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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Re: How do We Get the Police Chief Removed From His Job?

"How do we get the police chief removed from his job? Is there a
process that a taxpayer of provincetown, year-round resident, property owner can
impliment? Can some one tell me how to do this?"

The only way is to run for Selectman. See Town Clerk for details. It would be ez
to beat Knight
11:18 pm est 

Shout Out!

This blog is sooooooooooo tired! do you really think more than 20
people post here? I don't. Facebook is the place to be!
11:15 pm est 

Re: How do We Get the Police Chief Removed From His Job?

"Is there a process that a taxpayer of provincetown, year-round resident, property
owner can impliment? Can some one tell me how to do this?"

Oh my god! What kind of crazy people are posting on this blog? It's like the
conspiracy theorists and loonies are coming out of the woodwork this week. Guess
it's that time of year...

11:13 pm est 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Police Chief

How do we get the police chief removed from his job? Is there a
process that a taxpayer of provincetown, year-round resident, property owner can
impliment? Can some one tell me how to do this?
9:44 pm est 

Enough is Enough

It is time to enough to the taxpayers being called upon to support people who
work under the table, work summers only and then demand affordable housing.

It time to say enough is enough to this need to cram affordable housing into
every nook and cranny and destroy the ambiance of this town for the sake of
developers. Plus, there isn't any open land left.

It is time to say enough is enough to people who refuse to support the
maintenance of our municipal buildings and instead let them deteriorate. Don't
let these people bully you into not doing your civic duty.

Move if you can't live here like you 30 years ago when you were young. Time to
grow up. If not get out. Plain and simple.

We need to maintain this town and say no to the people who endanger the town and
put us at risk and refuse to pay for things like a wave attenuater. Now we are
face with tremendous repair costs.
6:54 pm est 

To: Building Committee

Please stop your accusatory stance against those who present counter arguments
to your findings.

If you would only stop and reflect, you would see that you have not listened to the most
important constituency.....the people.

If you insist on running up the same flag, it will it will be shot down the same way.....your choice.

The people are not stupid. Stupidity is repeatedly continuing a failed action with the expectation of achieving a different outcome.
6:44 pm est 

Responding to "Getting Very Scary"

It's sad to see anyone in this town be fearful of agressive Police. I am lucky
enough to know the Police Officers and I can tell you that "If" the Officerss
are being agressive it's not by their choice because I know them, it's the Chief
who wants them being agressive. So taking it out on them is wrong. If you are
ever going to address the problem, then it's the Chief you want to target (and
not the Officers). And if you feel that way now, wait till he definately does
not get his new Police Station "I know". You have not seen not seen anything
6:20 pm est 

Dale Carnegie POST

I don't know what rock you live under but all Building committee meetings since
JUNE of 2012 have been advertised, public and transparent. Most have been at 8
am in the morning and 90% of JOINT meetings with either BO'S or the PUBLIC at
Large have been 6 PM or later. The meeting with Council on Aging was in the
afternoon for ease of timing for the seniors. If you are that pissed about the
progress of the committee run for the NEW seats at BOS election and make some
changes instead of hiding behind a blog and not signing your name. Those who
post all these conspiracy theories and statements are NOT based on reality.
Hopefully there will be more open meetings for dialogue from May thru September
so,the electorate can base their VOTE for or against with facts and not
misinformation. Your cowardly posts serve no constructive purpose but I do
respect your freedom of speech but not freedom of lies!!
6:17 pm est 

Re: It's Getting Scary!

I believe I started this police bashing with my post about the
unmarked car-not my intention. My intention was to point out that our fine
police department, and they are good, needs to take a step back. The department
is to big and too expensive. The chief is good, but needs to relax.
This is still a great place for me to own my home, have my family, and my
6:11 pm est 

Re: "Second Home Owners Seem to be the Ones That Want it All"

Since second home owners have no say in the matter, either as a vote at town
meeting or other elections, I think one would have to conclude that the voters,
ie the blessed "townies", are the ones who want all this since they
overwhelmingly voted for each item. The second homeowners have nothing to do
with it other than paying taxes for services they rarely use thus subsidizing
the "townies."
6:10 pm est 

Second Home Owners Seem to be the Ones That Want it All

Renovate town hall. renovate the library. pave the roads. Get a new police
station. they are not subsidizing townies. those who were born here would do
well as they once were.
2:19 pm est 

Re: Taxes

Taxes may be lower in ptown,but at least the other towns offer
Services. Are you forgetting charging at the dump, charging
For parking??? Etc. these are taxes. We should not be charged
For these services we already paid for.
Take a ride up cape, why are these towns neat and tidy,come to
Ptown, the streets are dirty, the traffic islands are a mess.
Maybe the Bos should hire another consultant !
2:16 pm est 

Are The Police Doing Their Best?
I understand we're not in an inner city.  But, when is this intimidation going
to stop?  I was going a bit too fast down Howland one day and I was pulled over. 
Granted, I admitted to my transgression.  I am a 10 year resident.  People know
me.  I wasn't looking for special privileges, but a warning would have been
sufficient.  The policewoman didn't have to ask me if I had any drugs in my car.
I didn't need to be detained as long as I had been.   Even if I had drugs in the
car, would I be stupid enough to admit it.  That's intimidation.  It's nice that
police are doing their job, but they need to be a little less enthusiastic with
how they're doing it.

I heard they had a quota to meet.  If that's the case, this makes the town even
scarier than we all thought.  This is Provincetown for goodness sake, not the
Hamptons.  C'mon PPD cut us some slack.
2:14 pm est 

Re: Taxes

We pay far far less in taxes as a percent of property value that ANY town in MA
that has comparable property values. If you are elderly and can't pay the taxes
there are abatement programs. If you were in suburban Boston you'd be paying 3x
what you do in Provincetown for the same property values. Townies are totally
subsidized by second homeowners so stop your          , whining and complaining,
it's tiresome.
11:46 am est 

Building Commmitee Communication Strategy

Posted Agenda for Thursdays Building Committee Meeting"
" The Building Committee will hold a Meeting on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at
6:00 pm, in the Judge Welsh Meeting Room.... 3) Possible revisions and additions
to the Committees communication strategy;..."

Does a change in 'communication strategy" mean the Building Commmitee will no
longer operate in secrecy? Will they listen rather than argue with town voters? 
If they really want to change how they sell the plan, here is a fast track to a
proven communications strategy:

Dale Carnegie Sales Tips -Learn Effective Sales Tips From the Experts at Dale
Carnegie Training!
11:44 am est 

I am Appalled at the Police

Give me the days when we had communnity policing and would meet the police on
the street. Now they hide and wait to stop winter residents. And worse: speak
against their new police building and they arrest you! This is more than
disgusting. It is a hideous use of police power against citizens. It is wrong
and illegal.

Let 's stop this now before it gets even more out of hand.Is this a case for the
Attorney General? or the Governor's Council? Or the District Attorney?
11:42 am est 

Does "Ptown" Mean "Police Town"?

Ok, so the police are out of hand.  I've experienced it and many others have
too.  Nobody is doing anything about it. One person can't do it alone.   The
thing that needs to be done is to approach Sarah Peake.  Go to The Boston Globe,
Hank Philippi would love to uncover something like this.  Get involved. 
Paradise has indeed become lost.  We are being quieted and strong armed.  Town
Meeting needs to be has proven to be useless.

Smarten up P-town---the tourist trade is going to catch wind of what's going on
and they're going to go somewhere less threatening..when they do...our revenue
goes with it.  Gone are the days when police used to live and let live.  High
taxes, high prices and Nazi's taking away our freedom.  Something is very wrong. 
What next...taking our property through eminent domain?  TAKE A STAND people!! 
They are taking away our voice.....We have rights!!!
9:52 am est 

Re: Getting Very Scary!!!

To the point where instead of feeling safe with the increased police presence I feel
intimidated.  I long for the days when you would be driving down Bradford St in the
dead of winter and pass a cruiser the officer would wave to you because he knew you. 
Now you have to be nervous that you don't look at the officer cross eyed resulting in a
traffic stop because your tire was too close to the yellow line.
9:49 am est 

$57,000.00 For Our Housing Person at Town Hall

Housing authorities operate in a kind of vacuum. They are not town government
agencies, but are instruments of the state and most receive funding from the
federal government to provide affordable housing for various populations.

Local public housing authorities were established nationwide during the Great
Depression by the Housing Act of 1937 to build, own and operate housing for
low-income people. The Boston Housing Authority preceded the national act by two
years and Massachusetts authorities were established under Chapter 121B state
law. In Massachusetts. They operate as public housing programs with funding from
the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and from the federal
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 8 rental vouchers that
were established in the 1970s.

Lately, these semi-autonomous agencies in Massachusetts have been getting more
attention after several executive directors were exposed for abuses of their
positions. The most prominent was Michael McLaughlin, former executive director
of the Chelsea Housing Authority, who pleaded guilty in federal court Feb. 19 to
four counts of deliberately hiding his $360,000 annual salary from regulators.

McLaughlins case and others involving housing authority directors who were
forced to resign prompted Gov. Deval Patrick to propose replacing the states 240
housing authorities with six regional agencies aimed at saving taxpayers up to
$10 million a year and improving efficiency and transparency.

With some notable exceptions, the lack of transparency is evident by the lack of
information that can be easily accessed on the local authorities. The DHCD
website only provides a link to local housing authorities, their addresses and
phone numbers with no specific information about the 83,000 public housing units
serving more than 300,000 low-income and elderly state residents.

The Mid-Cape towns of Dennis, Yarmouth and Barnstable each have housing
authorities, but their housing stock, operations and services differ widely as
does the access to information. They are not listed in town directories because
they are not town agencies, and only one, Barnstable, has a website, which
provides complete information about the available housing, staff and even online
applications for housing.

Of the three towns, Barnstable, the largest with about 45,000 residents,
administers the most units; 1,040 affordable apartments and individual homes for
elderly, disabled and low-wage working people and families, as well as Section 8
and other rental voucher programs.

The Dennis Housing Authority, in a town of 13,000, administers 152 housing units
and 161 vouchers for a total of 313 units.

The Yarmouth Housing Authority in a town of 24,000 administers 40 units for
seniors and disabled people, four apartments and one congregate house for
disabled and has 249 Section 8 vouchers for a total of 294 units.
- See more at:
9:46 am est 

Re: Police

Paranoid residents are are a lot scarier than the police.
9:37 am est 

Re: Taxes Doubled ????

Where do you live? You should probabaly go to Town Hall for an Abatement !
9:36 am est 

Re: Arrest Someone Because He Spoke Against You!

Re: "And you are the police?? this is reprehensible. this is a police state that will not take no for
an answer. What has happened to our sweet, historic town? It has been taken over
by Nazi thinking."

Oh, come on. Comparing the powers that be to Nazis? Because they arrested
someone who was driving drunk? It's against the law and a danger to others!! You
people and your conspiracy theories. You've really lost it. As a Jew who
actually lost family in the holocaust, I find your post pretty offensive.
9:31 am est 

Re: Getting Very Scary!

Not sure we are in a facist state just yet. But Provincetown Police do seem to
be very aggressive. Town Meeting is the only way to fix it.
11:08 pm est 

Arrest Someone Because He Spoke Against You!

And you are the police?? this is reprehensible. this is a police state that will
not take no for an answer.

What has happened to our sweet, historic town? It has been taken over by Nazi
thinking, police who use their guns against us, and a sick sense of what a
democracy is.

It is the police that should be ashamed. I am for you!
11:06 pm est 

Are You Stuck in the 60's or the 70's??

Cheap tax rate here in provincetown? No, our taxes have doubled in the last few
years and this is no longer a reasonable place to live. sure, if you're a
millionaire, what is another $3,00 more on your taces? Nothing, frankly. but for
most people who were born here, this increase is a heavy burden. And perhaps
that is what the town  manager and her kitchen cabinate want: get the townies to
leave and let the newer monied people arrive!

I find this disgusting and I do believe that this has been the agenda for many

You want diversity but you fail to value diversity when it means townies, the
poor, and is not locked into your narow definition of diversity. I find this
11:04 pm est 

Re: Provincetown is the "Birthplace of Liberty" !

"So rise up my fellow citizens let's send the TM, Police Chief and the
West End Fascists to the sea once and for all."

Just don't forget to put those who have offended the small quite dead end
streets of the East End in the name of a buck, in the same boat.

11:00 pm est 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Provincetown is the "Birthplace of Liberty" !

Not wanting to live in a police state does not make you a criminal or guilty of means you value liberty without apology.

Small minded facists love police states and have used abuse of power since time
began to oppress others.

So rise up my fellow citizens let's send the TM, Police Chief and the West End
Fascists to the sea once and for all.

They are truly the "stupid party."

Please demand a Special Prosecutor to examine the trumped up arrest of Paul
Kelly and the trumped up charges.  I guarantee the case will be dropped and hope
that heads will finally roll.

A little historical perspective seems in order. When we start arresting folks
for speaking at public hearings and then attempting to ruin their lives we've
truly jumped the shark.

Education in Fascist Italy (not so far fetched is it?)

Adults who opposed Mussolini were dealt with harshly. However, the children were
the Fascists of the future and Mussolini took a keen interest in the states
education system and the youth organisations that existed in Italy.

Hitler used the same approach in Nazi Germany.
Boys were taught that fighting for them was a natural extension of the normal
male lifestyle.

One of the more famous Fascist slogans was "War is to the male what childbearing
is to the female." Girls were taught that giving birth was natural  while for
boys, fighting was the same  natural.

Children were taught to obey those in charge. This was not an unusual move in a
dictatorship. Once the OVRA had dealt with those adults who challenged the
authority of the state, all future adults of Fascist Italy would be model
civilians and not a challenge to those in charge.
7:57 pm est 

New Police Station

So glad that the BOS is not presenting the new police station proposal
at town meeting. Hopefully the existing police station will be maintained. We
may not get a new police station. It would be silly not to start fixing the
existing station no matter what the problem.
7:53 pm est 

Paradise Lost

I am so sad for my small unique hometown.  Decisions based on rental
property profit are pathetic.  In a town with so much natural environmental and
human beauty, a fast food chain spewing its products from town hall lawn would
be less insulting.
7:52 pm est 

Re: Move If You Can't Afford Provincetown

"The world doesn't owe you your lifestyle and neither does the

I agree completely. Using the same reasoning if you can't afford the cheap tax
rate for real estate in Provincetown and minor increases needed to maintain
current, standard infrastructure, maybe it is time to sell and move to a cheaper
town or housing unit. The citizens and taxpayers of this town (current and
future) don't owe you low taxes and if you didn't plan your life for the
inevitable increases in expenses when you got older too bad, move.
7:06 pm est 

Re: It's Getting Scary

Talk about it getting scary, I read in todays Banner of Mr. Paul Kelly's Feb 24 arrest
for "operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor, operation of motor vehicle to endanger, negligent operation of motor vehicle, failure to stop/yield.."

Coincidently, It was Mr. Kelly who only a week ago made a detailed, well documented presentation before the Finance Committee questioning the findings of the Building Committee regarding the
newly proposed Police Station and its siting. His presentation was both thorough and objective.

It is some what curious to read of his current situation which begs the question as to WHY now?

It truly is getting scary
7:02 pm est 

Re: It's Getting Scary!


We used to have hate crimes here. Now we have police in town in the summer
walking around and on bikes. The hate crimes have greatly diminished. That is
why I like to see the police in town.

What kind of criminal activity do you engage in that you squirm every time you
see a police man?
6:36 pm est 

Move if You Can't afford Provincetown

Why should the taxpayers be stuck paying for you to be able to live here? Every
time I hear the need for more affordable housing and now work force housing--who
needs the liability?

Every square inch of space has been devoted to affordable housing that is
available..we must have a half mile worth off affordable housing by now if you
put all of the developments together.

If you can't make it here working during the summer--then move. We moved here
after working hard, saving money and making a choice to live here.

The world doesn't owe you your lifestyle and neither does the taxpayer.
5:11 pm est 

To: "This Week I'm Working to Pay the Excise Tax"

Wow, if the bill is that high you must have one of those late model sweet cars
people collecting unemployment aren't supposed to have.

4:07 pm est 

Re: It's Getting Scary!

There are just too many police officers and police cars in this town
off-season. The town manager and bos either need to say no to increases in the
police force(three new officers this past week alone) or resign. Enough of this
4:04 pm est 

Re: It's Getting Scary!

"What kinds of criminal behavior do you engage in that you don't want
the police around?"

The criminal part is the waste of my tax money on a huge police force. The
behavior is work.  This week I'm working to pay the excise tax

I just got my car excise tax bill. 15 cents of every tax dollar goes to the

Do we really need all these police roaming around????
2:17 pm est 

Re: It's Getting Scary!

If I was stopped by a unmarked car and no uniform on
The officer, I would just keep going!
My guess is the police chief needs to pad his stats before the
Station is decided.
2:11 pm est 

Re: It's Getting Scary!


Oh - it's the "late model car" guy again!
2:07 pm est 

Re: Lighting By Law Proposal

The current by-law contains a section under the general code rather than
planning that says if light casts a shadow on a neighbors property it is not
allowed. It also in enforceable by the police not the building/zoning folks. The
new proposal, and it is just that a draft proposal for discussion, is much
clearer and in line with the national movement to take back the night sky and
reduce light pollution both for people and critters. Go watch the discussion and
give feedback, that's why these sessions are being held, to gather public input.
This revision is long overdue.

A taxpayer
10:35 am est 

Re: It's Getting Scary!


What is it about this town? Is there so much criminal and drug behavior that
people are against the police to the point that you moved here to get away from
the police bearing down on you?

What kinds of criminal behavior do you engage in that you don't want the police

I'd like to know how so many people can live here with no year round source of
income yet and drive late model cars. I guess that unemployment does pay big
10:34 am est 

Re: It's Getting Scary

"Do we now have unmarked car patrolling the streets of
provincetown. If so we have

Uh, whoever told you that you wouldn't have to obey basic traffic laws in
Provincetown fed you a bit of mis-information. And just a heads up: pretty much
all other big city laws apply here as well. Sorry to ruin your fantasy.
10:31 am est 

Re: It's Getting Scary

"I was on Bradford Street at about 5pm today and saw an unmarked car,
with flashing lights pull-over a car. The person who got out of the unmarked car
was not dressed as a police officer. Do we now have unmarked car patrolling the
streets of provincetown. If so we have a PROBLEM. MANY OF US MOVED HERE TO

Welcome to our police state! Get rid of TM Sharon Lynn the former PA policewoman
and maybe hire a civilian TM that does not have a police agenda. Maybe it was an
undercover detective working on nabbing a suspect in a high profile crime case
like rolling through a stop sign.
10:29 am est 

Re: It's Getting Scary

If you do not do anything wrong you do not  have to worry. If  you are
doing wrong get off the planet and stop wasting oxygen!!
10:26 am est 

Re: PTV Needs New Life and Transparency

"All the tapings of town boards is great but where are the
programs analyzing the issues. The Banner is more and more just fluff.  The
public needs some real media. Put some dissidents on this public TV board and
let's have more than just a dog and pony show on channel 99."

It is not the job of the Board of Directors of PTV to create issues.  The job of
any non profit is to follow its stated mission and in this case to carry out the
wishes of the town.  From what I understand in speaking with people who have
utilized PTV, PTV's Board of Director has created avenues for people, including
dissidents, who want to develop programs.

Not sure what the person posting means by the need for greater transparency. 
Finally while you may be a frustrated dissident, many of us enjoy the local
programming on channel 99.
10:24 am est 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Getting Scary

I was on Bradford Street at about 5pm today and saw an unmarked car,
with flashing lights pull-over a car. The person who got out of the unmarked car
was not dressed as a police officer. Do we now have unmarked car patrolling the
streets of provincetown. If so we have a PROBLEM. MANY OF US MOVED HERE TO ESCAPE
6:13 pm est 

Re: Planning Board - Proposed Change in Definition of "Art Gallery"

The proposal to allow music, serving of food and beverage and
entertainment without a special permit for "Art Galleries" will create a
loophole that will be exploited by many.  And residential neighbors will have no
voice in the matter.  This is not a good solution to a problem that was created
by one individual who decided to try to start an art gallery in his residence
without the proper permission.  This is a ridiculous proposal that should not be
8:13 am est 

BOS Budget Has No Monies For Police Station

It is crazy the Selectmen haven't included in a new police station in the
budget. It's all they talk about.
11:58 pm est 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Re: Newly Proposed Zoning Out Door Lighting Proposal

"Anyone can repot anyone for an audit."

Better than the academy award writers could ever come up with. Thank you.
8:42 pm est 

Banner Letter


The letter in the paper by the finance committee is deplorable. It is a rash
act. The adult way to approach this is for them to meet face to face--not like a
13 year old girl who doesn't get her way.
8:40 pm est 

Newly Proposed Zoning Out Door Lighting Proposal

Has anyone read the proposed zoning changes to out door lighting.
OUTRAGEOUS! Every business and residence and public town must comply within 5
years. This is over regulation. If I want to change or add any outdoor light I
must submit a plan and change all other existing lighting, I assume go before
zoning or if my current lighting does not meet agreed upon lumen levels I have
to comply with this rediculous regulation. If you live within 100 ft. of a
wetland, protected area or in a high elevation area the restriction are even
more strict. Anyone can repot anyone for an audit.....Guess who will pay for
that!  And if you don't understand lux and lumens good luck hiring an electrical
engineer to draft your plan.
6:38 pm est 

West End Pot Holes and Maintaining Current Police Station

I was at town meeting last year. The public works department said that
any new holes in the streets for sewer, etc would be filed  right away. So here
we are making the center of town nice, and the west end of town is a mess with
all these new holes.

I believe that the town manager needs to take a drive down commercial street and
see what a mess they are making. Enough of this nonsense.
Oh and by the way- maintain the current police station until a new one is built.
2:24 pm est 

Secret Ballot - New Police Station

The reason the vote for the new Police Station should be a secret ballot is
because I personally know people that are telling the Police that they are
voting for the new station when in fact they are gonna vote just the opposite.
The reasons vary from person to person but I can promise anyone who disagrees
that if the Police Chief and Town Manager see or find out a town employee or
police dept member has voted against the police station,there won't be hell to
pay but you can bet your life, he or she will eventually suffer a consequnce or
two eventually. It's sad that it has to be that way. If a secret ballot is not
requested or done, I personally will walk out and I don't think I will be alone.
2:21 pm est 

Police Force Citizens Committee

Many residents resistance to funding a new police station is not just
the money. This police chief came in with such a heavy hand that he has
alienated a good deal of the locals.
He is tone deaf.  We should have a citizens committee to interface with the
2:19 pm est 

Re: PTV - Needs New Life & Transparency

In response to an earlier post, there has always been
too much control of PTV by government officials and not
enough transparency.  All the tapings of town boards is great but where are the
programs analyzing the issues. The Banner is more and more just fluff.  The
public needs some real media.
Put some dissidents on this public TV board and let's have more than just a dog
and pony show on channel 99.
2:15 pm est 

Planning Board - Proposed Change in Definition of "Art Gallery"

There's a Planning Board meeting this Wednesday Feb 27th at 6 p.m.
which will address a proposed bylaw change to the definition of "art gallery." 
While the current definition is too narrow, the new definition proposed is
overly broad and has been created largely to circumvent the process whereby a
business must apply to the zoning board--which will consider the impact on
nearby residents-- in order to be granted an entertainment license.

The notion of changing the definition of art gallery came up at a recent zoning
meeting where a particular gallery in a residential neighborhood was seeking an
entertainment license.  There was considerable objection from nearby neighbors, 
both from within the mostly residential building and from the neighborhood, who
were concerned about added noise and congestion and were reasonably seeking to
limit the types of events that might take place. (The ZBA did not grant the
entertainment license.)

While the notion of someone quietly playing an acoustic instrument during a a
gallery opening is lovely and not objectionable, a band with amplified music or
microphones is not appropriate for a quiet residential building or neighborhood.
At that point, there was discussion about changing the definition of art gallery
to include "performance art" so that galleries could automatically be entitled
to have music and performance-- thereby eliminating any discussion or objections
from nearby residents --or any potential restrictions on what kind of
performance might be appropriate for a largely residential building or

Additionally, the Planning Board has proposed to change article 2460 to exclude
art galleries from having to apply to the ZBA for a Special Permit for any
events that they may hold that would increase occupancy load or where they may
want to sell food or alcohol.  Why should art galleries be excluded from
applying for special permits for entertainment events when any other business
would have to apply for one?

Dorothy Palanza, a member of the Planning Board and an owner of Art Current
Gallery, spoke at great length at two zoning board meetings, in favor of
allowing galleries to have live events and rewriting the bylaws for art
galleries. We wonder if her position as an art gallery owner creates a conflict
of interest when it comes to voting as a planning board member.

While the current definition of art gallery is too narrow, the new proposed
definition needs to be modified so that at the very least "sound" and
"performance art" are well defined, and so that allowances are made for the
detrimental effects of certain types of "performance art" and food and alcohol
service in residential areas, where the impact would be negative. Additionally,
the prospect of creating a new bylaw primarily so that neighbors have no voice
is a particularly dim one in this town. Extra care should be given so that
bylaws are not redefined in service of flouting the policies that are in place
to protect the rights and concerns of other residents.

Link to info for upcoming planning meeting and proposed by-law changes:
1:54 pm est 

Re: New Police Station and Rising Taxes

As a full time citizen ,I watched all the different committees , building, finance,
Bos. Etc, on ptv. They were all informative about the new police station
And the site.I came away with all these committees being bias to
Building the station and the site they chose. I watched as a leading architect
stated it would cost more to prep the building site,than to buy
Another property.

I saw citizens questioning the size of the polce force
In town. The different committees could not answer the questions
Or statements. These are the questions the citizens need answered to
Make their decision.

I also listened as one finance member stated that nothing has been discussed
about citizens who canot afford continuing higher taxes.
I applaud this member,it seems all others are ignoring this question.This
Question is the most importan. We all know of our small off season
Population.this group are the citizens whom make up Provincetown,and it's
backbone. The raising of taxes does not hurt the second homeowner,
But the citizens whom make this there home. I have listened to citizens
State over and over that ptown is expensive,as we all know.these
Citizens will leave town and more condos will be the end result.

The end result will be even fewer people living here full time.

1:45 pm est 

Re: Finance Committee


I watched the hearings on PTV-Feb 7th
Why doesn't the finance committee like the police? Chief Jaran has changed the
culture of the police dept. In the past, some officers had as much sick leave as
they had vacation time.

Our officers can now do in house what used to have to be done by experts up
cape. They have learned so many more skills.

We have an expert police force now and the most professional one possible under
these terrible building conditions.

1:41 pm est 

Re: Police Station

Why does the police station flood but the next door neighbor(lower in
elevation)does not?
1:39 pm est 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Police Station


Watching the finance coommittee meeting: the police station floods so much that
they need to get extra sump pumps. It has failed in every category and is below
code so it is next to impossible to install a sprinkler system in case of a

The state can come down on Provincetown and make us build a police station.
Where will we be then if the finance committee doesn't address this and the

Something happens to someone who goes beserk and gets loose in the sally port
area and smashes into a concrete wall and dies--a lawsuit could bankrupt the
7:54 pm est 

Re: Secret Ballot

Not guttless, much easier on voters. They will vote the truth.
12:29 pm est 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

So Noted!

And now, tell me what is wrong when the Chair of the Finance Comm. goes
public regarding the BOS and Capital Improvements via The Banner?  I find it
refreshing that these subjects are discussed in the open so as ordinary citizens
can be better educated about government operations.  Enough of the winks and
nods already !

Number second,  i heard Dr Singer taking about GUIDANCE councilors and how
valuable they are on PTV... she said something like "the guidance councilor will
select who gets scholarships etc"  Can't this be done by local volunteer
committee?  it's not like it's millions of  dollars.... end wasteful spending.
7:49 pm est 

Re: "What Happens When Rates Go Up?"

1) debt we have already incurred stays at the rates when it was incurred
therefore nothing happens, our debt service stays the same.
2) today's once in a lifetime low interest rates, brought about by Federal
Reserve intervention in credit markets, argues that now is the best time we will
ever see to borrow meaning capital projects that must happen should be moved
along while we can still take advantage of low rates.

- a taxpayer
12:53 pm est 

Re: Secret Ballot

Re: Secret Ballot How gutless can anyone be?? Vote the way you feel
once you have the facts. I'm against the big spending but I'm in favor of a new
building so I'll proudly vote NO. The costs need to be reduced and a building to
suit the needs of the town is whats needed. The town will never be any bigger
than it is right now. 99% of the buildable properties are built on. What you see
is generally what you get. Don't build bigger "for the future".
10:04 am est 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Re: Secret Ballot

I agree about the secret ballot. The intimidation and retribution
implication is disturbing.
5:30 pm est 

Re: Delay and Educate

Delay and Educate

By way of delay and Educate do you mean Delay to Obviscate?

Webmaster Comment: There is no such word as "obviscate". Obfuscate is correct.
5:22 pm est 

Non-Resident Voting

"Montana state Rep. Steve Lavin (R) has introduced a bill that would
allow property owners in Montana to vote and run for office in municipal
elections even if they are not residents of the municipalities in which they're
voting, James Conner reports.

Even more startling, Lavin's bill can be construed as giving the out-of-state
corporate owners of property a vote."

Kinda like Truro residents in Provincetown?

3:23 pm est 

Re: Police Station

Police Station vote should be a secret ballot at town meeting, just like
years ago.
1:16 pm est 

Re: Delay and Educate

By way of Delay and Educate do you mean Delay to Obfuscate.
10:13 am est 

Delay and Educate

Watch the building committee hearing on PTV. One woman said that she came late
to the game meaning that she hasn't been to any other hearings and doesn't know
the facts.

A man stood up and said that there should be posters all over town meeting
informing people of the requirements of the police station.

That said, it is the wiser course to post pone this so people learn the TRUE
COST of the police station to the taxpayers...which is less that $14.00 a month!

Get the facts, post phone the vote until the fall and let people learn the
9:35 am est 

New Police Station Vote

I propose that whenever the vote is taken on the police station, it is
should be done by private ballot!
9:25 am est 

This Blog

I find it amusing that people post to this blog and call the people who post to
this blog idiots. I find that when people can post anonymously there is more
freedom of ideas. I'm not an idiot. A bit ironic, no?
9:24 am est 

Is There a Conflict??

Did Sharon Lynn propose Town spending from to PTV   without 
mentioning she is on the Board of PTV?
9:22 am est 

Debt Service The Looming Monster!

If interest rates stay at their current rates and we only build the
police station (without the snow plow garage bldg) the town's total debt service
will be almost 1/2 of our $22M budget every uear.  Almost $3,000,000 per annum
will be spent every year for next 40  years on interest payments.  Seriously
folks get a grip.  what happens when rates go up??????
9:20 am est 

Re: Police Station Vote Deferred???

We should have a rule that if less than 10% of town voters attend town
meeting, all affirmative votes must meet 2/3 threshhold or be subject to ballot
box approval at town election.  Enough with the 5 Selectmen and their 50 town
board friends bankrupting the village.
9:17 am est 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Re: Police Station Vote Deferred???


It never ceases to amaze me some of the idiotic posts on this site " BOS delays
votes till Fall Town Meeting blah blah, they are trying to ram it down our
throats". If there is a delay for 5-6 months how can you state the BOS are
trying to speed up the process or "ramming" it anywhere. It seems to be a wise
decision so that there is more time for the Building Committee to do its work
with some policy decisions to be made by the BOS so that the electorate is as
informed as possible before one votes on millions of dollars of expenses. This
approach SEEMS sensible to me, let's hope there are at least 3-4 public forums
so all the misinformation and the truth and an open and transparent presentation
is completed before any vote!!I believe any rational person can see that, but
then again it is winter in Provincetown!!
10:15 pm est 

Re: Police Station Vote Deferred???

Attendance at Fall Town Mtgs are higher than in the Spring. Police
Station needs the Fall voters. Smart move on BOS and Building Committee.
9:25 pm est 

Re: Police Station Vote Deferred???

Let's Change the Charter: 10 % of voters needed for a town meeting

it's time that we re-vamp the charter. Only 100 people is a steal and makes no
sensne. It should be representative and only 100 people is not.

Change the Charter and change our future!!
11:51 am est 

Re: Police Station Vote Deferred???

Let's Vote on It Now!

Let's defeat the police station now. Put it on the april Meeting and let's vote
it down. do not delay until there are so few people here that the meeting is
packed with wanna-bees.

vote it down now.
11:48 am est 

Re: Police Station Vote Deferred???

"Just open up and let them ram this down our collective throats."

I think they're aiming lower.
10:18 am est 

Police Station Vote Deferred???

The vote won't be on the spring ATM yet deferred till fall ATM? Again, more costs
to the town and a sneaking suspicion that the BOS is looking to slide this by
when as less people go to fall ATM usually. This stinks. Lets face it, we're
getting a new expensive station whether we like it or not. Just open up and let
them ram this down our collective throats.
8:43 am est 

FinCom Grills Police Budget

I read in this weeks Banner Newspaper how the Police Budget was grilled by the
Finance Committee, what great news except ? The Police Dept has three Detectives
and what drives me crazy is, I see the depts up cape making numerous drug
arrests and in a small town like this one I don't see any ? Oh that's right,
only the Pharmacy has any drugs. So what's my point you say ? All three
Detectives are not only getting their salary but a 6% stipend as well. For years
our local Police Dept did what all three of these Detectives are doing with just
one, now there's three. FinCom I think you missed that. And if you want to trim
so more fat, keep in mind how the Police Chief got a $17,000 pay increase over
the last three years.
8:41 am est 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Re: Fanizzi's Restaurant

Is it really news that Fanizzi's has no apparent or alleged PIZZA on
their menu!!  put that rid bit on Community page !
12:19 pm est 

Re: Waste of Taxpayer's Money

What? Your post is a waste of MYPACC readers time.
12:18 pm est 

Freaking News Alert


Provinetown cry babies blame storm damage on current town officials.   Drunk
with make believe blog power,  these same wannabes assert that if they held real
power they would have prevented the storm from happening.

As proof of their sincerity an anonymous committee was formed to search for
virgins to sacrifice at the end of the pier.   Said virgins will be dispatched
as soon as the weather channel predicts another storm.


The virgin search committee has disbanded as no willing native virgins could be
found!   Looks like we  will continue to be victimized by  the vague
vicissitudes of storm and sea.   Anybody know  a perfunctory prayer to Poseidon?
12:15 pm est 

Breaking News!

Nonsense new post is classic.  Exactly what this time is coming to.
All we needed was a quote from the town manager or finance director to tell us
how much smarter they are than all of us, and how much sense it makes
10:41 am est 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finance Committee - National Park Service Fair Share

Thank you Finance Committee of the Town of Provincetown for holding
the Fed Gov't responsible for fees for service and other benefits the town
taxpayers have provided for essentially free since the Seashores inception. 
Like the neighborhoods of Washington, DC the Feds should pay the town
SUBSTANTIALLY not the minimum which they have gotten aways with for too long.
Even Indian tribes are treated with greater respect from the U S Dept of
10:58 am est 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Breaking News!


Provincetown was frozen is mock surprise this week with news the McMillian Pier
had suffered severe damage in the Nor'ster of two weeks ago. The storm was
ironically named Nemo.  a Latin word meaning  "no one".  And it is obvious that
it is "No One" who is taking responsibility for the colossal infrastructure
failure. While town officials continue to point fingers at one another, they
haven't yet developed a plan to repair the pier. Instead, The Board of Selectmen
will appoint a "Special Super Duper Committee of Boards" to postpone the summer
until our pier is a visual match to our award winning Town Hall and ready to
welcome tourists with grace, charm and armed guards.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen hired town counsel to sue the
Catholic Bishop of Cape Cod for malpractice noting that his blessing of the
harbor last May did not work.  Chairman A Knight, hopes proceeds from the suit
will pay for repairs to the wharf. In a rare public break of unity, McChesney
and Anderson demanded the Church turn over St Peters Parish and Rectory for use
as the new police station site.

Tragedy almost struck when Knight, while conference calling John Georgio, his
legal beagle, ran his really really big truck over Award Winning Town Hall's
lawn. When the truck finally came to a stop, Knight climbed out and declared the
spot the new site for the Fisherman's Memorial. Town political observes noted
this was a very shrewd re election move to appease the fisherman who have just
lost their slips and moorings. Police officers staking out the crime ridden
intersection of Ryder and Bradford ignored the calamity on the lawn hoping
instead to find someone who rolled through the stop sign to whom they could
issue a ticket relieving winter boredom for at least 45 minutes.

Reporting from the designated site of the Fisherman's Memorial this is Nonsense
News Network.
10:21 pm est 

Re: Fanizzi's Restaurant

Fanizzi's:  Can't find any Pizza on Fanizzi's website?
10:17 pm est 

Waste of Taxpayer's Money

Has anyone ever gone down Brewster St. And noticed  FOUR huge snow emergency
signs in one block between Bradford Sr. And where Brewster meets Pearl St.  What
is up with this? Was there a sale on these huge signs  placed so as to cause
damage to cars, or does someone in town government have a friend who sells these
signs.  This is indicative of how this town is run.  No oversight of town
departments by the town manager. Just spend and spend.  All she seems to do is
come up with new projects and ask for 2 1/2 overrides.  I thinK anyone could do
this job if all there is to is figure out ways to spend our hard earned money. 
This town manager needs to be fired.  She is incompetent and really does not
know how to frugally run a town, especially in these hard times.
I ask that everyone write in with other instances of waste by town departments
so that everyone will be aware how this town manager is not doing her job.
7:55 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier

What happened at the Pier? Will the ferries be able to dock this
summer? How much to fix? How fast to fix? Did they find all those moorings when
it fell down?
7:53 pm est 

Re: Shout Out!

I honestly don't think MYPACC readers have migrated to the
Provincetown Community Space page as another poster stated. I have looked at
that page numerous times and it's nothing more than a bunch of Pollyannnas
posting about how beautiful the sunset was, trying to sell obsolete computers or
cell phones, or advertising their businesses. There are few serious political
issues being discussed there so I doubt many would see it as an alternative to
this page.
7:49 pm est 

Re: Surprised

Anyone else find the Avellar-Steele attempts to revise history

Mary Jo attempts to deflect any responsibility for the Pier away from herself
even though she was a Selectman when decisions were made.
Then I just saw Duanne try to lecture the rest of the Finance Committee about
finacial responsibility.                                                                              

Do you think we really don't remember?
12:30 pm est 

Herring Cove

When is the new McDonald's going to open at Herring Cove?
10:43 am est 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fanizzi's Restaurant

Can we talk about the wicked awesome pizza at Fanizzi's?
9:17 pm est 

Thank You PTV!

I would like to thank the sound engineer for fixing the sound problems
at the BOS and other meetings covered by PTV.  THANK YOU.  It's wonderful to
hear everyone clearly....
9:21 am est 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

6:50 pm est 

Re: Surprised

Mary Jo was a Selectman, one of a BOARD of Selectmen. She had one
vote. Remember that when you start to BLAME people for past mistakes.
6:43 pm est 

Vote For Change

Somebody on this blog, or even not on this blog, needs to run for
Selectperson.  Come on people - step up! Lets vote for CHANGE its not too late
to turn the direction of this town around from pro police pro rich pro second
home owner to by the people for the people!
6:42 pm est 

Sad to Say: She is Back!

Saw her pulling her dog in a snow sled. something happened along the way...I
don't know what, but something did happen.
6:39 pm est 

Re: Shout Out!

Dear Blog-master.

First, please spare us the idiocy of someone posting about anonymous posts
without signing their name. MUTE

Second, please spare us any more rants. That person deserves special compassion
from the Lower Cape communities. Anti-social behaviors are among the most tragic
for they themselves force away the very people who might be able to help them
live a nearly normal life. For compassion's sake, Mr Blog-master, please MUTE
those angry vitriolic posts.

3:13 pm est 


Was surprised to walk by a Finance Committee meeting and hear Mary Jo,
Town Moderator, lecturing the Finance Committee on her version of the town's
history.  Around 6 on Thursday night.  I could see a few people from the Pier
sitting there too and from the brief time I listened from the hallway it
appeared Mary Jo has altered the facts from  the Piers history in order to
remove any responsibility of the past mistakes made when she was selectman.

Sorry, MJA, you, as a Selectman, voted in favor of the very things that created
the current problems.  It's in the minutes.
3:08 pm est 

Pavement Reconstruction Information

Thanks for the Info on Pavement But it's time to take it down

I'd rather start reading the blog without having to go through the commercial
street pavement notice. I think by now we know.
3:06 pm est 

Re: Shout Out!

"Your dated blog is nothing more than writing on bathroom stalls from
invertebrates. It has had no impact on effecting change in Town government"

Sounds like she's back! Poster Child for the cabal.
9:59 am est 

Re: Shout Out!

"Your dated blog is nothing more than writing on bathroom stalls from
invertebrates. It has had no impact on effecting change in Town government"

Then why do you write on the same wall? Speaking of backbone or the lack there of, where is your

If you take a hard look you will see "the times are a changing" and come election time they will change even more.
9:54 am est 

Shout Out!

Your dated blog is nothing more than writing on bathroom stalls from
invertebrates. It has had no impact on effecting change in Town government.
9:21 am est 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Re: Please Explain

Who cares if a dog is allowed inside town hall. It's a dog. It's
covered in fur. Your dog will be fine. It's a dog. Not an accessory. You don't
need to dress it up fancy and prance with it around town. In an emergency, feed
your dog, give it water. Take it outside to poop. If you need to be warm, go to
town hall without your dog. Simple!
10:58 pm est 

Re: Please Explain

IF dogs were allowed "upstairs. At Town Hall" it only applied to the
select few.  them code red alerts made it clear pets would NOT be allowed and  
In BOTHof my Callisto police dispatch  I was told I MUST leave my pup outside or
at. Home, that if with me Iwould be denied access.

Guess that even in an emergency the rules are applied depending on who you
3:16 pm est 

Re: There is a God!

How Strange!

I don't find this a hate blog. How strange that you see it this way. I see
people who care about this town voicing their opinions. I find many who are not
pleased with the lack of leadership here. We deserve better and that is what I
hear here.

This is a precious place with people who fail to protect what we have and how we
should be lead.
3:11 pm est 

Pier Damage

Well folks the storm with over 80 MPH winds has damaged the finger piers on our
downtown gateway to Provincetown via water. It will cost millions to repair, the
Pier Corp has only about 200,000 bucks in reserve. The wave attenuator that was
originally proposed in the bay situated in the EAST END of town was taken out of
the initial Pier Project many years ago. WHY? because a few loud and vocal East
End waterfront property owners threatened litigation and more! Maybe they had a
petition as well i dont'know? 4 of the sitting selectperson at the time pulled
it out of the project, look up that vote and you can thank he or she for not
looking to the future when you are investing MILLIONS of dollars on a large
capital expense. Would the WAVE ATTNUATOR (I hope the spelling is correct) have
saved the floats, we'll never know but they were designed specifically for this
type of storm!! This is a perfect example of not planning for the future and all
the scenarios that we as a communi!ty need to plan for. I hope all who will
"objectively" look at the proposed Police/Public Safety facility, its' cost and location
proposed on TOWN OWNED property and the smallest sq. footage space of any Police
Station on Cape Cod and whose location proposed has no other use but municipal
and make an informed decision if and when the project comes to a vote!! We can't
keep putting our heads in the sand and kick the can down the road!!
9:04 am est 

Re: VME What Happened?

When's Sharon Lynn and Jeff Jarans terms up?  We can't deal with this 
    anymore people!!!
8:59 am est 

We Did Survive the Storm

Thank goodness. We were soooo lucky. so Fortunate. Yes, we did lose electricity
but we survived quite weil inspite of these problems. I heard David Gardner did
a fabulous job at the so-called shelter at town hall. Once again, he shows us
what leadership is all about.
11:23 pm est 

Re: There is a God!

I Read Here and I Know What is Happening

Go wherever you want but I find that I know much more about what is happening
and how people feel when I read this blog.

I hear anguish, concern or strong positions. I hear it here. For me, this is
key. For me, it is this blog.
11:20 pm est 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Re: New Police Station

Why I'll Support the New Station, one word, LIABILITY

Every time someone is booked at the current woefully inadequate police station
we run the risk of an incident leading to massive liability for the town. If I
was the town's insurer I'd refuse to insure the police department due to
documented terrible facilities. Let's put this huge liability behind us and get
a new station underway ASAP. The penny-wise, pound foolishness has gone on long

10:18 pm est 

Provincetown Pier Again?

Pier storm damage now at 4 to 5 million growing quickly. Here we go again.
10:17 pm est 

There is a God!

This hate blog has become irrelevant. Thank God! Our community has
migrated to Provincetown Community Space where people's names are identified
with their posts, discourse is civil thanks to its administrators unlike this
administrator who chooses to post lies, rumors, name-calling, etc.        is the
poster boy for the blog version of the Pyramid of Hate.

You are just an ugly footnote in the Town's history Walker. There is a God!
10:15 pm est 

Shout Out!

Here's a new post seeing that you are starved for 'news': there will be 2 seats
contested for the Board of Selectmen so who will run? Will it be Bedard who was
trounced by the new kid who likes to eat at meetings and wants more affordable
housing in town but not a modern public safety facility? Inquiring minds want to
know if the Bedard West End cabal is in the initial planning stages for the
campaign? Rumors everywhere that Ms. Couture will run but of course she would
have to ask Irene R permission first, remember she was in office for over 9
years and has left us in quite a mess and in the past gave Keith Bergman high
scores in the 90's for his yearly reviews!! Is there a new transplant from
FINCOM who wants to run for the Board that actually sets POLICY for the town?
10:13 pm est 

Re: Please Explain

FYI Dogs in the Shelter

Dogs were allowed upstairs at Town Hall during the storm. Better to check out
Facebook than this site of anger, stupidity and lies.
10:09 pm est 

Re: Shout Out Lost Its Voice

Maybe You Didn't Lose Electricity But Many of Us Did

Who was posting when you trying to keep warm and had no lights and this went on
for quite awhile.

Eergency situations call for a different focus: surviving and keeping safe!

Poor thinking! Poor conclusion!
10:08 pm est 

Re: VME What Happened?

"Wasn't there approval a few years ago for setting Veterans' Memorial
Elementary School as a shelter?  If so, what happened?"

The project has been delayed because of cost overruns and construction errors.
10:05 pm est 

Re: VME What Happened?

Oh yes, VMES a pet friendly shelter. I remember the publicity well.
So much for honesty in Sharons town.
How anyone believes anything she says is beyond me...
Sharon lies like a rug...don't let her fool you any longer!
10:04 pm est 

See You all Soon!

Moving out of my halfway house in Hyannis and back to Ptown soon.
Can't wait to see some old friends, gona be so much fun. See you all soon
10:02 pm est 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Re: VME What Happened?

Wasn't there approval a few years ago for setting Veterans' Memorial
Elementary School as a shelter?  If so, what happened?
6:58 pm est 

Shout Out Lost Its Voice

Only four postings for Shout out on Tuesday. Seems that SHOUT OUT has lost its

No matter. The police station will be up for a vote at town meeting.

After surveying the vast amount of affordable housing in this town, the
electorate doesn't have the stomach or the will to spend more hard earned tax
money buying land so that their co-workers can live worry free.

Plus, there is no more land for affordable housing. It is time for the
developers to start on Truro.

The school is here to stay, so that isn't an issue--not until it is down to 50

The harbor master has a teflon coating it seems--at least until the District
Attorney's office gets digging.

So, shout out is muzzled by the few folks who post here.
2:35 pm est 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Police Station

I preferred one of the original plans for the Police Station and parking
structure at Duarte's. I was never certain if it was determined if Mr. Duarte
truly was interested in selling to the town but the plan had great merit and
made sense.
5:57 pm est 

Killing Several Birds With One Stone

Why not take the incredibly oversized police force and cut it in half.
Hire seasonal rent a cops to augment for the couple of months when we need them.
Take the money and bury all power and cable lines thus avoiding the too frequent
outages, improving the town's aesthetic in a major way, and curtailing the
police empire. Fat chance I know but it solves a few big problems.
5:56 pm est 

Re: Please Explain

Hope you never need to bring your child to town hall or any other town
building during regular office hours...

The town should have found a way to acommadate both of our needs in this crisis
5:53 pm est 

Re: Please Explain


Lets say that with my furnace out, I need to go to town hall to get warm. Lets
say that my 5 year old is allergic to dogs and suddenly I walk into the room and
my child's eyes become swollen and my child's breathing becomes labored after 10
minutes because 30 people are there and ten dogs.

See the point? If someone takes their dog to work with them, then their
colleagues have no objections or allergies.

That is the reason why I'm glad that there are no pets allowed. My child can't
just leave the room and the symptoms disappear like turning a light off and on;
my child's system could endure for a period of time.
7:44 am est 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Please Explain

Can someone explain why certain town employees @ town hall and grace
gouveia building are allowed to bring their dogs to work everyday BUT when there
is an emergency I was not allowed to "warm up briefly" with my pup!!!

Who says this is a pet friendly town?  Better-to call it a "fair weather pet
friendly town!
9:59 pm est 

New Police Station

We don't want a police station that police department can grow into. Get it
right for now. The force will only get smaller The current plan is too big.
9:52 pm est 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Re: New Police Station

Here's the real deal, The majority of them work in new cruisers, with heating,
air conditioning, top notch communications, oh, and yes, an audio radio.... all
of which we have paid for.

The men and women in the field are hardly doing without.

As for the folks at the station, perhaps now is the time to regionalize.

It's what the rest of the country is doing.

Even in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania....

10:49 am est 

A Vote For the New Police Station

This storm has more than confirmed my conviction that a new station is needed,
and should be placed on Race Road. I plan on spending the rest of my life here,
and I want a state of the art police station. As with Truro, Wellflett and
Eastham, we should join them and have our station on Route Six. It will allow
for all emergency vehicles to have access to all parts for this town and be away
from the harbor so its not taken over by flooding like the Sandwich departments
that needed to be evacuated.

For another $100 or so a year, I feel its worth it for my safety. With having
experienced over 24 Hours without heat, I felt comforted by the police and DPW
presence throughout the storm. We live at the end of the "world", out in the
middle of the ocean with the real possibility of being cut off from the mainland
or from Truro. Do you really want to nickle and dime the most important aspect
of living in this town ? The new Station has my vote and the location of Race
Point is far superior than any other from a public safety point of view.

And thank you to all the town employees throughout this storm, you made me feel
very safe in my home.
10:43 am est 

Re: "Kept You Safe"?

I'm intrigued by the widely accepted concept that the police have
"kept you safe". Not that I don't appreciate the idea of a "keeper if the peace"
concept- but my question is kept you safe from what? And considering the fact
that almost half of deaths in the US by police are of people with mental health
issues it just makes me wonder, in this tiny town, safe from what? Fear is a
powerful thing - and it keeps people with guns in business.
10:39 am est 

Re: Parking Lot Revenues

Why would Mr. Duarte give that up? Look at the operation. HE is the one down
there, day after day, night after night. He's not getting any younger and I'm
sure he's very well off from past income from the property. Point is that it
comes a time in everyones life when you say "I'm done" and I would think Mr.
Duarte is near that day. I just hope the town doesn't miss the opening to make
an offer or be part of the discussion on the "next phase" for that property
priot to transfer of ownership. It's a PRIME location for anything and
everything. That property will be the hub of Provincetown in the near future,
mark my words.
9:00 am est 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Re: Police Station

Leapfrog to the future folks, regionalize the police dept. ! Nostalgia is very
expensive! Too expensive!
10:03 pm est 

I Appreciate the Weather Update Here

It's great. I just click and there is the weather for today or for the next few
days or for the week ahead. Perfect!

And given this storm,this blizzard, how great to have this on the blog. A great
convenience that I like very much. Thanks again.
9:49 pm est 

Re: New Police Station

What I don't understand is how everyone in this town wants things
done, but they don't want to pay for it. The police station is a disgusting
building and the men and womem that keep me safe everyday should not be made to
work in such deplorable conditions.

If the numbers that were presented at the meeting are correct, then the cost per
year for many people will be between 65 -150 per year. Of course those of us who
are able to afford a bigger or more expensive condo will pay a little bit more.

Let's look at the benefits: 1. building it now will be less costly than in 3-5
years.  2. Our men and women in blue deserve a well functioning building in
which to work. 3. We can sell the old police station building and put the money
to use towards a new station. 4. Police officers working in top of the line
buildings will be more satisfied with their work and perform their duties with

I'm not sure about the issues of building on Race point Road, but I think it
would be an ideal site with plenty of parking. It's time to more into the 21st
century Ptown. I realize it will cost us money, but anything worth having today
costs money. Please support the Police Department and the men and women who put
their lives on the line each day to keep you, me and our families safe. 
9:47 pm est 

Parking Lot Revenues


Why would Mr. Duarte ever sell that Parking lot? It brings in millions of
dollars a year. Look at the money ours brings in. If you watch PTV, you will see
that we give away almost three quarters of a million dollars in free parking in
the Municipal parking lot by the pier each year!

That is a million and half dollars every two years!
9:44 pm est 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Storm Shelter at VMESS

Anyone remember Town Meeting approved the Storm shelter at VMESS over two years
ago? We've had three cost overruns and many many delays. For example the heat
systems. Lynn first promised prison labor from the Barnstable Sheriff and later
asked for several installments adding up to millions  of dollars for the

The heat issues have been bungled from day one. It's February and Town Meeting
approved those costs at Fall Town Meeting in 2011! And now shelter here, travel
ban.  L

And they want to build a police station? Or a new anything?
7:02 pm est 

I Can't Believe What is Going on in This Town

There is snow all over the place in my yard!!  Who on the finn comm allowed this?
was there some type of secret mtgn with the Town mngr and the board of selectmen
to ok this?? 

Oh I can not believe that people here would allow this or even put up with it. I bet
I know who started all this and you know who you are. Karma is a funny thing,This
is just great snow all over my yard!!  now who do you suppose is gona have to
clean it up?  ME?  I'm telling you I can not believe this town.
6:44 pm est 

New Police Station


If this police station doesn't pass, we will have to pay so much to build a new
building in the future.

The state could make us do this down the road. Look at the places that have
pools and hot tubs. The state is now going to require that all pools and hot
tubs open that are part of a commercial operation will have to be made handicap
accessible. it is going to cost thousands to do that for a pool and a hot tub.

I don't want to wait until the town is given an ultimatum. The finance director
said right at the meeting what it will cost. I just watched the hearing on PTV.

6:40 pm est 

Cost of the Police Station

The cost of the police station will be even less because the board of selectmen
are going to ear mark the proceeds from the sale of the old police to go towards
paying for the new building.

Currently this is what the Director of finance states without including the sale
of the old police station:

If we borrowed $8,590,000 over 30 years at 3.5%

    The debt service cost in the first year is $587,018
    On a median size condo assessed at $321,400 the tax impact would be $87.80
in the first year
    On a median size family home assessed at $608,700 the tax impact would be
$166.98 in the first year

If we sold the Grace Gouveia Bldg and the Community Center for $2,000,000 and
financed $6,590,000 over 30 years at 3.5%

    The debt service cost in the first year is $450.351
    The impact on a median size condo would be $67.54 in the first year
    The impact on a median size family home would be $128.24 in the first year
6:36 pm est 

Snow Storm

Living here all of my adult life, I can't get too worked up because I've taken
precautions. What do you expect us to do if an area floods? or winds damage

Go to town hall and take refuge up in the auditorium if you are scared.
6:34 pm est 

Re: Finance Committee

Why is the Finance Committee raising our taxes????? They approved a
DPW budget above the submitted budget! That lame board gave them almost 100,000
more than what was requested to Buildings and Grounds. They have rubber stamped
every other budget to with little or no discussion!
6:30 pm est 

Re: Blizzard

It is real simple no need to have this blog be weather channel, worst case 2
feet of snow high winds, best case 6 inches with moderate wind, the storm should
last 24 -36 hours. Stock up on supplies and water stay OFF the street because
god knows you all will complain that the roads aren't plowed as fast as you
would like them to be. Lets hope the power doesn't go out and our 911 and
emergency systems in the sewer laced basement of the POLICE is affected and the
uncovered non-protected DPW vehicles can do what they do best, plow the streets
in a timely fashion if everyone parks there cars out of emergency zones. It is
storms like this whereupon all the naysayers should reflect on the investments
that should have been PLANNED over the past 10 years but was never planned in an
organized affordable way not to over burden we tax payers, thanks Mr. Bergman,
and the past Boards of Select persons who sat in those chairs sometimes for 9
years at a pop and did NOTHING to plan for the !
future of this community. I don't want to list the BOS names but those that
have lived here all there lives or moved here from the 80's onward know who the
hypocrites are!
6:28 pm est 

Re: Blizzard


It is going to be snowing and we will have very high winds. The time to be
alarmed is later on when something happens to be alarmed about.

We are concerned about the police station because the article is front page news
and it is an important issue.

People are twisted up not knowing the facts. The facts are that the cost to the
taxpayers is explained in a previous blog.

We live here and have had snow for decades--we prepare for it and are ready for
it. Watch TV if you want to get alarmed.
12:32 pm est 


We have a potentially Historical blizzard coming with dangerous High tides - and
everything on this blog is about a Police Station.

Please chime in regularly about the Blizzard so we can use this blog as an
exchange of important information of what's going as the Blizzard affects us.

9:27 am est 

New Police Station Site Selection

I am confused - we own the land at Race Road and can build on it, but
you all want to buy land to put the Police Station on ?    FYI Townsend is not
for sale; VFW is probably at least a million, the current site is too small so
you would have to buy the building next door, do you think Duarte's will be
cheap ?   I guess you just want to increase the cost of the Police Station.
9:26 am est 

Re: New Police Station Cost to Taxpayers

My taxes have gone up over 10% the last two years. My friend lost saw her rental
converted to seasonal use as landlords (decent people) can no longer justify
year round rents with increasing costs. She reluctantly moved to Truro.

This is just one super project, and several more are being planned. It all adds
9:24 am est 

New Police Station Cost to Taxpayers


Finally, you have posted the TRUE cost of the police station. Everyone at the
meeting heard the finance expert in town give these figures.

if we borrowed $8,590,000 over 30 years at 3.5% The debt service cost in the
first year is $587,018    On a median size condo assessed at $321,400 the tax
impact would be $87.80
in the first year
    On a median size family home assessed at $608,700 the tax impact would be
$166.98 in the first year

If we sold the Grace Gouveia Bldg and the Community Center for $2,000,000 and
financed $6,590,000 over 30 years at 3.5%

    The debt service cost in the first year is $450.351
    The impact on a median size condo would be $67.54 in the first year
    The impact on a median size family home would be $128.24 in the first
9:21 am est 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Re: New Police Station Site


This is what was said at the Bulding Committee Public Forum
watch it on PTV.


If we borrowed $8,590,000 over 30 years at 3.5%

    The debt service cost in the first year is $587,018
    On a median size condo assessed at $321,400 the tax impact would be $87.80
in the first year
    On a median size family home assessed at $608,700 the tax impact would be
$166.98 in the first year

If we sold the Grace Gouveia Bldg and the Community Center for $2,000,000 and
financed $6,590,000 over 30 years at 3.5%

    The debt service cost in the first year is $450.351
    The impact on a median size condo would be $67.54 in the first year
    The impact on a median size family home would be $128.24 in the first year

9:06 pm est 

New Police Station Site Selection

One year later the same arguments about the police station

The not so fast gang:

It's too big, it's too expensive, it's in the wrong location. They aren't
listening.  They'e very secretive. They haven't considered renovation. Are they

Build it now bunch:
We've been doing this for 5 years. Two blue ribbon panels. If you were as
educated as we are, you'd agree with us. It's not really very expensive all. You
already voted for it once dummies. It's CHEAP for a police station. We need to
build in  police department growth so it's not too big at all.

8:48 am est 

Re: Building Comittee

The building Committee isn't just involved with the police station and DPW
building. They will be doing this kind of in depth study on other town building

They have researched what is needed and they presented it to the town in a
public forum and people are hostile to their findings and the selectmen should
all support their conclusion.

Kitchens and bathrooms aren't used every minute of the day--but you can't
eliminate them from a house you build. It is against the law.
8:46 am est 

Finance Committee

Trust the new Finance Committee is the last thing I will do after its
performance at the last town meetin!
8:44 am est 

Thanks, Thanks for the Weather Updates Here

it's great to get the latest especially as this storm/blizzard appears to headed
our way Friday and Saturday. Great to get the updated information.
8:43 am est 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Re: New Police Station Site

How about if we build the Police Station out at Long Point? That way
when the police are needed they can take the Flyer's Shuttle over! C'mon people,
can't we figure out a reasonable solution? So many of the posts on here are
ridiculous. The present police station is a mess, selling it and using the money
to build a new station is the way to go... but where to put it. How about right
across from the new housing project on Shank Painter? Buy the Townsend
Restaurant and build it there. Plenty of parking, close to town and within
walking distance for many.

9:05 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

I am so tired of town government proponents arguing that it will only
cost $100/year for a new police station for 10 years.

The problem with this rationale is that it does not include the annual increase
in operating budget (usually 5-6%--significantly above inflation)which affects
tax rates hugely, prior committed debt which is an add-on each year and other
articles which get approved at each special and annual meeting which only cost
"$50/year" more per project. I know all the excuses--we are committed to
existing debt service, huge increases in health insurance, retirement, union
increases and the litany goes on and on.

This shotgun approach with no long term plan in terms of looking at the
affordability of living in this community in terms of taxes, water and sewer and
homeonwer insurance has to stop at some point.

At some point, what about looking at staffing effeciencies in town government
(when was the last time we had an independent analysis of staffing?). What about
the huge school budget? What about the looming unfunded retirement benefit

There is no 3--5--10 year projection of how much more can taxpayers afford
before the answer has to be "NO" and new monies need to be found from
reallocating current financial resources. This is the only way to direct the
hard decisions.

We are getting bombarded with huge tax increases, we've had huge increases in
our water rates, we have highest sewer rate in the Commonwealth, our home
insurance are out of sight, and the town keeps on spending with these "just a
little more added to your tax bill" each year.

We need from FINCOM prior to special and annual meeting the current baseline of
what an average taxpayer is now paying for property taxes, CPA & Land Bank
taxes, water & sewer, property insurance and then look at the cost of adding any
project to the tax payers.All of this is in relation to one of the lowest per
capita incomes in the Commonwealth.

FinCom, please bring some sense to the process for the taxpayers because they
are being bamboozled by the Selectmen and Town Manager. The former FinCom was in
total cohoots with the Selectmen and the Town Manager and rubber stamped the
financial train wreck for homeowners living in this town for too many years.
9:03 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

What's the cost to renovate the police station???
I never see this stated or any talk on the subject???
Why not tear it down,yes trailers,and discuss this option???
2:00 pm est 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Increase in taxes 100.00 speeding ticket average 150.00.  Hmmm?
8:41 pm est 

Re: Feb 4th Building Committee Meeting

The building committee has pared the building down to its essence but people
still wanted it smaller

The Building Committee is SHOCKED that Town is upset as the costs and voters
have real doubts about the shell game financing being proposed. The Building
Commmitee has refused to meet with the Finance Committee, or any other Board or
Abutter or.....and so it goes. Of course it costs too much, still! They are only
listening to the Police!!!!! I am not shocked Town is in revolt, I am in AWE the
Building Committee and Selectmen expected a parade of rose petals.
7:12 pm est 

Provincetown Needs a New Police Station and DPW Building

Everyone acknowledged that we need these two buildings. It was stated that 2
buildings are ear marked to be sold and that the proceeds will go towards the
police station.

Now a third building is being added to the list. These buildings could be sold
and that would lower the price of the police station by at least $3 million

We need these new buildings. Interest rates are low now, and the actual cost to
the taxpayers will be minor over the long run.

Try building a house with no bathrooms and see if it ever gets an occupancy
permit. Every house needs a bathroom. Every police station needs interrogation
rooms with a built in audio and camera recorder. Every police station needs 3
separate jail areas of 3 for men, 2 for women and one for juveniles. The list
goes on and on.
7:10 pm est 

Feb 4th Building Committee Meeting

The building committee has pared the building down to its essence but people
still wanted it smaller. It is because they don't understand that the police
station is required by law to have cells that are hidden from the opposite sex
and minors. that some files need to be kept forever. that every area is
necessary and is required by law.

People were upset about the cost even though Mr. Dan Hoort said that the actual
amount addes to our taxes would be less than $100 a year. depending on if you
own a condo or a house etc. What is that? $9.00 a month over ten years?

People who haven't studied the requirements for a police station stood up and
said what they wanted to see. They live in a world where facts don't matter.

The building committee needs to write an in depth article about the requirements
for a police station. We need to vote this in..otherwise, we will have to do it
in the future at more cost. The status quo can not stand.
3:56 pm est 

When There's No Reason to Fire Someone.....

....then they don't get fired. Allegations are not evidence and hearsay is not the
same as facts. Believing someone has done something wrong is not the same as
someone actually doing something wrong.
3:52 pm est 

Joint BOS/Building Committee Meeting

I do hope someone will give an update on the big meeting tonight.
I'm out of town unfortunately and wish I was there.
Please let us know what went on... periodic
12:55 am est 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Re: Harbor Master


because in everty small town, everybody knows everybody else and nobody wants to
be the bad guy and fire someone they know. Is        really going to fire his    
        ? Same thing is happening in Truro. Can't fire the fire chief, they know
him even though he's doing a lousy job. So long as you're friendly, you'll
always have ajob in municipal service.
9:23 am est 

Dog Park

Bags of money at the bark park

In the last 5 years the Provincetown Bark Park has raised $198,000 and still has
$60,000 in the bank.

11:20 pm est 

Public Meeting in Judge Welch Meeting Room

Meeting Agenda

The Provincetown Board of Selectmen will hold a public meeting on Monday,
February 4, 2013 at  5 pm in the Judge Welsh Meeting Room, Provincetown Town
Hall, 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657.

Austin Knight, Chairman

1. Executive Session - M.GL. c30A Sec 21 (a) Clause 6

To consider the value of several parcels of real property for consideration as
possible alternative sites for a new police station.
11:19 pm est 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Re: Affordable Housing

Yes there will always be people that abuse any system. I made it  into
the affordable housing and I wouldn't be here in this beautiful place if I
didn't. I'm happy to be here! And I don't know of anyone leaving for 3 months at
a time. But I'm pretty sure someone would notice.
4:17 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing


I dont know who the 1 person, or 2 people, are who are driving these affordable
housing rants but they are WAY off base. They are actually hate mongering. The
comments also reflect the idea that property owners have more rights than
renters and frankly that is not how democracy works nor should it be. Find out
the facts about the people in affordable housing. Shank Painter units went to
almost 100% local people...some of these comments are appalling. They show an
immature understanding of the way the world works and a woeful ignorance of the
issues surrounding affordable housing. Shame on you, you are very small and
ignorant people. Or perhaps you're just bitter, miserable        !!
4:15 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Affordable housing should go to people with children in the schools
and then the rest of the people.   This is what Nantucket did and it helps
create a more balances community.
4:13 pm est 

Re: Building Committee Meeting

"What happened regarding the building committee's meeting with the architects?
It isn't on PTV yet?"

The Building Committee decided not to televise their meetings meet at 8 am, and
hold them in the more the very small Caucus Room so town officials could talk
"off the record" about the police station.
4:11 pm est 

Re: Why do We Have a Housing Person at Town Hall?

To get on the list for affordable housing, come to Provincetown and get a
job...that is the only criteria..and qualify..
4:09 pm est 

Health Issue


We were at a party..and we were talking to the hostess about their house etc.
She said that one thing on which she would not compromise on was that she forbid
her husband to shovel the snow.

She works at a hospital and when it snows the hospital becomes full of men who
have heart attacks and and many die.

That is how a friend of ours died..and he was in his 50's. Just one word to the

4:06 pm est 

Re: Harbor Master


What in the world does it take to get someone like the harbormaster fired in
this town?

Does the pier corps know what they are doing? I think that this whole job is
beyond them if they are just keeping everything status quo.

Take you head out of the sand, look at what is going on and fire him!
4:05 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

$40,000 for a housing person at Town Hall

Why do we need to pay a salary to a housing person at Town Hall? What does she
do that  realtor, or the classified ads, or Craigslist doesn't do?

What is her position. What does she do that benefits the people in the town?
4:03 pm est 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Re: Affordable Housing


I know several people who came to town to get summer jobs to get on the list.
One slept on a friends couch and then went back to New York after working in the

Another person did the same and I heard about others. This is a small town. The
Affordable housing situation is going to get scrutinized by the taxpayers one
way or the other.

I know of two single people and a couple who did not qualify for one reason or

I know of a woman with 2 children would couldn't get out of her lease.

How can you people on the list just allow the people who do have the housing to
abuse it and go away for the Winter. Not everyone has a rich aunt who pays for
them to be in the Caribbean for 3 months.
4:51 pm est 

Re: Building Committee Meeting


What happened regarding the building committee's meeting with the architects? It
isn't on PTV yet.
3:20 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Waiting List... a sham. 300 + people on this list. After the lottery for the Shank Painter
units, almost half of the lottery winners were disqualified.  Anyone can put
their name on the waiting list. There is no screening process until that person
is chosen for a unit. Also, the list is never cleaned up. I'd bet some of the
people on the list have moved on and forgotten that they're even on a list.

But why would the Housing Administrator cull the list or even prescreen
applicants?  Because the higher the number the more desparate the situation. 
Again, the waiting list number is an abstract. It tells you nothing of any
actual need.
3:19 pm est 

Affordable Housing


You are 30 years old. A third of your life is already over. Today will end and
you will be one day closer to the day that you die.

All of your effort goes into what: it goes into working in the summer and going
someplace warm and collecting in the winter.

Jump ahead 20 years..what do you have? You have no equity; you have nothing.
Your social security will be nill.

Do a total investigation of reverse mortgages and you will find people who can
still live in their homes..but they have little money for much else.

Work in the summer and play in the winter and then you want the taxpayers to
bail you out. It won't last forever, my dear, it won't last forever. The age of
entitlement will end one day.
12:00 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing


Any resident can vote at town meeting. I can see what is going to happen. Every
one of us wants lower taxes or a lower rent or a lower cost if we go out.

I can see an article coming before the town to buy Thompsons restaurant on Shank
Painter Rd or take over the High School for affordable housing.

We will be at the mercy of all of the renters. However, the time will come when
there won't be any available property on which to build affordable housing.

Or, every thing will be developed and occupied and there won't be any more room.

Look at your living. where are you going to put another couch, easy chair,
coffee table and still have room to move around? One day Provincetown will be as
built up as your living room is filled up if you double everything.
11:25 am est 

Just the Facts Mam


Ms. M J. who makes $50k a year as our housing person, should be able to tell us
how many affordable housing units people occupy in town already.

All she has to do is contact Barnstable housing Auth. and the Hyannis Housing
authority and so on.

All she has to do is contact Mr. Ted Malone and ask him how many units in all of
the housing developments in town have affordable units.

Instead we hear sob stories when she goes before the selectmen.

Millions of people lost their jobs and may lost their homes all over the
country. Bear Sterns ceased to exist.

I want the total number of affordable housing units declared so we know what we
are dealing with.

I bet that we already have 250 affordable housing units one way or another.
11:23 am est 

Things to Come

Has anyone changed their mind about the police station? So far not many.

But pro or con, the  police station and now the police department excesses sure
are cat nip for Provincetown. Hard to believe town meeting won't be packed.
11:20 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing

No indeed, I do not live in affordable housing. I live and work here year round.

All I'm saying is that if you see someone breaking the rules and it bugs you so
much, report them. Otherwise why bother whining about it, it's not really going
to solve the problem is it?

One of the problems of living in places like Cape Cod, Hawaii or any other
resort area where people are drawn is a high cost of living. Sadly just a fact
of life. But I assume it's the same reason you are here.

We all make decisions and if you can't find a way to make it here then there are
other options to live elsewhere. I give up a lot to stay here. More of my $$
goes to housing than anything else so there are things I have to do without. But
I want to be here so I cope. Sounds harsh but that's the way the US economy
11:19 am est 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Re: "Put Up a Parking Lot...."

Re: "The town should buy all of the property that it can--and then
turn it into parking lots!!"

I'm sure you posted in jest but haven't we already destroyed the waterfront
gateway to town with a muni parking lot? That space could yield huge economic
benefit as an outdoor venue for music and other events while moving parking to a
structure at Duarte's but we don't have the money or foresight to accomplish

As Joni Mitchell said "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot."
8:30 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

We must have hundreds of people living in affordable housing. There is Sandy
Hill for one. The place by the cumberland farms on shank painter road, the
places  being built on Race point Rd, Remember the Meadows? Look at the old A&P
site on Conwell street and the housing by the hardware store, and look at the
old Dairy Queen by Victors..vast amount of affordable housing all over town.
Plus, private landlords with affordable housing tenants on section 8.
8:26 pm est 

8:25 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Re: "You can always ring up the IRS or Unemployment office and ask them
toinvestigate someone who you think is doing something dubious. Or, perhaps you
could live your life and focus on being happy instead of angry and bitter."

Gee, this sounds like a post from someone who scammed their way into affordable
housing who is now laughing at someone else who wasn't so lucky.

I guess it's easy to "focus on being happy" when you are living in a nice new,
affordable unit while working under the table and not reporting the income, or
better yet, posting mean messages to MYPACC from your laptop on the beach in
Mexico while hard working, honest people are here in the cold trying to piece
together a living to from the few available jobs in town so they can pay their

Please, try to excuse some of us for being "angry and bitter" instead of
focusing on "being happy" like you.
8:23 pm est 

Provincetown School Committee Budget

$3,367,784.00 Now and More Next Year

Was that with or without the gym?
8:15 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

"I heard of some towns now are building middle income

Most places call that workforce housing, typically these middle income units are
designed to accommodate families of teachers, cops firefighters, back office
workers etc. especially in expensive real estate markets like inner ring
suburbs. The thinking is that it is an advantage to have workers part of the
community they work in, yet salaries make living in town unrealistic for market
rate housing.

In resort areas, like Provincetown, workforce housing also can mean seasonal
dorm like housing for a younger seasonal work force.
8:13 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing


Selectmen Yingling is essentially saying that the taxpayers can do more for
affordable housing i.e. let them buy land to subsidize housing for others who
want to live here.

The only land available is high priced land. We taxpayers have already spent a
few million dollars on affordable housing

We probably have more than any other town on the cape for our size.

Selectmen Yingling says that we have 800 year round residents. We have over 80
people living in affordable housing units. We taxpayers should not be forced to
buy more land to make developers rich.
9:22 am est 

Put Up a Parking Lot.......


I did some research and if one is going to buy real estate--the way to go is to
buy parking lots: no maintenance as there is in PURCHASING a building..and you
start making money the first few minutes after your purchase the property.

The town should buy all of the property that it can--and then turn it into
parking lots!!
9:20 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing


Dear proponents of taxpayers buying land for affordable housing: There is no
land for us to buy.

Where is another plot of land the size of what is needed to fulfill the number
*250 units needed* that evolved from the Ryan report?

Do you want the taxpayers to buy Duarte's parking lot and turn it into
affordable housing? Well, If Mr. Duarte does sell that property to the town..I
want us to use it as parking so we can bring in a few million dollars a year in

9:18 am est 

Re: Building Committee Meeting


I'm so looking forward to this building committee meeting. Personally, from what
I see, the signers and proponents of the petition do not live in an evidence
based world.

They refuse to see the facts as they are and delude themselves into some
alternate universe where what they think and want to believe is the truth.

I want to be $100 that someone is going to stand up at the meeting and say, If
we build the police station across Rt 6, the police cars are going to go racing
down Conwell Street.

Last spring 3 people stood up and said,"We are going to haved police cars
speeding down Conwell Street".--even after being told that patrol cars are out
in the community patroling.
9:16 am est 

Re: Building Committee Meeting


Is this to inform us of the outcome of all of the work done by the building
committee so can approve money at the spring town meeting for the architects to
go ahead and design the building?

This is what the meeting was about last year..and everyone thought that it was
about saying yes that building.

Will this be inform us what will be on the article at town meeting? I need to go
to ask these questions.
9:12 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing


What I don't understand is why the long list of people waiting for housing
aren't up in arms over the fact that non-eligible people unfairly have the
affordable housing units that should go to others who are on the list?

They can't even look out for their own best interest, I guess.I guess that is
why they are on housing in the first place.        beget       .
9:09 am est 

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