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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things I Love

I love the 4th of July, America, Massachusetts, Provincetown. This
blog... not so much but sometimes I do.
12:15 am edt 

Undocumented Dogs

Nice to see Candace Nagle posts her defense and sign her name.  As a regular
contributor to this blog, identifying herself is a welcome change.  She can use
this blog to also announce her candidacy for selectmen.
12:13 am edt 

Newspaper Publicizes School Apology

As a parent I accept the Supt apology but do not agree that the media should be
blammed. However, you still need to know as long as the Principal Kim Pike and
Social Worker Maryann Campagna are still there, that there are other kids who
wanted out (just like the several who were more fotunate to not have to return
next year),that eventually more are gonna leave until those two are gone. The
reputation the Provincetown Schools have suffered as a result of the condom
issue is fixable but until those other two are no longer in the positions they
are, student enrollment will continue to decline.
12:09 am edt 

Building Commissioner Out on Vacation Again. TRUE

For a person that wanted a full time job because he lost his shirt building
homes in Truro, he sure doesn't act like he appreciates his job.  Why does the
town of Provincetown put up with Russell?   I got his voice mail all week, and
when I decided to call Maxine, was told he was on vacation this week, AGAIN.  
Lets see, you work 4 days a week, get paid or unpaid vacation time but able to
take off all the time you want, when the people that need things done have to
wait and wait and wait.   What gives Sharon?   Can you not fine someone that
will work an honest days time?

12:06 am edt 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Re: Candace Should Run For Selectman

Ever notice how we can go for weeks without hearing about complaints about the
pier and how great Candace Nagle is  and then we are bombarded?  The two
subjects go hand in hand!  It is like a broken record, how Candace has done so
much for the town's dogs and how bad everyone is who is affiliated with the
pier.  This "ammoniums" contributor has an inflated perception of themselves and
way too much time on their hands.  I for one would love to see Candace Nagel run
for selectman and then we can scrutinize her motives, berate her character and
expose the lovely woman that she truly is. I'm probably wasting my time writing
this because the web master has a particular affection for Ms Nagle and filters
all negative posts about her.
11:35 pm edt 

Re: Pampered Dog Community

This self described "second home owner" seems awfully defensive. Nowhere in this
blog did I see anybody complaining about second homes, I saw people urging
citizens to think and make wise charitable donations.

But thank you for reminding us in your oh-so-subtle way that Provincetown would
be nothing without you and your money.

Funny thing is, the town was here before you came and seemed to do just fine. My
guess is it will still be here after you move on to your "third" home.
11:32 pm edt 

Bangs Street

Quit picking on poor Jane Evans.  She is not the only town board
member (Health, Planning, Conservation, Bldg., etc.) that has shown trouble
discerning between fantasy and reality in public.  A simple question can be
avoided to no end but ass covering is done pronto.  Bangs St. showed this. 
Planning and Health board members didn't even bother to attend the abutters
meeting although "invited". Shameful.  These people were prime players in
approving this mess.  Ellen Bataglini was the only one who showed and not in a
"board member" capacity.  Instead of explaining why it got approved, she sat in
the audience ranting about not having a conflict of interest.  Fantasy.  Just
look at past Planning minutes.  She's in it neck deep.  Along with other board
members.  As a blogger put it long ago, there is no honor amongst thieves or
town officials.             
11:29 pm edt 

East End Playground

I think spending ONLY $2,500.00 is not bad at all to rehab the East End

Then get out there and fundraise and stop whinning.
3:50 pm edt

we don't have to fundraise, the money is already there and it has been paid

i hope you like pipe smoking, cuz that's where you can stick and smoke away,
11:22 pm edt 

Undocumented Dogs

'interesting little tidbit. candace was asked if her dogs were
licensed, and she admitted they were not'

My dogs were licensed in Boston at the time where I have a second home. Candace
12:43 pm edt 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Undocumented Dogs?

I was reading the minutes from town meetings prior to implementation
of the dog park (which is, by the way, on land donated by the town, isn't

interesting little tidbit. candace was asked if her dogs were licensed, and she
admitted they were not.

compliance is such an ordinary thing, isn't it?

11:47 pm edt 


If you don't like the kids' playgrounds in Town, do something about
it. You sound bitter and self-marginalized.

Feeling unempowered is your empty excuse not to effect change.
11:46 pm edt 

Re: Pampered Dog Community....

I write this to apologize to you; I am one of those unfortunate 2nd home owners
who, for some reason, always wanted to call Ptown home.  I am terribly sorry
I've offended you - I mean, I know you're not as fortunate to have taxation
without representation.  After reading all the comments on this site, it so
unfortunate that you actually have a voice in how those tax dollars are spent -
must really be a chore to actually be have a voice.  I also apologize for the
stain that 2nd homeowner money seems to imply.  I apologize for supporting the
local restaurants, local bars, and local merchants - even greater apologies for
inviting my friends here to visit and forcing them to also spend money in the
local economy.  As for my dog, she hides her face in shame knowing her
contribution to the local dog park and fountain are obvious signs of
"wannabe-itis."  I hope you'll tolerate our abuse of Ptown as we genuinely love
this area and find it a treasure to call home.  I also hope that !
you continue to point out any additional social faux pas so that we don't fall
into the pariah status you seem to have placed us in. 
11:44 pm edt 

Dogs vs Children?

Visitors and residents wanted a dog park and a dog fountain, so they
made it happen.  If you want a modern playground  go out and do it.   The 12
children who still live here will be thankful.  I'll take the canines over the
kids any day.
11:42 pm edt 

What Part of "No" Don't You Understand

Today I received in the mail a notice from the Water and Sewer Dept
asking me if I want to hook up to the new Sewer line coming to the East End.
I've already filled out two of these requests with a big fat "NO". What don't
they understand? My septic system is working just fine thank you. I have it
regularly pumped out and inspected. The town must be desperate for $$$$. How
many times does someone have to say, "NO" before they will hear it.

11:40 pm edt 

Is the Building Commissioner Out on Vacation Again?

Does this man really work? He spends his days at the town hall building and does
little if any enforcement. It's not something he happens to like. You'd think
it's part of his job but not for him. He likes being liked. Not enforcing the
rules. But he isn't even at his desk. another vacation. Just another day in
paradise, right Russell?
11:38 pm edt 

Now We Have Bangs Street Stress Syndrone

Thanks to your shady dealings, we now have to live with this disaster. You were
behind this sale of property and you and Judy Mencher are no saints. That
includes the questionable lawyer who worked both sides of the deal.

Your uncle was a good man. But as to his newphew, the questions about his
actions and his behind the scenes deals remain.
11:37 pm edt 

What Happened ?

The town roads and highway look great . i see guys out
there picking litter every day as i leave town.thank you dpw we look nothing
like truros highway.
8:57 pm edt 

Here We go Again!

June 29, 2010 black water in sinks and toilets again . were booked full
, anyone in the water dept got a clue .water pressure should have been turned up
a week ago . 285 a night and you have to wait 5 mins for clear water. thanks
8:56 pm edt 

Money Better Spent

$250,000 for a flower park in the east end. how about public toilets in
that spot or parking?
8:54 pm edt 

Re: Harbormaster Disaster

Anyone hear the former  tender boy harbormaster is on the verge of
being fired?
6:26 pm edt 

Typical Provincetown

The dogs (or "fur children" as one bizarre post
calls them) win and the kids lose. The dogs have a park and a fancy new drinking
fountain. The kids playground is falling apart and their school is closing.

The people in power here seem to have warped priorities.

Yay Candace. She sure is doing a lot of good for the community. How long before
she lobbies to rename the town "Doggie Land?"
6:24 pm edt 

Re: Paul C. Mendes

Everyone in town should be behind the Bangs St. Development
complaints.  Is you cap lock on or are you shouting?
6:22 pm edt 

East End Playground

I think spending ONLY $2,500.00 is not bad at all to rehab the East End playground

Then get out there and fundraise and stop whinning.
3:50 pm edt 

Dog Water Fountain

Dogs are our fur children! Vive dog fountains! Can't wait@
3:48 pm edt 

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong The Fecal Matter Came from the Town's Failed System Last Year

 And not the Red Dots. Where did the fecal matter come from last summer? Look at
all the brown fecal stuff oozing from town sewer systems. Look at Bubala's
covered in brown fecal matter from town system's that failed--not his and not
the Red Dots.

This is not about fecal--it's about the sewer system that needs MONEY. And they
will use any lies to get more monies. Jane Evans is lying about testing not done
and then producing "facts" that are based on her relationship with David
Guertin--not based on science. This is sad joke and the Water & Sewer Board is
not doing testing--they are telling their own "stories"--they are not testing
but trying to use fecal matter as "proof" This is not science. This has nothing
to do with "facts." And everything to do with a town department out of control,
mismanaged and fiscally in ruin.
3:47 pm edt 

Re:Re: My Full Support

It takes a spineless coward to attack a man such as Paul Mendes especially after
he clearly stated that he welcomed any confrontations about his comments here to
address him in person. Also you must take into account that his involvement with
the Bangs St. fiasco has probably added to his alleged mental imbalance. He is
claiming Vietnam War Syndrome, although the twenty years on the Provincetown
Police would unbalance anyone, Paul never did need any extra help. Yes it would
take a real rat, or town official to face a                   person such as Mr.
3:42 pm edt 

Paul C. Mendes



3:38 pm edt 

Re: My Full Support

"As a real decorated Vietnam Veteran I find his limited MP duties
offessive" [sic]

Real veterans don't criticize other veterans whose service may have been less
risky than theirs. Especially when that veteran signed his name and you didn't.
3:34 pm edt 

Red Dots

Somebody is really posting wrong and unfair  information here. All those red dot
delays had brand new, certified by our own Health Department and DEP, Title V
Septic Systems that were installed not too long before we decided to build a
sewer system.
Some of them cost over a hundred thousand dollars to build.

Fairness, basic fairness, dictated that we let those folks get back some value
from their investment before we demanded they hook up to the sewer and pay
another $100,000 in betterment.

Basic fairness. What a concept.

Personally, if i owned one of those systems, i would not  be too inclined to let
the town inspect it either. The town has changed the rules so many times, that
they will find some reason to fail the system. And it won't be because of
pollution. It will be because the town wants their money.  Those systems are not
that old. If they were truly malfunctioning, the owners would be pumping them
all the time, which of course is one of the definitions of a Failure. If these
systems were doing that this summer, the town would be able to demand a hook up
to the sewer based on current rules.

Vote for Fairness

3:32 pm edt 

East End Playground Rehab

You people are pathetic!! you are willing to pay thousands of dollars
for dogs...thousands of dollars for the theater, arts and galleries, yet
spending $2,500.00 to rehab the East End playground is now where you are going
to start complaining about how and why the money is spent??

When will you people ever give a crap about kids and their safety and the fact
that they deserve to play in a safe environment? Did you grow up in a dungeon
with no toys, friends and outside play areas around you?

When are you people ever going to learn that kids need our help. I think
spending ONLY $2,500.00 is not bad at all to rehab the East End playground!

Grow the hell up and stop your whining!
3:30 pm edt 

Dog Water Foundation

Is the national award for Candace?  By the posts here, she should be
proclaimed a saint by the pope anytime now.  Hard to believe the town is such a
mess with her there.  Does it really take people sending emails and letters to
let the BOS know the idea is stupid.  It shouldn't even be up for discussion. 
With all the problems facing this town, a dog fountain is the best you can come
up with.  Honestly.  Find something else to waste your money on.  Name the vets
in support now, not 3 years ago.  My dog needs to know who they are so he can
change his appointment quick.   
3:27 pm edt 

Thanks Candace

The dog fountain project is moving ahead after last night's meeting
with the Selectmen. So much for all those so concerned about a public water
fountain as there was not one email/letter or public statement against it.

Hey did you hear about another national award the Town of Provincetown is
receiving? Candace was the driving force behind that too. It's being announced
at the end of the month.

Thanks Candace for putting the Town in the national spotlight again but for
positive reasons unlike the other dreadful crap coming out of here ie. condoms,
sewer spills, etc.
10:54 am edt 

Re: "Why Are You Picking on the Red Dots?

Why? Because your customer's poop is flowing into our harbor honey. Stop trying
to blame dogs and birds. The unwillingness of some red dot properties to even
consent to testing is shameful. You are putting your commercial or personal
financial interest against the health of all of us and users of our waterfront.

Even if your system is filtering bacterie the science is crystal clear that you
are stilling pouring nitrogen into our bay.

Connect and stop obfuscating by trying to blame birds and dogs and attacking
town officials.

It's time for the town to get tough with these owners and stop the pollution.
Swimming in S__T is disgusting.
10:52 am edt 

It's Not Rocket Science!

I think common sense is the answer to this dog fountain issue that is
center stage for the moment.  If you wouldn't drink out of it, don't let your
dog.  Some people don't care, others do.  Keep it simple.  People doing it
should get current (not 3 years old) letters of support from a couple vets for
the file.  There is plenty of research for and against on line if you use the
right wording.  Better yet, ask your vet and use common sense.  It's not rocket
7:55 am edt 

Candace Should Run For Selectman

She uncovered irregularities on the
pier, built an incredible dog park with private funds, is using no taxpayers'
money again to put in fountain on town hall property, and even brought Lily
Tomlin to Provincetown to entertain all of us.  She reseaches everything and
talks with facts...she examines every issue, she works with all organizations
and gleans their support.  Though there is no way of proving it my bet would be
if Candace was selectman there would be no Bang Street fiasco, no red dot
problem, no mess with the green line...decisions would have been made based on
facts and legalities, not the whismy of the BOS who mess up everything and
change their minds left and right and cause problems and vie citizens against
7:53 am edt 

Dog Blog Too Silly
If you build it, they will drink.
7:50 am edt 

Dog Fountain Bru haha

What a great pet owner.  Do you drink out of puddles too or toilets?  Maybe. 
Thank God for Candace...  and dogs with strong immune and digestive systems.
Funny, Ptown is still an overcrowded, overdeveloped mess.  Yet life goes on. I
would rather spend my payed vacation at a beach that doesn't have nude boys or
used xxxxxxx an inch under the sand.  Gay, straight, whatever.  Clean is the
word, as in sanitary, as in no funky bacteria they don't have an antibiotic for. 
Thanks but no thanks.  
7:49 am edt 

O.K. P'town Posters

Take a moment to see what really is important.
Why do you all spend your time on trivial matters?  People are going without
food, healthcare and housing. Why not concentrate on easing these issues and
stop your petty back and forth (i.e. Whether there should be a donated "free
guys" dog fountain or who was seen walking down Commercial St. During an art
opening).  Concentrate your energies productively!!!

7:47 am edt 

Playground Rehab

i here the town is ready to rebuild the east end playground .
considering the lack of use , the vandalism    that hasnt benn adressed in the
last 4 years   . only three parking spots, the illegal activity.   les see in
the area the school house has no    parking , berta walkers has limited parking,
the east end mkt could have more parking , how about supporting our businesses ,
no green line no b s  , just common sense , ask these people if they need a
hand. this could bring a lot of life to the theater, the pamm , the local
places.    25000. is a lot to spend on an empty lot...
7:45 am edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

Maybe people would take Candace more seriously if she actually did
some good for serious issues, not just dogs. She's a woman with too much time on
her hands and no lack of funds, apparently.

Not a crime, but come on, get your priorities in order! I'm an animal lover too,
but with all the dying wildlife in the gulf, the pampered poodles of Commercial
St. are the least of my worries.

Donate to a REAL cause.
7:42 am edt 

Google "Dog Communal Water Dish"?

First two sites Boy they sure are the authority! Glad you told us to
do check it out. I feel much better having my dog drink from that dog fountain
after I took your recommendation!

Nothing mentioned of dog fountains page after page after page.

Great research and keep up the good work!
7:31 am edt 

Dog Water Fountain

On file with the Town of Provincetown are written endorsements for
Provincetowns dog park initiative in 2007 which included two dog drinking water
fountains. These letters of support were part of a packet submitted to the
Selectmen which is available to the public upon request:

-Dr. John Kelley D.V. M, owner of Herring Cove Animal
Clinic and two other Outer Cape veterinary clinics

-Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod

-Cummings School of Veterinary School of Medicine

7:28 am edt 

Dog Water Fountain

I have nothing against Candace Nagle. As a matter of fact, I find her
a breath of fresh air. She is an intelligent woman who gets things done.
However, I have to respectfully disagree with her on the dog fountain. I would
never let my dogs drink from a communal dog fountain. Too many dogs have
communicable diseases that can be passed on to each other through saliva. My own
groomer will not take my dog in unless he has a kennel cough and doggy flu shot.
As I read previously, maybe a spigot to get water from so that people can fill
their own bowls is a better way to go?

My dogs are too important to me to take a chance. Also, I never drink from water
fountains myself, just way too unsanitary for me.

7:26 am edt 

Bangs Street

Took a quick look at Bangs St. today.  Really coming along.  Stonework
going in with decks overlooking the mosquitos.  The buildings look like they are
settling down into the sand just as some people predicted.  Did the BOH approve
this to make sure the septic when its up and running keeps the wetland below
wet?  They must have.  Even with it fairly dry, it's crazy with mosquitos.  You
need an OFF dip to sit on the deck for more than 2 seconds.  Nice selling point,
along with the modular beauty of it all.   
7:25 am edt 

Is This a Joke or Truly Is Rex McKensie Incompetent?

Not again? Please tell me this isn't true. Rex McKensie messed up another boat?
How many boats can this man sink? I guess even the Masons can't help this poor
soul. Let him go back to Grassy's as a dinghy handler. That would be better than
7:23 am edt 

Re: My Full Support

(us marines 1960-70 VIETNAM )plus (Provincetown police 1970-1999) (Provincetown
High School Class of 1965)

If Mr. Mendes was in Vietnam from 1960-1970 and graduated from Provincetown High
School in 1965, did he commute for weekend duty. He was probably about thirteen
years old and received a reduced rate.

As a real decorated Vietnam Veteran I find his limited MP duties offessive, and
can only speculate on his qualifications for the Provincetown police. Having an
uncle in town hall apparently didn't hurt.
7:22 am edt 

Re: Dog Water Fountain

In this era of lawsuits, people purporting this communal dog fountain
as BOH signed off should be careful where they tred.  Has town counsel been
consulted? What a great way for the taxpayers to end up having to foot a town
liability insurance premium increase for something that is really ostentatious
and unnecessary.  Lawsuits have been filed for far much less than a dog getting
sick by a town communal water bowl.  Kids using school fountains have med.
insurance (required in Mass.) to cover costs.  Most dog owners don't. Be ready
when a visitor hits the town with a suit for damages (mental and physical) over
a high vet bill and stress caused by precious Fido's blocked gasket traced back
to the communal bowl. Precedent set (we all know how that works) and next thing
you know, the bowl is dry, another relic of the good ole days.  True that many
dogs can drink from toilets, puddles, etc. with no problem.  Some can't though
and it's that one bad apple you need to anti!
cipate.  Does this town really need more stupid problems.  The Green line and
condoms to grade schoolers aren't enough?  People should put their extra dough
towards something a little more needed like food, clothing, the oil spill, Haita
and about a million other causes.  Good job Candace.  Your ability to waste time
and effort does qualify you for the BOS.  Hook up a hose and call it a fountain
or make sure the sign that reads "USE AT YOUR DOGS OWN RISK" is big enough for
pet owners to read in a courtroom from a distance. 

signed - my dog already has a drinking problem, doesn't need another one 
7:20 am edt 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Call Your Vet!

Call your vet and ask about the water fountain. An oil spill is ruining
Louisiana, Bridgeport CT. was devastated by a Tornado; meanwhile, in
Provincetown, people are in a dither over a dog fountain in a dog park bought by

I wish that this was all that I had to worry about. It is your choice to use it
or not use it. High Class problems.
2:44 pm edt 

Re: Dog Water Fountain

I am not a vet but i think i will weigh in on this subject.

since all of you folks have computers, go ahead and do what i did. i googled
these 4 words....

dog communal water dish

and got many web sites that said to bring your own water bowl to a dog park and
to avoid a communal water bowl or dish.

i looked at the list of folks that signed off on this proposal. Were any of
those people vets?

i'd feel more secure if a vet had signed off on it.
Bet they won't.

Two cents from the East Side

2:42 pm edt 

Re: Harbormaster Disaster

First Rex sinks the Harbormaster's boat twice..then other vessels sink
on his watch; then the barge sinks; then derelect boats rent out space to
homeless and hook up to the taxpayers power source free;a stabbing occurs; then
another derelect boat somehow slips into the harbor from nowhere, property of
the owner of the first problem vessel. Questionable fishermen's rates to moor
have been given to noncommercial boats; Now Rex blows up a 40,000 engine on the
harbormaster's boat.  All of this has occurred within a few years.  WAKE UP AND
FIRE THIS MAN. He has wasted money that is needed by the town.  What evidence
does the powers that be need to see incompetence Slippery fish looking for
engine parts under the soon to sink problem boat.  My sky is falling
2:40 pm edt 

Enough Already!

As usual so many are so uninformed and then write out of for the dog fountain came from a gift that was given to the
town years ago from Ryder that was expressively to be used for this purpose and
no other.  Kudos to Candace for herDD in finding this money that was sitting
unused for decades.  She also researched the original fountain that was on Town
Hall property and found a company to replicate it.  Kudos again.  Then she went
to all the mentioned organizations and got their support.  Kudo for spending
your personal time for doing this, Candace.  We need people like Candace in this
town.  We have enough name callers and ignorance to go around already.  Kudos to
you, Candace.  Plese keepup the good work.  You' re a breath of fresh air
amongst the pollution. If any are concerned about the risk of disease, don't let
your dog drink from it or better yet take a container and fill it from the
people part. Give it a rest
2:38 pm edt 

Dog Fountain BrouHaHa

I walk my dog downtown all the time.  She drinks out of communal bowls that
stores have graciously put out.  When I'm not looking, she laps water out of
puddles which contain god knows what.  On the beach she's been known to roll
around in dead fish.  She picks up and chews on things I can't even determine
their origin.  And yes, she can even lick parts of her body  which some in town
would be jealous of.

She's a dog.  She doesn't ride around in a baby stroller.  I don't bring along a
nipple bottle for her to drink purified water from.  She doesn't wear funny hats
or sun glasses.  She's a dog.

Fresh running water for her and me in the center of town won't kill either of
us.  We don't live in a sterile environment.       happens.
2:36 pm edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

Notice how the fountain critic doesn't criticize the fountains in the
our two schools, the gym fountains etc?

Blah, Blah, Blah....

It will be a huge hit just like the dog park's two fountains that have been used
without any problem.

Sorry, but Candace is a winner and should run for
2:34 pm edt 

Habormaster Disaster

Well our highly incompetent harbormaster, you know the one who sank
the his boat twice and the new barge, yesterday he managed to BLOW UP the
$40,000 replacement engine! What an idiot! Why hasn't our Town Manager fired
that low functioning employee that continues to not only cost us serious $$$$
but is an enormous embarrassment to Provincetown.

2:31 pm edt 

Re: Dog Water Fountain

Because the BOH or the BOS support something doesn't mean it's smart. 
I think we have all learned that by now.  Let your pooch drink away 24/7 but
don't be surprised when Fido let's loose on the couch instead of the doggie poop
11:59 am edt 

Re: Dog Water Fountain

If water fountains are so dangerous how come the state health
department has NO regulations on their books?

That's why our BOH supports this project!

11:34 am edt 

Thank You Dr. F.

Your suggestion makes much needed sense, is very
cost effective and better for the dogs which should be the main issue, not
Candace Nagle's level of service to the town.  Sorry Paul Mendes, don't get your
knickers in a twist over this.  Candace can stay even though her idea for this
fountain is dumb.  It happens and then you move on. 
9:16 am edt 

Re: Dog Water Fountain

People just can't take constructive criticism.  Because someone points
out a fact about the health risks of a communal dog fountain, it becomes a
personal attack on Candace Nagle and all she's done to earn her angel wings in
this town.  Yeah, she's great, we get it, but the dog fountain info is pretty
clear.  It's a sweet idea if you don't mind risking your pet getting sick. 
Nothing personal about Candace Nagle on that. Just reality.  Like a previous
blogger said, find a better choice for spending your money.  Donate to feed the
poor down south and right here, not to quench the thirst of dogs.  What is the
saying, you can lead a horse (dog) to water but you can't teach him to drink. 
Boy, that goes for the people in this town who obviously have money to burn on
9:09 am edt 

Re: Dog Water Fountain

   The Kennel Cough Virus (Canine Cough Cmplex), which is highly contageous
between dogs, can survive for days in water. When a dog drinks from a bowl of
water, the virus is flushed from it's mouth and into the water. The next dog
that comes along and drinks from the bowl gets exposed to the vius, and gets a
case of Kennel Cough as well. Open bowls of water in front of our downtown
stores help spread this contageous disease every summer. Dogs from all over the
country, visit our town, drink from those bowls, and spread the disease complex
to our local dogs. Imagine having a glass of water sitting in front of town hall
that any passing person could drink from. Sound like a good idea to you?

   Horse watering troughs, so quaint looking in old photos, were once common in
every town in the US. Provincetown had one in front of town hall as well. They
were removed in the early 1900 when it was found that the deady Horse Cholora
virus was being spread this way and was being transmitted when horses shared the
common water fountains. 

  Better solution: Make a water source available for owners to fill their own
bowl from. An outlet from one of Town Halls outside spickets could be used for
owners to get access for water if they don't want to carry a bottle of water
with them. Adding an additional outside faucet to any building will cost less
than $100.00 and save hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs from getting sick.
8:59 am edt 

My Full Support
Iam very proud to state that iam a third generation townie. My granparents
came here in 1902. I grew up with their stories, and my parents stories, and my
experinces of life in provincetown, and elsewhere. (us marines 1960-70 VIETNAM )
plus (Provincetown police 1970-1999) (Provincetown High School Class of 1965
with 62 students).

   I have seen many changes in Provincetown. People come and go. or they pass on
after having made considerable changes in what Provincetown is now. 
Mostly these changes have been for the good. For example the great work
CANDACE NAGLE has done for this town is OUTSTANDING  I also want to congratulate
GINNY BINDER for what she is also doing for this town. 

   I also wish to state to some of the NASTY and unsigned
staements submitted to this blog. I sure would not want to be in a enemy prision
with you. You would sell me out for a extra bowl of rice. 

   IN CLOSING, if anyone  wishes to confront me about my comments here, please
feel free to do so in person.

    So to both CANDACE AND GINNY Continue your MARCH FORWARD. And thank you.

      Paul C Mendes
8:56 am edt 

To the Fountain Basher..

Candace has done more for the town than you.  She spends a lot of her time
dealing with the BOS idiots who change their minds every few swconds and make
anything so difficult to do in this town as they yea and nay and change projects
till they ruin them. Take the green line and the red dots for example...yes no
yes no Good luck to the red dots...sorry to the green liners but kudos to
Candace and my gratitude for eveything you have done.
8:53 am edt 

Double Standards
Was out over the weekend and in the East End with all the gallery openings.  
They all serve wine and some beer and all cheese.   So how come everyone can
walk around with open containers of wine and beer , from gallery to gallery and
the cops turn their heads, but when that happens near the down town area, there
are arrests and or given citations?   Do the gallery owners think they can have
it their way and yet we hear them complain that fewer people come into their
shops compared to the golden mile of commercial street?   What gives Chief
12:41 am edt 

Re: Dog Water Fountain
Hey brainiacs.  A dog fountain is just about the dumbest thing in the
world.  Take the money and donate to the children.  Dogs can survive a walk
without a drink.  Check out Fla.  Hope you have good liability coverage.  A dog
there got sick in a "fountain" and it's owner sued successfully.  Seems other
sick dogs were drinking too.  Sorry, condoms won't fix this problem. 
12:40 am edt 

OK I"ll be There: July 22 Board of Health Meeting

Thanks for letting me know. Inspect the titles 5s of the REd Dot Delays? Really
and who will be objective and scientific in this? And what standards willb e
set? New ones instead of those that were established when the systems were
expensively installed?

Another attempt to break the trust of the agreement with the REd Dots. This is
Cathy Meads attempt to get the Water & Sewer Board's first attempt to hook up
ALL REd Dots now!

They are not to be trusted about trust! And how many more meetings will they set
up until they get what THEY want? This is not democracy. This is not how this
town should be run.

But I'll be at the July 22nd meeting. Will Couture get up and speak and then
walk out again? You probably can bet on it.
12:33 am edt 

Re: Dog Water Fountain

To let your dog drink from a communal fountain exposes them to any and
all illnesses present in any dogs drinking from it.  A person wouldn't do this,
why would you think your dog wants to?  This could be construed as animal abuse. 
Better consider it before you give Spot the green light on this.  Vets are
12:31 am edt 

Re: Dog Water Fountain

$32,000.00 for a dog drinking fountain?????  WTF?
12:27 am edt 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Re: Candace Nagle

Hey Candace signs her name, unlike her single critic that keeps
ranting here. What you don't like her and/or dogs? Get bitten as a child? We
know what she does to try to help the Town. What do you do outside of anonymous
3:03 pm edt 

An Observation

To read this blog you would think this town is going to the dogs, late
night drinkers and developers!

3:00 pm edt 

Re: Dog Water Fountain

My two fur kids love the dog fountain at the Bark Park
and they'll love the fresh & cold water at their new fountain at Town Hall.
'Gross?' Not to my dogs and to all the dogs at the Bark Park! Great idea!

1:30 pm edt 

Re: Re: Dog Water Fountain

I love it when Candace writes her own kudos.
1:28 pm edt 

Re: Dog Water Fountain

I own a pet friendly inn and am having record canine check ins. So
much that I am expanding my pet friendly rooms. Expanding our pet tourism
infrastructure with a dog fountain is a brillant idea. Thanks
Candace! Count me in to help too.
12:19 pm edt 

Red Dots (not delays)

Board of Health hearing July 22@ 5pm. Re: Title V inspections.
Be there or write a letter. We need Your support to oppose
their intentions.

Red Dottie
12:17 pm edt 

Pardon me, I forgot

All these problems yet new building goes on unfettered to line the
developers pockets more.  Donate your money to them.  I forgot, you already are. 

10:13 am edt 

Community Water Bowl

What a waste of our water, I would not let my dog drink out of a
community water bowl. How gross.
9:56 am edt 

I too Agree: What Happend at the Meeting Was Not What Was Reported

IT was g good, strong community involved meeting. So many people were there and
they spoke eloqunetly. But when I  read the Banner, I thought I had been at
another meeting. There were many people at the meeting concerned, engaged and
against what  Couture, Evans and Guertin wanted done. They held to the early
contract that they could be part of the sewer system but unless their costly
Title 5 systems failed, they did not have to hook up to this questionable

But you would not have a sense of what really happened at the meeting by reading
this Banner article. It misconstrued the essence of the meeting and what really
happened. Residents were upset, mad, irritated and they spoke their mind. And
they did so eloquently.

But you'd never know that from the Banner article.Poor reporting. Poor
presentation of issues. and even worse: misconstrue what happened and why.

Next time, let's hope the Banner gets it right!

9:55 am edt 

Pampered Dog Community

Provincetown: home of hundreds of condos that sit vacant all winter
long, a ridiculously high rate of unemployment, hundreds of people without
health care, a small handful of year-round jobs, a mass exodus of artists being
forced out by gentrification, apartments that no average income citizen could
possibly afford, extreme alcoholism and suicide rates and THE MOST PAMPERED DOG

Find a better way to donate your money, citizens.
9:50 am edt 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Re: Great Business Opportunity

The Teeny Tiny Condom Company?  I like it!
4:21 pm edt 

Re: Dog Water Fountain


In addition to the results of a poll taken by the Provincetown Banner where 69%
percent of respondents said they supported a fountain, below were letters or
emails of support from:
-Historic District Commission
-Board of Health
-Provincetown Chamber of Commerce
-Provincetown Visitor Services Board
-Provincetown Business Guild
-Disabilities Commission
- Provincetown Council on Aging
-Chief of Police
-Animal Control Officer
-Provincetown Animal Welfare Committee
- Provincetown Dog Park Association, Inc.
-Carrie A. Seamens Animal Shelter
-Art Commission

If this project resonates with you, please consider making a donation to The
Provincetown Public Fountain Gift Fundto help with the final funding.  Checks
can be dropped off at the clerks office at Town Hall or sent to:

Town of Provincetown
Att: Town Clerk
260 Commercial Street
Provincetown MA 02657

4:19 pm edt 

School Has Sent Out Letters to Parents

A letter was recieved today from the Supt of Schools basically blamming the
media for all the bad publicity about the condom policy. I don't know how many
of you did or did not expect them to back pedal but I did. Also, don't let the
Supt take all the heat, the Principal, the Social Worker and Nurse were all
consulted and are all in this together. This could not of been one sided, the
Supt was probably the one who presented it to the School Comm but the other
bandits are in on it just as much. Don't be fooled into thinking they were not.
No sympathy here for any of them.
1:06 pm edt 

J. Marsh's Letter to the Editor..... Right On!

She is absolutely right. The coverage of the REd Dot Delays with the Water &
Sewer Board was poorly and inacurately covered in the Banner. She is right that
the closing of beaches last summer is NOT due to Title 5s but due to the FAILED
town sewer system that malfunctions. To even imply, as Jane Evans did at the
meeting, that the fecal matter in our beaches is due to failed Title 5s of the
Red Dot Delays is fabricated and unscientific.

Also, there were many people and many voices of residents in that room--not a
few. And Michele Couture's standing up in favor of forcing REd Dot Delays to
hook up when they were promised they would not have to until their systems
FAILED was a wrong use of her position. Plus, the Banner should have written
that Couture left the room the minute a resident stood up to counter her claims.
She left the room and never returned. So much for disrespecting these residents.

The article in the Banner seemed to be written from the position of Guertin or
Evans or Couture--not from what actually happened at that meeting.

Thanks Ms. Marsh for the letter to the Banner. Right on.
12:29 pm edt 

Great Business Opportunity
I just loved a previous post and it should be taken a
step further for someone who is looking to start up a
cottage industry.
"The Tiny Weenie Candydom". Necessity IS the mother of
invention. I think someone can really stretch out this
12:27 pm edt 

Bangs Street

Presented plans followed or not, (more not), the town boards approving this
project need to have their collective heads and eyes examined.  There are
definitely 4 separate buildings taking up most of the lot.  The eyes don't lie,
but apparently everyone involved with presenting this project does.   
12:25 pm edt 

Grosso and Michelle Should Go!

The 2 Board members that should resign are Peter Grosso and Michelle
Couture for their lack of knowledge, sensitivity and common sense. She has the
gall to ask the Licensing Board to resign. She is not fit to be the chairperson
of any board. If the quotes that were attributed to her were accurate in Banner
and or the Globe she should resign on Monday. Regarding Mr. Grosso I believe his
judgement on the condom issue is wrong and the policy should be amended with age
limitations and parental disclosurel. Can we please stop being the laughing
stock of Cape Cod and the entire Commonwealth and Michele is worried about 45
minutes of extra liquor service, what a joke.
12:24 pm edt 

Condoms, Large, Medium, Small and Smallest!

Believe it or not, there is a very small one. It's made of the same rubbery
elastic that a regular one is made of except it's used to protect ones finger
when cut. Perhaps that's what they will be passing out to the youngsters.
12:21 pm edt 

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Dog Fountain?!?

1. characterized by lack of seriousness or sense: frivolous conduct.

2. self-indulgently carefree; unconcerned about or lacking any serious purpose.

3. (of a person) given to trifling or undue levity: a frivolous, empty-headed

4. of little or no weight, worth, or importance; not worthy of serious notice: a
frivolous suggestion.

I certainly hope people with extra cash and good intentions can find a more
suitable and deserving local charity.
9:07 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

Wow, if Ashland, MA can do it, then so should Ptown. Tear down the
Bangs Street Ext project as it did not follow the plan that was presented to the
board. The story below comes from the Metrowest Daily News.


The Planning Board Thursday night told a developer to tear down a retaining wall
and two decks that were not part of the approved plan for his Myrtle Street
housing project.

Theyre going to need to have an engineered wall, with a building permit,
according to plan," Chairman Preston Crow said today.

The board signed off on other changes developer David Massad made to his Shadow
Creek project, though Crow said he should have come to the planners first.

Massad will be able to keep two other decks, sliding glass basement doors on
four units and a change in grading that Massad added to his project without the
planners' prior approval.

The grading changes did not seem huge and allow the basement doors, Crow said.
The board initially disagreed on the decks before striking a compromise.

Crow said the board's engineer, Martin Davidson of Davidson Engineering,
recommended the wall come down, saying there were many unknowns and visible
parts that did not comply with code.
9:05 pm edt 

To: Whomever Posted That the Superintendent Was Talked Into it???

The superintendent is supposed to be the leader of the schools. Let me repeat that,
the leader of the schools. Its obvious to me that if she can be talked into
giving first grade students condoms, then she should be out of a job. I have
never heard of such a thing. I am an elementary principal in another town in
Massachusetts and can not believe the lack of intelligence of the SC and other
people who work here in the schools. Thanks to the SC Provincetown is now the
joke of the Commonwealth.

8:58 pm edt 


I'm not in town yet for the season. Where can I send a donation on
behalf of my fur kids?

8:54 pm edt 


Have they even thought this through at all.  Aren't adult condoms a
little big for elementary size boys?  I have sons and remember girth wasn't a
strong characteristic in these early formative years like 6-12.  I never heard
of a condom that could fit a 7 year old.  Will they be flavored like fruit
punch, chocolate and strawberry?  That's important to kids.  They like variety. 
Idle hands are the devil's workshop.    
8:53 pm edt 

GTha Dog Water Fountain For the Provinctown Town Hall Lawn Has Arrived!

The water line has been put in!

Please help the dogs with funding needed to get their fountain installed.

Donate to The Town of Provincetown Public Fountain Gift Fund

Checks can be dropped off at the Town Clerks office at Town Hall.


Candace Nagle
Chair, Provincetown Animal Welfare Committee
President & Co-Founder Provincetown
Dog Park Association, Inc.
2:50 pm edt 

Michele Couture and Peter Grasso: Quite the Pair

How can one small town have so many questionable "leaders"? So many foolish
decision followed by even more foolish choices where both Couture and Grasso
fail to grasp the unintended consequences. They fail to think long term and
sometimes fail to think short term. Thus they fail us.
2:47 pm edt 

For Too Long the School Committee HAs Been the Most Uneducated

We have a sad tradition of chairs of our school committees and the members being
uneducated and sometimes rather dumb. No wonder we are in the situation we are
in. Front page on the Bloston Globe should be about our great beaches,
water-front dining, and the Portuguese Festival. But, alas, it is about condoms
for little kids!
2:45 pm edt 

Gotta Love the Schools

Between the Supt, Principal, Social Worker, the Nurse and the School Comm, they
are gonna say no one ever discussed the pro's and con's of this decision ? No
one even thought that maybe we should draw up forms that the child will take
home to their parents requesting permission for the school to provide a condom
and also seeking permission for the whomever to discuss the pro's and con's of
it ? Apparently not. I'm also not under the impression that other schools are
doing this and maybe that should of rung a bell in their heads ? Apparently
not.But I myself do know that if your child had an issue in school, right, wrong
or otherwise they are all over that. Also did anyone notice that the kids who
are going to attend Nauset Schools next year have been subject to more
discipline than usual from our trusted ones, the same ones who you have all read
here that you can bet approved the condom policy.
2:44 pm edt 

July 4th Parade-School Nurse

I hope that there is a mock School Committee Float with people impersonating the
School Committee and children on the float reaching into a big fishbowl that
That would be a laugh Riot!

come on folks; have some fun with this one..Bananas, condoms, someone dressed up
like a nurse with the perky hat and white shoes--Ms. R. as Nurse Betty!!!
2:42 pm edt 


I wanted to make sure that the focus of this condom issue is not soley placed on
the Supertendant lap, you can rest assure that she discussed it with her
associates, the Principal Kim Pike and the Social Worker Maryann Campagna and
the Nurse Kristen, got their approval as well before presenting it to the School
Committee. And don't be suprised if they did not talk the Supertendant into it.
2:41 pm edt 

Hi Slippery Clam...

I am  here at the pier.  Now I am watching another
joke.  Just read in the Banner that the Harbormaster is somehow passing the
mooring of the latest next to sink disaster derelict boat to the owner...Like
this huge monstrosity somehow appeared over night unnoticed to everybody.
Somethings never change. 
Slippery Fish just watching the same old tide
2:39 pm edt 

Re: Licensing Board

Again with anger on people attacking people personally who are mad at
the licensing board.
How small! and how dare that person yell praise to this board, what ever this is
not, this board was so stupid that they voted without examining the words they
wrote. If it was not for town council and town management to correct this
regulation, this board voted to make businesses close earlier to be in line with
what these 5 voted on.
1 am - music stops
1 am - bartender stops serving
1 am - customer has drink
and 1 am - security has to take that drink!
How can this person praise that!Where is this board's intelligence in never
looking at the words for 6 months? Or is this person so gun ho for self that
he/she could care less as long as he/she wins for self.
And as a foot note to brain farts - 3 of the bigger houses pushed for this and
never knew that there is no dancing and they cannot have a cover. Can I say sad
2:38 pm edt 

Sorry, But Can You Connect Beth Singer and Others to This Condom Issue
Am I missing some connection here? Please explain how some of these women,
including Beth Singer, have led to this questionable condom program for our 36
students. How does she and these others mentioned on this blog have led to the
condom program for this town?  I don't get the connection but would appreciate
knowing how to connect these dots.

12:01 am edt 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Re: Re: Off With Their Heads
Do us all a favor and next time you want to respond to an issue, especially
those regarding the building department, do it on you're own time and not insult
every taxpayer by responding while at "work". It's really annoying and you could
get fired.
11:59 pm edt 

Hey Truro!!

Get ready for a huge influx of school choice elementary kids this fall as a
result of this condom fiasco. Great work superintendant!! Great work school
11:58 pm edt 

Well it Looks Like Dr. Beth Singer is Still at it
It show you what shes trying to do, shes getting what she wants and that is that
she wants to close are schools and get all the kids out of this town. Wake up
tax payers lets get her out of this school system and town before she gets rid
of the eldery thats coming next.Now thats where were wasting our money. Singer
is telling us parents how to raise our kids she does not have any. The next
thing we will see is a porn class . Get rid of her and her condoms from
Provincetown Elementry school.
11:23 pm edt 

"We Should Not Live Lives as Dull as Yours"

With condoms being handed out willy nilly to little kids, NO ONE's life will be
dull for long. Stupid plan from a stupid group of people from a town out of
11:20 pm edt 

What Town Vote Mandate?

Less than 200 voted and the vote was for denying extending the hours for ENTERTAINMENT--not for LIQUOR__was defeated by only 20 votes. This is no mandate. Too many of the stay at
homes and let's-make-this-town a homey little place--meaning they do not go out and eat or
frink--are the ones upset. Well too bad. Your lives are rather dull and we
should not live lives as dull as yours!

I praise the Licensing Board. Hurrah for their actions.
7:09 pm edt 

Latest Condom News

According to the Channel 5 News, Gov.Patrick has gotten involved in this issue
with the Provincetown School decision to issue condoms. Trust me folks, if he
did not get involved no future changes in their policy would change and even
still I am not so sure they are going to make the right changes. The clue is, we
as parents have no say, so why should they listen to the Govenor. I will prove
to you, as I stated in my previous blog, do not trust them, Kim Pike,Maryann
Campagna and Kristen the Nurse are      and if they cared about us, our input
would of been sought before they acted. Please keep your kids away from them.
6:29 pm edt 

Front Page Boston Globe

It is in this article that they write that there are 36 high school students
next year in the entire high school. Read it in today's paper folks.
6:06 pm edt 

Licensing Board

What the Licensing Board was just plain wrong.  They should not have
changed the hours for pouring liquor after Town Meeting voted against changing
hours of entertainment.  It was wrong just plain and simple.
4:52 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

I just had the misfortune of seeing firsthand the new Bangs St.
"townhouses".  I was not pleasantly surprised.  There are definitely 4 separate
buildings.  The private road is completely taken over by the project.  I could
not turn my small car without going on the property of #30 Bangs St.
Construction vehicles blocked the entire end of the street. I looked behind the
buildings at the hillside down to where the wetland is.  The silt fence and
haybales which should be above ground used for erosion control have sunk down at
points and some are half in the ground while the tops of others are level with
the ground.  Erosion is happening, it seems quickly as this project is not
complete yet.  I am curious as to how parking on the septic system will work out
since it is built in basically sand.  Also, where is the green area on this
project as, with vehicle parking and turning for all 4 bldgs., there doesn't
seem to be any at all.  The dune behind the far building looke!
d awfully damaged.  Roots of trees were exposed.    
4:27 pm edt 

The Licensing Board

"The licensing board, though they have the authority, failed to follow
the intent of the voters.  Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you

Amen to that.
4:25 pm edt 

Re: So Much Commotion Over 45 Minutes!

Regarding the additional 45 minutes to sell alcohol, if Michele
Couture had a bar instead of selling authentic crap to tourists, she'd be
singing a different tune. And as far as not being willing to reappoint any of
the licensing board members, here's a newsflash: You current B of S are pathetic
and an embarrassment to this town. I don't know anyone who would vote for any of
you again. You all have your own personal selfish agendas and you're not fooling
anyone as to why you wanted to be selectmen. Bring back Cheryl Andrews. At least
she had some integrity.
A vote taken at the town meeting in early April, where it lost by less than 50
votes with a pathetic show of voters is hardly a mandate. And as far as your
lame excuse of 'quality of life' being affected by 45 more minutes of serving
alcohol, get real. This town survives on tourism. Why is it that you idiots keep
trying to choke the golden goose? Fishing is gone. Get it? Time to change the
4:21 pm edt 

Re:So Much Commotion Over 45 Minutes!

You're missing the point.  The BOS are the only ones who are sticking up for the
voters, as they should.  The licensing board, though they have the authority,
failed to follow the intent of the voters.  Just because you can do something,
doesn't mean you should.  They should have brought this back to another town
meeting with a better presentation than what T Wagar did at the last town

I support the BOS on this one.
2:47 pm edt 

Inaccurate Postings About the Schools ...Again!

I have to respond to what seems some very inaccurate information based on where
I do not know.

First as far as condoms being made available, first if a student wants one they
have to ask for it and they have a very serious conversation with the Nurse
about it. Its not like they are sitting out in a bowl on a table and the
children walk up to it and take them out like they were taking candy out of a

Hopefully the positive thing that comes of this is that parents will now
actually have to have a conversation about the detrimental impact of them
possibly having sex before they are mature and adults. One other thing that
people need to realize is that young people will have sex whether they have been
told about a condom or not and its happening as early as 6th grade! But what is
of real concern is that its not about protecting against pregnancy anymore. We
are now talking about either living or dying! The presence of HIV now makes it
even more important! It is commonly known that a condom is what is considered
the best protection against what is now a death sentence.

Not sure what this has to do with condoms being given out but as far as figures
regarding staffing at the two schools next year, neither school is fully staffed
for 10-11. We didnt have over a 100 people on staff in both buildings for the
09-10 school year. There were actually about 2/3 of that number and that number
was actually cut another roughly 10 or so people for 10-11 school year. In
addition many of the "specials" teachers of art, music, foreign lang etc have
been cut 50-60% or eliminated and those grades with small classes at the
elementary have been combined. The HS staff has had the most cuts with positons
in English, and History lost and other subject areas reduced in some cases by
half or even eliminated.

Oh and so you know there are 540 school days until the high school closes. So
start counting that $4 million dollars if you believe we will save that
much after the schools close I have a Cape Cod tunnel pass I can sell you.

Ima Palled
1:47 pm edt 

Duane Gregory and Short Term Memory

Funny ,I think, that the chairman of the board of health wishes to blame the
small  number of people that wish to volunteer .......on this blog.

Funny for 2 reasons.

1. all over cape cod, towns are having trouble filling volunteer boards, not
just here.

2. because only 15 years ago, the reason why people didn't volunteer was ..THE

That's right. How quickly they forget. The ADVOCATE was far more ruthless than
this blog, and because it was the only newspaper in town, lots of people read
it. Lots.

I know quite a few people who refused to run for office until the town had a
second newspaper.

Funny, how quickly some forget.

1:44 pm edt 

Back to the Licensing Board For a Minute

Can someone help me with this question?
the paper reported that the Crown & Anchor, Rick Murray, got some kind of ruling
in April that allowed him to serve liquor later.

But the licensing board just had their hearing on this , what a week or so ago?

So, what did rick get in April, and explain why his was in april, but everyone
else waits. 

I don't understand.


Slippery Clam

p.s. BTW where is Slippery Fish? I miss you.
1:43 pm edt 

So Much Commotion Over 45 Minutes!

What is the big deal? Is this town so small in its thinking that extending bar
hours by 45 minutes is so threatening? This is a small change and except for
Michele Couture who will hear the music from the bar across the street for 45
more minutes--maybe she should move if her landlord can give her another rent
free apartment outside of Comemrical Street--who really cares? his is small
potatoes. It is a trial basis and let's give all business owners the chance to
make a little bit more money. Think big instead of nitpicking this decision. And
you don't fire or try to fire the entire Licensing Board because they made a
decision different from the BOS. This is poor government when this happens.
1:41 pm edt 

Re: Off With Their Heads

Look at Saturday, June 19 for Off With Their Heads.
1:39 pm edt 

Summer Cops

Has anyone else noticed how hateful unfriendly and rude the summer
cops are this year?      A little power seems to go to their heads.     
Witnessed one screaming at someone the other night and threatening them for
virtually doing nothing.     It looks like the officer must have been bored.    
Where are our year round cops that are reasonable and tolerant?
1:38 pm edt 


Do not trust the Supt, the Principal, the Social Worker or the Nurse. If your
child has any issues in school and they feel it's related to sex, they will
notify the Dare/Youth Officer and DSS. Don't let them fool. They will come onto
you as kind, passionate and caring and then bang. Their reasoning will because
they are mandated.If your child requests too many condoms this will in their
mind indicate problems. I'm all for protection but strongly recommend they get
their condoms else where or don't come back here and say you were not warned.
1:37 pm edt 

Condoms to Elementary Kids is Just Stupid on Every Level

Why not just give out balloons and save some money.  That's what it's all about anyway,
money and obtaining state and federal aid in the name of sex education for 6
year olds. We are losing the high school now so let's get what we can out of the
elementary kids.  There must be some cash available from the state or feds for
sex education of little kids.   After all, giving out condoms is the first step. 
Then you need more.  You need more money to make a plan about paying for the 50
meetings needed by the school committee to figure out how to teach the little
tykes how to put them on correctly, etc. Stupid on every level.  If your 9 year
old needs a condom that bad, he'll find one behind some bushes at the beach.  
10:47 am edt 

Re: Boston Globe Front Page

This is just insane. The front Page article in the Boston Globe regarding
allowing students to access condoms states that the high school will open next
year with 36 high school students!

36 high school students! Drive by and take a look at the highs school! 36
students in there! $4,000,000 dollars for a total of 152 students and we have
two schools for 152 students? Two fully staffed schools.

what lies the school committee has been spreading in the past about the number
of students in the shcool.

36 high school students--and what? 100 staff and support staff etc.? Absolutely
10:32 am edt 

Off With Their Heads

I was trying to look for the original message that lead up to the most recent
message.  Could you help me because I don't seem to find it.
10:30 am edt 

Licensing Board

Just a little bit of information for those that don't know or remember - for
many, many years the Board of Selectmen were the Licensing Board.  Now the town
actually has an appointed Licensing Board.  If the BoS decide not to reappoint
the members, would licensing not fall under the BoS again?
10:29 am edt 

Condoms For Elementary School Age Students???

Just read an article in the Banner about the SC's new policy to allow elementary
kids to have condoms... this is just plain wrong.
10:28 am edt 

Soap Opera

This town is worse than a soap opera.  At least in a soap, people with
the lead roles perform for their pay.  In Ptown, once you are in, you have an
open ticket.  This needs to be stopped.  If not, in 50 years, Ptown will be a
sad reminder of days gone by, it already is for some. 
10:26 am edt 

Channel 7 News

The Veterans Memorial School and the High school are losing allot of kids to
Nauset because of Kim Pike and Maryann Campagna and instead of the school
realizing that and trying to fix that problem before more kids leave, they
instead found it neccessary to make "condoms" available to all the kids at the
Veteran Memorial. The school has even lost teachers because of those two and
either the Supertendent is too stupid to see what's happening. Watch the Ch 7
News and see what the survey they have going on has for results.
10:25 am edt 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Building Commissioner

By all accounts from personal experience, the bldg. dept. employees
are decent.  The bldg. inspector however is out of touch with his craft, not
current with updated State regs., not about to put any effort into doing
anything more than is absolutely necessary to keep getting the paycheck.  And he
is a developer with developer buds to boot.  That is a conflict of interest if
ever there was one.  No wonder developments like Bangs St. get through.   Blame
it on a loophole, right.  Apparently, the loophole was big enough to fit the
bldg. inspector through it also.
2:55 pm edt 

To: Off With Their Heads

Obviously there isn't much in your head.

According to your posting the Building dept would be working 11 hr days if they
worked from 7 to 6 p.m. DUH!

Also, for your information MANAGEMENT has ALWAYS been paid for their lunch hour. 
Where's your outcry about that!

The truth is the people working in the building department needs some time
during each day to review the many  applications they receive. They also have to
constantly deal with spoiled, entitled, self important people who are pressuring
them to get what they want and they want it immediately! Go to the Boston
building department and see how quickly things are handled there.

Wake up and be grateful for pleasant, decent, intelligent people who do their
best to help everyone they encounter.

You sound like a very jealous, angry person who is probably unemployed.

Have a nice day.  :)

10:32 am edt 

Truth or Fiction

I know for a fact that certain MYPACC haters (and want-to-be humorists) 
post totally erroneous things on this blog in an attempt to undermine the good
things that this blog does.

The last post claiming duane gregory is somehow related to EJ is a pretty good
example. Next, someone will post that  EJ is Sharon Lynn's son. or an illegal

Its silly. My experience with this blog, is that a lot of what i read here is

a. timely
b. true
c. not in the local press
d. helpful to know

Yes some of it is mean. I skim over it. And the posts that attack the blog,
usually they use the word vitriol over and over and over...I skim over those

Truly, compared to the blogs in some of the other cape cod towns, this one is

But as long as the print media misses many of these stories, i will keep reading
this blog.

And of course, sometimes a story  starts online, and then it ends up in the
press. Front page today, Cape Cod Times.

Read it for yourself.

Slippery Clam

10:28 am edt 

Abutters Ignoring Notification?

If Bldg. Dept. notices are being ignored, some fines are in order.  If
Abutters don't know about notifications because they weren't sent properly, it's
hard to complain about them.  Different animal. 
10:03 am edt 

Hey "Free Speech" - Hater of Vitriol

Where's your signature?
10:01 am edt 

This Is Not the Banner

This is not Letters to the Editor, a few selected and sign your name. This is a
blog. Too much censorship and it is not a blog. Keep at it. I'm glad we have
this site. Life would be much duller without it and I would know less about what
is really going on in town. I agree that it is not always pretty to see how the
sausage is really made but rather knowledge than ignorance.
10:00 am edt 

Abutters Ignoring Notification?

When the building department puts up
signs on building as stop work orders, violations, and other orange signs, they
often go ignored.   Just look all over town.  
9:32 am edt 

Re: Duane Gregory

Perhaps Duane doesn't like this site because of what was written about
her husband's son, the one who smashed up our fire truck cuz he was drunk.
9:31 am edt 

Free Speech!

You still don't get it!  I'm not against free speech.  I applaud straight candid
talk with a signature, but the passive aggressive anonymous allegations on this
blog are nothing but vitriol vs free speech. Bring on the free speech and sign
your name, that is what I call free speech, not this spineless passive
aggressive vitriol that is not constructive.  While i dont always agree with
her, I applaud Duane Gregory for her honesty, which is more than I can say for
the gutless little people that spew their toxic anonymous venom on this blog.
9:29 am edt 

Re: Duane Gregory

I agree.  If the heat is too hot, get out of the pan.  Free speech is
what's here, nothing more.  If you don't agree with something, say why.  That's
what it's about.  Stop with the drama already.  If everyone is forced to whisper
their opinions in town, I'd like to open the first hearing aid store.  With a
nice sign.   
9:27 am edt 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Re: Duane Gregory

I agree.  If the heat is too hot, get out of the pan.  Free speech is
what's here, nothing more.  If you don't agree with something, say why.  That's
what it's about.  Stop with the drama already.  If everyone is forced to whisper
their opinions in town, I'd like to open the first hearing aid store.  With a
nice sign.   
9:58 pm edt 

I Agree to With Your Post

Re: "personal and untrue anonymous attacks on people
should not be allowed."

You've made a good argument that personal attacks that are unrelated to the
issue under discussion or to potential conflicts of interest should not be
allowed. I agree.

No way for the webmaster to know which ones are "untrue", but personal ones that
aren't germane to the subject don't serve any useful purpose, and can be
injurious as you say to the person and to the town's best interests.

I'm convinced the webmaster should tone these down, and that is why I am adding
my agreement to your post.

8:31 pm edt 

Open Discussion

The answer to erroneous biased slanted free speech, if that what you think is
happening here, is not to restrict speech. It is more free speech.  

If you think something stated as fact here is wrong, and can show it, then do
so.  That is the best solution.  No one is stopping you.

That is what our officials would do if they weren't so often pushing their own
agendas.  How convincing were their "answers" on the Bang Street deal, to
someone not involved?  Not at all convincing. And this is just an example. 

And what you see as slanderous, often spells out potential conflicts of
interest.  Again, don't agree that something's a conflict - then write here and
explain why.

People ignore what they view as biased, here or elsewhere.  Just give them a
good reason to think it's wrong.
8:28 pm edt 

You Don't Get It!

Re: "You're missing the point.  The very people that we would like to get
involved in town politics are not getting involve..."

No, you're missing the point.  We do not need people in these positions who are
afraid of free speech light shining on their actions.  The ones who want to do
their inside vested interest deals without anyone questioning them, who do not
want to stand up and defend their actions.  That is the point.

And if this blog helps push them out, good.

You aren't going to get better people to serve if you don't make it
uncomfortable for those in power now, the status quo will continue and we know
with painful experience where that leads. 
8:27 pm edt 

Nuts, My Dears!

People are not running for office because this town is maladjusted and
malfunctions. With Couture as Chair and her whacky decisions, who would want to
be part of this infantile board of selectmen? Look at Truro. Look at Famouth.
They don't act like this unprofessional and small-minded group. They are the
reason people don't run. Not a blog, not the Banner, not the Provincetown

Looking for answers in all the wrong places!
8:24 pm edt 

Mispalced Criticisms: Not on Board Time

You don't use your position as chair of any board to present publicly your
personal sentiments. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Duane Gregory was wrong, wrong, wrong.
8:23 pm edt 

Re: Bangs Street

Abutters ignoring notification.  That's a laugh.
7:05 pm edt 

Re: "So Don't Read it! No One is Forcing You to"
You're missing the point.  The very people that we would like to get involved in
town politics are not getting involved because of the anonymous (and mostly
untrue) allegations that appear on this blog.  Of course, once it's written
everyone accepts it as gospel.  I agree with Ms. Gregory's points.  It has
nothing to do with reading or not reading the blog, but the blog has become a
vehicle for spreading malicious untruths and for personally attacking people.  
Whether one reads it or not, personal and untrue anonymous attacks on people
should not be allowed.  My understanding is that the original intent of the blog
was to bring transparency to government and to faciliate communication, however
if the communication is not accurate, or worse slanderous, it harms rather than
helps Provincetown.
7:04 pm edt 

Re: Duane Gregory

"While mypacc was originally created with good
intentions, unfortunately it has evolved into a toxic waste dump.."

So don't read it!  No one is forcing you to. 

The fact that you DO read it, and so do the town officials regardless of what
they may say to the contrary, proves the power of open discussion, however messy
it sometimes gets. 

That's free speech, and some obviously don't like the visibility it gives to
their actions.  They'd prefer no oversight.

Can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, as Harry Truman said.

3:35 pm edt 

Presenting Another Side

That is what I see about this site. You read and get a look at what happens
behind the scenes. It is what people whisper in the aisles of the Stop & Shop.
It's what people quietly telephone and report to their select friends. Great to
have these discussions here. I better undertand the town and what the town is
thinking about.

Why attack people presenting many sides of what happens here? Why, indeed! Town
hall does not have a monopoly when  bloggers post.

To all, thanks for writing. Thanks for letting us all know what is really
happening in this town--not just the "official" position.
3:33 pm edt 

Out of Place and Out of Touch

There is a time and a place for personal positions. It is verboten to have
personal opnions be part of a public meeting where attacking people blogging has
absolutely nothing to do with the agenda. You deal with agenda items--not
attacking town people.

Gregory is wrong. She should apologize for her public statements that slander
the people who write and give their opinions here. How wrong can someone be?
3:32 pm edt 

Bravo for Ms. Duane Gregory!

I totally agree with her.   While mypacc was originally created with good
intentions, unfortunately it has evolved into a toxic waste dump that disincents
people from getting involved.  Therefore, we end up with the lowest common
denominator of folks running for office.   Our leadership (so to speak) should
be encouraging people to get involved, not threaten volunteer board members.  
Miss Couture frequently says she wants public meetings to be an "oaisis of civil
discourse", then rants and raves in a profane and emotional fashion for 15
minutes (beyond her five minutes allowed) at the last BOS meeting to trash the
licensing board for doing their job, simply because she didn't agree with their
decision.  Very sad.
2:23 pm edt 

Town Board Volunteers

Thankfully we have volunteers on our town boards who will do the right
thing for the town even if the board of selectmen think otherwise!
1:59 pm edt 

Why is the Board of Health Being Used to Attack Mypacc?

Why is the Chair of the Board of Health ranting about this site--or it could
have been the Banner. She may have her personal likes and dislikes but to
publicly attack this blog and state that it is "maintained and patronized by
bullies" and then try to use the new legislation against bullying--usually to
protect school kids-- to justify attacking this blog makes no sense.

She seems to be the one who is using her position and her own bully pulpit to

People do not run for boards for many reasons. Whatever Duane Gregory believes
is her personal opinion and should not have been posted as public minutes of the
Board of Health.
1:23 pm edt 

To: Ima Apalled Response "You've Had a Drink"

I am not sure why you mentioned the Bang St issue when I originally posted about
the Licensing Board and alcohol but since you have opened the door on that I
will respond.

Oh and as far as the "drink" comment...were you trying to be funny or were you
auditioning for a part in Mean Girls the sequel.

Frankly I dont give one iota about Bangs St. People have mentioned a variety of
reasons but one particular thread is about how they are crowded together. Who
really cares? 95% of town is jammed up together like that now. I live in a house
thats over 100 years old and I can reach out the window and touch the house next
to door which is also about 100 years old. Do you think the people back then
made such a fuss? I doubt it, hey were too busy actually working for a living
and minding their own business! So as I said before, who cares! They were empty
lots and the owner did what he wanted with the property within the current
regulations. Did he find a loop hole more than likely but it was a loophole. Did
the abutters get noticed out yes they did but they didnt pay attention or
ignored it, their loss.

I think the one lesson we can all take from this is pay attention to the
abutters notices you receive and offer input. If your apathetic and ignore it
then dont be surprised when something is done right next door or down the street
from you.

Ima Palled
12:36 pm edt 

Re: Oh Really Duane Gregory

You're comments totally justified Ms Gregory's remarks.  You never once attacked
her abilities to serve, what you did was make it personal by slamming her real
estate business and her intelligence.  You didn't point out any problems, you
made it a personal attack.

After reading what you posted, I have to agree with Ms Gregory.
12:31 pm edt 

What a Mess!

You can go nearly anywhere and be gay in public - Provincetown is one
of the few places you can go to be a mess - bring it on - it is a unique place
after all
12:29 pm edt 

To Whoever Wrote This:
You just made the case. The words spewing from your computer are exactly why no
one wants to do anything. Yes this is a free country and this is a public
vehicle for expression but I rarely see anything helpful or complimentary just
personal attacks and backbiting.

Why don't we all try a little kindness and every now and then write about some
of the things that go right here or, if not, add a possible solution and not
just a complaint.

"Oh Really Duane Gregory! Oh Really!

Just happened to look at the Board of Health Minutes and what do I see? Duane
Gregory decrying few people running for office or voluntering for boards. And
who doe she blame? MYPACC. As she, in her grand "wisdom" says: "This is a blog
began by Provincetown citizens under the guise of allowing citizens to vent and
point out problmes. Instead, it has become a catalyst for anonymous personal
attacks on public officials; most of these untrue." Then Ms. so wise and so
astute Duane Gregory goes on to say, in her public role as chair of the Board of

Health--"It is a casutic, nasty, cowardly publication maintained and patronized
by bullies."

And this is who is heading our Board of Health? This rather sad woman who wants
to blame MYPACC for why few people run for office and then vicisously attacks
this site.

Next, this pathetic, poor thinking, rather ignorant woman will blame MYPACC for
the reason she can't sell the dilapidated property on Bradford Street. Yup.
Here's the reason your skills are limited and the properties you are trying to
sell have inherent structural problems. But of course, it's MYPACC's fault Ms.
what-in-the world-is-in-your-sad-head Gregory.

You are the problem Duane. You are out of line and out of your purview. Stick to

what you know--well, that may not be much. But to use your position as Chair to
attack MYPACC is totally out of line.

Thanks goodness this site exists to counter people like you! Keep it up MYPacc.
I'm glad you are here!"
12:28 pm edt 

Been Reading
Just a note, 70 - 80% of the people screaming pro at
the licensing meeting do not live here! They do not vote and leave as we all
Do not believe Todd works for the Crown, but he is so stupid that he drinks at a
place that when it is after hours - illegal. Maybe he should read the license
that he signed - just smart enough to be a door knob.
Here's the best! A friend told me that if the town manager did not get involved
to protect businesses licensing Todd and his board had to impliment 6/17/10 the
following as the wording of the regulation that they voted for as:
1 am - music stops
1 am - bartender stops serving drinks
1 am - you can have your drink
They never had the brains to look what they voted on. Sadly, Todd wanted this so
bad that he pushed through wording that he did not even understand/smart enough
to change.
I looked this up and it's true. If you do not believe me look up the licensing
board's agenda. They are posting a meeting to change the wording!
I am all for volunteers but maybe we should give a test in stupidity or, more to
12:25 pm edt 

Re: Duane Gregory

Thank you Duane Gregory for saying it the way it is.
12:23 pm edt 

The Caustic Response

Duane Gregory says that MYPACC is a bully..and then she is viciously attacked.
Don't attack personalities, instead convince with facts. It is so easy to become
a teenage mean girl on here.

You know these girls who size you up according to the clothes you wear and your
latest style. Guys don't do this. Believe me; what is the goal of young girls?
It is easy; girls just can't wait to be old enough to wear makeup. Meanwhile
guys just can't wait to act like men.

Mean girls mean girls. Don't stoop their level. 
12:22 pm edt 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Re: "It is a Casutic, Nasty, Cowardly Publication Maintained and Patronized by Bullies."
Shouldn't she have added emasculated bullies and their wives then she'd be
11:11 pm edt 

Re: Bangs Street

Bangs street is neither forgotten nor dead it is just entering
a new chapter. The smoke is just beginning to rise!
11:02 pm edt 

Re: Bangs Street

What constitutes a Conflict of Interest of major proportions
bordering on the criminal?
10:50 pm edt 

Re: Mr. David P. Gardner

Who is Mr. David P. Gardner?
10:45 pm edt 

Oh Really Duane Gregory! Oh Really!

Just happened to look at the Board of Health Minutes and what do I see? Duane
Gregory decrying few people running for office or voluntering for boards. And
who doe she blame? MYPACC. As she, in her grand "wisdom" says: "This is a blog
began by Provincetown citizens under the guise of allowing citizens to vent and
point out problmes. Instead, it has become a catalyst for anonymous personal
attacks on public officials; most of these untrue." Then Ms. so wise and so
astute Duane Gregory goes on to say, in her public role as chair of the Board of
Health--"It is a casutic, nasty, cowardly publication maintained and patronized
by bullies."

And this is who is heading our Board of Health? This rather sad woman who wants
to blame MYPACC for why few people run for office and then vicisously attacks
this site.

Next, this pathetic, poor thinking, rather ignorant woman will blame MYPACC for
the reason she can't sell the dilapidated property on Bradford Street. Yup.
Here's the reason your skills are limited and the properties you are trying to
sell have inherent structural problems. But of course, it's MYPACC's fault Ms.
what-in-the world-is-in-your-sad-head Gregory.

You are the problem Duane. You are out of line and out of your purview. Stick to
what you know--well, that may not be much. But to use your position as Chair to
attack MYPACC is totally out of line.

Thanks goodness this site exists to counter people like you! Keep it up MYPacc.
I'm glad you are here!
10:41 pm edt 

Extended Hours:

What a wonderful opportunity I had to speak with several bars the other night
regarding the extended hours and it was refreshing to learn that out of the six
I spoke with not a single one plans on submitting to have their hours

They too can't believe the underhanded maneuver the licensing board did.. 
10:38 pm edt 

Mr Wager & Licensing Board:

If I recall being at the meeting, the town people voted NO on the extended
hours.  So, whats the point on being on a board if you are going to deceive what
the town voted?

No Thanks I'd rather stay honest !!!!!!
10:36 pm edt 

To Ima Palled:
Doesn't sound like you need a drink, sounds like youv'e had a drink.  Conflicts
of interest, the "special" relationships between town officials and the chosen
few repeatedly applying for and getting special treatment are particularly
suspect.  Look at the lovely Bangs St. Ext. modular complex.  It's a perfect
example of exploitation and overbuilding based solely on greed.  A lesser
project was denied.  There is nothing about this that should have been approved. 
I know it, you know it, the whole town knows it.  Yet it did, without a town
official batting an eyelash, no problem.  You can't tell me there isn't more to
this than meets the eye.  The smell of conflict of interest taints these units.
10:35 pm edt 

To: Ima Palled

Sounds like you really need a drink

Ask for a lime with it.
Slippery Clam
12:18 pm edt 

Technology Glitch or Censorship?
I posted a statement to this blog last Friday and have yet to see it appear so
its either a techno issue or the blog master decided not to post it, so here it
is again maybe worded slightly differently but the message is still the same.

I responded to the numerous erroneous posts about the extending of alcohol
service past 100am by the Licensing Board. Many posters stated that it was done
against the wishes of town meeting. WRONG!! The business item that was brought
to the town meeting floor was for entertainment ONLY past 100am not alcohol!
Frankly I dont know where people in this town get this stuff. Stop listening to
Joe Blow on the corner of "Liar and Gossip" he is wrong! Again!!
I had stated that most people who post here just make      up and that is about
60% true. A lot of things are not true or are blatant lies and or distortions of
the truth, plain and simple. Some people in town post things here to further
their own personal, political agenda. I also said the reason for the asking of
the resignations of the entire Licensing Board should be suspect. The BOS has
jurisdiction over so many things already why would they want the entire board to
resign and then have to take over that responsibility or try and re-appoint
those to their personal liking? One has to wonder? Conflict of interest?
Self-serving? Or just plain stupid?

I also find it interesting that the BOS and other towns people are claiming foul
as far as conflict of interest but some of those same individuals are in direct
competition with the same people in regards to their business for example
Selectman Bedard owns a gym Rick Murray owns a gym ...hmmmmm conflict of
interest? Personal vandetta? A School Committee member with children in
school...conflict of interest? Personal agenda? See how ridiculous all of this
is? Its such a small town that WE ALL could have some type of conflict of
interest or we can make some connection to one another and make it appear to be
a conflict of interest. The best thing to do is to call the state attorney's
office and ask for an opinion and then decide but dont just assume that because
two people know each other or have a connection that it is always a conflict of
interest. Again stop making      up!!

I personally think that maybe some of this bruhaha is pure jealously or envy by
some sad and lonely people. Lets face it its the new business people(last 10-15
years) who always seem to be targeted on this blog or as it relates to town
issues. Those who are most successful, they come here, take their business to
the next level and those who have been doing the same old business model for
20-30 years get mad and decide rather than change or do something different, I'm
going to make life hell for the new guy by denying them anything and everything
so I can feel better about myself because I sat on my fat *** and did nothing.
Well guess what? The real world operates here on this little tip of sand too. If
you came here to live in some kind of rose colored world its time to take the
glasses off!

Let me say it again in plain simple terms you can all here for
the Licensing Board!

Oh by the way did you know there is legislation that is working its way through
the gold dome to allow alcohol to start being poured before noon on Sundays? Oh
the travesty! (Shudder) Those who are against the evening hour extension I
better not see you having a Bloody Mary at brunch before noon when this law is
passed because I sleep late and I dont want you to make any noise before 12 noon
in the morning! Ha! Oh except on trash day because the recycling guy likes to
throw one bottle at a time into the recycling truck at 400am! Now lets do
something about that!

Ima Palled
11:37 am edt 

Thanks For Suggestions on Chap 91

We will look into suggested sources for chap 91 info. We rent every summer here
and beach access seems to get more and more restrictive every year.

9:25 am edt 

Re: Chap 91 Access

I believe the poster is correct about ma law regarding beach access except for
the west end of province town where the state or town owns the land to the mean
high water mark and hence the requirements for chap 91 access points where
property has been developed over what is in truth state land.  Good luck with
that harbor committee. Several of those members have direct ties to chapter 91
offenders like with so much else in this town.

9:24 am edt 

Tell Me Please it Aint so!

The plan at new town hall is to provide a parking place for just about
everyone that works there. There is a need for police parking, and town
employees that have to come and go such as the inspecters. Also citizens to pay
bills etc.  However employees that do not use their cars all day can park in the
m.p.l. like they did in the good old days.
9:22 am edt 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strange But, I Don't Care What Michele Couture Thinks..

..but, I do care what she thinks she can do. She is a ridiculous woman. She is a
low-educated selectman and worse: she is vindictive. This woman should be

Look at her past. I think she was a movie "star" in low-grade films that should
have demoted her or denied her position as chair.

No questionable "movie" star--yes, a cliche for what role Couture played--
should be chair of our board. Her past is questionable and embarasses us.

Time for her to dim the lights and leave her star-studded position.
10:48 pm edt 

Praise Be!

I couldn't ever seem to get enough juice in my gut by 1:00 am without being shut off.
Now the heat is off and I can slam an extra hour without anyone saying anything.
10:45 pm edt 

To Access Points:

Try to make sense out of anything in this town and good luck to you.  They say
money is the root of all evil.  Well, after seeing what goes on here, the saying
proves true. Money controls EVERY decision made in this town unlike any town in
America.  How could such a naturally beautiful place be exploited to such
blatant extremes by those professing to love it?  And townspeople sit by and do
nothing.  Once and for all, get these people out of town hall and get people
with brains in.  Stage a riot (which obviously couldn't be controlled by summer
cops), contact the Governor for an emergency order, for XXXXX'X sake, do what
you have to but get these USERS out.  In this world, there are USERS and GIVERS. 
These town officials are USERS 100%.  Ptown is doomed for sure as long as they
are allowed to stay in power to give the red or green lights.  
10:43 pm edt 

Bangs Street Photos

Would also like to thank the web master for taking down those photos.  
IT WAS UP WAY TOO LONG.   This is an outlet for blogging, NOT a photo contest.  
It made you look like you have your own agenda!
10:41 pm edt 

Re: Chapter 91

In Massachusetts, water front property owners own the beach up to the
mean high water mark. But, the owners must allow access/right of way/ place to
walk and or fish at the mean low water mark. What this means is, a private beach
owner can prevent you from sitting on his beach and having a picnic, but he
can't stop you from walking across the shoreline to get from point A to point B.
(and if all y'all don't think this is fair, take a look at the property taxes
for ocean front property)
10:40 pm edt 

It's Fathaer's Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all of you that are fathers.  Hope all the fathers enjoyed
their special day.
10:37 pm edt 

Re: Knickers in a Twist

The last sentence says Ms. C and Ms. but does not reference the second Ms..  Who
is it?
10:36 pm edt 

Mr. Wagner

OK, so Mr. Wagar the chair of the Licensing Board is an owner of Ptown
Parties and he sometimes does bartending at catering events.  It is no wonder
that he supports later hours for partying and serving of liquor.  He is in the
hospitality industry and of course he is going to support food and beverage
sales.  That is all well and good, but he should not have supported a change
that went against the wishes of the voters at Town Meeting.

10:35 pm edt 

Chapter 91

My suggestion would be to go to the town web site, see who is currently on the
Harbor Committee .
It reads:


    * Susan Avellar - Term Ends 6/30/11
    * Gerard Irmer - Term Ends 6/30/11
    * Philip Scholl - Term Ends 6/30/11
    * Melville Cote - Term Ends 6/30/12
    * Roger Chauvette - Term Ends 6/30/12
    * Alt.- Vacant - Term Ends 6/30/12

Call up one of these people and ask. Another option is to check out the state
web site and go from there.

Report back to us.

10:32 pm edt 

Chapter 91 Beach Access Points???

Could someone explain how beach access points work? I see spots on private
property where official looking signs say beach access must be allowed. However
some of these locations only have these signs in the fall and winter and then
the signs are gone in summer or hidden behind plantings and the access points
are blocked by flowers/cars/etc. How come some of these access points are all
year round and some are only in fall and winter? Who does one call for
information or to ask about enforcement? Does the state or local government ever
spot check these things? Any help appreciated?
11:03 am edt 

Bangs Street Photos

Yay!!! Thank you so much for taking down the Bangs St. pictures.
10:49 am edt 

Knickers in a Twist

Gee, some of the members of the board of selectmen have their nickers in a twist
over the people on the licensing board and for whom they work.

However, Ted Malone with who had his employee on the board of selectmen and the
one on the CPA committee and Ted himself on some advisory board--and the B.O.S.
embraces them.

One hour of extended time and the board of selectmen go Berserk. Meanwhile,
Provincetown is being paved over and "housing" is being jammed together within
an inch of its life and Ms. C and Ms. just sit back an applaud.

Not one word from them about Mr.T.M. having $800,000 of taxpayer money at his
fingertips that should be going towards renovating the library. Instead, this
money is coming out of the taxpayers pocket.
10:47 am edt 

There Were Many Letters in Support of Extended Hours

that those in the Banner were against doesn't represent the many how wrote in
favor of extending the hours. I applaud this action and hope businesses, bars
and restaurants get an economic boost from this.

This is a tourist town--you'd think this is obvious but for too many, they want
to believe it is a place to swim, sail and shop. Tourists come to eat and drink
and let's support their wishes. Without tourists, we'd have few restaurants and
few cafes and few bars. I thank the tourists for helping Provincetown have a
town rich in offerings.
10:45 am edt 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bangs Street Photos

Thank you for removing the Bangs Street pictures. And my hard drive
thanks you as well. ;)
11:46 pm edt 

Mr. Wagner & Licensing Board

Mr Wager never has and is not an employee of the Crown & Anchor. He
and his partner run Ptown Parties, you guys have got to get your facts straight
or at least get a life instead of spreading untruths or gossip. If you don't
like any boards decisions or any selectpersons actions, volunteer to sit on a
board or run for elected office.
11:44 pm edt 

"The only "WHAT IF" ....

...that Michelle & few others are up in arms about is if we get some extra noise

which is a big what if."

Those few others that you refer to are the ones who won the majority vote at
town meeting.

The licensing board should never have had the opportunity to determine town
policy.  Just because you have that power doesn't mean you should use it. 
Except of course for the greed of a few business owners.

The right thing to do with an issue this polarizing and important should have
been to bring it back in the fall town meeting.
11:43 pm edt 

Open Till 2:00am? So What?

As it is, last call is 1:00 and then untill 3:00 Spiritus is crankin' with
people congregating and blocking the road all with police assistance so whats
the big deal if the bars are open till 2:00? What will be different? All to do
about nothing!
11:41 pm edt 

Off With Their Heads?

As I remember, town meeting voted down an article to extend the hours of the
bars. Now that the licensing board has approved virtually the same idea, Couture
is asking for their heads. But why hasn't Couture asked for Sharon Lynns head
when she did virtually the same thing? Town meeting voted down the raises and
such for town employees and Lynn went around a different way and not only got
them their raises but gave them less days on the job? Where's the outcry then?

BTW, has anyone seen the new hours at the building department? They are supposed
to be there from 7:00 am till 6:00 pm but they are not available to the public
till 8:30 am, are closed from 12:00 till 1:00 and aren't available to the public
after 4:30 pm, working only a 4 day week and paid for lunch. Are these public
employees or a private club?
11:40 pm edt 

You Don't Know What you Have Until It's Gone!

You're kidding, right?  If not, obviously you never worked for or with him and
if you did, how controlling are you?  If I wanted to live under dictatorship, I
would have moved to Cuba!
11:38 pm edt 

How Did Bangs St. happen?

It happened because a town official had one
of those quirky "conflicts of interest". 
11:37 pm edt 

With It...
The town offers books, bars, shopping, art, & natural beauty that doesn't cost a
thing.  I disagree with the comment about people not wanting to curl up with a
good book as there ARE Lots of those folks.  The point of the later bar closings
is NOT about partying hard(er).  It's about convenience.  Many businesses will
be able to sell later because people will get to go out later so it will be a
win-win for EVERYONE including the town on tax revenues.  The only "WHAT IF"
that Michelle & few others are up in arms about is if we get some extra noise
which is a big what if.
9:07 pm edt 

Bangs Street

Thank you for taking down the pictures!!!!!!!
9:06 pm edt 

Does Bangs St. Get Separate Comments Now?

I feel like puking every time I see these 4 cheap buildings...and these are more
intrusive than a McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts on Shank Painter?  Right.  Oh, but the
developer wouldn't be cashing in on that.  Hey Pru, perfectly legal?  You might want to
check on that one.   
9:05 pm edt 

Conflict of Interest on Lic Brd?

There was NO conflict.  Even if there was, but there was not, the vote would
have stood 3-2-0 so... that attempt to overturn the will of the people is not
going to fly. 
9:03 pm edt 

WOW! No Pictures!
It took a LOT of complaints but just like many on this blog are to realize what
time it is... it happened.    Hoorahhhh!! 
9:02 pm edt 

A Fast One

If you call the democratic process a Fast One then yes, you're right!  The
Lic.Brd. performed just as the system was designed to... protocol was followed. 
No letters of support were issued this week because IT PASSED... The time for
letters or support or against is gone sister!  Ya should have been at the
meeting instead of on the chat board.
9:01 pm edt 

Wager & the Crown

I heard he cleans Ricks kitchen!
8:59 pm edt 

Mr. Wagner and Crown & Anchor

Does Mr Wager really work for Crown & Anchor ad Rick Murry?  Where
does he work there?   IF HE DID, then maybe our BOS chair should call the state
about a conflict.    TELL ME WHERE HE WORKS AGAIN?
3:42 pm edt 

Conflict of Interest

just a few comments on this, since i've been asked about it an awful lot lately.
It's complex.

The Basics : when you are appointed to a regulatory board you are subject to the
state's Conflict of Interest Law. Thanks to our new governor, you must also go
online and take a test. I took it a few months ago. It's rather well done and
informative. There is no enforcement mechanism in place to deal with volunteers
who DON'T take the test, but you are supposed to take it, your computer prints a
"certificate" and then you turn it in to the town clerk. Perhaps the selectmen
will check these certificates before they appoint people. It would make sense.

Conflict of Interest is rather tricky. What some people think might be a
conflict, sometimes is, and sometimes is not.
If a volunteer is not sure, you don't "check with town counsel". That's NOT town
counsel's job. You don't "check with your chairman". That is no help either.

What you do is contact the state ethics commission and ask for an opinion.

They will issue one to you in writing. There is an area of the statute that
talks about "appearance" of a conflict. There is another section that talks
about making disclosures to your appointing authority. Those disclosures are put
on file with the town clerk and are public information.

There is nothing in the law that says you must explain yourself to your
chairman, or the chairman of the BofS. They have no more right to question you
than anyone else.
And they have no authority to enforce the law.

If you are an elected official, you of course, owe an explanation to the voters
when you run for office. If you are an appointed official, you answer to your
appointing authority, BUT frankly only at appointment time.

There are very few reasons that justify removing an appointed official from
office and they generally fall into the 'abuse of power' category. Asking for a
financial or political favor from an applicant before your board in return for a
favorable vote would be an example.

The only recourse if someone  thinks an official is breaking this law, is to
make a complaint. Call the State Ethics Commission and they will explain it to
you and how to file a complaint. That is what they are there for.

Pretty much every town official will have a "conflict of interest" at some point
in their service. Its inevitable.
The key is to know when the conflict exists and to promptly recuse yourself.
That's what a good official does.

Typically, town counsel will provide a class for volunteers about every 2 years
on this subject. Anyone know when the next class is ?

Cheryl Andrews
3:40 pm edt 

You Don't Know What You Have Until It's Gone

We didn't know how good we had it when Bergman was here!
3:34 pm edt 

Licensing Board

The Banner had a few letters this week opposed to the Licensing
Board's decision to extend bar hours.  There were no letters in favor of the
Licensing Board's decision.  The Licensing Board pulled a fast one on the people
of the town.  This will be corrected at the next Town Meeting.

12:23 pm edt 

Bangs Street Pictures

Can you please take down the pictures of Bangs street or at least
reduce their size?  It is really difficult to page thru these photos to get to
the content
12:22 pm edt 

Bar Openings:

How Ironic Mr Wager works for Crown & Anchor....
12:20 pm edt 

From the Cape Cod Times....

.."Barnstable town councilors unanimously passed sign
ordinance amendments last night that will allow business signs and flags to fly
along Main Street in Hyannis.

With the passage of the new rules, businesses along Main Street and some side
streets within the Hyannis business district can now hang open/closed signs or
display a trade figure such as a shoe for a cobbler's shop. Businesses set back
from other shops can apply for a special permit for a "hardship location sign,"
which is a portable placard designed to draw customers down alleys."

And all we do here is whine about the guy who puts out a welcome sign, not
thinking that the TAXES incurred by the upbeat growth he may have business wise
are tremendous.
Let's let them put out welcome signs without the town complaining or issuing
tickets. Seems smart.
12:19 pm edt 

"Welcome" Flags Etc.

Just as an aside it takes 21 pages on my laptop to view(scroll through) the
Bangs street pictures. enough is enough!

The new topic of sign and flag enforcement has caught my interest. We have very
clear by-laws, that have not been enforced for about 10 years. Barnstable just
voted to allow more signage in downtown Hyannis, but not in the other villages
of the Town. Barnstable is now confiscating Realtor's  off site "open house".

Just about every RE for sale sign in this town is in violation of our sign code.
It could very well be closer to 100%.    

Meanwhile, the Provincetown Realtors now engage in off premises advertising
every single weekend with open house signs. It would not be too hard for the
enforcement officer to find. First, look at the listings of open houses in the
Banner. Then follow the directions to the property.

But this would involve working weekends.

12:16 pm edt 

Time to Go

Sounds like the same Michelle song that was being sung about the green
line 3 months ago.  It's stale.  Either overthrow her ignorant xxx (as shown in
the picture) or shut up about it. She's been there long enough to know the ropes
and how to twist them.  Check the bylaws.  There is something about dealing with
a situation when a town leader needs usurping and how to do it.  She needs to be
usurped.  Sooner rather than later.  No time like the present.  
12:14 pm edt 

Re: Licensing Board

I thought I posted this comment yesterday---but it has not appeared so
perhaps I did not post correctly.

I read in Thursday's Banner that TWO members of the Licensing Board considered
disqualifying themselves for Conflict of Interest but then THEY determined on
their OWN that no conflict existed and so they voted.  If there is even a HINT
of conflict shouldn't that determination be made by Town Counsel??!?!?
If it walks like a duck etc etc etc.........these two votes need to be
disqualified and the two Board Members removed for malfeasance---------
12:12 pm edt 

Oh I am with it!

Quite with it as a matter of fact. If the issues with
the licensing board are about monies spent in town I probably have you beat on
that too. There are many different levels and types of investment in town. Not
just those that cater to party hardy tourists. Get a grip and look around you.
What about that foolish statement that nobody comes to town to curl up with a
book. Tell that to the wonderful bookstores in town. Stop insulting people that
aren't here for the same reasons you are.
12:10 pm edt 

Dear PJ

For the umpteenth time, Town Meeting was for Entertainment pertaining to
amplified music, which was clarified by Madaam Moderator repeatedly during that
session.  So nothing was "re-voted" or undone.  The board didn't revote on
entertainment it voted on extending the liquor pour times. Two different issues.
12:09 pm edt 

Re: Water Bill Overcharges

Water and what is fair is fair, but only if it is fair to the town,
not the users.
Just watched a BOS meeting with David G and the Truro BOS.   The talk was about
ailments throughout the system (water) of the towns water supply.  David said
they are trying to correct them all.   David said a few times that NONCOMPLIANT
meters/pipes/hose clamps/faulty nipples were things the water department were
trying to correct.    NOTHING was said about meters reading the wrong cubic feet
vs gallons.   Sharon L says the water department needs to put in the newspaper
on why the department is going to send out NONCOMPLIANT notices to water users.  
She states that communication and proper notices is what the town should do. 
How come they never did this with the wrong meters that are installed?   They
only want to collect what is fair?  How about only collecting what is really
used, instead of OVERCHARGING the users?
When will this all stop ?
12:07 pm edt 

Town Government Chairperson Requirements

Before being too critical, we should more closely examine the educational
background of both the Selectmen and Licensing Board's chairpersons. Neither
possess a college degree, which helps explain their collective lack of
leadership skills, absence of decorum and poor public speaking ability.

While one conducts meetings more like a circus, the other creates the illusion
of a being on a game show. Neither has a clue about the big picture as a
business owner as they move from venue to venue, evidenced by the fact that
neither has been in their current business locale for more than two seasons.

Both are opinionated and let personal interests dictate the agenda.

Is this a reality TV show one might ask? No, this is simply life in
12:05 pm edt 

Licensing Board

The job of the Licensing Board is to be impartial and listen to the
people at the public hearings that they hold. The Licensing Board held three
public meetings on the subject of alcohol, two before town meeting and one
after. At all three meetings there were more in support than against the
extention of pouring hours.

The licensing Board did their duty as required. You can disagree with the
outcome but these volunteers did their job. If the town wants to change the way
this process works and wants to connect entertainment to alcohol then they
should. But don't beat up volunteers, or anyone for that matter, for doing their
jobs. The BOS Chair should apologize to this Board. 
12:03 pm edt 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Maybe We Should Have Asked Sharon Lynn to Resign

when she gave town employees the 3% increase in pay when we voted against the
motion at town hall and we voted in the voting booth against the raise. And what
did Ms. Lynn do? Create this dam stupid four day work week and give the town
employees a paid lunch as well. She gave them the 3% we voted against.

So Ms. Chair of the Board Couture, if the logic holds, then fire Sharon Lynn.
She acted in total disreagard to town desires, town votes, and town ballots. So
aks for Ms. Lynn's resignation now.

Let's at least be consistent Ms. Chair of the Board! Or does that tweak your
3:55 pm edt 

Meter Clarification:

Meters read in 100 cubic feet
You would multiply the number of cubic feet by .748 to get gallons used

So if your meter (that read in cubic feet) said you used 100, you really  used
74.8 gallons
For properties that lets say the cubic feet meter said you used, 100,000 , in
reality, you used only  74,800 gallons.    YOU PAID FOR 100,000 GALLONS, BUT YOU
ONLY USED 74,800.    
The town had a responsibility to notify all users of a potential overcharge.   
There are still meters out in Provincetown and Truro that read in CCF  (100
cubic feet)
Any post on this site that says you were getting billed LESS than really used
with these meters is trying to twist things around and probably is working for
the water department or DPW.    Go to a water and sewer meeting and ask if this
has happened and one the last meter that THEY knew of was changed out.   Last
fast search on the water and sewer board was on January 25, 2009 that found a
meter that was still reading in Cubic feet.   But there were lots in 2009, 2008,
2007 and I am sure there are meters still out there.   Why has a notice not gone
out with the last bills to have people check the meters is the question to
Sharon, the BOS, the DPW head, and the banner for starters.
3:45 pm edt 

I Support the Entire Licensing Board

They listened to the people. They mde the right decision. They also understood
and supported this economic stimulus to the town.

Bravo to the Licensing Board. Shame on the BOS for this foolish and misdirected
action. How unprofessional of all three of them: Couture, Bedard and Anderson.
Big Fat Shame.
3:41 pm edt 

Bangs Street Photos

Can we please get all the pictures off of the beginning of Shout out? 
It takes forever to download.
3:33 pm edt 

Business Flags
There are lots of business around town that have a "WELCOME" flag out.  I saw at
least 9 on my walk last night around town.   I did not realize there was a law
against wordings on a flag, other than OPEN?   Are we going to say next that the
gay PEACE flag should be banned?   Or that signs in store windows saying OPEN or
SALE or anything should be banned?   WHERE DOES THIS STOP.
I would assume that your a gallery owner?  Why don't you get a flag that says
CLOSED because I would NOT shop at your place of business anyways.

3:31 pm edt 

Business Flags!

Cortile Gallery has a "WELCOME" Flag.  Before you comment, you should check with
the Builing Department to find out if they are legal. I was told that I could
not have my "OPEN" flag up during the summer months, perhaps a "WELCOME" flag is
allowed.  If they are allowed, that's what I will do.
3:29 pm edt 

Extended Bar Hours

So let me see if I understand this... you show up to Town Meeting and
vote on an issue. Some people don't like the vote, so they hold another meeting
and overturn the vote? How the hell is that democracy? What about Bangs St. Ext
project? Many of us don't like the fact that it was even built, let alone
completely outside of the bylaws of the town for building, structures?
buildings? Can we have another meeting and vote that we want the structures?
buildings? taken down? This town is turning into the biggest joke on the Cape.
We have countless members on boards who are only on the boards for self serving
reasons. We have corruption up the ying-yang. Couture finally takes an
intelligent stand and everyone jumps down her throat. People our form of
government is Town Meeting, that is where decisions are voted on. Let's get it

3:28 pm edt 

Longer Bar Hours

I can not believe that the License Board has been asked to resign.  I think the
Selectman should be asked to resign.  They really do not know how to run this
town.  It seems to me the Michele is only looking our for herself and no one
else.  At the meeting for the extended hours for the Bars there were more in
favor then opposed.  I think that it is Michele that does not want the extended
hours becouse she lives downtown and near the Bars.  Noise, Noise, Noise.
Also, it seems that the Selectman are against business in this town.  The new
tax for rooms and food.  They think they can hit the Tourest all of the time. 
We are a vacation community and we are going to loose that business.
Also, spend, spend and spend our money.
How many times do we paint the Green Line and cover it up.
This had to be the worst idea I have ever heard of.
Dear Selectman get off of it and run this town like a good business should be
3:26 pm edt 

The Board

.. listened to THE ENTIRE TOWN... by inviting THE ENTIRE TOWN to the meeting
which was the correct forum for this issue.  If anyone in town CHOSE not to come
to to the meeting or CHOSE not to write in, to influence the vote and to GET THE
FACTS that were discussed at the meeting... then you have no right to speak
about anything.  This is a democracy and the town government worked just as it's
supposed to.  REALLY! Why would anyone think anything else?  You have to
participate, not just gripe... it's very simple:  turn out and participate. 
There was no coo or master plan or loophole or trick or leader of the pack to
get this to passed.  It was an effective, pro-business initiative that is being
implemented to offset the 2% tax increase and that may increase the towns tax
revenue to increased sales. 
9:40 am edt 

Business Flags

So now Cortile Gallery has a HUGE "Welcome" flag out in an attempt to
skirt the open flag, and signage LAWS. I guess it will only be a mater of days
until there are hundreds of these flags all over town. On the other hand maybe
it is only Real Estate Development Corporations who can get away with things
like this, such as Cortile gallery.
9:37 am edt 

Licensing Board Meeting

It is my understanding that at the licensing board meeting there were
more people who were in favor of the extended hours of alcohol service than were
not.  Thus, the members of the board were simply listening to the majority in
reaching their decision. Something the board of selecmen might try.
9:35 am edt 

The Voters...

..are the same people that were represented at town meeting that voted.  Your
comments are unfounded.  If you're going to make ALLEGATIONS back them up by
explaining them.  How is Wager promoting?  He allowed discussion on this topic
and it's that discussion... of those that chose to attend &/or write letters
that shaped the decision made by the board.  The letters & statements of those
people, the voters, that attended the meeting were stronger than the "What If's"
that were against.  THIS IS VERY SIMPLE... it's being done to determine if it
works.  How difficult is that to understand.  At the end of this season we'll
have a better idea if "the sky did fall in".  Until then, PRO-BUSINESS,
PRO-vincetown, PRO-gress... One sided views and actions are not what this town
was founded on.  GET WITH IT. 
9:00 am edt 

Dear Michelle

Don't let any of the blogs here bother you, espicially the most recent ones.
Demanding the licensing boards resignations is one of the best decisions the
board has made and allot of people support you on that. It's obvious only one
person is trying to get others to turn against you and trust me that's not
happening. We just have not choosen to be like someone else and display our
childish behaviour here. In this town, no matter what anyone does that is right,
it's wrong and whatever they do that is wrong, is right.
8:57 am edt 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

First and Only Time I Will Ever Agree With Mitchell.

The town voted, this is a lousy loophole, there will be consequences!!!!!!!!!!!
11:12 pm edt 

Couture is Out of Line

This woman is scary. Does she really think? She believes she is queen of this
town and top dog. Oh, top frog. She is wrong and this is dangerous to threaten
our town boards. They do not respond to her--this unreasonable woman. They take
the issues as they are presented and vote as they see the issues. She should be
brought before the District Attorney for misuse of power. She has no legal right
to demand that the Licensing Board resign. I think the District Attorney would
agree: Couture has over-stepped her position and misused her power.
11:09 pm edt 

Todd Wagar Was Out of Line his promotion of the extension of
alcohol service. End Of story. His role is not to campaign it is to develop an
understanding of the peoples desires as a neutral party.
That meeting was finished before it started. People are afraid of Rick Murray
and that is what it is. The COC admits it. The PBG admits it. Give us all a
break and say it people. OUT LOUD! 
The saddest part of all is the obvious loss of community that is apparent in
this matter. Not once does anyone say, hey, we know people are worried about
noise, we will do everything we can to make sure those fears are abated. Or, hey
we know you want to meet folks needs and desires and make money at the same
time, we understanf that but can you help with the noise a bit.
No, it is all cracker jacks folks. Nearly equally divided down the middle and
refusing to get along. This isn't rocket science. Just a little respect.
But the way it was done is wrong. Absolutely, disrespectful to the voters and
10:52 pm edt 

What's up With the DPW?

They leave the office before the job is finished. What is this, the Bronx?

No. Its Provincetown, which has become a town that supports its workers, but
disregards its residents and sends a strong message to its visitors that conveys
a raised middle finger.

This is a tourist town?

Before anyone complains about how miserable this tourist season is, lets look at
the support structure provided by the town. Provincetown is a year-round
community with a significant tourist season during the summer. Most people work
several jobs simultaneously during the summer. But Town Hall operates on a
12-month four-day workweek. Therein lies the problem.

Case in point: Water projects are being performed, impacting infrastructure for
our towns residents. Although staff should be on hand until the job is
completed, that is not happening. This is Provincetown not a third world

Shame shame shame on the DPW workers who think they are finished at 5 oclock.
These men and women work for the town and its residents. Imagine what it would
be like to be finishing up your shopping at Stop &Shop when they close. All of
the sudden, the lights go out. Oh well. Fend for yourself.

Better yet, imagine you are having dinner at the Mews. The waiter drops your
entrees and disappears never to be seen again.

What kind of service is that?

That is the standard set by our DPW staff.

Throughout the year, Town Hall is closed on Fridays. On holidays, which are
observed on Mondays, Town Hall is closed four for consecutive days.

During the summer, three holidays result in Monday closures. Four consecutive
days where town services are not provided sends a strong message to the tourist

The banking industry is forbidden by law to be closed more than three
consecutive days. Yet in Provincetown, which collects over $1 million in tourist
tax dollars each year, four-day closures have become a tradition.

Thats the kind of service our town provides and at great expense to us, the
taxpayers, providing an ultimate disservice to our visitors.

It is time that town hall workers realize they are accountable to the people who
live here, visit here, and provide a substance for their very existence.
10:46 pm edt 

In This Case She Was Right

I often do not agree with Ms. Coture, but on this matter I think she
was right.  The Licensing Board went completey against what the town meeting
voters wanted and they were totally out of line to do so.
10:40 pm edt 

Hey, That's a Great Idea!

Why don't we just let the bars stay open 24
hours a day?  Why didn't the bar owners think of that?  I am sure the licensing
board would be happy to accommodate that.  If not 24 hours, at least until 4AM
just like in NYC.

10:37 pm edt 

Water Meter?

How can you identify if you have the wrong water meter?
10:35 pm edt 

Pounds and Feet vs Grams and Meters

1 (cubic meter) = 264.172052 US gallons.  if the meters were
registering in units of one cubic meter, then the deal was even better for the
10:33 pm edt 

Pounds and Feet vs Grams and Meters

One cubic foot = 7.48051948 U.S. gallons.  if the meters in question
register in units of cubic feet and the people reading the meters were thinking
they register gallons, the user would actually be getting 7.48 gallons for the
price of one.  not sure that translates into overcharging.  can someone
10:30 pm edt 

Licensing Board vs Board of Selectmen
put me in the category of "happy to celebrate when michele retires"...but

on this issue of the alcohol vote, she is right. The Licensing Board listened to
a small group of business owners, not the Townspeople. That is a sure fire way
to get yourself in hot water as a volunteer.

A volunteer, especially one that serves on a regulatory board, must listen to
the TOWN. If public safety or health is threatened, then i can see them going
against public opinion.

But this vote is all about one

My experience has been that most people that have moved to Provincetown, did not
do it to make money. There are lots of places where its much easier to make a
They move here because of the quality of life.

And this vote, just set back the quality of life for alot of people. I hope the
Board of Selectmen bring this back to Town Meeting. And then we will see who is
truly speaking for the Townspeople.   My hunch is the board of selectmen are on
the right side of this one.

Slippery Clam
10:25 pm edt 

Michelle Couture Can do Whatever She Wants

She can impose whatever she wants about any issue facing the town and there is
nothing anyone can doabout it.  If this is not true, why is she still there and no one
has stopped it?  People bark and moan but no one stops it.  
10:04 pm edt 

Somebody Knows Something

Conflicts of interest and ethics violations are no strangers to town
hall.  Certain royalty sitting comfortably on their thrones dabble more than
meets the eye in this.  It is clear by the recent disturbing mismanagement,
especially the new Bangs St. trailer park, green line, red dots, harbor mess,
Ms. Couture's back answer, etc. that these leaders are better suited to the
thrones in the new public restrooms.  Taxpayers and the "common" townsperson
deserve better and seem to be getting tired of always pulling the short end of
the stick.  The same people seem to make out better on just about every issue in
this town while others flounder sweating to barely squeak by.  How about some
accountability, just like the BP.  Too much has gone on wrong for too long. 
Whose hands are in what and why? Somebody knows something. 
10:00 pm edt 

Water Water Everywhere:

Except for the poor taxpayers that have to
pay for something they didnt use.
How come the banner never did a story on this one?  Seems to me it is about time
for someone to step forward and tell us the whole account and story.  We need to
pay for something we use, but not pay for bills that are erroneous.
9:55 pm edt 

Bar Closing Hours


When are the bars allowed to open. I've heard mention of opening at 6:00 AM for
the World Cup. If they open at six and close at 2:30 PM (and you know they will
still be serving all the way up to 2:30) why even force them to close at all.
That's really stupid, and the complainers, like that dullard Couture can stuff
old rags in their ears.
2:07 pm edt 

Basement Rat

When the water dept. bought those meters they thought they were getting a real
good deal. When they went to install them they found out they were gas meters
but with a little extra money and a few modifications they could convert them to
water, they just didn't realize at the time that gas was measured in cubic
meters and water was supposed to be in gallons so they didn't change the
calibration and after spending the initial cost which was really extremely high
and the high cost of the modification they were ashamed to go back and admit
their mistakes and ask for additional money for re-calibration. I think there
was some mention at the time "these people don't know the difference anyways,
they will pay for anything we give them" and it hasn't changed since.
1:19 pm edt 

Water Bills

On Friday, March 14, 2008 , 2 properties were overcharged because they had
meters that read in cubic feet and not gallons.   At 293 commercial street, the
water and sewer department had to give the property owners $11,975 back for
On Thursday, October 22, 2009 97 Bradford Street was overcharged $ 5,947.00 for
water and sewer because of another wrong meter being installed by the town.

This was just a fast search on the water and sewers meeting notes.   Town hall
said others were overcharged but given refund checks.  

Question is, who is still being overcharged because of wrong meters that were
installed?   On calling the water department the other day, they said there
might be a few meters left that they are not aware of, but they did explain to
me how to look at the meter and see if the correct one was installed by them 6
years ago.   Why have they not publicly informed the town?
1:17 pm edt 

For Once, I Agree With Couture.......

...on the Licensing Board issue.  The
Board clearly ignored the will of the people as expressed in the Town Meeting
vote.  And the fix was in well before they held their public meeting.  This is
not what serving on a Board means - to ignore the clear vote of taxpayers, and
instead press special interests. 

Couture is correct on this one, and I look forward to another vote at Town
Meeting to fix this.
1:15 pm edt 

Demand Michelle's Resignation Immediately

Doe she think she is living in communist Russia or Nazi Germany?   Despite what
she thinks, she is not an autocrat.  Simply because she doesn't get her way or
agree with the public process, does not mean that an elected official should
threaten, harrass and intimidate a volunteer board (who has the authority she
wants to have) into resigning.   She has stepped way over the limits.   This is
a conflict of interest and an ethics violation.  She has no right to squelch the
public process simply because she doesn't like it.  
11:09 am edt 

Overreaching by Couture: Who Does She think She Is?

To demand that all members of the Licensing Board resign because they voted for
extending hours when she was against this--and now has to hear customers
drinking later across from where she lives--is selfish and ego-centric. Does she
think she is a reigning potentate? Michele Couture is overreaching and she is
acting in her self-interest and not the interest of the town. This request is
wrong and she has no right to demand this from any board. If the Water & Sewer
Board had denied the request for the red dots to hook up--instead of taking this
"under consideration" would she then demand that the Water & Sewer Board resign
because they voted against her demand that all red dots  hook up now?

This is intolerable. It's the right time to recall this woman and elect a chair
who is reasonable, caring and bright. I am offended by Couture's actions. Enough
is enough.
10:10 am edt 

Hail to the Chief!

Volunteer for a Board!

I see the Chair of the BOS is slapping around the Licensing volunteers they
appointed again. Does the BOS Chair want to make all the decisions herself?

Looks like it.
9:39 am edt 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Dot Delays Should Be Left Alone

Now they are going to "test" the title fives of the Red Dot Delays! Seems Cathy
Meads is doing David Guertin's dirty work to force every one of the 24 Red Dots
to connect with the failed sewer by instigating "tests" by the Health

The Water & Sewer Board is in the pocket of the DPW and it is time this board
sees itself protecting town residents and investigating their own failed town
sewer system.

The sewer system was ill planned and is ill managed. Leave the Red Dots alone.

Maybe it's time that town employees see town residents as their purview instead
of seeing town officials as their purview. I am tired of town employees and some
on boards carrying out the poor wishes and dirty work of town
officials--themselves incompotent and sdaly on the take. I too wish this was not
true---but alas my friends it is too often was happens here.
11:14 pm edt 

What's Going on?

Does anyone know what is going on with the water department and their
meters that show water usage for each property in town?  Heard they have meters
that are out there that read in metric cubic feet, but they should be reading in

Some owners of property were charged for more water than they really
used with the incorrect meters that the water department installed years ago,
but the water department has done nothing about this mistake. 

As some posts on here want to know why they think their water bill is excessive
compared to a home with similar bathrooms and bedrooms, check your water meter.   
Look at the water and sewer boards meetings on line.  You will see this is true and they
have given back over $50,000 of payments to owners for over billed water.

A rat in the trailer
9:55 pm edt 

Harbor Rules and Regulation s

So why isn't the Coast Guard being called?  If it's as bad as it
sounds here maybe they should be.  Rock the boat. 

2:58 pm edt 

Waste Water Treatment Plant

All red dot people should be made to connect now. All of the residents of the
town should be paying for the waste water treatment plant. They receive the
benefits without paying the cost.
11:34 am edt 

Harbor Rules and Regulations........

t.........hat McKinsey ignores time and time

1-3-11 The owners or captains of all resident vessels using MacMillan Pier shall
make available to the Pier Manager the names of at least two qualified persons
who can be
contacted in the event of the need to move vessels. All other transient vessels
berthed at
the Pier shall have on board at all times sufficient personnel qualified to move
the vessels
when requested by the Pier Manager. Upon order of the Harbormaster/Pier Manager,
vessels must be moved within 30 minutes.

If the Coast Guard was called, they would condemn this boat immediately because
this boat is not seaworthy. It was sold for $1.00 to Stotter by the previous
owner who couldn't wait to get rid of it before it sank.

Keep up the good work Rexy!
12:19 am edt 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thanks a Lot Rex......

....for allowing                 Stotter to tie on his
'new boat' the Vast Explorer that is even in worse shape than his old boat, the
Amanda Girl.Remember tha Amanda Girl and the bloody knife fight right underneath
his office? The boat has no fishing permits, doesn't have a rudder and needs to
be connected to our electricty other wise it is going to sink. What part of our
harbor rules and regulation doesn't he get?

Yeah, I am sick and tired of coming down to the pier and cleaning up after that
idiot Rex's messes.
8:10 pm edt 

Police Headquarter

If the school had the septic overflow and the flooding and the damp locker room
there would be holy hell from the parents in town, but they let the police
suffer these substandard conditions. Go and look for yourself.
8:07 pm edt 

Town Buildings

Can someone help me out?  Why do we need a new police station?  What will the
$300,000 person be able to ascertain that our current town officials can not? 
Perhaps I am misreading the figure.  Should it be $30,000?
11:06 am edt 

Hey Rat:

Ted Malone shouldn't be within 100 feet of anything having
to do with deciding new, old, anything having to do with a bylaw.  Committee,
Board, it doesn't matter.  How can a developer (this one especially) have 
objective input when his pocketbook is directly attached to any outcomes?  It
doesn't matter if King Kong picked the board members, developers have no place
near these meetings.  Their influence over town officials is obvious and has
gone on way too long.  Their only concern is how much money they can make not
the "good of the town". Who cares what they want.  We know what they want.  One
developer's opinion has more clout that that of 200 taypaying citizens.  It's
time for that to change.  These fat cat developers need a taste of reality. 
Loose the developers at these meetings and maybe there will be a chance for this
town.  Bangs St. is a slap in the face and should not be taken quietly.  I am
disgusted every time I see it which is daily.  Cars!
  can't even fit at the end of the street but the Fire Dept. approved it. 
11:03 am edt 

Re: Modular Homes

Modular homes near the Church are the direct precursor to trailer
parks and subdivisions.  Town officials have played perfectly right into the
hands of the two developers at the helm of Bangs St. Precedent set. The road
connecting Willow to Bangs is probably already on paper.  High priced, poor
quality cheap one bedroom units connected by "breezeways" will grace the
landscape. Portable septic tanks that can be dumped at night at the beach or
into the "wetland" will become the norm.  You better do something about night
harbor patrols.  The attitude "not my problem" is so common, it's scary.  A
little birdie mentioned no substantial complaints were noted at the ADHOC bylaw
meeting, received either by email or in person.  Even bloggers here complained
but are apparently all bark and no bite.  This is disheartening and
reprehensible.  I guess either people don't know any better or they just like
their town as well as themselves being used as a cash cow for the chosen "!
few".  Mindboggling.   
10:07 am edt 

Our Water Bill

Our water bill is $1,400.00 for a three family house. I need to find out what
comparable water bills are for other 3 family homes. One huge summer housing
complex I know of has a water bill of $750.00 How can this be. Time to
10:00 am edt 

Hidden Explosion

One has to make a pilgrimage to Bangs street to see how horrific this
overbuilding is. Once 90 Shank painter Rd. and once The Complex on Nelson Avenue
is built, this will be in Everyone's face. Everyone will be up in arms.

Teeny tiny one bedroom condos squeezed together within an inch of their life all
undersized like some kind of toy condo.

Great New World compliments of our developers. The homeless in Hyannis will be
so grateful, they won't even care how small 40-B housing is. Developers are
required to take in the homeless etc. in order to qualify for 40-B housing.
9:59 am edt 

Ted Malone is Not on the Planning Board

He is on the ADHOC board, the ZBLRC. This board has no authority to change bylaws. They are brainstorming to come up with new bylaws, and reworking old bylaws to better reflect the times in
which we live. Once they feel they have done their best, the proposed new bylaw
goes to the Planning Board for review, discussion, and a vote as to bringing it
to Town Meeting. At Town Metting it will be the taxpayer who decieds if they
approve it or not.

This board was created by Sharon Lynn. The members are all oppointed. As for as
I know the Town Manager is the only one who appoints people to this board. So
those who sit on this board are her hand selected cream of the crop. And no one
can tell me that they are all that wanted to sit on the board, because I know
for a fact some volunteers were denied.

A Rat In The Basement
9:57 am edt 

Harbormaster-Pier Personnel

There should be random alcohol and drug tests with pier personnel.
The results would really shake up staff in the HRM's office.
9:43 am edt 

June 17th Starts New Closing Hours

Does anyone in the food and beverage business realize that as of june
17th the new wording of the licensing board is going to have a damaging effect
on anyone who does not extend? just in your day to day closings. read how it is
written. you will actually have to stop service early to comply with the new law
to not be in violation of the law. what did they say "this is a stimuli w/o cost
to the town ... this will be an anti-stimuli to those who do not  extend by
6/17th, those who do not want to and every license that is earlier than 12 am
4:52 am edt 

Modular Homes
I was in the Stop and Shop today and overheard someone talking about some houses
that were delivered today in the area of the Catholic Church. Does anyone build
from foundation up any more?
4:49 am edt 

I Agree: Put the Harbormaster Under Police Chief

If it's Rex or his replacement, put the Harbormaster under the Police. As is,
the Harbormaster reports to almost no one. Sharon has no clue and the Harbor
Committee just nod and smile and agree. It's not serious in its marine

Finally with Jeff Jaran, there would be the one aspect that has been missing for
years: accountability.

And Santos would have to recuse himself if this ever came up for a BOS vote. Rex
worked for him and Santos's son and really Grassy has a business and
profit-making dock at MacMillan Pier. Like MaryJo, Grassy needs to leave the
room whenever the Pier and the Harbormaster become BOS issues.

Conflict of interests are real and Grassy is a vote that must be silent when it
comes to the Pier.
12:36 am edt 

Harbormaster Workiing Under the Police Chief

If the Town is paying for harbormaster services which it is, then why
isn't the Town charging the PPPC for nightly patrols? Afterall , the Pier Corp
is leasing MacMillan Pier from the Town. They stand around and do nothing all
day except when a ferry comes in, then they pretend to look busy. Put one of
them on night patrol like the good ole days.
12:34 am edt 

Hey Take the Photos Down:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work AND no play makes Jack a DULL boy

Get a hobby other than trying to creatively complain about having to scroll for
2 seconds.  In light of current bylaw meetings run by developers, these pictures
are more pertinent than ever.  They make it hard to forget the impossible
position this town is in with money grubbing developers running the show.
12:32 am edt 

Harbormaster Workiing Under the Police Chief

Is that what will work?  According to some, the boats will be beaten up by
summer officers, Rex will become fat, call in sick once a week and ride around
in a land rover where he has                     .

Is that gonna improve things?
12:30 am edt 

Monday, June 14, 2010


Perhaps if the harbormasters were under the Chief of Police, there would be one
of them working the midnight - 8 shift instead of 5 during the day standing
around bumping into each other.  Noone likes to work overnights, but too bad....

If the police can work the overnights, so can't the harbormasters..  Why should
it be the burden of the police to patrol the pier while there are several
harbormasters on during the day. 

Let one or two of them rotate and work the overnight..  That is absolutely in
sane to have noone on after midnight or even some nights 8pm.
8:52 pm edt 

Town Hall Should be Open Monday thru Friday

I agree!

What a great idea for business owners to refer any "Friday" town hall questions
to the Lily Pond. I went to the Chamber of Commerce website to get the address
and phone number of the Lily Pond only to discover.... they are NOT a member...
How could that be, I wondered?

Then I went to the Provincetown Business Guild's site, and guess what.... the
Lily Pond is not a member. And the owner is gay.

So much for the Chair of the Board of Selectmen's support of the most integral
components of our tourism organizations. Can you say cheap?

Apparently frogs are only green friendly. It's all about the dollar....

Back to Friday. Send anyone wanting town information to the green friendly Lily
Pond. Commercial Street and Lopes Square. Ask for Michele. I'm sure she will be
happy to help... for a fee.

8:50 pm edt 

Town Hall Should be Open Monday - Friday

I was downtown at the post office on Friday when I overheard a woman asking
where town hall was.

After being told "it" was closed on Friday, she shook her head in dismay.

"This is a tourist town" she replied.

The post office worker smiled and shook her head.

Our goals are simply misplaced.

I suggest the diplomatic postal worker, and every other worker in town, send any
visitor who questions why our town hall is closed on Fridays to the lily pond
and speak with the chairman of our board of selectmen. They don't seem to get
the message.

Provincetown is supposed to be a place like nowhere else. Oops... maybe I got it
wrong. It already is....
7:38 pm edt 

Re: Is Provinctown a Police State?

If you are so concerned why are you
blogging about it, call the Chief and talk to him about the incident you
witnessed. Blogging won't change a thing! PJ
7:26 pm edt 

The Devil Wears Prada

If you saw that movie, you witness the main character never raising her voice to
anyone and yet she had people quaking in their boots. That is the way to
be--ranting and raving doesn't get much--descalate the situation..teach that to
the police officer
7:24 pm edt 

Harbormaster Workiing Under the Police Chief

True:Rex, but he is the only harbormaster we have had for decades they
we didn't have to fire or replace.

7:22 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

Has Bangs St. taught you nothing about the skewed way this town is 
being run by inept people? A member of the Planning Board denies an old man 
born in town the right to build on the land he's owned for 50 years in his 
effort to make a fair profit. Yet this same Planning Board member has a 
complete about-face and approves this same small piece of land to be clear cut 
beyond recognition for the sole purpose of fattening the wallet of a developer 
from Boston with "friends" in town hall.

4 complete houses on less than a 1/4 acre is a disgusting show of greed. This is
wrong on every level. Look at the pictures. Where is the green space? And it is
about to be repeated over and over again unless it is stopped. People must voice
their outrage, email Maxine, email David Gardner, show up at the meetings and
stop these developers from being allowed to connect their buildings to outsmart

They have gotten away with this for way too long. Stop the connecting if you care
about this town. Can't people see this?

Enough is enough.
7:21 pm edt 

Harbormaster Workiing Under the Chief of Police

I agree let the harbormaster's office operate under Chief Jarran. You
wouldnt' see our police driving around in squad cars without shirts as we are
constantly embarrassed by the shirtless harbor staff in their electric car
getting ice coffee in Lopes Square on a hot day. It's soooo
6:58 pm edt 

Harbormaster Workiing Under the Chief of Polce

It's a crazy set up having the sharbormaster answering to Sharon
Lynn/Provincetown AND the autonomous PPPC with no law enforcement background.
It's an inherent conflict of interest. The Town's harbor rules and regulations
would be enforced if the Chief oversaw the harbormaster without a doubt. Just
like the police enforce the laws of the Commonwealth, they would enforce the
harbor rules and regs.

Also, there have been three Homeland Security grants that the Town couldn't
apply for because the Harbormaster doesn't have the security clearance! We'd be
a designated cruise port already if not for the Harbormaster who doesn't even
keep his law enforcement credentials current and the Pier Corp has not held him
accountable. I have a source at the police academy and was told he failed to
take the courses required to stay current in his creditionals. Jarron wouldn't
allow that on his staff that's for sure! It is such a mess on the pier with
boats and barges sinking and knife fights on boats behind their office.
6:56 pm edt 

Take the Photos Down

6:43 pm edt 

Is Provincetown Becoming a Police State?

I was sitting on a bench in the east end of town this morning and witnessed a
police officer on a bicycle confronting a young woman and her friends with the
threat: "if you don't get out of town I will arrest you."  He was in her face,
waving  his finger and demanding that she leave town immediately.  He was
enraged.  I don't know the basis for his outburst (she was just walking down the
street), but I do know that everyone who witnessed the episode was  horrified. 
I also know that it is not within the authority of a police officer to demand
that someone to leave town.  This is not Dodge, after all.  Or is it?  The
attitude the officer displayed belongs in a totalitarian state, not
3:21 pm edt 

Re: Harbormaster Under the Police Chief

If you don't know where you've been , you probably don't know where
you're going.

Someone suggested putting the harbormaster's office under the police department.

That idea can go under the "been there , done that" heading. It was tried a few
years ago. It was not a good idea. And did not work.

The Harbormaster's office is contracted out to the Pier Corp. The Harbormaster
answers to the Pier Corp.

For a set fee per year, the town contracts with  the Pier Corp to provide
Harbormaster services. That's how it works. If the Board of Selectmen wish to
provide harbormaster services themselves, they can. But i would suggest you go
back and look at how many harbormasters we went through during the last 15
years, when it was done that way. It was a revolving door. Say what you want
about Rex, but he is the only harbormaster we have had for decades they we
didn't have to fire or replace.  I think the last one we had that lasted this
long was bob white himself.   someone who has been here longer should provide us
a list.

Slippery Clam

3:14 pm edt 

Harbormaster Under the Police Chief

Let Rex report to Jeff

Steven A. Bergquist
12:15 pm edt 

Re: Ted Malone

It is hard to believe that developer Malone is on the committee to
suggest rules about development.  There should be a more balanced representation
on this committee.  With Malone's own developments he has a history of
presenting plans one way, and then changing them to suit his needs.  Plans are
changed without any notification to neighbors.  Mr. Malone has broken promises
that he made to neighbors in the past and he will do so in the future.  He is
definately not one to be trusted.

11:12 am edt 

Change For the Worse!

In Ptown, we have seen that bldg. approvals don't need a basis in law.
Certainly, State Regs. are ignored repeatedly.   The new "by-laws" devised by
the ADHOC committee will enable developers to take their crafty bamboozalling of
the public to new heights.  This is an invitation to present convoluted projects
open to interpretation.  "Breezeways" and "covered connectors" used for
"activities" will be presented, unable to be defined and thus forced to be
approved.  If town officials were confused by their own Bylaws before, wow, the
level of confusion is sure to skyrocket with these new rules.   This is a recipe
for even more, cheaper, jammed in construction.  Don't think multiple single
unit trailers connected with awnings will never happen.  Awnings are overhead
connectors and can house pets underneath.  What are the odds a developer on a
committee deciding bylaws will vote to change a rule so he can make less money. 
Right.  Change is in the air.  Change for the !
worse.  Get rid of connectors altogether.  It is the only answer that will stop
overdevelopment of what is left of this town. A NEED TO CONNECT AT ALL MEANS
9:42 am edt 

Harbormaster Under the Police Chief?

There are sotto voce rumblings that a few town officials want the
harbormaster's office to fall under the police department's jurisdiction. With
all the problems down there, I think it is a great idea!
9:39 am edt 

Ted Malone on Planning Board?

Yes folks, they want to change the rules so the two buildings connected by a
breeze way or garage are only one story and they will still be considered only
ONE Building.

The developers want to gear development to make as much profit as possible so
the outcome will be smaller units and more of them.

Lop of the second floor of the Bangs Street buildings, build garages or
breezeways between them and these 4 buildings will still be considered two and
may be legally built in the future all over town.

Smaller is better for the builder. We have compact car parking and soon we will
have housing for only "compact" people.
9:36 am edt 

Planning Board

Ted Malone is on the planning board. One of his employees is on the Community
preservation committee which gave him $800,000.00 that is just sitting in the
bank earning interest. It could be going towards the renovation of town hall or
the library to defray the cost coming out of taxpayers pockets.
9:34 am edt 

Ad Hoc Zoning Bylaw Revision Committee Members
How come some of these members are suppose to uphold the current bylaws and they
do not.  Russell Braun.   I do not understand why he is on this committee. He
built in the next town over and didn't follow rules and then tried to change
them there also.   David Nicolau?  He sells property to make money.   Ted
Malone.   He buys and sells large chunks of property to make more money.  Ginny
Binder.  I wont even go there.    David Gardner is a fair guy and Anne Howard is
a good choice. 
Lets see, there are at least 3 votes against 2.  Guess who won this new bylaw.
9:33 am edt 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mr. Malone is a Developer

Why is he on a board that decides rules that govern what developers can do? 
This is a severe conflict of interest and is ludicrous.  His presence alone taints the entire board and process.  Not sure about other members, but he is definitely a DEVELOPER and should not be on this or any other town board deciding building bylaws, rules and regulations.  
11:10 pm edt 

Bangs Street
The result of all of the objections to Bangs street is that now there can only be TWO one story structures connected by a garage or a breeze way. They will be smaller in scale, so they will be much smaller units.

It is cheaper to build two one bedroom apartments than one two bedroom. facts are facts
9:31 pm edt 

Ad Hoc Zoning Bylaw Revision Committee Members

The Town Managers Ad Hoc Zoning Bylaw Revision Committee (ZBLRC) is made up of the follwing members.

Anne Howard, David Nicolau, Ginny Binder, Marianne Clements, Maxine Natoro, Ted Malone, Russell Braun.

Possibly David Gardner. If not a member he will still certainly have a large input as this is his job.

A Rat In The Basement
9:30 pm edt 

Bangs Street

To the Webmaster - several people have asked that you remove the pictures.  If you want to keep the pictures up to keep the public informed, is it possible for you to change them?  The same pictures have been up for weeks and weeks.  I'm sure the project is further along by now than the pictures shown here.
9:28 pm edt 

Licensing Board
They had no idea what they were doing or what the consequences would be.  Who's going to enforce these new rules?  Summer cops?  Certainly not the licensing agent who will probably be sitting in the bars anyway.

At the end of the meeting when public comments had ended, Wagar opened it up to the bar owners to see 'what would work best for them'. I have no sympathy for bar owners who are now going to complain about certain restrictions.  They raised the issues at the meeting and the board voted on it.  All that matters is that Rick Murray got what he wanted. To hell with the rest of the town and a big middle finger to the voters who attended town meeting.

And at the end of the meeting, Wagar thanked the board for 'doing God's work, it's a thankless job'.  WTF.  The meeting is posted on PTV.  Watch and see what a fiasco it was.

They have no idea what they did
7:14 pm edt 


If you call deception and damaging the natural environment to make a buck smart, wow, you probably took the SATs.  The previous owner was trying to make a profit, not a killing.  The previous owner was from Provincetown and not in "bed" with any town officials.  His mistake obviously.    
7:12 pm edt 

Bangs Street Debate

All of the posts about this debacle are simply a waste of time. The hearings were held. The approval was granted. Construction commenced. It's too little far too late to change the hands of time on this one.

Do you really think you can reverse this? I hardly think so....

Divert your energy to something tangible and help find a resolution to the oil spill. The Bangs Street eyesore is something we have to live with.
7:11 pm edt 

Dodged a Bullet!
Go to court and get a warrant for the urine test? Good luck....
7:08 pm edt 

What Happened to Civility?

I have no doubt that if the previous owner of the Bangs st property
was smart enough to figure it out he would have built the same thing. I also
have no doubt that the webmaster is NO gentleman for posting the back shot of
our selectman. Vitrol is vitrol, it's toxic. I see it has begun to spill over to
the webmaster about the Bangs pics. I'm sure it will be just as wrong headed
theN as it is now. What happened to civility?
6:26 pm edt 

Licensing Board vs Provincetown Citizens

6:24 pm edt 

So, Are the Bangs St. Photos Going to Stay There Forever?

Clearly the webmaster is upset about the situation but, honestly, isn't this a bit silly?
How many reader complaints do you need before you take them down?
6:23 pm edt 

Truro Police Cruiser Accident

It's no suprise the Truro Police Officer that got into the accident with his
cruiser did get into one. I am glad he's not hurt but has anyone ever seen him
go whizzing by on the highway in a cruiser and how fast he drives his own
perosnal vehicles ? For some reason he's not alone, there are a few Provincetown
Police Officers who drive thru Truro just as fast and when I say fast, I mean no
less than 70. I have been on the highway when they have gone by me that's why I
know. Do they not think we see this. What I don't understand is, if it was you
and I, they would be stopping us.
6:21 pm edt 

Dodged a Bullet!

Now The guy who wrecked the fire truck has a cool story to tell about how he got
wasted and totaled a fire truck. No one is as connected as this guy is; of
course, and how easy is it to switch vials of unite when you are a fireman? I'd
like to see a DNA test done on the urine.
6:19 pm edt 

Board of Health Meeting

Thursday June 17 @ 5pm @
Grace Gouveia

Request from Water& Sewer board to
conduct inspections of Red Dot systems.

Please attend and make public statements.

Red Dottie
6:18 pm edt 

The New Liquor Revision Has Been Posted

Not even the pro or con about entertainment and making patrons thrilled that
they think that they party away.
to those who wanted a stimulus .. you now are making those who have businesses
sell less. To those who demanded yes ... our community leaders on boards and of June 17th businesses will not be able to sell until their closing
time because they have to stop earlier because THEY HAVE TO TAKE THAT DRINK
BEFORE THE TIME STATED ON THEIR LICENSE! Those, under the by-laws, can not sell
liquor, by law after 1 am if they had a cover and cannot move those people to
another menu because they bought those drinks under dure-ass  of cover charge.
and to 1 am or earlier closing times ... if you do not extend, you cannot ...
and as of June 17th (until you applied to extend) sell til closing and let them
have that sell until a half hour later... you lose that because the new
regulation is written to stop the night at the T!
IME LISTED ON THE LICENSE and not "buy the drink" and it needs to be taken away
within 30 minutes.I would swear all but 2 people knew the knots and bolts of
this before the vote ... and those they rallied did not. sadly those people are
not our custumers
6:16 pm edt 

Bar Openings?

Someone mentioned bringing in the ABCC to do a few field checks - can someone
explain?  Check what? Isn't that what the insepctors do?
6:12 pm edt 

Life is Like a Sandwich

One has to bite through the Wonder Bread to get to the bologna. But I'll tell
you something Mister: Scrolling through the Bangs St., pictures is like eating
yesterday's borscht.

Deli Queen   
6:11 pm edt 

New Public Toilet

I just used the new public toilet on Commercial st and saw nothing
wrong with it. It is a good thing to have another facility in a tourest town
where these normal things are lacking. Plus it is a great use of an unused
building. Its not an art gallery so put up with the toilet paper!
6:10 pm edt 

Rat in the Basement

I thought April Fool's Day was in April.  Sorry, two thumbs down on this.  Lots
of words though, all dressed up and going nowhere.  Sounds fancy. How about a
moratorium on developers wanting to make over a million with less than 1/4 acre
to do it in?  or, let's get bold, 1/2 acre? Wild and crazy stuff.  Let's do
everything but make sense.  Connect the dots, or, the buildings. 
6:08 pm edt 

To: Rat in the Basement.

It appears the Wizard of Oz has spoken
and anyone with a brain who cares about preserving what's left of Ptown needs to
jump on this.  Email Maxine Notaro and tell her "NO".  Sorry, we are not stupid. 
Don't rewrite anything, don't change anything because town officials "meeting"
about having to change this is ridiculous.  How about enforcing what we already
for once?  How about using the Bylaw we have that makes sense for once?  One
that can't be twisted and can't be "interpreted".  One (1) building per lot, 2
if there is not LESS THAN 9 feet, 12 feet if 1 1/2 stories.  This Bylaw exists
already but is not followed.  No tying two buildings together with a piece of
decking, a brick or a toothpick.  Forget it.  Been there, done that. Who is on
this committee?  This whole thing is stupid.  I bet there is a developer on it. 
If town officials enforced what we have, Bangs St. wouldn't have happened.  Why
and how did it anyway?  It is so wro!
ng and these stupid bylaw rewordings makes it more obvious. Honestly, do these
people at these meetings think they can pull the wool over everyone's eyes.  I
will email Maxine and everyone else with a conscience should too. over and over
again until they get it through their thick heads.  Enough is enough.
6:07 pm edt 

The Bangs St. Development Got Through

It shouldn't have. 

There should be only two of these 4 buildings standing at most.  The lesson is if you
want to connect, you want to build too much.  There is no need to connect other
than to jam in more buildings than would normally be allowed so you can make
more money.  Committees can word it all they want and the mumbo jumbo means the
same.  Unless you take out "connecting" altogether, these developers will find
ways around definitions, bylaws, etc.  A building enclosing an activity.  Hmn.
what is an activity?  Walking is an activity.  So anotherwords, a deck with a
roof which is the same that Bangs St. has without the roof.  

The only way to stop what has been happening is to take away buildings being
connected, period.  Developers don't want this so it won't happen.  But this is
what "should" happen.  It is the only answer.  Any rewording is an insult to the
intelligence of those who have seriously had enough with the overbuilding in
this town and have expressed it.   
6:04 pm edt 

Rat: Suggestions:

{This sentence below is the big change.}
[A minimum one-story structure connecting two or more buildings shall meet the
definition of building, otherwise, for the purpose of this bylaw, those
buildings shall be considered separate.] 

WHAT?  This makes NO sense.  Why on earth would you have a minimum one-story
structure connecting two or more buildings that is a building itself.  So what,
you can put in a one-story cat enclosure between two buildings and they will be
considered one?   So now instead of 2 buildings making 1, 3 will make 1?  COME



3.  Refer to the Planning Board, the following Zoning Bylaw Amendment:
Zoning Bylaw Article 1, Definitions.
{Again a big change below}
[Binder:  Any connection including a minimum one-story structure connecting two
or more buildings shall meet the definition of building as written in the
Provincetown zoning bylaws, otherwise, for the purpose of this bylaw, those
buildings shall be counted individually.]  

This is the same as the one above only reworded.



NO CONNECTORS AT ALL is the only way to prevent more Bangs St. like building. 
Wake Up people.  This is more of the same.

6:01 pm edt 

Hyannis Police Chief Wants Shelter Closed

The Police Chief in Hyannis wants the homeless shelter closed; the Housing
Assistance Corporation insista that is stay open.

The H.A.C is looking for permanent housing for these troublemakers. Provincetown
Look OUT! 90 Shankpainter Rd. Bridal Path, Nelson Ave. Affordable housing all
over Provincetown--read the Cape Cod Time front page story and learn about your
future neighbors.

And chief Jaran, increase the force.
5:58 pm edt 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Guertin's Folly!

The Harbor Wasn't Cleaner When the Wastewater Spread Through Town Last

What do you think ran into the ocean last summer? Contamination of our sea came
through the sewer system! This system is fraught with problems and we should
never have installed a vacuum system. Why any town would experiment with a sewer
system beats me. But we did and we still have a troubled sewer system costing
too much and not working as it should.

Too many people found themselves walking along brown pavements and found brown
smelly waters in their basement. You call this system the savior of our beaches
and ocean? I don't think so. I'd take most of our title fives over this poor
designed, poorly installed system.
11:15 am edt 

Public Rest Room

Happened to visit the new restrooms yesterday and glad to see it is up
and running and the overall building looks great.

Perhaps the storing of toilet paper, sanitizing products, sponges, etc. against
the windows is only temporary?

I would assume that there is a storage closet that could accomodate the
Refrigerator, Microwave and all of the supplies that are scattered around.

Also, if it is to be a place for public notices and posters, perhaps a cork
bulletin board could be installed to avoid this stuff being taped all over the

11:13 am edt 

Ad Hoc Committee Recommendations

No Zoning Bylaws have yet to be changed. The ZBRC is working to
rewrite some of the Zoning Bylaws, but they have zero authority to change them.
The recommendations they make must first go to the Planning Board, and then more
revisions, and then back to planning for a vote or further revision,and then be
fully advertised for presentation at Town Meeting, where they will be voted on
by the people.

Below is the first draft of the result of their first meetings, which will be
sent to the Planning Board. Sorry for the awkward format, Ill try to get it
better for future postings.

Words in ( ) are removed

Words in [ ] are new

Recommendations of the
Ad Hoc Zoning Bylaw Revision Committee on May 26, 2010

1.  Make no change to Article 1, the definition of Structure.

{This is the definition of Structure}

  Structure any combination of materials assembled, constructed or erected that
fixed location on the
ground or attached to something having location on the ground, including
swimming pools having a
capacity of 4,000 gallons or more and retaining walls supporting more than four
feet of unbalanced
material, but not including flagpoles, paving, temporary structures such as
tents and canopies,palletized patios, or fences which do not exceed 6 feet above
the property grade. The word "structure" shall be construed where the context
requires, as though followed by the words, "or part or
parts thereof".

2.  Refer to the Planning Board, the following Zoning Bylaw Amendment:

Zoning Bylaw Section 2550.

2550 (Two) [Multiple] Buildings Per Lot. More than one building may be erected
or moved onto a single lot provided that they are not closer to each other than
nine (9) feet or twelve (12) feet if either exceeds two stories in height. Lot
area requirements must be met for each principal building without counting any
lot area twice. 

{This sentence below is the big change.}

[A minimum one-story structure connecting two or more buildings shall meet the
definition of building, otherwise, for the purpose of this bylaw, those
buildings shall be considered separate.] 

3.  Refer to the Planning Board, the following Zoning Bylaw Amendment:

Zoning Bylaw Article 1, Definitions.

Palletized Patio A combination of materials assembled, constructed or erected
which is not fixed (to assembled materials,) to a structure (or to the ground)
and whose assembled components are no (larger than 8 feet long by 4 feet wide by
6 inches high. Palletized patios shall be at or near grade)more than 6 above

{Again a big change below}

[Binder:  Any connection including a minimum one-story structure connecting two
or more buildings shall meet the definition of building as written in the
Provincetown zoning bylaws, otherwise, for the purpose of this bylaw, those
buildings shall be counted individually. 

{And this is the definition of Building from our Zoneing Bylaws}

Building A structure having a roof and supported by columns or walls for shelter
or enclosure of
persons, animals, property or an activity; such structure does not include
camper as defined in this

So what do you guys think? Have they changed enough so another Bangs Street cant
happen? Does the language make sense now? Can they make anymore changes to the

The recommendations are going to the Planning Board for review on Monday June 21,
2010, 6 p.m., at the Grace Govia Building. Public input is wanted. Even if you
just send an email to Maxine at

A Rat In The Basement
11:10 am edt 

Bar Openings

10:59 am edt 

Who is the Water & Sewer Board Really Working For?

That was my question as I sat in on this meeting. The person leading this
meeting sounded like the Board of Selectmen. Why did she continually ask for
those who were FOR the motion to force the Red Dots to hook up to speak? And who
was FOR it? Two people. Michelle Couture and Jane Evans. It was a set up. Why
should they speak for the issues they were forcing down the throats--or title
fives--of the Red Dots?

The spokesperson seemed a mothpiece for the BOS Chair. That is only my opinion
but that is what I saw. Who was this spokesperson for Water & Sewer?
10:58 am edt 

How This Picture of Couture's Best Side Says it All!

Great shot. Thanks for posting this perfect vision of this woman. I like the
irony and I do believe it reflects her position vis a vis the people of thie

I'm still laughing and I thank you for it.
10:54 am edt 

Friday, June 11, 2010

To: Webmaster

Take down the shot of Ms. Couture's back side. It is
insulting to your readers and you should be ashamed. If you disagree, put up one
of Mr.Adams' rear end and we can do a cheek to cheek comparison. 

Fair is Fair
11:43 pm edt 

Extended Bar Opening

According to the news article in the Banner, the Licensing Board calls
the extended bar hours a "trial".  I wonder what they mean by that.  What
parameters will they use to determine if the "trial" is successful, or not?  Are
there any such parameters?

I also find it strange that the original advertisement for the extended hours
called for all bar patrons to leave by 2:15AM, but the Licensing Board made an
ammendment to allow bar patrons to stay until 2:30AM.  I guess this Licensing
Board is really pro-business as the bar businesses got everything they asked for
and more.  It sure seems like the present Licensing Board cares more about
giving bar businesses what they want regardless of what the people in town want.
11:41 pm edt 

The Hindsight Picture is Perfect!

That is exactly how Michele Couture addresses this town. She does mostly all
her bad deeds in the dark and then present her "best side" to the public. She is
despicable and what is worse is that she sets the arrogant tone of the BOS, she
treats the public--except for her few chosen interest groups--shabbily and makes
this unprofessional tone the tone of the BOS.

    This small town deserves so much better then this. It is tragic.
11:36 pm edt 

To the Person With the Egress Question

Don't worry about what you
are "supposed" to have.  None of the rules or regulations in place that you have
seen apply to this project.  Your house, yes.  This project, no... and don't
bother asking why.  Your appeal time is long gone. 
11:34 pm edt 

Didn't We Vote This Down?

I thought the town had voted down to extend the hours of bars to
1:45am?  Concerned citizens need to rally and defeat this measure once and for
11:31 pm edt 

What Bylaw Was Changed?

This means nothing and everything to
Developers who will continue to overbuild carte blanche, ruin the environment
and laugh all the way to the bank.  Tearing down some of these blatant
violations and stiff fines are what's needed, not rewording a definition to
allow even more ways for developers to squeeze money out of this town.  Is this
a joke?  
11:29 pm edt 

Who Was She Speaking For?
When Ms. Coutuer spoke at the water & sewer board meeting
had she been sent by the BOS or did she speak as a citizen?
why she did not have the courtesy to listen to the public
certainly shows a lack of concern to the TAXPAYERS!
I guess she had to go and sell frogs.

Midnight & froggie the gremlin
11:53 am edt 

Couture is Symptomatic of a Greater Problem

Ms. Couture leaving the room before people could express their distain
shows she knows exactly how they feel.  Town officials are supposed to be
"professionals" yet they completely neglect responsibility for the authority
they have been entrusted with by taxpayers.  From Michelle Couture down to
Russell Braun, these town "reps" take for granted their positions, do the
absolute minimum they can get away with and still get paid and are simply
unqualified and unprepared for the tasks at hand (shown at this meeting, shown
by the shoddy workmanship of the toilets, shown at the Bangs St. meeting, shown
by the 2:00 a.m. closing mess, green line and the list goes on and on). People
go to meeting after meeting expressing concerns with the same result over and
over, ineffective town official reaction to public dismay.  Wonder why.  Who in
this town is actually happy with the way town government is working.  Answer: 
Town officials and developers along with a number of sucker fish attached to them from the periphery. 
11:49 am edt 

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Every taxpayer should pay to cover the expense of the waste water treatment
plant. Our harbor is cleaner due to his water treatment plant. Every building
should be connected to it; we should make septic systems a thing of the past.
Lets start now.
11:46 am edt 

Website Photos

Was looking at the pictures today and it says Unit 2D has no rear access. Is
there a second means of egress and if so, where is it? I thought you needed two
means of egress that could not be in the same area.
11:45 am edt 

Re: Firehouse

Maybe Barbara Rushmore could start a Firehouse beautification
committee - she is the reason we created this atrocity in the first place. 
11:43 am edt 

Michele Couture go Away!

I'm not sure about many of you, but I
presently have a septic system that is working beautifully, I have it pumped
each year and inspected. I'm not about to shell out 500 bucks per year for the
next 20 years for something  I don't need. I'll fight this one to the end. When
is Michelle's term up? We need to find someone who is a tax paying, property
owner to run for Selectman next year. This is just to much to swallow.

11:41 am edt 

No Future Bang's St. Construction Allowed

The bylaw has been changed. While no one can create another bangs street by just
connecting a deck, they can by creating a garage or a breeze way.

The situation is that two one bedroom units will sell for more than one two
bedroom unit. In the future, developers will just make smaller condos in order
to make their money.

There are a number of lots all over town that are similar to the Bang's street
lot and in the future I can see how they will be developed if we can't change
the scale law too.

11:39 am edt 

2:00am Bar Closing

After reading the pros and cons ... I wish to ask the businesses and
people wanting liquor to be extended that by law if there is a cover they cannot
extend until everyone in the room has been clear of bought containers while a
cover was part of it and cannot just take that drink to a new menu area and
continue since they bought it by being in a menu that they paid a cover to walk
into. Unless the area was free from the beginning it is against town regulations
to extend service and continue any type of service until 1:45. I hope everyone
knew that before they decided they wanted this.
11:36 am edt 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is She Just Ignorant or Arrogant?

Seems Michelle Couture is inept, insensitive, and has disdain for the town
residents. To call the Red Dot Delay Agreement silly and to insist that all be
hooked up by October and then leave the room before she could hear how people
felt is disgusting. If she had property and had to hook up this October, would
she stand there and advocate for a breach of contract?

Couture owns no real estate in Provincetown. She is a renter yet votes time and
time again for higher taxes. Time to have a chair who receives and pays her own
tax bill and has to pay for the sewer and or betterment.

This woman insulted all the red dot delays.
11:47 pm edt 

In Hind Sight : Couture at Water and Sewer Red Dot Delay Meeting

"Chair of the BOS speaks at the meeting in favor of the Water & Sewer Board implementation of the Forced Hookup of the Red Dot Delay and then promptly and rudely leaves without hearing the concerns of the very citizens she supposedly represents." 

She stupidly stated that the Red Dot Delay was a "silly mistake" and therefore should be rescinded in-spite of the fact that promises were made to allow existing Title 5 systems to fail before requiring hookup.

She totally ignored the fact that the town had established a verbal contract with its citizens.

She should be recalled!
11:25 pm edt 

Fire Truck Incidence

The town should file a civil suit against Martinez to make up for the
financial loss to Provincetown. If the hospital messed up either of the tests,
so be it. The young man still brought the accident on himself and we should be
made whole.
11:18 pm edt 


Dogs are welcome in all town buildings, where have you been?
11:13 pm edt 

Clem and Ursies

Drove by the old clem and ursies this afternoon and saw that they door
was open and a townsed truck was in the parking lot.  So I'm hoping he was able
to be successful at the auction today.  I also hope that he got it for a lower
price than his original purchase and sale agreement called for!  He deserves
something for the money he has lost and the aggravation he's experienced.
11:11 pm edt 

Couture at the Water & Sewer Board Meeting

Yea, I gotta tell you all about what happened at that water and sewer
board meeting. The chair of our selectmen actually stood up and rambled like a
blithering idiot about how there had been "mistakes" made and called them
"silly" and then left after her fractured, repetitive, embarrassing excrement of
an argument. I was dumb-struck at how a person who spends a good deal of her
time supposedly debating and weighing issues could be so misguided and
disheveled in her thinking and public speaking. Her job is to carry out the will
of the people she represents and to listen with patience and a modicum of
intelligence. Instead she bolted from the room, which gives the clear appearance
of an elected official who does not care. She does not posses the capacity to
understand and, moreover cannot be bothered to consider that the "silly
mistakes" of the past actually affect the economic livelihood of upstanding,
honest hardworking people in the present. She should quit. Perio!
5:19 pm edt 

Don't Insult the Monkeys !

The apparently "sober" volunteer firefighter flipping the firetruck,
the green line, Ms. Couture's premature abrupt exist from the meeting, the so
crafty Bangs St. Extension Condo Mall w/its own mosquito petting zoo, etc.
clearly show that for some reason, 99.9% of what SHOULD happen in Provincetown,
doesn't.  I have never seen anthing like it.  Why is it that common sense is so
lacking from those "in charge"?  All of these issues would have benefitted
greatly from even just the smallest amount.  A previous blogger compared town
officials to a pack of resis monkeys with no credit limit.  How insulting to the
5:16 pm edt 

Water & Sewer

Did she really say "silly mistake"?

Did she really ? 

Does anyone know how the Water & Sewer board voted on this?

Red Dot Delay was alot more than a verbal agreement.

It was in writing. It was in the plan. It was in the regulations.

What exactly do they think DELAY meant?

It meant DELAY until Failure.

not   DELAY until Silly Mistake Couture changed her vote.

What a strange government we have.


Slippery Clam
5:12 pm edt 

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Last night was not the first time that
there have been dogs at public
meetings. I am an animal lover but would
never conceider bringing my pet with me. 
up with paid town officials bringing their pets
to work and meetings?  I guess they
are on the payroll as well.

Bow Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5:10 pm edt 

Red Dot Delay Meeting

Thank you all who attended the Water & Sewer Board
meeting yesterday. It proved that there is Strength in
numbers. Don't give up the fight!

Red Dottie
5:09 pm edt 

2:00am Closing is Crazy !!!

Yes - if this were Boston or New York it would be a different story.  The KEY
DIFFERENCE is that people who come to Ptown and like to be out drinking on
holiday generally start in the afternoon and keep going. 

It is not like a major city where people first go out at 8pm for dinner and then
drink afterwards.  Here they start at lunch - go to tea and then again in the

When you are drinking all day - 1pm is late enough !!

And this is from someone who can drink !!
5:07 pm edt 

Seriously Get Rid of the Photos or I am Never Viewing the Blog Again

.......which is already tempting, so having to scroll through that      every time i
visit is not very user friendly, and kind of makes the blogmaster look like an
insane fool for continuing to kick the dirt on the Bangs issue.  You lost.  You
should have come to the many hearings.  The end.  Remove the photos.
5:04 pm edt 

2 AM Closing

Town Vote was for Entertainment which encompassed live &/or amplified music. 
This was made clear on town floor when people kept referring to alcohol.  It was
a vote on entertainment only (it had nothing to do with alcohol).  The bylaws
had a stipulation, only on entertainment licenses, that it must be stopped at
1AM; that is what came before the voters.  The Licensing Board followed the
judicial process by allowing the public to come and debate the issue, including
reading letters for and against the NEW topic of allowing liquor to be served
later, before voting on the issue.  There were more people for allowing than
were against with the notable fact of this being the need to offset our higher
tax structure (which the voters said yes to!) and that later dining & drink
would allow people not to possibly shop longer then dine & that again means MORE
REVENUE to pay off this towns exorbinant debt which in order to do that we (the
township) needs to generate revenue to pay for what has been neglected for 30 years. Bottomline is that this is "pro-business"
and anyone that says it's at the cost of anything else is simply speaking
without knowing because until it's done we won't know if there's a downside so,
based on what the BOS put into their town goals... we are being "pro-business"
and THAT is the right thing to do.  Attend the Town's Board meetings,
join/volunteer on the town boards and get directly involved.
5:01 pm edt 

Restrooms at Firehouse

The building commissioner Russ Braun should be fired. Budget or no budget this
is the worst finish out i've seen; total inferiority with even most basics not
met: caulking & grout gaps that will cost more money to fix when SO EASILY
contractors could have been made accountable BEFORE opening.  THIS INTERIOR IS A
TRAVESTY!  And again, we should call for Braun's accountability on this!!!!
4:58 pm edt 

4:57 pm edt 

Fire House Restrooms

TOTALLY AGREE! What is this hoot-n-hanny!??  It's like some trailer trash living
room at the entrance. GET RID OF THE MICROWAVE & PERSONAL THINGS!!????  Why when
so much time was spent to rebuild the exterior to historical standards was the
interior such an abortion!?  WHO OVERSAW
4:56 pm edt 

Red Dots

We had a town-wide failure SO... the "contract" is void and everyone now needs
to be on the system.  All for one and one for all.  You'll love it :)
4:54 pm edt 

Yellow Journalism?

Who owns this blog and makes the decisions on what to post?  Half the stuff
never gets posted.  Seems as if the webmaster as its own agenda.  Please post
policies for posting pics and not posting certain stuff!
4:53 pm edt 

Fire Truck

It seems that Martinez got off easy. The alcohol count in the blood was
high..but there was none in the urine. Hmmm, I wonder where the urine came from?
So, he is off Scott Free. Lets hope he goes into a Betty Ford Clinic and gets
some real help.
4:52 pm edt 

Misinterpreted Touching

I was shopping at a Walmarts and two very heavy women were talking and almost
blocking the aisle. As I squeezed past them, my wallet in my pocket was pushed
against me, so it had evidently pressed against the woman's buttocks.

She turned and said in a loud voice, I hope that you enjoyed that feel, I said
it was my wallet. I was just trying to get by. See how things can be

What if it was two overweight teenage girls that my wallet brushed against and
their father was there? I've brushed against women's breast on occasion too
inadvertently, but it was so obvious that it was an accident that I didn't even
say anything.

Who knows what happened..perhaps it will be in the banner.
4:50 pm edt 

License Meeting

The meeting room was so hot, they should have had a couple of fans by the window
or at least had the top windows down too so the air would circulate and have the
doors open.

I couldn't take the heat and left like the guest house owner who came in late.
With such an important meeting, too bad they didn't use the big room at the
Center of Coastal studies bldg.
4:48 pm edt 

What's Your Problem?

Congratulations to the PBG for inventing Memorial Day and causing
hoards of people to flock to Provincetown.  Give me a break.  What is your
problem with the PBG?  It has to be personal for you to post such ignorance. 
The next PBG sponsored event is Carnival in August.  The last one was Caberet
Fest.  Everything else is private fest, women of color,
women's week, bear week  and the rest are just that private.  Oh maybe the PBG
will sponsor the 4th of July and make that a national holiday too. Your posting
is nonsense.
4:46 pm edt 

The Commercial Street Toilets

Several town meetings ago, the sale of the old firehouse was brought up. At that
time it could fetch quite a bit of money. As usual, the usual suspects brought
up the issue that years before that bathrooms were promised in that old
firehouse. Cheryl Andrews, a selectman at the time and a person of intellect and
common sense), made an impassioned plea,that the town could not afford to create
bathrooms, staff them etc. Of course logic did not prevail and we got bathrooms
instead of real money in the town coffers. The old firehouse probably would have
also been renovated into a first class building instead of the eyesore it is

Could the town have leased the ultra modern, self cleaning  pay toilets that are
in many of the cities in America for the summer season--- of course. However
just like anything else, the small group of folks who actually go to the town
meeting prevailed. So now we have poorly constructed bathrooms around the corner
from other existing town facilities. At some point , they will have to be
staffed due to the illegal activity that goes on there and they have only been
open a few weeks. Who is going to foot the bill for that?

Another bad idea paid for by the second home owners of Provincetown.
4:44 pm edt 

Clem & Ursie's

Tomorrow is June 10th, Auction Day.  Please get out show your support in the
Townsends getting Clem & Ursie's building. Let's help to keep a local business
in operation.
4:40 pm edt 

Faces on the Sheet!

I am a contractor.  I must say, when I apply for a building permit that involves
any building, plumbing or electrical work, each one of those inspections are
signed off by the inspectors in those fields. One can only assume the same rules
would apply to this building. Also, there is certain requirements for handicap
accessibility. Again, one would only assume those requirements have been or will
be met.

Who was the contractor?
4:38 pm edt 

Red Dot Delays!

Does anyone know what happened at the meeting today? I was not able to attend.
I'm concerned because the sewer hookups were not available to property owners in
certain areas of town, which now is.  Several of those properties invested a lot
of money to have new Title 5 septic systems installed only to now be told the
sewer hookups will be or is available.  Is it mandatory that all properties hook
up?  What happens to those property owners who invested all this money just a
few years ago to have new Title 5 systems installed?
4:36 pm edt 

Bar Hours!

Did the Licensing Board have their meeting this week and if so, what was the
vote on hours of operation?
4:33 pm edt 

Enough is Enough

Although I support the 27-31 Bangs Street fiasco...
enough with the pictures. Put them up as a link... it really is beginning to be
a big pain in the ass to have to scroll through them, especially form my BB.
What's up, no posts for the past day or two!!!

4:31 pm edt 

Dear Webmaster

Have there been no new postings since Monday?  I'm wondering if no one has been
writing or if I'm having trouble with my computer. The last postings show

Webmaster Comment: There have been delays in posting. It is not the fault of your equipment.

We apologize.
4:25 pm edt 

Couture at Water and Sewer Red Dot Delay Meeting

"Chair of the BOS speaks at the meeting in favor of the Water & Sewer Board implementation of the Forced Hookup of the Red Dot Delay and then promptly and rudely leaves without hearing the concerns of the very citizens she supposedly represents." 

She stupidly stated that the Red Dot Delay was a "silly mistake" and therefore should be rescinded in-spite of the fact that promises were made to allow existing Title 5 systems to fail before requiring hookup.

She totally ignored the fact that the town had established a verbal contract with its citizens.

She should be recalled!

12:34 pm edt 

June 09, 2010

PROVINCETOWN  Volunteer firefighter Elias Martinez will not be charged with
operating under the influence of alcohol for a 2008 crash that totaled the
department's ladder truck.

A jury trial was scheduled to begin yesterday morning but the drunken-driving
charge was dismissed because the alcohol levels in a blood test and a urine test
did not match.

A blood test taken at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis as part of his treatment
after the crash showed a blood alcohol level four times the legal limit for
driving. But a urine test taken during the same treatment showed no evidence of
alcohol in Martinez's system, according to Cape & Islands First Assistant
District Attorney Michael Trudeau.

"The commonwealth could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt an essential element 
under the influence," Trudeau said.

With the alcohol charge dismissed, Martinez, 23, then pleaded guilty to
operating negligently. For that he was given a year probation and will lose his
driver's license for 60 days. He was also given 100 hours of community service
and ordered to remain drug and alcohol free, as monitored by random screening
tests. He was found not responsible for speeding and failing to slow at an

Martinez's attorney, Jens Bahrawy of Barnstable, argued that it was the blood
test  not the urine test  that contained the error. He said more care should
have been taken by the hospital to prevent mistakes, which could be caused by
inadequate sampling or wrong samples. Bahrawy called on the hospital to review
its protocols and procedures to ensure that blood tests are accurate.

"There was some major error that was made by somebody," Bahrawy said. "I wonder
how many of these erroneous results are out there that the D.A. is relying on."

Hospital officials did not respond in court but issued a written statement to
the Times yesterday afternoon in response to Bahrawy's claim.

"Cape Cod Hospital stands behind its medical protocols and procedures, which are
based on best-practice guidelines. Cape Cod Hospital also stands behind its
staff and facilities, as among the best in the country. We cannot comment on
this or any other specific case, due to patient privacy laws," the statement

Martinez wrecked the fire department's ladder truck about 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 9,
2008, during an authorized test run. He was rounding a corner at Route 6 and
Snail Road, near the Truro town line, when the truck flipped twice and then came
to rest upright at the intersection. Neither Martinez nor his girlfriend, Emily
Forbes, who was riding in the truck with him, were wearing seatbelts. Both were
taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Martinez was initially charged in Orleans District Court with driving under the
influence of alcohol, driving negligently, speeding and failure to slow down at
an intersection.

After yesterday's court proceedings, Martinez's attorney said he was confident
the drunken-driving charge would be dropped.

"Obviously we felt all along that there was little or no evidence other than
this erroneous test that my client was under the influence of alcohol," Bahrawy
said. "A mistake was made. Finally the appropriate charge went forward."

But notes from court records suggest otherwise.

In an interview with police on Nov. 12, Martinez said he'd had "quite a few
drinks" the night before the crash. He said he'd had a glass of water that
Sunday morning before getting behind the wheel of the firetruck.

An emergency medical technician at the scene told police that Martinez's breath
smelled like alcohol, which was corroborated by a second rescue worker on the

The examining physician at the hospital diagnosed Martinez, in addition to his
physical injuries, with "acute alcohol intoxication" and "likely alcoholism,"
court records indicated.

Yesterday, Provincetown Police Chief Jeff Jaran said his department often relies
on blood-alcohol tests done at the hospital to help make their case in pursuing
drunken-driving convictions.

Other evidence, such as blood-shot eyes and slurred speech, are also taken into
account but when a suspected drunken driver is injured in a crash, "our first
priority with the injured person is getting the care they need," Jaran said.

In the Martinez case, the inconsistency between the blood and urine samples were
discovered as Assistant District Attorney Michael Donovan prepared for the jury
trial, said Trudeau. Prior to that, Donovan's focus had been on the blood test
alone, and whether it was admissible as evidence in the case.

Bahrawy, though, said yesterday he hired an expert to help analyze the medical
records and knew all along of the inconsistency. Had the trial gone forwarded,
he would have made that inconsistency a centerpiece of his client's defense, he

12:27 pm edt 

Everyone Agrees!

Take down the pictures. Why is this the focus of
site; obviously personal forum. TAKE EM DOWN ALREADY
12:22 pm edt 

Staying Open Later

The Licensing board passed the resolution so bars etc. may stay open later.

On another note, one of the pleasures of paying my taxes in person at Town Hall
is due to Linda who fills the candy and snack jars there. I was crest fallen
when then were empty--but today they are filled again.

I'm paying my taxes in installments so next week I'll be back for the little
treats that make paying my taxes in person a sweeter experience.

(Too bad the police station didn't have any treats around when I went to pay my
parking ticket for parking without my resident sticker.)
12:21 pm edt 

Licensing Meeting & Couture

To all the people who seem to feel that the Licensing Board is trying to usurp
the will of Town Meeting - you are wrong, and you should stop acting
disrespectful and rude to a volunteer board appointed by the Selectmen.
Entertainment and Alcohol are clearly related, but one should think back closely
to the discussion on the article from town meeting.  The Moderator repeatedly
disallowed discussion on alcohol hours during the town meeting discussion, and
told us to attend the appropriate public hearing for that discussion.  As a
person who attended both town meeting and the licensing meeting last night, I
can tell you that the margin of residents in support of this extended period of
liquor sales exceeded the number of people against the proposal by a margin of
Please inform yourselves before belittling a hard-working, volunteer board with
no current applications submitted to fill any of the 2 vacancies (1 regular, 1
alt).  If you want things done differently, step up and volunteer for any of the
town boards desperate for vacancies.

Shame on the Selectmen, especially the Chair-of-personal-agendas-Couture, for
attempting to block a perfectly qualified candidate from serving as a regular
member on the licensing board and subsequently sending the message that public
service on town boards will be met with controversy and stress to the would-be
volunteers in town. 
To the people that say the Licensing Board Chair should step down, I say the
Chair of the Selectmen should immediately step down due to her arrogant,
self-absorbed manner of dealing with the public, and specifically for setting
such a bad precedent for would-be volunteers in town.  Her actions as chair over
the last month will have long lasting affects on the volunteer boards, an
essential part of our local government. 
The employees of the town should be thanked and praised for having to be guided
everyday by the policies of this uninformed Chair of the Selectmen, and whenever
possible you should let them know how much we appreciate their work.
12:20 pm edt 

Tourist Town

We are a tourist town. Let the bars and night clubs and restaurants stay open
until 2am. People won't drive here at midnight..they will chose to come here
earlier and spend the evening here knowing that the bars are open to 2am.
12:13 pm edt 

Convenience Store Cowboys

Why don't the Convenience store cowboys buy their coffee and then go to the end
of the pier and laugh and talk at 6:00am-7am in the morning?
12:11 pm edt 

Ear Plugs

It is 6:30 and I hear the guys at the convenience store laughing and talking. I
don't understand why these guys talk so loud, but I've had a good night sleep.
Last week people were talking about the thunder--what thunder. I had a good
night's sleep.

I've been sleeping like a baby every night for years since I've started to wear
these orange colored ear plugs as soft as marshmallows that look like highway
traffic cones.

Do you live down town too and is the noise keeping you up? Try these tonight and
sleep like a baby. And will the guys at the convenience stores keep it down in
the morning.  The noise, that is.
12:10 pm edt 

Dr. Murry

He came to town, bought the Bonnie Doone and turned it into a gym. He owns a
restaurant, bar, disco complex. Why is he called Dr. Murry? He is a dentist...a
retired Dentist..Do you know the difference between God and Doctor? God doesn't
think that he is a doctor.

Dr.Rick Murray indeed who wants to keep the bars open until 2am.
12:08 pm edt 

How Much a Flush?

I say kudos to the town for finishing something we asked to be done. That's a
huge milestone.

As for the issues raised by the previous chronic complainer, I say bring it down
a notch. Be happy we have public restrooms where a non-functioning derelict
town-owned building served as nothing less than an eyesore.

You don't like the color, the doors or the decorum? Then look the other way.
Better yet, do something productive. Go before the Selectmen with a plan to make
it even better. If you think you could do something positive to continue the
plan to make the town better, I challenge you to do so.

I applaud the town officials who made this long overdue project happen.

Something good finally happened. Thank you!

12:07 pm edt 

2:00am Bar Closing

Any one know the verdict for the 1 AM vs 2AM bar closing?
12:05 pm edt 

Licensing Board

The result of the licensing board meeting tonight is OUTRAGEOUS - Todd
Wagar is out of line
12:03 pm edt 

1:17 am edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

Are the Bangs St. units on the market yet and how much are they? 
These could be like the Lizzy Borden house in Fall River.  The scene of the
crime holding a cerain mystique, expensive surely, though. I just can't imagine
anyone actually wanting to pay for one.  With all the rain I bet the wetland
below is rampant with mosquitos.   
1:15 am edt 


Please attend the meeting@ 3pm@ Grace
Gouveia bld. We had a contract with them. "
"you may hook up now or IF or When your
system fails". Why should WE be the
scapegoats of Their mismanagement
of funds?

1:13 am edt 

Bar Changing Hours

Hope the bar closing time changes to 2:00am.  All those who support it
please attend the meeting.  Anyone who is not in favor of it is not thinking of
the best interests of this town.
1:11 am edt 

Faces on the Sheet

I would also like to add that the interior finishes at the new
bathrooms are done badely. The doors feel cheap. The sheetrock tapeing is low
bidder for sure. The paint job is amatureish. The tile job must have been done
by a carpenter instead of a tile setter. There is grout missing. There is floor
grout on the wall in some places. The hand dryers in the mens room are hung at
different heights. And not one for little people or handicap and one for big
people, just wrong. The caulking around the sink has gaps in it, which will
allow water to get in behind the counter and soon rot it away. Someone else told
me the partition wall between toilets is in the wrong position.

Outside, the trim is painted red, but the aluminum drip edge for the roof is
white, that looks really dumb.

And I agree, the refridgerator and microwave have got to go.

And all this I saw in just the two minuits I was there, what more would I find
if I really looked?

Will this job be inspected by the Town before a check is written? Im sure it
will be. But will the contractor be required to fix these things? I highly doubt

I know for sure that I would not pay a contractor for this type of shoddy finish
work, and I doubt that any Town official who might do an inspection here would
pay for it if they owned it.

I hope Im wrong. I hope it does get corrected.

A Rat In The Basement
1:05 am edt 

Health Care Coverage!

Let's add a different topic to the blog for a change.  Any new news on health
care coverage?  What's happening down at Outer Cape Health now that Dr. Whalen
has retired?  Do they have a replacement or have they cut services?  Usually the
services are the first things to get cut.
1:01 am edt 

I Love the Dancing Cop

He is great. He is also the only police oficer who really directs traffic. I
wish we would given him all the hours he wants--and also put more police
directing traffic. It is a mess here and the summer police, especialy, just
stand, look, and do nothing about traffic.

Let's get the Dancing Cop back on the streets. He is great and an asset to this
12:59 am edt 

I'm Glad You Were There to Witness an Accident

But why would the police arrest someone when it was an accident? Why would the
police take this action as sexual harassment and then arrest the owner of our
local store? Something's amise here. Should the police assume something's wrong
even if it isn't and arest someone? I wish we had more information on this
12:57 am edt 

How Much a Flush?

Can someone tell me what this is referring to?  I must have overlooked something
when drinking my morning coffee and reading the blog!

As for the 2:00 AM serving of alcohol - exactly what did the Town Meeting vote
no on?  Was it alcohol and entertainment or just entertainment?
12:56 am edt 

Provincetown Theme Weeks

If you don't like what Memorial Day in Provincetown  has become blame
the PBG and their ridiculous and never ending quest for theme weeks. I know
plenty of people who will not come here for the long weekend because of the
crowd that the PBG lures to town. They have managed to segregate in the name of
diversity. WTF!

As taxpayers we have the right to stop supporting the PBG. Voters at Town
Meeting voted several times against their interests. Keep it up!  Their amateur
tactics repel as many people as they attract.
What is wrong with Provincetown being marketed as a beautiful place that people
enjoy coming to? Now that's a vacation that is worth spending a little money on.
Getting down and dirty in a place that doesn't care how loud you are or if you
barf in the street. Sounds like  a cheap date to me.  And it looks pretty cheap

12:52 am edt 

Monday, June 7, 2010

27-31 Bangs Street Photos

Can you get rid of (or reduce the size of) the pictures on shout out -
it is a pain in the neck to scroll through them to get to the content
9:59 pm edt 

How Much a Flush?
The outside of the building is ok.. The exterior doors are ugly and cheap,
lighting inside is horrible (not exactly historic) and the microwave and small
refrigerator that is visible from the street is a little gross.  

BTW:  Has anyone figured out how much the taxpayers are paying for each flush of
those toilets? Im sure it's is probably about $5.00 a flush
9:57 pm edt 

Stand Up!

It seems by the Boatworks photo and Bangs St. photos the town is run
carte blanche by a pack of resis monkeys with debit cards drawing on taxpayers
funds.  When are PAID officials going to be held accountable for their inept
performances?  How is this to happen if no one has the cajones, other than the
blogmaster and a few bloggers, to bring this out in the open?   Get with the
program.  This town belongs to the PEOPLE who sweat to live here, not paid
officials and their developer buds cashing the unearned checks!!!  Inundate YOUR
town manager and assistant town manager, selectmen, etc. with emails, calls,
visits, etc.  Don't be shy, spit it out, VOICE your distaste with the direction
the town has taken.   
9:00 pm edt 

Good Ole Days

I don't think anyone is "complaining" about the good ole days.  It's
just sad if you know what the town was once like and what it is now, that's all. 
It's too bad money became the key that opens all doors previously closed.  
Ptown is so unique in location and character, the capitalistic hit has a more
than noticeable effect.  Penny candy is $1.00.   
8:58 pm edt 

2;00am Bar Closing

Judging by the folks on the streets most nights - and many days at
that - nobody in Provincetown needs another hour to drink - i do not support the
extension of the alcoholic beverages licenses  
8:56 pm edt 

Commercial Street Paving

Does anyone know where the money came from to do the paveing on
Commercial Street?
8:55 pm edt 

2:00am Bar Closing

It is too bad that the will of the people is going to be trumped by
the Licensing Board.  Residents voted against extending bar hours until 2AM and
now the Licensing Board is going to go against the Town Meeting vote and permit
the 2AM closing.
8:53 pm edt 

Sacrment of Confirmation

When is the sacrement of Confirmation going to take place at St. Peters?
8:52 pm edt 


When is the confirmation going to take place?
8:51 pm edt 

Kathy Morriss

The story is nothing short of tragic.  Warm and engaging,
she had a quick rise to Vice President and then disaster.  I was shocked and
felt somewhat betrayed when I learned of what she was accused of.  While I
cannot condone her crimes, I nonetheless give her great credit for how shes
resolved the situation and see, once again, why I respected her in the first
She did not engage in legal gymnastics to try and suppress evidence; she did not
claim 101 counts of emotional distress to explain her poor judgment.  She
admitted her guilt, accepted her sentence, and even more significantly made
restitution to the bank for her theft.  There are people in this town who have
caused far greater damage to town owned property who would do well by learning
from her courageous example. 
The story should not end with Kathys imprisonment.  This crime should never have
occurred.  She would never have strapped on a 45 and stuck up the nearest
convenience store.  The other side of this crime is the fact that her employer
was derelict in its responsibility to install adequate internal controls to
prevent this crime from ever occurring and her life from being so damaged.
It is elementary financial management that a single person should NEVER have
authority over all aspects of a transaction.  It is an invitation to
embezzlement and it happens all the time, almost always by people like Kathy who
have never committed any other crime in their lives.  This does not justify
their crimes but it also does not relieve the senior management, auditors, and
the board of Seamans Bank of their share of responsibility for this crime.
Kathy made a very serious mistake, she admitted it, and  has paid dearly for it. 
I wish that those who failed to establish appropriate safeguards and invited
this crime to occur would have been as forthcoming in accepting their share of
8:49 pm edt 


Where is this meeting and when?
8:46 pm edt 

Licensing Board Meeting

The Licensing Board meeting to extend bar hours until 2AM will be held
on Tuesday, June 8 at 5:15PM at the Community Center at 44 Bradford St.  Go to
the meeting and let the Licensing Board know your position.  If you cannot
attend you can also submit a letter to the Licensing Board.

8:45 pm edt 

Licensing Hearing

A Hearing is just that, a chance to hear the peoples views. The voters of
Provincetown were told that alcohol could not be discussed at town meeting, They
were told if they wanted to have input they could come to a Licensing hearing
that was scheduled. Should the peoples voice NOT be heard as promised?
8:43 pm edt 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Police and Traffic

Everyone should continue to be aware and report All abuses,
excuses of local police.  Face it Folks, we are living in a POLICE STATE...6
officers for one guy?  That is either evidence of overkill or the fact that they
don't have anything to do but stand around looking young and dumb. Why is the
Dancing Cop the only one who actually directs traffic...when was the last time
you saw a officer directing traffic? The STandish ST/Bradford mess at Duarts lot
NEVER has the help it needs...wonder why Duarts is not required to fix,  the
mess they create? Oh yea, I forgot they have that "I was born here" protection
that allows them to daily back traffic up all the way down Conwell.
11:01 pm edt 

Summer Police

"It appears that in a situation such as this, it is the Police that
has a mob mentality.----Visitors beware!!!"

A little what my tiny pal Barry Scott has been saying since his beating and
abuse of his partner a few years back. Our police are NOT properly trained. Our
summer police program is a joke. We really should be scared. I avoid them
whenever I can...even cross the street for fear they may think I am drunk and
take me in. Shameful.
10:58 pm edt 

The Good Old Days

I first moved here as a teen almost 35 years ago.  What a great town it was
then.  I could go on and on about all the wonderful things that made it so
special.  It's not the same place today.  It was so much better then.  But even
then the older folks were lamenting about how the town had changed and they
longed for the good old days.

People moving here now are creating their impressions and lasting memories of
this town.  In 35 or 40 years they also will lament about the good old days and
how sad that things have changed for the worse.

i'm sure Hawthorne and Hemmingway said the exact same.  Governor Bradford and
Priscilla Alden had their memories.

This is not unique to Provincetown.  It's a human condition called aging.

Complain about the good old days all you want because some day today will be
someone else's good old days.
10:56 pm edt 

Jaran and Justice

Our police chief knows a lot about a little. He knew about the state of affairs
when he applied to come here, yet now he wants a new police station.

I would like the Taj Mahal to be in town, but we can't afford it.

No means no.
8:39 pm edt 


Cape Cod Times Saturday, June 5, 2010 Issue, Section A8 - Ideas and Opinion. 
Please read the article "U.S. schools failing to prepare students" written by
Erica Waasdorp of Marstons Mills.  It's a wonderful article on the true meaning
of, as she states "getting a very focused education". 

I wonder if the Netherlands hands out condoms to their students?  I would hardly
doubt it! Now that our schools are closing, is the faculty losing sight of what
their educational teaching performance should be instead of all becoming
counselors and handing out condoms.

It you don't subscribe to the Cape Cod Times, perhaps the webmaster could attach
the article for people to read.
8:37 pm edt 

The Real Ole Days

Re: "I'm sure the local Indians would have quite an opinion of the "good
ole days!" as well."

Well, here is a little history: the "local Indians" were only seasonal. They
went back off Cape for over half the year, and there weren't many of them based
on the archaeological record.

The first permanent year-round residents were mostly English Yankees - note the
names of town streets - in the seine fishing (at Long Point) and whaling trades. 
When those died out, Long Point houses were moved across the harbor and some
Yankee families stayed, many left, and offshore fishing on smaller vessels than
whalers became the town's mainstay. That's when Portuguese immigrated in larger
numbers (some had worked as crew on the whalers earlier). 

Then came the artists, writers, etc.  You probably know the rest since it is
within the last century.  It's not a complicated history, but Indians didn't
play much of a role in it, unlike most other places in North America.

You'll have to make up another story to belittle long term residents, since that
was your obvious objective.
7:46 pm edt 

Public Intoxication

Are you aware of Protective Custody? Unfortunately, my co-workers brought it
upon themselves when they got smashed.

A young man drunk could fall and hurt himself; he could try to urinate off the
wharf, fall and drown. He could meet up a guy who had evil intentions towards
him. Perhaps the officers looked to see if there was more alcohol (a flask) in
the bag or drugs.

I live here and my co-workers *need* protective custody sometimes. I'm surprised
that one doesn't get punched for the groping he does at the A-house when he is
so plastered.

I have no idea what happened--except that a young man had too much to drink and
he was out in public. The police assessed the situation, I imagine. Please look
below the surface.

It is good that you posted here and that I saw it because I have no affiliation
with the police, but my co-worker who has passed out the benches in front of
town hall etc. has opened my eyes to this thing called "protective Custody".
sign me: a waiter in Provincetown at a fancy restaurant : )
7:43 pm edt 

Who is Responsible For This? It is Outrageous!

Trash of the beach at the Boatworks construction site. Where the hell are the town inspectors!
This garbage has been there for weeks and yet the supposed Building Inspector has never cited the contractor. How can they get away with this? Is anyone doing the job they were hired for.

7:30 pm edt 

2:00am Bar Closings

The voters had the ultimate say.  It is a shame that the licensing board feels
the need to over power the voters.  This is the exact reason people do not want
to sit on town boards.....  I have an idea, let's have a party in Wagers yard
from 1-2AM and let everyone hang out until 3 or 4....

When perhaps he may need to be at work at 6 or 7AM.

This is totally ignorant and inconciderate of others!!!  Shame on You!!
7:00 pm edt 

Support at an Auction?

Where do you live?  It's an auction.  Someone will stand there seeking bids. 
Others will bid and then outbid each other.  The highest bid wins.  Plain and
simple.  The auctioneer has one thing in mind and one thing only, the highest
bid.  He has no interest beyond that.

If you want to show your displeasure for what's happening there, tell the
Silva's.  Filing for bankruptcy the morning they were supposed to transfer the
property was just plain sleazy.  They could have sold Chris the restaurant and
then filed for bankruptcy afterwards.  They gained nothing by screwing over
Chris and we can only assume the reason they did it was to give the middle
finger to everyone  who they blame for their failure.  They were sleazy when
they were open for business and they are sleazy after they've closed.    Shame
on them.
6:59 pm edt 


Mr. Ted Malone has received accolades for his swath of housing developments that
are spread across the commonwealth. He has won awards--what does Provincetown
get as this man's wealth grows by leaps and bounds?

Mr. Ted Malone came here and started building over ten years ago. Over ten years
of creating housing development..and his hunger for profit only increases; now
he wants to have his  Shank Painter Empire as well as his Race Road development.
I'd love to see a map of Provincetown with all of Ted Malone's housing
developments in red.

Some people may own a few homes..he has been building Housing Developments all
over town from the Meadows to the Old A&P and now his sights are set on
Townsends, so we are told.

This blog was instrumental in getting the by-law changed regarding the
construction-like housing on Bangs Street. Awaken the public to this housing
empire as well. Save Townsends for the rest of us.
6:56 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

Anyone who believes that the town of Provincetown will not incurr additional
costs because of this 2:00am closing is just burying their heads in the sand. 
We the taxpayers will be the ones holding the bag for this ridiculous idea,
AGAIN.  We voted at town meeting not to allow this to happen.  How do the
rantings of one buisness owner get this topic revisited?
6:54 pm edt 

Provincetown Police

Saturday evening, while sitting on the bench at Town Hall, a yound man walked by
who apparently had had a bit to drink.
Although, he was not causing anyone any harm, nor being loud, and just going
about his bisiness, two young officers stopped him and began to question him. 
All of a sudden SIX young officers were at the scene.  They frisked the young
man, looked in a bag which he carried and found nothing.  From the behaviour of
the young officers, I am certain that were it not for the numerous witnesses,
this young man would have been handcuffed and arrested----and all of this for
nothing. Is this what we want from our Police Department? And why on earth was
there a need for SIX officers to be at the scene?  It appears that in a
situation such as this, it is the Police that has a mob mentality.----Visitors
6:52 pm edt 

2:00am Bar Closing

It seems to me that people forget that the town voted at their annual
meeting not to change the character of the town. Call it an article on
entertainment but everyone knew they were voting yes or no on liquor extensions,
later hours on eateries and a change in how our daily lives go about. To call
this licensing meeting "a separate topic" is just thinking people are stupid.
One side lost. It's that simple. Try again next year, but this year one side

And to the person who rants to people, who do not see his way, to get out and
see the "real" world - maybe you should be the one who leaves since you
obviously do not like the way it is here. Thank you.
6:51 pm edt 

Serving Liquor Later

I have read lots of comments, pro and con, about this issue.
Bottom line for me is that, regardless of what the tuesday morning quarterbacks
wish to say, the majority of folks that voted at town meeting were in favor of
maintaining the status quo on this issue. Perhaps the chairman of the licensing
board didn't listen, but the public was clear.

That said , when it comes to WHY we should approve this change, the prize goes
to the person who wrote:

"Get out of Provincetown and travel - lots of places stay open 24/7.  They only
close for an hour, two at the most, to clean up and then re-open again!"

In my view, that's a pretty good reason to be against all of this.
If the day comes when  Provincetown does things like "lots of places", why would
people bother to come here? If our planning board doesn't get off its butt soon,
we'll have a dunkin donuts here too, just like wellfleet. Then a Papa Gino's.
and Then ???

Time for action folks. Before its too late. And your business is shut down by
corporate competition. Say bye-bye small town charm.

Slippery Clam
6:49 pm edt 

To: This is Sad

You're right, you are SAD you OVERHEARD a conversation that could have been a
rumor..  Remember, there are 2 sides to every story and if you were not there
you shouldn't SPEAK!
6:29 pm edt 

Old Provincetown

In the grand scheme of things the Portuguese have not been here all
that long.  There is about 200 years of history prior.  I recall reading
somewhere that Provincetown was overlooked in the first census because the
people who populated this town were not worth counting.  I'm sure the local
indians would have quite an opinion of the "good ole days!" as well.
6:27 pm edt 

Please Show Your Support on June 10 For the Townsends

I agree with the previous post regarding the keeping of this property as is. It
makes sense. Say what you want about service or prices or quality of the food,
to each his own, but I truly do believe a local person carrying on the same type
of business on this locale will keep the town the same to some degree. What else
could go there is anyones guess and probably would be a detriment to the town
and certainly that area. Business gives local people jobs long term as opposed
to housing construction which only gives out of town people jobs short term. I
don't know if it will sway the lender to lean towards Townsend as opposed to
others if people show support for Townsend but it can't hurt. Sadly, the
property may simply go to the high bidder and I hope thats not the only concern
in this matter. It's community character and that's what the town needs right
6:26 pm edt 

2:00am Bar Closing

"This is a GREAT "pro-business" initiative."

The time to make your case was before the last Town Meeting.  Your position lost
in a fair vote.  If you don't like the outcome, bring it up next year again.  We
live in a democracy, and the voters who cared to go to the meeting spoke their
minds.  Not right for a board to even consider circumventing that voter
decision, using technicalities that clearly go against the intent of a majority
of those who voted. 

"Not everyone is on a mission to stay out late & get drunk"

You are right - not everyone, but a great many have that exact mission, and then
make a ton of noise in the streets, while some of us have to get up and work the
next day. 1am is plenty of time to get a drink if you come into town late, as in
the example you gave.

Again, your opinion lost, at least this time.  That's life.
6:24 pm edt 

School Superintendant

As a parent of a graduating senior I am particularly incensed that the
Superintendant won't speak at graduation. The senior class specifically
requested that she speak and she flat out refused while saying that it isn't
done at other schools. This is indicative of how our entire town is being run by
outsiders who don't understand and/or don't care about our small town.
6:22 pm edt 

2 AM and the Chief

The Crown and Anchor hosts a fundraiser called the "Policeman's Ball" every
winter.  Chief Jaran is the only chief in recent history who has not opposed the
extension of service.  Coincidence?

And I never heard the Chief say that it wouldn't cost the town any more money,
what I heard him say was that his department would do what the voters expected
of them and they could handle it.  Can't wait to hear his explanation for
needing more personnel next year during the budget process.
6:20 pm edt 

2 AM Bar Closing

I'm one of the people who voted for this at town meeting.  Regardless, what is
happening now is extremely disturbing.  The licensing board is ignoring the will
of the voters and telling them they were wrong.  How incredibly arrogant of Mr
Wagar to think his opinions are more valid than the will of town meeting.  This
is a blatant attempt to circumvent the will of the voters and nothing more.

If they vote to extend liquor service then the board of selectmen should
immediately remove him from the licensing board.  Does he serve the voters of
Provincetown or certain business owners?  His actions make that answer obvious.

Again, the conversation on this blog about keeping bars open is irrelevant. 
Town meeting spoke and the boards of this town should respect that and not
circumvent it.
6:19 pm edt 

Re: Townsends

I'm disheartened to hear that Townsends lost their bid to get the
restaurant/fish market back on Shankpainter Road. The fish there was absolutely
delicious and fresh. The lobster rolls were also great. Let's support Townsends
getting the place back. Do NOT let a developer get their hands on this parcel of
land. We will end up with the Shankpainter Projects - with Malone building right
across the street, we will be saturated with low income/affordable housing...
still with no jobs to support anyone. We need a moratorium placed on building
any future affordable housing in Provincetown. What we need is more second home
owners to rent to people who need affordable housing for a huge tax break.

6:17 pm edt 

2 AM Bar Closing

This is a GREAT "pro-business" initiative.  All the Hearsay is, as often is on
this site, unfounded.  Instead of running around like chicken little expressing,
"the sky is falling" how about intelligently allowing the facts to present
themselves.  We'll know after this first season of 2AM closing if "the sky has
fallen".  Someone "does not believe the police chief!?... 'overtime'.  This from
another blogger whom obviously has time to blog but NOT listen to the facts. 
There is no overtime as the beginning of new police shift is 11PM so the
officers are "fresh" and ready for duty and there are (if you haven't noticed)
more young, able-bodied & capable officers on the force than ever before!  We
can all count on Chief Juran.  That said, "pro-business".  The bar closing needs
to be allowed at 2AM to encourage as much business as possible in our short
season.  The ASSUMPTION that only drunks want to eat &/or drink late is ABSURD! 
Many of the guests from NYC, Canada & around the!
  world are used to being able to dine & have a glass or wine or drink late.  If
someone travels all the way to PTown & doesn't arrive until late (11PM) they
should be able to go out & have a late night dinner & drink.  Let's ALL be
intelligent and "pro-business" by acknowleding that we don't know until we try. 
Not eveyone is on a mission to stay out late & get drunk... MANY people would
enjoy late night eats & MAYBE a drink if able to. 
12:09 pm edt 

Attracting Tourists

We need to cultivate the young people so that they become as entranced with
Provincetown as I am. They will be the future generation to want to settle here,
to work here or to open an business here.

I'm a baby boomer and the streets were so jammed with people it was hard to walk
down the street. Rents were so cheap that there was no reason to even consider
buying--which was considered bourgeois. At that time, a two family house could
be had for $34,000.

There are people here now who were as young as I was and worked side by side
with me and now they are clamoring for affordable housing while spending the
winters in South America or exotic countries.

Summers are now a shadow of the past summers. Young people don't have the money
to stay for $300 a night at a regular guest house. I couldn't live here if I
didn't own my own home.

When the time comes when we are too old and too tired to live as we are then we
will have to sell our home and move from here. We already have another place,
but how does one leave a true community?

So, cultivate the young so they may return and bring their friends and create a
new community of prosperity in this beautiful town almost totally surrounded by
water called Provincetown.
12:07 pm edt 

School Committee

Mr. Kerry Adams resiged as vice-chair of the School Committee. He is charged
with indecent exposure--but the alleged victim, a 16 year old local boy, made
the allegation after Adams turned him in for allegedly breaking into the Knights
of Columbus Club to steal Alcohol.

Meanwhile, at the school, School leaders weigh condom policy. "The concept here
is, the person who wants to access condoms will go to specific people who are
trained in the conversation so students knnow how to use them and the problems
of using them, as well as the benefits."

Intersting school news this week. 
12:04 pm edt 

Very Interesting

Kerry Adams was scheduled to have an arraignment on a certain date and suddenly
it is completed a week early. People know Mr. Kerry and people know this teenage
boy. People can say anything but there are consequences. Accusations of this
kind require that both "sides" be severely interrogated before such accusations
are made public.
12:02 pm edt 

Bar Closing

May we send a statement to this committee if we can't attend the meeting on
Tuesday? To whom do we send it?
12:00 pm edt 

Re: Hello Provincetown

     Provincetown was one the most beautiful towns on the cape back in the 50'S
to the 80's. Now the only thing left is our beautiful harbor, maybe they'l fill
that in and build on it. We were much better off back then. We don't even have a
high school anymore, next the lower grades will disappear.
11:58 am edt 

Please Show Your Support on June 10

On Thursday June 10th at noon, the former site of Clem and Ursies also
known as 85-87 Shankpainter road will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. 
After 1 1/2 year battle with the Silvas, the bankruptcy court, and the "system"
the latest tenants Townsend Lobster lost their battle.

In a recent conversation with Mr Townsend he stated he would be attending and
bidding on the property in hopes of finally taking ownership.  Although he has
everything on the line and as much as he wants to own the property, his biggest
concern seemed to be preventing yet another landmark restaurant from being
bought up and turned into more unneeded condos. 

The overbuilding of this town seems to be a huge issue with a lot of people here
in town and especially on this site.  Now, I have never written anything on this
site and am a big follower of Townsends so I don't want to start some sort of
pissing match but, if you would like to see this landmark stay as it is then
please pass the word and see if we can get some support for Mr Townsend and his
efforts.  Most people I have talked to seem to agree that Ptown needs a fish
market and an affordable seafood restaurant so, why not make it Townsends. 
Please show your support on June 10. 
11:57 am edt 

1.  Make the decision once and for all to hold the land and natural resources
top priority.  Ptown is not so big that unlimited withdrawal can go on and on
with no repercussion.  In light of the devasting southern oil spill this is
especially obvious.  Make DPW workers clean up the rotting seaweed on the
beaches the length of town, breakwater to Truro line on Beachpoint.  One swipe
with a small bulldozer and it's done for two years or so.  What a difference
this would make especially to tourists whose first impression of the town from
the wharf, right now, is a nasty beach, or from the deck at Fanizzi's where they
bet on flies.   

2.  Determine what, if any, new construction is ABSOLUTELY necessary for
economic and civic purposes. Determine intelligently what buildings that are
currently vacant or will be soon, could be maximized with limited upgrade. 
LIMITED upgrade. 

3.  STOP LOW INCOME PROJECTS.  These are detrimental in every sence.  They are
NOT low income except on paper.  Do the math and you will see this is true. 
Their cost is exhorbitant.

If the yearround population is dwindled why is there a need for unlimited low
income housing?  Wake up.

4.  Stem the tide of cash out, financial pressure with no aid in.  Impose some
surcharges.  Well within town bylaws.  Want to serve booze until 2, pay up. 
Calculate patronage and appropriate cop pay and impose the same.  Come up with
other incentives.  Business's will gladly pay as they will still be on top.  One
hour of drinking isn't going to make much difference.  If you are loud,
obnoxious and drunk at 1:00, you are at 2:00.  At least have the town make some
money off it.

5.  Prioritize and then act accordingly.  Other Cape towns do it very
successfully.  Ptown should also.  Ask for help from other towns, Chatham has
the same problem, tourist imcone subsidizing sparse winter population. 

the current administration are NOT working.  Clean house and hire out of state
if you have to.  Get rid of those who are the problem and you know who you are.
11:54 am edt 

2:00 AM Bar Closing

I also think there will be more cost to the town with bars staying
open until 2AM.  The chief may be right, but he may be wrong.  And if he is
wrong the taxpayers will have to foot the bill just the same.  Say no to keeping
bars open after 1AM and say no to the Licensing Board trying undermine the
voters of Town Meeting.
11:51 am edt 

2:00 AM Closing

I have not decided if I am for or against this, but I do know that the town
spoke up at town meeting and it is WRONG for Mr Wagner to try to go around town
meeting by saying they voted for ENTERTAINMENT, not serving alcohol.    If I
didnt own a business, I would speak up, but you know how this town is, the
minute you speak against something, everyone will bash you.   I can only hope
someday that Mr. Wagner feels the wrath of his actions.   Maybe if I was a mean
spirited person, I would wish his partner a terrible season, but that would not
be a nice thing.   
I wish every business a great season.   I have rules I have to abide by and if I
did not have to apply for certain licenses,    I would have more money for my
Mr Wagner, youre a total        .
11:47 am edt 

Old Provincetown

The Old Provoncetown consisted of Portugese families who were so
tolerant and accepting of peoples different than they were,starting with the
artists and playrights of the early century and then later the gays and the
youth of the 60's and 70's.People actually liked each other back then.And gays
were happy to have a place they could be themselves,out of the closet as we
say.Now I look at it,gays intolerant of family tourists, straight people,the old
locals, including the Portugese,The bar people who  this town would declare
bankruptcy without and of course the less fortunate who are on government
assistance.I'll take the old Provincetown anytime....
11:45 am edt 

Dancing Cop

Donald "The Dancin' Cop" Thomas would like to thank all those who
support him and to let everyone know that it was NOT his idea to work less
hours.  Please continue to call the Provincetown Police Department at (508)
487-1212, ask for Chief Jeff Jaran and let him know that you disapprove of his

--Carmen Marie Thomas
11:43 am edt 

This is Sad

I was in a local store and over heard conversation about how the store clerk was
filling the cooler and went to get up and a young female customer was standing
there so when the clerk got up and turned around he accidently hit the girls arm
with his elbow. The father who was outside was upset and called the Police.Now
this is when it becomes sad that the incident was a total accident, the clerk
apologized and eveything but yet the Police still arrested him. This Police Dept
is worse than the other rumors I have heard. Can this Police Dept get any worse.
So folks watch out, the next person you bump into even if it's an obvious
accident and even if you apologize, this Police Dept obviously doesn't care.
Voice your concerns by voting down any future articles that come up at Town
Meeting for a new Police Station.
11:40 am edt 

Quiet Winters

I personly like the quiet winters here in town. I'm glad that we are a
seasonal place. To each his own.
11:38 am edt 

2:00 AM Bar Closing!

People are making a big deal out of nothing.  How are people trying to divide
the town into different camps?  It's true, there are fewer and fewer people here
in the winter but how will this trigger more additional costs to the town than
as of now?  The town has emergency personnel on duty 7 days a week 24 hours a
day; both police and rescue.  How will the bars staying open for an additional
hour generate additional costs to the town? If they want to stay open until 2:00
AM then why not let them try it.  However, it should be conditioned upon them
having to stay open throughout the year until 2:00 AM.  (They can't close up at
10:00 PM in the winter and stay open unitl 2:00 AM during the sumer season.) If
they don't stay open in the winter during the same hours then they must revert
back to their previous hours of operation.

Get out of Provincetown and travel - lots of places stay open 24/7.  They only
close for an hour, two at the most, to clean up and then re-open again!
11:36 am edt 

True Provincetown

Is the person who has posted several times refering to the "trashy,
tacky town of yesteryear" for real?!? Do you really think this town is all about
money and gentrification? Do you honestly think the town is BETTER now that
average income folks can barely afford to live here?Do you think it's a good
thing that the artists and native families are being forced out?

What a truly sad life you must lead.

Provincetown has a long history as a haven for artists, outcasts, free thinkers
and folks who wanted to live outside of bourgeois society. The pretentious
nouveau riche and their McMansions are obviously here to stay, but to adopt the
attitude that it it now "your" town and if "we" don't like it or can't afford it
we should leave is downright obnoxious.

And to ridicule someone's grammatical errors and dismiss them as the result of
being a "Ptown high graduate" further illustrates how little you care about
Provincetown, it's history and it's people.

You and your rich friends may own most of the real estate, get elected to town
boards, run most of the businesses, and employ most of the locals, but make no
mistake - YOU are still the outsider here. You are not and never will be a part
of the community.
11:34 am edt 

Provincetown Schools!

Obviously the Superintendent does not have children or is not planning to.
According to the Banner Article, the parents don't have a say in the
distribution of condoms to their children being handed out in the schools.  Why
are the schools focusing on these issues when they should be adhering to
educational issues and not sexual issues.

The Town has finally reached the lowest of its constant moral decay! Can't blame
the old locals for this one because that would never be their teaching methods
or even allowed in the schools.  The kids are there to be educated academically
and not about sexual preferences.  The Hygiene classes for students were about
teaching them to keep their ears clean, and their teeth and body properly
cleansed and not about sexual habits.

And not saying as the Superintendent stated, we don't recommend sexual practices
but if you are going to participate in that activity then here's a condom. This
is like giving them permission and being honored by the school administrators.
11:32 am edt 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

2:00am Bar Closing

I do not like the nasty acerbic tone of some bloggers that try to divide this town into different camps. That said, i want to point out as a year round resident that there are far fewer people here in winter than ther were in the 70's or 80' or 90's not more. And though I don't care if bars stay open later I don't believe the chief when he says there will be no additional costs to the town if we have a 2am closing.
10:34 am edt 

Winter Business

I was in a restaurant this winter and we were the only ones in the place after 8pm. Next January, go out to eat at the few open restaurants and see how they are "racking it in".

I also think that it is wrong that these truly year round restaurants suddenly have competition when these other "seasonal" restaurants suddenly open for a holiday weekend in the winter and take business away for the stalwart steady year round restaurants. It doesn't seem fair.
10:33 am edt 

How do we maintain growth for economic and civic purposes while not devastating our land and resources?

Rather than have all of these low income projects concentrated in one or two areas in town, why not give the landlords who rent out there places a Real and True tax break if they rent to low income residents?

This way these residents are part of the fabric of the community, not set aside in conspicuous housing developments on Shankpainter Rd. and Race Point Road. There are a number of people living here in apartments through the Barnstable housing association and the Housing Authority in Hyannis. This is why we will have reached our quota once Shankpainter is built.

We pay $57,000 for a housing coordinator, but they can't tell us how many people are already living here with subsidized, affordable housing. It is all private and personal information. Don't just pay lip service and reduce the taxes by a little, make it an incentive because we the people and the town would benefit.
10:31 am edt 

Give Information
Dear people, don't just say attend the meeting and let your voice be heard; state the time and place as well. Someone may have lost track of it and your posting would be a reminder and save the reader time searching.

Where is the meeting located and when will it be held? It was front page a few weeks ago, in the mean time I've been dealing with a few family crises and lost track.

I was totally against this, but now with the devastated fishing fleet through misplaced regulation and the economy, we need as much help as possible bringing money to the town. Tourists are all that we have.
10:30 am edt 

The Will of the Voters?

That's a good one!  Did the voters vote to not give town employees a raise, did they not vote years ago to have the fire station on Commercial St developed into a public restroom?  The list goes on and on.  The wishes of the town's voters have been ignored many times and will continue to be until people are removed from office who ignore thier wishes.
10:28 am edt 

Playground Users Beware

Not sure who has or has not been watching the news on TV but over the last few days or so, a young child was severly burned from the plastic slides like we have at our playgrounds being subject to the the sun beaming them up.So please check it before putting your loved ones on it and see if it appears to warm and if it doubt don't let em' slide down it because that's when the burn will happen.
10:26 am edt 

Tourist Town
We are a tourist town. This is our income now. Let the bars stay open and serve liquor, let the eateries stay open too. Our foreign student workers will be the ones working these shifts,not your children. The town will make money too. And the "Sand through the Hour Glass" type  motelS will make money too.
10:24 am edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

I remember being at a Planning Board meeting where Atty. Lester Murphy adamantly stated to Planning that none of these buildings would rise above the crest of the dune.  So I didn't complain.  Yet now looking at the first pictures, I see the bldg. with Unit 2D almost completely above the crest of the dune?  How could he present this to Planning one way and then it's built in direct contradiction to what he presented it would be?  I'm confused.  Shouldn't Planning have caught this?  Shouldn't the Bldg. Inspector have caught this?  Why didn't they?  I'm not complaining, although I should be.  This seems wrong, like bait and switch again.  
10:21 am edt 

Contribute to the List?

Wasn't this blogged before, but here goes anyway:

27-31 Bangs St. = Judy Mencher aka Gunther Realty LLC, aka Willa Realty Trust, etc.
10:19 am edt 

Re: Contribute to the List

How about all the natives that sold their properties to profit from their increased worth once the town started to become a more desirable place to live? How about the town receiving more in assessment taxes? How about the local shop owners that have profited due to more yearround people living in the town? How about the individuals that have seen their homes increase in value as others around them have built or rebuilt their properties? Builders and developers aren't the only ones profitting in this town. Show me a property that has decreased in value due to construction on an abbutting property.

Don't waste your time, you can't.
10:18 am edt 

Re: Hello Provincetown!

A day drinka?  I guess you must be a Ptown high graduate. And why would I care that some town beach has flies? The point still is that the town is better off without former townies like you. And the trashy people of tacky town of yesteryear.
10:16 am edt 

2:00am Bar Closing

The chief of police has repeatedly said that the bars closing at 2:00 am would NOT be a problem and would NOT need extra coverage because the same number of patrolmen will still be on duty weather the bars close at 1:00 or 2:00 am. So it will NOT cost the town anymore than it costs now.
10:14 am edt 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Contribute to the List

Since DEVELOPERS are RUINING this town, I think it may be a good Idea to compile a list of the people who are profiting by the overbuilding of this special place we live in. Please help in this compilation, copy, add and repost. this way people will know who is profiteering the destruction of our town.
Ted Melone
Theresa Nelson
27-31 Bangs St ?

Please add to list.
11:23 pm edt 

Bar Closings

Let it all close at 1 just like it does now....  Keep in mind, it is going to cost the town money for 2am closing of any kind.  What's the point of 2 if people cannot drink?  Why would one want to hang out.  That is how it all begins.  It is also going to be costly if there is a 2am closing.  Police will need to be held over at overtime.

Don't be fooled for one second.  The whole story has not been exposed yet..  It will cost the town money.  GO OUT AND ATTEND THE BOARD MEETING.....  The truth will be told....
11:21 pm edt 

The Grapes of Wrath
So, we have the immigrants again: students not grape pickers. 75, 80, 90 hours a week they work *IF* they can get a job. Living conditions that are probably against the law. one fridge, no stoves, no closet, no shelves for clothes year after year after year the students come and pay their $1,600.00 per month per unit $100,000.00 in cash at least--amazing. and not one penny spent on any room upgrades.

So many students arrived but the businesses neglected to tell the authorities that they need these student workers in July and August--not in May or June.
3:18 pm edt 

$24,000 EACH MONTH from Student Exploitation

For many years, this motel jams in these students. Nothing has been done to upgrade these rooms since day one.

Four Students at $100.00 per student per week per unit. $24,000.00 a month. It is all in cash. Not even a hanger to hang up their clothes. I'm making a list starting; come November the anvil will fall on them after the students leave. We can't take the housing away from these students now.

They have no place to even boil water.

Like sand through an hour glass, the day of reckoning will come after Thanksgiving. Trust me on this.
3:17 pm edt 

Re: Hello Provincetown

Anyone who actually grew up in Provincetown and spent more than 20 winters straight there knows the Ptown of today is a sad shadow of the Ptown of the 70's. Tacky, shanty town, hardly.  At least you could lay on the beach in front of Macara's for hours and not get bitten by one fly.  Now, the flies,rotting seaweed and trash are the only things laying on what's left of this "town" beach.  If you think it's better today, wow.   Bet your'e a day drinka.    
3:14 pm edt 

Foreign Student Exploitation

Imagine $1,600.00 a month per room: at least 15 rooms:$24,000.00 a month May, June,July,August, Sept. and what do these students get?

This is the situation>> I overheard some students talking ouyside the library. Where they live ere are two full size beds per room. There are a mandatory 4 people to a room so 4 guys who are strangers have to sleep two to a bed in one room. The same with the young women.

There is only one bathroom and a microwave. Not even a Mr. Coffee. Not a hanger or a closet pole; much less a $15 plastic wardrobe in which they can hang their clothes; they keep them in their suit cases.

They have to huddle by the road to get the wifi. This Motel is too cheap to even get a router. This place is way out of town..but now the spot light is on someone better call them so they make the changes before I call the health dept.
1:46 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs Street Abutters

I can't believe that the abutters to the new Bangs Street development are still complaining on here, yet have done nothing to stop what they think is illegal! Get a lawyer or forever live with what is wrong.
12:48 pm edt 

Hello Provincetown!

I'm happy that you grew up in Provincetown before your fellow towns people sold out and took their children out of the schools and sold off their year round stores and rentals making Provincetown a more seasonal town. But for me I like the way Provincetown is now. I love Provincetown from April thru New Years. And I think the town is starting to look much better now than when it was known as a tacky shanty town back in the seventies. Good ridence to your Provincetown. Hello to our Provincetown.
12:47 pm edt 

West Vine Street

The Historical Commission OR the historic distric committee will not or ever have a say in the west vine future development. Boy, bloggers on here don't have a clue as to how the town runs yet they are so fast to be against something I guess just to get to see their blog in print. Do your home work first or have that cocktale after blogging.
12:45 pm edt 

2:00 AM Closing

Town meeting voted to not extend entertainment past 1:00 AM.  Everyone knew that if they were to extend entertainment to 2 that clubs would have to go before the licensing board to extend their liquor service.  When they voted against this measure they were not expecting the licensing board to go ahead anyway with extending liquor service.  The licensing board is blatantly trying to circumvent the intent of the voters.

This blog has been b------ for months about how developers run this town.  Well certain bar owners do the exact same thing by pushing their private bottom line agendas through town boards.  Todd Wagar and the licensing board should not have the power to change the will of the voters.  The voters knew what they were doing when they voted to keep the bars closed at 1 AM.  That was their intent and I question whether the licensing board is working for the voters or for certain bar owners (and we all know who they are).

12:43 pm edt 

2:00am Bar Closing

Re: 2:00 closing. Bars already have the right to stay open until 2 am. What town meeting voted on was to not extend the hours of "live entertainment" past 1:00...a separate issue. What is before the licensing board now is allowing a bar to serve alcohol past 1:00...yet another separate issue.
11:26 am edt 

My Provincetown

Let's face the facts.  The school is closing, most businesses are only open during the summer season and the property owners rent only on a seasonal basis. Does anyone know how many condos we have vs. single family/two family homes?  How many are really year-round and how many are seasonal?  Provincetown has become a summer resort - no real year round economy anymore.  

Provincetown now is like the old fashioned weddings. A wedding takes place - the red carpet is unrolled, the bride walks down the isle, then the bride walks back again - the carpet is rolled back up, to not be used until the next wedding.  These types of weddings are few and far between now-a-days.  Just like Provincetown, it's alive from Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day and then it rolls up for the winter.  Most of the businesses close, (you might find a few here and there that are open for  weekends only), so, so sad because, truly, Provincetown is a wonderful place.  

It gives me great pleasure to have grown up in Proivncetown when we had a full fishing fleet, when the school had many students in each classroom and they had football, track, baseball, softball, field hockey etc.  The entire townspeople, whether you had children or not, were supportive of their school and its activities and participated in some fashion.  It's sad to see the school will be closing, it's sad to see those businesses that close down for the winter, it's sad to see only a few fishing vessels left tied up at the wharf.  People respected each other regardless of their opinions and differences. What has happened to my Provincetown?
10:31 am edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

As an abutter I would say "we need to get this developer more special treatment, stat.  That lawn and those flowers are really nice.  Too bad you can't see them because of all the cars blocking.  Now give me a hand will you?  I have to back up out of the street because there is no room to turn around".  Come on.  
10:29 am edt 

55 West Vine Street

Anybody know what's going on with that upcoming development ? Don't seem to see on the Ptown website anything about zoning or planning or historical.
Any info is appreciated and thank you.
10:28 am edt 

Doing Your Homework

Thank you for explaining why the licencing board is having a meeting on the 2:00 am closings. People on this blog seem to never know what they are talking about. Maybe if they went to the PUBLIC meetings about these issues they would understand what the real problems in this town are. Another case in point is the misunderstanding of the Library funds. Its one thing to question your concerns on here, but another to get all fired up on something that is not even true. Do your homework before you spread misinformation around the town.  
10:26 am edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

There has been a lot of negative comments about the Bangs St project.  However, there have been many past instances of developers putting up buildings that were in violation of zoning bylaws.  In a few rare cases the developer was assessed a small fine that was less than 1 percent of the sell out price of the sale of one unit in a complex.  It makes good business sense for developers to ignore town bylaws as they make more money that way.
10:25 am edt 

2:00am Bar Closing

Grow up, wake up, get with the program huh?  I love how some people on this blog will immediately attack anyone who disagrees with there point of view.  The program is bars close at 1AM and that is what people voted for at Town Meeting.  Trying to make some convoluted excuse for going against the wishes of the voters at Town Meeting is pathetic.
10:23 am edt 

Re: 2:00 AM Bar Closing

Why would a town board go against the wishes of Town Meeting.

Get with the program.   Wake up people.  The Town Meeting did NOT vote against bars staying open until 2 AM. That issue wasn't even on the warrant.  Rather, the Town Meeting voted against entertainment until 2 AM.  The voters stopped ENTERTAINMENT, not BARS staying open 'til 2 AM.   The Licensing Board has always had the authority to allow bars to stay open until 2 AM.   Town Meeting did nothing to change this.   The fact of the matter is that Licensing has never exercised their existing authority to allow bars to stay open 'til 2, even though they currently have this authority.  If Licensing wanted to, they could allow bars now to stay open to 2 AM.  The reason they are having the public hearing is to be responsible and solicit input as to whether they should change their current policy.   It's scary to me that so many uneducataed voters that thought they were stopping something are blaming Licensing because the voters didn't understand what they were voting for.  Voters ne!
ed to educate themselves on what they're voting on.  I'm not for or against bars staying open til 2, but don't blame Licensing for your ignorance.
12:15 am edt 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Re: Bike Racks

I also agree that with all the money that restaurants make in this town that they should also at least put in bike racks for people to use. God knows we pay top dollar for the food they serve. If it wasn't for chapter 91, do you really think Ms berg would have put that walkway in because she is such a good person????
9:41 pm edt 

Re: Bike Racks

I agree. Low blow to Ms. Berg.  Someone does something good and they get bashed.  Someone does something bad and they get hugs and kisses.  Down is up but Ptown isn't a wonderland anymore.    
8:47 pm edt 

To: Here's My Problem: If Only People Actually Were Reading Here

Why would you think the library should only be a place for reading? That kind of one-dimensional thinking is so last century.

Have you ever set foot in the "new" library? Unless you were blindfolded, you would have noticed the bay of computers available for use  (just to the left when you walk in, past the public restrooms that are also open year-round)...

Displayed on easy to reach kiosks are numerous daily newspapers and periodicals, which provide access for people who are unable to subscribe to these information sources. Free.

There are videos, music CDs and book for members to borrow. Art from the town's collection adorns every nook and cranny of this historic building, which also serves as the repository for the much of the town's archives. Free.

But you claim people don't read. So what? The views are stunning. There is an elevator to help those non-ambulatory visitors enjoy the display on the second floor of the replica of the Rose Dorothea. (If you don't know what this is, perhaps you should consider reading!).

The library is one of the best year-round attractions in town. And it's the only one that is free. Imagine that....

P.S. Do people really read any more?
8:36 pm edt 

Re:Re: Bike Racks

"With all of her money, you would think she'd had put in a few bike racks in with her new walkway!"

What an idiotic and libelous remark! I happen to know that Ms. Berg was mandated by the state to put in the walkway because of chapter 91 issues, which she dutifully complied with. Of course it does little for the actual shoreline, which is what Ch.91 is all about, but it does beautify an area that the town has ignored for years! So, she spent the money, did her duty and made what was previously an eye sore much more aesthetically pleasing. And all you can do is BASH her for it?  How the hell do YOU know how much money she has? I'm so tired of people who bash others who've lent their entire life to building good, solid businesses in this town and making it a destination--something that lines your own sad, pathetic pockets. So shut the hell up and think before you slander.
8:32 pm edt 

2:00am Bar Closing

The bars should be open until 2am. Grow up and get with the program. Any other town or city in Mass is open until 2am and it's not a problem, in fact it brings in more revenue which results in tax dollars. This is Provincetown, it's not some sacred place, get over it. People need to make a living that reside in this over-priced sandbar. It's not a fishing village any more! You realize that right?
8:28 pm edt 

Bangs Street

The Bangs St thing is just another thing that people think they can get away with. I think the town should make them take them down. We can't keep letting people get away with this stuff and just get a slap on the hand. It's the same thing that happened on commerical st a couple of years ago. They just got a little fine and got what they wanted. People just don't like the word NO!!!! NO means NO.
5:23 pm edt 

2:00am Bar Closing

The Licensing Board will meet to discuss allowing bars to stay open until 2AM.  Town Meeting voted this measure down.  Why would a town board go against the wishes of Town Meeting.  If you do not want to see the wishes of a few bar owners prevail on the 2AM closing then you should attend the meeting of the Licensing Board or send them a letter.
5:22 pm edt 

What Would be a Good Debate?

"Re:  <strong> Here's My Problem: If Only People Actually Were Reading Here <strong>"

Here's MY problem.

This is an old debate. The town had debated this on Town Meeting floor about 10 years ago. The room was packed. A full discussion was held about the old Heritage Museum and what to do with it. The voters decided to go along with the offer of the Library Board of Trustees, and move the public library from the Freeman Street location to the former church.

Its done. And given what the trustees had to work with, we owe them a debt of gratitude. They've turned a condemnable municipal building into a library & community center & museum & tourist attraction. Good for them i say.

Lets have a debate about a current issue, something relevant to the year 2010. Not something that we decided 10 years ago.

What would be a good debate? How about the selectmen's decision to go back on their word and force the red-dot delay properties onto the sewer?

Now that's worth arguing about. If they can break their word on this, their word means nothing.

How will you feel next time the Town makes YOU a promise?

Write to the selectmen and tell them a promise is a promise.

Slippery Clam
5:18 pm edt 


Has anyone else noticed that the belfry no longer sits straight on top of the library?  It leans about 10 degrees.  Now I'm pretty sure it was straight when it was reinstalled two years ago.  So I guess the question is -is there a structural weakness now affecting the library that also needs to be corrected in addition to the current list of improvements?  If so, what's the cost of that going to be?
5:14 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

I see one blogger's remark regarding another blogger's padding the blog with expert "rants" in objection to Bangs St.  I have yet to see one intelligent comment supporting or explaining any of the unanswered questions surrounding this project. Comments saying it looks good, but none logically explaining why and how this was allowed knowing what we all know now and based on the facts and multiple issues present.    
10:12 am edt 

Here's My Problem: If Only People Actually Were Reading Here

But the most taken out objects are not books--they are videos. This is not a town that reads. This is nto a town that has books lining their living rooms. so why spend all this on a building that holds books that are hardly taken out. The old library would have been perfect. Everything is on line and you don't need the Rose Dorathea to inspire your reading.

The library is poorly thought out even if people's hearts are in the right place. Support the book stores in town and we'd do much better.
9:32 am edt 

Bang's Street/Holidays/Summer

People keep on writing about this project.  I'm sure when construction is complete and plantings are in place it will look beautiful.  As someone once quoted - the grass always grows greener over the septic tank.  What will the abutters say then if this property ended up with a fabulous lawn and flower gardens and became the most wonderful picturesque place on the entire street or neighborhood.  As the project comes together and the final product is complete will we see the pictures posted as we do the construction phases.

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone and the next event is the Portuguese Festival followed by the Fourth of July and then Carnival in August.  Next thing you know, it's fall with winter fast approaching.  Let's all enjoy the upcoming events/holidays and our 8 to 10 weeks of summer.

9:30 am edt 

Library Rehab.

"Re: The library is slowly mouldering away and someone actually thinks it is important to point out that the figure approved by TM is 2,092,000 NOT 2.5 million...Wow, big mistake, like it really makes a difference... "

I think the point was you didn't know the facts and that point was correct.
9:29 am edt 

Food For Thought

Sometimes people who object to a project are forced to keep quiet because the developer involved threatens legal action if a delay in that developer's construction project results due to the complaints.  Food for thought.  Don't think it doesn't happen.
9:27 am edt 

Ad Hoc Zoning Bylaw Committee Meeting

The Town Managers Ad Hoc Zoning Bylaw Revision Committee will hold a Public meeting on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 6:00 p.m., in Room 6, at the Grace Gouveia Building located at 26 Alden Street, Provincetown, MA 02657
9:26 am edt 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Provincetown Public Schools

As I watch the things going on in this town it makes me sad. The roads are a mess and I can't believe that they just paved the roads and they are digging them up again no wonder the taxes keep going up. They just love to spend our money! As for the schools, the people think their going to save money sending the kids to another school but just you wait and see.Their are only going to be a few  students in the high school next year so wouldn't you think they would cut some administration. Does the superintendent really need two secretaries and does their need to be a principal and an assistant to the principal? It seems as though they need to cut a little more than the teachers. I think the school committee needs to get a grip and do the right thing for the parents and the students, because lets face it they are the reason the school is going because they have been in denial for a long time.
3:05 pm edt 

Theme Weeks-

I would like to poinht out that Memorial Day Weekend is not a theme weekend at all.  Although it is euphamastically referred to as "baby       weekend"  there is no orgqanization in town that organizes it or promotes it as such.  So if the baby       are so awful then perhaps it's time to actually promote the weekend.  Maybe if we can get the bears in for the weekend it will push a few of the baby       out and have a more balanced visitor group.  Or perhaps accommodations in town could raise their prices for the weekend or enforce fire codes and only allow 2 to a room instead of 4 or 6 or more.
1:06 pm edt 

Re: Shout Out!
Sounds like you are an expert on all concerns relating to the Bang Street project.  Why should we even bother to express our opinions because you and only other critics have ALL the answers?  Keep padding this blog with your "expertise" and the rest of us will continue to ignore your rants.
1:03 pm edt 

Re: Theme Weeks

Lot's of people don't care for the theme weeks. I don't like them. Before I moved here I used to vacation here (about 15 years ago) and I really enjoyed just experiencing the town for a week in the summer. Quiet, crazy, fun, open minded, beautiful, friendly. That's what it used to be and it was fine and people made money. There were no theme weeks then, and the town was about art and beaches and pleasure. Not real estate and money.

But the PBG and other greedy business people started these theme weeks to fill their own pockets. Well, now we're stuck with it and our town becomes more and more commercial and money oriented (and less and less the free spirited, bohemian sanctuary we'd like to pretend it still is) every year.

Whatever. Things change. There's not much we can do about it.

However, I think that this Memorial Day weekend was wonderful! The girls were well behaved and respectful for the most part (yes, there will always be a few isolated incidents) and the police stepped up and did exactly as they promised. They allowed the girls to have fun but made sure they didn't trash the town. Kudos to the Provincetown Police Dept. for a job well done!

All theme weeks should run so smoothly.
9:59 am edt 

Bike Racks and Theme Week Visitors

In the good ole days, if you parked your bike blocking something, you'd find it out on a sandbar at low tide, whether it was locked or not.  Most tourist towns have specific places designated for bike racks and parking so as not to obstruct car or pedestrian traffic.  Here, by the time you cut through the red tape of whose going to foot the bill for racks and people fighting over where they should be, summer would be over.  As an aside, I wanted to wash the vomit from one of our "seaside" resort visitors off my car trunk Monday morning but water use restrictions prevented me from doing it.  How much are the nice new townhouses going for on Bangs St.?  I may have to move so I can get some offstreet parking.      
9:53 am edt 

Re: Theme Weeks

Dreadful memorial weekend.  Worst ever.  The town was over run with             !  These themed events must stop.
9:50 am edt 

Re: Library Rehab.

How typical that the town folk would vote to spend all that money on the library without a plan.  Why don't they just throw the money out to sea. I'd be curious to see who gets rich on our dime this time.  Here's an idea, instead of a lawn, which will need constant care ($), toss a ton of wild flower seeds and let nature take care of it.
9:49 am edt 

Re: Shout Out!

This blog highlights positive and negative issues facing town. Bangs St. Ext. is not just another 4 modular units presented as 2, built into a dune.  The development process is center stage because people need to be aware of it to make intelligent, informed decisions regarding town bylaws and future town board actions. Pictures tell the story better than any blog either supporting it or against it. Dont accuse the blogmaster of bias. Your comments in support have not been posted.  I too have written many comments, against the project, which have not been posted.   The flag flies both ways.  Many comments about many subjects do not get posted here. The fact is there are comments here in support of this project. Check the archives. Granted not many, true, but why is that do you think, really? Before you glance and say nice shingles, looks great, study the background of this project and how it came to be.  Remember legal counsels public promises to preserve dune integrity and vegetation.  Once project approval was obtained and abutter appeal time was up, the bulldozers clear cut the dune and destroyed all vegetation. Defend that.  I think we all know why, other than cost, these units weren't built on site.  The developer and her "people" are not novices and know the ins and outs of Provincetown boards.  They do it here because they can get away with it. Remember legal counsels public banner quote re: the existence of continuous foundations to strengthen the case for project approval.  Yet no continuous foundations exist.  Who on Planning read these plans?  Defend that.  Talk about trying to sway public opinion.  Remember the previous owner was denied a much lesser project for fear of environmental damage by one certain board member.  Mysteriously that same denying board member has a complete change of heart and approves a much more invasive project, fearless now.  You could only support this project if you also support deception.  Surface summer greenery hides well.  This and people's ignorance is what the developer is banking on.  The sparseness of winter will expose the damage done.  The clear cut, eroding dune, damaged natural vegetation, half uprooted trees, etc.  But I digress. People owning these modular summer townhouses wont be looking out in winter.  Trailers arent known for being well insulated against cold weather.  
9:47 am edt 

Re: Bike Racks

With all of her money, you would think she'd had put in a few bike racks in with her new walkway!
9:41 am edt 

Parking Tickets:
Well... rumor has it Sharon Lynn now voids parking tickets without going through the appeal process!  Hmmmm...
9:40 am edt 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Re: Theme Weeks

"After 30 years of living here,all i what to do is sell everything & and get out of this         town.YOU CAN TAKE YOUR THEMES & SHOVE IT

BYE BYE---  We don't need your kind here.  Theme weeks are here to stay.
11:04 pm edt 

Bangs Street
Don't bother writing comments here to support the Bang Street project because the webmaster only posts views that support his own.  The posts here do not represent all that are submitted, only the ones that represent the webmaster's position.
10:57 pm edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn

From an article on, Feb. 10: "Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced yesterday his decision to take a 3% pay cut in light of the challenging economic realities confronting the City's budget. All of the Mayor's cabinet members volunteered to take a 3% pay reduction as well..."

Sharon Lynn got a 19k raise--to $145.000.00? Let's see. Population of Boston: 620,525. Population of Provincetown: 3400. Hmmmm.... I'm sure she does a competent job considering all the hoo-ha she has to deal with, but really? REALLY? I mean, really???  
10:55 pm edt 

What Are Our Priorities

The library is slowly mouldering away and someone actually thinks it is important to point out that the figure approved by TM is 2,092,000 NOT 2.5 million...Wow, big mistake, like it really makes a difference. The front weeds will be replaced by "landscaping" for hundreds of thousands of dollars and the rest will go where?
What is so wrong in asking and why are there no answers?
Face it folks, the library can't even keep the bathrooms clean! The custodian has been on vacation since January (best no-show 'cause I was born here' jobs in town) and all the real librarian's are gone.

I'm sure that when there is a contract to repair what was always broken will have good ole' Russell Braun will be given the job of clerk of the works...triple dipping in your tax $$$...maybe by  then he will also be managing the new police station...don't for a minute believe the police will ever move to a school building. Not in Sharon Lynns town...there will be a NEW police station long before the library is finished...public safety trumps public libraries everyday. Priorities, so sad.
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Bike Racks

It seems to me that with all the bike traffic that there should be more bike racks placed sporadically around town. For instance, I was admiring the new walkway that Astrid Berg had built that runs along Johnson Street and it's literally half blocked with bicycles. It is not a large stretch to hope that the town could spring for a bike rack to help clear that new walkway. As it stands there are bikes locked to parking meters, trees and any other structures that the riders can find. We could also use one in the area of town hall--the real town hall, not the trailers. Just because it's under construction does not mean it is no longer the center of hustle and bustle in Provincetown. Let's encourage Sharon Lynn to urge the DPW to rectify this simple problem. Let's encourage riding bikes as opposed to using cars but let's supply the cyclists with proper bike racks.  
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Library Rehab.

Enough with the snotty posts in response to the library questions! Seriously, you could have attended every public board meeting for the last ten years and still not have a answer to the questions, so back off with the outrage.
These are ligemate questions...Have they even put it out to bid yet? If so, then what are the plans? Are they going to complete the basement before they fix the leaks? Water is still pouring in the balcony ceiling and rolling down the walls every time there is a nor'easter.
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Regarding the Comment on Memorial Day Weekend:
First, how do you know that some of those young people were not service members getting some badly needed R&R before they are redeployed?

Second, come off it!  This country and this town are more sensitive to the needs of our Veterans than they have ever been before.  Many of us, myself definitely included, have grown up and realized that you might not support some of the missions our warriors are sent on, but you can and must respect and support those who end up in harms way on our nation's orders.

Stop your pontificating; we support our Veterans.  But realize that this is a seaside resort and like it or not everywhere in this country the message is that Memorial Day weekend is the official start of the summer season.

If you want this to change, lobby for the holiday to be moved to February or March.  See how far that gets.
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Theme Weeks

Thank god the         are gone,it`s getting worse every year.the rudness,loudness,disrespect for the town .my driveway had a least a couple of case of beers,they had sex in my backyard,trash every where & the constant screaming.We should rethink these theme weeks,it discourages other tourist.after 30 years of living here,all i what to do is sell everything & and get out of this         town.YOU CAN TAKE YOUR THEMES & SHOVE IT
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Summer Police

Chief of Police Jaran will cut the Dancing Cop, who is an icon in Provincetown yet his summer cops lack the necessary training for crowd control, public interaction and basic intelligence.  I saw these young folks in action this weekend and it was not impressive.  When are we going to get summer police officers that are trained and ready to deal with our environment?
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