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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Provincetown Reality

If the Assessors Office has their fingers on the "pulse" concerning
real estate transactions, how come they are so far behind in their assessments? 
Why is a certain current development which is on the market for millions only
assessed at a fraction (on the vacant land pre-construction)saving the developer
thousands and thousands that all we other poor sappy taxpayers could use to help
out with the weight we are burdened with carrying?  Perhaps when an occupancy
permit is issued on new construction, AN IMMEDIATE RE-ASSESSMENT, should be done
by the town assessor thus adjusting taxes to reflect actual "value". Being
"behind" in assessments is totally unfair to all of us who really do pay taxes
on what we own.  With the current system, by the time the units sell, the
developer will wiggle out of ever paying appropriate r.e. taxes and the new
owners will take over the appropriate bills.  This town is losing thousands. 
This needs to be fixed immediately. This is unfair.    
6:15 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Chief

Respond to New Year Chief:

No...  Instead he is hiring all his own from NH....  How is that any different? 
Perhaps you don't know what's going on so you shouldn't make statements or
3:54 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Employees

Yes, the town web site has employee hours posted,but
independent contractors who work for the town are not
subject to the regular hours.this is what makes it hard to contact some
employees or town departments.

Good luck !
3:52 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

Any "facts" in the Banner are not something I would bet the farm on. 
I'd think much more than two or three times before investing 1/2 million in a
piece of real estate here, especially as a 2nd home.  The past boom isn't likely
to be repeated anytime soon despite the rosey picture realtors and developers
present.  Even they must bank of a new batch of buyers ripe for the picking in
3:51 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

"...despite the FACT that everyone knows nothing is selling and all the
real estate agents are shaking in their boots..."

Maybe you use the word 'fact' in a way others don't.  I usually use it to
describe something that is true, I guess it means something else to you.

As posted by a previous poster:
Don't let the facts get in your way.  2009 Provincetown real estate sales
approx. $74,000,000.  2010 Provincetown real estate sales on pace to be over

Those numbers come from the Provincetown Assesor's office and reflect the real
estate transactions closed during the year.  They were provided at the fall town
meeting when the discussion of the real estate transfer tax came up.
3:49 pm est 

Is That You Warren?

'The cheif should be hired from within the dept. Why should some outsider come
in for the job, when they don,t have a clue. We need our young people to
stay here, not outsiders.'

I'd say the gene pool is pretty watered down in Provincetown, if you know what I
mean. The concept of protectionsim is fear based.

3:47 pm est 

Police Hiring Outsiders

Again I say something is being missed here. No one is saying hire the local
person but atleast give the respect of giving a local person an opportunity and
an interview. He or she may not have the qualifications of an outsider but
atleast give the impression that the local community is appreciated.

Since someone wants to do a comparison of an insider -vs- an outsider, please
allow me to tell you I don't know how many times an individual has been
approached by a Police Officer and said to the Officer "don't you know
me...don't you know who I am...don't you know my father". But as usual it
doesn't matter. It's always been about the public until you need a Police

There's always going to be pro's and con's to the hiring practices in this town
and in other towns but hopefully you or someone you know that may be interested
in a Law Enforcement career and has an intrest in joining the local police
department can get hired before the required age and if not, then remember he or
she didn't because it was never advertised. That's all we are saying. Happy New
1:08 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

It seems pretty obvious that a lot of real estate agents are reading
and posting on this blog as evidenced by the numerous posts declaring that the
market is "doing fine, on an upswing, recovering nicely," etc., etc. despite the
FACT that everyone knows nothing is selling and all the real estate agents are
shaking in their boots (and some have numerous properties in foreclosure - you
can read about THAT in the Banner too, you know.)

You can keep trying to save face and convince buyers and readers of this blog
that nothing is wrong, but the truth is pretty plain. Your cash cow has gone out
to pasture - bought the farm, so to speak.

Too bad nobody else is buying.
1:06 pm est 

NY Real Estate Developers

I know why they come here, to rape and pillage this beautiful town for their own
profits $$$, but  after 3 years living here why do they still have NY, EMPIRE
STATE license plates on the fleet of new SUV, Vans, and Jeeps?
11:26 am est 

Local Police

Fifteen years ago my bike was stolen.

A week later I saw a kid riding it down Commercial Street, doing wheelies and
skidding to stops (basically trashing the expensive bike he stole). I
immediately called to report that I had seen the bike which I had told the
police was stolen the previous week, and gave a very good description of the kid
on my bike (he had tats and a distinctive hair cut).

Turns out this fine young thief was the son of one officer and the nephew of
another... guess what happened? My bike was suddenly "found" by the police in a
backyard, and despite my first hand account of having seen the kid on my stolen
bike, nothing ever happened and the kid got away with it scott free.

So, there is an example of locals on the force.
10:55 am est 

Re: Property Values

The last I checked they were not controlled by realtors, but rather by the
consumer. We happen to live in a free and democratic country, where market
prices are determined by supply and demand. There is a huge demand driven by the
fact that in this country, Provincetown is a special place, and many people want
to be here. On the supply part, that is the issue, we live in a "small" town,
with a very limited housing market. Therefore the prices are higher than most

Provincetown is still cheaper than the places where most of the buyers are
coming from, Beacon Hill/Back Bay, Manhattan, Washington, Dallas, Houston, San
Francisco, etc, and the cost of living is lower here as well, for them.
The housing market is picking up again,as evident by the Banner, and it looks
like this 2 year real estate slowdown may be over for us in the spring, so get
ready for the prices to continue to climb to new highs.

Remember years ago when Fileberto, the NY real estate developer bought the most
expensive house in Provincetown for a Million dollars, and that was a big deal.
Those were the good old days.
10:52 am est 

Happy New Year Chief!

Thank you for all of your good, "Honest" Work.

We actually have a good, fair, "Law following" chief, and the worst that can be
said against you by some locals is that you do not hire their "Cronies". This
just goes to show that you have honor, and integrity. Please keep up the good
work, and have a great New Year!
10:50 am est 

Town Hours

As posted on the Town website, are 8 to 6 Mon thru Thurs, closed Fri.  for most
offices.  The DPW is 7 to 5 same days.  As for actually getting someone during
that time frame, good luck with that.

PS  Mondays off for Sat holiday 'cause they already have the Friday off. 
10:47 am est 

Job Lot

Wake up people.  Education, experience and competition are the criteria for job
placement.  Especially in a down ecomomy.  Throughout the country, people are
willing to relocate at their own expense just to get a job.  Can you imagine how
inviting a town job, with benefits and overtime looks to the currently
unemployed?  With downsizing on the rise, many qualified people are in the
market.  We talk about educating our kids.  What about educating the current
10:45 am est 

Re: Police Chief

The cheif should be hired from within the dept. Why should some outsider
come in for the job, when they don,t have a clue. We need our young people to
stay here, not outsiders.

10:44 am est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

In this economy, I say sales for 2010 in Provinctown are pretty good
for a small resort town! It proves that no matter how high prices go up, there
are still people buying here. And compared to other places, we are still having
10:42 am est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

"The person that insists that "people want to be here", yes people may
want to be here but the fact is they're not buying anymore because we're
overpriced. .  ."

Don't let the facts get in your way.  2009 Provincetown real estate sales
approx. $74,000,000.  2010 Provincetown real estate sales on pace to be over

Don't let the facts get in your way.
11:29 pm est 

Re: Police Chief Hiring Outsiders
Your entire post is exacty why towns hire from outside. You mention family that
supports the department so thats why someone should get the job, familial
support? Usually, that support has strings attached and it goes exactly the
opposite way, the family members get away with everything while the rest of the
community gets screwed with the law. Thats the old days, the ole boy network and
those days are gone. Try comparing the support you'd get in the scenario you
proposed. On one side is the "family" of the person hired, maybe 20 people at
most. On the other side you have the general public, most of whom are from out
of town and the rest are probably families of people that didn't get the job and
people that have nobody on the dept. in the first place. Who would you like
supporting your department, the 20 or the thousands? Hire the best person that
applies. Tobias never had a degree so that's why he never got the job. Nothing
else. He knew the requirements but never got the !
degree. And if the rest of the department thinks they will get the job simply
because they have been there the longest and "know" Provincetown, guess again.
And the same hopefully will happen in Truro. Best candidate gets the position.
Otherwise, it's all and inside job, and an inside joke, and nobody outside the
department will ever apply if that's the way things are decided.

And that's never a good idea.
11:27 pm est 

Town Hall Hours of Operation
I'm inquiring about the hours of operation for the Town Hall. I had the
experience of having to pay my water bills and tax bills for the couple of
properties I own in town and that office was open during what one would consider
a lunch hour that is, from noon to one o'clock.  I had a very important meeting
to attend that afternoon so I was not able to make a visit to the Health
Department on that same day to get information about hooking up one of my
properties to the town sewer. So, in the later part of the day I called in to
speak with the Health Department to inquire about the possibility of my hooking
up my property to the town sewer and was informed that I could either leave a
message in the Health Agent's voice mail or call back tomorrow, as she had left
for the day.   Can someone tell me, for future reference, where I can go to get
the posted hours of operation for the different town departments that I might be
dealing with such as the landfill. 
11:24 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Police

So, one reason we should hire local people is so that we get their
families to support the Police? That sounds like the Sopranos to me.
11:20 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

Real estate sales may be slower than it once was. However its a lot
better than most resort and small towns. Plus I see multitude re transactions
almost every week in the Banner at still high prices. Face it, people are still
wanting to be here and are still buying. 
11:18 pm est 

Re: Police Chief

"...Sad part about everything he is doing, it's gonna get worse before
it gets better and then you'll be saying the moral at the PPD is really bad
"wonder why. It's all a matter of time. And I can't wait."

Your last sentence speaks more than any of your other comments.  You can't wait
for problems to come up?  You don't want what's best for Provincetown - whatever
that may be?  You don't want what's best for Provincetown, you only want to be
proven you were right?   

How sad and vindictive.
11:17 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Police

"It has always been a
tradition to hire someone locally if someone locally applies. The reason being
is, the town people add a fair amount of support to this dept and if thier son
or daughter applies it's out of respect to give them serious consideration."

11:14 pm est 

People Still Want to be Here

Yes, that may be the case for now.  But as time goes on and more people spend
big bucks for a second home here they are going to want to have a say in how
this town is run.

Keep letting a few hundred locals make all the decisions and you will see the
money pull out of here over time. 
11:11 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

The person that insists that "people want to be here", yes people may
want to be here but the fact is they're not buying anymore because we're
overpriced. That mentality makes you sound like one of the local negligent real
estate brokers who put us in the position. Wake up and smell the coffee.
Provincetown isn't selling anymore. Real estate transactions are at all time low
and inventory is at an all time high. This is not going to change until we grip
reality and make some concessions.
11:09 pm est 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Truro Chief:

'Hire within or you are going to get  a bully like Ptown got!  It's bad..... 
Unless you have talked with any officers, don't assume what's happening

It's not about change, it's about leadership and right now, Ptown has NONE...... 

10:41 pm est 

Provincetown Reality

The person that insists that "people want to be here", yes people may
want to be here but the fact is they're not buying anymore because we're
overpriced. That mentality makes you sound like one of the local negligent real
estate brokers who put us in the position. Wake up and smell the coffee.
Provincetown isn't selling anymore. Real estate transactions are at all time low
and inventory is at an all time high. This is not going to change until we grip
reality and make some concessions.

8:59 am est 

Fox Advising Chickens

So the Banner gets expert opinion on proposed traffic/parking regs on
Commercial St from the taxi dispatcher!?!?  That;s like asking the fox if the
hens are safe----when did the taxi companies  start worrying about the rules?
8:45 am est 

Police Chief Hiring Outsiders

I think allot of people are really missing something here. It has always been a
tradition to hire someone locally if someone locally applies. The reason being
is, the town people add a fair amount of support to this dept and if thier son
or daughter applies it's out of respect to give them serious consideration.
Also, if a local person gets the job it helps allot in terms of knowing the town
and citizens within.

The problem here is, the Chief does not have to hire that local person but
atleast advertise locally and give that person a chance. By not doing so, you
are basically saying "you might be interested but we don't care". So tell your
family members who may have supported us, that the Chief only wants your support
when he wants something like a new police station.

The Chief is absolutely going against a practice I do believe all Police Depts
do. This is what the problem is. He is doing what he wants and this is what also
created allot of problems and eventually his short term as Chief up in New
Hampshire. This particular problem is only one of several within the dept. You
have no clue what else he has done. You don't work there so it's obvious you
have other issues. If you did, trust me, you will not be on here showing your
support. Sad part about everything he is doing, it's gonna get worse before it
gets better and then you'll be saying the moral at the PPD is really bad "wonder
why". It's all a matter of time. And I can't wait.
8:42 am est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

Provincetown real estate prices may be high. However these overpriced
homes no matter how built or in what condition still sell for a high price. Face
it, people want to be here.
8:27 am est 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Re: Provincetown Police

"Today's force is integrated??  What's left of them you mean.  Staff do
not stay for this chief, new people or long time employees."

Now that's not really true is it?  Check the police dept roster, there are a
number of long time employees in the dept.  Sorry, but the good ole boy days are
gone and you either get with the program or leave.  And those who couldn't cut
it left.  Wasn't a great loss.  The PD is in much better shape today.

An insider.
10:24 pm est 

Police Dept - In the Good Old Days

Tobias tried to become police chief, didn't get it, then decided to try to
claim injury and go on disability - Denied.  Then retired.  Seems his buddies
miss the old days. 

Standards weren't that high then.
10:21 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

Jugging (intentional misspelling) by your statement, real estate
prices are not the only thing that is high.  The problem is some people think
they are smarter than other people and try to take advantage and brokers and
developers are not immune to this syndrome.  R.E. prices on the Cape are shown
every Sunday in the CC Times if you disagree.  Ptown is overpriced, period. 
Best example, just look at the sales prices of the new east end modulars
highlighted on this website.  Just silly.
8:34 pm est 

Re; Provincetown Reality

The town is packed! There must be a reason people come here at this
time of year.
8:16 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

The same things a certain bloger is saying today are the same old
grips we used to hear about back in the 80s. Sewage/water, real estate prices,
overdevelopment, affordable housing, jobs, the end of Provincetown etc. etc.
etc.!!!     Its still better here, than in most places. Take a break from your
naysaying and enjoy how good we have it here. Life is short.
8:12 pm est 

Re: Police Chief
Today's force is integrated??  What's left of them you mean.  Staff do
not stay for this chief, new people or long time employees. 
8:09 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Art

If one feels that art is overpriced, then one should not buy
overpriced art.  The same goes for the prices of real estate.  Sure real estate
prices are high here, but they high everywhere on the Lower Cape.  Real estate
brokers do not set prices, the market does.  In a free market system supply and
demand dictate prices, not what we think prices should be. 

Perhaps the reason things are going slow for brokers is because there are just
too many real estate offices with too many real estate agents chasing too few
real estate listings (again, supply and demand).  It seems that many people
moved here in the past few years and decided they would make a living selling
real estate, but the local market will only support so many sales people.

As for the comment Lets see, who profits most from what goes on here, that's
right business owners, developers and their monkeys in town hall  I am not in
favor of all the development that has been going on in town in the name of
affordable housing and I do not care to see the developers profiting at the
expense of our tax dollars while using up our scarce resources.  As for business
owners, they had better make a profit or even more businesses will close.  And
lastly, I do not see how town employees profit from any of this and I have never
seen a monkey in town hall :)
1:11 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Art

To the people who like to complain about the high price of art...I'd
like you to explain what the price of art should be.
1:08 pm est 

I Hope Truro Does Hire An Outsider For Its New Police Chief

Too much insider hiring. Too much small-minded approaches are just not good.
Bring in a breath of fresh air. Hire a new face and get new perspectives. That's
what I would hope for Truro.

Hire the best in the state or the best in the country. And that surely does not
necessarily mean someone who was brought up in Truro. That is hardly the needed
requirement for the best police department. It may make some feel comfortable
but that is not what we should look for. ditto for Provincetown.
1:06 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Art
As a resident who frequents the local galleries and has an interest in the local
art scene, I have noticed an interesting development over recent years.

Several local artists achieved some moderate (local) success recently and, as a
result, their prices began to soar. I'm not talking about baby steps, these
people immediately began pricing their works like those of famous New York
artists. The difference was, these people aren't famous and this isn't New York.

And yeah, they managed to con a few locas and tourists into buying their work,
but eventually interest waned. I attended several shows last summer with works
priced in the $3,000 - $5,000 range and guess what - nobody was buying. The
works sat there unsold for the duration of the show.

Typical Provincetown.
1:04 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality

Well put, Provincetown does need a reality check.  People bark about
the need for "affordable housing" when condo after condo and house after house
sit empty collecting cobwebs 9 months out of the year.  The water supply is
stretched tighter than a nylon over a beachball and the infrastructure suffers
daily despite claims it was a sacrificial lamb so we could have a great sewer
system.  Families with kids are leaving, art is overpriced, food is overpriced
and real estate is overpriced.  Yet we need more and more and more.  Talk about
stupidity.  Ptown will survive, true, but at what cost.  It's not the immediate
future that is so worrisome, it's 50 years from now when we are buying water,
swimming in feces and the cheaply built condos we allow now start to crumble on
top of each other.  Take off the blinders, this town is in serious trouble
unless changes start happening soon.  And by going green that doesn't mean spend
spend spend what we don't have and rely on gr! ants to limp through.  If things are so
great, why do we need more affordable housing?  We don't.  Especially so the taxpayers
can foot the bill while the few line their pockets and summer workers cram together in
cheap motel rooms that should be closed by the board of health. Lets see, who profits
most from what goes on here, that's right business owners, developers and their
monkeys in town hall. 
9:26 am est 

Provincetown Reality

Provincetown art is over rated and needs to be knocked down a notch. I
applaud a few gallery closings and maybe people will rethink their pricing.

It's just the real estate market here. I'm glad things are slow for these
brokers. They priced Provincetown out of the market and put property owners here
in a very difficult position.

Provincetown needs a reality check. The rest of the world doesn't operate like
this. The rest of the world doesn't expect these prices and rates on a regular
basis. We need to come back to earth and make things here more reasonable if we
intend to survive.

8:45 am est 

Re: Police Chief

I hope Truro does'nt follow P-town in selecting a new chief, they should oick
from in the dept.Give these people a chance to move up, they have an excelent
acting chief, make him the chief.It's not fair to the men and woman who have
been on their for years.
8:01 am est 

Re: Police Chief

The police force of the past was so much like a 'Days of Our Lives' soap
opera! Everyone was related somehow by family or friend. And if you were not a
part of that family, lookout if you ever got into trouble! And forget about
moving up the ladder. Todays force is much more intergrated and thats a very
good thing for the town.
12:45 am est 

Somehow I Don't Believe Your Statements About The Webmaster

Seems you want that impression. I know many people in Provincetown who like Jeff
Jaran and I think that reflects what people are writing. Maybe you are one
person constantly writing one negative blog after another. Just maybe.

But I think there is strong support for Jeff Jaran. Perhaps not for Michele
Couture who too often tried to undermine Jeff. She was linked to the hip with
our former [Acting] Chief Warren Tobias and she wanted Warren, not Jeff, running the
show. That way, she could and did run the police show.

11:35 pm est 

Something Darkly This Way Blows

Windy... The wind is unbelievable the past few days... gusts up over
65 mph... a little scary!
11:32 pm est 

Re: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

If the town is so bad, why do people still pay huge big bucks to stay,
buy and visit here? Even if everything you say is true about how bad things are
here, it is and will always be better than most places. However, for as long as
I have lived here (yearround) there will always be someone saying that they hate
what is happining to the town and it will never be the same so I'm leaving!
Every generation sez the same thing, but I've yet to see where interest in
Provincetown has ever gone away. One look at how much a small condo goes for
today shows that real estate here is alive and well.
11:29 pm est 

Re: Police Chief

"From what I have also heard is, he has hired a new guy that worked for
a PD in New Hampshire for 20 yrs, served as either the Sgt or Lieutenant and is
now starting here in Ptown next week. Something is definetely wrong with this

Sound great!  Glad to see he's bringing someone with experience to town.  Now if
I was in the dept and liked the 'good ol boy' network that Tobias was a part of
I can see where this might be upsetting.
11:25 pm est 

Re: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

So, you are jealous of other people than yourself making money in
town! Us chosen few are many. Provincetown is a very good money machine where
hard work and smart investment will and has made many people financialy solvent.
The true american dream. The only thing pathetic is that a few on this blog
think that making affordable rentals in town is a bad thing. You really need to
go off cape more to see how bad things really are in small town america.
Provincetown is doing very good compared to them. As to the conditions of the
roads, thats the price of infrastucture upgrades to our water and sewage lines.
Would you rather repave more than once before the job gets done? Or, wait to
pave once when the job is done? Most small towns today can't do what we have
done here. I like the Provincetown of now and its even better future.

11:22 pm est 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Re: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Sorry, Ptown is the "money machine" only for the chosen few and you
know who you are.  Pathetic.  How are the conditions of the roads, or the town
septic system or the school, sorry, on the chopping block school, cleanliness of
beaches, overdevelopment, affordable not needed housing, etc?  God job, not. 
Can checks be cashed on Sunday?  who cares, give cash and write it off
9:15 pm est 

I Applaud Jeff For Looking Outside For New Police

Enough of insiders being hired and promoted. It's too inbred and I'm glad to see
some outside, rather less parochial influemce here in town and at the Police
Department. It's one thing to know the town--it's another to be so inbred that
you have only the most narrow lens and the most parochial thinking. That is not
healthy for any of us.

Bravo for a little more outside impact on the police.
7:09 pm est 

Re: Police Chief

Useless to type the answers...webmaster picks and chooses what to
print about the chief and it is usually the good you go out to the
bars at night in town?
7:07 pm est 

Re: Police Chief

Police Chief rocks! And that is good :-). Only ones that don't like it
are those affected by Jeff cleaning it up.  Sorry, but enuf is enuf! If jeff
would have been allowed to proceed with the waterfront beautification & parking
garage at Duartes this town would have been set for generations to come. 
Unfortunately those that can't think outside of box voted that down.
6:55 pm est 

Re: Police Chief

Everybody knows if you want good help, you do not advertise locally.
6:53 pm est 

Re: Power Outage.... What Happened?

Electricity went out. This sometimes happens when ice coats lines :-)
6:51 pm est 

Re: Police Chief

Instead of talking in circles...tell us all the answers to the questions ...of
what's so horrible. PS, nepotism does not apply any longer. Locals & others
applied & best candidate was selected, :-)
6:50 pm est 

Re: Rick of Fat Jack's

Jack, of Fat Jacks has been living in Fort Lauderdale FL. next to the
intracoastal waterway with his partner Rick. Rick passed away Christmas night.
They were together for over 50 years.
5:55 pm est 

Re: Police Chief

If you think the Police Chief is doing such a good job then ask him why he never
advertised locally that there were openings in his dept.

From what I have also heard is, he has hired a new guy that worked for a PD in
New Hampshire for 20 yrs, served as either the Sgt or Lieutenant and is now
starting here in Ptown next week. Something is definetely wrong with this

I could tell you more but those that think he's doing a good job, maybe you need
to ask the memebers of the dept and you'll be suprised that what I have told you
here is nothing compared to what else he has done. Ask like I have and you'll be
5:52 pm est 

Power Outage?

Does anyone know what happened? If you do, could you please post it here.
5:50 pm est 

Re: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

BINGO! Welcome to the real world! Provincetown IS THE money machine!
No wonder you are so bitter that things don't go your way and how even with you
being on a committee things are not to your liking. You have been shoveling
against the tide because you are on the wrong (living in the past) side of
running the town at a loss! The town is in a much better place now, (money wise
& looks) thanks to the great work of its boards and committees. Just maybe, it
might help if you reailize that when you are always out voted at committee
meetings and town meetings, that you ARE wrong?
3:26 pm est 

Re: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I've been on many committees, and have seen lots of good  changes that
can happen when you work for change. I have never seen or heard of any wrong
doings while on ANY town boards. I've served for over 32 years and still serve.
Provincetown is one place where if you want change, you CAN change things.
3:13 pm est 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Again with the "get on a committee and make a change" song.  Guess
what?  Committees in this town make changes for the worse constantly no matter
who is on them and you know what else? I'm already on a committee and have been
on various committees over the years and you know what else?  You would have
better luck shovelling against the tide than going against the money machine
running this town. How about you move and send a postcard from fantasy-land. 
I'll help you. 
12:31 pm est 

PBG Thank You!

The PBG would like to thank everyone in town and visitor's for a very
successful Holly Folly Weekend!  The Boston Gay Men's Chorus at Town Hall was a
sell-out, folks were shopping, the Inn Stroll was a buzz, and the trolley was
full.  It was a great kick-off to the Holiday Season.

Congratulations to the winners of the
1st Annual Holly Folly Decoration Contest:
Best Residential - John Vosburgh and John Reed at 5 Heather's Way; Runner Up was
Pete Marchese at 14 Standish Street
Best Business - TIE - White Wind Inn, 174 Commercial Street and Southstream
Design, 200 Commercial Street
Best Restaurant - Dalla Cucina, 404 Commercial Street; Runner Up was Michael
Shay's, 350 Bradford Street
Best Lobster Trap - Salon Snip, 182 Commercial Street; Runner Up was Duane
Steele and Mary Jo Avellar, 100 Bradford Street
Special thanks to Julian Popko, Napi's Restaurant, Provincetown Banner, Purple
Feather Cafe, Provincetown Tourism Office, Visitor's Service Board, and the
Provincetown Chamber of Commerce for their support and contribution to this
12:29 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Inn

Word has it the new bulkhead at the Ptown Inn, is connected with
Homeland Security somehow.
8:28 am est 

RE: re: Commercial Street Name Change

Well, aren't you just a bucket of Sunshine. Must be one of those disgruntled
"townies" that grew up here and now can't stand your own home town. Did you ever
consider getting on a committee to help improve the town? Better yet, did you
ever consider moving? I'll help you.
12:24 am est 

Re: Police Chief

Maybe The Webmaster is Reporting What Some of [us] think About Jeff
Jaran--and It's Positive.

I, for one, think that Jeff Jaran has done a good job. I'm glad an outsider was
brought in and that could be a problem for insiders. We need new ideas, fresh
thinking and outside this town perspectives.

I'm for Jeff Jaran!
12:23 am est 

Re: Rick of Fat Jack's

Sad To Hear that Rick Passed Away--A Key Person with the Old Fat

That place was great. It had energy, people packed together and a certain

Is Jack still alive? Does anyone know? He was a good business man and a hard
worker. I' always loved my interesting conversations with Jack.

It has been a few years since I've seen Jack in town.
12:20 am est 

From My Perspective

No Complaints here I love this town and It's employees, people,
tourists, ect...

I agree.
12:18 am est 


What's sad is you will only post positive comments about the chief but have no
problem posting negative comments about others!  How fair is that?  Perhaps you
should post no negativity at all or at least be consistent!

I have seen awful things posted about others.... Where is the fairness?
12:17 am est 

Re: Police Chief

Re: "The webmaster will only print positive comments about the Police
Chief so this is not an accurate picture of whats going on."

OR the great many of people in town think he's doing a fine job.  Count me in
that group.

12:15 am est 

Re: Police Chief

I agree, I've posted several comments about how poorly the Chief is treating OUR
employees, but they don't seem to get posted.
12:14 am est 

Re: Provincetown Inn

Question, can anyone tell me what is going on at the Provincetown
12:12 am est 

Re: Police Chief

I have seen negative comments about the police chief on this blog so
it appears you are skewed in your viewpoint.  Also, commenting here has nothing
to do with loving your neighbor.  The purpose of the forum is to express
opinions, good or bad, regarding pertinent issues (and non-pertinent but fun
issues).  People take this stuff far too personally.
12:11 am est 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Re: Police Chief

The webmaster will only print positive comments about the Police Chief
so this is not an accurate picture of whats going on.
10:48 am est 

On a Happier Note:

It is beginning to look alot like Easter!!   No Complaints here I love this town
and It's employees, people, tourists, ect.  "Do not judge lest ye be judged says
the Lord"  "Love one another and Love your Neighbor as yourself"
10:28 am est 

Rest in Peace, Rick. of Fat Jacks

We miss you and your great eatery.
10:26 am est 

Re: Commercial Street Name Change

Commercial St. was named, at the time,  for the "commercial" fisherman
that used this street as their main traffic area.  Also as home to many
appropriate commercial businesses, Focs'le, Old Colony, etc., restaurants, Dr.
Heiberts, Isadore's shoe shop, etc.   Front St. exists in another town,
Waterfront Promenade as a name is a joke.  Commercial street is NOT a waterfront
promenade.  There is nothing waterfront about it except that it is a row of
buildings away from a dirty,smelly waterfront.  This street was called "front"
st. by townies in another long gone well loved era.  Bradford was the "back"
street.  Commercial St. deserves the name now.  It is just that.  A carnival,
cheap facade poorly paved strip.  Nothing to do with fishing, nothing to do with
real art, nothing to do with the natural beauty of the seashore, only money
hungry shops looking to milk the tourists.  If you want to draw tourists in,
clean up the beaches, clean up the shops and start adjusting!
  prices to reflect the rest of the world.  Too overpriced for what is offered,
for the main of society.  But then again, Ptown prides itself in being "free"
when the only thing free about it is the illegal parking on Alden and the right
to litter the beaches with dog crap or trash.  Happy New Year. 
3:25 am est 

Re: The Chief is Doing a Great Job

I have talked to one cop who strongly disagrees. But I'm sure there are two
sides to the story. I'd like to hear an intelligent fact based discussion about
his performance.

Just a Tax Payer
3:21 am est 

Officer Automobile
I know this person, I have worked with this person and found this person to be
honest, caring, and above all a person who would never make a statement which
was reported on this blog. Try looking at an officer who got passed over as
SGT., or someone who has a grievance against this officer.  I know what happens
in the back room.

David J. Ditacchio
3:20 am est 

The Luandromat

Incase no one has had the chance to notice, the laundromat on Shankpainter Rd is
closed.For how long, who knows. I do know that a few people have offered to
clean the laundromat and and all they did was play the yep game.

After while the customers got tired of it and complained. So their answer to it
was too close it. It's funny that the liquor store which requires twice the work
plus employee's never closes but the laundromat which requires less attention
and only a part time employee "closes"...
3:18 am est 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jeff Jaran Has Done a Great Job Here

I support him and his approach to so many aspects of the Police Department. He
has rebels inside who want and have tried to undermine his work--but he is

I salute Jeff and his work. I'm glad he is here and I thank him for his work.
12:56 am est 

Holiday Decorations

Anyone know who won the Residential Holiday Decorations Contest this
year?  I checked the fb page and saw some of the business winners and noticed
the Banner ran info indicating 2nd place residential to the house on Standish
Street, but can't find anything on the mystery residential victor... 
12:41 am est 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Commercial Street

Can we close it from Center St. to Ryder St.?  Wouldn't that be even better?

Could we also change the street name to Front or Water Promenade?
1:12 pm est 

Merry Christmas to All!

Maybe we can take a one day hiatus from all
of the namecalling on this blog. Enjoy Christmas with your friends and family in
one of the most beautiful places in the world...
10:03 am est 

The Chief is Doing a Great Job

In response to the Chief is doing a great jobI know the Officer you are talking
about and he does not rant in public about the Chief or any other Officer in the
dept "In Public espicially" and we all know he sure would not act like that at Stop
& Shop. So say what you want because allot of us know you are trumping your story
for another reason. As for the Chief doing a great job, maybe you need to work at
the Police Station.
10:01 am est 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Go Figure!

Retirement is a 10 letter word for SLOTH!
9:51 pm est 

The Chief is Doing a Great Job.

I was in the Stop amd Shop and an
officer (hint his name is like an automobile) was ranting about how his boss's
contract should not be renewed, He was swearing and acting very unprofessional.
Proves my point.
9:47 pm est 

Re: Proivincetown High School

I agree with this so much, I want people to read it again. It is right
on target! Here it is: No one is saying get rid of the kids--they are saying end
the flow of money to the staff of an empty school that is costing us millions.

The truth is that paying $70,000 for a secretary to an empty school is
ludicrous. Saying that we are against students is a lie. We are against an
impossibly small school staying open and costing millions for the benefit of the


You will only infuriate people with your ignorance--we are not against
children--we are against an empty school staying open for the staff and using
the students and a small school as your argument
9:45 pm est 

NO Credibility

Interesting how no one seems to care that a verbal agreement was made
between the two Towns. The verbal agreement was broken by the Provincetown
selectmen which could hurt us terribly if Truro chooses to walk away. Our
selectmen have NO credibility since their word means nothing.
5:42 pm est 

Re: Couture's Water?

You're exactly right. This is all supposed to be in executive session, private
litigation for a lease. You're correct that it shouldn't be in the public
domain. But the question is, and Pru is the only one that knows, who broke their
silence first, Palmer or Couture? Once the matter is in the open, privacy sort
of falls away.

BTW, why all the blacked out sections of the original comment? Fill in the
blanks with names and the comments weren't that bad.
3:04 pm est 

Provincetown High School's Failing

What were the students at Nauset not able to do?  From my experience
the students were extremely bright, but extremely coddled.  Students now want
everything to be a dog-and-pony show, but basic fundamentals are getting lost. 
Watch a teenager these days work a register if it is down.  Pretty funny!
3:02 pm est 

So Right, Couture is So Wrong

These are crucial debates and agreement changes should not be discussed in the
paper. This is a person who calls more executive sessions than anyone else
before her as Chair, and then she blabs on to the paper about what she wants and
what she refuses to pay.

This could end as a disaster for Provincetown. We are the ones over the barrel,
not Truro. We need them and that should be honored in this agreement.
2:59 pm est 

Merry Christmas to All!

If you happen to see Santa, tell him he can park the sleigh on Alden and
if Rudolph has to use the facilities just send him down the beach.  It's called
dune building per order of the Health Dep. and Conservation.     
12:19 pm est 

Couture's Water?

I'd like to know why Couture and a Truro Selectman are discussing negotiations
with a newspaper reporter which should be handled by town counsel and behind the
closed doors of Executive Session.

The basic agreement had been approved by both parties.  There will always be
concessions asked for and made prior to the signing.  NEITHER PARTY SHOULD BE

But what is     to do when she runs into a Truro Selectman at Fannizzi's after 
               Considering how much             hates Provincetown,    just
can't seem to stay away.
12:17 pm est 

Re: Holiday Spirit

You ask where the holiday spirit has gone at the police department?? It has
been stomped on and driven into the ground. Just ask any of our employees at the
11:17 am est 

Re: Holiday Spirit

The spirit as I was told, was to be thrown out.  The Chief ordered the janitor
to clean out the attic and throw everything away.
11:15 am est 

Maybe, No More Raises For These Secretaries

Really, this is preposterous. they are realy secretaries and their salaries are
ridiculous. Let them go now. We don't need secretaries that make more than
teachers and are just padding their retirement pensions--that we will be paying.
Say goodbye to unnneeded personnel and cut our costs for a school that needs to

They are beyond what should be tolerated. They walk around like they are the
cat's meow and, really, they should hang their heads in shame. What a joke!
11:13 am est 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

WOW, Why Does She Continue to Talk?

Couture keeps talking about the Truro wellfield like she has the upper hand over
Truro. Guess what Michele, you don't. The owners can pull out anytime and Truro
can pull out too. The owners could make 10 times what we are paying for the
wellfield and she still thinks we're getting screwed. WAKE UP MICHELE!!! AND
SHUT UP, FOR THE GOOD OF THE TOWN SHUT UP. Pay the lease and for once, allow the
town to be up to date on regulations of any sort. Pay the monthly lease and get
on with it. Don't screw the town in your last moments of your crumby political
existance. Lose this property and wher do we go then? get a clue lady, we need
this and it needs to get done.
9:31 pm est 

Our Students

No one is saying get rid of the kids--they are saying end the flow of money to
the staff of an empty school that is costing us millions.

The truth is that paying $70,000 for a secretary to an empty school is
ludicrous. Saying that we are against students is a lie. We are against an
impossibly small school staying open and costing millions for the benefit of the

You will only infuriate people with your ignorance--we are not against
children--we are against an empty school staying open for the staff and using
the students and a small school as your argument.
9:28 pm est 

Town Finances Running Wild

Nation Governors:

All across the nation, Governors are calling for a halt to the benefits that are
taxing the struggling taxpayers while municipal workers get perks and benefit
payments and a life long ride on the backs of the taxpayers.

Provincetown town workers have it made in spades. Now is the time to start
calling a halt to this fiscal madness. We must demand that town hall halt the
flow of taxpayer money that covers these benefits that the rest of have to pay
for out of our pockets.

Unfortunately, these workers jam town meeting on the first day to secure their
flow of money. They are on easy street so we must work hard and start now to get
the momentum to stop this flow of benefit money--it is the right thing to do.
9:26 pm est 

Holiday Spirit

Can anyone answer why the Police Station was not decorated this year as in the
past?  What a shame....  It always looked so beautiful.....

Where is the spirit?
9:21 pm est 

Welcome to Reality

To the blog writer who thinks that Provincetown will be a place only
for the rich. WELCOME TO REALITY. You've been so busy bragin about the good ole
days, the future has slapped you in the face!
5:57 pm est 

Tisk, Tisk. Such Bitterness!

It's almost like we have our own John McCain.
5:56 pm est 

Town Finances-Running Wild!

We are a destination for people at near retirement that want to pad
their pensions.
5:54 pm est 

School Staff Too Expensive!

Of course the school staff want to keep the school open. They will be rich for
life. Houses paid for, high income, benfits paid for the rest of their
lives--time to pull the plug.
5:51 pm est 

Re: Town Finances-Running Wild

All you people want to do is get rid of the kids that are left in this town.
Maybe you should go to town meeting and use your anger there, thats where it's
needed. Yes you are right there will only be rich people living here and p-town
will be closed up for the winter, a ghost town, this is what you want.
5:50 pm est 

Nation Wide Munipal Benefit Crack-Down

The consesus by Governors is that the taxpayers are struggling yet the Munipal
workers are funded by them and have perks and benefits that the taxpayers
provide while they suffer without these same perks and benefits.

It is time for Provincetown to face reality and let the town workers bear the
cost of their benefits rather than make the taxpayers shoulder these gold-plated

We are struggling to survive here--and yet the people who work for the town are
secure with their boats, cars, vacation homes and various properties--all paid
for by the taxpayers.
5:48 pm est 

Re: Swimming in a Frog Pond is Not Like Swimming in the Ocean
"Micheles problem is that she doesn't think we should be paying Truro for
property we aren't making money on, that is, charging for the water that will
come from the new well field. She thinks that once it's up and running it will
create the revenue that will offset the costs involved with the wellfield
purchase and therefore we should not pay for the lease for the three years it
takes to get the well up and running."


The additional wellfield will NOT create any additional revenue to the system,
it is a backup to the existing system. It doesn't mean more money for the town
and doesn't mean more water for the town. Same amount will flow from one more or
twenty more wells and the same rates will apply. This has been required by the
state for years and only now has the BOS decided to get up to date. She should
wake up and get the rest of the board to realize the price for this rarely
available sized property is a great bargain for us and one that we will
appreciate more as time goes on.

Sign the lease and start building the wells now!!!  All the new buildings and
all the newly paved streets don't matter if we don't have water!!!
5:45 pm est 

Adding Insult to Injury

We can thank former Supt. Jessica Waugh who gave hefty pay raises to
her buddies like             ($75k) before Jessica left. To add insult to
injury, when these overpaid school employees retire , they take the last two
years of income to determinie their pensions! How's that for getting screwed?
12:17 pm est 

Town Finances are Running Wild

Secretaries, one being payed over $70,000.00 a year, and don't forget
the benefits, and the pension, so the real # is more like $150,000.00 per year.
There is something wrong with this picture, and I don't care how good of a
worker he/she is. The debt load this town is creating will strangle the town for
future generations, ant that will be the legacy of letting a corrupt TOAD lead

We have top to bottom, out of control spending, and it will destroy the ability
of everyone except the rich to be able to afford to live here. We have 3,500
voting residents and a tax of $20,000,000.00. So what do we get for almost
$6,000.00 each, I know the streets are not paved!!!

How about this, close town hall and the schools, and sell them !
Pay of the debt that the town owes with the proceeds.
Everyone instead of paying taxes must maintain the street in front of their
property, and take their own trash to the dump for a small fee.
Home school the 5 kids in town.Problem solved.

Not really, but you get the idea.We are very angry about the
mismanagement and high salaries, and spend till you drop mentality
that this town has.

The Bill will be called due, and it is huge.
12:00 pm est 

Russell Braun

Braun made over $92,000 this past year working for the town of Provincetown. 
And we have to wait for months getting permits?   It was not other boards that
held up applications, it was his department.   He has had an assistant, Justin
for at least a year, and Maxine for sure knows more than both combined.  And he
could not even see last winter all the construction that was going on at 95
Bradford street as it is only 1/2 block down from the real town hall, where he
worked 130 plus hours?   Did he have blinders on as he passed the dumpsters that
were empty one day, full in the next 2 days, emptied, then filled all winter
long?  Was that just the roof and siding of the house that he gave a permit for? 
This guy is a joke Sharon.   (I know for a fact, it was someone else that turned
in 95 Bradford street, and only then did Braun get involved.  Lets be honest
about what he does or does not do for once)
11:56 am est 

The Provincetown Schools

About a month ago, two kids who now attend the Nauset Schools were asked to do
something by a teacher and couldn't because they were never taught what the
teacher wanted them to do. They discovered that our kids are atleast one to two
years behind the Nauset school kids.Does this shock anyone.Now comes the over
paid secretaries who were well takened care of by Jessica Waugh that angered
other school employees. Has anyone ever really wondered why so many kids left
last year. Has anyone ever seen so many kids leave in one year. Has anyone ever
talked to a few of the teachers who no longer work up at the schools and found
out maybe why they don't. The damage is done and it's time to take our kids out
because the walls are caving in and the School Committee is too blind to see it.
11:17 am est 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Swimming in a Frog Pond is Not Like Swimming in the Ocean

Now we have Michele Couture showing us all what misleading and mismanaging is
all about. We need a back-up water supply. It is a federal mandate. We had a
deal in order and now, a change. The deal is being changed and what do we hear
Michele Couture Saying? "My understanding is we're where we're supposed to be at
this point. We're all doing what we said we would do."

And yet who is we and where is we supposed to be Michele? Do you even know?
Truro is now upset and the deal may not go through. Then to add insult to
injury, Couture in her inimical way, adds: "They got an incredible deal. We're
not doing anything until we get the permits. It will take three years to get the

But guess what? The agreement was that Provincetown would start paying now. Not
three years from now. It is the deal that Provincetown has to have. This is no
time to play coy.

Watch this become a fiasco. And the frog swimmer believes she is in control as
the ocean rip tides storm the town.

Education may not be the only factor in leadership but Michele Couture's lack of
education comes through all too often to damage the town. This is surely one
such case.
8:23 pm est 

Re: High School Secretaries

The "secretaries" at the HS have a good thing going, as do all town
employees.  A bit better than most.  Do you honestly think they will give that
up without a fight?  The HS will remain open, secretaries, teachers and
principal, etc. reigning in their paychecks even if only 1 student remains, if
they could.  It is up to the idiotic people in this town digging their own holes
to wake up, get informed and vote to stop the blood letting.  Merry Xmas.
8:11 pm est 

Re: High School Secretaries

There is not enough work to keep two secretaries busy 40 hours a week,
52 weeks a year in that superintendant's office.  Sit one of them at the VMES
front desk and the other at the High School as the assistant to the principal
and let them each do both functions...then they will be earning their money.
8:07 pm est 

Re:"How Could One School Have Secretaries that Make $75,000 a Year?"

"Don't put blame on salaried professionals with seniority. Doing ones job well
earns you step or salary increases, that is why people work.

Signed-not a town employee."

Are you really that foolish? Do you think the school secretaries or anyone else
at the school gets a raise because they have done a good job???? They get it
because they have a union that gets them their raises as an entire unit, not
just particular people. Individuals that get raises based on good quality work
would be merit based pay and that doesn't happen. Everybody gets the same raise
in the union, whether you do the greatest job or the poorest quality. So long as
you do the minimum, you get the raise. Nowhere does it say anyone has done
better than anyone else. The real reason he/she has such a high salary is
because they have decided to feed at the public trough for the last 40 years and
2% or 3% every year gets pretty large after a while.
5:48 pm est 

Town Offices:

Is it true that the town offices will be closed on Monday the 27th because the
Holiday is on Saturday?  This is getting ridiculous.  The town needs desperately
to go back to the 5 day work week....

So, the following week of New Years will be the same?  How pathetic is that?  I
vote for a 5 day week
5:44 pm est 

School Secretaries Salaries

Be patient. There are more kids leaving the school. Unfortunately they may have
to wait till the end of this school year. So as the school keeps losing more and
more kids, eventually they have to cut the staff back, including teachers. So to
the blogger who posted about the school secretary's salary, be patient my
friend. It all can't happen soon enough for me.
5:42 pm est 

"How Could One School Have Secretaries that Make $75,000 a Year?"

I agree and she only has a high school education! She recently said in the Banner
that the town cares more about pets than kids but we know it is about her gravy
3:27 pm est 

Re:How Could One School Have Secretaries that Make $75,000 a Year?

Don't put blame on salaried professionals with seniority. Doing ones job well
earns you step or salary increases, that is why people work.

signed-not a town employee. 

3:25 pm est 

How Could One School Have Secretaries that Make $75,000 a Year?

They surely want to keep the school open and so would I if I received such high
salaries for being a school secretary. Maybe looking at their salaries shows
some of the problems with the school, as well as so few students. It's time to
close it and do it now. Why Wait? Oh, yes, the secreataries' salaries!
12:54 pm est 

Horse and Buggy Days Are Long Gone

And so should the bicycles going both ways. That would help so much. Also put
traffic police directing traffic during summer months. Life would be smoother
and we don't need extreme closing of our main street.
12:52 pm est 


Town Hall--the town manager has to work with these folks and all town employees
have solid gold benefits paid for by we taxpayers.

We need a town government that will say to these lavish perks and benefits. $25
million is going to be needed down the road to keep these workers retired in
style. We can't afford it.

Look at the all of the perks that they have now--time to turn off the flow of
9:49 am est 

School-Street Paving

Why are we still paying millions for a handful of students? Close the school,
rent or sell the building, send the elementary school children to the Truro
School and lets spend the money on bettering the town.

Schools are closing in cities all over the country. Eight are closing in Boston.
Why are we holding on to a school with  such a massive staff for a handful of

60 people show up to make the school a shelter for dogs and people during
emergency situations..only the school board and a few parents showed up when
they voted to close the school.

Stop keeping the school open w enthere is no 6th grade class and 4 or 5
students in each class room.

9:47 am est 

Commercial Street Closing

For those of you with short memories or just haven't lived here long enough...
We tried closing Commercial Street in the 80's and it didn't work. There were
too many special circumstances to deal with and not enough officers to handle
it. This is a perfect example of what happens when the Town hires department
heads that have no history with the Town.
9:40 am est 

Runaway Retirees Costs

Newspaper editorials and Governors in many states are saying that taxpayers are
paying onerous amounts to keep municpal workers swimming in benefits.

We taxapayers have no benefits from our Provincetown service jobs. We must stop
this hemorage of money from our pockets to fund all of these benefits and perks.
No one pays my health costs. No one gives me raises--instead our hours are cut
at my job.

Let the town workers pay their own way as we struggle in this economy to put
food on the table for our own families.
9:39 am est 

Commercial Street Mall

Commercial Street traffic of all kinds would go a little smoother if
pedestrians would just pay a little more attention. It is that easy. Having some
blocks closed to cars and others not will only lead to more starry eyed waddlers
who will not be able to make the transition from pedestrian mall to actual
thoroughfare leading to even more chaos.
9:36 am est 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Re: 2-Way Bicycle Traffic on Commercial Street

Commercial St. was a 2 way St for all vehicles, starting way back in the horse
and buggy days. At some point because of  cars, Commercial St was changed to be
a one way St. for Motorized Vehicles only. Bicycles were specifically allowed to
continue their two way use of Commercial St. As to speed, the speed limit is 15
Mph. Unless you spot an olympic athlete on a bicycle, you probably will not se a
bicyclist going over the speed limit on Commercial St. Occasionally I have seen
people who are oblivious to the cars, trucks, and bicycles on Commercial St,
startled by the traffic in the Street. I have also watched countless times as
one tourist walked into another tourist. I always follow the old adage of
looking twice before crossing the street.
10:36 pm est 






10:22 pm est 

Sorry, Jeff, It's no Go

Not a good idea and it would work. Just take your good traffic police and use
them judiciously in the summer. Just look to this summer: where were they? Not
around and certainly not directing traffic. Put the police where we need them
and keep Commerical Street open./ I would agree that bikes should go in only one
direction. that would help create a more orderly street scene.

You are great, but this idea is not. Let's just say goodby to it.
10:17 pm est 

What is the True Cost?

One thing is for sure: whatever the Commercial Street proposal not all
the costs will be disclosed to us.

10:13 pm est 

Commercial Street Mall

Closing Commercial Street will cost taxpayers extra money for police
pay - around $50,000 according to the estimate put forward by the Chief.  Of
course, this figure could be too low.  And then there will be extra pay for the
DPW to have their crew put up and take down the barracades each day.

Also, Commercial Street businesses will lose money.  During the summer months I
frequently get take out food from Commercial Street restaurants.  If I cannot
drive to pick up the food I will not be getting take out food from these

2:03 pm est 

So Glad the Couture Will Not Be Celebrating Christmas on Commercial Street

I'm glad she finally left Commercial Street. We can all breath better with her
on Conwell Street. Please, stay there. Bravo! Now businesses on Commercial
Street and especially Saki and Velvelt, his club that should have opened on
Memorial Day, now may open. What a b----she is. She is the worse thing for us,
inspite of the friends of her former partner. Otherwise, this woman would be by
herself and without any power. She is a walking disaster. And I'm glad she is
gone from the town's central street. Makes my Christmas, that's for sure!
11:21 pm est 

So Where is Sharon?

Anyone seen here recently? Is she really at Town hall or elsewhere. Please let
me know if she is really back--or pretending to be back. Leaving David Gardner
in perpetaul Town Manager position.
11:19 pm est 

Monday, December 20, 2010


That's why there should be NO PARKING on Commercial Street
yearround !

Why tie up the police for such things as this...  Where is the parking officer? 
I believe there are two who work 20 hours a week in the office..  Can't one
leave and help out?
9:32 pm est 

Skewed View

Please don't make generalizations about galleries.  There are many
galleries in town that would not touch a print to sell..giclee or otherwise. 
5:14 pm est 

Just Love the Silence and the Night Beaches

There is a beauty here. Love the emptiness, the silence that envelopes the land
and stretches out to Long Point. There is a pristine beauty here at the edge of
5:11 pm est 

Commercial Street Mall

Who can take their eyes off the road to view the bait?  Anyone not
sitting in the driver's seat, dah.  Keep the cars, fix the road and clean the
4:13 pm est 

Anyone Out There?!

49k to block commercial street ????
i called the police and dpw for a speed limit sign
on our street and got no where !
4:12 pm est 

Anyone Know?

Is Marine One in the water on a day like today? Anyone know?
1:59 pm est 

Skewed View

I suspect that the writer of this post is talking about galleries selling giclee
art prints to novice collectors as original art...  It's very sad in this
country that the majority of people, when it comes to art, know nothing.  The
galleries everywhere are, I'm sure, cashing in on this ignorance.
1:22 pm est 

Clogged Street

When I drive down Commercial Street--I only see the bumper infront of me. Who
can take their eyes off the road and look at the shops around them--people on
bikes coming along beside you, people walking infront of you, people sauntering
down the steet side by side on the left side of the car and a parked truck with
its emergency lights on are on the other side of the car.

Window shop? Hardly LOL. Stop the cars on Commercial Street.
1:19 pm est 

See the Wonder of It All
Love the Snow, Love Provincetown in this Winter Wonderland Light

It is beautiful. Just lovely.
1:17 pm est 

Commercial Street Closing

How about taking all these great opinions, do some research on impacts in other
towns as has been suggested here, and go to the meetings to see the plan, give
feedback and see where it all comes out. Seems a civilized method to deal with
this thorny issue. Congrat to Chief Jaran for raising the possibility and laying
out a path to examine it.

1:16 pm est 

Commercial Street Mall

Why is it that everything that the Police Chief recommends or wants involves the
taxpayers spending more money.
Wouldn't it be nice if he was concious of the fact that many people are are
jobless, finacially stapped, losing their homes, etc., and instead come up with
more creative solutions to problems which would not involve more expenditure or
That is what would make for a chief that really cares for the people's well
1:14 pm est 

Why ?

Why can't our overworked and underpaid police department ticket the illegally
parked cars this time of year? It would benifit the town and make it a safer
place. It would be impossible to get a fire truck through there on most days in
the winter. Sometimes things are more messed up than Hogan's Goat!!
10:18 am est 

Commercial Street Closing

Have to revise Commercial St. "again"?  When was it revised to begin
with?  People will ride against traffic, new bike laws mean nothing. 
Concentrate on fixing the pavement and the sidewalks once and for all before
someone breaks a leg or looses a wheel and cleaning the beaches if you are
worried about tourists having accidents.  A hard-nosed bacterial infection for a
human or dog supported by some incriminating photos of public beach trash could
pose a nice legal case against Board of Health and Town Hall. Ptown needs Comm'l
St. auto traffic.  Each car is like a fatty deposit ready to clog.  They slow
down the flow so people are forced to look to the sides where something cheap
and shiny may catch their eye. Like fish lured by trinkets.  Let's face it, if
you are in a hurry, we all know you are better off walking or taking another
route than the front st. To disagree with closing front st. is not naysaying
against "change".  It is simply common sense, something clearly lacking in this town
and those in charge of overseeing it's economic survival. Another poorly thought out
and ridiculous band aid solution for an age old problem. 
10:16 am est 

Webmaster Notice of Posting Violation

Dishonest and violating confidence, say what? C'mon my posting seemed
pretty clear to me. Sorry if it wasn't. Now the bully runs a crying to the web
master. Three snaps and a helicopter for you.
10:13 am est 

Commercial Street:

I would rather see "no parking" on Commercial St yearround then the road blocked
for pedestrians,

That is more frustrating than anything.  Even the delivery trucks can't deliver
off season cause there is no place for them to go with all the illegal parking ! 
Without a yearround meter officer, it is impossible to keep up with the

12:47 am est 


Not to be mean, but maybe you should ask Santa for
Spellcheck or a dictionary.
The word is courtesies not curticies.
Merry Christmas to all.
God bless us every one.
11:29 pm est 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Remembrance of Things Past

Ever notice that around this time of year somebody will always tell us
on this blog that the town is dying because of all the places that are closing
and not coming back? I guess they have a short memory or they want to do harm to
the town. Provincetown will always be Provincetown, what you remember it as
being will never be again. Tomorrow will be somebody elses memory of the good
ole days of Provincetown. Happy New Year! Here's to tomorrow.
10:12 pm est 

Commercial Street Mall

Starting January 1st, new state wide regulations on bike riding start.
Our police force will have to follow these laws. This is only one of the reasons
that we have to revise Commercial Street again. Enough with the nay-sayers who
think doing things the same way is the only way. Things change. And getting
sight seeing cars off of Commercial St. is a good thing.
10:10 pm est 

Commercial Street Mall

RE: Research some of the problems hitting other towns that rope off
their main vein.

Your points are well taken. Many small downtown older shopping areas had tried
the pedestrian mall concept to compete with the real suburban sprawl malls. Most
abandoned the concept as it drove even more people away. Also if we take the
cars away and not the bikes and the skate boarders, things will get worse. I do
not support the idea of a pedestrian mall, but I do think that every generation
has the right to discuss it. We have a new police chief and new Town manager, so
let them talk about it and then we can vote it down.
10:07 pm est 

Skewed View

Interesting conversation with a gallery affiliate recently. I won't
say who she/he is, however, the person had a skewed, but fascinating take on
things. Seems there's some interesting alterations going on when it comes to
selling to "newbies" who walk into a gallery in this "art town." The uninformed
buyer is not getting what they think they're getting, and that is a recipe for
tarnish to this aspect of Provincetown as a hub of fine art. I hope it was
bravado talk. I fear it's not. After all, this sort of hype spurred real estate
to escalate ten years ago. We all know how that went. It tanked, and now we're
all paying the price in elevated taxes. Can we afford to lose the reputation as
a quality hub for 20th century fine art? Don't lets think that greed will not
eek over into this area for quick bucks also. Insatiability knows no boundaries.
Artistic or otherwise.
10:05 pm est 

Commercial Street Mall

Here's a wild and crazy idea.  Research some of the problems hitting
other towns that rope off their main vein and see what you may be looking at for
potential problems.  A prediction:  a boatload of trouble, for the police force,
for the businesses, for the handicapped and ultimately the trickle down to the
taxpayer who will be forced to foot the bill for this hairbrained scheme. 

I'm confused as to why, after 100 years of mayhem on Comm'l st. during
summer, we need to make it a pedestrian mall.  As a kid, half the fun was
driving down front street trying to dodge people and bikes.  I am entitled to do
this and don't even think you can take that right away and charge me for it on top. 

Ptown is a Carnivale and good luck trying to reign in bicycles on a hot summers
night going against traffic.  Clean the beaches, fix the roads and figure out
the school and problems at town hall.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it and
Comm'l St. being overcrowded and a recipe for accidents is the norm. 

As stated before, when the suggestion to stop against traffic bikers came up
it was shot down quicker than a drink at the Old Colony.  Why the change of
heart now? other than more money for additional required police presence and
town workers? and undoubtedly town officials who will have
to meet ad nauseum to work this bad boy out.
7:19 pm est 

Webmaster Notice of Posting Violation

Re: "...My perspective is fair, rational and reasonable as am I..."

I'm not picking on you, but your comment did make me laugh.  Doesn't every
poster on this blog feel their perspective is fair, rational and reasonable,
just as they are?"

You are a bully and you showed your true nature in your initial response. Now
you want to play nice? Give me a break.

Dear Mr. Webmaster, I realize you do  a to get these posts listed, but the
above post is partially mine, partially someone elses.  I posted the 'I'm not
picking...' paragraph, but I did not post the 2nd part that says 'You are a

Webmaster Comment:

Thank you for providing the above information. In a forum such as this, t
he privilege of anonymous posting relies on the honesty of the individual poster and the vigilance and commitment of each participant to come forth as you have done to correct such violations of confidence, when they occur.

Not all us can handle the obligations and curticies required of an open medium of expression.

Again thanks, and Happy Holidays!
4:21 pm est 

Commercial Street Closing

With less and less cars on Commercial Street, you will need more and
more parking spaces. As it is, I buy a parking sticker each year as a resident
and can never get into the parking lots as they are all full. Build a parking
garage on Duartes lot!
3:56 pm est 

Commercial Street Closing

People love the carny atmosphere of Commercial Street!  Commercial
Street will look like a police state with barriers, baracades and police at
every intersection questioning each car that wants to go through the no-car zone
and yelling at bikers to get off their bikes. Sounds like lots of fun a real
enhancement for our tourists. I sure the tourists will love it!
1:45 pm est 

Commercial Street Closing

Chief Jaran said it would cost about $49,000 to use police officers to
monitor road barriers to Commercial St.I doubt it will be less, probably more.
But how much is it going to cost us to pay the public works dept. to put up and
take down the barriers every day. The way unions work they don't want
non-members to do their traditional jobs. I can also foresee a lot of
uncomfortable confrontations with the police when people try to explain why they
should have the same right as a taxi, a person going to an inn or a handicapped
person to drive on Commercial let alone some guy with a little to drink that
tries to ride his bike where he believes he's being treated unfairly because its
always been done in the past. Just looks like tourists will not want to watch
these encounters.
11:18 am est 

Car Free Mall

Bicycles should not be alloud going the wrong way on Comm. St., they should walk
their bikes when going east on Comm. St. I was hit by a bike three times when i
worked downtown,they don't even care, don't even stop. They travel faster than
any car could, there should be speed limit for them.
11:14 am est 

Lots of Stores Closing and Not Just For the Winter

Walking down Commercial Street this December, you will see so many stores
closing and I do not mean for just the winter.  These stores are selling even
the fixtures.

Pulp is closing for good, the leather store across from the Patio restaurant is
closing for good- she has been there for 30 or so more years,  Lucinda next to
cuffys is closing for good.  This is just the start of things.   What is
happening to our town?  We spend 7 million fixing town hall, trying to make our
town better presentable, all this talk about paving Commercial Street finally,
after talking about it for over 7 or 8 years, and I am afraid we have priced all
the businesses right out of town. 
11:11 am est 

Closing Commercial Street

The closing of Commercial st. plan seems to be very well thought out if you read
the full story in the banner.  Traffic to the post office and the bank will be
let through according to the Banner.  As for the person that complains about
getting to parking at Bubalas..try Carver St. next to the Gifford House.  The
only time that Carver St is blocked is when the crowd in front of Spiritus
spills out into the street creating a pedestrian wall (Another problem that
needs to be addressed).  I agree that there are some concerns that need to be
worked out with the pedestrian mall before it becomes implemented.  It is being
done for the right reasons, and I bet that Chief Jaran is more than willing to
hear concerns and suggestions from members of the community.  The fact of the
matter is that many drivers traveling down Commercial St. fail to use reasonable
care while traveling down such a congested and narrow roadway.  Mix this with
distractions caused by the scenery, bicyclist als!
o failing to use reasonable care, and pedestrians standing in the middle of
Commercial St. obliviously posing for picturesconnect the dots.  There are
plenty of accidents on Commercial St. during the summer.  Some of the accidents
are car on car, but unfortunately more often than not, car crashes involve
bicyclists and pedestrians.  Regulating the bicycles is difficult because there
are so many of them operating negligently on Commercial St.  It is time that the
town works together to not only improve tourism, but also the quality of life
for all citizens living in this unique town.   
11:07 am est 

No. You Are Just Wrong

I dont' belive any of us who post here think we are just right, rational and
correct. We post. Point taken. We state our opinions  and that is that. We are
not arrogant and you add on positions that many of us would never take. We are
more simple, clear, and concerned.

We care and that is where our energy comes from. But I dont' think you are even
close to knowing how much we care and who we are. You don't even have clue. But,
that is life. Where were you when the major issues were being discussed? You were
not even close to here.
11:04 am est 

Closing Commercial Street

Yes it should be discussed again. It seems to come up every 10-15 years or so.
Present system of closing Commercial St. from Town Hall to Court St. as needed
seems to work OK, but I rarely go out late at night anymore.

I'd oppose closing any block of Commercial St. during the daytime. It is often
faster to drive from East to West on Commercial avoiding Conwell and Bradford
and Duarte's   
11:01 am est 

Commercial Street Closing

Funny, no where can I find that the Police want to close Commercial
St. till 5:00 AM.  Where do some people come up with such misinformation? And as
far as businesses with parking lots, there will be access to those properties.
As well as service & rescue etc. If anything, this will be good for everyone, as
only local people and their guests will know the ins and outs of the streets,
and our visitors will have a more pleasent and safer vacation. Another plus will
be that motorcycles will also not be able to drive down Commercial when closed
to traffic! Take note MJ.
10:59 am est 

Re: Commercial Street Closing

"Please explain how people who want to drive to Bubbalas and
park in its lot will be affected as well as the owner's business by not allowing
access to his parking lot?"

Take Carver to Commercial St. Turn right on Commercial, left at Bubabla's
parking lot.  Really quite simple isn't it?

10:57 am est 

Re: Laughable Matter

"...My perspective is fair, rational and reasonable as am I..."

I'm not picking on you, but your comment did make me laugh.  Doesn't every
poster on this blog feel their perspective is fair, rational and reasonable,
just as they are?"

You are a bully and you showed your true nature in your initial response. Now
you want to play nice? Give me a break.

10:55 am est 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Closing Commercial Street

Let's see.  When people barked a while ago about the danger of wild
bicyclists, the scream was squelched by bloggers.  The idea of forcing people to
ride w/traffic on Bradford was deemed far worse than riding against traffic on
front street.  Weigh the pros and cons of closing down Comm'l to car traffic say
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.  Pros: less chance of accidents involving cars (how many
in the last 3 years?); cons: basically nothing, right.   Early morning
deliveries can still occur, regular day to day business of residents not
affected.  However, don't be surprised when a severe increase in the need for
police presence and thus wages and overtime hit us for obvious reasons. Perhaps
a factor in the police chiefs proposal.  Come on.  When are we going to stop
getting duped in the name of the almighty buck.  Pathetically Bangs St. taught
us nothing for Christ's sake.  And if you think the police force we have every
summer can even come close to enforcing no against traffic bike riders I have
some beans you might be interested in.  Seems when a little girl almost went
under my wheel last year and it was brought up on this blog, against traffic bike
riding is a God given right. 

So Good luck.  She was extremely lucky.   
6:47 pm est 

Julie Heller Gallery Not For Sale!


6:44 pm est 

Commercial Street Closing

"The convenience of the people that own property and live here should
be the first priority - not the tourists"

Do not agree.  Take away the tourists and you've got nothing.  you've got Truro.
6:38 pm est 

Commercial Street Mall

How many car accidents were reported last summer between the two
proposed pedestrian areas? How many bike accidents were reported. Isn't Bubbalas
negatively impacted? Please explain how people who want to drive to Bubbalas and
park in its lot will be affected as well as the owner's business by not allowing
access to his parking lot?

The blogger, most likely a local officer, should be able to answer these
questions. Thanks!
6:37 pm est 

Cape Inn Free Event

Join us on January 3rd at the Cape Inn to watch the West End Salon's
own Dougie Freeman get tortured and torn apart by the uber-tough Aussie Tabatha
Coffey on Bravo's "Tabatha's Salon Takeover"!

This is a free event, the public is welcome to join us for refreshments and
hors-d'oeurves. Doors open at 8PM.

This event is neither planned nor sponsored by NBC Universal Inc.,  Bravo, or
any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.
6:34 pm est 

Downtown Mall

To all commenting on closing the MAIN route to business, there are those of us
who own inns, hotels, retail shops and restaurants that provide parking in this
proposed zone. If there is no accss after 7 PM we are at a huge disadvantage to
those "outside" this zone. Our inns, hotels are open till 1 am in the morning.
Many of us get "walk ins' who acutally drive down Commercial St., pull in, get
shown a room and believe it or not RENT the rooms which provides tax revenues to
this town! Do you really want to restrict the use of ones business? I would hope
not and the public hearing process should be done with consultation with the
business community and organizations so more than 12 people are in town to voice
their opinions and concerns. I am sure a well thought out balanced approach is
achievable. Just a few thoughts from a year round business owner who also
shovels his own parking lot in the freezing snow!
6:31 pm est 

Don't close Commercial Street at 7pm!

Bubula's is one of the few restaurants I can drive to and park. No, I am not
handicapped, but walking long distances is very hard for me. If I can't drive
and park there I have lost my only evening connection to the down town scene.
6:29 pm est 

A Serious Accident Waiting to Happen

Closing Commercial Street :

Decisions are not made based on what can "hypothetically" happen - neither is
law.  The whole town of property owners should not be inconvenienced in this way
by depriving them access to one of the main roads of the town.
6:26 pm est 

Sorry But We Dont' Need Three Zones on Commerical Street

That would be crazy. Leave it the way it is except put summer cops of regular
full time police on the streets. This was done when Jeff first came to town.
Have them direct traffic at Ryder and at Lopes Square. Train them in the art and
science of traffic control. That would be terrific and  help with traffic

Then have bicycles go in only one way on Commercial Street and have them put a
light on at night. Bicycles going in one direction would bring order to
Commercial Street.

And people are not just crusing the streets. They are using Commerical Street to
do errands, buy things, go the bank, go the post office and other stores along
Commercial Street. They also go out to eat and drive to dinner.

6:23 pm est 

Laughable Matter

"...My perspective is fair, rational and reasonable as am I..."

I'm not picking on you, but your comment did make me laugh.  Doesn't every
poster on this blog feel their perspective is fair, rational and reasonable,
just as they are?
6:21 pm est 

Closing Commercial Street

I've heard people talk about closing Commercial St. to traffic before.
The way I feel is: as long as it doesn't interrupt the daily activities of
residents and business owners, fine.

However, I do have one concern: Has anybody stopped to consider how it will
affect the already increasingly dangerous summer traffic on Bradford St? Most of
the residents I know avoid Commercial St. like the plague in summer, opting
instead to travel Bradford. I know many bicycle owners who also prefer to use
Bradford to avoid the treacherous summer pedestrian traffic on Commercial.

Are we going to create another dangerous situation in our effort to alleviate an
existing one?
6:16 pm est 

Closing Commercial St

Why should WE have to close Commercial St for Summer visitors.  Yes, it's nice
to have them but we don't need to close 1/2 of the main roads we can use in this
The convenience of the people that own property and live here should be the
first priority - not the tourists
10:48 am est 

Great Christmas Decorations

Tooling around town to see all the great decorations. How beautiful!
This lobster pot thing is perfect for Provincetown. Mary jo's display is over
the top fun.. a unique way to relate X-mas to our fishing industry.
10:47 am est 

Commercial Street Mall

Closing Commercial St to traffic should only be considered if the
closure starts at 9PM.  Let vehicular traffic flow on Commercial street until
9PM, and then close traffic (but let bicycles operate 24 hours a day) and
re-open to vehicular traffic at 6AM so businesses can get their deliveries. 
Otherwise we are just taking business away from already struggling businesses.

Also, let bicycles continue to operate on Commercial St but crack down on unsafe
riders who ride too fast or too reckless.  Some years ago the town tried to stop
wrong way bicycle riders and it did not work.

10:46 am est 

Reduced Tourist Population

Fewer tourists spending more money would be the best thing for this
town. We don't need more of what we have roaming aimlessly. It's time for an
upgrade if we want to survive.
10:44 am est 

Closing Commercial Street

I have seen to many pedestrians hit by cars in the summer on
Commercial St. It has to stop.
I would guess that 90% of the cars cruising Com. St. in the summer are not
conducting business at the bank or post office, but just "cruising the st.
I believe the idea put forward by the chief is to close the St. after 5pm.
This is a great Idea, very Pro-Active, and serving the public safety needs of
this town.
World wide every tourist town I have been to which is set up like ours is closes
the street to all tourist traffic during 10am to midnight, and only open to
residents to that St., or deliveries. Here we could make an exception for
Provincetown cars with Valid Town stickers, for bank and postal business.

Think about it, this is an idea that would help public safety, and a lot of
people think the street should be closed.
10:42 am est 

Close the Street - A Great Idea !

Finally someone has the guts to talk about closing part of Commercial Street in
the summer. It's about time we think out of the box. And many thanks to the
Chief for suggesting something that will be very difficult to impliment but
still wants to do it. Summer visitors (and locals) are always commenting on how
dangerous the street is in the summer. A serious accident waiting to happen. And
it will be better for the businesses too. Look at other tourist destinations.
Rockport closes their commercial district; Ogunquit has major parking lots
outside of town and many more towns do the same. It's about time. 

10:40 am est 

Provincetown Beaches

Our Tax dollars should go to cleaning the beaches! They are are major
source of why people come to Provincetown. It should however be a joint effort.
One other point, if all of the pigs who just leave all of their trash on the
beach would pick it up and boats would stop dumping trash into the water, we
would be able to spend a lot less tax money on the clean up.
10:38 am est 

Town Hall Schedule & Commercial Street Mall

Over the past two years I learned by experience that town hall was
empty regularly between 12 and 1. Granted there may have been an exception to
that once, but I was embarrassed for town employees when I went to town hall at
1pm and had to wait 10 to almost 15 minutes for people I needed to see return
from lunch. That's just my experience.. not an imaginary exageration. AS far as
closing Commercial street to car traffic for 5 months, that is a sure way to
destroy any sense of the town's identity and our sense of community.It should
not happen! One thing for safety sake would be to make bicycles travel only with
the traffic. If you are biking east use Bradford. Tourists are always startled
by wrong way bikes that speed in the wrong direction.
10:37 am est 

Re: Commercial Street Mall

That's the proposal Commercial Street closes at 11am! It's a dreadful
proposal and know we have a blogger whitewashing it!
10:35 am est 

Re: So Much for Open Door Policy

"You have no idea what you are
talking about and you have taken great liberties
with your imagination."

Sounds like you're getting defensive.  Sorry if I hit a nerve, but I only speak
fact.  I have had calls/emails returned by the Town Manager, and doors opened.  
And, I  am not self-important, simply respectful.  I stand by my conclusion that
you are the issue, not the Town Manager.   Perhaps you should look in the mirror
and ask yourself if you are going to the Town Manager repeatedly on the same
issue because you don't like the answer.  Also, time your visits to see if you
spend more than 2 to 3 minutes.  My bet is you do monopolize her time on the
same issues, and therefore it's no wonder she is avoiding your time= consuming
and repetative rants.  If the shoe fits.....I'm sure you'll be back on the blog
with another defensive rant.
10:33 am est 

Re: Closing Commercial Street at 11:00am

"Closing Commercial Street at 11am? What about people who can't get to
the post office by then? What about people who can't get to Seaman's main office
by 11am as they work at a time that conflicts with these closing times?"

Perhaps you could actually read the Chief's full ideas in the Banner story
(which is online if you don't subscribe to the paper) before commenting here.  A
direct Banner quote:

The third zone, from Ryder to Court streets, would be closed to cars from 7 p.m.
to 3 a.m., to allow people to drive to the post office and Seamens Bank, both of
which have parking lots.

I think his suggestion is well thought out, and I plan to support it as good for
the town.
10:31 am est 

Town Hall Schedule

Sorry, But Do You Remember that They Closed  and Locked the Doors at
the trailers from noon to one

They obviously can't close town hall--even though they want to. This is not
exaggeration. They get free lunch break. We are paying for this. I'm gald a few
are "serving" you but most are not there from noon to one.

Again, sounds like a Michele post or friend or that woman. Most of know the
truth: town hall hours are ridiculous and they do close for their on-us lunch.

10:28 am est 

Re: Commercial Street Mall

Commercial Street will NOT be closed to traffic when the post office
and the bank are open. Get your facts right before you rant and rave how bad
things are.
12:02 am est 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Commercial Street Mall

Closing Commercial Street at 11am? What about people who can't get to
the post office by then? What about people who can't get to Seaman's main office
by 11am as they work at a time that conflicts with these closing times? don't
tell me to park at MacMillan Pier as I am disabled!

The idea is not sound for many Provincetown residents and visitors!
8:23 pm est 

So Much For Open Door Policy

"But for most of us, the doors are closed. They get lunch on us and
don't work from noon to one o'clock. It just does not work for the town..."

They must see you coming and run to lock the doors.  I've been to the Town
Clerk's office, to the collector's office on my lunch hour and there has always
been someone there to help.  I don't deal with the building dept so I can say
what they do, but everytime I've gone on my lunch hour there has been someone at
town hall to help.  You're stretching the truth a little on this subject.
8:19 pm est 

Re: So Much For Open Door Policy

"How many times do you stop in to see the Town Manager and send her
emails??  From your post ("more than a handful"), sounds like you are
going by or shooting her emails regularly.  No doubt with a lot of petty
issues that are big to you............."

You have no idea what you are talking about and you have taken great liberties
with your imagination.  I am glad that you have had positive experiences but
mine have been negative. Clearly you have self importance so well practiced that
you assume it on others.  You should not. My perspective is fair, rational and
reasonable as am I.
7:52 pm est 

I Agree With Your Priorities

I would stand by what you have writtne. It makes sense and would help the town.
And I agree that we cannot suport Jeff's plan to close Commerical Street. I
support him as Chief but this plan will not work. Commerical is--commerical. It
is for business and people need to be able to drive through, drop off people or
just drive and park where you can.

Thanks for your great ideas.
6:39 pm est 

Yes, Michele I'm Sure You Were There At Noon and They were Helpful

But for most of us, the doors are closed. They get lunch on us and don't work
from noon to one o'clock. It just does not work for the town, even if town
employees like having four days off so they can go clamming on Firdays. Please,
back to work, kids. This is just not working for any of us. We need a regualr,
typcial five day work week. Not this Friday vacation for the kiddies.
6:37 pm est 

Commercial Street Revised Traffic Rules

"...REJECT the Police chief's plan to close Commercial Street, I am
looking forward to that Public Hearing process..."

I think this idea is a great one.  As a town whose number one (and only?)
industry is tourism this is a very tourist friendly idea.  Slows down the crazy
bicyclists and takes traffic that doesn't need to be there OFF Commercial St. 
It's a great idea.
6:35 pm est 

Re: So Much For Open Door Policy ......"

"I have called Sharon Lynn on
more than a handful of occasions. Had to
leave messages that she never returned. Same issue with e-mails sent to her.
Sometimes returned. Never consistently."

How many times do you stop in to see the Town Manager and send her emails?? 
From your post ("more than a handful"), sounds like you are going by or shooting
her emails regularly.  No doubt with a lot of petty issues that are big to you. 
However, she's managing a Town with a lot of issues.  She does listen to input
and regularly visits with citizens and return phone calls and emails.  However,
there are a few clowns that think the Town Manager reports directly to them and
has to resolve their issues instantly.  Sounds like you may be one of them that
takes up hours of time because you're dissastisfied with the system.   Read
between the lines, it's not the Town Manager, it's most likely you.  I have
visited her, phoned her and emailed her, providing input, but never monopolizing
her time.  She has always opened her door, taken my calls and returned my
6:32 pm est 

2011 Agenda

I do appreciate this blog there are many informative opinions expressed and also
many slings and arrows. I would hope my fellow taxpayers, those who can live
here year round and those who are second home owners: email, write letters to
the Banner and to the BOS and the TOWN MANAGER and insist on the following;

1. Town Hall to be open 5 days a week, possible one day till 7 or 8 PM for those
of us who work full time till 5 or 6 PM
2. Commercial Street to be paved in an orderly fashion that does NOT disrupt the
flow nor commerce of the business community and it's citizens.Work from center
to the west and east end PLEASE!!!Not one end to the other!!
3. Clean the beaches and form a public/private partnership to do so with the
businees community and TOWN staff in conjuction with the Harbor Plan.
4. REJECT the Police chief's plan to close Commercial Street, I am looking
forward to that Public Hearing process
4:35 pm est 

Don't Go at Noon...They're Eating or Sleeping

I went in to pay my water bill yesterday around 12:30pm, no one was sleeping and
they helped me out right away.

And it was my first time in the new town hall, what a beautiul place.  Walked
around and looked at the art, it was like being in a museum.  Loved, loved,
loved it.  Very proud of our new 'old' town hall.
2:17 pm est 

"I Noticed That the Trailers are Being Taken Away!"

In response to an earlier poster, the lease on the trailers expired in November. 
We didn't pay for them after that date and we were just waiting or the company
to come pick up their trailers.

An 'insider'
2:14 pm est 

Dump Hours Are Crazy

"Also,there are some town employees who do not work the allotted 4
day,10 hour days as we were told. I was informed they are Independent
contractors and work hours that they set up..."

The very definition of an independent contract by law states they work
independently and do not work scheduled hours set by the company/town for which
they work.  So I would not expect them to work 4 days a week, ten hours a day. 
Nor are they considered an employee.
2:12 pm est 

Town Hall Hours

Most municipalities are aware that a majority of
their residents need to work. Provincetown is also different in that many of the
homeowners are second home owners and don't live in town. The present work week
at town hall and the transfer station are very difficult for someone who lives
out of town. I've had to take three days off from work this year to travel down
to Provincetown so that I could make it into town hall to get a building permit.
By having town hall open only four days a week, the town is making it very
difficult for many of us taxpayers to obtain the necessary services to do work
on our homes. I believe Provincetown is losing out on potential revenue by
making this decision. This has got to be the worst decision that the town
manager has made. I've written to her about it and have never gotten a reply.
I'd love to have the time to go in and talk to her, but again, another day off.
I have also written to the selectman.

It seems that Town Hall is set up to benefit the employees rather than provide
the needed services for the taxpayers. Go back to a five day week, offer
extended evening hours for those who also work 9-5! Many towns offer extended
hours. Provincetown is cutting off its nose to spite its face by having reduced
days when town hall is open!
12:38 pm est 

4 Day Week

1. I think the four day week stared before Sharon lynn Worked here.

2. The four day week saves the town money.

3. Many other towns in the Commonwealth have four day weeks. THey were
instituted when towns had to cut hours and services because of the passing of
proposition two and a half back in the early nineties.

4. People complain about paying too much in taxes, yet they complain when the
town tries to save money.

5. Why do people continue to spew on here without first getting the facts?

6. If people are so unhappy here there are 350 other commmunities right here
Massachusetts they could move to.
12:36 pm est 

Dump Hours Are Crazy !!!!!

Are we suppose to use the dump at 6am when it's dark!!!
Also,there are some town employees who do not work the allotted
4 day,10 hour days as we were told. I was informed they are
Independent contractors and work hours that they set up,leaving before
12:33 pm est 

So Much For Open Door Policy

I have called Sharon Lynn on more than a handful of occasions. Had to
leave messages that she never returned. Same issue with e-mails sent to her.
Sometimes returned. Never consistently.

An open door policy doesn't work if you are not responsive. Not everyone can
"stop by" on the whim of being seen. She is not my grandmother she is the Town
12:31 pm est 


I do agree the dump should be open in the afternoons, The Truro dump is open
seven days a week. But don't talk about the workers, they are the nicest and
most helpful workers I know.

Yes, the town hall should be open five days a week, that's what we pay them
for,Get a petition and bring to a vote, we pay their salary not the town
12:28 pm est 

Let Each Man to His Own House Repair

I don't want my tax dollars going to clean the beaches. Let the
Chamber and others pay for it. And the town should make only the users of the
sewer pay for that also.
12:26 pm est 

It's Working

Its great to see that the affordable unit at sandy hill will stay
affordable! Things are working just as they were meant to work. As always the
nay sayers were wrong about this issue also.
12:22 pm est 

Trailers Are Going!

I noticed that the trailers are being taken away! Welcome to a better
run government than we have ever had in this town. A job well done!
12:21 pm est 

Four Day Workweek

Lots of cities and towns have four day work weeks. I run my company
the same way. Its good for all involved.
12:19 pm est 

Yor Not the Manager

I find all town workers very helpful and nice. The hours at the dump
could be better yes, but like it or not they have a purpose. Just call them and
ask like I did. And as for the town manager? She is the manager and your not!
12:17 pm est 

What Do We need to Do? Sign A Petition to Get Real Hours at the Dump?

If we have to sign a petition, then let's do it. Who in their right mind goes to
the dump at 6am in the morning? Then it is closed at one o'clcok. Sharon, you
think this makes sense? Sorry, but can I ask again: you think this makes sense.
OK. Let's ask Anne McQuire. Do you think this makes sense? Let's get the kitchen
cabinet to fix the problems since they brought in the so-call solution.
12:15 pm est 

Five Day Work Week

As the previous speaker stated, the four day work week is the worse thing Sharon
Lynn could of done for the town.  Well, although it is wrong, I can think of
plenty other ERRORS she has made as well !!  There is not much good she has done
for the town that's for sure.....
11:53 pm est 

Dump Hours

Truth is, the hours of the dump are for the convenience of the dump employees
plain and simple. Don't forget that these employees are suppose to work a 10hr
day. Does anyone really believe these people begin their work day at 2AM? 
No one will ever change it until the Guertin/Turner lock is removed...And that
will not happen anytime soon.
Here's a question...Why are the trailers still here? Is the town still renting
them at $12,000.00 a month?
Just watch, before long the trailers will be the New temporary offices of the
Police Station. Oh my!
11:51 pm est 

Low Income:

I myself can't wait to see who fills the units on Shankpainter.  It sure is not
going to be town people who have been on a waiting list..  Currently there are
people in the low income units who have two bedroom units and only one person is
living in the home!  That surely takes away from families who need two unit
homes...  Perhaps someone ought to check in on the units once in awhile...

Why don't you post when the drawing for the lottery is going to be so all can
attend?  That might stop alot of WONDERING!
11:49 pm est 

Town Hall Hours


Don't fix what wasn't broken.......
11:45 pm est 

Town Dump Hours

"Also, I have never come across such an unfriendly and unwelcoming
bunch as the guys who work at the dump.  Has anyone else had such bad
experiences with these people?"

Actually no.  I've found them to very helpful, very friendly.  While I also
don't agree with the hours, the workers at the transfer station have been great
to work with.  Town Manager Sharon has an open door policy, is willing to listen
to people... If the hours bother you give her a call and express your opinion. 
While I don't agree with the hours I work around them and make it work for me.

11:43 pm est 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Town DumpTown & Hall Hours

"I have never come across such an unfriendly and unwelcoming bunch as
the guys who work at the dump.  Has anyone else had such bad experiences with
these people?"

I hate the hours, too.  These hours (and those of town offices) clearly were not
set taking into account the likely effect on residents.  That seems like an
afterthought at best! 

But I've never had the slightest problem with any of the workers there at the
12:30 pm est 

Town Hall Should Be Open Five Days a Week Like Most Towns

This was the wrose decision Sharon Lynn made--all to give town employees a
hidden raise when voteres voted against their 3%. nOW THEY ARE ENTRENCHED IN

12:27 pm est 

Town Dump

I live on a private road, so I have to bring all of my trash and recyclables to
the town dump.  The hours that the dump is open are absolutely rediculous.  Is
this service for the benefit of us the taxpayers or is it for the benefit of the
dump employees who want to have lots of afternoons off.  Also, I have never come
across such an unfriendly and unwelcoming bunch as the guys who work at the
dump.  Has anyone else had such bad experiences with these people?
10:38 am est 

Affordable Housing

Over $800,000 was given to Ted Malone on a whisper and a promise by the CPA
committee--and now more houses are going to be built and sold at Market Value.

Do you see what people call the CPA a scam? Do you see what it was on the ballot
to eradicate it?

The people I know--and keep away from--who are scheming and scamming to get it
make me shiver. Some are already known to the police. One guy is so evil and yet
he lives for the day he gets affordable housing--and we all thought that he had
left town-he makes our blood run cold.

Happy Affordable living--Believe me, it will be hell for some of you due to
several people who are lining up to live there. And please don't mention the
screening process. There is such bitterness in this town over who has received
it illegally (some have been caught over the years) still, it would make the
devil fume at the injustice.

But be ASSURED--I'm notifying the police if certain individuals do get the
10:27 am est 

Illegal Water Usage

There is so much illegal water usage. There are so many big businesses that
illegally water their property using town water.

I know one restaurant owner who used to take the grease or something horrible
from the restaurants and dump it under his pier.

The stench was unbearable. I didn't know what to do and not get in trouble when
we would all be ferociously interrogated if the authorities came out and fined
him. We would all have been fired or something.
10:24 am est 

Waste Water Treatment Plant

We taxpayers pay $4,000,000 a year for the school with 7 or so seniors
graduating last year.

If we all pay for the school--then we should all pay for the waste water
treatment plant that keeps the harbor clean for all of us.

People gripe about $5,000,000 to pave the streets and yet we pay close to that
year after year to send a hand full of students to a school.
And how, pray tell, can this small school tolerate bullies?
10:23 am est 

Town Hall Hours

Town Hall should have been closed on Wednesdays--not Fridays-so we
second home owners could get things done.
10:21 am est 

Landfill Availability

Is there a line of people ready to use the landfill at 6am? I don't know. Is
there anyone who wants to go there between 6am and 7am and see?

Why not open two hours later? It will give people who go to work the time to go
to the dump before work. Do the private garbage pick up guys start at 4am so
that they are ready to dump at 6am?

Pruning is done in the spring and the fall and the winter.
10:20 am est 

Bangs Street Still Smells Fishy!

To clarify the ban on any type of 4 buildings on 2 foundations.  It
should be noted, there is no flaw with the rules, just the people implementing
them.  Although a certain east end modular home development is clearly 4
buildings which were presented as 2, there definitely are 4 separate foundations
here. No question these are 4 not 2 and should have been ruled as such by our
beloved building commissioner and all boards involved.  Check the plans, no
"continuous" foundations as presented.  What a blatant slap in the face and to
think town boards approved this makes me sick.  Killed the dune also.  Still
wonder, what's the connection between this developer and town hall?  Smells
fishy, even in the cold air.
10:18 am est 

Town Beaches Are Gross!

I live near the Boatslip and not only is it littered with condoms used and
not, instructions on how to have anal sex without the risk of aids, trash
on the beach and overflowing from barrels, broken glass, dog waste etc.
but also big chunks of asphalt. Really, pieces of some old road
or parking lot. Come on!
10:11 am est 

Clean Beaches = More Tourists!

Presently, the beaches smell like rotting fish, animal carcass, rotting
seaweed, etc. Taking a rake to the beach once a week will not harm the
environment. Take a look at the beach in front of Shoreline Motel on
Rt. 6A, they rake the beach and I see no ill effects on the beach. It's clean
and a pleasure to sit on.

Last summer, I tried to sit out in front of the Cape Inn and noticed a horrific
odor. It was a rotting seagull that was partially buried in the sand... so decomposed
that I could barely figure out what it was.

Also, the large boulders in front of the Cape Inn could be cleaned
up too! There is so much rope, netting, boards, styrofoam,glass, plastic, etc it
is an absolute disgrace.

Clean the beaches and they will come!
10:08 am est 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Makes No Sense!

I hope the hours will be changed at the landfill. To open at 6 AM,
serves who? I have a landscaping business and trying to do fall clean-ups with
the hours they are opened make it difficult. Friends who try and clean up their
yards also have difficulty with these hours. They work in their yards on
Saturday but have to go to the dump by 12:45 on Saturday because they are closed
until Tuesday. Makes no sense.
8:18 pm est 

What Should Our Priorities Be For 2011

1.CAP funds to worthy causes: library, open land
   --not more housing developments

2. Work to get a new police station

3. change zoning: ban any type of 4 buildings on 2 foundations

4. Can we bury the power lines?

5. sewer to be paid by all the taxpayers-not just the users
8:04 pm est 

What Should Our Priorities be For 2011?

It would be great if we could agree on five major issues that need addressing
and work to make this happen. We have been so scattered in our approaches. I'd
love to see a simplified approach to our problems: list five that we can rally
around and believe are essential and then, financially and realistically, work
to resolve.

Perhaps with a new BOS chair in early 2011, this could happen. We need long-term
thinking that makes sense and is driven by real needs of the town, not selective

That would make me happy in 2011. I want to see the town thrive.
12:59 pm est 

Clean Beaches

How are you or anyone else for that matter going to enjoy "clean"
beaches next summer when our town officials refuse to invest one red penny into
cleaning our dirty harborside beaches.  Rotting seaweed that hasn't moved in
decades breeds bacteria, not dunes. Dog crap and man-made trash don't dissappear
by themselves.  The tide takes some but often just deposits it other places. 
The trash on our town beaches is abhorable above the high water mark.  Just
recently there was a rotting dog carcass half buried in the sand next to St.
Mary of the Harbor.  It had been there a while.  It's gone now but the trash it
was in isn't.  The beach between town wharf and Land's End is disgusting and
this is the quite the first impression for those visiting for the first time off
the boat. The time to bring this up is now.  Our beaches have become gross, you
can't even lay on a towel to sunbathe or even really walk barefoot through this
mess without fear of catching something.  GET !
DO.  The fines alone would pay to clean the beaches.   What was paid out on
curtains and chairs and LED lights that "dissappeared" would have taken care of
this over and over for years to come.  Our town gov. wastes money on stupid
things while important things go by the wayside and blame is tossed around like
a hackeysack.  Sick of it.  Town officials know this is a problem but are never
forced to deal with it.  They should be and only town residents can do this.
Next summer these beaches will stink again unless it is dealt with now. Just
bringing up what I feel is an important issue for discussion and no, I won't be
getting the frig out.
12:57 pm est 

Christmas Wish

I am so looking forward to next summer with clean beaches and harbor.  Warm
sunny days, beautiful colors and people frolicing our lovely harbor.  Hope to
see you there.  Merry Christmas all
10:45 am est 

Places to Go

       is known for serving expired food just to get rid of it. It
was the same last winter when it was        . If you want a good lunch that
won't land you on the crapper you go to Fannizi's or Napi's. If you want
something quick and delicious you go to George's. Those are the only choices in
the winter. If you want espresso you go to Wired Puppy or Joe's since           
is a lousy alternative to either. Chances are a place that has the employees on
unemployment while paying them cash under the table isn't going to offer quality
10:43 am est 

No Reason to Insult

Agreed, bringing up and discussing issues is not complaining.  You
miss the point, though.  One blogger discussed issues with no insults whatsoever
directed at anyone.  Then the "my gosh" blogger, in his/her backsplash,
suggested skin cancer and threw insults and told the first blogger to get the
"frig" out if they didn't like Ptown.  No one said they didn't like Ptown, just
pointed out issues. No reason to insult.  Merry Xmas.
10:38 am est 

Provincetown Fills My Soul

When I pull into town, open the door to my condo, I feel rejuvenated.
I am only a part time resident (130 day per year), looking to retire here
in 5 years. I absolutely love Provincetown. To all of you who put Provincetown
down, what's your solution? Every town has it's problems.
Provincetown is a small, friendly town. I am proud to be a part time resident.
11:23 pm est 

Pointing Out Changes in the Art Coummunity is Not a Complaint

Seems some always conflate analysis with criticism. They  are different.
Pointing out issues and discussing problems is not attacking. Criticism stems
from caring and those that I read identifying issues care about this town. The
point is not to just say only good things--that would be ridiculous and frankly
boring. It's to addrss possible problems, to speak to changes in Provincetown
and to note new trends or major shifts.

I appreciate those who add their insights to help us all better understand our
11:20 pm est 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The One Answer That Fits All

Ah, you have to love these people whose answer to every problem in
this town is "if you don't like it, get the frig out."

Kinda reminds me of my crazy old Bush loving Republican grandfather's favorite
saying: "America - love it or leave it."
8:44 pm est 

Provincetown Competition

Well Provincetown does loose the competition without a doubt.

8:42 pm est 

Straight No Chaser

To My Gosh: Even mentioning the possibility that someone can go and
get skin cancer, from the beach or a tanning booth, is in really poor taste. 
Sorry you can't take criticism or participate in a discussion without taking it
personally.  You have issues.  Perhaps another drink will help.  The truth often
spurns insulting backfeed and you have just proved that to anyone reading this
blog.  Other people may welcome the opportunity to voice their opinions
regarding the subject without insulting jabs.  Intelligent discussion is
prompted.  You took the bait but can't deliver.  Probably much unlike you, I was
actually born in a small bedroom in a house here while my father was out
fishing.  I'm not prancing around in 1/2 ass leather chaps with a fake chain on
my belt.   If you think the truths spoken here don't break a heart you are
sorely mistaken.  Now go get a life and ho ho ho to you too. 
8:39 pm est 

Re: Straight No Chaser

To My Gosh: Even mentioning the possibility that someone can go and
get skin cancer, from the beach or a tanning booth, is in really poor taste. 
Sorry you can't take criticism or participate in a discussion without taking it
personally.  You have issues.  Perhaps another drink will help.  The truth often
spurns insulting backfeed and you have just proved that to anyone reading this
blog.  Other people may welcome the opportunity to voice their opinions
regarding the subject without insulting jabs.  Intelligent discussion is
prompted.  You took the bait but can't deliver.  Probably much unlike you, I was
actually born in a small bedroom in a house here while my father was out
fishing.  I'm not prancing around in 1/2 ass leather chaps with a fake chain on
my belt.   If you think the truths spoken here don't break a heart you are
sorely mistaken.  Now go get a life and ho ho ho to you too. 
8:37 pm est 

Straight No Chaser

My gosh and Happy Holidays to all you complainers. If you don't like
the prices in a restaurant, eat at home. You're probably a lousy tipper anyway.
Don't like the beach, go to a tanning booth to get your skin cancer. Don't like
the art in town, then don't buy it. Don't like the TOWN, then get the frig out.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
6:14 pm est 

Art House Cafe

Got sick from food at Art House today. One less place I'll eat during
the winter months in Provincetown. Spoiled food and a scowl from the employee.
6:12 pm est 

Maybe, Just Maybe, the Webmaster Has a Few Other things To Do

Than post everything as it comes in immeidately. Maybe he is more than occupied
with his own intellectual interests. Sorry but maybe a few people in town do
love to read, think and reflect. Maybe, just maybe, the webmaster is one of
them. Possibility? I think so.
6:10 pm est 

Provincetown's Competition

The places named may not be art bases or meccas but at least they
offer some class, not the cheapness epitomized by "xxxxx" the monkey shops
highlighting this town. 

By class I mean clean well maintained streets, clean beaches highlighting
wonderful waterfront properties without dick docks or dog crap piles in their back
yard, reasonably priced restaurants serving exceptional food, art galleries boasting
original art, retail shops showing hand made and fabulous wares, and the list goes
on and on. 

Yes, Ptown has natural beauty but who knows how long before that gets sold out
also in the name of the almighty buck.  Carnivale is what this town has become
and it smells of cheap tourist trap for the gay folk who find it charming because
the habit of coming here year after year looking for knub.  
3:39 pm est 

What's the Matter?

Is MYPACC working today?
3:21 pm est 

Re: 10 Reasons Why I Love This Town

Thank you! Thank you!  This town is truly one unique beautiful place and I, as
well as many I know who live here, love this town for the same reasons. Happy
Holidays and here's looking forward to the smell of fireplaces and a few snowy
days this winter in Ptown.
1:30 am est 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Provincetown Art

This person who keeps mentioning things like zoning bylaws and subject
properties in an attempt to defend the dying Provincetown art community sounds
like he or she is probably either a real estate agent or working to promote
tourism in some manner.

In either case, it is basically part of his/her job to make this town (every
aspect of it) as appealing as possible to potential buyers/tourists. Every real
estate agent in town will deny there is any problem with the market. They always
do. It goes with the territory.

And you can just as easily try to deny the fact that our art community is a
shadow of what it once was. However, all one has to do is take a stroll through
some of the local galleries: giclee prints, posters, pet portraits, hundreds of
similar, mass produced paintings of little white cottages and sailboats. This is
not the great art this town was built on.

Creativity doesn't live here anymore. That's why serious art buyers aren't
interested in what's being offered here. That's why we're seeing galleries

Maybe if we focus on showing GOOD art, the dollars will come naturally....

10:45 pm est 

Provincetown Art

It seems that a lot of new galleries have opened in the last five
years. Would it not make sense then that some would be forced, or choose to,
close during these hard economic times?
Contemporary art rarely holds it's value on the after market. This is true of
process art as well as fine art. It does not make it good or bad. Only the
purchaser can decide the value. If you want to peruse e-bay, thrift shops or the
like for a recognizable name then knock yourself out. Some people don't want to.

Provincetown may not be what it used to be but nothing is. Ourselves included.
You don't have to degrade the town, it's businesses or it's artists in favor of
your new it spot, better place, utopia or center of good taste.  Go off and buy
art wherever you want. The places you name are hardly Art Basel or close to
being mecca for the finest art in the world.
Each and every day I live with works of art that I have purchased in
Provincetown. They enrich my life and I enjoy them immensely. I am proud to have
them and proud of where they came from. I enjoy great friendships with the
gallery owners and some of the artists. For this I am grateful.
Supports the arts wherever you are. It's fun and a great way to spend both time
and money. 

10:42 pm est 

Provincetown Art

Good grief.  I just purchased an original JJ Enright art piece at an
antique shop in the "gateway" to the Cape.  The guy wanted $20, I got it down to
$15.  Things worth 50 times more at least.  Now "Cappy" or Mr. Enright as he is
referred to now on the World-Wide Web, would be quite surprised if he knew this. 
Would probably need a shot, definitely.   When will you ardent defenders of the
downward spiral this town is taking wake up and at least admit an industry is
wasting at our own hands in the name of money.  Great, Zoning Board Bylaws for
the "art" industry.  Awesome.  Art galleries that offer factory produced Kennedy
prints are passe and why spend twice what you have to at an art gallery with
overhead.  There are only so many views of the monument, New Beach and Point you
can take before it gets old quick.  Some artists saw this coming and had the
sense to move out.  Bear River, Nova S, Montreal, etc. became their home bases. 
Hard to leave town, you bet, but !
necessary to keep their art alive.  Ptown as an art colony is a joke.  It's the
last place I would go to buy original art.  With Newport, Chatham, Boston all
short drives, please, give me a break.  Have the Zoning Board go above and
beyond their duties and fix the pavement for Christ Sake.  Almost lost a tooth
today.  Can't wait for really cold weather and even more potholes.  Cool.  Seems
the East End, greatly aided by Zoning for art galleries, incorporates prefabs
into their definition of useless sculpture.  Really cool.  Kudos to the art
galleries, especially those selling the same prints of the quintessential "cape
cod cottage".  Like there aren't enough of those around.
6:44 pm est 

Gallery Closings

What about those art galleries on the pier? Aren't they thriving with
low rent?
4:32 pm est 

Illegal Parking

Empty legal parking spaces on Standish Street, empty parking spaces on
Alden Street, legal parking at COA but we still have to drive around illegally
parked taxis to get to Seashore Point.  We wonder how much revenue the town is
losing becaue our parking department allows this go on.......was even more
dangerous driving around them in the driving rain this afternoon.
2:09 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Unemployment

Seems the proverbial hammer just fell on the fraudulent unemployment
recipients in CT.  Millions of dollars, 60 days to refund, etc.  Massachusetts
should be next in line.  Sweet.  Good things do come to those who wait. 
1:37 pm est 

Art Pricing

Last year relatives visiting got excited about buying a painting from a local
gallery owned by the artist. Before they plopped down $5,000 we took a look at for this artists work. Unfortunately very similar works from this
artist were going for $500-$800 on resale. Why buy new when u can buy the same
thing for one tenth the price? Similarly another well known artists work that is
churned out factory style for the most part rarely fetches more than 1/3 it's
original price at auction. People buy art for aesthetics but also would like to
see it hold some value. Like house prices much of the art pricing locally was
based on bubble economics that is gone and so too will be some of it's

11:44 am est 

Gallery Closings

Yes, I did say that the galleries sold out long ago. But why do you
expect me to name individuals? I didn't make the comment to "sling mud" or hurt
individuals' feelings (which is all that would be accomplished by naming
names.)I am simply stating my opinion. My opinion was on the state of the arts
in general - it had nothing to do with the arts district, zoning laws, etc.
Clearly you still don't understand what I'm talking about

I had to look twice at your last post because I was unfamiliar with the
abbreviation "RE" and then I realized it meant Real Estate. You certainly seem
familiar with all the real estate lingo, much more than you do with art.
11:42 am est 

Gallery Closings

Re: "The galleries, like many other aspects of this once creative town,sold out
long ago."

That IS what you said. So now tell us, who sold out?

As for flourishing arts, how about PAAM, FAWC, and the Gallery District! What
other Town can you name that has a zoning bylaw to protect art galleries? It is
not RE talk. It is the Town walking the walk to support arts.

11:13 pm est 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gallery Closings

Re: "What goes around comes around"

Sounds mean spirited to me to wish the demise of another business. I assume you
to be a gallery/business owner. I think much of this to be rumor so you
shouldn't go around wishing bad things on others. There is so much more positive
in life to focus on.
9:18 pm est 

Gallery Closings

Amazing! I submit a post lamenting the loss of true creativity in the
Provincetown art scene and in return I get an angry response babbling about
"property values," "zoning bylaws," "subject properties" and "commercial rents."

These sound like real estate terms to me and have very little to do with art.

I didn't fail to make my point, you just failed to see it.

And if you see a flourishing arts community here, I question your eyesight.

Thank YOU.

9:16 pm est 

Gallery Closings

Someone please name the 7 galleries. Is this another winter rumor or...?
7:44 pm est 

Gallery Closings

Re: "The galleries, like many other aspects of this once creative town,
sold out long ago."

GIMME a break. You really failed to make your point. Which galleries in
particular sold out? Many have closed due to the age or choice of the owner.
There was a time when some were forced out by high rents that the rubber chicken
stores could pay. But we have had the Gallery overlay zoning district since I
moved here in the 1980's: The only new commercial use east of Dyer St., is ART
GALLERY. We even go so far in our zoning bylaws as to define art.

The gallery district has been a success. Commercial rents and property values
are lower in the subject properties. So the galleries have had a chance to
survive. In more recent years more galleries have ventured into the unrestricted
retail zone and have made a go of it. 

Some may go and others will come but I still see a flourishing arts community
here. Thank you!


7:33 pm est 

Gallery Closings

Does anyone actually know the names of the seven or so galleries that
are rumored to be closing?

So far we've heard Julie Heller, TJ Walton and the Packard gallery mentioned on
this blog. Does anybody know the others and does anybody know if these rumors
are actually true?
7:29 pm est 

Gallery Closings

Julie Heller has 2 galleries. Maybe  she's closing one.  I have yet to
see a list of the other galleries you say are closing.  I remember when there
was a group trying to prevent this from happening.  They got laughed at and
ridiculed by a bunch of gallery owners and no name artists who stood against
them.  What goes around comes around. 
7:27 pm est 

The Days of Serious Art May Be Behind Us

Sadly, this may be true. Artists need environments that are quaint, relatively
undiscovered, and inexpensive. They need, as was the case so many years back, a
garage that they could live in; a back studio that ofered creative space at
little cost; a shelter that allowed creative instincts. Back then, you could get
a winter rental for $450 a month and help the owners with this rent. Now, things
have changed. $450 is the price of two days of eating here in town. It is worth
little. So the places stay empty. The rich don't need the bothersome
interference of those who are creative but poorer. The town lies dormant and
almost dead.

Why would a creative person come here, if they were not themselves rich? They
just could not and cannot afford it. so they go elsewhere--the Berkshires,
Hudson River, as yet unknown places. We are no longer the place to be for the
most creative and thus we do not get the benefits, the excitement, the pulse
that results from this type of energy.
7:25 pm est 

Bangs Street Development

If the real estate market is "dry" why did town boards lovingly
approve the 4 monoliths sitting empty in the East End.  Town reps. and
developer's "employees" fought tooth and nail to convince us 4 were 2 and for
what.  The usual nothing.  With the sparseness of winter, these can be seen from
Bradford St. and remind us every day how we had better start taking care of this
town before she really does bite back. 
7:22 pm est 

Gallery Closings

"...But again this is a bleak period of time because of the economy..."

There's your reason of struggling galleries.  Simple as that.  Art is a highly
discretionary purchase and if you are worried about money an art purchase is
probably the first thing you drop. I hope the struggling galleries make it
through these tough economic times, they add a lot to the character and fabric
of our town.
5:29 pm est 

Gallery Closings

Sad news about the 7 Gallery closings. One gallery with over 20 years
in town, 2 with around 15 years, and the others with around 5 years, and then of
course there is a "For Sail" sign in front of the Packard Gallery with 20'ish
years, well she made her Millions, time to retire. The good news is there are
more dogs in town. Here is wishing good luck  for the future of the town.

Happy almost New Year!
5:26 pm est 

Rational and Cool Thinking

Smoking is not a right in Public Housing!
It is illegal to smoke in public housing in most states. It is also becoming
illegal to smoke in apartment/ condo buildings in many states. The reason is
simple, air circulates. The smoke permeates the apartment, causing real damage
to the "Public Property", and the smoke also invades through the walls,
ceilings, and floors neighboring units. Many of the people who live in Provincetown, and
who need public housing have respiratory ailments, and or lowered immune systems,
and can not have any smoke invading the unit where they live.

On a separate note , if a pack of cigarets costs about $10, and the new Federal
tax is about to add $5 per pack, bringing cigarets to $15.00 a pack, so at a
pack a day  it is $480.00 a month or $960.00 for 2 packs a day, why would these
people need Public Housing if they have so much money to BURN. Smoking is not a
right in Public Housing!
5:21 pm est 

Gallery Closings

Seriously what galleries are closing? Galleries in Provincetown have
always come and gone and the ones that stay want to be here. There are some very
good galleries in this town that represent some amazing career artists year
after year accepting the bad years along with the good. The ones that do stay
open- and I could think of at least 8-10 that have been in business for over 20
years- I would imagine stick to their agenda and business at hand and do not
represent the unserious committed artist. But again this is a bleak period of time
because of the economy so anyone that is committed hopefully can make it through
the next few years.
3:20 pm est 

Limits on Chain Stores

Sure Marc Jacobs is a nice shop and the owner has donated money to the
town, all good things.  But I cannot understand why some would want to encourage
more businesses like McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Christrmas Tree Shops and such
chain stores here in Provincetown.  For me they do not add a positive aesthetic
to a community.

Fortunately, there is not really enough business here for most chain stores,
otherwise we would have been inundated with them long ago, and there would be
even fewer successful locally owned small businesses.
3:17 pm est 

A Fading Essence

I have heard the rumors of a bunch of galleries closing too. Can
anyone confirm this? Does anyone know which galleries?

I honestly can't say I'm surprised, though. The Provincetown art scene of today
is a far cry from it's heyday as one of America's great thriving art colonies.
Gone are the Hawthornes, the Hoffmans, the Whorfs, Knaths, Lazzells, etc.

Instead we have scores of galleries owned by uneducated people interested in
dollars, not art. Hence the hundreds of repetitive, unoriginal paintings of
Captain Jack's Wharf, the Days cottages, the monument, etc. These are not
interesting or original ideas, but they sell. Tourists will buy them. It's not
art, it's a souvenir. It's commerce.

But how many expensive paintings of cliche Provincetown landmarks will tourists
actually buy? Perhaps the market for this type of art has dried up like the real
estate market. And in these difficult economic times, are tourists really going
to shell out several thousand dollars for a mediocre painting of a quaint little
white beach cottage when they can easily (and cheaply) enlarge and frame their
own digital photos of the same cottage? Give the tourists a LITTLE credit.

Seriously, if people want a souvenir of Provincetown, they'll buy a t-shirt.

Maybe if galleries offered quality art, people would show a bit more interest.

The galleries, like many other aspects of this once creative town, sold out long

It's sad but true: we're a dog town now.
2:23 pm est 

Re: The Center Cannot Hold

Right on! Nobody is at the helm taking care of the core of the town, they just
want the fringe to look good.

The Ellie comment was hillarious!
2:19 pm est 

Veritable Bookends

"thats right. lets just have a right wing , government list of dos and
don'ts for all."

Actually it is the very liberal parts of the left coast where the anti-smoking,
eat "correct" (ban high calorie foods, salt, certain fats etc.) movements got
their starts and where they are the strongest.

There are nuts at BOTH ends of the political spectrum.
2:18 pm est 

Re: Gallery Closings

I remember about 5 or 6 years ago, TJ Walton had a mournful "Farewell Season"
sign in her window for the whole summer. But she never went away.

Kinda reminds me of the good old days when Pam Genervino had the Pied, and every
year for about 6 years running, Linda Girard, the song bird, would come out of

But seriously, TJ is a talented artist and a smart business person, a rare
combination. I think she'll be okay.

Happy Trails to you, until..
2:16 pm est 

Rational and Cool Thinking

Smoking is not a civil right--that is why it is now banned in bars and
restaurants. Landlords have the right to ban smoking on the premises and

Our taxpayer money went to affordable housing developers and we thus have an
obligation to the children and adults who live in these future developments to
ban smoking--and we will.

Your name calling and fact-less rant is ineffective sound and fury signifying
2:14 pm est 

Smoking Ban

A smoking ban is for the health of the children when the women with dependent
children move into the affordable housing stock that is going to be built.

We taxpayers have the right to make the rules since our taxes helped pay for
them. Municipalities are already doing this.

You can't store a motorcycle in your basement--that is a state law. You can't
smoke on the property of any affordable housing complex and we will make it a
town law.
2:12 pm est 

Orwell on the Mark

Exactly. What are we doing as citizens telling each other what we can
and cannot do within the confines of our own walls? Hasn't government intruded
into our lives quite enough already?  As long as tobacco is a legal substance
(and yes, as the previous poster wrote it IS subsidized by the federal
government)then we have no business telling each other what to do concerning it.

There is an extremely disturbing trend occurring in this country. NPR had a
story the other day about check out counters at grocery stores. Department of
Homeland Security (very scary name by the way...conjures up notions of Nazism)
Janet Nepalitano, has recorded a "public service" message saying, "If you see
something or someone suspicious in the parking lot please notify authorities." 

Who is to say WHAT is suspicious? Who is to say that someone should be targeted
just because someone else thinks they're "suspicious?" All of this is tied
together. Tell your neighbor what they can and cannot do; run to police to
report on someone lurking outside a food mart. It's all getting a tad too "rat
on your neighbor" for me. And also like the previous poster wrote, you could be
the target next.

We ought to reign this behavior in and do it quick because
before long there will be cameras watching us all the time in our houses,
monitored by "officials" making sure we're behaving.

I'm not ranting from a conspiracy theory point of view. I'm simply pointing out
that we're too close to Orwell's harrowing vision written in 1948. It was titled
"1984." He was off by 26 years or so, but he was otherwise right on the mark.
10:53 am est 

The Center Cannot Hold

Cut the crap. There is dog      all over the place in the summer too.
Galleries closing. Surprised? C'mon we won the destination award in Dog Fancy
not Art News. Go Tourism Director go! Maybe the gallery owners should have
picked a theme week. At least they would have had seven days of sales. Shops
closing. No kidding.

Barbara Rushmore led the ban on corporate funded businesses
that could afford to stay open. Look at the Marc Jacobs store and all it has
done for the community! WOW! Who needs more of that? And to think they did it
quietly and discreetly from a charming little store front.

Municipalities everywhere have accepted concept businesses by regulating their
appearance so they fit into the community aesthetic. Every mall needs anchor
stores. Figure it out. 

Downtown attracts waddlers not shoppers. Take a look. It's a night out for
people stuck in a rental unit. Cast the net wide and you will at least catch
something. It's time for an upgrade and that is what you all fear the most.

Town Hall looks great but really, how much did we just spend on a backdrop for
Ellie to sing in a stained pastel slip that is too short for a man half his age. I'm
sorry sir. You are not a Provincetown institution, you are not Jesus and you sing
male vocals as a woman. Why is the town failing?
Start again at the top.
10:48 am est 

Missing Lights

Don't even stir the can of worms that is the level of corruption
present in the "development" of this town. Things have gone on here that are
stunning.  This blog wonders "How" did this happen, indeed.  Nice people, sure,
but nice doesn't excuse joining the dark side. The weak are lead by the strong
to play by different rules. No mystery.  The truth always comes out and will do
so again, in good time. Holiday season or not, guilt follows no calendar. The
new year will prove to  interesting.   Alas, for now let those that swiped the
LEDs at least enjoy them while they can.  These people are small potatoes.  You
won't find these lights (that last for years) in town anyway.  Follow the  
greasy trail and check with out of town relatives and friends.  Bet the displays
we paid for look good somewhere else.
10:41 am est 

Winter Activity

Town seem to be busy again on Saturday. I finished my Christmas
shopping, had a nice lunch and went and listened to some music at town hall last
night. I'm glad to see town is still open and thriving in the middle of
10:37 am est 

Smoking in Public Housing

So, lets see if i understand this.

Provincetown stands for tolerance, freedom, liberty, understanding our
differences. live and let live.

but now its 2010, so lets tell people what they can and cannot do in the privacy
of their own home.

just because someone is poor or low income, you think you have the right to tell
them they can't use a legal product in their own home?

lets ban cell phones too. their incessant ringing causes me stress. and while
we're at it, no more body colognes and perfumes, i can't stand the smell. makes
me break out in hives.

whats next...  no more french fries. ban them. the cost of obesity in this
country is killing our health care programs. too many scooters anyway.

thats right. lets just have a right wing , government list of dos and don'ts for

next time i hear some nut job going on about poor people smoking in their own
homes,that person better not be wearing leather shoes. because i am sick of you
killing my pets.

Time to shun right wingers

10:36 am est 

Re: Can't Stop the Music Ideas List

So what makes that different than any other day on Commercial st.?
10:34 am est 

Gallery Closings

TJ Walton and Julie Heller are the two galleries I heard of. someone
tells me there are a few more galleries who are closing. Not sure of those.
10:31 am est 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ban Smoking From Public Places

That's fine.  But I do not agree with
banning people from smoking in their own units whether they are public or
private housing.

10:46 pm est 

Have We Loss Our Critical Mass

It is disappointing that many long-time Provincetown businesses have
disappeared from the landscape over the last several years (and more seem to be
disappearing every day).  This includes many good restaurants, guest houses,
hotels, motels and shops.  Unfortunately high real estate values meant many
business owners simply sold their properties than rather than continuing to
operate unprofitable businesses. 

The seasonal nature of business here contributes to the fact that many
businesses are simply not that profitable.  If these businesses were making
considerable profits there would be fewer of them selling for conversion to
condominiums and housing.  Ever increasing rules, regulations, fees and taxes
from federal, state and our own local government make operating a small business
more difficult every day. 

At some point will the loss of these many businesses cause the town to be less
attractive to tourists?
7:51 pm est 

Gallery Closings

Which are the 7 galleries that are supposedly closing up. I have not
heard any of this. Whats going on?
7:48 pm est 

Sad if it is True That the Julie Heller Gallery is Closing

Is this for certain? And you say there are six other galleries that are closing
as well? Could you list those? Thanks for the sad news. We are--or once were--an
artist town. Perhaps we are more tourist town without the panache of the
past--the creative spin, the literary appeal, the palettes full with painterly
7:46 pm est 

Re: Can't Stop the Music

Dress up as go-go dancers
Dress up as the Supremes
Dress up as the temptations
Dress up as Rockettes
Dress up as Sue and the Cheerios
Dress up as the Lawrence Welk's insync dancers
Dress up as though you are going to Studio 54
Dress up like Lady Ga Ga
Dress up like Justin Bieber
Dress up like a guitar
Dress up like Johnny Cash
Dress up like Barbra
Dress up like a drum
Dress up in a ball gown and put G-clefs in your bouffant do
Dress up like Fred Astair
Dress up like the Bettles
Dress up like a rapper
Dress up like Cher
Dress up like the Village people
Dress up like you have an imagination and not as though you are using you finger
to underline each word as you say
7:44 pm est 

Smoking Ban in Public Housing

We have two years to get this enforced, but we must start now.

The ban on Smoking in Public housing is taking off in other municipalities. Our
taxpayer's money is part and parcel of these low income housing developments.

We are obligated to enforce a no smoking ban on the premises. It has now been
proven that second hand smoke is a hazard even on smoke-exposed clothes that are
brought into a house.

We women with dependent children have a right and the town has an obligation to
protect the health of our children and everyone by banning smoking in any
low-income-taxpayer funded housing project.
7:30 pm est 

Tennis Court Was Just a Ploy

For them to pretend to be open for the public, get what they wanted from Zoning
and then return to ask for more---and guess what? Get it. The tennis courts were
always the ploy and the boards fell for it. It is not sad. It is deceptive and
part of the corruption that occurs with development in town. Should have this
case as part of the Development Series on PTV.
11:20 am est 

We Don't See the Light!

What happened to all of the brand new LED christmas lights for the
bushes and trees at Town Hall? They bought these a year or two age and we were
told that they would last twenty years and save all kinds of money on
electricity. Yet I drove by tonight and I don't see any LED lights, just regular
ones that don't even cover half of the bushes.

What gives?
11:18 am est 

Yes," Our Animal Control Officer Rocks!"

That is not the point. She is a nice person, and does her job well. The Question
is, WHY the job exists.

Are dogs running rampant, robbing banks, and throwing lavish coke parties into
the wee hours of the night with their ill gotten gains?  Are the dogs knocking
over liquor stores, or starting bar room brawls? I think not. This is why we end
up with overrides at town meeting.  The excess has to stop, and it has to stop
now. We just can not afford it.
11:17 am est 

A Beautiful Celebration For Steve Melamed

The Methodist Church was packed. There were people in the back rooms. There was
only standing room in the back. The community came out to say goodbye and
witness Steve Melamed's impact on our lives. It was quite moving. He certainly
was, as mentioned, a bridge across so many groups. He brought many people
together and he gave so much energy and time and commitment to Provincetown. We
are a better and more interesting place becasue of his involvement.

You were a presence. You are now a legacy. Merci.
11:14 am est 

With All Due Respect to Ken and His Carnival Theme

I have no idea what it means. It is rather vague. Do we get dressed up
as Clefs& Notes?  How do we decorate for this? Doe, Rey, Me?
Will there be so much music that everyone
will drown each other out. I just can't imagine that this
was the "best submission". I truly think this is the worst theme
ever. It is not  only unexciting, it lacks the opportunity for
creativity. I urge the PBG to reconcider this choice before it's
too late.

A business owner who is not thrilled and will not be in
the parade
11:13 am est 

The End of an Era

It seems Julie Heller Gellery is one of the 7 galleries currently
closing up shop in town. I would never have imagined this many galleries leaving
but its a sign of the times I guess.
11:09 am est 

RIP Steve Melamed

Your light shines bright through the cold night sky
11:07 am est 

Bissel's is Closing

How sad to read that the tennis courts at Red Clay/ Bissel's is
closing. If the courts in the east end on Bradford  close just like the horse
farm which is for sale we aren't going to have a lot of recreation to attract
11:02 am est 

Greatest P-Town Joke

Ten puns were among the entries submitted in the contest for P-Town's greatest
joke of the year.  But when it came to making it to the finals no pun in ten

By the way the winner was: Why did the Pilgrims cross the bay?   Because  Sharon
Lynn told them to :-)
11:01 am est 

Re: Michele Couture

Mayabe Now Steve Can Get His New Club Going Since Couture Has Finally

Now that Couture has moved out---maybe Steven can get the license he needs for
his nightclub. Just hope someone near Ace Hardware or anyone on Conwell doesn't
want to open a nightclub! Wow to them. It'll be silence demanded of neighbors
for sure.

But I don't think she can sleep well anyways! Croaking frogs in her sleep for
10:59 am est 

Re: Ban Smoking at Affordable housing Projects

Really?               You know what?  If you're so hard core about banning smoking,
which I might add is legal and indeed FUNDED BY THE US GOVERNMENT BY WAY OF
FEDERAL government to make the practice illegal. Don't start stomping on your
fellow townsfolk just because you have a personal agenda.

I know. In your perfect world everyone would be just like you: An idiot, with a
computer and an enlarged ego that makes up for lack of size elsewhere...namely a
functioning brain. 23 percent of the population smokes. Bad, maybe. True number,
yes. So, some of them may need housing. "Toss them to the cold, cut them out of
the loop." That's your stance. Oh, good Christian, check yourself now. Me thinks
you've dropped the compassion ball in favor of the politically correct one.

How 'bout this?  Everyone who wants to be in affordable housing must drive a
Hybrid. Oh, can't afford one?  Sorrrryyyyy... 

Don't be so quick to disqualify others for their habits and or afflictions
because you're on the list of those to be targeted. Maybe not now, maybe not
next week, but if you open the floodgate to this sort of thing you're going to
get hit by the wave too. Then who will speak in defense of your once
sanctimonious verbal stonings about the issue of a legal practice?

Sick of Small Minds
10:57 am est 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Re: Carnival 2011 Theme

I can only hope the decision to go with this isn't based on anything
even remotely close to the so contrived show "Glee".  Honestly, I think it is
weak.  Kudos for the suggestion as anyone who bothers to contribute should be
thanked, but themes having to do with music are primarily redundant and boring. 
Hope I'm wrong but I'm not so sure I will be.
8:18 pm est 

Here They go Again!

What's up with the library board sending out requests for more money
after the town gave them $2.1 million. Enough is enough!
8:16 pm est 

Dog Officer is the Best...

She is committed and serious about her work.
8:14 pm est 

Hey Ken Whipplep--

Congrats on your carnival theme idea

so if we cant stop the music can we PLEASE  squeeze the charmin?

Sorry,  I guess the cold is getting to me
4:12 pm est 

Hey Uncle Scrooge!

Take off your rose colored glasses and toss back a shot of reality.  The
sewer system is a disaster waiting to happen.  Hope no one
flushes a cell phone by mistake.  Millions of dollars in grants is money well
wasted by those handing it out.  Streets are in horrible shape.  Beaches stink
of rotting seaweed and flies in the summer and dog crap in the winter. 
Permeable pavement, right.  Town Hall looks sweet.  Some minor flaws in the
paint job but after the winter it will need touch up anyway.  That will only
cost thousands.  Hope the new chairs are comfy.  Oh that's right, the public
will never know until they themselves are willing to give of themselves and
serve the town unselfishly like the queen and her court.  Why not just stick
gold stars on foreheads at the meetings when Xmas bonuses are handed out?  Oh,
bonuses are dealt with in private, I forgot.  New, qualified leadership is what
is needed and a good cleanout with it.  Alas, Ptown will survive, a little leaner perhaps in many ways but at least not in the pockets of those juggling all this wonderful new grant money.  Why is it with all the grant money this town has received it is still a mess in so many ways like basic
infrastructure this money is supposed to help with. 
4:10 pm est 

Our Animal Control Officer Rocks!

She works hard and truly cares about domestic and feral
animals. A winning combination which should be celebrated by those who care
about animal welfare!
1:56 pm est 

Re: Dog Officer.

Until u spend a day in her shoes, spend your time
elsewhere. I have found her extremely responsive, caring and a person who goes
above and beyond any type of job description. And yes, I've been present when
she, professionally and with courtesy, told someone what their responsibility
they hold when their "pooch" relieves themselves. Come on, go on and spend your
time on "true" issues and lay off those who we should be proud of!!!!  John
11:34 am est 

Time to Stop the DPW Insanity

There go that arrogant Guertin, Turner and their dpw minions again, can anyone
stop this man? Yet another million dollar grant, when will it stop? First they
get funding for sewer and water system changes and storm water drainage in the
millions and now this. Really how can these people be stopped? Millions and
millions we don't deserve and that save each of us thousands and thousands of
dollars in taxes, off with their heads.

A forward thinking permeable pavement system adds to the injury. This on top of
the temerity to be decades ahead of the rest of the cape in installing a sewer system
that is now 99.99% reliably operating over it's existence so far. Really, will the crimes
never cease, I'm sure too that Sharon Lynn and her cabal of kitchen cronies were in
on this one,
lol  :)

Merry Christmas,

Uncle Scrooge, who is not a town employee
11:33 am est 

Ban Smoking at Affordable housing Projects

Surgeon General: 1 cigarette is 1 too many

WASHINGTON - Think the occasional cigarette won't hurt? Even a bit of social
smoking  or inhaling someone else's secondhand smoke  could be enough to block
your arteries and trigger a heart attack, says the newest surgeon general's
report on the killer the nation just can't kick.

No smoking on the premesis. We taxpayers are funding these housing projects with
our CPA money.

We must ban smoking at all past and future housing projects.
11:28 am est 

Thanks for the Memories!

Sad to be at the PBG Holiday Event without you Steve Melamud.

You were so involved. You were a force. Your presence was there tonight. Thanks
for everything you did and thanks for the memories!
12:08 am est 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Re: Dog Poop

What I would like to know is what the hell the DOG officer does day in and day
out. We have a Full time Dog officer employed by the town. Granted, when there
is an animal lost or injured she transports them up Cape but really, that
doesn't happen everyday so what does she do 40 hours a week not counting all
that "detail" overtime????

Surely she could spend a few hours a week tracking the poop or giving out a few
tickets. Honestly, I'm not trying to pick on the dog officer but it is yet another full
time do nothing job.

Any thoughts about this? 

9:57 pm est 

Re: Dog Poop Correction

Under top ten complaints could you perhaps amend your last one to "some dog
owners not picking up the poop."

It isn't a fetish. I'm the original poster and there is poop on my street and
when I took my dog the the west end parking lot beach the other day two piles of
poop on the back of the beach. Common courtesy demands people should pick up
their dog's crap.

If it keeps up one solution, at least on our street, will be to install a
wildlife camera to catch the offenders. It worked well before.

9:51 pm est 

Dog Poop

What I really want to know is--who are all these people with a dog poop fetish
who are writing in? 
7:39 pm est 

RIP Steve

We will miss you, and all of the hard work, and countless
hours, and ideas that you gave to this community. You will be missed.
7:36 pm est 

Top Complaints

Ms. coture is still on the board
Commercial Street pavement is a mess
Library looks like a haunted house and an eyesore, and we spent MILLIONS for it
Malone still has our money and hasn't provided on his end
Guertin still works for the town
Town hall employees only work 4 days a week
A multi MILLION $ budget for a High School with more staff than students.
Dog owners not scooping the poop.
7:35 pm est 

Re: Pick Up the Poop!

Just carrying a poop bag doesn't mean that these
lazy pigs will pick up after their dogs. There needs to be a bigger fine. I have
two dogs and yes they poop 2-3 times and I pick up everything.

To all dog owners: Grow up and pick up the poop. It's gross to see it all over
the streets.
9:54 am est 

Recall Couture!!

PLEASE do tell! WHAT legacy is she leaving behind!? List accomplishments. More
importantly, WHO will run to replace her!!????
9:49 am est 

Dog Poop

Agree!! It's mostly small dog poop & is all over side walks & town landings.
PLEASE call out persons not bothering to pick up ESP since dog bags all around
town landings & as pointed out, NO ONE WITH DOG SHPILD BE WITHOUT BAGS EVER!!
Report the jerks doing this!
9:48 am est 

Townsend Flea Market

My hat is off to you Paul..You're a good and honest man.
9:47 am est 

Dog Poop Law

Do you know what Town(s) has a 'produce a poop bag or be fined'
by-law? It is an interesting approach to further responsible dog ownership.
9:44 am est 

RIP Steve Melamed

You may have been difficult and slowed down the
sands of progress in Provincetown you at least worked hard
and were committed.
9:41 am est 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Dog Owners:

To the person or persons who believe that winter means you don't have to pick up
your dog's poop on the streets or the beach please stop, get a bag and pick it
up. It is disgusting and as someone pointed out more frequent than in season. I
am a dog owner and lover but this has to stop.

What would folks think of a new town bylaw requiring that anyone walking their
dog be able to produce a poop bag on their person or pay a $25 fine? This works
in another town I know of and has reduced unretrieved feces substantially. To
comply you simply tie a bag to the dog's leash.

Other than that, Merry Christmas and what a gorgeous day.

1:15 pm est 

RIP Steve Melamed

He was an original. His love of Provincetown was never ending. Wise, smart but
always open to learning. Talk? Boy could this man talk! My eyes would glaze over
sometimes but I always looked forward to our talks. I remember many a time
Betsey coming by to say, "Steve, give it a rest." God I loved their interaction,
respect and love.
It will take many a person to fill his shoes in this town. Our forever tribute
to him, "What would Steve do?" That would make him proud.

10:49 am est 

Steve Melamed - Thank You My Friend

Thank you for your friendship.
Thank you for welcoming me to Provincetown years ago and for all your advice and
counsel over the years.
Thank you for always making sure you called on a Friday Winter night to find out
when I would arrive and what I wanted the kitchen to cook for me before it
Thank you for all the fun Saturday lunches we had together and all those great
restaurants we would try in Ptown, Truro and Wellfleet.
How it made me smile to be eating in the dining room and see you come down from
upstairs and come over and sit with us.
Thank you for all the laughs and fun we had and the parties we went to.
It won't be the same without you -
Thank you for everything
Thank you my friend.
10:47 am est 

10 Reasons Why I Love This Town

1. You are surrounded by beauty in terms of nature.
2. You can be yourself
3. We are small and initmate
4. Everythings witin walking distance
5. The town hall reno is beautiful
6. Fresh fish is always available
7. Great restaurants
8. Good people
9. My dogs can go everywhere with me
10. Most people have a smile for you.
10:44 am est 

Re: Townsend Flea Market

Iam responding to the untrue statement.  The Town of Provincetown licensing
dept  did there job. They are not to blame for the closing down of the flea

I met with Mr russell Braum, and Ms van Alstyne on monday. They, as always
were bery informative,  and courteous.

I now know what is needed to have another crafts, antiques,  and yard sale 
fund raising type of event. 

Paul Mendes

ps I wont respond to any further postings about this. So feel free to critisize
me all you want.
10:26 am est 

Sympathies to Betsy and To All Who Were Friends of Steve Melamed

Steve was engaged and involved in this town. He had energy and enthusiasm
for this town and it is with much sympathy that I too note his passing. His
death is a big loss. He was on the Zoning Board for many years, central to the
PBG for years, a business owner for decades and a caring member of our

Thanks for the memories and for all you did. May your passing be sweet. May
your journey be safe. May you soar with the best.
11:10 pm est 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Top Ten Complaints

Austin is still on the board
Commercial Street pavement is a mess
Shankpainter Road pavement is a mess
Library looks like a haunted house and an eyesore
Malone still has our money and hasn't provided on his end
Guertin still works for the town
Town hall employees only work 4 days a week
Sewer system still isn't fully carefree
More attention is given to pets than kids
Red dot delay/town wide system inspections
10:49 pm est 

The Passing of Steve Melamed

Rest in Peace Steve Melamed.  A big guy with an even bigger heart.

My thoughts and prayers to Betsy, his family and friends.
10:48 pm est 

I Cannot Find 10 "Complaints" With the Town!

Provincetown has struggled through the decades to maintain an independence and
uniqueness against the machine.  It is only of late that her future is placed in serious

You can blah blah blah about this one and that one "caring" and being "fair" and
"loving" the town, but those in power, and ye know who you are, have sold the
soul of this town for the almighly buck.  Period. Simple. 

People value their own pockets more than the town's future.  Look at Shankpainter,
look at what used to be Bangs St. Extension then look at whose manpurse or pocketbook got
fatter when the dust settled on these abominations presented as if to  "preserve
the natural beauty" of our town. 

Sure, we really needed 4 oversized prefabs jammed onto 1/4 acre abutting a wetland to send
home the message of what fools we are.  Have any of these ugly modular monsters even
sold yet?  After all that conniving and presenting 4 as 2 to preserve the dune and look, no
one even wants them.  Who benefitted from these again? The town in any way?  Well, maybe certain people in the wheelhouse at present, but that's it. 

No, I cannot find 10 complaints with the town.  Now, that being said, I could surely recite an
infinite number of complaints with the idiots at the helm steering my beloved home town
(and, yes, I was born right here)  to its
premature death at their inept hands.  And yes, I vote and attend meetings and
you know what.  It means nothing in the scheme. 
7:30 pm est 

Better Things to Discuss

I sincerely hope this blog doesn't become a venue for town residents
to try to justify and "stand up for" their choice to use drugs because that
would be a rather pathetic use of this forum. I truly hope we have better things
to discuss.
7:22 pm est 

Top Ten Good Ideas For 2011-Provincetown

Lets Spin that a different Direction

How bout:

anyone can complain, its easy, and sometimes fun.
it takes a lot more work to make things better.
So, lets hear it.

Ten good ideas for making our town better next year.

Slippery Clam
7:20 pm est 

Ten Top Complaints

#10.  There are too many naysayers and Monday Morning QB's
#9.   There is more garbage and dog feces on the street
      after Thanksgiving then there is in season hmmm
#8.   The new Town Hall looks great.
#7.   Lobster trap tree is cool.
#6.   The monument looks awsome.
#5.   Kudos to the Lions club for memorial park.
#4.   S.K.I.P. is great!!
#3.   Thank you St. Mary's, U.U. House, St. Peters and
      Methodists for all of you help and hospitality.
#2.   Great music this weekend from Outer Cape Chorale.
#1.   Still no snow!!!
7:17 pm est 

Ten Top Compalints

Complaint #1  Lack of removal of Selectman Couture and Knight.
7:14 pm est 

Ten Top Complaints

Four day work week at Town Hall.
Give us Fridays back!

7:12 pm est 

Action on Commercial Street

For all of us complainig about Commercial street needing to be paved a
BIG section will be. Look for an announcement from the town shortly.....
7:10 pm est 

Student Motels-Beware

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.  Lured by unsupervised, third-party brokers with promises of
steady jobs and a chance to sightsee, some foreign college students on summer
work programs in the U.S. get a far different taste of life in America.

An Associated Press investigation found students forced to work in strip clubs
instead of restaurants. Others take home $1 an hour or even less. Some live in
apartments so crowded that they sleep in shifts because there aren't enough
beds. Others have to eat on floors.

They are among more than 100,000 college students who come to the U.S. each year
on popular J-1 visas, which supply resorts with cheap seasonal labor as part of
a program aimed at fostering cultural understanding.
7:09 pm est 

It's Not an Exclusive "OR" Condition

I work hard. Have a good education. Manage a lot of responsibility.
Vote, speak up and voice opinions. Hardly a slacker. I also value a walk on the
beach with a little Mary Jane. It isn't always one or the other. Perhaps the
previous blogger has to choose but I don't.
11:39 pm est 

Top Ten Complaints

Top Ten Complaints for this blog for 2010... anyone want to give it a

Just list your Top Ten Complaints about the town...
11:36 pm est 

Re: Townsend's Flea Market

Don't blame the town for closing down the flea market.  Mr Mendes has been in
this town long enough to know he should have checked with town hall PRIOR to
opening a flea market to make sure he had the necessary permits.

And good riddance to the spray painted plywood sign which in no way fits into
the sign by-laws in this town.  Mr Mendes, nor Townsend's are excused from
proper permitting.

11:34 pm est 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dear Saint Nick

Call me a Scrooge if you like, but I know what I'll be doing this Christmas. I
will be enjoying a few (hard earned) paid days off with my friends and family.
This is how I "chillax." I won't be drinking and smoking myself into a stupor.

I don't really have time to "smoke a J and take a walk on the beach" because you
see, I work full time. I do this so I can pay my rent and buy food, clothes and
Christmas presents for my kids and family. I really don't have a lot of extra
money to spend on things like marijuana.

You say I'm wound tight? Yeah, maybe I am. I wish I didn't have to face the
stressful issues that I and many other locals are concerned about. I wish there
was plenty of affordable housing, I wish town officials were trustworthy, I wish
we didn't have to worry about extremist nutcase tea-party politicians destroying
our country.

But I'd rather shoulder a bit of that stress and confront these issues than
wander the beach in a drug induced haze pretending everything is OK.

Guess that's the difference between us.

-Concerned Citizen
12:27 pm est 

Re: "Smoke a J and Walk on the Beach"


Seriously? Is this really your answer to the problems happening in this town and
around the world?

Well, it's pretty easy to see why this town never really progresses very much.

Maybe you should have signed your post "Cheech and/or Chong."
10:42 am est 

The Christmas Grinch

  On Saturday I drove up to Townsends Restaurant to again  visit the wonderful
one day flea market. Upon arrivel I inquired with Mr Paul Mendes the organizer 
of this charity benifit event,  why he was cleaning out. 

  He stated that Town Hall had recieved a complaint thursday at 5pm, from a down
town shop keeper, that this charity event was not properly licensed. This same
type of event is held every season at the univeralist church. but is licensed.

  Furthermore the complaint was made 1 hour before the town hall closed for
three days. Seems like perfect timing to prevent a application for a  one day

  Mr mendes stated he had 14 vendors coming. both local and away. Not commercial
business, but local people wanting to clean out items, or local  craft people
looking to make some money for Christmas.

  Sadly this complaint ended what was a good charity fund raiser, and a good
venue for people to make needed money for the holidays. Also people had fun.

   I expressed my dissapointment to Mr Mendes that such a frivelous complaint
was made.  Mr Mendes stated he has plans to continue to pursue this type of
event during the off season  in provincetown.  Maybee a empty downtown  shop
would be availble. 

   So I am sure there are no tooth fairies,  a santa claus, easter bunny,
unicorns, bigfoots, or vampires. There most surely is a Grinch living and doing
business in Provincetown.
10:40 am est 

Re: Town Hall

Can we stop with all the congratulations to Sharon Lynn and the contractor's
etc. It should be the "norm" that projects run efficiently, on budget and on
time. People should just do their jobs and try to do them to the best of their
abilities. How about thanking the taxpayers who PAID the bills for the
restoration. It was a wonderful execution of duties by Sharon and the
contractors but that is part of their jobs, let's move on. The next priorities
open 5 days a week please. This isn't brain surgery folks.
1:35 am est 

Re: Provincetown Street Makeover

OK here is a PACC rhyme, add the next line an post, if webmaster will allow
(just fun)

T'was the squeaks in my Jeep, told me the roads bent
because all on the sewers the money was spent. 

Mary Christmas
1:30 am est 

Re: A Holly Folly Rhyme

Cute poem but tragic for the families and workers recently displaced.

It ain't right. 
1:28 am est 

Re: Open Question

Honestly, who cares if someone reads this blog and gets the wrong
"idea".  People rant and rave and that is the blog's lifeblood.  Without
"anonymous" criticism, what else is there to do late at night when the drink
does her work.    Also, if the blogmaster chooses to edit, that is his/her
right.  If you don't like it, start your own blog or abandon this one.  Anyone
who takes anything written here seriously is, not to cast further insults but it
is the truth, a knitwit. 
1:26 am est 

Re: Lands End Inn

I have it on good authority that Rush Limbaugh is the one buying Lands
End Inn, and is proposing to convert it to a Tea Party training and conference
center. . Apparently his people have been making inquiries at the Assessors
Office and the building department
1:22 am est 

Re: Open Question

Wow! Concerned Citizen should have signed his name SCROOGE... chillax
my man... you are wound way too tight... smoke a J and walk on the beach...
cheers to you and yours

St. Nick
1:20 am est 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Re: Town Hall Renovation

"Russell Braun had more than one account he was paid
for and you will never see the figures in one of the accounts. It's under a name
that has nothing to do with town hall. Don't be so naive..."

As usual, you are wrong.  You really don't know accounting do you?  When someone
is so sure someone else is cheating/stealing it usually means they have things
to hide.  Regarding the trailers I asked for and saw a monthly invoice for the
trailer rentals.  It's paid to a company called something like William Scots or
Williams Scotsman and it was for $12,835.  Do you have any proof or actual facts
to support your rants?  I didn't think so.

Naive? No, if I have a question about something I ask someone who can provide
factual information.  You might try it.

And I won't respond further to your rants.  I only responded in the first place
for fear that someone reading this blog might believe your lunatic rants.  It's
obvious your elevator does not go to the top floor and you are wasting our time.
1:21 pm est 

Re: True Town Hall Renovation Cost 10:53am

Dear math whiz:

you stated "Cost for the Trailers was not $13,000 a month--that's probably for
electricity, water and some maintenance

the cost for the rentals of these trailers alone is in the $350,000 and more

The town was using the trailers for around 27 months (Sept '08 thru Dec '10) 27
months x $13,500 = $351,000. Looks pretty much like the same number to me.

1:18 pm est 

Open question:

Dear webmaster

Why do you censure anything negative about your buddies yet let people sling all
the mud they want against anyone else in town? What are you afraid of? Are you
afraid that you and your little cabal of drinking buddies will be shown for the
small farce that you are? We have to listen to an endless stream of bitter bile
from a convicted slanderer yet anything posted about he or his wife or your few
other nasty compatriots gets spiked. Seems you are totally and completely
betraying the stated purpose of this blog and slanting the view readers get for
your own worthless purposes. You should be ashamed of yourself.

1:14 pm est 

Dear Pollyanna

Pop another Prozac, put on your rose colored glasses and go for a walk on the
beach. Spread your joy and happiness to the seagulls. Oh, and don't forget to
stop at the bank on the way there to cash your unemployment check.

People post on this blog because they have serious issues with the way this town
is being run. Ignoring negative issues isn't going to make them go away.

Good to know that everything is all peaches and cream in your world.

-Concerned Citizen
1:11 pm est 

Re: True Town Hall Renovation Cost

Cost for the Trailers was not $13,000 a month--that's probably for
electricity, water and some maintenance

the cost for the rentals of these trailers alone is in the $350,000 and more
range. And this did not include the moving there, the work to preparare and link
it up, and many more costs. Russell Braun had more than one account he was paid
for and you will never see the figures in one of the accounts. It's under a name
that has nothing to do with town hall. Don't be so naive. Do you really believe
there is transparency here? Really?
10:53 am est 

Negative to Positive

The season, of love, charity and peace are upon us. Would it be too
much to ask for all to refrain from the negativity and nastiness that is being
perpetuated on this blog? I am suprised at the amount of hatred and disdain many
bloggers have for each other.

Take all this nasty energy and turn it into positive energy and Provincetown
would be an even nicer place to live and work.

Happy Holidays to all.

10:29 am est 

Re: Michele Couture

Can we talk about past and present Selectmen who have filed for
bankruptcy? Complain all you want about Couture renting. At least we never had
to bail her out like         &        !
10:27 am est 

Provincetown Street Makeover

Let's have an override next Town meeting to re-pave all the streets in
Ptown! makeover
10:25 am est 

Holly Folly Rhyme

A Holly Folly Rhyme - Very cute!
10:23 am est 

Michele Couture vs BOS

I too watched in awe the BOS meeting last week regarding the rental of Town
Hall. Ms C glared at her fellow board members after a motion and second and much
previous discussion on the matter before the board. She wanted the Board to vote
with her to say NO to an applicant whom she obviously has an axe to grind.

Her fellow members kept waiting for her to call the vote but she kept on waiting and
then MORE discussion a clear violation of Robert's rules. Kudo's to Grassy for
calling on her at that moment. She and her board made the rules months ago and
the applicant was going to abide by those rules and she wanted to change the
rules of the game after she and her Board just approved a previous application.

The hypocrasy was self evident, did you see her glaring at Bedard and the rest
of her board. Not very professional for a Chair. Her motion did NOT carry move
on Michelle. You want to be in the entertainment business of renting Town Hall
you have to live with the consequences.
10:21 am est 

Webmaster Alert



If you receive this following notice
do not
respond it is SPAM and should
be reported as such!
It is used for identity thief:

Dear Account User,

This is from AOL Mail Team,we are sending to all account users for
safety. Due to the anonymous registration of our account which is causing
congestion to our service, so we are shutting down some account and your
account was among those to be deleted. The purpose of this message is for
you to verify that you are the owner of this account and you are still
using it by filling the information below after clicking on the reply

Full Name:
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After following the instructions in the sheet, your account will not be
interrupted and will continue as normal. Thanks for your attention to this
request. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Account owner that refuses to update his/her account after a week of
receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently.

The AOL Mail Team

PS - Check out the tour to learn more about AOL Mail.

10:12 am est 

Michele Couture & Town Hall Renovation

"The true cost of Town Hall renovations have never been fully tabulated
and calculated. Don't foget to add in the Trailers and the furniture and the 
move and the hidden Russell Bruan costs put under another category. .  ."

Do you lie on purpose or are you just ignorant?  Again, someone writing who has
no idea what they are talking about.  You want to know the total costs?  Ask the
town accountant as I did.  And yes it included the trailers at just under
$13,000 a month, the furniture, the movers and the funds paid to Russ Braun.  I
asked for the numbers and was given a detailed breakdown of each.  You might try
verifing your information first before you write your lies.  Did it come in
under budget - yes.  Did the original budget have more $ than it needed, could
be.  But, for you to state the true costs have never been fully tabulated and
calculated is just a lie.  The town accountant has a full listing of all monies
paid out which he gave me when i asked.
11:27 pm est 

You Probably Don't Care How Much It cost Because

You probably like Michele Couture do not pay taxes. She never has. She is not a
property owner but a renter who has paid no rent. We won't go there but there
are reasons she lives rent free and sells frogs rent free. Just look at who
...ok, we won't go there.

Your hands should be hurting if you applauded that loud for this one.
11:23 pm est 

The Back & Forth

Coming on the heels of  the recent back & forth about the chairman of the Board
of Selectmen on this blog, i happened to turn on channel 18 this evening. for
the first time in months, I stayed on channel 18; and what i saw, was a chairman
who brow beats her colleagues. so much so, that she ended up making John Santos
{what a surprise ! way to go john}, come across as  an expert in Roberts Rules.
Repeatedly, he reminded her that she had already called for a vote. and yet she
continued to chastise her board members during their attempt to vote because
they would not delay to another evening , as she had suggested.
she even called them "silly".

The only saving grace was that the other 4 seem to finally be finding their
legs. it ended up a 4-1 vote with her throwing up her hands in defeat.

That's not leadership nor is it mentoring. I look forward to next May.

Slippery Clam

11:21 pm est 


I also have a police scanner and agree you really get to hear whats going on.

What I dont like is hearing the disrespectful way some of them talk. Like
arrogant A4. Go is what he usually says to the dispatcher. What, are we in the

Our police force may be spread thin, but civility begins at home.
11:17 pm est 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Selectmen are Sacred

The posters suggesting recall of our selectmen make me laugh.

Who are they kidding? Selectmen are elected as our representative.

The beauty of living in America remains our freedom of speech, assembly, and the
one few take seriously: voting.

Regrettably, few step up to the plate to vote.

So few have such a huge voice, yet their voice is silent.

Provincetown Selectmen will not be recalled because few people vote, yet many
are willing to complain.

Snooze, you lose.
9:18 pm est 

Little Town Full of "Unemployed" Slackers

I've lived here year round for over ten years and one thing I've heard
repeatedly is "there are no jobs in the winter, that's why everyone goes on

Well, despite that popular mantra which has been tossed around quite a bit
lately on this blog, I have always found work in the off season. I have found
EXTRA work, sometimes more work than I can handle.

People are always looking for property managers, help with interior painting,
housekeeping, etc. Just ask around a bit, you'll find some work...if you want

That's the problem. Most people have settled comfortably into the Provincetown
lifestyle of waiting tables for a few months a year and then drinking for the
rest of the year. Or "working on that novel," or vacationing, etc., etc.

And believe it or not, you are not required to find work IN Provincetown -
there's Truro, Wellfleet, Eastham - the whole outer Cape. If you really tried to
find work (like you dishonestly tell the unemployment folks you have each week
when you call for your check) you'd be surprised what's out there.

You can continue to tell people "there's no work in the winter" and maybe you
can even convince yourself it's true, but don't assume anyone else is falling
for it.

I'd like to echo what another blogger recently suggested: let's get FOX news to
investigate this matter and see what the rest of the world thinks about our
little town full of "unemployed" slackers.
8:22 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

I was at the Town Hall opening party with over 2000 people there.
Michell received so many rounds of applause my hands hurt! Great job
Michelle on Town Hall!

Thank you!
8:20 pm est 

Town Hall Renovation

Who cares what Town Hall ended up costing? It looks beautiful! Now on
to the library!
8:18 pm est 

A Holly Folly Rhyme

T'was the night before closing and all through the village
gossip is stirring: "Another Townie on the pillage?"
Family property, yes he is an heir
For next generation no home will be here.

His children are nestled all snug in their beds,
in affordable housing, provided by Ted.
His grandson looked fine in his fireman's cap,
he just had a few at Old Colony Tap.

When out on Route 6 there arose such a clatter,
just an old fire truck with a broken ladder.
Back in the West End hopes were dashed,
the landlord is selling, selling for cash.

Year round rentals melting like snow,
fourteen workers with nowhere to go.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
six high end condos with no lights on in there.

Just when the market had started to dip,
good old Pat  had spied a quick flip.
Faster than spray paint, renovations they came,
while Saint Joe himself called the buyers by name.

To the top of the roof deck, let's all play ball
Two thousand a week summer rentals for all.
8:17 pm est 

Re: Police Personnel

When I moved to Ptown, it was suggested I get a police scanner to keep informed
about public safety issues. Road closures, Route 6 delays, stuff like that

It was good advice.

The finance committee should monitor the police department on a scanner. Perhaps
they would see exactly where our public service budget is being spent. Some of
it is being wasted. Big time...

Why is it, on a Friday night in December, our town has no patrolmen on duty, yet
two sargeants are doing the work (at our expense)? And one of those sargeants
(the one who lost a got) had to go to Truro. At our expense.

Kudos to our chief of police for staffing.

Our money is not being well spent. Is it?
8:14 pm est 

Spend 9 Million and Then Claim This Was Down Under Budget

The true cost of Town Hall renovations have never been fully tabulated and
calculated. Don't foget to add in the Trailers and the furniture and the move
and the hidden Russell Bruan costs put under another category. And that is only
the top of the cost. There are many more deeply hidden costs. Under budget--if
you only have a grammar school education then your math is limited and your
financial abilities highly restricted. thus--the highly tooted claim of town
hall being underbudget. Yah, sure.
7:48 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture Legacy

And what, pray tell, do you think that legacy will be? Seriously, I'd like to
hear what you really think as I, personally, see nothing positive about her time
spent on the BOS.

Bearded Clam
7:46 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Renovation

"I commend them for their taste and the quality of their work." 

Then you sir don't know real taste or quality,
7:44 pm est 

You Are Joking Aren't You?

A legacy of leadership? an amazing legacy? Who her? You are making me laugh. Her
legacy is a disappointment she will carry like the Scarlet Letter round her
neck. Legacy indeed!
7:41 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

To those obsessed with Ms. C.  Obvious, yes.  Amazing, doubtful.  7
Wonders of the World, Angels, a Mother's love, etc. are all amazing.  A job done
well or poorly by someone employed to do such is not amazing, it is par for the

Get over yourself and your unbridled love of Ms. C.  Many people work
long hours and weekends and go above and beyond.  Even as strange as it seems to
you, these same people are not rewarded or paid extra to do what is expected of
them.  They probably know the rules when they sign on.  A legacy will be left
for sure and by the tone of this blog, it seems it will only be amazingly awful. 

Do you honestly think in this day and age that anyone in town government goes
through scrutiny worse than the Enquirer for nothing.  Obviously there are
perks, side deals, personal gains.  Why, I wouldn't be surprised if some of
those playing with Ptown's natural resources (undeveloped land) weren't playing
Twister with some of those sitting with good posture on your boards.  Wake up. 
This town is more twisted than a pretzel and if you think you can change that, I
know a woman with a huge head and heart shaped lips that would like to meet you,

Leave Ms. C alone, she is ambulatory.  Go for the heart and it is there you will find
the truth.  And oh, what an ugly truth it is.  In the word's of Howard Stern's bigfoot,
and oh what truth it is, it is. 
6:42 pm est 

Re: Town Hall

"Has anyone taken a close look at the place? The work is really no
better than what we got down at the new bathrooms. Second rate, low bid, bad
taste, incomplete, unfinished"

Only one word of your statement is correct - Unfinished.  They are still
tweaking various items, but the new town hall is spectacular.  I commend them
for their taste and the quality of their work.  They did an excellent job.
5:48 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

Ok-two bloggers don't like the Selectman: MJA * DAS
5:01 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

Keep up the good work Michele!

Thanks for your leadership all these years!
4:41 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

Yes, some people do cheat to collect unemployment benefits and that is
unacceptable.  But there are people who would be happy to continue to work
through the winter here in Provincetown if jobs were available, but there are
not enough jobs to keep everyone employed in the off-season.  When businesses
lay off employees the employees are entitled to collect unemployment.

I have never collected unemployment myself, but I do not hold it against others
who are actually entitled to it who are seeking employment while collecting
unemployment in the off-season.  Unemployment insurance is a program that has
merits and brings benefits to many employees and employers alike.  Employees who
actually follow the rules (that is actually search for employment) are entitled
to collect when they are laid off.  It is too bad that some people here think
that no one is entitled to unemployment benefits and that everyone is a cheat. 
So much hate here.

4:40 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

Your cowardly attacks on Selectman Couture are personal because you
have a vendatta against her. She will term out with an amazing legacy. What is
your legacy?
4:38 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

Re: It Seems Many Find Faults with BOS Chair

Only one person? Only one blogger?

I think not.
4:36 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

I also think Michele Couture has done a great job.  We all have a pretty good
idea who has been spear heading this mud slinging campaign and it doesn't
surprise us.  The perpetrator has faced many obstacles of her own and is very
bitter.  She should be thankful that she is now healthy and it may be beneficial
for her to have a more positive outlook.  She should no better than most, what
goes around comes around.  God bless!
4:35 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

If you are such good friends of Michele, why can't you spell her name?
4:32 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

The reason for an anonymous blog such as this is exactly to protect
the people of this town, allowing them to voice there opinions without the real
FEAR of BULLYING by some of the THUGS in this town Ms Michele Couture is only
one of them.

Whoever the Thug/Crony is who posted:

Re: Michele Couture

"If anyone knows who that person is that keeps attacking Michelle, please post
some hints such as maybe where they work. It's time to let Michelle know who
that person is and maybe she can take some action against whomever that person
is. We are friends of Michelle and we are damn tired of reading that person
garbage here."

This person wants to know where someone else works!!!!!! Why ? Maybe to try to
get him/her FIRED.  Outrageous!

It is exactly people like Ms Couture and her Thug "Friends" who are the problem
here.  But don't worry term limits are near, and let's see just how many friends
the Toad has when she is no longer on the BOS.

Here is a definition of Cronyism that fits Ms  Couture well (unfortunately):

Cronyism is partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them
to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications. Hence, cronyism
is contrary in practice and principle to meritocracy. Cronyism exists when the
appointer and the beneficiary are in social contact; often, the appointer is
inadequate to hold his or her own job or position of authority, and for this
reason the appointer appoints individuals who will not try to weaken him or her,
or express views contrary to those of the appointer. Politically, "cronyism" is
derogatorily used.
4:29 pm est 

Jobs in Provincetown in the Winter?

People who make this claim just make me laugh. Have they NOT walked Commercial
Street and seen all of the closed restaurants and shops? Go to the Banner and
look at the Help Wanted ads. (You needn't bother, THERE AREN'T ANY!)
4:25 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

What makes you think only ONE person here believes our undereducated
conniving BOS chair is an embarrassment to the town?
4:23 pm est 

'Take Money From the VSB.'

What planet are you on? Selectman Couture has never 'taken' money from the VSB.
Your posts have no

Webmaster, how about going into the New Year requiring people to sign their
names? Then maybe we can actually get something rolling with this Association
that clearly has lost its way from that initial meeting a couple of years ago at
4:22 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

I too am sick of the attacks on Michele. I'll give you my idea who it

We are subjected to the same unempowered and bitter poster over and over again.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who really cares how Michele
became chair.
But to this sorry sack it does:
'...Remember how she got to be chairman.'

MJA and DAS grow up. MC simply outmaneuvered you and is a better politican.

4:20 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

"it's time to let Michelle know who
that person is and maybe she can take some action against whomever that person

And if she did find out who that person is she WOULD take action against them.
And that is EXACTLY why I cant stand the women.

And I speak from my own personal experience. I spoke my true feelings on a
matter, which are polar opposite of hers. And she took action against me! Not
verbally to oppose me like a mature adult, but by manipulating others to attack
a very minor thing to hurt me in my position.

On time under budget! Big frigging deal. Has anyone taken a close look at the
place? The work is really no better than what we got down at the new bathrooms.
Second rate, low bid, bad taste, incomplete, unfinished.

Go have a look at how they had to run the power to the wreath with an extension
cord taped to the floor because they didn't put in an outlet near the window.
Poor planning, cheap, not to code, dangerous.

A Rat In The Basement

2:25 pm est 

Oh No Michele Will Get Me!!!!!

No...Scare tactics don't work. There is not one thing that I posted about Michele
that is not true.  She is a public servant and is open to criticism.  That is just the
way it goes.

If you "love her",that's fine with me.  I don't  "know" her, just her actions and the
way she does things. She is sneaky. No emotion here.Just the facts. (Not to be confused
with Just the Facts)
1:56 pm est 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Re: Provincetown Unemployment
No jobs in the winter and no jobs on Cape? Get real! Problem is, most that go on
the welfare dime (unemployment) are too lazy to get a winter job and continue to
put into the system. They'd rather stay at home and drink themselves into a
lather on the other workers' backs. Plenty of jobs are available in the winter
months. Companies that use summer help yet stay open all year need people.
Problem with that is the complainers are stuck in their job descriptions. They
apparently can't do anything else but the job they do in the summer. So you're a
waiter in the summer. Can't do some other job in the winter, maybe like working
for a bookeeping firm or an accountant during the tax season? Can't do manual
labor with some landscaping or excavating companies? Too "above" that kind of
work? Problem is you don't WANT to work. It's become too easy to not work.
Offered a great job in carpentry to a recently laid off guy, easily 4 months of
work. Refused because he wanted to max out his!
  unemployment benefits. Translation? I want to stay at home, keep warm and
drunk and have no reason to get out of bed instead of being a productive member
of society and keep my status up as a good worker. Will I call him again for
future openings? Nope.
10:58 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

If anyone knows who that person is that keeps attacking Michelle, please post
some hints such as maybe where they work. It's time to let Michelle know who
that person is and maybe she can take some action against whomever that person
is. We are friends of Michelle and we are damn tired of reading that person
garbage here. Move on.
10:56 pm est 

Re: Selectman Couture

I love Michele...She is wonderful  NOT.  She does a lot of sneaky
underhanded deals to get what she wants and she's real quick to turn on what she
promises.  Have seen it many times.  I don't care how much time she
volunteers...Remember how she got to be chairman.  That's only one sneaky thing
out of many.
Under budget for town hall...What does that mean?  Where is the under budget
costs?  Chairs for the citizens or new furniture for the work staff?  How about
drapes for the auditorium...oh take that from the VSB.  Oh how about those
chairs...Take another 10K from the VSB.  Support business in this town... NOT
proof  The frog pond doesn't belong to the Chamber or the PBG. Just suck those
organizations and use their efforts to support her business and then take money
from the VSB.  As I said before S_N_E_A_K and self serving
10:54 pm est 

Chamber Dinner Such A Wonderful Event

They surely know how to throw a great party. The Chamber Holiday Event is always
such a wonderful time. And the Lobster Pot did a splendid job. Great food, great
service, great fun.

Candy does such a remarkable job as Director. She maintains enthusiasm, is so
committed and provides us with great leadership. Thanks for so many years of
great work!
3:45 pm est 

Re: Selectman Couture

Agreed! The guy is obsessed with Michele and never offers anything
that will help this community. He's a jerk!
11:59 am est 

Re: Lands End Inn Sale

'Oh, I Get It: Two Great Stars in the Provincetown Firmament:Prince
William and Michele Couture!'

This poor poster needs intervention! Webmaster how do these riduclous posts
reflect mypacc's mission statement?
The blogger is hardly a 'concerned citizen' but rather a 'pathetic citizen' who
needs medical help.

8:33 am est 

Out of Sync

Seems to be some drinking and typing. I suggest more drinking and less
typing. Oh wait, I betrayed my edict.
12:06 am est 

Re: Lands End Inn Sale

Oh, I Get It: Two Great Stars in the Provincetown Firmament:
Prince William and Michele Couture!

Oh, how wonderful. Prince Willima will honeymoon at Land's End and Queen the
Couture will Rein as well.

What a wonderful fairy tale for both of them. How wonderful life is here in this
little Kingdom and Queendom.
How wonderful indeed.

Perhaps this should be the real theme for Carnival 2011.
11:59 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Unemployment

If you know of people that are illegally collecting unemployment stop
complaining about it as an injustice and report them. Otherwise you are as
guilty as they are of corruption. If they are robbing us then you only
facilitate the crime by not doing anything about it. Feeling strongly about
something is one thing. Doing something about it is another.
11:58 pm est 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Re: Selectman Couture

You are obssessed with Selectman Couture, aren't you? Must be tough to
be in her shadow unable to move or shake like she does! Vive Couture!

10:40 pm est 

Re: Lands End Inn Sale

The real and true story is that Land's End Inn is not being sold.  Rather, what
the excitement is about is the preparation for a world event honeymoon vacation
in April.
There has been a lot of speculation that representatives of
the Royal Family in the UK have been in contact with Land's End Inn to take
over the Inn for sometime in late April, and this is the exact time that Price
William is getting married.  This appears to be a wonderful opportunity to put
Provincetown on the world map and should bring much fortune.  Let's all
congratulate the owners and wish them the best in preparation for this joyous
10:29 pm est 

Since When Is Showing Up for BOS Meetings Worth A Gold Star

Couture shows up but what exactly does she do that benefits the town? Her
thinking is limited; her abilities to understand the consequences of the monies
she and the others spend is non-existant. She smirks and smirks but her brain
does not accomplish much. For the last ten years she has sat there and played
her behind the scenes games. She is secretive and untrustworthy. To say she is
doing the best she can is not enough for someone in her position.
10:27 pm est 

"Ptown Should Recall 2 BOS Members, For Sure...".

You know that will never happen.  Bloggers on this site have been saying that
for a couple of years, but no one ever started the process.  It's just talk.

And last time BOS openings were up for election we had a grand total of two
people step up for two positions.  It's not like we have a bunch of qualified
people stepping up to run for office.
7:52 pm est 

A Few Musings

Ptown should recall 2 BOS members, for sure.  Art HC, who cares, go
somewhere else.  Since when has serving good food with a smile been a
prerequisite for staying open in winter?  Or summer for that matter.  To the
wimp threatening legal action against M.Couture naysayers, get real.  That's
what a blog is.  A place to vent your opinions and frustrations unfettered and
without threat of the MAN looking over your shoulder and lowering the hammer. 
In this country, there is a thing called freedom of speech.  You are weak and
peanut like.  Take that you mean scary threatener.  And, last of all, people
enjoying unemployment benefits for doing nothing while the rest of us weather
the storm, enjoy it while you can.  It is on you that the hammer will fall, and
heavy.  Can't promise Mr. Claus will come, but can pretty much guarantee your
sweet deal will end with a short stop.  And word is, those authorities that paid
out under false pretenses will be looking to recoup that !
which was given out in good faith, in error.  State and Federal liens are good
for years, no matter if you own property or not.  Boy if anything can ruin a
person's credit, it's a state or federal lien.  Nice. 
6:25 pm est 

Must be Winter

Doesn't appear to be much in the way of anything positive lately, just
nasty comments and gripping about certain individuals.  Must be into Winter! Put
on a wet suite and go for a swim.  It's amazing how refreshing it can be.
6:22 pm est 

Re: Recall!

All those who complain about Knight and Couture, how about getting off
your duffs like the folks in Chatham? My money says you won't cause you just
like to complain. I'd sign a petition to recall Knight but not Couture.
6:18 pm est 

Get a Life!

To all of those that have a problem with Michelle Couture... GET A
LIFE. You sit behind your key board and write nasty comments and say mean
things. When was the last time you gave up as much time as Michelle has given to
Ptown. At least she is out working to try and make a change. Get off her back
unless you think you could go out and do a better job. Too many people in town
spout off and criticize, but never get off their butts to do something to help
the town. At least Michelle is putting forth the effort. You may not agree with
all of her decisions while on the BOS, but at least she shows up to meetings
week in and week out to try and make a difference. Put up or please be quiet and
stop the nastiness.

It's the Holiday Season, try being a little more charitable.

6:16 pm est 

Art House Cafe
Had a breakfast sandwich the other day.  Bread was stale.  Help didn't smile. 
Why bother being open the limited hours?  I will not go back for sure.  
2:45 pm est 

Off Season Unemployment

"To all those spouting negative comments about people who collect
unemployment in the off-season... get real... there are very few jobs during the
off-season in Provincetown."

Fine - so go live somewhere else where you can support yourself year round.

When did living in Provincetown year round become a God given right ?

2:43 pm est 

Chatham Recall

Chatham voters are filing a recall pettion
for 3 selectmen. Provincetown should
follow suit. I think that at least 2 should
be recalled, Couture and Knight.

Think about it.
2:39 pm est 

Anti-fan Club of Michele Couture

It's obvious one person has issues with Michelle and that's okay because
everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion but I just wanted to let that
person know allot of us not only like her but think she's doing a good job as
selectwoman also. Most importantly, I thought it was time to let that person
know, I have been saving all your nasty comments about her and some day your
cowardness will be revealed and I will forward all your comments to her so she
can take legal action. And trust me, in P'town there's no such thing as a
secret. It's all a matter of time.
2:37 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Unemployment

As a fully employed year rounder, I am NOT jealous of those who
collect unemployment while they travel and party all winter long. Resentful,
yes. Jealous, no.

I don't envy their lazy, dishonest slacker lifestyle one bit.

2:35 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Unemployment

Why doesn't the Department of Unemployment ever check on these people
who are abusing the system by collecting MA unemployment benefits while
vacationing in other states all winter long? I personally know dozens of people
who do this every year and they are never caught or questioned.

I think it's about time somebody called FOX news. They could do a great story in
our little town.
2:33 pm est 

Re: The Green Line
"It's Back!....."

I love it. Like a case of herpes. It never really goes away.
2:31 pm est 

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