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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Uh, Oh, Someon'es Hitting the Right Nerve

Someone is upset. And angry. this is not the Banner. This is a place where the
hidden is often revealed. I'm glad but someone is not!
11:50 pm est 

Turth is Truth: David Nicolau Was Part of 3 Ad Hoc By Law Revision Committees

He initiated the group and he was integral to all changes. So was Ted malone. So
was Annie Howard. connect those dots and you'll see an interesting picture.

The truth may not always be pretty---but this is the truth. Truro controls its
land and its density. It does not have real estate brokers, developers and
contractor help revising their zoning bylaws. But we do and thus look at our
over-building and our density. A developer's and a broker's dream but a
nightmare for those of us who care about this small town.
11:47 pm est 

Re; "Couple of Thoughts"

Deb Paine- "if Deb Paine can tear down
something the next person should be able to also".

You read the whole post and YOU are the one that missed the point. If she can
tear a building down, the next person should be able to but by the same token,
she should not be able to if others have been turned down, regardless of who you
know. The point is all rules need to be applied fairly and if the ZBA leans one
way, it should lean that way for all, not just friends.
11:34 pm est 

Monday, February 28, 2011

"Who Resort to Anonymous Character Assassination on Here..."

You accuse others (by name) of doing precisely what you go on to do.  Nice.
8:22 pm est 

Bradford and Commercial Street are Disasters

So many pot holes. Such a mess. The town should at least fill these huge pot
holes. I've never seen streets this bad. They make Boston look ideal.

What is happenening here? Why isn't anything being done?
7:51 pm est 

Just Look at the Historic Buildings Deb Paine Has Demolished

Count. the numbers are one after another. I see no other contractors allowed to
even take down the back of a building or one side.

Jut count. Truth lies in numbers and hers are up there. I believe the connect
the dots just revealed why this is allowed. the kitch cabinet is alive and well
and thriving. I thank the blogger who helped make sense of the demolitions.
7:50 pm est 

They Hate Lesbians and Gays....Really?

"They hate lesbians and gays who actually make a difference this town.
Fortunately, other than their sycophants on here they make not once ounce"

Okay.  #1 - how do you make a difference this town? Just curious

#2 - syncophants - big word, not sure cohorts wouldn't have sufficed, not
impressed, a simple search of big words describing people on google throws up
"syncophants".  Doubt youv'e ever actually used it in conversation.  Elephants
yes, syncophants, not likely. 

#3 - how do you make not once ounce?  Again, just curious, in case I need it for
a recipe sometimes. 

Good job insulting.  Cool.

Final Grade:  F for incoherent rambling and lack of common sense.
And what have these lesbians and gays done lately to "make a difference"
exactly?  Other than the West End Salon I mean. 

Cause, you know what paard?  Infrastructure is a mess, ponds are dying, historic
buildings are being torn down without approval, modular trailer like condos are being jammed together into dunes, beaches stink, can't wash a car or water a flower and the fiscal
situation (despite the large reserve our current administration reports)  is
screaming help. 

If that's making a difference, good work.    Oh yeah, I forgot,
it's all the fault of the greedy townies who sold their souls.  Doesn't matter
that the people buying the souls got great deals and then mismanaged and used
and used without real return for the Provincetown they proclaim to love.  A
seasonal love at best. 

Not talking about having a Carnivale and throwing beads,
talking about actually stopping one of the numerous abuses being dealt the
natural town under what you call, their care.
7:49 pm est 

Whom do I contact?

This is a community forum--I'm a part of the community and I need some
information. Please help.

I get my teeth cleaned 3 times a year. The last time the dental hygienist
informed me that my crown seemed loose. She had the dentist come and check it
out--and he proceeded to tell that it was rife with decay, that I need a root
canal, a post, and then a new crown all for $3,000.00.

Since I'm religious about my teeth with flossing every day a using several
brushes I feel that this isn't my fault. (The xray can't look inside a crown.) I
wasn't told that crowns should be replaced every 5 or so years either!

Is there a supervisory dental organization that I may contact for information
regarding what has occurred to find out if this is routine or if I should get
some kind of break regarding the cost of all of this?

My crowns pop off every few years too. This is exasperating.
7:42 pm est 

Town Vote -Warrant Roads

We need petition ASAP TO TOWN HALL B4 warrant closes. Paving (black top just to
"stabilize" the massive street splits, pot holes & dangerous sidewalk to
pavement "blind" drops must be approved to get done! Please sign a petition so
we can vote at town meeting!!!
5:26 pm est 

"Couple of Thoughts" - Deb Paine

We're u at meeting to voice concerns?? Did not think so... Participation in town
govt or don't complain!
5:24 pm est 

"They Are Emasculated Wimps Dominated by Their Wives"

Talk about ranting.  Who are you referring to?  Clarence and his buffoon partner
(in which case I didn't realize his partner-wife has another wife) or Marcene
and Mary Jo (again, didn't realize either of them have wives)?  While you do
try, you make no sense.  Go back to Ptown Elementary and learn spelling, grammar
and some writing skills.  And this time, pay attention to the teacher instead of
staring out the window at the bird in the tree. What are you, a selectman or
5:22 pm est 

Tragedy Averted

The private citizen was in his office on the pier right? Well his
office is right accross the harbormaster's office right? In the museum? How come
the harbormaster didn't hear the screams of an adult man and child? I understand
about not patrolling up and down the pier every moment of a storm or in general.
But what was so distracting going on in the harbormaster's office for them not
to hear people screaming for their lives?????
2:33 pm est 

Why Not Talk About Another Demo?

At the January 12th Historic Meeting a house was approved for demo. It was
presented by Billy Rogers. Now I wonder why we are not discussing him and his
connections. I am certain that his personal friendships and business dealings
would make for a much more interesting story.
2:31 pm est 

Tea Party Tactics

Totally agree with a previous post. I feel the highlighting of "connections" is
disgusting. Talk about being in the "crosshairs" The only thing that the
"connections" post tells me is that the next time I need a builder I will
certainly call Deb Paine. Any one of us who has lived here for more than ten
years could have a similar story to tell. What exactly is wrong with knowledge,
hard work and connections for your own business. Builders and contractors work
for their clients and as a client I would want the person who would know the
most and be able to get the job done. Maybe she gets her way because she knows
what to say and do. I call that professional and not a quality that I have a
problem with. Any professional, such as an accountant, doctor or lawyer, I would
want them to have these qualities.
2:29 pm est 

Its a Shame,

This blog has become one of incessant whiling and
finger pointing..If any of u out there have some productive comments or fresh
insight to the issues in Provincetown, please share them. The negativity in this
blog has made you all look like a bunch of whining babies either accusing people
of wrongdoings or trying to defend yourselves from false accusations stemming
from incomplete stories.  Why don't u all try acting like adults instead of idle
whiners who have nothing better to do than hiding behind your keyboards and
point fingers. Truly dispicable!!!!
2:27 pm est 

Re: Re: David Nicolau...

Oh complete bs again. Marcene sits on historic and  Mary Jo was a lame
selectman. Other than that Clarence and his buddy are buffoons who resort to
anonymous character assassination on here and have not had one single ounce of
valuable input to any serious town issue. Face it they are emasculated wimps
dominated by their wives and ineffective in their lives and public discourse.
They resort to this sad ass forum where they try to incinerate hard working
folks. They hate lesbians and gays who actually make a difference this town.
Fortunately, other than their sycophants on here they make not once ounce of
impact on actual issues as the voters reject their hate filled tactics.

2:25 pm est 

"Couple of Thoughts"

Deb Paine- "if Deb Paine can tear down
something the next person should be able to also"

You totally miss the point and the reality in provincetown- you see- That is just the point. Ms Paine has gotten away with more than any contractor in this town- ONLY because she knows
the right people. And NO- the next contractor will NOT be allowed to" tear down
something" like she did. And to boot-Miraculously the new construction plans
were approved simultaneously . You're not in Kansas anymore.  Get realistic .
2:23 pm est 

Commercial Street Repaving

I think we have already paid to have both Bradford and Commercial Street patched
and repaved to normal roadway standards? However, the contractors have been so
badly managed that the contractors are essentialy off the hook- Particularly for
Commercial Street in the center of town.

But for Bradford and the recent far west end work, the vendors are still on site
so it might be possible to hold them accountable and we might get vendors to
actually do what they have been paid to do?

Opps! Never mind! Proactive action would of course suggest the '5 Blind Mice'
and Town Manager acutally knew how to manage a contract or evaluate work
progress in a way that holds vendors accountable.

Okay, maybe we can have some hope? It's not that hard, towns up and down the
Cape repair roads all the time? Why can't Town of Provincetown get it done and
might the election bring change?

By the way: Hoping for the repaving in center of town to start
soon?.....Watchout funding may get pulled in the Federal budget showdown going
on now....Note Congress is pulling back current year spending- very unsual- so
that will stop funding for projects already underway and be sure if the budget
cuts pass, projects not yet begun instantly become very vunerable for reductions
and elimination.
2:20 pm est 

Shame, Shame

Shame on those weak bloggers who cast insults at the blogmaster and
his partner for allowing certain blogs about certain well connected individuals
and their "businesses".   These blogs are not libel, they are the truth.  What
happened to Ms. Germaine is libel.  Easier to prove than not.  The blogmasters,
by definition, not to mention other efforts, have done more to awaken the town's
senses and conscience than anyone in the last 3 decades.  They don't have a
problem attending or contributing and they are intelligent, well spoken and well
prepared.  Your insults show your intellectual anemia and rabid jealousy. 
Probably developer fodder in one way or the other and don't even know it. 
2:17 pm est 

Regarding Favoritism etc..

If Michel Couture was so connected why is it that she did not get here way, and
the the Cabral's are getting their way in not having to give up 50 parking
spaces?  The Cabrals are potentially holding up a plan for the whole towm for 50
parking family/business holding up a whole report?!
Maybe there is favoritism for them being such an old family here in town?
And in discussing the parking situation at Lopes Square... one name can up over
and over... A Mr. Crane, who it seems parks his vehicles in front of the Coffee
Pot for hours at a time, and yet he is not ticketed or forced to move his
vehicles... because he too belongs to an old family here in town...
So it seems that the idea of favoritism runs not only to new folks here in town
but to many of the old families as well, who seem to get preferential treatment
as well...

2:14 pm est 

Re: Tragety Averted

OK regarding the the near tragedy on the pier.. To the folks bashing
the harbormaster and staff.. do you expect them to be standing outside at all
times scanning the water for any potential incident?
There is such a thing called an ACCIDENT!
Based upon your theory the there should never be a robbery or public incident
since the police are out patrolling...

How long were the father and his daughter in the water?  a few minutes?  In this
cold water they would surely have frozen to death had they been in the water for
too long.. it sounds like people sprang into action the moment they were made
aware of the problem...

And kudos to the heroic man who jumped into the frigid water to help the father
and his daughter...he should be given some sort of proper award.
1:12 am est 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Re: Tragedy Averted

Why did a private citizen have to knock on the harbormaster's door to
tell him two people fell off the pier? How come the harbormasters weren't out

Seems they were the last ones to the rescue.
5:46 pm est 

Re: David Nicolau...

I could not believe the totally insulting ranting of the blogger complaining
about the evil rantings of the lazy folks who write on this blog. Most who
contribute to this
blog have worked on town boards and committees or have
worked hard to make this community livable in many other
ways. Our angst is that we do care.
If you want to change the tone of this blog, as they say,
the best place is start with yourself.
5:45 pm est 

Re: Streets and Poles

"I do wish that when the streets are repaved the town would consider getting rid
of all the telephone poles and burying the power lines.  It's so ugly."

ARE YOU JOKING....?  Not only does it cost a huge amount of money to move above
ground lines underground, it also costs a whole lot more to maintain.  There are
a few things in these hard financial times you do not skimp on...public safety
(this includes fixing the roads, fire, and police), education, and local

Real solutions to real problems are what Provincetown needs.  Although your idea
is well intentioned and I must say would improve the visual appeal of Commercial
Street, this is not the time for such luxuries.
5:43 pm est 

Same as it Ever Was

Sorry, the AdHoc Zoning facade was comprised of people directly
affected by the bylaws being "changed". Bad joke, waste of time.  What exactly
was the productive result of these meetings?  The problem of no water, a
questionable sewer system and decades old septics leaking and leaching (not a
conservation expert but when ShankPainter Pond is dying with algae overgrowth
this might suggest septic system failure nearby and an overload of nitrogen)
teeth rattling potholes EVERYWHERE and we need more new construction.  We can't
afford or handle what we have.  The inequality existing in this town when it
comes to getting what you want on the hill is crazy.  All about connections. 
Bylaws are completely ignored, complaints are completely ignored.  Money talks
louder than any abutters can. 
5:40 pm est 

Same as it Ever Was

The history of Provincetown is the history of one
insider group after another getting special privileges.
There is always a cabal.  Sometimes the local paper editors were a part of this
cabal and sometimes not.

The difference here is the internet and a new way of
communicating. How democracy works is changing.
To deny there is a present day insider group is truly naive. I have only joined
this blog recently. Even though some of the entries are nasty, how else do we
get the real dope of who is doing what? Before reading this blog, I sort
of understood the connections and the abuse of power that I felt but I like
having information to connect the dots.

I am smart enough to think for myself and to weigh all evidence. Perhaps what we
need is and Herbal Tea Party movement.
3:40 pm est 

Demolition Delay

Whatever happened to the delay period, before a demolition of a
structure in the historic district? This delay was to slow down the developer so
to give time to research the historic value or lack of. This bylaw was not
enforced on the home that Deb Paine tore down in the west end.
3:37 pm est 

Re: "David Nicolau...Who Re-wrote three Sets of Zoning By-laws"
This is absolute unadulterated BS, period. I personally sat through every single
session of the most recent revision process for zoning by laws and David, who
had input and a vote as a committee member, did little of the actual writing or
revision. Some of his few suggestions were adopted, many were not. He was part
of a long hard slog with the other committee members who went through a grueling
process to get much needed revisions done. A simple review of the minutes of
those sessions would bear this out.

The Monday morning quarterbacks on this blog - who went to one of two meetings
and whose input was considered and similarly in some cases adopted and in some
cases not - who now try to slam this process and assert nefarious designs in the
process are disgusting. You people are evil and your rampant jealousy and hatred
of those who do the hard work to move this town expressed through anonymous
sniping on here is pathetic.

You may have some legitimate gripes but your tactics discount any input you

12:19 pm est 

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin

Wow, all this "connect the dots" stuff really reminds me of Glenn
Beck... just more proof that this blog is nothing more than Tea Party
nonsense... when will you be putting gun sights on our neighbors? Will the
blogmaster take any credit when someone besmirched ruthlessly on here is
physically harmed? Of course not, nor will he allow anyone to read what I just
wrote... Clarence and Marcene and Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin; birds of a
feather, no????
12:14 pm est 

Fix the Streets!

Totally agree.  Everything else on this blog re: conspiracy theory, green line,
using public property for a dumpster, etc, etc, pales in comparison to the real
need of fixing our streets.   Talk about embarassing, not to mention unsafe.  
the surface would be better than what we have now.  Forget re-doing the
sidewalks and everythihg else, simply repave the streets.
12:12 pm est 

Couple of Thoughts

1. The Deb Paine connections link is a bit much. Unless the webmaster (Clarence)
has confirmed the list and the alleged connections, I see lawsuit on libel
issues from Deb and anyone else mentioned including businesses. Be careful.

2. The problem I see on these boards is nobody is dealing in fact. Feelings
always get boards in trouble. Fact and reoccuring thoughts on topics will get it
right, in other words, set a precedence. Bylaws are tough to write but the
boards need consistancy to make rules. Otherwise, some board members are going
to be hypocrites. You can't bend for one and not the other. Tough rules are ok
if they are enforced equally. ZBA doesn't set precedent but when a person goes
before them, there should be a certain feeling that something is going to pass
because others like have passed. But when the rules are bent because a house of
cards (the alleged connections) may tumble if they're not, thats a corruption of
the system and that's what people are complaining about. If Deb can tear down
something, the next person should be able to also.
12:10 pm est 

Re: Tragedy Averted

Interesting comments were made about the tragedy that was averted at
MacMillan Pier this week, including the remark about the "large roster of
Harbormasters". Apparently, there are only two this time of the year and
generally only one is working at any given time. Then there was something about
"loud music"? Has anyone ever heard loud music in the Harbormaster's office?

As for why someone from the Harbormaster's office didn't respond; someone did.
Asst. Harbormaster Luis Ribas took the rescue boat over to the child and her
father and assisted in their rescue. That point was in the article in the paper!

Kudos go to the diver that was there for his quick thinking and heroic dive into
the fridgid water to save the girl and her father. It's good to see a potential
tragedy was averted by the heroic deeds of a few brave individuals! Our thanks
should go out to them as opposed to trying lay fault where it doesn't belong!

12:07 pm est 

Commercial Street Repaving

"I ageree, Commercial street looks like crap but both bradford an
commercial need to bepaved..."

If you hadn't heard Commercial St re-paving is going to happen from Johnson St
to Court St due to a grant received by the town.  Of course it can't be done in
the middle of winter so it's going to have to happen sometime in early spring or
late fall so we are bound to hear the complaints when it's done about all the
business lost because of the re-paving.

Reminds me of the question Mr. Tosner (I think it was him) brings up in that
when the water or sewer was initially approved the funds included re-paving
Commercial St, but it seems those funds are no longer available.
12:04 pm est 

Streets and Poles

I do wish that when the streets are repaved the town would consider
getting rid of all the telephone poles and burying the power lines.  It's so 
12:02 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

Why was Paine's letter about Germaine handled in such a poor manner? I
think she has a good case for suing.
12:56 am est 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Road Conditions

The way the roads are around here we are going to be re-named
Pothole-Town.  Now that every main road from the East End to the West End has
been torn up we really need to consider doing a major repaving throughout the
town.  Of course, nobody wants to pay for it but these repairs must be done,
especially Commercial and Bradford streets.
10:17 pm est 

Re: Join a Board

Again I will continue to agree with the posters who keep saying to
make change, join a town board.  As was just pointed out Amy Germaine joined a
board and is making her voice heard, since "you" seem to agree with her, if you
joined then there would be two like minded voices on that board and so on...
Just screaming on here that things will never change, (and not getting out there
and actually doing something), will keep the status quo.
If you do not think joining a board will make a difference, what exactly do you
think will?
To the writer who suggested that we throw "everybody out"..let's be serious.
That is certainly not going to happen. So I ask, what realistic changes do you
10:15 pm est 

Re; Connections

Thats a stretch, the principal of Atlantic bay is controling the town. Oh, thats
right, he's successful and so is his partner so their fair game in this
socialist mega-haven. Maybe they are all connected by friendship and success,
you know birds of a feather? Successful people always seem to want to give back
to their communities. That makes their communities better as opposed to the
vitriol expessed in here by a bunch of layabout wannabees. Go out and getsome
fresh air, your brain is rotting.
10:13 pm est 

Our Streets

I ageree, Commercial street looks like crap but both bradford an
commercial need to bepaved. They are a disaster just waiting for us to be sued!
10:11 pm est 


Why yes, by all means, join a board, vote your brain, conscience and
heart and then suffer the wrath of the Royal Court.  Quite the incentive to
encourage town government participation from the general population.  This town
is so deep in the corruption crapper it needs an intervention the likes of which
haven't been ever attempted.  The dots are being connected, revealing a web that
can be destroyed if handled properly.  Still, who at the helm in town gov. is
benefitting the most from all these ridiculous approvals for overbuilding. 
Someone has to be getting something.  Who bought what from who and when and for
how much.  Therein lies one connector.
10:09 pm est 

Re: Join a Board
That's exactly what Amy Germaine did; she joined a board, didn't she?
4:11 pm est 

Thanks For Adding Another Dot and Helping to Connect the Dots

Intersting dot on Atlantic Bay and David Nicolau, who re-wrote three sets of
zoning by-laws and is now on Zoning, with Harriet Gordon. And even more with the
question: Where's the money coming from? Who'se behind the loan to Atlantic Bay
and to the coffee shop expansion?

Thanks for that dot and the new questions that follow.
2:53 pm est 

Tragedy Averted on Pier

Could someone explain with the large harbormaster roster on the pier
how come none of them saw this girl and her father fall off the pier in the
freezing water nor heard their screams? What do they do on the pier? Stay
ensconced in their office playing loud music during storms? Tragedy averted

By Mary Ann Bragg
February 26, 2011

PROVINCETOWN  Ken Kinkor was working in his office at MacMillan Pier late Friday
morning while a blowing and pelting rainstorm outside shook cars, whipped coats
and made it nearly impossible to hear, but an odd sound caught his attention.

Kinkor, director of Expedition Whydah Sea-Lab and Learning Center, and co-worker
Chris Macort ran outside to investigate.

There under the pier, in freezing, choppy waters, with no ladders or ledges in
sight, was a little girl and her father, stranded and immobilized and clinging
to a bit of rope. A woman ran up and down the pier screaming, trying to get
someone's attention.

"I saw that little girl and that guy," Macort, 44, said Friday afternoon. "You
just don't care. You just do it."

He jumped in, feet first and fully clothed, about 15 to 20 feet down into the
gray and awful sea, then pulled the stricken father and daughter to a float
several yards away.

"I've had a lot of cold-water training," said Macort, a diver since the age of
12 who lives in Orleans and works for the Whydah museum on the pier and for
underwater explorer Barry Clifford. "It made it a little easier to take that
jump. I knew what to expect. You hit the water, and then you just go for it."

The family of four from Somerville was walking along the pier when the young
girl fell in, the police said.

At noon on Friday, after Macort's rescue effort, ambulances took the little girl
and her father to Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis to be checked for hypothermia.
The pair is expected to fully recover, Provincetown police Officer Glenn Enos

Macort took a hot shower at his friend Paul Tasha's house in Provincetown and
returned to the museum office.

The Provincetown police did not know the family's name late Friday afternoon.

"I'm just glad we got to them," Kinkor said.

The winter waters at MacMillan Pier present challenges for any swimmers who
might accidentally find themselves in the water, Macort and Kinkor said.

In the off-season, boat owners pull their walkways, gangplanks and floats out of
the water, leaving a swimmer with few options to grab onto at the water's
surface, save for pilings.

The museum leaves a float in the water for emergencies, after having made a
handful of rescues in the past decade.

"I don't know how much longer they could have held on," Macort said. "You get
really weak. You can't do anything except let go. He was getting really tired,
and she was taking in a little water."

When Macort and Kinkor first saw the pair in the water, they threw a life-saving
ring to the man but realized that he couldn't grip it or make any headway toward
safety. Kinkor then ran to the harbor master's office and Macort leapt off the
pier's edge, they said.

Tasha shimmied down a rope onto the float next to the museum. An assistant
harbor master got in a town boat and began to make his way toward the float from
the opposite side of the pier, and Kinkor threw blankets down to the float as

But it was Macort who had to convince the little girl, whose boot had floated
away, and her dad, to let go of their tenuous hold of some rope and move to

Macort and Tasha pushed and pulled the little girl onto the float first, then
Macort grabbed the man by his belt and dragged him up as well. They hugged each
other, wrapped in blankets, until the harbor master's boat arrived and took the
pair to ambulances at the dock.

When Macort first reached the pair in the water, he said the girl wasn't saying
anything. But once she was on the float and they were hugging her, she began to
cry. That's when he knew she would recover.

"We wanted to make sure the little girl was OK," he said.

12:57 pm est 

It's Back!

Sorry to bring up an old issue, but is the town going to actually do
something permanent about getting rid of the now re-emerging green line down the
center of Commercial St. in the East end?

The black paint used to cover it is almost completely gone and the road, quite
frankly, looks like crap. It looks like an act of vandalism in an otherwise
quaint and picturesque section of town.

Can't we have our main street, the one most frequented by tourists and guests of
our town, look presentable for the coming season?

It took a few simple minds and about an hours time to deface the street. Why is
it taking over a year to fix it?
12:22 pm est 

Sharon Lynn vs Keith Bergman

Time for a strong town manager, not one impersonating one.

Bring back Keith, I hear he's looking for a job.  And he certainly knew how to
move the money around.
11:18 am est 

Join a Board

Re: Volunteer For a Board - This is the silliest voice here. "Join a
board. Get active". Bull xxxx. The boards
are and have always been rigged...

Those who feel 'joining a board, getting active' is silly are just too lazy to
make an effort to effect change.  I was going to tone down the word lazy, but it
is what it is.

The BOS controls what goes on in town.  Now if you feel they are controlled by
some other folks then run for the Board, get elected and make a difference.  If
five naysayers writing on this blog got elected to the BOS they would control
who gets apppointed to Boards and what does or does not happen here in town.

The Finance Committee recommends the town budget to voters, don't like the
spending in town, then get on the Finance Committee and vote no.  If you are in
the minority on the Finance Commitee vote you have a right to stand up at town
meeting and give a minority report.

If the points of view expressed on this blog are in the minority and you can't
get elected because the majority does not share your views that should tell you
11:16 am est 


There is ONE big piece left out of connection with Paine/Atlantic Bay and ZBA et
al. Banker & Tradesmen I believe listed close to $500,000 in loans to the
principal of Sotheby's Atlantic Bay and his coffee shop/boyfriend, partner in
the West End of town from many of the people and more who was referred to in
your "headline" piece. Check it out!! I believe Ruth Gilbert dropped $50,000 to
the cause as well just to Keep her Real Estate license at the firm!! I believe
there were 6 figure liens attached to the property for the loans. Where is PRU
when you need her?
11:13 am est 

Six Degrees in Ptown

How fun that someone is able to play six degrees of separation in Ptown.  This
town is so small you could play it by three degrees.  You have stated nothing
and presumed way too much.

The selectmen hold the real power in this town.  They are the policy makers and
there are openings.  You want change?  Take out papers and then put yourself
into the inane rantings and verbal abuse of this blog.
11:10 am est 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ann McQuire

Hey, I just looked up on the web and read that piece
on Ann in the Cape Cod Times.
In it she states, "never forget that a small group of people can change the
Well said Ann
10:44 pm est 

To: Good to Know There's Some Brain Behind Sharon

 Maybe it's just me, but I'm not impressed one iota with her actions. and when
she speaks, she sounds so old and worn and unenthusiastic. She lacks fresh ideas
and pizzazz. Seems this would help anyone who is leading a town, even a small
one. Am I wrong on this?

Sharon is old, and with age, brings experience.

You want young and enthusiastic, hire a model.

The Selectmen went through a selection committee, who interviewed many
candidates. Some were young. One was good-looking. The recommendation was the
experienced older woman.

You don't like their selection? Go to a Selectmen's meeting and tell them. I
doubt you will, but that is how things are done in communities like P'Town that
are run by town meeting.

This blog is nothing more than an avenue to vent frustration and raise

Between you and me, I would rather have someone with experience who sounds old,
worn and unenthusiastic lead this town than the alternative.

Fresh ideas? Not the job of the town manager.

Pizzaz? This is town government!

10:41 pm est 

Good to Hear Someone is Democratic But That is Not Enough

Did we really need the old Boston pol machine here? They funnel money here,
properties get bought, renovated, construction crews get hired, real estate
agents make money and friends of friends funnel even more money when they
purhcase the property. Seems more like the Mafia than good democractic
officials. Seems like one excellent way to move money and launder money. But it
is far from honorable. It is corrupting. The town gets used and used up in the
process. And what are we? Pawns and nothing more.
10:36 pm est 

Strength in Numbers

Great to see the blog so active with people who actually care about
this town.  Truths are being told and it is positive for the town and
refreshing.  Keep it up and let's get something done about this mess we are in.
We all know it and that is half the battle.  Smart good people live here and it
is time for them to make a change. Strength in numbers. 
10:33 pm est 

To: Provincetown Police Department

Will someone post the names and dates of departure of the 11 officers
who have left the Provincetown Police Department?

That is information reported in the Town Report. Contact the Town Accountant for
the names and dates of departure, which is public domain,

8:19 pm est 

Here Ya go, Repost

You can find it way back in the original form if you want

Re: Deb Paine Connections-A Well Greased Machine!

Many have asked what connection Deb Paine has to the power structure
in Provincetown. Well, it all starts with Ann Maguire and Harriet Gordon of
Bayshore (formerly Hargood House.

They befriended Deb Paine and retained her for all renovation work at Bayshore
before they condo'd the property and made millions of dollars which greased many

palms. Deb Paine still does work there. Then, Ann & Harriet became developers:
Chandler House, 484 Commercial Street, Cook Street, 5 Cottage Street, selling
off parking spots as easements where the parking for Sal's restaurant used to
be, and then selling their waterfront unit to Sharon Lynn for over $1,100,000
before she became Town Manager. Ann & Harriet then move to 77 Commercial Street
where they now reside and develop that project for megabucks.Deb Paine does all
the work on the projects surprise).

So, the kitchen cabinet which brought in Sharon Lynn were Irene Rabinowitz,
chairman of the seach committe, Michelle Couture, Sara Peake, Ann & Harriet and
alot of related parties who sang the praise of Sharon Lynn. She was predestined
to get the job, we did not need a search committee, it was a sham search. She
was essentially guaranteed the town manager job because she was offered the
police chief's over Ted Meyer but then several selectmen objected to Sharon's
appointment and the job offfe rescinded and Ted Meyer got the job. Luckily, she
didn't sue the town and waited out her time for Keith's job.

This is how the system works: Sharon gets appointed to the job. Michelle becomes

Chair of BOS and single handedly steers the agenda of the town through the town
manager and the BOS with Irene Rabinowitz as mentor and advisor with Ann &
Harriet & Sarah in the background. Anything Deb Paine wants she gets.

Ann Maguire gets appointed to the Finance Committee by Michelle with her best
friend who lives a couple of doors away from her (David) to steer the financial
agenda for the town at FinCom. Harriet Gordon gets appointed to the Zoning Board

with her best friend (Tom, David's partner), along with Annie Howard, an
employee of Deb Paine to control ZBA. Then David Nicolau, a real estate agent at

Atlantic Bay, gets appointed to the ZBA because he sold his gym building to
David Bedard who is the future Chairman of the BOS. So, now you have Nicolau,
Annie, Harriet Gordon & Tom effectively having one voice on the ZBA. Why have a

In terms of the home next to the Red Inn, the house is sold by Atlantic Bay to
the new owner, who is friends with Ann & Harriet, and oops, she uses Deb Paine
for all her work and gets her approval from the ZBA and also the Historic
Commission where another realtor's partner from Atlantic Bay sits on that board.

And Sharon Lynn does not know what is going on! It's a tight little circle.

This is a well greased machine folks.

8:17 pm est 

Notice to Police Scanner Audience

When you hear a 518 on the scanner, the police officer should complete a
physical check of the property.

Under Chief Jaran's watch, this is not being done. Our public  money is not
being well spent.

When you hear "no discrepancies" on the radio, that simply means the officer did
a drive by and did not get out of their vehicle and inspect the property,

Call it lazy, incompetent, or malfeasant. It is a waste of taxpayer dollars.

With all of the money we are expending for public safety, a drive by is not
acceptable. A physical property check is required.

Is it too much to ask for the officer to get out of their cruiser and check the

The Police Chief is getting $120 thousand a year. He should do his job!

8:16 pm est 

Good to Know There's Some Brain Behind Sharon

Because I haven't been Impressed so Far

so if someone is thinkg for her, that just might not be so bad. She doesn't seem
to think too far ahead or think too well. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not
impressed one iota with her actions. and when she speaks, she sounds so old and
worn and unenthusiastic. She lacks fresh ideas and pizzazz. Seems this would
help anyone who is leading a town, even a small one. Am I wrong on this?
8:13 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine Connections

Can You Post Again: Deb Paine Connections-- A well greased Machine!
It just came and went. Please, post it again. someone knows something here and
I'd like to know more myself. Thanks for doing this.
7:38 pm est 

The World is But a Stage.....

There's great drama being written here, even better than the Young and
The Restless.  Keep it up !
7:37 pm est 

Kerry Adams

To thr blogger who wants to know and see it apparently in writing that the
charges have been dropped only needs to read either wednesday or thursday's
court reports in the Cape Cod Times and under his name you will see it says
7:35 pm est 

I'd Be For a Recall of Sharon Lynn

She is but a puppet. We need a woman with guts, brains, conviction and gumption.
She is such a pushover. this town is like a ship weighed by bad cargo and
listing. There is so much potential here--but wasted again. Small time manager
being pushed around by others whose real interest lies elsewhere. Time for a
change. Time for a strong town manager, not one impersonating one.
7:34 pm est 

Oh, S--Volunteer For a Board

This is the silliest voice here. "Join a board. Get active". Bull    . The boards
are and have always been rigged. It is the self-interest and the money-interest
of people who lead many to join boards and to stay involved. It is love of perks
and money, not generally love of the town that is involved.

I don't think you're that naive. But you like singing the mantra--join a board.
Get involved. I say: wake up Provincetown. Look around and see how sadly and
sorrowfully corrupt it is. Look at the top. It starts there and works its way

7:32 pm est 

Of Course They Attacked Amy Germaine

She is not part of their script. She does not allow Deb Paine to demolish or
change or grow any building she is being paid to increase. Look at this Zoning
Board. Amy Germaine threatens them but calling things as they are. David Nicolau
wants to sell houses; Annie Howard wants to keep working for Deb paine; Harriet
Gordon wants Deb paine to get what Deb Paines wants; Tom wants to please Harriet
who wants to please Ann McGuire). Amy Germain is not part of this grow big, grow
tall mentality. They wanted to put pressure through Michelle Couture who they
also control to force Amy Germaine out. But somehow this did not happen. Things
boomaranged. Thank goodness.
7:29 pm est 

You've Totally Missed the Point

Getting on boards is not how things get changed here but how those in power keep
their power. Just look at our boards. Look at Zoning and then look at the
so-called Ad Hoc Hand Picked Sharon Lynn Committee to change the Zoning by-laws.
then tow of these p[eople sit on the very Zoning Board they worked to change the
laws. The others were developers who want to build big and build more. Then who
is the chair of Zoning working for? surprise of all surprises, Deb Paine. And
half of the Sharon Lynn Kitchen Cabinet is sitting on Zoning. Now she also sits
on Housing. Then the other half Sits on Finance. and they are getting their
"new" neighbors to be on Zoning and Housing.

It is sick. I'ts one thing to pull Sharon's strings--you got her here--but
obviously it's not enough for you. You want even more control.

Did you get Ted Malone and the other "bost" housing people the money they got?
How many back stage games are you playing, my two so sweet women? Dark Swans are
not only on film, so it seems.
7:26 pm est 

It is With Much Sadness to Know of Tony Jackett's Passing Today

He has been a friend and a neighbor for many years. I am so very saddened to
know that today we lost such a good friend and someone who loved this town so
much. My sympathies to Priscilla and to his son Tony and to his daughter and to
other members of his wonderful family. He was a rock. He was the captain and the
ship is lighter and has less force with his passing.

May he soar through the seas to his destination, to the other shore ahead. May
he find peace in this journey.

With much sadness to the loss of a great man.
7:24 pm est 

Please, Please: Post the Connections Piece Again

I missed it. Whose connected to whom? I just caught the last posting on this.
Would you please post again the earlier post. I know many people are talking
about this in town--but what was posted here that caused the response?

7:21 pm est 

Re: Ann McQuire

Ann McQuire has helped an enormous number of people in this town. She
comes from an old Boston political machine which is mostly progressive and
The problem is that the machine is not transparent and
only a select few get the big payoffs. In order to
get somewhere politically one needs to negogiate with this non trasparent power
and people are fed up with this.
They feel manipulated and scared.
People are angry about the promises of government and
the corruption that is a daily part of it. 
The system works best when one person gets one vote
and everyone knows how it went down.
7:20 pm est 

Deb Paine and Ann McQuire

The point is not whether there is or isn't a conspiracy.
The point many are trying to make is that many in town
have given up on trying to be involved in making changes.
Most people I talk to don't see the point of being on a board or even coming to
town meeting.
It seems obvious to many that town government and the people who have power
behind the scenes do not take seriously the number one problem in town,
affordable housing. This was identified years ago when many town folk were
involved in writing a Local Comprehensive Plan. Many many people gave generously
of their time to make this plan, most of which has systematically been ignored
by the regulatory boards.
In the Feb 20th edition of The Cape Cod Times, reporter
Sean Gonsalves wrote a glowing article about Ann McQuire
being the "connector" in Provincetown.  He wrote that many
consider her the unoffical Mayor of Provincetown. REALLY!!!
Just what does that mean?
Why doesn't she run for an office and see if she could get elected by the
population she "connects"
There is a cabal of power and joining a board will not
unravel it. It probably isn't a conspiracy as it is so flaunted as to be
7:18 pm est 

What Are the Rules?

Don't the rules governing boards in this town prohibit people from
being on multiple boards anyway?  For obvious reasons. 
7:15 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Parking Spaces

EXCUSE ME! But we work 40 hours - 4 days a week (on a good week), We need our
parking spaces. You people come to Town Hall to conduct business once in a great
while. YOU should park at the High School or MPL... NOT US.

Think about the great number that does the greater good. That would be US not

You should thank us for working only 4 days a week... freeing up precious
parking spots for the frugal few who won't park anywhere else.

And on those few are far between holidays where we get an extra day off (leaving
Town Hall parking spaces available for 4 consecutive days), you should thank us
even more! Without US, where would you be?

Perhaps you should walk? The exercise would do you good.

We have health insurance, so don't provoke our mood. Otherwise, we will need to
leave Town Hall during the few days we do work to go to the doctor, the physical
therapist or the massage therapist. If you push my button, I will call in sick.
Then where will you be? You still can't have my parking spot!

Wait until summer. Then you will really push my last nerve!
7:13 pm est 

For Crisps Sake, Stop Whining About Whining!

You can join "boards" and volunteer your time til the cows come home but really, in the end, what good does it do when you are substantially outnumbered and your opponents are deep in
the "in" crowd.  Get real, enough of the "volunteering" time song.   A well
connected developer got po'd at a board member's vote and retaliated by whining
to her majesty.  And it was allowed to be made PUBLIC defaming the board member
and that gets pushed aside like it didn't even happen.  Yeah, sure, this town
invites new board members volunteering their time to bring fresh and objective
opinions.  Give me a break.  CLEAN HOUSE, GET RID OF THE WHOLE LOT and then, and
only then, people with some objective common sense may join boards and do what
is right.  Without a colon cleansing, this town will never change and in 30
years will be but a shadow of what it could have been.  Keep encouraging
overbuilding and you will get what you deserve.!
   A colossal overbuilt mess resembling a mini wanna-be South Beach or Boca
Raton.  Already smells like Bourbon street in the early morning hours of a
summer's day.  This town is on the road to ruin in the fast lane.  Wake up and
get rid of these money grubbing leaches who prey on the natural beauty here. 
For all the cash made, what do we have to show.  A dilapidated library, a dying
school, an overpriced town hall, a dog park that got us mentioned in a magazine
and an overwhelming climbing debt.  And a bunch of good ole boys and girls on
town boards who do it because they care, not because their girlfriends or
boyfriends or bestfriends need a hand skirting bylaws.  Oh no, not in Ptown. 
But who cares, the developers are making good money, no sorry, great money. 
6:48 pm est 

I Agree With a Previous Post...

Get on town boards and change thing if you don't like how things are being done. 
Maybe the reason that there is this supposed "cabal" is that some people get involved on multiple town boards, because they care.

If you care and don't like how things are getting done GET INVOLVED!!!
It is so easy to sit back let others do the work and then complain and whine
about after the fact.  Put in the work yourself and make a difference!!!
5:23 pm est 

Can Only Hope PJ Follows Through on That Promise

Not seeing whining, just a number of opinions that are obviously striking nerves. 
Sorry you don't agree.  Perhaps you are lucky enough to not be an abutter receiving
the short end of the proverbial stick (you know, the stick that connects 2 bricks to make
them one brick per that so confusing bylaw that no other Cape town but Ptown has
a problem interpreting).  
5:21 pm est 

Town Hall Parking Spaces

Good to see tin town hall gone, but....
How come the Town employees get all the reserved parking spaces around Town Hall
while NONE are set aside for tax payers? Why not a few 30 minute time limited
spaces for "while conducting business at town hall"! And why don't employees
take their reserved free spaces at the high school lot rather than the prime
Ryder St lot?
5:18 pm est 

I'm Going to Say This For the Last Time...

If you don't like the way things are run in this town then get elected to one of the many
open seats and do something about it. Stop letting the same people monopolize the town
and vote on things the way they like. The only way to change things is to get involved,
get on a board, zoning board, selectman, etc and please, oh please stop your
whining on this blog. The whining won't change a thing, getting elected and
voting on certanin measures will.

2:52 pm est 

Playing the Game

The problem is protest from the neighborhoods is not taken seriously
or even taken at all.  Abutters who do protest know this only too well.  This
little clique looks out for their own and takes very good care of each other. 
How else do ridiculously overscale environmentally damaging projects slide
through the system with violations and skirted bylaws with the ease of a hot
knife through butter.   Someone, other than the developer, is making a buck.  No
other explanation. You bet there's corruption and until the whole house is
clean, joining a board or trying to voice opposition is an effort in futility. 
Just look at what happened to Ms. Germaine.  She didn't play the game and took
the hit for it.   
2:19 pm est 

Who is Running For Micheles Seat?

Is anyone elses seat up for grabs...

What?  One of the 10 naysayers who always whine on this blog running for office? 
Doubt we will see it.  Then they would be subject to the same mindless mud
slinging we read here.  Much easier to just sling mud.  Unless it's Mary Jo who
thinks only she can solve the world's problems.
1:51 pm est 

Re: Kerry Adams

So are the charges against Kerry dropped? Or do they stand? I would
like to see this in the paper or on line if I can.
1:49 pm est 

Re: Tangled Web

Not sure what the big deal is on the alleged conspiracy.  I'm not so sure a
"well greased machine" is bad.  Everyone in town year-round knows everybody else
and is connected to everyone else.  We're all each other's neighbors, and many
of us our friends.  Frankly I know most of the people in Town Hall and on the
boards, and I'm also friend's with most.   I don't believe any of these folks
were put in seats on boards to deny someone else a seat on the board.   I think
these folks stepped up to the plate because they care about this town.  Anyone
can be on a board, whether they have money or not.  I don't see many people
being turned down from boards.  Is there a connection between boards and money?  
Most likely, but only because most board members are also property owners.  They
get on boards because they have more vested in town.  But, at the end of the day
do I believe there is a conspiracy or that money is driving an individual's
decisions on these boards?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!
.   I believe most, if not all, board members (and the administration) are well
intended and think with their brains, even if I don't always agree or like their
individual decisions.   Bottomline--  if you don't like the system, get
involved.  There's nothing stopping you from volunteering your time. 
1:48 pm est 

Provincetown Police Department

Will someone post the names and dates of departure of the 11 officers
who have left the Provincetown Police Department? 
1:45 pm est 

Citizen Action

Although GREED has taken over our country and community,
and government is unwilling or unable to do anything
about it, we still have plenty of room for citizen action.
Indeed it is the only thing that will keep us from despairing about the
situation we are in.
It only takes $300 to appeal a decision from the ZBA or HDC. It does not take
hiring a lawyer for $10,000.
Two of my neighbors have recently gone through this process, protesting what is
happening at 8 Fishburn Ct.
The staff at Barnstable Superior Court are extremely helpful and encouraging of
citizen action by way of filing
an appeal without a lawyer.  It is not difficult.
Perhaps many more appeals need to happen.
We also have public space at the BOS meetings.  We need to fill it with protest. 
Each of us, each meeting have 5 minutes of time to state our minds. People in
town organized and fought for this public space.  We should use it.  We need to
force these boards to listen more carefully. Protest from the neighborhood needs
to be taken very seriously.
1:42 pm est 

Rules and Regulations

If you read the Charter, there are specific rules and regulations
regarding Board members and their capacities.  There are also specific
restrictions regarding double duty, time elapsed between different board terms,
etc.  Seems none of these are being followed in the least.  Who is monitoring
this stuff?  Anyone? 
1:40 pm est 

Corruption in Provincetown Politics

Does anyone have any information about the inestigation being done by the Boston
Globe about all corruption and
terrible management of Provincetown?
1:38 pm est 

Sharon Lynn

I want to add to what's been written that Sharon Lynn stayed in Ann
Maguire and Harriet Gordon's house in the west end during the winter when she
first became town manager while her $1,100,000 condo unit was being renovated.
Ann and Harriet were in Florida staying at their winter home in Ft. Lauderdale.
I'm sure it was no expense for future goodies. Ethics Violation? Sharon Lynn
sold her second condo at Bayshore through Atlantic Bay and Ann and Harriet sold
all their properties through Atlantic Bay.
1:35 pm est 

Absolutely Accurate and Prophetic

Remember the outrage about Peter Manso's book "Art, Sex, and Money on
the Outer Cape". Seems now that it was absolutely accurate and prophetic re the
current conflict of interest situation in town. Fried sushi anyone?
1:33 pm est 

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave

Since we are adding all the boards controlled by the
cabal, lets see we have selectmen, fincom, ZBA, and who knows what else. oh,

Add on housing authority. i heard michelle appointed harriet gordon to the
Housing Authority board and now is pushing to get tom roberts {same one who is
on the famous ZBA} on as well.  i was told harriet is now on the Housing Council

Plan to see their names at election time.

Keep an eye on these folks.
10:40 am est 

Re: Sharon Lynn

Chapter 10 Sec. 3 of the town Charter tells how to show a town manager
the door.  Perhaps with enough taxpayer signatures the BOS would have no choice
but to initiate an action to remove.  Seems like being forced by a majority
would be the only way.  Otherwise, this BOS would not even consider getting
their hands dirty.  Democracy, folks, has just left the building.  And how's
that charter required 5 person Board of Assessors and 5 person Building Board
9:58 am est 

Re: Kerry Adams

What HELL Kerry Adams has gone through these last two years.What
little was told about the charges and circumstances (the retaliation for
reporting liquor stolen) was enough on its own to not be "beyond a reasonable
doubt"..And I'm sure the only reason they dismissed the charges was because the
DA was afraid he might not get a conviction (that's how they score their success
and advance politicaly.Otherwise they probably would have fried his    .This
Chief of Police should never had let it go beyond his department.Now I'd like to
see some apologies to this fine man.The silence is deafening...Rusty Hurwitch
9:16 am est 

It's Time to Clean House!

New town manager, new chief of police, and
thank God Michelle will be gone.  How do we go about getting rid of Sharon Lynn?
8:53 am est 

Deep and Broad Connections

Quite a little rats nest they've got going and of course, town
manager, assistant tm and town legal advisor are innocent bystanders.  My god
what are these people doing?  How long do they think they can get away with it. 
Are we supposed to just shut up and allow this knitting party to go on until
there isn't a square inch of buildable space left.  This is an ongoing insult. 
BUT, do not loose sight of the fact that this "connected" woman is not the only
developer/builder who gets what she wants when she wants it.  Money makes up the
bedding in this nest and the existence of a paper trail is almost guaranteed. 
No one does something for free when it comes to big bucks.  Good friends or not,
business is business and business partners do not always make good bedfellows. 
This info is just too much to let go.  Looks like state level and/or federal
level objective opinions are called for.  In light of recent building
abominations, no time like the present.     
8:50 am est 

Another Officer Bites the Dust

I heard last night that we have just lost another Police Officer. That now
brings the total to 11! When are our Town Officials going to do something about
the mass exodus from our Police Department??? Is anybody paying attention???
8:34 am est 

Deb Paine Connections-

Think about all the poor slobs who were denied
by the ZBA and had no idea the competitive edge this women had. That is the most
distressing and grievous part of it all. From Sharon to the ZBA to the building
dept.   All in Deb Paine's pockets- oopps - I mean hands.
8:11 am est 

Re: Re: Deb Paine Connections-A Well Greased Machine!

WOW!! Either you have a real vivid imagination or that is one really twisted
world. If any of it's true, those connectiones are way to close for comfort. If
those tales are true, a call to the ethics commission is surely in order. Money
exchanging hands, peole leave one position for another, backroom deals. All very
sad for the town in the long run. And I thought Bergman was as bad as it
gets!New blood is needed this coming election. Who is running for Micheles seat?
Is anyone elses seat up for grabs.
8:10 am est 

"Deb Paine Connections"

So Deb Paine is very good friends with 3 of
the 4 ZBA. No wonder everything goes her way. THIS STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
How are the Unconnected ever able to compete with this Web???? PEOPLE wake up
!!!!!  "what a web we weave when we try to deceive"!!!!  There needs to be some
type of unbiased investigation into ALL decisions made by the ZBA in relation to
Deb Paine and I am sure a pattern will surface. 
8:07 am est 

"Deb Paine Connections"

Wow!!!!  Now that explains things-Quite a
web that has been weaved.  Now I understand Deb Paine's pompous attitude . That
web leads to an unhealthy partiality and ultimately inequity!!!!!!
8:05 am est 

Re: "Well Greased"

You forgot weekly poker games with many of these players attending.
8:04 am est 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Collective Bargaining

I read in the paper this morning that in Massachusetts, state workers don't get
to use collective bargaining to negotiate their benefits, and health insurance,
only town workers do. did you know that?

so what people are protesting in wisconsin, already is in place here. i wish the
press would help us sort out the facts.

its true, something is very wrong in this country when the politicians give tax
breaks to the rich. but we all better stand up for fairness when it comes to the
perks of being a goverment worker. paid holidays? paid sick days? paid vacation
days? paid bunker hill day? paid evacuation day? and a sweet pension after 20
years. and they protest?
what the heck did shakespeare say about protesting?
the future is almost here. that and 5 dollar a gallon gas. start walkin.

Buried Clam
9:19 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine Connections-A Well Greased Machine!

Many have asked what connection Deb Paine has to the power structure
in Provincetown. Well, it all starts with Ann Maguire and Harriet Gordon of
Bayshore (formerly Hargood House.

They befriended Deb Paine and retained her for all renovation work at Bayshore
before they condo'd the property and made millions of dollars which greased many
palms. Deb Paine still does work there. Then, Ann & Harriet became developers:
Chandler House, 484 Commercial Street, Cook Street, 5 Cottage Street, selling
off parking spots as easements where the parking for Sal's restaurant used to
be, and then selling their waterfront unit to Sharon Lynn for over $1,100,000
before she became Town Manager. Ann & Harriet then move to 77 Commercial Street
where they now reside and develop that project for megabucks.Deb Paine does all
the work on the projects surprise).

So, the kitchen cabinet which brought in Sharon Lynn were Irene Rabinowitz,
chairman of the seach committe, Michelle Couture, Sara Peake, Ann & Harriet and
alot of related parties who sang the praise of Sharon Lynn. She was predestined
to get the job, we did not need a search committee, it was a sham search. She
was essentially guaranteed the town manager job because she was offered the
police chief's over Ted Meyer but then several selectmen objected to Sharon's
appointment and the job offfe rescinded and Ted Meyer got the job. Luckily, she
didn't sue the town and waited out her time for Keith's job.

This is how the system works: Sharon gets appointed to the job. Michelle becomes
Chair of BOS and single handedly steers the agenda of the town through the town
manager and the BOS with Irene Rabinowitz as mentor and advisor with Ann &
Harriet & Sarah in the background. Anything Deb Paine wants she gets.

Ann Maguire gets appointed to the Finance Committee by Michelle with her best
friend who lives a couple of doors away from her (David) to steer the financial
agenda for the town at FinCom. Harriet Gordon gets appointed to the Zoning Board
with her best friend (Tom, David's partner), along with Annie Howard, an
employee of Deb Paine to control ZBA. Then David Nicolau, a real estate agent at
Atlantic Bay, gets appointed to the ZBA because he sold his gym building to
David Bedard who is the future Chairman of the BOS. So, now you have Nicolau,
Annie, Harriet Gordon & Tom effectively having one voice on the ZBA. Why have a

In terms of the home next to the Red Inn, the house is sold by Atlantic Bay to
the new owner, who is friends with Ann & Harriet, and oops, she uses Deb Paine
for all her work and gets her approval from the ZBA and also the Historic
Commission where another realtor's partner from Atlantic Bay sits on that board.

And Sharon Lynn does not know what is going on! It's a tight little circle.

This is a well greased machine folks.
9:13 pm est 

Re: Kerry Adams

The link mentioned in the prior post refers to an article published Jan. 14th,

Perhaps circumstances have changed?
10:30 am est 


Completely agree.  Fishburn Court was a slap in the face to abutters
preceeded by Bangs St. Ext. Both perfect recent clear examples of the distortion
with which town regs and bylaws are manipulated, violated and even ignored so
the chosen few can make their money.  Both of these projects had documented
abutter opposition stifled and dismissed by town boards and officials.  Multiple
violations ocurred with no repercussions whatsoever.  We must ask why.  Who in
town hall, even in a part-time compacity, benefitted in any way from these
projects?  Why does town legal counsel not intervene and advise otherwise. 
There has to be a logical answer to these questions.  How are all these people
connected?  Corruption is indicated as there is no other viable explanation. 
Why else would someone enpowered with enforcing town rules and regs. allow such
abuse of them so projects of this overscale magnitude can proceed.  Answers are
needed and time for talk may be over.  The time!
  for some investigative sleuthing followed by exposure may be at hand.    
10:27 am est 

Re: Quit Your Whining

Somebody asked how many officers have left since Jaran took over the Department.
The answer is ten! We haven't lost that many officers in years and the reason is
simple. Mistreatment of the employees at the hands of the Chief and the
resultant poor morale. From the little that I hear, I don't blame anyone for
leaving. I would never allow my boss to yell, scream, swear, and threaten me.
That is an intolerable situation for any employee. C'mon Sharon, wake up and do
something about it.
10:24 am est 


I don't know for sure but connections are strong between
the owners of the house next to the Red Inn which is being at least doubled in
size and the zoning board that gave its approval.Look for yourself to see  if
this expansion as described is  exageration.
10:22 am est 

Re: Kerry Adams

I posted that the case against Kerry Adams was dismissed a few weeks
ago (the same day the great cupcake case was dropped),because I saw it reported
that way in the Cape Cod Times.The article said the D.A. and Town council both
agreed not to pursue the case because of a lke of evidence. Now someone else
sees the same story in the paper yesturday, and yet another gives a link to a
story on his trial. WTF Cape Cod Times?!
10:15 am est 

Re: Deb Paine

I was once on the historic board in the not so distant past and was
amazed what Deb Paine got away with. She has no respect for town laws. Why
should she, she lives in another town and makes big bucks from the new money
that buy in town. Her real estate friends all recommend her highly.
10:11 am est 

Sad to Say Goodbye to Jim Cole

He was so sweet and pleasant. He was always gentle, always greeting everyone.
From the A & P days, to the Grand Union to the Stop & Shop, Jim Cole was always
there and always pleasant.

Sad not to see him there. Sad that he did not get the chance to retire this
April and enjoy life even more. With sympathaties to his partner and to his good
11:03 pm est 

Curruption and Oligarchy

Who Else Can Demolish an Historic Building and the Building
Commissioner Does NOt Issue a Violation?

No on else. Zoning does not even weigh in, as it is its legal right to do. But
Russel Braun allows Deb paine to tear down a building without Zoning. And Braun
is the Zoning officer! this is ridiculous, if not criminal.

Just an oversight? Or are we dealing with corruption? Reminds me of the ole
payola days. Money talks. Money walks. These boots are made for walking---and
Deb Paine is walking all over us!
11:01 pm est 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


"the current  Administration" is for lack of a better word disturbing.
The blatant favoritism and easing of building prerequisites for "the selected
few" is appalling.Sharon- it even appears you are part of the problem as is the
building dept.  You know-favors for friends- This town is rotten- People- get
together and do something !!!! It makes me nauseas.
10:59 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

This past year I watched first hand the collusion between
government and developers. As an abutter of 8 Fishburn Court, I
was shocked to witness the comfort with which Deb Paine played the
regulatory boards. The public and especially abutters are
supposed to have a voice in whathappens in our neighborhoods.

When my neighbors and I went to the zoning board
to contest Deb Paine's development in our neighborhood, we were treated like
bothersome flies.  Deb Paine was treated like a friend, given plenty of time to
make her case. We were not even allowed to speak at the second meeting nor
present the letters of opposition that we collected from neighbors.  We were
informed that the public part of the meeting was closed and they only wanted to
hear from her.

We felt that even before we made our arguments against this development, that
the board had already decided in her favor. She knows exactly what she had to do
and sayto convince them. 

Her employee is the chair of the board. On the other hand, we
the public are at a great disadvantage not being experienced in how how these
boards work.  I was under the misconception that as a long time,
year round member of this community that I would be given the same respect as a

We all know that the wrong type of development is taking place at an alarming
rate in our town.  I hope that something comes out of this protest.
10:56 pm est 

Regarding: Quit Your Whining....

I am curious. How many officers have resigned since Jeff became the police
chief?  And how does that compare to turnover in previous years? For all the
money we're paying in copster salaries (including Jeff's), not to mention
cruiser allowance and gas for his personal use, I wonder if we're getting a good
return on our investment?

Who knows the number of officers who have left under Jeff's watch? The town
report is based on fiscal year, which is a year old when we get it.

10:51 pm est 

A Message From Ellie 2/22/11


Just a thought but you might want to post this on the Blog because people there were saying Ellie died. Well, here's proof it's not true. She's a kicker, by god.

Click on link below.
8:39 pm est 

Re: Kerry Adams

I remember reading at least three weeks ago in Shout Out! that Kerry's case had
been dropped.
7:43 pm est 

Kerry Adams
If you look in the CapeCod Times reporting of today's Orleans Court proceedings,
you will find that hiscase was dismissed.
7:39 pm est 

Re: Descent Into Hell

No one had to "sniff" a porta pottie, you could smell it down the
street.  and see it from the street... but apparently you know alot about
sniffing so sniff out some common sense and accountability if it's in your
agenda, when you're not sniffing other things that is. 

Have a cupcake, oh yah, you can't without a permit. 
7:37 pm est 

Re: Descent Into Hell

Hell must be feeling the need to go sniff porta potties and then report on it.
7:03 pm est 

Re: Kerry Adams

Someone posted just a few weeks ago the charges against Mr. Adams were
dropped but that wasn't true.

His trial is scheduled for March 22:
6:22 pm est 

Descent Into Hell

It is really unbelievable that this stuff with town boards and
officials goes on over and over again.  Does town legal counsel have blinders
on?  Seems serious material for lawsuits abounds left and right, east and west. 
Do they just not care, thinking they and the town are above the law so to speak? 

While it's obviously expensive for abutters of any project to sue the town over
bylaw violations, it's hard to believe that it won't ever happen.  What will it
take?  Seems an illegal teardown of a building is pretty high on the list of
serious violations, right ahead of bulldozing a protected dune in a wetland
buffer zone. 

Even if permission was sought.  Simple questions.  Were bylaws
followed properly, abutters notified (let's see those green cards this time),
who granted permission, did the time allotment go by?  Who gave the green light
for the port-o-potty in the parking lot? 

One blogger hit the nail on the head.  You can't sell a cupcake without clearance
from the FBI due to health concerns but you can let crap sit in a public parking lot,
odors wafting and bodily fluids draining.
There was a puddle there a few days ago under it that stunk.  Gross like this town
is becoming under the current administration's watchful eye.  
4:09 pm est 

Please! the Word is Morale Not Moral

Will the writer regarding the police department please use the proper terminology. 

 Moral=ethical, good, right, honorable etc.

 Morale=confidence, self-esteem, pride
4:03 pm est 

Regarding: Quit Your Whining....

You tax payers also have to pay for the officers in the academy,  that's 6
months of paying for a cop you can't have on the street. Then they transfer out
to another department within two years because moral sucks... its been a trend
iv seen in town since I was 16 years old. So I think paying to keep moral high
is pennies compared the tens of thousands you lose when a officer quits for
greener pastures

And yes the chief does hold the highest authority in the department and
shouldn't be a pushover guppie to his officers, but what I clearly said was that
in my experience the chiefs that work in conjunction with the unions regarding
small things like uniforms, equipment, and general orders will be happier

And I also said that the support of the citizens of town is the most important
factor for moral, so start showing some u wash-a-shore.

-local who washed away
3:50 pm est 

Kerry Adams

Congratulations are due our School Committee member, Kerry Adams! I
see today in the paper that his case was dismissed. What a travesty his ordeal
was and how unnecessary for a good and decent man who gives so much to this town
(not to mention the kids in it) to have to bear such a burden! Anyone with a
brain could read the writing on the wall there!

We knew you were innocent Kerry! You have the support and love of so many of us
in this town! You certainly deserve this reprieve!

God speed!
3:42 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

"She is tied into board members and town officials":

You miss the point completely.  Not angry at Deb Paine.  Angry at town officials and
board members for letting this go on way too long. Case in point.She is so USED TO GETTING HER
WAY she has the ba--- to attack a board member in written form and even go so
far as to go to the town manager with the attack in writing all because SHE
10:09 am est 

How Fast We Forget

Why all this fuss over not getting permission properly from any town board or
the town itself.  
Look at 95 Bradford Street last winter when a BOS was managing the property and
all the illegal work was going on there.   Then the BOS lied to the town that he
knew what was going on.  (Can I mention so readers will know this was Austin
Knight who was involved and he told the owner of 95 Bradford street that he
could not be the property manager after it all came to light)
And lets not forget this same BOS was the property manager of 7 Masonic place
which happens to be the same owner of 95 Bradford Street.   And 7 Masonic place
was operating an illegal guest house for at least 6 years.   
So you have a town official doing work at except asking Austin if he knew
anything?   Oh, Clinton did not have sex with.    People will always tell you
what you want to hear, not what they know.

10:05 am est 

Re: Police Uniforms

Let's get all the cops together in the conference room.  They can all look at a
uniform catalog and pick the one thy like best.  Give me a break.

Wear what he chief tells you to wear.  He's the chief.  The department is not a
democracy.  If the officers were paying for the uniforms and the cleaning of
them, maybe they should have a choice, but since the taxpayers pay for them,
wear what the chief tells you to and wear it with pride.

Quit the damn whining in the department.
9:59 am est 

Re: Provincetown Police

I don't think the town should be concerned with neither the moral nor
the uniforms for the Police.  The town should save the money for the lawsuits
that are most likely to come.  Each time the officers put on the uncomfortable
uniform it can be a reminder.
11:59 pm est 

Webmaster, You Don't Have to Answer to Anyone

Thanks for what you do. I would not respond to these bait and switch responders.
Just keep doing what you do. Please, no more responses to these ill-will
bloggers. they do not deserve your time nor your response.
11:57 pm est 

My Sympathies on Jim Cole's Passing

I have known Jim for over twenty years. He was always a gentleman. Always
pleasant. Always the best. My sympathies to his partner Bruce and to his family.
I will miss his sweet smile and his pleasant disposition and genuine niceness.

My sadness and sympathies. He was a wonderful part of this community.
11:55 pm est 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Re: Tips For Improving Police Moral

I agree, let the officers have some say in the uniforms they have to wear day in
and day out....  Instead, the Chief picks what he wants and will not listen to
the officers in put.  But, did listen to what Sharon Lynn suggested she likes! 
It's the little things that affect moral and are so easy to fix...  If they just
had someone to listen to them.....
7:36 pm est 

Come on Clarence:

"None of your unpublished presentments have a basis
in law or fact, but are rather founded on assumptions and personal prejudice."

If Town coffers had a dollar for every post since inception that was founded on
assumptions and personal prejudice, we would have no budget gaps year to year!

Really Clarence!

7:34 pm est 

Farvoritism is Out of Control!

The point is favoritism in this town is out of control and it must be
stopped now.  While local yearround residents are forced to sit on a list for an
affordable housing unit that is reserved for a seasonal business owner or
employee, others are given a free pass.  It all depends on how much money you
have and who you can buy or sleep with to get what you want.  It is NOT FAIR AND
IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOW.  Glaze it over how you want but it is sickening to
anyone who truly cares about Provincetown, not the cash they can suck out of her
at the taxpayers expense.  Again, no taxes being paid on 4 new townhouses on the
market for over a half a million each.  For over half a year.  Pathetic. It's
all about who you know, who you are in bed with and who has ends into you. 
7:33 pm est 

Jim Cole Not Jim Dale

The man's name who passed away was Jim Cole, not Jim Dale. I only knew him from
interacting with him at the grocery store. When I owned my Guesthouse I was in
there nearly every day during the summer. Jim always greeted me by name with a
"Hello and How are Ya?" He'll be missed.
5:58 pm est 

Re: Fairness

I'm not seeing anyone getting "trashed" on here as much as the damage
done to Ms. Germaine's character in a public forum.  Perhaps the contractor
should have thought about that before she threw the first mud.  Stick to the
facts.  A house before Historic to be demolished is just another request for

The issue with the West End job is whether or not this permission
was granted properly, abutters notified properly, time periods properly expired,
etc.  Many houses go before historic for permission for any number of things,
however, none have pulled the nerve endings as much as this one being a shock to
the neighbors who should have known about this a long time ago and apparently

History repeats itself nastily again. 
5:34 pm est 


If you didn't grow up in town its truly a difficult town
to get used to, this blog is an example of that! Hiring local and young will
lead to a much more glued together department in future years... consider this
time right now as a rebuilding year(s)

Oh and you the citizens are the most important part; police officers hold the
most scruitinized profession in america. No job is harder to get and so easy to
lose. Next time you see an Able unit driving down commercial street or walkin
the side walks, talk to them, thank them for being there, express your concerns
(try and reserve this for actual issues... not the fact a plow almost slushied
your puppy)

Smile and say hi, you'll get the same in return
3:05 pm est 


To all readers and our webmaster. Please tell me how you can allow people to
continue to trash a local contractor and a local taxpayer's property and go on
and on about the west end parking lot and demolition, however you refuse to post
any mention of a certain house on Bradford Street that is before the Historic
Board requesting to be torn down.

Please enlighten me as to why you think this is fair. Other than that it is your
blog. If you won't post comments on this other house then please stop posting
about the Commerical Street house.

Webmaster Comment: None of your unpublished presentments have a basis in law or fact, but are rather founded on assumptions and personal prejudice.

The fact that the property in question is currently before the Historic District Commission, which is a regulatory body and is going through due-process
 procedures prior to any final decision, is a serious issue affecting both the owers and the abutters. 

Your inputs  are better, placed at the HDC's hearing. MYPACC is not the place for such arguments.

Additionally, it is not necessary to offer an explanation as to why past vulgarities  have not and will not be published.

Read the rules.

2:21 pm est 

Some Tips For Improving Police Moral

Let the union propose uniform regulations and work in conjunction with the
chief, you would be surprised how much happier a cop will be when he/she is in a
uniform that is comfortable/functional (aka go back 4 years ago)

Re-organize general orders to regulate the departments policys and procedures
uniformly on a day to day and a shift to shift basis... nothin worse then
hearing something is ok to do by one supervisor, and then forbiddin by another
(or even a town manager).

Upperlevel supervisors need to try and resist the urge to micromanage patrolmen
(yes nearly impossible in a department so small) but there is a chain of command
to be followed in any para-military organization and that works both ways.

Invest in local talent: this is the most important point I intend to make. Your
out of the terrible civil service program now... now the department needs to
start cultivating future officers from town and surrounding towns... I strongly
believe the officer drop out rate is so high in town is because if you didn't
grow up here or live here before being hired, Its truly
2:18 pm est 

Re: "She is Tied Into Board Members and Town Ffficials"

Anyone who has lived here for more than a few years is "tied into board members
and town officials". There is only 3,000 of us, so how are we NOT tied in to
others. Good for her if she is "tied into" them. At least someone is
volunteering in this town and are forced to listen and read all this crap about
themselves. Get a life or get involed yourself. Your anger toward Deb sounds
like an old girlfriend or an old client retaliation and not a rational person.
Take another pill and calm down.  
2:16 pm est 

Re: Amy Gemaine vs Deb Paine/61B Commercial Street

If all you have to do with your time is insult other bloggers, you
should get a different hobby.  To insult while you contribute absolutely nothing
constructive is typical of idiocy.  It's not as much about using the parking lot
as much as the afront to a board member in public for her voting and clear
violations of town rules and bylaws.  Get a life so smart one.  
2:13 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

I was there and it was an AA party, which is why when the police
reports said there was an 'overabundance of alcohol' at the party (another lie),
the press had to reveal it was an AA gathering at the hosts house, which angered
them...Sometimes, the truth has to be told. Go Barry! You did the right thing
here and we ALL know it! I love his site by the way. He tells the truth! (Miss
Ellie is still alive!)

>Take it from someone who was at the party and also attends AA with a number of 
the guests wich 90 percent where active in the program.  Liquor was not an
2:11 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

I was a guest at that party as well and Barry Scott did make the statement to
insight the crowd. Mr. Scott did resist arrest and now is putting his spin on
the story.   Barry Scott, move on.  You got what you deserved and the only one
that is interested in your movie script is you.
2:06 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

The people who think there is a problem with this had better get a
signed petition in the works fast and present it to Town Manager and Legal
Counsel toote sweete.  There is a time limit on when you lodge formal complaints
as was pointed out to the disgruntled abutters of the Bangs St. mess.  If the
town says you were sent notices (even though you know you weren't) the complaint
time period starts then.  Ms. Germaine showed acute intelligence, vision and
real caring for her town with her decision regarding Bangs.  Other members of
her board seemed to be under a spell to approve such a conglomeration of cheap
buildings that are so out of scale for the neighborhood it is actually
ridiculous.  She isn't in agreement with another project and is attacked by the
"contractor".  Disgusting.  Ms. Germaine should definitely acquire legal counsel
and sue at the least.  The money in fines that should be assessed to the
"contractor who is not a developer" and town officials who!
  showed a complete lack of leadership and brains should go toward her legal
fund.  Seems to me when you tear down a historic building with plans to rebuild
that aren't historic, you cross the line from contractor to developer.  I don't
care how nice you are or what time of year it is.  Not just anyone gets to use
public property for free.  I know I couldn't even put up a shed without
permission from the Pope, let alone park a toilet for my workers in a town lot.  
1:56 pm est 

Re: West End Parking

I thought parking was free this time of year. what is the big deal about the
west end lot?  Time for less wine and a new whine move on!!!
11:52 am est 

Re: West End Tempest in a Teapot

The most revealing thing about the purported controversy over use of west end
parking lot in depths of off season for some construction stuff is how FREAKING
PATHETIC the lives of those obsessed with this are. You are truly losers, really
take a look in the mirror and get a grip. You are borderline psychotic and need
professional help. It is so sad to watch you play out your psychosis on here.
11:50 am est 

Re: Barry Scott
"Often when liquor's involved people assert they're abused when cops
themselves are being abused (verbally) which can escalate. Behave & respect the
uniform & then you won't get hauled off!!!"

Take it from someone who was at the party and also attends AA with a number of
the guests wich 90 percent where active in the program.  Liquor was not an issue
there where a few six packs laying around for those that chose to have a beer. 
Know your facts before you post on this blog.  Must have been a cop who made
this post they have been trying to sway people to believe that this party was a
rave out of control.  This was not the case!
11:27 am est 

"Good Old Boys' Network"

Why is it called the "good old boys' network" when everyone involved
is a woman. It smacks of gender discrimination to me.
11:20 am est 

Possible Revenue Streams

Let's see, the Selectmen allow pro bono use of the Town's land by the
Ptown Inn to an elite group of people, many of them who don't even pay taxes, to
store equipment used for private enterprise? But yet, force us to privately
fundraise for the fireworks, Town Annual Report, etc.?

There is probably a few thousand dollars of revenue potential lost each year
which has been allowed for decades. Do the math Selectmen and start charging
11:08 am est 

The Townie Who Passed Away is Jim Dale From the Stop and Shop

What a sweet man. I will miss seeing his smile and saying "hello" during
my weekly shopping trips.

Please keep Jim and his family and friends in your heart.
Rest in Peace, Jim! We will miss you!!
11:06 am est 

Re: 61B Commercial Street

Deb Paine- may have been done legally- doesn't change the fact she she
is tied into board members and town officials  and even goes so far as to write
a letter when board decisions do not go her way- A letter geared towards one
board member who did not vote her way I presume. Then this letter is read in a
town forum  -with our town manager's blessing. This is nothing more than
intimidation and "ggod ole boy  " tactics. And yes-Amy does have a case here-all
prompted by Ms. Paine- AND WHO IS CALLING WHO A CRY BABY?  That title deservedly
goes to Ms. Paine!!!!!!!!   And again- Who gave Ms. Paine permission to use the
town landing for her own personal use??????? Sharon?? Mr. Braun???Both on Deb's
team. Hmmmmm wonder how much work Deb has done for Sharon-and don't forget her
own employee on one of our town boards-This goes very deep and she has gotten
preferential treatment for a number of years now.What other contractor would get
town's blessing to use the town landing!
  at tax payer's expense-not to mention liability wise- I am sick of this and a
full investigation is warranted. This is greatly disturbing!!!!!!!Amy- seek
legal advice. Form a legal donation fund and I think you will be pleasantly
surprised by your support!!!
11:01 am est 

Tough Crowd

You people are such a tough crowd. Your comments toward a resident of this town
and single owner businesswoman who employs local workers and has been here for
years, to have her character assinated on this bog is shameless. For the record
she is NOT a developer, she is a contractor trying to make a living. She has
done more for this town's historic district than most other builders. Look at
her projects. Look at her website. I know her some but know her projects better.
You all want to encouarge business in this town but you are all so quick to
destroy one's business. You are so heartless and make it so diffcult to make a
living here. She is not one of those fat-cat developers you are all so quick to
lump her in with.
10:57 am est 

Town Storing Materials

I hope the town was charged for placing sewer staging materials on the Surfside
parking lot. I hope this town paid for the loss of parking meters when they had
the trailer park. How dare the town abuse their power to take over part of a
parking lot. This is an outrage. This topic is so stupid. People get a grip or
better yet, get a life.
10:56 am est 

Re: 61B Commercial Street

The access for the property you are talking about next to the West End
parking lot is acutally off of a Town Landing, which at some time in the distant
past became a parking lot also. This access was there before the parking lot
was. This is the only access this property has other than the beach. The current
onwers have only had it a short period of time, relitively speaking. There is no
controvercy. There is no conspiricy. There are no dots to connect. Just another
little Provincetown oddity.

And BTW, when this property was remodeled a few years ago the contractor was
allowed to use the parking lot as a stageing area. And when a certain well known
business owner two doors to the east remodeled his house a few years ago, his
contractor was parking a dumpster in the boat trailer parking area and useing a
crane parked on the beach to lift the trash from the job site to the parking

Its all just a courtacy the Town allows to the homeowners (not the contractor)
during the off season, not an abuse of who you know on the contractors part. The
Town will do the same for any one of you; unless of course you raise such a stink
about it that they are forced to disallow it for anyone in the future.

A Rat In The Basement
10:54 am est 

Re: Barry Scott

The law is the law. Cops have right to address noise & any other complaints.
Retaliation in any form has to be addressed & so it's always best to be polite &
cooperate with the police... Whether your guilty or not. That's the lesson to be
learned. Often when liquor's involved people assert they're abused when cops
themselves are being abused (verbally) which can escalate. Behave & respect the
uniform & then you won't get hauled off!!!
10:50 am est 


8:36pm Ellie is still alive surrounded by family. Tom Yaz spent the day with her and her wonderful Family. Her condition is getting better but she still needs your prayers and well wishes. Please stop posting that she passed! She has a few more New York, New Yorks and high kicks left in her..
11:40 pm est 

Is it True that Ellie Has Passed?

Could someone confirm or deny this? Thanks, I'd appreciate knowing if this is
11:35 pm est 

Ellie is Not Dead

She is in the hospital but is recovering and seeing
visitors including family.
11:34 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

Improper abutter notification?  Right. Perhaps town legal counsel will
do a full investigation of the "facts" and determine all was done legally and by
the book so all you crybabies have no legal leg to stand on.  Then they'll
publish that in the Banner and look you in the eye and say "sue" if you don't
like it... or else shut up.  Sounds familiar.
11:32 pm est 

Re: Ms Ellie

Ellie-Although when I first encountered you I was somewhat
uncomfortable-Through time I realized how special you were. I only wish I could
give you a hug now.  You touched many people's lives. May you sing with the
11:30 pm est 

Re: Amy Gemaine

I hope Amy Gemaine has already hired a lawyer from
out of town. Sharon and he little army have had their own way for too long. Even
Sharon was hired to fit right in. What we have now on important boards are
people all connected by the almighty $$$. All that is, except Amy Germain, she
isn't playing on the right team. She actually has a brain, can form her own
opinions, and obviously knows right from wrong.
All the things a town should celebrate.
Maybe someplace this town she is very dangerous to the status quo.
This was made public last week and I hope it woke a few people up.
We live in a "occupied" land controlled by a COP and a handful of perfectly
positioned board members.
I think Amy should run for Selectman...she has my vote! 
11:29 pm est 

61B Commercial Street

Who owns this property, a realtor?
11:27 pm est 

Ellie is Not Dead!

She is very much alive and a patient at Cape Cod
Hospital.  Keep her in your thoughts!
11:26 pm est 

Re: West Float Owners

'How come the West Float owners are
allowed to store thier floats, for free, at the cove at The Provincetown Inn.'

I brought that that up as a new revenue source for the Town in a public
statement to the BOS. Not one of them commented on my public statement. It was
very disappointing to say the least.
11:24 pm est 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Good-bye Ms Ellie

Your song and heart will be missed.
8:37 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

Ditto on the congrats! I knew him for over 20 years he spent in town and anyone
who knew him already determined it wasn't a possibility for him to act as our
police accused. I remember hearing about this incident when I was in San
Francisco. I had to convince people that this town wasn't all that bad. Such bad
publicity. I hope our cops will think twice before brutalizing someone
again...especially when they are 5'4 and tiny. Pu-Lease!
8:35 pm est 

Ellie is Gone? Say it Isn't so!

Just heard the news that Ellie passed away yesterday of cancer.!Is this true? Can anyone confirm?

Please provide additional information.
8:26 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

Before a tear down of a building. There was supposed to be a wait
period. This gave time to find out if the building was historic. All buildings
in Provincetown have rotting wood, should we just tear down every building?
8:14 pm est 

Historic Tear-Downs

Any structure that has obtained necessary permits and then as the construction
commences and reaches a point whereupon the builder or owner wishes to demolish
the building one SHOULD HAVE to INITIATE the PUBLIC HEARING process all over
again, not just go before the historic commission for an administrative review
and simple vote of the board, the neighbors should be notified and the ZBA
should be notified, tearing down a building needs MORE OPEN process for 2 weeks
notice in Banner not just a 48 hour posting that no one sees. Administrative
reviews to ZBA and or historic should only be approved for "minor" changes NOT a
full demolition. Deb Paine's job should HAVE to go back to the ZBA for review
they did NOT grant a special permit for demolition last summer at original
public hearings. The SP has been altered thus must GO BACK no exceptions. What
do you want to bet the 4 walls will be up before that ever occurs. Ask the ZBA
chair or the realtor on that board to demand it bu!
t don't hold your breath on that one!!
7:52 pm est 

Draw the Line-Enough is Enough!

It's about time some co-participants who are neck deep were put under
the scope.  What's right is right and what's wrong is what is going on here. 
Enough is enough.   Draw the line.  Don't stop with town boards or officials,
keep going, engineers, legal counsels, etc. all have a coat of guilt painted on
them thicker than the paint peeling on the trim at town hall. Good stuff.  and
it's about time.  
7:49 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

I believe that if one looked into to this there would be a pattern- I
wonder how many town officials and or board members are or have been in the past
Deb Paine customers. HMMMMMM  Just wondering!!!
7:47 pm est 

Amy Should do It!!

I hope she sues the town for violating her rights as they did at the meeting.
She is a member of a town board and is somewhat protected from such
grandstanding. Sad to say but it's the only way to set the record straight. The
BOS appoints but has ZERO oversight over how they vote until next time when they
have to decide to re-appoint her and others. Till then, she has a right to vote
how she thinks the rules apply and the BOS have no right to do what they did.
It's against the law.
7:45 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

Congrats Barry!  I am sure that it was a long road but know that you
did the right thing.  Hopefully the town now understands they can lie all they
want but the truth eventually comes out.
7:43 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

How can U resist arrest if U were not supposed to be arrested in the
first place?? Can't this town ever admit when they made a mistake?? We always
look soooo bad.
7:42 pm est 

Re: "End of the Road, Barry, and no Vindication"

Typical statement from a town police officer! Having a state court reverse the
charge you were arrested and beaten on, sure sounds like vindication to me!

Congrats Barry! You remain one of this town's few honest and shining stars.
5:27 pm est 

61 B Commercial Street/Deb Paine & the Law

Demolition and rebuilding of the Structure Requires Both Historic and
Zoning Board approval

Surely Deb Paine knows this. Surely Annie Howard, Chair of Zoning, and worker for
Deb Paine, knows that 61 B Commercial Street required Zoning approval. Surely
even Sharon Lynn knows this. Clearly, Harriet Gordon, alternatie on the Zoning
Board and whose contractor is Deb Paine, knows this too. Additionally, Davide
Nicolau, writer of the new zoning bylaw, knows this as well.

So why didn't 61 B Commercial Street follow the legal route that all other
houses and all other demolitions would have had to follow?

The question remains, doesn't it?
5:25 pm est 

West End Parking Lot

I went to see the west end parking lot situation but was mostly
surprised by the lot abutting on the east side. How do they have an area where
there shold be a parking meter for two cars "yellow striped" of to allow them
access to their own private parking from the public lot? Who owns this and who
gave this easement to them? I bet they are connected!
3:13 pm est 

Barry Scott Vindication? Nope

Typical overstatement by a Barry supporter (or could it be Barry himself still
lurking around this blog).  While his conviction for disorderly conduct was
overturned, his conviction for resisting arrest was confirmed by the state's
highest court.   

End of the road, Barry, and no vindication.
3:11 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

The Barry Scott case always smelled bad. It made the town look bad and
made our cops look worse. So glad he had the gumption to go all the way and
correct this, so we can't be beaten arbitrality in this town. Now, can he come
3:10 pm est 

A Mockery of Common Sense

And who determined the dry rot and beetle infestation?  Let me guess,
someone in line to make a pretty penny off of this one.  And who verified the
infestation and dry rot?  Ditto.  So sick of these people making a mockery of
this town.  And if such diamonds in the rough exist all over town that one
should destroy instead of rehab, why are the owners of certain diamonds paying
less in taxes than the owners of the rough dumps of houses they are next too?  A
year after the fact.  I suppose you can defend that also with some stupid
argument about fiscal year quarters and overworked assessors.  Sure. Just
another hole us lawabiding taxpayers can throw our money down so a few can get
richer off sucking the lifeblood out of the town.  
3:08 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

Is the rumor true that Barry Scott the DJ that was arrested years ago
has had the charges overturned in Supreme Court?  What is the town going to do I
assume a lawsuit is to follow?
12:46 pm est 

Floats in West End

While we are on the subject.  How come the West Float owners are
allowed to store thier floats, for free, at the cove at The Provincetown Inn. 
Everyone else who needs to store thier boat or another seasonal item must either
store it on thier own property or pay someone for the priveldge.  These floats
are stored at this location every year at no cost.  Here is another missed
revenue opportunity for the town.  Just because it was always allowed does not
make it right.  Pay up or move on. 
12:44 pm est 

Just Answer the Question!

Some can minimize the issue, use profanity, or even mockery.  But the reality is
that the question has not been answered. 

Who gave this contractor from Truro permission to do contracting business using
our town's property?

And if Many are upset about this, it's because this endemic of something else-
such as trying to take advantage of our town, etc.
12:36 pm est 

Barry Scott

Just received an e-mail that DJ Barry Scott, who was beaten and
arrested by our cops for speaking in a private backyard has had his charge
overturned by no less than the State Supreme Court! That man has perseverence
and I miss him in town! Another black eye for this town and its police. Sad it
took him so long to achieve some level of justice in this place. The link is
here, I believe:
12:34 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

deb paine,s situation on town property is temporary,but
there should be a fee for her using part of the public
parking area for her construction job.
but wake up citizens!contractors are storing there equippment and supplies all
over the town ,on town owned
property!the town employees are aware of this freebie,but
for years this has been ok for the special people in town
and they fail to enforce the rules for all.
i have nothing but praise for annie howard.she has always
been approachable requarding town zoning issues, but i
think deb paine needs a course in saving historic structures and not altering or
tearing them down as she
does all over town.
12:26 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

Passed by the West End parking lot.  I understood what people are
upset about.

Who allowed the Truro contractor to set up her business "stuff" on town
12:23 pm est 

Give Me a Break

The town is a      show and everyone is worried about someone tearing
down an old building. Give me a break. Who wants to pay for an historic
renovation in Provincetown when all around you is a mess? I fell for that once.
Great house surrounded by what? We all chuckle at people that live in the middle
of a rotary becasue they refused to sell to the developer.  
12:21 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

"Who authorized Deb Paine to use town property".   I agree! Would like
a simple answer to a simple question.  Who authorized Ms. Paine to use the town
property for her project at 61 Commercial St. ??????????????
12:18 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

THIS STINKS and is another blatant slap in the face to our town.  All
parties associated with this developer including those representing her at any
meetings, submission of plans, etc. should be made part of an immediate
examination into violations.  Legal representative, engineer, abutters on
boards.  This MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE.  Don't tell me there is nothing
going on in this town behind the curtains.  An investigation should be DEMANDED
and parties found at fault should foot the legal bill.      
12:17 pm est 

Re: Amy Germain

I hope Amy Germain sues the town and wind. She is a victim and Sharon
Lynn has done nothing for this town but prolong the never ending financial
hemmorrage. As far as Deb Paine goes..just another high priced builder who has
had a big part in destroying this community. Good Luck, Amy...
12:15 pm est 

Final Annual Alumni Basketball Games

Please mark your calendars for an evening of fun, Saturday, March 5,
at 6:00 p.m. in the PHS gym for the Final Annual Alumni Basketball Games.  Bring
your family and friends to cheer the teams on and say thanks to PHS for the many
years of athletics.  Alumni players include graduates from 60 years of PHS
sports programs; from the Class of '52 to the Class of 2010!   Tickets available
at the door.  Hope to see you there!
12:13 pm est 

Your Troubles

One aunt had a heart attack and is in a wheel chair, a family member spent 3
months in rehab and is in a wheel chair. My sister died and your troubles are
that someone has some equipment in a parking lot? I wish that some equipment in
a parking lot was the only thing causing me sleepless nights.

Damn I have to wear this sling, the diamond on my finger is so heavy that I get
a pain in my hand every time I lift my arm.
12:10 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

When one wishes to demolish a building, one applies to the Historic
Board for permission, not the ZBA. And I did see the notice in the paper of Deb
Paine asking for this for the property in question.

A Rat In The Basement
12:08 pm est 

Sick of the Hypocrisy

Deb Paine's use of town property is nothing other than knowing the right people
and running in the right circles.  Plain and simple.When she doesn't like a board
members decision -she even goes so far as to complain to the town manager and
even more worrisome- the town manager entertains her complaint and goes to the
BOS with that complaint.  WOW. Deb does know the right people and is used to getting
her way. HMMMMMM . The response of these public elected officials to one builder's
gripe over not getting her way with one board member is VERY WORRISOME to me.
People- this smells big time and I for one am sick of it.  The entitlement a select few
expect and receive in this town is sickening.

Something has to be done!!!
12:06 pm est 

Wait, I'm confused?
I thought the conspiracy was that Lands End Inn sold and the selling realtor was
supressing the news from the MLS? Or maybe that homeland security was behind the
construction at the Provincetown Inn parking lot. Now its a porta potty-gate in
the west end parking lot? I'm just glad it's something to do with poop. Oh, by
the way,          :

"Public Hearing - February 09, 2011

The Provincetown Historic District Commission will hold a work Session at 3:30
p.m. and a Public Hearing at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 09, 2011 in the
Judge Welsh Hearing Room, Town Hall, 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA.
The Historic District Commission will consider the following applications:

Public Hearing 4:00 p.m.
Case# FY11-29
Application by Deborah Paine, Inc. on behalf of Elise M. Cozzi for a Certificate
to be issued in accordance with the Provincetown Historic District Commission
established under the General By-Laws, Chapter 15 of the Town of Provincetown.
The Post and Beam frame is compromised with dry rot and power post beetle
infestation and the sheathing is dry rot and has no holding value.

Therefore, the applicant seeks approval to demolish what is left of the building
frame at the property located at 61B Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA.

John Dowd, Chairman
Posted by the Town Clerk 1/12/2011 11:00 am dj The
Banner: January 20, 2011 and January 27, 2011
12:01 pm est 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who Authorized the Contractor?

Stick to the issue:  Who authorized Paine to use town property for personal

These days, a person can't even sell cupcakes on the street.

Who authorized her?
10:28 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

Maybe Deb Paine Should Be Standing in Front of BOS to Explain Why She
Demolished 61 Commercial Street Without Zoning Board of Appeals Permission?

You can't demolish this building without permission from the Zoning Board of
Appeals and their decision on what is being allowed to be rebuilt. But check the
agenda. No such meeting occurred. No abutters were noticed out by Zoning for
their input on the demolition and rebuilding.

Can you explain this Ms. Paine? You surely know town rules and bylaws--and your
head worker Annie Howard Chairs Zoning--so you do know the rules and what you
should have done.

What happened? Is there some special privilege for some?

10:27 pm est 

Unbelievable Actions!!!

I can't believe Sharon nor Michele understood that Germaine is a municipal
employee, (or maybe a special municipal employee) defined under state statutes
and law. As such, Germaine has the rights of privacy relating to complaints and
thus any complaints should have been held in executive session, protecting her
privacy relating to the matter. She also has the choice to have the meeting in
open session or in private and has the right to an attorney to be present.
Considering her tone at the meeting, Germaine apparently wasn't afforded those
choices. I hope she realizes she has a lawsuit waiting to be filed against the
town. I hope Sharon is prepared to defend the stupidity of the boards actions.
Although I applaud their action sshutting the session down, it never should have
gotten to open session. Austin should have known this considering his seniority
on the board and especially Sharon. Michelle I excuse due to her continued
stupidity that we all already know about. Get rea!
dy folks. More money to legal bills!!
10:24 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

Give me a break! I went by the scene of the crime today. She has a porto potty
and one other piece of equipment on a small portion of the parking lot. On the
Sunday of a 3 day weekend , the parking lot was mostly empty. I imagine during
the week when Deb Paine parks there, it is EMPTY.

So this seems to be a whole lot to do about nothing.
7:54 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

There was a day when solutions to these problems were so much simpler
and "fixing" them could happen overnight.  The developer and townspeople would
likely have woken up one morning to find staging, port-o-pottie, materials, etc.
and anything else deemed "inappropriate" on a sand dune at low tide.  Those were
the good old days and the law and rules and enforcers we have now are not much
better.  At least then, problems weren't allowed to ferment until the offender
chose to stop them.  The people had control and drew the line. Oh, the good ole
days are missed. 
7:36 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

Stop the Infection Now!

All the hemming and hawing about Ms. Paine using the parking lot and
demolishing a historic bldg. means nothing.  Conflicts of interest are par for
the course.  You are gosh darn right there is a conspiracly.  Look at Bangs St. 
These people fought tooth and nail to convince double vision was afflicting all
the abutters when in reality, they were clearly presented as 2, approved as 2
and in the Banner Pat Shultz ad CLEARLY as 4 separate townhomes.  And the
beauty, town assessor hasn't gotten around to updating so no taxes are being
paid on the buildings.  Wake up Ptown.  Stop the infection now.
7:33 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

It's really a very simple concept. Deb Paine is parking her trucks and
equipment on public property. By doing this she is saving money. She isn't
paying for the gas or the wear and tear that driving back and forth from Truro
would cost her. This is illegal. If every builder used the public property to
park their vehicles and equipment there wouldn't be any room for the public to
park. It doesn't matter if it's the summer, spring, winter or the fall. This is
public property, paid for by you and me. Deb Paine has no right to park there.

Questions to ponder:

1. Did she get permission from someone in town government to park there?

2. If so, who granted the permission and what was the reasoning behind it.

Let's put this behind us, Ms. Paine, please move your equipment now.

Thank you.

Sarah Dempsey
3:07 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine

Feb 14, 2011  is the board of selectmen meeting & the issue of the letter
about Amy germain comes in at 93 minutes and goes on to about 110.  it took  17
minutes for 4 selectmen to tell the chair they didn't approve of her approach.
Nice, well done to the 4 who have a brain and a heart.

Generally, if the selectmen lose support for an appointee , they don't vote to
reappoint. if they feel the appointee has behaved in a manner that deserves
removal from the board, there is a process for that too.

Since when does one contractor/developer have the power to get her own agenda
item to complain about one regulatory board member in public and on TV?

Add this to the long list of why people don't want to volunteer any more on
these boards.

Thank you to the other 4 selectmen who showed good judgement

Buried Clam

1:42 pm est 

Teapot Runneth Over

Wow, haven't been on here in a while, boy the whitecaps are spilling over the
teapot edge over the continuing and little known       conspiracy to run the
town into the ground for personal gain. What fun, all the players we most love
to hate in one giant controversy, theft of town property, I'll gotten gains,
conflict of interest, woot woot! Surely we can work Rex and D Guertin into this
one somehow can't we?

1:12 pm est 

Re: Deb Paine's Trucks

The big deal about her trucks is simple: that is town property to be used by the
damn taxpayers of Provincetown, not a builder from Truro or any builder from
anywhere. If i want to drive my car down to the boat launch eat lunch or watch
the sunset whether it is January or July that is MY RIGHT, we pay for the upkeep
of all town's property including where HER equipment is? Does she have
permission Yes or NO. If the answer is Yes who gave it? If the answere is NO
move it all Monday morning!!!
1:09 pm est 

Re: ZBA Conflicts/Deb Paine

I didn't go to the meeting but;

If Annie sat on the ZBA during the discussion of the issues and voted on the
issues regarding Deb Paine near the west end ramp or for that matter any other
matter Deb Paine was involved in, she is in trouble for conflict of interest
laws. She is employed by Paine and as such, at the VERY LEAST should have made
that disclosure before the meeting and discussions took place, IN PUBLIC. Same
goes for the realtor that sold the property, if he sold it or if his office that
he is affiliated with sold it, then he AT THE VERY LEAST, had to make that
disclosure, in public, prior to dicussing or voting on the matter. If these
people didn't do that, they are in violation and could be fined (if anyone files
the complaints. don't worry, much like here, they are anonymous.)
   For Deb to have sent a letter to Shaorn just shows poor poor taste. She is a
timid and easily embarrassed person and apparently needed someone to cry to. Her
letter to the TM or the BOS should have been forwarded to the ZBA and thus
ended. If Paine didn't like the decission, take it to court but stop whining. It
just makes you look lame.
10:25 am est 

Re: Deb Paine

I've never posted before, but I recently watched the BOS meeting on 2/14.  First
of all, I don't generally agree with Amy Germaine, but that public spectacle was
totally inappropriate and inexusable.  I have never seen a single volunteer
board member called before the BOS.  Obviously there was a hidden agenda.  And
then I find out that the head of the Zoning Board reports directly to Deb Paine,
who wrote the letter complaining about Amy Germaine.  Talk about a conflict of
interest.  Why is Deb Paine so privileged that she can use town property, as
previously reported, and complain about a zoning board member, only to have her
brought up before the BOS.  This is a witch hunt.   I think Michelle Couture and
Annie Howard need to resign.   This whole thing is a HUGE conflict of interest. 
Now, the BOS has kicked Deb Paine's complaint about Amy Germaine back to the
Zoning Board to handle, which is chaired by Deb Paine's subordinate.  What the
hell is going on.  Why are we allowin!
g the town to be exposed like this??   We'll all end up paying higher taxes
when a lawsuit is filed and the taxpayers have to pay through the nose because
this stuff is being allowed.  Unacceptable!
10:22 am est 

Deb Paine's Trucks

What is the big deal with her leaving construction equipment on unused town
property?  Often the town will leave construction equipment on private property
without being asked for compensation.

If it were summer and the parking lot was generating income, then I'm sure she
would be required to compensate the town for lost income.  Similar to when the
contractor's trucks for town hall were taking over parking spaces on Ryder
Street.  They paid the town for lost income.

This is a courtesy that is extended in every municipality in the state and
possibly the nation.  Get over yourselves.
10:19 am est 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Re: Deb Paine

Deb Paine's name is being brought up way too often recently, and not
in a positive way.
About using property that belongs  to the people of Provincetown for her own
financial gain, the way to resolve it is to either fine or charge her company on
a per diem basis. This will mean more $ into our town's coffers. 
If our elected officials, or administrators refuse to act on this, then the
people of Provincetown will have no recourse but to request to the State for an
investigation regarding ethics' violations. 
10:37 pm est 

Deb Paine:

I sure can attest to her rudeness in thinking she is entitled to the entire west
end lot.  She has taken it over with all her vehicles.  Would someone else get
the same treatment?  NOT...  Why does one get so much attention?  Sharon should
stay out of this one.....
10:27 pm est 

West End Launch

Please have Deb Paine remove her construction trucks, dumpsters, port o potty
and any other materials OFF the Town landing. The hyposcisy in this town is
unbelievable.Does she even have permmission to use town land for a private
construction job? Yes or No and if she does who gave her permission. The
historic house is GONE and no public outcry for this one wonder why, who is
builder associated with Chairman of ZBA, whos is broker of choice in those few
buildings?? Member of ZBA who is broker??
8:09 pm est 

Re: A1 Brawl

How disrespectful and unprofessional was A1 on the radio??

It sounded like a verbal argument......
8:07 pm est 

Re: Chief Jaran's Recommendations

Who in fact, will determine whether or not a car is "legitimate" in traveling on
these 3 designated pedestrian walkways between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. ?

Please don't tell me it's the police.  They can't control what they have and they
want to add more.  So now they will stand by wooden "horses" blocking the road
and either wave you in or wave you out after you present your case.  This is pathetic. 
How much will the overtime cost on this?  Or does it not matter because the stupid
taxpayer who agrees will end up footing the bill anyway?  This is the dumbest idea yet. 

Take the overtime pay and create a bike lane on Bradford marked with a line, forbid
against the traffic biking on the front st. in this zone, get rid of parking on Bradford in
this zone completely, create more parking near the dump, supermarket on
Shankpainter, Harry Kemp Way, etc. with shuttles (give people a job) and serious
discount (like free) for taxpaying residents. !

Come on, you bulldoze the precious land for cheap modular "townhouses" and
condos and use public parking for developer staging but you can't create more
parking for residents.  You can't be serious.  This town is becoming a sick
8:06 pm est 

A Note on Contractor-Gate

Deb Paine is a contractor who had a case in front of the Zoning Board of
Appeals. Amy Germaine is a member of the Zoning Board. Deb Paine did not like
Amy Germaine's response to increasing scale and sent a letter to Sharon Lynn
criticizing Amy Germaine's statements. Deb paine also had a meeting with Sharon
and then Sharon sent a copy of Deb Paine's letter to the Board of Selectmen.
Michelle Couture requested that Army Germaine show up to defend herself against
the BOS complaints.

Many letters are sent to the town Manager and assistant town manager of
complaints. Few are read at public meetings with the regulatory board member
required to defend her actions. This act high-handed and an attempt to force a
member to change her perspective and her votes. It's illegal to do this.

Why did one letter written by one contractor receive such attention and involve
a public meeting? Perhaps because this conctractor is the town manager's
contractor, as well as Ann McGuire's Contractor and her partner sits on the
Zoning Board.

It's time to Connect the Dots!
8:01 pm est 

Zoning Board Member Accusations

The question one has to ask is why was this brought to the Selectmen in the
first place?  The complaint should have been handled just like other complaints
against employees are handled - in executive session.  When you are speaking
about one's character is is supposed to be discussed not in a public forum.

Kudos to David Bedard for taking charge on not having this heard in the open.

Board members are considered "employees", though volunteer, of the town and try
to uphold the bylaws for which they are given.  If you don't like the way the
bylaws are written and you want everyone to get what they want then just stack
the boards like they did years ago.  Until then, respect the decison of board
members even if you don't get what you want.
7:58 pm est 

Information Request

what was the date and time of the BofS meeting,when all this shenanigans with
Michelle reading this Deb Paine letter happened?

This sounds like Must See TV

Buried Clam
7:54 pm est 

Re: A1 Brawl on the Radio?

Ask a police officer what brawl on the radio means.
1:31 pm est 

What Happened?

Many of us are not in Provincetown now, we have no idea what all of this talk
about Amy and Sharon and Deb refers to and I'm not the only one.

What happened? What is the issue? Please explain
8:34 am est 

West End Parking Lot-

The time of year is not the point!!!!!!!!! The
point is-the chosen few in this town get "passes" and this is CLEARLY ONE .
Other contractors would not get this "pass". Plain and simple.  
8:32 am est 

Why Blame Sharon?

If you watched the BOS meeting, the Deb Paine letter was courtesy copied to the
BOS.  Couture insisted on placing it on the agenda despite the protests of
Bedard.  Sharon doesn't tell the selectmen what to do, that's not her job,
especially when the chair is insisting on handling the situation one way only. 
Only Couture, Bedard and Sharon know if Sharon made any other recommendation to
the Chair.  In the end, the Chair sets the agenda.

When the agenda item came up, Bedard immediately stated his displeasure with the
subject matter but Couture insisted on continuing.  After a few minutes, Bedard
figured out a way to end it before even more damage could be done.

Sharon can't be blamed for the Chairs arrogance.
8:30 am est 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sharon Should be Concerned About Conflict of Interest

Given that Deb Paine is her contractor, shouldn't she have handled Deb Paine's
"complaint" against Amy Germaine differently? Sharon put the Big Letter A out
there on Germaine, while hiding behind Michele Couture who was doing her dirty
wrok. This is appalling. If you are on a regulatory board--and Zoning is
regulatory--you cannot threaten members to vote as you want them to vote.

10:05 pm est 

A1 Brawl on Radio:

Can anyone explain what that means?
9:16 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture vs Democractic Process

Michele's deliberate attempt to read a letter of complaint against Amy
shows her lack of support for Amy PERIOD. I will be very happy when Michele is
no longer sitting on the board.  Getting rid of Elaine Anderson is next since
she is in Michele's pocket.  Michele may be going off the board but her puppet
will remain.
9:13 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture vs Democractic Process

I couldn't agree more with the webmaster regarding Michele Couture's
high handedness at the Feb. 14th selectmen's meeting. Granted that it was not a
public hearing, but it was a joing meeting of two boards who hold the fate of
one family in its hands. Kudos to Selectmen Santos, Knight and Bedard for doing
the right thing and putting this nightmare for the Cabral family in the hands of
the DEP where it rightly belongs. It is also shameful to see one's elected
officials deliberately seeking to put the Cabral family out of business in order
to save a few bucks with Town Counsel. Shame on Anderson and Couture, but more
shame on Couture whose unpleasant and autocratic demeanor continues to manifest
itself with alarming regularity.
3:04 pm est 

Re: Please Help Me....

I went to PTV and saw the selectmen's meeting.
I did learn by watching that the letter is public information and that all I
have to do is ask at town hall to see it.. But, by watching and listening to
Michele, she says all letters are for the public. So why did she want to read
this one publicly at at BOS meeting? I dont' remember other letters of complaint
against appointed board members being read at BOS meetings. Could it be that Deb
Paine does continual work for Sharon's kitchen cabinet? I don't like the smell
of this at all. And I must say Amy Germaine does seem to be a person of good
1:08 pm est 

To: Webmaster

Can't open the new It's Back picture without being a member of AOL. 
Can you put it up some other way? 


Webmaster Comment: Sorry about that.
will correct
1:05 pm est 

Something is Very Wrong

At the informal "abutters meeting" held by Ms. Lynn last year (and we
all know for what project), a member of Planning was briefly put in the
spotlight.   In question was a conflict of interest in her being an abutter to
the same project she voted to approve.  Also in question was her complete
"change of heart" contradicting her previous vote to deny a different owner a
lesser project. When the actions of this Planning Board member were brought up
at this INFORMAL meeting, Ms. Lynn and town legal counsel stifled the
discussion.  Even though this was the purpose of the meeting, there was no give
and take, no letters of complaints were read, no Bill of Particulars recited in
which she was mentioned. Again, she voted to approve the project and they
protected her, stating it's all good, it's all legal, leave her alone, move on.
Then they abruptly shut down the meeting while people's hands were still in the
air like kids waiting to be called on in first grade.          

Now, and this is just how it looks, fast forward to recent formal town meeting
where the complaint against Ms. Germane by Ms. Pane was brought out in public. 
Keep a few things in mind:  Ms. Germane did not vote to approve the Bangs St.
project; Ms. Germane does it again with Ms. Pane.  Why is it appropriate to
launch an attack against her at a formal town meeting but not even be able to
question another planning board member about her actions at an informal meeting
meant for that purpose.  I guess it all depends on how you vote and who you are
in with.  This is really, really wrong. 
1:01 pm est 

Deb Paine vs Amy Germaine

Please help me. Can any one tell me the nature of the complaint
against Amy Germaine or where I can read the actual letter sent by Deb Paine.
9:25 am est 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Given That Couture is But a Lame Duck

Why does anyone listen to her wild and unreasonable demands? Beats me.In two and
a half months, Voila! She will disappear. And who will seek her out then? No
one. She will be but hot air. Probably even Sharon Lynn will find relief. Surely
many of us will. Maybe she'll be forced to earn an honest living wage. That
would be a refreshing change.
9:19 pm est 

Sharon You Handled This Complaint Quite Wrong

A contractor complains about a vote taken by a member of a regulatory Board and
you hand this letter over to the BOS and Have Michele Couture try to read the
complaint at a public meeting! WRong, inappropriate and mishandled. A good
manager would have taken the letter, asked a few questions and then waited for a
pattern to emerge. That Deb Paine complained about Amy Germaine should never,
ever been read at a meeting of the BOS. Thank goodness that David Bedard
understood how wrong this would have been. Couture was ill-advised and
misdirected in trying again, and again, to read this complaint in public. But it
is Sharon Lynn who should have handled this behind closed doors and see if the
complaint was justified. Army Germain is a member of a regulatory board and the
BOS and the town manager do not have the power to control members of regulatory
boards. Their votes are their votes. And if Deb Paine doesn't like the vote,
that's too bad. Who is she to have her letter read by Mich!
ele Couture in public while Amy Germaine is called in to be rebuked?

Wrong, wrong, wrong.This was a form of intimidation and Sharon Lynn and Michele
Couture should not have been part of this act.
9:17 pm est 

Couture the Meeting and Editorial

you know, i'll be happy when she is retired to, but i have to say, this
editorial from the webmaster smacks of brow beating.

everyone knows that the public doesn't speak on an item at a joint meeting
unless its posted that way.
it wasn't a public hearing.

if the plan is, ahead of time, to let the public speak , then its listed on the
agenda that way so people know ahead of time.

if michele allowed the people in the audience to speak whenever they wanted to,
government would grind to a halt.

keep beating these people up, and the quality of the board of selectmen
candidates will erode further....if it can.

and why no comment about mr santos voting on an issue he very clearly has a
conflict on?  where is the editorial about that?

buried clam
12:41 pm est 

Re: Surfside

hanks for explaining the situation at the Surfside.  Noise is one
thing, but I had no idea the house would shake, rattle and roll the way it
is.....from foundation to peak of roof.....
10:23 am est 

Re: Surfside

The construction going on at the Surfside Hotel and Suites is the pump
station for the Provincetown Sewer system.  They will be working in this area
for another couple of weeks and then go to the street, the street construction
will be going on probably until mid May, maybe longer.
8:59 am est 

Re: Surfside

They are working on the town sewer system. If you read the weekly update in the
banner that the town puts in there it explains the process and advises that
noise can be expected from the process. Another naysayer on here spewing without
facts. Also most of the  construction equipment in the  west end lot is staging
for the  sewer project.  I hope the sun comes out soon so that the bloggers on
here can take credit for it and blame the people that volunteer their time on
commmittees for the  clouds. 
8:58 am est 

What the Banner Didn't Report

The Banner article on the meeting between the BOS and the Harbor Committee
did not mention any of the events regarding the positions of the two chairs i.e.
Michele Couture and Jerry Irmer. as reported in the MYPACC Editorial.

Anyone can report the basics. but the subtle events which make up the news was totally
missed by the Banner reporter. I guess this is representative of the quality of reporting
we can expect in the future, given the cut-backs.
8:53 am est 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An A1 Brawl on the Radio

Happy Valentines day!
7:43 pm est 

To: Webmaster

Not to be a stick in the mud again, blogmaster, but isn't it Jeffrey
Irmer not Jerry Irmer?  Sorry if I'm wrong but I remember a Jeffrey Irmer in
High School. Thanks for the great job with the blog!!!

Webmaster Comment: The Town website refers to the Harbor Committee's Chair as "Gerard" and Banner News paper articles use "Jerry", the Harbor Committee Minutes refer to "Jerry" and the Chair signs his Committee minutes as "Jerry". However, no where does the name "Jeffery" occur.


7:30 pm est 

Re: West End Parking Lot

The problem, my dear, is that not everyone is afforded the same luxury
of using public town property for personal gain for free.    Again.  No ulterior
motive as you suggest, just reality which apparently you have a problem with,
even in February.  Aargh. 
6:58 pm est 

Re: Death of a Thousand Cuts
They are doing it to themselves. Theres a really good story out there waiting to
be printed and they just turn away with no interest, actually two stories I know
of that have been passed to at least two different reporters. I know because I
was there when my friend explained them to the reporters. Too scared to report?
To controvertial? Don't want to ruffle feathers? The Banner did it to
themselves. With no competition down here, how else could the paper have failed?
look at the paper. It just reports boring topics that can be gleaned from other
sources via the internet. Oh, that and the arts. If these reporters want to keep
their jobs or go to new ones elsewhere, they need to report news that can't be
gotten anywhere else.
6:05 pm est 

Re: West End Parking Lot

Get a life. What are you talking about? What is the problem in letting someone
use a parking lot in February. And not all builders and contractors are
developers. Your anger from god knows where is directed in the wrong places. So
much mis-information. Ugh!
6:04 pm est 

Surfside Inn Parking Lot Construction

I live in the East End and for the past 3 days, my house has been
shaking, items on walls banging, kitchen cabinet contents clanging, and the
incessant pounding of a pile driver filling my head.  It comes from private
property - the parking lot of the Surfside Inn - and when I asked one of the
workers what was going on, he said that they would be there for 3 weeks, 5 days
a week, doing whatever they're doing.  Does anyone know what they are doing? 
There is no answer at the Inn as they are closed for the season.
6:02 pm est 

Re: West End Parking Lot

No one probably gave the okay. People do things like using public
property for personal reasons because they know they can get away with it, over
and over.  No big mystery.  A fine, if one is even assessed at all, is a small
price to pay for the money saved by committing the offense. Law of the land in
Ptown.  It's about who you are and who you know and how much you can get away
with because of it.  No lalaland, just more of the same inequality exhibited
over and over.     
6:00 pm est 

Re: Death of a Thousand Cuts

Being Let Go and Deciding to Leave a Position are Different

I'm glad the webmaster clarified what Joan Lenane did. She has worked for many
years at the Banner and anticipating the drastic changes seems to be what she
did. Good for her.
12:24 pm est 

Re: Several Thoughts

Apologies to the Webmaster for the incorrect word correction. 
Contradicting previous phases of denial, reading glasses are now a requirement
when entering the blog. 
9:23 am est 

West End Parking Lot

A public piece of property being used for
something nothing pertaining to the public. A.K.A. using a public piece of
property for a personal gain???? 1 + 1 does NOT equal 2 here. As a Ptown
taxpayer I would like to know who gave the ok to use tax dollars to benefit a
private business???
1:01 am est 

Re: Death by a Thousand Cuts

Joan Lenane "resigned" because she knew she was going to be let go, just like
almost everyone else at the Banner. The handwriting was on the wall. Come on
Clarence, get informed before you blog.

Get Your Head Out of Your Abutter.
11:29 pm est 

Police Budget

Just watched the FinCom meeting re: the police budget. Glad to hear they have
reduced meals for prisoners.

The bigger concern is the staff itself. Sitting behind the Chief was a rather
portly uniformed officer. Why does the Chief allow such a safety hazard to be on
the force?

Before we consider building a new police station, we need to focus on the shape
of the force itself.

Food for thought....
11:26 pm est 

The Union of Town Leadership and Developers

Some developers propose one thing and then turn around and do the
opposite.  There is easy proof of this.  What is going on here and why and who
is ultimately in charge of letting it happen?  Another Cape town (Osterville)
dealt with the issue of the incorrect demolishing of a historic building.  The
contractor was ordered, by the town, to rebuild the original structure along
with a plaque stating it's history.  Why does Ptown allow this crap to happen
when other Cape towns simply don't stand for it.  Why do these few developers
nurse and nurse on this town over and over, making Ptown so sore she hurts?  And
nobody in power could care less.  It's all facetime.  It is so sickening to see
this while people who work their whole lives and love this town are put through
the wringer and the wrath of Jesus if they want to paint a fence or put up a
shed.  Are the people of this town so weak to unite and DEMAND change?  I am not
so sure now.  I do know the fools on the hill!
  will be the cause of ruin for this town while their pockets grow fatter along
with the developers.  All this "new" building and what do we have?  A bigger
deficit and real problems looming on the horizon.  Hope no one flushes a cell
phone by mistake this summer.  Wow.       
11:22 pm est 

Several Thoughts

A few things, well many more than that but won't bother to bore the
#1  Blogmaster, Inpracticable is not a word unless you just made it up. 
#2  Perhaps Ms. Lenane, in her new endeavor as a broker for PS Realty can join
the current broker criticized here to try and unload the "energy efficient"
cheap east end mods trucked in
#3  How's that West End Parking lot staging going.  Do we need to call OSHA yet?
#4  Why not use the Point?  Is it more precious than any other dune raped to
date in the name of a buck? 

Hypocrites You had better pave the streets with pennies if you have to.  One good fall and
a tourist could lay serious claim to the coiffer.

Webmaster Comment: Thank you for your comment.  However, close inspection
will show that the actual word in question is "impracticable" not "inpracticable" as 
noted in your posting.

Thanks for your close concern. 

11:04 pm est 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Death by Thousand Cuts
"Who is left at the Banner that knows the Town? No one I fear."

Maybe it's time to start up a new newspaper? Why would the reporters and
personell have any loyalty to Gatehouse or Community Newspapers? Start a new
paper locally and locally owned. I advertise with the Banner now but I would
switch if the new paper was legit. I know a guy in town that used to work at the
Advocate. He knows where the bodies are buried so to speak. Any guesses? You may
not like him enough to go to dinner with him but he does know how to get the
news out.

10:45 pm est 

My Valentine

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Cruisers are black
Now someone is blue

Did anyone else hear the transmission
on the scanner yesterday?

So much for professionalism...
8:56 pm est 

Webmaster Comment

Re: "Death of a Thousand Cuts"

In actuality, Joan Lenane, Business Manager of the Banner resigned, deciding it was time for her to make a change. She
is moving into real estate at Pat Shultz. 
The Banner production department, however, has been "down-sized," with ad-making, design and layout being moved to a centralized location in Marshfield. It's also happening at The Cape Codder. Theirs was announced in January.
2:45 pm est 

Impracticable & Implausible

I see no difference in the level of stupidity needed to propose ideas
such as the "green" line, an ice skating rink in town center or a boardwalk to
the Point and 2 of these ideas were proposed by town officials.  How insulting
to five year olds.  
1:22 pm est 

Provincetown Fire Department

9:26 am est 

Here's an Ice Rink Counterproposal

Fix town buildings. Pave streets.
Pay for town report. Pay down debt.Cut taxes, especially the room tax in inns
and restaurants that directly effect tourists.Property taxes too.  Maybe we
should buy D. Beddard a trophy for his "idea"? He'll probably want to dip into
the tourism fund (which is needed to bring people here)and think that is a good
idea too, making the town emptier during the season.  D.B's idea is what is
called a BAD ONE.
9:25 am est 

Re: Long Point as an Attraction

The national seashore would never allow anything like helltown be
built on long point. Where do these ideas come from? A five year old???
9:21 am est 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Martin House

Re: Zoning My understanding is that one of them is a direct abutter of
the Martin House

Completely false. And with modicum of inquiry you could figure it out for
yourself all on the Town website. No you'd rather spread lies and hurt people.

Anne Howard has more years of service on regulatory boards than anyone I can
ever remember. The hours of late night meetings! Get your facts straight. She
steps down when a conflict of interest occurs.

Get you head out of your abutter.     
8:22 pm est 

Death byThousand Cuts

I heard it from a good source, the Provincetown Banner is seriously reducing its staff.
They are advertising for Pru's replacement and have terminated several members of
their operations including the Business Manager, Joan Lenane.

It does appear that most of the functions will be performed by people in the Gatehouse
Publication operations located outside of Provincetown.
It is fairly predictable that Provincetown will now become a mere satellite appendage
to the general news coverage of the outer cape. I now miss the Advocate more than ever.

Who is left at the Banner that knows the Town? No one I fear.

What a shame!
8:20 pm est 

Long Point as an Attraction

NO!  Good gracious, it's one of the few places that we who live and work here
can venture to in the high summer and escape the crowd. The shuttle is
available--already WAY over priced to be sure--but it's there. But I don't think
we need any more tourists out there at our last bastion of privacy in the height
of chaos. Let us have ONE small place to get to without being overwhelmed by the
curious, littering throngs.
8:04 pm est 

Ice Rink vs. Other Spending

This idea of an ice rink is typical of the US as a whole. Millions of dollars
already in debt and yet spending continues on new projects that will cost even
more. Long term debt on piers, town hall, libraries, sewer systems  and of
course, unfunded liability coupled with new costs of paving streets and
municipal building overhauls and now people want to build an ice rink? People,
much like your own credit cards, spending has to stop and debts need to brought
under control. Blame whatever and whoever you want but the spending needs to
stop and paying down debt is desperately needed. Stop spending, make cuts or
soon, and don't doubt it, this town could go into receivership. This came from
wiki, "In September 1991, Massachusetts enacted special legislation to place
Chelsea into receivership. This was the first time since the Great Depression
that a United States municipality had such an action taken against it. Events
preceding the action included failed financial intervention !
by the state, a political stalemate over the city's budget, deepening economic
decline and a spiraling fiscal crisis.". Sound familiar?
8:02 pm est 

Happy Valentines Day to All!

What a lack of a sense of humor bloggs
the blog.  Keep it on the downlow.  News flash - direct abutters and people
extremely connected to the developer, voted on and were present at meetings
without excusing themselves, completely contradicting prior votes, etc.
concerning the best little = big modular project on the remains of a quaint
little east end dead end this town has seen. What's next, bunging jumping or a
zip line from the Monument to the Old Colony?  When do I jump? 
8:00 pm est 

Ice Rink Counter Proposal

For the past couple of weeks theres been a LOT of complaining about whats wrong
with the idea of an ice rink. Instead of spending so much time and energy saying
whats wrong with it come up with some other ideas. So far Ive counted a grand
total of 2 suggestions.

Cmon with so many people having  so many opinions about how wrong everything is
being handled in this town give some input on how to correct it! And I dont mean
by firing this person or that, some actual ideas. BE CREATIVE!
7:57 pm est 

Sharon Lynn's Bequeathment is a Disaster!

"This town manager will destroy us while she walks away with huge
retirement benefits. "

Actually, not true.  Eventually the town will have to file for Chapter 9.  That
is the only way that we'll be able to get out from under this unfunded
obligation.  The purpose of Chapter 9 will be to force cuts in benefits for
retirees, current employees and future employees.  Unless we get our fiscal
house in order, that's where we're heading. 

Sharon Lynn has a strong incentive to fix this now if she plans on retiring with
any benefits at all. 
This is not fantasy on my part.  This is happening all over the country as
municipalities try to get out of promises they made to their employees that they
can't keep.  I agree with previous bloggers who have said it is disgraceful that
we've made these promises and can't keep them, but it is what is going to
5:46 pm est 

Re: Zoning Board

Do they really understand their mission??  It appears that they tend to give
their personal opinions frequently, which I could care less about.  I don't want
to hear what they think about a project, but rather I would like them to stay on
point.   They frequently get off point, and don't seem to understand their role.  
I also agree that anyone should recuse themselves if there is even an appearance
of a conflict of interest.   Shouldn't they also recuse themselves if they are a
direct abutter, given that they stand to directly benefit from their decision? 
My understanding is that one of them is a direct abutter of the Martin House and
led the discussion against granting a variance to the original purchaser for
outdoor seating.
5:39 pm est 

Re: "Unfunded Liability"

If you take the time to look at minutes of finance committee you will see this
issue and health care liabilities have been, and will continue to be, discussed
and work is underway to pin down more exact projections. If you consult Banner
articles on Town finances you will see the Finance Committee chair has been
regularly mentioning these issues. If you consult this blog's archives you will
see this issue has been raised repeatedly on here to ZERO reaction until the
issue began appearing in the paper. If you look back several years you will see
detailed written prediction that health care and other rising municipal costs
(mostly energy) would eventually squeeze out all other spending but there was
ZERO discussion at that time. The entire country has had its head in the sand on
this issue and we've all allowed our politicians and unions to agree on benefits
that are not economically possible to honor but where the liabilities were so
far out that the politicians making the ag!
reements wouldn't be held responsible. If you want to blame then look at every
board of selectmen for the past 20 years. Unfortunately now that this is finally
getting attention the current folks in office, and voters, are going to have to
make the very painful decisions needed and may have to face down blanket
opposition from the unions.

If the unions were smart they'd be offering some suggestions/compromises rather
than stonewalling change.

5:37 pm est 

'Once It's Built, it Would Pay For Itself and Then Some.'

Yes, just like Bergman et al. told us about the rehabilitation of MacMillan Pier
that we have +$3,000,000 of debt on. It paid for itself in no time at all.

Another big government project with a Town that has a terrible track? I vote
'no, no, no!'
4:58 pm est 

Long Point as an Attraction

Please----I took a few minutes to think about this, and really what we should do
is chage the name of Provincetown to La La Land.  This will get us more tourists
and it won't cost anything.
4:54 pm est 

Long Point as an Attraction

I think we need to think outside the box also.  How about promoting a
great natural resource, Long Point, more. The town could build a boardwalk wide
enough for pedestrians and bicycles to run two ways alongside and parallel to
the West End breakwater.  It would start where the breakwater starts at the
PTown Inn and go across to the Point.  Could charge a couple bucks to use it. 
Wow think of the cash it could bring in in summer.  It could have one or two
jettisons off of it for pier fishing and sightseeing and little kiosks for cold
drinks, hot drinks, food, art sheds, etc.  Great place to watch sunrise or
sunset and would make the Point so much more accessible to residents and
tourists.  Could have guided lighthouse and longpoint tours (create a replica of
the old Helltown), etc.  Hey, it might just draw in a few more tourists and give
people who are used to coming to Ptown year after year something new to
experience.  I think it could be great and would probably cost less than an ice rink
to construct and maintain year after year. 

Once it's built, it would pay for itself and then some.  Think about it at least and
it's possibilites before you dismiss.  They have them all over Florida and they
are great.  The Point is an underused asset that wouldn't mind exploitation as
long as you keep it to foot traffic.  You'd have to build a bike parking area
over there though so bikes are left at the boardwalk head.  Foot traffic only. 
Take out what you bring in or be fined for trash and have a couple ranger like
looking people monitor.  Needs some planning, but again, I think it could be a
great new attraction.     
1:32 pm est 

I'm For Unions But Not the Town Employees Union

This is the worse. I'm for rights and for responsibilities. This union is lazy,
self-centered and greedy. I say: get rid of the union and we'd all be better.
This is one union I'd like to see dissolved.

In tough times, they refuse to give anything back. They are greedy and focused
on their own gains. Replace them with non-union workers. Do it now!
1:28 pm est 

Yikes! the Ice Ring Replaces the Green Line

How about real ideas and real solutions to our problems? How about getting town
employees working again like every other towns---five days a week! Let's get our
services back. Let's get employees really working. Who is actually doing real
work at 5:30? And stop closing town hall for paid lunches.Take your lunch on
your own time--not ours.

Why are we paying you to eat?

1:26 pm est 

Breaking State Law and Possible Conflict of Interest

Annie Howard Should NOt Vote On Any Project Involved with Deb Paine as
Construction Manager. That is a pure conflict of interest.
Annie Howard should recuse hersefl from ALL projects that involve her boss.
Also, I find it strange that Annie Howard is chair of Zoning Board when she sat
on the Ad Hoc Committee to rewrite the Zoning By-Laws. Same for David Nicolau.
You can't write the rules and then rule on the rules that you wrote up.

This is just wrong--again and again in Provincetown. Sorry, but rules count and
they should be followed.
1:24 pm est 

Historic District Meeting - 4pm in the Afternoon ?????

How can anyone with a 9-5 job attend such a meeting ? Why are these meetings
held when normal working people can't attend ?
10:40 am est 

Commercial and Bradford Streets

I don't want to over sensationalize this but after this winter we must
find the funds to repave,not patch, both Commercial St. and Bradford. They are
truly beyond what anyone could ever consider safe. And the idea of a carosel on
the pier or in the parking lot is a better year round addition to the town than
an ice rink.( Who owns skates in this town anyway?)
10:38 am est 

Adieu, Adieu, Parting is Such Sweer Sorrow

The last home game for the PHS boys basketball teamis tomorrow,
Tuesday, February 15, at 4:00 p.m. in the high school gym. See you there so we
can show our support and thanks for a final season, a team of 6 students,
coached by 2 (a teacher and a former student) who helped them show each visiting
team that PHS displays good sportsmanship and never gives up.  See you there!!
9:49 am est 

Ice Rink

Sure  Let's build an ice rink with $300,000 of taxpayers money so you
can tell people in your guest house they can ice skate.  I am sure they brought
their ice skates with them.  Everyone has and brings ice skates to P Town. Who
cares what wicked local says.  People can vote over and over on that site. Also
they are not paying for it. And what about the thousands of dollars to maintain
it? It's a stupid idea. I agree with the poster who said that D.Beddard just
wants to make himself look god.  Who will he put the blame on when it doesn't
9:45 am est 

59-61 Commercial Street.

Annie Howard -an employee of Deb Paine -and
voting on issues that directly impact Paine's bottom line. Only in Provincetown.
LOL. $$$ for use of town landing while Paine constructs. I think your question
has already been answered. Somehow the "connected" always seem to get their
way-Especially- In Provincetown!!!!!
9:44 am est 

Re: Ice Rink

Wow, someone on this blog sure has an awful lot of mean things to say
about Dave Beddard. Sounds like somebody with a personal gripe against him.

His idea for the ice rink is a good one. Maybe it won't work out, maybe the town
can't afford the cost, but kudos to him for trying to come up with an idea to
bring people to town in the off season. Many people I've spoken to would love to
have an ice rink in town and it certainly would be something for winter tourists
to do when they visit (sorry, but they sure ain't coming to town to visit the
dog park.)
9:42 am est 

Deb Paine Does Seem to Be Demolishing Many Buildings in Town

She just happens to "try" to save the buildings that just happen to need to be
demolished. Same scenario as building after building is torn down. What was once
is now no more. But her intentions are good! Maybe that is the question and not
the answer.
9:34 am est 

Maybe It's Time You Thank the Blog Instead of Attacking It

Since it seems to always be posting your complaints. Do you wnat to know what is
happening in town? Do you want to hear what neighbors feel are problems in their
areas? Then go on line and read the blog. If you don't, then read The Cape Cod
Times. But even then--you'll still not know what is really happening here.
9:33 am est 

Skating Rink

To the owner of the guest house who wants a skating rink, I say, so you want us 
taxpayers to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars so you may rent a room every
now and then in the winter---
9:30 am est 

Unfunded Liability

Provincetown's $63,000,000 liability for retired town employees is deeply
troubling and wildly out of proportion if compared to any other comparable towns
or even much larger ones. Our town manager and BOS are ostensibly oblivious to
this and have made things worse by increasing the number of employees, their
salaries and benefits.

Failing to address these issues is irresponsible and jeopardizes the very future of
this town and its citizens. Neglecting to address this issue or yet compounding it by
expansionary policies most certainly disqualifies the present Town leadership.
New more responsible leadership needs to be put in place now before
it is too late. Avoiding the very real possibility of bankrupcy should be our
main concern from today onward. All new spending, including all existing salary
agreements, raises, benefits and hiring decisions have to be part of a town wide
fiscal reform if we are to survive as an autonomous entity. The very real and
dismal prospect of receivorship awaits us all if our leaders fail us .  All
spending and new hiring has to stop immediately, and town employees must be
reduced to the level of other small towns. 

This town manager will destroy us while she walks away with huge retirement benefits.
9:29 am est 

Re: Lots of Year-Round Rentals

If this is true, please name the Real Estate Offices that have year round
rentals available. I have a waiting list of about 20 individuals and families
seeking year round rentals. I would be happy to refer them out with no fee. 

9:25 am est 

59-61 Represents Only the Coming Tip of the Iceberg

Come on people. Let's keep current issues in the forefront and put
personal issues and insults aside.  An ice rink, possibly if costs could be
seriously minimized, and definitely not for this year.  What do other seaside
towns do in winter to attract visitors?  FREE PARKING, sleigh rides, tubing on
the dunes, cross country skiing, pond skating, bomfires and gourmet hot drinks,
ice fishing, etc.  Days are already getting longer, this winter, as far as
tourists go, is a done deal.  West end abomination construction is just the
continuance of the ongoing abuse seen in the East end.  Don't agree with it,
don't like the staging, tough luck.  Get some abutters together and demand a
meeting of town manager and legal counsel.  Then let the Banner publish a
completely unobjective article full of falsehoods so those offCape think the
abutters are nuts.  Or shout at the wind from what used to be a dune.  There's
one of these in the East End down the end of a ruined little street.  And people actually defend this cheaply built crap. East end first, West
end next.  The result will be the same.  All done legally.  All done by the
book.  Just who, I wonder, is cashing in on these "legal" projects.  Hmmn.  
9:22 am est 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Re: Eliminating Parking Meters

"Provincetown is the only town that I know of from here
to say Hyannis that charges for parking..."

I agree, let's take away the $1,300,000 that parking revenue brings in and add
it to the tax rate instead.  Brilliant idea.\
7:52 pm est 

Ice Rink

As far as marketing for the tourists, I think this is a brilliant idea.  We just
had a beautiful sunny weekend and there were some people in town (fewer than
most would have liked) and these people had nothing to do.  What did we offer
them in the form of entertainment?  How did we market the downtown area?

I own a guest house and off-season guests always ask what there is to do.  I
struggle to try and keep them interested enough to keep them coming into town in
the off season.  When the guests leave, sometimes I wonder if they had a good
enough time in town to return this time of year.  Sometimes I wonder why they've
come at all.  There is nothing to offer.

And FYI.  A recent Wicked Local poll says that 70% of the respondents were in
favor of an ice rink on the waterfront.

Some of you harp on how dead this town is, how it is only a three season town. 
Yet when someone comes up with an idea to support the tourism they get bashed. 
It's better than you're idea which is to close route 6 from Jan to March.
7:49 pm est 

Ship of Fools

Did anyone see the article in the Sunday Cape Cod Times about the
unfunded liability that Cape towns have for pensions and health care retirees?
Provincetown's is a staggering $63,000,000. There is a quote from Michelle
Couture saying, "Yes, it's a large number." We're talking about building ice
rinks, shutting down Commercial Street, spending $250,000 on a study to confirm
that the Community Center is not suitable for continued use and should be
shifted to Veterans Memorial. Why isn't this staggering problem which is the
town's biggest budget buster being discussed as the town's first and foremost
financial problem by the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee in this budget
session? The Selectmen are saying we only have a small budget gap to close.
7:01 pm est 

Sharon, Just Demand a Five Day Work Week

You know the four day work week has not worked at all. We don't need a shifting
team of employees, some on for Fridays, then others on for the next week. Insist
on the old approach that, please remember, you demolished. Then take it back.
And if there needs to be a four day work week, make WEdnesday is the day town
hall closes. We would get much more work done, wouldn't we? And stop having some
people on "special" time so they are supposedly there on Saturdays when no one
else is there.

It's a mess. Fix it.
6:59 pm est 

Lots of Year-Round Rentals

There are lots of year round one bedroom rentals--if you go to a Realtor. A
friend of mine has lots to chose from this winter.
6:57 pm est 

59-61 Commercial Street

I saw the adbvertisment for the Historic meeting where Deb Paine was
asking permission to tear down 59 commercial st. It was right where they always
are. In the classified section of the Banner. Perhaps you dont read them?
6:54 pm est 

Ice Skating Rink

Don't put David's idea on the same level as donations that were
gathered for a dog park or to light the monument. These things are paid for by
private donations because the BOS that David B sits on WOULDN'T pay and WON'T
pay for them. Bedard wants to take the $300,000 out of town monies somewhere. 
The skate park idea is to make homself look good.  Don't think that Bedard is
concerned about anything else. I have seen people and ideas that he supported
thrown away and rebuked by him when he didn't look good anymore as if he had
nothing to do with them.  He's a      . Let's see him raise the money through
private donations and hard work instead of putting his hand into taxpayers'
money or cutting some department short. Don't hold your breath.  Keep thanking
him for his good idea. You have to be a friend of his. Obviously I am not and
will never be because I see him for the              he is.
6:52 pm est 

59-61 Commerciakl Street

Like clock work on a cold Sunday in February the Deb Paine construction crew
arrives at 7:30 am on A Sunday morning! Wood is being cut, how soon will the
walls go up I say NOON or 2 PM. ZBA chair Annie Howard is an employee of Deb
Paine construction company, can her board objectively take a look at this
Special Permit for a non conforming building that is NOW GONE!!

Or maybe David Nicolau from Sotheby's at Atlantic Bay who may or may not have
been the listing broker or buyers broker for the "gals" that own the property, inquiring
minds want to know. Atlantic Bay is agent of choice to the abutters!

How much is the Building department or our Selectmen charging for the Contrstruction
staging area on a TOWN LANDING, I will guess "$0". What if there is an accident or
workman's comp claim to and fro from site, is the TOWN liable?? I am sure there
is a written contract with DEB PAINE.

Wake up BOS and town government one department is not speaking to the other.
Where are all the "preservationists" NOW???

Marcene give your Chairperson Mr. Dowd a call so he can come down and look Oh,
forget that he lives in NYC!!
6:49 pm est 

Re: Think About it!

So, in other words, the guy or gal who discovered water was beneficial
to your health and sold the idea should be blamed for soda, rather than those
who took the water and turned it into soda.  You probably think modular firetrap
housing is nicer than conventional too.  Typical.  Blame the seller not those
who bought and proceeded to "develop", not because they love the town, but in
the name of a making a quick buck.  and now it is happening again, only this
time in the West End.
6:43 pm est 

Hey Webmaster!
Whatsamatta? Apparently you didn't like my post about a new name for this blog
because it never made it onto the screen. What happened to freedom of speech? It
didn't violate any of your rules either. Now I'm totally convinced that this
blog shouldn't be called MYPACC.... it should be called       ! Now... let's see
if you print this one.
6:39 pm est 

Pier Group Gets Front Page

Why is the Town always cleaning up after the messes on the pier? If
they tried, they couldn't get more bad publicity for the Town. Are people really
going to want to visit from mid and lower cape and take a whale watch excursion
after reading all the problems on the pier? It is so toxic and unsafe on the
pier. Time fornew management and a vetted staff.
6:36 pm est 

You Are so Right--

We Don't Make it inviting for Tourists and We Just Dont' get It!

Everything is money, money, money. Fees, fees and then more fees. Instead, we
could make this town much more inviting. But no, let others go to Orleans,
Chatham and park anywhere on main street. All for free. But here: sorry pay
plenty for the right to be able to visit.

Odd thinking. But any new town building will be re-habbed and monies will be
spent foolishly. How I wish we had a brain in town hall. One key person
presenting and proposing. But, sadly, we don't have this at all. Thinking not
required. Ideas not part of the job requirement.
1:18 am est 

Re: Come on Bloggers

He who is without sin shall cast the first stone!!!
1:16 am est 

To: "Think About it"

The concept of running two registers with one having a tape dates back to the
Romans (well, maybe not that early but close).  Who collects the money and, in
turn, deposits it with the town and who, in turn, does the books and accounting
determines where the money goes.  This is a prime area for "accounting errors"
that could NEVER be traced.  Therein your answer lies.  Let's not forget the old
practice of one share for the boat, two for the captain and three for the
deckhands when the captain is in the commode. 
1:15 am est 

Re: Think About It

Perhaps the town is paying the developers to make this such a delightful
1:12 am est 

59 Commercial Street

To all who are so concerned about losing our "character" walk on the West End
beach and see a Deb Paine construction site whereupon there is NO BUILDING
left?? the cranes are gone, the West end Parking lot is being used as staging
area for her construction site. Is she paying the TOWN RENT  for utilizing a
public landing that we all as taxpayers subsidize?? There were ZBA and Historic
meetings months ago but on or about Friday February 11th, 2011 the building is
demolished. When will the 4 walls go up, on Sunday? Where is John Dowd and his
board? Why weren't public hearings advertised for this "demolition"? Where are
the Selectmen and their concern? Do they know that the building is GONE. How can
a ZBA special permit be amended when there is NOT a non-conforming structure
left?? Please explain this occurance? I understand one can revisit permits and
approvals but when you DEMOLISH an historic building in an historic district
there should be addtional PUBLIC HEARINGS that are advertised for all to see and
possibly voice concern or input to applicable Boards.
1:11 am est 

Re: Come On Blogger

"He that is without sin, may cast the first stone" - John chapter 8 -
verse 7
1:07 am est 

I Too Find It Offensive
When a Different POsition Cuases the response: "Then Move!"

Perhaps this is a left over from the old Vietnam War Ear: America: Love it or
Leave it. It's really an attempt to squash any different position and denounce
true debate. It also falsely alligns critique with dislike. More often than not,
critique stems from caring and wishes for a better approach.
1:04 am est 

Come on Blogger!

"Please don't be intoxicated when blogging, it is very
hard sometimes to understand what your writing! Also use spell check before

Whoever sent this should check his OWN spelling before sending. It should read " understand what YOU'RE writing"! Let he who has not sinned....people in
glass houses and all that.
1:00 am est 

Mad Hatters Ball

Yes, Needing money for the public town report but Give Develoeprs

Something's very wrong here.
12:58 am est 

Pier Group Gets Front Page

Hmmmm...Read the Cape Cod Times this morning.Pier Group gets front
page covering.What's wrong with this picture?Inquiring minds would like to
12:56 am est 

Time to Have Five Day Work Week

Good that Sharon is trying to make this happen. If they don't agree, let them
strike. Freeze their salaries and force the five day work week. If they do go on
strike, who will notice? It may take us two months to know they are on strike.

Go right ahead. It's five days or nothing. that's what I would say. I usually
support unions but this is just nuts. Sharon Lynn made the wrong decision and
now they are holding her to this. I'd say: either you're with us or you're
against us. And if you're against us, then leave. No tears. We'll be rather fine
without you.
12:53 am est 

Get a Grip People
Why do people keep bashing the ice rink "idea". We have had many such proposals
and they have ended up being quite successful with no cost to the town. The Dog
Park, the Skate Park, the 4th of July Fireworks and lighting the monument have
all enhanced this town and have been paid for by donations. This "idea" is just
an idea. Why keep trashing someones "idea". Thanks David for your "idea".

Also, thank you Chief Jaran for your "idea" of trying to improve the safety of
our summer streets. Your latest "idea" of improving Route 6 signage is great, as
is the "idea" of changing Duarte parking lot entrance. Day trippers have no clue
of where to go or where to park when they come here for the first time. A great
"idea" for beginning to address the problem and keeping unecessary cars off the
main streets.

You are a hard crowd to please. Didn't know this town had so many tea party
people. Kill an "idea" with anger and ridicule and offer nothing better.
12:51 am est 

Good-Dump the Commercial Street Close Off

Good to see this rather bad and really stupid idea dumped.


Was this another brainy Michele Couture idea? If not,whose inane idea was this?
Does anyone know?
12:46 am est 

Fix Commercial Street Traffic With Police on the Street

Time TO PUT THESE GUYS ON the street. Time to train police in traffic
management. Time to stop watching the mess and do something about it. That's all
we need. Put three police at key intersections and you'll find the traffic
flowing quite well. Put back the dancing cop--the best they have for traffic
control --and we'll be fine.

You don't need a 16 person task force to come up with a few simple solutions.
Sorry Sharon but you could have figured this one out yourself. Well, I think you
could have. It's not rocket science, as they say. It's more like knowing how to
boil water or even how to watch water boil.
12:44 am est 

What a Bunch of Losers

So let me get this straight--All u ignorant loggers are complaining
that aan asst harbormastor should have been screened 2 or three years ago fo an
arrest that happened last week?  Don't u people have a job or something to
doother than pointing fingers at others...This blog seems to be a BIG part of
your lives.....What a bunch of LOSERS!!!!
12:41 am est 

Re: Who Cares?

"Forget Mrs. Rogers who taught you English with a tight bun, forget
parties at New Beach, Piggy's, the Beachcomber, the Point and Dead Man's Curve.
Who really cares about all that old townies stuff now anyway."

who cares? those townies who abandoned and sold the family home to the highest
bidder with no regard for anyone or anything other than their pocketbook. the
ones who care about any of that now live in Harwich or maybe Truro... those of
us who just moved here? No, we really don't care so much about any of the things
you mentioned; why should we? we have our own memories and stories. not better
or worse, just different from yours. face it, granny sold her broken down house
to a washashore and happily took the $$$ and ran... so did auntie, and uncle, so
did your own parents and all your cousins, too.

My family came from a town in western mass that used to be all Polish people,
like me. We left for greener pastures when we could or wanted to. Property
values have gone up in other parts of the state as well, in case you didn't
know. The difference between my old hamlet and Provincetown? Those who sold out
to the new yuppies that wanted in accepted what they were doing and left without
feeling the need to denegrate the yuppies who bought Mom's old broken down
saltbox and fixed it up real nice... we were happy to get the money and let our
old town find new life with the newbies who wanted in... and none of us cared
that none of the new folks remembered when Miss Krakow held dances in her barn
back in the 1950s, or knew where my grandpa and his friends used to catch
trout... again, why should we? They are our memories, to be remembered by us,
not by the newer people in town. Some of you bitter old townies just make me
laugh! GET OVER IT!! Times change, life moves on. Be happy!
  you live somewhere that others want to buy into... great grandpa could have
wound up in Pittsfield; now there's a town whose residents would love the
opportunities that Provincetown's families have come to take for granted.
12:38 am est 

Re: Ice Rink ala David Bedard

$300,000 for an ice rink? Where is Bedard's head? We have buildings
falling down, Town reports that need funding, a good library that needs funding
and what about the liability for the town with the first drunk that falls on the
ice and says there was a stone in it? WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH HIM?
12:33 am est 

Re: Old Townies

"Who really cares about all that old townies stuff
now anyway."

No matter what town it is time marches on and the past is exactly that, the
past. Regretable, scary even but the nature of things. Sorry it causes you so
much angst. It must suck to be that angry and mad at the world.
12:30 am est 

"Money Grubbers"?

"My father and his and his would roll in their graves to think the
town they built is being torn down and abused by money grubbers."

Yeah, but once again, isn't it really the old townies who pave the way for these
so called "money grubbers"?

Look around... the beautiful old house in your neighborhood was not allowed to
fall into decay by a "wash-a-shore"... it is/was owned by a townie, his father,
and his father.

What's that? Now they want the town to allow them to tear it down so they can
get a higher purchase price for the land they degraded? Who's the money grubber
here???? Old homes are allowed to fall apart by their past generations of
owners, then, once they are sold and re-developed, some old townie will write
how this new developement was caused by whoever bought and fixed it up... no
blame ever falls onto the family that let it fall down in the first place.

(webmaster, please print this to allow free discussion on your site)
12:26 am est 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Think About it

Provincetown is the only town that I know of from here
to say Hyannis that charges for parking. You can go to a town like Chatham and
park anywhere you want whether it's on their main street or one of the large
parking lots that they have to offer and park for free. They make going to their
town inviting. Wellfleet, Orleans, Harwich, etc are the same way. So you're
forced to suck it up and pay $10-$20 to park for a day unless you get lucky and
find a spot on a side street that they haven't figured out how to meter yet.
This being said, where is all of this parking money going? Certainly not towards
patching our nice streets and sidewalks that the tourists are tripping on in the
7:25 pm est 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This is Precious....

We must privately raise money for the town report
to be published, we cut the library budget, but we can think about funding an
ice rink at $300,000 start up and at least $100,000 a year to operate. We are in
a recession for goodness sake!
7:28 pm est 

Re: Majority of Voters Are Not "Hoodwinked"

So smart.  No, the majority of voters are not "hoodwinked" but they
are, however, put in a position of having no recourse other than an "end of
day/public town meeting" meaningless vote.  Don't make me toss cookies.  You can
vote til the cows come home and what you vote for may pass but when the sun
sets, what those in power want to happen will happen.  Do not doubt this one
iota. Voting means nothing.  Serving on town boards is a colossal joke.  This
town has become the epitamy of a dynasty.  Those who defend and say finances are
in order are but innocent lambs.  Wow, quite believable that knucklehead people
who have NOT given of their lives for this town can be so used.  To allow my
hometown to be nothing but a stepping stool to the cash prize is UNFORGIVEABLE. 
My father and his and his would roll in their graves to think the town they
built is being torn down and abused by money grubbers. The blogger referencing
the B St. mess is correct.  Only worse than a colonic cleansing. A punch in the
face and a laugh to the bank is the soup de jour on this one.  All you self=righteous
defenders of the financial hole this town dug itself into under your competent leaders
had better have a plan for where your property will be in 20 years.  After all, according
to you, that's what it's all about.  Equity and money.  Forget Mrs. Rogers who taught
you English with a tight bun, forget parties at New Beach, Piggy's, the Beachcomber, the
Point and Dead Man's Curve. Who really cares about all that old townies stuff
now anyway.

Sign me, sorry for having a heart and caring about the town I love... and not
for the money it can give to me if I kiss the right person's bumcheek,
politically correctly    
6:46 pm est 

Assistant Harbormaster

6:42 pm est 

S & P Provincetown Rating

"Funny, Standard and Poors rating agency rates Provincetown as very fiscally

Boy you are more ignorant than a small investor! Guess you haven't seen the
movie Inside Job yet.
6:01 pm est 

Re: Out of Control

It's funny that the majority of voters in this town are so dumb and hoodwinked
that they fall for the big overspending conspiracy foisted on them year after
year at town meeting. I guess all these town residents/voters are so stupid they
just can't understand how they are being used? I guess the people who have
served over the past few years on the finance committee are even more gullible
and stupid, correct?

Why else would they annually, time and time again, vote to support needed
expenditures contrary to the bleeting and whining on here by one or two

Hmmm, how could so many people be fooled? Please explain.

PS: just a reminder that's a statistically 99.9% reliable sewer system you're
once again denigrating with ZERO evidence of substantial problems once the fixes
were put in place a couple of years ago.
5:41 pm est 

Re: "Mismanaged and mis-handled and Financially Strung Out."

Funny, Standard and Poors rating agency rates Provincetown as very fiscally
responsible. I trust their opinion and my own observations more than your
ranting without proof.
5:39 pm est 

Re: "Ignorant and Arrogant"

Apologies for offense caused. Wasn't meaning to say "Provincetown, love it or
leave it." I meant literally if you cannot afford taxes, upkeep, etc on a
property perhaps selling it and finding another location to live is the best, or
only realistic, course, whether in Provincetown or elsewhere.
5:37 pm est 

Come on Blogger!

Please don't be intoxicated when blogging, it is very
hard sometimes to understand what your writing! Also use spell check before
5:36 pm est 

Good Gravy?

I've had bad gravy and it seemed to be like a high colonic enema with the end
results closely resembling the Bangs Street condo's.
5:34 pm est 

Re: Banner Article About Library Today

Why was the position of childrens librarian eliminated from the budget? We DO
have children here, and they DO use the library. It's one of very few things
here for kids. Outrageous.
3:00 pm est 

To: "Chief Jaran Certainly Wouldn't... This Guy"

So what, guy's got a record, maybe.  Who doesn't Mr./Ms. Perfect?  Seems like
Mr. Silva fits right in, finest kind.  There is no honor among thieves but,
really, at this point, who can tell the difference between them and those
"hired" and henceforth entrusted to be our righteous and objective leaders and
law enforcers?  Welcome to the twilight zone aka the reality of Ptown politics. 
Worry when they put the button in the box in front of you and not until then. 
And then, push first and ask questions later ...or have a town official or board
member call legal counsel at a couple hundred a pop.  Don't fret, it just gets
buried in the mayhem.  That's the norm.  Get used to it or like the blogger
says, just move.  Who needs you anyway with your intelligent and objective
inquiries?  Move away and be gone with you,            .     
2:56 pm est 

Re: Rick Silva

...Rick Silva was the Asst harbormaster
2:46 pm est 

Regarding the Traffice on Commercial Street

It was not the Chief's idea, it was a request from the BOS to take a look at the
various problems with traffice/congestion on Commercial Street.  In attending
the meetings, many ideas were brought up and various scenarious dicussed...
One thing that came up was since we have such a limited infrastructure it isn't
as easy as saying close the street, make the bicyles go with the flow of traffic

For example if you make the bikes only go with the flow of traffic on Commercial
Street, you would push many onto Bradford, and all agreed that would be very
Closing Commercial Street and forcing traffic down Freeman Street would simply
move the congestion to the end of Freeman near Tedeskis..

So there will have to be multiple creative solutions to help with the traffic
congestion on Commercial street.. and a public awarness campaign should be a big
part of it.. If we all educate ourselves, tourists and seasonla workers we
should be able to help with the problems, without resorting to drastic
2:43 pm est 

Well Managed Financially? You Are Kidding Us Aren't You?

This town well managed financially? It's higher taxes and overrides. That is the
Couture solution to Sharon Lynn's problem: over-budget and over-spending. It's
the dollar bills treated as band-aids to fix this town's foolish decisions and
high-priced dreams. We over-spent on town hall and the library and now on to
over-spending on other town buildings.

Mismanaged and mis-handled and financially strung out. That is how Provincetown
has been run--if not for some, run into the ground.

And how much more for the poorly designed, malfunctioning sewer system. Phase
III. More money requested, more votes to be taken, for a sewer system that needs
fixing itself.
2:38 pm est 

Ignorant and Arrogant

"This none resident property owner disagrees. From reading the budget
and looking at amazing amount of grant money that we manage to pull in I think
the town is pretty well run financially...If you can't afford the low level of
taxes we have maybe you should examine a reverse mortgage or new living location."

The most common response so frequently posted here when a citizen speaks up
about something they are unhappy about is always "If you don't like it then you
should move."

I don't care how eloquently it's stated, it's an ignorant and arrogant way to
dismiss another person's issue.
2:36 pm est 

Re: "Move Away"!

Why is it the most popular answer to all valid points brought up on
this blog is "move away" if you don't like it.  Sorry for injecting common sense
to the far too high and mighty that can't bother giving intelligent response or
address to the serious issues actually affecting this town, in reality.  Yeah,
town hall looks great.  Wait til the custom paint peels and the bill to maintain
is in the thousands.  Taxes are so low you should take out a "reverse" mortgage
to cover the cost, if you can't afford it on your day job.   PS, it's called "reverse"
because you give your home to the bank instead of them taking it from you. 
What appropriate advice. 

Good gravy.  Move out even though this is your hometown.  Cool.  Town's finances
are a mess and if you think they look good according to "town report" or "town website"
you have much to learn about the inner bowels of this town.  Get new glasses for a start. 

We need a new regime, an objective regime and that will NEVERhappen.  Blood runs thicker
than water. .. and money runs thicker than blood.
And don't blame the blogmaster or his partner for the mess this town is in. 
They have the wherewithall to provide a forum for those sick of being used and
seeing their town abused over and over in the name of money, and money only.
Town Hall has shown their view of "caring" about the town.  The sidelink of this
blog shows just how much they care.  Firetraps indeed.  How come no one from
town hall bought one of these instead of a different one owned by the same
2:33 pm est 

NO, It's the Other Person Arrested Who is Assistant Harbormaster

More reason for background checks. Sorry but the days of drug smuggling are not
over. Drugs are alive and well in Provincetown and boats are not exempt from
being the vessels that carry them in and out. Security issues remain and we need
background checks for all employed by the Pier Corporation.
2:27 pm est 

What About a Carosel

Instead of, or in addition to, the ice rink why not suggest a
beautiful, elaborate, year round carosel on the pier or in the parking lot. That
might generate more income and attract people with families. Now this is an idea
that is truly out of the box and it works in Paris!
2:25 pm est 

Re: Ice Rink

Kudos to David Bedard for thinking out of the box? What have you been
smoking?  The ice rink is an expensive proposition, requiring maintenace, and
rink? The only place Bedard thinks is with his head            .
2:18 pm est 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why Was Chuck Silva Ever Hired as an Assistant Harbormaster?

Chief Jarran certainly would not have hired this guy.

Search warrant leads to two arrests in Truro
TRURO - Several recent calls for service at 490 Shore Road, North Truro led
officers, from both the Provincetown and Truro police departments, to classify
the situation as a citizen and officer safety issue. Truro officers went to 490
Shore Road to deliver a notice to Charles T. Silva, 34, (top photo) that his
firearms license was being temporarily suspended.

While the officers were there collecting Charles T. Silvas firearms, police say
an officer located a substance believed to be cocaine. Charles T. Silva was
arrested and charged with possession of a class B substance.

While at 490 Shore Road, a suspicious vehicle entered the driveway. Officers
located the vehicle and identified the operator as Patrick Silva, 51, of Eastham
(bottom photo). A computer check showed Patrick Silva was operating on a
suspended Massachusetts license and he was arrested.

During the time of the arrest, Patrick Silva had in his possession Oxycodone and
Soboxone. He was charged with 2 counts of possession of a class B substance and
operating with a suspended license. Both subjects will be arraigned in Orleans
District Court on Monday, February 07, 2011.
12:55 pm est 

Re: "Out of Control Spending"

This none resident property owner disagrees. From reading the budget and looking
at amazing amount of grant money that we manage to pull in I think the town is
pretty well run financially. Glad to see town buildings getting the review
they've needed for years and the town hall looks great. Taxes are about 1/3 to
1/2 of what they'd be in any other town in MA that didn't have so many non
resident owners. Overall I think the finance committee, town management, the
selectmen and town voters have done a great job over the past few years
particularly through the mini depression. Benefits and health care costs worry
me but that's the case everywhere. If you can't afford the low level of taxes we
have maybe you should examine a reverse mortgage or new living location.

12:49 pm est 

Directing Traffic

The most, perhaps the only competent cop directing cars and pedestrians in the
summer is the Dancing Cop. Is he part of the Task Force?
12:00 am est 

Re: First Apartment

So, you flog the younguns for trashing bummy, crummy, slummy firetraps? You
should be so lucky. More than a few landlords hereabouts would flunk into
foreclosure if not for their year-round tenants -- especially the reviled
Section 8-ers whose rent is government-backed (there's also a substantial tax
credit in some such cases).

Of course there are rotten tenants! But my experience and observations too often
point the other way. The mini-depression left many owners overextended and more
neglectful than usual. There ain't half enough dough in this town's budget to
properly fund safety inspections, yet another result of the the anti-tax
bleating of the privileged. Of course, none of this is helped by the town's
traditional opposition to teardowns, although I admit that I agree with that
concept for preservationist reasons.

Just deposit your rent checks and shut up -- and put in a new pipe now and then,

--Laughing Last
11:59 pm est 

11:58 pm est 

Re: Ice Skating Rink

"...I think the skating rink is a foolish and very expensive way to
fail ..."

It may or may not be a bad idea, but kudos to Selectman Bedard for at least
trying to think outside of the box.

11:56 pm est 

Re: Background Checks

Transport of Goods and Homeland Security Issues at the Pier?  What
goods are you talking about?  The drug smuggling years are over.  As for
Homeland Security, they could care less.  If they cared there would be TSA
Security checkpoints for all boats bound for Boston and luggage would be
inspected as well on the off chance that some drag queen is smuggling explosives
in within her Bra.  Fishing boats would be checked daily as well to make sure no
illegal aliens are sneaking in through the border.  Ptown just doesn't show up
on the terrorist map of the world.  As for Back Ground checks. With the
exception of checking references all other back ground checks: credit, criminal,
etc. are costly.
11:54 pm est 

Out of Control Spending

Provincetown is a nice place to live and has beautiful nature.  However, we are
not unique, we are a small town just like many others across this state and
country.  While most other places are looking for ways to cut back on spending
during these difficult economic times, here in Provincetown our officials keep
looking for ways to spend more and increase the financial burden of the town's
citizens, while always using the excuse that Provincetown is unique and has
special problems.  This is totally bogus, what they are doing is justifying
their high salaries and keeping their friends employed.  Our officials have the
mentality that they are running a big city when in reality this is a small town
that becomes even smaller for a great part of the year.  This town is not
special, we are not special and certainly our town officials are not special. 
We the taxpayers must put a stop to this delusion and make our officials work
for us and not for the benefit of lining their pockets.  Second home owner's
are especially abused by all of this nonsence, and should take the initative of
witholding their tax payments until the message gets through to our town
manager, police chief, and BOS.  The mentality of just spend, spend, spend,
must stop and this town should be run like the small town that it is.
11:50 pm est 

Re: The Harbormaster

Not only is there a cast of thousands on during
the day, both summer and winter, no one is there at night during this time of
the year. Lights are out and no one is replacing them. What a joke! And, the
harbormaster's expensive boat, which is not meant for year round use, is still
in the water after they sunk and wrecked it last year. The selectmen never
11:44 pm est 

Re: Community Center, etc.

To the narrow-minded OLD respondent: Have you ever considered that maybe people
on this blog are intelligent, raised in town and under 35 years old?
11:42 pm est 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Proposals For Change

I think the skating rink is a foolish and very expensive way to fail
at what one would like it to achieve. Moreover, banning cars on commercial is an
extremely drastic proposal. The only intersection that we direct traffic at is
Standish....why not post officers along the busiest parts of the street to also
direct instead of havig 2 or 3 stand together just talking to each other and
looking at people. The two way bikes are very bad for traffic. Change that
before implementing the ttraffic ban.
12:52 pm est 

Provincetown"s Children

To the sad sack who complains about few children left in Provincetown:
could you please move from Provincetown also? That way we don't have to hear
your whining anymore.

Blame, blame, blame....
7:47 am est 

Re: Dog Park

Building a dog park on one of the Town's effluent fields has resulted
in a mass exodus of families and their children? What are you drinking at your

I have seen dozens of children having a ball there with their dogs and parent(s)
over the years. The dog park is a place that welcomes children.

7:45 am est 

Re: Community Center

No, You are the one who should be proud!  Where the hell were you when all the
town buildings were left to decay and rot?  20 years of neglect of town owned
buildings, including your precious Community Center have led to the total
deterioration of what you consider the heart of the town.  Shame on you for not
forcing your town officials to spend the money needed to repair these "so
called" precious buildings and institutions.  And for what, so you could save
some money on your tax dollars.  Shame on YOU.

Maybe if you had spent even a small amount of money on the Community Center,
families would have found a sense of self here.  But no, you were too cheap and
now you blame the current town government for trying to repair your sad 'all
about me' attitude.
12:22 am est 

Re: Commercial Street Closing

Does It Take 16 People to KNow that Closing Commerical Street is Just

Then you'll find half who think this is great and yet, it makes no sense. Make
the police truly handle the traffic and have bicycles only go one way. We'll be

We've been here before. Sorry, Jeff, you weren't here then. But put your police
directing traffic--which they are not doing on Ryder or other key streets--and
we'll be ok. This three part system for closing Commerical Street, is nuts,
plain and simple.
12:20 am est 

Raises For All Really?

This makes no sense. We are facing dire times. The state is facing tough times.
So is the nation. Why should we give everyone raises? How ridiculous could this
be? Yet, year after year, that seems to be what those who work in the new $9
million renovated town hall hold. Giuve us more, they seem to say.

No, we should say. Freeze all pay raise and do it now for at least one or two

Sharon, please buy a book on leadership or take a course on Leadership 101. We
can't keep tolerating this madness. You want your money, and more and more each
year, but you should forfeit the raise and then do the same for all employees.
Be a leader by example. It's time for a change. Be the change we need.
12:18 am est 

Maybe You Should Just Rely on the Banner For News

Don't bother reading this blog. Wait until the Banner gives you what it gives.
Why bother reading this? Unless, of course, here is where you hear what is
12:15 am est 


What do you mean they don't have time to do checks?  There are 5 of them on
during the day.  It only requires filling out a piece of paper.  Come on... 
That's a very lame excuse..  So you're saying it's better to hire someone with a
criminal record than to take out 5 and fill out a piece of paper?  I don't buy
that .......
12:13 am est 

Re: God are You there?

What is so "ignorant" about attacking Clarence and you
blogger.........It seems to me that you are the only one who is dogging Marcene
and Clarence. You don't even know how to spell or use caps when necessary.
12:12 am est 

Re: You There God?

God bless the blog-masters. We all know who they are.
As appropriately said for Provincetown, if you don't like it set up your own
These people have concern, they stand up for their convictions, and have the
nerve to do it, do you?
12:10 am est 

Town Pier

Yeah right.  Put all your complaints down on paper and we'll take a
look.  Typical response to citizen complaints from the Queen and her court. 
Look at Bangs St. Multiple abutters complained on paper, got a pathetic monkey
show led by "town counsel" just to show they "care" and none of the violations
were addressed at all whatsoever.  Typical.  Sorry, fisherman, you are singing
to the wrong choir.  Perhaps the State Ethics Commission might be more inclined
to actually do something about the problem cause you ain't gonna get no solution
from town hall. Call Barney Frank, if he's not on vacation.  
12:08 am est 

Re: Background Checks

I Would Hope There Are Bacground Checks on All Those Working at

Let's hope all working on the pier have had background checks. It's necessary
given the transport of goods and homeland security issues. But did we perform
such checks on everyone? We hardly follow federal or state mandates. We too
often act as if laws are voluntary or for other towns. Let's hope that is not
what has happened at MacMillan Pier.
12:06 am est 

Underpaid They Are Not: Town Manager and the Chief Handle a Small Town

What do they really do from November to May? What major issues do they need to
be highly compensated for? This is not corporate America. It is a small town
with so few people for so many months. Their salaries should remain fixed. Sorry
but in these economic times, they should freeze their own salaries and be an
example for the rest of the town.
I say this believing Jeff Jaran is great. But he does not require nor should he
have $120,000 plus for a salary. I also believe that Sharon is overpaid given
that David Gardner is the one doing the strategizing and most of the actual
Time to freeze all salaries. If not now, when?
12:04 am est 

Provincetown High School Secretary

I am not going to justify $70,000 for a school secretary, but would
like to correct you as far as the "summer off" part of your post.  School
secretaries do not leave the building with students in the spring and return
with students in the fall. In order to justify your position more, perhaps some
research into exactly what the school secretary's responsibilites are and their
definite vacation time. Again, I agree that $70K is a lot for a secretary for
the size of the school and am not taking any objection to the feelings you may
have on the issue.
12:03 am est 

Re: Provincetown High School

The secretary receiving a salary in excess of $70,000, Ms              is
acutally the Business Manager which is all public record. Please review the
"raises" longevity bumps from Jessica Waugh, Ms Nelson and the School Committee
approved over the years and thus the size of the compensation, I believe Ms
White used to work in the cafeteria before her promotion as business manager
quite a few years back. I am sure the position was advertised in the "system"
and the most qualified with business skills etc was hired. The Other $70,000 +
is retiring and will be able to average here last 3 years pay in her retirement
package, god only knows how many unpaid sick days we will have to pay her??
Thank Jessica, Therese Nelson et al for the compensation packages and need I
remind the blogger that it was passed by TOWN MEETING as well. No one would dare
vote against the budgets!!

On another note regarding positions: Yes one of the Positions at the PIER was
eliminated but Ms Avellar was able to procure Health insurance coverage after
the dissolution of the postion. Again another sweetheart deal!!
I believe she is no longer on BOS is because of potential conflict of interest
with TOWN buying OPEN space in which she or her real estate office was the
listing agent.                                                                                               

12:01 am est 

Re: Community Center, etc.

Push the families and children aside and over build on this  little spit of
land...FOR WHAT!!  To remove the heart and spirit of a 300 yr old
community...Build a dog park and
forget our youth is dispicable. This town, its developers, and administration
are an embarassment to not only the community but to our state and country.
Where will the Sharon Lynns, Candace Nagles, Ted Malones and other greedy
self-satisfying ingrates be in 20 years. I will guarantee it won't be
Provincetown. They will have made their mess and moved on.  Next is to outlaw
the Potuguese Festival and Lions Club and have a hostile takeover of Seamens
Bank. Kick out the Masons and the Knights of Columbus. And ban commercial
fisherman from the waterfront. I am sorry this all may sound far fetched but who
would have thought even 20 years ago there would be no neighborhoods with
children and the schools and community center would be closed. Answer me
this...With all this gone what will it be like here in 20 years?  Not the same
place we have all grown to love and chose to live...You all should be proud!!! 
11:54 pm est 

First Apartment

Wow! You'd think that when a young local gets their first apt that they would
want to be exemplary tenants since their whole future rests on the references
that they will bring forth from their landlords.

Well, my dears, the stories that I'm hearing about what is going is going in
some places here in town is enough to get some of them the boot--and a
reputation that is in the toilet.

That is why one local youth can't find a place to live on the cape and is living
in a dive over 100 miles away after he trashed a neighbors apartment, took in
roommates and kept their rent money to spend on himself, and left the place a
shambles! Next stop--affordable housing.
11:50 pm est 


Could someone post what tangible success Provincetown Association of
Concerned Citizens has that reflects its mission statement?

11:45 pm est 

Re: Value of Blog

I don't know Clarence and Marcene.  While I'm sure their intentions are good, I
would not sanctify them for creating this blog.  Admittedly I do read it for
amusement and out of boredom, but I think it is not constructive debate. 
Frankly, I think it is more destructive and does more to hurt the town, than to
help it.   The one way to make it more construction and increase its value is to
eliminate the anonymity.  I applaud bringing issues to light, but it must be
done in a constructive manner, similar to Facebook where you can see who is
posting what opinions. Given this blog is anonymous, it tends to be less
constructive and more negative, and frequently opinion rather than fact based. 
Rarely do I see negativity on Facebook like I see on this blog.  Also, I have
noticed some yellow journalism in that certain issues, which I believe are more
important to the webmaster, appear to get greater coverage (i.e. Bangs Street).
11:44 pm est 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Re: Background Checks

No, the harbormaster does not do background checks nor does he have
the time too.
5:45 pm est 

Town Pier



P'town manager urges new look at complaints

By Mary Ann Bragg

February 03, 2011PROVINCETOWN  The town manager has urged the town's pier
management agency to look anew at complaints against an assistant harbor master,
including his potential conflicts of interest as a commercial fishing boat

Six commercial fishermen met with Town Manager Sharon Lynn and Police Chief Jeff
Jaran on Tuesday evening about alleged abuses of power by Luis Ribas, the town's
sole full-time assistant harbor master. Harbor Master Rex McKinsey and
Provincetown Public Pier Corporation board member Rich Wood attended the meeting
as well, Lynn said in an e-mail to the Times.

At Tuesday's meeting, Lynn urged the fishermen to make timely, written
complaints to the harbor master and the pier corporation board in the future to
ensure that complaints are resolved quickly rather than allowed to fester.

Both Lynn and Jaran may attend the Feb. 10 meeting of the pier corporation,
which oversees MacMillan Pier, to explain their recommendations, Jaran said

Ribas, a Provincetown resident who was hired for the full-time job in 2006, owns
a fishing boat that is docked at the pier. Ribas pays regular docking fees
totally about $2,300 a year, McKinsey said in January. He also has filed
state-required paperwork with the town to show his financial interests in
commercial fishing conducted from the pier, town records show.

Early in his employment with the town, Ribas owned a second fishing boat and a
fish-trucking company that worked from the pier but he has since dissolved those
financial ties, Ribas told the Times last month.

Provincetown fisherman Isac DaLomba and others wrote a letter to town officials
on Jan. 5 after the pier corporation board cleared Ribas of any wrongdoing in

The letter claims Ribas enforces laws that he violates as a fishing boat owner,
that he has damaged others' equipment, that he uses pier equipment as his own,
and that he reverses McKinsey's decisions.

Ribas, in response, told the Times that he knows how to do his job and that the
complaining fishermen tend to make baseless accusations.
5:44 pm est 

Re: Ignorant Postings

What is so "ignorant" about attacking clarence and marcene on this
site? It just seems like fair play to me; not to mention accurate. There are
many of us out here who have written posts to this blog, only to see them
dissapear into the ether of the webmaster's bias.

These two have ruined or interupted the lives of so many of our neighbors, it
seems right and just that for a few weeks we get to post numerous statements
about what we think of them... their reputations should be allowed to be tried
on this forum, just as they have done to others.

Please, it seems we cannot stop this horrid blog, but at least we can make sure
the gander gets what he has been giving to the goose all these years.
5:42 pm est 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

$70,000 School Secretary

Over $3,000,0000 each year! With 6 or so graduates in June..with no high school
now..with no student growth as we are almost the oldest county out of 3,000
counties nation wide--$70,000 for a school secretary is beyond comprehension.

$70,000 a year with holidays, school vacations and the entire summer off. No
wonder people are demanding that the school close.
12:47 pm est 

Background Checks

Does the harbormaster or Pier Corp. do background checks on who they hire as
assistant harbormasters?  Just read an assistant harbormaster was arrested in
Truro last night for drugs and operating with suspended drivers license.  

12:44 pm est 

Re: Community Center

I agree that the Community Center is a pig sty - really a mess. One
wonders what the full time director does all day?
Oh yea, it is not his job to clean. There are 2 custodians who do
nothing...Three grown men who are so proud to get away with nothing, 4 days a
week, 10 hour days of doing nothing but laughing at we taxpayers.
12:43 pm est 

Re: You There God?

Anyone who insults the blogmaster and his wife is pathetic.  Grow up. 
These two people should be thanked not insulted for helping bring important
potentially hazardous issues to the forefront when no one else has the cajones
to do it.  Thank you Clarence and Marcene.

Sign me a thankful townie
12:42 pm est 

You Can Not Direct the Wind, But You Can Adjust the Sails
After reading many of the more recent posts and following the town news it would
be ridiculous to attempt to deny that the town needs to revise our current
agenda.  I dont mean the town meeting either; I mean the town and its residents. 
We are in way over our heads in almost every aspect across the board.  Look
around, read, catch up on the facts, the past, the present, and our plans for
the future.  Stop trying to blame anyone person and their personal vendettas or
our blog master, its not one persons fault.  We vote for our town officials, who
in turn appoint our town employees and decide the salaries.  If we are not happy
with something or someone then make a change, or at least attempt to.  Notice
how I say we its not me or you its us and its our responsibility.  I know so
many residents and non-resident home owners who are more than willing to help
and get involved but do not know how or where to start.  Give us some direction,
Im more than willing to be where Im needed but I need to know where that is in
order to get there.  If you have concerns or ideas for a better Provincetown stop
talking and start acting.  The power is in numbers and all we need is to come together. 

12:40 pm est 

Re: Are Yoy There God?

"This sad town destroyinng [sic] blog has never, NEVER, lived up to
it's "mission statement"..."

Then don't read it if you feel this way.  You must think it has some validity
and worthwhile content or why else would you be reading it - no one is forcing
you to.
12:37 pm est 

Re: Are You There God?

"They do not just sit back and complain about the town they love, they do something."

yup, they sure do! they bully the town as a whole and ensure that no one will
run for any board or stand up for something they believe since this horris blog
might turn on them.
They pick and choose which of your neighbors will be flogged here next.
They allow endless bad things to be written about some, and protect others.
God help you if you cross them, or dare to try to make any difference in town...
then they will repay you with character assasignation on their blog.
You call them caring and generous??
Remember the issue with FarLand last year? How unfair of this blog to besmirch
the two wonderful men who own it. Such care.
Such generosity of spirit.
Please tell me just what they did to go through the hell that they went through
If anyone has ever harmed this town more than clarence and marcene, I would like
to know who!

I will say it again, I hope the universe gives these two cretins what they
deserve; may all the pain they have unjustly caused so many others in town come
back to them three fold.
12:33 pm est 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Local Pols Weigh in on Patrick Insurance Plan
By Trevor Jones, Berkshire Eagle Staff

Friday February 4, 2011

Calling Gov. Deval Patrick's push for cities and towns to adopt plans similar to
those of state employees a step in the right direction, local and state
officials insist something has to be done to reduce the budgetary impact of
rising health care costs.

As part of his budget proposal, Patrick wants cities and towns to either join
the Group Insurance Commission -- the program offered to state employees and
some municipal workers -- or institute a program of equivalent value by the
start of the 2012 fiscal year. Combined with a requirement to move eligible
municipal retirees to Medicare, the governor estimates these proposals could
save municipalities more than $120 million.

"Health care is going to be the topic to discuss this year," said state Rep.
William "Smitty" Pignatelli, D-Lenox. "I applaud the governor for forcing the
dialogue to happen, but I hope that he gets much more aggressive."

Pignatelli favors having all municipalities enroll in the GIC, adding, "It would
be much easier and more seamless to have everyone on the same program."

State Sen. Benjamin B. Downing, D-Pittsfield, isn't sure what the best answer
is, but called the proposal "one of several good ones out there," adding, "in
this session, it would be my hope that we come to some resolution to reducing
municipal insurance costs."

Rising health insurance costs are weighing down the budgets of cities and towns
throughout the state, with most local public unions negotiating insurance plans
during collective bargaining. There are a number of towns in which employees
still pay $5 co-pays.

In Lenox, health insurance costs make up 15 percent of the town's budget -- an
increase of 50 percent in the past 10 years. Town Manager Gregory Federspiel
said he would like to see a push toward "plan design," which would, to a large
extent, take insurance coverage out of collective bargaining.

"Just give us the same level playing field [as the GIC] and we would be fine, or
we would at least be doing better," said Federspiel.

The Massachusetts Municipal Association, an advocacy group for towns and cities
in the state, is a proponent of plan design. Geoff Beckwith, executive director
of the MMA, said the GIC is not a "one size fits all" solution, as costs are
uneven throughout the state and towns should have their own say in developing
plans that fit them.

Pittsfield is the only municipality in Berkshire County to have signed up for
the GIC since it became eligible to cities and towns in 2007. Since joining,
it's believed the city has saved more than $3 million.

Patrick's proposal was made, in part, to offset cuts in local aid. But Downing
is concerned about its impact on cities like Pittsfield, saying the they won't
realize any new savings to offset those losses.

To reach Trevor Jones: ,
or (413) 528-3660. 

February 4, 2011

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1:35 pm est 

Re: Are You There God?

Though I thought it shouldn't even be addressed, the ignorant attack on
Clarence and Marcene, I have to say something. Clarence and Marcene are two of
the most generious and kind people I have ever met. I've know them  for 16
years. The town is lucky to have such intelligent and caring people here. They
do not just sit back and complain about the town they love, they do something.

1:06 pm est 


I agree. Provincetown Association of Concerned Citizens has not
realized its mission statement. I was at the first mypacc meeting at Fanizzi's.
It was a great meeting, well attended and ten concerns about Provincetown were
identified. Unfortunately, the Attorney General was called for an illegal
selectmen's quorum by two colleagues. That was unfortunate.

Mypacc peaked before it ever really got off the ground. Just a shame.
12:13 pm est 

Must be Posting From the Lily Pond

I think these remarks are coming from under water.
10:42 am est 

I Agree: This is Not Boston Nor Hyannis

The salaries for a small town like this for both town manager and the chief are
too high. And the constant raises are just foolish. You probbly justify $70,000
plus for secretaries at the high school.
10:40 am est 

People are Judged by Their Action.......
......and poor behavior and misjudgments are not slanderous. Couture ran
for office and serves as chair. Her actions and behavior are up for public
criticism. If people feel she has damaged this town, then let their remarks flow.
10:38 am est 

Are You There God?

This sad town destroyinng blog has never, NEVER, lived up to it's
"mission statement"... it has always been a power trip for it's webmaster and
his witch. They have always allowed some to be continually bullied and put down
on the blog, while protecting others. How many of us have written about an issue
that never sees the light of day on these pages? More than could be counted
that's for sure.
If a vote was taken about whom you wish never moved to town, wouldn't Clarence
and Marcene be at the top of that list?

Here goes another pointless writing exercise for me, at least I know that the
gruesome twosome who run this blog will have read my words, even though they
will not allow anyone else to.

How I wish they would get what is coming to them... certainly putting out so
much hate and bile should have cancerous side effects in a fair world... are you
there god? it's me, townie...
10:36 am est 

BOS Chair

Please remember the recommendations and grades given to our last TOWN MANAGER,
Mr. Bergman. I believe you would find it very interesting who sitting on the
Board NOW gave him excellent reviews and grades thus giving him multiple
step/performance raises over the years. I believe the selectperson had no
problems giving him raises and the performance and results of his tenure speaks
for itself. I don't agree with all of Sharon's decisions nor the Chief's
postions 100% of the time. It is healthy to disagree, discuss the come to a
consensus and move forward. I left the corporate world and started a business
here in Provincetown and I am grateful for my success in this community, many of
us don't fester and bitch 24/7 on this blog, we work, contribute and volunteer
and give back. Sharon and Jeff are UNDERPAID in all relative terms for their job
descriptions and responsibilities period. for those of you who feel otherwise i
respectfully disagree!
10:32 am est 

Truro Affordable Housing

I just read the story in the Herald about the affordable housing
lottery in Truro. Seems only one family out of three that applied was
financially qualified. Now that family says the affordable unit is too expensive
at $245k and they have withdrawn. I guess it now sits empty? One of the reasons
for withdrawing is that the breadwinner is layed off for the second consecutive
winter. I feel bad for the family but doesn't this tell us a lot about how many
are interested in affordables and how many can qualify. By the way, it seems the
unit in Truro was big enough for a family of six.... Has Provincetown ever built
or planned to build a unit for more that one or two occupants?
8:16 am est 

Re: Community Center

Agree; it's too expensive. Anything done there could be done in other town space
or rented. It's nice if in larger town or one that was growing w/kids vs
shutting schools but not fiscally responsible.  Vote this down!!
8:14 am est 

Re: Selectman Michele Couture

What's wrong with some of you? Whether she (or anyone else) is selling (quite
successfully I might add) glass frogs or glass dildos or pictures of tu tu's it
doesn't give anyone the right to make slanderous remarks. It's simply a
reflection of ones inability to articulate a more poignant & meaningful message.
The way it's always written is evident it's coming from same couple of people so
speaks for itself I guess.
8:12 am est 

Re: "Bitter Bile Poster"

How does someone assert theny read the identity of a blogger?  Read
between the lines of the way a blog is worded in "hearing" someones personality
come thru?
8:09 am est 

Re: Selectman Michele Couture

I LOL on the comparison re: slander. I have to agree, it is slanderous & should
not be posted. The repeated disdain for her comes across loud & clear w/the
regular rants but the analogies have nothing to do with being too hot in the
kitchen it's scathing disdain and those mentions should be withheld. I bet you
were quite the bully &/or instigator growing up as it's certainly turned into a
steam roller!
8:08 am est 

Re: Community Center

Whomever thinks it's dirty should volunteer to clean it; it's a "community
center!  Better yet, teach the kids some good basic hygiene & volunteer to help
kids organize into 30 min bi-weekly cleaning before or after playing & it would

"Less         , more doing"'... The new PTown Mantra,
8:06 am est 

Re: Salaries of Town Officials Statement of "Too Much"!

You've obviously NEVER worked corporate world! That is chicken feed! Yes, its
town government not corporate but even therein its in line. Perhaps you chose
wrong career (if you had one). Sharon & Jeff are worth every penny including
merit bonuses & annual raises. How quickly one forgets the corruption & nepitsim
over last 30 years in both depts. It's only in last 3 years we've been able to
address the lack of good judgement needed to save our town hall & is reason
police station should be condemned. Their strength, experience & sound judgement
is EXACTLY what this town needs so back off sister!
8:04 am est 

Too Much Money For Jeff Jaran--$120,000 is Just Too Much!

I agree that this town does not need to pay its cheif of police this much money.
It is just absurd Just like we are paying too much for Sharon Lynn and then
David Gardner who is really doing her job. Salaries should fit the
responsibilities of this town and the size of this town and the fact that there
is little to do for so many months of the year. this is not Hyannis, this is not
even Orleans. Too much is being dished out for some positions. sorry, Jeff. You
don't deserve this much. Neither do you Sharon.
11:18 pm est 

So Call Her Ms. Lily Pond and Then Splish Splash I was Taken' a Bath

Call her whatever you want. Couture remains incompetent and highly secretive and
so unsure of herself she hides behind her position. When the spring buds bloom,
Provincetown will enjoy not only flowers blooming but her leaving. But where
will she go? She has no where to go. She is not that important when she is not
sitting in the chair seat. She will be a lost canary, one without even a song to
11:15 pm est 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Community Center:

If they keep the community center open, it needs to be cleaned..  It is filthy
and not even healthy for the kids to be there!

Why can't the rec director clean it during the week when he's there?
10:57 pm est 

Re: Police Chief Raise

You need to check your facts.  Go take a look and see what the president of
UMASS makes.  Just because a person works for a law enforcement entity does not
mean they should not be paid in kind with the job they perform.  Provincetown is
a place with unique challenges when it comes to enforcing laws and promoting a
safe and wholesome environment for EVERYONE.  Yes it is a small town, but the
job which Jeff Jaran performs is NOT one of a small town. 

8:12 pm est 

Re: "Bitter Bile Poster"

SO? According to the blogger/s who uses the term frog when speaking of
our chair of the BOS. It is not racist because her shop is named the lily pond ?
Would the web master let me call someone working at the house of pancakes, Aunt
Jemima??? Please stop the hate speak. You can be against her without the hate
7:57 pm est 

Re: "Bitter Bile Poster"

You are nuts if you think only one citizen (or poster) sees our Chairperson as
overly secretive, vindictive, undereducated, and incompetent.

And she ran for the office, so criticism comes with the territory.  As Truman
said: if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
7:17 pm est 

Re: Selectman Michele Couture

Wow, what a flashback I had reading about the identity of the blogger
who has been writing most of the nasty things about the town on here for the
past few years! It reminded me why we all stopped reading the Provincetown
Advocate before it was sold to a wealthy gay wash ashore (as he would call her).
All I can say is thank god Provincetown never used to, and still doesn't listen
or believe in what he writes 
7:14 pm est 

16 People Task Force to Study Commerciial Street Blockage?

Does it take 16 people to study commercial street and then decide to close it
off? Maybe this is one way to guarantee that it will be closed this summer. Bad
for business. Bad for tourists. Just put the summer cops to work. This is an
outsider's notion of what solution commerciial street needs. It works as is. I'd
have bikes going only one way but other than that, it works. It is not broken.
so why look for a solution when there is not a problem?
7:12 pm est 

Police Chief Raise

I Like Jeff Jaran but He does not need another $12,000 added to his

Please, you are chief of a little town. Making $120,000 is more than sufficient.
Why even ask for a raise? This is what a good college president makes. You are
chief of a small end-of-the land town. What major big city crimes are you
handling? Take your $120,000 and feel pleased. You are making more than enough
given where you are. Just look around. How much work are you really doing in the
middle of winter! Really!
7:09 pm est 

Re: Selectman Michele Couture

I find Michele Couture's decisions so problematic, so off the wall.
It's as if money is never an issue for her--and maybe because she, unlike many
of us, does not get a tax bill, it does not matter to her. I want someone who
understands taxes, overrides and finances. She fails to grasps the consequences
of so many decisions. Even now--why spend money on more buildings. We just
finished spending and spending on town hall. Stop it. Times are tough. But she
won't. She will pay her rent and many of us will pay higher and higher taxes.
That is what she fails to understand.
7:07 pm est 

Re: Selectman Michele Couture

Since She Called Her Business the Lily Pond, Frogs Do swim in Such

Not racist but a marketing theme of Ms. Couture. She is the one who named her
business Lily Pond. I understand why some refer to her as frog jumping and other
such references. It is not her heritage--but her business and her tacky shop
filled with, what else, but ceramic frogs!

It's the amphibian ceramic icon that is stuck to her and thus causes, I assume,
some to use this theme.
7:05 pm est 

Think Outside the Box

I think so many of the daily or hourly bloggers here need to get one of their
own on the board of selectmen. That way you can terminate all the municipal
employees who make more money than you do and force all the low income renters
to Shankpainter Rd. Then you could have the very wealthy people move to the odd
numbers on Commercial St. and the almost as wealthy as them to the even numbers
of Commercial St. That way the DPW will only have to keep one truck for plowing.
Finally,  you could discourage families from living here so you won't have to
pay for any school secretaries or tuition expense at Nauset for edumacating the

signed, a renter that pays the landlords taxes.
4:58 pm est 

The Problem With Michele Couture is....

That a) she shoved aside bitter bile poster's wife as chair of the board of
selectmen which was richly deserved b) she helped make sure that bitter bile
poster's job was eliminated so that he could stop his destructive, baseless,
homophobic jihad against his boss at the Pier both on here and in person and so
that boats would stop mysteriously sinking during our poster's watches on the

That's why he hates Michele Couture and uses grade school bully tactics on here.
It is a shame the webmaster supports him by violating this blogs own stated
policies on not allowing derogatory language to be used.

Bitter bile poster has been reduced in life to sitting behind his keyboard
blogging the same tired bile year in and year out because he no longer has a
newspaper to do so with because he lost that in a lawsuit where he used libel
and slander to torturously interfere with a business transaction.

The webmaster will not post this because it would show that we all waste our
time listening to his friend sling unsubstantiated drivel on here and it
accounts for 50% or more of the blog content. That way the town looks like a
mess and bitter bile poster's wife gets relected to the selectman's board as the
straight townie's rep this spring when she runs again. THis makes the webmaster
feel empowered.

4:56 pm est 

Re: Selectman Michele Couture

Agreed! This poster's vile obessesion with Selectman Couture has in
fact quite the opposite effect: backlash for many of us no matter how we feel
about her stewardship as selectman!
3:15 pm est 

Re: Community Center Building

These are tough economic times. We must close the community center building. It
is used by a few esoteric groups and yet it is a burden on the taxpayers.

Of course the director is going to cry at town meeting--his $40,000 + a year job
is in jeopardy. We can't afford it. Move the children's activities to the
elementary school and let the adults who want programs rent a space for

We pay the highest sewer rates in the states, the highest cost for education and
we are the second smallest community in the commonwealth. What is wrong with
this picture? Easy, entitlement, entitlement, entitlement.
3:11 pm est 

Re: Selectman Michele Couture

Webmaster I find the name calling on this blog very upsetting and yes
even racist. The term frog has been used to put down certain minorities of
Canada and France. I have heard that term used in many hate crimes. Please black
out such hate from this blog!
2:02 pm est 

Couture Has Brought Poor Thinking and Bad Management to the BOS

She can't help it. She is not competent. And she is arrogant and secretive. This
is not what this town has needed. Her leaving will provide an opportunity for
good leadership. I hope that does happen but it could not happen with her
inadequate skills. Just look at the many executive sessions this woman held as
chair. Unnecessary and secretive to the extreme. Plus the many behind the scenes
meetings where she threatens town employees.
11:34 am est 

Re: Selectman Michele Couture

I think Selectman MC has done an outstanding job during her tenure!
Thank you for your countless hours of service to the crazy town we all love!
10:57 am est 

Re: Selectman Michele Couture

People who live here and have businesses are aware of the culture of
viciousness, beck stabbing, and revenge on anyone who is not a friend of the
frog. Friends of the frog fall into two categories, people who can provide free
rent or cash, and or people who can provide revenge on any and all who dare to
even speak against her.  This reign of terror has led this town to a point where
many are afraid to even voice there true feelings for fear of retaliation.

Good bye frog, don't let the doors of town hall hit you on the way out.
10:55 am est 

Selectman Michele Couture

First of all, the frog jokes are seriously pathetic.  They aren't even funny. 
Grow up.

Second, there is no requirement of property ownership to hold office or to vote. 
All that imposing one would do (if it's even constitutional) would be to create
a class system whereby only those wealthy enough or so inclined to own property
could hold office.  I don't know Couture's personal financial situation but if
she chooses not to own property that is her choice.  She lives here.  I've seen
her around all winter.  If her landlord's taxes go up, her rent is going to go

Finally, while you may have some legitimate gripes with Couture, I'm not sure
exactly what they are.  Nobody here seems to articulate them particularly well
and there seem to be plenty of people in town who support her.  Since this blog
has been singularly ineffective in shaping any decisions at Town Meeting, one
could reasonably argue that the majority in town is actually for Couture and the
BOS.  Imagine that!

Time to stop being the party (blog) of No and advance some real ideas of your
9:52 am est 

That's a Sad Note on Your Part

That town employees can't vote for their raises because they live in other
towns. Should have a rule requiring town employees to live here.

And I'd add that Selectmen should own property so they aren't like the lame
duck or broken frog leg Chair making decisions that increase taxes but fail to
personally affect her. She raises OUR taxes while she pays nothing. Couture is a
broken legged frog and I wait till she finally leaves or jumps out of the lily

Splish Splash I was taking a bath all on a Saturday night! Good night and good
bye. Slurp.
12:30 am est 

Re: Police Chief's Contract

The BOS did NOT give the chief a five year contract.  He is offered a three year
contract with a two year optional extension.  The terms are over five years. 
The contract is for three.  It's a smart move to negotiate a longer term and
saves the town in three years the time needed to renegotiate another entire

FYI.  All contracts are vetted through town counsel and I trust they know the
law better than you do.
12:26 am est 

Re: Police Chief Contract

The paper said it was a 3 year contract with an option to extend. 
Technically that isn't a 5-year contract.

Sounds like Sharon knew exactly what she was usual....
12:25 am est 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Police Chiefs Contract

On one side, good for the town, you did something right in keeping Jaran and now
Clarence can put his breaking news item up again but at the same time selectmen,
you failed at your job.
Pick either section 97 or 97A but whichever you choose, you can't give the chief
a contract for more than 3 years!!! Wake up. It's against state law to give him
a contract for more than 3 years!! As it states in the paper, you have given him
a 5 year contract. ILLEGAL!!!

Why didn't Sharon know this?
9:14 pm est 

Town Employees at Town Meeting

You know, what the one blogger said is indeed true. Most town workers
can"t vote at town meeting because they live in other less expensive towns! I'm
loving it that people are finally countering the negativity that a few on this
blog always bring up here.
7:50 pm est 

Re: Town Employee Benefits

"They are living the life of ease with no cares in the world because we
pay for all of the lavish benefits and perks."

You are one cranky fella.  You also need to get in touch with reality.  I'll
agree that town employee compensation packages need to be looked at, but they
are hardly lavish.
6:50 pm est 

Re: Town Employees at Town Meeting

All of the town workers are there to vote yes on the budget and all of
their raises, perks, benefits, pay back for the sick days etc.

Huh?  You too funny !  A good deal of the town workers aren't there because they
can't afford to live in Provincetown and therefore can't vote.
6:48 pm est 

Town Budget

Now is the time to be atending finance and selectboard meetings. This is when
they are formulating the budget and taking input. Don't whine if you do not
attend and comment.
By the time town meeting rolls around it is pretty much a done deal because most
people respect and trust these hard working volunteer folks(finance committee) 
who put many hours into the process.  If you do not contribute to the actual
discussions (not blogs), you have no room for complaint. Anyone can hide behind
a computer and whine point fingers and naysay till they are blue in the face and
it serves no useful purpose. Have a gripe, present it in a respectful
intelligent manor in person.

PS. Kudos to our Highway department folks for keeping up with all of the storms.
If pepople made more of an effort to get the cars off the  streets during storms
it would be even better.
4:46 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Sewer System

You hate Guertin, therefore you hate the sewer system. We had one major
breakdown and it was a doozy. Problem has been solved and the root cause of it
was trying to get original sewer by voters like you on the cheap. Now that the
system has the proper layout and alarms there hasn't been a single other major

You have yet to provide any concrete evidence that rebuts 99.99% reliability.
Agree with the poster who says that we are far far ahead of others. Additionally
we should count ourselves very very lucky that we were able to obtain all manner
of grants which given the federal and state financial systems are unlikely to
exist in the future.

Finally, while we have a ways to go, our waters are far far cleaner than they
would be without the sewer.

- not a town employee nor connected to one in any way

4:43 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Sewer System

"It is the wrong system for the wrong town done by the wrong team."

People can look at the same thing and see differently.  As you and I do.  I
stand by my original statement.  Thankfully we are miles ahead of other towns.
1:51 pm est 

Re: Joe Coffee-Answer

"Does anyone know when Joe coffee is going to re-open? I thought it was
supposed to be this week."

They said it was now going to be in April.
1:49 pm est 

Joe Coffee

Does anyone know when Joe coffee is going to re-open? I thought it was
supposed to be this week.
11:32 am est 

You've Got To be Kidding Me?

This Sewer System as a Source of Pride:

It is a malfunctioning system that should never have been installed. Just look
around the country as see how few places have a vaccum system? They don't
because it does not work well. That is why we are now being asked to install
pump systems. It is a big time problem and not a source of pride for me. It is
the wrong system for the wrong town done by the wrong team.
11:29 am est 

Town Meeting First Night

Attend the first night of Town Meeting. All of the town workers are there to
vote yes on the budget and all of their raises, perks, benefits, pay back for
the sick days etc.

They are living the life of ease with no cares in the world because we pay for
all of the lavish benefits and perks.

Time to vote no. Go to the Provincetown annual report and see the salaries that
people make in this town where everyone else works for ten, twelve for 13
dollars an hour with no benefits or sick days.

In this dire economic time everyone must tighten their belt.
11:27 am est 

Re: Pensions

The problem is that the pensions weren't funded properly, although this isn't a
problem unique to Provincetown by any means.  Just like the rest of the country
it was all "free" money.  We'll deal with the pesky $65 million unfunded
liability later....

Eventually, later is going to come though and Provincetown won't be able to meet
its obligations to its public sector retirees.  It's already happening around
the country, with municipalities using Chapter 9 to renegotiate retiree
benefits.  It's ugly and I agree with many posters who said it is morally wrong,
but it's going to happen here just like it is happening in other municipalities
and just like it happened in the corporate sector where defined pensions don't
really exist anymore apart from some legacy plans.

Of course the flip side is that if the town had actually funded the benefits
fully we probably would have had fewer town employees and less generous benefits
from the start.  That may have been the more intellectually honest way to go.

Sad but inevitable.
10:31 am est 

Re: Municipal Workers

I think that all Town employees that were hired within the past 5 yrs
should not be under the blanket of the promise that they would have a pension to
live on. Those people as well as us have known the state of our financial
situation in town. They should be saving for themselves like us with a 4% max
match from the town. If they want to save more than that to live on then all the
power to them. As far as their employement package they make a good living as it
is without the health and saving plan they have. Time for living high on the hog
is over. Time to come back to reality.
10:28 am est 

Municipal Workers
The Town Meeting must trim the gold plated benefits of our municipal workers. We
taxpayers must pay our own way so why do these workers, whom we pay, get all of
these perks and benefits when millions are people lost not only their benefits
but their jobs?

Governors all over the country are cutting back on these lavishly publicly
funded benefits and perks -Our town Manger and B of S must too.

The unions with their high demands forced manufacturers to take their business
abroad. Selfish workers who wanted the world now have no jobs look what your
selfish demands have wrought.
10:26 am est 

Re: Pensions

Obivously, those who commented on my pension post are very self
absorbed with themselves.  I specified pensions at all 3 levels: Local, State,
and Federal.  In no way am I singleing out Town Employees. 
10:24 am est 

Re: Sewer

" ...How much are we being asked to fund at the Spring Town
Meeting? How many more millions does this system require."

Yes, installing a sewer system is very expensive and we are not done yet.  But,
do you realize how much further along we are compared to most other Cape towns? 
While the sewer system is expensive, it has had its problems, it should be a
source of pride for this town.  We had the foresight to begin installing one
years ago while other towns are just starting the process and are looking at
huge numbers to get to where we already are at.
10:22 am est 

Re: "Provincetown Employee Benefits"

The cruelty of your post speaks for itself. Town employees were employed under
the promise that they would have a pension to live on and that was part of their
total employment package. We need to honor that. However we also need to, as
does government at every level, develop a new employment contract for new
employees that models itself after current private sector plans. This means 401k
not a pension and combined contributions by employer and employee.
11:39 pm est 

Phase III

If you read the news on Phase III and the plant expansion the money proposed is
essentially a short term loan to be paid back by the suprising number of
properties who now want to hook up. The system is oversubscribed. This is
incredibly good news. Also, the discovery of so much water waste and abuse over
the summer throughout town radically changes the entire financial picture of the
sewer system. Once people are properly paying for their water the sewer system's
finances are going to be much better off.

On the other hand we could be Nantucket or other Cape towns who are facing
gigantic financial challenge of starting sewering from scratch.

With increasingly strict nitrogen regulations coming soon we are extremely lucky
to be where we are with a now 99.99% reliable sewer system.

Prediction: there will be a lot of town and sewer bashing on here and the annual
bash Guertin game between now and town meeting and once again the town's voters
will vote for the money.

- not a you know what
11:37 pm est 


It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 10 years.   I was going
to write what I think, but I felt it would upset employees , so I did not write
11:34 pm est 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hope Everyone is Enjoying the Coziness of the Storm

It is winter and the town does look beautiful. It's a nice covering and the
buldings look inspiring. I do love the silence and the quietness and the warm
sense of being inside when all outside is cold and blizzardly. It's February,
with more winter behind us than in front of us.

6:29 pm est 

How Much Money Will Phase III (Sewer) Really Cost Us?

How much are we being asked to fund at the Spring Town Meeting? How many more
millions does this system require. Am I the only one to think it is a financial
disaster and a poorly planned system? It seems there is always a request for
more money like an adolescent who wants what he wants, given that he is not
paying the bills.
6:27 pm est 


Public employees pay a larger percentage of thier salary to be part of the state
pension system than you do for social security, what exactly is yout problem
with that. Or are you going to give up your s.s. to save the gov't. S.S. has
ocasional cost of living adjustment on the full amount, State pensions only get
an occasional COLA on the first 12,00 only. AND their spouses get diminished
S.S. Benifits.  ANOTHER example of people spewing on here without the facts.
6:24 pm est 

Provincetown Employee Benefits

Local, State and Federal Pension plans are what is crippling our
communites nationwide.  Most of us who work for a living are expected to save
for our retirement.  Those who have worked in the public sector were paid for
thier services at the time they were provided.  Where is it written that after
working and being paid well for a job, not always done well, entitles them to
sit on their large rearends and expect to be paid until thier death without
giving anything in return.  It's not much different than welfare.  I don't want
to hear "I earned It".  The rampant greed, or as many on this blog like to use
the term "Entitlment", in this country is mind boggling.  Children are going
without proper education and health care so that some lazy so and so can be idle
for the last 20 years of thier life.  I hear there's a big storm coming, lets do
what the original natives of this land did.  Leave the useless non productive
members of the community out in the cold and let nature take it's course.
4:03 pm est 

Take a Moment

Isn't this a beautiful snowfall?  Doesn't this winter remind you of what it was
like when you were a kid?  Enjoy your day.
3:58 pm est 

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