plan B and possibly even C
for the voters to choose from.  Raphael believes that given this type of choice,
the intelligent electorate of Provincetown will make the correct choice for the
future of our community.

-Raphael will encourage any efforts to bring more life to one of our greatest
resources- Provincetown Harbor.  He believes our truly unique and historically
important harbor should be used to promote greater tourism opportunities,
provide more services for visitors, and act as a greater economic engine for the
town.  Raphael feels that the most obvious way to kick start this process is for
the town to acquire Fisherman's Wharf and develop it ourselves or lease it out
to a community friendly developer.

-Raphael will work hard to ensure that Provincetown is soon linked to the rest
of Cape Cod via uninterrupted bicycle trails.  He believes that once connected
in this way, Provincetown will automatically experience an economic benefit, as
our natural location at the end of the Cape makes a great finish line for both
casual and competitive cyclists.
1:14 am edt 

Raphael Richter - Candidate For BOS

Raphael takes management of our $24 million budget very seriously.  As
selectmen, he will make decisions that strengthen our community, empower our
businesses and many non-profit organizations, and ensure a sustainable future in
town for people of all income levels and backgrounds, all through the lens of
strong long-term financial planning.  Raphael believes that our buildings and
public lands need to be well maintained for future generations, all our town
employees should work in modern, technologically friendly workplaces, and we
should continually be finding ways as a community to improve our green
initiatives.  Raphael will work as a consensus building member of our government
and he looks forward to listening to you and hearing your opinions to help
realize our goals and improve Provincetown together.
1:09 am edt 

Raphael Richter - Candidate For BOS

Raphael grew up in Provincetown and attended Provincetown High School, where he
gained a deep appreciation for the Provincetown community.

Raphael then co-founded and became the executive director of Shakespeare on the
Cape, a non-profit touring theater company based in Provincetown and supported
by the Provincetown Visitor Services Board.  Raphael was able to expand the
budget and programming through many successful grant writing efforts and strong
community partnerships.  In his role as executive director, he grew the
operating budget six times, while overseeing the logistics of touring throughout
the Cape and Islands and to locations as far as Minneapolis, MN.

Parallel to the formation of Shakespeare on the Cape, Raphael became general
manager and eventually co-owner of Mercedes Cab and Cape Cab Companies.  Through
hard work and community outreach, Raphael has grown the company from a seasonal,
one car operation serving only Provincetown, to a year-round, 17 vehicle
operation serving the entire Lower Cape from Provincetown through Harwich.  As a
local entrepreneur, Raphael is fortunate to interact with a large swath of full
and part-time residents, as well as visitors, providing him with a broad
perspective of the issues facing the town.  Raphael doesn't hesitate to work 80
hour work weeks, relishes in multi-tasking, and is ready to use this energy to
tackle the issues facing our town and shape a positive future for us all. 
Raphael cares deeply for the community and the diverse group of people that make
up Massachusetts' most unique town.
1:05 am edt 

Re: This Election is Good For Provincetown

the voters finally have a choice.  what a breathe of fresh air.

The Richter fella grew up here I think and is a local business owner.  i'm glad
to see his generation taking a more active role in his community.  very

and then the chairman of fin com....can't remember his name but apparently he
did a really great job on combing through the town budget. that's the word on
the street!

Catherine russo is also on fin com I see.  I don't know much about her but some
one told me she cares deeply about affordable housing.

I wish I could vote for all 3 but unfortunately I have to pick 2.

12:58 am edt 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

She Could Be Officially Appointed to Patrol the Dog Park

That could keep her occupied. she could also start to clean the dog park. that
would add to her involvement and keep her focused on dog-related issues. With
her head down and her hands full, she will be too busy causing trouble for
11:22 pm edt 

Ann Maquire Running For the Charter Committee
She's not planning on knitting or embroidering that's for sure. so, what's up?
what major changes are brewing that she will propose and push for? surely
something major. Mayb e town Manager for life. Once selected, you can be town
manager forever. Who knows? But we soon will know.
11:21 pm edt 

This Should Be an Exciting Election

Many good candidates. Maye we'll get two new candidates given who is running.
some bright people and committed people. I'm thrilled to see some younger
candidates. that's refreshing and exciting. this will be interesting and good
for the town.
11:18 pm edt 

Ranting and Raving: She is a Top Gone Mad

Like a spinning top gone out of control, this woman is driving many of us to
wonder about her state of mind. Once she seemed sane but now she seems
irrational. There's something rather unstable like that top spinning and
spinning at the table's edge. soon it drops and stops but not without a crash.
11:17 pm edt 

Re:Curtain Up!

In my opinion, the allegation regarding Mr. Richter is outrageous. It
is unbelievably irresponsible of both the poster and the Webmaster to promote
personal attacks against a young man who has volunteered to serve this town. I
don't know his motivation but I certainly know yours.

Webmaster Comment: I must deeply apologize to Mr. Richter, whose candidacy,
in fact, I fully applaud. I completely misinterpreted the essence of the posting and
in no-way meant to denigrate the candidate.  

Mr. Richter has over the years taken a great interest in the town's welfare and has demonstrated a keen willingness to  get involved. His engagement represents the positive recent development of Provencetown's younger generation moving to the fore. 

Thanks for your service to our community.

P.S The comment has been withdrawn.
11:14 pm edt 

Catherine Russo

Has Catherine Russo settled her law suit against the historic district
commission she filed in 2009? I know she did not like the commission allowing a
neighbor on Fishburn Court to renovate a dilapidated house. The suit was to go
to court in Feb. of 2012 according to the town report of 2011.
10:38 pm edt 

Send This Woman Back to Florida Where I Think She Really Lives

Let her live the good life and we would too without her abuse. What is wrong
with       (her)? Something is not quite right. Does anyone know? Did she suffer some
emotional breakdown years back? So it seems. Why do we have to take the anger
that perhaps she should hurl against her        or her       ? More therapy
would be helpful.
3:43 pm edt 

Catherine Russo is a Good Candidate

I'm glad she running for selectman. she is strong and has conviction. I only
wish she were running atinst Machesney who is rather weak, uninformed and dull.
but we shall see what happens. I'd like to see her win and Grassy. That would be
good and life here would be much different than it is now.
3:36 pm edt 

The Dog Woman Appears to be Sick

She is driven and rather nasty. Maybe the       are getting to her.
3:31 pm edt 

3:30 pm edt 

Re: Proof That John Santos Lives in Truro

Isn't it "cited" and not "sited"?

Webmaster Comment: You are correct.
1:57 pm edt 

The Only Good Government She Sees is Hers

Candy may hate this forum but she watches it and posts on it. 
Remember her whole life is to start trouble for good people misleading others
with the misinformation of her platform which are her words yours in good
government. The only good government she sees is hers and the people who agree
with her like MR which constitute her party. Lets call her party CAMP Michael
and Candance Pontificates I like that or maybe some one has a better title that
will not be sensored
1:54 pm edt 

Snow Plow

This morning the plows went by my house so fast, they almost broke my
picture window. all the slush came over my fence and all over the front house.
If they knew how to drive that wouldn't happen. Don't think they need new trucks,
they need a driving lesson.
1:49 pm edt 

Re: Proof That John Santos Lives in Truro

Wow, "goose stepping" (Nazi reference) and "butt buddy GI Jeff". Just
when I thought this blog could stoop no lower.
1:46 pm edt 

What a Fall From Grace

Candace Nagle has become the most hated person in Provincetown, and
for good reason.  She has burned way to many bridges to have any further
relevance in this town.
1:45 pm edt 

Candace Nagle

Funny how there are two quick posts in a row,  One from Candace saying
I didn't do it.  Shortly followed by an 'I did it, not Candace'. LMAO
1:43 pm edt 

Re: Proof That John Santos Lives in Truro

Anyone could have written in pretending to be Candace. This is
anonymous blog!! Duh! Yours in good government. There. I wrote it. But who am
I???  Certainly not Candace.
10:36 am edt 

Re: Proof That John Santos Lives in Truro

Now the webmaster is attributing posts to people who don't sign their
names? No one has an exclusive use, including me, on 'yours in good government.'
Mr. Walker, your blog had such promise in 2007 when you started it. Such a pity
as it could have been a great community resource.

Candace Nagle

Webmaster Comment: A close read of the "Webmaster Comments" will show that your
person was never mentioned. What was sited was the similarity of circumstances surrounding
the issue of residency. You apparently have good reason to associate the set of circumstances
with your own person.
10:27 am edt 

Re: Proof That John Santos Lives in Truro

It is interesting that someone should equate voter fraud and Candace
Nagel.  She is operating under the guise that she lives here because she owns a
place that is being sold here.  Everyone knows she doesn't reside there anymore.
The mail change is a unique way of proving it. My guess is she hasn't changed
her driver's license either. That would be her only "proof " that she lives
here, also illegal.

She is quick to jump over hard working people and accuse them of all sorts of
illegal things and report them to the state.  Maybe it should be her turn in the
fire.  If she attends town meeting and votes, that will interesting for her on
the state level.  If she is on town boards, it definitely is fraud.
Transparency, Candace?
10:06 am edt 

Re: Proof That John Santos Lives in Truro

Candy is posting here??? Didn't she say she hated this forum?
10:04 am edt 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Re: Catherine Russo & BOS

Earlier, someone wrote about Ms. Russo this: "I don't think she
possesses the necessary team building and collegiality skills required of this

My reaction when I read the above was that this individual's definition of "team
building and collegiality" must be having others do such individual's personal
bidding, just following orders. Nope, that certainly isn't Ms. Russo.
11:39 pm edt 

Banner Letter
Sad to read the letter in last week's Banner about the woman trying to
prevent performance from happening in local galleries. This woman has caused
similar issues with her neighbors before. The reality is: if you wanted to live
in a quiet, peaceful, residential neighborhood, you shouldn't have bought a unit
in a building with a gallery downstairs, a bar and general store across the
street and a busy coffee shop next door.

If you want peace and quiet, why don't you try living in Provincetown year
round? It's plenty quiet in the off season and honestly, the locals ain't such
bad folks if you give them a chance.
11:37 pm edt 

Re: Proof That John Santos Lives in Truro

Seriously Candace, you are committing alleged voter fraud by being on
committees when you do not Reside in town (and Reside is a legal term, not an
elective one) and you have the audacity to challenge Grassy?

I cannot wait until we have you goose-stepped out of Town Hall on April 1 by
your butt buddy GI Jeff. what a beautiful site that will be. I think the skies
will open, the angels will sing and the small people will break out in a
rendition of ding dong.....

Too bad we've requested your utility bills and USPS, FedEx and UPS forwarding
instructions. Quelle disaster.
11:33 pm edt 

Re: Proof That John Santos Lives in Truro

Geez Walker desperate times, eh? People will see right through your
disinformation. " That's not a key point where it came from."
11:31 pm edt 

Re: Proof That John Santos Lives in Truro

Proof?? Where?? Because it's in a trust under the name Santos?? The Santos
Family Trust in the Truro assessors database is Grassys brothers house you
dolt!! And the other Santos, Noah, Grassys son, owns the other house on Andrews
Way. Now be smart and go to the Ptown assessors database and you'll find Francis
John Santos, (that's Grassys real name) living at 131A Commercial Street in the
apartment above the boatyard. GRASSY LIVES IN PROVINCETOWN AND THATS THAT.

8:10 pm edt 

Re: Proof That John Santos Lives in Truro

Re: "He lives on Bayside Hills Road. according to the assessors
office, it's owned by the Santos Family Trust."

If your thinking were to be applied to other situations, then New York Mayor
Bloomberg should resign from his elected mayoral position because he's listed as
the owner of a Southampton home.
7:35 pm edt 

Proof That John Santos Lives in Truro

He lives on Bayside Hills Road. according to the assessors office, it's owned by
the Santos Family Trust.

Yours in good government!

Webmaster Comment: Ownership is not necessarily definitive of residency. Property ownership and voting location (a function of declared and established proof) are two different issues.

As you yourself should know, living in Key West, owning property in Boston as well as Provincetown, while having domacile in Truro is not a bar to voting in Provincetown. Given this reality why is Santos' reality any less correct?  

More to the point, this blog does not intend to get into an extended diatribe over this issue. Avenues of redress have been suggested to you in the previous posting. It is suggested that you
take them.

7:04 pm edt 

Catherine Russo & BOS

Not sure what her experience is for running for BOS, but I think the required
leadership skills for this position are lacking.  I don't think she possesses
the necessary team building and collegiality skills required of this role.  In
my experience she tends to be an angry woman with a specific personal agenda. 
Glad to see she move away from the "peasants" and "feminist agenda" rhetoric in
her first message, and seems to have broadened it to be a bit more inclusive in
her second message.

Glad to hear Sean Patrick and Richter will be running, but not sure whether the
family relationship between Richter and another BOS creates a conflict of
interest.  It could certainly give their grandmother a louder voice and more of
a bully-pulpit, not that she needs one.
6:29 pm edt 

Re: Catherine Russo

Re: "We Are the People We Have Been Waiting For"

Lady, you are a total utopian, unrealistic, blathering mess and electing you
would be a disaster. Hope there are more sensible candidates on the slate and
that you don't siphon too many votes from them. I can't believe someone of your
muddled thinking made it to finance committee, a sad state of affairs.

PS: you're running for selectman not empress of the known universe.
6:26 pm edt 

Re: Catherine Russo

Catherine Russo, I'm with you all the way!

We need to seriously address, besides the conditions of our structures and
roads, the kind of community we desire to continue residing in.  After all,
we're the primary stakeholders.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out you're running.  What's refreshing
about you is that you know how to execute ideas into reality.

You have my vote!
6:23 pm edt 

Re: Public Safety Facility, thinking Outside the Box

From an article in today's New York Times:

".....The library, on Cadman Plaza, along with another library near the Barclays
Center, would be sold to developers, torn down and then rebuilt at no public
expense on the ground floor of a new apartment tower.

Government-financed agencies, seeing a way to raise hundreds of millions of
dollars in a weak economy, are looking at the land right under some of their own
institutions and offering it to the best bidder, who will build new, modern
libraries or schools in the base of new developments. In the process, they will
also erase the stout civic buildings now there, in effect leveling public
facilities to make sure the agencies are financially secure.

The strategy has been embraced in Brooklyn, where the two libraries need repairs
of $9 million to $11 million.

We would deliver two of these libraries for essentially no cost to the library
system, said Joshua Nachowitz, the Brooklyn Public Librarys vice president for
government and community relations. Its a win-win.

But the approach has provoked growing protest in the affected communities. Most
pressingly, residents are concerned about how far they will have to go to reach
a library, and where their children will go to school, during the years it will
take to erect the new towers. But they are also worried about the aesthetic and
cultural price of replacing local institutions to which they are deeply
attached, neighborhood landmarks if not official ones, and having them swallowed
up into stacks of concrete, steel and glass...."

6:19 pm edt 

Re: John Santos Lives in Truro!

Mr. Blogmaster, why are you concealing this reality?!  stop censoring my posts.

The voting public have a right to know that a sitting selectman is committing
voter fraud and is running for re election.

If you won't report it than i'll go to the Provincetown Banner.

Webmaster Comments: Your comments have no basis in fact and therefore are not required to be published. This issue has been resolved. If indeed you have evidence that Mr. Santos is committing voter fraud,then by all means you should report his actions not only to the Banner, but also to the Town Clerk for appropriate action.

It is curious that you only make this allegation now, after he has sat for three years
and is currently running for reappointment.

Of course you realize that you will have to provide your name.

8:52 am edt 

New Faces, New People

Let the old be the old. Let the new take their place. I welcome the younger
people running for seats on the BOS. Great news that there is a good competition
and I vote for the younger candidates. Let them lead. Times they are a
12:21 am edt 

Glad that Richter is Running

I like seeing younger members of this community involved. Bravo to him. I find
his decision to run for selectman refreshing. It makes this selectman run much
more exciting.
12:19 am edt 

Re: Article 30

Just watched that Finance meeting everyone is talking about. It's the
7th of March part 2. OMG!! Looks like the infamous article was had more than one
author!!! Tis a BIG COVER UP TOO!
12:12 am edt 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Platform #2 Catherine Russo for Selectwoman

We Are the People We Have Been Waiting For

If you ask yourself what would a great community of Provincetown look like, what
would it feel like if there was a solution that included everyone, can you
imagine a scenario that exists beyond all the possible obstacles?
What would this miracle look like? We can all begin to form this vision and then
plan step by step how to get there. For some people it may be year round
affordable rentals, for some it may be affordable health care or a year round
job with benefits. For others it may be lower property taxes or keeping the
school open. For others it may be to feel useful and to feel a sense of
community with their neighbors. People dont allow themselves to envision a
solution that they dont know how to get to.
MLK said, I have a dream What if we envision real social justice on a national
and local level and a community in which we would watch out for each other more
and come together with ideas and energy.
This is not a fairy tale. Weve done it before. In the 1980s Provincetown became
a model of a caring community. As the AIDS epidemic ravaged the nation, people
took care of each other here and took care of those who came here to die with
dignity. In the 1990s some people saw the need to save our historic structures
and the Historic District was created. Imagine what town would look like without
it. More recently a member of the community saw a need and envisioned a dog
park. Provincetown is now known as one of the most dog friendly communities in
the nation. Surely if we come together again, we can work on the housing crisis.
This housing crisis is causing severe economic hardship on members of our
community and putting people more at risk for mental health and domestic
violence problems.
The federal and state government will not be helping us. Our local government is
suffering from huge health insurance costs and will not be helping until the
healthcare system is truly reformed. Where is the money going to come from?
There are many wealthy individuals in Provincetown. Many are experienced at
running corporations. Perhaps in the interest of an in-tact diverse community,
there may be a way to create investment opportunities that would be beneficial
to both the investors and people in need of affordable housing. After all, most
people want there to be housing for the workers that stock the shelves at the
Stop and Shop, trim their lawns and clean their houses, unclog their toilets,
paint their fences and volunteer for the rescue squad. We need each other. Im
just throwing out a possible vision. This one may not work, but maybe others
will. Im sure we could all come up with ideas. I would like the opportunity to
work with the selectman to bring all our ideas forw!
ard. But as a selectman I will not be effective unless the community becomes
We are all living this precious moment in history together. What is happening
now on the planet and in Provincetown is not sustainable. If Hurricane Sandy had
come further up the coast, we would be talking about a lot more than four and a
half million to fix the pier.
I believe we need a new paradigm. It includes all of us, the poor, the middle
class and the wealthy. It will take all of us to turn it around.
We can do our part here in Provincetown. As the sequester continues on a
national level, thousands of people are losing their jobs. Locally, the
Provincetown Visitor Center may not open this spring unless we have a volunteer
staff. Nationally, there is talk even from the Democrats about cutting Social
Security and yet the Dow is soaring. Lets stop digesting the lies weve been
told. We all know something is drastically wrong with the systems of government
that we have. We cannot continue down this tragic path.
Catherine Russo
11:15 pm edt 

Re;Article 30 is Rather Interesting

Unless something is posted here for us to read from the AGs office or the State
Ethics Office, (on their letter head) I don't believe anything anyone tells me
regarding Canizales' issues. My opinion says he did nothing wrong. He helped
someone write an article for ATM when that person had no idea how to do it. No
secret agenda. That's what government is for, to help those that can't do it for
themselves and in this case, Mike helped someone write an article.

The outcome of this article is actually a good one. What it will do is allow the
BOS to use up to $3 million dollars to renovate or keep alive the current police
department while we hammer out the details of the possible new station. As
described by counsel, the article simply allows up to $3 million to be spent IF
THE BOS CHOOSE TO DO THAT. It doesn't say renovate the current station and
abandon the new police station project. Read it carefully!!! Nobody says the BOS
will use the money, it just ALLOWS them to spend if needed. It may be putting
good money into something bad but the passage of this article will quiet the
Chief regarding his impending disasterous station and will give us time to
hammer out the details of the new one. What if something does happen to the
current station while we bicker about the new station? Thats when we are saddled
with a huge sudden cost that we must pay for, no ifs ands or buts about it.
Think about it.
11:02 pm edt 

And Then There Was..............

Well word is out 4 town woman born and raised here in town were not
rehired for their summer job.3 for the parking lots and one other woman
has worked the same summer job for 12 years..these people own homes in town and
pay huge taxes to remain living here. i guess the man doing the hiring has no
knowledge of the purpose of those jobs created many moons ago were for...but i
do.. it was for the townies who live here year round and especially for the
elderly to help subsidize their social security income..i honestly must say
provincetown does not feel like much of a loving community anymore..i notice
there is never anyone walking aorund all winter nor children hanging out all
winter..pretty much not many people staying here at all..i am also sad to say
the community that is here really does not offer much character to provincetown
at all...this was once an incredible place to live with acceptance of
everyone...and by the way when was the last time your neighbo!
r baked you a pie or just chatted with you endlessly outside your front
door...sorry just hating the way ptown has become...and by the way i do hope
these woman ban together and call the attorney general for the way they have
been treated for their many years of service to this town
10:59 pm edt 

Who is Mr. Richter?

What are his qualification? Never heard of him before..what committee is he on?
10:55 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Maxed Out

Ms.Russo, you are 25 years too late. First, the affordable housing developers
have squeezed units into every available piece of land.

2nd. This is a democracy. The second Homeowners bought the houses the people
could have bought when they rented here years ago. Rents were cheap, so people
didn't buy. The people who bought are still here--if they wish to be here. Many,
Many people sold and built new in Truro.

You are WAY-BEHIND-THE-TIMES. You can't legislate who can sell to whom. I worked
with people who rented--we decided to buy instead of rent. A Two family home in
1975 cost $35,000.00 I looked at a couple.

Yes rents are high. Yes people want to live here, they left, worked hard, made
money and bought second homes. People who lived here worked hard, made money and
bought second homes and now go to Florida for the winter.

You seem bitter that the world has passed you by, but you made choices how to
live. You made decisions. Now people are on a waiting list for affordable
housing. I don't think that the people who have moved into this brand spanking
new complex are going to be moving out next year to make room for new comers.

Good Luck with your campaign and your fellow peasants.
4:57 pm edt 

New Police Station

You know what, it's sad that we can't just figure out how to get this
police station built or renovated. I believe that the project is dead in the
water for now because of all the nonsense going on with people choosing sides.
For me it's not now because you have all pissed me off.
4:55 pm edt 

Article 30 is Dottie's Article

She presented it. She put her name to it. Whoever had any input before she
presented just don't count. it is hers. Plain and simple.

Authors have editors. when the book comes out, it is the author who is
acknowledged and not the editors and copyeditors.
2:11 pm edt 

Article 30 is Rather Interesting

I'm glad it is there. It is reasonable and rational and makes much more sense
than all the work of the Building Committee that just seemed to rubber stamp
what the police wanted. and how many millions did they want us to pay? three
milion, renovate, work out the needs in this financial framework and we are done
with it.

Thanks for submitting this article. many people may now be there at the end of
this town meeting. don't you think?

1:33 pm edt 

Article 30 Is Dottie's Article

Whoever and whatever was involved in pulling this together, it is her article.
It doesn't matter how much help or advice she had, it is hers. I resent those
taking this away from her. she signed it, she put it forward and it is hers.
1:31 pm edt 

Re: "...And No Perticular Group He's Aligned With."

From what many around town are saying, Sean was specifically targeted by someone
from a certain group to run.  So let's not try to BS the readers of this blog
with stories that aren't true.  Go somewhere else to sell that silly stuff!
1:30 pm edt 

SP Harrington

The only thing he won't be able to vote on is anything to do with the school
budget. Everything else to do with teachers is decided on and voted on by the
School Committee including personnel and contracts.

When MJA was a select person, she couldn't do all that you stated because her
husband was employed by the town.  She was straddled more than this candidate.
1:28 pm edt 

To: Catherine Russo

Unfortunately the issues that you talk about are
moot points. There are not enough children for schools. 70% of the homes are
second homes. People have left town with pockets full of money selling homes
that needed renovations and repairs. Affordable housing has been built and some
of the people in them are frauds. Monday night I told you so quarterbacks do not
work anymore here.
Current issues and the repair and maintenance of our infrastructure is the 
This is a tourist town,  That's it.  Please don't insult my intelligence by
talking about other countries and try to equate what they did decades ago to
this once upon a time fishing village, or things that were put into place
decades ago here and not acted upon.  The economy is tourist driven  On that I
think even the people here who disagree with most postings would have have to
nod an assent.
It ain't that way anymore nor will it be.

1:26 pm edt 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

From: BOS Candidate Catherine Russo

I am running for a selectman's seat. The first point in my platform is called
"The Big Squeeze". That is what is happening to year-round locals. 70 percent of
homes are now owned by second home owners. After being on the Finance Committee
for 6 months, I can tell you that the future looks bleak for working and middle
class people and families. We are being phased out of town. There will be very
little money coming from the feds or state government. We're on our own. Housing
is a huge issue that hardly ever gets addressed by the selectmen. I went before
them a month ago to get this issue on the table. They were shocked to learn that
400 individuals and families are presently looking for housing. Many other long
term residents have left. I don't believe the answer is to ask the hard working
people and the seniors of Provincetown to pony up more funds. We must begin
imagining ways to meet our housing needs or we will soon have too few students
o support a school system and too few volunteers for the fire and rescue squads.

What kind of community do we want to live in? This was the question put before
the town in the late 90s. In town meeting we discussed "are we a year round
community or a tourist destination".

The Local Comprehensive Plan came out of these discussions and it is a fabulous
document that goes largely ignored.

In the Financial Times Newspaper, March 17, 2012 there is an article about a
tourist town in Switzerland called "The Big Squeeze". It reports that the voters
passed legislation to limit second homes to 20 percent. The locals realized they
were in danger and took action. It has not hurt their economic engine, tourism.

I have sadly witness the loss of community over the past two decades. Why is our
town government so inefficient at enforcing the will of the people. I don't have
all the answers or even most of them. But I will keep asking the questions and I
hope you will too. Jai Mata di!

Catherine Russo
8:32 pm edt 

Re: Sean Patrick Harrington

To:  "He is married to a school teacher and a fierce advocate (not in
a good way) for the school."

What? If you are married to a school teacher, why on earth would you be a fierce
advocate (NOT IN A GOOD WAY) for the school?  An advocate yes, but NOT IN A GOOD
WAY.  Come on.  This makes less than no sense unless one of 2 things is going
on.  #1  the candidate truly does dislike his/her spouse immensely and fiercely
advocates against his/her spouse's employment interests or #2 the person
blogging this sentiment simply wants to stir the pot and badmouth this potential

A potential voter who knows nothing about this person could be swayed quite
negatively by this statement which offers no substantiation.  Negative seed

Okay armchair lawyers abundant on this site, defend the defamation in the blog
that felt the need to describe this spouse of a spouse who teaches, as a not in
a good way advocate of the school.
8:22 pm edt 

Re: Sean Patrick Harrington

"no hidden agendas and no particular group he's aligned with."

He is married to a school teacher and a fierce advocate (not in a good way) for
the school. He is very closely aligned with the Police Chief's network.

As a selectman he wont be able to vote on school issues, personnel issues or any
of the Town's collective bargaining agreements it's surprising they are running
him.  Unless it is just to get rid of Santos' no vote on the Police Station?
2:35 pm edt 

No Attribution to Posting

"BOS Candidate Point #1 of Platform"

Webmaster Comment:  The posting has not been published as there was no
name associated with the posting, which is an obvious mistake. Will the
Candidate please forward a signed copy. We think we can deduce the sender
from the context of the message, however, we cannot be certain. 

2:32 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Police

Why do the Chief and the Lieutenant get longevity if they aren't in
the union?
12:42 pm edt 

Re: Police Qualifications

If the police here are under civil service, they have to pass a written
examination and be ranked in the top three, a physical exam, a psychological
exam, a physical agility test, and have a least a high school diploma. Then they
must attend ans successfully complete a 22 week police training academy and then
have a 6 month probationary/field training period. Then they are required to
have a minimum of 40 hours of in-service training every 2 years. I do not know
if Provincetown is still under civil service.
10:41 am edt 

Michael Canizales' Admission of Truth

Canizales, admitted to writing
article 30 on behalf of the dozen or so citizens
who, he claims, have approached
him over the past few weeks seeking the
articles inclusion on the warrant
10:40 am edt 

Too Late to Talk Now

In today's Cape Cod Times: 'I sponsored it,"  (Dotty)Feld said Friday. "I believe in
it." She said she didn't know how Canizales was involved and then declined to
speak further about the issue.'
10:38 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Police

If you really are interested and not just on your second glass of Boones
Farm apple wine  why dont you go ask a olice officer thats same question?
I bet they would be more than happy to explain what the procedure was they
had to take on to become a Police Officer.

I do have afew childhood friends that are infact Police Officers and I love to
hear stories of the times they were in the academy and what they had to put
themselves threw. I for one am so ashamed at what I see on this blog written by
people that have no clue what these brave Brothers, Husbands, Sisters.
Daughters. Moms . Dads have gone threw to wear their uniform proudly and protect
us night and day from terrible things that could very well harm does
that give some insight on finding your answer? or would you have been happier if
i said somthing stupid and fed into your vomit by key board
10:34 am edt 

Re: John Santos

I just checked out the list of selectman candidates.  I noticed john santos is
running again.

Can someone who lives in Truro run for selectman of Provincetown?

In that case, maybe i'll run next year!
10:31 am edt 

Re: Someone Wanted to Know

How I know how much the Police Chief raise is a question I will never answer
because when you are previliged to know, you don't burn those bridges. As
reported, he is getting just what was divulged, a $10,000 raise. Ex-Police Chief
Meads, Ex-Police Chief Anthony, Ex-Police Chief Meyer and Ex-Acting Chief Tobias
did he job for less. This Town got in an uproar when Chief Meyers salary
included a $9,000 housing stipend. This guy gets more than Meyer did and then
some (without the Housing). Plus a cruiser to use 24/7.
10:29 am edt 

Re: Police Station

It was fascinating to hear the Chief of Provincetown Police go on and
on about state mandates which are driving the cost of the Race Road
grandiose police station sky high during the latest Building Committee meeting.

Chief, are the Executive Offices on the 3rd floor a state mandate?  I didn't
think so.

The Provincetown Police Station should be in the community and not an isolated
monstrosity across the highway. I get the feeling our Chief doesn't like to be
in the community and i also feel the first building a tourist sees entering the
town via Route 6 should not be a police station.  That's about as unwelcoming as
you can get !
12:25 am edt 

Re: Catherine Russo "Arise Peasnts of Privincetown"

Webster's definition of peasant:  A ignorant, rude, or unsophisticated person; a
person of low social status.

Talk about rude!  How imperious!  How condescending!
12:23 am edt 

Re: Sean Patrick Harrington

Nice guy, very smart, up to date on issues that concern all yearround residents,
is a yearround resident himself, no hidden agendas and no perticular group he's
aligned with. Fresh face to politics but not out of touch.
12:22 am edt 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Re: From: Catherine Russo BOS Candidate

I applaud your campaign efforts. But after May 7th, what should we expect from
you? That's the voter's question....

6:29 pm edt 

Provincetown Police


Besides a combover, what else is required?
6:28 pm edt 

It Seems Odd

So the BOS voted to remove a parking space and put a bike rack in the
street on the corner of Commercial and Center. Does it seem odd that they would
put a bike rack IN THE STREET?
6:26 pm edt 

Re: Catherine Russo

Oh she goes again.
6:24 pm edt 

Who's Mike Gonzales?

Re:  "I wus reading about it on the new anti-mike gonzales FB page."

Question:  Who's Mike Gonzales?
2:40 pm edt 

Re: Town Meeting Articles 2 & 16

The police and fire budgets and all other budgets are posted on the town website   fy14 draft public
safety budget

Older budgets are posted 
town clerk annual reports
2:29 pm edt 

Payraises v DPW Equipment

So if the town manager is in charge of managing the town, should we
hold her responsible for a 900,000 dollar increase in the proposed budget? Who
approves her raise? How can all these pay raises be happeneing if we can't even
maintain the dpw equipment?
2:00 pm edt 

Re: Article 26

Oops on Dirt

Sorry, read feet where it said yards. Thanks for catching it. Still opposed for
reasons you cited
1:51 pm edt 

From: Catherine Russo BOS Candidate

Arise Peasants of Provincetown!

I've formed a new political party, the People's Party of Provincetown, the PPP.
The agenda is simple, a feminist revolution, all genders welcome.  To jump
start it, I'm running for a selectman's seat.  I will raise no money, I will spend
no money.  I will not clog up the streets of Provincetown with signs with my name
on it. I will not spend tons of money on ads in the Banner.   I will try to change
the paradigm, or at least have some good "politics as performance art". I need
your help.  Let's make an evolutionary leap together.  Mother Earth is in need.

Catherine Russo
1:50 pm edt 

Re: Town Meeting Articles 2 & 16

"What the Town Manager and Police Chief are doing to give the Chief
his $10,000 pay raise is to lump it in with the entire budget. Not many people question the
Police Budget."

How do you know how much the Police Chief's raise is?  That information was not
released during FinCom meetings.  Will one of the many FinCom members who post
on this site, or the Moderator, who has made it her business to see the budget
information, please give an accurate number?

I would like the truth, not libel.
1:37 pm edt 

Re: MPL Article

So glad that the article on the MPL vis a vis parking permit holders
was withdrawn.  Reason prevailed among our town officials.  A heartfelt thank
9:25 am edt 

Article 26

I agree that the article is a bad idea and is aimed at one persons actions
recently(kneejerk reaction) and should be voted down. Your math, however is
wrong. 3'x3'x5' =45 cubic feet and that's not even 2 yards. 50 yards is the same
as two ten wheel dump trucks leaving a property. New homes, additions, septic
systems and landscape removal of sand from a property will all be affected. The
regrading/repair  article is pretty foolish too. All are designed by one person
in one section of town to fend off one person. Very small minded.
9:24 am edt 

Sean Patrick Harrington
I heard he is running for Selectman.  Any idea on who he is?

The Cheif of police's wife convinced him to run. I wus reading about it on the
new anti-mike gonzales FB page.

Also a number of other candidates. What does everyone think?
9:22 am edt 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Arm Chair Lawyers

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 268A § clearly doesn't apply in this case. 
Playing arm chair lawyer is foolish.  Leave it to the professionals, which is
what MJA did.
11:43 pm edt 

Re: Article 30 - Michael Canizales

I can't believe my eyes when I read that MJ Avellar has gone to the ethics
department to find answers and then plans to uphold the rules??!! Isn't this the
same person that basically told the AGs office to screw when they mentioned her
viloation of the open meeting law when she and two other selectmen were
attending some meetings a couple years ago when she was selectman? I believe
nothing she posts. I don't believe Mike did anything wrong but I don't want to
hear it from MJA.
11:42 pm edt 

Town Meeting Articles 2 & 16

I hope my assumptions are accurate. Article 2 shows an increase in the Police
Budget while Article 16 has no figure attached to it for the Police Dept members
to get their raises.

What the Town Manager and Police Chief are doing to give the Chief his $10,000
pay raise is to lump it in with the entire budget. Not many people question the
Police Budget.

What kills me is, the Chief got rid of the Janitor which to my knowledge freed
up his salary of $51,000. So what could this Chief need to require a 5.9%
increase of his budget this fiscal year over last. The Secretary that is leaving
soon, her replacement does not get that Secretary's salary. So there's a few
more buckeroos saved.

Wake up my friends, wake up.
11:40 pm edt 

Some Thoughts on Warrant Articles

"Article 21. Climate Crisis. To see if the Town will vote to approve the
following resolution on the Climate Crisis"

This should be soundly defeated. The articles urges state pension fund managers
to divest all fossil fuels stocks. First, and most importantly, energy stocks
are a critical component of a long term portfolio. They provide ballast again
rapid increases in energy prices, which are likely due to China and other
emerging market demand. When energy prices spike most other market segments
tank. Second, the state has enough trouble already meeting the incredibly
unrealistic return assumptions used in calculating needed pension contributions,
this will put those returns further out of reach. Third, in many cases,
particularly with investments in index funds and private equity funds it is near
impossible to call out one market segment and say "no money there." This would
shut the state out of investing with many good managers and funds. Finally, and
critically, the US has made more progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions
than any country that signed the Kyoto Climate Treaty. Wh!
y? Because our average fuel economy for cars has gone up, our gasoline use down
and our now abundant natural gas produces 50% less emission than coal. Fossil
fuels are a transition to a greener economy in the long run but even the most
optimistic estimates show that renewables will be small (but growing) piece of
the pie for the next 50 years. This ham-fisted attempt to tie the hands of state
asset managers will DO NOTHING to further the battle against climate change but
will damage our retirees and town finances in the long run if implemented and
will result in directly and materially higher taxes down the road. It is a
damaging feel good "green-washing" measure. VOTE NO ON THIS ONE (and buy a more
fuel efficient car and a new furnace). If we wanted to truly impact climate
change we would be working hard to bring natural gas lines to Provincetown to
replace the stupid amount of oil we burn to heat buildings.

amend the Provincetown Zoning Bylaw, Article 3, General Regulations, by
adding Section 3510, as follows:

Article 26:

"Section 3510 Earth Removal
The removal from any premises of more than 50 cubic yards of sand, gravel,
stone, topsoil or similar materials within any 12 month period shall be allowed
only by Special Permit in accordance with Section 5300. A Special Permit for
earth removal may be granted subject to the following:....."

This is a special purposes change to the by-law wanted by one person to stop his
neighbors activities. The amount of soil involved is tiny and will subject even
simple gardening to a special permit. For instance if I want to move a large
hydrangea plant or even a small tree and that involves digging up 3ft x 3ft x
5ft of dirt I need a special permit. It is an attempt to interfere with even
construction projects allowed by right under the rest of the by-laws. It also
requires the wrong board to rule on permit as it requires zoning not planning to
rule. Wrong committee, too burdensome. Stop this one in its tracks.

Article 28. Dont Undermine the US Post Office.
Another dumb, useless, feel good, waste of time by you know who. The purpose of
this is to give you know who a chance to listen to herself speak. Vote NO on
this waste of town time.

Article 30. Design and Repair to the Police Station on Shank Painter Road.

This issue is to be dealt with in the fall, don't pre-empt debate and
information that will be on hand then. Vote NO on this one.
11:38 pm edt 

Re: Article 30 - Michael Canizales

Re: "Note that § 17 not only prohibits municipal employees from
representing private parties before their own board or agency, but also
prohibits them from representing anyone: before other municipal boards and

Canizales is not a Ptovincetown municipal employee, nor was he elected as a
FinCom member.  Therefore, what you quote is irrelevant to his case.
11:32 pm edt 

Re: Blondies and Article 30

Blondies is moving across the street to the Art  House,  And Finance Committee
members are not town employees. It is a non-paying position.
11:30 pm edt 

Re: Article 30 - Michael Canizales

I do not believe Michael C. from fincom should resign his post. Leave
the guy alone. Most of the complaints are coming from supporters of a new 16
million building.
11:27 pm edt 

The Dog Woman and the Nude Artist Are At It Again

Time to take a break. You aren't hardly here in town but you do both cause as
much trouble as you can. Time to name the two of you as sadly you are. Maybe
it's time to find a real job that could keep your minds occupied. You have too
much time on your hands. You are also spending too much time looking at
yourselves in the mirror. The town is not just all about you!
11:26 pm edt 

There is No Conflict on Article 30

All this fabrication. all this attempt to undermine. anyone can put forth an
article and present it. Not only a tempest in a teacup--there are no d rops of

11:24 pm edt 

Re: Article 30

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 268A § 17(c) prohibits municipal
employees, including elected officials, from acting as agent (or attorney) for
anyone other than their municipality in connection with any matter in which
their municipality is a party or has a direct and substantial interest. This
provision is intended to prevent divided loyalties which would result if local
employees attempted to "serve two masters" -- i.e., their municipality and a
second party -- with different or conflicting interests. Section 17 is based on
the principle that public employees should be loyal to their public employer,
and where their loyalty to the municipality conflicts with their loyalty to a
private party or employer, the municipality's interest must win out.

For instance, on matters involving their city or town, local employees are
prohibited from acting as agents for other individuals, corporations, the state
or federal government, advocacy groups, business partnerships, trusts,
associations, charitable organizations, and the like. Types of activities
prohibited by § 17 include: submitting applications or supporting documentation;
preparing documents that require a professional seal; contacting other people,
groups or agencies; writing letters; serving as attorney; and serving as

Note that § 17 not only prohibits municipal employees from representing private
parties before their own board or agency, but also prohibits them from
representing anyone:

before other municipal boards and agencies

9:32 am edt 

Re: Article 30 - Michael Canizales

The Ethics Commission DID NOT make a determination and you know it
Mary Jo. Please provide it on this site with a letterhead. But trust me, I won't
be holding my breath.
9:30 am edt 

Re; Article 30

Wouldn't it make more sense to regionalize?

9:29 am edt 

Blondie's Burgers?

Does anybody know if Blondie's Burgers is coming back? Somebody told
me the building they were in is now going to be a high end, frou-frou deli of
some sort. Great, just what we need....
9:28 am edt 

Dreary Letters

Is Mike R in Florida with Candace or at home in New Bedford? These snow birds
sending dreary letters to be read on their behalf is a waste of our time.
9:23 am edt 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Re: Article 30

"I think candice, mary-jo, and michael should be thrown into a locked
room together. Whoever comes out alive wins the pissing contest."

Given the findings of Town Counsel and the Ethics Commission which exonerated
Michael Conizales' action, and the good judgement manifested by Mary-Jo, the only
person worthy of consideration of being locked in a room for their own protection is
Candace Nagle.

What  piece of work!
7:44 pm edt 

Re: Article 30

Leave CN and MR in the room.  Mary Jo is doing her job. Thanks ,Mary
Jo   I have a lot of respect for you. The other 2 belong together.
7:29 pm edt 

Re: Article 30

I think candice, mary-jo, and michael  should be thrown into a locked
room together. Whoever comes out alive wins the pissing contest.
7:03 pm edt 

Re: Article 30 - Michael Canizales

Both the lawyer of the day at the Massachusetts Ethics Commission and
Town Counsel John Giorgio have opined that Michael Canizales did nothing illegal
in drafting Article 30.
Mr. Giorgio further told me that having the Town Clerk verify the signatures as
registered voters was the only matter of importance.

There is a general legislation exemption which the ethics commission cited to
Mr. Canizales which reads as follows:

"Municipal employees may represent others on matters of general legislation and
home rule petitions. They may also represent advocacy groups or other parties in
order to draft, promote or oppose general legislation, or legislation related to their
municipalities' governmental organization, power, duties, finances or property."

I hope this clarifies the matter for once and for all so that the town can get
down to business rather than being sidetracked by the politics of personal
attack and innuendo.

Mary-Jo Avellar, Town Moderator
6:50 pm edt 

Article 30 et Alia

The bicycle woman needs to get a grip. Not only doesn't she live in
town but she doesn't ride a bicycle.  She needs to stick to the dog park which
was her one and only decent idea.Time to butt out CN
3:45 pm edt 

Tips for Tops'n

Tips for Tops'n is over. I heard a very expensive, small Commercial
St. restaurant is moving there.
3:41 pm edt 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Re: Resident Parking Ban at the pier.

You are not subsidizing a resident using the pier parking since he is using the
harbor any more than you are subsidizing the tourist industry since we take care
of downtown Commercial Street more than any other part of town, or the elderly
since we have a Council on Aging, or families since we have a grade school, or
dead people since we have a graveyard! It's called a community that we support
with our taxes. Taxpayers paid already for that parking lot. It belongs to us!
11:01 pm edt 

Re: Sequester

To: The person who wrote: "So much time devoted to petty imagined 
    conspiracies and revenge for being stopped for a bad taillight on here..."

You're living in Fantasy Island if you think that the stopping of someone for a
bad taillight is the reason for opposing the Police Department's building
10:44 pm edt 

Tip for Tops'n

At the risk of asking a question here, does anyone know when Tip for Tops'n will
be opening?
10:42 pm edt 

Someone Posted This:

"First- use your spell check, Dear."
And yet right before the above, you write: "How  unsurprising to read such
comments on MYPACC like the following;"

Well, it seems that, you, my dear, need some punctuation lessons.
3:45 pm edt 

Re: Here's a Parking Idea For Increasing Our Budget

Are you kidding me????!!!!!!   We pay for a year round parking guy? 
But the parking lots are only open from April 1 to October 31.  That's only 6
months.  How did we get saddled with paying 6 more months to the person in
charge of parking?  Things are out of control with all these salaries.  We need
to do something about this.
3:41 pm edt 

I Agree: Traffic Issues are Scary

It's at 6 tonight with the BOS and so many proposals are majors changes to how
we drive, how we walk, how we live here. what are they thinking? A few people
with crazy ideas about dogs and bikes should not be able to change how we live.
Strange that one proponent isn't even here in the winter. As too many of these
idea-people with wacky ideas.
3:39 pm edt 

Re: Sequester

So much time devoted to petty imagined conspiracies and revenge for being
stopped for a bad taillight on here and zero talk of the Provincelands Visitor
Center being closed for the summer and other drastic cuts at Seashore all of
which will negatively impact our economy.

Good to see the petty outweighs substantive issues as usual here.

3:36 pm edt 

Here's a Parking Idea For Increasing Our Budget

Put the guy in charge  of the Parking Department back to part time. It was
always part time. It's Sharon who made it full time and is making us, the
taxpayers pay this guy a full year round salary at the level of an
administrator, and his fringe benefits.
Put the position back to part time. There are more important things we need to
subsidize than this guy year round.
2:54 pm edt 

Re: Resident Parking Ban at the Pier Lot

To:  "Second- sorry Mr. Truth Hurts, not everyone qualifies for a
        Disability Pass."

Than you should be able to walk to your destination downtown without major
physical inconvenience.
2:03 pm edt 

Traffic Changes Out of Control

So many of these proposals are ridiculous. They will affect the quality of life
for so many residents. And all this for bicyclists! I was shocked at the
proposals. If you live here and I mean live here, these are not good for us.
2:01 pm edt 

Tonight's Traffice Meeting is Fraught With Problems

It seems a few people in town want to change all our parking and any privleges
left for residents. who are these strange people? One i think is that nude
body-front male painter who is under the influence of the dog-woman. These ideas
are so radical they should have been warrant articles. You just don't take away
parking on Commerical Street and then parking on Bradford Street for a bicycle
path. then you don't change the age of senior resident permits from 59 to 65.
the Republicans must be in power here. Next they'll try to change medicare by
town fiat at a traffic meeting.

This is a dangerous precedent. Traffic meetings should be limited to small
changes--add a stop sign, provide restrictions on one street for residents. what
is being presented tonight at the BOS meeting goes far beyond all of this.

There are so many unintended consequences to major changes that those proposing
them seem to totally miss. It is misadvised and wrong headed and frankly
dangerous. it is also offensive to tourists who seem not to be in the assessment
of these changes.
2:00 pm edt 

Re: Resident Parking Ban at the Pier Lot

"Nobody seems to have brought up the fact that many residents use that
lot because they are there using the harbor! What am I supposed to do?"

Simple: pay to park.  Otherwise the majority of us taxpayers who do not own
boats are subsidizing you.
12:20 pm edt 

Re: Resident Parking Ban at the Pier Lot

Nobody seems to have brought up the fact that many residents use that lot
because they are there using the harbor! What am I supposed to do? Park at the
Grace Gouvia lot and drag my gas tank, life jackets, oars, cooler, fishing
poles, bait/fish bucket and whatever else I need to go out on my skiff for the
afternoon. How nice that some people live close enough to the pier so they can
walk but that is not practical for many of us who need to park at the pier.
11:50 am edt 

Re: New Police Station v Union Contract

Can someone confirm the Selectmen-Town Manager  are using supporting the police
station as a bargaining chip in a union contract. Will union support be
officially in the contract  when they agree on terms?
11:16 am edt 

Re: Parking Ban

How  unsurprising to read such comments on MYPACC like the following;

"Except a handful of syncopaths (who, for sure, will be replying to these
comments) people around town are quite dissatisfied."

First- use your spell check, Dear. This is about paying for a parking sticker to
park in all town lots.

"Any senior citizen or other resident that is low
income that needs to park without paying should have a handicap sticker.
PERIOD.  Anyone else can walk, or ride a bike, or walk.  Sorry. Truth hurts."

Second- sorry Mr. Truth Hurts, not everyone qualifies for a Disability Pass.

"I don't think if you were a owner of an Inn that you would give away
a free room during the height of the season."

Third- This is such a preposterous statement. Not even worthy of comment or
relevant to the discussion.

Conclusion: screw everyone. lets raise more revenue for the town so the powers
that be can spend more money and lets not take concern for our own!

If we can no longer park in the MPL or on side streets due to bike lane, then

Shame on some of you. I can not believe you are my neighbors.
10:25 am edt 

Article 19?

Not sure I'm understanding Article 19.  Is it actually looking for approval to
require the BOS to file a legal suit to require the Commonwealth to increase our
taxes???   Not sure why we would want to increase our taxes, but I certainly
don't want to pay lawyers to litigate against the Commonwealth to force them to
approve a tax increase, which will ultimately hurt the local economy and slow
down real estate sales.
10:18 am edt 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Re: New Police Station

The word is that the Police Union members rejected Chief Jeff Jaran's request
for the union's backing of the new police station proposal. 

Need anymore be said.
11:42 pm edt 

Article 30 & Mike Canizales

Under pressure to come forward with the truth surrounding the creation
and authoring of Article 30, Finance Committee Vice-Chair Michael Canizales
admitted over the week-end to the Finance Committee and the Town Moderator that
he was involved in Article 30. This is according to a public statement tonight
by the Town Moderator at the BOS/FinCom public hearing. The Town Moderator
stated I cannot force the resignation of anyone on the committee unless I can
find legal cause to do so. Using bad judgment is not illegal.
11:38 pm edt 

Re: Real Estate Tax Fairness

"Is this correct:  A one million dollar condo owner only gets to pay
$4,412.00 in property taxes annually?"

Yes, that's what they would pay if you go by the FY 2011 numbers of
$6.81/thousand. FY13 is $7.34/thousand so $4754.80 for a condo that's worth far
more than the assessed value. But hey, it's not what you know, it's who you know
11:36 pm edt 

Regionalization is the Key

I laughed when I read the recent story in the Banner. Jeff Jaran claims the
dispatchers are often the only person to man the station. Since all of the
dispatch personnel listed on the police roster are women, I would suggest Jaran
be a bit more sensitive in his choice of words. Even in Provincetown, most women
are still women.

Of course there is the concern of keeping an eye on the prisoners that are held
at the station. Prisoners are being kept at 26 Shank Painter Road? Really?

Court records will show prisoners are routinely transferred to the House of
Corrections, where they are manned by trained correctional officers (and yes,
Jaran, some COs are women). These prisoners are seldom held overnight at local
police facilities --- especially in Provincetown. Not making this up. just
saying whats public record.

Perhaps Jaran is concerned about the mass arrests our town has seen from drug
busts and gang warfare, the result of the newsworthy police work from our towns
trio of detectives. Im not talking about the Three Stooges, but the real deal.
Our hard earned tax dollars are being spent to do what? Oh, thats right. Its the
significant amount of arrests from ferry passengers at the pier (during the
slightly less than five months of tourist season). For violating what, I ask?

Money, money, money .

Reality check. The most important function the dispatchers perform on the
overnight shift is to keep an eye on the Crockpot, and make sure it doesnt
overheat. They also monitor the music that is played throughout the station
during the overnight shift. Ive been there. I know.

Money doesnt grow on trees. Regionalization is the economical and reasoned  way
11:34 pm edt 

Re: Police Chief Salary

According to a reliable source, this is what I was given:

2010 = $ 105,000
2011 = $ 110,250
2012 = $ 121,750

Figures don't lie, only cheaters lie. By believing all the Chief was giving was
$3,000 (plus), is wrong. What the game appears to be is for everyone to beleive
that so come Town Meeting he will get that $10,000 more. Remember folks, all
your doing by approving that ten grand is fattening up his retirement check.
11:30 pm edt 

Re: Small Town

Police officers in this town are just that "officers of the law" god
forbid this town ever has to feel the pain of towns we've all watched suffer and
were the focus of good hearted people coming together to help heel. I for one am
comfortable knowing that the police depts in ptown, Truro and wellfleet do make
attempts at improving their forces to protect on any cituation that may come at
them. I don't agree with actions from some leadership but I definatly don't
agree with folks apposing the people that take on the job of protecting us and
sit and whine from behind their keyboard. Grow up!!
11:26 pm edt 

Re: This Does Not Compute!

"I understand that pay needs to increase to keep-up with inflation.
However why have the following salaries increased this much since 2011:

Police Chief-$19,590.00
Town Manager-$16,503.00
Town Accountant-$15,900.00
This is nonsenese."

This is also not TRUE.
The police chief received a $3,415, or 3%, raise from FY10 to FY11.  The FY12
raises have not yet been published; they will be available in the
soon-to-be-released Town Report.
The town manager received a $6,507 during the same time.
I don't understand why these lies are perpetuated when the blogmaster is on
FinCom and has access to the actual numbers.
Will you post this or show your bias?
2:31 pm edt 

Re: Small Town

Re: "In this litigious society it is better to be over prepared than
under prepared."

I agree, but where it goes off the tracks is the overzealous aspect. Over
staffed, over budgeted, over the top new station are all arguable, over zealous
isn't. One arrest last week so over worked is out.
2:28 pm edt 

Re: Real Estate Tax Fairness

Re: "The facts are as follows Property purchased in 2003 for
$1,005,000 and now for sale for $1,100,000.
Present tax assessment is only $647,800 and present real estate taxes are only."

Is this correct:  A one million dollar condo owner only gets to pay
$4,412.00 in property taxes annually?
1:26 pm edt 

Year Rounders Festival

On a positive note, the year rounders festival this year was fantastic! Good job
to the organizers. congratulations!

It was great to see people from all parts of Provincetown at town hall. It is a
fine example of the spirit and community that make this town special. I say yay
to more of that spirit in everything we all do in town. Community is a big
reason I live here and the Year Rounders was a very fine example of our
community at its best!
10:27 am edt 

Re: Small Town

No cop is a hero until you need one. In this litigious society it is better to
be over prepared than under prepared. I am glad that our police are equipped and
trained in less than lethal force methods. We are also never sure when
Provincetown will become the next Littleton or Newtown. The towns closest to
Provincetown are all small and mutual aid is never certain. The closest Stare
Police Barracks is 40 minutes away (if there is minimal traffic and they are
only staffed with about a half dozen officers per shift. The sherriff's swat
team is even further away.
10:25 am edt 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

We Are But a Small Town

But, you'd think this is a metropolis. The police with tasers. The police with
armanets. the police with harbor boats. Why?

Where is the overwhelming crime increase? where? Not here, not at all. but they
go on as if...this is an unsafe, crmie-ridden town. it is not.

9:36 pm edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn & Jeff Jaran

Seems They are Now Linked at the Hip

So let them both go. time for a change and let them both find good jobs
elsewhere--or let one of them retire. bad decision. Arrogance. Mismanagement.

Say goodbye and let us throw you a fond good bye party.
9:33 pm edt 

Re: Get the Ball Rolling!

I neither live in Provincetown year round nor own property
But I must say I've never visited a town where the police are so
aggressive. I'm not talking about being pulled over. I'm talking about being
asked out!
7:57 pm edt 

Re: Real Estate Tax Fairness

She's selling her property at a very low profit, after 10 years. 
Odd...And how come she's selling? Moving to another confo in town?  Planning to
leave town?  Then, it's to her advantage for her to get a high salary increase
plus benefits, so she can get an even higher salary when she applies for her
next out-of-town job.
6:02 pm edt 

Real Estate Tax Fairness

If a certain high level salaried town official wants to spend our hard earned
taxes for a new trophy police station then maybe her real estate taxes should
reflect the true value of her property.  The facts are as follows
Property purchased in 2003 for $1,005,000 and now for sale for $1,100,000
Present tax assessment is only $647,800 and present real estate taxes are only

Now please tell us who else has a large waterfront property with such a low
valuation and such low taxes.  There needs to be some accounting for this and
fairness for all taxpayers.
5:17 pm edt 

Re: Get the Ball Rolling!

I don't have to live there yearround to understand the frustration with having
to pay higher taxes every year while I make the same salary. I have the same
issues in my home town. I have no issues with the police officers doing their
jobs, even if they are assumed by some to be doing it over the top. I've never
had a bad interaction with them or the chief. I do pay taxes in the town so I do
have a right to complain and ask for better control of the money being spend at
my expense. It's only too bad that I can't vote. But I know there are people
like me that do live yearround that have the same opinion. Regardless of
opinion, facts stand on their own merits.
5:14 pm edt 

Re: Get the Ball Rolling!

Re: "I've done it before in my home town
off cape with success. (I own rented commercial property in Ptown)"

You just lost any of my support. I feel most of this BS about the police and our
town government are from people like you who DO NOT LIVE here. Like all those
"townies" who sold out and live in Truro and Wellfleet. Just leave our town
alone. We are doing quite well without you. Sorry but owning commercial property
doesn't make it. You still don't live here and don't vote here.
10:38 am edt 

Get the Ball Rolling!

Re: Police Dept Budget

I've said it before. What it takes is guts. Guts to stand up at town meeting and
expain, with facts, not opinion, that the budgets, regardless of what department
you're talking about, is too big and not lean enough in these lean economic
times. Some things in budgets can't be limited and thats ok but there are other
expenditures that can be reduced or eliminated. Wage increases, usual
replacements of items and expansion of some programs could possibly put off till
a later date. Keep in mind, percentage wage increases at higher level positions
with high level pay is sometimes double what the staff get with the same
percentage. 2% on $100K is double the raise a staff person will get at $50K even
though it's the same percentage increase. I've done it before in my home town
off cape with success. (I own rented commercial property in Ptown) And don't be
afraid of the police. Once you speak out against their budget, you become
"protected". Get a ticket as a result of speaking out !
and take that to court, it gets dropped because the courts don't take lightly
to retaliation from anyone. Mr. Kelly should bring it up in court. It happened
to me. And also, once you stand up, get a few others in the audience to stand
with the same concerns, (set up from the beginning), and you'll be amazed at how
many others will come out of thier shells and speak with you on their own. Get
the ball rolling!!
9:48 am edt 

How do We Get a Secret Vote on Article 30?

I would vote for it but frankly given what I do in town, I am afraid of
retaliation.  I already don't trust the police and the ridiculous shows of force
where they all come to meetings in uniform just make me all the more wary.

In reading this blog earlier, I remember reading about a mechanism to force a
secret ballot.

Put this article to a secret ballot and I bet is sails through.

Yes, I know I'm a coward, blah blah blah.
9:34 am edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn & Jeff Jaran

Re; "I don't get all this Anger"

You need to read all the previous postings about what the Chief has done to his
very own employee's and then maybe you'll understand. That's just for starters.
Sad part about all of that and this is, the Town Manager is well aware of what
he has done and she continues to do nothing about it. So we are in our very own
little ways.
9:30 am edt 

Re: Parking Article

Seeing the town manager, the parking guy, the cops, and the selectmen,
walk, ride or bike from the school parking lot, along with the the rest of us
who, to go to work, will also have to park in the school lot, will help them
improve their image as leaders.

Except a handful of syncopaths (who, for sure, will be replying to these
comments) people around town are quite dissatisfied.

Plus from the looks of some us, me included, it won't hurt if we get some
more exercise on a daily basis.Think if it as a fitness challenge.It's a win-win.
A win for our town coffers, a win for our health!!!
9:14 am edt 

Re: Parking - Truth Hurts

Re: Anyone else can walk, or ride a bike, or walk.  Sorry.  Truth

Agree with this statement.  Anyone...and everyone, without exceptions.  The
article is about raising more money during the busy months for the town through
the parking fees.
ANYONE who has been let in at MPL and around town hall to park free, must either
pay the regular hourly parking fee, or if they want to park free, they'll have
to park in the other town lots in the summer.  No exceptions for ANYONE.  We
simply can't afford to lose parking revenue.  We have too many things we need to
fix around town.  It's  like taking money from the town.
9:10 am edt 

Sharon Lynn & Jeff Jaran
"just don't get all of this anger at the Chief of Police and the Town
Manager. What are they doing that is so bad?"

Chief of Police

     A) Accused a Selectman of theft with no proof and it seems no hope of
evidence to take to court. Or even the Banner! The DA was reportedly not
     B) Police harass Town residents with relentless traffic stops for the most
minor of offenses.
     C) I don't know if we have any real crime on the pier, but he has made the
place feel like a third world airport.
      D)Misled voters on requirements for a new police station.
       E) Too easily displays a very worrisome temper.
       F) Police cruisers lurk in the dark shadows off Bradford rather than
patrolling neighborhoods.

Town Manager

     A) Reckless accusations against Selectmen and Harbor Master
     B) The VMES is still not open yet is over 3 years late.
     C) Is actively recruiting candidates to run for Selectmen despite both her
bosses running for re-election
     D) Is a poor manager, who too publically speaks poorly of her staff and
openly plays favorites.
      E) Is a poor leader, who frequently speaks poorly of Town Boards yet
offers no assistance or advice.
      F) Is a poor employee, who speaks too publically about the Selectmen.
1:03 am est 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Parking - Truth Hurts

This is clearly a seasonal town.  Parking is a bone of contention. 
Where is the happy median?  Like many other Cape towns, resident stickers allow
parking at beaches.  Other than that, during high season, either pay the price
or walk.  Simple as that.  Any senior citizen or other resident that is low
income that needs to park without paying should have a handicap sticker. 
PERIOD.  Anyone else can walk, or ride a bike, or walk.  Sorry.  Truth hurts.
9:45 pm est 

Sharon Lynn & Jeff Jaran

I just don't get all of this anger at the Chief of Police and the Town
Manager. What are they doing that is so bad? Would someone please put together a
list of all of the terrible things they are accused of doing? I just don't see
it and have been living here for 8 years. Thanks, JB
8:38 pm est 

Police Dept Budget

The Police Dept budget is way too big. How can we reduce it at Town Meeting? Can
we do it by secret vote?
8:18 pm est 

Re: Parking Article

About the article on stopping parking sticker people from parking at
McMillan, the most preferred spaces by people without stickers that want to park
in townis not McMillan. It's around Town Hall. I agree with what someone said
before - what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Either we all
sacrifice and give up those coveted spots at Town Hall also during high season,
or we leave things as they are now!!! Why should the town workers keep those
spirs that could give us $$$ and the rest of us are the only ones to be

Either change the nonsense or vote no.
5:19 pm est 

New Police Station

The building committee is proposing another trophy for sharon/jaran.
We don't need trophy houses or trophy police stations.

11:33 pm est 

Article 30 - Request for Information

Since there have been many posts on Article 30, would it be possible
for this site to post such article, so that we all can readily review it?  Thank
11:30 pm est 

Salaries Are Only Part, But Not The Whole Picture

Very often, top managers in municipalities forego high salary increases, so as
not to incite questioning, but make it up by getting nice perks.

We need to look at the entire picture when we look at salaries - salary, and
vacation time, health plan, plus other benefits.  Are we paying a subsidy for
housing, training/education, expenses paid for attending conferences/conventions,
personal days, a leasing of a car which can be used for personal use, a pension
when he/she retires from Provincetown, etc.?

All of the above is paid by us, the taxpayers.
11:28 pm est 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Article 30

I am so glad that someone has brought an article to town meeting for
alternatives to the new police station. A lot of people are going crazy over it.
I love it.
10:46 pm est 

Re: Chief Meads Rolling
When inflation is taken into account, $131,000 in 2013 is equivalent to a 
$75,000 salary in 1992 the year Chief Meads retired. That means, in 1992 dollars
our current Chief will make $10,000 more than Chief Meads did. Given the
professionalism, training, scope of responsibility and authority we require
these days 15% more in salary is hardly enough to make anyone roll over in their

- just a tax payer
7:03 pm est 


To the person who wants the 700k from the parking- Don't you get it???? The more
money you give the govt the more it spends! How about demanding that the
oversight and efficiency of this town govt increase instead of the taxes! Trust
me - mismanagement of Town Hall is at an all-time high and all the employees (and
the Select) can do is think of ways to raise more money so they can spend more
4:22 pm est 

Re: Overrides vs Pay Increases

And if the Police Chief gets an increase, the Town Manager will also. 
After all, how can the Town Manager, who's Police Chief's boss, earn less than
him, right?
4:06 pm est 

Re: Overrides vs Pay Increases

Re:  "7 overrides on my property tax
last year and the town manager wants a pay increase."

Please don't blame the Town Manager; blame the Selectmen, who merrily give these
annual increases.
4:04 pm est 

Overrides vs Pay Increases

Pay increases do not increase with inflation or experience in a down
economy. If the benefits package for town employees remains the same, very
generous, there should be a pay freeze in place. 7 overrides on my property tax
last year and the town manager wants a pay increase. Go work somewhere else,
2:22 pm est 

Re: Please Tell Me It's Not True!

"I rather see the citizens of this Town vote him out then give him more money.
This is insane. I am so damn mad about this that I can't think straight."

Then do something about it at town meeting if you're so mad!! Too many people
like you post in here about how they are so mad yet do nothing about the issues
they post about. You have every right to get up and amend the budget to cut his
salary to a smaller number or eliminate it. Yes, the selectmen have agreed on
the contract but that is all dependant on ATM voting it in and he knows that.
There isn't much you can do to vote him out but you can decide to not vote yes
to the budget with all of these increases in it. If everone inthis site that is
fed up with the budget increaes got up and voiced their opinions, with as many
facts as possible, the rest of the voters will follow. One person speaking
out(the same person usually) gets nowhere.
2:15 pm est 

Yes to No Resident Parking on the Pier

I want the $700,000+ for the town. We only have three months to really make
money here. I don't think if you were a owner of an Inn that you would give away
a free room during the height of the season.
9:30 am est 

Please Tell Me It's Not True!

A previous posting here stated the Police Chief salary could go up to $131,000
if the Police budget is approved if I read that correctly. Poor Chief Meads, he
must be rolling over in his grave.

Chief Meads while he was the Chief of Police, had less full time Police
Officers,(the current dept has more), 20 Aux Police Officers,(this dept now has
none), two marked patrol cruisers,(this dept has 4 for patrol, one supervisors,
two unmarked, one for details and a dog officers vehicle),  housed Truro &
Wellflett's prisoners,(this dept currently does not do that), one
detective,(this dept currently has three), many breaks into stores & private
dwellings, gun incidents, knife incidents, the hippie-yippie era,(the crime now
compared to back then is far less), two secretaries also acting as dispatchers
during the day,(this dept has two secretaries plus a dispatcher on duty during
the day). I also believe the Dept back then only had the assistance of four
State Troopers to help out on July 4th, (this dept current has numerous ones,
plus the Sheriffs Office atleast to go along with horses and all terrain
vehicles for the beaches).

When you read the comparisons (and I probably left out a few), Please keep in
mind that Chief Meads was only getting paid approx $65,000 a year. I know times
have changed and to attract a good person to be the Chief of Police in
Provincetown we need to pay him a decent salary. I rather see the citizens of
this Town vote him out then give him more money. This is insane. I am so damn
mad about this that I can't think straight.
8:38 am est 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Article 30

It seems much is being made about who helped write Article 30.  I
guess the inference being put forth is that the 12 citizens who signed it are
simply stupid inept vessels being exploited by a town staff member?

Well two things must be said. The citizens on that list are smart, engaged and
excellent barometers of the Town and, it's pretty obvious that not one of our
elected Selectmen had to author any of the other 50+ articles to be able
evaluate and/or vote to endorse them.

Please afford the signers of Article 30 at least the same respect as our
selectmen...which honestly is not a high bar nor too much to ask.
10:37 pm est 

Vote "No" on Anti Towni Free Parking at McMillan Wharf Parking!

Please join me in voting NO on a proposed Town Meeting article that,
if it were to pass as it's now written, would prohibit those of us who have town
parking stickers, from parking at the McMillan Wharf Parking Lot during the high
season. Of course, we would still be able to park at MacMillan in high season by
agreeing to pay the hourly parking rate that those without parking stickers
would pay.

I'm voting a resounding NO on this article, unless it's ammended to ALSO include
any "reserved" parking spaces at MacMillan along with those next to, and in back
of Town Hall. The spaces that are now "reserved "next to Town Hall, are
currently taken by "designated individuals" during the days and hours that Town
Hall is in operation. Those in back of Town Hall are curently taken by the
"designated individuals" 24/7. By freeing up these spaces during the high
season, we'd get new revenue because, like with the McMillan parking spaces,
they'd be now generating the hourly parking rate in high season.

We, the taxpayers, are already giving most of those parking in the "reserved"
spaces, pretty nice salaries and fringe benefits, PLUS significant salary
increases. They don't also need their very own free private parking spots right
next to Town Hall. They could have a space reserved at the School parking lot,
if they wished. If this isn't acceptable to this group, then they can go work in
the private sector. I heard AIG is hiring. I'm sure AIG will get them a free
parking space just steps away from its building.
9:32 pm est 

Re: This Does Not Compute!

Pay does not just increase with inflation it also increases with experience,
performance and productivity. Using your salary increase figures the police
chief has seen an annual increase of 5.8%, 3.8% real increase subtracting
inflation. The Town Manager a 4.1% annual increase or 2.1% after inflation.
These seem completely reasonable given the hard work these folks have done. The
Town Manager is a particular bargain given the absolute train wreck she was
handed and all the work she has accomplished to fix it. In addition she has
brought in millions in grants to defray the costs.

It would be nice if the finance committee members who are obviously using this
as a place to carry out their long standing vendettas against the police chief
and town manager would refrain from doings so but that won't happen.

- just a taxpayer
9:28 pm est 

Re:This Does Not Compute!

It all comes down to negotiating. Look who negotiates the contracts with the
professionals (TM, police chief, accountant, etc.). Are the members of the BOS
really trained to negotiate anything or do they more or less just rubber stamp
every contract that comes their way? What have we the taxpayers recieved as a
result of all of these increases? I don't see how any one of these contracted
people have done more work. Same size town, same size workload, no?
9:25 pm est 

Re: This Does Not Compute

The proposed budgets for this years town meeting increase the chiefs
salary to 131,034!
9:22 pm est 

Re: This Does Not Compute

The last I knew the Police Chief salary was $121,750.00
11:47 am est 

Re: New Police Station

$ 3 Million is A LOT  of money. We don't need half the stuff in the big super
station proposal. A simple police station for a small resort town will do
10:32 am est 

This Does Not Compute!

I understand that pay needs to increase to keep-up with inflation.
However why have the following salaries increased this much since 2011:

Police Chief-$19,590.00
Town Manager-$16,503.00
Town Accountant-$15,900.00
This is nonsenese.
10:31 am est 

Re: Fix the Street & Parking

It can't be fixed until the temperature goes up.

If you live in another town and are complaining about parking, just stay home.
10:29 am est 

Typical Provincetown

Let's just throw $3M at repairing the existing station and in five to ten years
we will be revisiting this issue and spend another $3M - $10M. You people
complaining about this will never learn.
10:28 am est 

The Fish Rots From the Head

Mismanagement of staff, out of control police, using the Banner for agendas by
smearing opposition, building dept czar allowing overbuilding, a focus on second
home owners and the rich and famous parties at town hall, take parking away from
year round but get private parking steps from town's out of control
and the fish rots from the head- let's get rid of the town manager and her
cronies- this town has been taken over by a bad and heavy handed crowd.
10:27 am est 

Re: New Police Station

To all the posts re: gym at Police station: it is not in the plans that were
presented to the Building Committee last year when they took over the process
and was never part of their deliberations or discussion. Another post just to
stir up resentment vs. police department. It appears to this taxpayers eye that
the police force looks pretty fit and in good shape except one senior officer.
If you look at this group of 20 officers they are the best fit ever vs. those
under Chief Anthony or other chiefs! Has anyone seen the private offices and 2nd
floor above the fire station. All,town departments should be held to the same
standards folks!! just sayin! you should see the "upstairs" at the fire/police
station in Truro !
10:24 am est 

Re: New Police Station

Re: "I Like Article 30

Here is a great chance for the town to say "This is what we want.  You've got $3
million to get it done."

NO NO NO! I attend some functions at the Truro community center and as big as
that building is, it should be bigger for all the uses and functions that it's
used for but the town set a limit then told the building committee to build
something with that amount of money. Yes, it's a bit different in that the
police need a building with a set amount of officers as opposed to multiple
programs and a list that keeps growing in Truro but the concept of building
around a number is a bad idea. Just keep demanding that the building committee
give us what is NEEDED instead of what is WANTED. I NEED a car to get to work so
I bought a Toyota. I WANT to drive to work in a Mercedes but the cost stopped me
from buying one. I still get to work perfectly fine with a Toyota and I'm very
10:22 am est 

Re: Drugs

From what I see in this town, and on this blog, alcohol has done far more damage
than drugs.
10:19 am est 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Re: New Police Station

If the police get a workout room than town hall employees should get a
whirlpool and sauna and perhaps the DPW could get a putting green. Hey        
cops, buy a gym membership like the rest of us working stiffs.
10:26 pm est 

The Prospects of Things to Come

I do not have a problem with the police officers themselves. I believe
their pompous, disconnected attitude comes from the top.  The officers are only
following their bosses orders, and the chief is allowed to get away with it by
his boss at town hall. Pretty soon he will have full control of the pier and the
surrounding waters.  I wonder if you can pull over a boat for a "license plate
light not being bright enough" as I've been pulled over for before.  I'm sure we
will find out soon enough.
10:24 pm est 

I Like Article 30

Here is a great chance for the town to say "This is what we want.  You've got $3
million to get it done."

That's how the real world works folks.  You set a budget and you make it happen. 
I don't really care how hard the building committee worked.  Or that it's a slap
in a face to them or the selectmen.  The whole farce has been a slap in the face
to tax payers.
10:22 pm est 

Come on Fix the Bleeping Street!

What happened to the sidewalk reconstruction on Commercial Street. The
town manager and bos assured us that the sidewalks would be restored over the
winter. Here we are, another spring of revenue for the small business of this
town getting screwed-up. Come on fix the bleeping street!
10:21 pm est 

To: "It's an Issue They Just Won't Touch"


Small town in winter with big population in summer = small police force in
winter with bigger police force in summer.  It's not internet checkers or a
parallel universe here.

Go spend some time trying to make a small restricted buck on a fishing boat
(remember those???, they are the things tied up at the wharf) in the dead of
winter on a windy day when your hands need to thaw on the muffler and you have 3
maybe 4 pairs of gloves on and you have to piss in bucket tied to a rope and
then complain about sub-standard conditions cause the basement smells like
sewer.   Waa.  Give me a break.  Stick a police station in the gym of the high
school and move on.  There's already a gym there so no need to build a new one.

Maybe a pastry/latte bar could be submitted for a town vote though.
10:19 pm est 

Provincetown Parking Pandemonium

I picked up the Banner today & read with an uneasy feeling the proposed parking
As a once "townie", now non-resident small business owner with 99% clientele
here in town, I read; 1- Resident parking stickers should not be honored at
MacMillan Wharf (MPL), 2- No year round parking on Commercial St. 3- No parking
on Bradford St due to possible bike lane (thank you Candace) 4- Permit parking
only on all affected streets of aforementioned parking ban.

I urge the voters of Provincetown to really think these proposed parking bans
through carefully. As it is, the prospect of parking here is a nightmare for us
tradesmen. Now, the voters could be putting undue stress & aggravation on
delivery truck drivers for necessary deliveries to shops & restaurants, and shop
owners who need the proximity of the MPL, as well as tradesmen of all types.

Also, talk about the inconsiderate attitude regarding the ease & access for out
local Seniors. You are compromising the livelihood of the town and alienating
the same people who pay taxes, year round parking fees, and the important
industry of tourism and trade.

This town has out- priced its real estate to the point that for years now,
middle class families like mine have had to search from Truro to Eastham, even
Brewster, to find some affordable real estate to purchase and continue to
provide the "blue collar" jobs & services this town needs.

It's shameful enough this town charges a separate fee for non-resident property
owners and egregiously charges Senior non-resident property owners $100. and
waves the parking sticker fee for the same Senior group, just because they vote
10:16 pm est 

Re: It's an Issue They Just Won't Touch

Since the Police Chief has been in Office, I laugh when it comes to the drugs in
this town and his "alledged" 10 years working undercover doing Narcotics.
Nothing against the Detectives the Dept has now but, I see less now with three
detectives than when the town had one. I don't know all three detectives that
well but something is wrong with this picture.

The Detectives all get a 6% stipend ontop of their salaries as well as their
salaries. Maybe they are well deserving of that as Police Officers but you can't
tell me there's no drugs in this town. If there wasn't then why does nice boy
Jaran have three detectives ? Maybe it was his way of padding their salaries
like Sharon Lynn did for him when she gave him an approx $17,000 pay raise over
a two or three year period ?

One thing I do know from closer sources than me is how the Chief has once wanted
a police dog, a police horse and a new police station. Oh and let's not forget
the motorcycle he did get. I have also never seen so many people in this town in
all the years I have lived here myself become more frustrated with this police
dept. The dislike for the Chief himself is also growing.

In a previous posting here, I was appalled by the story on those he got rid of
and how many police dept employees have left since he has become Chief. I just
can't believe the Town Manager and Selectmen continue to allow this all to go
on. I am sure it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. I just hope I
live long enough to see it.
4:13 pm est 

Re: New Police Station

Well said! Makes me wonder how many policemen are taking the fitness challenge.

4:09 pm est 

It's an Issue They Just Won't Touch

I have never experienced hostility from one of Provincetown's police
officers in all the years I've lived here. I've always found them professional
when I've had official dealings with them and friendly when I see them on the
street or around town. I feel safe in this town. I feel protected.

Of course, I don't drink and drive, use drugs, steal, etc. etc. If I were the
type to engage in such activities on a regular basis and felt as though I
shouldn't have to respect basic laws and regulations due to my status as a
"townie," then yes, I suppose I would consider the police hostile and unfriendly
4:06 pm est 

New Police Station

Long ago, when the study to look at the design of a new police station was
presented, I was thrown under the bus (or the cruiser, as a former library
worker was). The gall of public officials to ask taxpayers to pay for an
exercise room. What about the rest of town employees? Don't they need to work
out, too?

I realize the plan has been scaled back, but the mere fact that such an
extravagant amenity was proposed illustrates the myopic vision of our town

And from there, we go downhill. Faster than an out of control pedicab on the
Bradford Street hill. Unstoppable.

Now is the time to stop this madness. So when people think that one or two
people are posting negative comments about the police department, perhaps they
need to step back and look at the big picture, which paints a perfect painting
of greed and entitlement.

Last I heard, the police department was hired to serve and protect.... Perhaps
the rules have changed?
3:00 pm est 

It's an Issue They Just Won't Touch

Drugs and drugs again. The police keep as far away from dealing with drugs as
they can. and they seem to have done this the years. what is Jaran doing about
the increase of drugs in our town? How much real attention is he giving to the
drugs that are coming into town and dominate more than some of us really know.

More pople. then more work on drugs and more arrest on real criminals. but no,
they sit and stare. sit in cars dealing with the "serious" issue of residents
going over the speed limite by three miles an hour.

It's a mess, my friends. A real and embarassing mess.
2:26 pm est 

Re: Police Budget & State

Fall off season, not winter.
12:54 pm est 

Re: Vehicle Purchases

While I agree that vehicles need to be replaced and are outside almost all the
time, exposed to the elements, I don't understand the condition of the vehicles.
It seems almost as soon as the town gets a new truck or piece of equipment, it's
dented, scratched and looks like hell. Then take into account that they are NOT
maintained well at all. I don't mean oil changes and tire replacement but fixes
along the way. After the trucks have plowed a snow storm, are they ever washed
down and cleansed of all the salt and debris accumulated? Are the trucks EVER
washed? And if they are leased, lets face it, if the new vehicles are treated
the way the current ones are, the town will be paying big money at the end of
the lease for repairs or we'll be stuck with old pieces of junk once again.
Maybe next time, management should think of replacing one truck a year or maybe
two. 6 trucks at one time is just ignorant.
12:32 pm est 

Re:I Guess it Takes All Kinds

I can think of a kind it doesn't take. The overzealous blue crew.
11:19 am est 

Re: Police Budget & State

What restaurants in the west end are open in the off season where
committee members are seen leaving drunk?
11:16 am est 

I Will Vote For Article 30

I will vote yes on the article to fund renovations of the existing
police station. Almost anything can be repaired, especially when it is still
being used. I believe the police chief needs to be fired.
11:09 am est 

The Long and the Short of it!

The resentment you're hearing about the police in the off-season is
because they are overstaffed.  Since Chief Jaran wants his staff busy (that is
commendable btw), they have to make traffic stops since there's nothing else to

And for all of this talk of drug and crime problems that the poor police also
have to deal with, how come there are never any arrests?  When's the last time a
drug dealer got arrested in this town?

Cut the year-round force, shrink the size of the police station plans and hire
more rent-a-cops in the summer.
11:07 am est 

Re: "The Police Force Feel Hostile"

Wouldn't you feel a little hostile if you read daily that you and your job was
the worst thing ever. Whoever you are writing this crap, please settle your beef
with the police on your own and not drag down this town and our police
constantly on this Blog. They just don't derserve it
11:06 am est 

Vehicle Purchases

I am in favor of tight purse strings when it comes to spending, you have to be
wise and prudent in order to be successful in life and in business. I was lucky
to have 2 great parents who worked hard and made it and instilled those values
in me. I moved here over 25 yrs ago from a successful career and did not expect
"anything" from the government, if you work hard and with a bit of luck and
prudent planning you can be successful. The reason why there are so many
purchase request for DPW is because the voters were misinformed, upset I don't
know what they were thinking but denied the requests last year at Town Meeting
and then at the ballot box. The town must maintain a fleet of vehicles for fire,
police and the DPW. Many of those vehicles sit outside exposed to,the elements
of our extreme weather changes thus wear and tear, corrosion and other issues
cause us to "invest" wisely in our vehicle purchases. A process what put in
place years ago to make sure to replace the old wi!
th the new "when needed" to maintain town vehicles. Tis if voters deny
purchases you will have to pay MORE down the road if you don't plan properly. A
new DPW garage is needed as well to bring the department into the 21st century
with proper garages and proper bays to,store vehicles period. Please use your
vote not for punishment but for what should be done with fiscal prudence.
11:04 am est 

The Problem at the Top

Someone previously stated that the primary reason why many are against
the proposed Police Department facilities is because of the Police Chief.
I tend to agree with that, based on the comments I hear. He's utterly disliked
townwide, and has become a liability for the administration, regarding the
proposed new facilities. No matter what is proposed, it will be voted down. The
administration adores him, but you need more than his boss's vote to get this
project through. Were there someone else as Chief, the project would stand a
better chance of even being considered. You can postpone the vote, until the
cows come home, and the acceptance of this project by the majority of the voters
will not change. Feel sorry for the Building Committee, which is doing a great
job, and with great people in it.
Just telling it like I see it.
11:00 am est 

Wrong Thinking

If we have problems with how the police are handling us, the answer is not that
we should leave town. they are the problem when they abuse their power and sit
in cars at too many blocks waiting to arrest the winter residents and those who
go against their dream machines and dream building.

Town people are upset and they have every right to be. It's the police who need
to change or leave town. We just don't need this level of arrogance and insult
from them.
7:17 am est 

Re: Police Budget & State

I get it, you like to drink and drive and don't want to get caught. I've
personally seen members of committees most opposed to anything in the police
budget very drunk, leaving a popular west end restaurant and driving off in off
season. If I were them I'd be against any police too
7:15 am est 

Re: Provincetown Police - Department Budget

Re:"The police are increasing their budget so they can give fake DUIs,
issue trumped up charges to us and so they can run our tourists screaming out of

When I read comments like this, I picture a barefoot hillbilly clad in overalls
and a straw hat, whiskey bottle in one hand, rifle in the other, sitting on his
porch complaining to anyone within earshot about aliens, corrupt politicians and
how the moon landing never actually happened. It's funny, we tend to think of
Provincetown as a haven for forward thinking, liberal minded types. I guess it
takes all kinds.
7:11 am est 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Re: April Town Meeting Concerns

Good luck with the new police station. Thats not being dalt with till fall town
meeting (at an additional cost to taxpayers. Town meetings aren't free)

As far as the OPs concerns, all are valid. Bottom line, we need to go through
the budget at ATM and reduce the numbers prior to accepting the budget. $55K for
a fire chiefs car? All the vehicles for the DPW are the result of poor planning
and that starts at the top.  The town governments attitude is spend spend spend.
The town voters attitudes have always been ok, ok, ok. It needs to stop.
8:03 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Police - Department Budget

Hey      , the fire dept is an all volunteer fire dept. we pay about
1/4 of what other towns pay because our fellow citizens agree to work virtually
free.  the increase there is to pay for training mandated by the state and feds.

The police are increasing their budget so they can give fake DUIs, issue trumped
up charges to us and so they can run our tourists screaming out of town....holy
false equivalent batman!
7:58 pm est 

Here's an Idea!

Hey blogmaster, here's an idea: how about setting up a separate page
for those who just want to post on and on about the "POLICE STATE" so the rest
of us don't have to scroll through all the foolishness to get to the real posts.
7:27 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Police - Department Budget

Re: "Operating expenses for the police department have gone from 1.86
million in 2011 to 2.2 million in 2014. That is an increase of 18.5%"

From reading through the proposed police department budget for 2014 (source Town
website) one sees the following data:

2011 Total Overall Actual Expenses: $1,993,354
2014 Budget Overall Request: $2,345,021
Change: $351,667 = 17.6% change = 5.9% average annual change

The fire department in the same period had a 23% increase in expenses and I
don't see anyone screaming about our out of control fire department.

5.9% annual increase doesn't seem out of line to me though would like to see it
level off soon to the rate of municipal inflation.

- just a tax payer
7:06 pm est 

For Those Who Support the Police Chief

There are many who dislike this Chief and they have good reason to and if you
want to know why then "ASK"
(1)What he did to the only Intermittent Police Officer the Dept had.
(2) What he did to the only Janitor the Dept had for the last 26 years.
(3) What he did to one of his Secretaries that has resigned her position as of
this April 1st.
(4) What and how he disciplined one of his Officers last year for not stopping
enough cars on his shift.
(5) What he said to one of the more recent full time Police Officers that left
to go work for another dept.
(6) Inquire how many Police Officers have left the Dept since he has takened

Once you get the answers to those questions, then maybe you will understand and
also understand why so many people in this town will not give him a new Police
Station. I really hate to see anyone in this town become anti-police because of
their actions, it's not their fault, it's the way he wants them to be or they
will be diciplined. There are allot of good Police Officers that worked in the
past, who have left and who still work there. Many of the town voters agreed to
remove civil service from this Dept and all that did was allow him to hire his
friends. So when you complain you don't know any of the cops anymore, that's
what getting rid of civil service allowed him to do.
4:15 pm est 

Provincetown Police

In the last 6 months I have seen a huge change in the attitude of the Police.
Maybe some have been posting here much longer, but to me it seems something big
changed last fall.

The police forces feel hostile.
4:12 pm est 

Provincetown Police

Someone(s) gets very angry everytime we complain about the police
department. Hmm. There is a problem or several with the department. Crime has
not risen in this town. No major shootouts, robberies, or gang wars. Yet the
number of officers, police vehicles, toys keeps increasing.
Operating expenses for the police department have gone from 1.86 million in 2011
to 2.2 million in 2014. That is an increase of 18.5%.
Don't tell me to raise my hand at town meeting to vote for another slew of
property tax overides because we don't have the money to pay to fix the streets,
the sewer, the pier, the high school when the bos and town manager keep
approving these crazy increases. This is just one department.
3:46 pm est 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Re: What Has Happend to Our Police?

Oh, enough already with the "Police State" drama! Go buy an island
somewhere and set up camp. There will be no police or authorities to govern or
protect you and you can drink and drive to your heart's content. Hopefully there
will be no wifi service there and we won't have to read any more paranoid
rantings on this blog.
7:57 pm est 

Re: What Has Happend to Our Police?

Well, You're Hearing It Here and I'm Hearing It too!

There is a concern about the police and their misuse of power. the police should
have no role in retaliation--you just cannot and should not use your authority
against those without the same power. You can legitimately use that gun and your
right to arrest residents but...that should ONLY be done when it is just.

What is happening now is quite questionable.
5:43 pm est 

Re: What Has Happend to Our Police?

I have lived here since 1980. Not much has changed we still have
many,many more people in town during the "summer months". We have a very small
population "off-season". Not many arrests other than drunk driving or other
drunken behavior-the same as back then.
What's different-we have a very large "off-season" police force with a very
large budget. We have gone police crazy over the last few years. New cars,
tazzers, bullet proof vests, on the pier...... and on and on it continues to
5:01 pm est 

Re: What Has Happend to Our Police?

Yup, they have all gone nuts. They follow no procedure, they just jump in the
cruisers tax payers bought and go reak Havic   Pullin tax payers over, driving
by people that live in this town and looking at them, going a couple miles an
hour over the speed limit to answer a radio with no regard for the person there
going to help they just wana speed I tell ya.  Yup a Police state is on. Those
people who drive those police cruisers we bought are acting like policemen.
We need to stop this
4:59 pm est 

Re: What Has Happened to Our Police?

The police political agenda seems like bullying.
10:04 am est 

Re: What Has Happened to Our Police?

I've lived in Provincetown for many years and I have many friends and
acquaintances here. I am active socially and get out and about often. My friends
are from many different walks of life. I feel very connected to the community.

Oddly enough, whenever I check this blog a few folks are constantly griping
about some supposed "fear of the police" or the imaginary "police state" and
implying that this is an issue that is plaguing the entire town. Funny, I never
hear anyone talking about this in town. Not at the supermarket or the post
office, not at dinner parties or the soup kitchen. I never hear it mentioned in
conversations at bars, on the street, at the coffee shops. Never. Nobody is
talking about this.

Except on this blog. Which leads me to believe that one or two individuals have
a very specific agenda and are trying to convince others that it's a big issue
that everyone is talking about.

But nobody is talking about it.

Keep up the good work, Provincetown Police.
10:01 am est 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What Has Happened to Our Police?

They once understood small towns and were part of this small town. Now they seem
against residents and have illegally taken their power and used it against those
who hold a different poisition then they do. This is untenable. This is sad,
tragic and worse: it is illegal and it is a misuse of police power. These are
the people who are authorized to carry guns, tasers and who can use their force
against us. But it is force in legitimate cases. Not becacuse they are irritated
or angry with residents.

This must stop.
10:53 pm est 


No way in Heck Truro wants to join forces with the  Provincetown
Police Dept. There is a reason we have that border line, we don't want your
troubles and you don't want ours.
10:51 pm est 

What's Going on at Bradford Extention?

Get your nose out of other people business and stop being so nosy. Who the hell
cares? All of you losers need to get a life and stop being so worried about what
everyone else is doing. Worry about yourself. Put your keyboard down and live
your life for one second.
10:49 pm est 

Fear of Police in Provincetown

What has happened to our lovely little town?  Why are so many citizens fearful
of the police and the police chief.  It never was this way, not until we got a
town manager who was previously a police officer and a police chief from New
Hampshire with priorities more suitable for a red state or a small city in some
third world country.  The heavy police presence in intimidating and the
aggressive flashing lights have become a constant presence.  We must remember
that the police work for us, they are not our masters and we do not pay to be
put in fear at all times while on our quiet crime free streets.  What board of
selectmen brought this curse on us and why does the present board perpetuate
this curse.  Who is responsible for this unholy alliance between this police
chief and this town manager?
10:47 pm est 

Politicians Are Alot Like Diapers,......

.....They should be changed often...and
for the same reason. Please vote to replace the two BOS members up for
reelection this year. Maybe then we will get a new town manager and chief of
police. No one should hold these positions for too long. We need change in this
town. The streets are a mess,the school system is way too expensive and people
seem to hate the police.
10:45 pm est 

April Town Meeting Concerns

Just read the ATM warrant and I'm deeply concerned for the towns spending. I
can't vote at ATM as I'm not a year round person but I do own property in town
and rent it to yearround people.
Under the police budget, does the town really need the digital speed signs at
all? Does anyone really pay attention to them and thus do we really need three
of them?
Under Fire vehicles, can someone explain why an ATV will cost $35K. Didn't the
fire depatment have an all terrain type vehicle, (the green Hummer) that just
sat and rotted from neglect and non use? And what kind of vehicle does the chief
need that will cost $55K??? That kind of money doesn't sound like a fuel economy
level vehicle and doesn't sound like a small one either. I understand the need
for the lights and electronics but what exact vehicle are we talking about?
Another gas guzzling Expedition? Not a good idea.
I see the DPW wants 6 pickup trucks? And they will be leases at a cost of $46K
per vehicle? What do they come with? Plows, 4x4, dump bodies? I thought the town
was looking to replace the big dump trucks and the cemetary lawn mowers last
year? What happened to those?? If they were fixed, why not the pickups? And what
kind of management lets all of these trucks get to the point of replacement all
at the same time?
Finally, for those that are in the building trades or own a vacant piece of
land, article 26 is very bad and very poorly written, unless it was intended to
be sneaky and dishonest. 50 yards? If you excavate a hole for your home, 24' x
30' x 8 feet deep (a modest home by todays standards) the sand that is dug out
and removed far exceeds 50 yards. If you live on a slope that needs to be
leveled somewhat to allow for the use of the poperty, it would be near
impossible to grade the property to a 2% grade away from the home if any side of
your property slopes up toward the neighbors property. I find it to be very
sneaky considering the plans before the town right now and the person who's name
is associated with the article. Not a bad article but it needs revision and more
10:42 pm est 

Town Boards

If you have a problem with a board, join one. Solutions fix problems.
10:37 pm est 

"Re: What is Going on Today on Bradford Extension?

Victor bought this land.
All three lots to build more homes.

Parking will be for Victors Restaurant only near fence until homes are built."


Land from the fence to the pavement belongs to the Town of Provincetown.  It
cannot be "reserved" for Victor's!
2:20 pm est 

Re: What is Going on Today on Bradford Extension?

To the person that responded to my post about "whats going on on
Bradford", I'm not talking about the 3 lots Victor bought. I was refering to the
new road or development just east of those lots. It was cleared Friday. Check it
2:18 pm est 

Re: Regionalization of Police

Sorry, I forgot to add for the "if you're doing nothing wrong, why
does the presence of the police bother you"

It's off-putting and unnecessary to have that kind of show of force.  Ever land
in a developing country where there are soldiers carrying rifles at the airport? 
Did it make you feel safer?
11:04 am est 

Re: Regionalization of Police

You know, I know you all are going to say that the guy who was
commenting about the police is "making it up."

But s(he)'s not.  Time to reduce the size of the year-round force, regionalize
if that's what works and bring in rent-a-cops in the summer.  Sorry, I read the
police blotter in the Banner every week.  It's all DUIs.  Sure, DUI's are
serious, but how many people in Provincetown have died from drunk driving in the
past 20 years?  Not enough to warrant 20 year-round officers who have nothing
better to do for 6 months a year than to hassle locals.  The salary and benefits
for one police officer is equal to about 500 traffic stops and tickets.

Oh, and enough with the police on the pier.  The experiment failed.  Time to
move on.
11:03 am est 

Re: Regionalization of Police

For those that want regionalization - why don't you go have a chat
with Wellfleet and Truro ?   I am sure they would love to hear your ideas.
11:00 am est 

Re: Blue Light Alert

The only "blue light alert" I know about are those awful blue led
street lights cropping up in town! The power company must have dumped them on us
'cuz nobody else wants 'em! Those lights are distorting people's brains and
they're all writing crazy stuff on this blog. If you want to regionalize with
Truro Police,go ahead,but leave us all out of it! If you don't want a new Police
station,don't build it,we will!. If you don't like our Police Chief,find one you
like and then move there, and we'll keep the one we've got! FYI: Petitioned
Article #30 is legally all wrong and the warrant is closed. Pick a new number
and try again!! Sorry!!
10:58 am est 

Re: What is Going on Today on Bradford Extension?

Victor bought this land.
All three lots to build more homes.

Parking will be for Victors Restauarant only near fence until homes are built.

10:56 am est 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Re: Blue Light Alert

What about the TM being on board of PTV?
10:36 pm est 

"Provincetown.. A Police State Like Nowhere Else"

For Fall Special Town meeting we should petition a warrant to
regionalize with Truro police force!  Or maybe we should start one on

By all accounts they LOVE their Police Chief and force.  He runs a lean but
effective team.  Exactly what this town needs!  In the past 15 hours I've seen 6
traffic stops in PTOWN with two cops per stop. Just last night, I heard two of
the very few tourists in town express disbelief at the over the top cop

When will PBG and the Chamber speak out? This is going to hurt our tourism
economy.  Having too many cops is just as bad as too few.  Unfortunately GI
Jarrad has no sense of restraint or understatement.

The TM needs to get a handle on her hired help or the Town will need to manage
the situation for her.

"Provincetown.. a police state like nowhere else"
10:34 pm est 

Blue Light Alert

3-4-2 A paid town employee shall not be a member of a town board which is any
way related to his employment.

3-4-3 A paid town employee with supervisory duties shall not be a member of a
town board which is in any way related to his employment during his or her term
of office

Police Chief Jaran  on the airport commission?  Somebody issue a ticket!
7:06 pm est 

Article 21 of the Warrant

Anyone read Article 21 of the Warrant about the Climate Crisis? Go to
the 4th, 5th & 6th "WHEREAS" and you'll see that we are being asked to vote for
a solution to TRURO'S problems! Glad someone took the time/effort to read the
Article after it was cut and pasted and before it was sent to the printers.
7:04 pm est 

Re: Regionalization of Police

Just a quick not to my last post regarding regionalizing. I have no
problem with the current Chief of Police and do not want this post to be viewed
as trying to get rid of him. He might be the right person to regionalize and
become the Chief for all three towns. JB
7:02 pm est 

Re: Regionalization of Police

Glad to hear that the New Police Castle, um, I mean Police Station is
being put on hold. It's really time for Wellfleet, Truro and Ptown to seriously
think about regionalization. We could keep the present Ptown police station and
use it as a sub station. Alot cheaper to think about rennovating than building a
mega-station, which IMHO is not needed. All three towns could add on to the
existing Truro station, adding a wing for more prisoners to be held and then
Wellfleet and Ptown could keep their substations. Seriously do we really need to
be come a Police town for 12 months per year. With Regionalization we wouldn't
need a Chief for each town. We could have a regional Cheif and then other
officers could assume more leadership at the substations. Savings would be
gigantic. Just a thought. JB
7:00 pm est 

Re: Police Station

Time to regionalize.....

8:59 am est 

Friday, March 1, 2013


Why is the .5% real estate transfer tax back on the warrant?  Wasn't that
already passed?
5:10 pm est 

Re: What is Going on Today on Bradford Extension?

I'm back. I checkout the "new road" off creek toward Bradford. Ita all
ok ... no permission was needed. I think a new housing development is being
5:06 pm est 

Town Warrant

So does that mean we are going to repair the police station and stop
this nonsense to build a new one? If so I will vote yes on that article.
Can we also repair the DPW complex?
5:04 pm est 

Police Chief Removal

For those interested in either letting the Selectmen know of your complaints or
your desire to remove him as the Chief of Police, don't waiste your time. During
the first year he was the Police Chief, complaints were brought to the attention
of the Selectmen by the Police Officers and guess what they did. They extended
his contract. The best thing you can do is, turn down any and all his requests
for a new Police Station and don't donate to the Police Association. This Police
Chief does not understand english.
2:43 pm est 

Town Warrant

The warrant closed today. 
Annual Town Meeting includes

Petitioned Article 30:  Design and Repair to the Police Station on Shank Painter

To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate, transfer from available
funds, or borrow a sum of money not to exceed $3,000,000 to be expended under
the direction of the Town Manager for the purpose of renovating the existing
police station, within existing square footage, including design costs and all
other costs incidental and related including up to $500,000 for temporary
housing of police force during construction and a contingency of $500,000; and
to authorize the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager to apply for and accept
any grant funds that may be available for this project and to take all other
actions necessary to carry out the project provided that the appropriation may
be contingent on a Proposition 2 ½ Capital Outlay or Debt Exclusion ballot
question; or to take any other action relative thereto.

Design, site work & construction of Police Station (inc. fixtures, fittings and
equipment): $2,000,000;
Total Project Contingency: $    500,000
Temporary Accommodation of Force:  $500,000
MAX SPEND: $3,000,000
1:32 pm est 

Re: Police Chief

I see from the newspapers that Truro's ex-chief is still around. Maybe we can
hire him to replace our current chief??!!
1:28 pm est 

Re: Police Chief

If you have a complaint about the chief or any town employee, just put it in
writing sign it and send it the the Board of Selectmen. Spewing and making
anonymous rants are here will accomplish nothing. I have had several
interactions recently with the department,all positive.
11:36 am est 

What is Going on Today on Bradford Extension?

Looks like a new road is being built. Zoning, planning and conservation agendas
have not mentioned this. I'll call authorities and get back.
10:30 am est 

Re: Enough is Enough

Re: "We need to maintain this town and say no to the people who
endanger the town and put us at risk and refuse to pay for things like a wave
attenuater. Now we are face with tremendous repair costs."

If you look back to 2003 you will see that the ones objecting to the wave
attenuater are the same people who oppose the current police station. It's time
to stop listening to these people. They are destroying the town and costing us
more money in the long run by their delaying tactics and bullying.
If they get their way we will be back in ten years complaining about a police
station that is too small.
9:44 am est 

Police Chief

I do want to see a change of police chief. I do not want to be on the
bos. Can we somehow force the current bos to have a vote on replacing the chief
of police?
8:48 am est 

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