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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Off-Season Arithmetic

"If you are not willing to take a job after 6 months of not working because you
earn more on unemployment, you are working the system."

Bleep You. Off-season begins in late September and ends in late May, right?
That's eight months, not six. The biggest employer, Town Hall, isn't hiring much
these days, and there are only so many $9-an-hour jobs to be had at S&S. So by
no means is it advantageous to "work the system," as you put it.

Certainly the Commonwealth of Massachusetts doesn't feel that way. I challenge
anyone to refute my own experience: during my first unemployed winter here, I
received a mandatory "come-see" notice from UI. I appeared at the Hyannis office
as ordered. In a big room, about a hundred of us from all over were asked, "who
lives from Orleans to P'town?" Those of us who raised our hands were immediately
excused. And with good reason. The state understands that P'town and its
neighbors are unique. As in, strictly seasonal. That's why I know I'm not
"working the system," as one poster suggested below.
9:21 pm edt 

Re: Reverse Test

Drug Test All Federal Employees and Beneficiaries Now (Including
President Obama, Who Disclosed Cocaine Use as a Young Man, and President
Clinton, Who Smoked But "Did Not Inhale" Pot)


Terribly absurd, of course. Therefore, how classist, dishonest and mean to
single out people of lesser means, such as Section-8'ers and affordable-housing
renters and owners. Yeah, I'm Section-8 and a pot-smoker too -- which, by the
way, is not illegal in Massachusetts, even though I may be ticketed for and lose
my stash. Boo-hoo, but far more reasonable than the right-wing "test-em" jerk


Mary Jane
9:16 pm edt 

A Better Place

I agree that unemployment and affordable housing candidates should be
required to submit to drug testing. As another blogger pointed out, if you can
afford drugs you can afford to pay rent. And if you are collecting unemployment
and spending that money on drugs, it is a gross misuse of the system. You are
taking advantage of services meant for those in need, not those who prefer to
just work a few months and spend the rest of the year getting high.

And to dismiss the mass abuse of unemployment in Provincetown by saying "that's
who we are" is far more appalling than what you perceive as another person's
lack of empathy. Grow up, get sober and take some responsibility. We live in a
town full of slackers who live like life is one big frat party. The term "9 to
5" is little more than a movie to them.

I don't think that denying these loafers their free ride would cause them to
turn to crime and robbery. On the contrary, they would most likely leave and
find another place that would allow them to milk the system and continue their
lifestyle of drug use and entitlement.

And Provincetown would be a better place.
9:12 pm edt 

Reverse Test

Rather than create a new bureaucracy to conduct drug tests, we should
drug test our existing bureaucracy.
5:38 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Requirements

Forget drug tests! Require Federal tax returns and if they show seasonal work in
Florida making the Ptown affordable house only seasonally used, put it back on
the market to real year rounders.

Gamers: Watch out for more unemployment insurance fraud detection. For example
collecting in one state and working in another? Or businesses that alter the
books to maximize eligibility? Or owners who report themselves as employees with
altered &/or misleading pay information?

Why? Fraud, waste and abuse will be big topics as Congress turns over rocks to
find trillions before New Years. It's already against the law, so look for more
enforcement and verification procedures tied to significant fines and
5:36 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing Requirement and Collecting Unemployment

Come on.  Start drug testing affordable housing recipients here and
what, they'll have to clean up to get benefits?  Gee how awful.  Much better
that they get free housing so the money they make under the table can be spent
on drugs...  or booze or cigarettes or lottery tickets.  Please.  Drug test,
yes, by all means.  If you can't work but can take drugs, even a puff off a
joint, sorry.  Pot is expensive.  Use the money to pay the rent instead or get
out.  That the reality, like it or not.  And one bedroom units are much more
easily sold or rented in this town once the affordable housing stigma is lifted. 
5:32 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing Requirement and Collecting Unemployment

How can you require a drug test for unemployment insurance when the
whole ui process is done online or over the phone?  I think it is a good idea
but would require a whole new beauracracy to implement!  I wonder if that would
be cost effective.
3:32 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing Requirement and Collecting Unemployment

Boloney:  Let us call unemployment what it is really is.  After 26 or 32 weeks
of unemployment, I call it welfare.  What do you call it if someone is still not
working after a year? 18 months or 2 years?  Let's call it what it is. Government
Welfare.  If you are not willing to take a job after 6 months of not working
because you earn more on unemployment, you are working the system.
3:30 pm edt 


To the person who congratulated the traffic officers on a job well

You have to be kidding...........
3:28 pm edt 

CORI Checks For Affordable Housing

There should indeed be CORI checks, drug testing and registering of all
residents of any affordable housing situation: past, present and future.

This is our taxpayer monies that provide this and space is limited. Why should
guys with souped up trucks be getting spaces while women with kids are denied?

Perhaps if there were three bedroom units there would be families living here
instead of all of these one bedroom units.
1:57 pm edt 

Same as it Ever Was!

Last year I posted several times about how difficult it was to drive
to Seashore Point for appointments with all the taxis parked illeagly on Alden
Street.  Yesterday at Seashore Point I mentioned to an employee how much better
it was and my intention to compliment the Parking Department;  I was then told
that the problem only moved directly INTO their parking lot in the beginning of
the summer and the "Point" had to post signage forbidding the practice in order
to get ANY support from the Parking wasn't obvious enough that it
was private property?!?!  Guess Mercedes/Cape still have their  "in" with the
town elders---surprise surprise.
1:55 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing Requirement and Collecting Unemployment

Hate to be the one to point out your ignorance, but, unemployment is not
welfare.  Provincetown does have a high unemployment rate, but that's who we
are.  That's what our economy is.  The state of Massachusetts has one of the
lowest unemployment rates in the country.  And FYI, our high unemployment rate
has allowed the town to take advantage of huge federal and state grants.

So in Florida someone is refused state help because they tested positive for
drugs.  So now someone who is already at the lowest levels of society has no
income in a state where they also have no health benefits.  They become an even
bigger drain on society as they turn to crime and Florida has one of the highest
crime rates in the country.

In your delusional dream world, someone who took a hit off a joint would have to
lose all state aid and be forced out of their subsidized housing.  Then what? 
They're now homeless and broke.  How soon before they start robbing Cumbies or
pennies or worse yet, your home?  How soon before we start seeing gangs of
homeless people hanging around at Lopes Square?

Instead of helping those in need, you would prefer to push them down even
further.  Your empathy is appalling.
1:52 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Requirement and Collecting Unemployment

This should be required in provincetown. Under a new Florida law, people
applying for welfare have to take a drug test at their own expense. If they
pass, they are eligible for benefits and the state reimburses them for the test.
If they fail, they are denied welfare for a year, until they take another test
10:09 am edt 

Well Done

Thank you to all the summer officers..Good job.Esp. Thank you to our
nicest happy cop in the Lopes Sq. Job well done officers!!
8:00 am edt 

Summer is Winding Down

The blog is as boring as the 3rd night without power.  There is
another on the way.  Maybe she can unblog the blog. Hopefully.  Oh, I forgot,
everything is kozy kitten in Ptown.  Summer is winding down, psuedo players have
bailed for home, developers are strategizing, town officials are checking dates
and signatures and winter is laughing.  Laughing at the dopes who pay money to
finance the idiots at the helm.  Volunteer you say.  Good gravy.  Global warming
is nothing compared to what is about to happen in this town over winter.
7:58 am edt 

Re: Does this Portend Things to Come?

Jams has always opened on Memorial Day and closed on Labor Day. Lets
make our money and run to the city.
7:55 am edt 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bike Path

Taking lanes from the highway is assinine!!! Imagine the traffic flow into and
out of town around special events like 4th of July, Carnival and Portuguese
weekend. All the backup both ways and then if theres an emergency we're all
screwed. I say put it where it belongs, in the Nat. Seashore through the dunes.
The park has the land and the money will probably come from a federal grant
anyway. They did it already in Ptown along Race Road so what's the difference?
And why hasn't Truro been asked to be involved in this? It's nice to see
Provincetown selectmen flexing their muscle into other towns, no?
7:46 am edt 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Re: Does This Portend Thing to come

Angel Foods is open year-round as well.
11:31 pm edt 

Re: Rt. 6 Bike Path - Agreed...

Let's put the bike path next to the
road. Let's not take lanes away. Its already and hour and a half ride from
Orleans to Ptown in the heavy summer traffic. Let's be smart about this and
think about the future needs of transportation to and from Ptown. If we make it
too tough to get there alot of revenue will be lost without enough toursits
getting into town.
10:46 pm edt 

Re: Does This Portend Thing to come

The general store in the West End of Provincetown closed because of
financial problems.  Operating a seasonal food service business in Ptown is a
difficult proposition and usually not a super profitable one at that.

Jams is in Truro and I don't know if they close this early after every season,
or if this is the first time they are closing right after Labor Day.

There are many delis, markets and sandwich shops in Provincetown that will stay
open for the next couple of weeks.  But after mid-September there is simply not
enough business around for all of these shops to stay open.  The only shops that
stay open year round are Farlands and the East End Market.  All the others close
because it is not economically feasible to stay open and they are not in
business to loose money.

4:07 pm edt 

Re: Does This Portend Things to come

General Store

The general store was run into ground by a new operator. Failed to pay bills,
surly inattentive staff, and charging for dog biscuits! One lousy business
operator does not make a trend.
4:04 pm edt 

Post Storm Post

Kudos to town government for proactive actions before Irene and in particular
the Code Red notification system. Everyone I know who signed up for it liked
getting the updates. Good move clearing Commercial St and opening parking lots
to get cars off the streets. Nice job cleaning up this Monday morning. Finally
kudos to NStar for getting power back so quickly.

11:33 am edt 

Rt. 6 Bike Route

The state owns l0ft of land on both sides of the road. There is no need to take
lanes away from RT 6 to make it another suicide alley.  Just build the new bike
paths next to Rt 6.
11:32 am edt 

Does This Portend Things to Come?

West End General Store and Jams in Truro are done for the year. Is
this the beginning of a trend?
9:42 am edt 

Re: Trolley Buses

I know one of the trolley drivers quite well and don't find her to be
crude or foulmouthed at all.
9:29 am edt 

To: Scary Housemate

If you rent to him/her by the day or by the week you can just call the police to
have him removed without cause. If you rent by the month then you have to go
through the eviction process which takes 30 days once you file the paperwork
with the court. Good luck... I'd never be a landlord, the tenants have more
rights than the owner does.
12:04 am edt 

I"m Expecting Damage for Houses and Businesses Along the Shore

These seas have been turbulent and the winds constant. I would expect that we
will find some damage along the shore when assessments of Irene's damage is
done. Let's hope it is not too bad and not to devastating for those in town.

I'm glad this hurricaine was given much attention. Prepared, we all do better.
And we stay safer too.
12:02 am edt 

Irene Has Almost Left

But the winds still roar. Hope everyone made it safely through this hurricaine.
Surely the winds were bad and non-stop since early this morning.

I look forward to the sound of the town without the whooshing and blowing. A
return to a quieter time will be good.

Goodnight Irene--not hoping to see you in my dreams!
12:01 am edt 

Boy oh Boy

Certain bloggers, even in the face of a hurricane, never
stop defending or excusing the clear abuse this town undergoes at the hands of
rich, out of town developers, 2nd property owners and morons in town hall whose
eyes sparkle at the thought of cash.  Predictable.
12:00 am edt 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trolley Buses

Great idea about the trolley buses running on electric.  Maybe get
some polite, well spoken drivers instead of the crude foulmouthed          who
run them now.
11:59 pm edt 

The Winds Are Pretty Strong Today!

A beautiful cardinal that made its
home in my front garden was caught by a peregrine falcon this morning.  I saw
the falcon clinging to the river birch in my front garden, clutching the
lifeless bird, trying to hold itself up against the winds.  The falcon looked
pretty overwhelmed by the winds.  I was surprised it was able to hold onto the
tree limb at all.  Finally, the falcon took off for the brush, dropping the
cardinal to the ground.  My first thought was "What a  waste.  Beautiful
cardinal dead and the falcon did not even get a breakfast out of it."  Amazing
enough, once the winds quieted down the falcon returned and turned his breakfast
into a lunch!!  Here we all are sitting sentry in our homes and the birds are
just living it out like any other day, wind and all.
11:57 pm edt 

About Those Old Houses

They are very expensive to fix up once they
are let go. If you cannot afford it and you sell it to someone else you have
"sold out". If you buy it you are the "them" in "us and them".  In general it
takes more than a Provincetown income to do the job so now you are the big city
a-hole who breezed into town and think you own the place. A nice reward for
spending money in town. Then the tourists come and      on your house, park in
your driveway, throw cheap plastic cups in your yard and lock their bikes to
your charming picket fence. So why not just let it fall apart around you and
enjoy it?
10:02 am edt 

Scary Housemate

What do you do when your housemate believes that his bedroom in your apartment
is not a bedroom but a separate apartment and makes threats when his will and
decrees aren't followed?

What do you do when you realize that you are living with a delusional person?
For instance, last winter he presents you will a fuel assistance application and
demands that these separate rooms are really separate entities and thus truly
believes that he is entitled to fuel assistance and then becomes angry when you
state what the true situation is on his application and is denied--he then takes
out his anger on you.

You live in fear and pray that his move out date comes sooner than later. Do not
trust references; go and see where your future housemate or tenant currently
lives. It only get worse until you fear for the safety of your property.
9:58 am edt 

Shelter Information:

County's Official Regional Red Cross Shelter is located in Eastham  - Open at 6
p.m. Saturday, August 27 at Nauset Regional High School, 100 Cable Road, Eastham
-  Pets NOT accepted at this location.  Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority will
transport to the Nauset Shelter, for information or schedule a pickup call
800-352-7155.  Anyone with special needs should plan to go to this shelter.
Provincetown's Local Shelter is located at the Veteran's Elementary School on
Winslow Street.  The Provincetown Local Shelter will accept pets (see pet

1.  Bring medication to last at least 72 hours
2.  Bring toiletries and personal care items
3.  Bring personal water and light food
4.  Bring emergency contact information for family members
5.  Bring any essential and important papers legal or for identification

If you have pets, prepare a portable disaster supply kit:
1. Proper identification, including immunization records, and current photos
2. Supply of food and water to last three days, bowls, cat litter and litter box
3. A carrier or cage, pet beds and toys
4. Medications, medical records stored in a waterproof container and a first aid
5. Sturdy leashes, harnesses, and/or carriers to transport pets safely and
ensure that your animals can't escape
6. Information on feeding schedules, medical conditions, behavior problems, and
the name and number of your veterinarian
7. Keep items in an accessible place and store them in sturdy containers that
can be carried easily.
*Make sure your pets are wearing up to date ID tags on their collars or
* Planning and preparation will enable you to evacuate with your pets quickly
and safely if, necessary.*

Parking Bans:
There is currently a parking ban posted on Commercial Street from the West End
parking lot to the Provincetown Inn for the removal of boats from the harbor. 
There will be a parking ban on the entire length of Commercial Street (from East
End to West End) starting Saturday, August 27th from 1:00 pm till Monday, August
29th at 1:00 pm.  The Grace Hall and Municipal Parking Lot at the Pier will both
be open free of charge for those needing to store their vehicles.

Emergency Assistance:
If you need assistance during the hurricane please call the Provincetown Police
at 508-487-1212.  In case of a medical emergency call 9-1-1.

Outer Cape Health Services
Outer Cape Health Services will be open for business both tomorrow and Sunday at
their Provincetown and Wellfleet locations Provincetown  will be open  from 9 to
8  Saturday and 11am to 8pm Sunday.  In the event that they are unable to open
or remain open, they will notify the local radio stations, police, fire and
rescue, and will post instructions at their locations to call 911 in the event
of an emergency requiring medical care.  Wellfleet is scheduled to be open from
9 to 5 both Saturday and Sunday.

Sand Bags
Sand bags are available at the Highway Garage for property owners to protect
private property starting Saturday at 11:00 am.  Please call 508-487-7074 for


9:55 am edt 

Ah, Here We Go!

To all the complainers of the parade, well, it is just that it literally passes you by. 
Why not march in it next year?  Here is annual event.  You have plenty of time to \
leave town should the scantily garbed barb your sensibilities.

Beach-lovers, -combers, and -complainers.  Indeed, now we have to wait until
next year for the beach rake.  Until then, I suggest, as many have, that ye
yourself get off your complaining butt/s and bend over to pick up some of the
flotsum and jetsum that twice daily washes ashore.  I personally raked the
entire West End Parking Lot Beach one morning this summer.  (Just felt like it,
and I was tired of seeing all the debris.)  It was very good exercise that
resulted in a pleasant visual, and one very, very large black plastic bag of
collected trash.  Thanks DPW for hauling it away.

For the record, here is a rhetorical query:  Why can't the trolley buses be run
electrically?  Ever ride a bike behind one or simply stand next to one while
stuck in traffic?
1:32 am edt 

Town Dilemma

While walking around town yesterday and today I couldn't help but
notice so many beauitful old houses that are in terrible shape. Some are
actually falling down or falling apart. I wonder what 70 mph winds will do to
these old beauties that have been so disgraced. Why are homeowners allowed to
let historic homes crumble to the ground?

1:28 am edt 

Provincetown Beaches

The high tide and storm surge might wash some of the trash off the
beaches into the Harbor.  Only to be redeposited back again, only higher up this
1:24 am edt 

Parking Kiosk

"Just ask around the right people and you will get the truth about the
kiosk machines always not working......

What another big waste of money the town spent.....  Can't wait to see what
happens to them during the storm !!!!"

I realize you are either trying to protect your job or get the parking
administrator's job, but try getting in touch with reality.  If the parking
kiosks are not always working imagine the revenue increase we'd see if they were
working.  We're already talking about 70 to 100% increases in the parking lots
this year.  The parking kiosks - a HUGE success.  Let's get more of them.
1:23 am edt 

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Any thoughts on how it will affect us ?
8:20 am edt 

Re: Beach Raking

Hey bud, FYI, I do walk the beach everyday and pick
up all the crap that I see. Sometimes twice a day at low tide. However, I can't
handle the whole Bay Side of Ptown.... Rake the FREAKING BEACHES... they are
disgusting gross and at times dangerous.
8:08 am edt 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Twitter Irene

Hashtag #IrenePtown
11:49 pm edt 

Parking Kiosks

Are you kidding me?  Nothing is going to happen to them.  They are behemoths. 
Parking revenue is up.  Can't we just celebrate that and move on?

If you're a townie you shouldn't be paying for parking anyway.  Get a sticker.
11:45 pm edt 

Banner Article

The Banner article left nothing but unanswered questions.  Is this
even a real newspaper?  Hello, what ever happened to grammar?  Mrs. Rogers would
not have tolerated such nonsense in her English class. That's for sure. Such a
mystery why one small town with an oversized management staff and apparently
adequate funds to pay them, clearly let the abuse go on and on.  Again,
pathetic.  Where are those resis monkeys when you need them?
11:42 pm edt 


Is it true that Sharon Lynn has authorized free parking in the town on Saturday? 
Withe the kiosk machines always mal-functioning and people getting to park for
free, do we really need more free parking?

Just ask around the right people and you will get the truth about the kiosk
machines always not working......

What another big waste of money the town spent.....  Can't wait to see what
happens to them during the storm !!!!
6:32 pm edt 

PBG Logo

Carnival 2012 Poster Contest


In preparation for the Provincetown Business Guild (PBG) Carnival 2012 "P-town, A Space Odyssey", we are reviving our Annual Carnival Poster Contest. All artists interested in creating a poster depicting this coming years "P-town, A Space Odyssey", are asked to complete and submit a design by March 1, 2012.


Provincetown Business Guild
Pride of the Jungle
Carnival Queen 2010

The Guidelines are as follows:

  • Size 11 X 17
  • Must be original artwork.
  • Signed letter of Artist Approval to use.
  • Appropriate for all ages.
  • Deadline is March 1st, 2012.
Please mail posters to:

Provincetown Business Guild
3 Freeman St, Unit 2
P.O. Box 421
Provincetown, MA 02657

The winner will receive 2 VIP Passes.

Provincetown Business Guild (PBG)
Provincetown Business Guild
3 Freeman Street #2
PO Box 421
Provincetown, Massachusetts 02657

Important Note:

  • The Provincetown Business Guild (PBG) will retain exclusive use of the winning poster.
  • No Entries will be returned and become the sole property of the Provincetown Business Guild (PBG).

3:55 pm edt 

Beach Cleaning

How come a blogger on here keeps harping about the garbage on the
beaches in town, the answers are in this weeks Banner. Why doesn't she/he get
out and start cleaning the beach herself? I always take a garbage bag with me
when I walk on the beach and pick up stuff, why use our tax dollars to hire more
town DPW workers?
3:43 pm edt 

Re: Beach Raking

Are you kidding?  This was blogged about many many times and the opinion that
the crap on the beach belongs there to enable the "natural" development of dunes
was expressed over and over again.  People just don't care.  They like to see
this mess, it's "natural".  I am with you.  A total cleanup is way overdue.  The
beaches are disgusting.  And now, so is the water.  Just goes to show the
mentality running this town and the idiots that support it on the blog.  Easy
way out as long as the checks keep coming.
1:42 pm edt 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beach Raking...

Has anyone contacted Truro and asked about how the
beach raking has effected the natural environment? They've been doing it for
years, right down the road!

Unfortunately, the crap that comes out of the ocean and lands on the beaches
isnt all natural. Beer cans, tampons, condoms, plastic bags, six pack rings,
netting, rope, glass, wood with nails sticking out of it, diapers, balloons,
bottles, coolers, old boats, shoes, sneakers, towels, sun glasses, pails, buoys,
hooks, etc... NEEDS TO BE RAKED UP AND REMOVED... we can't let it keep going
back into the water tide after tide. Clean the beaches, they are a mess and are
absolutely disgusting. The seaweed this season toward mid August was waist deep
in the east end bay beach across from the Harbor Hotel. Do something now.
11:12 pm edt 

Carnival Themes

I don't know all of the past themes, but how about one of these?
Take me out to the ball game
The gangs all here
Guys and Dolls
Give my regards to Broadway
No place like home
Happy Days are Here Again
Ain't Misbehaving
In the Good Old Summertime
Don't rain on my parade
La Vie en Rose

8:11 am edt 

Same Posters

We had two gay bashings in town and all we have on here are parade comments.
This proves to me that someone just blogs about it to get a reaction.

I brought a 25 year old straight guy from off cape to help me do some work and I
took him to the parade and he found it wild and hysterical. As soon as we got to
Ryder street there were towering "women" all in white-a parade of Abba. We
thought that they were all Tina Turners.

He said that he never saw anything like it and he has been raving about it and
called his girl friend and told her how wild it was and that there were hot
straight women there too.

This parade is now an institution and the handful of anti-paraders are just
spitting in the wind.
8:10 am edt 

So Wrong About the Origin of the Carnival Parade!

PAAM had nothing to do with it. It didn't start in the 40's. It didn't start with
professional marchers.  It started with 2 guest house owners (staight by the way)
Arpina and Skip at the Coat of Arms and a bunch of guests putting on a little parade
in town. 

Arpina was the founder of the PBG (yes  a staight person founded it) to
fight the strong anti gay sentiment in town.  Gays were denied access to some
restaurants here, for example.

Now we have a big parade...a place in the world where the gay culture can thrive.
Time for all of you not to compain and throw stones at the PBG and the parade.
The critics who are so hung up on what a few indiviuals do that their morals find
offensive, need to examine what occurred in Provincetown and in the Gay community
to give gays human rights. 

Each little battle globally, moved the gay community closer to where it is today.
The parade and the PBG go into a much larger picture.!

If you don't like it, don't watch it. It isn't there to offend you. It is
there to celebrate you.

7:00 am edt 

Carnival Parade?

I don't understand all this bashing of the Carnival Parade.  Everyone who came
to the parade knew EXACTLY what they were getting into.  At no time has the
parade ever advertised as a Christian youth march.
6:24 am edt 

Professional Parade Marchers?

I never heard of professional parade marchers! The PBG carnival parade
started with just some guest house owners marching down commercial street with
their guests to show the town where its money comes from.
6:23 am edt 

Re: Heads Up People

Hey heads up! How can I go back into the closet? I never was in it!
6:21 am edt 

Carnival Class Act?

Why would anyone WANT to be classy during carnival???   Being classy
is a bore!
6:20 am edt 


The PBG was born 33 years ago and the ONLY parade around then was the
4th of July parade. The art association didn't have anything going on back then,
let alone a parade.
6:18 am edt 

Carnival's New Low

Sadly, carnival has just become one more excuse for people to parade
around on Commercial St. in as little clothing as possible. There is one parade
float every year (not mentioning any names) that just features drunk guys in
their underwear getting soaking wet, regardless of the theme. Not creative, not
festive, just tacky. It's like an episode of "Jersey Shore."

And why should anyone be surprised that the Marc Jacobs float consisted of just
more scantily clad boys? Have you seen the recent ads featuring Jacobs himself
in the nude? Again, low on creativity, high on tacky.

6:16 am edt 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good Lord!

Now the carnival parade is ruining this town?? Lighten up, enjoy the parade, (or
not, your choice) for the funny, silly, raunchy spectacle that it is... It is an
adult parade, for both gay and straights, is a lot of fun for most folks, and
brings in lots of business for a full week.
Enjoy next years space theme!
10:56 pm edt 

Banner's Take on the Carnival

Great pictures of the carnival parade in the Bannner this week. And
everybody in them looks like they were having a great time!
10:54 pm edt 

Carnival vs Advocate

Need I say more about the Provinctown advocate (newspaper?)????   LOL  
The gays are still here. The advocate is not!
10:52 pm edt 


Watching Carnival videos and looking at pictures on Facebook.

The only group with any creativity were Edwidge at Night and they didn't even
have a float - they walked the parade.  And they kept it totally classy.  Kudos
to Rocco and the crew.
10:50 pm edt 

Heads Up People

Carnival Parade has been here way longer than any of
know. It began in the 1940,s by the Art Association.
When the PBG was born 20yrs ago they brought new ideas and professional marchers
and so they accomplished what they set out to do...create a Gay identity for the
town to capitalize the big bucks to come.
So, please remember history didn't begin 20 yrs ago.
Just like the rest of this town it's been here long before you came out of your
10:49 pm edt 

Provincetown Advocate

"The rants against carnival parade are the same old rants that the old
and defunct Provincetown advocate used to try to stop the parade."

The Advocate was definitely old, having been published since the mid-19th
century.  But it didn't become "defunct" because its editorial positions were
all outdated or wrong.  That happened because it was bought out by someone with
money to burn and a big one-sided obvious agenda.
8:25 pm edt 

Gayest US City

How cool that Provinctown is now being talked about all over the globe
as the GAYEST city according to the United States census! The founders of the
PBG must be smiling of their vision of Provinctown's future when they formed the
PBG back in 1977!
8:22 pm edt 

Carnival New Low?

Groping someone in Provincetown is NOT new! Just look at that famous
picture of those two WW1 sailors walking down Commercial Street, one sailor is
groping the other sailors butt! And don't forget when Truro made their border at
beach point because of Provinctowns morals! Helltown indeed and how soon we
8:21 pm edt 

Fill In The Blank:

"I'll _______ if Hurricane Irene keeps its present track.
8:18 pm edt 

Carnival Parade

How unfortunate that this year's carnival parade was just about as pathetic and
low budget as the ridiculous 4th of July Parade.  Nevertheless, they bring in
thousands of tourists just as the business owners want. The parade is no longer
a fun and raunchy acting out by the gay community but just another tourist
attraction and commercial advertising vehicle.  Then labor day arrives and all
of those business owners will begin to close up and leave town along with all of
the tourists and the "grand & fabulous" summer people.  Those of us that adore
this beautiful place can have our lives back.  Don't worry another year of this
is almost over.  Enjoy the spectacle.
9:41 am edt 

Carnival New Low

So it's ok to grope each other in the street? I realize anything goes
here. But this is a new low, even for Provincetown.
9:39 am edt 

Carnival Crossing the Line

Whomever wrote this rant needs a reality check, your young children see more
racy, scantilly clad photos and or images on the TV and their cell phones then
they will witness at the Carnival Parade, get a life and stop pontificating
against the Business Guild, get a life. IF you want "G" rated entertainment go
to Disney World or Chatham, Ptown has always been on the "edge" gay or straight,
many Read "townies" know the old HELL TOWN days when bikers used to parade
around town on their harley's with lots of skin and cleavage from straight gals
and no one seemed to bat an eye. The Parade is a Public event, be put on notice
from now on it is "R" rated forever!!
9:25 am edt 

Heads in the Sand

If you don't like the Carnival parade, don't watch it.  The big
complainer here seems to have watched it carefully, very carefully at that. Get
off the please save our children bandwagon.  Kids are exposed to more sex and
sexual ads in magazines and tv.  You need a convent or monestary to escape it...
opps maybe you can't lol
9:22 am edt 

To: Carnival-Crossing the Line?

Bravo! Right on. I couldn't have said
it better myself. It just goes to show you that the sickening attitude that
anything goes in P-town is raging out of control. The gay population is in their
own little world where nothing matters except their own lifestyle.
9:21 am edt 

What a Bunch of Hot Air!

Crossing the line, lawsuits, PBG is dying,
X rated, blah, blah, blah.  The Carnival parade has been around for 25 years and
it will probably be around for another 25 years.  It has always been campy,
raunchy and low down.  People young and old enjoy it whether you like it or not. 
Get over yourselves. If you don't like it you don't have to go to it.

9:20 am edt 

To: Crossing the Line

Finally, some sense in a town run by money and idiocy.  Friends (7 in all, 2
gay) from Italy visiting suggested next year we do something else.  Maybe visit
Newport and tour the Mansions.  Glitter and confetti and clay makeup do not hold
up well in the summer heat after all.  Ptown would do much better shrouded in
mystery and creativity rather than cookie cutter gay antics.
9:18 am edt 

Back to the Future

I was the "Negative Nancy" who criticized this year's theme. Call me whatever
you like, but it was dull, and the result showed. But NEXT year's announced
theme is something else again. "A Space Odyssey": can't you already feel the
different creative potential? I do. The 2011 and 2012 themes are both based on
movies: the former, a notoriously bad one, and the latter, an enduring classic.
9:17 am edt 

Aunti Em Aunti Em

Town Manager blamed for earthquake,  dog park unharmed, but don't walk around
the monument!!  Extra smiles at Herring Cove!!
9:15 am edt 


"Obviously the PBG is dying.  They milk a unique idea for 20 years and
of course it becomes stale..."

Obviously you feel you got burned by the PBG.  I suspect you might be the person
who wanted to get business from the PBG and they turned you down and went with
someone else.  If you can't make money off the organization your strategy is to
bad mouth them any chance you get.  You probably need to let it go, your
credibility is in the toilet.  Go work in the garden and let off some of that
9:14 am edt 


The rants against carnival parade are the same old rants that the old
and defunct Provincetown advocate used to try to stop the parade.
9:12 am edt 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Carnival-Crossing the Line?

If Quarterback #12's baby pic was pulled because it bordered on porno
once it became about the genitals, then what this town offers through the
Carnivale Parade is nothing but a soft bordering on hard porno parade with some
bonus scenes between the active displays of paraders.  If someone under 18 can't
see an R rated movie because of the laws in this country and the PBG or Town
Hall doesn't issue warnings to parents of small children regarding the content
of this parade, but actually encourages them to attend, there is a line being
crossed.  Nothing to do with gay or straight, just common sense and laws put in
place to protect children.  Let someone who happens to be in town and is taken
aback by this event because they weren't warned take a pic of a small kid with a
parader's penis being waved in his face as he/she sits in their stroller and
viola, potential birth of a lawsuit.  Town Counsel will then be put to the test
and may really have to earn their pay.   That it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it won't.  This is the age of the
lawsuit.  Smarten up Ptown.  All the gay rights or straight rights or rights of
anyone to flamboyant sexual expression in the world won't hold up in a court
when kids are the subject and events aren't advertised as they truly are.  Fact
not fiction, like it or not.
8:40 am edt 



8:36 am edt 

Carnival is a Fun Time

some years it's more creative than others. I do wish there was more planning and
more information on the float theme. But it's great and I'm glad the town has
Carnival. I'm glad everyone is involved.Thanks to all those who made it happen.
8:12 am edt 

Monday, August 22, 2011


Obviously the PBG is dying.  They milk a unique idea for 20 years and of course
it becomes stale.  No wonder Nick left.  How long can you keep kicking a dead
horse?  Now the new ED flings his uneducated comments on here looking for
support.  Hiring him just may be the last nail in their coffin.
11:02 pm edt 


I almost forgot to mention as well all the young straight girls who are
parading around town every weekend with blow up penis, matching boas and tiaras 
and the like, guess what buddy they are NOT gay but heterosexual like your
bigotted self. They walk into every business and bar and Cabaret show and are
rude and insulting, do you want your daughters to behave like that look in the
mirror buddy.
11:01 pm edt 


 To the person who blogged embaressed to bring kids to Provincetown during
Carnival: 'STAY HOME". The PBG is not forcing you to attend nor is the community
at large. There are plenty of people who grope each other on the streets in
Provincetown that are gay and straight, get over it. I do agree with the blogger
regarding the mylar confetti everyone should be thiking of "greener"
eco-friendly material. Also did anyone see the ORLEANS Fire truck in the parade,
drunken fools pouring Budweiser on all the patrons along the parade rout and BTW
there was not one drag queen or costume on the fire truck, the Town of Orleans
must be real proud of the young man pouring beer on everyone the old man on the
back who could barely open his eyes, do you want your children to see that as
10:59 pm edt 

Honesty or Money?

Well, if Carnival is actually a gay pride parade, why don't we
advertise it as such? Maybe we don't want to lose all the hetero tourist
dollars? I've never seen a Carnival advertisement referring to it as a gay event
and certainly nothing promoting it as a gay pride parade. Why not call it that,
if that's what it is? Are we to understand that P'town's gay pride parade is in
the closet??

Hmmm...let's see, what's more important? Honesty or money?

I guess we all know the answer.
10:57 pm edt 

We've Come a Long Way Baby!

The US census declares that Provincetown is the GAYEST city in the
United States!!!! Even gayer than New York city, Fort Lauderdale and San
Francisco! We've come a long way baby.
10:55 pm edt 

To: Carnival Embarrassment

If you were embarrassed by a parade, I would hope that you stay away
or not look so hard! Carnival was NEVER meant to be for children.
10:53 pm edt 

Re: Carnival

Face it, Provincetown is gay and is not your fishing village anymore!
Bring on next years spaceboys & spacegirls!
10:51 pm edt 


Carnivale is getting old really fast.  This year's Parade was
predictable and weak.  The most action was the police storming up and down with
sirens.  PBG markets this town as being family friendly for the sole purpose of
making money.  This town has become all about the MONEY.  We see it on
Shankpainter, we see it on Bangs St.  Any way you can to make a buck.  Draw
people with kids in (cause they spend) and forgetaboutit.  You try explaining to
your friends that you invite in with young children why in a parade they are
seeing a plastic doll with a large penis hanging or men wearing huge fake
breasts or men groping each other or men trolling up and down alongside the
parade wearing practically nothing.  Come on. Pathetic.  This is what this town
has become.  Nothing but a showplace for those with inadequacy problems.  Sure,
come to Ptown, let it all hang out.  I was embarrassed to bring friends, both
gay and straight, all with small children.
6:59 pm edt 

Traffic Police

To the person who complained against traffic police maybe you need
glasses...what do you want him to do when everone asks questions..Ignor them
then you would complain about that. He is a cop, I called the State to findout.
Regardless, this is PTown not NYC thought everyone should be happy.
6:54 pm edt 


I can't imagine what Carnival parade you were watching, the one I saw
was a blast of FUN! And lets not forget that the parade IS Provincetown's GAY
PRIDE parade! Years ago we made the decision to combine carnival & gay pride
into one. And the theme can't stop the music was a disco song! Next year's theme
is A space odyssey. So watch for a lot of David Bowie and Star Trek floats next
year! And remember its up to you to have a good time, not the PBG.
6:50 pm edt 

Carnival Theme

The theme for xext year is "Provincetown 2012 a Space Oddessey"
6:48 pm edt 

Re: Carnival

I agree with those complaining about the confetti and mylar. I've been
told by members of the board of selectmen, when I complained earlier in the
year, that the confetti is at least biodegradable. Still, I think that someone,
perhaps our two business organizations, should ask their members to refrain from
their use.

Mary-Jo Avellar
2:48 pm edt 

Re: Carnival

Fairytales was done.

I spoke to a lot of people (gay and straight) who thought the parade was dulll,
although nothing as bad as last year.  The context you provide was kind of
interesting although there weren't a ton of people in the Carnival pictures I've
seen on Facebook that would have much of a memory of the 80s AIDs crisis or
disco for that matter!  As for it being a gay pride event, it seems to have
moved on to be a Provincetown event.  As a gay man, I'm happy about that.

Glad you're doing a float - they are a ton of fun.
2:41 pm edt 

Carnival Theme 2012

What do you think of "FAIRYTALES" AS A THEME? Think about: everything from
thumbalina to Beauty and the Beast to Alice in Wonderland to Puss in Boots.
12:31 pm edt 

Carnival Parade Was Great

Everyone to a person that I talked to had something good to say about the
parade. Here's one reports reply to the negative Nancys. The theme was crafted
to be broad in scope. The fact that many "defaulted" to disco is because as baby
boomers those yeas are near and dear to our hearts and experience. With a few
exceptions, most business owners and our clients at Carnival are boomers. The
disco era was post Vietnam and pre-AIDS, and were pretty good years for those of
us who lived it. There were many who hated disco, but gays embraced it and made
it our own.

Oh and by the way, Carnival parade is Provincetown's Gay Pride parade. The PBG
was founded because the Chamber would not advertise in gay publications.
Carnival and the parade were very much about Gay Pride in the early years. Now
it is cool to be queer in many places in the world, but that was not so 30 years

I say kudos to the PBG and all parade participants. It can costs hundreds and
some times thousands of dollars, not to mention time and energy, to put together
a float fro the parade. All that during a week when we are all busy.

Thank you. I enjoyed the parade and I'm putting together ideas and a budget for
2012. I'm gonna get off my butt and make it even better by participating next
year instead of just drinking on the porch and watching.

11:29 am edt 


Carnival is GREAT.  CONFETTI IS LAME!!! 
11:17 am edt 


I don't go downtown often in the Summer but I did go yesterday. How
great that Cuff's has beautiful rocking chairs outside. This is so friendly.
They deserve to be recognized for this.
11:14 am edt 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Re: Carnival

The last two years have been very dull and I think it's largely due to the

But that's not why I am writing.  Walking along the bay yesterday, the water was
filled with confetti.  And there is mylar strewn in trees and gardens along the

I'm all for fun and I love Carnival, but our Bay is so fragile. 

I am hoping that perhaps organizers or the town can insist on biodegradable
paper confetti and absolutely no mylar.  Would this be something to bring to
ConCom or directly to the BOS?
1:57 pm edt 

Re: Carnival

I agree that unfortunately this year's carnival theme didn't bring out
the creativity in most parade floats. There were some standouts (like Edwige)
but as another reader pointed out, most just went with the obvious, tired old
70s disco look. Even the Marc Jacobs store (which must have spent a fortune on
that giant roller skate) just featured a bunch of boys in short shorts. More
like a gay pride parade, really. Let's hope next year's theme brings out the
best in this creative town!
11:04 am edt 


I do not enjoy Carnival, and this year decided on a trip out of town
for the day... that said, while leaving for the ferry, and also coming home, it
was apparent just how popular the event is.

I am grateful to those who organize this festival even though it is not my cup
o' tea... no one can tell me that all those people here did not spend $$$ and by
the faces on line for the final ferry back to Boston, Carnival makes for a great
impression on all who do enjoy that sort of thing, and is a great advertisment
for the town... to each his/her own!

Thanks for all your hard work from the other side!
11:03 am edt 

Re:re: How Lucky

No, it does'nt happen everywhere.  This is a special place. Even if people like
you try to      all over it.
9:59 am edt 

Re: How Lucky We are

That happens just about everywhere.
9:26 am edt 

Re: Officer Tom

I also agree about Tom the cop ( traffic) Good work and Thank You for
your service.
9:06 am edt 

Yes, Rocco Leaves Edwige But the Restaurant Goes On

I too saw the float. Cafe Edwige always does great floats and this year they won
the best. And best to Rocco in his new ventures.

Edwige At Night will continute but without Rocco. It will be serving dinner but
with a new focus. Here's to the future of Edwige At Night. May the new change
bring excitement and tasty delights in 2012.

Here's to you. Here's to Life.
9:05 am edt 

How Lucky We are

Today, as I am walking down Commercial Street in the East End, I see 2
Provincetown Police Officers assisting a subject who apparently was injured.  So
I stop to see what was going on and a car with 3 young subjects stopped, got out
of the vehicle, said to the officers, "can we help, we are nurses".  It is times
like this I know why I love Provincetown!
9:03 am edt 

Just 363 Days to Go ...

Carnival 2011 felt like a success. But now that it's over, I hope the deciders
will think twice and again about next year's theme.

"Can't Stop The Music" was criticized from the start on this blog. I reserved
judgment then, but on Thursday I saw less creative zeal than with previous
themes (especially, "Wild, Wild West"). Fewer people seemed to dress up this
year, and I'd say half of those who did defaulted to disco, as suggested by the
31 year-old Village People song and movie. The floats parroted this cue, as did
most of the standing installations I saw at guest houses and other businesses. I
changed my mind about my own costume at the last minute, after weeks of
frustration at falling back on the obvious.

Don't get me wrong:I'm among disco's eternal fans. But this year's concept was
stultifying, and the latter-day Lady Gagas and Amy Winehouses I saw didn't
really change that. Too many revelers went for the literal instead of the
abstract, where creativity inevitably leads.
8:58 am edt 

Re: Many Floats, Much Fun

I think the "RIP" on the Edwige @ Night float was a reference to the
many deceased rock stars that populated the float. I personally thought their
float was very creative and a nice tribute to many talented stars that have
passed on.
8:54 am edt 

Re: Officer Tom

That TRAFFIC Director isnt a cop at all...and when I go by Lopes Sq at any time
when he is on he is either leaning against the Ice Cream store or in it!....He
barely ever does traffic, and when he does...its a sad attempt.  He needs to
raise his voice, get a wistle, or get a new job...maybe as town cryer cause all
he does is talk. our town is not benefiting from his presence.
8:53 am edt 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Carnival and Happy Days Ahead

Hope it was fun, enjoyable for everyone. I also hope businesses did well. Next
year I'd like to see the theme repeated on each float and the particular
interpretation or name of the float announced with a banner in front of the
float. It provides the context and makes the viewing even better. Here's to next
year and even more partying!
4:26 pm edt 

A Wonderful Memorial for Norris Church Mailer

The Mailer family did a wonderful Celebration of Life for Norris. It was well
done and quite poignant. Norris deserved all the praise and love the family and
friends all bestowed on her.

Let her journey continue. She has crossed the dark seas and may the rest of her
journey bring her peace.
4:23 pm edt 

Many Floats, Much Fun

I did notice the Edwige At Night float with a RIP. The music was great but the
end of Edwige At Night was odd. Obviously the restaurant continues and will be
there next year. What will change is the chef and the menu. So much for RIP. What
is over is not the restaurant nor its nighttime serving. What is over is the
chef. Good luck to him and good luck to next year's Edwige At Night!
4:22 pm edt 

Re: ACO & Dogs

Thank you for that very helpful perspective on calling ACO. I have trouble
trusting that anything in this town is anonymous hence posting here. Since there
are no barking dogs this am I assume the message got through to sevral dog
owners and thank the dog owners for taking action. Again, your story about ACO
and your dogs was very heartening though.

- a family enjoying a newly bucolic quiet morning in provincetown
12:19 pm edt 

Cry Babies

Now that carnival is over, will we hear the shop owners stop
complaining?   Wait till I buy everything I need online and not in any of their
stores.   If they want to wish for something, better be that the town has a
whole lot of visitors, as I will do my best not too buy anything from all those
cry babies.   Their wish is my command
12:18 pm edt 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Terror Terror and More Terror!

You don't know what terror is until you have a tenant who has been suicidal in
the past, is unreasonable and destructive and threatens physical violence--and
when you call the police--they inform you that it is a civil matter.

Demonstrated and recorded verbal violence may easily lead to physical
violence--especially when the perpetrator is a trained warrior and the landlords
are over 60 years old.

Let us pray that the closing words at the funeral of these 60+year olds is
not,"But it was a civil matter--not one for the police".

This tenant has a new, ignorant landlord; but it is his or her fault because the
new landlord(s) own fault for not seeking references.

May this tenant move soon and swiftly. And, new landlord beware, because you
will soon come to fear for your life as we have done. This guy thinks considers
you not a landlord but that *BECAUSE* YOU ARE THE LANDLORD he considers you an
evil overseer. Our hearts go out to you just as our hearts wish for peace and
calm happiness. Amen and may peace soon rule and guide the rest of OUR lives;
and may we never be duped by references and lies again.
11:51 pm edt 

Thanks Tom

Got to say the cop Tom who does traffic is a nice guy... Always
smiles..Thats the Ptown way.Thanks for your hard work. I saw Donald talking with
him and they are friends, it seemed!! Thanks Tom for the work you have done this
summer..You can always tell when he is NOT on Lopes Sq is a MESS!!! Bravo
11:48 pm edt 

If I Only Had a Brain

Do you crazies really think you are going to bring back that idiot cop
that dances Not this year, next year or ever..he is no longer welcome to work in
this town!! I think it is funny how all you people do is complain about the
police do you forget maybe if we all helped out we wouldnt have any
problems..aka problemstown. The town is busy hmmm means more crime more police
and no stupid cop that cant go to any other place in america bikes
follow the rules of the rd. Blue lights are used for caution. I do relealize the
school system in thia town isnr good or you would all understand it. You people
11:46 pm edt 

Re: Barking Dogs

Call the ACO. You are making an ASSUMPTION that the person you want
your post to reach, reads this blog. All calls are anonymous.  My dogs used to
bark and my neighbors complained many years ago. The ACO did call me about the
complaint. As a result,  I don't leave my deck door open when I'm gone. When I
am home and they do bark on the deck, I began spraying them with water which
dogs don't like. Now, I just have to show them to water bottle and they will
stop immediately.

11:44 pm edt 

Nelly Bar the Doors!

I heard store owners complaining about the parade that just happened
for carnival and how business  is so bad that day and that they have to spend
hours cleaning up afterwards.   These business owners want to stop all the
confetti and beads being thrown.   Well, let's remember that those people come
for almost 7 days, and how many day trippers arrive at 8AM to shop before the
parade?  A few hours of cleaning up, which the DPW did a great job, isn't going
to hurt your business.  Just remember what you wish for.  Maybe those that wish
we didn't have a carnival should all move to Mars and leave the rest of us here
to make some money and enjoy this beautiful town. 
I remember hearing that Family week is a tough week for certain business also. 
That they rent condos and don't spend money at our restaurants.  Then you have
the July 4th crowd that doesn't drink.     
I guess the more I listen to you all, we should go back to being a fishing town,
and just close our doors to the world.  
11:41 pm edt 

West End Beach Party - Hmmn

Not sure what that means.  Maybe it means alot of people show up, have
some cheap fun and laugh, throw up and then leave.  Then the next day
they try to forget it ever happened and hope they didn't do something
stupid, like buy one. 
11:28 am edt 

Barking Dogs

Please Provincetown folks with dogs who incessantly bark when left outside you
need to do something. Your dog's high pitched yapping is incredibly annoying and
that you let it just continue for hours on end is thoughtless and rude to your
entire neighborhood. There are several ultrasonic anti barking devices that are
a humane way to control this problem. or similar places have them.
Please take advantage of them or keep your dogs inside. This note is to several
people who don't seem to care about their neighbors enough to control their
dogs. For a while the previous posters' note on this issue seemed to have an
impact but now we have listen to nearly constant barking since 730 am today.

Thanks in advance for your future consideration. Figure this was a nicer way to
approach the issue than calling Ruth Ann.

just looking for a few moments of quiet in bucolic Provincetown for myself and
my family.
11:24 am edt 

Re: True 2o

With regards to True2o...who cares? We as townies aren't paying for
their water usage! This is a capitalist society, where free market values reign.
If a company wants to make a profit, let them!! I think the idea is great
anyway, it keeps plastic trash out of our streets!!!
8:08 am edt 

Happy Carnival!

Yes, yes, let the music go on and on. Keep the floats move along Commercial
Street and may we all have a wonderful time. Happines to all!
8:06 am edt 

Condolences to the White Family

Sad news that Bob White has passed. He was an icon here and condolences to his
wonderful wife Rachel and to their daughters and son. He did so many things in
his life and we will miss his insights, his humor and his presence. He lived here
and gave of himself to this town. Adieu!
8:05 am edt 

We do Not Need a New Police Station

That is just wasteful. We do not need so many police officers. It is a town and
a small one. And they don't know how to direct traffic. They are sadly inept.

8:03 am edt 

Bangs Street Development

The turnout looked like a West End beachparty. All of the "new" condo's should
go for public housing, unless a board member accepts pay "no interest mortgage"
for living there.
8:02 am edt 

Carnival Crowd

They brought a $20 dollar bill and a tee shirt and changed neither.
8:01 am edt 


Provincetown is not the same town it use to be.  There is alot happening here
these days.  As everyone is aware, there is a function just about every weekend
which brings in thousands of people.  Crime in Ptown is just as busy as it is in
other cape towns if not, busier....Just because everything is not reported in
the news, does not mean things are not happening.  Alot goes on within that
noone has any idea about.

Sirens are a neccesity to move people out of the way and so noone will get
8:00 am edt 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Re: Dancing Cop

Why do we have 3 cops attempting to do what the Dancing Cop did all by

I know that there's nothing we can do this year, but is there any way that we
can get the cops off the sidewalk to at least get in the middle of the road to
direct traffic?  And for next year, bring the Dancing Cop back!
7:04 pm edt 

Condos, Condos Everywhere!

But no one seems to care.  I have read here
that the new condos on Bangs St Ext have remained unsold and vacant.  Now there
is a subdivision plan for 16 new condos on West Vine St in the West End, 3 of
which are already up on the clearcut site, and the other half of the wooded lot
to be clearcut soon to make room for another batch of condos.  There are condos
for sale all over the neighborhood but the developers have enough money to wait
it out until all the inventory sells. 
7:03 pm edt 

To: The Person Who Referred to Red Hook, Brooklyn

7:01 pm edt 

Selling Our Town Water

True 2 O Water set up shop in the old Clem & Ursie's kitchen
area.They're bottling Provincetown tap water and selling it to tourists for a
rental fee. Our public tap water is being sold by a company from Mill Valley,
CA. How wrong is that? Call or email them and tell them to stop selling our
public water to tourists.It's water we pay for and it's not cheap.

(415) 742-8110
6:57 pm edt 

Bangs Street Development

With the "big" price drop, anyone know how the Open House for the
"energy efficient" luxury Bangs St. Extension 4 townhouses went last weekend? 
Didn't see any mention in the ad about prefabs or modulars?  No broker responses
6:52 pm edt 

New Police Station

"...wait till it's time to build that new police station and we'll see
if you still think he is saving you money..."

Time to build that new police station was a long time ago.  It's crazy that we
expect them to operate in the run-down old funeral home.  Keep your fingers
crossed that nothing happens to that building and the people working in it
between now and the time we can move them out of there.
6:50 pm edt 

Entitled Twenty Something Housemate

First I mentioned that the toilet brush is beside the toilet so you can scrub
away any remnants from your visit there. On my last visit to the bathroom I was
alarmed that my housemate didn't even flush, so I marched right up to my
housemate and reminded him that it is customary to flush after making a deposit.
His answer, "Last week the toilet didn't flush so I fixed the toilet when the
chain came off." I replied that no one told me.

What a stupid response. Someone said that it is called "deflection". I call it
don't-ask-me-for-a-recommendation-when you-go-to-rent-your-own-place. My friends
keep telling me to write a book--but no one would believe it.

6:48 pm edt 

Tuesday 3pm

Lopes square is a mess!
6:45 pm edt 

Provincetown Police

Good work Pt P.d. Just want to thank all of you for doing a good job!!
6:44 pm edt 

Provincetown Police

Ok I do think maybe the police do need a new station at somepoint.
As.far as the police commander the only good thing he did was fire the
crazy,Donald that was said to dance but acted like a jack ass!!  Ot in the dept
is way up..from reports of the town. This town needs to start doing there job
and act as if they know what they are doing.
6:43 pm edt 

What's Happening?

Why does a town with so little crime need so many fancy new police
cars, segways and motorcycles?  And since when does a bicyclist get arrested for
not stopping for a traffic cop?  Oh yes, the Dancing Cop used to arrest people
all the time for not obeying his commands.  Is Provincetown becoming a police
state?  Blue lights flashing on Commercial Street, police cars racing up
Commercial Street, really?  In Provincetown?   
2:03 pm edt 

Bangs Street Tripled

Just wait until you see the buildings crammed into the waste dump that is the
new housing strip; the Bangs Street extension foursome will look palatially
2:02 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Complex

The neighbors have no recourse against the damage done to their home across from
the affordable housing construction site. It is a construction site and the work
is going to continue for a couple of years.

This is a formerly contaminated dump once full of illegal substances. They had
to scoop it all out and then refill it and tamp it all down--but with the weight
of 5 buildings how secure will it really be with rains such as we just

With Winter frost heaves, but lies belows becomes pushed to the top...perhaps
not tomorrow..but do a soil test in 10 years and see what shows up in the lab.

Buyer beware, Buyer beware.
2:01 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Nightmare

Front page story in Sunday's Boston Globe about the mix of the elderly and folks
on 41 B and the crime and the fear and the violence.

Documentation exists of the crowding of a low income area in one designated area
of town has a stigmatizing effect. That is why first responders flee from any
idea of renting or buying one of these small, cramped units.
1:59 pm edt 

Donald, Please Come Back

I miss your presence. I miss your skills. I miss your dedication.

Please, come back. No one has yet replaced you and your skills.
1:58 pm edt 

I'd Bring Donald Back

He was good for Provincetown. Donald as a police officer cared. He cared more
than many. He also understood that standing at a corner means directing traffic.
What we now have are two or three boys in blue standing on the corner. It's
pitiful. It's ridiculous. Direct traffic. Why else are you here? Then they
leave, get more food, and stand on the corner. It's upsetting and someone is to
blame for this lame bahavior by so-called cops.
1:57 pm edt 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jaran Saving Money

Right now he's laying low but wait till it's time to build that new police
station and we'll see if you still think he is saving you money.
8:45 pm edt 

To: The Person Who Wrote

"Gear up, Provincetown, for all of the divergent people cooped up in 5 buildings
squeezed on a little plot of land. Hire more police and fear for your
children--oh wait, they are mostly one bedroom units"

Your an idiot!

Judge Judy
8:44 pm edt 

Problem Solving

As Provincetown has set the 2 x 4 precedent why not solve two problems with one
stroke. Hire Donald as the Harbormaster and put Rex at the foot of the dock as
the Dancing Bear.
8:40 pm edt 

Police Chief. . .

"Because of his efforts, the town has realized a
signifiant savings in overtime."

I support the Police Chief and think he's doing a good job, but where did you
get the idea the overtime cost were down? 
8:39 pm edt 

Swim For Life

Provincetown Harbor Swim for Life and Paddler Flotilla
September 10, 2011

Image By Breon Dunigan

Join Our Mailing List



Swim for Life

Breon Dunigan continues artist tradition

From the beginning, the Swim for Life has invited artists to create t-shirt and poster designs for the annual fundraiser -they are much anticipated. Their launch marks the beginning of the year's promotion and awareness campaign. After all, we are a vibrant artist community, and it's logical to tap into the gold mine and offer the artist a coveted opportunity and great exposure. Over twenty-four years, only a few designs were of existing work - last year, Varujan Boghosian's and recently Sally Brophy's. (To view all designs go to:

This year's striking design - a neon lime-green, oval block print on a dark grey t-shirt (100% organic cotton) - was created by mixed media, Truro artist Breon Dunigan. Although known for her compelling sculptures of collected objects and family memorability that defy gravity, for this design she followed "an old family tradition", the linoleum cut. This tradition extends back three generations of family artists, including her great-grandparents, who were both directors of the Provincetown Art Association & Museum in the 1930s and 40s.

11:10 am edt 

To: The Person Who Posted About Jaran

"Because of his efforts, the town has realized a signifiant savings in

Don't be naive; that  so called savings went to become his own huge salary

10:45 am edt 

Provincetown Pier Corporation

As I have said before until some one does a full and honest appraisal of the
pier manager and finds out that he has NO management skills and that he is very
seldom at his job and he is replaced we will always have the personel problems
that we have. The help is only as good as the manager and with a good strong
manager as the boss we would not be having all these problems with the assistant
harbor masters. It has been going on now for 5 years and he has to go.
10:43 am edt 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Re: Town Beaches

I agree that the natural habitat should be left alone, but c'mon...
there is no reason why we need to see pieces of a buoy, rope, old wood with
nails sticking out of it, dead birds, cans, trash, condoms, tampons, diapers,
etc... someone should be out cleaning the beaches each morning. They are
disgusting and filthy. Such a sad sight to see for toursists getting off of the
ferries. Also raking the beaches and depositing the seaweed into one large pile
will not hurt the environment. It will all be washed backing into the ocean at
the next high tide.

Daily walking of the beach to pick up trash and then raking would be preferable.

Sandy Shores
9:19 pm edt 

Public Housing Fears

Front page of the Boston Globe Metro Section. Public (Affordable) Housing.
Elderly, disabled, and younger residents: Fear, dissatisfaction, and violence
when this mix of divergent people are all cooped up.

Gear up, Provincetown, for all of the divergent people cooped up in 5 buildings
squeezed on a little plot of land. Hire more police and fear for your
children--oh wait, they are mostly one bedroom units.
9:17 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Construction

Did you read about the debacle the homeowners are embroiled in at the
Shankpainter Rd affordable housing complex? What builders want builders get to
the detriment of an entire neighborhood.

Fourteen more months of construction hell. Next stop Nelson Avenue will be up in
arms once that construction gets going!
9:16 pm edt 

Hats Off to Our Chief of Police!

He's managed to finally do something no one before has done
Hire men and women who want to serve P'town and actually stay here...
Because of his efforts, the town has realized a signifiant savings in overtime.
Well done!
9:14 pm edt 

Re: Town Beaches

"The Board of Health should immediately put a stop to this eradication
and we as citizens of this lovely town should be ashamed.
Ayna Litch"

I assume you will be the first to volunteer to go out and pick up garbage on the
beach?  If no, then bring on that tractor and rake.
9:11 pm edt 

Re: No Paycheck

"...Perhaps she will see this and give him his pay so that he can pay
his overdue rent..."

Either you are being taken for a ride or he is.  Either way this blog will not
solve anything.  Work for someone and they refuse to pay you - you contact the
State, there are laws that protect employees.
9:09 pm edt 

Two For One

It now takes 2 non-dancing cops to do what the Dancng Cop was doing.
And we're all paying for it!  We can direct the Selectmen to establish a Dancing
Cop at that post. it's our taxes!
9:07 pm edt 

Storms and Bacteria

In Boston their beaches had the highest bacteria count on record.
Favaloro and other MWRA officials said elevated bacteria levels along the South
Boston waterfront did not come from combined sewer overflows.

Its very likely another source  like dogs, birds, or diapers, said Ria Convery,
a spokeswoman for MWRA, noting that such increased bacteria levels are
inevitable after storms.

Our goal was to stop human waste from discharging on to the beach. But birds are
still going to fly to the beach, and some people are still not cleaning up after
their dogs.
9:05 pm edt 

Pity Party

With all due respect, Lets not allow this forum to become a pity party for
Donald Thomas yet again. One embarrassing episode was enough. Time to hang it
up, sir.
9:03 pm edt 

Domnald Thomas

How sad that he and his family continue to lobby for a lost cause. He was one of
many officers who has reached retirement age over the years.

Please keep a shred of dignity. You are only making yourself a pathetic figure
of pity.
9:02 pm edt 


Our bay exchanges water in a phenomena called "Upwelling". It is like flushing a
toilet and getting all new water. Where is this contamination coming from?

It must be from some septic systems--thus the entire town need to be attached to
the waste water treatment plant--not just 600 dwellings. We have thousands of
bathrooms and the waste goes into the ground and we are a sand spit.
9:01 pm edt 

Provincetown Pier Corporation


Provincetown Pier harbormasters under investigationText Si

By Mary Ann Bragg

August 13, 2011PROVINCETOWN  Town and pier administrators are looking into
complaints this week against two seasonal assistant harbormasters.

The personnel subcommittee of the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation board of
directors met Thursday in an emergency session to consider the complaints about
their conduct as pier employees, board chairman Lee Ash said.

One of the harbormasters, Rocco Paccione of Provincetown, is no longer employed
by the pier, Ash said on Friday. She declined to release details, citing privacy
laws related to personnel issues.

"The incidents are under investigation," Ash said.

Police were called to the town's MacMillan Pier at 6:14 p.m. Wednesday for an
alleged domestic assault involving Paccione and his girlfriend, a police report

Paccione was off-duty at the time, but still had on his harbormaster shirt and
badge, and his breath smelled of alcohol, police Sgt. Thomas Koumanelis said in
his report. No one was arrested because both Paccione and his girlfriend denied
there had been an altercation, the report said.

Paccione was hired in fiscal year 2010, and earned $4,118 that year, town
records show. He was not available for comment Friday at his last publicly
available address or at his boat at the pier.

A day earlier, police logged a phone complaint against seasonal assistant
harbormaster Richard Silva that he had cursed at and threatened a group of
people around 8:30 p.m. Monday when they attempted to fish at a floating dock at
the pier. Police expect to receive a written report by Monday from the person
who complained, Police Chief Jeff Jaran said Friday. Once a written complaint is
received, police can then record Silva's version of the incident and give the
case to Town Manager Sharon Lynn, Jaran said.

Silva was also hired in fiscal year 2010 and earned $7,562 in that year. He did
not return a call to his home for comment on Friday.

The pier corporation typically employs several seasonal assistant harbormasters
along with one full-time assistant harbormaster and one full-time harbormaster.
The pier, in the center of town, is home to a commercial fishing fleet, whale
watch boats, charter fishing, sailing cruises and ferries to Boston, among other

In support of the assistant harbormasters, specificially in the Silva incident,
Ash said there are safety concerns when people want to fish off the pier.

"We have designed certain areas for night-fishing," Ash said. "There are always
some people who don't like restrictions and proceed to fish wherever they
please. Assistant harbormasters are just trying to enforce the regulations for
the safety of all concerned."

Harbormaster Rex McKinsey did not return a call for comment.

The two complaints follow an independent inquiry opened in February into the
conduct of full-time assistant harbormaster Luis Ribas, after complaints of
abuse of power by some commercial fishermen at the pier. Lynn and Jaran sought
the inquiry with the state Ethics Commission, after the pier corporation board
in December cleared Ribas of wrong-doing. Ribas, also a commercial fisherman,
has countered the complaints, saying he knows his job and that his accusers are
not telling the truth.

An ethics commission spokesman declined to comment Friday on whether an inquiry
was under way.

The town hired the pier corporation in 2005 to operate and manage the pier.

"I'm growing concerned with the lack of oversight, based on the number of
incidents and manners in which things have been handled," Jaran said Friday.

8:59 pm edt 


Okay ... i hope i get this right (it's late and all). i hope the
person throwing tea bagger-est stuff out about the BOH is not trying to talk
about me updating about their last meeting. Or about they actually spend the
time volunteering. I did attend all these meetings .. if that outs me, so be it.
But, even if I think all of this is insanity, and do not believe what this or
that are saying ... they did volunteer .. have you? since i do believe others
should help please do attend and say what you want, but please do not dismiss
volunteers ... please do not palin their opinions because this is a town that
everyone is allowed an opinion. Though I would others to sit and hear the
direction of this board, I have to say, they are allow to individually have an
opinion and,you the public, can come and voice your cons or pros. to not-coin a
phrase "sometime the silence does get what they get.. because silence is more
deadly than a question. next meeting is 9/8 ... thanks f!
or listening
8:53 pm edt 

Friday, August 12, 2011

In Response to Anya Litch's Comment on Town Beaches

I agree the natural habitat of our beaches should be left in tact as is done on
all national seashore beaches.  That is the beauty of this place, our amazing

Man has done enough harm in altering our environment and the outer cape is a
place where we can still see some semblance of habitat as nature intended! 

Anna Scrache
10:21 pm edt 

Re: Town Beaches

Ever get a nice micro-organism in a bug bite from swimming that turned
into a nice infection?  Give me a much needed break.  Your blog is just about
the most ridiculous one I've seen lately.  Sure, save the micro-organism, spare
the used tampon or condom or dog crap or dead seagull or swollen flies.   
10:18 pm edt 

No Paycheck

My tenant works at a hamburger place here in town and the owner refuses to pay
him on time. Thus, he is jeopardizing his good standing with me.

What a shame that she refuses to pay her cook who is a vet!!!!

Perhaps she will see this and give him his pay so that he can pay his overdue
rent. Of course, there may be more to this than he is telling me--but I must
take his word for it.

10:16 pm edt 

Town Beaches

I think it's unconscionable that we should even be considering going through our
beaches with equiptment that will destroy all of the micro-organisms that thrive 
imidst the sand and other food sources that wash ashore.
The Board of Health should immediately put a stop to this eradication and we as
citizens of this lovely town should be ashamed.
Ayna Litch
5:57 pm edt 

Hey B.O.H. Supporter

Ever heard of a dictionary?  You convince me
that we would have a better chance with resis monkeys.  Volunteer Board of
Health members, that's a laugh.  Ever heard of graft, free drinks, free meals,
free anything.  One hand washes the other in harbor water in this town.
5:56 pm edt 


I think the board of health is an unpaid volunteer board. If you are so
concerned about the issue why are you posting and whinning on here insted of
going to the meeting, submitting pettitions or any of many other common sense
options?  It's more important to be a tea partyesque blogger instead of actually
gettting involved in the process.
5:12 pm edt 

Bangs Street

Heard there was a significant price drop on the Bangs St. Ext.
townhouses?  Jeepers, hasn't even one of these 4 separate houses sold yet?  It's
been a year.  The Broker blogged that they were the best in the worst and that
was the problem.  Maybe, maybe not.  Quite the testimony to the ravaged dune. 
5:11 pm edt 

BOH Meeting at This Point




5:10 pm edt 

Re: Donald Thomas

Who cares what he has to say or how many supporters want him back.  The truth
is, he didn't do the job any better than the cops that are out there now and we
have moved on from having our traffic at a very busy intersection directed by
someone that was more interested on putting on a show than doing the job he was
paid for.  Let the man retire in peace.
2:39 pm edt 

Re: Our Beaches Should be Our Prized Possession

The subject of.polluted and unhealthy water in our harbor was brought
up many, many times on this blog by concerned individuals.  The subject was poo,
pooed and ridiculous statistics were spewed by other certain individuals wanting
to convince all is well and no problems exist.   There is a shroud of secrecy
that is becoming too predominant in this town, behind closed door meetings and
twisting and turning by the power players and town gov. 

If a successful open house means nothing sells, then pollution means the water
is safe.  Just wear a hazmat suit while you swim.  No worries. 
8:45 am edt 

Donald Thomas

So sick of hearing about Donald Thomas he is gone and NEVER comming
back no matter how many names you get...Move on..
8:33 am edt 

Sad Joke

Instead of worrying about a smoking ban that won't matter in 3 weeks
anyway, why don't they worry about cleaning up what is now a disgusting,
compounding health problem with the town beaches?  Ptown is the joke of the
Cape.  Renters of mine, when a trip there was suggested, laughed.  Who is on
this Board of Health and what, exactly, are their credentials?  Bad enough they
don't know what they are doing, worse they don't care cause they know that
paycheck will come no matter what.  Too comfortable is what they are with no
production.  This beach problem has been building for years.  It's no surprise
beaches are closed.  Look at who we have overseeing them.  What a bad joke.   
12:42 am edt 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Board of Health Meeting

So I need to run to town hall on an errand.  I walk by the meeting
room and hear the Board of Health discussing the outdoor smoking ban.  Seems to
me they are meeting when they know all business owners are too busy to attend. 
They know dang well business owners affected by this can't come to a
mid-afternoon meeting in August.

Didn't have time to stay to hear if they voted to ban  smoking in all outdoor
restaurants, outdoor restaurant bars and outdoor bars, but that was what they
were discussing when I walked by.
4:59 pm edt 


4:50 pm edt 

Re: Donald Thomas

"I continue to applaud you. I wish there were more
like you in the police department."

Old news.  And if Donald thought publicly calling out the police chief would
help him get a job next year someone should explain reality to him.  Not a
2:11 pm edt 

Re: Our Beaches Should be Our Prized Possession
Fact is, and it is a fact, all of the water that goes into the catch basins
along Commercial Street drain out to the harbor, not into some municipal sewer
treatment system. Yes, it's true. Raw filthy water dumps out right next to where
you swim and nothing is being done about it. The BOH complains it's septic
systems but it's not. Most of them have been upgraded to state of the art Title
V or have hooked into the sewer system. The streets get washed everytime it
rains and it all goes out to the the harbor untreated, all the spilled ice
cream, dog urine, after hours puke, general road grime, any dripped oils or
other automotive fuels and anything else one would find in the street. And don't
forget the filthy disgusting abomination that festers in the catch basins
between rain events. Don't know what I mean? Go stand outside the Old Colony
some summer evening and take a good smell of the catch basins outside the door.
Awful. The town plans to dig up Commercial one more time th!
is fall for water lines before they pave it so maybe that's when they should
look at some ideas of getting a handle on the sewer water which is the true
culprit contaminating our beaches.
2:09 pm edt 

Re: Speeding on Shank Painter

You don't have to be speeding to get into an accident on a motorcycle if a car
pulls out in front of you without notice. That's why it's called "accident". And
just becuse he's a Truro cop doesn't make him any more apt to be punished
differently that you so get back to work D.
2:07 pm edt 


I wish the people in town and on this blog would apply the same rigor in
reviewing hiring decisions for town jobs and town contracts as  they do for the

Who is/has been/ sleeping with who in town town employees as well as among the
contractors is way more interesting that Rob is partners/husband of Aron.

Oh, and since so very few of town employees are experienced, or even knowable
about their jobs, discussions about qualifications are obviously irrelevant.
11:25 am edt 

Our Beaches Should be Our Prized Possession

But something seems to infecting our waters and making our beaches unsafe. Why
isn't the Health Department being more pro-active? Seems they are trying to be
secreative about this serious problem. Gald Kevin Mulhaney did a story because
otherwise few have known about our problem waters.
11:22 am edt 

I Like Donald's Letter in the Banner

I too think you did a great job as the Dancing Cop. You surely knew your stuff.
You were excellent in directing all of us: children, visitors, residents,
bicyclists and drivers. I wish you were back at Lopes Square. You brought order
to the streets and we were a better town for your superb work.

I continue to applaud you. I wish there were more like you in the police
11:21 am edt 

Re: On the Pier

If the people fishing off the peir had respect for the boat owners
property and cleaned up after them selfs and the harbormasters were doing there
jobs there wouldnt be these problems down there so other than blameing the sour
apples you should blame the harbormasters for not doing there jobs
11:20 am edt 

Bike Traffic Proposal

Interesting that our chief of police didn't take into play the recent Pan Mass
challenge race, and multiple accidents that occurred along the Outer Cape.

With all of his experience, I would expect unintended consequences would be
taken into consideration when the chief makes his remarks. Obviously he did not
do his homework.

And yes, the camera does add weight. A lot of weight!

11:18 am edt 

Re: Speeding on Shank Painter

I raised a question about that myself but I guess the board moderator decided it
wasn't worthy of posting.  Maybe it would have made the cut if I put in a few
snarky remarks about the dog park lady or the harbormaster or various and sundry
town board members. 

Anyways....My question referenced the article in the banner describing how the
Truro Police Chief crashed his Harley when a cab turned in front of him on Shank

The speed limit there is 25 MPH.  Anyone going 25 MPH (or less), aware of their
surroundings and driving safely should be able to come to a stop without
crashing.  Most people exceed the limit on Shank Painter.  It's an accident
waiting to happen. Wait a minute.  According to  the article, it already did.  
How fast was the chief going that he could not stop safely?  Were any charges
filed against the Chief for speeding or the cab for turning?  At least he wasn't
driving the town's fire truck!  The Truro police have no problem ticketing
people for speeding on Rt. 6.  What happened here?   
11:17 am edt 

Re: On the Pier

Shame on you! 

A female harbormaster is no good.  Humbug. I was the
FIRST female to ever work on a commercial fishing boat in Ptown and did that
back in the days of Colley's and the Fishing Coop. and shucking on the Vera Cruz
on a hard winter's day out in the harbor.  Molly B., the author and fisherwoman
who lost an eye doing her job,  came after me. 

I was young, a good worker and didn't complain.  Better than a man my father would
say.  At least I wasn't drunk in the morning when it was time to head out.  I was
more than happy to be on the ocean, with my father and earning more than a decent
dollar that went right into my savings book account at Seamens.  Shame on you. 

Many women are more than capable at working with the sea.  My father went against
the tide and the townsfolk and his fellow fishermen and the curse of having a woman
on the boat and chose me, on my ability to work hard alone, as his mate.  The fact that
a woman is harbormaster is a blessing in this so liberal yet so antiquated town. 

Those who complain are fools and it shows.  You shouldn't think all women are
useless just because town hall leadership is lacking... or because certain Planning
Board members change their minds about projects due to the way the wind is blowing
the smell of Boston fur and money. 
11:14 am edt 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On the Pier

Just because a few bad apples had to ruin it for us locals...
Doesn't make it fair for some coward to shout out about a female harbormaster
not doing her job, she does a great job on the pier, and maybe all the MEN
harbormasters should be the ones to go...
Regardless the point isn't to point but to maybe find a solution so fishing
isn't band from the pier everywhere.
Causing more problems isn't the answer.
4:21 pm edt 

Re: PBG Director

Your facts are wrong.  Rob is not the Chair of the VSB, and is no longer even on
the VSB because his term ended earlier this year.  To my knowledge Rob is not on
the Board of the PBG, nor was on the Selection Committee, so had nothing to do
with the hiring process.
12:12 pm edt 

Re: PBG Director

"...but if Rob had anything to do with his getting the job, which I
would say is 99% true.  I would be upset"

Sorry, to burst your bubble, but Rob Tosner left the VSB as of June 30, 2011. 
No conflict of interest exists.  I know Erin, he's quite capable and got the job
on his own merits, not because of his partner.

12:09 pm edt 

Mary Henrique Passing

Provincetown Business Guild




Dear Members,


It is with great sadness we pass on the news that long time PBG member Mary Henrique has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Mary owned Dyer's Beach House Motel and Dyer's Barn Guest House. Mary was an active member of the PBG, serving on several committees and attending member meetings regularly. Her presence will be missed. We extend our condolences to her family during this time of loss.
10:37 am edt 

Re: PBG Director

As ususal, this is much ado about nothing.  All PBG members were asked if they
wanted to be on the selection committee to find a new executive director.  Some
did volunteer.   The Selection Committee and the Board were unanimous with the
selection.   Anyone not happy could have been involved, but opted not to
participate.   This debate occurs everytime there's a new ED.   It's human
nature.   Some will like him, others won't.  Bottom line, give the new ED a
chance before casting aspersions.  For every finger you point, there's one
pointing back.
10:07 am edt 

Re: Happy Mom

Regardless if Tom the cop is or not and he is as I called the town, do
you think it matters to a 3 year old. Give me a brake. Once again someone says
somthing nice and then somebody  shots it down..
10:04 am edt 

Speed on Shankpainter Road

People are trying to leave the Stop and Shop parking lot. If the drivers on
Shank Painter Rd. obeyed the speed limit, we'd have a chance to get out into the
flow of traffic.

I just exit and make folks slow down. Same thing trying to get onto Bradford st.

If traffic goes slowly, then it gives us a chance to make it into the flow of
10:03 am edt 

New PBG Director
Is Aron.  He is or was Rob Tosners boy friend  (who just happens to be the chair
of the VSB  - anyone see some conflict of interest?)
Aron use to own the secret garden guest house with his Mom and his other brother
long time ago.  Then Aron sold real-estate in Truro.  And most recently he
worked at the brass key in guest relations.
He goes out in leather to the bars.  Guess people are upset that is who is
representing the PBG?   I am not sure you should be upset at that, but if Rob
had anything to do with his getting the job, which I would say is 99% true.  I
would be upset
10:02 am edt 

Where is the Building Inspector?
It is strange that in such a small town as we live in, that the building
inspector is not in the field that often.  He goes to board meetings, sees what
contractors tell him, but rarely follows up on what people say they will do and
what is suppose to be done.  Why?  It is not only the developers, but he turns a
blind eye on things, because that he is told is happening without permits.
If he did inspections he would have all this paperwork to follow through with. 
Something is wrong with this picture.
9:05 am edt 

Sad That the Beaches are Polluted

No one wants to discuss this but this is rather sad and tragic for kids swimming
in these unclen waters. What has happened to our once purer sea waters? Is our
Health Board really up to the tast? Why do I feel theya re not. Where is Jane?
Where is Brain? sitting at a desk is not enough. Get out there and please do
something and then report it. Something's not quite right here.
9:03 am edt 

Nick Leaves But---Who is Replacing Him?

This can't be a secret since some are pretty uset with the choice. Who will
direct this organization? Inquiring minds would like to know--as well as regular
members of PBG.
9:02 am edt 

You Guys are Losing Me

why are you leaving PBG? I'm confused on this. Who is the new director? Someone you
have problems with? Please, let me know.
9:00 am edt 

Re: Happy Mom

I dont think that Tom fellow is a cop at all...he doesnt have anything on his
belt but a radio and doesnt even have the police uniform...
8:59 am edt 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PBG Renewal

Whomever wrote that you're not renewing is a joke unto themselves! You're
hurting yourself not the group. Negativity has no place in a community based
support network so bye bye.
2:37 pm edt 

Happy Mom

Just want to say a Thank You to a police officer in town,.Officer Tom who does traffic.. My son has had a bad impression of police but you
made a effort to say hi to him and talk to him,even gave him FIVE. Again thank
you for reaching out to show the kids you are approchable. This is comming from
a Thankful happy mom.
2:36 pm edt 

Police Department

I dont understand all season we have had two traffic police
officers..That have been doing a wonderful job durring the day. Now it seems
there are new officers there durring the day. I still see The cop who is always
happy and has a smile  ..... Even in the pouring rain with no rain gear he was
smiling ....soak and wet. I asked another officer why he isnt happy he said that
he was FORCED to work day shift and do traffic in Lopes Sq. Well news flash Mr.
officer this is your job. Make the best of it or LEAVE our town. How does the
police dept let these kids get away with this?? And why is there two officers at
night doing traffic in Lopes squre?? One would think that is needed durring the
day not at night. Durring the day there is more traffic!!!! Again Thank you to
the officer who smiles and is very happy..It is nice to see in OUR town. The
ones who are not happy learn from him or get out!!!
2:34 pm edt 


We for one will not be renewing our membership in the PBG as it's
become too much of a joke.

He's baaaaaack! 
9:15 am edt 

"Parking Meisters in Truro?"

What the heck is "parking meisters in Truro?"  One doesn't need to go
to Truro to solve this problem.  All the meter people live in town and there are
four of them.  One could easily be utilized on Saturdays to staff the parking
9:14 am edt 

BOS Meeting

Last night, two people made public statements at the Selectmen's
meeting. The Selectmen are following up on their request/recommendation.

I told them about a revenue opportunity that was being overlooked: ending the 15
free parking spots on Commercial Street after the West End parking lot by tying
them into the pay station at the West End Parking lot. Just a couple of signs
pointing people in the direction of the pay station will created about $20,000-
$30,000 in just the summer months.

It really would be productive if, you want to effect change to be a part of the
political process which includes public statements at Selectmen's meetings.

Now for my next idea...

9:13 am edt 

Re: Fishing on the Pier

Recommendation: "Male harbormaster to replace female harbormaster
fishing on duty?"

Let's hope this misogynist crawls under the rock he came from to make this
outlandish post.
9:11 am edt 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Re: Fishing on the Pier

So there is a certain designated area on the pier to fish.
There is a female harbormaster who works nights but cannot control the folks who
fish in non designated areas.  If she wasn't so busy fishing herself and having
to locate her dog, she probably would be able to control the people.

Perhaps there should be a male harbormaster on the night shift in her place?
11:36 pm edt 

So Who is the New PBG Director?

Could someone tell us who the new director is? I wish Nick were staying. He did
a fabulous job. But I would like to know who will replace this person. Please
let us know who was selected.
11:07 pm edt 

Re: PBG Director

I totally agree.  His 'appearance' Saturday was horrible at best.  If one is to
do a PR job for the town wouldn't you think it would start in town.  The board
of the PBG should be ashamed.
11:05 pm edt 

Re: Where is the Building Inspector?

Wake up.  The Building Inspector is a Developer.  Enough said.  When
will you realize and accept that part of living in a "fun" town means you are on
your own, law wise, regulation wise.  Town officials are nothing but puppets for
developers.  If a developer inspects buildings do you honestly think he will
vote against the person buying him drinks?  Wake up. 
11:01 pm edt 

Where is the Building Inspector?

Went by the A-house and down Bradford Street today.  Noticed that 95 Bradford
Street, where a stop work order was posted last year, about this same time for 
many illegal doings, plumbing, electrical, extra bedrooms and a host of other
work violations is again doing work in the house and outside the house? No
orange notice posted in any windoes.   If our building inspector would just walk
around the yard, I am sure he would notice, but since he has not been seen, this
work will continue in the high season as it did last year at the same time.  
7:30 pm edt 

Rose Colored Glasses

All these mysterious questions about who can do what when.  Why, you
sillily (word?) ponder?  Money, dah, and the pockets it is slipped into during
"whatever" or "whenever" the mood strikes. Corruption, not to belittle the
Godfather, exists at the highest and lowest levels yet there are those that put
on those rose colored glasses and drink their little bikini martinis while
wearing little bikinis.  Alas, no worries, the sun will be shining in San Miguel
and Key West in just a few short months and the poor saps that used to hold this
town dear can flounder another cold, barren winter.  Who cares, Teadance will
come, it has too. 
6:50 pm edt 

Provincetown Jazz Festival




Jazz Festival

Provincetown Jazz Festival




Friday, August 12 & Saturday, August 13



Monday, August 15

Cotuit Logo

Buy Your Tickets NOW Without Service Fees Tickets for the Provincetown Jazz Festival


Read All About it...

Press for the Provincetown Jazz Festival:

The Guidebook Cape Cod

Banner Newspaper Article

Boston Blogger



P-B Logo


Thanks to Plymouth & Brockton, we have a "free" bus leaving Hyannis (Exit 6) at 5:00pm for the Friday, August 12, concert in Provincetown. Seating is limited, so buy your $25.00 concert ticket now, without a service fee, and reserve your seat on the bus by emailing



6:11 pm edt 

PBG Director

So I got to see and speak to the new director of the PBG Saturday
night at Purgatory.  What the hell was the PBG thinking when they decided that
this person should be the face and voice of Provincetown?  We for one will not
be renewing our membership in the PBG as it's become too much of a joke.  I'm
sure my business will not suffer and may do better if we're not being associated
with such            
6:07 pm edt 

Street Parking

Why are there 15 cars allowed to park on Commercial Street between the
West End Parking lot and the top of the hill for free? What kind of backroom
deal was struck with the Masthead Inn years ago that Provincetown taxpayers
never heard about?

I saw only one Provincetown permited car.

What a loss of revenue for the Town for years and years.

Perhaps the current BOS should review FREE street parking!
2:21 pm edt 


So, I go down to the pier fishing, to find the harbormaster there fishing
also...  Not only was she fishing but her dog was running loose..

How can this be allowed?  They all bring their dogs with them to work...
1:10 pm edt 

Parking Department:

How does the parking office get away with being closed on Saturdays?  Alot of
people need to get their business done on the weekends....

There are four meter personnel on now, can't one stay in the office to collect
paid tickets, disputes or etc?

1:09 pm edt 

Re: Evicted Tenant

As a former experienced landlord my advice: never contact a current
landlord of a prospective tenant, contact the prior landlord. I found that if a
potential tenant is a problem the current landlord will only say positive things
to get rid of the tenant.
12:38 pm edt 

Evicted Tenant

ATTENTION: when anyone is evicted; it is on their permanent record.
When I served my tenant with an eviction he told me that he found a new place,
so I dropped the eviction. I was never contacted by the new landlord. Many years
ago a tenant moved out and it was only afterwards that the new landlord
contacted me.

I could have told the new landlord that the reason the nephew kicked his uncle
out was because the uncle was spending all of his money on lottery tickets
instead of  paying his share of the rent.

Don't call and cry afterwards--do a thorough reference check before you rent to
anyone. You have no idea who you just rented to, dear landlord--no idea. He
fooled me too.
10:48 am edt 

Affordable Housing

The affordable housing tenant finally moved. I have pictures of the trash and
debris left behind. The new tenants and I were confused to find the batteries
from all of the smoke detectors were in bowl and the smoke detectors were on a

The new tenants found burnt spoons. Since he is in law enforcement to a certain
degree, he said that they are used for cooking dope; thus the smoke detectors
being dismantled.

I'm the lucky one--the new landlord never asked for a reference. Good luck, dear
new landlord.
10:46 am edt 

Parking Dept on Saturday, Town Hall on Fridays

Town Hall is still functionally closed on Fridays although the doors are
unlocked and the lights are on in the mornings.

So good luck getting the Parking-meisters  out of Truro on the weekends
10:44 am edt 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Words Are Special Spare Them PLease

We don't need thousands of words to get your point. Get there. Please. We don't
need five minutes to read words on words. Say it. Then, quickly, say goodbye.
11:15 pm edt 

The Muffia

Heard the expression for the first time last week to
describe who controls Provincetown.  Love it. Explains alot

11:13 pm edt 

Re: Mattress Disposal

I've found the local contract trash haulers will
take an old mattress at a cost.
2:37 pm edt 

Re: Parking Department

The Parking Department should definately be open on Saturdays, a full
day or a half day.
2:35 pm edt 

Re: Mattress Disposal

Usually the company where you buy you're new mattress will take your
old mattress and the box spring

But if you did a cash and carry, you may be stuck with the old mattress. They
are hard to get rid of otherwise. Good luck.
1:33 pm edt 

Dog Days in Provincetown


Dog days in Provincetown

"To the editor: Not to be outdone by the Truro unleashed dogs story in last weeks

Banner [letters to the editor section], Provincetown offers its own version of
true unleashed dog tales: The way it works here is that early each morning Im
awakened by a myriad of dogs barking, continuing their rooster sunrise reverie
until everyone in town is out of bed.

Slowly and begrudgingly, I saunter out to my bay deck to watch the various sized

canines doing their morning business on my beach, sometimes more or less picked
up by their adoring owners.

With difficulty, as you may imagine, I try to work up an appetite for my morning

breakfast until suddenly I hear an armageddon on the bay flats. Two dogs are
fighting voraciously for no obvious reason (as is usual). One brave owner steps
in between the vicious snarls to stop them. This results in his dog attaching
himself to the owners arm in a canine death-hold bite. The owner shakes his arm,

and the dog attached to it tries to free himself from the clampedon teeth. But
the dog wont let go and swings around on his owners arm. Finally, being
exhausted, the owner punches his dog in the stomach with his free arm, which
drops the canine to the sand. Everyone crowds around making excuses for the dogs

aggressiveness before they walk home ensconced in doggie heaven while the
disgruntled owner secretly plans a visit to the ER. So much for my quiet morning

at the beach.

Later, in the afternoon, a naive untanned tourist decides to lie down on the bay

beach and catch a few rays. Not here in Provincetown. The dogs are on patrol 
and with a vengeance. Whose beach is it anyway? Scratching sand on the tourists
face and body, growling menacingly, jumping over her reclining body, bumping
into her  recreation in beach dog park unleashed.

Confused, the visiting tourist decides to go for a leisurely swim, hoping the
barking beach dogs wont go in the water. Sorry! She doesnt know that the bay as
well as the beach belongs to the dogs. They captain boats, radar kayaks, fetch
floating objects, chase sea gulls and, in this case, decide to swim out to the
unsuspecting floating tourist who is thinking all is well. Out of the comer of
what is becoming an ever watchful eye, she sees a dog bounce into the water from

the beach and notes that the unleashed dog is swimming towards her, unheeding
(as is usual) of the mock command screams of his owners  leash laws being
considered archaic by most dog owners).

Unmindful of the owners falsettos, the dog nears the poor naive tourist who
thought she was safe in the bay, safe. The dog, tired of swimming, climbs onto
the novice swimmer inadvertently nearly drowning her while he, the dog, remains
afloat. Canine nails rip the tourists flesh. Arms flail. Owners scream their
commands, seriously now, since they might be sued. Then the explanations:

Oh, he was frightened (he meaning the dog); Oh, he hadnt done his daily morning
dump on the beach; Oh, he was drowning, etc. Our tourist wonders whether she
should go to the ER or not.

Dismayed by the beach scene, our tourist next tries shopping in town only to
trip over long windy leashes and be forced off the sidewalk by both huge and
small dogs alike. Reluctantly, she capitulates and shares a restaurant lunch
nextto tables full of dogs barking, salivating, etc.

Our Provincetown tourist, visiting the top dog town in the

U.S., decides there is only one recourse left for her. She has to buy a dog. And

that is how

Provincetown got to be the doggie capital of the world.

B.A. Zalesky"

I live on the beach and love animals. This article is spot on. Forgotten are the
dogs from a long term business establishment who relieve themselves with

I do not want to ban animals form the beach but during busy times they need to
be leashed and perhaps doggie play time could start later than 6 am.

Anyone found allowing dogs pooping on the beach  or anywhere else for that
matter should be fined a significant amount regardless of who they are and how
long they have been in Provincetown.

As for dogs on the streets, I'd rather encounter them than the bikes going every
which way. At least one stands a chance against the dogs not so with bikes.
1:31 pm edt 

Mattress Disposal

How does one go about getting their mattress and box spring removed? who do I
call? thanks ptowner
10:34 am edt 

Re: Family Week

Whoever wrote the Family Week post at 12:56 PM:
Too bad that the blog is anonymous; I'd love  to know that I'm supporting  your
business.  You have  a very healthy attitude.  Hopefully, most business owners
are like you!
10:33 am edt 

Betty's Back!
Betty Buckley 2011
1:04 am edt 

Message From Dan Wolf of Cape Air

Hello all,
For the second consecutive year I will be riding in the Pan Mass Challenge the first weekend in August. The Pan Mass is a 165-mile bike ride, one of the most successful fundraising events in the country, a true celebration of the human spirit and a beautiful ribbon of humanity that on its second day unfurls down the Cape to the finish line in Provincetown. All of the funds raised by thousands of bikers go to The Jimmy Fund of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for research, prevention and treatment. I ride in support and in memory of all of our families, friends and colleagues who have been touched by cancer; last year I raised more than $6,500 and I would love to do better this time. If you would like to learn more about Pan Mass, contribute to this really important cause, or just come and cheer us all on, visit for more info.

Thank you, best wishes, and much love,

1:01 am edt 

Provencetown Jazz Festival

PTown Jazz Festival

The 7th Annual Provincetown Jazz Festival will be held on August 12, 13, & 15, 2011. On August 12 & 13 the festival will be held at the beautifully renovated Provincetown Town Hall in Provincetown, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. On August 15, 2011, at the Cotuit Center for the Arts on Cape Cod, the Provincetown Jazz Festival comes to Cotuit! Tickets are $25.00 per concert and can purchased without service fees.

The full schedule and more information can be found at


12:56 am edt 

Family Week

I like Family Week. After the 4th and Bear Week, I know it's going to be slower
so it gives me and my staff a chance to clean, dust, restock and get ready for
Carnival Week  it gives me a little breather in the middle of summer. It's not
all about the money. It's about enjoying my life.

I also like seeing all the kids in town. They're happy and fun and enjoying
their little beach vacation with their friends. I try to avoid driving downtown
this week cause I know it's going to be difficult and that's okay.

I also like seeing all the families. As a middle aged gay man, I know that
living my life openly and honestly no matter what the cost has helped these
younger people have the ability to marry and have children.  That wasn't
possible when I was in my 20's. I'm proud of them and for them.

It was a good week. 
12:50 am edt 

\Re: Parking Administrator

Parking Administrator makes between 43 - 52 K as written in the last
12:48 am edt 

Family Week

Get rid of all of the theme weeks.  Summer used to be so fun when there was a
good mix every week of different types.

Do these people really need to self select in this way?  I almost feel bad for
12:47 am edt 

On a Clear Day

Some harbor beaches are closed due to high bacteria levels.  Town
beaches stink, literally.  Some shops say they floundered during "family" week.
Parking kiosks are a joke. Bad joke.  Parking revenues are obviously "lost in
the shuffle" of the delirium of the summer.  Another unaccounted for figure. 
Shankpainter looks more and more like Brockton or Taunton, on a bad day. Bangs
St. prefabs sit empty like 4 hollow white elephants in the corner that haven't
gotten the hint the party's over, despite the fight to put them there. 
Commercial St. on Sunday morning smelt like a stale version of a stale Bourbon
St.  Dog crap said hello within 20 feet of an early morning walk on the beach. 
But you are right, Ptown is great and the sun is shining.  Ptown is the most
unique place in the world.  So what if Jiffy Lube in Hyannis had the same print
hanging offered at a prominent "gallery" in town.  But, alas, unique.  Ptown is
probably the only place hard working fools go to dr!ain themselves of life to foot
the bill for comfy town management and their bed buddies in development. 

Foolstown should be the name of this town.  Cranky old salt is right.  The truth hurts. 
Some business get carte blanche, others get nothing.  Don't worry though, permits
are being nursed and coddled in the pockets of those who we bend over and backward for. 
Pathetic.  Curmudgeon is right and don't forget completely disgusted with the biased
way this town is run unchallenged that is so twisted it makes a pretzel look straight. 
Even on a clear day. 
12:45 am edt 

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I was on Commercial St last night and I entered Lopes Square.  At
Standish St there were 2 policeman directing traffic and doing a great job of
it.  The same at the corner of Ryder St.
2:18 pm edt 

Family Week

Get real!  There is no way that 10 to 20 businesses are going to close
because they had a slow week during Family Week.  It sure sounds like you need
your vacation now.
2:17 pm edt 

Parking Department

Someone implied that Dominik is not liked. False!  It's strictly
business.  Just like we got rid of the meters to bring more revenue to the town. 
If positions under the guy get eliminated, why should we continue paying some
supervisor the same amount?  It's not a popularity contest, just business.
2:12 pm edt 

Family Week

All of the crying was not done this week by the hundreds of noisy
toddlers who came to town for Family week. It was done by the shopkeepers where
money was not spent for a whole week due to Family week. It will be a shame if
10 or 20 businesses are not here next year due to this. Personally, I may close
my business for a week and go on a well deserved vacation myself next year if
these blight on business continues. Happy Family Week...
11:31 am edt 

Beach Rake

Anybody know what ever happened to the beach rake that the Town bought or was
supposed to buy? The beaches in the center of Town are a mess.
9:33 am edt 

Parking Department

Anyone know the current salary of the Parking Administrator, and if it
was increased from the previous year?
1:01 am edt 

Re: Parking Department

If we decrease the Parking Department staff, we MUST also decrease the
salary of the Parking Department Administrator's salary,...

Oh that's where this is coming from, don't like Domenic huh?
12:58 am edt 

Dear Life Long Townie
It was a satirical piece and that's all. I agree, children are our future.
12:37 am edt 

How Quickly We Forget

Funny, back then in the good ole days (more than 30 years ago) I too
dove off the wharf for money near Cabral's float, dove off the decrepid Macara's
wharf too just for fun, knew all the wharf rats that held court there, had the
unpretentious opportunity to swim and drink Boonesfarm with them on a good day,
on the wharf, at the Focsle or under the wharf at low tide.  Surely you remember
this ecletic group of locals being the authority on Ptown that you are.  Anyway,
I digress, and apologize for even challenging your status of being the all
knowing authority on all things Provincetown.  The point is, in this 21st
century, with all our technology, for jimminey cricket sake, this beach directly
abutting a major incoming vein is closed to swimming (paints a nice picture for
the rest of the town) and is still an unsightly mess and still stinks? Excuse
me, where does the tax money go?  Oh, that's right.  Into developers and town
managment pockets, that's where. And not f!
or nothing but I've experienced a "greased pole" contest or two in my day. 
Have you?  and are you still?
12:33 am edt 

Friday, August 5, 2011

To Whom it May concern

To the woman that is just being a       and is just someone who
just does not like children. You are not going to change the fact that their are
children in this town. soooooo if you don't like it then leave because we don't
need nasty people like you here. I have lived here all my life `yes all my life`
and we don't need negative people like you here. Oh and yes i have lived here
all my life i'm not what they call a wash ashore like you.Dogs are wonderful
animals but children are our future.
5:36 pm edt 

How Quickly We Forget

I remember years ago the boats at the pier would empty their waste &
oil right into the harbor and would even sand and paint right on the beach. If
they had water testing back then nobody would have been allowed to go near the
water. Its alot cleaner now. Even the sand is not as dark with oil as it used to
be. Funny how quickly people forget the true past.
5:33 pm edt 

Parking Department

If we decrease the Parking Department staff, we MUST also decrease the
salary of the Parking Department Administrator's salary, since his staff
supervisory responsibilities will have been decreased.  It's a win-win.  More $
into our coffers!
5:32 pm edt 

Then and Now

I used to dive off the wharf 30 some years ago and the beaches and
water were as bad then if not worst!
4:12 pm edt 

Re: Parking Kiosks

If you know only two things about Town Hall.

1) They know who butters their bread

2) They can't do math.
3:24 pm edt 

Re: To: Bar Harbor

Instead of weakly insulting people for having an opinion that differs
from yours, why don't you go lay on a towel and get some sun on the lovely beach
in front of the Surf Club.  Funny, in years gone by the youth of Ptown dove for
coins within feet of this closed beach.  Swam right in the harbor, imagine that. 
Curmudgeon, perhaps, wrong, no
3:22 pm edt 

Re: Parking Kiosks

"I called the Finance Director to get the actual numbers and he
provided me with these numbers for April, May and June 2011. West End Parking
Lot: 2010 Meters  $2,610; 2011 Kiosks  $6,214."

With all due respect, I live near the West End lot and these figures can't be

Take the 2011 figure of $6,214 for 3 months (90 days). That's $69 per day.  It
charges 16 hours a day, so that's $4.32 per hour. The rate is $1.50 per hour, so
on average that's only 2.9 cars in the lot each hour ($4.32 divided by $1.50).

That just can't be correct.

Using same logic for 2010 when West End was 12 hour per day and $1 per hour,
gets an average number each hour of only 2.4 cars.  Again, way low by miles.

Are you sure the Finance Director gave you what you think he gave you?

11:52 am edt 

To: Bar Harbor

Pack your bags and get out of town.  Move to Maine since you dislike this
amazing place, Ptown, so much!    The real beaches Race point and Herring Cove
are where the majority swims not in the harbor!   News Flash, most beaches
across the country are closed from time to time because of bacteria counts . 
You who complains and fears so much will never be happy and always angry as long
as you hold your bitter attitude, it's the law of attraction in action!   I look
forward to all the seasons here on the outer cape there is nothing like it and
hope you leave soon so I do not have to encounter your anger and unhappiness in
town off season.  You are a CURMUDGEON...
11:37 am edt 

Bar Harbor

So what if the water is freezing.  At least the beaches are open.  I'd
rather freeze my tookus off than get some weird bacteria in my eye while trying
to swim.  Ptown is not as unique as you think.  Why, the first welcome matt laid
out to visitors off the Boston boat is a closed, nasty beach abutting the town
pier.  Nice.  Plenty of expensive cheap carnivals are out there.  Get over
yourself.  Better hustle, 4 weeks left and baam, summer's over and the fun
begins.  Count the money and start booking your flights to warmer temps.  Leave
the fools here to wallow in winter. 
8:33 am edt 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do the Math

Been following this back and forth, and it seems curious that the latest blog
figures below, supposedly gotten directly from the finance director, show
parking revenue increases in April to June of over 100% at the 3 lots with new
kiosks (Johnson, Alden, and West End).

Yet here is a quote from the Banner article:

"According to Town Manager Sharon Lynn, who provided selectmen with an update on
Monday night, comparing the months of April, May and June of this year to last
year, parking revenue is up 50 percent at both the Johnson Street and the Alden
Street parking lots, 42 percent at the West End parking lot and eight percent at
the Ryder Street lot."

Somebody's figures are way off. Sharon's, as quoted by the Banner, or this
anonymous blog?

Those same blog figures below, show an increase for the 3 months for those 3 new
kiosk lots of about $16 thousand in total. 

Yet quoting the same Banner story: "According to Finance Director Dan Hoort, the
total increase in revenue for the three months was $141,000."  This is for more
than the 3 lots, of course, but it seems either the latest blog figures are
wrong or the vast majority of the $141,000 increase came from other
(non-new-kiosk) lots, which counters the contention that the kiosks caused the
big increase.

Figures don't lie, but something is way off here.  I'd tend to believe the
Banner since they aren't anonymous, but then again.
11:51 pm edt 

Re: Parking Kiosks

We should use the profits from the kiosks and have them in every
parking lot with those kind of revenue increases.
It's a no brainer. Think of the parking department's payroll and how much
smaller it would be. Anyone know how many people are on that payroll and how
much we'd save?
11:48 pm edt 


Is there any reason why the parking office is not open half day on Saturdays? 
With all the people working, you would think one person could fill in for half
8:12 pm edt 

Re: Bye Bye

Yeah except the Betta Blog out there requires an email address and
name so that won't work.  And how boring that would be.  That blog is silly. 
You'll be back, sooner rather than later.  No one can resist the sweet
temptation to anonymously throw stinging insults.  It's the sugar on the spoon
that makes the medicine easier to swallow.  And, every once in a while, an
important issue is brought to light and discussed. 
8:10 pm edt 

Re: Tough Times Ahead

Instead of selling the town your front yard, truck in about 6, oops I
mean 3 connected to make 6, modular prefabs and plant them right there.  Viola,
instant fortune.  On second thought, judging by those sitting empty in town
already, maybe supply does outweigh demand.  
8:09 pm edt 

Re: Do the Math

Re: "Here are the facts spelled out: the old parking rate was $1 per
hour.  The new rate = $1.50 per hour (50 cent increase). Therefore, for constant
volume, revenue would be up 50% based on this rate increase alone.

The actual increase was 50% at both Johnson St. and Alden St, 42% at West End,
and 8% at Ryder St.  So overall, revenues were up less than 50%...The revenue
increase is not due to the new kiosks as the Banner claimed with no proof
whatsoever. "

Let's actually look at real numbers if they don't get in your way.  I called the
Finance Director to get the actual numbers and he provided me with these numbers
for April, May and June 2011.

West End Parking Lot
2010 Meters  $2,610
2011 Kiosks  $6,214

Alden Street Lot
2010 Meters  $7,510
2011 Kiosks  $15,245

Johnson Street Lot
2010 Meters  $4,483
2011 Kiosks  $8,990

In each of the three lots with a new kiosk for the first three full months of
the parking season the revenue is up 100% or more.  The numbers speak for
themselves, I rest my case.
8:04 pm edt 

Parking in Bar Harbor

Parking is a hassle in Bar Harbor. Most of the nearby parking is out on the
street, your standard parallel parking. There are very few, if any, actual
parking meters. BUT, the signs clearly say "two hour limit" on parking. Now,
you're probably going to want or need more than a couple of hours in Bar Harbor,
especially if you're hanging around for dinner.

What to do, what to do, with respect to parking??

You have two choices, both are technically illegal. But, they work pretty well,
so here goes...

The first choice is to keep your car clean. Like cops everywhere, the constables
in Bar Harbor will put chalk marks on your tires to record that they've "seen"
you in a particular parking place. Then, if they come back two hours later and
find chalked tires, they know that you've been there too long and BAM - a
ticket. So, if you're fastidious like me, and you find any strange chalk marks
on your car, I'd think it only normal that you'd want to immediately spruce up
your wheels, right?

And, the second option is actually a consequence of failure on the first option.
IF you do get noticed spending more than 120 minutes in one of Bar Harbor's
extra-fine parking places, and Rita Meter Maid (Beatles song, not picking on any
particular cop named Rita, honest...) gives you a ticket, the fine is apparently
ONLY something like $10. No big deal, really - cheaper than legal parking in
many places for an afternoon.

So not all roses and so far away!  Plus the water is freezing and honestly there
is no place like PTOWN!!! 

8:02 pm edt 

Bye Bye!

Posted several in the last 3 days, not a peep! It's been a bumpy ride
but there is BETTER blog out there! Ba Bye!
4:51 pm edt 

Bar Harbor

Spent a wonderful weekend in Bar Harbor, great restaurants, shops,
galleries, natural beauty, etc.  Held hands with my girlfriend too with no cross
looks, just smiles.  And guess what?  You can park right on the street for free,
no kiosks or meters.  What a crazy planet this is. 

Ms. Topsy Turvy in a Straight World
4:49 pm edt 

Tough Times Ahead

With what is happening to the economy, I think my only hope for a future is to
sell the Town my front yard. I'm sure that those who have never paid a cent in
taxes will vote to buy my front yard.  While we're at it lets borrow to build a
new police station, hire a few more town employees, etc.  And, I think we need
another street sweeper so they can clean my filthy, filthy side street everyday
instead of just a couple of times per week (what an incredible waste of
taxpayer's money).  I am sure they think all of this crap justifies the high
wages we pay to our town manager and others, not to mention the retirement
benefits we will be stuck with for the longterm. People managing this town are
really ignorant to what they are doing to our future and they seem to be doing
it solely for their benefit.  So, it's a nice day, let's spend more taxpayer
money and we will all feel great.
3:11 pm edt 

Do the Math

OK, one more time for those who asked (who seem awfully defensive for some

Here are the facts spelled out: the old parking rate was $1 per hour.  The new
rate = $1.50 per hour (50 cent increase). Therefore, for constant volume,
revenue would be up 50% based on this rate increase alone.

The actual increase was 50% at both Johnson St. and Alden St, 42% at West End,
and 8% at Ryder St.  So overall, revenues were up less than 50%.  And some part
of the West End revenue increase is due to its 33% increase in hours (most
probably a good part, since people park there overnight).  But forget this West
End part for a minute & look only at the rate.

Since revenue = volume times price; price up 50%, then  revenue must be up 50%
(as it roughly is) unless volume drops a lot.  So until someone shows evidence
of dramatically lower parking volume offset magically somehow by the kiosks (and
no one has claimed that), the revenue increase is essentially due in total to
the 50 cent rate increase. In fact, since revenues are up less than 50% overall,
that is evidence that volume is rate sensitive, as basic economics would argue:
charge more, get fewer sales as people look for alternatives. 

The revenue increase is not due to the new kiosks as the Banner claimed with no
proof whatsoever.  This is NOT to say that the kiosks were a mistake and won't
pay for themselves in other savings.  Just that they are are NOT the cause for
the big revenue increase.  And if you think otherwise, what are your
counter-facts, not defensive hot air.  
3:09 pm edt 

Things to Come

August will be a tough time?  Just asking

Stocks fell sharply Thursday as investors grew more concerned about economic
weakness in the U.S. and Europe.

The Standard & Poor's 500 index sank 2.6 percent, bringing it 10 percent below
its recent high of 1,363 reached on April 29. A decline of 10 percent is
considered to be a market correction. The Dow Jones industrial average is now
down more than 1,000 points from July 21.

11:48 am edt 

Re: Do the Math

"Increase in hours at West End parking lot, where paid parking now in
force from 8 a.m. to midnight.  Was 12 hours, now 16, that's 33% more".

So the 33% more additional hours at the West End parking lot accounts for all
the increase at that parking lot?  Am I understanding you correctly?
10:40 am edt 

Re: Do the Math

"Parking rate up 50 cents per hour. This alone accounts for total
revenue increase.Increase in hours at West End parking lot, where
paid parking now in force from 8 a.m. to midnight.  Was 12 hours,
now 16, that's 33% more."

You speak as if you know everything and have all the facts to back it up which
you don't.  What amount of parking revenue in the the West End parking lot comes
in during the additional four hours?  You don't know do you?  Base your position
on facts, not on hot air.
10:38 am edt 

Re: Candace

Maybe many of you are new to this blog, but the vitriol that has been heaped
Candace's way has been shocking at times.  If she's received special treatment
from the webmaster, you wouldn't know it.

If you're upset because your latest mean-spirited tirade wasn't printed, maybe
you should question your own motivation, not the webmaster's.
10:36 am edt 

Re: Do the Math

We have no way of telling from the numbers presented what contributed to
revenues.  It's a simple question of price x volume.  We know that price went
up, but we don't know what happened to volume.  To determine the efficacy of the
kiosks we need to know how volume compares to previous years.

Right now, there is insufficient information.  That said, I'm happy revenue is
10:34 am edt 

Zalesky's Letter

I found Zalesky's letter to the editor insulting to over 400 people
who own dogs in this Town. Who does she think she is insulting us and those that
we consider part of our families? What is her goal? Banish dogs Town-wide?
That's what I think this is about--banishing dogs from Provincetown so they
can't walk on her Commercial Street,
go to her beaches, and sit at 'her' cafes. Zalesky get a life. It sounds like
you have no problems and lots of time on your hands. Yes, you are indeed a

Whose next in Zalesky's crosshairs?
7:14 am edt 

Hey Disgusted

Tell us about your community service? We all know what Candace has done. My
family including my children are greatful that if, we ever need to use the
emergency shelter at the school, we can bring our three pets.

She also restructured the pier finances and accountibility so my kids don't have
more taxes to pay should they chose to stay in Provincetown.

So, again tell us about your community service?
7:12 am edt 


Does anyone else find it rather ironic that everyone who writes here
and are irritated about what is ON here and complains that there is too much
complaining going on here is more or less an idiot? Why would one complain about
a blog that is more or less all about complaining with a repetitive batch of
complaining? Ha! Seems they fit right in.

Type away, darlings!
12:22 am edt 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Parking Revenue

" What changed in terms of the hours of operation? What changed in terms of
rates? "

Parking rate up 50 cents per hour. This alone accounts for total revenue

Increase in hours at West End parking lot, where paid parking now in force from
8 a.m. to midnight.  Was 12 hours, now 16, that's 33% more.

11:37 pm edt 


So we can complain about the "Blond Taxi Driver" but make no mention
of C. Nagel? Shall we amend her name to "DOG PARK WOMAN"? Will that get our
posts placed on this silly little blog? If the webmaster feels the need to
censor his readership, then perhaps he should take a closer and more in depth
look at the other poor souls whose names have been dragged through this blog! I
know of many who have become so disgusted that they no longer bother to sign on!
I suspect I will follow their lead! Too bad Clarence, this started out OK, but
it's fizzling fast!

11:36 pm edt 

Parking Fees- Soaking the Tourists

Just before every  Town Meeting the Ogunquit Office of Tourism and Fire Island
Visitor Service Board offer a revenue idea to the Provincetown Board of
Selectmen to assist us in raising revenue from Tourists.

This year they suggested an approximate 40% increase in parking rates and decal
fees for non resident property owners (with a minor increase for resident decal

Next up?  A passenger landing fee for the Ferry boats?  Or toll booths on truro 
town line?
11:34 pm edt 

Re: Candace



11:33 pm edt 

WebMaster or is that WebSlave?

Love the "SATERICAL RESPONSE" title and complete REPRINT of the Doggy
Editorial in the Banner! Yes, WebMaster (or is that WebSlave?) We see who you do
your bidding to! All hail the great Nagle! Sorry Mr Walker, Miss Nagle's writing
was less than funny, it was insulting! She needs to actually know what "funny"

11:30 pm edt 

Re: Candace

Of course Clarence will come out in defense of Miss Nagle! She can tar
and feather anyone in her sights here, but let someone post someting that
tarnishes her less than sterling attempts at parody, well, you do the math!!
Sick of the censorship game! My blogging here is over!
11:28 pm edt 

Washington (AP) --

Restaurants, hotels, retailers and financial
companies saw more business in July, but the broader U.S. service industry
experienced its weakest growth in 17 months.

The report Wednesday from the Institute for Supply Management confirms other
data that show the economy is struggling two years after the recession
officially ended.

How is Provincetown doing?   Resaurants had a tough time.  Hotels did pretty
good.  Retailers were mixed.   August will be a tough time?  Just asking
11:25 pm edt 

Traffic Cops:

I do agree with the person who posted on the traffic
cops,you couldnt give me millions of dollars to do that job. As far as them
drinkinking from a cup....They need to drink water and fluids or they will end
up in the ER and that is going to cost the town even more $$$. So officers keep
up the good work, and I this is not a easy job. At least you get out there and
do your job. Thank You for your service.
11:23 pm edt 

Re: Candace

I also wrote a comment about this woman's position and it wasn't posted either. 
Looks like this site shows favoritism even when the comments meet the "criteria
for comments" rule.
11:21 pm edt 

Hey B A Zalesky

Didn't know you owned the beach... state law says
otherwise... might be time for you to pack up and leave Ptown... dogs on the
beach are a way of life here!

Jess Barkin
11:19 pm edt 

Re: Parking Kiosks

Re: "Revenue is up because rates and hours of operation were both
raised substantially.  Despite the kiosks, not because of them."

I'll agree the Banner article made no sense.  But, your vendetta against the
kiosks is a little over the top.  You obviously have something else on your
agenda, either bringing down the people who run the parking dept or protecting
your job in the parking dept. . .
11:06 pm edt 

Re: Parking Kiosks

Sorry, you're going to have to spell the math out for me.

What changed in terms of the hours of operation?

What changed in terms of rates?

How did the kiosks impact this positively or negatively.

Please stick to facts, not conjecture.  Thanks
11:04 pm edt 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This Town is Crazy!

All you people do is        about everything...can't
you ever be happy???
11:34 pm edt 

Traffic Police

I would like to say and being a friend of the dancing cop myself these
traffic officers who work days..are doing a very good job. Tom is very nice and
always has a smile on his face. Chris also does a good job but never ever
smiles..This is Ptown...happy place. Act like you want to be here. This job isnt
easy and that not only comes from observation but from talking to the dancing
cop...keep up the good work!!!
11:32 pm edt 

Parking Kiosks

" Wasn't there just an article in the Banner about Parking Revenue
being up dramatically because of the kiosks? "

Revenue is up because rates and hours of operation were both raised
substantially.  Despite the kiosks, not because of them. 

Do the math. The Banner article made no sense. Gee, that must be a first.
11:31 pm edt 

To: "Pride" Taxi and the Blond Fast Lady Driver

Licensing Board regulates the taxi drivers, and the police department handles

Drops and dime and let them know your concerns.
10:11 pm edt 

Come on Clarence!

Why aren't you printing the blogs about Candace's
letter in the paper? I know of several who have responded and posted here yet
only one found its way to the web! Please don't censor your writers!

Webmaster Comment: Please note the criteria for comments to be published.
10:10 pm edt 

Re: Candace

To the blogger who thinks Candace doesn't like children: bah humbug.
Thank you Candace for forming the Bicycle Advisory Board to help make it safer
for our children to ride on their bikes in Provincetown! I see kids all the time
at the dog park too! Shame on the blogger for her ignorant homophobic rant too!
10:03 pm edt 

Satirical Response


Dog days in Provincetown

To the editor: Not to be outdone by the Truro unleashed dogs story in last weeks
Banner [letters to the editor section], Provincetown offers its own version of
true unleashed dog tales: The way it works here is that early each morning Im
awakened by a myriad of dogs barking, continuing their rooster sunrise reverie
until everyone in town is out of bed.

Slowly and begrudgingly, I saunter out to my bay deck to watch the various sized
canines doing their morning business on my beach, sometimes more or less picked
up by their adoring owners.

With difficulty, as you may imagine, I try to work up an appetite for my morning
breakfast until suddenly I hear an armageddon on the bay flats. Two dogs are
fighting voraciously for no obvious reason (as is usual). One brave owner steps
in between the vicious snarls to stop them. This results in his dog attaching
himself to the owners arm in a canine death-hold bite. The owner shakes his arm,
and the dog attached to it tries to free himself from the clampedon teeth. But
the dog wont let go and swings around on his owners arm. Finally, being
exhausted, the owner punches his dog in the stomach with his free arm, which
drops the canine to the sand. Everyone crowds around making excuses for the dogs
aggressiveness before they walk home ensconced in doggie heaven while the
disgruntled owner secretly plans a visit to the ER. So much for my quiet morning
at the beach.

Later, in the afternoon, a naive untanned tourist decides to lie down on the bay
beach and catch a few rays. Not here in Provincetown. The dogs are on patrol 
and with a vengeance. Whose beach is it anyway? Scratching sand on the tourists
face and body, growling menacingly, jumping over her reclining body, bumping
into her  recreation in beach dog park unleashed.

Confused, the visiting tourist decides to go for a leisurely swim, hoping the
barking beach dogs wont go in the water. Sorry! She doesnt know that the bay as
well as the beach belongs to the dogs. They captain boats, radar kayaks, fetch
floating objects, chase sea gulls and, in this case, decide to swim out to the
unsuspecting floating tourist who is thinking all is well. Out of the comer of
what is becoming an ever watchful eye, she sees a dog bounce into the water from
the beach and notes that the unleashed dog is swimming towards her, unheeding
(as is usual) of the mock command screams of his owners  leash laws being
considered archaic by most dog owners).

Unmindful of the owners falsettos, the dog nears the poor naive tourist who
thought she was safe in the bay, safe. The dog, tired of swimming, climbs onto
the novice swimmer inadvertently nearly drowning her while he, the dog, remains
afloat. Canine nails rip the tourists flesh. Arms flail. Owners scream their
commands, seriously now, since they might be sued. Then the explanations:

Oh, he was frightened (he meaning the dog); Oh, he hadnt done his daily morning
dump on the beach; Oh, he was drowning, etc. Our tourist wonders whether she
should go to the ER or not.

Dismayed by the beach scene, our tourist next tries shopping in town only to
trip over long windy leashes and be forced off the sidewalk by both huge and
small dogs alike. Reluctantly, she capitulates and shares a restaurant lunch
nextto tables full of dogs barking, salivating, etc.

Our Provincetown tourist, visiting the top dog town in the

U.S., decides there is only one recourse left for her. She has to buy a dog. And
that is how

Provincetown got to be the doggie capital of the world.

B.A. Zalesky


10:02 pm edt 

To: "Pride" Taxi and the Blond Fast Lady Driver

I've put off writing this for a week, but once again this woman taxi driver has
taken it upon herself to speed up Freeman Street (where there are many
pedestrians, bikers and delivery trucks) with reckless abandon. A little over a
week ago she nearly plowed me over on my bike on my way to work and two days ago
she nearly mowed over a family because she was going fast on Commercial right by
Patio. She is dangerous and seems to have no regard for the right of way of

Slow down, woman! Your fare will still be there! Stop endangering anyone who
happens to be in your line of drive.

Signed: Barely Alive
1:55 pm edt 

Re: Candace

Well, you had to read her letter in conjunction with the one the week before. 
It was an "attempt" at parody and, unfortunately for Candace it read poorly and
fell very flat.

Unless of course the "To: Candace" author was also trying for humor because
really who has that kind of ridiculous self-righteous outburst without laughing
at themselves?
1:51 pm edt 

Don't Blame DPW

"We needed short term parking with receipt on dashboard monitoring.
They've retrofitted a solution but hard to use and harder still to get them to
work properly."

So what you are saying is our parking revenue would be up even more if people
could use them and they worked properly?

And to another point, the DPW didn't purchase these, they may have helped with
the installation, but that's it.  So let's not jump to blame them if the
incorrect machine was purchased.
1:50 pm edt 

To: Candance Negel

How appalling it is to open up our local paper and
have to read that you feel so entitled in this town that you hope to "join
forces" to rid our beaches of "two-legged" creatures...well in that case we
should be rid of you because you do not own this town not even with all your
money.  Our beaches belong to everyone, they are a part of nature and do not
belong to any one person or group of people!  Do you sleep well at night with
those negative thoughts that cross your mind?  I mean, honestly, Provincetown is
supposed to be all accepting and not just to those of a different sexual
orientation, but to everyone who dances to the beat of their own drum.  It
sounds to me like you are more upset because someone had a problem with a dog at
the beach and are merely trying to prove an insane point.  I love animals, I
love that this town is so loving to creatures of all natures, and yet I cannot
fathom what a small 4 year old did that was so wrong to you, o!
h great Candance, that you would actually have THAT big of a problem with it! 

I grew up in this town and I am proud of it and I hope to one day raise a family
here.  If you don't want children that is your own personal choice but do not
think for even a second that you can rid Provincetown of them.  We are ALL
entitled to our lives..."Live and let live" Candance.  For someone who is far
older than me, it shocks me you aren't wiser.

These are children Ms. Nagal; human beings that live and breath as we all
do...even as our precious dogs do.  And last I knew, dogs defecated on our
beaches all the time..right on the very sand where you prop your beach chair

P.S.  This is not San Francisco.  We ALL have a right to be here!

11:30 am edt 

Parking Kiosks

Wasn't there just an article in the Banner about Parking Revenue being
up dramatically because of the kiosks?

I guess it could have been up even more is your point?  In any event, I don't
see how you can on the one hand say that business is down and on the other say
that the kiosks are a failure.  If parking revenue is up in a down year, that is
a good sign.
11:26 am edt 

Town Payroll at Lopes Sq/Pier Parking Way Up?

Town has posted 2 or 3 cops at Lopes Square (who curiously don't direct
traffic?) so that is a net gain of 1 or 2 depending on the time of day. And
doubled the personnel at the pier parking lot with the new exit.

So not sure I recall exactly what was around last year but probably an average
of 4 or 5 Full time employees (or a combination of part timers)

All this expense yet absolutely no benefit to traffic flow? And fewer parking
spaces on the pier lot?

ps why do we staff inbound parking lot gates. Drivers know how to push the
ticket button themselves. The more we over staff these lots the more compelling
the math will be to move to kiosks for all town parking?
11:24 am edt 


Defend Sinaiko all you want, but he ripped off the town.
9:41 am edt 

Parking Machines Ooopppssss

Lots posted here before. DPW bought the wrong type of kiosk. In short they
bought those with interfaces and functionality to accommodate long term parkers
with line of sight/space # monitoring

We needed short term parking with receipt on dashboard monitoring. They've
retrofitted a solution but hard to use and harder still to get them to work

Every other municipality I've visited got it right, why not Provincetown DPW?

9:40 am edt 

Parking Complaints

Gee I wonder if the complainer(s) about the parking machines are
attendants afraid of losing their jobs?
8:35 am edt 


When are we going to bring Fios to town, so we can a little
competition. Comcast is getting too expensive.
8:33 am edt 

Glad to Have Sanaiko's Garden

Glad that we have this land and the beautiful flowers. It is ours. It belongs to
Provincetown. Better a garden than ted Malone's so-called affordables. I like my
money being turned into flowers and open land than profit-making condo's. Who is
Ted Malone anyways? Who is he really?
12:15 am edt 


No hate on PAAM or its artists shown below. But I dislike the advertising that
has become common on this blog, free or otherwise.
12:13 am edt 

Beyond Our Means

Provincetown and America isliving beyond its means, and help us when
our town officals and BOS realize it.  I hope it is not too late
12:12 am edt 

Re: Out of Control Police

In addition the police report contained outright misinformation and untruths
about the victim's statements to the officer. When the police outright lie to
cover their butts we should all be afraid, very afraid. Chief get control of
your force. A full blown arrest for failure to stop on a bicycle and questioning
an officer is not a good use of resources. Perhaps we should all wear video
recorders so the police are forced to truthfully report events.
12:08 am edt 

Hawthorn Barn

The final deed restriction on the Hawthorn barn hasn't even been drawn
or signed yet, so how do you know whats on it. As with all things legal, it
takes time to work out the details. Stop trying to make trouble where there is
none. Most CPA deed restrictions take more than a year to be finalized! Didn't
your Mother ever tell you not to cry over spilled milk? The vote was taken and
you lost.
12:06 am edt 

Monday, August 1, 2011


You really hate those parking ticket machines don't you? Is it because
the town is making more revenue with them?
11:26 pm edt 

Re: You Better Have Friends

The only friends you'll need are the
voters at town meeting. The CPC and The historical commission only vote to bring
projects to town meeting for a vote. I take it you don't have any friends
because everything you seem to be against gets voted FOR at town meeting!
11:25 pm edt 

Sinaiko's Garden

All I can say is recheck your facts on how and when, you get a deed
restriction when you get the CPA check. Nobody gets any money until all the
legals are done. (deed restriction)
11:23 pm edt 

Sanaiko's Garden

$250,00.00 was a very good price for Suzannes garden park and $1.00
was an even better price for Groziers park then. And like I said, your the type
of person who would vote against both. You are like the tea party people who
only care about keeping all of your hard earned money and to hell with anything
for the greater good of all!
11:22 pm edt 

Questionable Deed Restriction

A Deed Restriction Was Not Originally on the Hawthorne Barn when Praeger was
given $75,000 for his now residence

Prager is a master at getting grant money to subsidize the cost of purchasing
and renovating this property.  It is amazing that one person would be able to
manipulate the system to get a new home out of the deal.  The town should be
weary of giving him any more money and should keep an eye on his manipulation.
11:19 pm edt 

Sinaiko's Garden

There are at least three webcams around town-pier, chamber of commerce
and along commercial street. let's reycle one for a 3-month period and place it
on Sanaiko's secret garden that no tourist would even know how to get to. where
is it leasted as a resource to tourists let alone residents who don't know where
it is?
11:15 pm edt 

PAAM Event


August 3, 6:00pm, $15

Provincetown Art Association and Museum

460 Commercial Street, Provincetown

508-487-1750, PAAM



Rebecca Parris

Rebecca Parris (vocals), Paul McWilliams (piano), Laird Boles (bass) and Bart Weisman (drums)


This will be Rebecca's only appearance on Cape Cod this Summer, so you don't want to miss this concert!

Spend the day in Ptown, go to a restaurant, enjoy the shops and please join us for this early concert.

9:32 am edt 

Sinaiko's Garden

Re: "I bet if you were around when the park where the Boatslip is today
was offered to the town for $1.00 you probably voted no with the other idiots on

Duh, $1 is a little different from $250,000.
9:08 am edt 

Sanaiko Et Al

Mr. Sinaiko is to be thanked for volunteering on our local fire department but
on the other hand he should be chastised for his "gift of a garden" that we as
taxpayers had to pay for. Gordon Gaskill who cared and tendered for  that garden
over the years, god rest his soul, is probably celebrating in heaven that it
remains a beautiful gardent but the "appraisal" and the rip off to tax payers is
a disgrace.

Johnathan and his family if they "cared" about the town and overdevelopment could
have DONATED  the space to the community!! He is a bore at town meetting and loves to hear himself speak, he should take a long breath, do his homework and                      period, another            in our lovely fishing village called Provincetown.
9:06 am edt 


Why are there so many problems with the ticket machines?  Who is in charge?  How
can you read the meters driving by them you have to get out to read them! 
9:02 am edt 

Re: Sanaiko's Garden

Whatever your misgivings are about the garden, why install a webcam? That will
cost money, and no one can pay for it.

Instead of spending more money, I propose a solution that is free of charge.
Take a stroll down Commercial Street in the East End to enjoy its beauty. It's
worth the effort. Claiming you don't know where the garden is means you voted
for an article at Town Meeting without even checking out the facts. Who does
that? Shame on you!

Town Meeting voted to approve the garden. The goods were delivered. The garden
is beautiful. So much so that PAAM included it in their Secret Garden Tour this

Many people have enjoyed this garden. Perhaps you can take a moment of your time
to do the same.

9:01 am edt 

You Better Have Friends

If You Have an Old House You Better Have Friends who Control the CPC
and that Odd Historical Eric Dray Group

Get them on board and you might find new clapboards on your old house. We have
squandered our CPC resources and it's not Sanaiko's Garden but Ted Malone's
millions that we gave away so he can make money on not-so-affordable housing for
his friends. It's not only Washington that is corrupt. Provincetown has its fair
8:59 am edt 

Questionable Deed Restriction

A Deed Restriction Was Not Originally on the Hawthorne Barn when
Praeger Was Given $75,000 for his now residence

He initially asked for $180,000 for the town to restore his property. He was
granted the CPC monies of $75,000 and there was no deed restriction placed on
the Hawthorne Barn. check to see if it is even there now. The public access is
so limited as to be a figment of someone's imagination. The public will be
restricted perhaps to Praeger's friends.  He will be living there most of the
time and the public can view it from Miller Hill.
8:56 am edt 

Re: Out of Control Police

First off, it appears from you message that something is missing between he was
yelled at and then arrested..   secondly,one does not have to be under the
influence of anything to have committed a crime, thirdly, amount of years at the
same job-nothing to do with it, fourthly, whether your a nice guy or not again,
doesn't mean  your not capable of slipping and lastly,  noone should ever
interfere with the process of an asrrest !  What are people thinking ?
8:54 am edt 

Re: Sanaiko's Garden

"But if the price is right, please contact any committee member or
attend their next meeting, this Wednesday 4:00PM at town hall."

The going price is about $250,000 for a five thousand sq ft parcel of land
8:49 am edt 

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