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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Dangerous Snow Pile

There really has to be something done about the pile of snow at the
already dangerous intersection of Standish and Bradford. It's bad enough in the
summer when they don't trip the plants there, but now there is a ten foot
expanded pile of snow that blocks the view of any oncoming traffic from the left
as you try to get onto Bradford. I was nearly taken out there today--TWICE. No
one's fault, just couldn't see beyond the unnecessary pile that could easily be
removed. Fix that, please, before someone gets seriously injured in a car crash.

10:04 pm est 

Ice Skating Rink

Why is the ice skating thing such a big deal on this blog.
Doesnt anyone else remember recreation dept & Ronnie White working together to
make it happen for the kids ? Stop writing on this blog about it and get out
there to make pond skating happen.
10:02 pm est 

Ice Rink

I agree with a lot of people about the ice rink. The cost for the
rink, the cost to run it and keep it frozen, the cost to DPW to set up, take
down and store, and the cost to hire people to manage it( which means creating
another tier of seasonal workers for which we would pay  unemployment like the
parking attendants).This is all too much. Lets go to Clapps like we did when we
were kids. We had a ball!
9:54 pm est 

Ice Rink

Absolutely agree just get the political support one needs from the
Selectmen if the proposed rink is on Town land and then offer to do the rest:
fund it, build it, maintain it. That's what worked for the dog park.
9:53 pm est 

Ice Rink

Ice skating is a lot of fun and great exercise as well.  And it would
be great to have a skating rink in town.  However, are we ready to pay for it
through higher taxes?  There is no way that a skating rink will in Ptown will be
able to support itself through user fees.  Moreover, it will not be enough of a
draw to bring tourists here in the off-season.  Nor will it bring enough
business to support even one more restaurant staying open.  The reality is that
it would simply be an additional expense to the town.  I do not think it is
necessarily a bad idea, but it will not achieve the objectives of supporting
itself financially, bringing tourists to town or stimulating downtown businesses
in any meaningful way.  If we want to bring people to town and stimulate
businesses we might as well just give people free rooms with the $300,000 as the
only way we are going to get tourists here off-season will be to give away the
9:51 pm est 

Ice Rink

With all the problems Provincetown has, let's not get hung up over an ice rink. 
Just like everything else, if it needs a vote so be it and for those who do or
don't want it- GO VOTE !
9:49 pm est 

Parking Lot Skating Rink

Pond skating is out of the question. It doesn't get cold enough
anymore to chance skating on the ponds, with a modern generator to freeze a few
inches of water on part of the parking lot, its guaranteed to be frozen even on
mild days! Plus there's plenty of parking and bathrooms plus shops and
restaurants within a short stroll from the rink.
9:46 pm est 

Re: Pond Skating

Don't over-complicate things. Just get a generator with a light and make it
happen. Involve the selectmen and the park and it won't happen. Just do it!!
Truro is currently doing it and they have lights by way of a pole near the pond.
The rec department backs it but the kids and parents make it happen. A rink in
the middle of a black, paved town parking lot when Ptown is begging for tourists
to come to town in the off season. And where would they park?

I just hope the same fools that tried it out by the skateboard park stay home
this time. I remember they tried it out there and built the rink tilted so the
water all ran to one end of the rink!! Real good thinking guys!!
11:53 pm est 

Re: My Opinion

Right On !!!!! Misspelling and  All!!  Finally some
rationale on a mostly irrational site.
11:50 pm est 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pond Skating

Seems like just a nice way to bring members of the winter community
together for some fun.  Could use a couple small generators (town probably owns
these already), a keurig coffee maker and supplies (BJs sells 80 keurig coffees
or hot chocolates for $36.00) water, cream, sugar and cups, some white xmas
lights, a few spotlights, a few benches and a pit for a fire, marshmallows and
sticks.  Keep it simple and use the creativity Ptown is known for and the
natural resources. Could be a great time for not a lot of expense.  The way it
used to be.  Put politics aside and skate away!  I love to pond skate but forgot
about it.
9:49 pm est 

Re: Ice Rink

You missed the point. When people don't back Bedard's idea, he will
say it was Santos.  He never takes responsibility for his stupid ideas. When
they don't fly, they will land on someone else,  He's nasty
9:46 pm est 

Re: Pond Rink

Whomever posted the idea of POND RINK is right on the money, as a child I always
skated with my buddies at ponds and it is "free" THE USE OF OUR NATIONAL
SEASHORE PONDS. Great idea why not ask Rick Murry to help sponsor a "pond skate" he
always does benefits and freebies!!
6:11 pm est 

Re: My Opinion

I'll get over my granny and mommy being in the cemetery if you promise
to go back to first grade to learn basic grammar and spelling before you try to
issue any more of your bland rebuttals. You completely miss the point by
concentrating on insulting.  The point is, rules were obviously made to be
broken is this town's mantra, especially when it comes to building and
6:09 pm est 

Ice Rink no, Ice Pond Yes!

Why not appropriate one of the many ponds (one closest to a road with
parking) light up a walkway to it simply, set up some lights, a shack selling
hot chocolate, coffee, etc. and a large area for a campfire and ADVERTISE IT
WITH AN OPENING AND DIFFERENT PROMOTIONS.  The cost would be miniscule compared
to a rink and people love the real feeling of pond skating.  Something we as
kids used to love to do in Ptown and would love to do again.   Much cheaper and
better than a rink. 
3:40 pm est 

Ice Rink, Ice Head

Someone's been drinking the frozen Kool Aid. The tooted success of an ice rink
prallels the "innovative" marketing offering of the Green Line down Commercial
Street. Except the ice rink would cost hundreds of thousands and who would drive
here for that?

Let's face it: it's a nutty idea!
3:24 pm est 

Ice Rink Pipe Dream

User fees to pay for the ice rink? The cost of the ice rink is $300k.
Who is fronting the cost to build to before user fees? Do you really think 3,000
town residents are going to use it and pay a user fee of $100 each? And what
about the maintenance of it? How much is that going to cost. Having one
restaurant open as Bedard and a couple of rooms occurpied is hardly worth the

Just another Selectman pipe dream that isn't well thought out.
3:23 pm est 

Ice Rink

"What recent poll says that residents don't want an ice skating rink? 
I know I don't.  Berdard is behind it but he will pass off the idea was by
somebody else when it doesn't fly like he always does."

It's amazing anyone even bothers to bring forward any new ideas in this town
with people like you around.  It wasn't enough that you had to trash the idea,
but you also had to trash the person.

It's no wonder no one wants to run for office around here.
3:20 pm est 

So no One is Moving

Boy, there is a tough bunch on this blog. 
Righteous, unforgiving and simply without compassion.  As cold as the night. 
3:17 pm est 

Asking for Forgiveness!

Does Provincetown not have enforcement if someone is in violation?  Where I
live, if someone is in violation they are made to comply with the laws.
2:08 pm est 

Re: $200K?????? Why so High?

I hope you're right that the town is paying the state plows to plow the roads.
There are 3, sometimes 4 trucks out there plowing and that's gotta cost big
money. I don't mean by the hour to pay them but to buy the trucks, buy the sand
and salt, buy the plows, buy the sander(s) and then on top of that pay the
hourly rates. Think about it. The way it is now, we only pay to have them plow
when we need them. If the town takes it over and then has to buy all this
equipment and hire people, what will the trucks and drivers do in the summer
when they aren't needed? If we have this deal now, keep it going. Finally, a
fiscal arangement that makes sense! Rare in this town.
11:30 am est 

Re: Ice skating Rink

What recent poll says that residents don't want an ice skating rink? 
I know I don't.  Berdard is behind it but he will pass off the idea was by
somebody else when it doesn't fly like he always does.
11:28 am est 

My Opinion

Re: individuals need to bring personal issues into a forum that is
clearly meant for public expression.  Seems someone (who may not be so innocent
and possibly part

This forum is nothing but personal issues. Get over your grannie was born here
so my opinion is sacred baloney. Who cares? It not obviously good for the gene
pool or the success of the town. Your success here depends on individual merits
not whether your mommy is buried in the cemetery. Some have sold and moved to
truro or elsewhere. Some have stayed in town and maintained or created excellent
businesses or other long term careers. Others have come from elsewhere and done
same. Some of both get long and make a positive forward thinking community.
Others gripe and moan.
11:25 am est 

Re: Re: Still Waiting

Thanks for the answer.

To panties in a wad, I never said someone should move, I asked why they don't
move.  Personally, if I was that pissed off I would move but obviously the
general benefits outweigh the specific grievances.

11:22 am est 

What Poll?

What poll are you talking about where the majority of residents oppose an ice
rink?  Everyone I've spoken to thinks it's a great idea.  And so do I.  Even the
Banner editorial staff thought it was a good idea and they don't like anything
the town does.

And no where did I read anything about an override to pay for it.  Last I heard
it was going to be paid for through user fees.

I'm  a waiter downtown and I do lunch shifts and right now they are boring as
hell.  I'm all in favor of getting people downtown in the winter.

Just because you're         and      to get your     out from in front of your
computer doesn't mean the rest of the town wants to sit around all winter.  What
else does this town offer in the winter in the way of an outdoor activity.  Oh
yeah, clamming.  Twice a week depending on the tide.
11:19 am est 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are We Stupid?!

The cartoon in the Banner was very funny. What's not funny is the
$300,000 proposed override to fund it in spite of the recent poll showing the
majority of Provincetown residents don't want an ice skating rink.
9:21 pm est 

$200K?????? Why so High?

The town does NOT plow the highway yet, Mass Highway does.

Yes, Mass highway plows route 6, but we pay them to do it.  Starting 1/1/10 we
are responsible for the maintenance of route 6.  So if you see Mass highway out
there plowing Route 6, we are paying them to do it.  Guess we didn't have the
equipment or personnel to do it locally.
9:17 pm est 

Re: How Come?

Because everyone in Truro in the winter drives big SUVs.
In the summer we switch it up with a nice mix of BMW's, Mercedes and Range
Rovers. (with a few Volvos and Saab for the kids)
9:14 pm est 

Provincetown Police

One of the reasons Provincetown police officers join Truro's force is
because the work is easier than Ptowns big city problems compared to Truros
small town work load.
9:12 pm est 

Truth be Told

With all the diversity and uniqueness of our town, it's so sad certain
individuals need to bring personal issues into a forum that is clearly meant for
public expression.  Seems someone (who may not be so innocent and possibly part
of the problem) is trying to instigate a fight.  That is just rude.  Whoever is
prompting an explanation for why a blogger who defends this town despite the
stink from the "hill" would stay here is ridiculous and needy.  People survive
in this town yearround for years because that is their life.   While they object
to the foul odor in the wind lately, they don't have the option of winters of
"fun in the sun while collecting" and summer in the players circle.  They
obviously wouldn't see eye to eye with the opinions of "temporary" lovers who
own property and occupy it seasonally and think they should have the loudest
voice.   After all this town has been through for you to not recognize this is
draining at best.  Many people stay here bec!
ause their great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings and children
were born here and have died here.  Any one of these people have earned the
right to speak up when they see their town being abused and IT IS BEING ABUSED. 
Shame on you for claiming anyone who defends my town should leave because they
don't agree with your stupid argument that rules and bylaws are followed to the
T.  Grasshopper, you have no clue how this town operates, despite your recital
sections.  Good gravy, where's Iron Man when you need him.  (and no, not Robert
Downey, Jr., the Iron Man only Townies would remember, God rest his soul)
9:09 pm est 

Re: Police Department

I'll agree that NOW the Truro department is professional and runs efficiently.
The last chief, not so professional at all and a few of the old officers, not so
professional. Today, very well oiled machine. Maybe we can learn from them.
9:04 pm est 

There Are Options!

Every time someone criticizes anything going on in town, there are
always the ignorant few on this blog who reply "Well if you don't like it you
should move!"

No. You shouldn't move if you are unhappy with the way town is running. You
should vote. You should organize. You should speak up.

Don't let the complacent few (who are probably benefiting greatly from the
rampant crooked deals going on in Provincetown) get you down.

If they don't like you and your opinions, they also have the option to move.
9:02 pm est 

Re: How Come?

You think Truro has more private roads so that's the difference? I can't imagine
Provincetown has that many more miles of rad than Truro does. $25K compared to
$200K? Eight times as much? Maybe But I still doubt it.
8:58 pm est 

Asking For Forgiveness

You want another example other than Austin, there is "lounge" that has been in
business for about 3 years  which was suppose to be 12 restaurant seats for this
"INN" a BOUTIQUE" INN and then the ZBA granted permissioin to allow increase to
30 after they had been violating the terms of their special permit when another
OUTSIDE bar in their courtyard appeared and the allowance of 30 grew to guess
what double and triple that amount in the summer of 2009 and 2010. They
INNKEEPERS then were told they were in violation of their SP for 2 years now
they are applying for more "seats" capacity and the infamous outside Bar after
violating their SP for years, prime example of seeking forgiveness vs.
Permmission, if the ZBA had any concern over growth, or if one wanted a prime
example of NO enforcement look no further, THE ZBA should if they had any BLANKS
would deny the request when and if it is presented to them which I believe is in
a week or so in the future!!
8:53 pm est 

Some Enchanted Evening

Great cartoon in this week's Banner pointing out how the proposed
Provincetown ice rink would probably get a lot more public support and funding
if it were for dogs.

Oh what a silly, misguided town we have become!
8:44 pm est 

Re: Still Waiting

Haven't moved because Ptown isn't miserable, just the people pulling
the strings are.
8:40 pm est 

Conwell Lumber

Where is Manny? For years Manny has worked at Conwell far I
have heard the story he's on vacation
oh he was laid off This story smells like old fish.  Manny is a decent guy who
takes extra steps in customer service and now he's laid off?  I think not Time
to take a stand if you like the guy
8:36 pm est 

Re: How Come?

$200K?????? Why so high? The town does NOT plow the highway yet, Mass Highway
does. Prior to this upcoming budget year when we MIGHT take over the highway,
what is the budget for snow removal? Law states a town cannot budget for
expenditures that are estimates. You can't guess. And from what I understand
regarding fuel, trucks, maintainance, manpower with all the benifits, materials
top be applied to the roads and then subsequent cleanup of the road in the
spring added onto the town responsibility to maintain the rest of the town
during a storm, $200K isn't going to cover half the season. Smart thinking would
leave the snow removal of the highway to the state.
8:31 pm est 

8:29 pm est 

Re: Sainted Truro Police Department

Then either get a job on the Truro pd or move there.
8:25 pm est 

How Come?

I believe Truro is primarily private roads and therefore the town is
not responsible for plowing them.
11:18 am est 

Still Waiting

PS: still waiting for why if you are so miserable and this is such a
horrible place you don't just move? really we want to know.

- still waiting for an answer
11:17 am est 

Police Department:

Truro is a very well organized Police Department.  They are acreditted.  They
follow the standards.  They have a monthly meeting every month at a chosen place
where the officers as well as supervisors get to speak up.  They are no shut out
as Provincetown is and have to strickly watch a power point presentation with no

You have to ask yourself.... How is Truro gaining  officers, when Provincetown
is continually losing them.  Perhaps management should look in the mirror and 
start to ask themselves why.  I can think of at least 4 in the past six months
but I am sure there are many more......

Whoever is chosen as chief in Truro, I'm sure it will be run 100% across the
boards....  Not like the anger in Ptown
amongst the troops....
12:01 am est 

Shank Painter & Race Point

All of the lower income units have always, and will always be be,
mixed in with other income levels! When Shank painter road & race point Road
developments are built they will also be MIXED income. Get your facts right
before pointing your finger.
11:59 pm est 

Please, Scale Means so Little Here

It is a smoke screen. Neighborhood scale is a a haze and it is often not the
boundary of what you can do but the escuse to get a variance. Attention and
concern for neighborhood scale is a pretense. It hardly ever works except if you
are not connected, if you are not involve with key people at Town Hall located
in the back of the basement, or if you are just an ordinary person believing in
town rules. It is frankly a joke.

Just open your little eyeballs and see what gets built in various neighborhoods
and the size and the many condos along other condos that line so many little

Maybe that's the problem with hiring an outsider like Sharon Lynn and an
outsider developer who pretends to be an objective building commissioner like
Russell Braun. When both leave, the town will be significantly diminished for
those who were born here. But they--our town carpetbaggers-will leave with bags
of money in their ever large pockets.

11:57 pm est 

Why do We Need Growth?

I don't understand that comment. please explain.

We don't have enough water. there is not any more land, thats why people are
bulldozing dunes (hills....whatever); don't have room for cars or expansion. so
exactly WHY do we need growth?

Is it not crowded enough for you in the summer?
Do you have a secret plan to bring people here in the winter that WON'T be here
in the summer? not that i might listen to. Otherwise, this town is quite
overgrown in the summer thank you very much.
11:54 pm est 

Provincetown Regulations

Wow, sure we have layer and layer of regulation and permitting. Yes,
we have more zoning laws then people in this town. That said, please don't
forget the true old Provincetown saying...
It is so much Easier to Ask FORGIVENESS
then it is to Ask PERMISSION!

Austin Knight played that card recently with that illegal guest house he was
working for. Believe me, he's not the only one, half the places in town have
been "forgiven" for one addition or another.

Any fine incurred is easier then having to deal with zoning, planning,and
historical,,,not to mention the beauty in the basement, and I don't mean Russell
11:51 pm est 

How Come?

According to the Banner Truro has a snow and ice budget of $25,000,
ours is over $200,000 if I recall correctly.  Why the huge difference?  yes, I
know we now do Rte 6, but still...
11:48 pm est 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Developers, Developers

We are all sick of hearing about all the crimes committed by developers. None of
them are guiltless but let's concentrate on the very worse of the worst. Slum
Street was constructed in the face of opposition never before mounted in this
town. All of the board and commission rulings were blatantly violated, Bangs
Street extension disappeared and the list goes on and on and on. Now there is a
very real concern for public safety. Ha, modular units, not even approved for

This, by far, wasn't the first but is definitely the most obnoxious.
You should be asking the question, "Who was paid by who, and how much was the
price of our neighborhood". Somehow the number 60 seems to raise eyebrows. How
many zeros were behind that number? Enough has been shoved down our throats. For
many this is the start of the end. Many will say good riddance and guess what? I
don't give a rat's    .
8:52 pm est 

Re: Give Me a Break!

"We are one of only a couple of towns in the entire country to have a
scale bylawwhich requires that structures/improvements be in keeping
with theirneighborhood scale, etc."
   -   OMG  LOL

And yet the poor broker can't show because the "neighborhood" is such a dump. 
The reality is barely anything is done in this town as presented.  That's the
beauty of the game.  If you get caught, which you probably won't anyway, it's
worth it to eat the fine if it means you can add thousands to the selling price.   
Developers and their legal reps.  are in bed together on this one, along with a
few of the queens court.  Planning board members voting on abutters,
conservation abutters making decisions, it goes on and on.  No bitterness, just
truth and anyone who's lived here long enough knows it like the back of their
hand.  Don't bother insulting cause sticks and stones...
6:25 pm est 

Affordable Housing Facts

This 40 B affordable housing is for the Homeless, for  people with disabilities
and(chronic medical conditions), women with dependent children plus probably

These people are subsidized by the state or Federal Gov't. Recovering drug
addicts get Social Security. Women who have dependent children who have learning
disabilities get extra Social security.

Provincetown is going to have several low income housing developments: two on
shank painter road and one on Race Point Rd. These low income housing
developments are already stigmatized and studies have shown it is severely
detrimental to a community to have areas of a town designated as low income.

Everyone drives on Shankpainter Rd to go to the grocery store or the banks
there. Everyone who know who is getting subsidies. This planing is a mistake.
All of the other places are hidden from public view.
6:02 pm est 

Give Me a Break!

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence
clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of
hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." - H. L. Mencken

Provincetown has some of the stiffest most onerous zoning rules in the nation.
We are one of only a couple of towns in the entire country to have a scale bylaw
which requires that structures/improvements be in keeping with their
neighborhood scale. There are mechanisms for exceptions to this and some
deviation allowed with review by ZBA. We also have a very strictly enforced
historic bylaw.

To assert that there are no restrictions and builders run wild over the town is
just complete and utter   . Each and every bylaw is carefully reviewed by
multiplace layers of committees as well as town meeting where, in the most
recent revision, town voters overwhelmingly voted for the changes. Of course,
the Marcene/Clarence/Duane/MaryJo axis of bitterness didn't get their way so
they use the tactic noted by HL Mencken above to try to stir things up and look
like they are the great protectors of sacred Provincetown. They are a crock of 
   and one gets tired of listening to it but it seems, like the tea party crap,
to need constant rebuttal.

- not a developer, town employee, realtor or anyone connected with any of them.

PS: still waiting for why if you are so miserable and this is such a horrible
place you don't just move? really we want to know.
5:57 pm est 

Manhattan BY THE BAY

The artists and writers came here and did their serious, creative work which
brought recognition and work to the town.

Hard working men and women came here, fished our waters, worked on wharves,
opened galleries and craft shops and settled here. Entrepreneurs and
restaurateurs and tradesmen settled here and contributed to the growth of the

Hyannis has a problem with homeless people harassing the community at large,
according to reports by their police chief.

The affordable housing here is first for the homeless, teenage girls with babies
(women with dependent children), and people in recovery.

I'm not disparaging these people for their situation in life; but do you really
see them burning with innovative ideas to improve the town or contribute to the
greater good?

We have dynamic young people who are accomplishing great things through
education or hard work. We also have our own high school drop-outs who shy away
from a challenge, young people who make a career of "hanging out" and expect the
world to provide for them.

Having a section of town designated as low income housing developments is a 
dastardly approach. People complain about all of the summer rentals; why wasn't a study
done to see how many landlords would rent to year round folks on subsidies if
they were paid a market rate?

Then these residents-to-be would be intermixed in the community as they already
are instead of saturated at the end of Shankpainter road next to gas station

All of this was done to rush the CPA funds to affordable housing developers. Watch
and weep at the results.
5:49 pm est 

Re: Sarah Palin Question

I don't know why you bring up Palin on this blog but since you did,
let me answer your question as to why the networks devote time to her. It's
simple: she's created a brand of herself and she sells it just as fervently as
if she were selling cars. The reason the networks pay attention to her
simplistic utterances is that what she says is often off the mark, silly or
shocking to such a degree that they have to cover it. It's called stoking the
media fire. I know someone who interviews her regularly who asserts that she's
absolutely simple-minded, but not in the area of attracting attention to
herself. In that regard, she's fairly smart. But she's dangerous because there's
nothing worse than someone who is simple minded and who has the ear of the
5:15 pm est 

Re: Question-Cape Cod Commission / Demolition Delay

All towns on Cape Cod are members of the Cape Cod Commission. Provincetown's
representative is Selectman Knight.

We do have six month demolition delay bylaw. See section 11-1-5 of the Town's
general bylaws on the Town's website.

5:11 pm est 

Re: Growth

In reply to that comment...

You are asserting that low income housing correlates to the homeless! Do you
think they hang out together or that if low I come falters (financially) that
their next stop is to become homeless?  Also, the Soup Kitchen is for EVERYONE.
Given this financial climate, SKIP may save someone falling short; others simply
enjoy seeing our neighbors (both financially strapped & others)... Donations are
accepted so I hope those making "150/hr" are donating which offsets those that
cannot so judge lest not ye be judged. 
5:07 pm est 


Can anyone tell us if province town is part of the cape cod commission
For historic delay demolition? We are not listed on there website and
I can not find the info. On the town website.
10:33 am est 

Sarah Palin Question

Please chime in because I don't get it - If Sarah Palin is so "dumb" as many
people repeatedly say - why does MSNBC and CNN devote SO MUCH air time to
discussing her ?  Over and over and over the programs on these stations
chronicle everything she does, does not do, and says.

If this woman is not a political threat and "dumb" - why give her the time of
day on air ? 

10:25 am est 


We need growth--but how is low income housing which continues to subsidize
people on welfare, the homeless and women with dependent children going to
stimulate the economy in Provincetown?

(I thought that the soup kitchen was for the homeless--not the contractors and
plumbers making $150.00 an hour. I'm not giving to the "soup Kitchen" any more.
I import my help now from out of town--unless there is an emergency.)

I guess that there will be a private police detail at the housing projects
considering the problem that they have with them in other cities.

Watch the problems on Main Street in Hyannis with the homeless become our
problem on Commercial street once the low income housing units are built.
Citizens beware.
10:23 am est 

People May Sell But Laws Govern What Can be Done with Our Properties

With more reasonalbe Zoning laws, we wouldn't be in this high-density "slum"
looking town situation. It isn't the people who seel but what the new owners can
do with the properties they buy. Here in Provincetown they can almost anything.
It's like the Wild, Wild West here at the tip of the Cape. We have few laws
restricting build ups and few who thought long term about what should not be
built in Provincetown. Early on the real estate brokers who became developers
sat on boards and created rules that would make them rich. These rules still
stand and more and real estate brokers take advantage of our outdated rules.

Soon there will be little left that is not one building stacked on top of
another, like the old Moors and now next door, wackly town houses that will soon
multiply again. Much like rabbits or chickens laying eggs. But these eggs are
quite rotten. And we are left suffering the putrid smell.
11:54 pm est 

Re: Pick Your Poison

Fortunately your bitterness and age will catch up with you soon and we won't
have to listen to you gripe anymore. If the town is such a disaster and everyone
so corrupt and evil why dont you sell and move to another town you admire? Is it
because you are so addicted to your bitterness you can't or are you so far in
debt you can't? Has it jut Ll been downhill since your high point on the school
football team or newspaper? Honestly this reader would like to know, really.
Many people ask me this question about the bitter tone of a few on here and I
can never answer.
11:50 pm est 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Re: Developers

Developers TAKE empty space, and they DEVELOP it for PROFIT.

To slow down developers, and move some of the huge profits that they TAKE, we
should tax them. The room tax here is over 10%, why not tax developers at 10% 
of the sale price, unless they live in a house for say 5 years first.

  Win, win.  We can slow development, and help raise revenue for the town.
9:09 pm est 

Re: Developers

Sorry, in 1950 blah blah blah.  I was in here in 1950 and it was a
hell of alot more historic than it is now.  You can sing all you want about
demographics and the sainthoods of developers but the truth remains. 
Developers, and I do mean ALL of them, are in it for the money, and for the
money alone.  NO OTHER MOTIVE.   If you think otherwise on any level, you are
either one of them, in bed with one of them, getting a check from one of them or
making a payment to one of them.   Pick your poison. 
9:07 pm est 

To: "They are Saving the Historic Nature of This Town."

Sorry.  Have you completely lost your mind?  What part of the historic nature of
this town is dune mauling, vegetation stripping and modular domino firetrap
construction?  You too, belong on a boat headed to the Grand Banks filled with
all of them.  So sad if you think Provincetown is being developed in tune with
it's history. 
7:01 pm est 

Board of Health

Does anyone know when the next BOH meeting is and what the agenda is? I looked
at the town website but there is nothing available. Has there been anymore
discussion regarding the potentially required town wide septic inspections?
6:59 pm est 

Re: Developers-How Dumb is Provincetown?

Do the Queen and her court realize the bottomless pit of high interest
unforgiving debt our beloved town is being forced into?  Without owning its own
drinking water? While simultaneously encouraging unbridled development so a few
can make a killing?  Perhaps it can be discussed over cocktails and dinner at
their next informal "meeting" at a condo purchased at a "bargain". 

A dumb townie who remembers when telling people you were born and raised in
Provincetown, as were your grandparents and parents, didn't result in "really?"
"your'e kidding?"      ...and embarrassment.   
6:55 pm est 

Re: "Brimming With Wine and Roses"
In 1950 the US Population was 151 million people, the 2010 census shows 308
million people. There has and continues to be a mass migration from rural areas
to urban areas, as there is worldwide. Hence, kids don't stay on the Cape.
Conversely as the massive demographic bubble called the baby boomers reached
their peak earnings years nice bucolic places like Provincetown become ever more
desirable/valuable vaction refuges from more and more crowded urban areas. The
same is true of almost every other nice place in the country, mountains/beach
and more.

Regarding Provincetown's former primary industry, to take one species example,
the northwestern atlantic cod catch has gone from 1.8 million tons in 1968 to
virtually zero today, poof major industry gone.

It isn't the "developer's" fault, it isn't the "townies'" fault, it isn't the
"wash-ashore's" fault. It's the result of massive demographic, economic and
environmental trends. Stop playing the bitter blame game and name calling, if
you can't stand it or can't afford to be here any more take the money and run or
if you want to stay do something constructive other than spewing bitter blame on
this group or that.

Provincetown has done better than most at controlling growth and preserving its
history, character and appeal albeit at the cost of massive increase in value of
properties. The boomers want it to be pretty and not have much competition from
new high end development hence the severe restrictions on growth and density
that inevitably result in higher property prices and less and less affordable

- not a townie, not a wash-ashore and definitely not a developer
6:53 pm est 

Re: Developers

If money was not the prime issue, we would all want less density and
less development
We would want the quaintness to remain. We would want fewer buildings on a lot.
We would want small scaled buildings. We would want what other towns like Truro
and Chatham mandate. Fewer buildings on a lot, less density and more of a sense
of historic community. But developers changed the zoning by-laws long ago and
made certain they would maximize their profits. They did. And we are left with
houses on top of houses, condos upon condos, and the old zoning laws allowing
this to continue.

Money does change the landscape of a town if we continue to allow it. And it
seems we do. Thus the changes that sadly disappoint.
6:49 pm est 

170 Bradford Needs to be Demolished

It's Unsafe, Dangerous and Unsalvageable:

Deal with what is now. The house is dangerous and should have been declared
unsafe by the building commissioner. You can't walk in without being at risk.
Strange, isn't it, that Russell Braun failed to declare this house unsafe when
he declared other buildings, much more sturdy and intact, unsafe last year. He
declared the Boatworks unsafe and in need of demolition when this building was
structurally quite sound.

170 Bradford Street needs to be torn down given its present dangerous state.
Let's hope this building is rebuilt in the style of what it once was and that
its unsightly state is wonderfully transformed.

6:46 pm est 

Re: Developers

Yes, agreed, many townies took advantage and sold their properties for
a nice profit.  However, after a family is here for 50 or 100 years or so, lost
members at sea, struggled through winter after winter, don't they deserve that? 
You can't blame townies for the money grubbing development this town is being
faced with now.  Townies are not the ones mowing down dunes and sticking up
multiple cheap quality housing units for the sole purpose of the almighty buck. 
It's starting to look like Brockton.  I was born here also and yes, the old days
were brimming with wine and roses.  Again, ending with a "clever" insult. 
Petty, ignorant and typical of someone who can't support an opinion with fact
and must resort to low blows to show much desired but hard to obtain
3:10 pm est 

Truth to Power

The truth is a shining light. The affordable housing debacle where "favored
employees" bought homes for a pittance and then sold them a number of years
later for a King's ransom.

"Favorites" have sweet heart deals where by two "lovers" each have a place, live
in one and enjoy the other.

You, dear developers, may prance around exclaiming that you are another "Mother
Teresa", but the facts are that some people have won the lottery only to have to
"give it back" when their true wealth was known. (So much for in depth
background financial checking>)

Provincetown owns no drinkable water. We can't water our lawns or wash our cars
and yet development is rampant. What is real growth? Peter Francese says, at the
top of this page, that affordable housing is not the way to go.
3:08 pm est 

Let's All Say Goodbye to 170 Bradford Street

The owners are going for a demolition permit...... Another historic house gone !
Hopefully the historic commission will not let this happen!!!!!
1:45 pm est 

Re: Developers

The only reason developers were able to come in and pillage the town is because
we let them.

We certainly could have preserved the old Provincetown with strict zoning and
building laws.  Of course, that would have meant that our property would be
worth less and you couldn't sell the old garage for $500,000 to some dumb Boston 
    guy, right?

Now it's just shutting the barn door after all of the horses are gone.

Townies wanted to cash out and we did by and large.  The town is now
unaffordable to working class people and is pretty much a summer community. 
Eventually, that will mean adjusting the infrastructure of the town to reflect
the new economic reality which will mean even fewer year round jobs.  Why
exactly do we need 10 policemen?

What's happened is gross, it's disgusting and I think its finally time for me to
sell the family house and move on.
1:43 pm est 

Facing Economic Reality

There Should Be No New Hirees Now that We Face Disastrous Economic
Times and Will Lose a Percentage of Local Aid

Why then hire a new person in the health department? Why do we need a new
half-time "inspector" at this time? This is not the time to add new people. And
we should freeze ALL raises. It's time to scale down and scale back. There
should be an across the board salary freeze. This is what solid leadership
1:41 pm est 

Re: Red Inn Demolition

I drove by The Red Inn and yes they have taken down a pretty good
chunk. I'll bet they put something back together that looks better than the
bunch of add on's that were there. And maybe it will be a bit more fire safe.
Good luck to them.
1:40 pm est 

Where is the Greed ?

While I don't doubt that some developers are taking advantage of things, I
really feel that the true greedy ones are the "townies" who have sold these
broken down houses at high prices and left town. Stop blaming the newbies and
wash-a-shores. They are saving the historic nature of this town.  Just look at
170 Bradford Street at the corner of Brewster. These townies have let their home
be destroyed over the past 40 years and now want permission to tear it down to
make more money from selling the property. Tell me where is the greed?
1:38 pm est 

Re: Developers-How Dumb is Provincetown?

Certain topics on this blog have been given the once over more than
once.  Talking about development, pros and cons, is healthy for this town.  This
is the one issue that holds the keys to the kingdom.

Residents need to be smarter.  Developers will never put aside visions of grandeur
and stop themselves.  They will defend until they are as green in the face as the cash in
their pockets. 

We must learn from our mistakes.  What is permitted now dictates
where this town will be in 20,30,50 years. Ptown has limited land size, limited
water resources, limited infrastructure, limited natural resources period but
not limited development.  When will what's been built already be enough?

Resources are strained to the brink in summer.  Then in the winter, when the
town is trying to catch it's breath, more nagging chunks and bites are ripped
from the land, year after year.  Tear down one dune, wipe out another.  How
about we fix and use what we already have.   Give it a rest!

Nonstop development is like an infection this town will never shake if
developers are allowed to control the antibiotic supply.  They need a wakeup
call.  Go find another town to prey on or is Provincetown the only town dumb
enough that let's you get away with it? 
1:36 pm est 

Re: Developers

There are many examples of developers unethical practices around town. 
Some have blatantly disregarded decisions by the ZBA and have been fined as a
result.  But these cases are few and far between and the fines levied amount to
a pittance compared to profits made, so for the developer the fine simply
becomes part of the cost of doing business.  There have been many more instances
of developers saying one thing and then doing another just for the sake of
profits.  They will lie and cheat to get what they want without regard to the
impact on others.
1:31 pm est 

Re: Developers

To the blogger who referred to me as a developer for my pointing out
that this town used to be called a shantytown in a blog I wrote. I have never
been or plan to be a developer. Plus I was born and raised here. Not all townies
agree with your negative view of today's Provincetown. The past was not all days
of wine & roses. However I bet you have more than a few empty bottles each week
in your blue recycle box.
1:30 pm est 

Re: Developers

Point being not All developers received Taxpayer's
$3,000,000.00. Again KEYWORD being ALL.
1:26 pm est 

Re: Developers

Thankyou for the clarification  . S0 not ALL developers received the
$3,000,000.00  . Only a select few. Generalizations generalizations
generalizations.  Oh and I forgot-all developers build modular firetraps
too. Right?????
1:24 pm est 

Detective Monica Himes

I keep reading in the Banner about things being investigated by Detective Monica
Himes.  I have never read of a case solved by said detective.

And goodbye Officer Peters.       and entitled, just like the old guard (which
is now pretty much gone).  Now he can just sit in a squad car and ticket people
coming and going from his former employers.  Good luck Truro.

I like the changes in the PD.
1:22 pm est 

Re: Developers and Greed

Re:"I remember when Provincetown was known as shantytown. That
was not a Positive view of the town. Now that people have fixed up a lot of
these homes, Now we are called a beautiful and historic town. That is a positive
view and why our homes are now worth thousands and millions of dollars." 

This is a perfect example of a developer letting the truth slip out.
What a terrible thing for Provincetown to be like it was 20 or 30 years ago:
Average people could afford to live and work here.
Artists and poets, and craftsmen could live here.
There was a vibrant year round community of people who could afford to LIVE here
year round.

"Greed is Good", just ask any developer.

It is a "wonderful" thing that real estate prices have pushed out most of the
people in town, and the old timers who are still holding on can barely pay there
escalating properly taxes.

Provincetown has and will continue to be a "beautiful and historic town".
Greed is NOT good !
12:12 am est 

Re: Developers

It is interesting reading the slimy spin (lies) that comes forth from
Shanty town...

It is interesting how the huge fortunes made by developers go to their heads, to
the point where they start to believe their own lies.

It seams that the developer who has been writing only sees profit in bulldozing
the history of this town for his/her own profit.

Please get real. The bones of this town are fantastic, and yes there was a
period of time that it got a little worse for ware, and now for the most part
the town has been "prettied" up again.

And yes, there are some shacks around town, but those shacks are a part of this
town, that should be cherished along with the grand Captains homes.
Please do  not confuse fixing up the historic older houses or shacks to be
prettier, with clear cutting, bulldozing, and building box housing crammed in
one on top of another in order to make huge profits.

The TRUTH shows when a developer lies, if you pay attention.
12:08 am est 

Re: Developers

'You and any informed person in this town knows that "Developers" did
not receive $3,000,000 of taxpayers money . Why don't you say it as it is.  Name
the "Developers" who received this money and those who did not'

This is an easy one...Let's begin with Ted Malone, he has been on the forefront
of So Called Affordable Housing.Back when he began in the mid 90's, public
opinion was that he was the savoir of the development working class. He
regularly used CPC funds and special zoning to build on Conwell,lots and lots on
Conwell, Nelson Ave, and even the Meadows.
The first real use of big Public Moneys for private award goes to Cass Benson
and Gerry A something. They took one million in Public Money to rehab the old
roach motel off Rt6. They turned it into Sandy Lane. They even sub contracted
the "Lottery" details to good old Ted Malone.

Enter Ted again the next year when he managed to get over 2 million in Public
money for his clear cutting project on the corner of Rt6 and Race Point Road.
That still hasn't happened and he still has control of the money. It is pretty
amazing that even with the huge amount of Taxpayer$$$ he still hasn't been able
to put a deal together.

Answer your question? Yes, we all know that "developers"
have gotten $3 Million Taxpayer dollars to do with what they want in the last 5

I remain, The Only Pebble on the Beach
12:06 am est 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Re: Developers

I remember when Provincetown was known as shantytown. That was not a
positive view of the town. Now that people have fixed up a lot of these homes,
now we are called a beautiful and historic town. That is a positive view and why
our homes are now worth thousands and millions of dollars.
9:07 pm est 

Re: One Less Officer

The truth is that it's now TEN less officers since Jeff Jaran came here. Our
Detective, Monica Himes, is leaving too. When is someone of authority going to
start questioning this mass exodus of police officers from our town?? If they
did exit interviews as is done in the private sector they would certainly find a
common denominator.
9:06 pm est 

One Less Officer

Ryan Peters will now be working in Truro, appointed last night at their
selectmens meeting just after our selectmen were at the meeting. Didn't we just
hire new officers?
8:25 pm est 

Re: Standard & Poors Rating of Provincetown

Much of the credit of this rating is due to the tremendous efforts and hard work
of the former director of municipal finance, who has since left the employ of
Provincetown to work for another municipality.

The tireless work of the Finance Committee should also be acknowledged.

Great things are happening, because of a collaborative effort
8:23 pm est 

Standard & Poors Rating of Provincetown

Thought readers would be interested in some highlights from Standard
and Poor's recent (1/18) rating of Provincetown debt which can be found in the
S&P website:


Standard & Poor's Ratings Services has assigned its 'AA-' long-term rating to
the town of Provincetown, Mass.' series 2010 general obligation (GO) municipal
loan bonds.

In our opinion, credit factors supporting the rating include the town's:
· Large and very diverse property tax base and extremely strong per capita
market values,
· Strong and stable reserve position, and
· Low debt position and aggressive amortization schedule."

"In our opinion, Provincetown's financial position at the close of fiscal 2010
was strong. Draft audited results for fiscal 2010 indicate a $2.2 million
unreserved general fund balance, or a strong 11% of expenditures. The town also
maintains roughly $579,000 in a stabilization account. Combined, the town has
roughly $2.8 million in available reserves, or about 13% of expenditures. The
current reserve position remains a considerable improvement from previous years,
due mainly to conservative budgeting practices."

Funny that the premier muni debt rating agency's opinion differs so much from
the those who so often critize thethe town's fiscal management so frequently on
this blog.

I hope the webmaster will make sure this item doesn't get lost.

- not a town employee (nor committee member), etc.

6:59 pm est 

Re: What's up With the Sewer System?

Why are there big hoses lining Bradford St. in the east end (by Michael Shay's)?
What is going on down there?
6:55 pm est 

Re; Developers

RE: "The Charm of this town is due to the fact that it has NOT been

NOT been developed? Which part of town do you live in? Many older properties in
my part of town have been carefully redeveloped under the strict control of
stiff zoning laws and historic district committee and they look much better for
it. A few others are badly in need of it and are a danger to their occupants and

Your method of immediately attacking anyone who difers in your opinion by
labelling them a "developer" is immature and not useful in furthering debate.

- not the original poster

6:54 pm est 

Re: Developers

A fan of clear gravy.  Never ceases to amaze.  Truly, by all means,
you deserve nothing less than a decent home.  Perhaps a developer can birth one
out for you, mark it up a couple hundred percent and leave it in your obviously
able hands to deal with the consequences.  After all, it's quantity not quality
that's important.  You insult what character this town has left and that takes a
hit with each stupid new developer approval. Hope the water lasts.  
6:52 pm est 

Re: Developers

Re: 'some  live in shacks that  "Developers" should tear down and 
      replace them with decent homes.'


I guess as a developer, you just do not GET Provincetown.  It is called

If you want huge houses with glass walls or high rise condo buildings, you are
in the wrong place, try moving to South Beach, or Ft. Lauderdale.

The Charm of this town is due to the fact that it has NOT been developed, and
still has the character of the old fishing village.

5:47 pm est 

Re: What's up With the Sewer System

Sewer connections are not going to the end of Bradford in the west
end. It is only a vacuum pipe to off set pressure and connect to the new pump at
the Provincetown Inn.
4:30 pm est 

Provincetown vs USA

Amazing, with all of the development and renovations going on in this
town you would think that the economy of the nation has recovered.
4:28 pm est 

Red Inn Demolition?

Has anybody noticed that they tore down a chunk of the Red Inn
today??? Whats with that??
4:26 pm est 

Re: "What's up With the Sewer System?"

If you read back on the history of decision making on the sewer system I think
(and I could be wrong) that the decision to go to the West End on Bradford was
to make the system more reliable. Rather than sucking/vacuming the poop all the
way back down Commercial St the Bradford extension makes a loop with the
exisiting run on west end of Commercial St. This will eliminate having to move
waste over the hump in Commercial St just before Red Inn which has caused
ongoing problems. Or it could be part of grand conspiracy.

- not a town employee nor sleeping with one
4:25 pm est 

Re: Developers

The properties developed are all to high and dense..
Example ..victors and farther down Bradford,the old moors
Location and bissells tennis courts. The town should consider
Changing the bylaws that pertain to any development over a
Certain amount of units and place restrictions.
I also see the same developers coming back to the zoning board for
More after promises were made to the town and it's boards that they
Would not. I recently saw a developer at the zoning meeting requesting
Certain things that were promised they would not due,after receiving
Resistance..... The response was that he would contact his lawyer.
4:22 pm est 

Re: Developers

The blogs ring true, however, the term "Developers" should not be
limited to include only those of the male gender.  Two genders play this game
and it's a proven fact that one is equally as ruthless as the other.   
4:20 pm est 

Re: Developers
Many of us live in homes the "Developers" built, some of us live in shacks that
"Developers" should tear down and replace them with decent homes.  That is my
opinion and it may be as extreme as yours, but on the other end of the spectrum.
You may think my position is out of line, but I think your narrow view of
developers is moronic.  You may not be pleased with the Bangs Street
development, but the homes look better than the rest on your street.  You made
your point...over and over. 
3:25 pm est 

What's up With the Sewer System?

So when was it decided to go all the way to the end of Bradford St in
the West End with the connections to the sewer?  I hope it wasn't done for just
one developer.

12:38 pm est 

Re: Developers

To the blog about Developers being a tad bit (or more) less than
honest.  I agree and a little tour of the "developments" in town prove the
12:10 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Schools

We are sick of being betrayed by the Jessica Waughs of Provincetown.

How about NOT passing the School budget until there is transparency vs:

"The income derived from that program has NOT
been disclosed nor have the expenses as what stated by the Superintendent this
past Monday at BOS. After it's first year I would hope those #'s are transparent
and for all to see."

Waugh is a disgrace to those who struggle to meet their bills. Shame on her.
10:29 am est 

I have never met a more dishonest "group of people".

Each developer stands on his/her own, and does his/her own thing, but the
bottom line is GREED.

We all know at least one, and yes they may be "charming" and "nice people"  who
generally throw great parties, and open cases of wine/champaign, and are fun to
be around.

  We have all seen the "Dark Side" of these same people, the sheer
"Ruthlessness" in their chase after the millions of dollars that they  
"Deserve"   to earn as they rape and pillage through our town.

We all know developers who in order  to make a dollar, will lie, cheat, and

As a generalization, the character flaw of a developer is ruthlessness and  a
complete lack of ethics or morals. We have all seen this in our own lives.

The economy is getting "better" so expect to see a flurry of new building and
bulldozers and all over town.

Don't forget if a developer says, "You can trust me" you can believe that every
word out of his mouth will be a LIE.
10:15 am est 

Provincetown School District

The elementary classes are all moving to the High School Building and only 1/3
of the elementary school structure is to be used for the WIC day care center
that was started this past year. The income derived from that program has NOT
been disclosed nor have the expenses as what stated by the Superintendent this
past Monday at BOS. After it's first year I would hope those #'s are transparent
and for all to see. IPADS for everyone over 4th grade!!! They will be able to
take them home and I am sure not use them for anything but learning LOL!! The
Business manager and Adm Asst that were awarded those hefty raises to reach over
$70,000 + were a "gift" from Jessica Waugh and her possy i am sure they
discussed over many chicken wings at Fanizzi's on their Friday afternoon chats.
You see when one retires they average one's last 3 years of service and that is
how the pension amount is determined. DO NOT put this one on Sharon's blame she
has NO control over the dealings with the School Budget. Add up the paid sick time
folks and you can probably see spending close to $50,000 or so!! Spend spend spend
there is no end to the madness because the School, the Police and the Town's affairs
are being run the "same" way it has always been run. NO one in any management or
leader postion thinks OUTSIDE the BOX!!
9:03 am est 

Shout Out!

I see this blog as a mixture of people who really love this town and
care about it. Some people just post nasty, untrue statements to get others
riled up(they need a little excitement in the winter months). There are others
who are in the know and actually know what they are talking about. Lots comes
out on this blog and you just need to be smart enough to check the information
and then decide what to do with it.

Its a good thing for this town. I just wish the name calling would cease.
8:59 am est 

Re: Provincetown Schools

Can anyone tell me what is happening to the Elementary
2:04 am est 

Re: Provincetown Schools

And Will the $70,000 Plus a Year Secretaries Also Receive an iPad?

Probably, given how this town works. Give these women dollars and 69 thousand
other dollars and then give them a hefty pension. Secretaries never had it so
good! It's not about making sense. It's about privilege and insider deals.

How wrong this is. But, it's the Sharon solution. Throw money at the problem and
it will dis-a-pp-ear. You are so right, my dear. Brilliance just wins here. It
overcomes even ineptitude.
2:02 am est 

Re: Developtown Fomerly Provincetown

Lumping the Good with the Bad:

"Developtown Formerly Provincetown"   $3,000,000 of taxpayers money to
developers??????????  Why do you group Developers into one group????- give me a
break- You and any informed person in this town knows that "Developers" did not
receive $3,000,000 of taxpayers money . Why don't you say it as it is.  Name the
"Developers" who received this money and those who did not. Give me a Break. The
generalization in this post is absurd.
12:12 am est 

Provincetown Schools

Come to school in provincetown and we'll give you an IPad.  Yes, every
student grades 4 through 12 will receive a free IPad beginning with next years
12:06 am est 

Thanks Guys--The Writing and Thinking Goes On

It's winter and the snow rushes in, covering branch and spring-to-be-buds. But
the writing here moves like the wind through a moon lit night. Good to know so
many are re-thinking issues central to this quanit little town. Many do care.
Thanks for your thoughts.
12:04 am est 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fed Up!

So, in other words, the truth is a bad thing and should be shrouded
and masked?  Sorry if people's "feelings" get hurt but if your "feelings" are
your wallet or pocketbook, use a tissue to address your issue. 

signed - a fed up Provincetown 
6:38 pm est 

build, Build, *BUILD*!!

Lets have a contest: list the next five, then ten, then fifty empty lots or bits
of open space that will be developed in the coming years.

And guess in what year the water ban will be lifted so we may once again be
allowed to water our lawns in the summer?

With all of this continued massive building and with the strain that it is
putting on our resources, we will need a desalination plant built soon.
5:57 pm est 

Developtown Formerly Provincetown

The rest of the country is in desperate straits. Here in Provincetown,
$3,000,000 of taxpayer money has gone to developers as though there was a dearth
of development.

Witness the BUILDING BOOM has swept over Provincetown from the Murchison
property to Shanpainter Rd to Harry Kemp Way to Race Road to Bangs Street. A
vast array of housing developments.

$3,000,000 went to affordable housing developers that should have gone to
complete the library and Town Hall.

Provincetown's water withers while the Developers become even greater gods of
wealth. Don't cry for the land you helped desecrate Ms. Elaine--taxpayer money
to the Rich developers--what a waste.
5:53 pm est 

Re: Candace and Barbara

While I'm not a big fan of Candace, at least her recommendations add value to
the community.  Barbara's misguided and selfish recommendations only benefit her
relatives and hurt the community overall.  By her own admission, she recommended
the formula district to squelch competition (Cuffy's) because it was resulting
in her friend's t-shirt shop to lose money.  Perhaps her friend should improve
quality and cut revenue to compete with Cuffy's?
5:51 pm est 

Re: Fast Food

"We don't need anymore HIGH CLASS REST."

Nor do we need any more Type II Diabetes.

-- Laughing Last
5:48 pm est 

DQ Closing?

Please tell me just how "the wash-a-shores" were responsible for the
dq closing...
5:45 pm est 

Re: Bully Candace

I oppose as many property owners oppose BarBara Rushmore's Real Estate
Transfer Tax. "Only good for the community?'
What an ignorant position! Good thing you didn't sign your name!
3:36 pm est 

Rex McKinsey-Harbormaster

Rex we know you are under a lot of pressure (again) and the Pier Corp.
has you on a tight leash (finally, and thank God) requiring weekly personnel
meetings with a Pier Corp. personnel subcommittee to make you (finally)
accountible for past and present poor management.

I would like to recommend to the Pier Corp. to install software on your computer
to track what websites you go on including this one, to understand how much time
you are wasting on their watch attempting damage control, shifting blame,
counter attacking your critics with nonsense postings, and trying to stay ahead
of those who want you fired like me.
3:32 pm est 

Libel Issue

Stone walls do not a prison make, Nor iron bars a cage.
I am not judging anyone, just voicing my opinion. The truth, if it is the
truth, would be difficult to prosecute as libel. Sometimes it might be better to
voice the truth than to keep the aggression pent up. In most locations the truth
will set us free. Provincetown?
12:58 pm est 

Re: Bully Candace

Placing Candace Nagel with Rushmore is an ignorant thing to say.  Barbara
Rushmore is a wonderful member of our community and only suggests things that
will improve our community.  To put her in the same category as Candace Nagle is
insulting and a direct attack of her character. 
12:56 pm est 

Re: Libel Question is an Interesting One

"They will subpoena the records and determine the unique IP address
from where the post originated, then they'll subpoena Verizon or Comcast and
find out the name of the poster."

OK, here we go again.  At least once a year on here some anti first amendment
scold threatens posters with whom they disagree with lawsuits.

If any poster has any qualms about having their IP address subpoenaed, you could
simply go to the library and use one of their computers to make your post.  Or
even easier, Google "anonymous surfing" and use one of the many free services
that fully prevent IP tracing by anyone, with subpoena or not. 

To the poster who threatened this, maybe you'd be more comfortable living in
Cuba or China.  They try to block the anonymous surfing services.  Not so in the
12:54 pm est 

10% Developers Tax:

I'm all for setting special taxes that target individuals that benefit, either
through profits or added services.  Year round residents should pay higher taxes
because they use town services more than owners who are here just part of the
year.  Interesting that tax increases are always proposed for everyone except
the ones who benefit the most.  The town should levy a 10% tax on the income
earned by all local contractors who are hired by developers, so that they too
can share the tax burden of the town.
12:51 pm est 

Union Negotiations

I was wondering, would the teachers union cease and desist with having in their
contracts with the town a "buy back" for sick time not used? Has anyone looked
at the School budget and the amount of buy back of sick time given to those
retiring? I don't know about you but every employee should be given an agreed
upon number of sick days but to be able to accrue over years and then get a lump
sum of over $12,000+ doesn't seem fiscally responsible nor fair in the economic
climate we are faced with now!! We are cutting "units" on those younger teachers
but giving away tens of thousand of dollars it makes NO sense. Stop the insanity
and negotiate this BENEFIT out of the new bargaining agreement. Stop the 4 day
work week and get back to 5 days working a 40 hour week please for the Town's
employees'. Taxpayers please look at the school budget that was just approved by
BOS and the Finance Committee's.
12:49 pm est 

Fast Food

Maybe fast food is what p-town needs to get the young  people here to work and
families to come here. We used to have the dairey queen, that was taken away by
wash-a-shores. We don't need anymore HIGH CLASS REST. Nothing wrong with a Cooks
or a KF'Cs, they're places on shankpainter road that would perfect. Wake up

10:06 am est 

10% Developers Tax:

Instead of crying to ourselves how the greedy developers are raping and
pillaging our beautiful town, lets get smart. I am not talking about someone who
wants to fix up their own property, and or build a house that they plan on
living in for say 5 years minimum, but how a bout this:

A flat tax of 10% of the sale price to be levied on any Developed property to go
towards funding infrastructure, like paving the streets.

The developers might make less, and develop less property in town, and the town
would benefit financially, and by slowing development.

Win Win.
9:46 am est 

The Libel Question is an Interesting One

At some point, a non-pubic figure who is libeled here (and there are a lot of
non-public figures who are libeled here) will sue. They will subpoena the
records and determine the unique IP address from where the post originated, then
they'll subpoena Verizon or Comcast and find out the name of the poster.

Happens all the time.  And eventually it will happen here.
9:44 am est 

Bangs Street & 9 Willow Street Developments
Wouldn't it be awesome if the connector between Willow and Bangs were to be
named Malones Way? Seems appropriate.
12:46 am est 

God Save the First Amendment Right to be Mean!

I haven't posted for nearly two years. I finally saw the difference between
constructive criticism and negativity. Unfortunately, I had been too often
guilty of the latter.

I hope many of us can agree that this blog has become vicious. Over the past 24
hours, one post attacked a beloved town character (who I think is worth "her"
weight in tourism gold) as a "jesus/woman." Another ridiculed as "Lucy and
Ethel" Candace Nagle and Barbara Rushmore, who are arguably the two most
civically devoted people in town who don't sit on a board. They're more
influential many who do, and who work hard at it, including myself.

Worse, the blogmaster recently allowed a post that said the town's harbormaster
has a "serious you know what problem." If I were him, I'd sue for libel. I'll
know I've got a point if this post doesn't make it.

It's winter in Provincetown: cold, gorgeous, desolate. You can love it or go
crazy hating it. Truly we are "like nowhere else." So why must we act up like a
2011 rerun of "Peyton Place" -- a sick, desperate New England town that took a
novelist to dream up?

-- Laughing Last
12:44 am est 

Re: Pier Conflict

The problem on the pier has always been spotty enforcement, constantly
changing policy. like one year the charters can only sell tix, the next year the
whale watch boat is selling sunscreen, sunglasses and postcards. It's a sloppy
management operation down there with lots of winks, nods,ticked off tenants,
those who keep quiet like the charters and lawyers because they are getting the
same low rates like us fishermen and those like Rebais who get lots of perks
cause he is the asst. harbormaster who has the keys to the ice and barge.

12:40 am est 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Re: Pier Conflict

Dalomba has no grounds to attack ribas as everyday
he brakes all the laws down the pier. rex doesnt do his job of because dalomba
leaves all his junk around because he has no proprty to put it on and no friends
to ask.come on rex do your job and make sure dalomba has insurance on his boat
as of the new regs that were voted on are not enforced
7:08 pm est 

Bangs Street & 9 Willow Street Developments

Re:  Overdevelopment of the town some of us really love, and not
because we can make a slimey buck off it

Ms. Sowers of the Banner should do her duty as an "investigative" reporter and
get to work.  She told one side, now tell the truth.  She swayed public opinion
with falsehoods provided by those close to the prize.  There is plenty of hard
data that contradicts.  It takes a true "investigative" reporter with a
conscience and the power of media to bring this to light. All you bloggers who
defend are really pitiful.  Your mentality de jour.  Who will stop it, who will
spend money to fight it?  So easy to see right through.  You do nothing but
insult and regirgitate the falsehoods published to date and fed out in the
Banner.  Time for some truth.  Read the material on file and compare to
published statements and you will easily see who lies and who smiles all the way
to the bank.  Really.  You have the audacity to insult and injure our town for
nothing but money.  Sickening.  These insults will not go unrewarded.  Sorry,
despite what you preach, all townies are not ignorant.  On !
the contrary, the ignorant barometer seems to have a direct relation to
bankbook size and false arrogance. 
6:48 pm est 

Re: Bully Candace

Placing Candance Nagel with Rushmore is an ignorant thing to say. 
Obviously you have a personal vendetta against Candance and think that your
rantings are anonymous.  They are not.  Those in the know can easily see their
origins.  Where is Slippery Fish when you need him?
2:22 pm est 

Bangs Street Highway

Now we know why Bangs Street Extension and the limited access was not an issue
to the town boards. As predicted we will have road to street condo's piled like
termites in a nest. If 2=4, then maybe 30 will = 60 or 120 or 240. If you can't
go wider go upwards, who's to stop this?

Visualize Gunther relinguishing Bangs Street Ext., the abutting developers will sell
a strip of land to the town for twenty or 100 times it's value and pave a road right
through. We do need this access even if it requires exercising eminent domain for
widening Bangs Street.

Good reason to clear those slums, anyways.
2:20 pm est 

Re: Bully Candace

Was it Lucy or Ethel who succesfully stop chains from coming into our
community? Was it Lucy or Ethel who convinced voters to approve a real estate
transfer tax?

Why don't you take another bitter pill before your next post? People like me
just read posts like yours and think,
'what a loser and jerk.'
2:17 pm est 

Seems Like the Ted Malone Big Time Development Plan Is Right On Target

Support Gunther Realty to develop Bangs Street where four Town houses are
treated as two. Then support Glasser to cut into the dunes on Willow Drive and
sub-divide the property. Then cut from Willow Drive down through the dead end
Bangs Street. Then MAlone sub-divides his land and develops a whole colony at
the end of Bangs but with traffic access from Willow Drive. What the drive for
money won't do? As for safety, fire and environmental issues, these become
insignificant when you follow the dollars.

Change the Zoning by-laws then use the new laws to maximize your profit.
Develop. Develop. Develop. Then leave town with your bags of money. And what are
we left with? A destroyed community.

Can we thank you enough Ted?
11:08 am est 

Re: Problem on the Pier

So let me get this straight, 4 fishermen out of 55 have a problem with
the harbormaster? I don't see why this is news. Can it be that the four are just
10:53 am est 

Re: Bully Candace

I think this person is on to something.  We could have Candace Nagle and Barbara
Rushmore both run for selectman.  They both have so much to say and with such
similar personalities, they both will work so well together. They would put on
quite a show, with each one trying to out do the other.  Not sure that it would
be best for the town, but it would give the towns biggest loud mouths a forum to
express all their lame brain schemes.  It would be like having our own Lucy and
10:51 am est 

9 Willow Drive & Bangs Street Developments Only the Beginning

Don't cherry pick your facts.  We know who developed #31 Bangs, #9
Willow is Ms. Glasser and snug as a bug in a rug nestled right between the two,
as an abutter to the Bangs St. modular condos, sorry, modular townhouses, is Mr.
Edward Malone at #33 Bangs. Both 33 and 31 Bangs abut what used to be Bangs St.
Extension before the "townhouse" complex took it over for it's own use. Take a
look.  Ripe for a cut-through from Bangs to Willow and all the perks an
increased traffic flow will bring.  Pru and the Banner should do a little
investigating into facts on this, maybe pull the engineers plan while she's at
it.  In the Banner, Mr. Minsky washed Conservation's hands by stating Harry Kemp
dune bulldozing is NOT within the 100' buffer zone so they have no jurisdiction. 
Maybe he could look at the plan for Bangs which shows 2 entire buildings and
part of a dune in the 100' buffer zone of a "protected" wetland and elaborate on
how and why Conservation broke their own rules for this one?  Sorry, plans don't lie,
people do and I am sick of reading over and over in the Banner that "everything"
was by the book when it's pretty obvious something stinks.  Do they think they are
so much smarter or that we are that dumb?   Just the facts. Do a little research. 
Neighbors are affected here and precedents are being set that will have repercussions
on this town for years to come. 

Wake up people.    
9:33 am est 

Re: Problems on the Pier

As a recreational boat owner I can say that the harbormaster and Mr.
Ribas have treated us only with kindness, courtesy and helpfulness.  They have
been there when we needed them, went above and beyond to help us.  The Cape Cod
Times article was not embarrassing for the town or the harbormaster. I do hope
everyone can simmer down and work this out.  That is is the town manager's job,
isn't it?  To work it out?
9:29 am est 

Re: Skating Rink

Why do we need a skating rink to bring people to town? Isn't some
jesus/woman in a mini,       freezing, singing male lyrics in front of the newly
renovated Town Hall enough? Just because Spiritus is closed doesn't mean the
front patio can't make a great stage for some Pippi Longstocking look alike. 
Where are all the street performers when we need them. Oh they just stop by for
the quick summer cash like so many other people. Maybe it is time for the
businesses to invest in the town instead of the town investing in the
9:27 am est 

Re: Problems on Pier

Let us get this straight? Ribas gets free electricity, use of the
barge, ice etc. because he is a volunteer fighterman who lends his welding tools
for pier maintenance? Is that correct?

Sweet deal Luis, real sweet....
9:24 am est 

Re: Problems on Pier

All those fishermen on the pier are a bunch of subsidized babies. Is
my industry subsidized? No! Anyone elses in Town? No! Why are they? So, we can
have grilled fish on our plates? I say let's eat more beef and tofu and turn the
pier into a money-making private marina.
9:21 am est 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Re: Problems on Pier

The only percs I see down that pier is the "fisherman" that started the petition
has not only his trcked parked on the pier fulltime but also has his gear all
stowed down the east end of the tee.  What if every lobsterman were allowed to
put all of their traps on pier full time. And I don't know how this man can say
he is a fisherman when he has been collecting SSDI for a few years. Are any of
those on the petition volunteer firefghters for this town? NO  Ribas is. Does
the town get a bill from Ribas for use of his welder and other personal tools
for Pier Corp maintenance.  Has any of the people on the petition given anything
back to this community. ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Ribas does. I think troublemakers on
that pier should be fined accordingly.  There are a lot of great guys that use
that pier that conform to the rules and regs. They don't get special treatment
its just the ones who signed the petition who WANT the special treatment. Just
because one drives down the pier twice a!
day does not mean they know what goes on day to day. MAB and the CC Times
should be ashamed and embarrassed for wasting so much ink on a story that will
go no where!!
8:46 pm est 

Re: Who Owns 9 Willow Drive?

Bang's Street Developer is Judy Mencher. Not Community Housing Resource-Ted
Malone's company. 9 Willow is totally separate ownership. She has had that
parcel on the market for (maybe 5?)years.

Get your facts straight
8:37 pm est 

Re: Who Owns 9 Willow Drive? Who is Sub-dividing It Into Three Lots?

Guess the public record plans at town hall must be wrong because,
according to you, they CLEARLY show things that don't really exist?  Phantom
plans, that's a good one.  There really aren't 2 buildings completely in the
100' buffer zone and there isn't part of the destroyed dune in the 100' buffer
zone and there isn't a sheet metal rusting wall at the 70' mark and conservation
didn't turn a blind eye?  It's not a matter of being smarter, it's a matter of
having more money and sniffing out the weak link.  Depends on your definition of
legal.  Bad apple in every barrel.  Not a smarter bad apple, just a bad apple.
8:31 pm est 

Re: Who Owns 9 Willow Drive? Who is Sub-dividing It Into Three Lots?

Doesn't really matter who owns 9 Willow but yes, it does connect to the back
side of the Bangs Street property being discussed in here and it has it's
frontage and access right now through Willow street. look it up on the assessors
maps and you'll see that if a particular someone buys it, it could extend the
housing that he's building right now and yes, it could create a cut through to
Willow from Bangs by way of a driveway that could connect both propertys. He
could possibly even remove the property line between the lots and create one big
lot which then would have legal frontage on both Willow AND Bangs.

So while everyone is in here complaining about what has already legally happened
on Bangs, he's out looking for his next loophole to add to the dynasty. Admit
it, you're all not as smart as he is and you all have lived here longer. Wake up
11:53 am est 

Re: 9 Willow Drive

9 Willow Drive is owned by Marilynn Glasser. The case has already been
to Planning once and will return this Monday at 6 in Town Hall after a site
visit by the board. They are requesting an Approval Not Required. This they are
allowed by right if the subdivision conforms to the ANR bylaw. Which it probably
does. If the property abuts Bangs Street they will also have the right to open
Bangs Street the rest of the way from the dead end to Willow Street. No
information on what will happen once it is approved. Will the owner sell or
develop themselves? But one way or another its being developed.
11:29 am est 

Re: Cape Tip Seafoods

Cape Tip Seafood is the only infrastructure left in town for the
fishing fleet.  They have literally been the bank for us fisherman for 15 years.
Dependable, honest, and friendly. Not to mention they employ many locals
throughout the year.   We need more people like this supporting our community. 
Hats off to these guys that keep us going through the hard times and give back
to the community. 
11:27 am est 

Re: Cape Tip Seafoods

I believe Cape Tip Seafoods purchases there fish from there own boat
the Donna Marie as well as other local lobster and fishing boats as well asboats
from New Bedford to Portland according to one of their employees. I must say
that Cape Tip donates a lot of seafood to the soup kitchen, local organizations
as well as townsfolk. I had heard that before Christmas, they actually went door
to door to many elderly residents to give fish for the holidays to shut-ins.
They are a great bunch of guys....The last of the old school fishmongers.
11:25 am est 

Unions Hold Us Hostage

The town of Provincetown is the number one employer in Provincetown. I have to
pay my own Health Benefits. Let the town workers pay theirs.

Low co-pays, total coverage etc. costs the taxpayers a fortune and none of us
get this kind of coverage at our own jobs. Gov. Patrick wants to pass
legistlation so unions can't hold municpal government and taxpayers hostage

Close the schools we have no students.
11:22 am est 

Who Owns 9 Willow Drive? Who is Sub-dividing It Into Three Lots?

And was this already heard by the Planning Board? Is this a sub-division that
abuts Bangs Street and will cut through BAngs STreet? Can someone provide
11:17 pm est 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Provincetown Barge

I would like to know how much Luis Rebas paid to use the barge to help
work on his boat. Is that a public record? I doubt it. Yes, there are definitely
perks to a favored few on the pier. No wonder some of the other guys are p'od.
8:02 pm est 

'Problems on the Pier'

Here is the link to the Cape Cod Times story:

I hope the Chief attends the Feb 1 meeting the Town Manager is having with the
upset fishermen.
8:00 pm est 

PHS Alumni Basketball


Sadly, this will be the last Alumni game as PHS will be closing and there will
most likely not be any varsity sports next year.  Contact Athletic Director Lou
Preziosi at PHS at 508-487-5000 to sign up for one of the teams.

Also hoping to have alumni cheerleaders and lots of fans.  It would be wonderful
to fill the stands once again!!
7:58 pm est 

Another Dune Bites the Dust

Like Bangs Street, Harry Kemp Way will never be the same. Sing the praises for
Pru the great investigational reporter. The Harry Kemp bulldozing was outside of
Conservation jurisdiction. Bangs Street development was 70 from the wetlands.
Does Pru know the difference between dog feces and a dune, doesnt appear so. She
degraded the people who stood against Bangs Street and is taking the same
disregard for the Harry Kemp dune, that was. Maybe the impotent Conservation
Commission has an excuse this time but refresh my memory and explain what
happened on Bangs Street? Will there be the modular home fire traps on Harry
Kemp Way? Im sure Pru will be right on top or close to the bottom of this.
2:14 pm est 

Willow Street Development

Gee, so surprised to see the Willow St. property up for development. 
The bar has been set by the buddy devloper of Bangs.  Perhaps Mr. Malone can go
highrise and fit in at least 24 modulars, connect them with toothpicks you know,
present as 3 but truck in 24 in the dark of night.  With regards to the Banner
Article about Harry Kemp.  Any reporter stating a story should at least check
the facts.  Check the engineer plans for yourself or take a tape measure for
Christ's sake.   ON THE PLAN APPROVED BY THE TOWN Bangs St. pile driven sheet
metal wall is 70 feet out from the "protected" wetland putting the raped dune
smack dab within the 100 foot protected buffer zone.  Why does this article lie
about this?  This NEVER should have happened and people had better start
questioning why this was allowed.  The only truth in this article was that Cons
Com turned the other cheek and let this destruction go on despite their
responsibity to protect.  And yes this is a problem for Bangs St. and the rest of
the town. 

A pattern is developing and people wonder why.  Can only hope the developer of
Willow is in the money lending business also. 
2:11 pm est 

Time For Chief Jaran to Take Control
Rex does come under the chief's command and as such needs to answer to the
chief.  If the chief doesn't take control of the harbormaster, then the chief is
being delict in his duties.  The buck stops with the chief.     
2:08 pm est 

Updates on Saturday
1. the front page of today's Cape Cod Times is not an embarassment to
Provincetown at all . just the opposite.
first, you blog against rex for not enforcing the regulations . then, his staff
enforces them and you say thats an embarassment?  which is it?

2. Governor Patrick has pledged to file legislation that will allow towns to
change the % contribution they pay for employee health insurance.

wonder what our selectmen will do ?

Its sunny out
1:13 pm est 

Harbor Masters on Duty!

If I remember correctly, there used to be one harbormaster and two assistants
with 24 hour coverage with one man per shift.  I don't ever remember boats
sinking on any shift.  Now there are twice as many harbormasters on every shift
and now there are boats sinking all over the place including the harbormasters
1:11 pm est 

Re: Police Chief

Where did the spinning 'new' go about the police chief?  Is it true or
not?  Why hasn't it been in the paper?
1:09 pm est 

Boat Owners!

Is there a conflict by the fulltime assistant Harbor Master owning two fishing
boats and being employed by the Town of Provincetown and/or Pier Corporation? 
Is this ethically correct?
1:07 pm est 

Skating Rink Proposal

While it is quite admirable that some people are brainstorming for ways to
increase business activity in the winter, it seems to me that those who came up
with this idea have gotten it right on the storm part but make very little use
of the brain. I believe that the town of Bourne has a skating rink and I have
never heard of people planing their winter holidays to go skating in Bourne. How
about another idea such as an indoor chicken petting farm on the waterfront,
this will get people to vacation here in the winter, and eeryone will get fresh
eggs.  People, get serious and stop looking for insane ways to spend the
taxpayers money, especially in these difficult economic times.
1:06 pm est 

Cape Tip Seafood

Can someone tell me what boats Cape Tip Seafood purchases their seafood from?
1:04 pm est 

Candace Nagle

I have seen Candace countless times on PTV. She always conducts
herself professionally and presents thorougly researched proposals.  She doesn't
get things done because people cave. You are insulting members of several boards
that she has gone before from the BOH, VSB, PBG, BOS, CC, DC, COA & SC.

Try grabbing at another straw!
1:02 pm est 

Rex McKinsey-Harbormaster

Just read the front page of the Cape Cod Times and am embarrassed that
again we get negative press that all could have been avoided if we had a
harbormaster who had a police background and reported to the Chief. He is either
unwilling or unable to train his staff and the situation down on the pier is a
mess and an embarrassment to the Town.

First order of business whoever runs: fire Rex McKinsey!
11:09 am est 

Ethics Issue?

I have worked with the Pat Shultz broker, Joe DeMartino that has been
represented here as unethical and not to be trusted and that is just not the
case.  I found him to be professional and very helpful in selling my property. 
It is easy to assassinate a good man's character here, but you have no proof to
support your accusations.  Joe is a great member of our community and should not
be subjected to your unfounded comments.
10:52 am est 

What I find Amusing Is That Some People Think They Know Who is Posting
You just don't know. None of us really do. So it does not make sense to attack
someone for posting when you don't who exactly who is writing. Assumptions are
far from the truth. What we know is that we really don't know.
10:51 am est 


One mention of Keith Olberman and he's gone. The power of this
blog is astonishing. Who's next?
10:49 am est 

9 Willow Drive Sub Division

Planning Board site visit, 9 Willow drive, proposal to sub divide
property into 3 lots. Public comments to be taken at Planning Board meeting at 6 p.m.
This property almost abuts Bangs street development to the west.
10:48 am est 

Bully Candace

While I do appreciate Candace and what she has done for the Bark Park and other
issues, I hope she doesn't run for Selectmen. Her method of getting things done
is strickly by bullying and intimidation. I thought that is what we/you all want
to do away with in Town Hall.
I have worked in a few places in town where we had the "pleasure" of
experiencing her. She is consistently rude, disrespectful and condecending of
staff, and yells until she gets what she wants. We don't need her attitude in
government. She is best in the role of being a younger Barbara Rushmore. 
10:45 am est 

Bangs Street Condos

Fire safety-Modular homes with glue:

From what I am reading, the fire department should have a list of all of these
dangerous homes, in case of a fire, so they will be prepared for a different
more deadly type of fire. Also these buildings should be posted with placards
designating them as modular homes, and stating the inherent fire risk.
10:40 am est 

Take a Look at This BOS Really Hard

Is it any surprise the town is in the mess it's in right now? One selectman is
on her way out, can't run again and is either a lame duck or will take on the
scorched earth policy on her way out, one is a property manager(haha) that turns
the other way when violations happen and can't handle his own finances, one is
new to the game and really brings nothing new to the table, one was formally the
conscom chair who didn't then and still doesn't know the difference between a
coastal dune or a coastal bank yet felt the need to be a member of the BOS and
Dave is still getting his bearings!!

Won't someone PLEASE run for selectman that can straighten this mess out? I
would but I don't live there year round. And please, no Candace. I've seen that
when she doesn't get her way, she spends her money on getting her way.
Outspending someone on issues is no way to get things done the right way.
Nomination papers are soon to be out.
11:47 pm est 

Re: Rex McKinsey Harbormaster

The Chief of Police trains his staff to deal with the public and
enforcement. The recent debacle on the pier: McKinsey not training his staff to
enforce regs down there and the public creating a very dangerous situation is
just another reason why the harbormaster should have a police background and
report to the Chief. When is enough enough Selectmen with this guy who has been
over his head for years?
11:44 pm est 

Re: Rex McKinsey

Rex is a waste product on the pier and he costs of big $$$$. Malarchy
boys and girls is typical of what that       would say. You DID sink the Barge,
and your boat twice as well as 5 fishermen boats that we taxpayers had to pay
for. You have cost this town hundreds of thousands of dollars!
11:40 pm est 

Re: Rex McKinsey Harbormaster

Why are facts presented about the poor job Rex does on the pier like
sinking his boats and barges, watching his tenants boats sink etc., but the best
he can do is call Candace a pit bull? Everything Ms. Nagle does, she does well.
We certainly can't say that about Rex McKinsey, our lame harbormaster. The
police are tired of cleaning up the messes you cause down there Rex, really
11:27 pm est 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Re: Bangs Street Condos

Modular Homes:

My god, the more I read about these, and there is a multitude of information on
the web, the lower my jaw drops.  How and why is right?
6:50 pm est 

What is Under Breaking News Now?


Knowing what was there before, just wondering if it was true?  Come on web
master.   What is going on?

Webmaster Comment: Is true. Old news. Not Breaking.
6:48 pm est 

Re: Bangs Street Condos

Regarding potential misery.  What question are you talking about?
6:42 pm est 

Bangs Street Condos

FOX is not the only network carrying this issue. The original blog stated that
this was one of numerous. Do a search, see how many more fit the description
before you insult FOX.
Only someone in line to make money from the potential misery of others would ask
this question.
3:17 pm est 


Trust me, the Supt and Principal will be like the Cap't of the Ship thats going
down, everyone else will be gone before they are. The other bird that will
always be there too because she is in that circle too, is the social worker.
More kids are leaving next year and for some reason, those three still think
they are doing a good job.
3:16 pm est 

Rex Bashing

Candace, PLEASE stop. Everyone who reads this blog knows it's you doing 99% of
the Rex-bashing, and I can't tell you how tiresome it is to have to scroll
through your single-minded ranting.
And you wonder why people recoil from the thought of you being on the BOS?
Really, get a life.
3:12 pm est 

If she runs, she's got two votes against her from my household.  Of course, that
assumes someone with a heart beat actually runs against her.  Maybe ANY of the
people that read this blog should consider it, because let's face it; you would
be a shoe in against that      !  Nah, not just anonymous sniping, it is
protecting my identity so that Candace doesn't start a pit bull attack on me
like she has on other individuals who cross her.  Watch out she can be a
spiteful      !!!!
3:11 pm est 

Re: Harbormaster

To: the bloggers that post erroneous information about the

GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BOYS AND/OR GIRLS! We've read this malarchy before and
it smells of sour grapes! Almost sounds like a disgruntled "former" employee!
Come on, if you're going to pollute this site with your "wisdom", you at least
owe it to us to get your "facts" correct FIRST! Not that we want to hear them
regurgitated again, and again, and again, ad nauseum!

This is like a bad episode of "As The Stomach Churns"!

Carpe Factum (sieze the facts)!!!!

3:08 pm est 

Fox News

Fox news is fair and balanced!
3:06 pm est 

Re: Bangs Street Condos

If you believe anything on FOX, let alone watch that propaganda joke
of a news channel, you just might have more problems than the modular homes
built in town.

And the smug vitriol spewing from CNBC's Olberman and Maddow is somehow not
propaganda? Just because we find blue kool aid more palatable than red kool aid
doesn't make either into wine. Who currently represents reasonable dialog? Just
asking as I find the dogmatic flavor choices equally disgusting.
3:03 pm est 

Harbormaster's Boss

The chief of police has always been the harbormaster's boss, dating back to when
Bob White was harbormaster.  Between harbormaster's, Ted Myers acted as
Harbormaster while the town searched for a new harbormaster.  Rex had some
police training after he was hired, but never had the cojones to carry out his
responsibilities as a special police officer.  Failing to due so is reason to
remove him from this position.  Time for Chief Jaran to take control and remove
3:01 pm est 

Pier Harping Again?

So the anti-pier ranter is at it again. do we really have to wade through
another round of anti-Rex drivel again? Look, you yelled, screamed & whined. And
you lost. The town has more important issues to face than your personal attacks
on a former boss.

Anyone want to explain why , with a 25M budget, our town can't set aside $1200
for a set of paper Town Reports for us?
Who's going to run for Selectman this year?

Anyone know?

Ready for 2011

2:59 pm est 

Re: Bangs Street Condos

You may not like FOX news, but it seems the Mass. State Board of
Building Regulations did as they too investigated and enforced new emergency law
about this.  Think these were meant to be one on a lot.  Not the most you can
jam together separated by feet to make the most money.  Kind of like dominoes. 
I clicked on the link, does our fire chief even know about this?  Is that glue
and foam present here?   Shouldn't neighbors be notified if so.  If I lived next
door, wow, I think I'd need to know. 
8:15 am est 

Harbormaster Qualifications

We need someone with a police background to be our harbormaster.
Someone who doesn't cave when enforcing the harbor rules & regs which has led to
many, many costly problems. Or, dangerous situations like the Amanda Girl which
was allowed to be used as a flop house footsteps from the harbormaster's office
with local & visiting children going down the pier.

Having a safe pier and harbor is what is most important.

The harbormaster's office should be under the jurisdiction of Town of
Provincetown's police department.

8:12 am est 

Bangs Street Condos

If you believe anything on FOX, let alone watch that propaganda joke
of a news channel, you just might have more problems than the modular homes
built in town.
11:58 pm est 

Harbormaster's Office

I bought a boat last year and had great experiences with Rex and
everyone in the Harbormaster's Office. They were very helpful and everyone went
beyond the call of duty.
11:56 pm est 

Provincetown Schools

Why does Provincetown continue to have a Principal and a
Superintendent for a little over 100 students? Truro gets by on a
Principal/Superintendent with around 140 students pre K -6. Why is Provincetown
spending money unnecessarily? We don't need two high paid administrators along
with three secretaries. A Principal/Supt rolled into one position with one or
two secretaries ought to do it. You could probably save in the vacinity of about
150,000 K I'm thinking... just saying...
11:53 pm est 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Provincetown School Employees

...I'd like to remind people that there is not one secretary earning
in excess of $70,000, but TWO! And another getting near that figure at VMES. And
don't forget the 6 or is it 8, custodians?

And I'd like to remind people that you voted for that budget each year.  If you
don't like it, don't vote for it.  Majority rules.
10:36 pm est 

Re: Bangs Steet

Could the Fox story about factory built modular homes impact the
affordables that the town has allowed at the meadows and perhaps other
affordables erected with the blessings of the affordable coalition?
10:27 pm est 

Bangs Street Condo's

Recently printed article, numerous similar reported. Dont know where our
beauties were built but most are the same. Add the width of Bangs Street, the
close proximity of neighboring houses, the 2 to 4 math requiring close space
between the units, the turning radius even before Bangs Street Ext. was
appropriated, and you have the makings of a disaster.

Published : Wednesday, 18 Aug 2010, 10:56 PM EDT
Modular Homes: Built to Burn?
Updated: Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010, 7:37 AM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 02 Mar 2010, 11:08 PM EST

Fox Undercover Producers Jonathan Wells and Kevin Rothstein
After six people barely escaped from a fast-moving fire that destroyed their
modular home, the fire chief who fought that fire wants changes in the way
modular homes are built, saying the construction methods used for these
pre-fabricated homes can make fires burn much bigger and faster than
traditionally-built homes.
Ronald and Stacy Oliveira were in their Acushnet home, asleep with four children
in the house, when the fire woke them up early one January morning in 2008. They
ran out of the house with nothing but the clothes they were wearing.
The house was fully engaged in every room and every level of the house. You
could hear the roof collapsing and you could see the fire in all the front
windows. You knew that it was going to be impossible to save anything, Ronald
Oliveira said.
We were lucky to get out of there alive, Stacy Oliveira said.
The minute fire crews arrived, they could tell something was different about
that fire.
We had a hellish scene, said Acushnet Fire Chief Kevin Gallagher.
Gallagher says the home had working smoke detectors, but the fire spread so
quickly, they didn't go off until the family was outside.
If they had slept deeper, if they didn't pay attention like they did, then we
would probably have had six fatalities, he said.
The cause of the fire was a discarded cigarette butt. But that didn't explain
the size and speed of the blaze. That explanation lay in a huge empty space
between the first and second floors, 20 inches high and as wide as the home
itself. Firefighters call it a void space.
When a fire enters a void space, Gallagher said, It travels. It spreads. We
don't know where it is.
That void space is a common feature of modular homes, which are built in pieces
in a factory then assembled at the homeowners site. But the chief found more
that troubled him.
Like other modular homes, the ceilings in the Acushnet home were attached with a
highly flammable foam adhesive. That adhesive is similar to the foam that
ignited during the infamous 2003 Station nightclub fire.
Gallagher lit a sample of the adhesive used in a modular home on fire, and
watched as it rapidly ignited and became completely consumed by fire.
If it is ignited, it is going to burn. It's going to burn fast. It's going to
burn hot, he said.
That burning glue is another reason why Gallagher believes the fire consumed the
Acushnet home so quickly .
Once the fire gets into the void space, it destroys that glue. It's just going
to drop the ceiling. And in this case, that's what we believe contributed to the
spread of this fire, he said.
But the Acushnet home isn't the only one with that void space or flammable
adhesive. Almost all modular homes have them. As he investigated the fire,
Gallagher began to wonder if the same thing would happen to other modular homes
if a fire started.
My sense is that this is a bigger problem than we're aware of, he said.
Just six months after the Acushnet fire, flames consumed a modular home in
Gallagher began to push for changes to the state building code.
The state doesnt track how many modular homes have been built in Massachusetts
since they came into existence decades ago, but since electronic record-keeping
began in 2003, 1,608 have been built here, state records show.
Overseeing that state building code is Thomas Gatzunis, commissioner of the
Massachusetts Department of Public Safety. He said hed have no problems living
in a modular home.
Massachusetts has one of the strongest building codes in the country when it
comes to fire safety issues, he said.
So far, Gatzunis says Massachusetts has no plans on changing its building codes
regarding modular homes. But he does say he's concerned that the flammable foam
adhesive has been overused in some homes.
He was concerned enough to warn modular home builders in an e-mail last May to
"control the excessive use of adhesives." If local building inspectors find too
much of the foam adhesive sprayed on, Gatzunis says he wants the homes shipped
He acknowledged, however, that there is no way to tell how much overspray may
already be in existing modular homes.
There is not, no. Not without doing destructive testing, removing ceilings,
removing floors. There is no way to determine that, he said.
Destructive testing is just what Ron Chasse had done in his modular home in West
Boylston. He opened up ceilings and walls to try and resolve a dispute with his
modular home builder. He was shocked to find the flammable adhesive applied far
heavier than the small bead recommended by the manufacturer.
There's absolutely no need of using foam seal like that, he said, pointing to
framing members inside his home that were covered with the foam adhesive.
A lot of people need to be concerned. You need to be concerned about what lies
underneath the walls of their modular home, he said.
So are modular homes less safe than traditional, or so-called stick built homes?
As far as I know, no one knows the answer to that now,
said Nick Dembsey, a professor of fire protection engineering at Worcester
Polytechnic Institute.
I think further investigation would be a good idea, he said.
The Oliveira family knows all they need to know. They say they won't live in a
modular home ever again.
We hope that it does create awareness. And it maybe it will save a life, it'll
save someone's home, Ronald Oliveira said.
In a statement, a spokesman for the Modular Building Systems Association said,
all of our industry's houses are safe and built in conformity with the strictest
requirements of the model building codes."
Gatzunis, though says that he's concerned enough to order a state inspector to
begin visiting the out-of-state factories where these homes are built.
That's not enough for the Acushnet fire chief, who says he'll continue to press
for changes in the way these homes are built.
12:46 pm est 

Re: Rex-Harbormaster

Love the Rex rants. Not only has the harbormaster's boat and float
sunk numerous times, don't forget all the derelict boats tied to the pier, who
don't fish, and probably don't pay and which have also sunk at the pier, costing
us, the taxpayers, thousands. And, the newly refurbished harbormaster's boat,
Marine One, is sitting at the pier even though the entire world knows that it's
not the kind of vessel which should be in the water year round. Rex, it appears,
never learns, and neither does the Pier Corp. or their bosses the board of
9:06 am est 

Re: Candace Nagle
Canadace has my vote for selectman too. Two votes will be coming from
my home.  Executive BOS sessions will have a new meaning as heads roll inside
the doors and PTV will have a new audience. Kidding aside, P-town needs fiscal
responsibility.  Candace gets things done with good research and good fiscal
sense.  Maybe Provincetown can climb out from under their 42 million dollar
debt.  Maybe, just maybe, Candace can help move us in that direction.
9:04 am est 

Re: Candace Nagle

Candance has my vote for Selectman. I fully understand why she hasn't
run before this. Couture inc. had the lock for so long. May will be a real
housecleaning one hopes. That said, I know she would be a great Town Manager but
I don't know if that job is available. If it is, please tell me so I can put my
dancing shoes.
I'd like to remind people that there is not one secretary earning in excess of
$70,000, but TWO! And another getting near that figure at VMES. And don't forget
the 6 or is it 8, custodian's? Now that is Townie Logic at it's best.
On a lighter note, has anyone noticed that the green line is slowly emerging
again? Why do I wonder that maybe the same they ruined the TH doors...maybe
we'll be lucky and that will wear off too!
11:30 pm est 

Executive Session

Regarding all the sessions held by the BOS, if the matter has been resolved, the
minutes MUST be released as outlined in law(where, I don't know). The meetings
thus would be justified by the content of the minutes. For instance, once the
contract is signed, the minutes devoted to discussions regarding the union
contract negotiations must be released and likewise for any other matter that
has been settled. (This allows the unions insight as to what went on in the
enemy camp!) Executive sessions regarding personel remain private and are held
due to privacy rights and issues related. But when the BOS has a discussion
regarding matters that are parrt of the public domain, they need to be released.
That justifies them. (checks and balances) Go to town hall and ask for any
executive session minutes that have been approved over the past year. If town
hall says they don't have any, go to the BOS to ask why?

In regards to the above mentioned issue, I want to see the minutes to the
meeting where the BOS dicussed inserting the language that PO'd the Truro board
regarding the water contract! I want to know why and who potentially set the
town back to step one in this long process!!
11:28 pm est 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Modular Home Law

Isn't broker and ethical one of those funny oxy-word sayings?  Like
jumbo shrinmp?  When you say "pertinent" info regarding certain properties, do
you possibly mean the announcement on today's news? "The Mass. Board of Building
Regulations and Standards, which sets the state building code, met at the State
House and unanimously passed an emergency amendment" pertaining to modular home
construction and serious fire hazard contained therein.  Unbelievable at best.
7:22 pm est 


If she runs, she's got two votes from my household.  Of course, that assumes
someone actually runs against her.  Maybe one of the people here who seem to
have all kinds of ideas about what isn't being done?  Nah, anonymous sniping is
much easier than taking a position.
7:19 pm est 

Rex for Selectman! :

His Platform,

 -unable to understand municpal finance which lands him in hot water with the

-sinks his harbormaster's boat not once but twice

-builds a barge only for it to sink

-unable to control his staff and as a result his tenants are in an uproar which
was documented recently in the local paper

-ruined the courtesy float a few years back because he left it in the water and
it was trashed to pieces in 2005.

-doing the same thing again with its replacement

-ruined the replacement floating docks because he can't be bothered putting the
ones not being used out of harm's way

- let five fishermen's boats sink while on his watch

Vote McKinsey for Selectman!
7:17 pm est 

19 Executive Sessions by the BOS--Because Who is Chair?

This is Couture's way of circumventing the right of the public for access for
information. She is extremely secretive, petty and uses executive sessions for
her own secretive ways. She is an abomination.

This is also illegal in the way it is done. You can't prohibit the public from
access to public discussiona nd public access. You must at minimum provide
information on agendas on the reason for the Executive Sessions--not only spell
out the MA law that allows it.

Can't wait for Spring. Can't wait for this small-minded woman to finally  get
her butt off the chair and go back to feeding..whatever she feeds. Ten years
later and look at where we are! She is above all else, a fake. What you see is
not what you get--except when she is behind the scenes or closed in at Executive

When May flowers start to burst forth, maybe we can then get some beauty and
some honesty in this town.
7:14 pm est 


Just drove down the pier. Why isn't the harbormaster removing the
empty docks out of the water like the docks on the west side that are brought
over to the Ptown Inn for the winter? Why are they subjected to storm after
storm and continue to break up? Why, HE'S TOO BUSY WITH HIS ANTI CANDACE RANTS

The guy is a loser and we are all poorer for it.
6:05 pm est 

Rex vs Candace

Rex is hijacking the blog because he is so afraid if Candace does run,
he will go back to being a dockmaster at Flyer's, i.e., glorified tender boy-
5:53 pm est 

Re: Candace

Wasn't Candace also a very vocal supporter of the Green Line which was
the brainchild of her very close friend Katherine?

Is this really the sort of people we want running our town?
5:51 pm est 

Candace vs Rex

Here we go again with the Candice/Rex feud!
5:22 pm est 

Re: Bangs Street Project

So if the Pat Shultz broker, Joe DeMartino thinks the Bangs Street neighborhood
is so dumpy, why did he agree to represent the owner of that cheap modular
development?  He will do or say anything to make a buck. So much for an ethical
real estate broker.  Maybe potential buyers should question any of the
properties that he lists, because he may be holding back more pertinent
5:21 pm est 

Re: Candace Nagle

Yes, Candace was the one who presented the anti-tethering article that
passed overwhelmingly and is now a town by law. New York City Council just
passed the same law very similar to ours! Great job Candace!

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The New York City Council is getting tough on dog owners.
Tuesday,January 18, members passed a so-called "tethering bill".

It passed 47 to 1 and it limits the type of collars that can be used and even
how long animals can be tied-up.

The gruesome, inhumane injuries on three dogs highlight the callous practice of

That's when dogs are collared and chained for hours on end.

"This chain is now embedded into this dog's skin," New York City Council Speaker
Christine Quinn said.

A bill prohibiting this treatment was passed by city council and seeks to stop
the vicious practice.

"We simply don't have tough enough laws on the books to deal with this. Nor do
we have enough people and power to enforce the law," Quinn said.

The bill prohibits a pet from being tethered for more than three hours in a 12
hour period.

Also prohibited: The use of a tether that is too heavy, choke or pinch collars,
or one that would become entangled.

"An animal that's abused like that becomes more dangerous, three times more
likely to bite. This law protects our animals and people," City Councilman Peter
Vallone, Jr. said.

"Eliminating tethering can help cut down on some aggressive dogs and some
interactions where humans are bit by dogs that are tied up," said Michelle
Villagomez, an ASPCA senior manager.

The first violation could result in a written warning or $250 fine.

Repeat offenders face a $500 fine or three months in jail.

Chris Gatterdam is a dog walker.

"I hope they actually implore it and actually do it once they start to,"
Gatterdam said.

Bently, a chocolate lab, was out with his owner Ruth Pyne.

"They don't have much of a life. In weather like this, or when it's very hot, I
think it's very important. They should be part of the family," Pyne said.


5:19 pm est 

Banner Story on School

In today's Banner I read an article on the budget for the School and cuts that
need to be made. Once upon a time this would of been a very sad story but today
it's not. One of the things I have noticed on here is the talk about the
secretary salary. Has anyone given it any thought that once the Vets School
moves into the High School, that it's unlikely one building with around 100
kids, will need a Principal and a Supt plus secreaty's ? Instead they are going
to trim or cut back some teachers. I'm sure the salary's for the Supt, Principal
and secretary's are atleast half the budget. Can't wait to see what all of them
when they have less kids in the School next year.
5:17 pm est 

Re: Candace Nagle

Here we go again!  Candace is hijacking this blog again.  There is no one who
reads this, that doesn't know that SHE is manipulating the speculation regarding
her qualifications.  Let her run and the voters will let her know once and for
all what we think of her tactics.  As usual, Candace is just looking for a
little attention, but do we have to endure these self serving posts every day?
5:15 pm est 

Re: Candace Nagle

Candace. Wasn't she the one that did that dramatic reading at Town
Meeting in support of not having dogs tethered? Really? Her?
4:15 pm est 

Yeah Sure Rex:

"to find out that all the bad finances were on the part
of the town and not the pier."

And that's is why the Pier's finances have been folded into the 'bad finances'
of the Town? Townie or washashore, we don't buy Rex's BS anymore anywhere

Rex, why don't you stop blogging and start driving piles? We don't pay to have
you blog with our tax dollars, fella.

3:45 pm est 

Rex McKinsey /Pier Corporation
It was illegal for Rex McKinsey to run the mooring fees through the
Pier Corp. books. He did that to puff up the bottom line and make everything
look rosy on the pier.

So, yes the bookkeeping on the pier was illegal and the auditors from the
Commonweath of Massachusetts came to Provincetown not once, not twice but three
times to comb over their books. That is why bookkeeping has been taken out of
his incompetent hands and turned over to the Town's Munis system. He has been
the Keith Bergman of the pier hoodwinking the pier corp. at every turn..

He tried to be a big shot with the stupid barge only for it to sink. It cost
$27,000 to have Winkler lift it from the bottom of the ocean 's floor.

He has a serious you know what problem too...

3:42 pm est 

Candace Nagle

If you want someone who thinks that townies and town government are a
bunch of yokel boobs who need her wall street expertise to get anything done
then you would love candace as a candidate.
2:48 pm est 

Number One Employer

The town of Provincetown is the Number one employer in Provincetown and our tax
dollars fuel the system.

Cut the benefits, cut the salaries, cut the perks. My hours were cut at work and
yet I have to support my family and the town workers. Fire them and hire new
people if they won't lessen their demands. Stop being held hostage.
2:46 pm est 

Taxpaper Robbery

Cut salaries! All of these people in unions demand that we taxpayers pay for
ever more benefits and perks. Governors all over are cutting laying off workers
because they refuse to lower their demands for their sky-high salaries.

Look at the auto workers: If they were laid off, they received the full salary
for 3 years--unless they found another job. Who would look for work when they
had a 3 year paid vacation?

The taxpayers need a break. Demand the our municipal workers pay more of their
own money for their benefits and perks. Rhode Island pays more in teacher
pensions than they pay for teacher salaries!!!

I've worked here all of my of my life and no business offered me any benefits or
2:44 pm est 

Candace Really?

I would never vote for Candace.

She intimidated and bullied the Pier Corp with insinuations of stealing and
nefarious financial dealings.  She wasted their time with request after request
for mountains of paperwork only to find out that all the bad finances were on
the part of the town and not the pier.  The end result was that the Pier Corp
has better book keeping only to make sure the town doesn't screw them over

Raising money for a private dog park is a lot easier than trying to run a
municipality.  Even now she's trying to bully the town into allowing her to
plant trees over our leach field which she knows cannot be allowed so her
precious park can have trees (trees which are not native to the surrounding

She chairs the Animal Welfare Committee and the line between the AWC and the dog
park are constantly blurred.  I read an e-mail recently from the AWC espousing
their work for the past year and at the top of the e-mail was the Dog Park Logo.

I'm no fan.  She's a bully.  She's nice to you when she needs something, but
don't go against her cause she'll chase you down and bite you when you're not
looking (just like a pit bull).
11:55 am est 

Candace Nagle

Why are a "select few" so intent on running Candace Nagle for office -
any office? Has Ms. Nagle made any decision to even run? Shouldn't you wait for
her to make the call? Just because Pru is leaving the Banner doesn't mean that
Candace will be seeking office any time soon! Moving a bit fast here folks,
dontcha think???

EN-quiring mind
11:18 am est 

Executive Session:

Mass. General Laws Chapter 30a section 21
11:17 am est 

Re: BOS Executive Sessions

According to Massachusetts General Law the following topics can only be
addressed in executive session. Collective bargaining, litigation, and
discipline. If they only held 11 sessions in the past year that's not bad. I
really wish people would research before they spew on here.
Stop trying to make issues where none exist.
11:13 am est 

Candace For Selectman

IT would be a boon for the town if Candace was a selectperson. She must run!
11:11 am est 

BOS Executive Sessions

I just looked up the agenda for 2009.
The BOS had 19 executive meetings.
What has been going on?

Taxpayers want to know.
11:09 am est 

Candace Nagle

It will be interesting to see what happens if Candace runs. I can
think of few people in this town who have made as many enemies. Her arrogance
and pushy attitude have made her quite unpopular locally, despite constant posts
to the contrary on this blog by a few of her friends. I think the campaign will
be quite entertaining with that giant gas guzzling tank decked out in campaign

Should she win I'm sure we can expect to have the towns name changed to
Dogville. Perhaps we can do away with carnival in favor of a dog show.

Imagine the campaign slogan: "Some kibble in every bowl!"
11:08 am est 

Candace Nagle
Candace is exactally what this town does not need

WRONG WRONG WRONG - Candace Nagle is what this town DOES need.  She genuinely
cares about everyone here and always tries to make this town better for

Unlike some of these developers who throw some money around - show up at charity
events and buffalo many into thinking they "care" about this town and community.
What they "care" about is maximizing their sq footage and profits.

Yet in this town - many glorify them and then bash Candace.
Got to love the logic
11:06 am est 

BOS Executive Sessions

I just looked up the 2010 agendas for
the BOS. Imagine eleven executive
meetings! What happened? Too many
law suits?

A taxpayer left in the dark, but paying
for what?
7:27 am est 

Re: That's How We Got Grassy

I have to admit I wasn't a fan of Mr. Santos when he ran for BOS.  What did he
bring to the table?  But, if you watch closely he is a very good Selectman.  He
questions things, wants explanations as to why certain things happen and is very
involved.  Put aside your preconceived notions as I had to do and he's actually
doing a good job.
7:25 am est 

Re: Townie Logic

Tell me which of the current Board of Selectmen fits your "Townie"
definition and then compare what they have done for this town to Candace. 
There is no doubt that you will come up with a very empty paper. 

Don't start this townie washashore nonsense again.  We need someone on the
BOS who can get things done without putting this town further into debt.
Everything Candance has done was privately funded with mostly hurdles from the
town and overspending by them of the private funds.
She has stood for fiscal responsibility from her overturning of the illegal
book-keeping of the pier corp to the construction of a privately funded dog park
#2 in the country and made P-Town #1 for pet friendly.  This alone has resulted
in millions of dollars of positive publicity with articles about the town and
pets spreading internationally. And which of our BOS has done ANY positive
publicity for this town?
My money will back this winner. Who would you back ? I bet you wouldn't put your
money where your mouth is.
6:54 am est 

Re: Townie Logic
That's how we got Grassy.
6:49 am est 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Townie Logic

Yes, let's not vote for anyone who has a financial background and gets
things done because he or she didn't go to Provincetown High School! The most
important quality is that he or she be a Townie! Only Townies understand
Provincetown because they have been here their whole lives. So, they know what
they know.
10:10 pm est 

Re: Harborside Realty

Really?  "20th years" and "arephones".

I'll be right over.
7:52 pm est 

Candace Nagle

Candace is exactally what this town does not need; an angry
wash-ashore _______ with too much ____ you money and no sense of what this
beautiful town is all about.
7:31 pm est 

Well, If Candace Did Want the Town Manager's Job, I'd Be Smiling

That would be terrific to have her lead this town. There'd be much more energy
coming from the Town manager's office and the town manager would be making
deicisions--not the sad woman who is our present chair. I'm tired of these
strings being pulled by Couture and Sharon jumping when the strings get yanked.
It's like a tragic puppet show.

A real force would be just what we need--not an imposter or Howdy Doody and

Right on Candance. You're a woman who can lead.
5:52 pm est 

Re: Harborside Realty

We certainly still are in business! And going on out 20th years.

Sorry for any inconvenience people may have experienced, but
are phones are definitley fine, and the new site we moved to was up and running
by noon.

And of couree, you should list with us! :-)

Len Bowen/Harborside Realty
5:36 pm est 

Bangs Street-There is Something Rotten in Denmark

Good question.  Why is the total combined assessment of all 4 of these
"nicest" homes on the street less than the assessment of any 1 of the
ramshackled neighbors?  These have been on the market now for over 6 months. 
Plenty of time for the assessment to be recalculated.  The broker says he can't
sell because the neighborhood is so run down.  Then why are the rundown
neighbors paying more in taxes individually than these 4 houses combined?  This
seems very wrong and needs to be examined more closely.  Apparently something
other than the neighbors' homes is definitely rotten on Bangs St.. 
5:32 pm est 

Re: Candace Nagle

Whenever someone takes a passionate stand on any issue, he or she
makes allies and enemies. So what? That's politics 101. Where have you been?

Ms. Nagle gets any job she undertakes done. Are there casualities? Sure
sometimes. Again, that's politics and she's been a player for several years
although not an elected official. In fact, she is probably one of the most
influential non-elected people in town.

I'd vote for that pit bull any old time. Hope she does run in May.
4:22 pm est 

Re: January 19, 2009

"So Foul a Sky Clears Not Without a Storm

(Open Letter to President Obama)"

Clarence- Isn't time for something new? ANYTHING NEW????

MYPACC or "MY Pen ain't creating crap" !!

Webmaster Comment: Much more to follow shortly.
4:20 pm est 

Banner Lite

To be honest,the banner is just fluff.... I have never read any
Investigating reporting on their part,only news that's been on the
Streets for weeks.a nice change would be reporting on the works of
Town government and it's departments.
4:08 pm est 

Re: Candace

Candace could not be a selectman without conflict of interest since
Pru covered selectmen's meeting.
I don't care if she made enemies in this town or not.  She would be a driving
force to correct what is sitting on the board now. You tell me what David ,
Michelle, Austin, Elaine, or Santos has ever done for this town of any
measurable effect except for increase  taxes and debt ?

I'll excuse Santos from that sinse he hasn't been around long enough. I just wish
he'd pay attention and talk so I could understand him.

Candace has more support than you think. I for one will be delighted to
contribute to getting her elected, both in time and money.  At least I know that
there would be an HONEST person who does not need to take money or favors from
4:07 pm est 

Re: Kerry Adams

I didn't read anything about Adams' case being dismissed! If that is
true, do tell where you read it! Also, knowing Kerry as well as I do, I suspect
he will want to tell HIS side of the story! A good and decent man has been
treated to a constant barrage of crappy publicity as a result of this story. I
for one am willing to bet that when he is found innocent, we will read about it
in the back bottom section of the newspapers! I for one totally believe in him.
Kerry Adams is truly a huge benefit to Provincetown!
3:59 pm est 


I thought she wanted the town manager job.  She should just make up her mind so
she can find out once and for all that we don't want her!  She is the one that
is floating these "opportunities" for her.  She is the only one that would think
she is qualified.
3:57 pm est 

Exit Pru, Enter Candace?!

Pru was excluded from covering issues with Candace so there never was an issue
with Candace running for office in the past.  She has expressed no interest and
is aware that she has made many enemies in town and it would be a tough battle
to win.  Candace has been a divisive force in town and it would be better if she
sat on the sidelines.
1:29 pm est 

The Candace Nagle Platform:

  •  Driving force for accountiblity of Pier Corp's finances-now on Town's Munis 
     System and they must meet with Town's Finance Committee regularly
  • Predicted the barge would sink and it did
  • Driving force behind building the second best dog park in the country, Pilgrim
     Bark Park and the Town being awarded most dog friendly place in the country
  • Driving force for the new pet emergency shelter

 What did John Santos do as a private citizen before being elected Selectman?
Elaine Andersen? David Bedard? Austin Knight? Michele Couture?

Candace for Selectman is a no brainer. I hope she runs in the spring!

1:28 pm est 

Pru Will Be Missed

She was the only reporter I saw covering meetings and town issues. The Banner
without Pru will present what? Will there still be stories? Who will write them? 

I surely wish Pru Sowers the best and hope she will be writing stories for
the Cape Cod Times or some newspaper so we can continue to read her good work.

All the best and much success.
1:17 pm est 

Re: Key Reporter Exits Banner

Sorry not a developer or anything else.  Just someone who got hurt by her ugly
reporting.  Didn't hurt anyone but me. Wasn't an earth shattering event, except
to me. I will say it again.   I am glad she is gone.
1:15 pm est 

Re: Bangs Street Development

Can't wait until we hear the "real story" on the Bangs Street Development. 
There needs to be an explanation as to why these new homes are assessed at a
lower value than the other run down dumps on that street.  Those owners do
nothing to maintain their property and should be rewarded for the lack of
effort.  Joe DeMartino said that he can't get buyers interested in the new
project because the neighborhood is so run down. 

1:13 pm est 

Re: What's up With Harborside Realty?

Harborside Realty is still in business. I just call the number
508-487-4005 because I have my property listed with them and just talked to Rob
Tosner one of the owners. Their website is temporaily down because they just
invested thousands of dollars into a new updated site which will go live this
week. Their phones are working fine and have caller id and the only one who
called this morning was from a 217 number, if this is you, you should call back.
Also they have over 3 dozen listings, one of which is mine, and they are a
pleasure to work with so I'd defintely call them back and have them list it.
1:11 pm est 

Re: Pru Sowers Leaving Banner

We wouldn't know about Selectmen Knight's 'dark side' if it wasn't for
Pru Sowers, would we? Thanks Pru for reporting on Ptown's ugly underbelly!
10:30 am est 

Re: Key Reporter Exits Banner

What Ms. Sowers revealed you didn't have proper permitting, destroyed
conservation land, or something more sinister? Let's hope her replacement
reveals slimy folks like the sour grapes previous poster who attempted to get
something illegal done but it was revealed by the local reporter!

10:28 am est 

Kerry Adams

Regarding the earlier postings about the charges being dropped against
Kerry Adams, where did you read that? Am I missing something? Last time I saw
anything about his case, it was to say that he had another court date in March.
If anything, this case just seems to keep dragging along. I for one belive the
man is innocent! A man that gives so much of himself to his community, he
doesn't deserve the negative press that he has received in the papers. I too
look forward hearing the whole story but if what I've read to date is true, I
think Adams has gotten a pretty raw deal!

10:26 am est 

What's Up With Harborside Realty?

Harborside Realty website is not working. I tried calling today and
the phone is disconnected. Another real estate office didn't make it? Desperate
times I guess. Any idea who I should have sell my house?
10:23 am est 

Exit Pru, Enter Candace?!

The good side of Pru no longer being with the Bannner is now Candace
Nagel can run for selectman without a conflict of interest.  Candace actually
has fiscal sense AND an education.  She is able to get things done and is
honest....Please Candace run...I know it will be hard with a blog that loves to
post things that hurt people but you can make a difference and there are those
of us who will support you 100%.  Campaign contribution wanted?
10:21 am est 

Re: Really? No Pru?

Have another drink. I don't believe there is an Ann
MaQuire here in town. the Ann your probably speaking of is a wonderful person
who dedicates most of her time helping others! You apparently don't know her at
10:19 am est 

Outside Study of Police Department?

What the hell is going on at the police dept.????
   I inquired about the three new young officers shown in the photo in the
bannor. I then asked about the other two new  officers????   One is over 50 and
retired from a New Hampshire police dept.???? I for one would like to know more
about these two new officers.
   Why wernt they also pictured and discussed.?????
Seems like it is time for a outside study of this police dept. It was done years
ago and really needs doing now, before any contract renewels with this Chief.
10:08 am est 

Re: Key Reporter Exits the Banner

Thank God pru is leaving the Banner.If you had every been the victim
of one of he unbiased stories, you would make sure the door hit her in the ass.
I would love to see objective reporting without her obvious slant to things. 
10:06 am est 

Re: Key Reporter Exits the Banner

"I for one will greatly miss her." (Pru Sowers)

11:19 pm est 

Really? No Pru?

The Banner will not be the same. Pru Sowers is the only real, authentic reporter
that the Banner has. What will we now have? Happy times? All happy talk ala Ann
McQuire? Shine the brightest light on Provincetown and show that Sharon Lynn is
a star!

Pru did serious reporting. Now, it will be only happy news and happy talk. May
as well ask Ann McQuire to write the news for the Banner. Then we will all be
SMILING! Happy Days for a Happy Town with a Happy group of employess and Happy

Too bad David Nelson just died. We could have Ozzie and Harriet at Town Hall if
he hadn't just died. He could play David Gardner and Sharon Lynn could play
herself. Happy days and happy thoughts here in Provincetown.
11:17 pm est 

No, NO. No

Something's just amiss. Charges dropped against Kerri Adams. Why now? Why not
months back? Please, please, please.                                                                 
                                                       ? No, No. No. something's not just right here.

I like Kerri Adams but I don't like the maneuvering on his case. It's just not
11:14 pm est 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Key Reporter Exits the Banner

One has to wonder what's going on at the Banner, and why its
key reporter Pru Sowers decided to leave the organization.

As it is, the coverage of late has been watered down and very
thin as to detail. 

I for one will greatly miss her.
10:10 pm est 

Adams Charges Dropped!!

The charges against Kerry Adams were dropped by the District Attorney.
No explanation. Town Council also passed on moving forward with any court

And I for one believe that is all the truth we need to know.

A Rat In The Basement
6:41 pm est 

Sharon, Just Admit You Were Wrong

The four day work week was and is a disaster. It does not work for town
residents, for second home owners, for anyone except town employees. If it  made
the most sense, all towns in all states would have a four day work week. Most
don't. And especially when you have a tourist=based economy with tourists who
also need services. This has been insane and unproductive and just plain

Just admit you negotiated the wrong contract. Now, right the wrong and negotiate
a five day work week. Throw in hot dogs for lunch that we all pay for anyways.
Add a bun and mustard for the dog and let's get back to business.
6:32 pm est 

Re: New Development vs Bang Street

Must be the only slums in the world that are assessed at two and three times the
value of the beautiful new modular condos, but the developers and their pet
monkeys, always have an explaination or as they say in the business leave the
back door open.

I can appreciate the bloggers assumption that Bangs Street is
diverting attention from other developments, but Bangs Street is being beat to
death by the people directly affected or is it the other way around. God forbid
there is a fire or another emergency on that street. Who will be held
responsible when the equipment cant access the emergency?

This project stands out for the way the permitting and construction was handled.
Conservation was totally disregarded with the blessing of the Town. What other
development had a preconstruction meeting where Town Consul pooh, poohed
all the abutters concerned and a sitting selectman (selectwoman) appeared so
disgusted that she walked out.

The stench from this particular project will remain for quite a while, no matter what.
The public should be kept aware if only for the knowledge that this had happened
and it should not be allowed to happen again.

Im sure that Bangs Street was not the first development to disturb the abutters but it
was the first to have such vigorous opposition from a united front. It is the prime
example of the Town officials power to disregard public opinion for the demands
of the developer.
2:13 pm est 

Live Music!



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Music & More Series

60 Hope Lane, Off Route 6A, Dennis 

On the grounds of the Cape Cod Center for the Arts

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Dane Vannatter in Concert
Dane Vannatter

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12:52 pm est 

Re: Developers and Shenanigans

The issue seems simple.  One blog stated a developer about to build
had the intent of "preservation".  Another blog used the east end project as an
example since that was also the apparent presented intent with that project. 
That the opposite of what was proposed happened once construction began and
clear cutting of the dune and land was done exemplifies the point, no
preservation although that was proposed. This doesn't seem like carping but
rather discussion about a subject that's obviously touchy.  I think the message
was to say that once approvals are granted for one thing there is nothing
stopping developers from doing just about the opposite of what was permitted
with no repercussions from town boards.    
9:57 am est 

Developers and Shenanigans

With all the large developments, and all the shenanigans that
developers have been pulling all over town it is surprising that bloggers here
keep beating up on the Bang St project.  Perhaps that was their plan, keep
people focused on Bangs St while they rape and pillage every other square inch
of the town.  If so, it seems that they have been very successful both in
keeping attention away from the numerous large developments, while keeping the
focus on Bangs St.  We have heard enough carping about the Bangs St project on
this blog.  How about carping on some of the other recent developments in the
8:54 am est 

Kerry Adams

Lets hope that the truth is finally revealed when he goes to court and lets see
who is exonerated. May true Justice be accomplished.
8:51 am est 


Suggest you replace the flashing "New" with "False"

just saying
12:22 am est 

Re: Police Chief

Re: Jeff Jaran is about as intelligent as Jim Golden.
But sadly, only one has a college degree....

OK spill the beans
12:20 am est 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Re: Bang Street Development

The real story behind the Bang Street development has yet
to be told. Bang Street is not a  done deal. Some of its
affects have already had an impact on some players.

There is much more to follow, much more. Just wait and see. 
9:02 pm est 

Re: Bang Street Development

You are "unanimous" in your glowing recital with who?  The 20 or so
abutters that demanded answers from town hall in a meeting to address this mess? 
You must remember them or did they all realize they were completely insane and
give their blessings after final construction?  Funny, didn't see the notice on
8:58 pm est 

Re: Bang Street Development

Gee, let's see the discrepancies in the blog singing praises of
modulars .  "As a summer resident longing, blah, blah, blah".  Well, in that
case you would have seen these much prior to final presentation as they were not
yet in final phase last summer and only 2 on the market this fall and to date. 
You would have seen the dune clear cut and all vegetation completely demolished. 
Perhaps even the abutting neighbor's patio and foundation cracking.  Hmn.  Guess
you were looking at your Blackberry instead of paying attention.  Guess you just
have a hankering for trailers, sorry, modulars.  Predictable.  Ask an abutter,
any abutter, even those with decrepid houses, and then report back.  Bad enough
the project got through but the process and path taken to get there.  Wow.  You
are right.  An improvement.  and when you're done with the delusions, there's a
pot of gold at the end of the rainbow near the Bass Relief.  Good luck finding
it.   Hint;  it's under the equator!
  which runs right through there.  No joke.
8:55 pm est 

Police Chief

Jeff Jaran is about as intelligent as Jim Golden.

But sadly, only one has a college degree....
6:16 pm est 

Re: Bangs Street

Good gravy, best in the worst.  Right.  Who do you work for?  The
previous owner wanting to build less and denied is turning in his you know what.
6:15 pm est 

Re: New Development vs Bang Street

"Looks like you are putting all developers in the same boat."

Well, looks like someone finally has a good idea. Put all the developers in the
same boat, preferably one of the prizes tied up at Town Wharf, head it towards
Grand Bank and say goodbye.

You obviously have an issue with the Bangs Street
slums. Must be nice to live in a palace with your servants cleaning up /
improving your property. The town wont help us maybe we should call the
International Red Cross.
6:13 pm est 

Bangs Street

Now that the Bangs St. project is completed, I want to add my two
cents.  As a summer resident longing for Provincetown news in the off season,
about one year ago I stumbled across this blog.  Bangs St, Bangs St, Bangs St,
seemed to be the only issue harped about ad nauseam by blog contributors with
the encouragement of the blog's owner.  It was an enormous improvement to the
blog when the GIANT (format and file size) photos were finally moved to another
Anyway I had never heard of or visited Bangs St before rading of it on this
blog.  All the rancor about the development expressed here peaked my curiosity
so I looked up the street and took a walk to see what all the hubbub was about. 

I have to say upon seeing the neighborhood the new units are the best thing on
that street and a vast improvement on the quaint (ramshackle) appearance of most
of the existing properties there.  Seriously, what were some of those properties
in a past life?  Some look like they were a low rent motel converted to condos
(nothing wrong with that as long as I am the one making the money).  The
pre-existing properties as a group are crowded together with or without the new
units.  The new units in contrast are well designed, landscaped and situated
with respect to the pre-existing properties and each other.
As far as the developer making money, if anything they might have trouble
getting the desired prices on the units.  It is always better to buy the worst
property in the best neighborhood and fix it up.  The new units on Bangs St
clearly represent the opposite, the best property in the worst neighborhood. 
In my opinion (and I am unanimous in this) this development improves the value
of the street in general.  In order to realize this increase in value, some of
the existing homes would need to make some improvements.  At the risk of
sounding trite, remember, a rising tide raises all boats.  
So there you have it, my two cents.
4:23 pm est 

Re: Development at Harry Kemp

And the best part is, after all is said and done, the developer
doesn't even have to pay r.e. tax on them.  Oh, but that would be beating a dead
weasel.  Sorry to hit a nerve. 
4:20 pm est 

Re: Development at Harry Kemp

Sorry, the fact you must answer a blog with insults instead of
intelligence evidences your stupidity. and again, you've been alerted, what you
do with it is your call.  Ball's apparently almost in your court, except that
it's owned and controlled by the developers you claim are such angels.  Next
they'll be installing a trailer park that you claim "looks nice".  Get some
4:17 pm est 

Development at Harry Kemp

I too live near this project and know that this project is very different from the one
you compare it to. Be careful not to generalize all developers as "quick get rich
modular home builders".  This is a very different scenario. These homes are NOT
MODULAR and consist on 4 homes and 1 cottage( many more units could have been
built or even worse - commerical business zoning allowed for a vast array of options).

From what I understand the developer plans to reside there and the green space will
remain and is ensured to remain because a large portion of property (over 50%) is
going to be granted to MESA and will ensure a large buffer from Harry Kemp on back.

So, Again- be careful not to generalize and group "all developers" in one category.
That is just plain stupidity and ignorance.
1:14 pm est 

New Development vs Bang Street

Looks like you are putting all developers in the same boat.  You obviously have
an issue with the Bangs Street project and have beaten this topic to death.  Now
that they are completed, they look better than the run down houses in that
neighborhood.  It is easy to blog about what you don't like about this town. 
Why don't you put a little effort in to cleaning up / improving your property?
1:03 pm est 

Re: Unions
The unions are currently in discussions with the TM regarding the 5 day work
week. Apparently the 4 day work week's not working out the way they all thought
and they are negotiating the change back. But keep in mind, for the union to
give up the 4 day week means they get something in return. It's outrageous but
that's how the game is played and the town is getting played every day. Learn to
negotiate or get run over.

The unions are running rough shod over the town due to the fact that management
doesn't know how to negotaite. They feel it's all too personal. Do your job and get the
town back in the drivers seat. Some in the union will not like it but they can leave too if
they want.
1:01 pm est 

Re: Unions

I echo your thoughts 100%. Provincetown needs to fall in line with the rest of
the country. It's wonderful to march by your own beat regarding social issues,
but fiscally there is a right and wrong and this town is and has been poorly
managed for many years.

In a down economy there is no fluff to hid behind. Town meeting is an
antiquated form of government. Combined with the small voter turnout and
the corrupt self serving nature of the past & present Selectmen this Town is a mess.

I own my home here. I own a business of which I own the real estate there too. So
I've got over 20 years invested in this Town, but who gives a hoot what I think.
Certainly nobody that pulls the strings. I can't think of one capital improvement issue
that was successful. From the smallest goal to the largest goal, this town goes in
circles. How about under promising and over delivering for a change. 

Good luck Provincetown. You will need it more than you realize!
9:20 am est 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sharon Lynn: Town Manager

Sharon Lynn is an honest, hardworking civil servant with excellent
general management skills and a genuine sense of commitment to the town. These
attributes alone are arguably more than a town could hope for in a manager.

However, she does lack specific skills that are glaring in a town this small. In
a larger town, she would have greater resources to draw upon: greater numbers of
experts, professionals, and native and long-term residents who could offer
broader historical expertise. But this town is tiny and so her blank spots are
obvious.  She has only been able to wing-it when it comes to DPW, McMillan Pier,
the fishing community, the library, economic development, and the arts,
historic, and conservation commissions. And those are the things that ultimately
matter in this town.

But I doubt that there are many town manager professionals that have the
expertise to handle the above issues, and so we should count ourselves fortunate
to have our town manager while still hoping that she will go the extra mile to
seek out the expertise and wisdom that is--however hidden--but here.  
10:36 pm est 


The bottom line is the Town can not afford paying 80% health insurance premiums,
period!! Town officials need to be honest and up front and firm with the unions.
I believe all unions deserve a cost of living increases yearly and should pay
50% of their premiums it is fair and equitable, If they don't agree, terminate
them all, clean house and hire a new crew. Town officials need to ELIIMINATE
positions as well in the upper management level and in all other levels. Town
Hall should be OPEN 5 days a week and stop this nonsensical schedule that was
"negotiated" a few years back, if they don't want to work a 5 day week, fire
them all and get a new staff, it is that simple.
10:32 pm est 


Perhaps Sharon Lynn should not be dictating to Jaran what the Police Officers
should wear...

Let Sharon worry about Town Hall employees and what they wear.

The police looked awesome in their sweaters and pullovers..  But, those short
jackets are not practical and for some, they look like they don't even fit!
10:30 pm est 

Chief of Police:
I hope Truro stays within..  Going outside brings morale down.

Just ask any Ptown Officer and see what they have to say.

If you have been told any different, then you need to check around !

Morale at the Ptown PD is at it's lowest it's ever been.

Changes that have been made have not benefited any officers in any way.  The
officers are not allowed to give an opinion.

I believe the statement made by the chief is " the only opinion that counts is
his".  How do you think that is for morale?

Think of those working conditions....
7:47 pm est 

Re: Development Near Outercape Health!

To:  "They only plan to develope a small portion of their land with
the rest being preserved."

PLAEEESE!  You obviously have not looked at the pictures on this blog's homepage
of another development bent on "preserving the integrity of the natural
environment".    Case in point, simply go down what used to be a quaint little
East End dead end before it became a modular mall.  Learn the rules of the game.   
First the developer presents to the necessary town boards (because of course
he/she will obviously need SPECIAL permits).  Better yet he/she hires some good
ole boy puppet (a lawyer, engineer, whomever) to do it for them.  Then it's all
about the connections.  That is the bonus key to this game.  They make sure the
project is on the up and up on paper, or really, who cares if it is or not AS
LONG AS IT LOOKS LIKE IT IS (easily done).  Once the permits are in their hot
little hand(s), the gloves are off, carte blanche kicks in.  The meaning of the
word "preserving" becomes "destroying" and the only green left on the project is
the money these optimistic developers h!
ope they can make by charging ridiculous prices to unknowing buyers for their
"quality" products.   40% greenspace becomes about 5% and clear cutting and
rampant disregard for the natural environment is the result.  If you think it
looks good now, wait until it's done.  Don't say you haven't been warned. 
Coming at you.  Full speed. 
7:41 pm est 

Police Chief

 Jeff Jaran is about as intelligent as Jim Golden.
7:35 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Employee Benefits

"...who suggests the town and the unions put their heads together soon
to find a sustainable way to move forward on benefits before finances, or lack
thereof, force a more drastic solution."

From what I've heard there hasn't been much movement from the unions. 
Apparently they have their head in the sand when it comes to the real world. 
The days of large union increases are over, but they don't get it.  It will come
down to do they want their large salary increases or do they want to keep their
job?  Something has to give.  Or will our generous town just vote an over-ride
to pay or employee health insurance and salary increases?
4:20 pm est 

Re: Development Near Outercape Health!

Outrage??? I think it is great.  I live near there and they are being very
sensitive regarding the environment! They only plan to develope a small portion
of their land with the rest being preserved. Some people on this blog just want
to stir up trouble. 
2:09 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn

Sharon Lynn has done more than any recent town manager to cleanup a mess she was
handed. She and her staff have dug into the dank dusty corners of the town
accounting, cleaned it up, faced the problems and found solutions. She has also
forced us all to face up to the massive underinvestment in town infrastructure
that had accumulated and is slowly chipping away at the problem. She also forced
out some real losers as town employees some of whom now have nothing to do but
attack her on here.

Whether she has the steel to face down the unions and reach a mutual agreement
that puts benefits on a more sustainable footing for the future, including hers,
has yet to be seen.

Nice to see some debate on this important topic finally and major kudos to the
poster who suggests the town and the unions put their heads together soon to
find a sustainable way to move forward on benefits before finances, or lack
thereof, force a more drastic solution.
2:08 pm est 

Re: Truro Police Chief Search

I Hope Truro Gets A Police Chief as Good as Jeff Jaran

He has made a world of difference. He is bright, personable and professional.
Let's hope Truro can do as well as we did.

2:05 pm est 

Provincetown Employee Benefits

It is only a matter of time befor Ptown realizes is can no longer
subsidize the benefits program to town employees. It will happen!!
1:57 pm est 

Truro Chief Search

"All I can say...  is stay within..  There sure are enough qualified individuals
to handle to position..   Don't make the mistake Ptown made !!!!!!!"

I SO DISAGREE. Hiring from outside was right for Provincetown. We have a great
Police Chief!
10:06 am est 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Provincetown Library

Truro library is mentioned in this week's Banner as a 'bustling center
for the community.' Sure do wish we had that board instead of the knuckleheads
we have on ours who are scrambling to avoid state sanctions because they didn't
seek appropriate funding!
10:48 pm est 

Truro Chief Search

All I can say...  is stay within..  There sure are enough qualified individuals
to handle to position..   Don't make the mistake Ptown made !!!!!!!
7:21 pm est 

Sharon Lynn

Why do you think the police have to wear those god awful hats?  Because Sharon
likes them.  Why do you think they had to do away with their sweaters and
pullovers?  Cause Sharon didn't like them....  Inside they have short Jackets
that on some look disgraceful !Perhaps the police should dictate to her what to
wear to work....
7:19 pm est 

Development Near Outercape Health!

Where is the outrage over the development on the hill next to
outercape health? Very sad.
7:17 pm est 

This is Not West Goshen

We need leadership. We need tough thinking. We need informed action. But where
is it? Town employees do what they want to do. Sharon allows it and we have
mismanaged departments. How sad for all of us that she cannot get tough. She has
only small town management skills, honed in West Goshen. But that falls far
short from what we, in Provincetown, want and need from our town manager. We
need someone who can lead a town of 35,000 to 50,000 individuals in full season.
She can handle 800 individuals but we are much more than that. She is actually
not up for this job.

Maybe West Goshen would still want her back?
4:28 pm est 

Town Employees Will Give Nothing

They will refuse. They will use the union for their own benefits. And Sharon
Lynn will smile, nod, and acquiesce. That is the sad truth. She wants people to
be happy and her major role, as she sees it, is to smile and then smile again.

She has no cahonas. She has no guts. town employees, and especialy her
favorites, the few town pets, will get raises and all benefits. Just look at
certain department in the new FY2012 budget. See the raise; See her little pets.
They go hand in hand.
4:26 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Doors

"I won't post about the town hall doors again."

Please keep this promise!
4:23 pm est 

Dear Webmaster

New posted pictures of Bangs St. unfortunately show
the bleak path we are headed on.  So much blatantly done that should never have
been even a consideration.  Still begs the question, how and why was this
allowed? Even more so now that these 4 modular units presented as 2 for
approvals are on the market for over 1/2 million a piece at 4.  Thanks for your
work. Erosion will undoubtedly be a serious problem, especially with the rains
and melting of spring.  This poor dune didn't see it coming.  ConsCom, now that
they have allowed this within the required buffer zone of a wetland, should keep
this one on the front burner for a while.      
4:21 pm est 

Re: Town Employee Benefits

I am self employed and pay $1,800 a month for a family plan covering
3.  More than all my monthly bills combined.  No sympathy if town employees have
to contribute at least 1/2 of their payments if not more.  It has become too
costly to be picked up by towns.  Why should these priviledged workers not have
to pay?  They make enough.  If a school secretary pulls in 70K a year, she
should have to contribute a heck of a lot more than 10%.  Stop giving the free
ride and start showing some fiscal responsibility to the people who actually pay
the bills, the taxpayers.  All these "perks" enjoyed by a few is not even close
to being fair. 
4:18 pm est 

Re: Town Employee Benefits

Retirees unfortunately are probably the ones who are going to pay.

Look across the countries.  More and more municipalities are filing Chapter 9,
which allows them to get out of under onerous labor contracts.

Defined pension schemes are a dinosaur.  They are virtually gone from corporate
America, with the Airlines and the Automakers the last to file bankruptcy
largely as a result of their pension obligations.

Town employees would do very well to negotiate a reduction in benefits and a
move to the same 401K scheme as pretty much everyone else.  If they don't, they
are eventually looking at drastically reduced benefits down the road.

It may be a "moral" obligation as someone has suggested, but if there isn't any
money, it isn't going to matter.
12:17 pm est 

Truro Police Search

Truro Police Search is going to private tomorrow.  Jan 15 2010 is your
last day to shout out your opinion on what changes you'd like to see, starting
at the top!!!

Link above to online public feedback survey.

10:15 am est 

Re: Health Benefits For Town Employees

Someone posted that "some communities pay 100% of the workers health insurance".

Yeah? name that "community". as for Massachusetts, the typical town contribution
is between 50-70%.

the ONLY town that pays more than Provincetown is Cambridge . We, out of 350
towns, are in second place with our 80 % contribution.

its bankrupting the town. Thank Keith Bergman and Michelle Couture for failing
to deal with it years ago when the Finance Committee red flagged it as a budget

Counting the Chickens
9:44 am est 

Re: Library Closing?

What about looking at regionalizing Truro and Provincetown's libraries
to trim our budget?
9:41 am est 

Town Employees' Benefits

And you honestly think anyone employed by the town would be willing to
contribute more personally to their own health insurance or any other benefit
when the town hall gods deem it unnecessary.   Their show makes the West End
Salon look like a viable business. 
11:32 pm est 

Re: Time Off

It sure does seem like management in numerous departments have an aweful lot of
time off?  Who is keeping track? 

You can never reach a department head at either the Town Hall or the Police
Station when you call...  HMMMMMM

All you ever get is they are on vacation..... 
11:30 pm est 

Re: Keith Bergman

Was probably the best thing that ever happened to this Town. Sure he had his
shortcomings but over all he really brought the town forward. Do you remember
when Bill McNulty was Town Manager and Rachael White was secretary and head gate
keeper and walking into Town Hall was a time warp. Like walking on to the set of
Green Acres: "Here we are in Hootersville"

Keith laid the ground work for closing down the high school and bore the scars.
Didn't he last longer than any Town Manager since P-town switched to a Town
Manager form of government? No small task in a Town where people are complaining
about snow plows. The DPW does an excellent job of snow and trash removal. Seems
like a simple task until you've lived in places where those basic services were
lacking. Did you read about New York city last week!

Keith Hugger
11:28 pm est 

Re: Library Closing

Re: News Alert

I heard that too!! What are they thinking????
11:25 pm est 

Re: Welcome to Lazytown

I am the person who wrote yesterday about several businesses being
closed (despite posted hours stating otherwise) during what turned out to be not
much of a snowstorm.

I would like to address another blogger who responded to my post by saying that
my expectations are too high and that my reasons for not continuing to support
these businesses are not good reasons.

I support many small local businesses and have for the many years I've lived
here. It is quite presumptuous of you to repeatedly imply that I somehow think
all restaurants are "big-time money making operations." I have lived in
Provincetown for quite some time and I am quite aware of the seasonal nature of
our town.

However, I believe that if a business posts regular hours they should stick to
them. I have a very short lunch break and there are very few options to begin
with. Wasting half my lunch break driving to a place that turns out to be closed
doesn't make me a happy customer.

Anybody who was out and about before 4pm yesterday can tell you that the snow
was minimal, the roads were clear and driving was quite safe and easy. Anybody
who didn't show up for work yesterday was simply granting themselves an extra
day off.

As for your proclamation that these businesses won't suffer from my lack of
patronage, well, one of them is already suffering and has quickly earned a less
than stellar reputation in town for (among other things) not staying open when
they say the will be.

I am a working class citizen and I know what hard work is and how difficult it
is to make ends meet in this town, but I also know lazy when I see it.

11:23 pm est 

Re: Town Employees' Health Care

Some communities pay 100% of employees' insurance. If the selectmen
had half a brain between them, they'd negotiate with the union for reductions
for new hires. It's not fair to take away from retirees, many of whom are in
their 70's and 80's and unable to be competitive in the work force. And, it's
immoral to break promises to these elderly retirees. Negotiating with the union
over the new is the only way to go.
11:19 pm est 

Re: Public Library

No, I'm not wrong.

Three people from Truro have each asked if the library is closing and they said
they saw it on the Truro selectmens meeting from Jan 11. I looked it up just now
from the Truro town website (click on boards & committees then click board of
selectmen and then look for the date and the video) and sure enough, at exactly
57:15 to 58:38 the chair of the Truro board relayed a discussion he had with our
[Provincetown?] chair. He says it on the video that the town is in desperate financial straights
and that they are considering closing the library.

Look it up.
11:16 pm est 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Town Employees Health Care


Please have town employees contribute a larger share to their health care
benefits, like all other cape towns have done.

Thank you
12:54 pm est 

News Alert

I just heard on the radio that Keith Bergman is one of the FINALISTS to be the
Town Manager of Yarmouth.


I guess they pay no attention to news reports from Provincetown.
12:52 pm est 

Re: Re-Plows

I second that about the speed plus the almost total diregard of stop signs and
traffic lights. And why, when the road is virtually clean do they have three
trucks following each other with the blades down?
12:50 pm est 

I Vote Against the Town Hall Doors

The stain is just too dark making them almost seem blackish. Wrong color on the
renovation of these doors. I would also tone down the orange in the corridors of
the first floor and without dobt the doors are rather strange.
12:48 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Doors

"I won't post about the town hall doors again."

Please keep this promise!
12:47 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Doors

I won't post about the town hall doors again. They looked much better
before when they looked natural. I believe only one person believes they look

Color Splash
10:30 am est 

Re: Welcome to Lazytown

Many people seem to assume that all of the restaurants, markets and
delis in town are big-time money making operations but most are not.  Profit
margins are extremely low and very few of them make large profits.  Most owners
are struggling just to pay bills, make payroll and have a little profit left
over.  This is especially true of foodservice operations that serve breakfast
and lunch.  The more profitable businesses serve dinner and have full liquor

It is not about lazy or not.  Businesses are in business to make money, period. 
And business owners make decisions based on the need to be profitable.  Just
because a business owner decides to close due to a weather forecast that may not
materialize is not a good reason not to support the business. 

I dont think that the businesses that you wont be patronizing or recommending to
tourists in the future are going to suffer terribly.  It sounds like your
expectations are a little too high for our small local businesses.  These
businesses are not big-time money making operations and some customers are just
not worth having.  If more local people thought like you we would have even
fewer businesses open in the winter than we already do.  It is no wonder that
most businesses just close for the winter and concentrate on the tourist trade.
10:28 am est 


There is no need of these plows speeding down Bradford st. while plowing
slush. So much of it came in my yard, I had to grab my little dog so she wouldn't
get hurt.
9:41 am est 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Flashing "NEW" Thing
Yea, take it down. Heard it from the man himself. No contract renewal as of yet.

8:37 pm est 

Sometimes I Wonder Who is Really Working at Town Hall

Even with a four day work week, look at management. Oh, sorry. Don't bother.
They are not there. Vacation Time in Lala Land. Who is really counting vacation
time? They're never there. Try to get an answer on key issues, oh, sorry, he is
not in today, nor tomorrow, nor the next day. Reason: he's on vacation.

Again?  Sharon, maybe you should try basic arithmetic when you count vacation
time. Oh, yes, I'm sorry: you haven't counted your days off either. Oh, so

It's vacation time. Whose counting?
8:35 pm est 

Re; Town Hall Doors
Here is another vote in favor of the way the doors came out in the renovation. 
I agree, they look GOOD!
8:33 pm est 

Snow Trucks?

Yep, just before 6:00PM Here comes the snow truck! OVERTIME TONIGHT!
6:32 pm est 


Oh, where are the plows now?  It's 430PM?  I bet they wait until 6PM so they can
be on overtime....Then they'll be out all night....  UNBELIEVABLE.....
5:10 pm est 

Town Hall Doors

I agree and posted long ago about the town hall doors. I think there
is only ONE blogger who thinks it looks good. He attacked me the first time I
mentioned it.

Color Spash
5:08 pm est 

Welcome to Lazytown!
I went to two different places for lunch today, places who's posted
hours state that they're open during the week. I was met with signs that read
"closed due to storm."

STORM? We got two inches of snow at best!

Maybe we should change the sign at the entrance of town to read "Welcome to
LAZYtown" during the winter months.

Well, I support local businesses that support me. I know several I won't be
patronizing or recommending to tourists in the future.
5:04 pm est 

Re: Capital Provincetown

Why was school cancelled and the town trucks out in full force?  A
combination of eggheaded decisions, lack of common sense and apparently
unlimited taxpayers funds.  Quite the team at the helm.  At this rate, we'll be
broke by Feb. and in need of "special" town meeting to discuss the budget or
lack thereof.  Cool.   
5:02 pm est 

Capital Provincetown

It's good that the precious darlings are home from school today what
with accumulation nearing an inch at 2:00 p.m.

Glad the town has money to throw around spreading chemical sand mix on the bare

The governor of Pennsylvania called us a nation of wusses. We may be the capital
of that nation.
2:32 pm est 

Inequality Awareness

Stating the facts regarding town workers and the union and the perks paid for by
the taxpayer raises the awareness of the inequalities.

Everyone one who goes to town meeting sees the town workers jamming the room to
the rafters in order to gauge the taxpayers and get raises and perks on the
backs of the taxpayers.

Allowing these sentiments to register with people and the occasional blog reader
will continue to raise awareness to these inequalities that governors around the
country decry.
2:30 pm est 

Re: "Financial Guillotine"

Realistically speaking do you think that in a town where only 300 people show
for annual meeting and a large percentage of those people are either employed by
the town or related to someone who is that pension reform for existing workers
of any significant scale is even possible? I doubt it. A more realistic approach
would be to negotiate a two tier system where newly employed town workers are
moved to a defined benefits package (like a 401k) and other more realistic and
sustainable benefits.

Our real problem is not pensions it's healthcare costs.
1:03 pm est 

Re: West End Salon

The owner gave the producers of that reality show exactly what they wanted, a
real freak show.  How he thinks this can be good for his business, I'll never
know.  But we did learn exactly what kind of shop they are running there and no
one in their right mind should go there or recommend it to our friends, family
or tourists.  Participating in that program was probably the last nail in the
coffin the West End Salon needed.
1:01 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Doors

It is just a matter of taste (or lack of...) regarding the stain used on the
town hall doors.  I happen to like it and tired of the one man campaign to make
an issue of it.  Move on, pick a new cause.  The doors look good!
12:59 pm est 

Public Library

The selectman should close the library.  It is hardly used this time
of year.  The few who do use it just hang out and talk and make it difficult for
those of us who would prefer a quiet place to concentrate.  Let's learn to do
without as many other communities have been forced to do.  The tax payers of
this town have picked up the burden long enough.
12:58 pm est 

Town Hall Renovation

Perhaps the person overseeing the renovation of Town Hall is the one
to question regarding the color of the door.  Perhaps the specs. regarding the
door color could be divulged (if not top secret) so the taxpayers would know if
they got what was ordered and paid for, or if someone just goofed and figured no
one would notice.  Perhaps Mr. Braun in his capacity as town Bldg. Inspector
extraordinaire should be able to answer this simple question.  Put a call into
his office and post the answer.  Should be good for a laugh at least.  Not
monkey breeding, just a simple construction question on the primary building in
town that ran upwards of 9 mil. to get to where it is at today.  Good luck.
12:56 pm est 


Saw your interview on PTV. Good job, Clarence and Marcene.
12:53 pm est 

Flashing "New"

Please webmaster, share when this meeting took place which gives you the
permission to post this information as fact.  There was no meeting and there was
no vote taken.  If you're going to post something outside of this blog area, it
should be verified as fact.
12:52 pm est 

Re: So Sad For Doug et al

Why is it so sad?  Doug got exactly what he wanted.  He begged them to come to
his salon.  It was a dream of his to be on her show.

As for the town.  I remember a certain condom policy that made national news
last year and everyone claimed it would destroy the town and it's reputation. 
All you local pundits claimed it made us look like a bunch of buffoons and no
one would come here.  Well, Ptown had one of it's best seasons in an adverse

Face it.  It's better to be talked about than forgot about.  No press is bad

Ps.  If we're voting on the bubble machine, I hate it too.  It's annoying as
12:50 pm est 


Why were the plows out when we hardly got any snow?
12:47 pm est 

West End Salon

So sad for Doug and sad for the town.
8:52 am est 

Re: Public Library

"I just heard the selectmen are thinking about closing the library due
to financial issues in the town. . ."

You heard incorrectly.
8:51 am est 

Financial Guillotine

EVERY Taxpayer is going to be hit in a few years when the is required to spend
millions upon millions in Pension costs. Now is the time to change the course of
such extravagant benefits.

This town is full of men and women who work jobs outside of town hall. The
people who rent will be able to live in affordable housing--the taxpayers will
have to pay this onerous bill.

The town must buck the unions that will suck the life blood out the rest of the
non municipal taxpayers.
8:10 am est 

Public Library

I just heard the selectmen are thinking about closing the library due to
financial issues in the town. So then why are we looking to give the library
money only to then close it?
8:08 am est 

Re: Town Hall Doors

The Town Hall Doors can be taken down, stripped, lightly bleached and brought
back to the normal Mahogony color. C'mon people of Ptown, we just spend millions
upon millions lets do the project right. Someone obviously screwed up with the
colors of the doors. Please fix it and make it right.

8:07 am est 

House of Pizza

Can't wait for that upcoming physical I hope that the sgt's will join the Lieut.
Should be an intresting event hope you all can attend.  SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!

8:06 am est 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interesting Article

For those interested in the question of public sector pay and benefits The
Economist magazine has a cover story on the subject which can be found at www
dot economist dot com.

Here's a sample:

"The pressure to rationalise the public sector is likely to continue in coming
years. The debt level in OECD countries is expected to rise to 120% of GDP by
2014, thanks to a combination of ageing populations and inherited obligations,
some of them driven by the public sectors insatiable appetite for pensions.
Joshua Rauh, of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University,
reckons that seven American states will have exhausted their pension assets by

It would be a mistake to write off the public-sector unions. They are masters
of diverting attention from strategic to tactical questions. Undoubtedly the
unions will lose some of their privileges over the coming years; the scale of
the debt crisis makes this inevitable. But will governments have the courage to
tackle the root causes of the problem (such as pensions) rather than dealing
with secondary problems (such as wages)? And will they dare to tackle questions
of power rather than just pay and perks? If they are to claim victory in the
coming fight, they need not just to restore the public finances to health. They
also need to breathe the spirit of innovation into Leviathan."
6:12 pm est 

Who Put the Dark Stain on Town Hall Doors? Whose Decision Was That?

It distorts the rest of the renovation. It looks like the doors belong to
another building or to work that still needs to be done. The stain is much too
dark. If they made a mistake, why didn't they fix the problem?

I'm glad someone else sees what I see when I look at the $9 million renovation.
Color, as we know, is crucial and this color is odd and wrong for the building.
11:39 am est 


Just as an FYI Rick Murray and his security staff politely asked the crew of
Tabitha AND HER POSSEY and (or      ) to vacate the Paramount at the doors of
Showgirls when they were in town this past summer because they crashed the door
to get in free, they were RUDE to the security staff and were RUDE to the Paying
patrons by blocking the view of the stage of Showgirls. I watched the whole
episode and the profanity from the Producer was not pretty. It looks like some
year round business' know how to run a professional operation. The whole thing
was a farce to help build up the West End Salon with "bad" humor and bad satire.
11:37 am est 

Re: Cape Cod Times "Wind Power Projects Losing Steam on Cape"

I find it highly ironic that while one can look at any very early painting of
Provincetown and the skyline is covered with windmills modern day residents of
the Cape can't abide by the thought of producing energy on Cape through wind
power. Added irony in the fact that the Cape will see major impact from even a
small rise in sea levels. Cape Cod should be at the forefront of renewable
energy production from wind and tidal power.

Everyone wants reliable plentiful and cheap energy but no one wants to see it
produced. Something has to give someday.
10:13 am est 

The Hair Salon Thing

The bravo people wanted to eat at our restaurant,but wanted bad service,all
of it to be filmed.we declined of course,who is this      .to come here and trash us,saw that show,boring at best, stupid.i have lived here a long time,other than this dougie guy,did
not know any of the staff.the whole thing was a farce
10:11 am est 

Re: Town Hall Doors

The doors at Town Hall are made of mahogany and they had a nice clear
finish put on them when they were replaced a few years back. They looked really
nice still. And the interior side still does.I think that it was probably time
to put another coat of varnish on the exteriors. But for some reason they put a
dark stain on them, and I agree it looks weird. Another Provincetown nicety
ruined because someone didn't think it through. And BTW I was there last night
and used the Ryder Street entrance, and I noticed that this new finish is
already peeling off!

I also don't like the color of the trim on the auditorium ceiling, I think it
should have been stained to match the old woodwork. That color has no relation
to any of the other trim. I just don't understand it.

A Rat In The Basement
10:08 am est 

Re: Town Hall Doors

The doors on town hall are mahogany. FYI so I guess it's just you. 
10:06 am est 

Setting the Record Straight!

Regarding West End Salon and the Bravo reality TV show and the not so
realities of reality TV:

It is absolutely shocking to me how hateful and judgmental people in this town
can be. We are NOT leading by example, what it means to be tolerant, in such
intolerant world.

I will summarize what people are saying around town. People are frustrated that
Provincetown is portrayed as a "gay resort community" although this may not be
entirely true. The gays have been the most visible culture, and have been the
largest contributors to Provincetown's economy and tourist dollar, and have been
since the Portuguese sold out in the seventies,  Provincetown has been regarded
as the the gay mecca of the east coast and the Mikonos of the US just to name a
few.  It is fair to say that the gay community is responsible for adding color
to the landscape here, which undoubtedly contributes to Provinctown's charm and
quirkiness.  There are people on this site who will say that the tourists don't
come here for it's quirkiness and eccentricities, they come here for the natural
beauty. If that were the case, then I'm sure places like Chatham and other areas
of the Cape would be much busier.  What makes Provincetown so special is that
you can get the whole package o!
r more bang for your buck if you will, and as a result it is a much busier and
bustling place.

Another complaint was that the show didn't highlight some of Provincetown's most
definitive characteristics. Art institutions, historical significance, protected
natural beauty, preservation, Portuguese heritage  and it's "SEEMINGLY"
overwhelming sense of tolerance etc..
All that can really be said about this is that the show was not meant to be a
Provincetown documentary. Despite any attempts that were made by Dougie Freeman
the staff and even maybe the production team to shed some light on Ptown's
assests, the final cut is determined by the Bravo network. We have to understand
that time restraints do not allow for much more than what the show is really
about. The goal for Tabatha was to determine the issues and to try to resolve
them in just a short time.

The next major complaint was the issue of sanitation or the lack there of! Lets 
first take a look at how these shows work. First, Probably even before Tabatha
arrives, the producers schedule a full day of clients where all stylist, massage
therapists, and nail technicians are booked beyond capacity. It is at the end of
the day when the staff is exhausted, irritated and most vulnerable, and the
salon is in less than perfect condition, that Tabatha arrives, and the
inspection begins. And such it goes on in probably every segment of the shows
structure, the staff and facility are put under stress before the filming
happens.  Thus you have the perfect atmosphere for the merciless, overwhelmingly
critical, all seeing, Tabatha.
If any of you have seen previous episodes you will notice that she was rather
kind to the staff of the West End Salon in her persuit of dirt and filth! Maybe
she should have been notified of this website in her pursuits.
The West End Salon would not be in there 28th year of business if there were
major sanitation violations with the board of health. The filth and sanitation
issues were created for the show, and again we are reminded of the not so
realities of reality TV.

It has also been said that Dougie and his staff embarrassed themselves with the
shtick and the stripper pole and the less than tasteful demeanor of the salon. I
see West End Salon with it's non-conforming, quirky, eccentric owner as a credit
to Provincetown. It is all that once embodied this town, and what sets it apart
from any other place on earth. They embrace all the things that make them out of
the ordinary. A rebellion of the movement to make Provincetown the next boring,
seaside, yuppie summer residence.
  So just like Ptown it's self,  at this little salon with a big personality,
you get the whole package and a better bang for your buck!
Stop all the ignorance and give them a break!  BRAVO! ..WEST END SALON
10:04 am est 

Get a Grip!

I agree with the person who wrote the letter to the Banner: closing
Commercial Street to cars and bicycles is just plain wrong.  It is not a good
idea and it will change the character of the town for the worse.  And for those
who want to change the nature of the town to be more like Nantucket or Palm
Beach, get a grip on yourself.  That will never happen.

11:12 pm est 

Monday, January 10, 2011

West End Salon

Hmm...tacky, poor business sense, makes the town look bad...

I think the West End Salon is this year's "green line!"
7:37 pm est 

Legal Liability

Just was informed that there will be a physical fitness test for the PPD at
the House of Pizza sometime during the month of April. Stay Tuned.

7:36 pm est 

Provincetown is Interesting But it is Not Bravo!

It is quirky and funky. It has its artistic pockets. It has its literary
moments. This town has incredible stretches of dunes, great beaches, and
wonderful ocean views.

It is unique in its own way. But what it is is not what this show represented.
Tabitha who? Provincetown is so much more than that show and those sad
characters. They need therapy, not just a make-over. Tabitha needs more than any
hair style could ever do. She needs years of psychoanalysis!
7:34 pm est 

Re: Accept and Ignore

Why do you target second home owners? I'm a second home ownner and I love the
barkers!!! Please don't disparage us for no reason.
7:32 pm est 

It is Sad

The passivity of too many in this town will be the weight that sinks us.
7:31 pm est 

What's Wrong With Town Hall Doors?
The color is all wrong. They are too dark. They should have been more mahogany
then this rather weird color. What type of wood is this supposed to be? Seems
the color of wood left in salt water for too long then ressurected. It's more
than odd.

It's like the Emperor with no clothes. Does anyone else see this? I just can't
be the only one.
7:30 pm est 

Who Cares About the Salon Show??!!

Talk about an attention whore??!! He got what he wanted, his 15 minutes of
"fame" on TV and now everyone in town is talking about him. He's not going to
change anything and if anything can be said about the salon, the owner did a
great job of getting free advertisement by being on the show. Putting him out
there as a reason why business will be slow this coming summer is insane. The
town has much bigger problems than this little salon and BTW, it's only one very
small salon in the far west end of town. Who really cares? Focus on what the
real problems are in town and forget the fluff. 
7:28 pm est 

Embrace the Unique

Chaos and "whacky" IS what we're selling. Want a pristine destination
think Chatham. Want some fun think Provincetown. Cars on Commercial is part of
the unique charm as well. This is not going to be a pasteurized Republican
playground. We remain "The Town That Good Taste Left Behind" as we called it in
the seventies. Embrace the unique.
3:41 pm est 

Re: West End Salon

"I had a straight lady call me the night the BRAVO showed air with the
west end salon.  There goes your theory about no one sane was watching it."

Oh, so straight ladies are the only sane people?  I always wondered about
3:39 pm est 

West End Salon

I had a straight lady call me the night the BRAVO showed air with the
west end salon.  There goes your theory about no one sane was watching it.
1:33 pm est 

Wall Street Journal: Market for Vacation Homes Is on the Rise

"Sales in many vacation communities across the U.S. soared last year to levels
not seen since boom times, driven by deep discounts, cash purchases and buyers'
rising stock portfolios.....

Yet the market for vacation homes, based on local sales data, appears to be
booming. The comeback, NAR economist Lawrence Yun said, has been helped by gains
in the stock market and an improving economy, which have made wealthier
Americans more upbeat about the future. "It also implies that prices in some
markets have come down so much that people are fighting for those properties,"
said Mr. Yun, noting that demand is strongest in areas close to stable labor

Sales of second homes are showing an uptick even in more-affordable communities.
In some locations, prices are even inching upward. Cape Cod sales climbed nearly
9% in 2010 from 2009, while prices rose 7%."

For full article see today's Wall Street Journal

I would bet that Provincetown is responsible for a goodly portion of the Cape
Cod data.
11:30 am est 

Tabitha Unkown

The poster is correct. Come to think of it, I have never heard of Tabitha. I'm
sure that only people in the business know about her.

Big relief: only other wacky people would be drawn to her show! Case is closed
on damage to Provincetown.

Now back to selling our stockpile of town owned buildings.
11:27 am est 

West End Salon

Forget the national publicity that comes with a reality show whether
it is real or percieved. I just can't believe the filth depicted in the salon.
Don't we have a board of health to investigate what was shown?
11:24 am est 

Bravo and West End Salon...

The reality TV show illustrates PTown as it truly exists. A town full of people
who are trying to make a living, will say one thing yet mean another, and
promise to deliver then abandon their promise.

Don't single out the owner of the salon. Look larger, at the Board of Selectmen.
Then, look closer, at the webmaster. Finally, look at yourself.

Then look at the big picture, and reflect upon all of the projects that have
been discussued for years, some of which have failed to come to fruition:

WiFi throughout town
A year-round economy (cottage industry)
Repaving of Commercial Street

Provincetown is comprised of a community that is well-intentioned. Let's just
leave it at that...

12:48 am est 

Don't Take the Tabatha TV Program too Seriously

Most people have never even heard of it.  I doubt it will have any impact on
the well being of the town.

As for Provincetown, it will always be popular because of its natural beauty,
not because people are eccentric or whacky.

Our well run businesses are doing just fine and most had a good season in 2010. 
The same cannot be said for much of the rest of the country where a more
difficult economic climate exists.
12:45 am est 

Get a Grip and Loosen Up!

I think it's amusing that the posts on here regarding the west end
salon are serious in their comments that the salon itself is Provincetown and
that it alone can destroy the town and put it in a negative light.  Give me a
break! That show is known for it's over the top antics as is the salon.  People
are more intelligent than that and I think the scenes of and around this amazing
village by the sea were great and would make people want to come here!   So get
a grip and loosen up, it's a reality TV show...
12:42 am est 

West End/ Tabitha

Don't believe everything you see on TV. Doug is a highly successful businessman.
His chairs are always full. He does work longer hours than any other business
person I know. But he loves the work and he loves money. Good for him. The part
I don't believe is that he can't afford to retire! Gimme a break on that one.
But I guess it all a matter of personal perception of financial security. We
love you and your shameless self-promotion.

You go girl! 
12:40 am est 

Accept or Ignore

I know all you second homeowners who have never had to WORK to make a
dollar in this town do not understand the whole "barking" process and you find
it annoying, so let me quickly try and explain it to you. Of our summer street
traffic, many people are "day trippers", this means they've just come in for the
day! On the ferry, on a tour bus, by car, what have you. We can spend all the
money we want to on conventional advertising, and these people will never see
it. They wont ever pick up Provincetown Magazine, open the Banner, or turn on a
local TV or Radio Station.  Likewise, some of our overnight guests; same
situation.  Yes all of our businesses here in town do have signs out front, and
pretty store fronts for people to look at when they walk by, but this my friends
is just not enough. We need a way to speak to these people, to bring them in to
eat our food, watch our shows, and yes to get their hair cut. So hence barking.  
My advice: if you dont like it, just accept it as a necesary business practice here
in town. Ignore the barker, or say no thank you. Nothing more.
12:39 am est 

Pat on the Back

Yeah chill out about West End Salon...the participants in a reality
show have absolutely no clue how the footage is going to be put together; what
the story line will be; how they'll edit it..what they focus on..what they
dont.They taped at the salon for an entire week (under totally contrived
conditions; it was closed to the public the entire time) and condensed that down
to a 44 minute episode. They chose to hone in on the street peddling (which we
all unfortunately need to do) and the somewhat zany campy antics that can go on
(a room full of gay hairdressers..what do you want)..And of course Doug did it
for the publicity, but come on... I dont think the program cast the town in a
negative light at all.  The street footage they showed made us look pretty damn
good actually. Dougie should get a pat on the back.
12:35 am est 

West End Salon

I never saw the show but from the comments I've heard it does not sound like it
was a smash.  Sounds like it's not the place I would go to have a makeover.

How could a Salon not be making money with the exorbitant prices charged for a
hair cut let alone the prices they charge to have your hair colored. No wonder
some stores can't keep up with the demand for hair dyes.  People are doing their
12:33 am est 

Enough Already!

Enough with the targeted vitriolic attacks. Let's be civil in our
discourse in light of yesterday's tragedy. Yesterday should also be a wake-up
call to everyone.
12:31 am est 

Senses Assaulted

As a former resident of Provincetown and now retired in Florida I here
for a Vacation, as the town still has the same buildings and charm that it's
always had.The one thing really cheapons this town are the street hawkers who
"accost" you on the street either trying to sell you something or lure you into
their establishment.To me it's almost like being assaulted. Now there's a law I
wouldn;t mind seeing enforced.At least a tacky sign doesn't infringe on your
12:29 am est 

Get Over Yourselves:

Three cheers for Dougie and the baloon guy and Sharon Lynn and Michelle and Jeff
Jaran and Glen Enos and......

"Love One another"  Put downs hurt the giver and the receiver.
12:27 am est 

You Don't Need a Project Manager and a Clerk-of-Works For the Library

But if you're trying to finagle the bagel, then you do. You create two positions
so that Russell Braun can get one and someone else is "hired" as clerk of works
since a building commissioner cannot also be the clerk of works at the same
time in the same town on town owned property. It is a contradiction but worse:
it is a conflict of interest and is plain and simple illegal. Seems someone is
trying to get around the illegality of what they are determined to do.
12:25 am est 

I Was Just Shocked at the Tabitha Show Itself: Pure Thrash

I don't say that easily but this program is horrendous. Listening to these
people discussing such trivia and such of-so-personal affronts and hurts.
Please. Don't we have better things to do with our time and they with their
so-called talent?
12:22 am est 

West End Salon

How many people in this town have actually given a thought to the West End
Salon? It wasn't even on my radar.

Now it is infamous it seems. A tiny little place that took a little sliver of
what makes up the town and made it the prominent impression of Provincetown
across the nation.
12:19 am est 

Tarnished Image

Actions have consequences. Does anyone seriously expect the mature residents of
this town to allow a wacky presentation of the town that is broadcast nation
wide to go unquestioned? We need to make sure that this does not happen again.

Everyone is free to make a fool of oneself--but when TV cameras illuminates an
entire town and brands it "wacky"--then it is time to speak out against it.

Exploitation that makes a town and its residents an object of derision or
ridicule or laughable doesn't enhance the town to any degree.
12:18 am est 

Showcasing Provincetown

Why can't there be a cachet of class, style, intelligence and grand beauty
associated with Provincetown. When you hear these following names, do you equate
them with wacky: the Almafi Coast, Capri, Nantucket, Palm Springs, or Acapulco
with wacky when you hear their mentioned? 

Tourism if our only economy in Provincetown(--and Our Town Government is the
biggest employer.) Do you want to encourage tourists to come here whose idea of
dining out is to go to a restaurant and split an appetizer; or do you want
tourists to come with an income to buy the finest that we have to offer in every

We need to show the world that we have class and presence and style. Too bad
there isn't a televised show of serious artists in their studios working and
then filming the opening night of this same art work on exhibit at the
Provincetown art association and Museum.
12:16 am est 

West End Salon

Let's get rid of the bubble machine.  It aggravates me every time I go by there
and the bubble machine is on sending bubbles everywhere.  They end up landing on
my car which infuriates me because they leave spots.  I see to it that my car is
washed once a week to keep it clean from the winter dust and salty, snowy mess. 
Have some respect for those that have to drive by or walk through this.  I try
to remember to turn onto Winthrop Street, down Bradford and then down onto
Montello to avoid having to go through the bubbles but sometimes I cannot avoid
it.  Not to mention the fact they are tacky.  It looks like something children
would play with.
12:12 am est 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

West End Salon

Leave Dougie alone.  His business sense is atrocious but his
intentions are good.  I doubt very much that he wanted to tarnish the town.  He
just wanted press. There are plenty of businesses here that are just fine
He won't learn.  Just the nature of the beast.
9:37 am est 

Baffoon Performance

Here is a business man proclaiming the "wackiness" of the town to the whole
nation. Who is going to come here and consider opening a serious business that
would employ a host of people?

We need to inspire someone to come here and open a business that employs a lot
of people. We need year round jobs in this town. Who would take this place
seriously after the buffoon performance? 
9:19 am est 

West End Salon

I saw the show too...
I was never so glad to be bald :)
9:17 am est 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Re: West End Salon

I agree with the recent comments about the West End Salon on the show
"Salon Takeover." The show didn't make our town look very good.

Like so many businesses and individuals in Provincetown, the salon owner's
attitude toward things seemed to be "it's Provincetown, we're wacky here!"
Unfortunately, that attitude is doing nothing to help his business and is most
likely hurting it. The show's host Tabitha picked up on this immediately and
pointed it out repeatedly, but in the end the salon's owner seemed more
committed to the schtick than to salvaging his business.

Maybe this town needs to grow up and stop trying to market ourselves as a bunch
of eccentric, colorful, wacky old hippies and get with the times. The show made
us look like a town full of crazy people who care more about partying and
behaving like fools than taking care of business. I think that in reality the
rest of the world doesn't find this sort of behavior charming or funny or cute
or wacky. A lot of tourists actually feel the town is populated by folks who are
lazy, burnt out, immature and in many cases, alcoholic. I'm all for freedom and
tolerance, but I sometimes think we've gone a little overboard in our efforts to
appear eccentric.

I'm sure many of you will argue that it is this sort of "kookiness" that
attracts tourists. I disagree and so did Tabitha. The tourists will always come
here for the beaches, the nightclubs, the shows, etc. - not to be accosted and
annoyed on the street by people who consider themselves "colorful local

No offense intended to the salon and it's staff. They all seem like very nice
people, but I think the show was a prefect illustration of how this town can
sometimes be it's own worst enemy.
7:57 pm est 

West End Salon

Did the West End Salon want the help of Tabatha's Salon Takeover or
was it just more schtick? The recent show was rather sad and did not shine a
very positive light on Provincetown. As a neighbor to the salon the constant
assault of bubbles and barkers is classless and often times rude.
Overall the show simply highlighted the disparity between the old anything goes,
free wheeling Provincetown and it's lack of a true new identity. Sadly for so
much of the town the old isn't working anymore and the new doesn't quite yet
exist. The episode made me wonder who we are and who we are becoming. Hopefully,
like the salon, we figure it out and become stronger in the end. We, like they,
deserve it.
11:05 am est 

Closing Commercial Street

Long overdue. This must be done--the town will be better for it. We should also
sell our excess town buildings! Consolidate and repair and make valuable what we
Less is more.
10:51 am est 

CPA Funds

Cheating Provincetown again. Current tax payers get nothing from this money. It
could have reduced the taxes we pay by $3,000,000 by paying for the library and
part of Town Hall.

Instead, it is going to make rich developers even Richer! They could have gotten
Gov't grants--but instead took the taxpayer's money due to the selectmen band
wagon at the time.

The Ryan Report--an made mainpulation. Why, because we workers work side by side
with renters and we know how much money they make--and that they can pay their
rent and have a winter in the sun. What Baloney.

They didn't buy when they could--so now they want a free ride. Lay back and
smoke a bone again--that is where their ambition lies.
10:49 am est 

Classified Ads - Library Renovations

Request for proposal for the part time Clerk of the Works Construction Oversight
Services for the Provincetown Public Library Renovations for part time 10 to 20 hours
per week Clerk of Works. Town is seeking the services of an individual or a firm having
expertise in providing construction oversight services.....

Is the town just advertising to protect themselves from legal repercussions.

Why advertise when we all know who the hire will be. The previous comments in
the Banner by Braun have him saying he wasn't sure if he would consider taking
the job. Sounds like a shoe-in to me.

Why is the same ad advertised twice in the same paper side by side? One says
Project Manager and the other says Clerk of Works yet the job descriptions look
the same.  Are we paying two people to do the same task or is this an oversight? 

10:26 am est 

Drinking Water and Your Teeth! Interesting Information

Channel 5 WCVB news 7:30 am this morning just talked about the levels of
Fluoride in drinking water and how it can cause tooth decay at different levels
in children and adults.  They said, while the levels of fluoride in drinking
water may be minimal and certain areas might be higher, you can check the level
of fluoride in the drinking water in your area by going to the website. 
It should be listed.

They mentioned children under the age of 8 years should not be using toothpaste
with fluoride in it as their second teeth are still developing in their gums.
Also mentioned was the amount of toothpaste you need to put on your toothbrush
should be no more than the size of a pea.

We all know how important it is to have healthy teeth, as we all rely on them to
chew with to avoid other complications such as with our digestive system as a
result of not chewing properly from having unhealthy teeth, missing teeth or no
10:23 am est 

Where is the Proof?

"It is Illegal to Pay the Salary of the Housing Director Out of CPA
Funds. Read the law. It prohibits paying a town employee's salary from these

I'd read the CPA law before to see how a town can revoke CPA participation,
which it can do, but I hadn't remembered seeing what you are talking about.  So
I just quickly re-read it; it is only 11 pages, at this website (putting a "."
where it says "DOT"):


It says that administrative costs must be less than 5% of total funds in Section
10, para. b; but I don't see any prohibition about what can be in the 5% as long
as it is related to CPC responsibility.

If I read it too quickly, please give us a chapter and verse reference where it
says what you think it says. Otherwise, you are incorrect.

And next time perhaps YOU should read whatever you are referencing as proof,
BEFORE you make a claim of illegality against anyone.
11:24 pm est 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 Assessments Are Far From Being Realistic!

I inquired some time ago with the Asssessor's Office about taxes and how
properties are assessed.  I was told that condominiums are taxed differently as
one and two family dwellings.  Check with the Assessors if you want to find out
why condominiums pay a lower tax than does a single family dwelling.
11:21 pm est 

Take it Down!

Take that stupid thing about the chief's contract being renewed off of
here.  It is not true.
11:18 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Library

There is no real library board.

Obviously the poster is incompetent.

It is only one incompetent person. The rest are in name only.

The Library's board attended a meeting, covered by the Banner, which includes a
photo of these "name only" people.

11:14 pm est 

Re: "Note to All: The Assessment Process...."

Please stop confusing the issue with facts. If I accepted reality then I
wouldn't have any basis to accuse town officials of being corrupt. Party pooper.

Oh and by the way, why is it ok to hurl accusations and insults daily at any and
all town officials but is isn't ok to call out slanderous bloggers for their
past and current (and continual) lies and mistatements? If you can't stand the
heat don't enter the kitchen.

11:06 pm est 

Foolish Decisions Have Consequences

Perhaps the Library Board Paid More Attention to the Outside Structure
Than to the Internal Aspects Like Books and Research

The state's mandate on what a library needs to do to continue to be legally seen
as a library are not new. Our Board should have known this and followed the
mandates. To focus on the outside historical reconstruction is good but not at
the cost of failing to act and work as a library. Just as we have paid too much
attention to a boat--when the holdings are in danger.

Maybe we should have stayed in the Freeman location. With computerization, the
space was workable and cost-effective. But again, the town had to come up with a
decision that has cost millions but has not been satisfactory in its end
results. Foolish decisions have consequences.
11:01 pm est 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Re: Provincetown Governmental Illegality

CPA regs. allow for the hiring of a housing coordinator(?) Read the
regs. on line (sec.6.) for the details.  Not agreeing, just citing what's stated
in the regs.  Whether or not a town employee double duties, I don't know.  Just
trying to clarify.  I do know one thing.  If it's anything close to the bullsnap
we see with assessing, it's another sad, very sad, game being played.  Another
example of our beautiful town being used as a cash cow by the chosen golden few
under the watchful eye of our beloved gatekeepers. 
10:50 pm est 

Provincetown Governmental Illegality

It Is Illegal to Pay the Salary of the Housing Director Out of CPA

Read the law. It prohibits paying a town employee's salary from these funds. You
can hire a person to oversee a project on a temporary basis but it is illegal
and forbidden to pay for a housing director as Provincetown has been doing.

The CPC appears to not know the law that guides their work. Or maybe they know
the law and decide not to fololow it. That happens so often in Provincetown. We
act as if we set the rules and not the state.

Added to this illegal act, we surely do not need a Housing Director at this time
and in this economy and lack of progress on major affordable housing projects.
11:43 am est 

Who's Watching the Store!

Anybody know what is happening at 95 Bradford Street and 7 Masonic
Place, the 2 properties that       owns and that were fined this past fall, one
for building 7 bedrooms in a house that was supposed to have only 4, and the
other for running a guest house without a license for 5 years?   When everyone
speaks of what the town has lost as revenue from room tax, to assessments, and
then what the small fines Peter pays for him trying to hide all these things, no
wonder we are in trouble.  These are just 2 properties out of hundreds that do
things while Russell Braun was working billing the town 138 extra hours at
$22,000 that we lost.  Maybe we should Ask Austin also about these properties?  
After all, he was the property manager during the time of these infractions. 
When is Austin term up? 

10:11 am est 

Re: Let's Not Look to The State for Assessments--

I know what a kitchen cabinet is, but who''s in it in Provincetown?
10:06 am est 

Let's Not Look to The State for Assessments--

Look No Further than Right Here!

You can't just look a this year's assessments. You need to look back three of
four years  and then see how uneven the assessments were. That we now change
assessments by $10,000 or $20,000 compared to the previous years does not let
you know the games played years back. You need a five to seven years'sense of
assessments. Then you wil see the truth.

No, it's not the state that determines what our assessments are. It's Paul Gavin
and the minions in his office. And they are under the tutelage and pressure from
the town manager's office to increase revenues.

Oh, not, not on her or her minions. But on anyone who is not in her kitchen
cabinet and not her pet friends. All others--are fair game. And a sad game it
12:22 am est 

Provincetown Library

There is no real library board. It is only one incompetent person. The
rest are in name only. The problems have been piling up for years. This is the
tip of an iceberg.
12:20 am est 


I understand the cycle, but I think the Town Assessor is incompetent. The
department has 3 full time people and 2 part time/ seasonal property inspectors,
for one of the smallest Towns in the state. We are halfway through FY 2011 and
not even preliminary assessments yet.
12:17 am est 

Re: No Overrides

Re:  "Yes the town has changed. We need to sell town properties and
upgrade what we really need to utilize."

Watch closely, it's in the works. expect to see movement at April town meeting.
12:13 am est 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Re: Assessments

Why is it the person blogging about assessment problems gives examples
and never throws personal insults but the person trying to defend insults in
each blog.  That person actually acuses the first blogger of being defamatory. 
The only one being defamatory is the defending blogger by the inability to state
an opinion without bringing personal insults into it.  That says it all.  
6:05 pm est 

Re: Assessments

Like it was said before, town is losing thousands (10K) on one
property alone due to lagging assessments.  Why is it other cape towns are not
behind?  Certain uneducated people perhaps don't like being slapped in the face
by others not paying their fair share.
6:03 pm est 

Re: The Library

If CPA money had been allocated to capital improvements for the
library and not underwriting lazy people, then there would have been a tiny
override to make sure the library's operating budget was within state

What do you think about the library pocketing the $367,00?
Give it back to taxpayers! They have no right to spend more than what we

The library Board is incompetent. Why didn't they know the required operating
6:02 pm est 

Re: The Library

First of all, the library did not ask for additional
town money until last spring's town meeting.  The agreement with the town was
that it was going to fundraise to cover the difference between what was
originally asked of the town and the funds to finish the job.  When they
realized they would not be able to achieve this, they came back, asked for more
money from the town and town meeting gave it to them.  Community preservation
funds weren't used because they weren't asked for.  Second, the potential loss
of accredation has nothing to do with the capital construction costs and
everything to do with their operating budget which would never have been paid
out of CPA funds.  Frankly, in this age of state and municipal budget crises,
it's the state that's crazy in threatening to remove accredation if library
budgets are not increased on an annual basis.  That might have made sense
previously but is plain stupid in the current fiscal environment.

The only on-going operational expense paid by the CPA is the salary of our
so-called housing specialist.  That is a scandal.  However nice she might be,
she accomplishes nothing -- has any affordable housing been built in the years
she's been paid by the CPA?  Those funds should be for permanent improvements to
the town -- and that does include increasing the inventory of affordable housing
-- not to keep some paper-pusher employed.
4:23 pm est 

Re: Assessments-- "You Have Proven the Point Perfectly"

"As of Jan. 2010, isn't it Jan. 2011 now?"


Note to all:   The assessment process is dictated by the state of Massachusetts
and the Town of Provincetown is fully in compliance.   The tax rate for the new
year is based on an assessment of what property was worth at a point in time a
year ago.  That's the law.  If you don't like it, write to your state
representatives.  The updated assessments for what properties are worth in
January 2011 are not needed until the tax rate is set for 2012.   In order to
determine what a property is worth, you have to determine what state it was in a
year earlier.  In the case of real estate developement, value is added over time
as a plot of land is developed.  Regardless, what a property is worth today, has
nothing to do with what it was worth a year earlier.   There is nothing wrong
here, except the normal uneducated negative folks that are trying to stir the
pot and assume something was not done correctly.
4:19 pm est 

So True

Why didn't the CPA funds go to the renovations of the library and the Town Hall?
It went to developers and still no development.

That money should have gone to the town institutions and these developers should
have applied for the many millions in government grants instead of making our
library suffer--and possibly lose its accreditation.
11:08 am est 

Affordable Housing Millions

Millions of dollars went to affordable housing when this money from the CPA
funds should have gone to renovate the library. Where are the jobs for the
tenants of this affordable housing?

We current residents are paying taxes and our money is giong into the CPA
fund--but it isn't being used for we current residents who are living here now
and now there is a library crisis because CPA funds weren't used to complete its

Over twelve years of housing developments in this town--and suddenly, a few
years ago, when we get CPA funds--they are given to developers leaving the our
beloved institutions suffering. The folly of some bogus Ryan Report.

The legacy of affordable housing--it sucked the life giving funds away from the
library and put the remodeling of the town hall on the backs of the taxpayers.
That is the real truth.
10:50 am est 

Shame on Provincetown Parents

Did you read in the paper the quote from the mother who removed her child from
the Provincetown school because she didn't want her child to go through a school
year with only 3 (THREE) other students in the class? Hang you heads in shame
lazy parents who don't want to send their children to an elementary school in

$72,000 to pay a secretary and we don't have a school--we have private tutor
center costing us over $4,000,000.00 a year. What a waste and what a terrible
school experience--child abuse if there ever was one--and town condoned. SHAME
10:48 am est 

No Overrides

Yes the town has changed. We need to sell town properties and upgrade what we
really need to utilize. The library is in crisis. We need to be pro active and
take the burden off the taxpayers at the same time.

10:45 am est 

Re: Assessments

You have proven the point perfectly.  As of Jan. 2010, isn't it Jan.
2011 now?  When will records be updated? in 2013?  As pointed out before, in
other words, an owner with units on the market for 6 months now doesn't have to
pay taxes on them because of a lag in town assessor updating?  Come on.  By the
time units are sold no taxes will ever be paid by the developer.  Permitted for
400K per bldg. but on the market for over a million per bldg. The only State
monitoring this is dillusional state of mind of people who defend this.  Fair,
ask a neighbor if they think it's fair.  Either hire more assessors or light a
spark under the one you have.  What is the difference in tax on 400K to 2
million. Just curious, probably more than 50 bucks though.  Probably enough to
fix a pothole or 2 or clean a dead bird carcass off the beach. 
8:30 am est 

Re: For Many Long-Term Residents Taxes Are Not Low

"They have doubled in the last few years. Taxes should be lower as
property values have decreased. They icnreased as property values increased. But
no, they are even higher each year. Games being played at town hall to pay for
town hall mega-projects."

Ask someone who knows how proposition 2 1/2 works and you will find your
statement is incorrect.  And no 'games' are being played at town hall, do you
have any idea how strictly this is all regulated by the state of massaschusetts?
7:37 am est 

Re: Assessments

If you look at the Property Record Card for the Bangs St. property in question,
you will see the assessment as of January 1 2010. It was assessed as undeveloped
land, with notes that there is new construction permitted for a total of
$800,000 ($400,000 per building). When the assessments are updated for 2011 you
will see the assessments revised upward substantially. It will probably have the
highest assessment of any property on the street.

All of this is done according to State law.

7:34 am est 

A Question: Is Sharon Back Full Time?

Seems not too many people have seen her. Is she back and working full time? Or
is she more part-time with David Gardner picking up the slack?
7:33 am est 

Assess the Assessments

Look at the Boatworks. Previously assessed at $24,300 per unit, now assessed at
$23,400. With seven units, the total value is $163,800. Given that the property
was bought at
$1 million--and that was a bargain--now we have an assessment of $163,800.Next
to the Public Landing, located along the beach itself, all with fabulous views
and we have this "fair" assessment? Really!
7:31 am est 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Re: Assessments

Log on to the Assessors page and pull up Bangs St. and you will see
the assessed values of all the properties in this neighborhood for yourself. 
Why is the one with 4 = 2 houses on it the lowest on the street when it takes up
the most space?  Makes no sense (until you think about who knows who) then it
makes perfect sense. 
1:01 pm est 

Re: "Where is Your Logical Explanation of the Facts Presented by Him/Her? "

Who is being defamed by assessment deficiency allegations again
exactly?  Thou dost protest too much. 
12:56 pm est 

Our Only Laundromat

I believe as of this Friday the Laundromat re-opens but the hours will be from
9am to 5 pm (closing promptly at 5 pm).

What's sad about this is, they are unable to manage it themselves and instead of
hiring someone to help them which would take allot of the burden off of their
shoulders, they rather cut the hours.

I am grateful we have a laundromat but short of repairing the machines, it does
not take someone with a high school education to go in, mop, sweep, clean, empty
the filters, empty the coin boxes, fill the detergent machine and make sure the
dollar machine has quarters. A real tough decision.

But instead let's make it difficult for those who have to work and can't make it
to the laundromat between 9 and 5. Now were going to have 40 people there
trhying to use 20 machines. Yeah that works.
12:55 pm est 

Taxpayer Cutting Back

I'm a taxpayer. I'm laid off. I get no benefits--but my spouse does. I have to
pay more for my co-pay on my insurance AND they took away some of the things
that were covered.

IF the private sector can do this--why can't the town government do this to the
Municipal employees? As a taxpayer, I'm paying for the Lavish medical coverage,
the retirement benefits, and the raises and perks of the town employees!

This isn't fair. Cut the budget. Don't say you are trimming down to the bone.
Why not post all of the new hires in the last year? 

12:52 pm est 

For Many Long-Term Residents Taxes Are Not Low

They have doubled in the last few years. Taxes should be lower as property
values have decreased. They icnreased as property values increased. But no, they
are even higher each year. Games being played at town hall to pay for town hall

We need to be more realistic in this economic downturn. We need to scale back
projects and keep the taxes reasonable. We don't need to lose even more people
who were born here and are still living here. It is a struggle for many.
12:50 pm est 

Re: "Where is Your Logical Explanation of the Facts Presented by Him/Her? "
This blogger's allegations have been previously debunked several times. About
every 3-6 months he repeats the same allegations as well as a rotating scheme of
nefarious plots by various local government officials and entitities. Since most
readers know how full of crap he is it seems useless to once again debunk his
paranoid conspiracy. Fortunately he continues to prove how powerless he is and
has no support when the rubber hits the road at town meeting and elsewhere so
he's left anonymously defaming everyone in town except his wife and small cabal
of drinking buddies.
12:49 pm est 

A Radical Proposal For Health Care Cost Sharing
How about we tie local and state worker health care cost sharing to a person's
fitness? If someone is way overweight they pay 75% of the healthcare insurance
premiums, if they are in perfect shape they pay 20%. Why should we subsidize
poor personal health choices and the outrageous demands it will place on
insurance pool? The Milken Institute estimates that if americans on average went
back to their 1980 average weight there would be no healthcare cost crisis at
12:45 pm est 

Re: "Just Look at Our Town Manager's Property in the Last Few Years"

Dissappointing that a certain blogger has the immature need to blog
nasty remarks insinuating alcoholism aimed at those with whom he/she does not
share the same opinion.  I did check the public records available online and the
blogger citing discrepancies is correct.  No lies. If I were a neighbor, I would
not be impressed with this uneven situation. You don't agree, we get it.  Even
though it is in print before your nose, it is a lie.  If you had any class at
all, you would apologize to that blogger for your unnecessary stupid bottle
remark.  Where is your logical explanation of the facts presented by him/her? 
Instead you call "liar" and we should believe you instead. Don't think so.  If
the town is hungry for money and can't afford to fix the roads, this seems an
obvious leak whether $10 or $10,000.00 that needs to be plugged.  
9:52 am est 

Blue Skies or Gray Over Ptown?

To the webmaster:   Any chance of adding some blue to the sky over ptown on the
opening home page?   The photo is dismal symbolizes a big cloud over
Provincetown.  Perhaps if the sky were more blue, symbolizing blue skies ahead,
there were be less negativity on the blog?
9:51 am est 

Re: Trim the Benefits of Municipal Workers

I agree with trimming benefits for municipal workers. Like most people
my benefits package at work has been scaled back. No more profit sharing, higher
health care costs, higher co-pays, higher deductibles, fewer bonuses, salary
freezes, etc. Balanced with rising costs it is tough. If the taxpayers have to
deal with it why shouldn't town employees? 
9:48 am est 

Re: Townsend's

Townsend and his partners Mac's Seafood bit off more than they could
chew.. The       are a        bunch of self-          that care about no one but
themselves--They would not be a good fit for this town...That is the big reason
on the quality of the food going downhill...If Townsend could do things his way,
that restaurant would be an instituton in this town...stay tuned....
11:25 pm est 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Re: "Just Look at Our Town Manager's Property in the Last Few Years"

Are you still trying to flog and recycle this one? Give it up. I think we
previously determined that even if you were right - which you are not - it would
save her something like $50 a year. Repeating a lie every few months doesn't
make it true. Your sad paranoid version of the world you keep berating us with
so you can further attack elected officials and paid staff gets tiresome. Crawl
back under your bottle.

7:44 pm est 

Trim the Benefits of Municipal Workers

Vote "No" at Town meeting for the budget unless there are pay cuts!

Facing daunting spending gaps, many states are looking to limit labor's
political and bargaining power, the New York Times reports. The news comes just
as Washington Republicans gear up for their own "war" against public-sector

"If they want to strike, they should be fired,. They've got good jobs, they've
got high pay, they get good benefits, a great retirement."

6:21 pm est 

Assessments are Far From Being Realistic

Who are you talking to? Our town's assessments are based on who you know, not
what you own. Just look at our town manager's property in the last few years and
then look at our assistant town manager's. Gain a position, gain a lower
assessment. Get on a board, some get relief. Please, you are listening to the
wrong talking heads.
4:26 pm est 

Note to Webmaster:

Please confirm the date the Selectmen met to renew Jeff (two Fs, not three)
Jaran's contract.
4:23 pm est 

Re: Townsend's

My post at 1:18 pm est   ... you left off who I was referring to as
SPOT ON ... the poster who signed off CALLING IT LIKE IT IS / not a Republican.

Leaving that off is misrepresentation. It makes it look like I'm agreeing with
the post immediately before mine.

Please correct this!
4:12 pm est 

Re: Townsend's

You are SPOT on! I agree 100%.

Townsend ... very, very sad. But his food went terribly downhill at the new
location. The service was terrible, too. I, too, wish he were still at the shed
on Fisherman's. It was packed all the time. It was charming as hell - and his
food was terrific, as was the service.
1:18 pm est 

Municipal Party Pack

If we taxpayers weren't paying the party pack of perks that the municipal
workers get, we would be better off. Governor's in other states are cutting back
on these golden perks.

It is time that the town officials crack down on the generous benefits all of
these town workers get at taxpayer expense. $57,000 for a housing person?
$72,000 for a school secretary? SO many people hired at the DPW? What is going

1:16 pm est 

Re: Assessments

If you are struggling to pay Provincetown's low level of property taxes you by
definition can't afford to live here. Sorry for  you.
10:51 am est 

I also am sorry to hear Townsends won't be back to Shankpainter.  Only because
I liked them, but truth be told, they were 1000 times better when they were on
the pier. 

I use to eat lunch there 1  2 X a week.   And I use to tell all the tourists to go
there for lunch and or dinner.  When they were on Shankpainter, I tried it 3 
times, and all times said I would not go back.   Both times, the food was just
OK.  Nothing to rave about.  More to complain about.

Again, they are great people just that Shankpainter road might have been too
much, too fast?
10:16 am est 

Re: Assessments

Not surprising that a recent market appraisal comes in higher than a
town assessment.  It should.  However, a market appraisal shouldn't come in more
than 75% higher than a town assessment.  Before you call someone a liar, do the
legwork to back up your insult.  Not space exploration, simple common sense, as
easy as looking at the development highlighted on the blog.  Public info.  Check
assessor records and taxes being paid.  Bet the neighbors assessed much higher
that own less don't think this is as fair as you do.  And this is not the only
incident.  Must be nice to own enough properties that you have gotten multiple
"appraisals" recently.  Guess us poor taxpaying suckers only owning our homes
struggling to pay our taxes aren't as lucky as someone who owns 4 houses but
only has to pay tax on what was the empty land they are sitting on.  Fair, sure. 
and no one is moving anyway because you can't handle it. 
10:10 am est 

Monday, January 3, 2011

RE:Re: Assessments

If the assessment cycle is state determined and so fair, especially Ptown, why
is Ptown so far behind when other cape towns are up to date?
Good question, Paul?
10:41 pm est 

Re: Townsends

I also am sorry to hear Townsends won't be back to Shankpainter.  I
liked the place & the food & gave them my business & would have continued doing
so in the future.
6:04 pm est 

Re: Townsends

Why are they closing?  What will happen to the building?
6:00 pm est 

Re: Police Chief

If you call poor morale professional..  Wow you have alot to learn !
5:59 pm est 


Today the laundromat has a sheet across the inside of the windows with closed
signs in the window. Maybe we should show our appreciation by going to a
different liquor store.
5:56 pm est 

Re: Assessments

If the assessment cycle is state determined and so fair, especially
Ptown, why is Ptown so far behind when other cape towns are up to date?  Again,
defending it doesn't make it right.  Not lies, look up the assessments of some
new constructions on the market for millions or 1/2 millions and see their
assessments.  Can't make this stuff up.  Obviously you are benefitting or
wouldn't be so insulting in your backsplash.  You are too funny with your need to
5:54 pm est 

Re: Assessments

Funny, I was told by two non-Provincetown appraisers that Provincetown has the
most realistic assessments on the Cape. The assessment cycle is determined by
state law not local whim. Stop spewing your continual lies and misinformation
regarding assessments. Don't like your personal assessment? Take advantage of
the existing process for appeal. When I've had appraisals done in Provincetown
they typically have come out higher than the assessed value and this is recent
appraisals. Don't like the town, its people or its government? Run for office or
sell and move, we'd all be a lot better off if you choose the later.

- not a realtor, town employee, etc.
2:19 pm est 

RE: "Unhappy New Year" and "Provincetown's Two Worlds"

If you are on unemployment it is unlikely that you are doing much in the way of
paying for municipal employees salaries and benefits.

You could sell your house in two weeks if you lower the price to what the market
will take. Properties in prime locations that have been well maintained are
selling briskly. Places that haven't been maintained or are unrealistically
priced aren't moving at all. 2005-2006 ain't coming back.

A lot of folks better get realistic about what their selling price is or the
foreclosure postings in the Banner are going to see a major upswing again.

If someone is deeply in debt, can't get ahead financially and is surviving on
unemployment get a clue, maybe you can't really afford to live here. Perhaps you
should move somewhere, get some job training and build a solid financial life
and return here on vacation.

If you are on fixed income yet are sitting on real estate equity worth a lot of
money and are older look into a legitimate reverse mortgage through a major
lender like Wells Fargo, or sell the place and downsize into a more appropriate
home or living center.

Stop whining and complaining about how foreign workers, municipal workers,
unforseen financial event, etc are crushing you, you are responsible for
yourself, take some positive action and stop complaining.

I see the same people who are complaining about how hard the economy is here
buying fists full of scratch tickets and a daily $6.00 coffee, it's ridiculous.

- Calling it like it is, and no I'm not a Republican.
2:16 pm est 

Re: Connect the Dots

Why, bite your tongue.  Properties are worth more today than ever
before, sales in the gazillions.  Or at least that's what some bloggers would
like to have you believe.  Property taxes are based on biased assessments,
that's been proven and can't be defended.  So what if some pay more than others
even though their property is worth less.  That's the American way, or at least
the way here.  It's all about who you know and who you blow kisses at across the
room.  People don't seem to mind the town losing thousands in tax revenue due to
weak and lagging assessments, completely skewed.  They even defend it.  Can't
imagine why.  I love paying more than my fair share while some developer or 2nd
home owner collecting sipping mojitos in San Miguel laughs all the way to the
2:02 pm est 

Re: Townsend's Closing

Townsend's closing...not suprised.  They had a great place on the
pier.  Food was always good and I frequently recommended them for a lobster
dinner....Then they went to Shankpainter.  What a mistake... The staff they had
there couldn't put out decent food.  They went from one of the best lobster
rolls in town and lobster bisque to the worst in town.  I stopped recommending
them and stopped going totally. It's a shame.  Too big to handle and no good
cooks brought them down
1:34 pm est 

Police Chief

Jeff's continuation will guarantee the continued rebuilding of our police force into a
professional organization.

Sorry Tobias.

12:44 pm est 

Townsend Closing?

Sorry to hear that Townsend's is not returning.

12:39 pm est 

Town Employees

Are the Town employees off today ???
12:37 pm est 

Connect the Dots

Yes, taxes are high and are getting higher and higher year after year--even as
properties lose their value. The town makes certain they get high taxes
reagardless of the true worth of properties. But then look at the $9 million
spent on Town Hall. And you can't dismiss the monies spent on the Library and
now even more monies. And then the monies spent on the many phases of the poorly
designed sewer system. We spend money often unwisely but the high taxes are used
to cover up mistakes and to handle over-spending and even mismanagement.
12:36 pm est 

Re: Unhappy New Year

"And I'm paying for all of the perks and benefits of the municipal
totally unfair. $70,000 for a school secretary when we have an empty high

12:31 pm est 

Re: Flashing "New" Post

Is it really true that the issue has been settled regarding
Jeff Jaran's contract.

Why is this such a big secret?
10:10 am est 

Provincetown's Two Worlds

People here complain about litter on the beach and bumps in the roads while
people like me struggle economically. Oh, if only these were the boom years so
we could sell our house. Nothing is being done for the homeowners and our tax
burden and sewer bills.
9:55 am est 

Unhappy New Year

I've lived here a long time and I'm a homeowner. We American born workers were
laid off--but the foreign workers (without a green card)are still working year
round. This is what isn't fair.

I'm collecting a meager unemployment and had to borrow money from family to get
by--so I'll be going into the summer season thousands of dollars in debt. I was
riding high and now, due to an unforeseen financial set back,I'm penny-pinching.

And I'm paying for all of the perks and benefits of the municipal workers--again
totally unfair. $70,000 for a school secretary when we have an empty high
school. This is all just wrong, wrong, wrong.
9:54 am est 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year !

What a great way to ring in the new year, great weather, lots of people enjoying
the town. The restaurants were all full, the bars were packed. People were
shopping endlessly, from that last minute gift to home decor, Jewelry, and Fine
Art. I saw more large packages leaving shops, and galleries this weekend than in
the summer months. So hopefully this last Hurrah will tide all the businesses
over until May. Have a great winter off everyone!!! 
12:09 pm est 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Re: Local Police

Thanks for taking down those "partiers" New Years Eve. Nice to see they "keep it
in the family". Had their dad been alive still, it probably wouldn't have
happened but since he's been gone, no favors for those two.
Good job officers!!
10:24 pm est 

Flashing "NEW"

Under this new sidebar you proclaim that the selectmen have voted to extend the
police chiefs contract.  I for one would love to know how you verified that
information and at what meeting the vote took place.

I know for a fact that there has never been a vote taken on this matter.

Attention all bloggers: not only do the bloggers have the ability to spread
misinformation, but now the blogmaster takes it upon himself to spread gossip
and post as fact.
10:16 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

Why are you so against the idea that our town may be shorting itself
and its true taxpayers in the collection of real estate tax money it may be
rightfully owed by anyone selling a house that is assessed at less than an
obvious value?  Hmmn.  Perhaps you are on the winning end of this stick? 
10:11 pm est 

I Like the "New" Blinking Addition

That's great. Feels like a little moment from the Huffington Report. That's a
nice addition for 2011. Thanks. May mean more work for you but I like this.
10:10 pm est 

Re: Provinctown Reality

It's Just The Guy Next door You Need to Check for Assessed Value

The assessed value of properties is neither consistent nor reflective of true
value. What is it based on? Too often, who's connected to whom. Certain town
employees have lower assessed values, as well as certain fair haired
individuals. In the same neighborhood, you can see discrepancies of hundreds of
thousands of dollars for similar properties. the difference? Who is living
there, who owns the property.

Follow the power and pull. It's not a mathematical issue or a financial one.
It's a political one. You'll see this more clearly if you look at the changes in
assessed values over tow or three years. That information used to be readily
available on line. But now, it's much harder to get. Yes, a new town web site
but not that is more transparent.
10:07 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

It would appear by the mud slinging that none of the "facts" presented
on this blog are true.  I am not a millionaire and I pay my fair share.  I did
review some of the assessed values of a couple of the new houses for sale in
town and it's true.  Why are the assessed values so low and the sales prices so
high - differences of hundreds of thousands.  I know assessment doesn't reflect
true value but these are way off.  Seems like a point.  I am not a millionaire
and I pay my taxes.  Why should the guy across the street who is a millionaire
and who built new get away with an assessment that doesn't reflect the property
value after construction.  Whether it's 3K 5K or 50K, it seems unfair.  Sorry, I
agree with Neg. Nan on this one.  Issue an occupancy permit and then re-adjust
the assessment along with it.  Seems simple enough and a way for our town to get
some deserved money we could use to fix the roads or something.  Don't bother
insulting me for my opinion.  I don't care if you like me or not.  Happy New Year!
4:38 pm est 

Provincetown is Celebrating 2011!

So many in town. So many having a wonderful New Year's celebration. Welcome
back all who came back and may 2011 be prosperous, creative, energizing and

  Let's celebrate! We have much to be happy about, even in these rather
difficult economic times.

  But let the champagne flow!

  Cheers to all!
4:36 pm est 

Re: BREAKING NEWS on This Web Page

I clicked on "Breaking News" and there it was; A Notice of Compliance dated Nov
17th, 2009. Could we maybe get with the new decade soon? Happy 2011

Webmaster Comment:  Oops!
3:52 pm est 

Give Me New Hampshire Over a Complacent Insider

The police deparmtnet needs new life and new blood. Bring in outsiders. Local is
not the answser. In fact, it has been of the problem for far too long. Hail the
Granite State!
12:51 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

"...This town is losing thousands.  This needs to be fixed immediately.
This is unfair."

More of your 'facts'? 

Losing thousands?  How many?  $3,000?  $50,000?  $300,000?  Tell us your 'facts'
and how you came up with your total.
9:51 am est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

"If the Assessors Office has their fingers on the "pulse" concerning
real estate transactions, how come they are so far behind in their

Dear Negative Nancy, You want to complain about everything don't ya?  A piece of

The point being made was that this information was readily available from the
assessor's office, was made public knowledge during special town meeting and the
poster writing 'facts' (you?) was making it up to prove their incorrect point. 

Ooops, previous poster didn't have their facts correct.  No problem, we'll just
switch to another subject to whine about.
9:49 am est 

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