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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Public Meeting

Re: WHY? "...STOP ripping off the taxpayers and lets call a meeting to
through the school budget line by line. Where is the transparency. What a
freaking waste of our $$$."

"You mean have a public meeting like the school committee did where they went
over the budget line by line?  Watched it on PTV.  Why weren't you there?"

Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of being able to go to meetings and
sitting there for an endless amount of time. I take care of my two ailing
parents and work two jobs to make ends meet.


10:40 pm edt 

Dancing Cop
I agree.  Dancing Cop is a talent, AND IS WELL DESERVED of a position
in HIS spot.  Maybe one of the summer imported wet-behind-the-ears uniforms
chattering with each other on the sidelines could learn something from him. 
Reminds me of a story of years gone by:

Summer of '74 - When approached by a summer policeman regarding a recent theft
of fishermen's equipment on the old Macara's Wharf, a quite seasoned and town
rooted wharf rat who spent most of his day basking in the sun drinking
Boonesfarm on that same wharf replied "Sorry paard, ain't seen nothin, and don't
look down now but you are flying low"... and the unseasoned summer policeman did
indeed look down just then, turned pinker than a ball of cotton candy and walked
away without a response. 

Fast forward to 2011 and that same officer might respond                                   
               .  Give me a break.  Get Donald back at whatever the cost, you fools.  He
is a Provincetown Institution and there aren't many left. Instead of            on
those who have given of themselves for this town, celebration should occur. 
This town has become pathetic and a disgrace. Not impressed with pretty much
anything in the front office right now.   
10:37 pm edt 

David McChesney?

So David McChesney is one more of  the cabal's puppet?
Thanks for the info.  NOW I KNOW HOW I WILL VOTE!

10:33 pm edt 

Oldest Counties: Some Provincetown Facts

Out of the 3,000 counties in the United States, Barnstable is close to the top.
Stop and consider this. We have an empty school. There are no jobs here for
families to come here and raise a family.

If there is a family, chances are the father is in one of the construction
trades. If it is a gay family--then one or both parents are in the service
trade. Here, the service industry closes down in the winter.

I never see any children in this town--but we have a $4,000,000 school bill
every single year after year after year after year for a hand full of students.

10:31 pm edt 

Dancing Cop

Regardless of who has been  the Chief  of Police, the policemen that
have been assigned to do traffic are virtually useles.  I don't quite understand
why they are so consistently incompetent, but it is what it is.

On the other hand, the so called "Dancing Cop" really knows how to do his job. 
Surprisingly, his presence on traffic duty seems to have diminished over the
years.  How come? Is that his reward for a job well done, cut down his hours, or
eliminate his position altogether?

Funding the "Dancing Cop"s hours should not be an issue whatsoever.  After all,
if you and I can afford to raise Chief Jaran's salary, you and I can also afford
to pay the "Dancing Cop" for traffic duty for a few hours of the day this

LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE DANCING COP!!!  If you think that he should continue to do
the traffic beat, please indicate so in this blog. 

10:29 pm edt 

Dancing Cop

What's going on with him?  He was told by Sharon Lynn she is not hiring him....
10:27 pm edt 

State of the Town!!!!

I thought these kind of talks were supposed to be
analytical with some vision for the future thrown in.
We got a lot of numbers thrown at us and a lot of happy
talk about how much has been accomplished.
Yes, there have been some good improvements.  But overall
there is nothing to crow about.  So we didn't hear any crowing that's for sure,
except a few times how great townhall is.

At the end, I felt like the elephant in the room got larger. Good thing there
was a lot of empty seats for it.
I left asking myself, so we plan and make all these physical improvements.  But
for whom???
10:25 pm edt 

Parking Meters

Has anyone else on this blog left Provincetown in the past 5 years and
gone to places like Boston or New York City? You'd be hard-pressed to find a
parking "meter" like the ones we have in town. I drive to Boston frequently, and
not once have I had an issue using one of their pay stations.  Provincetown's
"meters" on the other hand...I have heard countless stories from people who get
angry because they put coins into a meter that ate them, or being unable to find
a nearby business that could make change.  Those pay stations accept coins,
bills and credit cards. They also require less maintenance than the meters
because there are far fewer of them.  Maybe someone in Town Hall has the right
idea. It will bring us *more* revenue. You all need to stop being so stubborn
and realize there's a world beyond the blinking yellow light on Route 6.
10:23 pm edt 

What Do They Have Against This Dancing Cop?

A few years back they wanted to get rid of him. The community pushed back and he
came back half time. Now what? He is a great attraction and what is most
important, he directs traffic like no one else. He is experienced and I do
believe he is the only old time police officer who actually stands in the middle
of cross roads and directs traffic. With more like him, we would not have the
congestion that happens on Commercial Street. You don't need traffic studies.
Just have Donald the Dancing Cop be full time and hire more like this
knowledgeable and experienced police officer.

He is not the problem. He is the solution.
10:20 pm edt 

Town Meeting

So, where does everyone stand on all of the warrants?  I thought there would be
more information out about everything beforehand.  (By information I really mean
not what the warrants are, I can get that.  But some debate about them.)

Thanks for the help.
10:17 pm edt 

20 People at the State of Our Town!

That says quite a bit. 20 people to hear Sharon Lynn discuss the vibrant issues
at this year's Annual Town Meeting. Maybe some are starting to see the
fabrication of issues, the manipulation of votes, and the lack of democratic
input that now sadly characterizes our town meetings. They are not only dull.
They are dead.

All life and real discussions have been purposefully squeezed out.

So 20 people stand as symbols of the true State of our Town.
10:16 pm edt 

The Dancing Cop is the Best

He knows traffic and he knows how to direct traffic. He is the only one who
does so. We need more Donalds and more like him. Bring him back. He does his job
and adds panache to the town. He is perfect for us.

We need the Dancing Cop!
10:27 am edt 

State of the Town

What a bore!! Michelle had her hair done and spoke briefly thank god, Sharon on
the other hand spoke for 45 minutes listing all the "issues" in that monotone
drone delivery, David Bedard, watch the next Chair of the BOS on TV when it is
shown on PTV, had his eyes closed most of the night, he must be bored as well,
Ms Anderson was perky and sneezing all night and poor Austin was way at the end
of the table and did not mutter a word. Only about 20 or so Provincetown
residents in the audience. I think the BOS and Administration must be Proud of
the participation LOL. Michelle wanted to get out of there so fast that she only
barely took the 2 lone questions asked, Pathetic!!
9:36 am edt 

Re: Community Center

We don't need a Community Center - we are no longer a community - just
God's waiting room.
9:17 am edt 

Re: Dancing Cop

Is there something going on with Donald the dancing cop? 
9:16 am edt 

Re: Community Center as Parking Lot

Ok, seriously, that is someone with their thinking cap on.

Perhaps we could hire Deb Paine as the contractor with DPW overseeing the work
and Russell Braun as clerk of the works and Ann McGuire representing the finance
committee overseeing the spending. Perhaps  the police chief could provide the
traffic detail. Sharon Lynn could provide overall management using Community
Housing Works and Ted Malone as a consultant. This would keep ShoutOut sizzling
for months and Clarence and Dwayne would be in orgasmic ecstasy with conspiracy
theories galore. It really would be an economic development opportunity and
reinvigorate this dying forum.

- not a town employee, etc.
9:14 am edt 

Pay Stations

Looks like the town is getting set up for more pay stations?  Great...  just
what we need more problems with them always being out of service...  Good
going... more free parking !   Who brain stormed this lose of revenue?

Let me guess ? 
9:11 am edt 

Re: Strange Isn't It

Yeah, I'm a full-time student at 4C's who's lived in town for much of my life. I
work in town on the weekends at a desk job (not FOR the town) for $10 an hour.
I'm totally involved in all of Provincetown's "back-room deals".  Get a grip and
cheer up, some of the people posting on here are starting to sound like
conspiracy theorists.
9:10 am edt 

The Buying and the Selling of Provincetown

May as well open this town and its buildings to Boston's BRA and             .
Now      can run many a board and buy many a property with Boston          money.
Sell off this town to the highest bidder; develop as many properties as
possible. Make money and like Ted Malone help destroy the fabric of this town.
9:08 am edt 

An Added Point

David McChesney is on Finance with Ann Maquire. Cover all the bases, all of the

Is this a sick joke? Now he will be on the BOS?
9:03 am edt 

Question: Isn't Tom Roberts David McChesney's Partner?

Tom Roberts is on Zoning and he is on Housing Authority. He is Ann Macquire's
man on these two boards. But isn't David McChesney his partner? Cover all bases,
if he is. Then we can call him David Macguire because this guy will be Ann
Macquire's pawn. Why didn't she run for town manager? Better to have your puppet
there and then control most of the boards--she is on Finance and her partner
Harriet Gordon is on Zoning--with Tom Roberts of course--and now she can control
the BOS.
9:01 am edt 

Re: Police Escort
Whatever you want to know in regards to who gets paid and how and how much and
how taxes are or are not taken out and who pays for fuel etc., call the town
treasurer. They do have the answers and if they don't, heads should role.
8:59 am edt 

The Dancing Cop

Donald "The Dancin' Cop" Thomas has been denied his job this summer. 
If you rely on his services during the hectic summer months, please write to or
call any or--preferably--every person on this list and demand that he be allowed
to return to work this season.  Thank you.

Sharon Lynn
Provincetown Town Manager
508-487-7000 Ext. 512

Michelle Couture
Chair of the Board of Selectmen    

David Bedard
Vice Chair 

Austin Knight

Elaine Anderson

Francis Santos 

Jeff Jarran
Chief of Police  

The Provincetown Banner
Sally Rose
8:57 am edt 

Let's See

The school budget was presented to the Finance Committee
and Selectmen, line by line, on ptv - but you still question it ?   Enough is
enough, it is done.   Maybe you should run for Selectmen.
8:54 am edt 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The walk from Seashore Point to the new site is about eqidistant to that of the
old. Why do people go out of their way to create negativity here?  We have
sunshine and blue skies smile "always look on the bright side of life" I think
using the old school, which is more handicap friendly and more energy efficient
than the old Grace/Manor building, is an excellent idea. It also places the
youth center and the senior center at the same location which will greatly
enhance mentoring and other intergenerational opportunities.
2:00 pm edt 

Re: State of the Town Address

State of the State

All she could say: "It's in bad shape." Mumble jumble.

Wish we could really have an intelligent and solid discussion. But it seems to
me those days are long gone. Now it's regurgitated half-truths. As if we, the
masses, should be happy with these rosy pie-in-the-sky presentations.
1:58 pm edt 

Re: State of the Town Address

"State of the Town Address tomorrow night, Wed?"

Yes, it's tonight at 6pm at Town Hall.
1:52 pm edt 

Re: Why?

"...STOP ripping off the taxpayers and lets call a meeting to go
through the school budget line by line. Where is the transparency. What a
freaking waste of our $$$."

You mean have a public meeting like the school committee did where they went
over the budget line by line?  Watched it on PTV.  Why weren't you there?

1:51 pm edt 

Agreed, loose the building but keep the land.  Why should developers
be given another spot to exploit?  Do we really need 20 more condos?  Do a tear
down and pave and install, instead of 50 parking meters, ONE pay station like
other more up to date towns have.  Pay at the meter and leave the ticket on the
windshield.  No overhead.  ONE paystation would be much more cost efficient than
multiple meters.  The meters get checked anyway, so that cost is the same.  Come
on people.  How much is that land worth?  The other blogger is right.  The town
could demolish using LOCAL LABOR, pave it and thus keep the parcel and parking
revenue would pay the taxes.  Just another small piece of land that Ptown would
own.  Keep in mind, as land gets sold off, prices go up and at some point the
Town may need this parcel which it would never be able to buy in 10 years. 
Don't be fools.  Keep the land and put it to good use.  With a tear down
building on it now any buyer would want to b!
e compensated with money off the price and the town will get much less than
it's worth.
1:25 pm edt 

Lesson in Geography

Seashore Point is basically across a small field to the VMES.  The COA is
probably going to be closer in the VMES than the Grace Govea Building.  What's
your problem?
1:22 pm edt 

Re: Community Center

Instead of selling the community center why not take the building down
and pave and put parking meters in, over time it will pay for its self and the
town would still own the land
11:03 am edt 

Re: Why?

Sounds to me that the schools can cut 1 secretary and the Vice
Prncipal. C'mon I know of school systems that there are 500 kids per school, 1
secretary, 1 principal and thats it. Town job in Ptwon are a very cushing thing
to come by. Get one and your set for life, its like winning MEGA bucks. STOP
ripping off the taxpayers and lets call a meeting to go through the school
budget line by line. Where is the transparency. What a freaking waste of our
10:27 am edt 

Re: McChesney For Selectman

I think someone is wrong about McChesney owning 61 Commercial.
According to the assessors database he does own 59 but 61 has three different
9:19 am edt 

McChesney for Selectman

Is this a joke???

This is the guy that owns 61 Commercial Street, where Paine has been renovating,
while using our town property, the West End parking lot.  This blog has been
receiving complaints about this matter  for weeks.

Is this what we want to represent the people of Provincetown?
Enough already!
9:08 am edt 

Let's See

Seashore Point site is initally promoted and advertised because of its easy walk
to COA.
Seashore Point gets what they want and prepare for expansion.
Now GG is being sold and COA relocated.

Interesting sequence
9:06 am edt 

State of the Town Address

Does anyone know if there is a State of the Town Address tomorrow
night, Wed?
9:03 am edt 

Re: Strange Isn't It!

Can the writer enlighten those of us as to what behind the scenes incidents are
going on that we taxpayers are kept in the dark on. Obviously someone knows
9:02 am edt 

Re: Police Escort

Paige does not handle details and billing...  Andrea does.....
9:00 am edt 


Ok, so the high school is on the way out.  Why then do we have a superintendent,
a principal, and an assistant principal for so few children?  The assistant
principal doubles as the kindergarten teacher, and there are two of them in one
room Seems that one of these positions could be cut.  Why the waste?  We also
have two secretaries in the office.  Couldn't one of these jobs be eliminated to
save money?
8:59 am edt 

Re: Community Center

Interesting that you know about the new center facilities, or so you
say.  Don't start with the two little rooms rumor.  Not true and you know it. If
that is what you want to see, fine.  And I don't really care one way or the
other about the skate board park.  But I constantly drive by there and have only
seen teenagers in there 3 times in 5 years. I also was a little taken back when
the teens decided to decorate it with graffiti. Nice. Then they decided to
decorate the town. Even nicer.
8:58 am edt 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Strange Isn't It

Some of the people doing the most behind-the-scene deals in this town are
the ones who want only positive things said about this town. They are screwing
us all but want no negativity, no complaints, no true assessments of town
officials. Only warm thoughts, only Norman Rockwell images, only smiling,
helpful remarks about town hall.

When they are doing their conniving, they are not smiling. When they are dong
their profitable actions at the expense of our town, they are not happy faces.
But they want-- no they insist-- that only good things are said here and along
the street; only wonderful compliments while they themselves continue to damage
us economically and politically.

Strange isn't it?
12:09 pm edt 

We Are All in ThisTogether

You may be too old and unfit to use the skateboard park, but plenty of
people do.   This is a small town in the winter and very busy in the summer.  
That is why the budget is $20million plus.   Why try to squeeze the year round
people out by cutting all the faclities ?   What is there to gain.

11:26 am edt 

New Community Center

To the uniformed person who wrote how fabulous the new community
center facilities are - you have got to be kidding, they are squeezed in two
little rooms - have you actually been up there ?
11:23 am edt 

Selling Off Town Property

Transparency in gov. is usually a good thing. That said, I'm all for
selling off town property that is considered surplus like GG and community
center building but will anyone buy them when it has been widely published that
it will take 500k just to bring one of the up to safety codes?
11:21 am edt 

Re: Community Center

The community center is moving to better facilities. No one is closing
it.The same person wants to start a problem by posting about 500K and how cheap
that is...yak yak yak. Better facilities and getting rid of an old out of date
building (NOT CENTER) that's the plan. If the building is so dear to you, it
will be available for purchase. Buy it but don't expect the kids to come back.
They will be in a better safer bigger place.
8:35 am edt 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dynamic Spirit Needed

What we need in this town are jobs. My hours are cut back where I work. I'm over
60 years old. We own our own home. I don't have the stamina to work two jobs

Do you really think that 35 affordable housing units are going to take care of
the hoards of waiters and waitresses and bus boys etc who want to live here? All
the rest of the units are going to be rented at Market Rate.

Where are the jobs going to come from? Don't these people know that they can't
pick up and go to Florida or Hawaii or Costa Rica and collect unemployment--they
have to stay in town to get this affordable housing.

No one is giving me a pension or paying my deductible on my insurance. Let the
retirees pay $80.00 a month and save the taxpayers $200,000.00

11:00 pm edt 

It's About Attitude

What is with all the unfounded complaints on this site?  What a bunch
of miserable negative people.  I moved here over the winter have been to town
hall several times and have called several agencies looking for information and
I never once had an issue.  I have always been treated well and received answers
to my questions with out delay and if not in short order!   I have met wonderful
people out in the community from the bank to the post office to the many shop
owners who have welcomed me warmly!  I always look at the positive side of
things and generally have a good attitude , you know the glass half full.  I
believe that such an attitude attracts more positive energy towards you.  So
word to the wise cop a good attitude instead of a negative bad one and see what
you attract...!
10:58 pm edt 

What Could be Gained?

Just a simple answer to a simple, yet for some
mysterious reason, still elusive question.  News big enough for the banner with
a picture of announcement but not important enough to warrant an explanation. 
Sorry to burst your bubble all knowing one with an obvious psychology degree, a
call to the police dept. was made at the time with a reply of a call back as the
answer wasn't at hand.  The obvious expected response.  However, the call back,
like your ridiculous remarks, must be stuck in the pipeline, the same one that
now drains into the harbor.  Given, not a "huge" conspiracy would be unearthed,
but just ANOTHER little inconsequential meaningless perfect example of how
developers are catered to in this town.  And how those at the helm in the boat
with these developers continue to defend and kiss what they have to in order to
secure their pathetic piece of the pie. Thou dost protest enough to show whose
side your bread is buttered on. Maybe you don't mind paying taxes used for
stupid crap while the town falls into disrepair (driven down Bradford lately?) but
some others might.  Who paid the bill and how much? Give an honest documented
answer and the belief there is honor among thieves will be reinstated, temporarily.

Until then.  No dice. 
10:55 pm edt 

Re: Police Escort

"The point about police escort still is completely missed...Town hall
won't or can't answer the question.  Wonder why not..."

Who did you call at Town Hall?  Everyone I've ever called at Town Hall has been
more than helpful.  My guess is you did not call anyone, you've just decided to
toss that out there - doesn't matter whether it's true or not.  If I really
wanted to know information about Police escorts I'd call Paige at the Police
Dept.  Very sharp and she handles the police detail billings and could answer
your question in a second.  But, then what would you complain about, what huge
conspiracy will you discover?
6:21 pm edt 

Re: Community Center

What will they do when they can't just sell off town buildings

Oh they will be long gone.

Towns on the cape have been building community centers for millions, for $500k
we can spare ours.  

You may not use it, but it is used by many.  It's just what it says Community

5:26 pm edt 

Re: Community Center

All of the town buildings that will be up for sale went through
engineer inspections. The numbers are real.  They do not require just repairs
but up to date building codes for everything in them.  Hence, the 500K repair
cost for the community center.  The best use of the facility is to sell it as is
and move the various offices and centers to the vacant school.Do your homework
before you respond.  If you personally want to "save" the community center,
raise the money for the updates. Then have a fund for ll the utilities and
future repairs.  The dog park people did it and it wasn't easy.  It is far
easier to be a Monday morning quarterback. My bet is no one will do anything but
complain. Far easier.
2:19 pm edt 

Re: Community Center

It is a great old building with a great foundation and plenty of room for many
many uses. These big numbers get thrown out $500,000. for this a million for
that etc.
I don't believe that the building is in danger of being condemmed so why not let
some of the out of work contactors and workers take a look at it and see if it
can be brought up to date a little at a time.
It is just going to be turned into more condo's with more strain on our
Once these building are sold to one of the chosen few they are gone forever.
12:43 pm edt 

Re: Community Center




12:41 pm edt 

The Sound of Silence

The point about police escort still is completely missed.   While
technically and in theory,  the developer or property owner or requesting party
pays, did that actually happen with the project in question?.  In light of the
issues noted to date, did the most basic of basics occur?  We get it, the police
make OT for OT duty but who paid for the escorts to the trucking in of these
East End Dead End nicest in the neighborhood additions?  Taxpayers or not?  Town
hall won't or can't answer the question.  Wonder why not?  And, AGAIN, in the
opposite end of town, is the developer in the west end paying for use of public
property?  Because a lemonade stand would look alot nicer than the construction
bouse house and a couple kids might actually appreciate the attention since
their school is being killed.  Of course, only if it's not a violation?  But
does that really matter?  Only for some people apparently.   Seems simple
questions have been asked.  So, where are the simple answers?  Guess they
are not so simple after all.  Silence speaks volumes.

Made news in the banner w/a picture and all.  So what's up? 
10:39 am edt 

Re: Community Center

The building is being sold... the Community
Center services are being moved to MES, which is a better facility.
10:36 am edt 

Water Pumped Into the Bay

Out biking today and noticed a definite gross smell near the west end
rotary (PTown Inn)?  Have any results come in from the water testing of the
outfall pipe?  The smell is definitely natural and man made (if you know what I
mean).  What is going on here?  How bad will the beaches and harbor smell in
summer if it's bad now? Will we and our guests be able to swim or will dead fish
be the special on local menus?  Please advise. 
10:34 am edt 

Re: Community Center

Instead of complaining about the Community Center closing, you most
likely stood idle for over a year when we all knew it was heading in that
direction and did nothing to save it. Now you       about successful projects in
Town that did fundraise to become a reality! Good grief take some responsibility
for the Community Center closing! You obviously did nothing because no one
including you did anything!
10:32 am edt 

Building Commissioner

Mr Braun doesn't work like Doug Taylor.   Doug was always available.  Mr Braun
is never in and Justin always says he has to talk things over with Braun.   The
building department is very unfriendly, and that is being nice.
You would think that town people work for the towns people, and David Gardner
does, and Maxine does, but they are the exceptions.
Good luck getting the "right" answers at our new 7 million town hall.
10:30 am edt 

Re: New Home Owner

"How about CALLING the building dept!? Geez! 508-487-7000 & ask for Borg dept"

How about not being so rude to someone who would love to become a part of
Provincetown? That person is clearly not from here, you can't expect them to
know how to get in touch with the Building Department.  The ever-present
bitterness in this town is what's driving others AWAY!  This blog is proof, I
never see anything positive posted, it's just a lot of complaining and childish

And, to the person who's looking to buy a new house, welcome to PTown! I wish
you the best of luck! :)
10:29 am edt 

Re: Building Department

You can reach the Department of Community Development at Ph: (508) 487-7020. You
can also find various email addresses at: www dot provincetown-ma dot gov and
look under departments for Community Development. Maxine Notaro the permit
coordinator can answer questions as can Russell Braun. I've always found these
folks very helpful on these types of questions and others in the department can
answer questions as well. When you reach the Department of Community Development
web page you will also see links on the left side of the page. If you look under
"planning department" link you will find the By-Laws and Regulations which are
very helpful to read before you speak to someone. All this information is
readily accesible.

10:26 am edt 

Re: Building Department

To the person looking for the building department - yes, please tell
us about your experience with them.   I am waiting, oh and you might too !
10:24 am edt 

Re: Community Center

They have gone after the Community Center every year.   First for
$20,000, then again and again and have been pushed back.   Once the Community
Center is gone, there will never be another one in Provincetown.   To fix it, it
costs $500,000 - big deal.   How many years of deferred maintenance, nothing
spent, has there been.   This town is actively going after the year round
population.   It finds those of us who live here year round just annoying and
would like us to just leave.  They can't even get the workers to work five days
a week, so let's close the Community Center ? Are they nuts. 

10:23 am edt 

Re: Community Center

Stop the community center whining...It's just moving out of a building
that is shabby and in disrepair to the vacant school building where other
offices will also be combined. The situation will be better for the kids. Be
informed before you start up finger pointing at dog parks and artists' colonies.
You want to save the old builing? Raise $500K. That's what it will take to bring
the building up to code or maybe you should let the town managers do their jobs.
Oh, that's right. They don't according to so many posters here.
10:20 am edt 

Sergeant Position:

Oh so the Chief doesn't speak proper english?  And he has a degree....  Now they
pick a Sgt with a degree also.  I disagree about the degree.  I feel that the
job is better served by the person who has the otjt and has been around for 19
yeaes, is familiar with all the town people and knows the town in and out...... 
A degree does not make you a better cop!

Sorry to hear Officer Enos did not get the position...  You would have done a
great job......   Shame, Shame on the town.....

10:18 am edt 

Re: Community Center

Before you start lecturing us about community pride and civic responsibility,
you should get your facts straight.  The community center building is being sold
because of the extreme costs to repair it.  The Recreation Department is being
moved to a location which will allow for better services and possible expansion. 
The children will finally be able to play on grass and not a fenced in parking

So save your condescending speeches.

BTW the West End Racing Club does not receive any town monies.  It is a
non-profit and they do accept donations.  Instead of prophesying, maybe you
could send them one.
10:17 am edt 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Re: Police Detail

It depends on the company hiring the police and if a lane is going to
be obstructed or road closed. Nstar or Comcast for instance might request 2 cops
with one cruiser, or 1 cop 1 cruiser, or 2 cops no cruiser. just depends. not
sure how it works in ptown exactly but where i work there are two rates, a rate
for a cop only without a cruiser (your baseline 36-40 per hour) and then a rate
if the company wants/needs a cruiser (60-65 an hour)the extra fee is obviously
for the gas and time use of cruiser, the cop still gets his 36-40 out of that.

Again im not saying thats exactly how it works for Ptown, but thats the way its
done at mine.
10:50 pm edt 

Attention Provinctown Residents Face Reality

The school still costs the taxpayer close to $4,000,000.00 **every year**. We
have 14% fewer people now living in Provincetown than we did previously.

We must make cuts. Retirees must go and pay an extra $80.00 a month to save the
taxpayers $200,000.00. We must close the schools. We must sell redundant town

Detroit has lost 25% of its population. Florida has 20% of its housing vacant.
We taxpayers will be faced with tens of millions of dollars in benefit payments
in a few years.

Provincetown seniors want their golden benefits left untouched and placed on the
backs of the rest of the taxpayers and this in unconscionable.
10:48 pm edt 

Building Commissioner

One does not need to know the hours of operation for the building
dept. Simply call and make an appointment for a mutually convenient time. I met
with Doug Taylor that way and he answered all my questions in a few minutes. I'm
sure the same would be true of Mr. Braun.
10:45 pm edt 

Community Center

How sad it is to see the Town Warrant article proposing the sale of
the Community Center. Recreation is important to children and families deserve a
place to bring their little ones. This is a place that is available for use by
town residents and tourists alike. Would it not best serve the community at
large to revive the center rather than dismantle it? With all the hogwash that
we spend money on is there nothing else that can be cut? Have endless
fundraisers failed to heal the financial wounds of poor fiscal policy or have
there been none? Everyone bitches and complains in fear of becoming the "next
Nantucket" or "next Martha's Vineyard". In those places people come together in
a caring and supportive manner to ensure that the health of their communities is
not only guarded but respected. Provincetown spends it's energy being divisive
and tearing it's self apart. There is so much "us" vs. "them" here and it's
discouraging and negative results can be seen in such ! suggested transactions.
We are a community of both rich and poor. Let's not make the mistake of working
against each other. It is time to come together as one and realize that we need
each other. There has to be a way to save the Community Center. What is next
the West End Racing Club? How sad. We have Family Week bit no family pride
the rest of the year. A dog park but no place to bring the kids. An artists colony
with no place for kids to draw. We can do better and we owe it to ourselves. Cut
the crap but don't cut the Community Center.
10:43 pm edt 

$200,000.00 Savings

We taxpayers need to save where we can. 14% of Provincetown's population has
left and we are going to sell our house within the next ten years because we
can't afford to stay here with our Commercial Street job.

If I had a town job, I'd be set for life. I didn't get one, I lived the life
that I wanted. Now, decades later, we can't afford Provincetown so we will sell
our apartment house in a number of years and it will become condos.

We can't make it here with my hours being cut back at work and at my age I can't
work two jobs like I used to be able to do.
10:38 pm edt 

Article 3, Special Town Meeting

I agree. Here they are purposing a 2 1/2 prop without giving
us the costs. Go to the meeting and ask questions.
10:35 pm edt 

Alarmist Headline

$1,000 increase for seniors a year for health care.
It is like saying,"Cigarette smoker spends $3,650.00 on cigarettes a year."
(smoking 2 packs a day at $5.00 a pack)

HEADLINE SHOULD READ $83.30 a month increase for seniors.
I have to pay my own health premiums and they have gone up as well. I have a
$2,000.00 deductible.

Don't cry for the increase for the seniors--we are have to pay and some of us
have no pensions and work at commercial street wages.

I pay thousands every year to be on the sewer so let everyone pay the sewer bill
if everyone is going to pay for the seniors gold plated health insurance.

10:34 pm edt 

Re: New Home Owner

How about CALLING the building dept!? Geez! 508-487-7000 & ask for Borg dept
10:31 pm edt 

Police Chief Jaran

For $125K plus a car with mileage,all paid for the by the Town, would it be too
much to ask you to use proper English?

After all, you have a college degree and allegedly have attended the FBI

Here is a little vocabulary refresher:

The plural of incident is incidents.

After watching you at the traffic hearing, I better understand why our police
force is less than articulate.

Perhaps you could use the increase in salary to take an English course at the
local community college.
10:29 pm edt 

Re: Building Department

"Can someone direct me to where I can find the posted hours of

operation when the various inspectors are available to set up scheduled meeting
times with the public?"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....

I'm sorry, pal. That's not readily...available. You might get an assistant or a
passer by near the phone when it rings but not a voice mail that will be
answered, and certainly no sustained, rock-solid hours for availability. But let
us know if you do get something solid. We'd all like to know! We'll inform the
Boston Globe about it because it will be a first. That said, welcome. Wish you
well. Goodnight and good luck!   
10:27 pm edt 

Something Better Than Nothing

Not for nothing, but as someone self-employed on a family health
insurance plan (3 people, 2 parents, one kid), I am paying $1,900 bucks a month
for health insurance.  And it's not top of the line.  Quit whining.  Anything,
at this point, is better than nothing.  I wish someone covered even 10% of the
cost.  That would be a huge help.  As far as operating hours of the Bldg. Dept.,
good luck, your odds are better at a slot machine in Foxwoods.
10:24 pm edt 

Re: Building Department

I think they work   Monday-thursday.  You can go to the town website I think it
is or .gov, If you google Provincetown it is usully one of the
first hits.
10:21 pm edt 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Town of Provincetown Building Department

Can someone direct me to where I can find the posted hours of operation when the
various inspectors are available to set up scheduled meeting times with the

I am looking to purchase a home in Provincetown as a second home and would like
to discuss with someone building related questions that I have before I make
this investment.
12:56 pm edt 

Town Warrant Article 3

I was just reading the Town Warrant and Article 3 is quite
troublesome.  Is this to see if we will vote?  How can we vote without having
the budgeted costs included in the Article.  This looks like one of those lets
just go for it and forget about proper planning and budgeting and pay later as
12:55 pm edt 

Re: "A class action suit may be filed against the Board of
Selectmen,Finance Committee.and others.  They will use tax dollars for Town
Counsel defense,but they could be sued individually as well and will need to
seek their own defense separatley for that

Get serious, you have absolutely  no basis for a lawsuit.  Do you have anything
in writing that guarantees you the right to have a health insurance plan other
than the medicare for which you and the town have been paying for the past
twenty five years?  No you don't.  No wonder people think municipal employees
are spoiled.  I suggest the town wait and let the legislature pass the bill that
would force you to go on to the Medicare program like the rest of the country
with only 50% of your premiums paid.
12:53 pm edt 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where's the Problem?

Police extra detail sounds like a good win/win for the town & the
officers! Both get extra dollar$ that they normally would not get! I don't see
where anyone should have a problem with it.
7:10 pm edt 

Re: Special Police Detail

Why do Provincetown police use their private cars for details and Truro uses the
department cruisers? Are the Truro rates higher for details?
7:08 pm edt 

Elderly Abuse? Really?

By moving retirees onto the Medicare System, the town is offering the retirees
comparable coverage which is all they are legally and contractually required to
do. The town will continue to pay it's 80% of the retirees share.

The abuse is coming from the retirees who feel they have the power to negotiate
post-employment benefits outside of union negotiated contracts.

A prime example of abuse would be a retired chief of police who lives in Truro. 
47 years old and retired with a good pension and we are expected to re-negotiate
so he can receive even more from the town.

Granted there may be a few elderly retirees who would be negatively effected,
but the majority of the retirees retired with generous pensions after a minimum
of ten years of service.

Recent retirees, up to 20 years ago, made comparable wages for their jobs.  They
gave nothing up in the way of pay for their increased benefit.  Don't buy into
that argument that all retirees gave up something for their benefit package.

Elderly abuse?  I feel like the town is being abused.
7:06 pm edt 

Police Detail

Good grief!  Next they'll be saying the police cars get Sirius and XM. 
Please.  Sweet deal.
7:04 pm edt 

Police Details

Who pays for the gas?  You do if you pay taxes. 
7:02 pm edt 

Police Details

For the record....  Taxes are taken out of the amount the officer gets and NO
the officer does not sit and run the cruiser...  The cruiser is primarly used
for hazardous situations or inclimate weather for the purpose of the lights... 
If anyone has an issue with such a small item, perhaps you should pickup the
phone and just ask instead of making assumptions!  Oh, "yes" it is extra money
for the officer but remember...  details are not as simple as you think..... 
7:01 pm edt 

Re: Agenda

The agenda was posted on the website and there was an article in the previous
week's Banner about the retirement insurance issue.  It amazes me that people
post stuff on here before simply reading the paper or checking the town website
to get the facts. Speaking of facts police detail pay is paid to the officers
through the town payroll system and taxes ect taken out. The towns usually get a
5-10% handling fee and actually make money on the deal.
5:09 pm edt 

Re: Special Police Detail

For a 8 hour detail, the vehicles are running with the heat on or the
a/c on. Who pays for the gas , repairs etc.?
5:02 pm edt 

Re: BOS Retiree Insurance Agenda

The meeting re Retirees insurance agenda wasthe best kept secret,at
least to some who were not aware that subject was being discussed publicly at a
most recent Board of Selectmen's meeting.Bd. of Selectmen and Finance Committee
waste Tax Dollars to pay a study group to tell them what they want to hear as
though we are all village idiots!

It'stantamount to elderly abuse and bullying the elderly long time town retirees who
made far less salaries than now and agreed to trade off raises for their health
insurance coverage at 80% by the Town in perpetuity. The promise was sealed by
all parties.  This issue needs to be mediated further and not slam dunked down
our throatd. 

The Bd. of Selectmen will be wise to indefinitely postpone the
article for this April Town Meeting until all parties including retirees have thrashed
out a medicare plan which is fraught with problems not yet brought to light. 

A class action suit may be filed against the Board of Selectmen,Finance
Committee.and others.  They will use tax dollars for Town Counsel defense,but
they could be sued individually as well and will need to seek their own defense
separatley for that.
2:17 pm edt 

Re: Special Police Detail

How funny that a top news story today is serious problems found with
overtime abuse and police in Boston.  Probably happens all over.  Surely not
Ptown though.  We are above that and more into swiping used bricks.  Small town
12:03 pm edt 

West End Boat Launch

With all the discussion of police escorts et al, has Deborah Paine construction
company been charged a fee for rental use of the town's west end boat launch for
her dumpster, parking, port o potty urinal, chain link fence and gang plank over
the beach to the construction site whereupon a demolition has occured? Has she
been charged? How much? If she is using our town landing "gratis" who gave her
permission to use the Boat launch area as her personal space for construction??

When is Pru coming back from Key West maybe some investigative reporting and
questions to our DPW director or building commissioner or better yet Our Town
Manager maybe they can enlighten those of us in the community?
11:27 am edt 

BOS Elections

Does anyone have information on the people running for
the BOS?  What are their concerns?  How do they feel
about development issues? And are they aligned with any
group already?

I saw a large ad in the Banner for David McChesney.  In it he says he's a
business man and member of the Finance Comm.
Does he have an independent voice and would he stand up for
locals in need of a voice or would he be in with
the cabal.  Anyone know?
11:23 am edt 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Re: Police Escort

Police details are paid for by the person requesting the detail, ie the
contractor whether it's NSTAR, Verizon or any builder. Each officer is paid for,
whether with a cruiser or not. The rate for the details, last I knew, was $40/hr
with a 4 hr minimum per person. On top of that, there is a 10% administrative
fee paid to the town where the officer(s) is from. Does the contractor add these
fees to their costs and pass it on to the consumer? You bet. Does the officer
get the money from the detail, $160 for the 4 hours? You bet. Does he get a 1099
for that at tax time? No. Does the town get reimbursed for the fuel used in the
cruiser? No. Pretty good deal, no?
10:03 pm edt 

Re: Special Police Detail

"Anytime a special police detail is needed the builder or property
owner pays the cost directly. It is at an exorbitant rate and there are time
minimums you have to pay for."

$36 bucks an hour, minimum of four hours. Not exorbitant. In line with every
other municipality in the state. And no they don't write the checks out to the
Chief. They write them out to the town. Don't be daft. 
10:01 pm edt 

Phone Lines

According to the radio, the phone problem is entirely verizon and based in the
lower cape area including orleans.
they say it should all be restored by 8-9pm tonight.

9:58 pm edt 

Phone Line Failure

Does anyone know why the phone lines are not working in P-town ?
5:27 pm edt 

Re: Police Escort

I get who pays in theory, but who really paid for this is the question
on the table?  Did the developer write checks to each officer or how did it go
down?  And did the developer pay the town for use of the vehicles?  Let's see
the figures. 
5:04 pm edt 

Re: Police Escort

Anytime a special police detail is needed the builder or property owner pays the
cost directly. It is at an exorbitant rate and there are time minimums you have
to pay for. The escorts are off duty police. This is a nice way for police to
collect extra $ over and above their regular pay. This applies if you have to
close or interfere with a street for utility work, etc. as well.
3:28 pm edt 

From: Catherine Russo


    I have decided that I will no longer be producing my weekly series
Development in Provincetown. Over the past 9 months I have interviewed
historians, ministers, fishermen, town officials, town activists, journalists,
and an affordable housing developer.

My intention was to bring the issues related to current development in Provincetown
to peoples attention, to give a voice to those who felt unheard, and to examine and
explore where we are going, where we have been, and whether or not we are following
the intentions expressed by the rules, regulations, and documents that were designed
by the community to direct and inform this development.

I also hoped to provide a service to help voters make educated decisions on important development related questions.
Before the last town meeting in November, I tried to interview the town building
commissioner.  He declined. I also tried to interview the chair of the Housing
Authority and a member of the zoning-by law amendment committee.Neither of
them returned my phone calls.

I found it very discouraging not to be able to get more information to people
before the town meeting to help clarify of the important issues in question.Ive
talked to manypeople about development over the last year, and I have found
that many people are as discouraged as I am and not very optimistic about
the future of the town.

A decade ago the diverse year round community that depended on affordable
housing was being decimated. Families and artists were leaving. People who had
grown up here could not afford to stay here. In response, locals came together
and were excited about developing and writing a local comprehensive plan.

This plan was an attempt to remedy what we were witnessing; an acceleration of
overdevelopment, the deterioration of the environment and greater economic

An Economic Development Council was also appointed. We wrote proposals to
hire specialists; specialists for affordable housing and specialists for an economic
development plan using the arts community. Many people came to these meetings
and gave generously of their time.

I dont know if they would still have enough faith in town government to
participate again. We are witnessing development that does not meet our
needs as a community.

We pay for an expensive local government that has difficulty enforcing the will of town
meeting. Citizens are leaving town in record numbers according to the latest census
figures. Even affordable housing is priced beyond the reality of most workers salaries,
and year round rentals are few and far between.

These are complicated and often polarizing issues. There are no easy solutions in
these difficult times. Nationwide, we live with the accelerating destruction of ecological,
social, political, and economic systems. 

It is a spiritual crisis. We see this crisis up close in Provincetown and it seems to
many of us that the soul of the town has changed and is still changing. It felt
appropriate to end the series with two local ministers warning of the costs of over
development and the toll it is taking on the well being of their parishioners.

How we preserve the physical and spiritual life of our town remains unresolved.
When I interviewed N.Y. Times journalist, David Densmore, who is writing a book
on Provincetown architecture, he stated about recent developments, Youre in essence
cutting itself off from its roots, its origins.  Youre letting this physically beautiful
settlement be cast adrift from its roots.

I am still collecting interviews and stories.  Please contact me
if you see a development that should be video!
taped or want to tell your story.

Catherine Russo
3:26 pm edt 

Police Escort For Bangs Steet

The escorts I saw used Truro "Matrix edition" cruisers.
2:07 pm edt 

Stolen Bricks - Bangs Street

Keep an eye out for anyone installing bricks suddenly or storing them. 
Someone must have seen something as they can't be carried and loaded
immediately.  Bricks are heavy.  Pathetic, but not surprising at all.  Had to be
either a contractor or property owner.  Construction sites are notorious fodder
for desperate lowlifes frequenting at night to do their "free" shopping. 

As far as the full moon goes and crazy or high bloggers, I think there was a
point struggling here.  A police escort for private purpose was questioned. The
East End mods needed a police escort for the oversized trucks hauling the units
into town (a street sign was taken down cutting the corner onto Bangs).  This
escort was a "special" duty so it seems some overtime (on a weekend) or special
pay would have been involved.  The blogger had a simple question just trouble
spitting it out.  Who did pay for this police escort? The taxpayers or the
developer?  It's old news but I wondered this also at the time and no one ever
questioned it.  If it was the taxpayers, and it probably was, that's just wrong
and another example of bending over for developers.
11:30 am edt 

Unemployment Filing

Anyone else having trouble with filing weekly unemployment?  System has been
down for 2 days and can't get any answer on phone..............
8:17 am edt 

Fishermen's Wharf

Those two big holes next to Fishermans wharfe are to keep the drain
pipes for storm water comeing off of Commercial street clear. They have been
there as long as I have been around. Just another sourse of polution in our bay.

8:15 am edt 

Stolen Bricks

To the person(s) who removed 250 to
300 used bricks from Pepe's Wharf,

My mason arrived yesterday morning
to finish the job, only to find that the
pile of bricks were gone. They were neatly
piled and placed well into my property.
There was no "free" sign.
This is a felony. Anyone with information
please contact the police. In the meantime,
it is a shame that there are people in this
town who would commit this act.
Contractors and citizens beware of
leaving your building materials outdoors
and on your property.

Astrid Berg
8:10 am edt 

Federal Grant/Aids!

I thought we relied on tourism. This is so confusing.
You mean the whole town has been kissing tourist     and we were
supposed to be nice to the residents and homeowners? Are you telling me that
there is a use for locals and it is to qualify for grant money? Spread the word.

8:08 am edt 

Affordable Housing and Perpetuity

Not all affordable housing created must be in perpetuity.  I believe our zoning
bylaw allows an affordable housing unit to be created for, I believe, twenty
years.  What happens after the 20 years, can it them become market rate or does
the dwelling unit have to be removed?  Not sure what section it's in but I know
someone who said they created a unit under this bylaw.
8:06 am edt 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I think she had moved the bakery to the Aquarium Mall.
11:08 pm edt 


Connie's is moving to the Aquarium Mall.  She is not going out of business. 
Renovations of the space are almost done (it's the old dog store on the front)
and she's excited to be in the heart of Commercial Street.

So, it ain't so.  Not that it surprises me since 90+% of the bunk on this blog
turns out to be untrue.
11:06 pm edt 

Shrinking Fiefdom

Official US census numbers came out today and Provincetown went from
3,353 people to 2,942 people.  That's a 14% loss! We suffered the largest
decline in the Mass? Not good news for a town that relies so much on federal
8:06 pm edt 

Fisherman's Wharf

Does anyone know what the two large holes dug in the sand beside
Fisherman's Wharf are?
7:04 pm edt 

Gull's Nest

Yes a qualified buyer was found - affordable housing for
town people.
6:32 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

If you are a person on section 8 and you need a roommate, you can get a roommate
who doesn't have a voucher as long as they make under $18,000.00 a year and
fulfill the requirements of section 8.

Did you know that someone who owns a home could qualify to be eligible to be a
roommate of someone who has a section 8 voucher? Or could be eligible to get
section 8?

Oh, my dears, affordable housing is big business. Millionaires are created from
going into affordable housing development. The man who spent millions on the
murchinson house is a developer of affordable housing projects.

Plus we have our long standing developer who has been building here for over a
decade, and at this town meeting the CPA committee wants to get back a few
hundred thousand dollars that they gave to him in haste on a promise and a
prayer while the library suffered.

How many of you folks who have lived here over 25 years make under $18,000.00 a
6:30 pm edt 

Say it Ain't So!

Just learned that Connie's has gone out of business too!  No more
sesame bread!
6:28 pm edt 

No Blood For Oil!

Where are all the protesters at Obama?
6:26 pm edt 

Re: Anemic Blog

It must be a full moon.  This poster must be crazy or as high as a kite.
6:22 pm edt 

Soup Kitchen

I am the person who made the comment about the soup kitchen and I am not a
women. I am sorry if I insulted anyone, but I was not lying about anything I
10:49 am edt 


It is mandated that if a foodservice business has more
than 25 seats they must have restrooms for customers.
I think Joe's fall into that catagory. Make a formal
complaint to the Health Agent.
10:47 am edt 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Town Meeting Article Review


Provincetown Business Guild


Town Meeting Warrant Review


The PBG would like to remind you about the


Town Meeting Article Review 


The PBG invites you to join Town Manager Sharon Lynn for an informative discussion of the articles on the warrant for the upcoming town meeting.


March 22 - 3pm to 5pm at

Bayside Betsy's

177 Commercial Street


Town Meeting starts Monday April 4th at 6pm at Town Hall.  It's important to attend and vote as there are several articles that affect business and tourism.  Please attend this review to find out more about these articles.  All welcome.  We hope to see you there. 






Join us on Facebook


Business Expo March 29-30


The PBG is excited to present a

Professional Business Expo

Tuesday, March 29th & Wednesday, March 30th from Noon to 6:30 pm

in the Hiebert Marine Laboratory Building at 5 Holway Avenue


The Expo will take place in Larkin Hall and the Library at the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies. Larkin Hall will hold an all day open house that features professional services such as banking, credit card processing, insurance, bookkeeping and more. The library will hold a paid two day seminar called "Promoting Your Business Through Social Media" by Tony Zampella with pre-registration required. Following the seminar, both afternoons will feature two FREE breakout sessions on a variety of topics and both days will end with a Closing

Reception with light food and drinks. Refreshments have been donated by Wired Puppy, Far Land Provisions, Purple Feather Cafe and Treatery, Ptown Parties and Fanizzi's. This event is generously sponsored by Cape Cod 5, Seamen's Bank and TD Bank. We hope that this event will educate our business community on current trends and technology and provide a networking opportunity for business owners. More details to follow in a separate email. For more information, please contact Elisabeth Verde, Member Services Coordinator, at 508-487-2313 or


Open to the Public

Thank you,
9:42 pm edt 

Live Music!

To See All Public Performances, Click


March 26, 2:00pm, $20.00 

Cotuit Center for the Arts

4404 Route 28, Cotuit

508-428-0669, Cotuit Center for the Arts  


You do not want to miss...
Dane Vannatter in Concert!

Dane Vannatter

Dane Vannatter (vocals), Arnie Krakowsky (sax), Tim Ray (piano), Greg Loughman (bass) and Bart Weisman (drums)


9:38 pm edt 

Town Meeting Warrant Review

Provincetown Business Guild


Town Meeting Warrant Review


The PBG would like to remind you about the


Town Meeting Article Review 


The PBG invites you to join Town Manager Sharon Lynn for an informative discussion of the articles on the warrant for the upcoming town meeting.


March 22 - 3pm to 5pm at

Bayside Betsy's

177 Commercial Street

9:29 pm edt 

Provincetown Soup Kitchen

As a long time generous supporter of the Provincetiwn soup kitchen I
will no longer do so and I will encourage as many others to not support it until
the nasty anti-police person working there, who obviously doesn't know the
native police officer she insulted, offers her an apology personally and also on
this blog.  We're proud of our long time local police officers who are not only
seasoned and efficient but perform many kind,special acts for the public over
and above their jobs that Jane & Joe Citizen aren't aware of every day. 
9:20 pm edt 

Anemic Blog

The blog of recent is losing focus and, in turn, has become anemic. 
WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS TOWN?? The harbor is being polluted rabidly with no
concern whatsoever???? The roads are a mess (yeah argue with this.)  And don't
say you weren't forewarned when a pedestrian or bicyclist is hit by a car trying
to avoid a pothold or crack.  As per the CCTimes article today, our esteemed
royal court is obviously scrambling to cover their collective rear ends with
respect to the Community Center and the GG Bldg.   What, praytell, will be done
with those funds?  Another barge for the Harbormaster?  Or maybe they could use
Really, good gravy, where's the vasoline?  When will the roads be fixed?  When
will we be able to wash our cars during the sumner? 

QUESTION:  The Banner clearly posted a picture so it's public knowledge that is
still a mystery, even after many inquiries.   Don't remember a meeting where the
UNITS ONTO THE EAST END DEAD END THAT LOOKS DEAD? (if you need an explanation,
SALE OF ANY TOWN BUILDINGS.  consider yourself fore- WARNED.
9:17 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

How about if we put a moratorium on building any more low
income/affordable housing developments? Why don't we take existing houses and
turn them into apartments? This is totally out of control. 800,000 dollars
unavailable to the town when it is most needed. It's tied up in this 90
Shankpainter hole in the ground. Going on three years now. Let's vote to get the
$$$ back and use it where it is needed.

Also, let's go to town meeting and bring up the raises for the chief and town
manager. The people running the town are running roughshod over all of us. Stand
up and do something about it! Go to town meeting, let your voices be heard!
9:13 pm edt 

Affordable vs Market Rate

I certainly remember reading the article in the Banner this year how the
selectmen were shocked, I say,**SHOCKED** to discover that an affordable unit
was going "Market Rate" because there were no takers.

Find a year round job for the folks looking for affordable housing. Have a
family come here to work and live--oh, they are almost all one bedroom!!!

This is all about making developers richer. It is win/win for the developers.
9:11 pm edt 

Gull's Nest

I seem to recall this past Fall that there were concerns that
there were not any qualified Affortable Housing Candidates
for an available unit and That unit would then go on the
Open Market. Apparently they finally found a qualified
applicant. Or did they? So much for perpetuity.
And who funded this project? The taxpayers gave the girls
$750K for start up funds. What have We gotten back from
Our investment? Nothing. Wise up taxpayers and invest
your tax dollars where we at least get a return from
Your Buck.  ie. Street repairs, Town owned properties, etc.
10:34 am edt 

Joe's Coffee Shop

Another thing about Joes Coffee that irks me. They are suppossed
to have restrooms available to there customers, and by law maybe even open to
the public.(because they serve food)  And they do have restrooms, however when I
was in there once when the place was new, I didnt see any signs for the
restrooms. My friend who I was with asked about restrooms and was first directed
to the fire station and only after asking a second time and reminding the girl
behind the counter thet we were customers was she told how to get to them
through the kitchen door.

So I dont like the fact that they take our water and use our sewer, but
then try to save a few bucks by makeing it inconveniant for anyone to use the
bathroom. And thats the last time Iv ever been in there.

      And while Im at it, my intuition tells me that it                                         big stink about                    .

     Great business practices.
10:32 am edt 

If you don't like the police chief or town manager raises, why not amend the
warrant articles at Town Meeting. Since the raise is up for a vote in just weeks 
you now have your chance to offer an amendment and put it to a vote.
10:27 am edt 

BOS Public Statements

What if you actually went to public statements at the Selectmen's
meeting and stated your opinion ?   What would happen...................
whooooooeeeee scary huh ?
10:25 am edt 

Re: Perpetuity

Perpetuity means perpetuity.
10:23 am edt 

Re: Joe's Coffee Shop

"Correct me if I am wrong, but were they not granted sewer flow under the
economic development provisions and did they not state they would be open year
round? Same question about Jonathan Williams Salon, Commercial St., location. I
clearly remember their promise of year round operation."

And you blue         are going to do something about it? Sure! Unless there are
ramifications there is no reason to comply.
10:22 am edt 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Affordable Housing in Perpetuity

Not all affordable housing must be in perpetuity.  Obviously, someone who is
posting is not getting all the correct information.
9:27 pm edt 


What would happen if every Provincetown resident refused to pay their
taxes? No money coming in... no money going out. We could freeze out the town
until they start seeing it our way. We are after  all the tax payers and
residents of this town! It would be well worth the interest and penalties to get
the town government salaries back under control. Stop the madness!
9:26 pm edt 

Joe's Coffee Shop

Correct me if I am wrong, but were they not granted sewer flow under the
economic development provisions and did they not state they would be open year

Same question about Jonathan Williams Salon, Commercial St., location. I clearly
remember their promise of year round operation.

Maybe these two should be called before the Board of Selectmen.

9:24 pm edt 


What is your point about East End affordable housing - what are you
talking about ?
7:33 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

Let's see - if 5,000 people are waiting for housing, chances are an
apartment unit will not sit vacant for 3 months - allowing it to go market - if
that is even a true statement. 

7:32 pm edt 

Re: "Perpetuity"

In this town, PERPETUITY is nothing but a state of mind... Or a
twisted way of saying, nothing now, but keep your pants on, when the jigg is up,
the max down the road.  Who do you think you're kidding, so honest,
knowledgeable in with the in-crowd one? You smell of gratuitous.
7:31 pm edt 

The Usual Suspects

Recent events have left this former Provincetown fan completely
dissappointed, disgruntled and with an elusive foul bacterial taste in the
mouth.  Not from personal activities but from being raised in a town that once
had morals and a conscience.  Alas, in the face of the almighty buck, all those
wanting to jump on the blog to vent their pseudo criticism and wit and defense
will do so, as is their so-called right.   What about the right of what is
right.  Forget that, what is wrong is right now in this town.  In the old, and
yes I do mean old as in good, old days, a degree of dishonesty existed.  I.E.,
turn the water meter back, scrub the eggs off the lobster before the Coast Guard
boarded, give back the same amount of cash presented for purchase in change and
forget the register tape, etc.  Believe me, the list goes on and on.  But never
to the degree blatantly thrown in the face of hard working, actual town loving
year round residents.  I am completely sickened by what your leaders in the royal
court are allowing developers to do to this town.  And don't think they are innocent. 

7:29 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

Town supported affordable housing is in perpetuity.   Read the
agreements.   You can't just say it is not - this is why the facts just don't
phase you.
7:10 pm edt 


The police chief getting such an increase sets a very bad tone for the
unions - of course they will want big raises and since they may earn much less
than the chief - it does make sense.

7:08 pm edt 

Cannot Believe it!

Another citizen who can't believe the salaries of town employees.
When I worked in the private sector,we were told to take a pay cut,work
More hours ,contribute more to health insurance,or take a hike.
Sharon,what planet are you living on!!!!
7:07 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Loop Holes


If an an affordable housing unit isn't rented in a space of 3 months
or so, then that unit is allowed to be rented at the going market rate.

40B housing is for the homeless, children with dependent children, substance
abuse recovery folks, the elderly and the ill.

The housing assistance corporation have a waiting list of over 5,000 people
looking for housing.
7:06 pm edt 

Shout Out to P-Town Theatre!

Cudos on "The Odd Couple" well done, a must see!
7:04 pm edt 

Taxation Without Representation

Someone mentioned carpetbaggers... That's what you get when you continue to hire
people who are not from here. They do not understand our Town or how it works.
They have no history here and they don't care!!!
7:02 pm edt 

Re: Raises

Exactly, as long as Sharon gives the chief a good review, he not only gets his
raise because the selectmen hinge their every decision on someone elses
recommendation but she then has an exemplary employee and therefore is running a
great organization thus she gets her raise as well. Vicious circle, no?
6:59 pm edt 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Re: True Cape Codder Recipe

For the proper flavoring make sure the ice comes from the Bangs Street wetlands.
But don't get caught.
8:33 pm edt 

Taxation Without Representation

A big city police chief doesn't make what this guy gets.  What's the reason? 
Then he'll get his new station and retire shortly thereafter at his new huge
salary. What a scam.   Welcome to the town of opportunity where the townsfolk
are stupidly taken by everyone.  Where town meetings are a joke, and the
majority does not necessarily rule.  Where a fire chief throws you an "F" bomb
when you ask him a question.  We're being taken for a hard ride by the people in
charge.  ENOUGH Already!!!!!  Send these carpetbaggers packing
8:32 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

As long as we are discussing "perpetuity" let's touch on the fact that
nothing is set in stone in this town or as it seems.  Perpetuity may mean 5
years.  Are you going to cough up the legal fees to object?  Thought so.  Have
you learned nothing from the newly appraised "townhouses" in the East End. 
Let's see, recently appraised at 2 (that's 2) at 461K apiece (that's a total of
922K) and on the market as 4 (that's 4) at 579K a piece (that's a total of
$2,316,000.) Gee quite a difference. What a freaking joke.  Don't tell me this
town doesn't cater to developers.  That's all this town is about and it is
DISGUSTING.  Affordable housing bought by townspeople.   My butt. 
8:30 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

All new affordable are forever affordable. The only few affordable in
the past that were resold at market were not town sponsored.
8:27 pm edt 


Most people have to jump through hoops for a raise.. How come it is always the
Chief and Sharon who get theirs without issues?  Let the town vote on the raises
for Sharon & the Chief and then see if they get one!  As long as Sharon votes
for the Chief, he will continue to get what he wants.....
8:26 pm edt 


This town is in la-la land - raises for all town employees, oh and
please just work a 4 day week, and keep your great benefits.   No problem. 
3:08 pm edt 


The Gull's Nest condos are in perpetuity - that means forever
affordable.   I don't know where you get your twisted little facts.   100% were
sold to towns people.   Arn't the facts a b---ch. 

3:07 pm edt 


The police chief's raise amounts to 22.5% when added up according to
simple interest but based on the increases compounded on each years increase it
is in reality a 30-33% raise  by the end of his contract. He might be good, but
does this reflect the reality of our economy? Any town employee can be replaced
in this "unemployment world" that we live in with a equally qualified person for 
far less than we offer. It dosen't make sense to the tax payers. We do not need
over-rides if we can afford these raises! Is the town manager and her assistant
also getting the same?
10:55 am edt 


A problem with the police chief raise.  Come on.  This is
small potatoes.  Wait until the septic system flows backwards and water runs out
and there isn't another square inch of space to develop.  You can fit at least 2
= 4 condos on top of the Monument.  What are you waiting for?
10:53 am edt 

Re: Police Chief Contract

Just keep in mind that any raise he gets is dependant on a good review by the
selectmen. It's up to the community to voice their concerns and make him earn
every penny of it. Funny part of all of this is that the evaluation of the chief
is done by Sharon considering he answers to her and then the selectmen go on her
direction to give him the raise. Why don't the selectmen do the evaluation along
WITH Sharon? I would have to assume Sharon will give him good marks all the time
considering a poor evaluation would reflect poorly on her role as his boss, no?
So in the end, he'll always get his raise considering she will give him a good
evaluation. The only way the raise will be held back would be if the townspeople
aren't satisfied with his/the departments performance.
10:52 am edt 

Gallery Benefit

You read it correctly. It's a silent auction benefit for Gallery Ewha. That has
to be a first.Plus a 25 dollar entry fee PLUS you are hinted at to bring food.
10:50 am edt 


I haven't had a raise for three years, but you want me to come up with more
money for taxes, to give you peaople raises. We certainly did not need this town
managerand police chief, all they want is to spend money, it's not fair. Enough
10:48 am edt 

Gallery Ehva Auction

I went to their website and indeed the silent auction is to benefit themselves
and pay the rent. I'm not sure who that harms, though, in your view.  Maybe you
could elaborate.

If artists think it is important for the gallery to stay open and are willing to
donate art, then I don't see an issue.  Perhaps their residency programs or
other classes that they mention on their website are important to the art
community and they don't want to see the gallery close?   I don't see where it
is anyone's business.  You could argue, I suppose, that there are worthwhile
charities that could do with a silent auction, but again, it is a free country
and keeping the lights on must be important enough to these artists to donate
their time and art.

You are right about one thing, though.  The Banner article should have disclosed
who the beneficiary of the auction was.  That is shoddy reporting.

10:46 am edt 

Forgetting the Locals

Forget Court Street 35 or so affordable housing units-the rest are Market Rate.
$3,000,000 went to developers for their low income housing projects while a nice
house in a real neighborhood goes begging for years. Does this finally show you
that the affordable housing cartel fueled by past and present B of S members is
all about developers?

Forget the locals--you won't get your foot in the door because with federal
funds in the mix 40B housing is for women with dependent children, the homeless
and the ill--all across the country.

350,000,000 Americans over 5,000 on a waiting list at the Housing Assistance Org
in Hyannis alone. There is the Yarmouth housing assistance and the Barnstable
housing assistance, ABC in Boston-how many would qualify for these affordable
rental units? There will be 35 affordable housing units.
10:44 am edt 

Article 15. Stable Path

Beware of this article. Malone is asking for less funds and
offering 9 less affortable housing units. This Article does
not address the reduction, if any, of the Open Market properties.

I resent the appropriation of the oringinal $800K  that is sitting
in limbo for 2 years. BTW, what's going on with his Shank
Painter property next to Clem & Ursie's for $150K I'm tired of being
his banker.

Wake up Provincetown! The original intent of
the CPA was to convert existing buildings for affordable
housing and not to promote developers to take advantage
to skirt over zoning bylaws to build new. They found a loophole
in the system, Let's not have them abuse it.

Over It
10:42 am edt 

A Gllery "Benefit" to Pay Rent?
In this town, it doesn't surprise me in the least. It's certainly no stranger
than one local gallery owner who stages what seems to have become an "annual"
winter going-out-of-business sale before re-opening the following spring.

Or a dog park for wealthy pet enthusiasts that is constantly portraying itself
as a charity and asking for handouts.

People here have chutzpah, if nothing else.

Feeling charitable? I recommend the soup kitchen.
10:40 am edt 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Police Chief Contract -

A 15 -20 % increase over the next 5 years is
absolutely ludicrous is the present economy. Sharon Lynne says he was hired at a
lower salary than most chiefs on the Cape! C'mon, how busy is he in the
Winter... granted the three to four months of summer bring alot of people, but
please this is a part time job at best. Once again, the taxpayers of
Provincetown are getting a royal screwing. Michelle Couture was the only
selectman with any balls! People are out of jobs, getting laid off, pay cuts and
the selectmen see fit to give the Chief a raise of 15-20 percent of more over
the next five years. What would have happened if he didn't accept the contract
at a lower pay... oh he would have left and we could have hired someone else for
less money. I respect police officers and all they do, but really this is just
plain ridiculous!
11:43 am edt 

Gallery Benefit Silent Auction!

I can't believe that a gallery is having a benefit auction for themselves!
Amazing that in this weeks Banner there is no mention who the benefit is for or
better said who will benefit. Someone told me it is a benefit for the gallery
itself to pay its rent. Why didn't the Banner press release say what the benefit
is? Is this something new that will spread to all the galleries in town? Not
really sure what to make of it? Anyone have any clue whats up?
12:20 am edt 

Concerning Affordable Housing...

Didn't Cheryl Andrews tell us the house on court street would be
Available for rent by last june or July...
The house is still sitting there empty......
12:18 am edt 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

And How do We Know This Water Was Taken For Testing?

True Cape Codder recipe:
1 part cranberry juice
3 parts vodka
2 parts waste groundwater runoff
1 part ice

12:50 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

The affordable condo units that were sold to people will be free to be
sold as full market condo units within 20 years (or possibly less).  The town
assessor should be keeping an eye on such units as affordable units pay much
lower taxes than market units and the lower market value should be phased out as
the time gets closer to when the unit can be sold at full market value.  Keep in
mind that the lower property taxes on affordable units provide a subsidy that
other property taxpayers must make up for.  This means that all other property
owners subsidize the property tax bills of the affordable units.
12:47 pm edt 

Sorry, the Editorial is Still Kind of Funny

I checked.  It wasn't in the Banner.  Was it actually sent to the DPW?  So it is
an attempt to do what, exactly?  I do give the editorial writer credit for going
out and collecting water samples, if he did.  I hope when the results come back
he will publicize them regardless of what they show.

As for trivializing the pollution of the harbor, to date, NOBODY HAS PROVEN THAT
THE HARBOR IS BEING POLLUTED.  In fact, thanks to the editorial and other posts
on this blog, we know now that the proper permits were pulled.

The groundwater in Provincetown is not potable nor is it particularly clean. 
Ask anyone who has a well for their garden.  That doesn't mean it is toxic.

For all the screaming, conspiracy theories and hand-wringing, no one has yet
found any evidence of wrongdoing or that anything but the stated groundwater is
being pumped into the bay.

I'd also note that all of the screaming and handwringing has been done here, on
a blog.  Nobody went to the BOS meeting to get the selectmen on record.  If I
actually thought the Harbor were being polluted, I would spend less time on here
and more time demanding answers of public officials.

This blog has occasionally raised important issues like Bangs Street and
overdevelopment among others.  When it descends into screechy rants about dog
poop and personal attacks on public and non-public individuals it discredits
itself and diminishes its stated goals in my view.  And, unfortunately, for
whatever reason it is increasingly veering in that direction in my opinion.

It's a beautiful day.  I hope you all get to enjoy some sunshine.  I have to
work. :(

(PS.  Conflating the harbor with Japan was incredibly tasteless.)
10:21 am edt 

Market Value Rents (Or Read The Fine Print: )

40 years ago affordable housing units in Boston were rented--and now, 40 years
later, the affordable housing lease is up and the owners can rent them at
"Market Rate".

Is this the fate of all of affordable housing? As it stands, if an affordable
housing unit isn't rented in a few months, it may be rented at "Market Rate".

35 units for the poor-the rest are going at Market Rate. Read the fine Print.
10:17 am edt 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Re: Water Samples

I fail to see the humor in the possible severe pollution of our
harbor.  References to Japan are grossly inappropriate.  If you are worried,
several towns on the Cape offer thyroid protection pills at their town health
offices.  Who knows about Ptown.  Doubt they even know if the pills exist.  The
AFLAC comedian got fired for joking about Japan and you should be ashamed for
making light of it.  People are dying and crying there and hearts go out to
them.  Saddened hearts.   You, although you try hard, are not cute.  Many are in
peril and the world is in pain but you try to joke.  Go test the water yourself
if you have the balls.  Doubt you do.  
9:13 pm edt 

Re: Water Samples

I don't think it is right for you to use the devastation in Japan
as a joke on this blog. Your comment is insensitive at
best. Please grow up.
9:09 pm edt 

Re: The Editorials Are Kind of Funny

How proudly you trivialize the polluting of our harbor to try to show
your sharp wit.  This harbor is our lifeblood.  Shame on you.  That is, unless
you are a developer still nursing off the tired sore breast of what's left of
the open space in town. 

Don't cry when the beaches close at the peak of tourist season or you get sued
due to a bad clam.  You have been forewarned and chose to ignore and instead
joke about it. 

Again, MULTIPLE requests for information regarding the subject to your so called
bedfellow up-on-a-pedestal Gods at town hall have been fruitless at best. 
Those comfortable nuzzling like rats in a nest officials AGAIN PROVIDE NO ANSWERS
to the age old question of who, what, where, when and why. Criticize those with the
compassion and guts to actually do something about the problem. 

You do it anonymously on this forum because you are a tepid follower.  No one
showed at town meeting to affront the royal court. 

Wow, what a surprise seeing that route usually gets so many results. Let's see the
test results.  As Grandma used to say, the proof is in the pudding.
9:01 pm edt 

Re: Water Samples

I think it's admirable that Clarence braved the perils of the poisonous
and polluted outlet to get a sample of the bay water.

After seeing a dead seagull float along the bay, I think he deserves a medal for
his act of courage.

Do we think the leaks include radiation from Japan? If so, where in town can we
get potassium iodine tablets, or have they already been put into the drinking

4:30 pm edt 

Act of Conscience

What happened yesterday with the collection of water samples by
concerned citizens was an act of conscience for the community at large. No one
should have to be jumping through hoops to get simple, truthful answers about
what is happening to OUR bay and ecosystem. As it stands now, no one in a
position of authority wants to offer up any tests or anything else to justify
dumping directly into the bay.

Signed, Blank.  
11:53 am edt 

Re: Water Samples

"Are you lives that simple that you have to try to
start trouble.  I will email the banner, Sharon Lynn and the police cheif of
what I saw today and what your writing on this blog.   I know you will not post
this because people will see what your all about."

And that and a quarter will almost get you a penny candy.  Oh my God.  Bad
enough rampant grammatical and spelling errors, but if you are going to throw
weak threats and email town officials, learn how to write if you want to be
taken seriously.  And don't expect a response either, by the way. 

Personally, I'd rather see someone who actually cares taking samples of possibly
very polluted water being dumped into the harbor than see someone who is bold
behind a keyboard reporting to town officials about what they saw.  Talk about a
simple life.  Silly tattletale. 

Perhaps the ones who "start" trouble are the ones who take it upon themselves to
dump waste groundwater into the harbor.  I thank Clarence and who ever else he
was with for doing this.  At least they have the common sense to see something
is very wrong with this picture.  Or what, just let it go on and on and when
fish and clams start dying, quickly close the beaches this summer, and start the
name calling. 

Good job Clarence.  There is no way this can be harmless and it is VERY CLEAR by
the responses from inquiries to various departments in town hall, answers are
not as simple or available as some people want us to believe.  Where are the
test results that should have been done and accompanying the certificate.  Oh,
don't need them.  It's only groundwater.  Right.  Have a drink.
11:26 am edt 

Re: Water Samples

Taking water samples is hardly illeagal. Go ahead and
contact the Town Manager, Police Chief and Banner.
These are concerned citizens and have every right to
get an indepentent  study of the water quality going into
the bay. Are you afraid of what they may find?
11:22 am edt 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Editorials Are Kind of Funny

Where they sent to the selectmen or just posted on this site for other
conspiracy theorists to read.  You know that effecting change actually requires
leaving your basement.
11:17 pm edt 

Re: Water Pumped Into Our Bay

Oh Clarence....   I was walking the beach near Surf Side today and saw 
       and yourself taking water samples from the pipe on the beach that the
ground water is coming out.  Are you lives that simple that you have to try to
start trouble.  I will email the banner, Sharon Lynn and the police cheif of
what I saw today and what your writing on this blog.   I know you will not post
this because people will see what your all about.  

11:12 pm edt 

Sorry, But You People Is Not Us

We are not "You People." We are we. We are town residents. We are town voters.
We are town people. But we are not "you people."

11:09 pm edt 

Soup Kitchen

It's sad that a kitchen volunteer would approach a Police Officer in the
negative way that she did and then have the nerve to come on this site and vent
some more negativity about it. The Pastor should ask you to leave and not
volunteer anymore. You obviously have a nasty attitude or you are guilty of
other things and that's why you and just you have the problem. It's people like
you who give a place like the Soup kitchen a bad name. If I was Chief Jaran, I
would send more police officers over and have them all sit by the kitchen window
area just so you can see them while you serve them.
7:42 pm edt 

Water Pollutants

If you want to know what's in the water, do yourself and everyone in here and
maybe even the entire town a favor and get a water sample in a big jar and take
it up to the county to have it tested yourself.

Make sure you call the health agent, or one from another town if you want, to
find out how to collect the water the right way for the right tests. There are tests
that test for colliform (waste bacteria) and another, more extensive and more
expensive VOC test (Volatile Organic Compounds) which tests for fuel and other

There are different ways to collect a sample and if done improperly, can mess up the
results. It's not that expensive and for what it's worth, it could put to rest
the squalking in here.
6:57 pm edt 

Inspectors on Site at Thislemore and Surfside

Today I saw inspectors taking water samples at the Thislemore and Surfside Outfalls.

What's up?
6:42 pm edt 

The Bay Complaints?

Why didn't you get up and make a statement at the BOS meeting?

Instead you rushed home and complained. Does that make you a star?

5:39 pm edt 

Rest in Peace Gordon

So sad to hear that Gordon the barber has passed away. the nicest
person you could ever meet. RIP Gordon.
5:30 pm edt 


Does anyone notice the similarities between one of the local gallery
owners and Charlie Sheen? The character is almost identical. Made me laugh this
morning when I noticed this.
10:20 am edt 

Re: The Bay Complaints?

Why should I attend a BOS meeting?
The Chair is insipid and the Board is banal and inane.

Peggy Flemining
10:16 am edt 

Police at Soup Kitchen:

Perhaps lady that was your first time there?  That officer has been going there
regularly..  Always friendly and genuinely nice....  You should have asked
around to see if anyone was bothered. It was  probably your ignorant approach
that set the officer off..  Maybe you shouldn't go there to volunteer ?
10:15 am edt 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Get Over Yourself

Who cares if someone is succesful or not. The issue is how one gets there and
whether one is using private connections and secreat links to Boston

Why do I think the wes enders upset with these bloggins is none other than Ms.
West Enders herself.

Sorry, but life is not just happy talk nor happy times. You might like
presenting this sunny side of Provincetown but it is far from how this town is

10:58 pm edt 

Thanks For That Phrase "Planned Opportunists"

Seems right to me. Seize the opportunity. Pack a board. Sit your            on
the seat. then try to act objective!

Such         ! Maybe the opening Ann took was Alix's leaving. Now this woman
moves her    self into the front of the line. She might as well hold up a sign:
Sharon Lynn is Me. Like Howdy Dowdy, I pull the strings. See her, see me.

This does not give me comfort. I don't need Tom Menino making decisions for
Provincetown. Would you?
10:56 pm edt 

Oh, Please

Now we thank Ann McQuire for "saving" the West end racing Club. Please, it has
been in business for many years and will continue long after Ann McQuire is no
longer here.

The attack is not the West Enders but Ann McQuire and Harriet Gordon as they
attempt to suck the power out of the boards they "sit" on. they are about
Control--not true love of this town nor the racing club. Perhaps they just want
to keep the kids down wind!
10:53 pm edt 

The Bay Complaints?

I was at the selectmen's meeting tonight and left after public statements. 
Guess what?  Not one person spoke at public statements.  Where are all the
complainers on here about the quality of the water being pumped into our harbor? 
Demand answers here where you can commiserate with your fellow losers, but don't
anyone attend a meeting where you could have gotten an actual answer to your

Considering all the demands you request from public officials here, I thought at
least one person would have been at the meeting to confront the enemy. 
Obviously you only care about the harbor as long as you don't have to actually
do anything about it.
10:51 pm edt 

Water Pumped into the Bay

Why have we not heard from the Director of DPW? When
the question was asked about the pumping project's permit
number, he never felt obliged to provided an answer. It
had to be published by others.
Now he is silent on the matter of the quality of the water going
into the bay. Why?

All citizens want is to be assured that their concerns have been

Perhaps answers will have to be provided....again by others.

8:28 pm edt 

Re: I Cannot Believe You People

While we understand your passion, the fact is, no one in town hall
would ever own up to the responsibility of having to close the beaches this
summer due to contamination happening now. 

They would rather let you swim with the brown sharks or get a horrible bacterial
infection rather than admit they made a totally stupid costly mistake.  We know
the harbor is being polluted beyond repair, that much is obvious. 


Those who know their blame on the small town level better start coming up with a
story now or is town legal counsel already being paid less than the town librarian
BY THE TAXPAYERS to do just that?  according to Town Report?  
8:17 pm edt 

Re: I Cannot Believe You People

Thank god!

Someone finally said it. How uneducated and easily distracted are we?

The dumb bull rarely attacks the matador. Instead he attacks the distraction,
the cape. The intelligent bull keeps focused on his antagonist, the

The greater ecological good....poop vs bay. Dog owners can be controlled. But,
contaminants in the bay, like genies cannot not be put back into the bottle.
8:00 pm edt 

I Cannot Believe You People!

Given the questions that have been raised concerning the potential
threat to our community from the water being pumped into Mass
Bay from our shores, all that you seem to be interested in is the dog poop.

Where are your heads? The wellbeing of our community depends on
the quality of waters which sustains us. Why are there no demands for published 
proof attesting to the water quality being pushed into our bay.

If indeed the effluent is safe, then we have no problem. However, if the effluent
is contaminated it will affect not only our economy but it will also affect
our quality of life e.g. no shell fish, no swimming, no visitors. 

Put this potentially dangerous issue to rest. Demand the information so that by
this summer we will not be faced with closings of the beach due to reasons 
which were within our ability to control.


7:23 pm edt 

Good Old Network

Ann McGuire,Deb Paine & other assorted opportunists....Don't loose
your perspective. Yes, these town characters are rude. Ann is grumpy and
inconsiderate on her good days, Deb is hair-on-fire angry unless in the middle
of pitch.  The town manager has figured out the system and works it to her max
....  blah blah blah

But make no mistake, each is very successful and each is doing the foot work to
remain so. The real issues aren't how these folk treat you, even though it's
very bad, but instead is how they manage to work the system so effectively at
your expense?

And the reason is that too few of us go to board meetings, town meetings, call
and enlist friends and neighbors, or write signed letters to the Banner much
less vote. This message board is interesting, but is no substitute for action.

Anyone have a guess who they are pushing for SelectMAN.....
6:55 pm edt 

Re: "Many of Those West Enders"

Agreed, stop this personal attack/vendetta. We west enders understand you don't
like sucessful people and use this forum to visciously anonymously attack people
you envy. However this particular "west ender" has had enough of it. Without Ann
and Harriet's support the west end race club would probably be out of business
and all those local kids who go there for free or very low rates would not have
this experience.

This particular west ender and neighbor has had enough of these viscious
sniping, childish and intrusive attacks on my neighbors. Spring can't come soon
enough to get you people out of the house and away from your keyboards.

5:35 pm edt 

Police at Soup Kitchen

Why are the cops haunting the soup kitchen and being rude to people. There was a
female officer there she was not very friendly just sitting there staring at the
guests. Now in a modern progressive department I could see an officer mingling
with the guests there and providing help and advice for a community policing
type role, but just hanging and being rude to people is very threatenning and
archaic.  Someone thought she was one of the longer term officers. If this is an
example of the the old boy/girl network I can understand why Chief Jaran wants
to bring in his own people. The new officers that I've met seem really nice,
they are not rude like the ones that have been here for a while. I hope they do
not get soured. Police officers work for the people and their role in society is
to help people. Police need people to help report and solve crimes, if they are
rude and threatening they are not going to get any cooperation from the
citizenry. This is basic community policing 101. We pay a lot of money for our
police department we should demand a professional attitude and approach to
the job. Anyone can write tickets. It takes a true professional to serve.
4:29 pm edt 

The Personal Attacks Should Stop

They discredit the stated mission of this blog and they do nothing to further
any worthwhile discourse.  Whether you like or dislike a person is immaterial
and won't ever change the way things get done.  Attack ideas and actions, not
the person and you may find you can effect some change and interest more people
in your causes. 

"I don't like dogs and Candace smells funny" isn't going to win you any points
in debate class.

"While I recognize that Candace feels passionately about her causes, but I do
not agree that they should be priorities for the town.  Here's what I'd like to
see.."  may actually make you sound like someone who is capable of a reasoned

The webmaster might also enforce his own admonition against posting derogatory
statements.  The blog is rife with them. (I'll refer you to the last Ann McGuire
post if you need an example.  It is completely inexcusable.  Would "The
webmaster could stand to suck down a few pounds" pass muster?)
4:18 pm edt 

Re: Water Pumped Into the Bay

Unable to view the video but after seeing it in person, good grief,
what are these people doing to this town?  This is outrageous. 
4:15 pm edt 

Re: Pet Tourism

"Promoting pet ... off leash beach and trail rights..."

This is the LAST thing this organization should be promoting and this town
allowing. Many of these vicious filthy dogs need to be on leashes.  I was bit by
what the owner described as a "normally very friendly dog" at the town beach
last summer. The owner was very apologetic, but the incident would never have
happened if she had been on a leash. Is letting dogs run free in town what this
dog park group and Candace are trying to promote?  This is getting out of hand. 
Enough with these dog owners subjecting the rest of us to their "babies."  If
the town requires them to be on leashes then the owner will be well aware when
to clean up after it.
4:13 pm edt 

Re: Pet Tourism

"In fact, those running for selectmen including the incumbent all support the
dog park and promoting pet tourism."

Yes, this may be true, but they probably also agree that local dog owners, as
well as visitors should be cleaning up after their dogs.  If this can not be
accomplished, then it will have an ongoing effect on tourism as well as the
quality of life for those people who live here. Stop the crazy obsessed people
(queen of the dog park and the lady that considers her dogs "our babies") from
promoting this town as the dog capital of America.  This is not a designation
that will serve us well.
4:11 pm edt 

Re: Candace
Candace is the "queen of the dog park" ... are you kidding?  Was there a
coronation missed?  With this historic designation, maybe she could put her
prestigious position to good use.  How does Candace propose that the town deal
with the problem of dog waste?  Went down Commercial Street this weekend and the
problem does not seem to be getting better... if anything, it is worse!  To the
bloggers that are putting their energy in promoting this town as a dog
destination, please put as much time in to resolving the serious problem that
locals and tourists have to step in daily.

4:09 pm edt 

Re: Ann McGuire--

For cripes sake, leave the woman alone!!!
4:07 pm edt 

Ann McGuire

If you want some interesting reading go look up Ann McGuire's Chapter
91 license. You can find it online through the Barnstable County registry of
deeds. You will see that where now exists a thicket of thorny bushes in her
parking area there is supposed to be a clear path for public access to the
waterfront. During the winter her Chapter 91 access sign is mounted on a fence
in these bushes. During the summer it disappears. During the summer the Chapter
91 access is totally blocked by cars and a large flowerpot. Oh and if you dare
use this public access she would make sure her viscous dogs barked until you
left her private beach. Like many of those west enders god forbid the little
people get access to their precious shoreline.

How does she get away with this blatant annual violation of her Chapter 91
license? Because she is protected by her cronies in the local cabal, the finance
committee, her allies on the harbor committee and her hand picked state
legislator and even Barney Frank. What DEP official would dare take enforcement
action? They would be out of a job the next day. So would anyone locally who
dared to report this situation to the DEP.

4:06 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

Mr web master, are you aware that every time the selectmen post in the
Banner that it comes out of my hard earned taxes to the town?
4:04 pm edt 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Re: Pet Tourism
Any restaurant that allows pets to mingle amongst the customers who are looking
to enjoy their meal on a patio or indoors will not get my business. I am local,
I go to dinner quite often and find that it is unacceptable to have someones
slobbering dog sitting next to me while I try to have a relaxing meal. I was in 
       once and one time only after I saw a cat walking around in the restaurant
while I was dining. Disgusting. I have dogs and like animals but there is a time
and a place for everything. Responsible people don't bring their children to
upscale restaurants so why would a person bring a dog?
11:59 pm edt 

Re: Pet Tourism

You can post all the rants you want against dogs, their owners and
Candace. But promoting pet tourism and having dog friendly amenities like the
dog park, the dog drinking water fountain on the lawn of town hall, off leash
beach and trail rights, pet friendly patio dining etc. have  political support,
support from all three tourism boards, and the town manager.

In fact, those running for selectmen including the incumbent all support the dog
park and promoting pet tourism.

You are beyond marginalized so go ahead and rant all you want on this forum.
Nothing you say will matter or change a thing.

9:28 pm edt 

Re: Ann MaGuire

So, you don't like Ann because she doesn't smile enough?  Because she carries a
little extra weight?  How dare you?  Do you know what her life has been?

I'm not a personal friend of Ann's, but I have had the pleasure of meeting her a
few times.  She is one of the most intelligent, compassionate and caring people
in this community. 

Even though we are just acquaintances, if I ever needed a friend in an emergency
she would be the person I would trust most.  In an emergency, where would you
be?  Sitting at your computer complaining about dog     .
9:11 pm edt 

Re: Editorial

Re: "It is therefore requested that the above documents be made public
by the DPW and publicized in the Banner."

Clarence L. Walker, Jr.

Mr. Walker, you seem to be a little full of yourself.  The information you are
requesting is public knowledge, why don't you go to the DPW and ask for it?  You
seem to want to 'sensationalize' everything.
8:12 pm edt 

Re: Candace

Candace is the "queen of the dog park?"

Dogs are your "babies?"

Uh, yeah, let's talk about creepy fixations....
8:09 pm edt 

Let's Keep Focused

I happen to agree. Ann is not the friendliest person in town. Yet she has the
ear of the town manager.

What does that mean? Kindness goes nowhere?

Maybe it's about the money?

One thing is for sure. A smile is worth nothing if you've got money... because
power is produced from money.

Hey Ann..... got any money?

8:08 pm edt 

Re: Dog Tourism

'Last summer seeing a dog walk all over a bed in the window of our
Tourism Director's guest house didn't make me feel any differently'

Really? Guess that's why Prince Albert expanded their pet friendly rooms last
year. The owners see the benefits of pet tourism and modified their business
model. Guess a dog walking over their flower beds made little impact on them,

All your ridiculous posts all void of fact but plenty of ignorance. You really
are full of venom and vitriol with no credibility on this blog.

Off to walk my doggies!

8:02 pm edt 

Police Issue?

Has anyone noticed a very broad police presence down town and on Shank
Painter? Seems like a lot of residents are recieving violation citations lately.
Is anything going on with the union that would be related to this at this time
of year?
2:29 pm edt 

Bon Appetit!

An East End friend once scooped dog poop onto a dinner plate and left it at
master's front door with a knife, fork and napkin. How elegant!

I prefer the old standby: pour it into a paper bag, set it on fire and ring the
door bell.

Enough already with Bowser's bonbons on the corner of Commercial and Tremont. If
I ever catch you, owner, I will cuss you out on the spot, even as I flip open my
phone and dial         . Promise!


2:27 pm edt 

The Parking Accounts For a Lot of Money to This Town
For such a revenue maker it doesn't seem like anyone is watching the store. 

I have gone more than once when the posted hours say they should be open, and it
has been closed.  Very casual.
2:25 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

Note the link to the poster child for overdevelopment 27-31 Bangs St. 
What's going on with that?  Any of the 4 separate townhouses sold yet?  Anyone
checked it out lately?  Noticed some erosion on what used to be a dune.  The
neighbors above can't be too happy.  How long are haybales supposed to be in
place after a project is done?  Forever? 

It's been almost a year and there's no sign of them being removed.  Seems like
they' ve been there a long time and once they are removed, the hill might start sliding
into the wetland. 

Shouldn't these props be removed sooner rather than later to see the effects?  The town
allowed this dune to be destroyed.  Shouldn't the consequences be exposed rather
than hidden by haybales? 

Visited on a nice sunny Saturday and the area was desolate.  All the hard work to fight
the abutters on this one and for what, a row of empty shells filled with Pier One and
Home Goods products. 

Embarrassing.  Nice gas pipes, by the way.  Something you want to look at coming out
the front door.  And as far as plastic fences go, sweet.  Too bad they can't hide the
damage being done with every rain.
1:18 pm edt 

Re: Groundwater
I'll agree that soil with normally naturally cleanse the water being leached
through it but that takes into account average soils, those that have clays and
other fine particulates along with organic material that will aid in the
cleansing of the leachate.

But remember, this is Ptown, all sand and no organics
or clays to retain the water in the soil long enought to cleanse it naturally.
Truro, Wellfleet and beyond have those soils that contain average types of
materials in the soil.

The fact that Ptown has sand only accounts for the fact
that we don't drink the water. It can't be cleaned going through sand only.
Again, are you willing to drink the greywater 5' below a septic system leaching
area? Not me.
1:14 pm edt 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay

Oh yeah, right.  Sand and dirt and distance do a marvelous job of
cleansing dirty water.  Then, according to your theory (and I'm sure it's
scientifically based) pour the result of that complete filtration on an open
wound, say a dog bite from the infamous dog park.  Dare you.  Double dare you. 
Triple dog dare you. 

What an idiotic line of reasoning.  Really?  This input into the harbor needs
TESTING IMMEDIATELY.  Hello.  Is there anyone out there with any common sense? 
Town Hall has gone mute on the issue.  What's next? 

Whoever approved this needs a serious wake up call and needs to be exposed.  It
seems, according to the blog, no one has approved it, town hall can't produce a
DEP permit and it just goes on and on. 

Done, again, to cover certain rearends because the right way was skirted due to idiocy. 
Thanks overpaid inept town officials.  I don't think I could ever swim again in the harbor
for fear of bumping into a human crap or the relics thereof.  Sorry, groundwater, right. 

We fell for Bangs St.  Do we have to undergo the harbor
being assaulted too? NO NEED FOR AN OBJECTIVE AUDIT.  RIGHT.   
1:12 pm edt 

Promoting PTown & Dogs

Who wrote that they don't believe catering to dogs increases revenue?  Do you
own a guest house?  What does using the dog park have to do with spending money
at guest houses or shopping?  In fact, it HAS increased the bookings at guest
houses AND those same people shop and eat.  If you're a business owner and not
feeling the impact then perhaps you should examine your business model.... cause
the dog park & the tourism expression of same is working.. just maybe not for
you!?  Hidden Agenda, anyone??
1:08 pm edt 

Re: Dog Friendly Tourism

I am not cowardly, ignorant or focused on anyone. I agree with the
former poster that promoting the town as dog friendly is never going to bring on
a cash windfall. Last summer seeing a dog walk all over a bed in the window of
our Tourism Director's guest house didn't make me feel any differently. As a
matter of fact it made the whole "issue" seem very unappealing. Please don;t
mistake me for the person that you are having a negative rapport with. I'm just
1:05 pm edt 

Supporting Our Community

Agreed! All this          about our Selectmen and only four people are
running including the incumbent! People here like to sit on their       doing
absolutely nothing and       about those who are making a difference or at least
trying to make a difference in Provinctown.

Thanks to all in NYC this week-end, Candace, Ann and everyone elso who actively
try to help our beloved community!
1:03 pm edt 

Ignorant Posts About Candace

The queen of the dog park has done so much for this town.   She is not just an
advocate to our four legged friends; she is a dear friend to us all!  Many of us
do not have children and our dogs are our babies.  Our taxes support a school
system that we do not use and Candace stands up for our rights and make sure we
are validated.  Candace will fight for our rights and make sure the voices of
all dog lovers in town as well as our welcomed tourists are heard.  Our pets add
to the quality of our lives and Candace understands that.  Our town should put
out the welcome mat to all visitors who want to bring their pets, whether they
spend a lot of money here or not. 
1:00 pm edt 

Promoting Dog Tourism

'We need to attract tourists that are going to stay in guest houses,
eat in restaurants, spend money in shops and galleries and patronize shows and

Please name one gallery or retail store along Commercial Stree in Provincetown
that isn't pet friendly?

There are over 30 pet friendly accomodations in Provincetown.

There are now over 20 eating establishments that allow dogs.

These businesses see the benefits of promoting dog tourism in Town. Why do you
think so many restaurants have applied to the BOH to allow dogs in their patio
areas? Why do you think so many guest houses have expanded their pet friendly
rooms or become pet friendly? Why did Stop and Shop expanded their pet food line
last summer? Why do so many businesses put out a bowl of water every day or
offer dog biscuits?

Why? Because all these business folks see the benefits of pet tourism and want
these pet toting tourist to walk through their doors with the dogs and spend
their money there.

People see dogs as part of their families and many like to bring them on their
vacations. Deal with it! Provincetown has distinguished itself at the ultimate
canine resort and many business owners are seeing the economic benefits.

If that info local enough for this      of a naysayer?

12:57 pm edt 

Dog Tourism

Please count me among the "            " who aren't fans of Candace.

I'm sure we're not alone...
12:52 pm edt 

Re: Dog Tourism

Why is it that someone who doesn't agree that dog tourism is the right
direction for this town pronounced "                   " and "a              ?"

I think everyone is entitled to an opinion here. Not just dog lovers.
12:50 pm edt 

Let's Keep Focused

I agree, I'm not a big Ann McG fan but the remarks regarding her
weight have no place here.  Personal insulting is a no no.   

Let's get the focus off dog duty and back on pertinent issues like the rampant
overdeveloping happening with no end in sight. Back to the real issues.  Who in
the heck approved pumping untested water into the harbor?  That needs to be
divulged.  Who exactly.  Not a department, a person. 

12:47 pm edt 

Anti-Dog Blogger

Anyone notice how the anti-dog blogger never complained  during the
last summer when we had lots of tourist coming to Provincetown with dogs? You
really are a         indeed.
12:44 pm edt 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Uninformed Posts About Candace

The queen of the dog park has done so much for this town.   She is not just an
advocate to our four legged friends; she is a dear friend to us all!  Many of us
do not have children and our dogs are our babies.  Our taxes support a school
system that we do not use and Candace stands up for our rights and make sure we
are validated.  Candace will fight for our rights and make sure the voices of
all dog lovers in town as well as our welcomed tourists are heard.  Our pets add
to the quality of our lives and Candace understands that.  Our town should put
out the welcome mat to all visitors who want to bring their pets, whether they
spend a lot of money here or not. 
10:39 pm est 


To all the naysayers on the site: there is a group of local business people in
New York City as we speak attending an expo to promote tourism to Provincetown!!
I should know because I am sitting in my hotel (paid for by me)getting ready to
take a cab to the Javitz Center (paid for by me) to help "run the booth" and
answer questons from thousands of attendees who will be there for the next few
days. Others at the convention: Key West, Philadelphia, Mexico, Miami, and other
competitors hoping to promote their own municipalities. Wish us luck we hope to
bring more visitors to our "lovely fishing village" to sleep at our inns, dine
in our restaurants, enjoy a show and or concert and drink and dance in our
clubs!! If you are lying on the couch bitching and complaining or if you are
resting in FL cashing your unemployment checks take a flight down or up to NYC
and help us out or just sit back and kvetch or just open your business for 4
months make money and leave town by end of Se!
ptember and pretend to care about Provincetown.
3:36 pm est 

Re: Groundwater

"If you think it's been cleansed since it went through the sand"

Actually, sand and dirt do a good job of cleaning waste-water.  The HUD/FHA
required horizontal clearance for drinking water wells from a possible source of
contaminants are only as follows (and these have a safety factor built in):

- from septic tank to well: 50 feet

- from absorption field to well: 100 feet

And HUD/FHA standards call for wells to be only a minimum of 20 feet deep.

You can look it all up.

Properly installed, working septic systems do not pollute ground water.
Naturally occurring minerals, like what we have here in town, are another
matter.  Although it isn't harmful if consumed, the groundwater here certainly

Whether the water being pumped in the east end is closer than the above figures
to working septic fields, I don't know.  The only sure way to determine water
quality is testing of course.  But you can't assume it's bad just because it's
12:55 pm est 

Re: Promoting Reality

'I don't care how many statistics you post from dog websites or travel
you will never convince me that promoting Provincetown as a dog friendly
destination is going to bring significant dollars into the town.'

We don't care to convince you because you are a cowardly jerk, stunningly
ignorant and have a creepy fixation on Candace.

12:53 pm est 

Re: Dog Poop

What's with your obession with canine fecal matter? We all hope you
get the help you need.
12:49 pm est 

Re: It's About Promoting Reality

'We can (and should) do a better job promoting this town as a
desirable tourist destination.'

And I bet your favorite word is 'delegate,' isn't it?

What exactly have you done to promote this town as a desirable tourist
destination? Do tell.

I bet you have done absolutely nothing.

Thou protest much too much!

12:47 pm est 

Re: Twidle Dom Ywidle Di-

Couldn't agree more!
12:45 pm est 

Dog Stuff

I can't believe how much interest there is in this foolishness - why not direct
your energy to stopping all the over development in this town.  You are focused
on Dog poop and the Developers are having a field day
12:43 pm est 

Who's in Charge?!

Don't you get it yet - the town employees make their own rules - try
to get a phone call returned, try to get a clear cut answer - there is no
accountability - they appear to be in charge of themselves. 
12:42 pm est 

To the Webmaster

I have no feelings for Ann McGuire one way or the other. 
However, the immature remarks about Ms McG being over weight do not have
any intellectual purpose and perhaps could have been ommitted.
12:39 pm est 

He Said She Said!

I'll get my "tenses" right if you promise to learn some proper
12:36 pm est 

Parking Office:

Can anyone tell me why the parking administrator is not in his office working
like he is suppose to when the grils are on days off?  Instead, the office is
closed and he is at Town Hall helping out there?

What is the purpose of that?  For $62,000 one would think he would provide for
his own office.  It makes it very difficult for people coming from out of town
especially to go to the parking office to find it closed because he does not
want to open it!

If Ms Benatti & Ms Gonsalves can work it alone so shouldn't he! Instead you will
see him at Farland and everywhere else in town while the officeremains

Perhaps he needs to start answering to someone.....  You can't even reach him
when he is needed....

11:16 pm est 

Re; Wastewater? NOT!
You may want to rethink that.
Think about whats happening every time you flush the toilet. That water and
other material goes into the septic tank. That new inflow displaces greywater
out of the tank which then goes to the d-box and then to the leaching area. The
greywater leaches back into the soil and eventually, due to gravity, down
through the soils to the water table. If you think it's been cleansed since it
went through the sand, think about this scenario;

Take a plastic pipe, say, 12" diameter or whatever you diameter you like. Make
the pipe at least 5' long since thats the distance you need to be above the
groundwater with a Title V leaching area. Actually, for this scenario, make it
10'. Now stand the pipe on end, fill it with natural sand from Ptown and then
dump greywater over the top of the pipe letting it leach down through the soil.
Put another bucket under the pipe and wait for the now "cleansed" water to come
out. Want to drink it? That's whats being pumped into the bay.
11:14 pm est 

Will the Real Ann McGuire Please Stand up...

If only she could...

The power of the press is illusive, as it portrays people as they really are
not. Case in point, Ann McGuire.

Watch her on PTV, and you will see the real gem. Motionless, emotionless, full
of herself, fat, and ready to         go. She should never represent P"Town if
the target market is the young and restless.

If I were thinking of visiting P'Town and saw her, I would bolt and run the
other way.

As far as embracing the community, she rocks more than an 8.9 earthquake...
meaning the earth shakes when she moves.

As for the interview she gave with the Cape Cod TImes columnist... it proves she
can charm a black snake.

Anyone that has ever served her will tell you the same thing. She's a piece of

11:10 pm est 

It's About Promoting Reality

I love how every time someone criticizes the dog park, all the crazy
dog people start praising Saint Candace and all she's done for the town and
quoting statistics about dogs and tourism.

I don't care how many statistics you post from dog websites or travel websites,
you will never convince me that promoting Provincetown as a dog friendly
destination is going to bring significant dollars into the town.

And I'm sure this post will be met with more statistics from more obscure
websites (but hey, if it's on the internet it MUST be true - right?)

We need to attract tourists that are going to stay in guest houses, eat in
restaurants, spend money in shops and galleries and patronize shows and clubs.

A bunch of middle aged men and women standing around in a dog park and doting on
their chihuahuas and corgis doesn't sound like a major financial jackpot to me.

We can (and should) do a better job promoting this town as a desirable tourist
11:05 pm est 

Hezu Cristo - Give Me a Break

Do you honestly think after all this talk the town wasn't called and asked to
produce the DEP permit since it isn't publicly posted?  Gee you are so smart to
think of that.  And what a surprise, the man answering the phone couldn't locate
the appropriate "official" and was, therefore, unable to produce its location, at
that time. 

FYI, anytime anything is pumped into the harbor there has to be State level approval. 
Again, such a mystery.  How on earth is this happening right before our eyes? 
Violations as far as the eye can see or nose can smell. 

This water hasn't been tested. There's no one in town capable.  Who knows what's
being dumped, groundwater? 

Right, with all the crap leached into it from all those failing and full
septics.  Geeze Louise.  Instead of poop bags, hand out some face masks.      
11:02 pm est 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sharon Lynn

Is it true that the town manager makes more than the Governor???
10:56 pm est 

Provincetown: "Dog Town"
Thanks for kindly pointing out my ignorance regarding the Travel Industry
Association's statistics for tourists that travel with their pets.  If these
individuals are as disrespectful of our community as many of the dog owners that
live here year round, then tell them to stay home.  Our streets are disgusting
and we do not need to have Candace promoting more crap.
10:54 pm est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay

I'ts Smells Funny Because It May be Pollutted Water

But who really knows? Who has tested the water? It does not appear as if anyone
has actually and scientifically tested the water. That is the problem.
Assumptions that it is just overflow and not polluted nor toxic is not based on
tested facts. Therein lies the problem.
3:31 pm est 

Seems Like Ms. McQuire is Getting to Like Control

Control what PTV does. Control what Finance Committee does. Control what Zoning
does when you have your partner there. Control Affordable Housing when again you
have your partner present. Isn't it enough that she pulls all the strings of
Sharon-The-Puppet Lynn? And tell me, how has the town gained and what has the
town gained from her control?

Granted, Ms. McGuire has gained and being the key  to            BRA
monies through this town, then use that for development (destruction) of our town
is not something I applaud.

Maybe it's time for Ms. MaQuire to return to the hidden kitchen cabinet. Seems
she needs more than that. Seems she needs to be recognized as the official town
3:28 pm est 

To: Anyone Who Wants to Post on Shout Out

Webmaster Comment: Go to the Shout Out! page. When you see the icon or image of the two talking heads, click on the image. You will then see a place where you can comment.
Write what you want, then click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom.

This information will be sent to the Webmaster and later posted.

Thanks for asking the question on how someone can send comments. It's simple.
It's easy. And we welcome your input.
3:10 pm est 


I do not know about the others, but from May until November there are always
kids at the little park at Bradford and Howland, it is a little dingy, but maybe
you could start a clean up campaign. "Ask not what the town can do for you ask
what you can do for the town"
3:07 pm est 

Town Building Rehab

...The million plus dollar town hall renovation, the library
renovation, now the landscaping at the library...

The people of this town voted for every one of these projects.  If you don't
like it blame them.  Unfortunately in the past we let these buildings go into
disrepair, now we have to pay the piper.  In case you have not noticed the
majority rules, I suspect you are in the minority and it does not make you
happy.  But, that's life, you'll have to learn to deal with it.
3:05 pm est 

Twidle Dom Twidle Di

If you want Michele Courter off the BOS DO NOT VOTE FOR ELAINE
3:04 pm est 

The Cabal

In the 2010 election cycle women lost ground in
state legislatures across the country.
Percentage wise, here in Massachusetts, women in the State House are behind
Vermont, N.H., Connecticut and Maine.

Here on the Cape we had the opportunity to elect a very
progressive woman, Sheila Lyons, to the senate.
The Ptown cabal worked against her and worked for
Dan Wolfe, from whom they can now ask favors.
3:02 pm est 

Dog Bag Stations

You can contact Casas (508) 487-7060 and request they replace the bags.
3:01 pm est 

Stupid Posts About Candace

Ignorance! The dog poop is coming from locals....helloooo, we have NO TOURISTS
here right now.  And the problem is coming from senior citizens and fat (butts)
too lazy to bend over (for the most part).  I've seen it.  The one blogger that
stated confronting people and maybe getting phone pics was good idea to
reiterate that they are being watched /reported.  Candace has worked her butt
off on the dog park with GREAT success.  The dog park is a God Send to the
owners with pets and took advantage of land unusable otherwise.  We have WAY
LESS kids than dogs so stick that idea up your           !
2:59 pm est 

Wastewater? NOT!

Everyone is complaining and does not have simple facts correct.  It is NOT
wastewater.  It's water in ground being pumped that has smell.  Has anyone taken
a sample to be tested?  It is NOT wastewater.  Yes, it smells from being dormant
and may be nasty but it's NOT wastewater hence no need for a DEP permit.

2:51 pm est 

Re: Another Network Connection (PTV)

If you're so worried about it go on up and apply for a show.  If we don't fill
the time we lose the channels... they are filling the time slots to keep them. 
Typical, whine without the facts.  I'm so tired of everyone bitching on here and
not voluteering for the boards and complaining about frivilous stuff.  GET OUT
right to get righteous.
2:49 pm est 

Re: State Audit

"The Feds should do it, and yes, audit right down to the bone.  Audited
every year, don't make me laugh.  Where's the money to fix the roads?"

OK I'll bite, how will an audit find you money to fix the roads?  Will an audit
discover a magical pile of money that we can use to fix the roads?  Sorry, it
2:47 pm est 

Re: 170 Bradford Street

I'd rather discuss dog poop rather than 170 BRAFORD ST.

2:45 pm est 


Looking back at the blogs complaing about secretaries
pay - what about our dear town manager - makes more than Gov Patrick and
slightly less than Mayor Menino -oh and works a four day week - really now
2:43 pm est 

Provincetown: "Dog Town"

'The last thing this town needs is this organization promoting more
dogs to come here with their owners on vacation'

Could you possibly be more ignorant?

14% of all U.S. adults (29.1 million) say they have traveled with a pet on a
trip of 50 miles or more, one-way, away from home in the past three years. Dogs
are the most common type of pet to take (78%) and cats are second at 15%. The
percentage of households traveling with pets most likely increases during the
summer when more families travel on vacation. Auto or truck is the primary mode
of transportation (76%), followed by RV (10%), and airline (6%). While travelers
with pets most often stay with friends/relatives (32%), an almost equal number
stay at hotels or motels (29%).

(Travel Industry Association)

2:41 pm est 

Provincetown: "Dog Town"

'The last thing this town needs is this organization promoting more
dogs to come here with their owners on vacation'

Could you possibly be more ignorant?

14% of all U.S. adults (29.1 million) say they have traveled with a pet on a
trip of 50 miles or more, one-way, away from home in the past three years. Dogs
are the most common type of pet to take (78%) and cats are second at 15%. The
percentage of households traveling with pets most likely increases during the
summer when more families travel on vacation. Auto or truck is the primary mode
of transportation (76%), followed by RV (10%), and airline (6%). While travelers
with pets most often stay with friends/relatives (32%), an almost equal number
stay at hotels or motels (29%).

(Travel Industry Association)

2:38 pm est 


Why are allowing the town workers to still work four days a week ?  
They have customer service jobs - whether they know it or not - and they need to
be there 9-5 five days a week.  This all resulted from one year when they did
not get a pay increase - one year, which pay increase was made up in the next
two years.   Now because they are union we cannot get them back to five days ?  
Oh and Sharon said now they have other jobs that interfer with their full time
job ?   Unbelievable.  I for one and not voting for the budget until these folks
get back to work. 
2:30 pm est 

Town Buildings Rehabilitation

As everybody knows, its cheaper to renovate a building now, than to
wait for tomorrow. If you want to save on taxes, that is the way to go. We
should be thankful that the town NOW does this!
2:28 pm est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay

If you want to know where the DEP sign is. Do what everyone else has
to do. Call town hall and ask to see the permit!
2:26 pm est 

Dog Park

'We should reclaim that dog park and set up a play ground for our kids.'

That will never happen! There are more dogs than kids in Ptown!
2:24 pm est 

Dog Park

'If the dog park people want to make this town pet friendly'

What boulder did your crawl under from? It is a fait accompli! Get your tenses
2:22 pm est 

Playgrounds Who Needs Them/

If anything we should get RID of the playgrounds in town because they
are filthy and there are no children playing in them.
2:21 pm est 

Re: clean up After Your Dog!

Unlike last summer the poop is pooch not person. Perhaps some theme
week for this.
2:19 pm est 

Another Network "Connection"

Ann McQuire is the chair of the board of PTV. 
This non profit board is not elected but choses
its own members in perpetuity.
The funds for PTV come from Comcast subscribers.
She is the only one in town that has two talk
shows on channel 17 produced for her by PTV staff.
The staff is not supposed to be producing shows.
The staff is supposed to be organizing underserved
voices in the community.
11:36 pm est 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Re: Wasterwater Into the Bay

"Since when do you not have to have a public posting of the DEP File #
for any project involving the DEP?"

Every other town on the Cape does.  Is Ptown that special?  Let me
guess, some twisted bylaw says it's not needed.  Hmmn. 
8:14 pm est 

Re: Go Back To Bed......

Perhaps you are one of the guilty.

Me thinks you protest too much!!
7:56 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

I couldn't let my child, that weighs less than many dogs, crap on the
street without at least the wherewithall to pick it up, even using my pocket or
sock.  Wake up dog owners.  Do your duty (no pun intended but unavoidable).
7:55 pm est 

Bottomless Pockets

We've been on an unending spending spree since 2007.  Repairs can be done
without complete renovations.  This attitude of let's get do it all in one shot
mentally has got to stop.  They tell us they won't come back with any more
funding requests, and then they do.  We all need to take a stand and say
7:53 pm est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay

Question, and it may be dumb but anyway, will they be dumping stinky
but okay groundwater into the harbor when the tourists are here or will it be
over by then?  Just curious. 


Surely one of the many town officials frequents this blog.  Why, praytell, has
this question gone unanswered since the start of this fiasco, if all is above
board?  Bloggers seem to think it's par for the course, normal, okay.  They
clearly do not remember when, back in the 70s, ALL SHELLFISH was inedible and
contaminated due to a "groundwater" problem.  Is this what's in store or do
people just not care?  What a shame.  
7:51 pm est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay

You don't see a posted DEP sign because we don't need one.
7:49 pm est 

Re: Where is the Street Sweeper?

Were we not told, that the street sweeper was in use on a year round
7:47 pm est 

Re: Ole Gal Network and Above the Law Mentality

Not to be cliche-ish (a word?), but it might just be true, every rose has a thorn.  Let's start with
town officials and town board members and possible "connections" to these player
developer fat cats who just can't stay away.  That is, "connections" leaving a
paper trail rather than dinner meetings or drinks on the deck.  A little
creative digging might just produce some more than pertinent answers.  Some
concrete evidence is what Hank P Ryan might be interested in, or the State or
the Federal Government, rather than conjecture.  Get to work folks, the answers
are out there, aching to be told.    
7:45 pm est 


Go back to bed! Better yet, go to therapy.
7:42 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

The Animal Welfare Committee is a volunteer group. Why should they
have to do the work of replacing the bags daily? If you want the bags replaced
daily, you do it!
7:40 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Animal Welfare Committee

The last thing this town needs is this organization promoting more dogs to come
here with their owners on vacation.  This town can't even take care of our own. 
Maybe this organization should look in to educating their community on how to
deal with this problem and not become a burden to our tax payers.
7:38 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

I'm also tired of all these posts about dog messes.  These pets are more trouble
than they are worth.  Why do we have some       woman promoting this town as the
dog vacation destination?  Tell the tourists to stay home with their dogs.  We
should reclaim that dog park and set up a play ground for our kids.  If the dog
park people want to make this town pet friendly, then they should make it their
mission to clean up any dog mess they come across.
7:34 pm est 

Dog Poopers

Astounding, to think that people will use the excuse that the poop bag stations
are empty. SO WHAT, any reasonably or even not reasonably intelligent dog owner
knows ...... to have a bag on hand ANY TIME.
I'm all over the town and see crap continually. There truly is NO EXCUSE for
leaving a pile anywhere.
Yep and I've been a long time dog owner and have been in the dog care business
in the past. Always pickin' it up.
7:32 pm est 


"Why do they select to accommodate certain dog owners in

Could you at least try to make sense? Think outside your brain, you'd be better
5:10 pm est 

Post Something Constructive

'All the poop bag stations should be refreshed daily by the
Provincetown Animal Welfare Committee.'

There are 200 bags per roll. They do not have to be replaced dailey.

This isn't about empty poop bag stations. It's about non-compliance to Town by
law 13-2-7-4 Dog Excrement & Removal.

If you must post, post something constructive, will you?
5:08 pm est 

As Far as the Audit Goes,......

The Feds should do it, and yes, audit right
down to the bone.  Audited every year, don't make me laugh.  Where's the money
to fix the roads? 

And while they are at it maybe they'll find the mystery DEP permit for all that
sweet groundwater being pumped into the harbor.  Sulfur, sure.  According to a
blogger this is all good and by the book, DEP approved.  So prove it then. 
Where's the permit? if you know of which you speak like you say you do.

5:06 pm est 


Maybe someone needs to inform an investigative reporter like Hank Phillipi Ryan
about the goings on here.   Then it would be public knowledge.  The near
bankruptcy, the corrupt fire department having the townsfolk buying a new
firetruck after one of their crew smashes it up....and the same crew member
getting his job back (secretly).  The million plus dollar town hall renovation,
the library renovation, now the landscaping at the library, the
pier....harbormaster debacle. The refusal of a free sewer system then having 
the taxpayers paying for it later.....the affordable housing scam.   This is an
investigative reporters dream.  A town crying poormouth and then needing all of
these projects done. The countless conflicts of interest.    Watergate was
nothing.                 P-towngate is happening under our noses.    Wake up.
5:04 pm est 

Dog Poop

I am so sick and tired of reading about dog poop on a daily basis that I think
we should go back to complaining about the situation at 170 BRADFORD ST.  Now
its not that I don't think we should have clean streets, in fact I think our
streets are fairly clean compared to so many other places such as Newark, New
Jersey where I come from.

I believe that the only "poop hitting the fan" problem we have here in
Provincetown is the fiscal situation and our overlords not knowing what to do
about it and so they keep doing things that will make things worse. That being
said, I don't have solutions but then I don't get paid to come up with solutions
to the mess that this town is really stepping on. It appears that it's going to
rain , so I hope all the poop gets washed away and we won't have to discuss dog
poop anymore. Let's go back to 170 BRAFORD ST.
5:02 pm est 

Poop Bags

Why should the town be responsible for the bags it is your dog!! YOU should have
your own bags. Good clean air is being wasted on lazy dog owners. They give the
responsible ones a bad name.  I am willing to bet the same people who do not
clean up after their dogs are the ones puting a drain on other services as well.
It is probably a good thing that there is not a lot of breeding going on here.
4:59 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

I live on the beach,walk my dogs on the beach 3 times a day,carry
Poops bags and rarely do I see dog poop on the beach as I did
3years ago.the only exception is  when we have a warm early
Spring weekend.the weekenders seem to need education on the
4:58 pm est 

Re: Town Audit is Necessary!
" you have hit the bullseye"   I couldn't agree more!!!! Something has to be
done people- This is only going to get worse!!!

I think you probably don't know what you are talking about, but I'll give you
the benefit of the doubt.  The Town of Provincetown has an audit every year, do
you want to audit the auditors?  Duplicate the audit they perform?What kind of
audit do you want performed?  What do you hope to discover through the audit?
2:59 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!
All the poop bag stations should be refreshed daily by the Provincetown Animal
Welfare Committee.  Why do they select to accommodate certain dog owners in
town?  If we can't take care of the dogs we have in town, then we shouldn't be
promoting tourists to bring their dogs here.  The streets and beaches look like
we have many dog owners who just don't care.  I take my dog for walks and ALWAYS
pick up after him and it is time that other dog owners accept their
2:58 pm est 

Old Girl Network

I thought you all were crazy talkin about the "old gal nepotism,"
until someone told me today that the town manager's partner has just been
quietly APPOINTED to the library trustee board. It's an elected position, and
the election is just a few weeks away.
2:56 pm est 

Poop Control Proposal

There some communities accross America that will fine dog
owners/handlers if they are not carrying poop bags on their person. That would
be a way to help address recent problems before non-compliance by a few
irresponsible dog owners/handlers.

Would like to hear input on such a proposed article.

2:54 pm est 

Where is the Street Sweeper?

The big question is has anyone seen the street sweeper?Everyone
fussing about the dog poop we should start with the streets and see where we got
to go from there, unless they don't want us tax payers to see how bad it really
is out there.Its time to take the beast out of hibernation and start cleaning
this pigsty up,unless you don't want to over work the D.P.W. workers after such
a long winter.Start the spring clean up early for a change.
2:52 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

Re: "How do pet owners pick up after their pets if there are no bags to use to do so?"


It's your responsibility to carry a poop bag.  The stations are there mostly as
an accommodation or convenience.  Nonetheless, it's the dog owner's
responsibility to pick up the poop, bag or no bag.  And, oh by the way, it's
also the law!
12:40 pm est 

Re: Clean up after Your Dog!

"I walked my dog on the town pier this morning and was surprised to see
each and every poop bag station empty!"

Please call the harbormaster's office as they replenish the bags on the pier.
FYI, all the other poop bag stations are refreshed by the Provincetown Animal
Welfare Committee
12:38 pm est 

Enough With the Dog Crap!

No bags in the "stations".  Here's a wild
idea.  Bring your own.  What, you didn't know your dog would crap when out for a
walk.  Come on.  Back to important issues like the skewed unfair treatment some
receive while others have carte blanche.   Money is the reason.  Even the
sweetest, nicest people can be bought. Whether it's cash, a dinner, a real
estate deal, a favor, a mortgage, a special incentive - it's all graft and it's
all illegal.  I say, let's audit.  Who cares if it costs.  Wait til you see the
bill to freshen the paint at town hall that looks like it's already starting to
peel.  Taxpayers will be paying for more than an audit with the "sewer" system
needs a bit more money than was originally thought not to mention all those much
needed road repairs.  Where's the money put aside for that supposedly?  Roads
are pitiful and ripe for a bikefall going against traffic and the lawsuit that
will follow due to this being an "allowable!
" activity.  This town is stressed and seriously overbuilt, dirty with trash by
the roadsides, on the beaches and roads in awful shape.  Painful to drive on the
back street in some spots.    Depressing to see it in this state.  But, build,
build, build so the developers can keep their money habits satisfied while they
reside themselves in other towns.  Bangs St. is bad enough but how on earth will
an emergency vehicle or two fit down Fishburn Court once construction begins? 
Why can some demolish entire buildings without going through the proper
procedures with no repercussions while others have to just about beg to put up a
small fence?   This needs to be stopped now.
12:36 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

I was at the dog park yesterday and there was a mess left by a recent visitor
(which I did clean up!!!!).  There were plastic bags there, so no excuse!  There
are a few dog owners who think they are above being responsible for their own
pet.  I can't imagine what their homes are like.  I liked the idea of posting
photos of the guilty party, but that ultimately would be counter productive. 
The Banner should do a story on this!
12:33 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

I walked my dog on the town pier this morning and was surprised to see
each and every poop bag station empty! How do pet owners pick up after their
pets if there are no bags to use to do so? There were piles of poop all over the
place! I noticed that some of the fishermen allow their dogs to defacate
wherever they wish, and then do nothing about the mess! I suggest that the
Harbormaster enforce the rules for the offending parties and at least put some
bags down there!

Pooped out
10:47 am est 

Several Things:

1.  I walk by the Surfside every day, that smell is not even as bad as low tide
on a muggy sumer day. It is sulfur from the groundwater.

2. Who cares what gender is running the town, at least they are trying to run
the town. It amazes me that with all the whinning on here only one person as of
today has taken out papers for selectman.

3. I have met several of the  new police officers and they seem very freindly
and personable, this is trend we can live with, it is a refreshing change.

4. State accounting proceedures are closely monitored and are very strict.
Adding more money for additional auditing will only cost us more money,
especially when the complaints are based on assumptions and not facts.  
10:45 am est 

Dog Poop

All I have to say about this matter is that "POOP HAPPENS" so don't make such a
big issue of this as if the "POOP IS HITTING THE FAN"
10:43 am est 

Old Girl Network

Re: "They were dying to get a woman to become town manager to perpetuate it. 
They had to go to Pennsylvania to get one.  Didn't we have any qualified folk here??" 

To answer your question, in a word "NO", at least not a sober educated
thoughtful and unemotional person.

9:28 am est 

Can Someone State What the Rates are?

Re:BOS negotiated a "bulk" or fixed rate for the inns, b&b's &
businesses in town. Can someone state what rates are?

As a B&B owner I'm not aware of any bulk rate negotiated with COMCAST.  Having
talked to a couple of other owners I've found we are all paying different rates
for the same service.  Speaking of service, it's not what Comcast is about. 
When they changed to the little black boxes it took us about three months to get
them from Comcast after two or three calls per week.
9:25 am est 

Re: "Old Gal Nepotism"

Oh I believe it is far more serious of an issue
than just "old Gal Nepostism".  When one builder is given so much leniency and
"special privileges" directly from town manager down to the building dept. this
creates an "uneven playing field" . Folks- this needs to be stopped now!!!
9:20 am est 

Re: Did I Miss Something?

No you did not miss anything but what you are referring to falls under the
Demolition Delay Bylaw that involves those properties that are not in the
historic district.  Any demolition that falls within the district would require
a hearing following regular public hearing process.
9:18 am est 

Re: Town Audit is Necessary!

" you have hit the bullseye"   I couldn't agree more!!!! Something has
to be done people- This is only going to get worse!!!
9:15 am est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

I can't understand why the Police can't walk around the downtown area
year round? If I was walking my dog and knew that the Police might see me walk
away from what my dog just did and I didn't pick it up, I would think twice
about leaving it on the ground. What good are bylaws if they are not enforced? I
also think that it's a good thing for our Police to get more exercise!
12:45 am est 

Did I Miss Something?

Concerning demolition of a building in the historic district. Did we not
make a new town bylaw that more or less said that there must be a delay time so
towns people can gather information on how historic the building might be? After
they tore down Blanch Lasalle's studio home the voters wanted time between when
someone gets approval from the town and the start of the tear down. This wait
time was supposed to slow the process so all neighbors and towns people knew of
the tear down before the building was to be demolished. Did I just dream this or
did this just get swept under the rug? Can anybody clear this up? Thanks!
12:43 am est 

Septic and Groundwater

Considering how much the water table plays into everyones lives in regards to
wastewater and the bay beaches, it amazes me the stupidity of some in here and
their vast lack of knowledge regarding either issue. The Surfside is closed so
now the groundwater under it is clean from rainwater and rising water levels?
Sewers and road runnoff is being pumped into the bay? Come on people, do some
homework and truly understand the issue instead of cluttering up the internet
world with your stupidity.
12:40 am est 

Re: Repost: Comcast Contract

The contract is public record.  Go to the Clerk's Office and ask to see a copy of
12:38 am est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay?

Honestly, who cares what the B&B rates are at Comcast when the harbor
is being polluted beyond repair because a few idiots at town hall decided to
turn their heads to save their collective rear ends.  Let us all get this
straight.  They won't allow beach raking because it may damage the natural
habitat and development of the "dunes", some bugs and birds and the "ecosystem"
they have worked so diligently to maintain.  You know.  The dunes built on 
bottles, tampons, dead birds, trash, diapers, a dead dog and a personal favorite
- used condoms, etc..  Just tell visitors, don't fret, its for the greater good. 
But then they approve wastewater including, obviously, sewage, to be directly
dumped en masse into the harbor.  BAD ENOUGH THEY ALLOW SEVERE OVERDEVELOPMENT
THE HARBOR TOO.  THIS IS CRIMINAL on a good day and yes, I am screaming... and
you should be too.

12:37 am est 

Town Audit is Necessary!!

It would behoove the state to audit our little fishing village.  The corruption
here is out of hand and most of the women....oh, I mean people, are taking full
advantage and playing the townsfolk for fools.  They were dying to get a woman
to become town manager to perpetuate it.  They had to go to Pennsylvania to get
one.  Didn't we have any qualified folk here?? 

The dots need to be connected.  Mr. Affordable Housing Developer (no name
needed) has found a community of sharks to embrace him.  The people of power
should be ashamed of themselves for allowing it to happen.  Their integrity
should be addressed and the conflicts of interest need to be questioned.  When
the people of power take advantage....then folks we have no people in power.  It
needs to start with our fat cat real estate agents that double dip.  GET SMART
12:34 am est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

I agree!  Has this blog gone to the dogs?  Lets move on people.
12:31 am est 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Repost: Comcast Contract
BOS negotiated a "bulk" or fixed rate for the inns, b&b's & businesses in town.
Can someone state what rates are? I get shuffled around at Comcast & don't feel
like they are acknowledging what PTowns rate is for businesses?

1:24 pm est 

Dog Poop

From reading this blog it appears that there is a large  percentage of the
population of Provincetown that has a serious dog poop fetish. This is not a
good thing.
1:22 pm est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay?

I have to say that the (sewer water) which is suposed to be just
ground water that is being pummped into our bay is not only being done so at the
town landing of Kendall lane but it is also being done around 480 Commercial St.
This is comming across from the Thistlemore Drive area. I would like to know how
this is safe for our harbor & how long is it actually going to be going on for?
10:53 am est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

Point taken.  The police can't be everywhere so to leave enforcement
of this bylaw to them is just silly.  Others must be entrusted with the power to
enforce and they must be drawn from the general community.  Citizens arrest is
not far from what needs to happen here.  A group of concerned people willing to
take on the responsibility of at least getting a name (of owner or dog) and
handing out a warning, taking a cell phone pic even for future identification. 
Just some ideas.  This is a big problem that stinks.  
10:19 am est 

A Previous Poster Wrote

"You can raise the fines to a million $(however its against state law
to go over what we charge now)If the police don't enforce the bylaw, what good
will it do?"

So true of the police and parking department, they are happy to take raises and
benefits but don't seem to see that they also need to help the town get the
revenue to cover those costs.......

At least the water department keeps up with the tabs or we would really be
10:17 am est 

A Non-criminal Offense?

That needs to change.  Theres nothing
non-criminal about purposely allowing your dog to crap on public or private
property all the while knowing you will leave the pile for someone else to step
or pick up.  Premeditated and damaging, much like vandalism or graffiti. Should
be criminal and there is definitely intent. 

Also as far as the Surfside septic tanks go, the hotel may be empty but how do
you know for sure the tanks are empty?  Do you have a receipt for the fall
pumping?  Because other than that, what you think doesnt
prove it.  50 50 chance they are full to the brim or completely empty.  Not
willing to gamble without some proof of a pump. 

And still no answer to where the phantom DEP permit is
posted.  Doubt it even exists.  Now that would be a criminal offense. 
9:56 am est 

Re: The Network

It doesn't matter to me if it's men or women running this town, but
the current Old Gal Network is just as corrupt and underhanded as the classic
Old Boys Network.

Watch and you will continue to see special favors and treatment granted to other
power lesbians (and I'm gay, so don't even start with the cries of homophobia.)
They will continue to give jobs to their buddies, create a separate set of rules
for Gals, and put other women into positions of power, all under the guise of

More like "Old Gal nepotism" if you ask me.
9:54 am est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

You can raise the fines to a million $(however its against state law
to go over what we charge now)If the police don't enforce the bylaw, what good
will it do?
9:52 am est 

Happy Mardi Gras!

May the Music Flow! May the Dancing Go On for 40

Celebrate! Enjoy the day! Best wishes for a great Mardi Gras!

11:02 pm est 

You Have Hit the Bull's Eye

Big Daddy network even though it is the female Bid Daddy network. They are
controlling not all the town but enough to change this town and to make
over-development a prize, a goal. You've got sharon Lynn, Michele couture,
Madame Kitchen Cabinet McQuire, Deb Paine, her henchman Annie Howard, and Sara
Peake, just for starts. How right you are!

11:01 pm est 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Surfside Septic

If the Surfside is closed for the season and has been for many months, where is
this septic you speak of that is being pumped into the harbor?  There's no one
there.  Their septic tank is empty.  Any remaining waste would have been flushed
out months ago by rainwater and rising water tables.

As usual, everyone here is jumping to conclusions and conspiracies.
10:59 pm est 

Dog Poop Story...

Each day for about 2 weeks, I watched out my window
as a man walked by my home with a yellow lab on a leash. Every day the dog would
poop on my front lawn and the owner would look around and walk away. One
morning, I went out and asked the man why he thought it was ok to leave 10 piles
of dog poop on my lawn. His answer was that it was only dog sh--. I asked him to
pick it up and he refused and walked away. That afternoon, I shoveled all the
poop into a buck. I waited for the man to come by again the next day. I watched
him let his dog do his business. I then picked up the dog poop, put it in my
bucket and followed this man home. As he turned into a driveway I asked him if
this was his home. He looked at me with a strange look and replied in the
affirmative. I proceeded to walk over to his lovely, manicured,well cared for,
green lawn and dumped the two weeks of dog poop all over it and then walked
home. He wasn't too happy, but he's never let his !
dog poop on my lawn again!
10:57 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

"own should get tough on this and immediately impliment a minimum
fine of $500.00 for anyone
caught not picking up fido's treasure."

noncriminal disposition penalties are limited to $300--Massachusetts General Law
Chapter 40 Section 21
10:54 pm est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay!

A simple question has been asked and still goes unanswered.  Where is
the required DEP Permit allowing the horrendous on-going polluting of our
harbor?  Where is this so-called permit posted?  A blogger said it was approved. 
Well, where is the proof?  AS IS REQUIRED BY STATE REGULATIONS.  Forget the
town, it's obviously above their heads.  This needs State and Federal level
discussion.  So what, when the rains come, and they will, this will be a never
ending flow of Surfside septic and groundwater.  Quite the soup.  Unacceptable.
8:27 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

The way I see it, is that the police are not doing their job of
enforcing the dog waste town bylaw. That is why we need police to get out of the
patrol car and walk around the town. And for the blogger who has never seen a
poop bag station! Are you kidding us!?
8:24 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

Hey - thanks for the list of poop stations!  As I said, I'm always
prepared, but it is good to know just in case someone has gotten into something
she should not have :-)  I also agree with the comments on strict enforcement! 
I will start noting where there are "patterns" since those are the owners who
are likely the most guilty repeat offender!
7:36 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

It's notable that the conversation has been raised to the topic of
fecal artifacts. Be proud Provincetown blogsters, be very proud.
7:34 pm est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay!

As I walked down commerical st for a walk today I could not believe
the smell of sewer near 480 commerical st. The water they are pumping into our
bay that they say is ground water is not just ground water it is mixed with
sewer water. My husband does title systems and I asked if the motels septic
system is in that parking lot isn't that water getting pumped into our bay and
the answer was yes. They are contaminateing our beaches and lying about it. The
people of provincetown need to speak up and do something about it.I am courious
to see what the town hall has to say tomorrow.
6:09 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

"I am a dog owner and am always ready; however, I don't ever recall
seeing a station of poop bags through town."

They are at every Town Landing up and down Commercial.  There may be others, but
those at the Landings I am sure of.

I appreciate whoever refills them!  I rarely see one empty.
5:30 pm est 

Poop Bag Stations--There is no Excuse!

1.SURFSIDE INN 543 Commercial

2.Right before you get to Devons 401 ½ Commercial

3.Between Bull Ring and Wired Puppy  way down the alley 379 Commercial

4.Johnson Street Parking Lot

5.Between Lands End Marine and Squealing Pig way down the alley

6.Entrance to Cabrals Wharf on right side

7.Gosnold Street way down the alley

8.Court Street Landing

9.Boatslip way down on the beach and at Commercial St

10.Bend between Coast Guard Station and Commercial St.

11.Captain Jacks Wharf

12.West End Parking Lot

13.West End Rotary

14.Howland Street entrance to Railroad Bed across from BY & Downs

15.beach entrance at Surf Club Restaurant

16.Waterfront Park/MPL by the Courtesy Float
cape Inn/Snail Road stairs to the beach

17.St Mary's Beach Access

18.Grace Hall Parking lot pedestrian access at Prince & Bradford St (next to

19.Town Hall lawn at the Corner of Commercial and Ryder Street

20.Across from Breakwater Inn

21. Grace Hall Parking lot pedestrian access on Bradford

If there is Town owned land to put others please post. All poop bags stations
must be on Town owned land. No dog owner should leave home without a handful of
poop bags if he or she is a responsible pet owner!
5:28 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

If there's an enforcement problem, enlist the public's help.  In this
day and age of cell phone cameras, a good pics tells the story.  Poop pics can
be emailed to Ms. Lynn or Ms. Couture and they can post on a wall of wanted poop
offenders in town hall.  Even better, print them in the Banner.  Now that would
be a gas (pun intended).  
5:26 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

I am a dog owner and resident.  I walk my dogs all over town AND
frequent the dog park.  There really should not even be a discussion about
"poop" on the sidewalks,  anyone who does not clean up after their pet should be
ticketed....we need revenue and clean streets, sounds like a win win to me!  If
there really is as much "poop" around as other posters state then the ticketing
will pay for itself in no time and then add to the town's coffers (meager as
they may be).
5:25 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog

The reality is that if you own a dog and have a brain there is no
excuse to not bring a plastic bag in your pocket with a tissue or paper towel.
People are lazy idiots.  Dogs poop when they walk.  Everyone who owns a dog and
who doesn't knows this.  It's not rocket science and the town shouldn't have to
provide dog poop bags.  These people know who they are.  They let their best
friends crap on the sidewalk or corner while they look around hoping no one will
see or even worse, not even caring.  No one wants to dodge a human poop or a dog
poop when walking.  People can't do it and neither should dogs.  The town should
get tough on this and immediately impliment a minimum fine of $500.00 for anyone
caught not picking up fido's treasure.  Facing that, you can bet people will
start to pay attention to where their dogs relieve themselves and they will be
prepared.  Threatening a hefty fine is the only way this can be stopped.  With
enforcement a known problem, at least !
the slim offchance of getting caught and hit in the wallet has better odds of
getting results than knowing the penalty is a slap on the wrist in the unlikely
event you do get caught.  All it will take is one or two violators having to
cough up a hefty fine and the problem will stop.  Guaranteed.   
5:22 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

Regarding dog poop; it is a few owners who repeatedly don't give a
poop!  I think it is disgusting and gives all the good owners an undeserved
black eye.  I am a dog owner and am always ready; however, I don't ever recall
seeing a station of poop bags through town.  I always walk my pup west of
Franklin, so I can only assume they are concentrated in the center of town.  I
would suggest that when owners register their dogs, a list of where these are is
provided with the other materials given out to owners.  I'm sure no owner would
balk at paying an additional 50 cents for this - that way non-owners cannot
scream "waste of money." 
2:07 pm est 

Re: The Network

I don't see how someone on here can say that women have taken over in
town. But if you feel that way, why don't you do something about it?
2:05 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

I was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a leisurely stroll along
Commercial Street this past Sunday. Let me start by saying that MOST pet owners
are good about cleaning up after their pets. However, I'd also like to point out
that I had to side step NUMEROUS Land Mines along my route! Disgusting piles of
putrefied poop!

The only answer is to ask our local constabulary to FINE the offenders when
caught! Start making some examples!! While I was out, there was a fellow in
front of me walking a cute beagle that must have stopped to poop half a dozen
times and each time he was good enough to stop and clean up after his pet. He
looked so familiar wearing a coat with an American Flag on the shoulder and an
emblem on the front that I couldn't recognize. He had a happy pooch that he
obviously cares for very much and takes care to clean up after!
2:03 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!
If you take a look around there are over a dozen poop bag dispensers located
throughout town. They're refilled by volunteers. One big problem is people don't
take one or two bags, they'll grab a whole bunch and not leave any for the next
2:01 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

There are over thirty poop bag stations and fines were increased for
not picking up the poop. This is an enforcement problem that involves a few
local people.

11:13 am est 

To "Re: The Network"

Well said and so true.  This development of the wrong kind must be stopped now
before it is too late.  We are almost at that point and then what?  The blame
game will begin as the Provincetown we love falls into the hole being dug deeper
and deeper with each new approved oversized unnecessary project. 
10:39 am est 

Re: The Network

It may be an ole gal network pulling the strings in town, but they
learned their tricks from the ole boy network.   This is no group of feminists.
The ole boy and ole gal networks made a lot of money turning this town into a
gay Disneyland.  I am gay myself and missing more and more the diversity that
used to be here. We have proven here that gay people are just as
oppressive as other minorities that have become empowered.
People all over the world are using sites like this to reveal and uncover those
who seek to undermine democracy by believing they know best and should have more
control to make decisions for the rest of us.  The era of this
patriarchal type of control is passing.  You can see it in the news reports from
around the world and feel it in the great underlying unrest in this town. 
Yet people are still fearful to speak up.
If you are part of the small group that can get favors from Big Daddy you are
sacrificing the rest of us who have to wait in line and hope for an impartial
hearing for our requests. Yet, as we uncover more and more, we learn there are
no impartial hearings.
We supposedly make policies for the town through town meeting.  These decisions
are constantly undermined by this small powerful group.
This very small group can make things happen or not happen. 
And the folks indebted to them include the folks we elected to represent us at
the State level, the town manager and Banner staff.  Yes they do have that much
They and their friends profit greatly from it as we watch this little spit of
land with very limited resources sink into the muck of too much development of
the wrong kind.  If we cannot reign these outlaws in,  Mother Earth will
eventually have the last word for these female Big Daddies and the rest of us.
10:18 am est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

I agree.  If many of the dog owners in town can't clean up after their dogs,
then we should think twice about our town becoming the dog vacation destination
that Candace and her park people are promoting.  Maybe Candace and her friends
could put together a fund raiser to have waste bag dispensers strategically
located around town as well as special receptacles that dog owners could dispose
of their waste.  Let's not promote more dogs coming in to town if we can't even
get the dog owners who live here to be responsible.  Candace, how about making
this your next cause.  We would all be glad to support you and you have what it
takes to keep those few disrespectful dog owners from ruining the town for the
rest of us. 
10:12 am est 

If Annie Howard Were Still Flipping Burgers, There'd Be No Conflict

But she is not. Annie Howard is working for Deb pain and as chair of Zoning, Deb
Paine has an edge for any client who wants to make major changes to their
buildings. And look at the others? Is Harriet Gor done "objective"? Deb Paine is
her contractor. Deb Paine is who Gordon uses for her developments. Is David
Nicolau "objective"? He worked with Annie Howard to change the Zoning by-laws.
And he sells houses and can help his clients make the changes they want to small
or not so small houses.

If you're
playing chess,
Check. Checkmate.
11:48 pm est 

You Are Right

Provincetown of the past is being destroyed by greed. And our by-laws are not
putting limits on greed and development but allowing those with money to buy,
rehab, sell again and make their money. But at the cost of what this small town
once was. Truro would not allow this development. Wellfleet would not allow it.
Chatham would not. But we do! That is why Ted Malone is here and making his
money here, using our land, increasing density, and using Provincetown to garner
grants. Then look at the uglification of Provincetown.

There is a good reason other Cape towns do not allow the over-development and
slumification that Provincetown allows.
11:45 pm est 

Integrity? That is What is Being Questioned

Maybe, just maybe, we judge people by their actions and not the "reputation"
that some want to put forward. Deb Paine is being judged by her actions, by her
requests for demolitions that do not fit with her so-called concern for historic

Where was Zoning on 61 B? Does Ms. paine get a pass when everyone else must go
before Historic and Zoning for demolitions? Something's not right here and that
is what I hear others postings.

Integrity is earned, not bestowed.
11:43 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

This dog poop situation is common after a snowy winter. For some
reason, people don't pick up when there is snow on the ground, then in spring,
there it is. Everywhere!
11:40 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

I do believe that those promoting the dog
friendly aspect of town should step up
and help fix the filth left by lazy dumb
self righteous dog owners.'

Tell us about all the tourists with dogs that are in Provincetown the first week
of March in the dead of winter.

Why should those who promote 'the dog friendly aspect of town fix the problem'
when a few locals are the problem and not tourists with dogs? Yes, tell us why?
There are over 400 dogs registered in Provincetown.

How about enforcing the Town by law below and start fining those people? Why
don't you call the police instead and tell them to start enforcing the Town by
law below? No, you just want to       and hurl insults at the general dog owning
population in Provincetown. 

13-2-7-4. Dog Excrement and Removal. No owner shall permit a dog to defecate
upon public sidewalks, streets,
beaches, or Town-owned land or structures without immediately and permanently
removing the excrement
therefrom, nor shall said person permit such excrement to remain on private
property without consent of the
owner or occupant of same. A non-criminal disposition penalty will be assessed
in the amount of $100 (one
hundred dollars) to the owner for the first offense; $200 (two hundred dollars)
for the second offense; and $300
(three hundred dollars) for the third and subsequent offenses.
11:38 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

Maybe 'poop' cams can be set up to catch the offenders in the act. 
11:35 pm est 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

I am a pet owner and pick up after my two dogs. Every walk I take, I
make sure I have "poopy bags" with me. I buy them in bulk - and am
disgusted by the amount of dog excrement I saw while I was out walking. People
should not have to feel that they need to do "community service" by picking up
someone else's dog poop. I would never expect anyone to pick up after my dog. It
is rude and very disrespectful for people to act this way. C'Mon Ptown, let's
come together and pick up the poop.

F.E. Ces
9:21 pm est 

Re: Clean up After "Your" Dogs

I totally agree. I too took advantage of the beautiful
day on Saturday to stroll the length of
commercial street.  The dog      on the
sidewalk and beach was appalling 
It's just ignorant that these dog owners
allow this. Don't get me started on the beach!
I do believe that those promoting the dog
friendly aspect of town should step up
and help fix the filth left by lazy dumb
    self righteous dog owners.
9:15 pm est 

According to Main Webpage: What is My major Concern?
That people in this town are more concerned with the amount of dog crap on the
sidewalks than the fact that a certain "clique" of developers are building on
top of building with illegal septics and "backroom" deals with town officials
with absolutely no thought of anything historic or environmental or love of this
town except for the love they derive from the cold hard cash they can pocket
from it to buy condos in Miami or the Hamptons or Chatham, where they do reside
because that location actually does have a lick of common sense and won't allow
their "businesses" to thrive like us fools do.

And that the harbor is being polluted daily AND AFTER DRIVING THRU TOWN TWICE, A
DEP PERMITTING SIGN approving same has not been observed. And no one can produce
a location of one, even though ConsCom "approved" it.

And that the condition of the roads alone should prompt town "legal counsel" to
recommend an increase in the town's liability insurance, substantially.

And that we have a major Coast Guard Station in the West End.  What exactly do
they do anyway to have earned this prime spot?

And that Fishburn Court is so small, it is doubtfull a full emergency vehicle
could even get close to it's target.  Not to mention the "not in scale" rule
being completely ignored, AGAIN. 

And the intelligence that says, and ENCOURAGES, build bigger, bigger and fatter,
fatter, in light of the last worry.

And that the Town Hall paint reminds me of a bad night at the Foc'sle or Piggy's
(scrap that, a good night, sorry).

And that my town is crying and it's cries are going unheard or ignored by those
too intellectually limited but paid a pretty penny to hear.

The Ptown of the past is dying behind the curtain of greed lately moved in to
town. Help her defeat this foe.  She needs the yearround residents, including
proven by winters here, to speak out and stand up for her.  Don't like what's
happening.  Stop it.  Strength in numbers has been shown.  Defend or don't

- Aunt Fannie  
6:36 pm est 


What facts do you have to conclude that the gallery mentioned went bankrupt. 
The owner could have died or moved or retired. Just because something closes
does not mean it went bankrupt. Another clear cut example of the ignorance shown
in this blog.
5:19 pm est 

Re: Clean up After Your Dog!

Someone is angry and hates dogs doesn't he? Now we are all 'filthy pet
owners' who live in Provincetown? Perhaps you should increase your dose of
anti-depressants and go out and enjoy Fat Tuesday tomorrow! Woof!
5:17 pm est 

Re: Clean up After "Your" Dogs

Ya right, all good citizens should clean up after the lazy dog owners who can't
be bothered.  No one should have to step in the mess left by these ignorant
jerks, especially on the town's main tourist destination.  Welcome to
Provincetown the land of the filthy pet owners.
4:10 pm est 

Closing of the Doors

1:47 pm est 

Re: Clean up After "Your" Dogs

Why dont you clean up the poop you see instead of whining on this
How about you go out weekly and clean up any crap you see and start performing
some community service?

I wish you had stepped in it and tracked it into your house! It would serve you
right for not picking it up for the good of our community!

Cry baby!
12:59 pm est 

How Can You Say He Won?
Re: Barry Scott

I suppose I can do it all in angry cop capital letters, but instead let's just
say the high court said our police had no right to arrest, much less beat him.
He did nothing wrong. His editorial says he did not resist arrest, but getting
that charge overturned in MA is virtually impossible. At least he tried. I think
most people would think having a resisting arrest charge when there is no reason
to be arrested to be ridiculous. Keep trying to say we did no wrong and it just
makes our town look worse.
12:57 pm est 

Clean up After "Your" Dogs

I took a walk down Commercial Street yesterday and was amazed at the amount of
dog excrement left all over the sidewalk and road way.  Dog owners want the
freedom to let their dogs have access to public spaces, but they cant even clean
up after them in the street.  We should re-think making Provincetown the most
Pet Friendly place in America.  At this rate non pet owning tourists will want
to stay away.  Maybe Candace and her dog park committee can set up a weekly
excursion to clean up all the crap that mans best friend left behind. It is the
least Candace can do as the queen of the pet owners (or whatever it is that she
calls herself).
9:56 am est 

8 Fishburn & Wastewater Into the Bay

Re: 8 Fishburn   People concerned with the issues regarding the septic
system can find answers to their questions either online or at Town Hall. 
Abutters should have been notified.  This would have had to go before the Health
Board for approval.  Search the meetings and minutes and agendas to see if and
when this happened.  See who presented it and if anyone complained.  Find where
the approval was given and who gave it.  It is a matter of public record.

Re:  DEP approval for draining wastewater in the harbor.
Someone keeps saying it is DEP approved.  Again, if that is the case, where
exactly is the REQUIRED POSTING of the DEP Permit located physically so it can
be read by the public?  This question was posed before and never answered. 
Could it be it is NOT posted because it doesn't exist?  How shocking that would

Nice weather this weekend.  Took a walk down a favorite quaint little east end
dead end while out strolling.  Looks like a row of haybales are holding up a
hill, or trying to, except they have sunken into the sand? April showers and all
that.  Not good.     

9:50 am est 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Barry Scott Case

10:00 pm est 

Police Budget Out of Control

Why were we asked at Town Meeting to spend money on a new computer software
system for the police department when they don't want to use it? What a waste of
public funds.

We should demand a refund!

Now the police chief thinks he needs a new police station. Who spends time in
the station? Not the officers who patrol our town.. just the fat that never
finds their way onto the street.

Fat deserves a diet... in other words, NO!

Fix what you've got. Live with it. This is P-Town, not New Hampshire.

If you want a new police station, move somewhere else.

Enough is enough.

9:59 pm est 

Kerry Adams

I wish to add my own two cents (for what it's worth) in support of
Kerry Adams. I have done business with Kerry for many years and can say without
a doubt that this is an honest and descent man.

Here is a truly giving person, giving of his time and energy, often taking kids
fishing that probably wouldn't have been able to do so otherwise. By putting
together an annual Father's Day Fishing Derby that my own children partake of
each year, many kids have a great day of fishing with their dads, moms, aunts,
uncles, etc. What a great event! I know of several kids that he has taken
fishing on the pier who tell me that this is the kindest, nicest, and coolest
(their words) guy who has taught them a great deal about fishing while making it

I can't come up with too many other folks that give so much of themselves for
others. I have absolutely no doubt of Kerry's innocence and support him
unconditionally. If the day ever arrives that people learn who his accusers
were, they will completely understand why we know he is innocent. I have no
doubt he will finish victorious in this nasty case against him and I wish him
the best!
9:56 pm est 

To the Question: Are We Fools?

The answer is obviously "Yes."
9:15 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine and 8 Fishburn
Yes, you can build over a septic tank and even over the leach are so long as you
are above it. You can't pour a concrete slab over the area but can build on sono
tubes or pilings, so long as the septic tank is accessable to pump and clean and
the leach area is uninterupted to do it's job and allow the leachate to go back
into the ground. Actually, you can put a paved driveway, pavement, concrete or
otherwise over the leach area so why not a building slab? If I remember, the
Lobster Pot had it's old septic system under the building prior to being hooked
into the sewer system. The tanks are out back but the leaching system is under
the building.
9:13 pm est 

A Scam!!!!!

I find it appalling that the recipients of affordable housing are allowed to
sell their units at market value after a few years and get to pocket the profit. 
The profit should go back into the town and NOT the individual.  I agree that
the town should be audited. It would be interesting to see the skeletons come
rolling out.
9:11 pm est 

Deb Paine

   I was pretty horrified to read such slanderous comments being made about Ms.
Paine. She is considered by most to be the best at historic restoration around,
so it is logical that realtors would recommend her and developers would choose
her first.  Is there something wrong with being good at what you do?

   As to her work with the various Boards, she has had to deal with the process
for so many years that, of course, she would know the proepr way to present her
information in hopes to get a positive outcome.  I know from working with her my
own projects that she makes every effort to explain the process thoroughly and
makes it clear what work will be acceptable and what won't. Never have I heard
her try to "get away with something". She loves historic buildings and hates
when she cannot salvage one.

   Many of the commentors on this site obviously do not know the first thing
about Annie Howard.  Annie used to flip burgers and haul trash in town before
she came to work for Deb Paine.  Annie served on the town boards long before she
became employed by Deb.  Annie has to step aside from any board ruling involving
her employer because it would be a conflict. 

   It seems like there is whole lot of whining and finger-pointing on this
website by people who do not know the first thing about the integrity of Deb
9:09 pm est 

8 Fishburn Court

A Cesspool is Allowed for the New Construction/Demolition at 8
Fishburn Court? You are Kidding Aren't You?

This does not make sense. This is absolutely new construction with a demolition
of an historic building. If it was allowed to be demolished, you could not allow
an old cesspool to be the new standard. There would have to be a new Title V and
that would be mandatory. If this is true, where is the Board of Health? Who
signed off on this? Where is the  the Building Commissioner? Something is wrong
here if this is true--very wrong.

And if it is true. isn't this another Deb Paine construction project?
9:07 pm est 

It's True!

This town is being run by the "Good Ol Gals" network, as another blogger put it.

They run town Hall. They run PAAM. They run the newspaper. They've even got a
State Rep on their team.
9:05 pm est 

Harbormaster Assistant Certification

I was talking with a friend who told me about the little girl that
fell off Macmillian Pier and her father jumped in to save her, and finally
others came to assist. Apparently  there was no harbormaster on duty during this
time, but the thing that troubled me is that he said that very few of the
assistant harbormasters can swim. Shouldn't the pier corp  and the Harbormaster
hire qualified employees.  Why are these jobs being given out year after year to
people who couldn't save a life. Although in the winter months the water is
pretty cold and I am not suggesting that the Harbormaster or assistant
harbormaster jump overboard in the frigid waters without protective suits but
during the summer when the water temps are not bad, with the influx of boaters
in the harbor, what would happen if a rescue was needed and the people who came
to rescue can't swim, boy what a suit the Pier Corp will be involved in.
Throwing a life ring may help but if they had to swim could they!
? I would think that before the assisatnt harbormaster gets hired that they
perform a rescue swim that is certified through the coast guard and then prove
they are qualified for the job.
9:03 pm est 

Town Finances

How about selling off  either one or both of the playgrounds in town
to raise money to offset our expenses. Seems they are not used anyway.
8:58 pm est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay

The DEP has given its approval for the Water pipes in both the west
and east end as has every state and local board that needs to be notified for
the project to take place.
8:57 pm est 

Cape Inn

Maybe a NICER type of folk will be attracted to the
Cape Inn, ie, people with a lot more money.
Another place for modest income people down the drain.
12:10 pm est 

Deb Paine and 8 Fishburn

Whether or not you believe it is O.K. to let new
buildings continue with a cesspool, how does one get
the right to build a structure over it?
I have a large Title V taking up a good piece of my
property. Would anyone else been able to do this?
12:09 pm est 

Wake up and Take Notice!!

The good ole gals network is alive and well in this town.  Women in
power here are beyond reproach.   For a town with no projects are
approved and funded at the expense of tax payers.  Are we fools?  Are we looked
upon as stupid?  This town desperately needs to be audited and monitored to get
it back on track. These carpetbaggers are profiting an they will move on when
they make their fortune.  Wake up and take notice!!
12:06 pm est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay

EastEnd Waterfall

I called the DEP in Lakeville on Friday
regarding the ground water dumping into
the bay. If anyone else wishes to voice their
concerns,  please contact :
Mr. J. Hobill @ 508-946-2870.
Mr. Hobill returned my call and said
he would investigate my concerns.
Of course, Town Hall is closed on
Friday so I doubt that he was able
to look into the issue until Monday
at the earliest. Please, if you have
concerns, call him.

A Waterfront Resident
12:03 pm est 

The Harbor Hotel of Provincetown

Looks like a fair amount of work is going into the old Cape Inn. The rooms
have all been stripped of old, moldy carpeting, wall board has been replaced, new
flooring, light fixtures, bath fixtures, paints, linens, etc. Quite a bit of money is
being spent. I wonder how many jobs the locals can expect out of having a new
hotel in town. A new restaurant to run inside, new pool bar, room service, house
cleaners, landscapers, etc.

Thank god this dump is being cleaned up. For years it has been an eyesore. Maybe
now it will bring in alot of revenue to Ptown and provide lots of people with
jobs. Hopefully they'll be smart enough not to let the "Black Out" group hold
their annual party. It's always loud and obnoxious and must be disturbing to the
neighbors on 6A and at the condos next door. Hopefully it will attract a nicer
crowd of people and bring a little class to the area!Maybe young couples will
choose to hold their weddings there. The restaurant/lounge area are all getting

Older Folk
11:03 pm est 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Comcast Rates

How anyone could negotiate anything for certain with Comcast is a
mystery.  It seems like my bill changes every month beyond my control.  Why
would Comcast negotiate a "bulk" rate when services change and they may loose
money?  Makes no sense.  and you will never get the details so forget about it. 
What's good for the goose is not always whats fair for the gander.
10:59 pm est 

Barry Scott Editorial

Congrats to The Banner for running his editorial this week. I also saw it in Bay
Windows. Can you not help but believe this man? His sincere truth shines
through. He has enlightened us all and hopefully taught this town and its police
a lesson. You can't arrest us for free speech and to beat us, you deserve to be
called criminals. Amen brother!
10:57 pm est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay

Not to be boring or anything, but aren't the following items supposed
to be priority?  or is this just face music not worth more than the paper it's
printed on?

Aren't these the reasons to exist of the Harbor Committee?  What on earth is
being done to this town?  Nothing according to the rules it would appear in
light of recent photos showing a pipe spewing wastewater into the harbor. 

Direct passages from the "Harbor Plan for the Town of Provincetown"

"Summary of Key Land Use Actions
Incorporate Harbor Plan recommendations into special permit, variance, and
similar reviews, including protection of water-dependent uses and limitation of
any expansion of commercial parking as a waterfront use consistent with the
Chapter 91 guidelines.
Establish a town working committee to consider proactive measures for
protecting and enhancing water-dependent uses including representation from
appropriate Boards and Committees.
Amend the zoning regulations regarding uses that support water-dependent uses.
Seek funds and establish a process to study measures to protect properties in
the FEMA velocity zones.
Provide for continuation of water quality monitoring program. Design a
comprehensive stormwater management plan.
Enhance the removal of beach debris by providing additional assignment of
maintenance responsibility and funding to the DPW and by providing additional
trash receptacles.
Enhance the removal of beach debris by increasing volunteer activities and
increasing public awareness.
Include conditions on the removal of beach debris in relevant permitting and
licensing criteria."

EXACTLY WHICH ONE OF THESE IS BEING DONE?  Why does Conservation continually
directly contradict?
Doesn't the Coast Guard have a role in protecting the coast.  Isn't there an 800
number to be called in cases of abuse.  THERE SHOULD NOT BE WASTEWATER PUMPED
IS VEHEMENTLY PROHIBITED.  and yet it goes on and on and on.  Who exactly is
truly looking out for this town? if anyone. 
10:55 pm est 

Rats and Sinking Ships

One thing is for certain.  The ignorance and willingness of some
people to turn the other cheek in this town is unbelievable.   Even when serious
environmental violations are happening right in front of their noses, they
continue to defend with weak justification.  It's like a rats nest only worse
because the rats are incapable of problem solving or acknowledging abuse.  Makes
one wonder how deep the money flow is to warrant the constant turning of a
"blind eye" and who will be climbing over who's back to get to dry land when the
ship starts to sink.  And they all do eventually.   
10:50 pm est 

Kerry Adams

A good man in our community, Kerry Adams, has been charged with
"exposure", which I understand is a misdemeanor. A claim of that sort is truly a
low blow! What an absolute act of outright           on the part of his       
From what I know of the           of the            that made the charge against
him, I believe that Mr. Adams will be completely exonerated.  Because he is an
elected official, the newspapers have been having a field day with the story.

It is a sad day when all one has to do is make an allegation of wrong doing
against another and then sit back and watch the results unfold! What a terrible
toll this must be having on Kerry and his family. The legal expenses alone must
be in the stratosphere! Does anyone know if there is any way to contribute to
Mr. Adams defense costs? If so, please share it here. I believe its the least I
can do for a man that does so much for this town!

I wish you the best Kerry. Stay the course and dont let the bastards get you
7:26 am est 

Comcast Contract

BOS negotiated a "bulk" or fixed rate for the inns, b&b's & businesses in town.
Can someone state what rates are? I get shuffled around at Comcast & don't feel
like they are acknowledging what PTowns rate is?
7:22 am est 

"8 Fishburn Court"

Of course Jane Evans will approve- Mark my word-
It is Deb Paine applying!!! HMMMM again as a past poster so appropriately called
it-"a well GREASED machine"!!!!!Something smells fishy and it's not the bay.
7:21 am est 

Re: Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink
If they have the permit to build the structure and they are able to wait till
the sewer connection comes by thus allowing them to continue to use the
cesspool, then yes, Jane Evans, health agent and the board of health did allow
this to happen. They call it an administrative consent order. Happens all the
time. The owner starts paying now for the betterment and when the pipe comes by,
they are required to hook into the system and continue with the betterment fees
and the new sewer use fees. The cesspool works just like a title V, just that
everything goes into one place as opposed to seperate tank and leach field.
Claims of overuse are baseless and even if it is, it doesn't contaminate the
water any worse than any other title V system out there. Its all the same and
the leach eventually goes to the same place, groundwater level.

Get over you problem with the crappy old building being remodeled. It'll improve
the neighborhood. They already improved the area by getting rid of that looming
7:20 am est 


"What's the big deal, the water in the ground comes mostly from the ocean

Groundwater is water that has fallen by way of snow and rain and has retained in
the land, in the soils, and has seeped down into the soil to a similar level as
the ocean waters. Salt water is not under the land. The constant hydraulic
pressure exerted outward as a result of the rain and snow disallow that from
7:17 am est 

Waste Water

After well over one hundred years of pumping raw sewage, bilges, waste water,
etc. directly into the harbor, everyone is concerned with the discharge of
ground water. Geeze pard, anything put in Provincetown harbor now is an
improvement. It is USCG responsibility to investigate and take appropriate
action. Didn't anyone hear of or watch how the BP blowout was handled? Or is
this just another Provincetown bad joke?
7:14 am est 

Kerry Adams

I have read all of the comments made here in Kerry Adams' behalf and
I'd like to add my own. Kerry is one of the most descent and dedicated
individuals that it has been my privilege to know and call friend. His kindness,
generosity and professionalism know no bounds. This is a man that will go out of
his way to help you. He serves on the Provincetown School Committee, is a
director of the MacMillan Pier Corp, serves on Provincetown's Seashore Advisory
Board and, I just heard that he is also the Treasurer of the Fisherman's
Memorial group trying to raise money to erect a statue and memorial dedication
to our town's fishermen. With all of that, he runs a local insurance agency, not
to mention being a loving father and husband. How fortunate we are in
Provincetown to have someone as dedicated as he is serving us all!

Such a good and decent person doesn't deserve the ludicrous and disgusting
charge that was leveled against him. Anyone with a brain can read between the
lines and realize that he was set up by a couple of hoodlums!

The story continues to lead in the local press but I will wager that when he is
found innocent of the charge, the story will find its way to the back of the
paper, relegated to a meager sentence or two!

I for one support this man 110%. You couldn't ask for a finer, more dedicated
human being. He has shown dignity and humility in the face of this onerous
charge and maintains his innocence throughout. I truly hope others will support
him here as well. The Banner hasnt done him any favors, thats for sure!
7:12 am est 

Into the Bay

"Anywhere near a road or parking areas and you've got some serious contaminants. 
Automotive fluids, oil, fuel, anti-freeze, etc. all end up in the groundwater
runoff anywhere near a street or parking area."

Right. And where do you think this stuff goes now when it rains?  It gets washed
into the storm drain pipes and where do those empty?  Into the ocean.  You can
see the ends of the pipes up and down the harbor beach. 

So how about passing those quahogs and mussels you are worried about.  
7:11 am est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay

My God, if we are relying on our current "Health Officer" to have the
final say in cases like Fishburn Court all is truly lost.  Look at the poster
child, Bangs St.  Where do you think that septic system for 8 bedrooms and all
the laundry and baths will leach being directly uphill from a "protected"
wetland.  I'd bet it goes down before it goes out. This town is not being
protected.  It is being used and abused at the hands of those empowered and
entrusted with it's care.  Horrendous.  This needs to be stopped immediately or
we'll all be showering and swimming in sewage at some point in the not too
distant future.      
7:09 am est 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay?

A residential ground water well used for rose bushes won't contain the
same substances that pollute as a ground water pool resulting from digging a
hole in a low point near roads.  Anywhere near a road or parking areas and
youv'e got some serious contaminants.  Automotive fluids, oil, fuel,
anti-freeze, etc. all end up in the groundwater runoff anywhere near a street or
parking area.  That's just common sense.  How the CC could allow this to be
pumped directly into the bay is beyond outrageous.  I get it, the water isn't
bad, just smells bad.  Sure.  Well you swim in it then or even worse, eat some
quahogs, clams or mussels that have been soaking in it for a while.  
12:33 pm est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay?

The same de-watering pipe was used in the west end. It ran from the
Provincetown Inn out to and over about 100ft.of the breakwater. What's the big
deal, the water in the ground comes mostly from the ocean anyway?
12:29 pm est 

Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

Without clean water we're dead.  We all need to think
about how we contribute to the health of our collective
water supply and the greater waters of the envirnoment that sustain us.
Across political lines and beliefs should we not all come
together to say "first and foremost let's protect our
While people on this blog may not always have the right facts, where else in
town can we get immediate information about possible threats to our water

The developer at 8 Fishburn Court is building a structure
over an old cesspool.  They don't have to build a Title V
because eventually they will connect to the sewer.  This could be years.
Meanwhile this cesspool will be getting
many times more use. Every drop of polluted water counts.
Will Jane Evans approve this?
12:27 pm est 

Ground Water

Our property has a ground water well for watering rose bushes and other
plantings.  It has been tested as safe, but it has a strong musty sulfur odor
and if it gets on something like a car it leaves stains that are difficult to
get out. But the roses seem to like it.

As someone else said, this is why the town does not use wells in town for public
water.  Also one of the reasons the Pilgrims left town - they had to go to Truro
to get water, too.

I agree that there should be a record of approvals for this pipe, but if it is
just smelly ground water, that's what we have here folks.  And as rain comes
down and adds to it, the ground water makes its way to the ocean naturally,
along with any and all dissolved substances in it.  The sand will filter many
large suspended particles, but not dissolved ones.
10:43 am est 

Wastewater Into the Bay?

The same thing happened at the Eastwind on Thistlemore in January. They pumped
former septic tanks into the pond behind. Town and State police were called and
put an end to it. It has to do with the new pumping stations I think
9:17 am est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay?

Runoff is wastewater, full of pollutants.  Where is the DEP approval
of a pipe spewing directly into the harbor publicly posted for this project? 
8:58 am est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay?

To: "Do you really think someone illegally ran a bright blue 12 inch
pipe under Commercial Street and into the bay that would actually discharge
wastewater? Really?"

Absolutely, 100%.  Why not?  Not surprising at all.  And it's also not surpising
at all to find out that the Conservation Commission encouraged and approved it. 
If matters of environmental concern in this town are left solely to the
discretion of this ConsCom, the same ConsCom that allows bulldozing and
clearcutting of dunes in protected areas, we are in a boatload of trouble. 
Many, many instances of ineptness exist.  They won't approve cleaning the
beaches that are disgusting, but allow dumping wastewater into the harbor.  Who
is on this Commission, the Mad Hatter and members of his gang?  The State should
be notified of this IMMEDIATELY.  They will have a different opinion on what is
being done.  There is no way this is not damaging on many levels.  What, the
pond on Shankpainter is dying under their protection and now they are trying to
kill the harbor too?   Insane.
8:51 am est 


Another example of why you can't take anything posted hear as Gospel. If you
want to be considered a credible source you should get the facts before
publishing. We all know what happens when you assume ass/u/me.
8:49 am est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay?

The DEP approved the fresh water to be discharged into the harbor.
Just because it smells does not make it bad.
8:46 am est 

What Does Fresh Mean?

How can Michael Shay's continually advertise frsh local sole for their
fish fry on Fridays when there hasnt been any fish landed in Provincetown since
December.  They are habitual       advertisers!!!!
8:45 am est 

Re: Wastewater Into the Bay?
First off, it's not wastewater like sewage, its groundwater pump off from the
excavated holes for the sewer system. The holes need to be pumped out in order
to work on the system at low areas of town, Bradford side of Surfside being one
of the lowspots.

The smell is sulfur eminating from the water, one of the
reasons we don't drink the water here. It's not clean, its like swamp water. For
the comscom to have approved this is a mystery. They may have approved the fact
that it will eventually get to the bay but I doubt they approved a pipe directly
into the bay.

Usually, it gets there indirectly or has to be pumped into system
that will allow the water to seep into the sand first but not direcly into the
saltwater. Thats always been a big no no. Lots of septic systems have been
approved knowing pump off would be a byproduct of the excavation but the
contractors never were able to pump it directly into the bay. 
8:40 am est 

Wastewater Into the Bay?

Shouldn't you have some facts before you print that as a headline?  I can almost
understand some ranting blog spreading rumors, but when the webmaster makes it a
headline, people should trust that it is based in at least some fact.

Where would this alleged wastewater be coming from considering none of the waste
lines are connected yet?

The pump station at the Surfside Inn is below ground and below the water table. 
To construct it they must de-water the area of construction.  The water being
pumped into the bay is that water.  And yeah it probably does smell.  Probably
smells like a damp basement after days of rain and water seeping in.

Conservation approved this de-watering and it MUST be done for the project to
continue and to help create the catch basin also being installed in the area to
stop the frequent flooding that occurs there.

Do you really think someone illegally ran a bright blue 12 inch pipe under
Commercial Street and into the bay that would actually discharge wastewater? 

Webmaster Comment:  The question still remains...who approved this. Has this pump-off been approved by DEP and Army Corp of Engineers and what is the assessed quality of the water being pumped into the bay (run-off water is also wastewater).

Given the recent questions raised pertaining to  the various contributions to the pollution of the bay, these are valid concerns.

What is the actual assessed quality of the pumped-off water? This should  be published? Has DEP been notified?
12:11 am est 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well, There You Go!

It has been DETERMINED that an impact study is
not needed for the new affordables on Shank Painter (in the CCTimes legal
notices today).   There will be no impact on the human zone.  Stop all the
whining about developers making a killing and start looking loosening your
wallets and looking for ways to get your names on the magic lists.  Cause you
know, in the end, the taxpayers will be coughing up some funds to pay for these
before the developers who will be able to sell them in 6 years at market price,
6:57 pm est 

Re: Kerry Adams

Through the grace of God these wrongful charges haven't been brought on me or
anyone else, and then subjected to ridicue, innuendo.gossip and humility ,
especially in this Town Without Pity!!!!!!!!....Kerry, you have my respect and
many many others.Rusty....
6:55 pm est 

Provincetown Police Department

Does anyone know how to get information on the names
of the 11 officers who have left the police force.
Ryan Peters is one of them.  Can we put a list together
6:53 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

Barry Scott resisted arrest and this charge was upheld by the MA SJC. 
I am sure that he did something to anger the police and that is what got him in
trouble in the first place.

He is trying to paint himself as an innocent bystander but I just don't buy it. 
He may be small, but it is his big mouth that got him in trouble.
6:46 pm est 

Kerry Adams

Kerry Adams has done good things for this town.  I have no doubt that
he is innocent of the charges and he will be acquitted.
6:39 pm est 

Barry Scott

"I was a guest at that party as well and Barry Scott did make the
statement to insight the crowd."

Sorry, police officers can't be the person offended by free speech in a
backyard. The state court has ruled he should not have been arrested. Period.
There were so many witness statements backing up Barry's truthful version of the
events. When the homeowner 'changed his mind' about this after many articles in
the press, so did his friends. That's a sad comment on our town. That person was
called out by the Banner and other papers, which is very rare. I imagine you
police will be against him, but those who feel safer by what he did love him for
finally doing what is right!
6:32 pm est 

Kerry Adams-Respect For Honorable Man

I happened into Kerry Adams at the grocery store yesterday and
congratulated him on the dismissal of the charge against him. He told me the
case wasn't over yet and that the dismissal was due to an error that was made by
the prosecution in the beginning. He did tell me that he doesn't want the case
to be dismissed that way and that he won't settle for less than an acquittal for
the bogus charge that was leveled against him.

I must say, I have a great deal of respect for this honorable man. What has been
done to him is a travesty! He continues to serve on town boards and go about his
daily life with character and great dignity in spite of the lousy hand he was
dealt. I wish him the best. This town is truly fortunate to have him!
1:12 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott
I was a guest at that party as well and Barry Scott did make the statement to
insight the crowd. Mr. Scott did resist arrest and now is putting his spin on
the story.   Barry Scott, moved on.  He left town and now wants to keep this
story alive. We don't need your "friends" posting these misleading rants and I
look forward to testifying and tell the truth about what I saw if he makes a
civil case out of this. 
1:09 pm est 

All in All, the Kerry Adams Case is Confusing

Nothing is clear. all the delays and then the wrong filing. I never understood
what really had been dismissed. Now I know why. It was unclear and still is. I
wish this were over but it seems far from over.
11:55 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott
 Mr. Scott

I think he is a hero, just from reading his editorial.
11:40 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

This Has Always Been provincetown's Problems: Affordable Housing is
Not in Its Control

I always liked the real and best candidate for Town Manager, Leon Gamond, when
he said he was for affordable housing but---only that which the town would
control. He would not allow federal control and state control. But that is what
we have with this administration. Anyone who wants to be on the affordable
housing state list--as well as the close "friends" of Ted Malone--find
themselves on this special list. but those who have been living here for so many
years, they never have a chance.

so look to see many a stranger get affordable rentals on Shankpainter Road. It
will not help us at all. Then even malone plays his game and who will that help?
someone he hires, someone he favors, someone who knows someone. I find it
disgusting. It has nothing to do with real need but inside games played with
federal and state money. And the town looks horrible all in the name of
affordable housing. It is more a high density slum, done for profit and little
attention to the look and feel and history of Provincetown.
11:38 pm est 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Re: Barry Scott

His press machine keeps going! I think when the truth is on your side, you do
what is right. Kudos to this man. Barry Scott has made us all safer, hopefully,
in our own town. Sad that he had to sell and leave here to get it for
us...without much of a thanks from our horrendous officials.
7:27 pm est 

Re: Kerry Adams

So much for the blogger going on and on about Kerry Adams case being
dismissed! What? He thought the refiling of the case would be done privately??
And how about trashing the Chief as well?
5:51 pm est 

Kerry Adams: Case Refiled

In a move to correct a legal procedural misstep, the indecent exposure charge
against Provincetown resident Kerry Adams was dismissed last Tuesday in Orleans
District Court and, according to police Prosecutor Glenn Enos, subsequently

The case should have been entered as a magistrates hearing, said Enos, because
it is a misdemeanor in nature. Instead, he said, it went to an arraignment.

Enos said Adams defense attorney filed a motion to dismiss and the judge
dismissed it, without prejudice.

The state police have refiled the case for a magistrates hearing. No date has
yet been set for the hearing.

Read more: Provincetown indecent exposure case refiled for magistrate hearing -
- Wicked Local Provincetown
3:13 pm est 

Legal Procedural Misstep

PROVINCETOWN  In a move to correct a legal procedural misstep, the
indecent exposure charge against Provincetown resident Kerry Adams was dismissed
last Tuesday in Orleans District Court and, according to police Prosecutor Glenn
Enos, subsequently refiled.

The case should have been entered as a magistrates hearing, said Enos, because
it is a misdemeanor in nature. Instead, he said, it went to an arraignment.

Enos said Adams defense attorney filed a motion to dismiss and the judge
dismissed it, without prejudice.

The state police have refiled the case for a magistrates hearing. No date has
yet been set for the hearing.
3:10 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

"DJ Barry Scott should do the town a favor and let his issues rest.
He is costing the town a fortune!"

As Michael Jackson would have said, 'you are so ignorant.'
OUR town chose to pursue charges against him. Our town took him to court dozens
of times and refused to drop those silly charges over years. We are talking
dozens of appearances by our old Police Chief and at his trial I saw our Town
Manager, new and old police chief and the whole force. They lied under oath to
win...which only got them more bad press because of town lies. (papers actually
sais this!) He WON at the State level when 3 Justices decided he should NOT have
been arrested in the first place. 

Who wasted who's time and money here? Our town has a long history of wasting
money on these cases. It happened to someone else I know, who got a cash
settlement in the end.
Sorry, your off base. THIS TOWN wasted money on this.
3:07 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Could someone please explain the rational behind developing affordable
housing that after 5 years is no longer affordable housing?   Shouldn't it stay
as affordable housing for ever?  What is the point other than to line the
pockets of the developers.
3:04 pm est 

Re: Here's an Interesting Story

Great story, great lawyer,but as a former bureaucrat I'm just not convinced
he's proven to me that God in fact exists.Keep up the great service MYPACC.
3:03 pm est 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Connecting the Dots

It was most interesting reading the February 20th article
in the Cape Cod Times by Sean Gonsalves where he
mentions Ann McQuire as the "unofficial mayor of Provincetown"  In it Sarah
Peake says "she owes  a huge debt of gratitude" to Ann for helping her win a
selectmen's seat and then a seat as state rep.

How does sherepay this debt? Why did she stay on the board of selectmen even
after she was elected as state rep.?  She left after the vote to hire Sharon.

I have heard that there were two other candidates with much more experience than
Sharon who might have been much better for our town.  Who is the "connector"

It effects all of us and the environment of our town.
Right now the intense use of these "connections" is tearing us apart, literally.

Ann is acting more like a mob boss than an unofficial mayor.
I like all 3 of these women, I just don't like what they're up to presently. Let
the people decide and stop all the manuvering for the benefit and wealth of your
selected connections. You're undermining this town.
10:38 pm est 

Deb Paine

Yes she does know what to do and say and how to make nice and cozy with the
regulatory boards.  But she crosses the line.  She has no interest in preserving
our town and its
structures. She may be doing what's in the interest of her clients, but she is
the one who tells her clients what they can get away with. She should be telling
them that they are buying into a town that cares about its history.
There are too many that just want to make a buck.
10:35 pm est 

"How Does it Improve the Town?"

Are you kidding?  It improves the town by lining the pockets of the developers
that control the town. 

In light of recent "developments" (no pun intended) let's take a project that is
a "DONE DEAL" and dissect it, briefly, to give all you newcomers a taste of
Ptown boardwork.

Bangs St. Ext.  At first, one direct abutter complains to no end and gets
nowhere fast.  Then, 30 abutters complain and demand a meeting, after being
shocked into reality, and got nowhere fast also.  "Abutters" meeting occurs,
thrown in clearly for show, abutters stopped in their tracks and waved goodnight
and goodbye.  Then, 4 modular "homes" using the term lighty which could be
substantial firetraps (and prove that incorrect in light of recent modular
fires), presented as 2 over and over again publicly to get approvals, sit jammed
together at the end of this little quaint dead end street for months (well, over
6 now) where an open space and dune used to be. These lovely "homes" are clearly
marketed as 4 individual "energy efficient" townhouses DIRECTLY CONTRADICTING
THEIR PRESENTATION AS 2 BUILDINGS.  Oh yeah, previous owner was denied 2 houses
by the exact same board member, lest we forget again, Ms. B of Planning.  She
apparently saw fit to magically approve 4 but deny 2!
  before because of possible "environmental damage". Guess that risk decreases
when you add houses.   DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL?  NO! What a sick twist. 
Then, these 4 houses sit empty for over 6 months and the broker whines to this
blog that he can't show them because they are the "best" in the "worst". Lest we
forget they were approved by the very "board" members to which this broker
belongs as being "IN SCALE" with the neighborhood.  DIRECT CONTRADICTION, again. 
And the beauty of all of this - multiple questionnable actions by Planning and
Conservation aren't even mentioned here, the Developer took over a PRIVATE road
and incorporated it into the project WHILE THE TOWN LOOKED ON AND SMILED and
AT OVER A HALF A MILLION EACH because the poor Town Assessor is apparently
overworked even though, PER THE CHARTER, there are supposed to be 5 Assessor
board members.

Go ahead, defend this.  Good for the town.  And how is that again? Dune
destroyed and safety of the neighborhood put at rist, and for what, so a
developer, who has already made a pretty penny off of this town, can make some
more. Perhaps someone close to the top in Town Hall can explain the
discrepancies.  Bet they can.     
10:33 pm est 

Re; Truth is Truth: David Nicolau Was Part of 3 Ad Hoc By Law Revision Committees
Look again, Truro regulates its land and density using real estate
people/developers, and contractors on it's planning board. Difference, they are
doing it the right way.
10:28 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

DJ Barry Scott should do the town a favor and let his issues rest. He
is costing the town a fortune! 
10:25 pm est 

Re: Tragedy Averted

Why wasn't the harbormaster on the pier in the middle of a storm?
What's a POV?
10:24 pm est 

Pier Accident:

The harbormaster wasn't even on the pier at the time.  He came flying down the
pier in his POV....
2:16 pm est 

Deb Paine and BOS

Just what are the rules about bringing a town board member before the selectmen. 
It would be good to know.
It seems to me that anyone should be able to complain about unjust treatment by
a board member.
The Deb Paine incident seems to be more about people being fed up with insider
priviledge.  Developers in general
are getting their way and the rest of us keep looking back over our shoulders
and saying "how did that happen".
Elaine Anderson said it a few meetings back about the
bulldozing of the hill on Harry Kemp to make way for
another large development for people who won't live there.
I believe a large majority of the year-rounders are not happy with all the over
We should stop calling each other names and get to the
problems at hand.
2:14 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

I heard the DJ Barry Scott on FNX radio...boy can he speak! I wasn't
totally aware of this story until hearing him on the morning show, but lying in
bed listening, I actually felt bad for his pain. Guess they picked on the wrong
guy. My research led me to this:

Having lived in this town all my life, I believe every word of it. Would this
town EVER apologize? This man and his partner were victims. Simply victims.
2:11 pm est 

Here's an Interesting Story

If any of you have ever dealt with Title
issues when applying for a mortgage loan, you will love this: (it even seems
apropos to many of our own local issues!)

Part of rebuilding New Orleans caused residents often to be challenged with the
task of tracing home titles back potentially hundreds of years. With a community
rich with history stretching back over two centuries, houses have been passed
along through generations of family, sometimes making it quite difficult to
establish ownership. Here's a great letter an attorney wrote:

To the FHA on behalf of a client:  You have to love this lawyer.......

A New Orleans lawyer sought an FHA loan for a client. He was told the loan would
be granted if he could prove satisfactory title to a parcel of property being
offered as collateral. The title to the property dated back to 1803, which took
the lawyer three months to track down. After sending the information to the FHA,
he received the following reply.

(Actual reply from FHA):

"Upon review of your letter adjoining your client's loan application, we note
that the request is supported by an Abstract of Title. While we compliment the
able manner in which you have prepared and presented the application, we must
point out that you have only cleared title to the proposed collateral property
back to 1803. Before final approval can be accorded, it will be necessary to
clear the title back to its origin."

(Annoyed, the lawyer responded as follows):

"Your letter regarding title in Case No.189156 has been received. I note that
you wish to have title extended further than the 206 years covered by the
present application. I was unaware that any educated person in this country,
particularly those working in the property area, would not know that Louisiana
was purchased by the United States from France , in 1803 the year of origin
identified in our application.  For the edification of uninformed FHA
bureaucrats, the title to the land prior to U.S. ownership was obtained from
France , which had acquired it by Right of Conquest from Spain . The land came
into the possession of Spain by Right of Discovery
made in the year 1492 by a sea captain named Christopher Columbus, who had been
granted the privilege of seeking a new route to India by the Spanish monarch,
Queen Isabella. The good Queen Isabella, being a pious woman and almost as
careful about titles as the FHA, took the precaution of securing the blessing of
the Pope before she sold her jewels to finance Columbus's expedition...Now the
Pope, as I'm sure you may know, is the emissary of Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
and God, it is commonly accepted, created this world. Therefore, I believe it is
safe to presume that God also made that part of the world called Louisiana. God,
therefore, would be the owner of origin and His origins date back to before the
beginning of time, the world as we know it, and the FHA. I hope you find God's
original claim to be satisfactory. If you are not familiar with His name, you
can read about Him in the Bible. 

Now, may we have our loan?"

The loan was immediately approved!
11:21 am est 

Housing and Jobs

The selectmen put all of their energy into a developer's affordable housing
business--but not into attracting some kind of entrepreneur to create jobs.

How does it improve the town to create housing for the currently subsidized
residents who will move into it as soon as it is built?

40B housing must go to the homeless, women with dependent children, people with
AIDS and their care givers will move from their current living situation into
the affordable housing units. Or people will apply from the list of 5,000 people
awaiting housing under the auspices of the Housing Authority in Hyannis.
9:47 am est 

50 Affordable Housing Units

Millions of dollars in tax payer CPA funds have gone to developers--and the
result is 50 affordable housing units that will go to Provincetown residents.

There are people at Foley House, people on subsidies from the Housing Assistance
corp and Yarmouth housing who are already subsidized--and they will move into
this affordable housing.

The waiters and waitresses who are expecting to waltz into these places are out
of luck already--these units will be taken by people already in the program.
9:44 am est 

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