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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Speaking of Parking on Commercial Street

I was on Commercial St. today and there seemed to be more cars parked there
today (illegally) than in the winter. Plenty of police around but no tickets
being issued or any attempt to locate the drivers and have them move. Either
allow parking and take the signs down or enforce the law and make it easier to
7:17 pm edt 

Get Involved!

There is an AdHoc Zoning Bylaw Revision Committee which hopefully
will address the concerns posted on this blog. I urge you to attend the June 8
5pm meeting. Be part of the solution! Attend and make a public statement. Let's
pack the room with 50 people! We can get something done but we have to be part
of the process to effect change. I know and have done just that on several
occassions. It works!
7:16 pm edt 

Ad Hoc Committee, What a Sick Farce

Ptown sold out and it may be too late already.  Hope all those who chew on the
town and spit it out are proud of what they have done and continue to do.  And the
beauty, they don't even live here themselves.  Spoon fed by "town boards", these
developers took what was a unique little seaside town and turned it into a
pseudo-Brockton.  No better, same developments.  Same headaches for the
town, not the developers, the town. 

Brand new condo units already built still sit empty on the market for close to a
year, and why?  Because of the dire need for more new construction, dah. 
Approve, approve, approve.  Build, build, build.  More, more, more.  What a bad
joke.  Too bad Ptown is the one suffering the repeated cold hard slaps and not
the developers who deserve them.      
7:14 pm edt 

Champions of Mediocrity

Hey I am not talking about traffic direction, I am talking about a woman on the
street bleeding, a little girl screaming and Provincetown police watching from
the curb as cars and bikes role past her bloody head.

Okay it takes a short timer officer a while a to figure out stop & go flow in
the multi-modal off center intersection, but not taking control of an accident
site is another matter entirely.

The champions of mediocrity are harmful to the well being of our town. I'd
rather be labeled a complainer than someone with such a low esteem for our town
that I could  happy with what I saw happen Sunday afternoon at Lopes Sq.
7:11 pm edt 

View From the Other Side

Re: "...Out town has been plundered, slummed, and damaged. It looks
worse for the developers never-ending raping of this precious land..."

Every one of us who lives in Provincetown is living on land that was at one time
pure and pristine until a 'developer' developed the land and built the home you
(or I) are living in.  Let's not get too self righteous about the development in
Provincetown, it's been going on since the Pilgrims landed and each one of us
who lives here is taking advantage of past development.
7:09 pm edt 

Laundromat Question

Can anyone tell me the hours of operation of the laundromat since it
is not posted on the door?
7:06 pm edt 

More Outrage to Come

The 4 buildings on Bangs st. squeezed onto a lot are hidden from the public.
Look at the outrage over 90 shank painter rd. Wait until 50 apartments are
there. I went out to supper with folks last night who live here and they were
shocked when I said that 5 buildings are going to be squeezed into that pit.

Once people see all of these people crammed into 90 shank painter road and then
off of Race Road there will be more outrage.

Then there might be some action on the floor of town hall.
7:05 pm edt 

Directing Traffic

Dear negative opions - requiring the mess with the traffic at lopes
It is the police chiefs  job to put someone with expierence directing
Traffic at lopes square,not the citizens. 
7:03 pm edt 

Fighting Back

Bypassing the developers on the Zoning Board is the strategy! Bring
an article to Town Meeting to increase the lot size of a single family house.
What size increase?

That's the first step. Look at the zoning by laws of other communities who don't
have the density we have. That's what I am doing.
7:01 pm edt 

Increasing Lot Size Would Help Limit Developers

But look whose on the Ad Hoc Zoning By-Laws Board! Developers like Ted Malone
and brokers shaping the Zoning laws. The Planning Board hands off to developers
the right to write the rules. It's our nightmare but a developer's dream. Ted
Malone has made much money using up this land and raping the land. Then he gets
to write the rules, along with brokers who sell his market-rate condos.

When people are tired enough, when water is scarce; when density overwhelms,
maybe then, people will take action. Maybe.

Out town has been plundered, slummed, and damaged. It looks worse for the
developers never-ending raping of this precious land. Dunes are called dirt;
stately pines are commodities to be cut down; vernal springs are called water
holes. After years of such behavior, they win in terms of huge profits but each
of us--you and me--lose. We lose What we once loved: the unique quality and
quaintness of this once artistic and fishing village.
12:30 am edt 

Negative Opinions

My suggestion to the complainers about Lopes Square is simply this.....  Next
year, apply for the position of directing traffic and you let us all know how
easy it is !!!!

It is a very difficult job in an awful area....  Instead of positive input and
giving the new guy a chance, we are so quick to criticize and condemn.......
12:28 am edt 

Limit Development Write a New Bylaw

What needs to be done to stop all of this development? How do u go
about writing a bylaw? I'm new to all of this but would like to somehow place a
new law in town that says u need at least one half acre to build on. anyones
help would be appreciated.
12:26 am edt 

More on Lopes Sq Injury
Truly, when I passed by we had a half dozen Ptown Police on the scene but no one
doing anything. Remarkable.
Yes, even after the cruisers and bike cops arrived at the major injury at
Lopes/Commercial Street, it was still a "uniformed" Asst Harbor Master directing
traffic on Commercial Street around the Fire Department responders and injured
pedestrian. She was on the job- Thank you. But why her? why the Harbor-master's
personnel not poilice?

How the heck does that happen?  Politely put: Police incident training is not
effective. Training (if any) needs to be quickly improved or implemented.
12:24 am edt 

Monday, May 30, 2011

To: "Down and Outers"

You are so right.  These developers care nothing for the town, only how much
they can make off it.  Then what, multiple units on top of units fall into
disrepair in a few years and by this time the developer has washed his or her
hands of it, made their bundle, so the town is left to pick up and glue back the
pieces.  These "developments" are a "no win" for the true town and a "win win"
for the developers.  This is wrong and needs to be stopped.  Their minions and
bedfellows on boards are the problem.  People who don't really have the best
interests of the town at heart, just the best interests of their developer
buddies wallets or purses.  Partners in crime.   
4:48 pm edt 

Traffic Policing

I heard about this incident this weekend. Not sure what the cause was
but I also noticed that the intersection at Lopes Sq was very poorly handled all
weekend. Regardless of whether or not Donald was there, especially because
Donald was not there, I would have expected the Chief to put a competent cop
there. I went through the intersection many times this weekend and each time the
officer stationed there was doing a very poor job at directting it. Cars and
pedestrians were everywhere and the officer seemed to have no clue what was
going on. You have to own that intersection to direct it. The officers stationed
there did not have a clue how to do that......the young cop there was completely
unprepared to respond to and emergency. Not a good start for summer. The Chief
should have put his best person there.
4:45 pm edt 

Traffic Policing

Went thru the intersection of standish and commercial
Numerous times on Sunday,a total free for all by pedestrians
And cars,there was a young cop doing nothing on one
Corner,then a cruiser arrived and then we had two cops
Doing nothing !!!! This town is being run by a bunch
Of stupid idiots !
4:42 pm edt 

Traffic Policing

Interesting about the accident on the corner of Lopes.  I walked by
yesterday and saw cars trying to get thru pedestrians. While all this was
happening, there was a cop standing there wearing yellow vest doing ABSOLUTELY
NOTHING. I am sorry I didn't have my camera with me.
3:57 pm edt 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Injury at Bradford & Standish (Donald's Spot)
Well the interestion has not lasted a single Summer weekend without a major
incident. I'm not sure how it ended, but when I passed an elderly woman had just
been knocked down (by car?) in the crosswalk between ice cream store and Gov
Bradford. She was bleeding from several spots including from the right ear.
Blood everwhere and not appearing to be in very good shape...

What appeared to be a a scared-to-death-teenager wearing a Provincetown police
uniform was attending to her while another more senior police officer  was
rushing around with a box of klennex. A 6 year old grandaugher (?) of fallen
pedestrian was alone in the street screaming in piercing terror as cars and
bikes tried to navigate around the little girl and the lady lying in the
crosswalk. Sirens in the distance seemed far away.

Anyone know what happened?
9:05 pm edt 

Down and Outers

How can people be so down and out and yet pay the rents here for years? Suddenly
they need "affordable housing". The developers pile in and rape the landscape
and we have to live with it.

It was the boad of Selectmen who ushered in the CPA funds and gave all of the
money to the developers instead of saving it for town hall and the library.

Millions for the developers--and a pittance to reduce the tax burden on the
9:01 pm edt 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

To: It is Simple...

Well said.  I agree 100%.  The fact that town boards allow this to go on and on
over and over again is insulting.  These developers don't care about the town,
they care about their wallets.  Why, on earth, would a town with a declining
seasonal population need more and more building.  Corruption is rampant... and
if you say it isn't, you are a fool or one of those on the "take".  When is the
"real" story about Bangs St. going to be revealed? 
7:52 pm edt 

Developers RAPE the Land For a Huge Profit

It is as simple as that.

You can see them driving there huge new SUV's around town, many of them with
out of state licensee plates, with no care about gas prices. They are not like other
businessmen, as their job description lists, to lie, cheat, and steal. They will
do and  say anything to get the permit, then do what they want. We have seen
this time and time again.  Then they laugh at us all the way to the bank.
12:45 pm edt 

What a Scam
Well, I think people will have to be imported from Hyannis or
somewhere to fill these units.  There aren't enough people here to fill them. 
What a nice recipe.  Low income people imported in to a conglomeration of cheap
units in a town with no job market in winter so they can collect benefits and
not put anything back into the local economy.  Sure, makes alot of sense.  In
Freedonia maybe, but not in Provincetown.  I agree, ludicrous.  And no, I don't
have a problem with people making more money than me by being developers.  I
have a problem with people raping the natural environment and exploiting a town
already stretched tight to fatten their pockets.  And don't give the line about
how much they help the local economy.  The local economy gets squat from these
developments.  Out of town cheaper crews are hired or prefabs are trucked in
putting NOTHING into the local economy except the ocassional sandwich a worker
has to buy because he forgot to bring his lunch. 

What a scam.   

11:16 am edt 

Re: West Vine & Bradford

"Gee, only 16 units.  This is such a large parcel there must be plenty
of room for open space and green space as well as parking with 16 units going
in.  Bet if they tried, they could cram in at least 30."

WRONG WRONG WRONG - the 16 units are just on a SECTION of that land - there are
many more lots there and they will all be built on.  So there probably WILL be
30 or more by the time it's all said and done.

9:26 am edt 

Change Minimum Lot Size

Imagine if all the ranting about developers getting rich stuffing
units on small lots was channeled into an article for this fall's Town meeting?
Here's a start: increase lot size for a single family home in Provincetown by
500%. That will address this density that gets worse every year.

9:23 am edt 

Affordable Housing

I completely agree with "where's the honesty in this town?" building
more affordable units is ludicrous. What's even more ridiculous is putting up
"projects" of affordable units in one place. Get a grip Ptown. I'd rather see
you buy individual condos and fix them up. By the way who is going to live in
these affordable homes. Will we import people from Hyannis? Is there a list of
the actual people who need affordable homes?
9:20 am edt 

Mosquitos do Not Transmit HIV

9:18 am edt 

Look in the Mirror

Please stop whining and complaining about people who are constantly
whining and complaining :)
9:12 am edt 


I know for a fact that the police have been cracking down on the red cups.......

As for the underage drinking...  where are they getting served...  the bars? the
package store? shouldn't they be responsible for ID checking?

9:09 am edt 

Re: Smoking and Health Care Premiums

U subsidize smokers healthcare premiums? Well I subsidize fat people's
healthcare premiums and we have many many fat people in Provincetown, even many
grossly obese people by any clinical definition. So if we are going to ban
smoking outdoors I'd insist we also ban desserts, alcohol, high fructose corn
syrup, sugar based products, chips, soft drinks, etc and not offer healthcare
insurance to anyone clinically obese. Your fatness destroys any pleasure I get
eating a meal at a restaurant as i havewatch the cherks of your gross butt
overhang the chair.

According to the Milken Foundation the increase in obesity since 1980 accounts
for nearly 100% of the increase in healthcare costs in the US. We are facing a
gigantic epidemic of diabetes. Many of those on disability in Provincetown are
on it due to an obesity related disease or condition. Smokers live slightly
shorter lives therefore costing less in social security and Medicare. Fat people
live longer but with serious and expensive diseases.

- a non smoker for fairness in the nanny state
12:43 am edt 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Affordable Housing

OK, clearly you people who constantly complain because builders of affordable
housing are getting rich are living in some other dimension. Developers and
builders are running business, not charities. In order for them to survive they
need to make money- and why shouldn't they they are working hard.  If they don't
make money developing them, guess what- there won't be any built.

Should artists not sell their art for a profit? How is that any different?

I'm personally no fan of big affordable complexes. I think the money would be
better spent subsidizing rentals and sales for those in need, assuming of course
those in need are making fair contributions.

You whiners are the ones who passed the plans at town meeting. Are you never
happy unless you have something to complain about? PO'd because someone makes
more money than you for whatever reason?  You may be better off spending your
energy on more productive causes.

Oh yea, and if the people you bitch and moan about so much were not buying
property in town, there would be no affordable housing.

11:58 pm edt 

Smoking Ban

RE - "This proposed smoking ban is more of the bluest town in the
bluest state fascism. People come here to indulge."

GREAT POINT - never even thought of that one.  We are a place that people come
to indulge - and it bears repeating - INDULGE.

Let's be frank - this outdoor smoking thing is only a SUMMER issue - why make it
harder for businesses to attract those that wish to indulge and spend lots of
11:46 pm edt 

You Want to Talk About Breeders? Re:

I've asked this question before and was ignored I.E. not posted. Would anyone
know if mosquitos could transmit HIV?
Although it is well known that mosquitos can transmit a multitude of blood born
diseases, malaria, yellow fever, etc. Ive never seen HIV included or even
mentioned. Im not advocating a mass exodus, I just want to know what my chances
are, when bitten. Yes there are human carriers in Provincetown, thats no
surprise, and there is an abundance of mosquitoes, again no surprise, but what
are the chances of HIV being transferred via a mosquito bite. Our local species
seem to be especially ferocious. Besides additional repellant and staying
indoors I dont know of any additional personal protection.
11:43 pm edt 

Where is the Honesty in This Town?

You are right.  A big fan of affordable housing and its fabulous
"ecoutremontes".  Smoke away.  The beauty of cement and cheap constructon
resulting in serious fire hazards can't even begin to compare to trees and dunes
and "protected" lady slippers and wild blueberries.  The OBVIOUS NEED IN
PROVINCETOWN warrants multiple units.  So what if population is declining and
the school closing and all.  Bottom line is seasonal workers wintering in warmer
climates need newer places to crash come summer.  No one likes peeling paint. 
Don't bother backlashing with insults.  That's all you can do.  There is not,
and has not, been ONE rational defense for the developing blight that is
infecting this town.  NOT ONE.  The answer using personal insults is par for the
LIMIT.  Obvious that it's not a case of the "good old days".  Just a case of
preserving what used to be a nice town.  A town to raise chi!ldren and experience
all walks of life.  But not now.  Ptown as it was meant to
be, is a shadow now, thanks to weak leaders and greedy developers.  "Green" in
this town means cash.  As history and current events PROVE WITHOUT A DOUBT.  The
lack of intelligence by town boards empowered to protect this town can only be
explained by corruption.  Why else would West Vine, Shankpainter and the project
highlighted on this blog have a heartbeat at all?  THERE IS NO NEED FOR MORE
sickened at the thought of what this town will be in 20 years.  or even 5. 
Where is the honesty in this town?  
11:40 pm edt 

To All Smokers

Please take your disgusting and deadly habit and confine it to the privacy of
your home.  You say it is legal and you should be allowed to smoke in front of
sex is also legal, so do you want me to have wild animalistic sex at the table
next to you.  I think not, so keep your filthy habit away from me when I'm
trying to enjoy a meal.
10:40 pm edt 

Looking the Other Way

It's only Friday afternoon and already I have seen numerous groups of
loud girls drinking in public from their ubiquitous red cups. Besides being rude
and disrespectful, these girls are YOUNG!

If the police aren't going to live up to their promise to stop the public
drinking, they should at least start checking IDs. I wouldn't be at all
surprised to learn that some of these drunken girls are 18 or younger.

To allow this public drunken behavior is unfortunate for the town, but to look
the other way on underage drinking is downright irresponsible.

Ptown, you should be ashamed of yourself!!!
10:36 pm edt 

Leave Everything Alone

Restaurants and outside seating and smoking are fine. Leave what has been as is.
There is no need to mettle. It's not broke; leave it alone.
10:32 pm edt 

West Vine & Bradford

Gee, only 16 units.  This is such a large parcel there must be plenty
of room for open space and green space as well as parking with 16 units going
in.  Bet if they tried, they could cram in at least 30.  And, affordable housing
is a problem, yes, but overbuilding no matter who it's for is the real problem. 
Not enough water, roads suck but build build build so all these new buildings
can be full 3 months out of the year and sit empty the rest of the time.  Sure,
makes sense.    
10:29 pm edt 

West Vine and Bradford

Don't like affordable housing, then you will be happy to know that the
new 16 unit development going up at the corner of West Vine and Bradford is not
an affordable housing project.
1:13 pm edt 

BOH & Affordable Housing

Isn't making the assertion someone is corrupt, politically and
financially, defamatory? 

And are you really surprised only 15% will be affordable.  Do you think this guy
is building these out of the kindness of his heart?  As stated before,
developers control this town and, under the guise of affordable housing, they
are able to use funds other than their own to build, and then sell at market
rate, keeping the profits.  That's the game.  That's how they are rich.  Duping
the idiots or making sure their associates vote for this "affordable housing". 
It's a well played rackett, over and over in this town.  Who will live in all
these units in winter?  No one, they will sit empty so summer rents can be made
and then sold down the line for top dollar.  What dumbbells approve this?  Oh,
those in the developer's pockets, thats what dumbbells approve this.    
11:47 am edt 

Board of Health Must Act

New York City has banned smoking in a 43 square miles of open space. Our board
of Health must ban smoking in all Affordable Housing projects past and present
and future and all outdoor cafes and in front of Town Hall where people sit and
11:36 am edt 

Communists? Really?

Try trying to protect people's health. People can smoke in their homes or
wherever it doesn't affect the public. I prefer not to have smoke blown in my
face while trying to have a nice dinner or lunch. I have asked smokers nicely a
couple times to please try to blow their smoke away form me only to be barked at
or insulted.

I'm tired of smokers acting like they are being abused. Oh please. We pay a
premium in our health insurance so you can be treated when you get cancer, copd,
heart disease and a myriad of other health problems. I have asthma most likely
caused by my parents smoking in the house and car when I was a kid.

Feel free to go smoke yourselves to death, it's your right and it's legal as you
mention. All I ask is that you please don't inflict it on me.

11:33 am edt 

Affordable Housing

I just found out that when all of these developments are completed-only 15% are
going to be affordable housing..the rest are market value.

15% of 50 units at Shankpainter Rd? 7 units? And you are advocating that the
Health Department ban smoking on the premises for all of us?
11:31 am edt 

Re: Smoking

I don't smoke anymore but I'd prefer not to see the nanny state further
extended. Suggestion, let's bring something to town meeting that reduces all
boards like boh to twice a year meetings so they don't have time to nanny state
us. If you are concerned about second hand smoke don't go to that establishment.

11:29 am edt 

Mark Phillips is Either Corrupt or Dumb

I've never seen him as dumb but I do belive this chair of the Board of Health is
corrupt, both morally and politically and financially. He is the bad seed. If he
had any conscience, he would resign.
11:27 am edt 


I want to scream it out my window but that will suffice.
Do the people that flip their homes for weekly rental know or care about the
gross element that they bring to town? Do we really need a tourism budget to get
his crowd? Surely we deserve better.

11:25 am edt 

Board of Health

The board of health is all volunteer. ie. They don't get paid.
11:22 am edt 

Presidential Smoking Update

President Obama is slowly quiting smoking.
11:21 am edt 

BOH Outreach

Willing to be several things go unnoticed when inspections take place.
11:18 am edt 

Smoking Ban

This proposed smoking ban is more of the bluest town in the bluest
state fascism. People come here to indulge. Are we the poop in our own punch
bowl? Of course we are
11:16 am edt 

Meaningful Restrictions

If town boards are so hot and heavy to impose restrictions, why not
start with some regulations restricting connected, jammed in buildings which are
obvious fire and emergency hazards?
11:15 am edt 

Smoking Ban

Killing someone is against the law.  Your second hand smoke kills me
slowly.  You have no rights when it comes to smoking as far as I am concerned
when it effects the well being of others PERIOD. If you want to smoke your
disease producing cancer stick, you may do it in the confines of your own home 
or in open public space as on the streets where I can choose to remove myself
quickly from the toxic fumes.
11:13 am edt 

Smoking Ban

The smokers have it backwards, it is them who have been violating the rights of
everyone else to fresh air and a cancer free living for decades. Me not smoking
does not cause your health problems, you smoking and me exposed to your smoke
does cause me health problems.

Sorry smokers, smoking bans do not have a negative impact on restaurants, quite
the opposite in fact.
11:11 am edt 

We Are the Victims

I see, now, after all this, "old timers' predictions" come into play
when for many, many blogs, old timers and their values have been cast to the
wind, the same wind that blows smoke into the faces of nonsmokers on the outdoor
patios, no doubt.  Stupid debate.  Smoking is the determination of the State and
unless we have a separate state here in good old Provincetown, don't waste more
thought.  The real issue is developers and that should be addressed a million
times more than smokers.  Developers will ruin this town and have already run
with the money.  Wake up Ptown.  You are a victim.  
11:10 am edt 

Thursday, May 26, 2011


These people that want everyone to abide by their rules are taking the public's
rights away slowly.....cunningly.  What's next?   All of these communist
countries slowly took their countrymen's rights away from them until they didn't
have any.  It starts at the local government level and works its way's
insidious.   Another personal agenda.
5:43 pm edt 

Put Down Your Smokes and Watch the New Traffic Flow

Time to put down your smokes and figure out if the new stop signs on Bradford
help or hurt traffic flow.

I'm convinced they aren't helpful  in the off or shoulder seasons, but it will
be interesting to see how they work on a busy weekend.  My guess is that town
hall has no better idea than I do and putting them in was a hail-Mary pass of

Hopefully if it is the mess predicted by old timers,  they will be able/willing
to admit the honest mistake and move on to a another solution before chaos

5:41 pm edt 


What's the big deal? Even president Obama smokes cigarettes.
3:50 pm edt 

BOH Overreach

I agree completely.  The decision to allow smoking outdoors is above
the BOH and should in no way be left up to a local town board.  Follow State
laws.  Doesn't the BOH have enough on their plates already with illegal
apartment and substandard room rental inspections and debris around the back
doors of restaurants attracting rodents.  The kitchens of some of these places
are gross.  Get out there and inspect, levy some fines on these violators and
earn your pay instead of worrying about people smoking outside.  Seen the
kitchen floors of some of these places and employee bathrooms lately?     
3:33 pm edt 

Banned Outdoor Smoking

Re: "Now that we know the dangers of alcohol and tobacco it
is our responsibility to save the world and the less fortunate from the dangers
of these very harmful substances."

I disagree.  While I neither smoke nor drink in our country it is legal to do
both.  Until it becomes illegal in this country people have the right to smoke
or drink if they desire.  I'm not getting up on a pulpit to preach to them to
stop and neither should you.
2:42 pm edt 

BOH Overreach

I am not a smoker and I would prefer that there be no smoking even in
outdoor seating area.  However, I do not think the Board of Health should be
passing a regulation to ban smoking in outdoor areas of restaurants and bars. 
Leave this decision to the business owners and customers.  If owners want to
have outdoor smoking let them continue to do so.  And if customers want to go to
places that allow smoking outdoors, let them do so.  Customers who do not want
to go to a place where smoking is permitted have plenty of other choices.  This
decision should not be made by the BOH.

1:43 pm edt 

You Want to Talk About Breeders?

Instead of the Board of Health worrying about outdoor smoking perhaps they should
be worrying about the huge number of aggressive and multiplying mosquitos all the
rain of late has caused to bloom. 

Can't go anywhere near the woods or even out in the yard or on the
deck once the sun starts to set.  Needed a hazmat suit to get to the end of
Bangs St. Ext. yesterday at dusk.  Don't mosquitos carry diseases?  It's only
May.  There needs to be something done about this.   Am I the only one out there
being bitten and noticing this? Seems like many more this year than last.  Help!   

1:40 pm edt 


People that have the knowledge of smoking and drinking's harmful effects have a
duty to try to rid the world of these curses. A recent article in the paper
described a movement that claims that if young men and women can serve their
country at 18 they should be able to drink alcohol at 18. I disagree, what a
diservice to these young men and women to ask them to brave all sorts and
conditions and then give them easier access to alcohol( a depressant drug). This
is  clearly wrong. Someone posted about CHurchill and Roosevelt smoking as they
tried to save the world. Now that we know the dangers of alcohol and tobacco it
is our responsibility to save the world and the less fortunate from the dangers
of these very harmful substances.
1:36 pm edt 

Banned Smoking

As long as second hand smoke harms the health of others, and it does,
then no non smoker should be subject to your bad habit.  Also there a far more
non smokers than smokers and  business increased after the ban took place in
restaurants and bars in many places across the country.  So it is no longer a
foreign idea to most that smoking is no longer permissible in many places.  This
will be the case for the future so bet used to it as you are waging a losing
10:04 am edt 

Harbor Hotel

I stopped by the other day and the place looks great! Did not
see the rooms but the lobby and dining area are very inviting.
You would never know that it was a Holiday Inn. Kudos to
the new owners.
9:35 am edt 

Smoking Ban - What's This Really All About ??

How many restaurants  have outdoor areas where people can smoke ?  In the
off-season virtually none.  In the season -
just a FEW successful restaurants that do extremely well that other business
owners may look at with envy.

There is one restaurant that has outdoor smoking and it is PACKED from Memorial
Day until it closes. If the businesss is PACKED the owner must be meeting the
demands of the clientele which includes smokers.

What's really going on here ? Why now - just before or soon after they have
opened ?  What's the big debate around something that only affects a few
restaurants ?

This sounds more of a COMPETITION issue versus a Health issue.

8:43 am edt 

Out of Control

I grew up in a home where both parents smoked.  I can even remember
getting a physical by our family physician in the 1960's when I was in junior
high, he had one hand on my       and a cigarette in his other.  When he told me
to turn my head and cough, I had a reason to.  I suffered no ill effects.  Live
and let live.  This is just getting out of control.
8:40 am edt 

To: "Re: I am Disgusted What on earth is This Guy Going on About?!?"

What you refer to as "pathetic whining" is the truth.  If the "good old days"
means people show common courtesy and respect for others, no matter what the
sexual orientation, then yes, by all means, bring back the good old days. 
Growing up isn't the problem.  As another blogger put is so well, ignorance is
the problem.  The sense of entitlement wiped onto townies left and right does
not even come close to the sense of entitlement exhibited by certain others in
this town.  Too many people in too little a space will result in stepped on
toes.  It doesn't have to result in acid tongues.  But you go ahead and try to
impose your opinions through personal insults. If that's what grown ups do, I'd
rather be a child.       
8:35 am edt 

Concentration Camps

According to a previous poster, I guess FDR and
Sir Winston Churchill should have been in a camp rather
than fighting to free the prisoners. I thought Hitler was dead.
He apparently lives in Provincetown.
8:32 am edt 

End the Donald Discussion

It is over and done with..put it to Rest. Donald posting adnauseum about a moot
subject must end. 
8:29 am edt 


There are about 40 food service establishments with outside
service in Provincetown that currently allow smoking.
Fireworks are going to flare early this year. Can't wait till
June 2.
8:26 am edt 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Re: "I am Disgusted"

Great write, I couldn't have said it better.  We were all taught to respect each
other no matter what your sexual preference is. We were also taught not to

I too on a couple of occasions experienced being called a breeder.  My response
was: obviously your mother was a breeder as well because she had you.

Sometimes people forget where they came from.  We should all think before
speaking.  However, we must also remember there are ignorant people in all walks
of life.
11:40 pm edt 

Re: Smoking Bans Do NOT Hurt Businesses

On the contrary, those establishments that have outside areas to have a drink
and a smoke are doing a great bit more business than those that do not have an
area for the same. Some businesses in town plan to build or remodel areas that
would make outside smoking for patrons possible while they enjoy a drink. To ban
outside smoking would be a big hit to some clubs and most of those do serve food
too. Don't like it, go somewhere else that doesn't allow smoking.

BTW, isn't the health agent a smoker? Mind what I say, not what I do?
11:36 pm edt 

Appreciation For Donald the Dancing Cop

Just read that he will not be rehired. Why? Why, indeed. What a good man. What a
decent person. What a great director of traffic.Wish I could see him this summer
directing traffice at Lopes Square. He should be there.
11:34 pm edt 

Why Would the BOH Push to Ban Outdoors Smoking

Even If Greg Russo Complained to the Board of Health--Why Would They
take This Action?

Many complain about many things. But why would the Board of Health take this
complaint and then attempt to rewrite the rules for Provincetown? Take the
complaint and file it!

But no, they obviously want to change the laws as they tried last year. There is
a vindictive approach and they are hurting businesses.

Why wasn't this discussed in the winter? Why now? Businesses like Bubala's, The
Patio,Surf Club, The Beer Garden, Sal's Place,Pepe's Wharf, John Dough's and
others are right in the swing of opening and starting up their businesses for
the season. This makes no sense and is detrimental to businesses. They shouldbe
able to factor in proposed changes long before their businesses open for another
season--not as it is just beginning.

the Board of Health, once again, is engaged in questionable actions and should
"fly right" or resign.

11:33 pm edt 

Harbor Hotel?

Anybody check out the new Harbor Hotel yet? Comments? I'd love to hear
what people think. I'll be down this weekend and would like to check it out.
11:25 pm edt 

Smoking vs. Non-smoking

I grew up with a smoker in the house and it doesn't bother me one bit if someone
lights up inside or outside. If a person doesn't like it, they have the ability
to leave if they want. The world doesn't revolve around that one person or that
one group that doesn't like smoking. The fact is, it should be up to the owner
if there is to be any smoking in the bar or restaurant. Since when is a property
owner supposed to cater to the patrons? The patrons go somewhere because they
like the atmosphere the owner has provided. If I go into a gay bar with a few
friends and we complain that we want it more hetero, is the owner obliged to
change it or is it his choice to have the bar he wants? If I go to a seafood
restaurant and complain there isn't enough vegetarian or beef dishes, is the
owner obliged to have more healthy vegitarian dishes? No. And if i don't like
it, I'll go somewhere else.  Same with smoking. Don't like it, don't go. There
are other places to get your coffee or dinne!
r or drinks. BOH once again should mind their own business and stay out of
private business.
11:23 pm edt 

Ban on Somking Outdoors

Last time I checked, they even allow smoking outside in the "yard" at
State and Fed. pens.  What's next?  A ban on swearing?  
7:41 pm edt 

Very Scary!!!!

To the person who stated that smokers belong in a concentration camp.  Are you
out of your mind?  I don't drink, but I respect that choice.  I also respect the
law.  I would never impose my choice on someone else.  The law is the law.  Even
if we don't agree with it.  I thought that this was America, the land of the
free.  Your viewpoint is horribly wrong.
5:49 pm edt 

Smoking Bans Do NOT Hurt Businesses

Smokers drive business away....While I might be otherwise delusional, I am in
fact correct on this subject.

Read the report. And in more recent experiences smoking bans have actually
increased hospitality business and a very important result is increased tips in
restaurants as customers are happier!!!

Talk to any waiter who has worked during a transition from smoking to non
smoking restaurants.... The benefits are HUGE

Or read for yourself:

Key Findings are here:

The report presents the following key findings:
following CIAA.

ƒ Exposure to SHS among nonsmokers statewide declined in the
year following CIAA.
ƒ Exposure to SHS declined markedly among hospitality workers
as did self-reported sensory irritation (eye, nose, and throat).
ƒ Surveys of New Yorkers and direct observations indicate declines
in smoking in hospitality venues.
ƒ Exposure to SHS in worksites more broadly has not changed.
ƒ Compliance with the law is high in hospitality venues.
ƒ Public support for the law is strong and has increased steadily
over time.
ƒ The law has not had an adverse financial impact on bars and
5:48 pm edt 

Re: Banned Outdoor Smoking

Re: "Ridiculous - this is just YOUR opinion.  If the state of MA rules
on it and it
becomes law - fine. 

In the meantime - Ptown does not need to "make it's own rules" and make it
harder for businesses here."
3:09 pm edt 

What is Ridiculous is that you can't seem to get the point of my post.   Just
what was MY opinion?  I stated facts.  Unjustified FEAR before a smoking ban
became law in Boston and now state wide in bars and restaurants.   No loss in
clientele, in FACT there was an increase!     So all you fear mongers who think
there will be a decline in business when smoking is banned in outdoor areas
where food in consumed, are delusional.   Remember NON smokers out number
smokers.  So more non smokers like myself will no longer have to fear sitting
outside in beautiful weather worrying when a table full of smokers lights up and
ruins a meal. 
5:41 pm edt 

Smoking Ban

Life is full of choices,if you don't want smoke,then go
Somewhere else!!! Each owner should be able to choose
If they want smoking or a about a sign that says
Smoking or non smoking?? Or is that to simple?????
5:36 pm edt 

Greg Russo
Just read the blog then checked the boh minuites. Wow!
What was he thinking ? I too will not go to joe's any more
and I live just around the corner.
A non smoker who respect people's rights
3:17 pm edt 

Just Wondering

Just wondering what happened to my post of about 8:30am? I guess the blogmaster
does not post things they do not agree with.
3:15 pm edt 

Smoking & Drinkers

We should create concentration camps for all of the smokers and drinkers and
they can infect eachother with their poor choices and leave the rest of us
alone. No more second hand smoke, no more innocent people getting killed by
drunk drivers, an incedible decrease in violence and crime as the one thing most
criminals have in common is that they smoke and or drink.
3:13 pm edt 

Business Will Suffer With Smoking Ban

I can tell you as a smoker and with friends who are smokers - when we can smoke
outside - we stay longer - eat more and drink much longer that we would if we
could not smoke.

In fact - our check is DOUBLE what it would be if we could not smoke and had to
leave to go smoke.

How anyone can say this will NOT impact business is delusional.

And to the people who complain about it affecting their health - go sit in a
designated NON smoking area - or the inside where smoking is non allowed.  You
have a choice.
3:11 pm edt 

Banned Outdoor Smoking

Re -"The same unfounded fears that were heard before smoking was
prohibited in restaurants and bars in most major cities including Boston.  No one stopped
going out to eat and or drink and that holds true for here too"

Rediculous - this is just YOUR opinion.  If the state of MA rules on it and it
becomes law - fine. 

In the meantime - Ptown does not need to "make it's own rules" and make it
harder for businesses here.
3:09 pm edt 

Outdoor Smoking

I am not a smoker and if offered the choice to dine inside or outside
I will opt to eat inside so that I do not have to breath cigarette smoke.  It
always seems that if I am eating outdoors, just as soon as my food comes,
someone at the next table lights up and all I can taste is cigarette smoke when
I am trying to eat.  Having said that, I do not support an outdoor smoking ban. 
I can choose to eat at a different restaurant if I am really concerned about
outdoor smoking.  I do not think the Board of Health should be creating more
roadblocks for businesses.
3:06 pm edt 

Smoking Banned in 43 Square Miles of New York

As of Monday, a new law in New York City bans smoking in 43 square miles of
parks, public plazas, beaches and boardwalks in the city.

Landlords in Provincetown are allowed to ban smoking on their properties.

Ban smoking on any property that houses affordable housing. Smokers must go off
of the property to smoke. Please save my children, thank you.
3:04 pm edt 


Until the Commonwealth of Massachusetts bans smoking
in outdoor patios where food is served, Towns should leave
this issue alone.
3:02 pm edt 

Check It Out

December 16, 2010 Board of Health meeting.
Greg Russo, real estate broker and co owner of Joe's Coffee
went before the BOH with a complaint concerning smoking
in outdoor patios where food is served.
I was floored when I read the minuets. Mr. Russo, what were
you thinking. You have every right to ban smoking at Joe's,
but to approach the BOH with a request to ban all outdoor
smoking where food is served is shocking!
Thank you  Mr. Russo for stirring the pot. I for one will
never step foot in your coffee shop again.
10:18 am edt 

Outdoor Dining

I do not want to be sitting in an outdoor cafe and then have a party of four at
the table next to me light up and have the breeze blow the smoke in my face.
This is what usually occurs.
10:17 am edt 

Ban Smoking
Ban smoking on the premises of all affordable housing projects past and present.
No smoking is to be allowed on the property. 3 violations and the smokers must
10:15 am edt 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Connect the Dots! Or . . . .

There's Mark Philips. There's Beacon Lights Guesthouse. There's Gerry Anatham.
there's Cass Benson. There's Meg Stewart. There's Harbor Lounge. there's the
proposed smoking ban.

None of these are discrete players.

Connect the Dots!
11:44 pm edt 

Bad Idea

Let people eat; let people smoke if they are outside. Do not damage
Provincetown's summer tourists business with these odd rules. Why now? Whose
idea is this really? What a strange time. since the Board of Health had few
meetings this witner and spring, why didn't they set this up for a discussion
and meeting then? Something's not right about this.

Why hurt town busineeses now? the economy is not the greatest. Why do this?
11:43 pm edt 

Here They Go Again! Mark Philips and His Crazed Ideas

Maybe it's time for this man to resign or just leave. Since he's been chair, he
has been on this crazy bandwaggon. he is just wrong, again. He tried this last
year for two establishments and now, he personally, wants to stop smoking in all
restaurants that are outside and serving food. Maybe this bad idea is why he is
personally losing his own business. This is a tourist town and such poor
thinking hurts everyone.

Again, you are worng. Again, you are using your position to carry someone else's
water. Oh, who could that be? Just look down the street from Commerical to find
the answer.
11:37 pm edt 

Re: Proposal to Abolish Smoking in Outdoor Areas Where Food is Served!!

As for the smoking thing I've got to agree. Hey, I don't smoke, don't
give a darn if others do. I can move away, or, if I can't, I can say "would you
please stop until I'm done?" (which I have done before) and the smoker usually
says "Sure." My idea is that we're all in hard times here and for the board of
health to tell hard working business people what they can and cant do in their
own place is a lot of crap. I, for one, am tired of everybody telling everybody
else what to do. Just be good to each other and let the economy dictate what
must happen. But right now, when everyone is struggling, I don't think its right
to tell all the smokers who pay money to come to this town that there is no
place for them.
11:29 pm edt 

Re: Proposal to Abolish Smoking in Outdoor Areas Where Food is Served!!

All the fear about a proposal to ban smoking in outdoor areas where
food is served!

  The same unfounded fears that were heard before smoking was prohibited in
restaurants and bars in most major cities including Boston.  No one stopped
going out to eat and or drink and that holds true for here too.  I agree with
the ban on smoking in outside areas as it does affect the health and well being
of those sitting nearby, as it has been well documented that second hand smoke
harms and effects the health of others.  If you care about your well being and
the health of others, you would support this ban.  If you cannot wait an hour or
so to light up then I feel sorry for you but others should not have to be
subject to the ills and annoyances that this habit produces. 
11:08 pm edt 

Re: Proposal to Abolish Smoking in Outdoor Areas Where Food is Served!!

Banning outdoor restaurant smoking is a great idea. First the facts:
city after city has proved that it doesn't hurt businesses when these laws pass.
(although it might have in the early 1990s when more people smoked and
non-smokers were more accustomed to 2nd hand smoke but even that is debatable.)

Since the VAST majority no longer smoke, it turns out non smokers stay longer
and spend more for a net gain in business and tips in a non-smoking environment. 
Non-smokers no longer are used to 2nd hand smoke and generally leave when they
smell too much of it.

As it turns out, in 2011, smokers drive away business.
11:05 pm edt 


Please ban outdoor smoking at restaurants!

I have often been stuck at a table outdoors next to a table full of smokers and
if the wind is blowing my way, which it always seems to be, the smoke blows
right in my face.

I have asthma (probably caused by my father smoking in the car/house when I was
a kid) and smoke from cigarettes causes it to flare up, yes- even outdoors when
in close proximity.

If you want to continue to smoke and kill yourself that's your business. But why
should I have to suffer the health consequences of you blowing it in my face in
public spaces?

I encourage all to also show up at the meeting and support the ban in outdoor
eating establishments. Smokers are a dying breed and if they want to gather in
another town to smoke, go for it!
11:03 pm edt 

Re: I am Disgusted

What on earth is this guy going on about?!? He seems to be blaming gays for
ruining "his" town. Well, I'm sorry things aren't the same for you as they were
when you were growing up, but maybe that's the answer right there...Grow Up!

Stop living in the past and accept what is happening in the present. Or work to
change it.

But this pathetic, bitter whining about the "good old days" isn't going to
change anything.
11:01 pm edt 

Re: Proposal to Abolish Smoking in Outdoor Areas Where Food is Served!!

Although I manage a business in town that would not be affected by the
smoking ban, I also work for a non-smoking hotel. I agree with the other posts
stating that people will adjust their vacation plans based on whether they can
smoke or not. I have had many guests cancel their reservations with our property
because they could not smoke in their rooms. Also, as a smoker I'm getting
really tired of having my rights infringed upon. At this rate, it's only a
matter of time before smoking gets banned completely.
10:57 pm edt 

I am Disgusted!

An episode of "Ptown Diaries" today turned my
stomach.  My great-grandfather, grandfather and father devoted their lives to
this town and gave all they had in them for Ptown.  The women in their lives
were the strength that held these men up.  They had the vision to see what Ptown
had to offer.  They didn't abuse the town's natural resources to jam in condos
or "affordable housing".  They wanted to work and support their families.  Clean
and simple.  A night at the Focs'le or Old Colony, to air their experiences at
sea and ports, was enough of a prize.  Again, simple.  These FISHERMEN, not
artists, not authors, not hippies, not gay people, built this town.  As kids, we
were told to be nice to everyone, doesn't matter what they look like or who they
are.  Be nice.  My mother, basically intolerant in her nature, had me deliver a
homemade carrot cake that was awesome once a week to our new "gay" neighbor, to
make him less strange in a new town.  He la!
ter became a bartender at a local popular bar.  I nevered paid for a drink,
ever, when he was on.  Didn't care he was gay, never thought about it.  To be
referred to today on this show as a "breeder" by people who have never
experienced Provincetown purely was sickening.  The "gay" people in this show
obviously need to prove themselves.  At least as a "breeder", I don't need to
grab my partner's ass on Commercial St., nor do I need to wear "leather chaps"
to flaunt my sexuality like a sandwich board for the world to see.   Sorry, if
you want respect, earn it, just like us "breeders" did by losing our loved ones
who fought so you could live here.  Or go about proclaiming your own
"entitlement", slap up some more cheap paint on your lovely condos and act like
fools.  You think Townies are absurd in their requirement of "entitlement". 
Look in the mirror.  I was told once in a student lounge when 2 girls were
making out feverishly that "you don't understand gay people".  Well,!
  you know what, apparently I don't, cause I don't need to flau!
nt or im
press people to find what I need.  Must be the direction of the wind.     
8:59 pm edt 

Re: Proposal to Abolish Smoking in Outdoor Areas Where Food is Served!!

I agree with Astrid -

Outside areas should allow smoking - many locals and tourists smoke and why
should it be made difficult for business with outside areas to accomodate them. 

This town should follow ONLY the laws of the state and stop making it hard for
business owners.
1:55 pm edt 

Re: Proposal to Abolish Smoking in Outdoor Areas Where Food is Served!!

I agree that a ban on outdoor smoking at restaurants and bars is a
huge mistake.  Adults are able to make their own decisions regarding their
health.  The fact is people smoke and people drink and the 2 go together.  The
hardest thing to do after quitting smoking after 25 years was to have a drink
without a smoke.  If you ban smoking, it wont' make people quit.  It will make
people spend their money in other Cape towns that allow it.  Smoking is an
important part of a smoker's life.  They will adjust vacation plans to
accomodate smoking.  Don't take the chance they won't.  
1:45 pm edt 

Proposal to Abolish Smoking in Outdoor Areas Where Food is Served!!

This letter is to inform you of the upcoming Board of Health public
hearing, scheduled for June 2, 2011 at 4:00 pm in the Judge Welsh Room,
Provincetown Town Hall. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and take action
on the request for various new tobacco regulations.

The issue I wish to call attention to is the proposal to abolish smoking in open
outdoor areas where food is served.  Your establishment may or may not have
outdoor seating or may be only a bar. However, if this proposed Board of Health
Regulation passes it WILL affect all business in Provincetown. This proposal is
not mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; it is being proposed
directly by the Provincetown Board of Health.

It is obvious that the proponent is the Board of Health itself. The question is
why?  How one might feel personally about smoking is not the issue. What must be
measured is the economic impact on all business in Provincetown. Can we afford
to gamble with what is already a fragile economic situation considering the
present recession? Both locals and tourists smoke, as tobacco is still a legal
product in this country. Presently, smoking is not allowed anywhere indoors in
any business in Provincetown, which begs the question: What is the harm in
allowing what has been regarded as a fine compromise on smoking and general
public health up to now? As long as tobacco is legal and used by twenty-three
percent of the population we must accommodate all customers, including those who
smoke. If this proposed regulation is passed, what will it accomplish? It will
not stop people from smoking. It will, likely, encourage even more disposal of
cigarettes on our streets and sidewalks.

Clearly, the majority of the BOH members have a politically correct personal
agenda. Personal beliefs of any board should not have reigning rule. All
proposals must be considered after first engaging in sober discussion, with the
public input, of all aspects.

It is up to us businesses, the economic fuel of this town, to join forces and
contest this proposed regulation. If approved, it will result in economic
disaster. Provincetown is a tourist town and our very livelihood depends on an
exceptionally short season wherein we must accommodate ALL visitors to sustain
ourselves and generate taxable income for the Town itself. To alienate
twenty-three percent of our clientele is unjust and morally wrong. We cannot and
should not cut our consciences to fit this years fashions.

Please attend the meeting and encourage your staff to attend as well and to
speak their thoughts on this issue, as it will directly influence their income
as restaurant workers also. Remember, this will affect all food service
businesses, not just those who have outdoor seating.


Astrid Berg
Pepes Wharf
11:08 am edt 

Re: Dancing Cop

No, doesn't drive one crazy, I would think.  Pretty obvious there was
a back issue here that those who publicly supported him (at his family's
request) were not made aware of.  Why would his family procure public support
when they knew all along he wouldn't be hired because of some behind the scenes
issue, not a budget or age issue.  Seems stupid.  Guess it's wrong to request
the truth for once.  You must be the one who zeroed in on the word "townie"
rather than paying attention to the jist of the post regarding developer abuse. 
10:11 am edt 

Waaaa, waaaa, waaa

I haven't checked out this site in well over a year, I happened to run across it
in my bookmarks and thought I'd give it another look. Sadly, it's the same old
crap, a bunch of whiny people who love to complain but never get off their butts
to do anything about the things that bother them.  If any of you spent even a
fraction of energy working on solutions to the issues that you constantly
complain about, or educating yourselves about the issues maybe Provincetown
would be different.

Some examples-

Tree cutting and over development - Did you ever consider trying to change the
zoning so that some of the current open land can;t be densely built on?  If the
parcel on West Vine street was changed to Res1 only a single family house could
have been built on it. Also, Ptown has tiny buildable lot sizes, change zoning
to increase lot size and you will have less dense neighborhoods. And here's a
question to ponder - if you owned a 1 acre parcel of land for 50 years and
wanted to retire and spend your remaining years living comfortably after working
hard all of you life would you want to be able to sub-divide it and sell it to
retire(as long as town laws allowed it)? Or do you think you would donate it to
the town  and barely make ends meet on social security until you die?

Dancing Cop - Ok, everyone loves him but he's old and it probably is not safe to
have him continue. He was offered other jobs which he didn't take. Life sadly
changes and moves on. Do you want to see him collapse or get run over some hot

Selectmen- I'm no fan of some of them for sure, but I voted against the ones I
didn't like. How many of you voted? Not a very big % of town residents. Go vote,
attend town meetings, submit articles at town meetings (God knows the      
Barbara Rushmore does and she even manages to get some of her nutty proposals
passed so it isn't hard to do.).

Grow up kids!

10:08 am edt 

Stop Signs

From the first few weeks it looks like the new Bradford stop signs exacerbate
rather than mitigate traffic problems, but we wont know for sure until this

In the event that they are really as troublesome as they appear let's hope they
get the green line treatment. If the stop signs are in fact helpful on high
traffic days let's keep them seasonally.

Who makes this call?
9:26 am edt 

Re: Dancing Cop

"Why was the Dancing Cop fired?  When this answer is revealed, then it
will be done with.  And not until then."

You will never know, nor should you.  As a prior poster stated it's a personnel
issue and the answer you seek won't and shouldn't be released.  So I guess it
will never be 'done with' for you.  That must drive you crazy huh?
9:25 am edt 

Li Barca

The new resaurant at the Gifford House, Li Barca, was wonderful. My
entree was big and delicious. North end quality in Provincetown!
8:30 am edt 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Donald Was Something Else

He was good. He was always there. He was one of the only ones who knew what to
do when traffic built up, as it does in June through September. donald was
knowledgeable. He was also highly disciplined. He was a good man and a good
traffic police officer.
11:21 pm edt 

Sorry to See This Wonderful Police Officer Go

Wish you were here. Wish you would be directing traffic. We surely need you here
during the summer months.

You will be missed. Thank you for the many years of directing traffic for us.
Again and Again, thank you so much.
11:20 pm edt 

Please Let's Not go There

Can we please not start the ridiculous "true townie" debate again?

Everyone who lives here has the same rights, regardless of how long they've been
Provincetown residents. Being born here doesn't give you special privileges.
11:18 pm edt 

Re: Rules of the Road

I think you are right. People do not know the rules of the road. My pet peeve is
when a "courteous" driver is trying to yield right of way (as in waving me into
a left turn) but they cannot see why I'm not moving-the pedestrian out of their
field of vision.
11:16 pm edt 

Outer Cape Health Services

I was there today and was told the doc decided to resign and move back to her

Regardless, of the doc leaving OCHS is much better than it has been in the past!
11:14 pm edt 

Missing Diver

Any idea who the lobster diver missing is?
6:35 pm edt 

Re: Dancing Cop

"(please: No more posts about the dancing cop--it is over and done with,

Sorry Paard.  When someone's family members specifically  request support "en
masse" an explanation is common courtesy.  Why was the Dancing Cop fired?  When
this answer is revealed, then it will be done with.  And not until then.

As for Townies.  If you were born in Ptown, you are a townie.  Pretty basic even
for all you shuttle engineers trying to steer this town away from the truth and
into the pockets of developers.  Not business owners or workers, DEVELOPERS. 
They are the ones running this town.  If you think otherwise, you are a fool. 
Take a look around.  Good job.    
6:33 pm edt 

Howland Street Stop Signs

I could take a short cut to work going down Harry Kemp way to Howland and then
up Bradford, but I hated the intersection at Howland street. I started using it
once the 4 way stops were installed.

When cars stop at the stop sign, the first car goes and then THE CAR ON THE

The problem is that people don't know the rules of the road.

(please: No more posts about the dancing cop--it is over and done with,
5:38 pm edt 

Outer Cape Health Services

Which doctor departed???   It seemed like OCHS was getting their act together. 
I hope they stay afloat!
4:48 pm edt 

Re: Stop Signs

The new stop signs at Bradford/Ryder and Howland/Harry Kemp are simply
not needed.  There have been traffic backups and it is not even high season. 
Just wait until tourists start arriving and we will have wall-to-wall traffic.

(Question) Why were they never put there before? 
(Answer) Because they were not needed.

PS: They will do nothing but cause more traffic and they will cause people to
use more gas.

3:44 pm edt 

Re: April & May Slow

Of course business has been slow in April and May... most likely due
to the endless cloudy, cold, windy, damp weather!!!  But with any luck the
weather will improve and so will business.  Last year will be hard to beat
because we had great weather in April and May... that is what business owners
have been telling me.
3:43 pm edt 

April & May Slow

Biz owners that have talked to me are open all year mr or ms smart
%*S...........   April and May have been off.  No one said the season is a bust.  
you must be one of those people that add your own information to stories.
3:15 pm edt 

Re: Stop Signs


just what time of day do you see these enormous back-ups at the new Rider Street
stop signs? I travel up and down Bradford numerous times during the day, and
have yet to see more than three cars at the stop signs at one time. So, are you
just making stuff up to bolster your complaints and dissatisfaction? Why not
take some pictures? I spoke with some business owners from that area, and none
of them can recall these huge back ups you keep posting on here... strange,
isn't it? I was at the dentist on Standish two days ago for a long appointment,
and kept looking for the traffic tie ups you supposably see all the time...
oddly enough for the hour or so I was watching, cars moved up and down Bradford

Also, please explain how cars going slower will cause more accidents than folks
speeding up and down Bradford?

I know that complaining for you is like oxygen for the rest of us, but, really
3:10 pm edt 

What s a 'True Townie?'

Who is a tt on the bos?
3:06 pm edt 

Another New Restaurant!

Tried "Li Barca", the new Italian restaurant in the Gifford House.  Very tasty,
good portions and reasonable prices. Hope it "makes it" this Summer.
12:40 pm edt 

How Old is Sharon Lynn ???

Her reasoning on some Importan issues requarding ptown seem
do not be thoughtOut this due to her age ??? Ex. 4 day
work days for town employees.
10:11 am edt 

Thank You, Thank You Donald

For all the years, for all the time you directed traffic. Thank you for
eveything you did for this town. You were great and how I wish you would still
be there at Lopes Square. I will miss you. I appreciate all that you have done
for us all these years.
10:06 am edt 

Who Are You To Tell Us to Move On?

We do not listen to your bias. We do not listen to your bigoted position against
Donald. We do not listen to you.

We are concerned and we are saddened by what has been done to him. and you will
not direct out talk or our thoughts due to your own limited prejudices.

10:03 am edt 

Re: Dancing Cop

Get it.  Personnel issues are private to town officials who deny. 
HOWEVER, maybe after all the attention, someone in his family or a friend or he
could elaborate.  Doesn't have to be a town official that gives out information
about his hiring.  Especially since the public was called upon for support. 
Give the public some answers as to why they were denied.  Like the truth for a
change.  Sorry, doesn't seem that unreasonable to get the true answer as to why
this man was given the job he's done for years back.  Don't care who signs the
statement, just some answers would be nice for a change.
10:01 am edt 

Another Doc Gone

I heard that one of the "new" docs from OCHS quit suddenly this week. What's up
with that?
9:59 am edt 

Stop Signs

Whoever had the idea should have put a little more thought into it.  That is an
accident waiting to happen.  Today traffic was backed up to Duartes.  What's
gonna happen in the summer when Duartes traffic is backed up.  Does this mean
traffic will be down Conwell Street.

This was a very bad idea.... Perhaps the person who thought of it should stand
there and make sure the cars stop.....  Was this another Sharon Lynn idea? 
Whoever's it was it's BAD!  Someone is seriously gonna get hurt !
9:56 am edt 

Where'd Mike Go?

Haven't seen hide nor hair of him since the election.  Used to see the BedBug
van all over town, haven't seen it since.  Has he up and left town or just
keeping low?  Never felt he was anywhere near a true 'townie', but I didn't
expect him to cut and run this fast.
9:05 am edt 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Re: Donald Thomas aka Dancing Cop

Re: "Without valid, and I do mean valid (like what changed
drastically from last year?) reasons, sounds like elder discrimination.  What,
able last year but not now?  The need of the town is there as is the need of the
man?  What's the deciding factor in denial?  Medical incident in the last year?
Budget?  Can't be budget if they have someone else there.   Enlighten please".

Folks, seriously you will never get the answer you are seeking as to why a
person was not rehired.  Now that may really irritate some of you who feel you
have a right to know, but this is a personnel issue and it should never be
discussed in public.  If the Chief of Town Manager started speaking in public
about why they did or did not hire someone you would have far bigger problems
than you think you have now.  Like it or not, a personnel issue is not something
for public discussion among town officials.
3:33 pm edt 

Dancing Cop Over and Done

Move on, Folks. It was totally inappropriate to even proceed as this group
proceeded and it was predicted that this could only rationally end with Donald
being told NO yet once again.

Time to move on and to post about other things. Dancing cop issue needs to be
laid to rest.
1:01 pm edt 

Can You Find the Chief Hidden in This Cartoon?

Remember when they had hidden figures in cartoons and you tried to find the
hidden forms and figures. I've tried to find the Chief in town pictures and
somewhere in town. I'm still looking. Seems he has disappeared. Seems he has
taken the cues from Ms. Lynn. Duck and they won't find you. Hide and they will
forget you are here. Keep a low profile and they will not bring big problems to
you. But you can still get salary increases each year just like Ms. Lynn.

Still looking for Jeff.
12:58 pm edt 

Stick Your Fingers in Your Ears Sharon and Jeff

The community came together and spoke out. They made their concerns known. They
want Donald and see him as helping traffic flow and control. He has been here
for years and has been an integral part of this town.

What do you both do? You stick broken-nailed fingers in your ears so you can
avoid the positive comments you could have heard for Donald. Looking like Frick
and Frack, both with fingers deep into your ears, you listen only to yourselves.

12:54 pm edt 

Stop Signs

Just wondering if the Selectmen, or the Chief of Police
realize that speed and Stop Signs have to be approved by the State. Without
approval, they are not enforceable in court.
11:14 am edt 

It Must be Spring!

The flowers are blooming, and the negative nancy's
are already out claiming that "business is down all over"... really??? you found
a biz owner ready to call the season a bust when they have been open only two

you must have been very sad yesterday when the world did not end at 6pm like you
wanted... do yourself a favor and try to look on the bright side; if you really
want to only see the world through $#!+ colored glasses, that is your right,
however. Good luck to you. Or rather, much bad luck, as that seems to be what
you desire...
10:46 am edt 

Das Cop

SERIOUSLY.  His time was up 2 years ago.  There was no magic bullet from last
year to this just the fact that it was time to retire. PERIOD.  I dreaded this
intersection with him because although "cute" it was NOT safe. I was directed by
Donald to proceed MULTIPLE times and almost collided with another car.  We were
basically navigating on our own.  As has been the case for 2 years, Sharon and
Jeff are spot on correct.  ALL HAIL CHIEF JARAN and Madame Town Leader Sharon. 
Love Provincetown and it's progress in becoming a strong, independent town!
9:51 am edt 

Re: Stop Signs

Rode my bike down commercial 3 times on saturday and at the
intersection of commercial and standish,no traffic direction and
Cars doing whatever! 

Turned onto Bradford and backed up because of the rider
Street stop sign.
9:44 am edt 

Re: Dancing Cop

One of the very positive images of Provincetown is "the dancing cop"
in Lopes square. I cannot imagine why the present police chief , the town
manager and the board of selectman would deny the citizens and the visitors of
Provincetown this delightful Summer image.
David Atkinson
9:42 am edt 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Glad the Town Came Out in Support of Donald

They let town officials know how important this man is to them and to the town.
They publicly came out to praise his work and how he has directed traffic. He
was, in his own way, a star. He was known and tourists loved him. But what was
key is that he did great work in helping tourists cross the streets and in
moving cars onto commerical Street. We are a tourist town and Donald was great.

His family had every right to speak out in favor of him and so did everyone
else. That Sharon Lynn and Jeff Jarran made the wrong decision and refused to
listen to those in town shows how closed minded and limited in their own
imagination they sadly are.

Speak out, people are told. Come to town meetings, people are told. They
did--and town officials failed to listen--and they failed many in this town,
including Donald.
9:56 pm edt 

Stop Signs

Now that all the extra seasonal people are here with cars, and a busy
weekend. Thankfully we now can cross Bradford and Ryder streets without getting
killed like in the past! I've seen many bicycles and pedestrians get hit on that
9:50 pm edt 

Re: Dancing Cop

I bet the town did not rehire the dancing cop because he was so nasty
& ill tempered to pedestrians and motorists alike! (Plus he lives in Truro)
9:48 pm edt 

Great to See Lots of People in Yown Today

I walked from the coast guard station all the way to the East end, through the art
gallery section of town.   The center of town from Center Street to Atlantic ave had
many many people.  No one seems to go past Center Street or the boat slip?   The
town library almost makes you stop, and say don't go beyond this point.   

Wonder how the galleries did this weekend?  

I spoke to some owners of business, and they have said business is down all
over.   Do hope that the summer season is good for each and everyone.  
9:46 pm edt 

Re: Avis Johnson

Avis - I agree.  Just once, can the politics and circus show be put
aside?  The bottom line is a man wants to work in his job.  The same job he has
held for years.  No reason, other than the opinions of small minds, that he
cannot do this.  Without valid, and I do mean valid (like what changed
drastically from last year?) reasons, sounds like elder discrimination.  What,
able last year but not now?  The need of the town is there as is the need of the
man?  What's the deciding factor in denial?  Medical incident in the last year? 
Budget?  Can't be budget if they have someone else there.   Enlighten please. 
This town needs a wake-up call.  Too many people with no connection to this town
other than the wallet or purse strings are benefitting far too much while those
who have given their heart and soul are being tossed aside to make room for top
feeders.  Sorry, anyone who has been born and raised in this town that is facing
such a sad struggle today, is entitled.  Sorry, that's a fact.  Entitled to having a town
that shows some respect to those who have given of themselves to better it.  Not to
make a quick buck off it like we are seeing now in the "happenings" around town, but
to better it, in it's soul.  
9:43 pm edt 

Buy Local - Hire Local

Had a problem at my house last night around 9PM. Called my local guy at 9AM,
Saturday. They came right out but didn't have the part needed in stock. They
called another local guy and borrowed the part. Everything up and running by

Compare that to calling a regional or national service: "We can have a
technician there between 1PM and 5PM in 10 days"
9:38 pm edt 

Traffic Jam

Traffic jam  this afternoon at Standish and Commercial.  No one to be
found from the Police Department.  We are not getting our money's worth from the
$120,000 we all pay from our own pockets.  Shouldn't he start updating his vitae
and get out of here? Wouldn't that be a great thing!
9:36 pm edt 

Correct Solution Regarding the Dancing Cop

This over-wrought, family fueled, emotional appeal for someone's job is
blatantly against any formal protocol and the advocates from his granddaughter
on down only worked against the Dancing Cop.

This emotionally ineffective appeal from his friends and family overlooked the
fact that the police chief and the Town Manager have a job to do and they must
base their decisions on fact not emotional blackmail.

Bringing up the Bucolic past of Provincetown and putting into the mix is just
another example of the over-wrought, emotional hysteria that would make any boss
run from hiring the object of such a campaign.

Too bad people didn't know how to truly advocate on someone's behalf instead of
making this all based on familial devotion that, while intense and
noteworthy--was horribly misplaced.

Next time try to help more with fact and correct protocol rather than an
emotional campaign.
9:34 pm edt 

Thanks Jeff

You may not like the decision made regarding the Dancing Cop. However,
it is to Jeff Jaran's credit that he took the initiative to institute traffic enforcement
training after so much discussion around traffic direction issues.

The conversation around Donald Thomas highlighted the problem of a lack of
engagementon on the part of the Police Department and as a result our officers
are now being trained. As far as I can recall that's a first for Provincetown.

It  would have been nice to have included Donald as an Instructor in the training
process and perhaps this could be a consideration for the future. 

The long and the short of it is that as well as complaining we should be ready to
give credit when it is due.

Clarence L. Walker, Jr.
11:10 am edt 

Jeff and Sharon Shouls Resign !

I suggest Jeff and Sharon resign! They are not part of
This community in there thinking... We have to many
Examples of bad deciisions on there parts.
10:56 am edt 

Re: Stop Signs

I drove past Town Hall on Bradford.  I saw the Stop sign, I slowed
down, I stopped looked for pedestrians or other cars and then moved forward.  It
didn't adversely affect my life in any way whatsoever.  What's the big deal?
10:54 am edt 

Spot On!

Re: "The fact is that it would set an untenable precedent if pressure
from "outsiders" allowed people to get town jobs. Getting your job back after
such a public fiasco would be a disaster and there would be a riot protesting
the fact.

The town manager and the Chief of Police had no choice but to say no."

Spot On!!  You may or may not like the Town Mgr and/or the Chief, but you employ
them to hire staff.  The Selectmen made the right decision to stay out of this
and let the Town Mgr and Chief do their job.
10:52 am edt 

Hire Locally

Amazing... someone needed to make fun of the poster who simply wanted
to defend our local contractors... typical blog response by bitter bitter small
10:49 am edt 

Dancing Cop

The only policeman I have ever encountered who IMPROVES the flow of traffic.
Donald is an institution in our town. The fat cats in town hall seem merely to
be jealous that a man in his eighties is in better shape and retains more of
life's gusto than they do. I remind everyone of the dedication in one of George
Burns's books. Lamentably the five dedicatees, all doctors, predeceased the
book's publication date. Let Donald's doctor weigh in with an evaluation. I'll
bet he has the doctor's approval and encouragement.
10:47 am edt 

Re: Dancing Cop

Saddened about the Dancing Cop.  Some things make a town special - the
Dancing Cop was one of them.  What a shame!
10:43 am edt 

Regarding Donald Thomas, the Dancing Cop

I would like to know the identity of the previous writer who posted the
following comments:

"Best Wishes Donald

Sorry to say, your granddaughter et al did you a disservice by advocating for
you so publicly and so blatantly. Who are they to demand whom the town manager
or police chief may hire?

They were blinded by their affection for you; to all reasonable people, this
"campaign" on your behalf was such a breathless breach of Protocol that you
can't possibly take this outcome personally. Anyone who was the subject of such
a champagne for a job would never have their job reinstated.

The fact is that it would set an untenable precedent if pressure from
"outsiders" allowed people to get town jobs. Getting your job back after such a
public fiasco would be a disaster and there would be a riot protesting the fact.

The town manager and the Chief of Police had no choice but to say no."

I direct my own comment to the person who penned this previous comment which
sounds mean-spirited to me. For your information , whether Donald Thomas gets
his job back or not EVERY word written or comment made in his defense speaks
more about the value we placed on him as a human being who understands the heart
and soul of the Provincetown who's streets were the terra firma for our young
bare feet. It was an inclusive Provincetown, an affordable Provincetown and a
Provincetown that fully embraced us as we enjoyed our heritage,our nature,our
people, and every offering of its rich, broad color... all painted with a much
softer brush.
Related to Donald Thomas or not, we-the PEOPLE- adore him and look forward to
his presence in the crowd of otherwise unfamiliar summer faces. If the "new and
unimproved" Provincetown was worried  about his health or his becoming a
liability , why did the two people who are supposedly "MANAGING, SERVING,
PROTECTING and WORKING FOR US" , NOT offer Donald an opportunity to sign a legal
document agreeing not to pursue damages should he fall ill or die doing what he
loves most???
Your opinion of the "disservice" done by his granddaughters, friends, and all
the other people who love and support him is insulting and galling. The
decisions were made with closed minds well in advance of the public outcry and
support we offered with open hearts.
I can only hope that in my time of heartache and need there will be people
willing to do me such a "disservice"....
You should be so lucky!  

Avis Johnson 

10:41 am edt 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Speaking of Jeff Jaran__Has He Just Disappeared?

Has anyone seen him in the last few months? Not on the street. Not in the car.
Not walking up any steps on Shankpainter Road.

The man has simply disappeared.

Wish he hadn't. Wish he were still walking our streets, greeting business
owners, and being around. Wish he were more part of the community. He once was.
Why not now? Even Tobias was more engaged with the community than Jeff Jaran
presently is. I don't know why but I wish he were visibly part of our town.

11:28 pm edt 

Dancing Cop

As a born-&-raised townie, tho i now live in vermont, i was saddened
to read about donald being relieved of his position as "dancing cop"
extroardinaire.  he performed a necessary service, delivering the goods w/
style, humor & panache.  not to mention, he was good for business, providing
visitors w/ a glimpse of the cachet that is the essence of ptown.  so sad to see
that the individualism that is ptown is so under-valued.  & in rebuttal to a
previous poster's question, referring to donald's family & friends & all who
signed the petition for his re-instatement - "who are they to say whom the town
mgr & selectman hire? - why, they are the citizens of the town who PAY those
people's salaries!...they're called public servants for a reason.
11:25 pm edt 

Alternate Universe

Instead of the Dancing Cop Now We'll have Sleeping Cops and Sippy Cops

Great move Ms. Lynn. Great move Mr. Jarran. You should be ashamed.
11:20 pm edt 

Support For Donald Was Not Out of Line

It was genuine and people wanted to support him publicly. they wanted to speak
out in favor of him and his work and they did. I'm glad his family spoke for
him, as did many others.There's good reason why people backed him but Jeff and
Sharon failed to consider these reasons.

Maybe we should ask if Sharon is well enough to be Town Manager? Is her health
good enough for her to take the strain? Let's check on her medical condition
since physical considerations seem to be playing a key role here.

11:18 pm edt 

My God!! We Speak

My Donald how you have changed. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

However, it is good to see what seems to be our finest in training. If 
is a good move. 

7:33 pm edt 

Show Time

To the Puppeteer of puppets Anderson, Peake, McChesney, Lynn and

Cutting the Dancing Cop doessn't even touch the raises and bonuses your puppets
got.  Why are you so against this poor guy? 

7:19 pm edt 

Dancing Cop

Whenever a public administrator is fired, or  not renewed, he/she can
look back, and point to the point in time when things began to disintegrate for

Well, Sharon, Jeff, when you look back, this will be that point in time - when
you refused to keep the Dancing Cop.  You both ccan be proud of what you have
done, but mark my words, this will have repercussions in ways you can't even
imagine right now.

And for starters, NO SALARY INCREASES FOR  SHARON OR JEFF. We pay their
salaries, and their benefits, but they refuse to listen to us about the Dancing
Cop.  You"lovage to accept the consequences.

Posted by a person who's not a relative or even an acquaintance of the Dancing
Cop, but signed the petition because he cares about Provincetown not being like
Anywhere USA.
7:16 pm edt 

Stop Signs

Ya think the stop signs at Bradford and Ryder are in anticipation of
the change to the location of the exit at MPL and perhaps people were thinking
ahead?  Perhaps when the cars exit on to Ryder Street instead of into Lopes
Square the stop signs will work to facilitate the traffic flow from Ryder on to
7:11 pm edt 

Sharon and Jeff: What is Wrong With Your Thinking?

We support Donald the Dancing cop. but no, you refuse to hire hima fter many
more years than both of you were ever here working in Provincetown. There is
much support for Donald and how he handles traffic.

I am especially disappointed in Jeff Jaran. Maybe you'll spend time directing
2:15 pm edt 

Lessons to be Learned

So much for going to a Selectmen's meeting and speaking up about the
outrage du jour specifcally firing old time employee, the Dancing Cop.  To the
government employee who continues to blog here about showing up at Town meetings
to effect change, blah, blah, blah. Don't waste your time.

I think Anderson is too old to be a Selectmen. Has she had the proper medical
tests for someone her age to be Chair of the Selectmen?

Don't grow old in this Town if you are a municipal employee.  That's the lesson
learned here.
2:09 pm edt 

Best Wishes Donald

Sorry to say, your granddaughter et al did you a disservice by advocating for
you so publicly and so blatantly. Who are they to demand whom the town manager
or police chief may hire?

They were blinded by their affection for you; to all reasonable people, this
"campaign" on your behalf was such a breathless breach of Protocol that you
can't possibly take this outcome personally. Anyone who was the subject of such
a champagne for a job would never have their job reinstated.

The fact is that it would set an untenable precedent if pressure from
"outsiders" allowed people to get town jobs. Getting your job back after such a
public fiasco would be a disaster and there would be a riot protesting the fact.

The town manager and the Chief of Police had no choice but to say no.

2:07 pm edt 

Re: Hiring Only Local People

To the person who is so delighted with his new bathroom
done by local people, I say,    I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!
2:05 pm edt 

West Vine
Guaranteed "By-Laws" will be twisted and contorted to suit the needs of the
developer.  Definitions will be "confusing" and "open to intrepretation", new
improved by-laws allowing connections with overhead cover will use sticks (could
be considered roofs) to allow 16+.  You wait and see.  Ridiculous.  Provincetown
is the only town on the Cape that is allowing development to continue over and
over without regard for scope or resources or infrastructure issues.  These
people must need to make this money fast.  For a town whose building dept. can't
intrepret it's own By-laws, they can pull out that approval stamp faster than
greased lightning.   Depending on the developer of course.

2:01 pm edt 

West Vine Land

Yes, more development means more property taxes.  But just because
people only live here part-time does not mean that the town "makes more money"
with the additional property taxes.  There have been hundreds of new condos and
homes built in the town in the last 10 years and we are now looking at
Proposition 2 1/2 overides to balance the budget.  Studies show that more
development means more cost to the town and the additional property taxes do not
always cover the additional costs.  This is even more true when you take into
account affordable housing units which are effectively subsidized by other
7:51 am edt 

Re: Donald the Dancing Cop

Carmen Mar
die Thomas
8:31pm May 19th
Subject: The Following Was Written by Donald "The Dancing Cop" Thomas
I want to thank my granddaughter Carmen, Eddie Silvia, Sue Ogden, the Banner reporter Kevin Mullaney who did a terrific story on me, Matt Pitta at WXTK radio and all you wonderful people who signed the petitions. I would also like to thank those of you who spoke for me at the Board of Selectmen's meeting including Katherine Baltivik and Penny Silvia, even though I have never even met either of them formally.

Monday, Carmen and I met with the Chief of Police and the Town Manger. They had their minds made up: No square!! I guess the will of the people doesn't count. The mystery to me is why they don't want me there!

Anyway, I will miss all you great folks who depended on me--fishermen, truckers, motorcycles, trolleys and pedestrians. But most of all, I will miss giving badges to the children. Please take care and good luck.

Donald J. Thomas
12:00 am edt 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stops Signs Are Nuts

They make no sense. and I wouldn't say the police officer was "directing
traffic." He was just there--doing nothing much. Take away these stupid
signs--yes, Sharon--they are stupid--and stick him in the middle of Bradford
directing traffic. I don't think that is where he should be--more on Commercial
Street. But there he was. And so was the traffic backup.

Couldn't we have just one intelligent "leader" or town official making a smart
decision? Just one and I would be happy. But I don't think there is one with
brains--and guts. Whimps and lack of thinking.

So much for these problematic Stop signs at Ryder and Howland.

You can't make up this stuff!
11:57 pm edt 

West Vine Land

"Sounds like a good idea, will bring in more property
tax revenue to the town." 

It's only a "win-win" if the Planning Board only allows what the current bylaws
allow for. There is no reason for any "exceptions" or "special allowances" to
add extra units.

That land can be built on and should BUT ONLY with what the current bylaws

That area is congested enough as it is.
11:55 pm edt 

Serious Thoughts

Sal's opening was a success.  Kudos to staff and owner.  Really good
job.  Seems new stops signs are not a good idea.  Surprising?  16 units in the
West End are not being welcomed by anyone with common sense. While some bloggers
support clear cutting to make a buck, those with a lick of common sense do not.
The dough doesn't go back into the town.  It goes into the builder or
developer's pocket.  And all you tough opionated bloggers are nothing but a
bunch of wimps.  Challenged to tell the truth for once and all you whiners clam
up.  "Please sir may I have another?"  Par for the course in Freedonia.
Spineless whiners. Hey, Trader Joe's is having a sale on green vasoline.  Better
make the day trip before they sell out.
11:45 pm edt 

Re: Bradford Street Backup

Exactly, wait until July. My guess is, they will be removed by July 4 (the stop
signs). Good idea, but NO.

6:38 pm edt 

Sal's Opening a Wonderful Fun-filled Evening

The food just flowed and so did the wine and the conversation. It was so much
fun and so well done.

Bravo to everyone involved in this Gala Opening. It is what Provincetown is all
about--getting together, enjoying each other's company and delighting in bites
of tasty food.

Yes, it is Spring in Provincetown!
3:04 pm edt 

Re: West End Condos and Clear Cutting?

"The existing single family will be demolished and the wooded land that
ran from the corner of Bradford St, all the way down and around the bend, will
be completely clear cut to make room for this development." 

Sounds like a good idea, will bring in more property tax revenue to the town. 
People who buy the condos most likely won't live here so they won't require
services.  sounds like a win-win.
3:00 pm edt 

Re: Reasonable Construction and Time in Another Town

We put in a new bathroom this winter using ONLY LOCAL TRADESPEOPLE
(the farthest away was from Wellfleet).
None of these guys are, or acted, "entitled". Our job came in on budget, was
finished on time, and we have the added benefit of knowing that our $$$ stayed
in town, and helped out many local families.
I moved here because I love the town, and especially the people. (well, most of
em anyway!!). This is our third big project completed with totally local crews.
The first job with locals did not go so well; guess what we did? We found
another local contractor and tried them out. We all "clicked" and now we have
some great local guys who seemed proud of their work, showed up on time when
promised, and did a better job than anyone else could have.
And yeah, I love love love the fact that I got to know some folks who grew up in
my adopted town. It makes me feel proud of where I chose to live. And even
though I have only been here 16 years, knowing locals makes me feel that much
more connected.
And, you should see our incredible bathroom!!!
2:54 pm edt 

Bradford Street Backupl

Yesterday Bradford street was backed-up all the way to the top of the
hill at Crown Point......and that was with an officer directing traffic at Ryder
street.  And it's only the middle of May!
2:49 pm edt 

Restaurant Openings

The people who I mostly see in opening pictures are folks who work in town who
seem to be out seeing friends and enjoying a bit of the town before they are
buried in work for the season.

And you are invited too!
2:46 pm edt 

Sal's Restaurant

Last night was terrific! The food, wine and service was impeccable.

It was good to see the new changes made along wiith a respect for the past.
Thanks for a marvelous evening.

Well done.
8:22 am edt 

Restaurant Openings

Did you ever notice that the people you see lining up for a free meal
at these "opening partys" tend to be the people in town who think their      
don't stink and they are better than everyone else; and you NEVER see these
people out at the bars the rest of the summer. Hey buddy, I may not be as fancy
or well spoken as you or own a house I dont always live, in, and yes I need to
work for a living.. but I can afford my own food.
8:14 am edt 

Reasonable Construction and Time in Another Town

I guess that if you are rich, time and cost don't matter. When you have a budget
like me--you look for the best bang for the buck.

In another town, I had an entire addition 25ft x 25ft added to my house
including the basement for the new addition and the bathroom and the work was
started in December and ended in May. Tiled bathroom, over size windows, two
rooms with cathedral ceiling, bamboo floors: $89,000 a few years ago.

At my house here, when I need a tradesman, I have a carpenter for $10 an hour. I
have a 28 year old Plumber from Onset for $40 an hour; an electrician here from
Taunton for $35 an hour and the work gets done PRONTO.

I can't believe what I read about the price people pay here when you go to back
of banner to see what is being done and what people pay--and they wait and wait
and wait for the entitled workman to show up.
8:12 am edt 

Re: Stop Signs

Feel Badly You Were Stopped by Burly Police officer

The Stop signs do not make sense. But I feel badly you  were stopped and kept
there for 45 minutes. And then if she asked if you had drugs, I shake my head.
This is wrong, plain and simple.

You have every right to feel upset. I surely would be.
8:08 am edt 

Re: When the Fix is in

RE: "It just makes one feel like going to meetings and voicing
opinions is a big waste of time because promises are made and then broken."

Wahh, wahh, wahh, you're right, it's all just a big rigged game and I finally
realizing after reading the authoritative voices on here. I'm putting my house
on the market and getting out of town :)  I'm sure those developers are behind
the stop signs but will they use them because according to this blog they'll
stop at nothing.
8:06 am edt 

Re: When the Fix is in

Regarding public hearings: If you think that town boards and
developers are not doing what they said they were going to do, and then did not,
you can always get a lawyer to fight it in court. Just complaining on here will
do nothing. I've done it with my neighbors and I won!
8:03 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing


Washington Post May 18th
A year long Washington Post Investigation, Published this week, found that
nearly 700 construction projectes awarde $400 million dollars have been idling
8:01 am edt 

Re: Lifestyle Collectors

I think I started the recent blog about lifestyle collectors. The
person that posted they collected for a brief period of time  while submitting
evidence that they looked for work,I totally support you. You are what I want to
help get through tough times. Now people do not have to submit evidence of
looking for work and the benefit is deposited automatically into the recievers
reason so many of our friends in town are placing our government's financial
future in peril. 
7:59 am edt 

When the Fix is in

Attending Meetings Does not Provide the Input and Decision-Making You

The deals are done deals. The machine is in! Sit back and let it roll over
you--over dunes, over stretches on once pristine land, over tall stately pine

The Machine is in! And we know her name!
7:57 am edt 

Stop Signs

Traffic Meetings Bring Fewer and Fewer People Making More and More
Major Decisions

It doesn't take many to "suggest" a change and now strangely it gets done. Ryder
and Bradford Street Stop signs are stupid. Today the back up was way down past
Gosnold Street and I can just see it this summer. This makes no sense no matter
who suggested this. People always slow down at town hall--you have no choice.
This makes no sense---and neither does the four way stop signs at Howland and
Harry Kemp.

Again, it doesn't matter what the suggested idea is--it's the ridiculous
implementation of stupid ideas that makes some of us upset. I look to management
to sift through the stupid from the brilliant. Obviously, this is not working
7:55 am edt 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Re; West Vine and Planning Board

"The Planning Board had a hearing on 4
of the units, but the Board does not seem
to be taking into account that this is actually a 16 unit development and
therefore the entire site should be subject to site plan review, not just one of
the lots with 4 units on it."

Isn't that area of West Vine tight enough already ? All those condos now and the
restaurant where they park on the street ?  There is too much over there already
and at best the Planning board should only allow what they must.
5:36 pm edt 

Regarding Public Hearings

The other issue is you can go to all the hearings you want and voice your opinions. 
Then you have town boards, committees and developers make promises that are
simply not kept.  It just makes one feel like going to meetings and voicing opinions
is a big waste of time because promises are made and then broken.

5:33 pm edt 

West End Condos and Clear Cutting?

What a surprise.  Let me guess, 16
presented as 4 but connected by toothpicks to bypass BYLAWS THAT ARE CLEAR TO
EVERYONE BUT OUR BUILDING INSPECTOR.  Structure means shed, pool cabana,
veranda, outside shower.  Building means a "structure" which HOUSES humans. 
What a crock of you know what to say there is confusion.  So easy YET SO
CONFUSING for those who are actually paid to enforce these regulations.  Don't
tell me this town isn't run by money and favoritism based on money, or I will
tell you I have some beans you might like.  
5:31 pm edt 

Stop Signs

Re: Re: Stop Signs

No one is trying to supress opinions. What we are saying is griping rings very
hollow if you didn't got to the relevant hearing or submit written input. If you
did do either of those by all means go ahead and gripe. This reader is purely
sick of people pretending decisions were made unilaterally or in a back room
deal when the decisions were made through a legitimate public process with
public notice. The only conspiracy or unilateral action is many bloggers failure
to get their butts out of their chairs and to a public meeting. I know I should
stop reading but it's kinda like a car crash you just can't avert your gaze from
the dumbness.

4:11 pm edt 

Re: Lifestyle Collectors & Bang Street

I'd say plenty of people are aware this is an obvious scam.  I know
one restaurant owner who collects in the winter as being one of his own "laid
off" employees.  The fact is, people aren't afraid to complain, just afraid to
complain to authorities.  A complaint about someone fraudulently collecting
unemployment is no small matter.   I am ticked that, when I collected briefly
for a period, I had to prove I was actually looking for a job by providing 3
contacts I had made. How do they get away with not doing this?  Or do they just
lie about and use friends and relatives for contacts?

As an aside, a blogger asked about the Open House on Bangs St.  Someone said
busy, someone said not busy.  After all the abutter opposition, enquiring minds
would like to know the truth.  Any takers?       
4:09 pm edt 

Planning Board Alert!

The formerly wooded lot that was clear cut across from the horse barn
on West Vine St is part of a 16 unit condo development.  Only half of the
project has been clear cut.  The other half of the land will be clear cut soon
to make room for the new condos. 

The existing single family will be demolished and the wooded land that ran from
the corner of Bradford St, all the way down and around the bend, will be
completely clear cut to make room for this development. 

The Planning Board had a hearing on 4 of the units, but the Board does not seem
to be taking into account that this is actually a 16 unit development and
therefore the entire site should be subject to site plan review, not just one of
the lots with 4 units on it.
4:04 pm edt 

Re: Bangs Street

Yes, a HUGE success.
4:01 pm edt 

Re: Stop Signs

Yes, a public hearing was held giving people an opportunity to voice
their opinion on the stop signs.  Some people were in favor of putting up the
stop signs and others were against putting up the stop signs.  After taking into
account the opinion of the public, the town decided to put up the new stop
signs.  Some people got their way and others did not.  What you are reading here
are simply peoples opinions, whether for or against the stop signs.  Not a big
deal, but if you don't like reading the opinions, please stop reading them.  On
the other hand, do not try to suppress peoples opinions on this blog.

12:01 pm edt 

Re: Stop Sign

I think the sign is a good idea it will slow traffic down and make it better for
pedestrians. It will also help with the egress from town pier when they change
the exit at the pier lot. This proposal was well publicized and public hearing
held for feedback. I find it interesting that people can write on here but can't
read notices and articles in the papers that usually explain away their 
conspiricay theories. Love one another please!!!
9:25 am edt 

Re: This is "Thinking Out of the Box"...

The new stop signs around town.
If the goal is to reduce traffic in town, this will do the opposite.  Commercial
St will always have traffic, but now Bradford St will too.
9:23 am edt 

Re: Lifestyle Collectors

I know what many seasonal workers do off season because I ask them.
Some do work in other places but most do not. Don't blame me for my informed
judgement, blame these people that brag about their easy off season lifestyle.
People that get laid off in a bad economy have my complete support and
appropriately should receive unemployment, others that go on the dole every
single year do not. Why this pattern isn't an obvious scam to everyone is beyond
9:20 am edt 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stop Signs at Ryder and Bradford Streets--Pure Ridiculousness

Pure Madness. Thanks Jeff. Thanks Sharon. Two brilliant minds working together
on this wackey decision. This is plain stupid. When did anyone race by Bradford
or need a full Stop to Turn at Town Hall.

Nuts. Pure Nuts. What the hell are these two thinking? Nothing much up there if
this is their combined legacy.
10:41 pm edt 

Re: Lifestyle Collectors

I always enjoy reading things on this blog from psychic and all
knowing bloggers..

to the people who complain about seasonal workers sitting around all winter, 
how the hell do you know what people are doing all winter?  maybe they work in
other seasonal warmer climates, maybe they save up enough money.. how do you
know what they are doing.. oh wait you are just mean spirited and bitter and
that gives you the right to "think" you know everything...

and before you yell at me and say that you are a tax payer and are supporting
"those lifestyle collectors" (whatever the hell that means) they pay taxes

and ps I live here year round and don't run off to somewhere warm...
10:39 pm edt 

My Biggest Wish

I wish that my biggest problem was a new set of stop signs or a bumpy road. My
hours at work have been cut. I own my own home and pay thousands upon thousands
in taxes, almost $3,000 a year in house insurance, water and sewage betterment
fees; my co worker pays a portion of his salary--and works part time to collect

Lets put these folks getting affordable housing under a microscope. Why does our
harbor master live in an affordable housing community? What is going on in this

Food stamp allocations have been reduced because the economy is getting
better...lets stop the free ride on affordable housing.
10:36 pm edt 

Stop Signs

Is the Ryder street and Bradford Street stop sign situation a four way stop
intersection? If so, what is the big deal? The car on the right goes, then the
next on the right and so forth. Wake up people and go and take your driving test
10:32 pm edt 

Re: Stop Signs

You had plenty of time to gripe about the idea of new stop signs when the matter
was discussed at the annual parking and traffic hearing. It was noticed in the
paper numerous times. Don't gripe now if you didn't speak then. However I
suspect it just our usual bitter blogger using this as an excuse to attack town
management yet again.

Look in the back of the Banner and read the public notices that way you can
actually have an impact when it matters and we won't have to listen to griping
when its too late to make change.

10:29 pm edt 

What's Up With This????

Are police in this town trained to give residents a hard time?  I was recently
driving down Bradford and was pulled over by a burly policewoman!  She was rude
and just out to give someone a hard time.  She yelled at me to stay where I was
and not move.  I'm 60 years old and know what I should and shouldn't do.  I was
detained for 45 minutes.  I've lived here for 10 years.  After I got my
citatation, she asked if I had any drugs in my vehicle.  If this is Jaran's
finest we're in big trouble.   When will this end??
10:26 pm edt 

Bradford and Ryder Street Stop Sign

The newly installed stop signs at Bradford and Ryder are simply a bad idea.  The
back ups both east and west on Bradford are going to be very bad.  Also
pedestrians are going to get hurt.  By the way why are we paying to have a
police cruiser/officier parked there with the lights on?
10:23 pm edt 

Ryder Street Stop Sign

If you drive on Ryder St. towards Bradford St. there is a stop sign which
obviously means you have to stop. However,  If youre on Ryder St. driving
towards Commercial St. there is no stop sign. I guess this means one doesnt have
to stop?  That could be messy!!
10:20 pm edt 

Health Care

Lowell Sun (Massachusetts)

May 17, 2011 Tuesday 


Mass. Senate eyes health-care compromise

By Erin Smith, 

BOSTON -- Local state senators are hinting at a compromise that could help
cities and towns rein in skyrocketing public-employee health-care costs while
allowing unions to keep their bargaining power.

Angry union leaders rallied in opposition last month after the House approved a
plan to strip public employees, including police officers, firefighters and
teachers, of most of their rights to bargain over health care.

Supporters argue that the move would mean millions of dollars in savings for
communities already struggling in hard economic times.

The state Senate is expected to release its own plan when leaders unveil a
budget proposal to the public tomorrow at noon.

State Sen. Stephen Brewer, chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, is
keeping the exact details of the Senate's plan under wraps until tomorrow but
signaled that the Senate's proposal would likely address concerns about the
increasing cost of municipal health insurance.

"The elephant in the room is the explosive growing costs of health care," Brewer

Brewer took a diplomatic stance, hinting at a compromise with the House.

"There are very few things we do in the Senate that's identical to the House,"
he said. "We will recognize the value of municipal employees but recognize the
cost to local government."

State Sen. James Eldridge, D-Acton, said he's in favor of a compromise being
floated at the Statehouse that would require labor unions to limit health-care
cost increases to standards set at the state's Group Insurance Commission. The
GIC, which provides health insurance for state employees and retirees,
traditionally negotiates significantly smaller rate increases than
municipalities. The savings could be split by the municipality and unions, which
could use the fund to offset health-care costs, Eldridge said.

Eldridge is against the House proposal and said he would consider filing an
amendment to introduce a compromise if it's not included in the Senate's plan.

State Sen. Barry Finegold, D-Andover, believes the municipal health-insurance
system needs changes but wouldn't say what those changes should be.

Finegold dodged a question on the House vote, saying he had no opinion and is
waiting to see the Senate plan.

"We'll see what happens," Finegold said.

The Senate and House of Representatives would have to work out any differences
between their budget plans before lawmakers send a final spending plan to the
governor for his signature.

In a separate effort to lower health-care costs, Gov. Deval Patrick yesterday
testified before the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing on his proposal to
cut health-care expenses. Among other changes aimed at reducing health-insurance
costs, Patrick's proposal would shift to a payment system that rewards doctors
for keeping their patients healthy, not by the number of procedures or office

Patrick told reporters he hopes to have a bill in place by fall, but legislators
are more cautious about that timeline. 

May 17, 2011
10:16 pm edt 

Stop Signs at Bradford and Ryder Streets

I just experienced the newly installed stop signs at the intersection of
Bradford and Ryder Streets. What the     are they thinking???? Summer time
traffic will be backed up to Shankpainter or more to the West and all the way to
Route 6 to the East! Throw in traffic due to Duarte's and the Town will be at a
standstill. I've been here for more than 40 years (yes, I own property and pay
taxes) and this is one of the worst decisions I've seen. Thanks to our Town
Manager and Chief of Police for screwing this up big! This is what happens when
you hire people from the outside to run our Town.
12:33 pm edt 


Even though we don't have the sun we still have the Son. Have a happy Tuesday
10:40 am edt 

Re: "So When Did This Blog Get Taken Over by the Tea Party???"

Oh, you must be referring to people that work hard all year round - own property
here - pay a ton in taxes to the town - and are totally financially and housing
self sufficient. 

Yes - I know we are an extreme fringe element.
10:35 am edt 

Yes, You Must be Right

There is no more demand for housing in provincetown.  
You got the last house anyone wanted.  
10:33 am edt 

No Attitude

I asked about the farmers market and someone responded with the info
and with no attitude! Thank you. This is how the blog should work.
10:29 am edt 

Automated Parking Payment Kiosks
Provincetown bought the wrong type of parking kiosk.

Our machines are designed for long term parking lots and focus on space numbers
so they work well for rows of parked cars with a single employee monitoring huge
lots as they allow for site-line monitoring. These kiosks are for lots that are
distinguished by infrequent movements. Examples are all day employee,commuter
lots, long term airporter and the like.

For shorter term parking lots best practices suggest tags on the dashboard with
parking monitors walking past the car rather than monitoring the kiosk and
looking for cars in unpaid spaces.

But wait- we pay town employees to walk past cars and look for dashboard
tags/townie permits? Yes because we waive fees for resident permits, we have to
do the walk anyway thus negating the benefit of the machines town bought by
incurring car by car monitoring costs coupled with the loss in revenue
effectiveness from buying the wrong kiosks

Once again, DPW had great intentions yet they just got it all wrong.
10:28 am edt 

Kiosk Machines

Buy a scanner and listen... All you hear is for the meter personnel to meet as
the kiosk machine is not working...  At least 6 or more times a week..  
10:24 am edt 

Kiosk Machines:

I was told yesterday the machine was down all day and people parked for free... 
How can that be raising revenue....  The parking adm was no where to be found !

That is most of the time...  They are always malfunctioning and out of
service.......  The time wasted in taking away meter personnel to assist is time
taking away from revenue...  Do the math..  It's not rocket science....
10:23 am edt 

Bangs Street Opening

So by "HUGE SUCCESS" do you mean someone actually showed up or someone
actually signed a commitment and put come cold hard cash down on the spot for
such beautiful prefab modular "townhouses".  Wow, you must be the realtor. 
According to another word on the street, the opposite actually happened.  A bust
and those who did show, left promptly after assessing the situation on the
whole.  One party had to move their car so another could turn around.  Nice.  A
firetruck should have no problem.  For some reason, a half million looks might
look better at a water view other than a "protected" wetland that has been
anything but protected.  Perhaps a clear cut dune and dying tree whose roots
have been chopped by a sinking rusting steel retaining wall are not worthy of a
half mil.   Heard someone actually stood on the wall and could vibrate it with
their body weight alone.  Either you've got a goldmine here based on that
the rest will follow with time.  

But thanks for the optimistic blog about the success.  Glass half full?? or empty
by now?
10:20 am edt 

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Future is Now

The meter machines are an expected thing in todays world. Almost all
towns and cities now have meter machines. Time for this town to join the 21st
5:31 pm edt 

Bangs Street Open House

The open house on the Bangs Street condos was a huge success!
5:30 pm edt 

Recycling is Alive and Well!

Its called single stream recycling, look it
5:28 pm edt 

Stop Signs

The new stop signs are a good thing! For one thing it slows down
drivers and gives people who cross these streets a chance to cross safely!
5:26 pm edt 

Re: Lifestyle Collectors

As a long time service person who works seasonally, I take offence to
the blogger who keeps harping about people who come back to town with tans! Did
she ever consider that us service people ALSO WORK seasonally in warmer climes
during Provincetowns off season???
5:25 pm edt 

Lifestyle Collectors

So nice to see so many waiters, waitesses, and service people
returning to town with their beautiful tans after spending 5 or 6 months in the
warmer climes with their free money. I feel bad they have to return to work for
the next 4 months to keep the scam going. I really do feel bad for the poor
families that fall accidentally on hard times due to the economy. They are the
ones that deserve help not the lifestyle collectors.
4:56 pm edt 

Farmer's Market

Starts this Saturday the 21st
4:30 pm edt 

Bangs Street

Heard the modular "townhouses" on Bangs St. had an open house this
weekend.  Anyone know how turnout was?  After all the circus tricks to get these
4 buildings approved as 2 buildings, they have sat empty on the market for a
long time now.  Maybe 2 really would have been enough.  Demand seems to be
outmatched by supply.  What a surprise.   
4:27 pm edt 

Stop Signs

Putting a stop sign at the corner of Bradford and Ryder, to stop
traffic on Bradford makes no sense.  Why have every vehicle have to stop there
all year long when the only time there is traffic is for 8 to 10 weeks per year
(during summer)?  Same goes for the stop sign going up at Howland and Harry Kemp
Way.  If anything these stop signs will make these intersections more dangerous
as drivers will not be used to them and will run them by accident until they get
used to them.
4:25 pm edt 

Don't We Reecycle Anymore?

I don't understand what's happening at the "dump"... now everything goes in one
place: the glass, aluminum, and plastic, and soon even cardboard. Then it gets
completely compacted. Which indicates its not being separated. So what         is
going on? Should we no longer try to be good consumers and separate? Truly
4:23 pm edt 

Re: Meter Machines Are Problematic


I won't yell as you feel a need to do, but the town has seen a dramatic increase
in revenue from the parking kiosks in the first month.
4:20 pm edt 

Tea Party?

So when did this blog get taken over by the tea party???
4:18 pm edt 

Meter Machines Are Problematic

They are not eay to use and they constantly reject dollars being put into the
machines. Tourists are confused and even trying to help them, it's confusing.

Another bad decision by those running this town. It should not be complicated
but it is. It's not a help for boosting tourism. So why were these problematic
machines selected? Any answer Sharon?
4:16 pm edt 


The licensing board is going after Essentials because                   the
property on the corner thinks its too loud.  wah wah wah.  you live on
commercial street.  when you bought your property that's where it was.  it's
still there. i'm sure that's part of the reason you bought it.

I think it's great that so many people like to stop by and shop and talk with
there friends on their way home from what was probably a pretty long day.
But let's face it, it's just the little worker bees that drop in there.  Why
should they be able to have any fun.  Aren't they just here to serve you. To
clean your house and cook your food.  Oh yeah and to do all of the other manual
labor that actually provides for the tourists that come here and spend their
It's a shame that as usual one bad apple wants to spoil it for everyone
11:12 am edt 

How do I Get an Affordable Unit in Provincetown?

Presently, my mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, gas, food, etc is about
$2,800 -$3,000 a month. I've decided that I'm sick of working and sick of
paying taxes. I'm sick of carrying everybody elses rent payments, etc. I just
want a subsidized house so I can work a few months a year, rent it out in the
winter and head down to a warmer climate.
11:09 am edt 

Stop Sign Solution is Not a Solution

What are they smoking? Who thinks that stop signs are the answer to our
commercial Street traffic problem? Maybe, just maybe, if one or two of our full
time police officers walked around town, they'd see this makes no sense.

By the way, why don't they walk around town? Jeff did do this when he first came
to town. What has happened to him? And his policies? We don't see him and we
don't see any other police officers walking the beat.

Go back to what you stood for when you came here. Don't fall into the old girls
network and the do nothing mentality. It will not only doom you--it will doom us

We need you all back on the street and really part of the everyday community.

Looking forward to seeing you on the streets with us--instead of hiding in some
office or spending too much time in the front office.
11:07 am edt 

Parking Department



11:04 am edt 

You Can Bank on it

Those collecting and holding vouchers in their hot little hands know
how to work the system.  Professional feeders.  Taxpayers have no choice.  The
system works against those who foot the bill.  Get real.  And even if their
vouchers run out or collecting stops, they can always call on contacts in this
little small town to step in and clear the way of red tape.  Conspiracy?  You
bet your bottom taxdollar.
11:02 am edt 

Re: Businesses Should Provide Housing

To the one who thinks businesses should provide housing condiser this:
many businesses do just that.  And if you think all restaurants, hotels and
businesses here make a fortune you have have never owned a business.  Now if we
had a Communist government, then business would provide housing.  But I doubt
you want a Communist government here, or do you?
11:01 am edt 

Farmers Market

When will the farmers market begin operations?

10:59 am edt 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Warning to the Entitled

The bountiful American taxpayers who supported you and are providing you housing
and subsidizng your lives may one day come crashing down as these programs are

Watch your medicaid coverage disintegrate. Watch your subsidizing housing rents
etc be raised or program disbanded. You are intentionally keeping income low so
you can collect unemployment rather than work harder.

I know the waiters who are collecting and they would rather get the check than
work a few night now. Affordable housing rent isn't cheap and when can't work
doubles anymore or you are burnt out and take it out at work and you get
fired--don't come crying to the taxpayers to bail you out once again. You have
made your bed and now you will reap the folly of your ways as the years pass and
you age and the rug is pulled out from under you.

4:58 pm edt 

No Summer Housing----Businesses Should Provide

Already the foreign students are looking for rooms to rent. What is going to
happen when all of the contracted students rush into town?

Summer rents have decided to stay year round the last few years and now there is
a dearth of rooms for rent.

These businesses should be required to provide housing for their staff. These
businesses make a fortune off of this cheap labor but they won't provide a place
for their staff.

The           Restaurant has mostly foreign students working there.
4:55 pm edt 

To: Dancing Cop Post.

You have got to be on another planet.  Please
don't drive in Provincetown in the summer if you can't understand Donald's
directions or  would rather barrel your car through pedistrians because there is
no one there. What is your problem?
4:50 pm edt 

Dancing Cop

Yes, you are the only one that finds Donald The Dancing Cop confusing. 
Now,         , and drink your milk!
4:47 pm edt 

I Support Donald the Dancing Cop

I wish we had three more like him at each major intersection. It would help with
traffic. But somehow the police department wants police in cars and not
directing traffic. But that's where some should be. It would make a world of
difference. And the answer is not sticking stops signs all over town.
4:44 pm edt 

Thanks For the Info on the Harbor Plan

I would have attended the meeting but didn't see it posted. Thanks for the
information. I hope it is finally accepted.
4:42 pm edt 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dancing Cop

Am I the only one who finds the directions that Donald Thomas is
giving you confusing? I don't want someone flailing there arms and spinning
around while directing traffic. I would rather have no one.
9:00 pm edt 

Harbor Plan

The DEP was here last week and invited public comment on the plan.  This meeting
was advertised in the Banner.  You can submit a comment on the plan by May 20 (I
think).  Then there is some period after which the Secretary will either approve
the plan or not.

Hope that helps.
8:58 pm edt 

Spring Wishes to Everyone

The shad has bloomed beatifully. The lilacs are exploding. The cheery trees
throw out puffs of pink and white. The yellow magnolias slowly unfurl. The maple
leaves sprout green. Its Spring! Best to everyone this season.
2:51 pm edt 

Harbor Plan

Has the Harbor Plan Been Accepted? Does Anyone Have Information on Its

Has this plan been accepted by the state? Or are there further meetings to
discuss, once again, the Harbor Plan for the town? I'd appreciate knowing its
status for those who know. Thanks.
2:50 pm edt 

Hawthorne Barn

Will this property be tax exempt because it will be open for 9 days out of the
year to artists?  If so, then all of the other important artists should open up
their homes and/or studios to the public for a certain amount of days out of the
year and receive the same benefits as did this property.
10:20 am edt 

Who is Directing Traffic? Except for Donald, No One

Jeff, bring him back. None of your regulat guys direct traffice. No one
does---except the Dnacing Cop. He was here before you ever got here and I hope
he'll be here for quite awhile. He is good. He is an asset for us. If you want
to tkae his place, fine. But he won't. So keep him and many of us will be happy
that traffic is being controlled.
10:19 am edt 

So Glad Couture is a Gonner! Glad Not to See Her in Power no More!

What a breath of fresh air not to have that woman as chair. good bye and as the
cliche says, good ridance. You did your damage, your hidden deals but worse: you
had your unearned arrogance. High school non-graduates should better know their
limits.  Now, you are gone. So glad. So happy.
10:17 am edt 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Art House

The reason Art House lost Miss Richfield 1981 was because they didn't
fulfill the contract and she walked right over to the Crown. if you dont get
paid for your tickets sold you shouldn't stay somewhere. Varla dropped them too
and is just coming back for special shows. Frappo 66 is looking for new real
estate too I'm told.
4:33 pm edt 

Licensing Board

Has anyone been watching the Licensing Board meetings on PTV lately? 
Why are they going after Essentials?  Maybe we should all show up for the
informal discussion on May 24th at 515pm at Town Hall.
2:38 pm edt 

Speaking About Donald

How many people spoke in favor of Donald at the meeting and what was the
response from the Selectmen--who don't have to respond to public statements?

12:20 pm edt 


How about McChesney showing no compassion for those who spoke from the
heart about he Donald the other Selectman did.
10:30 am edt 

Re: I Liked Mike

Anderson had an opportunity to thank people who voted for her
She said nothing at the bos meeting Mon. Nite
clearly you have a personal vendetta against
10:26 am edt 

Waiting Lines

If you contact only the Housing Assistance Corp in Hyannis, The Barnstable
Housing Authority, The Yarmouth Housing authority these three organization
together must have close to 10,000 people in line for vouchers.

They already have a list of 40B housing recipients--they are just waiting for
the apts.

Look out Provincetown. You have no idea how *ENTITLED* people become until they
get a voucher. They then act like queens and kings and treat the rest of us like
little people.

I've experienced it too much over the years and so have some others...wait and
see--wait and see.
10:24 am edt 

40B Housing

40B housing is for the homeless, people living with AIDS, women with dependent
children and the elderly. All of these housing complexes are 40 housing.

These folks don't need jobs as they have housing subsidies. People recovering
from sever Drug addition are on Social Security.

BAN SMOKING at all affordable housing complexes. As in other housing complexes,
anyone caught 3 times using drugs is stripped of **all benefits** FOR LIFE. We
can institute these conditions as our taxpayer money went into this project.
8:42 am edt 

Opening Night at Saki's--Great Fun

Thanks Steven. a good time and it means Provincetown is open for business.

Best wishes for a great season. Thanks for the opening!
8:38 am edt 

I Liked Mike.....

But then he never appeared after he lost, did he?

not even a thank you to those who supported him...

missing in action.... tell tale sign. don't you think?

let's just see what he does for the town between now and the next election...

at least his opponents will show up every week and work on our behalf.

let's see how involved mike becomes, then we can really say whether or not "we
like mike"
8:36 am edt 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hawthorne Barn

Buy a Property for $550,000 and then Ask the Town for $181,600 in CPC

That's what Joshua Prager initially proposed soon after he bought the Hawthorne
Barn. Then propose to live there during the summer and give townies 9 days to
use the Hawthorn Barn. Quite the deal. And what town would use its CPC funds
like this? Surprised they only gave this man $75,000 and not the $181,600 he
initially wanted and demanded.

Just wait till next year. Prager will be back. He will propose to need another
$75,000 or another $181,600. Or he will threaten to sell the studio. shacking in
their artists boots, the cowards will do it again.
5:24 pm edt 

Oh Boy--Elaine Anderson as Leader?

She is the elected Chair of the BOS. That is what she is. As for leadership
qualities, that's a stretch. She holds a position and we can only hope she uses
it well and doesn't abuse it.

Minimum hope. Maximum reality.
3:14 pm edt 

Good Question: Who is Ricky Opaterny? Is He Part 2 of CPC monies?

Why did he show up for the first meeting to get monies for CPC and then seems to
disappear? Is he part owner of the Hawthorne Barn? Is he Prager's partner? How
did he initially get involve?

Who is he? Why was he requesting monies for the Hathorne Barn? since it is our
tax monies, we could use an answer to this one question.
3:12 pm edt 

Anderson as Chair

It will be interesting to see if Anderson rises to the occasion. I hope so, but
oy vey! Our last Chairman was occasionally disagreeable yet she was so powerful
because she was  well prepared to discuss the issues on the table and was
clearly the only Selectman to have done so. Michele was able to use the
knowledge gap effectively.  Anderson couldn't and often did even to try to fake
even a passing interest in many agenda items. Now as Chair watch for town
employees spending a lot more time writing scripts for Anderson. And Anderson
won't read them until the meeting is underway so it's pure town employee POV. In
effect, it's as if the Town Manager just was elected Mayor. Town staff is now
the 100% gate keeper of agenda items. presenters, packets and statements and
therefore outcomes.

I seriously hope I am wrong, but we have gone from the Town Manager effectively
being the 6th Selectman to the Mayor. Whatever you think of Sharon Lynn, this is
a bad set up for effective & responsive government.

Remember: Always wear a helmut when riding a bike on our potholed roads.....This
year the pavement is in too poor repair and will crash the bike so BE CAREFUL:
1:18 pm edt 

Re; "Did I Miss Something?"

Besides, with summer and tourist season coming fast wouldn't clean
beaches and decent roads be moved into priority status rather than fixing
decrepid buildings that have been unattended for years anyway.  Or will the town
be renting out rooms in these buildings this summer thus them coming first? 
Makes sense as usual.
9:31 am edt 

Re: "Did I Miss Something?"

Typical weak response of if you don't like it, get out.  I too prefer
my beaches clean, sorry.  Guess different people have different standards. 

Your answer shows about as much intelligence as the way this town is being run. 
Perhaps voters have given up and decided if you can't beat em, join em.  Or
maybe they have just succombed knowing it doesn't matter who the face puppets in
town hall are, we all know who really runs this town. 

Take a ride down Shankpainter if you still can't figure it out.  
9:29 am edt 

To: "Did I Miss Something"

The only thing your missing is your ticket on the PB to get out... go on and
move to Osterville, or Chatham or elsewhere.  Like it or lump it!  PTown is
great even if there are rubbers on the beach.  We're working as fast as we can
on the infrastructure after 30 years of it not being addressed.  Once all the
core of every negleted building is addressed & fixed that needs to be we will
have money freed up that is needed to address the roads and rubbers on the
beaches.  Until then stop your griping. 
7:24 am edt 

Board of Selectmen

''Then there is the board of our elected officials. They too feel
Elaine is the leader.''

Yes 3-2 really shows Elaine as a leader in her
colleagues eyes!

Leader? You are kidding right? Just saw the Chair Coup d'Etat on PTV. It's a
must watch. Poor Austin saying why he should be chair -- State relationships--he
even said it with a straight face-- Sad,Sad,Sad

7:22 am edt 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Re: Elaine Anderson is Really Chair?

It's kind of funny how the majority of the posts on this blog paint a picture
that is far from reality.

Case in point: Most of the posts prior to the election slammed Elaine... yet she
was re-elected. So much for public opinon. Clearly the voting majority is not
voicing their opinion on this blog.

Then there is the board of our elected officials. They too feel Elaine is the

Apparently the multitude of signs placed throughout town and the majority of the
voters and the majority of the sitting board of selectmen believe Elaine is

The people who dribble and drap on here are not in the majority. Case in pont...

10:39 pm edt 

Elaine Anderson is Really Chair?

Oh, boy. really. what a group. will she speak as chair? She hardly opened her
mouth before. Will she read the documents before the BOS meeting? We can only
hope she does.
9:51 pm edt 

Seems to Me the Hathorne Barn Owner Will Ask For Another $75,000

Why not? that seems to be his plan. And by the way, who in the world is Ricky
Oparterny? He was with Joshua Prager when they initially asked for around
$100,000 to shore up the  But who is he? How many players are
behind this Prager guy? seems there are people behind the people and dweveloeprs
behind the developers who are involved in a once rather simple and iconic

And is there any deed restriction? I think not. that is the real kicker in this
misfired deal. 
9:49 pm edt 

Colossal Mess

The tourist season is now upon us and the roads are a mess.  A
colossal mess.  What happened to the promises of repair and reconstruction and
all this funding received for just this?  People on bikes, in cars and on foot
combined with despicable potholes and ruts and cracks and uneven pavement.  Wow,
what a recipe for trouble.
9:47 pm edt 


Just got something to eat at Blondie's. Got seriously gouged. Since
when is crappy fast food done at fine dining prices?

12:28 pm edt 

It's Called Kickback

Connect the dots.....these women are favor-driven.   They do nothing for
nothing.  Each one with their own agenda.  When the women get their way....then
their bedmates get theirs....with the previous one backing them.   It's a
vicious cycle that needs to be broken! 
12:26 pm edt 

Answers Were Not Forthcoming on the Hawthorne Barn

Why should an historic section of charles Hawthorne's Barn/Studio be demolished
for an owner who wants to put on a deck and a new kitchen? Sounds like he is
less interested in the historic aspects of this famous studio than living
comfortably and creating a residence for himself. Is this what the town gave him
$75,000 for? And who is ascertaining what the monies are being used for?

This is foolish and unhistoric. Take the money and run--and enjoy your new
kitchen and bathroom thanks to the CPC.
12:24 pm edt 

Hawthorne Barn Boondoggle

Whose bright idea was this? the Provincetown Historical Committee is an odd
group involved in issues that seem outside their purview. Why did they push for
this owner to get $75,000. and will they ask the town for another $75,000 when
he needs even more to live there?

You betcha.
12:22 pm edt 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Did I Miss Something?

Is Sharon Lynn a developer?  Who is running
this town?  The owner of the Hawthorne Barn or the owner of the approved
(despite its blatant ridiculousness) new assisted living facility festering in
the womb on SP???  What an offense in every possible way.  Bangs St. first,
Harry Kemp next and now SP. on a larger scale.  Clear cut those dunes, you go
girl.  When will Provincetown stop being a feeding ground for these predators? 
I guess when the money flow ends which, as indicated by the current newly
"voted" for BOS, is never.  You got what you asked for.  Go to school on this. 
Sell and move to Chatham, Falmouth or Osterville.  Your money will be much
better spent and these towns too are welcoming of all orientations. 
Restaurants, beaches, nature, shops and GALLERIES are so much nicer and there
are no used condoms on the beach.  So sad to see the one town with probably the
most natural beauty on the Cape used as a cash cow for greedy developers and
used to the point of substandard infrastructure as being accepted and defended
as the soup de jour.
7:55 pm edt 

Dancing Cop

I too think it would not be smart to put Mr. Thomas in this hot
intersection for another summer.  Does he actually want this job again for
another season?  Often times it seems he is not happy doing it.  Perhaps if he
needs a summer job that much he could apply for a less taxing part-time position
(parking lot booth attendant, etc.).  The supporters including his family that
want to see him back at work in the hot sun on his feet sweating so bad could
combine resources and kick in to fill his summer job kitty so he doesn't have to
6:13 pm edt 

Dancing Cop
To: "the anti Donald PERSON (yes there is only one of you) You are repeating
yourself over and over ..."

Here is another person that thinks it is time for Donald to retire.  His family
is mistaken if they think the whole town supports this campaign to get his
summer job back.  Let's do what is best for the town and not force this issue.
3:12 pm edt 

Dancing Cop

To: "the anti Donald PERSON (yes there is only one of you) You are
repeating yourself over and over ...

If a person believes you hire a town manager and police chief and expect them to
make hiring decisions, not the general public or family members applying
pressure that makes them 'anti Donald' ?  Wrong.

And I agree with the previous poster so that makes at least two doesn't it?
11:19 am edt 

Town Website as of a Minute Ago:

David McChesney, - Term ends May 2014
David Bedard, Vice Chair - Term ends May 2012
Elaine Anderson  - Term ends May 2014
Francis J. Santos - Term ends May 2013
Austin Knight - Term ends May 2013

Sounds like a power grab so the three votes aren't there. Great new BOS hey?
11:17 am edt 

Things in Flux

Mrs Richfield 1981 left Arthouse to go to Crown & Anchor and Varla
Jean Merman left Arthouse altogether. Kiss of death for the theatre biz? What is
11:14 am edt 

Anderson and McChesney

Sounds like there was no second to McChensey's motion to elect
Andersen as Chair? Is that right? No change or update on Town's website about a
new chair.
11:12 am edt 

Board of Selectmen

So who is the Vice Chair?
8:45 am edt 

Hawthorne Barn

Did the town ask any of these questions???

The Town NEVER asks the appropriate questions!

8:43 am edt 


Wouldn't have voted for you if I'd know you were only going
to be someone's puppet.  Fool me once...
8:37 am edt 

Re: Dancing Cop

To the anti Donald PERSON (yes there is only one of you) You are
repeating yourself over and over in different posts trying to deceive the people
reading this that you are many people. Get real. No one is that stupid. And to
the guy or maybe woman that took such great offense in being dared by someone to
attend the meeting and speak out, I heard you weren't there. Now you hide behind
the fact that someone got annoyed with your sarcastic post and took you to task
for it.  Read what you wrote. You are a coward and a bit nasty too. I wouldn't
go to any town meetings if I were you either, especially with that nasty mouth.
8:35 am edt 

Affordable Housing

The housing list is not for public viewing. Any questions you have can
be answered by the town or state housing directors.
8:33 am edt 

Hawthorne Barn

All of your questions have been answered about the Hawthorne barn at
the many open public meetings that were held. If you would like the answers to
your questions, please ask the CPC at their next meeting.
8:31 am edt 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hawthorne Barn

The point is that when you award funds to a private
owner you are setting a very dangerous precedent. In addition- the town is
investing $75000 in a project that is controlled by an owner who may have no
experience in renovation. The costs of renovating are always significantly
higher than projected. What happens if he runs out of funds?? Will he come back
to the town again? What happens if something goes awry during construction- are
there back up plans? What is the condition of the foundation? Did the town ask
any of these questions???
10:59 pm edt 

Housing Project

Is there a list of people waiting to get into the new housing project?
is the list public? i would like to see who my tax dollars are supporting...
10:57 pm edt 

Elaine Anderson

EA doesn't even read the packets for God's sake. She will be unable to
lead the meetings.

Thank you for coming. Thank you for all the work you did pointing to her unread
packet....Thank you Thank you Thank you. That about sums her up, right?
9:33 pm edt 

Gifford House

Sounds like a great place to go for a hot Italian sausage.
9:31 pm edt 

Common Sense Should Prevail

Can't one of the underlings who tries out his dance moves at Purgatory
put them to good use at the intersection of the Wharf and the Gov. Bradford? 
Keep the legend going, only not at the expense of the health of the legend. 
Sorry, 83 is over the line.  Could be a case of elderly abuse.  Common sense, at
some point, at it doesn't happen often, must prevail.  He'll survive as will his
family.  They may not know it, but it is in their and his best interest to
decline the position and enjoy retirement.  He can dance all he wants on a
sandbar.  Just not at a busy, potentially dangerous, public intersection paid
for by the town.  Hello, common sense.  please
9:30 pm edt 

Unreasoned and Unbounded Development

The truth is never in a hundred (100) years or more should the BOS or
whatever "board" had authority authorized clear cutting of any trees or the
construction of low income affordable housing in Provincetown.  Let's pick the
smallest town on the Cape with the least amount of natural (water) resources and
possibly the worst infrastructure (a dying school system and reprehensible road
condition situation) to build an outlet for the homeless and unemployed on the
Cape. The only ones "making out" on this is the developer and his workers. 
Totally disgusting what these people have done and continue to do to this
struggling town.  Take a ride down Bradford dodging potholes and get a good look
at the overbuilding.  Be proud.  You are destroying, bite by little and big
bite, what used to be a nice town.  Thanks.
9:27 pm edt 

Good Thing We Got Ours While The Gettin' Was Good
Just read an article in a national paper outlining the federal governments cuts
in this year's budget to local water system aid across the country. Over 30% of
regular budget slashed. In addition all the American Recovery Act funds have

Next time you want to gripe about our town management remember that they got
millions in water/sewer system assistance for the town while the money was
there. Now those funds will likely never be available again. Without this money
we'd be in serious trouble with our infrastructure.

I'm sure someone will make sour grapes out of this so have at it but this
taxpayer is very very happy that town management acted while the funds existed.

9:24 pm edt 

The Fate of Affordable Housing Residents

The plight of one of a few of East Fenways low-income residents who had found a
haven at Burbank Apartments, an island of government-subsidized housing in the
neighborhood for 40 years.

But in April his landlords ended their rent subsidy agreement with the federal
government, dealing Webster and other tenants a blow. Rents have since climbed
to $1,150 for a studio to $2,400 for a two-bedroom. And now Webster, disabled
and on a fixed income, wonders whether he can continue to stay there.

I may have to move out, he said.

The end of rent subsidies at the 171 apartments in East Fenway has touched a
nerve among tenants over the neighborhoods affordable housing stock, triggering
protests, city intervention, and a lawsuit seeking to keep subsidized units at
Burbank. And it is highlighting what some say is an affordable housing crisis
playing out across the state as private developers end their federally
subsidized mortgages with the government.
6:44 pm edt 

David McChesney

Mr. McChesney, your first vote is to confirm Elaine Anderson as chair? 
Yikes, didn't realize you didn't have a brain of your own.
6:40 pm edt 

Elaine Anderson

Elaine Anderson as BOS Chair?  Say it isn't so.
6:38 pm edt 

Donald the Dancing Cop
You are a coward at very least.

It is people like you that make many of us fearful to express our opinions or
even vote in this town.  There are many vindictive people who will make your
life miserable if you even express an opinion different than theirs.  I will not
even vote at town meetings because I am viewed as a wash a shore and the locals
will retaliate against me and my business if express what I really think.  The
way a person votes should be no ones business.

6:36 pm edt 

I Agree

Please do not hire Donald again due to pressure from his family and their
friends. I too think that it is totally unprofessional and is entirely
inappropriate. Please do not hire this man                                       
6:34 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Tenants

I'll tell you who will be living here. Women with dependent children. People
living with AIDS are eligible for 60B housing and so are the homeless.

How do you get away from a terrible home life? Get pregnant and then the state
sets you up with welfare and housing.

Local landlords can get rid of their section 8 tenants who are prone to violence
or delusional or who are nothing but trouble. (the police are aware of these
folks from their landlords).

You wonder why people won't rent out their homes in the winter when there are
only here for a few months? They want to have a home to return to. Wait and see
who will be inhabiting 90 Shankpainter Rd.
6:30 pm edt 

Do Not Hire Donald Thomas

How will it look if the town hires this man? Hire by force of his friends and
family? Nonsense...His day is past. Please do not hire him. It would be too
3:31 pm edt 

What's Up?

Does anyone know anything about the new Italian restaurant at the
Gifford House?
3:29 pm edt 

Send Donald Home

Please, do not make our Police Chief hire someone through town pressure. This is
just the most terrible idea. Please stop this stupid, maudlin, campaign.
3:25 pm edt 

No Conspiracy?

Then give some answers to the simple questions posed. 
What benefit is a 50 unit affordable housing park to a town with a declining
yearround population, a serious lack of winter employment and a school on the
chopping block?  Who will benefit from this development other than the
developer?  How much will the developer make off this when said and done?  How
much will it cost the town overall?  Who exactly will live here? and how will
they be supported with no jobs here?  Everything is so peachy and above board. 
Nothing ever done behind closed doors in Provincetown.  Sure, just a perfect
town run by a perfect town government. So, who put the wood in their truck and
drove off with it?  And where is it now?   May be a dumb little question to you,
but it's just another example of how kickbacks and takes go on all over this
town at even the smallest level.  Now 75K to a private property owner for home
improvements.  Bet that new hot tub on the roof deck paid for with CPA funds
will be nice.  Who do you think he'll invite over for the first soak??? 

I could come up with a cozy little group but that would be feeding the conspiracy
theory and we wouldn't want that.  Not here, oh gosh no.  

3:09 pm edt 

Ala Hawthorne Barn

My house is in the historic district. Do you think I can get CPA
funding to repair my house by submitting an article to Town Meeting?
2:34 pm edt 

To: Embarrassed For Donald

Donald does not need or want you to be embarrassed for him. You can be
embarrassed for yourself and your silly post
2:33 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

Yes I read the paper too
the conservation committee would not have approved the clear cutting

Our foolish selekman look at 1 proposal from the developer included clear
2:31 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

Who is going to fill these 50 units during the winter if there are no
jobs in town, year-round population is declining and the school is closing?  
What an obvious rackett for developers to cash in.  So disgusting.  Who pays for
the maintenance year to year???  Interior painting when someone moves out or in
after a year or two?  Carpet replacements?  Roof or plumbing leaks?  Snow
plowing?  Trash pickup?  Fall clean up (Oh, sorry, I forgot no trees)?  Exterior
painting?  Rodent and pest infestation control?????  Or will it just fall into
disrepair and end up like many other buildings around town, typical Brockton
housing project after a year or two?  Yeah, we really need this.  Just like
throwing money down the commode.  Only worse, cause with this the costs will
never end...  and the developer can laugh all the way to the bank.  Fools
approved this mess... and friends or people on the payroll of developers. 
Couldn't be more obvious. 
11:49 am edt 

Donald the Dacing Cop

To the person who made the statement clouded by negativity about
rehiring Donald The Dancing Cop.  I DARE YOU TO COME AND MAKE THAT PUBLIC
STATEMENT! You are a coward at very least.
11:33 am edt 

Trying to Close the Barn Door a Few Years Late

Why is it bloggers on here get so exercised over things approved a long time
ago. For instance, the incessant psotings on the shank painter trees, approved
long ago, you could have had input had you read the paper and gone to any one of
several meetings. Instead you incessantly gripe on here about a bunch of scrap
trees that needed to be cleared to make way for construction as reasonably
explained in this week's paper. Time and time again people explode on here on a
subject where there was plenty of chance to go to the relevant meetings, at
multiple levels and have your concerns heard. Are you stupid or just lazy? Or
did I foget that it just one giant conspiracy that is supressing your righteous

The reason there are public notices of meetings is so that people can have
input, use the process or shut up.
11:31 am edt 

Hawthorne Barn

By giving $75,000 to the Hawthorne Building the town has given $75,000
toward destruction of the addition.  There is no way to say which dollars go to
what.  Our BOS look like bigger idiots than ever. Clear cut... Thanks Elaine and
10:38 am edt 

Dancing Cop
Please attend the Board of Selectmen's meeting on Monday, May 9th to prevent the
rehiring of Donald Thomas as traffic director at Lopes Square.  The man is 83
years old and does not have the physical stamina to do the job.  Another concern
should also be his negative attitude to residents and tourists as they cross this
intersection.  He spent too much time putting on a show instead of making an
effort to be pleasant to people just trying to cross the street.  This issue
should not be wasting the selectmans time.  Let the man retire in peace!
10:29 am edt 

Costs of Living

My house insurance is $2,600.00 a year. My water bill et al is $3,000.00  and my
job has cut back my hours and I'm over 60 years old. I have to pay my own

It is time to make cuts in the cost of living here. We who lived and worked here
thought things would get easier.

Warning: All of you who bought affordable housing--you are going see every penny
that you make go into just making your "living payments."

There is always a new group of "the young and the eager" waiting to take your
place--and you also won't be able to keep up your pace of doing doubles when you
get to be older.

Are you going to have someone pushing the powers-that-be to give you a job like
Officer Donald's family?

When you get older and you pay more for every medical test like I do and the
costs keep going up and you are working the same summer job--you will at least
have the memories--but they won't put food on the table. Think. think. think.
10:26 am edt 

Embarassed For Officer Donald T.

If pressure from people makes the selectmen interfere with the police chief's
hiring practice, then I can rally everyone I know to put pressure on Bosses to
hire me.

This is so embarrassing and it was even on the Front Page! It made me cringe.
Please stick to your guns, chief, and don't rehire this elderly gentleman.
10:23 am edt 

Edge to Edge Buildings

Affordable housing can bypass the zoning laws and thus the 90 Shankpainter Road
Pit will be paved to its extremities and house six buildings giving us a low
income development of 50 apartments crammed into that space.

Just imagine the early morning confusion when an alarm clock goes off in one
apartment and the people on either side jump up, awake, thinking that it is
their alarm clock.

You'll hear toilets flush, people gargling, people sneezing and one cigarette
will pollute the whole development.

Look at that space and then imagine 6 buildings on hot black top in August
radiating heat under the glare of a relentless sun without a mature tree for
shade. Thank you developers and town hall for spending $1,000,000.00 and giving
them the land.
10:20 am edt 

Welcome to the Hyannis Renters! Step Right Up and Get a Place at 90 Shankpainter

It's there for you---not us! Put out the Welcome Mat and thank Provincetown for
helping you get a rental here in town. Should be a lovely neighborhood!

Our land. Our money. Your new Home! Hyannis Heights at Shankpainter Road. Don't
forget to ask for free wood for your fireplace! Piled high and ready to go!
10:17 am edt 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Looks Like CPC Funds Can Be Used to Demolish This Historic Addition

There are no controls. there is no deed restriction. He can take the money and
use it to build his bedroom and to build a deck.

The entire structure is part of the National Registry of Historic Places and
this demolition is an affront to Charles Hawthorne and to the Cape Cod School of
and to the tradition of artists in this town.

The addition that is and has been part of the Hawthorne Barn is not falling down
and there is no actual safety issue. It is the desire of the owner to build a
new kitchen and then stick a deck on top of this structure.
10:22 pm edt 

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Remember we only learned the chainsaw-bulldozing lovin' Selectmen were
going to clear cut the median strip of Rte 6 at the emergency public meeting the
Selectmen held because of all the complaints of the three areas they clear cut
on Rte 6 last year? This clear cutting is NOT over! They are clear cutting to
Rt6 in back of Cumberland Farms and the DP to reduce congestion on SP. We HAVE
to STOP THEM before it's too late! It will take on the next level of UGLY!
10:20 pm edt 

Hello in There?

People are worried about flooding...

There are a few real world problems out there...

Put things in perspective...

Grow up!
10:14 pm edt 

In Light of Recent??? Developments???

when is McDonalds and Taco Bell moving in on SP?  Oh, sorry, I forgot, not
in keeping with the historical character of the town. We wouldn't want to taint
the "fishing village, artist colony" aroma of the town but perhaps a Starbucks
can squeeze in between these "affordable" units before they turn into slums
in a year or 2 at the most. 

To quote a phrase, "resis monkeys" would do a better job of running this town.  And
yes, I voted. And yes, I attend town meetings and volunteer whenever my job
8:30 pm edt 

Tall Towering PInes Are Far From Being Thrash Trees

They were stately and beautiful. They circled this pit and protected the areas
around from being exposed. Now everything looks ugly and the land devastated.
This is a poor treatment of the land, a ridicuslous handling of trees, and just
plain mismanagement of our resources.

How foolish they are and how our town is being destroyed and our resources
treated like "thrash."
8:26 pm edt 

Hawthorne Barn

At the meetings before town meeting it WAS very clear that the falling
down addition to the Hawthorne barn was to be rebuilt. The MAIN barn is the ONLY
part of that property that will get CPA funds! Get your facts right before you
put something down! Also the conservation committee would not have any say in
the rebuilding of a structure. And the town did the right thing by voting CPA
funds to keep this historic building from being turned into another housing
development like its next door neighbors!
8:24 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

I think the 90 Shank-Painter area looks better now! Its much more
sunnier and open, the way it used to look in the old days, but better and
cleaner! That area will be multi income and a welcome alternative to the rip off
rentals that we now have. And as far as telling the renters not to smoke or to
get tested for drugs, it sounds like your a tea bagger.
8:05 pm edt 

They Are Still With Us!

This sewage treatment disc was found at the Johnson St. beach on May, 8!

4:49 pm edt 

Ship's Way Street Houses

How bout the poor sap who put his house that overlook's the
Selectmen's ugly clear cut pit on the market BEFORE they did the LAST of the
clear cutting? He better lob off a zero is his asking price that's for sure! I
bet all the houses on Ship's Way will be devalued from this ill thought out
project. After all who in their right mind would want to pass it everyday living
on Ship's Way? Ship's Way should be renamed Sorry Ship of Suckers' Way!
4:45 pm edt 

Hawthorne Barn

Where is CONSERVATION on this one???? are they even
going to look at it b4 Mr. Prager moves foward with his plans- Dennis - where
are you on this one??????????????????????
4:42 pm edt 

Hawthorne Barn

Let's see the next individual before the historic
committee who would like to "replace in kind" and then add a roof deck. My bet
is they will not be treated "in like kind" like Mr. Prager.   This smells big
time- but the big question is -How do  you stop this blatant favoritism from
continuing. I bet i know who the contractor will be.  LOL
4:40 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Open to All

Every eligible citizen out of 350,000,000 Americans can apply to live at 90
Shankpainter Road because Federal Funds were used in creating this project.

Provincetown Residents paid $1,000,000.00 for the land and gave it to the
developers. Lets get ready to welcome our new neighbors--lets just do a CORI
test to make sure that they have no criminal backgrounds.

RULES: Ban all smoking on any affordable housing developments and after 3
strikes involving drugs all benefits are rescinded for a lifetime.
4:38 pm edt 

90 Shankpainter Road

Concentrating all of the low income housing next to the gas station on both
sides of the street makes that area a low income ghetto.

City Planners have backed away from creating such stigmatizing areas of cities
and towns.

This low income housing is right smack in the middle of an industrial park. GO
ahead and plant your trees: 5 buildings, one store, acres of black top--it isn't
going to be a walk in the park, but it will be shelter for the Hyannis Homeless.
4:35 pm edt 

Trash Trees

We're not talking about 100 year old oak trees, most of these being cut are
trash trees.  It's refreshing and looks good to SEE the architecture. 
4:32 pm edt 

The Town Mantra

Affrodable Housing and Conservation?


4:31 pm edt 

Sun All Day

The sky is falling the sky is falling!!! OMG !!! Get a life PLEASE. I think
outer Cape offers a mental health clinic. Just saying.
4:26 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

The Planning and zoning board let 90 Shank Painter happen along with
the BOS.  This town is rapidly losing it's charm.
4:24 pm edt 

Dancing Cop

Please attend the Board of Selectmen's meeting on Monday, May 9th to
support the rehiring of Donald Thomas as traffic director at Lopes Square.  If
you depend on Mr. Thomas's services, please attend this meeting and make a
public statement on his behalf.  Plan to be at the Town Hall before 5PM, as this
is when public statements begin.  Thank you.
4:22 pm edt 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sun All Day Long on the Burn Dump

Great for the chemicals that are in the land and the carcinogenic materials. Let
them all cook together. a very healthy place for families! People will get quite
sick in time when living on this dump. The arsenic will bubble up and then see
if Anderson is so proud of this chemical hole. I predict the town will be sued
since the town owns the land in this 99 year rental for a buck or two.
Developers make the money and the town is stuck with the law suits. That is why
cumberlanad farms sold the land for a million. They knew the liability and we
stupidly took it.

90 Shankpainter: a place to live, a place to die!
2:59 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

Nope, Not all affrodable--some At Market Rates and you Thank the Queen
of Silly for That One

Also there were plans for businesses to be in this area as well. so expect
Hyannis renters and others on state list to be here. This is Provincetown land
and Provincetown give aways for Hyannis and other Cape town residents. There is
no priority for Provincetown renters. Another foolishly thought out arrangement.
Can't blame Keith Bergman for this one.
2:56 pm edt 

Elaine Anderson & 90 Shank Painter

If it's not too late, go to PTV and watch candidates' night.

Anderson said she was most proud of 90 Shank Painter. Thanks to the 500 or so
people who voted her back in office. Now she can continue her enviromental
destruction march all to subsidize a few people's housing. Why, because she now
thinks she has a mandate to!

Good job Anderson voters!
11:19 am edt 

Hawthone Barn

I am perplexed. A property that is not in the Town Historic
District can be approved for historic CPA funds? However,
the Barn is on the National Historic List.
It was concluded at last Wednesday's Historic District meeting
that Mr. Prager could demolish the addition (by Peter Gee) adding
that ithad no historic value and he was going to replace it in kind
and yet add a roof deck. This is not in kind.
Point of interest: Google Peter Gee and Olga. He was very
instrumental in the 60's art world along with Warhol etc. and has
shown at MOMA, the Smithsonian as well as restoring the Puck Building,NYC..

Is he not part of the Hawthone Barn Heritage? Olga worked
hard to promote the Hawthorne School of Art and had to sell
and break up the property in order to survive.

Mr. Prager, recind your request for $75K and do as you please,
but don't use Our CPA funds for your benefit.

11:16 am edt 

90 Shank Painter

"Look it the plan is to clear cut an exit road for 90 Shank Painter on
to Route 6. It will only involve 125-150 trees."

The Selectmen should be charged with crimes against the enviroment under
Massachusetts General Laws that protect the enviroment.

9:04 am edt 

The Jokesters

Did you see the cartoon in the Banner once again ridiculing the
Selectmen? If we all weren't so sickened by the Selectmen authorizing yet
another clear cutting program, we would find the Selectmen bashing cartoon

9:02 am edt 

It's Below 68 Degrees

The Selectmen told Community Builders they didn't have to go before
the Conservation Committee about the trees. So, of course, they didn't. The
Selectmen wanted to move the project forward and the trees would get in they way
of that because the plans CB did would have to have been redone. That's how our
esteemed Selectmen work-with horse blinders on. It's about affordable housing
not about the environment! Fifty families will benefit. Make decisions for the
good of a few not the overall good of Provincetown.

That's our Selectmen whose IQ average is below room temperature.
9:00 am edt 

How True This is...

"Projects are presented one way and you can throw those plans to the wind. 
People (lawyers, engineers, etc.) who
present projects actually have the raw nerve to stand in front of boards and
tell bold faced lies about what will be done - proven fact).  Then, months
later, when the dust settles, you wake up one day to find the opposite has
8:57 am edt 

To: "Move on"

Sorry, pal, incorrectamundo.  When NStar cuts a tree on
your land hitting a power line, guess what, it's your wood, not the contractor
who cut it.  When a contractor cuts wood on town land, guess what, it's town
wood, not the contractors.  His job is to cut it.  Not sell it for profit.  Nice
try though.  Cords and cords worth enough money to clean up the public bathrooms
and supply toilet paper for years and you act as if it's nothing.  You must be a
rich developer or someone who spends their free time stacking wood that other
people have paid for, like the taxpayers.    
8:56 am edt 

To: Firewood???

Obviously you have some vested interest in 90 Shank
Painter or you wouldn't be defending this act of carnage to the landscape. 
Townspeople were deceived.  The cutting was known to the selectmen and they let
it happen. We voted these bimbos into office. THEY SHOULD KNOW what people in
the community want. THEY ARE OUR EYES AND EARS. Not everyone is going to look at
plans that are tucked away. The BOS is supposed to. They are our elected
representatives.  The developer KNEW that this would be upsetting and that is
why it was done expediously in and overnight attack and the BOS should have
known how upsetting this would be to the town's people. The developer knew and
so did the bos.  The difference here is the developer works for himself and his
profit line. The BOS works for US
8:52 am edt 

Friday, May 6, 2011

90 Shank Painter

I really do not understand what all this commotion is about.  After all these
are just trees,  and there all many scientists who have done research and
determined that trees are not so good for your health.  How many of you are
suffering from allergies at this time of year?  Well, you can blame your misery
on the trees and other vegetation.  And really, the land at Shank Painterr looks
so much better now as it is sunny all day.  So stop your nagging about this and
go out and chop a tree---you will feel much better.
10:18 pm edt 

Landscaping For the Future When You Destroy the Present is Ridiculous

These trees did not need to be cut down. they circled the open pit and at least
provided some decent natural sense. It was overly destructive and sicne we own
the land--even on this give it away $99 for 99 years deal, this makes no sense.

what was the town manager thinking? Oh, yes, she wasn't...Why isn't she handling
these issues better? Can't she see the consequences to deals done on cocktail

This is just terrible.
10:16 pm edt 

Hyannis Will Be Living Here

What Working class for 90 Shankpainter? The working class of Hyannis
Will Be Living Here

It has nothing to do with Provincetown. It was our land but those who will be
living there will come from Hyannis, other areas of the Cape and they will be on
the list. Town people will have scant chance of living there. Plus, they gave up
many affordable housing units for market rates and the BOS agreed.

Another scam. The trees, those tall pines, did not need to be chpped down. And
it was sneaky. Had the word come out that this was the plan, many would have
tried to stop it. But it is behind the scenes and again Sharon Lynn fails to
protect our precious land and its trees. it is ugly and unnecessarily so. Where
are the aesthetics, where are the ecologically minded, where are those who care
about our land? they're obviously not to be found at Town Hall and tragically
not heading many of the boards that should be regulating our land and resources.
10:05 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

I hope out of the 50 units, most will be available to the people already on the
current list?  It appears that some have been waiting a long time while others
show up in town from nowhere and end up with a place...  How does that happen? 
There are certainly enough locals who need housing
from w/i our own community..  Let's take care of them first......
9:54 pm edt 


The wherabouts of the hardwood is the big question in regards to the
clearcutting? Gimme a break and get a life. If it didn't go to someone around
here, it obviously went off site with the contractor who will profit by selling
it after he cuts and splits it or sells it to someone else that will. He did the
job, it's his wood. do you know who got some around here? Tell us who or else
please put a cork in it. The plans obviously called for the clearing of the
trees and the selectmen signed off on all the plans as did the planning board
and board of health. Too bad you didn't pay attention. Maybe next time you'll
get involved early on as opposed to after the fact and you'll open your eyes and
understand what is happening as opposed to walking around ignorant always
assuming. The trees are gone, the homes will be built and all the whining at any
selectmens meeting isn't going to bring them back. Move on.
9:52 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter Road

Are all the units not supposed to be affordable?  The articles I read said the
entire project was affordable with no market rate units.  Was something changed
that we voters were not informed of?
9:49 pm edt 

Outer cape Health Services

'Outer Cape Health Services plans to pave over an entire lot filled
with trees, to put in a parking lot for 72 cars and a two way road with 2

Contact the Conservation Committee and find out if they now have jurisdiction
over this land with the passage of their article at the last Town meeting.
9:48 pm edt 

Show Me the Wood or Show Me the Money

Who is getting to keep all this hardwood being chopped down so
developers can make more money?  Where is this wood going? Physically going? 
Obviously bloggers think this is a stupid point.  So, where's the simple answer
to this obviously dumb question?  Such mystery?? Doubt that. Just clammed up
about it obviously.  And why is that? 
7:16 pm edt 

Harry Kemp Way...No One Cares

With all the comments about the trees on Shankpainter, let's not
forget that Outer Cape Health Services plans to pave over an entire lot filled
with trees, to put in a parking lot for 72 cars and a two way road with 2
entrances/exit.  NO ONE cares about the construction along Harry Kemp Way, even
the abutters.
7:14 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

The cost of mature trees to be replaced is well over $1000 per tree.
This is a wholesale price for mature we have this kind
Of cash to waste???

I say waste because what was left was a border
Of natural trees,here today,gone by morning.the replanting,if it
Actually happens will be nice liittle rows of trees,just like any
Landscaping done by large companies,just take a drive up to
The Boston area,nice littler rows and mulch.

This clear cutting should not have happened and I find the selectman
Responsible and very irresponsible to our town!

Ps- to the blogger wanting to know who's getting the firewood.
We all know the answer to that.
7:12 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

On the take is right.  Well put.  Projects are presented one way and
you can throw those plans to the wind.  People (lawyers, engineers, etc.) who
present projects actually have the raw nerve to stand in front of boards and
tell bold faced lies about what will be done - proven fact).  Then, months
later, when the dust settles, you wake up one day to find the opposite has
happened.  Then they tell you all needed approvals are in order, sorry you
loose.  Well, Ptown looses, not the developers or their cohorts, they win big
time, but Ptown loses, terribly.  This poor town is being stretched beyond it's
limits over and over and it look's it.  Wow, 50 more crappy units on
Shankpainter surrounded by pavement and seedlings. Can only hope they'll be
modular for a bonus.  Once the paint starts to peel, after about a year, this
should be one heck of a housing project.  A real positive addition to the
year-round community.  Sweet.
3:18 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

Look it the plan is to clear cut an exit road for 90 Shank Painter on
to Route 6. It will only involve 125-150 trees.
The Selectmen are excited about moving forward on phase two of the clear
cutting. They signed off on the plans the developer proposed and didn't think
about uprooting the trees, wrapping the root systems in burlap and replanting
after construction. They didn't want the developer to spend that kind of money
and further delay the project.
3:10 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

It is critical to come to the selectmens meeting monday night and make
a public statement about your outrage of 90 shank painter clear cutting
3:08 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

"ATTENTION: Not every single unit is going to be for affordable
housing--15% will be for affordable housing. isn't that 7 units?"

You my dear are grossly misinformed.  Quoting the Banner here:  The 50-unit
complex will have 41 affordable rental units.

Still no reason to take down every tree.
3:06 pm edt 

What is Your Take?

Try again with the plans...Sure they were out in public where everyone
could see them NOT.  People were deceived into thinking that the center cutting
was the plan. It stayed like that for a year.  OVERNIGHT every tree but one
disappeared.  If this was the "plan", it was a very ugly one with no recourse. 
The developer said there would be upset over this and HE DID IT ANYWAY...welcome
to Provincetown where developers rape this community KNOWING that what they are
doing will cause upset. There is no excuse for this. He should be ashamed of
himself but I doubt it Ching Ching and the BOS LET THIS HAPPEN.  Old Roosevelt
had it correct with the buck stops here.  In this case, several million bucks.
So don't give me the old ya couldn've found out.  The townspeople were deceived.

And to the person who said 85 mature trees would be planted, exactly how big
will they be? The paper said 50 but you say 85? Hmmmm who are you? And what is
your take?
2:50 pm edt 

Shout Out!!

It is a beautiful day!! Thank you Lord!!  "Judge not lest ye be judged" "Love
one another" .....
12:52 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

No one has a problem with keeping the working class in the community. 
It is building suitable housing in the setting.  All the trees did not have to
be removed and they were in an overnight you can't stop it way.  That is the
problem. Sneaky.  Take a good look with Cape Cod Oil now glaring onto Shank
Painer.  My guess is the once proposed exit onto route 6 is now going to be onto
Province Land Road.  Gotta take the trees down for that. No one is whining.  Too
late for that. Housing is important but so is the environment, both
aesthetically and nature-wise which this affront was not.
12:51 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter

The conservation committee said this would not have happened
if the article at town meeting this spring had been in force
the selectmen on this blog are trying to do damage control
they can't be trusted remember they wanted to clear cut the interior strip  of
rte 6 to lay pipe and we said no way  we only found out about it after we
complained about the clear cutting on route 6 they never gave us a chance
to weigh in on 90 shank painter which allowed them to totally devastate the land 
12:49 pm edt 

Re: Fool Me Once, Shame on You. Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me.

Ever think of accepting the fact that you didn't pay attention to the plans when
they were being reviewed, that you didn't speak up at that time?  That only
after the fact are you and everyone else coming forward and screaming about the
12:46 pm edt 

15% Will be Affordable Housing

ATTENTION: Not every single unit is going to be for affordable housing--15% will
be for affordable housing. isn't that 7 units?
12:44 pm edt 

Shank Painter

That MESS that is so eloquently referred to, will be 50 units of badly needed
affordable rentals.  It is a construction site and those trees needed to be
removed.  I remember the original discussions on this project and the only tree
that was ever discussed as being SAVED was the Weeping Willow on the corner.

"Take the unilateral power away from our Board of Knuckleheads as they
are a danger to the quality of life we all want here".  What quality of life
will we have here if there is no diversity in living standards, just rich summer
home owners?

We should all be grateful this project is finally moving forward.  The BOS is
doing exactly what they should be doing which is fighting to keep working class
people here in our community.
11:08 am edt 

Tree Removal

You can't please anyone in this town.  The property owners, 80 who only live
here a few months out of the year, take on the tax burden to provide low income
housing to locals.  Then you complain because the development requires mature
trees to be removed.  The landscaping plan for the project calls for planting
more than 85 new trees that wont be just saplings but will have already grown
significantly in size. The landscaping plan for the property shows that the
project will be surrounded by evergreens and various other plantings.  Use some
of the energy that you are wasting on this blog to go out and plant a tree in
your front yard.  Wien, wien, wien!

11:05 am edt 

Come on Charley Brown Kick the Ball

Don't blame Sharon Lynn for the mess on Shank Painter,,,Blame the BOS. 
They let it happen.  Even though the cutting was "in the plans", the internal
cleaning and cutting was done last year and people were lulled into a false
sense of security that that was all that would happen. Then WHAMMO wake up the
next morning and everything is gone! The people in town were deceived. Now I
read in the banner that 50 trees (large ones, whatever that means) will be
replanted and everything will look nice LAH DE DAH.  Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me. And thanks to everyone who put Elaine Anderson back
in office.  You left the door open for the next rape of our community.
9:01 am edt 

Historic Commission Resignations

If they haven't resigned they should.  I watched a couple of their meetings on
PTV and if I were on the committee I would be embarrassed.

Maybe its time to abolish the committee altogether.
8:58 am edt 

Hawthorne Barn

Aren't their artists on the historic district commission?  Did they participate
or did they recuse themselves?
8:56 am edt 

A Real Rat Trap!

You should make a complaint to the Health Department because they should be able
to approve as a rental or require improvements be made.
8:54 am edt 

Hawthorne Barn

How can the Historic Commission have approved this
without any plans?????  I have never heard of anything like this- Wow- this town
is so corrupt !!!!!!!!!!!!
8:53 am edt 

We Don't Like Clear Cutting!

Sharon just carried out the instructions of the Board of Selectmen,
her chainsaw loving bosses, in regards to the animal and vegetation holocaust at
90 Shank Painter.

The Selectmen are either uncapable or unwilling to listen to us- we don't like
clear cutting in Provincetown- in fact we hate it! Look at the half baked job
they did to restore the damage they authorized after we joined forces and
demanded remediation.

They are lousy landlords of Town assests including our natural resources. It's
time to once and for all take their beloved chainsaws away from them. The way we
do that is for the three Town boards, the Conservation Committee, the
Beautification Committee and the Animal Welfare Committee to join forces and
bring an article to the fall town meeting that mandates enviromental checks and
balances. Take the unilateral power away from our Board of Knuckleheads as they
are a danger to the quality of life we all want here.
8:50 am edt 

I Feel a Headache Comong on

Mike wasn't picked for the team.  We get it.
10 tables is still behaving like a toddler.  The West End public area smells
like a bad quahog on a bad day. 

Put the fluff aside and let's see some answers. Bloggers seem to mysteriously
clam up when certain questions/ideas pertinent to this town are laid on the
table. Hmmn. Wonder why?

What are the testing results of water draining into the bay?
Why is a private citizen, any private citizen historical property or not,
allowed the benefit of CPA funds at all? FOR ANY REASON?

Who, EXACTLY, gets the wood from all those nasty large hardwood trees cut down
so as not to confuse drivers and developers?  It's cut down.  Then what?  Hmmn. 
Again.  Silence. 

Why are public spaces maintained by taxpayer money allowed to be used as sewage
treatment plants?  poorly.

Why is a town board (ConsCom) blatantly allowed to contradict their own rules
with absolutely no repercussions?

What about potholes that make teeth rattle?
Where, exactly, is the take on all this mess going?  EXACTLY?  Don't dare say a
conspiracy theory is the product of paranoia and the drink. 

Someone is pocketing something or it wouldn't be happening.  AND IT IS HAPPENING
ALL TOO MUCH at the expense of this struggling beautiful town.  WAKE UP.  THIS TOWN
one with common sense left. 

Where's the aspirin?    
8:47 am edt 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do Trees Grow in West Goshen ?

Maybe We should Have Asked Sharon If Trees Had Any Value In West

We didn't think we had to ask. But we should have. Since obviously, they have no
value to her. These were key trees that circled the land on Shankpainter and at
least provided a natural buffer. Now we have just an ugle hole without one tree
standing. This was our land. We "gave" it to the developers and we needed to set
the terms.

Trees do have worth Sharon even if you lack sensitvity. And obviously we have
little appreciation for beauty or even tall pines. Should we thank you for
making Shankpainter Road even more ugly, even more slum-like. This is an
ecosystem disaster. This did not have to happen and no other town would have
been so foolish to hand over land and let them rape the land entirely.

How can you continue to make such poor decisions, one after another? When you
leave, this town will look worse for your wear.

6:43 pm edt 

Hawthorne Barn
Hawthorne Barn

I attended the Historic District Commission meeting yesterday.
What a farce. At least there were two members that voted
against the motion to allow Mr. Prager to demolish a
portion of the building. The majority of the Board were in favor
to demolish the addition which in my opinion is historic.
My question is " How can Mr. Prager recieve CPA funds
totallly $75K for historic reasons and yet demolish?"
Something is really rotten in Provincetown.
The Committee aproved this motion without any review
of plans. Mr. Prager said he wants to replace the addition
and add a roof deck over it.
Kudos to the CPA, HDC and Our Taxes
8:53 am edt 

Ten Tables

Not too bring up a subject, but went to the open house at 10 tables. 
I think it started at 5PM.  I got there around 5:45.   no food around, it was
all gone.  Thought these open houses were for a place to shine?  did they want
me to look at the building?  I will not be going back nor will I be sending
anyone there. 
A business owner
8:50 am edt 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Real Rat Trap

I live near one of those Rat Traps that charges people a ton of money
for a total shack of an "apartment". It's really a room with holes in the
ceiling and steps missing from the staircase. My friend rented there last year
because he didn't have to give references or a deposit and everything was in
cash. We actually reported it to the town when some really shady stuff started
happening with some other renters. The town actually came out and said there
hadn't been a renter's certificate on the dump in like 30 years. And then
nothing else happened. This dude is still renting out this totally falling down
dump to some seriously shady people while taking big bucks from the ones who do
legal work and can't scrape up enough for a security deposit at a decent place.
This town doesn't care. They turn their backs on falling down houses and the
people who get robbed renting rooms in them. This place has animals going in and
out of the basement and roof. It's gross.
10:53 pm edt 

DPW at Work

Let's give credit where credit is due. Thanks to the D P W for
arranging for the rain to clean the awful mess beside the public toilet building
in the NEAR west end.
10:37 pm edt 

Given All the Changes in the West End: What's Little More Raw Sewage

They won't even know the difference. Perhaps its Deb Paine's construction crew.
Put the new boy on the case. Then call the McQuire. Let her clean up the
neighborhood mess. Oh, but she's trying to leave the West End after changing
what it once was.

Or call Sharon. Oh, yes, it's Sleepy Time for Bozo.

10:03 pm edt 

Yes, the Queen of Silly is Gone

I like your phrase. So glad Couture is gone from the BOS. And yes as you said:
let her Croak in the Lily Pond. Splish Splash---take a bath!  buble, bubble,
9:53 pm edt 

Historic District Commission

I heard that several mmembers of the Historic District Commission
resigned  today. Is this true?
9:51 pm edt 


This morning a camper dumped it's toilet tank on Town Landing in the
near west end. There is raw sewage and toilet paper the length of the drive. You
bet it stinks and will make its way into the harbor. A call to the D P W had no
9:45 pm edt 

Re: Raise the Rent!

Re: "Renters must realize that when they vote to spend and spend, they
will bear the burden."

Could not agree with you more - RAISE THOSE RENTS !!

I agree, landlords should be able to raise rents to cover extra costs in
property ownership, and they should be able to force renters to pay outrageous
rents for poorly maintained houses with little or no insulation, leaky windows,
and substandard finishes.  That is the old time Ptown landlord way-That's right
"raise those rents", I just hope you can sleep at night knowing what you are
getting away with. RAT TRAPS for thousands per month.
9:43 pm edt 

Raise the Rent

Re: "With the overrides, your taxes may increase between $75 and $100 a
year.  Less than $9 a month.  You'll probably raise your rents $50 -$100 a month
and then blame the town for raising your taxes.  If you had a good tenant, you
would actually risk losing them over absorbing $9 a month?

Greed rules when it comes to most landlords in this town."

WOW, could not have said it better.  Made the greedy prior poster (landlord)
look like an idiot.
9:39 pm edt 

I Like Mike

Congratuations . You lost but in the
longturn results you won. Look at the percentages.
Get on committees and you will win!
2:33 pm edt 

Historic District Commission Meeting

Tonight @ 4pm Town Hall

Mr. Prager wishes to demolish a part
of the Harthorne Barn, yet he is willing to
recieve $75K from CPA funds. Something
is not right.
1:40 pm edt 

Raise the Rent!

Re: "Renters must realize that when they vote to spend and spend, they
will bear the burden

Could not agree with you more - RAISE THOSE RENTS !!
1:38 pm edt 

Elaine Anderson

The only reason Anderson was re-elected is because she tossed her
moral compass and engaged in pandering for votes.
It was quite evident at a recent public hearing.
1:35 pm edt 

There Are Consequences

Yes, homeowners who rent unite! Pass the overrides to our renters!
Count me in! Teach them there are consequences of increases to their landlords'
taxes with overrides they vote for!
1:33 pm edt 

I Like Mike

Mike ran a fair and honest campaign. Thank you. It is impressive that
he received more than half the votes of the highest vote getter. Even more
impressive that he was virtually unknown to many of us having not served on a
local board- town or non-profit. But he earned the vote of 305 of us. Let's hope
we have not heard the last of Mike. My bet, if he gets on a board like the
Finance Committee which now has an opening, he will be positioned nicely for
another bid for Selectman.
1:30 pm edt 

To: Approval of 2 1/2 Propositions

You bring a whole new meaning to the world landlord.

1:28 pm edt 

Dear Landlord With Taxes

With the overrides, your taxes may increase between $75 and $100 a year.  Less
than $9 a month.  You'll probably raise your rents $50 -$100 a month and then
blame the town for raising your taxes.  If you had a good tenant, you would
actually risk losing them over absorbing $9 a month?

Greed rules when it comes to most landlords in this town.
1:26 pm edt 

Approval of 2 1/2 Propositions

I am a landlord and a full time resident.  And I will not pay one cent of the
increase on my taxes due to these overides.  My tenants will pay for every last
cent.  Renters must realize that when they vote to spend and spend, they will
bear the burden.
11:07 am edt 

The Elections

I voted for Mike but he lost.  He has a lot of energy and enthusiasm
that I hope he will continue to apply toward bettering the town.  I suggest he
serve on a town board or committee so he gets some experience and recognition. 
If he does well serving on a board or committee then he will better his chances
for a win next time.
8:40 am edt 

Put Your Seatbelts on

With the approval of 4, 2 1/2 proposistions, I can't wait to see
this Fall's tax bill. Thanks to the non-taxpayer voters.
I guess landlords will have to raise their rents and then you wonder
why rents are so high.

8:38 am edt 

Election Results 12:07 am edt 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


What about the Library?
10:48 pm edt 

I Voted Today

It was later on in the afternoon, as the temperature
began to drop and the air shifted toward cool. I didn't go against the wind, or
should it be called the soft breeze, that brought Elaine back in and invited
David M. into the fold. However, it should be noted that Mike was a good breath
of something new. Yet he lost. And so we beat on with our new crew; half of
something fresh in the wind, and half of something tinged with the repetitive
same-ole-same-ole wafting about him. The Queen of Silly is gone, and that's a
fine advancement. I once sat right behind her when she spoke at a meeting and
was floored by her ineptness in uttering a cohesive sentence. I vowed then and
there to remove her with my "X" at the next opportunity. And so today I
scribbled. And so it was done...alas not by "removal" but by the fortunate
sell-by date that was the expiration of her tenure attached--she no longer
appeared as a scourge on the ballot! This being said, someone can now return
to the pond...and croak.  

Now, everyone...Can we move forward with a notion of realism in our dream that
this be a fine and good town? Listen up, those of you elected: there will be no
more antics tolerated. You wanted it and now you've got it. Do your duty. Listen
and act accordingly.
10:40 pm edt 

Re: Elections

Who  won tonight?
10:36 pm edt 

Election Results

As a semi-new full-time owner/resident/citizen of Ptown, I am surprised that you
can post results that quickly.  I voted by absentee ballot - are they all
counted or am I the only one?  I find it abhorrent that the objectivity of this
blog "appears" to be compromised.  More importantly, I am concerned that the
entire BAU process has been endorsed (assuming the above is accurate).  I could
"blog" a lot of vitoral, but tonight the electorate was respected.  I will be
seeking out Mike to sort out how best to inject new, non-toxic blood into a
suspect in-kind system.  And if you need to read between the lines the above,
you have far too much time on your hands.
10:35 pm edt 

I Like Mike

But not enough to make him Selectmen.....

10:32 pm edt 


So happy with the election results!:)))
10:30 pm edt 

Does Sharon Even Care For Trees?

They seem to get in her way. Cut them down. strip the land. Her taste are rather

I thought this town had higher standards. Maybe not.
9:44 pm edt 

36 Bird Nests

Put that in Elaine Anderson's bonnet. She is inept even if she has been elected
again. What a sad group. But maybe this town deserves exactly who is "leading"
this town.
9:42 pm edt 

Donald Doesn't Have to Write Tickets

He directs traffic. He is the only one who does and does so with skill and

  Ther est of this group never direct traffic yet come up with ridiculous ideas
on how to prevent congestion. Please.

   Hire Donald and at leat where he is, we are fine. He does what we need:
direct traffic. And for that, I am most appreciative.
9:40 pm edt 

Vote Results

I realize that the Provincetown election results will be in the Cape
Cod Times tomorrow morning, and later in the faternoon in the Banner.

Any way to know the results tonight?  Could someone post the results on this

9:38 pm edt 

Article 29. General By-Law Amendment: Chapter 12

Had the following article approved at Spring meeting been implemented
earlier, a Conservation Committee member tonight said most likely the clear
cutting at 90 Shank Painter would not have happened. You might also like to know
that the Board of Selctmen approved the trees being cut. The DEP only weighed in
on the soil there. I proposed that the Conservation Committee, Beautification
Committee and Animal Welfare Committee join forces to implement further
enviromental checks and balances because clearly the Selectmen are lousy
guardians of our natural resources.
An open discussion will be put on the agenda.

Article 29. General By-Law Amendment: Chapter 12: Wetlands
Protection By-Law. To see if the Town will vote to amend the
Provincetown General By-laws; Chapter 12, as on fi le with the Town
Clerk, by inserting the following changes and additions to the following
Sections and to read as follows, with underlined text to be inserted and
strike-through text to be deleted:

12-2. Jurisdiction.
Except as permitted by the Conservation Commission or as provided in
this bylaw, no person shall commence to remove, fi ll, dredge, build upon,
degrade, or discharge into, or otherwise alter the following resource areas:
any freshwater or coastal wetlands; vegetated and unvegetated wetlands
(both Bordering and Isolated); marshes; fl ats; wet meadows; bogs;
swamps; vernal pools; banks; reservoirs; lakes; ponds of any size; rivers;
streams; creeks; beaches; dunes; estuaries; the ocean; lands under water
bodies; lands subject to fl ooding or inundation by groundwater or water; lands
subject to tidal action, coastal storm fl owage, or fl ooding;
any and all areas protected by the Massachusetts Endangered Species
Act (MESA) and as defi ned by the Natural Heritage and Endangered
Species Act Program (NHESP); and the one-hundred (100) foot Buffer
Zone to any of the aforementioned resource areas or lands abutting
any of the aforesaid resource areas as set out in §12-7 (collectively the
resource areas protected by this bylaw). Said resource areas shall be
protected whether or not they border surface waters. In the event that
the Commission determines that an activity occurring beyond the limit of
jurisdiction noted above is likely to have, is having or has had a signifi cant
effect on the wetlands values of a resource area, the Commission may
require the fi ling of a Notice of Intent or a Request for Determination of
Applicability for that activity. In determining whether a resource area is
subject to the provisions of this Bylaw, the origin of the wetland, whether
natural or manmade, is not a relevant factor

9:36 pm edt 

Re: Dancing Cop

I think I'd be more concerned if the town manager or police chief
decided who to hire or not hire based on petitions, facebook pages, etc.  I'd
rather see hiring decisions be made on who can do the job most effectively.  If
people wish to hire the 'dancing cop' as a tourism PR move then perhaps it
should be funded out of the tourism budget or by the Chamber of Commerce.
9:31 pm edt 

Election Results

When can we expect election results? Any any predictions?

My prediction is Mike tops vote count, and Elaine holds 2nd place and thus her
sleepytime chair in the Judge Welch Room.
9:29 pm edt 

BOS Has to Change or go!

I am completely disgusted by the blatant disregard that our BOS has
for trees in this town. I just drove by the big hole in the ground on SP Road.
If I was a resident of Province Road, I would be so angry that all of my shade
is gone. Those houses will just sit and bake in the shade. What the hell is
wrong with the BOS. Those trees did not need to be clear cut in order to build
housing. I'm voting all of the incumbents out of office. Absolutely disgusting
9:27 pm edt 

Her Last Final Day!!Goodbye Irene, Goodbye Michele

The "Goodbye Irene" refers to the old song. Goodbye Couture. Look to see you no
more. I could not be happier!!

It's Koot-Her Day tomorrow! Her rump will not be seated on the middle chair.
Good riddance, my dear. And make sure the door closes behind you.

Now when you show up at town hall, no one will move. You are a nothing. You hold
no power. Show up at Sharon's door and see if they even seat you!Call for an
appointment--next month!

This has been long in coming. Hurrah! Yippe Yee Coyote! Put on your dancing
boots, girlfriends, and hitthe dance floor.

the Wicked Witch is dead!

9:24 pm edt 

Where Is One to go...Who Can One T?rust

ConsCom input and approval are not what they are cracked up to be.  If
land is not within CC jurisdication, their hands are washed and let the chips
fall where they may.  And who determines this jurisdiction?  Why the same 2 or 3
good ole boy engineers that have worked this town for years.  They can magically
determine within inches where a wetland's edges lie.  Boy, these guys have
cleaned up on this town.  Questionnable CCom actions remain to this day
unanswered.  Rules manipulated, approvals not required.  Proven fact.  The dune
and land where 4 East End prefabs sit is clearly (according to the plan)
partially within the ConsCom 100 foot buffer zone of a protected wetland.  Yet,
dune bulldozing and demolition of trees and vegetation was allowed. 
Construction at the 70 foot mark.  ConsCom, defended this stating the land was
not in their jurisdiction.  What?  The bylaw says 100 feet?  Since when is 70
more than 100?  Setback rules are changed, buffer zone lines a!
re changed, and the rules are twisted to be broken.  Ludicrous.  Don't bother
asking for their input.  My dog knows more about conservation and enforcing
bylaws and can be trusted to not "play the developer game".  Uglytown is right,
only cheap construction uglytown is more like it.   Truth, not sour grapes. 
9:21 pm edt 

What is a Dancing Park?
Go Vote!
9:09 pm edt 

Please Get Out to Vote

I cast my ballot for Mike this a.m.
I could not vote for anyone who approved clear cutting of an already over black
topped region of our fine town.

Instead of cutting trees we should be encouraging plantings.
Plants give off oxygen, they give off moisture by transpiration and can lower
the summer temperatures substantially. 

The trees we lost were old...the view from the old burn dump got no better with
their removal.

It is time for change...take the chain saws away from the DPW crew...We might
swap them out with brooms, shovels, and paint brushes so some maintenance could
happen to our buildings and grounds.
5:05 pm edt 

Shank Painter

I went to shank painter after they cut all of the pine trees .
I counted 36 bird nests on the ground 36 of them
5:03 pm edt 

Donald Thomas Physical Status

He may be in good health to do what he does when it comes to every day life but
that is where it ends. Some of you praise him like he's the cats meow, but for
the mind-less few who support him, keep in mind he makes no arrests, writes no
parking tickets, write no citations and has no criminal law certifications, etc,
etc. Keep praising him and instead of him retiring with dignity, he will leave
us all emabarassed.
5:01 pm edt 

R: Donald the Dancing Cop
Hiring him back or not to... should have nothing to do with this guys age.  I
don't think he should get the job because he has a very nasty attitude towards
pedestrians trying to cross the street.  Not a great representative of a tourist
town.  Let the man retire in peace and get someone that can direct traffic and
be pleasant at the same time.  Dancing should not be part of the job
4:59 pm edt 

Re: Donald the Dancing Cop
Ya, Donna you should talk to a lawyer and file a law suit against the town for
not keeping an 83 year old traffic cop on the pay roll.  Sounds like a sure win
to me. Your time might be better spent establishing a fund raiser to support
4:45 pm edt 

The Dancing Park

Donald has been the Dancing Cop for 50 years. He is probably in better
physical condition than men half his age.  There is to be no discrimination to
anyone who is fit because of age.  This town is doing exactly that and I hope he
sues their pants off.  A few           selectmen would show their true selves.
11:46 am edt 

Re: Donald the Dancing Cop
Donna, your grandfather needs to retire.  At 83 he is not fit enough to do such
a strenuous job.  Show the poor man compassion.  If he needs something to do to
occupy his time, there are many volunteer opportunities around town.  If he
needs money and your family can't help him, then organize a fund raiser and many
of us would be glad to contribute.  It is not right to place a burden like this
on the town.  Our town government will not be acting responsibly by putting an
83 year old man back on the street directing traffic.
10:59 am edt 

Michael Canizales

I have never met Michael. I called him at
his home last night. After talking with
him for a half hour I made my decision
that I will vote for him.
We need new inspriation on the BOS
and I believe that Mike can make a difference.
Vote for Mike.

Astrid Berg
10:37 am edt 

Conservation Committee Meeting Tonight

There is a Conservation Committee meeting tonight at 6:30 tonight.
Public statements are first. Come express your outrage at what the Town has done
to 90 Shank Painter. Ask that the they team up with the Beautification Committee
and bring an article to Town Meeting in the fall that will put in place checks
and balances of our natural resources from being clear cut with the approval of
just five people in Provincetown-Couture-Knight-Anderson-Bedard-Santos.
10:35 am edt 

90 Shank Painter

The red porta potty sitting in the middle of the now ravaged 90 Shank
Painter Road site, should stand in remembrance of Elaine Anderson and the BOS
for all they have done for the town and where their ignornance has taken this
10:33 am edt 

Vegetation Holocoust Is a Good Term

for the slaughter of tall pine trees at Shankpainter Road. Could this street be
more ugly? How could the BOs and Sharon Lynn allow this destruction? It looks
like it was bombed. the land is naked, ugly and looks so poor and slum-like.
what was wrong with the circle of beautiful pines?

Goodbye Couture. You have done so much damage. Elaine, you also agreed with this
plan. Would we know you had been chair of conservation? Go back to doing that
and leave the big acts to someone else.

It is a disaster and the town is sadder for this.
10:31 am edt 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Donald the Dancing Cop

Carmen Marie Thomas
7:31pm May 2nd
Subject: Please Support "The Dancin' Cop" in Provincetown
I will be attending the Provincetown Board of Selectmen's meeting on Monday, May 9th at 5 PM in an attempt to save my grandfathers job. I need all the help, support and legal advice I can get. If you are able to attend, please do. He needs this job. Thank you.
11:30 pm edt 

No Problem With the Tree

I live on Pearl St and I daily use Harry Kemp Way
to get to Conwell. 
I have no problem sharing the earth and
sky with a lovely tree.
Yes, we need a warrant at next town meeting, not
just for town property trees but for all
the lovely old large trees that were here
before us.
11:13 pm edt 

Very Poor Taste

If the day Bid Laden died is the happiest you've been in ten years
then I truly feel sorry for you.

And yes, I personally knew several people who died September 11th.

I love my country and am proud to be an American, but celebrating someone's
death is NOT patriotic, and I will repeat my earlier comment - the "Bid Laden is
Dead" banner is in very poor taste.

So much for Ptown being a "Hate Free Zone."
11:05 pm edt 

Anyone But Elaine

Drove down Rte 6 today. Take a look into Cape Cod Oil and you have a
wide view of the vegatation holocaust even from Rte 6. All because of five very
stupid and ignorant Selectman.

Instead of voting for someone tomorrow, my vote will be against that Elaine

Mike, Ike or the Davids...anyone but Elaine.
11:00 pm edt 

Tree Cutting on Shank Painter

That land has NEVER looked so good!  It is pretty to see the property and
surrounding land without all those TRASH TREES that were sprinkled around it!! 
Thank you BOS for having the insight to clear it.  Improvements are on the
way.... YEAAHHHHH!!!
10:58 pm edt 

Vote For Change

If we reelect Elaine Anderson, Provincetown will not get better
anytime soon.
It's clear we need a new director of DPW or a new Town Manager or both.

However none of the returning selectmen stand a chance of figuring the personell
issues out. And while Anderson isn't the worst of them,  she just isn't up for
the job.

So tell'm stop cutting the trees and start filling the potholes. DPW needs
serious redirection and help getting its priorities right. VOTE FOR CHANGE.

10:54 pm edt 

Follow the Trees

I think the answer to who is approving all this tree removal is the
same person who is getting to keep the firewood for free.  Winters are cold,
wood is expensive.  Just where does all this wood go, and judging by the size of
the trees being cut (not the pine) cords are being harvested.  Who's getting the
firewood?  to keep their toes warm in winter?  There in lies the answer.  Follow
the paper (tree) trail.  Someone is stacking it somewhere. 
7:16 pm edt 

Bin Laden is Dead

A perfect Banner for the Blog today.

Do you know someone who died on 911?
or died in Afganistan?

i'm a peacenik too. but this is the happiest day
for me since sept 11, almost 10 yrs ago.

the banner is just fine. justice is served.

Thank you Barack Obama.
7:14 pm edt 

I Just Don't Get it

The clear cut lot across from the horse barn on West Vine Street looks
awful.  I doubt the condos going up there will look any better than the
naturally wooded lot that it replaced.  But I am sure some brillant individual
will respond that we should stop whining about the rampant cutting down of all
the trees in the town.  To these people a new condo complex just looks better
than the woods but I just don't get it.

7:05 pm edt 

The Banner is in Very Poor Taste

Do we really need a colorful banner happily announcing "Bin Laden is
Dead!" at the top of this blog?

When you consider the millions of dollars spent on this war and the thousands of
Americans who have died during it, I hardly think the killing of another man
should be cause for celebration. We may be one step closer to peace, which I am
happy about, but death (anyone's death) shouldn't warrant applause.

The banner is in very poor taste.
7:03 pm edt 

A Vote Anderson is a Vote for 90 Shank Painter

Please drive past 90 Shank Painter Road before you vote tomorrow.  If
you like what you see, vote for Elaine Anderson because she will show you more
of the same.
7:01 pm edt 

Just Met With Sharon Lynn

Only the board of selectmen approved the clear cutting on 90 shank painter .
this is exactly why we need the beautification committee and conservation
committee to way  in on any tree cutting on land the town
Owns or has given away . because it is clear the selectmen just don't care look
at route 6 . it is time to take the chain saws away from the selectmen and
empower our community
11:35 am edt 

Goodbye Anderson

I read the blog yesterday and took  a ride down to 90 Shank Painter to
see what all the dicussion was about.  I was sickened by what I saw. The person
who said something about the buck stopping with the BOS was correct.  If I could
vote them all out I would but one thing for sure is as they come up for
reelection, not one of the current board members will have my vote. Goodbye to
Anderson.  If anyone votes for her, they need glasses.
11:11 am edt 

Vote Andersen Out!

Vote on may 3rd and vote Andersen out!!!!!!!!!! She is nothing but a
self serving individual who is concerned about 2 things Only- herself and her
cronies . Cronies = Ted Malone  at the top of the list!!!  She is nothing but a
10:46 am edt 

Race Point RV Park

Dear Disappointed Nature Admirer--You are a typical whiner on this
blog.  You surely fit the profile of a newbie to this fine village. Also, you
must have just discovered nature and Race Point. There have been camper on the
beach for 60 years.Believe it or not, it has been a boon for some businesses
during the shoulder seasons as these people shop in our stores and eat in our
restaurants. Until the federal funding for piping plover protection,
generations of working class vacationers as well as many locals have been able
to enjoy what Provincetown REALLY has to offer. Not the politiacal bull and the
overpriced stores and rooms but peace in nature.  So please, GET A CLUE AND GET
A LIFE!!!!!  Pick on some the other ridiculous CRAP that this town has to offer
such as overbuilding, no youth, and a gazillion "affordable housing units" that
only DINKS (Double Income, No Kids) can afford!!!!  
9:21 am edt 

Re: Tree Removal

What happened to the most gorgeous tree in Town?  The tree at Harry
Kemp and Conwell Street did not do anything but make the entrance to
Provincetown very pretty.  I would like to know the name of the person that
decided to take it down, who did it and how much it cost.  It is a crime to all
of Provincetown.  It seems the people that run this town are out after all of
our trees, hedges and anything that is green. 
9:09 am edt 

Re: Intersection of Conwell & Bradford

Attention: DPW

there is a house on the corner that totally blocks
my view as i turn. please remove this house immediately.
when you're done, i'll give you a few more houses, trees, fences, signs and
sheds to remove too. hell. lets just flatten the town. then we can all drive
from one end to the other, without hitting a thing, or worrying about slowing
down. all we'll need is a nice parking garage in the middle, which we all know,
this board of selectmen thinks is a grand idea too.

Flat is Better
Down with Trees
9:06 am edt 

Re: Tree Removal

Michele now lives just off the Conwell and Harry Kemp Way.
12:52 am edt 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Harry Kemp-Conwell Tree

Re: "That tree in the island was blocking visibility for people trying
to turn onto Conwell St."

Your observation are correct but if you think it through one step further, how
many accidents do we have at that intersection? The tree made people slow down
and proceed with caution. In road way engineering lingo it would be known as a
"calming effect" on traffic.

Compare that intersection to the one at Conwell and Route 6 where there is clear
field of vision all around and traffic light control. That is the worst
intersection in Town and I suggest we plant some trees right in the middle.

Let me know what you think
9:51 pm edt 

Serial Axeman!

Watch out Provincetown... there is a madman on the loose with a chain
saw... any tree that is not nailed down will be in danger. Last year the trees
in front of the town hall and trees on rt. 6. This year the trees at the "hell
hole" and various trees around town. I'm going to hire a full time tree guard to
watch my property.
9:47 pm edt 

Tree Removals

Why are you surprised about all the tree removal? How many trees does
the Chair have in front of her home on Commercial Street? Zero! She hates trees.
Heard she's going to apply to be on the Beautification Committee!
9:44 pm edt 

Lousy Landlords

Here we go again! The same Town official defending indefensible
actions: ''That tree in the island was blocking visibility for people trying to
turn onto Conwell '''

The Selectman are LOUSY landlords of Town property and always will be.
9:43 pm edt 

What the Hell is Wrong With This Town?

 Do we want to be completely treeless? While I understand that the affordable
housing was voted on in public (I did not vote for it.) this is what happens in
Ptown. Its like a magician doing his tricks. You vote for one thing and then
something else happens to the project. Ie: cutting down all of the trees on
Shankpainter for the new "housing project".

Why don't we just completely asphalt over everything so that the kids there
will have no place to play, it will be 10,000 degrees in the bright sun of the
summer and absolutely         ugly to look at. WAKE UP Provincetown, people
don't ask for permission to take down trees, they take down the trees and then
ask for forgiveness. Remember last year when all of the scrub pines were removed
on Rt. 6... oh yeah they were all replanted - What a joke. They were replanted
with "Charlie Brown Christmas Trees."

I'm sick and tired of the people in this town having no respect for trees.
6:33 pm edt 

Never Seen so Many Tears Over Just Trees

Thank you DPW for removing that tree at the Intersection of Conwell and Harry
Kemp Way. It was difficult to see around it for oncomiing traffic. And trust me,
if the person who posted a blog prior to this ever got into an accident at that
intersection because of that tree, they would of never whinned about it. As for
trees that were removed on Shankpainter Rd, isn't it funny how many people cried
wolf over them and I bet none of them that did live in that immediate area. They
also looked like they had more than osteoporosis. I applaud you Sharon and the
6:26 pm edt 

Transformation to "Uglytown"

I am going to propose to the Beautification and Conservation Committee
that they bring an article to the next Town meeting that clearly states: 'NO
tree on Town land will be cut without the permission of both the Beautification
Committee and Conservation Committeee' because clearly the Selectmen are
uncapable of protecting our natural beauty or they just don't care.

I pointed out the tree that was cut down yesterday in front of Marine
Specialities to a Selectman today. She didn't know about it. Had to show her the
remaining stump as it appeared she did not know a tree was ever there!

My father said there were three kind of people, those that make things happen,
those that watch what happens and those that wondered what happened.

The community has watched in horror all the new tree cutting and the Selectmen
are shrugging their shoulders wondering how it happened. That is unacceptable
and must be changed before we become 'UglyTown.'
6:24 pm edt 

Vote for Mike!

The trees on 90 Shank Painter literally disappeared overnight so no
one can do anything about it.  Again the selectmen dropped the ball.  The only
selectperson that will be up for reelection is Elaine Anderson.  Time to cut her
out just like the mess she allowed.  I am voting for Mike.  OUT WITH ANDERSON. 
RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENED.  A vote for Anderson allows more of the same to
6:21 pm edt 

Conwell Street

Regarding Conwell Street, I agree it's a shame that the DPW took down
such a beautiful, mature tree. However, we can all agree that Conwell Street is
hopelessly congested, especially in season. That tree in the island was blocking
visibility for people trying to turn onto Conwell St. I've had a few close calls
trying to turn left onto Conwell because I couldn't see cars with that tree in
the way.
6:19 pm edt 

Race Point RV Park

I guess in past years I've managed to miss the string of RV's that park on the
beach at Race Point !!!!!
I was astounded to go out to Race Point this morning to find a string of nearly
30 RV campers parked right on the beach. Certainly takes away the natural joy of
going out to Race Point beach.  Why would the Parks Dept. allow them right onto
the beach and not keep them confined to the parking lot ........ is beyond me.

Disappointed nature admirer.

6:17 pm edt 

Re: 90 Shank Painter

"The removal of all those trees and the clearing of the site has all
been vetted in

As I recall the site plans showed trees all around the perimeter of the project.
Perhaps trees will be replanted,but it will never be the same. People have a
right to feel deceived and outraged.

Meanwhile, no one has mentioned the removal of the beautiful tree on the traffic
island at Conwell St. and Harry Kemp Way. It was removed about 10 days ago by
the D.P.W. I bet Barbara Rushmore is pissed off as well she should be.
11:53 am edt 

90 Shank Painter

"The removal of all those trees and the clearing of the site has all
been vetted in

Please post the public document that shows the clear cutting of the entire
property at 90 Shankpainter Rd. was vetted in public!

I can't find anything in the Selectmen's minutes!

11:12 am edt 

Anderson Must Go!

Did the Town ever tell us the roads would be a disaster and in
disrepair for years voting for the sewer?

Did the Town ever tell us they were going to destroy all the 60 foot pine trees
at 90 Shank Painter?

Check out the latest of what our Selectmen allowed: cutting down the wonderful
shaded tree next to Marine Specialties!

The question begs can our esteemed Board of Selectmen make the Town any uglier?

Vote Anderson Out!
11:10 am edt 

Hawthorne Barn

Surely Historic will not grant the demolishing of part
of this structure as the town has a "vested interest" in this property since it
was granted 75,000. I have heard Dorothy Polanza speak and she seems to be a
reasonable person. I believe she started the motion to bring this property and
grant for 75,000 to town vote( although I totally was against it- if the owner
couldn't afford to renovate it - then sell it- grant $$ should NEVER be given to
a private individual- sets a dangerous precedent and there are FAR too many
unknowns). I doubt Dorothy had any idea the owner planned on a partial
demolition immediately after receiving grant monies. The Historic Board had
better be very careful on this one-given the fact this property received town
grant funds and it is clearly an Historic building- My opinion.
11:08 am edt 

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