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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where Are the Police?
What ever happened to community policing when Jeff first came to town. it was
great. he was walking the streets and required that his police officers do the
same. but now---it has all disappeared.

why? It was a great idea and great action. Now, we hardly see anyone linked to
the police. seems they are all taking their cue from our leader--hide and seek.
But there is more hiding than anything else.

Are we paying for panthom officials? sometimes, it surely feels like this.
10:45 pm est 

What? Attend a June 8th Ad Hoc Zoning By-Law Meeting?

You have to be kidding us? If not, there is litle reality here. attend a group
of people hand picked by Sharon Lynn to pick our pockets and mazimize
developers' profits. Please, this group is more than suspect and you suggest we
wait until then and attend these meetings to do what?

Reality left town long ago.
10:43 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

"Issues are discussed  opinions are expressed.  Like it or not, this
blog is an important way for town officials and residents and visitors to put
their fingers on the pulse of the town, behind the scenes."

Better statement would be 'issues are discussed, opinions ar expressed, facts
are not required'.
10:41 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

"How about David Guertin? He spends all his time as a paid consultant
for the sewer company I guess as long as Sharon keeps the $'s flowing into the
pockets of her supporters things will remain the same. . ."

Gee, looks to me that specific people are being named.  And yep, that qualifies
as slander.
10:38 pm est 

Selectmen: Proposal to Hire Officer for MacMillan Pier
See Full Article in Cape Cod TimesBy Mary Ann Braggmbragg@capecodonline.comNovember 30, 2011
Police Details
  1. The proposal would have an officer at MacMillan Pier in Provincetown
  2. Assigned to the pier 40 hours a week from April 1 through Nov. 1
  3. Work mandatory in-season weekends and holidays; be on call as needed.
  4. Assigned to regular patrol off-season and teach public safety boating courses.
  5. Responsible for readiness of town-owned boat for law enforcement in harbor.Augmented by about four new summer police officers, for second and third shifts, with some marine
  6. Undergo a one-year trial period.
Information Courtesy: Town of Provincetown and Cape Cod Times

The proposal requires the development of budgetary and management details prior, to implementation this spring.

New position would be in addition to 18 full-time Police Officers employed by the town.

Starting annual salary would be $51,399.

Approximately four additional summer officers would receive $16.41 an hour

Pier Corp. would primarily be concerned with maintenance and administrative areas on the pier and harbor.

Pier Corp. would reduce the current number of summer Assistant Harbormasters.

Selectman David Bedard supports the additional enforcement costs being absorbed by the police department.

Additionally, Selectman Bedard proposes all resulting cost savings be transferred to a Pier Corp. Future Capital Improvements and Maintenance reserve fund.  

6:17 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Your continuous accusations of "slander" are as bad as anything said
on the blog.  You cast this word out as much as a hungry fisherman casts his
line.  Unless someone specific is named and character and monetary damages
result, slander is not appropriate.  Insulting is more like it.  Grow up. 
Issues are discussed  opinions are expressed.  Like it or not, this blog is an
important way for town officials and residents and visitors to put their fingers
on the pulse of the town, behind the scenes.

5:10 pm est 

Additional Police For the Pier

Just read the CC Times article on police for the pier.  Just what the
town needs, another police officer standing around.  Those summer police
officers at Lopes Square look fit enough to be able to get down to the pier if
there is a problem.  Don't they have police radios, is there not a dispatcher?
4:55 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep
Re: "And your glowing accomplishments furthering positive town
development and community closeness are? Quit creeping the blog if you are
disgusted. The "everything is peachy" campaign is wearing thin...."

Everything is not always peachy, never said it was.  And I have no desire to
come on this blog and talk about what I'm doing to better the town.  There are
many, many others who work to make things better in our town.  And then you have
people who come on this blog to smear and slander others such as this:

"Just think, tax dollars pay no-show jobs, people running important boards
(historic, library, etc.) who reside in other states 8 months of the year. A
never ending sewer project with a never ending price tag.  How about David
Guertin? He spends all his time as a paid consultant for the sewer company.
I guess as long as Sharon keeps the $'s flowing into the pockets of her
supporters things will remain the same.
Oh yea, whats the big deal with the parking revenue? If they say it is up, then
it is up, but don't think it is the truth. My guess is that it is always higher
then they report.

Just sayin........................................."
End Quote.

The person writing the above statement has no facts to back up their statements
yet this blog provides them a forum to slander others in town with no
accountability for their words.  If they had any facts to back up their statment
they would complain to the attorney general, but no, they have nothing.  Just a
desire a bring others down to their level.

Someone is dishonest about the parking revenue?  Who?  The parking
administrator?  The finance director?  The town's auditors?  That's a serious
claim if one of our staff or hired auditors are lying and it should be
investigated by the attorney general.  But, there are no facts to back up this
baseless claim are there?  Just a sad little person sitting at their computer
slandering others in town.

And if that is now the legacy of the blog master, I do indeed consider it a sad
3:14 pm est 

Re: It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations

Your logic is a little off. The monument is closed for those months.
The tourism office is not. It is open for 12 months. The director was hired for
12 months. He changed the rules. Maybe things were better for 3 years but he was
here full time.
9:00 am est 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Provincetown Streets

Nice to see new paving of the east end of Commercial St.  Now we just
need to complete Commercial St and then move on to Bradford St.
10:19 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

"To the blog master I  would say this.  What happened to you?"

Wow.  Talk about a negative Nancy.  And your glowing accomplishments furthering
positive town development and community closeness are? Quit creeping the blog if
you are disgusted. The "everything is peachy" campaign is wearing thin.  Beside
a few business owners making their usual profit, the school is dying, the roads
are a mess and the sewer system is draining more than septic waste.  Over 100
people a day are in need of a meal from the soup kitchen from Nov. to April and
things are great?  The blog is a vital forum for freedom of expression not
otherwise possible in a town approving library spy cameras.  A negative tone
reflects the sour taste left by the same shenanigans going on over and over in
our little tight political arena.  Lack of attendance at town meeting is
probably due to the fact it seems more and more a waste of time.  For example,
when you even allow developers to sit on a committee that draws up Zoning
By-laws that directly affect their bottom line, well,!
  that says it all. Come on.


A private message:

Dear Miss Crobopple,
Are you available for private tutoring sessions this winter?  Please and thank
Ludwig Von Beethaven
8:57 am est 

Holiday Spirit

In the spirit of the holiday season, let's hope the angry bloggers
here get the help they need.

Clarence what are five accomplishments of your blog this past year? Santa wants
to know if, it has been a good blog.
8:17 am est 

Re: Provincetown Pilgrim Monument & Museum

The Monument's refused to hear the sentiments of the community. And
Chuck Silva and his two elves, Chris and Bill, are not the only culpable ones.
The entire Board is.  Since the Board has such little regard for our community,
I, along with my family, will not set foot on that facility, nor donate.  The
Board has made its decision.  And we have made ours.  And the new Director,
unfortunately, is a mere casualty, althoug, by taking the job, he showed little
concern about moving into a town in which a significant number of its residents
vigorously objected to the firing of his predecessor.

11:36 pm est 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Re: A Town Asleep

RE: "Oh yea, Oh yes, so right.
Just think, tax dollars pay no-show jobs, people running important boards ..."

You are kind of a psycho huh?  Everyone is out to get you, everone is on the
take.   Provide facts to back up your paranoia.  You can't can you? 
Unfortunately this blog provides a forum for small people to smear and slander
those who try to work for positive change.

There are many people doing good things in this town.  Unfortunately neither you
or this blog contribute to making this town a better place.

To the blog master I  would say this.  What happened to you?  You use to be a
positive influence in this town and now this blog is your legacy?  And if i ran
into you on the street I would say the same thing to your face.  It makes me
very sad for you.  I see you no longer attend town meeting, I'm guessing it's
because you realize very few people value your opinion now.  How very sad.
10:32 pm est 

Re: It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations


I could care less if the Tourism Director works out of Hong Kong, or if he's a
politician or whether I even like him.  As a business owner here for years, all
I care about is the bottom line, and my business has prospered more in the past
three years then it has any time prior.  While the Tourism Director, the PBG,
the Chamber and the VSB may not be completely responsible for my better results,
I do believe they had a positive impact on tourism via their strategic plan and
coordinated efforts.  Can't say the same for any time prior when my business
results were not as good.  Not sure why anyone wants to get rid of the current
tourism efforts, but everything I've read here has nothing to do with results. 
My understanding is that as usual the vocal anonymous minority, who does nothing
for this town except gripe has something to do with these rants.  Frankly, if
they put as much effort into contributing vs pontificating, the town would be
better.   I am involved, and most I've spoken to about this are happier
with the results over the past three years, 
  If these results can be acheived remotely, I say BRAVO.  The
number of visitors in the past several years has been either record or near
record.   The fact that not alot of people come to town in Jan, Feb, and March
has more to do with there is nothing open.  You can't promote what isn't open
during the first quarter.  Not even the Monument, our primary attraction, is
open during the first quarter.  As much as I like Jim Bakker, I find it ironic
that he is being promoted as Tourism Director, when the Monument is closed
during the first quarter.  Oh, I forgot, the blog deals with popularity and
opinion rather than cold hard results.   Thank you Tourism folks for all you've
done in the past several seasons.
9:57 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Who knows in this odd little
town and even odder town hall politics. this is like an african village or an
Iraqi town. Not what it should be but is

Oh yea, Oh yes, so right.
Just think, tax dollars pay no-show jobs, people running important boards
(historic, library, etc.) who reside in other states 8 months of the year. A
never ending sewer project with a never ending price tag.
How about David Guertin? He spends all his time as a paid consultant for the
sewer company.
I guess as long as Sharon keeps the $'s flowing into the pockets of her
supporters things will remain the same.
Oh yea, whats the big deal with the parking revenue? If they say it is up, then
it is up, but don't think it is the truth. My guess is that it is always higher
then they report.
Just sayin.........................................
Iraqi town, I like it
9:47 pm est 

Re: It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations


Not political!? Do u live in or know PTown. This town is NOTHING if not
political. It's a balancing act of irrational behavior & unfounded,
unsubstantiated accuastions like yours. Not political... Get out. Best keep ur
fingers & focus on painting!!
9:40 pm est 

Re: English Composition

And, as a simple aside, in an effort to prevent knickers getting
twisted at warp speed, the word "disecting" was intentionally spelled
incorrectly.  Hope this doesn't stop some bloggers from reaching their highlight
tonight.  Gee, a rhyme. How literature.
9:37 pm est 

Re: English Composition

English Composition from glass houses?

Say What?

You were taught English Composition in Provincetown schools?  Stop doing the
school a disservice by telling that to people.

Don't you think the following sentence; "At least go back once and doublecheck
[sic] what you write."  would read better as "Go back at least once, and double
check what you wrote."   By the way, "doublecheck" is not a word.  Double check
or double-check would better suit your meaning.  And since when is; "In Ptown
elementary school in the first grade." a complete sentence?

Miss Crobopple

9:34 pm est 

Re: It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations

"Doesn't make sense and I don't think he's doing a good job. Bill
Schnieder may have fabricated some tall tailsbut he did a good job
in that position."

You want to go back to having a liar in the position?  What are some of you
folks thinking?  Bring back Keith, bring back Bill Schnieder - really, are you
that nuts?

Move forward, not backwards.
9:32 pm est 

Re: English Composition

The lack of a sense of humor on this blog of late is sad and scary. 
You are obviously really smart, really quick and you know how to chop up a
sentence, construct a proper sentence and criticize.  Grade:  A
That quickness didn't come to the party though when you took the sentence out of
context and placed it on the disecting table under your microscope.  The blog
was about errors in spelling and grammar.  The sentence itself was a clear
example of a bad sentence.  Sorry, that wasn't so good.  Grade:  F
It is.
1:58 pm est 

Re: It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations

I completely disagree. I don't feel our Tourism Director is the mode (most) 
effective we could have. Actually, I feel that he's more of a politician keeping
the right people happy, this is smoke and mirrors making it appear as thought
he's doing a good job. His properties are the least promoted in town. So we want
this guy heading our marketing for the town? Doesn't make sense and I don't
think he's doing a good job. Bill Schnieder may have fabricated some tall tails
but he did a good job in that position. We don't need a politician. We need
someone willing to work hard.
10:39 am est 

Re: English Composition

Don't blame me, blame the school.  Isn't that the name of the game
here?  Blame throwing.  If you would stand up straighter, you may not resemble
so closely the punctuation mark missing from the blog.
10:35 am est 

Re: English Composition

"In Ptown elementary school in the first grade."

Sentence structure is as important as spelling. Capitalizing the first letter of
the first word in a string of words and ending with a punctuation mark does not
necessarily make a sentence.
10:26 am est 

Re: English Composition

Apparently you failed. The construction of your final sentence is missing
7:43 am est 

Re: Parking

"There is absolutely no way to determine what impact the kiosks had
on revenues. None.  At all."

Oh, OK, if you say so it must be true.  Oh, but that is just your opinion isn't

So when they installed the first kiosk at Ryder St and revenue was up 10% that
told us nothing?  No rate increase, no change in hours, just a kiosk.
7:42 am est 

Re: Russell Braun

I think I saw Russel Braun driving on Commercial St. about 9:00 PM last December
9th or possibly December 10th.
7:40 am est 

Re: Parking

One of the previous posters made some interesting and valid points about
determining the impact that the Kiosks have had on revenues, but I would like to
add the following:

1. Calculating the elasticity of demand would be relatively easy if the
technology (the old meters) and the parking hours had remained the same, but
they haven't. An approximate calculation can be made based on the number of
"percentage increase in demand hours" paid for and the "percentage increase in
hourly rates", but is only useful to a limited degree.

2. The new kiosks do record a tremendous amount of information, including the
number of transactions, the time, the place, the type of payment, etc. None of
that information was/is available from the old meters.

3. The new kiosks provide a different set of payment options to visitors,
including cash, and credit and debit cards. This is a significantly new and
visitor friendly option. Visitors can pay, without using cash, for the maximum
number of hours that they would like to spend in town. From my personal
observation, many visitors move on from our parking lots when they realize that
they don't have/can't beg for enough quarters to "feed the meters".

4. Parking tickets are down by approximately 50%. That's a good thing, by
design. What's more alienating to tourists than to have them end up with a
parking ticket because they didn't have enough quarters and ran out of time on a

5. The parking Kiosks don't allow "piggy backing", meaning that a visitor
parking doesn't know what, if any, time remains on the "meter" from the previous
parker. The vendor of the parking kiosks estimates that this alone will increase
revenues by at least 15%. In Boston, on Newbury Street, the actual increase was
closer to 35%.

6. Parking rates in P-Town have not been increased in at least 5 years, longer
in some cases.

7. The kiosks significantly reduce the handling of cash. Enough said on that

8. The kiosks do not track "resident parking sticker" users. The new technology
at MPL parking lot does. It had the lowest increase in revenues.


Not a Town employee, but sleeping with an economist.

7:38 am est 

Re: Parking

Don't the parking kiosks run tapes or have chips to prove income?  A
town managed entity collecting revenue should, at the least, be able to provide
an accurate physical printout of times, dates, hours, amounts, etc.  All those
stats would then provide some answers to their profitability.  Seems like the
answer to whether or not they are productive should be fairly simple.  Who has
these figures? and what are they?
7:34 am est 

This Blog is Hilarious!

Get Him, Get Her, Fire Them, Burn, Burrrrn Them!  Ha.  Jesus!  All you
ex-experts, or wanna be's have a lot of answers; NOT.  Let me guess... you were
all picked on in school growing up?? ha.

Our town is in better shape than within ANY OTHER ADMINISTRATION over the last
30 years.  SO... I'm sure it is alarming to all of you "experts" that think
stagnating is acceptable; it's not.

Go Sharon, Go BOS, Go Pilgrim Monument Staff & Board, Go Sanborn, Go PBG...
you're all winners and it's due to all the hard work of those therein that we
are succeeding.  So, structured time off is FAR BETTER than 12 mo's of
inefficiency.  HEAR THAT?  3 decades of failure and it's all been turned around
in the last 3 years.  WHY?  Because those in office (and that are still there)
are WINNERS!!!

So paint that.
7:33 am est 

So Now What?

Dear self-righteous ones.  You forget, the Tourism Director offered
his resignation, it was the VSB that did not want to lose him and requested he
continue to work as the Tourism Director nine months out of the year.  Without
commenting on having a nine month Tourism Director I do have to commend Bob for
doing a great job in the past.

Fire him?  He offered to leave and was asked to stay.
12:30 am est 

English Composition

Proof reading and spelling are apparently some of the "lost" arts in
Provincetown.  At least go back once and doublecheck what you write. 
Misspellings make something important seem less important.  Sorry, just taught
to be thorough.  In Ptown elementary school in the first grade.
12:08 am est 

Theater of the Absurd:

Fire the Town Manager, Fire the Police Chief, Fire the Board of Selectmen, Fire
the Building Inspector, Fire the Librarian, Get rid of the Tourism Office and
the PBG and the Chamber.....Let's Occupy Town Hall and take our Town back. 
Let's move to Truro and secede from Ptown.  How ridiculous can this all get? 
Can't we all get along?  Whatever happened to constructive feedback vs negative
12:04 am est 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Re: It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations

This Tourism Director Issue is Ridiculous:

Fire him! Get someone who cares. Hire the real candidate not this pretnese of a
6:10 pm est 

Re: Where is Our Russell?

You Are right--Russell Braun is hardly here. He is hardly doing any
inpsecting. What does this man do? He stays inside his office and pontificates.
He makes deals but are they what they should be? Who knows in this odd little
town and even odder town hall politics. this is like an african village or an
Iraqi town. Not what it should be but is.
6:06 pm est 

Re: Where is Our Russell?

Yup--where is Russell?

Good question. He is often with his family and is often visiting family members.
But he is hardly here.

Has anyone seen him inspecting buildings or new construction?  Hardly.

Maybe he is spending time with Sharon at some undisclosed site but who ever sees
him or even her? Missing in action for Russell and too often for Sharon. But
sadly others cover for both of them.
6:05 pm est 

Has Anyone Seen Our Russell?

Great question.  Put a GPS on Russell.   He is always in Truro or Western MA.  
Maybe he is the one that hired the landscaper for the library?
3:03 pm est 

Re: Parking

OK, for the last time:

There is absolutely no way to determine what impact the kiosks had on revenues. 
None.  At all.

Those of you who say they increased revenues have no basis for saying so.
Those who say they didn't increase revenues ALSO have no basis for saying so.

There is insufficient information to make a determination.  Here is what we
know, however:

- Rates were increased
- Hours of operation were increased
- Revenues were up

In order to determine whether the kiosks were successful we would need to know:

- elasticity of demand for parking based on the revenue increase (no way you are
going to convince me that anyone knows this)
- demand for parking during increased hours of operation (this is probably
knowable if the kiosks were feeding parking information into some centralized
computer database.  If so, I would love to see the data.)
- downtime of kiosks (see previous point) and how that compares to typical
downtime of meters

Until we know all of the above, any assertions about whether the kiosks were or
weren't a success are baseless.
12:31 pm est 

Re: Where's the Town Manager?

Should we put a GPS on her so we can track her every move?  Maybe we could hook
it up to the town web site so we know where she is every minute of the day.

I watched her on channl 18 at a finance committee meeting,  If I got the date
correct I think it was from last Tuesday.  She was involved in conversations
reviewing a 5 year budget and about reducing the town's health care costs. 
Isn't that kind of what you would want you town manager doing?  I say let her do
her job!
12:27 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Pilgrim Monument & Museum

"some here are profiting from being on the board and see the new
construction as a venue for them to pick
the monument clean."

Are you saying there are people on this board who will use the new construction
as a means through which to steal funds from the monument?  Who exactly are you
referring to?  How do you know this?  Either you should be charged with making
slanderous statements or they should be investigated.  An accusation of theft
directed at a specific board is serious.
10:57 am est 

Re: Parking

"I do not understand how the revenue can double when the kiosks are
not always working."

Revenue is up due to the increase in both hours when parking fees are in effect
and charges per hour.  I don't mind the kiosks, but they did not increase
8:23 am est 

Re: Has Anyone Seen Our Town Manager?

Looking For Godot:

Have you ever tried looking for the town manager in Town Hall? That is
where I always find her.  Maybe she went to see family during Thanksgiving or is
she supposed to have them over to Town Hall when it is closed.  If you really
want to play hide and seek, look for Russell

8:21 am est 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Re: Parking

I am sorry to have to tell you that I am not an employee of the town. But I am a
property owner.

I do not understand how the revenue can double when the kiosks are not always
working. Anyone who parks downtown and uses the meters knows that they went up
and I also see that the parking lots went up.
So it is safe to say that all that "doubled" revenue did not come from the
kiosks alone. I also do not have an "axe" to grind with the parking admin.I go
to P-town on a regular basis, so I noticed the change.
10:07 pm est 

Has Anyone Seen Our Town Manager Lately?

She danced on the dance floor and spent time at the top floor of town hall.
Where is she now? Last seen when?

How many vacations can one person take?
10:05 pm est 


Guild   /gɪld/  Show Spelled[gild]  Show IPA
1. an organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc., especially
one formed for mutual aid or protection.
2. any of various medieval associations, as of merchants or artisans, organized
to maintain standards and to protect the interests of its members, and that
sometimes constituted a local governing body.

"Medieval" being the key word. "Sometimes" being another key word.
10:02 pm est 

What do You Mean Jim Will be Fine? How About Us?

I'm concerned for al of us who love the monument and the museum and who feel
betrayed by the decision to fire Jim Bakker. Yes, a wonderful event and
celebration of him was held at the Lobster Pot but we still don't feel great
about his absence. I loved his enthusiasm and I don't like how this entire
situationw as handled. the board is a disaster and their attempt this summer to
stay on for fiteen years---give me a break--was part of trying to get rid of Jim
Bakker. No, let's get rid of this unenlightened board. some here are profiting
from being on the board and see the new construction as a venue for them to pick
the monument clean.
10:00 pm est 

Provincetown Pilgrim Monument & Museum

When the present board is gone, then and only then will I support the
Monument. Boycotting is our right and it sends a clear message that the people
running the show should be out on their rear ends. They made a poor choice in
letting Jim go and I along with many others choose not to associate or support
the monument. I have nothin against the new director, but the message needed to
be sent!

9:56 pm est 

Does PBG Have a Full Time Director?

Yes, the PBG has a full time director and he is in town working year-
10:06 am est 

Community Events vs Advertising

How can selling a left over 2011 t-shirt be a community event?
10:04 am est 

Does PBG Have a Full Time Director?

The direcor of the pbg is in town. It is the president of the pbg Jim
Rizzo who is his boss that is leaving for 6 months. The director is new + boss
away = ?
10:01 am est 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Does the PBG Have a Full Time Director?

Is this director not in town? Is he away for months? what's going on here. Can
someone explain this absence when the position requires being in Provincetown.
this is not a volunteer position on a board. and even then, you need to be here
year round to be on a volunteer board. this is a paid position to encourage
people coming to town during this time and in the winter. Where is the director?
10:53 pm est 

Looking For a New Director of Tourism

That is what we need. we need someone committed to the town during four seasons
of the year--not someone who is gone for a season as if that does not count. It
does and I hope the VSB Board fires this guy. Time for someone who is really
dedicated and who can plan activities while he is actually and literally in

Sanborne needs to be fired or to come back to town permanently. Who needs this
lack of attention and lack of professionalism? Provincetown doesn't. Let's find
someone who really cares and is deeply committed to being here, living here, and
working here. Obviously, Sanborne is not the right person.
10:51 pm est 

I Too am Staying Away From the Monument

I don't like how Jim Bakker was treted. I don't approve of the Board and its
decision. thus I don't need to show up for the lighting either.

They did us a disservice and I have lost my enthusiasm for the monument as an
organization. Maybe time will make me feel differentl--maybe not.

But clearly actions and firings have their consequences.
10:49 pm est 

Community Events vs Advertising

Someone Is confusing Community Events with Advertising

This person misses the mark. he or she is way off. I see events and issues of
interest posted here. I get to know about events I wouldn't know about and some
that I get to know of earlier than waiting for the weekly Banner to show up.

2 plus 2 does not equal 6--even if you think it does!
10:46 pm est 

It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations

THREE BUSINESS OUT OF HOW MANY? Your  point can only be made at them,
not everybody.

You don't really get the point do you?  Take a walk outside right now, it's a little
after 8 on Friday night and it's dead as a door nail.  Who in their right mind
would come here when it's so obvious the town has closed up for the winter?  How
you going to market that?

9:36 pm est 

Provincetown Pilgrim Monuent & Museum

We are not crazy!  

If we want to boycott the monument and the
lighting of it because how the board and Chuck Silva had his little hissy fit
this past year, then we have a right to do so.  It says nothing on our feelings
towards Jims replacement.   It only speaks to our feelings towards the current

And who cares if Jim has a large art collection and or if he is worth one dollar
or a million dollars or 20 million dollars.   The majority of people in this
town feel Jim was not treated right, and that showed at the lobster pot support
night for Jim and the issues he had to deal with.

I dislike when people tell me someone has so much money and they didn't need the
job or whatever the reason is.   That is none of our business.   Every human
being should be treated with respect.   More people thought Jim was not treated
with the respect he so much deserves.

As a business in town that use to send people to the monument, I will send them
no to the trolly tour, the dunes tour and other places of interest.   The
monument will have to earn my business back, and that will happen as soon as
Chuch Silva leaves.

9:33 pm est 

Re: Gunsmith Shop

Josh Rego is a professional businessman and should be allowed to open a gunsmith
shop if his current location is zoned to do so (it is already a vehicle repair
shop, I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed). He has already earned himself a
very positive reputation with local sportsmen with his knowledge and skill with
firearms repair and target shooting. It is a long and difficult process to get
the kind of federal and state licensing he his looking for. I just don't
understand the fear of firearms. I'm a firearm owner and guess what, I'm as
"liberal" as they get! I think many of you would be surprised how many citizens
of Provincetown are law abiding licensed firearms owners. Many of us can be
found weekly at the range at Nauset Rod & Gun safely enjoying target
8:51 pm est 


Perhaps the admirer of the Parking Administrator is a co-worker?
8:46 pm est 

Provincetown Pilgrim Monument & Museum

Wrong!  I'm not 'so hurt' by Jim's firing, I think the folks running
things up on the hill have a screw loose and I'm staying as far away from them
as possible.
8:45 pm est 

Pilgrim Monument

I would like to thank the latest blogger re: The Monument, i agree with him or
her 100% it is time to move forward and not look backwards, it is time to stop
the negativity and be positive. I went to the Monument it was fun, the kids had
a great time and i wish the new director well. I hope the monument shines thru
the holiday season and for many years in the future. I moved here in 1986, own a
business and support and wish Jim, the New Director and the Monument all the
8:41 pm est 

Provincetown Pilgrim Monument & Museum

"The lighting of the monument has been going on before Jim and will
continue for as long as there is a town to pay for the lights. If we don't light
the monument out of protest then we truly are a whiney, selfish, lame community."

I look at it differently.  If the lighting of the monument stopped I would look
at what C Silva and his buddies destroyed.  Place the responsibility where it
8:38 pm est 

Provincetown Pilgrim Mounument & Museum

You have a right to your righteous point of view as do I.  There are
many wonderful non-profits in Ptown.  Each of us has a right to decide which, if
any, of the non-profits we can afford to or want to support.  I choose not to
provide any support to the Pilgrim Monument until they have a new board of
directors.  That's my personal decision.

Mr. Silva has a proven track record of bad judgement and the board of directors
feels he is the right person to lead the PMPM.  Why would I waste my money by
giving it to an organization that I feel is mis-managed and poorly run?
8:35 pm est 

What Happened?

This used to be a place to read and share ideas, thoughts, opinions,
etc.  It has become a place to advertise...thanks, but no thanks!
8:28 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Pilgrim Monument & Museum

Boycotting the lighting was the PERFECT way to show support for Jim Bakker and
to show the disgust with the current board. How else should we show our anger
and distrust? The kids may like the lights, locals call it a tradition and the
businesses may even benifit from it but the board knows this and they just play
on that to continue in their ways undaunted. It's time a protest meant
something. With the attendence low and hopefully contributions low this coming
year and years to come, maybe then the board as a whole will get the picture and
get rid of the bad apples.
8:26 pm est 

It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations

THREE BUSINESS OUT OF HOW MANY? Your  point can only be made at them,
not everybody.
8:23 pm est 

Provincetown Pilgrim Monument & Museum

This is directed towards all of you that were thinking it is a good
idea to boycott the monument lighting. You are all crazy. I understand you are
all so hurt by the firing of jim, but grow up. Unlike most people out there that
get fired unjustly jim gets the full support of the town and even had a dinner
of support for him at the lobster pot. he also is independently wealthy and owns
one of the largest private owned Provincetown art collections. Jim will be just

The monument and the new director do not deserve this kind of mean spirited
silliness. The new director had nothing to do with Jim's firing and has enough
credentials to not deserve this from the town he is moving to. Grow up!!

The lighting of the monument has been going on before Jim and will continue for
as long as there is a town to pay for the lights. If we don't light the monument
out of protest then we truly are a whiney, selfish, lame community.

Lots of people enjoy the lighting of the monument, that have no connection to
Jim or have any idea of his firing. Lots of children ( A group of people in town
that have been pushed aside) also love it. Don't take that away from people
because you are personally hurt by Jim's firing. Grow up!!!!

If you are one of the idiots that wanted to protest the marc jacobs ball or the
lighting of the monument then i want to let you know something. You are not
righteous and you are not enlightened. You do however have too much time on your
hands.  Grow up!!!!

PS i have lived here my whole life, went to school here and own a business, and
i have referred to Provincetown as p-town many many times.

11:32 am est 

Re: Parking Kiosks

"This parking admin wants to add more Kiosks to other parking lots in
town. The taxpayers in Provincetown need to open their eyes, and see what this
man is doing with their tax dollars..."

*Parking kiosks are not paid for out of tax receipts, they are paid for out of
parking receipts.
*If I open my eyes and see that parking revenue nearly doubled in those areas
where the town installed kiosks I'd be pretty happy.  Yep, some of it's due to
the rate increase, but the rate increase can't explain it all.

It is obvious that you have an axe to grind against the parking admin or against
the kiosks.  Are you perhaps trying to protect your job?  The job where you work
at most seven months and sit back and collect unemployment for the other five? 
I guess I can understand why you would try to protect that arrangement.

If I'm a taxpayer in Provincetown and I open my eyes and see that a $15,000
kiosk (or whatever the cost) can be installed and it saves the town money I'm
all for it.  Anything we can do to reduce or slow down the tax burden is good by
10:47 am est 

Provincetown Pilgrim Monument and Museum

Didn't go to the Monument lighting this year for obvious reasons. It
appears the fix was in for the new director. Hard to believe this guy was so
suddenly available, not to mention the ads on 102.3 where he kept referring to
Provincetown as Ptown. Everyone with any sense knows that only tourists and
visitors refer to our town as Ptown. What a joke.
10:39 am est 

Sour Grapes?

Ok, we get that one disgruntled gallery owner, who doesnt have the support of
her colleagues, is pointing fingers at the PBG and Tourism Office.  She's made
her point.  Now, can she please stop wasting our time and keep her rants to her
own Facebook page?
10:35 am est 

Re: Absent Tourism Diector etc ...

My take on all this    is that with what people pay in this town, the job is
actually comparable to a nine month job in any other city or town in America.
The lack of pay and lack of basic benefits (ie; healthcare and vacation and sick
days) makes this town impossible to make a living. If they are doing their job,
give them a break rather than get them to move out of town.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Beautiful day, great sales in town. Get out and off
Shout Out !
10:21 am est 

Re: It's About the Fulfillment of Obligation

The reference was to try to figure out who is open in the winter.  You
can't tell from web sites that are not updated.  Examples:

Waterford - web site says they are open daily for lunch and dinner.  Fact is
they are closed for the winter.
Patio-web site lists their menu, doesn't say they are closed for winter.
Frappe 66-open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Web site doesn't tell you they
closed for the winter.

I once drove to Chatham to visit a pie shop a friend said I should check out.  I
looked at their web site to get their hours and found they were open that Sunday
afternoon so I headed over.  Got there to find out they were closed.  I won't go
back there, they apparently were not that interested in my business and couldn't
even bother to change their web site to let me know.

How many people have that experience here?  Drive all the way to Ptown only to
find most of the town is closed.  Ptown apparently doesn't want my business
during the winter, most of the places are closed and many don't even bother to
change their web site.  I won't go back there again in the winter.
10:19 am est 

It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations

I have to say that the people who are stating that businesses don't
want to have sales in the winter and that their websites are not up to date, and
that they just want to sit back and collect unemployment is certainly making one
big blanket statement that has no backing.

Please state your statistics for the analysis.  The point people seem to be making
is that the tourism director and pbg president are leaving town, and not just for
vacation.  They are leaving town instead of fulfilling their obligations to the
organizations to create business and tourism in this town. They will be gone for
LONG periods of time. 

I agree with the poster that said mr. Rizzo should not have ran and instead
opened the slot for a more Provincetown oriented individual who shows commitment
to the business in town. For that I do not thank him. Dream on that this man is

Is he volunteering at winter events? Is he serving on committees? Is
he calling for volunteers for everything when he is not here to set an example? 
Is Sanborn working on getting people here when it is cold... or is he, like Rizzo,
warming his buns somewhere else and letting others do it?
7:59 am est 

Fanizzi Restaurant
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Stop...
Paul Fanizzi7:41am Nov 25
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Stop by and have a cup of our Lobster Chowder and a fresh Roasted Turkey Sandwich with stuffing, cranberry sauce and a hint of gravy on grilled sour dough bread served with fries. Yummy! We hope to see you real soon.
Happy Holiday's!!!
7:50 am est 

Re: Parking

OK, we get that you don't like the parking admin.  What did he do to
you that you dislike him so much?
7:14 am est 

Re: Provincetown Public Library

Spy Cameras - Invasion of Privacy?:

Spy cameras at the library?  Who cares?  If someone wants to watch me
pick out a book or watch me read I really couldn't care less.
11:24 pm est 


The town's people should look more into the Kiosk issues because the parking
admin. DOES NOT tell the truth. He says that they work when is fact they do not
work properly. They have been broken all summer. And the meters he still does
not know how to repair. So I guess you can say that this costing the town more

This parking admin wants to add more Kiosks to other parking lots in town. The
taxpayers in Provincetown need to open their eyes, and see what this man is
doing with their tax dollars. Did anyone do a background check on him to see if
he even has the qualifications for the job. I don't think so.... He seems to be
costing the town a lot of money because of his inadequacies !!
11:20 pm est 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Provincetown Public Library

Invasion of Privacy?

Check out the Spy Cameras in the Library. You are being watched at all
time. So much for privacy.
This wasn't needed, there was already a motion alarm system.
Speak up, Ask Questions. It is a PUBLIC Library. You own it, we should all be
responsible to question this ultimate invasion of our privacy.
Be Afraid, be Very Afraid
8:36 pm est 

Re: Too Tired?

No. You are correct. No one wants to be busy in the winter including
the Tourism director and the PBG president, They have shown all that this is the
way to get the job done. Leave
8:32 pm est 

Re: Too Tired?

Agree, most folks don't want to be busy during the winter.  It's their
rejuvenation time/vacation time/unemployment time and you can't force them to
want more business and take away their down time.

8:31 pm est 


I don't think people in our town want to be busy in the winter.  Most
don't even update their web sites.  If ya want to know who is open or closed you
would not have an easy time figuring it out.
2:58 pm est 

It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations

Re: year round tourist destination

I like your wishful thinking.  The question to ask is what comes first, the
activity in town or the visitors to town?  What do we promote 'come to
Provincetown where more than half the shops are closed, there are little to no
activities happening and if you drive all the way out to see us there is a good
chance you'll have a heck of a drive home if it snows?'

If more stores were open and/or there were more activities going on more people
might come.  Or, if more people came there would be more open stores and
activities.  Until the town's businesses and leaders commit to making Ptown a
winter destination it just isn't going to happen.  And it may never be a #1
winter destination, but we could certainly do better than we are.
2:56 pm est 

It's about the Fulfillment of Obligations

The Sunday Boston Globe magazine has pages dedicated to
winter/weekend/weekday deals that look very inviting.  The Vineyard, Nantucket,
Chatham are a few of the places locally strongly advertising what look like
fantastic packages for winter/acomodations and dining.  Not one ad for anyplace
in Ptown in pages of ads?  Not one mention of Ptown at all anything going on
here in the Travel section of the Globe?  Why is that if we want to draw people
here to spend a little in the off-season?
10:39 am est 

Re: Monument

Turnout appeared to be less than usual and fewer locals and somewhat subdued. 
The ghost of Jim was definitely lurking. Now it's time to look forward and
10:37 am est 

It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations

I am new to the conversation, but isn't the election supposed to have
2 people run for each officers slot.  Will not doing this effect the non profit
status.  The non profit I worked for always had 2. Did the committee seeking the
nominations try to get 2. Wasn't Sanborn on the committee. If Rizzo had done the
right thing, he would not have run. Someone would have stepped up then.
Something doesn't smell right here.  I am not for people who are leaving town
promoting the town. Doesn't make sence
10:35 am est 

Re: Keith Bergman
When you say you want Keith Bergman back for what are you hoping?

-The days when the state came very close to taking over Provincetown because of
poor management?
-The days when we were on the state's watch list?
-The days when money got moved around to suit his needs?
-The days when we let all of our buildings get into such disrepair?
-The days when we let our sewage seep into the ocean?
-The days when almost no one knew what was going on behind the scenes?

Were those the 'good old day's to you?  I am not saying the current management
is perfect, but I'm sure not looking to go backwards.
10:33 am est 

Shout Out:

THank you Shout Out for keeping informed. Happy Thanksgiving
10:30 am est 

So Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Was there a decent turn out for the monument lighting last night?  I stayed away
because of Chuck Silva and everything he stands for and has done the last 6
months.   It is sad that one man can cause so much "drama" for such a wonderful
organization.    No more donations from me.   Napi, wishing you peace as new
year is about to start.   Spend your hard earned money on people that appreciate

8:15 am est 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Re: Gunsmith Shop

The law says you cannot deny a legitimate legal business from opening if it
meets the zoning regs, like it or not. He's already operating a business there
so whats the problem so long as it's inside? Toys of eros wasn't always that
kind of shop nor was the downstairs diddo shop across from the crown and anchor.
Bog Vins was a card shop and Bradford Natural Foods was an automotive paint shop
years ago. You have no proof a gunsmithing shop will create problems. No ammo,
no displays for sale of guns, just repairs and assembly. And if he does get rid
of the old cars, the place would actually be better off as a gunshop only.
9:52 pm est 

Re: "I hear Cape and Islands Ads on Provincetown Tourism"

If you're hearing ads, sounds to me like the Tourism Director is doing his job
promoting Provincetown!

Also, don't know whether Rizzo is actually leaving for six months, but I know he
ran unopposed, and was willing to step down if anyone else stepped forward. 
Unfortunately nobody stepped up except for Jim.   Sorta a sad commentary on
other PBG members, but not Jim.  He was the one that actually stepped up when
nobody else was willing to run.  

Thank you Jim!
9:48 pm est 

Re: Gunsmith Shop

A gun repair shop is not needed or wanted in town in my opinion.  And
yep, I've lived here about ten years and you know what?  My opinion has just as
much weight as yours.
9:36 pm est 

Re: It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations

"I hear Cape and Islands ads on Provincetown Tourism but it fails to
list current, new activities. no wonder. The director isn't even here to note them."

Sorry to be the bearer of facts, but the tourism director is still in town. 
Maybe we can blame Rizzo for it.
9:29 pm est 

Remembrance of Things Past

Keith Bergman Where are You?

Come back. Please. Return to the corner office. Please!
9:14 pm est 

Re: Gunsmith Shop

This appears to be a self promoting posting by the poster, as no issue
was ever presented until the original posting on behalf of the gunsmith
9:11 pm est 

Re: Gunsmith Shop?

I don't know if I'd call it art but it is artistic in the engraving part. What
Rego is suggesting is more like gun construction and repair. If thats the case,
whats the big deal? It's inside the walls of the same building that was there 
already. Maybe if the biz takes off, he'll give up the car repairs (getting rid
of the wrecks outside) and do all gun repairs inside, cleaning up the area.
Remember, what goes on inside your own walls is YOUR business, right? Dildo
shops and head shops like Shop Therapy are ok but not a gunsmithing shop?

So just gun repairs and construction, high tech security system to deter theft
and no ammunition sales. Wheres the problem? A gun without ammo is of no danger
to anyone. I also love how all the newcomers are deciding what can and can't
happen in "their" neighborhood, the one that has had a repair shop in in for the
past 40+ years and they have been here, seasonally at best, for the past few.
9:08 pm est 

Re: It's About the Fulfillment of Obligations

Here's the Problem:

Yes, you can do work far away from here and be successful. that is fine if it
your business. However, if you are involved in tourism and with bringing people
to town, then you need to be here. We need an existant tourism director. If
Sharon tried to discourae Sanborn from resigning, then she made a wrong
decision. let him go and get someone who is here. How successful has he realy
been? It's not just town politics, it is town tourism. this makes no economic
nor tourism sense.

If the PBG is facing a similar issue, and rizzo isn't here, then get someone
else. this is frankly insane.

tourism needs boosters and this requires someone committed to provincetown four
seasons of the year. Not committed? Not here? then look for another job. You
become part of the problem and surely not part of the solution.

I hear Cape and Islands ads on provincetown Tourism but it fails to list
current, new activities. no wonder. The director isn't even here to note them.
9:05 pm est 

Gunsmith Shop?

Gunsmithing is an art. I thought P-Town was all about the arts. Why all the
fuss.  Are we going to start discriminating against different genre?  There are
a lot of hunters and sportpeople living here. I think the proposed new side
business should be welcomed to that location.
7:33 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library - Spy Cameras!

I hope the Banner or if they fail to do so that the Cape Cod Times
will do an article on spy cameras in the library.Talk about a privacy issue. One
neighbor is hoping to contact the Massachusetts Library Association and the
American Library Association about their stand on this. None of us can feel
comfortable going to the library now that the library director is watching our
every move, She needs to go and the trustees along with her if they don't do
something about this now!
7:31 pm est 

Re: It's About Fulfillment of Obligations

Rizzo gone one week, six weeks, six months.  It has no effect on me as
a business owner and member of PBG.  Erin and Elizabeth get the work done. 
Again, it has no effect on me.
7:20 pm est 

Provincetown Business Guild
Happy Thanksgiving from the Provincetown Business Guild!Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011

Greetings from the Provincetown Business Guild, better known as the PBG, a non-profit organization. The purpose of this email news letter is to keep all members informed about the things to come and the current happenings within our community.

We hope you enjoy!


Casino Night this FRIDAY!!!!

The PBG is hosting its annual Casino Night, Friday 25th at the Crown & Anchor, 247 Commercial St. starting at 8pm,



Blackjack, Roulette, Money Wheel and more.

Come spend an evening with your friends and Lady Luck, you might just come out a winner!
12:20 pm est 

Re: It's About Fulfillment of Obligations

You check your facts on Rizzo. Gone 6 months
12:00 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Library

Seems like everything involving the library needs to be redone. The
stoop at the side door fiasco did not serve to alert better planning. Now the
bike rack designed to completely block pedestrian access on the side walk. Wait
til ADA gets involved.
11:02 am est 

A Time to Pause

Let's all stop to and ponder about all that we are thankful for...
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
10:55 am est 

Re: Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism

So if the Tourism Director is away for part of the year and running
two guest houses and flipping a house for weekly rentals another part of they
year when is he focused on developing tourism?  How is that dog park doing these
days? Bringing a lot of folks to town I hope. Any theme weeks this month? Holly
Folly. Come on. Step it up people. There really isn't much going on is there?
The summer seems too much and the winter too little. Maybe we could use the help
of a Tourism Director.
10:53 am est 

Re: It's About Fulfillment of Obligations

I'm pretty sure Jim Rizzo is not away for six months.  You may want to
check your facts.
10:49 am est 

Soup Kitchen and Other Important Needs

Per a recent mailing, the Soup Kitchen is serving an average of 112
meals a day from Nov. to April.  This means there is a far more serious issue
looming than the library lawn.  Why not set up a soup kitchen in the slated for
condemnation cafeteria at the H.S. and at the same time set up a warm shelter
somewhere low maintenance in the building.  Some State and Fed. grants seem
sincerely needed here. Developers acquire all these grants for developing
affordable housing???, obviously at a profit for them? and the soup kitchen is
struggling. How can this be here?  Why not procure some funds for an actual much
needed problem?  And, just an aside, please don't respond with personal insults
of alcoholism or drug use or bitterness or completely unbased and hostile
ulterior motive ascertains.  If people here need a meal a day they must need
shelter.  No brainer.  With a proven need, which there seems to be, there are
funds out there, just no personal gain to be gotten by g!
etting them. Or could that be the red light?  Hope not.  It's obvious people in
power in this town read this blog.  If there can be a masquerade ball, why not
some real bones help for the needy here???
10:46 am est 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's About Fulfillment of Obligations

I agree with the posters that the tourism director and the PBG
president should be in town more.  Sanborne leaving for 3 months is bad enough
but Rizzo for 6?  Does the PBG close for 6 mo.? Think not.  Isn't most of the
work done in the winter months done for the PBG done during that time? Doesn't
the president have to serve on boards ?  Why run if you have decided not to be
here and not follow the rules of the organization  There is something very wrong
with this.  Isn't thee someone to step into those responsibilities who is in
town more than out? Who has the responsibility for my dues and what they should
be for?
3:03 pm est 

Re: "Question - Answered

Elephant Walk Inn simply winterized and closed for the season. Owner
died recently so no need to keep open during off months.
2:54 pm est 

Re: "Question" - Answered

Elephant Walk - It was a legitimate question.  If you go on Elephant
Walk web site Google maps comes up and shows Admiral's Landing.  They are right
next door to each other,  the Elephant Walk sign has been taken down...
2:04 pm est 

Re: "Question"


Spoke to Robyn and Audri from Admirals Landing.  they did not buy the Elephant

Where do you people get your information?  (This is not to say the owners of
Admirals Landing is lieing, but why would they if someone point blank came out
and asked them?)

MYPACC is becoming more "rumor" based discussions than anything else these days.
1:22 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Library

The person who said this:

"But the problem is that I doubt Sharon Lynn has the management skills to manage
her employees. Directorship of DPW, Tourism, Library, Pier, and Fire are each to
one degree or another requiring significant management attention."

 . . is absolutely right. She does not even understand the jobs of many of the
dept heads she manages and seems to make decisions about those people based on
what she is told by her small circle of friends. Why does she have exclusive
power over all dept heads? Does she know anything about running a library, for
example? How would she know if the library director was going a good job or not?
She doesn't even know what the job entails. She bases her opinion on the opinion
of the board chair, Lyn Kratz, who lives here for less than half the year and
who has no idea herself how the library runs. Several employees of the library
have gone to Ms Kratz with concerns. She promises to address the concerns and
also promises confidentiality, and keeps none of her promises. She has lied to
and betrayed everyone at the library who has trusted her. It is criminal that
people's jobs are held at the whim of a dishonest, unintelligent summer resident
who is a personal friend of the town man!
ager. Just ask the fleeing employees (and trustee) who have resigned; they'll
all tell you that they trusted Lyn Kratz and Sharon Lynn and that was their
biggest mistake.  The library director is not the villain here.  She's taking
her cues from Lyn Kratz and the town manager, in a desperate attempt to keep her
1:19 pm est 

Re: Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism

Tourism Director

Again, neither the Tourism Director nor the VSB plan events in Provincetown. 
They do market cooperatively with events and seek to leverage the exposure of
those events for the whole town.  The marketing budget is the same this year as
it is any other year, in fact, it is up.  The marketing will continue to occur
during Bob's absence, as most of those decisions have already been made.

Bob Sanborn offered to resign, but Sharon and VSB choose to not accept that
resignation because he is the most effective Tourism Director we have ever had
and he is worth keeping.  He will not be paid during his leave of absence so
there is no fiscal impact to the tax payer; in fact his absence has allowed the
VSB to hire an assistant who will concentrate on social media marketing.  Jim
Bakker would make an excellent tourism director; however, he sits on the VSB so
he would be ineligible for that position, that is what is called a conflict of

Bobs absence in no way diminishes his commitment to this town, as I am sure is
the case with Jim Rizzo and the PBG.  We no longer live in a world where we need
to be tied to an office to fulfill our responsibilities.   In fact if you people
left your apartment ever, you might find that the world is full of innovation
and opportunity that enhance our lives and our experience.  I for one think that
3 months away in another seasonal tourism market will make Bob a better Tourism
Director.   As always, contribute more and complain less and the world will be a
better place.

1:07 pm est 

Re: Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism

I think Jim Bakker is the one for the Tourism Directorship.
10:04 am est 

Web Sites

I have friends arriving this week that wish to know "whats going on" in town and
"what is there to do"..

What are the top 3 best websites for me to tell them to check?


9:31 am est 


Did Admirals Landing buy Elephant Walk guest house?
8:54 am est 

Re: Correction

The VSB does not plan events.  The Tourism Director does!   He plans Rest and
gallery strolls for off season weekends.    He should be doing a lot of planning
during the off season.  That should be a very busy time of year for him or her.

I agree, the town should have a talk with Jim Bakker.   Maybe he is not at all
interested in the position?  Maybe he is?   He would be the ideal person.   He
loves the town  (not that Bob doesn't) but he is here all the time, and he did
do an exceptional job at the monument.

8:53 am est 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Re: Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism

Sandborne has been an excellent head of tourism and has partnered well with
local businesses as well as the VSB/PBG etc. However, taking a leave is a
serious issue and if he is burned out, then Town needs to find a new Director.

But the problem is that I doubt Sharon Lynnn has the management skills to manage
her employees. Directorship of DPW, Tourism, Library, Pier, and Fire are each to
one degree or another requiring significant management attention.

What is clear to me at least, is that Lynn is well intentioned, but just in over
her head. I hope the BoS will send her to a people management class. She needs
to learn to have difficult and effective conversations with her staff and if
they can't get it done get new staff on board. Same goes for the selectmen
regard the Police Chief and the Town Manager.
9:40 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Drug Problem

Wow! sounds like the person who is advocating for some support
services for the many locals with drug or alcohol problems hit a nerve with a
few readers of this blog. The poster didn't sound bitter to me, just concerned
about our town and upset about the loss of friends due to drug abuse.

And to the guy who commented "live and let live" - that's one of the major
slogans in AA. Maybe you should give them a try, it sounds like you share some
of their philosophy.
9:38 pm est 

Re: Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism

I wish I agreed with you, but you can market all you want and Jan, Feb
& Mar will still be dead.  I think the majority of people prefer it that way,
they aren't looking to be busy year round.
9:35 pm est 

Re: Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism

Whomever the Tourism Director is or where he lives or whatever, there
is no excuse in our current economy for Ptown to not be widely, widely marketed
as a much desired winter xanadu "hideaway" spot.  The same crowd that frequents
in summer draws partly from New York, Boston, etc., places not so far away to
deter a great deal and a great time.  Our gift of natural beauty alone is the
draw.  Market it.  Advertise great deals.  Sunset disco booze cruises in winter,
grand bonfires, great guest room packages, at least one hotel, guest house to
step up and foot the bill for a super heated outdoor pool complimented by an ice
bath, horse drawn sleigh rides through the dunes or carriage rides through the
woods, spiked hot cocoa by the hot tub, privacy, fine dining, fine libation. 
Half the ingredients are here already and the rest are a little hard work in
marketing away.  Ptown is a mecca for the bored NY, Boston crowd on weekends. 
Market, market, market.  It's not rocket science but selling what is best about our
town when the temp drops below freezing.  Body heat loves company and I think Ptown shines clearest in winter.
7:36 pm est 

CCTV Cameras In Library

Spy cameras?  Do they go directly to Homeland Security?
7:31 pm est 

Re: Need Employment

I would be more than happy to hire U.S. college students to work for
me.  Unfortunately they can only work Memorial Day to Labor Day and I need
someone to work at least through Women's Week.  I can completely understand they
need to be back in school, but their schedule doesn't work for me.
6:24 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Drug Problem

Only in Provincetown would people get upset about someone suggesting
the need for addressing a widespread substance abuse problem, and even suggest
that drug abuse is BENEFICIAL and probably responsible for someone's wealth and

If drug use makes you so "relaxed," why do you have to resort to name calling
and profanity on this blog?

Yeah, don't rock the boat! Things are just ducky. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em...
6:22 pm est 

CCTV Cameras in Library

People are just now beginning to learn that spy cameras have been placed all
over the library.This is one of the most outrageous things to happen here in a
long time. Why have the library trustees allowed this and does Sharon Lynn have
knowledge of this.
5:07 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Drug Problem

"I know many wealthy, successfulpeople in this town who drink or smoke marujuana
every night and have for years."

Maybe relaxing is what made them so wealthy and successful... how has throwing
bitter aspersions helped YOUR life? Live and Let Live, you small minded       

5:04 pm est 

A Correction to a Pevious Poster

The VSB and Tourism Director do not plan events, they only provide grants to
people/groups doing events.  They do attend trade shows during the winter.
5:01 pm est 

Re: Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism


If he is on unpaid leave what good is he?
Director of Tourisim is probably the
most important job in town.
5:00 pm est 

Re: Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism

You think sandborne has moxie, try jim rizzo the president of the pbg
who is going out of town for 6 months. how did he get elected? So no no pbg or
tourism board. Nice and I own a business in town. I didn't join the pbg this
year because of it and would suggest if that's the best that they can do, that
members either complain or not join next year. I feel like there is no business
leadership in this town when thsee people who are suppose to promote ptown up and
leave it. Another nice message. Come to Provincetown but not in the winter.
4:56 pm est 

Provincetown Drug Problem

This town does not have a drug problem!

You can get all the drugs you want here!
4:53 pm est 

Re: Collecting Unemployment

"As long as I can still collect my unemployment checks someplace
warm, I'm out of here."

I find it appalling that this individual (and plural) would stoop to milking the
system. Yeah, you worked hard for the season, so stay here and do more work.
I know the system BUT, i for one have never taken advantage of it.  So....THANK
YOU for milkin' the system .... you  must be a very proud American.
Too bad we don't know your name.

4:51 pm est 

Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism

Hey what about Jim Bakker as the director of tourism. He knows this
town, marketed the monument better than anybody else, is involved in all sorts
of things, people love him. No that's a win win. I agree that it's stupid to
have a tourism director leaving town to stay in his other house. What a joke
sanborne is with his leaving town, not to vacation, but to live. Close down
Provincetown...even the tourism director leaves in the winter.
4:48 pm est 

Re: George Bryant

'we are a close community'.

How can you say that with a straight face?  Have you
read this blog at all?  I'm starting to think a previous writer may have hit it
spot on.  People who are consistently attacked on this blog are people who moved
here.  But, if someone in the 'close community' runs afoul of the law they
should be given special treatment.
4:46 pm est 

Farewell Little Store

What a tribute to the little store to have it on the front page and Judy and
Eddie retire. All good things come to an end. May they enjoy their well deserved
retirement. With all best wishes a patron from birth.
4:44 pm est 

Need Employment

I see these foreign folks living here year round driving new cars while we
American born residents get the crumbs. There are millions of people who have
lost their jobs so why is it that these establishments can get away with hiring
non residents.

I remember the cape cod times  had a number of letters to editor this summer
stating this exact thing. It is time to write to our political representatives.

People say American college students don't want to work here summers--that is
because their foreigners have these jobs sewn up.

Go to campuses to recruit instead of representatives of churches or others from
foreign places.
4:42 pm est 

Re: Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism


If I was Town Manager I would wish Bob Sanborn well and
hire Jim Bakker for director. We need someone here and not
in the desert. Jim is already a member of the VSB. I can't
think of a better promoter for the Town.
4:39 pm est 

Re: Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism

Perhaps those of you who believe this headline has merit should stop and check
the facts. Mr. Sandborn is not going anywhere.

Earlier this year, he approached both the Town Manager and VSB to express his
desire to resign in order to spend more time away from P'Town during the winter.
It was management, not Mr. Sandborn, that advocated for him to stay on part

These decisions were included in the VSB's Five-Year Plan, which was presented
to the Selectmen earlier this month, and subsequently approved. In other words,
this is a deal that is done.

If you have a burning desire to replace Mr. Sandborn, nothing you say here will
make that happen. You must either express your discontent at a public meeting
before the Selectmen, the VSB, or appear at the Provincetown Annual Town Meeting
and let your concerns be known.

Otherwise, post all you want. Mr. Sandborn is here (or there) to stay.

4:37 pm est 

Re: Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism

I think the Tourism Director position pays in the high 40's, the 2010
annual report has it at 45k.  Face it, we're not going to get someone to move
here for a 45k position.  So that means finding someone who already lives here. 
While it's not ideal to have a tourism director working 9 months I'm OK with it,
but that's just my view.
4:35 pm est 

Re: Clinic Needed

I so agree with the poster who commented on the need for a substance abuse
clinic in Provincetown.  Many of the people who submit comments to this blog
would benefit from their services.  They are not the people who work for the
town or make productive contributions to our community.  The clinic would
benefit the substance abusers who complain about everything and everyone else
and do not recognize that their issues are from within.  The individuals who are
most vocal about the people in town that are doing an inferior job are
themselves collecting weekly unemployment checks and sitting in front of their
key boards spewing forth mean-spirited rants.  You're the one with the problem!
4:34 pm est 

Re: Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism

We have a great tourism director! I have worked on several projects
with him. I hope this pilot program works out because it is in the best
interests of the overall community.

4:32 pm est 

Re: Arrests - George Bryant

George Bryant should be treated with respect when he obeys the law. 
When he chooses not obey the law he should be treated exactly the same as anyone
else.  Or are you saying he should be treated differently than everyone else? 
No one gets special privileges, treat everyone fairly and equally.

It should never be anything else.
4:30 pm est 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hire Someone Else to Head Tourism

Heard from someone very close to Sharon, that it is better to have someone like
Bob, then no one and it is too hard to train yet another director.  Well for
what Bob is paid, which is upwards of 50 - 60 grand  (Call the accountant at
town hall, this should be public knowledge) I would think we can get someone
that wants to live in town as almost every person that works for this town does. 
(or within a reasonable drive)   Would we want our DPW director living in CA or
FL for 2, 3, or 4 months while a major sewer project was going on?    Isn't this
the time of year Bob should be planning events for the winter monthsand leading
into the spring?    This is totally insane on the VSB's part for allowing this
and Sharon's part.    Next our chief of police will say he can manage the
department on conference calls while on some island in South America.

4:35 pm est 

Goodbye to the Little Store

Oh to see you leave after so many years. thanks for the memories and for
everything you did by just being here. I surely will miss your presence even if
I too often just took you for granted.

Much luck and many thanks!
4:13 pm est 

Hire someone Else to Head Tourism

I'd rather we have Bill Shneider back than this prop of a tourism director. who
would agree with such a stupid decision? Yuke. His leaving town is itself a
statement of the problem and he should not be involved with marketing tourism
when he is on the West coast. We need involvement at this time and in the late
fall and winter. Say goodbye to this man. Let's get someone who loves being here
during all the seasons. Wake up Tourism board. You are duping yourself that he
is your man. He is not yours--and he is not the town's either.
4:10 pm est 

Re: Is Bob Sandbore Gone?

You Have to be Kidding!

The director of tourism is out in California and being paid to work from out of
town to encourage people to come to town! Fire him, now. He is not the person we
want. He is not the person we need. Let him go--and please come back as a
visitor but NOT the director of tourism.

This is insane.
4:08 pm est 

George Bryant Should Be Treated with Respect and Dignity

He is a town treasure and I don't use this word lightly. He is a keyperson here
and because he ran into financial difficulties related to tax issues, he should
be respected. If this town cannot treat George Bryant well, then it can treat no
one else well. Please, rethink this attempt to arrest him. We are close
community and George should be handled with old time respect.
4:04 pm est 

What is it?

So, you've trashed the town manager, the police chief, the town
accountant, then the library director and now you are going after the tourism
director, who is next?

Is it because they haven't lived here long enough?  Are you jealous of them?  Do
you just hate everyone?  What is it?
4:01 pm est 

Re: Is Bob Sandbore Gone?

How can you blame the guy for not wanting to escape this God forsaken place in
the off season?  Most of us who can afford to get out of here will use any
excuse.  As long as I can still collect my unemployment checks someplace warm,
I'm out of here.  The same people that fault Bob are the same people who also
escape.  Living and working in Provincetown should not be like a prison sentence
where we can never leave.  If you find Provincetown "magical" in the winter,
then stick around.  Good thing the liquor store is open year round... that
should help you get through this "magical" time.
11:20 am est 

Re: Is Bob Sandbore Gone?

Being able to spell Bob's name correctly or not, does not invalidate
what this person was saying about the director of tourism saying Provincetown is
closed with his actions. I happen to concure with the poster, whether they can
spell or not. It's a bad message. (I will not take pop shots at you and ask
whether you have ever made an error in spelling).
8:54 am est 

Mis-information Again re Bob

I heard he's not getting paid, he's on unpaid leave.  If he wants to keep his
health insurance he has to pay for it himself.
8:52 am est 

Re: Is Bob Sandbore Gone?

Nice. The director of tourism Sandborn leaves for the season. The
person who is suppose to bring people to town. Something is wrong with this
picture. Is it true that he will be working from the warmer climate AND getting
health insurance? We need a new director who lives here and isn't a hipocrate.
8:49 am est 

Re: Arrests

Correct.. Domestic is a must. However, after you deal with the same individuals
time after time,arrest becomes the preferred response!
11:35 pm est 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Town Lawns

The lawns at the town hall and bas-relief are both properly cared for.
10:52 pm est 

Is Bob Sandbore Gone?

Of course he's not gone. Just leaving for the season.

That's what people who have part-time businesses in P'town do. They suck the
life out of the season, then escape to warmer climates in the winter. Is that so

Naysayers will say once again our town dollars are not being well spent.

Look at the revenue we generated, then, perhaps, you wont be so quick to

10:51 pm est 

Re: Clinic Needed

I so agree with the poster who commented on the need for a substance
abuse clinic in Provincetown. Alcoholism and drug abuse are a huge problem that
has gone unaddressed for years in this town. It's like a well known secret that
we politely don't speak about (especially in front of the tourists!) I
personally knew quite a few locals who met untimely early deaths due to their
"lifestyle choice." Normal, healthy people don't die in their 50s in 2011. But
nobody says anything or does anything about it. I know many wealthy, successful
people in this town who drink or smoke marujuana every night and have for years.
Again, this is not normal or healthy behavior. They may rationalize it by saying
it "helps me unwind" or refer to it as being "laid back." Some think that since
they're drinking very expensive, vintage wine that it isn't alcoholism. Well, if
you kill a couple of bottles every night, I think you may want to look twice at
your upscale "lifestyle."

People joke about it or downplay it's significance, but the unfortunate truth is
this town has a serious, serious substance abuse problem that should be
10:49 pm est 

Bob Sandbore ?

It must really upset you, given you don't even know his name.
10:46 pm est 

Police Station Lawn

Please don't make fun of my lawn in front of the Police Station. It has takened
me a long time to get both sides brown.

10:45 pm est 

Re: Arrests

With the exception of domestic abuse, there is nothing stating that you have to
arrest someone to charge them with a crime. People can be summmoned to court
rather placed in handcuffs and put through an indignant booking process. The
only thing an arrest accomplishes is to put another notch in someone's gun
belt.(with the exception of drunk or dissorderly people) Sadly, some of the new
generation of police officers have contests between themselves to see who can
get the most arrests. Community policing seems to have gone out the door with
the exit of the older officers.
10:44 pm est 

Bob Sandbore Gone? YUP

Bob worked out some deal with the town to work out of his new home in Palm
Springs CA.   He is was gone for a few weeks in November and all of Jan, Feb,
March.   I think the town feels he can do the same job while sitting by a pool
in CA and once or twice fly to a trade show?  Go figure how your dollar is being

Bob will most likely get health insurance still from the town also.   Now isn't
that a sweet deal.

Working around town hall would shock most people

Oh, the VSB did approve this work from Palm Springs Idea that Bob proposed to
10:41 pm est 

Clinic Needed

The best thing that could come to Provincetown is an alcohol,
substance abuse and mental health clinic. It would be so good for the economy,
it would provide some year-round jobs and it would clean up the many train
wrecks that collect here, spend the winter and collect unemployment checks.
2:14 pm est 

is Bob Sandbore Gone?

My head must have been in the sand...Is it true that Bob Sandbore the
director of tourism is leaving town for monthes.  Isn't his job to bring people
here, not show them the door? Is this true?

2:12 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Library - Lawn ("Told You So")

Here someone goes with the little things in life.  Now   the library
lawn. Since nothing is wrong with it currently, now someone has to start with
the "just wait and sees" so later they can come back with the "I told you so's".
Nothing has happened and as in life, just "maybe it won't" Problems that exist
in the here and now is where energy should go.

2:09 pm est 

Needed Change!

The theater and library boards need fresh blood toute de suite!
2:07 pm est 

Provincetown Town Government vs George Brayant

I was sorry to see (in last week's Banner) that George Bryant was
arrested again.  Somehow it seems like he deserves to be treated with compassion
and respect, not like a common criminal.  He may have been breaking the law, but
isn't there a better way to deal with one of our citizens who has dedicated much
of his life to this town?!  He obviously has a problem and jail will not solve
it.  I also read the Cape Cod Times the other day and there was an obituary for
his aunt (101 years old!).  This probably didnt help his state of mind, either.
2:05 pm est 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Re: Provincetown Public Library - Lawn

If you want to see what the Library lawn will look like in the not too
distant future. Take a look at the lawn in front of the police station! It was
full of weeds & brown all summer.
8:11 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Library

I offer a different viewpoint of the library.  We have all witnessed
the fact thatt this town does not like change.  Bring in a new director the
first comment is 'that's not how we do it' or 'that's not how Debbie did it'.

Well, in case you haven't noticed Debbie isn't here any more.  Time to move on
folks.  In me dealings with the new library director she has been very
professional.  Some of the people who ar leaving?  I've had personal experience
in dealing with one of them and was surprised by their lack of knowledge.

Is the new director the right person for the job?  Only time will tell.  But,
the organized effort to trash her by those who want to go backwards instead of
forward has a bad, bad smell to it.
8:09 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library

Library lawn

About 3 years ago they planted lawn seed and then covered
it with a mesh topping. Well that did not work. What a waste
of taxpayer's monies. Does anyone remember that fiasco?
Who is going to maintain the now beautiful lawn? DPW?
8:45 am est 

Re: WWW . Provincetown Chamber , Com

I look at as a poor idea. The site itself
doesn't really promote anything even tho Romeo's is the only thing there. That's
the problem. It's the only thing there.  The chamber should have purchased that
domain so that things like this don't occur.  If that is what these guys want
to, well the more power to them. It looks ridiculous as it stands now.  That is
no reason to drag them through the mud.You don't have to.  This idea will
backfire on its own without a hate campaign motivating it.
8:41 am est 

Provincetown Public Library


IMO, Lyons is a hack. Anyone can lay down sod and put in a granite curb. Big
deal. She also holds classes on cemetery restoration.    ? How do you screw that
up? Cut the weeds and brush back, trim the trees and cut the grass. Someone
needs a class in that? Sorry but the landscaping at the library is the fault of
the library, not the contractor. That aspect of the job could have been cut out
and awarded later by private bid following all procument laws. It's been done in
other communities (Truro's library and community center) and it looks great.
Local companies could have made it look SO much more inviting than the cold
instituional look it has now.

But hey, if the past is any indicator of the future, we'll be replacing the lawn
soon due to lack of maintenance as it was in the past so I guess in the end, we
may be able to landscape it right some day.
8:37 am est 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Provincetown Public Library

It is a Bad, Bad, Bad Situation at the Library:

The employee's were subject to a meeting with the Town Manager and trustee
Evelyn Kratz. At that time they were told to keep their mouths shut or they too
would be unemployed.

Not that they would be fired outright, no, they
will have their "hours" cut, and cut, till there is no job left.
It is time to take our library back. Sharon Lynn has the control now and it will
only get worse...

To answer the question about the lack of bids from lower cape company's. They
never had the option to bid. The origional contract offered was massive covering
millions. All aspects of the project were controled by the contractor.

As far as the Landscaping goes, Martha Lyons inc. was paid years ago for her
design. Needless to say, it was quite different from what we have now.
Any and all complaints should be directed at the Town Manager.
10:20 pm est 

WWW Dot Visitptown . Com

Look at www dot
Do you not think that is pretty slimmy for our tourist director Bob Sandborne to
belong to a site that points people to only 10 guest houses out of over 80 in
our town, one being his very own.   visitptown?  you would think that is below
the belt marketing by a small group of owners
Does our town manager know she has someone on her staff that is suppose to be
promoting the town of provincetown, but steers people to that site?
10:15 pm est 

Re: "WWW . Provincetown Chamber .Com"

You don't think it's a little slimy for Romeos Guesthouse to take the domain name to try and steer people to their website?  I
heard they had a reputation for this 'less than reputable' business practice,
but now I've seen it with my own eyes.  It would appear they are unable to do
proper marketing on their own so they try to attach themselves onto other legit

Sorry, I think it's kind of slimy.
8:47 pm est 

Library Project Defense

The essence of the defense of the library mess is that no local business bid on
the library project and it just happened to go to a central mass business with
(alleged) personal connections to specific town officials?

However your comments raises a great point. Other towns have economic
development workshops that help local business bid on government projects as
well as providing help when applying for  local/state/federal grants. Yet
Provincetown has no such program. We don't do this, we should and probably won't
until we get new selectmen and town manager.

The fact that local businesses didn't get the work is a further indictment, not
an excuse for poor work and poor project management at the Library.

8:19 pm est 

Re: "WWW . Provincetown Chamber . Com"

Now you have to take a punch at Romeo's Guest House and their business?
Are your lives so small that you have to be preoccupied with a bike rack?
Clarence, you think this blog is good for people and this town?
6:37 pm est 

Thinking Small

To the post regarding "No New Projects", what was ever accomplished by
"thinking small"? That's right, nothing.
6:00 pm est 

What's Going On?! - Huh?

Re: "Provincetown Chamber Web Site
Nice Job!"
3:13 pm est

Huh?  The good folks at Romeo's Holiday guest house have taken  Boy, they must really be struggling for business.

If you really want to reach the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce try the

5:24 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library

"This hot mess would have never happened if a lower cape business had
done the landscape work rather than a Northampton professor?"

But, they didn't bid on the job did they?  Now how ya gonna give someone a job
when they don't even bid?  If local or lower cape bid and came in with lowest
bid they would now be the butt of your complaints.

Geez, I wonder why they didn't bid?

5:20 pm est 

Re: Hey Clarence!

I simply asked Clarence if he was now having advertising space and
that I have a business and am open to it.  Clarence obviously didn't answer but
some nasty poster did and resorted to name calling.  On second thought, I would
not want to buy advertising space here.  I don't think I would like some of the
clients.  So iron your underwear. It is obviously in a big uncomfortable knot
3:53 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library

I can't wait to see little kids rolling down the new grass hill in
front of the library!!! But wait here comes a car!!!
3:38 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Library - Bike Rack and Lawn

More Bike Rack & on to the Lawn

Yes, the bike rack needs to be removed and started again. Miss-installed and
badly sited it's useless now. Symbolic of the project, The most expensive option
possible, executed to poor effect.

What's with the mosquito farm facing Commercial Street?  Or is it a dog run?
Okay: Who installs a lawn in 2011 on the Cape? Beside the mosquito problems and
the likely dog problems the fertilizer,needed to keep a lawn green in our salty
air, will run off and cause algae in the harbor.  The extra nutrients cause
eutrophication a flourishing of mini algae blooms which suffocate marine life
and making swimming and boating less appealing. Why not have installed a low
maintenance, low cost garden of indigenous plants?

This hot mess would have never happened if a lower cape business had done the
landscape work rather than a Northampton professor?
3:25 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library - Bike Rack

I don't understand how the bike rack could have been placed in such a
manner blocking the free use of the sidewalk near the library?  Isn't this a
violation of ADA requirments? Whose repsonsible for ADA compliance in this town?
How could this be done? Whose asleep at the job?
3:16 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Chamber Web Site 3:13 pm est 

Re: "Not a Town Employee Nor do I Sleep With One"

Hey, don't steal my moniker dude, get your own!
3:06 pm est 

Re: Hey Clarence

To the reader/blogger who is criticizing Clarence on content/advertising, start
your own blog and you can do whatever you wish. Get a life you cranky

3:04 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library - Landscaping Trees

Does anybody know if the new tree's planted in front of the library
are native to this area? And will they grow to block the views from the library
and hide the view of the building from the street in a few years like the ones
in front of town hall did?
8:08 am est 

Provincetown Public Library - Bike Rack

So as I look at the new bike rack in front of the library, If you use
the rack with your bike facing the library, you will be blocking a public
8:05 am est 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Re: Thanksgiving Restaurants

There is a web site that has the information
www dot

Check out November restaurants
8:47 pm est 

Which Restaurants are Open for Thanksgiving?

Can someone let us know. thanks and thanks again.
8:28 pm est 

A Town Asleep - Thanks for Pointing Out Deficiencies in Town Government

You aren't whining but offering critical inisghts. Here's where we can do this.
better than a letter to the editor in the Banner or a call to Town Hall. Here's
where I'd put ideas, suggestions, and yes, criticisms of Town Hall. We want a
better run town and we need to address our concerns.
8:27 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Re: "you folks are a whiny group" 

If asking for an accountability of where my tax dollars are going is
"whiny" _then yes !!!!! I am whiny!! Sounds like you are a friend of
the town manager and or landscaper. This town is becoming more
and more corrupt day by day.  And it all comes down to the politics
involved with the good ole gals and guys-the biggest shame is it gives
the dedicated town employees not involved with the politics a bad name;
they are the true heroes!!

Not a town employee nor do I sleep with one!
8:16 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library - Bike Rack

Listen, the Board of Library Trustees offer validated free car parking
for its users. The bike rack is just symbolic to placate the green
transportation zealots in town.
7:59 pm est 

Tree Trimming

Has anyone else noticed that the town is using that machine
That chews up the trees that are growing towards the roads???
This is the same machine that they used on rte 6 a few years back
And people were so enraged by the end result that they were forced
To stop using it.
9:19 am est 

Provincetown Public Library - Bike Rack

The bike rack mistake is so obvious, so expensive and so symbolic of the mess of
the renovation. But specifically:
who is responsible for the library bike rack: DPW? Librarian? Town Manager?

They bought and installed the most expensive option possible and installed it so
as to make the new rack virtually useless. It's so obvious? How could they have
done this?

Did the DPW approve this? The library board? Head librarian?

9:18 am est 


Hey, Clarence...Can I advertise my business here too?

9:14 am est 

Enough Projects. Please no New Ones
Let town hall and the library finally be done and finished. But no more huge,
expensive projects, please. We have had enough and we don't need another
Sharon-inspired increse-your-tax-bill project. The economy is poor and we need
to think small.
9:12 am est 

170 Bradford Street

Yes, it is gone
there is no more house at 170 Bradford. Now something new will be there,
something similar to what had been. this will improve the view and the street.
Glad to see this even though it was a great old house.
9:11 am est 

Water Bill - No Envelope......Give Me a Break!

You don't get an envelope with your water bill?  That's your big
complaint?  I would say our town officials/employees are doing a pretty good job
if that's the biggest problem!

Not a town employee, but I do sleep with one. :)
9:10 am est 

Provincetown Public Library - Bike Rack Installation

Surely the new new bike rack at the library is not made for the huge
amount of bikes during the summer!
9:07 am est 

Provincetown Public Library - Landscaping Design Change

As I remember, the landscaping at the library was to be low
maintenance native plantings and places for people to sit. What I see now is a
suburban high maintenance lawn. Who will pay for its weekly maintenance, and the
upkeep of the well and its electric bill etc?
9:05 am est 

Provincetown Public Library - Internal Conflict...Truth be Told

I am a library employee. The library board member (Nancy S) who
resigned was criticized in the Banner by Lyn Kratz, chair of the Board, who
stated that Nancy was getting involved in library operations and that was not
the role of the board.  Then can someone tell me why Lyn Kratz came to our
library staff meeting with the town manager to basically tell us to shut up.

Lyn Kratz has also sat in on confidential meetings with individual employees in
the town manager's office.  If this isn't getting involved with library
operations, what is? And why isn't anyone saying anything about the town
manager's conflict of interest with the library board? Her partner is Patsy
Green, the vice chair, and both the town manager and her partner are close
personal friends of Lyn Kratz.

The trustee who resigned, Nancy Sirvant, was forced out; there was a calculated
plan to force her out and to force out the former Asst Library Director, Mary
Nicolini, who resigned a few weeks ago. There will no doubt be more of us to
follow.  Why don't the employees have any place to go with these grievances
except to the town manager who is playing bully with her friends?

9:02 am est 

Re: Provincetown Public Library - Landscaping

"200,000    120,000 for what landscaping at the library?   some sod and
a few bushes and trees  ?? That is the biggest joke!!!!!!!"

You folks are a whiny group arent' ya?  Do you not have anything better to do?

8:58 am est 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Re: Provincetown Public Library - Landscaping

Re: "With all of the local landscape people we have they hire someone
from Northampton!!  Just figured it out never mind."

I'm guessing you figured it out that no local landscapers bid on the project and
the job had to go to the low bidder?

1:41 pm est 

1:18 pm est 

Dump Trucks
Why are the police letting all of these dump trucks go through town with
uncovered loads?  There are huge fines
for that violation of Mass General Laws under Chapter 90.
Oh wait!! Details I get it!!!!
1:14 pm est 

Brewster Street Tear Down
How can someone tear down a house on Brewster street? We can't even change a
window from wood to vinyl..What is going on?
1:12 pm est 

Re: Water Bill

Still do not understand why the Water Dept can not include a return envelope
with their invoice.  I have called to complain in the past and still no result. 
Does any one have the answer to this question?  It can't be dome lame excuse
about saving paper / trees.
1:10 pm est 

Public Library Landscaping - Northampton!!

With all of the local landscape people we have they hire someone from
Northampton!!  Just figured it out never mind.
1:09 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

I guess the blogger who said people were 'lining their pockets' was
only talking smack.  Spewing garbage with nothing to back it up.
1:07 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library - Sculpture

Did anyone noticed that the tourist sculpture in front of the library
blocks a lot of the side walk? Why did they move it away from corner and why
didn't they back it all the way to the granite wall?
1:05 pm est 

Re: Library Landscaping

200,000    120,000 for what landscaping at the library?   some sod and
a few bushes and trees  ?? That is the biggest joke!!!!!!!
1:02 pm est 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Re: Library Bike Rack

Just googled bike hitch rack. The dimensions needed to hitch two bikes
to each rack: 82" x 28". Obviously this Martha is not a biker!
8:11 pm est 

Blog Credence?

Honestly, I wouldn't put too much credence into anything you read on
this blog.  Take it as food for thought and then come up with your own
conclusions.  I never read this taking anything seriously.  How can you in this
8:09 pm est 

Re: Highway Bike Lane

Please do not reduce the highway lanes!  I am in favor of a bike
trail/path but not at the expense of a car lane!
8:07 pm est 

Re: Martha Lyons Landscaping

"What 3 jobs has she been awarded??$200,000?????that must be some impressive

Here's two:

$120,000 + for Library
$ 42,000+ for Cemetery

The other is associated with the move of the community center to the VMES
8:06 pm est 

Re: Bike Rack at Library - Ooppss!

The new bike rack at the library is severely miss-installed.

1) They are supposed to have a space for a bike on the left and right of each
post. They don't and set it up for only one bike per post.

2) Bikes are supposed to able to lock the frame and both wheels using the post.
Yet because they placed the posts so close to the the granite wall the full
functionality is lost.

So simple. How does this get so bungled?

4:08 pm est 

Re: Water Bill

A phone call to the water folks at public works or the treasurer's office will
probably help explain your bill. It could be that your meter was repaired or
replaced during the town wide inspection that found basically almost all of us
had something leaking or not properly metered. This would mean that you are
being properly billed for water usage. Check your gallons this year vs last too.

- not a town employee nor sleeping with one, and definitely not a lady :)
4:04 pm est 

Re: Russell Braun - Bike Lane

Did you not know Russell Braun lives in Truro and rides his bike to work here in
Provincetown a lot?  Of course he wants to be on the new task force for the bike
lane on Rt 6.   He is in total favor of making Rt 6 a one lane hwy so a bike
trail can be put in.   People do join task forces or committees to benefit what
they believe in.

Why don't you join also if you want Rt 6 to stay 2 lanes each way?

4:02 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep - Public Library

"The entire landscape project was paid for by a very large gift for that
specific purpose."

That would be incorrect.  The $2 million that was appropriated by Town Meeting
included $250,000 for that purpose. Or are you saying the library returned that
part of the money?  That will be the day.

"I took a walk last night...and it looks beautiful from the outside."

It does LOOK great from the outside.  But all the money spent and still the
ancient wiring and plumbing inside the walls were NOT replaced.  Remember not
long ago when a pipe burst and the damage in the unfinished basement was a
quarter million to fix - next time, it will damage a finished basement and cost
a lot more to fix.

And they still did not find the source of the rainwater leak into the upper
front reading room.  Think about the unseen, and expensive, damage that will
cause over time.

How soon before taxpayers are asked for more and more for this white elephant of
a building?  And don't forget the broken promises about no more public funds.

3:56 pm est 

Re: Town Debt
Don't forget we need $ to pave streets.  Grant is paying for 1st round, where
are we going to come up with $ for the rest?
12:42 pm est 

"I took a walk last night and I saw the library--and it looks beautiful
from the outside."

I agree it looks great !
11:44 am est 

A Town Asleep

Re: "The writer said someone was lining their pockets- insinuating
someone was stealing.  I want to know who it is that's stealing.  Or is the
purpose of your blog to just blindly let people smear others with no facts to
back their smear campaign?"

Wow, someone asking for another blogger to be accountable for their statements. 
Go get em!

Guess we'll find out if the purpose of this blog is to promote better government
and more involved, informed citizens or to provide a venue for anonymous
bloggers to make baseless accusations.

Life isn't perfect in Provincetown, our town government isn't perfect, but
accusations without facts benefit no one.
11:40 am est 

Beautiful Library

I took a walk last night and I saw the library--and it looks beautiful from the
outside. What is all of the carping about???
10:27 am est 

Library Board of Trustees

I recently heard from a very credible source the Library Board of
Trustees forced the town to put bike racks on the side walk in front of the
building because they didn't want it on their lawn. First they try to get away
with encroaching on Center Street and now this?

The Library is disconnected with the community, the health and enviromental
benefits of biking to the library.

What don't they have a book on 'green transportation' in their precious library?
9:58 am est 

Re: Don't Reduce the Highway Lanes

Rte 6 is not going to be reduced from four lanes for a bike path. One
just needs to read the local paper these last two weeks to know that!
9:54 am est 

Water Bill Exorbitant?

We need an explanation as to why the sewer part of our water bill has gone up so
much from last year. What is the reason for this?
9:52 am est 


For going on four years now we have watched bitter blogger and others sling
accusations of corruption at virtually every town official. However we have yet
to see any actual proof of corruption. I can only assume that bitter blogger
can't find his phone to call the attorney general's office or more likely he is
just a mean person who likes to anonymously trash those he hates.

9:28 am est 

Don't Reduce the Highway Lanes

We must do what we can not to allow the powers that be to be persuaded to reduce
the two lanes the flow into Provincetown to become one lane.
We don't need a bottleneck up to the Truro dump from conwell street. The traffic
will be backed up that much on a rainy summer day.

Rt 6 will become a parking lot..this is terrible, punitative nightmare to anyone
driving into provincetown in the summer.
9:18 am est 

Re: Martha Lyons Landscaping

What 3 jobs has she been awarded??$200,000?????that must be some impressive landscaping!!!!!!!!!!!!
9:16 am est 

Russell Braun

FYI Russell Braun was just named a member of the new task force that
wants to extend a bike lane on Rt 6 - Funny though, he is Representative from
Guess he lives there..................
9:14 am est 

A Town Asleep

Seems the blogger was talking about someone lining their pockets. 
Seems like we have a right to know who is stealing our tax dollars.  Seems like
the blog master is fine with people making baseless statements.
9:13 am est 

A Town Asleep - Public Library

For those of you who think the library landscape was pricey did you
see how the 'fence' on Center St from the side entrance to Comml St was built? 
Very large slabs of granite were cut and buried in the ground.  Take a look at
all the granite used in front of the library.  It had to cost a fortune.  But,
it didn't cost taxpayers a dime.  The entire landscape project was paid for by a
very large gift for that specific purpose.
9:11 am est 

A Town Asleep

Re:  "The instant you stray from topic and start personally insulting
bloggers, your true colors shine through.  So innocent.  Sure.  Post the address
where we stupid voters can send more money.  Please.  Cause you haven't taken
enough to line your own pockets."

Who is it thats lining their pockets?  I agree we need to know to stop it.  If
someone is stealing the state AG should be notified.  This is serious.

9:09 am est 

A Town Asleep

Sorry, but that's crap.  The writer said someone was lining their
pockets- insinuating someone was stealing.  I want to know who it is that's
stealing.  Or is the purpose of your blog to just blindly let people smear
others with no facts to back their smear campaign?
9:05 am est 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Re: A Town Asleep

Rather than the accusations and name calling that seem too commonplace
on this blog can we have a healthy discussion about some of our issues?

I have a concern about the debt we keep taking on, where does it stop?  We're
starting a $1m project for the Freeman St and elementary school buildings, we
just finished $9m on town hall, $2m on the library.  We are heading towards a
$5m to $10m police station and highway garage, now I read in the Banner that
we'll need another $1m for floats at the Pier.

The projects we have already done are water under the bridge, we can't undo
them.  But how are we going to afford all these other projects?  Our taxes are
going to go through the roof.  We are all going to need affordable housing
because none of us will be able to afford to live here.
6:58 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Seems the blogger is questioning that alot of money was funded for
library landscaping and the landscaping is a mess and should not have costed
nearly the amount funded. Drag and rake our poor town manager and harbormaster
and building commissioner by name over the coals over and over again and then
suggest a lawsuit over "slander" because someone questions a project and its
funding and how it looks.  Your threats are unnecessary and make this seem even
a touchier subject and that makes it look worse.  No shortage of hypocrits here
that's for sure.
6:56 pm est 

Re: Sewer Fees

"not a town employee nor sleeping with one"

Yeah, right.  The lady doth protest too much.
3:52 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Re: "The instant you stray from topic and start personally insulting
bloggers, your true colors shine through.  So innocent.  Sure.  Post the address
where we stupid voters can send more money.  Please.  Cause you haven't taken
enough to line your own pockets

Uh, who are you talking about and what are you trying to say?  Who exactly is
taking money to 'line your own pockets' as you put it.

You are saying someone is stealing.  Who exactly is it?  We should have them
arrested or you should be charged with slander.  One or the other, which is it?
3:49 pm est 

Re: Sewer Fees

You are probably paying $1,000 twice a year as repayment of of money you
borrowed from the town to pay for hooking up. There are two initial fees, one to
private contractor to install a pipe to the sewer and one to the town or the
capital investment in equipment to have one thing to hook up to. The second fee
can be paid up front and is a per bedroom charge or you borrow the money from
the town and pay it back with an extremely low interest rate. The interest rate
ranges from one to to and a half percent depending on which phase you connected.
In turn the town then pays own a us government loan with that money. All in all
a very very good deal. What do you get for all this;
A) your poop goes offsite and is properly treated.
B) your poop no longer leaches nitrogen and other gunk into the bay
C) a now 99.99% reliable sewer system

The alternative is to pay upfront all monies every twenty years or so for a
septic system, if your property has room for it. It is likely that due to
lawsuits against cape towns and ever tighter nitrogen discharge rules by the
Feds that eventually even title v septic systems won't be allowed down the road.

You are not being robbed (note correct spelling). You are benefitting from the
foresight of the the town to put this system in way ahead of other Cape towns
who are now scrambling o find the hundreds of millions they will need to do same

Oh by the way, you also benefit from huge federal support for both sewer and
water system in the form of grants. Monies that will never, ever be available
again due to federal financial situation. Given the progress on finding and
fixing massive water leakage in water system you will also likely see some rate
relief on water rate too, again work financed by Feds.

Additionally people now can't sign up fast enough and new phases of system going
in now have seen massive interest in hookups.

All in all a great deal and you should be thankful.

- not a town employee nor sleeping with one

9:25 am est 

Police Cruiser in the Mud

Gimme a break. 50 miles an hour doing a check on the landing strip? Since when
is it the polices duty to patrol a private property like the airport? Thats what
airport security personel are for. And didn't he have lights on the car to see
where he was going? Didn't know where the end of the runway was? Are you kidding
me? Stop the nonsense. We all know the cops like to go out on the strip and race
down the runway for kicks. This time he got cauight. I do hope a disciplanary
note goes to the file. And one in        too for telling a whopper.
8:47 am est 

Sewer Fees ?

We paid for the cost of the sewer, and the treatment canter when we hooked up,
so why are we paying $1,000 twice a year for the sewer?
Where is the money going, and how did we let this happen?
We are being robed, and this needs to be stopped.

8:44 am est 

Re: Martha Lyons Landscaping

The Town manager is a friend of Martha's.  She felt that this was the company
for the job.  This is the company profile.  Very small business:  Martha Lyon
Landscape Architecture in Northampton, MA is a private company categorized under
Landscape Services. Our records show it was established in 2005 and incorporated
in Massachusetts. Current estimates show this company has annual revenue of
$48,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1. Companies like Martha Lyon
Landscape Architecture usually offer: Landscaping Services, Total Landscape
Service, Residential Landscaping Services, Premier Landscape Services and
Akehurst Landscape Service.

8:42 am est 

Beaux Arts Ball

So tired of people going on and on about how wonderful Marc Jacobs and
Robert Duffy are for throwing a Halloween party. Enough with the 'thank yous'
already. Some rich guys throw a party and everyone acts like it's the second
coming! So they raised $20,000 - they spent over $100,000 to do it!

Next year how about a free Beaux Arts Ball that EVERYONE can attend (we can do
without the fancy food and open bar) and Mr. Duffy and Mr. Jacobs can just
donate the money to the town if they care so much. But honestly, I don't think
we'll have to worry about Marc Jacobs taking over the Ball next year though,
because as the NY Post reported, he famously throws a lavish Halloween Ball in a
different location every year. Next year some other "lucky" town will be the
recipient of his "charity."

Bring back the old town spirit of the  costume balls of yesteryear. It's a long
running tradition in this town (see the letter in this week's Banner.) We are a
town full of creative people. We don't need wealthy New York designers to throw
a fun party.
8:38 am est 

Martha Lyons Landscaping - Provincetown Public Library

Kinda strange. Googling her shows she's more of a professor at UMass Amherst.
Lots of web info on her company and her but not a lot of experience it seems.
8:34 am est 

Russell Braun - Missing in Action

Where is Russell Braun these days?  No one would tell me in the
building department where or when I could see him, and no return phone calls
after 48 hours.   Is that how to run a town Sharon?
8:32 am est 

Faux Arts Ball

Re: "Glad the Faux Arts Ball is Behind Us. What a pretnese. what  joke
on us."

With your attention to detail, I'm sure it's not the last. Get over your self.
8:30 am est 

A Town Asleep

To: The person suggesting a call be put into the library or town to get
a true breakdown of funds.

The instant you stray from topic and start personally insulting bloggers, your
true colors shine through.  So innocent.  Sure.  Post the address where we
stupid voters can send more money.  Please.  Cause you haven't taken enough to
line your own pockets.
8:28 am est 

Re: A Town Asleep

"Wow.  That anyone can actually defend this mess is  outrageous.  Thick
as thieves
and you are obviously right there in the middle of the muck of it

That's all you can come up with?  You are slinging mud fast and furious and you
have no actual facts to back up your statements.  I pity you.

8:24 am est 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Massages! Free Exercise!

Now that is a deal. I can't wait. Thanks, Rick. sounds creative and a win win
for us all.
4:10 pm est 

Glad the Faux Arts Ball is Behind Us

What a pretnese. what  joke on us. A private party pretending to be a
town-honored event. Such pretense does us all in.

It is the height of hyprocrisy. Yes, many had fun but under the guise of
something else. It was and remains a private party for New Yorkers.
4:03 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep Maybe Corrupt is Just Corrupt
Just like Joe Paterno, the system smells and people cover others. Many
unethical actions go unnoticed, unpreported and some make so much money from our
taxes. They dip in as if it is their money. and then the town ups our taxes and
there is even more money for the contractors to dip into.

Corrupt is corrupt and I am starting to see just too much of this. Croynism,
graft, double dipping and overspending.

Time to stop the mega-projects, which simply becomes an excuse for out of town
companies, with the blessing of town leaders, to rape the coffers.
4:00 pm est 

A Town Asleep

Re: "Did you ever ask to see where the funds went? Try asking someone at the library
for the accounting of the funds, or someone at town hall? Or are you waiting
for them to show up at your door with all the information so you don't have to
step away from your computer?"

Wow.  That anyone can actually defend this mess is  outrageous.  Thick
as thieves and you are obviously right there in the middle of the muck of it
3:51 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Re: "Really?  Town voters voted to have this mess drag on for years
with no end in site?  No.  What happened to the funds?  Where are the plans? 
Show me the money."

Did you ever ask to see where the funds went?  Try asking someone at the library
for the accounting of the funds, or someone at town hall?  Or are you waiting
for them to show up at your door with all the information so you don't have to
step away from your computer?  And when they are unable to guess who you might
be and don't show up at your door then you whine on this blog about lack of
accountability.  Give me a break!
3:21 pm est 

Martha Lyons Landscaping

Anyone know more about this outfit? They have received some $200,000+ from 3
Town contracts in last 2 months? At the prices awarded, it can't be low bid? As
an example, we just paid $40,000 to wash (not restore, not repair not reset in
the ground simply wash) cemetery head stones!

We have lots of towns people who do landscaping. Why hire from Northampton?
3:18 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

"Town voters should be held accountable for voting for it. And town residents
who don't bother to show up at town meeting don't have the right to now question
the decision."

Really?  Town voters voted to have this mess drag on for years with no
end in site?  No.  What happened to the funds?  Where are the plans?  Show me
the money.  Town voters voted to appropriate more than ample and generous funds
to have a project completed professionally, properly and on time.  Town voters
did not vote to have a dirt/mud pit that is a 120K eyesore for years on end. 
It's one thing to vote for something.  Another to not get at all what you voted
for.  Cop out, typical response.
12:58 pm est 

A Town Asleep

"Someone responsible should be held accountable.  Further investigation
into ALL entities involved is definitely called for and not another penny should
be afforded to this project..."

Town voters should be held accountable for voting for it.  And town residents
who don't bother to show up at town meeting don't have the right to now question
the decision.

Take responsibility folks - you either voted for it or you couldn't bother to
show up and vote against it.

9:05 am est 

Town Asleep

2 things:

#1:  Re:  The library.  The Vanderbilts could, today in 2011, completely
landscape their Newport mansion for less than 120K if it started as a dirt pit
like the library is. OUR library looks like a mini bike course at Xgames and has
for years.  A colossal waste of taxpayer money.  Someone responsible should be
held accountable.  Further investigation into ALL entities involved is
definitely called for and not another penny should be afforded to this project.

#2:  Re: #89 Comm'l St.  When your eyes are open in the middle of the night and
you wonder how could your entrusted town leaders turn such a blind eye and
approve a project that is in such blatant violation of town bylaws, don't
bother, roll over.  The sidelink of the blog says it all. See for yourself the
attractive rusted retaining wall barely holding up what's left of a dune.

Welcome to the new and improved Ptown.  No regard for the natural environment or
resources or history.  Ptown is now the wetnurse of the money hungry that drain
it dry yet live away from town in cold winter.  Deal with it.  #89 is already a
done deal, before any meeting even take place.  The paperwork is in motion,
probably recorded.  Sleep tight.
11:02 pm est 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Town Asleep

"...Instead of appointing either Nancy or Wayne, two long time library
supporters with prior board experience to the open seat..."

And we see how well that worked with Nancy.  She quit !
10:59 pm est 

Re: Lead Enforcement

To the person looking for who enforces the EPA's lead law here is the person you
want to contact. It helps to have pictures and address of project you are
concerned with. As a reminder, ANY interior or exterior disturbance of lead
paint requires stringent worker and site protection. Any structure built before
1978 requires testing for lead paint. Contractors and painters dealing with lead
paint must be certified. Violations are subject to $5,000 fine per incident. In
addition anyone getting work done in an older house is supposed to receive the
EPA brochure on lead paint from their contractor before signing a contract.
Violation of that statute is subject to a $25,000 fine.

Gary Gaspar (Technical Contact - Asbestos & Lead)
MA Division of Occupational Safety
1213 Purchase Street, 2nd Floor
New Bedford, MA 02740
Phone: (508) 984-7718 Fax: (508) 984-3562

For details look up "EPA Lead Paint Law Renovations" on Google and you will find
the EPA's page on these requirements.
1:49 pm est 

89 Commercial Street Zoning Application

On November 16, 2011 there will be a Zoning Board of Appeals Public Hearing on
an application from 89 Commercial Street for an exception to the Scale By Law. I
am posting this in the hope that as many people as possible with either come to
that hearing or write in opposition to this exception. 89 Commercial is the
massive house on the water side of Commercial St at the foot of Nickerson Street
in the west end.

89 Commercial St is one of the primary reasons there is a scale by law. As a
reminder the scale by law requires that structures stay at or below 115% of the
average neighborhood scale or volume of the structures in a 250 ft circle around
the subject property.  To quote from the by law:

"Newer buildings, where the appropriate scale has not been maintained, have
disrupted the character of the neighborhoods. Preservation of appropriate
building scale has also been identified as critically important by the Town's
residents. All new buildings or additions shall comply with appropriate scale to
their neighborhood."

89 Commercial Street is already a massive building that is completely out of
character to its neighborhood both in size and style. It was built before there
was a scale by law or historic district. It caused outrage at the time over the
damage it did to the neighborhood. It shouldnt be allowed to add insult to
injury by expanding further.

Here are some specific facts:

1) The lot the structure sits on is only 4,965 sq ft which is not legally
buildable under either current zoning or at the time it was built however the
original owner (Ken Edwards) at the time somehow managed to get it approved over
the strong opposition of the neighborhood..

2)The structure is about 170% of the average scale in the neighborhood. This
already far exceeds the overage allowed by the scale by law.

3)The assessors scale calculation software assumes a standard height of ten feet
for each story. 89 Commercial St has far larger story heights, more like 14
feet. This means that the structure is far larger than even the scale
calculation above indicates.

4)The application does not any of the six tests in the by law which might allow
a deviation from scale rules.

In short, if the Zoning Board of Appeals were to approve this request then they
will have gutted the scale by law and we should just delete it from the town
laws. This structure is the archetypal example of why we have a scale by law.
Please urge them to deny this application.

To provide your feedback either attend the meeting at 7pm on Thursday, November
17, 2011 in the Judge Welsh Hearing Room at Town Hall or email your feedback to If you choose to email you must do so by this

The future of appropriate scale for Provincetown hangs in the balance, please
get involved on this one!

- signed, very concerned

PS: There is also a Historic District Commission meeting about the same project
on November 16th at 4 PM.
1:46 pm est 

Dune Shack Residencies

martin anderson
Photo by Martin Anderson
Join Our Mailing List

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Cape Cod National Seashore, The Provincetown Community Compact and OCARC have created an exhibition of works done by artists in our residency programs.


The show, "A Measure of Solitude", runs through the end of the year at the Salt Pond Visitor Center in Eastham.



Provincetown Dune Shack Residencies

Residency applications for 2012 for artists, writers and the general public are being accepted for the Fowler and C-Scape Dune Shacks in the Cape Cod National Seashore.


Fowler Application

C-Scape Application


One to three weeks stays available, including a 3-week $500 fellowship for a visual artist, and two funded weeks for writers.


Deadline January 15, 2012.


Contact Provincetown Community Compact,



Tom & Jay

10:03 am est 

How Can One Town Have so Many Problems With Its Contracts?

Maybe it's a philosohpy under Ms. Lynn that says: let them eat cake! Let them
pay. Let the suckers pay higher teaxes for whatever "we" propose.

there is something wrong in the thinking and something wrong in how those in
power make decisions. They seem to care little for town people and care more for
themselves and the small inner circle.

Provincetown is more than this small elite group of entitled town employees. It
all centers on one office and friends of friends. but truly they are not friends
of all of us.
9:58 am est 

A Town Asleep

You Are so right: Martha Lyons Landscaping

That was a done deal and she recieved at least $120,000 for landscaping. but
what happened to that? It was a simple design, walkways and what you'd expect
for landscaping. so what happened to the work that was paid for and what
happened to her design? Did McKinsley et al take that money and then do their
own poor landscaping? The landscaping was a done deal.

Should there be so many questions about one building and so few answers?
9:55 am est 

Re: A Town Asleep

If sharon's partner is on the board of the Library this Seems

It sure does, and how she got the seat is down right creepy.
Last year Nancy Sirvent and Wayne Ryerson took out papers to run for 2 available

Jim Cole wasn't running again because of term limits...Then poor Jim Cole dies
before the election.

Instead of appointing either Nancy or Wayne, two long time library supporters
with prior board experience to the open seat.
Sharon appointed her own partner. Someone who had never even set foot in the
place...she never even bothered to get a Library card.

So Wayne lost to Nancy and the evil forces went to work to shut Nancy out.
That's life in our library these days. People who actually work there are afraid
they will loose their jobs. Very sad state of affairs. Not to mention no new
books, no kids programs,a rude director.

9:53 am est 

Keith Bergman Come Back?

I do hope you were making a joke. I know a few folks who love to write goofy
stuff on this blog just to get people riled. But KB? don't be nuts. we got in
serious trouble with the state because of his financial shenanigans. He ran the
taxes up big time and was a miserable     the last 10 years he was here. He
hated it and took it out on everyone around him. If you'd like a different kind
of town manager , fine. But don't write such nonsense.  Actually its worse than
nonsense. Its scary. Hope you were kidding.

Your neighbor
9:49 am est 

Don't Forget


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Jazz Festival 


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8:59 am est 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Re: A Town Asleep

Re: "Call the town accountant and See if Mr. Braun was Paid for Clerk
of works Services for Town hall of course, you will have to have them look for
the information in odd files and rather secret accounting. see what they say
about this. As for the library, how much was this person paid and what is his
relationship to Mr. Braun? A question worth asking."

I'm not sure why you don't call yourself.  The town accountant has always been
very forthcoming whenever I call him.  I just called and asked about Braun and
Town Hall.  Braun was paid $23,715 for Town Hall.  I asked how much we paid the
other company for the library and was told we paid WW Reich $62,177 as both the
clerk of the works and the project manager.  so much for your secret accounting

4:36 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Does anyone Know what all the bulldozers were doing this summer on the
lawn of the library?

The landscaping was already a done deal and paid for before the contract was
awarded to the town hall architects. so what were they doing? all they needed to
do was renovate and finsih the exterior work on the building. something is not
right here. How can a simple project become so convulted?

And nothing seems to be involved with books, periodicals, and the reading and
researching public. all the monies seem to be directed to the building and
forgetting the reason for a libaray and the books and texts that make up a

Has the board been asleep?
3:22 pm est 

A Town Asleep

Call the town accountant and See if Mr. Braun was Paid for Clerk of
works Services for Town hall of course, you will have to have them look for the information in odd files and rather secret accounting. see what they say about this. As for the library, how much was this person paid and what is his relationship to Mr. Braun? A question worth asking.
3:17 pm est 

Lead Law
Could someone please tell me who is in charge of enforcement of the EPAs
stringent new lead paint removal and worksite protection law in our area? There
seems to be about zero compliance with it in Provincetown. Throughout town
projects are underway with zero protection. For instance, west end salon was
sanded completely with zero work or worksite protection clouds of lead paint
dust all over.

There are projects on Commercial St and West Vine St with zero mitigation or
protection in place. What gives? Who is in charge of enforcing those rules and
protecting our health and environment?

- a concerned resident
9:12 am est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Re:  "I Too believe that Russell Braun was Clerk of Works for Both
Projects . . ."

I called the Town Accountant this morning.  A company called W W Reich was the
Clerk of the Works and the town's Project Manager for the most recent $2M
project at the library.  This guy Clarence works for them.
9:10 am est 

Cemetery Landscaping

With all the landscapers and garden maintenance people in these towns, not to
mention the town DPW staff, nobody could put together a group to go out,
voluntarily, and cleanup the cemeteries? The town needs to pay a landscape
architect to do the work for how many thousands of tax dollars? This town is so
screwed up. Rebuild an outdated idea of a library, let the cemetery go to the
point that an outside company has to fix it, tear up every road in town and
never have a definative plan to fix them (and BTW, here comes winter!), a pier
that will now need maintenance that should have been done all along and the list
goes on and on. This town is bleeding money and theres no tourniquet in site.
What a mess.
9:03 am est 

A Town Asleep

Keith Bergman: come back

I'd feel so much better if Keith was town manager. I was not too happy when he
was town manager but now, I'd take him back. Please, Keith, come back.

could it be any worse? somehow, I don't think so. there is nothing happening in
the top office, no ideas, no vision. At least, that was never the case with
12:13 am est 

Re: A Town Asleep

I Too believe that Russell Braun was Clerk of Works for Both Projects

I know for certain that he was clerk of works for town Hall and was paid for
that activity. In fact, Braun received double compensation for his day job and
his clerk of works job.

I believe this town official was also in charge of overseeing the library.
12:11 am est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Library Board meeting February 15, 2011
From the minutes;

William Reich Company was hired as Clerk
of Works for phase 1&2 of Town Hall.
They were rehired for the Library.
Clarence Whotmought was Clerk of Works.
So what was The Building Commissioner
doing. Was there double dipping in the

12:08 am est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Don't forget Martha Lyon Landscaping. Not just TH, and the library,
the paper said she is the win on Winslow Cemetary.
and yes Braun was Clerk of the Works at the Library. Not once, but twice, back a
few years ago during quick do nothing repairs.
12:06 am est 

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Town Asleep

Who do you think or know was Clerk of Works for the library? I believe
it was Russell Braun again even though they might have changed his title.

It wasn't Braun.  Having been around the library a number of times and in
talking with the contractors I think the guy's name was Clarence.
3:50 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

If sharon's partner is on the board of the Library this Seems

Wasn't it the board that recommended the architects and wasn't Sharon the one
who had the last word? Like Ceasar's wife, her partner should appear pure and
above reproach.
3:27 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Russell Braun was Clerk of Works for Town Hall renovations

that is a fact and he was paid additionally for this work. Who do you think or
know was Clerk of Works for the library? I believe it was Russell Braun again
even though they might have changed his title. Still seems wrong to have someone
who is the Building Commissioner also be the same person who is overseeing and
evaluating the work of contruction on such large projects.

Am I wrong to think this?
3:21 pm est 

Re: Historic District Commission

No,do not abolish the hdc!
Yes, tighten the rulers and regulations to stop the arbitrary
Decisions and over building of province town.
The hdc needs to say no more often,if it wasn't there originally,
Sorry,no go.
1:22 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

It's McKinley and Kalsow not Kaslow.  And Russell Braun shouldn't be
anywhere near these projects.  He is a paid town employee. Why is a paid town
employee allowed to also get paid by and play for other teams while working in
his formal capacity for the town?  Shouldn't be happening on any level.  This
guy is a huge part of the problem with rampant blatant overdeveloping going on
here.  And yes, voters voted but come on.  Paid town leadership must take the
responsibility of injecting common sense into a situation that is obviously a
loose loose one for the town.  Where is town counsel on all this stuff?  Obvious
conflict of interest by a town employee and fiscal idiocy don't get a blink of
an eye but try to sell a cupcake or some lemonade on the street and look out,
the sky is falling.
11:48 am est 

Re: Historic District Commission

Yes! Please lets abolish the Historic District Commission!! Of all the
boards in town, they are the most arbitrary in their decision making. And their
arrogance to go against a state ruling is absurd... NO MORE HISTORIC DISTRICT
COMMISSION TELLING US WHAT TO DO or more accurately, telling most of us what to
do, but allowing those better connected to do as they please (170 Bradford comes
to mind...)
9:43 am est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Town Hall and the Library: the Same Architects and the same Clerk of

McKinley and Kaslow were awarded both contracts for Town Hall and surprisingly
for the Library. and then they hired--if we can use that word--the same Clerk of
Works. and who could this be? None other than our own Building Commissioner Mr.

While you do make some good points the lack of facts undermines your argument. 
Braun was not the clerk of works for the library.  But, I agree the town really
needs to look at our huge construction projects.  Can we really afford all of
9:40 am est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Yes. The town manager's partner, Patricia K Greene, was appointed
the Library Board right BEFORE the election. She had no prior experience with the library. She is now the vice chair, and the chair during the seven months of the year that the chair is at her real home out of state. It's pretty easy to guess who the next appointees will be. and those, too, will be BEFORE the election. Wake up, people, the library's being led by know-nothings and the partner of the vice-know-nothing.

Wonder why the library board is so popular with the power hungry? Wonder why people are being driven off the board and the staff? 
9:06 am est 

Re: A Town Asleep

The point is, this 9 million dollar facility is obsolete, has been for
years, and is nothing but a cash cow for those involved with construction on any
level. . .

You are right, voters should have voted no.  But, they didn't.
8:43 am est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Town Hall and the Library: the Same Architects and the same Clerk of

McKinley and Kaslow were awarded both contracts for Town Hall and surprisingly
for the Library. and then they hired--if we can use that word--the same Clerk of
Works. and who could this be? None other than our own Building Commissioner Mr.

Seems a contradiction to have him be both Buidling Commissioner and Clerk of
Works and to be paid for both positions when one position overeseas the work of
the other. Odd, isn't this? Still true.
12:10 am est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Is Sharon's partner on the board?

Is this true? seems that was mentioned but I don't know if it true. Can someone
clarify this?
12:05 am est 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Re: A Town Asleep

Contractor, Designer, Bulb planter, BouseHouse transporter, Bulldozer? 
The point is, this 9 million dollar facility is obsolete, has been for years,
and is nothing but a cash cow for those involved with construction on any level. 
Stick in a Starbucks and move on.  Take the millions wasted and put it to better
use, i.e. beach cleanup, elder services, infrastructure, child welfare (the few
that actually still live here), drug abuse, alcohol abuse, blah, blah, blah. 
Instead of sinking money into a bottomless pit that has a bottom in the bank
account of the designer, architect, engineer, contractor, etc.  make better use,
practical use, common sense use.  So much to ask.  Truck in a modular library,
stick in on Motta's Field, close to the school that is closing and call it a
day.  How much worse is that than what is happening now?
6:27 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Pretty sure Mcginley Kalsow has engineering design contract.  See BOS
minutes from 7/26/10.  They are not contractors
6:15 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Am I the only one out there in a disturbed REM sleep?  Connect the
dots people.  McGinley et al is connected to whom (who?)  by what (what money
connection)?  The Ptown of old has been transformed into the Ptown of new.  Same
money based connections, a little more fancy now.  Mortgages witnessed by
lawyers take the place of flat out cash kickbacks.  Do some research and all
mysteries will be revealed.  And that means ALL mysteries, all directions. 
Ptown does not need a 9 million dollar library.  Ptown needs responsible,
honest, objective leadership and that, my friends, like Elvis, has left the
building (renovated and beeeautiful and much needed expensive town hall).  Gee
with 9 million fat ones maybe an emergency care center or a soup kitchen feeding
the winter population for about 10 years or more could have been built.  Take a
survey.  How many yearround residents actually take out books?  What a joke and
huge profit for this mysterious architectural firm and c!
ontractor.  Do the research.  It's where your answers lie.  and LIE being a key
6:13 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Take a walk past the library, look at the sign on front fence.
Contractor is not McGinley Kaslow, they are designer.
6:07 pm est 

Provincetown Historic District Commission

I'm wondering if anyone out there feels, as I am beggining to,
that the Provincetown Historic District Commission should be abolished, or at
the very least have its charter and bylawsrevised to curb the arbitrary behavior
of commission members?
4:34 pm est 

Re: Am I the Only One Not Asleep

"You do not know the laws of the state of Massachusetts.........."

I am well aware of the state laws regarding the bidding process.

The Bidding methodology used for the award of the library contract was based
on a competitive design to budget contract. All bidders were required to submit
a design, which met the towns budget.

The firm which initially received the higest rating (best design) by the review
committee for their design was Durland Van Voorhis, Architects.

It was only subsequent to the design submittal, during oral interviews, that
the decision was made, with Sharon Lynn's backing, to award the contract
to McGinley Kalsow & Associates.
2:56 pm est 

Re: A Town Asleep

Town Hall contractor - Northeast Interiors

Library contractor - Colantonio (not sure of spelling)

You are absolutely incorrect: The contractor for Town Hall and 
for the current construction phase for the Library (which was awarded
in June 2010) is McGinley Kalsow & Associates, Inc. of Boston. 
2:35 pm est 

Re: "...Am I the Only One Not Asleep..."

You do not know the laws of the state of Massachusetts so I guess you would be
the only one who IS asleep.  Mass law is pretty restrictive on the bidding
process for contractors and the low bidder is guaranteed the contract provided
they meet all the specs in the bid.  So if the same contractor made the low bid
on both projects they would get the contract as required by state law.  Having
said that I think you are incorrect when you state the same contractor got both

So in your attempt to smear Sharon's management logic all you have done is prove
you don't know what you are talking about.
2:22 pm est 

Construction Mess - A Town Asleep

Town Hall contractor - Northeast Interiors

Library contractor - Colantonio (not sure of spelling)

Know your facts before you share them or tell everyone you don't really know the
facts, you are only guessing to stir up trouble where none exists.
2:18 pm est 

Construction Mess - A Town Asleep

Why would one company be given both contracts for the construction of the Library
(most recent phase $3,000,000) and Town Hall, ($9,000,000) totalling $12,000,000
and  one man the responsibility for oversight?

What management logic is Sharon Lynn applying......if any?

Am I the only one not asleep?
12:10 pm est 

Re: Library Mess

I find it difficult to rationalize the spending of $9 million dollars for a library
for a town of less than 3,000 full-time residents.

Something is vastly wrong.
11:39 am est 

Library Mess

When's the last time anyone bought a book? Why is anyone rebuilding
a library and not realigning it toward an internet based media center?
Old books, ok, they need a place but a whole building? How about a
center with floors and floors of computers with WiFi for those that enter?
Could even make it fee based with a very small yearly fee but no, let’s keep
the antiquated idea of a place to rent a book for a week alive!!
And  the landscaping? How many times is this place going to be landscaped?
Wasn't it landscaped 6-8 years ago? No upkeep got us to where we are
now. And it's going to happen again in 10 years, mark my words.
And will  we then rebuild a yet MORE antiquated structure and ideal? We'll see.  

BTW, does anyone have the 911 on the police cruiser pulled from the swamp
out at the airport? Heard the officers like to race down the runway at night and 
someone lost it into the woods. Just wondering.
11:33 am est 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Something is Very Wrong With the Library

I liked Meaghy's letter to the editor in the Banner. she tells it like it is.
she sees the problems with the board and the new director. It is a huge problem
and a sinkhole.

Another town-directed disaster. Sharon, where are you on this? Any voice? Maybe
it was left in West Goshen. Now, we get only mumblings and little more.
11:51 pm edt 

Sadly the Library is a Mess

It has overspent and too much money went to architects and not to books and
periodicals. this is such a sham. Libraries should be about books and reading
and research--not bulldozers turning out dirt!

What a disaster this has been. Also the same architects who did town hall should
not have been done the library. Therein leads to Sharon Lynn's ties to these
Boston architects and to the monies that have gone awry. Follow the money, my
friends. How many millions? and what has gone into the academic core of the
library, into research and texts? no, it has gone into dirt, dirt removal, dirt
moving, and bulldozers. for what? the landscape was already paid for and so what
was this whole summer dirt moving about?

there is little vision in this library and the board should be shamed. Weak,
cowardly, and vision-less has been this present board. And who is this woman
they hired? they were desperate and they chose her after the best candidate
refused to take the job.

We should have waited, shouldn't we?
11:45 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Library

"If the staff has issues with administration, don't they
have union representation?"

Because there are NO union employee's left on staff. All the folks you see
working there are paid a low hourly Benefits,no job security. There
use to be 3 union jobs,
assistant  director, Children's librarian, and a library assistant w/25hrs.
All three positions vanished along with Debby the head librarian.
It took Sharon about 4 years to achieve her great plan.
Now with her partner on the board it is even easier to control things.
And what have you the taxpayer got? An empty shell of a rotten building that has
lost it's soul.
The current director seems to not like books. More books have been "weeded" out
than purchased. Very few New books have been purchased in the last year and
important books about the Provincetown Art Colony etc. have been ignored.
Remember, all the Professional Librarians are gone, the people who still work
for minimum wage have No voice.
They are at the mercy of the director to get hours. It is a sad state of affairs
when workers in their 70's and 80's, have to be so afraid of loosing the job
they love.
11:43 pm edt 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Provincetown Public Library

This library has been a mess for time everlasting.  Even as kids, 50+
years ago, on any given day, a librarian would be smoking out back, drinking out
back, and any much needed research book or periodical would be grossly
mis-indexed and lost forever.  It takes organization, brainpower and honesty to
run a successful library.  Look to your town management for these, and then look
to the library.  Turn it into affordable housing and condos.  Any book readers
can look to kindle and Apple and no one will suffer.  Come on.  Developers can
cash in on this biznass.  Ptown needs a library like Ptown needs affordable
housing and modular building.
10:01 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Library

Concurring with a previous poster, Nancy should consider volunteering,
instead of gossiping with the staff. The word on the street is that she foments
that kind of climate.  If the staff has issues with administration, don't they
have union representation?
9:59 pm edt 

Re: Occupy Provincetown

"Real props should be towards those in zucotti (sic) park. That's real

Let's keep a sense of perspective here please.  America has thousands of
volunteers in Afghanistan, sent there originally by a Republican president and
kept there now by a Democratic president, who risk death or terrible injury
every day. Many have done multiple tours of duty.

Now thats real courage.

Those in Zuccotti Park may be taking some risks but it's not in the same league
by any measure.  We devalue language when we misuse it.
9:56 pm edt 

Re: Library

I have to agree with the prior poster, there are two sides to every story and
the truth is  somewhere in the middle.  Exiting library staff?  You have
turnover anytime there is a change in management.  Sometimes the new manager is
a bad manager, sometimes the current staff doesn't  like to be told they have to

I happen to know a few of the players here and am familiar with some things that
aren't being reported here.  The truth is definitely in the middle.
2:21 pm edt 

Occupy Provincetown

No more "occupy provincetown" events. There's no courage in this.
Preaching to the choir is comfortable cowardice and the equivalent to changing
your Facebook picture to a cartoon to take an imaginary stand against child
abuse. Real props should be towards those in zucotti park. That's real courage.
1:40 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Library

So if we can't believe Maghie Geary who chaired the BOLT,and has
volunteered, etc. Whom do we believe.? How about the two exiting librarians??
How about the people who say that the director is rude, mean and a real  /////
to most of her staff, except the favorites. I worked at that library, and I keep
in touch with my former co workers.I have seen grown women (plural) cry because
that director was so mean to them. Nancy, Schmancy, who cares? She quit, because
the board, and the director refused to work with her.If she is trying to run the
library, maybe we should hire her. The current director isn't doing a credible
job.. Maybe it wouldn't be a third strike out like the mistake that was made
twice in a row in hiring a director.The woman isn't even keeping our collection
up. It's pitiful.
1:37 pm edt 

Provincetown Events


Casino night



Boston Gay Men's Chorus Tickets

Are now on sale for $27 each. They can be purchased by calling our office at 508-487-2313. This show will sell out so get them early.

Visit to plan your visit.
Hope to see you soon,


Provincetown Business Guild
9:49 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

One major problem with affordable housing units (even ones mixed in
between regular market rate units) is that once upkeep and repairs are required,
and they always are, no one, including the Developer and the State, wants to
foot the bill for these repairs.  The units inevitably fall into dilapidation
and squalor.  This is a syndrome repeated across the country and now the future
of Provincetown.  What a sweet rackett these "developers" and their puppets in
town hall have going on. This will prove to surely be a costly investment to the
town for years to come.  Unemployment, along with subsidation, is not always
enough to cover the "extras" many need to survive, especially in winter,
especially in a desolate town in winter.  Remember, idle hands are the devil's
workshop and with no jobs, there will be plenty of idle hands once these units
are filled.

9:42 am edt 

Provinceown Public Library

Re: "Not True! In fact, that is a down right LIE...Shame on you! 
Please read Maghie Geary's letter in todays banner . . ."

And why would I believe Ms. Geary?  Anything she says is the absolute truth? 
Nancy S didn't get what she wanted so she quit.  She may not have wanted to be
the Library Director, but she wanted to step in and tell the Library Director
how to do her job.  It's called micro management.

If we've learned one thing in this town, it's that people do NOT like change.  A
new Library Director comes to town and changes up things a bit and the old guard
dislikes her because she isn't doing things 'the way we use to do them'.

There are always two sides to the story.  Nancy S. decided to quit and trash
people in the paper.  The Library Director really can't do that.  I suspect the
truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.
9:40 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Public Library

The woman that resigned has an obvious problem: a lack of experience
as an administrator or policy maker.  The poor thing wanted to run the library,
and micromanage. That's why I had voted for Ryerson, and not her. Ryerson is
tried and true in town in chairing numerous boards, and as I recall, had been an
executive.   I've run into many of her ilk before.  Some join a board already
with a negative agenda in mind. Others, never having had any power, use this
opportunity to yield power, not understanding that as an individual, a board
member has no power over a department/institution. I'll give her the benefit of
the doubt, and think that her heart was in the right place.  But a great
volunteer does not necessarily make a great board member.  She should continue
volunteering in town, in which she obviously succeeds.
9:37 am edt 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sadly, Amen

"It will never be the place that young people come to
escape, to "live free". Places like that can not be so obsessed with money or
comfort. and Provincetown is obsessed with both. How can we produce great
artists and writers if we cant provide them with housing. And how can we produce
great products and service with out the same.

Over developed, tacky, comfortable, and catered to your needs. Welcome to

-- The Hunchback of Town Hall

10:43 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Library

"Here's a different opinion.  Nancy S., the Library Trustee who
resigned, wanted to come in and run the Library."

Not True! In fact, that is a down right LIE...Shame on you!
Please read Maghie Geary's letter in todays banner to clarify the truth of a
terrible situation for both library staff and the "Public" they they serve.
Maghie isn't the only one in town with the institutional memory to see clearly
what has been going on.
Lets get this straight, Nancy Sirvent is a past employee of the library,everyone
who had the pleasure to work with her was sad when she resigned. She has spent
the last 10years as a dedicated volunteer. Not one member of the current
Trustee's has the skills and knowledge that Nancy brought to the board.
If and it is a big if, Nancy wanted to run the library she would have applied
for the job. Her qualifications and experience far exceed the current director.
There are very bad things going on and they go all the way to Town Hall.
Get involved folks, ask questions but don't insult Nancy...I think she deserves
a medal for bringing it to everyone's attention.
Remember, the Library's middle name is Public...that's you!
10:40 pm edt 


Who interviewed the Parking Adm regarding the article in the banner?  It was the
most disgusting battle of lies written.  First of all, the Kiosk machines were
broken down more than working this summer..  Secondly, the Maintenance person
came down at least 3 or more times...  Thirdly, it has nothing to do with the
malfunction of people.  IT IS SIMPLY THE MACHINES..  I know for a fact that
there were many, many, many complaints about the machines not working all summer

If you want to promote an item.. tell the truth..  Because I am surely going to
vote NO for any more machines in this town....
10:09 pm edt 

Developers and 40B Housing
These developers know that they can fill their units with the homeless people
because the housing corporations will pay their rent. That is why the homeless
in Hyannis will be living here and causing problems.

Drug addicts who get social security etc. will be living here and the problems
in Hyannis will be our problems. let hope for the best
9:31 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Library

I have worked at the library for years. The trustee's letter was
careful. The whole story is shocking and no one at town hall wants to believe
it. It's only a matter of time before the director self-destructs. We hope she
doesn't take the library with her.
9:29 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

Its not racist to mention that foreign help in town have lousy living
conditions and terrible pay. Nor is it racist to state that just because they
are stuck in such terrible conditions that it negatively effects their work
habits. It does. The effects of not having a base community of year round
workers that also hold down jobs has effected the town.

It is very frustrating to train people all summer long until they are perfect at
their job, just have them leave in october and not be able to come back next
year cause the housing situation is horrible. I've seen this happen many times.

I grew up here and remember this town for over thirty years. Twenty years ago i
remember people in their twenties that worked fry jobs at mojos could afford
swanky little apartments in the town center. Some were even on the water. Now
a-days the same apartments rent only in the summer and go for over $1000 a week.

Some people don't want people like me in this town. People like me were here
before you, and we remember. We remember what it was like and we know about all
the things that have changed. If i was you i wouldn't want people like me in
"your town" . People like me know about the bad things "you" did.

Luckily for you people like me (like Archie Bunker)are a dying breed. It doesn't
matter much what i think anymore. This town will never be the hippy dippy artist
community it once was. It will never be the place that young people come to
escape, to "live free". Places like that can not be so obsessed with money or
comfort. and Provincetown is obsessed with both. How can we produce great
artists and writers if we cant provide them with housing. And how can we produce
great products and service with out the same.

Over developed, tacky, comfortable, and catered to your needs. Welcome to
4:39 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Library

Maghi G. stepped up in defense of Nancy S. MG has the institutional
memory and has let us know this dysfunction has been going on for a longtime out
of the public view.

Time for a new board and director.
4:34 pm edt 

Re: Hyannis is Here Now

“And they will not have jobs, because Provincetown doesn’t have year round  jobs. Give me a break!!!”

So you think there are plenty of year-round jobs waiting to be filled? Where exactly would those be, pray tell?

4:29 pm edt 

So-Called Affordable Housing, Won't be

What's not being mentioned about 90 Shankpainter is that the units (42/50) will
not be all that inexpensive.  With the exception of the 8 extremely low income
units that will have a Section 8 subsidy, the units will be priced so that
someone earning 60% of the area median income can afford the unit paying 30% of
their income. When Community Builders presented their plans, the rents to be
charged were in excess of $1,000 NOT including heat.  Right now, in states such
as Rhode Island, affordable projects financed in this way are in huge trouble,
evicting low income tenants who cannot pay their rent and at high risk of

Unless the subsidy situation changes drastically on 90 Shankpainter, the issue
is not that homeless people will live there (for those who fear this as a bad
thing) but that the units will not be affordable to those with limited incomes. 
A development with high vacancy rates helps no one.
11:29 am edt 

Re: Hyannis is Here Now

As if the town never had bad people who didn't pay their rent. Even
before 40b!!!
11:10 am edt 

To: Webmaster

Webmaster! since when is racist a word to black out???

Webmaster Comment:

None of the postings referred to race. Only your inference and comments inject the issue of race. 

One should be able differ without imputation.
11:08 am edt 

Re: Restore Balance at the Library

Here's a different opinion.  Nancy S., the Library Trustee who resigned, wanted
to come in and run the Library.  The Library Trustees said no, that's not we do,
we hire a director to run the library.  We do fundraising and set policy.  Nancy
S. wanted to come in and run the Library, when she couldn't get her way, she
10:54 am edt 

Hyannis is Here Now

You don't need to wait for the homeless in Hyannis to come here. There was a guy
and his girlfriend living in our neighborhood in a multi family unit and she
even took the keys and went into another apartment and stole food from the
person who lived upstairs.

The guy from Hyannis moved out when faced with eviction and owes two months of
rent. He is walking around ignoring letters from a lawyer and the landlord. The
his G.F. was thrown out after threatening another tenant.

They are just waiting to get into the 40-B housing. Wait and see, wait and
see--they will be there to the scourge of the other tenants.
10:22 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

Sounds like the anti housing bloger is a       . We surly don't want
those people living in our town. They'll come from all over the state.! And they
will not have jobs, because Provinetown doesnt have year round jobs. Give me a

You make Archie Bunker sound like Amy Goodman.
10:20 am edt 

The Library - What's Happening...?

I'll tell ya. The new head librarian is a      . The board of trustee        are
nuts & not doing their job, simply siding with the head       .

Whatta Shame!!  Stop the         madness. Restore balance at the library. An
investigation needs to be initiated!!
10:18 am edt 

Re: Beaux Arts Ball

It was open to all and those whining otherwise (cry babies)
are making unfounded allegations.  It's SO SIMPLE: anyone wanting to go just had
to show up & buy them EARLY. Those that were late didn't get them. No corporate
conspiracy & nothing for Sharon to apologize for. Here's a hint! Next Year-
there will still only be 800 tickets & whomever puts the event on... It will
again sell out quick. In fact they even bought tix for the staff & catering
staff (the secret holdback; ha!) Are you & other complaining nimrods getting the
picture?  Show up early & get a ticket. Nuff said. THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR TOWN
10:14 am edt 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It Was Fun But it Was a Marc Jacobs Event

Let's not pretend otherwise. It was his event and Robert Duffy's that was held
at town hall. It was a New York event held in Provincetown.

An extra 100 tickets were thrown in to pacify the town but they were not the
focus__it was for the special invited guests.

Of course it was fun but don't call it a town event. Sharon once again bungled
the plans. Had she only fessed up to her mismanagement of the event, all would
have been better. Truth liberates.
11:14 pm edt 

90 Shankpainter and Hyannis Comes to Provincetown

Yes, that is what we can expect. Walk the streets of Hyannis. cops stopping
individuals and the search for drugs. Hyannis residents can now live in
Provincetown and we can not stop this. those on the state list can can live in
these affordable rentals. it has little to do with Provincetown and yet this
town supported this questionable endeavor. Such poor thinking. Once again, this
town shoots itself in the foot, if not the head. Sad that those who "lead" here
have so limited insight. They never see future consequences of their rather
impulsive acts--and they still don't.

and do we really need an affordable housing specialist? We are paying for
someone to advocate for these disastrous building complexes that benefit MA
residents but few in town.

Few other towns would ever do this and few do. Why us?
10:52 pm edt 

Re: Beaux Arts Ball

This Had very Little to do with Those who Stood in Line for Tickets

Most of the tickets were given out. Most were restricted. This was a designer
night and little to do with tax payers celebrating the restoration of town
hall.I blame sharon Lynn for have no guts to be honest with most of us. It had
little to do with us and more to do with Marc Jacobs and the select few--those
chosen by Robert Duffy for the supreme party.

Let designer throw whatever party they want but---don't use the marketing ruse
to say it is a town event. it was what it always was elsewhere--a venue for Marc
Jacobs and his friends.
10:50 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

All of Provincetowns over developments are NOT affordable 40b housing.
Most new development in town are going to be private single family homes.
8:42 pm edt 

Re: Shankpainter-40B

The Shank-painter rentals already have all permits in. Even if the
state gets rid of 40b, its too late to stop them now. And by the way they can't
sell any of the RENTALS.
8:39 pm edt 

Reasonable Housing

The apartment situation in town is a disaster. You know what i mean.
Its impossible to find a place and even harder to find a place thats anywhere
close to reasonable. We few that still look for apartments (living seasonal) in
this town might laugh or even make fun of the problem. I mean its hilarious that
the rent in this town is all focused on the summer seasonand costs $1000+ a
week.... its hilarious right...... not really.

It effects the whole town. As a townie that grew up here and now own a business
i see the situation everyday and know how bad it effects local business. Not
just my business but every one around me.

The housing issue coupled with the closing of the high school has guaranteed  
the future of the town will have no "year round" local help. No more local
contractors, no more local cooks or counter help. All help will be foreign help.
Shipped in to work for little pay and shitty housing (White sands). Under
qualified and overworked.

Along with no local help you will also say goodbye quality of product. When you
are payed $8 an hour and have three jobs and live with four other people in a
two bedroom room, you don't (and shouldn't) care. So lame service or lousy food
will become the norm.

I know these problem are the same problems that almost all towns and cities deal
with. And im not totally without compassion for the people that rent their
places out only in july and august for silly money. If i owned a second home in
Provincetown id probably do the same thing. Im just saying that things are
changing. People like me that work hard to try and give a good product are
feeling the pinch of mediocrity. I still make money and things are good but they
could be better with more reasonable housing. Quality could be better.

8:28 pm edt 

The Developers Rule the Idiots and the Idiots Rule the Town

Give me a break. 

Assimilation is the key.  The key to what?  The name
of the game here is those chosen few in approving positions (I think we know who
they are by now) approve multiple affordable units built by certain developers
so that taxpayer funds and grants can be used to foot the bill for construction
and then, the developers get to rent them out as individual seasonal units a
year or two down the road.  And further down the road, sell them at prime rate. 
And the drinks and dinner parties and whatever else goes on flourishes.

How, in a town that is especially hit hard by a seasonal economy, do you justify
the need for multiple affordable year-round housing units when there are no jobs
here.  The plight of the homeless and distressed are being used to mask on the
face of developer greed and this greed is unlimited.  After all, look at what
has already been done to this town.  Look at the East End.  Look at the West
End.  Better yet, close your eyes and let the same idiots vote in whatever their
buddies want.
8:22 pm edt 

Re: Shankpainter-40B

The Shank-painter affordable rentals are for ALL income levels! Not
just low income! It will be like any other rental apt. in town with one
differance. It will always be affordable!!!
8:18 pm edt 

Re: Chapter 40B

"Where do you get your information that repealing 40B would stop Shank
Painter.  Get a grip."

Quote from online Banner: Michelle Jarusiewicz, Provincetowns affordable housing
specialist, said the 40B comprehensive permit umbrella has been used four times
in Provincetown, two of them for projects now on the table for Shank Painter
Road. Those projects will not be completed if the law is rescinded, she said.

Another quote: Proponents of repealing the law [by a "yes" vote] say that it
promotes subsidized, high-density housing without consideration of local
regulations, existing neighborhoods or the environment. They claim it has been
allowed to destroy communities while lining the pockets of out-of-state

Get a grip yourself.

8:10 pm edt 

Re: Beaux Arts Ball

You say:

"And I have to say, that it did look like most of the people there were
Provincetown's "A" list or the towns version of the 1% rich folks!"

I say:


The Ball was attended by people who arrived at 7 am on a Monday morning and
stood in line for an hour and one-half to BUY tickets for a three hour party.

8:01 pm edt 

7:44 pm edt 

Re: Beaux Arts Ball

The story that was never publicized is that Marc Jacobs sponsors an
invitation-only Halloween party in a different city each year. Provincetown was
the chosen city this year.

This helps to explain why so many tickets were withheld for Marc Jacobs friends,
clients, etc.

Each Halloween bash is better than the last one.
4:42 pm edt 

Re: Chapter 40B

Where do you get your information that repealing 40B would stop Shank
Painter.  Get a grip.  Shank Painter is is going to be the standard to which our
town leaders, especially Elaine Anderson, strive to achieve over and over.  When
you produce a socioeconomic basin, you get a slum.  Assimilation is the key but
for some reason this factor is always ignored in this town.
4:40 pm edt 

In Perspective

Some of you are irate because you couldn't get a ticket to a ball and while you
are ranting and raving about this, a friend of mine is moving out of a beautiful
house due to the death of his lover.

They have been together close to 20 years and the deceased lover did not put the
house in the will or add his lover's name to the deed.

Now the family has the house and my friend had to move out while dealing with
his own health problems. He is so thankful that, miraculously, a man who owns a
lovely home wants him for a housemate.

Who would think that such a living situation was possible to find here in
November: a year round, secure, lovely home where he can settle in and his fears
of being displaced are now over.

He had his life turned upside down and he was fretting his future here in
Provincetown, but he has miraculously landed on his feet and now all of the the
fear and trepidation of the future is over.

Yet, this is a major adjustment after living in a big, beautiful  home that his
lover built; how I wish that all he had to be upset about was not being able to
get a ticket to a ball.
9:29 am edt 

Townie Talk

What is all this townie talk - it reminds me of the days of forced
busing - get over it - mingle - you may learn a thing or two from people of
varying backgrounds - your attitude is discriminatory

9:26 am edt 

Repeal 40 B

Vote to REPEAL 40 B affordable housing... no more high density
projects in town. A yes vote would stop the Shank Painter development. Instead,
let developers buy a condo, house or apt in town and fix it up for affordable
housing. Putting people into "projects" is demeaning and only lines the pockets
of the developers. If developer want to refurbish existing housing stock then
great, otherwise repeal 40 B.
9:25 am edt 


9:22 am edt 

Provincetown Library

Does anyone know what's really going on at the library? People are
quitting all over the place and there's a lot of strange rumors around.
9:19 am edt 

Re: Beaux Arts Ball

Wonderful pictures and coverage of the ball in Cape Cod Times.
Terrific coverage for Provincetown - and it looked like a wonderful event!
9:17 am edt 

Re: Beaux Arts Ball

Great party! Well done! Sadly, however, the only part of the event town
government handled, ticket sales, was badly bungled. In fact the only thing Town
did was the only thing that wasn't perfect.

Lesson learned: Let's outsource the Town Manager job to the Marc Jacobs Company?
9:15 am edt 

Re: Beaux Arts Ball

I was one of the people posting all the negative comments about the Beaux Arts
Ball, but luckily I was able to attend.  A friend gave me one of their extra
tickets and I had a wonderful time.  I was wrong to do so much griping, because
I did see MANY locals and it really wasn't a "Marc Jacobs" event. I was wrong to
jump to conclusions and come across so negative.  It was a great event and I
apologize for coming across as a big     hole!

9:13 am edt 

Beaux Arts Ball

The winner of the BAD taste award at the ball was the woman who
carried a protest sign making fun of the 99% occupy wall street protesters. I
guess she thought she was being funny, but here she is at a big corporate ball,
nice, warm and dry, while the protester were out in the cold and snow! Ahhh what
money does to some people, even in P-town!
9:12 am edt 

Beaux Arts Ball

I've been reading on here about the Ball on Saturday night, so I went
on you tube & facebook and watched the videos and looked at pictures of the
event.   And I have to say, that it did look like most of the people there were
Provincetowns "A" list or the towns version of the 1% rich folks!
9:10 am edt 

Beaux Arts Ball

     talked the concept because I couldn't get a ticket untill the last
minute- the communication on the part of MMJ and Town Hall was a bit of a super
failure. I saw friends, friends of my parents, customers from my store- my
grandmother's frenemy. There was no elite conspiracy, just poor communication.
It was great. I almost cried about Debbie Harry.  No more whining, okay guys? Of
course growing up here I should have predicted that someone would make it into
an elaborate paranoid fantasy about having 'peasant tents' outside. Elite? Real
world elite would laugh at a twenty five dollar ticket.
9:07 am edt 

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