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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Walking the Ugly Green Line....

It would be interesting know just how many gallery owners are behind this. AND just wait, according to the letter in the Banner, there's more to come! 17 Yellow and Green neon signs and also murals painted on the street. The East End is going to look like a Circus. Maybe they can coordinate the artwork with Carnival so it won't look so foolish for at least one day of this coming summer.

AND when did the VSB, Chamber and PBG become organizations that promote just a specific section of one type business? What about the other galleries in town? I thought they were promoting the entire town -- guess things have changed.
4:15 pm edt 

Green Line

The "Green Line Vote" In The Banner: You've got to be kidding! It is totally manipulated by the pro people. You can vote as often as you like. I can just picture that person/persons sitting in front of their computer. Everyone on the opposing side should show up at the May 10 BOS meeting to voice concerns over this mess on our streets.
4:13 pm edt 

You Are Right About Couture Not Being the Only One to Blame
But I do believe that the Chair of the BOS bears extra responsibility. It is supposedly a leadership position and we can or should expect some level of clear thinking and an educated analysis that I do not see Couture showing about the Green Line. I hold all of them responsible but again believe a Chair heads the selectmen towards certain actions and against some others.

And I do believe she is the least educated of the group and too often her poor education shows through.
2:27 pm edt 

Re: Green Line

The people behind the green line seem to think that throwing around
buzz words like "rebranding" will demonstrate their professionalism and
qualifications to the public. Unfortunately, the line is anything but
professional. Our town condemns (lifelong resident) Mr. Bryant's yard as an
eyesore, yet we are going to allow this tacky bright green line in a historic
part of town? It just doesn't seem right.

It isn't surprising to find that Candace has now aligned herself with this
poorly handled project. She has already demonstrated her complete lack of taste
with the silly, lawn ornament strewn "park" that (thankfully) is way out on Rte.

The people behind the line have now launched a campaign to stuff the Banner's
online poll on this issue with favorable votes (yes, you CAN vote numerous times
as people evidently have been doing.)

There has been an overwhelmingly negative reaction from town residents about the
line, but I don't think anybody in town thinks that marketing the east end as an
arts destination is a bad idea, just badly executed. Maybe in the hands of more
qualified people, this project could work for local businesses AND improve the
appearance and character of the town.

Thankfully one local gallery owner has finally stepped forward to voice his
disapproval. This tasteless, poorly drawn line affects every east end business
owner and resident, not just the galleries that stand to benefit financially.

Maybe it's time to hand this project off to someone who knows what they're
1:22 pm edt 

Michele Couture and the Green Line

"The first one to ask her level of highest or lowest education
level would be the Chair Michele Couture. She backed this ridiculous, pavement
defacing green line."

All note: the blogger fails to complain about the other four selectmen who
continue to lend their support for the advancement of the 'Walk the Green Line'

I graduated summa cum laude from a prestigious university,
had a big career on Wall Street. I retired at age 31. I support the concept of
the 'Walk the Green Line' project and I made it my business to learn about their
entire vision before I decided to support it. So, what's your beef with my

So, please we know you don't like Couture. I have myriad problems with her
political platform and she knows it. In fact, we often come to public blows
about our political  differences. But don't blame her for the green line as you
just look like you have one big grudge against her and have no credibilty with
us educated, very successful primary voters and taxpayers.
1:15 pm edt 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

School Closing

"Why all of these tears when it was announced at town meeting that the school was going to close?"

Just because declining enrollments dictated the school be closed, does not negate the feelings of many about losing something that held a central role in town life for many many years, and which embodies numerous and strong personal memories in their own and their families' lives.  One can agree with the decision, and still be sad about it and what it bodes for the town's future (see today's Globe article for a small taste of this).

You are either incredibly dense or incredibly insensitive. Or perhaps both.
3:19 pm edt 

What About the Serious Issues

Boy with all the issues going on in P town to focus on a line by person who posts over and over again to have people who are not informed about what is really going on join his cause PLEEEASE Post once and get it over with. There are more important issues to focus on.
3:17 pm edt 

Re: School Closing

Whats funny is that now the school is closeing does that mean were going to have an aids hospital or low income housing or even a dog shelter. It seems like the dogs have more rights than the town kids,at least they are keeping the dog park for the dogs.This town is going down the tubes fast.Instead of wasteing the money on repairing town hall we would have saved money if we tore it down and build new one.If we want to save more money lets just close the whole darn town down.Once the school is closed your going to lose more families but that is what a lot people want.Not me, I want this town back to the way it was when I was growing up we stuck together,but we'll never see that happining.
3:16 pm edt 

Walk The Green Line

How about forming a procession starting @ Howland
& ending at  Center. It needs to be around 7 & 8 am
before traffic. Maybe "they" will get the message.
Pls post if interested and what date (if) is good.
3:14 pm edt 

Re: Results of 'Walk the Green Line' Subcommittee Todate

-17 signs that will lead into the East and West Ends of town breaking down the invisible barriers to these areas

INVISBALE BARRIERS???? What in the world does that even mean? Commercial Street has too many signs already. The center of this town is ONE street! People walk up and down all day. They don't need signs every 2 feet to tell them what's ahead. Where's the Historical and Beautification Boards on this one?

Maybe this subcommittee would be better offer hiring a professional marketing agency. They obviously don't know what they're doing or have any taste. This green line is going to make Provincetown the butt of ridicule throughout the Art world.
3:13 pm edt 

Vote Online to Remove the Ugly Green Line
3:11 pm edt 

The Green LIne Makes Me Want to Make Certain Each Selectmen Graduated From High School!

That isn't asking much but I think we have some who just about graduated from Grammar School. The first one to ask her level of highest or lowest education level would be the Chair Michele Couture. She backed this ridiculous, pavement defacing green line. Did you graduate from High School? Remmber that she refused to put her eudcation when she last ran for selectmen.

This is why having an educated BOS is important. But, alas, this is more a wish than a reality in our sad little town.
3:10 pm edt 

Closing the School
The Provincetown High School is closing. The big news on here is post after post about the Green Line. There was a plan to poison the crows and that meeting had standing room only. The school committee has a meeting about the shcool and look at the photo in the banner---a handful of people are there.

Everyone knows that Nauset is the best deal for our students.
12:40 pm edt 

Anti Green Line Movement Forming on Facebook....Please Sign up!

The group is called "help us remove the neon green line from commercial street".  It's a helpful tool in getting information to people about next steps for us to the next BOS meeting on Monday, May 10th.  

Public Art projects that are run by cities and towns are critically important.  However, this green line project is a poor attempt at public art and one that is not authentically reflective of our community.  We need to make more thoughtful work that reflects all of us!  In most cities and towns there is a Public Art Commission that protects citizens from this kind of visual nightmare.  Provincetown's Beautification Committee was NOT contacted, nor was the Historic Commission.  Aesthetic choices on a public scale are co massively important to a community's soul and visual identity.  Such aesthetic choices take more dialogue and care.  Please, let's be careful about our community's palette and at least make some attempt to integrate our Public Art into the architectural and community context.  
12:38 pm edt 

Green Line

The green line looks like a left over from a bad St. Patricks day parade!
12:36 pm edt 

Students Need Other Students

How can we parents possbily ask our handful of children to go to a school where they only interact with each other.

Think of the competition and rivalries; being pigeon hold your whole life where everyone *THINKS* that they know everything about you. Is this what you want for our children?

A student does one thing wrong and the whole student body knows about it. They are living under a magnifying glass with the entire school staff watching their every action. Any personally embarassing incident flies through the school like wild fire.

It is past the time to close the shcool; it should have closed ten years ago.
12:35 pm edt 

Common Sense
Go to the bank and ask to borrow $4,000,000 on a business plan equivalent to asking the taxpayers to pay for our schools and you would be laughed out of the bank.

Ask the Lobster Pot to take away all but 3 tables and see how long they will stay in business.

Why all of these tears when it was announced at town meeting that the school was going to close?
12:34 pm edt 

Green Line

I am not totally WRONG.  Paraphrase my entry correctly, I said "a wide UGLY line" - which it is!  The article in the February's Banner said:

"Details on the exact design of the line  whether it will include additional signage of some kind, for example  have yet to be hammered out."  It also said the line would be between 6 and 9 inches wide.  I haven't dug out my tape measure to check the width - but it's wide and ugly!

It's not being a "Monday Morning QB" when you see this implemented and realize that it's a terrible mistake.  It's not only ugly it's unsafe!  Just because something sounded good on paper and was approved by the BOS doesn't mean we have to live with the fallout. Some of us can't be as "involved" as you, but we are entitled to complain and change things that negatively affect us!  

It's not whining, it's called blogging.  And I dare you to have the courage of your convictions in support of this "Green Monster" by signing your name to your "bit$%*" responses to my blog postings.  

Paul Soares
12:32 pm edt 

Green Line

The green line is Butt ugly, plain and simple. It has NOTHING to do with our town. It's time for it to get voted off the island.
9:48 am edt 

Results of 'Walk the Green Line' Subcommittee Todate:

-10,000 rack cards listing all of the galleries in town

-decals with the our slogan Provincetown, 'where art lives'  

-the combination of the townwide event restaurant and gallery stroll

-17 signs that will lead into the East and West Ends of town breaking down the invisible barriers to these areas

-a full page ad with images from all galleries wishing to participate to appear in the American Art Collector in July, a green walk the line project into the historic east end gallery district

-All of these projects have been supported by the major business organizations in town, both in letters of recommendation and funding.

Who in their right mind would want to stop this group from continuing to help all of us? They know they have to 'refine' the green line. There will be art along it too.
That won't confuse traffic etc. Give them a chance on the Green Line as they are batting 499!
9:41 am edt 

Town Departments Cut Cost to Avoid Tax Override Vote
Check out the Cape Cod Times today. Very interesting
read. Chatham seems to know that it is time to make
cuts and rearrange finances. The BOS and Finance
Committee do not reccomend the increase in local
meal and lodging hikes. Very interesting.
9:38 am edt 

Green Line

Did the "Long Green Line" get permission from the Historic Committee? I don't think so. The East end is a historic district, and that line is a blight which detracts from the entire neighborhood. If the businesses (Galleries) in the East end want greater profits, maybe they could try Advertising there wares.                What will happen when the restaurants want lines, and don't forget the masseuses, Guest Houses, Motels, Hotels, Street Performers,T-Shirt Stores, Trinket Shops, Jewelry Stores, Candy Stores, Pizza Places, Gas Stations, Supermarkets, Churches, Parking Lots, Whale Watches, Fishing Tours, Boat rentals, and all the other small businesses in town? Legally the town has set a precedent, and may not discriminate, now all the other businesses have a right to their own lines, in every section of Commercial St, and maybe the whole town.   Did anybody think this through?   Good intentions, bad plan.
9:36 am edt 

Bangs Street

Ellen Battaglini(Planning Board) and Brian Carlson(Conservation Commission) are both abutters yet they are all over this subdivision with their stamps of approval.  How can an Agent who gets paid to enforce town by-laws endorse a project which violates town by-laws?  "No construction within the 100 foot buffer zone of a wetland" 2 of the 4 bldgs. are completely withing this buffer zone.  This is a clear law that doesn't need interpretation.  Aren't these prime examples of ethics violations and ample reason alone to question the validity of any approvals handed out by their boards for this project?  The minutes posted show a definite precedent set by Ms. Battaglini who is in denial.  Yet, now, 8 bedrooms in 4 separate modular homes (trailers) on 1/4 acre of resource land is allowed? on a road that doesn't exist? Something is very wrong here.  In addition to the abutters, all townspeople who care about this town should join in with their support.  This project is an insult to !
the intelligence of everyone who lives here and works hard to savor and preserve this town for the beautiful things it represents.    
9:34 am edt 

Globe Article on Town
Here is the link to that article in today's Globe:

www [DOT]

Seems on the mark.
9:31 am edt 

Green Line

There may have been good intentions behind the idea for the green line and all that goes with it. Unfortunately, it was not an idea that was very much in sympathy with the nature of a historic district, or of the sensibilities of others. Others, including local residents and business owners and tourists.  It has the potential to be a safety hazard as well. It needs to be removed.
7:57 am edt 

Boston Globe P'town School Column

Go to the Metro page of the Today's, April 29th, Boston Globe and read about the School committee closing the school. It mentions the locals who sold their homes and moved to Truro, it mentions the fishing regulations, and some  other factors.

It is wrong to say that Provincetown will be more isolated in the winter. The schools have pushed the residents of the town away. No open houses for the residents, no part of the school could house Town Hall during the renovation.

It is the inevitible result of having a school with no 8th grade, 3 9th graders next year at a cost of $4,000,000 a year. Why do we still need two school buildings for a hand ful of students?
7:28 am edt 

To: Paul Soares
You are totally WRONG-  the proposal that got approved was for a wide green line down the middle of Commercial St with the text 'Galleries Ahead'.  bottomline, you don't like it and are playing 'monday morning quarterback'.  Typical.  Instead of criticising something you don't like, maybe you should try to get involved and offer something constructive, rather than your incessant whining.
7:26 am edt 

Unintended Consequences
The Green line is an ineffective ploy. Once the people come here, you won't even be able to see it on the street with the cars, bikes, walkers, street outfits--it will be just a green mass beneath one's feet if one stops to see it at all. Only while waiting for parades to start will it be seen in the summer.
7:25 am edt 

To: Re: To the Bozo Who Addressed...
What board is blaming Mr. Mendes?  You seem to be the only one adamantly defending him while mentioning "blaming" him in the same sentence.  Are you trying to tell us something?  I think anyone reading this blog, especially the verity shown by the minutes, now knows the town is at fault.  Mr. Mendes opened the door making it necessary to post the minutes to remove speculation.  Now people can see what really happened with previous board denials.  Sorry these minutes contradict Mr. Mende's "true" statement and the registry of deeds records contradict Mr. Mende's "true" statement.  That is unfortunate.  The odds someone is going to pay substantial money out of pocket to have land they don't own surveyed, plans drawn up, engineers, time to go before Planning, etc. are pretty slim.  Oh, and you won't know about it?  Good grief is right. Defer to the minutes again.  How often do you see someone other than the property owner presenting a plan for development?  How often do you see!
 a possible future owner doing this?  Gunther Realty didn't even do that?  Mr. Mendes is a big boy and there was hardly an "attack".  If he is going to make proclamations of truth in bold print that he knows will be read and interpreted by others, he should at least be able to back them up.  Sorry you don't agree.  No one called him a liar but you.  You and he dug that hole yourselves.  
7:24 am edt 

Green Line

So why wasn't the green line vetted thru a tourism organization?  It seems to me the proper response from the BOS when this was first presented to them should have been "that's a great idea.  Please work with the Visitor Services Board to see how it can be turned into a reality".  The VSB works hard at prioritizing projects like this, has the infrastructure in place to hold public hearings, look at budgets, aesthetics etc and to get different view points from a wide range of town residents.  I agree with Paul Soares that this has not been thought thru properly, appears to have been rushed and not well executed at all. After all isn't the green line suppose to be a visitor service?
7:21 am edt 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Re: Green Line

It doesn't matter if someone was here or not in February or April to attend a meeting to hear about this proposal.  That's not really the issue here.  The result is an ugly line defacing Commercial Street.  I'm sure no one said at the BOS meeting, "I want to paint a wide, ugly line down Commercial Street to attract foot traffic to the East End.  I'm going to use the most hideous shade of green I can find, and use big bold letters stating "GALLERIES AHEAD"!  Oh, and when it's finished, it will look like Commercial Street is two ways. Also, this will make it easier for the town to be responsible for all accidents that occur when people take that left from Center Street onto Commercial Street."  I don't believe any of that was said at the BOS meeting.  Sometimes people don't fully understand the ramifications of things until they actually see it.  Obviously we all want something tasteful and unobtrusive, but that is not what we have here, and it needs to be changed.  !
In a perfect world, imagine Commercial Street being repaved with an inlaid stone or brick path down one side of Commercial Street with markers indicating "Galleries, Shops and Restaurants Ahead."  But until that time, we are stuck with the bold green line.  That's the problem!

Paul Soares
11:42 pm edt 

Re: To: The Bozo Who Addressed the Bozo
You make no sense at all. Your previous post attacked Mendes as a liar and posted the minutes to show that history showed a desire to develop the property. It wasn't Mendes or Corea that were looking to have it developed. And now that the property was bought by someone, this board is blaming Mendes for this development? Attack and blame the planning board and do something about it as opposed to sitting here blaming everyone else. Its the towns board so its up to the townspeople to fix it.

Good God.
11:40 pm edt 

Let it be Your Last Word Sir
But it is not the truth. The Planning Board minutes reveal that Mr. Corea did request the division of this proporty into four parcels and was rebuffed by none other than Ellen Battaglini who agreed to allow Mencher who owns Gunther Realty sdbuild four buildings on these lots. then again in 2005, Mr. Corea tried to ahve the parcels divided into two lots and was denied again by guess who? Yes, Ellen Battaglinie who believed that the roads were poor and needed improvements--Bangs Street Extension--and that this could not occur. Battaglini even said she believed that Bangs Street Extension was a paper road and not a reality. And now that Bangs Street Extesion is used as the address for the over-developed wetlands destroyed development, she has no problem. Really? How odd. How questionable.
9:46 pm edt 

To: The Bozo Who Addressed the Bozo
The point is it doesn't matter who owned it.  Dah, it was denied.  Mr. Mendes and Mr. Corea did nothing wrong.  The town did.  Obviously.  Keep your preaching to yourself if you have nothing intelligent to say.  The minutes show denial, smart one.
9:43 pm edt 

Re: Green Line

Perhaps someone should spray paint an artistic "are you bleeping kidding me" in front of our new town hall so that people can find it. With the number of empty storefronts wouldn't it have been easier to move your gallery into core of town than to paint that snake on the road?
9:42 pm edt 

John Corea and Bangs St. Issue Apparently Another Example of "Misinterpretation".
Truth is having "no involvement" in the sale actually means having alot of involvement in the sale since you signed the deed as Seller to Gunther Realty in your capacity as Mr. Corea's Trustee.  Yes, John Corea was alive, however, you were his designated representative at the sale.  Funny how words can be misleading.  Again, a matter of public record.  No need to call, but, please don't say it's truth when it simply isn't. That doesn't look good and Mr. Corea does deserve better from his own family.   Say, I don't remember, that's better.  
9:40 pm edt 

Re: Cape Wind
One has trouble believing that the Cape Wind turbines, if they are ever built, will be noise problem onshore since the closest ones will be five miles out. It sure won't be any noiser than the old air conditioners in my neighborhood which all violate the town noise ordinance.
9:38 pm edt 

Re; John Corea and Bangs Street Issue

To the bozo that posted the minutes to the planning board meetings, where in the minutes do you see Mr. Corea present or as the peron requesting the answer to the plans? Seems to me that others had interest in the land and never was it Mr. Corea nor Mr Mendes. Crazy as it sounds, anyone can take any property to the planning board and request a permit to do something. It doesn't mean they own the poroperty and it doesn't mean they will be able to carry out their intentions due to the fact that they don't own the land but in this case, Reis was asking for approval prior to purchase, something that many developers do.

Don't dump on Mendes and don't dump on Corea either. Neither did anything wrong in selling their property. The town board failed the neighborhood by not upholding the same set of rules and requirements that they were throwing at Reis. Blame them and not anyone else. THEY are the true reason Ptown is the way it is today.
9:29 pm edt 

John "Grassy" Santos

The BOS didn't appoint Grassy Santos on the Pier Corp because of a 'conflict of interest.' So, know he is going to be a Selectman to do what he wanted to do on the Pier Corp? What does he think? That we arent connecting his 'green' dots? What an idiot!
9:27 pm edt 

Isn't Ellen Battagline All Over The Decisions For Bangs Street?
Three times this woman makes decisions on this parcel of land. Three times she, as a member of the Planning Board, decides the fate of what will happen. And what does happen? Local people are denied. Long-term residents are turned down because it will be detrimental for the neighborhood. Then outsider developer lawyer Mencher buys the property and what does Battaglini do? She writes the motion to let this eight bedroom develoment go through. Battaglini asserts that this over-developed eight bedroom four buildings stuck at the end of a dead end will not harm the neighborhood. Why didn't you think the same when a local man who owned the land for thirty years requested less than this developer on your watch? Why indeed!

What are your motives? What are your ties to the developer? Seems like this time the developer's dream was viewed by you as good for the poor little dead end neighborhood. I question your actions for the last nine years on the same little lot on the same dead end of Bangs Street. Shame on you!
9:26 pm edt 

Vote For Mary Jo

I am voting for Mary Jo. Santos lived in Truro for five years and still voted here and registered his car here? That's the kind of public servant we want? Sleezy? Mary Jo in spite of her shortcomings is not duplicitious like Santos-elec
9:23 pm edt 

Gre*()_en Li^54r7ne

Someone vandalized the green line today. There's a police investigation. The police should start with these postings.
No matter what one's position is, it was wrong to take matters into one's own hands.
9:21 pm edt 

How About a Write-in Campaign For Dr. Cheryl Andrews?
I am disgusted with Grassy "those laws don't apply to me".

And the rest of the board are a bunch of fools.

What about it Doc? If elected will you serve?
9:20 pm edt 

Green Line

Hey! if there is a line in the West End, I think it should be Chartreuse and lead right to my store!

I am kidding...
     sort of....
9:18 pm edt 

Provincetown Banner Endorsement

Grassy is smart enough to recognize this as the kiss of death.
9:17 pm edt 

Green Line

9:16 pm edt 

Re: The Wind Turbines

Nantucket Sound will forever be destroyed. Have you seen how big and ugly those things are??? And noisy too....we'd be better off if we'd all just turn our lights off when we left the room....that's about how much energy we can expect to get.
9:16 pm edt 

Spell Check!
"respondsible"???? Spell check is on your computer for a reason - use it... responsibly!!!!
9:14 pm edt 

School Committee

I have to take my hat off to the School Committee for making what had to be a heart wrenching decision. They made the right one, but it must have stung. I also take my hat off to member Kerry Adams for his conviction. How easy it would be for him to ride off into the sunset now that the difficulot task has begun; but he is sticking with it. That alone says a great deal about his character and even though he doesn't need it, he's got my vote for three more years.
9:10 pm edt 

To: Paul Soares

were you away for all of February too?  The green line was approved at a BOS meeting in February.  It was an Agenda item that was posted.  There was also an article about it in the Banner two months ago.  
9:09 pm edt 

John Corea and Bangs Street Issue

Truth is that mr corea sold the property two years prior to his passing. i had no involvement in the sale.  truth is that at no time did he apply for any building plans on his property. truth is that people who feel otherwise than they should contact me. iam easy to find. this is my final word on this. and lets only deal with truths. paul c mendes
9:08 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

Johm Corea retired from the Coast Guard after years of being the Senior Chief at Race Point amongst his other assignments. He also retired as Tax Assessor for the Town of Provincetown. John was a Provincetown native. He was an extremely compassionate man. He was extremely devoted to environmental protection of all of Provincetown. John was a giver not a taker.
To even mention this good man's name in the same sentence with Gunther Reality is a travesty to his memory.
9:06 pm edt 

Re: Windmills

Provincetown once had dozens of windmills to power the salt works, for salting fish, in the days before refrigeration.  And yes many were within the now-called Historic District.
9:05 pm edt 

Re: Paul C. Mendes
I'm confused.  When you say your uncle received cooperation from all town boards when selling his property, why would you need cooperation from any town boards when selling your property?  I have never heard of this.  What do town boards have to do with selling a property? Your statement makes it seem like there is more to this than meets the eye.  Perhaps a better look at the sale is needed.  
9:04 pm edt 

Re: "Wind"
What could be more historic in Provincetown than wind power? The entire salt industry was powered by windmills as can be seen in many old drawings of ancient Provincetown.
9:03 pm edt 

Germane to What?

9:02 pm edt 

Walking the Green Line
I've heard a lot about it lately but had not actually seen it until today. It's actually far worse than I had imagined. First, it's a traffic accident waiting to happen. If you drive down any of the side streets from Bradford, Commercial now looks like a divided two-way street. Nice going B.O.S.! And then the concept -- what a hideous idea. It demeans all of the artists in town. Tacky is far too subtle a term for it. It is gross, ugly and downright stupid. If Miss Baltivik isn't getting enough traffic to her gallery, maybe it's because of her location. And last but not least... IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID!
9:00 pm edt 

Re: Green Line

We have to put a stop to this stupidity. The selectman have made very little sense over allowing this "Green Line" down our streets. Bring on the complaints to town hall.
8:57 pm edt 

Another Bite of the Apple

Since Santos is a bad choice, what about a write in campaign for Mary Jo ?  Maybe if we give her support this way, she will return with renewed energy.
8:56 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs Street


April 11, 2001:
Bangs Street Extension, ANR
The lot numbers are 25-31 Bangs Street. John McElwee presented this case, too. It contains several parcels owned by John Corea. It was divided in 1973 originally. The proposal is for 4 lots to be made from the original site. After reviewing the plans the Board decided that a site visit would be necessary. The date set for the site visit was Thursday,
April 19th at 4:00 p.m. (David Nicolau stepped down from the case.)

Approval Not Required (Case #2001-009)
Felco, Inc., for John Reis , map/parcel numbers 12-4-135 and 12-4-135A,
Bangs Street Extension
John McElwee from Felco Engineering presented the ANR (25-31 Bangs St Extension) to the Board. He finalized the
plan suitable for recording at the Registry of Deeds. Each lot has at least 50 ft of frontage as required in this zone.
Ellen Battaglini did a bit of research on the request and she feels Bangs St Extension is a paper street and it doesnt meet criteria for an ANR. It has never been a public street and there is no precedent for this subdivision. Essentially, Ellen continued, its a private way  not a street. Richard Olson agreed.
The site visit confirmed the findings. An ANR from 73 was requested but had never been approved. Ellen said the
Planning Board does have the discretion to waive the rules but in this case she didnt feel it was in the best interests of the neighborhood to do it.
John McElwee said there are two lots that can be built on and they could be build on right now.
Ellen said she also had a question about drainage. John then asked if he could withdraw the request without prejudice.

Planning Board Public Meeting
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Caucus Hall, Town Hall, Provincetown, MA 02657
Members Present: Howard Burchman, Anne Howard, Winthrop Smith and Ellen Battaglini
Members Excused: Kevin Rich and David Martin
Staff Present: Doug Taylor, Building Commissioner/Staff Liaison and Maxine Notaro, Permit
Meeting was called to order at 7 p.m.
Site visit 5:00 p.m. Bangs Street
Informal discussion on reduction of three lots into two lots and to discuss frontage and road improvements for property located on a portion of a private way on Bangs Street Extension. Site visit was conducted by Ellen Battaglini, Anne Howard, Howard Burchman and Winthrop Smith.
Anne Howard made a motion to refer this agenda item to the Board of Firefighters requesting written determination of needed road improvements.

Isn't Ellen Battaglini an abutter yet she is all over these meetings waiving a denial flag for the previous owner.
Gee, Ellen why the change of heart? Where are the "road improvements" or concerns regarding "drainage" now?
These are facts and are of public record.  Make up your own mind. Someone is flatout lying.  You be the judge.
8:55 pm edt 

Re: John Santos BOS Elect

Great John 'what's in it for me' Santos and our returning Austin Knight that the Banner states:'it is difficult to have confidence that someone can respondsibly look out for the town finances if he does not appear to respondsible in his own financial dealings.'  How's that for 40% of our next BOS?

How about paying those two (or more) you stiffed according to the Banner?
2:34 pm edt 

Wind Farm is a Go! Finally Wind Comes to Nantucket

Glad that the wind farm, after all these years and all these barriers, has been approved and is now a reality. The first ocean wind farm is ok'd in MA.

Maybe that little wind turbine on Pleasant Street can apply for federal approval? Let them have it kids. Stop impeding progress. Don't get stuck in the past even if you are the Historic District Commission.

Wake up and be green.
2:30 pm edt 

Seems Mr. Mendes Is Rewriting History

And perhaps it is his own he is rewriting. He was probably the key person who sold the land after his uncle died. Mendes is the one who sold it to a developer and perhaps he is trying to cover his bottom on this one. Saying his uncle would not be upset by dunes falling in, the native vegetation clear cut, trees destroyed and some ready to topple from the hill and the taking over of Bangs Street Extension is quite the statement.

His uncle is crying at the devastation this his nephew allowed and perhpas encouraged by whom he sold the land to. His uncle would be sick to his stomach to see eight bedrooms and four spearate houses and the overdevelopment, when his uncle did indeed try to just have four parcels separated and then did tried to have two houses built if he could get the land divided in two.

You are rewriting your own history. Your uncle would not be proud at the outcome of his legacy guided under legal conveyance. Shame on you, sir. Your uncle deserved better.
2:29 pm edt 

Re: John Santos/BOS

John Santos has articulated his reason for running for selectman: to add to his bottom line at his Flyer's.

He thinks conflict of interest laws aren't for small communities? How convenenient Santos as you start promoting your self serving agendga as our new selectman.

No wonder you did not get an endorsement from the Provincetown Banner. You are now our nightmare.

The Attorney General most likely will be called after his first Selectman statements, no doubt. You Santos are not above the law and we will make sure of it.
1:41 pm edt 

Cape Wind Farm on Nantucket Sound

It's a go. I hope this will encourage the Town to think about the
possibilities for our town.
1:39 pm edt 

The Anti-Green Line Movement...

There's an Anti-Green Line group on facebook!  It's called "Help us remove the neon green line down Commercial Street!"

This facebook group might be another helpful way to mobilize voices that are concerned about the addition of the green line to our the town.  And, as if the line were not enough...the new green and yellow signs that will go up and down the East End will perfectly accompany the green line in their poor aesthetic quality. Wait 'til you see what's in the works for the West End!

I can't help but think of artists like  Hilda Neily and John Clayton and how this green line will transform their palettes...not to mention John Dowd's. Provincetown as a Fauve landscape!  How exciting (not).  But cheers to artist Jay Critchley for his astute parody of our sell out town in his foreshadowing work "Ptown Inc.: Formerly Provincetown - You'll swear you were really there."  Spot on...
11:36 am edt 

A line in the West End?
Great idea.  Why don't you organize it?
11:34 am edt 

To: Paul Mendes Testimonial
Your statements as to your uncle never seeking approvals is surprising as town record public meeting minutes for the planning board show the opposite.    This is a matter of public record.  No one is blaming your uncle for selling his land at a profit.  That is the American Way.  Your uncle and his wife were just and fine people and of the mentality that one's land defined oneself.  His garden was extraordinary and I ate many tomatoes and strawberries from it.  I think he would not be surprised with the development of his former land, as that was the buyers intention when she bought it from him.  I think he would be quite upset with the level of overdevelopment and the laws stepped on to do it.  I am sure he would not approve of a monstrosity being built with the land being gutted to do so.    
11:33 am edt 

I Have the Solution!
Yes I do. Let's paint the entire street, all of Commercial Street, bright Green. That will tell all visitors that everything on Commericial Street is important! Voila!
11:31 am edt 

A Green Line in the West End too:
Will there be a line in the west end too?  There are galleries and restaurants and shops that don't get all the attention they deserve.  Will the line in the west end also be green?  I could not attend the meeting last night and would appreciate any information.

9:58 am edt 

The Green Line
How can you really chastise someone for not attending a Selectmen's meeting in February? The fact is, still today most people think it has something to do with the sewer. And rightly so. Basically one person has rammed through this visual atrocity and all the boards have, in their usual way, rolled over without any consideration of the consequences. You are exhorting people who supposedly don't know any better to "walk the line". The line is in the middle of the road! Why wouldn't someone walk on it? Some people will see it as they drive and think that it means it is a two-way street (not so far fetched, since it once was). Is it a pedestrian walkway? A bike path? Or just a perhaps well intentioned, but misguided action? If this and the signs are just the first part, I hate to think what is next. And this is to attract people to the historic area. It will be hard to see through all the bright green lines and signs. Most historic zones try to keep out visual clutter, and this!
 should be no exception.
9:55 am edt 

Re: Green Line

Yes - as a matter of fact I was away in February.  The only article I read about in the Banner regarding this was the story about the botched paint job in last week's edition.  

Paul Soares
9:54 am edt 

Congratulations to the School Committee
Hear! Hear! They have made a public decision--lets hope that they stick to it. Fishy that it is 3 years away, though.
9:53 am edt 

Close the School in 12 Months

Starting now, in the spring of 2010, the school has all Summer and next year to close the school. Why prolong this emotional process? What does one gain? The school should close when the students graduate in Spring 2011. That makes the most sense.
9:52 am edt 

Facing the Inevitable
The school committee had no choice but to close the high school. Provincetown parents don't want to send their own children up cape, but somehow, they expected parents who live up cape to send their children to Provincetown instead of to Nauset.

Our high school students need to go to Nauset. I bet that the school committee is waiting for all of the affordable housing to be built to see how many people with children move to a town that has no jobs.

We will be spending $11,000,000 more and then, supposedly, the school will close giving more of the staff a chance to retire.
9:51 am edt 

Re: Green Line

Don't fault someone for wanting more information because they weren't here and or overlooked an agenda item.  That is not the way to build public consensus and support for one's project.

9:50 am edt 

Bangs Street Property Prior Owner Mr. John Mendes


9:49 am edt 

School Committee Vote

School Committee voted to close High
School by 2013. They want to keep
pre k at elementary school. The reason
for not moving pre k to high school is that
they don't want to install tiny toliets. Really
how much could it cost to change a few tolites?
If all kids were in one school they could
then use the other for the police station.
Congratulations to the committee for
finally moving on from many years of
6:15 am edt 

To Paul Soares-

were you away for all of February too?  The green line was approved at a BOS meeting in February.  It was an Agenda item that was posted.  There was also an article about it in the Banner two months ago.
6:13 am edt 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mornings with Mailer

Im glad someone is writing about something different here. I read the Mailer book too and found it to be really pretty good. I love how he portrays Ptown and tells the reader about the family. Mornings with Mailer is really good. Kudos to Dwayne Raymond!
9:43 pm edt 

Town Hall.  Oh, do you mean for clothes? Prestige.
8:48 pm edt 

Green Line

Instead of painting the street to "help guide our tourists" wouldn't a better investment be to repave the streets of Provincetown?
8:47 pm edt 

To Seems Like a Long Time
Mr. John Corea and his wife Rosella Santos, both from Provincetown, owned the Bangs St. land for over 50 years.  Mr. Corea was denied a substantially lesser project by the same board that recently approved the current 4 monoliths and accompanying destruction. Gunther Realty LLC a/k/a Judy Mencher, an attorney and developer from Boston, owns the land now and received the blessed approval.
5:18 pm edt 

Green Line

I want to thank Candace for providing information about the Walk the Green line program.  I was away for most of April and this is the first I have heard of this.  I still don't know who is coordinating this effort, and I didn't know that there would be a presentation at the BOS meeting.  All I know is that after a month away I came back to a bold green line down Commercial Street.  I will definitely look into it to hear the whole story!  Thanks!

Paul Soares
5:17 pm edt 

Prestige Cleaners on Shankpainter

They offer laundry service. They are open now Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. They will soon be open each day. They are not like Mama's Laundry where they did pick up and were reasonable. Theya re expensive but they do offer laundry service.

Good luck!
2:53 pm edt 

Seems LIke A Long Time for One Person to be On One Board
Shouldn't decisions on a property be consistent. Someone seems to imply that a decision for someone born in town was denied but someone not born in town--and perhaps known to the board member?--gets the decision they want. Something's rather odd here. Who was the person who initially owned the Bangs Street land? Does anyone know? And who is the person who received the ok from Planning?
2:52 pm edt 

Thanks For Telling What Actually Happened at the AButters Meeting on 27-31 Bangs Street
It was a presentation of nothing wrong by any boards. Everyone did everything right when the truth is so far from this.

The Zoning By-Law does not present the construction of two buildings as onely one if connected by a patio or walkwalk. As even the strident lawyer for the town stated: it was based on ordinary language interpreting the Zoning by-law. Then, they are saying they notified too many people--when in truth they notified too few.

And they allege absolutely no conflict of interest when Ellen Battiglini is an abutter and she made the decision to pass this project on Planning. She is also the same person who in 2001 --and she was then as she is now sitting on the Planning Board--denied the dividing of the property by someone born in this town and said that his division would have a negative impact on the neighborhood. Then in 2005, when this same man asked for two buildings on this same property, Ellen Battaglini denied his request because she said the road needed analysis and also believed that Bangs Street Extension was a paper road.

But in 2008, as an abutter to this property, Ellen Battaglini then agrees that having these eight bedrooms in four separate buildings (that they are calling two) will be fine for the neighborhood and even allow Bangs Street Extension to be used as the location of the property. Thought it was a paper road in 2001 and 2005? How did it become a bonafide road in 2009?

This is just one instance of violations and questionable actions taken on this mega development for a small, dead end street.
11:38 am edt 


Does anyone know of a laundry service in Ptown?
11:35 am edt 

Water Shortage?
Thank you for reitterating yesterdays blog that people ignored completely.  You and the blogger are 100% correct.  With our limited natural resources, let's make the best use of what we have, not build what we don't need so the chosen few can make a quick buck.  
11:18 am edt 

From: Paul Soares

The folks from Walk the Green Line initiative are free to send me an e-mail to:

pasoares123 at gmail com

(dot and "at" symbol removed to avoid being inundated with SPAM)

However, I feel that anything they have to say should be addressed to the public - and this blog is the perfect forum in which to do this.  This blog was started as an "association of concerned citizens" and things like the Green Line affect all citizens of Ptown - and using the Department of Public Works to paint this line on a public way makes it the public's business.  Feel free to sign your name and post your e-mail so people can get in touch with you back.

Paul Soares  
11:17 am edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

Re: To  "the public didn't show up to complain at meetings prior to construction so show up or shut up"

Let's get back to serious issues threatening this town more than people comprehend.  Keep in mind, if you let this one get through, no one will have a right to complain (as per legal counsel for the town) when the other overdevelopments hit town.  Be very wary and practice what you preach now.  This developer is trying to set a precedent for her buddies in the cartel.  

The "public" wasn't notified properly of this project during the "permitting" process so how could they know to complain?  Despite what town officials claim in the banner.  Don't believe everything you read.  In addition, the project was presented so deceptively by those on the developer's payroll there would be no reason to complain.  

Plans weren't true to scale, 2 unobtrusive bldgs are now 4 monstrosities, etc.  The project was going to be built to preserve the character of the neighborhood and enhance the visual integrity of the dune and resource area.  Have any of you seen this destruction first hand? Note the clear cut dune and exposed roots of the trees about to fall at the top of the dune.  

At the Conservation meeting for this project "lady slippers" were a big concern.  Well, not any more as they've all been wiped out. Where's the environmental report?  There isn't one yet one was promised?  How would you know pre-construction that the presentations you were being fed were lies?  

Do you think it is a coincidence that actual groundbreaking didn't happen until the "appeal" process was up?  and it would be "too late" for people to complain?  Did you see the developer, her legal counsel or any of the many engineers who presented this project at the abutters meeting to defend it?  No, what a surprise.

This meeting was a joke.  Where was the Zoning Board rep? Where was the Health Inspector?  Where were the Selectmen (sorry, one was knitting in a chair against the wall and got up to leave mid-meeting) pitiful. No abutters questions were sufficiently answered and the meeting was cut short while peoples' hands were still in the air waiting to be called on. The only thing that came out of this meeting was more evidence of the fact that this project should never have been allowed.

10:34 am edt 


How do we keep the look of Provincetown as it is and yet have growth? The answer is not to jam affordable housing projects together where by the developer makes a fortune at the expense of the town; but rather where the developers should be mandated to create detached homes for families where the developer still makes a profit while creating a neighborhood.

Of course families would move here if they had a house and yard for a swing set and space for cars to park; just look at Harry Kemp way and how the houses are built there.  That is how it should be done.

AND: Please don't say that the developers won't make enough money. They are making plenty with their vast holding of award winning housing developments. It is like saying that a motel owner on Beach Point isn't making any money because one of its 50 motel rooms isn't rented. Or that the restaurant won't make any money because there is an empty table in the dining room. PUHLEASE!
9:59 am edt 

School Closing
The truth is that the school touches only the lives of a few in this town. We are faced with the idea of the school closing, and people are concerned about the green line.

Money that doesn't go to the school will go to other venues in this town. Students are already going to Nauset High School--how is it going to cost us a fortune to send the few Provincetown students to this school?

I see it as more disinformation from the untrustworthy school committee.  
9:58 am edt 

Green Line

I didn't like the green line and wouldn't if it wasn't part of a bigger concept which is in the process of being implemented.
I called the proponent to learn more and expressed my concerns.
I attended last night's BOS meeting to hear the presentation.
I read the letters of recommendation from the Chamber of Commerce, the VSB and PBG for the Walk the Line project. If you have time watch the BOS meeting. She also provided contact info which I'm sure you can get from Vernon at Town Hall.  This project has gotten off to a 'crooked' start for sure and after understanding the concept, you still might not like it
but at least now for there is a way  for the general public to get more info before making a final thumbs up or down on it.  

9:57 am edt 

Water Shortage

Provincetown once had a building moratorium due to the water shortage. We have a water crisis because Provincetown is a sand spit and we have to get our water from Truro. No one is talking about this.

Yes we need growth, but the town could have used $3,000,000 to subsidize the housing of residents through existing landlords who have rental property thus creating affordable housing indistinguishable from other housing instead of creating  these prominent low income subdivisions.
9:55 am edt 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Re: Green Line

Paul, how do the proponents of the 'Walk the Green Line' initiative get in touch with you, to answer your concerns?
11:19 pm edt 

The Green LIne Looks Like Two Way Traffic on Commercial Street

From a safety perspective, the Green Line makes Commercial Street appear as if it is now a two way street. If this doesn't confuse tourists, nothing will. It is not constructive. It is not creative. It is poor thinking and wrong marketing. It means nothing and is a simpleton's solution to a problem. Sorry Candace. This is not a good marketing tool. It is a decision that should have been thrown into the waste basket. But then I'm sure the bright bulb on the BOS--yes the Green line across her forehead Couture--probably considered this brilliant. I'm sure Couture would applaud this idiotic line as she has applauded other foolish decisions.
11:18 pm edt 

Raising the Bar

Not to bring the blog to another level but I just read that book by Dwane Raymond. Mornings with Mailer. I didn't know what it was going to be like but it was really cool. That guy can write. I thought it was going to be a bunch of junk but it's really good and I want to tell all of you to read it. I was moved to tears. And it's funny too. Seems Mailer wasn't any thing like we thought. I started it again last night.
11:17 pm edt 

Red Herring

Instead of talking about the lying school committee, the debacle of the Harbor master and the over building of Provincetown--we have polar bears and side shows.

Lets get back to the serious issues.
11:15 pm edt 


Re: "You just aren't as turned on by it as you are by the gay couples that you don't even notice any more."

Is it me or does this make no sense?
11:15 pm edt 

Re: Fabrication & Short Stories

Chill out dude.  What's the rush to dis public officials? over and over again.  The blog needed a welcome break.  Haven't you ever heard of fun or are you to obsessed with maintaining the straight and narrow?  Don't follow the green line then.  Go find a polar bear to cuddle and you'll feel better.  
11:13 pm edt 

Polar Bears
And the town is closing it's schools. Didn't anyone tell you that this is not a party town. Looks like you will eventually get your way.
11:12 pm edt 

What is Going on?

Someone please explain what all the hub bub is regarding the Polar Bears, families coming to town (or not) and the meat/meet rack?

I looked back but I do not understand when/how this whole line of discussion started.  What did the Bears do to get all this attention?

Please someone expalin all this to me!
7:31 pm edt 

Green line:
Something needs to be cleared-up about peoples knowledge of the green line painted down Commercial Street. It is my understanding that one gallery maybe representing a few voices went before the selectman and got the okay for this concept. I just want to let it be known that all the galleries are not in agreement with this decision.
7:29 pm edt 

Re: Smoke Stack
Don't worry.  The mothers are aware of everything all the time.
7:28 pm edt 

Fabrications and Other Short Stories

It is really pecs, short for the pectoralis major muscle. Oh but why do I bother. Clearly a well rounded mind is not your goal. Stop the crap and get out of the mirror because I don't think others see what you see. Find free love. Long before gay people dared to embrace in public straight people were kissing and a hugging all over the place. Guess what? They still do. You just aren't as turned on by it as you are by the gay couples that you don't even notice any more.
Alas, this site is not about you and your limitations. It is about a town. A place that we love despite it's ups and downs. Perhaps a place that you will never understand. Perhaps a place that will never understand you.  
So leave us to discuss our town manager, our rules and regulations, those in need and those who act in disregard. It goes on and on and we have so much to discuss.
Try a chat room, seek professional help, do what you need to do but please let this be the place that we get to focus on the town that we love not a fabricated story by some loathsome fool.
7:27 pm edt 

Polar Bears

Re: "I was planning a month long vacation for my large family, mostly children. When I heard about Polar Bear week. . .Now that I find out what it really is I'm definitely  going to change my plans. The last thing I want is for our children is to be exposed to large hairy homosexual men. This even scares me."

That's too funny, I quite often change my plans if I find my destination has too many kids.
7:25 pm edt 

Polar Bears
It appears that Polar Bears are also very ignorant. I don't need a lesson in migratory habits unless it is to avoid sexual predators and extreme perversions.
6:11 pm edt 

Re: Candace Nagle/Green Line

Thank you Candace for your explanation of the Green line - and although I applaud the efforts of residents and business  owners to develop innovative ways to increase tourism and business for the community, I fail to understand how this green line will attract people to Provincetown.

I still question the legality and safety issues around painting this line down the center of Commercial St., and to me that is paramount to increasing tourism.  This group of business owners must have a "master plan," and I believe they have an obligation to make their plans available to the public before drastically changing the landscape of their roadways.  I am an abutter to Commercial Street and I should have been afforded the opportunity to weigh in my opinion of painting a two foot wide green stripe down the middle of the roadway.  Regardless of he intentions, the line is still an eyesore and that is not what Provincetown is about.            

It is difficult to support and encourage a committee about which we know nothing.  And it is off-putting to have a group of business owners dictate the appearance of our public ways.  Apparently I missed the BOS meeting where they asked to have this line painted down the street - but this is something that really needs to be a discussion for the public.  If anyone knows of a web site that provides information about this "green line" committee that tells who they are and details their plans for Provincetown, it would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Soares
6:10 pm edt 

Smoke Stack

The Meat/meet rack is renamed the smoke stack. It is where the teenagers in town hang out and smoke weed. The police have to keep going there in the summer and putting a stop to it. I guess the mothers in town aren't aware of this--until now.

So that is why the kids are hanging out there..
6:08 pm edt 

Re: Enough is enough.

I agree.  Everyone's a psychologist.    You are right, counselling is imminent and welcomed.  Thank you for setting the record "straight". 
4:03 pm edt 


Had our harbormaster not sunk his boat, he would have been patrolling as saftey is his number one job description....? Uhm, knowing past blunders, the ending would have been the same, no doubt... sad...
4:02 pm edt 

Meet Rack?

40, 35, 30, etc. years ago, when we were all just whippersnappers, and we told our mothers we were "going downtown" the common reply back was "stay away from the meat racks" not because that's where people meet, because that's where gay men went trolling. Not straight men, not straight women, not gay women.  We all knew, our mothers knew, our teachers knew, it wasn't a secret.  MEET rack, life celebrating, life enhancing.   Such a comedian/ienne.  There is nothing critical here, just reality.  Deal with it or better yet, ask someone from town's mother how you spell it and why it's called that.     
4:00 pm edt 

Provinctown High School

"I find it hard to believe,...., that "$100,000" and the word "merely" go together."

The total annual town budget is what - $28 million.  So $100,000 is less than 0.4% of the budget.  If you got a raise of 0.4% - that's $4.00 for every $1,000 gross you make - I think you'd use the word "merely" and you'd be right. 

That school savings will be lost in the budget rounding, but the bigger point is that the intentionally uninformed believe wrongly that near-term savings will be larger.
3:58 pm edt 

Self Loathing

Sounds like the blog has a repressed self loathing homosexual posting. I hope you get the help you need as
thou protest too much missy!
3:56 pm edt 

When is Enough, Enough.....

...for our Board of Selectmen who continue to give our inept harbormaster a pass?

Massachusetts Environmental Police

In Massachusetts, life preservers (PFDs) are required to be worn by: (1) youth less than 12 years of age; (2) all personal watercraft users; (3) water skiers and (4) canoeists/kayakers during the period of September 15  May 15.

All boats must have at least one wearable Type I, II, or III U.S.Coast Guard approved life jacket (PFD) readily accessible for each person on board. One Type 4 throwable device must be on board a powerboat greater than 16 ft. in length.
3:05 pm edt 

Meet Rack

The Meet Rack is where people MEET! Not the butcher type meat. Too Funny. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; allowing one to not only live, but to live free. You only live once and once is enough if you do it right. If you aren't happy here, then move and make room for life enhancing, life celebrating people who don't live a life critical of others.
2:59 pm edt 

Negative Nancy

It is not about being gay or straight, it is about one sector of society consistently having the need to flaunt its sexuality and impose it on other people, then claiming discrimination for doing this.  On more than one ocassion, I have seen gay men french kissing and touching passionately on Commercial St.  I have seen gay women doing the same.  I have never seen a man and woman doing this.  I don't walk down Commercial St. in the summer with my hand on my wife's behind and no shirt with shortie, shorts trying to garner attention to my impeccable sun-drenched pecks and gams.  Why do you think the town benches are called the "meat racks", because they sell hamburger and pork chops there?   
2:00 pm edt 

Re: Polar Bears

Oh Polar Bear traveler your children have undoubtedly already been exposed to large hairy homosexual men. Some of them are probably married to your gal pals, working at your local Amvets thrift shop, teasing hair up high at the salon, measuring for drapes at the nice homes in the hood or pumping gas at the corner Texaco. I hear some of them are even really great, fun loving, philanthropic guys with open minds and warm hearts.     
Seems you not only need a lesson in wildlife migration and habitats but one in humanity as well. When visitng Provincetown try the Methodist, Unitarian Universalist or any other church in town for that. They greet all kinds of people with open arms, even the stray negative Nancy that oncein a while makes it into town.
When you are ready try family week, tea dance, the gallery stroll or a night at the A-House.
You might just find that the people of Provincetown accept you after all.       
1:42 pm edt 

Polar Bear Week

You are a local bigot, so just stay away with your comments.
1:39 pm edt 

Washington D.C. Field Trip

I attended a high school up Cape.  Our class raised money to help meet the needs of the school as a whole, a new sign or bench.  If these kids want to go on a trip they should have planned better.  Summer jobs are a good thing.  It teaches the young that the extras in life cost money and you have to work for them.  Otherwise, they will be standing around shopping centers with thier hands out for the rest of thier life.
1:38 pm edt 

No PHS-$100,000 Saving

I find it hard to believe, knowing that most of the populace of town are not rich, that "$100,000" and the word "merely" go together.  If I have to shop for gas where 2 cents makes a difference than any saving in closing the schools is money for the town's many other needs!
1:35 pm edt 

Polar Bear

I was planning a month long vacation for my large family, mostly children. When I heard about Polar Bear week I couldn't believe that the actual bears would travel that far south, but thought that if was true it would be a wonderful oportunity for the children.
Now that I find out what it really is I'm definitely  going to change my plans. The last thing I want is for our children is to be exposed to large hairy homosexual men. This even scares me.
11:37 am edt 

Taxpayer Subsidized

Regarding affordable housing, a developer has been building affordable housing in Provincetown for over ten years BEFORE CPA funding. When the CPA funds became available, 80% was maneuverd to affordable housing developers leaving a minimum for Historical preservation and open space.

$3,000,000 of taxpayer money went to developers forcing the taxpayers to also pay for the $6,000,000 renovation of Town Hall and the now ten year renovation of the library.
11:08 am edt 

Taxpayers Keep Paying

Please try to understand: When $3,000,000 of taxpayers money (and counting) goes into the coffers of Award winning devclopers who own a vast number of developments and have tax credits and who may also bypass zoning regulations that apply to everyone else, taxpayers are understandably a bit miffed.
11:06 am edt 

To "You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet"

Are the 5 bldgs really going to be 50 connected with dental floss that contain 2 affordable housing units to get the project designated "affordable" with Zoning?  Check w/the Bldg. Inspector.  On 2nd thought, he won't know.  Rather than building and more new building, how about implementing a system that turns a portion of already existing apartments, condominiums, units, rental properties, whatever you want to call them, etc. into "affordable" housing and puts a stop to new construction in a town already stretched to the limit with resources.  Oh, that would mean some of those "landlord moguls and developers" who own multiple housing and rent for the max in the summer than close up in the winter might loose a buck.  Not an option? The "common man" who cant' afford a house in Ptown is not alone.  However, Ptown is unlike other towns in its size, resources and physical limitations to new construction.    Property values are high in Ptown, that's why these developers want to b!
uild "affordable" housing.  The lure of the fast buck.  Look at Bangs St., 1 of 4 is "affordable" so it's allowed.  Nice cheap quality "manufactured" homes. Bet the insides are nice too. Definitely contributes to the character of the neighborhood as presented by the developer. Population is declining so we need more new construction, sure. If you have worked all your life and still can't afford to buy a house in Ptown and your dream is home ownership, realistically you may want to consider moving out to where home prices are more consistent with the economy.  Not everyone can have their dream of home ownership in their perfect dream town.      
11:05 am edt 


As a guest house owner my clientele is about 50-50, straight vs gay/lesbian visitors.  Provincetown is inviting and welcoming to all and I wouldn't want it any other way.  And people come from all over the country and the world to visit the unique beauty that is Provincetown.  We have much to be proud about in our beautiful little town.
11:03 am edt 

Ok Back to the Affordable Housing Issue...

I live here year round, and own a business.  I would like to own a home here, however I do not think my business will ever be able to pay me enough to afford the cost of property here. So someday I may take my business and go someplace where I can afford to own a home.  I am not saying that anybody owes me anything, but if there was an affordable home that I qualified for, I would choose to stay here...

There is a need for more affordable properties in Provincetown and simply shouting over and over that there is no need does not change the facts...

Oh and have you met the folks who recently got affordable housing?  All three were residence of this town for years, have worked here for years and want to stay here for years...

However I do agree that more larger units should be build for families...
8:39 am edt 

Polar Bear: Older Gay Husky Male With White Hair/Beard.

But why are people asking what a polar bere is on here? did I miss something?
8:37 am edt 

Send the 8th Grade Class to Washington D.C.

Buy raffle tickets that the kids are selling to make money to go to Washington D.C. They need $2,400 to meet their goal at last count. There are two teams: does this mean there there is a friendly competition; why not chose one and be a booster?

They were at the firehouse on Saturday and at the Stop and Shop on Sunday. Where will they be this weekend? Prizes are everything from winning oil from Marcy's Oil to Flowers from Provincetown Florist plus more prizes to win.
8:35 am edt 

You Aint Seen Nothin' Yet

Upset about a wavy line down commercial Street? How will you feel when 5 buildings are constructed at 90 Shankpainter Rd?

Then there is the housing across the street from there and how many buildings or "structures" will be built to comprise the new development "Stable Path" on Race Point Road where Nelson's Stable used to be?

How many other housing developments will be here in the next 5 years? Remember, put a stick across two bricks and you have only one brick--only in Provincetown.
8:34 am edt 

Provincetown High School

Re: "closing the high school (grades 9-12) and sending them to Nauset will only save the town about $100,000 per year.  I'm surprised by this information"

The details of that calculation were on this blog a number of times last year, so it shouldn't surprise you unless you are a new reader here.  Not much savings in the beginning.  The key is what happens in out years, after say 5-10 years out, as the student-age population in town and those who chose the local high school both probably continue to drop.  That's when the savings will become more meaningful, not before.

Anyone who has made the effort to look at the details knows this. Others are living in dream land, thinking there are big savings soon.  Nauset ain't cheap, and once we close our high school what is their incentive to give us a break on tuition increases = none.  But out-year savings will grow, assuming continued declining enrollment which looks like a safe bet.
8:32 am edt 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Consider the True Facts

There are people who love the school committee etc. and they post on here as their defenders. They also love the affodable housing cartel because they probably work for them.

These folks are after JOB Security. Sure hundreds of people signed a petition to keep the school open: the staff, the relatives of the staff and the town workers.

We taxpayers pay their salaries: pay for their golden benefits, their multiple vehicles and boats and winter ski chalets. Or their multiple properties which some own.

Where else can someone who works at a school become a real estate mogul with multiple properties to rent and vacation places to enjoy?
9:47 pm edt 

Cadillac Benefits

Remember, the biggest employer in Provincetown is Provincetown gov't.
The school committee will tell you anything. I'm surprised that they didn't say that if we close the school it will cost us $6,000,000 a year.

We have retired teachers etc. but the reality is that a year of so after we close both of the schools--the cost to the taxpayers will be minimal.

We have more staff than students and they have the golden Cadillac of benefits which will have to be addressed just as we must address the the Cadillac benefits of the Town Employees.
9:46 pm edt 

Year Round Destination

Let's wakeup people! Provincetown will never be a year round destination - 8 months max. Stop building affordable housing, there will be no jobs in town for the people who live there.
8:43 pm edt 

Provincetown High School

I have heard that closing the high school (grades 9-12) and sending them to Nauset will only save the town about $100,000 per year.  I'm surprised by this information.
8:41 pm edt 

What's a Polar Bear?

A Polar Bear is a reference to a usually large hairy homosexual male.
7:55 pm edt 

It is Over!

Sorry but the kids who want to graduate don'tcControl our budget and they don't determine reality.

It is over! They may have wishes but reality sets in and they must leave. Close the door. Send the students off to a better, more diversified and more intellectual envrionment.

Say Goodbye. Sorry, but it's time to grow up and that includes both the Provincetown parents and their children.

And we are not closing the school becuase we don't care about students and children--they are not here. The students have left and therefore there is no need for the school. That sadly is the reality.

And wishing won't make it true. And that includes the two "Ns" Notaro and Nelson.
7:54 pm edt 

The Tourists Who Were Here This Week Disprove Your Biased Analysis

There were many Japanese, many families, many teenagers, many people from the Cape. It was a mxed group and they came here because Provincetown has much to offer. It is not one-dimensional and I differ with you.

Provincetown has pizzazz. It is unique and beautiful. Thank goodness the National Seashore stopped us from destroying this town--which we would have.

We need to do what we can to increase tourism, provide amenities, and not ticket them to death. Also, we shouldn't  be taxing tourists to death either.

I think we'll have a great summer and here's to life!
7:51 pm edt 

High School Marketing Plan-Golden Rule

The folks who want to market the school to attract students from out of Town are the same people who do not wish to send their own kids out of Town. We live at the end of the road. We know the road to Nauset. We are used to driving that far for many essential services and diversions. If you include Truro, we are already shipping half our high school kids up Cape every school day.

Think about it.  
7:49 pm edt 

To How Come?

No one is "blaming" anyone.  This is the fact.  The ratio in Provincetown is more homosexual than straight and has been for a while.  This is no crime.  It is reality.  If you can't understand it without being insulted, that's your issue.  But don't act like you don't know the reason student population has been slowly declining.  Mention Provincetown and "gay" immediately comes to mind.  Not fishing village or artist colony.  Building on building, house on house. Seems there is never enough room and more needs to be built.  Who is living in these buildings?  It's not year-round young families or the elderly.  At least have the courtesy to admit the obvious.  It doesn't matter who lives here, common sense should apply to development.  Who's on the boards?  Who are these developers?  You figure it out. No one blames homosexuals for anything.  Relax.    
7:48 pm edt 

Re: ? (Town Officials and Thieves)

Thieves steal outright, town officials use the guise of public good.
7:47 pm edt 

The School Committee Lied

The school committee stands up at town meeting and says that it is going to close the school. Next, they disallow the report and say that the school is going to stay open.

There is more staff than students. The dept. of Revenue and the current and former town manager state that the High School should be closed.

They should be gracefully and respectfully closing the school instead of lying to us and behaving in such a two faced and shameful manner.
6:51 pm edt 

Re: National and Regional Marketing Plan?

Town officials have let us in! Who do you think you're kidding. This is America, we have the constitutional right to go wherever we want and do whatever we want to do, as long as we don't break any laws. And if we make the laws in Provincetown there's not much you can do about it, is there.
6:50 pm edt 

Re: Green Line

The green line is a blatant copy of the Fidelity company's latest brand marketing.  The one on Commercial is confusing, distracting, uncertain as to beginning/ending, and, for those entering town for the first time on Commercial St., the information "Gallery District" is at the END of the green line.  Who, why, what for, what next????  Wish we could focus on welcoming the tourists with a smile, an answer, a direction, etc...this has become an unwelcoming town in the past few years with horrible road surfaces and construction projects everywhere!
6:48 pm edt 

What's a Polar Bear

Some type of person, I assume?
6:47 pm edt 

Re: National and Regional Marketing Plan

How comes whenever there is a problem in Provincetown the homosexuals are always to blame?
6:46 pm edt 

Re: ? (Town Officials and Thieves)

What's the difference?
6:14 pm edt 

National and Regional Marketing Plan?

Are you kidding?  Wow, you are dillusional.  If you haven't noticed, mid-stream America (and worldwide) are not interested in spending their hard earned money in Provincetown.  Bar Harbor, Newport, etc. are just as enticing and you can park.  Provincetown is not a "quaint little artist colony or fishing village".  It is a homosexual mecca geared toward enticing homosexuals. Period.  No high school.  Come on.  Figure it out.  No one on this blog may want to admit it but it is fact.  Young families don't want to raise children here.  Interest has rapidly dwindled, the elderly avoid it like shingles, streets in summer smell like Bourbon street after a "good" night.  Provincetown has sadly become the equivalent of a cheap carnival, only more overbuilt. Keep out McDonalds because it might ruin the character.  Yeah, right. 20 Walmarts would be better than what town officials have let in.  At least people who need all this new housing would have jobs with benefits.   
6:09 pm edt 

Re: ?

There is no honor amongst thieves, and town officials.
5:45 pm edt 

Re: Green Line

Making Provincetown a top art destination is the vision of a group of business owners including Miss Baltivik.  They have already garnered national attention in media outlets for their efforts.  When fully implemented, the green line will be but one part of a national and regional marketing plan to bring more tourists to Provincetown which will help our local economy.  Give them a chance as they are not spending tax dollars but could add to business owners bottom lines. 

Their vision could enhance Provincetowns share of the lucrative art tourism market just as Provincetown is reaping the rewards of increasing its share of the pet tourism market.   Just two years ago, that corner lot at Rte 6 and Shank Painter was a construction site.  But a few people, including myself, had a big vision for it and the Town. Today, it is the second best dog park the country according to Dog Fancy Magazine.

Today, many of us see a green line we dont quite understand or even like but, much more is in the making that I believe will help Provincetown. This committee deserves our full support and encouragement.

Candace Nagle
5:11 pm edt 

School Trip to Washington D.C.

There is a raffle, 12 tickets for $ some tickets and support the kids..they have raised $6,000 and need another $2,500 inorder to go to Washington DC for their May School Trip..
5:09 pm edt 

New Lines Everywhere

And what color lines to hotels, guest houses, B&B and all the sleeping establishments?   HOW ABOUT PURPLE?
5:08 pm edt 

3 Housing Developments on the Docket?

How can this be?  With declining population, school closings, no water, etc. it is ignorant to allow any new construction whatsoever.  Provincetown officials had better wake up.  Makes no sense on the elementary level unless certain people are getting paid off.  Rain is forecast for the next week or so.  Wonder if it's true, April showers bring May flowers.  They also bring further substantial damage to clear cut dunes and trees and "structures" or "houses" or "buidings" or whatever term the Building Inspector wants to use today. 
5:07 pm edt 

Green Line

Yes- the green line has created buzz- but I doubt any of the 'buzzers' were unaware that Commercial Street didnt stop at Johnson!
5:06 pm edt 

Bangs Street Doublespeak

Plopping two buildings on a lot and calling it one building is something that developers have been trying to do all over town.

Do you want all of the open space in town jammed with buildings? What happened to Bangs Street can happen on court street, and anyplace where you see some open space.

Wait until you see the new housing developments! When we get hit with the rain that flooded Rhode Island, 90 Shankpainter Rd. will look like a housing development built in a swimming pool.
5:05 pm edt 

Re: ?

And not a signature from any of the complainers...cowards in inks clothing...Karma, it's coming, Your Loving God
5:03 pm edt 

A New Line

We need a new line to the high school that reads closed for the good of the students. I know another former student who graduated in the MID 1990's who begged his parents to send him to Nauset--He had a GRADUATING class of 30 some students THEN.
5:02 pm edt 

PHS School Committee
I am personally SICK to death of hearing that it's all the "School Committee's" fault that the school is still open. Has ANYONE even considered the opinion of the kids that go to PHS? Of course not! Believe it or not, there are still a few kids that wish to finish up their education at PHS and why should the School Committee stop that?

From those hallowed halls of academia have come musicals and plays that this town has truly reveled in, athletic events that kept us all on the edge of our seats... and on and on and on! Are you truly ready to see that all end? I'm not! Never mind the countless graduates that have gone on to attend prestigious schools and do very well for themselves. That shrine of higher learning has endowed this town for many years with so very much to be proud of!

We can all read the writing on the wall. We know that the numbers just aren't there any more. But, hey folks, slow down! The decision to close a school is a monumental one. I don't envy any of the School Committee members in their deliberations. I am certain that they will do what's right for the kids of Provincetown and after all my friends, THAT is what this is all about! Yes, the taxpayers are providing the funds to educate our young people, but the School Committee is tasked with not only doing what is prudent with those funds; they must do what's right for the kids that we are educating with those funds.

Hold your rush to judgment for a little while longer and give the people that we elected an opportunity to sort through the facts, weigh all sides, and then make a decision that our town will have to live with for a long, long time.
4:59 pm edt 

New Lines Everywhere!!

Green line is for art gallerys but lets paint pink line for gay friendly establishments, blue for native establishments (blue blooded), red for lively afterhours places, yellow for bathrooms (obvious), white for local government agencies (representing the white flag of giving up) and an orange line for balance. And don't forget the brown line commemorating the July 4th fiasco.

Who needs pavement when the whole street could look like a rainbow?!!
9:01 am edt 

Re:"Green Line" Brilliant Idea of Katherine Baltivik

Well that really explains it all. Why in the world did the other gallery owners in this town support her "stolen from a TV commercial" terrible idea? One would think that most gallery owners had taste. Shame on the B.O.S. for supporting this idiotic, offensive idea. I certainly hope none of our tax dollars paid for this.
8:59 am edt 

Why Provincetown is Overdeveloped

A former selectman worked for a developer; an employee is on the CPA committee. The sentiment of some selectmen is to develop Provincetown within an inch of its life.

Look around the town--it will look very different in a few years with three housing developments on the docket.
8:58 am edt 

Re: License Board's Meeting of April 27th ...

If they have already dropped the open hearing of 2 am and informed the public that there is no longer a hearing .. outside of public statements what can one bring up? It would be my understand that the board at this point would have to re-vote to have a public hearing... have it posted in the banner again for two weeks and then have a hearing. Since they dated the hearing change on their website and have informed the public that there will be no open hearing the past listed hearing is now voided. Correct me if I am wrong.
8:57 am edt 

Green Line

the fact that a simple stupid green line has resulted in so much buzz and contoversy tells me that it is the ultimate success.  The entire purpose of the line was to bring attention to it and create a buzz.  Obviously it succeeded because that's the only thing being discussed.  Mission accomplished!
8:55 am edt 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Re: Green Line, Whose Idea?

"Green Line" brilliant  idea of Katherine Baltivik
9:22 pm edt 

You're Smiling Everytime You're Looking at the Idiotic Green Line?

From which institutionalized viewing point are you seeing this line? You're as
mad as those institutionalized with you. Sorry about your mental illness but it
is distorting your sight.
8:14 pm edt 


Let's face it.  P-town is #1.  So why are there so many other thriving cape
towns that money hungry overdevelopers avoid?  Orleans, Chatham, Osterville,
Cotuit, etc.  All these towns are extremely welcoming of people of all
persuasions, schools are thriving, galleries are thriving, restaurants are
stellar, nightclubs are exciting, main streets are enticing, beaches and natural
beauty are breathtaking, parking, car washing, lawn watering every day are not a
problem.  Is it a coincidence these towns are avoided by overdevelopers?  No.
They know they can't get away with law and by-law twisting so they don't even
bother.  P-town better wake up.  Plenty of other cape towns minutes away are
ready to take on the "surplus" when overbuilding ruins every square inch and
there is no where else to go.  P-town used to be quaint.  Now it really is
dirty, and not in the sexual sense.
8:13 pm edt 

Green Line

Good grief.  People complained about Bangs St. getting too much attention on
this blog.  That issue is real and will affect year round residents forced to
deal with the results of "hit and run" rich developers, paid town official
incompetence or idiocy, possible pocket greasing or else simple fear, etc. That
issue, at the least, commands attention. 

The green line is stupid, not genious. It is a copy of the Fidelity commercial
and I'm surprised Fidelity hasn't sued for infringement rights.  Isn't this
considered graffiti?  Aren't those who paint it supposed to get rid of it? 
What's the big deal?  Did they get a permit?  Paint over it and enough with the
green line.  Aren't there more important issues to deal with? I wanted to wash
my car today and water my lawn and I couldn't.   

8:11 pm edt 

Green Line

"I am the owner of a business in the east end that finds the green line
really inappropriate, ugly, and out of character for the town."


I'm also the owner of a business in the east end and I find the line harmless,
doesn't bother me in the least.  Geez folks, don't we have anything better to
8:09 pm edt 

Steeped in Shame

Rather than approach this closing of the school with grace, maturity and resolve
that would bathe the school committee in respect and be a shining example of
character before the whole community, the school Committee is digging its claws
into the dirt as it is being dragged kicking and screaming every inch of the way
to the eventual closing of the high school.

They are lying to the public and heaping ridicule upon themselves. Their
despicable lying and two faced messages is beyond the pale.

It is ineffective with tearful emotion and the casting of blame on taxpayers
calling them selfish when the truth is that we have a high school but no
students. You have steeped yourselves in shame not honor as you close the
school. That is the legacy that will be remembered.
8:07 pm edt 

In Such Poor Taste!

The Green Line is a Green Disaster. It is awful. It has no cache, No class. It
is ridiculous and a poor reflection of this town. We don't need this utter
stupid line.

If this is the best that the BOS can do--yes, Michele if this is your best--then
please do nothing.

Silence is golden over this. Doing nothing is sometimes better than doing
something if this is the something you are doing.

What the hell were you thinking?
7:59 pm edt 

Green Line

The Green Line is an absurd and idiotic idea. It will do NOTHING to
get people to the gallery district. It's not as if we are some huge metropolitan
district with a maze of streets. There's ONE main street! What's next -- a
purple line to the restaurants -- pink lines to the guesthouse. Maybe even blue
zig-zag lines to the pier. Where will this end? Once again our selectmen were
not thinking about the future. They certainly can't say no now to another

Quirky it is most certainly NOT. It's tacky, ugly and insulting to our visitors
intelligence and an eyesore to the people who live here. Who is the idiot who
came up with this idea???? Does anyone know???
7:56 pm edt 

Entertainment License

I believe that the vote to allow the change of the entertainment
license failed by 22 votes.  That seems like a pretty close vote to me...
7:53 pm edt 

What Did I Miss?

I don't get it?  Is a town board or town staff or a town department going to
allow business to close at 2AM?
Why do we have a town meeting for these issues, and then the town putts their
middle finger out at us?
Maybe the towns guest houses should decide for themselves that they do NOT want
the 2% increase in the rooms sales tax.   Seems fair is fair.
Give me a break
4:00 pm edt 


To Be Clear... The voters (that attended) voted against extending the Special
Entertainment licenses; not against allowing businesses to serve patrons later. 
So, the board rules are being re-written so that when Special Entertainment
Exceptions (Events) are requested the wording makes sense for those events and
to be fair to all businesses. Without the Special Entertainment portion there
will not be the amplified noise without abutters notice going out prior to any
requested event.
3:58 pm edt 

Open Hearing on Liquor Has Already Been Dropped

In reference to the Tuesday licensing meeting, it is my understanding
that the open hearing on liquor has already been dropped from the meeting. If
one goes to the licensing board website and look at the Public Meeting April
27th there is no listing for that regulation change that was posted in the
banner. It is my understanding that it would have to be re-introduced and posted
again for two weeks before it could be a public hearing again. Especially since
the department has stated that it will now be a public hearing on this matter.
3:57 pm edt 

Green Line

It's fun, it's quirky, it's Provincetown.  I smile every
time I see it.
12:52 pm edt 

This Isn't Russia; It's a Democracy

Yes, it's a democracy and those voters who made the effort to go to Town Meeting
voted "no".  It wasn't even close.  If a board overrules the voters, then it IS
like Russia! 

Why have a vote at all if insiders can get a board to overrule the "will of the
12:51 pm edt 

No, You Should Not Have to Attend Every Board Meeting........... Make Certain Board Members Make Correct Decisions

That is the board members responsibility. They should not respond unevenly and
inconsistently depending on who is requesting a variance. Seems developers get
the ok and long time residents get the "No." Look at who is sitting on our
boards! Develoeprs, real estate brokers, people working for developers, and more
real estate brokers. Ever wonder why? Shape the rules that help you sell. Be a
go-to person on a board and it helps you sell---not only real estate.

It is the proper interpretation of by-laws that is key and people serving who
know the laws in and out and make the best decisions for the town--not for
developers. That's what we need and should have.
12:49 pm edt 


We live in a free market society. PTown can't say, one vendor can stay open
because....we like pizza @ 1:30am but another cannot because you want a drink at
1:30am. The vote at town meeting was for extension of special entertainment, not
for bar serving.  The Board is doing the right thing by allowing the business
owners and adults to decide if they want to eat OR have a drink at 1:30. This
"Chicken Little" mentality that the sky is going to fall in is ridiculous. We
have a very well paid & competent police force here & so stop worrying about
"what if" & live in the here & now!  PS, I believe that if we had absentee
voting or could vote on discussed/ammended articles THE DAY AFTER discussions so
that THE PEOPLE could vote on all issues within 10 mins vs 5 hours, that special
entertainment would have passed.
12:46 pm edt 

Green Line

One of definitions is: To impair the usefulness, value, or influence of. Well,
this line actually does the opposite!! It adds usefulness on getting to the
galleries & value to those that don't live here and to gallery owners that do.
It will inadvertently help when directing folks to other locales as well. Go
Green Line!
12:42 pm edt 

The Green Line is Ugly !!

I'm all for drawing attention to businesses but that thing is an eyesore. It
does not look like 'quirky Ptown' - it looks like a big, fat, cheaply done mess.

There does not seem to be any way to figure out - where it starts and where it
ends - also no way to understand why it is there.  It's just a big fat green
line that starts at one place and ends at another with no way to figure out why
it is there.

In a town of artists we can't do better than this ??
12:41 pm edt 

Re: Green Line

I am the owner of a business in the east end that finds the green line really
inappropriate, ugly, and out of character for the town. So, all you people
should not assume that all the galleries agree with this decision by town
officials to go along with a single complaint. Its as though the town has been
taken hostage by a whining business blaming the town for not doing enough for
them. I take full responsibly for all my business decisions whether they fail or
succeed. The green line concept has not been thought out very well in my
opinion, hence the complaints and imminent failure.
12:39 pm edt 


1:00AM.  Free Market dictates the ability for businesses to stay open if they
want. Spirtus gets to, so should others. What was voted down (simply due to
voters that were unable to be at meeting possibly due to not being in town to
vote or because they couldn't sit thru 5 hours of meetings or because there is
no absentee voting) was the  change/extension for Entertainment Licences. This
is for allowing free market to function. Those of you that voted "no" did it on
ASSUMPTIONS. This isn't Russia; it's a democracy, free market & as other blogger
stated, a free market, pro-business. We have a very well-paid & competent police
force. Everything will be fine. Have a drink for Gods sake! Don't worry, be
12:37 pm edt 

Green Line

I am a gallery owner and I must say that I DO NOT agree with the green
line. The town should not be taken hostage by a single gallery complaining that
they don't get enough foot traffic. Its not the brightest idea to come along.
12:34 pm edt 

Re: Green Line

Who ever LOVED LOVED LOVED the green line, MUST OWN A GALLERY.   Most gallery owners complain that no one goes down there.   But if no one goes down there, why do the galleries stay open year after year after year.  They must be selling something..........   Stop complaining or buy a more expensive piece of real-estate near the center of town...........
8:53 am edt 

Green Line

I love the green line too.  It is pure fun and nice to see something to bring people to PAAM. Go greeeennnnn line
8:52 am edt 

Stroke of Genius?

Really?  Painting a crooked, ugly line down the street - you call that "genius?"  Clearly you are a business or gallery owner because this defacing of Commercial Street (yes, it's called defacing, not genius)is not whimsical - it's ugly.  I am a resident - what do I need to give it a chance to do?  I already know how to get to the East End.  It's not quirky, it's tragic!
8:51 am edt 

Green Line:
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Green Line.  What a stroke of genius.  It's fun, it's quirky, it's whimsical, it's different, it's totally Ptown.  Also, it's achieving it's purpose, which is to get people to that end of town and talk about it.   Bravo and well done!!  Give it a chance.
8:24 am edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

Bangs St.

I agree. Let the justice system decide. HOWEVER, it shouldn't take the abutters having to go to court to get justice.  That is the job of these paid "officials".  To enforce the clear local and state laws that do exist, not to make up "interpretations" and laws as they go along.  This developer is a well-to-do Boston attorney who has repeatedly made millions on this town. Ever put any back?   To truck in manufactured (as in trailer) homes is reprehensible.  Why not hire some local builders?  Too expensive? Provincetown has become a bottomless money pit to these developers and yet the streets aren't paved properly and there's no water.  Enough is enough.  Go pick on another town to make your almighty buck.   2 buildings on this lot, denied before, would have been more than enough but to build 4 and to ruin the land and the neighbors house to do it shows unbridled greed beyond reproach. Anyone in support of this should be ashamed of themselves. Hey Zoning Board - wheres the "N!
eighborhood Impact Statement" you require? I forgot, legal counsel for the developer told you you didn't need one.    
8:07 am edt 


After the residents of town voted at Town Meeting to keep the 1:00 AM bar closing, the Licensing Board now proposes to go against the wishes of town residents and change the by-laws to permit bars to stay open until 2:00 AM.  Why would any town board propose changes to by-laws that have been voted against by residents?
8:05 am edt 


BRAVO to the governor of Arizona!!! Finally an elected official with the guts to do what's right.
8:04 am edt 

Some Facts
Green line was painted by a machine that had to swerve away from the telephone poles, thus the "wavy" lines.

The School population has been declining for 10 years. The school committee had a big conference--and then did nothing to back it up.

The school committee tried to bring students here but the parents don't want to send their children away from home to our small school. And Provincetown parents don't want to send their away from home to go to school either.

We are down to no classes for some grades and we have a class of 2014 with 3 graduates.  
8:03 am edt 

RE: "Either Show Up or Shut Up.... "

Absolutely totally agree. When you get an abutters notice, go to the meeting and submit written comments. Otherwise you have ZERO right to complain after the fact unless the plan is not as approved in PUBLIC meetings. That's why they are called public meetings so the public can make it's opinion heard.
8:01 am edt 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Just saw the Green Line Today - Who Was the Brainchild of This Hideous Mess?
First, the color is terrible - what shade of green do you call that?  Second, in addition to looking like advertising at a circus, it makes Commercial St. look like it's two ways (that's typically what a line running down the center of a driving road means).  Third, one day someone from out of town is going to drive down Center St. - see the line, see the words "GALLERIES AHEAD" written to the left and take a  left turn heading East on Commercial St.  Fourth, it's obvious  that someone painted the line to the left of the street and then covered it up with black paint.  And it does look like a drunk person painted it.  Seriously folks - this section of Commercial Street looks like an elementary school art project gone bad.  Too bad the historic commission only deals with buildings because this Disneyesque strip down Commercial Street should be banned.      

This idea might work if Commercial Street were only a pedestrian way, but since it's not did anyone check with the police chief?  Is it legal to advertise like this on a public way that could interfere with public safety?  There is no sign at the end of Center St. that states, "Right turn only."  

Bottom line: it's ugly and it's not safe.  Who paid for this?  Does anyone know if tax dollars were used to pay for this short-sighted, poorly implemented marketing endeavor?

Paul Soares
11:20 pm edt 

So Much For the Status Quo

Terese Nelson should not be involved in trying to save the school.. she has been part of the problem!  The school needed to be "saved" years ago, where the heck was Ms. Nelson then?  
Sadly the horse is out of the barn and the barn has caught fire... I fear it is way too little too late to save the High School.  
And truth be told all those who in the past who were simply keeping status quo, should be ashamed at their lack of vision, when they had the chance to try and do something.
11:13 pm edt 

New Police Station

I agree combining the Fire house and the Police station is a good idea...
11:12 pm edt 

Stop the Over Building, Respect Our Town

Nice to see that the "clear cut" areas have now been replanted with some pine trees. Hopefully in a few years they will grow and make the area resemble what it used to look like. People who work for the town and any contractors who are hired to do work for the town, please respect Provincetown and keep it beautiful. Let's stop the disregard for one of the most beautiful places on earth. Stop the over building, respect our town!
11:10 pm edt 

Re: Green Line

Ok, the green line on Commercial is just stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. First off, if anyone thinks about it, it was a colossal screw up. First they painted it crookedly on the side, which made it look like a bike lane--nope! Second, they painted THAT over with tar, so now we have what looks like an anaconda oil slick on our main street and then, yes only then, did they RE-paint it down the middle of the road. But it looks like they hired an afternoon aficionado of the O.C. to do it for a free Pabst. Crooked, stupid, wobbly and pathetic. Come one, come all. Follow the green paved line!

Now, to the money question. One truck, 2-3 guys,several hours each, fuel, wear and tear. For each trip up the street to "paint," who the hell paid for this to be done THREE TIMES???!  You did. The DPW did it. Of course, a selectman has been noted to say, "Well, it cost nothing because we HAD the green paint."  Really?  Did we have all the man hours involved for free too to do this silly splay of our dumbness?  

11:08 pm edt 

RE; Ruling Against the Kline House in Truro is A Ruling Against the Building Commissioner

Being someone that has read posts on this site for some time now and occasionally posting, aside from the spelling errors in your post, it's clear to me that you apparently know nothing of which you speak. It's clear that you are distorting the facts in the decision by Judge Piper to fit into your opposition to Brauns decisions. The two are very different. I would suggest, in the future, that before you post matters involving facts, you get to know the facts as they are written and not implied. The judge remanded the case back to the ZBA in Truro for them to review their decision made on the matter at a prior meeting. The building commisioner in Truro had every right within his powers to issue the permit. The same is happening in Provincetown. If you don't like the way the rules work, do something to change the rules because it will happen again because the building commissioner, whether in Truro or Provincetown, has the ability to do so.
11:05 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs Street. or What Address?

I do not recall if this direct question was ever answered or buried in the typical claim that the by-laws are not clear. After so many years and so much construction the by-laws are still not clear. Yeah sure, pard.
My sympathies go to Mr. Silva and his family. I am not advocating trespassing, but if anyone has the occasion to visit the scene of the crime, they will view one of the most disgusting and barbaric acts of malicious contempt against ones neighbor that I have ever witnessed. All aided and encouraged by a pompous town government. In order to build the four separate monstrosities the environment has been permanently damaged. The sacred sand dunes have been irrevocably destroyed. Mr. Silvas privacy has been despoiled. His patio and house foundation is cracked. The house or parts of his house are obviously moving in the direction of the wetlands. The retaining walls will assure that what will remain of his home will be directed away from the monstrosities. At least three or possibly four very large trees, with very shallow root systems, have been undercut and undoubtedly due to fall over the hillside. The trees will fall on the building halfway into the hillside and Mr. Silva wil!
l be held liable for the damage, as he was on vacation and did not file an appeal in the allotted time.
If anyone doubts that this could not happen they obviously did not attend the hypocrisy advertised as the Bangs Street Abutters Meeting. Public concerns were not addressed and no questions received any intelligent answers.
11:03 pm edt 

Bangs Street

What is the problem here? Where were all of the people who now object to the project during the public hearings conducted months ago?

Provincetown is a year-round community. Not being present during the off-season doesn't give you a free pass. Business is conducted year-round.

Either show up or shut up....
11:00 pm edt 

This Definition of Structure Does Not Allow Two Buildings to Be One Building
The part of aspect does not give permission nor define two buildings connected by a walkway or a patio to be considered part of the same building. Part of does not mean it divides two into one. This definition also seems to deny temporary structures of which walkways would fail to qualify as part of a structure. It denies palletized patios. If this is the law and the definition than our town Zoning By-Law does not allow two buldings to be treated as one because of this clump of words. It fails to gives reliefas the Building Commissioner and the Zoning Baords have done. Granted, if you add a swimming pool, you wouldn't consider the one building to be two. But if you build two separate structures, each with two bedrooms and separate roofs and separate walls, then putting a walkway between them does not allow these two structures to be viewed, counted, or defined as one.

This is an insane,convulted and wrong interpretation of the Zoning By-Law. If you can see the justification for counting four buildings as two with this definition, then you must seeing saints and sinners in cloud formations. Maybe you'll see the Shroud of Turin in a Portuguese donut!

I too see the parallels with Truro and their wrong and illegal interpreation of their own Zoning By-Laws.
6:03 pm edt 


SHAME on the governor of Arizona!
6:00 pm edt 

27-31 Bang Street

Instead of writing endlessly on this blog about 27-31 Bangs Street, (which I agree is a horrible blunder by the town government to let happen)I hope that the abutters have a good attorney and are suing to stop the building and have them taken down. The recent Kline House debacle give these abutters a leg to stand on.

Let's use the courts and the justice system to put these people in their place and to keep Provincetown from being over built by any developer who comes to town. Let's set precedence and I believe that these developers will look elsewhere.

Keep Provincetown from being overbuilt!
5:59 pm edt 

Kline House Ruling Against the Truro Building Commissioner Gives Hope to Provincetown

Russell Braun should get to know these words well. For it is upon these words where upon he
will be hosted on his own pitard.

Stare decisis (Latin: [ˈstaːre deːˈkiːsiːs], Anglicisation: [ˈsteɹɪ dɪˈsaɪsɪs]) is the legal principle by which judges are obliged to obey the set-up precedents established by prior decisions. The words originate from theLatin phrase Stare decisis et non quieta movere, "Maintain what has been decided and do not alter that which has been established".
2:20 pm edt 

Bangs Street

Is it possible the "By-Law" they used to justify this mess is not even a by-law but a definition?  This is outrageous.  These town officials are in dunesand over their heads.  Although, town legal counsel from Boston did seem as though she may have actually reviewed the file on the ride down.  I'd be interested in hearing what Justice Piper thinks about this.      
2:09 pm edt 

Ruling Against the Kline House in Truro is A Ruleing Against the Building Commissioner
The judge ruled against the Truro Building Commissioner Thomas Wingard and said Wingard was wrong to have issued building permits for the house on Stephens Way. Judge Piper ruled against the Building Commissioner's interpretation of the Zoninig By-Law and against Wingard's interpreation that the non-compliance was the same, even with the size of the house being built. The Judge ruled that the non-compliance was not with the lot but with the house and that the Building Commisioner was wrong.

The Judge also ruled that the Zoninig Board's decision to agree with the Building Commissioner that the application for the Kline House did not need a spicial permit was also wrong. The Judge ruled that the buildings did need a special permit and that now the Zoning must decide, according to Judge Gordon Piper, whether the project will be "substantially more detrimental to the neighborhood" then the present existing home. If it more detrimental, then the request must be denied. If this happens the house, as built, would have to be taken down since it would be illegal since the judge negated the building permit.

There's a lesson here for us in Provincetown. The judgment was against the Building Commissioner and his wrong interpretation of a Zoning By-law and against the Zoning Board and their wrong decision to agree with the Building Commissioner. Additionally, the future actions require careful evaluation by the Zoning Board of the impact of the Kline buildings on the neighborhood--not a quick dismissal. It forces the Zoning Board to do the hard work they should have done in the firt place and puts in questions all the other times this Building Commissioner issued wrong and illegal building permits.

This decision on April 12 brings awareness that justice can occur and improper actions and decision by a Building Commissioner can be revealed to be illegal, as well as actions by our Zoning Boards. Thank you Justice Gordon Piper for your decision and understanding of the law.
1:16 pm edt 

I Disagree
The way to change the town is not to sit on a board. That is one way but the true way should be for the boards to interpret their by-laws and regulations evenly, fairly and intelligently. We cannot be on all boards nor attend all meetings. But we can expect sensitivity to the rules and an evaluation of how projects impact on neighborhoods. It seems as if anything goes and there is the judgment that overdevelopment doesn't negatively impact a neighborhood. But the Zoning and Planning by-laws request such a fair evaluation--not a comment from applicant lawyers that the neighborhood will not be changed and a board, smiling and nodding, and voting to approve.
1:13 pm edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn-Ted Malone
"You could wash and water lawns....", where have you been. We had water restrictions in place long before either one of them came along. I'm not saying I'm a fan of either of them, especially Malone, but let's not blame the fact that water has always been a precious commodity on the outer cape on these two people. We've had alternate lawn watering days put into effect in the past and car washing has for many years been frowned on,if not banned. Keep it real.
1:11 pm edt 

Re: Rich and Powerful
Do I detect a note of bitterness. So what if someone owns a business and a nice house. I do! I worked my butt off to get where I am. And as for MAKING employees work until 3am. Guess how this little home/business owner got where I am, working in the bars and restaurants in town. This I did gladly and willingly. It may have taken me 21 years, but I did it. Get over yourself.
1:10 pm edt 

To: "Does This Mean There is No By-Law"

You hit the nail on the head.  This is not fantasy By-Law class.  Read the Zoning By-laws for yourself.  If you don't have time, here it is:

By-Law that should apply:
"2550 Two Buildings Per Lot:  More than one building may be erected or moved onto a single lot provided that they are not closer to each other than nine (9) feet or twelve (12) feet if either exceeds two stories in height. Lot area requirements must be met for each principal building without counting any lot area twice."

"Building: A structure having a roof and supported by columns or walls for shelter or enclosure of
persons, animals, property or an activity; such structure does not include camper as defined in this


The Building Inspector quoted the following "By-Law" at the meeting and this is what these FOUR buildings were allowed to be built as "TWO" based on:  OOPS, IT'S ACTUALLY NOT A BY-LAW, IT'S A DEFINITION.

"Structure: "any combination of materials assembled, constructed or erected that fixed location on the
ground or attached to something having location on the ground, including swimming pools having a
capacity of 4,000 gallons or more and retaining walls supporting more than four feet of unbalanced
material, but not including flagpoles, paving, temporary structures such as tents and canopies, palletized patios, or fences which do not exceed 6 feet above the property grade. The word "structure" shall be construed where the context requires, as though followed by the words, "or part or parts thereof".


It is no coincidence and it is VERY convenient for the developer that actual construction wasn't started until the 90 day appeal period was over.  Once this 90 days was up, the "carte blanche" attitude underlying this project took over and now town boards have to defend their decisions to cover their collective "xxxxx".  Let's not loose site of the FACT that the previous owner of this land was DENIED in 2001 and 2005 by these same boards when he wanted to really build 2 buildings with 4 bedrooms total.  Why the change of heart by these boards?   and it cant' be because "the lots were combined".  What a joke.  How dumb do they think we are?
1:08 pm edt 

Bold and Brilliant
Combining the Police and Fire Headquarters is a bold and brilliant stroke; an example of thinking outside the box and show the kind of thinking that we want from our town manager.

We should all endorse this proposal and make it come to fruition. We have the building; expand upon it and make it the best that it can be, tear down the old police headquarters and turn it into parking..brilliant.

We must do this for the good of the town and for the safety and the security of our police officers.
1:02 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn:
To those who think she is cleaning up messes...   She certainly is creating a few !!!  Need not say anymore....
1:01 pm edt 

Spirit of Cooperation
The Firemen have theirs--and they don't want to share. We taxpayers paid for their firehouse so it is for the town manager to decide how to use it. What arrogance on the part of these volunteer fire men.

Lets expand the building and accommodate both the police and fire. This isn't a turf war--it is doing what is best for the residents of Provincetown.

Or, the firemen don't want the police so close to see how they behave: firetruck turnover and alcohol etc.
6:53 am edt 

What happens when you find the perfect place where you want to live in Provincetown at the [end] of a street, buy your home, and then find four monoliths unloaded where light and air once ruled? How is one supposed to shrug off such a violation?

If these new places were built with some sensitivity towards the land, that would be one thing, but these monoliths were trucked in and deposited and constructed and now the town has to live with them.

What is the famous phrase in Provincetown, it is in the past. The lies from the School committee at town meeting: forget about it, it is in the past,

Sinking barge, forget about it, it is in the past.

A now blighted neighborhood? Forget about it, it is in the past.

Provincetown's cozy village feeling? Well, forget about it, it is a thing of the past.
6:52 am edt 

Rich and Powerful

Owning multiple businesses, owning lavish homes. Making one's staff work until 2am, then there is the side work--out by 3am..great life! and the bar owner goes all the way to bank ...
6:50 am edt 

Sharon Lynn-Ted Malone

We couldn't wash or water our lawns for decades BEFORE Sharon or Ted Malone moved to town.
6:49 am edt 

Show Some Respect

Yes, not long ago, Provincetown lost a very gifted soul named Richard Brunson. He was a co-owner of the John Randall House. I don't know anything about his personal affairs , and frankly don't know why anyone would be so rude to post a poorly written note about it on this web blog. But i do know he did alot for this town. Show him
and the people that loved and admired him, some respect.

Move along.

Slippery Clam
6:47 am edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

If I load the gun and I pull the trigger whose the real murder? Oh, I must be the murderer because I got on a board to change the rules to satisfy my goals.

Those are the people that filled in wetlands, and built on live dunes many years ago.  The very individuals that helped to change the bylaws.  

I have attended meetings within the past few years as an abutter to a couple of boards and in listening to the pros and cons I found the board members to be sincere in deliberations.

So, the solution for all of you sincere people out there who really care would be to join a board and make a difference.  If not, then stop complaining!
6:46 am edt 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Re: John Randall House

Someone posted here that the John Randall House was going out of business.  Is that true? 
And did you know one of the owners just pasted away last week?   Could that have something to do with the John Randall house closing (IF IT IS TRUE)
Show some facts........
9:40 pm edt 

2:00a.m. Closing and Bar Owner's Greed

Re: "My hours were cut from my job; these rich and powerful bar owners show up at meetings and help out like allowing a prom on their premises and then they want special privileges.Ah yes, we are all equal, but some are more equal than others."
7:52 pm edt

Who are the "rich and powerful bar owners"??  Most of the bar owners in town are struggling to pay their mortgage and the payroll/medical insurance for their staff, let alone the high sewer and water bills.   I don't understand why everyone perceives that the bar owners are rich.   They generally are mortgaged to the hilt and property values are decreasing.   Has anyone noticed that many business owners are going "out of business" (i.e. Martin House, Clem and Ursies, Chesters/Bistro 404, John Randall House).   There are not alot of new businesses rushing to get into town (despite Barbara Rushmore's belief that we need to squelch new businesses from entering town).   Just because some one has the title to a property does not make them rich.....many of the businesses in town have debt that far exceeds their worth.  Has anyone noticed how few businesses are selling???  Over the next 10 years the town will get sucked into a depression that has not been seen in 100 years.
9:29 pm edt 

There is no By-Law Allowing Two Buildings to be Treated as One by Adding a Walkway?

Does this mean there has been a misinterpretation of the Zoning By-Laws and there is no definite by-law that specifies that someone can do this? If that is true, why are boards interpreting the by-laws incorrectly? Does this mean that if boards have been using the wrong interpretation and the incorrect reading of a by-laws, it then becomes acceptable because the past precent becomes the norm? Something's wrong here. This seems to say that past mistakes are accepted as precedent and then it is used to allow buildings to be built that shouldn't be allowed in town. And it means that buidling permits are given without a definite law allowing this type of construction.
9:25 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn

Re: "Sharon, You Are Not of This Town and You Have no Caring For the True Aspects of This Town.  You are truly an outsider. You have come here as a tourist and through the years, you have no idea who we are."

Are we back to this?  She's bad because she wasn't born here?  Didn't get the superior education PHS offers?  Give me a break, she's cleaning up the messes left by the tenure of Mr. Bergman.

Get a life.
7:57 pm edt 

Changing the By-Law:

The By-law doesn't need changing.  The people interpreting the "By-law" need education. 
1.  The appropriate "By-law" exists for this project.  No buildings closer than 9 feet, 12 feet if over 2 stories.  Check your town zoning website for this law.  It's clear and doesn't need interpreting.
2.  The "By-law" used for this project is actually used for sub-structures, i.e, pools (as it says in the by-law),  patios, sheds, etc.  Nice try.   
3.  Finally, if you are not sure about a By-law, here's a wild idea:  Call another Cape town and see how they interpret it.  More precedents for the 9' by-law have been set than the "deck makes one" by-law, so what, the 9' rule is ignored?

There is something going on with this project "behind" the curtain.  Too many violations.  Legal counsel's opinion at the meeting was "no legal leg to stand on".  Did she and the developer decide this when they were both contributing to the same obscure political campaign years ago? 
7:55 pm edt 

Since When do Votes Count if Our Votes Are Not What the Town Officials and BOS Want?

Look at our defeat of town employees raises two years ago. Then Sharon goes and manipulates the outcome by giving a four day work week, paid lunches, when we voted against increasing pay. So let them eat cake! That's the attitude here.

Now they hardly work a three day work week. Don't go there at noon. They're eating and the door is closed. Don't go there on Fridays. They are home.

A town mismanaged where only the votes they want to count, count.
7:53 pm edt 

2:00 a.m.Closing

More workers are back in town and the bars want to change the law, so they will pack the meeting. These owners don't care about their staff working such long hours even though many have two jobs. Selfish, greedy bar owners.

My hours were cut from my job; these rich and powerful bar owners show up at meetings and help out like allowing a prom on their premises and then they want special privileges.Ah yes, we are all equal, but some are more equal than others.
7:52 pm edt 

Our Vote Means Nothing to the Licencing Board

In a way to circumvent the peoples vote the lic. board is holding a public hearing on Tuesday to hear from the public how we feel about the 2am closing ???? Holding a public meeting to hear from a room full of people planted there and most likely are not voters but employees of some certain greedy business and why not it works for Malone everytime...Since the vote didn't turn out the way some wanted ...So now their going through the back door... Funny how this item is not mentioned on their web site but it is in the banner.....So if you don't want your vote to mean nothing show up and tell the LIC board we voted and said NO
5:33 pm edt 

Re: In Defense of Sharon
Are you serious??  She undertook a paid position fully aware of the job description including positives and negatives.  The town is in worse shape now than it has ever been.  Can't water your lawn, streets are a mess, school is a mess, population is declining yet new building is booming, dunes are being ripped down for money.  On second thought, you are right, it may not be her fault. She is obviously incompetent for the position.  Managing a supermarket or Walmart may be better suited to her. As a matter of fact, from the recent displays of a few of these town officials "in action", basic job knowledge  and performance ability is seriously lacking across the "board".  It is the right of the public to voice their opinions regarding paid town officials.  If these officials can't handle the heat, they should get out of the pan.  They aren't volunteers working out of the goodness of their hearts.  Anyone else with a paid job either has to perform or get fired. It may be time for a good spring cleaning in town hall.   
2:18 pm edt 

The Green Line is Tacky and Absurd

There's no line to Fanizzi's which is much further East and yet he does a great business -- wonder how people find him??? And what about the Red Inn in the extreme West End -- how could anyone find it without a line painted down the street??? Nonetheless you need reservations weeks in advance to get a table.
People aren't going to the galleries because of the economy. It's really as simple as that. A Green Line isn't going to make a bit of difference. It just makes the town look foolish! However ever came up with this idea has simply stolen the "line" concept from the Fidelity commercial on TV. It's not even an original idea.
2:16 pm edt 

Re: Green Line

What's next? Purple polka dots on the monument? Sheesh!
2:14 pm edt 

Kudos to the Thinkers Who Put Down the Green Line

It is not something to complain about.  Let's see how it works. And to the guest house owner who wants a line from the ferry to his/her guest house, clean up your guest house and clean the sheets.  Maybe you could make them green and be part of things. LOL
12:22 pm edt 

Time to Come Out in Defense of Sharon

Everybody here is a critic...If you think you can do a better job, by all means apply.
Town Boards could use your input.  The reactive nature of the posts here are amazing.  Why don't you sit in a town position and then watch your name being abused by every naysayer on this blog. 
Sharon did not take over a smooth running operation. How about showing her some support for the good things she does?  Oh I forgot.  That is not the purpose of this blog
12:20 pm edt 

Over Development

We can't wash our cars or water our lawns now.  So with more buildings going up, the next step will we wont' be able to flush when it's yellow.  And then we will have to buy all our drinking water and only be able to use the town water for laundry and showering. 

That sounds exciting.
12:19 pm edt 

Giant Sand Spit

Provincetown is a giant sand spit. It is all fragile. There is no drinkable water and there were swamps here that were filled in and built upon and thus these places flood because they are close to the water table. These are the facts.

Digging into a dune seems risky to me. I'd take photos of any property damage caused by digging into a dune and ask for a reporter to do a story. It could happen to anyone living on a hill that is disturbed.
10:26 am edt 

Change the By-Law

The fact that a string of buildings connected by decks can be called one building is a disaster of a by-law. That is what must be changed. Too bad there wasn't a photo of the proposed buildings attached to the notices that were sent out.

Just wait until you see the affordable housing units that will soon be built in town; Bangs Street Ext. is just the start. People are going to fight this over building when we have a water shortage and we can't wash our cars or water our lawns.
9:46 am edt 

Love Would Not be the First Word

Re:..."You have no idea who we really are. Your heart is closed and cold. But some us, love this town with the depths of our hearts..."

Speaking of closed and cold, that comment is just cold and uncalled for on this blog.  The personal attacks on individuals in this town show a side of people that is really quite disturbing.  If this blog was your only connection to the people of this town 'love' would not be the first word to come to mind.
9:28 am edt 

Sharon, You Are Not of This Town and You Have no Caring For the True Aspects of This Town

You are truly an outsider. You have come here as a tourist and through the years, you have no idea who we are. But worse: you don't give a damn who we are.

You are a disgrace to me. You are a danger to me. You  think you know this town and yet you don't even have a clue. You spend time with Ann McQuire and her friends and think that speaking with them you know us. What a fraud you are! What a disaster you are to those of us who love this land, these dunes, the green on Route 6 and Race Point.

If any tourist came to town and asked you a question, you would call Town Counsel to answer it. You, my dear, are horrible. You are the worse of the worse. You are the worse nightmare of this town.
8:14 am edt 

27-31 Bangs St.

People shouldn't have to go to court to get answers to simple questions about local and state building regs.  The "boards" can't justify their actions here at all, so the answer, sue if you want answers.  Why was construction allowed within the 100' buffer zone of a town wetland? There has to be a lawsuit to answer this?  Doesn't the ConsCom have a tape measure? or know their own law?  Why was it ignored?  Sharon had better put some thought into hosting a "special" meeting to review the town's liability insurance.  Mr. Silva, whose house is on what used to be the dune above, used to sell insurance but he's probably not the one to call.  He'll be busy with his house caving in and all.  And the poor bldg. inspector was so surprised...  It's okay though, the "boards" approved it and no one complained within the 90 day appeal period even though it didn't happen until later than 90 days out.  Who knew this dune was made of beach sand?  I guess I should sue to find out.    
8:10 am edt 

Help Me Out:

27-31 Bangs Street Meeting
Not sure what was the outcome from all these posts.
Is it that town counsel said that the abutters have to sue the board if they want to see changes?  If so, any abutters want to let us in if they plan doing that?  What a shame that they have to spend their own money stopping a project was manipulated by the owners and now the town looks like it will not help them out.  SHAME ON YOU S LYNN.
8:07 am edt 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sharon, What Do You Really Care About?

Do you care about the squirrels running up trees? Do you love the racoons that nudge up along our pathways? Do you care about money plants or shag as it blossoms into white breaths? Do you care about the dunes, the ups and downs of our landscape? What, Sharon, do you realy care about?

I wonder if you really know the town. I wonder if you really know us? I have my doubts. You love the lifestyle that Provincetown offers without, sadly, knowing the place and the people who welcomed you. What a tragic dilemma.

You have no idea who we really are. Your heart is closed and cold. But some us, love this town with the depths of our hearts and we are committed to caring for the ups and downs of dunes, for the quirks and curves that makes this town.

You, Sharon Lynn, are a stranger. You have no idea who we are and what, in the depths of our hearts, we value. It is this town, pure, simple, and deeply. But you have no idea what we truly love and,sadly, you never will. You are an outsider who decided long ago to remain an outsider.
10:27 pm edt 

Provincetown Drowning Incident

Sad to hear of the gentleman drowning this morning off of long point after his canoe capsized. Prayers go out to his family and friend who he was with.

10:26 pm edt 

No One robbed a Liquor Store But....Someone Died Today in Our Waters

someone died taking a red canoe out into the waters and when he came back, he was dead. His friend is at the Cape Cod Hospital. Yes, it was a good day but someone died today. The waters were not kind. The red canoe did them no favor. Someone died today. And the hearse drove along MacMillan Pier carrying his body. For you, it was a good day. For him, it was not.
10:25 pm edt 

I've Figured Out the Green Line

It must be where the new subway is going!  Boston has a Green Line, why not us.
10:23 pm edt 

New Police Station
I just finished reading the Banner Newspaper and read the article that included a joint Fire/Police Station and I have to agree that is not a good idea for several reasons. However, I did notice where it was mentioned that all town buildings will be looked at before any land is purchased. That is what has led me to add my two cents and highly suggest to the selectmen/women, that if the Vets school rumor that they may move all those young children into the High School next year is true, then why don't that building be explored. Even if it has some existing problems, it's more than adequate and the cost to fix and/or renovate that into a polce facility sure has got to be by far less exspensive than a new facility.
10:23 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs Street Meeting

Town Counsel publically recommended that the only way to oppose any board decision is to sue the board. Any verbal opposition will not be considered.
10:21 pm edt 

Kudos........Well Done!

Kudos to the owner or owners of the hardware store on Conwell St.  Stopped in there today after just getting back to town and could not believe my eyes.  Major renovation is right.  Looks tremendous and the staff was very helpful in helping me find things while they are still getting things in order.  Not quite completed but job WELL DONE!!!!!!!
5:16 pm edt 

Enjoy it Folks!

No one robbed a liquor store in the northern part of town, kids are playing in the parks, people are shopping in the stores, it's a beautiful day.
5:14 pm edt 

Green Line

The crooked green line was a tongue and cheek reflection of local government, the school committee and the harbormaster..........
2:47 pm edt 

What do They Really Value?

Is it only money? ONly profit? Only what they can get from destroying, plundering this town? I know it's not Minesota and the land has great worth. So, like gold diggers, they go down, upturn dunes, dig into wetlands, kill of endangered and non endangered aninals, just to make more and more money. Is that what is running this town? Perhaps the so-called leaders are not so dumb. Perhaps they know that being in a town position here can bring significant financial gain. They only have to say Yes and Yes. They only have to do the bidding of the rich, the money-makers who come to town to make even more money--even if the town gets destroyed and the community becomes nothing more than an excuse to plunder.

So maybe we have the town officials THEY want. The people who will literally kiss their butts. And what is even sadder: they enveigle those born here to do this bidding. They use town people to turn the town against tehm. Be careful: that warm, comforting feeling covering you is them crapping all over you.
2:16 pm edt 

Green Line

I liked the crooked green line.  At first I thought "what the hell?", but then it seemed to fit the rest of this community.  Everything about this town is a little off.  That's what makes us unique.  That's why people come here.  A perfectly straight, contoured line would be out of place here.  They should expand on it and have the line do circles and loops and be fun, not utilitarian.

Instead of people asking "what's with the green line?', they should be smiling and asking "what's with the funky, fun green line?"

Come on Ptowners, where's your quirky edge?
2:14 pm edt 

Re: The Crooked Green Line

In case you hadn't noticed it has been painted over this morning or yesterday.  The idea wasn't a bad one, just poorly executed.   :)
2:13 pm edt 

They're Wearing Halos
And sad for us that we didn't see how pure and good hearted these people involved with Bangs Street really are. It's a revelation. Goodness prevails. They are innocent and those of us fighting the abmonation are the real problem. We are the ones with vengence in our hearts while Town officials, Town Manager, Town Building Commissioner and expert town counsel are the saints walking among us the sinners. How good they are! How wise, kind, and caring of the town and of its community they are!
2:12 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs St.
I think that anyone at the meeting last night would agree.  It is bad enough people in town can't figure out what town officials are doing with this project but it is clear now that those 4 town officials who bothered to attend (town manager, town "counsel", conservation agent and building commissioner) don't know what they are doing themselves.  If they had to hold a "meeting" to show they put some effort into addressing the abutters' complaints, this was a pitiful example on their part. Questions weren't even close to being answered properly and answers consisted of mainly convoluted, non-sensical "legal" explanations.  
All 4 Town reps.' report card grade on this one:  F 
2:11 pm edt 

To: Wow

I don't think any of the writings were mean spirited, just the truth. That's the problem with the US right now, people are living beyond their means. Everyone has the, "I Want" mentality. They buy on credit, get a house they can't afford, buy the newest technologies, the newest model car, and then - BOOM! Suddenly they aren't making enought money to pay all of their bills... they cry for help or go into bankruptcy. That is why the economy has been in the state it is in. GREED... all the wants, wants, wants, instead of just living day to day with what you need.  If you can't afford things then you don't get them. That doesn't mean that I or anyone else should help subsidize your life.

I think it was very tacky for the teacher to bring the kids in front of the board to ask for money. That was a specific tactic by the teacher to get people to "feel bad" because some kids can't afford the trip. That is exploiting the kids and is a mean,horrible and reprehesible thing to do.

I maybe old fashioned, but if I want things in life I either save up for them if I am able or I don't purchase them. I don't believe that a trip to Washington D.C. is a do or die trip that will ruin anyone's life if they do not attend.

Let's look at the big picture. Nothing in life is free, you'll enjoy it more if you work for it.
2:09 pm edt 

Bangs Street Fiasco
Seems all town boards are perfect. Seems the Building Commissioner is perfect. Seems our Town Manager is perfect. Everyone did everything perfectly.

Conclusion: We live in a perfect town.
2:07 pm edt 

Green Line

If the galleries can have a green line, I want a green line from the ferry arrival point to my Guesthouse.
2:06 pm edt 

Grfeen Line

I have to agree with the previous comments about the green line on Commercial St. Whatever happened to the "historic" arts district? I don't think neon green is a historic color. We won't allow a small wind turbine on a private residence because it's not historically correct, but we will paint a brightly colored, crooked, tacky green line down our main street. Also, this doesn't reflect well on the arts community here. Shouldn't a public project promoting the arts be a bit more creative, tasteful and well, artistic?
2:05 pm edt 

Green Line

I think that the concept of the Green Line is not a solution to the problem of getting people to come to your gallery, but if you think it will work it doesnt hurt anyone to do it, so go ahead.

However, at first I was absolutly shocked to see that  crooked, crooked line. Then i had to laugh at the absurtatiy of it being so bad. Then I thought "what are the visitors going to think"? They are going to think that we are such a small hick out of touch Town that we cant even paint a straight line. Then I became embarresed for the Town. This is going to be such a joke, its going to be the first thing everyone talks and laughs about. Pathetic.

This line has got to go. Get a sandblaster out there today and make it go away.

I hope they didnt pay the guy who did it. You think he has ever heard of a chaulk line? Or even a string? Or even just looking? At one point he even sprayed AROUND a storm drain!

A Rat In The basement
8:58 am edt 

27-31 Bangs St.

I say let's get the barge picture off and a picture of a cut and scraped dune with trees about to fall and a building sticking out of it in.
thank you.
8:56 am edt 

Bangs Street
Can someone tell me how the meeting went today?  I couldn't make it to the meeting, in my present employment I could not leave work to attend.

town citizen
8:55 am edt 

Green Line

Who ever painted the green stripe on Commercial must have been drunk, or visually impaired. It looks awfully tacky. This is another good reason for paving the streets. Whoever authorized the painting ought to have the green stripe up their backside.
8:54 am edt 

Harbormaster's Barge

Still waiting for the person who supposedly knew all about the costs of the barge sinking to post whether or not the harbormaster's boat was totaled, what was the cost of the damage......

Your silence is deafening!
8:52 am edt 

Tax Payers


Please define "tax paying townie".     The vast majority of tax payers in town (70%+) are second home owners not townies.   Exactly what taxes do you pay to Provincetown??
8:50 am edt 

Green Line

Not only bad road surface on Commercial St. for tourists to endure, but now a drunken green stripe that is distracting while driving.  What's up with that???
8:49 am edt 

Green Line

follow, follow the green line
the green line's not a mean line
the green line is the scene line

the green line is your line and my line
it's the look, like and buy line
and it will leave you smile-line
8:48 am edt 


I am one of those people who thinks that the High School probably should close.  However to the folks on here who are writing about the students asking for money to go to Washington DC...You are HORRIBLE PEOPLE!

If the children can not afford to go, why can't they ask for help?  Maybe they will get the money, maybe not.  But to those who wrote such       and meanspirited responses on here.. SHAME on you!  It would be nice for the childer to be able to make the trip, just becasue they are poor is no reason to act so nasty towards them!

Oh wait I forgot, this is how many Americans think these days... rather than helping out their fellow citizens, the attitude of many is: I got mine, you can go   yourself!
8:47 am edt 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Don't Understand........










2:23 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

Re : Bangs Street Abutters, Residents and All Concerned Citizens to Meet on Tuesday April 20, 2010 With Town Manager Sharon Lynn,
Meeting Location: Grace Gouveia Building, Room 6, 26 Alden Street
Time: 5:00 p.m.

A meeting of this importance is being held on a Tuesday at 5pm ?  What person that has a 9 to 5 or 6 job can attend this meeting unless they work in Ptown 2 streets over ?  What second homeowner that owns property and pays taxes can attend on a Tuesday at 5pm ?

So unlike the announcement says not "All concerned" can attend - only those that live in Ptown and don't have to be at their work/job at 5pm.

Does not seem like this was scheduled with "All Concerned" in mind.
1:20 pm edt 

Poor Bangs St., Poor Neighbors
This song doesn't fly anymore.  It is time for some people to be held accountable for this.

Two of these 4 bldgs are in a buffer zone of a wetland.  They shouldn't even be there.

11:02 am edt 

I Didn't Know You Could Destroy Dunes When Building Here
Who let that happen on that little street in the East End? Everything is so out of proportion and all the land looks stripped of vegetation. Isn't it near the lowlands or wetlands, as I remember years back? Don't you have to protect wetlands and have some sort of a buffer zone maintained? Poor Bangs Street. Poor neighbors.
10:47 am edt 

27-31 Bangs St.

The violations on this project are too many to list here.  Legal counsel Lester Murphy and David Gardner continued weaving a web of lies in the Banner Article a few weeks ago to mislead people into thinking this project is legal. A police escort (who payed for the police that day, the taxpayers?) brought these 4 monstrocities into town on the back of trucks like a carnival show. At the meeting today, undoubtedly town officials and Mr. Murphy will claim "you had your chance" to complain, BUT, why complain when lies were being told to mislead.  It shouldn't take abutters having to file suit to have bylaws and state laws enforced properly.  That is what town boards are for.  Violations and lies is what this project is built on, in addition, to a fragile dune that is caving in.  Visit the site and form your own opinion.  Conservation really cares about a property built in a buffer zone (illegal) of a wetland.  No plant life is left since the machines cut and mowed everything in !
their path down.  Nothing about this development is okay.  It should be forced to come down as fast as it went up and the dune replanted along with all other indigenous plants torn up.    
10:36 am edt 

I Hate to Say it But

that green stripe on Commercial Street looks ridiculous!
10:28 am edt 

27-31 Bangs Street Development Tip of the Iceberg

The significants of the 27-31 Bang Street Development is that many
rules were broken and laws ignored to promote this venture.

Variances were given that were previously denied others who wanted
to develop the same property (on a lesser scale), this is called "pocket zoning".
It is illegal.

Town Counsel ruled against this development, and yet construction was continued....

Conflicts of interest by Board Members were ignored. State and Town Bylaws bypassed.

The tactics used to advance the development of this property is a precursor of
the techniques intended to be applied to future developments. Who owns the property
adjacent to 27-31 Bangs Street? It is owned by Ted Malone. Fill in the blanks.

The permitting rulings and variances set precedence and will be used by developers to
not only gain access to otherwise non-permissible properties, but too, in many cases, double the
allowable housing. 

It's a wild-west show, and the action is only just beginning. 
9:53 am edt 

Tacky Town Hits a New Low!

What's with the big green racing stripe down Commercial Street? Last year when something like this was done it was called graffiti. Couldn't the "creators" of this at least get the line straight?
9:11 am edt 

2:00 a.m. Closing

In the most recent copy of The Banner the licensing board has a meeting posted for next week (April 27) where it will change the liquor bylaws to 2:00 AM.  I thought this was voted against at town meeting.  So, why are they voting to change it?
9:06 am edt 

Lies and Double Speak
Peter Grasso stands up at town meeting and declares that the high school will close; Alex Brown says it too. And then they turn around and state the opposite.

Now four buildings are really two. Now the lies are so bold faced! That whole tactic of doing something wrong or telling lies and then saying,"It is all in the past now, lets move on" is now officially over.

Alex Brown and Peter Grasso lied to the entire town and they see it as a great strategy to keep the school open. To me, it just shows how the school committee lies and engages in subterfuge.

Four buildings are really two. I'll use that when I go to pay my taxes: My taxes aren't really $7,000..they are $3,500. You believe the builders and you believe the School committee--I'm just following their lead.
9:05 am edt 

How will you know which of the students who smoke dope at the corner of Commercial and Ryder Street by the statue go to PHS or Nauset? Are you going to ask them?

At least they are out side socializing with each other instead of sitting in their rooms glued to their gadgets.
9:03 am edt 

Water Crisis And Development

We can't wash our cars, we can't have a sprinkler to water our garden--but we can build 4 buildings and count them as two?
9:01 am edt 

Town Boards

Yes, board members can discuss upcoming cases with each other as long as it is only between two members.
9:00 am edt 

Monday, April 19, 2010

No, Board Members Cannot Talk About UpComing Cases in Private

they just can't. That is illegal. You cannot discuss the cases that will be coming in front of your board. You could discuss policy with another board member but you can't discuss the pro's and con's of a noticed out case in private. This is against the open meeting rule. You are a public board member and your allegiance should be to the public at large--not special interests, not special friends who have access to you, not specialy buyers of your paintings or your guests rooms or your landscaping business or your real estate. Please, this is wrong. You are a public official--not a private deal maker!
11:50 pm edt 

Clueless Parents be Aware

If you are going to insist that we keep the school open to the detriment of my family as my taxes go higher and higher, then I vow that your children will tow the line because you force us to continue supporting this school when the reality is that it should have been closed a few years ago.

FACT: Your children will be monitored: their grades posted, their behavior during the summer when they smoke dope by the statue at the corner of Bradford and Ryder st. *(and almost start a brawl) posted, their behavior will be monitored and posted when it is unseemly and/or provocative.

So, you lie to us and you force us to pay millions for the school; if We pay for your children's education then we have a say in their behavior: trust me, we will *DEMAND* that your children tow the line and if they don't, everyone will read about it here--I'm fighting for my family too.
10:03 pm edt 

One Musical Does Not a School Make
Of course it was a wonderful production, but school life is daily. The rooms full of empty-ghost desks with 3 live students is what these students will be cursed with if they come here. Four years of high school with the same handful of students. Ah, and familiarity breeds contempt.

Some grades have no students! Millions of dollars year after year for a school empty of students and yet we pay a kings ransom to keep it fully staffed. It is all about the jobs.

What complete and utter folly as we pay millions to a school propped up with lies from Peter Grosso and Alex Brown fueled by a school committee that casts its gimlet eye upon us and only wants our money. SHAME ON YOU.
10:01 pm edt 

Marketing the Schools?
Be sure to send a DVD of King and I to all local parent groups......PUBLICIZE what IS going on in our schools.

a childless washashore who would love to see the hs survive
6:17 pm edt 

Our Students

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme---Places everyone; I'm here, I'm a Precious student and I want to go to Washington, D.C.! Don't just sit there--pony up and pay! YOO-HOO Its me and I'm important because I'm me and what I want I must have! So roll out the red carpet because I'm special and I'm me and I'm SO fabulous and the School committee told me that the world revolves around me!  
5:07 pm edt 

Just Say No!

Does it seem strange to you that a group of students would be asking the town to support their trip to Washington D.C.? When I was in 8th grade and wanted to go on the trip in my hometown, my parents said, "No, we can't afford it." So, I stayed home while some of my friends who could afford it went on the trip.  It just seems odd to me that a group of students would be asking the town for money to support a school trip. I've never heard of such a thing. Wow, it just amazes me that people think that they should get things in life and not have to pay for them. I say if you can't afford the trip, then it doesn't happen.

NO D.C. for you!
3:53 pm edt 

Lie Cheat And Steal

The representatives of the School Committee get up at Town Meeting and lie to us, Mr. Grasso and steal any credibility that your report may have held and you are cheating the students with your lies and deceit.
3:51 pm edt 

What the Harbormaster's Boat Totaled?

If so, how much was that?

That's Town property and not the Pier Corporation's correct?

How many times can one have an accident without insurance premiums going through the roof because the client is a bad risk?
3:49 pm edt 

Meeting With Board Members

Many boards even have sub committee meetings before a public meeting. This is legal, also any two board members may talk about upcoming cases before voting at the public hearing. And yes anyone can meet and talk about anything they want with a board member. The only thing illegal, would be for a board member to accept gifts from anyone. And having three or more members discuss board issues outside of the posted open meeting.
3:47 pm edt 

Meeting With Board Members

You may meet with one and even two board members before a public meeting. But never three or more. Just the facts.
3:46 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn and Voice Mail

Does Sharon Lynn not return all voice mail messages or just not mine?  
3:45 pm edt 

Conflict of Interest Law Makes Private Meetings with Board Chairs Illegal

Here's what the Conflict of Interest involves:
"You owe undivided loyalty to your municipality. Don't work against the municipality's interest." You cannot work for the interest of an applicant and give that person special consideration and special advice that all others cannot get.

"If you serve on a board, you serve the municipality. Don't work on the other side of the table representing people, organizations and business before any board in town." You must be objective and you can't represent the wishes or desires of those "on the other side of the table." You cannot have prior agreements with those "on the other side of the table."

"Don't create appearances of conflicts. Disclose any significant relationships you have when matters concerning those people come before you." If a Chair had prior conversations, that must be disclosed to the other board members and to the public attending the meeting.Special considerations and special treatment for some and not for others is against the Conflict of Interest Law that governs Provincetown Boards. This is Massachusetts Law.
3:44 pm edt 

Barge Information is Incorrect

Your barge information is incorrect. It is not and will not be a total loss and the Town is NOT out one thin dime. The barge is insured and the Pier Corp pays the deductible.
9:53 am edt 

Close the High School
From Cape Cod to the Berkshires, across the entire state, we have the most expensive school in the entire Commonwealth.
Peter Grosso and Alex Brown can't be trusted--what an example they are to the students in this town.

Ten years of declining enrollment and now the school committee wants to keep this ghost school of empty desks open. Oh you poor, poor students.

An empty high school is your domain while you are encased for four years in silence, predictability and isolation. Just remember, this too shall pass but what a hardship you will endure as you are supposed to enter the best years of your life.
9:51 am edt 

Vinegar is Sweet
Talking with a former student who graduated years ago, he really wished that his parents sent him to Nauset and enhanced his education. He sneered as he mentioned the number in his graduating class.

He blames his parents because he wanted to go to Nauset.

A fly thinks that Vinegar is sweet until it tastes sugar.
These students are  held hostage at our high school and then they go off to college and encounter other students who had a wealth of opportunities in High School and they see what they were missing.

A fly thinks that Vinegar is sweet until it tastes sugar. Alex Brown and Peter Grosso should be ashamed of themselves.
9:50 am edt 

Not Right and Just Plain Wrong!
You just cannot meet with a Chair of a Board on your own. This is not allowed. Of course you can meet with the Building Commisioner and ask a question or two. But you cannot--underline NOT--meet with board memebers before a board meeting on your legally noticed out case. You cannot do this because the MA laws do not allow this and town regulations do not allow this either. It is just wrong, wrong, wrong. Just don't use the illegal case as law because it happened. It is still wrong and illegal!
9:48 am edt 


Board members can absolutely talk to whomever they please EXCEPT more than two other members of their board.  Once the conversation meets of exceeds the stated quorum of that board, they have broken the open meeting law.

Often a board member will meet with people coming before them to ask questions and to fully understand the issue being presented.  It's called doing your homework and it is NOT illegal, it is NOT unethical, it is NOT even immoral.

If you know differently, please cite the statute that refers to your claim of their maintaining ignorance until the issue is presented.
9:46 am edt 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yes, You Can Meet with The Building Commissioner When He Is In But.... cannot meet with board members and board chairs. This is totally different. If you meet with a board, you need to meet publicaly with all present board members. Consider that board members cannot even e-mail themselves on board issues. That is illegal. Private meetings are meetings outside the law.
9:14 pm edt 

Town Boards
Its true. If an applicant wishes to meet with the chairman of a board, or frankly any member of that board, its not illegal at all. But, i remember one chairman years ago, that used to do it an awful lot. Next thing  you know, every one in town thought that in order to get approval of that board, you had to go see the chairman. And that is never a good thing. That one person ends up having way too much power.

Worse, that chairman used to conduct site visits with applicants, when the rest of the board wasn't there, and no posted agenda. People felt it was wrong and unfair. It did not pass the smell test.

If you need advice on how to get a board's approval, you should be able to meet with that board and discuss it.

In an open session, at a posted meeting. And that, is not BS.

Slippery Clam
9:10 pm edt 

Yikes! You Have Meetings with the Chair of Boards on Your Own projects?
Well, what does that say about our boards? You can't do that or you shouldn't be allowed to do that. Do you know why? It's wrong. I don't blame you but I do blame any Chair of a board for meeting with you privately. That's why the meetings are PUBLIC and are noticed out to the PUBLIC and discussions are open to the PUBLIC.
9:09 pm edt 

Town Boards:
I have had personal experience where a member of a "town board" has blatantly lied during a public meeting about a "meeting" held in private.  Prove it, yes almost impossible since meetings are verbal and most people don't carry tape recorders.  It happens, don't toot your moral horn until you know all the facts.
9:08 pm edt 

Sorry, But You Cannot Meet with The Chair of a Board Ahead of a Public Case

It is illegal. there cannot be any prior conversations on cases befor the applicant meets with the board. And if the Chari has met with you, the Chairs should inform the Building department that he is doing this. But it is totally in violation to meet with an applicant and go over plans and provide private advice. The Board must do this publically and not have prior conversations.

All board members must be involved in the discussion and no one person can work with plans or advise in the absence of the others. Members can discuss the rules and regulations and how they might apply to a general case. But private meetings with Chairs is illegal and in violation of the Mass Ethics rules.
9:07 pm edt 

Town Boards

Re: "And worse: some board members aqctually meet with applicants with the proposed plans and inform applicants what they can get from the board."

This is absolutely not illegal. It is not illegal for a resident to talk to the head of a board, review the process and ask for advice on how to approach a project. This is called consulting with authorities and is totally legal. It saves money and aggravation both for the applicant and the board. It is exactly the same as going in before submitting an application and talking to the building commissioner and asking what's allowed and what isn't.

I personally have done this several times and it has saved me a lot of time and wasted work. In no case did it in any way compromise the board's authority.

Your attempt to cast a common and useful process as something nefarious is ridiculous. Before you assert illegality you better have some specific citations to back your BS up.
3:48 pm edt 

Provincetown High School and Theresa Nelson

We are going to spend $3,000,000.00 to have a graduating class of 3. What is up with this? My understanding is the following year we will spend another $3,000,000.00 + (plus any budget increases) to graduate a class of 0.


How about this,  Mrs.Theresa Nelson who is a multi MILLIONAIRE real estate developer, living in the most expensive house in Provincetown, who is married in to EXXON oil money, who could easily pay for the schools to stay open, why doesn't she put her money where her mouth is, and write a check?
1:52 pm edt 

Saturday Night

What a great group of events at the Crown & Anchor last night, Cabaretfest was sold out, the food at the Central House was delicious before we went into the show and to top it off the Miss Gay USofA programming last night was sold out as well, heard that the Cape Air terminal had to run additional flight. It's great to see town getting active in April. Thanks to the PBG, Snip and the gang at the Crown for a great weekend and bringing folks into town!

2nd Homeowner
1:44 pm edt 

School Must Close
How can you force 3 kids to be the class of 2014? Class rooms with the ghost of 30 chairs where students should be--reduced to three actual students.

All of the school closing reports show that we parents won't send our children to a school so isolated where the staff outnumber the student body.

There is no chance for a student to goof off, to be challenged by the unexpected to discover something new about a person or see a new perspective.

What a selfish group of parents and school board that is getting nothing but derision for their bait and switch tactics--and to the teachers and staff: Are you so desperate to hold onto your jobs that you are sacrificing the educational prospects of our students?
10:45 am edt 

Vote Grosso Out!

How can he recommend closing the schools in a report and then go back and vote to not close the schools? This is just plain wrong and shows the lack of leadership skills of many of our town officials. Twenty parents put a little pressure on him and he caves in. Get rid of him. Let's take control of this town, has everyone gone crazy?

10:44 am edt 

Grosso's Bait and Switch

Wow, I can't believe how on the mark the poster about Grosso's Bait and Switch is. Sometimes this blog has incredible insight. He got the budget passed and then hops the fence... priceless!
10:42 am edt 

Why is it if You Think the High School Should Close it Means You Hate Kids?
I went to see the King and I last weekend.  It was wonderful, you could hear the parent's pride as their children took the stage. It was very, very sweet.  
Bittersweet in fact, now that it seems that unless some sort of miracle happens, we will have no choice but to close the High School.  
How I wish that there were more students in the school, but it is not fair to the children to let them go to a school with so few other children.  I really do hope that something can be done to save the school, but I fear it is too little too late.
As for having Ms. Nelson lead the marketing drive to boost school attendance.. I think that is a mistake.  She has not been able to do anything over the past few years to boost the student population.  Perhaps we should look elsewhere for someone with a new fresh approach to help with this problem...
It seem that we really only have 1-2 years to see a drastic turnaround, or else the school will close...
Perhaps a sad inevitability...
10:40 am edt 

Provincetown High School

If I remember correctly, PHS has 3 staff members per student.
10:38 am edt 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good Morning

I love how every time the issue of PHS comes up, some townie has to attack teh newcomers for 'hating kids'. Actually, if i really hated kids i'd support PHS staying open because it is so bad for them. I want these kids to have a great education. thats why the smart parents are already sending their kids to nauset. or...are you going to say those parents  hate kids too?

Boards:  if members of a town board have a serial conversation about an application, its illegal. if one member emails another about a specific issue, and then that one emails another about the same issue, its considered an illegal serial conversation. town counsel warned all of us about this over a decade ago when email first became popular. so, don't fool yourself. this type of collusion is illegal, whether its on the phone, via email or in the street. and when we watch the selectmen on TV clearly vote without discussion or debate, we know what they have done.

Last, to whomever quoted the Lulu song 'To Sir With Love', that was a marvelous touch. thanks for the memory. what a great movie.

Slippery Clam
12:15 pm edt 

Provincetown High School

I'm an educator as well, and have a hard time understanding at what point enrollment is low enough to warrant closing PHS. Isolation wont prepare these kids for the future. BTW- How many pupils to staff are in the building?
12:13 pm edt 

"Such a shame" should be the coinphrase for this town and developers who have made a killing off of it could sign the backs of their checks "such a shame" as they laugh their way to the banks. Someone is making alot of money unobstructed and aided and it doesn't seem to be those sleeping on or under boats.
12:12 pm edt 

I Bet 24 Franklin Had Prior Agreements and Behind the Scenes Conversations

If anyone else tried to get huge dormers and decks and deface this historic building, it would have been denied. Why does it look so out of proportion and so anti-historic? I bet it's a case of prior meetings with plans and a secret prior agreement. Depends on who's asking for what and from whom. It didn't just happen.
12:11 pm edt 

School Regionalization Committee

I voted for the 2011 school budget based on Grosso's report at town meeting. What a bait and switch he did on all of us: tell them we recommend closing the high school, they'll pass our 3m budget and then i'll hop back on to the school committee and vote no'

Gross, why don't you teach a class called "wishy-washy 101?" Or, why don't you google "backbone [or]" "     "? Both of which you don't have!
12:10 pm edt 

I 'm Not "Antikid"!

As a taxpayer, I am getting sick and tired of the "20" parents who want to keep the school open at a cost of 3+ million. I am not "antikid" and am an educator. Let me say this loud and clear for all to hear - Keeping the school open is fiscal suicide. Many, many municipalities are failing to keep up with the costs keeping all services across the towns. Many schools are making cuts, many people are having to pay more for their health insurance, the national economy has been unstable for the past two plus years. Provincetown is not immune to these facts. If the 20 parents want to keep the school open, then let them pay the full, cool 3 million to do so. It will only cost them $150,000 a piece. Oh wait a minute does that price seem a little steep to pay to educate your child... now you know how it feels! Close the school and move the students to another town. All children in the Commonwealth are entitle to a FREE and APPROPRIATE EDUCATION, not a $150,000 a year privat!
e education.

John T
9:01 am edt 

24 Franklin

Drove by yesterday - looks totally out of place for the Historical District.  Original house looks nice but dormers and porch and stairs ruin it.  Looks like one of those overdeveloped condo properties in the far West end.
Such a shame.
8:57 am edt 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thanks For the Behind the Board Experience

Yes, isn't it interesting how you can have prior conversations one to one on boards and not break any laws? But board members are breaking the spirit of the law that prohibits behind the scenes discussions and agreements even before an applicant comes in front of the board. This happenes just too often. And worse: some board members aqctually meet with applicants with the proposed plans and inform applicants what they can get from the board. This is totally illegal and yet it is done on some of our boards, meeting after meeting, after meeting.

Corruption is subtle but it still exists.
11:38 pm edt 


You really want to know what really erks me is that it seems like alot of the taxs payers in this town DON"T like kids.First they want to close the center and sell the building, so that would bump the kids out of there.Now they want to close the high school and send the kids to Nauset and probably sell that building to. Next thing they will want to do is close the doors on the other school and ship them kids out of town too. Why don't we just put a  sign at the P-TOWN/Truro line that says "NO BODY UNDER THE AGE OF 18 BEYOUND THIS POINT".It seems like your taken everything from the kids in this town, so lets wake up and smell the salt air and support our schools and the kids that want to be in our schools in our town!
11:36 pm edt 

Even a Caveman Could do it
Native Portuguese are an Iberian ethnic group. The most important demic influence in modern Portuguese seems to be the oldest one, current interpretation of Y-chromosome and mtDNA data suggests that modern-day Portuguese traces largely a significant amount of their origin to the Paleolithic peoples which began arriving to the European continent around 45,000 years ago. All subsequent migrations did leave an impact, genetically and culturally, but the main population source of the Portuguese is still Paleolithic.
Humankind gradually evolved from early members of the genus Homo into fully behaviorally and anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) during the Paleolithic era. During the end of the Paleolithic, specifically the Middle and or Upper Paleolithic, humans began to produce the earliest works of art and engage in religious and spiritual behavior such as burial and ritual.
Thus making the Provincetown Portuguese descendants directly linked to the earliest European cultures.
11:34 pm edt 

School Committee Should be Ashamed

What was the purpose of the review committee if two of the members, Ptown school committee members also, turned around and denied the report and decided to continue with the school staying open? What a waste of time and what a sham! Without saying it, the school committee members have just lied to our faces. And it was Peter Grosso that went before town meeting with the report to close the highschool, only to change his mind days later after 20 parents complained. 20 parents? 20 parents are why the town will continue to pay 3 million dollars a year for a school that will serve no purpose in 4 years. How disgusting can they get?
11:32 pm edt 

Why Then and Not Now!

Thank you for the enlightenment. So if you take the amount of money generated by the town and divide it into the total population, Provincetown has a 3.5 to 4 million per capita income but people are living on the trashed out fishing boats and there are no children left in town to play with the computers that we didn't have. Quite clear, no wonder there is or was a mass exodus.
11:31 pm edt 

To: Non-Resident

Do you honestly think that's not what's going to happen?  The developers will pounce on this bldg. as if it were a chick lobster trying to get away, and they won't even need approval to do it because there will be one affordable housing unit in it, probably in the old locker-room (presented with a "view" of course) so as not to diminish it's value from the others.  
11:29 pm edt 

Non-Resident View

How nice of you to tell us to give the High School over to affrodable housing and to turn the gym into a pool. Very thoughtful of you to dispose of town property in such a cavalier fashion.
5:51 pm edt 

Why Then and Not Now!

Provincetown was a fishing community that had many, many families.  Each household had at least three children if not more.  Mothers did not have to go out into the workforce and hold down a full-time job.  Perhaps then, only a part-time job of the mother together with the father's salary was enough to support the household. Parents sat together with the children at the family table for dinner.

Fishing regulations became more strict over the years making it difficult to continue on as a real fishing community.

Children didn't require as much.  Now everyone has a computer, cell phone, television in every room, and on and on. Life seemed simple then. We, years ago made our own outdoor activities.  We did not have to go to daycare after school in fear of being kidnapped.  We played manhunt, jump-rope, roller skated in the streets, rode our bikes, ice skating on the ponds, went sledding in certain areas of town that are no longer available.  These areas now have condominium complexes built on them.

Each household now has at least two vehicles; when growing up we only had one, and were lucky to have that.  That one vehicle was used by our father to travel to and fro work.

Things changed over the years.  A single family home or two family home has become multiple one-bedroom units.  

As the families grew and the children went off to college to pursue their own careers, (not moving back into town)the parents sold their homes and relocated to warmer climates.  Those properties over the years were converted into two or more units.

Year-round employment, and comfortable housing became less and less, making it difficult for families to remain.

Provincetown has many second time home buyers who have purchased their condo or property as an investment.  They rent them out on a weekly, or monthly basis in the summer and then as a winter rental.

The school system has dwindled to what it is.  What does Provincetown have to offer to bring in outside students to the school?  Some students, in order to be well balanced, need not only academics but sports as well.  

The sports programs have been cut and cut and cut. Throughout past years we had an incredible football team, basketball team, baseball team, field hockey team, soft ball team, then ice hockey team, track team, tennis.  Football stopped in the 70's, there's no ice hockey team, field hockey is no longer, track-I'm not sure of but I don't think so and I'm not sure about tennis. You need a strong student population for these types of sports.

Other schools have not only the academics but the sports as well.  Some even have swim teams.

You mention "yet there is increased building activity", what kind of building is going on?  I happened to inquire as to what the blog was talking about in 333R Commercial Street.  I understand they are building seven one-bedroom units of which, from my understanding, none are affordable.  It's pretty difficult for couples with children or a single parent with a child or children to live in one bedroom.
5:49 pm edt 

Pub Night For WCAI at Fanizzi's

Last evening's Pub Night for WCAI at Fanizzi's was such fun. It's wonderful to see people travel from all over the Cape to come here for an event. It goes to prove that there can be draws to Provincetown that are other than "tourism" oriented. The night was full of intelligent people who came to town to mingle with others,to have a drink, eat some great food and show respect and thanks to a good institution like our local NPR affiliate.  We need to have more gatherings like this in Provincetown.
5:45 pm edt 

Provincetown Declining Population

I am confused.  If population has declined and the school has to close because there aren't enough students to warrant it being kept open, why is the building industry booming?  How can a town with a declining population that has to buy it's water from another town justify the ugly overdevelopment taking place all over town.  To approve one new building after the next and approve more and more affordable housing when there are less people in town makes no sense.  Shouldn't there already be at least 20 houses for each person?  Why are more needed? What happened to the students?  This school system used to thrive.    
5:44 pm edt 

Town Manager's High Tolerance

Why does our Town Manager put up with all the public discontent around the actions of the Building Commissioner's office ?

Any thoughts ?
5:42 pm edt 

Board Served On:
I served on a board for a few years also.
What went on behind the publics eyes was very sad.  Only 1 board member at a time met with another, so no MA laws were broken.  But all those indidvidual meeting with each board member took up so much time, and the whole idea was to get the entire board to come to the same conclusion.   I protested and guess what?  Everyone came to dislike my vote.  Other boards made my life running a business harder.  The BOS asked me to "get along" with the other members.  It was not how you would want a town board to operate.  Guess what?  It was not worth the headaces.  I left the board and decided to do my own thing and run my own life and business the way I wanted to.   I am more happy since I left.  Not only was it a thankless job, so many others, including people at town hall were all very controlling.  
I am sure there are others that have experienced the same thing.  
5:40 pm edt 

Held Hostage by Tradition

Just because one's parents and grandparents went to High School in Provincetown, you parents are now going to hold your children hostage to tradition and make the class of 2014 a class of only a handful of students. How tragically sad.

Why tragically sad? These few student's high school years will be 4 years of being glued together. What about personal growth and discovery of oneself and the world about them?

What about dating? Going from crayons to perfume? You are going to lock these students up for four years in a school with more staff than students encased in silence and predictability, sacrificing four years of their lives all in the name of tradition-how sad.
5:38 pm edt 

Declining Population

$3,000,000 of taxpayer money is or has been allocated to the affordable housing developers that could have been allocated to reduce the cost to the taxpayers of the renovation of Town Hall and renovation of the library that has been going on for ten years due to lack of funds.

Affordable housing developers have tax credits and many sources of income to tap into and they may bypass all zoning regulation.

The result? We will have the largest affordable housing complex with 5 buildings squeezed on a lot on Shankpainter Rd rather than integrated in the greater community.

And then another affordable housing building will be built across the street from it. And then another one on Race Point Road.

Having a designated section of a town reserved for affordable housing development has been proven to be stigmatizing.
5:37 pm edt 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

May 4th Election

Make sure you vote on Tuesday, May 4th as there are several important monetary issues on the ballot.

I question the need to approve Question 6, which asks the town voters  to approve a bond be issued to pay for police management and public safety computer software for the Police Department.

If the Police Department is looking to regionalize with other towns on the Cape, why do we need to upgrade the computer software now? Will this make us compatible with the other towns?

Something tells me that if we regionalize, we will need a whole new computer system. Therefore, this initiative might be a little premature.

11:49 pm edt 

Provincetown Population

There were well less than 1000 residents here this past January and February according to a postal worker. Friends who are over 70 years old and who have spent their entire lives here have never seen so few people here in any winter they can remember.
11:17 pm edt 

Adios, Hasta Luego, Ciao, Auvoir, Say Good Bye to Ptown High

It's time has come and gone. It may be a sad thing for some to see, but just imagine all the money we will save and the maintenance we can do on other buildings. Time to move on.
11:15 pm edt 

High School

I am a '77 grad of Ptown High who went on to higher ed at the Ivy League level despite discouragement from the Ptown H.S. guidance counselor at the time.  She advised Brigdgewater State.  I chose Ivy League.  She laughed and told me not to bother.  I applied anyway and received a full scholarship.  I was a straight A student at Ptown High taking "college level" courses.  I swear Ptown teachers hadn't had refresher courses in 30 years and the textbooks evidenced this.  I was lost academically freshman year in college and had to work extremely hard to catch up to where I should have been.  Ptown is great but the H.S. did not prepare me academically at all for college.  Send them to Nauset and at least they might have a chance.  It is more competitive now than ever.  Ted Malone can make condos w/one aff. housing unit in the H.S. and that's that.  No need to present it for approval, just do it.  That's what happens anyway. Maybe the auditorium can be made into a pool for tea parties.  
11:13 pm edt 

Killing Birds Standard Procedure

Wake Up People: Tens of thousands of starlings and black birds are poisoned annually so they don't eat plant seeds on farms.

Birds are shot that invade the nesting area of endangered species. Killing a few crows on Cape Cod has elicited an incredibly naive response.

People know so little of what really goes on in the world. Just like the tea party rallying against paying taxes--but President Obama has, in reality, lowered taxes!

People believe what they want to believe and, on another note, now they are even believing that our school will suddenly have students flocking to it--how terribly sad to have all of this misplaced hope.
11:10 pm edt 

Peter Grasso and Alex Brown - What's up?
The Special Committee to Study School (SCSSR) Regionalization, of which both of you were members, unanimously to recommend grades 9-12 be sent to Nauset.

Now I read that the School Committee, chaired by Peter Grasso voted unanimously to ignore the SCSSR recommendation and 1.) keep the high school open 2.) create a special marketing committee to attempt to increase school enrollment.  Yet as a member of the SCSSR you voted to close the high school.

And then I see Alex Brown (member of the SCSSR) with his picture in the paper speaking in favor of keeping the high school open.  Yet as a member of the SCSSR you voted to close the high school.

What are we to assume about the two of you?  Your credibility has just hit rock bottom.  Care to respond and explain your actions?

And bringing back Therese Nelson?  You can't be serious.  She had nine years on the School Committee and was not able to increase enrollment.  Does the School Committee really believe she grew a new brain and now has the ability to create a marketing program that will grow enrollment when she was unable to achieve anything in 9 years on the School Committee?

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  This is just another stalling tactic by the School Committee.  Now you are really starting to tick us off.
11:07 pm edt 

Why Then and Not Now?

Now I'm thoroughly confused. As I stated, my contacts with Provincetown are through this blog and the Banner. I do also sometimes view the official Provincetown website. If the population is declining why are developers building in Provincetown and what is the concern over affordable housing? Common sense should dictate that a decling population would result in decling housing and lower property prices.
I agree that the numbers quoted should not support an adequate school system but I also see numerous mentions of increased building activity.
10:40 pm edt 


I wrote Bristol county has the most aged residents--I meant to write Barnstable County...oops, my mistake..
5:44 pm edt 

Provincetown Population

Provincetown is a town located at the extreme tip of Cape Cod  in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 3,431 at the 2000 census, with an estimated 2007 population of 3,174.[2]  Sometimes called "P-town",[3][4]  
5:43 pm edt 

Provincetown Population
In the year 2000 we had a population of 3,192. What is it today?
5:41 pm edt 

Population Boom

Provincetown population has increased ten fold? More places are closing in the winter. Our school has a
handfull of students. Where are you getting your facts? The town was hopping when the Baby Boomers were all it is a quiet town in the winter.
5:22 pm edt 

Listen to the Francese Report

If you are a former student of the highs school then listen to the Francese report here. Bristol County has the most aged population of the 3,000 counties in the entire country.

Thousands of families and thus students have left the cape. 3 eight grade students next year? Possibly 3 9th grade students--7 5th grade students--and you wonder why we want to close the school. What kind of academic experience is this?

With the increased curriculum and with the emphasis on the sciences and math etc. you think that today's students are on an equal footing with the elite high schools which is their competition?

The school is an empty shell.
5:21 pm edt 

Two Things

a. someone wrote earlier and thought that our population had increased in the last 20 yrs. just the opposite. 10 yrs ago , when the federal census was done, we had lost population . when this years is complete, we will know the numbers for town. Bottom line? as far as i am concerned, its not that we can't afford a high school. We will pay whether we have a school or send the kids elsewhere. the point is.......we don't have enough students anymore for a viable high school program. Apparently everyone in town , except for 20 people, understands this. Yes, its sad. And if i grew up here, i'd be disappointed. But that wouldn't change reality.

b. someone wrote in about the role of the Zoning Board of Appeals. i am no expert but i believe under the state zoning regulations, any citizen can make send a question to the Zoning Enforcement Officer, who in our town happens to also be our Building Commissioner, and the law states that question must receive a written opinion back within 10 days. If the person wishes to appeal that decision, can they send that appeal to the ZBA or does it have to go to court? I thought it could then go to the ZBA.

what do you think ...all you experts out there?

Slippery Clam
5:19 pm edt 

Number of Students
8th grade- 3 students next year.
5th grade- 7 next year
9th grade- 3 (possible) next year
Cost? millions and millions every year.

Imagine Spending a year in a classroom with three other students: Is this the legacy that you want to give your child for his or her academic year? This is a ghost school. Do you know what is most startling about going into the schools--The Dead Silence. It made me shudder. It is time to regionalize.
5:17 pm edt 

Close the High School
Listen to the Francese Report to read about the declining school population. Look at the facts without all of your emotions--this town once had 7 schools.

Millions of dollars year after year after year for less than 50 provincetown students? Some classes have no students so they have combined classes--how sad is that?

Close the High School; the time has past to do so.
4:31 pm edt 

Why Then and Not Now?

I was a PHS graduate. I readily admit that I haven't visited Provincetown in years but I do follow this blog and read the Banner. I can remember walking to school in the winter and only seeing students on the streets. Many who were graduated went on to very prestigious institutes of higher education. At that time the winter population was relatively small. I receive the impression that the over-all population has increased at least ten fold.
Please explain to me how a town of this size could support a very good educational system back then but not now?
4:16 pm edt 

Please, It's Just Too Late
The Charter School could have been an option three years ago when there was a two day total town involvement in rethinking the schools. But what happened after two days of intesnse involvement with business people, academics, community minded people, and town officials? ABsolutely nothing. Why? Because Terese Nelson was afraid to lose power. She failed to ever call a meeting of the twelve steering committee members--an outcome of the conference--and no one was called. For all the commitments made and people offered so much, no one was ever called back.

The school is finished and there is no more time that can save it. Sad to say but these 20 parents are like the Tea Party Extremists and the school committee is as weak as ever and now who's back? Terese Nelson? Give me and all the students a break! Over is over.
3:06 pm edt 

Provincetown High School

I have nothing against PHS and am a taxpayer. I will never understand why any parent would want their child to go to a high school with such a low student count. As a parent one should want the very best education their child can receive. Nauset High is rated one of the best schools in the state and offers a true high school experience and education. The children meet a diverse student body and find friends they never had. It is called "a life experience" and makes for a stronger child to go out and face college or the workplace....this you cannot put a price on. I went from a small grammer school to an excellent high school with over 2,000 students. It was one of the best experiences in my life(and on to college). I believe that the high school students in Provincetown lead a sheltered life and for those who never move out of town are truly at a loss. For those who go to Nauset and on to work/college and decide to come back to Provincetown to live are the winners! Towns sur!
vive with out high schools and so will Provincetown. If the demographics change in the future and the need is there for a high school then be it. We do know one thing that could take years. As for marketing the high school it is a little too late. I say accept the closing and move on!
2:24 pm edt 

Excuse Me, But...

Why do we have a Building Developer as Building Commissioner? He is not for preserving historic buidlings but for constructing new buildings. And a building commissioner should be protecting the town and not celebrating and praising developers who put up new structures.

Something's wrong here. Another Sharon mistake in hiring. She probably thinks he is doing as great a job as Rex McKenzie and David Guertin. Braun is certainly in the same triangle as these others. What a town!
2:22 pm edt 

Yes, Demolished Buildings Should Then Be Forced to be Smaller
They also should lose any height grandfathered in. If a developer is going to lose his or her height advantage, you are right, there would be fewer buildings demolished, whether they use safety as their cover or "it just' happened!" Also, I think that is the law. New buldings need new setbacks and must follow the current height restrictions. A good suggestion and it would stop the constant destruction of town buldings.
2:20 pm edt 

Charter School in Provincetown?

Has anyone explored the idea of a Charter School in Provincetown? If Provincetown schools were to be "marketed," a fresh school with fresh ideas/faculty/administration might be just what the town needs.  An innovative charter school could actually draw students to Provincetown.  

Paul Soares
2:18 pm edt 

Point of Clarification:

The Zoning Board doesn't not "take up cases" at their pleasure. Think of the ZBA as a court of law. A Court does not go out looking for criminals, a court hears cases that are brought before them. It's the same with the ZBA. The ZBA has no power to either "enforce" or to summons in people to hear their case or issue a new decision. Cases are brought before the zoning board by applicants, the building commisioner, or aggrieved abutters looking to overturn a decision of the Building Commisioner.  Got it?? Aggrieved abutters may also seek to overturn a decision of the Zoning Board by filing a case to be heard in  the Barnstable Land Court.
2:16 pm edt 

Re: School Regionalization

Any parent that continues to send their child to Provincetown High School this September should be held accountable for allowing their child to receive a poor education. It boarders on abuse to let this to continue.
10:24 am edt 

Re: Here's a Question

When a bulding in town is demolished, whether through permission or through some
excuse like safety "concerns" or poor foundation, why doesn't the Zoning Board
take up the case and re-issue its decision?

This is a great idea.  Zoning should take up the case again if a building is demolished.  Here is an even better one - if Zoning made it known that if a building is demolished without permission - what will be granted will be the permit to build a building SMALLER that what was already there - if that word gets around town - problem solved - I doubt there would be so many buildings demolished.
10:19 am edt 

Question For Candace
Do I have to pay slip fees since I live under a soon to sink derelict boat Amanda Girl?  I hear they haven't paid any in a long time.
Slippery Fish (looking for a good deal)
10:18 am edt 

Say Farewell...Right On
I agree, the school is toast and everyone knows it.I for one will not support keeping the schools here open and will not encourage anyone to do so either. The school has nothing to offer the kids just like this town has nothing but let them think you're son or daughter is doing some thing he or she shouldn't be and they are all over that.As for those who will try to keep it open should maybe call Sarah Pahlin
10:17 am edt 

Say Farewell

It's Too Late for Marketing the School

It's over. Close it. Yes, great teachers and good programs but without the students, there is no school. This group of parents would want the school open if it had only twelve students. As it is, there are so few you could put all of them in one classroom. Say Goodbye! It is finished.
12:00 am edt 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

School Regionalization Committee Finding

"We have the best teachers and administration and you want to take it all away from us because you feel your
tax dollars are not worth educating our families.  It shouldn't matter how many students are enrolled in the town's schools.  We shouldn't have to bus our kids
so far away just to get an education..."


Whoa, hold on there.  Did you hear about the report from The Special Cte to Study School Regionalization?  The committee that had three members, one of whom is the chair of the School Committee.  That committee came to the conclusion that it would be best to close the high school and send grades 9-12 to Nauset.  The committee stated that it wasn't about the dollars, the savings would not be that significant.  Therefore the conclusion was that grades 9-12 should be sent to Nauset so that the students would receive a better education.

You are so quick to judge the rest of us and The Special Committee to Study School Regionalization and accuse us of only thinking of the money, but that committee came to the same conclusion many of us have.  Students receive a better education at Nauset and our students deserve the best.  That's really what it's all about.  

So now it's our turn to judge you.  I have to question your priorities, why would you NOT want the best education for your children?  Why do you want to hold them back and not let them reach their full potential with best possible education?

If my children were still of school age I'd be less concerned about a daily bus ride to Nauset than I would be about them receiving the best possible education.  I would want them to excel, not keep them 'tied to my apron strings'.
7:57 pm edt 


I'm guessing that reading is not a pre=requisite for employment for the town. 
No Parking is a fairly easy read yet it is ignored even on private property. I
am guessing however that arrogance is a pre-requisite because they don't even
have the  courtesy to ask if they can park in your yard.
6:57 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Special Needs Students

Not all Provincetown students and graduates are special needs students and I
resent the implication that we are.  We have the best teachers and
administration and you want to take it all away from us because you feel your
tax dollars are not worth educating our families.  It shouldn't matter how many
students are enrolled in the town's schools.  We shouldn't have to bus our kids
so far away just to get an education.  Think how you would feel spending all
that time on a bus.  This is time that could be spent in the classroom with
excellent teachers!  Please don't let them close our schools!
6:56 pm edt 

Re: Candice for Pier Corp

Candice proved her ability to get things done by creating one of the most
beautiful dog parks in America.  Her resume' illustrates her many
accomplishments.  She is one special lady that has the tenacity to get things
done.  I have known her since she first moved to town and she is compassionate
and thoughtful always putting others needs before her own.  People that put her
down on this blog are just jealous of all of her accomplishments.  Give Candice
the opportunity to straighten out the problems in this town and she will
accomplish more than what seems possible.  Let's stop this bickering and get
Candice in a roll that she can make a difference.  We gave Obama a chance to
produce change, why not give Candice the same opportunity!
6:54 pm edt 

Marketing Provincetown Schools

If in fact the school comm IS going to try "marketing" our
schools---lets NOT forget the participants in Family Week etc who come to town,
often home emplyed in this digital age who might not otherwise consider
relocating/enrolling.  Perhaps school comm should ask for their mailing lists.
6:53 pm edt 

School Committee

And now we have Terese Nelson back as a member of the new ad-hoc committee to
market the schools to improve enrollment.  Where the hell was Terese's marketing
plan for the 9 years she was on the school committee?  Now she has a different
plan or approach?

The school committee should have accepted the recommendation of the planning
6:50 pm edt 

Here's a Question

When a bulding in town is demolished, whether through permission or through some
excuse like safety "concerns" or poor foundation, why doesn't the Zoning Board
take up the case and re-issue its decision? Old buildings have theri setbacks
and heights grandfathered, but when the building is no more, then why doesn't
the Zoning board request that the applicant return for a new decision. The old
decision seems null and void. Does anyone know? Wouldn't a board like Zoning be
skirting their responsibility not to request that the applicant return to their
board? It's not that Zoning board members don't know which buildings are now
demolished when the applicant was granted premission for renovation.

Inquiring Minds would like to know.
6:47 pm edt 

Re: MacMillan Pier & the Pier Corporation

When is common sense going to be part of the management of MacMillan Pier? When?

You'll see Godot before you see common sense on the pier.

Ferry rider with lots of luggage!  
1:39 pm edt 

Re: Michele Couture BOS Chair

When Will the Frog-Selling, Frog-toating Chair Be Gone?
When will this nincompoop be gone from the board of selectmen? I'll take Grassey as chair over this one. I can't wait for the water in the frog pond to dry up.
1:24 pm edt 

Re: MacMillan Pier & Pier Corporation

When is common sense going to be part of the management of MacMillan Pier? When?

You'll see Godot before you see common sense on the pier.

Ferry rider with lots of luggage!  
1:19 pm edt 

Boards Do Have Their Own Agendas

And I find it is not the general welfare of Provincetown. It is some quirky ideas and some favorites who, when they show up, get kudos and quick approval. But there are so many who get nothing and are told: those are our rules. Nothing we can do. But for others, the doors are wide open and what they ask for they get. The town boards are inconsistent in their approvals and thereine lies the favoritism and biases.

some who serve are good and some are quite naive. But there some who are these boards for their gain. They open doors for the selected few and in return they also get. Look at Franklin Street. Look what they were "given." And they are still in non-compliance.
1:16 pm edt 

Candace as Town Manager
when can I vote her in? Oh, can we get the other one to depart. Maybe West Goshen would welcome her back. That would be such a pleasure.
1:15 pm edt 

School Committee Caves to Special Interest

Great Daryl, Daryl, Daryl, Daryl and Daryl, our esteemed members of the school committee, caved in to pressure from 20 parents with special needs students who do better in a tiny high school. How many of these board members are former special needs students themselves? That's what this is about: keeping our high school open for special needs students by former special needs school committee students.

Bob Newhart
12:27 pm edt 

Taxis and Pedicabs on the Pier

Re: "Have you ever been on the pier when the ferry arrives.  It's a mess.  There are cabs jockeying for positions, not enough room for turnarounds.  Mass confusion."

I frequently am on the Pier when the ferry arrives to pick up guest to bring to our inn.  I've never had a problem and haven't found the 'mass confusion' you seem to find.

Re: "I don't think cabs should be allowed on the pier at all.  The pier is not a street, it's a facility.  Have the ferry passengers get their cabs near the bus arrival area."

We have to face the facts, tourism is the #1 industry in Provincetown.  Telling the ferry passengers to walk to the end of the pier with their luggage would not be very 'tourist friendly' to our #1 industry.

On a side note I do agree that our cab drivers need some training in customer service and driving.  While there are some great ones, there are also some extremely rude ones, I guess that happens everywhere.
12:25 pm edt 

Re: Have the Ferry Passengers Get Their Cabs Near the Bus Arrival area
Only an idiot like Rex et al. would recommend that those who come by ferry who are elderly and disabled be required to walk all the way down the pier particulary in hot weather to hail a cab.

Why don't you have taxis and private cars line up at the beginning of the pier and when the ferry comes in allow them down the pier to avoid congestion at the T? Is that just too common sense an idea for our harbormaster to implement?

With all those asst harbormasters who are just part time traffic cops, why don't you station one at the beginning of the pier and only allow 'pick up vechicles,' pier tenants and commercial vechicles that have business on the pier to be allowed to drive down the pier?  Or how about a sign to the effect to start improving traffic flow on the pier?

When is common sense going to be part of the management of MacMillan Pier? When?  
12:22 pm edt 

School Closing Stall Tactic:
Last night 20 parents pleaded for the high school to remain open, the school committee Tuesday voted to ignore a report recommending grades 9-12 be sent to Nauset Regional High School, deciding instead to form a marketing committee in a last-ditch effort to attract enough students to Provincetown High School to prevent its closing.  They want a marketing effort to increase enrollment.  Enough is enough.  Close that school down and fight for our children to get a decent education.  Our kids have been short changed long enough.  The education that they receive makes them the laughing stock of Massachusetts.  Regionalization is the only way to go and that decision is way over due.  Our children's needs should be put first and providing job security to these teachers should not be our concern.  If they are competent, then have them apply for open position at Nauset Regional High School.
10:22 am edt 

Candace for Town Manager !

Things would get done right - what a refreshing change that would be.  There would be no fooling around on her watch.
10:20 am edt 

Taxis on the Pier

If the fishermen have to pay an 'offloading fee', then the taxis should do the same.

Have you ever been on the pier when the ferry arrives.  It's a mess.  There are cabs jockeying for positions, not enough room for turnarounds.  Mass confusion.

I don't think cabs should be allowed on the pier at all.  The pier is not a street, it's a facility.  Have the ferry passengers get their cabs near the bus arrival area.

Also, when did this town get so many cabs?  Years ago we had three cabs, now every one drives a cab (easy under-the-table money).  Most of the cabs are filthy, some are rusted out junks and some look like a bunch of kids got high and found their grandmother's old spray cans of paint and covered them in 'art'.  They're also the worst drivers in town.  I have no sympathy for taxis.
9:45 am edt 

Candace For Town Manager

Candace would be a great town manager.  She certainly has the biggest set of       in Provincetown.
9:43 am edt 

Re: Public Pier

Great news heard here first, Candice sold her slip so she can now straighten out the problems at the Pier.  No one can do it better; she is a take charge girl.  Candice has the qualification to head the Pier Committee or take over as the Harbormaster.  You people are fools if you don't give her a chance.  Candice is a kind and compassionate person who only wants what is best for this town.  We have had enough with these incompetent free loaders and it is time for a change.  Candice does not have a vested interest now and is not vindictive.  Hopefully she will step up and lead the way!
9:41 am edt 

VSB Representation on the Pier Corp Board

I srongly recommend  someone from the VSB get on the pier committee. It is outrageous that they are undermining tourism and charging pick up fees at the ferry.  The BOS, if they weren't so busy being dysfunctional backstabbing each other, would put the needs of the Town first and demand a joint meeting with them to explain their actions.
8:56 am edt 

I Think It is Wonderful ....

That people are using this blog to discuss and be more aware of what has been going on with the various town boards and the Building commissioner where buildings are concerned.

While I applaud some of the board memebers for their work- it is obvious to many in town that some people and developers who are in "favor" are able to get huge requests granted - overdevelopment - double dormers - porches etc etc.  The rest of us have to plead for the smallest change to our property.

We have a right as residents to have a Building commissioner that enforces the regulations of this town. That is the role of the Building comnmissioner and that is what we as residents  should demand of him or her -whoever it may be at the time.

It is time for the taxpayers to take back our town and put an end to situations of inequality and preference.
8:50 am edt 

Cape Cod Times School Closing Editorial
In yesterday's Editorial in the Cape Cod Times the Provincetown School Committee was praised for closing the high school and sending our H.S. students to Nauset.

We need to have only one School--not two. Where are the jobs for all of the families that Ms. Barbara R. wants to move here? Where is the housing?

Every house built before 1979 has lead paint in it. Anyone who rents to families and owns a house over 25 years old will have lead paint and the house will have to be de-leaded in order to rent to families with children under six years old.
8:48 am edt 

Candace for Town Manager.....We Can Only Go Up!

To the person who suggested Candace for Harbormaster, I say how about Candace for Town Manager.  She would definitely get rid of the waste and corruption in this town.  Candace is the only one in this town who has the guts to speak her mind!
8:46 am edt 

Candace Will be Watching

Just an aside...Thanks to Candace whose dog park was voted number 2 in the USA by Dog Fancy magazine...and at no cost to taxpayers...What a concept.Rex, you can try to spar with this woman but you just don't have the moves.  There is a good possibility that Candace will be invaluable in uncovering pier financial problems.  Perhaps this might be a little unnerving to the Pier Corp and harbormaster.
Slippery Fish (living under the Amanda Girl and waiting fot the "ships sink" theory to take effect)
8:45 am edt 

Maybe It's Simple
Maybe it's not complicated. If you come into town and come with bundles of cash, then you get what you want.

Not complicated, no need for great analysis.

Have cash, will carry!
8:42 am edt 

To: Look at Developments That do Get Approved

Wake up.  If you don't think there is collusion in this town, get some new glasses or else explain what is going on logically, which you have not. Rose colored glasses don't work here.
8:41 am edt 

27-31 Bangs St.
This ridiculous sub division is an eyesore, yet it has not been addressed at all?  This "2 bldg." complex is a clear example of everything and everyone people on this blog are complaining about. Why are people in town not outraged at this development?  There is an abutters' meeting on the 20th to "voice opinions" regarding this project.  Contact Assistant Town Manager for details.  Board violations "after the fact" and before "the fact" are so rampant it's elementary on this project, easily proven.  Has anyone bothered to look at this joke?  Come on people, get involved.  McDonalds and Dunkin'Donuts can't build in Provincetown but this can? Either hypocrits abound or people just don't care. "Too bad" doesn't fly here.  Wake up.
8:40 am edt 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Public Pier Corporation

The Pier Corp. continues its long tradition of being oblivious or just not caring about the needs of the Town by charging taxis and pedicabs to pick up tourists coming off the ferries. It just another way to say they don't give a damn and .... you!

pissed of taxi driver!
5:23 pm edt 

Charge Taxis!

I think this is a very bad idea. The Tourism industry of this Town has worked hard to promote Provincetown as "Foot-friendly" We do everything we can to encourage them to arrive here without their cars to clog our streets. The Ferry services are as much a part of the Pier as are the fishing Boats.
4:17 pm edt 

Re: MYPACC Headline
"The Barge Has Been Assessed as a Total Loss      
Accordingly the Town is Out $65,000          
Plus the Cost of Recovery!"


Didn't I read it would be covered by insurance and the town is only out the $1,000 deductible?
4:15 pm edt 

I Agree
I've seen some poor pople get denied a window with some board members goin on and on about how inappropriate this window is. Then next comes what appears to be friends and they request second floors, huge deck configurations, and alterations that are not in keeping with the town. But they smile, quickly take a look at the plans and take a vote: in favor. Can't explain this by the requests but by who is asking for what. That's what's upsetting about some of our boards. Favoritism and some gain from this, while others can't do anything in town.
4:13 pm edt 

Re: Harbormaster Boat Sinkings

"It doesn't take much to cause a boat to sink."

4:12 pm edt 

Myopic Vision

"Why should I have to wait for taxis to leave and then take my chances with perishable product? Taxis are no better than fishermen - in fact, fishermen belong on the wharf, which was built for us, not taxi cabs!---"

Right on! Just because Provincetown is a tourist based economy and they rely on the ferries bringing tourists doesn't mean that we should have taxis on the pier. Just because Ptowners are paying back a $3,000,000 loan for the pier reconstruction, doesn't give them the right to have a say. Fishermen aren't the only stakeholders on the pier, idiot!
4:09 pm edt 

There's a Pattern Here

"How many boats the size of the Harbormaster's boat do you see in the water here in the winter? Very few!-----"

Because the other boaters have common sense to remove or relocate their boats in bad weather that's why.. There's a pattern of sunken boats on the pier, the town's boats and barges..
3:25 pm edt 

Re: PPC to Charge Taxis and Pedicabs

"Someone told me  that the PPC are going
to  charge a fee to the taxi & pedicabs
if they wish to pick up or deliver fares on
the town pier."

Yes it true. It's to pay for the cost of the sunken barge and boat.                  
3:23 pm edt 

She Sold Her Slip Already

"Why doesn't she sell her slip and then maybe we could take her seriously?  Until then, her motives are obvious and her slip is showing."

Really? Another erroneous post by Slippery Rex? Candace sold her slip so she could help us taxpayers. Thanks Candace!
3:19 pm edt 

Pier Corp Should Charge Taxis!

I for one think that the Pier Corp should charge taxis to pick up and drop off at the pier! As a fisherman, I have to pay to unload my product at the wharf. What makes a taxi cab any different? They create mayhem and congestion on the pier in the summer. If I have product on my boat, sometimes it is virtually impossible to get down there to get it off the wharf. Why should I have to wait for taxis to leave and then take my chances with perishable product? Taxis are no better than fishermen - in fact, fishermen belong on the wharf, which was built for us, not taxi cabs!
11:37 am edt 

Meetings You've Attended?
I have been to a few and I must say that the Pier board is made up of some intelligent and caring people. Their task is a large one and for all the effort they put in, they receive nothing back but criticism from several vocal members of their own community.

Anyone here that has ever owned a boat knows one thing for sure: BOATS SINK! It doesn't take much to cause a boat to sink. How many boats the size of the Harbormaster's boat do you see in the water here in the winter? Very few!

I believe that the Pier Corp. members are doing a difficult job to the best of their ability. Their board is made up of qualified people. I know Rich Wood as the owner of Nelson's Bait & Tackle and a Charter fisherman. He knows the business end of things and is an experienced mariner. Kerry Adams is a native and has run an insurance business here in town for many years. He is also a competent business person and also serves as an elected official as a School Committee member. Lee Ash is a local realtor - more business experience. Ginny Binder has a great deal of background with Town Boards and Building Committee. George Hitchcock I believe has a background in commercial fishing. They appear to be a good cohesive group of caring people. With Rex McKinsey at the helm of the Harbormasters office and Luis Ribas as the working foreman with vast maritime experience, they have all the bases covered.

Lastly, anyone here that has ever owned a boat knows one thing for sure: BOATS SINK! It doesn't take much to cause a boat to sink. How many boats the size of the Harbormaster's boat do you see in the water here in the winter? Very few!

The Pier Corp. is weathering a difficult storm right now. I'd like to think that they are up for the challenge and that the naysayers on this blog will allow them to their job. Either that, or perhaps you naysayers and haters can put YOUR own name in for the job?

Just thinking
11:34 am edt 

Re: Public Pier
I also find Candice's posts patting her on the back amusing.  She is the only one to "recommend" herself for the Pier committee because any one with a brain would see her conflict of interest.  Why doesn't she sell her slip and then maybe we could take her seriously?  Until then, her motives are obvious and her slip is showing.
11:29 am edt 

Re: Town Boards

Glad Someone is Mentioning Inconsistencies in town boards. Fair boards make fair decisions. You don't see some get everything they want, even when the wishes are extreme, and others forbidden from putting in a window or a door. Some can ask for huge dormers and get permission while others ask for a small deck and are denied. Some designers are liked by some boards and some are disliked and it affects the final decisions. Don't look through rose colored glasses at town boards. Look through a magnifying glass to see the hidden truth.
11:25 am edt 

Reader Poll:
Would more people volunteer for Boards if they could attend virtually through Skype or some other mechanism? Maybe you should be able to send a proxy to town meeting to vote if you can't be there in person?
11:23 am edt 

Re: Harbor Master Disgraceful Record

Too bad there aren't any 'testimonials' about your boy wonder, Rex. Maybe Candace should be the harbormaster?
11:22 am edt 

Proper Inspections and Certificates

I would love - LOVE - to see the Banner do  report on how many elected and appointed town officials and employees own summer rentals without proper inspections and certificates...
11:20 am edt 

Unfair if True!

Someone told me  that the PPC are going
to  charge a fee to the taxi & pedicabs
if they wish to pick up or deliver fares on
the town pier.                                          
Is this true? If it is true, I think it's an unfair
and greedy move.
11:17 am edt 

Harbormaster's Dilemma

Too bad Provincetown Taxpayers don't get a 'kick out of it'' when Rexy sinks the Town's harbormaster's boat and barge again and again.

Homeland Security requirements will require drug and alcohol tests of pier personnel
for Provincetown to be a designated cruise port. We should all get a 'kick' out of those results.
11:14 am edt 

Provincetown Boards
I served on a board for several years.  While I enjoyed it immensely, there were times when it was considered a thankless job for a volunteer position. There were times when deifficult decisions had to be made.

As for those of you individuals who want to complain about the ins and outs of board members making decisions on who gets what and who does not,I suggest you join a board to make a difference, if you feel strongly enough that you think people are playing favorites.
11:12 am edt 

Thought-Provoking About Boards

The word on the street is buy a painting and you basically get what you want. Let's hope that is not true.
11:11 am edt 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Provincetown Boards

I've Been Before these Boards and I found that not everyone is treating the same. I found them harsh and difficult. But others before me, seemed to be treated like guests. Warm and friendly but I don't believe we are all treated the same. I had such a tough time but some others got what they wanted. they got everything.
11:16 pm edt 

Thanks For the Pub Night Announcement

I went once before and it was great. The Cape and Islands staff are great and so intersting. Thanks for letting us know it's happening again this year. Good to see that Fanizzi's will be hosting. Sure to be yummy!
11:14 pm edt 

Slippery Fish: Welcome Back

You swim in odd waters but you swim in our close-to-the-land waters. Glad you're back--fins intack.

Now please monitor the waters and the odd, weird fish that unexpectedly fill our seas. Too many of them come on land and take positions at the rusty, smelly trailers.
11:13 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier

I get such a kick out of it when I hear Candace tooting her own horn on here.  Makes me laugh every time I hear "koodo's to Candace" testimonials.
11:11 pm edt 

To: Slippery Fish

Hey Slippery are you a recreational fish? I hope you don't have a SUBSIDIZED TAXPAYER RATE under the Amanda Girl! Candace got herself on a PierCorp subcommittee to once and for all end that little scam of recreational boaters getting the fishermen slip rates. Rexy loves blowing through our tax dollars down there, doesn't he?

Slippery, let us know when the harbormaster's boat and barge are finally back in the water.
9:18 pm edt 

I Think Mindy Todd is Great
Looking forward to meeting her at Fanizzi's. Sounds like a fun time and given that there will be appetizers provided too, can't go wrong. They are an interesting radio station, that's for sure. I couldn't live without NPR.
2:01 pm edt 


It seems this is the place where people tend to complain and criticize, but this post is to positively 'shout out' to the students of PHS and VMES, a few faculty members, some devoted parents, along with the actors of Provincetown Counter Productions, for coming together and presenting a truly wonderful production of "The King & I" this past weekend.  Susan Grilli, director, and Casey Sanderson, music director, have given the town a gift - and one that shows what can happen when people truly collaborate in the best sense.  Thank you to all who made it possible.  
12:22 pm edt 

Prior conversations, Prior Agreements..... happen on our boards. Those who gain don't say because that's how they gained. It's subtle but real. Maybe look at the exemtions on rulings, the variances accepted and those denied. There's a pattern though most want to believe sitting on boards is done because they care. Look closely to see what they really care about. Too often, there own gain.
11:11 am edt 

Culture of Inaction

If the BOS or Sharon have NOT done anything with David Guertin or Rex McKinsey over all the issues these 2 have caused the town, you really think the BOS or Sharon will do anything with Russell Braun?
(wonder how much real dollars they all have cost the town, including, legal fees, equipment losses, miss-conduct, miss-management, ect, ect.)
8:40 am edt 

Bravo PHS and VMES Students

Kudos to the students of our local schools for the outstanding presentation of  the "King and I". The actors, set crew, costume crew, ushers and all who participated went above and beyond.  And a thank you also to the Counter Production folks, it was a wonderful collaboration.
8:39 am edt 

Harbormaster's Barge

What a suprise about the barge! If people had listened to Candace Nagle years ago, 65K would stll be in the town coffers.  She also predicted that the barge would never drive a pile (which it was purchased to do and never did)...she was correct again...she also pointed out that the barge would eventually turn over in rough waters because it was top heavy with the addition of the crane...gee it sunk.  She said Rex was not qualified for the job.  Taking care of boats at Flyers does not make a person qualified to take care of a 14M dollar pier. Too many boats have sunk under his watch, including the harbormaster's 3 times.  What is it going to take before someone who can fire him, does and puts in a new harbormaster with experience and a record of boats that continue to float.
Slippery Fish (now living under the Amanda Girl)
8:05 am edt 

2:00am Closing

What the bars in town should do, is stay open pass 1:00 am,  with dancing and non alcohol drinks till 2:00 am.  

8:03 am edt 

Town By-Laws

All by-laws can only be changed by a town meeting of town  voters.
8:02 am edt 

Re: Town Boards

The thing about boards, you only have one vote among others. Also the reason we have so many (I personally don't see that) real estate members on boards might be because nobody else wants to do the work that our boards and committees do.  
8:01 am edt 

Re: Look at Developments That do Get Approved

Second stories are permitted uses. Also permitted are two and a half stories on buildings in town. Decks are permitted uses. And high density development was voted in years ago by town meeting voters as cluster development. No one has "an in". Plus when a developer has a 40b permit, they can pretty much do what they want without any boards approval. That's a state housing law that Provincetown has no say in. Someone is totally wrong, thinking that someone is getting away with something because of an appearance of collusion. Consider that this blog is the only place where you would read such an accusation.
8:00 am edt 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thought-Provoking About Boards
what do we realy know> who talks to whom? who has contact and who doesn't. Perhaps there is some validity to the claim that some board member gain from their positions. I do see a pattern of real estate brokers on boards and they also work to change the by-laws. there's a scent in the air. More postings please.
11:48 pm edt 

Time to Act!

When is the BOS going to kick certain dept heads to the curb and ask for their resignations? Why do they always let problems escalate? They are putting out fires all the time and are in a perpetual crisis management mode? When will they ever get out front of the problems?
11:47 pm edt 

Look at the Developments That Get Approval
So many do not fit the town. Too many would be denied if it were not for some key developers who have an "in." Just consider the buildings that are developed, the second stories, the extra decks, the high density that should not be allowed. But why are they allowed? Why do some applicants have the "ears" of certain members of boards and otehrs don't. You may be naive but don't be ignorant. Just look at the questionable decision by too many of our boards.
I also know that some people are making a good living by being the key go-to person on our boards.
11:45 pm edt 

Re: 2:00AM Closing

First of all, there is no need to shout. All those capital letters look like an alphabet chart. Secondly, the police are on duty 24 hours a day. What do you think happens at 1:00 AM? The cops just call it a night and go home.... right? There would be nothing wrong with giving a 2:AM closing a trial period. Let's face it, this town is not chalk full of families with kids going to the schools. In a tourist town like this we need to compete with other MAJOR ( yes that's a shout) tourist areas. Give an idea a try before you systematically pooh pooh it. One season of trying it between Memorial Day and Labor Day would be worth the try.
11:44 pm edt 

Russ Braun/Rex McKinsey
If anyone should be taken to task its the harbormaster. What an incompetent fool. First the harbormasters boat sinks then the barge. Why isn't he fired yet? This is the third time the harbormasters boat has sunk and no repercussions. Talk about stinks! Why won't they fire him? Is it because he's gay? A friend of Teds? The BOS are gutless? Sharon is gutless? Is it a combination? Which is it? Before you start jumping on a new bandwagon named Russ Braun, make sure you've got the house in order and fire the harbormaster. He's an incompetent fool.
And as far as the boatworks goes, anyone thats lived in town long enough knows it was built in the early 70's and has NEVER had a boat worked on inside of it. It eventually became a crackhouse and I for one am sure glad its gone. Progress in it's purest form.
11:42 pm edt 

Make Braun Pay the Fine

Then tar and feather him prior to running him out of town on a rail. The BOS would be the appropriate mules to pull the rail, if they are available and enough of them left.
7:54 pm edt 

Re: Town Boards and Apperances of Collusion

I'm someone who is on many town committees and has been for many decades here in town, and I have never seen, heard, or have ever been offered anything to sway which way I will vote as a member of that board or committee. I think whoever suggests such a thing is a tad paranoid or just mad that she/he didn't get what they wanted from some board.
7:52 pm edt 

Boards on the Take

Frankly I am a member of one of two of those boards and I am very very offended by this off-hand without evidence comment.

I have been a member of a two boards for 18 months and I have never done anything to violate any type of conflict of interest rule or given any special treatment to anyone.

My suggestion is that if you have any concrete evidence that would implicate anyone by all means use it to contact the District Attorney but dont place some half baked accusation against someone that you have heard on the corner of "gossip" and "half truth" streets.
7:50 pm edt 

Re: Banner Editorial

Thank you, web master, for the E D I T O R I A L on Braun.  
Wonder if any of the BOS will respond to it? And sign names to any of their posts?
7:49 pm edt 

Re: Town Boards and Apperances of Collusion

Re: "Why Does It Seem That so Many Boards are "On The Take"
..Maybe some sell more real estate. Maybe others get meals.  Maybe some sell their art. Some, I believe, get cash. But whatever they are getting and selling in their positions on these boards, I do believe they are selling us out for their own gains.

That's a pretty harsh statement.  I suspect you have no facts to back up your statement in which case your slander has moved this blog to a new low.  Unbelievable.
7:48 pm edt 

This Town Needs an Enema !!!
With all due respect, where were you this past week while Town meeting passed all of money spending articles on the warrant?

Money talks and the paltry few of us that took the time to attend have spoken.
5:25 pm edt 

Banner Editorial

So the person can not spell.  BIG DEAL.  
U don't have anything better to do than make fun of them?
It is people like you that this blog could do without!

Back to "The Commissioner"
3:10 pm edt 

Why Does It Seem That so Many Boards are "On The Take"

Something's up. Too many boards go with developers and big projects. They allow one exemption after another and too many seem to have prior conversations with the applicants.

Perhaps some board members are not serving the interest of the town or this small community but are serving themselves. I don't know what they get--it's obviously secret deals, but too many boards are acting against the largest interest of all of us.

Maybe some sell more real estate. Maybe others get meals.  Maybe some sell their art. Some, I believe, get cash. But whatever they are getting and selling in their positions on these boards, I do believe they are selling us out for their own gains.
3:09 pm edt 

This Town Needs An Enema !!!

Please, someone wake me from this bad dream. A truly horror show of fiscal mismanagement and lack of leadership!

Spending money on open space land when our library needs the money for repair...

A building commissioner who is arrogant as the day is long and is self willed...

Tax every one and every option that we can in order to spend more money we don't have on this scam of a sewer and lack of vision...

Provincetown is NOT in the real estate business, but we need all of the old buildings???...

Big ticket items on a warrant with little money to spare...

A true nightmare!

And the film will be tittled "Invasion of the Money-snatcher of P-town".
..comming to a Town Meeting this spring!

11:11 am edt 

Entertainment Licence and 2:am Closing

They need the entertainment licence to encourage people to
stay that extra hour. Imagine a club without Muzak.  

You can't have one without the otth errrrrr!!!!
11:08 am edt 

Re: Banner Editorial

No wonder you don't get the Banner.
You obviously  don't read but cannot
spell. Call the Banner and have them send
you a copy.

The "Commissioner"
11:04 am edt 

Try Living in the Real World

Spoke to Dave (from the BOS) and he told me directly that the BOS are now getting the town BACK ON ITS FEET financially.   I say OH REALLY?   At the expense of the taxpayers.  How come everyone is cutting back, but I do NOT see the town cutting back on expenses?   Spend is the BOS mentality.   Do we really need a town manager and Assistant?  Do we really need a building commissioner that Sharon now admits if he was capable, he could have inspected and evaluated our town buildings?   How about hiring the RIGHT PEOPLE?  In the real business world, 2 people are doing the job of 1 person.   It is called, KEEPING YOUR JOB.   Provincetown, wake up.   And for Davids comments, what world is he living in?
9:48 am edt 

Re: 2am Closing

9:46 am edt 

2:00am Closing
The reality is that many alcohol licensees can already apply to stay open until 2 AM.   Why is it that the government decides on who to exclude from applying to Licensing Board for a 2:00 AM closing?  Currently many alcohol license holders can apply for a 2 AM closing, such as Old Colony Tap, Shipwreck, Monkey Bar, Bayside Betsy's, Lobster Pot, Fanizzi's, Jimmy's, etc, etc.   Just because they can apply to Licensing to stay open until 2, does not mean they will get the license to stay open until 2 AM.  What I don't understand is why a subset of the community (i.e. entertainment license holders) is excluded from even applying to stay open until 2 AM, like all other businesses in town.   It does not make sense to me that one segment is excluded from applying to Licensing and Zoning.   Can anyone explain this??  As far as I can tell, the article on the warrant simply empowered the Licensing Board with the authority to make this decision.   To me, this is a civil rights issue.  !
 I think it should be all or nothing, in other words either all businesses should have the right to apply to stay open (doesn't mean they'll get it) or no business should have the right to apply, but how do you justify excluding one subset.
9:44 am edt 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

This Weeks Banner Editorial
so, no one was able to post here the banners editorial on the building commisionar?  
11:33 pm edt 

Executive Seesions are Michele Couture's Modus Operandi

Not that this woman would even understand what this means. But to those who do know, that is how she operates. Couture mismanages and then holds one Executive Seesion after another--and this has been going on since this poor woman has been chair. She is a disaster and so is the board. No leadership. No ability to think through the consequences of the acts they take.And we-- the taxpayers--not Couture who doesn't pay taxes--are left with the consequences.

I'll put up a flag when next May this woman is finally out of there. What other town would put up with her?
11:32 pm edt 

MyPAAC and Credit For the Regionalization Committee Recommendation
Really!? No really?!! The realization of this issue would have reared its ugly head whether this site was in exsistence or not.

The simple fact of the matter is that the numbers are not there and were not there 12 years ago. Anyone who has any experience in education would have seen that in a school population projection report.

The problem was that no one including those that you elected would see it for what it was, a dying school district. This day has been coming and would have come whether that Cape Cod School Report was done or not!  

So one way or the other the reality would have reared itself soon enough. What is the shameful part is that this whole nightmare could have been avoided had the stakeholders in this community involved would have admitted it and set up either a plan to boost enrollment or an exit strategy that would have had the best interests of all children at the forefront. However the town leaders , some teachers, some administration, and some parent egos in this community had a clouded judgement based on emotional and irrational ideas and as a result what we have is a school system that is barely alive and now has to struggle to keep the doors open.

So if you want to take credit for anything take credit for the closing of the schools but also take responsibility as a community for your inaction as well.
11:30 pm edt 

Shout Out & School Closing
It was Shout Out that had the facts stated about the school due to the Francese Report. When the committee who did a study on the school gave its report, no one could ask one question after the presentation. The selectmen were not even invited.

It seems that there are  people who come on here just to diminish the impact of Shout Out. To them I say spend your energy elsewhere.

The school committee finally sees that they have no choice but to close the high school with such a dwindling student body--and no-one-bedroom-affordable-housing-complexes are going to re-energize the shcools--there are no jobs here.

My hours have been cut back but my cost of living increased and my bills if I had a family we would have had to move years ago.  
11:27 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

Rick Murray's initiative failed. How sad.

Alternative? Raise the price of admission.

When most business owners need to improve their bottom line, they raise the price of their product.

Common sense prevails.

Congratulations to the town for not submitting to an ill-conceived proposal that would have benefited a few at the expense of many.

11:25 pm edt 

Re: 2:00am Closing

The 2:00 am closing issue will be back and next time it will surely pass.  
11:24 pm edt 

2:00am ClosingTrial Period

I agree completely.  The so-called trial period was simply a way to get the article to pass.  And if the article did pass it surely would have been in place forever.  For an actual trial period to be meaningful, there would have to be a way to measure success or failure.  If success is measured by businesses making more money do you think the businesses would be willing to share their books to demonstrate where more money was made?  I doubt it.  Or is success measured by more people staying in bars until 2:00AM rather than 1:00AM and how do we measure that?

I am happy that the 2:00 AM closing did not pass and that we kept the 1:00 AM closing.
12:32 pm edt 

BOS Executive Sessions
So now you're claiming the BOS is holding illegal meetings.  Give me a break.  All five of them would have to be in cohoots to agree to breaking the Open Open Laws.

As far as too many Exec Meetings lately, I looked them up, they were all posted as Clause 6 which is to discuss value of land.  Considering the recent negotiations with Truro over land and the Hawthorne property, seems fair to me that there would have been a lot of meetings over the past few weeks prior to both these items being on the warrants of town meeting.

As far as them lauding the PPPC, cite your source, cause it smells like you're just repeating gossip as if it were fact.
12:17 pm edt 

Re: MacMillan Pier Topic is Boring

To whomever thinks the mismanagement of MacMillan Pier is boring ought to get his/her facts straight. The pier is a nearly $18 million dollar asset, not $14 million as stated. The pier belongs to the town, not the corporation charged with running it. It is our biggest asset. It's the duty of the selectmen, town manager and the taxpayers to make sure that these non-elected, non-accountable so-called stewards of the PPPC (pier manager/harbormaster included) are doing their jobs so that the tax payers don't get stuck cleaning up after them. Don't forget that the costs of repairing the facility fall to the taxpayers, not the corporation.
12:15 pm edt 

Executive Session

What makes you think every Executive Session is posted? I don't know whether
or not the session was posted, but, I do know the meeting was held and that praise
was given to the Public Pier Corporation.

Ask the Board members, maybe someone will give you a truthful answer.

Don't be so gullible.
11:44 am edt 

How Many Executive Session Can This Group Hold?
Sometimes they have three Executive Sessions in one week. Why the secracy Michele? Why so much discussion behind closed doors? Is it that this board is not run right and so they fix the problems in secret meetings? Something's just not right.
11:38 am edt 

BOS Executive Session?

Please explain how you, and you alone, know what was talked about in an executive session of the BOS?  When was this meeting since there were no executive meetings posted?

More lies posted on here.
11:37 am edt 

BOS Executive Session

A BOS Executive Session was held this week at which they heaped praise upon  the Pier Corporation  for their stellar performance.

What I missing something? Why the secrecy, were they ashamed to do this publicly?

These people are impossible!  
10:11 am edt 

Town Meeting Process

Stop the whining about the Town Meeting process. If you wanted to be there you would find a way. I am only a part time resident of Town Meeting but for the past 5 years that I have owned my property in Ptown, I have taken a day off of work, driven the 5 hour drive to PTOWN, sat through the town meeting and then drive back the next morning. Is it an inconvenience for me? Yes. Do I lose a day or two of pay? Yes. Is it important? Yes. If more people would do take the time to show off, it would be a very different outcome. So, if you don't want to inconvenience yourself by coming to Town Meeting, then just shut the      up and stop your whining!
9:33 am edt 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Damn-Chose Your Words Carefully

You go on and on. Enough is more than enough.

Being concise or actually being on point would be an improvement. Words, not ratings, please.
11:38 pm edt 

To: Set in Stone
Town Meeting is set in stone according the Town Charter.
Chapter 2-3-1: The annual town meeting shall be held on the first Monday in April of every year and shall be called to order at 6:00 p.m.1 for the purpose of transacting all business of the annual town meeting except the election of such officers and the determination of such matters as are required by law to be elected or determined by ballot.

FYI, it would take an amendment to the Charter to change any provisions of the Charter.
11:36 pm edt 

This Weeks Banner Editorial

Can someone post (either web master or) the editorial this week on what I assume was the building commisionar/inspector.  I do not get the banner and will not be back to provincetown till the middle of May and would appreciate it.  (I am sure someone here will comment on WHY I don't subscribe to the banner, so for that person, I just don't)
11:34 pm edt 

Why Taxes and More Taxes and More Taxes
You'd think this is not what town government would do. But there's another agenda. If the locals, if the Portuguese families can't pay these taxes, then quess what? They sell and leave. And who moves in? Those who have come to live a different life, those who can spend the money, buy the drugs of choice, and use this town as they see fit.

So for some, higher taxes is a plus. You get the buildings you want, the expensive look of Town Hall, the perfect facade of the Library, and then you bring in your friends--who are friends of friends--to move into affordable housing.

So higher taxes are a win, win for some. The losers: older Portuguese families, those who moved here years back and are on limited incomes. The Town Hall mentality is: Tough and Too Bad! Lose your house and we'll buy it, develop it, make even more money and then sell it--upsccaled and refurbished--to our friends.

It's the Black Widow Spider in Reserve. Some know this quite well. Others don't want to reveal the secret of high taxes and the real consequences to the fabric of Provincetown.
11:33 pm edt 

Open Town Meetings do not Work!

"How would we go about trying to get absentee ballot voting?  If PT is our home & we are paying taxes but not getting to vote (for whatever reason; sickness, travel, schedule conflict) it is taxation without representation.  This needs to be rallied for change! "
Agree!  I have a friend who just had surgery.  He is being discriminated against by not being allowed to vote at Town Meeting.  My understanding is that absentee ballots would not work for a 'Town Meeting Format' as articles may be amended on the floor.  For that reason the 'Town Meeting Format' must go.  We can not discriminate against those who can not be there.

And people should be allowed to vote their conscience without fear of recrimination.
9:41 pm edt 

Let's Rethink the Next Move

How many students do we actually have coming to Ptown schools in grades K-8? Instead of building a new police station, let's take over the VMES for the Park Dept/Rec Dept and take the Rec Depart and turn it into the new police station. Take the present police station and turn it into an affordable home.

9:39 pm edt 

MYPACC Forced the Issue

Mypacc forced the issue regarding the school. The Peter Francese reports listened to here that inspired residents to go before the board of Selectmen and ask them to put closing the school on the ballot.

Do you really believe that this discussion has been going on for years? Hardly. It was the impact of Mypacc that got the ball rolling and empowered the electorate with knowledge.
9:38 pm edt 

A Number of Comments:
200am Closing

First of all I found it interesting that no one asked a question about the actual number of noise complaints that occur here in town and when they occur. How many noise complaints do people call in from 11:00 to 2:00am? As I understand it the most noise complaints that were filed last season were between 900pm and 1100pm. I believe that members of the BOS used fear as a way to influnce the voters not fact a great lesson from the GW Bush administration come to life.

Bully Business Owners

Frankly I find that conclusion one that is completely ridiculous and uncalled for. Just because every group except the BOS supported the issue doesnt mean that they are bullies. It means those groups felt it was something worth trying. Obviously the people didnt want that but I have to say I find that every group in town has their own bullies, life time residents, gay, lesbian whomever.

HS Closing

Really MYPACC helped with this? The report you referenced could have been found in any number of places and certainly didnt totally influence anything that the committee did...lets also be honest, the numbers have been dwindling here for years! This was seen two superintendents ago but was squashed by another so called group of bullies (see reference above) in town whose main goal was to make sure certain people reached retirement and their family members graduated, once that happened they kicked the school to the curb since it wasnt useful for them anymore. And lets go a step further some of the families that were here with children realized they could sell their family place for a bundle and then by a cheaper place further down Rt 6 and then pocket the extra. A nice cash cow! So when blame is placed it can be placed not at the feet of just the recent and immediate past School Committees, but all the stakeholders, parents, staff, adminstration, former residents, students th!
e list goes on and on ....As far as the building, yeah the HS building is the better building, so if the town gets anything its going to get the crappy one, VMES. You can use that $100,000-$250,000 you save from the regionalization of the HS to fix it up!

Running for elected office here...

Why would anyone do that here...this town of vindictive vipers makes most of the evil characters in the Disney movies look angelic. The verbal abuse, false inuendo, nasty rumors, and juevenile, hurtful name calling is more than most people would tolerate on a good day let alone everyday.

Town Meeting

While I agree it is a long standing tradition and a true form of democracy it is a bit ridiculous that as few as 300 people determine the fate of everything on the table especially when many are not properly informed on every issue, they base their facts on what they overheard down on the corner of "half truth" and "gossip". For example it should have never taken this town 20+ years to repair its Town Hall and of course are now only doing it because the lack of past inaction at town meetings led to the the condemning of the building. Same thing with not accepting the sewer grant years ago, now there are these astronomical betterment fees people are being forced to pay because town meeting said no (if that fact is not correct please correct). Can we send our betterment bills to those who voted to put us in this situation? Oh no they sold out and headed to points elsewhere on the cape. I agree that its ok to have a representative form of government. The reason we keep a form o!
f government should be because its effective not nostalgic. Right now our town government doesnt seem to be very effective, but it does look nice.


The Viewpoint
9:36 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

In the current Banner, there is a notice of a Licensing Board public hearing on 4/27.  To be discussed, changes to Alcoholic Beverage Licenses, specifically hours of alcohol sales.  Businesses with pouring licenses to be changed from 1:00am to 1:45am.  Is this something that was in anticipation of the Article for the special entertainment time extension passing at Town Meeting, or is this something entirely separate?
9:31 pm edt 

Trial Periods Are Good

How do you know how something new will actually work if you don't try it temporarily? And temporary tryings are not bad practice. Set a year to try out a business practice, like the 2 a.m., then if too many complaints come in,you don't extend the new hours. Trials are good. You gain information from them instead of saying no without evidence. Bravo to those who tried to change the hours. Come back, like Barbar does, and bring it up for next year. Or, given this, town bring it up at the next fall meetings and if they need more money, a december meeting too!
9:29 pm edt 

In Stone?

"Town Meeting is held on the first Monday in April. (It was previously held in March prior to 1990.)  Since this date is set in stone"

It was changed once, it can be changed again.  Doesn't sound like stone now does it?
9:27 pm edt 

I Was For 2:00am Serving

This is a tourist town and many like the benefits that come from tourists money but they don't want to encourage torism. Look at the hiking of meal taxes. Foolish. Look at room taxes. Foolish. We ticket the tourist to death. But we don't clean up our beaches. We don't offer many restroom facilities. Our sidewalks are a mess. And then we close the bar at 1p.m.[am] Why? Because this is a small town of Norman Rockwell relationships and small town activities? What a deception and double think from many.
9:26 pm edt 

Public Pier

I agree enough with the postings on the town's biggest asset, MacMillan Pier. Who cares how a $14,000,000 town asset is being run? It's boring.
12:17 pm edt 

2:00am Closing
Congratulations to the Board of Selectmen for being the only group that unanimously opposed and spoke against this proposal.  They were the only ones who saw through the self-serving interests of a few business owners and stood up for the character of this town.  A certain business owner may be able to bully his way through other boards and business groups, but the BOS stood up to him and stood up for us.

Thank You BOS.
12:16 pm edt 

In Regards to the Closing of the Schools and MYPACC:

Do you live under a rock!  Talk of closing the high school has been an openly discussed topic for years before this blog came onto the scene.  Maybe if you got out from behind your computer and into the real community you might be more in tune to what is actually transpiring in the world.
12:14 pm edt 

Wrong Conclusion
Absence of cnadidates for Boards does not mean people are happy with the town. Your point is totally inverted in logic.

And if you want something done, meet behind closed doors, slip an envelope into a back pocket, and see your wish come true. There are more backrooms deals here and what happens up front is too often a charade.
12:13 pm edt 

Re: "MYPACC: A Source of Knowledge"
You might find if you look carefully at the record that a change in the wind on this issue occured right about the time a reader of this blog organized a formal but amateur survey of attitudes towards schools and then sent the results to decisionmakers. Many people commented that this survey captured for the first time a formal sampling of opinion on the issue. Not saying it was what made this happen only that the survey had an impact.

Whatever happend and whatever the details kudos to the town voters and the committee charged to look into this issue for making this tough recommendation.

- guess who
12:11 pm edt 

Town Meeting is the Last Step in the Process

If you truly want to have a claim and stake in what happens here, town meeting is not the venue. Many volunteers spend hours and hours of time meeting to formulate what is presented at town meeting. All meetings are open to the public and allow comments from the people. If you are really concerned about the town start attending all of these meetings so thhat you have all of  the  facts and not just what somebody posts on here.  There also plenty of openings on various town boards and commissions. So to the naysayers here I say put up or shut up.  And to those inquiring about  absentee ballotts all you have to do is call the town clerk's office and if you are a registered voter you can get and absentee ballott. It is apparent by the outcome of the votes and the lack of candidates for open positions, that most pepople are happy here.
10:26 am edt 

MYPACC: A Source of Knowledge

Two years ago no one talked about closing the schools until the Francese report was posted here on Mypacc and the facts disseminated through out the community.

People who thought that they were alone in their thinking found the courage to speak out as they found support from others and learned that they weren't alone in realizing that the high school should close.

Provincetown residents supported their schools for decades; but as our student population declines, as the Francese report portrays, then we are left with no other course of action. The Department of Revenue essentially told the town that it is a burden on the taxpayers!

Now, just a few years later, who could believe that the School Committee could reach this decision; even after there own report was delivered in the school last year?

MYPACC was the source of the ammunition.
10:24 am edt 

2:00am Closing

Hey Rick and Greg, you asked What was wrong with giving it a trial run for the one season ?   Because anything that gets a TRIAL RUN, always STAYS ON THE BOOKS  THAT IS WHY.
10:22 am edt 

Absentee Voting!

So now people would like to participate in the process of town meeting by absentee voting.  I can understand those that are sickly and cannot get out of the house but for those who are not here because they go to warmer places, I suggest you fly home for a few days to participate in the process and sit in the chairs for the countless hours like the rest of us.

If working, schedule vacation times around town meeting if you feel that strongly about the process and would like to participate.  OTHERWISE, WHY DON'T WE ALL JUST VOTE BY ABSENTTE BALLOT!

For the record, town meeting used to be held in March and they moved it up to April for those that did complain years ago because they were not here for the Winters months.
10:21 am edt 

The Schools
The school committee wants to keep the jobs of the school staff, so they want two schools for the elementary school. What does this Really accomplish? Nothing.

Revamp the high school and use it for town needs. Pay off the loan-a one time deal-rather than pay millions every year for the schools.
10:19 am edt 

Who Benefits vs Who Losses

It was never a case of a "trial" period for the proposed 2 am closing. It was to see if the town would vote to amend the Provincetown General By-laws. Any other representation of the article was false.  
A trial period is defined as a period of time during which something is tested. A test requires a definitive procedure to measure results. Measurable results were neither thought of nor presented.
In the end the voters saw through the attempts of the Licensing Board to speak in circles, skirt around the facts and falsely represent this article. An articulate discussion would have been much more appropriate and respectful to the attendees. It was unclear if this was even possible for the presenter.
The main proponent of the amendment failed to show any consideration for the concerns of his neighbors and those that would be affected by the proposed change. To focus solely on ones own interests is self important and unneighborly. To present them as beneficial to the whole was lacking insight and intellect.
There are of course pros and cons to any decision. Communities remain vital when decisions are made in a manner that respect a plethora of interests even when they are at odds with one another. Business owners are not the only persons with investments to protect. In fact they are the minority, far outnumbered by homeowners.  
It would benefit the PBG, CC, VSB and the the Finance Committee, all of whom supported this amendment, to put a little more effort into coming up with the next big idea before they foolishly follow another half        [baked] attempt at a business owners ploy to make more money for himself.  The people of Provincetown expect and rightfully deserve more than that. If that is the big picture idea I am concerned and you should be too.
10:18 am edt 

It is What it is

Town meetings in Massachusetts traditionally occur in the Spring and are over by the middle of May. This is not new. Just recognize the schedule and adapt to it.
10:11 am edt 

2:00am Bar Closing

10:10 am edt 

Absentee Ballots

Dear voter,  Go to the Town Clerk and request an absentee
ballot. It is that simple.

Been there , done it
10:09 am edt 

High School Closing

With so few Provincetown High School Students, we really have no other choice but to close the high school. It isn't an easy decision, but no one can dispute the facts that we have no other choice.

A plea for affordable housing to be the answer is ineffective; these are mostly one bedroom units and these are for the summer service workers who collect unemployment in the winter. These aren't built for families.

Kudos to the committee for biting the bullet and being honest about this. The rec dept, the council on aging, and a number of other organizations can use the school. Or can it become the new police headquarters?
10:08 am edt 

To: Many More Would Like to Attend

Pursuant to the Provincetown Town Charter, Town Meeting is held on the first Monday in April. (It was previously held in March prior to 1990.)

Since this date is set in stone, perhaps you should note the date now and make an effort to attend next year.

People who truly care about the issues surrounding the Town make an effort to attend and participate in Town Meeting.
10:06 am edt 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Banner's Editorial HIts the Mark

We have a Building Commissioner who alligns himelf with developers and big-time builders. Instead of enforcing the town and state rules, he stamps his approval for what big-time developers want--the monied developers--want. Seems to me his salary should be paid by the developers, not the town. His interest is not to enforce town rules but to allow some developers the ability to build and build under his "guidance" and his "permiting." He is not about rules, statues or regulations. He is about favoritism and "let it rip" mentality. If you're a big-time developer, you'll do well and you have done well. But if you're local, small-time, then you will be unable to get anything you own done easily or unproblematically.

Just what we needed!
10:18 pm edt 

Ah, The Solution

Yes, the town has the solution. Get a big, big project. Get a high price and then get the taxpayers to pay. Then they do. Spend. spend. Spend. the Town's Mantra's. And there is Sharon, the Michele, with a Frog in her throat, and the Austin with a Green Bug Hat on his head, all cheerleading the Spend Game. What a Group! This is not how most towns and cities work. But here, this is sadly what we have.
10:12 pm edt 

2:00am Closing
Outside of all the assumptions that this would be bad... what was wrong with giving it a trial run for the one season so that those wanting to participate in the later closing could have had the opportunity to do so and possibly known that the business did everything they could to make it?  Many businesses are suffering and the extra taxes aren't helping.  Business is the backbone of PTown and it's ashame that the residents don't recognize that.
10:08 pm edt 

Absentee Voting

How would we go about trying to get absentee ballot voting?  If PT is our home & we are paying taxes but not getting to vote (for whatever reason; sickness, travel, schedule conflict) it is taxation without representation.  This needs to be rallied for change!
10:07 pm edt 

To the Many More Who Would Like to Attend!

What's wrong with this picture,you're not here for Town Meeting but this is your primary home and you would like to participate in the process.  Well, you can't leave in October for warmer parts unknown to sun your buns to return in May and feel as though you have been robbed because you were not part of governmental process.  What would you like to do, change town meeting times to accommodate the snow birds while others remain here through thick and thin?
10:06 pm edt 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Many More Would Like to Attend

Too bad the town meeting isn't held when more of the over 2,000 registered voters can attend. While I'm not a "year-rounder" P'town is my primary home and it would be great to be able to attend the town meetings... I always miss it by just a few weeks..... Also, what happened regarding the change to the bar closings?
10:20 pm edt 

Re: Pier

Enough with the Pier Management / Pier Committee posts.  You are boring us to death.  You have way too much time on your hands and you are hijacking this blog again.  Please move on!
10:17 pm edt 

Building Commissioner/Building Inspector

Re: "Last night, it is quite apparent that the Town needs a building inspector with an engineering background not an architectural background to assess the condition of our Town owned properties."

Yes, it was a little uncomfortable, but Candace asked the question that needed to be asked.
10:16 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

"What is the outcome: 1am or 2am?" 
1a.m. stays by a vote of 112-92
10:14 pm edt 

Enlighten Me Please Response:
I am talking about the eyesore at the end of Bangs St.- Bangs St. Ext.  "#27-31 Bangs St."  This can't possibly be legal? Check it out and let me know what you think.  Town reps seem to have a "tight lip" policy on this one as they won't even respond to a simple question like how did this happen.  Seems like a prime example of abusive overdevelopment (in the buffer zone of a wetland).  No wonder abutters are outraged.  Legal counsel presented as 2 unobtrusive bldgs. and there might as well be a McDonalds and Burger King with trash containers and drive thru for both.  See for yourself.  The house on the hill should probably up their insurance soon. April showers bring May flowers.      
10:12 pm edt 

What a Waste!

Town Meeting is really a waste of time, I understand why the majority of residents don't attend.  People speak up and think the louder they rant and the more untruths (some would call lies) they spew the more people will believe them.

This very old, probably discriminatory, form of government should be put to rest.
6:44 pm edt 

What's the Most Expensive Item?

Re: There has still been not one shred of debate on here about the potentially most expensive item on the agenda for any property owner.
Enlighten us, what are you talking about?
6:43 pm edt 

What's the Purpose of Having the Community Preservation Committee?

It seems they are owned by the Open Space Committee and the only preservation they are really interested in is open space preservation.  They either have no back bone or are not interested in preserving buildings in Provincetown.

Guess we should be careful what we ask for, we voted to change the large percentage allocation of funds away from affordable housing, but now the Community Preservtion Committee is only using it for open space, except for the small bone they tossed to the Library restoration.

I guess we will be able to look forward to more purchases like Suzanne's Garden or as many call it 'Sinaiko's Folly'.
6:41 pm edt 

School Regionalization Committee Recommendation

Surprised no on is talking about the report from the Cte to Study School Regionalization given Tuesday night at Town Meeting.  They recommended keeping grades K-8 in Provincetown and not have high school grades in Provincetown.  The only question I had regarding their report was their recommendation to continue to use both VMES and the high school building for grades K-8
6:39 pm edt 

2:00am Closing?

What is the outcome: 1am or 2am?
Ptown resident
6:34 pm edt 

Pier Corporation vs Police Department?

The PPD should police the pier, did anyone see how much the officers made last year!!  Wow, and they say civil service workers don't make a lot of money.  One officer was out on leave half the year and still managed to bring home over $70,000 and many others made more then the Chief.  I think we should be looking at that budget a little harder; the fire Chief made less then the lowest paid officers.  
* I know that all the PPD that reads this will post nasty rebuttals but we cannot continue to ignore the obviously. Oh, but I forgot that if its in regards town officials, town employees, and town property that ignoring the obvious is what they do best.
6:33 pm edt 

Building Commissioner/Building Inspector

Last night, it is quite apparent that the Town needs a building inspector with an engineering background not an architectural background to assess the condition of our Town owned properties. Ms. Lynn conceded that the Town would not need $300,000 if we had one. Thanks Candace for drilling Sharon on a town employee that doesn't reflect the Town's needs and is costing us more money because of insufficient qualifications.
6:05 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Pier Harbormaster

No it's not only 'sad' but painful to have a harbormaster who has grossly mismanaged the town's biggest asset, MamMillan Pier.

Millions of dollars lost forever because of reckless and currying favor management practices.
6:03 pm edt 

Re: Town Meeting Results

Your such a XXXX .........  When the post was asked, the town did NOT have the results up yet.  That was the first place I went.  Are you familiar with being nice?   Guess you have not started working yet, as you have too much time to cruitize others.  
12:00 am edt 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Inappropriate Behavor

Sharon, keep your staff under control.  When the appraiser is asked for an opinion on an article he should not then start speaking as a proponent for the article.
11:58 pm edt 

Strange, But I Don't See Many People Lyng Here

I see town people with concerns. They raise them and offer their Perspectives. Then others add information or clearify. But I don't the attempt to present lies here. Some people's hunches may be off but I don't feel there is an attempt to fabricate. More a concern to raise issues that bother them.
11:56 pm edt 

Advice For Tourisim
if the tourist group leaders in this town want to attract a younger crowd they should start by dressing their age and staying off of sex cruising web sites
11:55 pm edt 

RE: Town Meeting

There has still been not one shred of debate on here about the potentially most expensive item on the agenda for any property owner. Sad, all that hot air wasted on a sunken barge while the big issues go unnoticed and unremarked.
11:53 pm edt 

Fe: Pier Management

Don't forget the floating flophouse tied up to the pier too.
That went undetected by pier personnel as well!
11:52 pm edt 

Clarity Please

Some posts on this site are so poorly written it is impossible to tell if they are pro or con on an issue or in response to a prior post. One examples is the recent post about 24 Franklin.I never read any misrepresentation of facts or slanderous comments, but maybe some posts were deleted. It would help if writers would be more concise and to the point.
11:51 pm edt 

Teams Have to Have Shared Goals
I don't see that here. I see competing goals and profit if not greed that seems to dominate. Money is the controlling issue, not the heart of the town. So, come together on what? Spending more and more on mega-projects and giving Ted Malone more money for affordable housing for his cronies? Spend more on town hall, spend more on the libray, put up a new police building complex, increase the sewer connections, and pay Truro for the use of their land so we can drink clean water?

Where's the glue? Where the town leadership for this? I look at this sad group in the bowels of the trailers and I shudder on our future.
11:49 pm edt 

Enforcement Issues are With the Building Commissioner: Violations are With the Boards

So a board may issue a violation and fines but if the Building Commissioner refuses to impose the fines, then you have a problem. Boards may then have to seek a higher power. Usually, the Building Commissioner enforces the violations of regulatory boards and demands fines and issues a work stop order. But not here. Not with Russell Braun. Here's where a strong town manager gets involve and enforces. But not here. Not with Sharon. So, we have dilemma. You have boards issuing violations and developers happy with a Building Commissioner who joins hands with them and does the mazurka! Tear down bulding after building and Russell will use "It's a safety issue!" and another bulding is taken down. Rather tragic for a town with history and seems to value its heritage. Make it all new. Put up only new buildings. Seems to be the town's mantra.
11:48 pm edt 

Re: Please enlighten me?

If these bylaws don't exist, how did this project get through based on them?  I asked town officials last week that approved these 4 bldgs and none will respond or even call me back or email me back.  The Bldg. Dept. couldn't pinpoint the specific bylaws and they should know them off the top of their heads.  I am seriously doubting these bylaws exist. I think something is very wrong here.  The banner should follow up on their article and research this out.  The truth needs to be printed.  People quoted these as if they were true and they may not be. I for one want to know if this development is really legal as it is an eyesore, hides the dune and has taken over the street. There's no room to turn around and the units haven't been sold yet although they are being offered pre-finished with a local realtor. What's the rush?      
11:45 pm edt 

Re: Harbormaster

I don't know a darn thing about tying up a boat. But just looking at
that picture of the half sunken barge, no one has to be a rocket scientist to
know that thin line wasn't going to prevent the barge from completely sinking
which it did according to the pictures in the Banner. Why did our harbormaster
tie a skimpy line to the barge? Maybe that's why it sank in the storm?

Skimpy lines?
3:44 pm edt 

PPD Should Take Over the Policing of the Pier

I agree with the blogger who defended the PPD. If anything, I would
like them to take over more of the safety of MacMillan Pier and INCREASE their
already burdened budget. It's just not working on the pier with all these boats
and barges sinking. Turning to the PPD to do more patrols on the pier makes
sense to many of us.

Yours in safety,

3:42 pm edt 

Fall Back and Regroup

We need to re-group and come together as a community on all of these
hard-core matters.  If we work as a "team" we might see a lot more get done.  I
understand that not everyone agrees on every issue but if we can find common
ground we might be a bit more productive.  Provincetown is a melting pot and not
just in regards to people, we have a little bit of everything here and the
common element is we are all trying to survive.  I want to believe that we all
have the towns over all best interest in mind at all times then rather our own,
unfortunately it seems as if everyone is out for themselves (even those who get
paid to act on behalf of the town).
3:40 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

It is rumoured that the 2am closing may be re-introduced at tonights
town meeting. It can be revisited within a 24 hour period. Proponents of this
article are betting on people that voted against it won't show up again tonight.
Heads Up !!
3:37 pm edt 

Please enlighten me?

These by-laws do not exist but because they were
printed in the Banner, they have to be true.
3:35 pm edt 

Thank You!

Thank you to the PTA for providing some very nice treats during the
town meeting last night.  It is nice to be able to grab a cup of coffee and a
cookie while attending the meeting.  Thank you.
3:34 pm edt 

Re: Harbormaster

There are many people who can show Rex how to tie a boat up if he
needs a lesson?  Just ask!!  When your at it someone can show him how to tie a
lifevest on too since he seems to be sinking.
3:32 pm edt 

Regulation Enforcement

"These town boards have a responsibility to the people of this town and
if they do not enforce the rules they should resign."


Town boards do not enforce the rules, town staff does that.


I disagree. If town boards don't properly oversee staff which includes staff
enforcement, they should be held accountible by the BOS who appointed them.
That, of course, will never happen because that would be good government.
3:27 pm edt 

Mental Toxicity

You sometimes wonder about the toxicity that lives in peoples minds and bodies.
I truly hope that the person who blogged about the PPD never needs help from
First time on this blog and I am absolutely astonished at the caustic thinking
of some people.You're not are part of the problem. I would
venture to say none of you have actively sat on Town Boards and if you did,
betcha you were trouble there too without any mediating solutions.
We have a Grand which people love to come to visit and wished
they could live here someday.  The outpouring of kindness goes without saying.
The talent exudes everywhere and we live pretty harmoniously  for such a diverse
So there...instead of critizing..look to be appointed by the Pier Corp...they
are good people..walk in their shoes...and they will outlast you.
No, I'm not Rebecca...I sat on Town Boards for almost 20's hard work
and commitment thing I knew for sure I always got the REAL SCOOP...not
just hearsay and distortions.
So if you are a REAL concerned citizen and want to help put that caustic mouth
where it should be ...on a board...and watch how quickly you drown.
Better yet...volunteer at the Soup Kitchen or  the "Manor." Rememeber, someday
you are going to be old and wonder who will volunteer to take care of you.
My favorite quote I use to use ...."If you can't change your mind..are you
really sure you have one?"
3:24 pm edt 

Re: Town Meeting Results

The town has a nifty thing called a "web site." In case you are unfamiliar with
such things they often contain the answers to the questions your are too lazy to
look up yourself. Please try consulting this amazing newfangled thing before
posting "can anyone tell me.."  For instance, what a suprise, all the results of
town meeting votes are on the front page of the town web site.
3:18 pm edt 

Do Your Research

I'd like more facts before people start spouting off about things. There is so much posted on this blog that is simply not true. Do your research prior to posting. It would save us all alot of unncessary reading and speculation.

Dr. Love
8:52 am edt 

Town Meeting

Can anyone tell me what was voted for at town meeting and what was voted against?  
8:48 am edt 

Town Meeting is so Tedious!!

Why can't pepole read the warrant and the handouts before they get up and ask all sorts of questions (wasting everybodies time) when the answers are right there in front of them!  

The highlight of the evening: when the moderator told Ms. Rushmoor, "You are out of order...SIT DOWN!"

Made my day!!!!!
8:47 am edt 

Let's be Clear

Asking a question and stating an opinion is not slander. How can you possible make such a rediculous leap!
8:45 am edt 

Regarding Town Boads
The historic distric comittee asked Russell Brawn, the town building inspector to enforce the rules at 24 franklin and at the old boatworks.. They do not the power/authority to write out fines etc.. that is the building inspector's job.. so if you do not think that things are being enforced speak to the building inspector or sharon about it not badger the(volunter)town board....
8:43 am edt 

27-31 Bangs St.

Please enlighten me?  I read all Zoning By-laws and Town By-laws and don't see anything even close to what these 2 people claim are by-laws in the Banner.  A neighbor's request to put up a new shed was denied by the same Planning board because it was less than 9' from his house in a Res. 3 area.  Isn't 6 feet less than 9 feet?    I would sure hate to think the Assistant Town Manager and attorney representing Gunther Realty were making up by-laws as they go along.  Sure sounds official though. 
P.S. Mass State Bldg. Regulation office never heard of either so-called regulations.  

Per the banner article "according to Assistant Town Manager David Gardner. Zoning laws state that as long as two structures are separated by fewer than six feet and are connected by a deck, they are considered one building. Lester J. Murphy, the attorney representing Gunther Realty, said each two-structure unit is also connected by a shared foundation, another requirement that allows it to be considered a single unit under town zoning bylaws."

Someone please show me the error of my ways and provide the specific by-law article #.  

8:41 am edt 

Enforcement vs Regulation

"These town boards have a responsibility to the people of this town and if they do not enforce the rules they should resign." 

Town boards do not enforce the rules, town staff does that.  Remember the HDC wanted fines against the owner of the building behind The Pig?  The town building commissioner refused to enforce the HDC fines.
8:39 am edt 

Re: Road Conditions

Absolute amen about the streets!!
8:36 am edt 

Again ...Another Incorrect Statement...

The appointed boards are not the enforcement agents. In the case of the Historic District Commission it is the Building Inspector who is required to enforce said town regulations related to the approved historic regualtions which were put in place by Town Meeting. If you have an issue where a regualtion is not being followed or implemented then take it up with the town employee assigned as the enforcement agent for that area and their superior.  
8:35 am edt 

Re: 24 Franklin Troublemaker?

The person who wrote this post is my new best friend! You should be posting here more often!!!  He summed it up perfectly.  There are a select few people who come on this site and post complete lies and try to pass off their comments as facts.  There are always a few "hot topics" that these individuals have a vested interest in swaying the public's opinion. As readers of this blog, we should be mindful of the fact that many of these redundant posts are from the same person or a small group and should never be taken at face value.  Don't use this site as your only source to "research" an issue because certain individuals have a tendency to hijack this site with their delusional rants.  If these individuals would cut back on their posts, then others might be more interested in participating. The up side is that Spring is here and hopefully these losers have jobs to go back to.  
8:33 am edt 

Road Conditions

Re: Just exactly how long are we going to have to wait to have SOME relief from ill patched roads, potholes, random bumps and dips?
What irritates me about this is when we first voted to approve the sewer, the streets were suppose to be repaved as part of the approved sewer project.  After the streets were torn up to put in the sewer they were then going to repave the streets.  But, apparently they didn't have enough money to do it and coudn't keep their promise?
8:31 am edt 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

24 Franklin Reply!

Thank you for pointing out that after MANY
unwarranted rants stated to be "facts" on this site were ONCE AGAIN blind
hearsay, in this case on said property. Simply asking contractor or with
slightest attempts to clarify before slandering (SO OFTEN done on this site)
would have clarified the actual facts, which in this case that the property IS
complying. I hope this is a lesson. Don't judge until you actually ask first!  
11:34 pm edt 


Go Sox....
9:55 pm edt 

Harbormaster Barge Sinking

I just read about the new barge sinking.  Who would build something
that would sink so easily? Only in Provincetown would something like a pin  sink
a newly built barge. What kind of background does the harbormaster have to
adequately oversee bulding a barge? Is he an engineer? My guess is no and that's
why it sank.

Time to cut our losses and sell it as scrap!
9:53 pm edt 

Re:Re: 24 Franklin Street
Drove by 24 Franklin today. The outside looks 95% finished but the
temporary doors and the mistake windows as they were desccribed by the developer

to the historic district comm. are still there.  I'll bet they remain even after

the occupancy permit is issued. Anyone else agree?

If they do remain that will be an absolute disgrace. These town boards have a
responsibility to the people of this town and if they do not enforce the rules
they should resign.

There is such unequal treatment of people here
9:51 pm edt 

Provincetown Street

Does anyone else feel like sending the town a bill for all the wear
and tear the lousy roads in Provincetown cause on their car?  Just exactly how
long are we going to have to wait to have SOME relief from ill patched roads,
potholes, random bumps and dips? Why is it that every other town on the cape can
seem to keep their roads fairly smooth? We have all these tourists that come
here every season and they must think that we're a bunch of idiots because we
can't even manage to pave our streets. It's kind of embarrassing.
9:49 pm edt 

24 Franklin Street

To the person that drove by 24 Franklin yesterday.  Go to Russell Braun and ask
him what he is doing about he windows and doors.   Or write him a letter and
copy sharron on it.  Don't sign it.  Let them know your very concerned.  
9:47 pm edt 

Easter Holiday

Happy Easter!
9:46 pm edt 

24 Franklin Troublemaker?

Why do people like you and others on this blog like to stir up trouble? I drive
by 24 Franklin almost everyday as well. You said, "outside looks 95% done" the
key point being the 5% that is not done. I drove by on Wednesday 3/31, stopped,
key action stopping, got out of the car, another key action, and low and behold
actually saw the historic doors that will be put in leaning up against the side
of the building. The windows are being taken care of as well. I have two
questions for you. Is your life that miserable that you have make other peoples
lives miserable? How come when you drive by the Bryant house you do not jump on
here and post about whats going on there or should I say not going on? I've
finally figured it out of whats acceptable here in town when you fix a place up
paint, landscape, repair you are demonized. For example Town Hall, Public
Library, Firehouse 2, 24 Franklin, to name just a few but when you let a
building's paint peel, trim rot, do not fix broken win!
dows, have a yard full of junk, never cut the grass, bushes overgrown, let the
chimney fall down and have wild animals crawling in and out of the building etc
you are a hero. Welcome to crazyland.
9:45 pm edt 

A Town Gone Wrong

Its not just one person speaking vehemently against the pier corp and
Rexy..It is pactically the whole town..The Pier Corp and the Pier Manager have
continuously proven that they cannot run a multimillion dollar facility.  WAKE
UP TOWN OFFICIALS!!! How much more ineptness can (or Can't) we afford.  I am
sure the BOS and the Town Manager read this blog.. Listen to your constituents
and overhaul the system.  The deceit and lies coupled with the property damage
that has occcured down there in the last 7 years is totally unacceptable and, as
in the real world, people need to be helsd accountable.  The writing should be
on the wall. Rex needs to be called to the carpet for this especialy after the
ridiculous remarks trying to blame the barge sinkings on someone tampering with
the barge.. Who and why some one would go down the pier when its raining
sideways and blowing 25 knots from the east and even attempt to tamper with the
equipment is ridiculous, not to mention it w!
ould be impossible for this to occur.  And if it did (which the odds are in the
millions to one) Where is PPD.  They are suppose to work in conjuction with the
in enhancing security from midnight to 8 while no nightwatchman is posted on the
pier. The problem with the PPD is they are all too comfortable in there jobs and
would rather sleep in their cruisers..  Why don't they sleep at the pier---Then
its a much shorter run to the Coffee Pot when it opens at 5am- Ignore what u
want town officials but the government and infrastructure in this little town is
a huge joke to most others around the state..  So I guess we are suppose to say,
"You guys are doing a great job!!"  From what I see, Especially when it comes to
PPPC and the pier is a bunch of wannabees who do not have a clue on how to run
this multimillion dollar facility but are to egotistical and under qualified to
do it..Sharon and BOS wake yourselves up and stop worrying about offending your
friends.  And just wait till Grassy gets in there...He has sucked plenty of
blood from this town while flying under the radar..In 65 years of living in this
town it is the asolute worst I !
have ever seen------------------
9:43 pm edt 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Re: 24 Franklin Street

Drove by 24 Franklin today. The outside looks 95% finished but the
temporary doors and the mistake windows as they were desccribed by the developer
to the historic district comm. are still there.  I'll bet they remain even after
the occupancy permit is issued. Anyone else agree?
5:50 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

"One particular resident of our town
speaks vehemently against the Pier Corp. every opportunity they get."

Please we all know who you are talking about. If anything now that Candace is on
that Pier Corporation subcommittee, she will  ferret out all those taxpayer
subsidized recreational boaters Rex has allowed and that scam will finally be

If the Pier Corporation didn't think she would have added value to them, don't
even think for a minute they would have put her on that board! They know she can
help get them in the black again! It's Rex who should worry about his inability
to manage the pier well, not the Pier Corp who (thank god) is now made up of 40%
new members and soon to be 60% and sees her as a SOLUTION not a PROBLEM!

3:05 pm edt 

Re: We Have the Power and the Greed

Can someone tell me what and who this is referring to?  Who abandoned
Provincetown and moved to Truro. And when you refer to "Little Provincetown as
"Truro" exactly where is that? 

Perhaps some people moved to Truro because they wanted to be able to have a
"yard".  Some people don't mind living in/or owning a dwelling that takes up the
whole parcel of land; perhaps others wanted a larger piece of land to have a
yard, or were forced to move elsewhere due to the over-priced properties.  You
definitely have the GREED!

Has anyone looked into increasing the density bylaw?  Truro's requirement is
three-quarters of an acre parcel.
3:02 pm edt 

Connect the Dots

Re:  Considering the many unfortunate issues that have befallen our
town, I wonder why the photo of the barge sinking gets top billing on the blog?
Where was the photo of the town hall in disrepair? What about the rumored poor
condition of our police station? Where is that photo?

Perhaps the barge got top billing because the Avellar- Steeles are friendly with
the Blog Master and ....
*  *  *  *
Sometimes the dots connect rather easily.  One particular resident of our town
speaks vehemently against the Pier Corp. every opportunity they get.  This
particular resident has a 'personal relationship' with a reporter for the local
newspaper.  The dots also connect easily to the web master.  Not only to you
have the MYPACC blog, you have the the local newspaper article on the barge
sinking.  Did you notice the only BOS quote in the newspaper article was from
Selectman Avellar who is also anti Pier Corp?  Connect all these dots and you
have a group of people who continue to speak against the Pier Corp./Harbor
Master every chance they get. 

Do they represent the majority of the town resident's views?  It doesn't seem
that way (check out town meeting), but this group continues to work against the
Pier Corp./Harbor Master and they have the forums (MYPACC and local newspaper)
1:26 pm edt 

Re: Why Rex McKenzie?

I'll tell you how McKenzie has squandered hundreds of thousands of
dollars that could have come back to the Town and relieved us of all these

1.McKensey charged pleasure boats the taxpayer subsidized commmercial fishermen
rate for the last seven years: estimated loss of income $100,000 every year for
a total of $700,000! The fishermen even agree just look at page 17 in this
week's Banner if you don't believe it!

2. allowing seven boats plus his boat twice and the barge to sink: estimated
cost of recovery #250,000. (The Chico Jess cost $77,000 and a grant and the
licenses confiscated only netted $23,000. Why the hell does he have all that
staffing as it certainly hasn't helped boats and barges from sinking down there,
has it?

4. charging his staff only $50.00 per hour to use the barge the entire summer
and fall last year (you can be sure there will be no line item and it will be
buried somewhere in their financials if you can ever get a hold of them! Good

5. charging his former boss only $500.00 for the entire season last year to
operate his business off the pier. What a sham that was.

6.  paying lipservice to the wave attenuator that he said would take only a few
months to get with all that grant money they received way back in 2003. Now they
have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a third set of floating
docks and there still isn't a wave attenuator to protect them! Estimated cost to
replace them: $200,00. How's that for sound management

7. Overstaffing year to year. Finally he reduced his full time staff by 25% last
year and has scaled back all his traffic cops that he calls 'assistant
harbormasters' Income lost from overstaffing in excess of $250,000.

They only thing you are right about: McKinney hasn't cost taxpayers hundreds of
thousands of dollars, he has cost us millions of dollars for the seven years he
has been harbormaster and pier manager! He is a fiscal nightmare and needs be
fired for the worst management anyone could every imagine.
1:24 pm edt 

Why Rex McKenzie?

Please, someone tell me how Rex McKenzie has cost the town hundreds of
thousands of dollars! Obviously having two boats sink in one week is most
unfortunate. But anyone that has ever owned a boat can tell you that boats are
an accident waiting to happen. Rex is the harbormaster so he certainly bears
some of the responsibility. But to blame him and state an obvious fallacy about
him costing taxpayers is wrong.

Since both of the boats that sank were insured, the only immediate cost is the
two deductibles. The Pier Corp. pays for that, not tax payers. Whether or not
the insurance premiums for the boats will increase is unknown, but again, the
Pier Corp. bears that cost as well. Losing one boat in a week is one thing.
Losing two boats in a week is another thing all together. What are the odds?

Considering the many unfortunate issues that have befallen our town, I wonder
why the photo of the barge sinking gets top billing on the blog? Where was the
photo of the town hall in disrepair? What about the rumored poor condition of
our police station? Where is that photo?

Perhaps the barge got top billing because the Avellar- Steeles are friendly with
the Blog Master and         ? After all, it wasn't long ago that there were
numerous photos posted on this very blog by Mr. Steele a disgruntled pier
employee, alleging all kinds of wrongdoing that he could never prove. Smacks of
favoritism to me!
11:29 am edt 

27-31 Bangs St. NEEDS to be on the FRONT Burner

Bravo to Bravo.  Good points.  The profit of selling 4 buildings does NOT equal
that of selling 2 or even come close.  The facts, maam, just the facts. 
Fact: Last owner tried to build 4 bedrooms and got the big red light.  This 8
bedroom mini mall got the big green light from the same boards. Why the change
of heart?  Am I missing something?
Fact: Get your measuring tapes kiddies. Project is well within 100 feet of a
town "wetland" and ConsCom gave their blessing anyway.  Why the ignorance of
their own 100' rule?
Fact:  Project was presented as "preserving the visual and physical integrity of
the dune".  Last time I looked the dune was completely blocked and is collapsing
behind one of 4 blgs.

And what ever happended to the private road Bangs St. Ext. anyway?  Oh, that's
right, it's under construction debris? 

and the list goes on and on...

These 4 bldgs. were clearly presented under false pretenses.
NOTHING that was done comes close to what was presented.  

Take a close look at the walkways upstairs that supposedly "connect" two bldgs
to make one.  They aren't even functional.  Why would strangers owning separate
units want to walk between their bedrooms?  Sorry, dumb question.  Back to the
issue, violations are rampant and it shouldn't take an expensive lawsuit by
abutters to get answers.  Isn't that what town boards are for?  If the developer
is really, as her legal counsel says, concerned with the environment and local
economy, why weren't local contractors hired to build these 4 bldgs?. Now that
would have tangibly helped the local economy.  To say what's done is done is a
copout.  I say if you can truck in some fake buildings built off cape to save a
buck with a police escort you can truck them out.  If I wanted to live in a
trailer park I would have moved to Fla.         
Gracias and have a nice weekend! 
10:39 am edt 

Re; Mary Jo What's the Real Story?
So the rumor has it that MJ felt she needed to resign to be able to continue
with the sale of the Hawthorne property. What you say? She is a realtor, the
property is being bought by the town and who is involved with the sale thus a
commission potentially? It would be a clear conflict of interest (state ethics
laws) if she were to stay as a selectperson and made a commission on a property
that the town she represents buys and thus pays her a commission. So she has
decided her income is in her best interest as opposed to staying as a
selectperson. I don't blame her.

But the interesting part is that she can't partake in any matters related to her
position as a selectperson for at least one year after her resignation according
to the state ethics laws. Its felt she would have too much influence thus
causing and unfair advantage. If the sale does go through and she actually is
gaining financially from the sale, especially to the town, she is in direct
violation of the law. Look it up.
10:35 am edt 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sorry, PM, You May Have MIssed the Point

Many of us love Provicnetown. We too love the whatles. But if you let
destruction of the green zone, cutting down of wetlands, destruction of prime
land, there will be few of us here to appreciate a few whlaes at Race POint.

We're not simply         . We care about this towna nd we care that the
leadership of this town is mismagnaged and geared to profit-making
enterprises--not to those of us who love the beaches, respect nature, enjoy a
high dune, and wonder at the smooth swift motion of whales.

they go together, my dear. Politics and nature. Registering problems and keeping
Provincetown intact.

It's not as easy as going to walk the beach and forget about the fight that
needs to happen on the backbeach of politics.
11:21 pm edt 

Re: Mary Jo...

The kitchen was too hot... So she bowed out! The town is finally getting back on
track after years of nepotism. The blame game tactics aren't cutting it.  We
need team players! Bravo for her stepping down!
11:19 pm edt 

27-31 Bangs Street

Not a wise thing, to try to get away with over building on North Bangs
Street. The very back yard of this blog!
11:18 pm edt 

Is It Me?

Some of the blogs today just don't make sense.
11:17 pm edt 

Mary Jo What's the Real Story?

Wonder why Mary Jo decided not to run again?  Any thoughts?
9:57 pm edt 

NIce Job: Your Many PoInts on 27-31 Bangs Street are Well Taken

Bravo for this posting. Many new facts presented. How can you put up four
separate buildings, as judged by any rational American, any sound thinking
Provincetownian, and see others counting them as as only two. Oh, they're
connected? How? Where? Is there a shared wall? I don't think so. Separate but
not equal. Four here =  two.  But the profit and money making is derived from
selling four buildings--surely not two. Four at $650,000 or $600,000 provides a
sale of $2.4 million--not $1.2 million if you were only building two.

Profit. Greed. Power. And Provincetown's communinty gets destroyed by developers
such as these.And boards that let this happen again and again.
9:23 pm edt 

At Last!

The Martin house has been sold! Once famous for ostirch with blood orange sauce
and woosy waiters, is now the home of a wholesome gay couple with kids. Viva
9:19 pm edt 

I Will Try Again!

I didn't realize the strict censorship exercised by this blog. I will
try again but tone it down to an acceptable level. Bust my buttons where did you
get your dog dyed purple.
9:17 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

9:16 pm edt 

Smell the Roses

Just spent a beautiful spring day at Herring Cove watching the Right
Whales. What a way to spend a day enjoying the beauty this community has to
offer. Let's not get all caught up in all of the politics in town. Remember to
stop and "smell the roses". There is so much beauty right in front of us and we
are all fortunate to be able to live in such a gorgeous place.

9:14 pm edt 

Tourism Director

Now we have a Tourism Director reason why. Bob is doing a
great job as Tourism Director...I bet Mr.Basher doesn't know one thing Bob
did...but obviously let's just bash him because we can...
4:37 pm edt 

Tourism Director

He is working out great! What exactly would you do
better, Or do that you think is missing? Misguided criticism! 
4:34 pm edt 

We Have the Power and the Greed

"They took paradize and turned it into a parking lot".
What's the concern with wetland and Shank Painter Rd. development? Where the
buildings and mini-mall now stands used to be Grassy's Pond, surrounded by a
breeding ground for mosquitos, disguised as a swamp. The town put up lights on
Shank Painter Rd. for the public to ice skate on the pond at night. The pond
came right up to the edge of Shank Painter Rd. On the north side was a field
where the children would play baseball. The rallying cry was "Weathering
Heights", not sure of the spelling, meaning hit the ball up to the building,
although it was out of bounds, would be considered a grounds rule home run.
If the pond could be filled in for the purpose of public good and private
profit, the hell with the wetlands. Fill in every pond, swamp, and mud puddle.
Have the dominant Portuguese declared a Native American tribe, they've been
around as long as the Indians if not longer, annex East Harbor, Pilgrim Lake,
from the Federal Seashore Park, as an Indian reservation, push the dunes into
the Lake and if we're lucky we could have a casino built. WOW, big bucks for the
land barons. Provincetown would get their foot in the door to annex Truro and we
could shut up those malcontents who abandoned Provincetown and still suck the
money out of town, but live in a section of Truro amply named as Little
Provincetown. Also we could assure a steady water supply.
We have the power and the greed. The opportunity is there, let's seize it.
4:32 pm edt 

Re: "Hey, Mikey's back in town"

And so isn't the jerk who refuses to acknowledge Michael Rogovsky's correct
name. Imagine someone thinking they could invalidate Mr. Rogovsky's opinion on
affordable housing by calling him 'Mikey.'

How's that substantive opposition? What an imbecile!
10:55 am edt 

27-31 Bangs St.

The Banner article didn't come close to reality. 99% of people don't know the
real details here and, according to the article, all is not rotten in Denmark. 
Let's see, legal counsel and assisant town manager claim that because the
abutters didn't pick up their mail or complain sooner or louder, the multiple
violations by just about everyone who stamped their approval on this mess don't
matter. You'll have to do better than that when the State comes knocking. 8
bedrooms with septic for 8 bedrooms and parking for 8 bedrooms on 1/4 acre. and
no encroachments, wow, you are right, no overkill here. Why not call it one
building?  Everything is connected by the earth.  To quote a Bldg. Inspector
from another Cape Town when asked his opinion on this ratio "It must be nice to
know someone" and when asked what the chances are it would be approved in his
town "no way, not on my watch".  Well, who was on watch here? or was it up to
the abutters to know people presenting the project were less than honest in their
descriptions.  If you tell me you are going to trim
my dogs nails, that's okay.  If you hand him back dyed purple, I might have a
complaint but I guess it would be too late.  According to the Lester Murphy
Mathematic Theory:  4=2, two people holding hands are one person, my car has 2
wheels because the axles are connecting them and earth has 3.5 continents. 
Well, bust my buttons, you learn something everyday.  I did expect the birds of
a feather involved here to stick together.  I think I am more interested in
hearing what the state thinks of this new math.  Lesson:  Learn all the facts
here before you swallow the gullible pill being handed out by legal counsel for
the developer and involved town officials. Don't insult our intelligence. 
10:54 am edt 

Re: Tourism Director

We have another tourism director with absolutely no experience in the
travel industry (except apparently belonging to a few frequent flier programs). 
That's how this town rolls. Spend, spend, spend on consultants and overpaid
administrators who have little or no expertise in their fields.
10:51 am edt 

2:00am Closing

From what is written on this blog about the 2 am bar closings, it is
not that people are against the later closing but the resulting noise coming
from the food establishments that stay open later than the bars. One solution
would be for all businesses to close at 2 o'clock! Its only fair.
10:49 am edt 

Re: Library Rehab

Is this true that in these hard times that the town wants to spend tax
payers money on making the front lawn of the library an area of benches, seats,
tables and formal plantings? I'm surprised the neighbors are going to allow what
will surely become a center of activity with bright lights at night, more trash,
noise and yes a food court once the shops around the library realize that
customers will have a place to eat, right across the street. What does the
historic folks think about this future mall?
10:47 am edt 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Respect Does Not Equal Common Sense!

I have the utmost respect for All my peers, elders & townfolk. However, living
in PTown a long time does NOT entitle anyone to more rights than others! Portugese
are not better than any other race or gender & the old way is not the better way. Lack
of action for 20 years (head is sand) is why we, the town govt, are having to fix everything! 
10:04 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

The people that support the 2 am closing appear to be rather arrogant
and dismissive of other persons needs. They say wear ear plugs to sleep, move to
another town, grow old somewhere else, you knew where you bought your home and
on it goes. This is hardly the attitude of a person that speaks for a cohesive
existence between persons with varied needs. Nor is it the voice of reason,
fairness and compassion that I admire in a neighbor.  I am sorry that you are
not happy with things as they have been but I do not like the way that you would
like them to be. Thanks for letting me get to know you a little bit better. The
town that I love is one that celebrates diversity while respecting the
individual as well as the group. I'll vote to protect it. 1 am is late enough. 

10:02 pm edt 

Re: Closing Time
After reading lots of different views on here and thinking it through I now
support an experiment for one summer of having 2am closing times. I would like
to know what objective criteria will be used to judge whether or not to continue
in the future. Let's get some younger spirit into this town even if it involves
a little late night stress on residents. Buy some ear plugs for the summer if
you're afraid of noise. I'd rather hear late night laughter than 18 wheelers at
8 am on Commercial St. Personally, on the few nights I go out I'll still head to
Spiritus no later than 1 and home shortly after but let the visitors who want to
have some more fun. Right now it is tough to have people going out at 11:30 like
clock work only to have to be done at 12:50. Might also make those lines on busy
nights a little shorter.

- a commercial st resident

PS: there's an item on the town warrant that will radically change costs for
many residents/property owners in the future and there has been not one shred of
discussion on here or in newspaper, any guesses which one?
6:11 pm edt 

Re: Spinless Freaks

  Before u were a gleam in your mothers eye or maybe while u were still soiling
your diapers, the fishing industry built this town, with the infrastructure that
is still visible today such as Seamens Bank.  Have a little respect for the
population of people past and present who developed this town so you can come
and enjoy your own life and point your smelly finger at others who are just
trying to survive. BIG PICTURE please ..not narrow minded
6:09 pm edt 

2 AM- This Site Should be Called "Shout Ignorance!"

1. If you attended the myriad of meetings over 2AM debate or read Banner you'd
know that Chief Jaran has stated it will have no effect on police staffing. New
shifts start at 11PM and that is what police do: patrol & respond as needed.

2. No one can run this town alone! Sharon gave accolades to her staff at the
State of Town which you obviously weren't at!  First sign of an excellent leader
is excellent staff!  David is at top of his game and thank God he chose
Provincetown. David gives his time to all Our town boards, clerks AND Sharon.
It's an awesome team.

3. How about stopping the never-ending witch hunt & using this site for positive
energies...        !

4. 2nd homeowners- As far as volunteering... Choose to make Provincetown your
primary home & join the board(s) of your choosing. YOU HAVE A CHOICE!!    
4:36 pm edt 

Mikey's Back in Town
Hey, Mikey's back in town telling us how to run the town! He wants us
to take away year round affordable housing so we can give it all to the library.
Must be nice to go away for the winter months and then come back to tell us how
to vote. Mikey do you know that the library wants over 2 million of your tax
dollars? And to make the front lawn a food court?
4:16 pm edt 

Re: 2:00am Closing

Our cheif of police has stated that the 2AM closing of bars will not
change or increase the budget or needed man power.
4:14 pm edt 

Library Rehab

If we should put down any town mismanagement we should not forget the
library. I agree that we should pay to finish the painting and restoration of
the outside of the building. But when it comes to giving them over TWO MILLION
dollars for extras like the build out and development of new space in the
basement for offices and private rooms and out of character luxury landscaping,
I for one will say no at town meeting and no at the ballot box.
4:13 pm edt 

Town Manager

I've seen the hard work that our town manager has done for this town.
All of her workers do above and beyond what is expected. Some on this blog
really are off base saying they are not. You seem to forget how bad the town was
in the past.
4:11 pm edt 

Re: Who are all of you spineless freaks!?

I couldn't agree with you more!!
4:10 pm edt 

2:am Closing

Just out of curiosity, has the closing time for bars in Provincetown
always been 1:00am?  I can't imagine two hundred years ago there would have been
a law for that.  Does anyone know when the 1:00am started?
1:17 pm edt 

Empathy, What Does it Mean?

Words are added to the dictionary every time it gets reprinted. I
suggest we also remove words from the dictionary as some don't seem to have
meaning anymore.

Empathy is the first. Does anyone ever consider how others feel?
Is there anyone out there who still has the ability to put themselves in another
man's shoes?
1:16 pm edt 

Harbormaster Now Claims Sabotage

So the reporting states. Instead of incompetence, Rex McKenzie is alleging

Call it ignorance and mismagement. Don't blame someone else for your failures.
1:14 pm edt 

Re: "Sharon Lynn is Saving the Backbone of This Town?" Really? Truly?

You are out of touch with reality. This woman can just about handle her day to
day demands and she can't do it without David Gardner, Alix Heilala and Town
Counsel Giorgio. Sharon is costing us her salary, Toun Counsel's billable hours,
and David Gardner.

David Gardner is more the backbone of this town than Madam Lynn. Please,
something is in your eye causing distortions of judgment.
1:11 pm edt 

To: "I Get You Just Hate Rex"


Just to let you know because it sounds like you have a personal affection for
Rex, it's not that we 'hate' Rex,
it's that he has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars by mismanaging the

Even the commercial fishermen are quoted in the paper this week about pleasure
boats getting their subsidized rates! They are furious and so are many of us who
pay taxes. Why are our taxes subsidizing recreational boaters on MacMillan Pier?
We are furious with Rex for allowing this.
What the hell was he thinking? Or better yet, was he thinking?

And for your comment, 'one stinking barge,' why don't you pay the company who
had to use their crane to get Rex's crane from the ocean's floor? Why don't you
pay his boat and crane barge deductible? Why don't you pay the increased
insurance rates that will rightfully be imposed because his boat sank not once
but twice and his barge which he managed to sink after being afloat for just six
months? Why don't you do that for us? Why don't you clean up after your friend
Rex's messes because frankly we are really sick of it!


1:09 pm edt 

Town Meeting Next Week

It is time to use fiscal restraint. Fund what needs to be funded. No more money
for affordable housing--put the money towards the library.

We need to have a "rainy day" fund. We need to close the bars at 1pm--or charge
the bars to pay for police details.

I'm tired of working so hard and having my money go to rich bar owners who own
bars, restaurants, guest houses, gyms etc.
1:06 pm edt 

Desperate Water Shortage

We can't wash our cars; we can't have a sprinkler in our yard, but we buy land
for developers to bypass zoning, cram in buildings and build a housing
development worth $12,000,000 that they own free and clear on Shankpainter Rd?
Are we crazy?

Then comes community housing: Count the housing developments that Ted Malone
alone owns--and he wants to build more. More water usage; more cost to the
town--and what do we get?

How many housing developments does he own throughout the state? He has so many
awards and owns so many housing developments: take back the $800,000 so we can
put it towards the library.

1:05 pm edt 

Candace Was Right

Well, look at what happened. The Barge is useless. It is time to fire Rex for
incompetence. You will find an excellent replacement. He gets paid big bucks and
is too incompetent for his job.
1:04 pm edt 

Re: Who Are All of You Spineless Freaks!?

You want "justice"?? Put your
money where your mouths are! JOIN A TOWN BOARD and make a difference!!

I would love to join a town board - but I can't - I'm a second home owner ! 
They don't let us join boards or vote or make decisions for this town. 

Wonder how things would be handled and what could be accomplished if we could ? 
See - we live in the real world where bad decisions have consequences and
incompetence is not tolerated. I assure you that if 2nd home owners could get
involved - this place would sing with efficiency.

So when you refer to people being "Spineless Freaks" please realize you can only
direct your comment to the less than 50% of the town that actually lives here
year round.
1:03 pm edt 

Just Say No!

The library is asking the town for OVER $2 MILLION!!!!   And look at
all the extras included. Now is not the time for things other than sealing
(paint) the building. And maybe finishing the front. Thats it!  Time to start
saying no to new taxes in this town.
1:01 pm edt 

Re: Facebook Scandal

To the person who says it was never there you are
wrong. The favorite pages use to apper on the wall on the left hand side of the
provincetown page. The provincetown page uses the tourism logo, if you want to
identify it and look at it yourself. Type in provincetown on facebook and click
on the page with the logo.

The favorite pages now appears on the tab "boxes".  If you click on it you will
see that there are still two favorite pages, provincetown whales, and patio
american grill.  Until yesterday there were three including the Prince Albert
Guest House. 

Nice try at obfuscation but it is not going to work this time . . . . .
1:00 pm edt 

Facebook Scandal

People are confused. There are MANY facebook Fan pages for the Town of
Provincetown. This is the one that is the TOWN's official page:!/pages/Provincetown/32032364021?ref=ts

There are NO favorite pages on the town's page, never has been.
In other words, people should be more careful before throwing accusations
10:03 am edt 

2:00am Closing

9:25 am edt 

Costly Mismanagement on MacMillan Pier

What is the chance our Board of Selectmen will call in the harbormaster like
they do boards from time to time like  the HDC who has recently been under fire.

It should be a reality series on the pier but I don't think I could bear to
watch it seeing my tax dollars squandered like they apparently are and have been
all these years.
9:24 am edt 

How Soon You Forget

Candace Nagle warned you about both the incompetency of Rex and the instability
of the barge (The barge before a crane was stuck on it to make it even more
After the fact, everyone starts complaining. To everyone who complains, the
horse is out of the had a chance to close that door a long time ago.
Try blaming yourself. Through your inacivity, all of this was permitted to
Slippery Fish (I'm back).
9:22 am edt 

What's More Important?

Thank goodness that town boat sank. Now we can focus on the Pier which
is what we're really all here to rant and rave about isn't it? Is it not all
about one former employee's obsession? Isn't the pier the most important thing
to rant about. Let's not get ourselves distratcted with many complex and
significant items on the town warrant, not much fun that. Instead let's get in a
huge tizzy over one stinking barge.


Get with it people, there are items on the warrant that will cost many tens of
thousands of dollars and all you can harp about is the barge, temporarily sunk
in a storm.
9:20 am edt 

Who Are All of You Spineless Freaks!?

You want "justice"?? Put your
money where your mouths are! JOIN A TOWN BOARD and make a difference!! This
isn't a fishing village it's a town that survives on Summer tourism.  Sharon
Lynn is saving the backbone of this town  
9:17 am edt 

To: Not True

As a private citizen Bob Sanborn can list whatever he would like under his
facebook page.  That is not the issue at all.  the issue is the town's facebook
page named Provinceton.  Under that page, which he has complete control over,
one of three favorite pages was the Prince Albert Guest House, the business that
he owns.  That is the issue.  That favorite was removed this morning most likely
because of the posting here on shout out. It does not, however, negate his
responsibility for listing it in the first place.  A flagrant conflict of
interest-prmoting his own private business on a town sponsored site that he has
control of. . . . . .what is to be done about it?
9:16 am edt 

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