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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Affordable Housing

I heard of some towns now are building middle income
7:38 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Scam

Some people will always try to beat the system, no matter what the system is.

You can always ring up the IRS or Unemployment office and ask them to
investigate someone who you think is doing something dubious.

Or, perhaps you could live your life and focus on being happy instead of angry
and bitter.

We all make choices!
7:35 pm est 

Re: Wee Care


How sad. People have a baby and six weeks later it is day care. I'd hang my head
in shame that a poor, innocent baby is put in a crib in a day care center with
no stimulation or a parent's love.
1:26 pm est 

The Geriatric Town

Yes, the baby boomers continue to be a force to reckon with. Now with our money
and our various homes, we can dash about living in any climate we want.

We still have the power and once we are focused--things change. Remember when
the School board swore that they school would never close. This is the last year
for the 8 or 9 high school students left in our school.

Now we have over a hundred children in the school..but once it drops down, then
this school will close as well.

Remember, it is the selectmen who control the school staying open or closed--not
the school board.

Watch them at the Jan 28th hearing as I did while sipping  my cocktail on my
veranda over looking warm water below me.

Yes, we old people are the majority on the cape..we own the real estate and we
have the income and our investments. You have your resentment and your lack of

You won't be young and pretty forever--and your job skills will only last so
young until a new crop of the young and beautiful come and take your place..then
you will be hollering for more affordable housing--but the people who have it
will have it for 10 or 15 years, don't you know.

Join the waiting line--or consider your options, move, make money and then
return. The choice is yours..One day you will reach my age--and how you live is
what counts each day.
1:23 pm est 

Affordable Housing Scam

Enough is right. I work side by side with people who intentionally keep
themselves "poor"--on paper.

They come back from florida and flaunt a cologne that costs $300 and fancy
jewelry--and then apply for affordable housing.

Of course not everyone does this--but it just takes a few to scam their way in
to make the taxpayers livid.

I should disguise myself and apply for housing and hide my assets and then write
an expose LOL.

It is such a sham--under the table jobs etc etc etc. The only reason no one
reports them is because of the fear of backlash revenge. Take a way a person's
little cozy scheme of a life style and hell knows no fury like a scammer exposed
who loses his or her housing.
1:20 pm est 

$3,367,784.00 Now and More Next Year

How can anyone object to building the police station that is used 24 hours a
day, seven days a week..and yet gladly pay over 3 millions dollars for a school
for a hundred kids each year?

You sign a petition against the police station and champion this year after
year? Switch buildings and put wee care and the kids in the police station and
the police in the school building..see how long before you get a new building on
Shank painter Rd.
1:18 pm est 

Affordable Housing - Available Jobs


Moving here with nothing but the feeling of entitlement is getting old. The
taxpayers are tired of the whining and crying about affordable housing. If you
come here, work someplace else first and get a nest egg--IT Can Be Done.

Remember, there are housing developments all over town and they have affordable
housing units in them. AND THEY ARE ALL FULL.

When you move here, come here with some start up money. Come here knowing what
the job situation is. One guy told me that he is going to come here in the
middle of June when his other job ends..good luck finding housing and a job.

Arriving here full of impossible expectations will turn you bitter and I'm tired
of the bitter people here who do nothing but complain and abuse substances with
their friends.

And please screen the outdoor performers. Get people who don't chase people away
from the benches in front of town hall. Too bad we can't have auditions so we
can chose our street performers.
1:16 pm est 

Affordable Housing


There is enough affordable housing. The taxpayers came here, worked hard and
made a home here. Why should we subsidized people who can't afford to live here?

Why should the town build summer workforce housing? What is the liability? As it
is, there isn't any land available anyway.

Why not post the names of all of the affordable housing developments and how
many units are there and the waiting list so people don't keep calling the
housing director? I like the saying..bad planning on your part is not an
emergency on the town's part.
1:13 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Enough. I moved her 12 years ago with 6,000.00, lived in a summer
shack, paid my bills. I have worked hard to buy a home and give 20 plus people
jobs. If someone wants to live in Provincetown, let them work for it. There is
one crisis in this town, a BOS that spends our money foolishly.
8:59 am est 

Re: Wee Care - Pee Care

Imagine if there were'nt any prolife people before you were born- you
wouldn't be here to post such nonsense about Wee Care-Pee Care on this blog! Our
mission in life is to help others in need or did you forget that? The ultra
"bleeding heart" liberals living here now only apply that philosophy when it
fits their own needs and specific projects they support at taxpayers expense!
We're all here together and need to remind ourselves of that daily!
8:51 am est 

Re: BOS/School Commiittee/Fincom Joint Meeting


Finding and paying for day care is a universal problem. Day care for babies and
toddles is a major concern in this country for working families, working single
mothers, working single dads.

This is the responsibility of the individual. How is it that the school has a
day care center?

There is a whooping cough epidemic in this country; children have died from the
flu. Children fall, choke, need loving care--what is a 6 month old baby doing in
day care in the first place?

Everything costs the taxpayers--nothing is free. We all pay state income tax,
don't we?

How many babies and toddlers are in day care at the school and how many children
are in each first grade classroom, second grade classroom etc etc etc
8:48 am est 

Re: New Police Station


8:46 am est 

Re: Attacking Wee Care

Just another example of greedy, selfish old people attacking any investment in
the future or the young. A great example of why the Cape is turning into a
geriatric ward and young people are fleeing leaving only the bitter old bloggers
wasting their final years on here.
8:44 am est 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Re: Wee Care or Pee Care

I don't believe that wee Care or Pee care is costing Us Nothing

this is not accurate. We are surely paying something and we have laiblity and
insurance and the disposable of diapers and the paying of babysitters. Why are
we changing diapers in the schools? Let's see real numbers on the Pee Care--and
I think it is more Pee than wee--care.

I don't blame par ents for wanting babysitting for the babiles. But is this what
our school system should be doing when we no longer have any studnets for the
high school?  There's some logic being missed here.

But let's see the real amount we are handling or not. the future is not related
to changing diapers and cleaning outsiders babies bums. It's their minds we
focus on and not their messy asses.
10:05 pm est 

Re: "Wee Care"

Shame on you - "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its
weakest members" - really attacking WEE CARE, a program from our youngest
citizens (6 weeks and up) that is self-supporting ? That means, it costs the
taxpayer nothing.
9:17 pm est 

Re: Police Station Site Selection


No, the Building Committee did not cut costs in any real way. They cut scope.
They are proposing only the Police Uber Station not the DPW garage. Big
9:15 pm est 

Re: Building Committee


We folk who have watched the building committee public forum on PTV and the
Selectmen hearings have seen how they have cut costs and how seriously members
have spoken about the terrible conditions that exist at the police station.

You can state all of the falsehoods you wish--but we intelligent, pro-active
voters are keeping attuned to these hearings.

One building committee hearing is tomorrow at 8am and the big one, the public
forum with the building committee and the board of selectmen, takes place Monday
Feb 4th..

But you, you poor self deluded     , you will be on here blogging your nonsense
and waving your petition and when you get up to speak and give voice to your
ignorance, everyone will know that you have no idea what the building committee
has accomplished.

You refuse to listen to what their hard work has garnered and made public and
thus, when you do get up and speak,  you will be perceived by all as the       
upon the stage full of sound and fury signifying nothing.
5:14 pm est 

Re: Building Committee

"The building committee is doing all it can to keep the costs low. "

How do you know that. It seems they have come up with the same bloated plan as
last year? How are they saving money, seems like a the same super sized building
as last year?
2:46 pm est 

Who's Thinking?

Yes. Wee Care is Day Care, baby sitting, diaper's and bottles,  and
all that goes with preschool...crying babies much to young for even
preschoolers.  My main problem with this is that all those crying babies pay
TUITION.  Where does all that money go??? It sure isn't reflected in the school

So the high school is closing,  that should lower costs, one might think.
Daycare earns money, that should lower costs, one might think.
Oh wow, I forgot, in this town thinking is not welcome. Just ask Sharon and

The purpose of the so called "building committee"Was Not to think. Just agree,
agree, and give Sharon and Jeff what they want.

Please don't fall for it.
2:44 pm est 

Re: BOS/School Commiittee/Fincom Joint Meeting

What Happens to the teachers who are now Teaching in the High School?

It is over this year. No more high school students. No more high school
teachers. so what happens to them in June? We will have ZERO students and so I
assume ZERO teachers in the high school. How much will Provincetown save? We had
a $4 million budget. How much will it be reduced? I assume it should drop by $2
million now that we no longer have $75,000 secretaries and I also assume that
the superintendent of Schools will also drop her salary since she will only be
running a small elementary school.

In fact, do we really need a Superintendent when the high school dies this June?
Her job is done and she should leave. That was the intent when Beth Singer was
brought on board. She was here to close the school and then leave. Well, when
will she leave?

What is she a suprintenedent of? An almost empty building?
time to say goodbye, Beth. Your job is done. the high school is sadly over. What
are you doing here?
2:41 pm est 

Re: BOS/School Commiittee/Fincom Joint Meeting

The government Has funded Headstart, Now You Say they Are Fudning Wee

They are in the babysitting, diaper-changing business? This is helpful for
college careers, for future engineers, architects, and social scientists?
Changing diapers is a way to higher education and to professional careers?

This is rare weird.

How much does the govenrment offer for these diaper-chainging babies? and how
much does Provincetown have to pay? What about liability if one of these babies
tumbles or gets hurt walking along the million dollar renovated building?

2:38 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Fraud

Re: "If a person qualifies for affordable housing because they are
seasonally employed, they are therefore unemployed during the winter months. 
They have as much right to leave Provincetown as anyone else.  Perhaps they stay
with family out of state.  You don't know what they're doing, and you don't know that
there's anything less than honest people living there.  Stop propogating these
vicious, elitist rumors and innuendos."

Actually, I DO know exactly what several of these affordable housing resident
are doing, and it's not staying with family. One guy is going to a warmer
climate for the winter months and another is leaving Provincetown to go work
under the table somewhere else for a bit. How do I know this? They told me.
They're bragging about it. Bragging about how they beat the system and scammed
the town. So, these are not "elitist rumors" (?) as you call them. These tales
of fraud come directly from the horses mouths.

Meanwhile, I have other poor friends who work quite hard trying to make ends
meet here in the off season, friends who were not chosen in the affordable
housing lottery.
2:34 pm est 

Re: School Committee Meeting



1. Why are the taxpayers paying for day care for toddlers and little kids at the

2. How many students are in each classroom. NOT each grade--each class room.

3. The school will cost the taxpayer $3,367,784.00 this year and possibly more
next year. That is over $30 Million dollars in the next ten years.

With the taxpayers paying this amount, we have a RIGHT to know how many students
we have here. The affordable housing developers revamped their apartment numbers
due to the fact that here are no jobs here to support families.

That is why there are so many one bedroom apts.
2:30 pm est 

Building For the Future

The purpose of the new police station and DPW building is to make them large
enough so that there is no need for a future buildings.

This is why town meeting voted to go ahead with hiring an architect to come up
with plans.

I watched the school committee and finance committee and bos meeting on PTV.

The school is hedging in telling voters in this town the number of students we
have in each class.

Yes, we have to pay for our school and students--but what is the liability for
wee care and why is day care paid for by the taxpayers?

Everyone I know with children in other towns and cities have to pay for it out
of their own pocket.
2:29 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Availability


(I watched the Jan 28th selectmen's meeting to hear about the shcool--but I
learned a lot more.)

Ms. M. J. of the housing dpet. Needs to memorize this. Bad planning on your part
does not create an emergency on my part.  At the Jan 28th selectmen's meeting
she talks about getting calls every day about housing.

Please respond to these people like this.
1. I'm sorry to hear your plight. I truly am. Now, when you came to town, what
kinds of preparations did you make regarding housing?

2. Did you crash on a friend's couch and then look for a job and housing? Did
you come here with the first, last, and security deposit to put down on an
apartment. Did you contact realtors ahead of time and investigate the job
situation here regarding working in the summer and collecting unemployment in
the winter?

3. Did you move here and get a job so you could put your name in the lottery for
affordable housing? (All that is required to put your name in the lottery is to
have a job in Provincetown.)
12:23 pm est 

Affordable Housing Availability

HOUSING REPORT AT THE Jan 28th selectmen's meeting on PTV

The Ryan report is bogus because these RENTERS have been living here for years
and are paying market rent. We taxpayers are being duped if we buy more land for
affordable housing. There isn't any more land to buy!

Why didn't the selectmen ask Ms. J how many affordable housing units exist in
this town?

There is affordable housing peppered all through this town and development going
back 13 years.

People would rent year round to affordable housing renters if the state paid the
going rate. They pay to put people in motels paying $80 a night--but a landlord
gets the rent capped at below market rates.

My neighbor stopped renting year round a few years ago and gets a hefty summer
rent and no hassles.
11:54 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing Fraud


A tenant has a friend in another town. I received a letter from housing
addressed to this tenants friend using my address!

Obviously, it was expected that the tenant would go and retrieve this piece of
mail before I went to the mail box.

How long has this fraud been perpetrated? How much of this kind of housing fraud
is going on?
11:52 am est 

Re: "Regionalization Is the Right Answer"
You can't have it both ways:

That's a terrific idea.  And when your house catches fire, or there's a violent
crime, you can wait 25 minutes for the fire trucks or police to come from Truro
or Wellfleet.

Weren't we just told that there is no problem with the police station being
across the road because most police are out in cruisers already?  So why would
they be in Truro or Wellfleet?

I'm not in favor or regionalizing the fire dept.  Why regionalize a volunteer
8:29 am est 

Re: New Police Station/DPW Facilities

I saw the plans submitted to town meeting for the new police station
and DPW. Something I noticed right away is that all available land is to be
used. Thus leaving no room for further expansion of either department on this
location. Provincetown has done nothing but expand since its very begining. Does
anyone think we wont expand more. If we go ahead with this plan, we automaticaly
creat the same problem we have now for future generations. I have one word for
this. Shortsighted. Has anyone considered this?

A Rat In The Basement
8:28 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing Fraud

1. The        was having mail delivered to this guys address.      should
have gotten his own mailbox if he wanted privacy. I hope the boxholder sends
everything back from here forward.

2. Going away while you own an affordable home isn't against the law. Who says a
rich aunt doesn't provide for the waitress/teacher/seasonal worker to take a
vacation? What if that person has health reasons yet still stays within the
affordable housing requirements?
8:26 am est 

Re: School Committee Meeting


I can't find the school committee meeting on ptv with the selectmen and bos.

Please go back to that meeting and in the address bar copy and paste it here,
thank you.
8:23 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing Fraud


It seems that at least one person thinks that it is perfectly ok for someone who
is living in a half way house in another city fraudulently use a person's
address in town to defraud the housing organizations in this state.

Lying about where you life in order to get housing when you aren't entitled to
it..seems fraudulent to me.

8:21 am est 



The government has a electronic verification system that is up and running and
the object is to have employers enter the name and social security number of
their employees into a data base.

The employer will then get a "verification" that their employee is a legal

Eventually they will be having a photo idea segment to this electronic
verification. The government is cracking down on illegal workers in this

KEY WORD--matching name to social security number.
8:19 am est 

New Police Station Site


The building committee is doing all it can to keep the costs low. The tax payers
will not pay millions for private land when we have free to use town own land on
which to build.
11:25 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Fraud


It is unlawful for someone to have an affordable housing unit and then leave and
go to Florida for the winter months.

We taxpayers paid for affordable housing for year round residents.
11:24 pm est 

PTV Joint Meeting of BOS/Fincom/School Committee

I watched the Joint BOS/Fincom/School Committee meeting on PTV.
I am very disturbed by the reaction and negative response to questions on the part of the 
Superintendent of Schools. Her reaction to well founded questions from
both the BOS and Fincom was very evasive and inappropriate.

The School Committee was not prepared for the meeting and the Superintndent 
attempted to gloss over questions with "non-answers".  I would hope the committee
comes better prepared at their next meeting with Fincom.

It is obvious to any objective observer that this composition of  Fincom members are
well prepared and experienced in the issues of finance and will not be sidestepped or deterred in their pursuit of information needed to frame a finding on behalf of the town.
11:20 pm est 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Re: Affordable Housing Fraud

Re. I'm a landlord.         

Wow your a landlord?  Oh good for you!! 
Lets all give this wonderful "very importent person" a big hand. Glad your on
the case interfering in people's lives in the name of justice.
9:38 pm est 

Housing Fraud

The only reason why I'm not going to the housing authority is because I have had
to call the police on this person several times before this person was evicted.

I don't want to be target of this person's violence. Let the housing people and
the neighbors where this person lives discover the violence.

I'm not stating the sex of this person. Just letting you know about the fraud
being done to the taxpayers. I should have xeroxed the envelope before I sent it
back unopened.
9:36 pm est 

Re: New Police Station

It appears the building committee did a fine job doing what they were asked -
find a spot for a police station on town owned land. The only plausible spot is
the place across route 6 where  they recommended.

Watch the meeting if you haven;t it's worthwhile -

What they weren't asked to do is investigate parcels of land that the town does
not own, or if there were options such as rebuilding the police station where it
currently is while moving some non-core function to elsewhere since there is not
enough space on the current site. Such as dispatch, parking dept, animal

Elaine Anderson and Austin Knight seemed to have decided on a spot and voted on
it before the building committee even voted to make their recommendation. Watch
above video.

So fine, if we want 1 big police station on town owned land maybe DPW site is
it. But why be hasty and rush ahead before investigating non-town owned parcels
(like Duarts) or look at a rebuild with moving dispatch and animal control to an
expanded fire station or the elementary school.

The building committee seems to have done a fine job paring down the behemoth
station to something more manageable but the fact is most people I talk to want
the station to be in town where people can walk to it.

We should not let Elaine, Austin, Sharon and JJ ram this down our throats
without a full and thorough investigation.  I was particularly disturbed to
watch them in the video above seem to have already made up their minds before a
site was even decided on by the building committee.

Watch the video and go tot the meeting on Feb 4th.
9:33 pm est 

New Police Station

"What I don't understand is what has happened since town meeting voted
Yes to examining this project. We voted to put a few hundred thousand dollars
towards this over a year ago."

That was the vote when the Police Department swarmed the town meeting room and
watched everyone vote. As it turns out, intimidation isn't very persuasive. But
that has always been a hard lesson for the police to learn.
9:30 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Fraud

"I'm a landlord. I went to get the mail from my mail box. In it was a letter from
the housing authority addressed to a friend of one of my tenants who lives in
Hyannis. (this violent person was banned from the property due to threats).

I wrote Refused, return to sender and fraud on the envelope and wrote that the
person doesn't even live at this address.

Don't tell me that there isn't fraud in the Affordable Housing Game that used
over a million dollars in taxpayers money."

I don't understand this post.  Unless you opened the person's mail, which would
be a federal offense, you don't know what was inside.  Perhaps it was a letter
telling the person they were no longer eligible for affordable housing because
they'd moved, but the agency didn't have a forwarding address.  And if the
person was eligible for affordable housing and moved, that's not fraud.  That's
a bureaucratic issue that needs to be resolved.
Stop yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater.

9:28 pm est 

Re: "Why do We Have Wee Care?"

"which just seems like Pee care. diapers. babysitting. This is not education and
how much is this costing the town? what are the numbers on this program? and why
hasn't the school budget gone down and down as the high school has gone down and

Next year: no high school students. shouldn't the school budget reflect the end
of the high school and a great savings to the town?

Something's not quite right here. does anyone have an answer? "

This is paid for by federal funds, not the town's budget.  Early childhood
education is critical for a child's growth.  Most learning happens BEFORE
kindergarten, so it's important to prepare them by giving them language and
social skills.  Read up on this.  It's common education practice now.
9:25 pm est 

New Police Station Site
"The lack of creative thinking is mind boggling.  Sheriff Lynne  needs
to start thinking smaller and more creatively and the board of selectmen need to start
holding her feet to the fire. And if they won't the voters need to."

Your lack of creative and intelligent thinking is mind boggling as well.  TOWN
MANAGER Lynn is no longer responsible for the police station project.  That
responsibility is now in the hands of the Building Committee.
Ms. Lynn does a terrific job and has been creative in getting funding to
renovate 2 historic town buildings.  No one needs to 'hold her feet to the
9:20 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Situation

"Go around and see how many people are here in the winter staying in their

If a person qualifies for affordable housing because they are seasonally
employed, they are therefore unemployed during the winter months.  They have as
much right to leave Provincetown as anyone else.  Perhaps they stay with family
out of state.  You don't know what they're doing, and you don't know that
there's anything less than honest people living there.  Stop propogating these
vicious, elitist rumors and innuendos.

9:18 pm est 

Re: "Regionalization Is the Right Answer"

"We should regionalized our police and fire and schools. We don't need a
Provincetown solution we need a regional solution. time to stop thinking in so
parochial a manner. think bigger and smarter and help us be fiscally sound."

That's a terrific idea.  And when your house catches fire, or there's a violent
crime, you can wait 25 minutes for the fire trucks or police to come from Truro
or Wellfleet.

9:16 pm est 

Re: Why do We Have Wee Care?

I too am not sure why the school system offers wee care. The supt of
schoolls presented a budget last nght that was so cryptic it was sad. What I
took away is that a grant excists to the state for 1 million dollars on the high
school. There has already been 1.5 million dollars in repairs to the schools for
heating and mortar repair. Take that school out of the school comm. hands and
let the town do something else with it-like maybe a police station.
9:12 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Fraud


Please read the posting again before you accuse me of reading tenants mail. Your
sloppy reading or not understanding the content of what is written here seems to
be a problem with SOME of the people who post here.

Sloppy, unfocused reading for comprehension. Just make up your facts and present
it as a truth.
9:10 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Fraud


Ms. June, Ms. May and Ms. April live at 260 Commercial Street as well as me.

Ms. June has a friend, Mr. July, who lives in Hyannis in some kind shelter or
something who behaves violently and the police have had to be called.

Low and behold, in my mail box is a letter to Mr. July, 260 Commercial
street--from a housing organization.

Mr. July lives in Hyannis and fraudulently used my address as a way to say that
he live in Provincetown. This may have been going on for months!

I did not open the letter. I wrote FRAUD on the letter, and refused and stated
that Mr. July resides in Hyannis and that this is a scam.
9:08 pm est 

Re: Why do We Have Wee Care?

Can you tell me why you want this town to be childless?  You want to save money,
I can completly understand that. People keep posting how much they want to get
rid of our schools, is it really a matter of saving money or is it a matter of living in a
childless town?  This town was once filled with so many wonderful family's with
such great talented kids, now I do t understand why the answer to saving a buck
is to eliminate our schools. I know things I'd like to eliminate from town but
its not a town really unless we have them, give me a real reson why besides
saving a few bucks. Numbers in our schools are dwindling but not all of our
towns kids are gone.
9:06 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

"And you are ignorant of the fact that the Building Committee
rubber-stamped the Cangaroo Committe's recommendation.  What a surprise!!!! "

Speaking of ignorant, it's really hard to take one seriously when they can't
spell Kangaroo correctly.  This is just pathetic.
8:58 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Fraud

Fraud?  Why in the world is receiving a letter -- with unknown
contents -- from the housing authority evidence of fraud?   What landlords
believe they have the right to screen mail sent to their tenants?
11:11 am est 

Why do We Have Wee Care?

which just seems like Pee care. diapers. babysitting. This is not education and
how much is this costing the town? what are the numbers on this program? and why
hasn't the school budget gone down and down as the high school has gone down and down.
Next year: no high school students. shouldn't the school budget reflect the end
of the high school and a great savings to the town?

Something's not quite right here. does anyone have an answer?
11:08 am est 

Re: New Police Station /DPW Facility


What I don't understand is what has happened since town meeting voted Yes to
examining this project. We voted to put a few hundred thousand dollars towards
this over a year ago.

We voted at town meeting to spend the money to hire architects to come up with
plans. People wanted this project to be studied further so the building
committee was formed.

The Selectmen are only fulfilling what town meeting asked them to do.

9:09 am est 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Re: New Police Station

"... the Police station instead of championing what has already been
rejected outright by the board of selectmen..."

As you will soon learn, it is Town Meeting, not the Selectmen, who make the
decisions about the police station (and all other spending of public money)
4:00 pm est 

Affordable Housing Fraud

I'm a landlord. I went to get the mail from my mail box. In it was a letter from
the housing authority addressed to a friend of one of my tenants who lives in
Hyannis. (this violent person was banned from the property due to threats).

I wrote Refused, return to sender and fraud on the envelope and wrote that the
person doesn't even live at this address.

Don't tell me that there isn't fraud in the Affordable Housing Game that used
over a million dollars in taxpayers money.
3:30 pm est 

New Police Station and DPW Building

If there was factual information posted here regarding the Police station
instead of championing what has already been rejected outright by the board of
selectmen--then the postings here should continue.

New people who don't know the facts need to learn about new hearings coming up
and watch PTV to see what has already transpired.

The police station should have been built where the STOP and SHOP is! Or where
the affordable housing is.

There isn't any other appropriate town owned lot available now.
3:27 pm est 

Re: Salt!

I agree with the poster regarding the  over use of salt for so little snow.  We
were awarded as being an official  GREEN community back in May!  Salt is bad for
the environment and there are greener alternatives!
3:21 pm est 

New Police Station Site

I hope we don't have to read 2 more months about "the facts" for the new police
station. Bring it Town Meeting. The voters will finally kill the idea of the
location and size. The town can then move on to plan B to solve the police
department problem.
1:51 pm est 

Re: Building Committee Public Hearing

Why does the DPW and Police Station have to be one big project?  Can't they be
separated?  Can't some of the DPW employees be moved to the elementary school?
How much vacant space is there?  Can it be added on to to provide more office
space or the police station for that matter?

Agreed on the building committee meeting. All should attend, listen and then
voice their concerns.  Make a huge showing and let SL and the BOS know how much
attention this is getting.

11:09 am est 

Affordable Housing Situation

Go around and see how many people are here in the winter staying in their
10:36 am est 

Building Committee Public Hearing


I'm waiting to hear what the Building committee presents to the residents of the
town at the Public Forum on February 4th.

We need to give these town employees clean, safe, adequate buildings in which to
work. What we have now is a complete failure from all that I've read.

Even the building committee has stated this fact at the spring town meeting.

Today is the 28th Next Monday night is the public forum.
10:34 am est 

Solution for the Police Station

A new Police Station can be built on the existing site on Shank Painter Rd. Just
move the Department into trailers at the Jerome Smith parking lot just like we
did when Town Hall was renovated. That would make it possible to raze the
current building and then build a new, larger station on the same lot. Doing
this would satisfy a lot of people.
10:32 am est 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Do Yourself a Favor and Move!

I strongly agree the town manager and chief of Police are below par in
prof standerds. But if folks are having so difficult a time with all the
nonsense going on in town there is a solution, MOVE to much salt on the roads?
The problems involved with making commercial st a safer smoother road? REALLY?
Deadest on closing the schools and sending the future of Provincetown to a
school that will not and never will suppport the idea of gay lifestyle? Do
yourself a favor and MOVE
8:51 pm est 

Re: New Police Station

you go back to the selectmen's ... Elaine Anderson spoke to exactly this point.
... unless someone gives a parcel of land to the town as a gift ... there will
be no discussion of buying a property for the police dept..."

I say: I bet ANDERSON meant it! It is also true ELAINE ANDERSON will have to
learn to LOVE the CURRENT police station, Everyone knows if they stick to last
year's plan, the police palace WILL NOT pass town meeting. Not even close.
8:48 pm est 

Re: New Police Station


If you go back to the selectmen's hearing a couple of mondays ago, Eleaine
Anderson spoke to exactly this point. She said that unless someone gives a
parcel of land to the town as a gift on this side of RT6, there will be no
discussion of buying a property for the police dept.

Please go and listen to the selectmen's meetings on PTV
7:12 pm est 

DPW-Salt Salt Salt

Why has the town used so much salt on the roads this winter. There was barely
any snow this past week, I think there was more salt than snow put down.  What
happened to using sand when there is not a ton of snow or ice?  The salt is bad
for the environment, harms the roads and makes a big mess.  The seashore roads
are also heavily salted, in the past they were never salted.

Is the town trying ti use up their salt supplies? What's the deal?

7:10 pm est 

Re: Town Meeting Voters

"As in the past, the Provincetown voters and taxpayers will look at
the true facts...."

...And then vote indefinate postponement
7:06 pm est 

Re: Town Meeting Voters

Don't be so sure Anonymous.

It's not the time and the project is too big. I'm still waiting to see a 10-20
year capital spending plan from the town. These ongoing surprise projects need
to stop and there needs to be some planning for them so we can make smart
decisions instead of rash reactions.

No one questions the state of the police station but how many more self
inflicted wounds are voters supposed to stand for.

Keep cutting and keep the police station in town where it is accessible.

I've reluctantly voted to fund the town hall, library, re-repair of the high
school, supposed surprise repairs of the elementary school. I'm done and I think
many others are as well.
7:03 pm est 

Regionalization Is the Right Answer

We should regionalized our police and fire and schools. We don't need a
Provincetown solution we need a regional solution. time to stop thinking in so
parochial a manner. think bigger and smarter and help us be fiscally sound.
1:25 pm est 

Police Public Safety Building

If I recall at the last joint meeting between the Building Committee and the
BOS, the committee asked the BOS, their appointing authority if they the
Building Committee should explore citing the new facilty at a NON town owned
property. The BOS voted in the majority no! Thus at the next public hearing one
should direct questions and potential options of site locations to the BOS who
may or may not request/instruct the Building Committee to explore other options
on Land in the town that will need to be purchased which of course will add $$&
to the overall cost. Folks are discussing many parcels here on this blog but
that has not been the direction and requests of the BOS to the Building
Committee, ask that committee  the BOS to instruct the Building committee to
change course, only the elected officials who can be voted in and out have the
authority on policy decisions not an unelected volunteer board unfortunately.
The optics of this is not appearing to be a pleasant next 3 !
months, we need to be honest and work together as a community to do what is
right for the entire community.
1:20 pm est 

Town Meeting Voters

As in the past, the Provincetown voters and taxpayers will look at the true
facts. The building committee consists of dedicated and respected members of the

Town meeting isn't going to turn their back on the hard work and the true facts
that are going to be presented to them by this building committee and instead
base their vote on anonymous suppositions and the fabrications posted here.

10:29 am est 

Re: Regional Police

Wellfleet, Truro and Ptown should all be thinking regional. Unfortunately the
little fiefdoms that each town has does not want to give up any of their
kingdom. It's sad and pathetic.

As the towns continue to shrink it will eventually happen- like the high school,
but it will probably take decades.

Police, Fire, Dispatch, Schools, affordable housing groups - the opportnities
are endless
11:37 pm est 

Re: New Police Station

Alternate Sites

Of course there are alternate sites, to say there are not is insane.  Sure the
spot across Rt 6 might be the best site to build something from scratch, but
that does not mean there are  not other sites where it could be build.  Every
site has pros and cons.  Sure maybe it is the only site to build a ginormous
station, but the station would not be easily accessible to people, especially
those walking.

So how about building a more accessible station in a less desirable building
spot.  It can and should be smaller anyhow. And who says that all of the
functions need to be in one place? Put the dispatcher and parking department in
the old elementary school- there is no reason they need to be in the police

The lack of creative thinking is mind boggling.  Sheriff Lynne  needs to start
thinking smaller and more creatively and the board of selectmen need to start
holding her feet to the fire. And if they won't the voters need to.

Write to them, write to the Banner, attend some meetings- trust me, they will
listen if enough people speak!
11:35 pm est 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Regional Police

This may really be the best time to regionalize/combine police departments here
on the lower cape. Truro has a pretty nice police station.  Perhaps it would be
cheaper to enlarge theirs to accommodate the Ptown police. I wonder if there are 
police stations in other larger towns that are actually less distance than the
Truro station is from Provincetown. .....since the Ptown police don't stop the
heavy drugs in town, don't stop the public drinking in town and hardly do much
of anything in the winter except pull over town folks perhaps there could be an
opportunity here to save the taxpayers money....
10:37 pm est 

Re: Speeding Patrol Cars

Fresh donuts!
9:28 pm est 

Re: New Police Station

Building a new police station on new site just seems like a bad idea
right now. Do some repairs on the existing station and wait a few years. How
many millions of dollars does this town need to keep spending on capital
projects right now. Let's take a breather and wait. I will not vote to build a
new police station right now.
9:26 pm est 

Re: Building Committee

"You are ignorant of the fact that the building committee has investigated every
town own piece of land and this site is the best possible site."

And you are ignorant of the fact that the Building Committee rubber-stamped the
Cangaroo Committe's recommendation.  What a surprise!!!!
9:23 pm est 

No Good Will From the PT Police

You would think that the police would be going out of their way to be friendly
and actually interact in a positive way with town residents when they are asking
us to spend $8M+ on a new station. Clearly they don't get it.  I for one have
sen nothing but heavy handedness, harassment, speed traps galore, running of
plates for no reason so they can stop people with expired licenses, and on it
goes.  The full time force and all of their vehicles and toys has gotten out of
hand and grown well beyond the needs of the town- as has proposal for a new
station. Do we really need a full time cop on the Pier? No. Do we really need so
many full time police for our small and shrinking town? No  Do we need a new
police station? Yes  Can we rebuild the current one for under $5M? I'm sure we

It seems a huge waste that all of this money is being spent for designing a
station on a site that voters don;t want, and will probably be voted down at
town meeting. I am going to lobby hard against it and vote NO.  I have been no
big Eric Yingling fan but he is starting to sound like the most sane member of
the board.

I think it's time we consider sending Sharon Lynn and the police chief packing
before we end up with more big messes like the ones the last town manager left
us with.  I think we need to look closely at who we elect to the board of
selectmen as well. It's time more people start looking at our resources and town
needs and not building their empires and legacies.

Let's get some people who want to represent us, some police who want to work
with us(when is the last time a cop came into your business just to say hello?
When have you seen a friendly cop walking in and out of businesses seeing how
things are going? When have you seen a cop actually direct traffic by town hall
in the summer rather than just stand around talking in groups while the
intersection is a cluster? When have you seen Sharon Lynn visiting town
busienesses and saying hello?

I think the APril Town Meeting needs to be a wake up call for these people.

9:16 pm est 

Re: Building Committee

To:  "I don't think it's unreasonable to expect the Building Committee
to present a maximum of 3 recommendations for 3 possible sites, along with their
pros, cons, and cost."

I would say minimum, not maximum.
3:14 pm est 

Re: Building Committee


You are ignorant of the fact that the building committee has investigated every
town own piece of land and this site is the best possible site.

No other site is possible. That is why they chose this site.
1:18 pm est 

Plan B


Lets stop funding the school and go to Plan B. We spend millions each year for
educating our wee ones and other children. Millions!

Lets close the school and go to plan B.
12:35 pm est 

Building Committee

I don't think it's unreasonable to expect the Building Committee to
present a maximum of 3 recommendations for 3 possible sites, along with their
pros, cons, and cost.
12:01 pm est 

Speeding Patrol Cars

Friday afternoon police cars were racing around Town. Two police cars were
speeding east on Bradford when the kids were walking home from school.

One of the two cars was going so fast it went airborne on the crest of the hill
at Prince Street. Although the cartoon worthy stunt was much to the delight of
the kids in front of the parking lot it seemed a bit excessive and dangerous to

How come when police cars are going very fast through Town they don't use the
siren too? With kids around and the  crosswalk just over the crest at Masonic
and Bradford, this seemed very very dangerous.

Does anyone know what the police emergency was?

10:32 am est 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Re: Chief Jaran's Statement, in Provincetown Banner 01/10/13

Chief Jaran states in the Banner story,  "Mooring Mess", "he would not confirm
nor deny any of the points made in the Ditacchio letter, but said it could be
concluded that "Rex inherited this mess from Ditacchio"  I should take offense
to his statement, but having it come from the Chief of Police, I have to
consider the source.  I must conclude, that Chief Jaran apparently knows nothing
of the specifics of my service to this town as Marine Superintend or the actual
substance of the issues involved.

His public pronouncements on the moorings debacle grow more ludicrous with each
passing week. Painting himself into a corner with a body of mistakes and
misstatements he has jumped blindly into an issue which had been resolved many
years ago through my efforts as documented. His public stance reveals him to be
neither informed nor judicious in the administration of due process.

He appears to have decided to enter the political arena, which has broad
negative ramifications for Provincetown.

David J. Ditacchio

10:01 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Hearing

Just want to say that if there is no plan B then this is all a farce being
shoved down the voters throats. Don't act as if people who disagree are's insulting. What is also insulting is a heavy handed police chief
and department. The other night I saw blue lights a blazing pulling over some
car on standish street downtown - not another soul on the streets of our little
town. I don't know why the police dept continue to prey on the winter population
here. It certainly doesn't make me want to support the police palace.....there
is real crime here but I never see the police stories about that.  Just pier
politics, police stations and personal agendas. What did they think was going to
happen when they hired a cop as town manager? These people only know force and
authoritarianism as an answer.  It's not why I live here and it's not nice.
9:35 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Hearing

"The study that was completed a few years ago states that the building
failed in every category and it can't be renovated."

The reason the building is failed is because it hasn't been taken care of. They
have purposefully neglected in hopes of forcing a decision.

The town has only grown smaller since the police moved into that building. Yet
they claim they are over crowded is nothing more than a second problem: The
police have grown too large to bored and too expensive for Provincetown.

9:32 pm est 

Re: On the Fence

Coming from my own experience, YOU would be the one coming up with the
solutions, hopefully based in fact and there will always be naysayers. Work with
some of them to thin the herd and the rest that won't work with you to some kind
of compromise will end up exposed for who they are, whiners. You will always
have naysayers and you will always have supporters. It's the gang in the middle
you need to convince.
9:31 pm est 

Stop & Shop

If you are so inclined and concerned about this issue please call Stop
and Shop and speak with the manager!    The off season is here and with it goes
the quality of the stock in our super market, especially the produce department.
If you agree please speak out to the proper people!

Thank you!
9:29 pm est 

Provincetown Community Forum

The Provincetown Banner has an article about the Provincetown Community Forum
where it quoted what people wrote.

Does anyone know the address of that forum? Obviously, it is a serious forum
where people makes statements and sign their names.
9:27 pm est 

Do People Stop Receiving Their Meds in January?

Hope that isn't so. but it does seem like this when she is back attacking and
undermining members of certain committees and certain key selectmen.

She needs help--if not prayers.
9:25 pm est 

What a Shame She's Back

Glad to have a few months without the ranting and the wrong thinking on too many

Maybe the Florida sun will call her back. Let's hope!
9:23 pm est 

New Police Station Hearing


Yingling has been boycotting the building committee hearings. He only goes if it
is required. He even publicly said that he refused to watch the Nov 19th hearing
on PTV.

Concerned citizens should attend this meeting and ask your questions at that
meeting and not post hysterical rantings on this blog.

Please listen to what the building committee is saying so you don't go up to the
mike and say that the police are going to be racing down Conwell Street.

The study that was completed a few years ago states that the building failed in
every category and it can't be renovated.

Make up your mind when you have the facts and don't base your vote on some idea
that there is a plan B.
3:39 pm est 

On the Fence

I am trying to decide if submiting my name for a selectmen's seat is
smart. Would I be destroyed by the nay-sayers or would people offer help towards
solutions? Not sure........
3:37 pm est 

Sewage Backup at Police Station

Heres another        person writing,according to another poster....

3:35 pm est 

Re: Sewage Backup at Police Station

Another know it all who says to hire a plumber! Thoughtful and insightful
analysis, do you think the antiquated pump that is past it's life span, the
extremely HIGH water table whereupon that pump sits surrounded by 911 cables and
telephone wires can be simply fixed by a Plumber. If you think the answer is yes
then you have a very simple mind with a stupid solution to a very BIG problem.
We have a severely compromised OLD building that can not be repaired and we need
to build a new station that meets the needs of the community in slow times ie
winter and during that 5-6 month stretch when we have tens of thousands of
people here. We need a facility that will have the least economic i,pact on our
tax base and be offset by the sale of multiple buildings that are set to go on
the market. Take the town manager and the existing chief out of the conversation
it should have no bearing on this final vote they will not be here forever, we
need a facility that will work for the community not an individual (s) if the BOS want
the building committee to explore parcels that are not town owned then they have to
take that democratic vote and then the Building committee can adjust their course of recommendations.
10:38 am est 

Sewage Backup at Police Station

This problem is being used by the current administration for the past five years
as an excuse for a new police station.  Has anyone ever heard of
" fixing the  problem".  Why is it that it's only the police station and  not
the fire station or any other building in the area that has this problem.  This
can be fixed. Stop the neglect of the building to justify a new and grandiose
station at our expense.  The problem can and should be fixed.
A local plumber.
11:16 pm est 

Re: She's Back


After a not-missed absence, the        has returned....

Join the celebration Saturday nite....
11:13 pm est 

Re: Commercial Street Paving


Just saying that it is too bad that this wasn't done in nice, warm weather. All
of this money and work and we want to make sure that it doesn't deteriorate due
to being done in the winter.
11:09 pm est 

Commercial Street

I'm in Florida--I'll enjoy the new street later this Spring. The truth is that
roads are laid down in warm weather. All that I see is that someone complained
about the salt and sand in the road--and that if this was done in the spring and
summer this wouldn't be an issue.

Simple fact--stick to the issue and don't throw in all of this other stuff about
being do-gooders.
11:07 pm est 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

To: Big Girl

I have to agree with your detractors here, do you work ? Do you attend all the
FREE open house business parties or Film Festival parties? Are you a couch
potato who sits back and pontificates against all who may just in fact do many
philanthropic deeds in this town to those in need? Many year round business
owners give back much and often to our quaint fishing village to assist those
who need their support.
Do something positive instead of bitching about issues you have no first hand
knowledge of! It makes perfect sense for any business owner large or small as to
what the proposed tentative schedule for one of largest downtown capital
projects that affect so many private citizens and business owners!
9:44 am est 

Re: Commercial Street Paving

"Here the businesses owners would riot with pitch forks at Town Hall
if the roads were paved when most appropriate."

Umm Big Girl, this still doesn't make sense.

1) Of course businesses and residents should expect a schedule of work so they
can plan for disruptive public works activities. The only surprising part of
your post is that those on commercial street had to demand a schedule.

2) Tourist revenues account for +/- 15% of town money. (parking, meals and room
taxes). If we messed that up by paving in warm weather, we'd have to raise taxes
or cut lots of spending across the board.
8:52 am est 

Just Be Honest

In every other town in this nation, when road work has to be done, it is done in
warm weather when possible. Here the businesses owners would riot with pitch
forks at Town Hall if the roads were paved when most appropriate.

Just be honest with the residents of this town.
8:18 am est 

Our Air

We take it for granted. We live here poking out into the middle of the Atlantic
and our air is brushed by the sea.

Not so in other places-read on!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has singled out the greater Salt Lake
region as having the nation's worst air for much of January, when an icy fog
smothers mountain valleys for days or weeks at a time and traps lung-busting

The pollution has turned so bad that more than 100 Utah doctors called Wednesday
on authorities to immediately lower highway speed limits, curb industrial
activity and make mass transit free for the rest of winter. Doctors say the
microscopic soot  a shower of combustion particles from tailpipe and other
emissions  can tax the lungs of even healthy people.

"We're in a public-health emergency for much of the winter," said Brian Moench,
a 62-year-old anesthesiologist and president of Utah Physicians for a Healthy
Environment, which delivered the petition demanding action at the Utah Capito
8:16 am est 

Re: Commercial Street Paving

"I go days without going down town!"

I'll bet she'll attend all the free food restaurant openings before indignantly
withdrawing her support of local business for another year.
11:49 pm est 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Re: Commercial Street Paving

And why shouldn't the business owners demand a schedule, when it will begin and
when it will end? These people make their money from street traffic, by car or
foot. Conversly, the workers don't care how long it takes. They get paid by the
hour as do the DPW personel. Takes two weeks or two months, what do they care?
As to the pavement and how it holds up to the weather, we'll see. Once the water
gets into the pavement pores, it freezes and expands, causing pot holes. How do
you patch a porous pavement pothole? With solid concrete or solid cold patch?
Goes against the whole porous idea, no? And how do the drainage holes, the pores
in the pavement, get cleaned out once the sand and salt get into every nook and
cranny, blocking them and thus making the street impermiable? There is no other
drainage and the road will become a river on heavy rains. This should be
8:47 pm est 

Re: Commercial Street Paving


Watch PTV and you will see the business owners at the selectmen's meeting stand
up and go to the microphone and state that they want a time table for the work
being done on Commercial street.

They didn't want the work done when it would interfere with their business. Mean
while what about the rest of us? You Commercial Street businesses need
Commercial street and use it. I go days without going down town!And, By the is big Girl, not big guy
5:03 pm est 

Re: Commercial Street Paving

"We should boycott the business owners, perhaps, for making the DPW
work around their holiday schedule."

Now that's nonsense! What does this rant mean? What are your trying to say? Try
again big guy?
2:22 pm est 

Commercial Street Paving


The business owners in Provincetown are forcing the DPW to work in the off
season. They raised cain when they couldn't gget a day by day schedule and they
complained that their money making compound would suffer because of the road

This new road installation should be done in the spring and summer--but we would
have hell to pay by the business owners.

We should boycott the business owners, perhaps, for making the DPW work around
their holiday schedule.
12:19 pm est 

Re: Tree Clearing

The corner of Bradford and West Vine has been for sale for about 2 1/2
years. They are cutting down the vegetation (no trees of any appreciable size)
to build. What better time to do this than dead of winter to avoid traffic
12:14 pm est 

Re: She's Back!

Bipolar Treatment: Medications
Written by Staff Writer
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psychiatric care. It often
leads to relapse of symptoms, rehospitalizations, homelessness, incarceration in
jail or prison,
victimization, or episodes of violence.
The failure to take medication is referred to as medication noncompliance or
medication nonadherence;
the latter is a better term. Nonadherence is also a problem for other medical
conditions for which
medication must be taken for long periods, including hypertension, diabetes,
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tuberculosis. Nonadherence may be total but is more often partial; it has been
suggested that partial
adherence be defined as a failure to take 30 percent or more of the prescribed
medication during the past
9:27 am est 

Commercial Street Paving

What will happen now that the first layer of commercial street paving
is full of salt, sand and potholes?????
9:24 am est 

Tree Clearing

Tree clearing on corner of Bradford and West Vine -

What's going on over there ?  Why is this stuff always done in the dead of
Winter ?
9:00 am est 

Cape Cod Times-Chatham Vote

Chatham voted last night.

"The public voiced its disapproval of the town manager's decision to have the
harbormaster report to the police department, voting more than 2-1 in favor of a
resolution that would allow the harbormaster to operate independently."   Cape
Cod Times, January 23, 2013
8:58 am est 


Our heart felt condolences are extended to Town Manager, Sharon Lynn upon the loss of her mother.

Mrs. Lynn passed away Tuesday January 22.

May she rest in peace.
7:43 am est 

She's Back!
She's back to making outrageous accusations against Board members
and causing general mayhem. What a waste of energy.
Too much time on her hand.

She is truly to be pitied. Best to ignore her.
7:33 am est 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Re: Substitution

No, we'd send them to Nauset like we should have years ago, sewer backup or not.
Maybe it's time to regionalize the police too?
1:27 pm est 



Substitute school for Police station and describe the conditions. Would you
still have petitions etc. to send children to sub standard buildings where the
sewer backs up?
9:41 am est 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Home Insurance


Insurance companies won't cover this area in your house:

A basement is classified as "any area of the building, including any sunken room
or sunken portion of a room, having its floor below ground level (subgrade) on
all sides," according to a spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management

Basement flood coverage is limited to items including central air conditioners,
hot water heaters and "cisterns and the water in them," according to the
program's website.

Floors, paneling and most personal property in buildings classified as basements
are not covered.
9:57 am est 

Re: New Police Station

Smoke and mirrors.Keep talking about Where the police station should
go and NOT what it costs. Just what the town wants you to do.
9:55 am est 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Re: Parking Department



5:45 pm est 

Nonsense News


An august group of experts assembled to re-propose new headquarters facilities
for the Provincetown Police Department has determined the current station house
is in a HIGH WIND CATASTROPHE CONDUCTIVE CORRIDOR most commonly  known as a
"Blow Zone".

Experts have assembled in the Police Department's Command Unit Monitoring
vehicle to watch and see if the Blow Zone Artificial Stimuli Machine could cause
the station house to quiver and quake. Yet despite all the huffing and puffing
the station house did not get blown down. Pressed for comment, Town Hall
officials pleaded that the Artificial Stimuli Machine wasn't a valid test and
assured the station would soon blow over. Our local Weatherman reported to
Nonsense News that the high wind being experienced  was a record breaking storm
of hot air coming from Town Hall. The Town Hall weather phenomena is known as
"huff and puff" among meteorologists.

In light of the storm The Provincetown Emergency Weather Command  has issued a
HOT AIR WARNING to town voters.

Reporting from the Blow Zone, this is Nonsense News Network
9:59 am est 

Re: Building Committee Meeting


I expect fireworks.
9:57 am est 

Re: Builldling Committee


"YES, Go to PTV and scroll down under government and you will see Building
Committee. here is one from December"

Selectmen's meetings are on PTV; Building Commmitee meetings are not.

So only the Building Committee meetings with the Selectmen are on PTV. Otherwise
the Building Committee has conducted its business in as much secrecy as

No PTV, off hours meetings, small meeting room, always several
policemen in the room watching and taking notes. If you ask for a (public)
document they make you promise not to show it to anyone else.
9:55 am est 

Parking Department

9:52 am est 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Re: Building Committee


YES, Go to PTV and scroll down under government and you will see Building
Committee. here is one from December
5:51 pm est 

Re: Building Committee

"From what I've read, and from watching the meetings on PTV"

Building Committee meetings are not on PTV. opps! Blow hard as you might, the
Building Committee only mission is to re sell last year's police station
12:41 pm est 

Quite Blog Soon
I expect that things will be very quiet here after the Feb 4th building
committee/selectmen's public hearing. What is good about this, is that the
public can get up speak often.

Things will be very, very quite on here after the Town Meeting.

Every day issues that people can get all in a tizzy about are small potatoes in
the whole scheme of things.

I look out at the water with my cup of coffee in my hand and my cat beside me.
The birds are at the feeder.

I can't complain about my own life in any way--that is why I want a good working
situation for town workers.

My life is a Hallmark card; my spouse tells people that my family is like the
Waltons on TV LOL.

I know how fortunate I am due to the choices that I always made and the paths I
chose to take. I saw people's lives that were going to be a train wreck--but
that was their doing. You can't live someone else's life--you can't make a
friend make better choices.

I don't have to go to a city park to find a bit of nature..we are a bit of
civilization at the edge of miles of nature and the seashore..and I say a
blessing every day that I live here.

11:21 am est 

Letter in the Banner About Lack of Apartments

The situation is that as the cost of everything rises--rents will rise too. Look
at the cost of heat and insurance. We haven't raised the rent on one of our
tenants in years.

We have thought about going summer only--more money but more hassle for us. And
how much of a "home" would we really have since this is owner occupied? I want a
home with connections--not a business. Yet we will have to see what happens in
the future--never say never.

We could be getting more than $200 more a month for that apartment--that is
$2,400 a year. $24,000.00 over ten years.

We don't have the heart to raise the rent because our tenant has health issues.
We can't go the housing route because our tenant won't qualify for the apt
because it is two bedrooms and our tenant is one person now alone in the apt.

It won't kill us to keep this rent lower--but we bought this house for the
income help. If we still had a mortgage, things would be different. However,
what we hear from our tenant now is how high the rent is..our tenant just
doesn't recognize that we are already subsidizing the apartment.

It is my belief that in almost every case, any additional charges to landlords
will result in higher rents.
11:18 am est 

Here is the Assessed Value of Your Home

Click on this link and you will get the current assessed valued of your home.
Before the economic down turn, my house was worth over $900,000.00. Now is it
less than $700k, and just prior to that it was over that amount.

Yet, if I were to sell it--I could sell it for more than its assessed
11:15 am est 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Provincetown Winter Population

If there are 800 of us Here in the winter

that would be a surprise. there are perhaps only 600. It's a small group that
witners here and it is getting smaller and smaller. that should be part of the
thinking in what we need for a police station. Something small. something
8:50 pm est 

Re: Building Committee


I thought that the building committee was formed so that they could present to
the town the best way to proceed in dealing with the police station.

They haven't had a definitive public hearing yet--that will be February 4th--and
yet there is a petition that people are signing.

Why not wait until you have all of the information regarding the Police Dept and
the DPW building? That is what I'm waiting to hear.

From what I've read, and from watching the meetings on PTV I have come to agree
that we need a new police station. Even the Finance committee agrees, I believe.

What is the true motivation for people who are so against this? Is it because it
is the police dept?
1:25 pm est 

Selectman Elaine Anderson


Watching Elaine Anderson respond to Barbara Rushmoor on PTV, she could not have
been more quietly emphatic in stating in no uncertain terms that the current
police station can in no way be renovated.

Why does poor Ms. Rushmoor refuse to hear the facts repeated over and over that
the building committee would have done somersaults if they could have renovated
the current police station and keep it where it is.

The panel of experts who gave the report after a thorough inspection of the
police station years ago show that the building failed in every single category.

I'm embarrass for Ms. Rushmoor.
12:38 pm est 


The DPW needs to GARAGE all of its vehicles..they don't have any room! The
building was build in the 1950's. It is totally inadequate.

Don't you understand that we need to have a new DPW to garage our vheicles to
keep them out of the weather.

We need a salt shed high enough so a dump truck can dump the salt there and not
outside so the men have to shovel it all inside.

The problem is that people go into the library and the town hall and the
school--they don't go into the DPW building on Race Rd or the police station.
10:50 am est 

Re: To: We Are All Fine

Re: "Ptown has 3-4 thousand people in the off season,"

Thats how many people are registered to vote but the Post Office will tell you
there are well fewer than 1000 residing here now.

This helps make your case that the town is over policed. I believe the police
are way over staffed thus way over funded for our needs. Much of the opposition
to the proposed station is a direct result of this perception.
10:22 am est 

Cost of School

With the great concern about the taxes--look at what we pay every single year
for the school--we pays millions.

Why not close the school and send the children to other schools? Let the parents
take care of the "wee ones".

Why did they have children if they aren't going to raise them but have the
taxpayers pay for their baby sitters?

You push and push to keep the school open for millions each year and then throw
up the need to cut back when it comes to maintaining buildings.

Perhaps we need a petition to close the school.
10:21 am est 

We Need to Keep Taxes Down

We need to find sources of income for the town to keep taxes down. We need to
find money for upkeep etc. We need to investigate every possible source of
10:19 am est 

January 14th Selectmen's Meeting

Watch this on PTV and you will hear that you won't save money keeping the police
station where it is. It would have to be torn down and rebuilt--but where do you
create a secure police station while this is happening?

Rather than responding only emotionally to this issue, please watch the Nov.
19th public hearing and read the documentation about the failure of the police
station at its current site from a panel of experts.

This is why a new police station is being built. It isn't just to add a new
building to town..there is a critical need for this building.

Go to the February 4th public hearing where we,the public, are encouraged to
speak. Be an informed voter.
10:17 am est 

Re: New Police Station


"Two properties --the Grace G. building and the Community center will be sold
and the money will go towards the cost of the polices station. Everything that
can be done to lessen the cost to the taxpayers is being implemented."

NOPE! Selling one building or both building has no impact on the cost of the
police station.  It's still expensive. It's still too huge. It's still on the
wrong location. No matter how we pay for it, it will cost the same to build.

To your point (I think)  taxpayers are probably getting the the short end. Here
is why:  Rather than using the money from the sale of the buildings for paying
down high interest rate debt from previous years, we spend it now and will avoid
taking on new debt at much lower rates at today's historic lows.

It's like paying off the low interest rate credit card before the high interest
rate credit card. Not so smart?

You see all this hanky panky actually increases the cost to taxpayers. I just
can't bring myself to go on and on about educated people making decisions, but
you get my drift.
10:11 am est 

Re: Just Wondering?

"Does the Provincetown police Dept. offer community policing efforts

If it doesn't involve a) expensive turbo charged vehicles or b) dog services,
you can pretty much assume PPD isn't doing it.
10:07 am est 

Re: Smoke and Mirrors

To: "Watch it on ptv...go to the February 4th 6pm meeting. I'm sure
that someone will complain that  it runs into their cocktail time."

You should be ashamed of yourself.  People do complain.  Ad nauseum.  And they
are answered by deaf ears.  And why?  Gee, take a guess.  At least wake up
before you insult those expressing an opinion that differs from yours.  Typical. 
Retort with insults rather than common sense.  Common sense is the one major
factor completely absent from this whole Police Station mess.  So far.
10:04 am est 

To: We Are All Fine

We are all being squeezed for extra pennies. The new 2% payroll
increase, Deval's new tax plan, more fees, higher fees, prices increasing, but
our salaries are not. I'm making less money this year than I did four years ago.
Asking me to pay more money to build a new police station is insulting. Tear
down an existing building and then build the police station there. Sell some
town buildings and then use the money to build with. Better yet, lets
consolidate with Truro and Wellfleet and have a regional police dept. Ptown has
3-4 thousand people in the off season, 30-40 thousand in the summer months. We
do not need a bigger, brand new police station for such a small amount of people
for most of the year. Selectman, Town Manager, Building Comm. members, planning
board, figure this out and stop the insanity. We can't keep affording to spend
MILLIONs of dollars each year to build things we don't need. Wake up, be
fiscally responsible and stop taking our money. Beau
10:01 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing


You come here, work to collect unemployment, go off to the warmer climates for
the winter and then return and do the same all of your adult life...and then a
few decades later you beg for affordable housing.

Then you complain about the landlords and the rents. These are the people who
bought places here with apartments to rent out. You could have done the same.

I work with people who wanted to play all of their adult life. They could have
worked year round and bought a place. Others did it. Now they bitch and moan
because they worked under the table and will get a minor social security.

They will get affordable housing when their number comes up. But what kind of
economic security do they really have?

Bad planning on your part doesn't create an emergency on our part.
9:58 am est 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

To: We Are All Fine

Please  pick up my garbage and pay the 8 dollars when this is passed.
You see it's not all fine.
High taxes, bad services.., irresponsible spending...
4:51 pm est 

Re: Afforable Housing

"Did you lose the roof over your head?"

Actually, many many of us have lost our year round rentals over the last 3
years. As taxes continue to rise, more and more property owners are switching
from year round to seasonal or weekly rentals. Ever increasing taxes aren't the
only reason for the housing crunch, but they are significant contributor to the
economics for investment properties to rent seasonally.
4:49 pm est 

Re: New Police Station


Two properties --the Grace G. building and the Community center will be sold and
the money will go towards the cost of the polices station.

Everything that can be done to lessen the cost to the taxpayers is being

4:47 pm est 

Re: We Are Fine......

But when does it end? When do we develop a way to MAINTAIN what we have as
opposed to "just get new"? On a smaller scale than the buildings, the same
mentality goes on at the DPW. We don't maintain our trucks and equipment ans let
them go to hell. The DPW then comes to town meeting looking for numerous
vehicles and huge costs when maintenance would have offset the losses for much
longer. When does the spending and tax raising end?
4:46 pm est 

Gift of Land

If someone like the VFW wants to give their land as a gift to the town for a new
police station, I'm sure that they will entertain that idea.

We have town owned land--As a taxpayer, I refuse to spend additional money to
purchase land.

As soon as someone knows that they land is wanted--the price goes up.

I want to see a police station snugly set on Race Road not looming up at motta
field either--the image makes me shudder.
4:42 pm est 

Police Station Renovations?

Yesturday I drove by the police station and saw what looked like a
contractor replaceing windows. Just saying.
4:40 pm est 

Building Committee Meeting- February 4th

Joint public meeting with the Building Committee to hear an update on the
Committees activities regarding the Police Station project. (Votes may be taken)

The public can ask questions and it will be held in the auditorium. This is a
meeting that should not be missed.
4:37 pm est 

CPA Money

This is why people wanted more CPA money to go to town hall and the library to
take the financial burden off of the taxpayer.

We had this project looming, so it would have saved the taxpayer much more if
CPA funds went to these projects.

We will see what the result of the February 4th building committee meeting is.
If people see the justified need explained to them they may realize that the
current building is a total failure or they can decide to keep it status quo.

What is important is that they attend and learn the facts of the situation.
4:31 pm est 

Building Committee Meeting
There were 2 public meetings at 6 pm over the past 2 months to update the
community regarding deliberations of the committee, a convenient time for all to
attend, only 5-6 members of the public came and asked questions, one the owner
of a salon in town who was very passionate , but of course the folks who bash
the committee and town government forget to mention these 2 important evening
open forums they only complain about the 8 am meetings so there have been
meetings STOP complaining and view PTV if you can't get out of the house, attend
the 3rd evening meeting coming next month, you wonder why people don't volunteer
in this town!!!
4:30 pm est 

Re: Smoke and Mirrors

To the annoying        complaining about the building committee
meeting at an inconvenient time FOR YOU or anybody else, - pun-lease! Your
argument is bogus. No one's public statements are being stifled because of the
meeting time. It's common for those who are unable to attend ANY meeting to
still be heard.  Simply draft your statement and have it read into record. Oh
yeah, that won't work for you either because then you HAVE to sign your name. 
4:27 pm est 

February Building Committee Meeting

Thank goodness the meeting is being held soon so we can get all of our questions
answered--and pose new ones.

This is a serious issue. Just spending money on the school was a big issue.

What we need is to tap into more revenue sources in this town.
4:24 pm est 

Re: Smoke and Mirrors


Obviously, people can find and hold a grudge about anything. A committee of
citizens are examining a building situation to present to the public--and
someone is grousing about the time of the meeting.

Watch it on ptv...go to the February 4th 6pm meeting. I'm sure that someone will
complain that  it runs into their cocktail time.

Wait until Feb 4th if you don't want to get up early.
4:19 pm est 

Just Wondering?

Does the Provincetown police Dept. offer community policing efforts like,
DARE, TRIAD(seniors and law enforcement program)'. Nei.ghborhood Watch,
Operation Identification,  SAFE home,  Police Explorers,  Are you OK,  CERT
team,  and school resource officer?   These programs seem to show up on other
department websites and all are great ways to I tract in the community with the
citizens. Also other coastal towns have a  Harbor Watch program and trained
volunteer auxilliary police.
4:15 pm est 

We Are Fine

We renovated a new library--and we are fine. Are you starving? Did you lose the
roof over your head?

We renovated the town hall for millions of dollars--did you starve or lose the
roof over your head?

Now we need to build two buildings to house our employees and remove them from
third world country working conditions--are you going to starve or lose the roof
over your head?

The answer is no. You have a choice--do what is right and vote for these
buildings at town meeting or chose to the opposite. You are the one who has to
live with yourself.
8:36 am est 

Re: Smoke and Mirrors


"Obviously, with people's schedule, 8am is the only time everyone could
meet..Isn't it obvious?"

In other words, it's not about public participation, it's about the convenience
of the Building Committee members.

It is hard to believe that there was no other time available, when other committees
have been able to meet at more reasonable times.

No it's not obvious, the argument is bogus!
8:23 am est 

Re: Smoke and Mirrors


Obviously, with people's schedule, 8am is the only time everyone could
meet..Isn't it obvious?
11:40 pm est 

Re: Three More Years

"Unanimous vote to renew town manager's contract!!!! It's a done deal.
Approved and signed into order yesterday."

Maybe we need another petition that we elected our Town Manger instead of the

Provincetown needs to clean house!

Time for a change people!!!'
11:21 pm est 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Wrong End of the Spyglass

"There is a history here of people who don't want to spend the money
to stop the deterioration of buildings..i.e. the situation at the school is a
perfect example."

But doesn't that mean  we need a new Town Manager not a new police station? IF
Town can't take care of the buildings they already have, why will building new
ones change anything??

8:30 pm est 

Re: Three More Years

One of the biggest problems with Sharon Lynn is that she is too involved in town
politics. During the last Selectmen's meeting Paul Gavin speaking as the Town
Assessor endorsed Austin Knight, but not Grassy Santos for re-election.  Our tax
dollars at work.

And real estate agents will tell you that both commercial and residential
assessments are now mostly way out of wack and no longer reflect valid
transactions in town. So get back to work, do your job correctly and stop
politicking on my dime!

Only in Sharon's Provincetown would this degree of inappropriate political
involvement go unchecked.
8:27 pm est 

Re: Three More Years

Unanimous vote to renew town manager's contract!!!! It's a done deal. 
Approved and signed into order yesterday. So much for all those Mypacc bloggers
demanding Lynn be terminated. Gotta love it. What ya gonna do now? Whine for
another three more years? Good luck with that.
8:25 pm est 

Smoke and Mirrors

If the Building Committee is truly interested in having citizens attend
their meetings, why are they held at 8:00AM in the morning?

The choice of time excludes parents with children that have to go to school, the average
working individual, normal business schedules etc.

One could not have chosen a more inconvenient time slot.

"Everyone should attend........" Give us a break! Why don't we hold Town Meeting at 8:00
AM in the morning? Because it is too inconvenient! 
8:19 pm est 

Affordable Housing


I've talked to folks who were chosen for affordable housing only to find that
they didn't qualify because they made too much money.

This only confirms to me that the true dire need for the affordable housing
developments in this town.

How is it that some of my co-workers who have lived here for years and pay rents
are still able to live here since they didn't get affordable housing?

I know that new comers came to town to sign up for it-how many of them got it?
Look at the late model cars and then think how badly they need it.

8:07 pm est 

Our Big Projects

If the voters had been conscientious is past years and spent money renovating
our town hall, then we wouldn't have had to spend money to rebuild it once it
was condemned.

We had to spend the money to complete the library.

The police station is so deteriorated that it has failed in ever category and
the situation there is intolerable.

We have no choice but to build a new police station and to keep the cost down,
we need to use town owned land.

However, if the VFW wants to give all of it land and building as a gift to the
town, then I bet that the town would build the police station there.
8:05 pm est 

Building Committee

Why don't the people who signed the petition all go to a building committee
meeting at 8am and give your statements there?

Are you afraid to face the truth about the current police station and hear from
them that it can't be renovated?

Posting on here and signing a petition isn't going to change the status of the
current police station.
8:04 pm est 

Building Committee Public Hearing

From what I understand, the selectmen and the building committee are going to
have a public hearing on February 4th.

It has been repeated over and over again that the building current building just
can't be renovated to meet the required needs of the police station.

You can sign petitions that the earth is flat and sign a petition to renovate
the building--but the building committe in their thorough investigation of
building and town site location have determined that the new police building
needs to be a the DPW site.

I walk to Yardarm liquors--I can cross the street to go the police station if

8:02 pm est 

Police/Building Committee

Just to keep the public informed there was a member of Building Committee who
asked for discussion: can the Parking Department be located in a different
existing town building? Do we need the Animal Control officer having such a
presence in the proposed building. please read the minutes and or attend the
meetings only 3 members of the public have attended so far yet there is much
discussion on issues that have been discussed at length. It is great for the
democratic process to unfold but it will serve us all to keep an open mind,
review the work that has been done and more that will be done till Town Meeting!
There are no bows attached to what happened last March!
8:00 pm est 

Three More Years

Happy to hear that Town Manager Sharon Lynn's employment contract was
unanimously approved last night for another three years!!! So much for the
Mypacc bloggers demanding she should be fired.  You lose.
7:59 pm est 

Re: Building Committee Months of Continued Work

What is the charge from the BOS to the Building Committee?  What is
the Building Committee's charge being proposed on the petition?

No editorializing or histrionics, please, just the facts. Thank you.
7:56 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Recreation Department

I agree with the previous blogger that the Rec Dir needs to start adult classes. 
I think the school does non athletic classes.

How can we get the Rec Dir to get this going?  Any sugguestion.?  town mtg to
BO'S mtg?

11:46 pm est 

February Building Committee Public Hearing

The people who have studied the plans of the building committee will be at the
meeting in February and the meeting will be covered by PTV as well as in the
banner and, we hope, the Cape Cod Times.

The current sentiment of the petitioners will show them to be people who don't
know the facts, who have embraced mus-information and who are saying "no" to the
police station no matter what the facts are said to be.

How sad.
11:45 pm est 

Re: Building Committee Months of Continued Work

The Building Committee was never asked to look at renovation or less expensive
options like relocating the parking department or dispatch or animal control.

In fact, the Building Committee mission was

1) Dump the DPW and any new facilities for them
2) Most importantly the Building Commmitee real job was to put a wrapper and a
bow on the police station proposal from last Spring and give the Selectmen cover
for supporting it.
11:42 pm est 

Re: Need Help 11:40 pm est 

Route 6 - The Most Dangerous Location for the Police Station

Wrong and dangerous, but so right and ripe for developers.
11:38 pm est 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Route 6 - The Most Dangerous Location for the Police Station

This is the worse choice. It is dangerous and too far away from the center of
town. How could any intelligent person select this site?

It is a developer's dream that keeps pushing this Route 6 selection.

Wrong for us. Wrong for Provincetown. Wrong for the tourists.
5:57 pm est 

Deterioration of Buildings

There is a history here of people who don't want to spend the money to stop the
deterioration of buildings..i.e. the situation at the school is a perfect

We have a failed building police station and they refuse to see that it can't be
renovated. Don't you think that the building committee would vote to renovate if
it was even remotely possible?
5:22 pm est 

Need Help!

Looking for the web address to sign the petition???
Can anyone help?
5:21 pm est 

Re: Petition to Build the New Police Station at It's Current Site

"If you are going to base your decision on disgruntled citizens who
are ignorant of the facts then that is your choice."

And if you have chosen to be an unofficial mouthpiece for the powers that be,
and denigrate all who disagree with you because only your side has "facts" and
"truth", then that is your choice, you       
10:58 am est 

South of 6 !

A campaign should be started to demand that for safety and community friendly  reasons, new police station site selections should be restricted to the south-side of route 6.

"SOUTH OF 6"!!!
9:21 am est 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Re: Provincetown Recreation Department

To the blogger inquiring about P'Town Rec. Dir. setting up adult ed
classes is a good point. It should encompass other classes for adults besides
just sports athletics such as computer classes or other educational learnings.
They always used to.
10:54 pm est 

Re: Building Committee Months of Continued Work

Enough already with the bad mouthing of people who express a genuine concern for both the police and the financial welfare of the town. The two issues are not mutually exclusive.

Repeated ranting about the lack of knowledge and selfcenteredness on the part of petitioners
seeking to use their constitutional rights to affect the outcome of site selection is tiresome as well as self-serving.
10:20 pm est 

Re: Building Committee Months of Continued Work

Why was the Building Committee committed only to considering Town property.
Any objective study would have considered all alternatives, letting the analysis
drive the final outcome.

Clearly, the Site Petition is an alternative worthy of detailed consideration. It is not
enough to say that the Building Committee determined that it is an impossible
area to build on, without an analysis of the facts relative to logistics, required site condition
modifications, building foot print, height requirement, manpower loading and cost.

Given modern construction technology, it does not appear that the site poses that much of a difficulty. It rather appears to offend certain individuals preconceived notions of location and 

Most citizens know that if the town authorities wanted to build on the current site they would have made it happen. As an example, if one looks at the Shankpainter Low cost Housing land topology, which indeed was a wet land as well as a contaminated site, the authorities had no problem with
"making it happen"
It's regretful that the Building Committee per all their effort stayed "inside the box".

Mores the pity.
9:45 pm est 

The Rotten Underbelly

Whether it's the police station, mooring fiasco, school black hole,
affordable housing, over-condo development, whatever, it's an embarrassment. 
What used to be is to be no more, ever.  And yes, some townies sold out at a big
buck and high tailed it out of town.  And why not?  They were the smart ones.  A
town divided fumbling with money and greed as the drivers is pathetic.  The
frosting is pretty but the cake underneath is rotten.
9:16 pm est 

Re: Independent Mooring Allegations Investigator

"The independent investigator hired by the town
manager, was in the same class in school as our own town manager".

Isn't  this a conflict of interest and should be report to the State Ethics if

Since the VFW is for sale is the building committe looking at this property,
which a level piece of land, and off of a main road?

When will the Rec Director starting setting up adult Ed classes such as
volleyball, basketball or badminton?  He changed work hours and work splits to
work with adults in this town and not just the children.

New to this town and think this blog providers info even if half of it may not
be true.

Thank you Blog Master!!!!!!!
9:11 pm est 

Building Committee Months of Continued Work

Our building committee is continuing to work diligently to provide us with the
most concrete evidence of which path to take.

They have determined that it is impossible to renovate what we have and turn it
into a police station that fulfills all of the guidelines necessary to be an
accredited police station.

They have examined all of the town owned properties and have determined which
site is best.

If you are going to base your decision on disgruntled citizens who are ignorant
of the facts then that is your choice.

There will be more public hearings by the building committee--why not show up at
their meetings and have your say now and then listen to their future report.
9:10 pm est 

Petition is an Insult

We have the building committee and all of the factual information. We are
supposed to disregard all of their findings and go with the emotional response
of people who don't want to their taxes to go up.

They have blinders on and refuse to see the facts.
9:08 pm est 

Independent Mooring Allegations Investigator

What is this I hear?  The independent investigator hired by the town
manager, was in the same class in school as our own town manager.  So much for
5:48 pm est 

Re: Police Station Petition

Obviously, there are those in opposition to the Police Station Petition, who only read into
the proposal what they want to read.

The petition proponents have proposed a plan which would provide the police with a much needed
updated facility, within a reasoned budget, which accommodates the needed logistics.

They most certainly recognize  the dire condition of the existing structure and have a well
thought out proposal which includes the use  of interim facilities.

The constant blathering by a handful of writers using coordinated "talking points" does not
obfuscate the validity of their argument.
9:47 am est 

What People Want

What some people want is to arrive in town, clap their hands and be offered a
job and a three bedroom apartment on the water for $300 a month all subsidized
by the the taxpayers.

What some people want is to live in a luxurious town with every amenity and not
pay any taxes to achieve it.

What some people want to is to close their eyes to what is truly needed in the
way of a solid, proper police station and instead continue to rant about
renovation that is impossible to achieve according the the appointed building
9:31 am est 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Facing Reality

What the "people in charge" want they will never get if it doesn't
meet government standards. It is frightening what people who do not face reality
think they can get.
8:36 pm est 

Poor Move

When the taxpayers willingly pay Millions every single year for the school, when
the taxpayers pay for Town Hall and the Library and when the town is offering to
sell buildings etc to reduce the cost of a desperately needed new police station
and DPW building--it seems to be a poor move on the part of older residents to
dig in their heels and gather signatures against these badly needed buildings
for our municipal employees.

It shows that there is no support of town employees and it reinforces the fact
that residents refuse to pay for the needed up keep of buildings.
8:34 pm est 

The More Things Change the More...............

Re: "One house sells for over $2 million dollars, other properties for
over one million.

Properties are being bought in the middle of winter..just imagine what the
spring will bring."

Sounds like it's poised to bring another round of good old fashioned
Provincetown greed. Some things will never change.

8:33 pm est 

Re: Petition to Build the New Police Station at It's Current Site

I Support the petition by Barbara.  She is not saying that we abandon
our buildings and let them deteriorate.  She is saying, let's have a budgeted
plan to keep up the buildings.
And let's listen to what people want. I like the Police Station where it is and
most people I speak with feel the same way. We have too many police and too many
police cars and toys that don't get used.  We don't need to build places to
store them.
We did not need to give the high school all the money in one year. The
superintendant had a 3 year plan to get all the work done and yet we spent all
our free cash for this project.
Ptown is not just about the buildings, though a good maintanance plan is
overdue, it is about the people who need to be able to access affordable rentals
and others who need to  pay the taxes as they go up, but their salaries remain
the same.
8:30 pm est 

Intorlerable Conditions

Ms. Sheila M. is quoted in the paper as saying that the situation at the police
station is intolerable.

They have examined the building and a group of experts examined the Police
station and it failed in every category.

It isn't possible to install what is required by law. Where are they going to
put a special place for a runaway teenage, for example. It is against the law to
put them in lock-up.

They need to be put in an area where they are supervised.

Where is the armory going to be? the files that are kept in the attic with pull
down steps?

an interrogation room with tv cameras and audio feed as well? That is required
by law now.

If this was the school with a back up sewer once or twice a year, there would be
protests and demands.
8:26 pm est 

Real Estate Prices Comeback

One house sells for over $2 million dollars, other properties for over one

Properties are being bought in the middle of winter..just imagine what the
spring will bring.

And next year and the year after....
10:48 am est 

Police Station Sewage Backup

How many times had the sewage backed up in the police station since the most
recent occurrence last month. Is this the situation where you work?

How the signers of the petition can justify their stance is beyond

We are talking about the substandard working conditions they work under and the
fact that there are federal requirements for a police station that ours fails to

Refusing to see the truth about the police station is equal to saying that the
world is flat because you don't see its entire diameter.

All you are doing is making yourself look cruel to our town employees.
10:47 am est 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Why the School Won't be Turned Into an Art School

a) because it likely wouldn't work
b) no one in this town has enough motivation, wherewithal, brains, organization,
etc. to make it happen
c) it would take millions to get it going as a true accredited charter school
which is what it would need to be
d) there are plenty of better alternatives near where kids live
e) would you send your kid into the miserable den of vipers that show themselves
on here?
10:47 pm est 

Re: "Fiasco or Larceny?"

Perhaps you weren't aware of the issues prior to buying your property but the
moorings that were created, the actual concrete blocks, were ABANDONED in Truro
and the property owner, now dead, wanted them gone from the property. Santos
bought them and placed them in his mooring field, fully legal to do. You still
have the option to put in your moorings provided you pay for them like Santos
did. It's no different than SAYING you're going to buy a car and then not
showing to pay for it. When they sell it to someone else, the new owners didn't
steal it, you never paid for it. Same here. You have the permits to put moorings
in but now you want to have the moorings that were created for those spots but
they've been sold so make new ones. And by the way, how did Santos "steal" your
moorings? If you're unaware, moving a mooring of that size, let alone 35 of
them, isn't something you do in the middle of the night. Big process, big
equipment, right out in the open. And nobody spoke out? On the Provincetown
waterfront? Really? You believe that?

I just can't wait till this is all ironed out and Kincor is watched like a hawk
everyday, all day by everyone involved. it's only a matter of time before Kincor
makes his own mistakes and issues with the town.
10:45 pm est 

Re: Moorings

How many mooring does Flyers have and how many has the Army Corps of
Engineers alloted them?
3:49 pm est 

Re: Thinking Out of the Box

The high school will never be turned into an art school and I'll tell you why:
because if it were, people in power with ties to the oh-so-important world of
real estate wouldn't profit.

An art school would be a valuable resource to the town, would increase tourism,
provide jobs and enhance Provincetown's reputation as an artist's community. One
thing it wouldn't do: line the pockets of developers, contractors, real estate
agents, etc. The people for whose benefit all decisions seem to be made in this
10:24 am est 

Re: Provincetown High School Building

To:  "You should be lucky that they didn't vote to sell the school to
affordable housing developers."

You forgot to write "Yet".

And why should anyone be lucky about this but the developers and those "chosen"
to participate?

Money drive this town, not natural beauty or art.  The sooner you wake up to
this the better you will sleep my dearies.  Make a condo out of a closet?  Why
not, everything else ridiculous gets approved here.
10:23 am est 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Re: "Fiasco or Larceny?"

I trust that "Fiasco or Larceny?" will receive the same prominence as
did Mr. Santo's submission "Mooring Fiasco"


Ken Kinkor
6:23 pm est 

Fiasco or Larceny?

Certain parties, knowing that the statute of limitations does not apply to
ongoing enterprises, are clearly desperate to cover their tracks in the face of
the long overdue-investigation of the moorings situation in our harbor.

To that end, they are trying to deflect attention from the real issues at hand

A.Defaming a property owner trying to determine how and why dozens of moorings
found their way in a competitors mooring field;

B.Defaming a Town Manager and Police Chief trying to determine whether the
tax-payers are being defrauded.

Mr. Santos says that the PTY moorings recently discovered in Flyers mooring
field were bought in 1995.  According to the Barnstable County Registry of
Deeds, the Assignment of Licenses by which Barry Clifford & Bob Lazier purchased
75 moorings, and the mooring field, from Joe McNeil, occurred on May 30, 1995
(Registry of Deeds Book 9687 pp.191-192).

PTY was therefore not a defunct business venture in 1995, as Mr. Santos claims.
COE permits do not expire. PTYs local mooring licenses did not expire until
December 31st, and could not have been declared Abandoned by the Town until the
July following the purchase (at earliest; see Harbor Regulations 2-2-4-3 and
2-2-4-5). Since these licenses were transferred by recorded Assignment, PTY as a
business, together with its property, was likewise transferred intact.

That the new owners became aware of the theft, and complained about the missing
moorings to then-Police Chief Robert Anthony, and various other Town officials,
is proven by a Sept. 5, 1996 memo from Marine Superintendent David Ditacchio
recommending that, in response to their complaint, they be advised that his
Office has no record that they ever obtained the required permits for the PTY

But why didnt Superintendent Ditacchio simply say that Santos had bought the

Nor did Ditacchio state that the moorings had been officially declared

That is because these moorings have never been legally declared Abandoned. The
reason why Superintendent Ditacchio did not declare the PTY moorings
Abandonedand the reason why there are no records of them being movedis because
he knew they had been illegally obtained, and transferred to Mr. Santos mooring

Rather provide the facts of the matter (together with evidence of the same as
provided-for by Harbor Regulations 2-2-3-2 and 2-2-3-12), and rather than advise
that Joe McNeil had likewise complained of stolen moorings, Ditacchio instead
evaded the complaint with the specious excuse that Town fees had not been
paid--on property that had been stolen over a year prior. Since any record of
the transfer of the PTY moorings would have been evidence of illegal acts, it is
reasonable to presume that pressure may have been applied to Superintendent

Mr. Santos says that Mr. McKinsey was not involved with the disappearance of the
PTY moorings because Rex McKinsey was not Harbormaster at the time.

Mr. McKinsey was indeed not Harbormaster at that time. But that is because Mr.
McKinsey was director of Selectman Santos mooring field at the time the PTY
moorings were taken in 1995.

It defies logic to believe that he had no knowledge of this when there is every
reason to believe that he  personally participated in the actual transfers.

For seventeen years, Harbormaster McKinsey has covered up his knowledge of these
eventsas shown by his confessed collaboration with Malcolm Hunter to obstruct
the official police investigation, as well as his repeated denials of any
knowledge of the missing moorings in response to questions and complaints over
the years.

Indeed, rather than explaining that the PTY moorings were in the possession of
Selectman Santos, or that they had been officially declared Abandoned long ago,
Harbormaster McKinsey instead threatened divers with arrest should they enter
Selectman Santos mooring fieldwhere, inside of two hours, at least 35 of the
missing moorings were discovered clearly marked PTY before divers halted work to
report to authorities.

It should therefore come as no surprise that mooring records are now found to be
a mess.

But that this was not always the case is shown, for example, by Harbor Committee
Minutes of November 1, 2000, which show that, prior to McKinseys appointment,
the official mooring Plan of Provincetown Harbor still existed, and that the
total number of rental moorings in the Harbor had been tallied.

It is also not surprising that new record-keeping systems proposed in 2001 for
mapping and tracking mooring permits never came to fruition. It is a matter of
public record that Rex McKinsey was on the Harbor Committeeand was directly
involved with these projectswhile still employed by Mr. Santos (see Harbor
Committee Minutes January 3, 2001).

In light of these facts, I find it absurd that Harbormaster McKinsey blames
Superintendent Ditacchio for keeping poor records.

The theory that the official absence of records is the product of deliberation,
rather than of simple incompetence, is reinforced by whats at stake. In the case
of the missing PTY moorings alone, estimated sums at risk of loss could run as
high as four million dollars, if calculated seasonally, and twice that amount if
lost rentals are calculated per diem.

Its clear that if PTY was indeed a defunct business, as Mr. Santos alleges, it
is because a number of people conspired to make it defunct.

What happened to PTY, however, is only the tip of the iceberg insofar as the
potential damage to Provincetown is concerned. For example, it is unreasonable
to believe Town license fees were paid on the stolen PTY moorings. The Town may
have been deprived of nearly $130,000 in revenue in this case alone.

But there is no reason to believe this case is isolated.

The public record shows that, in 2001, for example, Marine Superintendent de
Lima reported that the Marine Department was counting moorings to see if Flyers
Boatyard is exceeding the count for which they have permits and that Santos, at
that time, only had permits for 55 moorings (Harbor Committee Minutes for August
14, 2001).

Based on information Ive received, I believe that there may be over four hundred
unlicensed moorings in the harbor.

Furthermore, it is undeniable that expansion of Selectman Santos mooring
operation in recent years has caused encroachment on the Harbor Fairway in
defiance of Town Harbor Regulations, not to mention violation of COE permit
zones and other state and federal regulations.

To what extent does the number of moorings operated by Selectman Santos
correspond to the number of moorings to which he is entitled by his COE permit?

Moreover, Selectman Santos publicly advertised launch operation from the Towns
designated handicapped-access float was not only a demonstrable hardship for
handicapped boaters last summer, but was also a tremendous revenue-stream. I
estimate that it averaged a hundred customers a day, at $20 apiece, with no
apparent benefit (and considerable detriment and legal exposure) to the Town.

To that end, I find it no surprise that, during his most recent campaign, Mr.
Santos stated that I think a lot of the [conflict of interest] laws were made
for big communities. I think we have to work on that a little bit, get
exemptions because we are a small community (Provincetown Banner April 30, 2010]

All of this is further highlighted by the saga of PTY mooring 43. It is my
understanding that Harbormaster McKinsey had ordered that this mooring be moved
from the Towns mooring field to the foot of the Pier for removal to the dump. It
is reasonable to conclude that this may have been an attempt to dispose of
crucial evidence.

Since it is now proven that the Santos operation removed the PTY
mooringsincluding #43from PTYs mooring field, it is reasonable to believe that
PTY 43 had been moved into the Towns mooring field at the direction of Mr.

Does Selectman Santos collect rents from vessels tying up inside the Towns
mooring field? Or were these collected by the Town? If so, how much did these
rentals amount to, and from whom were they collected?

Did Selectman Santos indeed sell this mooring to the Town? If so, for how much?
How many other PTY moorings (and other privately-owned moorings) have been sold
to the Town? Has the Corps of Engineers been advised of such changes in mooring
field footprints? How many moorings have been obtained through official mooring
Abandonment proceedings? How much money has Selectman Santos obtained from the
sale of moorings obtained through the complicity of public officials?

Or was PTY 43 operated from within the Towns mooring field by a third-party?

How many mooring licenses have been held by Mr. McKinsey? Given that he does not
own a boat, does he collect rent for these moorings?

Records mandated by Harbor Regulations could settle many of these questions.

Where are they?

Malcolm Hunter, Selectman Santos mooring supervisor, with the connivance of Rex
Mckinsey, Hunters predecessor, claimed that the Santos operation has
near-perfect records.

Why then is the public record such a mystery?

It is not unreasonable to believe that the sums involved are more than
sufficient motive to cover-up and lose records.

So far as I am concerned, the appointment of an independent auditor is a
tremendous step in the right direction, and will fully demonstrate what amounts
to a long-standing conspiracy by public officials to defy local, state and
federal law for financial gain.

And, so far as I am concerned, Town Manager Lynn and Chief Jaran ought to be
commended-not condemned-for their work to straighten out this mess.

We are thankful that we are in America where we can take our complaints and
grievances to public servants--and are not left to the mercy of self-serving

And, at the end of the day, we are confident that twelve honest citizens will
come to a correct judgment of this matter.

Kenneth Kinkor
Trustee, 16 MacMillan Wharf Realty Trust
6:20 pm est 

Building Committee

The building committee stated that the Police station can't be renovated to meet
the legal requirements of a police station.

How can people close their minds to the facts and have a petition asking people
to vote no on these crucial buildings for our town employees?

It is the same people who let the town town buldings rot instead of voting to
fix them in the first place.

You should be lucky that they didn't vote to sell the school to affordable
housing developers.
6:06 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

From what I understand the Building Committee  never considered 
options that  have an allowed for renovations. For example,zoning v variations
at Shank Painter  moving the Parking Department to the VMES.

The reason they can't stay at Shank Painter is because the Building Committee is
proposing an unnecessary large HUGE new . station .
6:05 pm est 

Thinking Out of the Box

Well my daughter is home from college for winter break and today we
went for a ride around town up and down all the streets something we had done as
a ritual when she was growing up...she asked me why didnt they just leave the
elementry school as it was and then make the high school an ART SCHOOL...i
thought what a great idea..this is an art town with many great art teachers here
and the school surely could also house many students..where she goes to college
its 52,000 a yr and 4 kids to a room..people from all over the world study art
and provincetown has always attracted many here to paint...maybe its time for
the town to find a way to make some money with something it owns..change has
been inching its way into ptown...
6:02 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

This crazy argument about people need to walk to the police station is
absurd. I heard talk at the S&S in this regard. People are portraying
Provincetown like its a third world country. No one is so isolated here or in
such dire state of emergency that they can't drive themself or call a cab or a
neighbor or pick up the telephone and call the PD when needed. A better argument
has got to be made.
6:00 pm est 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Renovate an Impossibiity

The building committee meets every thursday and yet people are coming here and
posting ideas and positions contrary to all of the facts portrayed.

The building has been determined to be impossible to renovate. Go look at your
closet and try to figure out how to turn it into a one bedroom apartment. Go
ahead, renovate your closet--and you see that it is an impossibility.


4:23 pm est 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BOS Meeting Tomorrow 4-6 PM

There is a BOS meeting tomorrow 4-6pm. Tell them what you want. Tell
them what you don't want. Just go you                                     .
6:30 pm est 

Police Station Site Proposal

Okay. I have an idea. The Town buys the building next to the
current police station from the doctor for $1. Then the Town sells the current
Community building on Bradford St. to the doctor for $1. Then the Town pays to
renovate the Community center into doctors offices.(useing the money from the
sale of the Grace Goveia building) Then the doctor can have his own practice
there. He can rent some of the space to his current tenants. He could turn it
into an alternative medical care facility by renting to chiropractors, massage
therapists, yoga instructors, acupuncturists, holistic healers, and most
importantly a medical marijuana dispensary.

   The Town could then tear down both the current police station and doctors
offices and build the new police station on that site. More than enough room for
everything they need. And it stays a walkable destination.

   Then the DPW would still have the entire site on Race Rd. to build new
garages, stageing areas, salt shed, and room for expansion in the future, and
even have room for
their offices.

   This would free up some room at the elementary school which could be used as
a Town Hall annex.

A Rat In The Basement
6:28 pm est 

November 19th TV Building Committee Public Hearing

Watching this meeting I see the need for the new police station pointed out
clearing point by point by point.

How can people close their minds to the fact that the building can't be
renovated? Go and watch that hearing.

Lets hope that there is a repeat public hearing soon to satisfy people that
there is a need for these a new police station and DPW building.
6:12 pm est 

Re:Why One Might Not Want to Invest in Town Infrastructure

Step outside the big picture and look back in. How did we get to the point that
all of our buildings are in such deplorable condition? How could we sit back and
allow this to happen, knowing we would be paying multi millions to replace
anything? The fact is that we don't have what would be calleed a building
maintenance department. I know people in Truro and they told me the same thing
happened years ago with their Town hall. Deplorable conditions. After it was
rebuilt, the town developed a building maintenance department dedicated to
building and repairing everything in all the buildings they own. They paint the
buildings, re-roof, construct/reconstruct internally and generally maintain
everything in every building the town owns and it shows. Their buildings are
immaculate and solid and they've saved 100s of thousands of dollars which will
eventually turn into millions over the long term. We need to do this in this
town. The lower cape has more skilled carpenters than any area I've every visited.
Yes, these will be paid positions but the savings alone pay for the positions and at
the same time save the buildings. We can't keep on the same track we're on.
There is no sense in building something only to watch it rot away to be rebuilt in 20 years.
9:19 am est 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Why One Might Not Want to Invest in Town Infrastructure

The town is like a giant condominium project. Often in a condo project some
older and early residents who didn't pay much for their condo don't want to put
away reserves against inevitable expenses or address capital items before an
emergency arises. Instead of replacing the leaking roof which threatens to cave
in eventually they'd rather pay as you go and patch it until it does fall in.
They hope they won't be living there when it falls in. The people who came along
later and paid a lot more for their condos want to see the place properly
maintained. They tend to have more money and plan to be there longer so they
want money put away to be ready to offset the wear and tear on the building.

If I was Barbara Rushmore and Cos. I'd be against any town spending on capital
items too. I won't be around to pay the much higher price down the road when
then infrastructure has decayed so much that it threatens to cave in (town hall)
or we get sued (police station, sewer). It is probably a rational bet and I see
every economic incentive to pursue that line of reasoning. Use the services and
facilities and let the youngsters pay for repairing the wear and tear later when
I'm gone. It's intergenerational theft and it is happening everywhere. Same as
those who will pull many times what they ever put in from medicare and social
security and do it on the backs of younger workers who will eventually be denied
the same levels of extraction because there won't be any money left.

However some of us are planning on being around a long time and would rather pay
now for appropriate infrastructure replacement and maintenance so we don't have
to pay a lot more down the road as has been the program in the past.

How many of each type of person exists in town will come out at the town meeting
vote. In the past few years, fortunately, those willing to invest have
prevailed. However I can totally understand the other side as well, it does mean
inevitable increase in taxes even though properties are worth a lot more than
they used to be. You can't really eat home equity though, and you sure can't
take advantage of it when you let it get totally run down.
10:33 pm est 

Smile Your On TV

Please board members....."Since you're being flimed by ptv"........
Take the gum out of you're mouths.
10:29 pm est 

Dogs on Beach

Please pick up after you Dog POOPS on Herring Cove Beach...Thank you
very much!
10:25 pm est 

Re: Police Station Petition

"They don't want to maintain the municipal properties or replace the
ones that are beyond repair--but are still in use."

I thought the police station was being replaced because it was beyond repair
since nothing has been done in last 10 years? It is this and the previous Town
Managers and this and earlier Police Chiefs that haven't done their jobs on
taking care of taxpayer owned property!

And isn't the petition you mention about the location not about the renovate or
build argument?

Get a grip on yourself.
10:19 pm est 

Susan Mitchell vs Town Working Conditions

Working in the luxury of the new libray, Susan Mitchell rails against building
adequate buildings for other town employees. This is the truth.

A petition to keep people working in these terrible working conditions makes me
wonder how thoroughly Ms. Susan Mitchell and Ms. Barbara Rushmore understand the
working situation of other town employees day in and day out year round.

Remember, the police dept. is in use twenty four hours a day--seven days a week.

The DPW has deplorable conditions and the buildings and grounds building should
be a blight on the town's conscious. I truly expected more compassion from these
good women towards other town workers.
10:16 pm est 

BOS Meeting-Go, Attend, Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The BOS is reviewing budget items and tax rates over the next several
meetings. If you like the way your money is spent, don't do a thing. If you are
unhappy with the way your tax dollars are raised or spent,go to the meetings or
call the BOS members.

Now is the time to stop spending you may not like. Go to the
9:25 am est 

The Blog and The Discourse

You know, i've read this blog since almost the beginning.
And i will keep reading it.

Its an easy way to see what people are ruminating about. to know whats up. Whats
the latest.

But i will tell you,  as soon as the writer begins to make a personal attack
against someone, i just skim right over it and move to the next post.

So, if you wish to influence me or my vote, stop the personal attacks. I really
don't care what you think of the youngest selectman, or the oldest. Frankly i
don't care what you think about their relatives or their relatives experience in
life. What i care about?  your views about the issues our town faces.

So, make your case. State why you feel the way you do.
and leave the personal attacks somewhere else. Its not what our town is about.
And i won't be reading it.

Can't wait for Summer.

Slippery Fish

9:23 am est 

Knee Jerk Reaction

These two ladies with their petition are refusing to look at the facts. They
don't want to maintain the municipal properties or replace the ones that are
beyond repair--but are still in use.

It is called civic responsibility. Just because you don't want to pay for
them--you say that they don't need to be replaced.

How sad that you refuse to look at facts and have the knee jerk reaction to let
building crumble rather than pay for what needs to be done.

It is this type of mentality that has put us in this mess of decaying building
continued to be used. Shame on you.
9:20 am est 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Re: Susan Mitchell -Educate Yourself

"Yes, let the voter decide--but I want this to be decided by the
educated voter--"

Based on your post, you really need to increase your level of education.  I
found several grammatical and punctuation errors in your post.
One could easily disregard your errors, but since you got on your high horse
about telling someone to educate herself...
7:34 pm est 

Re: Susan Mitchell -Educate Yourself

"Yes, let the voter decide--but I want this to be decided by the
educated voter--not one who refuses to see how badly we need these buildings

Great quote. Sums up the whole thing! And why no one is going to change their
minds from last year. Same tactics. Same result.
7:30 pm est 

Re: Why Not Fed Up With Schools?

No savings? How about we the taxpayers don't need to continuously fund the
overbloated salaries of unneeded personel? How about maintenance costs
associated with the buildings? Those two areas alone would be a HUGE savings.
And yes, we would be paying someone elses salary and maintaining someone elses
building but doing it as a region and not all alone like we now are so we can
graduate 8 kids in a class as opposed to 300+ in Nauset.
7:27 pm est 

Re: Police Station Petition

If the Banner is going to make a point of Ms. Rushmore bragging about
someone making a "special trip" t her home to sign her petition; full disclosure
would have included the                       between Ms. Rushmore and                    
2:23 pm est 

Re: Susan Mitchell -Educate Yourself

"Yes, let the voter decide--but I want this to be decided by the
educated voter--"

That comment is abhorrent in a Town governed by a Town Meeting. We have one of
the few surviving direct democracies (not representative democracies like the
State and Federal government). All citizens are able to vote on very spending
proposal and every tax proposal and every new proposed law. Get used to it!

The insulting tone about the voters who disagree is, well self evidently typical
of the Selectmen, Town Manager and Police Chief.
2:19 pm est 

Smoking in a Public Building

I just wanted to express my concern:

Twice now I have gone to my class upstairs in the Grace Gouveia building and
twice smelled cigerette smoke coming out of the mens bathroom. I know who he is
but dont know how to go about telling him that he should know(of all
people)theres no smoking in a public building. Maybe I should talk to the COA
12:24 pm est 

Re: "Some of us just need a break."

Give ME a break! We can't take a break because people like her and her        
have consistently blocked anything being done in this town for the past three
                                                                         We have to stop this stupid
behavior of asking our elected for something, voting for it, then these
"crusaders" come forward because they didn't get their way. Its time for the
rest of us to stand up to these individuals that keep wasting our time and
energy in keeping this town great. We have enough disfunction in Washington. We
asked for a building committee and they came to the same conclusion. Story over.
12:19 pm est 

Re: Why Not Fed Up With Schools?

"Why don't we just close the school and save the taxpayers millions
and let parents raise their wee ones?"

Nice try, but state law (and common sense) says the town must pay for public
education for residents' children. So closing the elementary school would
require the town to pay tuition at regional schools plus bus transportation. The
net result wouldn't be much, if any, tax savings.

There may be good reasons to use regional schools, but big savings isn't one of
them; unlike with the overly-sized and extravagent proposed police station.
12:14 pm est 

Susan Mitchell -Educate Yourself

Before you speak, it would be wise for you to have attended the building
committee meetings and the November 19th public hearing or at least watch it on

Instead, you deliberately ignore the facts and the work that has been done since
the early summer by this committee and base your information on Selectman
Yingling lack of comprehension of this project.

Yingling's closed minded mantra To RENOVATE goes contrary to everything that the
building committee has discovered and disclosed about this project.

Yes, let the voter decide--but I want this to be decided by the educated
voter--not one who refuses to see how badly we need these buildings replaced.

10:51 am est 

Why Not Fed Up With Schools?

Why aren't you fed up with us having to pay millions year after year after year
regarding the school?

Why don't we just close the school and save the taxpayers millions and let
parents raise their "wee ones" who are called little children.

How sad that toddlers are dropped of at a school at taxpayers expense.

Why doesn't Ms. B and Ms. M have a petition to close the school if they want to
lower their taxes?
10:48 am est 

Police Station

Some people post things that appear as grudges, others are posting because of
financial concerns and some are probably just simply against the location.
However, I know for a fact and some of you can say differently if you wish that
'allot" of people don't like the Police Chief. He has done allot of people wrong
in this town as well as what he has done to those who worked for him. People
don't forget.
10:29 am est 

Re: New Police Station

In response to the Grudge post:

A few people may think that way but not all the residents who are apposed. 
Many of us are just plain fed up with the constant need for so many huge civic
expenditures. Some of us just need a break. Time to enjoy what we have and
all we still have to pay for.

Above all, most of us just don't trust Sharon and Jeff and all the rest. I fully
understand the need for serious rehab of the existing building. If they move out
the Parking people toTown Hall where they belong. That free's up not only space,
but 5 humans exit the building. Instantly lowering the so called overcrowded numbers.
This simple suggestion is only an example of the questions so many residents have.

Somehow Sharon and Jeff believe that if they move fast enough they will get what
they want. So they created a Building Committee who was surprised when they
rushed the vote to the Selectman. Sorry, just because you had a 3-2 vote doesn't
necessarily mean full support.

Bottom line here is plain old distrust. I know Sharron made Jeff a promise, but
not all promises can be kept.

Remember the crime rate vs. number of para military clad cops is laughable!
11:29 pm est 

Long Time Resident + Delayed Maintenance

This long time resident with no experience and who hasn't worked at a job and
who doesn't want to spend any money on maintaining the town wants others to
follow in her footsteps and ignore what needs to be done in this town.

What an example of citizenship. We have a building committee that delivered a
profound need for a new police station and DPW building.

We are citizens who should vote on this to pass at town meeting in the Spring.
11:25 pm est 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Re: New Police Station

For some it's a human condition to hold grudges. One incident of that
appears to apply to building a new Police Station. It seems that such harbored
grudges are serving as a method of obstruction to deny our constabulary and the
Town to build what's desperately needed,(not what's wanted-what's needed),in the
most logical and least expensive place left to put it.It was thoroughly studied
and researched by a capable Building Committee. It's insulting to the committees
professional capability to say now that they are wrong in what they learned and
advised the voters of at their many public meetings. I didn't see any of the
petitioners at those informative meetings. Most activists will go to any lengths
to deny truth,defeat,or compromise!
10:29 am est 

Re: New Police Station

Bravo! Finally someone with some intelligence commenting on the Police Station.
Totally agree with you. I never critize elderly people however Barbara has once
again shown her "cards". And now she has a mouthpiece with her grandson Eric.
Thank you writer for giving me some hope with the crazy people in this town.


9:42 am est 

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Police Station

The BOS made a decision, after thoughtful consideration, that the town needed a
new police station in order to be more effective.  After much outcry, a Building
Committee was convened, who did a great deal of work evaluating the present
station, looking at alternatives, and reviewing proposed plans.  They made a
final decision that a new station was needed.  These are all people who made
themselves familiar with the intricacies of the current building and the
problems arising from it.
Now we have a person with no architectural, police, public administration,
political or educational background decreeing that there is no need for a new
station, and that the new one is just fine.  Her decision is based entirely on a
single comment made by selectman Erik Yingling, who accounts for 20% of the BOS. 
She disregarded all other discussion, disregarded the research and commitment
shown by the BOS and Building Committee, and arrived at her own conclusion based
on absolutely nothing.
Yet she goes through town demanding that people sign her petition and writing
letters to the Banner that the 'voters run this town.'
An educated citizenry is responsible for decision-making, but the word EDUCATED
should be stressed.  Did she take a guided tour of the existing building, view
police buildings from comparably sized towns, view the blueprints for the
proposed station, or do any research?
No, it's so much easier to just stir the pot than to try to improve the
I'm embarassed for this woman, who obviously has no clue about which she speaks.
6:03 pm est 

Re: Police Station Petition

The petition about the police station is very charming.

1)GO TO TOWN MEETING: All that matters is that you go to Town Meeting and vote.

2) RUN! Run for Selectmen. They know we don't want this oversize Army-Navy
police force or a palace to house them or a parking field for the police fleet.
Yet the Selectmen push forward with a dismissive 'those people don't go to town
meeting'. Over and over again it's obvious we need new Selectmen.
1:33 pm est 

Close Quarters in Provincetown

Stay home if you are sick. Going to the stop and shop with the flu is a no-no.
The flu is spreading.

Twenty-nine states and New York City reported high levels of flu activity, up
from 16 states and NYC the previous week. Flu was widespread in 41 states, up
from 31 states, according to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention.

As of the week ending Dec. 29, 2,257 people had been hospitalized with flu, and
18 children had died from complications of the illness, CDC reported.
1:31 pm est 

Get Your Flu Shot!

More than 15,100 flu cases have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention since Sept. 30, including 16 pediatric deaths.


Indiana's flu activity level is considered high, according to the CDC, which
last month announced that the flu season came a month earlier than usual.

It is bad in Rhode Island.
1:29 pm est 

Long History of Bitter Debate on Public Works
Was researching some Provincetown history past and recent. Amused to find that
the very first major public works debate in town was over construction of Front
Street now Commercial St. The next was over construction of a sidewalk. The
debate sounds so familiar "we don't need a street", "it will cost too much", "we
can walk along the shore as we always have." For the sidewalk the debate took a
week and the vote was 149 to 148 with people's citizenship being challenged. I
can just hear it "damn washashores"  All of this from Nancy Paine Smith's book.

Then more recently in looking back into articles on the sewer we have Barbara
Rushmore threatening to sue the town over the sewer and many others bitterly
opposed to any change. Others "we don't need it", "it's too expensive", "our
taxes will go up."  Funny how history doesn't repeat but it sure rhymes. A long
and bitter history of opposition to change and public facilities improvements.
It's no wonder our buildings rotted for so many years before finally being
1:28 pm est 

Re: Police Station Petition

Can anyone give me some information on  who to contact about signing
the petition against the new police station which is overly extravagant for this
little town in addition to being located in a terrible and inappropriate place.
The present station should be renovated  with an addition if more space is
really needed.
11:18 am est 

Re: Bill Dougal-Where is He?

Pat Shultz was sold to some of the agents. Bill wanted big
deal. Hope he is enjoying retirement.
11:02 pm est 

Re: Bill Dougal

Who the hell cares if Bill Dougal or any other private citizen leaves
their job? Why is that newsworthy? Is this turning into a gossip blog? Why does
the person in charge of this blog allow such posts?
11:00 pm est 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Re: New Police Station Site

I'm voting against the multimillion dollar new police building.

Could care less who's behind it, in front of it, or next to it.
I read the pertinent reports, watched the pertinent meetings.

I'm voting against it.
10:57 pm est 

Re: Speaking of Sidewalks

The sidewalks do look narrower than they were before.  Now we have a
sidewalk fiasco, too! :-)
10:54 pm est 

Re: Bill Dougal

He is well and very happy! Please see his notice in the banner and you can reach
him very easily.

Happy New Year!!

Rick Murray
10:53 pm est 

Obstruction to Growth

The fee to renew a retail license in this town has risen from $60.00
to $170.00 in one year. That is almost a 200% increase! What is wrong with with
this town when it comes to fees and taxes? Govenment officails here are always
talking about increasing year-round business. This does not help.
10:49 pm est 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Re: Bill Bougal - Where is He?

Bill Dougal left? Why? Who's running Pat Shultz Realty now then? Has
he left town? Is he opening a new agency?
10:33 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

RE: "Isn't it below sea level?"

No it isn't. It isn't in the flood zone defined by the US Army Corps of Engineer
SLOSH model. Nor is it in any flood zone in the new, but as yet unused, FEMA
flood maps which appear to be mostly based on the SLOSH model. This is true for
any level of storm these models anticipate which includes Cat 4.  The current
location is in a location that can flood in a hurricane. You can check with the
Town Emergency Manager to confirm this.
10:31 pm est 

Re: Bill Dougal-Where is He?

After a long esteemed career in real estate, Bill Dougal has left our business. We wish him well and thank him for his mentoring, guidance and contributions to our company.

Coldwell Banker Pat Shultz Real Estate
8:26 pm est 

Bill Dougal

Where is Bill Dougal??? Retired? What's happened to Pat Shultz Realty?
8:23 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site


If you take away the parking at Duart's, there will be a riot from business
owners. Tourists need all of that parking..
8:20 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

By using Eminent domain all deed restrictions are removed even if the property
is already owned by the town.

Excellent point! Now we're starting to use our brains!
5:45 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

Put it this way, the sidewalks look like they are much narrower than
they used to be.  Take a look and see what you think.
5:43 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

In one of the meetings, the police say they can't build a police station at one
site or another (Jerome Smith% Shank Painter??) because of deed restrictions.
Simple solution, remove all deed and use restrictions by formally taking the
property by Eminent domain. At a recent town meeting the town took the community
center by Eminent domain even though it already owned it to clear any deed or
title issues.

By using Eminent domain all deed restrictions are removed even if the property
is already owned by the town.
5:01 pm est 

Re: Speaking of Sidewalks

"Just visited town the other day and noticed how narrow the new
sidewalks seem.  Am I imagining this?  Wheelchairs and baby carriages will have
to be in the street.  Maybe this is the point-close the streets in the Summer to
traffic and let everyone walk in the streets?!  Can someone please explain

ADA requires sidewalks to be only 36" wide with an occasional obstruction that
limits widths to 30". Frequent obstructions are not permitted.  In Provincetown
sidewalks are required on only one side of the street. Marked crosswalks are

Ramps on and off the sidewalk must be 36" and have a gradual slope.

If these guidelines were not followed, Provincetown might forfeit it's federal
grants, my guess is that Town complied.
4:58 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

I agree with your thoughts, talk to Joe on a real level and see what he needs to
sell the property to the town. He's not getting younger, his kids don't live
around here and even if they did, they don't want to do what Joe does, work day
and night collecting parking fees. First thing the younger generation does is
sell it for the fast buck and move on. I don't blame them. But lets not miss
perhaps the best opportunity to do it right, somewhat regardless of cost. As it
was mentioned, it can also continue to be used for revenue generation as the
police station won't need to use the entire property. Lets use our heads. Once
sold, we all know it's going to be used for more condos and you know it.
4:56 pm est 

Re: Speaking of Sidewalks

Weren't the sidewalks bricked not too long ago and now are being done over? What
happened to all the old bricks? Any accounting of that or just another example
of poor oversight and poor planning.

Don't worry, the taxpayers will pay for the new ones and in 17 years, the
taxpayers will pay for the audit to find out where every brick, worth 40 cents
each, went.

Good plan!
4:54 pm est 

Speaking of Sidewalks

Just visited town the other day and noticed how narrow the new sidewalks seem. 
Am I imagining this?  Wheelchairs and baby carriages will have to be in the street. 
Maybe this is the point-close the streets in the Summer to traffic and let everyone
walk in the streets?!  Can someone please explain this?
12:17 pm est 

Auditing the Moorings

I myself am pleased with Ms Lynns decision with auditing the moorings
paperwork,lets see who did and who did not pay their bill when they had their
boat here in our harbor           .
12:14 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

I too am voting for the police station because I don't like the people
who are behind undermining it. I don't trust nor respect those people. There
interests certainly don't reflect mine nor the majority of the Town based on
what happened at Town Meeting. We all know who those petty are, don't we?
9:36 am est 

Re: New Police Station Site

POLICE STATION: I have heard that if the town executives met with Joe
Duarte and talked about a fair price for his property that he might be inclined
to sell at this time. It would be the perfect place for the police station plus
all the money received from parking would more than pay for this very expensive
police station. Just a thought.
9:21 am est 

Petition Spurs Special Town Meeting in Chatham

Anger over a recent decision by Town Manager Jill Goldsmith to switch oversight
of the harbormaster's office from the fire department to the police ignited a
successful citizen petition drive for a special town meeting that might overturn
the move.
9:20 am est 

Good Ole Boy Network

I'm tired of people getting away with crimes such as the harbor situation. This
is about more that mooring fees--what other fees and monies are missing?

What other crimes have been committee over the years? It is past time to fire
the harbormaster.

Lets end this good ole boy attitude and scrutinize what is going on in town. Put
them under a microscope.

I'm a taxpayer and I want to fund worthy causes and the harbor master has too
many red flags to ever trust what he says.

From this to 5 people resigning from the finance committee..something isn't
right in this town..
9:18 am est 

Re: New Police Station Site

It's been mentioned by me. It's not a spot thats prone to actual floods but the
water table is very high (you can see the water as you enter the DPW complex on
the right) and that means two major issues;
1. this will disallow the building from having a basement, an extra level of
building below grade that will make the building more useful as a result of more
space. Think vertical as opposed to horizontal space. Smaller footprint, just
deeper with more room.
2. The septic system will have problems in the very near  future. It has
happened with every system that has been placed that close to the groundwater
(Stop & Shop in Orleans, Stop & Shop on Shankpainter, the current system at the
current police station) and this all means a big replacement/rehab cost to the
town. Remember, there is no plan to ever run the sewer to that side of Rt. 6.

Keep in mind also, Evans Field used to be a softball/soccer field prior to the
installation of the sewer treatment plant. The discharge from that complex has
raised the water tables in that area at least 6-8 inches. Everyone in town hall
will tell you no but ask the old groundskeepers now retired from the town. Never
that wet. If it keeps rising, what about the site being considered for the new
police station? And for the nutties, throw in global warming too.

DPW is a bad site for a long term project. All of the above isn't made up, it's
basic fact staring everyone in the face. We just have to wake up and realize it.
9:16 am est 

Re: New Police Station Site

"I am voting for the new police station as a statement against the ugliness of
how those who oppose it have posted here vs. those who support it who have
posted respectfully on this site."

Interesting. A protest vote is probably the only reason to vote to spend money
on  the police station at DPW  or the large building being proposed again.
9:12 am est 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Re: Mooring Investigation Fiasco

Bond catching Gold Finger cheating at golf; is analogous to Chief
Jaran catching "Grassy" with his finger prints on mooring #43. Indeed, the Evil
Empire shall fall.
10:05 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

I am voting for the new police station as a statement against the
ugliness of how those who oppose it have posted here vs. those who support it
who have posted respectfully on this site.
10:03 pm est 

Re: New Police Station Site

I haven't heard this point mentioned in regard to the proposed site
of new police station.  Isn't it below sea level? Prone to flooding.
I don't understand why anyone would spend all that money on such
a pit.
Just asking
10:00 pm est 

Re: Contract Renewal

Every contract is unique but generally, within the contract is an agreement for
renewal meaning the selectmen or the contracted party need to formally contact
the other to engage renewal or altering of the existing contract. TM and police
chief can only be legally for 3 years but if I'm not mistaken, some maneuvers
were placed in this police chiefs contract that extended it for 5 years somehow.
Don't know the details. The existing contracts are available through town hall
and legally (if you're denied) by way of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
If you're denied, go to a selectmens meeting, announce this at public comment
period and watch them all squirm. What would town hall be hiding if it's all
legit and in place? And no, it's not personal and private. It's a contract that
we are all paying for put in place by our elected officials to pay a public
employee. Once you review it, I'm sure you'll be amazed. Remember the bath the
town took (and is still taking) for Chief !
9:58 pm est 

Contract Renewal

When or how are the contracts for the town manager and police chief
reviewed for renewal? Can the town replace either or both of them soon?
5:04 pm est 

Posting in Bold

File this under for what its worth.

It may be true that only the webmaster can post in bold.

i don't know. i haven't attempted to write code into my


but i see some bold in my earlier  post and i didn't do it.

so it appears that the webmaster sometimes highlights items

in other peoples posts.   that doesn't mean he wrote it.

because he didn't . i did.

Slippery Clam
5:02 pm est 

Re: : "Happy New Year Provincetown!" - Fact Check

Let's not forget the behind the closed doors deal Bergman made with
the state and now taxpayers have to maintain Rt6 through Ptown which will cost
us millions of dollars. Or how about his shady accounting that put the Town on
the Dept. of Revenue watch list.

The current Town manager is a gift to Provincetown vs. that sear             .
5:00 pm est 

Town Hall Sidewalks

Has anyone noticed that the sidewalks around Town Hall were never
cleaned off for the holiday weekend? It's disgraceful that the sidewalks were an
icy mess forcing everyone to walk in the roads. Who made the call not to shovel?
4:58 pm est 

Hey Slippery Clam or I guess this is the Blogmaster

Give it a break for at least a day. Did I say Sharon's name? It was a thank you
to the town staff and the enormous amount of volunteers that keep this town
going. In any event they (and she) deserve a thank you for having to listen to
all the hreartless dribble that comes from people like you. Either started by
Keith or Sharon we have done a lot in this town and they need to be thanked.
These are great improvements and I am happy to pay my taxes to the town to make
this all happen.

Because of all your crap about the pier, the DA must be part of the solution
since there is no one to trust. And as for the police station most people in
town are for the recommendations given and not your phony sense of some vast
rebellion. Happy New Year and thank you Sharon and the Selectman once again.

Webmaster Comment: Please note the declaration statement on the MyPACC Home page.
"Some posting to this section are modified by for visual presentation only."

Ergo, Slippery Clam is not the Webmaster.

1:15 pm est 

Re: : "Happy New Year Provincetown!" - Fact Check

Pls note: only the webmaster can post in bold.
10:41 am est 

Seashore Point-Tax Exempt

Seashore point with all of its condos and rentals is doesn't pay us one penny in
property tax. My tax bill is $4,000.00 on my old house. They are tax exempt

They are just one of 222 properties that are tax exempt. Plus they didn't have
to pay for their sewer hook up either. They got so many perks..thank you Mr. B.
10:40 am est 

Re: New Police Station Site


Last spring we all went to the hearing regarding the new police station and dpw
building. We wanted an in depth study.
We were presented with the results of this study and you can see it on PTV from
Nov 19th

How in the world can anyone refute the need for this building? The building
committee did its job and it discovered that we do indeed need a new police
station and dpw building.

The facts prove that we what we have now is a failed building. Lets start the
New Year right and Correct this terrible wrong.
10:37 am est 

Bergman/Police Station Site

1. Slippery Clam is right on target on Bergman's accomplishments.

2. The intersection of Route 6 and Race Point Road/Conwell St is already under
designed. There are left turn lanes off of Route 6, but good luck if your making
a left turn off of Conwell or Race Point Rd. hence it is one of the most
accident prone spots in Town.

John Grassy Santos is right, I hate to admit it, but leave the site to the DPW.
10:35 am est 

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