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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Harbormaster Barge/Boat Sinking

Unfortunately for us,  the chair of the selectman, a land lubber,  
wouldn't even know what questions to ask him about the whole intolerable
situation.. Like why the hell wasn't the harbormaster's boat on davits when it
wasn't being used? She probably thinks a davit is related somehow to golf! 
Boats will continue to sink with that hopeless duo.
10:25 pm edt 


 Who is this man? Who is Rex McKinsey? What does he know? And also what doesn't
he know?
This is a fishing town, a boat town. But this man is not from here. He doesn't
know a davit from a binnacle.
9:59 pm edt 

Harbormaster Barge/Boat /Sinking

Has the Coast Guard been notified about the problems down at the
pier... Provincetown is going to hell... slowly but surely... get rid of the
whole darn bunch of town government and start over.
9:57 pm edt 

Not True

Just went on Face Book. 
This is under Bob Sandborns INFORMATION  

Contact Information Email:bsdallas@aol.comCurrent Address:PO Box 301
Provincetown, MA 02657Website:

He still lists HIS guest house.  He still lists the Provincetown tourism office.  

Guess the town didn't work as fast as you thought
9:42 pm edt 

Show Me the Money

Is the Town going to bill the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation for
the Town's front load, DPW workers and police detail? The barge belong to the
PPPC not Town.

And why are we giving them $144,000 in free cash when they use Town resources
time and time again but aren't billed?

The cartoon in the Provincetown Banner says it all.
9:41 pm edt 

We Need to Readjust!

As I read some of the things that people have written it just makes me
sick the things that are going on in this town.It is pretty disgusting that some
people think they should be able to do anything they want in this town.Most
people would like to come to our town to see the beauty not to come here to be
pigs.If you advertise that anything goes in provincetown thats what you will get
is a bunch of pigs that think they can do anything they want. It's a shame that
people can't even take a walk on the beach in the summer to just enjoy the
beauty without seeing some of these pigs having sex on the beach. Who wants
their kids to see that.It just sucks what this town is like now.And by the way
the town mananger needs to fire Rex he is costing us money.The tourism director
needs to go also. We never needed to have one before why should we have one
now.Thats just another way to spend money we don't need to spend.
9:39 pm edt 

Ranting About Rex? Look at the Mess at the Pier
You think he is being picked on? He is incompetent and how many boats and barges
need to sink before you call a spade a spade. The man is a disaster. And he puts
the town at risk and many other boats under his care.
9:36 pm edt 

What's Going On?

As I read the papers I just can't believe what is going on in this
town. We have no water and you just keep building anywhere you can find a little
piece of land . We have very little vegetation left. What is it going to take
for people to wake up? The buildings that are for sale in this town, the town
should be buying and make into housing instead of destroying more land. And
another thing that is crazy is the money they want to spend on the library
grounds. Why can't they hire the locals to do this? That would be to easy and
probable alot cheaper. It sure does seem that the town loves to spend our tax
dollars.Now lets get to the sewer system.We are starting another mess and they
haven't fixed the first one. I just love these people that come here and think
they know everything about the town.A good example would be the tank they wanted
to put in the ground at the town hall.If they just ask anyone from here they
would have saved alot of money that the tax payers n!
ow have to eat.Just to let you people know, the same thing would happen where
you wanted to put a parking garage.Why can't you people start taking care of
your own towns people?    A.C
9:33 pm edt 

Are Clam Beds Threatened?

Thank you for your post on the water pollution caused by the sinking
municipal barge. Hours elapsed before booms were put around the barge. There was
significant oil slowly making its way to the west end where our clam beds are.
The public should be warned of this as well.
9:30 pm edt 

Harbormaster Barge Sinking

Great photo of the sunken barge!

Rex to staff member: 'Now what do we do?'
9:27 pm edt 


Help, Rex is way over his head.  Would someone please throw him a P.F.D.  To
late, that's what you get when you don't know what your doing.
9:26 pm edt 

Re: "One Picture is worth a Thousand Words"

I am not a Provincetown resident. I read the blog but don't
contribute. Most is none of my business, but when I saw "one picture is worth a
thousand words" I could not refrain.

I am a retired Coast Guard officer and our duties included oil pollution. All oceans,
bays, harbors, rivers, etc. are ultimately connected. All US waters are the responsibility
of the USCG. State regulations vary.

I note the hydraulic crane on the barge and know that there
should be a drive engine for this crane. That would put hydraulic oil, diesel
oil, and lube oil in the water, at the least. This should have been reported to
the USCG immediately.

It is the responsibility of the owner or manager of the
vessel to make the initial report to the USCG, first, as soon as the situation
is known. It is illegal to attempt to concel any pollution producing incident.
Then the appropriate state agency. See OPA-90, Oil Pollution Act of 1990,
enacted following the Exxon Valdez incident. OPA-90 specifically states that Public vessel are exempt, but only refers to the contingency process required of commercial vessels.

Oil on the water is a very serious and sensitive issue. From my understanding there is a USCG contingency stationed in Provincetown. If I was the USCG Captain of the Port the entire contingency's next assignment would be in Greenland and this would take about two weeks to complete the
4:50 pm edt 

Tourism Director

You know I recall Bill Shneider resigning for doing
less.  Isn't it illegal for town officials to personally profit from town
activities?  Do we need an ethics investigation?  Are you listening VSB?  How
about you, Sharon?
4:44 pm edt 

Barge Gate Update

Barge[Working Float] used to watch [assist rescue of] pier corp barge, sinks, rolled over.  Two sunk barges and the harbormaster's boat.

Your tax dollars at work.

Live from the pier....
2:02 pm edt 

Harbormaster Barge Sinking

When will good government on MacMillan Pier trump politics? Provincetown taxpayers want to know.
1:46 pm edt 

Tourism Director-Conflict of Interest

well, lo and behold this morning the Prince Albert Guest House has been removed
from the official Provincetown tourism favorite page on facebook.  I never knew
town officials could move so fast . . . . . . . It still does not change the
fact that it was done, that he personally profited from it.

How many facebook users (there are over 4000 fans on the provincetown site)
looked at the tourism web page and then clicked on the Prince Albert Guest House
because it was a favorite page of the tourism site?  We will never know . . . .
. . Must be nice to get free advertizing on a popular social media site.
1:33 pm edt 

We Don't Want Provincetown the Way It Was

That Provincetown had a good ol boy mentality and was homophobic and
neglected its buildings and pier.
Its newspaper used to editorialize about how the PBG was bad for the town and
that its founder should not be running for selectman because he was gay and an
outsider. Sounds alot like the rantings about Rex, the pier and theme weeks
today, coming from this blog.
1:31 pm edt 

Harbormaster Has no Respect

Do the VSB, Chamber, PBG, BOS and Town Manager all know that the first
thing tourists see who come by ferry are a bunch of junkies living on derelict
boats? That's just great for our tourism, isn't it? Let alone children who are
down there jumping off the pier at high tide.

No wonder the harbormaster has no respect. Wake up parents and town officials
to what is really going on down there!
12:30 pm edt 

Harbormaster's Costly Actions

It cost $77,000 to raise the Chico Jess. The grant money the PPPC
received did NOT cover the costs. Rexy buried that differential and it not a
line item in their FY June 2008 financials (another reason why they don't want
to release them). How's that for Truth in Accounting, folks?

The $55,000 plus wasted on raising the Chico Jess whose owner was in arrears for
YEARS and should have been kicked off the pier long before,  could have been
spent on helping those few that actually catch and sell fish for a living vs.
the pier manager's plumber, lawyer, and all his other buddies that have their
boats registered as pleasure boats and sign his petitions that say he is doing a
good job. God forbid they don't sign his petitions, they know the sweet deal he
gives them  year to year will stop.

12:00 pm edt 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To Sad

The reason for both those sinkings are clear. Inadequate preperation prior to a
storm.  At the very least, those boats should be up high on the beach on the
west side of Cabrals Pier during and easterly.  The DPW front end loader goes
down on that beach to keep the stormdrain open, I am sure they could assist in
pulling those boats above the high water mark in order to insure against any
type of damage.  Lame leadership with zero creativity and lack of initiative are
an equation that equaly inadequecy. Its time for the town to shake things up and
terminate Mckinsey before things get worse. And things WILL get worse... There
are a few "abandoned" draggers down there that are due to sink. The wooden fleet
cannot stay afloat without being plugged into shore power.  That is a liability
that is going to surface in the next 12 to 24 months.  Its only a matter of time
as was the Chico Jess--or did we forget that?--or the Joan and Tom and Pst Sea
sinkings.  WAKE UP!!!!!!Stop concent!
rating on your next private rave party on the pier and start looking for a new
job. You really should consider resigning before you get canned.
11:57 pm edt 

Re: Razors Edge Gate

The RAzors Edge has been all but abandoned for 3 years.  For 1 year or so,
junkies were living on it and things were diappearing then.  The owner has his
own issues with drug abuse and failure to accept his responsibility of disposing
the boat that hasnt had permits since NMFS took them away for too many
infractions. That boat, the Amanda Girl , the Vast Explorer are all vessels that
dont belong at the pier . They were once commercial vessels but havent been
fishing in years. the Vast explorer has never been a commercial vessel. Why does
the Pier Corporation Cater to the deadbeats and neglect the hard working paying
tenants? These are huge liabilities and the Pier Corp and Rex are not
intelligent enough  to learn from the mistakes they have made in the past.  GET
11:54 pm edt 

Harbormaster's Barge Sinking

''and the damage the barge has done to the finger piers''

Could you please explain what happened? Thanks!
11:52 pm edt 

This Has Nothing to do With Differences

It has much more to do with this town and liking it as is. Not another theme
week. And you have the nerve to associate this with being discriminatory. What a
small mind you have. It's against another oh gee here they are again. Please not
another theme week. Please.

Let's just love Provincetown as it is. And that is enough!
11:50 pm edt 

This is the Limit......Get Rid of Him

What a disaster! The Harbormaster has to!

He is way above his pay grade.

11:35 pm edt 

Conflict of Interst?! YES

Not on facebook but if the tourism director is promoting his own guest house on
town time and facebook is promoting PROVINCETOWN, then he should be let go or
fined.  Someone should point this out to Sharon his boss.  Maybe the VSB should
be called and point this out?  After all, Rob owns a guest house and I am sure
he would feel insulted. 

10:00 pm edt 

The Party is Over!

I agree with the Captain. Someone needs to be held accountable. Rex
does not have the stuff to efficiently run that pier.  I am sorry but he needs
to go.  Between the Harbormasters boat, the barge, and the damage the barge has
done to the finger piers adds up to 200K in neglectful damages in 5 days. Last
week Rex and Kerry decided that in order to cut expenses on the pier they would
put new meters and have the boats pay for there own electricity since some boats
have there deck lights running at night.  The lights are on for safety and
security since there is inadequate lighting down there and no nightwatchman. Its
not for a luxury. There is no leadership or backbone on that pier and the
harbormasters office has becoming a morning hangout for the upper administration
and pier corp members to drink coffee and walk their dogs.. The selectmen have
to put there foot down and the pier corporation needs to get a clue on the big
picture.. HEADS SHOULD ROLL!!!!!!!
9:57 pm edt 

Theme Weeks

A good reason to HAVE theme weeks is to show how UN-PC some people
still are. We like to think that Provincetown is so welcoming until you read
what some on this blog really think of those different than themselves. God
forbid a tourist has a good time.
9:52 pm edt 

Party Town!
Go to Provincetown anything go's. It's a big circus managed by a bunch of
9:48 pm edt 

9:45 pm edt 

Theme Weeks Suck!

No theme weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 
Keep the bars open till 2:00 am.  This is a party town after all.
9:43 pm edt 

Conflict of Interst?!

Our tourism director is responsible for the content on the tourism's facebook
page. This page "provincetown" only lists 3 favorite pages (out of the hundreds
that are about Provincetown businesses).  Guess what is one of the three?  The
Prince Albert Guest House.  The very guest house that he owns!!!!!!!!  The other
two are the Patio Restaurant and Provincetown Whales.  How can he promote his
own business on a facebook page that is suppose to be promoting all of town? 
It's just not right . . . . . . . An other example of very poor judgement.
9:41 pm edt 

Hold On, Memorial and July 4th Are Not Just Promo Weeks

They are national holidays--not just theme days-- and have been special for
years. Don't put these two holidays with Bear Week! What I feel is that there
are too many themed weeks. Some are good but not every week. And then we have
the biggest garage sales week? You'll find me not PC but I wish we would have
ADD Week and too many would noteven remember the destination week. Too
distracted and that's a perfect week!
6:28 pm edt 

It's Almost Hopeless

Drive down the pier; why the hell is the courtesy float in the
water all winter being subjected to storm after storm? All the privately owned
floats on the west side are removed and out of harm's way. It's just another
sign of GROSS mismanagement.

But fear not, the majority of our Board of Selectmen won't even bring up all
these expensive could have been avoided sinking disasters up at the next
selectmen's meeting. Why? Because leadership is an elusive concept to them.
That's why!

6:12 pm edt 

Regarding Theme Weeks in Provincetown

There seems to be some complaining on here regarding how theme weeks  "are
ruining" Provincetown, and keeping folks away.  I think that no matter what the
theme week is all are welcome. 

And as for keeping people away? Memorial day = "Baby Dyke" weekend, the town is
packed.  July 4th = Circut boys, the town is packed.  Bear week the town is really packed,
I know guys who can't find places to stay this year.  Carnival Week, the town is packed. 

So I understand that while some theme weeks may keep some folks away who don't like
young spirited lesbians, or bears, or what ever.. it still seems that we have
had no trouble filling the town these weeks... 

Let's have a positve attitude and embrace these weeks and those who love them!

And for what it is worth, I too think the bars should be able to have last call
at 1:45....
5:34 pm edt 

Keep 1:00 AM Closing

The bars want to stay open to make more money; causing more drunks on the
street. Remember July 4th after 1am?

Businesses can make money to pay their taxes--I can't take another job to pay
for mine. Lower the cost of taxes, let everyone pay for the waste water
treatment plant; and get the $800,000 back from the affordable housing emperor.
5:30 pm edt 

Why Was the Barge Still in the Water?

Rex, Why was the barge and the Harbor Master's boat still in the water this time
of the year?  Have you no common sense to remove them from the water during the
winter months.  You can't blame this on Ribas, because you call the shots.  Time
for another glass of wine.

The Captain

5:14 pm edt 

Barge Not Insured, What's Left For One to Say?

Let's not forget the $1000 deductible on the harbormaster's boat. I
just heard the barge wasn't insured!

Say it isn't so, Rexy.
5:10 pm edt 

It' Time For Rex to Man Up

Rex, you need to man up to the fact that you are in way over your head.  It is
time for you to admit you don't have a clue on what your doing down there.  And
to blame Luis Ribas for your failures just isn't going to float.  Ribas should
be the Harbormaster because of his working knowledge of the fishing fleet and
his life time experience on the water.

The Captain
5:07 pm edt 

Barge Gate Update on Financial Fiasco

Generator on barge: destroyed
Hydraulics: destroyed
Engine: destroyed
Fee to raise barge
Insurance premium increases

Total $45,000

No doubt that stubborn Selectman Couture will continue to sing the
harbormaster's praises with those blinders on. One thing about that woman, she
always, always bets on the wrong horse!
4:43 pm edt 

Flooding on Shank Painter Road

I just keep remembering that photo that ran in the
Advocate. It was in the late 1980's when the town decided to build the new fire
station where the big parking lot was.

The photo showed a man with a fishing rod. and he was "fishing" in the big lake
that existed there when they began the excavation.

Anyone else remember that photo?

So our town is built very close to the water table. no news there. but why you
would build a jail underwater is

Oh I remember now. jimmy f had his station, so we had to build one for jimmy j.

Couldn't manage to share one building like they do in truro. that would be just
way too progressive.

Happy fishing.

Remember the Old Days
4:41 pm edt 

Again, When is Enough Enough?!!

The buck stops with the incompetent harbormaster. When the Titanic
sank, they didn't blame the first mate, did they?

McKinsey is blaming Luis Rebas for both Marine One and the barge sinking.  It's
always someone else's fault, isn't Rexy?

RazorEdge Gate

Imagine an entire dragger being stripped last month including its engine while
its owner was out to sea fishing on another boat !

Otherwise I drive down the pier and the pier looks great!!!!

3:09 pm edt 

Police Headquarters is Flooded

The Police Headquarter's basement is flooded. I hope they don't have anyone in the lockup.

Just think about it, poor George Bryant could been there when it flooded.

Something has to be done. Maybe they should think about moving the HQ
to the trailers when they reopen Town Hall, even on a temporary basis.
2:47 pm edt 

Where is the Response to Long KnownTown Flooding Problems

Could someone please tell the Town Manager and the
dpw that residents are tired of the flooding on
Court street and Bradford street in the east end!

Why does it take years to fix problems in this town
and only after residents threaten town officials?
the residents do not need parking garages,tourist
centers,or new police stations and weeks of talk by
our officials, we need action on problems that have
long been ignored! Mr. Guertin, or any public official
is welcome to respond.
2:41 pm edt 

Re: Jury Duty

"However, living on the outer cape, I think the closet courthouse would
be in Barnstable."


I've done jury duty at the District courthouse in Orleans.
2:37 pm edt 

Harbormaster Boat Sinking

Amazing how quickly the naysayers dive right into the blog to place
blame on the Harbormaster for the barge sinking BEFORE anyone even knows why it
sank! That is the way of our town, blame first... ask later!

2:35 pm edt 

Harbormaster Barge Sinking

The U.S.C.G. is the appropriate Federal Agency to comtact for any, on
water, environmental incidents, I.E. oil spills. The phone number for the
U.S.C.G. Nation Response Center is 1-800-424-8802.
2:34 pm edt 

Provincetown, a Law Unto Itself

Not only is the barge lying on its side on the East side of MacMillan
Pier, there are no booms in the water to contain any oil which might escape and
cause pollution issues. If that was a private vessel, they'd send for the EPA,
the DEP and any other state and federal agency to make sure any potential oil
spill was contained. I guess the town is exempt from this.
11:19 am edt 

27-31 Bang Street at the Boiling Point

Yesterday Provincetown Town Manager, BOS, Building Commissioner, Zoning, Planning and Conservation Committees received a 12 page letter "Bill of Particulars" from the abutters of the 27-31 Bang Street development  detailing the facts and circumstances around this property. Letters were also sent to several state agencies seeking their intercession on behalf of the abutters.

After many unanswered letters (over several years) addressing what the abutters feel has been a flawed permitting process, the town has today responded to the most recent correspondence by calling for a meeting between the abutters and the above mentioned official organizations.

The State has been requested to investigate the long outstanding complaints to which the town authorities have been non-responsive and will possibly be requested to attend the meeting.

The problem will not go-away by it self. As the abutters are seeking redress, "For Sale" signs are now posted on the property. Had this action not been taken the matter would have been closed as a fait accomplie. Which was what the town intended.

However, this matter will not go gently into night.
11:15 am edt 

Harbormaster Barge Sinking

Sharon was first informed about the barge sinking by other town officials, not the Harbormaster.

Who will the Harbormaster blame this time? How much will this cost, and what will happen to the town's insurance rate?

There is no action being taken at this moment to contain the oil spill from the barge, How will this effect the cost of recovery?

God help us!
9:14 am edt 

Re: Patrol Boat Sinking

The $1000 deductible is the amount that the Town/Pier Corp. will pay.
The insurance will pay the remainder for the damage to the boat.
9:00 am edt 

I Know You Won't Believe This...It's De Ja Vue All Over Again!

Re: Public Pier Corporation

The much maligned barge, the Harbormaster's folly, has sunk! This is not a joke.
If it were not so pathetic it would be laughable.

How incompetent does one have to be to be considered a liability to the town's welfare.
Rex has to go. In all seriousness, Sharon Lynn must get rid of this totally inept individual.she should  seriously consider David Ditacchio for the position; when he ran the pier it functioned
properly and without drama. He was fair and followed the rules.

Additionally, the Harbormaster should work for the Town not the Public Pier Corporation. This
would effecctively give town government some control of the day to day operation. Sharon cannot wait for the problem to go away

We have to do something. Things are falling apart down there!

8:58 am edt 

Re: Jury Duty

If you can't get there due to transportation issues, I
believe there is a place on the form to check off that you have a
"transportation hardship" and then they would send you somewhere else. However,
living on the outer cape, I think the closet courthouse would be in
Barnstable... I'm not aware of anything closer to Provincetown. Maybe Hyannis
has a courthouse and you could take the lift.
8:32 am edt 

2:00 AM Closing

Re:"What are you trying to say... enough laws... let bars stay open as
late as they want??"

Yes, that's exactly right, Puritan. The sort who participates in your academia 
crap polls isn't the one who actually spends money here.
12:16 am edt 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Possible Conflict of Interest

Issues have been raised concerning the relationship between the Town
Moderator and the Chair of the Board of Selectmen in regard to the Moderator's
ability to render purely objective reasoning in matters of Town Meeting proceedings.

It would be prudent for the Board of Selectmen to seek the opinion of the Attorney General or
Ethics Commission offices.

Citizens are already quite dispirited and an official State opinion would do much to put to
rest simmering allegations.
11:44 pm edt 

Baker? I'd Have Rex Washing Dishes

This is beyond the tolerable. In any other town, this incompetent would be
fired. How many boats need to sink until someone realizes that Rex does not have
the qualifications to be Harbormaster. He is over his head and treading water.

Bring back Ditacchio. Dam, bring back Mr. White!
11:33 pm edt 

Jury Duty in Falmouth?

The last two times I was summonsed for jury duty I had to go to Falmouth. This
means getting up at 5:00 AM to make it to court by 8:00 AM, if one has a car and
a sense of direction.
I understand jury duty and I happen to like Falmouth, so I sucked it up and
went. Both times I spent 4 hours there, nothing happened and we were dismissed.
But I lost a day of self-employed work.

Now my partner has been called to Falmouth. He also has a car but he can lost on
his way to Wellfleet center. What do people without a car do? It is impossible
to make it there on public transportation. Do you think it is reasonable for
people from Provincetown to be required to show up in Falmouth? 

To whom do you think is the proper authority to address this gripe?

10:54 pm edt 

Harbormaster Boat Sinking

I think at this point our harbormaster would indeed make a better
baker.... It really is indefensible, isn't it? All these boats sinking every
year year after year. Something is quite broken down there on the pier but it
seems town officials want to ignore the truth and that's seems to me part of the
9:25 pm edt 

Why Did the Harbormaster's Boat Sink?

Why does the chocolate cake fall and the apple pie crust fall apart when cooks
can't cook? Why do some lemon meringue pies look like spilled pudding? Why does
liver taste like dry shoe leather in the hands of a bad cook? Lack of
skills,lack of knowhow and no creativity is the recipe for failure.
So, you ask, why do some boats sink on some pier and others don't? You know my
8:12 pm edt 

A Letter to Someone in Provincetown

I can remember my years of growing up in Provincetown very well. I was intensely influenced by some of the native Provincetown men, like your father, whom I remember with great respect and admiration, and my father. These good men loved their town and also were very tolerant of all ethnics, races, and sexual persuasions, while strictly adhering to the “laws of the land”. It deeply saddens me that if these strong men could see their beloved town now, it would be through tearful eyes.

At one time I considered Provincetown next to paradise, not only for its natural beauty but for its efforts to inform the public of all political policies. I knew there was graft and corruption in other parts of the world, but not in “our” Provincetown . As I traveled extensively this conception was constantly reinforced. Among others, I’ve dealt with the bureaucracies of China and Russia , the graft of Venezuela and Nigeria , and a host of international clients whose accepted business morality would earn them prison sentences in the U.S. Federal Courts.

I also was an officer of the U.S. Federal Court system, performing environmental audits on large ocean-going vessels who had been cited for environmental incidents. This has given me the opportunity for comparison and I can unequivocally state that what I have recently seen in Provincetown amazes me.

When I spoke to you at my Uncle’s wake I was delighted to learn that there still were some Provincetown natives involved in town government. My naivete was unparalleled. For almost the last two years we have been embroiled in a battle over our right of way which would have been considered ridiculous in the Provincetown that I remembered, where neighbors could usually resolve their differences in a friendly, courteous manner.

Our abutter, has written us several letters, always with inferred threats or time limits. She has informed us that if we crossed her property it would be considered trespassing. We have always responded promptly and courteously. Her attorney has publicly (Conservation Committee meeting) accused us of being “out to make a quick buck” and “badgering town officials”.

Are you a town official and have we ever badgered you? Find a town official we have badgered and if you do, check out if they have a conflict of interest involving this issue! Out to make a quick buck, ha. I assure you, we have much more lucrative sources of income than diddling around with a tiny unbuildible parcel.

Our primary concern was to maintain a presence in the town of our birth. An undisturbed place we enjoyed as children that we and our children could periodically visit for picnics or just to relish an island of old Provincetown in the midst of the sordid confusion.

Where Provincetown has fought the invasion of the McDonald’s, the KFC’s, and the Wendy’s of the world, it seems to have encouraged and embraced a certain real estate clique that is doing far more damage to the environment in one month than a dozen McDonalds could do in ten years.

When I’m referring to Provincetown , it is not the populace but the town government. Even the official Provincetown web site has a section dealing with affordable housing that appears to be a cheap con-game designed to gain acceptance. Offering lotteries! Can anyone advertise on this website or is it reserved for the real estate development clique?

Last week we requested the Town Counsel's name, mailing address, and e-mail address from a town employee, who has supplied this information in the past, and received the following:
I'm forwarding your e-mail on to the Assistant Town Manager to respond as per your request”. Must be top secrete public information. Do the town officials ever correspond with each other?

Our fathers would be ashamed of their beloved Provincetown where greed is the dominant force and the developers are hell bent on covering every square inch with their income producing affordable housing, aided and encouraged by the town government.

Remembrance of things past


7:53 pm edt 

Your Facts on the Moderator and BOS Chair are So Old

What was now is. The past returns with a vengence. There's more than one frog
swimming in this pond!
7:40 pm edt 

2:00 AM Closing

From the Tourism Office, a quote from Betsy Wall (Mass Office Of Travel and
Tourism):  Betsy states " the top 5 types of attractions for domestic visitors:
shopping, dining, beach, rural sightseeing, historic/culture; and the top 4
types of attractions for international visitors: beautiful scenery,
history/culture, beaches, and trendy/exciting.   I think these trends for
Massachusetts overall hold true for Provincetown as well, and fortunately we
have it all here for both domestic and international visitors.   The VSB and the
Tourism Office continues to market towards the aforementioned markets."

I don't see anywhere in these statements that "nightlife" is even considered one
of the top 5 attractions.  By changing the character of this town with extended
hours are we not disregarding the reasons most people come here?  The unintended
consequence of extending the hours could actually have a negative impact on the
reasons most people visit. 

One of the reasons stated for extending the hours is to attract a younger crowd. 
What 21 year old can afford $200 a night accommodations and all the ancillary
costs of staying here (cover charges, meals, drinks, etc)?  A younger crowd is
not coming here and the businesses in town need to rethink their marketing. 

The VSB should be conducting a survey to determine who is visiting; their income
range, age, sex, sexual orientation and their 5 top reasons for visiting.  They
should do this yearly so we can track our visiting demographic.

We are a small, historic seaside village.  We are not New Orleans.
7:38 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

The bars closing at 1 am is not a government order to stop drinking.
It mereley limits the hours of operation for businesses that feature
entertainment and serve alcohol. Alcohol can be legally be served in
non-commercial environments 24/.7. Rules and regulations establish order and
preserve communities. An anarchist attitude is one thing but get a grip on what
you think you are revolting against.
6:40 pm edt 

The Proverbial ...Has Hit the Fan

Stateties will be giving Provencetown the once over relative to
many outstanding issues.

About time!
5:44 pm edt 

Re: 2:00am Closing
"The best argument i've herd on here for having bars stay open till
2:00 am is the one concerning why should the government decide when one should
drink. Enough laws.  People should be able to make their own choices about when
to drink or not. "

What are you trying to say... enough laws... let bars stay open as late as they

There is no good reason to allow the bars to stay open past 1:00 AM.  Allowing
bars to stay open until 2:00 AM will only result in more cost to the town at the
expense of the taxpayer, as well as more drunk and disorderly conduct until
later hours.

Say NO to 2:00 AM bar closings.  Keep the present 1:00 AM bar closing.
5:36 pm edt 

Harbormaster Boat Sinking

With only a $1,000.00 deductable. how much will it cost the town this time?
3:01 pm edt 

Conflicting Meeting...............................Miss Otis Regrets

The Harbormaster will not attend todays town staff meeting beause a of conflicting emergency appointment. 

You betcha!
2:58 pm edt 

Harbormaster Boat Sinking

Harbormaster sited with rescued patrol boat in tow.
Appears he is taking it out of town, probably for repair.

What a fiasco!

When is enough, enough?
2:51 pm edt 

Harbormaster Boat Sinking

Anyone know the harbormaster's excuse this time for his boat sinking?

12:50 pm edt 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Hug a Tree on Your Time Not Mine"

Someone trying to intimidate Barbara?  Try cutting down a tree in your own front
yard and see what intimidation is!
11:31 pm edt 

27-31 Bang Street

The 27-31 Bang Street Development controversy is heating up and is solely due to the failure of
Town Manager Sharon Lynn and various Town Boards to respond to repeated abutters request for
assistance to mediate the issues raised by the new construction.

The State is being requested to review  and intercede on behalf of the abutters. The challange 
for  the town is to explain systematically and precisely the process by which this development was approved and the rational for actions taken and or not taken. Certain Committee members are certain to face admonition from the State Ethics Commission. Sharon Lynn knows fully who these
member are and the reason for their admonition. Her purposeful silence in this matter make her culpable.

Given all of the other town-wide property issues facing the Building Commissioner Russell Braun,
and his failure to execute the law as mandated, it can well be predicted fur will fly.

It will be interesting to see the town's response to these coming events.
11:12 pm edt 

Boatworks Building

There was nothing historic about that building.  There was nothing
architecturally amazing about it's exterior.  It was built in the 1970's.  It
was built cheap.  It was a piece of crap then and it has been an eyesore for
years on our waterfront.  The new building will have to meet all current code

I see this as just another example of the Historic District Commission trying to
be the end all of all construction in this town.  They should have given the
owner the permission for a tear down when he first asked for it instead of
forcing the decision on the Building Commissioner and then crying foul when he
was just doing his job.

This is not the Commission that I voted for. These are not the decisions I
expected they would make.
7:33 pm edt 

Town Meeting

There is a book called "Town Meeting Time" and the Moderator should have a copy
to follow. It outlines the rules of Parlimetary law and that is in coordination
with the local and state laws and bylaws. the Selectmen set the agenda, the
warrant, and the Moderator conducts the meeting. It is the Moderators meeting,
not the BOS or the Chair herself. As far as anyone speaking at Town Meeting,
unless printed somewhere else, the time allowed and actually who gets to speak
(resident/non-resident) is up to the Moderator but can be amended on the floor
by a vote of town meeting. Keep Barb in line or she WILL take advantage. Fair is
7:11 pm edt 

Re: Ms Rushmore and Robert's Rules...

Don't get all crabby with me and tell me to take a remedial reading course!  You

Yes, I get it that the Moderator needs to control speakers at town meeting.   I
am only trying to point out that some people, like barbara r, bill d, and others
are granted more time than others.. they could do their part by getting to the
point, and yes it is the moderator's job  to keep folks on time...maybe we could
get a debate clock to help the speakers and moderator stay abreast of the
7:08 pm edt 

$300 a Day Fine is the Maximum Fine the HDC Can Levy

According to the By-Laws, the HDC can only fine violators $300 a day and that is
considering each day another violation. But the HDC could fine the Boatworks
going back to when the contractors came before them in December 2009 and were
told not to demolish anything more. That would be fines of$6,000 for December,
$9,000 for January, $8,400 for February and $9,000 for March. Then they could be
fined another$300 a day for each day the building is not re-built as it had
been. If it takes 6 months to rebuild the structure as it had been and to get a
building permit, then there could be additional fines of $54,000. Together, the
Boatworks could be fined $86,400. That would be significant.

But with a Building Commissioner who refuses to fine the Boatworks, therein lies
a major problem. also. Zoning should force the Boatworks back for a new hearing
since the old building is gone. Their permits are for a building that no longer
exists. Therefore, the Zoning decision is null and void.
7:06 pm edt 

David Guertin & Ron Gamella

Rumor has it,Sharon Lynn was called over to the DPW office to settle a
dispute over certain employees not getting along. I heard it was over David
Guertin and Ron Gamella's friendly relationship and something called favoritism.
Please!!!!!!! Do tell!!!!!!! We'd love to hear this one.......
7:03 pm edt 

No We Can't......

......afford to pay the bills in Provincetown. No over rides,
no more tax increases, cut services, cut jobs, cut everything that is
non-essential... I love it when the government has a weather emergency and says,
"Non-essential employees should stay home." If they are so NON ESSENTIAL then
get rid of them. NO WE CAN'T
3:06 pm edt 

Get Your Fact Correct

The Town Moderator and the Chair of the BOS are not partners.  They were years
ago, so what is your point?  Everyone in this town has slept with evey other
person.  The Chair of the BOS girlfriend, partner or lover is Donna at the lilly
And who cares that the town moderator and the chair of the BOS went on a trip
together.  Can't friends do that?  Or you want to say that is illegal also.
3:03 pm edt 

Keith Bergman

The reason Bergmann did not have an assistant was to ensure that no
one but he knew what shell he had the money under.  The Pier Corp bookkeeping
fiasco, on the towns part, is just the beginning.  As I recall when the
bathrooms and the pavilion were added to the pier the grant required a $125K
match on the towns part.  Good luck finding what fund that money came from. 
Shouldn't a $125K outlay of town money been voted upon?  I have a horrible
feeling that the town is in for more fiscal irregularities to be discovered.  Is
there any legal recourse against the then town mananger for fiscal
3:01 pm edt 

Town Meeting Vote

Just curious, how different do you think the results at town meeting would be if
it was secret ballot vs show of hands?
3:00 pm edt 

Boatworks Building

I thought in the case of law, a person was innocent until proven guilty.  Why
not wait to hear what the contractors and Building Inspector have to say about
this property.  Maybe they have their Chapter 91 etc.  Has anyone done the
research before they started writing to the Bolg?

I'm sure they will be required to attend a meeting to explain what and why
things happened the way they did.  Is that not what they did with the 24
Franklin Street property?  I attended that meeting for another case and the
individuals for this property were there giving their explanation.

C. Delaney
2:56 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

Oh my! I'm quotable! Then repeat this, 1 a.m. is late enough.
Now "seriously" if people can find out where we are, how to get here, where to
stay, where to rent a bike, what part of the beach to go to, what tea dance is,
what club is for women, what club is for leather, where to look for love at 4
am, who Varla Jean Merman is, etc. it's not a stretch to think that somehow,
some way they cannot be informed or become informed of the fact that the bars
close at 1 am. 

2:49 pm edt 

Harbormaster's Boat Sinking

Why didn't they keep Avellar's hubby on as the assistant harbormaster,
then he could have been blamed for the harbormaster's boat sinking like the
seven other boats he was blamed for have sank on the pier in the last few years. 

Who will be blamed for this? Certainly not the harbormaster. Let's put our heads
together. Got it! It was a manufacturing defect again!!!!!!

2:42 pm edt 

Harbormaster's Boat Sinking

Rex's doesn't have time to put the harbormaster's boat up on davits or
check the bilges every day. It would take five minutes or so. It's a better use
of his time to let it sink every couple of years from a bad bilge, a storm or
whatever and haul it off the floor of the harbor with the new barge. They are
afterall looking for ways to use the barge and this is a good use for the barge.

And besides isn't the pier flush with $400,000 in grant money just found? Plenty
of money to replace the engine etc.  What's the problem?
2:40 pm edt 

333R Boatworks Demolition

Re: Did I read on here that a fine of 300 dollars per day is the fine
for tearing a building down ?

But, the Building Comm is refusing to enforce this fine.  Why?  Because he
screwed up in the first place and told them they could demolish the building
without working through the HDC.  How could he fine someone when he told them it
was OK in the first place.

Town Manager, I'm actually a fan of yours, but you have some staff department
heads that are in over their heads, or else they have a total disregard for the
laws and wishes of the people of Provincetown.  It's time to make some changes
in staffing.
2:37 pm edt 

Buildings Demolished - Rediculous Fines

Did I read on here that a fine of 300 dollars per day is the fine for tearing a
building down ?

The HDC and zoning should have an emergency meeting and declare that any
building that is demolished without approval will be subjected to a fine EQUAL

That house in the East end that was demolished should have been fined a million

10:51 am edt 

What About Homeland Security Rules (Harbors & Airports)

When was the last time Rex had a drug test....?:>)
10:43 am edt 

Possible Conflict of Interest

What Are the Rules of the Town Moderator and the Chair of the BOS
Being Partners or a Couple and Thus an Apparent Conflict of Interest

Seems that something's not kosher here. Shouldn't there be some recusal
somewhere. The Town Moderator controls the meeting and the Chair dictates the
Agenda. There should be some official separation somewhere. What rules govern
this situation?
10:39 am edt 

Look it up Folks!

Irony = The harbor master's boat sinking.
10:37 am edt 

2:00am Closing

The best argument i've herd on here for having bars stay open till
2:00 am is the one concerning why should the government decide when one should
drink. Enough laws.  People should be able to make their own choices about when
to drink or not.
10:36 am edt 

Rex McKinsey is no Great Harbormaster: Another Boat Sinks

And this time it is his--the harbormaster's boat sinks. And last year they
watched others' boats sink. They watched--did nothing. He could steer a dinghy
when working for Flyers but he is no habormaster.

What a shame. Sharon, what will you do with this? Close your eyes and believe it
will go away.
6:09 am edt 

Re: Harbor Master 2nd. Boat Sinking!!

Enough is Enough! When will Sharon Lynn act like an executive and make the executive determination that the Harbor Master is a disaster and should be replaced.

How many costly blunders does it take to get her to perform her duties on behalf of the citizens of Provincetown. We can no longer afford this pretence of harbor management.

This trademark of inaction on the part of Sharon Lynn is becoming not only predictable but expensive. What are we paying her for. If she can't do the job, she should be removed.

Frankly, David Gardner, would and is doing a much better job.

Lynn is way over her head 
1:27 am edt 

Boatworks Building

I just got back into town and read the Banner on the illegal demolition of the
Boatworks building behind the Pig. I went by the project today.

From looking at the material on site and the work done, the demolition was well
planned as the construction materials needed to build a new building require a
considerable lead time in ordering.

I would suspect that the following permits and approvals are needed to build a
new building:
Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Historic
District Commission, Board of Health and Chapter 91 from the State and then a
legitimate building permit. The site may be in a flood plain district too.

The inspector had a duty to send this project back though the approval process.

The law is for either everyone to follow or for no one to follow.

The Left Rudder
1:13 am edt 

Get Real

Why was the harbor master's boat even in the water at this time of the year? 
What does he patrol, empty moorings?  We have a professional US Coast Guard in
Provincetown to response to boating emergencies.  Why wasn't the harbor masters
boat on the davits the the town payed thousands of dollars for to keep the boat
out of harms way in times of bad weather?  Why haven't these davits ever been
used? Or better yet, will they ever be used?
1:10 am edt 

Re: 2:00am Closing

Re: "If people arrive shocked that the bars close at 1 am perhaps it
means that the taxpayer supported PBG, Chamber of Commerce and Provincetown
Visitor Services Board, etc. are not doing their jobs."

Seriously?  So if going out for a drink or to dance is important to you, you
should contact the local business groups at whatever destination you are
visiting to ask them when their night clubs close.  Get real.  No one does that.

Closing at 1am is not a positive to most visitors so it's not something you
would want to promote.
1:07 am edt 

If It's a Vote, I'll Take David Gardner

If one of the two--sharon Lynn or David Gardner--has to go, please count my vote
for David Gardner.

He knows what he's doing and he is competent. He not only could run this
town--he is runng it.

Sharon has become window dressing. At $106,000, that's too much money for window

I want action. I want competence and I don't think I'm asking for too much.
1:05 am edt 

Re: Ms. Rushmore and Town Meeting

If Ms. Rushmore or anyone else speaks longer than five minutes, the
blame liies squarely on the chair or town moderator. So why don't you take a
remedial reading course to better understand Robert's Rules?
1:04 am edt 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tear it All Down

Who needs the past? Who needs Town Hall? Who needs
the Community Center? Who needs the school? Who needs Seashore Park? Who needs
the Pier Corp.? Who needs town government? Who needs the library. Think less.
Party more. It's a party town.
10:50 am edt 

Town Redundancies

There are departments that have more than enough people at town hall. 
The building commissioner now has an assistant.  The town manager now has an
assistant.   (How come Keith never needed a town assistant)  I am not saying
David Gardner is not any good.  In fact, I would have to say he is better than
Sharon, but one of them should go.   We dont need BOTH positions.  And the
building department.  Well there is enough written on here that we all know how
most of us feel.  No one in that department is doing much.   Then I walk down to
pay my taxes and bills.  There are 5 people in that office.  1 is a lady that
runs the department, and 2 collect monies, and 2 do.  Well I really dont know,
but they are always talking about their families the last 3X I have been in
there and the last one, again, really dont know.   Oh, Maxine is the best.  She
does more for the building department, for the town for everyone.     Maybe we
should make her TOWN MANAGER.   She really knows how this town is run 
10:10 am edt 

Boatworks Building 333R Commercial Street

Again, another building demolished and redesigned. This building was built as a
boatworks building to repair vessels. Who's next - Flyer's and Taves just
because the fishing industry had dwindled doesn't mean tear the buildings down
and build new.

There was an article in the October 8, 2009 Banner under Part I that says a lot
about how Provincetown was and now is. Here are bits and pieces of the article.

"Town of Provincetown a/k/a Destruction Incorporated.  FACT: The Town has either
willfully destroyed or thrown out more of its history than most have ever had -
viciously and unendingly. Provincetown was the second largest center Gloucester
of the cod fishing industry of the U.S., and we launched the third greatest
number of cruises in the history of the American whale fishery after New Bedford
and Nantucket.  Those three communities celebrate their heritage magnificently. 
Our town papers and artifacts are stuffed in attics and leaky trailers where
they will fall apart and be thrown out.

Everyone can see the handsomely restored town hall, but who remembers the
federal three-quarter captain's house that the town ripped apart and took to the
dump to create the Grace Hall Parking Lot?  It was originally the Congregational
Church manse with beautiful interior finish and a large brick Dutch oven.  That
was one of the first examples of municipal vandalism."

Kudo's to the Historic Commission for trying to save, with reason, buildings
that have historic attachments to the "Old Provincetown".

It's too bad they were not in effect years ago - "Old Provincetown" would still
be standing.  Perhaps they should control color too, because driving up
Commercial Street some of the bright colors are ghastly. You talk about "Honky

10:06 am edt 

2:00 AM Closing

While I'm personally on the fence about the 2:00 AM closing, I don't believe
that government should eliminate the rights of people that do want to drink at
the bars until 2 AM.   Why is this a government issue?   Next, will those of you
supporting a government role in closing bars at 1 be putting an article on the
warrant to stop people from walking their dogs on the street past 1 AM.   Give
me a break.   No wonder the government is going broke if they have to pass laws
that regulate what people don't like.
10:02 am edt 

Re: Ms Rushmoor

I have no problem with her bringing articles to the town meeting floor.. I do
however have an objection to her getting to speak longer then the alloted 5
minutes!  Just because she is who she is, it is not fair that she gets more time
than others...

Ms Rushmoor please please be succint in your commentary!

Dont make me get out the stop watch!
10:00 am edt 

Cutting and Pasting Your Same Rants?

Why don't you go hug a dictionary?
9:59 am edt 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Re: Yes WE CAN ...

Cuts need to be made wherever they can be made...
no department is off limits! While I appreciate the schools cutting back in
prior years, if there's still some cutting to do then no one is immune to cuts
in any department.
8:00 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

I don't and won't support the 2 am closing.
If people arrive shocked that the bars close at 1 am perhaps it means that the
taxpayer supported PBG, Chamber of Commerce and Provincetown Visitor Services
Board, etc. are not doing their jobs. Perhaps it means that the visitor should
take a little more interest in the place they are visiting before they arrive.
Perhaps it means that the guest house owners, condo renters and real estate
agents aren't educating their clients.
People come to town and cannot believe the ocean water is so cold. Do we heat
Not everyone wants to party when they are on vacation. There is no collective we
in that regard.
Why try to eradicate the spirit of individuality that so many persons come to
and stay in Provinceotwn to experience?             
Drink, dance, fall out, do what you need to do but please be respectful of the
needs of others. Not everyone is on your high.    

7:58 pm edt 

Not Again?

The harbormaster's boat sank AGAIN! Come on get your act together down there
folks. Check those bilges everyday like any competent boat owner would do.

Sinking your boat twice in less than five years? How much is going to cost to
repair this time?

7:55 pm edt 

To: PJ

Where do you live part time that your town was able to cut 50+ positions, in
Boston??   The Town staff is extremely thin in Provincetown.  There's virtually
one person per department, so which department do you want to cut out of the
budget, building dept, health dept, water dept, licensing dept, assessor?  You
keep ranting about reducing staff, like there's layers of staff in town hall,
but as far as I can tell we are down to essential departments, and I don't
believe there's armies of staff there.   Have you been to Town Hall lately?  
The staff is pretty lean, and are already cleaning toilets, vacumming carpets
and wearing numerous hats.   Trust me, I'm all for cutting the fat, but I just
don't get where there is any in terms of staff in this town, unless you're
specifically addressing the schools, which I do believe to be eliminated.

From someone that has lived in numerous other places
7:53 pm edt 

How is George Bryant Doing?

 Is he out of the Cape Cod Hospital? Has he recovered well? I surely hope so.

  I am still upset and angry about how this town manager treated this town
person. Sharon Lynn was out of place in what she did. She should be viewed as
initiating elderly abuse. How inconsiderate. How insensitive. Before she ever
knew this town, George Bryant was a significant and active part of this
community. He is a gentle person who knows and appreciates so much of the town's
history. She should hang her head in shame. Who else has she ever had arrested
besides this poor elderly man?
  Tell me, what did this town manager gain from having him arrested?
7:48 pm edt 

Boatworks & Russell Braun

It is outrageous that the building inspector refuses to fine the guys
who tore down the building behind the Squealing Pig!!!  He needs to go!
7:42 pm edt 

Re: Speaking up at Town Meetig

While I too agree that Town Meeting has been on the dull side lately
however, I hardly see myself as a prop! Strange analogy isn't it? We all have a
voice and access to the microphone to use our voice.

My only gripe is way a question can be called by anyone in the room just
shouting "Call the question"! Shouldn't a "voter" wishing to call a question be
forced to stand and be recognized formally by the Moderator before being allowed
to interrupt the procedure and call a question?

Certainly we have all let out a collective moan of "UGGH" from time to time when
Barbara Rushmore, Candice Nagel and Bill Dugal take to the microphone. We have
learned what we are in for. But hey, it's just as much their right as yours.

Speak up, be heard and be a part of the solution. Don't be afraid to vote
against the masses if you truly believe that you are right! Voting is a very
powerful right when used as it was intended by our founding fathers! Remember,
we are THE BIRTHPLACE OF AMERICAN LIBERTY, right here in little ole P-town!!!
7:40 pm edt 

Yes, You Are Right? The Boatworks is Gone and Now it is a New Buidling

And Zoning must address the change. All the setbacks that were grandfathered in,
now should be gone. The height that was granfathered as a Boatworks, now should
be considered as the height allowed for a new building. The old is gone and
demolished. And even more: Chapter 91 requires that demolition of a building
needs their permission. Did they apply for demolition to the State?

What do they think they think they are now building? Something not even approved
by Zoning or the Historic District Commission? Something Russell Braun is
approving, as if he is Zoning and the HDC?

Who has answers to some of these questions?
7:32 pm edt 

HDC and Solar Panels

I totally support the role of the historic district commission however I think
it is utter          when they say they've modified their stance on certain
"green" issues, to wit "Marcoux says when it comes to green, the commission has
had to adjust its view over the last few years to accommodate the trend. For
example, the commission recently came up with a policy on solar panels. If
theyre toward the back of the roof, low, dark and fit in with the building, then
the commission likely would approve them, she said."

In other words, "if you put your solar panels where they won't do any good we'll
probably approve them."

Something needs to be done once and for all to strike a proper balance between
energy conservation and historic preservation and it can't be left in the hands
of the HDC because they have demonstrated their inability to compromise.

7:29 pm edt 

Pier Corp Public Hearing

I went to a really productive public hearing yesterday. Quite frankly,
other boards should take notice. That board
was the Pier Corp who has two new directors. Although sometimes a heated
exchange between the public and the Pier Corp., it was a great public meeting
and both sides were able to talk and listen and come up with some good
stratergies going forward.
7:27 pm edt 

" Hug a Tree on Your Time Not Mine"

Now we have someone trying to intimidate Barbara and her democratic right like
anyone else to speak at public meetings?  Your 'time?" No, missy, it's the
public's time. Could you possibly be more arrogant? Who the      do you think
you are?
7:24 pm edt 

Re: Criticizing Barbara Rushmore!

For the record, I am not a town official criticizing Barbara Rushmore!  I am a
tax payer and believe in democratic process.  I just would like certain
individuals to be aware that it is not ALL about them and their causes.  Hug a
tree on your time, not mine.
1:34 pm edt 

Re-use of $800k in CPA funds

Rather than continue the uninformed back and forth on here about whether the
$800k in CPA funds can be taken back and used for a different project, I sent a
written request to: Bureau of Municipal Finance Law, Division of Local Services,
Massachusetts Department of Revenue in Boston.

Here is the Q & their written reply A:

Q: can a Town vote to revoke funding Project A, which has been deferred by the
applicant, and use those funds now for Project B, even if Project B is in a
different category (affordable, open space, historic building)? 

A: "The unspent and unencumbered balance of a CPA appropriation may used as a
financing source for another CPA project.  It is like any appropriation and the
legislative body [i.e. Town Meeting] may transfer to another use.  G.L. c. 44,
§33B.  The only difference is that we believe a CPC recommendation is needed to
appropriate the funds to another CPA eligible purpose." [So the CPC must vote
first, before Town Meeting].  

"As with any transfer, the original financing source may restrict the purposes
for which the monies may be transferred.  If the original source was annual
revenues or fund balance, the balance can be used to finance any CPA project."
[This is the case with the $800k, since it was well over and above the required
10% minimum for affordable housing]. 

So Paul Soares was correct when he recommended that voters contact the CPC
members to ask them to reconsider the $800k grant and use it for another purpose
now, such as the library.  Mr. Malone would then have to reapply for his grant
if and when he is ready to actually do his project. 

SO IT CAN BE RE-ALLOCATED, if the CPC and TM voters so vote.  Debate over.  If
you still want to disagree, cite YOUR official source.
1:33 pm edt 

"Yes We Can"... from PJ

Hey PJ just a quick bit of information for you regarding cutting jobs and
budgets. Please do not put the School System in the group as far as not cutting
anything from their budget. If you go back over the last three years the school
system is the ONLY DEPARTMENT TO CUT expenditures, positions, and take a pay
freeze(voluntarily) in town! The school system has saved the taxpayers a few
million dollars so far. The mantra of cut, cut, cut needs to be now parked on
the steps of Town Hall and the Police Station. It is their turn!

But the more important question should be... what has happened to the money that
the school system has saved the town?
1:30 pm edt 

Public Hearings and Citizen Participation

Regarding the public hearing between the selectmen and the fincom: A
writer is correct that the selectmen do not comment until selectmen's statements
regarding comments made by the public at public statements. However, when there
is an advertised public hearing, such as the mandatory public hearing the
selectmen and fincom hold each year on the budget, the public is allowed to
comment and the selectmen and fincom do respond. Unfortunately, that opportunity
for dialog was absent because NO ONE attended.

Mary-Jo Avellar
1:29 pm edt 

If Only it Were True

E-mail the selectmen and expecct they'll reply? that is simply not the
1:27 pm edt 

Spiritus Opening

Spiritus will reopen on April Fool's Day.
1:25 pm edt 

24 Franklin Street

Re : On another note, have the correct
windows been installed at24 Franklin as was promised....I' m waitng to see if
this too fades away without remedy.

This should not fade away without remedy - the correct windows should be
installed if not already at 24 Franklin.
I hope the HDC is on top of this.
1:23 pm edt 

Party Town

We should all support the 2:00 am closing.  People who come to town
for the first time can not believe the bars shut down so early.  When one is on
vacation they want to party and that is what we are.....a party town.
1:22 pm edt 

333 Commercial Now Falls Under Current Regulations....Hello Zoning!!

With a new building at 333 Commercial rather than a remodel all
hurricane regs (very expensive) must be met. I hope the developer has considered
this as well as all con com regs since the property is within the set backs of
wet lands. All landscape plans and mitigation should be strictly enforced.
7:11 am edt 

Now This is Important!

When is SPIRITUS gonna reopen for season? I WANT MY PIZZA
7:08 am edt 

It Has Happened Before

333R is not the first tear down for Wm. Bonn. He has done this before
in town....just less expensive for a developer than a remodel. And if Mr Braun
can inspect a building to determine if it is safe or not , of course he can
inspect town buildings to determine the same. It is his job. We do not need to
pay $300,000 for someone else to do the same.On another note, have the correct
windows been installed at24 Franklin as was promised....I' m waitng to see if
this too fades away without remedy.
7:07 am edt 

Questioning Government?

Personally I've had great results when I need information or want to express an
opinion by just calling either one of my selectmen or the department head that
could best answer my questions.

Public meetings are a great place to have your opinions entered into the public
record, but they are governed by 'Robert's Rules'.  To make meetings run
smoothly and efficiently, back and forth conversations are discouraged otherwise
they would be endless.  It is no different in Boston or DC.

Meetings are run though by the chair.  The BOS meetings are almost always
strictly held by the rules, but lesser meetings are much more informal where
you're more likely to just sit around a table and the chair usually allows
casual interactions.

No matter how you choose to participate, you can.  Selectmen e-mail addresses
are posted on-line as are all town employees.  You can also call town hall and
get pretty much any phone number you wish.  I have always had my phone calls
returned and I may not always agree with the person I'm speaking to, at least I
get heard.

Participation is really very easy.
7:05 am edt 

Town Hall Meeting Protocol

If you stand in line to ask a question at town meeting to ask a
question. And someone yells to move the question, the moderator will ask the
voters to continue discussion or to move the question to vote. Its up to the
voters if they want to hear what you have to say and is their right. You may
rise and ask a question by asking for a point of order. (your question to ask).
7:03 am edt 

Re: $300,000 building assessment budget

Can someone tell me if a registered architect is qualified to assess buildings
or does it have to be an engineer?

D. Cohen
7:01 am edt 

Anonymous Town Official

A previous writer stated that town meeting is the only place that town officials
answer our questions.  Not necessarily so.  I attend town meetings and stand in
line to speak and when someone notices certain individuals in line at the mike
who they know might raise debate, someone yells move the question and the
Moderator, knowing whose who, moves the question.  This is not a democratic
procedure. We might as well say we are gagged there too!

12:05 am edt 

Re: Yes We Can!

The voters did have the ultimate vote on where the 10% affordable
housing funds would go. They voted for Ted malone to use the $800,000.00
affordable housing funds to build affordable housing. If the funds are not used
by said developer they can only go to another project that has to do with
affordable housing. And only if the CPA members approve the funds to go back to
town meeting for a vote on a affordable housing project. If the CPA does not get
any proposals for any affordable housing projects it goes back into the fund for
future housing projects only. Towns can not spend housing funds on anything but
housing projects.
12:03 am edt 

Re: Yes We Can!

The $800,000 came from the 10% affordable housing funds. Thats why
they can not go to anything other than affordable housing if we not let Mr
Mallone use them for his project.
12:02 am edt 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes We Can!

Wow, the town I live in part time just cut 54.5 jobs in the schools
this evening. Imagine that, cutting jobs, because we don't have the money to pay
the staff. Imagine that, no overide, just cutting 54.5 jobs. Imagine that
Selectman, TM and School Committee cutting jobs instead of asking for overides.
Do you hear me, CUTTING JOBS, NO OVERIDES.... this spend spend spend mentality
in Ptown needs to change. If other municipalities can do it then Ptown can also
do it.

10:30 pm edt 

Re: "$800,000 Has to go to Affordable Housing"

This has been said on here before & it's incorrect.  If the CPC and Town meeting
both vote to change prior-approved but uncommitted funds, they can in fact be

Research the state law that set up town CPA funds & the state agency website
that oversees implementation & you'll see this is true.  The only limitation is
the 10% rule that says a minimum of 10% must go to affordable housing - we are
miles ahead of that without the $800k. 

Voters do have the ultimate say, thankfully.
10:28 pm edt 

Re: $300,000 Building Assessment Budget

Re: "I would love to hear from Sharon or David at town hall, why 
Russell Braun cannot inspect our town buildings?   He is a architect, a building
inspector and claims more...

Would have been a great question at the 'State of the Town' meeting, would be a
great question to ask when the $300k comes up at town meeting.
10:26 pm edt 

CPC Membership Addresses

Does anyone have e-mail addresses for anyone on the CPC?  I've
searched around the web and I can't find anything.
10:24 pm edt 

Re: You Were Right, I Was Wrong

Apology accepted. thank you for post.

10:21 pm edt 

You Were Right, I Was Wrong

Re: I love when town officials on this site lie about process. No we
don't get our answers at public budget meetings before town meeting. I went to
FinCom's public hearing and asked a question.  The chair said they weren't going
to respond to public statements.

First of all, I'm not a town official.  While I do volunteer and serve on a
couple of town ctes, I don't think that makes me a 'town official'.

Second, you are right, I was wrong.  If public hearings aren't there for an
interaction between the BOS and/or the FinCom then they really don't serve much
of a purpose.  If the public can only make a statement and/or ask a question
with no response from the BOS or FinCom members what good do they do?  I didn't
realize this and would be curious to hear from the BOS or FinCom what the
purpose of these public hearings are, are they just for show?

I heard Selectman Avellar state her disappointment that the no member of public
attended the joint BOS/FinCom meeting on the budget.  Now that I realize that
the public can only make statements or possibly ask a question to which the BOS
or FinCom may, or most likely won't, respond I don't even see the point in
attending these 'public hearings'.  I'd love to hear from a BOS or FinCom member
on why the public should even bother to attend.

You were right, I was wrong, thanks for pointing it out.
2:18 pm edt 

Re: Where's the Beef?

I would love to hear from Sharon or David at town hall, why  Russell
Braun cannot inspect our town buildings?   He is a architect, a building
inspector and claims more.     When he was hired, he was asked to draw up plans
for the firehouse near spiritus pizza.  He refused.  Why?  That is the question
we want Sharon to address.  He was hired by the town, he should have done what
the town asked, but in this town, you can do anything you want or not, and get
away with it.  Guess he was smarter than Sharon.   I say its time to demand that
town employees do what they are told to do or like in any other company, be
2:15 pm edt 

Why Another $300,000 Study?

It is a general rule in government that when you don't want to make a
decision, you order a study.  This is absolutely the case with respect to the
engineering study of town owned buildings.  Clearly the Town is not capable of
adequately managing the real property it owns.  Economic necessity will force
the town to de-acquire some of its real property. We don't need to spend
$300,000 to know which buildings are in the worst shape and are the least
essential to the town. It's abundantly clear; people just don't have the courage
to act on it.

The engineering study will produce costs estimates and scopes of work for
repair.  We won't have the funds to do that work and by the time we do, the
estimates and scopes will be out of date and need to be redone. So it will be a
waste of money.

The fact is that the Selectmen are not capable of making the hard decisions that
they volunteered to make.  We don't need an engineering study; we need people to
have the guts to declare structures like the Community Center redundant -- even
if 8 people get up and declare that they do yoga there.

If no one's willing to make that kind of decision, why waste money on a study?
2:13 pm edt 

$800,000 Has to go to Affordable Housing

Even if the CPA stop the $800,000 to Mallone. That money can ONLY go
to other affordable housing projects. Sorry but thats the law.
2:10 pm edt 

Guest House Foreclosure

Re: Does anyone know what guest house in Provincetown is in

That can't be, I thought all guest house owners were rich and making tons of
money.  That's why we can hike the room tax another 2%.  They are already making
so much money that a little decrease in their business and tourism to town won't
hurt them or us.
2:08 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

If you like the town why do you want to change it?
1 a.m. it is and 1 a.m. it shall stay!  
2:06 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

Sadly, if it were Manhattan we'd be open until 4:00 a.m., but I have
to agree the 1:00 a.m. closing time is sufficient.  People know that the bars
close at 1:00, so they plan their evenings accordingly - and I don't see any
benefit to the town if bars were to stay open later.
12:47 pm edt 

2:am Closing

Here's a thought: Instead of suggesting that people who like closing
time just where it is at 1 a.m. to move away, why don't the people who think we
need a more urban 2 a.m. closing move to the cities they so long to be in? (Oh,
that's right, they couldn't make it in the big city)
Most of us like the fact that this Mayberry, and not Manhattan!
12:11 pm edt 

In Wicked Local:

"Because Malone was waiting for financing and permit approvals before accepting
the $800,000 from the town, he hasnt signed a grant agreement with the CPC yet.
As a result, that money may be subject to any time limit policy approved by the

Here is our chance to do something productive with CPC funds.  Let's face it -
the economy is not what it was four years ago. The town needs to seriously
reexamine its priorities, and find ways to provide some relief to taxpayers. 
Finishing the library is a priority.  It is a public structure  that is
available to every member of the community - renter, owner, tourist, weekender,
etc.  Finishing this building should be a priority because it's a work in
progress - long overdue in its completion - that benefits the entire community. 

We have a way to get $800K back from an affordable housing project that isn't
going to be started for another year and a half (at best).  Let's put this money
to good use in the here and now.  We are the taxpayers - we paid for these CPC
funds - we have a right to have our voices heard. 

Contact a member of the Committee and express your opinion. 

        Community Preservation Committee                                       
1   Dennis Minsky   Conservation Commission            
2   Eric    Dray    Historical Commission          
3   Nancy   Jacobsen    Housing Authority  
4   Arturo  Alon    Community Housing Council
5   Stephen Milkewicz   Open Space Committee   
6   Dorothy Palanza, Chair  Planning Board     
7   Susan   Cook    Recreation Commission      
8   Stephen Borkowski
Thanks,  Paul Soares
9:50 am edt 

Boatworks Demolition Story on Cape & Island National Public Radio

I just heard a report on National Public Radio about the Boatworks demolition and Building Commissioner Russell Braun's involvement in allowing it to occur.

If Braun, the Boatworks owners, Billy Rogers (Engineer) and Town Manager thought this story was
going to die a rapid death, they are sorely mistaken. This story has gained legs and will probably
bring state officials into the dispute.

Additionally, it brings into question several other cases that have been brought before the Building Commissioner and the Town Manager. A perfect case in-point is the Bang Street 27-31 development, it is suffused with the flagrant flaunting of the "conflict of interest" ethic laws as well as the complete omission of due process. It possibly explains the Town Manager's complete ignoring of the conflict of interest of the two Commissioners that participated in the permitting of the Bang Street development. Sharon Lynn knows that they broke the law and has attempted to ignore the facts, in the hope that the problem would go away.

The Town Manager has chosen the benefits of increased property tax over the interest of individual property owners, who have made numerous attempts to gain a hearing and to receive redress.

The Commissioner Braun's repeated  affront to the due process perhaps may be a blessing in disguise. 
9:47 am edt 

Guest House Foreclosure

A good guess about what guest house is in forclosure would be the 
8:57 am edt 

Re: I am a Bartender

Will the bartender that said NO to 2AM closing and too lowering drink
prices, SPEAK OUT at town meeting?  I hope so.  YOU ARE SO RIGHT ON!
8:55 am edt 

2:00am Closing

Re:Never have I heard someone say they aren't coming to Provincetown
because the
clubs close at 1 am.

This is a great point and let us not forget that the "partying" types that come
to Ptown generally are at it from noon on and thru the day. It's not like they
just wait to go out after dinner to party.  1pm is late enough after tea dance
and being out partying and drinking all day long.
8:53 am edt 

2:00am Closing

The 2 a.m. closing does not just affect people on Commercial Street. 
This is a small town and if you live here, then you know sound carries easily
... It affects everyone in town.  And is it really necessary to call people with
whom you disagree "dopes"?  It really makes you no better than those Tea Party
fascists spitting on black congressmen and hurling insults at Barney Frank.

And to the person who misses the diversity that used to exist in town, I believe
we an thank the "marketing wisdom" of the theme weeks (Bears! Trannies!
Tweakers! Lezzies! Families! Leathermen!)  I cannot tell you how often I hear
people say they will not come down on certain weeks "because it's _____ week."
The theme weeks exclude more people than they include and they may be good short
term business but as a long term strategy they will do more damage to businesses
than the current 1 a.m. closing allegedly does. 

Last summer the best nights out I had in town were during the "free" weeks
because there was a nice mix of people doing what they do when they come to
town: Enjoying themselves.

And the only "life" 2 a.m. closing will bring to Commercial Street is more
Police calls, DUIs, harassment, fights, and noise.  If that's your idea of a
good time, well...
8:51 am edt 

Anonymous Town Official

I love when town officials on this site lie about process. No we don't
get our answers at public budget meetings before town meeting. I went to
FinCom's public hearing and asked a question.  The chair said they weren't going
to respond to public statements.

Town meeting is the only place where they must answer our questions.  That's why
no one bothers attending the public hearing meetings.

It's appalling to me that we have an anonymous town official here trashing
Rushmore and others who want to participate in democracy. 

Clearly we have elected and/or appointed officials on this blog who loath a
participatory democracy.
8:48 am edt 

I'm a Bartender

Except for a few major nights during the summer, I don't think I'm going to make
any more money than I do now.  I'll have to work longer and get less sleep cause
I still have to get up in the morning for my day job.

I'm opposed to extending the hours.  If bar owners want to sell more drinks,
they should lower their prices.  I hear more crap from customers about the
prices than I do about the closing time.  And when people feel they're getting
ripped off on drink prices, they take it out on my tip.
12:14 am edt 

Who Wrote Sharon's Speech to the Town?

Ann McQuire perhaps. Surely not her words or her careful thoughts streaming
without uh, ah, oh. We can thank McQuire for the State of the "Nation" speech.
12:13 am edt 

What Are They Really Doing?

Why Wouldn't the Building Commissioner Have Drawn the Plans for the
Firehouse 2?

He refused and we then spent money to bring in designers to do what he should
have done. This would save the town money. Instead there is a group of town
employees who spend and spend our money because they do not see this job or that
job as part of their work.

But what are they really doing? Not much, but they spend a lot of time
pretending to work. Look busy. Close the door to your office. Speak on the
phone. But what are they really doing that is true measurable work?
12:11 am edt 

Guest House Foreclosure?

Does anyone know what guest house in Provincetown is in foreclosure?
12:09 am edt 

Re: 2:00 Closing and the Neighbors

I am reminded of the dopes who move to the Fenway and complain that there are
baseball games.

It's called Commercial Street for a reason. Tough luck that you're not quite
bright enough to figure that out. 
12:08 am edt 

Drop the $300,000 Request For Building Assessments

I Agree: Use Town DPW, Building Commissioner and Building Inspector to
Assess Town Buildings

Save the $300,000 and ut these people to work. It's not they are actualy so
busy. Have them do the engineering. If not, then drop the $300,000 request. Pure

Maybe Guertin could earn his pay instead of speaking to and for AECom. Work for
us instead of for the contractors. That would be refreshing and a bit more sane
then Sharon's idea of spending $300,000 to assess buildings.
12:06 am edt 

2:00am Closing

I heard the clubs in town were only half full last year. In most
cities many clubs have closed altogether. As far as I know Boston doesn't even
have a 7 nights a week boom boom dance hall anymore. Perhaps the economic issue
for the clubs is an adjusting business climate. Is another hour really going to
help what appears to be a dying industry?  Perhaps it's just time for the club
owners to consider a different approach.  2 am isn't it.
Never have I heard someone say they aren't coming to Provincetown because the
clubs close at 1 am.
Seems to me if people really wanted another hour they could go out earlier. I
don't know of one person in town that would be bothered by that.
12:03 am edt 

Are They Talking to Hear Themselves Talk

Re: So we are spineless losers if we are tired of one woman
monopolizing the town meeting...

What I don't get is all the questions that get asked at town meeting that could
have been asked ahead of time.

-BOS/Finance Cte joint public hearing on the budget- no one attended.
-Finance Cte public hearing on the budget.  Three or four people attended.
-State of the Town Meeting - Approx. 75 people there, take out the BOS, FinCom
and staff members and about 45 town residents were there.  Only two questions
were asked.

Do people at town meeting just want to hear themselves talk when they ask
questions?  The questions could have been answered many times before.
12:01 am edt 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2:00am Closing

Yes I agree, we have 9 months a year of little to no activity in this
town.  Let's bring back the fun that used to be associated with Provincetown by
keeping the bars open till 2:00am.  There is so much competition now days for
people's vacation dollors.  It's bad enough that the so called theme weeks that
we now have during summer cause more people to avoid town rather than booking
rooms and renting apartments for vacations.  Not too many years ago there was
always a nice mix of all types and groups of people looking to cut loose and
just have a fun time.
11:58 pm edt 

Where's the Beef?

I read this excerpt from Wicked Local Provincetown on Sharon Lynn's
State of the Towm...A very important component included in the capital
improvements plan is a $300,000 assessment of town-owned buildings that would be
completed by a qualified engineer to determine how to best continue to utilize
town buildings and if they should be repaired. This has been a goal of the
selectmen for many years and will provide a direction into the future for
possible consolidation of uses in various spaces owned by the town. Lynn said. 

Between the Building Commissioner, the Buidling Inspector and the Director of
the DPW do we not employ a qualified engineer to do these assessments?  Is this
not what we pay them for..thier so-called expertise!
6:40 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

I am a bartender in provincetown and I am very much in favor of the proposed
2:00am closing time.  Like it or not we live in a resort town where many people
come to enjoy the nightlife.  The most common complaint I receive behind the bar
is why does everthing close at 1:00am. 
6:16 pm edt 

33 Court Street

i asked our Exec Director for an update about this
property for someone on the blog that asked. As I explained earlier, the
building needed to be brought up to code.
we did advertise the work and the only bid we got was for the exterior work,
which has been completed. We have been using our own part-time maintenance
personnel who are licensed to complete the interior work, but in the midst of
this...we had the fire at Foley House, so Foley House  repair work takes
precedance. We also had some repair work at Maushope that was needed. I am told
that the target date for completion for the Court Street work is now end of June
early July.

If that all sounds frustratingly slow, you're right. Its like pulling hen's
teeth. All of the Massachusetts Housing Authority budgets were cut 7% this year.
I give alot of credit to Patrick Manning for helping us manage and finding
creative ways to reduce costs. The income that we will have, at some point , is
the money we will realize from the sale of 951R Commercial Street. But that
hasn't happened yet.

Thanks for your interest.

Cheryl Andrews
Chrmn, Housing Authority
6:14 pm edt 

Re: Public Housing

With the baby boomer generation now entering into retirement,  the need for
elderly housing will increase exponentially. Efforts should be made so that the
men and women that have supported this  community for years will be able to
afford to stay here to enjoy their last years on the planet.
6:12 pm edt 

Re: Criticizing Barbara Rushmore!
So we are spineless losers if we are tired of one woman monopolizing the town
meeting.  This woman sucks the oxygen out of the room and I even feel this way
when I agree with her.  Learn to keep it short and to the point and remember
that everyone should have a chance to speak.  Barbara never misses an
opportunity to push her cause.
6:11 pm edt 

Russell Braun Building commissioner vs the HDC

Just read the new banner.i cant believe that russell braun
did not know that he should have contacted the hdc after
he gave his ok to tear down the boathouse !this is the
second error on the building departments behalf,remember
bradford street violations!!!
6:10 pm edt 

Evans Field

Someone here wrote that the voters in 1988 voted that fire house #2 was to be
sold.  I was looking at old town meeting books and at the 1967 Annual Town
Meeting under Article 40 the town voted to accept Evans Field from the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts and that it was to be used for "municipal
purposes".  The property had been used for several years but is now overgrown
with trees.

When did the town decide to not continue to use this property?

Was the deed ever recorded? If so, why are we not using it for Municipal
Purposes as stated in the article?
6:08 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

As someone who lives in the center of town, I welcome the 2:00 AM
closings. The town has become a ghost town. A few months of a lively, happy, and
youthful infusion would be a most welcome addition to a town that has lost its
fun and youthfulness that we used to take for granted. Provincetown has always
been a helltown. And as far as it bringing in drunk drivers for last call,
that's just plain silly. Those people already come here now, like it or not. The
AA people in this town just love to point fingers. This town is becoming more
and more like Nantucket. Old and too quiet.
6:07 pm edt 

State of the Town Meeting

Don't forget the 'State of the Town' meeting at 6pm tonight.
6:05 pm edt 

The Library, Firehouse #2, the 200pm Bar Closing...

OK we get it your opposed to it...

Why I do not know.

As far as the library this is the first town I have ever heard that does not
actively promote people educating themselves and supporting that endeavor. I
have NEVER EVER EVER heard of a town forcing a public library to support itself
privately...kind of defeats the purpose of being a public library dont you

Firehouse #2 another example of town irresonsibility. The fact that the building
along with Town Hall, the Rec Center, the Public Library, and a vast majority of
other buildings are allowed to fall into such a state of disrepair is
disgraceful! Again NEVER EVER EVER have I seen such a level of irresponsiblity
by town officials elected and employees towards the up keep of the gounds and
maintainance of thier property. The blame can be squarely parked at every member
of the BOS, DPW, and Town Official/Employee who was paid to make sure the
buildings were to remain safe and secure for the last 20 years and clearly did
little to make sure that happened. My question is what the hell happened to the

As far as bars closing at 200am...for those of you who have moved next to one of
these bars/clubs in the last 15 years...did you not see the bar/club sign or
building when you came to look at the apartment, condo or house? You are living
in fantasy land if you think that an establishment that has been there for years
is and should change what it does after you move in...kinda like those condo
owners who bought next to the U.S.S. Constitution in Boston knowing full well
that they shot off cannons twice a day and then expect the cannon fire to stop
after they move is time to accept the fact that this is not just the
quiet little art/fishing community it once was, staying open an additional hour
is not going resolve the debt issue we have but it will hopefully keep the
primary industry;tourism, thriving. Lets face it, thats what we are and thats
what we have to do to survive.

In closing I am all for raising taxes as long as I see some visible outcome to
it and I do not lose my current services. The work on the Town Hall is a
longtime coming, as well as Firehouse #2, the library deserves to also become
one of those community anchoring buildings like Town Hall will become in a few
months. Fix the library so we are not the laughing stock of every annual tourist
who comes here and says "havent they finished that building yet? whats taking so
6:04 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

Why can't                Rick Murray and                   
         April Cabral have a little respect for their neighbors? Guess they
didn't think about those folks before they proposed a 2 am closing. Did they
talk to abutters before they proposed making them listen to another hour of
pulsating base every night? No. They gathered their supporters and headed to the
Board of Selectmen and Licensing Board. Detractors be damned. Most of the
persons who will be negativley affected by a 2 am closing have more than a
weekend, one week or one season investment in this town. You know, the people
with the money that doesn't count. Haven't property values fallen enough
recently? Do downtown homeowners deserve this? Hey Rick, if you don't want this
to be contentious withdraw the request and think of someone other than yourself.     
6:00 pm edt 

Two Million $$$$$$ !

That's all the library needs, so they can almost
finish the job they promised would be paid for by grants and donations. However
they did not aggressively go after raising that money because the library board
of directors where LAZY. Look at other projects in town where donations to build
where started and paid for, they seem to have come up with funds without going
to the town taxpayers for millions. The dog park did a great job at fund raising
in a very short period of time. WOMR radio bought a million dollar property very
quickly and are now starting a second sister station in Orleans, all without
taxpayer monies since well before 1982. The new PAMM building, the Provincetown
theater, the fine arts work center, the AIDS support group, all built without or
with very little funding from the town tax roll. Why couldn't the library have
fund raising events like the others did? From what I remember, the only real
fund raising events they had were!
  book sales and a few dinner parties. I suggest the library board of directors
hire somebody like C. Nagle to raise the funds they told us the town would not
have to pay. 
5:27 pm edt 

2:00am Closing

Sure, lets stay open all night. why should the bars close at all?

It will bring in more money. keep all businesses open . why send people home? 
its all about money.

Stop & Shop? 24 hrs a day. Bars? First thing Sunday morning. Why not?

We'll make more money.
Perhaps we should serve cocktails right downtown on the beach, all day long. Why
not? More money.

Its about the money.

5:24 pm edt 

Re: 2:00am Closing

To the statement "It can only be a plus for tourism".   It should read "it can
only be a plus for alcohol related tourism".  Provincetown is much more than
that. Bars and clubs are only a small part of our overall tourism industry.

I'd like to hear from the bartenders.
12:34 pm edt 

Say Yes to 2:00 am!

It can only be a plus for tourism.  Longer hours
mean more money comming into this town. Yes, yes, yes!
10:44 am edt 

Barbara Can Be Frustrating But She is Committed and Active

And I'm glad she is not only part of this community--she is the community. She
cares and even if some of her latest ideas conflict with my sense of
Provincetown's future, she has energy and vim and I applaud her for everything
she does.
10:42 am edt 

To: May Flower Compact

We the voters of Provincetown have lost our
voice at our town meetings because of harrassment from the town employees who
have a right to vote for their own raises & benifits.  This group spreads itself
amoung the room and takes notice on who's voting against them.  Ask those who
have braved to be against town spending.  What's the point of attending Town
Meetings where democracy doesn't exist.  The privacy of the voting booth is the
only place that we can really speak out and try to control each year's town
overrides.  Town Meeting is a joke on us.  Until their is paper ballots at these
meetings, spending will continue to be out of control.  So much for the
Mayflower Pact.  Unhappy Pilgrim
10:41 am edt 

Provincetown Public Library

Does anybodt remember the last time the Library Board came to Town
Meeting asking for tax money to repair the building?

Their representitive stood at the microphone and PROMISED that if we gave them
the amount that was being asked for at the time, the board would NEVER come back
looking for money for renovations.

That PROMISE weighed heavely in peoples minds at the time in voteing to grant
the money.

I believe we should hold them to that PROMISE.

A Rat In The Basement

P.S. I wonder if their representive will explain to us why they have decided to
break that PROMISE up at the microphone.
10:39 am edt 

Re: Dear Dr. Andrews Are You For Real

Regarding the statements made about firehouse #2, the fact is that Town meeting
voted in 1988 to declare the building surplus and was to be sold. This was the
deal made with the Taxpayers that balanced the new funds requested to build the
new firehouse on Shank Painter Road. So by my math, it has taken 22 YEARS TO GET
TO THIS POINT. The events & paper trails pertaining to these 22 years of the
Firehouse read like a bad novel. Read your town reports and connect the dots or
should I say Selectmen, present & past. Oh, and don't forget about the Town Meeting votes.

Only in Ptown.
10:37 am edt 

In So Many Ways Provincetown Is Small Town and Insular

Then in so many ways it is big city, big bucks, we can do it all! Problem: it is
the small town people who pay for the big time projects. Someone needs to  bring
in a sociologist to study this town. It is not what it seems and surely the Bos
have no idea what this town now, today, really is. And you, Sharon, have
absolutely no clue!
10:30 am edt 

Firehouse #2

From the time the first bids were advertised to the time of expected completion
is about 6 months.  The rest of the time was spent on funding and planning.  The
Housing Authority has had the house on Court Street for how long?  They've been
dragging their feet on getting this house on line.  They didn't have to go
before town meeting.  They have their own funding.  It's a small house rehab,
just how much planning is needed.

Please Dr Andrews, explain the time frame.
10:29 am edt 

Who Really Reads Here?

This is not an intellectual community. Oh, you will not like what I write. But
it is true. Ask what is mostly taken out at the library and guess what it will
be: videos! How often do you see someone here reading? On a park bench? In a
restaurant? Hardly. Or even being carried as someone walks along Commercial
Street? Not one book. Hardly one person. this is not a reading community.
Wellfleet is but we are not.

Drop grass seed along the ugly front, throw a little white paint and pretend
it is a library. It is more a boat yard than a book holding place. That's how it
really is!
10:28 am edt 

Re: Criticizing Barbara Rushmore!

What a      criticizing Barbara Rushmore! We should all be so actively
passionate about Provincetown! Particularly at her age up there at the mike
participating in democracy and trying to advance her views of a better
Provincetown. What's the matter? Don't agree with her so you put her down?
When's the last time you brought and article or spoke up at town meeting? Never?
Barbara Rushmore is a local hero to me and others. And no I don't even agree
with her real estate tax. But she is a winner and a gift to Provincetown.

What a spineless loser you are! Go back under your rock.
10:26 am edt 

The Library

How about if we get some local landscapers to donate
time and maybe some garden center to donate some plantings. The price sounds a
little steep to me. I'd be happy to come and help plant. The present landscape
plan sounds alittle expensive.

10:23 am edt 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Re: Wake Up People

I have had to take a recent 10% paycut, 5%
increase in my health insurance and a cut in hours! I still believe the Ptown
library should be fixed now. We can pay now or later. Later will cost alot
more,because you will have much more extensive work. A library is important for
it's community. Fix it now or pay triple the price later.

8:58 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Library

Can anyone tell me why the Library needs a finished basement and
landscaping that cost the same as a small condo?
Granted, the place needs a good paint job, anything more is just greedy, greedy,
8:57 pm edt 

Are You For Real?

To the person that said "If the town can get a dilapidated
building like firehouse #2 completely renovated and hooked up to the sewer in as
little as six months" 
Do you know I have been in town for over 12 years, and that firehouse next to
Bubalahs has been in disrepair since I have been here.  And it has been on 4 or
5 years of town hall meetings.   For the last 4 years, they have promised things
and it is just during the last 4 months that something is being done.  LOOK OVER
ALL THE BOS meetings and notes.  Have Vernon do a search and I am sure you will
see talks about firehouse #2 for 4 - 5 years if not longer.  Better yet, ask Rob
Tosner from the VSB how long the RENOVATIONS have been in the works.   NOT 6
8:56 pm edt 

Cut is a Word the BOS Abhors

Not a word in their vocabulary. Not a word in Sharon Lynn's word list either.
Override however is a word they use. Also new big project. Perhaps they believe
taxpayers=suckers. They've little respect for us or for our voice. But, again,
cut is not a word they know or use.
6:46 pm edt 

Re: 2:am Closing

Oh, so they only want to keep the bars open until 2 am during the
summer months. heck, who cares about that. why would anyone want peace and quiet
in the summer. me, i prefer to lock my windows shut and keep the fresh air out.
i've heard about those folks in other towns that like to sleep with the windows
open, ocean air providing a cooling breeze. what's that all about. it's only the
summer after all.    
6:23 pm edt 

Dear Dr. Andrews

Thanks for joining in the conversation here.  My concern with the property on
Court street is that it is taking way too long for your board to get this
building back on line.  Yes I understand government contracting and sewer hook
ups, but why so long?  There is apparently a 5 -7 year waiting list and it seems
the Housing Authority is dragging their feet.  If the town can get a dilapidated
building like firehouse #2 completely renovated and hooked up to the sewer in as
little as six months, why can't this house be finished in the same time frame. 
There also seemed to be a large drag time between when the house was vacated and
when decisions were made to restore it.

Look forward to your response.
6:21 pm edt 

Remember the Mayflower Compact

While I too agree that Town Meeting has been on the dull side lately
however, I hardly see myself as a prop! Strange analogy isn't it? We all have a
voice and access to the microphone to use our voice.

My only gripe is way a question can be called by anyone in the room just
shouting "Call the question"! Shouldn't a "voter" wishing to call a question be
forced to stand and be recognized formally by the Moderator before being allowed
to interrupt the procedure and call a question?

Certainly we have all let out a collective moan of "UGGH" from time to time when
Barbara Rushmnore, Candice Nagel and Bill Dugal take to the microphone. We have
learned what we are in for. But hey, it's just as much their right as yours.

Speak up, be heard and be a part of the solution. Don't be afraid to vote
against the masses if you truly believe that you are right! Voting is a very
powerful right when used as it was intended by our founding fathers! Remember,
we are THE BIRTHPLACE OF AMERICAN LIBERTY, right here in little ole P-town!!!
6:18 pm edt 

Re: Housing For the Elderly

Isn't Seashore Point a facility for independant senior livng? Why in
earth do we need more town funded housing for the elderly?
6:16 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Library

"If we don't do this maintenance we are going to have to pay even more down the

That building is an ancient white elephant money-pit, as many said in the
beginning - when we were told it would cost the taxpayers nothing since all
repair funds would be raised privately. 

But now the truth comes out: it is going to cost us mucho dollars forever, and
we are stuck with it.  At least let's back off the expensive plantings and
basement build-out during this bad economic time.  And not give any more tax
money to rich developers for projects they'd build anyway.

2:20 pm edt 

Budget Cuts

With all these overrides, has anything been cut from the budget?

Ptown taxpayer
2:16 pm edt 

33 Court Street

This property is owned by the Provincetown Housing Authority. It was not up to Building Code,
so we had to advertise according to state regulations, get the work contracted ,
get it done, and then get the building hooked to the sewer. It is certainly
close to being ready for occupancy. I will ask our Exec Director for an update
on this for you.

Cheryl Andrews
Chairman, Housing Authority
2:14 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Library

Re: Spending more money on making the library pretty does not fit in
with my idea of fiscal restraint.

While I agree with you to some extent the exterior wood on the libary needs to
be painted and sealed.  Rain, like we are getting today, gets into the wood
which has not been sealed and around the windows which have not been sealed.  If
we don't do this maintenance we are going to have to pay even more down the
road.  Much more.
12:20 pm edt 

33 Court Street

The question concerning 33 court street remains
unanswered. why is a house allowed to remain vacant
when the need for affordable housing is high?
citizens write to this blog to complain about everything
proposed in town but seldom have answers or proposals.
11:57 am edt 

Let's be Clear

...Yes there are a few months in the Summer when we are
inundated with boys and girls that want to "party".  The rest of the year we are
a community of 30+ in age who don't generally stay our or want to stay out until


Please keep in mind this proposed extension of hours is only from Memorial Day
Weekend through the weekend after Labor Day
11:56 am edt 

Say NO to 2:00am !!!

Keep the bar closing hour at 1:00AM.  We do not need the bars open any
later than that.  Say NO to 2AM !!!
11:55 am edt 

Wake Up People!

I have had to cut and eliminate my personal spending due to these
economic times.  It baffles me that our town has done little in the way of
reduced spending.  Spending more money on making the library pretty does not fit
in with my idea of fiscal restraint.  Wake up people.  If the rich want the
extra window dressing let them pay for it and stay out of my wallet!
11:21 am edt 

Provincetown Public Library-Don't Sacrifice the Possible for the Perfect

We are in favor of voting funds to complete the exterior of the library but the
amount for landscaping is ridiculous ($235,000) and the basement of the library
could wait until times are better. Why can we not vote on the items separately?
As it stands now, we may vote against it. Many people we know feel the same way.

9:15 am edt 

Provincetown Wonders

Provincetown is much more than a party town. Sure people come to have
a good time and part of that is the bar scene.There are many more people who
come to Provincetown for its beauty, its unique location, its history, the fine
restaurants, the wonderful galleries, the gorgeous views and beaches. It is
human nature to complain and I think a lot of people that live here full time
take all of this for granted. Life is too short. I thank God everyday for giving
me the opportunity to live here. I read this blog often, but very seldon leave a
comment. The negativity is bad energy and is contrary to the Provincetown life
style. Be thankful for the wonder of this very special place on earth.
8:55 am edt 

2pm Closing - No

Even though I live in an area where this would not affect me too much - I think
a 2pm closing is a very bad idea.
Ptown is not a party town.  Yes there are a few months in the Summer when we are
inundated with boys and girls that want to "party".  The rest of the year we are
a community of 30+ in age who don't generally stay our or want to stay out until
2pm.  Most of us like to go for a nice dinner and go home.

Ptown is about beaches - art galleries - shopping and fine dining etc. If you
can't get your "partying" done before 1am - that is a shame.  And the last thing
we need is people from other towns driving up here and then driving home drunk.
8:34 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs Ricl Murray

Sharon Lynn seems to think she works for Rick Murray or is scared to
death that he and his are going to run her out of town.  When will she realize
she works at the pleasure of ALL the town residents and that living in town for
a couple years doesn't give her the credentials to change its character by
keeping bars open until 2 a.m.  As a former police chief herself she should be
competent enough to understand the issues associated with this foolhardy errand
Rick and April Cabral (hmmm, that's an interesting couple) have sent her on.
8:32 am edt 

Town Meeting: Unexciting

Seems in the last few years that decisions are already made and the apparent
voting is window dressing for democracy. But it is more rigged than open, more
controlled than free-flowing. Perhaps there is something questionable about the
Town Moderator and the BOS Chair being together as a couple. Seems like some
conflict of interest here. Bring up some issue to the Moderator and instantly
the Chair will be alerted to the strategy.
Since these two are back together, it does raise questions about fairness. Seems
too much collusion and thus another town meeting where the deal is done. We are
props for the show, nothing more.
8:29 am edt 

Yes, The Fado Was Wonderful

And the Portuguese food at Napi's was delectable. It was a great, enjoyable
afternoon and I thank Helen for superb cooking. The Portuguese Festival team did
a great job. I'm glad Liliana persisted in bringing Fado to Provincetown. Now
the old tradition has become Provincetown's tradition.

12:03 am edt 

Enough is Enough!

It' time for Provincetown to stand up to the Affordable Housing cartel
and say, "Enough is enough." Millions of dollars have gone to help with
affordable housing in Provincetown at the expense of town buildings and
infrastructure. It is time for us to say to the the developeer, go and find the
money yourself to build affordable housing. Mass Housing is a company that
provides developers money with which to build.

The taxpayers need a break, we cannot continue to fund every "feel good" idea.
Granted affordable housing is a nice thing, but "Enough is Enough."

12:02 am edt 

2:00am No.................................Period!

The A-House has neighbors. PERIOD. All of the bars, clubs and businesses in
Provincetwon have neighbors. PERIOD! If it is all about who and what came first
1 am closing came first. PERIOD. People have lived in the areas where the
nightclubs stand long before they opened. Who knew what when? Every bar, club
and business knew where they were opening. PERIOD.

The characterization of Provincetown as a "party town" is inaccurate. PERIOD. Do
we spend tax payer dollars marketing the arts, beaches, restaurants, whale
watches, family activities, etc. because it is simply a "party town"? No we do
not. PERIOD. Have we spent millions of dollars renovating Town Hall because
Provincetown is a "party town"? No. PERIOD. Are we trying to keep the schools
and Community Center open because it is a "party town"? No. PERIOD.

12:01 am edt 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Public Service

I just recently learned that Mary Jo Avellar is not running for Selectmen again. 
I'm sorry to hear that.  Mary Jo, thank you for your years of dedicated service
to the Town of Provincetown.  It's usually never easy to serve on committees
with four other opinions.  I used to serve on a board years ago and all we got
from the public was grief, no one ever thanked us for the good things that were
accomplished over the years. Again, thank you for your years of service to your
community.  My partner and I wish you the best. If we still lived in town or
even close we would take a trip down to thank you personally.

11:42 pm edt 

33 Court Street

You've got to be kidding me!  Who would pay between 300,000 to 400,00 for a
property in disrepair in that location, even though work has started.  It has
little or no land and it's probably like the rest of the houses in that area;
constant water problems in the basement due to the over-development of Shank
Painter Road.

1:54 pm edt 

Re: 33 Court Street

To the best of my knowledge, the house at 33 Court Street is not owned by the
town and it has been recieving repiars of the last few months incase you didn't
notice the new shingles on a front/side section of the building and if you
really want to know more details, call patrick manning over at maushope and
he'll give you the details.
1:11 pm edt 

Re: Party Town

I agree Provincetown IS a party town.  That is the main reason people
come here during the summer months.  Keep the bars open till 2:00 am.  This can
only help the economy.  If you don't like the noise close your windows or move. 
Seems the never ending PC police are at it again.
11:33 am edt 

33 Court Street

The house at 33 court street, as i have been told,
is owned by the town and is designated as affordable
housing. the house has been empty for over 4 years !
and continues to fall into disrepair.

Why doesn't the town sell this house towards future
projects instead of dumping more money into something
they cant afford ??  The house could easily be sold
for $300k to 400k.
11:31 am edt 

No Taxpayer Funds

Affordable housing has been built for years without using taxpayer funds in the
past--but now the affordable housing group took money that should have gone to
complete the library and town hall. This money is coming out of my pocket.

It is obvious to everyone that we taxpayers should not have to pay for other
people to be able to live here. There is affordable housing money available for

No one helps us as my family struggles to live here.
11:29 am edt 

Let's Not Go There!

PJ, in response to your thanking me for my posting, your welcome! I just thought
you should know that affordable housing is not free.  As a matter of fact, I'm
not so sure the units/houses through affordable housing are all that affordable
either.  However, they are certainly cheaper than rental market rate units/homes
on the market and less than a mortgage.  There are a lot of people that don't
qualify for a mortgage and not everyone qualifies for affordable housing because
there are income guidelines based on household size. 

J. Donatelli
11:27 am edt 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Affordable Housing-Job Security

The staff at the housing center want to ensure their jobs. They will tug at your
heart strings; say how this is for mom and apple pie--and yet the housing in the
past went to T.M.'s staff.

Affordable Housing is Big Business. The wealth of the developer with housing
developments and awards all over the state are legendary.

Three million in our tax money has gone into their pockets; they will receive a
life time of rents; they will own this development. Open your eyes, people. They
already fleeced you...and they will do it again and again and again.
11:28 pm edt 

2am or 1am

Extending the tourist season used to mean before Memorial Day and after Columbus
Day. Now its getting closer to 24/7 during the summer.

Who benefits from a later closing time for bars and restaurants?

Lets be brutally honest.  Who will benefit?

The guy or gal who leaves Eastham, Wellfleet or Truro with a buzz on, yet not
ready to call it a night? Perhaps. and hopefully they will have a designated

The guesthouse owner?

Shop owners?

The restaurant that normally closes well before last call?

The community at large?

Okay. I think weve got the answer

Next. how will these folks get home at 2AM (or later)?

Answer that question, and you raise another one. What is the liability for an
extra hour of drinking and doing what people come to town to do

Perhaps the Selectmen should look at this proposal as an investor after all,
they are controlling the town funds. Who will pay for the added public safety?

Who will pay for the additional treks to Cape Cod Hospital as a result of the
additional hour of business? That is a cost of doing business subsidized by

Who will pay for the additional hour of police protection? After all, an extra
hour of drinking means an extra hour of police and last I heard, they dont work
for free

If the business owners proposing this initiative want to pay for the cost of
additional public safety personnel and hold the Town harmless from any liability
resulting from noise complaints or potential property damage, then its a
compromise that might be fair. Otherwise, we are looking at economic concerns
that will benefit a few and may impact many.
11:26 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Scam

Mr. Ted Malone has built affordable housing without using tax payer money. We
have the biggest affordable housing projects on the cape.

Our taxpayer money via the CPA should have gone to the library and Town
Hall--not into the pockets of affordable housing developers.

Don't be scammed again.
11:22 pm edt 

Fado at Napis'

11:20 pm edt 

Re: Party Town

When the A-House first opened there was no amplified music. There was
no Electricity. So there was no Volume. I am not singling out the A-House,
someone mentioned they have been here a long time, that is great, but it means
nothing regarding extending club hours by one hour.
11:18 pm edt 

Re: Party Town

It is prohibited to make noise in this town that can
be heard further that 50 ft. away.  The clubs in town are in constant violation
of this, but they close at 1 pm. so it is kind of ok. If the clubs stay open
until 2   I for one will demand that the clubs are Quiet after midnight.  1 pm.
is late enough.
11:17 pm edt 

To: Lets Not Go There

Are you kidding me?! I work over 40 hours a
week YEARROUND! I was fortunate enough to buy an "affordable" condo not long ago
after working in town for a decade paying for a rental. I apologize for not
coming over here on the Mayflower like some of you, but Provincetown is where I
want to be. Get your facts straight, Everyone I know that has an "affordable"
unit has at least one full time job!
11:16 pm edt 

Re: Let's Not Go There

Thanks for your post. You made me think
again. I just did some research on affordable housing and had it mixed up with
government subsidized housing for people on welfare, ie: people who don't work.
I appreciate your taking the time to write your post. It has helped me to change
my mind and look at affordable housing in Provincetown in a different light.

There is a company in Mass called, "Mass Housing" there mission is to help build
affordable housing using no tax dollars, but rather private funds. I think that
this is also something that Provincetown should be looking into. With the tight
budget we presently have here in town, I think options such as these can ease
the financial burden on all taxpayers. I agree that we all need to look out for
each other, but I think if there are other alternatives rather than tax
revenues, Provincetown should be looking into it.

Thanks, PJ
11:14 pm edt 

To: Let's Not Go There!

Do you really understand what affordable housing is all about?  It's not about
getting a job; it's about controlled rents and mortgages for those who want to
live or stay in Provincetown who cannot afford the high over-priced properties
that are being marketed.

The people that wait on you in the local restaurants (for those that can afford
to stay open year-round and employ people); it's the checkers that wait on you
at the Stop & Shop; Lands End Marine, Conwell Lumber and so on.  Those are the
people that need year-round housing at an affordable price.  You can't have an
affordable house/unit without being able to pay for it. They have jobs, they
need housing to stay here.

What the town should be looking into are ways to establish and sustain a
year-round economy.  This will create more jobs for individuals who want to
continue to live here.  You never know, you might even end up with more students
in the school system.

Before long, Provincetown will end up becoming just a summer resort. Be creative
and help to think outside of the box for this to happen.  Don't just be
negative; others have taxes and mortgages to pay as well.
1:05 pm edt 

Re: Party Town

This is not a party town, it's a beautiful town. If you don't appreciate
it, then I think you should move on. One o'clock closing is plenty of time for
people to get drunk and keep everyone up with ther hollering on there way home.
12:31 pm edt 

The Final Limit

The only housing I will even consider voting for is for Senior

9:29 am edt 

Let's Not Go There!

Let's not be duped by Ted Malone again for more CPA fund to build yet
another "project" in town for those who can't seem to find a way to work or to
take care of themselves. I am sick and tired of working long hours, paying my
taxes, my mortgage, just to take care of other people. GET A JOB!

9:25 am edt 

Extended Hours Will be a Disaster For the Town

I completely agree with the person who wrote about keeping the bars
open until 1 am. Extended hours will be a disaster for the town. It is not
fair to the residential abutters who live around, next to and above the bars. It
is true that Provincetown is a tourist town, but there are many hard working
people who also live here who have to get up and work each day. Let's think
about the residents of the town before we go ahead and turn it into party

9:23 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

I have just done some catching up with this blog. I feel quite sorry
for Mr. Bryant. It is unfortunate that it took so long to take him to task. He
should have gotten help years ago, if the BOH or Fire Department condemned his
house as unsafe and gave him a deadline to clean it up with professional
psychiatric help, this might have been avoided. Unfortunately, Mr Bryant was a
hoarder, just like the people on the show "Hoarders". It is a sickness; a bona
fide psychiatric disorder. However, Mr. Bryant, in his illness, created an
eyesore but more important created a health and fire hazard for all of his
neighbors.It should have been dealt with way before this.

Hopefully he will recover. However, should he not,no one should be blamed for
his situation. Laws need to be enforced  regardless of who you are. Just to set
the record straight, i am sure that he did not keep violating the no trespass
order to be defiant. Hoarders get very anxious and upset when they cannot get to
their things though it just seems like junk to us. I hope that George makes a
full recovery.

Provincetown is a small town but it doesn't behave like one. We spend more time
tearing people apart than building them up or helping those in need.
9:21 am edt 

The "P" in P-town Stands For Party!

The A-House has been there far longer than any of it's neighbors. 
They knew what they were getting in for.  Let's have bars open till 2:00am. 
This is a party town, plain and simple.
9:19 am edt 

Where is He?

I wanted to do a comparison between town leadership now, and some
years back, some of you will remember, but, I got to thinking about Irene and
Michael Von Gebbel.  I went some of his first Charter Enforcement meetings.  Now
I never liked him personally, but he always stated by his words and actions he
answered to no one but the people of Provincetown.

I watched him in action and he was well spoken, well thought out, but could
relate to the common Joe on the street.  I read some of the old Advocate
articles and campaign literature when he ran for Selectman, man he had vision,
we are right where he said we would end up.  Where is this guy now maybe we
should get him back here to straighten this town hall out.
9:17 am edt 

1 am Is Late Enough!

Vote to keep closing times as they are. Extending
operating hours is unfair to residential abutters. The hundreds of people
gathering on the patio at the A-House are literally in people's back yards. We
appreciate your consideration. 
1:00 am edt 

I Didn't Like Keith's Secretness

But I did admire his brain. He was smart and cunning. He was a solid thinker. He
stands in contrast to this town manager. She is not the brightest and neither is
the Chair of the selectmen. Neither equal Keith's intelligence but that's what
we've got. Thus, the budget and thus the warrant.
12:58 am edt 

I Think It's the Boatworks

Well, there's nothing there now. It's across from the old library and behind the
Pig. It's gone. Nothing left, no building standing. That's 333 Commercial or was
once. Now, who knows what it will be. Anyone have any idea? It's like open space
along the beach.
12:56 am edt 

I'm Over Affordable Housing

It's neiher affordable nor really for those who have lived here. It's for those
off the bus who get calls from their Ted malone friends. I'm over affordable
housing. It is sham and a shame brought to us from developers. they care little
about those who really need it. It's a sick joke on so many of us.
12:55 am edt 

The OPen Space Provincetown Has With the National Seashore Is Not Ours

We need to capture more open lands. we need to have these lands as ours. I go
for 3.3 acres only for open land. What the National Seashore has is only ours as
background. It is not ours in ownership. Let's value open space that is
12:54 am edt 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sharon is a Loose Canon

She lacks the skills to be town manager. Sorry to say the truth but she never
was the best candidate. In FAct, she was the poorest in skills, speaking and she
had run West Goshen! I think she did a great job in WEst Goshen but here, this
is a small town that become a city and requires key skills. It also requires
gumption, intelligence and strategic thinking. None of these this woman has.
Smiling is nice but it is not enough to really run this town. And now, years
after Keith Bergman has left, not being Keith is just not good enough to be town
10:46 pm edt 

Hawthorne Property

just a few comments on Article 18/19 of the Annual Town Meeting  Warrant (CPC
grant for this is in Article 9)

Originally , the plan was for the Town to consider an open space acquisition of
3.03 acres between Harry Kemp , Aunt Sukies Way and the highway. That option is
still on the warrant as Article 19.

But when the Housing Authority discussed the CPC application  it became clear
that if this entire property was deed restricted as open space, it would
preclude any units being added to Maushope in the future. So, we approached the
Open Space Committee and asked if they would agree to offer the sellers  a deal
where the town purchased the 3.03 acre parcel with the Housing Authority paying
for 0.69 acres of land that abuts the Maushope lot.

The Housing Authority currently owns a piece of property  on commercial street.
Our plan is  to sell that , and use the proceeds for the Aunt Sukies Way land.

Bottom Line?  Town Meeting can choose:

a. to say no to any town purchase ;
b. purchase 3.03 acres with 0.69 acre of it sold to Housing Authority for future
Maushope expansion of senior apartments (Article 18) or

c. purchase entire 3.03 acres for Open Space (Article 19)

Those are the 3 options before town meeting voters at this time .

Hope this makes sense. Kindly post any additional questions.

Cheryl L Andrews
Chairman, Provincetown Housing Authority
10:43 pm edt 

How Much Open Space do We Need?

Or would we like?  I'm not sure on
this one.  We have a huge amount of open space which is called the National
Seashore.  And anytime we dedicate land to open space it means no more homes can
be built which limits properties being added to our tax roles.

9:10 pm edt 

What's 333R Commercial Street?

Saw a meeting on Monday on this building with the Historical District Committee.
I get confused on which committee you have to go in front for decisions. But
what's up with this building? I can't picture it.
9:09 pm edt 

They Don't Listen Anyway!

As a town we voted no on raises.  The TM went and gave them out any
way.  What recourse do we as taxpayers have for the TM not following the voters
wishes?  No money was approved by the voters for these raises.
10:43 am edt 

Re: "Fin Com Meetings"

Regarding pension obligations of states and localities you should read the
following Barrons article (available at their web site or last week's magazine):

The $2 Trillion Hole
"Promised pensions benefits for public-sector employees represent a massive
overhang that threatens the financial future of many cities and states."

9:03 am edt 

Friday, March 19, 2010

You Want to Know What The Town Spends Its Money On?
Read the previous years budgets and then add 5% and sometimes 7% and you have
the budget. Finn Com doesn't really decrease the spending. They put their heads
together and year after year come up with the same amount and the same approach
to solving the financial challenge.
It is financial window dressing. Nothing more even they work hard and have good
intentions. But they are weak and feel like advisors to the leaderless BOS. They
lob a financial ball and then the BOS smiles and scores.

Why go to a Finn Com meeting? Why go to hear Sharon Lynn drone on and on? Same
old, same old.

How I wish it wasn't it.
11:38 pm edt 

Hawthorne Property Sale

The Hawthorne property will be 1 acre affordable housing and 2 acre
open space.
11:06 pm edt 

Hawthorne Property Sale

Re:  "It is my understanding that the Hawthorne property if purchased
by the town will be for green space."


Part of it may be used for senior citizen affordable housing depending on what
the town's voters decide.  But, yes, the majority of it would be open space.
11:05 pm edt 

Hawthorne Property Will Be a green Space

It is my understanding that the Hawthorne property if purchased by the
town will be for green space.
5:12 pm edt 

Public Hearings.......No Answers

Town officials DO NOT answer or comment on statements at public
hearings! Your best bet is to skip these meetings entirely.But go to town
meeting. Only there will they answer your questions. Why because they have to
then. It sucks but that's how their game is played......!
1:03 pm edt 

Fin Com Meetings

Re: One very important reason to go to a finance comittee meeting
would be to learn why certain services need to be funded...

I agree, one thing I learned was that employee and retired employee health
insurance and pensions, education and a couple of other they mentioned make up
almost half the budget and you can't 'on a whim' just decide to cut them.  Very
similar to what is going on in states and the federal government.
12:59 pm edt 

Where Does Santos Live?

Last time I checked, Grassy Santos was living in Truro.
10:43 am edt 

Good Learning Experience?

You are so right! Fiscal transparency,
public access to municpal financial statements  and fiscal checks and balances
recommended in a FinCom review for an upcoming override is entirely unreasonable
to ask for. Going to one of the budget public hearings brings home that
'learning experience'.  No one should expect otherwise from the government in

It's no wonder people don't bother going to these meetings.
10:42 am edt 

Re: Mary Jo Avellar

Mary Jo will be missed.  She is the only voice of reason.
10:40 am edt 

They Don't Listen Their Minds are Already Made Up.....Move the Question

You are right they have already made up theiir minds by the time of
these public hearings. It's glaring apparent they are just going through the
motions.  It's no wonder the public doesn't attend. God forbid you say anything
either. That's a big mistake.
10:38 am edt 

Re: MaryJo Avellar

How very interesting that a selectman is the realtor handling the sale
of land being sold to the town. And then we find out that affordable housing
will be built on said land. Hmmm who would have thought that Mary Jo would be
the one working for the affordable housing cartel.
12:19 am edt 

How Many Signed Up to Hear Sharon at the Chamber?

Less than 18. Few terribly interested. State of the what? Good to have canceled
this dynamic evening. The honeymoon is mightily over.
12:15 am edt 

Finn Com Does Much Work

But each year, we are left with the same potential override. Always the same
amount because they never make drastic cuts but allow, with a nod and a wink,
requests for monies for big projects.  So we find ourselves with most requests
stamped and few requests with no recommentation.

It's like looking at a film for the fifth time. Know the dialogue. Seen the
ending. No surprises.
12:13 am edt 

Missing Links

What could the Hawthorne property have to do with not running as a selectman?
There is absolutely no connection. MaryJo can sell real estate and be a
selectmen just like Couture can sell coraking frogs and be a selectman. Or
Bedard can sell gym memberships and serve on the board.

Those Dots Won't connect!
12:12 am edt 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Re: Waste of Time

Of course it's a waste of time! The BOS doesn't listen to anyone during the rest
of the year and so why would they listen to anyone now that the budget is in?
They have "worked" on it all year long and now won't change anything regardless
of the input. Go to the meetings and all it does is give them a heads up for
town meeting so they can defend themselves. Going to the hearing on the budget
is a true waste of time.

And MJA is bothered by the lack of involvement by the public in government? It
usually means that the public has either given up on their govenment, knowing
nothing is going to change or get better with their input or they are truly
happy with the direction of the govenment and feel why stop a good thing. Which
do you think is going on?
11:17 pm edt 

Re: FinCom Meeting

One very important reason to go to a finance comittee meeting would be
to learn why certain services need to be funded.
11:15 pm edt 

Re: MaryJo Avellar

When a selectman speaks her/his mind does not make them right or
wrong. Sometimes what you think is not whats good for the town as a whole. This
has always been selectman Avellar's problem in governing the town through the
years. From what I have witnessed, Ms Avellar wants it her way or the highway.
11:14 pm edt 

Re: "I Just Went to FinCom's and it Was a Waste of Time"

But, did you even stay to listen or did you just say your speech about the Pier
Corp and then leave?  I attended the entire meeting and it was a good learning

You can't always get what you want CN !
11:13 pm edt 

Respect MaryJo?

Give me a break.  She is the worst kind of politician.  She is demanding,
disrespectful and condescending.  She has accumulated more skeletons in her
closet than she can even remember in her thirty years of public 'service'.  Much
of that service was to her benefit.

Even now she has not sought re-election because she is the realtor for the
Hawthorne Property.  If she remained a selectman, she would not be able to get
her commission.  Yet she has had numerous behind the scenes conversations with
many of the players involved.  But then she has shown that she feels she is
above the conflict of interest laws.

I look forward to see what this board can accomplish without her.
11:11 pm edt 


I do, however, truly appreciate FinCom's hard work and dedication. The bulk if
their work is during the winter months giving them little or no opportunity to
take break from the cold.

Again, thank you.
11:09 pm edt 

Re: "Waste of Time"

I wish those FinCom members would identify themselves when they post like items
like this :)
11:08 pm edt 

Waste of Time

Why bother to go to the public meetings on the warrant? I just went to
FinCom's and it was a waste of time.
7:03 pm edt 

MaryJo The Only One I Respected: She Spoke Her Mind

The others are an embarassment. They are also ineffectual. I wait for Couture to
be dumped off the board and then, yes then, things might change for the better.
But as it is, it is a scattered group with a cheerleader as chair who does not
even know what game is being played nor does she know the score. She sadly has
no clue!
7:02 pm edt 

The Right Course

If indeed the town manager and the head of the selectmen read this
blog everyday. Let me say thank you for all of the hard work and good things
that have been done. The majority of people in town have and continue to back
you. In the thirty something years that I've lived here, the town seems to be on
the right course! God speed.
7:01 pm edt 

Re: MaryJo

At least we got MaryJo off the BOS. Now maybe the town can get back on
track. She's been on the board off and on since the 70s! Kinda tells you why the
town was mismanaged all of those years. She had her chance just like the
republicans had, and like them they failed. And no I am not related to or work
for or volunteer with anyone with a vendetta against her work or her husband.
Just A voter who watched the way she acts and governs.
5:05 pm edt 

You Pay the Price

Are some people never happy?  Blame Sharon Lynn for doing nothing,
blame sharon lynn for doing something - admit it - you don't like Sharon Lynn. 
Don't crucify her for doing her job. 

Don't blame her for George Bryant and all his problems.  She did her job. 
George Bryant was told not to go onto the property - enough is enough - how many
times must he be told, how many actions must be taken?  The law should be blind
to age, race, religion, sex,orientation - you break the law, you get caught, you
pay the price
4:23 pm edt 

Embarassed by Your Behavior

No, Michele, people don't want to run for selectmen because YOU will
stab them in the back by calling the Attorney General on them. Why didn't Davies
run again? Because YOU called the Attorney General on her, Knight and Avellar.
They just wanted to listen to people at the first mypacc meeting. They didn't
realize they had to post a meeting. But instead of PICKING UP THE PHONE AND
COMPLAINT.  YOU are just as TOXIC as this blog can be, if not more.

I, like many, are embarassed by your behavior as an elected official.

4:20 pm edt 

This Article Says it All:

"PROVINCETOWN  Despite the size and scope of the proposed $20 million-plus town
budget that voters will debate at the April 5th Annual Town Meeting, no one
turned out for
Mondays public hearing on the spending plan.... There is not one member of the public
here", said Selectman Mary-Jo Avellar at Mondays public hearing. "I am incredibly disappointed. There is something unnerving about peoples lack of interest in their government."

You'll sit on here griping all day yet can't get your lazy butt out of your
rocker long enough to go and actually voice your concerns where it might make a
difference. Not a single in-town poster on this blog should be taken at
seriously when they post about overrspending on here.
4:17 pm edt 

Proud of What I Have Done For the Town!

Seems like everyone who complained on this blog don't have the
political will to do the right thing and go to public meetings to change what
they keep ranting & raving about on here. Yet they love to put down those who
are on boards and committees. I'm glad and proud of the many changes I have made
for the town. You can do this also. But the only way to change things, is for
all of us to get involved in town government, not just blogging and certainly
not just complaining at town meetings.
4:13 pm edt 

Silence is Golden

It amazes me that all on this blog who seem to know how things should
be done do not have the conviction in thier beliefs to run for selectmen.  It's
so much easier to point out the problems rather than acutally do something
constructive for the town.  The same 10 people who stand at the mike at every
town meeting do not know how to implement change. Instead they whine about what
is being done or has been done and hold the rest of us hostage.  If you like
hearing your own voice and opinion so much may I suggest you buy a tape recorder
and listen to yourself and leave the rest of us in peace.
12:43 pm edt 

Corruption and Duplicity

Bloggers like me are outraged that Lynn & Couture (who posts here
everyday) have been complicit in Guertin's violation of car registration/excise
tax requirements. Thiis complicity has robbed us of tax revenue. As a result,
there is continued cynicism and contempt for how Byrant was
arrested by the hypocritic Lynn.

It's no wonder no one wants to serve alongside Couture.
12:41 pm edt 

To: Barry Scott

Mr Scott,

You have lost all credibility when you bring the son of a bereaved family into
your machinations.  Have you no common deciency; no you don't.  Perhaps the only
problem on the polices part was not being more harsh.  I can only imagine how
obnoxious you were at the time of the incident if this is an example of your
Let the dead rest in peace.
12:38 pm edt 

Where's Everyone?

Where's Mikey, Astrid and Clearance etal? Not one teabagger went to
the joint public meeting on the financing of the town meeting warrant.
12:37 pm edt 

David Jones

Thank you for your tribute to David Jones. I am his father's friend. I
won't attend the ceremonies this week because of the hypocrisy involved.
Imagine...a Catholic Mass...not! His dad, Ron and I do however look forward to
attending any celebrations of David's life held in Provincetown. Would you
please consider keeping me "in the loop". Thanks for your time. Again, David's
pictures and "Starry Starry Night" brought tears to my eyes. Thank-you.


Mary Arvaline

PO Box 28
Richmond, Maine 04357

(207) 737-8929


1:05 am edt 

David Jones

Thank you for that beautiful tribute to David Jones. My heart goes out
to all his friends.

Karen Baker


12:54 am edt 

Move On!

Move on please!

12:52 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

If George Bryant being arrested was a police matter, how could it be
Sharon Lynn's fault? If the law was broken, I believe there are proceedures that
the police MUST follow. Blaming Sharon Lynn seems like you're creating a scape
goat no??
12:50 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Board of health and George Bryant

There was in fact a 'No Trespassing Order' placed on that property (which
includes Angel Foods) by the estate, executor being Eugene Bryant.  The order
was initiated by failures by George to follow through on court orders and
conditions brought on by the Board of Health.

George was not allowed on the property for any reason per the request to a judge
by the family.

But these facts are ignored by some who just want to take this opportunity to
slam Sharon Lynne.

Again, George violated this court ordered ' No Trespassing' on numerous
occasions and finally had to be arrested.  Because he is George Bryant he was
warned that an arrest would happen.  But sadly, because he is George Bryant, he
felt he was above the law and finally had to be arrested.

No one can be arrested for violating a Board of Health order, that's just
12:48 am edt 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wrong, the Board of Health Placed Restrictions on the Property Not His Family

And the town had no legal rights to have him arrested. He had
the right go into Angle Food. It is commercial business. Sharon had George
Bryant arrested and she did not have to take this radical act on this older
citizen. She did not have to have him handcuffed and put in a cell. Sharon Lynn
acted tough with George thinking she would gain kudos from her colleagues.
Sorry, you gained a black eye on this act.
11:42 am edt 

Overdone and Out of Place

Maybe, just maybe, it depends on who you are. For 24 Franklin, not a
For some, a No. For others, the license to create dormers, decks galore and
french doors. But someone else asks for this, and they are rejected outright.
9:01 am edt 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Re: George Bryant

Wake up people......Sharon didn't have George arrested.  His family obtained a
court order to prevent him on the property.   When he started trespassing and
violating the court order, the police had no choice but to enforce the law.  It
has nothing to do with Sharon.  Why is George above the law?
11:24 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant
George Bryant and Police Brutality

Boy I'll bet Barry Scott is really unhappy now. George Bryant was treated far
worse than him for not even disturbing the peace.

Where will it end?

11:22 pm edt 

David Jones


You were an amazaing artist, friend, brother, son and all around human being. 
Your smile and humor made everyone who met you instantly love you.  You truly
were one in a million.  I will miss your smile and you will forever live in my
memory and heart.

4:09 pm edt 

24 Franklin Street

Wow the double staircases on the west side of the Bradford/Franklin
street project looks very over done and out of place. HDC why did you let this
happen? Couldn'T ONE stair case be used? And on such a visible side of the
building? WHY?
10:56 am edt 

Pointing Fingers

Whenever you point your finger at someone there are three pointing
back at yourself!  Where is the karma people?
10:07 am edt 

24 Franklin

I drove by there yesterday and what was the HDC thinking ? 2 new dormers - a new
mini porch and new stairs?
How does a supposedly "Historical" property get all these additions ?
10:05 am edt 

PBG Announcements
Town cementWarrant Meeting
Sewer Announcement
Airport Survey 
Town Warrant Meeting
The PBG and Bayside Betsy's will be holding our yearly Town Meeting Warrant review on Tuesday March 23rd at 10:30am at Bayside Betsy's.  Town Manager Sharon Lynn will be attending to answer questions regarding this year's warrant.  We encourage members to attend as there will be two very important articles on this year's warrant that will have an impact on local businesses and the tourism and VSB funds.  These articles are proposing to raise the local meal tax and the local room tax and how to distribute the increased revenue should they pass.  Coffee and light refreshments will be served.  Thanks again to Steve and Betsy Melamed for hosting the meeting.
 Tuesday March 23 - 10:30am
Bayside Betsy's
177 Commercial Street
Town Meeting Warrant Review with Town Manager Sharon Lynn

Town Meeting starts Monday April 5th

Sewer Announcement
Phase 3 Water & Sewer Construction in Howland Street and Route 6 is Scheduled for March 15th through June 26th
The first of the planned Phase 3 water and sewer construction funded by the large federal stimulus grant that the Town received in January is gong to begin on Monday, March 15th. On Thursday and Friday, March 11th and 12th, the construction contractor will begin to mobilize and position pipe along the edge of Howland Street in preparation for the start of construction.  On Monday, March 15th construction will begin at the intersection of Bradford Street and Howland Street working toward Route 6. It is anticipated that the work in Howland Street and Route 6 will take approximately 3.5 months to complete.  Work hours for this project will be from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. There will be temporary traffic detours and disruption to properties and businesses along Howland Street during this time.  When working in Route 6 between Howland Street and Shank Painter Road, it is anticipated that there will be a one lane shutdown to outbound traffic on Route 6. The Town and its contractor will employ measures to control dust, equipment noise, and traffic delays that have been used successfully for previous sewer construction work. The repaving work will be done this spring prior to the end of June. No construction work is scheduled to be performed in July and August. Phase 3 construction activities will recommence after Labor Day on September 13th. A detailed construction schedule will be posted on the Town's website and will be updated whenever any new information is available. As has been the case with previous sewer construction work, staff from the Town's Department of Public Works will go door-to-door to notify properties and businesses that may be affected by this work for periods of a half day to a day and a half. Please call the Department of Public Works, Ron Gamella, at 487-7060 if you have any questions. Your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated. 
Airport Commission Survey
Good Afternoon
RE: Statewide Airport System Master Plan Business Use Survey 
Please forward this survey to your members. We are hoping to get as much information as we can. Thank you for your help.   Butch Please click on this link to get pdf of survey:  airport survey

Arthur "Butch" Lisenby,  Manager
Provincetown Municipal Airport  (PVC)
P. O. Box 657
176 Race Point Road
Provincetown, Ma. 02657
(508) 487-0241
(508) 487-4110 Fax
1:48 am edt 

Town Meeting

Isn't town meeting coming up soon?  Where is all the dicussion on the
warrant articles? 
1:43 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Sharon, Shame:

This is it? This is leadership? This is rightful action?
Shame on you.
1:41 am edt 

It's Not Toxology That Will Determinine David's Death

It seems as if it was more brutal leaving scars upon his wrists. But the main
aspect is that David Jones did remarkable work and was an amazing artist.
Sadness at his passing. Sadness that his own work could not comfort, energize,
and offer inspiration to him as it does to many of us.

Thank you David for what you gave us, for the mirrors reflecting light and
blazing colors. Thank you for the life lived and what you have left for us still
to see and enjoy.
1:39 am edt 

How is the Beach Erosion in Ptown?

I had to leave to take care of some
business in Maine and have not been in town in about 10 days. Any news would be
great. Any flooding?

Thanks, RM
1:37 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Sharon has finally shown her true colors. She was and still is a COP.
A few years of night school does not a Town Manager make. Little by little,
anyone who has interacted with her will tell you she has no skills to qualify
for the TM job...She's tried to hide it but now we know...she is still a cop,
only now she is going after her out you may be next!
She has way too much testosterone and it has gotten away from her. Maybe if she
goes to rehab she can come back and work in the parking lots. Prayers for
1:36 am edt 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Re: David Jones

8:56 pm edt 

Re: David Jones
Rumors Surrounding the Death of David Jones

He was homeless.  False.  He had a place to live and the rent was paid for the
month of March.

He was destitute.  False.  He left money in the bank and had recently cashed a
check he received for a previous art auction.

He committed suicide.  To be determined.  The cause of death was drowning, but
he was also found with a large bruise on his head.  He may have fallen, hitting
his head and lost consciousness.  There is a drug toxicity test waiting results.

Rumors spread in a small town in winter can ruin someone's life and death. 
True.  Even local newspapers who are notorious for not doing their fact-checking
create perceived truth.  Be careful what you say, print and read.

Godspeed David

8:54 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Re:...Mr. Byrant arrested if she knew his heart wouldn't
be able to take it? Did she for a moment consider that George is in his 80s? Did
she really think before she acted?

Was George repeatedly warned that he was violating a court order to stay off the
property?  Did he continue to ignore the court order after being warned numerous
times.  I wish George a speedy recovery, but at some point doesn't George have
to take responsibility for his own actions?  It doesn't matter if he has lived
here two weeks or his entire life, everyone needs to abide by the law of the
land and George is not exempt because he is older or has lived here a long time. 
In fact, because he has lived here a long time he should know better.
8:53 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Where is it stated in the duties of the TM that having people arrested
for civil violations is part of the job description? Nowhere!!

No wonder the Town is held in such low regard : TM has local elected official
arrested but allows  one of her employees, the Town's DPW director, to break
State and Town laws with his illegally registered car.

Selective enforcement is unacceptible.

8:51 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Why is it always an us vs them when it comes to doing whats right and
within the regulations and laws of this community?

Frankly I am sick of the double standard!

Whenever a long time resident is held to account for actions that everyone in
town is supposed to follow there is a group of regular posters on here who are
outraged that this individual(s) are asked to follow the rules and regulations
of this town and then as a way of making us feel guilty were given some tragic
story to make us some how feel terrible that they have been asked to indeed
follow the laws and regulations. 

But what is really unbeleiveable is that this same group of outraged posters
start to post again how outraged they are that someone else who has been here
less than a generation is not following town laws and regulations.

A prime example of this:

The case at Commercial street next to Angel Foods...the property has been a town
eyesore for years and years and try as the town can the owner refuses to clean
up the mess. Postings of outrage and how terrible the owner has been treated
follow. The owner is a longtime resident. Hes given a lot to the town..etc etc
etc. Forget the fact that the owner has a laundry list of violations from the
Health Department and a court order against him.
11:26 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant
Weighing In

Sharon Lynn blew this one. It is a bad reflection of her poor judgment and her
attempt to show some that she is tough! Yes, tough hearted and mean spirited is
what she showed me.
11:24 am edt 

From Today's New York Times:

"On Capitol Hill, the plight of Mr. Hawkins and other utility managers has
become a hot topic. In the last year, federal lawmakers have allocated more than
$10 billion for water infrastructure programs, one of the largest such
commitments in history.

But Mr. Hawkins and others say that even those outlays are almost insignificant
compared with the problems they are supposed to fix. An E.P.A. study last year
estimated that $335 billion would be needed simply to maintain the nations tap
water systems in coming decades. In states like New York, officials estimate
that $36 billion is needed in the next 20 years just for municipal wastewater
systems."   (see extensive article)

Geez, how lucky are we with a relatively new sewer system, over 99% reliable,
now getting expanded and better. Add to that progress on our water system,
repairs of leaks, etc., mostly paid for with other people's money. Glad I own
property in a town that's way ahead of elsewhere on water and sewer.

- not a town employee, etc.

10:08 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

If those on here say George Bryant was a mentally ill person  (anyone
over 75 I guess would be considered elderly, so don't even go there) then why on
earth did he sit on some cape cod board?   Is he any more ill than Barbara
Rushmore?   I did not agree with George or appreciate that he left his property
the way he did.  But the town should have been more forceful over the last few
years in making him follow the court order of cleaning up his property.  I do
not think Sharon should get the blame on here that she is getting.  Just my
9:40 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Would Lynn have had Mr. Byrant arrested if she knew his heart wouldn't
be able to take it? Did she for a moment consider that George is in his 80s? Did
she really think before she acted? Will George's illness disappear because he
was arrested? Of course not. So why in God's name did she have such a lapse in
good judgement?
9:38 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Yikes! Some litter just blew into my yard! Double Yikes! Here comes
the TM heading off to the trailer park! Better go out and pick up that litter or
I'll end up like good 'ole Georgey boy!
9:36 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Having someone arrested on a civil restraining order is not Sharon doing her
job. Its a private matter and it's not in her job description to run around
turning people in. If she WAS doing her job, the town wouldn't be in such a mess
as it is. Focus your attention elsewhere Sharon.
9:34 am edt 

No, Sharon Was Not Just Doing Her Job

I just wish she would be doing her job. Run this town and run it right and
fairly and strongly. You don't go showing your compadres that your'e tough by
arresting George Bryan and showing your compradres that you're tough. that is
heartless and legally wrong. You had no right to arrest him on his land for
visiting Angle Food. You did Geroge a diservice, Sharon, and you did yourself a
diservice. Someday you might just know this town--or maybe you'll never know
this town.
2:25 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Wow so this iis how the TM teats a mentally ill elderly town
resident??? We should all be very fearful of this mean-spirited abuse of the
elderly by a town official.
2:22 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Town Manager just doing her job? that's a good one.

Than why hasn't she done anything about Guertin who is flagrantly breaking the

If Lynn wasn't George's neighbor neighbor, George wouldn't be fighting for his

Lynn will have to live with what she did to this 80 year old man who is a town
icon and loved by so many.
2:21 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

George Bryant

Do you really think that Lynne had George arrested the second he stepped on that
property?  Even though the 'no trespassing' order had been in place for some
time, George continued to enter the property.  Out of respect for him and who he
is, he was reminded on multiple occasions that he was in violation of a court
order (by his own brother!).  At some point the court order has to be enforced. 
I think George has been treated with respect, and he chose to flaunt that
repeatedly.  Don't blame Lynne.  At some point George HAS to to responsibility
for his actions.

I've known George for over forty years and I sincerely hope he's doing better.

On another note, I am really offended by the tone of some of these posts
defending George.  Implying that because someone has been born and raised here
allows them freedoms over others is a really detrimental conversation.  Everyone
deserves respect.
2:18 am edt 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Feeling Terrible About George Bryant

I feel so terrible about what has happened to him. Dam. He desrves better than
this. Why would Sharon have him arrested? Why wouldn't she just talk to him? Why
play this game with this guy who is older and who is almost a legend. He is so
knowledgeable, yes quirky, but a significant person in this town. You just don't
do this. Keith Bergman wouldn't have had Geroge Bryant arrested. He would have
known how to handle this situation. This is a poor reflection on this town
manager. It is sickening. Would Sharon Lynn have done this to her father?
11:37 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Pease spare us of the moronic posts such as "Heart Attacks Are Often
Stress Related"

where do you get off?  do you think we all have lived under rocks for the last
40 years?  are you telling us something we don't know?  come on, get real,
people. we do not need your moronic postings!  we are all at least as bright as
you, honey. and we've read the same papers as you . . . .

and in my opinion, you should lay off the town manager, she was just doing her
job. George has been forwarned for years about the status of the property and
the no trespassing order was put up because he's been evicted from the porperty
by his brother, the executor of the estate.  So place blame where it belongs on
george, george, george. Lynn is just doing what she is required to do.
11:34 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

George Bryant

No doubt the reason for the restraining order against George was to keep him
away from the property so he wouldn't dump any more junk on it, junk his brother
had to pick up in Georges wake. From what I know, George wasn't dumping anything
and wasn't rumaging around on the property. He was talking to the owner of Angel
foods, someone I'm sure can handle herself if George could ever get out of hand.
His restraining order wan't about physical issues, it was about his dumping
trash on the property. Now, because of a COMPLETE over reaction by the TM/former
cop, this poor guy is near death. The local cops were just following orders so
it's not their fault. Wouldn't you think our former cop/current TM would have
better common sense? What a horrible choice to have made. Yes he dumps trash,
yes it is an eyesore and yes there was a restraining order but this isn't how
you deal with this issue. His problems are absolutly at the feet of Lynn. She
made a very bad decision.
9:26 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Heart Attacks Are Often Stress Related

If someone is feeling extremely stressed and is treated in a humiliating way as
George Bryant was treated, arresting him and putting him in jail can cause
extreme stress. He is not a young man and to treat an older person this way is
abusive. It is almost elderly abuse in a metaphoric way.

There are many other ways George Bryant could have and should have been treated.
This was the wrong and hard-hearted way.

If Sharon had him arrested and if she called her chief of police to do this, she
was wrong-headed and I believe mean spirited. It's shameful and a poor
reflection of how we treat older citizens who were born here and who serve on
boards and give of themselves. This was a terrible way to treat Mr. Bryant.
8:59 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Only a fool would not think the stress of being arrested did not
precipatate George's heart attack. Stress is a leading cause of heart attacks.
Look it up.

And yes, I agree, it's time for a public statement from Ms. Lynn who put the
arrest of George in action.

It's also time to ask her why she hasn't had Guertin accountible too. God
forbid any of us come forward because we are all afraid of the repercussions
like reverse septic flow into our homes...
8:57 pm edt 

Sharon vs George Bryant

I am not a doctor but George Bryant's condition was certainly
pre-existing. A heart does not just give out. I am guessing upon further
examination blockage will be discovered. For all of you know it alls, is there a
family history of heart disease? Per usual the town folks get emotional and call
for a Sharon lynching. I do think the time has come for a public statement. I
won't claim to be a fan of GB, that dump is an eyesore but I do not wish him any
harm and hope for his speedy recovery. Let's get all of the facts people.
7:28 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

George Bryant is currently in the Intensive Care Unit of Cape Cod Hospital and is scheduled
for open heart surgery. Pray for his well being.
6:06 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

No matter what Mr. Bryant has been accused of in the past, you never
wish physical harm to come to anyone. I hope he recovers and is able to get on
with his life.

5:59 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Re: George Bryant

I read where George was shackled. Can someone tell me if George Bryant was
actually put in shackles or just hand cuffed?  Their is a difference. If
shackled, isn't that going overboard?  That's what they do with prisoners on
death row.  I don't remember George ever killing anyone where he is being
sentenced to death.

I wish him my best and hope he pulls through.  My thoughts and prayers are with
him.  I don't think anyone wants to wish him harm.  Perhaps a different approach
would have accomplished what they had set out to achieve. Let's hope a lesson
has been learned here.

4:04 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

George is fighting for his life for God's sake.

Let's not use this as an opportunity to take cheap pot shots at Lynn.

Hopefully, Lynn will issue a public statement giving a detailed account of the
events that precipitated George's heart attack. In addition, answering any
questions many of us have about her role.

There will be plenty of time to assess who is to blame including looking at the
role George played leading up to his arrest.

But in the meantime, the town should be holding a virtual vigil for George. 
4:01 pm edt 

Sharon vs George Bryant

How Sad to Hear About George's Condition
I just wish him the best and hope he can recover from this trauma. That this was
the result of the town's actions is an added tragedy. I pray for the best.
3:59 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Even before the George Bryan incident didn't you find Sharon Lynn to
be, ah, dim?
12:35 pm edt 

Re: David Jones

Web Master, please print my thoughts about David Jones death. I sent
them to you in hopes that this town will wake up to the problems of homelessness
in a rich real estate town.

Webmaster Comment: Your use of the death of David Jones as an occasion to promote affordable housing and the promulgation  of unsubstantiated claims against the police department is completely in poor taste and is an abrogation of all the rules for acceptable postings in Shout Out! 

Repeated submission of like kind will be treated in similar fashion.

Thank you
12:29 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Let's all pray for George. I just got off the phone with the
coronary care unit at CapeCod Hospital.   I was told that 'he is unresponsive
and on a respirator.'

Godspeed George.
11:36 am edt 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

How do we get rid of Sharon Lynn?  Enough is enough!
11:33 am edt 

Re: David Jones

Web master, why have you not printed my thoughts about David Jones
11:31 am edt 

Sharon Lymm vs George Bryant
George needs treatment for his illness Sharon not imprisonment!
It never ceases to amaze me how critics of town government are treated. Watch
out Astrid, Marcene and Clarence! Even J walking will give them an excuse to
show you who's boss!
11:00 am edt 

I Wish George Bryant The Best and A Good Recovery

This is so sad. So tragic to see him have a heart attack after he was arrested,
shackled and put in a cell. This should not have happened the way it did. Would
you do this to your grandfather? To your father? Now George Bryant is in ICU and
I am upset and angered by how he was treated.

Did Sharon Lynn really call Jeff Jaran and request that George be arrested?
Because he was trespassing on his own land? I know the issues but that does not
demand his being arrested by the chief of police under the direction of the town

I am upset. Sharon you need to rethink your actions. This is not your finest
12:54 am est 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Sharon Lynn's actions are despicable in this instance. She had it within her power to have the police notify George that he was in violation of the court order and to require him to leave the property forthwith.

Sharon Lynn has shown she has no connection with any of the history and people that are a part of this town's past. She has surrounded herself with individuals that have no knowledge or understanding of the essence and spirit that accepted her and them with open arms.
She is destroying the very fabric that gave her the opportunity to assume the mantle of leadership. She is not accepting. She is closed to the general community. She is isolated within her own cabal of the chosen few. She is a coward and has used, in this instance, her powers cowardly.

This act against George Bryant is akin to the picture of Dorian Gray. It reveals the true nature of a corrupted spirit, working on behalf of the few against the many!

When, if ever, will she act to correct the flagrant flaunting of the law by Public Works Director David Guertin? When will she, if ever, order the Police Chief to issue Guertin a summons to go before the magistrate and explain his not ever having registered his car in Massachusetts for all the years he has claimed residency.

Doug Taylor the former Building Commisioner was required to change his plates by the State Ethics
Commission, is this what it will take to achieve due process. When will she address the blatant acts on the part of board member voting on issues which the law requires them to recuse themselves. When will she cease using hidden funds to pay her favorites? When indeed?

Like the picture of Dorian Gray the corruption and peutrification grows and becomes more foul with the passing of time. 

9:57 pm est 

Re: George Bryant

There is no restraining order against George Bryant.  There is a no trespassing
order which was placed through the courts at the bequest of the estate, Eugene
Bryant being the executor of that estate.  George has since violated that court
order on many occasions and has been gently reminded to vacate the property.

George has violated every health department order and court order that has been
placed on that property.  This has been going on for years to the detriment of
the entire neighborhood.  Sure George is a nice guy, but he has a problem and
this is now out of the town's hands and firmly in the hands of the courts. 
George needs to take responsibility for the actions that have caused his family
near bankruptcy.  The town has done nothing wrong here except force adherence to
a court order.  A court order put in place by George's own brother.
9:49 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Sounds like Lynn wants to clean up her neighborhood  and uses her
power. A community backlash wasn't considered, was it?
8:22 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

You seem to think Ms Lynne has failed because she didn't treat poor old George
with respect?  Just how much respect has he shown this town with that garbage
dump he has maintained against court order in the East End? I think Ms Lynne has
been more than lenient with this man and his abuse of his standing in this
community.  George has no one to blame but himself.
8:20 pm est 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

The  posting that attributed the restraining order placed on George Bryant by his brother is completely false.

The restraining order was placed on Bryant at the request of the Provincetown Health Department. Let's keep the facts straight. 

To the issue as to what occurred and who deserves what, George did not deserve the full weight of the law being applied in this case. In fact he was visiting Liz, the proprietor of Angel Food, to give her a gift of a basket, which he knew she would like.

In actuality, Liz was the person that called George's brother to seek his help in getting George released from the police lock-up.
8:18 pm est 

A Sweet and Touching Remembrance for David Jones

It's just lovely. So beautiful to see his amazing work and hear the music that
so fittingly reflects his life.
7:23 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

If Sharon Lynn Called the Police On George Bryant, Then She Bears
Blame for His Condition

George Bryant has standing in this town. He is smart and knows the history of
this place. He deserves to be treated with respect. He could have been handled
in so many other ways then to shackle him for being on this land. Yes, I know
the issues and so do you, but to do this to him is an abomination. And I blame
Sharon Lynn for putting on her tough cop cap when she dares not even open her
mouth against Michele Couture at any BOS meeting. Sharon has no       and if
this is the way she shows she has cahunas, she shows she still does not even
have an inkling of this town and its people.

I think George was ill treated and it is almost elderly abuse or elderly threats
that if done by a citizen would have landed them in court.

Shame on you Sharon.
7:20 pm est 

Your Response to David Jones' Passing is Odd

What a strange blog from someone. If you think there is some reason linked to
this town that caused David Jones' death, then state it. Your innuendos are odd
at best.
7:18 pm est 

Huh? ........

Re: "This is a sad occurrence and reflects on our loss of soul in

How is this a loss of our soul?  George has only George to blame.  He seems to
think he is above the law and when things don't go his way, he blames everyone
except for the one person who is to blame - George Bryant.

I hope those close to him guide him to get the help he needs.
7:03 pm est 

Re David Jones

Maybe some of you wonderful kind folks who i see blogging their warmth
and humanity on a daily basis in here might ponder the thought of why David
Jones felt the need to do himself in.Just a thought!!!!
4:31 pm est 

Town Hall Meeting

The last time I went to a town meeting the reek of alcohol was
everywhere.  I suggest that maybe a breath-a-lizer be used for those suspected
of being under the influence.  We may have a sober vote for sober times.  There
is a plus that the meeting is isn't in town hall bar runs across
the street to Georges!
4:30 pm est 

Excerpt From Today's Barrons:

"The $2 Trillion Hole

Barrons - March 13, 2010 cover story


Promised pensions benefits for public-sector employees represent a massive
overhang that threatens the financial future of many cities and states.

LIKE A CALIFORNIA WILDFIRE, populist rage burns over bloated executive
compensation and unrepentant avarice on Wall Street.

Deserving as these targets may or may not be, most Americans have ignored at
their own peril a far bigger pocket of privilege -- the lush pensions that the
23 million active and retired state and local public employees, from cops and
garbage collectors to city managers and teachers, have wangled from taxpayers.
Some 80% of these public employees are beneficiaries of defined-benefit plans
under which monthly pension payments are guaranteed, no matter how stocks and
other volatile assets backing the retirement plans perform. In contrast, most of
the taxpayers footing the bill for these public-employee benefits (participants'
contributions to these plans are typically modest) have been pushed by their
employers into far less munificent defined-contribution plans and suffered the
additional indignity of seeing their 401(k) accounts shrivel in the recent bear
market in stocks.

And defined-contribution plans, unlike public pensions, have no protection
against inflation. It's just too bad: Maybe some seniors will have to switch
from filet mignon to dog food.

Most public employees, if they hang around to retirement, can count on pensions
equal to 75% to 90% of their pay in their highest-earning years. And many public
employees earn even more in retirement than their best year's base compensation
as a result of "spiking" their last year's income by working ferocious amounts
of overtime and rolling in years of unused sick and vacation days into their
final-year pay computation.

A survey by the watchdog group California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility
found that some 15,000 Golden State public employees are knocking down $100,000
or more, while some 200, mostly police and fire chiefs and school
administrators, are members of the $200,000-a-year-and-up club.

THE PROSPECTS ARE BLEAK for many state and local governments as a result of all
this. According to a survey last month by the Pew Center on the States, a
nonpartisan research group, eight states -- Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas,
Kentucky, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and West Virginia -- lack
funding for more than a third of their pension liabilities. Thirteen others are
less than 80% funded.

Governments could fill that gap by raising property, sales and income taxes, but
most are wrestling with huge revenue shortfalls in trying to balance their
The more likely outcome is dramatic cuts in essential services, such as police
and fire protection, health spending, education and infrastructure improvements,
in order to cover ballooning pension payments. State and municipalities, after
all, must do something: Most have a legal obligation to pay out earned pension
benefits. And some don't even have the courage to switch new teachers,
bureaucrats and police to a defined-contribution system, to prevent the funding
problem from worsening as time rolls on."

see online article for more..
4:28 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

Selective enforcement of laws by the town manager is unacceptible.
4:23 pm est 

Re: David Jones

David and "Starry Starry Night"....beautiful!

What a great send off.
8:38 am est 

Re: David Jones

He was a friend of mine,I loved him so,I loved him dearly.He gave me
so know crazy people have a lot to teach us.

8:36 am est 

Re: David Jones

Thanks for the tribute to David. The music is very fitting.

7:03 am est 

David Jones

Goodbye David. You will be missed. I never knew you,
but always loved your paintings. I was always struck
by the paintings that hung at Ross' Grill.

God speed

12:30 am est 

I Too Am Tired and Outraged at the "It Will Only Cost Town Owners $50 a year"

That has happened for town employee raises, or recreation, for sewer and on and
on. It is the rational of those in town hall trailers who do not even live here.
Thanks Heilela for this insight when you live in Wellfleet or whatever outlying
town. Easy for you to say. And then Sharon, if most of us earned $126,000 for
just sitting and smiling, we too would favor just another $50 for this and that

Enough of this fiscal insanity. All of us are squeezed tight and there is little
left in this town for "another $50 in taxes" for this special project or that.
It is just crazy and out-of-touch and like others across this nation, you too
will be voted out!
12:05 am est 

George Bryant

George's brother Eugene was the one who had the no trespassing order placed on
him.  He was well aware that he was not to enter the property.  He has been in
violation over and over again of a court order to clean up that property.  The
only time that property has ever been cleaned was by his brother hiring people
to come in and remove the refuse, only to have George replace it in a matter of

George's brother Eugene, as executor of the estate, has incurred huge legal
bills because of his brother's violations.  At what point do you think George
should stand up and take responsibility for his actions?  Or should the town
ignore the court orders and let that property remain the     -hole that it is?

And if you agree with George's rants about the town killing his mother, then
what role do you think he played in that by ignoring every court order that was
presented to him and the stress that must have caused her.

Don't blame the town for what's happening there, the responsibility clearly
should be placed on George and no one else.
11:56 pm est 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Re: Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant

What a hypocrite! She let's her employee Guertin flagrantly break the
law with his illegally registered out of state car (sure she doesn't know) and
has George arrested? George said in a public statement once, the Town killed his
mother.  Is the Town trying to wipe out all the Byrants?
6:41 pm est 

Re: Drafty Doors

Thanks to the folks who took the time to answer my question, much appreciated.
6:39 pm est 

27-31 Bangs Street is Heating Up!

There was a meeting at Town Hall to discuss the growing crises around the permitting
process for 27-31 Bangs Street. The abutters are outraged and are willing to seek
redress at the state level. Many questions of ethics and legal interpretation are being

This should be a good one to follow.
5:44 pm est 

Vote No On Overrides!

Until we start voting against overrides, the selectmen have no
incentive to cut the budget. we need  to send a loud message and vote 'no'
accross the board. only then will our rumblings effect change. only then will
the selectmen hear us unequivocally.
5:37 pm est 

Sharon Lynn vs George Bryant- Sad Case of Leadership

Rumor has it that, Sharon Lynn, Town manager, while passing Angel Food on Wednesday, noticed George Bryant on the property visiting the proprietor, to whom he leases the property. Lynn called the Police Chief and ordered Bryant's arrest as she determined that he was in violation of a restraining order barring him from being on the property. 

It is understood that this action was taken wholey independent of the wishes of the proprietor. Bryant was handcuffed, taken to police headquarters and placed in a holding cell.

Following his release , Bryant suffered a heart attack and is now  in acute care at Hyannis Hospital.

This is a sad occurrence and reflects on our loss of soul in Provincetown.

Where is Lynn's displayed strength when it comes to managing the town and providing leadership above and beyond the use of surrogates.

A sad day
5:14 pm est 

Provincetown Public Library

I agree with Paul Soares rel. to the library . I hate it when we are
told that every override is only going to cost us $20-50 on our yearly taxes. We
go thru this too often and the $20-50 when mulitplied by the number of overrides
we have gone thru over the past so many years really adds up. I also resent Mr.
Rudd's editorializing that the library hasn't asked the town for money for 8
years, as though the townspeople have been spared. The deal agreed to was for
the Library to be finished totally funded by donations and fundraisers not by
taxpayer money.
3:21 pm est 

Why Does the BOS Think We Are Different?

The news is filled with stories about municipalities cutting cost
through layoffs and cuts in service.  Provincetown is not immune to the same
problems they all face.  Wake up people, it's time to sharpen the ax and get to
cutting!  I have had to adjust my spending habits as well as most other
3:00 pm est 

When Will the Increases Stop?

"According to Alix Heilala, the towns finance director, borrowing $2 million at
four percent interest over 20 years would cost the median single-family home
$49.46 per year and the median condo $26.11."

I support the library and I agree that the renovations need to be completed -
However, we (the taxpayers) cannot continue to pay for the mismanagement of the
town.  I don't know the history or the reasons why the library trustees said
they wouldn't go before the town to ask for money, but last year the town voted
to give $800K to an affordable housing project that should have gone to the
library - and now we are being asked to increase our taxes by another $25 - $50
per year (in addition to all the other increases). 

Does anyone know the bylaws well enough to know if there is a way to get the
$800K of CPC funds back from affordable housing and funnel it to the library
(where it should have gone in the first place)? Can we get this on the town
warrant so the voters can decide?

Paul Soares
2:58 pm est 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Provincetown Once Was A Place For Artists

Provincetown once was a welcoming place for artists. I hope this has not changed
too much. Life here is not what it once was with so many brilliant artists.
Motherwell was quite a presence, as well as Leo Manso, Boris Margo and so many
incredible others. I saw an old power in David Jones' paintings and now a sorrow
descends in his passing.
His light was fierce; his blues determined; his shapes demanding an inner look
into his mind. His newer works seemed more refracted, his buildings more
shifting,but his light stood bold and stark.

David Jones was quite an artistic presence and his incredible canvasses continue
to hold the brightness of spirit he gave to us, even if in the last few days, he 
could not give it to himself.
9:33 pm est 

Circular Logic

Isn't complaining about pier postings another pier posting?

Is this one as well?
9:11 pm est 

Thanks for Letting Us Know Who Died at Wood End

But this is so sad. so sad to see a wonderful and sensitive artist leave us this
way. I loved his archetectural paintings filled with light and dynamic views of
lighthouses and steeples. He had quite a talent and I was fascinated by his
sense of color and the way his paintings caused one to look again at
Provincetown and try to see some of these views through his eyes.
I did not know him personally but I did know a part of him through his ingenious
work. I was mightly attracted to his energizing colors and a palette that was
fresh and intriguing.

If only his own work could have energized his spirit and soul.
9:09 pm est 

Wicked Local

Just posted that the body found  was that of local artist David Jones...I've
known David for years and knew he was a troubled man...It is still very sad for
someone to take their own in peace
7:11 pm est 

I Too Will Pay For Trash Pickup

But not for raises for town employees who should be glad they have not been cut.
Instead of cutting 10% of town employees, we have a town manager giving some 20%
raises. That is insane in this economy. Sharon, please, learn to be a true
manager. Stop trying to smile through the problems. You'd do better saving your
bum by leading and managing and saying no when it needs to be said, then giving
your little pets pay increases that for some are ill-advised and inappropriate.
6:45 pm est 

Killing Us With Facts

Yes, used to be so much better before all that sourced
information on the Pier Corporation was blogged here. The webmaster should not
allow any board's minutes, financial statements, letters from the Commonwealth,
or the Town's accountant, Finance Committees reviews, website references etc.

The blog is better when all the postings are subjective not objective with
sourced documents. We want opinions here not facts.

The Pier Corp. would then be much better off and not look like they are
perpetually floundering.

3:57 pm est 

Goodbye MYPACC

Just saying goodbye to what used to be mypacc and is now the
pierblog...too bad...
11:28 am est 

Re: NO, NO, NO

I'm more than willing to pay for trash pickup and do
what's best for the town. The thing is, I don't want it all. I know how to live
within my budget. I suggest the rest of the town start to do the same. I'm sick
and tired of fiscal irresponsibility in Provincetown.

11:27 am est 

So Who Was Found Dead the Other Day in Ptown?

Was it an accident, suicide, or?

When will it be made public?
11:26 am est 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Re: Drafty Doors

I don't know the name of the organization that was offering the grants, but
since it was to assist elderly people I would suggest you call the Council on
Aging.  I'm sure someone there would be more than happy to either answer your
question or direct you in the right direction.  Good Luck.
10:16 pm est 

Re: No, No, No,

..How about if every resident or voter takes an oath that says, "NO to any
raises for town employees, no to any increases in budgets. . .

I for one will vote for these increases.  Union workers get their annual
increases per their contract each year.  It doesn't make sense for a manager who
has foregone increases in years past to be making less than they union employees
he or she supervises.  I'm not a town employee, but appreciate the work of our
town employees.

We want it all and we don't want to pay for it.  Eliminate the Recreation Dept?
god forbid.  Eliminate trash pickup and bring your own to the transfer station? 
Absolutely not.  Big oversized library?  Of course we want it.  And now we are
responsible (via town vote) for taking over the year-round maintenance of Route
6 and we don't have a choice, it has to be maintained according to state
standards and it's going to cost us dearly. 

Again, we want it all, we just don't want to pay for it.  So let's blame the
town's employees and tell them they have to sacrifice when we won't do it.
10:15 pm est 

Community Development Partnership & Housing Assitance Corporation

These are the two agencies involved in energy grants and energy audits. To get
more information on what each agency does, I'd refer you to the Historic
District Commission December 2, 2009 minutes. Both agencies met with HDC and
you'll get a sense of what each one does and the key individuals tied to each

If you keep asking, I guess sometimes you can get answers!

Hope this helps.
10:13 pm est 

To "We Don't Need Sarcasm"

Good job on the spelling and seemingly random use of caps! That WAS, whether
deliberate OR not, THE most amusing post YET.

Is sardonic ok with you sir or "mam"?
8:01 pm est 

Third Times the Charm?

I've asked this twice before but it may have gotten lost in the "Pier Shuffle",
does anybody know what the entity was that was offering the energy grant to fix
the old "drafty door"? Come on guys, I know someone here has the answer. Thanks,
Peter W
7:55 pm est 

What a Beautiful Day!

No even Spring yet, but close to 60 degrees,
with blues skies and sun!!! Gotta love it... let's smile about the small

7:54 pm est 

Forkliftgate Update:

There was no board vote to buy a forklift. Just checked their minutes. Imagine
if any town department did that or the Town Manager? Who approved it? Does the
board even know they have a forklift? Maybe they read it here first?

7:52 pm est 

Finance Committee Recommendations

Below are the recommendations of the Finance Committee in their review
of the Pier Corps finances. Those that have been incorporated are asterisked.

Key Recommendations

The Pier Corporation should meet with the Finance Committee quarterly to track
actual expenditures versus the budget, and annually to review its proposed
budget for the next fiscal year.

The Pier Corporation should also meet with the Board of Selectman on a regular
basis to ensure that policy and management issues are resolved on a timely

The Pier Corporation should migrate from its standalone accounting software
package to the Towns MUNIS system.

The Pier Corporation should make its interim reports consistent with its
year-end financial statements.

Contributions to the Pier Corporations Maintenance Reserve Fund should be
raised significantly to cover emergency repairs to MacMillan Pier.

* Mooring Fees should be accounted for as a pass through to the Town, not as
revenue to the Pier Corporation

What are those naysayers complaining about? Implementing 16% of the Finance
Committees recommendations made two years ago isnt good enough for them I guess!
Frankly their numbers looked a whole lot better when they used the Towns mooring
revenues as theirs! Its no wonder
they dont release their financials anymore!
7:51 pm est 

Pay Raises

The selectmen will take a vote on each and every article that goes onto the
warrant for town meeting.

any selectman who supports pay raises when the rest of us are taking pay cuts,
will not get my vote for re-election.

Watching from Town Meeting Floor

p.s. sign me up for the Pier-Free Blog.  The folks who
use this blog as their personal rant space against the pier corp have worn out
their welcome.
7:47 pm est 

Vote No on Increases!

How about if every resident or voter takes an oath that says, "NO to
any raises for town employees, no to any increases in budgets, no to any over
rides." Provincetown can not afford it. No increases whatsoever... as a matter
of fact lets make some cuts. Cuts across the board - 5% cuts in salaries for all
town employees, 5% cuts across all town departments, 5% reduction in the town
workforce... sounds good to me... Do not vote for one single article that asks
for any additional money. We need to stand strong and not let the Town Manager
and Selectpeople run roughshod. NO NO NO.

7:45 pm est 

We Don't Need SARCASM

There is enough FOOLS on this site, that we don't need SARCASM from
you mam or sir.   Get a life and post facts.
Or ask questions.
And where is the water letter from our BOS to our next door neighbors?
1:04 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Would someone please build a blog just for this topic?  I'm sick of Candy and
her supporters / detractors taking over this site.  We all know they have their
own personal agendas.  This is a boring topic and it holds very little interest
for the majority of us who come to check out this site.  Stop holding us
hostage.  Enough already!!!  You are boring us to death!

Still no relief... they keep droning on!  You have made the same points over and
over at nauseam.  Please take a break!
1:02 pm est 

Seeing Forclosures and the Discrepancy in Thinking of the Town andTown Employees
Many people are losing their homes. The foreclosures are rising and sad. The
times are tough. Yet town officials give themselves pay raises after pay raises.
There should be a pay freeze for everyone. And the finance committee should show
leadership in this instead of simply stamping the wishes of the town manager who
voices the wishes of her employess and special pets. Poor governance wthout a
sense of this town and its truly year-round residents.
1:00 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

You've got to take your fish blinders off...You are an idiot to think
it was ok go out and just buya forklift because they FORGOT to THINK
about HOW to get those heavy piles on the barge to do what they said
they were going to do to save money..DRIVE PILEs?????

10:15 am est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Bring a flashlight when you walk down the pier at night is an
excellent idea. The revenues of the pier are only $550,000 each year. It is not
enough to buy replacement bulbs to keep the pier lit at night. 
10:13 am est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

And another thing! You can 't expect that when the Pier Corp bought
the barge they would have thought about how to get the piles on the barge.
What's so wrong with learning as you go?
9:20 am est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Bring a flashlight the next time you want to walk down the pier. You
can't expect the Pier Corp to be buying bulbs every minute. It's a volunteer
board. And besides why are you walking down the pier at night in March? Just
looking to criticize them I bet!
9:18 am est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

There are just a few fishermen left. But it is the job of the pier
folks to look like they are all fishing. That 's why like their director who
charters gets the fishermen rate. I asked. They get really mad on this blog when
you stir up things for sure. keep it up and we have to give the money back. I
would vote no for that override.
9:17 am est 

Crows and the Seashore

Fine example the National Seashore proposes....

If my neighbor decides to build a deck that takes away my view, is the action I
should take the same remedy they propose? Perhaps that is what is done in third
world countries. But in places like America, it is called murder.

9:16 am est 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Re: The Pier Looks Good?

I took a walk on the pier last night and was dismayed to see how many light
bulbs are out all over the pier. 
From sidewalk lights (atleast 6) to street lights (there were 3) to the yellow
harbor lights (3 out as well).  who is maintaining the lights on the pier?  i'm
just asking . . . . . ?
9:09 pm est 

Foreclosures....More and More Each Week

This is not a fantasy.  It is personal failure for 7 to 8 named individuals each
week in the Banner.

Underemployment.   Part time employment with no benefits.  No employment.  The
economic engines are in reverse.   They have ceased to function and need repair
and no one is at the wheel.

Provincetown.  Will it wake up?   Will it be DOA?

We are way beyond the let's assess our town buildings for deficiencies.  This is
what led to the condemning of town hall...I hear the sirens singing..........
Just because the town owns a lot of buildings doesn't mean we can afford them. 
We are land rich and cash poor.

We need to cut back.  No new projects.  Fix what we have with town employees on
the current payroll or change the staff.  Stop grant writing.
Grants always need matches.

Fix the streets.  The sewer ruined this walking town.  The brick sidewalks are
all caved in east and west.

Better projects for our community include the community gardens...lets get the
food out to the people.  Let's support Seashore Point as it teaches cooking,
provides mental health seminars for free...and offers physical therapy 20 miles
short of Eastham.  It also employs many local individuals and encourages them to
increase their education.

A lot happens here in winter...with a small population.  This small population
cannot afford the town's big picture of expansion, raises, unbridled growth, and
lots of rising taxes.  We are already ripped off.
8:51 pm est 

The Pier Looks Good?

Who thinks it looks good?  Where are the active
fishing boats?  The Trap Sheds hide the real view of the wharf as you walk...the
trinket sheds are demeaning to the real artist galleries of this community.

The wharf should be revenue was has had costs passed on
and on.

Will it soon be like Plymouth Plantation...shall we hire interpreters to tell of
what it was like in the fish....shall we hire actors to mend nets and
pretend this economic engine is not dead?

Yachts do come in during the summer...but Cabral's wharf is often their

Who can afford to fish anymore?  Are they Provincetown residents?  Can they
afford the pier?  Can Provincetown afford the pier and who is it for?  Is it
like Disney?   It is pretty but what is it used for?
8:48 pm est 

Yes No More B Slapping

Isn't firing her husband and taking her chair away enough for you?
But this backing the bus continuosly over her is well.
7:44 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Look all I am saying is when I drive down the pier it looks great. We 
should just leave it at that and not ask questions they might not have answers
Go Pier Corp!
7:42 pm est 

To: Are You for Real

Obviously, you do not know sarcasm when you read it!
7:01 pm est 

Re: PJ's Question About Salaries

Thanks to whomever answered my question about salaries in the warrant.
I appreciate you taking the time to help me understand.

6:59 pm est 

PJ's Question About Salary

Executives in municipalities traditionally receive remuneration which exceeds
their base salary, such as reimbursement for cell phone and transportation
expenses (including auto allowance). These reimbursements are typically covered
in the employment agreements executed between the town and the executive.

Anyone wishing to look at the contracts for our town's executives (including the
town manager and police chief) may do so in the office of the town clerk as
these contracts are public record.

The town has an obligation to report the actual amount of money paid to an
employee. Therefore, don't be surprised if the amount exceeds the base salary
for that individual, because the disbursement represents additional monies paid.

Applaud the municipal finance department for doing exactly what they are
required to do.

5:53 pm est 

Are You For Real?

I bet if you did your own tax returns wrong FOR ONE YEAR, the IRS would want it
fixed......   Are you saying that ONLY 7 YEARS DOING BOOKS WRONG, OR THAT IT
year old, no I take that back, a 2 year old is smarter than you.  GIVE US A

Mary Jo, Duane and Nagle DID NOT GET Us Into Trouble With the DOR! The pier got
into trouble all alone.   Those 3 just showed the town that they all care............

NOT A Friend OR FOE of the Pier Corp. Just someone that thinks your STUPID

5:51 pm est 

Couture Stop Slapping Mary Jo and Candace

They have every right to blog just like you and your Donna.....
5:47 pm est 

Mary Jo, Duane and Nagle Got Us Into Trouble With the DOR!

They need to stop snooping around down on the pier or looking at their books!

The Town doesn't need getting a letter like this one:

....a stern rebuke from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the Pier Corp. that it did not, quote have a viable records management policy and could, quote, expose the town and Pier Corp. to civil and criminal liability, end quote.

They have been doing their books for just seven years. It takes time for proper municipal accounting afterall.

Friend of the Pier Corp.
2:07 pm est 

Hear no Evil, See no Evil

Yes the public doesn't want to know they have been subsidizing charter businesses for years. The public doesn't want to know that the majority of recommendations the Finance Committee made for the PierCorps has been rebuffed..

Stop telling us these terrible things Duane, MJ and Candice. We want to be left in the dark about the shady self dealings on the pier.  
11:00 am est 

I'm a Little Confused...

I'm reading the 2008 Provincetown Report and it says that Sharon Lynne made $126,000 in salary. I'm also reading the warrant with all of the proposed articles and it says:

Article 10.      Amendments to Personnel By-law/Classification and Compensation Plan. To see if the Town will vote as follows:

           1. Schedule A: to amend Schedule A, "Permanent Full and Part-time Non-Union Positions," of the Classification and Compensation Plan of the Town, effective July 1, 2011, as follows:  

Actual FY 2010                  Proposed FY 2011

Grade 21
Minimum                          Maximum

91,006                           106,517

So, my question is if she's already making $126,000 according to the 2008 town report, why are the above salaries being asked to be approved by town meeting? Is she taking a pay cut... or are we being lied to. I find the town articles difficult to understand. Can anyone share any light on this for me? I'd appreciate it. Also, why can't I find the town report for 2009.


10:58 am est 

The Warrant is On Line at theTown Site
What is wrong with the so-called leaders here? Salray increases as if it is
go-go times. They are handing out money to Sharon's favorites like tootsie rolls
and all day suckers. But here we, the taxpayers, are the all day suckers!
12:53 am est 

Glad There's NO Strike at the Stop & Shop

Thanks for letting us know. I look here I'll get the asnwer. How nice.
12:51 am est 


Who was found at Wood End?
12:48 am est 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Route 6 Construction

Ok everyone, let's see if you can grind the sewer project to a halt
again. I see they've marked the median on Rt 6 for where the pipes should be
buried. Or maybe we could just let them do their job.

Gopher B. Roke
6:26 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Would someone please build a blog just for this topic?  I'm sick of Candy and
her supporters / detractors taking over this site.  We all know they have their
own personal agendas.  This is a boring topic and it holds very little interest
for the majority of us who come to check out this site.  Stop holding us
hostage.  Enough already!!!  You are boring us to death!
6:25 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

I just passed HIM on the street. Rhode Island License plates still
firmly in place on  his car.........jus sayin'
6:23 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Candace Nagel, Mary Jo Avellar and Duane Steele are a sad little
group. Anyone with a half an ounce of intelligence can spot your signatures
here! I for one am sick to death of reading your assassination efforts against
the Pier Corp. It's really too bad that not one of you has the stones to
actually sign your name and own your opinions!

Yours in Good Government my buttocks!
6:22 pm est 

Sometimes I think the Academy Awards Could be Given Out Here

For pretending to care about the town, for great acting as if you are really
doing an outstanding job, because you are the best and do the best! The acting
is going on throughout this town so why not the awards! To Conservation for
acting as if they are protecting our wetlands and dunes and for Zoning as if
they are concerned with density and scale and for planning as if they are
engaged in responsible building size and actual setbacks.

And the winners are----sadly not us who love this town!
9:39 am est 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Was the Boatworks Really Run Down?

This was Built of Old timbersand the junk may have been upon the beach and behind the building, but the structure was not old and in disrepair. Now this tear down can house seven new
condos and two commercial endeavors without any parking. But where's the
building? Now that it is gone, seems like they should start anew. New setbacks,
new lot lines, new construction.
8:56 pm est 

Re: The Boatworks is Gone!

"How did this significant structure get demolished?"

Now this is an easy answer.  If you own a building that's in kind of bad shape. 
Let it get really run down so that it can't be saved.  Then you can demolish it
and build what you want.  Maybe at least it will no longer house the junk yard
that was on the beach.
8:35 pm est 

Forklift Gate? That's Funny!

Don't tell us that they had to go out and buy another piece of equipment because
they realized after they made that there barge, they couldn't get them piles on
it from da pier? Geeze Louise. Shoulda called Vaughn and rented his crane to
drive them piles. Woulda been cheap. Oh, well next time.

8:32 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

During the last NEer (Northeaster) men were stumbling around trying to get to their
boats in pitch dock lights. And its been like that all winter.

3:14 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

"And you have nothing better to do than read the PPPC minutes from
SEVEN years
ago when the pier was established?  Give me a break!  It was an infant then and
things are different now, yet you insist on dragging up crap from years ago
instead of trying to help them and the town move the pier into the future."

You tell them! It shouldn't matter that the Pier Corp. set the rate at $8,000
back there in 2003. It was a different board. Don't expect them to know to set a
rate another board set seven years ago with some lame market survey and adjust
it with CPI increases year to year. Haven't you ever heard of rates decreasing
year to year? Well, that's the way it is done down here on the pier and we are
all giddy about it! We should all be happy they lost only $40,000 because every
year that's the number that will go up!

White Boots
3:13 pm est 

Feds in Provincetown?

What's this I hear about the feds coming to Provincetown? Anyone know?
3:11 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

''So what if the Pier Corp had spent $5,000. or as much as $25,000. on
a website?
Wouldn't you all be screaming about that too?''

Listen, just because the directors understand the economic value of having a
website of the businesses they own or work at , don't expect them to transfer
their understanding of the importance of the internet in today's economy when
they are wearing their pier jackets! It just doesn't work like that on the pier.
And besides, their website is only outdated by four years!
3:09 pm est 

Re: Townsend Lobster

Anybody know if Townsend Lobster is going to re-open in the old Clem &
Ursie's space?  It looks like they have cleared out...that is drag if it is
3:08 pm est 

Ah, Ooh, the Boatworks is Gone!

How did this significant structure get demolished? You're right, there is
nothing left. It has vanished into never never land. Who approved this? Or is
this another do what you want, then ask for forgiveness deal? Looks like someone
just bought a piece of land on the beach and is now starting to build. Weird.
1:58 pm est 

To be Announced

Coming soon: ForkliftGate....

1:57 pm est 

Stop and Shop Has Reached an Agreement

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- The Stop & Shop supermarkets chain has reached tentative
agreements with five labor unions in Connecticut, Rhode Island and

The unions have scheduled Sunday meetings for votes by their members, who've
been without contracts since Friday. The unions say they won't strike unless
workers reject the agreements.

Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. LLC had been negotiating with the locals since
January. It says it's pleased to have met its goal of tentative agreements
offering workers competitive wages and retirement benefits and access to quality
health care.

Providence, R.I., union spokesman Jim Riley says the membership will decide
whether to accept or reject the contracts.

Stop & Shop operates more than 350 supermarkets in Connecticut, Massachusetts,
Rhode Island, New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey. It's based in Quincy,
1:55 pm est 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Website Shmebsite

So what if the Pier Corp had spent $5,000. or as much as $25,000. on a website?
Wouldn't you all be screaming about that too?

Just askin
10:22 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

If you were informed the PPPC is not within the DOR purview. Just
another example of those in charge down being confused.
10:20 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Candace, why don't you go ahead and bring the pier's financial's to the state
auditors?  You've been threatening to do this for so long now and personally I'm
tired of hearing the threat.

Chances are the state auditors won't even bother doing a review after a cursory
look at the information.  There is no smoking gun except for the one you keep
threatening with.

And you have nothing better to do than read the PPPC minutes from SEVEN years
ago when the pier was established?  Give me a break!  It was an infant then and
things are different now, yet you insist on dragging up crap from years ago
instead of trying to help them and the town move the pier into the future.

And MaryJo if you're listening, you need to choose your friends more carefully
because now you're making a fool of yourself by pushing their agenda.
5:24 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

These minutes are indeed meaty:

'The PPPC has a proforma budget, has completed a market survey, and is operating
the Pier as a market-based enterprise, with guidance from the recommendation in
1997 that the fees go from $4000 to $8000 'Pier Corp. chair Joyce Guide Nov 6

Why then has Pier Corp. director Rich Wood who operates a charter business on
MacMillan and has said publicly that he thinks his rate is 'fair' paying only
$2500? It's no wonder the PPPC is losing money when there are at least several
charters businesses are paying $2500 per season not the 'market rate.'

The Selectmen refuse to hold the PPPC accountible. But, there is a way to file a
complaint on a state level and it will be done soon. You can be sure the
Commonwealth entity sees these minutes and their 1997 and 2009 market surveys
5:01 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

PPPC Chair George: to say the least, you have lost your way over the
last seven years:

George Hitchcock in his statement said that the reason why the PPPC exists is to
avoid losing money, that the Board is constantly trying new things to bring in
businessses and new sources of revenue. Nov 6 2003

It's just one contradiction after another when it comes to why the Pier Corp
exists and what town officials tell us.
4:57 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Hearing time and date:  7pm November 6, 2003

Hearing location:Judge Welsh Room, Town Hall

Why did Pier Corporation Director Joyce Guide state?

'The Town has given the PPPC $400,000 to begin, and then took back $198,000 as
first debt payment on June 30th of this year.'


The only one who wouldn't question these contradictions based on the blog
postings is Michele's Donna. Donna, we know you don't like us. But, it's good
government to raise these valid questions.
4:55 pm est 

Re: It Only Moves If You Push It

Things only change when someone is a board member. You can be in the audience
and complain and push but when the actual vote comes down, the true power is in
the selectmans position. Keep in mind all the behind the scenes conversations
each of these selectmen have with constituents. Sitting in the audience thinking
you're doing something substantial just because you showed up at a meeting is
not enough. Being the selectman is the only way things will change. Debate
causing another selectman to change his or her vote is the way to change things,
not complaining frustratingly here or at a meeting or at Town meeting. Run for
the position. If the people that are doing iot now can do it, it clearly shows
you don't need to be a rocket scientist, maybe just a highschool diploma. Don't
be afraid. Run.
4:53 pm est 

Re: Town Landing

Seems the Town Landing is Being Compromised next to the Boatworks
Shouldn't the town landing be free and clear and not impinged upon by those who
abut it? Shouldn't we be able to have the entire town landing that was there
before the construction on this building began? They don't own the town landing
and yet they seem to have the fence beyond where their property actually is. And
by the way: what happened to the building? It is no more. Who allowed this?
11:10 am est 

Re: Only a Fool

"..One doesn't have to be a selectman to effect change. Only a fool would think

I agree that one does not have to be a selectman to effect change, but I don't
call other people 'fools'.  However, if you want to blame selectman for the
town's woes as many on here seem to do, then you have to change the selectman. 
And the only way to change selectman is for people to run for the position of

It's not an easy job and I give those who are currently selectman credit for at
least putting themselves out there.
11:09 am est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

If anyone can find a town board  or local non profit website that is
more or equally out of date to the website of the board that  over sees the
economic engine to the town, the pier, I will donate $100.00 to their favorite 
local non profit. Imagine what tourists must think when they go on to it!

11:32 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Bringing up the Pier Corp. website that was last updated in 2OO6,
simply highlights a dysfuntional board that is incapable or unwiiling to adhere
to its mandate. Unfortunately for us, those that are suppose to oversee them are
just as dysfunctional.
11:31 pm est 

Re: It Only Moves If You Push It

I am asked to run for selectman all the time. One doesn't have to be a
selectman to effect change. Only a fool would think that.

11:29 pm est 

It Only Moves If You Push It

I would agree with the post.  You get what you vote for.  For those
that complain, get out and get on a board.  Better yet, run for the BOS .    See
if you get voted for?   See if you do better than David or Austin.  At least
Mary Jo speaks her mind.  Not that I agree with MOST things she says.  At least
she is not hiding behind some keyboard.  Oh yes, her husband is hiding here, at
least some of you would think so.  How about our Chairs partner, Donna?  She
reads these posts every few hours at her store on commercial street.  
11:27 pm est 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Why Doesn't Candace, Astrid, Clarence or Marcene Run For the BoS?
Hmmm....Besides that no one but themselves would for for them they would have to
perform to meet thier own standards set here on this blog.  Duane Steele has a
better chance of being elected. 
8:43 pm est 

Truro Well Fields

From the Banner,

"-Topping the Special Town Meeting warrant is an article asking for authority to
permit, design and construct new water supply wells at the North Union Field
location in Truro, including the water distribution facilities and including
without limitation all land acquisition costs and other costs, for two pieces of
property in Truro, one owned by the town. Authority is requested to acquire the
land by purchase, gift, eminent domain or otherwise.--"

Without limitation? The BOS is asking for a blank check? What, are they nuts?
Have they really lost their minds? Instead of asking for a set amount, they are
asking us now to allow them to spend to their hearts delight. They truly have
lost their minds. Anyone that votes yes to this, without an amount or a limit,
is crazy.
8:39 pm est 

What's Up on Bangs Street and the Petition Some Signed?

Can someone give me the issues on this? Seems quite a few people signed that
petition and wrote the letter to the Banner. But why? What's happening at the
end of this little street?
8:37 pm est 

24 franklin Street

Thanks to All Who voiced Their Concerns ABout 24 Franklin
I don't think the Historic District Commission would have done what they did and
bring this case back to them if there hadn't been such outrage here. People were
surely upset and they had every right to be. Glad that now the building will be
developed according to the initial HDC decision. Shout Out can make a
8:36 pm est 

It Only Moves if You Push it

If you want change you have to make it happen, just complaining about
things doesn't make it happen.

I noted in the Banner that to-date there is very little interest from residents
in running for the two B.O.S. seats.  People get the government they deserve and
if you think you can do better then put 'your money where your mouth is'.

It's kind of amusing that people want to complain and attack the BOS, but yet
are unwilling to step forward if they think they can do a better job.
3:25 pm est 

You People Make Me Sick!

You have the audacity to judge a board of
volunteers based on their website? That is just sad.

For God sake people, get lives! Theres so much more to life than banging away on
your keyboard just to attack the integrity of our Town volunteers! Walk a mile
in their shoes BEFORE you attack them here!

Call Doug Johnstone and ask him how many vacant positions there are on Town
Committees and Boards. It's pitiful! Now guess one of the reasons that many
people won't run?


Blogged to death
3:24 pm est 

Re: Attacks of the Week...

"24 Franklin Street and The Provincetown Pier
Corp... can we move on now!"

Okay--who is responsible for this morning's snow?  Heads should roll!!!!!!!!
12:29 pm est 

Re: Sick Time Abuse Letters

The Town Manager is NOT going to remove the letters from their personal files.
12:13 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

No, I won't fire Rex. I would break his position into two parts,
leaving him the pier manager not harbormaster.
12:11 pm est 

Taxpayers Stand Up!

The Boston Globe has had articles in the newspaper about the cost of taxpayer
funded health care plans for its town workers.

Provincetown is the largest employer in this town. We taxpayers need relief and
put this money towards the needs of the town.

Wake up and demand change.
12:09 pm est 

Attacks of the Week...

24 Franklin Street and The Provincetown Pier
Corp... can we move on now! Enough is enough! So sad that this is all we can
think to talk about over and over and over again. How is the Town Hall
restoration going? What about the sewer expansion? Any big commercial properties
sell in town lately? Has Stop and Shop closed due to the impeding strike?

12:08 pm est 

Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop goes on strike at 12pm.

12:06 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

What exchange does the Public Pier Corporation trade on? It sounds
like a great short to me.
12:10 am est 

Public Pier Corporation

What exchange does the Public Pier Corporation trade on? It sounds
like a great short to me.
12:08 am est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

I just went on the pier corporation's website and am embarrassed. 
Compare the volunteer VSB to their website. These people are incompetent.
12:06 am est 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

If I were on the Pier board the first thing I would do is fire
McKinsey. He is a lousy harbormaster. If I were on the BOS, I'd ask for the
resignations of all the board members but Bender's. That is how to shake up
things down there.
12:03 am est 

TV Alternatives

Other than installing a satellite dish, are there other options for
cable TV other than Comcast in Provincetown?

I've been searching, but can't find an alternative to
12:01 am est 

Energy Efficiency Grants

Does anyone know what entity offers the grants for energy efficient doors and
windows? They were the ones that offered to replace the "drafty old door" that
the historic district denied.
11:59 pm est 

Provincetown "Sick Time Abuse"

Does anyone know what the outcome was on the sick time letter and the
abuse of time by some towns employees? Did the letter stay in the employee

11:57 pm est 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yet One More Opinion Regarding 24 Franklin Street

I do not really know Mr. Tosner.  However both he and Victor have lived here
long enough to know the procedures regarding a building remodel.  They went
before Historic and were told what they had to do...

They were told to keep the chimney, but it "came down" so why didn't they save
the bricks, to rebuild it?

They say the wrong windows came in, sure that sort of thing happens, but you
send the wrong windows back, you do not install them!

These are the types of things that make people suspicious of the developers

These two individuals are not poor old people dealing with drafty old doors..
they are developers who are taking a property, and turning it into condos to
flip.  Fair enough good for them, they have every right to do so.

But do not expect me to cry or feel sorry about them having to play by the rules
(and spend a little more $$$) in order to keep the property as historic as
6:18 pm est 

Seems the Attack is on the 24 Franklin STreet Property and the Poor Unhistoric Restoration

The compaints were against the work done. Of course some will ask who are the
owners. Who has done such atrocious work? To take the attack as personal is to
miss the reason for the complaints and qustions. It is the type of work, the
apprarent disregard of decision, and the unhistoric features put into this
building. that is the issue and it is the work and approach that is being
6:16 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

I for one count myself as a great big fan of the Pier Corporation. I
have had several dealings with them and have found them to honest and
forthright. They are thoughtful in their processes and deliberations and truly
care about the job that they are trying to do at the pier.

MaryJo said it herself about the pier being our town's largest piece of
infrastructure. I am content with the board that stewards that property. Their
two newest members; Rich Wood and Ginny Binder can only add more positives to an
already well constructed group. Kudos to the members of the Board of Selectmen
who voted for these two members.

I say let Candace Nagle keep throwing stones. She only makes herself look the
fool. We all know that she is only interested in herself. MaryJo will always
hate the Pier Corp. since her husband lost his job down there. She will never
shut up about that and will continue her ranting, but just like Nagle, she too
looks foolish.

Ah yes, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive right MaryJo and
Candace? Oh, and you too Duane!
6:12 pm est 

24 Franklin Street

"So I say lets put this whole issue to rest and move on to the next
victim in the water! (play theme song from JAWS here)"

Here Here!!
3:15 pm est 

24 Franklin Street Was in Violation of HDC Decision

Were there violations on 24 Frankling STreet? There were many and the owners and
developers of 24 Franklin Street put in windows that were not authorized,
removed a block chimney they were mandated to keep, removed the original brick
chimney which they were ordered to maintain, and put in doors that were in
violations of the HDC decision.

Now to call the doors "temporary" and the destruction of the chimneys unimportant
and the windows a "mistake" leaves many questions about intent and gameplan.
They could ahve been fined each day for being in violation and not only have an
orange sign posted on their building. They are lucky the building commissioner simply
stuck this orange sign on the wall.

It's amazing when many people raise questions or wonder about actions that some
do that others cannot get away with, what is really happening. I do not believe
there are only 3 people upset with 24 Franklin. It is high visible and the work
done was an afront to what others are forced to do. These doors were cheap, ugly
and offended the many people who are forced to keep older wooden doors. So call
them "temporary" but they are now forced to put in what they should have
initially put in. The cost is more but the looks more in keeping with the
decision rendered.

If people are riasing questions about Rob Tosner and Victor, it is their
development and dorners and decks and changes to this simple bulding itself
questionable, even if allowed. How come they were allowed such major changes
when others can't even get a dormer or an additional window added to their
property? Why are some properties micro-managed and others, like 74 Franklin,
allowed to alter substantially the historic nature of the building?
3:14 pm est 

24 Franklin Street

I have to say I get a kick out of what is posted on this blog. I have a new
mantra for myPAAC " we make s*#t up "

Let me try and set the record straight based on last nights meeting...first the
viciousness of the attacks against Mr. Tosner are really uncalled for, slamming
him as a professional in town does not accomplish anything but make someone who
has volunteered and given a lot of time to making the community better
reconsider why they ever came here in the first place. Frankly some people here
are like sharks if there is a little blood in the water they go after you
without any regard of the consequences, nor do they care. It seems some people
post false hoods or half truths on here just to stir things up. Its a shame all
of that negative energy can not be channeled for something good in town.

Second, I believe all of the issues of 24 Franklin are/will rectified.

The doors there now are temporary when the construction is completed the
permanent and historically appropriate doors will be hung. In the mean time I
assume the owners have to keep the building secure so thats why those doors are
there now.

The windows will be corrected...the wrong windows were ordered and the correct
ones will be installed.

The chimney was taken down because the entire roof had to be replaced due to
structural issues. The original chimney will be restored. The cinderblock
chimney was taken down, it was not historic or architecturely significant.The
reason that ugly chimney was kept orginally was to keep a functioning oil
furnace which is now out and gas will be used to heat the building.

So, were mistakes made? Yes. Will they be fixed? Yes.

Were the actions by the owners or contractor intentional? I don't know only they
really know that. You can speculate all you want but unless your a mind reader
do we really want to hear it, however everything is being addressed so does it
really matter? Unfortunately for a few of you, yes it does, because you will not
be satified until you get your pound of flesh by destroying another person's

For most of us we have more important things to move onto, our own lives.

So I say lets put this whole issue to rest and move on to the next victim in the
water! (play theme song from JAWS here)

12:25 pm est 

24 Franklin Street

Okay --
1. From what I have read no one has presented any evidence that Rob Tosner has
broken any "law" -- or that anyone knows exactly what the plan for the property
was, or what was cleared by any of the various town commissions, etc. An orange
sticker on the door means that's something's going on, but..."broken a law" may
be a bit of an overstatement.

2. You may be overestimating the clout and impact of this blog. If I were a town
official I'd study the writing styles of the "anonymous" contributor(s) and
determine that it looks like we have (at max) maybe 3-5 irate citizens (a very
minute minority) who are consumed with this issue; however, since the posts are
anonymous we can't be certain that it not just one individual with a knack for
disguising a PENCHANT FOR PUNCTUATION ! -- ! and phraseology; and that we can't
rule out the notion that the "anonymous person" is using this situation to right
some perceived personal wrong done to him/her by Tosner.

3. If Tosner has broken or side-stepped some rule or law in regards to
developing the property, thank God it wasn't one involving good taste. You have
to admit, the property is looking damn good.

11:47 am est 

Re: - 24 Franklin Street

This blog is a place for us to get the word out to our neighbors to let them
know what is going on in this town. How do you think a Violation notice was
posted at 24 Franklin ?  I'll bet this blog had something to do with it.

As far as the on and on about bettering the town, saving it from neglect, fire
hazards etc - these are all wonderful things - AS LONG AS THE RULES OF THE HDC
and town boards ARE FOLLOWED.   Just because a developer improves a property
does not give him license to do anything he wants "within reason". 

As has been stated on this blog prior, this developement supposedly is being
built by a real estate professional and a developer in town - THESE TYPES OF
should be knowledgeable of how to improve and beautify a property WITHIN

Anything other than their compliance is a convenient excuse or strategy for them
to do whatever they want for THEIR  benefit and in turn the total disregard to
the HDC, process and people of Provincetown.
10:42 am est 

Re: Steve Lyons & Rob Tosner

I applaud Steve Lyons for being so honest in his response.  I do
recall Rob voting against him on issues in the past.   Thanks Steve for
reminding us all.
But as in the other Posts, Rob Tosner  needs to be held accountable.   What is
the town doing about these issues?
10:38 am est 

Throwing Stones in a Glass House

I have to say that after reading the latest blogs that attack peoples
characters reminds me of children in highschool, only difference is you don't
know who is slamming you.  This blog was ment, I thought, to bring your concerns
to light about things in this town that you found to be problematic. I think
that if the people who posted the attacks on others character actually spent as
much time on their own lives they may be more happy and not so negative, but
then again that would be what mature people do. Sorry my bad!
10:30 am est 

Historic District Commission Meeting

How did the meeting go yesterday relativret o 24 Franklin? I know it
will take much time before the minutes are published and I, Like many others,
could not attend a 3:30 meeting.

But I find it disturbing that anyone would say not abiding by the rules of a
town board that all parties agree to is fine as long as the result is better than
what was started with. If that were the case we would not need any town boards
at all.

Anarchy is not the way to go.
10:28 am est 

24 Franklin Street

Thanks for the response to my post. But let me clear a few things up:

1. I did not feel it is important for me to include the fact that Rob Tosner and
I are friends, both professionally and personally. And here's why: Everyone who
does know me (and some who don't) know that friendship -- especially someone
else's idea of it -- never gets in the way of me having an opinion and stating
it to you...whether you like it or not...and usually to your face. And what you
didn't note is that it's not like our friendship doesn't have reasons to NOT
exist. The S.O.B. voted against me on any number of issues at various times,
including when I was the Marketing Dir. for the PBG and Dir. of Tourism for the
Town. And to add insult to my injuries, he has even neglected to invite me to
any number of social events!

2. You missed my point about "anonymity" and it is this: It defeats what you're
trying to do. You can -- and should -- effect change in your community, but you
have to do it with by showing up personally for the debate and having
intelligent choices toward a solution -- which is what I tried to offer.
Remember: the whole world is condemning burqas for the metaphorical suppression
and anonymity it forces on the individual -- and here you are willingly donning
one! Makes no sense.

3. I never said Rob should NOT be held responsible for his actions. But that's
between town officials and him -- and you if you want to help solve the problems
caused by his actions. As for not using his business, I'm sure he is sad to lose
a customer (and if he isn't, he should be, especially in this market.)

4. As for increasing the number of households and its strain on the environment,
etc., I can't imagine what you are thinking. A) Ptown continues to lose
population, and B) there's no guarantee that the condos will even sell,
especially since there's a helluva lot of competitive properties on the market.

5. Ginnie Bender gave a great quote, saying that "Provincetown was essentially
saved by neglect," meaning that the historical commission was able to get into
place before over-development began, thus stopping Ptown from becoming a strip
mall with bad subdivision-style homes. But neglect can also be a detriment --
creating havoc such as rodent infestation, fire hazards, and on and on. So,
perhaps it is time to rethink what "bettering the town" actually means,
especially when it comes to improving architectural eyesores.

Steve Lyons
9:45 am est 

Look At the Violations 24 Franklin Street Incurred Against the HDC Ruling

You may like the changes Mr. Lyons. You may feel whatever is being done at 24
Franklin is an improvement. But maybe you are missing the entire point: Has your
friend carried out the HDC ruling or not. That is the point and if he did not,
then he is in violation of the HDC decision. Perhaps that should be looked at by
you, sir.

And perhaps you have no idea what a blog is, unless of course it affects you and
your friend. Blogs exists. Blogs make news. Blogs are anonymous. That's today
on-line life. Just check out the other sites you look at anonymously!
9:41 am est 

24 Franklin Street

Rob Tosner has lost credibility as a real estate professional.  I will
not ever use his services as he clearly cannot be trust to do whats right and
whats ethical.  He should have known better.  An example needs to be set here. 
He should step down from his seat on the tourism board or the town should ask
for his resignation.
9:38 am est 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

24 Franklin Street

Rob Tosner and Steve Lyons are friends.  They go back 10 years on the
PBG that I know of.  Not that Steve shouldn't defend his friend on here, but
after signing his name, he should have noted that.  Just facts.
PS:  Still doesn't give Rob a green light to do things that he has no legal
permit to do.  As a real-estate agent, Rob should know the rules better than
anyone else.  Gives me reason NEVER to use his agency.  But that is my
preference.  You all make up your own minds when you sell, or buy for that
9:51 pm est 

Re: Rob Tosner and the Franklin Street Project

"I find it strange (and strangely cowardly) and disingenuous to the process in
place by the town re: property development that adults would post grievances
anonymously in a public forum

== it is what it is get over it

But remember, the law applies to you and your
"secret home improvements".

== including the illegal apartment in HIS house?  Why is that allowed?

He IMPROVED it -- and in
doing so, he improved YOUR TOWN

== by adding 3 households where there was one??  more traffic, more pollution
more congestion , more idiots in the summer - gee thanks.
7:38 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

They bill themselves as the 'economic driver' of Provincetown. But
maybe the Pier Corp. should update their website? It hasn't been changed since
2006. Rates and regulations four years old is just another example of a failed

Can someone tell them that the Portuguese Princess Excursions hasn't been
operating on the pier for years? We know it's only been three years, but maybe
it's time to delete it?
7:34 pm est 

Home Energy Grants

Can anyone tell me who was offering the grants to replace the drafty wooden door
that the historic district denied? I have a friend in Marblehead whose parents
house just had a window casing blown off in last weekend storm and their
insurance deductible is $5K. It would be a big help to them to get some
assistance and would also be interesting to see how Marblehead, with the largest
historic district in Massachusetts, handles the kind of replacement casing that
they will be offered.


Peter W.
7:32 pm est 

Crow Poisoning Meeting

I couldn't come up with an address but here is some info from the Times that
should help:

"The Cape Cod National Seashore will work with the U.S. Department of
Agriculture from March through May to create fake nests at Duck Harbor and Bound
Brook beaches. The scientists will inject the avicide DRC-1339 into hard-boiled
chicken eggs and place them in the "nests," according to the plan. The tainted
egg sites, which will be fenced in, are designed to look like the fenced
enclosures that Seashore officials use now to protect plover nests.

DRC-1339 is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for control of
several species of birds considered pests, such as crows and gulls, according to
the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The chemical can kill a crow within 12 to 72
hours, according to the Seashore.

The Seashore will hold public information meetings about the plan Feb. 25 in
Eastham and March 3 in Provincetown.

For more information, call Seashore acting Chief of Natural Resources Megan
Tyrrell at 508-957-0737."

Thanks for caring
7:29 pm est 

Re: Rob Tosner and the Franklin Street Project

1. I find it strange (and strangely cowardly) and disingenuous to the process in
place by the town re: property development that adults would post grievances
anonymously in a public forum -- including this one. If you have something to
say, you should also be seen. It's much more impacting.

2. As this is "your town, too", you are allowed to arrive at solutions that make
you feel better. Regarding the Franklin St. project, I propose you:
   a. Write and pass a town law that says any money earned (or calculation
thereof) made from home improvements that do not follow the letter of the law be
turned over to the town treasury. But remember, the law applies to you and your
"secret home improvements".
   b. Volunteer to replace anything on the Franklin St. property that offends
your aesthetics (I think someone mentioned the doors bother them). You should
also install the doors -- and by all means, make sure they provide safety and
adequate fire protection. The same applies to the windows.
   c.  Say thank you to anyone -- including Rob Tosner -- who would put their
cash on the line to improve an eyesore like that was before construction began.
It's not as if he turned it into an HGTV-nightmare. He IMPROVED it -- and in
doing so, he improved YOUR TOWN. As long as a home-owner or developer acts
within reason, what's the point of halting projects that create a stronger tax
base and improve the aesthetics of the town? He loses, the town loses, and we,
property owners and renters alike, lose, too.

Steve Lyons
3:59 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation
What are they doing in the harbormaster's office off season?

A. playing sudoko
B. not much
C. on

Answer: C

Lovely and very consise Duane. After all, who would know better than you? You
forgot D. reading newspapers! Answer: All of the above.
1:34 pm est 

Re: Candace Nagle

Wow Candi sure hates Kerry and the Pier Corp members doesn't she? I
love the "incoherent ranting" piece! Does that infer that Kerry blog's here?
Funny, I cant imagine why ANY of the Pier Corp. members would want anything to
do with bash-fest!

However, that being said miss nagle, twas I who blogged here in defense of the
Pier! I am no more a member of their board than I am a friend of yours. I think
you are a vengeful and spiteful woman who cries foul whenever you dont get your
way! I remember saying here that your slip is showing! I meant that! You have a
slip on that pier and yet you shriek the loudest on this blog against any and
every single thing that the Pier Corp does. I guess it kind of begs the
question: WHY?

Pitiful bottom line this year missy? Perhaps the Attorney General should be
looking into your business practices? I have their office on my speed dial.
Shall I place the call? Ah, the lovely sound of silence............. was that a
pin I heard dropping?
1:33 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Scanlon & Associates Feb 2010:

"After several attempts of trying to stop the interest from going to the pier
corporation, the current treasurer finally notified the pier corporation that
the $200,000 was the Towns funds not the piers funds.

I met with the pier manager and members of the pier committee in November to
explain the problem and for them to come up with a solution to this matter. I
suggested that they reconcile their cash basis sheets to the records of the
Town. They indicated that because of the time and cost of their auditor to do
this that the reconciliation of those accounts could be difficult."

They were full of excuses and wouldn't cooperate with the Town's accountant. It
took three months of putting pressure on them to finally turn over their cash
statements. Imagine them trying to reconcile their books?
Please, the Finance Committee found them 'confusing and inconsistent.' I'm sure
they do too!

1:30 pm est 

Michele Couture

Instead of bashing Couture about her store inventory, how about
criticizing her for her stupidity thinking that Provincetown can take over a
Truro citizen's private property through emenient domain? How about criticizing
her ignorance? Imagine asking Truro residents to help pay for our water?  Can
you spell PUSHY AND IGNORANT? Keep up the good work Selectman!
1:26 pm est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Isn't that what Jeff Skilling, CEO, said about Enron's books? It's a
'bookkeeping error.' We've been told that one too many times here in Ptown to
know that's a 'smokescreen' for 'accounting malfeasance.' Afterall, the
Commonwealth said Kerry's books exposed the Town to 'criminal', yes that's right
'criminal' and 'civil' liability. How many times did an auditor visit the
harbormaster's office from the Commonwealth because of concerns with your
accounting practices? Three times?
1:24 pm est 

Facing Reality

Everywhere across this great country of ours municipalities are making
necessary spending cuts.  Provincetown, as usual, feels that they are isolated
from these issues.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It's time for
staff cuts, moving retirees to Medicare, reducing the number of paid holdiays
from 12 for town employees to a resonable 7 or 5.  These are just the 1st steps
to bring our town back to reality.  Just ask the town businesses who have seen
locals spending less because funds are needed elsewhere. 
1:22 pm est 

Who is Holding the Crow Poisioning Meeting Today?

I am against this attempt to poison one species in order to save another. Crows
are amazing birds and this is just plain offensive. I'd send a letter against
this proposal if someone could let me know who is hosting the meeting at Costal
Studies. Thanks for the information.
11:05 am est 

Public Pier Corporation
The attorney general needs to look in to Candy Nagle.  The smoke screen that she
keeps fueling on this blog begs the question, what is she hiding?  This weeks
Banner explained exactly what the situation was with the book keeping "error",
but the facts are twisted and misrepresented here.  Candy, please stop your
ranting and try to be objective.  We know your motives and the only people that
find your posts informative are those who share your vendetta.
11:03 am est 

24 Franklin Street - HDC Meeting Today at 3:30pm

Isn't today the day that the HDC will meet to discuss the violations at 24
Franklin street ?  Should be very interesting to see what OUR town board does to
make sure these violations are remedied.
10:59 am est 

Public Pier Corporation

Anyone notice when 'state audit' is mentioned for the pier finances,
their treasurer goes into a incoherent rant here. I know you feel emasculated.
But it is not about you and your bruised ego
Kerry. You had no business playing treasurer on the Pier Corp. You were under

Why don't you google meters for electricity? So your absurd $49,000 Nstar bill
this year is cut in half or more by having your tenants pay instead of
Provincetown taxpayers. The idea was first presented three years ago by a
taxpayer not your too cozy board.
10:57 am est 

Honest as the Day is Long? Couture is This Honest?

Honest? Respectable business person? What is she selling? How is she really
making money? Selling these odd creatures in her landlord's business space? How
much rent is she paying? What is the quid pro quo, Michelle?
10:56 am est 

Tst Tst Tst Tst to You All Again..........

If I could find the letter you all keep talking about, I would NOT have asked. 
I have a life and this is a place to find answers when one tries and then can
not find it.   Your so wrong and I hope you can't find your way back to
Provincetown when you leave on a vacation, which I hope is soon.......................
Tst Tst Tst Tst to each of you who post rude comments.  I don't care if your in
favor of something or not.  Can you not be nice?  Oh yes, this is Provincetown. 
When you came here, you lost your minds and think the town is ALL ABOUT YOU.
Tst Tst Tst Tst
10:52 am est 

Sorry, But If Joe's Was the Only One Requesting Extra Seats.....

.....then giving them 50 or 100 would be fine. But there are people open year round
and they have only 4 seats. Look at the East End Deli. They are open every day
and they serve the East end well. They had to fight for four seats. And then
Joe's gets 50. No. this is not right. They can't get seven seats but Joe's can
get 50? Again, not right. Not fair. And there are others fighting for one seat
and they have to wait and wait. They won't get this one seat for maybe a year!
This is where Michelle plays her game and gives some businesses 50 and others
she plays her behind the scene games. This is not admirable, my friend even if
the coffe flows in the West End.
10:50 am est 

Red Flags

When Sharon Lynne used the words 'Red Flags', she was referring to other
anomalies within the town's books reflective of the administration that preceded
hers.  She was not implying anything to do with the pier.

But of course, this will fall on deaf ears because there are those who are
intent on dissolving the PPPC.  Face it, there is NO public support for it.
10:39 am est 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Public Pier Corporation

What are they doing in the harbormaster's office off season?

A. playing sudoko
B. not much
C. on

Answer: C
7:46 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

The attorney general needs to look at why Pier Corp. members'
cars have Pier Corp logos on their doors. are they writing off their cars? red flags like s lynn said are running up and down the pier.
6:45 pm est 

Crow Poisoning Meeting
I'm a little surprised that there has been no mention of the plan to poison the crows in Duck Creek, Wellfleet this spring. There is an informational meeting Wednesday, March 3rd at the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies.
5:30 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

Our Town is functioning on a four day work week. But the Pier Corp. needs a full time bookkeeper? I am not speaking against the person who is doing the job but I am outraged that they need to have a year round five day a week bookkeeper. No wonder the Pier Corp. has so many critics.

One has to wonder when driving down the pier off season, what they are really doing in the harbormaster's office.
5:29 pm est 

Re: I Question a Lifestyle Based on Selling Frogs

Michele Couture is as honest as the day is long! The 50 seat coffee shop is not an issue. We're talking COFFEE here, not toxic waste! Sheesh! An outdoor cafe type business that far west is a grand idea and will be a great attraction for folks venturing a bit further up Commercial Street. It can only help the other businesses in that area.  

5:28 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

It seems that Candy Nagle continues to have a great big, huge, absolutely enormous                   about the Pier Corp. Why I ask? Could it be her own bottom line I wonder? Let's think about that for a moment, shall we? Candy does have a Float down on MacMillan isn't that true? She charges for spaces on that very Float, correct? She's terribly angry at Pier Corp management because she sees their floats as competition for hers, isn't that also true?

So I ask this truly candid question Candy - Do you really do this nay saying, harassing, and name calling because you are a concerned taxpayer or a MacMillan Pier Float owner? Methinks someone's bottom line is at stake for a Float that she desires so desperately to part with for a tidy little profit! Now please Candy dear, prove me wrong! I dare you!!!!

Lastly, does the $40,000 deficit that the Pier Corp posted this year effect me as a taxpayer Candy, or YOU as a Float owner?????? Candy, inquiring minds want to know! Is this about YOUR bottom line or mine?

One final note; Pier Corp board member Kerry Adams comment to Selectman Avellar during their recent meeting about Avellar being on a "witch hunt" was PERFECT!  Anyone with ears could hear that very clearly! Can anyone say A-G-E-N-D-A? All that financial mumbo-jumbo from a woman who claims to "hate" finances! HA HA HA! Wanna wager that Candy and Avellars hubby had a hand in her theatrics? What a sad commentary and what a horrible way to treat town volunteers! Her tirade was a sad commentary on just how desperate these people really are.

A Tired Taxpayer
5:24 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

The only pier employees I ever see on the pier in the winter (besides the bookeeper) are Rex McKinsey, the Harbormaser and Luis Ribas, the Asst Harbormaster. The other staff members are done after October. So what's the problem?

Please, get lives!
5:20 pm est 

Re: Tst Tst Tst Tst to You All
Typical attitude of the self indulgent egomaniacs that frequent this blog.  You want everything delivered to you on a silver platter.  If you need information or require an answer to a question you have, then research it!  It is very ignorant to demand service and then complain when your expectations are not met.  You complain about town employees, boards and elected officials, but what are you doing to make a difference?  You hide behind the anonymity of this blog. You should be ashamed of the way you come across.  It is one thing to be passionate about a cause, but many of you are psycho.
5:19 pm est 

Demand Changes!
Boston Globe Editorial March 2, 2010: Soaring Municipal health costs cry out for a State overhaul.

"Taxpayers who are footing the bill should demand changes. From 1999-2009, the cost of insuring municipal employees and retirees surged from 8% to 14%. Thats hundreds of millions of dollars that are not going to property-tax relief, law enforcement or any other legitimate government purpose.

Cities and towns should be give the same ability to design their health plans, without municipal worker union approval, as the state now employs for its own workers.

These workers refuse to give up such overly generous benefits as doctor visits with co-payments of $5 or less The rest of the taxpayers who are footing the bill should demand changes.

The problem to be overcome is twofold: lifetime benefits promised to workers for too-few years of public service and a stubborn resistance by the state's Balkanized municipalities to seek savings in larger group plans or by shifting eligible seniors onto Medicare."

Read this editorial.
5:18 pm est 

Why Would We Give the PIer Corp $152,000 When Some Fund Has Already Paid That Bill?
Are we simpletons? Are we in a fog? Why would this article even come up as an article if the Pier Corp bill of $152,000 has already been paid by some odd fund and they no longer owe this money. Why would we then hand over another $152,000 to them? This is basic math and the math does not compute kids!
5:15 pm est 

Re: Bars Opened Until 2:00am

To tell someone seeking peace and quiet to go to Nantucket is belligerent at best.
5:14 pm est 

What a Mess!

We have seen what happens when the interest of business takes over in Provincetown. It's called downtown and it's a mess.    
5:13 pm est 

Re: Bars Open Until 2:00 am

Wow! Sounds like I hit a nerve with you calling the bar owners "greedy". The best thing is I don't even drink, so for you to suggest I go get drunk and can't find my way out of a bar gave me the best laugh I've had in a long time. I still say the bar owners are being "greedy". PJ
5:11 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

So now the management of the pier is saying that Town officials are crooks? That's why they have hired someone to 'watch the cash flow?' Hiring someone so that they get their money and it doesn't go 'to other town functions?'

Those pier miscreants will say anything, won't they?
5:09 pm est 

What? You Think the Webmaster is Here to Get Documents For YOU?

This is a place to post your ideas and opnions. You think it's rude that the webmaster informed you that you should look it up! that's nuts. I don't the webmaster as your go-for. You misunderstand this blog and the role of the webmaster. And you misunderstand blogs!
5:08 pm est 

Question on the Post Below

"per the special legislation enacted by the state to protect thier $13 million plus investement in the pier and it's maintenance."

Can you explain to us why you let the replacement floating docks be destroyed and are going to have to replace them for the third time in six years? That is not my idea of 'maintenance.' 'Protect' the pier? You really need to be more specific. Have you replace even one worm invested pile with the must have barge purchased over three years ago?

Mark my words: one day, a pile will snap when a yacht comes in hard and the town will be sued because the piles have been compromised from worm infestion for years. Public records will indicate the town knew this problem and did nothing about it. We will be sued for millions of dollars and will pay enormous litigation fees.
5:06 pm est 

Monday, March 1, 2010

How's That For Slamming Sharon Lynn, the BOS and Town Finance Director:

"This position also provides checks against the town's movement of cash form the pier's accounts to ensure that pier moneys are not used by the town for other functions...."

This tops the most ridiculous statement coming out of the Pier Corp. How do you explain the $152k you overlooked? The bookkeeper was out that day? Give us a break!

You people are going on the Munis System so WE can see what YOU are doing with OUR MONEY!
10:24 am est 

All That Brouhaha and No Money For the Big We're-Sure-To-Get-This Transportation Center

Another big idea with much discussion that went no where. Who did the work? Who took the time and effort to write a comprehensive grant? They just recycled an old one. And so look what the town got--nothing. That isn't how you get federal money. Plus, you don't snub the Governor of your state who is friendly with the President. But these selectmen did. Any wonder there is NO federal money for Provincetown? Not surprising to me. Why is it a surprise to these potato heads that sit at the long table on Mondays and drone on and on. Talk is not action.
10:21 am est 

Any Word on the Stop & Shop Strike?
Please let us know what is happening. they were tonegotiate one more week and that would end today.
10:19 am est 

Look Here, Look There--No Leadership
Look at the Pier Corp. Look at the BOS. Look at Town Manager. Look at DPW. Look at Building Commissioner. Something's missing. It's sad.
10:18 am est 

Tst Tst Tst Tst to You All

Even the web master.   People probably ask for things on this site because they can not find it on their own.  I have looked for the BOS letter about the water issue with our neighbor town.  I can not find it.  For the web master to tell us to find it and post it was RUDE..............   This is a place for us to ask and get help.   Tst Tst Tst again
10:18 am est 

I Question a Lifestyle Based on Selling Frogs
Can someone really make a living selling frogs? Or is there another agenda in this frog business. I too am bothered by the two coffee places with high number of seats--40 for the Coffee Pot where the frog's landlord owns the building. a building where Couture lives and works. And then 50 seats for the other coffee place. That seems out of proportion. 50 seats? something's a foul here. The frogs are starting to smell! What's inside them?
10:17 am est 

Public Pier Corporation

The town took 13,000,000.00 (yes THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLARS) to rebuild the pier from the Government.. They required the Pier Corporation be LIVE WITH IT or give the money back!!!!!
10:15 am est 

Town Hall Renovation

Does anyone know if the beautiful murals inside town hall will be refurbished? Thanks for any info.
10:15 am est 

Public Pier Corporation

It sounds like most of the job requirements described  of that pier employee are during the spring and summer when we apply for moorings etc. What exactly is being done by the employee Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and March?  
10:14 am est 

Re: Bars Opened Until 2:00AM

Hey PJ, where do you get off calling the bar owners "greedy, greedy"? Just because you may have a drinking problem and don't know how to find your way out of a bar once you've started drinking, doesn't mean the rest of us have the same problem. The bars in this town make their money during the season. Many try to keep their doors open year round which ain't easy. Are the coffee shop and tee shirt shop owners "greedy, greedy"? Many of those businesses are only open during the "flush" times and then they go off for the winter, shutting their doors until next season. Does that make them "greedy, greedy"? You have one heck of a nerve making a generalization like that. You don't like the bars and their "greedy, greedy" owners, then stay home and drink yourself into a stupor.
10:12 am est 

50 Seats:

What's wrong with 50 seats on a large outdoor patio.   Frankly that's only 10 tables of 5.   I think they could fit alot more in that large space.  I applaude them for doing something innovative and re-investing in the town.  This should also to equate to more jobs.  I also support the 2 AM closing.  It's about time we do something that has a positive impact on the economy.
10:10 am est 

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