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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Re: Art House Cafe

Same crap as last year; bad food; bad service: who cares if
they are open its awful.
8:16 pm est 

The Power of the Few

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can
change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead
8:14 pm est 

R: Off-season Unemployment

I agree that jobs are far and few between, however, collecting unemployment
benefits from Ma. while living in Mexico or NY, or Fl. is illegal. Every week
before a check is issued, a person is to state that they are available and
looking for work.

You can call it jealousy if you wish, I call it unethical.

Year Rounder
8:08 pm est 

Vast Explorer Returns

Driving down the pier today I saw the old Vast Explorer tied to the pier.  It
looks like Rex has another derelict boat to deal with again. When is Rex going
to learn, that if you don't force the owner's of these derelict vessels to
remove them from Provincetown waters, they will stay a problem and expense for
the tax payers of Provincetown.  It's time for Rex to go back to work for
Flyer's and time for PPPC to get the pier back under control.
1:46 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

"Michelle is a sneak... Explain the new furniture and the
chairs and the drapes and tapping into funds that were meant for other things
and then announcing that town hall was under budget."

You need a 101 lesson in democracy because you don't seem to understand how our
goverment works. Selectmen Couture is but one vote on a board of five. No one
works unilaterally as it's impossible with 20% of the vote. What I like about
Couture is she moves things through her board and secures at least two other
votes! It's about three votes and she gets them time and time again!
1:44 pm est 

Shank Painter Affordable Housing

So can someone tell me who is going to move into this
apartment complex on Shank Painter Road? What good is an
apartment without a job? will these apartments be empty in the winter? anyone
this project does not make sense unless its for summer workers.

Curious George
1:42 pm est 

Underemployed Developers

You need all the affordable housing so the developers can continue to
cash in on their unbelievable good luck with finding a town stupid enough to let
them walk all over it in the name of "helping" people and providing a much
needed service. 
1:41 pm est 

Off-season Unemployment

To all those spouting negative comments about people who collect
unemployment in the off-season... get real... there are very few jobs during the
off-season in Provincetown, or anywhere on the Cape for that matter.  Where do
you think all of the people who work here full time in-season are going to find
work off-season?  There simply are not enough jobs to go around during the
off-season.  The unemployment checks allow those who work in-season to be able
to make it through the off-season.  Those who work here full time and year round
are lucky to have year round employment, but there are not enough of these to go
around.  It seems like those who have a full-time year round job are jealous of
those who do not have a year round position and collect during the off-season. 
Get over it!
1:38 pm est 

Affordable Housing

When I couldn't afford a house, I rented.  Then I got a second job.  Then I
saved for a downpayment.  Then I moved to an area that I could afford.  Then I
bought a house.

What a concept.  I never thought about asking the government to buy me a house. 
Could have saved me a lot of stress and effort. 
1:35 pm est 

700 Winter Residents?
Then why all the need for so much affordable housing ? 

Does one get to have an affordable house here and spend the winter somewhere
else ? 
9:07 am est 

Wow, This Isn't Funny

You make a great point. Provincetown markets
the      show rather than the beauty. And to think this weeks Banner reports
more money for special events. Wonder what is killing this town? Do you really
think there is a growing international market for freak of the week themed
mini-conventions? Minorities are great, diversity is great but the blatant
flavor of the day has limited appeal when it takes over. If the residents and
leaders of the town do not believe that Provincetown is simply a wonderful place
to spend time in then why would any potential visitor. Start promoting the soul
of the town and stop selling it. Bob Sanborn, Rob Tosner and the whole lot of
you. If you are not capable of doing better find someone that is and move on.
9:06 am est 

Couture the Brightest Bulb?

I see that you think Couture is great.  Don't even go to what anyone
has done for the town.  Michelle is a sneak... Explain the new furniture and the
chairs and the drapes and tapping into funds that were meant for other things
and then announcing that town hall was under budget.  Don't give her credit for
the Dog Park.  That was Candace Nagle.  She would love to take credit for all  of
those things you mentioned...Let her take credit fotr the debt that goes with
9:02 am est 

Well, Who Else is Brighter Than Michele Couture?

Who else would you pick as the brightest and most dynamic? Please. let me know.

I think that this once so-called film star is the brightest of the group. I
don't believe the others are the masterminds but I do believe that this Couture
is the brightest bulb, the head huncho, the lead banana.

9:00 am est 

Winter Residents and Winter Business

All this talk about how many people live here and stay open during the winter.
There were people in town for thanksgiving weekend, and from talking to hotel
owners, bookings are pretty strong for the upcoming holly folly weekend.  In
fact, a majority of hotels / guest houses are doing 2 nights.  I know, as I have
had at least 20 plus calls for a single night.   We also did a 2 night minimum
and have been full since last Saturday night.  

Is there business in the middle of the week?  No.  And after being in town 15
years, I dont see that ever happening either.   I see people complain, stores,
restaurants, galleries all along commercial street, but they seem to be making
it as they come back year after year after year.   Could things be better?  
Even if I was making millions, I would always say they could be better, but from
seeing how the town spends money and how the business keep surviving, I would
say almost all of you are just blowing steam because it is easy behind those key

8:59 am est 

Unemployment Checks

When I collected, I had to show 3 prospective employers a week, names,
dates and phone numbers.  And this was 2 years ago.  How do these people get
away without producing evidence of actual employment searches?  Maybe this is a
question to be posed to a higher authority.  Now.  Perhaps someone out there
will have the cajones to do just that.  A little birdie could have big results. 
Sorry, for the town, not the seasonal employees and business owners.  You'll get
what you deserve. 
sign me - someone who also appreciates and loves Ptown in the winter, works hard
ALL YEAR, tolerates but does not approve of the little maggots that feed off of
her in warm weather to enhance their own personal plumping
8:57 am est 

A True Story

Someone was complaining to me about federal government fraud and high taxes. At
the end of our conversation, the person said: "See you in the spring. I'm going
to Puerto Vallarta for the winter.  My unemployment checks have already started
coming in."

It seems that Puerto Vallarta has become a ghetto of Provincetown unemployment
check recipients.
8:55 am est 

Re: What is Wrong With Having Some Time Off?
Stop your complaining. It's why I live here. I love a seasonal community and
have always lived in one. What better way of life is there than to work a couple
of months and then collect unemployment for the rest of the year? It is those
stupid idiots that work all year and then get only two weeks off that are just
jealous of our life style.  Hey dont knock it if you havent tried it! I just
love the peace and quiet in winter and when I get sick of it, its time to start
all over again. This is a great town and makes for a wonderful life. Enjoy the
winter and if you get bored, just hop on a plane for a nice get away and your
affordable housing unit awaits your return.
8:52 am est 

The Green Line

It's Back! the black paint wears away the Green Monster rears its ugly
8:48 am est 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Re: 700 Winter Residents

First of all, I don't know where the "700" came from, but lets just say the
number is low.  I think a big reason for low off season residency and open
businesses is the lack of enforcement in collecting unemployment benefits.  Ever
since the state stopped requiring a job search and in-person interviews every
month or so, unemployed people can leave the state and have their $500 or $600
deposited directly into the bank every week.  If the federal and state
governments stopped extending unemployment benefits for unreasonable lengths of
time and enforced recipients to reside in Mass. our economy would be better, not
great, but better in winter.

year round resident.

4:16 pm est 

It's a Fact!

I have been out of Provincetown on occasion.  The level of
heterosexual groping witnessed to date anywhere else is non-existent compared to
that of your loving "homosexual" community on any given day or night on any
given public street in Ptown or in public in general (beach, parking lot, etc.). 

Sorry you have trouble facing a truth and feel you must be rude in your weak
defense.  It's not an insult. It's a fact.  Homosexuals in Ptown obviously feel
a sense of entitlement and don't have a problem with showing public displays of
affection.  These displays are at times more suited to a private place.  We've
all seen it.  You can insult me by telling me my town government is lacking but
don't tell me what I've seen doesn't ever happen.  Deal with it...if you can.     

4:14 pm est 

Re: Years of Service

Don't forget to include Seashore Point!

Thank yoo Selectman Couture!
4:10 pm est 

Re: Art House Cafe

Thank god the cafe at the art house is open for the hours it is. It is
filling a gap in town that is sorely needed. Where
else in town can you get a quick bite to eat? We all have to understand that a
person in business doesn't close early because they are making money. Our
support is what extends hours and offers more services. I eat there on a daily
and recommend it to many day trippers who are looking for a place to eat. I'm a
grateful retailer.
4:08 pm est 

Re: Art House Cafe

Art House is no different than a few other businesses who promised to
stay open during the winter in order to get a liquor license.  Other businesses
have said they will stay open just to get the license and then they do what they
please and close during the winter months.

Art House got away with putting an outdoor ticket office too close to the
property line and then even though the town recognized this Art House was
allowed to keep it there for the season.

It is too bad that Art House did away with having a regular cinema that people
could go to see movies.  Movies were unfortunately not a money-making
proposition, otherwise the cinema would still be showing movies on a regular

The owner of the Art House property also did a lot of work at his property
across the street, the Aquarium Mall.  There was no building permit posted last
spring when tons of work was going on inside the building.  In addition to this
there was no State Chapter 91 license displayed when work was done to the
foundation and deck where the new Aqua bar was put. Proper permits may have
never been taken out but the work was done and the bar was opened.

4:06 pm est 

Provincetown Will be a Year Round Destination When:

We build a mountain and equip it with snowmaking equipment for the Winter so
that we become a ski trip destination.

4:02 pm est 

Re: Austin Knight

I agree ! Lets recall Austin Knight. Everytime I hear him speak on
Channel 17 I have to change the channel. Look at his history, trying             
in a                , not following the laws like every other contractor in
Town. Cant wait to see what is next with Mr. Knight.
11:55 am est 

Re: "Wow This is Funny....."

In key west you get mugged...
In Mexico you get your head cut off.......
In province town you can walk the streets !the woods or beach and
Never give it a thought!
Yes,we have our problems,be it government,isolation etc, but we all
Chose this place since we all know it's a special place.
The winters will never improve and I have first hand experience since
I grew up living in a beach community.
I suggest that if you have a problem with groping gays that you take a ride
outside of province town and you can see heterosexual groping to your
Hearts content. But I guess that's a different story in your world.
11:53 am est 

Years of Service

Selectman Couture has served our community putting in years of
service. How about you? It seems your idea of serving is nasty little postings
about her on this blog.
Tell us about the legacy you'll leave in Provincetown?

Off to our fabulous Town Hall and dog park!
11:51 am est 

Re: Art House Cafe

Its a shame that art house could be awesome.   A place for people to
gather in the winter and enjoy a hot beverage and watch a move.   I sit on one
of those boards that the owners of art house deceived and it will catch up with
them.  The promises to show movies and have activity all year long was clear.  
Now they run a half assed cafe a few hours when they feel like being open.  
When they come before the boards again we will think twice.
11:44 am est 

I Am Sorry to Burst Your Bubble

I agree with you that there should be a business analysis of what is
allowed to rent town hall with feedback from the business community through the
Chamber and the PBG.  rentals of town hall should not interfere with the
businesses in town whose tax money is paying for the renovation. That is not
sound fiscal thinking as one poster has pointed out over and over.

Another poster just can't seem to follow the logic. I am sorry to burst your bubble on
Michelle.  When I see that she managed to dip into the Tourism fund
again...first for the drapes and now $10,000 for chairs, I see a sneak, not even
a smart one. I was at the meeting where she said everything is under
budget..yet there is new furniture, which she said would not happen...but as far
as the people who paid for all of this...seems like the same comparison.
11:42 am est 

What is Wrong With Having Some Time Off?

Stop your complaining. It's why I live here. I love a seasonal community and
have always lived in one. I just work harder in-season, save some dollars for
the off-season and just love having some extended time off. Beats working 52
weeks with two weeks off. Move to a city if you don't like it. For years,
Provincetown has tried everything for off-season business and it just doesn't
work on a scale to have lots of businesses open. Just love the peace and quiet
in winter and when I get sick of it, its time to start all over again. This is a
great town and makes for a wonderful life. Enjoy the winter.
11:38 am est 

Re: Provincetown Year Round?

Provincetown will be a year round tourist destination:

When they can grow Palm Trees on Commercial Street and not until then!
11:36 am est 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Put on Your Thinking Caps

We need to take a lesson from the "Indian Head" Resort in Lincoln, NH
if we want to draw some tourist business in.  While we can't offer horse drawn
through mountains we could offer some nice vacation package deals, i.e. free
meals, rooms and natural resource woodland, beach tours, Xmas lighting,
bonfires, group walks through "enchanted" or "Christmas" woods, etc.  Put on a
creative hat and get to work.  With a town full of "artists" it seems there is
absolutely no creativity here at all.  This is what we make it.  Laziness and
ineptness breeds discontent.  Mostly money making or lack of business discontent
it seems.
10:53 pm est 

Michele Couture the Brightest Bulb on the BOS?!

Give me a ....... break. what planet are you from.

If it were not for the spelling I would swear the posting
was written by Couture.

Nice joke. I hope you were only kidding.  
7:12 pm est 

Wow, This is So Funny

People actually wonder what they can do to
promote Ptown as a "year-round" resort destination.  Quite mysterious.  As much
as people will bark, you might want to start with deleting the reputation of
being a gay community.  Let's face it.  Everyone wants a little fun in the sun
but right now Key West and San Miguel de Allende are looking much better to the
vast majority of those who visit in the summer.  Families with children (yes,
sorry, 2 parents w/kids, one parent w/kids, grandparents with kids, heteros with
kids, homos with kids, etc.) just don't look at Ptown during the holidays the
same way they do Bar Harbor, Chatham or Newport.  Newport was jamming this
weekend.  Families flying kites.  Don't see that in Ptown.  Maybe a guy in drag
but nothing that would attract a family who lives an hour away.   These seaside
towns do quite well in winter.  Shops, restaurants, etc. Gee can't imagine why. 
Maybe because the majority of people who visit in summer flock to warmer
climates when the weather dips below 35 to fulfill the sun fun dream while the
rest of you are left in town to flounder.
WAKE UP Ptown.  For Christ's sake.  You purport yourself to being a "liberal"
town.  Well deal with it because these "liberal" people are not interested in
seeing you naked in the cold.  It is what it is.  Stop complaining.  You got
what you wanted.  Great time in summer. half naked men and women gyrating and
making out in the street.  Sweet.  While walking with my grandmother this summer
(the only time) we saw two men groping each other's behind.  You can bet we
won't be back.  I can see this on pay per view.  Good luck Ptown.  Winter is
long and hard although that should be a highlight for you.  The people who run
your town are idiots to not see this.  No need to take it personally.  I would
expect negative defensive feedback but it doesn't matter.  No shock other towns
do better.  Wake up.
7:07 pm est 

Re: Town Hall

Some gain and some are hurt. It means that the rental of town hall--and
especially the selling of liquor now allowed--should require clear thinking
about the rates, the types of offerings allowed and/or encouraged, and the
entire business perspective on rentals.

Seem like a job for the most intelligent member of the BOS--Michele Couture.
Seems she should create a financail analysis and a business plan and then
present this extensive analysis to the other selectmen. She's the brightest of
the selectmen and let's look to her for business savvy on town hall rentals.

If not Couture, then let Sharon Lynn put this business ananlysis together. Lynn
is by far the brightest town hall official, so let's look to her for financial
guidance. She is dynamic, highly intilligent and has an overwhelming future
vision of this town.

With Couture and Lynn working together, this problem will be solved.
7:02 pm est 

Re: "I CAN'T Believe YOU Still do Not Understand"

No one came to town because there was a crafts fair.  Those who went to the fair
were already here.  More than likely they also walked around town and did other
shopping.  Maybe they even had lunch somewhere. 

Whether the people at the fair took the money and ran is really irrelevant. 
Hopefully those tourists that visited had a really enjoyable afternoon in town
and will return at a later date.  Maybe next time they'll even spend the
weekend.  Hopefully they'll tell their friends.  It's the end result and NOT
whether you sold anything or even if any business was taken from you.

The main purpose of renting town hall is to get people downtown and stimulate
economic growth and to give tourists an enjoyable stay.

Town hall is not just a museum, it is a draw and a stimulus for the entire
downtown area.
4:27 pm est 

Some of You Folks Just Can't See Positives in Anything
-I'm glad I can go to the MEWS or Fanizzis anytime of the year and get a great
-I'm glad we have a beautiful restored town hall.
-I love that we have a Stop and Shop here in town open year round.
-I love taking my dog to the dog park or the beach.  He loves both.
-I'm glad we have a town manager and town staff that really care about what they
-I loved seeing all the people in town this weekend.
-I love the holidays are coming and everyone is decorating for Christmas.
-I love the Lobster Pot Christmas Tree, it makes me smile everytime I walk by
it.  Great topper this year!
-I love the guy who provided lobster traps to any of us who wanted one so we
could both decorate for the holidays and remember our history.

I see all the positives we are surrounded by in our little town.  We've got so
many good things going on.

Hope you all have a great holiday season!
4:25 pm est 

I Don't Believe You Still do Not Understand

The people who are renting in the town hallare not local people.  The pop down
a few dollars for the space...make money..contribute little or no money to the P_town
ecomony and LEAVE. 

People come to P-Town to shop because of the end of season reduced
prices that are here. They do not come because there's a craft fair here. Any
money that is spent at that fair LEAVES town.  Our merchants also do not benefit 
(even lose sales) Why should merchants pay their tax dollars to support stores
that set up in town hall? You tell me what benefits out weigh the fact that town
hall IS NOT A STORE and should NEVER be rented as one.  This is NOT the way a
local ecomony can run.
2:30 pm est 

Year-round Open Shops

Businesses were forced to stay open on Nantucket year-round, and guess
what happened, all the small shops closed, leaving only the chain stores, the
Real Estate offices, or the shops with owners who were independently wealthy
selling $100,000 Baskets. Year round does NOT work in a summer beach town.
I remember "The Good Old Days " when the shops all closed after Labor day in
Provincetown. Now this town is open until New Years . The Businessmen who
operate their small businesses in this town work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week
for 6 months, and are TIRED. They have already worked a full years worth of
hours in 5 months and are now working more hours.

All of the owners need a break, and if you compare the business hours with Town
workers, with there 4 day week, and lunch breaks, and paid vacations, health
benefits, pensions, and sick days, it is enough to make me sick.

Businesses are in business to make money, and if the 700 people who actually
stay here all year spent money in the shops in the dead of winter, the
businesses would stay open. Unfortunately the year rounders do not shop here, so
the businesses who are not selling anything in the dead of winter, and generally
don't even have a customer walk in the door after New Years, close for the
winter.  This is logic and good business sense.

Yes it would be nice for the proud 700 Winter locals to be able to walk down
the street and see the businesses open, it would make them feel good, that their
town was open for business in February.

It is a shame  that there is just not enough people to sustain more than a
handful of businesses. so to all those who stay here through the winter, stop
complaining, and open your wallet if you want the businesses to stay open, YOU
will need to spend money, EVERY DAY, in Every  business, ALL winter.  It is as
simple as that.
2:25 pm est 

Re: Town Hall

For a few dollars, these renters take prime space during prime time
then take their money and leave town.

On the other hand, there are relatively few things for visitors to do this time
of year.  Anything that brings people into town, gives people things to do, etc
is a positive.  They may eat in our restaurants, may stay at a guest house, may
also shop in our stores, visit a gallery. . .  Yes, some may come in, visit the
craft fair and leave, but if that's the case, they may not even have come to
town in the first place so you are not losing money because they wouldn't have
been here without it.

Any activity that bring people to town this time of year is a positive.  The
benefit outweighs any negative.
11:11 am est 


To Ms Anderson's plea for business' to stay open year round, she needs a simple
lesson in Economics 101 which she either failed or was employed in academia all
her life. The market dictates when one stays open for 4 days vs. 7 days. She
does NOT have a clue and never will.

Some of us do stay open year round save a few weeks in December or January so
we can have a vacation after working 18 hours a day 7 days a week for 9 months.
But again she and and the rest of the gang don't have a clue and never will. We
LOSE money for 7 months out of the year but we stay open to maintain our staff
that gets us thru the "crazy" summer months. It is that simple. THe ART house
never kept their word but got more seats for the "cafe".

There used to be 12 seats for Little Deb's place prior to her getting shown the door.
Now there are close to 60+ another water/sewer flow determination from Guertin??
Maybe the Banner should do an investigative piece on that one. Here's another
one, the STOOLS i.e. seats in the fast food fry place next to the litte store.

Never went to ZBA or licensing for seats, the Health Agent knows about it and nothing
is done, those of use who PAY thru the nose for sewer rates are screwed again when
business'who are not approved for seats get away with it competing with those of
us who play by the rules. DRIVE down Commercial ST. and LOOK IN THE WINDOW this
is not brain surgery folks.
9:57 am est 

Upon Reflection

I just added up my receipts for the last three days stay in
Provincetown: $876.54. I did a little Christmas Shopping, ate out 5 meals and
needed a few things at Stop and Shop and the hardware store. I'm a part time
resident, I spend about 120 days per year here.

I couldn't find a parking space at the Pier yesterday... and town was very busy
with shoppers and diners. So, I'm just saying, I was impressed with the amount
of business going on and I'm glad to have been able to contribute to it.

9:50 am est 

Re: Art House

What's the big deal with the Art House? So they got a certificate
signed. They are not following the spirit of the certificate and should be
pulled in for a hearing. Who would call them in for a hearing????
9:48 am est 

Want to Show Us How to Ruin This Town?

When I receive a license from the town of Provincetown, it doesnt ask me how
many hours a day or when I will be open or closed.   The only license that I
think is required is a season liquor license or a yearly liquor license.  
(Could also be a seasonal and yearly entertainment license?)

I remember maybe 9 years ago, Bill Dougal and Steve Malamet tried to start an
economic development board.  What did that accomplish?  They, along with a few
others put in hundreds of hours over the years, and as successful business
people in their own right, couldnt get a year round community established.

Does anyone really think our current BOS can do anything?   Come on folks, look
who is on the BOS.   It is Scary that they try to develop policy.  I am not
saying that I do not appreciate the time and effort they all put in, but there
is only one person on that entire board that I would even consider as an
employee of my business if they came to me.    (I have a successful business in
town, and am able to run it for 5 ½ months and make enough money to survive very
comfortably now and for my retirement) 

I appreciate our chair stating that it must be hard for restaurants to plan for
such a slow winter season.   Unlike art galleries or stores that sell items, if
you dont sell items or art, they will be there come the middle of May when
people return.  It is the only smart thing I have ever heard her say.

Packing my bags and heading to Mexico
9:47 am est 

Re: Town Hall

Your response wasn't logical. When the Aids Support Group or any other
local group raises money by selling items ALL PROFITS FOR THE GROUP Town Hall is
an appropriate venue.  When a group RENTS spaces in town hall to people who are
making money for themselves and taking away from the merchants in this town who
are the economic engine that drives the local economy, then there is a problem. 
For a few dollars, these renters take prime space during prime time then take
their money and leave town. Who is paying the taxes to support town hall, only
to have it rented out? Perhaps some by the local merchants? Sets up a very
ironic situation.  By the way, I am not a retailer so it is not about me.  It is
about the town and its economy which has to financially support the expensive
projects by the town. We need to protect our merchants and their income.  What
was that story about the goose and the golden egg?
9:43 am est 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

As for the Art House...Promises, Promises, Promises

They received many rulings from many town boards because...they were going to be
open year round. They were going to have movies year round. They were going to
offer food year round.

Promises, Promises.

Once the certificates are signed,all the promises become dust in the wind. And
the "how wonderfuls" become more disappointments and then forgotten promises.

And the games goes on!
10:45 pm est 

Who Pays the Rent?

The BOS are questioning why so many business close after the end of the season. 
Well I have news for the BOS, if I wanted to pay $20 grand, or $30 grand or $50
grand or more, for an entire 12 months of rent, it isnt anyones business how
many hours a day or weeks or months I stay open.  If I choose to stay open 3
months for my dollars, so be it, if I choose to stay open 5 months or 6 or 7, so
be it.  I could choose to only open 2 days a week in July and August and close
the other 10 months, SO BE IT.   That is America.

The day the BOS tell me I have to stay open for a certain amount of hours or
weeks or months, is when we all become a communist town. 

Now if the BOS wanted to subsidize my payroll, and pay a full time employee to
work with no customers all day long, pay my electric that day, then give me $125
or $150 a day and I will stay open.

I dont think the town can afford that.

When my 2nd condo I bought and paid taxes on and a mortgage, is now empty in
November, December, January, February, March, and April, I still  pay the bank
the mortgage, I still have to pay my taxes to the town, and I have to pay oil to
keep the pipes from freezing.  

But wait, let me town the town I am in Mexico  waiting tables because there is
work there and no business in Provincetown, and tell the bank that there is no
business in Provincetown because the BOS cant figure how to bring people here
off season, and then I will tell the town I cant pay my tax bill for those 5
months and call my bank and tell them I dont have anyone living in my condo
because our town officials cant seem to have a year round community, so I wont
be sending in my months mortgage for the next 5 months.  

Is that how it is suppose to work?
7:27 pm est 

Austin Knight

Watched the November 22 BOS meeting.  Austin told a candidate for the health
board that where her son owned a business in town, that she should understand
the conflict of interest guidelines.
At first I thought I was watching a spoof of the BOS meeting.  But folks, it was
real.   I wonder why no other BOS even raised an eyebrow when Austin said that.  
How stupid is Austin.  He just resigned from property manager at 95 Bradford
Street and 7 Masoni Place as he knew it was a conflict and he did things without
informing the owner that they needed permits.  Now he is telling someone about
conflict laws?   Get rid of Austin now before he does any more damage. 

Recall Austin Knight
7:05 pm est 

Re: Supporting Local Merchants

"That was about many town residents not making any effort to
support Commercial St. merchants, your neighbors."

I do patronize the shops that sell practical and good every day items: Land's
End, Adams, Little Store, Joe, Provincetown General Store, Monument Barber. etc.

And then I also try to check out local business first: Cape Tip sports for shoes
and sweats etc., Norma Glamps for Greeting Cards, Angel Foods for my splurge
gourmet dinners.

But excuse me! How many scented candles, P-town T shirts and  objects of art do
you think I really need, can afford or will fit in my 750 Sq. Ft. condo? 

Have you ever tried to find men's underwear that is somewhat better than BVD or
Hanes but you do not want to spend $100., for a pair of silk boxers? Don't even
think of trying to find a real bra for a real woman.
hi ho hi ho it is on line i go   

6:44 pm est 

Shout Out Users:

You better watch out you better not cry you better not pout I'm telling you why
Dental Floss is coming to town.
6:38 pm est 

Re: Town Hall

"There are other private venues that could be rented.  I do not
think that town hall is a store."

I think the other poster raises a valid question which you didn't directly
answer.  What rule would you put into place?  Don't rent Town Hall Auditorium?
Rent it only to . . .?
6:37 pm est 

Town Hall Retail Store?

Give me a break.  I think it's the Lion's Club (or some other do-gooder
organization) that rented the town hall for a craft fair.  They raise money for
charity.  It's not like some for-profit person came in to make a quick buck by
setting up a craft fair.

Following your inane logic, let's stop the AIDS support group from their annual
art auction from renting town hall, after all they take money away from the
galleries.  No way should we let HOW rent the space for their annual fundraiser. 
The Portuguese Festival shouldn't be allowed to sell food and drink at the Bass
Relief when there are restaurants close by who could be getting that money.

And furthermore, lets not have any performers there either, God knows they could
be playing at any other performance space in town.

Let's stop this stupidity that's the rental of town hall even though the funds
generated go into the future maintenance needs of the building.

The fact is, any rental of town hall is publicized by the renter thereby
generating interest in bringing more people downtown.  It's not all about YOU,
it's about the overall economy which we ALL benefit from in the long run.  Get
over self-serving self.
6:34 pm est 

Fair Weather Friends

I am a year rounder and I do support local businesses. I regularly
patronize Stop & Shop, Conwell Lumber, Adams Pharmacy, Bradford Natural Market,
Ruthies Boutique, Joe Coffee and the Wired Puppy, Chach, Napi's, the Squealing
Pig and many other places.

But when I need to buy clothing where do you expect me to shop? MAP? Rogues
Gallery? I am a working class person of limited means, so of course I don't shop
at these high end stores. I cannot afford to buy my housewares from WA or
Century, so I shop outside of town because it is more economical. If there were
affordable local stores, of course I'd patronize them. Do you think I LIKE
driving all the way to Hyannis to buy a pair of pants or a jacket?

If local businesses want loyal local customers, they need to sell products aimed
at people with middle class incomes instead of going for the big bucks from rich

If tourists are your target audience, don't complain when the money dries up as
soon as the weather changes.
6:32 pm est 

Down Town Provincetown

"The truth is that year round residents regard "down town" as an
inconvenient place."

What part of that was about town government?

That was about many town residents not making any effort to support Commercial
St. merchants, your neighbors. Nice show of community. OK now, off to the mall.
11:15 am est 

Art House.....

......was supposed to be open for movies last year and they closed
for those about half way into the winter and stopped offering movies.I was at
the art house for a coffee today and it was a terrible cup of joe. I will go to
joe coffee from now on.
11:13 am est 

Town Hall

In response to your question about town hall rental.  Though it is not
polite to answer a question with a question, in this case it is appropriate. 
Who spends their earnings here and pumps the local economic engine?  Who paid
and will continue to pay for town hall?  Who will spend a couple of days, take
their money and leave and who will stay and pay the high rent and taxes?
There are other private venues that could be rented.  I do not think that town
hall is a store.
11:11 am est 

Friday, November 26, 2010

What Would You do?

"You are not kidding the town does not support businesses.  The first
rental is for the craft fair and now merchants who need the sales can bite it

So what rule would you implement if you were a town leader and wanted to better
support businesses?  No auditorium rentals to anyone who competes with a town
business?  Wouldn't that pretty much eliminate all auditorium rentals? 

Curious as to how you would handle this if you were a town leader.
8:51 pm est 

Re: Kathy Morris

Just to make things clear Kathy Morris did not serve 6 months in jail,
so how does that do justice.
8:40 pm est 

It's All About the Grub

Maybe all we need to do to get a packed house for Town Meeting is to
offer free food and a little entertainment. Actually, we already have the
entertainment, a true comedy show with the selectmen, so I guess all we need is
the food.
3:33 pm est 

Lack of Support

You are not kidding the town does not support businesses.  The first
rental is for the craft fair and now merchants who need the sales can bite it
because the town has rented to outsiders who will take their money and run
during prime business time.
3:31 pm est 

Isn't It time You Fight For Your Town?

It's now or never. Where have you been? Step up to plate. Take action. Speak.
It's time. Act now.
11:15 am est 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Here's What I find Strange

The auditorium is packed. The upstairs is filled. All this for free food and
entertainment. But where were you when the votes were taken? Were were
you when the BOS made major decisions? Home. Sitting on your bum. Watching TV.

You are there for the presentations, for the speeches and the accolades that go
to none of you.

How odd this is. I guess my conclusion is that you get what you deserve. You get
what you won't fight for--but you'll be there for the celebration.

How sad. How ironic. How ridiculous.
10:43 pm est 

Thanks For Nothing

If the town supported Commercial Street business more would stay open.
The truth is that year round residents regard "down town" as an inconvenient
place. Visitors and those horrible part timers support and appreciate us and
most of you chose not to. Fact, not opinion, and thanks for nothing.
10:00 pm est 

Re: Art House Cafe

Maybe Ben should have let JoMamas come back if he cant run it for lunch & dinner
every night! They have a year round license to operate so should be running it
year round...again subleting it if that's what's req'd to keep doors open!
2:22 pm est 

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!

In the quiet of this late autumn, may you enjoy family and friends. May the
turkey be delightful and the company even better!
1:54 pm est 

Happy Thanksgiving to All...

May you all have someone to share a nice
hot meal with today. Be Thankful that you live in this wonderful town.
1:50 pm est 

Re: Kathy Morris

I looked back to cct article.  She was sentenced to
one year.  That means if she did what she was told in jail, then six months is
all she would have to serve. The article also said she has to pay in full. Get
over it.  She did her time and will pay for years to come. I know she has a
child and she should of thought of that before she did what she did, but as a
mother myself I can't imagine not being able to hold my child for six months.
That is the worst kind of time.  
1:48 pm est 

Re: Art House Cafe No Winter Business

PS...the Art House was open today and lunch was good
1:44 pm est 

Re: Art House Cafe No Winter Business

What a nice guy you are because the Art House wasn't open when you
wanted them to be.  At least they are trying when others have cut loose. So you
get the idea to slam them so they get less business.  What is wrong with you?
That was a sick thing to do.
1:42 pm est 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Art House Cafe No Winter Business

Yet another business doesn't even make it into the winter I tried to
buy lunch today at Art House Cafe which they hyped as being open every day blah
blah blah and they were closed on a Friday.I asked the post office lady and she
said they just don't have the business to stay open now afterall.If you're going
to be open be open.If you're going to close just close and dont advertise you
are open every day.The food wasnt anything to write home about but it was a
place to get lunch just the same.Cross off ARt House Cafe as your list of places
to eat lunch this winter.
3:02 pm est 

Re: Kathy Morris

Kathy Morris will pay over and over whether she's in jail or not.  You
don't know how much she paid back or what the court has set for future payments. 
In this fishbowl town, she wil be wearing the scarlet A until she dies.  Leave
her alone. Show some compassion.  She spent her time.
3:01 pm est 

No Beach Rake

The Beach Rake was not purchased with a gift from the Harbor Fund
because the DPW would have to pay to operate, maintain and store the equipment. 
It takes 3 DPW workers to install the No Parking Snow Emergency Route Signs on
Commercial St: 1 to drive the truck, one to unload the sign from the truck and a
third to place it in the hole.  Can you just imagine the # of staff that would
be "required" to handle an automated piece of equipment and actually take care
of it.  I mean really!
2:59 pm est 

Town Dump

I don't recall a answer to a recent question by a blogger.
Why are the dump hours 6 in the morning to only 1 pm???
2:57 pm est 

Big News Kathy Morris is Out of Jail

Everyone feels sorry for her .
Are they nuts she stole money did not have to serve all her time and has not
paid the money back yet.
11:54 am est 

RE-noise on Shankpainter

I'ts the cars who love to speed over those slabs, ther should be a sign there. I
wonder who the sick person is on here all the time,no-one wants to listen to his
or her nasty remarks.
11:52 am est 

95 Bradford Street

Noticed the orange signs are off the building stating the town put a stop work
order on the property.   Is it becasue they have a new contractor?   Is Austin
Knight envolved?

Just wondering
11:21 pm est 

Please, be Compassionate

Yes, the iron plates on Bradford must be
lousy for the neighbors to hear and all..... but who hasn't lived on a street
being re-paved or being dug to replace a water line, electrical,gas whatever.
For a few weeks I'd like to hear those sounds rather than realize the results of
neglect that leads to catastrophe.
11:20 pm est 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Re: Shankpainter Road

You should have felt sorry for the people on Bradford street years ago
when the sewer was being put in.  We lived with the metal plates that cars ran
over for over 2 years.  Wondering if you just moved to town?  And a happy
holiday season to you also.

4:29 pm est 

Shankpainter Road

The noise of cars and trucks going over huge steel slabs on Shankpainter RD. is
horrible. I feel sorry for the people trying to work, who also live there and
have to listen to that noise all day and night.
2:27 pm est 

Misreading of the Land's End Party

People did not complain. There were many people who enjoyed the celebration and
it was festive and great. That it was crowded is what you'd expect from a
wonderful open house holiday party!

It was enjoyable and a wonderful time! We will miss these from now on but there
are no regrets for what was done in the past.

Thanks for the memories!
2:25 pm est 

So Funny!

Last year, if I recall correctly, Land's End Inn was skewered on this blog
because their xmas party did not live up to what it was when David was still
alive (almost 20 years ago)and everyone was upset that it was only a shadow of
what it once had been... now that the place will be sold, last years party was,
actually, "the end of an era, the end of graciousness"... geez loo-eeze! Did you
ever consider that throwing a big expensive party, and then having it lambasted
on this blog for a few weeks (along with the new owners personalities) might
have soured the new guys on doing anything else nice for this town? That the
treatment you gave these guys might have made selling to the first and highest
bidder that much easier to do?

Some of you people really take the cake; nothing any new person in town will
ever live up to your memories of the past... and then you wonder why some people
choose to simply leave this town and try out some other place where maybe ones'
neighbors treat each other with some respect... between this blog and all the
old vs new "what is a real townie" and "I remember this so I am better than you"
10:28 am est 

Second Home Owners Support This Town!

Why are the second homeowners vilified?
They pay and pay, and pay to be here.
They financially support all of our charities.
They Eat in the restaurants and shop, and go to the shows, and clubs.
They hire the local contractors, tradesmen, painters, etc...

They pay more than half of the property taxes, without representation, hmmm,
does that sound familiar, the Revolution was held over no less.

Interesting, they come, pay, and use very few services, and yet they pay the
taxes for the people who live here for years and have enjoyed this wonderful
town, and the Drama that surrounds us.

Here is an interesting proposition:
A Human Tax.
If you live here, and use services, you get to pay for them .
Take the budget, and divide by 3,500. Everyone who lives here pays $5,714.
This is simple and fair, so I am sure the Toads of this town will not like it.

10:09 am est 

Beach Rake!?
I agree!!  Where's the rake that was approved!?  WHERE's the Rake?  Where's the
10:07 am est 

"Truth of the Matter, I Would Love to See Couture Recalled"

RECALL Couture! Give her one drop of her own medicine.  RECALL Couture!  Her
rants and inappropriate & unprofessional response & demands to members of the
community should be replied to:  RECALL HER BEFORE her term ends and send a
message!!  "You are Wrong, Lady!"
10:06 am est 

Last Year's Land's End Christmas Party Was the Last Hurrah

Someone knew it would be. It was grand. It was glorious. It was the Last Hurrah.
It was a last goodby-- not the beginning of a renewed tradition.

It is over as are the views from guests who love being there. It is the end of
graciousness. It is the end of an era.
11:47 pm est 

For the Record:

Clarification....  The same people are working under Jaran the worked under
Meyers with the exception of 3 retirees...

What's your point?
11:44 pm est 

I Like Jeff Jaran

From what I have seen he has done a great job. Your
perspective may be different but that is mine.
11:43 pm est 

Re: Bangs Street

Took a walk down Bangs St. today.  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN INDEED?  Looks
so disproportionate it's like a throbbing cartoon toe on the end of a foot.  The
neighbors are okay with this according to Mr. DiMo?  Questionable.
11:42 pm est 

Naysayers Nothing

The truth is just sour so you want to sugarcoat it
with misconceptions.
11:40 pm est 

A Few Years Will Tell the Story

Actually, give Town Hall a year or two with some nice winter weather
and taxpayers will be coughing up more than winter phlegm.  That "historic"
green paint is specifically made to weather poorly.  Gee, can't imagine why. 
Easily researched on the web or with anyone with a brain.   Also, the BOS
CLEARLY (and I'm not Mr. Mendes) have their own agenda.  I feel so sorry for
Provincetown, the natural woods, beaches and dunes.  The land takes the hit,
look at BSE ... over and over because townspeople let more than one village
idiot run the place.  The FBI, CIA and NASA should be notified only it's gone on
so long it's a waste of time.  Move out, let the people who "really" care about
the town move in and wear a hazmat suit when you go to the beach if you bother
to visit.  Simple.  Ptown is doomed and in 20 years there will be a condo on top
of the monument.  For sale at top dollar but funded by affordable housing under
the watchful eye of your BOS.  Good job.  Bring in !
Sara Palin.  At least she would clean the beaches in the hopes of tempting a
seal in to shoot. 

11:39 pm est 

Monday, November 22, 2010

To Town Hall Affront...

Exactly what I was thinking when I heard the
frog croaking about under budget...Obviously the BOS took it upon itself to
spend it on office furniture, not for seats for the people who paid for all
2:59 pm est 

Town Hall

One of the unsung benefits of town hall is that it will be around and looking
great a lot longer than the nasty naysayers that post so frequently here.

1:24 pm est 

Lands End Party

So the Lands End Inn Christmas party is cancelled this year, who wants
to take bets the reason is because the property is sold??
10:36 am est 

"Can You Spell T-r-a-n-p-a-r-e-n-c-y?"

Ummmm, well yes, I can spell transparency... but can you???

I think Austin should be ashamed of himself as well, but your post really made
me laugh! Can you spell that? l-a-f-f...
10:05 am est 

Town Hall Affront

Did anyone notice that Provincetown taxpayers who are footing then
entire town hall renovation barely received a mention? they were all patting
each other on the back up on the stage for a job well done.

Did anyone notice when Selectman Couture said both phases were under budget, she
didn't say how much? Will the money 'saved' not be taken out in debt service? Or
was the money used to completely outfit Town Hall with  pricey furniture? That
custom built dais is beyone pretentious. How much did that cost us for the
Selectmen to appear to look all powerful?
9:33 am est 

Re: Austin Knight

Knight was positioning himself for the next election of head mason. I
was appalled he used the re-opening of Town Hall for his personal agenda. Can
you spell t-r-a-n-p-a-r-e-n-c-y? Knight will never shake off his deservedly bad
reputation in this Town.
9:26 am est 

Another Blogger That Says, I'm With the Bearded Clam

Tell me it aint so.  Did Austin had the audacity to get up at the new dedication
of the town hall and really rant about construction projects?
Was his buddy, Peter there?  Is Austin trying out for a reality show?  And no
other BOS said anything?   I know people in town that have spoken to 2 BOS about
Austin and his doings at 95 Bradford Street.  Both BOS could care less.   As far
as I am concerned, they are all to blame. 

See & hear all evil

9:18 am est 

PPD is a Better Organization

How wrong you are that tourism wasn't down because of bad publicity
from the PD under Meyer.  Provincetown received NATIONAL negative publicity
which continued for years because of SOME officers' behaviors under
him...behavior which was complained about but not rectified.  Meyer couldn't be
approached and the town suffered.  Jared can be approached...negative press
about the PD has subsided (though some groups are still perpetuating Meyer's
regime) Do your homework about Provincetown press before you spout off like a
whale in heat.
9:16 am est 


State ofe the Town Meeting? And where did you ever think this came from? You
have no clue. and what did it do? nothing about trasnparency, all about marketing.
What a joke.

Look for nothing to be said there. another option taken over by the smug ktichen
cabinet. What a group of losers and that includes AM as well. Call in Tom Memino
if you need resucing. Poo-leaze!
9:14 am est 

Blog vs Reality

By reading this blog, you would think somebody would call the FBI in
to investigate all of the charges  made against austin knight, the bos, tm and
the cheif!
9:11 am est 

Police Chief Jaran

As spoken in previous message, MORALE is at its lowest ever...... Citizens would
not believe what goes on inside the walls of the PD.....  ENOUGH SAID....
9:10 am est 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chief Jaran

9:27 pm est 

Re: Austin Knight

If Austin Knight is as guilty as you say on this blog, why not call
the state and report him and the town you so hate????
9:25 pm est 

Yeah, I'm With the Bearded Clam

I couldn't believe Austin had the audacity to get up there at yesterday's town
hall dedication and rant about construction projects. The guy clearly has no
clue at all. Please...........somebody PLEASE.......
replace this total loser..........

Sad Townie
9:23 pm est 

To Bearded Clam

Only PAUL MENDES is allowed to type IN ALL CAPS. It hurts the eyes and
diminishes your point.
9:21 pm est 

I Am Sadly Affended by so Many Who Are From Here

Where are you? What has happened to your tongue? Have
you lost your voice while digging deep for littlenecks?

Please, do not give me your weak excuses, your sad stories about why life has
changed here.

You---yes you---are the reason. Say no more.

Just look at yourself in the mirror. You are the problem. No one else. Nothing else.
9:20 pm est 

What State of the Town?

Do you have any clue where this came from?

You Don't!

And sadly this is part of this town's probem. It forgets its historyl
It acts as if what had been is not what is.

No lessons for you. How many times should we try to reinvent history for those
who are from here and for those who sadly think  they are from here.

9:15 pm est 

Re: Austin Knight

AK will never leave under his own power.  Wake up and get him out. 
Declare a conflict and remove him from his position.  Read the Bylaws.  There
has to be one that allows removal under conditions that conflicts exist and
dereliction of duties ensued.  Guy's a fool from back in the day.  Ask any of
his classmates from High School where he ranked in his graduating class.
2.  Shank Painter.  Now it begins.
3.  Stop with the whining about the importance of voting.  It's all about who
you are and who you know.  You can "vote" until the cows come home but in Ptown
there is always a way to get what you want despite how the vote turns out.  Do
what's voted on paper but then down the line do what you want anyway.  Who will
ever care enough to do something about it other than blog.  Did the Bangs St.
Abutter's Meeting with Town Officials teach us nothing?  It was a complete JOKE! 
People showed up and were shut up.  Vote all you want.  It matters nothing in
the long run.
Town Officials put on a good front but they are all under the control of others. 
Just do your homework if you doubt this truth.
9:11 pm est 

Hey Austin!


7:09 pm est 

Police Chief:

It's not just the publics opinion that counts..  Has anyone asked any of the
officers on the department how they feel?  If you haven't, perhaps you should!

GET IT !!!!
7:06 pm est 

No One is Singing About High End Real Estate Sales

Why? Because it is nothing new!
The economy doesn't affect the mega rich like it does you and me.  When times
are tough is the optimum market for these people.  Labor, materials, etc. are
cheaper so they can do revisions carte blanche and make out.  Unless you have
something like the BSEXT prefabs, that's a different story.  Buy high, build
cheap and sell high only that's not so easy.  People actually do care about what
they invest in and a pound of particle board is not worth a pound of bricks. 
Waterfront in Chatham vs. dead end in Ptown.  No contest.
7:05 pm est 

Board of Selectmen Monday November 22 Meeting

Is the BOS meeting Monday night about the rehiring of the Chief of

See agenda listed below:

1. A. Public Hearing: FY 2011 Tax Classification
    B. Public Hearing: Economic Development Permit: 167 Commercial St #7
    C. Joint Meeting with Visitor Services Board  Five year Plan
2. Public Statements
3. Selectmens Statements
4. Appointments

5. Requests

    A. Airport - Grants Assurances: 1) EA/FEIR.DRI Permitting - Grant Estension;
    2) Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicle; 3) Snow Removal Equipment;
    4) Rosenbauer Contract;
    B. Fishermans Memorial Committee  Carol Peters
    C. Provincetown A.I.D.S. Memorial RFP  Frank Vasello
    D. 1. Town Hall Auditorium Rental  Request for Alcohol Use  Mass Equality
    2. Town Hall Auditorium Rental  Request for Alcohol Use  Rick Murray
    E. Treasurers Transfer: 1 & 2) Harbor Access Gift Fund; 3) Public Fountain Gift
    F. Parade Permit: Annual National Multiple Schlerosis Society Charity Bike Ride
    G. Proclamation: Sgt. Martin (Marty) Menangas
6. Town Manager / Assistant Town Manager
    A. Schedule Board of Selectmen Budget Review Meetings for January
    B. Town Manager follow-up
    C. Other C1  90 Shank Painter Land Lease
7. Minutes
8. Closing Statements
7:01 pm est 

Barbara Rushmore/Public Statements

Where are you when it comes to voting down the articles at town meeting that
Ms. Rushmore proposes.  You write on the Blog your dismay but the voters have
spoken and voted what she has proposed.  Get out and vote at Town Meeting!

As for the shortness of public statements at BoS meetings, voice your concerns
at the State of the Town that is held before every town meeting.
2:10 pm est 

Monday-Board of Selectmen Meeting

Is the BOS meeting Monday night about the rehiring of the Chief of
Police?  If so, where is it and what time? Will there be public comments on this
topic at the beginning of the meeting?
1:19 pm est 

Re: Chief Jaran

He has brought order, and the rule of Law to a formally out of control, and
violent police force. The consequence of the actions of officers under the
former chief have severely damaged the reputation of this town nationally, which
for the last few years had brought much bad press for Provincetown, which in
turn lead to less tourism/business. 

The only possible fault some may have with Chief Jaran is that he is honest, and
above reproach, and the only people who could possibly [want him removed] are people
who were used to paying bribes in the past in order to have there "crimes" overlooked.

Chief Jaran   is good for this town , and if weloose him to corrupt,  frog-like politics, we
will deserve what we get!                                                   

12:38 pm est 

Chief of Police

If you wish to have your voices heard please show up at the BOS meeting this
Monday night and express your support for Jeff in person, in front of the BOS so
they can hear the electorate and not some back room discussions between Bedard
and Couture, don't even get me started on Knight he has no business voting on
any hire in Provincetown let alone the Police department.

It is great that people can express themselves in this blog but due diligence at
public meetings also helps a great deal. Sharon hires and fires the Chief, not Chair
of the BOS though I am sure they discuss in executive session.

Wouldn't it be a "novel" idea that the BOS have an open forum, say one in the fall
and one well in advance of Town Meeting to accept questions from the public
and give answers to them in public well in advance of Town Meeting so we can
hear them and not be limited to a 5 minute "allowance" of time at Public Statements.
Many questions can be asked on a variety of topics and hopefully they would
answer them!!
12:33 pm est 

How Soon They Forget

How short your memories are from when Meyer was the Chief till now. 
Meyer caused so many problems with his Texas attitude and good all boy network
that Jared inherited.

Jared may not win the popularity contest in the PPD, but at least there is not bad
press all over the place that his predecessor caused.
I have had contact with both, Meyers and Jared.  I take Jared 1000%.  He is
doing a fine job with a good department and I support him.
12:22 pm est 

Re: Barbara Rushmore

It is people like Barbara Rushmore that will take this town down.  Barbara's
intentions might be good, but she is very misguided.  I have lived here sixty
years and have seen several people leave their indelible mark on this town and
we need to stand up to her now.  Don't let her crazy rants and selfish motives
hurt this town any more. Barbara Rushmore, you don't speak for the majority, you
are only concerned with your best interests and you are hurting this town.
12:19 pm est 

Re: Water Bill / David Guertin
I contacted the Water Dept. and spoke to David and he gave me the same
reasoning: "Cutting them out saves transport cost, manufacturing cost and trash
disposal cycle, all cutting carbon emissions."  Glad to see that David Guertin 
also reads / contributes to this blog.  If this logic is so sound, then why does
our tax bill come with a return envelope?  I'm sure the lack of envelope has
nothing to do with the heavy late fee imposed if payment is not received on
time.  David Guertin, a return envelope would be appreciated and an
accommodation easily made.
12:18 pm est 

Thoughts For Sunday Morning

Its funny. Someone said this Chief has ruined "morale"
at the PD. What a joke. every Chief we have had for the last 3 decades is blamed
for ruining morale. perhaps the problem is with the rank and file? and the old
civil service system that kept new hires out.

Someone blogged that Michelle might try and get rid of term limits. where have
you been? she has already tried to do that at town meeting twice. Keep an eye on
that one i say. the sooner she is put out to pasture the better.

Last, the town hall opening yesterday was worth the wait.
I was truly impressed with the decisions made. All 3 floors looked nice. Sharon,
you deserve the standing ovation you received.

Slippery Clam

12:15 pm est 

Police Chief Contract

When I mentioned that two or three selectmen were considering not approving his
contract and in one of the reply's it was stated "yea, if you were one of those
folks, I can see how you would be demoralized"
is obvious you need to find out
more info. I do not work there but have been lucky enough to have other
associates in positions within this town to feel comfortable enough to tell you
and others, he is ruining the "morale" of this dept. You can kiss his rear
quarters if you want but others feel differently.
12:12 pm est 

Real Estate

I find it curious that no local or regional paper has done an article on the
high end real estate market here or similar action on Nantucket. Just with what
has happened in past six months much less what is rumored the high end is on
fire compared with rest of country. Something unique is happening and the
Banner, Cape Cod Times and Boston Globe ought to be all over it yet virtually no

12:09 pm est 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Re: Chief Jaran

"Only if they knew how he has ruined the moral of the provincetown police
department. wake up selectmen."

I assume you meant morale?  He's done a fine job and has worked to weed out
those who shouldn't be in our police dept.  Yea, if you were one of those folks,
I can see how you would be demoralized.

10:37 pm est 

Send Her a Message

Michele Couture would  like to saddle Provincetown with her final act of 
insult by bringing in another Police Chief before she has to step-down
from her position on the BOS due to term limits.

I would not put it pass her to attempt to have the term limits rule changed, if it
is at all possible.

Jeff Jaran has been fair and responsible in his leadership position as Chief; he
deserves his contract to be renewed to continue the effort he has put into 
raising the standards of the police force.

Just remember the dysfunctional condition of the force under the previous acting
Chief. Recall the unmanaged fracas of the summer police and the mismanaged
4th of July riots. Where was Couture during the law suits and wrangling within the
police department.? Where in deed?

She backed Warren Tobias to the hilt and he was nothing more than a complete
incompetent, but that's what she wanted all along.

I am not a Sharon Lynn fan, but, she chose Jaran, when the kitchen cabinet was
pushing for a female candidate. He was the right candidate then and still is
Truth of the matter, I would love to see Couture recalled before her compulsory retirement.
This would be fitting and proper for all of the damage she has brought on this town.

Think about it. It could be done. It has been done before!

Think about it.      
10:31 pm est 

Jeff Jaran Has Been Good For This Town!

And who should be chief? Not someone now in the department. And not the woman
Sharon initially wanted to make chief. Please, Please. We have enough
incompetents running town positions. Jeff is good and he should be supported.

Michele Couture does not like him. She would bring Warren Tobais back if she
could. She wants every chief to kiss her wet frog backside. I support those who
refuse such demeaning acts. Couture has been a liablility for this town, not an
asset. Though at times, she is more ass--et than anything else. Did she ever
graduate from high school? I don't think so and it shows.

Can't wait for Spring! then she can put all her energy into making frogs turn
into princes or princesses.
10:02 pm est 

Water Bill
I agree... What is up with no return envelope?  It's not like we can go to town
hall and pay in person.  Their hours are only convenient to them, not their
customers.  Only in Provincetown!
10:00 pm est 

Re: Where's the Beach Rake

This "topic" was brought up months ago.  Disgusting beaches and trash
yet our beloved Conservation Commission and town leaders have no problem with
this.  Rather than address the problem they would rather throw blame at one
another or claim they have no responsibility, it's on the state level or some
other idiot's level.  Meanwhile, the filth accumulates and more damage is done. 
Sorry, this DOES NOT (and yes I am screaming) contribute to dune building.  Yes,
this dirty, disgusting, trashed, contaminated, Board of Health problem was much
less 30 years ago.   Instead of buying chairs or drapes hire a crew to clean up
these beaches.  One thorough cleanup would last a while.  Gee what a novel idea.

Signed, a townie who actually swimmed off of town harbor beaches once upon a
time but wouldn't even dare to do so now for fear of a serious bacterial
9:58 pm est 

Re: Barbara Rushmore

Why people listen to this woman about anything having to do with town
politics is a joke.  Really just silly.  Maybe she can run with Ms. Palin on the
next ticket.  Or be queen.  For christ's sake, she has no place in townwide

This townie remembers when Ptown wasn't swollen with condos and cheapness and
smelled like salt air and fresh fish... and Ms. Rushmoore lived quietly in the
east end with her daughters and wasn't involved in serious issues facing the
town.  and yes, it was much better then.     
4:31 pm est 

Sewage Dump Tax

I think Barbara Rushmore should have a sewage dump tax imposed on her
for allowing her waste to leech into the bay because she refuses to hook up to
the sewer.  Anyone want to get that on town warrent?
4:29 pm est 

Where's The Beach Rake!

Walked at Herring Cove Beach, Race Point and the Bay Beach today.
There is so much junk washed up on the East End Bay Beach across from
the Cape Inn. Beer bottles, tampons, condoms, pieces of wood, netting,
fishing line, rope, bricks, tires, soda cans, food wrappers, old pieces
of floats, sticks, leaves, chunks of cement, a hat, a glove... I could go on and
on. Why doesn't the town keep the beaches clean? Maybe the new owners of the
Cape Inn will realize that it is the beaches that bring people to the Cape.
Maybe they will clean the beach daily. I picked up a large bag of trash today,
which took me all of an hour from in front of Bay Colony Condos down to the
Breakwater Motel. Let's all work together to keep the beaches clean.

4:27 pm est 

Police Chief Contract

Word is circulating around town that two or three of the selectmen are against
renewing the police chief contract. hopefully they won't. only if they knew how
he has ruined the moral of the provincetown police department. wake up
4:25 pm est 

Time Will Tell

"Until there is a new BOS that has an education and ecomomic sense and
can plan on a presnt and FUTURE line, I oppose any new taxes."

Then you'll most likely be opposing them for a long time.  Last time we voted on
two Selectmen, knight and Santos ran unopposed.  People like to complain,
actually doing something about it like running for office is another story. 

Two positions will be up for election this spring - Couture who is out (term
limit) and Anderson.  Will anyone run?  Anyone want to get from behind their
keyboard and actually run for a position where they can make a difference?  Put
themselves out there where they'll be subject to these anonymous pot shots?

Time will tell.
4:23 pm est 

If You're Tired About the Topics, Then Bring New Ones In

It's an open forum as I see it. Then bring in new and exciting issues if the old
ones seem too old for you. We're waiting to hear from you!
1:41 pm est 

To: Barbara Rushmore

Your current legacy to the Town. Do you remember?

1. Cigarette vending machines. Just think of the lost
2. Pee for free. Just think of that lost income. If I gotta
pee I'll pay plenty. Another loss of income.
3. Beautifiction and trees. When are these trees you planted
are going to get trimed? Oh, the so called garden on Lopes
Square reminded  me of a bad day at a yard sale and the
Christmas Tree Shop.
4. Chain stores- I bet you go to Hyannis every chance
you get but not in your back yard.,
5. TransferTax: Shove it.

Been here longer than you  
1:39 pm est 

A Townie Remembers

Hmmm, I am not sure if I remember Pucey's shoppe... I do have very
fond memories of Miss Merkin's Hair Spot, however... it was down stairs from the
Olde Milk Jug on Commercial, around the corner from the old home-made fudge
store... oh, how I loved the smell of fresh fudge when I was a kid! That and the
Portugese Bakery... Provincetown was a wonderful place to grow up and I only
want it to be preserved for future generations!!!
1:38 pm est 

Shocantelle Brown

She started one of the biggest African American hair
salons in Harlem... she now owns at least two shops each in every major american
city with large black populations... she basically is the new Madame Walker...
and I sho' can tell you that this is no rumor, it is TRUE!!
1:36 pm est 

Re: Rock Hudsons Cousins Sister

Really?.. I heard rumors that he's gay! Can you believe that?
9:14 am est 

No Chain Stores

It is wonderful that the Marc by Marc Jacobs stores raised 48K for the
community playground. It is a shame that the town voted to stop such businesses
from opening in the future.  Such a misfortune. Barbara Rushmore should be
ashamed of herself.
9:12 am est 

Is This Really True?

I recently overheard that the famous hair designer Shocantelle Brown is buying
the former Pucey Toupet Beauty Salon on Bradford Street.  What does anyone know
about this sale or who Shocantelle Brown is?
9:10 am est 

Transfer Tax Person...Get Over Yourself

There is no transfer tax. 

The idea will go to state legislators and die there.  Rushmore didn't think
things thru in her obsessive quest to pass this in town. Do you really think
that 48 people can impose this tax on everyone buying in town forever?  Not a

The town gouges for money all the time..try the tax on guest house
rentals that is 2 figures.  Does money go where needed? Not really..point try
the chairs for the auditorium vs the new office furniture (promise broken).
Until there is a new BOS that has an education and ecomomic sense and can plan
on a presnt and FUTURE line, I oppose any new taxes.  Go to a board meeting and
look what is sitting there... An old lady picked by Michelle, Michelle who is
two faced, Bedard who is plain nasty and self serving, Knight whose business
dealings are questionable, and Santos who can hardly mutter a discernable

This Board is a disgrace.  No new taxes until present and future fiscal managers
sit there
9:08 am est 

Re: "What is Better Now Then 30 Years Ago?"

9:04 am est 

Sharon Lynn Did and Does Owe All of Us an Explanation For Her Absence

How ridiculous that we should be in the dark about her health and how really
sick she was and is. This level of secrecy, of cover-up, of camouflage is
ill-fiiting for this town. It is pure ridiculous.

If you are a town employee and if your are town manager, you owe your town an
explanation of your absence. She did not. I fault her for her lack of leadership
on her own illness and her own absence. This is wrong and she was wrong to
follow this secret path. I don't care who is in her kitchern cabinet, they were
also wrong in their advice.

What other town would put up with this foolishness? What other town would
consider this right and appropriate?

11:42 pm est 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Austin Knight

Could not agree more with the other blogger on here.  Get a job Austin.  Resign
and be a big man and tell us you made a mistake.  Then I might forgive you in
lying to the people that elected you.  

I do not care you do not pay taxes or a water bill or anything else.  I do mind
you telling your peers you did not know what was going on at the 2 properties
(Masonic place and Bradford Street).  There were a lot of people that saw you on
the Bradford property all summer long.  
9:45 pm est 

Sorry to Change Subjects But................

Real estate brokers do not have to disclose a death on a property, natural or
otherwise,  or paranormal activity. 

That should clear up some questions regarding properties for sale and broker

Does the death of a town count?  As Moe would say, why certainly. 
9:44 pm est 

Austin Knight

Can someone please tell me why Austin Knight is still sitting on the BOS, why
has he not resigned after failing to uphold any building department requirements
with regards to 2 properties he had DIRECT supervision over? He, himself will
NOT resign because he has nothing else to do but attend meetings, sit at
Democratic table in front of Town Hall and                                    
    . Why doesn't he get a builder's license, get a real job and contribute to
the local economy. He is another phony like         et al. How can the rest of
the BOS sit at the same table with him? Show's you how much one looks the other
way for a quorum. I remember when BOS chair asked volunteer Licensing members to
resign but she fails to ask her fellow "select" person to resign. He knew
exactly what was going on with those properties. I am sure he will be at Town
Hall tomorrow smiling and shaking hands and showing up at Monument and offering
to give out FREE cider for the lighting. Get a job !
Austin!!!!!! Se what is like to pay taxes, a water bill or even a rooms tax.
9:10 pm est 

9:06 pm est 

Same Old Same Old

Same old bitching and moaning... we need some new topics...
BORING - I say Boring

By the way, Rock Hudson's second cousin's step sister's father in-law from his
first marriage is buying land in Ptown.
7:52 pm est 

Re: Is This True

Lady Gaga has a private showing for 195 Bradford and Sigfreid and Roy
are just crazy about the luxury townhouses on Bangs St.  They want all 4, 1 for
them and 3 for the tigers and they want to pay more than 579K a pop because of
their loyalty to the transfer tax and because of the mosquito petting zoo next

All the sand from the destroyed dune will make a great tiger litter box. 
What an up and comming shi shi place, playground for the rich. 

Sure and your ticket to Mars can be picked up at the roast beef flavored cotton candy booth.    

7:50 pm est 

Re: Assistant Town Manager

Wow, sounds like David Gardner should get a gold star on his forehead
for being the only one at town hall who does anything right.  I wonder where, in
the heat of a real storm, his loyalties would lie. I would not put my money on
real concern for the good of Ptown but rather somewhere smaller, closer to his
heart and made of fabric near some buttons, perhaps holding a pen or pencil if
he were an accountant. 
6:24 pm est 

No Need to Insult a Blogger

Sorry Pard, don't think the blogger's position is stupid.  If people
who purchased the property actually cared half as much about the town as you
claim they do, they would have known better than to bloat it with

And they too, did it in the name of the almighty buck.  Like
they aren't laughing all the way to the bank either.  No need to insult a
blogger.  We all have the right to voice our opinions.  That just shows how
ignorant you are.  Awfully touchy aren't you.  You should be ashamed saying
another blogger is stupid
6:14 pm est 

Re: A Townie Remembers

Where in your utter stupidity have you cited two things better now
than they were 30 years ago?  Not at all, that's right. Talk about stupid,
stupid is and stupid does and you seem to do it all.
6:11 pm est 

Is This Also True?

Cher is looking at 170 Bradford Street for Chaz
6:08 pm est 


"Many asked but few knew who was in charge and when and for how long
was the Assistant Town Manager our acting town manager.  Poor way to handle this
sad problem."

That's the reaction the great majority in town have to your concerns. 
Trying to create an issue where there is none.  YAWN

6:06 pm est 

Raise the Transfer Tax

With these multi-million dollar properties that were or are on the market it is
time to raise the transfer tax up to 3%. Why?  $8 million for the Murchison
house, millions for Cape Inn, Millions for Lands End Inn...and more to come on
the market every month.

Raise the transfer tax!!! 
6:04 pm est 

Re: Wrong Point

Get over yourself!  The BOS were well aware of every aspect of Sharon's leave. 
She answers to them.  Her absence was treated with dignity and most importantly,
respect for the health of their employee.

And out of respect for her position, when she did return to work with finally
having the true knowledge of what her prognosis was, she let the town know via a
press release. 

Sharon Lynn nor the BOS owe you a blow-by-blow account of what was happening. 
Again, respect and dignity.
6:02 pm est 

There's no Attack on David Gardner

I believe most people feel he is the most competent town official. Some even
wish he were the permanent town manager. He is bright, works hard and seems to
make solid decisions. He is not afraid to act and speaks forcefully in public.

The questions relate to who is in charge and when. His competence is a totally
different issue. You shouldn't conflate them.
5:56 pm est 

Wrong Point:

Being Out of Town for A meeting is Different From Being
Away Weeks Due to Illness

The two are not the same. A town needs to know who is in charge. It should not
be a guessing game. For the last two months, it has been a guessing game. Many
asked but few knew who was in charge and when and for how long was the Assistant
Town Manager our acting town manager.

Poor way to handle this sad problem.
12:13 pm est 

Is This True

I heard that Marc Jacobs is telling all his fashionista friends about the great
deals on real estate in Provincetown... other soon-to-happen buys include Diane
Von Furstenburg looking to buy the Chateau and turn it into a private residence,
and Ralph Lauren's daughter Dylan is looking into the horse farm on West Vine to
build her dream house... and I believe that they have already closed with Calvin
Klein (and his former porn star boyfriend!!)for the old Ampersand Guest
house...or maybe it is the one right next door on Cottage Street... so many of
our beloved and wonderfully community m,inded guest houses will now be
playgrounds for the rich and famous... hopefully they will all take an interest
in our little town needs like Duffy's boyfriend did with the Kid's Summer
Program... I guess PTown is the new trend on 7th Avenue right now...
12:08 pm est 

Re: Who's to Blame

I see, so your position is that after the "townies" sold every spec of
real estate possible (including two chicken coops on Law Street and a host of
other examples), subdivided and sold grandma's house into a million condos and
laughed all the way to the bank, that the seasonal people who bought those
properties should have respected the old ways and kept the town exactly as it

I understand that you probably won't understand the utter stupidity of your
position, but pretty much everyone else reading it will.

Feel free to bemoan the old ways, but the only people who could have prevented
what has happened are the townies themselves.  They didn't.  No zoning laws,
nothing to prevent massive condo-ization of everything imaginable.  Nothing. 
Instead, they cashed in.
12:05 pm est 

Re: Assistant Town Manager

David Gardner is doing and excellent job for this town.  We are lucky
to have him.
12:01 pm est 

Re: Water Bill

Congratulations to water department for eliminating waste and cutting carbon
emissions by omitting a return envelope. I pay bills online and never need those
extra envelopes. Cutting them out saves transport cost, manufacturing cost and
trash disposal cycle, all cutting carbon emissions in the process. A small green
step forward.

11:59 am est 

Re: What is Ten Tables?

Ten Tables Will Be at the Old L'Uva which was the Old Franco's and the
older Gene Green

That will be great to have someone in this space after sooo many years. Ten
Tables is realistic and to the point. It is small and thus could be intimate if
done well.
11:40 pm est 

Debate About Acting Town Manager

Read the Town Charter. The Assistant Town Manager automatically becomes Acting
Town Manager when the Town Manager is absent. In the absence of an ATM, the
duties fall to the Town Clerk.

This is nothing new. When Bergman was here, Michelle filled in whenever he was
away without any official notice. And nothing was in the newspaper.

What's newsworthy is how well David Gardner performed in Sharon's absence.

So stop the drama and second guessing and be grateful the town has such
competent management working for all of us, 24/7.

11:37 pm est 

Water Bill;

Just got my water bill.  Every other bill I receive has a return envelope to
ensure timely receipt of payment.  What is up with the losers in the Water and
Sewer Department?  Let's make sure David Guertin gets the message.
11:02 pm est 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Acting Town Manager?

Who and by what authority was David Gardner appointed Acting Town Manager?

Should this not have being publicized?

We deserve better than this!

Utter disrespect.
7:27 pm est 

Ten Tables?

I must have been sleeping. Where is Ten Tables going to be in Provincetowwn?
7:22 pm est 

Little Blurb in the Banner: We Have Had an Acting Town Manager

Who knew? When wad David Gardner appointed Acting Town Manager? When did he
assume this position and when did it end?

Such a little story in the Banner and only be casue, finally, town manager
stated she is back. But she never publicaly said she was away. but now she
thanks all those who helped while she was away.

Who knew? Who, indeed!

sorry, but this is no way to run a town. Provincetown needs more respect than
7:21 pm est 

Who's to Blame?

Townies and Wash-Ashores alike.  Townies for selling
out and wash ashores for buying in and then turning the town into a cheap midway
in the name of "freedom of sexuality".   Sardine can buildings, crappy
merchandise, overpriced food and drinks, art galleries that all look alike,
dirty town beaches.  Tell me again what is better now? oh that's right.  Town
hall is green and only cost 9 million.  Right, blame the townies for taking what
they could get in the face of a wave they couldn't stop.  Bad enough the town
went down the commode but really, how is it so much better now? 30 years later. 
I don't see a real improvement in anything.  Roads are awful, town hall is like
a ship of fools, overbuilding continues, the school is closing, and the list
goes on and on.  Really it seems in worse shape now.

This townie remembers:
when it wasn't embarrassing to tell people you were born and raised in
6:07 pm est 

Who is to Blame?

Where were the townies when there was willy nilly development that turned the
town into a seasonal community?

Oh that's right, cashing in and laughing all the way to the bank.

The time to save the Provincetown that you lament was 30 years ago with strict
zoning laws that would have prevented the condo-ization of the town.

Sure, there are always greedy developers and real estate people, but it was the
townies who handed them the keys.  That you just can't refute.

It's a little bit like Mrs. O'Leary complaining that the fire she started in
Chicago ruined the character of her neighborhood.

Lament it if you want, but townies sold their town and it will never be the same
again.  There is no rolling it back.
10:01 am est 

A Townie Remembers
Remember when we never had to lock our doors or windows,
and the only thing ever "stolen" was your bike, and you "found" it a few days
later because someone had just borrowed it.
9:14 am est 

Re: Lands End Inn

Dennis Duffy is President of Marc Jacobs International which is
majority owned by LVMH. Whatever is going on with the Lands End property the
three are not interchangeable.  Let's just wish whoever purchases that property
much happiness and joy.  
9:13 am est 

I Think There May Be Something to Marc Jabos Buying Land's End

Thanks for even the hint that something is happening up there. And what may be
happening is a possible sale, a possible closing of a wonderful guest house.

Sad, but perhaps, true.
11:26 pm est 

Re: That's Actually Exactly What You Said

"Chill please. I can assure you that no Realtor isintentionally using school
stats to market property or to hurt anyones' feelings in Provincetown."

Isn't that the same as doing something intentional to mislead?

And how can you "assure" this isn't the case?  I know I can't. Why bother
11:24 pm est 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Re: School Info in Real Estate Listing

"Pardon, a realtor would never do anything "intentional" to mislead? Right. 
Please don't preach the sainthood of realtors,"

Not what I said at all. Simply trying to explain.

Why Bother?
9:02 pm est 

Re: A Townie Remembers

In spite of all the down issues in this town, a townie still

skating on Grassy's pond
football and baseball games at Motta's Field
running up the monument after school (because the security guard was cool and
lived behind you)
Catholic classes after school with the Cuban nuns and the one mean one
swimming in full clothing after school
the Dairy Queen and Dairy King (Truro)
parties on the Point before the break
ice moving in from Wellfleet during the night and filling the harbor
giving lobsters out to the neighbors because we were sick of them
a new rapist every summer that never got caught
a snowout during the 1st showing of the Exorcist and being walked home by the
dog catcher because drifts were over 5 feet high
the anger over Jaws being released in the early summer
The empty feeling you get when seeing what has been done to this town in the
name of freedom and money and development
the sad feeling to know your hometown school will be no more soon and will
probably be home to seasonals at some point under the name of affordable housing
the absolutely sour sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you
think about where this town will be in 30 years.. and yes, you can defend the
current path til the cows come home but really, McDonalds looks classy compared
to the cheap on cheap cash cow this town has become for the few in the name of
"loving" Ptown

8:47 pm est 

Why Should Tax Payers Pay For His Stupidity?

Are you sure PFA paid for his attorney? Yes I'm sure, ask the PFA
president GF or the chief MT, They'll probably give you some stupid excuse for
spending donation money on a criminal case that they had no right doing, would
they do this for any one? where else do they use this money? I have a big
problem with this and like I said before not another dime from me and I think
the town should have a civil suit against this kid, OJ was found not guilty of
murder in criminal court but GUILTY in civil court, why should the tax payers
pay for his stupidity?  
7:21 pm est 

Re: Lands End Inn

It appears obvious but I'll say it anyways, don't believe all you read on here
without other confirmation. I'm still waiting for the much ballyhoed purported
sale of Lands End to a hedge funder. That appears to have been a totally
inaccurate posting by someone with an axe to grind so perhaps this is too.
7:03 pm est 

Re: School Info in Real Estate Listing

Pardon, a realtor would never do anything "intentional" to mislead? 
Right.  Please don't preach the sainthood of realtors, although I agree, the
previous blogger is worried for probably nothing, but then again who knows. 
Crazier things have happened than trying to draw in certain people to an area,
especially if those doing the drawing connect on some level.  I wouldn't rule
out anything in this day and age.  As far as realtors go, just check out on
Google, Amazon, any search engine that gives books, the child's book the "Pink
Panther and the Haunted House".  Read this child's book as it is truer than
anything blogging this blog.  Especially the part where the realtor "forgets" to
tell the Pink Panther a ghost resides in the home... and then the page after the
poor PP finds out and has second thoughts, the realtor is seen running down the
driveway droppings money bills from both hands as he runs.  This perception of
realtors is real, I know it, you know it and ev!
en children know it.  I would even bet the realtor of the Bangs St. beauties
knows it.  How else could he present that any past problems were caused by a few
"troublemakers".  Would those troublemakers be the 20 or so abutters that signed
the petition to stop it because it was a blight on this quaint little street?
5:44 pm est 

Re: School Info in Real Estate Listings

Chill please. I can assure you that no Realtor isintentionally using school
stats to market property or to hurt anyones' feelings in Provincetown.

School info does not matter much in a resort or retirement community. But for
most of the other Americans out there shopping for a home, quality of schools is
importnat in selecting a place to live. So the RE websites often include school
data by default.
4:58 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality Check

Who cares about the Portagees and a group?  I think more important is
why on earth any website or ad for Ptown real estate would use school children
population or school children ethnic makeup numbers as a selling tool?  No one
moves here to raise a family, they move away to do that. The school is dying. 
This information regarding child population should not be used as an incentive. 
To draw in who?  Other families?  Any family who could afford over a half mil
wouldn't be coming here.  They would be settling to another town where the
school isn't headed to the gallows.  The only people who might care about our
child numbers and makeup are not looked upon favorably by most of society. What
a stupid thing to do. Is this ad geared to them?  Sounds like inviting trouble. 
I do not approve of this.  
3:42 pm est 

Re: Lands End Inn

With Duffy buying that beautiful land mark hotel means less room tax revenue =
higher taxes and for what ? just so he can throw bigger parties. Just because he
donated some money to recreation dep does not mean he can walk on water...So
maybe next he'll buy Chateau for more guest rooms and then what.....remember it
was greed that destroyed this town in the first place.
2:56 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Reality Check

When I do a search for 31 Bangs St. on www, I find that
Provincetown High School has an enrollment of 92. I also see a pie graph which
shows the School Ethnicity. Of all the (illegal) major listings white, black,
and hispanic where do we Portuguese (mostly Black, Azores, Madeiras, Hispanic,
White mix)fit in and where is the graph showing sexual orientation.
These condo's have been an insult since their conception but we stupid townies
must endure for the good of all (all the developers and their pocket
I'm glad I do not have to live too close downwind to that stink.
12:32 pm est 

Transfer Tax

Lands end Inn selling, Other places with high price tags selling. Give a
percentage to the town with a transfer tax. Do you really think that they aren't
going to buy it for a 1/2% added cost? Be real you real estate agents.
12:30 pm est 

To: BOS Must Be What?!!!

I made no mention of race, color, creed
nor gender. My point is that persons
whom are instrumental in how we
allocate our tax dollars should at least
be local real estate taxpayers. Perhaps
there would be more fiscal transparency.

Look at the records. Any article that is
approved by the BOS and Fin Com
are always passed. Most voters raise
their hands without any knowledge
nor prior homework regarding the

Perhaps I hit a nerve!
12:29 pm est 

Are You Sure the Provincetown Firemen Associatioan Paid For His Lawyer?
If that is true, I also will think twice before I give more money. I view this
fund to enhance and help the volunteers but not to pay their legal bills when
their behavior is more than questionable. And  his behavior was certainly
questionable, if not actually illegal.

Can someone let me know if this is true or not?
12:07 pm est 

Re: Farewell Old Friend

Would like to know where the writer of this statement about Land's End Inn got
his information?
12:05 pm est 

The Town Will Suffer

I am disturbed by the passing of the Formula Business restriction.
What are we "protecting"? A bunch of shops that sell stuff they pick up at the
gift show in New York? A bunch of crap made in China and that can easily be
found at the Christmas Tree Shop or Home Goods? Come on people! Yes we can all
remember when local shops meant local goods but this is no longer the case. You
may be in a time warp but the world surrounding you isn't. It's a joke to have
passed this. Whether you like it or not people like brands and they like to
experience sameness. You may not but that is your option. You should not have
limited the town with your provincialism. The town will suffer. 
12:04 pm est 

A Townie Remembers

aunt frans nursery school
plain & fancey rest
the royal flush ( high school initiation)
12:01 pm est 

Firetruck Fiasco!

The kid was drunk & took the town for 500K!  Multiple witnesses not to mention
medical personnel know this as does Martinez. He saved his future (no
record)...BUT don't insult us, the town, by even thinking about coming back to
town depts of any kind, unless to repay the town for 300K loss (500K if adjs to
premium increase & other cost facts assessed). IS THERE A TOWN VOTE THAT CAN BE
11:58 am est 

Farewell to a Dream

If Marc Jacobs is Buying Land's End Then are the Present Owners Moving
to the New Home Dug Into the Bottom Dunes?

Is that why this parcel is being developed? Sad legacy for a great place. Sad
for the once generous owner who saw a new vision with Land's End much
for legacy. So much for giving to the arts, to young creative writers, to
playrights and poets.

So much for legacy, indeed!
11:16 pm est 

Sorry, But I'd Rather See the Alibi Than Cuffy's

Upgraded the block? I don't think so. Vanilla Disney land block. I liked the old
Alibi, its character and the characters that were there. And give me the old
Town House as well. Progress this isn't.
11:14 pm est 

Rewarding Bad Behavior

Fire fighter  you can thank the PFA for getting the kid off the hook,
they paid for his attorney...I'll never give another dime or be part of any fund
raiser they have for the Dept.
11:12 pm est 

Rewarding Bad Behavior

Perhaps a DUI class is in order despite surrounding circumstances,
i.e. townie connections.  If you flip a firetruck at all and cause hundreds of
thousands of dollars of damage you should have to do something, anything, other
than say sorry and lay low for a while.  Sorry, the poor little innocent act is
obviously bogus.  When you know it's wrong and do it anyway, drunk, sober, high
fever, whatever, there has to be repercussions other than monetary expense to
true innocents.  Bad behavior doesn't need an ice cream.  A weak dui class is
the least this person should have to sleep through - or off.
11:08 pm est 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Re: Good Locals

Get out the binoculars & tweezers! Far & few, sister!  Contractors stick it to
you because rather than working hard & chg fair they chg double if not way way
more & don't finish. Your one good worker is comendable but NOT the norm; it's
PT's weakest link.
5:55 pm est 

Farewell Old Friend

Marc Jacobs owner is buying lands end inn for a private home.  sad to
see the end of an era for lands end inn.  very sad.
5:51 pm est 

Provincetown Reality Check

Two students left due to bullying, so we have 10 students in the combined 5th
and 6th grade. And how many millions do we pay Each Year for our Schools? Wake
up Provincetown. Parents should be accused of abuse for making their children
attend this small school.
5:48 pm est 

Re: Local Help vs Foreign Students

I have to agree, I have had the pleasure of hiring some really
talented local people.  Unfortunately, there are not enough of them around, yet
there are many foreign students available.
5:45 pm est 

Kudos to Mr. Duffy

Thank you for your recent donation to
the Recreation Department. This is not
the first time Mr. Duffy and the Marc
Jacobs franchaise has given to the town
and non profits here in town. He also
contributes to causes in Savannah,GA.
He gives back to two communities
where he owns homes and loves.

Thank you, Barbara Rushmore and
voters for passing the Franchaise
Zoning By Law. Did you ever think
that some of these large corporations
might give back to the community ?

I am all in favor of the "Mom & Pop"
shops, but how many can afford the
rents and make it. Once Cuffy's moved
into town they improved the area and
there are less tacky shops on that block.
They helped bring that block to a new

You may regret your recent vote as you
walk down Commercial Street next summer
with empty storefronts.
5:41 pm est 

BOS Must be What? !!!

"All selectmen and finance members must be town property
taxpayers. "

Would you also disenfranchise women, coloreds and gays?

What the hell is wrong with you?

perhaps everything.
5:39 pm est 

Re: Confused by the Banner Story
I love the way some in here connect one issue to another. He wasn't convicted of
anything related to alchohol but you supposedly "know" he was drunk. Prove it.
Don't waste your time, you can't.
So he had an accident. Do the guys that drink and happen to work in other town
positions that get in accidents have to take alchohol related classes or is that
just a minor  accident because it wasn't expensive? He wasn't found guilty on
anything other than reckless driving. If the whole department was made to take
the classes I would understand. Don't tell me the others don't drink. Again,
please don't waste your time. And don't worry, I don't think he's going to go
back to the department anyway. I just thought it was strange and unfair of the
chief to do what he did. He wan't convicted of anything and even if he did take
the classes and go back to the department, seems like the whole forgive crowd
only does so to particular people.
5:35 pm est 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hate to Disagree......But

I have a local that has worked for me for over 6 years.  Has never called in
sick.  Has been late 3X in 6 + years and at that, it was only 15 - 30 minutes. 
Never showed up drunk or on drugs. 
so to the bloggers that are genralizing things here, stop it.  There are good
local people around

5:58 pm est 

To the 2 White Elephant Blogger

Right you are, these issues don't cause a blink of an eye.  They fester in the
distance like an ingrown toenail but go untreated or even acknowledged. 
Chair problems and a possible DUI class for a young firefighter with strong townie ties from yesterday's news top the cake. 

Are you seriously trying to start a discussion about an important topic?
Seeing that not all businesses didn't even know it was Men's weekend, you should
really get your priorities straight.  Now, if you catch a fish with fur, blog on
about it, otherwise, you will have much more gratification flushing your money
down the toilet.  After all, when that toenail takes charge and demands
attention (and they all due eventually) that's what it's going to feel like

Father Duarte's red wine stained white sash
5:55 pm est 

Sunday Power Outage

Anyone know why we lost power Sunday night?
5:51 pm est 

Just Speaking For Myself

To the blogger who wrote:"Government is SEVERELY cracking down on
Employers who hire illegal workers. Hear
That Provincetown Employers? Better fire your staff and hire locals soon." I
have a business and tried for years to hire locally. I found that the "locals"
hardly ever came to work on time, were hungover and not as hard working as my
legally hired Bulgarians, Jamacians and folks from other countries. I hate to
generalize like this but it is what happened to me.

1:27 pm est 

BOS's Lack of Good Faith

Imagine your home so run down, you have to evacuate it to have it
repaired to be structurally safe?

Now imagine, you are also financially strapped paying your bills but still
piling up debt each year?

Finally, imagine you take out a third mortgage on your home not only to repair
it so you can move back in, but to buy all brand new furniture for your home
with that third mortage taken out.

This is why I feel betrayed by the BOS. They tell us Town Hall is structurally
unsafe. We approve millions to repair it and then they have the gall to buy all
new furniture for it! It's no wonder we don't trust our BOS!
11:31 am est 

Helping Our Women


November 19, 5:30pm

The Lobster Pot

Annual Benefit for Helping Our Women (HOW)
321 Commercial Street, Provincetown

 Bart Weisman Group 

Bart and Carol

Carol Wyeth (vocals), Fred Boyle (piano) and Bart Weisman (drums)

For Information:


10:16 am est 

95 Bradford Street and 7 Masonic

Read 95 Bradford Street and 7 Masonic Place are both getting fines for
all the unlicensed and illegal work that has gone on there for years.   The
owner thought he could get away with things because he was friend of Austin
Knight, our BOS.    Sorry Peter, it does not work that way.   Pay up like the
rest of the people that run business do.
10:11 am est 

Charter Amendment

I think that we should make an amendment to the Charter,
"all selectmen and finance members must be town property
taxpayers. " Perhaps they will be more frugal.
10:03 am est 

Town Hall Chairs

The REason There is Money From the Sale of Town Furniture is that NEw
Furniture Was Purchased and That Without A Specific Town Meeting Vote

So to say you can't use the furniture money to pay for furniture you never
received specific mandate to buy does not make sense. You're saying you need a
specific town vote on what to do with the money from the sale of furniture but
there was no specific town vote empowering anyone to purchase new chairs,
new desks, new cabinte, and new everything else.

If you're right on the vote, then the town management is wrong to have purchased
the new furniture and incurred the new expenditures without a specific town
meeting vote.
10:01 am est 

Them vs Us

Someone is Missing the Point: Old Seats for us, New Leather Chairs for

You don't spend millions and millions on a building and then spend thousands and
thousands for new furniture for town employees and town department heads, then
give the people who paid for this the old, uncomfortable seats. It is this
thoughtless and rather selffish act that is causing the problem.

9:58 am est 

Confused by the Banner Story

Just because the person got off on the technicality of differing tests, doesn't
mean he should not be civily responsible for causing more then 1/2 million
damage. Sure the insurance paid for half the damage, however we all know we
actually pay with higher premiums.  The town pays the other half for the new
truck. He may not be a criminal in the eyes of the law, but I think he is lucky
the town didn't take him to civil court to accept his responsibility.  This town
is very forgiving to only request he take some minor inconveniences before we
let him drive our vehicles.
9:56 am est 

Re: Taxes

I would be fine paying mass high tax rate if the money was gong to help the less
fortunate. Unfortunately it isn't. It is going to fund unrealistic benefits,
pension promises and skyrocketing health care costs for state and municipal
workers. The extra tax funds have essentially been handed to public sector
unions by elected officials whose time in office will run out far before these
lavish promises have to be broken. Witness our unfunded $64 million public
sector health care bill in little provincetown alone. That is just one town. Oh
and don't forget underfunded pension plan as well. Until this system is fixed
I'll stick with paying taxes in a state that has more realistic approach to its
finances. I known I already face a whopping real estate tax increase when town
finally addresses pension and health care issue. Interesting too that this forum
is now obsessed with chairs when those two twin elephants dance around with no
solution in sight and nary a bloggers comment. None of this is to denigrate the
work they do for us but reality is soon going to catch up with public sector comp.
9:54 am est 

Front Page Monday's Boston Globe

Government is SEVERELY cracking down on Employers who hire illegal workers. Hear
That Provincetown Employers? Better fire your staff and hire locals soon.
tick-tock, tick-tock.
9:51 am est 

Re: Town Hall Chairs

How much did the "stairs to nowhere " cost?
New auditorium chairs would have at least been used and

Boney Butt
9:49 am est 

Poor Provincetown

The poor and disenfranchised are ruining this town. No wonder there is
no Gucci store.
9:48 am est 

Reply to "Confused by Story in Banner"

My guess is because he has not stopped          and everyone knows that "except
you". So to prevent him from rolling another truck, maybe this is the Fire Depts
only way to prove he's not and the fear he'll do it again can therefore be
minimal. He may have been found not guilty by the judicial system but many of us
know he was more than guilty. Personally, I think he has the stones of a brass
monkey to want to come back, atleast to this dept.
9:45 am est 

Second Home Owners Should Have A voice

But, it won't be a town meetings. It does not seem fair but someone off the bus
can just sign up as a voter. But if you have lived here for years but claim
another location as your home, you won't be able to vote here nor attend town
meetings and have a voice. Even if you are an association, you won't be able to
speak as an association at town meetings.

Sadly, look at the consequence of what we vote on and how few attend these
meetings. Less than 115 voted on the Transfer tax. It's not even 10% of
residents. Not even 5% of voters. Seems illegal that 100 people can make town
decisions. We should have a 10% of residents as a minimum.
9:43 am est 

Re: Confused by Story in Banner

Being found not guilty does not prove innocence.
9:40 am est 

Non Resident Tax Payers:

I would love to see second homeowners have more of a voice in local government,
both by being represented at Town Meetings, as well as being represented on Town
Boards.   This simply requires a second homeowner to take the lead in setting up
an association, with an elected Board of Directors.  It's really not that
difficult and has been done in other communities, including in Truro.  Here is a
link to their site:  http://wwwdottnrtadotorg/
9:39 am est 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Re: Town Hall Chairs

Sad that we have become so over weight & lazy that we would need new
chairs upstairs in town hall.
8:41 pm est 

Re: Non Resident Home Owners

Nobody is stopping second home owners from having a voice! All you
have to do is register to vote here in Provincetown. Register or have no voice.
Other wise we really don't care what you blog about on here.
8:39 pm est 

Confused by Story in Banner

If I go to court and I am not convicted of anything, why would I be expected to
take courses or do anything payback related to the charge that was brought
against me, the one that was dropped? I'm talking about the reporter claiming
that the guy in the fire department that rolled the fire truck now needs to take
an alchohol awareness program prior to returning to the fire department. Why? He
wasn't convicted of anything related to alchohol and yet the chief is making him
do this? Seems very unfair. What grounds does the chief say this guy has to but
not the other firemen? Is anyone going to tell me they don't drink? He wasn't
convicted of anything and any proof that was there was found to be inconclusive
and thus the charges were dropped. Seems very unfair. I would hate to be accused
of anything if I were on the fire depatment. Whether you did it or not, your
seemingly automatically guilty. I'm not saying the guys a saint but he was never
convicted so why the classes for him!
8:38 pm est 

Re: Non Resident Property Owners

How unhuman those among us think that by being taxed is a bad thing to
give back to those with less. If you don't want to register as a Massachusetts
resident because we use tax dollars to help our fellow man, Please go somewhere
else to spend your high and all mighty money.
8:34 pm est 

Non-Resident Taxpayers Association
This has been bantered about for years and it would be great and I'm pretty
sure, fully acceptable to those in command.  Yet no one has ever really
attempted a serious meeting of the non-res.  Until someone steps up to the
plate, it ain't never gonna happen.
6:02 pm est 

Historic Commission vs Historic District Commission

Let's Hope Someone soon Separates the Historical commisions from the
Historic District commission

Isn't it time someone gave one of these a new name. Since the hsitorical 
Commision is not regulatory maybe they could be Provicetown History & Research.
They are about education. They are about studying the past. So let their name
reflect their more educational perogative.
5:51 pm est 

Non Resident Property Owners

1) to relinquish ones vote elsewhere also means potentially changing legal
residence and paying MA taxes and being subject to MA estate probate for one's
entire estate should one meet an untimely death. Both not attractive in a state
that overtaxed then hands it to public employee unions in the form of
unaffordable pensions and health plans.

2) there is plenty of opportunity for NRPOs to participate. Get knowledgeable
about an issue, follow relevant board meeting minutes, show up at meetings, do
helpful research that adds real data and info to the debate, volunteer for a non
profit, etc. You can't participate by sitting by your computer griping, resident
or non resident
5:48 pm est 

Town Hall Chairs

It would be interesting to learn the history of the chairs and if they have any
provenance then promptly ship them to any museum that is accepting such
specimens. Pads on the chairs are not going to fix the problem. They are simply
too small for our super sized rear ends. Seriously, I am over 6' tall and weigh
175lbs, so I am skinny and I do not fit in the chairs. My back side aches just
thinking about it. Maybe we should just get rid of the ass breaker chairs and
stand for Town Meeting. I bet the agenda would fly.  
5:44 pm est 

Town Hall Chairs

"That is a great idea, for many of the reasons already mentioned:"

"Save The Chairs!"

Of course, they would have to be re-furbished and have cushions added, and this
may cost more than new ones.

5:42 pm est 

Town Hall Auditorium Chairs

I always thought those cushions that the old ladys rented out at the front for a
buck worked pretty good. what were they fund raising for anyway? i don't
remember. why are we wasting more money on something we don't need? Does anyone
know how old the wooden stackable chairs are that we have? once you add
cushions, they won't last very long. i say , stop being so cheap. rent a
cushion. Town Hall looks great, but i sure am tired of spending money this year
and discretionary spending.

Tired Slippery Clam
5:38 pm est 

Re: Toursim Funding

"Who answers to whom and all that does not explain funding. That is
what I am trying to figure out. It is not that difficult to explain of you know
what you are talking about. Admittedly I am unclear."

The town's Tourism Office is funded by a portion of the room occupancy tax.  The
PBG and Chamber do receive tourism grants for special events from the Tourism
fund as does the Film Festival, Women's Week, Bear Week, etc.  One of the
requirements for receiving a grant is that you must acknowledge that part of
your funding comes from the Provincetown Tourism Office.  The PBG and Chamber do
not report to the Tourism Office, but of course they want to have a good
relationship with the Tourism Office and the Vistor's Service Board (VSB) if
they hope to receive grants in the future. 

PBG and Chamber are independent organizations.  The Tourism Director reports to
the Town Manager and somewhat the VSB.  VSB reports to the Board of Selectmen. 
We vote on the Tourism Office budget each April at the annual town meeting.

5:36 pm est 

Mass Municipal Finance Law

"We already voted on the monies for town hall renovation and this is
part of it. You need clear thinking and leadership---not a town meeting vote."

Clear thinking and leadership... and a knowledge of Mass municipal finance law
which it appears you do not have.  Town employees and/or leaders are not allowed
to sell town property and then decide to spend the proceeds unless it was
specifically provided for in the original town meeting vote.  Under Mass
muncipal finance law, even if the two are related, you may not decide to spend
the money without a town meeting vote.  The proceeds will go into an account
called something like 'sale of town owned property'.  The decision on how to
spend those funds must be decided by town meeting voters, my guess is that we'll
see something like that in April.

A MA Finance employee in a previous life.
5:33 pm est 

New Leadership Required

I am a property owner in Provincetown and would LOVE to see a non
resident property owners association with a bite.  A lot of waste from the voice
of very few at town meeting would be influenced and the BOS would have to have
some brains to sit in a seat of authority.  To date, not one of them have shown
to be trustworthy and they all go in and out of issues like the tide.  Not
having funding for new chairs for the auditorium and getting new furniture
(which they said they would NOT do) is just one incident of thier incompetence. 
There are many more, too long a list to post.
5:27 pm est 

A Townie Remembers

The question begs, why did Townies let so many traditons die?
Traditions they seem to be wistful about today?

Fifty years from now a washashore a Townie will remember:
Esther Williams at Herring Cove
T Dance at the Boatslip
Halloween at the A-House
Women's Week
Bear Week
Circuit Boys
Art House
Thursdays at the Mews off season
Baby Dike Week-end
Pet Appreciation Week
Town Hall Trailers
The Provincetown High School
Fishing draggers on MacMillan Pier
Murchinson House
Cape Inn free movie
The Green Line
and on and on and on

Really today's so called Townie, who really cares but you about yesteryear?

5:25 pm est 

Trash Fish "Banquet" at the Pot

Those were just terrific. I can still see Franco serving catfish and there was
monk fish and so many delights that then were considered "thrash fish." Now,
they are seen and eaten as the most delectable of fish.

Love to see another Thrash Fish Banquet now. What would we be eating?
Periwinkles, eel, squid, dog fish and jellyfish. These ocean creatures just may
be the next decade's delights!
12:55 pm est 

Re: Tourism Fund

The Tourism Fund is funded by tourists, who pay a room tax to stay in
Provincetown.  The Chamber and PBG are funded by members, who pay dues to
12:53 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Chairs

You Don't Need Aa town Meeting Vote to Put the Furniture sold monies
to new Chairs

We already voted on the monies for town hall renovation and this is part of it.
You need clear thinking and leadership---not a town meeting vote. This is just
common sense.
12:51 pm est 

Town Hall Chairs

The historical commission is looking into saving the historic chairs
and redoing them with cushions. Check out their minutes.
10:48 am est 

Funding Question

The Chamber of Commerce web site shows funded in part by the
Provincetown Tourism Fund. The PBG site shows the icon at the bottom of it's
page but does not mention funding. Are they also funded by the PTF? Who funds
the Tourism Fund? Taxes, no? The Tourism Office is funded by the town. Taxes,
Who answers to whom and all that does not explain funding. That is what I am
trying to figure out. It is not that difficult to explain of you know what you
are talking about. Admittedly I am unclear.
10:41 am est 

Non-Resident-Property Owners Association

Why not start a Non-Resident-Property Owners Association so that we
can have representation at Town Meetings and other meetings year round? Truro
does it? Let's talk to them and see how it is done. I spend 120 days per year in
Ptown, thats 1/3 of a year. I spend money at local establishments. My friends
spend money at local establishments when they come to visit. I hire local
contractors and businesses to do work for me. Last year alone, I spent between
$12,000-15,000 in Provincetown. I bought a new refrigerator, redid my floors,
had my carpets cleaned, went out to dinner, bought groceries, etc.

My point is, we the NRPO spend a ton of money and support the town financially.
We should be able to have some representation at these meetings.

Sarah B.
10:13 am est 

Town Hall Chairs

The money for the furniture sold should go to putting new chairs in
town hall for the public.

Nice idea, but can't be done without vote at town meeting.  Did anyone ever
think of buying cushions for chairs?  Would be less expensive and would save
chairs from going into a landfill.

10:11 am est 

Re: On Second Homeowners

Second home owners CAN vote in Provincetown if they wish. They need to register
in Provinetown as a voter and relinquish their voting rights elsewhere.
Sometimes, in a situation where there is a couple or a family with children, one
of the adults or one of the children will register in Provincetown and the
others register somewhere else. That way the property has a voice at town

As far as voting in Provincetown, by comparison, look at Truro. It's somewhat
absurd that they don't have yearround condos or even legal apartments but on the
good side, the voters at town meeting are all property owners or at least the
very vast majority are. In provincetown, with all the condos and apartments and
second homes being rented out in the winter and other property owners that don't
rent out in the winter going south for the winter, voters are those that have
registered but own nothing, just rent. They are deciding what happens in the
town and the property owners, through their taxes, pay for the services for the

Pretty scary.
10:10 am est 

Townie Remembers:

Spaghetti Marys
Wuthering Heights: Phil and his swing
The Moor's Owl
Rags and Roses
Downtown Strutters
The Drop-In center
Cookie's Tavern
Tillie's Market
Trash Fish Dinners at the Pot
10:06 am est 

Town Hall Chairs

Does anyone know if someone is actually doing something about the the
Town Hall chair situation? I ask because I have an idea. I think the chairs we
have now should be kept. But we should upolster the seat and back panels. If
youv ever sat in one at Town Meeting Im sure youv noticed that the seats and the
backs are made of Masonite, a much newer materiel than the frame, which is maple
perhaps. And this means they can be removed and replaced as they once were. And
the frames are in excelent condition. If we buy new chairs for $50 a piece they
are not going to be anywhere near the qulity of what we have now. And what about
the tragic lose of such a historic, intrical part of the building? How much did
we just spend to replace a chandiler that was once thought to be outdated and
not worth saveing? Did we not spend heaps of money to rebuild those leaky old
windows instead of getting new high eficeny models? Didnt we just rebuild two
sets of front stairs to nowhere that!
  at some point someone thought wernt worth saveing? Are we really going to just
throw them in the dump? Is this green? Please lets think about this more before
we act to hastily.These chairs may or may not be original to the building, I
dont know, but they are certainly a part of it now, and I believe we need to
keep them. But we also need to spend some money on them to make them more

And I would even be willing to help do the work of replaceing them.

What do  you guys think?

10:05 am est 

Funding Question

The Tourism Office is town  and answers to its board....The PBG
employees are not. They are the employees of the business guild which is
comprised of its members. It also has a board.  The Chamber is also comprised of
supporting members and has a board. The three organizations cooperate amongst
themselves. That should answer it.
9:58 am est 

Yep, Perfection Rebuttal
Auuhh yeah it is perfection u "Du-Mas"! We (town) had to save town hall (which
was by a vote; no witch hunt) & as such had to move town hall for 2 years. Fact
we did it in set time frame is perfection. Bite into an apple and wish for a
clue u "du-Mas"!
9:57 am est 

Re: Town Hall Renovation

Please keep the old wooden chairs in town hall auditorium. It would be
a shame to replace them with tacky stackable wedding banquet chairs. After
spending all that money on restoring town hall to it's original splendor what a
shame it would be to put disgusting plastic chairs in the great hall. Cushions,
I tell you cushions.
9:55 am est 

To It's Pathetic

Single Men's Weekend died a slow death over the
past 2 years. The Gifford House decided on their own to try and revive it with
the help of a few other places. The PBG is supportive but no longer involved.
The fact that someone took the initiative to revive something that was a dead
issue and at least try to get people to come to town is commendable. The fact
that not many people knew about it is due to the fact that the town doesn't
really support it anymore. You say every weekend is Men's weekend and every day
is Men's day. Get real !! At this time of year when it's dead. Some business is
better than no business.
9:53 am est 

Funding Question

Where does funding for the Tourism Office, the PBG and the Chamber of
Commerce come from?

Is the Tourism Director a town employee? 

12:14 am est 

Yup. Perfection

Town Employees move into Town Hall and Exactly as
Planned The Trailers are sent Back

Seems almost perfect. But---it cost $9 million to renovate Town Hall and it cost
$425,000, atleast,to rent these trailers.

On second thought, this may just not be perfection. I think you and I are paying
for all of this "perfection." I'm not sure you and I can afford all of this!
12:11 am est 

12:05 am est 

Provincetown Mens Weekend - November 12-14, 2010


The Gifford House Inn - 10% off Accommodations

Bayside Betsy's - 10% off Saturday Brunch

Forbidden Fruit - 10% off Merchandise

P-Town Spin - 20% off any purchase of $29.99 or more

West End Salon and Spa - 20% off product and services
    Website provided by Vistaprint
provided by Vistaprint
Oh what a tangled web we weave.  Seems previous posts are bogus.  Many
businesses offer discounts.  Actually, not many, just a few chosen ones.  Oops.
11:19 pm est 

On Second Homeowners

Anyone who owns property and pays taxes should be allowed to vote. In
California, there is a move afoot to allow NON CITIZEN taxpayers to
vote....certainly I deserve the same right here.
11:15 pm est 

Townies Remember

11:14 pm est 

It's Pathetic!

Men's weekend, are you serious?  Every weekend is men's weekend, every
weekday is men's weekday.  Xmas eve will be men's Xmas eve.  You really need to
advertise this to get gay men here?  On what planet?  Any innocent fresh single
new man coming here already hooked up on where to stay months ago.  Who cares? 
Like people don't know Ptown is gay and has better prices in the fall.  Offer a
free breakfast if you want to get business.  Poor little gay guest house owners
getting trumped on clients because they "didnt' know".  Pathetic.
11:11 pm est 

Enough With THe Slush Fund Accusations

The town hall furniture was declared surplus property as was the old firetruck,
used DPW vehicles and even stored metals at the DPW garage.

The money goes into the General Fund.  At the close of the 2010 books, the state
will certify the money as Free Cash.  It will then show up in the spring town
meeting of 2011 where the BOS will give the voters different options on how to
allocate it.

YOU will vote how it is spent, that is if you bother to leave you're computer
rant and show up at the town meeting.
11:09 pm est 

Property Owners, Voting and Taxes

If a person owns four properties, should they vote in all four places? 

Should they be on the boards of four towns?

Property taxes=money paid for square footage of property.

Choose where you want to live.
11:06 pm est 


Money from the sale of property goes into the General Fund and can only be spent
with permission of the town meeting. After review by the Fianace commitee and
select boards. It is all covered by Mass. General Law, tere are no hidden or
secret accounts, it is all an open book available to the public. Why do people
with limited knowledge keep trying to make issues where none exists.
11:04 pm est 

Town Hall Chairs

The money for the furniture sold should go to putting new chairs in
town hall for the public.
11:02 pm est 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where Does the Money For the Sold Furniture go?

Could it be the same place Barbara Rushmore's tax transfer tax monies would go?
Into a secret fund no one sees, no one much understands but someone has access
2:54 pm est 

Re: Single Men's vs Men's Weekend?

Thanks for Clearing Up the Confusion on Single Men's and then Men's
It's great to get information that helps makes sense out of confusion. Thanks
for providing this information. Much appreciated.
2:53 pm est 

Re: Men's Weekend

You do not pay anything to promote the slogan Provincetown, Like
Nowhere Else.  It is used by the Tourism Office, the PBG on their website and
their yearly magazine which is titled the same, and the Chamber.  It can be used
by anyone.   You have an axe to grind with Sanborn?  Either go to the Prince
Albert or to the Tourism Office and hash it out.  Stop trying to start trouble
and create malace where there is none.  You don't know what you are talking
about and you have lied about the posting on the PBG site.
2:49 pm est 

Town Hall Trailers

The trailers were rented and the lease ends at the end of November.  Since the
town hall project ended on schedule, no extra money was needed to extend the
lease.  The trailers will be removed the first week of December.
2:47 pm est 

Town Hall Trailers

Any one have any idea what will happen to the trailers after the town
hall is moved back into????

Great White
9:40 am est 

Re: Second Home Owners

The only way things are going to improve in this town is for those who
live here to see those who own second homes as more than walking wallets and
include them in decisions that affect taxes and town.

Check the assessor's database. Tax bills representing 46% of the assessed value
of property in town are mailed OUTSIDE of 02657.  The number of actual
properties represented by the number is even a greater percentage pf  the total. 
Yet these owners have absolutely no say.   Isn't that called taxation without

Town officials have no interest in including these "outsiders" who dare to spend
their time and money here because they know it would mean more participation by
people who might have  better ideas than they do on how to run the town more
efficiently and economically and what (or whom) we could live without. Wellfleet
has a thriving association of nonresident taxpayers who do not get a vote at
town meeting but whose voices are heard and sometimes acted upon because in
Wellfleet they know it pays to include everyone and give everyone the
opportunity to be heard.
9:38 am est 

A Townie Remembers

9:35 am est 

Transfer Tax & Barbara Rushmore

I am surprised Barbara Rushmore and the tax supporters have not simply
started standing on Commercial Street, waiting for the BMWs to roll by so they
can reach inside and grab the loose change and the stray Louis Vuitton handbag
9:32 am est 

Hmm Men's Weekend

I check out the official web site and only found
the Gifford House and the Watership Inn listed for accommodations. No reference
to the Prince Albert which is owned and operated by the Director of Tourism.
What I did find peculiar was that the Prince Albert Guest House uses the catch
phrase Like Nowhere Else which is the official slogan for the Provincetown
Tourism Office through which Mr. Sanborn is the Director of Tourism for the town
of Provincetown.
Now that my friends is opportunistic and a conflict of interest. Public tax
dollars should not be used to promote a single business which Mr. Sanborn
manages to do by using this slogan that we pay to promote.
Mr. Sanborn I ask that you politely remove this slogan from your web site. 
9:29 am est 

Re: Men's Weekend

Just checked the PBG website where there is NO MENTION of any men's
weeked.  I got it right the first time.  Not only are you trying to creat
problems where none exists, but you are also a     .  Nice combo.  Now leave the
man alone.
9:27 am est 

Re: Men's Weekend

Mr. Sandborn's business is an active member of the PBG and can post on
the PBG site.  His posting there has nothing to do with his position as Tourism
Director and, therefore,is not a conflict of interest in any way.  I don't know
where your logic comes from.  Are you trying to start trouble where none exists? 
Looks like it.
9:23 am est 

Men's Weekend:

You may want to get your facts straight before you start raking the Tourism
Director over the coals. First it was Single Men's Weekend and it was run by
Andrew Haynes. After some time it remained Single Men's week-end and was run by
David Flower. The PBG took over the event eventually and changed the name to
"Meet your Man" weekend. It died from lack of attendance. Now The Gifford
House/Watership Inn are trying to revive the event.They are the ones who are
putting the event on. Mr. Sanborn is simply running a "special" on rates at his
guesthouse. I wish them luck in reviving this event which used to bring a fair
amount of men to Town on an off November weekend.(FWIW I don't work in the
Tourism industry in this town)
9:21 am est 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mens Weekend?

All of us would like to see the town prosper but why did our tourism director
start a weekend for his guest house through the business guild and not inform
anyone about it?  I own 2 businesses in town, and did not know about this event
till I saw it online today, the day of the start of the event.  Mr. Sandborn is
not supposed to have any conflict of interest.  This just proves he is using his
paid town position to promote his own business.    Anyone else know this weekend
was mens weekend?
Yes, about 5 years back, the business guild had a single mens weekend, but
decided to put their add dollars to other events.   Now Mr. Sandborn is
promoting this weekend on the business guilds web site and there looks like only
his place and his buddys, the Gifford house has promoted it for a place to stay.
10:45 am est 

Same as it Ever Was

Re: "This silence, this lack of transparency, this hiding is
disgusting. Makes me
want to have Keith Bergman back..."

He IS back!

A Rat In The Basement
10:43 am est 

BOS Addiction

Giving this town more revenue in the form of a real estate transfer
tax is like giving a drug addict crack-cocaine.  The town manager and the BOS
don't know how to manage the money they do have - why do we keep finding ways to
give them more? The voters in this town are nothing more than enablers.

Enough with all of the taxes and wasteful spending!  
10:40 am est 


Guess Sarah Peak and O'leary have already made up their minds . Taxpayers
can't get a break, in this town. I know I can't afford to live on the cape
10:38 am est 

Re: Demolition

Really, get serious and stop making things up. The broader definiton of
demolition does nothing to encourage or abet demolition and in fact makes it
even harder. It is still impossible to purposefully demolish a building in
Provincetown unless it is certified as uninhabitable and historic signs off on
it, not bloody likely. If you want to really make sure that even demolition by
neglect is prevented then get busy for spring town meeting the town could use a
"demolition by neglect" addition to the zoning by-law to prevent the few people
in town who are currently trying to get away with this by leaving their historic
structures to fall apart including one right across the street from one of the
more frequent and factually challenged posters to this blog on Bradford Street.

10:36 am est 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cape Cod Times November 11, 2010

By: Mary Ann Bragg

PROVINCETOWN  Local legislators predict the town's new real
estate transfer fee will face heavy opposition on Beacon Hill, despite approval
from voters Monday night at a special town meeting.

"My instinct is this will have a tough road," state Sen. Robert O'Leary said.

The fee was approved 60-52, but because it was passed as a home-rule petition,
it must still receive a blessing from the Legislature before it goes into

Resident Barbara Rushmore brought the article before town meeting hoping the
money raised by the fee could be used to pave streets, save for future capital
projects and meet contractual obligations to town employees.

With the transfer fee, anyone who buys property in Provincetown would pay an
additional 0.5 percent of the purchase price to the town, with some exceptions
such as one for first-time homebuyers. For example, the buyer of a $400,000
house would pay a one-time fee of $2,000 to the town at closing.

For calendar year 2009, the fee would have netted up to $370,000 for town
coffers, based on $74 million in property sales, Finance Director Dan Hoort

Generally, Beacon Hill looks favorably on home-rule petitions, O'Leary said. But
the Barnstable Democrat said home-rule petitions that have the scent of taxes
can make legislators "break out in a sweat." Plus the new fee affects real
estate transactions, which can draw strong opposition from the real estate
industry, he said.

State Rep. Sarah Peake said home-rule petitions dealing with tax questions often
end up killed by committees or deferred for further study. "I'm not sure what
the appetite will be," the Provincetown Democrat said. "I will file the bill,
and people on all sides of the issue are free to come to the Statehouse on the
date when the hearing will be held and make their case."

Cape Cod and Islands property owners already pay transfer fees during real
estate transactions, although the fees are relatively long-standing.

Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard's six towns tax property sales by 2 percent of
the purchase price to fund land banks. Both land banks have existed since the
mid-1980s, and the money goes to buy and preserve open space. The Nantucket
Islands Land Bank received $10.3 million from the island's transfer fee in
fiscal year 2010, which ended June 30, according to land bank finance officer
Jesse Bell.

Also, the state and Barnstable County both charge deed excise taxes when real
estate changes hands. As of July 1, 2009, the combined state and county deed
excise tax rate per $1,000 of the property purchase price was $6.12.

But new attempts by communities to use a real estate transfer fee as a way to
raise money raise alarm at the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, spokesman
Eric Berman said.

Both O'Leary and Peake cited recent, failed attempts in the Legislature by
islands housing advocates who wanted a real estate transfer fee to help develop
lower-income homes. Peake also cited a failed attempt by Chatham to use a
transfer fee to fund wastewater projects. "That ended up in study," she said.

The real estate industry fought hard against the affordable housing idea on the
islands, O'Leary said.

Nantucket Islands Land Bank Executive Director Eric Savetsky suggested the
Legislature also has found it difficult to give up the "independent power of

As part of the home-rule petition, Rushmore wrote that the town has reached its
property taxation limits under state law but still needs more money to pay for
vital services.

"The Legislature can't help us with paving our streets, so we're going to have
to do it ourselves," Rushmore said Wednesday. Rushmore had tried twice before to
get the measure passed at town meetings and tweaked the language based on
residents' comments, she said.

"We didn't ask for 2 percent like Nantucket," she said. "We asked for a much
smaller fraction. We have a unique situation, with so much real estate activity,
more than most other small towns. If necessary, I'll go and argue it myself."

Berman said the state real estate association will oppose the Provincetown
transfer free "if it gets to the state Legislature."

"We feel like it's a communitywide benefit that's only being paid by a minority
of people, the new people coming into towns," Berman said of transfer fees. "Not
to mention it increases the cost of the house."
9:36 pm est 

Adding Dormers and a Half Story to an Existing Building is One Thing

Demolishing the entire structure and starting again--something developers and
builders adore--is another. You can now destroy any building and keep everything
that was grandfathered about this building. And in addition, you can "petition"
the Zoning Board to add even more to the building.

Just what Provincetown needs! Demolish, rebuild, and add even more volume. Bravo
to the brains who worked on this zoning by-law. Any possibility some of you were
developers, realtors and behind-the-scene-builders?

I can't see anyone born here who would propose such a change. For those hating
density, for those who love these old buildings, this is anathema.

But here you go again, Provincetown. Here's to you! Whatever will be left!
9:31 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn

Sorry but would you get 12 weeks of medical leave for a sprained
ankle? for a hurting knee?

12 weeks of medical leave as a given? I don't think so. And if Sharon is taking
12 weeks, we need to be informed.

This silence, this lack of transparency, this hiding is disgusting. Makes me
want to have Keith Bergman back--and it takes a lot to say this. Keith would
never have played this rather secret, behind-the-scenes game. And Sharon Lynn
should not be doing this either.

Be upfront. Just tell us how long you will away. Then case closed. We will look
to Mr.Gardner as the voice of the town.

Has Sharon forgotten that she is a public official? Has her kitchen cabinet also
forgotten this?
9:29 pm est 

Purposeful Loopholes

Seems obvious enough the "loopholes" in zoning by-laws are not without
a purpose.  Any nitwit can see this.  If you let people who have a vested
interest construct and mold your bylaws, putting in their 2 cents so they can
pull out millions, what do you expect.  Many dances can be made around
"interpretations" of these bylaws on purpose.  Other towns don't have this
problem.  State regs. call for specifics like impact zone windows within 1 mile
of any coastline.  Don't see any on, for example, new prefab project in east
end.  Not even close, cheap windows.  This is a State required regulation.  Why
is our bldg. inspector not requiring State regs. to be followed?  Why indeed, or
do we already know why?  Ptown is opening itself to much liability it seems by
having a town employee signing off on projects not playing by the rules.  Wait
until an insurance claim pops up and then the fun will start. 

A townie also remembers:
The Strawberry man
Diving for money
Greased pole contests
Macara's wharf
Mrs. Roger's homeroom at PHS
9:27 pm est 

Demolition Bylaw and a Question About Lagality!

One does not need to demolish their structure in order to rebuild and make it
bigger.  Under current zoning they can construct additions and dormers now
without demolishing the structure.  If they are pre-existing non-conforming all
they need to do is apply to zoning to make such changes. 
7:47 pm est 

To: Slippery Fish

Welcome back, slippery fish!

A friend of Al Cave's (think about it). : - ))
7:43 pm est 

Family and Medical Leave Act

Btw. All employees working in a certain size company have the Family
and Medical Leave Act which guarantees them 12 weeks of medical leave. And HIPPA
guarantees your privacy. You sign a HIPPA notice everytime you go to the doctor.

7:41 pm est 

A Townie Remembers


7:38 pm est 

Tax Transfer

Bottom line, transfer tax is a mute point.  While full of steam it
will never fly.  Besides, sellers will just up the prices to adjust for the tax. 
Maybe the little realtors who were so busy at the time of the meeting should be
charged a bullsnap tax of say 1% on their gross profit instead to compensate for
their roles in killing Provincetown.  Laying low are we?  Perhaps town officials
that approve monstrosities should be taxed also for their roles in the crimes. 
Ms. Lynn's absence can be reported to the man in the moon and who really cares
enough to do something real about it?  Put confidence in Mr. Gardner to lead the
troops through the trenches.  Right.  Tell me again where he wants his bread
buttered.  Oh, that's right, on the other side of the tracks.   
7:37 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn

"Re: And you won't get it (and you don't get it).  Her health is none
of your business.  Get a life."

No. I think you don't get it. I don't care about Sharons health. I care about
the health of my beloved Provincetown. And if we don't have a Town Manager who
can do her job, then the health of the Town is in jeopardy, and I want know
whats going on dame it!

P.S. I have a great life.
7:33 pm est 

A Question of Legality

Is the Right to Maintain Grandfathered Setbacks and Variances Legal
Without A Fire or Safety Danger?

The state does allow anyone to be able to re-build their home or business
exactly as it had been prior to a catastrophe. But now we in Provincetown are
going to allow anyone to demolish their house or their business and start all
over again---with all the prior setbacks and with all the prior grandfatered
variances. Is this really legal?

So you don't like your older structure, you can destroy it all and still gain
all the advantages that before you would only have gained if you had a serious
fire and/or if the structure was a safety danger.

And then, the home owner or the business owner can even get the building to be
even bigger, even higher with permission from Zoning.

Can we as a town be this far ahead in leniancy, given the state's more
restrictive stance?

Raises quite a few questions.
7:30 pm est 

Cape Cod Times Article on Transfer Tax

This is the reality that faces the promotion of the Tax Transfer article passed at Town Hall meeting.
4:52 pm est 

Transfer Tax Lacks Legs

The transfer tax will not happen folks. just read the front page of
the CC Times Today! As I posted yesterday, it was doubtful it would have
Constitutional muster and it looks like that is the case! Great research MAB!
4:42 pm est 

We Have a Right to Know Who is Running Our Town

Time to go to the Attorney General and get a clarification. We have every right
to know who is making decisions and how long Sharon has been on leave and how
much longer she will be out. And if David Gardner takes some sick days or
vacation, then please tell me: who then is running the town?

How many more hospital stays, how many more surgeries, how many more weeks away
do we have to be in the dark about? This is a cover up and it is frankly wrong.
This is no way to run a town--and I guess it isn't being actually run.

Is Sharon being paid to administer or is she being paid to take a medical leave?
This is not personal. It is part of a public official's job. It isn't as if she
is cleaning town hall and doing landscape. Then that would be different. She is
supposedly leading our town. Is she?
4:25 pm est 

Barbara's Boo Hoo comment

Ur ASSUMING 1mm is profit!  The town has broke most people with real estate!
Sewer connection fees, contractor gouging prices, real estate value loss of
value 100's of thousands of dollar concessions, interest rates, personal
financial loss & so many other factors!  Your out of touch ...that's what we're
whining about!  Old Ptown crowns sense of entitlement... You've got it...give me
some.  How about old fashioned hard work to get what you want instead of holding
your hand out, budget management!?
3:14 pm est 

Re: Clarification of Property Tax


And thank you very much to the wonderful people with second homes.  I am year
round and I'm thrilled with all the taxes paid by out of town owners bringing
their hard earned money here, here. 

We should be drafting thank you notes rather then trying to bleed them. 
Please let everyone trade up, buy more, and redesign. 

Work, work, work is what we need, not special taxes!
3:12 pm est 

Another Townie Remembers

wearing christmas sweaters in July
seagulls on town hall
LaTusha Brown's Fried Clams
Charlotte's pant suits
Fifi's toe rings
horses on commercial street
townies croosing the canal bridge
growing onions at the Bas Relief
catching first hermaphrodite sea bass

3:09 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn

"I want "full disclosure and transparency". (To use her own words.)"

And you won't get it (and you don't get it).  Her health is none of your
business.  Get a life.
3:07 pm est 

Transfer Tax Raise it to 2%

Two houses sold last week for over $2,000,000. Are you telling me that the
buyers won't pay 2% more that house?
The answer is yes. A house sold in the Birkshires for $14,000,000--and they had
a number of interested buyers.

Vote 2% transfer tax in April!!!!
3:05 pm est 

Transfer Tax

Transfer Tax buyer pays
If I want to sell my house for $2,000,000...I'll just raise the price for the
buyer.simple as that
3:04 pm est 

Barbara Rushmore

Barbara loves to talk as if she is the voice of Provincetown.  I
appreciate the second homeowners here and their support of our local economy
(notice I used the word I and did not presume to talk for everyone) Tell
Rushmore to read this so she knows how it's done
3:02 pm est 

Tranfer Tax Decided by Very Few
There were 112 people at town meeting...Some left during various periods, not to
return. I think the transfer tax passed with fewer than 80 votes.  Who is to blame...All
of you who did not attend town meeting.  The transfer tax is the brain tumor of Barbara
Rushmore who has the idea she speaks for everyone (she is the one who said  that
Provincetown does not want military enlistees here)  She is also the one who
refuses to hook up to the sewer while her waste filters into the bay... But she
blames beach closings on dogs.  This is the person who has problems.  To have
allowed any of her hair brained ideas to be passed at town meeting is the comedy
of errors of us all.
9:55 am est 

What a Display!

The AdHoc Committee and Planning Board did a great job in the re-write of a few
bylaws.  I'm hoping this is just the beginning, as there are several others that
require attention.  I understand the meetings are open to the public and public
participation is welcomed.  Why don't we start attending the meetings to help in
the process instead of complaining after the fact. Perhaps we could ask Barbara
Rushmore to help us she seems to be good at this.
9:05 am est 

Transfer Tax ? You Have got to be Kidding

Since there are so many transactions that go on in this town as people "flip"
condos - I totally hope this tax disincentivizes people to buy and sell like
they have.

What greed - constant real estate transfers have fueled the incredible property
values and hence tax payments and now the town wants to impose a transfer tax in
addition ?
Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

I was thinking of buying another property here - now I'm like "screw it" and I
hope others like me follow suit.

Your "transfer tax" has incentivized me to NEVER sell my property nor purchase
any more. I will croak before this town ever sees a transfer tax dollar in my

9:04 am est 

Transfer Tax & Barbara Rushmore

Clearly Barbara Rushmore doesn't like me anymore than I like her. How
dare she say that second home owners need to contribute more than their
presence? I would pit my spending in town over hers any day. Let's make this a
challenge! Let's stack the receipts! I have spend hundreds of thousands of
dollars with local contractors, employ local people for gardening and
housekeeping, donate to local charities, eat in local restaurants, buy food in
town and take it back to the big, bad evil city, on and on. I do it because I
love the town. I do it because i know how hard it is for people here to make it.
I do it because I want to. I don't do it to be praised or held in high regard.
My partner and I work tirelessly day in and day out to make this happen, to have
two homes and a few weeks a year and random weekends to enjoy it. How dare you
hold that against me. How dare you refer to my house as a trophy home. Trophy
for what? Six day work weeks? Stress, piles of bills, tax !
bills. Barbara you're not the only one who contributes. Wake up and stop
looking at everything from your own perspective.
9:01 am est 

Vote For 2% Transfer Tax

The Cape Inn sold, The Lands End Inn might be for sale, The boatslip sold. Lets
vote in a 2% transfer tax so we don't miss out on this stream of income that has
passed us by.

Vote in the April Town meeting for a 2% transfer tax
8:58 am est 

Re: Saw Sharon at Town Hall Today
This might mean she's not dead, but it doesn't mean she's not sick. And it
doesn't explain why she wasn't at her own Town Meeting.

Your sighting does not change my concerns.

I want "full disclosure and transparency". (To use her own words.)

8:56 am est 

A Townie Remembers

8:52 am est 

Re: Is Our New Demolition By-Law Legal

You should go back and read the current by-laws, and then the new versions. Read
them carefully please. And you must read them together to get the contact right.

Our current by-law does not prohibit anyone from tearing down and rebuilding a
preexisting non conforming structure. But it also doesn't clearly allow this to
happen. So in the interest of C.Y.A. all Town officials have for years now
interpreted it to mean you cant do this. And this has been wrong. Everyone knows
its been wrong. Everyone has for years been saying we need to fix this, but no
one ever has till now. The new by law is the same by law except it clarifies
that we can do this, so that no one will be easily sued if they tear something
down. And please remember that the Historic District Commission still must grant
permission for tear downs.

As far as being able to apply to Zoning for Special permits for additions,
anyone owning such a structure can also already do so, this by-law doesn't make
any changes to that, it just clarifies that they can.

Please also note that the new by-law gives specific time lines in which this
process must happen, or else you will loose you pre existing status. This will
hopefully prevent a situation like what we have down there on Commercial st.
near Montello st. (The pre existing non conforming cellar hole.)

Believe it or not a lot of very careful thought was giving to re writing this by

8:50 am est 

Second Chandelier

The second donated chandelier will most likley be put in the library.
8:43 am est 

Re: Town Hall Chandelier

The town already has a second chandelier! However like the new
chandelier at townhall we did not have to pay for it out of your tax dollars.
Somebody who believes in giving back to the town instead of always ranting &
raving on this blog with whats wrong with it, gave it to the town with love.
12:05 am est 

Town Hall Chandelier

No town tax dollars were spent on the chandelier. We got a grant for
that. Stop trying to make it sound like it was a bad idea to fix up town hall.
12:03 am est 

Re: Transfer Tax

To all of you boohooing about how the transfer tax is going to ruin your
retirement or raise rent or otherwise make the town unaffordable could you
please explain your logic which seems severely flawed. If you sold a property
for $1,000,000 (hardly likely) you would pay $5,000 in transfer tax. You would
not pay this tax until you had hard cash in a real estate closing. Please tell
me how this raises rent, destroys your retirement or otherwise has much of an
impact. If you get $1 million surely you can part with $5,000? Ont he average
$350,000 condo it would be a whopping total of $1,750.

Many towns in the western US have had a transfer tax for years and it is
standard practice in NY coops and condo associations and no one is going
bankrupt because of it nor has it had one whit of impact on sales. You might not
like it - or where it ends up - but at least substantiate your crap with some

12:01 am est 

A Tax Based on Naivete

Sorry to say but the heart is in a good place but town officials will use the
monies for their own pet projects, interests and to cover up some little and big
financial holes.

Hand over $400,000 or $500,000 to town officials and what do you think they will
do? the question rests.
11:59 pm est 

Is Our New Demolition By-Law Legal

Since the state allows the keeping of grandfathered set backs and variances if a
building is destroyed due to fire or safety, have we established a law that goes
outside MA law? We are saying that any building in any condition can be
dedmolished and all the setbacks and all variances granted are maintained. And
in addition, the applicant can petition the Zoning Board to add even more volume
and greater height to the once-existing building.

Is this legal given that it is not in synch with MA laws on Zoning?

11:58 pm est 

Transfer Tax, Etc.

Probably never happens.  Even if Sarah Peake and Dan Wolf introduce it, my guess
is that it goes into the great black hole of Beacon Hill along with everything
else.  So you can probably chill.

As for reducing your donations to SKIP, that is very mature.  By all means take
it out on the people who can't afford to feed themselves.

11:56 pm est 

Where is Sharon Lynn

"Who is running this town? If Sharon is that sick, if David Gardner is
actually running this town, then make this

Saw Sharon at Town Hall today.  Hopefully this will calm your fears and you will
be able to sleep tonight.

11:54 pm est 

95 Bradford Street

Read in the Banner that fines are $5400 for 95 Bradford Street.  Denault (the
owner) will also have to do renovations to have building come into compliance. 
Question, if you made $100,000 last season renting out the entire house  (7
bedrooms at $200 a night - is $84000 just for July and August), heck, who
wouldn't pay the fines?  Denault is no fool.  Our towns own BOS knew about this,
yet he decided to not say a word.  Wonder how much Denault     him?  The town
got ripped off also, as no taxes were collect for rooms taxes. 
11:52 pm est 

Re: Shannon Patrick

Shannon Patrick told me today that she can't comprehend anything
because she and her close friend Mike Cannistrao are planning a vacation. GOD
11:50 pm est 

Town Hall Trailers

So, now that the town hall is renovated and all employees are moving
back in, what happens with the trailers? Were they leased or rented? What was
the cost? What will happen with them? Will we keep them, sell them, return them?
I don't remember seeing any information on the trailers? Thanks any info is

11:47 pm est 

Clarification Re: Transfer Tax

1. Any voter can bring forward an article to place on the warrant with 100
signatures.  Therefore, if any resident would like to repeal the transfer tax,
simply circulate a petion moving to repeal the transfer tax and get 100
signatures and provide the document to the Town Clerk before the cutoff date for
April's Town Meeting, and it will be on the warrant.

2. While I believe it is legal for Town's to pass a transfer tax, my
understanding is that the state legislature must approve it and they have not
been keen to do so.  Regarding the transfer tax that was just approved by
Provincetown voters, I suggest you write to Rep Sarah Peake to register your
concern about its passage. 

3. Given that 70% of properties are owned by second homeowners, second
homeowners pay 70% of Provincetown's property taxes.  It is irresponsible for
Barbara Rushmore to imply that second homeowners give nothing but their presence
when they are footing the lion's share of the revenue in this town.  I believe
the transfer tax will disincent people from buying property in Provincetown,
which will be bad for the town in the long run.
11:46 pm est 

How Backwards Can it Get?

There is a dog park, an animal shelter and yet no high school, a tax on the sale
of property that the people leaving will pay, septic inspections are being
required by the town for no good reason and paid for by the property owner,
almost the entire town is considered a historic district and the town oversees
the process so you can't do what you would like with your overpriced property
and it's all being done without an currently adequate water source for
consumtion or fire suppression.

11:43 pm est 

What a Display

I am truly ashamed at the turn taken directed by my
"leaders".  Ms. Berg, etc. raised more than valid points with a ready objective
voice but Saints forbid, not allowed if it contradicts the baloney our paid town
officials dish out.  Why is town hall bent on nursing well established and thick
pocket lined developers with regurgitation of the same bylaws that allow the
town to be raped over and over again by these people.  For example, B St. Ext. 
again,  what exactly did this development do to contribute to the local economy. 
Nothing.  Out of town prefab builders, out of town sub contractors, out of town
everything but the real estate broker.  Not a dime put back into the town.
11:42 pm est 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Provincetown has a pet emergency shelter!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
5:24 pm est 

Great ! But Can Someone Explain What is Illegal about the Transfer Tax?

That is great news. But details would be good to get. Please inform us.
3:54 pm est 

Tax, Tax, Tax and they Just Spend, Spend, Spend

All the members of the BOS were smiling as they helped pass the Transfer Tax.
That includes those who only rent and don't own property here anyways. They were
smiling for the money they could use for their own pet projects or to cover some
financial problems. This money will never go for street pavements, for the
recreation center,or for cleaner beaches.

The answer to our problems is less spending and a frugal attitude. This just
helps undisciplined town officials continue to be so. Maybe they'll buy a second
chandelier, many more drapes, and more of more.

The Finance Committee knew better.
3:51 pm est 

Transfer Tax

If the article was introduced legally and passed legally, the article
could well be legal, while the proposed action contained therein might not be -
although, as I read it, all the article asks is for a senator and representative
to be instructed to introduce a bill, which, again, is perfectly legal but
completely separate from the question about whether the contents of that
proposed legislation will Constitutional muster.
3:50 pm est 

Missing In Action: One Town Manager

Again, no town manager. No a word mentioned. Who is running this town? If Sharon
is that sick, if David Gardner is actually running this town, then make this

Missing in Action is not what should be happening.

Where are You?
3:47 pm est 

Transfer Tax

I attended Town Meeting and have ever since I moved full time to Provincetown
over 20 years ago. I am disgusted by Ms. Rushmore's statement at Town Meeting
and reported in the newspaper that and I quote "second homeowners can contribute
something more than their presence" This is the divisive rhetoric that is
insulting and misguided.

The Second home owners PAY THE SAME REAL ESTATE TAX
RATE  as those of us who live here year round. THis tax will only increase in
the future if adopted and the tough practical decision like "cutting a budget"
or eliminating positions like those of us in the real world must decide to be
fiscally sound.

You have 5 elected officials who do not have a clue with regard
to taxes and budgets. One that is sitting now should have resigned weeks ago due
to his involvement in illegal construction work and inadequate oversight on a 2
parcels here in Provincetown.

Our second home owners are just as valuable to this community as we year
rounders are. Please stop the insults and realize these second home owners spend
money in our year round business', hire local trades people and dontate to our local
non-profits as well.

The other hypocrsy was Mr. Sinaiko's rant about the "community" he so
wishes to protect and nuture. Maybe he should have DONATED the wonderful garden
in the East End of town instead of stiffing all of us taxpayers, year round and
second home owners with a price tag that was well over its assessed value.

What a piece of work he is and a hypocrite to boot.
3:45 pm est 

Thanks for the RIP for Provincetown

I do believe the town is dying or is in stage four.  Vested development interest
keeps winning and overdevelopment will in time ruin the town even more. We will
suffocate ourselves but the dying gasp is of residents and those who really love
this town. The others will be long gone wiith money bulging our of their pockets.
And that sadly includes key town officials.

Town's die in different ways.
3:40 pm est 

Tranfer Tax Has a Hill to Climb

Barbara Rushmores transfer tax will not be happening anytime soon.
Like they mentioned in the meeting, Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard have it
already. However what they forgot to mention is that it is not in affect. The
state has to pass this along with a thousand other bills that will be coming
through for them. Plus I don't think that this will be the last we hear of the
transfer tax in town since it was snuck into the agenda and not many people knew
about it to begin with.
3:37 pm est 

Zoning ByLaws and Bangs Street

It seems to me that what the webmaster and Astrid are really after is lower
density, fewer units and smaller buildings per lot. If so why don't you just
move to lower density instead of fighting over definition of a building?

Just askin'
3:35 pm est 

Dear Barbara

How gulible are you?
Do you really believe that the BOS and
Fin Com are going use this new found
revenue for the street repairs?

You gave them a " ticket to ride" or are
you promoting your own self intrests?

Not Happy
3:33 pm est 

The Town Should Share in the Pain as Well as the Gain

The town has TAKEN ownership of.5% of our property, now the town
should be responsible for there part of the MORTGAGE, INSURANCE, REPAIR BILLS,
HEAT, ELECTRIC, WATER & SEWER, and don't forget the TAX's on there part of our
property. Now if someone slips and falls on private property here, they can also
sue the Town.
3:31 pm est 

Emergency Pet Shelter

2 menmbers of the school board, Lori Stewart and Shannon Patrick,
voted against the emergency pet shelter last night.  These 2 women were
unprepared and showed ignorance in their rationale for doing so. 

Lori tried to dissuade the others by using a $150,000 study of the buildings to
be done in the future.  Peter Grasso pointed out that the study was structural
and had absolutely nothing to do with the issue. Then she went to a glass window
which she stated was unsafe.  Grasso again pointed out the window was a
hurricane quality window.  She still persisted and voted no.
Shannon Patrick didn't even read the final proposal and continued to rise
questions that she had asked before which were already answered in writing.  She
went on and on with arguments that a leash was the same as a thether which was
now illegal in Provincetown.  This woman's nit-picking and long list of stupid
questions were intelligently answered by Candace Nagel who had thoroughly
researched and could answer every one in a well substantiated and dignified way. 
Still Shannon voted no.

These two women were against community needs and were willing to place Federal
Disaster relief in the event of severe storm damage to the town.  It is a
federal mandate to have this shelter.  Failure to have one would cut Federal
assistance to Provincetown residents in such an occassion.

These two are a disgrace to this community and should be noted as such.  The
town needed this shelter whether a resident had a pet or not to protect all the
3:29 pm est 

Stop Thief!!

I will no longer do my charitable giving in this town. The town has
STOLEN a part of my retirement with this new tax. I now need to save all the
more for my retirement, and in these difficult economic times that means cutting
something out, in my case it will be my donations to the Soup Kitchen,  Helping
our Women,   and the Aids Support Group. So sorry everyone, but I have been
stolen from.        
3:26 pm est 

Repeal the Transfer Tax!

Can the Rushmore Tax be repealed at the next Town Meeting?  Or changed
so it is .00001% to nullify the impact?  Does anyone know the rules?
3:24 pm est 

The Real Estate Transfer Tax is Hogwash!

The town mismanages money and we give them more. We would be better off joining
forces and solving our own problems. The us vs. them mentality dives us apart. We
need towelcome the part timers, second home owners and visitors alike. United we could raise money for child care programs, the Community Center, elder care, etc. They do it in other
communities and we could do it here.

We stand apart rather than together. This tax represents an ignorant and self important
dislike of anyone that appears successful. Nobody suffers more than the one that shuffles around their old ramshackle house decade after decade. People that work their asses off to be
able to pay current market prices for real estate be dammed. They can pay more.

We don't welcome new comers as it is and now we say      you blatantly. Why
don't we just pan handle at the Barnstable County Court House as people pass
3:22 pm est 

Townie Remembers

You Called:

3:17 pm est 

Tax Increase For TENANTS !!

I don't know if Barbara R realized, but all lease agreements, both residential,
and commercial, place all tax increases on the tenant. So thank you Barbara for
raising the rents in town!
3:14 pm est 

Transfer Tax Illegal?

Great news for those who voted against the transfer tax! Yesterday, I
called the State to see if it was legal. No, it is not legal! It will never
materialze! Why didn't the BOS know this? Why did they vote for something that
is not legal to do in Massachusetts? Do your homework fellas!
3:13 pm est 

To: I Agree and Thanks Astrid

Thank you both for words of support.

3:07 pm est 

Real Estate Transfer Tax

What I find interesting about the passage of this article is that the people you
would think would be most against this, the realtors, were no where to be seen
at the meeting.  Of the possibly 70 realtors in Provincetown, there were no more
than a half dozen at the meeting. 

If there were something on a published warrant that I was opposed to, you bet
your ass I would attend the meeting.

And it passed by a mere 8 votes.  Shame on any of them who complain about it
after the fact.
3:05 pm est 

What Other People Contribute

I very rarely post on this blog, but after reading one comment in
particular, I felt the need.

It was the comment about the if town meeting had passed the transfer tax last
year we would have captured some big ticket items like the Cape Inn.
For your information the past owner of the Cape Inn has contributed to
Provincetown for years by staying open year round and having movies seven days a
week.  If you complain about your utility bills, just imagine his.  Maybe you
have been one of the recipients of his generosity.

For years, he let the town use his parking lot to set up for all of the parades
in town and his pool is open to the public during the summer.
This is not to mention numerous donations and uses of the Inn for charity fund

It's easy to look at what you don't receive and not and what other people

The transfer tax is unfair in my opinion and only adds one more tax to people
who are already struggling to keep their properties.


11:54 pm est 

I Agree: Astrid Thanks

You tried to bring understanding to the by-law articles and to have a former
building commissioner help us explain what the proposed changes are. But, no.
That was not allowed. And all the Ad Hoc Meeting changes and alterations of our
by-laws passed. All of them. But who won? Not the town. Not those who care about
density. Not those who care about preserving old buildings.

I do believe that last night the town lost.

But thanks for trying to help. That means a lot!
11:49 pm est 


To the ad hoc zoning committee, planning board and others who made the long
overdue zoning by law changes comes to reality last night. It was long hard slog
but you did it. Congrats also to Barbara Rushmore as other have pointed out for
her perseverance and final success. While it might not lower real estate taxes
the fee will definitely help ameliorate future tax increases, which will still
have to be substantial to take care of some gapping holes like health care and
pensions. The change to put a portion directly into capital fund was excellent.

It is also gratifying to see that once again the Citizens Against Virtually
Everything (aka the C.A.V.E.) were once again roundly rejected by the sensible
town meeting participants. It is great to know that their lies, misinformation
and conspiracy theories were ignored and that hard work, democratic process and
common sense prevailed.

11:47 pm est 


Provincetown passed away last
night after a long fiscal illness.
Provincetown leaves many relatives,
too many to list.
However, Provincetown
left a will stating that She wished to
bequest to the citizens the following:

1. To all the developers that use 40B
as an excuse to skirt around the zoning
codes, I leave you nothing. You got
your inheritance while I was alive.
When are you going to start construction
with the monies and land that I gave you?

2. To the Ad Hoc Committee, I suggest
that you get two members on the board
whom have no connections with realty
or development. I leave you nothing
because you have not lived up to
my expectations.

3. To the BOS, I hope you enjoy your
new file cabinets and cushie chairs, the
elegant chandellier while we sit on those
horrid wooded chairs. I leave you
hemorrhoids and a tube of Preparation H.

4. To Ms. Rushmoor, I know your intentions
are good, however did you ever consider the
consequences? I am going to open
a Starbucks and figure out how to
finagle the bagel in regards to
my inheritance. It is apparent that you
covered you "star butt".

5. Congratulations to Candece for
starting a project without town funding
and finishing the mission.
I leave you good wishes and doggy
cookies for life.

So I say adieu, this town really has
gone to the dogs and we may be
better off with the dogs than with the

Don't tread on me.

P.S. The only good news is that a
majority went to the dogs.

11:44 pm est 

What Barbara Rushmore Didn't Tell You!
It will cost quite a bit of money to implement her new tax.  The current town
staff does not have the staff, systems or procedures to implement this tax,
which I expect will cost at least $100k.  Therefore, cut Barbara's estimates in
11:38 pm est 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What a Disgrace

176 people showed at town meeting and only 112 voted on the real estate tax.
What a horrible day for Ptown. Why didn't anyone ask specifically where the
money would go? The general fund? That's a big open checkbook for the selectmen
to spend as they wish as opposed to projects that certainly need attention.
Waste waste waste. Now everyone will work the system and beat the tax. Can't be
done? Watch. As people leave the town, they are going to look for ways to keep
whats rightfully theres. Financially, there will be ways around the tax. And the
town is led into this by the crazy from the east end? Great example of what this
town is represented by. Fools.
9:20 pm est 

Who is a Looser?

Am I missing something?  Quite the powerful
statement by an apparent "winner".  Agreed, townie discussion is pointless. 
Agreed, Bylaw regarding connecting buildings had some words stirred but the end
product is the same.  Not at all surprising.  After the Bangs St. fiasco, they
needed to have meetings to make it look like things could change and there was
really interest in doing so.  Just like the abutter meeting for Bangs St., a
joke but needed to cover their asses.  People wrote in suggestions, called in
suggestions, emailed in suggestions, met with people, quite a bit, people voiced
opinions on deaf ears so don't go saying, attend, attend if you want to make a
change.  Those in charge were well aware of the complaints but couldn't give
less of a crap.  Just as predicted, when the dust settles, this law remains the
same and the same abuse of overbuilding can continue much to the delight of the
developers buying up property to exploit.  Funny h!
ow other cape towns don't have problems with interpreting their bylaws and
definitions.  Four buildings equals two never would have been allowed in any
other cape town.  Then again, they don't have a bldg. inspector who is also a
developer who's good buddies with another developer who we obviously need to
tell us how to word our building bylaws because we can't do it on our own.  The
fact that a man very possibly connected strongly to another current developer
runs the show is even more disgusting.  The 3 stooges could have done a better
job.  At least they would have admitted it was crap for show. They may have not
been town officials and developers but at least they were honest.
9:17 pm est 

Irene Rabinowitze Did A Great Job as Moderator

She knows the rules and is fair in her handling of issues. She is clear thinking
and I applaud her for a job well done.
9:14 pm est 

Are We Just Sheep? Seems so When I Examine Town Meeting

It is sad and it saddens me. But this town is so mute on so many key issues. We
are invited to the slaughter and we willing go.
9:12 pm est 


I disagree with the transfer tax approved last night. But Barbara
Rushmore is an example of perseverance at its best. Those who sit back and
complain on this blog, should take Barbara's playbook to advance their ideas
that they believe will help this town we all love,no matter how long we have
been here!
4:26 pm est 

Barbara Rushmore Wins! But Do We Lose?

I think the BOS will only use the transfer monies to cover the financial holes.
I don't believe it will be used to fix our sidewalks and streets. Nor do I see
it being used to save the recreation center as someone suggested. Just another
tax that will not lower our real estate taxes.

4:21 pm est 

Re: Real Townie

"Just to point out the real townies either died of European-introduced
diseases or their ancestors are trying to build a casino."

Actually that's not so true. No native Americans ever lived year-round in
Provincetown or anywhere on the outer Cape.  No human did until the first
Europeans settled here.
4:19 pm est 

Astrid -

Good job and please keep up the great work -

We are lucky to have you in this town.
4:15 pm est 

Re: Townie Youth With No Work Ethics

Last year while vacationing here I moored my boat in the Harbor.I had the
privilege of meeting a 15 Year old Townie.Up at 4am everyday he'd tend to HIS
lobster pots and by noon had already caught his quota of 5000 pounds of Striped
Bass.Yet he still found time to help me mend some gear,always polite and
helpful.When I met his family you could see where his work ethics came from.So
maybe next time someone wants to bash the lazy youth of Provincetown, start with
yourself and your generation for raising these kids to become just what you see.
4:14 pm est 

Goose That Lays the Golden Egg

It is the sale of these Big Ticket Real Estate holdings that is the golden egg.
Commercial Real Estate Sales are multi-million dollar sales. They will sell and
sell again. Now is the time for a portion to go t the town.

The Taxpayers carry the cost of running the town on their backs; this measly
1/2% fee on these big sales would have added greatly to our town income.

Look at the sales we lost: The Boatslip that recently sold, the Cape Inn, Lands
End Inn, the Murchinson house and property, restaurants, etc. Wasn't a hundred
million dollars of realestate sold last year?

Now there is the  possibility of Cabral's wharf, Land End Marine Hardware, among
other properties that are on the market. Lets tap into this bounty of real
estate holdings so that once they sell a portion goes to the town out of the
buyer's pocket.
4:12 pm est 

So Where Was Sharon Lynn Last Night?

Is it not a bit unusual for a Town Manager not to attend her own Town Meeting?

And how come Madam Moderator didn't even feel fit to let us in on whats going
on? As if she dosnt tell us, we wont notice. We are being played for chumps by
these people.

The plot thickens.

I don't care what she is sick with, I just want some up front honesty from these
people. Or to use Sharons catch phrase, "Transparency". Or does that only apply
when she is exposing some trash about the last administration.

And saying nothing is lying in my moral code.

A Friend of Some Guy
4:10 pm est 

Stream of Income to the Town

Once the articles passed at the special town meeting become law, the town will
receive 1/2% of real estate sales over a certain amount.

If this article became law last year, we would have received money from some big
ticket sales such as the Cape Inn among other commercial properties.

We taxpayers need this stream of income to add to the town coffers so we don't
have overrides! We need to raise this from 1/2% to 2% at the Spring Town
4:08 pm est 

Re: True Townie

Townie non-townie, us and them, blah, blah, blah, stop being so
4:06 pm est 

A True Townie Remembers

4:04 pm est 


ATLANTA  Teens who text 120 times a day or more  and there seems to be a lot of
them  are more likely to have had sex or used alcohol and drugs than kids who
don't send as many messages, according to provocative new research.

The study's authors aren't suggesting that "hyper-texting" leads to sex,
drinking or drugs, but say it's startling to see an apparent link between
excessive messaging and that kind of risky behavior.

The study concludes that a significant number of teens are very susceptible to
peer pressure and also have permissive or absent parents, said Dr. Scott Frank,
the study's lead author.

If you see a teen texting--Now you know what "else" they are **doing!**
4:01 pm est 

I Do Love This Town But,...

Sorry but I'm about to give up. For those of you who were born here, where were
you? My question remains.

So you don't have a problem that outsiders like Russell Braun who now has more
power than Jim Steele ever had when he was here as town manager.

Please, do not cry on my stoop.

Please, call David Nicolau. Please call Ginny Binder. Please call Ted Malone.

Please do not call me.

You sat there. You said nothing. Yo were a nothing and yet you believe this town
is important to you.

Sorry, but you are but a joke. You are even worse: you are but an abomination.
Don't you dare complain. You are but worse of the worse. I know, this is this
town but you disgust me. And you know who you are. How sad, how tragic.
4:00 pm est 

Town Meeting: Thanks For Nothing

Provincetown passes real estate transfer tax, which will increase number of
homeless.   Foreclosures in town in 2010 increased nearly 150% over 2009, and
over 300% in past 24 months.  I can't believe Provincetown passed this tax,
which will increase the number of foreclosures and homeless.   Very sad
commentary on "community".   My own property is upside down and I'm struggling
to stay afloat, yet the insensitve people that spoke on behalf of this article
were either wealthy relatives of the wealthy proponent or another wealthy
persopn that sold his mother's garden to the Town for a price that exceeded
appraised value.  These wealthy folks are the people that benefit, while the
rest of us poor townies will end up in the streets.  Thanks for nothing.
3:57 pm est 

I Don't Get It

This self proclaimed "townie" guy sure seems angry. His rants are
getting more and more bizarre. I don't really understand what it is that he
wants, though. Does he want to claim ownership and copyright of the word
"townie?" That's fine with me. I've always referred to myself as a local or a
year rounder.

Does he actually want or expect anyone who wasn't born here to leave? Well,
that's never going to happen and the very idea is immature and ridiculous.

Good for him for living here longer than anyone else. Great that he knows lots
of obscure local trivia. But does he somehow feel that he deserves special
rights because of being born here? Is he saying he is a more important person
than those who moved here from somewhere else?

I don't get it...
3:54 pm est 

Sign Me Disgusted

As suspected and brought up many times and now confirmed, despite
efforts by residents who actually care about this town, zoning bylaws are in
place to enable those chosen few developers and wealthy non-residents who have
purchased property to make more than a buck.  They are assisted by weak and
purchased town officials.  The put on public meetings to cover their asses in
the name of changing the problem but this is just a facade and the unbridled
exploitation of Ptown continues.  Sad but true.  These people claim to have the
best interest of the town at heart but really their wallets are the only thing
they care about.   The blogmaster and his better half see this for what it is as
do few others.  In dealings with town officials over the subject of
overdevelopment you would have better luck banging your head against a wall.  So
sad to see what has become and what is in store for this poor little town. 
Money talks and honesty walks.  So sad, Ptown is doomed so th!
e rich can get richer while they slap the face of the town laughing as they
walk to the bank. 
Sign me disgusted with what my tax money really pays for
3:52 pm est 

True Townies

Just to point out the real townies either died of european-introduced diseases
or their ancestors are trying to build a casino.  Also, seems to me if most
fishing towns along the east coast have also seen most of their fishing industry
disappear then allegations that somehow the newcomers destroyed Provincetown's
essence are hot air. One doesn't say Boston was destroyed by the gays because
there is little fishing out of there and most who grew up there people can't
afford a place in even the medium nice areas of town unless they inherited it
and then can't afford the taxes.

Townie vs. non-townie vs. wash ashore is a worthless debate. Clock's still
ticking on that unfunded $64 million health care liability we all owe for
Provincetown workers past and current and nary a single word of debate on that.

12:21 pm est 

Anyone Can Place an Article on the Town Warrant!

Instead of crying a river about what's on this warrant, why don 't you do the
WORK and get your pet peeves out there with articles????

You are a LOOSER in my book!
12:18 pm est 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Seems Town Meeting is About Dogs and Developers

What is in this for us? I see no reason to hold this town meeting. It is
singular and a waste of real talent and energy. Another Michele Couter disaster.
Unnecessary. Lacking leadership. You call for a town meeting when there are real
issues affecting the entire communityl

This is for dogs and developers. Both gain, but for the rest of us, little gain.
maybe a loss.
3:47 pm est 

Zoning Bylaw Amendment 2550 Two Buildings = One

As posted previously, if you need to "connect" you are building too
much, plain and simple.  Completely agree with blogmaster, playing the game is
all that is happening.  Why on earth was Ted Malone allowed to suggest wording
of anything having to do with a building bylaw?  This fits his interests
perfectly, nothing is changing, and Shank Painter is next, then Willow St. 
Public input was given and ignored because it doesn't play into the hands being
fed. Look at Bangs St., done for what?  Monoliths to greed.
3:42 pm est 

Zoning Bylaw Amendment 2550 Two Buildings = One

Well done Clarence. Why people don't post minutes more often which
provides sourced information on the true facts!

You also have every right, to highlight etc. your position as you are the
webmaster. Thanks for all your work on this website, however, painful it is
reading all too often hurtful spineless posts on others.
3:40 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Townies

This townie, not a townie, or true townie has  gotten on my last gay
nerve.  The real townies are all buried in the Winthrop Street Cemetary.  There
aren't any more original townies unless you are buried there...All the rest of
us are now just plain townies if we live here.  If we didn't call ourselves
that, who would attend the townie party ?(which by the way is open to
anyone...just like p-town of old and p-town of now). So get over yourselves and
stop trying to make imaginary division lines. There are enough real ones without
your nonsense.

Slippery Fish, old townie tuna
3:37 pm est 


Definition of a consultant = anyone who lives more than 50 miles away.
3:35 pm est 

Hey Townie

Don't forget Bird's Nest and the Boobas
3:33 pm est 

Ah, See, Now You Get the Point

Denigrating townies doesn't feel very good, does it?  Now imagine what
non-townies feel like when you spew your hateful comments?  Pretty much the
3:32 pm est 


What a Season!!! Hire young adults and teenagers the Governor commanded. Yeah, I
tried--to hell with that. The ones you don't see are the ones in college or
working--but the others who "hang out" are losers. They are losers because they
have no drive or ambition after being coddled all of their lives. Their great
plans and ambitions just go up in smoke.

Their attention span is all of twenty minutes--if that--and then they become
antsy and need to stop working for this or that reason. And why not? Living with
mom and dad and given spending money, sporadic working, hanging out as the years
pass--and still hanging out year after year and yet they are fawned over like
they are champions of the world. What B.S. I've seen around here.

These foreign students are of a world apart; they come here and wham! they have
2 jobs and go from stocking shelves to bus boys at the poshest restaurants in
town. They are hard scrabble and tenacious and work hard and save. Look at your
sons and daughters-Some of you native locals--you need to be chastised for what
you have made of them. You did it willingly because you saw and ignored the
warning signals and made excuses rather than make your child tow the line.

You other parents are Gems and you know who you are and your accolades comes
from being a true parents who instilled discipline, hard work, stick-to-itness
and honor in your child. Each child is an Ambassador of his or her family--look
how your child represents YOU!
3:30 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Townies

To the person who thinks he/she will get what is deserved once the
"townies" have cleared out.  You are very rude and will undoubtedly get what you
deserve.  Sorry you can't be a townie.  That's no reason to taint the blog with
your issues. If you have nothing intelligent to say about subjects facing the
town and would rather insult people born here, it is clear this town is doomed
behind a rudder steered by people like you. 
8:24 am est 

Zoning Bylaws

The revisions are simple and clear. Any lay person should be able to read and
understand them. Perhaps the blogmaster or his wife could weigh in on how the
one vs two buildings problem has been solved since they were integral to that
discussion and seemed to be satisfied with the language. Apparently the person
obsessed with the idea that it was a process driven by self interest and
subterfuge cannot read since the revisions were published in the newspaper at
every step of the way and somehow they could not be bothered to come to a
meeting and provide any input. Were I a voter at a town meeting I would want to
know the exact specific and detailed qualifications of any purported outside
expert before I let them participate in town meeting.

8:22 am est 

Re: Provincetown Townie

A true townie will know the following. who was

8:20 am est 

Sharon Lynn
Has been back on the job for a week.  Jesus Christ.  Have none of you losers
never taken off for a week or so for medical, personal or other reasons?  Yall
treat everyone like you're on a witch hunt.  I'd SERIOUSLY hate to have any of
you on a jury as everyone is guilty before having done anything on this blog. 
8:18 am est 

I Will Support Your Motion Astrid

I am sure having a professional there at town meeeting representing the
voters for a change will be great! Thank you your idea, cost of retaining the
professional etc.
8:17 am est 

I Need Your Support

I have hired a professional consultant
to explaine the zoning by laws for
town meeting. 

In order to allow him to be on the floor
I need to make a motion at the start of
Please support my motion.

Let's hear a new and professional
opinion on the zoning issus that
no brain surgeon can understand. 

Astrid Berg
12:46 am est 

I Don't Want to be a Townie

Few generations and pretty much all of you will be gone and Provincetown will be
a seasonal community with an appropriate infrastructure and non-resident
representation on boards.

Then I will feel like I will have what I deserve.  Keep your townie status and,
really, don't let the door hit you on the way out....
12:44 am est 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Re: Town Manager:

I don't know what the big secret is on how long she will be out.  I think that
the town people should deserve the respect of at least knowing that...

Her personal business does not need to be told, but the time frame she will be
out should be public.....

It's a little inconsideratie to keep that a secret...
8:01 pm est 

Re: Assisstent Town Manager

Agreed! David Gardner is doing a great job as acting town manager!
Thanks David.
7:59 pm est 

Re: Definition of "Townie"

You can quote any "definition or dicitionary" you want but in the
school of hard knocks that most "townies" grew up in, a townie is defined by a
birthplace of Provincetown (or cape cod hospital if your parents were lucky
enough to own a car), attendance at Ptown elementary and high school, parents,
grandparents and aunts and uncles and siblings from here that probably came from
the old country.  Sorry to burst your logical bubble but that's how it is.  Ask
any real townie.  Being born here is the main criteria.  Besides, if townies are
as bad as their reputations on this blog (sell outs and low intelligence) why do
you want to be one so bad or even care?  Aren't there more pertinent issues
facing this town, like what's coming on Shank Painter via your loving
developers?  Stop stretching a town stretched to the edge already.  Look at the
development highlighted on the home page of this blog.  Did we really need to
ruin this dune so 4 monuments "connected" to make 2 could dominate this poor
little street.  This is how the rich get richer and Ptown (the physical land) takes the
hit for it under the watchful eyes of "town boards" who aid and abet this idiocy.    
7:57 pm est 

Tired of Self-Interest, Tired of How This Town Sadly Runs

It is hardly a democracy. It is so entrenched in special interests that it seems
a mirror--a small one--reflecting Washington. Those in the know get. those who
love this town get closed out. There is a layer of government and those close to
those who govern who get what they need and what they want. For the rest, tough.
You get nothing.
2:39 pm est 

Do You Really Think Zoning By-Law Revisions are a Fascianting Topic For Discussion
The in's and out's are known by those who sat, every week, to craft, shpae and
make into their own interests, the changes to the zoning by-laws. Most of us
have little clue--just want some want--about what these changes meand and what
the consequences are. Sometimes democracy stinks!
2:37 pm est 

Assistant Town Manager

I have had the opportunity to deal with Mr. Gardner on several different issues. 
I believe he is certainly qualified and has the credentials to step up to the
plate in the absence of the TM.  Give the guy credit - he's no dumbbell.  Enter
into a conversation with him sometime and see for yourself!
2:35 pm est 

Re: Discussion

Wrong, if the article passes many more abominations like
Bangs St. will be in the chute.  Only they will be "connected" by enclosed
connectors and who determines what is an "enclosed" connector, the same idiots
who approved Bangs St.  There is so much wrong with this it is unbelievable. 
When will it be clear.  If you want one building and only one building it cannot
be "CONNECTED" in any way to another building or you are just chewing words and
2:29 pm est 

Sharon's Health Was Part of Her Candidacy For Town Manager

It was part of jugding her as a possible town manager. Now it should be part of
the public dialogue as well. How long has she been out? How much longer will she
be recovering? When is David Gardner making decisions and until when will he be
in charge? I blame Sharon for not being upfront as well as David Gardner for not
coming forward. The BOS are in la-la land and should stop whispering about her
condition, telephoning about her condition and just be public about her serious
health issues. We wish her well but we need basic information on who is and who
is not running Provincetown.
2:28 pm est 

Re: "Townie"

Not that I really give a hoot about this issue, but in a recent post a
person is kind enough to inform us that to be a townie you have to be born and
raised here.

Here's a news flash: the word "townie" is not exclusive to Provincetown, it has
been a part of the American vernacular for as long as I can remember, and here
are it's definitions according to

1. a resident of a town, esp. a nonstudent resident of a college town.

2. a permanent resident in a town, esp as distinct from country dwellers or

3. a young working-class person who dresses in casual sports clothes

4. a permanent (nonstudent) resident of a college town. :  The townies get upset
when we make a lot of noise on Sundays.

Sounds to me like this would include "wash-ashores" who live here year round,
regardless of how long they've been Provincetown residents.

2:25 pm est 

Re: Town Meeting Articles

Why isn't there discussion on town meeting articles? Tomorrow there is an
article that would forbid the four buildings on two foundations. It the article
passes no more Bangs Street abominations can be built.

Do this now so that this won't happen at the Race Point Road Super Development
coming our way soon. Or 90 shank painter road.
9:44 am est 

Is This Not Town Meeting, Town politics?

This is a democracy. This a place where transparency should reign. This is a
place where freedom of information exists.

Knoweldge of town manager's absence--be it a leave or a medical absence--is
something the public, the voters, the residents of this town have the right to
know. Cover-ups and secrecy are not part of American politics and Sharon Lynn is
a political figure.

Just give us the facts. She will be out for such a time and during that time
someone is appointed to act in her position. We don't care about the details of
her health. We care about when she will be away and when she will be back. Not
to make this public is shameful and undemocratic.

She will or she will not be present at Town Meeting? She will or she will not be
present for the transition of town hall? She will or she will not be present at
the opening reception of town hall?

Just don't tell me this is personal. Don't just tell me this is a family
decision. Sharon Lynn is Town Manager--not just a tourist, not just someone who
lives here. She is the top official and she should inform us of her absence.

9:41 am est 

Re: Zoning Issues

Someone asked for a discussion so here's a start:

Why is the scale by-law being reworded?

The current "scale" bylaw is obtuse and confusing. It uses a term of art "scale
units" when what it really boils down to is this: a new structure or structure
with addition can't be too much bigger in volume than the structures in a 250
diameter circle around it. Instead of doing a division by scale units which is
confusing the scale section has been reworded to simply talk about cubic feet or
volume instead of scale units. Does this change the impact of the by-law at all?
NO. Does it make it much more user friendly to town residents and property
owners, YES. Additionally enforcement will fall under the Zoning Enforcement
Officer though all calculations of volume will still reside in the Assessor's
office as is currently the case. This should satisfy those who are concerned
about maintaining a check and balance on these calculations. In summary this
user friendly change is worth adopting.

9:38 am est 

Stop the Drama!

We don't need to know if the town manager has hemmoroids, just how long she
will be out, a time line, not personal details. 

She'll be out a week, 2 weeks, a month, working parttime, not working at all, in
a consulting capacity, etc.  Mr. Gardner, if taking her place, needs to let the
townspeople know with a statement from his office.  He is wrong to not do this
if she will be out substantially. 

Also, townies may have sold out, but developers from out of town are exploiting
the town.  Wake up and smell the ashpalt.  Quaint little dead ends are now marketed
as "cul de sacs".  That's pathetic. 

To be a townie you must be born and raised here, not move here 35
years ago or 1 year ago.  You must have multi-generational ties or you are just
a wanna, wash ashore.  You bet your ass townies feel entitlement.  Sorry, that's
how it has always been and will always be... and to "Rot in hell" you already

Ptown ain't the old girl she used to be.  She's a cheapened cash cow and if it wasn't
for the National Seashore, that land would be ruined also, covered with cheap condos,
summer retails and prefab trailer parks sold as townhouses.      
9:36 am est 

Re: Sharon Lynn

Truro just went through the same thing, the TA was on leave for medical reasons
and the asst. TA was running the show. Problem is the asst. didn't have all the
credentials the regular TA does. And her skills were not quite as good at other
things the TA is responsible for. Keep that in mind as Provincetown pays full
rate to Lynn and gets not so first rate from Gardener. If he were first rate,
why isn't he at the helm all the time. As the town goes into spring and the
fiscal crunch time, it's absolutely imperitive that the TA be in full charge.
Otherwise, do you really thing the selectmen and the asst. TA can do the same
9:31 am est 

Re: Sharon Lynn's Health

Please leave Sharon Lynne alone. She deserves the same privacy about
her personal health that any of you asking about it do. Just because she is the
town manager doesn't mean you should be privy to that information. David G is
more than capable of running the town in her absence.

9:29 am est 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Town Hall Furniture

Why is anyone surprized about the new furniture? If you are truly concerned how
did you not know? I am not a Town Hall insider and I attend Town Meeting in
small doses as I can stand it-maybe 1st night every other year. I  subscribe to
the Cape Cod Times and the Banner. I knew the new furniture was in the mix so I
must have read it in the paper. 

By the way, I was at the trailers on Wednesday. I noticed that many of the desks
in the back section appear to be of WWII vintage. I'm not rushing over to the
tag sale to get a deal on these items of envy. But could someone please keep an
eye on        that day? I don't want him geting in any more trouble. 

3:10 pm edt 

Too Many Boards & Comissions

Any suggestions on which boards should be combined or discontinued?
3:08 pm edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn's Health

"When is David Gardner making decisions and when is
Sharon Lynn making decisions? We need to know this."

Why do you need to know?  How will it change anything you do?  The BOS are
aware, know what they need to know and it's none of your business.  You are just
running short on gossip and rumors?  It's none of your business.
3:07 pm edt 

Let Us All Now Ignore the "Rot in Hell" Troll

This sad person has enough to deal with. No doubt that ignorant anger they
foster is beginning to morph into a real cancer inside them. (and then they will
happily take a delivered meal from one of our town charities!)

Such bitterness is to be pitied. Lives lived with so much anger tend to take
care of themselves and will burn out soon. Rest in peace, my angry little man.
3:05 pm edt 

Dear "Rot in Hell"

The "locals" all cashed in and sold their houses or subdivided them into a
million condos to make a buck.  They moved to Truro or Florida.  That
effectively turned Provincetown into a 3-month community.

But realistically, can you blame the locals for leaving?  The fishing industry
died, their kids got older and didn't want to stay here any more because there
is pretty much no opportunity, so why not cash out?

And why would you blame the seasonal people for buying the tiny little
subdivided condos?  The fact that they are gay and therefore perverted in your
view is sort of besides the point, but I'm not aware of anyone that didn't take
a gay person's money who wanted to buy their house/condo.  In this regard, your
rant sounds like white people who cried about blacks moving into the
neighborhood, i.e., it doesn't reflect particularly well on you.

So we have no economy left except tourism, people subdividing their houses into
condos and moving on, and we're left with a seasonal community that happens to
be very gay.

I guess I have no real dispute with the facts of your post, except I suspect you
only need to look in the mirror to answer your question of who is going to rot
in hell.

Have a nice weekend.
3:03 pm edt 

Seems We Have Too Many Boards and Commissions

They should be streamlined. Some could be combined. We need some new thinking
about our boards and need to eliminate some that hardly meet and hardly do
anything constructive.

New ideas would help and then perhaps you'd have more people on the remaining
boards. Prioritize, then eliminate.
11:02 am edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn's Health

A Short Statement and an Update could clarify the town manager's absence.

"She will be out for ------weeks and during this period David Gardner will be
making decision in consultation with town manager."

You don't manage town hall in the shadows of secrecy. It is not a BOS decision.
It should come from our Town Manager herself. She is running this town and she
should inform us of her absence and how long she will be on medical leave.
11:00 am edt 

Why Can't Non Resident Property Owners Sit on Boards ?

Since the town is having such a hard time filling these boards - why not let
people that really want to sit on them and make a contribution do so ?

If you want the well being of this town looked after - there is no better way.
10:12 am edt 

Sharon Lynn's Health

I think who ever is trying to be the cool one to constantly bring up the Town
Managers health really needs to find a life. Would you like it if your health
issues were brodcasted all over this site ? Then why does hers need to be, just
because she is the town manager. I think maybe that's why we have an asst town
manager, so when these types of misfortunes happen, the ship stays afloat. If it
bothers you that much then you must be obssesed with the woman. Move on or move
out. Hate to see what would happen if the President of the United States was to
be out with health issues. Allot of us are tired of your inability to get over
your obsession, find yourself another woman. And incase you haven't noticed, I
don't think anyone is telling you anything about her health, another good reason
to move on or move out.
10:10 am edt 

Rot in Hell!

You have all ruined this town...There is no future in Provincetown
aside from the few businesses thst own their own realestate.Greed has killled
this town..Tell me anywhere on this planet where a community has  a future with
no youth.  Now just get rid of the few locals and fishermen that are left and u
all can have your 3 month disco party.Then u can close all the doors and leave
one person at the Post Office to fwd ur mail..U all should be ashamed of
yourselves for destroying a once thriving community to satisfy your unholy
desires. And shame on those few greedy sons and daughters of our towns
forefathers that decided to cash in on their greed and selfishness for personal all disgust me!!! Don't sugar coat anything...from the police
department to everyone in town hall...ur all a bunch of users who care less
about PROVINCETOWN unless there is something in it to benefit them   ie. a
paycheck or a all should rot in h@#&!!!!

I dare anyone to dispute this post.
10:07 am edt 

Sharon Lynn's Health Status

How arrogant of you to assume and demand the health status of a town employee. 
She is NOT a public official.  She is a contracted employee and that contract is
signed by the BOS.  It is their responsibility to NOT disclose any health
details publicly.  A person's health diagnosis is confidential information.

I am sure her bosses (the BOS) have been kept up to date on her condition and
prognosis.  If (God Forbid), there comes a time when Ms Lynn is unable to
preform her duties, then the BOS will have to make a decision about the future
management of the town.  Even then, you will not be told specifics of her
10:04 am edt 

Health Issues

One of the problems with some people in Provincetown is that they feel like they
need to know about others business including their health issues.  Although the
Town Manager might be out for a short time on medical leave, I'm sure she has
and is in contact with her staff at all times. Town employees earn and are
entitled to sick time.  We don't need to know the status of her personal
situation as long as she is in contact with her staff, which I understand she
has been. I haven't heard of or seen any major crises under the direction of the
Assistant Town Manager - he's doing a fine job in Ms. Lynn's absence. Obviously
they work well together.

10:02 am edt 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sharon's Health is Beyond Curiosity: It is aBout Town Management

Let's get a statement from someone on Sharon Lynn's health. We all can have
sympathy for her health issues but exactly how sick is she and how much time
does she need to recuperate? When is David Gardner making decisions and when is
Sharon Lynn making decisions? We need to know this. There is something rather
odd and questionable about all this secrecy and hiddenness. This is not how a
town is run and this is not how public officials work. They are PUBLIC

10:27 pm edt 

Re: Furniture

Under the freedom of information act YOU can go to town hall and request to see
these doccuments.  You should also read the appropriation fact sheets for the
project you will probably find much to your childish shagrin that it includes
furnishings. Why should the town be forced to do things poorly just to save a
few pennies now and then have to replace the stuff in a few years at a higher
price. It is more fiscally prudent to do it now while there is money there.
10:25 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn's Health Status

Discussing Employee Health of Board Memebers is Different from the
Town manager's Health

This is just ridiculous. How sick is Sharon Lynn? We need someone to address
this health issue. She is town manager. If David Gardner is the one running this
town or trying to, this should be made public. This is not a private
corporation. This is a town and its manager is not very well. But how sick and
how incapacitated is she or will she be?

Tell me why the secrecy? Tell me why we have to guess how sick our town manager
is? Tell me why we don't know who is leading this town and making major
decisions? This has been going on like this for more than a month, more than
almost two months. Enough is enough. We need answers and we need them now.

Where is Pru on this case? Where is our town paper on this story? Seems like
collusion and cover-up and secrecy when it should not be.

We have waited and given Sharon time to make some statement. But this is too
long without any resposne from anyone.
10:22 pm edt 

Police Department

Don't they have weight standards?

All but one of the sgts. is well beyond "normal" weight... 

Then there is the head sgt...   is that why we have an SUV?

Does the chief not care about the fat in the work force?

Our police dept is a heart attack weighting to happen...

10:20 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall Renovation

Can anyone find and post line items of the phase 2 override to
renovate Town Hall?

Rather than ask the question, why not find the answer by going to the Town
Accountant? None of this is secret....

That just may be far more productive than boycotting the opening of Town Hall.

Keep in mind that Town Meeting approved the renovation...

If you want to boycott the opening of Town Hall, then stay at home and feed the
fish. The rest of us will be celebrating.

10:18 pm edt 

Re: Health

"Why such secrecy? Why such a hush-hush on the town manager's state of
her health?

Those who need to know, know.  Otherwise it's none of my business.  We have a
very capable asst town manager who is handling things until the return of our
town manager.  Her personal health is not my business.  It does not affect the
operation of our town government.

10:15 pm edt 

Town Meeting Monday

We are having a town meeting on Monday dealing with a lot of zoning issues. Lets
have a discussion about these. Please go to the town website to read them. Enjoy
the weekend everyone. Life is short--no matter how long you live--this too shall
10:13 pm edt 

Time For the Truth About Sharon Lynn's Health

When the health of a town official, especially the town manager,
results in multiple absences, time off, leave, whatever you want to call it, the
public has a right to know.  If 1st in command is incapacitated or performance
of duties in jeopardy, 2nd in command should logically take the controls and at
the VERY LEAST have the common sense to address the situation publicly before
rumor and speculation take precedence and a panic sets in.  I don't know what to
panic more about, Ms. Lynn not being able to lead, or her major appendage, Mr.
Gardner, being in charge.  I need a tylenol, stat.    
10:11 pm edt 

Re: Health

Select Boards are prohibited from discussing employee health and personell
discipline issues in open session.  If you are that curious just call Ms. Lynn
and ask her. There are provisions in the town charter for the shifting chain in
command in case of absence.
8:28 pm edt 

Time For the Truth on Sharon Lynn

Time for a public statement on her health and exactly how sick she is. She is
our town manager and after many absences and after hospitalization, there should
be a public statement from town hall informing us on the state of her health.

Why such secrecy? Why such a hush-hush on the town manager's state of her

Why hasn't the Banner even had any story on Sharon's absence and/or on her
health and sickness? When you are the town's top official, your health is of
concern to the public and should be made public.

It's time for the truth.
1:07 pm edt 


Seems this Michelle woman is the root of all evil according to these
blogs.  Why not get a townspeople/taxpayer petition together and impeach her if
she is that bad.  There should be instructions in the town bylaws on how
citizens can oust someone lawfully.  Find a leader with some balls.  Why does
everyone put up with it.  How can she be allowed to spend any taxpayer money on
"frivolous" items like upholstered chairs, that's just stupid, especially not
being a taxpayer herself? She is only one against what seems like many.  If
something in my refrigerator stinks, I get rid of it.  Go to school on that. 

Not a teacher collecting in summer
1:05 pm edt 

Phase 2 Override

Can anyone find and post line items of the phase 2 override to
renovate Town Hall? The feelings of taxpayer betrayal of the new furnture 
purchased falls on the entire board of selectmen not just selectmen Couture.  We
should boycott the 'grand opening' if indeed new furniture was not clearly seen
in that override article.

1:01 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall Renovation

Can anyone find and post line items of the phase 2 override to
renovate Town Hall? The feelings of taxpayer betrayal of the new furnture 
purchased falls on the entire board of selectmen not just selectmen Couture.  We
should boycott the 'grand opening' if indeed new furniture was not clearly seen
in that override article.
12:58 pm edt 

Direct Deposit Has Added to Unemployment Scam

Before you had to pick up your umeployment check and you had to be here. Now the
checks get deposited and the person is off sunny thesmeselves in Vieques,
traveling in Bali, entertaining in Goa.
10:16 am edt 

The Real Town Hall Renovation Scandal!


 Re:The Trailer Furniture Was To Be Used For The New Town Hall

Is the town government officials telling us that Town hall is smaller than the
trailers?   Did we buy too much space when Russell Braun leased the trailers? 

Oh no, there is new furniture going into town hall.  So the officials will tell
us they came under budget.   Why not lower the loan against the town of
provincetown they had to take for our new building.  NO NO NO, they already have
our money.   Why not spend every penny!  

Seems no one knows what fiscial responsibility is anymore in this town.   SPEND
SPEND SPEND SPEND and then SPEND some more.

9:34 am edt 

Re: Town Hall Renovation

One day last week I happened to see a very large truck completely full
of brand new chairs, some of them upholster being delivered into Town Hall. And
I thought "hey those will be nice to sit in during Town meeting or while
watching an entertainer". But then I came back to reality. We don't get new
chairs, only the deserving do.

9:31 am edt 

Re: Scandal

Repost from November 4th:

"I stand corrected. I only spoke of knowledge of people I had known. I
must have known the exception rather than the rule."

I had worked with people who were teachers during the summers a long time ago,
and they would tell stories of being paid, collecting, and working all at the
same time. Serves me right for not verifying something before I post it. I will
redouble my efforts to only post what I know to be true.

A Rat In The Basement
9:29 am edt 

Bait and Switch

Michele C. stated that the furniture presently in Town Hall would
continue to be used when the renovated building was completed. The now
additional expense of new furniture is definitely a slap in taxpayers' faces. In
essense it means that money was available for the needed auditorium seating but
not spent where needed. I will not contribute a dime to the "chair fund" as it
is known.  Kudos to the woman who took it upon herself to raise money for the
chairs. Unfortunately the selectmen have to be held accountable for this one.
Michele already had the idea to bilk people for the seats by selling a seat with
a plaque donated by... This is devious demented thinking and she needs to hear
9:25 am edt 

To the Dear Webmaster Post:

What topic were you referring to?  Please re-post and perhaps the individual or
individuals you were referring to might respond.  If the Webmaster chooses to
black out the names in order to protect the innocent then perhaps the innocent
might just respond to your comments based on the outcome of your topics.

9:21 am edt 

Excuse Me But Wasn't the Trailer Furniture to be Used For Town Hall

Now we have a "surplus" furniture sale of town hall furniture. Is this a joke I
didn't get? New furniture. New digs. New landscaping. And we are left with new
bills and new taxes. Not you Michelle, you have never received nor paid any tax
bill here in this town. But you have raised our taxes in the last ten years you
have been on the BOS.

Why new furniture when we don't even have new seats for town meetings?

Are you kidding us? Is this joke on all of us?
12:23 am edt 

Hey Rat in the Basement -

You've got your head up your      ! Teachers
are not entitled to collect unemployment. They have a contract that pays them
over the entire year. In the summer they are busy taking courses, going to
workshops, planning lesson on how to differentiate instruction, learning the
newest and best practices, etc. Please do not post what you don't know about.
You have now lost alot of credibility with many of the bloggers that read this

12:21 am edt 

Re: Scandal

RE: Teachers can only collect unemployment benefits in the
summer if they were laid off or were not contractually renewed; they may not
collect if they have a contract for the following school year.

This is 100% correct and for punctuation and grammar you get an extra 10 points!

12:19 am edt 

I Agree With Peter Page and Other Similar Posters
Having attending ALL of the ad hoc meetings and planning board meetings related
to zoning by law revisions I am personally very satisfied that the process was
fair, above board and free of self interest. The resulting changes go a long way
to eliminating obtuse language and making the by laws much clearer to the end
user, us, while not modifying the intent except where it needed to be. Did
everything I wanted to see changed get changed, no, did the committee and
Planning Board listen to, analyze and debate every suggestion and evidence
offered, yes.

As a non-resident property owner it is great to know your voice can be heard
(even if you can't vote or sit on a committee/board) in the proper forum and at
the proper time and by the rules of our little democracy here in Provincetown.

Kudos to town staff, Maxine Notaro, David Gardner who rode herd over the process
and the other town officials who participated at various points including the
Assessor and Building Commissioner.


Greg Craig

12:17 am edt 

Re: Demolition by Neglect

How about ad hoc committee tackle adding this to our zoning bylaws in
the next round of revisions? Anyone else in support? This is from Lynnfield, MA
but using the term:

zoning bylaw demolition by neglect

in Google will bring up many examples of potential language.

Section 4. Demolition by Neglect:

4.1 If the Commission has reason to believe, through visual inspection or other
means, that a preferably preserved Significant Structure may be undergoing
demolition by neglect, then the Commission shall notify the Building Inspector
and the owner, and the Commission and the Building Inspector shall jointly hold
a public hearing to determine whether or not the Significant Structure is
undergoing demolition by neglect, which determination shall require the
concurrence of the Commission and the Building Inspector. In furtherance of
determining its condition, the Commission may, at any time, request an
inspection of the structure by the Building Inspector.

4.2 If the Commission and the Building Inspector both determine that the
Significant Structure is undergoing demolition by neglect, the Commission and
the Building Inspector shall attempt to negotiate a voluntary agreement with the
owner for appropriate and timely repairs sufficient to structurally stabilize
the Significant Structure and/or prevent further deterioration.

4.3 In the event that the Commission and the Building Inspector both determine
that they are not able to negotiate such an agreement with the owner, for any
reason, or that the owner has agreed to undertake but has failed satisfactorily
to complete such repairs in a timely manner, then the Commission and the
Building Inspector may take such action as is permitted under this bylaw,
including seeking a court order that specific repairs be undertaken to secure
the Significant Structure against the elements, vandals or vermin, to halt
further deterioration, and/or to stabilize it structurally. The Commission may
forbear from commencing an action in court for any reason.

4.4 Upon completion of all repairs that have been agreed upon between the owner
and the Commission and the Building Inspector or that have been ordered by the
Commission and the Building Inspector or that have been ordered by the
court, and upon certification by the Building Inspector that said repairs have
been completed, the Commission shall certify that the structure is no longer
demolition by neglect.
12:14 am edt 

Dear Webmaster:

Could you please clarify your redaction policy for your readers. It seems no
matter how heinous the slur if it's against someone you or your friends don't
like you publish it with glee. If the name is              or          or 
        as it was in a prior post you just redacted you redact or black it out.
For a forum where people toss about allegations of favoritism it seems you are
engaging in the same in order to slant the debate. What is good for the goose is
good for the gander....etc.

- a curious reader

Webmaster Comment: Suppositions presented as facts against specific persons, without substatiation or attribution are cause for redaction.
12:09 am edt 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Re: Scandal

Teachers don't collect unemployment now nor have they in the past.
Rat, please don't leave it up to me to do you some more edgucatin'.  I'm busy
collecting sipping bikini martinis by the pool.  
11:59 pm edt 

Re: Scandal

Business owners can and do collect. They form a corporation and make
themselves an employee. Then the corp. lets all the workers go because the
business is closed and all the employees including the owner collects.
11:58 pm edt 

Re: Scandal

The true reality is that seasonal unemployment benefits became an
entitlement program for Provincetown and Cape Cod 25 years a ago.
11:56 pm edt 

Re: Scandal

HELLO OUT THERE...Teachers do NOT collect unemployment because they
are under contract and theoritically NOT unemployed as such.  If they do not
have a contract or promise of employment for the next school year, they may
collect.  That is all there is to it so GIVE IT A REST. Hey Rat, I have better
expectations from you.
11:55 pm edt 

Re: Scandal



A Rat In The Basement
11:53 pm edt 

Re: Scandal

I stand corrected. I only spoke of knowledge of people I had known. I
must have known the exception rather than the rule.

A Rat In The Basement

11:51 pm edt 

Sorry, But I Am Shocked Teachers Collect Unemployment

That is just wrong. You have a full time job that is nine months. That is no
legitimate reason to collect umemployment. Wrong and truly ridiculous. This is
not what it was meant to be.

I bet that those collecting are the same ones blaming the poor for being on
welfare. Somehow they see thmeselves as different. You are not. You are on
welfare for the rich.
12:41 pm edt 

So How Do You Lay Yourself Off?

If you own a business and collect unemployment: how do you lay yourself off? For
poor performance, for lack of attnetion to customers?

12:39 pm edt 

Add-on to the Unemployment Issue

Hate to stoke the fire anymore on this issue, but...

If someone claims Massachusetts as their legal residence and then goes on
unemployment, they are almost automatically entitled to Mass Health Insurance.

I know someone who works in town for 5 months, gets his full physical, gets his
teeth cleaned and all his scripts written before he heads back to Palm Springs
California for the rest of the year where he then works part-time under the

And I'll tell ya, it burns my ass that he brags about direct deposit of his
benefit check.

The system is flawed and has to be changed.
12:37 pm edt 

Re: Scandal

Actually Rat, teachers can only collect unemployment benefits in the
summer if they were laid off or were not contractually renewed; they may not
collect if they have a contract for the following school year.  This includes a
union contract of which they are an active member.  That's the law in
Massachusetts, and has been for a very long time. 

12:35 pm edt 

Re: Scandal

To Rat in The Basement:

You the expert in all fields!  Teachers DO NOT collect unemployment benefits
over the summer... never have!  Their annual salary is divided over 12 months or
in some cases paid "up front", but they are not eligible to collect.  Check your
facts before you spout off.
12:32 pm edt 

Re: Scandal

I respect the insightful opinions of "Rat in the Basement". I must
correct one thing . I started teaching in the late 60's and continued for 35
years. No teacher in Mass. anyway ever received unemployment in the summer nor
would any be given to a teacher who for any reason lost their job. In Mass.
teachers do not pay S.S. nor do we receive it upon retirement. That is why we
are not eligible for medicare. Our retirement does give us a 3% cost of living
raise but it only applies to the first $12,000 so we get $360.00 a year more of
course because of health care cost I now after 7 years in retirement net $400.00
less a year tha when I left. ust setting the facts straight. One more thing, I
loved my job and looking back  would have done it for even less remuneration.
12:30 pm edt 

Re: Scandal

Umm, teachers have been collecting unemployment in the summer as far
back as I can remember, like back in the sixties. Does that burst your bubble of
the sanctity of teachers?

A Rat In The Basement
9:55 am edt 

Re: Scandal

I am extremely confused about the whole unemployment "scandal" being
blogged about.  Whenever I collected, I had to prove I was actively looking for
work, give contacts and company names, dates, etc. and actually show I had at
least applied or looked into 3 jobs a week.  How do they do it if they are in
Mexico or another state?  Something seems wrong with this.  I found it would be
very difficult to just sit back and collect without showing you were looking for
actively looking for another job every week.  ???   
9:38 am edt 

To Anyone it May Concern

My name is Peter Page. I am a former member of the Zoning Board of Appeals. I
am a current member of the Planning Board. I own a small construction firm in
Town called East Harbor Construction. For the last 15 years I have been learning
about and using Town Bylaws.

Although I am not a member of the AdHoc Committee, I, as a member of the public
did attend several of the meetings over the course of this summer. And I was
allowed every opportunity to voice my opinion, concerns and offer suggestions on
the rewriting of the Zoning Bylaws being presented to Town Meeting.


Never once did I see anyone trying to railroad any private agenda. People would
present ideas; these were openly discussed, added to, edited, or rejected by the
entire board and others present in a very Democratic way. 

Most of what is being presented has no effect on the bottom line of the
particular Bylaw. Rather they are being edited in order to make them
understandable to the common man, superfluous language is being removed,
new language is being inserted to make it clear what the intent of the Bylaw is,
and other language is being added to describe in greater detail what the rules
are. And most important I feel is that they will leave much less open to
individual interpretation, thus allowing greater ability to apply them equally.

Although some may still disagree with the intent of a Bylaw, I feel that so far,
the rewritten versions are far better than previous.

And please remember that this is only a start. Some of these Bylaws have to be
changed first for clarification and definition in order to then rewrite other

As the process continues I will continue to give my suggestions, and I also
intend to offer actual changes to some of our Bylaws. 

If any of you feel your voice can't be heard, I am telling you that is not true.
Come to one meeting of this board and I know you will see that it works well, is
fair and honest, and your opinion will be giving merit.

If anyone out there would like to contact me for any discussion on this matter,
feel free. I'm in the book.

Peter A. T. Page

9:08 am edt 

Yes, It's Seasonal So Follow the Work

To collect unemployment after working only four months and then take off to the
islands is problematic. Also, if you're a business owner, you should not be
collecting unemployment. You are planning for the following year and you are the
owner. It's wrong to collect. It's wrong to apply. This is what business
ownership is all about. You take the profits and you take the risks.

Next you'll have teachers collecting in the summer. This is not what
unemployment benefits were for. It's to help during the difficult time when you
are laid off. It's not to fund your winter pleasure and travel.

The Stop & Shop is hiring. Let owners apply for real work if they believe they
laid themselves off and now there is no work. Bag vegetables. Bag canned goods.
Then collect an honest pay check.
12:12 am edt 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Illegal

I may be wrong, but I think it IS illegal to collect unemployment in
MA if you are still working under the table (as many are.) I also believe it's
illegal to collect if you are spending the winter in Mexico and calling in each
week saying "yes, I've been looking for work..."

Get real. People in this town have been taking advantage and milking the system
for way too long. I hope I'm not the only one who starts blowing the whistle on
these freeloaders.

I encourage anyone who knows of someone who is unlawfully collecting
unemployment benefits to contact the Attorney General.

It's not right and it's not fair.
9:34 pm edt 

Ad Hoc Committee

The Ad Hoc Committee met in open sessions.  There were a few people who were not
developers or real estate agents but concerned citizens that did attend a few
meetings.  They were involved in discussion and voiced their concerns and did
participate in the re-writing of a few of the proposed bylaws being presented. 
There was one member of the public that attended not only the Ad Hoc meetings
but attended the Planning Board public hearings on the proposed bylaw changes.

While people have a right to voice their concerns and opinions, to do after the
fact is wrong. The time to bring up your concerns and issues should have been at
the many meetings (by the way were posted meetings)that were held by the Ad Hoc
Committee and the Planning Board. People had plenty of ample opportunity to
voice their concerns and participate at these many meetings. Let's not drag out
Town Meeting over zoning articles.
8:44 pm edt 

Heads up to Provincetown Businesses

Re: "New man selling merchant credit card services in town. Be aware that his
promises are not truthful.... Be very aware of the terms of agreement."

WHAT exactly is the problem? You should always read before signing.
8:22 pm edt 

Illegal Unemployment

To clarify things, the people that pay into unemployment are the business
owners, not the workers.  Each business pays a percentage of the employees
salary into the system.  The more people from each business that files
unemployment, the higher the percentage that company pays into the system.  If
no one ever files a claim from the business, then the business pays the minimum
percentage rate into the system.

Case in point, Montanos in Truro does not lay people off so that their
unemployment rate stays low.

It's not illegal to collect if there is no work.  Look around the town today,
November 3, 2010.   How many people are in our town?  Very few.   How many
businesses need a full staff?  Very few.

This is a seasonal town. 
8:17 pm edt 

Ad Hoc Committee

Who cares if a name is spelled wrong. We all know who the name means? 
As far as realtors, developers and the like comprising the meat of committees or
boards, do you honestly think it would be any other way.  And I use the term
honestly in a way unfamiliar to those same.
8:14 pm edt 

Bradford and Conwell

Anybody notice how hard it is to make the turn unto Bradford Street
from Conwell Street? The house on the corner put up a new fence that blocks your
vision of on coming traffic from the east. Be carefull.
8:11 pm edt 

Ad Hoc Committee

If you wanted to be on the ad hoc committee why didn't you go to any
of the meetings? I understand that nobody went to these meetings? I'm sure that
they would have loved to have more people who are interested in helping. And if
you think that they were changing laws to better their businesses why did you
wait to bring it up now?
8:09 pm edt 


I did not mean to mis-spell Mr. Janson's
name. I also want to reafirm that
"at least he is coming back to town
for the Public Hearing".

I understand that perhaps there are personal
issues for both him and Ms. Anterthan
(sp?) however it is not fair to conduct
this meeting in the dead of winter.

Her term ends 12/31/10 she should not
be reappointed . 
3:23 pm edt 

Ad Hoc Committee

There should have been a cross section of citizens on this board.

Easy to say, but ask anyone in town government how many volunteers they have
waiting to be on boards.  It's like pulling teeth (no offense to any dentists
out there).
3:22 pm edt 

Ad Hoc
Why was there not one appointee that
had no connection to real estate
or development appointed to the Zoning
Ad Hoc committee?

There should have been a cross section
of citizens on this board.

1:33 pm edt 

re: Health Board

One of the health board members repeatedly referred to here is Ken
Janson NOT Jensen. Once again, if you are going to post at least bother to get
the name right or your posts look stupid and reflect poorly on the collective
intelligence, or lack thereof, of this forum.
11:29 am edt 

Re: Participation in Ad Hoc Bylaw Committee

I agree with the poster who said let em sit on ad hoc for reasons mentioned. I
would also add that the original poster who ad naseum keeps accusing the members
of this committee of participating for personal gain is full of crap. Again,
there is not a single item in the bylaw revisions that benefits developers or
realtors. There was an open process completely accepting of public input and
passed through the pertinent regulatory board and now on to town meeting. No
matter how many times you repeat your unfounded slurs       they are still
untrue. The bylaw revisions are sensible, overdue, properly vetted and voters
should and likely will handily adopt them at town meeting. Your             and 
        were right there in the audience so if you have a problem with the bylaw
changes take it up with them.

- not a town employee or a realtor or malone minion

11:27 am edt 

Re: Bark Park Bylaw

Thank you for the prompt and thorough answer. Makes sense.

- just curious
11:23 am edt 

Illegal Uemployment

It's not illegal... It's the way it works in a seasonal resort town. If someone
works 6 months & then business closes they can get unemployment.
11:22 am edt 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wash Ashores

I am not a wash-a-shore.  I am a native, a true native and I apologize for those
that feel wash-a-shores should be treated differently.  People who locate to
Provincetown have just as much right to call Provincetown their home as do we
natives. Provincetown is a community made up of many facets of life who bring
much to Provincetown, not just in dollars but in life itself. I came from a well
respected family who, while not rich, lived comfortably. We learned to share and
give without expecting something in return. We did not categorize people by who
they were or what they had or how long they lived here.  If you lived in
Provincetown whether it be for a year or a lifetime you were from Provincetown. 
If you want to see how beautiful and rich life can really be, join us on the
flats - bring your bucket and rake we'll show you how wonderful life really is.
We all help each other.

The west end clamers
11:17 pm edt 

Re: Mr. Di Martino

Did Mr. DiMartino know that what was presented for approval as 2 could
be marketed and sold as 4?  What religion is that? 
8:41 pm edt 

Mr. Di Martino et Ms. Bataglini

Seems by recent blogs it's no surprise Mr. D Mart has his hand in the
"sardines in a can" prefabs pie we all know too much about, however, the
question still haunts after All Hallows Eve: Yes or no or maybe.  Does his
"previous" position on the Planning Board have anything at all to do with his
co-board member Ms. Bataglini completely reversing her previous position with
regards to this site, voting before that lesser building was really bad and
denied and now more is magically good and approved.  Now, something mystical
changed her mind to a complete 360 degree reversal and it wasn't the moon. She
too seems to play the game.  Again, matter of public record.  But so rotten it
needs to be exposed to at least air the smell out.  
8:37 pm edt 

Wash Ashores

"Wash ashore who couldn't make it in the city and came here."

Really, is that how little you think of this place that is somewhere for losers
to come who can't make it elsewhere?  Since most of them seem to be wealthier
and decidedly more competent than the locals, I'll wear the "wash ashore" label
gladly.  Few more generations and there won't be any locals.  Can't wait.
8:33 pm edt 

Illegal unemployment benefits

People collecting unemployment benefits illegally should be reported
to the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office. This is OUR tax money that is
being paid to people illegally. What an absolute disgrace, living off of others!
Some people have no pride. Report them immediately.
8:30 pm edt 


An accent does not mean a person is here illegally. 
8:26 pm edt 

What Are You Talking About?

Was DiMartino a Priest or Something Like That?

What religious sense are some of you pointing to? You're losing me. Wasn't he
with the guy who developed the property at the end of Shankpainter and is that
awful fake blue Azek building? The Shamrock? And didn't his previous partner
developed the once beautiful guest house on Commercial street, Windamar, that is
now cut up and cheaply put together? Not surprising, it hasn't sold, not even
the illegal parking spaces that they "created" without curb cuts to sell for
$30,000 each. They are not the only ones to try this--right Ann MaQuire and
right Emily--but these at least did not sell.

Take any piece of land and then sell it for a parking space. Pocket the $30,000
for one, $90,000 for three, and that's more than a few pennies in their piggy

A religious person? Really?

3:18 pm edt 

Brokers and Real Estate Sellers on Regulatory Boards

It seems ok to me for people from the RE business to sit on an ad hoc committee,
such as the by-law revision group. There was no voting authority and I think it
can be useful to have the input of professionals in their field of expertise. 
Wouldn't you want input from septic installers and haulers when developing
health regulations? And doesn't it make sense to listen to cab drivers when
developing taxi regulations?

But your point against realtors and developers serving on regulatory boards is
100% correct.  But then we have the lack of volunteers to serve on boards.
Between all of the RE offices I count about 50 licensed agents in Town, most of
whom are pretty much year round residents as lots of real estate deals take
place off season. If you add in developers and builders, we get to a pretty high
percentage of bona fide qualified interested year round residents. Many Realtors
have served on boards over the years with dignity and honor. Boards in other
Cape Towns are Towns are also peppered with RE brokers. None the less, in this
day and age it just ain't right.   
3:16 pm edt 

Re: 170 Bradford

Someone wrote:

"Also, the scaffolding has not been there since the 1970's
and the house was occupied until 6 years ago because I'm friends with one of the
owners and knew who lived there."

You are wrong, I have pictures going back 30 years of that scaffolding, and my
84 yr old neighbor (who has lived on the street since 1944 remembers it going up
way back when as well...
as for knowing the people who lived there, yes, two people did indeed live in
the tiny two room apartment in the back of the house (which was just barely
inhabitable; they had no working kitchen at all), and I have been through the
front of the house while these two were in residence in the back... there has
not been a working livable space in the front of the house for decades!! Any of
the numerous folks who have toured the property recently can tell you that the
debris in there dates back to the 1970s (that is the vintage of the construction
debrise inside fer christ sakes) and that the level of decay is NOT the result
of being empty for just six years!
You must be one of the shameful greedy owners of this foiretrap; either that or
you just enjoy making stuff up.
11:20 am edt 

Brokers and Real Estate Sellers

There's A Problem When Brokers and Real Estate Sellers Sit on Planning
and Zoning and also Re-Write By-Laws

There is an inherent conflict of interest. You sit on an  ad hoc group and
rework the by-laws that you then use to help sell properties and help developers
develop. It is the corrupting part of this relationship between so called
"civic" concern and money concern. It is using one's position, implicitly and
explictly, to get personal gain.

Too many on boards have ulterior motives and too often it is not the interest of
the town. It may have the appearance of concern for the fabric of Provincetown
but all too often it is for the self-interest of the person sitting and making
judgments that benefit them.

Perhaps it is simply human nature. I don't know but we should look more
carefully at who sits on what boards and what they do for a living. Too often,
there is a close correlation that leaves some with money in their bank accounts
or for others, sweetheart deals with hidden benefits for them. Oh, it can be
quite subtle but it happens too frequently.

This is how a town gets to be overbuilt, over-developed, uglified, and so dense
the beauty is marred, dunes beocmes places for expensive houses and a town
becomes destroyed slowly but surely.

If all of us acted on our own self-interest, what would we have here? What
monstrosity would we create?
11:16 am edt 

Re: Bangs St./Joe DeMartino

"Spiritual Leader"????  Are you for real?  The guy is in it for the almighty
buck.  "Joey" doesnt care about this town.  He is just another wash ashore that
couldn't make it in the big city and came here to     his way to the top of a
small heap.  Joe left the religious life behind to set his sight on the next
mark and       them for all they are worth.  The Bangs Street development is
just another example of his caviler attitude of "screw them, if they don't like
it."  What goes around comes around, Joey.

11:15 am edt 

Vote Yes, Yes and No.
11:12 am edt 

Vote "YES" on Question 2

Vote to repeal Chapter 40B.  The developers have profited enough at
the expense of the town already.

9:29 am edt 

Stop the Scams and Con Games

Vote YES on question 2.
Save our town from the greedy developers
whom prey on the notion that they are
helping the community.

9:13 am edt 

Vote "NO" on Questions 1 and 3

If you vote yes on questions 1 and 3, don't come complaining here when
the BOS come to Town Meeting and ask for MORE money because any STATE Aid has
totally dried up!
9:11 am edt 

Re: Illegal Workers

..Work harder than our (mostly) drunk, year-round, blue-collar population that
have a sense of entitlement. Who ya gonna call...Illegal Busters? Come On!  Go
on unemployment for the off-season like the rest of the legals!    I'll have to
travel to Hyannis for off season work: Macys is hiring!
9:08 am edt 

Re: Illegal Workers

I agree with the person who posted about the problem of illegal workers filling
jobs that could be going to locals. Support our townspeople - give them a shot
before hiring foreigners who will work for less money and inadequate housing.

I also have another issue with the Provincetown workforce: As a hard working
townie who works all year, I really resent the folks who work two or three
months in the summer and just travel or party for the rest of the year while
collecting unemployment checks from the state of MA. We all know people who do
it, it's a way of life here (albeit an illegal and unethical way of life.)

My question is: Does anybody know the proper channels for reporting someone who
I know is collecting unemployment benefits illegally? Who do I contact? Can it
be done anonymously?

I am serious about this. Can anybody provide any info?
9:05 am edt 

Re: Bang For Bucks

There are six supervisors positions... and two patrolmen have resigned under the
current chief's non-civil service reign....

9:01 am edt 

Vote No

Vote NO on all 3 questions.
8:59 am edt 

Monday, November 1, 2010

To Just Curious:

Pilgrim Bark Park is a public- private partnership with the Town of
Provincetown. The directors of the Provincetown Dog Park Association, Inc.
requested that its rules and regulations become a town-by law as it will create
an even safer park. For instance, two dog bites at the park could have been
avoided if there were 'teeth' in the rules and regs with imposed fines for
non-compliance. Example: there have been two instances of dog owners repeatedly
returning to the dog park with their undersocialized dogs and there wasn't
anything that could be done even though the rules were repeately pointed out to
them that 'aggressive dogs must be removed without debate (mounting etc).'  The
rules and regs of the dog park will no longer be just 'suggestions' for a
minority to ignore which jeopordizes the overall enjoyment of those who go to
the dog park.

Again, the rules and regs will be Town by laws with fines for non-compliance
which has been requested by the Provincetown Dog Park Association, Inc..

In regards to liability concerns:

Chapter 21: Section 17C. Public use of land for recreational, conservation,
scientific educational and other purposes; landowner's liability limited;
April 14, 2009, see above.]
  (a) Any person having an interest in land including the structures, buildings,
and equipment attached to the land, including without limitation, railroad and
utility corridors, easements and rights of way, wetlands, rivers, streams,
ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water, who lawfully permits the public to use
such land for recreational, conservation, scientific, educational,
environmental, ecological, research, religious, or charitable purposes without
imposing a charge or fee therefor, or who leases such land for said purposes to
the commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof or to any nonprofit
corporation, trust or association, shall not be liable for personal injuries or
property damage sustained by such members of the public, including without
limitation a minor, while on said land in the absence of wilful, wanton, or
reckless conduct by such person.

The land of the dog park is Town owned. Chapter 21 section 17c protects the Town
and Provincetown Dog Park Association, Inc. In addition, The Provincetown Dog
Park Association has a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy and puts the Town
of Provincetown on it as an additional insuree further insulating both from any
legal challenges  would incur legal fees.
9:55 pm edt 

Quit While You're Ahead

Re: "Joey is a friend to many of us and is a spiritual leader to us

If you want us to leave him alone, stop bringing it up, especially now that you
cast him as a spiritual leader. Hardly 
9:17 pm edt 

Re: 170 Bradford Street
I did my homework and looked to see who the owners are. I know who he's married
to. I don't know if the house is under agreement for $275K but as mentioned, the
person buying may be conected but the owner certainly is.
9:14 pm edt 

Let's Get Out the Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!

It's now or never. Time to go and vote. Time to be an active citizen and VOTE.

Let's hope everyone gets to the poll and votes.

9:12 pm edt 

Stop the Greedy Developers

Vote YES on Question 2...

Please write in George Bryant for Assembley
9:11 pm edt 

Vote YES to Repeal 40B Affordable Housing!!!

Provincetown does not need anymore "projects".There are no jobs to sustain all of this proposed
housing. The beautiful town that we once knew is now strewn with "projects".
Let's take back local control and make our own decisions. No more millions to
Mr. Malone. VOTE YES to REPEAL Affordable Housing!
9:09 pm edt 

Re: Bang for Bucks

Your post states thaqt there are more supervisors than employees, the Police
Department websites shows 23 employees.  Only five are supervisors.
9:08 pm edt 

Vote Yes

Questions  1&2 vote YES.
Question 3, I am still debating.
Why not go back to 5%?
9:06 pm edt 

Employers Beware: Illegal Workers

We year round workers are fed up. If we go to your establishement and we aren't
hired--then we will make a phone call about the illegal, paid-under-the-table-workers
who are rife here.

Do you know how many drive cars without a license? Do you know how many work
jobs that locals could be working?
There are a few of us getting fed up and we are going to band together and make
some calls--perhaps not today and perhaps not tomorrow--but the long, hard
winter is ahead of us and I'm making less and less.
9:04 pm edt 

Yes to Question #2 Eliminate 40-B Housing
We need to stop the over development of this town. Let them use their own
money--not taxpayer money. Try to park on the circle where people live on Old
Anne Page way--it parking spaces are miniscule.

Small, crowded, dense housing to make the big bucks at the expense of the poor.
The developers will built dozens of homes and a few are priced for affordable

Stop giving away Provinetown to the developers with thier 40-B dispensation from
any oversight.
9:02 pm edt 

Re: Bangs St./Joe DeMartino

It is really unfair to pick on Joe DeMartino of Pat Shultz because he is the
listing broker on the Bangs Street development.  Joes integrity should not be
questioned.  He is very ethical and would never take advantage of a situation
the way other brokers in this town would.  Joey is a friend to many of us and is
a spiritual leader to us all.  To question his ethics is ridiculous and he has
every right to earn a commission for his hard work on the Bangs Street
9:00 pm edt 

Biggest Bang For Our Buck

The town's people have no idea.  Sharon Lynn does, and allowing it to happen. 
There will be a new police station.  Our new officers have left because of the
Lt. & Chief.  Eyes need to start opening.
8:58 pm edt 

Heads up to Provincetown Businesses

There is a new man selling merchant credit card services in town. Be aware that
his promises are not truthful. Be very aware of the terms of the lease
8:56 pm edt 

Ignorant Posters:

I've never heard of a Lieutenant Sergeant. Another example of the I.Q.of most of
the posters on this site. He could have been working a detail on his day off, or
helping out so the town did not have to call in more personell. Just another
poster spewing without having the rest of the  story.
8:54 pm edt 

170 Bradford Street Sale Rumor

Let's hope the well-connected buyer rebuilds the property as a 2 family and not 
tacky condos.  HRC only controls what happens to the outside.  Neighbors beware!
8:52 pm edt 

Another New Cost to the Town

If the town pursues  inspections of septic
systems from June 15 to Sept 15 of each year will be the cost of unemployment
for the rest of the year for the inspection crew. It is going to be the samecost
we incur for the seasonal parking dept. employees.

I object to this (unless I get a job)!
8:49 pm edt 

Septic Systems

As i undertstand what is happening is this. if you
own a lot out of reach 0f the provincetown sewer line you can have a modern
septic system installed  and build a new house etc. with permits etc. however if
you own a 1970s system  with your house and have the land to  install a modern
system  you can not have it upgraded to a modern system YOU MUST CONNECT TO
SEWER LINE. this can not be legal.  sounds like discrimnation???
8:47 pm edt 

Bark Park Warrant

Question; while I don't dispute the content of the proposed Bark Park warrant
item I am wondering why the town should set the rules for a private dog park?
Since this great addition to town is a private enterprise shouldn't its board
set the rules and shouldn't the town keep out of it? Doesn't setting the bark
park rules into town law open the town to liability for enforcement or lack
thereof and imply that town is responsible for its management?

Just curious?

8:45 pm edt 

The Vast Explorer

I'm curious about the Vast Explorer.  I thought that it was supposed to be
removed as of October 15th.  Today is October 31st.  Perhaps they meant October
15th of 2011??!!  I actually don't mind it being there, but why make a deadline
that you can't keep?

8:43 pm edt 

170 Bradford Street

Don't know where some people get their information but the house is not in sales
agreement for $275K.  Also, the scaffolding has not been there since the 1970's
and the house was occupied until 6 years ago because I'm friends with one of the
owners and knew who lived there.  The problem with people is they like to open
mouth and engage brain before doing homework.
8:42 pm edt 

Repeal 40B Vote "YES"

Provincetown already has laws determining that 33% of new or rehab construction
over 5 units be made affordable.  There is absolutely NO BENEFIT to Provincetown
to continue with 40B.  The state should follow our example and force developers
to concede that if they want to develop in their communities that they will have
to give back to the community with 33% affordable housing.

We only lose with 40B, we gain nothing.
8:40 pm edt 

Hey Ed. E. Munster
Don't tell the tourists, but I'm voting too to get rid of developer control. 
Although, in the spirit of Halloween, I fear it may take more than a vote to
kill off this demon.  Don't forget, after you vote, "Kiss your rat" week starts
tomorrow.  Better start resting those lips.


8:37 pm edt 

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