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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maybe, Sadly, the Pier is a Metaphor for this Town
New ideas are trumpeted. Sheds are built. Belief in economic development fuel these poor buildings. The wind turbine is experimentally at work. Then nothing seems to work. No real money comes in from these shacks. The turbine explodes in the wind--a fine end for a wind turbine! the barge is relatively useless. But it did cost $16,000.

The energy is used to fix problems that were initiated as solutions.
11:38 pm est 

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well, Whether You're 66 or 76 or 86
You don't have to go to the Red Party but now you know what's happening. I'm glad to know what's happening even if I'm not attending some of these Valentine Day Parties.

Thanks for letting us know. this other guy needs to stay home and watch TV. So, no, problem but others might  JusT be wanting to kick their little buns on a dance floor.

Have fun!
10:21 pm est 

Look, I'm 66 Years Old
I don't need to know about some red dance party in a bar during Valentine's weekend! Are the restaurants in town( all 4 or 5 ) offering anything special? I will support any restaurant offering a good deal. So will my friends.
9:27 pm est 

Putting Anything on the Pier as if It's Great

Kinda like the pavillon that they had to have and no one ever rents it out. That was another stellar economic idea too. Didn't that cost close to $100k? What is the ROI on that sucker?
-0.00%? When are the Selectmen going to say 'enough.' Enough with your trial and error economic development at our constituents' expense. Do your homework for God's sake and stopped being talked into bad ideas like the car-ferry idea.
9:26 pm est 

To:Tax Equity OK Let's Take the Gloves Off
You said:." Meanwhile commercial properties sell for far more than assessed value while residential is selling for far less. "

What are you smoking????I have a commercial property that I would GLADLY sell for LESS than its assessed value if there were actually anyone looking to buy a commercial property!!!!!!
9:23 pm est 

Re: “Mornings with Mailer”

Tender look at Mailer

Around Provincetown, Norman Mailer was known as a regular guy. He chatted with locals as he ran errands.
Dwayne Raymond waited on Mailer’s table one night, and subsequently they would bump into each other from time to time. Whenever they did, Mailer always wanted to know what Raymond, a struggling writer, was up to. Three years later, in 2003, Mailer invited Raymond to be his personal assistant.

Raymond quickly figured out how to handle Mailer’s idiosyncrasies, cooking his meals, running interference with technology for him, typing his handwritten pages, and making editorial suggestions (some of which Mailer accepted).

For four years, Mailer was in the thick of working on “The Castle in the Forest,” his epic novel about Hitler. Mailer in research mode wanted books by the dozens delivered to the house. Raymond preferred online research. Sometimes he tried to cover his tracks, lest Mailer unleash a rant about the evils of technology.

“Mornings with Mailer”
(Harper), published Tuesday, is Raymond’s tender memoir and an illuminating look at the mind and methods of a Pulitzer Prize winner who kept writing up until he died in 2007 at the age of 84.
3:28 pm est 

Try Living Simply

Say this three times and maybe one of you on the B"OS will understand. Less is more. Cut expenses. But the budget. Stop spending what you do not have. Act responsibly for once and we'll all be better off.

Does it hurt to cut? Yes but it is needed. This is a recession and the economy is still not good.
3:26 pm est 

Alert the Media!
Sitting in my shop on Commercial St. and someone just walked past.
3:25 pm est 

Re: Anna Lee Cage!
By the way, did you notice this new poster to the blog?  I was just looking at the name.  Say it all as one word fast...
Anna Lee Cage

Anaaleecage... annaleecage....ANAL LEAKAGE.  Someone has pulled a fast one. And it's not me...I just figured it out.

Oh, boy. We've got a joker in our midst apparently.  Ha!
11:52 am est 

Re: What's Going on For Valentine's Day?
Provincetown Business Guild

 Valentine's/President's Weekend 2010 - February 12 - 14


Friday, February 12, 2010

The Gifford House Inn, 9 Carver Street

The Gifford House Inn is offering a complimentary Valentine's gift basket in each guest room. For more information and reservations:

Lands End Inn, 22 Commercial Street

Land's End Inn is offering a Valentine's Getaway package that includes: exquisite guest room accommodations, a delightful breakfast, red roses, valentine chocolates and a complimentary champagne, wine & cheese hour with rates as low as $185/couple. Visit: for information or reservations.

Brass Key Guesthouse, 67 Bradford Street  

Valentines Weekend Lovers Value Package,  Reserve any two nights in any of our romantic guestrooms and your third night will be 50% off.  Includes breakfast and wine and cheese daily. For more information and reservations:

Shipwreck Lounge, 67 Bradford Street presents the "Love Lounge" - Prelude to Cupid's Kiss (no cover). Enjoy cocktails and different theme parties all weekend long in the warm and intimate atmosphere of the Shipwreck Lounge.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shipwreck Lounge, 67 Bradford Street presents the "Love Lounge" - Aphrodite's Nighty (no cover). Enjoy cocktails and different theme parties all weekend long in the warm and intimate atmosphere of the Shipwreck Lounge.

9:00 PM, Todd Alsup at the Central House Cabaret at The Crown & Anchor, 247 Commercial Street (no cover)

From New York City, Singer/songwriter/pianist Todd Alsup is a welcome throwback to classic songwriting and showmanship - an exciting artist who can consistently rock a crowd with astonishing vocals and honest songs bursting with groove and personality.

9:30 PM to Close, The Red Party in Paramount at The Crown & Anchor, 247 Commercial St' ($5.00)

Special guest DJ Maryalice will be spinning for this very special Valentines event.

10:00 PM to Close, The Valentine's Ball at The A House, 4-6 Masonic Place

Valentine's Classic Disco hosted by Thirsty Burlington, featuring music by Resident DJ and Billboard Magazine writer David LaSalle.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shui Spa, 82 Bradford Street

Valentine's Day @ Shui Spa  A romantic couples massage for only $199. Show the one you love how much you really feel this Valentine's Day with a romantic massage for two. In the couples sanctuary for a combination of 'Swedish' and 'Deep Tissue' 50 minute massage. Afterwards relax in the mineral soaking tub, steam and sauna or enjoy other treatments we have to offer at Shui Spa. Call 508-487-3583 for available times or visit (Valid Valentines Day only).

Shipwreck Lounge, 67 Bradford Street presents the "Love Lounge" - Luv Hangover (no cover). Enjoy cocktails and different theme parties all weekend long in the warm and intimate atmosphere of the Shipwreck Lounge. 9:00 PM, Todd Alsup at the Central House Cabaret at The Crown & Anchor, 247 Commercial Street (no cover)

From New York City, Singer/songwriter/pianist Todd Alsup is a welcome throwback to classic songwriting and showmanship - an exciting artist who can consistently rock a crowd with astonishing vocals and honest songs bursting with groove and personality.

 Visit for updates to schedule

11:19 am est 

What's Going on For Valentine's Day?

Today is the last day of January, two weeks til Valentine's day and weekend. Are any restaurants doing anything special to attract visitors. I have not heard of anything yet. It seems that if something is in the works it will be a last minute effort   not good for planning ahead.
11:15 am est 

What About Reducing Expenses?
It's not always increase of taxes we need. Cut, Cut, Cut. It's that this town never wants to cut expenses and each year, there is an $800,000 to $900,000 over budget. So trim this down. But the BOS meets and meets and at the end, it's the same damn number and they do the same thing every year. They whine and look for overrides to cover their poor fiscal management.
11:13 am est 

If YOu Agree to Set up the Wind Turbine, You Need to Know the Wind and the Velocity

What did Rex really know? Again, put anything on the pier as if it's great. It's a disaster and did not generate much electricity. They should have put up something larger and something that was studied more and in-depth before they did this.

Everything on this pier seems a game, a deception, like the faky trap sheds that look like disney shacks and sell trinkets. Everything is intentionally or unintentionally obfuscation.
11:12 am est 

Tax Fast Ferry

I know someone from Boston who is renting a place year round just to come here a few days whenever he desires to do so. He will take the fast ferry and he rented a place year round rather than stay at a guest house for his own convenience. Price is no object. He wouldn't feel a raise in the on the fast ferry or a meals tax etc.
11:10 am est 

MacMillan Pier and the Pier Corporation

Neither the BOS or Pier Corporation are capable of running a municipal pier. That's painfully evident. MacMillan Pier should not be leased out to a corporation of five people with no background in marine redevelopment. It should be leased out to a company with a proven track record like the company that put a bid on Fisherman's Wharf. They redeveloped Portsmouth's blighted waterfront and other waterfront properties and it's an amazing place bustling with commerce.

In fact, isn't that what Ms Lynn has proposed? Buying Fisherman's Wharf and leasing it out to the same company?

Let's start with MacMillan Pier and make this company a offer!
11:09 am est 

In Responce to the Writer of "High End Businesses"

You stated that your low end business between Standish and Town Hall employs 37 full time people in season.  No, the high end  place I work does not employ 37 full time people in the season. However it is open year round and doesn't shut it's doors and leave town in the Fall.  Where are those 37 full time employees now?  And where are you? FL?

Anna Lee Cage  
11:07 am est 

Room and Meal Taxes
The people who are against this proposed tax really know nothing.  Look at the cost of rooms or the cost of a nice meal here in town.  Do you really think a few cents more will stop people from comming here?  The answer is NO.  We need to tax the tourists and make them help pay for the upkeep of this town.  Ana Lee Cage has it just right. This new tax will not affect anyone, erpecially those who frequent her high end establishment.  If the people who come here just for tee shirts or to frequent the establishments in the skanky part of town, don't like it, then they can stay away---they are nothing but trouble anyway.  This town needs to go upscale like Nantucket.  You never hear about people in Nantucket complaining.  They know what a good thing they have.
11:05 am est 

Upscale Provincetown

If you want Nantucket, why not move there?
11:03 am est 

Re: Pier Corporation

For seven years the Pier Corporation has been setting rates down there and playing favorites with low rates for friends and friends of friends at our expense. And you recommend going to the Selectmen and finding out pre 2003 rates? That's must be a Pier Corp. director idea: useless. We want to start seeing a return on our so called investment instead of paying higher taxes. End of story.
11:03 am est 

Tax Equity. OK. Let's Take the Gloves Off
Commercial properties including guest houses, motels, large multi-family, and retail, office etc. are assessed on an INCOME APPROACH by the Town. This means the income the property owner reports to the town is used to establish the taxable value of the property.

Residential properties including condos, single, two and three family are taxed at FAIR MARKET value. All of the above per Mass DOR. Meanwhile commercial properties sell for far more than assessed value while residential is selling for far less.

This is not fair and thus many cities and towns in the Commonwealth use a split tax rate to even the tax burden. Provincetown has never done this as business owners overwhelm non-voting residential owners.  

Commercial accommodations have to charge room occupancy tax. Small residential do not also state law. This is not fair either.

Change both tax systems at the same time and I'll go for it.

I do weekly rentals, and I live here year-round and I vote and I am not a Town employee (But I did have a one night stand with one former Selectman 25 years ago.), etc.
11:02 am est 

Pier Corporation and Bad Decisions

The BOS were pitched by the wind turbine company and said thanks but no thanks. They were right. So, what does that same company do, pitch thier lame product to the Pier Corp knowing they could be talked into anything. Just say 'car-ferry service!'
10:59 am est 

Re: Pier Corporation

I was recently told that a director of the Pier Corporation is running his charters off of MacMillan Pier paying the fisherman's rate of just a couple of thousand dollars but that a lobsterman is paying almost $10k for his slip. The Pier directors want his slip so they are charging him rates he just can't pay. That is really wrong. There are way too many cozy relationships on the pier. That is quite evident.
10:58 am est 

There go Those Pier Miscreants Again:

Because MacMillan Pier is being run by a corporation, it requires a liability policy separate from the town as well as a separate insurance policy for its directors. They don't want you to know that, however.

In 2007, the cost exceeded $30,000. That annual cost would be eliminated if the Pier Corp. were dissolved and a town board oversaw its so called economic development.

Shall we talk about the blades that had to be removed from the floor of the harbor because they kept falling off. Who paid for that? Surprising no one was hurt with detached flying blades. They can't seem to do much right.
10:57 am est 

Saturday, January 30, 2010

More on Room & Meal Taxes

The writer of "I'll take the day trippers & funky shops"
has been nowhere and knows nothing.  I'd hardly put the rich-Ptown people that I know in your "blue blazer" mentality.  The Ptown Rich are far more "funky" than that and I don't think they care about a few extra pennies on their bills.

Anna Lee Cage
6:13 pm est 

Moors Road & Storm Flooding
Seashore management is in the process of reviewing that Moors Rd project to widen it, add a bike lane, etc.

Terrain and FEMA maps seem to show that an ocean storm surge from the south part of Herring Cove Beach over a short part of Moors Rd would be the primary cause for flooding into the Shank Painter area.  FEMA projects that much of that area would flood, including Shank Painter Road, many homes and businesses, and the current Fire & Police stations there.

I wonder if that stretch of Moors Rd should be raised to provide protection against a storm surge.  Might not add much to the project costs, while helping to protect a major part of town.
6:12 pm est 

Let's Try to be More Fair With the Tax Increases

Not only the businesses in town should bear the brunt of it all. Let's think of other ways to bring in money.

1. A two dollar fee for each passenger using the fast ferry in and out of ptown.

2. Raise parking stickers by $5.00

3. Charge all residents and businesses a flat fee of $100.00.

These are just a couple of ideas that come to mind. Let's start thinking and doing this together as a town, not pit one group against each other.

Better yet, let's try to cut back on municipal spending and preclude the need to ask anyone for anymore money.

6:10 pm est 

Pier Corp. Wind Turbine

The wind turbine was free and experimental.  It actually, from what I understand, generated a lot of electricity.  As we all know and love about our town is it's extremes.  It would appear that the wind in our town is extreme.  Cape Cod is listed as a place on Earth with more wind than Chicago.  In essence it has one of the steadiest winds on the planet.  this is not a something to be ignored.  The fact that our wind can tear a wind turbine apart is something to pay attention to.
6:08 pm est 

I hope Ptown does become like Nantucket.  Why should'nt it ?  We pay a fortune to buy property here and pay a lot of money in taxes so its great that things are moving in the upper end.  I don't want to look at tie die shops and junk jewelry stores.  We worked hard to get here - the restaurants are expensive and great and hope it becomes even more high end to match its real estate.
6:07 pm est 

Reality Check
Was the last time the Pier Corp. released their financials in FY June 2007? Say it isn't so!

Stunningly yes, that's correct:

How's that for municipal transparency?

Michele for God's sake when you are going to make your friends on the pier fiscally transparent? Or, do we have to wait for you to term out in June 2011?  
6:06 pm est 

Just Read Wicked Local Provincetown (No Longer the Banner on-line)

All that money coming to the DPW!!!!!I hope someone has a strangle hold on the purse strings for this one!  The DPW should not be allowed to administer these funds.  All funds should go through the town's finance director, Alex, I'll go for a True Daily Double, which would include Change of Work Orders initiated by the DPW, or is it the DGW?
6:05 pm est 

The Time Has Come

It's time that we elect those to the BoS who care for the town: what it was, what it is, and what it can be.

Placating every whiner is not the way.  The needs of the many must surely out weigh the needs of a few.
As for saving the town as an icon, you can't have both, a living, thriving, growing community or a museum of a town that the worlds rich come to enjoy (and leave).

Finding someone, anyone, who can put up with the slings and arrows, already poised at them and thier ideas before they start, is a challenge.  I know this town and the snipers are in place and the target is Change!  I know a number of people in town who would make great leaders.  The problem is....I don't know....I wouldn't want the job.  I think an altruistic person, who doesn't need to kowtow to the special interest, most likley be one of the new rich, what was the term of old? still escapes me...We need someone who would be referred to as an elder, someone with knowledge of the human state and all of it's obstacles.  A tall order I agree.
6:04 pm est 

Pile Driving!

Must be winter in Ptown y'no, someone feels the need to have some piles driven.  Maybe y'll be riden that fork lift awating the the drivin of piles!
6:02 pm est 

To You Who Would Desolve the Pier Corporation

Where did you get the Directors Liability Insurance $$$ amounts?  I have read thier financials, those that have been posted on the town website, and find it to be closer to $4K not $30K.  Given our litigious society I find that quite reasonable.

As I recall, the town pier, left in the hands of the BoS, fell apart due to neglect and the non-investment of pier fees paid towards maintenance of said pier.  One might request documents from the BoS in regards to fees charged or collected from the tenants of the pier during thier period of control (pre-Pier Corp).  Good luck finding it in town records.
6:00 pm est 

Re: High End Businesses

This response is directed to the individual who works in the "high end" business.  I happen to work in one of the "low end" shops between Standish and Town Hall and wouldn't trade places to work anywhere else in town. Does your establishment employ 37 full-time people during the season? And, about those people who are "clogging" the streets, the are all wonderful individuals who fall in love with our town. I can only hope they never meet you!
5:59 pm est 

Re: "Room Tax"

You make a fair point about potential for substitution of condo/house rentals for inns/hotels. However I'd wager that the differential between the two is overwhelmingly driven by base cost differential and not room taxes. I just happen to be sitting here working out potential rental rates for my house for the upcoming summer to determine if I want to do any rental. For a prime place in a prime location with plenty of features, including the ability to entertain and have a dog, even at my highest forecast rate the per room per night rate comes out to less than $210 per night. Contrast that with even a medium priced guest house during Carnival or the 4th of July and the differential, with no taxes considered, is compelling.

The fundamental economics are that a guest house or hotel has to accomodate financing, owner's need for income, staff, etc. An individual homeowner or condo owner doesn't have all that overhead to support. A homeowner likely also looks at rental income as marginal income and prices rental accordingly and they also have to stay in line with competing properties. Throughout the country in resorts many people are turning to condo/house rental and away from commercial establishments for just this reason. You get a lot more for your money, before taxes are even included.

Finally, since most guest houses/hotels are fully booked in the peak weeks of summer it's hard to argue that they'd lose business during these peak revenue periods from a marginal small increase in tax rate.

I for one, would be willing to pay same taxes on my rentals as other establishments have to charge. Another approach, used in another resort I'm familiar with, is that anyone doing direct rental, versus rental where a management company handles it, has to pay an individual business license fee.

- a taxpayer
5:58 pm est 

Room Tax Considerations
I agree completely with the post on room tax at 2:30pm today.  I would also point out that guest houses are at a competitivie disadvantage becuase of the tax (if you stay in a condo you can save 10%).  Although the real estate lobby is against it they should look closer at this, especially in provincetown.  The increase in tax could have a direct negative effect on commercial property values.  If guest houses take in less money their property is worth less.  It's all about the discounted value of cash flows.  Until the unfairness is addressed I will also not support a room tax increase.
5:53 pm est 

Friday, January 29, 2010

New Blood Needed Bad!

This board is looked at as a joke even outside the town. Look at the way they present themselves at other selectmens meetings. In Truro, there seems to always be a snickering when the Provincetown board is mentioned at the Truro selectmens meetings. Other committees and boards up cape feel the same way. If it's that bad outside the town, why haven't we fixed this problem? Now I see Truro is looking at regionalizing the police departments, maybe with Wellfleet, maybe with Provincetown. I bet I know where they are going to look first! We need better representation in and out of town. I would love to but I don't live in town yearround. Isn't there someone that could be recruted?
2:47 pm est 

Room Tax

The biggest issue with the room tax is its unfair application.  Visitors who rent condos, houses, etc do not have to pay the tax.  The greater the discrepancy between room taxes on hotels and guesthouses vs condos/houses, the more you drive visitors to rent condos and houses upon which they pay NO (zero) room tax.  Increasing the room tax may actually decrease the room tax revenue in the long run as you drive visitors away from guest houses and hotels.

I for one, would have no problem voting for the additional room tax if it were applied equally to all short term rentals.  But, the real estate lobby has kept that from happening.
2:30 pm est 

I'll Take the Day Trippers and the Funky Shops
We don't need to turn into Nantucket and only be for the rich. Next we'll demand blue blazers required for dining.
Drop the added taxes and let Provincetown be Provincetown. Funk and all! Keep it as affordable as possible.
2:29 pm est 

Pier Corporation Management

The pier management is afraid to do as you suggest. Then they would have to admit they have had recreational boaters there all along. Their policy: don't acknowledge it, therefore it doesn't exist and make sure you attack those who try put a light on it for public debate.
11:10 am est 

Issue du Jour

Now that the Pier Corp is the issue du jour, has that barge driven even one pile since they bought it in 2006? No. Now they need to buy a forklift to hoist the piles on the barge!  How much is that going to cost?  Contracting out pile driving would have been more economic sense. Last year, they rented out the barge for $50.00 per hour with two pier employees. How's that for sound management? You can't even rent a skiff for that much.

If someone down there needs work that requires a barge, hire Winkler for God's sake. Now, the Pier Corp. is undercutting private enterprise again. You don't see Mr. Guertin subcontracting out his equipment or his employees for a song and dance. No, they are too busy using their equipment to maintain the town's infrastructure as best they can given their budget restraints.
10:52 am est 

Re: "Route Six Corridor"

Would be curious for an exact citation of the town or state regulation banning something like wind turbines on Route 6? It is town owned property. It would require environmental review and likely Cape Cod Commission review but I don't believe there is anything that would preclude such action completely. But, respectfully, I could be wrong. It is about the same status as the cemetary, eg "potential" habitat for eastern box turtle and some other critters but that does not completely preclude wind turbines.

Re Bryant/Steele ticket, would BOS then eventually have to meet at Seashore Point?

10:49 am est 

Provincetown Business Guild
Provincetown Business Guild
Weekly Update
January 29, 2010
The PBG would like to say a big Thank You to Napis for hosting our January meeting.  
The Valentine's Weekend schedule is now available for download on the PBG website in the Member's log-in section under Notices.
10:45 am est 

Well Put About That Pier Corp.!!!!

Dissolve them tommorrow it none too soon for me.
10:39 am est 


You don't gut your local government and services.

I estimate well over $1,000,000 in lost income from our 'investment' MacMillan Pier because of bad management year after year. Those funds would have gone a long, long way now forever lost.
10:38 am est 

Speaking of Taxes

I've heard this add-nausium that Ptown is becoming a resort for the rich.  As a person who works in a "high end"
business here, I find this to be true.  Wealthy tourists who come here do not even look at the extra taxes on their rooms or meals.
The businesses who may suffer are the junk shops and low-end bars and restaurants between Standish street and city hall.  These places, of course, cater to tourists who are here for the day to clog our streets & sidewalks and don't seem to be spending money anyway.  These places will, hopefully go by the wayside as the better places continue to thrive regardless of a few extra pennies in taxes.
10:37 am est 

Pier Corporation Ineptness

Leave it to Provincetown to install the only wind turbine in the country that is inherently defective and has to be yanked. Another waste of time and money on an idea that wasn't properly vetted.
10:35 am est 

Dissolve the Pier Corporation

Taxpayers should demand that the Board of Selectmen stop letting the Pier Corporation subsidize the likes of lawyer William Henche who lives in Brewster and took out a three day fishing license in 2008 to 'qualify' for the taxpayer subsidized rate given to fishermen who catch and sell fish for a living.

The perennial abuse the Pier Corp. allows at taxpayers expense is widespread on the floating docks. If they charged market rate to the recreational boaters there, it would yield around $100,000 yearly.

Because the Pier Corp. is not a town board, over $30,000 is spent on directors' liability insurance. The extra cost of insurance exceeds the Pier Corp's bottom line. They refuse to release their FY 2008 and FY 2009 for us to review.

Since they historically have been incapable 'finding' the economic engine let alone starting it, the Pier Corporation should be dissolved and a town board created to oversee the Pier. It will save tens of thousand of dollars that could go to annual budget gaps. Their budgets would be accountabile to the checks and balances of all other town departments.

Provincetown's business owners should not have the hardship of higher taxes when other monies are evident.

10:34 am est 

Route Six Corridor

The Rt 6 corridor is off limits to any development including wind turbines. It is our greenway and is protected from things like that. So stop any thoughts of that.
10:32 am est 

Consider the Benefits of Fewer People

If people stop coming here, we wouldn't need as much tax money to run the town. Now thats something we should think about. And forget about that car ferry idea. We would only become one big traffic jam for cars on the road to somewhere else.
10:31 am est 

BOS Prospects

Grandpa Dwayne Steele & forgetful George Bryant for selectman? Now thats a ticket the town needs right now. LOL
10:29 am est 

Re: Meal and Room Tax

Hey, if restaurants and those who rent rooms think that higher taxes will drive away tourists. Why don't they lower their already high prices, like the $15.00 hamburger and the $300.00 a night room.
10:28 am est 

WickedLocal Glouster Article on Proposed Meal Tax There (same level at proposed here):
"Approximately 49 towns and cities in Massachusetts already adopted this tax increase after the legislature allowed communities to vote on Local Option Excises this summer. Revenue generated from this tax would be allocated directly back to the city or town of origin." 

Mayor Carolyn Kirks administration supports the tax to maintain city services, which have suffered due to state cuts and recession related losses.'

You know what, at some point you don't just keep cutting. You don't gut your local government and services. You look to more creative ways to fund things that used to be funded by state aid and other revenue. The property owners have agreed to substantial increases to maintain a semblance of services now it's time for a TINY TINY increase in user related fees, eg tourist taxes. I would bet anyone $100 that such an increase will not result in one, single tourist not coming who would have come otherwise.

The alternative is to liquidate our local government completely over a not very long period, say 5-10 years. Perhaps some here are so old and miserable they don't care if this happens but I personally plan on being around quite a bit longer than that and would like to see some semblance of local government maintained.

There is not a another major or minor tourist destination Provincetown's size that isn't look or hasn't already implemented such a minor user tax. Compared to any major urban destination the level of taxation being contemplated is miniscule. Oh, and for those who imply our tourists will run off to Europe if this tax is passed let's talk about VAT taxes there on the order of 20% or more.

- not a town employee, etc.
8:57 am est 

Provincetown is Costly

And if you keep adding more and more taxes and fees, touritst will look for other places to visit. This has already happened. Our rooms are terribly expensive. Europe is cheaper than Provincetown and we already see a delcine in tourists.

Make Provincetown friendly for tourists not a place where you rip them for everything: two minutes over the parking meter time, and there's a $25 ticket. Few bathrooms when they need to go. then high taxes on top of high taxes for meals that expensive to begin with.

You don't the gold goose. You feed it and take care of it.

What would this town be without tourists? Treat them nicely and farily.

Kill this rather stupid tax on the already meal tax and the room tax. Next, you'll ask for a 8% tax just to breath the air of Provincetown.
12:02 am est 

Keep Increasing Taxes For Meals and Rooms......

....and people will stop coming here. It's not between home owners and businesses. Too many taxes kill are diastrous for everyone. People have many options and if you make it too expensive to come here for a night or tow, they just won't come.

Putting excess fess on meals and rooms will kill this town. this is nutty. Another BOS and MIchele Couture brainy idea! Why not put an added tax on her frogs?
12:00 am est 

I Think It's Grandma and Austin Who Are Up For Re-election

Seems that is what the Banner stated. Both could be replaced and anyone else would be better. Anyone else would at least be able to speak to an issue without notes--like Grandma--and then speak to an issue and believe in it--not what others think--like Austin.

I'll take Geroge Bryant if he runs. He at least knows what he belives in and dares to speak the truth.
11:58 pm est 

Keep It Simple

Am I correct in the following:  If I sell $100,000 in food, with this new town tax i would have to pay $750.  If this is the case, I would simply rather pay more for my business license or pay some other type of flat yearly tax, than to complicate my bookkeeping with calculating and paying out a monthly percentage. 
I am happy to pay my fair share as a business owner, but i would prefer to keep it as simple as possible.
11:57 pm est 

Try Doing With Less

Let's look at cutting expenses instead of always trying to raise some form of taxes.  If I can't pay my bills I cut back on expenses, why can't the town seem to be able to do that?
11:55 pm est 

Meal and Room Tax

Guess what. If all of the businesses are driven out of town because of a small tax on meals & rooms. Our taxes would go down because a town of 3,000 year rounders or 10,000 seasonal second home owners, compared with a tourist economy of over 50,000 on a typical 4th of July would use a lot less town services. This tax raise is fair and needed, other tourist towns have it. Why don't we? Restaurants and guest rooms in town get high prices, its time they spread some of those profits around.
11:54 pm est 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meals Tax Increase
Passing this will add a whopping 75 cents to a one hundred dollar meal.  If restauranteurs, the PGB and the Chamber think this will stop people from eating out, they're fools.  What stops me from eating out is $18 chicken, $15 hamburgs and $12 martinis.

I would have to spend roughly $2700 at local restaurants to raise about $20 in additional revenue which I will probably never do.  But without this additional tax, you will see over rides which effect your tax bill forever.

Tourists come into town and they expect services.  They expect clean streets, clean bathrooms, police presence, etc.  The majority of these services are paid through our tax bills.  Not only do they expect these things, but we are put over a barrel by the tourism industry, which is our main economic engine, because if we don't provide these services , they will stop coming and the economic engine runs out of steam.

Basically, it's either me pay it or they pay it.  It's time to spread this cost over the users.
8:31 pm est 

Be Careful What You Wish For

If you put the restaurants and guest houses out of business you can kiss ptown good bye. What an ignorant statement to make... they are the heart and soul of the town. They are what brings in all the tax revenues... good luck if they go under.
8:29 pm est 

Re: "Yeah, Sure. It's You!"
You continue to wish Guertin would waste his time on here and you continue to be incorrect, at least from what I've seen. You also continue to seem to have trouble believing that good things can happen in Provincetown and to look for a downside in every bit of good news. You must be a sad and miserable person.

A 1% increase in room tax and a .75% increase in meals tax seems unlikely to drive away tourists or put eating establishments out of business. The total level of room and meal taxation is far below what is charged in most major destinations, particularly cities.

- not a town employee nor related to one or sleeping with one, etc.
8:27 pm est 

Re: Taxes

How silly to oppose picket businesses that oppose an increse in room taxes.  Of course nobody wants taxes increased, particularly their own, but as a home owner I believe it should be the home owners that pay the increase in taxes, not just the business owners.   All property owners benefit from town services, not just the business owners.  It makes no sense to increase taxes on one segment, but rather everyone that benefits from the services should pay the increase.  Frankly property taxes are relatively low in Provincetown.  
8:26 pm est 

Even a Simple Wind Turbine is a Disaster on the Pier

The Pier Corp and its "leader" leave me speechless. They can't even find the right wind turbine or place it in the right place for it to work correctly. Can they do anything right?
8:24 pm est 

Please, Tme For New Blood!!

This BOS and especially Avellar are straight out crazy and lost.

Get real, not a one of you will step up to the plate and run.  

Sit at computer and complain?  Check

Get off your rear and run?  I'm too busy.
8:23 pm est 

I Agree!

Let's raise the room and meal taxes and put those greedy restaurant and guest house owners out of business.  If we can keep making provincetown more expensive we can reduce the number of tourist visiting town and then they won't be such a drain on our resources.
6:46 pm est 

More Threats

Re: "Will be happy to compile a list of such establishments and regularly publicize them here, on Facebook, the web and elsewhere."

Ooooooooh, i'm scared.  More threats on Mypacc, what a surprise.  If you don't agree with me I'll try to hurt you and/or your business any way I can.
6:16 pm est 

Why Do I Feel That Guertin is Congratulating Himself Here as Not a Town Employee?

Seems that voice is his. Stating what great work he is doing and thanking himself for the grants.

Yeah, sure. It's you!
6:12 pm est 

Re: Room and Food Tax

I agree, the money hungry guest houses & restaurants in this town have to do more to help with the high taxes we have here in town. We must all watch which businesses oppose the rooms & meal tax increase. This new tax is long overdo. The home owners pay more than enough in taxes for a tourist town whose businesses make big bucks and then leave during the winter.
6:09 pm est 

Re: Wind Turbines on Route 6

I had the exact same question, why is ok to destroy the trees and median stip for wind turbines? There is no fall zone, supposedly to be an equal radius around the base as they are tall in case of collapse and they will be able to be viewed from all around and especially as one enters Ptown, the very view they were trying to save when the whole tree clearing issue came to be!. The BOS screams about a sewer line that will dig up some soil and displace some trees which can be replanted and then over a couple of years, nobody will know the pipe is there but is willing to erect potentially 200 foot structures! This BOS and especially Avellar are straight out crazy and lost. PLEASE, time for new blood!!
3:00 pm est 

Re: "Grant"

Since a major portion of the grant is for water treatment and fixing leaks in house->line connections your assertions that this is a fix for past mistakes is falacious, salacious and wrong. Further, the improvement/expansion of the sewer system is new so ditto. The additional improvements in monitoring equipment are for things that, if they even existed at the time, we would never have improved because the total cost would have been too much. In summary, the grants are wonderful news that no amount of naysaying can knock down. They will fix a lot of long standing problems that we collectively never would have paid for, or perhaps, been able to afford. You really are a miserable person with a personal vendetta and apparently will never stop with the negativity.

Congratulations to all town/state/federal folks involved. This taxpayer appreciates your incredible efforts and the results. Oh, any I'm looking forward to water that doesn't stain everything in sight and corrode my pipes!

- not a town employee, etc.
1:18 pm est 

Re: Opposition to Room and Food Tax
I personally will be sure to direct my business - and that of my visting friends - away from any establishment that opposes the room and food tax. We need to do something to close our budget gap and putting the tiny additional tax burden on to the areas that generate the most demand for services only part of the year, yet that we have to pay for all year, seems to make the most sense. Everyone needs to kick in and homeowner and business real estate taxes are already pulling their weight and then some.

Will be happy to compile a list of such establishments and regularly publicize them here, on Facebook, the web and elsewhere.
1:03 pm est 

Wind Turbines on Route 6
re Banner quote: "Selectman Mary-Jo Avellar said she supports erecting multiple turbines in the Route 6 center median stretching west from roughly Conwell Street to where town property ends at the Cape Cod National Seashore boundary. There are no viewsheds along that way, she said, and a minimal number of houses whose occupants might object to having a turbine in their backyard. In addition, the wastewater treatment plant, which consumes copious amounts of electricity, is there and could be hooked directly to a turbine. It isnt an issue for me, Avellar said, referring to putting turbines in the highway median."

OK, I finally agree with Mary-Jo on something but she better watch out because if DPW's involved her husband might start a screaming expose of the rape of the median strip.

How come it's ok to put wind turbines in the median strip but not a sewer line :)

We are one of the most exposed places on the east coast to sea level rise. This and other ideas ought to be adopted as quickly as possible to demonstrate at least token commitment to reducing our carbon emissions.

- not a town employee, etc.
12:14 pm est 

Re: Car Ferry Nay Sayers

Why is it that you assume I am from the Pier Corp?  You people need to pull your head out of your you now what and move forward.  I am not part of the Pier Corp and would like to see some forward movement for the town.  Currently the town is not going anywhere.  It is more akin to a stagnating pool of festering anger, jealousy and resentment.
12:11 pm est 

If Guertin was so smart then the town wouldnt need grant to FIX the problems with the sewer. If it was done correctly the first time then the town wouldnt be in this situation. The only thing Guertin is smart about is that he has cost the town money in lawsuits/ fines and has gotton away with it.
12:10 pm est 

Re: To You Car Ferry Nay Sayers

Actually Pier Corporation:

"As for the PBG and the Chamber, maybe they should attend a Pier Corp meeting once in a while instead of getting their news from Provincetown's twisted and gnarled grapevine."

We went into action because we got wind of your first draft for the response you were going to send them! Sure enough, your draft in your last packet raised several red flags and we had to hold your pen to instruct you to write an appropriate response! Clearly two Pier directors should be replaced with a Chamber and PGB director as you are unable to navigate even calm waters!
10:24 am est 

To You Car Ferry Nay Sayers
You might want to do a survey of how many passengers from the ferry are currently headed for other Outer Cape destinations and not just Ptown.  Again you are missing the point.  If people could commute via ferry (people too not just cars) they may be more apt to live here year round and thus spending more money here (an upward spiral...what a concept).  They may even want to raise a family here.

As for the PBG and the Chamber, maybe they should attend a Pier Corp meeting once in a while instead of getting their news from Provincetown's twisted and gnarled grapevine.
9:48 am est 

Thank You AECOM & Guertin
For being so influential and supportive of helping the town get this enormous grant for the sewer system. Remember when the selectmen, in their infinite wisdom in the 70' or 80's, refused to accept a 90% grant from the state for a sewer system, saying the town would never be so built out! Thank goodness we have intelligent personell in the system now. Imagine if the BOS had the decision alone as to whether to apply for the grant or not? Again, it's good to have intelligent people making decisions.
9:29 am est 

$ 21 Million Sewer Grant

How much are you friends at AECOM going to get from the $21M grant, David? Did you write it for us or them/you?
9:28 am est 

Holding the Line

Imagine two different tax rates for year rounders/second home owners. That would go a long way at bringing this town together. There is such a divide already between the two groups. Thanks to the BOS for making a smart decision and not agreeing to two different tax rates.

9:27 am est 

Re: Tax Rate

Try learning to read a little better. I didn't say that it was illegal to have a different tax rate for commercial vs. residential. I said it was illegal for homeowners to be taxed at a different rate. Year round vs. second home owners... if that were to happen in Provincetown it would open up a whole new can of worms... research that!
9:26 am est 

It is With Much Sadness That I read of Howard Zinn's Passing

He was a great writer and thinker and activist. He is irreplaceable. He never wavered from his position of being honest, active and defending the ideas and ideas he believed in. And Howard Believed in America and in its deep roots.

He will be missed and I am saddened by his loss. To any intellectual, this is a sad day. To any caring and dedicated American citizen, this is a very sad time. He did not take liberty lightly. He did not take thinking lightly. And I do not take his death lightly.
9:25 am est 

Thanks to David Guertin For the $$Twenty-Two-Million Dollars

I don't think we could have done it without him. Webmaster where is your long awaited expose'?

I'm not a Town employee, etc., ither.
11:16 pm est 

Re: Tax Rates

Get your facts straight because you have a screw loose. The tax rate can be set as mentioned at a differetial for different classifications. The idea is to try to keep taxes low for the yearround, non business owners in town. Businesses make an income from their properties as opposed to Joe home owner thus could possibly pay more in taxes. Small business could get a break so they too could keep more of their money in their pockets as compared to say big business. Considering the town has no big businesses like IBM or GE, that tax differential would be of no use.  Taxing second home owners is also a way of keeping the yearround taxpayers taxes, whose primary home is here, low. Many town across the state have a higher tax rate for big business thus allowing resident to pay a lower tax, all completely legal. The differential used in town is 1 which means everyone pays the same amount per thousand on their property, whether big or small business or yearround or second home so re!
lax. Next time, do some research.
11:15 pm est 

Re: Car Ferry Service

Why did one of the Chamber members complain last week in the paper that the Pier Corp. responded to the car-ferry inquiry with an effusive letter of interest? That's why there was an uproar because the tourism boards got wind of the Pier Corp enthusiastic response to a car ferry service as a new tenant. Had they been measured in their initial response this would have been a non-issue.
11:13 pm est 

Re: Tax Rate
The tax rate is set yearly by the BOS.  All legal options are brought to them by the Board of Assessors at a public hearing.  Anyone can speak for or against any or all options.

Not only is having a different class rate for year round residents legal, it is being used in Barnstable and Nantucket.

if you're a second homeowner, you should be thanking the BOS.
11:12 pm est 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Below is an Article From the Banner Today
Read the second paragraph and then my comments below. I'm not sure what was suggested is even legal?

Imagine that the Selectman decided not to charge year round residents a lower rate than second homeowners. I can't believe the selectman would have ever even considered this ridiculous idea. Why would you charge the second home owners a higher tax than year rounders? I'm sure the second home owners use far less services than year rounders. I believe this would also be illegal. You can't have two different tax rates for residential properties. Who ever came up with this idea has got a screw loose.


"Continuing a trend that has lasted several years, selectmen voted unanimously Monday not to change the local tax structure.

The move will leave intact the percentage of local taxes paid by residential and commercial properties. Selectmen unanimously agreed Monday not to impose a split tax rate that would charge businesses a higher rate. (They also agreed not to charge year-round residents a lower tax rate than second-homeowners.) And last, the board voted not to give a tax exemption to small businesses. The effect was to maintain the current tax structure, which assesses taxes based on the market value of the property.

Because residential property values increased faster than commercial property values during the real estate boom of the last decade, there is general agreement that residential owners have disproportionately borne a larger share of higher taxes assessed in Provincetown. However,
selectmen have not changed the tax structure for fear of stalling economic development."
7:19 pm est 

Pier Corp

The Pier Corp gets a letter from someone wanting to do business on the pier.  It is brought to their attention at a public meeting.  No one expresses interest for or against the idea.  All they do is ask the applicant for further information.

What did they do wrong?  If they had told the applicant 'don't bother', there surely would have been someone out here that says they are stifling economic development.  Instead they simply ask for more information and they get slammed for that.  You've put them in a no win situation.

And let's be clear.  The Pier Corp does not have the authority to accept this proposal.  It would have to go before the BOS, Zoning, Cape Cod Commission and possibly the Harbor Committee and Conservation.  The Police, Fire and Parking Departments would also have to weigh in not to mention all the public hearings.

The Pier Corp did nothing wrong here.
7:15 pm est 

Re: "Planes, Trains and Automobiles?"

While I agree with much of what you say I need to point out that the transport/parking center idea is a swap of existing infrastructure from one location to another that would preserve/enhance parking (and parking revenue) and take it out of a crowded location. At the same time opening the space on waterfront would enhance and highlight the "fishing village" not detract from it. It would also only be possible with outside dollars. Re the car ferry, a tough tough sell that on the surface initially doesn't look like a great idea.
7:13 pm est 

What's New?

Another bad idea on the pier, what's new?
6:17 pm est 

Another Economic Boondogle

How much of the harbormaster's time was wasted on their poorly vetted idea? Aren't these people suppose to bring 'sound economic ideas' to MacMillan Pier?  
6:16 pm est 

Planes, Trains and Automobiles?

I think not. Let's stop and think for a minute about a ferry bringing cars into Provincetown. Would it be great for business? I'm not so sure. The traffic in the center of town is already atrocious in the summer. How would bringing more cars via the pier into town be beneficial? It would be disastrous. Imagine the backup on the pier, cars trying to be loaded, cars coming off the ferry, people trying to get on and on. Then once the cars are off the pier, they need to drive through town and park. I just don't see how it is feasible for this town, unless you go further down Commercial Street and build another pier that could be strictly for cars. Even then I am concerned with the amount of traffic it would bring. Let's continue with the fast ferries and the planes.

Provincetown is not a large town/city. It is a small, quaint, fishing village. Let's stop trying to make it into a city. The infrastructure can only take so many visitors. I realize everyone wants more tourists, but lets stop being greedy. Provincetown can only handle so much and we keep trying to force a transportation center, a pier for ferrying over cars,etc we are going to ruin the town.
6:13 pm est 

Isn't There a Basic Response That's Missing Here
For some of us in business, when bad ideas surface, we tend to dismiss them. We may think about the possibilities, but soon enough we discard terrible ideas. Why? Because they're terrible.

But something's missing in our town. Bad ideas surface and soon someone on the BOS or the Pier Corp or the DPW is advocating for them. Then the town lemmings follow. Can't they simply discard bad ideas and consider reasonable propositions?

But month after month, year after year, any crazy, nutty idea gets taken up by this group. They contemplate almost anything and give it time and "consideration."

Maybe it's simply a lack of thinking, poor intelligence or just common sense run amock. I don't know but I do know that too many screwy ideas are heralded here as fantastic projects.

I can only hope this changes soon.
6:11 pm est 

I'm Against the Car Ferry Service

Can you just imagine the back-up on the pier with cars trying to exit the boat while others are lined up waiting to get on the boat?  I just don't see the need for it and it's certainly not worth the headaches it will create.
5:04 pm est 

I'm Sorry But the Pier Management Seems Incapable of Coming Up With Any Solid Business Idea

They are non-business people who come up with whacky ideas they try to seel as economic stimulus pieces. Like the ridiculous idea of trap sheds that sell bad art and jewelry. They should be real, on-going pier enterprises like selling fish, lobsters and shellfish. But they can't [get] themselves out of a paper bag or a burlap bag. Instead of dealing with the state and looking for real econimc projects, they play at being business people. They are not and their ideas--including this poor wind turbine--is a failure. they are not the right people and fail to have business strategies.

It's sad and a money-losing group. They may try hard but that is not enough. Kids try hard but I wouldn't want them in charge of the Pier.
4:49 pm est 

Re: Car Ferry Service

What do you mean 'it will be good for pier management?" Everyone should weigh in on this not just one board that marches to its own drummer (which I think is wrong)who can benefit from a new client. All the bad press on that group will be nothing if they go ahead and allow a car ferry service as a new pier tenant.
4:45 pm est 

Ditch the Car Ferry Now

What a ridiculous idea. Put people on a train and bring them here, but leave your cars behind. How's inane idea is this?
1:24 pm est 

The Car Ferry is a Very Good Idea

It will add to the bottom line of the Pier management. They are finding new revenue and they like this idea which will be good for them.
1:23 pm est 

Spread the Word!

I have never written on this blog but after seeing a show Oprah did on texting and using cell phones I have now promised myself that I will never use my cell phone while driving. I do not text but have used the phone to call out. And yes it does take my eyes off the road. I see people using cell phones and especially texting while driving. There is no phone call or message that is worth the loss of a life. The Oprah show interviewed families and friends of young and old alike that died due to a car accident caused by cell phone use. It was agonizing the stories that were told.  It should be seen by all, including high school kids. I understand you can download from Oprah's website. Watch it, have your kids watch. This is very serious problem and it is about life and death. Please make the pledge not to use your cell phone while driving. It is an easy fix! SPREAD THE WORD!
1:22 pm est 

The Car Ferry is Not a Good Idea Folks

It does nothing to generate business in town and in fact takes business away.  Instead of provincetown being the destination it will become the car ferry terminal and starting off point for people staying in other parts of the cape.  Do we really need more cars coming thru town in the summer?  As it is now passenger ferries bring people to town who stay in town.  the car ferry idea should be DOA.
10:44 am est 

If Nanctuket Can Handle it's $800,000 Over Budget Without an Override

We too should be able to do the same. Keep the budget level. Spend only what you have. No overrides. If the BOS can take the wax out of their ears, maybe they'll hear this.
10:42 am est 

Now Texting For Truck Drivers and Bus Drivers is Illegal

As of yesterday, it is now illegal to be driving and texting if you hold these jobs. That is a good step. Maybe soon we'll have it illegal for anyone to text if we are behind the wheel.
10:39 am est 

Car Ferry

The Car Ferry is a very good idea. It will bring people to Provincetown. Provincetown is an iconic destination and the easier it is for people to arrive here the better.
10:36 am est 

Re: Norman Mailer

Actually, Norman Mailer's birthday is on January 31. I believe the date of Jan. 26 refers to the release date on Dwayne's book. Good luck, Dwayne! I hear it's a great read!
10:35 am est 

Mypacc Folk Don't Want Good News

They don't want to hear about success - they are all leaving soon and they want to take the town down with them.  Kind of like closing the curtain on it.    
10:35 am est 

Texting While Driving

I need two hands to count the number of times I've almost been hit by a driver who is texting over the last week. What the hell is going on? Put down your         phones and drive the damn car. If you want to make a phone call or text someone, stop and park and make the roads safer for the rest of us. I'm really getting        off. I'm going to start taking plate numbers and turn them into the police.

10:33 am est 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Norman!

Ya, it is too bad he died.   Today is Ellen DeGeneres' birthday... she is still alive.
4:38 pm est 

Hapy Birthday Norman!

How great if Norman Mailer was still here with us. He loved Provincetown and he never left this town. He viewed it as a place of freedom and a place to be free. Here his mind was engaged with the ideas of a generation. And we are better off for his intellectual insights and poignant writings.

Happy Birthday Norman and to all his friends: Happy Celebrating!
3:13 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Gets $21 Million
Keep in mind the $21 million is a 75%/25% grant.  The USDA gives a grant equal to 75% of the total and the town contributes 25%.  We approved the authorization to borrow 25% of the $21 million at an earlier (September?) town meeting.

So the grant is a $15+ million grant and a $5+ million dollar low interest loan which the town must repay.
9:45 am est 

I Don't Believe We've Ever Released BOS Executive Seesion Minutes.....

.......except perhaps in a law suit. But even then, the minutes remain closed and hidden from the public. I would like to see these minutes released from the past years. But truly I have never seen any group of selectmen hold as many executive meetings as this questionable group of five. It's ridiculous for this small town but sadly how business is done here. Secret and with high legal bills. I guess without leadership skills we have clowns over generals.
9:44 am est 

Re: Year Round Car Ferry

The person who expressed that no one on mypacc wrote in about the year round ferry - no surprise, the mentality of the blog is they just like to complain
8:48 am est 

Close the Schools in Provincetown

Close the school and regionalize. Provincetown and Truro pay $4,000,000 a year for their schools...lets have one elementary school and one regional high school.
Truro students didn't return this year.
8:47 am est 

Re: "Provincetown Gets $21 Million!"
Only on here could you miserable crabs turn this wonderful development into bad news. Really sad. Oh, and by the way, looks like that horrible DPW might have had just a tiny bit to do with getting that money for us.

Congratulations to town, state and federal folks who made this happen. Truly wonderful news.

- not a town employee or related to one, etc.
8:46 am est 

Executive Sessions

By law, executive session minutes must be released after a set amount of time unless the issue is continuing. If its a matter that has been put to rest, the minutes must be released.
8:45 am est 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Brown is Not Here to Speak to Us About Our issues

He is the Tea Party guy and will continue on that tact.I expect he'll vote against any changes in gay policies for the armed services and will look to give the rich more tax breaks.
10:19 pm est 

Give Him a Year

Let's give Mr. Brown a year and see what he does. I am very disappointed in my last two votes of Deval Patrick and Barack Obama...
8:52 pm est 

Re: Scott Brown

Lets face facts. Scott Brown is just a pawn for the bigger take over of our country, ala Dick Cheney.
8:51 pm est 

What, no Comments on a Year Round Car Ferry?

I am shocked.  Is not year round boat service what everyone keeps saying will turn the town into a year round community?  Let's hear the full story before the not In My back Yard folks get a strangled hold on this one as well.
8:50 pm est 

BOS Seems in Perpetual Executive Sessions
Perhaps this is a clear indication of how poorly this group is managing issues and how poorly the town is being managed. I bet you'll see legal fees resing but of course they will find some other category to put these excess fees in. Don't expect honest y and transparency from this questionable group.
5:43 pm est 

Provincetown Gets $21 Million!

Lets see how fast they can piss that away and earmark it for projects other than what it's intended for. Looks like AECOM just got a big increase to their profits. BTW, forget the editorial on the AECOM issues. It's old news by now and nobody cares.
5:42 pm est 

Re: Scott Brown

Since i don't have any friends that voted for him,
i went out of town and asked people why they voted for him.

esp since we know he stands for things that most Massachusetts voters don't.

Answer?  the number one reason i heard was make him the 41st vote against the "health care reform".

And from what i have heard about what is happening in Washington, that does make sense.

The approach they were/are  using on this issue is a mess.
So, lets see what happens next time he runs. My guess?
He won't be around very long.

41 bye bye
5:41 pm est 

Re: Scott Brown

I was as disappointed as many of you when I heard that Scott Brown was going to be our new senator.  However, who cares that he posed naked or that his wife made a racy video.  Maybe we should use this opportunity to get together with Mr. Brown and educate him on issues that are of importance to us liberals?
5:39 pm est 

Senseless Name Calling
President Obama promised to quickly end "don't ask, don't tell" and after one year has done nothing.  "Sounds homophobic to me".
5:38 pm est 

Terrorists Treated as Candy Thieves and HIgh Taxes

HIgh taxes in Provincetown but MA taxes remain appropriate. We do need to pay for infrastructure and education. Or perhaps you don't see the need for eduation. Like S. Brown, no brain, no problem. DUH!
5:37 pm est 

Re: Scott Brown

My own parents voted against same sex marriage, that doesn't mean they are bad people, just ignorant and afraid.
5:36 pm est 

Re: Re Scott Brown
FYI.....Scott Brown voted FOR a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. Sounds homophobic to me.
1:28 pm est 

Re Scott Brown

Please give instances of Scott Brown being racist, sexist and homophobic. The reason he was elected is because people in this state are sick of high taxes, illegals getting special treatment, terrorists being treated like candy thieves, and lower health care costs... so please enlighten us with your claims about racism, sexism and homophobia.

11:49 am est 

Re: Regionalization

For all those people dying to regionalize schools - why don't we regionalize everthing - say up in Eastham.  
The police station would not have to be rebuilt, for those who don't like the volunteer fire department, no problem and we could sell off the fire houses - that would bring in a bundle, DPW - no more problems, we could get rid of the selectmen as they really would have nothing to do anymore because we be professionally run, no more pesky little building department to deal with - it would be up in Eastham.   Eastham is relaly not far as you have pointed out time and time again.   

Let's hear it for regionalization !  Oh and I am absolutely positive (read not) that your taxes would go down.
9:05 am est 

I Wish He Had Exposed HIs Brain Instead of HIs Testicles

But that is where Scott Bronw is. What he really thinks or if he thinks is still unknown. What we know is how he looked naked years back. Great way to decide on a candidate for senate. Oh, yes, and if you like his truck.

How infantile the electorate is.
11:58 pm est 

Martha May Have Been Dull But She Was Not Homophobic, Racist and Sexist

But that doesn't seem to have bothered the many who voted for this closed mind Republican. Seems this town has its own prejudices and elistis notions wrapped in a truck and a so-named lawyer-cum truck driver. Sad case with sadder consequences.
11:56 pm est 

Your Stories are Not the Ture Stories

Look deeper and you'll find some interesting stories on this truck driving non-thinker. How many guys expose themselves front and center? How many wives do videos in bikinis about having a curious hand? Seems many more videos will show up and more exposures in the future
11:55 pm est 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Re: Scott Brown

Why is it that Scott Brown has to have "bad stories" in his past? Give it up, he won fair and square. Too bad the democrats could not have had a more viable candidate. Martha was such a bore. Better luck next time.

8:36 pm est 

Brown and MSNBC
yes, for sure slimy Keith Olbermann of MSNMC would love to get Brown "stories" whether factual or not.  

But a senator still gets his/her vote regardless of what is said on any network.  Martha lost and it wasn't close.  As the President said in early 2009 "elections have consequences".
8:19 pm est 

Re: Scott Brown

I would think that MSNBC would love to know about Mrs. Brown's Provincetown connections. I wonder if Scott ever visited our welcoming shores?
7:47 pm est 

Re: Scott Brown Stories

Yes, I have tons of them!
He's a great dad, a devoted husband, focused senator from MA and now on to Washington, he brought himself up by his OWN bootstraps, he's a lawyer, he ran a positive upbeat campaign against a lame duck AG, he was so good looking at one point in his life that COSMO asked him to pose in their magazine and he is married to a wife that also was (and still is) so good looking she was asked to appear in a bikini in a music video. She went on to become a news reporter for one of the big four news stations in Boston and their daughters, aside from being very attractive, have gone on to pre-med in college and one even appeared as a finalist on American Idol.

On the down side, I hear he doesn't like broccoli and like to go out in the sun without a hat.

Hows that for stories?

Give it up.
7:46 pm est 

Scott Brown Stories

Does anyone have additional information regarding Scott Brown and his wife's association with Provincetown?

Therein lies a potential with national implications.
12:36 pm est 

Let's Regionalize ........

.....right here in Provincetown - Truro, Wellfleet and Provincetown - wonderful !   We have the resources, let's use them !  
12:18 pm est 

I Have a Question

Do I need to get permission to ask it?

Just asking
12:17 pm est 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Policy? The Truck Guy?
This guy is not a policy guy. He is a No guy. He is against whatever is happening and has no answers. Cut taxes? Refuse to spend on jobs? He will take us all in the Bush direction that led to wars in Iraq and Afganinstan and that led to this recession. Remember where this all came from? Eight  years of Bush Cheney.

If that's the kind of policy you like, you have it. But for me, this is not policy it is pure Republican self-centered big business politics.

You got what you voted for. An idiot in a truck.
9:21 pm est 

What's Wrong With Asking Questions?

Why is someone up in arms about asking questions? How the hell are you supposed to learn if you can't ask questions? Oops, am I asking too many questions?

9:20 pm est 

School Committee Courage

It was a courageous vote to vote against the status quo and to vote for the needed changes in the school. Some of the members of the school committee are facing the facts and see that we need to reduce the work force at the school and reduce its cost.

We must close the school and put our money and talents towards regional schools.
9:19 pm est 

Re: Dog Park

Glad to see my dogs have become such celebrities to the passing cars.  Just for the record however, they are Italian Greyhounds and they  LOVE the park
12:10 pm est 

Tony, Tony, Tony

You have a way of being at the center of so many interesting cases. Now it's Scott Brown's wife you are helping down into the fishing boat. Just too much. Just too Provincetown. And was Scott at the A House?
11:50 am est 

Ramrod Policy? Bush in Iraq

Or have you forgotten when millions marched and were against the war that Bush started. America was against the war and against this policy and Bush rammed this war. And it is till raging and we are still bleedeing in people and money for this act.
11:49 am est 

Naked in Cosmopolitan and the Curious Hand of His Wife

Just a regular lovely little family. They both represent family values, Don't they? And the daughters out there shaking their bums in front of the Flutie band. Wholesome and so politically bright! The truck thinks better than this guy and as for that "curious" hand--let it rip darling!
11:48 am est 

Watch This...............................and Think 11:46 am est 

Scott Brown's Wife?: "Girl With the Curious Hands"
Are you people for real?? Sounds like a whole bunch of SOUR GRAPES because your candidate wasn't strong enough to beat a Republican in a historically liberal democratic state! Pulleeeeze!

The PEOPLE have spoken and LOUDLY! Time for a change. Obamanomics are NOT working! Martha was NOT the answer either.

Let's give Mr. Brown a chance!
10:51 am est 

Scott Brown is Awesome !
Now we will have discussions in Washington around policy and not just have stuff rammed down our throat by Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

In my lifetime I have never seen a policy attempted to be rammed down the throat of the American people when polls (yes - accurate ones) show that over 50% of Americans oppose it.  That is not the America that I have known in my lifetime.

Thank God for Scott Brown - the Constitution - and our founding fathers foresight in setting up a Government with Checks and Balances
10:50 am est 

Abusing Their Sick Time

I don't even think they bother - town employees are just never freakin' there.
10:49 am est 

Re: Mrs. Brown

I remember when the now Mrs. Brown filmed that video. She was all so gay then, makes you wonder about Scott.
10:48 am est 

Just Tell Me This Is Not So!
Tony Jackett helping the Mrs. Scott Brown out of the boat and then into the boat? You must be kidding us. This is his wife in this questionable black binkini vidoe? And Tony is part of this? ReallY? No, please tell me this is not true.
10:47 am est 

You've Got it All Wrong

Why is it that some people are all over Pj for asking a question? What's up with that? Since when are we not supposed to ask questions? That's what this blog is all about asking, answering and sharing information. I think whomever replied to Pj and said that he/she could not ask questions is dead wrong. Then to ask for an apology... an apology for what? Please enlighten me. As far as I'm concerned Pj can ask questions whenever he/she wants to... So whomever you are that thinks Pj shouldn't you've got it wrong my friend.

11:28 pm est 

A Vidio???
Twenty five or more years ago she was in a video, (filmed in Ptown if you didn't notice, yes that's Tony Jacket helping her onto the boat) and thats what you are trying to use to take him down? That's what you base your opinion of the man or even his wife on? This from someone in a town like Ptown where just about ANYTHING goes on, this from someone who surely did something FAR more regretable twenty years ago.

Find a new hobby.
11:26 pm est 

Family Feud

Well I guess Sharon has some time on her hands,she is now attacking her own employees. Can you say Grievances??!!!

Quite a few employees received notices stating they have abused their sick time,when in fact they havent.  She and her little crownies should REALLY check and double check their Employee Records and read the Union contract before issuing written warnings,which were to be signed by each employee. Your biting off the hand that feeds you Sharon.....GET WITH THE PROGRAM, and isnt there more vital issues in Provincetown that you should be attending to?? Like how your crownies down there at Town Hall screwed up the figures??
11:23 pm est 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Curious and Curiouser!
The Girl with a most curious hand! Odd video and odder still that it's his wife! I think they'll be partying in Washington. But we will be watching your steps Mr. Brown and those of your family.
1:01 pm est 

Scott Brown's Wife?: "Girl With the Curious Hands"

Take a look!

Be careful of what you ask for.
10:18 am est 

Quite the Family!

Now We Have Scott Brown's Wife in an EArly Questionable Video: The Girl with the Curious Hand

Squeeze that tube of sun screen, take off the top of your black bikini, and voila! We have his wife's video. Sing on family Scott. I'm sure there's much more we will learn about this Holy Family. Whoa!
10:02 am est 

Provincetown Selectmen

Tell me one selectmen that has done anything good for Provincetown in the last 12 months.   I mean, anything that has helped us all.  Not just all the talk.   Talk is cheap.  I realize they do not get paid (well $1000 a year for the hours they put in is like a 1/2 cent an hour) but they wanted to help.   Lets start holding them accountable.  OR GET REAL TALENT IN AND PAY FOR IT.  I would rather split the assistant town's managers salary among the 5 selectmen and get qualified selectmen that have 1/2 a brain then ones that have 1/4 or less of one.
10:01 am est 

Maybe Scott Brown Will Continue to Expose HImself in Washington

Will the true Scott Brown please stand up. Oh, no. Please continue to lie down. Here is Mr. Family values! Something's a miss here.
9:59 am est 

Re: PJ

An apology for what may I ask? What did I do or say that would warrant an apology? I would suggest that if you don't like people asking questions on this blog that you simply don't read it.

9:58 am est 

Health Benefits

Pam Hudson, Secretary to the Town Manager, is the Benefits Director for the town,  She has all the info on health benefits.
9:58 am est 

The Crucial Issue is Knowing This Town

Whether one is born here are arrived one day, what we value is a slectman and an official who knows this town, its past, and its traditions.

The Problem I find with too many running Provincetown is that they don't care about its history and they only know a small click. They are ignorant of key issues and yet they make decision without doing the hard work of understanding the past.

That's the tragedy of this town and its offcials.
12:02 am est 

Use of People Power

11:35 pm est 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

PJ You Have Every Right To Ask Questions

That is what many of us are doing here. We don't have all the answers and some others may. This is not a class assignment!
Keep on asking!
7:37 pm est 

Re: Scott Brown

I give Scott Brown a couple of months in office only to have him quit like that last governer from Alaska. Only this time it'll be because of a bigger scandal! From one who knows.
7:32 pm est 

Take Note!

Why would we want to get rid of all the selectman and vote new ones in? If I remember, the last election didn't even have anybody running against anyone. I don't think the town wants the state government to run our town because of a lack of candidates. That is what will happen if we can't get town people to be on the board of selectmen. So watch what you wish for unless you are willing to run.
7:31 pm est 

Hey PJ!

Now that you know the truth. How about an apology?
7:30 pm est 

It Always Seems to End With the Same Results

Every time I've voted for someone different on the BOS they turn out no better than those voted out! Look at the board now and remember when the last few boards where said to be the same! You can't always get what you want. Thank goodness we still have someone to be on these boards that are thankless volunteer positions where real decisions have to be made, unlike those just ranting and raving on a blog.
7:29 pm est 

Dog Park Activity

Nice to drive by the Dog Park on this sunny day and see the Whippits out and chasing the trucks again.  Are they our first sign of spring?
7:27 pm est 

Look to See Me No More!

As an outsider on many committees and commissions, I would happily step down from any of my boards if a "local" wanted my seat! But year in and year out these volunteer seats would remain empty if not for "outsiders". Perhaps the many locals had their heads in the sands for all those years that the town neglected everything that is failing today. And where are most of those locals now when there are numerous openings on town boards??? Oh !  That's right . they sold grandmas house and moved away with the money.
11:29 am est 

It 's Time For a \Change

Not that I wanted Scott over Martha, but the people want a change and that is what the vote said.   Lets do the same in Ptown.  Get rid of ALL the current selectmen now.  VOTE for someone different next time.
11:28 am est 


Wow, some people are a little testy! I don't believe I was "demanding" that people post the information, I was simply asking for the info if someone had it. Maybe you are one of the people being paid these benefits and are feeling a bit guilty??? Why don't you go take a walk on the beach and try to relax before you bite someone's head off. Also, thanks for the info on where to find this specific information.

11:26 am est 

Re: Benefits

PJ, why don't you go to or call town hall yourself and ask about the benefits package rather than sit at your computer and demand that someone else do the work for you? It's public record. You could probably find it on the town website if you spent five minutes looking and if not the town finance department can provide the info.
12:03 am est 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stop the Bleeding!

Great more taxes to look forward to with Ms. Lynn's plan on closing the deficit. Why aren't they looking for new sources of revenue that don't bleed us further?
8:29 pm est 

Things We Should Know

What are the benefits for a town worker? 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20, 90/10, 100%? Would someone please post the benefits package and what it costs the town for each employee? We need hard data to make decisions? What is the salary for the 10 highest employees? and their health packages??? Nice info to know and talk about.

6:39 pm est 

Re: It's One Thing Not to Have Been Born Here...

We hear this complaint all the time yet NOBODY steps up to the plate to lead. Anyone within the ranks resists the temptation to move up for fear of being a boss. All of you who think the town is being taken over by outsiders in town government positions.....IT IS BEACUSE NOBODY MAKES THE EFFORT TO KEEP IT WITHIN!! Who will be running this spring against the current selectmen that have led the town down this dark bumpy road? Who will fill the other committee positions that ARE vacant or will be? Who is willing to step up to the plate and take on jobs that open in town? Nobody local. It seems it's easier to sit back and complain. Don't like the town being taken over by outsiders? Then do something about it. You can you know!
6:37 pm est 

Is Sharon Losing it? Did Couture Get Heat Damage at the Wailing Wall?
Suggest we should have a full-time fire chief? Create a Full-time fire department when this town has had a volunteer department for years? And who, my dear two twiddle heads, will pay for this? You, Sharon, with your low tax assessments and you Michele, who never pays any real estate taxes?

You two lack any depth of thinking on this issue. Travato doesn't answer your phone and now you will hire a full time fire chief? And all the volunteers will quit? And the town will absorb this humongous bill?

Your ignorance astounds me. I hope it astounds a few others who really know this town and its fire department.
5:48 pm est 

It's One Thing Not to Have Been Born Here, It's Quite Another Not to Know the Town at All

And that is what I find. As someone mentioned, all the key positions are filled by people who were not born here but the true crime is that they do not know the town and worse: they don't care about the history or those who were key here in the past.

They rule as if life is a new slate, as if there is not important history they need to know. They are ignorant about the past and they lack any curiosity about the roots of this town. That's what makes them dangerous. Arrogance replaces understanding and ignorance rules.

You didn't have to be born here to guide this town. But you surely should respect the past and value the rich history of Provincetown. They have no inkling what it's history is, except as it allows them license to be here.
5:45 pm est 

Who to Pick on Next?

Conservation Commission meetings are open and public record. People taking issue with town boards should bring their comments to the boards, or contribute their ideas by becoming a member. Anyone attending last week's meeting would have known that the only comment Peabody made regarding David Guertin was to thank him publicly, for providing information and documents.

AECOM already has plenty of engineers involved on this project. Local engineers are obviously unhappy because they may be losing their Title V income to this sewer project.

Comments that Peabody was favored by the Commission as a past member, seem a little desperate, that was 11 years ago.  
5:43 pm est 

Cadillac Benefits?
Really? No really?

I have to say Provincetown Health care is no Cadillac, a nice Honda Civic maybe,  but definitely not a Cadillac.

Cadillac benefits would be 80 to 100% of health premiums paid PLUS at least 50% of Dental Care, Eye Care, Mental Health Care and 90% to 100% perscriptions paid for by the employer, in addition, being able to walk into any medical facility and get what you want done.

Before you trumpet that Provincetown employees have Cadillac health benefits you should do some homework on what other localities and the private sector gives their employees for health care across the country. I know, I used to have Cadillac benefits before moving here.

Cadillac benefits indeed.
12:47 pm est 

Dead Town Impression

The past two weekends have brought visitors to Provincetown. Meeting, by chance, some of them on the street was sad. They all said the same thing: "We knew it would be quiet, but the town is nearly dead." Someone said they might come down for a day if more than 3 places were open for lunch, but never in winter would they stay overnight. Very troubling.
12:46 pm est 

Current Economics

In the late 1800s, Provincetown had 7 schools and now it is down to one that should be closed. Our port was the fourth largest in the region bringing in seafood and business was booming. Now the wharf is a whale watch mecca.

Now we are a quiet tourist resort town. We are a town that sleeps in the winter except for the artists and performers and writers. Now is their time to do their work.

There are no jobs in the winter and that is why people are leaving town. There is a drug and alcohol abuse-problem on the cape and island and there is unemployment.

Provincetown is the biggest employer in Town. We taxpayers are paying the salaries and the cadillac benefits of all of the town workers, we pay $4,000,000 for the school etc. etc. That is why long term residents who have regular jobs here that aren't associated with the town will be selling their homes when they are on a fixed income.

Only a fool would look to the one bedroom affordable housing projects as the key to flooding the town with families.

One can get rich building affordable housing and renting it to the crowd of desperate people lined up at housing associations around the state and country.

Too bad $800,000 of tax payer money went to one instead of to fixing the library or renovating town hall. My kids will be paying and paying.
11:38 am est 

Closing the School?

What was the school committee meeting about yesterday? I went to vote and there was no place to park. Was it about closing the school? With teacher lay offs and with Truro and Provincetown paying a combined $8,000,000 a year to educate its students--something has to give.
9:14 am est 

Putting the Pieces Together

Cryptic statements with heads bowed from appointed officials about finances recently makes one think that something is awry. Why isn't there trust between the town and that board? New employee has uncovered something? Putting the pieces together.
9:13 am est 

Research Scientists

The research scientists who research and document the habitat and life cyle of the creatures and insects that they study are recognized experts in their field after decades of research and documentation.

Their expertise is recognized by their research and in their published work. They understand the protocols and they make the recommendations of what goes on the endangered species list.

Go out and look at an area of land and then describe which creatures (day active and noctural) live in this habitat and what plants or insects they eat and how they live there and what their life cycle is.
12:44 am est 

Re: David Guertin

Don't forget all the money Guertin is costing us too! Start with the lawsuit of $75k from a Townie who suffered significant back up of crap. And the $70K it cost to have Robert B Our hauling it out 24/7 for three days. Get rid of Guertin now.
12:42 am est 

I Can't be the Only One Who Sees This

Has it occurred to anyone else that all of our troubles might stem from the fact that not one of the Town's substantial leaders and department heads is from Provincetown? Think about it.... the Town Manager, Police Chief, School Superintendant, High School Principal, DPW Director, most of the Board of Selectmen. Could it be that a lack of local knowledge and understanding is hurting the Town? I can't be the only one who sees this.

A local taxpayer
12:41 am est 

Look Who Woke up

A slew of fire department posts and then a DPW/Guertin post. I guess Larry woke up.
12:39 am est 

Rer: Go Pick on Someone Else!!!!

What a crock! Give me something other than a history of working in the area. For that matter, why ask for an engineered plan? Why ask for something to fall back on when a plan fails. Gordon comes up with an idea and it fails. Then what? You going to sue him? Are you going to fine him? For what, coming up with a line of BS that you fell for? Get someone with credentials if you're going to use him to disgrace the DPW director or anyone else for that matter. There are plenty of people in the area that have worked in town for a lot longer than him and have much better backgrounds and references but they don't have what Gordon has, a prior membership on the conscom board. Once he's off the board, does that make Minsky a new source for remediation or does Elaine Anderson have that ability right now?

Please ....
12:37 am est 

Town Finances

Why doesnt anyone ask the Towns accountant these questions????
12:12 am est 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Re: David Guertin

What needs a face lift is the management of DPW! Why aren't they denigrating the Natural Heritage and its ruling? ConCom is right in line with the Natural Heritage. Both said DPW violated the law and endangered species.

Thank God Geurtin didn't oversee the reconstruction of town hall which is coming in underbudget and on time!

Did he pay his back car excise taxes yet? Does SL have a suggestion box outside her office?
4:42 pm est 

Yeah It's 2010..

The day has finally come for a professional fire department.
4:40 pm est 

Provincetown Fire Department

I agree the town doesnt need a fire chief who doesnt return calls, unreasonable, has a bad attitude and who is also very rude. Im a tax payer and I've had several run ins with Mr.Trovato and personally he's not professional.
1:21 pm est 

Provincetown FD
It's about time the selectman and town manager wake up and hire a professional fulltime fire chief. The town needs more then a small time appliance man masquerating as fire chief.  
1:02 pm est 


Please print my blog about Mr.Peabody,,seems like you discretionarily omit blogs..Thank you...Russell Hurwitch..
1:00 pm est 

Go Pick on Someone Else!!!!

Does the writers in here really believe that by sitting in a classroom for 120 hours and receiving a degree trumps someone who has a lifetime experience hands on protecting the Provincetown environment? I've known Gordon for almost 40 years and never met someone who has given so much to the community for so little in return..Go pick on someone else!!!!
12:57 pm est 

Re: Facts and Opinion

Provincetown ConCom has never used Safe Harbor previously.
12:50 pm est 

Re: I Keep Reading Here That the Town Manager's Budget Has Taxes Going up 9%

The town's expenses in the new budget have increased 9% which created a gap of approximately $750,000 or $600,000 after the school cte provided their budget.

Options are now to cut the budgeted expenses to eliminate the shortfall, raise fees/taxes other than property taxes, put some items up for a prop 2 1/2 override or some combination of these options.

Property taxes may not increase by more than 2 1/2% unless the voters agree to an override.

12:48 pm est 

Re: Scott Brown

Google Scott Brown. He has posed naked and hates gays. So to the poster who said we need him, no we don't. I'm not crazy about Martha but she is the better choice!
12:46 pm est 

When Will They Open Their Eyes

As I watch and listen I get more concerned about how the town and schools are being run. The town is doing more and more projects that the taxpayers can't afford.This town needs to finish one project before starting another.This ools town is a mess right now and I am embarrassed to say I live here.Instead of spending so much money on tourism,we need to fix the sewer system and repair the roads.No more sewer projets until the pipping is fix on phase 1.As for the school. How do you get rid of teachers because their are not enough students but give the secertaries a big raise.If their aren't enough students to keep teachers' then their aren't enough students to keep two full time secetaries in The supentendents office. Wouldn't you think that one position could be cut to part time? This whole town needs a face lift but does anyone have the nerve to do so? I hope the people will open their eyes.  
12:44 pm est 

Re: "Who made this decision to hire him?"
Someone who wants to do a C.Y.A. because their board didn't read the plan or do a site visit to walk through exactly the areas that were going to be impacted by construction as this very board has done for every other sewer activity. From the minutes it looks like they got distracted by issues around the bay and neglected to spend much time on Route 6. Then they cry that how to do their job was never spoon fed to them.

- not a town employee, etc.
12:41 pm est 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's Up!

Is there a department whose finances are being looked into because of missing money? Anyone know?
11:03 am est 

The Fact Are:

Natural Heritage enforces the MA Endangered Species Act.  Natural Heritage has a list of species specific, approved experts but  never recommends individual experts.

They are a different State entity from the Conservation Commission, which enforces the MA Wetlands Protection Act.

The Conservation Commission asked for a second opinion of AECOM's plans for restoration, under the Wetlands Protection Act.
10:59 am est 

We Need a Scott Brown in Ptown

Someone who can shake up the machine
10:56 am est 

$800,000 Insult
This $800,000 should have gone to town hall or the library--not to a private developer. The taxpayers pay enough. Of course town meeting votes everything--the town employees get their pay checks from the taxpayers.

We pay for everything from the xerox paper to their Golden Cadillac Benefit package. It is all paid for by the tax payers.

Something has to change.
10:55 am est 

Gordon Peabody
The conscom has used him for a lot of projects after he started up his group Safe Harbors. He has no certification to back up his plans and the conscom looks at him like he's a god. He used to be on the conscom, chair I think. This is just another bad idea by the conscom to use this guy. Without certification, how can the town rely on his "expertise"? For that matter, anyone could do what he does so long as you're friends with the conscom members. But if you have a degree or a certification or god forbid if you're an engineer, damn you!
10:54 am est 

Help Please.
I keep reading here that the town manager's budget has taxes going up 9%

so, are they planning an override?

whats the scoop?  they can't raise the tax levy more than 2.5% without an override so what are you all talking about?

i'd like to know since i am not familiar with the tm's budget.


An interested taxpayer
10:52 am est 

RE: "Who Made This Decision to Hire Him?"

Someone who wants to do a C.Y.A. because their board didn't read the plan or do a site visit to walk through exactly the areas that were going to be impacted by construction as this very board has done for every other sewer activity. From the minutes it looks like they got distracted by issues around the bay and neglected to spend much time on Route 6. Then they cry that how to do their job was never spoon fed to them.

- not a town employee, etc.
10:51 am est 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Natural Heritage
Natural Heritage has all of the sensitive areas in the state on a Map. They also have the list of renowned experts with advanced degrees in their field of study: herpetologists, ornithologists, entomologists, etc.

If an expert was needed--the town would be notified and told whom to contact. I know who is on the list and I have met them. I've not heard that Gordon Peabody is on this list. Who made this decision to hire him?
12:06 pm est 

Re:Re: Tax Increase

You're landlord is a        .  Has he also made it clear that if the tax rate were reduced you would get a decrease in your taxes?  If his taxes were to go up $60 a year, that's $5 per month increase to you.  Big Whoop.  Get over it.
12:05 pm est 

Lets write letters to the Banner regarding the CPA funds! $3Million for developers over the last 3 years..and we have a library and town hall to complete. We get $1.2...Ted Malone get $800,000 and other others a cool $1,000,000--totally wrong!
12:04 pm est 

Re: Tax Increase

My landlord has informed me that if the tax increase goes through, he will increase my rent to cover 100% of the total increase.  I can barely make it as it is.  If this happens I will have to look for rental housing in some other town.  I plead with the BOS and Town Manager to stop increasing taxes

What a GREAT IDEA ! Landlords should increase their rents to cover 100% to tax increases. This is not to penalize their renters but instead to send a clear message to those town officials that if you increase taxes - you will be angering the base that votes for you.

GREAT IDEA.  Additionally, stop looking to the second home owner to float the towns coffers.  Learn how to budget your money appropriately.
9:24 am est 

Re: David Guertin

Don't think for a moment AECOM isn't going to pass the costs of restoring the three Rte 6 staging areas on us. They'll bury it somewhere and we'll pay for David F. Guertin's violations. Anyone want to add up the cost publicly and privately to sewergate as a result of Guertin's failure to properly oversee the town's waste system?
9:23 am est 

Re: David Guertin

Slippery Guertin equivocated when all five selectmen wanted to know how much he applied for in grant monies to make the town DEP compliant. Quelle surprise, he just didn't know. Who ever applies for a grant not breaking down the monies needed? No one. He knew and didn't want to get more criticism. The BOS rightfully wanted to know the costs as it will be the Town's respondsibility ultimately grant or no grant. Duplicitious employess are terminated Ms. Lynn. He is your weakest department head and makes your job immeasurably harder. Have you looked into his shortchanging the town out of car excise tax for a decade?

As for lashing out at Dennis Minsky on this blog. Shame on you Guertin et al as you violated town by laws not him nor ConCom. Go pay your ConCom fine!
9:22 am est 

Hey Town Employees
How about clearing the ice on the sidewalk in front of town hall before someone slips and falls?  It's one of the few stretches of sidewalk on Commercial Street that is dangerous and has not been cleared of all snow and ice -- even businesses that are closed for the season have managed to make the sidewalks passable.
9:19 am est 

Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo

Natural heritage has come back with no action on the clearing of the staging sites and Minsky cries foul. What a joke! Apparently he can't make the decision to fine the town on his own, he needs guidance from someone else so he doesn't take the blame. And now who does he rely on? Gordon Peabody????? Since when is he the basis for decisions in the town? Face it you whiners, staging-gate is over and nothing should happen. MOVE ON!!
11:14 pm est 

No and No Again!

Pay for the Fourth of July Dirty Brown Smeely Stuff in the Street with Federal Funds?

It is the responsibility of Metcalf & Eddy. they had bought into a Desing, Build, Operate contract and if Guertin were not in their pocket and stuffing his own dollar bills in his pocket, this company would be handed the bill on a silver plate--much like the head of John the Baptist--and they would pay it.  

The $94,000 damage is not the town's reponsibility. This is why Guertin is such a questionable department head. The cost is not ours. The cost and damages belong to Metcalf & Eddy.

So, why David Guertin, are you not presenting Metcalf & Eddy with the bill? Can you answer this question?

I see your face turning red and you leaving the room. But answer this question.
11:13 pm est 

Frozen CPA Funds

I am also totally outraged, but how do we go about getting the $$$ back, what is the process? Who do we talk to? Let's do whatever it is right away? I understand that Malone actually doesnt have the money in his bank account and that the CPA funds are still in the CPA account, they are just spoken for? How do we gain access to them and tell Malone to go screw himself.

11:10 pm est 

Haitian Earthquake

American Red Cross is accepting donations to support relief efforts for massive Haiti quake:  (see Earthquake in Haiti link)
11:09 pm est 

Gold Plated Benefits

Provincetown is the biggest employer in town. It is time to face the economic reality in which we all live and let the employees paying into their gold plated benefits!

They have the Cadillac of benefits and we taxpayers are funding this. Look outside: this town is asleep and yet we are paying huge salaries, giving increases and paying for benefits that corporations no longer supply.

We hire someone and then they get an assistant and then their assistant gets an assistant. Where is the Finance committee?
11:07 pm est 

How Dare You Attack the Teachers in This Town

What do you know about the schools ?   Are you there ?   The Town has a great school and should acknowledge the hard work of all at them.   Just tell me how often you are at the schools with your children ?
11:06 pm est 

Soul of the Community Survey - Gallup/Knight Foundation
Interesting survey:

What makes a community a desirable place to live? What draws people to stake their future in it? Are communities with more attached residents better off?

Gallup and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation launched the Soul of the Community Study in 2008 with these questions in mind. After interviewing close to 28,000 people in 26 communities over two years, the study has found that three main qualities bind people to place: social offerings such as entertainment venues and places to meet  the top factor in 21 of 26 communities, openness to new residents(how welcoming a place is) and the areas aesthetics (its physical beauty and green spaces).

The top three qualities remained strong over two years of polling, unaffected by the national economic crisis. The levels of residents emotional attachment to their towns also remained steady.
11:05 pm est 

Very Unfair

First, would like to thank the web master for putting up my thoughts about the PBG ads.   I said my thoughts would probably get deleted, but he did put them up.  Thank you.
Too the person that said "You're Nuts, Sorry But You Are"  I am not nuts.  I would like to advertise my business here and tell you of the specials I have in my shop, but it always gets deleted.  Now I am closed and only see the ADS from the PBG, which shows the CROWNE and Anchor and what shows are playing.  Very unfair to the rest of the venues in town.    
11:02 pm est 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Re: Am I Alone in This

No, you are not alone.  I learned in the Banner that one of the reasons there is only $200K available this year is that they had to borrow last year to fund all of the requests so now we're paying interest on the amount that was put out last year.  So Malone should be required to give it back and reapply when he can move forward.  It feels to me like the town is now held hostage.  He's tied up the money successfully but is not using it.  Where is the benefit to the town?  We should either pay down the loan and or fund reqeusts that can be implemented now.
12:21 pm est 

You're Nuts, Sorry But You Are

Do you just hate PBG? These are not ads. they are announcements and I'm glad the webmaster if providing them. Nice to know of upcoming events.
12:20 pm est 

Am I Alone in This?

CPA only has $200,00 to give out for next fiscal year and they have received over $1,000,000 in grant requests. Even more reason why Malone should give his $800,000 back since he is not using it. This is so outrageous that that money is just sitting and doing nothing when there are projects that are ready to go that need those funds.
10:43 am est 

Protecting Their Jobs

Teachers and employees of Ptown High were right not to take a raise. As it is, the small amount of students and enrollment going down every year doesn't even justify them getting the pay they receive now. They were just trying to protect their jobs, nothing more.
10:42 am est 

Web Master Still Insists on His Own Agenda

Only read this from time to time now as i see the web master still insists on his own agenda.  IF enough of you were to stop posting if he continues to put the PBG ADS, yes they are ADS on here, he might realize this is a place for CONCERNED CITIZENS to speak up about our town needs, not the activities of who is open, who is playing at what venue.    I am sure this will get deleted
10:40 am est 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sorry, My Friend, if You Gave Up Something Last Year
However, you need to give up even more. Because we have been paying your salry in a time that is fisclaly tough. We are in the mdist of a recession and there is NO excess money for raise, perks, or automatic increase.

that is life in this difficult, stressful economic times. If you want any money in your paycheck. you still need to give back. The town is broke. And so are we. And we have had it.
9:02 pm est 

Dear How Soon We Forget
I do remember that the teachers did go without a raise, I thank them for that. They are probably the only people in town that deserve to not go without a raise. Teachers earn every penny they make.  I'm talking about the rest of the assistants to the assistants' assistants. It's getting pretty ridiculous the layers of town workers in this very small town. Do we really need an assistant town manager? ( I'm not talking about the person, I'm talking about the position.)

When you work for a municipality you can't expect the taxpayers to keep paying the increases for your raises, your health benefits, your paid lunch, etc... there comes a time when we have to say no more. Everyone from the top to the bottom need to go without a raise. Everyone is having a difficult time making ends meet and we all need to work together rather than against each other.
8:57 pm est 

Re: Question For Sharon

Who is this "assistant inspector" in the building Department? I am in that office several times a month and have yet to meet or even hear of this person.

A Local Contractor
3:10 pm est 

Question For Sharon Lynn

Six years ago when I bought my house in Provincetown, home constuction and renovations were at its peak.  At that time we only had a building commisioner and one building inspector.  Today with construction in town significantly reduced from what it was six years ago, why do we need to have on town payroll a building comissioner, a building inspector and an assistant inspector?  What on earth are these people doing?  Do you work for us the taxpayers or do you work for the town employees?
1:41 pm est 

So Many Towns and Cities are Giving Back

Either as furloughs or as work without salary increases. This makes sense when the economy is poor, the states are burden with fiancial costs and the federal government has huge deficits. This is good fiscal management and this little town should follow suit.
1:40 pm est 

Tax Increase
My landlord has informed me that if the tax increase goes through, he will increase my rent to cover 100% of the total increase.  I can barely make it as it is.  If this happens I will have to look for rental housing in some other town.  I plead with the BOS and Town Manager to stop increasing taxes.  You are not just getting from the second homeowners, but you are also helping to destroy the lives of the poor people who have to rent or live on fixed incomes.  These are hard times and you should not impose this burden on us.  Since the economy has slowed down you should be cutting the number of town employees as every otherr town/state/ fed. government is doing in these hard times.  Don't destroy our lives.
1:39 pm est 

How Soon We Forget...

Those on this blog who are suggesting the town employees take a pay freeze for the FY11 budget... how soon you forget that some of the town employees graciously did that voluntarily!

The school employees who were a part of the PAE elected to take a pay freeze for the current FY10 Budget. Do not look for that to happen again! Ever!

Oh...and by the way the money from that pay freeze should have some of us who live here in town set for the suggested annual $100 donation for at least the next five to ten years!

You are so welcome...

What an ungrateful lot.
1:37 pm est 

What is the Problem?

Provincetown needs to cut back on its budget, all of the businesses have, state government has, and even Truro has. What is the problem?
1:36 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

Tell those Vultures 'Flying Over the Sea to look for the car with the out of state license plates and they'll find their tax evader! Ten grand could pay for those town annual reports for the next three years wouldn't they?
1:35 pm est 

Great Idea

Every Town Employee make a $100.00 contribution into the general fund. Hey, how much money have the affordable housing developers paid to the town? They are obligated by law to do so. Are they doing this?
9:09 am est 

Dear PJ

Wouldn't that be great! I'd start to feel good about town employees and the town. Great suggestion if only one town employee took you up on this.

Scrub Oak
11:35 pm est 

Alternative Concepts

How about if each town worker says no to a raise and makes a $100.00 donation to the town general fund. That would go a long way with the taxpayers. Everyone who has a job is damn lucky to have one.

11:08 pm est 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why Does Managing This Town Seem Like an Extraordinary Challenge?
It's a small town and could be governed like you'd run a small business. But there are games within games, and they destroy the ability to just plain govern. Make policies; determine priorities; and stay within budget. What goes beyond the budget, gets rejected. This is not Microsoft we're running here.
9:25 pm est 

Vultures 'Flying Over the Sea
Looking for David Guertin. I had to laugh. I was sent a photo of six vultures flying in mid-air and the sender told me he knew they were looking for Guertin.

I think he is mroe than right. And I did enjoy the laugh.
9:24 pm est 

New Budget and Raises

Provincetown is always compared to Truro so why not try what they did last year, no raises for anyone and they all keep their jobs. Some people actually offered this in their own contracts as opposed to the town saying no raise. I don't recall anyone leaving their job over this and they didn't change their hours of work. They took it hard when times were tough. Why can't Provincetown do this?
9:23 pm est 

Re: "Whoever You Are--Shut Up"
Hard to tell who or what this poster was ranting against but suggest he/she post in the mornings when sober and perhaps invest in a spell checker so posts might be more coherent.
9:22 pm est 

Re: "Second Home Owners"

As someone in this situation the pettiness, myopia and visciousness displayed on here is a severe (if not overwhelming) deterrent to ever wanting to change to Provincetown being my primary residence and "getting involved."

When "locals" spend their richly deserved retirement visciously attacking elected officials and intelligent, thoughtful staff and rehashing decades old grudges under the guise of pseudo investigative journalism it doesn't say a lot of good things about the town. Though only a tiny minority, their rabid hatred and opposition to anything new is amplified through this forum. (I know if you don't like it don't read it but this forum is something like a bad traffic accident where you can't help slowing down and taking a glance)

Conversely, also off putting is the number of people on boards and commissions who rule over the town with an iron fist yet disappear for 4-5 months a year, perhaps once in a while popping back in for a meeting to maintain their status on their favorite board. In addition they wait months to post the results of their decisions as minutes so that the time is long past to have any impact on the subject. Important decisions are taken purposefully when the least number of people are likely to be about to object, particularly those that involve further erosion of private property rights. Basically it's "thanks for your taxes and the services they provide we couldn't afford otherwise but don't you dare try to change anything about our sacred little town."

The boards and commissions tend to attract only those with either huge self interest in that subject or myopic anti-anything new views on that board's area of review. One wonders if a better system would be to treat town boards like we do the jury system. Set aside a certain portion of board seats and randomly select residents for 2-3 year terms on them. Unlikely to ever come to fruition but it would sure make these boards more balanced.

This taxpayers impression is that overall the system is designed to make sure that long time property owners, who got to make changes to their properties well before the more recent restrictions came to be, are protected from more recent arrivals adding any value to their property that might compete with the existing owners' investments.

As has been pointed out several times on here, the entire basic governance structure of town meeting, etc. leads to a tiny tiny fraction of residents - and often those with a vested interest in the subject at hand - making the decision for the rest of the residents and thousands of second homeowners. Again, unlikely to ever change.

I too share the sentiment of wishing I could just avert my eyes and enjoy the beach and other amenities without paying attention to the making of the sausage so to speak. However, given the significant portion of my net worth - though it seems less every day in this economy - at risk in town I feel I have to stay informed and at least speak out in various ways, sometimes, as a complete chicken, anonymously on here.

Looking out over the very long term I wonder if resort towns shouldn't be thinking very creatively about how to tap the expertise of their second homeowners even if they are not full time voters. Advisory boards, remote meeting participation, second homeowner forums, etc or other creative ways to utilize this knowledge. There are some financial rock stars among the second homeowners and their expertise would be of great value. Perhaps another crazy idea; have a non-voting but otherwise fully participating seat on some critical boards that is open to property owners who are not residents.

Finally, who really wants to base themselves permanently in a town where the majority of the dialog in any given year revolves in one way or another about our poop and how we get rid of it?

Perhaps in 5-10 years when the tiny embittered group that dominates much of the dialog here is safely put away in Seashore Point or elsewhere - hopefully off Cape - the atmosphere will be more conducive to people wanting to participate and base themselves here.

All that said I do feel we are far better off, even in this horrific economy, than we have been for years as far as fiscal accounting goes. The dark and dusty corners have been examined and accounted for, for the most part, even if the results and costs aren't pretty and some long time sacred cows are being examined to see if there isn't a better way forward.

I know, this will generate the inevitable comment "if ya don't like it don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out" and I frequently consider doing just that.

- a taxpayer, not a voter

2:47 pm est 

Sharp Pencils and Erasers
    This is what we need. STart erasing. Just cut and then cut until you have a blanced budget without tax raises. Get onto a new philosophy that does not have the mantra RAISES in it. No raises for town employees and no raises for the police and no raises for administrators and no raises for taxes of residents.

    Try this for one year. We will all be breathing better.

    Less is more.
12:59 pm est 

Why do We Have to Choose?

Let's get rid of BOTH Michele and MaryJo.
Neither is without blame, and both are useless and petty.
10:52 am est 

Provincetown Theater

The Provincetown Theater Company's production of
Spirit of the Season has been rescheduled for January 9th at 7:30pm and January 10th at 5:00pm.  Please join us for these magical productions and continue the "Spirit of the Season" into the New Year.

We are also holding open auditions for our next Production FIRST DANCE and for the February and March Winter Readings.

FIRST DANCE a world premier production of Jerry Thompson's play will be performed Feb 12-15 and 19-21.

The Winter Readings are Wednesday nights at 7:30pm.

Auditions are January 9th from 10am to 1pm and January 10th from 7pm to 9pm.  Bring a resume if you have one and feel free to memorize a short piece or use the one provided to you.

For more information please call the box office at 508-487-7487. 

To view the Provincetown Theater newsletter click here: www.provincetowntheater

9:56 am est 

Provincetown Business Guild
Provincetown Business Guild
Provincetown Business Guild
Weekly Update
January 8, 2010

Our 1st Member Meeting of 2010 will be at
Napi's Restaurant on Wednesday January 20, 2010 at 6pm.
Menu and reservation information will be sent via email within the next few days but save the date!

9:53 am est 

Changed Economic World

Provincetown like other municipalities and businesses across this land are going to have to stop providing these gold plated benefits for town employees that we taxpayers are paying for.

Provincetown is the biggest employer in town--and we taxpayers are paying for all of these salaries and benefits and perks.

My job here in town offers no benefits and I have to fund my own IRA account and pay for my own health insurance.

We can pay $800,000 to subsidize a developer with this seed money--but we can't help defray the cost of the waste water treatment plant? Priorities are screwed up.
9:42 am est 

Wailing Wall

Let's Hope Couture Went to the Wailing Wall

There's much that needs repentance.
1:13 am est 

Gluten-Free Products

I'd like to thank the folks over at the Stop & Shop for adding so many gluten-free products to their merchandise.  Those of us with this allergy really appreciate it!

And to local bakers and bakeries... how about adding one gluten-free muffin or cookie or brownie to your offerings?  I think they would sell.  We've got sweet-tooths too!
12:40 am est 

A Gorgeous Day in Provincetown Today

Those summer people don't know what they are missing!

ps - a special shout out to all who came over the holidays -- it was nice to see the town so lively.

pps - To the owners of Saki - how about opening one week a month during the off-season?  We need your delicious sushi!!
12:39 am est 

Saturday, January 9, 2010

OK Can I Give You an Abacus?

The longest serving BOS member is Michele Couture. She has served for the last ten years and she has "served" interrupting--if that is a word. She is responsible for many of our projects, many decisions and she has been plain and simple, a disaster and a disappointment.

Start with her. She Chairs this unimpressive board and she is the one to blame. she is not intellectual but worse than that: she is corrupt. Look at her housing landlord. Look at her commercial landlord. HE is the same very questionable landlord. He has a history--and so does she.  Smile Michele. The camera is looking at you!
10:45 pm est 

Re: "Just Plain Tired of Annual Tax Raises"

I suspect in part you also have to look outside of Provincetown to apportion blame. With both the federal and state governments cutting back costs that used to be paid by nifty grants and local revenue sharing/etc. are now coming back to roost at the local level. This taxpayer is willing to pay what it takes to keep from gutting the town over time (and to have some semblance of an emergency reserve) but agrees there better be a pretty sharp pencil applied to the budget before going for more taxes. Let's kill half the street lights, get those nifty CFL lights in every fixture the town pays for, buy some small electric vehicles for the parking enforcers and other town employees to drive and other nitty gritty cost savings.

- a taxpayer

PS: wow, the grinch definitely decided to stay in provincetown after christmas, complaining about birthday wishes, really? are you that miserable and paranoid that you think this gesture of goodwill is an advertising ploy?
10:42 pm est 

Second Home Owners

I had dinner with two homeowners tonight. One has had property here since the 70s. They subscribe to and read the Banner. They said, 'every week it's something else, another mess.' We feel like we just want to be here in August and not deal with the incompetence of those that are running the town.' These second homeowners that follow town politics are more than disenchanted,they are looking to get less invested with Provincetown. I told them to get more involved. As second homeowners on the board of one major high season event, I begged them to retire here and get more involved with the town, even run for selectman. The only way things are going to change for the better here is to empower the second home owner with a long history with the town and get them in positions of power.
10:41 pm est 

Re: "Common Denominator"
For water and waste water funds I suspect the problems can be attributed to:
1) lack of poop, people aren't pooping enough and water usage is dropping over time.
2) red dot delays and other delays in getting people attached to the system, of course the Phase III delay ain't helping

Will be interested to see and if anyone knows, pipe up, did all the emergency costs (overtime, pumping, etc) for the July 4th situation get allocated to the waste water fund or did it come out of general fund?

As for the 15% DPW general increase, though generally supportive of the DPW I'm very curious to see what's behind that number.

-  a sewer user
10:35 pm est 

Wrong, The Chair is the Chair and it is MIchele Couture
Not MaryJo Avellar. The longest member is Michele Couture. Maryjo was a sslectmen and then she wazs not. For the last long painful ten years this awful woman, Michele Couture, has been on this board. And look at the problems and the tax raises that this town ha suffered. It is Couture and she is part of our problems. Start with this not so bright bulb. She can't even run a frog business and make money. She needs her questionable landlord to fund her enterprise. This demands examination. Where is DeNucci!
10:33 pm est 

Whoever You Are--Shut Up
I don't easily say this but you are a pain in the    . I resent your postings. anyone has a right to an opinion but you are highjacking this site. I am offended by you and I want the Webmaster to cut you off. You are a big,  fat pice of bacon and non of us need you here.

Maybe you are a friend of Guertin. I dont' know but I've had it with you and you rantings.
10:33 pm est 

Welcome Back Michele

The moment you return to Provincetown the blog takes on this nasty tone regarding
the BOS. You are despicable.
10:31 pm est 

Re: Recalls Yes

That would be Selectmen/ex-Chair Avellar, she's been there the whole time except for a few welcome and unfortunately brief breaks.

Yes it is clear she is the poison in the well. However, until we come forward with an alternative candidate where are we at? Recalls are costly to all and hard won.

The only way we had a brief respite from her in my P-town life was when she term limited out. And now she's back, meaner and more petty than ever. Just check her body language during the BOS meetings. She is so pissed that she is not the Chair that she practically sits in Michele's lap.

Step up to the plate people. I know you all hate her too, but Michele can't do it all on her own and MJ ain't going away.  

Used to serve on many boards for many years.
10:25 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

"The poor Barry story is pathetic and your effort to generate interest in this tired topic is questionable.  What are your motives?"

My motives stem from compassion. Yours? I'll bet as a police officer, you have a few...By the way, Barry's partner is undergoing back surgery this week from the way our officers treated him that night while he was walking with a cane. I am sure you don't feel sorry for him at all either. This town needs more compassion.

9:27 pm est 

So Now We See the Light

Finally, people in here are seeng the light. Its the selectmen that are at fault for this mess, not the little guys under Lynn. It's the bosses unable to take a hard line on ANYTHING whether it be employees or budgets. Taxes going up? Of course, thats because things DO cost more but that doesn't mean everyone MUST stay in their jobs. Cut the fat and become more lean. The selectmen won't push to make the cuts because some that will be cut will be friends but hey, if you can't do the job, don't apply. In this seson of elections, coming up sooner than you think, who will run for the job of selectmen and get the town on the right path? Obviously it doen't take too much time or genius to do the job. Who is willing to make the commitment once a week on Monday night? Or do we continue to b*%ch and moan for another year? I can't, I don't live in town yearround but would if I could.
8:11 pm est 

Forthcoming Town Budget

Of the 9% budget increase in the 1st round of the overall budgets, a 15% increase is being requested by DPW.  Two other major areas are the deficits in the Water and Wastewater funds. Common denominator in these three areas?
8:09 pm est 

Re: Boy You Will do Anything For Free Advertising

Every time a restaurant owner celebrates his birthday, let's use this site to pass along salutations for several days prior (to stretch the event out).  What better way to have everyone in town pass along their well wishes.  Sending greeting cards is so old fashioned and personal.  Just post an irrelevant statement here.  Not necessarily free advertising, just a way to nauseate many of the readers. While we are at it, let's start posting well wishes and condolences for all the town's business owners, officials and performers... what the heck... why not all town residents.  No one should be left out!  Special recognition should not be exclusive to Paul, let's extend this respect to everyone.
8:07 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

I agree with the post that this subject is a bore.  Until there is something new to report, save your opinion.  The poor Barry story is pathetic and your effort to generate interest in this tired topic is questionable.  What are your motives?
8:05 pm est 

Re: Recalls
If we're going to have recalls on selectmen let's start with the longest serving member - and former (thank goodness) chair - who let town infrastructure deteriorate so much that we are constantly playing catchup and let finances become a black hole that has taken years to only partially dig out from. Yes, that would be Selectmen/ex-Chair Avellar, she's been there the whole time except for a few welcome and unfortunately brief breaks. Also remember that dysfunction spills over into the public discourse on here with rabid attacks on her fellow selectmen and town employees and others. Though I doubt it will happen I hope voters remember her failed long tenure and major contribution to the on going dysfunction. And, no, I'm not a selectmen or any relation to one.
8:04 pm est 

Truth? David Geurtin?

The juxtaposition of the words is incongruous. What will our Board of Whusses do Monday night when that dreadful man goes before them? Another pass by our Chair no doubt. Anger and outrage that go nowhere from Avellar and Bedard? Another 'the trees will grow back in no time. Thank you for coming. ' BS from the former Chair of ConCom?  Keep the bar very, very low for these folks.
2:24 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

When are the unfortunate people whose houses were harmed with septic waste because of Guertin's lousy AirVac system going to be reimbursed by AECOM? When are they going to do right by those poor people?
2:21 pm est 

WasteWater Update at BOS Meeting Monday
David Guertin will have to be in town for this since he and John Goodrich are to give a report to the BOS. Will it be more bull or some truths?

They should ask more than an update. Where's the money, David? Where's Metcalf & Eddy in all this?

Where's the truth?
1:47 pm est 

Systemic Problem

The problem with the selectmen first and foremost is that they don't get along with each other. Therefore, the board is dysfunctional and competent government is compromised.
1:46 pm est 

Boy You Will do Anything For Free Advertising.....

For Paul Fanizzi I'm sure the above was meant as a joke. He does not even need to advertise as his place is packed all the time !

Thanks so much Paul for keeping your restaurant open all year round and for giving us a wonderful place to always go.

Happy Birthday
1:45 pm est 

The Purpose of Life...... a life of purpose.
1:44 pm est 

Just Plain Tired of Annual Tax Raises

    And no significant cuts in the budget. Keep in mind that the only position cut last year was Dwayne Steele's position. The only cut made. That is nonsense.

    And this year, will it only be Tony Jackett's Shellfish Committee? Will they cut his budget by $500 and then believe they have done a yeoman's job?

    We know that everything goes up. That is why you have make cuts. Yes they hurt but that if life in this recession. Look at California and look at Massachsuetts itself. Provincetown is one of the few towns believing that the go-go years are still here and everyone will continue to pay more taxes.

    We have fewer construction projects. WEhave fewer businesses. You have much overlpa in town trailers. Just reduce payroll and thus you reduce insurance and benefits.

    Why not gto back to five realk days of work with fewer people and no free lunches. What was that all about Sharon? Trying to please them, you are angering us. And we will not put up with this fiscally unsound policy. And it is ours. You own you are town manager.
1:43 pm est 

Why Don't We Tie Tax Raises to a Recall?
If our taxes do go up 9% or even 5%, then we work together to recall the selectmen. All of them who vote for this. Start with the Chair first and then each and every one of them that votes for the tax increases.

If they don't get it, then get them out.
12:29 pm est 

Re: Paul Fanizzi

Paul does an amazing thing that few business owners do in town and that is maintain, without fault, a year-round place for many of us to gather and enjoy. Kudos to him, his staff and everyone who supports his restaurant.

It's no small affair to keep your restaurant open all year, especially in the trying months of winter. Napi does it, M.Shay's does it. We should all be appreciative of these folks.

One more thing about Paul. Every time I go there he's always got a smile on his face and gives a good greeting. I know in some months he must be going nuts figuring out how to pay his bills and staff but he does it, and the stress of that never shows on him.
10:35 am est 

Re: What's Wrong With These People?

They don't have the ability to think for the long term. Everything is based on the here and now... what do I want is the mantra... It's not about what you want... Its about what the taxpayers can afford. The Selectman and Town Manager see the rich, gay taxpayers and their eyes light up. They don't stop to think about the families that have lived here for generations and what having a tax increase will do to their finances.

The town government are the ones making it difficult for families to stay in Provincetown.  They don't plan for the future and then they just keep asking for more money from the taxpayers. We all need to work together and just say NO to any more increases. Let's start sharpening the hatchett because jobs  and benefits need to be hacked.

9:28 am est 

Re: Happy Birthday Paul Fanizzi
That's not a very nice comment! He is handsome and adorable, doesn't look a day over 35... you are probably just jealous. If you can't say anything nice then keep your big mouth shut!

I love Paul!

9:26 am est 

Snow Plowing
I think I remember a budget meeting where the selectmen budgeted $50,000 for snow plowing on Rt. 6. That will be eaten up in the first storm, for that matter probably already has. No forethought whatsoever in terms of costs associated with doing this. the town NEVER should have taken the road over. BIG mistake. Wait till it needs to be resurfaced! Remember what three miles of Commercial street cost, one way/one lane wide? Try 3 miles in one direction, 4 lanes wide!!
9:25 am est 

Historic Commission Book

Funny how money disapears in this town.
When the now Foley House property building was "accidentally" knocked down about 10 yrs ago, the company that did it was fined $50,000.00 and the money was earmarked for use by the Historic commision. One of those "earmarked" uses was to research, and fund, the publishing of a new book describing all of the properties in town.
   Where is that money now? Probably used to offset a Prop 2 1/2 override, added to the General Fund, or just lost along the way. Time has a way of erasing the past, and in this town that hides a lot mischief. Let's check back and find out where that money went and get it back and use it for the purpose it was originally intended for.
9:24 am est 

Barry Scott

There comes a time when one has to ask themselves why is the town fighting so hard and spending so much money regarding the Barry Scott case if there is nothing to hide or cover-up.  Face it these issues have been happening in this town for decades.  It just took some one with the integrity and care for the community to hold accountable the officers involved.  When the cards fall, I believe that everyone will be quite surprised how many people where involved trying to ensure that the towns deceptive practices were not exposed.  Not to mention the facts of what was done to his partner who had just been released from the hospital days prior for a severe spine injury.
9:22 am est 

Re: Happy Birthday Paul Fanizzi
I'm surprised he is ONLY 40!!!!   Would have guessed much older.  Should get more rest...don't work so hard!
11:53 pm est 

What is Wrong With These People?

Town officials knew we would have to pay the state for plowing on Rte 6 starting 2010. But yet, no funds were allocated. What is wrong with these people?
11:51 pm est 

I Agree: Bank CPC Funds or Just Eliminate Them
We don't need to pay for a Housing Specialist. Tell MIchelle whatever her last name to apply for a town position and not one funded by CPA funds. This is ludicrous. She was a good assistant town manager and should have stayed or run for town manager. But we don't need here in this position. Or she can apply to Ted Malone and he can hire her. He gets most of the CPA funds even though he sits his big posterity on the funds and does nothing pragmatic with the most recent funds. I guess we just became an asset on his applicaiton for bank funds. Nothing more.
11:50 pm est 

When Historic Commission Could Have Applied For Funds, They Supported Affordable Housing

so that's that. WE gave the money away and your person on the CPC was a cheerleader for afoordable housing. Don't come looking for money for a book that costs $12,000. You aren't even a regulatory board. So what do you really do? Confuse the town when others think that Historic District Commission is the same as Historical  Commission. Change your name. Maybe you should be the Provincetown Historical Committee. that would at least help differentiate you from the regulatory board you are not.
11:48 pm est 

Just Cut the Budget--Cut, Cut, Cut

This is what must be done. Stop holding so many meetings and game playing. Smiling, nodding and then doing nothing. The answer does not lie with taxpayers. It lies with Sharon Lynn, our leader, who must now start to lead. Cut the budget. Cut positions. Cut the free lunch hour. That should help. Stop paying for the troubles of DPW with our tax monies. Let the large companies who are messing up pay. Why us? No, not this time. Sharon, stand up and do what a town manager must do.
11:46 pm est 

Friday, January 8, 2010

Historic Commission Book

Instead of the Historic commission printing a book, have them put it on line and if someone wants it they can print it at their own expense... c'mon people lets starting thinking and stop asking for$$$$$$$$$.

4:45 pm est 

This Has Gotten Out of Control

Posted about the 9% increase in proposed tax hike and have not seen it up yet.  But have seen the PBG ad up.  Just proves to me that MYPACC is posting what they want now.  I agree with most of the other posts about this issue.  This is agenda based now.  Not what MYPACC was intended back when it started.
4:44 pm est 

PBG Meeting
Provincetown Business Guild
Provincetown Business Guild
Weekly Update
January 8, 2010

Our 1st Member Meeting of 2010 will be at
Napi's Restaurant on Wednesday January 20, 2010 at 6pm.
Menu and reservation information will be sent via email within the next few days but save the date!

1:33 pm est 

Giving Life Direction

In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.
1:30 pm est 

Boy You Will do Anything For Free Advertising.....

10:33 am est 

Happy Birthday Paul Fanizzi -

You do so much for the town and provide a lovely YEAR ROUND open EVERY DAY restaurant for us all to enjoy.  Thanks so much for being such a wonderful part of Provincetown and what a joy it is for us to know we always have a place to go.  Enjoy !
10:31 am est 

CPA Applications Exceed Available Grant Money
It is time to either bank the funds or REPEAL the ACT.

1. Approximately $200K available in FY 2011
  @ 10% divided by 3 entities = $20K each
  Remaining 70% = $140K

2. The 4.7 acres for Open Space should apply to the Land Bank Fund

3. 90 Shankpainter Rd. wants geothermal heating & cooling.
What a joke. They got the land for ONE DOLLAR from the Town (not CPA funds) and haven't even poured a foundation.

4.The Library wants $400K and deserves in my opinion the existing 70% ($140K) but what good will it do now.
It was a shame that they withdrew their request last year
in order to help fund Town Hall renovations. Give them the 70% and bank it this year.

5. Why do we need a housing specialist on salary with benefits for just under $61K ? Between the construction
delays with 90 Shankpainter and both of Malone's projects
approved last year under the CPA for close to a Million $,
what is she doing? If anything at this time it is a very, very part time position which does not include benefits.

6. The Historic Commission wants $12,500 to print a book.
It would be interesting to have this information on the historic buildings but this is not the time. Perhaps they
can get a grant from the Commonwealth or National
Historic Societies or have some fund raisers.

7. It is time to bank the monies this year and add the FY 2012 funds to the CPA accounts. Or is it time to REPEAL
the whole deal at the Annual Town Meeting 2010?
9:10 am est 

Re: Muni Inflation

I think that raising the budget a full 9% is outrageous in this time of fiscal uncertainty. Let's start cutting back on services, benefits for workers, salaries, and let just stop the nonsense.

9:07 am est 

More on Muni Inflation

While the final data for 2009 is not in the data that is in, Q3 2009 MA DOR muni price deflator is almost exactly equal to the Q4 2008 number implying zero muni inflation for 2009 versus about 5.4% for total 2008. So, a 9% budget increase is a real full 9% increase versus prior years where you'd have to subtract off the muni inflation rate to get the real increase in spending. I suspect but don't know that the reason for no muni inflation rate for 2009 is due primarily to falling energy costs which are on the way to reversing in an upward direction for at least fuel though electricity costs are falling. Again, remain curious to see how the town got to 9% in this environment and with purported energy savings in new town hall and other municipal buildings.

Interesting article in a major national magazine about the coming revolt amongs taxpayers against public sector employees who see themselves as insulated against the downturn. Basic thesis is that taxpayers who are losing jobs/hours/wages/benefits are not going to put up much longer with extremely generous health, pay and retirement packages for all levels of government employees. The iron grip of public sector unions is going to get a severe test in the coming years as some municipalities across the country face bankruptcy when squeezed between unwilling taxpayers and unyielding unions.

Some of this resentment is regularly manifested here.

- not a town employee just a taxpayer.
11:26 pm est 

Re: David Guertin


Once again, thanks SO much for all your help in driving up the expenses of this project
11:14 pm est 

Did You Hear the Rumors.....

Outer Cape Health is renting space at Seashore Point for a dental clinic??? is this true?
11:11 pm est 

Maybe the Question is:
Why Do we Have To ask Questions About Whoever is Building Commissioner?

Does the role play the person? Does it not matter who or whom takes this position, they will be dertermined by the hidden benefits of the position? Or can a few good people change this? I can only hope that there are some people who know the law, respect the law and are not out to get the most from whomever.

That would be so refreshing. I can only hope it's not pure fantasy.
11:10 pm est 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fixed Income

As someone who depends on social security as my only income, I hope the town realises that people who are on a fixed income, did not get a cost of living increase this year. If the federal government can hold back on pay increases why can't the town do the same in these hard times?
10:01 pm est 

MacMillan Pier

The 'Economic Engine' also known as MacMillan Pier lost money the last two years. That's why it's not posted. I have information about those unpublished numbers and will post them soon.
9:53 pm est 

Raising Taxes

The answer is simple. to this 9% problem. Either lay off 9% of the town employees, or have them agree to a wage decrease. Very simple!!  Everyone else is tightening their belts, including the state government, it is time for our town to follow suit.
9:52 pm est 

Those Ringing Bells Are Great

Yes, Paul Fanizzi. You are a unsung hero. You do so much for so many people in Provincetown, yet take little credit.

Happy, Happy Birthday and we celebrate your birthday. We celebrate you!
9:49 pm est 

Re: Band of Idiots
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
I thought I was the only one           that we've been railroaded by a few into an additional $24,000 to dispose of the old pier due to the relocation of the staging area to the DPW site. Which in turn pushes back the beginning of the project until this is complete. Plus the fact that the staging area is now further away, and the trucks will have to stop for the traffic signals at Conwell St. instead of just crossing over the median. Again more delays and more costs. Once again, thanks SO much for all your help in driving up the expenses of this project.
9:48 pm est 

Re: "P'town Sends Historic Invitation to Obama"

I wish the Monument and the Town the best of luck in making this happen. However, I hope someone is also thinking budget on this one if Obama were to say yes. A presidential visit is one of the highest levels of domestic security event and can entail mucho dollars of extra expense as well as virtually shut down the town/region while in progress. Of course, were the Obama's vacationing on the Vineyard anyway and he hopped over in Marine One for a short visit it might be a lot cheaper....

RE budget: While normally supportive of doing what it takes to keep the town operating in tough times this taxpayer is going to be very very curious on how, in a literally deflationary environment, a 9% increase in budget is warranted. Given the very low level of inflation the real increase is far higher than in past years. Very curious to see energy, healthcare and benefits cost projections.
1:59 pm est 

I Still Don't Know How the Public Pier Corporation
To the poster who posted the above,

With yet another round of reduction in services and increased taxes, you might be interested to know the last time the secretive Pier Corp. made their financials public was March 10 2008! The Pier Corp. refuses to release their FY June 2008 and FY June 2009 financials!

I respectfully disagree with Selectman Couture's statement " we've come a long way from three years ago implementing sound fiscal practices."

'Sound fiscal practices' is an elusive concept for the Selectmen when it comes to proper oversight of the Pier Corp. They have all but ignored the recommenations of the Finance Committee which include having the Pier Corp. migrate to the munis system and fiscal transparency. Taxpayers have no idea how the revenue over the last two years has been spent. Revenues that most likely exceed $1,200,000.
1:54 pm est 

There is Only One Success

To be able to spend your life in your own way.
1:03 pm est 

Cost Cutting

Does anyone know what the Building Inspector does ?   Seems like construction is way down and we have a Commissioner.    It's an odd time to have both positions filled.  
12:40 pm est 

The Banner

Has anybody else noticed how the editorials in the Banner sound so much like the previous owner? Admittedly, they are hard to read and mostly pointless. But it seems strange that the new owners would allow the previous owner to write unsigned editorials. Or maybe they don't know.
12:39 pm est 

Raise Taxes Again?

Lynn  wrote in her budget statement to selectmen.

"The forthright answer is that it will no longer be possible to deliver a high quality level of service to the citizens of Provincetown without increasing taxes to provide a sufficient level of productivity to the community. Local residents need to be willing to pay for services they have been accustomed to or else adjust to those services being reduced or even eliminated"
Are you joking?  Someone please tell me what "high quality level of services" I get for my taxes?  Yes, my trash and recycling is picked up weekly, the streets are plowed, there are police officers, teachers and town workers - but where is this high quality stuff?  

This is the problem - the town finagles crazy deals that we pay for in the end.  At the time of our taxes we pay money into Community Preservation.  A private developer gets $800K, that could have gone to the library or town hall renovations.  $250K went to pay for someone's front yard as a garden for which the town is now responsible for maintaining (line item added to the budget).  I still don't know how the Public Pier Corporation works and why it isn't helping to defer our taxes because it should be  a source of revenue for the town - but it's another financial liability.  I don't know who is more inept - the TM, the BOS or the voters - but these increases need to STOP!  
12:38 pm est 

Baby Face Fanizzi Turns 40

Happy Birthday Paul. You are such a great guy and you do so much for the town. Yes, always quietly and unassumingly, but you care and you give.

So Happy, Happy Birthday from many friends who think you are the greatest.
9:15 am est 

Guertin is Now a Liability
He is a problem for the town. He is a cheerleader for the wrong side. He is like a traitor who cheerleads for your enemy.

Guertin is a man without a country. There will be no tears when he leaves.
9:14 am est 

Town Residents Have Spoken Loudly
They do not want any clear cutting or destruction to the land, habit or environment of Route 6. They want this green corridor preserved as the land it is. No apologies. No justification. No lengthy diatribe.

They want Route 6 to be natural, green and untouched.
9:13 am est 

Hmm, so Far State Agency Agrees

"The first of two state agencies asked to assess any potential environmental damage caused by clear cutting three construction staging areas along Route 6 for the sewer expansion project has found no adverse affects on the fragile resource area."

Let's see what DEP and Cape Cod Commission has to say. Prediction only; "tempest in a teapot over NOTHING."

- NOT, ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT, a town employee, relation or sleeping with one.
9:12 am est 

So the Banner Reports: Taxes Must Go Up

Here is Sharon and she insists: taxes must go up. The budget for the next FY is 9% higher.

Cut the work force, sharon. Cut services.  If that is what we need for a balanced budget. No more overrides.

Cut, cut, cut. The rest of the world is doing this. Life has changed. Money is tighter and YOU need to control cost. For those costs that increase each year, then cut personnel. Tough, yes. But do this. Every dam year, you play the same game. Cut. Cut. Cut. and Finally we will believe that you have done evreything. Now you whine and put the onus on us. NO. NO. NO.
9:11 am est 

Why Isn't Guertin Paying For the Services of Gordon Peabody

One person who will be weighing in is Gordon Peabody, an environmentalist at Safe Harbor, who has been retained by ConCom to analyze the dirt fill that was used in the three staging areas to level the areas. Peabody will also be assessment any potential damage done to the wetlands buffer zones in two of the three sites as well as a review of the mitigation plan proposed by AECOM.

Peabody will finish his report in time for  the Jan. 12 ConCom meeting, where that board will decide whether to levy fines against the town, as owner of the property, for possible damage to the fragile resource areas.

The town is waiting for a report from the Cape Cod Commission on whether the staging areas deviated from a previously approved plan to lay sewer pipe from the far east end of town to connect with the existing sewer system. The clear cutting is also under review by the state department of environmental protection.
9:10 am est 

Sharon, When Are You Going to Fire David Guertin:

However, the report, issued by the Natural Heritage &
Endangered Species Program (NHESP) of the state Division of Fisheries & Wildlife also stated that the unauthorized work adversely impacted the habitat of at least four state-listed endangered species, including the Eastern box turtle and the Eastern spadefoot toad.

David Guertin, department of public works director, who along with sewer contractor AECOM made the decision to bulldoze the three lay down areas without, according to Minsky, informing ConCom, wouldn't comment on the report.
9:08 am est 

OMG Choke on This One P-town
Starting Jan 1, the Town has to pay the state for plowing Route 6. And DPW does not know how much it will cost. Per Banner. Is this in anyone's budget?  
9:06 am est 

Never Seen Such a Band of Idiots!!
So they cleared the land for staging areas. Then the people complained and the selectmen decided to abandon the areas and return them back to what they were. Now it has snowed on the areas and the ground is frozen. No more clean up and revegitating till spring. So now NOBODY gets to use the areas and they could have been used to make some real progress on Phase 3 but NOOOOOOO, the idiots win and everyone loses. Great thinking!
9:05 am est 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Re No David
Oh, and no that median post wasn't from a town employee or any relation either just a sensible private taxpayer. You keep wishing Guertin were on here and responding but I bet he has more important things to be doing like helping keep the town running and doesn't waste his time on here like we do (and yes I include me in that).
7:51 pm est 

Re: "So, in summary, get over it."

NO, David we are not going to 'get over it.' We are sick and tired of you and your above the law approach on a local and state level. You have lied to us and betrayed our trust one too many times and there is a movement afoot to get rid of you. You are arrogant SOB and we are done with you. Be gone!
6:36 pm est 

Re: Trashing Our Mary Jo

The posts pointing out the long time failings of selectman Avellar as well as the joy of not having to see her husbands sick jihad on here do not come from a town employee or any relation to one.
6:35 pm est 

Median Strip Logic

For those who are ready to chain themselves to a pine tree to protect their sacred median strip try this logic on for size:

1) You believe the current composition of vegetation on the median strip is sacred.
2) The median strip was already used in Phase I of the sewer system, specific trees were marked for preservation and remainder was replanted after clearing/excavation/construction/remediation.
3) If you are happy with today's median strip you should be happy with the post Phase III median strip in a few years because it will be exactly the same process as Phase I.

So, in summary, get over it.
3:43 pm est 

Awful Posts These Days
Today the post have been so full of vitriol that I just can't stand it anymore.  Even my kitty has noticed these terrible emotions when I read postings that convey such bad manners.  Although, I must confess that when I was a youngster I would also enjoy insulting others but my kitty has taught me be do otherwise.  I think cats are the most considerate of creatures and if they could they would never post such mean-spirited words about fellow kittens.  Dogs on the other hand have a slight mean streak to them.  Once a store clerck tried to spritz some purfume on a neighbors dog and he bit her in the ankle.  The perfume was nice but so many people are so alergic to perfume that I don't know what we should do about it.  I have a friend who invited me next week to pick up wood at the route 6 Clearcutting area. Does anyone know if it is seasoned wood.  Does it burn well?
I think we're going on Friday because that's my day off. This afternoon I'm having my nails done.  I just love having my nails done, it excites me.  
3:42 pm est 

Who's Zooming Whom

Why is a certain DPW dierctor trashing our Mary Jo?  Maybe Turner and Ferris are posting too?
3:40 pm est 

To: Webmaster

We all wait for your article on our failed septic system!
3:39 pm est 

To LOL...
You may "always get a kick out of reading this blog" but you are the very "loser" you talk about posting. How ironic that you speak against hatred and then call people idiots. I think its you that "NEEDS TO GET A LIFE", you that "needs to put away the bottles and drugs" and you that "needs to seek the truth and facts."

AND you added "Smarter than you!"  Lord help us. I feel sorry for you.
3:38 pm est 

What We See Here is the Sausage Making
Usually it's done in the dark. Usually it's done backstage. This blog is not liked by some because it helps reveal the dirty work that happens behind closed doors. Sometimes it reveals the darkness in some people's minds.
11:48 am est 

Well, We See the Real Self of the PBG Venter Revealed
Some are surely full of venom. Thanks for not generally posting these awful responses Webmaster. I'm glad I don't see a lot of what you have to delete. There's much nastiness that you protect us from. Yikes!
11:47 am est 

Route 6 Phase III Sewer Project

It's a meridian strip - who cares - oh you do.   Wow !
11:35 am est 

Re: Postings

Geeez, I hate to say it but I almost want our intrepid scandal monger back from vacation. Reading gripes about PBG postings is BORING. Sad that this blog really is the outlet for one aggrieved former town employee and without him it is more sane but definitely more boring.

PS: There was a public hearing about Phase III, several of them in fact, held in August. You can look up the minutes. That's when the selectmen were shown a plan including work in the median strip, just like ConComm. You had your chance to protest then.
11:33 am est 

Global Warming
Look at the country's temparatures - look at the snow.
Someone's done a great sell job on this one. I believe we are having one of the coldest winters on record.

Keep driving those Priuses !
11:31 am est 

Re: Get Over Yourselves

"And shut the      up." 

This trash talk is now typical of this blog. This blog is trash as well. This is my last post and last time coming here.
Alcohol-addled, right wing leaning webmaster is a ass as well as most of the fucken gay nazi's who post here.

Webmaster Comment:

This comment is posted only to highlight the level of erudition and sobriety of some posters. It is an example of what is not welcomed and normally omitted.

Good manners would normally dictate concluding with a salutary "thank you" but in this instance you will hopefully understand its omission.
11:29 am est 

By the Seat of the Pants

Until we get highly competent people to run for selectmen, we will continue to have a seat of the pants government perpetually immersed in a style of crisis management.
11:02 am est 

Welcome Back Mr. Guertin
Now do you have answers for us? Now will you address the failure of this vacuum system? Now will will speak to your too close alliance with AECOM and your conflict of interest with AIRVAC?

We have been waiting for you. Welcome back. Time to address the issues. The holidays are---over.
11:01 am est 


I always get a kick out of reading this blog because of the complete losers that post here daily.  If you spent more time worrying about your business and Truth and Facts then you wouldn't have any time to put forth such hatred.  It's amazing.  Get out from behind your bottles and drugs and GET A LIFE!

Smarter than you!

P.S.  the hosts of this blogs are also complete idiots!  Ever go to town meeting and listen to them ad nauseum?  One speaks and the other repeats.  ENOUGH already.  Nobody cares what you have to say...  (Wonder if this post will appear)
11:00 am est 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some Goodbyes Are Refreshing
So sorry to see you go. But alas parting is such sweet sorry. If only you would leave....
10:07 pm est 

The Issue About the Median Strip is Actually Simple
Not so many years ago, when the town wished to change the use of any town-owned  property, the Board of Selectmen at least  showed enough courtesy to the residents to call for a PUBLIC HEARING.

So, people..... Demand that the current Board of Selectmen hold a PUBLIC HEARING.

Hopefully, when they choose a date, someone will post it on SHOUT OUT.  Because you should.
10:06 pm est 

So Who Will Get Raises in This FY Budget?

I assume the automatic raises for Sharon and some of her administrators. And then town employees, some key ones, will also get raises. Isn't it time to put a halt to raises for a year? And will the police also want their raises. And then the teachers of course. And then the principal and heads of departments.

There we go again!
3:07 pm est 

Marc Jacobs Gets Married Again in St. Barts
Didn't the marriage in Provincetown this August count? How many times does a guy have to get married to be married? Just asking.
3:05 pm est 

Seems Phase Three Requires Clear Cutting in the Median Strip as Designed

What will Conservation Committee do about this? What about GrandMa who once was Chair on this committee and fiercely punished anyone who cut down a bush. Will The selectmen simply let it happen and wait for the town to be in an uproar before it can be stopped? Do we need a hundred scrub pines and oaks cut before something is done?

Phase Three is set to move and the trees in the median deserve attention. Isn't this the green corridor and not a green corridor with cement in the middle strip?
2:54 pm est 

David Guertin

Will Sharon confront Guertin with any of  the issues that have been brought out
on this blog?

I wonder?
2:52 pm est 

Finally Lights On in the Trailers

Some people I know have stop by three times to get services and licenses. Every time the trailer doors were closed shut. They went Monday. Closed. They went Friday. Obviously forgot: closed. They went alst Monday. Closed.

Well, three days of work this week. Keep the lights on!
2:15 pm est 

Get Over Yourselves

And shut the      up.

The simple fact of the matter is that this is a blog and the webmaster of the blog can POST WHATEVER HEEEEEEEEE WANTS becuase its HIIIIISSSS blog!

As some of you in this town always throw in peoples freedom of speech, freedom of that he has the freedom to post whatever he wants...get it?

If you dont like what he posts then go start YOUR OWN damn blog.

This blog would probably be better off without you anyway.

Besides you are starting to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher ....BLAH BLAH BLAH.
2:14 pm est 

The Grape Vine

Did I hear the PBG postings are a red herring with car excise tax evader David Guertin behind them? Nothing he does should surprise us after all these unsavory things revealed about him here.
2:11 pm est 

Bye Bye Bye

The ads from pbg are self serving. I am never reading mypacc again.   Bye bye bye.  This site is not providing the service it was intended too.   Some will thank me for leavibg.  The web master has done this site a true sham.    Wish I could use a word but it will be deleted.  Maybe this won't get put up.  Coma
2:09 pm est 

David Guertin

Did David Guertin show up at work today. What about his license plate?
Keep an eye out for any changes?
12:45 pm est 


What's the PBG's agenda posting their clients on this site?
My guess: making them more viable now that their clients can jump over to the VSB's website and get the word out gratis!
12:43 pm est 

The PBG Announcements Are a Non-Issue

You are using this as a distraction. Maybe it's David Guertin's way of changing the subject. But enough of this. Go hit your head against another wall. You have no point but I do believe your sick goal is to change the subject.
12:41 pm est 

My PACC Web Site!
Our goal is to educate, promote and encourage
citizen participation in town government. Your
support is critical to this effort. Together we can
all make a difference.


Ads from the PBG or any other organization are not part of town government.  

Mary Jo, what is your thoughts on this?   Are you back from your trip?  
10:34 am est 

Who on This Planet Doesn't Have an Agenda?

Every living being does, including you and the webmaster!

I truly appreciate the webmaster's dedication to the site
no  matter as his 'agenda' includes this forum for public debate!
10:33 am est 

What's His Agenda?
If the web master wants people to get involved, then he should stick to why he started mypacc.
Yes, he can post whatever the hell he wants for event listings/etc. but I for one think he like many other people in this town has his own agenda.   It is not that my feelings are hurt.   He has been asked a few times to respond to why he allows ADS from what looks more like the crowne and anchor (from the PBG) and he has not responded.   He is acting like our BOS now.  Again, SHAME SHAME SHAME.  
A kind response as to WHY he does it or his thought process would be appreciated.  After all, he has a duty to his readers and if he decides NOT to tell us his reasons, only shows me that his agenda is more important than any one of ours.
8:50 am est 

Half Sale or Half a Brain

Get over yourself. Nag, nag, nag.
11:14 pm est 

Re: Re: Dirty Laundry

"If the dirty laundromat is such a concern of yours then do your laundry at home.

Spin Dry"


How mean and insensitive can we be? Do you really think that if a person had laundry at home s/he would be going to the the laundromat?

The truth be known, people who live in places without laundry in this Town are in market rate low end housing. Not on the public dole. Probably do not even have a car. So it is a real pain in the butt to go to the laundromat, especially in this vicious weather.

11:13 pm est 

re: Postings

I am having a yard sale this week-end, will you post it?  I have items on Craig's List. Will you post them?
11:10 pm est 

BOS Meetings
The three upcoming meetings are scheduled for budget discussions.  Happens every year except this year is the first in many that they are scheduled within the time frame of the charter.

The subject 'other' has to be added in case anyone wants to discuss any other issue facing the town.  If 'other' had not been posted, they can only speak about the budget due to the open meeting laws.

Look at almost any other board or committee's posted meetings.  In their agendas you will almost always find 'Other issues that may come before this board'.  Otherwise, any other issues are off limits.

Do something constructive instead of just trashing.  Better yet, join a committee.  At least then you'd have a basic understanding of agenda listings.
11:10 pm est 

Re: Postings

Since this web site is free of charge and exists through the efforts of the webmaster I think he can post whatever the hell he wants for event listings/etc. without regard to fairness or your hurt feelings.
11:08 pm est 

Monday, January 4, 2010

Re: Wow! Greg Abate
You wouldn't have known Greg would be playing in town had it not been posted on this blog?  So you read this blog, but not the Banner. Give me a break.

I'd be okay with charity/fundraising events being posted, but when you start posting club dates, I have a problem with it (yeah I know, don't read them).  Since every event in town is not posted, who decides what events are posted?   The webmaster?  Posted by choice of music?  Venue?  Are you being paid to post them?  If so then there is censorship happening and I have always felt that censorship was against this blogs policy.

My store is having a 50% off sale through February.  Will you post it if I send you the information?
7:56 pm est 

Seems It's Like "Other" for Any Critical Issue the Town Faces Until March

What are the BOS discussing? Yes, the budget but then in that vacuous category lies "other". You'd think there would be clear objectives and issue other than "other".

But it seems that is the BOS focus: Other.

Let's hope for better than this in the new year.
7:54 pm est 

Re: Dirty Laundry

If the dirty laundromat is such a concern of yours then do your laundry at home.

Spin Dry
7:53 pm est 

Wow! Greg Abate
Thanks for letting me that he will be playing with Bart Weisman. Great news and I'll be there. But without this notice, I would not have known about this great jazz player coming to town. Better than Santa.
4:40 pm est 

Where to Look

If we want to know what s going on in town,E-happenings (chamber) and myptown is the site! Not the PB6. The PbG site is static changing infrequently.
4:02 pm est 

Re: Police Brutality & Barry Scott
I'm a business owner in town as well, not that it makes any difference in this topic.  This is a dead issue and until Barry Scott takes further legal action, drop it.  If your point is to stir the kettle with your corruption accusations, move on!  You have nothing new to add to this subject and the rehashing of the Cape's "judicial corruption" and poor Barry Scott make you look embarrassingly lame.  Blog when you have something new (and truthful) to report.  There is nothing "refreshing" about your posts!
2:57 pm est 

Re: Police Brutality & Barry Scott

As a business owner, I don't believe this is 'fake.' This guy was wronged by our police and he has the guts to fight it and the resulting judicial corruption he encountered--which we all know occurs here on the Cape. As much as I hate to hear about him, it is refreshing that someone has the guts to do the right thing against long odds in this town.
1:43 pm est 

PBG Announcements

At least the PBG postings are true and accurate unlike 90% of the rest of the diatribes that are posted on here.

It is actually refreshing to see something done that is trying to promote positively...key word being postive...the town and what it has to offer rather than the same negative crap from the same half a dozen unhappy, miserable people who normally post here.

Hey question for you? Did the three ghosts visit all of you Scrooges Christmas Eve.
1:42 pm est 

"Cape's Billion Dollar Waste Water Treatment Problem" Cape Cod Times Jan 3, 2010

"The biggest culprit is septic systems, the most common Cape method to get rid of wastewater. Even those that meet up-to-date state Title 5 standards remove bacteria and other disease-causing organisms but leave the nitrogen to leach into bays and ponds through the groundwater."

"For Cape towns, it will be the most expensive municipal undertaking ever  estimated at $3 billion to $8 billion Capewide. Some towns will spend hundreds of millions of dollars."

"There is one other possible means of enforcement and it carries the threat of even more cost.

The Conservation Law Foundation, a national environmental group that sued to force the $4 billion cleanup of Boston Harbor, recently raised the specter of a similar suit here."


But, here in Provincetown we already have a working sewer system that is (as of Jan 1) has a track record of 99.2178% reliability since inception and 100% reliable operation since the valve pit crack was found and fixed. We only have incremental expansion and improvement expenses.

Glad my place is in Provincetown that had the foresight to get years ahead of this issue and to put it in place with a structure not subject to nepotistic employment practices. Thanks Town Government and everyone who was smart enough to build our system and works hard to maintain the system.

Now, let's get Phase III done for an even better system and work to get the red dot delays hooked up.
1:40 pm est 

Hear Hear For Anna Mahl!

I agree that this fine woman would make a great selectman... my "dream team" would be her, that intelligent Katya Bushe-Goode, and Anna Lee-Cage. Speaking of which, I have not seen her postings here lately... maybe someone should go check on Anna Lee-Cage...

I love all the free firewood out on Rt. 6, I must say. I am on a fixed income and it really helps me out this cold winter. Maybe the town could clear more of the overgrowth and give more firewood to our senior citizens.

keep posting, everyone, you are my connection to the world as no one has come to shovel me out, yet...

-Sayhida J'ome-Looyee
1:38 pm est 

Will the BOS Take up Any Other Issue Than the Budget?
Let's hope it's not the same old same old. The selectmen spend months looking over the budget, months discussing the budget and yet cut very little. Every year the same old uninspired approach. How many years has Couture been on this board? Almost ten. Ten too many.

We need a more modern approach to fiscal thinking. We need thinking and Couture is not up to this work.

At the end, most fiscal difficulties will be "resolved" with overrides. That is the Michele Couture approach and it is wrong for this town.

Of course she got $10,000 from the VSB for her beloved drapes for town hall so she and Sharon can dance the grand Versaille-like dance at the great, history-making costume ball.

Let's hope they start focusing on the real problems facing this town and come up with more inspired solutions than a costume ball. We've got serious problems and fiscal problems that deserve a better, more productive approach.
1:36 pm est 

Provincetown Art Association and Museum Presents....
Saturday February 13, 2:00pm
 Free Concert (with $7.00 paid general admission to the museum)
Provincetown Art Association and Museum Presents....
460 Commercial Street, Provincetown
(508) 487-1750,

5th Season of Winter Jazz with Bart Weisman
Sponsored by Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank

Featuring Greg Abate on Sax

With Paul Nagel (piano), Todd Baker (bass) and Bart Weisman (drums)
1:34 pm est 

Clear Thinking?

Read the mission statement of What does Suade's for profit singing singing have to do with any part of this blog.

PBG director, you are shameless!
Will we see the Chamber's postings? I doubt it!
7:52 am est 

I See the PBG as Announcements, not ADs

Ads are what they [pay] you to place somewhere. I see the PBG events as information. Does someone have a problem with PBG? You shouldn't. They do some good work.

Your postings are not ads. They are postings. Clear thinking would be a help here.
11:52 pm est 

Re: Police Brutality

Here he goes again making up fake interest in the Barry Scott case.  Martha Coakley has not mentioned this topic and it has not had an impact on her campaign.  Barry Scott has not been given a public forum to drag up this tired issue and this blog is the only place (other than Barry's own) that this topic is brought up.  Let it go!  You are not a credible source and your manipulation of the truth is very transparent.
11:11 pm est 

Barry Scott

I always thought that anyone who played The Osmonds on his radio show couldn't be bad! I am listening now!
11:09 pm est 

Mr. Web Master

Why are you avoiding the question about the PBG ads and if that goes against the reason MYPACC was started?  Your beginning to show us your only interested in what interests you............. Shame on you.
11:08 pm est 

Well, NO, I've Noticed an Absence Since the Couture Has Been in Israel

And I think she was offered a position with the settlement housing group given her overwhelming support for Ted Malone's anywhere anytime affordable housing mega projects. They see Michele (her mother should have been a better speller) as an invaluable asset given her forward thinking on bringing in outsiders to live in this town. The growing settlement developments on Palestinian land is a perfect opportunity for Couture to bring her insight to these developments.

Stay long there Michele. They can use your astute perspectives and intellectual positions for increased housing where there is open land. Who better than this woman!
11:07 pm est 

You're Right! Tuesday Will Be Snow Day
So maybe we'll see some trailer staff on Wednesday. Holidays celebrated on off-days makes sooooo much sense. Who's counting in real time? Half days when the days are really three-fifths days and a eight hour holiday that is taken for a nine hour day with paid lunches added in makes the math in this town quite complicated. But we have our mathetical genius counting the actual hours.

Fear not. Everything is well in town trailers.
11:06 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

Guertin, what is going to be investigated is you by the sound of it here! Can't wait for the AECOM report!
11:05 pm est 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Re: Annie Mahl

Annie, you should run for the Board of Selectman.  We need more people like you!
7:19 pm est 

Re: Police Brutality

I heard the Senate candidates talking about Provincetown in reference to police brutality. I guess Martha Coakley got caught up in some of the police misteps a few years back. DJ Barry Scott was mentioned. He's been a guest lately on a few of those shows. I got to say, he sure sounds convincing. This is a very energetic, intelligent guy. Did we misunderestimate the importance of his case when our town chose to prosecute him for speaking in a backyard here?
I have heard it from quite a few people who no longer come to visit. He's had quite an impact.
7:18 pm est 

David Guertin
Has anyone else noticed the lack of 'investigative journalism' this week since one of our esteemed selectmen and her husband have been on vacation?
7:16 pm est 


Not only is the laundromat in P'town one of the dirtiest with machines that have been out of order for over a month but this is the second snow storm it's been closed.But they managed to make sure the liquor store was open. Just amazing.
5:20 pm est 

Town Hall Closing and Rt. 6 Clearcutting

We need to give all town employees Monday' off because they work so hard.  Has anyone gone to town hall and seen how difficult a job they have and at such low pay.  Heaven forbid we should find ourselves in such dire situation.  I hear that the pay is so low that they have been going to collect the cut trees from Rt. 6 to burn the wood just to keep warm.  Does anyone know if this is true.  Well in any case I'm all in favor of clearcutting on Rt. 6 as it will help with visibility.  My eyes are not getting any better these days.  Now lets get back to the time off for town employees.  Who on earth would not want to have more days off.  It helps morale and possibly avoids winter depression.
My cousin has been suffering from a deep depression every winter and I keep telling her that she is working too much.
So she took the day off to go collect wood from Rt. 6 and she is feeling so much better.  Her medication is also helping.

Annie Mahl
5:19 pm est 

Time Off
No...  Monday is a holiday for Town Hall because New Years fell on Friday...  So.... what will be next.  Monday is a snow day, so they'll have to take off Tuesday to make up for Monday!  Give us a break already......
5:17 pm est 

Re: AECOM & Guertin

We are all looking forward to the webmaster, who has an engineering background, to post his report on AECOM.

Has the Commonwealth of Massachusetts been informed of Guertin's perceived conflict of interest writing articles of propaganda for AECOM in industry magazines? Because Guertin has not properly overseen Town interests, he is clearly a turncoat and should just leave town and work for AECOM.
2:56 pm est 

Re: Library

Anyone know if library will reopen 2day
1:04 pm est 

Is Phase Three Still Going to be Created Withing the Median Strip of Route 6?

Has this changed? The engineering group said that they were going to be clear cutting the median strip from Howland to Shankpainter. Where there are large trees that stop their equipment from going through, they are going to clear cut these areas.

Has anything changed in this engineering decision? I know that ConCom was supposed to take up this as a new issue since there could be conservation issues. But more than that, there are community interest that goes against another clear cutting on this supposed green corridor. Less green and more brown dirt if this goes forward.

Any info on this would be appreciated.
1:03 pm est 

Re: Route 6 Clear Cut

Who Did the Conservation Committee Hire to Evaluate the Damage Done on Route 6?
They held a meeting just before Christmas so few attended. But can someone let us know who they selected and what that ppersons' manadate will be?
1:01 pm est 

Will Guertin Finally Return on Monday?
Oh, no. Monday is Friday in Provincetown and so Monday is New Year's Day. How odd time is calculated in the trailers.

So then David Guertin, you will show up on Tuesday. It's time to face the music and people will not be singing Jingle Bells.

It's a dirge you'll be hearing Mr. Guertin.
11:01 am est 

What Happened to the Postings

I have not seem my postings. Is there something wrong with Shout Out?
10:08 am est 

AECOM Irony of Ironies

What's up with AECOM? does it have anything to do with Guertin?
10:06 am est 

Re: David Guertin

I wonder if David Guertin will have changed his license plate registration when he returns
to work. Please take note and post accordingly.
9:59 am est 

If the Blizzard Continues, Maybe Tuesday will Be Storm Day

Town employees are like students in a school system. Time off for special days, time off for winter vacation, time off for time off.

Re-instate the five day work week and life will be better here for services. Cry Uncle Sharon and say it hasn't worked.
11:41 pm est 

Agreeing on Setting Priorities

For all the meetings the BOS has, for all the meetings Sharon Lynn has, they seem to avoid setting priorities. They go from one tantalizing idea to another and too often without follow-through. Set the priroties and stick to them. And know that you can't have everything. Life is about making choices not going for the grab bag each time.

Maybe in 2010 this could be a possibility.
11:39 pm est 

Shrinking Work Week

Well, another Monday the Town Hall will be closed...  How many more 4 day weekends are you going to have?  You only work four to begin with now your down to 3....  How can anyone conduct business?    
11:38 pm est 

Friday, January 1, 2010

PBG Ad Idea
How about if you don't want to read the PBG ads...

7:34 pm est 

That's Sweet

To share PBG events with all of us. Good that you care to do that.
1:46 am est 

Free Advertising...

That is what the PBG gets in this space...and why should it? I for one do not want to read about the PBG any more than I want to hear from the Chamber or Tourism...What is the story Webmaster?
1:08 am est 

Happy New Year to All Bloggers and Readers

May 2010 be a wonderful year and may you find peace and prosperity.  I apprecaite everyone who blogs and who adds to this venue. My best to all.
1:07 am est 

I Don't See These as Ads For PBG Just Forthcoming Events

Some I'm glad to hear about. Others, well..But I don't see these as ads but spreading information gained from the PBG. In the past, I did see events from the Chamber. This is more like community information and that's good.
1:06 am est 

Happy New Year to All!

May your 2010 be healthy and prosperous

1:04 am est 


Agree, the PBG ads should NOT be added to this blog.  The ads shown on the PBG email list on here are getting FREE advertising.  Can I send a GIF file on my ad to mypacc and would it be posted?  Probably NOT.
Glad others on here feel the same way..............
1:03 am est 

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