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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bangs Street Pre-Fabs

The firemen are voluteers, they choose what they do. The condos are prefab and
bring in much needed revenue. To choose to do something stupid is their choice,
the developers have no such choice, they have to make money or get out.
5:46 pm edt 

Kudos For Dog Park!

The dog park has shade! Where have you been? Planet self-loathing?
Yeah, the dogs were escaping from the heat. Hardly.

It just slays you how wildly popular Provincetown's dog park is and how it
receives ongoing local, regional and national coverage! Equally as important it
has the support of the community and town officials. I was cc'd on this great
press and so weren't all the selectmen and members of the VSB.

Off to sit in the shade at the dog park while my three dogs play!
3:46 pm edt 

Modular Home Potential Fire Hazard

Instead of worrying about whether the Fire Ladder guy still works
here, you should be worried about whether or not our Fire Dept. has taken the
appropriate courses taught at the State level to deal with modular construction
fires and their possible hazards.  The building industry claims one thing, the
Acushnet Fire Chief claims another.  This attitude of build build build that has
become the town's mantra could possibly pose some dangerous conditions for the
Fire Dept.. No mention in any of the meeting minutes ever about scheduling or
taking these courses and there is multi modular construction in this town???  
No one answered whether 90 Shankpainter was going to be prefab or not?  This
seems important, for the inhabitants as well as the neighborhoods.  More
important than skype or soccer.  Or am I barking up a wrong missing dog park
3:44 pm edt 

Have Your Boots Ready?

This is the busy weekend and do I trust the sewer system? No, not yet. I'll keep
my rubber boots handy for the disaster that has already shown it's ugly head. I
jutst hope the DPW has enough bleach for the streets again.

2:10 pm edt 

Re: Fire Department

He doesn't even live here anymore.

Move on.
2:07 pm edt 

Fire Department

Is it true that the kid who destroyed the fire department ladder truck
still works for the fire department?
1:01 pm edt 

A Spider Web of Conections

How well put and how true. As you write no one can really untangle the
conections that are hidden like many a spider's web that hangs in the dark
corners of town hall. When town hall was renovated, these dark webs were not
removed. They were permanently put in place and the
$9 million spent helped to make these dark connections a permanent part of doing
business and living here in town.

Corruption has a way of appearing clean, honest, and friendly. Many a spider
smiles when she sees you and then you tragically discover that she is the Black
Widow Spider and she is biting deep into your neck. Then it's much too late for
you. Much too late.
12:59 pm edt 

"Barks and Recreation"?

Did anyone see the article on MSN titled "Barks and Recreation"?  The
article describes diffrent dog parks accross the country with photos of some of
them.  These parks include Dog Beach in San Diego, described as one fence being
the end of the beach; the other the pacific ocean.  Shaggy Pines Dog Park, a 20
acre park near Grand Rapids Mich. with rolling hills and miles of trails. 
Tomkins Square Park NYC, a shady dog park with a soft mulch surface.  And then a
photo of Provincetown's Bark Park.  In this photo it shows three poor dogs one
of which is standing on a bench to be off the hot gravel, another squeezed under
the same bench to get some shade and the third dog, being too big to get under
and to overcome by the heat to climb up on it, is standing looking rather
miserable.  The diffrence in these photos speaks for itself.  What a sad place
for our canine friends.
11:17 am edt 

Faulty Traffic Control

My experiences this week walking through lopes square.  Absence of any
police directing traffic.  Two officers standing off to the side chatting and
paying no mind to traffic or pedestrians.  Why does it take two officers to
direct traffic?  There should be one officer each at Lopes sq.  And Ryder St.
directing the increasing cars and pedestrians.    This is not difficult to
figure out.  Let's all call the police department and question this lack of

Also, what is with the speeding of cars with no regards to pedestrians or bikers
on both Commercial and Bradford St's ?
11:14 am edt 

Re: Absentee Resident

Poor, poor 2nd home owners who have to schlep from the city to enjoy
their investments on their days off.  Wow, cry me a river.  This town is run by
a spiderweb of connections that could never be straightened out.  Accept it and
move on.  Vote, no vote, do you honestly think it matters.  Those that actually
run the town and control it couldn't care less who votes or what they vote on. 
Their agenda is set.  Drain the town of all open space, build and sell or rent. 
High rents and the r.e. market drive this town, not the little gift shop or the
restaurant open for 3 months a year or the fishing boat allowed to fish 10 days
a summer.  Wake up and stop crying about having no rights as a 2nd home owner. 
At least you are lucky enough to own a 2nd home.  Imagine if you had to work 3
jobs and couldn't own 1 home, like many people here.  Or even worse, had to
survive a winter here without any tea parties or bikini-martinis.  Wholly moley.  

9:36 am edt 

Hey, Absentee Homeowner!

If you lived here full time, you would know
that Saturday is the hardest day to have a meeting because if you lived here you
would be working at one of your THREE JOBS!!!!
9:04 am edt 

Absentee Resident

RE- I like the term "absentee residents" much more than "second home
owners." LOL! They're like absentee landlords - they want all the benefits that
come with their position, but don't want to do any of the work.

This is the most rediculous and insulting statement to second home owners. 
Believe me - if we could serve on boards we would "do all the work" and make
sure things were done the right way.  Meetings would be on Saturdays so anyone
who wanted to attend could - not at 1pm on a Wednesday - when only 5 people
could show up.

And don't tell me to move here - I can't yet.  I have to make a city salary to
pay for my house and the town's taxes. What am I supposed to do - drive here on
a Tuesday to vote or on a Wednesday for a meeting ?  This town is set up to
accomodate only those who are here full time not the other half of the town who
pay taxes that can't be here.

This town has no problem with collecting it's tax revenue from its incredibly
expensive real estate - who do you think makes that happen ?  The second home
owner who has driven up real estate prices here because they are willing to make
an investment in this town even though they have to schlep back to the city to
make a salary to pay for everything yet have no vote.  

You have no idea (or maybe you do and that is what you are afraid of) how things
would change if we got involved - no more handshakes behind closed doors - winks
and nods etc.
We would show you what it is to "work" and how to do things the right way

8:38 am edt 

Thank You!

Thank you Lord for this beautiful day!! Relax, Chill, Forgive and Forget. Love
one another.
7:48 am edt 

"Absentee Residents"

I like the term "absentee residents" much more than "second home
owners." LOL! They're like absentee landlords - they want all the benefits that
come with their position, but don't want to do any of the work.

And again, the whole point of this topic was that several board members don't
attend meetings on a regular basis. You can pat yourself on the back and point
out all the initiatives you've "spearheaded" till the cows come home. If you
aren't present at the meetings, you're not doing your job.
7:47 am edt 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've seen several people complain on this blog about the incompetence
of the new police officers who replaced the dancing cop.

Well, since they're not doing anything at the intersection, maybe they can walk
a few steps down Commercial and do something about the constant traffic jams and
bike accidents caused by the 6 - 10 people in towels and cheerleader outfits
standing in the middle of the road barking for shows at the Post Office Cafe!

The other day I saw two guys in drag out there holding up traffic for about 5
minutes while they chatted with some tourists. When one of several cars they
were holding up honked his horn, one of the drag queens began dancing in front
of the frustrated driver's car and taunting him.

Yeah, I know, "It's Provincetown," but isn't it a public street too? Do there
really need to be that many people standing in the road handing out flyers in
front of one establishment?
9:40 pm edt 

Bradford Closed This Morning For DPW Work @ ASG & Town Hall

No detour signs, no direction. No access to town parking lot. We were directed
in the area behind Crowne Pointe with no information or posted detour. Folk
going in the west end were sent up Alden Street. 

So we sent all those pesky tourists back on westbound Route 6 before they
wondered in for lunch or shopping on Commercial Street.

Yet another example of DPW with an assist from Provincetown Police in a
simultaneous display of incompetence.

Hopefully, this year the State Police will again assume command of traffic for
the 4th of July.
9:38 pm edt 

Department of Environmental Services

I spoke to the Department of Environmental Services this morning. The
person in charge of Chapter-91 waterfront licensing told me that Aqua Bar nor
Aquarium Mall has never applied for any permits for renovation last summer on
the water. Also, they never applied for anything with wetlands either. They are
now investigating. I would recommend we all start turning in those who skip the
rules and process in this town. It's rather ridiculous that they get away with
these things don't you think? Thanks for pointing this out on the blog.
9:35 pm edt 

Re: Board Attendance

Calling out lack of compliance with the town charter in board service is not
negativity discouraging board participation. It is simply asking that the town
charter be complied with. Regardless of how hard it is to find people for
boards, how much those with spotty attendance records get their feelings hurt,
the town charter needs to be followed. If it is not possible to populate boards
with competent people under the current charter then the voters should be asked
to change the rules.
9:34 pm edt 

Absentee Board Members

"it DOES matter how much time board members spend away
from town. If you don't actually physically live here, your interest in the town
and it's issues is going to be as limited as your presence"

Really? I'm here less than nine months and serve on a town board, another
board's subcommittee, a working group and a non-profit. When I'm not a a BOS
meeting, I watch it on PTV.
I have spearheaded bringing six articles to Town Meeting in just three years.

When I am away in the winter, I do a lot of my research for my next round of
initiatives that I believe will enhance our community and tourist based economy.

In conclusion, my 'interest in the town and it's (sic) issues is' not 'as
limited as' my 'presence.' That's why I believe all boards should have at least
one position that is open to a second home owner as my lifestyle reflects more
of a second home owner and I have seen what I can accomplish in our community.
9:32 pm edt 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Board of Health

Yeah, in the moldy basement of any one of about 10 different places
that are never inspected by the ever vigilant BOH but serve food to the general
public despite the smell downstairs.   Talk about a liability case waiting to
happen.  Hope the premiums are up to date.
11:36 pm edt 

World Cup
Just Call the Crown & Anchor i am sure they can put the soccer games on the TV's
and big screens in the WAVE Bar.

They always show sporting events all year.
11:34 pm edt 

Board Member Absenteeism

Re: "If people are registered to vote here they are legally residents
and are entitled to serve on boards (whether or not they own property and pay
property taxes).  It does not matter how much time they spend away from the town
as long as they attend the meetings."

Entitled seems to be the key word here. Nobody questioned the legality of
absentee residents serving on boards, but rather the practicality. The reason
this issue was brought up in the first place is because it was pointed out that
several people serving on town boards DO NOT attend meetings regularly in the
off season.

As far as I'm concerned it DOES matter how much time board members spend away
from town. If you don't actually physically live here, your interest in the town
and it's issues is going to be as limited as your presence. If you are going to
treat Provincetown as your summer home, then please don't try to make important
decisions for the people who live here year round. We deserve better.

11:00 pm edt 

Women's World Cup

TEAM USA won first game in Women's World Cup.  Their next game is
Saturday 11:30 AM on ESPN.  Any place to watch in group?
5:22 pm edt 


When you are done showing all us hicks how to use skype, are you going
to be giving lessons on how to use the parking kiosks too?  And don't forget the
class about changing tires and fixing loose wheel bearings (you know, from all
those potholes and uneven spots that are going to get fixed too somewhere in the
2:37 pm edt 


It never ceases to amaze that because one blogger disagrees with the
viewpoint of another, insults start to fly.  The blogger whose viewpoint is not
agreed with must cast insults to feel strong and bully others into submission. 
Because someone disagrees they are "ignorant".  I think not.  That person
casting the insult is the ignorant one.  Grow up.  Skyping town board meetings
is a stupid idea.  Bad enough people don't want to be on boards but to think
they can have a few pops and sit down and skype in their views over a bottle of
wine while sitting in their underwear is about where this is at.  Good grief. 
My town deserves town boards that are involved and present in person.  If that
can't or won't happen, get rid of them and go to a dictatorship.  That's what it
is anyway with Developers sitting on the throne, clammering for top lap
2:35 pm edt 

Skype Peake or Wolf first.

Want to skype into a government meeting? You'd better skype Sarah Peake or Dan

In Massachusetts teleconferences are illegal.  What's more most email among
board members is prohibited (tho often ignored I understand).  The only
exception is citizens may submit public comment in writing and in advance of a
public hearing and may do so electronically.

So meetings have to be posted and advertised, held in public and all
participants present. Meetings without quorums may not proceed however
informally even when no votes are scheduled.

How very 20th Century good government.
11:55 am edt 

Absentee Board Members

If people are registered to vote here they are legally residents and
are entitled to serve on boards (whether or not they own property and pay
property taxes).  It does not matter how much time they spend away from the town
as long as they attend the meetings.  There are not enough people volunteering
to sit on boards as it is.  All the negative comments about volunteer board
members on this blog only serve to further discourage involvement in town
7:35 am edt 


Video conferencing, skype or other means of technology available are
standard practice in the corporate sector.

But our ignorant poster NEEDS to have EVERYONE physically present at each
meeting? ? Give us a break. You need to get over the other side of the bridge
once in your life!

Pedestrian views equals a backwater community. Don't be afraid of the technology
but embrace it! We will show you how to use Skype which no doubt you don't know
how to use and are afraid of.
7:32 am edt 

90 Shankpainter

Re: "Just curious as to whether the multiple "affordable" housing
buildings going up on Shankpainter are going to be pre-fab modulars
like the townhouses on Bangs St. Ext? "

Actually when I saw all those minibuses parked in Jerome Smith lot I thought
those were second hand prefabs for Shankpainter---turns out it is just our town
funded parking garage.
7:30 am edt 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Absent Board Member

If you aren't here for a substantial part of the year (regardless of
the fact that you own property and are a tax payer,) you shouldn't be serving on
a town board. The job of an elected official is to serve the town and it's
residents. There's no way to do that effectively if you aren't here for a good
portion of the year.

It's common sense.
9:30 pm edt 


Hey, most of them phone it in anyway....
9:28 pm edt 

Re: Where is Donald Our Dancing Cop?
Are you kidding?  Do you really want to bring up this tired subject?  I was on
Commercial St. this weekend and the traffic was moving right along.  Let the
poor man retire in peace.
9:26 pm edt 

90 Shankpainter Road

Just curious as to whether the multiple "affordable" housing buildings
going up on Shankpainter are going to be pre-fab modulars like the townhouses on
Bangs St. Ext?  Anyone know?    
1:43 pm edt 

90 Shankpainter Road Ground Pounding

I'm surprised that people expected 5 affordable housing buildings to go up in a
whisper. I read here last year that this was a burn dump and that it would need
to be covered.

This is just the start: Expect months upon months of wind blown dirt covering
everything in sight. Months upon months of skill saws starting at 7am.

What wealth these developers will be getting and all at our expense and peace of
mind and the quiet enjoyment of our own abodes.
1:29 pm edt 

Where is Donald Our Dancing Cop?

Was at lopez square this weekend.  2 cops directing traffic and people were
backed up forever.  How could 2 full time cops not get this right?   Maybe
it's time to rehire Donald, that is if he was willing to come back?
Would make visiting downtown not only enjoyable, but easy.
1:27 pm edt 


How ridiculous! If you are not here for a good portion of the
winter, resign or don't join.
1:24 pm edt 


Why not let the Town Manager govern via skype also, and the rest of
town hall while we are at it?  Parking kiosks are above the mentallity here and
you want skype.  That's a recipe for disaster if ever there was one.  Or we
could require people on town boards to attend in person.  What a crazy thought. 
Skyping town board meetings is on the same level as the Green Line.  Maybe even
a lower level.  Such silliness. 
11:45 am edt 

Real Townie Passes

1) Minimal qualification requirements for seasonal unemployment benefits (time
card and work schedule reporting "shifting" easily overcome the few state rules)

2) Massachusetts unemployment collected while working in sunshine states

3) Tax payer subsidized affordable housing rented annually but occupied

JACKPOT:  Combine passes 1,2 and 3 and you've got the Ptowner Townie JACKPOT.
11:43 am edt 


"...Using Skype is a no brainer for better government in Provincetown!"

I agree it's a good idea.  Unfortunately state laws don't allow it yet.
9:27 am edt 

Re: Board Attendance

I think if you look back in the archive you will see mr j's spotty attendance
record has been raised on this forum before. BOH is a powerful board with direct
regulatory authority which voters cannot override. It should abide by the
charter. Mr J likes to cite science, how about he complies with the law?

9:25 am edt 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Provincetown Beware

New York passes Gay Marriages.
I wonder how this will affect our
10:23 pm edt 


Perhaps if Provincetown voters who go to town meetings vote in favor
of board members being able to Skype in when they are off Cape, we would not
have so many openings not so many absent board members. Using Skype is a no
brainer for better government in Provincetown!
10:21 pm edt 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Conflict of Interest on Town Boards

Most times one does not check the minutes of a board
until there is an issue of concern. It is then that certain
points come to light such as attandence. I don't think
anyone is after Mr. Janson as a person but are voicing
concern about the process and procedures.
8:09 pm edt 

Resale of Town Water

I have re-named the subscription water bottle service in Provincetown
selling our public water to tourist in cheap plastic water bottles.
True-To-Nothing is more like it. It is public water that you are selling at our
expense and making a profit from. Go back to California and sell public water to
some sucker there.
12:31 pm edt 

Chair of Historic District Commission

John Dowd
From the minutes
3/9/11 absent
3/16/11 absent
4/6/11 absent
Three consecutive meetings and he's the Chair?
Wake up Provincetown!
As someone posted earlier,  don't be on a Board unless
you are here during the winter and are dedicated.
Most Boards meet every 2 weeks which gives a member
plenty of off time. If you choice to spend more time away,
that is Your Choice, but then resign. Otherwise you are
non effective on a Board.

A former member of a board who resigned because I
knew I could not attend during the winter.
12:29 pm edt 

Building Department

So why does the owners of Aqua Bar and Provincetown Art House get away
with these violations? Who's      are they          in the town building
department? I'd like to know. The Attorney General's office would enjoy knowing
12:27 pm edt 

Board of Health

Now that the BOH has brought up a subject that is unpopular amongst
certain businesses (the outdoor smoking ban) there is a witch hunt to try to
have Ken Jansen removed from the board.  If you were so concerned about his
attendance and this has been going on for years, why wait until now to bring it
up?  Because you do not like the way the BOH is moving on the smoking ban.  I am
sure if you checked all the town boards you would find plenty of other board
members that are absent from meetings.  As usual there are people pulling dirty
tricks because they are not happy with the dealings of a town board. The BOH is
here to deal with health issues, not economic issues.
12:25 pm edt 

The Ranch

Speaking of the Ranch and which Howard owns, does the BOH know that
they             after 1PM?   Oh, people on the street bring it in, but they
supply the mixers.   Let howard fix the ranch blatent rules before he goes
knocking other peoples business
12:24 pm edt 

Board of Health

at the moment the BoH has 5 members plus 1alternate.
How can Ken Janson sit as a full time member and yet
miss 5 consecutive meetings? Bump Up the alternate as a
full member and remove Janson and find a new alternate.
It's so easy. But  Mark Phillips, the Chair of BoH as well as Vice chair
of the Charter Commission can't  see this?
what a blatant breach of protocol, Robert's Rules and Town
10:18 am edt 

Letter to the Banner

I just love Howard Burchman's letter in the Banner re: BOH. What a hypocrite,
maybe he should allow the BOH to inspect the basement of the RANCH, see if that
passes muster or even better have the BOH or Licensing or BOS drop into the
Ranch when they have their Late night "socials"                      to anyone that
walks in the door after 1 am. I am sure Howard wants the BOH and BOS to know
that his business is run within all the rules and regulations pertaining to any
BOARD or town by-law!! Another blow hard who loves to pontificate to the masses.
9:29 am edt 

Here's Another Definition of Townie

When you've lived here long enough that the locals recognize you, know your name
and know you live here, you are a townie. A townie is someone who is woven into
the fabric of the community.

If you have to tell people you are a townie, you're not one.
9:26 am edt 

Re: Townie

"What townie passes and discounts really mean is that it is ok to
fleece and overcharge the visitors while protecting the "locals" from the same

If you call a five dollar cover charge getting "fleeced" then you'd better not
travel to a real city where most nightclubs charge ten to twenty dollars
admission. I think a cover charge is pretty standard and most of the local clubs
are more than fair in their rates. Tourism is the biggest industry in this town.
If we don't charge the tourists money for services, we won't have much of an
economy, will we?

Also, if you feel like you're being fleeced, they why are you visiting here? You
are certainly free to vacation elsewhere.

9:02 am edt 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Affordable Housing

"Whitey", with all his stashed bucks, couldn't afford an "affordable"
unit in this town at market rate for 16 years.  Don't kid yourself. Not many
can.  And that will be proven in the next few years.  Overdevelopment will kill
this town and already is.  
7:02 pm edt 

Re: Town Boards

If You Winter Elsewhere or Travel All Winter You Should not Serve on
Town Boards

theya re for people who live in town and are in town. If you can't be here
during the winter--and that is your choices--you should not serve on a town
board. It's as simple as that and as responsible as that.

Otherwise, we don't really have a board that is continous in its debates and
issues and responsible to the residents and voters.

It's a sham and a game to do otehrwise.
7:01 pm edt 

True Townie

Last year I was at a horse race track. As I was walking to the betting window I
had to pass the simulcast screens. I noticed a horse named "Provincetown"
running at another track. Although he was listed as 20 to 1, I felt that I was
obliged to place a sizable bet on the name of my home town. "Provincetown" won
by at least 15 lengths and I collected a considerable profit. I made money by
betting on the name of my home town and didn't have to step on anyone's toes. 
6:59 pm edt 

Re: To: The Question

" the member notifies the chair of the planned absence,
that issue goes away."

Actually, no it doesn't. If one reads the charter, which I have from cover to
cover, it specifically says that all aspects of every meeting must be noted and
clearly printed for public consumption. Now if a board member is "excused" and
it is so noted in the minutes, then that indeed counts. However, if the board
member is simply listed as "absent" in the minutes then that is just that:
absent. If the chair is so lax as to not note, and note specifically, that a
sitting member has been properly excused then the board member should be, by
every right, released from duty on the board. And not for nothing, but a chair
of a board who does not do his job properly by "excusing" a member and noting it
properly for the minutes probably shouldn't be on the board either, much less
the chair of said board. Such lackadaisical behavior is indicative of someone
who is not organized and does not respect the process as laid out by the charter
and proper rules of order. 
6:57 pm edt 

We're Provincetownies

It's not towneis or not. We live here. We love this place. Then we are
Provincetownies. It's about how we feel and how we coonect with each other. We
link up with some; others link up with others. But we are all here and what ties
us together is Provincetown. It's that simple and that great.
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Affordable Housing

I am happy that Whitey wasn't found living in an affordable unit in
2:29 pm edt 

To: The Question

"Why is Ken Janson on the board of health  when he misses so many

2 reasons

a. the charter allows removal only if you have 3 "unexcused" consecutive
absences. so as long as the member notifies the chair of the planned absence,
that issue goes away.

b.  very few people are volunteering for these boards. if someone who would
attend the meetings year round were to apply, the selectmen would then owe us a
big explanation for not replacing ken.

its as simply as that. if you don't like what this board is doing, you MUST

1:51 pm edt 

Re: "Unbridled, Unchecked Town Board Gone Wild"
That should be the theme of Carnivals.

This is one of the funniest things I have seen on here in a long time - awesome
1:49 pm edt 

Conflict of Intrest on Town Boards

Mark Phillips, Chair BOH also former Chair and now
Vice Chair to the Charter Commission. And he does't
even know the Charter. Chapter 3, section 3-1-3.
Miss 3 consecutive Meetings you are out. It is up to the Chair to
He is enabling Janson to remain a member of BOH and yet
disregards the Charter.
So much for leadership and service to the best intrest to
the Town.
1:47 pm edt 

Re: Ken Janson Vice Chair Board of Health

He is able to stay because he is "connected".  Remember the name of
the game is connections.  Rules don't matter, bylaws don't matter.  If you don't
like it, you could hire a private attorney at your own cost to try to get the
town regulations that are ignored by the boards that decide on them, enforced. 
Good luck.  Because it won't happen otherwise.  Unbridled, unchecked town boards
gone wild.  That should be the theme of Carnivale.  And, when asking for that
townie pass at the kiosk on Bangs St. Ext., don't forget to soak yourself in bug
spray first, or you ain't getting anywhere near the end of Bangs St., especially
after this rain.  Town boards and mosquitos gone wild.
11:37 am edt 

Ken Janson, Vice Chair, Board of Health

12/15/10 excused
1/6/11 absent
Feb no meetings
3/3/11 absent
4/7/11 absent
5/5/11 absent
5/21/11 present
6/2/11 present
6/16/11 present

Yea, the Charter states 3-1-3
miss 3 consecutive unexcused meetings
you are out.

Why is he still on one of the most
important town boards?
11:35 am edt 


Let's just agree do disagree on the smoking issue and MOVE ON. Festivus
11:33 am edt 

Boards of Health

People!  You better really start taking a good look at who is being appointed to
boards.  The Board of Health is one board that has autonomy.  This is something
that can be scary and very dangerous.
11:32 am edt 

Board of Health

Could someone please explain to me why Ken Janson is allowed to remain on the
board of health? A quick check of minutes shows that he was absent for ALL
January through March meetings. A check back into older minutes shows that this
is the pattern every year. He can't seem to be bothered to participate in any
winter meetings yet he shows for spring and summers meetings. I didn't know
there were seasonal board seats. I thought there was a rule that if someone
missed a certain number of meetings they were removed.
8:32 am edt 

Townie Passes

What townie passes and discounts really mean is that it is ok to fleece and
overcharge the visitors while protecting the "locals" from the same treatment.
8:01 am edt 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

For What It's Worth...

MY understanding has always been that townie passes are for the people who live
here (as opposed to tourists) and that the reason we are awarded this perk is
that we, the locals, the working class, are being given a financial break
because our kind business owner neighbors know that we are not wealthy
out-of-towners with lots of cash to throw around.

10:46 pm edt 

Re: "Porterguee"

Sir or Madam
I noticed today that in Shout Out you allowed to be published the work
PORTERGUEE. Please understand that historically  this is the term to degrade
Portuguese immigrants such as the N word is used to degrade Black people or if
you will, the same as other ethnic slurs.  Kindly do not allow this term to be
used in your blog.  Thank you
10:44 pm edt 

Wow, I am Freaked Out!

Don't tell me crazy, out-of-this-world stuff doesn't exist. 
Yesterday, out of the clear blue for no reason other than it popped into my head
for a blink while typing, I, rudely apparantly, as was jokingly? pointed out,
referenced "Amos and Andy".  Then just now, and after years and years of never
hearing the phrase, flipping through channels "Amos and Andrew" is on an Encore
channel.  That's messed up.  I might have to do a serious house cleaning. 
Granted, it would dwarf that required by town hall, but still, a daunting task
at best.  Wow, I am freaked out.

Sorry to blog the blog but I thought it weird enough to warrant disclosure and
be deserving of appreciation on a base level. Thank you for listening. 
10:41 pm edt 

Re: Townie

I wish the townie issue was a mute point. Then I wouldn't have to hear
about it.
10:38 pm edt 

Has the Banner Drunk the Koolaid?

So it seems. This smoking ban is not about health. Research the real issue and
the real facts. It is a sham and the Banner should not be supporting this
fabricated "health" issue when health has nothing to do with this.

Do you really believe that second hand smoke in a bar is less dangerous than
second hand smoke in a restaurant? And do you really believe that second hand
smoke in a pool area with food is less toxic than second hand smoke in a
restaurant eating a hot dog?

Please. More thinking. Better reporting. More intelligent editorials.
10:37 pm edt 

Howard Burchman:

A voice from the Past that should be silent

This man has done more harm than good for this town. He has the nerve to support
this ridiculous BOH. Who is paying this man for his words? He is more than a
disappointment. He would do better with silence. He surely is no monk but
quietude would serve us all better.
10:29 pm edt 

Re: ?

I care about it because it's being shoved in my face all the darn
time. I can't see anything more pressing than philosophy, honestly. And insult
to the pain of seeing the thing you probably, really love most in the world
makes it even bigger to me.
10:27 pm edt 

Re: Flag of Portugal

What I wore on my head was issued by the United States of America. I fly the
flag of Portugal upside down to signify the death of the Portuguese culture in
Provincetown. Now sell townie passes at a kiosk on Bangs St. Ext. while you kick
us in the face.
10:25 pm edt 

More Pressing Issues Than "Townies"

Please put the "townie" thing to bed.  Enough.  Mute point.  Back to
important issues like BOH violations being ignored, back door deals with
developers, the ineptness of town gov. and that absolutely awful new smell
coming from the East End beaches at low tide.  What is that?  Did anyone ever
find out what exactly was in that groundwater runoff dumped into the harbor? 
Wasn't it being tested at some point by somebody who took samples?  I don't know
if I'd trust eating a clam or fish from here at this point without some concrete
answers as to testing results???  Is this being swept under the carpet for any
special reason or will it ever be divulged?  Follow up please???  The smell is
3:14 pm edt 

Re: Townie

Here we go again with the "who's a townie" bit.  I do not think people
should be judged or treated in any way different whether they are here year
round or less than year round.  And I think a townie is someone who was born and
raised here.  So, if you were born and raised here, even if you have a second
home that you go to for 6 months of the year, you are still a townie in my book. 
But who really cares?  What is the point of trying to define who is a townie and
who is not?
2:06 pm edt 

Re: Townie
"You're not a Townie if you don't LIVE here from December to March. Otherwise,
you are a VISITOR."

Is this really that important? 
Why do people feel a need to point out their differences?  I live here the
entire year, the person across the street from my home does not.  Does it make a
difference?  No, she's my neighbor, it's as simple as that.
2:05 pm edt 


You're not a Townie if you don't LIVE here from December to March.
Otherwise, you are a VISITOR.
11:50 am edt 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I am not a trained monkey, and do not exist for your amusement. The fact that
someone was sick enough- hey, why not paint a green line through every single
painting of commercial street?  Would that satisfy people who can't paint in the
first place?

The fact that someone was sick and.. I hate to say it but.. VULGAR and CLASSLESS
enough to think of being able to print out and sell townie passes is insulting
to the rest of us. You can't purchase my experience. I'll always get more 30
cent frappes, free coffee, bigger discounts, and have a much warmer and
fufilling time in MY hometown than your dirty, soulless money will ever buy.
Save your crap for an RNC convention.  Or a hooker. Trust me. I'm the girl on
the street who looks the most comfortable. I'm the girl who told you spiritus
was better than George's, I'm the one giving you directions to Marc Jacobs.
11:41 pm edt 

Dearest "Get Over Yourself?"

How bourgeois! If you want to have the bragging rights about having a paid
membership somewhere, go to a country club.

Commodification of something that is deeply personal.. like a feeling of
belonging  is an insult to what Provincetown always claims it's about. As that
awful countess on bravo 'sings'- MONEY DOESN'T BUY YOU CLASS.  Spending hundreds
of thousands of dollars on making a previously gorgeous house look like an ugly,
overdone mcmansion- hypothetically, I'm talking.. but sadly statistically
typical- does not give you the rights to claim that you truly have something in
common with me. Let alone something that literally everyone I grew up with
counts as being special about all of us individually. I'm sorry, but you
honestly proved me right. You don't understand, you never will understand the
deeper poetry behind here- and what a truly magical place it is.

I didn't mean to be dramatic or anything in my original post, but I noticed a
comment written by someone about going to see a show that he said insulted
townies, and growing up here, witnessing a LOT of tension, mostly unspoken- I
just wanted to throw something in about how I love everyone.  I always defend
both groups to eachother. And how valuable both really are to me. It was really
supposed to be a love letter. I always sound negative. It's my fault.
11:14 pm edt 

This is the Worse Board of Health I've Ever Seen

They are arrogant, self-centered and focused on their own issues. They are the

Some are away for five months and then sit on the boar like an expert. If you're
not in town for five months, you should not sit on a board--and not on this

Many people I know leave boards if they can't be here for meetings. But some of
you are away for the entire winter and still believe you can sit and rule on
this board. You are wrong.

If only this thick-headed chair had any      . But he is a puppet whose strings
are pulled by others.

Time for a change. Time for this board to be cleansed and a new board established.

11:11 pm edt 

Re: Favoritism

Amos and Andy? What if I use Porterguee!
9:50 pm edt 

What's the Definition of Rude??

Paaard doane e moi, Amos and Andy lovers.  Try Chip and Dale, Ike and
Mike, Minnie and Mickey, Lucy and Desi, Capt. Kurk and Spock, Popeye and Helen,
Iron Man and Bird's Nest, the dirty sponge in your sink, the BOH, the BOS, the
Building Dept., ConsCom, etc., etc.  Pick your poison at your pleasure.  The
truth is not RUDE, what's happening to this town at the hands of money grubbers
9:46 pm edt 

Townie Discounts For Townies Only??

Get Over Yourself!

We are regular weekend visitors and property owners and spend lots of money on
taxes and in shops and restaurants keeping this towns economy afloat - probably
a lot more than those who live in Ptown year round.  A few perks and some townie
recognition isn't too much to ask for our role in the local economy. 

BTW - with these perks we bring lots of friends and family to Ptown to visit and
spend money.  Get over yourself!
9:43 pm edt 

Re: Townie Discounts

Townie discounts go to people who have a Provincetown address on their
Mass license . easy isn't it?

Asa que bandeira correctamente !
9:39 pm edt 

Re: Favoritism

How RUDE to use Amos & Andy on this blog!!!  
5:56 pm edt 

Re: Smoking Ban

Smoking is prohibited in bars to the person who thinks otherwise! 
4:01 pm edt 

Re: Favoritism

That's just it.  It's not about the rules, the rules don't matter. 
It's about who you know.  That determines how much you can get away with.  It's
time some of these violators were forced to pay fines, stop violations and get
their ducks in order.  It is not fair.  What is good for Amos is not good for
Andy and it stinks as bad as the basement of the        
3:31 pm edt 

Flag of Portugal

Please check your flag. Many of the flags flying this week are upside down! 
Note: The shield of Portugal should have its squared end of the shield at the
top of the flag pole and the rounded side of the shield towards the bottom of
the pole.

This morning about a 1/3 of the flags on the pier are upside down and many of
those flying from residences and businesses are also upside down.

Sua bandeira é de cabeça para baixo.
2:42 pm edt 

Re: Building Department

The owners of Aqua Bar are the same group that owns Art House Theatre
which as you may recall last year had a ticket booth erected on the sidewalk on
Commercial Street with a gigantic building commission violation sign posted on
it. It's pretty clear that the owners don't care about Provincetown regulations.
I don't care who you know in the building commission office everyone should play
by the same rules. I own a business here and I do. It's time that that
department has a shake down.
2:29 pm edt 

To: The Person Who Mentioned Townies and Discounts...

I TOTALLY agree! 

A townie discount is something that is offered not asked for!  All these folks
asking for (and getting) townie passes and discounts and yet they are only here
for half the year at best...
don't mean to sound bitter... but seriously...
2:27 pm edt 

Am I Missing Something on the Blog?

Not seeing insults tossed at townies or gay people but an awfully long response
to something. 

Smoking is bad but what is being done in the way of overbuilding and
overdevelopment will have far more dangerous ramifications to the health of this
town than passive smoke for a few months out of the year on an outside patio.

The BOH is out of control, no random inspections, ridiculous.  I can think of
about 10 places that should be closed immediately until the mold and dampness
issues are settled.  And they serve the public.  ConsCom has completely dropped
the ball with regard to many projects and basically does nothing to protect the
natural environment, really.  The Building Dept. can't get out of their own way
without tripping over some illegal aspect of a project they've ignored. 

12:19 pm edt 

Smoking Ban

What is lacking in the argument of the anit-smoking crusaders is the
fact that Provincetown is a vacation destination.  Period!  That's all we got!
People come here to have fun.  Little by little the PC (Politically Correct) element that has taken
over this town is whittling away everything that  makes this a desirable place
to spend dollars in pursuit of some relaxation and pleasure.  Every year the
season gets shorter and the year round population dwindles.
11:18 am edt 

You Don't Get it

Being gay does not harm anyone, smoking harms not only the smoker by placing a
strain on our healthcare system, but also through second hand smoke they damage
others. Please do not smoke anywhere!! that is the no brainer here.
11:15 am edt 

R: "Don't Tread on Me"

The Gadsden Flag was first hoisted during the American
War of Independence. It was the symbol of civil rights
and freedom of choice. In 2009 the Tea Baggers took this

I am from the Old School and certainly NOT
a Tea Bagger. Don't Tread On Me.

A Democrate
11:13 am edt 

Re: "Non Smokers Outnumber Smokers by Large Numbers"
Just as straight people outnumber gay people by large numbers - what's your
point ? Everyone has a right to co-exist.

If restaurants want to allow smoking and you don't like it -just don't go there! 
Simple enough isn't it ?

And non smoking restaurants far outnumber smoking ones - so what's the big deal
- just choose one of them and leave everyone who does not subscribe to your
ideology - alone !!

8:34 am edt 

To: "Disgusted"

You do all townies a disservice while looking like a homophobe and choosing
exceedingly poor wording. However I'm really glad I never
saw the Ptown Diaries, because I really don't like being made to feel unwelcome
in what is, and will always be my hometown. I grew up here, most of my family
went to PHS.. I will not be insulted by washashores who are only here to make
money and leave.  We're too open to letting people come here, try to change our
cultureand just run off. I think part of us is still a pathetically grateful
poor portuguese community who feels it has to grovel and whore itself out for
anyone who might actually want to be here. To equate developers abusing the
resources and trying to cram- this is not a rare phenomenon.. try out by the
castle in the west end? Five units? It looks like it'll fall over!   Why can't
some of my older townie compatriots express themselves without sounding like
idiots? The more of a douche you sound like the l!
ess likely people will listen to what are essentially valid points. But the
minute you get chuffy about "I don't broadcast my sexuality like a sandwich
board" you sound like Fred Phelps when I was a little kid at the Bas Relief. 
Nobody 'broadcasts their sexuality like a sandwich board.' Unless of course,
other people's sexuality makes you uncomfortable. There be yer problem, matey.

I can't believe that someone who genuinely loves the spirit of this town would
ever talk trash and insult the portuguese immigrants who helped make it what it
is today. I grew up eating portuguese food, singing portuguese songs in music
class and with my portugee friends. I also had great older gay people in my life
who were role models and heroes. I love them all whole heartedly. If anyone
insults either community, I will absolutely defend them both to the death.

What is a 'true townie'? I am disgusted by people who are here for the summer
coming in my store and asking for a townie discount. You do not ask for a townie
discount, one is bestowed upon you. If you have to ask for a townie discount,
it's because nobody knows you! Asking is crass.  Furthermore, when you tell
someone who grew up here that you're a townie when you just moved here a little
while ago, it's like a mild insult to someone whose earliest memories and life
all began here. You will never have the feeling about it that I do- it's not
just about making money for me.  When I've lived away for numerous reasons, I
see Provincetown and all my friends each night when I close my eyes to go to
sleep.  I'm getting a little teary now- but it is my heart, and the fact that
anyone would spread animosity between either makes me incredibly sad.I feel like
all these developers  and their friends will never, ever understand that.

8:25 am edt 

It's Not About Health

It's about harassment. This is a seriously flawed group of people who talk to
themselves, listen to themselves and then believe the town feels as they do.
This is perhaps the worse Board of Health that this town has ever had. They are
not only ignorant--and that includes Doctor Livinstone and all
the others. They are unschooled and worse: arrogant.
8:16 am edt 

If Second Hand Smoke Is So Lethal Then Why Is It OK for Bars?

Here's the contradiction. It's deathly if you get second hand smoke from a
restaurant but---oh---it is fine and healthy if it comes from second hand smoke
in a bar--or by a pool--or sitting at town hall eating your hot dog.

No, this is unscientific and erroneous. Second hand smoke is a problem in all
placess--not only restaurants. So the BOH needs to prohibit it from all bars,
all places where people sit, smoke and eat a dog.

My conclusion: they are nutty as a fruit cake at Christmas. They all need a real
job. They have too much time on their hands.
8:12 am edt 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


AH yes, Don't tread on me!  The republican tea party slogan. Need I
say more about why we don't want smoking around outdoor restaurants? Luckily
they are out numbered here. Second hand smoke KILLS!
11:16 pm edt 

7 Masonic Place

Glad to see the banner mentioned that 7 Masonic was granted a license even
though the owner ran an illegal guest house.   First time I have seen the banner
print something negative in a very long time.    The banner even called the
building commissioner, and was told where the owner paid the fine, the case was
closed.   I am Still not pleased with our BOS for not asking more questions. 
Shame on them all.   David B should have had more common sense.    
9:42 pm edt 

Pilgrim Monument:

Chuck Silva apparently doesn't belive in free speech and expressed outrage at
the postings. Well sorry,                                                                                 
                                   and tend the home fires first before giving any more time to
volunteer boards that need a shake up anyway.  Back to the old days and the old
boys network huh?  Welcome to 2011, nothing is private for very long.

Sorry sir.
6:04 pm edt 

Live and Let Live!

This only applies when the thing you do to live does not harm others. Remember
"Live" is a dirivitive of "Life", When your activity "smoking" injures others
"second hand smoke", in common law it becomes a crime and not a right.
3:33 pm edt 

In Re: to Smoking

Yes those ads are horrendous ,
however until the Commonwealth
of Massachusetts and / or the Federal
Government banishes the sale of
smoking impliments they are legal.
Go through the system in legistration
to change the rules but at this point,
"Don't  Tread On Me".

I do not wish to ban smoking altogether you are confusing the issue!  It should
and is being looked at in many places in banning it in public places including
outdoor public places!   NYC has already implemented such bans.  It is only
short time!  Smoke at home where it effects only you and those who live with you
if they choose! 
3:30 pm edt 

In Regards to the Smoking Issue

Yes it is legal but when your habit
directly effects the health of others around you, which it has been proven to
do, then that right will be taken away as it it occurring now!  I don't want to
make it illegal as to each his own, but take it indoors in the privacy of your
own home or on a sidewalk where I can get away from the harm.  The laws are
coming so get used to it now!  Non smokers outnumber smokers by large numbers,
don't forget.   If you can't sit at an outdoor cafe/restaurant and enjoy a meal
without having to offend and disgust and harm peoples health by lighting up
because you can't wait to get out side the area or just go on the street like
you would if you are indoors at a restaurant and need the fix,  then you have a
problem much greater than the issue at hand!  Peace!
3:27 pm edt 

Re: Aqua Bar

Aqua bar did a bunch of construction last year and there was no town
building permit posted at the property as required.  They also replaced the deck
and sunk some foundation footings into the ground on the beach side which would
require a Chapter 91 permit from the state because the construction was within a
wetlands zone.  But, of course there were no such permits posted.  So the fact
that you see a violation of the sign law is peanuts compared to what they did
without proper permitting.  Now it seems they erected a canopy over the bar.  I
doubt they took a permit for that either.  Some people and businesses get
special treatment, or they just do as they please and the town looks the other

3:24 pm edt 


Yes those ads are horrendous ,
however until the Commonwealth
of Massachusetts and / or the Federal
Government banishes the sale of
smoking impliments they are legal.
Go through the system in legistration
to change the rules but at this point,
"Don't  Tread On Me".
12:29 pm edt 

Re: Favoritism

I myself have noticed the temporary banner sign Aqua Bar is using. I
called the building department directly and voiced my concerns. My business is
across the street and I would not be allowed to hang a banner like that since it
conflict with the sign ordinance rules.

I was told that they would speak to the owner and put a stop to it.

I guess I know why it's still hanging there every day now.

Someone's getting something from someone. I'm calling the town manager to speak
with her about it today.
12:27 pm edt 

Dear Facts on Smoking...

The discussion is really about choice and rights if a restaurant allows
smoking,do not go!!!
12:26 pm edt 

Smoking is a Legal Activity

We don't need lectures on its dangers. If people want to smoke, let them. If
people want to drink, let them. If people want to eat and eat, let them. Live
and let live.

12:24 pm edt 


There are new labels going on cigarette packs that you may view here:

This is fact based knowledge.  Second hand smoke does cause cancer and kills!  
Those who say otherwise live in denial, don't give a hoot about there health nor
anyone else's ...  Shame!
10:38 am edt 


The rest of our businesses need to abide by the town's sign
regulations limiting the use of banners and sandwich boards but The Aqua Bar
over at Aquarium can hang a banner in clear violation simply because             
the                       likes to get            there from time to time.I wish 
       would come get free products from my business and my neighbors.Imagine
the banners we could hang and get away with it to draw in more customers?Why
isn't Sharon Lynn keeping an eye on these departments and the favoritism that
plagues them?
10:35 am edt 

Autonomy of Boards

Let us not confuse "Autonomy" with "Anarchy"
8:47 am edt 

Affordable Housing is a Joke

If anyone knows someone who is renting an apt that is suppose to be "affordable
housing" ask them what they are paying for rent and you'll be suprised to hear
they are all paying eqivalent to what the going rate is if they were to rent
from someone who is just a normal landlord.
7:51 am edt 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Smoking Question:

They can't handle the truth about smoking on here. It's all about them.
10:23 pm edt 

Affordable Housing-Provincetown's Big Business


We gave the developers the land and they will create a $13,000,000 investment
and they will rake in the rents via the taxpayer's dollar.

The time will come when these too will be market rate units. Affordable Housing
is the BIG BUSINESS of Provincetown! 90 Shank Painter Rd and Race Road all
coming at once. Look out Provincetown--save your money for the extra police
needed to patrol these affordable housing projects.
9:44 pm edt 

"Affordable" Housing Should Not be Happening, at All, Period!
Absolutely no reason for it other than money for the developer.  The cost
(stress on infrastructure, abuse of natural environment and yes, innocent lambs,
possible crime - not racist or bias, just fact), SCREAMS DUMB MOVE. The basic
structure of this town is being SERIOUSLY UNDERMINED by a few who think they are
above the law and control the rest.  IT'S A POWER STRUGGLE.  What will people
filling mulitple units do in the winter with no jobs to support themselves? 
Live off gov. vouchers and then the extras for HBO and smokes, etc. come from
where?  You figure it out.  No lie, fact.                                                 
Even those on Section 8 probably don't want to go through a winter here. The
only entities benefitting are THE DEVELOPER and his/her payroll.  After only a
few seasons, BAM, FULL MARKET VALUE is the name of the game!
.  The puppets at town hall who shake their heads and smile, knowing all the
time this is BAD FOR THE TOWN, REALLY BAD, but good for them and their pockets,
need to leave.  NOW.

When is this town going to wake up to the fact that town officials are robots
fueled by visions of grandeur?  How many ignored violations have to be
witnessed?  So what, to enforce town bylaws you have to hire a private attorney? 
Yeah, that's fair and legal.  I, for one, am sick of it.  Am sick of Ptown being
raped so a few can cash in.  And any defense about the great "progress" of this
town needs to take a ride down the East End to what used to be a quaint little
street marked now by oversized empty shells sitting against a rusting wall
replacing daisies and ladyslippers (not protected after all?)?  If that's
progress, I'd rather have digression. 
7:23 pm edt 

The Town Manager Should Attend Critical Meetings

She should know what is going on and how the town is responding to major changes
in town regulations. She is paid to do more than sit in her office. She needs to
be present when certain board take unprecedented steps to rewrite town
policies. I want a town manager who is involved, engaged and present at key
6:22 pm edt 

To: Gregg Daniels

Dear Gregg Daniels

I am glad you reaised these questions and that Doug Johnstone answered your
concerns as he did. I'm glad it was printed here since no one on the Board of
Health was going to take your concerns seriously. Glad you raised the questions
and the issue of conflict of interest. This Board refuses to answer questions
raised by lawyers and residents and business owners. Thanks again.
6:20 pm edt 


I sent a comment in regarding the dangers of smoking with several
links with fact based science to back it up.  Why do you not show it here? 
Thank you!
5:47 pm edt 

Pilgrim Monument

Chuck Silva should resign his position as Prsident after his
performance at the Pilgrim Monument meeting, he is devisive, mean and dishonest. 
They need a leader, not a angry, businessman who only thinks of the almightly
buck and not the heritage of the town that he no longer lives in.  His
performances on PTV over the bathroom at his laudromat make it clear he should
not be in a position of authority.  Do the right thing Chuck step down and take
your cronies with you.

Let the people who care about this town run the show.  It's a disgrace.
4:06 pm edt 

90 Shankpainter Road Affordable Housing Pit

Why did they dig out the old burn dump and only now filling it in? Is it to
raise the land above the water table? What is going ON?

What is going on there????--drive by and see for yourself. Another comedy of
4:04 pm edt 

Town Manager at Board Meetings......
The Town Manager should not be expected at regulatory board meetings. The boards
have delegated authority from the Selectman (or the Town Meeting/Moderator/Enterprises
in some cases). As a courtesy, town employees sometimes help staff board
meetings, but that's it.

Provincetown's Town Manager is neither a Mayor nor the 6th Selectman but instead
a highly paid staffer. The Town Manager implements but creates neither policy
nor regulation.

It was our       Board of Selectman Chair who should have been at the BOH
meeting to signal the BoS views.

1:02 pm edt 

Blatant Violation of Town By-laws?

7 Masonic is not alone in the boat filled with rigged deals.  Do other
Cape towns allow blatant violation of town by-laws?  No.  Do other Cape towns
ignore conflicts of interest?  No.  Would any other Cape town allow a town
official to receive a substantial "loan" from a developer during construction of
a controversial project?  No.  Would this same town official be allowed to "sit
in" on meetings during which this project was presented?  No way.  Come on.  The
convenient "blind eye" to violations must stop.  Manipulation and money are
steering decisions and projects rather than responsibility and duty.  The "real
story" needs to be told.  This behavior is not in Provincetown's best interest
and wrong is wrong and enough is enough.  
10:30 am edt 

Monument Meeting
The end result of the meeting, after more than 2.5 hours, was that the term
limit of trustees was extended from 12 years to 13 (not the 15 years trustees
had sought); so that Chuck Silva can stay president for one more year, while
some under-explained structural problem gets resolved that he supposedly is best
suited to lead fixing.

A prior trustee led the anti-15 effort, with much member support, and it caught
the current trustees by surprise, some of whom said that after this year they
will live with the 12 year limit.

The meeting was a mess as the prior summary described, with lightly-veiled
personal insults thrown in for good measure from both sides, references to past
Town meeting fights, loud snide side comments...

Do all other towns have such long-standing ingrained nasty hard feelings, where
decisions often seem personal not fact-based?  Or is Provincetown fairly unique
in that?
12:03 am edt 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sharon Lynn

Re: "ligent response? Why not?..."

I'm curious to whether you are requesting the Town Manager begin to tell
committees what they can and can not do?  Why even have committees?
11:59 pm edt 

7 Masonic Place

Who cares what the sq feet per room is by the towns laws?  The law was
broken, that the owner of 7 masonic place did not pay sales tax to the state and
town of Provincetown, while renting out illegal rooms for 7 years.   7 years. 
Not like he didn't know what he was suppose to do.  He bragged to everyone in
town that he didn't collect sales tax for the rooms he rented.    And if the
state goes after him, he will claim he did 95% less business than he really did,
so we still get screwed out of the sales tax that was due both to the state and
Going back to the original post, how could the BOS not ask any questions to the
owner of 7 masonic place on everything he has done illegally in our town.  Oh
wait, onf of the BOS is his friend, and admited he got his health insurance paid
for 2 months while working on the property and falling off a ladder.  Guess that
makes the owner a nice guy for the rest of the BOS?  
Oh, Peter (the owner) claims he will be living in Provincetown year round?  Not
very likely either.  Just another lie.  
11:55 pm edt 

7 Masonic Place

According to the Zoning By-Laws, if this property is now to be a 7 room
lodging house, it is required to have a lot with 1000 sq feet per room and 2500
sq feet for the "owner's quarters:
Number of Units Proposed
Number of Square Feet/Unit Required
First 1-10 1,000
For the next 11-20 1,500
For the next 21-30 2,000
For the next 31-40 2,500
For the next 41 units and beyond 3,000

Dwelling Units Number of Units Proposed Number of Square Feet/Unit Required
First 1-4 2,500

That would make a 9,500 sq foot lot. The lot on which this property sits is a
postage stamp, not 9,500 sq feet.

I'm jus sayin'.........
11:51 am edt 

Report From the Annual Pilgrim Monument Meeting

Its truly too bad this
meeting wasn't taped for PTV. the trustees put forward a proposed bylaw that
would  change term limits for trustees from the current 12 years, to 15. after
it became obvious that the membership was not going along with that plan, the
trustees proceeded to insult and brow beat the members , including threatening
them that if they didn't extend Mr Silva's presidency, the entire organization
would legally cease to function. the employees would not get paid. the
organization would go into 'receivership'. most of this was greeted with sheer
disbelief. the current trustees that spoke in favor of this nonsense should
resign. it was the most unprofessional piece of nonsense i have ever witnessed.
ask anyone who was there.
11:49 am edt 

True Growth

How does giving another seasonal restaurant more seating capacity allow for
"TRUE" job Growth?

Allow new businesses to open so that the again population can get work..we can't
be a wait staff forever.

Allowing a restaurant to put more of their own staff on the floor doesn't help
out the community. Look how many places are closing earlier in the season?

5 years ago a year round restaurant used to be swamped with a line out the door.
Last night is was all calm and quiet
11:48 am edt 

Health Department

Ms evans and the health department do not do unexpected,surprise
Inspections on eating establishments in town.the business owners
Set up the appointments for the,they clean once a year
For ms evens and not again till next year for the license.
I have worked in many cities/towns and this is not the norm,they
All do surprise inspections.
I have worked in many places in town and if you saw what i have
11:46 am edt 

Doug Johnstone Letter

Obviously since that letter was sent by doug johnstone is is a matter
of public record. since a friend told me about this i came on line and saw this.
though i am glad that i spoke to doug and am glad that the town will be asked
those questions i am concerned that this letter was printed without the chance
that towm management got to respond (after all it is the weekend) and i am
concerned that someone leaked a letter giving people's personal data out. let
the town management meet ... i will let you know what they say.
thank you
gregg daniels
11:45 am edt 

Yes, Sharon Sat There For the BOH Meeting

but that is the problem. She just sat there for some part of the meeting. She
did not speak. She did not add anything significant. Sharon just sat there. Then
in lies the problem. Anyone, I am sad to say, can just sit there.

Can't we expect more from Sharon? Can't we expect some intelligent response? Why

Does Ann McQuire have her tongue? What about us? enough is enough, Sharon. Taske
control and lead, for God's sake.
11:41 am edt 

Board of Health

The reason Greg Russo did not appear at the BOH meeting is quite obvious, he is
a coward, if he is a man of his convictions he should have stood up in public
and voiced his support of changing the regulations, Many may not agree with his
position but should respect the fact he stated his case but that is not going to
happen, His real estate business and Joe's coffee is a "house of cards" that can
come tumbling down at any time. Everyone should read Banker and Tradesman and
see who in town has lent He and Scoot tens of thousands of dollars for the "new
coffee" shop. Ask one of our BOS members, ask a realtor who just retired and got
an economic development permit to change from a year round business to a year
round high end condo so she can hang her shingle/license at Sotheby's!! It is an
interesting web!!!
11:39 am edt 

Board of Health

 The meeting was well attended and there was unanimous requests via email,
letters and citizens and tourists alike who all requested that the smoking regs
not be altered or changed. If the BOH continues to ignore the public and their
wishes they should all be removed. I am going to attend the BOS and ask them to
put in writing or to take a vote as to whether to instruct the BOH whom they
appoint to cease and desist from changing the smoking regulations. This crusade
makes no sense, CLOSE the cesspool of a bar where people drink and eat upstairs
that is full of backflow of god knows what on the floor of the bar which
everyone knows is a "health hazard" but is remaining open with one means of
egress in and out. Where is the BOH or its agent on this situation. The regs
they are proposing are not well thought out and should be set aside for the fall
to have an open discussion with all parites that are affected by these draconian
11:37 am edt 

7 Masonic Place and 95 Bradford Street

Clearly, the owner of 7 masonic Place and 95 Bradford street were
given insight to the BOS from Austin Knight in what to present to the BOS and
who to have speak in favor of the application for the BOS.   Knowing all the
laws that were broken for so many years, I can not help but wonder why not one
question was asked from any current board member.  
11:35 am edt 

Got it Finally

Who knew?  A letter of objection is all it takes to
raise town gov. awareness to violation and get things done.  Right.


People sway boards with "gestures of kindness".  Town officials get special
incentives from developers.  (Well, one for sure at least).  Proven fact.  

Who are these people putting on the biggest show in town?  Seriously.  The
"Smoking Ban Town Meeting" was no better than the town meeting called to address
abutters to Bangs St.  I, personally, am insulted by the label of "stupid" these
town representitives have given me. 

How about you?  Or are you on the payroll because, honestly, this town is out of
control and the future does not look good.  Disagree?  How could you??????
11:34 am edt 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

BOS June 13th Meeting

Watched the meeting on TV and so sad that the 7 Masonic guest house license was
granted by the BOS to a person that has lied to the town for the past 9 years.  
Not one selectman asked the owner why he had not had a valid license for the
past 7 years and also, why he never collected sales tax that the town will never
regain back.   And do not forget, this is the same owner who bout 95 Bradford
Street and turned that into a 7 bedroom house from what was a legal 4 bedroom
house.   Guess you can always pull the wool over our BOS.   Not one of them has
a backbone.
5:30 pm edt 

Annual Monument Meeting ?

Yes, would like to know what is going on.  Chuck has not been very business
friendly to a group of business in town.   Have a half dozen or so business that
has stopped sending visitors to the monument.  It certainly is a shame if Chuck
is leading the monument into its ruin.    
3:37 pm edt 

One Man's Poison!

What about alcohol?  Doesn't that destroy lives? Doesn't it's effects kill and
maim?  Yet people still abuse it.   What about overeaters?  They overeat until
they develop diabetes. heart disease and a myriad of other ills.  It's a
person's personal choice!  The Land of the Free....indeed!!
2:52 pm edt 

When Will They Get it Right?

The BoH flubbed it again. They postponed the June 2 meeting
because of miss prints. They then posted the notice with add-in's
and slashes but yet did not change the date to the 16th.
It reads"June 2,2011@ 4pm @ Town Hall.

In all due respect, the film festival was showing a film
and did not allow entrance to non ticket holders who stated
that they were there for Town business. The film group should
have been notified that Town Hall was still open for business
and to allow people in. If the Town is renting space then they
need to Get their act together!
2:51 pm edt 

Smoking Ban Proposal

"Somehow, someone on this blog forgets that second hand smoke is

Clearly!  That's why we have so many corpses in the street in July.

Stop your alarmist hoo-ha. There is not one conclusive scientific study that was
not financed by the American Cancer Association or some other entity that is
fully funded by the pharmaceutical companies. Not one. I spent five hours or so
today doing research on this and even the Surgeon General said that smoking six
feet away from a non smoker posed no detectable health risk for the non smoker.

And lets not forget that this has NOTHING to do with smoking. It has to do with
control of the few by the one who wants an ordination. Mark Phillips, has his
little brain in a twaddle and wants to control everybody's actions that he does
not agree with. One thought; Phillips has driven his own business--the Beacon
Light--into reckless financial ruin and is in foreclosure. The bank is about to
yank it from him, and yet he is intent on acting like a monarch who knows what's
best for others. And to the following point I urge him to take serious note:


You are a small, little man who has an agenda, made a mess of your own business
and you cannot do the same to ours on flimsy science, stupid assumptions and bad
personal form.

Clean up your own house, Sir. Do not soil our legal, constitutionally embraced
livelihoods, with your cancer-drip of self-aggrandizement. 
9:54 am edt 

Re: Board of Health Meeting

"...the Town Manager should get involved"

Oh, she was there. For about 20 minutes. Heard half the letters, spent five
minutes on her iPhone, and then left the room. She had no reaction whatsoever. I
don't think she cares one way or the other. Of course that       who is the
"chair" would not have allowed her to speak anyway. He had his rules about
comment. She knows he's a liability I suspect. Yet, if I were her I would have
sided with the group who came in support of freedom and told the smug idiot to
listen to the people. But so it goes in politics.

Frankly, we should sack them all. 
9:51 am edt 

Board of Health

Good luck trying to get the BOH to change any vote just because the
town wants it to. A few years back, the towns people & town manager wanted dogs
to run freely on the towns beaches 24/7, but the BOH has more power than the
voters and/or town government when it comes to the health and well being of the
town it serves.
9:49 am edt 

Annual Monument Meeting

What happened at the annual members meeting at the Monument today? 
Open revolt against the long-standing trustee group, especially Chuck Silva that
had him almost walk out in the middle?

Would like to hear the scoop from someone who was there and knows.
9:47 am edt 

Friday, June 17, 2011

BOH - Appeal

What is the appeal period for any decision and how does it work ?

How could the restaurants appeal ?
9:55 pm edt 

More Pressing Health News!

If you have witnessed septic or dirty water in the basement of an establishment,
or any possible violation in an establishment then take pictures and send them
to the Health Department.

It's the responsibility of the Health Department to make sure each and every
establishment that handles food and the consumption of beverages is clean and
safe for people to eat and drink in.

Perhaps the Health Department should stagger their hours so inspections can be
performed in evening hours, since certain activities seem to take place after a
certain time of the day.

I happen to have a business license and am very conscientious about the
operation of my business.

Does the town not have two or three inspectors in this field?
9:46 pm edt 

Governor Bradford

I agree with the recent comments about the basement of the Gov.
Bradford. It smells disgusting down there. Last summer they tried to cover up
the smell by burning incense. I don't know what is causing the moldy stench, but
it can't be healthy and should probably be looked into.
9:44 pm edt 

Smoking Ban

Somehow, someone on this blog forgets that second hand smoke is
9:42 pm edt 

Board of Health

Town Manager should get involved -

If one board in town blatantly were to go against the wishes of the majority -
not to mention the wishes of the copious amounts of letters and speakers on the
subject - the Town Manager should get involved or Town Attorney.

3-5 people do not have the right to go against the wishes of the majority to
implement their ideology.
9:40 pm edt 

Parking Staff

I am totally confused.  How do "parking staff" work
7 months again?

I think the poster assumed starting in April when parking lots open for paying
customers ending at the end of October when it stops.  That's 7 months, have no
idea how many of the parking dept staff work 7 months or work less than that. 

I also don't know if someone works say four months, how many months can they
collect unemployment.  It would be interesting to see if you add the time worked
for seasonal staff to the unemployment paid out what is the total cost to
employee someone.  Wonder what the 'real' hourly pay would be for each position.

9:39 pm edt 

Board of Health

Typical politics in Provincetown.  Public meeting held so that
protocol was followed and the public was given a chance to speak.  Even though
it was a joke and no town counsel was there.  Continuance my rear-end. 
Something was decided yesterday.  You may not know what that decision was but,
believe me, there was a decision.  The public is on a need to know basis and
they don't need to know.  As long as the BOS knows.  Soon, any appeal period
will be up on what was decided behind the scenes and the new regs will be
announced and put into place.  The BOS defense, when public outrage hits, will
be "no one complained during the appropriate appeal period when given the
chance".  Restaurants being picked on but not Guest Houses, bars, etc.  Golly
gee whiz, that's weird?  Look who's on the boards and then look at who would
benefit the most from these new regs.  Not rocket science, pretty simple.  Wake
up Ptown, again you are being used for nothing more than a cash cow.  !
For the chosen few. 
9:37 pm edt 

Board of Health

I don't understand the BOH?  Are they now going to RE-POST the smoking
ban issue in the paper so at the next meeting WHEN THE ENTIRE TOWN IS IN THE
MIDDLE OF THE HIGH SEASON, and no one can attend, they will vote what the BOH

Seems that these boards do things for themselves and not for those they serve.
9:34 pm edt 

Mark Phillips BOH Chair

The behavior of Mark Phillips as chair of the Board of Health was
reprehensible yesterday. It is patently clear that he has no knowledge about how
to conduct or chair a meeting. His pugnacious attitude was palpable and,
frankly, unsettling to the audience who attended.

Mr. Philips was smug, spoke in a sheepish all-knowing whisper, and did not adhere
one bit to what the citizens of the town had to say. As the BOH is an autonomous
board, i.e., they can make law without regard to what the consensus of the citizenry
believe, he is acting like a fascist dictator to hammer through his own personal agenda.
This behavior of a town board member chairman should not be tolerated.

I am angered by such a display of ineptitude, rudeness and downright disdain for
the people who he is supposed to serve responsibly. He believes that he is doing
the right thing, but the fact is that HE HIMSELF was one of the complainants
when it came to the second hand smoke issue. He and another board member (who is
no longer serving) specifically targeted certain establishments out of spite,
anger and jealously as to their success.

Indeed Mr. Phillips personally cost the town a sizable amount of money last year by
paying Town Council to attend meetings, which were no more than veiled attempts
to harass two respected business owners who pay enormous taxes to the town.

Now, in this latest round, he was the singular vote to ram through changes to
the ordinances concerning smoking WITHOUT THE LANGUAGE WRITTEN OR AGREED

He was, thankfully, outvoted and we have a reprieve until compromise can be
found. However, in that one stroke of a vote, that one move toward implementing
something that had not yet been written, he showed his true color, which is as black
and mean-spirited as the Devils nose.

We must not allow this reign of terror by this diminutive man to continue. If
you think smoking outside is the serious issue then I would dare to remark that
you are sorely mistaken. The true, abhorrent danger lies in retaining this
ego-maniacal fiend as chair of the BOH as he will come after us on other issues
later issues that he, and only he, deem worthy. 

5:33 pm edt 

Not One!!!

There were none:

There was no letters, and not one person who attended
The BOH meeting that spoke for the new BOH regs.

Wasn't a public hearing?

The public spoke.
12:41 pm edt 

Prevented From Attending Board of Health Meeting

FYI - Just found out that people where denied coming to the BOH meeting at
the front door by Film Festival People (not really their fault) but asked 3
times to be allowed to attend the  BOH and were denied.

FYI - They way the BOH wants to write up this smoking ban - guess which business
will not be on the list. Joe's Coffee (the one's who started this in the first
That's just perfect!
12:38 pm edt 

Re: Untruths

YOU should get your facts straight.  Municipalities DO NOT pay into the
unemployment insurance system.  The state may write the unemployment check, but
they then bill the town for the cost.  The town PAYS the full unemployment

You should stop spreading untruths.
12:34 pm edt 

Re: Untruths

Re: "The town pays into the unemployment system for each working
person, and when a claim is filed, the state pays the person.   The town does
not have to pay additional payments to the unemployed.   Get your facts right
before claiming untruths.   But that is what 75% of this blog is about. UNTRUTHS"

You may wish to get your facts right before you post.  As a matter of fact the
town does NOT pay into a state fund.  The town is billed by the State for ACTUAL
unemployment claims and does NOT pay into an 'unemployment system' like the
private sector.  If you want verification of the real facts you could check with
the town finance director as I did.

12:33 pm edt 

Board of Health's Actions Questionable

Who can understand what they are doing? who knows what is motivating this group?
Why do they want to hurt restaurants while now protecting bars? It is not only
odd; it is confusing and raises questions about their motives. They are also
protecting guest houses since you can have breakfast and smoke while if you
tried to do the same in an outdoor restaurant, they now want that prohibited.

Provincetown does not need this type of Board of Health. They are not helping
but hurting businesses, patrons and the town itself. I find they are using
"health" to hurt and almost harass restaurants.
12:30 pm edt 


To the person that said "then the town pays me
unemployment for five months." is not correct.  The town pays into the
unemployment system for each working person, and when a claim is filed, the
state pays the person.   The town does not have to pay additional payments to
the unemployed.   Get your facts right before claiming untruths.   But that is
what 75% of this blog is about. UNTRUTHS

11:27 am edt 

Greg Russo

Thank you Greg Russo for stirring the pot and not having
the common decencey to show up to present your complaint.

You got      ?
11:25 am edt 

Recall the Board of Health

How dare they call a Public Hearing without counsel. Yet,
when 3 members were asked to recuse, they refused, claiming
that they had counsel. Yet, they refused to show documentation
on the determination.
They want to drag the issue to the extent that WE
will buckle. July 2 for another meeting. What a joke.
They need a Doctor on the board but what are Their
qualifications? Nada.
It is funny that the alternate, Laurie was at the last meeting
with a full quoram and yet was not in attendance yesterday.
She is the only other one with some kind of health background.
More than 30 letters not in favor for the new regs, not
one for.  You would think that they would get the message.
Oh no, they have already made up their minds.
11:22 am edt 

Parking Kiosk

I used a parking kiosk a few months ago. It was ridiculous. In cities
all over the world they use some type of these and they are easy and efficient.
What happened in Provincetown? I have used them in France where I cannot read
the instructions and it is more user friendly. The parking space number is never
required and the denominations are easier to figure out. Oh and the brightly
colored plastic Jersey barriers surrounding them are a lovely addition to the
attention paid to detail on the surrounding buildings. Classy to look at and
easy to use, not.
10:05 am edt 

Board of Health Meeting

FYI... of course no one from Joe's Coffee attended ... they still
want money and they still deny they ever said it. the matter was put off for
another open hearing since the board did not clarify or write what they are
talking about. That said with so many letters, speakers and alot of people in
the room not one letter wanted the ban and no one showed up in favor of the ban!
Outside of one board member the rest seem to not care about input,that 4 had
really got together and decided ahead of time to push their way. The only thing
that did come out of the meeting was that everyone felt that they lied to the
participants ... When ask if town council was proached ... They said yes...
Asked for their answer, the room was told that they did not have to answer that
... Public record? Many asked why board members could vote on this? Half the
room had been on a board and knew they were lying. Time to bring in selectmen
and lawyers
10:03 am edt 

Who is Mark Phillips?
Does anyone know? who is he really? Odd man and a dangerous one. I don't think
he is making decisions for BOS. But someone surely is directing his votes, his
changes, his decisions.

Time for the real Mark Phillips to stand up. We'll be shocked when we find out
who he really and actually is. A rather dark force; a rather questionable
10:01 am edt 

The Three Monkeys Were Really Five Monkeys at the BOS Meeting
See no Evil. Hear no Evil. Speak no Evil. Well, that is pure bull. These five
nincompoops were already determined to vote the changes. They cared little about
the public, about businesses, about common sense. They are little Nazis. And
that        chair is the        SS of the group. They are dangerous. They are
control freaks. They are sad representatives of what this town is like.

Who made them gods? They are arrogant and sadly not very bright. There is little
thinking in their decisions. But someone is controlling the puppets on this
board. Someone knows who's behind these syncophants.
9:59 am edt 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Re: More Pressing Health Issues

I will never go to the basement of the bradford for the
same reason .

11:56 pm edt 

So, Who Was at the BOH Meeting?

What happened?
Did the BOH take a vote?
Did Greg Russo show up?  Did he speak in favor or against?

The reg workers of Ptown that could not attend would like to know.  Thanks in
advance for any insight
11:54 pm edt 

Okay, You Got Me

I am totally confused.  How do "parking staff" work
7 months again?  Last time I noticed, town lots requiring "parking staff" were
up and running for maybe 4 months tops. (May?, June, July, August, Sept.?)  ? =
1/2 a month like 4 = 2 when it suits the moment. 

Or do you mean the parking staff needed to clean and oversee the bonus offered
to developers during the off season?  You know.  When important health
violations are blatantly ignored and raw sewerage is allowed to sit in a public
space and leak all over the place. 

Yeah, worry about smoking but let crap flow in a public parking lot abutting the
harbor.  So a developer can make more money.  Par for the course. Sickening at
11:52 pm edt 

Parking Chaos!

Don't forget even if we are doing well with the Kiosk revenue versus meters, but
we bought the wrong type of parking kiosk. Since we use them not as they were
designed to be used, they are harder for parking patrons to figure out, less
reliable and more expensive to maintain and monitor.
11:49 pm edt 

More Pressing Health Issues

Fag Bash downstairs at Governor Bradford is usually stinky,but last night was
extra stinky. Not only is there usually standing water on the floor,where
patrons have to stand on bar mats to keep their feet dry,and the stench of mold
growing who knows where but last night smelled like septic as well.How much
longer can the town and the health dept. ignore these issues. Since when does
this particular business get a free pass for serious health problems especially
when drinks are being served in this discusting environment and food is being
served upstairs. How long before someone comes down with respiratory ailments
and how long will the town just turn it's head. Who needs to be informed next,
the State Heath Dept. or maybe one of the boston TV stations. Let them do some

It's Just Not Healthy Down There !!!
11:11 pm edt 


Hmmmm, wonder if the posters blasting the parking kiosks are parking
staff who can see the parking kiosks making their job obsolete?  Guess I'd be
worried too about my job where I work for seven months and then the town pays me
unemployment for five months.
12:27 pm edt 

Parking Kiosks

"Who says parking is up 50% so far this year?   I spoke to a live
attendant at the lot near the high school.  She said she has never seen it so
slow the past few months, excluding memorial day".

Read the prior post.  The discussion was not about the parking lots, but about
the parking kiosks and their increase in revenue.  I don't know how parking is
doing overall, just that the parking kiosks are doing very well.
12:26 pm edt 

Re: Board of Heath Meeting

"Today @ 4pm @ Town Hall.
This is a Public Hearing and is open
to all; residents and non residents."

Great - how many non-residents or second home owners (who are 50% plus of this
town) are in Ptown on a Thursday at 4pm to participate and make their voices
heard ?

Got to love the way this town operates
10:05 am edt 

Parking Revenues.....What's the Truth?

Who says parking is up 50% so far this year?   I spoke to a live
attendant at the lot near the high school.  She said she has never seen it so
slow the past few months, excluding memorial day. 
8:49 am edt 

Will He Be There?

I wonder if Greg Russo will attend the BOH meeting
today. Afterall, he started this whole mess.
8:48 am edt 

Board of Heath Meeting

Today @ 4pm @ Town Hall.
This is a Public Hearing and is open
to all; residents and non residents.
Business owners and employees.
Smokers and non smokers.
Please make your voice heard.
8:47 am edt 

Kiosk Machines:

They are the biggest waste of time.  Too much time is taken away from the meter
personnel always having to reset them...  They should be repaired, not reset.... 
LETS WASTE MORE MONEY !  Instead of the parking adm spending time planting
trees, he should be paying attention to the lots and the machines....
8:44 am edt 

Pressing Issues

Smoke won't be the catalyst that speeds the end of this town, the
bulldozers, concrete and Section 8 benefits will be.  Enough with the smoking
ban.  Stupid.  Follow State rules and if they confuse you, follow other Cape
town rules.  Simple.  Enough with the smoking hullabaloo.  There are other more
important issues, like parking problems, town employee benefits, water
shortages, sewer smells in the West End, mosquitos en masse, potholes, dirty
beaches, etc. 

When, for Christmas sake, is the poor old struggling top of the hill, awesome
view Provincetown High School going to be GIVEN to our most prestigous developer
for conversion to condos? Maybe even with a Section 8 thrown in for approvals. 
Mark these words, I kid you not. 
8:36 am edt 

7 Masonic Place

7 Masonic place goes in front of licensing board to get a inns license
this week.    (In last years cease-and-desist order, Denault, the owner was
cited for operating a three-bedroom guesthouse without the permits, inspections
and zoning approval required by law. In addition to town zoning and health
bylaws, it is possible Denault also violated state and federal tax laws if he
did not declare the property as a guesthouse, according to David Gardner,
assistant town manager. All owners of Massachusetts accommodations are required
to charge guests an 11.7 percent room tax.)  
Did the town grant a license?    Who will be watching to make sure Denault
collects the states and towns room sales tax of 11.7%?   After all, he did not
collect it for the past 7 years.
It would be nice to see the Banner do a follow up story on this

8:33 am edt 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smoking Ban

The smoking ban IS certainly relevant and not "impertinent" to the
idea of banning dogs.  Smoking may be todays issue and dogs could very well be
tomorrows issue.  I'm sure for the dog owner and lover it may seem absurd
comparing the two, but it's not the act of smoking or the act of bringing your
dog to the restaurant that are alike, it's the fact that the rights should
belong to the property owner whether they chose to allow dogs into their
establishment and/or whether they allow people to smoke in their designated
areas.  (And consequently the patrons would have a right to choose to dine there
or go elsewhere.)  Just something to think about as we go forward with the
discussion on the smoking ban. It's about much more than having the right to
smoke (although we can all go back and forth about the freedom to smoke vs. the
freedom to be in a smoke-free environment).  Likewise, it wouldn't be about the
right to bring your life long companion "Fido" with you to dinner (and with this there
are arguments that may counter that freedom with the freedom for the non-dog-lover
to enjoy a meal not worrying about fleas, any fear of dogs a patron may have
and allergies even...)  It is a property rights issue and we need to be careful about
protecting the rights of our property owners.
7:05 pm edt 

Smoke if You Want; Eat Where You Want

It's fine with me. You want to smoke, then go right ahead. You want to dine as
well, that's fine with me. Let people alone. Get out of our way Board of Health
and try to check water for safety and food for safety. Face real issues, not
these someone fabricates as a problem. It is not a problem in Provincetown.
7:02 pm edt 

Dearest Health Department

I suggest banning liquor after your cigarette ban.
No more clubs,drunks,bars and traffic deaths. I don't have a
Choice when it comes to a drunk driver on rte 6.
But wait a minute,don't we have a choice in what
Restaurants to dine at ??????
7:01 pm edt 

Re: Parking Kiosks

So I think it is about time that the town should open its eyes and see what is
going on. Looks like a lot of useless spending of towns tax dollars for these
kiosks and for a parking admin. that can't fix them! Maybe he should go to
school for it!!!!                                                                                              .
*  *  *  *  *
They are so horrible and useless that the parking revenue received from the same
parking lots compared to last year is up nearly 50%.  Part of it is due to the
increase in parking rates, but the majority of the increase is coming from these
horrible useless parking kiosks. 

I say bring in more of the horrible useless machines.  Sounds like you have
another agenda.
6:59 pm edt 

Smoking Ban Vote - 25% Loss

If I had a vote in the BOH decision and had business to transact in this town, I
would think long and hard before casting a vote in favor of the ban.

Since 25% of people smoke here - that would also mean that 25% of MY clients may
be quite angry at my support of this ban.

I would not want to potentially lose 25% of MY business in the process and hand
this business to my competitors.

6:56 pm edt 

Today's Cape Cod Times

Good article on the smoking issue. Thanks to the Tourisim
Board for not supporting the purposed regs. They know that
this ban will make a negative impact on the Town's economy.
See you at Town Hall, Thursday @4pm.
6:55 pm edt 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Re: Smoking Ban vs Dogs

Let's see: crying baby at next table with mother smoking while
changing dirty diaper orlittle doggie sitting quietly at the heel of owner.
Thinking, thinking, thinking. Got it! I'll take the table next to Fido!

6:01 pm edt 

Smoking Ban vs Dogs

As my friend Derek would say, "How very dare you" compare my
lovely dog in a restaurant to a Smoker. I find your comment impertinent as my
dog has been going to restaurants for 25 years without any ill effects on other
people. How very very Dare You.
5:20 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

Instead of calling it Provincetown we can call it "Little Brockton". 
Prefab shoeboxes is right.  Why on earth do we need 90 more? Aren't the ones
already trucked in that resulted in public outrage, that still sit empty,
enough? This town is the victim of unbridled greed.  Not fair to her nor is it
deserved by her.   
5:18 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

What does this town need to do to put a moratorium on any more
building of Affordable Housing projects? Why do we need more affordable housing?
Where can I get the number of units we already have? There are no year round
jobs so what will the people who live in these "projects" do all winter?
Provincetown is slowly beoming a big                 .
5:16 pm edt 

You are SO Pedestrian

Dogs are allowed in restaurants all over
Europe, FLORIDA,  CALIFORNIA, and elsewhere
It s great to have dogs in patios here too!!!!
5:14 pm edt 

Smokers are Addicts

You are stating the obvious. Addicts prove their inability to give up their
addiction. Since they can't or refuse to halt their addiction, the rest of us
must take steps not to be harmed by it.

They smell of smoke, their homes, cars, their blankets, are all covered with
carcinogenic ash--smoke is just fine ash.

We need to protect ourselves of this carcinogenic ash called smoke. It is a
health issue. I'm not going to endanger my health and allow someone to smoke
near me or my children.
1:44 pm edt 

A Word to the Wise

Ted Malone has been getting his ducks in a row and
will shortly start clearcutting his largest project yet. The proposed
development has at least 90 units in many many buildings. Everyone should enjoy
the natural beauty of
RT 6 at Race Pt Road. Next time you look the trees will be gone awaiting another
delivery of cheap prefab shoeboxes. Then we can look forward to yet more Section
8 neighbors.
Keep a eye on that corner!!!!!!
1:41 pm edt 

Subscription Bottle Water Service

I cannot help but chime in on this subscription bottle water service
in Provincetown with their "hydration stations". I read the letter to the editor
from Ms. Holt. Some very good thoughts there. Here is another good thought. Why
is someone like Gabby Hanna embracing an out of town company to sell public
water to the public? I know she needs money to buy real estate for the festival
but really? Selling out to a third party to mark up water and rent bottles. I
don't think so. Boooo Gabby! I was a huge advocate of the film festival. Not so
much anymore.
1:39 pm edt 

Bangs Street Condos

The price of the Bangs St. condos has dropped sixty grand per unit. With the
offered owner financing I wonder if the sixty grand no interest second mortgage
will be available?
1:37 pm edt 

Policing Issues

Many have noticed the absence of Police anywhere downtown during the
day except for a wannabe traffic cop who is useless to the eyes of most who
watch him stand there and do nothing for traffic control,apparently they have
been recruited from New Hampshire and never dealt with this type of problem,
this town will be a mess during the Blessing of the fleet and hte 4th of july
1:33 pm edt 

90 Shankpainter

When dealing with 90 Shankpainter, remember recent history and basic
math and magic.   

4 separate buildings are presented as 2 for approvals (4 = 2).  However, then, 2
become 4 again, like in "The complex has four town homes".  Not 2 town homes, 4
town homes.  Poof.  Magic.
1:31 pm edt 

Seniors Face Medicare Cost Barrier For Cancer Meds

The cost of a new cancer fighting drug is $2,400.00 for a month's supply. Please
tell me how folks who partied all of their youth and now want us to support them
with affordable housing are going to be paying their way in life?

I see all of these young people now who go to all of the these parties at the
bars just like our affordable housing clientele did when they were young.

Party party party and then 30 years from now they clamor for affordable housing.
This is what this current crop did 30 years ago.
1:26 pm edt 

Taxis Parking

1:23 pm edt 

Parking Kiosk System

The kiosk that you have in town, none of them seem to work correctly.
always out of order. The parking administrator does not know how to fix them
because I come in town all the time and have seen it! So I think it is about
time that the town should open its eyes and see what is going on. Looks like a
lot of useless spending of towns tax dollars for these kiosks and for a parking
admin. that can't fix them! Maybe he should go to school for it!!!! But then
that would be a waste of tax payors money because he wouldn't do it anyway.
1:21 pm edt 

Where is Conservation?

I agree.  Forget children and elves and smokers.  Overdevelopment and
destruction of the little bit of open space and natural beauty left in this town
under the mask of "affordable housing" and condos and townhouses will be the
death of this town.  Where is Conservation in all of this clear cutting?  They
complain about bugs on the beach needing seaweed but when mature trees and
vegetation and dunes are clear cut, they have no say in the matter.  Come on. 
We need people in these town leadership positions and on boards who decide the
fate of Ptown who actually have brains and care about the welfare of the town. 
Not their buddies wallets and their own.
1:19 pm edt 

Re: Find the Help That You Need to Stop Smoking

Last time I checked smoking is not illegal.  Find the help you need to mind your
own business.
1:17 pm edt 

To Affordable Housing is Big Business

Well said...  and true. 
1:15 pm edt 

Leave Things as They are

If you want to smoke. smoke. If you don't, Don't. It's about business and about
tourism. It's not about health. Let them smoke. This is a strange and
questionable board. they look for trouble and then hold meetings in the midst of
tourist season. This should have been raised--if it was a real concern--this
winter. Oh, but board members did not attend meetings for four or five months.
Strange indeed. This is neither the time nor the issue.
1:14 pm edt 

Smoking Ban vs Dogs

A big hullabaloo about the hazardous smoking in restaurants, yet not a
peep (at the moment anyway) about dogs in restaurants.  Oh, Provincetown... you
intrigue me so.
1:13 pm edt 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Smokers are Addicts

Smokers are addicts. They aren't evil, bad, or criminal; they are addicts. They
need a place to smoke or else they are difficult to be around.

What is the answer to smoking in public? How do you legislte and install a
smoking section in an outdoor cafe?
Educate the young not to smoke so that they don't become addicted to it.

Find the help that you need to stop smoking.

2:45 pm edt 

Childhood and elf Control

Children who are taught self-control went on to lead better lives. 1000 people
were studied from birth to 32 years of age and self control had a pervasive and
poweful effect on the arc of thier lives.

They were healthier, less likely to abuse drugs, more likely to save, less
likely to be convictd of a crime and the list goes on and on. These "good
choices" not only benefit the individuals who make them, but their friends,
family--even taxpayers.

One study about self-control takes a group of 4-year old children and place each
one in a room alone with a marshmallow and the child is told that he or she
could eat the marshmallow or wait and be given two marshmallows later. You folks
with 4-year olds try this at home and see what happens.

This town is full of people of accomplishment and strive for achievement as well
as people who couldn't pass this test when they were 4 years old.
2:43 pm edt 

Really, Adolf?

"We should be able euthenize those that
make choices that hurt others."

Really, Adolf? How 'bout we start with people who can't spell.

It is imperative that we, as a society, NOT sink to the level that you have just
suggested for others whom you do not agree with. Such silliness, really.
1:33 pm edt 

Affordable Housing is Big Business

The only big business in Provincetown is the affordable housing conglomerate.
How else can they fund their affordable housing empire intact except through
building more developments--and scooping up the rents.

The Federal Government's section 8 program allows anyone with a voucher to pay
only a portion of their income toward their rent be it in the continental united
states or Hawaii or its territories. You make $300 a month--your rental unit is
a fraction of your income. Women with dependent children pay no
out-of-pocket-rent at all!

Developers could cover the town with affordable housing becuase out of
350,000,000 Americans there are millions of homeless and poor people who can
fill these units and the rent is guranteed by the government.

The developers have created an empire here. 90 Shank painter road is but one. A
dozen have already been built and more are on the way. 

1:31 pm edt 

Need or Greed?

More affordable housing complexes are not needed in Provincetown. 
Period.  Ptown has a small year-round population and virtually NO productive
employment opportunities in winter.  The ONLY reason affordable housing is
proposed, again, is because it is a way for the developer, by designating a few
units as affordable, to get grants and funding and discounts so building costs
don't come totally out of their pockets.  Then, in time, turn and sell the units
for full market value or rent at full market seasonal prices.  These units will
sit empty in winter.  Ptown affordable housing multi unit complexes are not
built on need, they are built on greed.  The ONLY reason projects are approved
is because those approving are in bed one way or the other with the developer. 
Right now Falmouth is in the process of building huge "affordable housing"
complexes and people from Hyannis and all over the Cape will be directed there. 
So why on earth would little old Ptown need more?!
   To offer affordable housing to people while at the same time not be able to
offer them jobs.  Ptown doesn't need this.  The developers do.
11:51 am edt 


If people were smart enough to make choices that did not hurt others(second hand
smoke drunk driving unhealthy lifestyles that put a strain on our healthcare
system) I would agree with you. We should be able euthenize those that
make choices that hurt others.
11:49 am edt 

To: Today's 8:52 Post

If you think We? should be responsible,
why don't You go to D.C. and advocate
a prohibition on smoking, alcohol ,
coffee, chocolate, fast food crap, diet
sodas and on and on. The list is
endless and all are legal today.
It is the responsililty of the individual
to make their own choice and to also
oversee the welfare of their children,
eitherwise we will be going back to
Germany in the late 30's when
no one had choices.
Let's see how far you get. The
Lobbyists will eat you alive.
9:56 am edt 

Smoking Ban

Live and let live:

This would be fine if people were smart enough, but sadly judging by the people
that can't figure out that smoking is hazardous both for the smoker and the
others around them, we need to regulate such things. We have rights, but we also
have responsibilities that go along with those rights. 
8:52 am edt 

Reverse Mortgage

Think Long and Hard

My accountant said it is a bad idea. They would take $15,000.00 right off of the
top. He said that if I was 80 years old to go ahead and do it--but pray that you
don't live to be 100 years old.

Why? The answer is that yes, you can stay in your house; but the bank stops
giving you money once your reverse mortgage is paid down to zero. The bank isn't
going to be giving you any money after that. Look at the cost of livng 10 years
ago and look at it today--imagine the cost of living in ten years!! You might
have social security--but it might just be enough to cover only your cable bill
in ten years.

How will you get money to eat? Money to pay your taxes, your heat in the winter
and your medical co-pays?

You get sick, some cancer medicines are $90,000.00 a year! Ninety thousand
dollars a year--and many others are forty thousand plus a year.
8:50 am edt 

Entitlement Cut Back

There Will be a Reckoning:

Town Employees are going to have to on medicare for their insurance. Benefits
people expected to receive can't be met when the state has a $1.9 BILLION DOLLAR

When people are struggling to pay out of pocket for their parents in nursing
homes until they pay down for medicaid, they will come to resent these young
bucks in affordable housing complexes riding around in pick up trucks and SUVs
working under the table and while we hard working taxpayers support them.

They pay a pittance and stash their dough! Never seen so many late model SUVs
and trucks etc. zooming out of all of these housing complexes. Must be nice
while the rest of us struggle to support our families. Please stop bragging
about your gravy train life style.

I'd rather see the deserving poor from Hyannis living in these affordable
housing than the schemers who cry about their hard life while working under the
table or collecting unemployment and going off to Southern climates in the

Yes, there will be a reckoning.
8:47 am edt 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Housing Assistance Corp. Crisis

15 people laid off; $350,000 cut from the budget. The gravy train is slowly
coming to a halt. We will see how much money will be going to support people in
a couple of years when all of these housing developments are built.

What happens when a person gets a reverse mortgage and they spend all of the
money? Sure, they can stay in their house--but they can't eat the drapes or pay
for the heat or insurance. Bad, Bad, idea...unless you are 80 years old!

We are all aging--but these sharp restaurants want a young and pretty as well as
top notch staff--and they will get them.

Even the hot studs age into gramps. It won't be easy with no equity after
spending your youth in Provincetown and now expecting us to take care of you;
affordable housing only goes so far--it is affordable housing--not affordable
life style. Live and learn-live and learn.
6:46 pm edt 

The Board of Health is Not Into Health But Into Harassing Businesses

As someone wrote, yes, this town used to be about live and let live. That is
what it should be now. But this board has its hidden agendas and it is to hurt
and harass certain businesses at the advantage of other businesses.

This board should just resign. They are the wrose. And those who do not promote
these crazy change of rules let the others do this. They should go back to
regulating pigeon poop--they're experts on this! Stick to what you know!

6:36 pm edt 

Re: Question

"How can vehicles that have taxi/livery plates get
resident parking stickers?"

I think because they are registered to a residential address on Alden Street
they qualify. I think there is a commercial rate, but the way       runs the
place.....  who knows and I would not be surprised at all.
4:55 pm edt 

Re : Question:

"How can vehicles that have taxi/livery plates get resident parking stickers? 
They take up 6-10 spots daily in the lot over by the skatepark/cemetery. "

We used to have the same problem with them in the looks like
the problem just moves does not get solved.......interesting that it is only one
of the companies in town that seems to get the preferential treatment (or the
town looking the other way).   
4:52 pm edt 

Re: Smoking Ban

With all the other issues that could be addressed, who cares about OUTSIDE

I am not a smoker either... 
8:19 am edt 

Why was Dr. O'Malley Dismissed by Seashore Point?

Why? could you let us know the reason. Yes, we did give Seashore POint
everything. Was it worth the deal?
8:17 am edt 

Re: Who's Listening?

Here's a hint.  If a tree falls in the forest, you can bet your bottom
dollar every animal or vegetable or flora or fawna in it's path hears it coming
and gets crushed anyway.  No choice is what this is called.  And the screams of
pain are louder than your ears can tolerate.  But you are not there.  And those
driving the bulldozers and paid by developers are wearing earmuffs... so they
don't hear either.  Nor do they care if they did, cause they are getting paid. 
Nor do town officials who aid in every aspect of the raping of this town's
limited natural resources. So yes, if a tree falls, it's heard.  Only ignored by
those with the power to stop the pain.
8:16 am edt 

Smoking Ban

OK, that's it... Let's ban sex... no sex allowed in provincetown.
After all if I can't have my nicotine fix after a roll in the hay, what's the
sense of having sex!
8:14 am edt 

DPW Wobbles
The wobbling DPW has been painting street lines again! This time the wobbly line
is on Bradford Street in the east end at the scene of the sewer-water main

On a positive note: It's the correct color and more or less in the center of the
road. So it will get the job done.

Yet, how can any town official drive or bike past the carelessness at the work
sites and retain any sense that everything is okay at DPW? 
8:13 am edt 

Re: Who's Listening

I beg to differ.  The "town", as one would refer to a royal court like
the "queen", definitely creeps around this blog, posting misc. blogs to try to
weakly defend on-target points.  A simple search of the archives, if you are new
to this arena, proves this.  Are you saying these people who dare to sign their
names could be imposters?  Not a bad idea.  A group of imposters would at least
be objective, maybe.  Such a tangled web is weaved.  EVERYTHING DONE IN THIS
THE DEVELOPERS.  Wake up, sweetie pie. You are not in Kansas anymore.   
8:12 am edt 


If there wasn't a big turn out of indignation for the RTE 6
clear cutting last year, we'd have lots of new construction along RTE 6 by now.
Stand up, Show up and Speak Up! I do all the time and I see the benefit of it!
7:59 am edt 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Who's Listening?

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it
make a sound?"

If no one goes to any meetings in town, how can you expect the town to know what
you want?   I do not think the town reads these posts.
3:28 pm edt 


How can vehicles that have taxi/livery plates get resident parking stickers? 
They take up 6-10 spots daily in the lot over by the skatepark/cemetery.    
2:44 pm edt 

It's ALL So Sad!

Provincetown used to be about "Live and Let Live" now a select few are trying to
turn it into a restricted Utopia.  The key word here is restricted!  With rules
and laws that are so nit picky....tourists will want to go somewhere less
conservative. This is NOT the Provincetown of yore. When will it stop?
9:50 am edt 

Smoking Ban

Why is outside smoking even on the agenda? For years and years it has
not been an issue.  It is obvious by now that it is clearly not about the
dangers of breathing second- hand smoke while you eat on a patio at a
restaurant.  It is about one mindset being empowered with setting a rule that
controls other mindsets.  This is a rule that needs some thought put into it,
not just people barking because they got a puff while eating a clam.  This rule
could have a substantial direct negative effect on the financial health of a
specific group of businesses.  And then, due to this negative effect on some,
this same rule could then produce positive effects for others.  The 3 month
window for profit here is small.  It should not be about one group manipulating
rules to obtain a bigger piece of the pie than they have been getting.  Which
means smaller pieces for everyone else.  Either ban it across the board, like a
town ban or leave it alone.  Okay, restaurants with patios. !
   What about guesthouses that serve food, or hotels, motels, rental units. 
These places are jammed together.  How is a restaurant patio any different from
a deck in a multi unit condo complex.  What about hot dog stands?  They serve
food and use public property as their seating area.  Either ban it townwide or
throw it in the trash where it belongs. 
9:49 am edt 

To: Ptown Business People That Support the Smoking Ban

Please be advised that many of your customers DO NOT support this ban and it's
curtailing of freedoms.

We will make our impact known by our future non patronage of your restaurant or

There are plenty of other restaurants, coffee shops and realty firms to give our
business to.
9:46 am edt 

Let's Take a Poll

What do you find more offensive?

Outdoor second hand smoke or
Outdoor Street Musicians who play too loud and
not very well

I for one vote for the music. I find the music offensive when
I sit at a outdoor cafe and am forced to hear them.
9:44 am edt 

Banner June 9, 2011 Smoking

"A business approached us in December saying (smoking)
should be disallowed completely, Phillips said."

And the owners of Joe's Coffee are still denying any part
in this issue. Ha!

Anita Puff

9:42 am edt 

Seashore Point

How are *All* of these folks supposed to go out and find doctors and bring them
up to speed on their medical conditions now that Dr. O'Mally was dismissed by
Seashore point?

The Town gave Seashore point so much for free to have them come here. No Good
Deed goes unpunished.
9:40 am edt 

Smoking Ban

My my ... just finished reading tonight's posts. Got out of work early
(blackout helped that!) and went with friends to hang and have a drink. talk
around the bar still is all about local news of this smoking ban.Have to say
almost all believe that the current laws are where it should be ... actually, a
bartender said it best "the laws now make it fair ..anything different is about
"I want what I want people .. what about a business owner paying 80,000 for a
space and protects his staff and does what he does with his space?" I smiled. He
was right. When someone claims it is there right to demand how a business does
make their living, protect their staff and an outside customer demand this type
of talk... well I cannot asked why don't you just pay, hire and pledge you soul
and have your concept of service make money ... smiling again, you are STILL
unwilling to go somewhere else for $22.95 but those demanding are so ready to
throw stones but are so unwilling to stand up and just go somewhere else ... why
are you so gut-less and not make that reservation at your favorite place to make
them think there needs a change.
9:39 am edt 

Smoking Ban

I agree!

If you let business owners decide on their own what they want
or not want, of course they are going to allow what they want, even if its
something as outrageous today like banning people of color and homosexuals from
eating in their restaurants. That is why we have nanny state laws to protect
minorities. And why we need laws to protect the non smokers from second hand
smoke! Business people only care about profit, the health and betterment of
those customers comes after the money!
9:33 am edt 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Re: Smoking Ban

"After the smoking issue....we should ban alcohol."

And then "we" should ban soda! Obesity kills more people than anything! And
after that "we" should ban walking anywhere but the sidewalk! It's dangerous!! 
Afterwards, "we" should make sure that everyone dresses and acts alike. "We"
deserve to live in a perfect society without deviation whatsoever! Yes! It's all
so easy. Soon "we" will have our perfection.

StepfordTown lives! And this is just the beginning. Who the hell is "we" anyway?
Some bloated idiot with an agenda who sits at the chair of the autonomous (and
he knows that) Board of Health? If that's the case, then "we" need to look in
the mirror.
10:52 pm edt 

Re: After the Smoking Issue....We Should Ban Alcohol

Perhaps we should ban tourists, intelligence, the tides, sunset, etc.

Oh, maybe we already did that second one. 
10:50 pm edt 

So Another Business Owner is a Liar!

Scott of Joe's Coffee said that he nor his partner would have brought up a non
smoking ban etc.  And yet when you go to the BOH minutes for Dec 16th 2011 there
it is in black and white... Mr. Russo BRINGING UP the idea of banning smoking in
outdoor areas due to wind shift etc....

and to the person who said that a business owner who lets smoking in their
establishment is "discriminating" against non smokers, and suggested it would be
akin to "banning " gays or people of color, is a bit off base.  A non smoker
could still choose to dine in that establishment, they are not being "banned nor
10:48 pm edt 

The Dismanteling of an Institution

What's going on at Seashore Point.
While we all are concerned with tourist behavior and stop signs, I'm hearing of
stories that effect senior citizens, our senior citizens. While many local
Seashore Point employees, who spent years with our residents, have been shown
the door by the Executive Director, the wake up call should be Brian O'Malley,
MD who has touched the lives of hundreds of our residents being shown the door.
Calling him a vendor and a supplier is sickening. I also heard there is a
purchase and sales agreement for the property being hidden. What will happen to
the nursing home residents?  What about the property given from the town and
Catholic church?  How can Deaconess allow this, or participate in it, all under
the name of Christianity.
10:45 pm edt 

Over Development

Either town people actually want all the development that has gone on
over the last 10 years, or they just do not care about the development.  There
have been over 100 new condominium units and single family homes added to the
town in the last several years.  Nobody seems to care about it.  If more people
were against it they would be going to meetings and voicing their objections. 
Many people are either directly in the real estate business, or are living with
others who are and naturally real estate folks do not want to do anything to
curb development.
10:33 pm edt 

Taxi Drivers and Cell Phones

If the taxi drivers need phones my point was NOT HANDHELD.  Let their
employers spend a few dollars for the safety of all, including their drivers. 
Be a good pr point and might help insurance premium
10:32 pm edt 


Why are we so concerned about smoking??  When drinking and alcoholism kill as
many people if not more.  I remember the news expose about 6 months ago that
said alcohol was just as addictive as heroin.....that story was killed fast
enough...probably by the alcohol companies.  After the smoking issue....we
should ban alcohol.
5:43 pm edt 

Adhoc Zoning Bylaw Committee

Hope springs eternal and there's a sucker born every day.  Both apply
to the Adhoc Bylaw Committee.  More of the same, under the guise of change. 
And, don't even put the glories of the Assistant Town Manager out there possibly
under the scope because, when looked at closely, what he is involved with may
make your rose colored glasses jump off your face.  Or not.
4:34 pm edt 

Ad Hoc Zoning Bylaw Committee

Are you really surprised that only one person showed up? NO, I AM

This little knitting group is tight. NO, IT'S NOT. I WAS THERE.

No advertising and 5:00 meet time is stupid if you want the public to attend. IT


They know what the public thinks. NO, THEY DIDN'T FULLY UNDERSTAND BEFORE THE

Look at a few of the more recent projects that overstepped current by-laws,
conservation bylaws, etc. by quite a bit with absolutely no repercussions.  THE

This group is not interested in public input. SEE ABOVE.

They know full well they are in control, despite 1 or 100 people showing up. 

Going against them is a losing battle. NO, IT'S NOT. IT IS NOT 'US' AGAINST

When you have developers and their cronies coming up
with rules that directly affect their bottom line, do you honestly think public
input matters in the least?  YES, I DO. I THINK THIS BOARD HAS THE ABILITY.



4:17 pm edt 

It's Called Playing the Game

A real estate agent who sits on a town
board speaks up to ban smoking in other businesses, while at the same time, he
can promote it as an "amenity" in his own residential rental units.  Smokers,
thank the stars above and him, will have at least somewhere to go to smoke in
this town.   What a gem.  Instead of worrying about smoking on restaurant
patios, the BOS should be concentrating their efforts to address potential
serious fire hazard risk posed by smoking in multi unit extremely dense
construction projects. Mr. DiMartino should not be unfamiliar with this subject. 

4:13 pm edt 


Why is it so wrong to be an idealist, but so right to be stupid enough to smoke? 
I vote for ideology every time. Just think of the harm we do to our young people
by promoting and supporting second hand smoke and other dangerous acts like
speeding, excessive drinking, and berating town officials without facts or
knowledge of the law.
4:10 pm edt 

Smoking Ban

"To allow a business owner to decide how to run his business as long as
that owner is obeying the law ..."
Yes I agree with that.

To the person who used smoking allowing and not allowing homosexuals
and people of color in the same sentence. Do you realize what you wrote?

One can never not allow entree when bias of gender, color, age ... etc. is proven.
The other is about supply and demand ... and that is the customer by going or
not going.

That's just shameful that someone would write that sentence.
12:29 pm edt 

Re: "Only One" Showed up
Are you really surprised that only one person showed up?  This little knitting
group is tight.  No advertising and 5:00 meet time is stupid if you want the
public to attend.  That's just it.  They don't.  They know what the public
thinks.  Look at a few of the more recent projects that overstepped current
by-laws, conservation bylaws, etc. by quite a bit with absolutely no
repercussions.  This group is not interested in public input.  They know full
well they are in control, despite 1 or 100 people showing up.  Going against
them is a losing battle.  When you have developers and their cronies coming up
with rules that directly affect their bottom line, do you honestly think public
input matters in the least? 
8:44 am edt 

A Few Thoughts

There was ONE person at the by-law revisions meeting probably because the
majority of voters and or interested parties can't find any mention of it in the
newspaper or maybe the town's website? I would have gone but wanted to cheer on
the BRUINS rather than listening to Ted Malone, David Nicolau or any other crony
that sits on that advisory group. SMOKING: if the BOH is really concerned about
second hand smoke i would suggest the first step would be to ban it at all
Municipal buildings and surrounding TOWN HALL and also the automobile of the
actual Health agent who chain smokes in her care between her inspections, that
wouuld cause a stir as well. I do not like to dine and inhale cigarette or cigar
smoke thus i do not frequent places that allow it, it is that simple and please
remmember smoking is not a crime in this country, the more important
restriction/regulation should be obesity/diabetes and "bad fats" that are
killing more people in this country and is more of a drain on our health care
system so Joe D, Ken J et al start new regulations on all fast food joints in town
that fry the hell out of everything and all the ice creem shops that load fat day
after day in our lovely seaside communnity. Choice is the key word here , appointed
boards should not have POWER to affect my business or earnings for personal
reasons PERIOD!!!!
8:34 am edt 

Re: "Thank God For Progressive Politicians and Town Administrators"
"It is obvious by the posters here that people need guidance and control."

The last time I checked - this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We are a free

You can keep your "guidance and control" and at the same time can stop trying to
inflict your philosophy and ideology on everyone else.
8:29 am edt 

Re: Taxi Drivers and Cell Phones
"Why are these taxi drivers almost always talking on their cell phones
while drving around town?"

You bring up a good point but why don't we give our taxi drivers a break. They
are talking on their cell phones because maybe you called them for a taxi.

These people work hard - drive us when we need it - are reliable and are just
taking calls for their businesses.
8:25 am edt 

Taxi Drivers and Cell Phones

Why are these taxi drivers almost always talking on their cell phones
while drving around town?  Can't they at least stop using hand held phones? 
School bus drivers cant use their phones cant we apply the same to our taxi
drivers..they are endangering themselves, their passengers, and pedestrians as
they looop around the busiest streets and intersections, distracted and driving
one handed.
8:12 am edt 

Board of Health Chair

Mark Phillips, Chair, ownes Beacon Light Guest House
on Winthrop St.. It was public knowledge that the property
was in forecloser a year ago. I don't know if the business
is in Chapter 7, 11 or a deal made with Seamen's.
He should recuse himself since he is related to a guest
house as should Ken Jansen from the Amper Sand
guest house. DiMartino should recuse as a realtor.
He stands to potentially profit from weekly rentals that
would allow smoking. If passed, any lodging that serves
food ie. Continental breakfast and afternoon cheese etc.
could not allow outside smoking.
Yes, the documentation regarding Greg Russo's complaint
will certainly be addressed at the hearing. In the meantime,
check Dec. 16, 2010 meeting on the Town Web site.
6:37 am edt 

Smoking Ban

So let me get this straight. You say let the business owner decide
what they allow and don't allow? What if the restaurant didn't want people of
color or homosexuals in their business? You call laws that protect us, a nanny
state! Thank god we live in this nanny state to protect us from the likes of
you! Smoking should be banned everywhere public, period.
12:30 am edt 


Don't speed and you have nothing to worry about!  It's that easy....
12:09 am edt 

Only One!

One member of the public ATTENDED the ad hoc zoning  By-Law revision
committee meeting...
12:08 am edt 

90 Shank Painter

An old time ptowner showed me an old photo of what the woods use
To look like before cumbies and the affordable housing .the woods were filled
with siver dollars and phlox,old growth trees were abundant.
We should all feel guilty of allowing such a thoughtless act of
12:06 am edt 

Smoking Ban

The question was asked what business does the chair of the BOH own? 
can somebody answer.. just curious...
and is someone going to bring up the documentation that Joe's coffee started
this whole smoking ban thing?  and for what reason?

12:02 am edt 


Do people lose their commmon sense when they cross the bridge?  Or is it their
brains?  The number of people on here that support activities like smoking,
drinking and speeding amazes me. It does explain the naysayer mentality.
Thank God for the Police and their presence here. Thank God for progressive
politicians and town administrators. It is obvious by the posters here that
people need guidance and control. If people were smart enough to not, speed,
drink or smaoke we could greatly reduce the budget for police and emergency
medical services.
12:00 am edt 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On Smoking:

"If I owned a business I wouldsimply not allow it."

And that would be your choice. Choice. Good word. It allows for the freedom that
we all came here for to be expressed. However, I suspect that if you owned a
business and were faced with the economic realities that face business owners,
being a smoker or not, your opinion might radically alter when you look at the
dollars. Would you seriously alienate 25% of your potential clientele? I doubt

Lastly though, I respect your opinion. It IS about choice. Or should be. What it
should not be is the exclamation of some pious pugnacious poop, heading the BOH
having personal snit fit and stepping on the economic toes of 40+ businesses in
town just because he can.   
11:58 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

The Selectmen need a tutorial on the Economic Development Plan. On one
hand, they make people beg them for more water to expand their businesses and on
the other hand, they are probably clueless of the 100s of thousands of gallons
of water that was needed to pack the fill. The Selectmen in Provincetown wear
blinders. They never, never understand the consequences of their actions. As an
example, clear cutting 90 Shank Painter in the spring during the birthing season
of animals. A whole generation of beautiful birds etc. the Selectmen wiped out.

They will never be able to wash the blood from their hands!

11:54 pm edt 

Smoking Ban

Sisters in the name of love brought me out on a night that I usually
stay in. Thank you to all that were involve. Over heard again this smoking ban
that the BOH wants. I still do not get it. Open air seem not to go with
intelligence. If I owned a place I would be mad, especially when I heard that a
realty agent is so pro for it. And he is a board member, Joe Dimartino. At first
thought I was confused when told he is on a mission. His spoken thoughts is
about if he sits down OUTSIDE and orders a meal and then smells smokers he
cannot leave without paying. Duh!!! If he decided to not go to another place
that was non-smoking, why would he sit in that area? I call it bad planning. He,
as a business within itself, should know he planned wrong as business does
business. Or does he really believe he should be another person who wants what
he wants. Is it that he is a coward to stand strong to say no and not go to that
place? I see that business owner has a right to conduct his business as he see fit.
I also see the customer having the right not to go. If the balance show the owner
would change. Many have already.

Joe must think he is more important than that owner. I am finding myself hating this
stuff. And, sorry, I hate this even more when I hear that a realty person is
trying to dictate to some. Seems that they have no restrictions and can use that
to sell rentals.
11:51 pm edt 

Re: Flash Your Lights

It's not about arbitrary speed limits, it's about a sneaky police policy in an
over-reaching government. Like fascism do you? You're probably one of the
"citizens" who rat their neighbors. Sneaky is sneaky and snaky is snaky.
11:47 pm edt 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Re: Flash Your Lights!

I suppose better advise might have beeen don't speed. I am sure they are out
there for a reason and I for one am glad they are out there clearly doing their

10:32 pm edt 

Flash Your Lights!

Has anyone noticed the town's finest running very sneaky speed traps recently?
Watch out coming into town between Snail Rd. and Conwell. We depend on tourists.
Giving them a seven year insurance penalty to remember their visit is not good
for business and hiding in the bushes should be beneath you.
5:37 pm edt 

Re: "If I Owned a Business I Would Simply Not Allow it."

Exactly, and that's the objection. Business should be allowed to fail or succeed
on their own decisions. This nanny state stuff is over the top. I personally
dislike smoking and vote with my feet to not be around it. It's all about
choices and consequences.

5:35 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter Excessive Water Use

Don't tell me to conserve water...dont't tell me not to wash my
car....don't tell me not to water my lawn and how to do my laundry...don't make
businesses beg for liscenses because of their water usage.  I just passed 90
shank painter and watched our water being dispensed between layers of fill..10's
of thousands of gallons if not hundreds of thousand of gallons of water is being
spewed from the town hydrant. And who is paying for this? And whose stupid idea
is this.  Clarence, go take your photos.  Towns people and business are being
raped of their water. There's a a lot of fill and water to be taken from us
because of this.
5:25 pm edt 

The Meadows

I met someone the other day who
paid $500,000.00 for a condo at the
Meadows (Malone development) and he
is giving it up for forcloser. He said that
the value of the unit has depriciated
and it is not worth the morgage nor condo
fees to continue. He is better off to walk
away. I wonder how many others will
follow suit. The construction of these
cardboard units need to be stopped.
5:19 pm edt 

Tax Collector

Try to reach the Tax Collectors office today 508-487-7015, trying to
pay my bill. The phone rings and rings and rings. I call back and they transfer
me to Dan Horts phone, he doesn't answer. I call back and they try two other
extensions. No one knows why the entire Accounting Department is vacant at the
Town of Provincetown. The selectmans office you get when you dial 0 or call the
main number says someone is supposed to be there. I see our Tax Dollars are
going to good use over there. Glad to see Dan Hort is making a huge difference.
5:16 pm edt 

Smoking Ban

As a non-smoker it would be nice to be able to sit outside without
being exposed to other peoples smoke. Smoking is not something that you can do
in public without affecting other people. It is invasive in that way.  For most
non-smokers it is very unpleasant to be around. If I owned a business I would
simply not allow it.
5:14 pm edt 

Smoking Ban

Out and having a drink earlier. Talk about Joe's Coffee denying they
were the start of starting the try to ban smoking. Scott goes as far as to say
"never would we say that!" Well the BOH minutes on Dec. 16th say otherwise.
Hopefully, if that is their public stand, Greg and Scott will come to June 16th
meeting @ 4pm and ask the Board of Health that they do not want this regulation
to go forward. If not, their PR campaign is in the ballpark of "weinergate" - a
record document is hard fact to pretend to exist unless you are "ride by Paul
Revere" told by Sarah Palin.
5:13 pm edt 

If Only the Town Did Wake Up

Here it is spend, spend, spend. Town employees should be on a freeze. Projects
should be on hold. Mega projects should be denied. But no, it's overrides and
raise taxes. Let the party roll on even as local aid is cut and the economy is
in more than a recession. Town officials are in La La Land. They are unrealistic
and believe their own fantasies. The library is a case in point. Millions spent
and millions more to come. Landscaping doesn't need bulldozers--it should have
been hoes and shovels and seeds. Improve on what was there--instead they destroy
it all and then spend and spend to have what we had but with added lights and
grass. The most ridiculous landscaping work I've ever seen.
12:28 am edt 

I LIke That: a Drink, A Dollar, a Hot Weiner or a Smile

Bought by whatever it takes. But you say it well. They are, as you said,
bamboozled and we have a town that sadly shows the imprint of profit gone wild.
Conservation doesn't conserve; Zoning doesn't hold back scale; Planning doesn't
even do its own by-laws. Developers are treted as "saviors" while they are
destroying dunes, cutting down trees, adding density, bulding poor housing, and
giving most away to their connected friends and associates. The town is leveled,
uglified and raped. Some call this "progress" while others see this as the
destruction of this town, the loss of its quaintness and historic character.

Yes, some what only "happy talk" to obfuscate reality, to put lipstick on the
12:26 am edt 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Will Provincetown Wake Up?

Look at our national advisers and what
they are saying.  Look at other local governments.  Wake up Provincetown. 
Spending has to be cut.  We have under 3000 people that live here full time, and
that is being generous giving the fact that probably over 1/4 to 1/3 of the
people leave during the winter. Other towns and states are cutting back. Where
has Provincetown cut spending?


Joel Naroff of Naroff Economic Advisors notes that when states cut spending to
balance their budgets, as required annually, a ripple effect multiplies the
damage: Companies that do business with states and localities suffer. These
companies, in turn, scale back their own hiring.

"There's a whole slew of private companies that have to cut back when they don't
get the (government) contracts they had been getting," Naroff said. "You can't
balance a budget and say everything's going to be beautiful."

Moody's Analytics estimates that each job in state and local government supports
an additional 1.3 jobs elsewhere in the economy.

The cutbacks stretch across the country:

-- Monticello, Ga., has cut its police force in half -- to five. It had planned
to eliminate the force entirely until it found the money to keep some officers,
says Police Chief Bobby Norris.

-- Zanesville, Ohio, just cut nearly 50 jobs from its schools, mostly through
layoffs. "People have to realize: There's just so much money," says school
Superintendent Terry Martin, who had to close a $7.2 million budget gap through
2016. "We have to watch every dime that we spend."

-- In Alameda, Calif., police and firefighters last week couldn't save a
drowning man in the San Francisco Bay because the fire department had cut
funding for water rescue training, wet suits and other equipment.

The Great Recession of 2007-2009, the longest and deepest downturn since the
1930s, dried up state and local tax revenue. It also escalated demands for
social programs like Medicaid and unemployment benefits and "ate through their
rainy-day funds," notes Michael Gapen, senior U.S. economist at Barclays

For a while, federal stimulus spending cushioned the blow to state and local
finances. But that money is running out. And it probably won't be replenished.
The federal government is preparing to cut its own spending to shrink huge
budget deficits.

States like Wisconsin, New Jersey and Ohio have first-term governors who "are
trying to make their names by cutting spending," Naroff says. "It wasn't the `in
thing' before to become a governor and immediately slash and burn. Now, you've
got economic and political realities that are different from any time before."

11:03 pm edt 

Hey "Truth be Told"

Not for nothing, but anyone who thinks themselves clever for improvising a
Charlie Sheen quote does no service to themselves except self-description. 
Sorry, "winning" is reserved for those who clearly aren't on your bus.  You are
obviously on the bus with those who need to clear cut, bull doze, rip up lady
slippers while ConsCom turns the other cheek, smile and lie, twist or manipulate
bylaws, get "confused" by your own laws, bamboozle weak board members or town
gov. members with a drink, a dollar, a hot weiner and or a smile or do anything
else to force your clearly unwelcome projects through.  Our bus doesn't even
offer financing like yours.  You must be right. We, as you say, are losers. 
Losers, by the tone of this blog, are the fools who love Ptown for itself.  Not
how it looks on paper.  Like in a bank statement.   Sure.  Who signs your check? 
Or pays for your drink?  Or foot long hot dog?  

8:06 pm edt 

I Too Miss Donald at Lopes Square

I too wish he were still there. I liked him and I liked how he handled traffic.
He was pleasant and an attraction for tourist. He was a good man and a good
traffic police officer.
7:06 pm edt 

Why Should Developers Beware of the Hopper House?

It takes more than some decisions made in Truro to rattle these toughies. 
Current Bylaws need strick enforcement and fat trimmed.  

Only in Ptown, uncertainty based on "loose definitions" is a valid reason to
approve units.  In the rest of the common sense world, uncertainty would be
reason to deny. 

This multi unit infection creeping over town inch by inch can only be stopped by
changing the big rules. 

Lot size, frontage size, setback requirements, septic requirements.   Get rid of
the old bunch.  Real consequence for violations.  Developers run this town.  I
think it's time they were run out of this town.  Let them go pick on another
town with more suitable resources to accomodate their big dollar sign eyes
instead of laying out the red carpet for them, every time they need to buy a new
Land Rover. 

Ptown has enough ugly density and the only need for one more unit
is the need of the developer to try to make more cash.  High priced, ugly
density that no one even wants.  Time proves this fact.  
6:42 pm edt 

To: "Agree with Improvements".....

Retiree health and pension benefits are not a "problem"! We worked hard and long
with this goal in mind, over 30 years in my case. Many years we went without pay
raises but we accepted that as well. Our incomes are now fixed, unlike yours. We
are not the problem so don't look to us to be the solution to problems we did
not cause.
6:36 pm edt 

Re: Missing the Dancing Cop Donald This Weekend...

Let it go.  Donald is done.  You and others may miss him, but there are just as
many (if not more) of us that are glad that he is no longer at that post.  We
don't miss him and are glad he is gone.  Stop bringing this issue up and spend
your time setting up a fund raiser for him since his family can't help him and
he can't make it on his own with his retirement savings.
6:32 pm edt 

Re: "Hopefully Final Work on Library"

you are living in never-never land.  The library is a money pit, as some said
from the start. But we were promised that no tax money would ever be used to fix
it, so it got approved.  Think it's finished? 

The roof still leaks into the upstairs front reading room during nor'easters and
they haven't been able to find the source.  Inside structural damage from that?

Most of the wiring has not been upgraded in many decades and will fail, or it
could start a fire first.

Ditto the plumbing.  They couldn't replace all the wiring and plumbing without
ripping out many of the walls, so they didn't do it (yet).  Remember last year
when a pipe broke in the basement & the repair was $1/4 million?  Next time, the
basement has now been finished at our expense & the cost to repair will

The utility costs are shameful. It's older than Town Hall and has been less well
maintained over its life, which is saying something.

Another example: the tower came down in a late 1800's windstorm.  So you figure
they rebuilt it right when it was off this time, with hidden steel
reinforcement?  Nope, that would not have been "historically accurate".  So it's
built the same old way.  Sooner or later...

And now we have another $1/4 million being spent on the small front yard
landscaping...Is this $ well spent so near seawater or is it extravagant?

The building has little architectural or historical significance, compared to
many better examples of similar-style churches in New England and elsewhere in
the country.  Ask anyone who knows.

For the same total amount of money spent to date, not counting big future
spending, we could have one of the best town libraries in the whole country:
modern, energy-efficient, high-tech, disabled-friendly, and space-efficient for
ease of staffing & use, with plenty of $ left over for upgraded collections. 

But instead we have an albatross with its old small collections and its
out-of-scale, inaccurate, made from poor & false materials "ship model" that
would be rejected by any maritime museum.  

It's laughable that some think it's worth the money and, moreover, that it's
done.  Too late now, but it was not a wise choice and "those who fail to learn
from history...."
6:30 pm edt 

Re: Truth be Told by Alfred E Neuman

Hey Alfred--  you forgot that there's a fifth group, which is those that do
nothing except post on this blog.   In the great words of Charlie Sheen, LOSERS!
6:26 pm edt 


The West End Playground improvements
were donated by Robert Duffy not from
the Town.

Thank You Mr. Duffy for all of
your generious contributions to the Town.
6:25 pm edt 

Public Record

Greg Russo, co owner of Joe's Coffee is denying that he
had anything to do with the purposed smoking ban.
BOH meeting, Dec. 16,2010 minutes. Check it out, it is
in black and white. I guess coffee and cigarettes don't go
together in a perfect world.there are plenty of other places
that serve good coffee, guess I'll go elsewhere.
Anita Puff
6:24 pm edt 

Now Inhale

What a beautiful sunny weekend! Hope everyone got a chance to go
outside and enjoy the beauty!

7:41 am edt 

Half Empty vs Half Full

Re: "Yea, right. Don't trip on a pothole or stumble over a bad patch on
that street while you're dancing. You might shatter those rose colored glasses
you're wearing."

I'm not telling you to move if you don't like it, but I do wonder why you live
here if you find it so awful.  I personally agree with the prior poster.  There
are lots of good things happening in town if you take off those black colored
glasses you're wearing.
7:39 am edt 

Hopper House

Ptown developers take notice !
7:37 am edt 

Agree on Improvements

- beautiful town hall and hopefully final work on library
- planning for rationalizing town facilities
- $22 million in federal grants for much improved water and sewer infrastructure
- beautifully redone west end playground
- repaving of a portion of commercial street
- forward movement locally and at state level on retiree health and pension
- increased town revenue sources through sensible tourist based taxes

This taxpayer, who is not in town government, is impressed with the way things
are going.
7:36 am edt 

Supply and Demand

I was out for drinks tonight and cannot understand something. Everyone
was mad that this town (ok a few board members) want to ban smoking at
businesses outdoor spaces. Everyone wants it to stay the same and not just the
smokers! It was really wild how passionate people were against the ban. I
listened and could not think why? It's outdoors, it's not illegal, and basically
is it not really about supply and demand. There are places I do not go because I
do not want to or do not like ... well, something about the place. If someone
does not want to be in a place where ever or what ever why do they go? Just
don't go. Sorry but I think it is that simple. How can people demand to change
something just because they want what they want. Maybe if they showed what would
happened if they did not go places would change. But they seem to want stuff at
another's expense and businesses revenue .. with no sacrifice. Like I said I was
out tonight and heard no one defend banning law!
ful outdoor as is regulations. I guess they just want and with that lack. They
lack the ability to not stay home to tell the business community to stay home,
they lack verbal courage to communicate in crowds that they want this ban and,
because they lack the first two, they lack follow through. btw, I am a nonsmoker
who believes in enough ... and in, if you don't agree, stay away and tell
businesses to change. If you don't have that much conviction, please be quiet
and let the business world deal with supply and demand.
7:34 am edt 

Elaine Anderson

Affordable Housing is nothing but a loophole for the developers to
cash in on!!! Affordable housing will be the ruination of this town!! And we
have numerous people to thank for it- Namely Elaine Anderson!! She is nothing
but a self serving individual and hides behind her conservation past! Nothing
but a sham.
7:31 am edt 

Just Curious

How is the town of Truro having to pay 15m a win for the taxpayers? 
Won't the taxpayers be the ones, granted, through obscured channels
and avenues, be the ones footing the bill?
7:27 am edt 

Rose Colored Glasses?

Love it. HD rose tinted glasses are needed
here. Don't kid yourselves.  You, as in taxpayers, are being used.  and abused. 
And laughed at, all the way to the bank. 
7:24 am edt 

Truth be Told

So, in light of the events in Truro, people on this blog are either
totally insane or intelligent. 

So what would be the primary obvious case of Ptown board/government shenanigans
or questionable "actions" Court deserving?  On the basis of many multiple
violations?  Too many for a judge, any judge, to count while trying to hold
his/her head from spinning. 

The defense:  Again, dah, throw the ball into the voters' court.  After all,
they voted for the laws.  Such silly lambs.  They dumbly vote for bylaws they
believe are in their best interest and that of the town and then somehow,
mysteriously, "misinterpretation" of these laws opens the doors for buildings
and projects that are "shocking". 

Good grief, how stupid do these morons running this town think people who were
born here, live here, have moved here, work here, are lucky enough to own
property here and have a geniune love of this town for its fun, natural beauty
and uniquenesses think we are.  (Notice?  People who develop here were purposely
left out.)    

FOUR entities should be highlighted: 
Those people in town gov. and on boards that are either in bed with or connected
any other way financially to those "developers" blessed with seemingly endless
taxpayer and public funding, grants (fed., state, whatever). 

Developers specially bestowed the responsibility of "building our future", via
mass Section 8 and multiple unneeded condo quantity. Obvioius these people are
trying to build as much as they can as fast to sell for as much as they can
before people in this town wake up and the gate closes.    WHICH HOPEFULLY IT IS

People who work on "committees" making rules that directly dictate their "bottom
line".  This must be stopped.  NO developers on ADHOC Committees.  Period. 

Those who get paid, top dollar, like legal counsels and engineers, to stand in
front of boards and knowlingly lie and present projects one way to obtain bogus
approvals.  These are the worst.  They present, knowing full well, nothing
approved will be adhered by and rules, in Ptown, are made to be twisted and
"misinterpreted" to be broken.

These, my pretties, are facts.  Not opinions.  Facts.

Section 8, sweet.  It's never to late to stock up on deadbolts or guard dogs.  I
broke a tooth today when I tripped in a pothole on Bradford and hit my mouth on
a curb.

Afred E. Newman
7:22 am edt 

I Think You Are Wrong on Truro's Damages

The Klines were told that they should not continue to build while the courts
were making their decision. They went forward anyways and inspite of the court's
advice. The Klines--even though Donald is not longer with us--are responsible
for building while they knew the building permit was in question.

Wrong assessment. The Klines lose. So does the town because of wrong decisions
made by their Building Commissioner and their Zoning Board members.
7:18 am edt 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stop Signs

If anyone gets a ticket for not stopping at the Howland and Bradford Street stop
sign, Howland and Harry Kemp Way stop sign or at Ryder and Bradford Street stop
sign, contest it in court. The Police Chief is the one who had them put there
and before they can be, the State has to approve them and that was never done.
3:00 pm edt 

The Kline's Received a Building Permit

$5,000,000.00 was spent building it.

If it is not allowed to be used/or torn down, the town of Truro will have to
pay out Triple damages to the Kline's to the amount of $15,000,000.00.

This is a great victory for the taxpayers of Truro
11:52 am edt 

Right to Impose Smoking Ban

This is why Ptown has every right to make and enforce it's own smoking
rules according to the state...Read in parenthesis!

Since 2004, the statewide smoke-free workplace law has been a resounding
success, creating a healthier environment for thousands of employees and
customers in the Commonwealth and reducing health care costs. (The smoke-free
workplace law also gave municipalities the right to go further in the effort to
advance public health.) This is exactly what the City of Boston did, as did the
45 municipalities that have already banned so-called smoking bars

Taken from an opinion in response to a Globe editorial on smoking bars.
11:49 am edt 

Rose Colored Glasses

"I hope the handful of naysayers and  put downers do not discourage
the forward progress this town is making. Summers here and the time is right for
dancing in the streets"

Yea, right. Don't trip on a pothole or stumble over a bad patch on that street
while you're dancing. You might shatter those rose colored glasses you're
8:29 am edt 

Bleeding Hearts

The powers that be won't be happy until Provincetown becomes a Section 8 housing
project.  Wait until that happens! The crime rate will soar!  Look what happened
in Hyannis.  Our investments will be worth squat. Affordable housing indeed.
8:28 am edt 

Why Do We have Police Officers at Crosswalks When we Need Them at Intersections?

Cars do stop here for people in the crosswalks. We don't need a cop looking at
the people and then looking at the drivers. We need police officers directing
traffic at heavy intersections. That's where they should be--like where Donald
was. Donald handled the cars, traffic and then monitored people as they crossed.
He helped direct the entire flow. He did not stand on the corner looking at
people across the street. There is a difference and that is being a smart cop
rather than a lost cop.
8:25 am edt 

You Must Be Standing on Your Head

If you think the town is moving forward. It has used up resources, misused
common sense in creating the sewer system, overspent on town hall--where the
paint is peeling and the doors are cracking already. It has created a monster in
the library, a never ending money sucking restoration. It is rehabing the
elementary school for a non-existant departmental shift. The beachse need
cleaning and the sidewalks need to be reconstructed. And we need to anticipate
real problems--not those fabricated like jack-in-the-boxes from the front of
town hall.

8:22 am edt 

Re: Funky vs. Fake

The town was a dump in the 80's. Downtown was a mess. It may have looked nice on
the outside but behind the walls and behind the facades is where the real
problems were. Upgraded septic systems, new sewer system, rat traps torn down
and new structurally sound buildings in their place, better electrical systems,
better, up to date water system, mre responsible property owners, better class
of tourists, less bums and less kitch. Any issues with zoning falls nowhere but
in the laps of the voting public. The only way bylaws have been introduced is
because townspeople voted them in thinking the powers that be were smarter. The
only reason bad bylaws still exist is because good people continue to do nothing
to change them. Do nothing and you'll certainly be given more than enough
opportunity to complain in the future.
8:20 am edt 

Re: Ad Hoc Committee

You will show up for the first meeting, make a lot of accusations, throw a lot
of sand in people's faces, then not ever show up again. Meanwhile you will hop
on this blog and throw out unsubtantiated accusations, denigrate the hard work
and generally be fat lazy       . Watch, it happens every year.

8:17 am edt 

Re: Justice for the Hopper House and Its Views

Have you read the decision from th courts? Do you have any of the real facts?
Obviously the issue is far above your comprehension level. Bylaws are voted on
at town meeting and if passed, are the accepted zoning rules the zoning
enforcement officer (building commissioner) applies to every situation. In the
Kline situation, many many other properties have used the same loophole to do
what they wanted with their properties and the ZBA and building inspector have
set the precedent by allowing it throughout the town including along the same
road Kline built on. If the law is imperfect, it needs to go back to town
meeting for adjustment. That hasn't happened. This particular issue therefore is
a selective enforcement issue and the judge, Piper in this case, has screwed
this issue up along with at least three other cases in Truro and has no real
understanding of the local bylaws or zoning in general. God help Ptown if we get
Piper on any cases here. If you're waiting for the Kline!
  house to come down, I hope you're a very young person because it will be a
long time and countless appeals before that happens. That final conclusion
rarely happens anywhere.
8:15 am edt 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ad Hoc Committee Meeting

"The Ad hoc committee meeting isn't to address overbuilding.  It's to
cover their collective asses for protocol and laugh at those who would dare to
care.  The sad part is if a thousand people showed up to oppose any projects on
the table, they would be quieted and waved aside as this does not play into the
developer's hands"

If they don't do anything, than we take an article to Town Meeting and the
voters, not this committee, will decide our future vis a vis even more ugly
density in Provincetown! I hope the AD Hoc Zoning Committee members are reading
this blog. Be forewarned. We are going to Town Meeting if you don't address this
serious problem. I am already writing the article!
7:29 pm edt 


Town is really moving forward. New sewer and water lines more affordable
housing, refurbished town hall and library, closing old dangerous buildings (com
cnter and grace Buildings) increased safety signage, Our leaders are to be
commended. I hope the handful of naysayers and  put downers do not discourage
the forward progress this town is making. "Summers here and the time is right
for dancing in the streets"
2:52 pm edt 

Missing the Dancing Cop Donald This weekend

Wish you had been there. All these years, all the directing of traffic, all the
help for tourists. Donald, you did great work.

You were missed. Please know this.
2:50 pm edt 

Justice for the Hopper House and Its Views

Because of the arrogance and wrong actions of the Truro Building Commissioner
and the Truro Zoning Board of Appeals. Now their wrong decisions are illegal
decisions forcing the Klines to perhaps de-construct their construction.

I like this kind of justice. The Land Courts provide the right decision and the
arrogance of the Truro Bulding Commissioner and the poor thinking of the Truro
Zoning Board members now comes back to haunt them all.

Let the Kline house be taken down shingle by shingle, post by post, window by

Consider that wrong deicisions by Provincetown's Building Commissioner and
Provincetown's Zoning Board could render similar judicial decisions. I look for
more judtice from the courts.
2:49 pm edt 

To: Champions of Mediocracy
Instead of looking and being critical.  Did you offer help?  Oh no...  let's
just be mean.  I highly doubt the police stood there.. If that was the case, did
you file a formal complaint at the police station?  Probably not.. TALK IS
2:47 pm edt 

Mark Philips

Is it fair to ask, what business Mark Philips, Chair of the BOH owns?
2:46 pm edt 

Funky vs. Fake

"People today take pride in their properties as opposed to the slumlords that would rent to any loser that wanted a place to flop, whether local or visitor. Appreciate what we have. It's much
better than it used to be."

If the good old days were so bad, how could P'town have become the sacred ground
that you seem to mistake for a Styrofoam cup? 

2:44 pm edt 

Not a Re-post. (shame that needs to be said)

So bloggers, some of them, dare to question developers.  Why is it people who
don't agree the town is being abused by greedy developoers ALWAYS resort to
personal insults in their retorts.  Maybe because they lack sensical defense. 
Ptown is overbuilt out to the gills.  Sorry, not a matter of personal feelings.
Just fact.  The Adhoc committee meeting isn't to address overbuilding.  It's to
cover their collective asses for protocol and laugh at those who would dare to
care.  The sad part is if a thousand people showed up to oppose any projects on
the table, they would be quieted and waved aside as this does not play into the
developer's hands. If you keep allowing the developers to build and build
construction that is not needed, a fall is in the future.  Plain and simple. 
Not emotional or personal.  Plain and simple. Ptown is headed for a fall. 
2:40 pm edt 

Somking Ban

If/when the town bans smoking outside PRIVATE places of business will
it also do so in front of--on the grounds of town buildings?  Now wouldn't that
cause a ruckus in front of town hall, rest rooms, parking lots, new DPW
2:37 pm edt 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Smoking Ban

The powers that exist in town are so totally anti-business despite all
their claims to the opposite. If some businesses do not allow smoking outside...
GREAT! This gives people a choice. If they don't want secondhand smoke then
patronize those places. And if you want to smoke or do not care about the
secondhand you can still support the others. To deny choice is not the
Provincetown I love.
10:51 am edt 


Although the Public Hearing is postponed
until the 16th of June, Please attend
and make a public statement today. Afterall
we all planned to be there today anyway.
4pm @ Town Hall. Don't be late. Public
Statements are first on agenda.
10:46 am edt 

Over Development

"How many more empty ugly poorly constructed jammed in buildings do we
"need"?  None, that's how many."


And not a re-post. 
10:04 am edt 


It is quite obvious by the number of people posting against the smoking ban that
the majority of the posters are lacking in common sense and intteligence, Who in
their right mind would be in favor of promoting second hand smoke exposure?
10:02 am edt 

Smoking Ban

What is this town trying to do to itself ?  People come here to have a good time
and there are plenty of restaurants that have no outside areas where people can

Leave it alone and let things stay the way they are.  Don't put in another
REGULATION that is going to hamper business.

The restaurants have a hard enough time as it is with all the development going
on here - People who buy or rent condos can STAY IN and cook if they want to. 
Don't take a competetive advantage away from the restaurants.
9:34 am edt 

June 8th Zoning Board Meeting


9:30 am edt 

BOH Smoking Ban Meeting

Just a quick add-on to the smoking debate. I noticed those stating the
Thursday, June 2 meeting of the BOH @ 4pm.are being updated that the meeting has
been moved to June 16th.

Both dates are correct. Because of an error in posting, the meeting is pushed to
the 16th but it will open on June 2. What that means is that the board is
suppose to open the meeting and then table it to the 16th w/o taking public
statements and then everything is tabled to the 16th. If they open to the public
they could close that part of the meeting and then on the 16th not reopen to the
public and just vote.

So one may want to be at both meetings. thank you.
9:28 am edt 

Seems You Missed the Parenthetical Points

The Building Commissioner is being sued by suing the town. His actions were
judged illegal and wrong. The Zoning Board and its decision to allow the Klines
to build the house was judged also illegal and wrong. The town is forced to
fight the battle for the Building Commissioner and also the Zoning Board which
wrongfully and illegally made the decision.

The house is not complete. It is only $5 million built and more to be added--but
at their own risk.

Seems like they might have to destroy the building that the building
commissioner and the Zoning Board members wrongly and illegally allowed the
Klines to build.

More Provincetown residents should sue the town and thus challenge the decisions
of the building commissioner and the zoning board. This remains a good lesson
for allC

Congratulations to the Schiffenhauses for their legal and moral and artistic

9:25 am edt 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mark Philips, Chair ---of BOH?

Not anymore. Humpty-Dumpty has put himself in a position to be
removed, removed, removed! It is clear Mr. Philips is out for personal blood on
an issue that is touchy. However, the proposed OUTDOOR smoking ban (ridiculous
at best!) has no room for anything but logical, economic discussion as to how it
will affect the larger issue--economic vitality in a depressed time in a town
that has only 2 months to make money.

It is well known that Mr. Philips is about to lose his business(one cannot
count on astute decision making considering THAT!) And for some abstract reason
he's got an agenda against other business people who offer a place for smokers
to dine. Clearly his bitterness is overriding what's left of his ability to
soberly make decisions. Go ahead, Mr. Philips; hold your meeting and hear the
mind that when you talk, speak up. Show your backbone that you're so willing to
posit to the press and in your proposed regulations! We're tired of the
low-talking, helm holding, small-minded, wounded nature you present. Buck up,
speak with the authority bestowed you and do your job with aplomb and economic
fairness. However, don't flout your pet-peeves further in order to cyclone them
into regulation merely because you, the chair of an autonomous board, can.
Moreover, to heck with you if you believe this is no longer a democracy! Your job
is to listen to the majority who attend the meeting and act upon their opinions
accordingly. Do not forget that, sir. And do remember that a "chair" is most certainly
not a throne.
10:04 pm edt 

Re: View From the Other Side

I moved here 20+ years ago and have been in various trades that have to do with
the building and rebuilding of properties in town. I can tell you completely
honestly that what we have today is FAR better than the beat down, ignored,
disgusting rat traps of yesteryear. From the old Pilgrim House, 128 skate, the
horrible mess of poison ivy and thorns currently Bayberry Road and side streets,
Poor Richards Buttery, the old Mews with the cesspool underwater at high tide
and all the other dumps that used to be here to what we have today, I'd say the
town is a much better place than it was. People today take pride in their
properties as opposed to the slumlords that would rent to any loser that wanted
a place to flop, whether local or visitor. Appreciate what we have. It's much
better than it used to be.
10:00 pm edt 

Re: Kline House Building Permit and Zoning Decision Found Illegal

Your conclusion is wrong on so many levels. The house is complete. The neighbors
appealed the Truro building commissioners decision to issue a permit to the ZBA
which upheld the building commissioners decision. The neighbors then appealed
that to Superior Court. That's where the latest decision came from. The
neighbors didn't sue the members of the board or the building commissioner or
the town, genius. The people that can sue the town would be the Klines for
wrongful issuance of the permit and even that has an upper limit of 100K I
believe. Also, Hopper never painted the landscape there. The neighbors simply
don't want a house being built on land they don't own. Sound familiar? If this
is an example of how you and your friends would go after zoning issues and
planning issues in town, I don't think the town has anything to worry about.
9:58 pm edt 

Ad Hoc Committee What a Sick Farce:

Re: Brand new condo units already built still sit empty on the market for close to a year, and why?

9:54 pm edt 

To: "Here's a Lesson"

At the risk of being labelled a "re-blogger" by someone who probably works for
the town and has an obvious 7th keen sense of perception, I do agree.

2 points are taken: 

1.  That honest hardworking people must resort to court action to have their
town by-laws enforced properly by those they have entrusted to do the same,
speaks volumes

2. That developers, warm and nuzzled and nursed by their "associates" on town
boards, aren't about to slow down or stop themselves, any time soon.  Not by
their own hand at least.    
9:52 pm edt 

To: "Is Your Issue"

Personal issues don't matter.  Take a look around town and you decide for
yourself.  When will enough be enough?  How many more empty ugly poorly
constructed jammed in buildings do we "need"?  None, that's how many. 
9:50 pm edt 

Kline House Building Permit and Coning Decision Found Illegal

Here's a lesson. Sue the town, as the Truro neighbors did, get a good land court
lawyer and you can get justice. The million dollar Kline House built on the hill
Hopper painted has been rendered illegal from the Land Court. If they continue
to build, they could be force to destroy the $5 million building that is still
being constructed. Building Commissioners who issue bulding permits can be
sued--the town gets the lawsuit--and Zoning Board members who make wrong
decision can be forced to eat crow. Truro is finding itself in this predicament.
There's a lesson for all: suing can bring justice.

I'd like to see more law suits against more boards in Provincetown. The
inconsistent and whimsical and at times illegal decisions should be sued here as
well. Let the courst speak! Then the town mights just listen!
7:04 pm edt 

Re: To: "Every One of Us"

"...Sorry, my grandfather and father didn't mow down dunes and clear
cut land to put up cheap prefab condos to try, and the key word here is "try",
to make a boodle..."

But they did develop the land didn't they?  And they disturbed no sand dunes or
didn't cut one tree to build their home?  Doubt it.

Is your issue development, the fact that you feel the development is cheap or
the fact that developers are making money while your grandfather and father had
'more pure' motives?
7:01 pm edt 

Ad Hoc Zoning Bylaw Revision Committee

The meeting agenda was posted on the Town's website this morning at 8:19.

The agenda is:

1. Public Statements
2. Fall Town Meeting zoning bylaw schedule
3. Prioritize sections for potential amendments:
   a. Signage  evaluate special permits for deviations from sign criteria
   b. Commercial accommodations  consider density revision request from
      April town meeting
   c. Parking Regulations  establish standards
   d. Site Plan review criteria
   e. Dimensional Schedule/ Residential Density
   f. Pools  remove special permit requirement, move to site plan review if
4. Approval of minutes
5. Other Business

The meeting will take place at 5:00 pm June 8th in the Caucus Room at Town Hall.
6:58 pm edt 

Ad Hoc Zoning Bylaw Revision Committee Meeting

There is an AdHoc Zoning Bylaw Revision Committee which hopefully will address
the concerns posted on this blog. I urge you to attend the June 8   5pm meeting

3:05 pm edt 

To: Restaurant Owners, Staff, Business Owners and the General Public

Reminder: BoH Public Hearing to abolish smoking in
outdoor areas where food is served. Thursday, June 2
@ 4pm @ Town Hall. Be There! This purposed regulation
will affect about 40 foodservice businesses as well as the
general economy of the Town.

Webmaster Comment: Please note that the meeting date has been
changed to 6/16/11.

3:01 pm edt 

Outdoor Ban on Smoking

Don't forget that there is a very important meeting and public hearing
of the board of health on Thursday at 4pm about outdoor smoking in the Judge
Welsh room in Town Hall. The BOH, which is autonomous in its decision making,
wants to ban all smoking OUTDOORS wherever food is served--this means pool-side
grills (such as the Ptown Inn, the Boatslip, the Crown), restaurants and cafe's
where people enjoy outdoor areas....  The BOH is reaching too far about a touchy
issue and should perhaps let the STATE decide. We're in tough economic times and
to alienate or aggravate a quarter of the tourists who may visit our little town
in the extremely brief time we all have to make money is just silly. Come voice
your opinion to the BOH.  

Webmaster CommentPlease note that the meeting date has been
changed to 6/16/11.
2:59 pm edt 

Zoning Ad Hoc committee

I can't make the meeting as I am out of town on the 8th... who should I
write a letter to so that it can be read at the meeting???
2:54 pm edt 

Zoning Ad Hoc Committee

If we don't like what this Zoning Revision Committee proposes, we
bring an our own article to Town Meeting. No board even the Board of Selectmen
have a grip on power in Provincetown. The power is at Town Meeting. That is what
I am going to do.
2:53 pm edt 

To: "Every One of Us"

What a load of crap.  Sorry, my grandfather and father didn't mow down dunes and
clear cut land to put up cheap prefab condos to try, and the key word here is
"try", to make a boodle.  Wake up. Your rebuttal is weak and has about as much
footing as a modular home a/k/a fancy trailer.  Funny, the listing doesn't
mention "modular".  Maybe     or Mr.      could explain that one. 
2:50 pm edt 

Re: "I Agree & You're so Right!"

It is SO obvious that someone keeps agreeing with their own blog on here.
Come On, get a life and stop repeating yourself!
2:29 pm edt 

Traffic Policing

Before you all jump on the officers for their performance in Lopes Square, why
don't you do it? Go through the academy and in-house training. Put the uniform,
vest and belt on. Stand by yourself in the busiest intersection on the Cape and
go for it. How do you single-handedly get thousands of pedestrians to get on the
sidewalks and crosswalks? How do you get drivers who are too concerned with
their GPS and cellphones to pay attention to you? Where do you put the cars once
all lots or full? How do you stop traffic backing up onto Bradford Street and
down Commercial when thousands of cars are coming into one intersection. It's an
offset intersection which means it's almost impossible to get all 4 sides to see
and pay attention to you. I'm sure you all have businesses/crafts etc and I'm
sure you do them well. I can't imagine you would be pleased if I walked into
your shop and criticized everything you did when I myself have never done it. I
would suggest you hold your criticisms until you have tried it and have performed
better than those you are whining about.
2:27 pm edt 

Can We Come Together?

Would it be realistic if the bloggers could come together
As a political force in ptown.there is much energy on the site,
That it needs to be directed at our town officials and our
Town problems.we can all complain ,offer suggestions etc, I
Feel that we need to come together to stop all the bad decisions
Made and pending.we need to shake things up and make them
Start listening! Anybody game ????
2:24 pm edt 

6/2/11 Board of Health Public Meeting Postponed to 6/16/11

Dear Restaurant Owners:

Please note that due to the fact that the Banner did not show the 
strike outs in the Public Hearing Notice for the Board of Health 
Tobacco Regulation revisions, the Board will continue the Public  
Hearing to their next meeting on June 16, 2011 at 4:00 pm in the 
Judge Welsh room of Town Hall.  The Banner will re-advertise the 
Public Hearing notice as was originally provided. >

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me 
directly.  Otherwise, we will see you on the 16th.


Jane Evans, R.S.

Health Agent

  PPublic  Notice

  New Tobacco Regulations The Provincetown Board of Health will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 4:00p.m. in the Judge Welsh Room, Town Hall, 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts, to discuss and take action on the request for the following proposed new tobacco regulations. Section 4 – PROHIBITION OF SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES A.        As of October 1, 2002, s Smoking shall be prohibited in all restaurants, (including outdoor seating areas of restaurants), bars and bar areas of restaurants (100%).  See definitions, section 3 A, B, I and K. B.        Areas where smoking is NOT regulated are listed below: 1.         Private clubs 2.         Hotel and motel conference rooms/meeting rooms and public and private assembly rooms, including restaurants, while these facilities are being used for private functions. 3.         Outdoor bar areas provided the outdoor area is not enclosed by more than one wall and a roof and no food is served. except for the one side which adjoins the establishment, and is neither artificially heated nor artificially cooled (portable heaters not included).   C.        Exceptions to this section:  Hotel and motel rooms rented to guests that are designated as smoking rooms.  The rooms so designated shall be posted with signage indicating that smoking is allowed therein.  The number of rooms that are designated as smoking and the number designated as non-smoking must be submitted in writing to the Board of Health. No changes in room designation can take place without prior written approval of the Board of Health.               Establishments with outdoor bar areas enclosed by more than one wall and a roof may request a variance to Section 4.B.3.
Mark Philips, Chair
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