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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Public Pier Corporation

Thank you for the info on the bookkeeper. But before the Pier Corp. there was no need for a bookkeeper/ass. amd.  Seems to an outsider that the staffing costs are excessive and that is even after Steele was canned.
1:13 pm est 

Asking Gives No Right to Demand

If someone wants something posted here I find the attitude of demanding this be done inappropriate. If the document could be posted easily I believe the webmaster would have posted it. Seems like the past history here. But such an arrogant demand on someone's part is misdirected. Snap your finger at some other dude.
12:30 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

First of all the Pier does not have a full time bookkeeper.  The PPPC administrative assistant has many different functions on the pier.  These would include all of the paperwork required for the pier to operate.  This includes berthing agreements, licensing agreements, ordering supplies, maintaining the mooring data base, grant applications, etc.  This position also provides checks against the town's movement of cash form the pier's accounts to ensure that pier moneys are not used by the town for other functions.  This ensures, as per the special legislation enacted by the state to protect thier $13 million plus investement in the pier and it's maintenance.  Otherwise the pier would be like all other town assets with deffered maintenance as the norm.
12:29 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

I don't know anything about the Pier Corp. but it is a waste of money to have a bookkeeper. No other dept has one. I agree there is a lot of featherbedding on the pier.
10:17 am est 

Public Pier Corporation

With all this missing money on the pier there needs to be a state audit.
10:16 am est 

50 Seats Seems Like a Backroom Deal

Good that there's moving to a good space. But 50 seats when others are standing on their heads trying to get one seat? And some places get four and a half seats? Something is more than wrong. Some money is being stuffed in someone's pockets.
Seems like the Couture is always involved in coffee places and getting them an incredible amount of seats for small coffee and sandwiche places.Maybe she's at it again. Last  time it was her landlord's business which she fought for and raised many ethical issues. She rents from him, Donald Coyle, and she has her frog business with him. Maybe this time, she's doing it up front yet not quite as honest as it is. 50 seats raises many a question, doesn't it?
10:15 am est 

What a Joke!

This site has links to financial reports dating back to 2008, a year old interview about some demographics and a link to a book about a dead guy but can't post the pertinent info on the letter the BOS sent to Truro two weeks ago!! Water is a moajor issue and it gets no play in here. Maybe if they cut trees down or sent it by mistake to the Pier Corp. it would get some play. What does it take to get a look at this letter thats floating out there?

Webmaster Comment:

Why don't you do the research and post the information?
10:13 am est 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pier Staff
8:34 pm est 

BOS Letter to Truro

There was SO much talk about the letter from the BOS to Truros BOS.  Where is it?  Couldn't someone cut and paste it here?   Was it all talk?
8:33 pm est 

Re: Pier Corp Personnel Costs
I don't know anything about the Pier Corp financials, but even I can tell that the figure you give for 2002 would more than likely be for the Harbormaster himself.  I assume the remainder of the personnel costs were paid through the DPW budget.  The figures for 2009 seem to include all costs associated with the running of the pier.  Considering there is an asst harbormaster, a full time bookkeeper and a number of summer personnel, the figure for 2009 does not seem so high.

Give it up Candace, Duane and MaryJo.  Through figures around and yell fraud all you want, most of the citizens of this town are happy with the pier and you will never get enough support to dissolve the Pier Corp.
8:32 pm est 

It's About Attitude

"Mealy mouth David Nicolau ...Something is rotten in P-town and it is really starting to stink. I never thought their over priced coffee was very good anyway. And their food was even worse when they had the bakery. I'll never set foot in the joint.

What's rotten is your attitude and the need to call people names.  Grow Up ! I visit Joe's Coffee from time to time and am glad I won't be running into you.

Thank god this blog does not represent the majority of Ptown residents, but seems to represent a minority of bitter individuals who complain when they don't get their way or complain because they aren't happy with anything.
8:30 pm est 

Re: Bag Job: Michele Gives Gregg Russo and Scott Lattime 50 Seats

Wake up pal. If you knew your facts, the building was a bank years ago then it was developed as a bakery with a huge septic system in the back. Jingles bought the property and could have done what he wanted. He didn't and then decided to rent it out as retail/office space. All Russo is doing is reverting back to what was there. Who said anything about 50 free seats? Bringing this business to this area will be great for the area and take it out of a primarily residential neighborhhod. A boil water ordr has nothing to do with this getting a permit. Problems with the water? Call the DPW and find out why they don't have a better handle on it. And which is it, Michele has it in for her landlord, the coffee shop owner or for this guy, a competitior to her landlord? You make no sense at all.

You don't like the coffee, you don't like the pastry, you apparently don't like the owners so why do you care? Are you complaining just to complain?
8:28 pm est 


If you knew of the history of Provincetown, you would know that we were always a HELLTOWN! People have been coming here for HUNDREDS OF YEARS to party! 1:45 AM bar closings are not going to be anything other than what we have always been. If you want peace and quiet, go to Nantucket. We also have had restaurants that have been open more than 20 hours a day as recently as the early 80s. Face it, they are our economy, our only economy, like it or not. Old townie.
8:26 pm est 

2PM Makes Sense
I don't object at all, In fact, I support this one hour extension. That is all it is. And it will alow this town to stay out longer and later if that is what residents and tourists want. Why not?
3:11 pm est 

The Actual Facts

Spiritus and all other food places can already stay open 24/7 if they want. Get the facts.
3:09 pm est 

I Have No Problem With 2 a.m.

It's just another hour and this is a tourist town. Not to face this is not to face reality. I don't much damage for one extra hour in the summer. If business people can make more, good for them and good for the town. Times are tough and we need to take into account tourists.
3:08 pm est 


2002 Pre Pier Corp Personnel:

Payroll: 45,132.10
Health Insurance: 3,328.00
Retirement Contr 6099.26
Medicare: 812.99
Total $55,372.35

2009 Pier Corp. Personnel:
Payroll: 217,993.95
Health Insurance 31,651.20
Life Insurance: 20.64
Total $249,665.79

It's no wonder they have lost money almost each year since inception including $40,000.
3:06 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

Posted to deceive the public: 'The Pier Corp. received the money and knew it all along. It was the town that made the error by giving them the money freom the WRONG account!

Tell that to the Town's accountant, Thomas J. Scanlon & Associates who wrote on Feb 4 2010:

"Additionally, it was explained that the amount due the pier corporation was $152,000 and remains unpaid. This amount would have to be appropriated or an authorization to borrow the funds made in order for this money to be given over to the pier."


3:04 pm est 

Bag Job: Michele Gives Gregg Russo and Scott Lattime 50 Seats
What is up? Joe Coffee gets awarded a 50 seat restaurant in former retail and office space? In the name of economic development? PAH LEEZ! And they sold their former location before they had approval. Yeah this was real fair. How about publicly advertising that we have 50 seats up for grabs?  Do you think Jingles would have sold the building if he could have had a 50 seat restaurant there?  

Mealy mouth David Nicolau opens the hearing talking about a potential boil water order from the DEP in Summer 2010. Then the hearing ends with an award for a new 50 seat restaurant?

Something is rotten in P-town and it is really starting to stink. I never thought their over priced coffee was very good anyway. And their food was even worse when they had the bakery. I'll never set foot in the joint.

What Goes Around Will Come Around
3:02 pm est 

Bars Opened Until 2:00am

Please do not keep the bars open past 1:00 am. Not all people come to Ptown to party. Some of us come to rest, spend money on good food at restaurants and to shop. We don't all drink until we drop. Presently, if you want to drink you can buy alcohol at a bar from 12 noon until 1 am. I think that 13 hours is plenty of time for drinking. Some may even start earlier at breakfast! Let's not let Ptown go to hell for the sake of the almighty buck and the greedy, greedy bars.

3:01 pm est 

Bars Opened Till 2:00 am

Correct me if I am wrong but my understanding is that ALL activity in a barroom must cease at 2:00 am. Bartenders, clients, dishwashers, everyone must be done and doors closed at 2:00 by state law, no? I thought that was why they close at 1:00 now, last call just before 1:00, a few stragglers, all drinks done by 1:30 and the bar is all closed up by 2:00. Maybe I'm wrong. But if I am right, and the bars do get to open till 2:00, when does the cleanup take place and everything that happens after the current 1:00 last call? All closed at 3:00am?
2:59 pm est 

It's Formulaic

Uhm, as someone who occasionally ventures out to drink or whatever and have a good time here in town and in the big city, I can safely say that if the bars stay open until 2, then many people will just wait another hour before they go out ...
In Boston bars close at 2 and guys go out at midnight. IN Ptown bars close at 1 and guys go out at 11 ... it's not a complicated formula ...
2:57 pm est 

Re: 24 Franklin Street

The Historic District Commission will meet Wed. at 3:30 to dicuss, among other things, the violations at 24 Franklin. Should be very interesting.

GREAT NEWS !  Now that these violations are publicly stated - NOT ONE should be allowed to stand.  They should be made to fix every violation and the HDC should send a clear message this stuff will not be tolerated.

WHY IS AN HDC MEETING AT 3:30 IN THE AFTERNOON ?  Is it a public meeting ?  If so - why would it not be at a time that the public can easily attend?
2:56 pm est 

Rick Murry

RE: "...but you know how this town is.  Rick has deep pockets...
..Wasn't that Rick himself I saw tending bar and taking covers last year?"

It now seems fashionable to bash Rick?  Ever see how many charitable events Rick hosts for causes around town?  Rick does a lot for this town.

And oh my, Rick was tending bar and taking covers some time last year?  Ever work in a bar, restaurant or night club?  Sometimes you are much busier than expected and you don't have enough staff, sometimes your staff doesn't show up for work.  When it happens everyone pitches in including the owner.

Personally, I don't know how I feel about the 2am closing thing.  I'm a little concerned about the drunks getting another hour to tie one on and the noise and disturbances it may create.
2:55 pm est 

Friday, February 26, 2010

1:00am is Late Enough

Oh sure, let's absolutely allow the bars to stay open til 2am! Hell, let's have Spiritus operate 24-7! Who needs to sleep any way? I love having 1000's of men crawling all over my beach grass in the wee hours of the morning looking for sex in all the wrong places!

On a serious note: has anyone considered the effect on traffic as people dash into P-town between 1-2am for Last Call?? Traffic accidents anyone?

Let's all think seriously about how Commercial Street will look at say... 2:30 am. Probably the same way it looks now at 1:30 am! Only these drunken people will just be more sleepy as well as drunk or high or tweaked or sex starved....

Rick, if you want to make MORE money, hire more bartenders! I can't tell you how many times I've had to wait over half an hour for a drink at your place! Tea Dance at the Boatslip is worse! If you want to sell more drinks, hire more bartenders!!

We all know that it's not about the economy or jobs Rick, it's about YOUR bottom line!
2:30 pm est 

Publlic Pier Corporation

Once again you are mistaken! The Pier Corp. NEVER said anything about not knowing they had the $400,000. The town said that. The town made the error. The Pier Corp. received the money and knew it all along. It was the town that made the error by giving them the money freom the WRONG account!

You are trying too hard Miss Nagle to make this look like the Pier's fault, it wasn't. Do not pass go, do not collect $400,000! You are the weakest link, GOOD BYE!!!!!!
2:28 pm est 

24 Franklin Street

The Historic District Commission will meet Wed. at 3:30 to dicuss, among other things, the violations at 24 Franklin. Should be very interesting.
2:27 pm est 

1:00am is Late Enough
What did the licensing board say about the 2AM closing?  Were they in favor or against or did they have no comment.    Who was there to support the proposal and anyone there speaking against the proposal?
And do remember, everytime the majority of views on mypacc are posted, it usually goes against town vote.  Be careful what you wish for...........
And I am wishing for a 1AM closing.   Yes, really want it to stay that way, but you know how this town is.  Rick has deep pockets.
2:26 pm est 

1:00am is Late Enough

If you want to party like a New Yorker, stay in New York! I completely agree that bar hours need to stop at 1 a.m. People come here because we are a charming and sleepy little town.  This isn't for tourists, it is for bar owners, period. Let's be honest.

Mark my words if the bars stay open until 2, Spiritus will come up with some sort of special exception from the town to stay open until 3 "because the tourists expect it."  And the drunks and tweakers will be roaming the streets, shouting out, falling out, brawling and finding the after-hours even later.  Trust me,  I know.

Some of us enjoy the tranquility of Commercial Street for a quiet bike ride or stroll at 3 a.m. -- well after the crush and curse of Spiritus has ended.  Some of us -- and even a good number of tourists - are here for the peace and the escape from the 24-hour news cycle. The 24-hour party cycle is the lowest form of cheap pandering and disrespectful to the community and its traditions.  I know of no one with a home near the water who relishes hearing Rick Murray's thump, thump, thump for another hour (except of course Rick Murray who is up anyway counting the cash).  And what's this about more jobs if they stay open until 2?  Wasn't that Rick himself I saw tending bar and taking covers last year?   This measure will not create or save one job. There are not enough bodies for the available jobs as it is.
8:22 am est 

1:00am is Late Enough!

I support keeping the bar closing time at 1 am. It's late enough! Not everyone in town is here, or comes here, for the nightlife. You want to go fishing? You've got to get up early. You want to see the sunrise, after a good nights sleep that is, you've got to get up early. You have to work three jobs. You've got to get up early. You're over 60. You've got to get up early. You have kids. You have to get up early. It just works that way. Night life causes a lot of night noise. This is a densely populated community and we all have to respect each others needs. We are all awakened by passers by carrying the party from downtown to wherever they may be going. Having it happen between 1:30 and 2 am is late enough. Thump thump thump from here to Truro. And Sharon Lynn thinks someone is going to develop the pier with that going on. You want to offer world class night life. You open a club in a city. You want to run a hole in the wall dance club. Stay here and close at 1 am.!
 It's late enough. Rick Murray and his cry for more money doesn't make me shed one tear. It's pathetic pandering to get town folks approval. Make it about jobs and the economy and everyone falls under a spell like Dorothy in the field of poppies.  Pathetic.  I don't want to pander to a couple of bar owners and their patrons that want to show up for their special little week and turn the sleepy little village that they fell in love with into the place that they came here to forget. If you really want more time on the dance floor go out earlier. Its that simple. 1 am. It's late enough.
12:10 am est 

Michele Couture

I loathe Selectman Couture's skewed definition of democracy and will be happy when she terms out. But, bringing her health issues up is reprehensible.
12:07 am est 

Public Pier Corporation
I just read the Banner article about the Pier Finance snafu. As the Pier Corp. said, the error was the towns, they were right. Apparently, Keith Bergman had his fingers in too many pots of money. What's a lousy $400,000 here or a little $200,000 there? Who will ever notice? I am glad to see the Pier Corp. vindicated yet again. I trust now the naysayers will allow them to continue trying to run the pier without the name calling and back stabbing?
12:06 am est 

This is Why the Pier Corp. MUST be on the Town's Munis System:

Provincetown Banner Feb 25 2010:

The Pier Corp. did not know the town didnt have the $400,000 until the Pier Corp.s auditor and town auditor compared figures.

Lynn: There are other red flags which she said she would not discuss until she gets more information.


The Pier Corp. didn't know they didn't received this money?
Two member and the pier manager have been there since INCEPTION. Other red flags? You bet there are!

12:05 am est 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There They Are Again: BOS in Executive Session

Have you ever seen a group of selectmen like this group? Again today another meeting and another Executive seesion. They meet in Executive Seesions more then they regularly meet.
Get rid of this stressed-out I'm-in-the-hospital-again Chair. She brings on her own stress because she totally lacks leadership skills. Oh, sure, she got some pointers from her former lover and town moderator--but she is an uneducated chair always pretending to be a leader of this town. That will cause some bad stress, won't it Michelle? Drop out now. You are a fake. You have no idea what a leader of this town is and should be. I can't pretend you even have any sense of leadership. You are a sad joke on this town. They voted for you and deserve you but you are destroying the best of this town.
11:11 pm est 

Maybe Developers Have Always Had the Edge Here

Town people have been insular. They focused on family and internal issues: fishing, raising families, getting enough money. Then the others moved in and the locals never seized the day. They never said: No. We are in charge. We will have input into our future. so the new ones came in and now control and dominate. And developers like Ted Malone have shaped and changed this town. Developers write the local by-laws. They determine growth and their own profits. And as the buildings go up, the developers make money, even as the townies lose and we all lose. The quaintness, the small-scale, the old cape cottages become structures of the past. Developers have made certain that new by-laws are written and even more importantly: by-laws are interpreted by outsiders--those on most of our boards. Yes, they live here until soon they don't. Then they leave for other places and other times. And we are left with the detritus, the burnt driftwood that now is our legacy.
11:10 pm est 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wheres the Water Letter?
Is this going to be another one of those "Irony of Irony" posts we were waiting for? If thats the case, we're better off walking to Truro to get a copy. It'll be faster than it getting posted in here!
12:59 pm est 

Provincetown Fire Department

The Provincetown Fire Department did an outstanding job at the fire yesterday afternoon.  Too bad we only hear about them when people have a complaint.
12:31 pm est 

Development and Developers - People of Provincetown please pay Attention !
We, here in Ptown, are sitting on some of the most desireable real estate and land in the US.  Per sq foot value wise - we are one are one of the most expensive places to buy and own and many many people want to buy here.

Of course Developers are wanting to maximize what they can do here.  Violations and Overbuilt developments and what one can "get away with" will be the norm because the end result is bigger real estate with bigger profits.

The people of Ptown deserve much better than what they have gotten  so far.  There is NO EXCUSE to have a development overbuilt, an Historial house torn down or any Violation not dealt with immediately and comprehensively.

STOP WORK ORDERS need to be issued regularly and in force until any violation is corrected.  Development sites in progress need to be vistied by the town minimally several times a week.

It is rediculous to have a part time town official involved in the oversight of these projects.  If there is too much work for a full time building commissioner - than hire another one and have 2 !! There is no town money better spent than to have enough resources to scrutinize all these developments in progress.  Any development in progress should be checked minimally several times per week with on site visits and reports written up on status. If a violation has occured - issue the STOP WORK order immediately !

The real estate and land of Ptown is our most valuable asset and WE DESERVE to have town officials and boards that do everything possible to protect the people of Ptown from ANY and ALL VIOLATIONS no matter how small. WE DESERVE to have the town issue STOP WORK ORDERS immediately if something is in violation or overbuilt of what is permitted.

This is OUR TOWN and it belongs to all of us.  Ptown is not just here for developers and their "friends" that help them in their development persuits.

I encourage my fellow neighbors to be ever vigilant on any development in their area.  Keep your eyes open and if something isn't right - follow up, follow up and follow up more with the town official.  Demand that it be investigated immediately. If it is not - call/email the Town Managers office and register a complaint.  We all have a responsibility to protect our beautiful town for future generations and to hold back and thwart over development for the immediate gratification of a few. DON'T BE AFRAID to do this - town officials should get used to our vigilance and complaints as a regular occurance AND OUR RIGHT as taypayers and something that is perfectly acceptable and expected to protect our beautiful town.

Let's hold our town officials and town boards accountable for these developments in progress. We have every right as tax payers to expect that our interests are protected from over development or violations of any kind and at any time - Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall.

NO MORE EXCUSES for once the development is up there is nothing that can be done.  BALONEY !! If the town is out there several times a week - a development won't have a chance to be finished before these violations are noticed.

Let's fight back and take our town back where development is concerned - it belongs to all of us and we have an obligation to protect it's buildings and their appearance for future generations.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your help.
12:08 pm est 

You Think You Know What is Going On Now in Town With Sharon Lyn, Michele Couture?

I don't think we have transparency. I believe we believe we do but that is not having transparency. Look at the tree cutting with DPW, look at the questionable monies with the OPier Corp, look at loss money with the Cemetery Committee, and look at the unspecified funds paying for unspecified town employees. You think you know what is going on? Don't dupe yourself.
11:33 am est 

Fire Department?
What was awesome about the fire department?  
11:31 am est 

Kudos to the Fire Department!

For acting quickly in putting out a fire that had catastrophic potential.   Fortunately the new ladder truck enabled them to swoop into a tight spot to douse the fire.   Great job and much appreciated!!
11:31 am est 

Re: Provincetown Fire Department
I agree with Rat in the Basement. Awesome job today. But that hardly begins to cover it. They were professional, careful, determined, courteous, mindful and safe. My property abuts the property involved and I can not say "Thank you" to them enough.
11:30 am est 

Pleasant Street

Bangs Property:"Two separate structures will have a continuous foundation. Thus legally making them one."

There is another example of this loophole at the end of Pleasant Street where it curves to connect to Franklin.  Two entirely separate structures, connected only by a "foundation" - actually just a walk-way - but counted as one.  Being built on a tiny lot on spec for sale.  Replaced an old barn that had a smaller footprint.  Many trees cut down. Opposed by many of the neighbors, but approved.  

This is a crazy loophole that wouldn't fly in any other place I've lived.  

This loophole should be eliminated for future buildings.
11:29 am est 

4 Houses on Bangs Street with Four separate Roofs and Four Separate Foundations
How these four houses can be advertised, described and presented as 2 structures is misdirected, if not wrong. There are totally separate and to say that a few piece of wood connecting one to the other transforms two houses into one is total bull. Are we supposed to be blind? do we have to have a special calculator for Planning and Zoning that makes four houses become two and then they have no problems with only two structures being built there?. This is totally insane and ridiculous. I think this based on a wrong interpretation of town rules. And then they cut into a dune and built one house direcftly into the dune and then cut half of the hill on the left side. And this is proper and right? No, this should be stopped now. And then at the abutting land, Ted Malone will be allowed to build sixteen houses and call them only eight. He will cut into the remaining hill, affect the wetlands and connect this small street to streets on Maple leading to Howland. this is the beginnin!
g of overbuilding with a false calculus that reduces every two structures to one with a few pieces of driftwood.
11:26 am est 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Re: "I Also Agree the Town is no Better Off Without Bergman"

Really?  Do you not really have any idea what went on under Bergman and how long it has taken to clean up the messes?  We are much better off now than we were then and are heading in the right direction in spite of what you may read in mis-informed posts on Mypacc.
8:53 pm est 

Provincetown Fire Department

Awesome work by our fire department today! Kudos guys.

A Rat In The Basement
8:51 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

Are you saying we have been voting on overrides whether it be for storm drainage cleaning or fireworks, when there was a 250k certificate of deposit that was ours but the Pier Corp. had it AND the interest it yielded year after year? Since when?
8:50 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

Agreed! And how come there is no mention of these  huge discrepancies at any pier public meeting? Why, because a lot of their business is done illegally behind closed doors probably. Why did they not want their auditors to get involved?

Until they are on the Town's Munis System, we should not give them anymore money because it all goes into a big black hole never to be accounted for again.

8:49 pm est 

Twisting the Law and Other Observations

Many months ago I was talking to someone in the know about this project on Bangs Street. I believe the plan calls for two separate buildings that look like four right now, but two pairs of them will be connected by a small structure on the first floor. The two separate structures will also have a continues foundation. Thus legally making them one. And of course this is repeated twice. (Can you wrap your head around that one?) This is a way of twisting our bylaws to get what you want, but isnt illegal, and was approved by every board and official that needed to do so. I also think that there is some affordable housing thrown in the mix as a way of being able to build more dwelling units on the property than otherwise would be allowed. And I doubt the whole thing would have been approved if the affordable aspect wasnt included. And thats a whole different topic.

That Notice of Violation that is posted on the Franklyn Street project will prevent the owner from getting final inspections until the violation is corrected, but allows them to continue working on other portions of the job. I dont see any reason to shut the job down and put people out of work when the solution to the problem is not structural or a safety issue and is so simple. All they need to do is buy new window sashes from the manufacturer and pop them in as easy as replacing a storm window. As far as any other problem with the place I dont know.

Although the doors are really ugly, dont belong on that house, and I find it hard to believe that the Historic board would have approved them if they had known.

Back in 2006 I believe Barbara Rushmore brought a petition to Town Meeting that if it had passed would have instituted a formal procedure for the cutting of any shade tree. Even on private property. If we had that bylaw the owner of Joe Coffee would have had to get permission from the tree warden to cut down any tree. (And perhaps David Guertin out on Rt. 6 too.)But the Selectmen did not endorse this idea and it was easily defeated on the floor. Its too bad more of us dont support Barbara in her progressive forward thinking ideas and efforts to help.

Keep posting your complaints though, because I know for a fact that employees at Town Hall read them, and act on them when called for.

A Rat In The Basement
8:47 pm est 

Monday, February 22, 2010


We should vote against giving the pier corporation. It's all seems fishy. How come the missing $152K is not mentioned in FinCom's 2008 review of their books? We should demand a forensic accounting of their books.

I also agree the town is no better off without Bergman.
10:45 pm est 

Re: Licensing Meeting Tomorrow

First of all, the proposal is to extend the hours to 2AM (not 2PM as posted).   Secondly, there is broad support for this.    Not sure why you wouldn't support it if it means bringing more money into town and perhaps creating more jobs, keeping in mind this is a reason people come to town.  Bottomline it's good for the enonomy.   Additionally, it's a fairness issue.  Right now the only business that is excluded from staying open until 2 AM are the ones that hold an entertainment license.  Other businesses can stay open with the approval of Licensing.  Why not vest the authority in Licensing to manage all licenses, rather than exclude one segment?
9:01 pm est 

Licensing Meeting Tomorrow

Wonder how many loud mouths on here will go too the Licensing Board meeting tomorrow and voice any issues or concerns for the 2PM HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT AND AMUSEMENT OPERATIONS license?  Probably only Rick Murry will speak in favor of it and the other bar holders.  
Just wondering who will go?

Just wondering if this site is all hot air?
8:32 pm est 

Pier Corporation $200,000 Certificate of Deposit!?

What's this I hear about the Pier Corporation having a $200,000 CD that is the Town's money? They won't give it back to the Town nor its interest? Does anyone know?

8:30 pm est 

Ongoing Deception by the Pier Corp.:

The PPPC did not loose $400,000 nor did they take it and not account for it.  Their books reflect the transfer correctly.


Someone on the Pier Corp. really needs help both with math and being honest. 'Transfer correctly?"  What accounting planet did you come from? The planet of corrupt accounting?

This is what happened with the 400k grant:

Examining the Pier Corp.s books you will NOT see a $400,000 line item for a grant payment. Its amazing how those on the Pier Corp. board still don't have a grasp of their accounting. Thats one of the many reasons why their books have been red-flagged by numerous parties ( you know--the 'powerful people).

The first year, the Pier Corp. did NOT pay rent even though they were required to according to the lease with the Town.  So, the Town deducted $198,000 rent owed them from the grant. Thank God they did! We would never have seen that money again coming back to the Town! The second years rent was suppose to be $200,000 but the Pier Corp couldnt meet that either.  So, the Town deducted $160,000 and gave another $40,000 to the Pier Corp because suddenly the Marine Budget was not enough for them because they started hiring left and right like kids in a candy store with new found money. Thank God, the Town held back on the grant because spending by the Pier Corp. was out of control.  Similar to poor people who are overnight millionaires from a LOTTO ticket and are broke in a few years.  Thats how the Pier Corp. could be described as they lose money almost every year including a whopping 40k in 2009. But you won't see that nor their 2008 and 2009 books: just take a look at their selectively edited website: designed to keep us all in the dark.

In 2003, the Pier Corp. couldnt meet their payroll, so the Town transferred another $50k to the Pier Corp!

Add all those numbers up and there is a shortcoming of $152k.

8:29 pm est 

Slush Funds, Undisclosed Funds, Unacknowleged Accounts......
....are all the same. If you are hired by the town, you have a salary. That is a part of the town budget. But if you are receiving"extra" which is another unrecorded paycheck or another source of income, then that is not upfront and there is no record on the town budget. But the monies, the dollars bills, are coming from some "other" unnamed, undisclosed account.

Call it a slush fund, call it the monies from our many Overrides, call it the cemetery lost funds or the land banks funds that disappeared. somewhere in the dark recesses of town finances, someone is paying Braun something and it is not cabbages and zucchini.

And then who else is receiving undisclosed funds from unnamed town funds? This is not good. This bothers me and I find it illegal. also I'd like someone to explain how the Building Commissioner can objectively evaluate the work of the Clerk of Works if he is the Clerk of Works.

This is verboten by the state board of building Commissioners. They have their rules and this abrogates their own mandates. I blame the Town Manager for agreeing to this extremely questionable agreement and for Russell Braun for taking the money to do what he should not be doing since he is the Building Commissioner.
Bring back Keith. Tell me what has changed? Deals within deals, secrets withint secreats. No transparency in a town that believes it is guided by town meeting votes. Makes a joke of all
of this and of you and me.
8:20 pm est 

Bang Street Inspections

One of the first inspections that has to be signed off on is the foundation inspection. Supposedly construction could not continue if that wasn't approved.
8:15 pm est 

Barbara Rushmore is Leading Efforts to Eliminate Jobs in Ptown
Her latest article would make it much more difficult for Tedeschi's, Seamens, Mark Jacobs, Cumberland Farms, Ben and Jerry's, Stop and Shop, TD Bank North, and others to have businesses in Ptown.   I don't see many businesses trying to come to Ptown now to create more jobs for locals.  Why is she so bent on disincenting new jobs?  Nobody wants "golden arches" across Commercial Street, but current zoning, histocial and licensing laws and policies already prohibit this, so is there anything new Rushmore's latest article?
11:28 am est 

24 Franklin - Orange Violation Sign

Now that it is publicly noted a Violation has occured - there is absolutely no reason why that property should not be made to conform to all approvals in full.

The town has made a statement that they are aware of that development and its progress - the Building Commissioner has an obligation to make sure that everything in violation is fixed and that house is in TOTAL compliance with all approval terms.

Why has not a Stop Work Order been generated ?
11:15 am est 

BOS Truro Letter

Web master, can you post the letter that the BOS sent to Truro on here?  Or point us in the direction of where to find it? 

 Thank You

Webmaster Comment: We will try

Thank you
11:12 am est 

Who Else Are Receiving Undeclared Funds

Folks, it is not a slush fund that is paying Russell Braun.  The town voted to rehab town hall at around 1.7 Million for phase I and 5 plus million for phase II.   From those dollars, we are paying Russell Braun and others.  Nothing is being hidden or not being accounted for.  It is just an interesting question to pose to the BOS, why does a town employee get to get "EXTRA" dollars for something we are paying him anyways?   Has anyone seen Braun at the new renovated town hall during town business hours?  YES.   So go ask the BOS what is up.  
Would also like to know who else is being paid from the renovation funds that is a town employee?

11:11 am est 

Cuts Should be Made at Town Hall

Yes I agree we are heavily staffed at town hall.  If it was a full time job, they would work full time.
11:07 am est 

The Bangs Street Foursome
Here's my problem. How can four buildings, with four different roofs, and four different foundations be ever considered two buildings? If you see four buildings how could Planning, Zoning and Conservation count only two buildings? There's a fundamental problem and it is not only methamatical! Building or putting up four pre-fab buildings is not the same as putting up two buildings. And when sides of a hill are cut into and wetlands are covered with debris, this is judged proper and legal?
11:06 am est 

Stop & Shop Strike

We Don't Have to Worry About Picket Lines for at Least a Week
The negotiations will continue for one more week. We don't have to pick sides until next week and then maybe not.
11:05 am est 

School Regionalization

What the women who went to Nauset fails to understand is that people thrive in different environments.   The parents of Provincetown have had the privilge of choosing the environment to send their kids to school in.   Some kids went to Nauset, some to the Charter School, some to Tech, some to Provincetown.   Not one was a better choice than the other.   What was best for each child was different.
8:29 am est 

Re: 27-31 Bangs Street

Planning Board Public Hearing

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Case #2008-17 Site Plan Review (continued from 9-17-08 meeting)

Application by William N. Rogers, II, P.E. & P.L.S. on behalf of Gunther Realty LLC under Article 2, Section 2320 of the Zoning Bylaws for High Elevation Protection District A and Article 4, Section 4100 Dwelling Units and Commercial Accommodations. The applicants seek approval for the construction of two (2) duplex buildings containing four (4) dwelling units (2 units per building) at the property located at 27-31 Bangs Street, Provincetown, MA (Res3 Zone).

Representing the property owner was Lester J. Murphy, Attorney, William N. Rogers and Gary Locke.

The project is before the Planning Board for high elevation as well as the number of dwelling units on a lot.  The proposed work will be done under the crest of the hill.  Building #2 unit D has been reduced by 9 ½ feet per the Zoning Board of Appeals thereby reducing the impact of the areas.

Ellen Battaglini said she had not issues with the proposed project because the road will not be extending all the way up.

Howard Burchman said the Planning Board would need to approve for further development in other areas.  The Fire Department have not yet responded back, however, the Board could condition the plan upon fire department approval.

Motion:  To approve the plan subject to approval by the Board of Fire Engineers.

Moved:  Ellen Battaglini.  Seconded:  Marianne Clements.  Voted:  3-0-0.

8:28 am est 

School Regionalization

You know it's wonderful Nauset is so great.  I am always told how wonderful the Truro elementary schools are as well.   However, I find that the Provincetown elementary school is fantastic.   I am happy that my children are there, close to me, in the community they live in.  
8:21 am est 

Truro Letter

The BOS should get on their knees, and apologize to Truro.
I have never heard of such pettiness, no wonder we're not liked by the rest of the cape. We have children running the town, we need honest people to run this town. 
8:20 am est 

Cut Three Positions and We'll Be Fine

I'm sure we could eliminate three town positions and we'd have enough MONEY not to have an override. We would not have to have health, pension and paid lunches. Three to go please! I can readily come up with seven who could go, but I think some of you could list Three To Go! GIVE ME YOUR THREE.
8:18 am est 

27-31 Bangs Street Fiasco

Uh-Oh: Is This a Case Where the Banner takes a Picture and the Blog asks the real question?
Yikes. There was much commotion on the moving of buildings and pieces along Bradford a few weeks back. Then there was the photo in the paper. But now someone is asking a serious question: what really took place on Bangs Street? How many buildings went up on a rather small side street? And who is the person who is really developing? Is this person a front for a front? Is this a way to open the entire little street, in spite of wetlands, to let Ted Malone start developing his land at the end of this little cul de sac? Thanks for bringing this up. What is the answer to these questions? Who can answser them, I wonder.
8:17 am est 

Sad To Say: I Think You are Right

They, the developers, are now going for the jugular vein. The know there is absolutely NO enforcement. You may as well bring back Doug Taylor and that was not too great. But now, nothing is done. Even in the midst of extreme breaches, you get the 24 Franklin orange sing: violation. And what can the Rod Tosner and Victor the new go-go developers do? Anything they want. There is NO stop work order. So have had it boys! The town is yours! You can do whatever you want. Make money, stuff your pockets with dollar bills and let this town look like a pile of fine smelling do-do. Town "officials" don't care. You have the license to desacrate this town.
8:15 am est 

Slush Fund For Paying Employees Extra?

Are you really suggesting that Sharon Lynne pays people money which is unaccounted for?  At the very least, the finance director and the town treasurer would have to be involved in this scam.  Not to mention the town auditor.

A town with a $20 million or so budget does not have enough money to hide a slush fund.

This is one of the stupidest things i've read on here.  We get it, you hate Sharon.  But at the very least try to bring her down with something that's even plausible.
8:14 am est 

Barbara Rushmore
Ms. Rushmore has NO right telling people what they can and can't do on their own property regarding trees. That woman pulled into my driveway nearly hitting my car and started going off on me for taking out a sapling that was basically a weed that had taken hold in my yard. Over time that "sapling" would have become a large Locust tree right next to my foundation. I appreciate her love of trees and all she does for the regreening of Provincetown, but the women is a extremist about it. I'll manage the trees on my property my way, thank you very much.
8:13 am est 

Pier Corp
The PPPC did not loose $400,000 nor did they take it and not account for it.  Their books reflect the transfer correctly.  The problem is in the Town's books.  The town transferred $400,000 to the pier through the direction of the BOS for start-up costs, yet the town's books only reflect $248,000.  That leaves $152,000 left unaccounted for on the town's books.

i cannot understand why it is so difficult for anyone to believe that during Bergman's tenure money may have been 'moved' around.  How many times have we seen this since he left?

Some people, and we all know who you are, insist on bashing the pier for things that were out of their control.  Wouldn't it be more helpful if we all moved forward?
8:11 am est 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

27-31 Bang Street Fiasco Heating up!

The new 27-31 Bangs Street 4 building 2-units each complex will make the 24 Franklin Street
brouhaha look like small potatoes.

The rumor is that 4 prefab buildings (each having 2 units) have been dropped and are being installed on site (ala Ted Malone), where only 2 were approved, doubling the number of units from 4 to 8. And Town Hall is fully aware of it. Oh! and by the way who owns the abutting property.....Ted Malone (interesting)

Town Hall has failed to respond to Bang Street abutters inquiries. Russell Braun, Sharon Lynn, Zoning, Planning, Health and Conservation are all aware of what's going on and have purposefully sat on their hands.

Bang Street is a dead-end, what does the Fire Department have to say about this development and the potential risk factors.

Someone needs to get on the case immediately considering wet lands are also involved and dunes and trees have already been removed.

The town is now lawless and outside authority needs to be brought in. Developers are now going for the juggler vain and the law enforcers such as the Building Commission have decided to turn a blind eye.

It's now a matter of taking the money and running.

Welcome to Dodge City Partner
8:51 pm est 

What Else Are Our Overrides Paying For? Who Else is Getting More Money Than Is Being Reported?

Seems if one person is being paid from some odd little fund, of which we know neither the name nor the exact source (reminders of Keith and his many little funds)--so what has changed except the faces and the town manager's gender--then it logically follows that others are also paid for extra"work" or extra "time" from the same or other hidden or undisclosed funds. Who else could be paid more than reported in our budget? Well, who does Sharon need to be her spokespersons when she can't come up with answers for either the BOS or any other group? Who can be her tongue and act as "her" mind? That is who would be getting "etxra" for being there and providing the data, finances, explanations and answers she cannot provide. Look closely and you'll know who else is receiving a generous money-in-the-envelope payments. Unreported but still passed in their pockets as additional but undisclosed money.

And the beat goes on!
7:03 pm est 

Barbara Rushmore's Son Bought the Old Joe's??
I thought the guy that owns the Monkey Bar bought it and plans to turn it into a Juice Bar.
4:26 pm est 

Implausible Rationale!

"Fall through the cracks"?

How about fell through a chasm? If the Pier Corp. didn't realize they didn't get $400Gs, what's that say about Town finances? What other money haven't we received?

Sounds like the Town is being run by Dumb and Dumber.
4:02 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

"the pier corp?  probably one of the better run institutions in ptown.  thats why certain powerful people hate them. they don't get their way ! "

I couldn't agree more! It's not the Pier Corp.'s fault they didn't know they never received the $400,000 grant even though they oversee the finances of the pier. They probably have accounted for 99.9% of all the other grants!  Just because grants received from time to time fall through the cracks for them and they don't realize it, it's no reason for 'powerful people' to criticize them!
3:28 pm est 

Joe, Barbara and the Trees

Before you start babbling on with your opinions, maybe you could take  a walk down in the West End and see what you're talking about.

Barbara's SIL bought the OLD Joe's coffee at the foot of Conant Street.  No trees have been removed.

Scott is rehabing the shop next to Bravo at the foot of Winthrop Street.  Two unhealthy trees were removed and will be replaced with four full grown flowering dogwoods.  Barbara was not thrilled with the removal of trees, but she gave her okay with the approval of Scott to add additional trees on the side of the property.  Scott and his partner Gregg have great taste and the new landscaping will be far better than what was there.

Change can be a good thing, even if you have to cut down a tree to get there.
3:26 pm est 

From My Side of the Town
a. i have no sympathy for any striking employees. their union leadership has no clue. Pensions?  are they nuts. wish i had a pension. health benefits? wish i had those too. wage increase?  out of their minds.

b. a tree?  not keeping me up at night...not with this economy

c. corrupt town?  probably not compared to most. but yes, some powerful folks get treated differently . no question about it. i could write pages and pages about the things i've seen. town officials hate this blog but they have done nothing to respond to the issues on their own web site. so....we keep the blog.

d. the letter to Truro....probably the dumbest thing this town has done yet. when was the last time you saw provincetown  do an unfriendly eminent domain taking in Provincetown ?  and they think Truro should do it for them? or they should do it another Town?
this letter will go down in history as a real fine example of why regionalization involving provincetown is the goofiest idea yet.

e. the pier corp?  probably one of the better run institutions in ptown.  thats why certain powerful people hate them. they don't get their way !

f. High School?  the numbers are wrong . but who cares?  i was told we'll still have a high school as long as we have one student. Hey, that kid will be valedictorian !!!!

have a great day. .......

Waiting for Summer
2:20 pm est 

New Joe's Trees

" There will be more new trees planted once the weather warms up.

And the owner is Barbara Rushmores son in law? Really? Wake up. Son in law or not, she nor anyone else has any authority on the property as far as trees go other than the property owners. "

That may be true; but if BR uses funds from Trees for Town collections to relandscape her son's property then it is something all of us who contribute may want to think about!
2:17 pm est 

Provincetown School System

Re: "So what Nauset apparently did not teach you was much in the big picture of life.   It sounds like you are stumbling around life sure that you have had a fabu education and trying to stuff that down everyone's throat."

You're reaching a little there aren't you?  Please tell when I ever tried to 'shove that down everyone's throat'.  Stumbling around in life?  Are you serious, where do you come up with these broad statements you make?  Your credibility is going down hill pretty fast.

My point is and was, Nauset gave me an excellent education and prepared me well for moving on to the future.  And it gave me a much better, well rounded education than was/is available at PHS.  While I don't live in Provincetown anymore, I visit family often.  Family that had the foresight to see that received the best possible education.
2:14 pm est 

Re: New Joe's Trees

Question: Who really own the Trees. Were the trees on Town property? If so were their removal
approved. If it is private property, the owner has every right.
12:59 pm est 

The Others Trees Were Removed Because They Don't Fit in With the Landscaping Plan?

Really? How ironic. Some trees are fine but others just "don't fit in with the landcaping plan." Seems a landscaping plan should be established or designed around the existing trees. The e xisting landscape deserves attention and care. How ironic and misdirected.
12:55 pm est 

The Town Isn't That Corrupt.

If so many of you think that the town is corrupt or the boards don't listen to what you want or have to say why don't you join a board or run for selectmen.  The town isn't that corrupt. Yes there is a lot of you rub my back and I'll rub yours so to speak but talking on this blog and bitching is not going to rectify the situation. Bottom line you need ALL the facts before an action can be taken and this blog, no matter how many people chime in, does not give all the facts. Common sense rules that for a blog to be exciting you have to leave out some of the facts and make it sound more interesting than it is or others won't bother commenting.
12:53 pm est 

When Does the Town Ever Step in?

Re: "Rob Tosner Should Step down From the Tourism Board
I for one am going to call for Rob Tosner's resignation from the Tourism Board at the next BOS meeting.  He has clearly violated a number of laws and regulations concerning HDC.  He should not be permitted to sit on a town board with such blatant disregard for local regulations.  I stopped by the property at Franklin Street today.  I'm very disappointed this went so far without the town stepping in."


1) 24 Franklin  2)East End house demolished 3) Beach Grille development overbuilt

It just goes on and on and on.  Who is really looking out for Provincetown ?
12:51 pm est 

Re: Russell Bruan

Do You Really Believe Paying $500,000 for these Trailers Was Commendable by Braun?
The initial cost was to be around $300,000 and then the amount skyrocketed. This was not smart shopping but paying too much for a temporary too little. Had they decided to buy the trailers and remain there permanently, that would have made sense. Then they could have rented out Town Hall for a good sum and the town would balance its books. But they always want it all, like a grredy self-centered elitist who expects others to pay for his or her lifestyle.
12:50 pm est 

Joe's Trees
As far as the trees go, the big one was cracked through the base, rotting and dangerous. Sitting under the tree was becoming a liability. The others were removed due to the fact that they don't fit with the landscaping plan that is being proposed. There will be more new trees planted once the weather warms up.

And the owner is Barbara Rushmores son in law? Really? Wake up. Son in law or not, she nor anyone else has any authority on the property as far as trees go other than the property owners. Get some fresh air and get real.
12:48 pm est 

Stop & Shop Strike....Some Have no Choice

I for one will NOT cross the picket line IF there is a strike at Stop&Shop.  I am lucky however in that I do not use any prescription medications.  I hope that IF there is a picket line, the employees will recognize that S&S is now the ONLY pharmacy in town and some of our neighbors will have no choice.
12:46 pm est 

Re: School Regionalization

Yes Nauset may have been an ideal school for you personally - but that does not mean that others would do as well or like it as much as you do.  Remember everyone is not the same.   Some people do much better in neighborhood schools, surrounded by their community and a part of that community in every way.   So what Nauset apparently did not teach you was much in the big picture of life.   It sounds like you are stumbling around life sure that you have had a fabu education and trying to stuff that down everyone's throat.  
12:44 pm est 

Yes, People May be Anonymous But That Doesn't Mean They Are All Venomous

Being able to state your position on issues here in town and being able to do without others watching how you vote and then having you suffer the ramifications makes this site refreshing. People blog here because there are issues or problems that bother them and they state what they  are.

To view this as bad or terrible is to lack understanding of today's media. We now can state our feelings and identify crucial problems and let others come together and add their insights and perspectives to these issues. This is just great and why I love this blog.

Thanks guys.
11:07 pm est 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shout Out!

If anyone in their right mind spoke in front of town hall AGAINST any town employee.........  watch out the next time you wanted anything, from any department.  They all protect each other.  That is the trouble of a small town.  So this site is great for bringing issues up without yourself getting in trouble.  And why don't you look at Russell Brauns work history for the year 2010.  He has not been at the trailers much this year.

10:35 pm est 

Don't Like This Blog?

Then don't read it!  No one is forcing you.

Yes, some things are factually wrong when posted, but usually they get quickly corrected by others.

So sign off if you don't like it.  We won't miss you.
10:31 pm est 

Joe's Tree Cutting

The new Joes is owned by Barbara Rushmores son in law. So don't expect her to protest about the tree's being cut down.
10:30 pm est 

We're Here Sounding Off and We Don't Have to Go To Town Meeting

Some sound off here and some do not go to town meetings. Given the way they are run these meetings these last two times, makes standing up and speaking a joke. It's about controlling voters--not truly listening to their concerns. This is when town meeting turns into a fabricated pretense it is something it no longer is. So for those speaking out here, that's their right and I'm glad they are doing exactly that. This is one forum, then there are other forums but one does not negate the others and one does not surpass the others. 'Tis our choice!
6:44 pm est 

Re: "What is Your Point Dear ?"

My point 'dear' is that I got a better, yes better, education at Nauset.  There's no question of that.  The offerings at Nauset far outpace anything PHS has to offer.
6:43 pm est 

Venom and Lies

People on here would never consider going before a town board or writing to the banner.  if they did that they would have to do it out in the open.  Not like here where they can spew venom and lies with absolutely no repercussion of exposing their ignorance, hatred and greed.
6:41 pm est 

Re: Stop & Shop Strike on Monday?

According to the Cape Cod Times the "strike" will be about health benefits, pensions and wage increases. I own a small business in Town. One employee. ME. In this economy my bottom line wages have decreased, my health insurance has gone up(alot) and I don't have a pension.
If they strike I WILL CROSS the picket line.
6:40 pm est 

What is Your Point?

It's great that you got a good education at Nauset and others got a good education at Provincetown High and others probably got a good education in Brookline.     What is your point dear ?
4:19 pm est 

Re: Building Commissioner Russell Braun

Braun shouldn't be doing this behind the curtain or under the covers or in envelopes left at the town hall trailer?   He isn't.  He is doing it with the blessing of Sharon.  Be mad at Sharon.   Also, Braun was the one that found our town hall trails for $500,000 for 2 years.  So now he gets to work out of the trailers for about $57,000 plus a year, and then he gets to inspect the TOWN HALL PROJECT for another ??? who knows the exact amount he is collecting.  Bottom line, the town is paying him 2X, one for his job at building commisioner and one for town hall inspection.

4:01 pm est 

Go to Town Meeting and Sound-Off There

I love the fact that so many people post opinions on this site whether they have all the facts or not. The high school, 24 Franklin, the Commissioners extra pay etc.. If you all have so many issues maybe you should go to the next town meeting and voice it there or at least do some research on the story before you open your mouths. There are 3 sides to every story, theirs, yours and the truth. People need to not be so judgemental, unless you're all living like saints!
3:35 pm est 

Re: It Maybe Wrong, But Can You Blame Him?

Sorry, Babes, But the Issue is Not, Wouldn't  Everyone Do This!

That is not the question. Plus,I wouldn't and I know many people who wouldn't. This is the distinction of what is legal and what is not. Yes, amny all of us would like to earn more money but not all of us would do whatver to get that money. And the law is the law.

This is neither kosher nor legal. And if Braun is doing this, he should n't be if it is done behind the curtain or under the covers or in envelopes left at the town hall trailer.
3:24 pm est 

Accuracy Counts!

"Look at what it will cost now to run the high school for a handful of students $4,000,000."

Let's use the correct numbers when discussing.  Per their latest budget the cost of the high school is $1,600,000 not $4,000,000
3:19 pm est 

Stop & Shop Strike on Monday?

Stop & Shop workers will vote on their contract tomorrow. It is likely they will strike on Monday. Please stock up tomorrow and avoid crossing a picket line. Won't it be interesting to see who lives their political principles and who opts for convenience.
3:17 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Schools

Re: "Posters on this site claim that students at Nauset get a better education. Really? How do you   
      know that? Can you prove that?"

Let's ask the question a different way.  Can you prove they receive a better education at PHS?  Has PHS been rated one of the top high schools in the country?  How about state test scores, does PHS get higher scores?

Thank god my parents sent me to Nauset, I received a superior education and the chance to be involved in so many activities that were not available to me at PHS.
3:15 pm est 

Re: 24 Franklin Street
"Might as well look at what appears to be vinyl clad windows too. Cottage dormers AND the west side stairs. ??"

Yes - those stairs and everything else.  Isn't the house supposed to look the same as it did before it was gutted - just improved visually ? What's with all the add on's and bonus sq footage?

This is the Historical district ????  Most people have to jump through hoops to change just a door handle on the outside of their house.
3:13 pm est 

Rob Tosner Should Step down From the Tourism Board

I for one am going to call for Rob Tosner's resignation from the Tourism Board at the next BOS meeting.  He has clearly violated a number of laws and regulations concerning HDC.  He should not be permitted to sit on a town board with such blatant disregard for local regulations.  I stopped by the property at Franklin Street today.  I'm very disappointed this went so far without the town stepping in.
3:11 pm est 

We Should be Proud of Our Schools

My children attend VMES and it is a wonderful, wonderful school.   We have plenty of tourist tax money and a low tax rate.   We need to be proud of our small, but wonderful, schools.
3:09 pm est 

Re: Use the Banner

"All of you who seem to have so much to say, why don't you write a letter to the editor of the Banner and make your voice heard to everyone.  This hiding behind the blog and just plain bitching is so childish."

Why the Banner ?  That is only a weekly publication. is DAILY updates of what's going on.

From what I can gather - this blog is becoming more well read and powerful each and every day as a premier news source for the people of Provincetown.

What a wonderful thing - Enjoy !!
3:08 pm est 

24 Franklin Street

Might as well look at what appears to be vinyl clad windows too. Cottage dormers AND the west side stairs. ??
11:59 am est 

Nauset High School

Yes,Nauset High school has achieved distinction and authoritative praise. Yes, We have a handful of students in our schools costing us $4,000,000. Yes we need to send them to the regional schools and close our schools.
The time has come.
11:58 am est 

It Maybe Wrong, But Can You Blame Him?

Before you all say that the Building Commissioner is getting 2 pay checks, which he is.  The money for the town hall project was voted at town meeting.  So lets say we voted for 5 million to fix the inside for phase 2.  Part of the BUDGET was for 100,000 to have someone WATCH and make sure it was done right.  That is where Sharon hired the building commissioner to perform these duties.  Is that right?  NO.   He is already on the payroll.   We could have spent 4,900,000 on the project BUT EVERYONE GETS GREEDY.   The building commissiner doesn't live in Ptown and could care less about our budget problems.  Wouldn't you take the extra dollars if it was offered?
11:57 am est 

Tree Cutting at Joe's

I agree. Those trees at Joe's new location were beautiful and would have provided much needed shade for people sitting out there. No thought just cut them down. What a shame!
11:55 am est 

Ignoring the Law of the Land

The BOS convienently ignore the laws as they are too overwhelmed.
Has anything been done about Guertin flaunting his avoidance of paying car excise tax?

Of course not.
11:54 am est 

Russell Braun's Extra Payments for Clerk-Of-Works Raises Questions About Sharon Lynn
Why is Braun being paid extra to oversee Town Hall when he is being paid to be building commissioner? Is the money from town overrides being used to pay him? I remember an advertisement for a clerk of works at around $67,000. Some people did apply. Why were they not chosen? Did Braun pull a Cheney? Be part of the committee to hire and then find himself the best candidate for the position? Oh, this is also what Rex McKenzie did as well. Remember? Rex was initially part of the search ommittee to hire the harbormaster and then, after being on the committee for some time, he resigned from the committee to be chosen the "best" candidate.

If Sharon is doing this behind the scenes for Braun, she could easily be doing this for others who work around here. People usually work in patterns. What if Braun's "secret deal" with Sharon is also being carried out with others from other undisclosed funds. Are these being done with 1099s? How is the money reported to the government? And who else, doing something a little extra for Sharon, is getting paid money from unreported accounts and funds? That is the question that needs to be asked.

I also believe it is illegal to do this. The town budget that is made public should reflect accurately and honestly what town employees are making. Look at the police reporting. If they make overtime, it is there in black and white. Now we have others doing "extra" and being recompensed without public acknowledgement or public disclosure. This is not how any town or specifically our town should be run nor how town employees and department heads should be paid. Deals done in the dark smear us all.
11:52 am est 

Re: Absent Board Member

"Normal vacations? Two to four weeks a year? Live in Provincetown twelve months
a year? Darling, not all of us are middle or lower class. Many of us are not burdened
by the necessity of work but yet sit on boards and make a positive impact on the Town ."


Darling (as you say) - We don't care if you are rich, middle or lower class or not burdened by needing to work. Nor do we care about your self evaluatory view of your contributions - it does not matter.

If you can't be here for these board meetings - STAY OFF THE BOARD.  You should be there each month to make sure everyone gets fair and equal treatment - even in Dec and Jan - when the strategists come out to play.

As you mention you don't work - well then you have plenty of time to plan your extended vacations around being in attendance for those board meetings which you committed to.
11:40 am est 

The School Situation

It seems to me that the folks who are complaining about paying for the school have forgotten a very salient point. Somebody, presumably their parents, had to pay for their education. Now it's just our turn to pay for the next generation. Why the fuss?
Posters on this site claim that students at Nauset get a better education. Really? How do you know that? Can you prove that? Who gave you the right to make decisions for other people's children?
It is clear that they are only concerned about money and that their arguments are just false pretenses.
Yes, I am a PHS grad from many years ago and my children have already graduated but I accept my responsibility to pay my share for others who will follow.

Common Sense
11:37 am est 

Use the Banner

All of you who seem to have so much to say, why don't you write a letter to the editor of the Banner and make your voice heard to everyone.  This hiding behind the blog and just plain bitching is so childish.
11:35 am est 

Re: This is Not the 30s in Germany
"With all the snitching by neighbors it's more like the sixties in East Germany.
8:05 pm est"

Thank God we have aware, watchful eyed neighbors in this town !  Without us - there would be buildings overbuilt over approval - officials who turn a blind eye - and board members who are never here.

Someone has to look out for the interests of the people of Provincetown and you know what ?  It's us - the "snitchy neighbors"
11:34 am est 

Face the Facts

The residents of this town have always supported the schools. Now the schools are essentially empty of students, it is time to face this fact and close the school and regionalize.

The school will close eventually--why prolong this process?
11:32 am est 

School Closing
Close the school. Look at what it will cost now to run the high school for a handful of students $4,000,000. What will it cost if we close it now? What will it cost us after it has been closed for 20 years?

It is past the time to close the school. People want their jobs, that is what this is about. Make this all emotional about the students and their families.

Schools are closing in Boston--even churches are closing. And we are going to keep this school open for a handful of students when we have Nationally recognized Nauset High school down the road.

Use your intelligence--not your emotions in your decision making.
11:32 am est 

Our Last Struggling School
Once there were 6 or so schools in this town. Now we don't have enough students for one.

Unless you are connected to the school, it doesn't even enter one's mind. It is a separate entity from the town, just as we go to our jobs, these students go to school.

The students talk about their parents who went to this school and their grandparents--but that is no reason to keep a high school open for a handful of students to a cost of $4,000,000 a year.

Close the school and you will realize that we will save more than a few hundred thousand dollars. And every year we will save more and more. Close the school.
11:30 am est 

John Dowd Missing in Action

The way John Dowd ran his last meeting, its no wonder he's MIA. He can't face the year round town people.
11:29 am est 

You Can Point Out Problems and Identify Issues on Boards Without Needing to Be on a Board

There is the simplistic notion that anyone who complains about a board or board member should run themselves. That misses the point. As a voter I can point out the absurdities of absent chairs without needing to be on a board to justify my criticism. Identifying problems or weaknesses can be fruitful.  To fix a problem you first need to know you have a problem.
11:28 am est 

Re: Provincetown Public Schools

Re: "Don't you dare tell me what is best for my kids..."

Ever realize you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?
11:26 am est 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Questions Need Answers

Where do the under the table payments stop? How many people working at Town Hall
are currently receiving payments above and beyond thoughs approved at Town Hall meetings, such as the Building Commissioner.

Think about it, if these payments are being made, how is the bubgetary short-fall accounted for
at the end of the year........"Think Overrides".

It's against the law! Where is the BOS in all of this?
8:23 pm est 

24 Franklin Street

OK those doors on the franklin street propery are AWFUL!!!!  plesase someone tell me that they are temporary door and not permanent..
maybe i should join the HDC.. cept I work too much in the summer to be able to go to all the meetings....
8:14 pm est 


Doe's anyone know why Joe's coffee at his new location cut down all those trees..5 beautiful trees cut down, for what reason ? I'm surprised that Barbra R has not said something
8:07 pm est 

Re: "Re: John Dowd

If you don't like the current situation and apparently are a yearrounder, next time he's up for re-appointment, APPLY TO BE APPOINTED. Otherwise, shut up and go away. The boards are struggling to get members as it is. The ZBA can't make quorums quite often and they are on a time schedule most of the time. If part time residents are doing the work, why can't the yearrounders?
8:06 pm est 

Re: This is Not the 30's in Germany.
With all the snitching by neighbors it's more like the sixties in East Germany.
8:05 pm est 

Provincetown Public Schools

Don't you dare tell me what is best for my kids.   If you want to talk about your opinion that's fine, phase it that way.   But  never will you decide what is best for MY kids.
8:04 pm est 

Provincetown Public Schools

If we need to save $200k, I believe we easily could find it in Town Hall staffing - so don't even start.
8:03 pm est 

The Glove Will Not Fit

Re: Close the school
What about the bullying that goes on at the school? A handful of students and their parents are going to guilt trip the taxpayers into paying for their "private school"?

Let the taxpayers and parents who want the school pay for it just like the people who are connected to the waste water treatment plant pay for that privilege.

We will save money closing the school. The school committee came up with these figures saying it is a wash--yeah, just ask OJ to put on the glove and he can't get it to fit.
8:02 pm est 

While you may have problems with specific people and procedures or lack thereof on HDC you have to step back and say something's going right if we just got awarded one of the ten most historic towns in the US by the primary organization involved in preservation.

Regarding 12 months in residence. What, are you going to break our trusty scandalmonger away from watching Guertin's driveway and have him to audits of board member's residency? It's up to the board to make the decision, it's up to the building department, and to some extent neighbors, to make sure the decision is followed.

- not a town employee, etc.
8:00 pm est 

Re: Re: John Dowd

Normal vacations? Two to four weeks a year? Live in Provincetown twelve months
a year? Darling, not all of us are middle or lower class.

Many of us are not burdened by the necessity of work but yet sit on boards and make a positive impact on the Town .
7:58 pm est 

Re: "Re: John Dowd

"Regarding John Dowd or anyone else on an appointed committee who  misses three meetings in a row: The committee itself can vote the member off ONLY if that person has not notified the committee that he will be absent. Mr. Dowd has always had excused absences. Ergo, a vote to remove would not stand. I believe this is a town by law. "

With all due respect to any committee member - NO ONE should be allowed to sit on these boards unless they reside in Ptown 12 months of the year (with the exception of a normal vacation period ) like the rest of us.

If you want to be responsible for determining the future of Ptown's buildings IT SHOULD BE A REQUIREMENT that a board member MUST RESIDE 12 MONTHS of the year in Ptown with the exception of a normal vacation(s) - defined by the normal real world 2-4 week vacation bank.

There is too much being done conveniently when board members may not be around.

The developers are going at it 12 months out of the year and members should be here to see and be reported to as to what is going on.

Respectfully submitted -
1:59 pm est 

Maybe Dowd Has Supernatural Power and Can Rule and Lead In Absentia
What is an Excused Absence? I'm travelling and otherwise occupied. How long can this go on? Seems too long already.
1:57 pm est 

Re: John Dowd

Regarding John Dowd or anyone else on an appointed committee who  misses three meetings in a row: The committee itself can vote the member off ONLY if that person has not notified the committee that he will be absent. Mr. Dowd has always had excused absences. Ergo, a vote to remove would not stand. I believe this is a town by law.
12:50 pm est 

24 Franklin Street

Re:"Does a notice of Violation mean a Stop work order ?"

"The answer is NO!"

My goodness - someone seems to have ruined your day !
12:49 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

Why doesn't guertin have a notice of violation on his out of state registered car? Webmaster, how about posting a picture of the illegally regitered car?
11:39 am est 

Re: Schools

People ask, 'why would anyone send their kids to PHS?'.  My response would be isn't that their choice, one that they should be allowed to make?  Remember 'School Choice'?

re: " school enrollment continues to decrease... has become self-fulfilling.  As we talk more and more about closing the high school parents send their children to Nauset so their children won't be forced to change schools the middle of their high school years."

I listened to the School Cte chair rail against the residents of the town for thinking of regionalization, he's doing himself a disfavor.  People don't respond well to having something shoved down their throat.

I have no children, but care about the children of Provincetown and want what's best for them.  If I did have children I most likely would send them to Nauset because I feel they would get a better education, but that would be my personal decision, one I wouldn't force on others.  My parents made that type of decision for me when I was growing up and it had a very positive impact on my life.  

I don't have the answer on this issue, but with the less than expected savings of regionalization the decision ahead of us can not be guided solely by dollars.
11:31 am est 

Steve....... Who?

If Clerk-of-the-Works, why is Russell Braun receiving additional pay.

How much is Steve paid and can Town Clerk attest to Steve's position.

I do remember that the position was advertised and in fact know an applicant.

Still doesn't answer the question; why is Russell Braun receiving additional pay, when so many other people being ask to do so much with no compensation? 
11:28 am est 

Russell Braun...

.. is not the CLerk of The Works.  It is some old guy named Steve who's doing a great job.
11:11 am est 

HDC Chair Has Missed Six Meetings in a Row: Last Seen at a Meeting in November 2009

Surely this is unprecedented. No chair for months. Notice when watching PTV that everyone but Dowd was present for the BOS meeting with the HDC. Another meeting he missed. Maybe he didn't like the complaints voiced by the Sunset Inn guys and the letters in the Banner sent against his performance. Or maybe he feels he can do whatever he wants without consequences. Strange to say the least.
11:03 am est 

Is This How the Town Manager Rewards Her Favorites...?

If the Building Commissioner is being paid an unpublicized additional amount of money
it is illegal. Why was the position  for clerk-of-the-works not advertised.

It's as though the Commissioner had nothing to do. As it is, he is not performing the
function of Building Commissioner ala the many complaints being posted and he most certainly
is not providing leadership in his department. The actions of his Building Inspector are dysfunctional.

Sharon Lynn should be required by the BOS to explain her actions. One, is it true? Two, why? And three, Did she receive advice from legal Counsel?

Mary Jo, please ask the question. 
11:01 am est 

24 Franklin Street

Re:"Does a notice of Violation mean a Stop work order ?"

The answer is NO!
10:42 am est 

The Inevitable

Regarding the estimated savings of regionalization versus status quo at schools, it stands to reason that the savings will increase as the enrollment and staffing levels continue to decrease. We're planning for the future, right? There is no influx of students coming anytime soon, especially given the resistance to change. Being angry won't change that.
10:39 am est 

Look Toward Tomorrow and All Its Promises

I have to say with Nauset Regional High School just being listed as one of the top 10 schools in the country, they ranked 6th, why would you want to send your child to Ptown high?  I have a child and he currently goes to Truro Central and will go to Nauset because I want him/her to have the best education possible and to have as many opportunities available to him/her.  Currently Ptown high doesn't have enough kids in certain classes to have more than 1 or 2 kids in a class. This is a high cost to the town to pay for a teachers salary when there are other options for our children.  To the other towns people who have grown up here and think that keeping the school is beneficial, it's time to let the school go and do whats best for our children. STOP LIVING IN THE PAST!
10:37 am est 

Re: 24 Franklin Street House Violation Notice

"There is now a Notice of Violation on the lawn of 24 Franklin Street.
Finally action has been taken. Let's keep our eye on the ball."



Does a notice of Violation mean a Stop work order ?
10:35 am est 

Who Knows Best?

Re: "You know what would be BEST for most of the blathering bloggers here - GET BACK IN YOUR CAGES !"

You need to think twice about deciding what is BEST for people.   This is not the 30's in Germany.  
10:34 am est 

Re: John Dowd

John Dowd knows that if he misses three meetings in a row, he can be asked to step down from his position. However, he makes sure that he only misses two meetings in a row. How arrogant and power hungry!
10:32 am est 

In These Hard Times an Extra $200.000.00 Would be a Blessing!

In these hard times an extra $200.000.00 would be welcome! I say send the children to a much better school system where they can get a better variety of educational choices.
10:30 am est 

Operating Outside of the Law

People knew that the Building Commissioner is also performing the seperate function
of Clerk-of-the-Works for the rehab of Town Hall; BUT no one knew he was receiving a separate paycheck.

IS THIS ONE FOR REAL?   Some one should ask the BOS what is up with that?   Does he go to town hall on Fridays?   NO.   Oh, he does go to the post office everyday.  Maybe that is on his PAID lunch break!
10:28 am est 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Truro and P-Town Water Debate
I guess we can kiss the idea of regionalization of the police department goodbye....
9:54 pm est 

Please Tell Me

Those who say move the kids to Nauset - what is your vision of Provincetown - please tell me ?
9:19 pm est 

Payments Under the Table

What the hell are we doing paying people above and beyond their base salary,
when they are not even performing the job for which they were initially hired?

There is no leadership! Spend Spend Spend!
8:05 pm est 

Re: John Dowd's Absence

How many months can the Chairman of the Historic District Commission
go missing in action. No wonder the people feel that there is no fairness in
the application of HDC regulations.

John Dowd should be compelled by his own board member to step down from
the position of Chairman.

Dowd is no leader!
7:58 pm est 

Re: Unpublicized Extra Pay For the Building Commissioner...Why?

What's this about the Building Commissioner receiving two paychecks.

It would seem that any increase in salary would require Town Hall approval of
a change in budget.

What's going on Sharon?
7:49 pm est 

24 Franklin Street House Violation Notice

There is now a Notice of Violation on the lawn of 24 Franklin Street.

Finally action has been taken. Let's keep our eye on the ball.

7:44 pm est 

Re: PJ and Truro

"Hey PJ, Provincetown has been "negotiating" with Truro for almost 10 years for this land and to preserve our water supply.  Just how long does someone have to be nice before they start to play hardball?  Truro has not been negotiating in good faith and I say Bravo to the selectmen for standing up to them.  Bout time."

You are wrong. Both sides have been negotiating for quite some time but Truro is not doing anything out of the ordinary nor anything new that Provincetown hasn't known for a long time. Provincetown simply doesn't want to pay anything for the wellfield, period. They want it for free and have decided to blackmail the residents of Truro through the Truro BOS by saying they won't hook up anyone new in Truro unless Truro gives Provincetown their land or a big cash sum. That sounds like blackmail to me. Don't believe me, read the letter for yourself as I have. It's available from the Truro town hall. You could even get a copy from the Provincetown BOS but I would think they don't want the letter out for fear of further embarassment. These are the leaders of Provincetown. Thats just sad. No class and no style. And who ends up losing in the end? The residents and taxpayers. Needless to say, I doubt Truro will deal with Provincetown again anytime soon, that at a time when regionalizi!
ng to save money is the local buzzword. Thanks BOS. Did a really GREAT job this time.
7:33 pm est 

Re: Peter Grosso is Entitled to His Opinion
I absolutely agree, he's entitled to his opinion.  Unfortunately though, when he clearly states his mind is already made up on the issue of regionalization he loses all credibility.  If the report comes out and states it doesn't make sense to regionalize how can we believe a thorough, unbiased analyis was done?  We can't.

In  the past I have been in favor of regionalization.  However when I begin to read more information I realize this isn't really going to save the town very much money.  The high school budget of $1,600,000 isn't going to be reduced very much by regionalization.  I'm now on the fence on the subject.  

I will say Dr. Singer and the school cte chair are a huge improvement over Waugh and Nelson.  If anyone can turn the schools around I believe Dr. Singer can do it, she's a winner.
7:30 pm est 

School Closing Will Save More

It's time to close the school and send our children to Nauset where they will have diversity, first-class curriulum and great teachers. It's not that this was not the case years back here in Provincetown. and there are still great teachers and dedicated people but there are NO students! That's reality and so we close the door on a long solid past and look to the future.
7:28 pm est 

You've Got Your Answer

Closing our schools would save us $150-$228k.    For years many of you have screamed close the schools and all you are doing is scaring people with kids away from this town.   Stop trying to make this a six month community.   People are buying here now hoping to move here.   They want a year round community - that is what is so attractive about Provincetown.  
7:27 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Schools

Peter Grosso is entitled to his opinion.   The people who need to be removed from the discussion are the ones who have repeatedly tried to shut the schools down with no or misinformation.  

AND STOP SAYING IT'S "ALL ABOUT WHAT IS BEST FOR THE CHILDREN: - YOU SOUND INSANE - How would you like it if I said - my decision is all about what "is best for the gays/old people/straight people" - STOP IT NOW !
3:30 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Public Schools

If the facts in the banner are correct, then closing the schools really isn't going to save us all that much $$$ I would be in favor of closing the schools if it made sense.  But saving only $280,000 or so dose not seem like all that much to me.  
3:28 pm est 

Apparent Conflict of Interest

Seems lIke a Conflict of Interest to be the Building Commissioner and the Clerk-Of-works at the same Time.

Isn't the Building Commissioner the one who oversees the Clerk of Works on a town building? How can he be both the supervisor and the final critic of the quality of the work on town hall? The town should have a separate Clerk of Works who reports to the Building Commission. The Building Commisioner cannot report to himself!

Why this weird arrangement? And can someone do two jobs at the same time? Isn't this game playing. Now I'm Cleark of Works, now I'm Building Commissioner. Are there two hats in the truck sir? This is odd if not illegal. It's a compromising situation that does not seem kosher.
1:32 pm est 

PJ and Truro

Hey PJ, Provincetown has been "negotiating" with Truro for almost 10 years for this land and to preserve our water supply.  Just how long does someone have to be nice before they start to play hardball?  Truro has not been negotiating in good faith and I say Bravo to the selectmen for standing up to them.  Bout time.
1:28 pm est 

Building Commissioner

Re: "The Building Commissioner needs to do his job and this is another example of his not doing that.   We already had a situation where a job was "overbuilt" in the west end and the commissioner had lost the file so it was allowed to remain overbuilt from the original approved drawings."

Yes indeed that is true - a development was overbuilt in the West End.  And now we have dialogue around the Franklin street house - Why is this happening ??

Who is protecting us ??  

How does a file get lost on a significant development ????
1:01 pm est 


It appears that the Building Commissioner is also performing the seperate function
of Clerk-of-the-Works for the rehab of Town Hall; for which he is receiving a separate

Perhaps this is one of the reasons he is unable to perform his duties as Building Commissioner.
12:50 pm est 

Public Disgrace

Sounds like our selectman need to learn some of the basic tenets of negotiation and diplomacy. Threatening Truro with a letter to do what Ptown wants regarding water/sewer or else is so draconian. (Banner Article)Provincetown is becoming the laughing stock of the outer cape. Ever hear of the saying, "You get more flies with honey." The selectman need to take a course in Negotiations 101. Absolutely disgraceful.

12:43 pm est 

We Need Someone Who is Neutral

Peter Grosso needs to be removed from the reorg committee from the schools. He is supposed to be helping plan the future of the Provincetown schools. His comment on the wicked local ("There are people who want to put a lock on the door. We have to fight these people, said Grosso, who is also chair of the regional school planning committee that will make a formal recommendation at Town Meeting on whether to close Provincetown High School and send local students to Nauset Regional High School.") is biased at best. We need someone who is neutral, not someone who went in with a preconceived decision.

12:42 pm est 

Franklin Street House - Weekly Updates

1) Someone suggested on here calling the building commissioner or sending these posts to Sharon.  WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO DO THAT? WHY ARE TOWN OFFICIALS NOT ON TOP OF THIS RIGHT NOW !

2) Since these boards are Voluntary there should be a requirement that NOTHING IS DONE regarding decisions on development UNITL THEY ARE ALL HERE IN RESIDENCE and can physically attend meetings.


3) Once approval has been given on a development - the Building commissioner should BE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT WEEKLY UPDATES AND CHECKLISTS ON ALL WORK DONE on a development to the appropriate town official or board representative in charge of monitoring the boards decision in comparison to the Building commissioners findings.


Let's get accountable here for all the people of Provincetown.
12:40 pm est 

Re: Building Commissioner

The Building Commissioner needs to do his job and this is another example of his not doing that.   We already had a situation where a job was "overbuilt" in the west end and the commissioner had lost the file so it was allowed to remain overbuilt from the original approved drawings.  
12:39 pm est 

Re: John Dowd

John Dowd gave the owner at 95 Bradford street - Dixies old home (may he rest in peace)  - some Concessions if certain things were done that had nothing to do with any work being done.   This was because of the owners past partner (may he rest in peace) was part of the original historic commission in Provincetown.   Once again, it is who HAS, WAS, IS on boards and WHO you know.   Nothing much different than politics anywhere else, but in our town being so small, everyone knows everyone and it seems so unfair.   The only thing is how does the building commissioner get away without enforcing the real rules?  
12:36 pm est 

John Dowd

Remember when John Dowd should have stepped down but voted in favor of the totally out of place and ugly modern PAAM building on Commercial and Bangs Street?
12:35 pm est 

No BOS Meeting This week or Next Week
Is MIchele9only one l) Couture going back to Israel? Isn't it time to have this group meet? Perhaps the four day work week, leaving only three dyas with holiday and sometimes two and a half days, has inflitrated the mindset of the Chari fo this fine group. Now they don't meet, as if there aren't key issues they need to face. Odd little group. Odd way to think about how to lead this town.
12:33 pm est 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

John Dowd Needs to Give an Accounting.......Where is He?

Why is John Dowd Easy on Some and Tough on Others? Why do some people have to jump through hoops like the poor guys at Sunset Inn and then you have Victor and Rob Tosner and everything they want they get. And look at the terrible smear for historic concerns? What is this man gaining from his decisions? Perhaps someone is buying his paintings? Perhaps someone is getting diners at Victor's? Who knows but it smells like rotten fish along Commerical Street as it turns down towards the West End. Something's wrong here. And if you can't purchase                 , I guess you have to live with harsher interpretation of the rules. You have to keep your old windows. You have to keep the old wooden doors. But somehow, Victor and too many others, breeze through. A nod. A wink. A          bought. Perhaps something else is happening here.
10:11 pm est 

Re: Carte Blance

"The trick is to do your project in the winter when the HDC powers that be are off living in other places and unable to scrutinize your project. It also helps to go for approval in late Dec or early Janaury when no one is looking or cares."

Your "trick" logic is flawed - isn't that what the town has a Building Commissioner for ?  Is not the function of that position to ensure that regulations of development are followed YEAR ROUND ??

Oh and if you think you can pull something in my neighborhood in Dec or Jan - guess again.
6:33 pm est 

You might want to avoid drinking when you protest and use a spell checker on your protest signage.
6:30 pm est 

24 Franklin Street

The more work that gets done on the Franklin/Bradford property that is incorrect, the bigger the fine. I guess this is how the town is going to make up for the deficit!

6:29 pm est 

The Cape Cod Commission Should be Involved With Herring Cove Development

And In no way should the public have to do inspections of projects and notify boards that their requirements are possibly not being followed. If town boards make demands, it is up to them to do the necessary follow-up so that we don't end up in the situation so often visited in this town, where everyone just throws up their hands when questionable work is done and say "well, its already got passed us.... nothing we can do now.
6:27 pm est 

John Dowd Missing in Action!

What Chair of the Historic District? Seems the so-called chair of this commission hasn't attened a meeting since mid November. He has been far away and has not even attened the requested meeting with selectmen.

Seems rather shabby. Seems rather irresponsible. John Dowd is missing in action.
6:25 pm est 

Possible Strike at Stop & Shop

4:29 pm est 

They are Not Doing Their Job!

It is mindbongling in this economy, with incredibly limited building going on, that the Commissioner has not seen Franklin/Bradford.   There is also a Building Inspector - do you mean to tell me that no one drives around the 3 main street that we have ?  If they have not, that is a real problem - no one should have to point out their job to them.  

Look at the pride some people have - the octagon building in the west end - being redone to historic days - the building next to Bradford Natural - obeying the rules and having civic pride is apparently not a problem for those people.  
4:27 pm est 

Historic District Commission

The chairman of the historic district is in New York City where he lives most of the year, while the Franklin/Bradford street house is getting rebuilt illegally!  Where are the other board members?
4:25 pm est 

24 Franklin Street

The truth of the matter is that Historic looks at the big picture for changes and approves.   It is up to the Building Commissioner to approve the details and obviously those are not the windows that would have been approved.   Therefore, a stop work order should be issued at Franklin and Bradford.
4:24 pm est 

Thanks BOS!!

Looks like the BOS have once again shot the town in the foot with a letter to Truro's board over water. (It's in the Banner/Capecodder.) This is a great example of leadership. This is a great example of how we as a town work with others. And all this when we want to regionalize with Truro's police department? Lets see how we get out of this one. Please someone step up to the plate and save this town!!
4:23 pm est 

A Renovation is Not Just a Renovation

Something new is not necessiarly better. and cheap windows and a cheap door in such a visible spot is not good. It's not the contractors fault, it is the owners. Contractors do what owners want and if the new owners are not following the rules, they are the problem.

We do need better enforcement or simply enforcement of rules so that everyone is treated equally and there is consistency in implementation and in enforcement.

Go to it Russell. Get a move on and do something that you are paid to do. Not only to sit in an office but to be on the streets and to look for concurrence between permits and work done, between rulings of boards and word accomplished. Where there is inconsistencies and affronts of the rules, there you should find yourself. You are the rule enforcer, sir.
4:22 pm est 

Re: "Carte Blance"

What a great drag name.

The trick is to do your project in the winter when the HDC powers that be are off living in other places and unable to scrutinize your project. It also helps to go for approval in late Dec or early Janaury when no one is looking or cares.

All this sturm and drang over a few windows and a door yet only one or two posts about the proposed destruction of wetlands at Herring Cove Village. I guess if you can't see it from your car it doesn't exist?
4:20 pm est 

Re : "You People Are Disgusting."

"Someone puts a number of people to work in this economy and rebuilds an old decrepid building and all you can complain about is the historic aspect of it? Who the hell cares?"

No  you are WRONG !! We all own property here and we have to follow certain rules when we do improvements.

To suggest that just because something looks better now and how may people are put to work - blah blah Blah - sing another justification song please ! It is such an old and tired song and has been used repeatedly by developers wanting to disregard the bylaws of this town.

THE RULES APPLY TO EVERYONE HERE - stop making excuses and justifications for total disregard for rules that affect the rest of us with  property.

Making a property more beautiful DOES NOT GIVE CARTE BLANCE
to a developer !!
11:35 am est 

Why Would You Call the Building Inspector ?

Are you for real?  If you call the building inspector,or his department, the next time you want something done, the department or the building inspector will make you jump through hoops or tell the board where you needed a variance NOT to grant it.  It is a small town folks.
Why not mail some of these posts to Sharon Lynn with no return address and get some of your complaints looked at.  Maybe something will be done?
11:32 am est 

We Are a Community of Laws

I do not think that people are unhappy that a run down property is being renovated.  That is a good thing.  What people are complaining about regarding the renovation on Franklin Street is, are the rules being enforced fairly.  It seems that there is a capricious nature to how these rules are or are not enforced.  If these develpoers are able to install non historic windows etc. then why are others held to a different standard.  When that woman was told she could not replace her old drafty door with an energy efficient one, yes that pisses people off, especially if these developers get to change things at this property.  Fair is fair, and that is what makes people unhappy...
10:56 am est 

Re: Building Commissioner and Inspector

Has anyone called the Building Inspector with all of these questions? May I suggest you do so if you are so concerned. Bitching on this blog ain't gonna change a thing. Pick up the phone or better yet go down to the townhall trailers and speak to the man in person.

10:55 am est 

24 Franklin Street

Rob's supporters will surface in numbers.    I'm sure everyone                                           will put in their two cents here.    Rob is supposed to be a real estate professional.   Perhaps they expect to adhere to a different set of rules and regs?    Then there's Victor who has a track record of doing whatever he wants regardless of building regulations or operating license requirements.   A match made in heaven.
10:51 am est 

I Disagree With "Dead of Winter"

Many homeowners have been denied types of home improvements because of "historic" reasons. We have accepted their decisions because we were told we had to.  The Franklin/Bradford Street property should be no different - they should have to adhere to the same rules as everyone else.  So - yes, it does affect us!

No one is denying that when the property is competed it will look better than it did before, and no one is complaining about the number of jobs this project has created.  However, people are justified in complaining that there seems to be two sets of rules - one for the average homeowner and another for developers and people with town positions.  When the xterior of my house was under construction I had John Dowd standing in front of my house inspecting every detail - where is he now?
10:49 am est 

Franklin Street Complainers

Reading these posts complaining about Franklin Street makes me want to leave this town.   Finally someone is improving a property and all the unemployed that have nothing to do all day, complain.  Are these the same folks the complained so much that the investors withdrew from the Martin House because they wanted to be spared this ridiculous nonsense??  I hope you're happy because the Martin House, one of the oldest in Provincetown, is now sitting there rotting.   No wonder this town is dying.  Time to leave. Why don't you all look in the mirror and start critiquing yourselves?
10:46 am est 

Oh Please !

How can anyone write and stick up for what is going on at the house on Franklin Street. The plastic doors look better. I am sure the 84 year old lady that is trying to replace her door so she can stay warm has   every intention of replacing the old door with something that looks better than what is there now.
10:45 am est 

Re: Historic District Guidelines

Previous post. "has anyone ever heard of inserts, most homes have them now.  Lets give the builders a little credit to see if they are doing the right thing with the windows."

Inserts are not allowed under the Historic Distric guidlines. It is very specific about the required use of permanetly applied simulated divided lights. This is because they look fake and anyone at anytime can remove them. And Anderson does not make a two light insert. It cant fit in because of the lock.

I speak of what I know
10:44 am est 

Re: Local Contractors

Nothing wrong with local contractors, but when you put the bid out - they seem to be double anyone else.   For too long they wanted to work half time and get paid for full time.   Gee, sounds like town hall employees.......................
10:42 am est 

24 Franklin Street

Yes - anything would have made the building at Franklin and Bradford look better.   And yes people are working - but that has nothing to do with absolute flaunting of the Historic guidelines.   How much more would it has cost to do the right windows ?   I'll tell you - about $300 more per window - big deal.   Same with the doors.  Do you really think they can't make that up when they sell these.  

There is a building commissioner and a building inspector -between the two of them, let's hope they find some time - and let's see what they do.  
10:40 am est 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Must be Dead of Winter

You people are disgusting. Someone puts a number of people to work in this economy and rebuilds an old decrepid building and all you can complain about is the historic aspect of it? Who the hell cares? Any change is an improvement to that dump. Instead of complaining that he didn't rebuild a dump that was once there, maybe you should collectively complain about the strictness of the "historical" guidelines and the fact that they are a huge impedement. No, you'd rather just complain from the sidelines about a project that has NOTHING to do with your life in the big picture. Get a life and find something else to complain about.
9:52 pm est 

God People Lighten Up!
Has anyone thought to consider that the house on Franklin street is much much better than it was before and has anyone ever heard of inserts, most homes have them now.  Lets give the builders a little credit to see if they are doing the right thing with the windows.  By the way has anyone looked at the house on the other side of Franklin directly across it has the same windows with inserts.  God people lighten up we want our town to look better and maintained not like an old western movie where people don't want to live any more.
9:50 pm est 

Re: Franklin Street House

The PLASTIC doors on the Franklin St corner are a fine example of what some people can get away with. If a 84 yr old woman is forced to live with her drafty broken
front door because she can't afford the historic (lower caps) solid wood door demanded by the commission then something is so so so wrong. The developers are just giving the royal middle finger to those that actually follow the rules...shame, shame, shame!
9:49 pm est 

Re: Stop Work Orders
Has a single person complaining on here called the Community Development Department and submitted a complaint?
9:47 pm est 

Re: Franklin Street

Havent we all seen this happen before requarding a historic house in town, franklin street property. i saw the building being renovated and asked myself, how did they get the
permits so quickly? where were the town officials, the
historic members!my guess is big $$$, big lawyers, as i was
quoted by one of our historic commision members.
the boards of ptown are on a volunteer basis, and i thank them for volunteering, but the building department is a
paid department. i have tried on numerous occassions to try and get questions answered, being a tax payer, concerning
building attempts are fruitless, different answers
from different members, or that the person whom i need to speak to is out. the 4 day work week again! dont go in to
any town office on mondays or thursdays ! has anybody else
noticed the cars that are parking all over bradford because
the parking is inadequate for victors , no parking signs,
but never a parking ticket ! i guess i need a big lawyer, but living here FULL time, i will never have the big $$$.
9:47 pm est 


Simple all plans need to be pdf and on file - simple go to Historic's minutes and see the plans.   The Zoning Enforcement Officer finds it easier not to have too much documentation.  But in the meantime, this is an obvious STOP WORK ORDER.
9:44 pm est 

Now We Know!

If the Franklin street property was bought by Rob Tosner, he owns a real-estate company in town, he is the chair of the VSB (Visitors Serverice board) and has lots of clout.  No wonder this property has proceded with all eyes shut by town officials.   If you own a business in town, own property, run a board, you get to do ANYTHING you want.
9:43 pm est 

Re: 24 Franklin
Where is the cinder block chimney that was to be veneered? GONE!

Where are the two over one windows? ONE OVER ONE!
5:45 pm est 

24 Franklin Street

Here is the rest of the Historic District Commision order of conditiions for 24 Franklin. Part of the original Shout Out post was dropped.

3.     East Side  All the existing windows to remain with the exception of the ground floor 2nd from the north elevation  window to become door with the appropriate trim with bracketed Victorian canopy (as modeled on 1 Tremont Street).

4.     Two additional windows to be added on the southern portion of east elevation be added the same size as the existing.

5.     Dormer above to have 3 windows in alignment with windows below.

6.     South Elevation  attic window to be replaced by pair of joined windows.

7.     Two windows to be added below in alignment with 1st and 2nd floors the same size as existing west elevation dormer to reflect east elevation of dormer.

8.     West Elevation  dormer to reflect east elevation of dormer.

9.     Existing cinderblock chimney to be brick veneered and existing brick chimney to be retained

Motion:  John Dowd       Seconded:  Nathan Butera          Vote:  3-0-0.
5:26 pm est 

Where Are the Stop Work Orders?

RE :"No - they did a total gut renovation on Franklin Street - the entire project had to go before historic - adding dormers, etc.   Where is the Zoning Enforcement Officer (the Building Commissioner) ? Why is there not a stop work order on that building until those windows are proper.  This is really, really outrageous.   The town gets the highest award for Historic Preservation - and then those windows show up."

This is a superb commentary.  Good question - WHERE ARE THE STOP WORK ORDERS ??  Windows that don't belong go up - a house gets completely demolished in the East End and other buildings that are built too high from plan.

Is this town so big that the proper officials can't be on top of their game and what they are paid for ?  

How does a house in the East End get demolished and nobody knows about it until it is too late ??  

This town's officials have an OBLIGATION to stand up to  contractors and developers and enforce the laws of this community and standards for development.

5:24 pm est 

Re: Franklin Street House

Yes those on town boards do as they want.  where's the chimney as well as the window situation? why would the head of the VSB want to squeeze 3 dwellings where there was only one - nothing but greed
5:21 pm est 

The Games They Play

Seems to me that if the Murchison property had to go before the Cape Cod Commision for development of seven homes in addition to the big house, why isn't the Herring Cove tennis court property also  refered to the CCC for the same review. It is denser,has more units and will have much more impact on traffic than the Murchison property. I also think that the tennis club property should be considered to have historic value as to the historic use and it was here before 1959 when the Murchison house was built.

This smells!
4:24 pm est 

Franklin Street House

Here is the Historic District Commision approval for 24 Franklin Street; it seems some license has been taken.


Application by Rob Tosner for a Certificate to be issued in accordance with the Provincetown Historic District Commission established under the General By-Laws, Chapter 15 of the Town of Provincetown.  The applicant seeks approval to construct two dormers on the West and East elevations, replace siding, relocate windows and doors, replace windows and extend the second floor deck on the West side at the property located at 24 Franklin Street, Provincetown, MA.  

Rob is purchasing the property and it really needs to be rehabbed.  There are a number of plans that hes proposing.  He has removed the composite shingles that were on the building and he would like to add windows on the side of the building facing the water.  

After a major discussion on the changes Rob proposed, the following motion was made:

Motion:  Move to approve the motion with the following conditions:

1.     North Elevation  all existing will be retained and that the historic front door on Bradford Street will be detailed out in an appropriate Greek revival or Victorian door and have 2 over one windows throughout.

2.     The original red brick chimney to be retained from the roof up.
4:22 pm est 

Franklin Street House

No - they did a total gut renovation on Franklin Street - the entire project had to go before historic - adding dormers, etc.   Where is the Zoning Enforcement Officer (the Building Commissioner) ? Why is there not a stop work order on that building until those windows are proper.  This is really, really outrageous.   The town gets the highest award for Historic Preservation - and then those windows show up.
2:23 pm est 

The Games They Play
The tennis court was always going to be developed. It was a prop as if it would be maintained and they were going to be reasonable in their construction. But alas, the truth sets in and it over-development, greed, and finagling the bagel. Given that this land abuts conservation land, seems they will go forward and build up and big, and more on more on this piece of land.

Will conservetation actualy stop this over-building? The question remains.
11:51 am est 

Franklin Street House

If those windows are not up to regulation - where is the Building commissioner ?  That house should be made to comply to ALL standards that everyone else must follow.

We all live in this town and have an obligation to ensure the consistency of how this town looks for future generations.

We simply can't let things slide in Zoning or Historic because we may have a local "friend".  
11:49 am est 

24 Frankling Street is in the Historic District
If you replace windows in kind, you still have to come before the Historic District. It can be administrative review but you must come before this commission. Developers of 24 Franklin--Victor and Rob Tosner-- were told they had to put in 2 over 2's and they abrogated the rules by putting in non-compliance windows that will have fake stick-them-in mutins. This was not the ruling of the HDC.

Again, where's the enforcement. Where indeed!
11:47 am est 

Franlin Street House

If you replace a window with the same in kind window you do not have to get historic approval. The new windows on the corner of Franklin & Bradford ARE the SAME one over one in kind replacements. You might wanna untangle your underware on this one, and take a deep breath. The house looks a lot better than before.
7:06 am est 

The Building Commissioner
Today was a holiday AGAIN for the town.
But for 2 1/2 weeks, he was not around town.   Is anyone other than the lame BOS at any meetings.   Oh yes, Rick Murry is doing what he wants as everyone else that could be hurt is away for 3 months.  SMART.
I have to say, their are smart people around town and know how to use the system.   Guess the rest of you should go back to sleep or do what ever you want as either no one is looking, or no one cares.
7:04 am est 

So Sick of Everyone Bad Mouthing the Local Contractors

If they have issue with contractors they must have hired the wrong one.No doubt they were the ones that came in with the lowest price. I know many people who have hired "their" contractors off cape and now can not get them to finsh or fix the mistakes they have made.They take the big money and run. I know many local trades people who give an honest bid, but the Owners have to go with the lowest price and before they know it they are paying more than what the price was of the contractor who gave a realist price. If it sounds to good to be true it is. So stop bad mouthing the many honest tradesman who have been around for years doing the job with pride. Ever think of contacting past customers to see if they have had good experiences. No not people around here. Lets just bad all local contractors. Oh and by the way what could be the the hardship on Franklin Street. If he has to follow the rules of the historic commission,the local real estate agent developing it will have a little less money in his pocket after he turns around and sells the units. The rules should apply to all.
7:02 am est 

Re: Franklin Street House

Is the house on Franklin street in the historic district?  cause i agree those windows are not historic and should not be allowed if in fact the house is in the historic districs.  Also the guys doing the project are locals, maybe the contractors are not but the head guys are, and they are not in a hardship situation....i thinik the whole property is going to be "flipped" as condos....
6:59 am est 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Not up To Snuff

It is my understanding that it is Victor of "Victors" and local architect Ted Smith who are the developers of the house on the corner of Franklyn and Bradford. And those windows may be Anderson 200 Series, which do not meet the Energy Code. And they also dont meet the high wind or impact codes. If Im right about these windows, then it is a huge case of not applying the rules evenly by the Building Commissioner. Something that is becomeing much more apparent as time goes on with him.

A Rat In The Basement
8:37 pm est 

This is Not A Hardship Case on 24 Franklin

It is a breach of the rules. Interesting who has bought the property and who is making the changes. They are not naive but quite knowledgeable. The windows are not approved by the HDC. Where's our building commissioner?
8:35 pm est 

Looking to Come Back April 1st.

My job is starting. Does anyone need a roomate or have an idea of a place to stay?

Most places want me but not until May 15th or so. I have lived in ptown for two years and have references. I am a non smoker GWM.

Please let me know..

Timothy Winkler
774 216 6652
8:34 pm est 

House on Franklin

I'm surprised not one person on here seems to be interested in the fact that not one contractor on this house is local.  Maybe that's why it's going up so quickly?
3:15 pm est 

Right, Right, Right
This sewer system has been a problem from the beginning. But the problems should not be paid by the town since the town has handed over the operation and maintenance of this flwed system to Metclaf & Eddy. They should bear the brunt of all expenses linked to the failed system.
Right David? If only you were on our side.
12:55 pm est 

Re: Historic Disrtict Commission

At the last BOS meeting with the Historic group, they said they can make windo and door exceptions in cases of hardship. So maybe the owners of the house on the corner of Franklin and Bradford are in a hardship position. Let's not be too harsh on those who have these issues.
12:54 pm est 

Re Historic District Commission
It doesn't matter when it is the head of the VSB doing the project.  You can not interfere with them looking out for the future of this town HA
12:53 pm est 

Historic District Commission

I want to know who approved the cheap windows at the corner of Franklin and Bradford - those have been denied all over town.   You can't tell me they actually went to the Board and got approval ?   If so, then everyone else from now on can do cheap windows.
9:54 am est 

2:00AM CLosings

Point of Information Madame Chair.  The 2 AM closing is not on the warrant for the town meeting as of yet.  There is a public hearing scheduled with the Licensing Board on Tuesday February 23rd at the Community Center at 5:15PM.  It is being requested to extend the hours of operation for entertainment during the peak summer season only.  It does NOT include extending the service of alcohol.  Even though I'm sure if this were to pass, the next attempt would be to include alcohol.

Show up at the meeting and voice your concerns and then we won't have to vote on it at town meeting.  If the licensing board doesn't hear enough support for it, they'll shut it down right then.  If it does go to town meeting, it should prove for some lively debate.
6:43 am est 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! The monument looks beautiful decked out in red.

6:41 am est 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Total Bull..the Sewer System Has Had Numerous Days of Problems
Going back to the owner of Esther's years back when water filled her basement and to Patti Cozzi when her bathtub filled with that awful stuff. That was years back and there have been too many problems and difficulties and messes for years. Still, Guertin continues to back AECOM because perhaps AECOM treas Guertin better then they treat us. It is Guertin's job to defend the town and not---defend AECOM. But that is what Guertin does and what does Guertin get from defending AECOM? That is THE question, isn't it? How much has Guertin benefited from defending AECOM instead of taking them to court.

This is where he is irresponsible. There is where Guertin hurts the town. AECOM's gain is Guertin's Gain, instead of AECOM's loss being the town's gain. They are the contractor in charge and they are building this system, operating the system and overseeing the system. When a problem occurs, it is AECOM's responsbility--not the town's.

Sorry, but this pig can't fly!
6:58 pm est 

2:00AM closings

No to the later bar hours! People will drink and get drunk no matter what times the bars are open. The rest of us who choose not to drink, would appreciate it if by 2:00 am the town quiets down and we can get some sleep.
6:56 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

There should be someone from the VSB on the Pier Corp. board.
We must do a better job developing our harbor to enhance our share of the lucrative sailing tourism market.
6:54 pm est 

Request For Information
I read somewhere that some group was doing a fund raiser that included collecting old printer ink cartridges.  I can't remember where I read it or who it was, I guess I'm getting old.

Does anyone know about this and where I can bring the bag of ink cartridges I have?
3:48 pm est 

Inconsistant and Maybe Unfair

I do not object to the addition of dormers and deck to the house on the corner of Franklin and Bradford. But, for the Historic District to allow those awful, cheap appearing doors to be installed after they so rudly denied the Somerset House to install doors of a much better quality is totally why people perceive the boards as very inconsistant and maybe unfair.
3:47 pm est 

2:00AM Closings

All the town is going to acomplish by this is having all the drunks from the lower cape riding to P-town for the extra hour of drinking. More drunks on the road, more work for the Police and possibly more accidents.
3:45 pm est 

Overrides Coming From the Pier Corp.?

Why didn't the Selectmen see this coming?
1:01 pm est 

Betrayal of Public Trust

The Whydah Museum was a great tourist attraction for the town but the 'pier people' drove them off the pier and now we will have a boarded up building thanks to them.  Not letting the museum have a sign at the end of the pier with all the other busineses on the pier hurt them terribly. By the time the 'pier people' succumbed to public pressure and put a sign up it was too late. They have done more to hurt tourism, actively hurt tourism, and betrayed the public's trust than we will ever know..  
1:00 pm est 


Seems that the 1970's was well before the advent of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and much harsher treatment of drunk driving so presumably this wouldn't be as much of a concern today.
11:44 am est 

Re: 2:00AM Closing
This will not generate more business, rather the same business will be spread out over more hours. Ask the package store owners. When Sunday sales became legal here, all stores had to stay open to keep up with the competition. Operating costs went up but not gross sales. Most liquor store owners in the state would rather close on Sunday and have a day off.

This will put a further strain on bar staff too. Most of these people also work at least part time during the day as well to make ends meet. The extra hour is not going to net them more in tips. It is just going to keep them at work an hour later.

There are pool bars open early in the day and afternoon Tea Dance(s). Our visitors are not being under served. It might be a bummer on one's first night in Town, but I think people adjust quickly.

Old Fart
11:43 am est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Again, how come the 'pier people' aren't getting it together down there? They seem to be always over their heads.  Now they lost $40,000 this year when they are suppose to be the so-called 'economic engine?'  It Is a fiscal trainwreck with overrides coming soon. Yes let's keep the pressure on them and out of our wallets!!!
11:41 am est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

I like the blog about "the Pier Corp. directors secretly blogging"! If they blog here, is it a secret? What about when you blog here Candace? I've been blogging here about the Pier and I'm not a director! Some of us can read between the lines! Your fingerprints are all over your blogs! Since NO one, including you, actually signs their name, how is any of this a secret?

The Pier Corp deserves much better!

9:50 am est 

Re: 2:00AM Closing

Ever wonder why Dr Rick Murry is at almost all the BOS meetings?  And has never run?   Now we know.
So where is this EXTRA help going to come from to staff the bars later?   How much will the extra hour generate?  Lets as REAL PEOPLE.   Instead of going out at 10:30  to 1PM, the tourists will go out at 11:30 - 2AM.  Where is the extra dollars being generated?   I don't really see more dollars being generated for the town at all.  
9:49 am est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Candace has championed more change...for the the board than anyone on it. For years it was the Pier Corp. who let boats on the pier without liability insurance ($77,000 we had to pay for the ChicoMess)  Candace fought a long time for it. Finally the Pier Corp. quietly started
requiring it.  I hope she runs for selectman.
9:47 am est 

Re: 2:00AM Closing

9:46 am est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Here's an idea to all the "I want to know about the Pier People":

Attend their board meetings, they are public you know.  Oh and you can actualy see Candace in her glory!  It's better than anything on TV!
11:54 pm est 

Re: Extended Hours
Any resident gets to pick what they want on the town meeting warrant. It only takes 10 registered voters to agree.

I can only speculate is that the impetus is to generate some more revenue for the establishment. I can sympathize with this as it must be tough to have to make money in 2.5 hours - 10:30 - 1:00 am which is really the main time people are buying drinks. However, I think, were it my business, I'd add more staff because during those crush hours you can wait a long time to get a drink. I've always wondered why bar owners don't staff better to handle this and would be curious to hear. For instance, take tea dance, it can take 30 minutes to get a drink on a busy day. Same for A-house or any of Rick's places. Surely the added cost of a little more staff would be more than paid back in the additonal drink revenue.

Were I voting, and I'm not, I'd vote no. Perhaps 1:30 instead? Though, on the other side, I could see a compelling argument being made along the lines of "more revenue for the town, etc. etc."  How about adding more staff and serving drinks faster before you go for extending hours?

Oh, and whatever happening to fixing the unconstutional and overly harsh noise ordinance after voters foolishly reject Ms. Lynn's proposed changes? What we have won't stand up in court nor will the egregious police intpretation of it (no, I'm not trying to rehash Barry whats his name).

- a taxpayer.
11:53 pm est 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Re: Extend Bsr Hours

Rick Murry ?  Figures.   Ask his help if they want this?  They will say NO WAY.   Why do owners get to pick what they want.  Need deep pockets for this one.    LETS SAY NO WAY

6:40 pm est 

Extending Closing Hours

Rick Murry from the Crown and Anchor is the person bringing the Article about extending bar hours to Town Meeting.
6:10 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Don't forget they treated the Town's mooring revenue as their  own as income which inflated their bottom line. FinCom uncovered that too.....
6:09 pm est 

Re: "You Too Would See That AECOM Has Done a Poor Job."

Let's see, the sewer system went online 7/1/2003. It's had about 10 days (and that is way overstating it) of outages. As of today that makes the sewer system 99.5866060% reliable and that number gets better every day. Seems like a good investment to me. Oh, and in addition to that it isn't run by a bunch of nepotistic townies. What's that I see, a far cleaner harbor than would be the case without it? Oh, and look at those meetings discussing how to expand and tune it and its finances rather than screaming at each other trying to start from scratch as is happening elsewhere on the Cape. Pretty farsighted me thinks.

- not a town employee/etc (nor am I DG, nor am I AECOM, etc so save yourself the accusations). but I am a sewer user.
6:08 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

"You demanded a review of the Pier Corp's books by the Finance Committee. It was done and concluded that everything was in order"

I carefully watched these whole proceedings and you are delusional. They didn't. They made 12 recommendations including getting on the Town's Munis System. Now, we have a $400,000 'bookeeping' problem which took two years to figure out. Pleeeese! How many recommendations have been institued from the FinCom report? A couple?

Let's not forget the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Supervisor of Public Records, 'the Corporation does not have a viable records keeping program and could subject the Corporation and Town to criminal and civil charges.'

The ongoing questionable financial and management practices of the Pier Corp. and its management continues.

2:17 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Call Bill Hensche, a lawyer, in Brewster. He is the one with the three day fishing license which qualified him to get the tax subsidized fishermen's rate.
2:15 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Why can't the pro-PPPC supporters (most likely its directors secretly posting) counter these charges? I for one want to know about the three day fishing permit which gets you on the pier. Can you tell us about that?
1:45 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

All the postings about the questionable bookkeeping of the PPPC is accurate. This year, they were finally shut down and can no longer pass their Grant revenue under their Operating Revenues. For years, they inflated their bottom line substantially by doing this type of unacceptable accounting. Now Grant revenue is listed seperately. These types of practices have indeed been deceptive. It's no wonder this issue never goes away.
1:44 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

With the crappy bookkeeping of the pier, how do we know they didn't really get it?

If I could go to town meeting, I would vote a resounding 'NO.!'
1:42 pm est 

Re: Mary Jo Avellar

Yes, everyone hates Selectman Avellar particularly the 700 plus voters who voted for her for the seventh (?) time. Combine the other four selectmen's votes and they barely exceed her tally. People like Mary Jo because she speaks up for the majority who put her in office.
1:41 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

1:40 pm est 

Re: "What Are Some Thoughts on Keeping the Bars Open Till 2AM?"

Not sure where this is coming from. Did someone in government or elsewhere actually float this idea? Personally I don't think it's a good one. People are drunk enough by 1 am and then there's the informal hangout tradition until about 2 am. Those who want to continue on find their own way to do it at private homes. Though my visitors are often suprised by the 1 am closing time I think it works well.

PS: could someone buy Mary Jo a pair of reading glasses, watching her at meetings trying to read numbers is painful.
1:38 pm est 

Candace - Are Your Fingers Tired From All of the Repetitive Typing?

You love to pretend to represent "Taxpayers" here when everyone knows that you represent only YOURSELF! This Taxpayer does not need you speaking for me!

Please sell your Float Space on MacMillan Pier and get a life! This Taxpayer is sick of listening to your tired rants about the Pier Corp. Weren't you an applicant for that very board several years ago? Didn't the Selectmen tell you then that you could not sit on that board due to conflicts of interest as a Float Space owner? You sound like a spoiled child who didn't get her way! So now you want to throw a tantrum?

Why don't you try to be a part of the solution instead of the problem? Constantly bashing a volunteer board from the comfort of your keyboard does little to effect change. I for one am sick and tired of reading blog after blog about the Pier Corp. It seems that no matter what the Pier Corp. does, it won't meet your unreachable expectations.

You demanded a review of the Pier Corp's books by the Finance Committee. It was done and concluded that everything was in order. You cried foul. Now you have Mary Jo to rally for you and her poor husband (which really smacks of personal agendas).

Many of us can see right though you and your pathetic little charade Candace. You are indeed a sad woman.
1:36 pm est 

Wrong About NStar

At the last BOS meeting, Mary Jo suported the new pole on Miller Hill. She read the agreement that they voted on and voted for it. Mary Jo does speak for me. If you care about this town and you care to have a sewer system that works and that does not continute to bleed the town with its poor construction, then you too would see that AECOM has done a poor job. They should be sued and thus I agree with MaryJo. Better her position, than the milkmouths others who sit there, stare, sometimes grin and do almost nothing. We could have mannequins for a few and we wouldn't know they were not the actual selectmen. They need backbone, voice, and soul.
1:33 pm est 

Bradford House Renovation - Near Franklin Street -

What is up with that house being renovated on the corner of Franklin?  New Dormers - new stairs and mini porch ?

It is clear that the goal here is to maximize valuation with very little regard for what "fits" in that area. Why does Zoning allow this ??  

If Zoning does not get on the ball - the charming landscape of this town will be lost.

Zoning answers to the people of Ptown - not just developers and contractors that want to put dormers on everything to maximize views and valuations.  
1:31 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Interesting how the PPPC is attacking their critics. Why don't they counter with their succees, if they have them.
8:22 am est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Based on the subsidized rates the pier management charges to their charter boat and recreational  friends on the east side, they would have to rent 12 slips to get the same rental incone of three slips of float owners' sub tenanants. It' s a staggering difference.   For years, taxpayers have been robbed and deceived by the Pier Corporation and its manager..
8:21 am est 

Isn't That His Job?

I agree with others that think it is the town building inspector that should inspect town buildings. Isn't that what he gets paid for?
8:20 am est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

For years the chair of the pier corporation tied up his recreational sailboat on MacMillan
Pier for FREE. Now we have a new director who runs a charter business who not only gets a cheap rate but FREE water. But other charters have to pay the Town for their water usuage and pay 4 times more for a slip. Getting on that board is a great gig. No wonder they are rabid on here about leaving them alone..

8:19 am est 

Re: Mary Jo Speaking Out

MJA doesn't speak for me and she doesn't speak for any of my friends.  She only speaks for herself and her few supporters.

Watch her at meetings.  She votes against anything to do with NSTAR because they won't put HER wires underground.  She votes against everything Comcast because they moved the Golf Channel up to a higher tier.  She hates AECOM and votes against everything to do with them and the sewer.  The National Seashore, forget them, because she remembers when she was a little girl, blah, blah, blah.  The Pier screwed her husband so now she's going after them and votes against anything to do with the pier or the harbormaster.

We need working relationships with the National Seashore, NSTAR, Comcast and AECOM and not one of them wants to attend BOS meetings because they are tired of being berated by her.  She is a petty vindictive person who has no interest in moving this town forward.

And she'll be the first person to say she's been on the BOS on and off since 1976, yet she will take absolutely no responsibility for the shape the town was left in when Bergman moved on.

Mary Jo, it's time to go.
8:18 am est 

Hello Captain David!
Even when your charting the great seas, you are blogging. Good to hear from you and am sending my best. You know this town and you know the pier. Good to hear from you.
11:18 pm est 

Go Girl too! go Mary Jo!

Thank goodness we have you speaking out for us and for your issues which are for the town. You
care and thus you act. And unlike so many, you don't look to judge how your vote will impact your buisness.

Too many do. Too many say nothing. I saw your board. Yikes! what a strange, unvocal group. You wonder if they have a tongue. Of course this chair goes ona dn on since she is speaking to her self about herself. She is in la-la-land but the others just sit and stare.

I'm glad you sit and speak.
11:17 pm est 

Re: "For the Last Time Class: There is NO MISSING MONEY!!!"

"There will be no override! The issue is a book keeping error that was made by the TOWN!!!"

Thou dost protest too loudly! What is it you are hiding? Provincetown has a corrupt little system going on and it will continue to go on until we the taxpayers ask for total transparency in town government.
11:15 pm est 

Yes, it's PierGate!

Now they are blaming the last Pier Corporation board for their financial accounting problems? Come on guys, grow up and take respondsiblility for sloppy bookkeeping.
11:12 pm est 

Mary Jo and the Pier

She's behind the times because she got her husband a job down there and then had to recuse herself everytime the issue came up in the past. Now she wants to spout off about all the stuff she felt was wrong, all fed to her by her husband with symptoms of sour grapes. Why couldn't she get it through her head that the money isn't missing, its all there but it isn't easily uncovered? She should try to understand her checkbook from 5 years ago. Maybe that can give her some insight as to what a task it is to uncover something that someone else did. And public business in public? Is that kinda like when she decided to go to those meetings a couple years ago? The ones that even the state ethics said was out of line? How public was that?

Shut up Mary Jo, just shut up. The more you talk, the more you sink the town. Don't even get me started in the way she has burnt the bridge with the Nat. Seashore.
11:11 pm est 

New Subject

What are some thoughts on keeping the bars open till 2AM?  I can only imagine the overtime with the police department, the noise on the streets at 2AM, 3AM or even later?   Is this what we want?
11:09 pm est 

"Still Waiting to Get Reimbursed"

After being charged an illegal mooring fee for two years and having to take the town to court, I was reimbursed for only one year.  The present Town Manger claimed that I didn't file my claim for the first year that I was illegally charged in time.  The former Town Manager and then B.O.S. knew that they were breaking the law by charging non-residents a higher fee at that time.  Some things never change.

David Ditacchio
11:08 pm est 

Backdoor Override

Sources tell me the money  pier management allegedly never recorded is coming out of the general fund. That means we will have a backdoor override. Because they fear a straight forward override will fail. No one is around to really tell us where all that money went.
11:07 pm est 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Re: The Pier
At least ranting about the Pier Corp gets the fired Pier Corp employee off the subject of licenseplategate and wetlandbuffergate, please don't distract him with facts, it's too fun to watch.

- not a town employee, etc.
6:26 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

If the Pier Corp isn t out money then why does their treasurer
not trust the munis? SOMETHING
IS NOT ADDING UP HERE.  Sounds like they are using this as an excuse not to be town's system.
6:24 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

''As a taxpaying citizen and boat owner here in P-town"


Are you the one Mary Jo talked about Monday night with the three day fishing permit which is your entree to the subsdized rate every year reserved for fishermen? Are you that guy?

It's no wonder you are happy with the status quo! We are glad Mary Jo is rocking your boat!
5:24 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

"Those two Finance Committee members can say what they want, but we are facing an override of
$150,000 because of missing money on the Pier Corp's books! How come they didn't see that the Pier Corp. was short all that money? The question begs 'what else didn't they see?' Sixty hours was not enough to look at the financial fiasco on the pier"

FOR THE LAST TIME CLASS: There is NO MISSING MONEY!!! There will be no override! The issue is a book keeping error that was made by the TOWN!!! The appropriate amount of money was given to the Pier Corp (there is no shortfall or missing money!!), but the manner in which that money was transferred by the TOWN is in question. The Pier did absolutely NOTHING WRONG! The Pier has no bank accounts; their money is handled by the TOWN. Perhaps a call to the Town Accountant or Town Manager will help to answer your concerns. It is a confusing issue but blaming the Pier Corp. is the wrong thing to do since they had no part in the transfer of the funds. Never mind the fact that this predates all but one of the Pier members as well as four of the current sitting Selectmen!
5:21 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

FYI, at the first public meeting of FinCom's review of the Pier Corp.'s books, one director looked at the financial statements  and said 'now what do we do, we can't give it (the pier) back to the selectmen, they don't do anything right.'

So, for the last three years, all information to the public has been skewed based on the fact that FinCom doesn't want the selectmen to run the pier, and the selectmen don't want to run it. So, both boards have not been honest about what they have and still are uncovering about the financial and management operations of MacMillan Pier. Only because we are on the DOR watch list, is the missing money on the Pier Corp's books being revealed, only after a multi year secret investigation not just a mere 60 hours. The travesty lies with both certain BOS and FinCom members.
1:14 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

Those two Finance Committee members can say what they want, but we are facing an override of $150,000 because of missing money on the Pier Corp's books! How come they didn't see that the Pier Corp. was short all that money? The question begs 'what else didn't they see?' Sixty hours was not enough to look at the financial fiasco on the pier.
12:31 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

Where or where is the FY 2008 audited report? Why doesn't the Finance Director have it? Why isn't it on the Town's website? Why can we only get it under the Freedom of Information Act? Sure Kerry, 'our books are open.' Yeah if someone is resourceful enough to find them which apparently is not the case.
12:30 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

Actually it was Ms. Nagle and Mr. Steele way back in 2007 who charged that there were 'accounting irregularities' and monies not accounted for. The Finance Committee did not even mention that all the audited reports were drafts (a big red flag). But now it turns out that it is all true and there was a SECREET TWO YEAR INVESTIGATION by the Town Manager, Couture and a few select others. Yeah, I'd like to see them on the Pier Corp. board. But then again, don't they want the Pier Corp to be a Town board? The Pier Corp is hiding something if they don't want to be on the Town's Munis System. They don't 'trust' it. Well we don't trust you and WE have plenty of reasons.
12:28 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

Funny, when I make a cash payment at town hall I don't recall seeing it rung up on a register,
12:04 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

God you people need lives! Does anyone here remember the Finance Committee's review of Pier finances? Remember their findings of no wrongdoing or fiscal mismanagement?? Why is it that a few trouble makers on this blog keep trying to find something where there is nothing? Speak to Bob Vetrick or Ruth Gilbert (FinCom members at the time) and they will personally tell you what an absolute waste of time it was for the FinCom to spend over 60 hours reviewing the pier's books!

The sad and pathetic agendas of a few here (Candace Nagle, Duane Steele, MaryJo Avellar-Steele) in an attempt to impugn the integrity and good name of the volunteer members of the Pier Board is a travesty! The Pier Board should resign in mass and let the big mouths take over! One can only imagine the sad state of affairs that would exist down there if that were to happen!

As a taxpaying citizen and boat owner here in P-town, I am completely satisfied with the way our pier is run. The people there are courteous and more than helpful. The Harbormaster is knowledgeable and professional and the Asst Harbormaster, Mr. Rebas is truly capable and obviously loves his work as evidenced many times.  

Before you spew your BS and venom here, why dont you ask some questions of the people involved? Speak to the Town Hall staff and ask about the issues. Stop pointing fingers and trying to place blame. If you look carefully, you will see the fingerprints of the same few that have been complaining here for ages. They need to find a hobby or tackle something else. I guess the dog park wasn't enough of a challenge?
12:03 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

No wonder Mary Jo is chomping at the bit to get to the bottom of sleazy pier management. Take a look at this letter to her in 2007 I uncovered:

"The fishers were protected with a subsidized dock rate and rent was calculated on what were realistic based projections of earning and expenses. Even with the subsidy, the net effect of our operations for the town roughly equals the current debt service payments."

That year they made $35,000 (DRAFT) vs the year before they lost $37,000! And just how do they service the $3,000,000 in debt on MacMillan Pier? By just saying they did and having the BOS believe them!

The Finance Committee said we are paying all the debt service! Someone is a serial liar!
11:01 am est 

Public Pier Corporation

One thing is for sure at the harbormaster's office, they have a staple remover! Why do they remove the auditor's managment recommendations each year before giving them to the Town's finance director? Why, because of things just posted about telling their out of town auditors they have a cash register when we townies know they don't.
10:38 am est 

Re: Public Piere Corporation

I agree. I think my receipt was actually tossed in the trash as I was leaving the harbormaster's office. It was a few years ago and I thought it was really odd. Now I understand and I too want some answers.
10:36 am est 

Regarding the Library...

Didn't the town just get voted as one of the 12th historically beautiful places??

now I undersatand the reluctance to pay to finish rehabing the library and perhaps they should be responsible for raising the funds on their own, but there is obviously a benefit to the town to restore these old buildings....
10:35 am est 

Public Pier Corporation

The State Auditors needs to step in. The Pier Corporation told their auditors that they have a cash register as recommended six years ago?

Could someone tell me where that cash register is in the harbormaster's office because I have never seen it?

The Pier Corporation should be a reality show!

10:34 am est 

Public Pier Corporation

Take a look at the mooring fee revenue varying up to $30,000 per year. Those receipts we are getting are not going to their accountant that's for sure!

No money should be collected at the Harbormaster's office based on these questionable swings in revenue mooring year to year. I think money is diverted each year away from us!
10:21 am est 

Public Pier Corporation

We expect lies and deception on this blog. But it is NOT OK for a board, specifically the Provincetown Public Pier Corporaton, to LIE to their auditors!!! The Pier Corporation does NOT have a cash register but told their auditors differently:

Pier Corporation FY June 30 2007 (Draft) page3
The utilization of credit cards by custormers and a cash register have helped to mitgate the Corporate risk, We originally commented on internal control over cash receipts in our letter to the Pier Corporation dated November 10 2004


10:19 am est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

A fool and his money are soon parted.  When you pay cash for your mooring fee you are given a cash receipt.  Only a fool gives up cash without a receipt.  You must be a fool or             .
9:05 am est 

Public Pier Corporation

Does anyone on this blog understand that the Pier Corp. holds no money? The town handles ALL of the PPPC's accounts. They have NO checkbook(s) either. The town writes their checks!

It's called "checks and balances" boys and girls. Or maybe you like the word "transparency" better?

See me after class for a full explaination!
8:47 am est 

Mary Jo.......Go Girl!

Mary Jo.  I have only been here 12 years.  GO GIRL.  We need someone that will speak up.  KEEP GOING GIRL.
Don't let the pier members put you down.   I do not always agree with you, but you do say what you feel.  That is much better than I can say about MOST OTHER BOS Members.  and you know who U are.

8:46 am est 

Open Governence

Last night I too watched that dreadful meeting with the directors of the pier. Why didn't they want to answer Avellar's questions? The whole business of 'conducting the town's business' away from the public is wrong. But that's the position Couture  took who often I agree with but I am schocked by her attitude. That's not democratic.  I thiink there is another investigaion or two going on but we aren't being told nor the selectmen for that matter.  K:eeping secrets from us is just wrong and it needs to stop.
8:44 am est 

The Library is a Wonderful Asset to This Town

We need to support our public buildings.   I am perfectly willing to pay for an override to fix this building.    Have a little town pride.  
8:42 am est 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

One thing that really concerns me about the whole operation on MacMillan: has anyone noticed when you pay your mooring fee each year and you happend to pay in cash, there's no cash register? What kind of business that accepts cash has no cash register?
2:39 am est 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

The Finance Committee looked at a different set of books presented by the PPPPc and that's why they didn't discover the missing money. That is the only explanation. They even have an accountant on the board who would have picked up the audited reports entitled 'drafts' circa 2002-2008 or whatever. If they had been given the books the Town's finance director had, they would have red flagged the missing money too.

Draft for you, Final for them.....
2:37 am est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Up, down and sideways that's the Pier's bottom line each year. They get hundreds of thousands of dollars from us one year, lose $35k or so and the year before they make $200k or so but that money disappeared according to their accountant who said it didn't go into their maintenance fund and a warning was issued to them. What gives? Their books are done on a house of cards. Drafts each year that stay drafts, FY June 30 numbers change constantly even though they tell us that's their year end. Has anyone ever seen a budget from them? No, they make it up as they go along. Maybe they actually made money this year but they'll
never know as they seem really confused.


It's daytime, will you please turn off the lights down there and stop running up the electric bills. Let along the disrespect you have for the environment by having a huge carbon inprint!
2:36 am est 

David Guertin Director of the DPW

Looks like Mr. Guertin continues to scoff at the law of the land. Let's see what the State Board of Ethics has to say about it.

Arrogance goeth before a fall.


2:33 am est 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just a Matter of Bookkeeping

What planet do you people live on.  The prior Pier Corp bookkeeper resigned from the position.  I guess you just make all this crap up as you go along.  Maybe therapy is in order to bring you back to Earth. I hear there are quite a few in town.
10:05 pm est 

Re: Library Rehab

Though a noble idea you can't bond against promises of future fundraising. It would come out of town's total bonding capacity secured by taxes thus possibly denying something we really need down the road like whatever comes out of assessing state of town buildings.
10:03 pm est 

BOS Meeting & Mary Jo

After the BoS meeting Monday night (you know the one where Mary-Jo lost her mind); if I were a member of Pier Corp, I'd hand the whole business back to the BoS and let them try to do it! Kudos to the Pier Corp. for being professional and putting up with that load of BS Mary-Jo was dumping on them! Kerry Adams said it best when he referred to her tirade as a "witch hunt"! Yes, the witch was hunting alright!!

And by the way Mary-Jo, I've only lived here for 15 years, so does that make me "new to Provincetown" as well? You should be ashamed and David Bedard should be outraged! It's time for Mary-Jo to retire from public service before she makes a mockery of us all. Just because you're a native here Mary-Jo, don't you dare assume that you are somehow better than the rest of us! You've lost my vote girl!
10:01 pm est 

Public Pier Management

"Next thing you know the pier will erect a toll booth just to walk on the pier to make up for all of the
missing money. Some people say it is an accounting error. Well then lets bring in an auditor to look at the books and find out where this 400,000 K error went."

That's a MAGNIFICENT IDEA! I'd be willing to bet that Pier Management would be thrilled to have their books looked at yet again. The Finance Committee did a full review and found absolutely nothing wrong! But hey, let's have yet another audit! Perhaps a better idea would be to have an independent audit of the TOWN'S books!! After all, if you were paying attention and listening, you would have learned that the $400,000 issue is a non-issue and rests with the town's book keeping and not the pier's. But hey, while we're auditing...!

I do like that Toll Booth idea though! How much do you think is a fare tariff?? Get it? FARE TARIFF! he he! $.50 sounds good to me! CHA-CHING $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
9:57 pm est 

You've Got a Building Commissioner and a Building Inspector

Have them do the assessment on their time. that makes sense but not brining in "experts" for $300,000. We know some of the issues we don't need, once again, to bring in the best to tell us the worse.

No on this one.
9:52 pm est 

Re: Library Rehab Expenses

All the fundraising for the library pretty much stopped when Marcia Fair left town.  With all the world renowned wordsmiths who either live or visit this town, where is the fundraising?  The Library Board of Directors need to rethink their strategy.  Or is there a strategy.  Maybe the strategy was to let the building stagnate for a couple of years and then ask the taxpayers to fund the balance.

We were sold a money pit of a building under the impression that the building restoration would be paid by fundraising.  I was against using taxpayer money then and am equally against it now.

Maybe there is a compromise.  Allow the town to borrow the 1.5 million over 20 years with a guarantee that the bond would be paid by the library through their continued fundraising.  It would be roughly $100,000 per year.  Doesn't seem like too much to raise on a yearly basis.
12:47 pm est 

Re: Assessing the Integrity of Town Buildings

" about the town spending $300,000 to assess the structural integrity of its buildings? Another waste of money and the arrogant belief that the taxpayers..."

I disagree on this one.  The town has long ignored maintenance on its buildings and the repair and maintenance is long overdue.  But, don't just put a band-aid on them and hope they stay in one piece.  Find out exactly what needs to be done, determine if it's worth it, if they aren't worth it, sell them, figure out how we are going to pay for it and get it done.

It's long overdue and we need to move forward on it.  But, to do it without knowing the complete picture of the needs and cost would be foolish in my opinion.
12:44 pm est 

Re: Library
For a mere $1.5 million we could buy every resident an Ipad and that's without a bulk discount. Seems more effective than pouring more money into a warehouse for outdated media, eg books/library. Could use Google for out of copyright books and librarians could organize the nation's first "virtual library" for the rest.

Not completely serious but interesting contrast.
11:56 am est 

We Made Our Choice: We Gave Ted the Money Man Malone the Money

Now the library can't ask for it. It's gone. And it should not be an override. This would have been a great use for CPA funds. But we made our choice: giving it to the Malone Big Project Housing Guru. Now the library can stand there, paint chipped, front un-landscaped and the buildingsadly remaining as it is.

Perhaps the library should have stayed where it was. Now with technology and books and research on line, you need more computers and not high ceilings and great windows.

also, how about the town spending $300,000 to assess the structural integrity of its buildings? Another waste of money and the arrogant belief that the taxpayers, in this economic time, will just have to fund the BOS ideas--be they crazy or foolish.
11:31 am est 

Re: John Perry Ryan

He is exactly where he should be. Hopefully, prior to his jail date, some "friends" will show up to his home and say their "goodbyes". Of course you know they're already drawing straws in the pen for this guy to be their "roomate". This is a disgusting individual and I am glad he is off the streets and out of cyberspace for at least the next 7 years. What really disturbs me is by comparison, he fought for civil rights and such which was a noble cause but behind the mask was a monster. Look at some of the people that support him in their letters to the judge. Superintendent of our schools? Former selectman? Former activists and community leaders? Is this TRULY what went on in their minds behind THEIR masks as they portrayed themselves as good people in public? How can someone support a person like Ryan and ask for lieniency while at the same time have the interests of our kids and the town at heart? Disgusting!
11:30 am est 

Re: Library - "We Need to Finish That Beautiful Building"

Get this straight: that building will never be finished, as some were correct in pointing out in the beginning. It is the ultimate money pit white elephant, regardless of how beautiful it may be.
11:28 am est 

Good For the Library

We need to finish that beautiful building - and guess what we need to finish it !
8:21 am est 

The Problems on the Pier Are Our Problems Folks
The pier manager should be fired for mismanaging the slip rentals and letting his friends get them instead of real fishermen.
8:20 am est 

Good that You Cleared That up: John Perry Ryan as Child Pornographer

What's your problem, though? You clarified the mistake and then you go like a banshee. We blog. We write. We state positions. If you're wrong, it's not the end of the world. We're human. It could be nice to have others clarify mistakes--but not when they are so negative, suspicious and extreme in responding to mistakes.
12:14 am est 

Library Issue

In an effort to change the subject, did you all hear that the library is going to have an article for town meeting that asks for over 1.5 million to complete the renovations? Didn'T town meeting only agree on giving them money in the past with the promise of them never coming back to town meeting and asking for more?
12:13 am est 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thinking in the Booth

Next thing you know the pier will erect a toll booth just to walk on the pier to make up for all of the missing money. Some people say it is an accounting error. Well then lets bring in an auditor to look at the books and find out where this 400,000 K error went...
10:48 pm est 

Re: You're Right About the Banner There's News This Week

I don't know who "James Ryan" is but, if I where him I would subpoena MY PACC internet records to find out who posted that name and sue them for slander. It was John Perry Ryan who was found guilty of possessing and distributing child pornography. You really should get your facts straight before you post here. But then again, why should you be different then 99% of the other posters?
10:45 pm est 

Let's See........

.....Hey they did the wind mill thing on the pier.
--Oops that didn't work out did it--

They tried to attract cruise ships.

--Must have been out of town when they came this summer. Did anyone see the cruise ships the Pier folks brought?

--They put the barge in the water this summer--

Ok, so it took three years after purchase. 

  Does anyone know how many piles they replaced this summer?
10:44 pm est 

The Blame Game Begins

The Pier Corp did NOTHING wrong, the TOWN did!

What does the Pier Corp do that's ever right?
8:16 pm est 

A Failed System

Yo Dude: 'Has anyone here been paying attention??? There is NO money missing from or by the Pier Corp! Nor is there money due to the Pier Corp!'

Then why is the Town manager bringing a $152,000 override to Town meeting to transfer funds to the pier corporation. We all know they'll treat it like mononopy money.

God, you are probably one of the directors and still don't know what's going on. Yikes!

Do not pass Go and certainly don't give those knuckleheads any money! They'll probably lose it AGAIN!
8:15 pm est 

A Failed Organization

Yeah, we are back to 'harping' about the pier because they are suppose to make money but every year they lose money for us. Soon they will be coming at us with open palms demanding money from us to offset their yearly losses. Yeah, we are 'harping' about this failed experiment.  
8:14 pm est 

Missing $400,000

The PPPPC didn't know for years they weren't given $400,000 and someone is defending them on this blog? Must be someone in the harbormaster's office. Thank God the previous bookkeeper was fired. That's a step in the right direction, isn't it?
8:12 pm est 

Pier Corp Meeting With the BOS? What a Fiasco

Did anyone see the Pier Corp meeting with the BOS? What a fiasco. The town manager said quote 'has other red flags.'
What the hell does that mean?

What's this about people being on the pier with three day permits? We are paying for those kind of 'fishermen?' Why did Ms. Avellar make that accusation? Thank God that muzzle has finally come off, girl! Maybe we will start getting to the bottom of all this subterfuge once and for all.

Disgusted by the breach of public trust.
7:51 pm est 

Irregular Bookkeeping at the Pier

A few years ago, concerned about the bookkeeping irregularities of the PPPC, I called the DOR. Because the PPPC is a semi-autonomous corporation, it does not fall within the DOR's purview. This is another reason why they need to be on the Town's munis system!

The Finance Committee failed miserably in its review as it failed to catch a $400,000 misappropriation of funds or lack of- who knows at this point. That's what happens when politics truimph policy as one previous poster stated.
7:49 pm est 

You're Right About the Banner But this Week There is News

It's not pretty but it is news. You have the cover story of Jamie Veara quilty for stealing from a dying man and James Ryan, who blasted this town for years about the school curriculum, sent to jail for seven and a half years for child pornography. Then you have the fight over the Don Kline's trophy house next to the Hopper house.

It's not dull this week. Of course, the Banner took the lead story from Lawyer's Weekly where they had the Veara story as front page. So the work was done and they are simply "reporting" on what others report.
7:46 pm est 

Great to See Community Gardening in Provincetown
I love this idea. B Street Gardens. If you live here, you are elegible for the lottery to be one of thirty community gardeners.

that is so great. I love this idea. It's green and communal.

If you want to garden,  get an application from town hall and fill it in. You have until March 22 to apply. The person you should contact is Brian Carlson.
7:45 pm est 

Missing $400,000

The Pier; we're back to harping about that, wow, the great, sad circle continues. Get a new song, please, anything. What about that horrific proposal to destroy wetlands buffer at the tennis courts, where are the scandal mongers on that one?
7:42 pm est 

Re: Where is the Banner?

Insinuations regarding the uselessness of the Banner have been proven unfounded. It is incomparable for puppy training.
7:41 pm est 

Re: $400,000

Has anyone here been paying attention??? There is NO money missing from or by the Pier Corp! Nor is there money due to the Pier Corp! The issue was a BOOK KEEPING ERROR MADE BY THE TOWN!! The Pier Corp. received the $400,000 that they were obligated to receive but the town did not properly document the transaction because the money that was given to the Pier Corp was taken from a grant fund (for Pier Reconstruction) that was depleted. Therefore, the Town Manager KB took the money out of the General Fund.

The Pier Corp did NOTHING wrong, the TOWN did! Good God, get your information straight BEFORE you start your ranting here Duane, Candace, Mary-Jo, et al!

Woof woof!

Pier Watchdog
7:39 pm est 

Where is the Banner?

What has happened to the Banner. It has not presence. Its reporting is very basic
... no simplistic, and provides no detail or inquiry follow-through. Since Gate House
Publications took over, we have lost what little voice we had.

Why aren't they covering this issue? Why do we consistently receive critical information
such as this matter with the Pier Corp from "Shout Out!".

The Banner represents the 5th estate. It is supposed to be the guardian of the 
political and social fabric of our democracy.

What Happened?

Where is the Banner in the midst of crisis?  

5:41 pm est 

Demand Action......Now!

As residents of the town we should all email or call the BOS and demand some accountability from the Pier Corp. With all of the fiscal woes this town is facing, I think a full, independent audit of the Pier Corp is in order!
The Board of Selectman have been elected to perform certain dutie. One of those duties is to "investigate the affairs of the town" (taken from the Mission and Authority of the BOS).
Below is the contact information for all of Selectman. Contact them and let our voices be heard. Enough of the moaning on this blog. Let's start doing something. I for one want accountability.

Board of Selectmen - members

508.487.9560 fax
Michele Couture, Chair508.487.7003

David Bedard,Vice Chair 508.487.7003

Mary-Jo Avellar 508.487.7003

Austin Knight 508.487.7003

Elaine Anderson

Board of Selectmen - Secretary
Vernon Porter   508.487.7003
5:25 pm est 

I, Too, Beg to Differ

MaryJo Avellar is the best that we have. The BOS is far from perfect but I too believe she has the guts to speak up and take the consequences of her actions. She does not sit there like some do with mouth closed and no action. This is serious and we have problems that need to be addressed. Mary Jo addresses them and I can't say that for any one else. Couture speaks to get lost in her own head and spaeaks on and on as if she is saying important things. But she often isn't. Elaine says little. Austin shifts from one position to another an David is still learning.

For this reason, I'm grateful MaryJo is on the board. Without her, it would be cotton balls.
5:17 pm est 

Demand a State Audit of the Pier Corporation

The Pier Corporation's handling of their financial accounting has to be illegal.

Why doesn't someone on the BOS demand an audit by the Mass State Auditor. 

This would put all of the allegations to rest. If anyone on the BOS should do this, it
should be MaryJo as she is the one member who has gone public with this issue.

As far as I can tell, all of the other BOS members are satisfied to turn a blind eye on this matter.

Enough is a enough 
4:54 pm est 

Re: $400,000

Gee now where did I put my $400,0000?  We know pier finances are screwy but it took them years to notice they were short that kinda doe?
4:46 pm est 

Re: I Find Mary Jo the Most Rational and Level-Headed of the BOS
there ya go! Thats possibly why she is continuously elected, because she speaks"truth to power". truth? How about half baked comments moxed with emotional puke. She has no concept of what she's doing and she's even worse now that there is some pressure on the board during these times of financial crisis. Hysterics isn't speaking "truth to power".
3:55 pm est 

Stop Your Killing Me!

You've gotta be kidding? That thing still isn't driving piles? What a joke.....!!!
2:07 pm est 

Cushy Job on the "Our Pier"
Freudian slip? it's the people's pier not the pier manager's.
2:06 pm est 

What do You Mean, You Didn't Receive it?

No, the Town said they gave it to the PPPC and the PPPC said they didn't get it. Gee, how many years did it take for them to realize they didn't get $400,000? Seven?

I can't believe the PPPC does not give sourced information to their accountant! No wonder the keep getting away with changing their numbers!

I've got my own rubberstamp for them, "INCOMPETENT!"
2:03 pm est 

Why Are They so Mum?

Why didn't the Selectmen bring up the intended purpose of the barge which was to drive piles? It has yet to drive a pile. It should not be used to compete with the private sector.  We have local companies like Winkler Crane and Flyers.

Under public pressure and desperate to find uses for the barge, the pier manager has been undercutting the private sector with taxpayer subsidized rates.  In fact, up until recently, the pier manager was charging a mere $50.00 per hour using two pier employees!  No wonder they cant turn a profit down on the pier. The lost over $40,000! Some 'economic engine.'

Its my understanding that a forklift now has to be purchased to lift the piles onto the barge? Pile driving should be contracted out like all other towns with piers on the Cape and Islands.

We dont see Mr. Guertin buying equipment for DPW and then using it primarily in the private sector. No, Mr. Guertin is too busy using the equipment for Town purposes.
2:02 pm est 

I Find Mary Jo the Most Rational and Level-Headed of the BOS

    Just look at the others. They are ineffective and lack knowledge to deal with the town issues. If only they spent time trying to learn about the issues. But they don't. Maybe some can't even learn, I don't know. But Mary Jo speaks up and defends the town. She is not weak-kneee like a few and she dares to speak truth to power.

    Couture is perhaps the most ineffective chair we've had. She certainly likes hearing herself speak as she goes on and on. But the meetings should be about us--not her!

   The key issue is not how certain BOS feel. It's about rational responses based on facts, information and not "feelings."

    We don't care how they feel. We care how they think and act. This is nto Dear Diary. This is an official professional meeting--or should be.
12:45 pm est 

Re: $400,000

The PPPC didn't lose $400,000, the town did.  Thank you Keith for another shell game.  And who was on the BOS then, your native MJ.  Oh wait, maybe she couldn't say anything after she got her husband a cushy job on the our pier.
12:42 pm est 

Re: Town Born Leaders

Seems like the only one that is at the helm and is a native is MJ Avellar and her accountability is reviewed every three years by the voters. But for some foolish reason, they keep putting her back in there. You get what you deserve.
11:55 am est 

$400,000 The Pier Corp Can't Find?

You have to be kidding. That makes no sense. Where is the money? $400,000 is a lot of money to lose. This is terrible. Why can't they find where it went? Hello auditors. Where are you?
11:43 am est 

Re: Town Born Leaders

If the only thing you can point to at the end of the day is where you were born - it's pretty sad.

It is not where you were born, but what you have done and are doing.
11:42 am est 

No Demand For Pier Corporation Accountability, Why?




8:44 am est 

Re: Town Born Leaders

Town Leaders?

Sharon - NO
Jeff, Police - NO
Russ - building commission NO
David  Asst town manager NO
3 our of 5 board members  NO
David  DPW  NO   (and his car is still registered in RI?)
Mike Fire chief  YES
Brian  Health Inspection  NO

WOW, but the bottom line is, WHO CARES?  Just make these people ACCOUNTABLE
8:42 am est 

I Really Love this Shout Out Image

It's Perfect and it's us.

It's great and I always want to say something when I see it.

Great choice.
11:39 pm est 

Wash Ashore
Hello, if you're not Native American then you are a Wash A Shore.
11:37 pm est 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Were Born Here, Some Were Not
We are all not living here. Yes, there are the real townies but other than that, we are or are not residents. that is what counts. We live here, socialize here, enjoy life here. We don't need divisive categories that separate us, instead of uniting us.
4:14 pm est 

Re: Town Born Leaders

Oh and let me add - all the old townies fought to fix up all of our buildings - like Town Hall, Police Station and the Librrary - oh, no - let's see we are dealing with Town Hall now, the Police Station, who knew it was in an old funeral home, oh and the Library - let's see who spearheaded that - oh it was Debbie Dejonjer and Marcia Fair, oh and the Pier - gee was that an old time family ?  no, the Theater - that was, no it was Alix Ritchie, oh let's see there must be something they have done.   Oh I know, the decided not to have town wide sewer, bury the electrical wires - all to save this town !

8:59 am est 

Wash Ashore ?
Who do you think pays most of the real estate taxes in this town ? (The second homeowner wash ashore)
Who do you think keeps the restaurants in business in the off season ?
Who do you think spends lots of money in the shops on commercial street ?

Wash ashore looks like a good thing to me. If it wasn't for the "wash ashore" this town's primary industry would be back to packing fish.
8:57 am est 

town Born :Leaders

I am trying to figure out who all the wonderful town born leaders are - who has been born here and contributed wonderful things to the community - whose family has been here for years and who personally has contributed wonderful things to this town - whose family has contributed lots of money to public projects - who stands up to support this town for future generations.   Whose kids maybe stayed ?  Got any names ?
8:56 am est 

Let's Get Rid of Wash Ashore

I hear this a lot in Wellfleet. this is a term we often use here and we don't need to start. We are all here, those born here and those who came later. Let's not start this distinction as a public we/they stance.

Leave this term to others and other towns. It is not how we are nor how we should be.
11:53 pm est 

What is Happening With Seashore Point?

How many residents are there? Why can't it be a rest home/assisted living for any one who needs it on the outer cape? Where can I find more information?
11:52 pm est 

Re: Seashore Point
If you read a newpaper outside the region you will find the slow sales here are nothing that is not happening everywhere in the country. With the screeching halt in the housing market seniors everywhere are unable to sell their homes and cash out the money to move into a facility like this. Once the market returns to some semblance of normal this situation will correct and Seashore Point and others will see their sales/occupancy climb. There is a gigantic  crashing wave of aging boomers just starting to roll ashore so to speak and most (myself included) will all eventually need a place like this. In the meantime, we're lucky to have a facility where people can live, rehab and die with dignity.

- not a town official, etc.
11:51 pm est 

Re: Wash Ashore

I wish lots more people would wash ashore. This town has been abandoned.
11:49 pm est 

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Human Component and Scale Was Not a Primce Issue for the NE Deaconness
It was making money. Brining in a profit. And few natives can afford living in their apartments. Sell you house and mortgage the rest of your life and you can live there. Please, some people got their mothers there but that would have happened with the old manor.

this will fail because it is not profitable and NE Deaconness wants a profit. They will sell it and then make money be it affordables or small condos without the cost of medical care. Sad to say, but that is how it is.

And the mothers that are there, few are mothers who were born here. It's those who came later and then bring their mothers here. Not for the town people at all.
10:57 am est 

Re; Seashore Point

Thank you for the mindful post about the 'human component' to having a Seashore Point in Provincetown. Fiscal concerns are important ones for sure for any town, but in the bigger picture, having this facility is a blessing now and in the future for many of us and those we love.
10:55 am est 

Re: Ole Boy Network
Scott Enos's brother is on the police force, not his cousin.
10:24 am est 

Definition: "Wash Ashore"

Someone who paid big bucks for native granny or mommy's house so that kids could then either move to Truro or stay and       about all the new arrivals. Also the same people who natives can deliver poor, incompetent service to and radically overcharge, at least could in the time period know as "Pre-Lehman collapse" Usage; "those damn Wash Ashores, they've ruined everything."
10:23 am est 

Seashore Point is an Important Addition to Provincetown

Many natives and wash a shores have parents there. Many locals have transitioned to the facility. How great is it for this community to be able to bring a parent to Seashore Point who is unable to live alone anymore? How great is it for us to consider Seashore Point as an option when we can't live independently anymore but still want to live here and be a part of this community that we love?

I have met a couple of people there who wanted to live in Provincetown all their lives. They have finally retired but now have medical issues which makes an assisted living facililty perfect for them.

Recently, a friend needed the facility for physical therapy after a bad fall and surgery. How wonderful for her that she could be taken home, really home after her hospitalization.
It was over Christmas and many of her local friends were able to visit her.

Let's not forget the human component in the debate about Seashore Point.
10:21 am est 

Re: Seashore Point

If Seashort Point goes under maybe Ted Malone can buy it and turn it into affordable housing... then he won't have to build any on Shankpainter and we can get the 800 K back for the town to use on the library.
10:19 am est 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Of Course, They are Not the BI Deaconness
They are a for profit Deaconness even though many initially believed they were affiliated with the renowned Beth Israel Deaconness. Only to find they are a for profit organization and have absolutely nothing to do with this fine Boston hospital.

I know Board members of the N.E.Deaconess and they find this facility a losing proposition. They don't know why it was built and why it is still being funded. So that is why I see this facility being closed in the next few years. Those heading it will try their best but they have not sold the pricey condos and they have not completed phase two.

A few people are gaining something like those who were in the old manor. But otherwise and for all the money spent and given to this organization, it is a failure. This was sadly an emotional decision and should not have been built  at all. It was built on pipe dreams and on life as it is not. Who in their right mind is going to retire to the seashore Point? Nothing about it is Provincetown, not in scale and not in operations.
6:43 pm est 

Re: Seashore Point
Why do you have it out for Seashore Point? They are part of N.E. Deaconess, no not the Beth Israel Deaconess, and have been in business for over 100 years. They didn't come here to fail. Just because it hasn't filled up as fast as they, or you, would like doesn't mean it's in trouble. I for one have friends who have needed the care the facility provides and who have been extremely pleased with the services provided. I guess I just don't get your point for continuing to put them down and beat up on a done deal.
6:31 pm est 

Re: "Wash A Shore"

Would that be as opposed to an "Unwashed A Shore"?
6:30 pm est 

Re: "Wash A Shore"

Could it be that the "Wash a Shores" are paying a lot of the taxed and owning/running of the businesses in town? I wonder how much of the tax revenue the "Wash A Shores" bring into the town each year. Where would Provincetown be without them? Instead of name calling, how about if we all work together for the good of the community. We all come here part time or full time for one reason, because we love Provincetown and the community. Many of us have different opinions on what's best for the town. From the schools to DPW and how the town manager and selectman run things. Instead of beating each other up and name calling, lets try to have some civil discourse,look at the most pressing issues and try to come up with solutions. Although I'm sure it makes people feel good to rant and rave about all of the things going on in town,it isn't solving problems. I do agree that this blog can be a wealth of information as to what is going on in town, however too often things are posted here that are simply not true.

PS - Would someone please define - "Wash A Shore"?

Thanks for reading.
2:25 pm est 

Re: "Wash A Shore"

It's so great to see the true, welcoming, tolerant Provincetown in all its unvarnished horror. So much hate, so little time.
2:24 pm est 

Re: Shame on You!
Spot on!!!!!!!!!
2:23 pm est 

Ole Boy Network?

You claim Guertin is the ole boy network? Really? How about Mr. Enos isn't happy because all of his ole boy connections didn't kick in to help him. The Enos family runs throughout the system and now he crys sour grapes because someone from outside just STOPPED the old boy network. How about starting with his mother in law, Sandy Turner. How about his cousin on the police force. Wasn't his father the shellfish warden prior to Jackett? Doesn't he have a cousin that also works in the water department with Guertin? Guertin came in from the outside and fixed the problems by ridding the town of the problems. Make some waves? Sure, but sometimes, thats what it takes.

Boo hoo
2:22 pm est 

Shame on You For Making Fun of the Town Schools

This town has no pride.   It complains about everything.   This town just received high praise for historic - do you think anyone on this site cares ?   It also received high praise as one of the best destinations anywhere.   And shame on all of you for letting town buildings fall apart.   You should stand up and have pride in this town, the buildings, the pier, the schools, everything that is wonderful about this town - which is everything.   Second home owners are laughing at you for complaining about taxes - they know damn well it is a low rate rate and they might just be the ones willing to pay to keep this town going.  
9:13 am est 

Re: "Wash A Shores"
9:12 am est 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Good Ole Boy Network is Alive & Well

Since David Guertin is the ole boy network par excellence. He is the core of it, not Enos. DPW worker should not be threatened by the director and then taken to court. Guertin has cost this town so much in legal fees and he is the old boy network that is detrimental to this town.

I hope Enos is re-hired and that the town has to pay him back pay. He was not treated civilly and I do believe his rights were abrogated.
9:55 pm est 

Re: "Wash A Shores"

Talk about hitting a nerve! I never said David Guertin was a friend of mine. I'm not happy with all of the problems he has caused Provincetown and I think he should have fired a long time ago. I do have an issue with you calling people, "Wash a Shores".
9:52 pm est 

Provincetown School System

Proud to be a "Wash a shore" and the bonus is, I can spell correctly. I did not attend schools in Provincetown.
8:21 pm est 

Don't Distract Us From the Real Issues

This blog isn't about spelling things correctly! Obvious you knew what I meant. Sounds like I hit a nerve and the truth hurts everyone. The bad part is that Provincetown doesn't need a trouble maker/wash a shores and it seems that's what you are. Don't get confused about what this is about and how your friend David Guertin has cost the tax payers plenty of money in fines.  
8:20 pm est 

Provincetown School System

Speilling Be - I waunt too bee on the teem. Kan eye pleez? ime a reellee gud speiller.

Recent Provincetown Grad
8:17 pm est 

Better That the Deaconess Had Paid the Yearly $35,000 Fees to the Diocese

The town should not be burdeend with this. And if this would have caused the project to fail, then so be it. It should have failed.

That a few people are treated there--no different than the old Manor--does not justify the cost of the land we gave to Deaconess. There are few people living there in that over-scaled, out-of-proportion building. There are few affordables. So who is really there?

In a few years, the board will close this failed project. It is losing money and then the Deaconess can cut and parce it out. It can sell it off in pieces since it owns the building and the land. And we will bring our elderly to Orleans where they should have been if we didn't keep the old, small Manor going.

Seashore Point was financially bankrupt when it began. all the hope and talk was only hope and talk. Sad but fitting such a problemataic big project like it was.

and what we have leanrt? Nothing. We will do it again and again.

It is a losing proposition that is financially failing.
8:16 pm est 

Re: "Must be a Wash a Shore.. "

Is that a bad thing?  I'm guessing you were trying to make a derogatory comment in your post about childish attacks which kind of defeats the purpose of your post doesn't it?
3:56 pm est 

Spelling Bee at PHS!

Hey, I see that they are looking to have a Spelling Bee at Provincetown and are looking for good spellers. Maybe you should go to Nauset to find a team!
1:40 pm est 

Re: Provincetown School System

To the person who wrote about the immaturity level of someone because the were pointing out their spelling errors... you spelled because incorrectly and also childs should have an apostrophe, child's ... please go to Nauset and get a real education! They maybe a "Wash a Shore" but you my dear are a horrible speller.
1:39 pm est 

Provincetown School System

That's real childish attacking someone becouse they spelled a word wrong and putting down our school system is even worse. You sound like a very immature person with a childs mind who has a big mouth. Must be a wash a shore..
12:53 pm est 

Re:We Were Also Getting $4 Million From the State and Federal Government When We Ran the Manor

You don't seem to see the whole picture - the $35000.00 is for the parking spaces leased back to the town from the diocese.

If an agreement had not been reached with the diocese, deaconess and the town, the Cape End Manor would most likely have been closed, leaving our elderly with no place locally to go. And NO reimbursement.  The deaconess is a great facility serving a need and planning to expand.
12:51 pm est 

Route 6 Clear Cutting

Hey Geurtin have you paid your $900.00 fine for clear cutting rte 6 to the town yet?
10:17 am est 

Provincetown School System

Hey "ridiculas" learn how to spell... who is the ignorant one here? r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s... must be a product of the Ptown school system.
10:16 am est 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Re: Scott Enos vs Town of Provincetown

The days of the good ole boy network are over. Mr enos should be shamed.
10:14 pm est 


My guess would be that Guertins good buddy Bergman never put anything negative in his employee file.  Can't fire someone without just cause.  I can only assume that S Lynne is biding her time and documenting everything in his file and when the time is right, she'll sack him.

I may not be a genius, but I do have some common sense.
10:13 pm est 

No Clue

Isn't it wonderful when people who have absolutely NO clue about anything...especially Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement are allowed to spout off on here?
10:12 pm est 

They Settle to Save Taxpayers Wasted Money on Lawyer Fees!
That's a joke who would make such a ridiculas statement like that, that just tells me your not to intelligent either. Guertin has cost the town taxpayers plenty of money in fines, how come he's still employed by the town? Lets see if you can give a good Answer for that one Einstein...
7:08 pm est 


If the town wasn't guilty then the town wouldn't settle at all. You don't give a settlement to someone who is guilty. Guertin may pull the wool over your eyes but he's not doing it to me, Guertin is no good, enos deserves his job back.
7:06 pm est 

Provincetown School System

If the only reason to send kids out of town is for a better education - I think I could find a better school that Nauset - willing to pay for that ?
7:05 pm est 

Re: Scott Enos

I'm glad to see the town taking the high road by bringing high cost lawsuits to an end. Only the lawyers get rich when you keep a lawsuit going on for years and years. In the past Provincetown's legal bills were sky high and out of control. As a taxpayer, I say thank you for thinking beyond revenge.
7:04 pm est 

Town's Settle
Sometimes (very often) town's will settle lawsuits when the cost to defend themselves outpaces the cost of settlement.  They settle to save taxpayers wasted money on lawyer fees.

If it would cost you $50,000 in lawyer fees to defend a position, but the opposition is only asking for $15,000 to settle, which would you do?

If I had unlimited deep pockets, I'd fight to the end.  But if I were a town that is cash-strapped and taxpayer funded, I'd settle.

Settling a lawsuit rarely implies guilt.
1:38 pm est 

If the town is Looking to Settle with Enos
It's because they have a chance of losing the case. Town's don't settle unless there is enough evidence that they will pay the full amount and be deemed a loser in the courts.

another David Guertin fiasco. The man is a poor manager, incompetent in the sewer system and has a temper that is out of control. Plus, he is unethical as the Mass Ethics case showed.

Is he the best we can do?
11:43 am est 

Look at the Town Budgets of the Past
And you will see the $4million reimbursements and we hired town people. Also read the contract with Seashore POint. We lose the land if they close. It's theirs to do what they want with. We gave it up. And we still pay the Fall River Diocese $35,000 a year.

Ask those on the board of the Deaconness. It is a losing proposition and they are only now holding "events" there to report back to the board their "high" level of involvement in the town.
11:41 am est 

Re: Provincetown vs Scott Enos
If he was wrongfully terminated, he would be back to work already. Apparently that claim is untrue. And the fact that Ptown is seeking settlement means they don't want to spend anymore money on court and BTW, don't want him back considering he hasn't been offered his job back. Guertin is still here though.
7:50 am est 

Re: Seashore Point

I live at seashore pt. and I can say that things are not as bad as someone on this log keeps harping about. This is a wonderful addition to our town. The old manor was a money pit and you know it. And it serves those in need and others, unlike anything from miles away. What more do you want?
7:49 am est 

Seashore Point

You are wrong about what happens if Seashore point closes. We will get back the land and building. Its in the contract.
7:48 am est 

Re:" We Were Getting $4, a Year...."

Are you          ??? The Manor was town owned and run back then, and there wasn't a person there who knew how to do the paper work to get reimbursements from the state. This town can't even run the Town and they certainly couldn't run a nursing home. And don't forget the employees were town union back then, another huge burden on the tax payer. It was losing an average of $1 million per year. Where do you pull 4mill out the air from. You don't have a CLUE what you are talking about. Just another poster and your blah, blah, blah diarrhea of the mouth.
7:47 am est 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Provincetown vs Scott Enos

After two meetings in court, Provincetown is attempting to negotiate a settlement with Scott Enos for his alleged wrongful firing from DPW by David Guertin. Enos is demanding financial compensation and reinstatement to his previous position.

Another Guertin fiasco.
9:44 pm est 

A handful of parents who CHOOSE to keep their kids in Provincetown High School cannot dictate to the majority that they must continue to subsidize their choice.  The school has passed the tipping point and will never be more than what it is today.
9:35 pm est 

Provincetown International Film Festival

Word on the street is that the Provincetown International Film Festival organization is attempting to develop a year-round full-time venue, which will bring featured films to Provincetown.

What a joy that would be for we cabin bound (Winter) year-rounders. I hope it's true.
9:28 pm est 

Re: Provincetown School System

I have three children, do you want to guess where I send them to school? Here's a hint: Not Provincetown!
8:32 pm est 

We Were Also Getting $4 Million from the State and Federal Government When We Ran the Manor

Does everyone simply forget this? It costs but we also recovered many of the costs in the millions brought in every year. Now nothing is brough in and we gave away our land and we required low cost housing of which many we rescinded. We gave too much and got too little. And we still are. And look to the years ahead. They can close the facility, sell off the condos and the land is theirs to keep. Not ours anymore. And we are still paying the diocese of Fall River $35,000 a year for the land we gave to seashore point and which we took from the church.

What a deal! such a deal!
8:31 pm est 

Re: The Real Reason to Send Kids Out of Town is For a Better Education

Every child in town and his or her parents have the Nauset choice TODAY.  But you think you know what's best for ALL children, even those you've never even met.  So you demand that all have no choice and just go to Nauset.  Is this the diverse and accepting Provincetown we claim we live in?
8:29 pm est 

Provincetown School System

Here's the deal - you have decided that my children need to go to Nauset to get a better education - it's not about money or anything else, you have just decided this for my children.   Are you out of your minds !
8:27 pm est 

Provincetown School System

I had two children go through the Nauset system, and they received a good education, One "advantage" in Provincetown: lower standards for graduation. And that's a fact.
8:26 pm est 

Provincetown School System

To the person who thinks going to Nauset is so great - How many children do you have ?  
3:00 pm est 

Seashore Point

Hey, lets talk about something positive.  Seashore Point: 1.) One of the largest employers in town. 2.) Great care is provided to our older town residents. 3.) Outpatient services that are local. 4.) Beautiful facility in comparison to the old manor. 5.) Lots of things to do there for both people who live there and people who go there for free programs. 6.) last I heard, hiring for some positions. Is there really nothing positive, helpful or insightful to say about seashore point, or anything else for that matter, on this blog?
12:15 pm est 

To: Answer if You Dare
Answer if you dare? How silly. Having our children will not dismantle services for children in this town. Also children and parents will not leave town if they go to Nauset, except perhaps the closed minded person who keeps posting these uneducated statements
11:30 am est 

Re: Manor Care, "We Were Losing Over a Million Dollars a Year When the Town Ran it"

This is exactly why we should be leasing other town assets like MacMillan Pier. Lease it to professionals with experience and deep pockets! It's a no brainer given how little past and present boards have not been able to develop MacMillan Pier's economic potential. Get New England Development on the phone!
10:49 am est 

Provincetown School System

The real reason to send kids out of town is for a better education.
10:47 am est 

Answer if You Dare

Do you really want to dismantle services for children in this town ?   Do you think the town would be better off without children and their parents ?   Really - answer those questions if you dare.
10:46 am est 

Re: Provincetown School System
It is NOT about having "enough children" in the school system. It IS about them obtaining a well rounded education which they are not getting from PHS. Nauset is an award winning school so it is really a no-brainer. I want the best education for my child and my son loves the bus ride out of town and the education and new friends he has made. PHS will even recruit students from other countries to try and keep the school open and increase their numbers. It is really sad.
10:45 am est 

Seashore Point?

Question to anyone here, does seashore point cost provincetown taxpayers anything anymore?  I thought when Deceanos health systems took over, we had washed our hands of all the issues?
I know it is easy to blame our own stupid town for things, and maybe Keith gave away too much, but we were losing over a million dollars a year when the town ran it.  What we losing now?
8:53 am est 

Re: David Guertin

Anyone check to see if the DPW Director changed his R.I. license plate to MA yet?
8:51 am est 

Provincetown School System

There do not have to be "enough" children to keep the schools open.   Be happy with the amount you have and accomodate them.   The only reason you want to close the schools is you foolishly think you will save money.  You have been told by the reports that you will not.   So what really is your reason to send kids out of town ?  
7:51 am est 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Just reading some of the posts about the number of restaurants open. Having
lived here a mere 33 years I have seen the ebbs and tides of various winter
seasons come and go. When I first moved here the A-house was seasonal, then it
went full time yearround. Now just the Little Bar is open 7 days while the Big
Room is just open on weekends. The same holds true with restaurants. Some seem
to be able to make it through the off season better than others, while some seem
not to be able to make it at all. These things seem to go in cycles though I
have no scientific data to back that up. I am just glad for the ones that are
here for us. Each day when I go to the Post Office, Jo Mama's is there, open and
inviting. Last evening my partner and I had a wonderful dinner at Chach's for
Mexican night. So, let's be thankful for the ones that are here and open for us
and show that thanks by going out to eat.
5:26 pm est 

Seashore POint__Another Problematic Project

thanks for listing all the leavings--it is a Keith Bergman legacy that never
worked out as it was dreamt to! Should I be surpirsed? Should you?
5:25 pm est 

Re: It is Simple-Community Schools
You can wish and wish and wish that there were enough kids in town to warrent
keeping the schools open, but it ain't gunna happen in your lifetime!
5:23 pm est 

Re: Seashore Pointless
Sounds like someone on the inside who is Bitter!

Marketing Director- Replaced
Independant Living Program Director-Say What?
Front Desk Supervisor- Shared Duties

The Director of Facilities & Maint. is gone as is the Director of Nursing. Both
positions easily refillable though one is redundant. With everyone screaming
about the economy and downsizing I don't see your point here other than being
mean spirited, which makes your point...well, pointless!!!
5:22 pm est 

Seashore Point

Is the Banner going to have a big story about Seashore point soon? We need to
know what is going on.
5:20 pm est 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Get ready Provincetown!

The National Trust For Historic Preservation has put our very own Town Hall in its top ten of the best preservation of a historic building in the nation!
4:29 pm est 

Seashore Pointless

Marketing Director gone...
Director of Facilities & Maintenance gone...
Independent Living Wellness Nurse gone...
Independent Living Program Director gone...
Human Resources Manager gone...
Front Desk Supervisor gone...

Now hearing Director of Nursing leaving...
Sinking ship?
4:27 pm est 

Nice Idea--Town Events

I like that idea. Have a listing that is separate for twon events. Nice. Very nice.
4:26 pm est 

Mr. Webmaster
Perhaps we could have a separate tab for 'Community Activities' where people/businesses upcoming events activities could be posted.

Just a thought.

Webmaster Comment: Thanks for the suggestion. It's a good idea.


11:16 am est 


8:53 am est 

Barbara, Alex and Peter What Other Information do You Need?

Our children can have the best:

"Nauset Regional High School Principal Thomas Conrad stands in the school's "Hall of Fame" which celebrates its successes in fields ranging from academics to sports, music and the arts. Having many many paths for students to follow is one of the features which helped it earn a spot in US News & World Reports Best High Schools in America. Nauset Regional High School encompasses the towns of Brewster, Eastham, Orleans, and Wellfleet. Photo by Teresa Martin.

By Teresa Martin

Think that Cape Cod is vacation-land with little to attract full-time families with school-aged kids who are looking for good schools? Think again. US News & World Report's 2010 Best High Schools in America just named two Cape Cod high schools to its list of best in the country.

Top Grades

Harwich High School and Nauset Regional High School were two of just 21 schools in Massachusetts to be named to the list and two of only 561 schools across the country to meet the grade. The Sturgis Charter School in Barnstable also received an honorable mention in magazine's annual survey.

For All Students

The US News & World Report ranking uses a three-step process that examines how well a school serves its entire student body. It looks at not only collegebound students, but also how well average students and disadvantaged students perform."
8:52 am est 

It is Simple - Community Schools

8:48 am est 

Writer's Voice Café in Provincetown

Our third season upstairs at Napi's Restaurant, Provincetown. 2nd Wednesday of every month: February 10th, March 10th, April 14th, May 12th and continuing until June 9th, 2010.  Sign up at 6:30.  We feature a writer and follow with an open mic.  7-9pm. Free will offering.  Info 508-487-8814  Everyone Welcome!  Contact:  Dian Hamilton, 508-487-8814.
11:38 pm est 

Nauset Gets Raves
From students and parents. They have a great curriculum and understand diversity and college bound courses. They are involved and committed to good education and have the numbers to be a true school.

It is inevitable my dear parents. Your children will be going to Nauset and they will thank you.
11:29 pm est 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fine Arts Work Center Upcoming Events
Artist Talk: Lauren Ewing
Thursday, February 4, 8pm
Stanley Kunitz Common Room, Fine Arts Work Center
24 Pearl Street, Provincetown
Exhibition: Jacob Yanes
Opening Reception: Friday, February 5, 6-8pm
artSTRAND, 494 Commercial Street, Provincetown
Reading: Sara Majka & Sara Elizabeth Johnson
Saturday, February 6, 8pm
Stanley Kunitz Common Room, Fine Arts Work Center
24 Pearl Street, Provincetown
Exhibition: Robin Mandel
Opening Reception: Friday, February 12, 6-8pm
artSTRAND, 494 Commercial Street, Provincetown
For more information visit
10:55 pm est 

Top Schools in Massachusetts

Wow, Nauset Schools one of the top in the State! Ok, parents of Provincetown students, now is the time to send your kids to Nauset. Don't wait until its too late. Being one of the top schools in the state is quite an honor. The waiting list to get into Nauset over the next year will be long. Don't put your children's future at risk.

Ed U. Cator
10:52 pm est 

Film Art @ PAAM

which will be screened biweekly on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. through April 29. Passes may be purchased at PAAM, by phone at 508-487-1750, or online at

The series continues on Feb. 4: "Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist" (1997), a documentary about a self-mutilating performance artist with cystic fibrosis; Feb. 18: "What a Way to Go!" (1964), a comedy of doomed romance and inherited gazillions, with Shirley MacLaine; Mar. 4: "Patti Smith: Dream of Life" (2008), Steven Sebring's profile the poet-turned-punk-rocker in middle age; Mar. 18: "How to Draw a Bunny" (2002), an entertaining ode to the virtually unknown New York artist Ray Johnson; Apr. 1: "Love Is the Devil" (1998), about the tortured relationship between British painter Francis Bacon (Derek Jacobi) and his studly young lover (Daniel Craig, the reigning 007); Apr. 15: "Manufactured Landscapes" (2006), a documentary about Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky; and Apr. 29: "Ghost World" (2001), an adaptation of Daniel Clowes's underground comic about misfit L.A. aesthetes, starring Scarlett Johansson, Thora Birch, and Steve Buscemi.

Each of the films will be screened at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) with an introduction and post-screening discussion led by Howard Karren, a former editor of Premiere Magazine. Press contact: Howard Karren, at or 508-487-9457.
5:56 pm est 

Provincetown Theater

: February 3, 2010 @ 7:30pm.   Can determined effort prevent the sins of the fathers from being visited on the children? The question is probed in Bill Plott of Natick's drama, "Ibsen's Bastards" which will be read at 7:30 pm Wednesday, February 3d as part of the Provincetown Theater Company's Winter Reading series in the Theater at 238 Bradford Street, Provincetown.

5:53 pm est 

Nauset Schools

No, we wouldn't want to send kids to THIS school would we?
5:45 pm est 

Restaurants Open in February

according to the Celebrate Provincetown website (great site by the way), there are 13 restaurants open Fri & Sat nights this month.  Somewhat fewer the other nights.  

see details, specials, etc. at:

3:48 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Stop detracting from the real problems on the pier. It goes way beyond one person's perception good/bad/ugly. It's about transparency and performance: both fall dismally short.

The sheds I think are ok. But is that the economic engine? Is that all they can come up with after how many years? Seven?
3:47 pm est 

Re: 4 or 5 Restaurants

Maybe the restaurants you go to only have 4 or 5 customers, but the restaurant I went to on Saturday was packed.
3:45 pm est 

Re: 4 or 5 Restaurants ...

Check out they have a link to a list of all the restaruants that are open for each month of the year for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This was a website started and is maintained by a business owner in town. What is sad is that we have two business organizations PCC and PBG and a Visitors Services Board and they did not have the time to put something like this together. So kudos to those who took the time to do this for all of us.
3:44 pm est 

Re: "4 or 5 Restaurants"

All of the 4 or 5 open restaurants are offering deals to all of the 4 or 5 people who remain.
1:52 pm est 

Re: ...Are the restaurants in town( all 4 or 5 )......

There are at least double that number of restaurants open in February.  I can think of ten off the top of my head.
1:51 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Sounds like that guy that has the vendetta against the pier is at it again. When will he realise that the town and its people really don't care about his rants on how bad he thinks things are being run down there. The voters at town meeting didn't even want to hear what he thought was going on at the pier.I guess that's what happens when you have way too much free time on your hands, you repeat yourself into thinking your right.  
1:49 pm est 

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