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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

No PBG Ads

Agree, the PBG ads should NOT be added to this blog.  The ads shown on the PBG email list on here are getting FREE advertising.  Can I send a GIF file on my ad to mypacc and would it be posted?  Probably NOT.
Glad others on here feel the same way..............
6:13 pm est 

Re: Webmaster
How about adding 'rout out corruption in town government?'
Clearly there is a lot of it!
3:04 pm est 

I agree.  The PBG ads are not relevant to any conversations going on here.  Will you start posting the ads for the Chamber, the Women Innkeepers, the VSB?  Why the PBG webmaster?

Please respond to us all:  How is this relevant to this blog?
3:03 pm est 

To: Webmaster
Would be please tell us how PBG ads reflect the mission statement of mypacc? I feel is an inappropriate venue here.
Thank you for your consideration.

Mission statement:

Work to responsibly implement voters decisions made at town meetings and through the ballot box

oEstablish and codify town laws which obligate town Selectmen to honor voters decisions

·Work for accountability in town spending

oRequire independent annual audits of key town departments

oDemand accurate estimation of projected costs to include Life Cycle Costing: Debt Service + Operational expenses

oImplement a two-week cut-off date prior to any town meeting for which modifications to Articles must be submitted and published

oCreate a citizen committee to monitor major municipal department contracts including Contractor/Bid selection process and contract closeout      

·Advocate for leaner and more efficient town management

oUtilize voter and town employee input for proposed changes  

oEliminate redundant and/or surplus staffing

oCreatively combine town positions

·Campaign for responsible government operations

·Oppose mega-projects until indebtedness is lowered and fiscal responsibility exists

oDefine all project requirements and goals

oMeasure the important parameters against cost

oPrioritize the parameters of all projects

oSimplify and make final assessmentCost vs Effectiveness

·Sponsor fair real estate assessments and promote lower tax rates

·Work to encourage an economically sustainable community

·Promote community cohesiveness through shared future vision
1:11 pm est 

Maybe With the New Year the Town Can Decide What It's Priorities Really Are

Time to establish five priorities and then stick to them. Time to make choices and not assume that doing ten projects, the taxpayers will pay for them with overrides. Overrides are due to over-shooting and over-deceloping.

May 2010 be marked with simpler projects, smaller and more fiscally savvy decisions. We have wonderful land, the crashing sea, the dunes, and the green corridor. Respect our beaches, keep them clean, provide amenities for tourists, have enough barrels for their discards, and value those who come here and those who live here.

Time to stop measuring success by the number of huge projects Provincetown begins and establishes. Time to judge success by how people are valued and treated and also admonished when their work falls below the acceptable standard.

Small is beautiful. time to understand this almost mantra.
11:15 am est 

Suede at Crown & Anchor
Banner Ad
Sassy. Smooth. Intoxicating.
Pop/Jazz/Blues Phenom Suede Rings in 2010
with her Annual Provincetown New Years Weekend extravaganza!
Saturday, January 2, 2010 at 8pm
The Crown & Anchor, 247 Commercial St.
Limited VIP tickets $50, $25 General admission
Preferred concert seating for Pre-show diners in
The Central House on property.
Reservations required, please.
Tickets on sale now at or by calling
The Crown & Anchor at 508.487.1430
to listen to tracks from the new big band CD, Dangerous Mood go to:
11:02 am est 

Provincetown Business Guild
Provincetown Business Guild
Weekly Update
December 31, 2009


The PBG wishes you all a safe, happy and prosperous 2010. 

Join the PBG on Facebook
11:00 am est 

Re: Also About Guertin

Guertin really not getting a permit for constuction of your porch?

Anything you can get away with seems to be your mantra....
10:58 am est 

Affordable Housing

The taxpayer's money should never have been brought into these developments. These are private developers who get rich off of this affordable housing. They are required by law to return some of their profits to the town--where are these profits listed?

What a sham.
8:35 am est 

Malone: A Real Taker

What a self-serving man. He used the poor and lower class to his advantage. Now he takes our money and having his own financial difficulties, stops about a million dollars from being used for a good cause.

Bring them in by the bus load, Ted, dangle the carrot of a low-cost home and the leemings vote for you. then you abandon them. You are a poster boy for greed and narcissism.
8:34 am est 

Then Let 90 Shanpainter be Built
The problem, dear bright bulb blogger, is that it is not being built. They are sitting on this project after getting the land for us. How many years until the developers get the loans to mkae it happen? Another dud.
8:33 am est 

I Don't Blame the Town People I Blame the Charter
When it only takes 150 people to have a town meeting, this is a true joke. You have more than that at town parties. Make it 10% of the registered voters and then you wouldn't have these questionable winter town meetings where all is controlled and the Michele Couture in working with her former and perhaps present lover control the agenda and  move the question actions.

It's a set up and worth dirt.
8:32 am est 

Also About David Guertin

Years ago he built a porch without proper permits. He had to take it down.
8:30 am est 

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

90 Shank-Painter Road

90 Shank-painter road will be built. Its way too late to stop it now. Government does not run by what a bloger wants.
8:39 pm est 

Re: Ted Malone

CPA funds can be held for two years after the town meeting vote. So hold your fire on ted, for now anyway. He has until June 31 2011 to start.
8:38 pm est 

CPA Funds Cannot be Held in Escrow in Perpetuity

These funds were for a project that was to begin at a certain date and be completed at a certain date. Since the project is on hold, then the monies should be forfeited. Malone should be forced to return his dibs on the $800,000 to the fund in order for others to apply. Since these monies would be part of the CPA funds, they would not have to be used for affordable housing. The money would be new monies and these funds could be used for open land for the library or for town hall. that would be a much better use of the CPA funds and fulfilling the intent of the state law.
6:57 pm est 

The Fault Within Ourselves

It is easy to blame Sharon for eveything - after all she is the town manager - It is easy to blame Michele Couture - after all she is the Chair of the BOS - what about the other four?

Mary Jo sits at that table ranting and raving - having served off and on since 1976 - yet never seems to accept responsibility for the mistakes that have been made in Provincetown over the past 33 years.

The townspeople - prior and current - also share in the mistakes - they fail to attend town meeting, they fail to vote, they fail to speak and town meeting, they fail to vote against what is popular.
6:55 pm est 

CPA Funds
Even if Mr Malone returned the funds to the CPA, they are still restricted to affordable housing.  They could not be used for the town hall because the funding sources have already been approved and allocated by town meeting vote.  You can't just move money around (unless your Keith Bergman of course).
6:53 pm est 

And the Rush to Clear Cut 90 Shankpainter

And now it lies fallow. Now nothing takes place. For land valued as more than $1 million, we gave it to the developers for $1 with a 99 year lease.

and now what? We will look at treeless clear cuts for years? Take the land back. Build the new polcie station there. That makes sense. But then the police will have to have fund raisers, like the fireworks people, for ten years before they raise enough to start the process. No more give aways. No more overrides.
6:52 pm est 

"Relive Provincetown's 2009 Nightmare Entitled 'Sewer Mishaps Plague Town!"

Let's all thank multimillionaire David F Guetin with questionable real estate holdings which are in several states,who avoids paying car excise taxes and who writes and publishes pro-AirVac articles for:

--closing all 18 beaches July 4
--puddles of raw sewage collected along Commercial Street
 over three day holiday
-widespread reports of inoperable toilets and showers in guesthouses and condominiums rented out to tourists over busy week-end
--several basements and first floors flooded with untreated sewerage
-untreated sewerage flowed out onto sidewalks and downtown Commercial Street filled with tourists to see fireworks
-helicopters flying overhead from Boston television newstations
-local officials not notified
-property damage and cost of emergency response teams $93,000
-$40,000 cost to hire an independent analysis of the sewer system
-DEP  formal notice of compliance giving 60 days to comply with extensive list or face serious legal consequences
-clear cutting of Rte 6 for staging areas put town in violation of state and local conservation laws
-fines by ConCom, DEP, and Cape Cod Commission
6:50 pm est 

Return the $800,000

Mr. Ted Malone should return the $800,000 to the CPA committee so the town can use it towards Town Hall. Let him apply in a few years when he is ready to build.
1:09 pm est 

Special Interests

It certainly seems like the powers that be were rushing all over themselves to give this $800,000 to Ted Malone without any investigation as to its need at the time.

Three affordable housing projects using taxpayers money--and the money is just sitting there all tied up. It could be this way for years.
10:39 am est 

Re: Ethics Test

"Your more than apparent hate for her does not give you license to make up lies to fill the obvious void in your life
Wow, guess I upset one of "Ms Lynn's" supporters...Oh well, the fact remains that She is the TM and has all the power, and control over all employees, both managment and labor. If everyone had to take ETHICS training I still find it funny considering King David's greed.

What you call my "apparent hate" is really nothing more than a total lack of respect. You have to care to hate and I care very little about Sharon.  Maybe I'd care more if she actually did something other than protect her Managment Team.

As for the Ethics course...same thing happened after Doug and his girlfriend Recreation Director Tracy sexually harrassed an employee. Sharon fired the employee...who has a great lawsuit against the town, then quickly had mandatory sexual harrassment classes for all employee's.
As usual, too little, too late.

As for ol' Ted Malone...He may not have the $$$ in hand but he sure does have use of TAXPAYER $$$. That money could be used for the library or town hall. What you wanna bet that if he ever gives it up it will be used to build the new police station?

So my nasty neighbor, don't tell me I "hate" and don't tell me there is a 'void' in my life because I question the people who Work for You, the taxpayer.
I remain,

The ONLY Pebble on the beach
10:36 am est 

Re: Ted Malone

I know Malone doesn't actually have the money in his account! But it is sitting in the CPA doing nothing because it has been earmarked to Malone. That should be reneged and the money should be used elsewhere for projects to benefit the town that are ready for it NOW instead of doing nothing for who knows how long while Malone waits for the economy to improve. Who knows how long that will take. Meanwhile, we could be using the money for things we need now.  He can reapply when he is ready to build.
10:30 am est 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This is the Kind of Town I Live in:

Someone writes rapid instead of rabid and gets dissed.
This is the kind of town I live in:
Someone writes cut from the same elk when it should have been ilk.
This is the kind of town I live in:
People bash each other on here with any regard to the truth.
This is the kind of town I live in:
Shop keepers donate their time, talent, and items to a nursing home so residents can shop for their loved ones.
This is the kind of town I live in:
I fall outside a shop on a bitterly cold winter's day and several strangers stop to ask if I am okay and offer assistance.
This is the kind of town I live in.
Where do you live and what kind of town do we want this to be?
6:36 pm est 

Ted Malone's $800,000

Yes, it the town needs to get this money back. Use it on Town Hall renovations and let Ted Malone apply again when he has a "shovel ready" development to start. We are all tired of the lies.
6:19 pm est 

Re: Ethics Test
Ms Lynne had nothing to do with administering the state mandated on-line ethics test.  It came from the state ethics board directly to the town clerk.  Your more than apparent hate for her does not give you license to make up lies to fill the obvious void in your life.
4:32 pm est 

Provincetown Alum

Rapid Dogs?  Must be another graduate of our school system.

Oh Vey!
4:31 pm est 

Re: Ted Malone

Looks like the anti Ted Malone bloger feels left out of the PACC spotlight. All of the attention on here recently has been about king David of the DPW. FYI. CPA funds have not been giving to Mr Malone yet. CPA monies are only released when the project has been completed. So don't worry, Ted can't use those funds for anything but what we voted for at town meeting.
3:26 pm est 

Re: Ted Malone

Do you actually think that Ted Malone has the $800,000 ?  No, it is released as it is spent on approved expeditures.   What a concept !
3:24 pm est 

May Angels Attend Thee

Time for David Guertin to Join Keith Bergman and Doug Taylor

Let him be part of this illustrious threesome. Au Revoire David!
1:13 pm est 

Gone to the Dogs

This blog is like a bunch of rapid dogs
1:12 pm est 

Sandcastle Expose
Quite an expose about the Sandcastle on page B5 of the Boston Globe. How they are buying up the units for sale and imposing new rules and regulations and an $850.00 assesment fee for every until owned.

The Attorney General's office has received plenty of letters regarding the new owner's shenanigans.
1:11 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

"Guertin misappropiated Sewer funds to rehab the Grace Gravier parking lot"

This is something the State Auditors should look at once and for all.
1:10 pm est 

Ted Malone

I agree, get the money back from Ted Malone. Someone please figure out how we go about doing that ! Must be nice to have $ 800,000 in your account in this ecomomy. Or has he already spend it ? Does anyone know ?
1:09 pm est 

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, That's What DeMasi Said Too:

"was told by someone long ago that a little knowledge about something is a bad thing. That's clearly what's happening here. These posters clearly have a "little" knowledge of the matters at hand and not the whole picture."

Guertin is cut from the same elk.
1:08 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

Guertin, you were suppose to be overseeing Provincetown's interests vis a vis Metcalf & Eddy, Robert B. Our and the AirVac System. What do you do? You exploit that charge by advancing your own career and interests by becoming a lobbyist for AirVac.

There is no doubt in the public's mind you have betrayed us. Your transgressions in Provincetown are endless. No wonder their is a grass roots campaign to get rid of you.
1:06 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

Isn't it great that when all this garbage is surfacing about Guertin, Sharon has ALL town employees take a state on line ETHICS test...Wonder if DG had to take it or just all the little laborers?
Whoever said that Sharon Lynn can do something is dreaming...

She just doesn't have a pair...she would rather harrass the workers than ever find fault with all her "managment team" especially King David...he can do no wrong!

Be careful folks, do not for a minute trust Sharon to do what is right...again she hasn't a clue. DG is a greedy, sneaky      ...with a whole lot of the way, a quick check of town report shows that DG earned $94,400.00
in O8...wonder what this past year salary guess is over $100,000.00...agree?

1:05 pm est 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Enough With Guertin For Now

Let's put the same energy towards getting the money back from Ted Malone. While in my opinion he never should have gotten the money to begin with, he certainly shouldn't be allowed to keep it now that the project is on hold-especially because the reason it's on hold is that he can't get enough financing from other sources. Take it back and let him reapply when he is ready to build and see what happens. Who knows how long it may take him to get those other funds. That money should be used for projects that are ready to move now instead of sitting and being of no use.
10:17 pm est 

You Are Savvy

Yes, Guertin will be done in by those who know the state laws. No, not from within his provincial cirle, but those who sense that this man is corrupt, inept, and a danger to this town. He must go, however that happens.
10:11 pm est 

No! Don't Go to Sharon Lynn Because It's Town Issues

Got to the State and to Jo DeNucci at the State Auditors.

This damage is beyond town hall. It is at the level of the state. Don't worry Sharon. This is beyond you. We're going to the top. Duval. Here we are. We are serving up David F. Guertin.
10:10 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

9:49 pm est 

Long Point Housekeepers House

Long Point keepers house demolition was contracted to two local men. the coast quard did not want to pay to keep it up this was in 1959. similar situation at wood end keepers house and finnally the lifesaving station next to wood end was burned to the ground. the lifesaving station at race point that was floated over from chatham is a duplicate of the one that was at long point.
9:48 pm est 

Taxpayers Lied to Again

$800,000 went to Mr. Ted Malone. The Affordable housing banner was waved above a pack of lies. We were told that building was going to start this fall. We were LIED to.  

The whole world saw the economic collapse two years ago. At spring town meeting, the money was given through subterfuge. There were no backers this money was to lure them in.

Shame on the CPA committee for giving this money to a developer instead of helping to relieve the taxpayers of this debt towards town hall. Shame, Shame, Shame on the Affordable housing Cartel.
9:43 pm est 

Re: Please Act Now

Can't post the incident. He'll know.
9:42 pm est 

Can't post the incident. He'll know.
9:40 pm est 

How to Tell Your Story

Regarding your troubiling event, you could post it avoiding any identifying points.
6:47 pm est 

A Little Knowledge is a Bad Thing
I was told by someone long ago that a little knowledge about something is a bad thing. That's clearly what's happening here. These posters clearly have a "little" knowledge of the matters at hand and not the whole picture. Sure sure, you hate Guertin because he got you fired or embarrassed you in public. Get a life and move on. All these little instances about Guertin, his homes, his excise taxes, a wall behind the Gouveia (sp?) building, the wetlands issues etc. All little bits and pieces of a dozen seperate issues, none of which add together to mean anything as a whole.
the conscom clearly doesn't have a clue as to how to construct anything. By Guertin not holding their hands, outlining every little step and move in the construction of Phase 3 doesn't make him a liar. It means they didn't ask the rquestions about the trees or how it was getting to the plant. When Guertin lays the plan out, why does he have to hold their hands? Have they never been through this? Oh, wait, thats right, TWICE BEFORE!! I'm sure he answered every question asked. Shame on them for not asking at the appropriate time.

And the wall is wrong because George Bryant says so? Come on guys, really!!??
6:26 pm est 

Long Point Lightkeepers House

The plans to rebuild the lightkeepers house on Long Point is an interesting idea. However, does anyone know what caused the loss of the original building? Fire? Flood? Rot? Insufficient funds to maintain?
6:05 pm est 

Going to Sharon Lynn Regarding Guertin

My advice is don't go to Sharon. She won't do anything. She might say something to Guertin. He'll deny it. Sharon will move on but Guertin could very well become fixated on you. You will be in his crosshairs. It could come back to haunt you with higher water bills, a busted sewer valve etc. You will be alone with no recourse.
6:04 pm est 

Please Add This to the List of Particulars

Guertin misappropiated Sewer funds to rehab the Grace Gravier parking lot and constructed a retaining wall that exceeded 4ft, both of which should have required a Town permit. George Bryant pointed this out at the time of construction, but no one listened. The silence only seems to have emboldened Mr. Guertin .i.e. no official action by either Planning, Building Commissioner or BOS.
6:02 pm est 

Re: Please Act Now

I for one would like to go to SL about an incident that was very troublesome. But I am concerned about a backlash.
5:45 pm est 

Please Act Now
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
5:42 pm est 

Guertin is Not Hated: He is Just Being Labeled the Scroudrel That He Is

This is not about personality. This is about honesty and competency of which Guertin falls far short. Why tolerate this man who is causing this town high taxes, advocated for a problematic system, encouraged high betterment fees, raised serious questions about Waste Water Funds, as well as asking questions about the management of this multi-million system?

No man is an Island. No man is above the law. No man is necessary. Say Good Bye, David. Night has descended.
5:41 pm est 

Let Justice Play Out

Let the people who need to investigate Mr. Guertin do their job. They have plenty of information to go on. Let's just sit back and see how things will play out. It would seem to me that Mr. Guertin is a liability to the town and should be sent packing.

5:39 pm est 

Guertin's Betrayal

If the town had a dollar for every time Guertin betrayed the trust of the people....there would be no overrides!
5:38 pm est 

Please Act Now

It is not too late to submit any information concerning David Guertin's indisgressions This information will be presented as supplemental exhibits to information already provided to the State offices of the Attorney General, Board of Ethics and Auditor.

If you have any pertinent certifiable information please post the information; and it will, after authentication, be added to the list of particulars.

Thank you for your assistance in the prosecution of justice.
5:37 pm est 

Energy Conservation

With all of the hot air on here, we could heat the whole town.
5:08 pm est 

Re: "How Can the ConsCom be so Oblivious to the Workings of a Major Construction Project?"

Let's see now, uhmmm, oh I know the answer. Because they were lied to by the town employee overseeing the project.  Just as the Selectmen and town manager were. A department head who is a compulsive liar thinking that he could get away with deception and omission. A department head who has a tremendous conflict of interest that is in the State's hands to be investigated?
5:05 pm est 

Just the Facts M'am, Just the Facts

Wow and there are many factos being posted here about the questionable behavior of D. F. Guertin. Would any other town suffer such a fool? I highly doubt it.
5:03 pm est 

A Good Man is Hard to Find
And it surely is not David Guertin. Keep in mind that he was fined by the Mass Ethics for a conflict of interest and he has threatened DPW workers and harassed so many others.

People did confront Guertin at the BOS and ConCom--the very meetings he quickly got off his seat to leave the room as to not hear one word. But David Bedard immeidately told Guertin that he should stay to hear what the public said. Then at ConCom Guertin jumped out of his seat when public statements were made. I thank Sheri for saying: "I'll wait to continue when David Guertin returns to this room."

Those blogging know the key problem with Guertin and I appluad their efforts to point out the dangers Guertin poses to our town. Remember it was Provincetown that was fined by ConCom when it should have been AECOM. Thank you David for protecting the contractors that you should be overseeing.
5:02 pm est 

Re: Move on

Guertin has cheated the town out of paying his car excise tax for ten years, lied to the TM, BOS and ConCom, destroyed out wetlands, killed wildlife and committed other heinous acts.

You wish we would move on.  you are either Guertin or are worried that something illegal connected to you will be exposed.
5:00 pm est 

The Rule of Law Will Prevale

Letters of Complaint with Bills of Particulars have been forwarded to the State Board of Ethics, State Attorney General and the State Auditors offices detailing Mr. David Guertin's past actions and they will provide the determinations as to the legality of his actions.
The pity is that this action should have been taken by both the BOS and Sharon Lynn.   

Thanks  to all who provided information. Ignore the neigsayers.  
2:51 pm est 

Enough About David G.

Lets go on to something else. Do we really need a community center? Don't we get our $800,000 back from Mr. Ted Malone?
When will the school become regionalized.
2:23 pm est 

Gutless Wonders

The postings in here from the "informed" are gutless losers. None of them would confront Guertin to his face nor would or will they confront anyone in charge with the info they claim is so damning. They just post to stir it up. Guertins a good man and the town will do well to keep him. Heresay won't get him gone. I just hope he's thick skinned enough to weather the storm of crap thrown his way lately.

How can the conscom be so oblivious to the workings of a major construction project? How did they think the sewage was going to get from the east end of town to the plant? Are they that dumb?
2:22 pm est 

Vigilante Mobsters

Can't help but wonder just who these vigilante mobsters think they are. maybe you'll stir up enough dust to choke on. in the meantime, it's embarrassing to read some of your rantings attacking mr. guertin et al. kinda reminds me of high school. isn't there anything productive you folks could be doing?
11:03 am est 

Change the Subject

We get it already; some of you hate David Guertin and want him fired.

How can the taxpayers get the the $800,000 in CPA funds that went to Ted Malone back in the coffers to pay for the Town Hall renovations? Does it take an article in the Spring Town meeting?
11:02 am est 

It's an Ugly Picture

Guertin looked at board members of ConCom in the eye and said he had gotten their approval to take out trees in the median strip for the pipes. He is a liar and should be fired for that alone. Let alone the historical laundry lists of misdeeds he has done while DPW director posted on this blog.

This information is an eye opener! And many of us do not like what we see!
8:49 am est 

Please Come Forward

Let's hope DPW employees read this blog, maybe one or two will come forward here or walk through SL's door with important information on Guertin for her about his lawless ways.
8:48 am est 

Re: I Don't Get it

"So either sign your name and forward the information or lets talk about something else."

Well gee if the Assistant TM reads the blog, maybe he'll bring the research posted here on Guertin to his boss and she finally do something about that rogue employee!

Keep posting facts!
8:46 am est 

I do Not Get it?

Like many past statements, almost none come true.  You all tell the town to vote a certain way, and 95% of the time, the vote is just the opposite of what you all wanted.   If YOU ALL are sending in reports to the state and Sharon, fine, but if you keep making statements on here, it goes know where.  

Do you really think Mary Jo, or any BOS read this blog?  NO.  Does Sharon read this blog?  Probably not.  Does David Gardner read this blog?  I would assume he does.   Do town employees read this blog?  Most likely yes.   Does the state read these blogs.  Absolutely NOT.  

So either sign your name and forward the information or lets talk about something else. 
8:24 am est 

Someone or Someones are Doing Great Research Here
Thanks to the Inspectors Poirot among us. What you have uncovered on Guertin is amazing. Thanks for all the detective work. I'm appreciative.
1:14 am est 

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sharon Lynn Get Rid of Guertin on His Mismanagement of the Sewer Project

He has failed to hold AECOM accountable and has failed to have them pay for change orders that result from this failed system. Guertin publicly called this system a failed system and then: a miracle happened. He then began calling the system trouble-free. Sharon can look at the contract and see how much monies have gone to AECOM and AIRVAC to fix the problems that are inherently theirs. Those monies should be in the town's coffers. That is reason enough to let him go. He mismanaged this large scale project and refused to have the contractor pay for the trouble in this much troubled system.
10:56 pm est 

to: Sharon Lynn

SL, until we get rid of DG, you will always be in a state of crisis management! He is not only the weakest link in your staff but. the most corrupt as evident by his thumbing his nose at our local and state laws.

Make you job easier Ms. Lynne, fire the son of a      !
10:26 pm est 

Firing Guertin

Lynne probably will fire Guertin, but in this day and age she needs reason.  I would guess that there was probably just praise in his personnel file prior to her arrival.  She needs to build a case of negative marks.

Connect the dots folks.  Guertin didn't work in a vacuum.  He had a superior who had the BOS by the      .  How did Bergman fare during this sewer project before he bolted leaving us in a financial mess?
9:43 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

Is Guertin's contract public information? Sure would like to know under what conditions it becomes null and void. Hopefully, SL is taking a hard look at how to get rid of this department head that keeps deceiving her.
9:42 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

Thanks to those who stood up and were counted vis a vis the uprising over Guertin's unilateral decision to destroy parts of Rte 6's green corridor and its wildlife.

I saw Avatar over the week-end and couldn't help but think Guertin could play the insane Colonel who would stop at nothing to destroy a beautiful ecosystem because of greed. Thank God, in the end the Colonel was brought down. If only we could have brought Guertin down years ago, the town would be so much better off today.
4:21 pm est 

Attributed to: Michele Couture

Wastewater Report - I could not agree with Dr. Andrews more.  I absolutely agree with everything she said.  There was not a public health crisis. There was nothing that would have precipitated this action.  I'm furious about it.   I read the report and there was no justification for it.  It is a policy decision not a staff decision.  The citizens of Provincetown were outraged when this happened.  They did not vote on a septage treatment plant.  I certainly hope that this does not happen again. It was a really bad decision.

4:20 pm est 

Quentissential Guertin:

BOS 2-1-03

Cheryl Andrews:  I have read this memo that Mr. Guertin sent in, probably about ten times trying to figure out what certain people were thinking - I havent been able to figure that out.  I do know how I feel about it.  Im made a number of phone calls to confirm whether my opinions on this matter were accurate and I have yet to have them challenged.  I would like to say clearly to the public that this action was taken without the prior approval of the Board of Selectmen or the knowledge of the Board of Selectmen.  And I would challenge any of my colleagues if you hear anything you hear me say that you disagree with to speak up because people are asking me and I certainly would like to know how my colleagues feel about this.  As to whether the dumping of this septage was authorized, it is my belief that there is no one in Provincetown who has the right to authorize it - period.  In order to turn that plant into a septage treatment facility it has to be site assigned, it has to be permitted, the Board of Health has to issue permits to our haulers and there is a process for that.   Also, I would like to be able to state to the public that this will not happen again and I will be looking at my colleagues to state that clearly.  It certainly does not have my approval, never did - never will, unless the plant is licensed for that.

Seven years later and Guertin does what he wants without the Selectmen's knowledge or approval. Wise up current BOS and fire this man once and for all!
4:17 pm est 

There is a Pattern Here

Does David apply for the residential exemption in Ptown and Nancy apply for the residential exemption in one of their many other properties? How does that work one must wonder based on this guy's pattern to tax evasion?
4:14 pm est 

Onward, Keep Moving Forward

 'And to associate his gains with'  WITH FAILURE TO FILE AN MESA APPLICATION OR GET LOCAL PERMITS TIME AND TIME AGAIN 'is downright libelous.'




And to associate his gains with AECOM is downright libelous.  WE ARE BUILDING A CASE BECAUSE OF THE MORAL BANKRUPTCY OF DAVID F. GUERTIN. ONWARD!
4:13 pm est 

In the Spirit of Christmas

I hope Mr. David Guertin received a piece of coal in his red fur-lined stocking.
4:11 pm est 

No Guertin Didn't Come in With Money

But he surely made money while he was here. Are we so naive to think that he invested his then $68,000 and it miraculously turned into 4 million dollars? Just connect the dots and the key factor is AECOM and AIRVAC and Guertin as the poster child for the vacuum system. If he had protected the town and forced AECOM to accept the cost of change orders and to fix the problems and to make certain that this international company was held reponsible for its actions, then there would be few questions raised.

But when the town of Provincetown is fined for actions of ACECOM and Guertin is the key player making the town liable for this company's problems, one can only ask: Why? Why is Provincetown being fined? Why isn't AECOM being fined? Why are the engineering plans so loosy goosy that Guertin can only say: this town is unique and the Phase three is unique like the town. This is pure bull.

What is unique is who is prospering from the troubles with Phase Two and now Phase Three and I'm sure this town will fund Phase Four and maybe even Phase Five. If Guertin is still running the DPW--an maybe running this town--then we can expect five more homes scattered across the country and maybe one in St. Michel de Allende, Vieques, Palm springs and San Francisco.
Or maybe h'ell be summering with the president of AECOM. He's "earned" the life style of the rich and famous.
4:11 pm est 

Re: ''Hope You Get a Grip in the New Year and Start to Fix Rather Than Fixate.''


4:05 pm est 

Move on!

With all the "guertin gate" paranoia, you people give new meaning to the term "masshole". glass house anyone? really... move on.
4:01 pm est 

What is Guertin's Salary?

How many homes in how many states can one DPW head buy? Doesn't he also have a boat that cuased him to be fined for illegal activities or unethihcal activities? thanks to many who are posting and helping us see that there is more then meets the eye with this man. More is unknown ab out him that raises certain questions given his being stitched to the side of the sewer system people. Guess it's profitable for some to have their town put in a new multi-million sewer system.

    Even if it doesn't work for the town--it works for you.
2:12 pm est 

Smart Thinking: Mulvey Would be Good For the Town

He kept to the rules. He also and importantly knew the rules. He was fair and surely he did one thing that is not being done today: Mulvey did enforcement. He was around town and he enforced the bulding codes and the various rules of the town boards.

This cannot be said of Russell Braun. He abhors enforcement and people now do whatever they want without fines or violations.

Now it's as if we have no rules. Anthing goes with Russell!
2:10 pm est 

\What a Whiney, Complaining Bunch of Busy Bodies You Folks Are

No wonder things are a mess. it's not the fault of the few you skewer on a regular basis. rather it appears to be the increasingly unhealthy mentality that has become so entrenched in this blog. subsequently, no solutions, just finger pointing and a lot of nickel and dime nancy drew activity. who cares what he owns? you don't care that outsiders own more than half the town. and go to town hall when it's open (half full) instead of going on about when it's closed (half empty). you're all furious when told what to do or how to run your affairs.

to quote a personal holiday favorite, "good grief". sad to watch you all killing the town with this attitude tho. really hope you get a grip in the new year and start to fix rather than fixate.
2:09 pm est 

David Guertin is a Winner!

To all the losers on this blog that feel when someone, Guertin, gains in life, get a life of your own. You had the same opportunities to do what he did. You failed, he won. You don't have what he has because you are failures and he has proven over and over that he is a winner. He bought low and now owns high priced property. Why is that shady? Millions of people do it. He doesn't have the socialist mentality that most Ptown types have, everyone equal and getting along on the same low plane, complaining when someone with money comes in and advances themselves while you all sleep. And to associate his gains with AECOM is downright libelous. How dare you make the claims of impropriaty without fact! Find someothing else to do with your lives. Maybe even get off the welfare dole and get a job! Maybe then you can be where Guertin is, secure in his job and personal economic life. Move on.
2:07 pm est 

Town of Provinvincetown- Fiscal Year 2008

290A Commercial St., Provincetown

Current owner: Guertin David F ET UX Nancy R Guertin

Purchased 01/11/1999; @ $218K


post script: Isn't his property on phase I? I guess he does
not trust the system or does not want to spend the monies
to hook up. Either way, What is good for the Goose is good
for the Gander (or is it The Guertin)?
1:08 pm est 

Unofficial Property Record Card-Fall River, MA

162 Walnut St., Fall River, Ma
Parcel ID 1-13-0007

Property owner: Guertin David F/ Guertin Nancy R
Mailing address: 38 Byfield St., Bristol, RI 02809

Sale date: 11/15/2004 Price: $550K

Mansard, 24 rooms, living units 6, sq. ft.5006

Narrative Description of Property
    This property contains 0.118 acres of land mainly
classified as APT 4-8 with a(n) APT 4-8 style building , built about 1900, having VINYL exterior and ASPHALT roof cover, with 6 unit(s), 24 room(s), 12 bedroom(s), 6 bath(s),half bath(s).
12:42 pm est 

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

This blog is a venue to share research.  It has uncovered troublesome areas of the choices our DPW Director has made over the years including violating local and state laws ranging from the  illegal registration of his wife's car to questionable real estate holdings.

Because of this blog, information has now been submitted to the proper authorities that could result in hefty fines against Guertin for violation of MGL Chapter 90 that could result in almost $10,000 in fines of which 75% will go to the town.

It takes a village or in our case a town to rout out corruption and that is what I am seeing on this blog.
12:01 pm est 

A Beautiful View

I love the ceiling lamps in the post office. The whole lobby is beautiful!
11:21 am est 

Maybe in the New Decade

Provincetown will learn its lessons. Maybe like the rest of the world, Provincetown will stop overspending and overborrowing and stop over-projecting. Maybe in the new decade, Provincetown will value its land, its trees and wetlands and see that small is beautiful. And maybe in the new decade, Provincetown will value its people and respect its citizens by refusing to burden the residents and taxpayers and keep older and younger and middle-aged citizens able to live here without continual financial strain.

This would take a change of consciousness by those who make decisions but hope remains a possibility in 2010.

To all bloggers, Happy New Year!
10:37 am est 

Re: The Good Life?

Why are you all picking on David.  Maybe he did do something wrong and the proper authorities need to be notified.   Let them determine if he did anything illegal and decide the punishment.   I did very well this year.  I do not have to tighten my belt.  I own 3 homes, most with lots of money down and no morgage, and it is no ones business where I got my money.  I did not do anything illegal or bribe anyone.   It was an honests days work and maybe a few bucks from family at some point.  My Point being, just because someone is doing fine, does not imply they did something wrong.   Seems you all on here are just upset that David has a well paying job and has done well for himself and you are the ones upset.
To make myself clear, I am NOT saying David has done anything right or wrong.  I am not one of his bigger fans, but please send all information you have to the authorities and let them decide.   This lyncing mantality has to stop
10:35 am est 

Wake up!!

Mulvey was so easy to work with and accessable because he had "no heavy lifting" included while he was on the job!!. He was temporary. He had very little to do with any large projects. Braun is full time and the commissioner. He's not there to constantly hear you whining about why you can't change a window to what you want and why do you have to conform to the historic guidelines. Get a real contractor to work on your project and the questions could probably be answered better than if you went in with half a brain and too many uneducated questions. Better yet, next time the job opens up, apply so you can appease the masses with your knowledge and accessability.
10:33 am est 

I Remember When

Maybe the town should hire back the temporary Commissioner Mulvey to supervise Braun! Things seemed to work well while he was here. Any time I had to go to town hall for permits, he was there or got back to me with in a reasonable length of time and he was part-time! Happy Holidays!

Barely Owning
12:29 am est 

Truth to Power

Its strange for me to say this because I have always been very skeptical about what gets said about things on this blog, but recent subjects about the whole DPW director/real estate issue, the town hall hours (or lack of hours), and CPA funds not being used as voted for. There just might be some problems going on here in our cold little paradise.  Stay tuned and always question authority.
12:26 am est 

Now Fort Lauderdale? Guertin Has a Taste For the Good Life

Let's only hope it hasn't come at our expense. The town gets a troubled sewer system, Guertin defends the prime contractor AECOM, and the town continues to be fined and to pay for the changes inherent in this problematic system.

But while our taxes go up and Provincetown has to pay more and more in betterments and water bills, as well as more monies for each phase of this never-ending project, our David Guertin seems to be doing quite well. Even when the economy is poor and many people are feeling the tighter squeeze, David Guertin seems to be living the good life. Again, let's only hope it's not at our expense.

But it could be!
12:25 am est 

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Story Keeps Growing

$230,000 on May 1, 2003
B: David F Guertin, Nancy R Guertin
S: Alan J Ronyak, Patricia Mary Ronyak

Fort Lauderdale, FL property

3051 NE. 47th Court, Unit: 303
Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33308

Fort Lauderdale East
Condo Development:
Wayne House

Owner: Nancy R And David F Guertin (as of May 2009)
9:54 pm est 

The Ever Growing Unfolding Saga

Guertin's multi-state holdings also reach Florida. Properties in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Florida owned by Guertin? The unfolding real estate portfolio of Guertin as hard as it seems, is still unfolding....
8:14 pm est 

Maybe the New Equation is 2004 + AECOM + Real Estate +Advocating For a Great System

Add these up and you may find why David Guertin has seven houses. As advocate for AECOM and the Airvac system, he has done quite well, hasn't he? Just a coincidence that 2004 he attacks AECOM as a providing Provincetown with a failed system and then turns around and calls this system workable, trouble-free and advocates for its use in other towns.

Sounds like a song                --singing the praises of Airvac and AECOM instead of attacking them for their failures and taking them to court. Seems they           of David and he has            of them.

But what about us? We are left with bills, problems, clear cutting and more problems and costs.

Seems something is not quite right here. Seems odd and it raises many questions.
5:03 pm est 

Fiscal Joke

Why is it that the Truro School System can educate more kids for the same price that Provincetown does, but for many less kids? Ahem... 8 million dollars for both towns... that is ridiculous, lets regionalize with Truro and educate all of the students for less $$$$.

Provincetown is really becoming the biggest fiscal joke on the Cape. So sad.

2:48 pm est 

Town Hall Closing-

I don't begrudge employees having some extra time off at the holidays.  It's a tradition in many places.  What I do have a problem with though is the lack of realization that town hall is a service oriented entity and should be open as much as possible for the benefit of its citizens.  Where is the regard for us the taxpayers? Because Christmas falls on a friday an additional day off needs to be given since it's outside the 4 day work week.  If it had been my decision to make I would have closed town hall all day on christmas eve (thursday) as the christmas holiday and would have been open on Monday.  Same for New Year's week.  This gives town hall employees two 4 day weekends in a row, a nice perk that not many other people get. As it stands now town hall will only be open tuesday, wednesday and half a day thursday of this week coming up for what should be a 5 day week.  Having 4 and a hlaf days off in a rown is excessive. A good analogy is the banking industry which is not allowed by law to be closed for more than a certain number of days . . . . a weekend plus one day either friday or monday.  This is done because the banking industry is seen as providing a service and there for needs to be open.  In my humbly opinion, Town Hall should be no different.
2:47 pm est 

Town Hall Math: The Fuzzy Wuzzies

Yes, closed Christmas Eve at noon. then closed on MOnday the 28th because: It's Christmas once again at town hall. Then closed again on New Year's Eve at noon and then on January 4th--well, yes, it's New Year's Day at Town Hall.

Paid free lunches, a day cut in half when it should be cut in quarters, and days off because the math is more than fuzzy.

Let's get rid of this four day work week where we get only three days of work. Some don't even show up during the week but say they are working on Fridays! What a mish mash at town trailers.

Sharon, don't do this again. Agree to a real and realistic five day work week.  If you made them happy, you're not making us happy.
1:16 pm est 

Call For Deeper Investgation

It would be important to look at Guertin's real estate history before 2004. Was there much of any? If not, sounds like a windfall in 2004 that led to large down payments of real estate. Inheritance? Lottery?

More info needs to be gathered on DG.
1:03 pm est 

Re: Truro-Provincetown Regionalization

Forget Regionalization! Home Schooling will save even more money!
1:02 pm est 

David Guertin's Sudden About Face.....Why?!!

Geurtin said at a selectmen's meeting a few years ago, he thought the new septic system was a failure. In fact, it's in the minutes. I have to wonder why the about face which lead to him becoming a published proponent of the system? What changed his mind? It wasn't long after he went on record that he thought the system was a failure to his glowing review being published.

It should be of great concern this system he touts on behalf of AIRVAC is not hooked up to his own property at 260A Commercial Street. Why?

Something is not Kosher.
12:20 pm est 


The school committee held a public hearing on Monday night to discuss next years budget, which is ringing in at $4,001,285. The number represents an increase of less than half of one percent ($16,562) over this years budget.

Tax payers in these two towns of Provincetown and Truro paying over $8,000,000 a year on the schools. Regionalize, Regionalize, Regionalize.
12:16 pm est 

And Now the School Facts Are in!

Keep telling me that keeping Provincetown schools open is a good thing. There are more kids in the Truro system and they do it for the same or less.
10:20 am est 

Community Presevation Act Funds
The CPA funds should never have gone to a private developer who needs the money to keep his business going. It was supposed to go for a project.

That money should have gone to renovate Town Hall or the library; not into a private developers bank account.

Taxpayers are duped again.
10:18 am est 

The Money Should be Returned From Ted Malone

Even though it is in escrow, will the money stay there for years? This is wrong. If the project is delayed for years, then the money to begin the affordable housing should go back in the pool. when and if Ted Malone does begin his project, then he can re-apply.

We are not paying CPA funds for a man who is having financial problems and is putting his project on hold. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.
2:16 am est 

Pax Vo Biscum

Glad to see that people have stayed somewhat civilized over the Christmas Holiday.
2:13 am est 

Town Hall Hours Again!

Is my math fuzzy or is it true that if the Town Hall closed on Christmas Eve at 12:30, and normally they would work until 6Pm, that is 5.5 hours off. Then they get Monday off too which (8-6)is another 10 hours. So they get 15.5 hours off. If you take out the paid lunch hour that they already get for both days now we are down to 13.5 hours off? 36hour regular work week, so they get 37% of a week off? Most people if they are lucky get 1 day out of 5 = 20%, for major holidays only) And then they are going to do it again next week? Not to mention that this is another time of year when second homeowners have a chance to get up here.

Monday, December 28
Town Hall Closed - Christmas Holiday

Tuesday, December 29
No Meetings Scheduled

Wednesday, December 30
No Meetings Scheduled

Thursday, December 31
Town Hall Closed at 12:30 p.m.

Friday, January 1
Town Hall Closed Fridays

Monday, January 4
Town Hall Closed -New Year's Holiday??????

Happy Holidays
2:09 am est 

Friday, December 25, 2009

Re: Ted Malone

I agree with the writer who writes that Ted Malone should return the funds to the town if they are not being used. Where is the money? In an account making interest for Mr. Malone? It should be back in the town coffers. When the economy turns around, Mr. Malone can then request the funds all over again. The second time around might not be so easy Mr. Malone.

6:24 pm est 

Ted Malone-

After reading the most recent article in the Banner I'm left with the feeling that it is wrong for an affordable housing developer to keep community development funds and not be actively developing the property that they were granted for.  It seems to me the monies should be returned to the town and they should have to go thru the request process again when they are able to move forward.  Am I wrong?  If so, could somebody explain how this process works? 

I am not a supporter or criticizer of Ted Malone.  I am a taxpayer who thinks that if the funds are not being used for their intended purposes they should be returned to the town and perhaps used for another purpose.  I have an open mind so if someone has arguements for or against I'd like to hear them.  Happy Holidays to all!
3:52 pm est 

Re: Russell Braun

Russ Braun is never around folks.  Have been to town hall 4X to go over plans and he is always away on holidays or will be back later.  Voice mails are not returned.  Who do you speak too without getting denied plans?  
Merry christmas.........  Well it is really NOT MERRY, not when you have all these incompitent people at town hall.
1:43 pm est 

Rebuilding of Long Point Lighthouse




8:44 am est 

Hi, I'm Not David... I'm PJ...

I wrote let's take a break for 48 hours and spend times with family and friends...

PJ Not David
12:30 am est 

Thursday, December 24, 2009

To: David

David, how about you get off the blog so you can focus on your family & friends?
3:00 pm est 

A New and Happy Year....

.....would be one without the baggage of David Guertin. He just continues to bring too many problems to the sewer project and trying to solve one, he creates another and another.

2010 would be a great year with a new head of DPW. How about a real and honest engineer? Wow, what a change that would be.
2:59 pm est 

Guertin's on a Mission

My theory is current AIRCOM lobbyist and Provincetown DPW Director is positioned to work for AIRCOM as soon as Phase 3 is done.

That's why he illegally created those staging areas on Rte 6. Guertin didn't want to take the time to get the permits and wanted be as close to phase 3 as possible from the staging areas.

The man is on a mission and our wetlands, habitation and wildlife are all victims of his ambition.
1:45 pm est 

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to All!
(How about if we all take a break from all of the criticisms of others for the next 48 hours so we all can just focus on family, friends, and Peace on Earth!)
1:44 pm est 

Ted's Back in the News
He took our money and now he's sitting on it. No affordable housing and yet the money should be returned to the greater CPC funds. Given that Michelle Guerwit-whatever he name is paid for in CPC funds, of course she then defends Ted Malone to sit on this money. Her position is illegal. CPC funds are not allowed to fund on-going posititions. So here is the money that could go to Town Hall and lessen our tax burden. But no...Ted Sits on it and Michelle lives off it. Just another revoulting situation!
1:43 pm est 

Ask Russ Braun for Answers on the Tank

Isn't he now overseeing the town hall project? Isn't this something he should have asked questions about and then anticipated? This is worse then poor planning. This is mismanagement and the spending of more tax dollars. One bungled job after another and we are not done with this. Oh, but we'll get new draperies for town hall!
1:41 pm est 

This is the Solution? A Costume Ball and New Gone With the Wind Green Velvet Drapes?
Sharon, please. Real solution for real problems. We don't need you and Michele dancing on the new floor of Town hall and looking for green velvet drapes.

There was the Couture pushing the VSB to fund these bloody drapes. This is a pure joke. Wake up. Find real solutions to Clear cutting on Route 6. Real solutions to poor fiscal policies. Real solutions to the fourday work week disaster. No one is working, Sharon. No one is around at four. Get them back to work. and do it now.
1:39 pm est 

Guertin's Questionable Relationships

How Interesting that in 2004 After Guertin Attacks AECOM as a Failed Ssytem He is soon Able to Buy Property for over $650,000

How odd. How Strange. After this, Guertin now writes that AECOM is a great company and AIRVAC provides a no-fail, easy-to run system.

As you sit by the fireplace in your now $700,000 home--or one of seven homes--how convenient that you now sing the praises of AECOM and AIRVAC.

You've done well, David. You've profited well from you praises of         , haven't you?

We're mired in mud and do do, but you are living far above us in one of your seven homes thanks to       and       .

You obviously win as we, the residents and voters, of Provincetown lose.
1:37 pm est 

The Man is Both Incompetent and.....................

Moraly speaking and perhaps worse than this. Guertin is a big pimple on our bum and we need to lance this ugle attachment. Sharon, take the knife and lance the boil. We will all feel much better when this surgery happens. And if we need to pay him to leave--because someone gave him a contract when his old one expired last fall--then pay him off. Again, pick up the steel blade and cut into him. It's now or never, my dear. Suck it up and go at him. For our sake.
1:33 pm est 

OOH, the Drapes at Town Hall!

Seems Michele is posting from Israel. She was the one pushing the VSB to defer monies for banners to replace the old drapes at town hall. Now we have someone defending the issue that problems happen and having the Costume Ball is great becuase it can bring in money for the drapes.

Couture--just o to the wailing wall and as a Catholic, consider this confessional and ask for forgiveness for the bloody mess you've left our town in. And as for the drapes, have a hot dog in Jerusalem and leave us without your pathetic comments till unfortunately you return.
1:32 pm est 

To: Sharon Lynn

Soooooooooooo..... we hear Sharon Lynn  and her "posse"of bum kissers are more concerned about the town employees vacation,sick hours(which they have and earned) than the towns serious problems!!!!!!!!!! Can you say "UNION GRIEVANCES......I GUESS SHES NEVER DEALT WITH UNION GRIEVANCES..GOOD LUCK SWEETIE.....GOD SPEED......P.S........WHY WERE SOME OF YOUR EMPLOYEES TOLD THEY HAD TO TAKE THAT TIME..AFTER YOU READ THEIR EMPLOYEE RECORDS WROMG...HMMMM.......YOU SHOULD REALLY STOP BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU MS LYNN.....
1:31 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn

We just LOVE seeing the Town Manager,Sharon Lynn with the Chief of Police,Jeff Jaron at Fanizzis after hours.....hmmmmmmmm wonder what they are talking about........umm Sharon listen carefully, your not a cop anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!Worry about your town thats falling apart!!
1:27 pm est 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Excerpts From Two Letters to the Editor inProvincetown Banner December 24 2009
"I have reviewed the earlier Notice of Intent filed by the DPW and its contractor AECOM back in May. There is absolutely no reference to the removal of trees, and no reference to the median strip.'  Dennis Minsky, Chair Conservation Committee

'Here comes Phase 3. It looks like 'in project' meant degradation of Route 6 and the receiving of materials. The was done pretty much in secrecy. There was no notice of intent filed beforehand, no notification of abutters and the selectmen received a memo one day before the work started. Inquiries by an abutter were misrepresented by DPW.  James Buckingham Provincetown."

10:24 pm est 

Candles               Provincetown Business Guild            Candles

 Season's Greetings
and a
Happy New Year
We wish you every happiness this Holiday Season, and prosperity and peace in the New Year. Thank you for continued support.  
All the best to you and yours
Provincetown Business Guild
This email was sent to by
Provincetown Business Guild | 3 Freeman Street #2 | PO Box 421 | Provincetown | MA | 02657
6:12 pm est 

This Isn't Falmouth

Just because other towns and projects on the Cape come in over budget doesn't mean that the oil tank in Provincetown  isn't an issue.  There are many projects throughout the state that come in on-time and at (or under) budget.  I don't know anything about Falmouth's problems, but comparing their problems to this project is an infantile defense for wasting 12K of the taxpayers money.  

This is only the start of the problem.  It will be an extra expense to bury the tank and maintain it - this is poor planning.  The town cannot guarantee that we will not be faced with other problems down the road because the tank was buried - no one can give us this assurance because no one can control a rising water table or things that occur underground (think sewer system - nothing is 100% foolproof).  

An above ground solution needs to be found - an NOW is the time to do it ... not five years from now when it will cost double.  Use some foresight for a change!

Paul Soares  

Paul Soares
1:58 pm est 

Re: Oil Tank

I see and hear of other town's on the cape doing multimillion dollar projects and they have one fiasco after another.  Look at the Falmouth school.  Twice the original cost and what was it, two years over schedule?

The town hall project is coming in below budget and three months ahead of schedule.  Sure there have been a few snafus, but in the long run, they are minor and we should all be proud of how this project is turning out.

I've built many homes and done many remodels.  No matter how much you think you've planned correctly and gotten the best advise, stuff happens.  You make adjustments and move on.

The oil tank is a mini blip in a project that is going extremely well.
12:48 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Costume Ball
I think it's a great idea.  How else are we going to fund the purchase of new theatrical lighting, new sound system, new drapes (which are going to costs considerably more than the 10K the VSB agreed to chip in.) and God willing, new chairs?  

The more the Town Hall Auditorium is booked in the summer, the more we all benefit as people come into town and have dinner, eat snacks and park their cars.  It's called Tourism and it doesn't happen on it's own.

The millions spent on the renovations of the town hall did not include the auditorium amenities because you all would have been too cheap to pay for it.  This is a way to refurbish the largest venue the town has and have some fun while doing it.

You don't want to go to the ball, fine.  I've already picked out my costume and I can't wait to get back in that beautiful room.
11:37 am est 

To: Katya Bush-Goode

No one is saying that the Town Hall can't have a proper source of fuel and no one is saying that the town leaders will should be stacking wood and hauling it to the furnace.

Yes, we need the tank.  But it needs to be installed properly and in a way that won't cause extra expense to the taxpayers by placing it underground - or something that will fail in five years because of a rising water table, and will need to be relocated at the taxpayer's expense.

This brouhaha is not frivolous complaining - it exemplifies why taxes are so high in this town because the leadership (past and present) has demonstrated poor planning all at the taxpayers expense.  It started with paying between $8 - 12K to custom build a tank that can't be used. Let's stop this before it turns into hundreds of thousand of dollars.  

Help create a brouhaha and call Town Hall to have them do the responsible thing in the present!  This is a big issue!    

Paul Soares
11:29 am est 

Re: Town Hall Ball Lynn's Folly!

Is this the real reason why Michele Couture made a motion for the Board of Selectmen to vote for $10,000 dollars to be used from the Visitor Service Bureau advertisement budget to purchase drapes for town Hall. And guess what? They voted to approve the motion.

Why were the precious funds designated for tourism redirected into Town Hall renovation usage, when a separate budget exist. Is this not another attempt to hide the true cost of renovation and at the expense of promoting the town.

This falls in line with Sharon Lynn's desire to have a Grand Ball while the town sinks into a greater sink hole.

What a crock!
11:21 am est 

Who is Kidding Who?

Nothing will change.  The selectmen MAKE STATEMENTS and tell the town officials what they want for years.  NOTHING EVER HAPPENS.  They all have full time jobs and being a BOS is a POWER TRIP.  Who are you all kidding.   They all sit behind that long desk on Monday nights and request items.  Do you see any follow up on our $120,000 town managers part?  ALL LIP SERVICE.   But her lips can move pretty fast for that BALL she wants held at our NEW 9 milllion dollar town hall.   Seems to me there are more important things to be done than planning a town ball.
11:09 am est 

Re: Plain and Simple

The restaurant was the Plain and Fancy
11:07 am est 

For Sale
38 Byfield St., Bristol,RI

"Beautiful historic 2 family home with a bonus cottage located in the heart of historic downtown Bristol.
Well maintained with recent updates to include new
furnaces, newer windows, newer roof and new exterior.
Must see to appreciate its character!"

Presented by: Keller Williams Realty of Newport/ East
11:04 am est 

Re: Town Hall Fuel Tank

All of this brew-ha-ha about the fuel tank is getting on my nerves.  Where do you people think oil or gas comes from?  It comes from tanks and then it is piped to the furnace. Now we all know that the renovated Town Hall needs a proper source of fuel and we can't expect that our town leaders will be stacking wood and then hauling it to the furnace.  So we need the tank, plain and simple. So everyone, go take your pills and stop finding nothing to complain about.
Katya Bush-Goode
11:03 am est 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Same as it Ever Was


Michele Couture

JAN 2004
"To dove tail what Cheryl was saying, I would really like to see a copy, in my hands, of a protocol for when these backup happen or when these problems happen.  I want to know if someone calls any of us and says they cannot get a hold of  so in so, I want a number in my hands and the protocol for situations.  Any other time to wait other than an immediate response is unacceptable.  Its beyond outrageous.  Metcalf & Eddy needs to take care of this situation.  Its taking up town employees time, aside from the fact that it is a health hazard." 

9:11 pm est 

Nothings Changed

Cheryl Andrews:

"To Ellen Freeman -  I cant tell you more how upset I am about this situation. We not only have an obligation to you short term but we have an obligation to hear clearly what the long- term permanent solution is.  In my view, you should not be at any more risk of disaster than any other property in this town.  If for some reason, at the end of this, which should not take too long, these Engineers who have designed this thing cant assure me otherwise, there is going to be hell to pay.  On behalf of the town, I extend to you a real apology."

In spite of 'engineer assurances'five years later crap continues to back up and Guertin just gets richer?
8:40 pm est 

Re: Daivd Guertin

All these properties purchased in 2004 by DPW Director Guertin?

Where did he get all this money?
8:37 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Fuel Tank Impact !

According to the article in Wicked Local it states that the tank was an "underground 3,000-gallon fuel oil tank."  

Even if its propane it's still problematic to bury the tank and a reasonable alternative is needed before this town does another thing to cause problems down the road.

The fire chief is quoted explaining that putting fuel underground increases insurance (who will pay for this?); the tank needs to be  monitored constantly (who will pay for this?); he also states, "Its very expensive to put fuel underground!  (Again, who will pay for this?)

Call Sharon Lynn and members of the BOS to ask them to think this one through to the end - and to find an affordable and reasonable alternative.  

Paul Soares
8:30 pm est 

Plain & Simple: Remember It Once Was a Restaurant in Town

Just fire the pain in our ass--ss. Fire him now. If we have to pay to finish out some secreat contract, pay the            and get him out of here. He is a heavy rusted piece of old anchor that is sinking our ship. Dump him and dump him now. Guertin overboard rights our ship.
8:21 pm est 

Clear Cutting on Route 6

Why is everyone ganging up on Mr. Guertin.  He has done nothing wrong.  When trees are cut we get more light, and isn't that the reason we are all here on the tip of the Cape---yes, the light.  Now all you people badmouthing Mr. Guertin, please shut up already.  You are becoming totally obnoxious and painful to my eyes and ears.  We should be concentrating on something extremely more important, like the Costume Ball.  I just can't wait until we can all dance our woes away.  The town will come to life and we can let go of a few shrubs. After all, it's not as if the Amazon Jungle was cut down.  Now people, get with it and behave like civilized citizens.
Katya Bush-Goode
8:14 pm est 

Re: Assessors Online Data Base For Newport, R.I

Owner of record/ Guertin David F and Nancy R
38 Byfeld St., Bristol, RI 02809

Property: 27-35 Broadway & 3 Spring St 3

Purchased date 12/08/2004 @ Sale price of $665K

Assessed Parcel Value FY 2009   $774,100K

Construction detail: Stores/Apt Com 4,498 sq ft

Fact not fiction, public information, easily accessible.
8:12 pm est 

Re: Airvac and Guertin

An update to Provincetown's AirVac system needs to be submitted to Water Environment & Technology (WE&T) immedidately before another town is snookered into believing the bs Geurtin wrote!
8:08 pm est 

Re: Sea Shore Point

And just imagine if we still owned the cape end manor! Our taxes would be MUCH higher than they are now.
8:05 pm est 

God Forgive

Satan would be better than Guertin!
8:04 pm est 

Re:Town Hall Fuel Tank
You are wrong, it was OIL not propane. From Wicked Local Ptown,
PROVINCETOWN - An unexpectedly high water table has forced the town to abandon installing an underground 3,000-gallon fuel oil tank next to Town Hall as part of the buildings restoration.

Engineers are still working to come up with another plan but it appears likely that the tank, which was eight feet in diameter and approximately 20 feet long, will have to be disposed of. Josef Rettman, vice president at North East Interiors, the contractor in charge of completing the restoration of Town Hall, said the custom-built tank might be able to be sold to another construction company. He was unsure of the cost of the tank but similar tanks cost between $8,000 and $12,000, he said.........
7:53 pm est 

Be Careful of What You Wish For

If Guertin leaves, by his own doing or otherwise, who then takes over even in the interim? Don't say anyone is better. That's just not true. Everytime someone leaves, especially if it's under duress, big gaps are left and problems can arise. Anyone remember when the former water commissioner left? Big water break on beach point and nobody but him new where the shut off was with a resulting loss of tens of thousands of gallons of drinking water. So Guertin goes. Next in line will be someone from AECOM to take over the system, which is already happening. Or perhaps Sandy Turner should? You don't want that. All direction she takes comes from those that don't work at the DPW so don't understand how to, those people being the BOS and the TM. Bring in someone from outside? And how much do you want to pay? And is there a guarantee that the new boss will have any new ideas differing from what Guertin already has proposed? Doubt it. Remember, Guertin didn't design or propose to build!
 the system the way it is, the engineers did. He's the middle man between AECOM and the town, the punching bag. New person will be the same.
3:59 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Fuel Tank

The fuel tank that was to be buried at Town Hall was for propane - not oil.
2:38 pm est 

Yes, You Are Right On: Guertin Is a Lobbyist and Promoter For Airvac and AECOM

He is in desperate conflict of interest. He is not simply writing an academic article. He is promoting a failed system as a great, workable and easy to maintain system. He is a lobbyist and advocate while he is Director of DPW. This is in direct conflict of interest. He is also the protector of AECOM so that the town of Provincetown--and not AECOM--is being fined. He continues to be the protector of the Design Build Operate Contractor who should be levied fines and made to pay for change orders. But with Guertin, the chickens (Provincetown) are being protected by the foxes (AECOM and Guertin himself.)

He is Scrooge unrepentented. He is Scrooge letting the family starve. He is unprincipled and devious and Provincetown suffers from his delinquency and           .
Let him have his Christmases elsewhere.
2:35 pm est 

Show Us Your Backside

I agree the BEST Christmas gift the Town could get would be to see Guertin riding eastbound on clear cutted RTe 6 with his RI license plate slowly fading into the horizon.

Good Ridance!
12:36 pm est 

Time to Act and Time to Say Goodbye!

I heard that info is being gathered against Guertin. It appears that those in charge have had enough of him.

Those in charge want the public to come forward with Guertin stories: anyone who has had a conflict of interest close encounter, felt you were being punished by Guertin because you might have spoken against him and or his practices (gallons being withheld), been intimidated by him in anyway etc.

Now is the time if you want to get rid of this decade old morally bankrupt nuisance.
12:35 pm est 

Guertin's Conflict of Interest

Did Geurtin get royalties from the reprints of his article of the glowing endorsement of his buddies' product, the AirVac System? It's morally wrong what he did.

This is just another example of his thumbing his nose at conflict of interests laws. If he did, how much did he get or/and is the mfg of AirVac paying him?
12:32 pm est 

Yes, It's Christmas and Good Cheer

And even more Cheer would come to many of us if David Guertin said goodby and left town. That would be a very Merry Christmas indeed!
12:28 pm est 

What Is the Status of Clear-Cutting the Median Strip on Route 6?

Is that a done deal? Or does AECOM and Guertin believe it is? Are we going to let them cut down all trees, pitch pines and scrub oaks to lay the pipes there? Such an inane plan. This needs to be stopped and the pipes lay down along the road, not through the median strip. Route 6 is not to be used callously and carelessly. This man is plain horrible.
12:27 pm est 

The Cost For Lack of Plannig and Foresight

I didn't think we were allowed to bury fuel tanks in Provincetown anymore - yet Town Hall planned on burying a 3,000 gallon fuel tank that we paid to have custom built to be buried underground.  When they dug the hole to bury the tank rushing water prevented it from being used.  Now the tank can't be used, and the town is "hoping" to sell it - and if it sells, it will be at a loss.  

Now engineers are scrambling to find a solution.  I don't understand why Town Hall is even entertaining the idea of burying such a large fuel tank underground.  I realize that we want a pretty Town Hall, but burying a $3,000 gallon fuel tank is asking for trouble.  I see in five years an oil leak ... which the town will keep secret until home heating oil creates a slick on Commercial Street.  We will be taxed with an emergency override to dig up the existing tank and relocate it (which will cost double then rather than doing it the right way now), pay fines to the EPA and pay clean up costs associated with an oil spill.  

They are trying to bury a system underground and deal with factors beyond their control such as a rising water table.  Then we will be forced to deal with and pay dearly for an even greater problem down the road.  When will this town learn?  I urge everyone to call Town Hall and the BOS and oppose burying this tank underground.

Because of this shortsightedness, we've already paid for nothing when we paid for the custom built tank that now cannot be used.  Let's stop making these wasteful and foolish mistakes at the taxpayer's expense.  

Paul Soares  

12:25 pm est 

Airvac and Guertin

Guertin has not been objective about the failed town wide sewer system and now it is apparent why. He is a lobbyist for AIRVAC using our money.
12:21 pm est 

Is it True?

Is it true that David Guertin is going to be fired? I overheard a couple in line at the Stop and Shop discussing it, but unfortunately my "eavesdropping" skills are not what they used to be... any news would be appreciated.

12:20 pm est 

Sea Shore Point

So the millions we saved from the Manor are where ?   Did the taxes go down ?
12:18 pm est 

Pay Up Guertin

Hey Geurtin owes us over $10grand in car excise taxes and penalities according to Mass Law. Not paying your car excise taxes over the years is nothing short of stealing from us/provincetown. Pay up Geurtin! Now!
12:17 pm est 

Monday, December 21, 2009

Re: "I Just Downloaded and Read"
Oh, come on, you have now gone into the realm of the completely idiotic. The article by David Guertin about the Provincetown sewer system you scream about is a good description (circa 2007) of the Provincetown sewer system written for a professional publication for the field. The specific linked version you pulled was a reprint AIRVAC did of this article. This is absolutely standard operating procedure in any professional field and the town should be proud that our DPW Director is publishing in his field. It speaks highly of both him and the Town. This is not lobbying. The article was published in the following magazine:

WE&T Magazine:
"Water Environment & Technology (WE&T) is the premier magazine for the water quality field. WE&T provides information on what professionals demand: cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, operations and maintenance, regulatory and legislative impacts, and professional development."

If the Chief of Police wrote an article for a magazine called "Small Town Cops" and it was called "Why Provincetown Chose the Ford as its Police Car" would you then scream he is a lobbyist for Ford.

Your obsession with Guertin is sick and you are a sick person. It is Christmas week, how about you give us all a break and shut up until after New Year's, go enjoy your grandkids, and stay there. 2010's coming up, maybe you can pick a new victim to defame online next year?

- not, nor ever was, DG or any other town employee, etc.
9:10 pm est 

Poor Memory

Somebody on here, does not remember how many millions of dollars we USED to pay every year when the town ran the manor. We no longer have that bill to pay!
9:07 pm est 

Re: Auto Registration
Boy, you really are the ace investigative reporter on this blog, wow, i'm just scandalized by this whole car registration thing. a car registered in another state under the name of a resident of that state used in Provincetown. lordy save us from this heinous crime. i'm going to be so busy next summer filling in those I Tax forms for all the other criminals running around commiting this offense. i mean there are cars from Florida, New York, Colorado, Connecticut and lots more. we could probably together solve the commonwealth's budget crises when all these scofflaws get busted. do you have a Superman cape to go with your Jimmy Olson ace reporter hat? this whole thing just burns me like a flaming hotel.
9:06 pm est 

Dual Standard --

One example:
Public Records

Just because it's public record , doesn't mean it's any of your DAMN business.

It's Christmas time, shouldn't you be gathering coal for your friends?
9:27 pm est



12:46 pm est (12/10)

Webmaster Comment:

By modern standards the words "Dam", "Hell" and most certainly "Rogue" are not considered curse words.
9:02 pm est 

Guertin Should Pay For the Consultant That Now Must be Hired, Not Us!
There will be a public meeting of the Conservation Commission on Wednesday, December 23, 2009, at 4:00 PM, at the Temporary Town Hall Conference Room, 16 Jerome Smith Road, Provincetown.


1.Choose from the pool of applicants a consultant for the review and mitigation of the Route 6 DPW/AECOM Phase 3 sewer project clearing of staging areas.

Posted: 12/21/09  11:30 am dj
2:35 pm est 

I Don't Get it!

This is what I don't get about a lot of you who write - are you trying to close down all services except those that service tourists and second home owners ?  

The thing you don't understand is that if you try to eliminate people and services, everything shrinks.   The tourism industry uses most of the town services, do you want less people paying for that ?
2:33 pm est 

Is David guertin Above the Law?

How about making a copy of that complaint and dropping it off anonymously in the town manager's suggestion box? Do not reveal yourself as Guertin is spiteful and has used town resources to try to get even.
Thanks for taking this to the next level. Bypassing local officials is the only way to go in this town.

Hope you get somewhere and good luck from all of Provincetown.
2:32 pm est 

Let's See -

The town spent millions to get the manor off its back, but with a solution that means that people can still die in this town.   That is very humane.   Hopefully, you will be as humane with the children in this town.
2:31 pm est 

What Savings?

Hi - hope you'all remembered how much money we saved when we closed the manor.   You got your rebate - right ?  And those savings have continued - right
2:30 pm est 

Guertin Above the Law?

Another great example of Geurtin who thinks he is above the law again and again:
Yes, please drop a dime!

Rhode Island License Plate PL-126 Ford SUV 2002. Although registered in his wife's name (who is not a registered voter in Provincetown), this is the car that DPW Director uses (290a Commercial Street). The Guertins have 'misrepresented the place of garaging' and  have 'improperly registered' it year after year (see below).

The following law has been violated for over ten years:

MGL Chapter 90 31/2 states in part:

'Any person who improperly registers a motor vehicle or trailer in another state or misrepresents the place of garaging of the motor vehicle or trailer within the commonwealth, for purposes of evading the payment of motor vehicle excise, sales and use taxes or insurance premiums, or to reduce the amount of such payment, shall be punishable by a fine of not less than $200 nor more than $1,000 for each offense. For purposes of this section, each taxable year that a motor vehicle or trailer is improperly registered shall be considered a separate offense...."
2:29 pm est 

DPW License Plate Alert!

Please post current  status of DPW Directors license plate i.e. Rhode Island vs Mass, when and where sighted.

This information will be included in a complaint which will be forwarded to the Massachusetts Board of Ethics.
12:23 pm est 

Re: David Guertin DPW Director

It's about time this blog started exposing our DPW  Director for what he really is: a liability to Provincetown! Keep the revealing posts about Guertin coming. Hear something is in the works about getting rid of him. Thank God!
12:15 pm est 

Re: Links
Thanks Webmaster.
12:13 pm est 

Dual Standard?

Webmaster, could you clarify the foul language policy as well? If one is criticizing a town official, it seems that the dirty words are allowed. Yet the stated policy is no foul words.

Either blank them all out or let us @*#%!@$ swear!

Webmaster Comment:

Please substantiate foul language claim.
11:05 am est 

Yes, Re-Structure and Downsize
But then don't take up every new project from TRansportation center to buying Cabral's to Phase 4 of the sewer system. This town has a voracious appetite for large projects and it can't seem to stop itself. And yes, a new police station.

Enough spending. Copnsolidate and live more simply. But in Michele Couture's head lies only mega projects and poor Sharon goes along to get along. Then there is David Clear-cut-Route 6-Guertin. Herein lies our problems.
10:43 am est 

Re: Storm
Congratulations to NSTAR. Couldn't believe we had power on Sunday morning after a brief outage in middle of the night.

PS: Webmaster; could you please clarify your web link posting policy. It seems if one wishes to post a specific link to help trash town officials then no problem but if a specific link is posted for any other thing it is not allowed. This seems part and parcel of this site becoming

Webmaster Comment:

Generally, posting of web links is not encouraged for two reasons-

  1- The possibly of the importation of viruses
  2- The time required to authenticate each link
However, based on relevancy and importance, specific posting are permitted. In the particular case of the Director of DPW, the information in the linkage was specific to the argument presented by the poster and therefore allowed.
10:35 am est 

Tipping Point

There is going to be a tipping point. People have sold their houses because it is too expensive to live here. It is time to make noise and demand change--don't just put a for sale sign an move. We are a small town that goes to sleep in the winter.

We can't afford all of these costs. Yes we must pay taxes--but the money must be used judiciously. Every penny must count.

The waste water treatment plant benefits every resident of the town with a cleaner harbor. Every resident should pay towards its upkeep. We all pay the $4,000,000 to educate a hand full of Provincetown students.

Even if save one million dollars a year by closing the school--it is a million saved. It is now $4 million a year and in two years it will be $6 million. Close the school now and regionalize. Sell unused buildings and property.

Cut to the bone--and then cut a bit more. My family has been doing this--it is time that the town does the same thing.
10:19 am est 

Let's Just Sell the Town !

We will make lots of money and then we can move away - oh, wait, you don't want to move ?  Let's move you away then !
10:17 am est 

Voice Our Support

We need to voice our support to the town manager and to the school superintendent that consolidating our resources is the way that we must go in these economic challenging times.

Of course we would love to have a $2,000,000 community center, a state of the art school, Provincetown's own wharf. And I'd love to have $50,000 in my savings account, a fortified IRA, a new boiler and new cars for all of my children. What the heck, a Four bedroom house on the water with a big yard and a yacht.

We can't afford all of these things. We need to sell off our non-essential buildings. We aren't made of money. The people who rent raised a stink and now the town has affordable housing developments. It is time for we taxpayers to stand up and protest the cost of living here: Betterment fees of thousands of dollars; a four million dollar a year school for less than 50 Provincetown students. Etc etc.
10:16 am est 

Community Center

Instead of 20 people convincing the selectmen not to sell it while many others think moving it into the school and making the director the school gym teacher as well is a good idea, so lets put the idea on the next Town Meeting ballot and let everyone deciede ???

I never seen a Community Center that has more weight and exercise equipment for adults than games for kids as this one has. Besides if the Town was allowed to sell it, just think of what the money can be used for. And don't let the adults who use it convince anyone different, the money they pay probably doesn't even pay the electric or heating bill. Let them squack, they will find another place, they will make us feel they can't but everyone does.
10:15 am est 

Re : "But Isn't That the Provincetown Way?"

"Get your project completed, breaking rules and asking for forgiveness along the way, then get on the right Board and make sure no one else can ever improve their property to reduce the competition when you want to sell? Even better, ignore the Ethics laws and stay in the meeting when you are an abutter and attack the project under review"

This is a very interesting point.  Can someone please tell me how this stuff happens ?

How do you tear down a house in the East end without this town knowing immediately and acting on it ASAP with an immediate stop order ?  The moment town or officals become aware of this stuff - it should be acted on immediately.
There was NO need for a house to be torn down - if the town was out there every several days there would be no problem.  What's the big deal - get out there and see whats going on.  Whoever is in charge of this should be making site visits regularly EVERY SEVERAL DAYS

I have heard that town officials are so busy - Please - get out there and review major building projects every several days. This is a small town.
How many major building projects or changes can be going on at once ? I'm not talking abuot interior stuff - but when a project involves changes to the outside of a building - that project should be vistited every several days.

Enough excuses - it isn't that difficult to get it done right and protect this town.
10:13 am est 

It's Time to Downsize Provincetown

Let's take a look at all of our municipal buildings and decide which ones we can afford to keep open and which ones we need to sell for much needed revenue. Let's really think about it, Do we really need a community center all by itself? When you really look at it, the answer is no. There is plenty of room at the VES and it has a better facility for sports, etc. Either sell the community center or turn it into the police station, although the location maybe problematic in the summer months. Let's put together a list of all municipal buildings on this blog and see which ones we can do without.  We currently have the police station, the main fire station on Shankpainter Rd, Grace Gouveia Building - Can someone shed light on what exactly is housed in that building and sorry for the spelling of the name. Townhall which is simply gorgeous now, the library, which sadly is in a state of disrepair and should be a priority in the town, pl!
ease add to the list and lets start a discussion on what to keep and what needs to be sold due to the inability of us taxpayers to pay for the upkeep.

10:11 am est 

I Just Downloaded and Read:

Politicans can't be lobbyists at the same time and either can town employees! This is an outrage!
10:09 am est 

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Costume Ball
How crazy is this, that someone in the position of Town Manager would be spending her time planning for a costume ball instead of taking care of serious town business (and there is much of it.  Enough already, Woman go take your pills, and maybe you will be able to deal with serous matters.
4:37 pm est 

Sell the Community Center
20 people with a vested interest in the community center show up to protest closing it. Meanwhile, there are a couple of thousand other residents and a great many of them don't want to spend the money keeping it open.

Sell it and put the community center in the school. How can they bow to the pressure of 20 self interested people?
4:36 pm est 


Less than 700 residents pay for the waste water treatment plant. Why should we subsidize the community center for these few people when we are paying to keep the harbor clean?

Let the people who use the community center buy it and maintain it. We aren't made of money. Sell the excess buildings and give us tax relief.
4:35 pm est 

I can't agree more with selling the Community Center and all other land/properties that are not being used.  I propose that the town develop a plan to sell all non-essential properties and use the money to re-structure the towns finances.  If we need land / buildings in the future - then borrow for them then - it is just plain silly to maintain property that will more than likely never be used or will be under utilized.  
12:39 pm est 

Long Term Planning

The town of Provincetown needs to sit down and come up with a 10 year master plan. Or has one been written and placed in a file cabinet? Everyday you read of yet another idea, ie: selling the community center and then someone opposes it so it doesn't go through. If we had a 10 year plan, everyone could come to the table and have input. It would have strategies and time lines in place to ensure that things happen in an orderly thought out manner. This "Willy Nilly" form of government has got to go. How about if we give Sharon and David G. a one way plane ticket on Cape Air to anywhere but here. It's time to get serious about the future of Provincetown, it is slowly sinking into the Atlantic!

12:38 pm est 

The Local Taxpayers

The Locals who own homes and have jobs in town with no benefits etc are being forced to sell their homes and move out of town. This is going to be a town of rich second home owners and people living on affordable housing.

The community center is a burden on the taxpayers. Our taxes support a community center for the people who teach and their students. Let them go somewhere else to take their classes. It can be done at the school if we move the community center there.

Why add more and more burden onto the taxpayers.
12:35 pm est 

Instead of Making a Decision to Have a Custume Ball, Why Not Make a Serious Decision
And do something about the mess at the sewer and the misjudgments from this man Guertin. Stop fiddling while Provincetown is covered in sewer overflows and destroyed conservation land. Put a match to his ass and let him run out of town. You know how to strike a match, don't you?
11:54 am est 

Peter Karl Memorial Rescheduled
Provincetown Business Guild
For those who are planning to attend the memorial services for Peter Karl please note the following change due to the weather:
The memorial service will now take place tomorrow, Monday Dec. 21, 2009 at 10am, at the West Dennis Community Church, 288 Main St. (Route 28), West Dennis.  The graveside service is still scheduled to take place tomorrow, Monday Dec. 21, at 1pm at the Provincetown Cemetery.  Any specific questions can be directed to Gately-McHoul Funeral Home of Provincetown 508.487.4470.
11:46 am est 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Citizens Are Speaking up!

Actually what is occurring on the blog is a community coming together and saying 'no more.'
We want you David Guertin to be fired as the result of ten years of misdeeds against our town.
7:49 pm est 

Sell the Community Center

People who teach classes and who are involved with the community center show up at a meeting and the Town Manager caves.

They don't want to lose their place of business. They hold classes and charge money and don't pay anything to the community center--do they? Do they pay rent? We pay the heat etc. for these few people and their students?
3:46 pm est 

Re: "What Has Been Occurring on This Blog"
What has been occuring on this blog is the annual Jihad by one embittered, terminated, town employee against his annual victim. Each year he picks someone or some group to lash out against and pour forth his venom and hatred. Last time he lost his job. His misery at his own life failings are the strongest message I get from his postings and seems other see it as well.

Merry freaking xmas.

- not DG nor any relation or a town employee, etc.
3:45 pm est 

Banner Headlines
Would some kind soul tell us what the major stories are in the banner for we who don't live in town? The storm may prohibit us getting the paper soon.
3:43 pm est 

Were We Told that Phase 3 Would Involve the Clear-Cutting of the Median Strip from Howland to Shankpainter?

Why was this "news" at the Con Con meeting? Why were people shocked? Shouldn't the decision to put the pipes in the median strip have been a topic of public discussion? Clear cutting the median strip and making Route 6 ugly, treeless in the middle, and the place for pipes should have been discussed long before this.

And now what? Is this going to be allowed? Why should it be? Is there no end to this foolishness and miserable decision making by Guertin and his sidekicks AECOM?

He sickens me.
3:40 pm est 

Re: Martin House

According to the Banner, the Martin House buyer pulled out because the abutter's complaint about excessive loud noise outside would be created. That was the last straw for the buyer.. Just not worth fighting the foolishness of the neighbor. I don't think noise from a few people dining outside ( I ate there many times maybe 8 to 12 people at most at a time many people would not eat outside because of the noise going on next door) would create any noise to compete with the dance bar's overly amplfied music.
3:38 pm est 

Re: To Be Fore Warned is to Be Fore Armed

As a concerned citizen I told Sharon Lynne when she first came on board that the DPW used sewer money for the local match for the grant that built the pier bathrooms, pavilion and shade structures on MacMillan pier in the amount of $125K.  Nothing was ever done.  Given what has been occurring on this blog I feel that every DPW project since Mr. Guertin has been in charge should be audited and all monies accounted for: Received, Voted Upon and spent.

Candace, sink your teeth into this one, please!

Walls have Ears
11:08 am est 

Re: "No Changes" and Zoning

But isn't that the Provincetown way? Get your project completed, breaking rules and asking for forgiveness along the way, then get on the right Board and make sure no one else can ever improve their property to reduce the competition when you want to sell? Even better, ignore the Ethics laws and stay in the meeting when you are an abutter and attack the project under review.

I have to note the post regarding what Martin House was "given" as "gifts." This betrays the attitude that irks so many about town boards. These boards aren't set up to "give" "gifts." They are established to approve private property owners changes to their properties or not according to written laws passed by voters. These approvals aren't "gifts" to be "given" or withheld. That mindset is what enrages people. These boards serve a valuable purpose but if they continue to approach the world with that attitude their roles and membership should be examined.

11:06 am est 

You Missed the Point
The Martin House applicants were granted major changes to the building. They were granted dormers on the second floor for living space for the proposed owner and a second dormer. They were granted the right to add balconies throughout the building. Major changes were granted to the Martin House and after the final decision the propspective buyer--who had paid for the design changes--requested that the deciion be made nul and void. This is what happened in the request for the withdrawal without prejudice.
11:03 am est 

Re: Martin House Calcs
An earlier poster calculated potential sales tax loss to the Town from Martin House not re-opening as a restaurant. Just a thought though; that presumes that a restaurant at that location would generate all new business not currently being taxed. If it simply draws away business from other restaurants then the net sales tax generated would be same. Correct?

PS: Webmaster, it would be nice if you would clarify your posting rules. It seems if one treats this site as one can post anything including real estate records and copyrighted materials. However if one tries to post any evidence that this jihad against Mr. Guertin is driving by one person's miserable failings in life those posts are deleted. Could you clarify why you allow complete contraveniton of your stated policy for one person but not anyone else?
11:01 am est 

Whydah vs Guertin

Now we know the real reason Ptown is losing the Whydah Museum.  And our elected officials allowed this to happen?

Bergman hurt this town immeasurably but his pal Guertin
continues. Get rid of Guertin now!
8:54 am est 

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hey Blah Blah
We are!
9:36 pm est 

Martin House and Zoning Board
It is no wonder that they asked for the case to be dismissed without prejudice---do you people realize that there are a couple of nutcases on that board that think there should be no changes to any building in town.  These are people who have no common sense and have no idea of what a logical decision should be. How on earth are these people allowed to be on such an important board.  Anyone who has been before this board surely know who they are.
9:32 pm est 

Stop Writing and do Something!

Why is it that people post to this blog and say, "this should be reported to..." then go ahead and report it... do you think that putting it on this blog that the people who need to actually see the information will get it? Go ahead and send the link to the proper authorities if you think they need to have it, but stop posting crap on this blog like it has some authority to do something. This is just a place for the people of Provincetown to       and moan about all the things they are too lazy to get off their asses to change.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah
9:27 pm est 

You've Got a Mess: What is Sharon Going to Do?

That is the one and only question. Is she going to dismiss all these failings and failures of the system or is she going to act and get rid of Guertin. She wanted to fire him before. What happened? What does Guertin have over Sharon Lynn?

Stand up. Suck it in. Stand tall. Then tell him: 'You're Fired."

What is this woman waiting for? Is this a lady-like response to a crisis? Trying to be nice is not the answer. Sorry Sharon but we can't thrive with lady-like actions. It's not about being nice and smiley face. It's about being strong and taking charge of this town.

Let's hope you find the courage you need to do what you should for all of us. We too are tired of fighting the same dam battle day after day and Guertin continues to have his way. We're tired. You should be tired too. So do something, please.
9:25 pm est 

What Has Been the Real Cost to Provincetown

Below is the frivolous lawsuit suspiciously instigated by Guertin that the Town spent over 100,000k in legal fees and lost this past year:

By Mary Ann Bragg
Banner Staff

PROVINCETOWN  Bad blood between some occupants of 16 MacMillan Wharf, home of the Whydah Pirate Museum and the Boston Harbor Cruises dock, and Director of Public Works David Guertin has surfaced with the wharfs recent filing of a lawsuit against the town.

Two individuals associated with the wharf, including one co-owner, claim that in 2002 Guertin failed to pay for docking his sailboat and also offered his influence in reducing the wharfs water bill. A second claim is that during an outburst in 2002 at a meeting at a regional Dept. of Environmental Protection office, Guertin threatened wharf co-owner Barry Clifford with cutting off town services.

Guertin refuted both charges this week.

The two allegations emerged following a $660,000 betterment assessment the town made against 16 MacMillan Wharf last July, and which the wharf owners are now fighting in Barnstable Superior Court. The suit was filed in mid-November.

In state law, extra taxes, called betterments, may be levied on property owners who benefit from a public improvement project such as a pier reconstruction or a sewer. In town documents, the betterment assessment to 16 MacMillan Wharf is described as recouping part of the $16.7 million reconstruction cost of the town pier, which the wharf abuts.

I cant help wondering what role the director [of the DPW] actually played in the unprecedented decision by the selectmen to file, without notice, an astronomical betterment assessment lien, of highly dubious legality, against 16 MacMillan Wharf? wharf property manager Ken Kinkor said this week.

Town officials see it differently, though.

Weve built an $18 million driveway to the Whydah pier, Town Manager Keith Bergman said this week in justifying the assessment. Its been on the towns radar screen for a while.

The betterment is mentioned in town paperwork dating from 2002. The contract for the town pier construction project was signed in 2000 and was only considered complete last March.

Bergman said the 16 MacMillan Wharf assessment is the only one for the town pier project because there are no other private properties benefiting directly from the upgrade. He added that the assessment may be the largest he could recall in his 15 years in town, but he said that was due to the limited number of large capital projects undertaken: the town pier and the new sewer system.

The assessment calculation, which was proposed by Guertin and endorsed by Town Counsel, says that 16 MacMillan Wharf takes up 3.9 percent of the total distance around the town pier and the wharf combined. Therefore the assessment is 3.9 percent of the $16.7 million project cost: $660,000. (That figure was adjusted to $632,000 in September.)

Kinkor and others dispute several things about the assessment: that the 3.9 percent is too high, based on Barnstable County Registry of Deeds data; that the assessment is unusually burdensome, representing half of the 2005 assessed value of 16 MacMillan Wharf; that the lien placed against the property for the assessment has stymied plans for the property; and, in the lawsuit, that the assessment and the issuance of the assessment may have been illegal under state law.

Wharf co-owner Clifford has complained about the assessment to Attorney General Thomas Reilly as well.

According to the town finance department, payment of the betterment is scheduled to begin in the next fiscal year and can be made in 17 annual installments.

In January Kinkor wrote to the Banner with the complaint about Guertin, saying he had read about conflict of interest issues within the Dept. of Public Works in the last several months.

This week Kinkor recalled an alleged incident in the spring months of 2002 when he and three others were standing outside at 16 MacMillan Wharf when Guertin walked up to them. Guertin made a comment, Kinkor said, about his sailboat being docked for longer than expected at the wharf. He said, if we cut him some slack on his bill then he would see what he could do about our water bill, Kinkor said.

Guertin said this week that he recalls his boat being moored at 16 MacMillan Wharf in 2001 for about a week because he was invited to do so by Clifford and that he never received a bill requesting payment. Guertin added that he rarely if ever has anything to do with water bill abatements and that the accusation was foolish.

Another individual associated with 16 MacMillan Wharf, out of the three others allegedly present, confirmed Guertins words both verbally and in writing. The third individual allegedly present, property trustee Rick Nolan, declined to comment on Tuesday, and a fourth person, a former employee of Boston Harbor Cruises, could not be located.

Kinkor could not produce an unpaid invoice for Guertin this week, saying the wharf normally only issues paid receipts. The bill would likely have been in the range of $750 and $2,500, given an estimate by Kinkor of the length of Guertins boat and the per-foot docking fee.

At a minimum, a public official violates state conflict of interest law when attempting to gain exclusive privileges of substantial value in the private sector. A public official that demands anything of value in exchange for acts that violate his role in town government is considered involved with potential bribery.

Kinkor also described an alleged monumental screaming tirade by Guertin later in 2002 after a DEP meeting, where Guertin allegedly told Clifford that he would never get anything from this town. The meeting involved a wharf slip space just north of the museum, which the town claimed as its own.

Clifford confirmed both in writing and in person the details of the scene.
In turn Guertin described the incident differently, saying Clifford approached him about never paying for the boat slip despite having offered it to Guertin for short-term repairs.

Guertin acknowledged the difficult relations that existed at times between the town and some wharf occupants during the town pier project. In spite of it all, we tried the best we could in the course of the pier [project] to provide complete and free access [to the Whydah], Guertin said.

In an ancillary detail, a town official and Clifford confirmed this week that light discussions about the town purchasing 16 MacMillan Wharf have occurred during the last year. Clifford said that the use discussed was that of a bathhouse or public restrooms, and he added that the structure is not for sale at this time.  
9:24 pm est 

Now We Advertise Directly For Our Subcontractors

This is patently Ridiculous! David Guertin is permitting his name to be used openly in an advertisement touting the virtues of his equipment suppliers. This is just wrong. What is one to think?

Who is responsible for permiting such action?

Visit this site:


Be patient it takes time to load.

This should be reported to the BOS, Attorney General and the Board of Ethics
7:01 pm est 

Provincetrown Business Guild
Provincetown Business Guild
Provincetown Business Guild
Weekly Update
December 18, 2009
The Provincetown Business Guild would like to convey it's sympathy to the family and friends of Peter Karl.  His unexpected passing was a great loss to our community.  Peter was a longtime supporter of the PBG, along with many of the other non-profit organizations in town.  More importantly, he always had a smile on his face and a kind word for everyone.  He was always supportive of our community and was one of those people that makes Provincetown the special place that it is. Our love and support go out to his husband David during this time.
A memorial service will take place on Sunday Dec. 20, 2009 at 2pm, at the West Dennis Community Church, 288 Main St. (Route 28), West Dennis.  A graveside service will take place on Monday Dec. 21, at 1pm at the Provincetown Cemetery.  Any specific questions can be directed to Gately-McHoul Funeral Home of Provincetown 508.487.4470.

There will not be a weekly email blast next Thursday because of the holiday.

Join the PBG on Facebook
Ad deadline is December 28th, 2009.  Ad sheets have been sent in the December monthly mailing.  If you'd like to place an ad please contact the office M-F between 10am and 2pm.
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We are posting a schedule of events for each of the VSB funded "Winter Weekends".  If you have a special event, entertainer, etc. on New Year's Eve, Martin Luther King Weekend or Valentine's Day Weekend send it to us.  If you don't let us know we can't add it.  If you have an event to tell us about please include date, name of event, times, location and short description and send it to
VSB Grants
The Visitor Services Board has approved the Application for FY2011 Tourism Grants. The deadline for submitting an application is January 22, 2010.  Applications can be obtained through the tourism office.
Bob Sanborn
Director of Tourism
(508) 487-3298
Member Announcements
 Banner Ad
Bartt Weisman Jazz Group
Carol Wyeth (vocals), Alan Clinger (guitar), Michael Ryle (bass) and Bart Weisman (drums)

THIS FRIDAY - DECEMBER 18TH, 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Cape Codder Resort
Route 132 & Bearse's Way, Hyannis
(508) 771-3000,


Provincetown Art Association and Museum Presents....
460 Commercial Street, Provincetown
(508) 487-1750,

5th Season of Winter Jazz with Bart Weisman
Concert Featuring Jazz Vocalist Carol Wyeth
Sponsored by Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
Saturday, December 19, 2:00pm
*the Concert is Free with $7.00 paid general admission to the museum

featuring Bruce Abbott (sax), Joe Mongelli (trumpet), Fred Boyle (piano), Laird Boles (bass) and Bart Weisman (drums)
Provincetown Theater
Tickets are now on sale for our two holiday productions, "Spirit of the Season" and "The Snowman in the Dunes." 

"Spirit of the Season", presented by The Provincetown Theater Company is an evening of holiday magic featuring the plays "A Child's Christmas in Wales" from the Dylan Thomas poem and "Gift of the Magi" from the O Henry short story. Performances December 17, 18, 19 at 7:30pm and December 20 at 2:00pm.  Tickets are $18.00 for adults and $15.00 for students and seniors. Both plays are approved for all audiences.

"The Snowman in the Dunes" an original play by Patrick Lamerson is being presented by the newly formed Provincetown Children's Theater.  This production specifically for young children will be performed December 19th at 2:00pm and December 20th at 11:00am.  There may even be a special appearance by Santa.  Tickets are $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for children.

Tickets can be purchased over the phone at 508-487-7487 or through our website or come visit us at the box office.

Provincetown Art Association and Museum
Festival of Trees Silent Auction
Closing December 19, 3:30 PM
An invitational exhibition and silent auction of modern sculptures inspired by the Christmas Tree.  Featuring the work of contemporary artists and PAAM members Joe Fiorello, Mike Wright, Robert Rindler, Richard Lacasse, Conny Hatch, Frank Vasello and Ed Christie.  Closing reception with refreshments December 19th @ 3:30pm, final bids at 4pm.  Telephone bids accepted until 3:45pm. Bidder registration is free.  All proceeds benefir PAAM's exhibitions and public programs! 



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Sassy. Smooth. Intoxicating.
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Saturday, January 2, 2010 at 8pm
The Crown & Anchor, 247 Commercial St.
Limited VIP tickets $50, $25 General admission
Preferred concert seating for Pre-show diners in
The Central House on property.
Reservations required, please.
Tickets on sale now at or by calling
The Crown & Anchor at 508.487.1430
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Community Development Partnership

Join the Women of Fishing Families (WOFF) and the Community Development Partnership (CDP) for a four-part series targeted towards fishing families looking to gain a clearer picture of their personal financial situation. Topics include:

    - Budgeting and Money Management
    - Credit Reports, Credit Score & Credit Repair
    - Consumer Lending
    - Credit Cards
    - Foreclosure Prevention

Participants will prepare a home budget, understand how to borrow and repay money and know how and where to get a free annual credit
report, and understand it. They will also understand the repercussions of maintaining credit card debt and how it effects the family financial decisions. And, those affected by a mortgage situation will be guided through a process toward resolution.

Program Details
Thursdays, January 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Chatham Community Center - 702 Main Street, Chatham

There is no cost for this class.

For More Information and To Register - contact Lisa Panaccione at (508) 240-7873 x25 or by email at

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Begins Thursday December 17, 6:30 p.m. and continues biweekly Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. through April 29, 2010.  Each of the films will be screened at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) with an introduction and post-screening discussion led by Howard Karren, a former editor of Premiere Magazine.
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Town Happenings
12/19 - PAAM Holiday Concert, Winter Jazz Series, Bart Weisman -
12/31 - 1/3/2010 - New Year's Eve Weekend -
5:24 pm est 

Re: Martin House

HDC Gave the Martin House Almost Everything They Wanted Except One Balcony and French Doors

They were given Dormers on both sides for extra head room and living space. They were given decks all around and decks on the sides. Then with all these "gifts" they asked that the approved plans and decisions be withdrawn without prejudice. Is this what also happened at Zoning? Check exactly when plans are withdarwn--before or after decisions are made.

Seems a complex case with some hidden agendas.
4:31 pm est 

Axe to Grind?

It's Guertin's Axe and Metcalf & Eddy's that will Cut down all the trees and bushes on the median strip

That's the real axe. What we are discussing is the past history of this man who should have been fired years ago. Keith Bergman obviously got something from this sewer system and from keeping Guertin in place. Sharon, I don't assume you are getting anything but grief. But still you are too cowardly to fire him. What is worng with you? Cat got your tongue again? Fire Guertin and we will all be better off--you included. Bring in a temporary real engineer--Guertin is not even an engineer--and a team to re-assess the system and the future plans. IN a month, they would rectify the problem and give you good, solid advice--better then the doo doo Guertin is giving you now.
3:19 pm est 

Zoning/Martin House
Before everyone gets their undies in a bunch and gets out their torches and pitchforks regarding the supposed denial of the Martin House returning to be a restaurant please be aware of one thing. The Zoning Board NEVER ruled on the case. It was withdrawn by the applicant. The applicant and everyone here has NO idea exactly what the ZBA ruling would have been. The "process" was never allowed to run its course.
3:15 pm est 

Who Works For Whom?

The following is a perfect example of Guertin working hand-in-glove in concert with the very company, AECOM, he is supposed to be supervising. Please note that during this seminar Provincetown is the only municipal Authority sharing the podium with a commercial presenter.

This act alone totally compromises any action the town might take against its Contractor for non-performance.

Case in point:

The rational for Over cutting on route 6 was that AECOM was provided erroneous maps. Any professional knows that it was incumbent on the part of AECOM and its subcontractors to use due diligence and to independently certify the veracity of the map information. and as stated at the Concom
meeting ,GPS was utilized to determine location, which would have been accurate to at least 3 feet. Alleged erroneous information provided by Provenctown i.e.Guertin, does not relieve AECOM of their responsibility for the resulting fiasco and accordingly they should be back-charged by the town for all cost associated with the route 6 Clear cutting incidence. By interjecting himself in this matter Guertin protects AECOM at the expense of the town.

Was Guertin's joint participation with Rob Adams, AECOMS (Metcalf and Eddy) Project Engineer, authorized and by whom? It is not hard to see why it is very difficult for Provincetown to separate itself from the costly actions of AECOM. Guertin's actions always inveigles Provincetown with AECOMS  actions good and bad!

Wastewater Workshop Series for Decision-Makers: Workshop # 3

CentralizedWastewater Treatment: Sewer Systems

September 11, 2008

Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

9:00 am – 12:30 pm (Optional Field Trip: 1:30 - 3:00 pm)


08:00 am – 09:00 am Coffee and Sign-in

09:00 am – 09:10 am Welcome, Introductions and Announcements

Tonna-Marie Rogers, Coastal Training Program Coordinator, WBNERR

09:10 am – 09:55 am Using Sewers to Manage Nitrogen Loading to Coastal Waters:

Making Decisions on the Best Fit for a Municipality

Nate Weeks, Senior Project Engineer, Stearns and Wheler, LLC

09:55 am – 10:30 am Dealing with Financial Hurdles: Linking Capital Planning with

Wastewater Planning

Mark Milne, Finance Director, Town of Barnstable

Financing Opportunities within the new Environmental Bond Bill

Andrew Gottlieb, Executive Director, Cape Cod Water Protection


10:30 am – 10:45 am Coffee Break

10:45 am – 11:05 am Understanding the Regulatory Context: From Planning to Operation

Brian Dudley, Environmental Engineer, DEP

11:05 am – 12:05 pm Panel Discussion: Lessons on Addressing Community Concerns

Managing Municipal and Homeowner Needs during the Installation Process: A

Contractor’s Perspective – Bill McMahon, Project Manager, Robert B. Our Company

How Easy is it to Operate and Maintain Large Sewer Systems? – Joe Alosso, Wastewater

Facilities Manager, Edgartown and Oak Bluffs

Sewers and Growth: A Planning Strategy to Preserve Community Character - Robert

Duncanson, Director of Health and Environment, Town of Chatham

12:05 pm – 12:30 pm A Municipality’s Journey to Extend a Sewer System: the Case o Provincetown David Guertin, DPW Director, Town of Provincetown & Rob Adams, Metcalf and Eddy

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Complimentary Networking Lunch

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm *Optional Field Trip to the Falmouth Wastewater Treatment Facility

Jerry Potamis, Wastewater Superintendent, Town of Falmouth

1:04 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

"Guertin should not be standing in front of other towns and other sewer systems clients to advocate for the advantages of the AECOM system"

We have the right to know wheter or not Guertin is getting paid in any way for all these presentations for AECOM! It gets more surreal each day with all these despicable things the present and past town managers have let him get away with and keep his job.
12:21 pm est 

Cabral's Pier

Lets turn the clock back. the state closed macmillan pier and it was in far beter shape then cabrals. when a muniucipality owns a wharf they are held up to higher standards. let have a independent evaluation of this wharf before any progress made by the town. not one paid for by the owners. let us be very careful on this idea..
11:44 am est 

Martin House -

The Selectmen need to sit with the Boards and figure this one out.   If it is sold as a single family house it must need some Zoning relief or it should.  If we loose commerical property, we do not regain them.   The climate of the neighbors prevents this. Really if the neighbor of the Martin can actually say with a straight face that they live in a "quiet west end neighborhood". We will never see a conversion from residential to commercial.  

The loss of a restaurant is significant.  It has broad reaches for tourism - there are less quality places to go.  And what is the loss of sales tax revenue on that business?  If gross receipts are say $1 million (and that may be a low number) - at 6.25% that is $62,500 - does not the town get half of this back ?

The Selectmen need to focus on development - and this is an easy one to save - not just trying to close things down to save a buck.  
11:42 am est 

Bad Parenting

I was at the stop and shop. As you know, there are two entrances and exits. I had paid for my groceries and I was walking out towards the exit thinking about what size bottle of wine to buy at the liquor store.

A mature woman and a little girl started walking towards me and towards the exit behind me I assume, the woman must have realized that she was going the way, so she said to the little girl, this way, and turned and started walking in front of me.

The girl said, That man is following me! Here I was nicely dressed musing about a wine and Christmas presents and the coming snow and my travel plan and just plain minding my own business exiting a store and this child says this out loud.

The mature woman just kept walking instead of saying to the distraught child..he isn't following us--he is just walking in the same direction. Instead, this child assumed I was following them all the way to the door. Thank goodness I wasn't parked next to them and walking towards their car or the child would have had a serious panic attack!

Can't you teach your children to discern between a public store and an isolated street? No wonder there are no children visible in this town--you are teaching them to be paranoid, frightened kids afraid of their own shadow! What a pathetic display of so called "parenting" making your child so paranoid that they think they are a walking victim in every day life. What ignorance.
11:40 am est 

Axe to Grind
A former worker and or his friends obviously have a big ax to grind against Mr. Gurtin. It is in the past. Lets go on to something else.

There isn't any more to rehash about him. When will the affordable housing be built at 90 Shank Painter Rd? The money went to these developers instead of to the completion of our library--which project will be completed first?
11:38 am est 

Sharon, Guertin is a Reflection on You

What will it take for you to see who this man and how incompetent he is? What in God's name will it take? Does the entire town have to be raped and desecrated and not only Route 6? What will it take for you to act?

Your inaction is such a disappointment.
11:34 am est 

Wait a Minunte! Guertin Should not be the Poster Child for AECOM

As head of DPW, Guertin should be overseeing AECOM and objectively be assessing their work. When mistakes and failures occur, Guertin should be calling AECOM on the mat. Guertin should be pressing for AECOM to rectify their problems and to pay for the disasters caused by the system. Guertin should not be standing in front of other towns and other sewer systems clients to advocate for the advantages of the AECOM system. This is a definite conflict of interest and the town and voters are sacrificed for AECOM's profit. Fees, fines and re-doing of the system should absolutely be absorbed by AECOM. Guertin should be making certain they pay for problems in the systm. And yet, he sacrifices the town and has the town absorb the cost. How wrong this all is, how absurd, how ridiculous that Provincetown allows this to happen.
11:33 am est 

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Please Release Provincetown From This Burden!

David, your question as to why Enos and Flores are not now working for the DPW and you are, begs an answer. However, that answer should come from the Town Manager.

Sharon Lynn, please answer David's question with a notice of dismissal.

Enough is enough!
8:33 pm est 

So now we're going to include the history of Scott Enos and Larry Flores in comparison to Guertin? Really. This should be good. Where does on ebegin with the dirt on those two? Maybe lets start with who works for the town still and who doesn't. And why is that??
8:24 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

Costly and frivolous lawsuits, costly and unnessary fines, very questionable sudden change of opininion on the waste water treatment project, enviromental damage to Provincetown's wetlands in 2007 and 2009, illegal clear cutting of our beloved Rt6 greenway, robbing the town out of car excise tax revenue for over a decade: does our Town Manager need anything else to fire this son of a bitch?
8:22 pm est 

Re: David Guertin vs Larry Flores

8:21 pm est 

Re: David Guertin vs Larry Flores

"Town officials were not available yesterday afternoon to comment on the amount of public funds and resources spent in the case."
How much did that cost Provincetown Taxpayers Mr. Multimillionare DPW Director who doesn't pay his car excise tax in Provincetown like the rest of us?

How much did that court case just blogged concerning the betterment cost us Mr. Better than thou not so smarty pants?

How much ARE your clear cutting fines going to cost us?

You are no good for our town. I hope you are FIRED!
8:19 pm est 

There is a History Here!

P'town man acquitted of harassing ex-boss

 By Mary Ann BraggSTAFF WRITER

May 15, 2008ORLEANS — A jury decided yesterday that a former Provincetown Department of Public Works employee was not guilty of criminally harassing the town's public works director, David Guertin.

Larry Flores, 38, of Provincetown, faced a single charge alleging criminal harassment in town related to incidents on Sept. 21, 2006, May 10, 2007, and May 21, 2007.

Prosecutor Michelle Groff needed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that on three separate occasions Flores acted willfully and maliciously to cause Guertin emotional distress, according to court officials.

Before the trial began yesterday, Flores had turned down a prosecutor's offer of pretrial probation, he said. After the verdict, Flores said he felt vindicated. "Justice was served," he said. "The truth came out. Nobody's above the law.

The two men have an acrimonious history, according to testimony during the trial.

Guertin supervised the 40-member department from which Flores was terminated in July 2005. According to Flores, he was offered another job in the department later in 2005, but he turned the position down because it was lower in stature.

The two men saw each other on Sept. 21, 2006, at the Grand Union parking lot in Provincetown. Guertin said Flores flailed his arms and cursed at him from as close as one foot away. Guertin described himself as shaking and cowering when he locked his car out of fear of Flores. But a witness for Flores, close friend Scott Enos of Truro, testified Guertin made an inflammatory comment that sparked the tiff.

Guertin also testified that on May 21, 2007, on Alden Street, Flores had charged him with clinched fists. But a witness for Flores said she saw Guertin give "Larry the bird" during the incident.

Flores did not testify in the trial. If found guilty, he faced up to 2½ years in jail and a $1,000 fine, according to state records.

"Obviously, they don't like each other," Flores' attorney, Andrew Koczera of New Bedford, told jurors.

Town officials were not available yesterday afternoon to comment on the amount of public funds and resources spent in the case.

Mary Ann Bragg can be reached at
4:44 pm est 

What a Difference a Day Makes!

"Town Manager Keith Bergman declined to release Guertin's memo for public review. Bergman said the town's contract with M&E, and therefore Guertin's memo, has been under legal review since town officials were reprimanded in September by DEP over the sewer spills from the month before."

4:13 pm est 

What Changed His Mind?
4:10 pm est 

This is Nuts!

We have a screwed up situation with the town hall propane tank and some town officials want to purchase Fishermans Warf. Can we finish the library, repair the old Freeman street library, maintain at least a little the rec center which looks a  bit shabby first. And then the town is considering a new police station, parking garage and the new waterfront park. Are we in a financial recession or are we in a common sense depression. Has anyone thought about putting in a municipal swimming pool while were at it?  
4:09 pm est 

What Changed His Mind?

DPW Director Calls Sewer Design Flawed

November 18, 2004
"Provincetown,MA -- The contractor who agreed to design, build and operate the town of Provincetown's sewer system for 20 years has delivered a flawed design, town Director of Public Works David Guertin said in a confidential memo last week.

Guertin's sentiments echoed an outburst he had at a Selectmen's meeting last week, following sewer contractor Metcalf & Eddy's update to the town on a series of what M&E calls instabilities in the system. "It isn't tweaking," Guertin told the Selectmen during a break. He was referring to M&E's strategy to remedy problems that first surfaced in August.

Guertin said at the meeting and in his memo, which the Banner was shown by a confidential source, that capital improvements such as buffer tanks, double buffer tanks and valve pits are needed to handle the pumping of wastewater into the sewer vacuum system. No cost estimate of those capital improvement were mentioned.

Guertin said his unhappiness with M&E is punctuated by a failure of the sewer system on Thursday Nov. 4, when Brian Dudley from the state Dept. of Environmental Protection was in town. Dudley witnessed the failure, Guertin said, and M&E's response time of 40 minutes. (The failure occurred when a vacuum valve in the East End line was accidentally not returned to normal following sewer construction at the Mews Restaurant.)

Town Manager Keith Bergman declined to release Guertin's memo for public review. Bergman said the town's contract with M&E, and therefore Guertin's memo, has been under legal review since town officials were reprimanded in September by DEP over the sewer spills from the month before.

Metcalf & Eddy, Inc. is based in Wakefield and holds the $19.5 million contract with the town.

As expected, Bergman received a Notice of Noncompliance from DEP last Tuesday regarding the August overflows, which occurred at 27 Commercial St. in the West End and at 351A, 530 and 587 Commercial St. in the East End.

The town has violated its groundwater discharge permit, DEP said. M&E must provide weekly progress updates to the town on its remedies and maintain communication with DEP on its meeting with equipment manufacturers such as vacuum system manufacturer Airvac. Within 60 days the town must submit a plan to the state for returning the system to compliance and within 180 days all corrective actions must be completed.

At the Selectmen's meeting M&E said the "major instability" in the system was caused by wastewater flow coming from the Ice House Condominiums in the East End. That instability has now been eliminated, M&E engineer Brian Harrington told the Selectmen. The repercussions from the Ice House connection continues, however. In Town Hall blame is being laid alternately on M&E, sewer operator Bill Burke and Environmental Partners Group engineer Wayne Perry, whose role includes advising homeowners on their property sewer connections and seeing that the town's interests are protected.

This week an Ice House trustee recalled that his association had lobbied to connect to the sewer and had received permission from town boards during the summer of 2003. The 23-unit association received a letter from the town in 2004 advising them that fines could be levied if they failed to connect to the sewer right away. The association also knew that their large holding tank needed a timer installed, to allow for a controlled release into the sewer, given the large amount of wastewater expected. However a combination of town officials and M&E representatives, including Wayne Perry and Bill Burke, okayed a connection in early July that allowed the association to connect without a timer.

It was the uncontrolled flow of wastewater from the Ice House that overwhelmed the system, sewer officials have said, leading to a loss of vacuum and overflows system-wide in August.

The Ice House trustee said that Guertin had strongly urged the association to connect before the July and August season because the town needed wastewater flows and the resulting sewer use revenues. The trustee also said that photos of town officials at the Ice House had been taken on the July 2 connection date that included Town Manager Keith Bergman.

"I don't think it's an Ice House problem," the trustee said, noting that the condo's highest occupancy was in July, not during the August sewer overflows. "I wish they would stop blaming properties, figure it out and fix it.

The Ice House has submitted an invoice to the town, the trustee said, for expenses incurred beyond what the association had originally been told to expect for a connection. The trustee declined to give the amount of the invoice and both Guertin and DPW Deputy Director Sandy Turner said they had not received such an invoice.

Apart from the Ice House instability, M&E has said it is working on better understanding the impact of the eight large, private pumps feeding wastewater into the vacuum system. Harrington had said that the original design for Provincetown had not anticipated that so many private pumps would be used. M&E is also waiting for an analysis of the sewer's hydraulics from Airvac.In one minor note, a sinkhole large enough to engulf a car tire formed on Commercial Street across from the Boatslip Resort Monday night, due to what town officials believe was a shift in fill from a sewer connection.

A draft of M&E's plan to return Provincetown sewer system to compliance is expected in Town Hall on Dec.

16.Source: Mary Ann Bragg, Banner Oline"

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it!
3:57 pm est 

Re: "Someone Should Really Shut This Blog Down!!!!!! H"
Simple solution for you = don't read it.  No one is forcing you.
3:53 pm est 

Re: Martin House

The beach house behind the Martin House added 25% to the footprint and each of the 3 stories. That to me is at least an appreciable addition if not large.
3:52 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

It is amazing that people are bashing David Guertin because of his real estate holdings - do you know about the real estate holdings of other town employees?  of current or past members of town boards, expecially regulatory boards?

Unless you know all the facts you should not insinuate that something is illegal.  Do you know what his monthly bills are?  Do you know if the properties are rental properties.  

You gossips on here should get jobs.
3:41 pm est 

Reading All This Negativity ...

Someone should REALLY shut this blog down!!!!!! H
3:40 pm est 

David Guertin vs the Whydah

Thank Goodness no one wanted Geurtin near the renovation of Town Hall! I hope the guy never comes back from his 'sudden' vacation.

How much did that bogus betterment suit a year or so ago against the owner of the Whydah cost the Town? Strange how shortly after Geurtin was convicted of a conflict of interest violation, the owners suddenly got a $900,000 betterment fee. Only for the Town to loose and the owners of the Whydah Wharf and building to win after the Town took them to court. Coincedence? That whole thing was never fully looked into as to who determined it was a $900,000 betterment fee? Guertin? That would have been nothing more than vengeance or a payback.

Anyway, finding out how much it cost us to defend a frivolous betterment suit and the really story behind the exhorbitant betterment fee would be a great interest.
3:38 pm est 

Re: Martin House
I guess you never walked over to it's west side during construction.  A whole wing was added.
12:15 pm est 

Re: "Buck the System and Cronyism"?

Guertin is an intrenched part of the sytem and being "in charge" for the last ten years shows this to be true. When he "wedded" individuals, many were good worers that he threatened and took to court. Such management style belongs in prison managment classes.

He didn't clean up and destroy cronyism. He is the cronyism we need destroyed.
10:14 am est 

Re: Martin House

The multi family structure in back of the place didn't add a huge addition. I watched that project from beginning to end walking my dog. The structure was totally rehabbed but not much added to it volume wise. I heard also that is who holds the easement so that might explain why they had no problem. As far as why it wasn't recorded a lot of people are probably wondering that.
9:40 am est 

David Guertin and the Money Trail

"If you have so much evidence of our DPW's chief's misdeeds why don't you put it all in a nice neat package and deliver to the relevant authorities"

If anyone else has information on our DPW Director's massive real estate holdings, please post on this blog so that we can as suggested put it 'in a neat package and deliever to relevant authorities.'

I for one am very concerned that $945,000 on two properties was put down on 2002 and 2004. Where did that money come from?

How much was put down on the other three properties he owns?

Provincetown Taxpayers want to know now!
9:14 am est 

Yes, it is Our Damn Business!

"Just because it's public record , doesn't mean it's any of your DAMN business."

You David Guertin owe the Town of Provincetown eleven years of back car excise tax plus interest! I like many other town residents are sick of your ignoring local and state laws.

Yesterday, an 'I-Pay-Tax Complaint Form' was submitted against you!
9:10 am est 

Martin House Easement?

How can an easement exist if it is not recorded? The house in back of it on the beach didn't have any problem with an easement when it added a huge addition last year and none of the abutters complained about losing views..
9:07 am est 

Public Means Public. Not Private
You could try moving to Cuba, they don't have public records for real estate.
9:06 am est 

David Guertin
I think he's a great asset to the town. He's a great worker and gets the job done like they do in the real world. No BS from the public, the uninformed masses that don't pay attention when they are handed all the info. He's done the right thing for the town. He's weeded out the rifraff layabouts at the DPW and is trying to buck the system, cronyism and nepotism. He's succeding and it shows.

One question I have though. In todays Banner, it states the cleanup at the DPW garage will cost $24,000. Why????? The town will use DPW crews to clean the DPW garage site for the staging area. Where's the cost? And don't blame the mess at the DPW garage on Guertin. It's been that way for 20+ years. That falls flat in the lap of theones over the years that have been in charge down there. Want to talk about things leaching into the soils and thus the groundwater? Go out back and check out the battery box and the waste oil area. How about the old trucks. And BTW, wasn't there a wetlands behind the DPW garage years ago that was on the abuttors property? Not there now is it. Hmmm
9:05 am est 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Garner Sympathy for David Guertin"?

In this town, here among the clear-cut spaces, here among the solid DPW workers? Sympathy for Guertin. I doubt it. Maybe his wife but that would be the only one who would have sympathy for this man and what he has done to this town. He is arrogant, he threatened former DPW workers, he was caught in ethical compromises and fined, and he has continually placed this town in non-compliance with the DEP.  there's as much sympathy for Guertin as he has for the box turtle, the toads and migrating animals along Route 6.
9:28 pm est 

Public Records

Just because it's public record , doesn't mean it's any of your DAMN business.

It's Christmas time, shouldn't you be gathering coal for your friends?
9:27 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

You should be ashamed for printing the personal real estate holdings of someone on this blog and all of this name calling and rudeness that you suppose is intellectual discourse.

9:26 pm est 

It's About Public Records

Real estate ownership details are PUBLIC RECORDS. They are not confidential.  Provincetown records are on the town assessor's site, for all to see, as are most USA towns these days.  

Something to hide perhaps?
7:44 pm est 

Ashamed of Yourself
You should be ashamed for printing the personal real estate holdings of someone on this blog and all of this name calling and rudeness that you suppose is intellectual discourse.

All it does if reflect terribly upon you. It will also garner sympathy for Mr. Gurtin among his peers. Your statements also cast a disparaging light on this blog and people can point to it and say how it treats people.

How would you feel if your name was savaged here like this and all of your personal information exposed? It is all in bad form and you should cease immediately.
7:26 pm est 

David Guertin Did Not Attend the BOS Meeting Because He Was on Vacation...
...and it seems he is spending his time blogging here. He is the only person who would keep singing his praises and view his actions as self-serving. He is the only one who would say that he is holding this position because he cares about the town. Please, I'm on the floor laughing. Care about the town he is clear-cutting, damaging the enviornment, throwing junk dirt over the cleared lands and is looking to cut down the scrub pines and oaks in the median strip.

Please David. Take a break and leave your postings on your own notebook. Don't clutter this blog.
7:14 pm est 

Re: Internet IPs
The Founders would have loved the Internet, so much quicker and easier for the citizenry to communicate, than via horseback messengers.  Of course, King George would have hated it.
7:12 pm est 

Dear Miserable Blogger

If you have so much evidence of our DPW's chief's misdeeds why don't you put it all in a nice neat package and deliver to the relevant authorities and let them determine if there is any problem? Instead you rant and rant and rant on here. Your verbal arson doesn't seem to produce much except to demonstrate what an unhappy person you truly are.

It must be sad to be so mean and bitter at your age. It used to be someone as depressed as you would go out and get drunk and gripe to the guy next to you at the bar. But now, with this nifty blog you can spread your misery all over town. Perhaps a local mental health service can help you, the state has financial help if you can't afford it yourself. If you don't you're going to send yourself to an early grave with all that anger.

Glad to see others are stepping up and calling BS when they see it.

- continuing to be not DG or any other town employee, etc.

PS: You also sound like quite the expert on hiding your tracks on the Internet, seems to fit with your rampant paranoia.
6:33 pm est 

Dear Financial Peeping Tom (or should I say ......... /.... .. )

What your financial info about Guertin reveals is that he doesn't really need the job he has with the town. Thus I can only conclude he is continuing to do it because he cares about the future of the place and his staff. Thanks for enlightening me. While I admired his hard work before I feel even better now. Also, I'm glad we have someone financially astute in charge of DPW. So much of that job is management of the complex waste water and water enterprise funds. I'm glad someone that smart is running those things. Thanks.

- taxpayers for a positive future
6:30 pm est 

Martin House Easement

"An undisclosed easement on the property was as responsible for torpedoing the deal as any town committee so before you crucify the town or its committees you might want to learn the facts. Many, other than the Martins and the easement holder, were shocked to find out at a very very late date about this easement which I think was not recorded."

An unrecorded "easement" ?? Did not seem to be mentioned in the Banner online.

Seems like all I have seen on the web is the "part time monied elite" homeowners getting the blame for the Martin house not getting approval.

To your point if there was an easment - that is the reason for it not going through and not "the part time monied elite" who want privacy.

What a convenient group to blame things on though - huh ??
6:24 pm est 

IP Addresses

Webmaster Comment:

Regarding IP addresses, there is no IP address information associated with any postings to "Shout Out!", as all postings are provided through the services of a third party Host Server Provider. The only means of acquiring such information, even for the operators of this site, is through  a court ordered subpeona duly authorizing the legal transfer of such specific approved information from the Host Provider.

6:20 pm est 

David, You're Posting Again!
I can always tell when the David is posting. The "anonymous" poster is always defending Guertin and now it's a defense of the many, multiple houses.

Yes, it's legal to own five or more houses but it's not legal to gain access to these houses in illegal ways. I'm not saying Guertin did unethical acts to gain these houses. I'm not saying Guertin was too kind to Metcalf & Eddy and thus recieved monies for his actions. But I am saying it's certainly quite interesting that this DPW Director, while contructing a multi-million dollar sewer project, now has at least five houses and maybe more.

       was at least smarter with his monies. He     them better than Guertin is        his monies. Arrogant but not so smart.
5:57 pm est 

Re: IP Addresses
"every post has an IP address attached to it. Oh yes it does. Maybe not your name and maybe not your email but an IP for sure. If need be, they can be traced. I'd love to see you faces if any of them are traced."

It is despicable the lengths that some will go to discourage dialogue and free speech.  No one is forcing you to read this blog.  You sound like China threatening its citizens who surf "free Tibet" websites.

If a blogger has any worry about his or her IP address being traced, Google "anonymous surfing" and sign up with a service that can easily prevent this from happening, by using an intermediate server that relays messages without containing the initial IP address and which do not themselves keep incoming IP records.

Similarly, this Shout Out site could routinely delete incoming IP addresses if the webmaster decides to do so. There is no law in the US, unlike in China, requiring sites to keep IP records, and many do not.  I wonder if the webmaster already thought of this....
5:54 pm est 

Martin House

The argument put forth by the neighbor of the Martin House was that it would cause too much outdoor noise (In the Banner). This from someone living next to the public boat launch area and  the nosiest dance bar in the town. Sounds totaly ludicris and like someone does certainly have connections.
4:49 pm est 

Re: David Guertin
Even though the Guertin's car is registered in his wife's name, they have violated year after year MGL 90 Section 31/2:

'....misrepresents the place of garaging of the motor vehicle or trailer within the commonwealth....'

As this weeks editorial in the Banner states, 'How can the Town expect its citizens to follow rules if it does not.'

Fire him/Fine him and be done with him!
4:47 pm est 

Re: Martin House

An undisclosed easement on the property was as responsible for torpedoing the deal as any town committee so before you crucify the town or its committees you might want to learn the facts. Many, other than the Martins and the easement holder, were shocked to find out at a very very late date about this easement which I think was not recorded.
4:45 pm est 

How Many Houses Does a DPW Director Generally Own?
Really! You have to be kidding. Guertin owns how many? How much money has been stuffed in those big, fat pockets         ? A few houses worth, I assume.
4:43 pm est 

"Leave David Alone???????"
David Guertin has caused this town many problems, has saddled us with a failed system and has brought arrogant and perhaps corruption to the DPW.

He does have a residency requirement and his car is not registered in Massachusetts. He has broken insurance rules, vehicular rules, and has sent excise taxes to Bristol, Rhode Island. Why? Where is his real and actual residence and where does he pay taxes? Residency without being a voter. How odd and why is this allowed. He wears his non-resident voter tag like a badge of honor. Well, his dishonor of his position and of this town requires continued and persistent investigation of his actions.

Let him alone? Not until he leaves us alone and departs.
4:39 pm est 

How Disgusting Can You be?
What a horrible bunch of snipes, nit picking at a persons finances in comparison to his job? How small are any of you? So he owns property. So what? Jealous? For him to hold onto it is great. How he got it is nobodys business. Maybe he inherited some money a few years ago, maybe he cashed in some stocks, maybe his wife comes from money or has a high paying job. Who cares? What does that have to do with the fact that NOTHING is going to happen as a result of the land clearing except MORE is going to happen because it has to. None of you have the guts to post your names when you make claims agaist this guy but remember, every post has an IP address attached to it. Oh yes it does. Maybe not your name and maybe not your email but an IP for sure. If need be, they can be traced. I'd love to see you faces if any of them are traced. If this site required an email or a real name, I doubt anyone would post in here.

If you have an issue, go to the board responsible for the issue or the person in charge like Sharon. Make your complaint know. Whining in here does NOTHING as you have seen from the conscom meeting and other meetings and posting in here could potentially get you in trouble if you go the route of lies and defamatory information. Get some cubes and make a complaint in person.

ps - usually, someone that posts information regarding the finances of someone as a way to take them down is someone that has had it done to them successfully in the past. Hmmm, who could that be?
4:37 pm est 

It is scary to see what someone can say about anyone in town and reveal personal information to such a degree as we have seen Regarding Mr. Gurtin.

Now you see why people won't sign their names and why some won't run for any office. What if it was you and your information that was being broadcast for all to see and read? Makes one shiver.
4:34 pm est 

Guertin's Car
How do you know if the car is registered to him or his wife.  Maybe the car is in his wife's name for reasons which are none of your business?

How much real estate does he own?  Unless your implying some illegal impropriety going on here, it's simply none of your business.  And if you are implying something else, you are walking a very fine line.

Constantly posting anonymously simply to try and besmirch someone's character is not a part of this community that you should be proud of.  Any one of us could be attacked in the same manner.  Should I remind everyone of the witch hunts of Salem?  Anyone every read The Crucible?  When you go around creating fact from here say, are you no different?
4:33 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

David Geurtin registered voter Provincetown MA- car registered in Rhode Island- 10+ years! The town could make $10,000 or more if punished to the full extent of the law!

MGL CHAPTER 90 Section 31/2
(c) Any person who improperly registers a motor vehicle or trailer in another state or misrepresents the place of garaging of the motor vehicle or trailer within the commonwealth, for purposes of evading the payment of motor vehicle excise, sales and use taxes or insurance premiums, or to reduce the amount of such payment, shall be punishable by a fine of not less than $200 nor more than $1,000 for each offense. For purposes of this section, each taxable year that a motor vehicle or trailer is improperly registered shall be considered a separate offense, but no more than 3 years shall be the subject of prosecution. The fines imposed pursuant to this section shall be divided as follows: 75 per cent of the fines shall be paid over to the treasury of the city or town in whose jurisdiction the motor vehicle is customarily garaged; and 25 per cent of the fines shall be paid over to the treasurer of the commonwealth to be deposited in the highway fund to offset costs associated with the implementation of this section. The Massachusetts Collectors and Treasurers Association, in conjunction with the treasurer of the commonwealth, shall report quarterly to the house and senate committee on ways and means the total amount of fines imposed and collected pursuant to this section.

As an alternative to criminal prosecution, violation of this section may be disposed of as a civil motor vehicle infraction in the amount of $500 under chapter 90C, fines recovered under this paragraph shall be divided as follows: 50 per cent of the fines shall be paid over to the treasury of the city or town in whose jurisdiction the motor vehicle is customarily garaged, of which not less than 40 per cent of the city or town share shall be appropriated to the police department in the city or town; and 50 per cent of the fines shall be paid over to the treasurer of the commonwealth to be deposited in the Highway Fund to offset costs associated with the implementation of this section.

When is enough, enough Ms. Lynn? Fire Guertin now and file a complaint on behalf of the Town of Provincetown!
10:56 am est 

Leave David Alone!

Who cares what David Guertin's real estate holdings are worth?   He could own a billion dollars of stock and or real-estate and it would not matter.  Maybe his wife has all the money?  Maybe he made good business decisions with his money?   You all have way too much time on here.  If he did something wrong with the clear cutting on 6, yes, fine the guy, but leave his personal property out of it.  I have over a million dollars of property, so does that mean I should give away my products and or services because I am a millionair?  Go and collect your unemployment checks and leave David alone.
10:41 am est 

Martin House - Ptown Reality Check
 Come on people  - do you really think the neighbors are to blame for lack of approval for a restaurant on Commercial street of all places ?? .

I wonder which local powerbroker of Provincetown didn't want the Martin House approved ?

How convenient that the neighbors complained - makes for a great smokescreen.
9:14 am est 

Re: David Guertin


David F. & Nancy R. Guertin
Mailing and residence addresses:
290A Commercial St. Provincetown, Ma
38 Byfield St., Bristol, R.I.

Other Properties:
162 Walnut, Fall River, Ma bought 11/15/2004 paid $550K
78 Seaview, Swansea, R.I. bought 7/3/2002 paid $395K
Newport, R.I.

The missing dates and purchase prices will be posted at a later time.

Facts not Fiction
9:13 am est 

Re: David Guertin

It was 'LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE' to clear cut Route 6 but our filthy rich DPW Director did it anyway. What was in it for him?
9:11 am est 

Re: David Guertin

Multi-millionare DPW Director David Guertin's real estate holdings should be looked into by the DA's office. I think the town will be stunned when his stock holdings are revealed.  He should be suspended and an investigation should include looking into all the dark corners of this  man.

Had a town blog been available
years ago, that man could have been fired by the town years ago.

Interesting to note the best the attacker of one of our Selectman
on this blog can do is attack her husband.
9:10 am est 

Re: Martin House

The banner publised the name of one abutter to the Martin House that complained. He lives here in the summer but not in the abutting house which is a rental. If the boards published the minutes you could find all names. The boards make the decisions with the input from townspeople. You do not need to be a voter to speak at these meetings.
9:09 am est 

Re: Economic Development

There seem to be plenty of members on the EDC.   Maybe it's time the Selectmen had a direction and had the EDC in for a conversation on how what kind of goals they all have.   If the goal was let's make sure commercial business stays, then look toward how that can be achieved.   Simple enough.   Just support it.  
8:55 am est 

Re: Route 6 Falsehoods

Asserting that Phase III work along Route 6 is a prelude to full scale development is on par in stupidity and paranoia with asserting the Chico Jesse was sunk on purpose to make the Pier Corp and management look bad.
1:23 am est 

Rt. 6 Development

Re: "Sell off pieces. Put up affordable housing. Put up a new Police Station. And the clear cutting of the median which they are planning continues the full development of Route 6."

It's too bad X-Files isn't still running. Your paranoid rantings would make perfect scripts for them. I think someone else pointed out that this is a) legally impossible b) not likely.

Weak and laughable attempts to create paranoia amongst the electorate via false fear is not a viable electoral strategy for a Selectman nor does it advance the interests of the residents and taxpayers of Provincetown.
1:22 am est 

Re: Guertin, et al

Regarding Guertin's real estate, perhaps he's been more astute than others who lost their shirts and to this day have liens against their properties for their failed real estate activities and arson prone properties?

Regarding Shafir v. Steele, one portion of the case was adjudicated on intentional interference with a contract (hmm, similar to the attempt to interfere with Mr. G's employment contract with the town via defamatory postings of criminal behavior on here). However, more pertinent to the stream of bile pouring forth on this blog for two years now, the second part was the defamation by Mr. Steele. Per the Supreme Judicial Court of MA "THE JUDGEMENT ON THE DEFAMATION CLAIM IS AFFIRMED."

And from Nixon, Peabody's law firm's summary of the case:

'Just hours after the foreclosure sale, Steele paid Shafir a "menacing" visit and let her know he was troubled by what had happened. Two days later, he published an editorial in The Advocate, falsely accusing Shafir of outbidding his children as revenge for an article he had once published that was critical of the theater she owned. Three days later, he demanded a meeting with Shafir and her real estate agent, Patricia Shultz ("Shultz"), so that he could show them "papers" that would give them a glimpse of "what they were in for" if Shafir went through with the purchase.

These "papers" turned out to be a Complaint that Steele threatened to file against Shafir and Shultz. The Complaint had been prepared by Steeles lawyer and alleged that both women committed fraud, extortion, and malicious interference with Steeles work-out agreement with Shawmut. When Shafir and Shultz read the Complaint, they knew the charges were crimes and described their reactions as being terror, shock, astonishment, bewilderment, and then (later) outrage and anger. At trial, Steele admitted that he had no factual basis for any of the charges he threatened to bring against Shafir and Shultz.'

And again, "The judgment on the defamation claim is affirmed" - against Mr. Steele.

Seems a lot more troublesome than where a car is registered or whether boat dockage was paid, if we're draggin up old business.

This is not to say that you should or shouldn't care abot Route 6 or that opinions won't differ nor whether you like Mr. Guertin or not but it is to say keep this record of defamation without factual basis in mind as you read the torrent of bile this blogger and his wife - a Selectman - pour forth on here as they tear into people who are trying to make this town a better place, which they seem incapable of doing.

- not DG, as much as you wish I was, and no connection to him or any other town employee or entity

PS: agreed, the xmas decorations on homes are great this year, very comforting in the early dark of December.
1:20 am est 

Question ??

Is there a way to find out who the abutters are that complained about the martin house reopening ? or does someone know ?  
Whoever they are their names should be published.
So much for trying to rebuild our community...
whoever you are you should be ashamed of your self but your not I'm sure.. That restaurant has been there for decades ..long before you bought your second home

Answer to previous question
The reason Mr Gurtin is able to afford real estate is because he makes over 95 thousand bucks a year
1:15 am est 

Re: Economic Development

You would think that the Chamber & Business Guild would help new businesses get the permits that they need here in town. There is more to tourism than just asking people to come here! Whats going to happen when every condo and Mc Mansion near the commercial areas of town all demand that they want peace & quiet when they stay in their million dollar second home?
1:13 am est 

Re: David Guertin

Are there more homes in Rhode Island? How come he has Rhode Island license plates? Who is David Guertin? The man with all these real estate holdings?
1:10 am est 

And What is Mr. Guertin Paid For the Articles He Writes Praising AECOM's

Does he get any "remuniation" any gifts for his writing of articles that showcase this system and priase it when the truth is so far from our reality. But Mr. Guertin giveds talks, writes articles and all in celebration of the AECOM system.

Does raise a question or two, don't you think?

Oh, yes, and about the many, numerous homes he owns...yes, does raise a question or two.
1:08 am est 

Martin House - Please Think This Through

Can someone try to figure out what the "real" reason is for them not getting approval ?

I hear all about the "part time resident monied crowd objections" - is that the real reason or just some group to blame conveniently even though they did complain ?

OTHER RESTAURANT PROJECTS HAVE SAILED through the approval process regardless of how intense neighborhood opposition was. It just seems that to deny a restaurant presence on Commercial street smacks of more than just neighbors complaining.

The power in Ptown rests with these boards and powerful local residents NOT the "part time monied residents"with no vote. Nothing happens in this town unless the powerful local residents and boards want it to.  

To chock it up to part time resident rich people that objected and wanted their privacy seems a bit naive to the workings of Provincetown.
1:06 am est 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Re: David Guertin

I am really confused here. Mr. Guertin has a home here, drives around with Rhode Island license plates and has two other homes in Fall River? Is that really true?
5:02 pm est 

Re:David Guertin's Properties

WOW, how can someone who works for the town, afford to buy so much real estate! Can somebody's              here???
4:46 pm est 

Re: Economic Development

The economic Development committee needs volunteers! Why not join if you think they are not doing their job?
4:43 pm est 

Re: Economic Development

All parades must get a permit from the police & BOS.
4:42 pm est 

David Guertin Properties

78 Seaview: Bought 7/3/2002. Paid $395K. Mortgage $195K

162 Walnut, Fall River. Bought 11/15/2004. Paid $550K. Mortgage $200k

Mr. Guertin has done quite well I must say in the RE market. There are three other properties in addition to the two above.

Access the link below:
4:18 pm est 

Same or Equal Things

Assuming the same arguments used against the Mews and Martin House, should we not grant permits for carnival parade and 4th of July parade....just too much outdoor noise!
4:12 pm est 

Where is the Economic Development Committee?

Why isn't it pushing forward for economic development and saving what there is ?  They should be in the forefront working with the other Town Committees.   They also should be going to the Selectment to create policies around Commercial properties with the view toward saving them.  
4:11 pm est 

Martin House and Mews
I would love to have the Martin House open again. The small rooms and interesting alcoves. One can go from the openness of Victors to the cozy ness of Ciro and Sals to the beach views of the Mews and Ross' Grill and the lobster pot to the nooks and crannies of the Martin House etc. etc. There are so many moods one can experience here when dining.

Look at the jobs that they would have created. It is a shame to say no to any business on commercial Street--that is why it is called "commercial Street".

It is the businesses that are the lifeblood of the town: Commercial street and Bradford Street and the wharf and Shank Painter Rd...these businesses keep life flowing in town.
1:26 pm est 

I'm Sorry........Oh So Sorry!

I guess Guertin will claim that it is just another mistake.
David, how many of your nine lives do you have left?
10:57 am est 

So How Much Does He Owe?

If Geurtin has been the DPW director for ten years, about how much in car excise tax has the town been denied?

We should demand it and put it town the soil samples that now need to be tested because of him and the independant consultant that has to be hired for the clear cutting debacle.
10:52 am est 

Re: Denying Economic Prosperity

Here here I agree 100%.  Both the mews and the martin house should have been allowed to go forward.  It's asanine for some one to win an argument saying that they need their privacy when they purchase property on commercial street next to a restaurant!  Town should have bent over backwards to get both of those properties up and running.  It improves the vitality of commercial street, increases property values, increases the collection of taxes etc.  shame on licensing, zoning, and historic district.  Those 3 boards should form a task group made up from members of all 3 boards (maybe add in board of health too)that assist business owners in purchasing or expanding their business.  The task force could be the gateway to the other boards by meeting with the business owner/prospective owner and assisting them thru the regulatory process.
10:35 am est 

Re: Denying Economic Prosperity

Sorry, but I too know that part-time property owners can appear before town boards and express their feelings (which is a good thing). The Banner itself reported that the Mews and Martin house were denied permits because of the feelings of neighbors, many of whom are not voters in town as noted in the minutes of the boards themselves. And I too agree that people that purchase propery in our commercial district should not be able to deny our economic prosperity because they want to create privacy for themselves.
9:55 am est 

Don't Blame the Powerless

Re: "Why do our town boards let themselves be bullied by these monied part-timers that apparently have very poor judgement when choosing where to buy.We need businesses more than we need a few elitist hogs."

I can understand your frustration but think you are out of line on this one.  My experience with town boards is that "monied part-timers" have absolutely no influence on those boards at all.  Part time property owners have virtually no say in what goes on in ptown because they have no vote.

So - if you have an issue with a town boards decision - don't look to the "monied part timers" look to the residents or board members that run the show and make the decisions they want to make. The infuluence of how things gets done in Ptown is by those that live there and vote so please don't direct your anger to a group that has no say.
8:47 am est 

Re: Guertin's Car
Excise tax plus penalties & intrest and State Ethics & DOR violations. He really is in deep doo.
8:44 am est 

Re: David Guertin and Mass Auto Registration

When the former Building Commissioner, Doug Taylor, was reprimanded by the State Ethics Department for not registering his car in Massachusetts , he was compelled to change his Connecticut license plates.

Jeff Jeran, as Police Chief, is required by law to issue a citation to David Guertin, which would necessitate Guertin going before the  Chief Magistrate to explain his failure to comply with state law.

Town Manager, Sharon Lynn, having been appraised of this issue should demand thet Guertin pay his back-Excise Taxes as well as to register his car in Massachusetts.
8:42 am est 

Re : Martin House

I am outraged about the Martin House restaurant sale failing because of opposition from neighbors. The restaurant industry is a vital part of our economy. How dare someone complain when they buy next to a long established business and the          where god knows what goes on all hours of the summer nights. This is our town and economy. It is not something that should be played with and influenced by a few people that believe they have a right to manipulate it because they buy in a commercial area and expect the economy to just shut down so they can have privacy in very public places. This also happened with the first reincarnation of the Mews. Why do our town boards let themselves be bullied by these monied part-timers that apparently have very poor judgement when choosing where to buy.We need businesses more than we need a few elitist hogs.
8:16 am est 

This Blog is Amazing! KUDOS to All the Docs Posted!!

I always thought it was odd that Mr.Guertin drove a car with out of state license plates. From this blog I now know he is cheating us out of his car excise tax and cheating his car insurance company and cheating the state of RI registry of motor vechicles. I hope he gets the help he needs soon.
8:13 am est 

The Community Center is Just That, a Community Center

It is for all the community.   There are vacant pieces of land the Town owns - if you want to sell something off, look to those for funds.   Those funds should only be spent on capital improvements.  
8:11 am est 

Route 6 is Upsetting and the Future Plans Even More Disgusting
This was not just done for pipes. This clear cutting and the covering of the land with pieces of cement, gravel and junk dirt was part of the long term plans to develop Route 6. Parcel it out. Sell off pieces. Put up affordable housing. Put up a new Police Station. And the clear cutting of the median which they are planning continues the full development of Route 6. This my friends is only the beginning. It is arrogant and disgusting use of our re sources. If Guertin could, he'd develop the dunes if the state ever put them as "town-0wned" land.

For Guertin--and Sharon since she allowed this--"town-owned land" means using the land, valuing it as income-generating parcels and not preservation and conservation. They never saw a tree that couldn't be turned into a cord of wood and sold as firewood. They have the vulgar taste of a peasant.
8:08 am est 

You Cannot Live in a Town or State For Ten Years and Not Have Your Car Registered in That State

If, as someone mentioned, David Guertin has his car registered in Rhode Island and has been driving in MA for the last ten years and has not registered his car--this is illegal. You are required after a few months to register your car where it is parked and where youa re using it. If Guertin is a resident of Provincetown, then his car must be registered in MA and his insurance listed as parked and driven in Provincetown.

I agree. Let's get ten years of excise taxes in the town coffers from Guertin. Smart thinking.
8:06 am est 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Clear Cutting?

I drove by to see the alleged destruction. I did not see anything out of the ordinary. This is a non issue other than the insistence of the moonbats to make it a crime.

Why don't the environmental crybabies pick up some trash on the beach and get out of the adults way.
7:56 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Trees

You just don't get it! Cutting down the trees at town hall was not against the law.
Cutting down the trees on route 6 was!
7:05 pm est 

Town Hall Trees

Look at the trees infront of Town Hall; they are going to thrive. In two years look at the "clear cutting" and see how it looks after vegetation has been replanted.
7:02 pm est 

Working For the Greater Good

Re:"The comunity center is a historic building, It should not be torn down or sold. I think the TM should try to help this town not put us in any deeper than she already has."

Wrong.  The town mgr is trying to help this town out by reducing the number to town owned buildings which we do not have the money to maintain.  She's trying to make this town more efficient and not continue to waste taxpayer funds.  Who in their right mind could argue with that?
7:01 pm est 

The Fault Falls at Guertin's Feet!

Re: "........those being the selectmen and the conscom when they are involved, needed to look over the plans in greater detail."

I disagree. Firing that           violator of town and state laws is what should be done. In the meantime before they decide in executive session, what the TM, Selectmen and public need to do is to find out what is not forthcoming, what Guertin is not telling us. Just like the public asked at ConCom if there were going to be anymore trees cut along rte 6. Geurtin and Adams looked at each other, there was a pregnant pause in the room and then Guertin with his head lowered said 'yes.' Guertin is slippery. He needs to stay under a public microscope. Thank God for this blog.
6:59 pm est 

Guertin's Been Busy Blogging
Seems he is constantly posting and singing his own praises. He seems to want to lessen the issue of Route 6 and say he is taking the hit that the BOS should take. Sorry David. It's your hit to take. Your responsibility and your disaster. You are to blame and your work as head of DPW shows malfeasance, irresponsiblity and incompetence.
6:55 pm est 

Cape Cod Commission Has Stated that the Clear Cutting is a Breach of the DRI

This is not just local. The clear cutting on Route 6 broke state laws and they abrogated the DRI they submitted to the Cape Cod Commission. You want to diminish this issue but it is a breach of STate regulations and the state is involved and with issue a ruling.
6:54 pm est 

Re: Route 6 Clear Cutting

It makes me sick to my stomach everytime I drive down 6 to see what the town allowed.
6:52 pm est 

Another Lie!

"10 residences were affected."

That's another lie. Dozens were effected.
6:51 pm est 

Re: David Guertin




Provincetown Charter
8-1-1 2The director of the department of public works, the police chief, and the fire chief
shall be residents of Provincetown, or shall become residents within three months of assuming
6:50 pm est 

Re: Tax and Spend
Are you willing to support a one million dollar capital improvements over ride to completely rebuild the current Community Center?  I'm not.

Move the Rec Dept to the schools where it could thrive.  There are playing fields nearby, there's a playground for kids, a beautiful gymnasium, a cafeteria for after school treats, the entire building for adult ed.

Why are people so afraid of change here?  The Rec Dept could be better than ever in the schools but everyone has some silly emotional attachment to a building.  A building that needs WAY too much work, has limited parking, blacktop for a playground and is in a much too congested area for child safety concerns.
6:49 pm est 

Little Has Changed From Our Charter Which States in 1990:

There is no doubt that Provincetown has experienced years of ineffectual government.

Little goes the way it should.

Boards of Selectmen and town managers seem to drift from one crisis to another.

Inefficiency and lack of foresight continually result in expensive mistakes.

Our tax rate is one of the highest in the Commonwealth.

Conflicts and infighting are commonplace.
6:47 pm est 

Christmas Lights

Have you walked or driven around town to see what people have done decorating their homes? Go up and down the side streets as well.

What a festive time of the year.
12:05 pm est 

Tax and Spend

The comunity center is a historic building, It should not be torn down or sold. I think the TM should try to help this town not put us in any deeper than she already has. She brought her friend the police chief here and he,s just like her, wants everything new. Why come here if you didn't like the town. Change is good sometimes, but this is to much tax and spend.
12:05 pm est 

CCC and Heritage?
Can you show me a link where the CCC would get involved with this and then show me a link that shows the fines Natural heritage can impose? You are certainly confused and grasping at straws. The CCC could care less. Natural Heritage could care less. This is a local issue with very little Heritage can or will do. Get over it.

And BTW, you may not like Guertins smarminess but it's due to the FACT that he's bullet proof on this one. I'm sure he's accepting the hits for everyone involved and so long as he doesn't squeal, he keeps his job. Public be damned. Get over it and move on.
12:03 pm est 

Case For Libel?

"Assertions of criminal behavior on a public forum (or even to one other person) with no facts, that is defamation/libel."

Gee, is it really.  Google the "murder of Vince Foster" and you'll see plenty of folks who continue to accuse the Clintons, on public forums, of arranging for that murder and covering it up as a suicide. However nuts this may be, it is covered free speech.

But you think the Clintons have a case for libel, and since you are such a good lawyer, give them a call and offer to take the case pro bono publico.
12:01 pm est 

It's Only Small When it Doesn't Effect You

It's unacceptable to have excrement flowing down commercial streets and into our homes no matter if it is .00000000001 percent. Why didn't Guertin have to hook up?  Our homes and businesses were hurt by his incompetence.
11:59 am est 

Re: "A Few Hairy, Not Pleasant Days, Yes."

Guess your house wasn't one of the ones to "flood", shall we say.
11:57 am est 

Still Don't Worry About Libel

You wouldn't make much of a lawyer.  The case you referred to (which anyone can Google by putting in the two names), was adjudicated on the basis of "intentional interference with a plaintiffs own contractual performance".  If you don't know what this means, ask a lawyer.

Anyone who criticizes a public official, however strongly, and advocates for his or her removal from office is fully covered by the First Amendment. All the legal precedents go one way.  It isn't libel.

Maybe after you get your engineering degree, you should try to get a law degree.

And bloggers, keep on blogging, whichever way you believe.  It's still America.
11:56 am est 

July 4th Sewer lapse
10 residences were affected..only ten made claims...out of 656 people connected to the waste water treatment plant.
11:54 am est 

Re: "Hi David!"
No, actually, I'm completely truthful in my signature line. I am not, nor have I ever been, a town employee, elected official, board member, etc nor am I married or otherwise related to or living with one. I'm just a taxpayer who keeps a close eye on town issues, researches to come to my own conclusions, and has a low tolerance for personal vendettas and ancient grudges. The flak and crap heaped on hard working town management and employees from a few embittered vengeful individuals with a clear track record of doing the same is not helpful to moving Provincetown forward, particularly during what should be a cheerful holiday season.

- not a town employee, etc.
11:54 am est 

Try Nice Words

How about if everyone takes a pledge to only say nice things up until the holidays are over? After all isn't this a time for forgiveness, love and joy... not on this blog. Let's try it, say something nice about someone instead of all of the mean things you write about...

Positive Polly
11:53 am est 

Say "Goodnight" David, It's Time to Go

Time has come to leave. Time to get into your car, with your dog, and head to wherever home really is. Time to say "Goodnight."
11:51 am est 

Incompetence is Clear Throughout
I agree. The project is huge and complicated but the boards that oversee the project, those being the selectmen and the conscom when they are involved, needed to look over the plans in greater detail. To throw someone like Guertin or AECOM under the bus for a failure or throw them to the wolves (public) when there is a complaint is wrong. It's their fault for not knowing all the facts and details. Don't pass blame. Fix the problem so it doesn't occur next time like phase 4.
11:50 am est 

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Re: "99% Reliable" Redux

I'm sorry, the actual calculation for a system-wide failure rate is as follows:

7 yrs of operation = 2555 days of operation
numbers of days of system failure = 5 days
total percentage of time of system failure =  0.19%
making the reliability on a system wide basis = 99.81% and that number gets better every day

So, I personally find 99.81% reliable system pretty good, so apparently does DEP if Mr. Dudley's public pronouncements are to be believed. Also, previously posted analogy is false, when a plane's wings fall off the plane crashes. When the plane's toilet clogs the plane doesn't crash and neither did we. A few hairy, not pleasant days, yes.

Oh look what's that I see, other Cape towns struggling like hell to figure out what to do about their nitrogen problem from septic systems.

2:50 pm est 

Re: "Without Giving a Second Thought to Libel."

Hmm, just like you did when you defamed Ms. Shafir and paid dearly for it in court? Criticism, disagreement, even hate speech, etc. that's free speech. Assertions of criminal behavior on a public forum (or even to one other person) with no facts, that is defamation/libel. Look it up; "FRANCES SHAFIR vs. DUANE A. STEELE & another", 431 Mass. 365, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, 2000.
2:48 pm est 

Re: False Allegation

The alleged non town employee posts:

"Brian Dudley from the DEP citing two major sewer failures in other towns on the Cape."


There we go again, what the poster didn't tell us was that those two towns did not get notices of non-compliance!
2:46 pm est 

Re: "Not a Town Employee, etc.
Hi David!
2:42 pm est 

Re: "99%, Yeah Right."

If you watch the September 13, 2009 Board of Selectmen's meeting on provincetowntv you will see Brian Dudley from the DEP citing two major sewer failures in other towns on the Cape at almost exactly the same time as the July 4th incident here so you are factually incorrect. Towns have sewer problems all the time, some major, some minor. Septic systems have problems as well from time to time, that's why they have alarms on them. Fortunately for those towns it did not occur on the busiest day of their tourist system, during a parade. You will also see Mr. Dudley stating that Provincetown has a good system to be made better by the finding of the cracked pit and expansion into Phase III as well as the procedural changes he recommends in his Notice of Non-Compliance.

Selectmen Avellar, you and your husband's campaign of hatred against so many people and almost everything DPW does is despicable. It probably the single most unpleasant thing about this town.

Wait, what's that I see, a cleaner harbor and no poop under my yard because our sewer system is taking care of it.

- not a town employee, etc.
1:04 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

"Whatever has happened is the towns own fault, not Guertins or the TM."

It was Guertin who do not fully disclose his clear cutting scheme. He constantly embaraasing the town, degrades our land and must be fired.

Waiting for the Cape Cod Commission and Natural Heritage to fine the town too.....
1:02 pm est 

Next Joke Please!

"The only ones that have a clear understanding of what it takes to bring a sewer system to the town are Guertin and AECOM."

Next joke please! That would play well in a monologue on our new second tv station. We could do a late night talk show starting with a jay leno type of monologue. Can you imagine the hits Guertin and his buddies would take a la Jay?
1:01 pm est 

That Was Very, Very Funny!

"That's like saying after a one year old airplane's wing falls off, it was 99% successful in the days it flew."

Who the hell is going to say that a town wide septic that works 99% of the time is acceptable? Particulary, when that 1% of the time when it doesn't work, fecal waste is flowing down commercial street on July 4, news helicopters are flying overhead and that 1% results in a letter of non-compliance from the DEP subject to fines in 180 days.

That's another reason to fire Guertin. He didn't tell us about the 1% failure rate on his system HE vetted for the town. Whoever said he doesn't have an engineering background is on to something.
12:59 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

"he would have grounds to sue the pants off the town and the bloggers and the webmaster of this blog."

remember all those right wingers who wanted Clinton's head?  And the left-wingers who felt the same about Bush?  Both camps claimed all sorts of treason and high crimes, without in many cases even feeling the need to have the slightest evidence.  Well, that was not libel.  And neither is this.  What applies to the president applies to all public officials.  It's First Amendment free speech.

Mr. Guertin and his few buddies must feel very threatened to resort to this silly canard.

So bloggers, feel free to continue expressing your opinions, whether for or against Guertin, without giving a second thought to libel.  

It's still America, and attempts to suppress free speech through empty threats are heinous.
12:56 pm est 

Re: The Dump

Ok, how about using the existing process instead of hopping on here and griping. If the hours at town facilities you actually do something effective:

1) Go to a BOS Monday meeting and state your concerns in a concrete, non-accusatory manner documenting why the current hours don't work for you or your business.
2) Follow up with a letter to the Town Manager, copied to the BOS, DPW Director and perhaps the paper so others who share your concern will know about it.

Petty griping isn't going to create change. Putting the matter in front of those who can effect change might.

- not a town employee or sleeping with one
11:54 am est 

Re: "A 99% Successful Sewer System"

That's like saying after a one year old airplane's wing falls off, it was 99% successful in the days it flew.  

The vast majority of sewer systems run their full multi-decade lifespans and never have a failure as egregious as that we experienced over July 4th.  

99%, yeah right.
11:52 am est 

Write Letter

Compose a letter requesting that the hours at the dump be changed. Go to the selectmen's meeting and read it during public statements. Get as many people to sign the letter as possible and then send it to the Banner.
11:50 am est 

Town Dump

I have to admit the hours don't make any sense.  They are not user friendly at all. As an owner of a guest house we have to take our trash to the dump because town will not pick it up since we are a "commercial" establishment.  After a busy weekend we have to hold on to it until at least Tuesday.  A closing of 1pm is also inconvenient.  After checking everyone out and cleaning up breakfast it is usually past 1 o'clock.  To late to go to the dump.  Why can't the hours be something like 7:30 to 3:30?  Indeed, who goes to the dump at 6am?  Sharon if you are listening it is time for you to change this.
10:11 am est 

Provincetown Dump is a Dump With Useless Hours of Operation

And who is in charge? Who is establishing crazy hours of operations? What other town has a town dump that opens at 6 a.m.? And closes at 1p.m. and is not open on Monday??

I point the finger at David Guertin for mismanagement. This is downright stupid and we suffer.
9:42 am est 

Positive Accomplishments

We obviously don't know all of the work going on in Town Hall. I didn't know that they are already investigating moving retirees over into medicare.

They are looking into moving the community center into the Veterans school, they are pushing to have the schools regionalize.

I wish that this blog was here when Kieth Bergman was the town manager and the Dept. of Revenue was breathing down his neck.

Lets have a list of accomplishments or progress made by town hall. New Police chief, Renovated Town Hall, movement on regionalization, moving to sell the community center etc. etc.
9:41 am est 

Moving Forward

The challenge for Provincetown is how can it move forward as a vibrant community for the next one hundred years.   Let's have a future, not tear it apart piece by piece.   Let's repair our buildings, let's keep our programs, let's go forward, not back - and yes, it costs money.
9:39 am est 

Incompetence is Clear

The only ones that have a clear understanding of what it takes to bring a sewer system to the town are Guertin and AECOM. How detailed do they have to get when presenting plans, the third phase, to people who are "alleged" veterans of their posts, those being the selectmen, TM, conscom and the public. All of these boards have been through this process before and NONE of them had the insight to ask questions? Seriously? Do they also need to be reminded of the fact that holes will be dug, roads will be shut down, water turned off at times, electricity turned off at times, interuption of the existing system could happen etc.? Why does the DPW need to hold their hands? Clearcutting the center median makes sense if that area is need to run a pipe to the sewer plant. Does anyone ave a better cost effective idea? No? Just complaints? Sacrifices need to be made. nothing says disrupted areas can't be replanted. Wake up folks. How often do you need to embarrass yourselves? And a town !
board, appointed by the selectmen, is going to fine a town department which is under the control of the TM which is under the control of the selectmen? Seriously? What bizzare world is this? $2000? What a joke!! How many others will be allowed to ignore the rules and simply pay $2000? I'm not saying I'm in favor of a bigger fine. I'm saying don't set a precedence on a foolish matter like this. get a clue and wake up to the facts of the plans presented to theboards. This wasn't sprung on them. Whatever has happened is the towns own fault, not Guertins or the TM.
9:38 am est 

How Ironic

The Banner should take a picture! How ironic: over in the DPW yard there's no space to put the results of the town's latest fiasco (sewer pipes)), because all the room is taken up by the previous one (busted up finger piers).

9:36 am est 

Be Careful What You Wish For
Setting aside Mr. Guertin's development and oversight of a 99% sucessful sewer system and other important infrastructure were he fired as a result of the heinous defamatory campaign against him on this blog he would have grounds to sue the pants off the town and the bloggers and the webmaster of this blog. As with past cases his primary attackers would lose, though they have little in remaining assets as a result of their past transgressions. The town and the webmaster probably have good insurance plans that could pay him out far more than he would make on the few more years of added retirement benefits. The precedent for such a suit was set right here in little old Provincetown.

- not a town employee or sleeping with one, etc.
9:34 am est 

Conservation Hasn't Posted Minutes Since Augst 25th
What's wrong here? How can we read about recent meetings if this board is not posting for four months? This is not the most responsible. Where can I get the minutes of the last conservation committee so I can read about what they say happened? Does anyone know? August 25th? Huh?
9:32 am est 

Couture's Mistake

Selectman Couture used the word 'mistake' when describing the unauthorized clear cutting. It was hardly a 'mistake.'
I can only think she wanted yet another sordid scandal while she is Chair of the BOS to disappear quickly.

A mistake is an error.

Mistake (contract law), or 'Honest mistake' an excuse for non-performance of a contract (Guertin was unaware to town by laws and state laws? Hardly!
Mistake (criminal law), or mistake of fact, a defense to criminal charges on the grounds of ignorance of a fact (Guertin was ignorant of town by laws and state laws? Hardly!

If she put the community first and the betrayal we feel vs. worrying about her legacy, she would have used the appropriate word to describe the incident, 'violation.'

violation - a crime less serious than a felony  An act or instance of breaking a law or regulation

When are town leaders going to start calling a spade a spade?
9:31 am est 

Replace the DPW Director

In just a few years, we have replaced the Chief of Police and Town Manager. A DPW Director is certainly replaceable as well. The town must heal and move forward without this man who has betrayed out trust time and time again.

Otherwise, how can we ever start trusting town government?
9:29 am est 

In the Works For the Future I Hear!

Decorated Lobster Pots

I love the decorated lobster pots in front of so many businesses and homes. I think this would make a great hoilday competition

Thank you to Julian Popko. One man making a positive difference in Provincetown. Boards are important but so is the power of one who has ideas, passion and committment to follow through.

Julian Popko is a great example and a gift to Ptown.
9:27 am est 

Guertin is Protecting the Incompetence of the Contractor. Why?!

Trust me I have asked the same thing and I'm sure others have as well. I think the Attorney General needs to take a look at this cozy relationship.
9:24 am est 

The Need for Closer Inspection Indeed

What does it say about a town that takes no action against an employee who violates conflict of interest laws(I like many of my friends in town had no idea) does such a bad job overseeing the town septic that we are operating in a non compliance mode then breaks town laws and state laws after hiding to Miss Lynn et al and the public he intended to destroy our greenway. I think the state needs to look at much more than Miss Lynn et al are willing to do.
9:23 am est 

Re: Sewer

A 99% reliable system is not a mess.
9:22 am est 

Upon Closer Inspection

I'm not a fan of Guertin, don't trust him, but he did go before the BOS and point out the plan and location for the Phase III sewer staging on Rte 6.  

Your Selectmen are allowing him to be the scapegoat instead of admitting their negligence.  They didn't think there would be such backlash against something they approved.
9:21 am est 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Town Worker's Insurance to Medicare
"A number of Municipalities have shifted retired town workers private health insurer to Medicare. This move has reduced  expenses. Our town government should investigate if this would bring a substantial savings to the town."

There already is a committee and Sharon Lynn has been very active in working with group to move people over.  There are costs associated with the move.  
2:45 pm est 

Critical Reader's Comments.
Well said. However, people here vent..and express their views. and are anonymous..anyone talking about having coffee etc will identify themselves.

Join in and help create change through your views and postings.
2:44 pm est 

Makes no Sense!

Did you know that the Truro dump is open seven days a week from 7:30 to 3:30? These hours make sense. Our dump is closed Sunday and Monday and the rest of the week is opened at 6 AM until 1PM.  Those hours do not accomadate the townspeople. Who would be at the dump at 6 AM and if you are doing yard work on Saturday you can't make it on time before it closes and then it doesn't open again for 2 days when I will be back in Boston! Sharon, please fix this.

Thank you.
2:43 pm est 

Decorated Lobster Pots

I love the decorated lobster pots in front of so many businesses and homes. I think this would make a great hoilday competition like the artist inspired cows in the big cities. Should I contact Visitor Service Board, Chamber of Commerce, or The Business Guild or all with this idea?
2:41 pm est 

Tree Cutting -

It is very clear from all the posts on this blog just how many people are completely disatisfied with the tree cutting on rt 6.

I hope this town gets it's act together and does not allow something like this to happen again.

Town government needs to act for the interests of ALL of ptown and not just a select few.  The three groups are 1) the year round residents 2) the second homeowners that aren't here to represent their interests and 3) the Tourists and visitors that come here year round and spend money that supports the town.

This town exists for ALL OF US and is not just the personal playground of a select few.
2:33 pm est 

Apparent Complicity!

I read the minutes of those two meetings. not one mention of any clear cutting or any tree removal for pipes. guertin s presentation was disingenuos and outright fraudulent. the BOS and TM are complicit in their whitewashing the violation of town by laws he committed.
12:37 pm est 

Critical Readers Comment

I just came across this website, and, as someone very involved in committee work and volunteering in town, I felt compelled to share some thoughts. I read through the last month or so of postings on your website, and I can't help but think that your organization - or perhaps just the management of this communications venue - has gone astray from its stated mission, which includes "promot[ing] community cohesiveness through shared future vision". I would contend that the anonymous and sometimes vitriolic messages posted in this venue do not contribute to this goal. These messages are often not constructive, and from what I observe, are sometimes personal attacks for the sake of being provocative and/or devisive. This style of communicating therefore does not contribute to 'cohesiveness', at least not between people who currently disagree with your organizations positions or are undecided - and certinaly not those in opposition. In none of your postings have I read any phrases such as "I was arguing my position with the other board members at our last meeting where...", or "I offered to continue talking with so-and-so after the meeting over coffee...." I don't mean to come into your "space" here and disrupt things or even start a discussion thread. My goal is simply to suggest that your leaders reflect upon the current way that this discussion forum is operating and whether or not the results of which truley reflect the mission of your organization. Thank you for reading.

12:35 pm est 

Facing the FActs: the Sewer Systems is a Mess and so is the DPW Leadership
It's not rocket science. I'ts not cutting-edge technology. It's a sewer system. America has been putting in sewer systems for a hundred years. But here in Provincetown you'd think it was the newest idea that only few people in this country have worked on. The thinking was wrong, the people hired as contractors, Metcalf & Eddy wrong, the ability to rectify and give directions from DPW wrong.

Enough of this. Fire Guertin. Get rid of AECOM. and Let's get on finishing this correctly. Right now we are all mired in our own poop! Sharon, do something. Please. This just can't continue. How many more non-compliances and how many more fines and illegal acts.

And I fear to ask: how much funny money has passed in people's pockets to keep AECOM in place and to absolve them of their sins?
12:32 pm est 

Five Reasons Sharon is Not Firing David Guertin

1.She still does not understand the town and its values: She thinks cutting trees on Route 6 is practical
2.She's too busy smiling at town employees she likes
3.She's spends too much time on the phone being harassed by Michele Couture
4.She's overwhelmed as it is and doesn't want to think through another big problem
5. She's scared and the cat's got her tongue: she can't say "You're fired Guertin!"
12:29 pm est 


Will regionalize and close the high school? Can the High School be transformed into a police station? Will the town get the money to create the gate way park on the harbor and a police station and parking garage on Duart's parking garage?

Will the community center move into the elementary school? Will the library be completed this year? Will Provincetown reduce the cost of retirees medical benefits paid for by the taxpayers?

Challenges in the New Year--twenty ten
12:28 pm est 

Town on the Move

Provincetown is on the move. Regionalization is in the hands of town Government-not the school committee. That is why it will happen.

The town manager wants to move the community center into the elementary school and sell the community center building. Great move!

Ideas that are expressed here do get acted upon! Now the idea of Town Employees retirement is an excellent idea to investigate!

Provincetown is the largest employer in town. Lets examine every budget item. The less it costs to live here, the more possibilities of families moving here. Families live in welfleet and bus their children to school. It will happen here as well.
12:19 pm est 

Town Worker's Insurance to Medicare
A number of Municipalities have shifted retired town workers private health insurer to Medicare. This move has reduced  expenses. Our town government should investigate if this would bring a substantial savings to the town.

A committee should be formed to study the pros and cons of the issue, including potential financial benefits and the impact to retirees' coverage. Other Massachusetts towns are doing this and it isn't detrimental to the retirees. Lets investigate and proceed to save money while keeping or improving retiree's benefits.
9:18 am est 

Life After David Guertin

Should be interesting if or when you people fire Guertin.........lots of people think the towns a laughing stock NOW........just wait......with Sharon behind the wheel,theres gonna be a huge wreck coming no im not an town employee and not sleeping with one either...LOL
9:17 am est 

Just a Question but...Who is Paying for Couture's Trip to Israel??
I'd bet it's the old                          . No one else but       .
As usual, She is not paying for the trip. It's always someone else with this woman. sometimes it's her questionable landlord. At other fill in the blank.
9:15 am est 

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong on Guertin.

He can be replaced readily easily. He does not udnerstand the sewer system he has advocated for. He is NOT an engineer. You can bring in a temporary engineer with years of experience while the town searches for a permanent replacement. He has caused more problems and he advocates for the contractor--AECom or the old Metcalf & Eddy. He has allowed this incompetent company to do damage and he protects them--It is AECOM that should be fined and AECOM that should be paying for all remediation.

This is the problem. Guertin is protecting the incompetence of the contractor. Why? What are they paying Guetin to protect them? Over and over, he stands between AECOM and the Town and then has the town accept blame. NO, NO, NO. Metcalf & Eddcy are to blame. They should be fined. They should pay the fine.
9:13 am est 

Friday, December 11, 2009

Re: "Why do We Have to Pay For His Transgressions?"
Umm, just to point out the glaringly obvious, if the Conservation Commission fines the Town then no one is out any money and taxpayers aren't paying for a thing since the town would be fining itself.

Fact: the Conservation Commission considered the plan for Phase III is two different meetings and approved it. Fact: they asked questions as noted in the minutes. Conclusion: they approved the plan.

- not a town employee or sleeping with one.
7:20 pm est 

Lets Make a New Town Bylaw

It should state that if the town breaks its own bylaw and is fined, that money should go to a non profit charity or other feel good fund! What a slap in the face of law abiding citizens that the DPW director breaks the law, gets fined by a town board as would happen if you or I did it. But because he works for the town, and the town has to pay the fine, only to have said fines returned into the towns general fund. If we don't put some kind of stop to this loop hole, we the tax payers of Provincetown should hang our heads in shame. We can't let town workers ignore our laws. If the town manager and the selectmen don't do anything about law breaking workers, lets at least make them think twice about being fined and having those funds lost.
7:19 pm est 

Re: Town Fines Itself

Towns people should DEMAND that any fines the town receives from any town board be deposited in a open space fund to buy land that would be protected from future development. Lets not be the laughing stock of the cape! This money being put back in the general fund is just what town government and the DPW director want. Lets bring it to the next town meeting to show town hall, that if you break our own bylaws, the fine money will not just go back and all is forgiven!
7:17 pm est 

A Reasoned Process

Before you all go out and crucify David Guertin, let's think of the reasons why the Town Manager has not gotten rid of him. I am just speculating... 1. He is the only one who truly understands the infrastructure of the town. 2. You would have to go through a lengthy hiring process to get someone to replace him
3. The learning curve may be another long process before someone is truly comfortable with how the town runs and the dept of public works run. 4. He understands the whole sewer setup, no matter how crappy (no pun intended) it is, he still understands it. Maybe other people can come up with other reasons. Instead of getting rid of him without a plan to replace him, a plan should be developed and let him know he will be replaced within a year. Start training someone who can understand the infrastructure and how things work. Please don't make a bone head more and just fire him without having a plan and someone in mind to replace him.

Also he should be fined. The town should not cover his fines because he was acting in the capacity of his job for the DPW. He should be solely responsible for the fines.

Just a second home owning taxpayer
7:15 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

Why isn't Guertin going to pay the $2,000 in fines? Why do we have to pay for his transgressions? We can't even afford to publish the annual reports anymore and now we have to pay a fine he caused, pay for an independant counsultant and whatever else the State might slap on us?
Why did the Town Manager let this costly trainwreck happen?
5:35 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

Guertin thinks serving the public gives him an official license to serve himself according to the state official below. After reading the below, why the hell is Guertin still on Provincetown's payroll let alone overseeing another enormous project when he can't be trusted?

February 05, 2007 - For immediate release:
Provincetown Department of Public Works Director David Guertin $2,000 for Receiving Free Dockage
Fine consists of $1,000 civil penalty and $1,000 forfeiture
2:13 pm est 

Why Not Try the Truth?

Anyone notice support of Guertin is not fact based with postings minutes of meetings, articles from newspapers, applications filed? But are just fatuous posts trying to invalidate the Conservation Committee?

Stop acting like Helen Keller lashing out in the dark like a wounded animal.

I hope your boss and her boss are reading all these posts.
2:12 pm est 

Form Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commission
Guertin, David, Docket No. 07-0006
Provincetown DPW Director David Guertin fined $1000 and forfeited $1000 for using
his official position to receive free dockage from the developer of MacMillan ...
State Ethics

Stop bashing ConCom. Guertin broke local and state laws and the poster is now trying to blame ConCom? You are pathetic, red face.
2:10 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

When is the Town Manager going to fire Guertin?
2:09 pm est 

Some of You Are Amazing!
Thanks for all the information on the filings by DPW and AECOM and the description of the meetings. You have helped give a larger and clearer picture of what happened along Route 6 and the questionable acts of Guertin, Dpw and their contractor. I really appreciate those who are posting with this data.
10:52 am est 

Future Boston Globe Article
Provincetown, MA: In an unprecedented move this whacky little town at tip of the Cape is going to fine itself. In order to cover up their own inattention to plans to expand the Town sewer system the Provincetown Conservation Commission has vowed to fine the Town $2,000. According to Town Manager Sharon Lynn "we'll write a check to pay the fine then turn around and deposit it in our own bank account." When asked what purpose this serves senior town officials said, off the record, it helps the local board absolve themselves of their own inattention to the original plans presented to them in two different meetings. Asked if it doesn't make the Town look kind of stupid other officials said "well, it wouldn't be the first time we look stupid to the outside world, and it gives locals something to talk about in the the dead winter season."
10:50 am est 

Truro Teachers Get Technology Boost From Thinkfinity Grant:
I won't post the news article, you can click on the link to read it - but the questions is:  Does anyone know if Provincetown applied for this same grant?  

These are the things that help make a school innovative and provide educational opportunities.  Are we doing this in Provincetown?
10:27 am est 

What Another Embarassing Chapter For Provincetown!

P'town plans to fine itself for cutting trees

December 10, 2009PROVINCETOWN  The conservation commission will fine the town for unauthorized clearing of town land next to a wetland, according to commission chairman Dennis Minsky.

The commission met Tuesday to consider an after-the-fact notice of intent filed by the town for three sewer construction staging areas off Route 6.

Before the lots were cleared in October, the land was a combination of woods, low brush and pine trees, along areas of wetlands and sand dunes.

Now, the lots  two north of Route 6 and one south  are flat, covered with stone fill and mud, and encircled with black sheeting.

At a public meeting late last month, members of the board of selectmen, residents, environmental advocates and neighboring property owners raised a ruckus over the clearings.

"We are of one mind that the town of Provincetown cannot be treated any differently than any other applicant," Minsky said yesterday. "A violation did occur. Work was done without a permit. There was no filing. There was an impact on a buffer to a wetland."

The fine could be in the range of $2,000, he said.

"They're certainly in their rights to do it," Selectman Elaine Anderson said of the fine. "It's awkward. I'm sorry it happened. It's really an unfortunate thing all the way around."

The town department of public works and sewer construction contractor AECOM are applying for the late notice-of-intent together. The applicants asked for a continuance to the conservation commission's next meeting in January, Minsky said.

At Tuesday's meeting, conservation commission members voted to have stone fill removed from the largest site, which intruded the most into a wetland buffer zone, Minsky said. The town is to reinforce and reinstall silt fencing and add ground netting to that site and the second site on the same side of Route 6, he said.

Minksy said the commission also plans to hire an independent consultant to assess the damage to the wetland buffer, Minsky said.
10:24 am est 

Close Out Grants

I remember when the town hired a grant officer and at every town meeting there were hundreds of thousands of dollars that he brought into the town. He left to work for State Senator Delahunt---oh what was his name????

Talk about getting the bang for the buck. He worked in town hall and he brought in a kings fortune in grants.

Now we seem to have money hanging around in old grants that were "closed out". Doesn't this really mean that we had grant money just sitting there doing nothing until someone checked them?

Lets get rid of the housing specialist position at a cost of almost $57,000 a year and instead hire someone to bring in grant money and scour every past grant to wring every penny out of it and into our general fund.
10:21 am est 

Phantom Students For a Ghost School

The Director of Outer Cape Health "misjudges" the savings she created in the budget and gets fired.

The School Committee "projected" that they would receive income from hoped for students who turned out to be a figment of their imagination and another $85,000 that should have gone to the town is added to the $4,000,000 school budget that they already received.

If they base their budget on Phantom students who never materialize when creating their budget then we are supposed to trust their in depth, diligent, exhaustive report on the state of our school and its future enrollment versus regionalization? I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

Put on your rose colored glasses when you read the report.
10:20 am est 

Re: Minutes
The reason there is no mention of Route 6 sewer work in minutes of ConComm is obviously because they didn't pay attention to the plan. Duh. Shame on them. Let's get the damn thing built, revegetate and be done with this tempest in a teapot.
10:17 am est 

Can't beTrusted

Has ConCom notified the Natural Heritage about AECOM misrepresenting the fill in the staging areas in their report to them? They said in their report, the fill they used was clean. But after a ConCom site visit, the truth was revealed: oil, bricks, glass etc was in the fill and god know what else until it has been sampled.

Natural Heritage will make a ruling on bogus information supplied by AECOM and Guertin. AECOM and Guertin can't be trusted!
11:46 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

How would Geurtin know there were public statements at the ConCom meeting? As soon as he was done he left the room. Only when his boss, TM Lynn sent someone to retrieve him did he come back into the room smirking and with a cup of java. He didn't care about hearing public comments and he showed it.
11:44 pm est 

What a Drag!

Town Management can find over $200k in unclosed grants but it can't find $3300 to keep a 128 year old tradition ie publishing the annual reports? Give us a break! The always, always 'find' money when they want to. Clearly they don't want to 'find' money for annual reports. They are a drag!
11:43 pm est 

David Guertin and AECOM Can Not be Trusted

There is NO mention of staging areas along six at the June 16 meeting or any other meeting whose minutes have been posted.
It is appalling that Guertin had the nerve to say to the members of ConCom that they also approved removing trees along route 6 for sewer pipe installation! Does he really think the members of ConCom aren't going to review all minutes from this year. I hope they release at least drafts of minutes not approved yet.

Guertin is a menance to our community. The evidence of why he should be fired is overwhelming.


June 16, 2009

Notice of Intent

Application by Town of Provincetown,  represented Tom Touchet of AECOM, for  a Notice of Intent under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, M.G.L. c. 131, §40 and the Provincetown Wetlands By-Law Chapter 12. The applicant proposes an extension to the existing Provincetown sewer collection system to the east end of Commercial Street. The project includes the construction of approximately 3,200 feet of gravity sewers; 11,400 feet of sewer force mains; and two submersible, below-grade sewer pumping stations. All work will occur within the existing paved roadways or along the shoulder of the roadways.

Presentation: Rob Adams and Tom Touchet appeared to present the application. This is Phase 3 of the Sewer Extension Project. As part of this project, 50 properties will be redirected off the vacuum system and into a new gravity sewer collection system in the east end of Commercial Street. By redirecting these properties off the vacuum system, additional capacity on the east vacuum main will be made available for new properties. The proposed gravity sewers will serve approximately 85 new properties, including the Cape Inn and the Breakwater Motel at 692 Commercial Street.  The proposed project involves work within the 100-foot buffer zone and the 100-year flood plain adjacent to Provincetown Harbor. All activities will be located within existing paved surfaces, previously developed areas, or within 10 feet of the shoulder of existing paved roadways. A copy of this NOI has been sent to the Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program. Disturbed areas previously !
vegetated prior to the proposed activity will be restored with an appropriate seed mix. No new impervious surfaces will be created for pipe installation activities.

Public Comment: Richard Gibson and Jerry Cassis had a question about the location of the sewer pipes in relation to the water mains. George Nader and Charlie Pisano wanted to know what properties would have the opportunity to connect to the sewer in the Thistlemore/Bradford Acres neighborhood and what kind of disturbances/inconveniences would be occurring in the neighborhood as a result of the project.

Commission Discussion: The Commission questioned Mr. Adams and Mr. Touchet. The Commission is concerned about the location of the pump stations on the south side of Commercial Street and the potential for flooding in that area. The Commission requested more specific information from Mr. Adams and Mr. Touchet about the location of the pump stations. The Division of Marine Fisheries had no recommendation for the project. The project does have a DEP file number. There is no letter yet from the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program, but Mr. Adams expects it shortly. Mr. Adams requested a continuance to the July 21, 2009 hearing.

Notice of Intent

Application by Town of Provincetown,  represented Tom Touchet of AECOM, for  a Notice of Intent under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, M.G.L. c. 131, §40 and the Provincetown Wetlands By-Law Chapter 12. The applicant proposes an extension to the existing Provincetown sewer collection system to the east end of Commercial Street. The project includes the construction of approximately 3,200 feet of gravity sewers; 11,400 feet of sewer force mains; and two submersible, below-grade sewer pumping stations. All work will occur within the existing paved roadways or along the shoulder of the roadways.

Presentation: David Guertin appeared to discuss the application. Rob Adams had submitted information on the approximate location of the two pump stations in the east end as per the request of the Commission. According to Mr. Guertin, one station will be located at 343 Bradford Street and one at 716 Commercial Street. Discussions are now being held with the two private property owners in regard to this issue.


July 21, 2009

Commission Discussion: The Commission questioned Mr. Guertin about the project. Mr. Guertin was also willing to answer Commission questions concerning the failure of the sewer system over the recent Fourth of July weekend.


11:41 pm est 

Public Statements None???
Who are you? You appear to report accurate description fo the Con Con meeting. What do you mean no public statments? People got up and spoke. People were offended. People spoke with passion about the importance ofconserving Route 6.

Yes,ConCon spoke. But more importantly, many of the members of this community, many of those who love the town and value its ecological beauty, stood up and spoke.

Sorry, Harry, but I feel as if Fox News has tried to present what happened at Con Com. Dam the false,distorted Fox News reported here. So many residents and caring town people were present and spoke up for the importance of Route 6. That's the truth and the reality.
11:32 pm est 

Route 6

Seems to me we clearly envisioned municipal use for the right of way of the road when we voted for discontinuance. The deal was made with the state in order to acommodate the leaching fields for the sewer. The right of way was previously used by DPW and contractor for sewer construction staging. I do not think it right to now crucify these people for using the right of way for phase 3.

This land was despoiled greatly in the construction of 4 lane highway with median strip in 1950.  

As to the Camp Ground owner. Boo Hoo. She is going to develop the property into a subdivision as soon as the RE market turns around. She has already tried. Or perhaps she can make more money by over charging the tax payers to make it conservation land.

Construction of phase 1 of the sewer caused great disruption to every business in Town, except perhaps hers. My work place on Commercial Street was shaking all winter for two winters in a row. Then in 2008 came phase 2 and my home happened to be at a critical intersection for the sewer works. Every day for the whole of June, July and half of August we had heavy equipment rolling, jack hammers, soot and dust. We lost our vegetable garden and herbs to the taint of the foul air and water.        
11:27 pm est 

Telling Other People How to Live Their Lives

Re:"This is about educating our children the best way possible which is regionalization." 

I thought Provincetown was all about NOT telling other people how they should live their lives.  But here you are telling strangers how they should raise their children.  Is getting a big tax reduction (that doesn't even seem to exist at current enrollment levels) that important to you!

The declining enrollment trends say you'll get your wish, but that's not enough - you have to rationalize that your motives are pure.

Any child and their parents are free to go to Nauset today if that is what THEY choose.  But you know better for everyone, even children you've never met.

Is this the new Provincetown?
11:25 pm est 

Holy Grail

The School Report that seems to a second Holy Grail was delivered at the school. Every taxpayer pays for the school and yet a Selectman who is a  tax payer couldn't even ask one question there. No Questions Allowed.

Read the report you say; but if you were there and had a question you were silenced. And another four million dollars to be delivered 4 months from now at the Spring Town meeting.  
11:21 pm est 

Provincetown Largest Employer

Think of it: Provincetown Town Government is the largest employer in Provinctown. Every home owner who doesn't work for the town in some capacity is paying every town workers salary and benefits.

We pay the $57,000 salary of the housing coordinator. Does anyone see a crying need for this position? Look around you on the streets and the teeming masses searching for housing.

Give a big thanks to the second homeowners and their wallets.
11:19 pm est 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It is so naive of you not to understand the school committee: they are all Power and wealth.

They have Four millions dollars at their disposal and they answer to no one. We are not allowed to question them at town meeting.

They create a budget on hope and when the students don't materialize, the taxpayers are forced to take the money out of their pockets and give it to the school committee.

They rule and decree who can use the school or even try to ban we residents from voting there--until they overstepped the law. Nothing stops their self aggrandizement.
1:22 pm est 

School Report on Regionalization
The committee could not agree *Unanimously* on regionalization--so they didn't recommend it. Perhaps the majority saw that with the declining numbers of students and with the prohibitive cost that the only answer was to regionalize; but they didn't want to say it?

It wasn't unanimous so it is back to the status quo and school committee members saying breathlessly, "Lets make Provincetown High school the best school on the cape and the students will come". All Rose Colored glasses covering the reality of what we face as a community.

The reality is that a number of students from Truro left our school system and we had to make up the $85,000 short fall at Monday night's special town meeting. And we will again next year and...
1:19 pm est 

Ignorant Emotion

Again, when talking finances and regionalizing the schools, it means sending the students to one high school and one elementary school.

It is ignorant and emotionally immature to think that anyone wants to get rid of the children in Provincetown We were all children once and I was once a child and grew up here. This is about educating our children the best way possible which is regionalization.
12:50 pm est 

Re: Phase III

So both ConCom and the BOS signed off on sewer expansion and now want to pretend they never saw the plan. This is absolute unadulterated BS. Both Boards should fine themselves.

- a taxpayer, not a town employee or sleeping with one.
12:49 pm est 

School Analysis

"Last year's School report was a sham..." 

Very easy to take anonymous pot-shots at people, who did what you haven't done.  They worked in public on a tough, emotional issue and laid out facts, like declining share of students who choose to stay in town for high school, that were not well known before-hand.  

They did not formally recommend regionalization, because they couldn't agree unanimously on that.  But read the report - it's clear from what they said that, if enrollment keeps going down, regionalization will be the obvious answer. And they didn't push the old worn chestnuts about turning the schools into magnets or building more housing to get more kids.

They did something else you haven't done: they analyzed costs in detail and presented their findings in public.  If you think they cooked the books, be our guest and show at the same level of detail where their facts and figures are wrong.  It's been a year and no one has credibly done that!  You certainly won't.
12:47 pm est 

Conservation Committee Meeting-Clear Cutting

PROVINCETOWN - The conservation commission unanimously approved a series of actions Tuesday aimed at repairing damage done to fragile wetlands and surrounding buffer zones along Route 6 that were clear cut last month as part of the municipal sewer expansion project.

In addition, ConCom members agreed to take further action, including a possible fine, once more information on the extent of the damage is received. Ironically, any fine, as well as the cost to repair the damage done to three areas along Route 6 between Conwell and Howland streets that were cleared to create construction staging areas, will be levied on the town itself, since it is the owner of the property. The decision on the location of the staging areas was made by AECOM, the sewer contractor, in consultation with the town department of public works.

And at Tuesdays ConCom meeting to discuss possible violations to town conservation laws, the approximately 25 people attending were dismayed to hear that despite the uproar that has arisen over the clear cutting, AECOM was planning additional land-clearing in several spots along Route 6 between Howland Street and Shank Painter Road. New sewer pipe going from the east end expansion area to the wastewater treatment plant in the west end is slated to be laid along the shoulder of the road as a way to avoid digging up the Route 6 pavement, which would be costly to repave.
AECOM project manager Rob Adams said undergrowth and wildlife habitats located at the edge of the shoulder median would have to be cleared to make way for the sewer pipe along that stretch of road.

ConCom members appeared shocked by the new information, even though Adams told them they had previously approved the plan. None of the five ConCom commissioners said they remembered hearing about clearing such a potentially long stretch of natural dune area and said they would hold a special meeting to find out what actually happened.

I dont know that we can handle it this evening, said ConCom chair Dennis Minsky. That wont be forgotten, I promise you that.


12:46 pm est 

Re:Trouble in Paradise
Sounds like you had one of the good ones;he at least had a job in the summer.
12:43 pm est 

ComCon Meeting
What happened at the meeting?  I couldn't make it.  Will the Rt 6 land be replanted immediately or will they let the land be used for the sewer project first, then replanted? What about the median land for pipes - allowed?  Decision on any fines?  Thanks.
9:53 am est 

Another $85,000?

At special town meeting another $85,000 was allocated to the hands off, isolated "Ghost School" while our library is languishing.

The School committee needed a threat from Provincetown's legal counsel to allow us to vote there--and the gym is totally separated from the school.

It is the hidden ghost school with no discernible impact upon the community except to create tax payer funded jobs.

Take away Macmillan wharf and look how devastated the town would be. Take away the schools and no one would even notice.
9:52 am est 

School Report
Last year's School report was a sham and Steven Roderick resigned from the commission because it was so against regionalization.

Now Peter Grasso, Alex Brown and Barbara Rushmore are going to give us a repeat of the same version and next year we will discover that the School committee over reached itself in creating the school budget and that the taxpayers must make up the short fall.
9:50 am est 

Re: Provincetown Schools Costs

You are right - if you eliminate all children in Provincetown you will save on education money in the budget.   Who can we go after next to save money ?   Is it you ?  
9:49 am est 

Provincetown Conservation Committee

June 16, 2009

6:30 P.M.

Members Present: Dennis Minsky, Lynne Martin, Jack McMahon, David Hale and Richard Silver

Members Absent: None.

Others Present: Brian Carlson (Conservation Agent) and Ellen C. Battaglini (Recording Secretary).


Chair Dennis Minsky called the Public Meeting to order at 6:35 P.M.  




Notice of Intent

Application by Town of Provincetown,  represented Tom Touchet of AECOM, for  a Notice of Intent under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, M.G.L. c. 131, §40 and the Provincetown Wetlands By-Law Chapter 12. The applicant proposes an extension to the existing Provincetown sewer collection system to the east end of Commercial Street. The project includes the construction of approximately 3,200 feet of gravity sewers; 11,400 feet of sewer force mains; and two submersible, below-grade sewer pumping stations. All work will occur within the existing paved roadways or along the shoulder of the roadways.

Presentation: Rob Adams and Tom Touchet appeared to present the application. This is Phase 3 of the Sewer Extension Project. As part of this project, 50 properties will be redirected off the vacuum system and into a new gravity sewer collection system in the east end of Commercial Street. By redirecting these properties off the vacuum system, additional capacity on the east vacuum main will be made available for new properties. The proposed gravity sewers will serve approximately 85 new properties, including the Cape Inn and the Breakwater Motel at 692 Commercial Street.  The proposed project involves work within the 100-foot buffer zone and the 100-year flood plain adjacent to Provincetown Harbor. All activities will be located within existing paved surfaces, previously developed areas, or within 10 feet of the shoulder of existing paved roadways. A copy of this NOI has been sent to the Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program. Disturbed areas previously !
vegetated prior to the proposed activity will be restored with an appropriate seed mix. No new impervious surfaces will be created for pipe installation activities.

Public Comment: Richard Gibson and Jerry Cassis had a question about the location of the sewer pipes in relation to the water mains. George Nader and Charlie Pisano wanted to know what properties would have the opportunity to connect to the sewer in the Thistlemore/Bradford Acres neighborhood and what kind of disturbances/inconveniences would be occurring in the neighborhood as a result of the project.

Commission Discussion: The Commission questioned Mr. Adams and Mr. Touchet. The Commission is concerned about the location of the pump stations on the south side of Commercial Street and the potential for flooding in that area. The Commission requested more specific information from Mr. Adams and Mr. Touchet about the location of the pump stations. The Division of Marine Fisheries had no recommendation for the project. The project does have a DEP file number. There is no letter yet from the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program, but Mr. Adams expects it shortly. Mr. Adams requested a continuance to the July 21, 2009 hearing.

David Hale moved to grant a continuance until the July 21, 2009 hearing, Dennis Minsky seconded and it was so voted, 5-0.

July 21, 2009
6:30 P.M.

Members Present: Dennis Minsky, Lynne Martin, Jack McMahon and David Hale.
Members Absent: Richard Silver.
Others Present: Brian Carlson (Conservation Agent) and Ellen C. Battaglini (Recording Secretary).


Chair Dennis Minsky called the Public Meeting to order at 6:33 P.M.  He then noted that due to a clerical error on the Public Notice for this Public Hearing and Public Meeting, the Commission will only be discussing three agenda items which have already been advertised: the Towns sewer extension project, the Towns storm water project and the project at 33 Pilgrim Heights Road.


Notice of Intent
Application by Town of Provincetown,  represented Tom Touchet of AECOM, for  a Notice of Intent under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, M.G.L. c. 131, §40 and the Provincetown Wetlands By-Law Chapter 12. The applicant proposes an extension to the existing Provincetown sewer collection system to the east end of Commercial Street. The project includes the construction of approximately 3,200 feet of gravity sewers; 11,400 feet of sewer force mains; and two submersible, below-grade sewer pumping stations. All work will occur within the existing paved roadways or along the shoulder of the roadways.

Presentation: David Guertin appeared to discuss the application. Rob Adams had submitted information on the approximate location of the two pump stations in the east end as per the request of the Commission. According to Mr. Guertin, one station will be located at 343 Bradford Street and one at 716 Commercial Street. Discussions are now being held with the two private property owners in regard to this issue.
Public Comment: None.

Commission Discussion: The Commission questioned Mr. Guertin about the project. Mr. Guertin was also willing to answer Commission questions concerning the failure of the sewer system over the recent Fourth of July weekend.

Lynne Martin moved to approve the Notice of Intent for the Town of Provincetown for an extension to the existing Provincetown sewer collection system to the east end of Commercial Street with the Standard Order of Conditions, David Hale seconded and it was so voted, 4-0.
9:48 am est 

Finance Committee

The finance committee replicates itself like a bunch of lizards.  They share one mind set.   For years they have grasped onto one report like a bible - that the cape will be older and grayer and have done everything in their power to have that happen.   They cut and want to cut more year round services and then they think they are just brillant strategists.  
9:46 am est 

Couture Travels Therefore no Meetings Until January 5, 2010
Why no BOS meetings until January 5th and even then, the budget is the topic. There are key issues and especially the destruction of Route 6 by DPW head David Guertin and the continued planned destruction. But where is the Couture? Because she will be leaving the country, that should not mean no work gets done regarding town issues. How long does it take her to pack? Let the Vice Chair take over and then we can have a fair, democratic meeting.
11:16 pm est 

Gold Discovered Under School Building
Re: "even if we save $2,000,000 sending our students to Nauset and to the Truro elementary school..we will save $24,000,000!"

You cannot just make up numbers.  The only real detailed analysis that has been done on this to date, says there is no savings at today's enrollment level.  And no one has written a credible analysis on here or elsewhere, based on actual current facts, to counter that.

Perhaps we'll discover gold under the school buildings if we only close them, and with gold over $1,000 per ounce, we'd make at least $100 million.  That makes as much sense as your made up numbers.
11:14 pm est 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


When you look at it this way..even if we save $2,000,000 sending our students to Nauset and to the Truro elementary school..we will save $24,000,000! Nothing to sneeze at
6:52 pm est 

Where Were the Selectmen Last Night?
In what was first suggested as a Joint BOS and Con Con meeting turned out to be the solitary selectmen Austin Knight. Where were the others? And where was Guertin's girlfriend Couture? She stands hidden behind Guertin. He stands in front of Sharon and both of them wag their fingers and threaten. Sharon shaking, twitching, eyes blinking, nods and agrees. And the trees get cut down. The turtles and frogs squashed by machines. And everything heaving their last sigh as the junk dirt,junk cover is dumped on top of what is left.
6:51 pm est 

School Reality
There wasn't a peep about closing the schools until a few years ago when Kieth Bergman, the town manager, suggested that it close.

Then the Dept of Revenue demanded that the town take action and now hardly a month goes by that there isn't an article in the Banner or the Cape Cod Times about the school and its lack of students or combined classes or school regionalization group.

It is only a matter of time before the school is closed. The school committee kept the school off limits and the Dept. of Revenue revealed the state of mind of the school committee and now there is a groundswell to close the schools.
6:50 pm est 

Did You Hear? They Plan to Clear Cutting the Route 6 Median!

When asked at last night's Conservation Commission meeting by Lincoln Sharpless if there would be any other cutting during Phase 3---well, Metcalf & Eddy got up and with their map said: YES, Along the Median strip. From Howland to Shankpainter, any trees or bushes that get in the way will be cut down for the equipment. Who knew? Who said anything about this?

Who is running this town? David Guertin? I guesss that may be the hidden truth. Sharon seems unable or too mesmerized or too scared to put this man in his place. He should be FIRED immediately but no, she will go along. And the weak BSO will feigned concern but let Guertin do his damage.

This is sickening. And so is how this town is being run. It a tragedy.
6:48 pm est 


Re: "it will cost over Fifty Million dollars to educate a child from fist grade to graduation in Provincetown."

By your logic, since the annual NY City school budget is $3 billion, it will cost over $36 billion to educate a child from first grade to graduation in New York. They should close their schools and send that one child to Provincetown.  Think of the savings!
4:22 pm est 

Re: Just an Observation

Re: "When you look at the "leaders" in this community what do you see - Selectmen and Finance Committee.   Single, older, no kids and gay.   Just an observation"

Guess that means the married, younger, straight folks with kids just aren't willing to volunteer and help make a difference in this town.

Just an observation.
4:02 pm est 

School Bus Costs
Your thoughts about combining school and commercial bus routes to increase passenger load rates are interesting.  While students in many places use public buses to get to school, I don't believe the law allows anyone but students on school buses.  So not clear how we could combine routes, as you suggest, to save money.

As to bus costs in regionalization scenarios, they don't play a big role as I understand it primarily because the state reimburses towns for most of those costs (although this has been threatened in the current tight state budget times, so may change). Thus towns gain some bus subsidy money with regionalization but lose some school subsidy needs to go through all the factors in detail to get an honest comparison of course.

Finally, for the poster who keeps repeating it costs $50 million to get ONE child from grade 1 to 12: this would obviously only be true if there were only one child attending for the full 12 years.  Figures don't lie, but liars...Apples and oranges again.
4:00 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

How much will Guetin be fined? What about the state fines?
Who pays for these fines exactly?
1:59 pm est 

Re: What About the Students?

"Has anyone ever spoken to the students in the Provincetown School System?  What is their take on regionalizing?"

The committee that issued its report last year on the schools included getting feedback from the community and students.  It also had details on costs and pros and cons of various regionalization alternatives.  It was quite well done. Go back and read it if you are serious about analyzing regionalization. It is full of many useful facts, trends, and data.  (And, no, I wasn't on the committee, but they deserve our thanks).

The specific answer to your Q about students' opinions is probably best obtained from the actual decisions they and their parents make to stay in town for high school or to go to Nauset.  They've voted with their feet either way which says more than words.  The committee report gives actual statistics for those staying versus going by year.  
1:55 pm est 

Re: In Observations

You said:
"When you look at the "leaders" in this community what do you see - Selectmen and Finance Committee.   Single, older, no kids and gay.   Just an observation"

I ask:
What's your point?
12:45 pm est 

Re: "Is it True That Guertin's Secretive Plan...."
Oh the        -         really need to find something else to do on stormy day other than spread lies and defame people. It won't make your lives any better and it's sad to watch.
12:42 pm est 

Re: DPW Director David Guertin

Is it true that Guertin's secretive plan for Rte 6 includes clearcutting from Howland to ShankPainter? Who the hell does he think he is!

Is it true that ConCom is going to fine that arrogant and local law breaking man? No wonder this town is in a perpetual state of crisis management.
11:52 am est 

What About the Students

Has anyone ever spoken to the students in the Provincetown School System?  What is their take on regionalizing?  Just a thought.
11:47 am est 

Derelict Housemate
One more thing, my derelict housemate went to charitable organizations and when I was offered $500 to help with his rent with the stipulation that I not ask him to leave I declined the  money saying that he had already decided to leave town and that he owed so much more in rent. I was thanked for being so honest.

When I told my housemate; he was angry that I didn't accept the money anyway in order to reduce the debt that he owed me. I couldn't take this money and to me it just shows how morally bankrupt he is.

He had money for all of the pot and cigarettes that he was smoking and he was fed with food stamps and before that received food from the food pantry, bless them, but this town is better off with out people like him. I hate to say it, but he was just waiting to get into affordable housing. And his "friends", who are still here, are just as bad; the people to whom he gave away his things have all been arrested for drugs in the past--it was a shock to see that he knew them.
11:45 am est 

Trouble in Paradise
My housemate was fired from one job because the manager saw him stealing and he was fired from another job when the tape showed that he wasn't fulfilling the work check list and also caught an alledged drug deal.

When his unemployment was denied he decided to leave rather than get more in rent debt.

Never have I had everyone else in the building tell me good riddance--and yet he was expecting to come back here and work next summer at his bus boy job.

I called the man who gave me his excellent references and told him that my house mate was a filty living, lying individual who was forbidden to smoke indoors but used his room as an ash tray.

I even went to his supervisor in the summer and was given a good review--I did a background reference and still got a loser.

I then heard from someone that some employers in this town just can't find any decent help in the off season and are working themselves to death.
11:44 am est 


When you look at the "leaders" in this community what do you see - Selectmen and Finance Committee.   Single, older, no kids and gay.   Just an observation
11:42 am est 

DPW Director

It seems clear to me that the head of the DPW was giving a warning two years ago about letting the Conservation Commission know when they are going to be interfering with the green way. If the town government was running this town as the multi million dollar corporation like it should, he would be collecting unemployment by now. And lets not forget how the DPW handled the public landing steps to the beach on Atlantic Avenue.
11:39 am est 

Re: Apples and Oranges Yet Again!

I have been following your thread on real school cost savings with regional v. local schools. Largely I hear you. But I do question your cost estimates on transportation if we were to close one or both of the local schools. Have you considered the cost of the existing school buses running up and down Rt. 6 between Provincetown and Orleans already? Most of the buses I observe are less than 20% full, at any time and at any leg of the run. This is just one of the savings we could realize.

If we blended the service of the Plymouth and Brockton Bus, the flex bus and the school buses, we just might have a reasonable public transportation system in the offing.

I can hear it now.
11:38 am est 

Where Was Ted?
Were all the other special interests there?  all the town voters?  was ted the only one missing?  or the only target you have?  The calling of the meeting was pretty lame and the town could have really waited until Spring.  But our selectmen seem to want Town Meetings as often as they meet.
11:35 am est 

Re: Clothes

Drop them off at the Methodist Church on Shankpainter... they are open M_F 10-2... it will help fund the Soup Kitchen of Provincetown. This kitchen feeds up to 70 people daily in Provincetown who may otherwise go hungry.
11:34 am est 


$4,000,000 is the current shcool budget and with the continued increases--it will cost over Fifty Million dollars to educate a child from fist grade to graduation in Provincetown.

We taxpayers are paying the salaries of every single person who works for the town! The Town is the employer of the greatest number of people and we taxpayers who don't work for the town carry this burden every single year.

Since I was born here, I'll be here the rest of my life and the sooner we close the school the better: no heat, no insurance costs, no salaries etc. etc. etc.--only the retirement to pay.

Let Truro be the magnet elementary school for the area.
11:33 am est 

Re: Provincetown School System Regionalization
"There are no savings with regionalization at the current enrollment level. There will be savings if the downward trend of enrollment continues, but not today.

So the dept of Revenue was wrong to say it might be time to do so?"

The Dept of Revenue did NOT analyze the current costs versus the costs of regionalizing.  Go back and read their report. Here are a few quotes of what they actually did say:

- We recommend that the town pursue an independent study to determine the financial ramifications of joining the Nauset Regional School District.

- Any effort to regionalize is fundamentally a local decision, and therefore we offer no opinion on what course the town should take.

There is NO savings estimate in the DOR report because they didn't do any such analysis! Their report is dated April 2008 and came out before the town committee report in late 2008.  Do your homework and you'll find that the factual data supports the conclusion that there are no savings at TODAY'S enrollment level.

Continued declining enrollment will change that, and it does make sense to continue looking at regionalization because enrollment IS likely to keep dropping. But it isn't a tax-savings bonanza today and those who post here saying it is refuse to face the hard facts or to show any analysis that contradicts those facts.    
11:31 am est 

PBG Announcement
Provincetown Business Guild
Provincetown Business Guild
CARNIVAL 2010 Theme Announced! 
December 8, 2009
Carnival Theme Winner

  CARNIVAL 2010 - August 15-21

 Jungle Fantasy
 Bring on the wild side of life as only
 Provincetown Carnival can do!
Nick Robertson
Executive Director
Provincetown Business Guild
11:28 am est 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If Not Now, When?

Re: "There are no savings with regionalization at the current enrollment level.  There will be savings if the downward trend of enrollment continues, but not today..."

So the dept of Revenue was wrong to say it might be time to do so?
3:49 pm est 

June 5 2007 Conservation Committee Minutes:
"The Commission discussed the illegal discharge of water on conservation land near Mt. Gilboa. The Commission would like to prevent the situation from occurring again in the future. Sandy Turner at the DPW was contacted and she agreed to file a Notice of Intent. Dennis Minsky will send a letter on behalf of the Commission stating the need for DPW to submit an NOI in order to avoid the issuance of an Enforcement Order."

Two years later, nothing has changed. Illegal discharge of water in 2007 and now illegal clear cutting in 2009. It has to stop! Fines must be leviedthis time. It will finally send a loud and clear message to Guertin that he can't do what he just wants to do.
3:06 pm est 

My housemate had to move away and he left clothes in the closet. I want to bag them up and drop them off..can I just drop them outside Ruthies?
3:03 pm est 

Provincetown School System Cost

"Do you see why clear thinking residents now see that $4,000,000 every year.....when we have less than 50 provincetown students is not an option for us anymore?"

Apples and oranges yet again!  So here we go:

$4 million is the annual cost for grades K to 12, and is not net the payments we get for out-of-towners who come here.  

~50 is the number of locals in the high school, not the number in all K to 12 grades.

There are no savings with regionalization at the current enrollment level.  There will be savings if the downward trend of enrollment continues, but not today.

It isn't that many facts to keep clear, but there are people on here who, like clockwork, get it wrong over and over.  
3:02 pm est 

School Committee Credibility

School enrollment is declining all over the outer cape. I don't see how any creativity can bring more students here if they aren't even there. And cost should not be an issue. Only the quality of education should be considered. On another note,I voted today at VMS which was in session. Didn't the school committee just last year say this was not even possible because of safety issues with the children nor could the public use the school facilities for recreation because of the same. Today I see an entry sign on the gym for recreation purposes. So many contradictions and misrepresentations makes me question any school committee credibility.
2:59 pm est 

Article 1
We whould have shot ourselves in the foot if we had voted no on this article.

$85,000 had to go towards the school because of the rose colored glasses which they all wear regarding the number of students who are rushing to enroll in our school.

Article 4 is non binding and can't make the town keep their jobs forever--which is what they want.
2:57 pm est 

Who is he what are you refering to regarding his interest?
2:56 pm est 

Where Was Ted?

Did anyone see Malondoff at Town
Meeting? He must not need funding
nor an intrest with other issues but
His own.
8:54 am est 

Negative Thinking
All the energy goes into saying close the schools.   Put some energy into figuring out how to save the schools.   First would be to stop saying the schools will close.   You know very well that has a negative impact on enrollment.   Then get creative - it's time.  Stop the negative small minds.
8:52 am est 

School Reality
Every Taxpayer has heard for years how enrollment is increasing. Then the Audit of Provincetown was mandated by the Dept. of Revenue and the reality of the situation stunned them and they vigorously ordered that the school committee investigate regionalization.

The school committee lost credibility. Last night at the special town meeting $85,000 dollars that could have gone to other town projects had to go to make up the short fall caused when the projected Truro enrollment never materialized.

Do you see why clear thinking residents now see that $4,000,000 every year, $50,000,000 to educate a child from first grade to 12th when we have less than 50 provincetown students is not an option for us anymore?
8:51 am est 

Article 4

Article 4 was almost unanimously voted down. Even Town counsel that it would is absolutely impossible to tie the town Government's hand by voting to make the parking lot positiions untouchable forever.
The town is the largest employer of workers in Provincetown. Workers don't pay into unemployment--we taxpayers pay it and it cost us several houndred thousand dollars a year in unemployment benefits.
8:50 am est 

After the Fact Noitice of Intent
And Couture, Anderson & Knight barely reprimand Guertin? It is now up
to ConCom to show leadership through accountibility and restitution.
7:20 am est 

Looking For Half Full Visions

It seems that many of you are embracing an older and grayer Cape and are rushing toward that goal.   That goal will shrink all services on the cape and you think you will be savings thousands of dollars a year in taxes.   If that is people's mentality you are welcome to it.   I want to hear from people who have visions and ideas instead of that mentality.
7:19 am est 


So you say kids from up cape will not go the 30 minutes or so to get to Provincetown to school.   Then you say taxpayers should not have to foot the costs of kids going to schools.  

So where does that leave families in Provincetown - obviously it is too far to Eastham.   So are you telling up just not to come and if we are here to leave ?
7:17 am est 

Update From Town Meeting:

Approximately 130 people attended.

Article 1 passed overwhelmingly
Articles 2 & 3 passed
Article 4 did not pass, it was close, but the votes were not there for it.
12:35 am est 

Dear: No Axe to Grind
We long time residents supported the school body and soul.
For the last eleven years we have had a declining population. Please listen to the Peter Francese interviews here so that you have a real understanding of the school crisis on Cape Cod.

Don't insult us that we have an axe to grind. At our town meeting we had to use $85,000 to make up the short fall due to the Truro students who backed out of returning to our school. And more  students will leave for a richer education experience at Nauset High School.

A Provincetown Parent.
12:34 am est 

Any Information Would Help

Can someone shed some light on DPW releasing the tank of water in the east end a few years ago? Did they have a permit? Was wildlife and vegatation killed? Were there consequences?

12:32 am est 

Dig DeepYour Quiver!

I agree with the person who said the schools are important.  This is a creative community - come up with a solution - don't just give it away.  
12:30 am est 

Re: No Axe to Grind

You fail to understand that there are not many year round jobs in Provincetown to draw families to come here. Just as Ptown students don't want to ride a bus 30 -60 minutes up Cape, no one from up Cape will want to ride down to Provincetown. It's time for the whole Cape to look at dwindling numbers of students and regionalize. We can not continue to fund the schools at 4 million per year for so few students.

12:29 am est 

Inevitable Fate of Provincetown Schools

I also have no kids of school age or younger, nor work for the town.  And I agree it is substantially better, most notably in winters, to continue to have local schools. Especially when parents have the choice to send their kids to Nauset, so no one is forced to stay local.

I have also taken the time to go through the cost estimates, and it is a fact that there would likely be no savings if the schools were closed and regionalized today.

But the obvious key to costs in the future is enrollment.  If it continues on the long-term downward path, then regionalization will be cheaper.  The committee report from last year showed that not only is the total number of local young people declining, but so is the number of locals who choose to use the local schools ("lost share").

Even with current trends, regionalization savings won't be meaningful for at least several years.  But it will get there unless enrollment trends reverse.  Hard to see how that will happen.  Just not enough kids being born or coming here; and of those who are here not enough want to go to high school here.  At some point, the financial reality will offset the many intangibles of having local schools.  I'll join those who will be very sorry to see it, but it is on the horizon.
12:26 am est 

Re: Re:No Axe to Grind

You wrote:

"The leaders of the school and this town need to look to ways to increase enrollment and find ways to draw students to the town instead of away from it.  Provincetown might have a small year round population, but innovative programs and educational opportunities would draw students from other towns."

You could have written that sentence in any of the last 15 years.Do you know how many Town Meetings at which I have heard that sentiment repeated? This is the line of bull that the School Committee has been espousing for YEARS! It ain't going to happen. The writing is on the wall. PHS WILL close and it will be a GOOD thing for the education of the students of Provincetown.
12:22 am est 

Who's Filing What and From Whom On Route 6 to the State?

Notification to Abutters Under the MA Wetland Protection Act

A. the Name of the applicant is the Town of Provincetownc/o David Guertin- Director of Public Works

B. The applicant has filed a Notice of Intent with the Conservation Commission for the municipality of Province town, MA regarding three staging areas along Route 6 associated with the sewer extension project that will incorporate the east end of Commerical Street and adjacent streets in Provincetown. While none of the staging areas are located withon a wetland resource areas, portions of the two of these staging areas are within the 100 foot Buffer Zone as protected under the MA Wetlands Protection Act and its implementing regulations. All three staging areas are cloated with Estimated and Priority Habitat as mapped by the MA Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program. The Notice of Intent is filed for the immediate restoration of one staging area and the continued use of the other two staging areas for the duration of the project. The two remaining staging areas will temporarily store pipe and construction materials and will be restored at the completion of the project.

So who is at fault? David Guertin or Metcalf & Eddy now known as AEC? Why did Metcalf & Eddy file an after-the-fact intent? Why is Guertin filing this?

We all need to be at the Conservation Committee Tuesday at 6:30p.m. I will double check but I think it is at the Grace Goveia Building. Will someone let me know the exact location?
12:20 am est 

Monday, December 7, 2009

No Axe to Grind

I have zero children in the Provincetown Public Schools and I am not employed by the town - but I think closing the schools would be detrimental to the community.  The leaders of the school and this town need to look to ways to increase enrollment and find ways to draw students to the town instead of away from it.  Provincetown might have a small year round population, but innovative programs and educational opportunities would draw students from other towns.  Don't be so quick to give away state money (per pupil expenditure) and eager to close a building or have it retrofitted as something else.  Education is a part of this town's economy - and we should be doing everything that we can to preserve it.        
3:50 pm est 

Re: Route 6 Clear Cutting
On Conservation Committee's agenda:

"Notice of Intent

Application by Town Of Provincetown, Department of Public Works represented by Thomas Touchet of AECOM under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act M.G.L. c. 131, § 40 and the Provincetown Wetlands Bylaw Chapter 12.  Applicant has filed an After-The-Fact Notice of Intent for the unpermitted construction of three staging areas in association with the Phase III municipal sewer expansion project."

Dear Fellow Citizens, let's take DPW's lead and just do what we want, when we want and then file an
After-The-Fact Notice of Intent! Hey 'mistakes' were made. Let's not 'overreach' by doing the right thing because we are the Selectmen not the little people.
3:19 pm est 

Re: Good Times Bar Closing

That bar was closed illegally.

Just before the Superior Court hearing the town contacted the owners and said the licence would be returned. Not only that, the 2010 licence was also issued WITHOUT prejudice.  It was a snit fit by the board, not a legal action. When you have an                making these sort of decisions, they are bound to be wrong.
3:09 pm est 

Re: School Regionalization

"Time to let go and free our children to have a life worth living and a mind worth having"

Did you really say that ?   Kids have to leave town to have this life ?   Do you have any clue about what a great place this is to raise a child.   That includes neighborhood schools.   It's safe, it's got a lot going on in the summer that many cities have, it has natural beauty and plenty for kids to do outside.  In the winter months it is more rural.   There are arts, theater, etc. here.   It is a great place to raise a child.  
3:01 pm est 

Affordable Housing is Actually Helping Malone Live in His Big House.....

......and helping his workers live in their big houses. It has little to do with helping town people live here. Sad but true and a mark against all of us who vote for this deceptive, aritificial game Community Housing Resources continues to play. It's the voters who lose at this card game when the big pot goes over and over to Ted Malone as his big, fat hands rake in the money.
10:35 am est 

None of You Are Answering the Question

If it costs the same, which the reports show, either shipping the kids out of town or keeping the schools, - why are you so hot to get the kids out of town ?  Oh and please add how many children you have in school - this would help all of us to understand your rants too.  
10:32 am est 

New Housholds

Who says both people in a household have to work out of town.  You are so limited in your thoughts it's truly amazing.
10:29 am est 

Re: Regionalization

It was not Massachusetts who forced us to look at Regionalization it was Austin Knight who snuck it in at Town Meeting.  Patrick Patrick called him on it.   Get your facts right.
10:27 am est 

Good Times Bar

So, how can they still be open after the licence board took the licence away and the police chief took it also?
10:25 am est 

Laughing Stock

Wow! You hear all over the Commonwealth how the Provincetown Police are regarded? Too bad you are arrested so much and spend so much time in lock up. Sad that you are so hard up that "lock up" is the only way you can be assured of finding a "date". I guess that you like to keep it "real".
10:22 am est 

90 Shankpainter Rd
When is the construction going to start? Evey delay on this end means more a wait to completion. It was supposed to have started in October-November..nothing is being done. How long do we have to wait for affordable housing in this town? I hope that it is almost completed by the time that I return in the Spring..
10:20 am est 

House Sales
When a buyer comes up with 25 or 30% of a down payment on a $600,000 then you know that the sale will go through. I know that I'll make that standing behind the counter here in town working all winter, so I'll start house-hunting now. Or should I buy a business and be my own boss? Decisions, decisions.
10:18 am est 

Ghost School

Provincetown students are subtly brainwashed to look at their school as a museum to the past relatives who went there. It is now a ghost school. My parents went there, my grandparents went there. Is that a reason to keep a high school open that had to combine two grades because there were no students in one of them?

How many Truro students will opt out next year from going to the Ghost School? Wake up! Teresa Nelson asked how did all of this come to the surface so quickly--and the answer is the Dept. of Revenue and their demand to the Town Governemnt to investigate regionalization.
10:16 am est 

Self Employed

Be your own boss. There are so many restaurants and businesses for sale, just buy one and set up shop and start your own business. Waltz into the bank and they will give you the loan. I'll put down Ted Malone as my landlord and I'm sure that the bank will give me $350,000 to buy a small business here.
10:02 am est 

Re: Provincetown Police Dept
When a blogger posts here that the Provincetown Police are making so many mistakes that they are the laughing stock of Massachusetts, that person actually means under Chief Jaran they are doing a good job and they can't get away with the things they were able to before. Say what you want but the bottom line is, no Police Officers have been suspended or fired so I think that means they must be doing a good job. Also, if it upsets you that much, you are more than welcome to move to another town.
9:59 am est 

Re: Provincetown Police

"Lets wait and hear what the police chief says. We owe it to him not to tie his hands when trying to recruit the best talented officers for the town."

That statement made me laugh right out loud! Our police are still the laughinstock of Massachusetts. Everywhere I go I hear about them and their mistakes. It is so sad.
11:32 pm est 

It is Not the Same Cost!

Think Long-term If you Can Carrie
But I doubt it. Post as you will but if you think long-term the cost of closing is not the same. Additionally, it is now too small, too limited in offerings and it is time to say goodbye. Goobye to you also and a committe that for too long has been inadequate in its thinking and focused on holding on. Time to let go and free our children to have a life worth living and a mind worth having.
11:29 pm est 

Work Elseware?
Ok folks, go to Boston and work during the week and come back on the weekends mom and dad..and the kids are raised by remote control?
11:28 pm est 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Talk to the Deptartment of Revenue

It is the Department of Revenue who told the Town Government that the shcools are a financial burden on the taxpayers. It is there in black in white in the audit of the town. They said that the school committee needs to investigate regionalization. Either you do it or it will be forced on us. Plain and Simple.
9:00 pm est 

Follow the Money

No one is saying there are tons of great jobs in Provincetown.   However, there are lots of people who make lots of money - it called self-employed.   And there are lots of people who live here who work somewhere else and bring the money back home.  

Why do you keep thinking that you have to live and work in the same town.   It is not the reality anymore for most people.   You go where the work is and you come home - it may not be till Thursday night, but you come back home.  
8:46 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Schools

Can we say this once and for all - IT COSTS THE SAME TO CLOSE THE SCHOOLS AND SHIP THE KIDS TO NAUSET - the reports say this time and again.

So I ask you - if there is no savings - why are you so hellbent on closing the schools ?
8:44 pm est 

1978 Infamous Provincetown Land Grab
This RT6 incusion is nothing compared to what happened in 1978.After the Blizzard came the INFAMOUS LAND GRAB which initiated that the entire beach front was photographed from the Holiday Inn to the Provincetown Inn and the SLIDES that were taken were put in a file at town Hall--and then they abruptly "DISSAPEARED" the next time they were needed!!!

This is an example of the "land grab". After the Blizzard of 1978 property owners on the water grabbed the land. The Anchor Inn had a little parking lot, but after the storm a huge parking lot was built. (There wasn't a clear cut picture of what was there.)

They weren't the only one to do this--retaining walls were put up beyond their initial location!

And the contractor kept saying,"I didn't know I was supposed to inform you about this" (this after being confronted by the committee just the week before).
11:59 am est 

Iconic Destination
In last week's Boston Globe Editorial, they talked about the Cape as an Iconic destination.

The school teacher in repressive Lynchburb,VA,for example or Nebraska retires, sells his or her house, and moves to Provincetown and buys an affordable condo.  His or her economic concerns are less than the family of four trying to make a mortgage each month.
11:56 am est 

Families of Four

Sorry, you are right, families of four are flocking to Provincetown in droves for all of the high paying jobs. All of the foreign workers who are legion here is just a figment of our imagination.

Lets put an addition on the school for all of these burgeoning families jamming our schools with their children.
9:57 am est 

Concentration of Poverty

All that 90 Shankpainter Rd and the Malone housing developments will do will be to concentrate the poverty in this town.

The people living there will be cleaning the stores and restaurants and providing service in the summer for the affluent people who live in the other parts of town. It is honest work and necessary, but these are the facts.

In the winter these workers will be collecting unemployment. You have to be formerly homeless or poor in order to pay $320.00 a month for a one bedroom apartment in this town.
9:56 am est 

Where Are the Jobs to Support $500,000-$1,000,000 Homes?

Please list the jobs in this town that will support folks who could move here and fill the schools with students?

Where are all of the pediatricians? Yes the plumbers who charge $150.00 an hour etc can live here because many tradespeople were born and raised here.
9:55 am est 

Current Reality

Do you honestly think that people who have children cannot afford a house for $500,000 on up ?   Who do you think dominates the suburbs around any town ?  Go on any realtor site and get informed about what house prices are.  

Do you also think that the only way you "work" is to have a 9-5 job in the town you live in ?   Who are you - Ozzie and Harriet ?  or Ozzie and Ozzie ?  You are living in the 60's bro - It is time the Selectmen or someone really find out what people do in this town for work.   Either it is out of town, or in town, but not 9-5 or it is one state or another.   We do not have lifetime jobs anymore.   We need to market this town to people.   Have you ever thought of that ?   We have an airport, we have a highway, we have a bus line and for many months a year we have a boat.  

People in Provincetown always went "away" to work.   Do you think they just sat on their boats in the harbor and fished ?
9:10 am est 

Civil Service

To the person whom thinks the dept needs a little shaken up and who thinks the police union does not run this town obviously has an axe to grind. This has nothing to do with either so maybe you should go back to your barking about the trees on Rte 6.

So I don't violate my sources of information, I can only tell you that some of the reasons why the Police Union decision is important is because the appointments the Chief will have the authority to make can be the result of a political game and gain. Another reason is what protection does the new guy have, so he or she does not lose thier job and have no recourse and that is in the best intrest of the new officer to be.

There are other reasons that cannot be discussed here but before someone posts something here as negative as the previous person did, maybe the thought of asking a few questions from any full time Police Officer is the way to go. Or maybe not, because then that would make this site boring if facts were presented here first.
9:08 am est 

Taxes Operate the Town
We can't afford to live here anymore. Even if our house was assessed at only seven dollars--the tax rate would be a thousand dollars per assessed dollar.

We can close the school etc. etc. but our tax rate won't go down and the money would be spent on something else.

I see that what we pay now and what we will be paying in ten years so we will sell at the next upturn.
9:06 am est 

Town Meeting
Lets wait and hear what the police chief says. We owe it to him not to tie his hands when trying to recruit the best talented officers for the town.
9:03 am est 

Saturday, December 5, 2009

PBG Announcement

David Asher Senior Dinner - December 13 at the VFW
There are lots of ways to participate in this event.  Here's a quick list of volunteer opportunities:
Donations for the gift bags.  lOOKING FOR BAKERS AND CRAFTERS.  We need fun and festive stocking stuffer goodies to put in bags for the dinner guests.  We usually put together 130 bags.
Table sponsors - you can sponsor a table for $50.00 - this helps us cover the costs of putting on this very special event.
If you'd like to volunteer or sponsor a table please contact the PBG office at 508.487.2313.
Thank you to everyone who has already volunteered or sponsored a table.
VSB Grants
The Visitor Services Board has approved the Application for FY2011 Tourism Grants. The deadline for submitting an application is January 22, 2010.  Applications can be obtained through the tourism office.
Bob Sanborn
Director of Tourism
(508) 487-3298
10:00 pm est 

Re:Town Meeting and Civil Service
Just because it may not be what's best for the police union doesn't mean it's not what is best for the town.  The PD needs to be shaken up and this may be exactly what will do it.  The PD union does not run this town.
9:56 pm est 

Town Meeting and Civil Service
Just a quick little note for everyone to stuff in their back pockets when it comes to wether you should vote "yes or no" on the civil service question is, if you do not get confirmation that the Police Union has also given their approval for removal of civil service from the dept than this will be what the Chief of Police wants and not neccessarily what the Chief and the dept want. So make sure you hear "the police union okays this too" otherwise dump it. I am not a member of the Police Dept but from what my inside sources have told me, this is what we as voters should know.
8:37 pm est 

New Residents
The people with heavy money are still buying property here. There are no year round jobs, so families with two or three children can't afford to buy a house for half a million dollars and get a job here to pay the  mortgage.

With the changing demographics transforming Provincetown and the cape into an adult community, there is no need for the schools. Face the facts--look in the Banner Real Estate section and see the homes that are being bought.
8:23 pm est 

Provincetown Schools

Yes it's too bad we can't have children in Provincetown anymore - it just costs tooooooo much.  
8:22 pm est 

Here's What's Interesting

The DPW post here admonishing us for making accusation without the right research. If they were open with their plans and public in what exactly they were going to do--clear cut three stretches of pristine Route 6--then we would have known who was doing what to whom. But given their secretiveness and lack of accountability, thanks for this blog where people post and report on what they know. They may not have the exact details but they often have the broader picture. And then there are those who give us the details and that is much appreciated.
Sorry DPW. You can't have it both ways.
8:21 pm est 

Are the "Good Times" Rolling Again?

Saw in the banner that the license board took away the GOOD TIMES liquor license and the police chief walked down to the bar with both owners to take the license away.
So what really gives?  Last night I walked by GOOD TIMES and they were OPEN.  Sign on the street said OPEN AGAIN, and saw people going in and out.  
I have nothing against the owners.  Actually, like Eddy as a person.  But how come they dont have  to follow the RULES?  Or did they get the license back on a technicality or what?
8:19 pm est 

Mainstream Communication

It is amusing that those criticized here anonymously post that there are only two or three people that blogg here.  PBG posting and now the town's tourism director? This blog is used
now as a mainsteam way to get info out to the public like it or not.
8:16 pm est 

Robert B Could Not Clear Without Consent From DPW
Who did the survey? Who measured what the clearing area should be? Who checked the maps? Who read the meetings of town meetings to see town votes on Route 6? Someone is to blame and if it Robert B, then the bill for reclamation should be fully paid by this company. If it is ultimately DPW, then the bill will be paid by town residents and I believe Guertin's pay should be used or he personally should be held responsible for his irresponsible acts.
8:14 pm est 

Great Party!
Provincetown Business Guild
Provincetown Business Guild
Weekly Update
December 4, 2009
 at the CROWN & ANCHOR
Happy Holly Folly! 
This weekend is Holly Folly.  A full schedule of events is available on the PBG website and for download in the member notices section of the PBG website.  Lots of events going on so check it out.
Tickets still available for the Boston Gay Men's Chorus and can be purchased at the Firehouse downtown or at the doors.
 Join the PBG on Facebook
This is a reminder of the Special Town Meeting next Monday 12/7 at 6:00 PM in Veterans Memorial Elementary School's Multipurpose Room.  Please be sure to show up and vote to ensure a quorum.  
Attached is the Financial Committee's Report and Recommendations on the 4 Articles:
Article 1: Home Rule Petition/Exempting New Police Department Members from Civil Service
Article 2: FY 2010 Budget Adjustments
Article 3: Cemetery Improvements
Article 4: Municipal Parking Lot/Grace Hall Parking Lot Exemptions
Bob Sanborn
Director of Tourism
(508) 487-3298
11:06 am est 

Land's End Inn Gala!

More than 'three cheers' to Land's End Inn and all of those who made last night possible!  Fabulous event kicking off the season.  Thanks, and blessings to you all.
10:51 am est 

Re: Community Center

Just because you are nearing the end of it all does not mean you have to drag the town with you.   Leave the life in the town !   A community center is exactly what it is called.   Where else could a group of people who did the Thriller dance just call up and use the space.   The community center is open space for the people of this town.  
10:49 am est 

The Schools

It is sad to consider that we will have to close our schools and regionalize; but this is happening all over the commonwealth. We must use our common sense and not our hearts to lead us.

Provincetown has closed over 6 schools in the last 100 years and now the cape has dwindling students and this is our only option.

The superintendent sees this to be the case; we are too far removed to bring students here. Remember, no one heard a word about closing the schools until we had only a handful of Provincetown students in our high school at tremendous expense which caught the attention of the Dept. of Revenue.
10:48 am est 

90 Shank Painter Rd
What is the hold up? We are supposed to be able to move into these apartments in the Summer. Get them built Michele and Elaine. That is why you are selectmen, Remember?
10:47 am est 

Re: Route 6 Clear Cutting

 Just to make one thing clear the laydown areas were authorized by the DPW Administration and these designated areas were cleared by the Robert B. our company not the DPW employees so before you make false accusations do a little research before you run your mouth. If you had any idea as to what was going on you might of noticed Robert B. ours front end loader grading what some edcuated people refer to as ABC. Once again you blame the DPW employees for a bad decision that the DPW director has made. David Guertin is a failure and the Town Manager refuses to let him go. The guy is a joke and we all know it. Good Luck            .
10:45 am est 

Life Beyond the Blog

Don't give in to trying to set the record straight on this blog, you will get nowhere! It would be better to let the few bloggers on here think that they are right. And as in the past, the truth will always come out and they will start ranting about how the truth was wrong because only a few year rounders voted. Let them continue to be naysayers! I for one have a life more than this blog.
10:43 am est 

We Could Save a Ton!

You could house the town hall, police, fire and community center all at the high school. Then we could sell off all of the other properties for affordable housing. We could save a ton and then we could have even more affordable housing.
10:42 am est 

DPW Storage Policy

Any one know why the dpw doesn,t have room to store things from the sewer project.they store stuff for people like nets ,boats ,cars, sand,trailers,old docks,etc.
10:40 am est 

Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Selectmen Mary Jo Avellar for all her influence and effort in taking care of us on Winslow Street.  It sure was a great help to all of us on Winslow street to be able to have electricity in time of need.  Your influence of NSTAR is so appreciated.
10:39 am est 

Friday, December 4, 2009

Town Owned Buildings

FINALLY! Now the Town Government sees the wisdom of closing the school and moving the police station into the High School.
We need a head count as to how many people use the community center. Sell the building.
6:07 pm est 

I Hear the Voices of the DPW Here
Oh, it's not so bad. Oh, the bushes grow back fast. Oh, it's already done so what! Oh, what's a little fill into buffer zones and wetlands. It is exactly this mentality that caused the problem but it should not be allowed to dominate the solution and resolution of this act. It was wrong, misdirected, foolish and damaging. And all the three areas should be reclaimed now. Get those pipes out of there, get those trucks out of there and get the bloody DPW out of there. It is not their land. It is ours.
6:06 pm est 

Rules Should Rule

The town should be fined. Cutting into the buffer requires permits. The town is not above the law and it did not get the required permits. It should have filed with MESA but of course it didn't. Then, even worse, DPW went into and destroyed wetlands. In this town that supposedly values the sea, sand and dunes, this is what the town does within days of getting their corrupt hands on the land? And Route 6 is still in the purview of the state. It is disgusting because vegetation like this of scrub pines and Japanese pines that edge the dunes does not grow back rapidly. It has been damaged and by us and those who head this town. It is sad, tragic and callous.
6:05 pm est 

For You, A bush is a Bush is a Bush

You probably even elected a bush for president. And look what that did to this country. It clear-cut morality, downed the tallest sense of justice, and upturned all righteouness. Similar to David Bush Guertin. He too believes a bush is a bush--and a forest is a forest is a forest. For him, anything living is threatening.
2:47 pm est 

Possibly Illegal

I question whether the town meeting form of government would hold up in court.  

Think about it, it discriminates against the disabled who are unable to attend the meeting and are not allowed to vote by absentee ballot.  It discriminates against those who work evenings.  They are not allowed a voice.  If indeed the town meeting form of government was challenged in court my guess is that it would be invalidated.

A previous poster stated it was one of the oldest forms of government, but that doesn't mean it is the right form of government.  Slavery was one of the oldest forms of employment, it didn't mean it was right.  Discrimination against women was the standard practice in much of the world including the U.S. where until the early 1900s women were not allowed to vote, that didn't mean it was right.

It's time to do away with the town meeting form of government.  It's wrong in so many ways.  Just a minority of voters determine the fate of the majority.  Issues should be voted by private ballot where fear of retribution for how one votes would not be a concern.  Those unable to attend should be allowed to have their voices heard.
2:21 pm est 

Clear Cut Ramification

1:53 pm est 

Re: Nauset/Budget
"It costs the town roughly 23K to send a kid to Nauset. 23k x what, maybe 100 kids In the high school at best? Thats 2.3 mil and not 3-4 million."

Here we go with apples and oranges AGAIN.  Listen up please: the $4 million school budget is for grades K to 12, not just for the high school.  The committee report on the schools at the end of last year showed in detail that there wouldn't be ANY savings at today's school population level.

Perhaps you think if you say it often enough, the facts will change.  They won't.  
1:27 pm est 

Dictatorship in Disguise

Town meetings are the least democratic form of government. Its how a minority can manipulate the system through subversive planning and then retaliation.
1:17 pm est 

Route 6 Clearcut

What is all of this nonsense here about the cutting of a few bushes along route 6.  This is a perfectly normal thing to do. It will certainly grow back. The other day I cut my bush before winter comes.  By spring it will look great and full again.

Barbara Ganoosh
1:16 pm est 

Chamber and PBG Throw Excellent Holiday Get Togethers
Congratulations to both organization that showed us all that this town can throw fabulous parties. Kudos to Candy, as always, who is supreme in having wonderful holiday parties. And Kudos to Nick who did a great job at the Crown with PBG. It was the best PBG party ever. Thanks to all and Bobby Wheterbee for wonderful evenings among friends.
1:15 pm est 

What's the Point of Going to Town Meeting?

If the Selectmen don't like the way the vote goes, they will circumnavigate the will of the people at their pleasure.
Two good examples were the pay raises as they were given with a shorter work week and clear cutting route 6 in spite of the 2002 article making rte 6 a green corridor.
Or they are outright disingenous. They tell us we voted for the damn septic. But if we knew what we do now about it, nose-bleeding water rates and massive failures over high holidays because they cut corners like not having alarms and sections, we wouldn't have voted for it. Either way, we get screwed by them.
1:13 pm est 

Re: "...Special Ed in Provincetown - Seems to Bother a Lot of People... "

Haven't heard or read one comment by anyone in person or on this blog that is bothered by special needs students.  Perhaps you are trying to create an issue where there isn't one.
1:13 pm est 

Cons Com Meeting

Hopefully, the conscom members will use cool and intelligent heads filled with fact instead of feelings when they decide the fate of the encroachment of the staging area by the camp ground. I'm not saying anyone should walk away free but based on past experiences, like Anderson alluded to at the selectmens meeting, the plants will revegitate the world will continue to spin. It's not like the DPW went down into the wetlands. They went into the buffer zone. Big difference. Most likely, nothing will happen as far as fines, and after they are done, the conscom will instruct the DPW to revegitate the areas. They're already damaged and can't get worse so you might as well use them. A clear chain of command should be established in the future so incedents like this don't happen again. One should have been already considering we're at Phase 3. The meeting is going to be a let down for the whiners but hey, thats not going to be a surprise is it? Feelings don't have rules. Facts and merits do. Rule on facts and laws based on past practice, not feelings.
1:10 pm est 

Re: Destroys Town Road and Nothing Being Done

"Who is being paid off?  Why are certain people allowed special allowances and are tolerated and others are not given an inch?"

If this isn't the understatement of the century in Ptown. You mean like why are there so many naked gay men out by New Beach? Or why does the town CLOSE Commercial street to cater to the Spiritus crowd? Or why isn't anything done about what goes on nightly under and behind the Boatslip? Or why is anyone and their brother allowed to dump any kind of crap they want down at the DPW garage? Or why is it SOME people need details for work along the street but not everyone? Don't try twisting this ionto a "lifestyle" issue. Fair is fair. The rules should apply evenly. But sadly, it's gone so far it's probably too late to fix.
1:07 pm est 

Re: Nauset/Budget

Why vote against the budget if your kid goes to Nauset? Are you honestly claiming that the budget is solely for the cost of sending a kid to school? Not infrastructure, no raises, no fuel costs, etc.? Are you serious? If the stats are correct, It costs the town roughly 23K to send a kid to Nauset. 23k x what, maybe 100 kids In the high school at best? Thats 2.3 mil and not 3-4 million. That's a savings and in these times, thats why a no vote to the school budget makes sense. Wake up, the school is not going to last. Get over it and make plans now.
1:04 pm est 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Many Years Does It Take?

To see the beauty of this land, to appreciate the surf, to love the flats? How many years does it take to appreciate the stretches of dunes and the majestic cascading towards the sea? Don't those who head departments and run this town see the beauty that is Provincetown? How many years will it take for them to love this land?
2:00 pm est 

Town Meeting Can be a Sham

They ask us to be there and vote. They want a quorum. Well at only 100 for the minimum, you could get that at a holiday party. But when we do, as with the vote against town employees getting 3% raise and when we vote for the Route 6 conversion to be for conservation, the votes do not count. They do not lead to actions that we voted on.
So why pretend our votes count in this so-called democratic small town meeting? Pretense is not reality.
1:58 pm est 

My Point

Special ed in Provincetown - seems to bother a lot of people that yes, there are kids in the Provincetown system you need help and yes GET GREAT HELP !  Your point ?
1:57 pm est 


You have every right to send your kid to Nauset.   No one is preventing you from doing this.  Why would you want to vote against the school budget ?   Do you think that you send your child for free to Nauset ?   There is no difference in cost to have kids go to Provincetown or get sent out of town.   That has been stated time and time again by every report down in Town.  Are you really going to try and vote again the school budget and have no where to send your kids to school ?   No one is trying to prevent you from sending your kids to Nauset.   There are some though that would like to ship all the kids out of town.   Since there is no savings - what is that all about ?
1:55 pm est 

Fly on the Wall

Would love to see Mary Jo's face this AM.  NO ELECTRICITY at her house.  Or in the town.  Boy, will NSTAR get an earfull at the next BOS meeting.  Wonder what else is not working on Winslow street?  We know someones mouth will be going full throatle...................
1:54 pm est 

Re - "Re: "Too Much TALK on Here and Not Enough People DOING Things About it"
PLEASE - half the town has no vote because they don't live here full time !!
1:52 pm est 

Destroys Town Road and Nothing Being Done
A private contractor has ripped up a town road, Masonic Place, near the end where the stairs go up too Bradford Street.  This road has had contractors trucks on it for the past 12 months, and who is going to repair it?   The town and at whos cost?  The taxpayers.   How can the town let this road look so bad for so very long?  Visitors park at the town lot, and hundreds of them every weekend (Thousands during the season) have walked and tripped on the broken roadway for what?  The benefit of the contractors and the homeowner that is rebuilding.   Shame on allowing this for so long.
After reading all the posts on here about what the town doesnt do, this is just another example.  Who is being paid off?  Why are certain people allowed special allowances and are tolerated and others are not given an inch?  
I park in the town hall daily.  I have seen this every day for the past year.  I have seen people trip over the broken street sides.  I have seen the contractors regularly park IN THE STREET so visitors can not SQUEEZE by OUR ROAD to get to Commercial street.  If I were CAPE TIP SPORTSWARE and knew how many people were not walking by my store, I would make such a fuss.  But wait, that guy lives in Truro.  Does the town care about him?
1:51 pm est 

Still Disgusted at Guertin and the Clearing at Route 6

There seems to be no land that is sacred, no land that is valued by theis department intent on destroying whatever it can. Have they all lost their sight? Can they not see any value in green corridors, in long stretches of dunes? Perhaps it is that they look at all land through the eye of the dollar bill. It is the only thing they and Guertin value. Turn all land, turn all dunes into possible developments. Guess Ted Malone and David Guertin seem like the Boobsy Twins. Check their e-mails, Sharon, and you will see that you count for nothing. They have their own deals and you, my dear, are simply their pawn.
11:42 pm est 

Sharon, The Time Comes....
....when you must make a decision. When you must fire those who bring the town down and bring you down. No one--and I repeat--no one is absolutely essential. No one should hold the town or you, my dear, hostage. Cut him loose. Let him go. And we will all do better here. He is more easily replaceable than you think. You need someone who has allegiance to you and to our town--not this man. He is beyond salvageable. Please, do something and fire him, Send him on this way. It's time he goes back to Rhode Island.
11:40 pm est 

Work Done on Roads?
What? This was destruction of a habitat that should have been preserved. This was not--NOT--work on roads. Let's not play games, my dear. This was a devastating cutting down of any species that dared to pop its head through the sand. Any species, any shrub, any tree. It was this arrogance of David Guertin and his DPW crew. It is disgusting and I hope this man pays with his job.
11:38 pm est 

Prepared to Hear Shouts of Conspiracy....

When the Conservation Commission holds its meeting and determines that it has no jurisdiction over the staging areas other than the tiny thirty (30) foot intrusion into the buffer zone for conservation land. Those posting otherwise are once again throwing sand in our faces in the hopes we'll think we're in a dust storm. I bet ConComm will say "gee, that shouldn't have happend and please replant that intrusion area" and "as for the rest of it, ain't our jurisdiction." The raving hoards will be sorely disappointed and will have to put away their pitchforks for another day.

- NOT a town employee or connected to any
11:37 pm est 

It Isn't Too Much Talk--it is Too Much FEAR!

 You say that there is too much talk and not enough action! Consider this; put yourself in the shoes of we parents who want to send our Children to Nauset: Can we raise our hand at town meeting and vote against the school budget? The answer is no. We don't want to be sunbed and have people turn their backs on us and make our children's life a living hell here if you don't toe the status quo line.
Say what you will about bullying--there is all kinds of pressure being put on people and the children suffer from their so called "friends". Our school is dysfunctional due to the student body--and no one talks about it.
Have a paper ballot at town meeting in the spring
11:36 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Education

"Oh and by the way my child is getting special ed at the Provincetown Schools - you got a problem with that ?"

And your point is ?
11:34 pm est 

Rt 6 Clear Cut

When MESA (MA. Endangered sSpecies Act under Wildlife and fisheries) gets a hold of this one the whole town will be made to rock and roll for a very long time. Think again if we ever want to be able to build on any undeveloped property.
11:32 pm est 

Rte 6 and Our Town Government
The bottom line is that if  a private developer pulled trees out of the ground, did not notify abuttors and went into a buffer zone of a private property owner, created a parking area for equipment, and carved a couple of cuts from one side of the highway over to the other, to allow what? trucks to enter the highway from the wrong side with no notice to oncoming traffic?  ...

A private developer who did that, would be tarred, feathered, fined and run out of town.

Now, why do we think its ok for the town to do it?
It makes no sense for the goverment to have rules and expect the public to live by them, and then break them, themselves. Its the worst kind of hypocrisy.

Does anyone even know how this land is zoned?

Its the oldest game in the book. Do whatever you want, and let them scream after its done. What utter disdain our town staff have for all of us.

A disappointed citizen
11:31 pm est 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Serious Consequences

If you had to go in front of the ConCom to find out what you are permitted to do within the 100ft. buffer zone of any wetlandish area, you would certainly realize that any disturbance to that area is not taken lightly by this very strict and dedicated board. DPW should be very well prepared to face serious consequences.
4:05 pm est 

Re: "Too Much TALK on Here and Not Enough People DOING Things About it"

Must have hit a nerve about that.  NO one responded or said it aint true!
4:03 pm est 

Re: "The Staging Areas on Rt 6 Are Not Endangered Species Habitat."

Gee, DPW workers trying to pass themselves off as naturalists now? Geurtin, get ready for ConCom Dec 8, you won't be able to manipulate them as you did our dysfunctional BOS.
12:28 pm est 

Re: Rt 6 Clear Cutting

You think that was "clear cutting" on Route 6 - are you out of what is left of your mind ?
12:26 pm est 

Re: "Yes, Let's All Put the Blame on David Guertin..Gawd Forbid None of You Make a Mistake...."
Mistake? Misleading town boards and the town manager is not a 'mistake.' There we go again whitewashing and revision of DPW's arrogance and above accountiblilty approach.
12:25 pm est 

Truro vs Provincetown

Provincetown $6.00+/- for 2010. Let's not forget the hefty waterbills which are the LARGEST in the state. And let's include that BETTERMENT FEE vs. Truro $5.39 includes water and no betterment fee.  Can you imagine if for the last 30 years, Provincetown had been run by the Truro BOS and town manager and vice versa? Provincetown wouldn't look like its been run into the ground.
12:23 pm est 

There We go Again, Fixing Costly Mistakes
All the town needs to do is hire one of the specialists that they recommend and he or she will give a determination if sensitive habitat was disturbed.

non-compliance with the DEP and now non-compliance probably with Mass. Wildlife and Fisheries.

Why don't we change the name of our town to non-complianceville?
12:22 pm est 

Rt 6
The clear cutting is minor. Anyone who drives here passes work being done on roads; work is being done on roads and the sides of roads all over the country.
Keep the staging areas--but don't encroach on the wetlands.
11:32 am est 

Re: Provincetown Education

Oh and by the way my child is getting special ed at the Provincetown Schools - you got a problem with that ?
11:30 am est 

Staging Area
The staging Areas on Rt 6 are not endangered species habitat. The workers encroached on the buffer zone and then retreated. Why would anyone intentionally go into the buffer zone when they know that all of the residents of the town can drive past to see what was done?

Natural Heritage has all of the sensitive areas mapped. All the town needs to do is hire one of the specialists that they recommend and he or she will give a determination if sensitive habitat was disturbed.
11:29 am est 

Re: "You Can Organize Your Association to Fight the Regulation of 8 Units or More"
Who do you think passed the regulation?  Congress? the state? GOD?  It was the local board of health, perhaps if they heard from enough condo associations something would change - perhaps if you spoke at a meeting instead of complaining on this blog you might get something done - but then again - you would have to leave your computer and face the public.

And Truro has well water not public water - so you may think it is included in the 5.39 but people have to pay to keep up their wells from time to time
11:28 am est 

David Guertin

Yes, lets all put the blame on David Guertin..gawd forbid none of you make a usual the people by pass all the good the man has done for this decrepit little town........I laugh outloud to you all,along with all that know the truth.......and no i am not a town employee......just a townie that knows what the man truly wants for this town..........
11:26 am est 

Re: Water/Wastewater Costs

There is always a cost with sewage and water.   Even if you have a title v - your installation is expensive and basically you depreciate it over time - same as the sewer charges.   Water - well guess what - we don't have it - and therefore have to pay for it.   Why don't you start the discussion about desalting salt water - they do it is Israel. -  put your best foot forward - get over complaining.  
11:24 am est 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kudos to Bedard and Avellar !

Yes, strange how the non-compliance letter just disappeared from Miss Lynn's office. The public would have never known it existed had it not been for a resourceful citizen who secured it and asked that it be posted on this blog. You can't trust the current administration for transparency just like we couldn't trust past administrations.

The majority of the BOS minimized what the DPW director did under their noses. God forbid they be found culpable again for improper oversight of a department like the Finance Committee sighted them concerning the Pier operations. That's why they minimized it. Because they didn't want to look bad again. I give great kudos to Bedard and Avellar on this one.

Don't Couture, Knight and Anderson know they are the ones transparent?
6:46 pm est 

Guertin Should Pay!

I agree that we must demand that these three areas be reclaimed immediately. But why should taxpayers have to pay for Guertin's subterfuge? He should pay for it.
6:26 pm est 

.........While Rome Burned

Y'all might ask Sharon where the head of DPW was on the day the sewers blew up....

As I understand, the correct answer is "on his boat"... where he stayed (because it was a holiday, natch)
6:23 pm est 

Out Box or Circular File

The Fact that the Town Manager Expected the Letter of Non-Compliance Doesn't Explain Why She Lost the Letter

As she said at a BOS meeting, she received the letter, read the letter and then put it in her OUT box. But where it is now, she can't say. The BOS did not "expect" this letter and were surprised and irritated that they never received the letter especially when it was first posted here on the blog.

Seems that letter would have disappeared if it had not been posted here. Thanks guys!
6:21 pm est 

Setting an Example

The Murchison property is being beautifully planted with beach grass looking better than its looked in the past thirty years and I think they are doing it to be good neighbors in cooperation with the ConCom. This is the least that should be demanded of the DPW on route six.
6:19 pm est 


It's always so nice to hear that your child and you prefer Nauset to Provincetown High.  
Guess what you have a choice - you are trying to remove this choice from other families.  
So get this - I prefer Provincetown High School.  It is a neighborhood school and that is what I prefer - so stop trying to stick your "choice" down my throat.  
6:18 pm est 

Rt. 6 Clear Cut

We must reclaim ALL the land that was scarred on route 6 and revegitate it NOW !
6:17 pm est 

Re: Elaine Anderson

Yes, I too was surprised at BOS member Anderson's dismissal of the rt.6 issue by saying vegetation grows back quickly. I know this would not have been her feeling while she was  chairman of the con com.
6:16 pm est 

Re: "Perhaps You Should Organize Your Condo Association so That You Can Get Curbside Pick up "

Tell me your not a selectman? "Organize your association?" Condo associations over eight units can not have trash pick up. How do you suggest I organize or anyone else for that matter?
6:15 pm est 

Truro at $5.39 Includes Water!

Let's not forget that Geurtin never told us that our water bills would go through the roof when we tied on the the town septic. More lies and deception....
3:02 pm est 

Interesting Article
Wall Street Journal: The Dark Side of 'Webtribution'
by Elizabeth Bernstein, 12/1/09 (excerpts)

Imagine this scenario: Every person you knoweach family member, friend, co-worker and casual acquaintancereceives an anonymous email from a stranger making terrible accusations about you.

How would you feel?

Renee Holder knows: "Devastated."
Several years ago, Ms. Holder discovered that dozens of her MySpace friends had received an anonymous email calling her a tramp and a home-wrecker.

For weeks, she tried to counter the allegations, which she says came from her new boyfriend's former girlfriend. She methodically contacted each person she believed received the email and explained that she hadn't started dating her boyfriend until months after he had broken up with his ex.
But the harm was already done. Family members called her and questioned her morals. Co-workers whispered about her behind her back. Several friends cut her off completely.


For much of human history, exacting retribution on your enemiesas opposed to fantasizing about itwas too much of a hassle for most people to bother with. It involved duels, poison or, at the very least, clever rumors that took ingenuity to create and patience to spread. By the time you had devised a revenge plot, you typically had cooled off and come to your senses.

That's not the case anymore. Thanks to the Internet, vengeancelet's call it "Webtribution"is easier, and nastier, than ever. And it's also a whole lot more prevalent. The Internet permits us to be impulsive and anonymous. It requires a minimum amount of work: You can ruin someone's life while sitting on the couch watching TV. And it provides a maximum amount of pain.....


Why aren't we mature enough to resist the temptation to seek Webtributioneven if it seems easy and (we hope) untraceable?

It's simple: The Internet turns us into a mob.
"We know that in a mob people will do socially unacceptable things they would never otherwise do," says Elizabeth Englander, director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center and professor of psychology at Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, Mass. "They feel invisible, so they cede responsibility."

Psychologists actually have a term for this: the "online disinhibition effect." They divide this type of behavior into two categories: "benign disinhibition" (which is what happens when someone says something private they might not have shared publicly with many people offline) and "toxic disinhibition" (expressing rudeness, anger, criticism or hate).


"This episode definitely taught me to think twice before airing grievances in the blogosphere," she says. "And to be cognizant that there are consequences when you do."
Sometimes there are very big consequences. In 2006, a Florida woman named Sue Scheff won a landmark $11.3 million decision against another woman who used the Internet to vent about her and the company she created to help families of troubled teens. "The first three pages of Google were all the most horrific statements about meI abuse kids, I kidnap them, I was a con artist, I exploit families, I am a crook. You name it," says Ms. Scheff, 47. "Until you go through a vengeful attack on your good name, service or business, you have no idea what a Google bomb can do to you."

Earlier this year, a Vogue magazine model named Liskula Cohen sued Google to unmask the name of the person who called her "a skank" on a blog hosted by the company's blogging platform, Blogger. The culpritan acquaintance of the modelseemed stunned that her anonymity wasn't protected. The judge ordered Google to give Ms. Cohen the name of the blogger or information leading to the name.

So let this be a lesson to you. If you're thinking of revenge, step away from the computer.
3:01 pm est 

Speaking Out Against Those Ruining the town is not a "personal" Vendetta

I don't even know the DPW head. But what he did was an affront to me and the town.
2:56 pm est 

You Will See Rt. 6 (now town owned land) Developed Into a Parking Lot Fr the $$.

What happened to the guy who cut down the beach grass in the East End a few years ago? I think I hard someone in town hall say give him a fair trial and hang him. The old whippersnapper
2:54 pm est 

Truro vs Provincetown Taxes




Perhaps you have never been down the pier, Whale Watching boats work out of there, bringing thousands of people each year to town who spend money in our shops and at restaurants, two different boats from boston come to provincetown daily during season bring thousands more tourists and part time residents, again pumping money into the local economy, and more - take a ride down there sometime you might learn something - and yes fishing does exist in provincetown - but you probably only know about frozen ocean fish.

Perhaps you should organize your condo association so that you can get curbside pick up

The High School is beneficial for many types of students - what a horrible statement to make that only special education students excel there.  Have you ever visited it?  

Also did you not read the opening statement, it was clear taht Truro's rate was currently and Provincetown was for FY 09 - but perhaps wherever you went to school they did not teach you to read the sentence completely and try to comprehend what it said.

If you don't like Provincetown perhaps you should find a place that you do like.
2:52 pm est 

Re: "Too Much TALK on Here and Not Enough People DOING Things About it"
But I figured out why.  The town is so small, if I were to oppose installing machines at the 2 town main parking lot, and the town employees saw me vote FOR the MACHINES, they would retaliate against my business and tell people that entered the lot, NOT TO EAT AT MY ESTABLISHMENT.  
OR, if I spoke up publically against the health agent, when it was time for my inspection, dont you think they would find SOMETHING wrong?   YOU BET.
We need to make town meeting a PRIVATE VOTE, so we feel SAFE to vote the way we feel, and not the way OTHERS that see us not in favor of THEIR IDIEAS a threat to them.    
SMALL TOWNS are great, but they also present different issues.
I have talked to other business owners, and I am not alone in the way I feel.  
Case in point, when we need a few hundred extra THOUSAND for the fire truck, the talk on the street was NO, but when everyone was asked to raise their hands, would you want to show the fire chief and the volunteers you were NOT in favor of them getting their new toy?  G _ D FORBID you needed them someday for an emergency or fire related issue, it MIGHT take them an extra few minutes to respond.  Who wants to be put in that portion?   JUST BEING HONEST.   JUST BEING A HUMANBEING.    
2:49 pm est 

Dept of Revenue

The Department of Revenue did a thorough audit of Provincetown and when they saw that we had a student population that has continued to decline every year for ten years and that the cost per student is the highest in Provincetown out of the entire commonwealth, they determined that we need to address regionalization.
As a parent I see the need to close the school.
2:45 pm est 

Re: Notice of Non-Compliance
Interesting item from the Town Manager's update on the sewer situation, July 27th, 2009 (from town web site):

"A Notice of Non-compliance is expected to be issued from DEP within another three weeks...."

Seems it took DEP a little longer than expected but the point is, it was expected.
2:44 pm est 

Reclaim All the Land
 I can only hope that the Con Com will demand that all three parcels should be reclaimed, all three parcels replanted and thus allow Route 6 to be the green corridor it once was. 

  I hope this group is not afraid to speak, not afraid to tell Sharon Lynn and Michele Couture that they are wrong in allowing this to continue. Why is Couture always sewned to the hip of odd ones like Guertin as she was to Tobias and as she was to the "beloved" former building commissioner Doug Taylor. 

  Let's also hope they speak louder than former Chari Elaine Anderson did at the BOS meeting. She was the defender of the clearing with the announcement that vegetation grows quickly. Please Elaine. We'd never know you were ever on Conservation.
2:43 pm est 

Curb Cuts on Route 6 Requires Permission
But of course. Mr. D. Guertin is, as he sees himself and his department, ABOVE the law. The law is for other people--surely not him (said with a British accent, of course.) Just like the wall he put up behind the Grace Gouveia building. It SHOULD have required a permit. But no. NOT Mr. D. Guertin. And thus he cuts into Route 6 and destroys this land that should have remained intact. But no. Not Mr. D. Guertin. He is above the law and above all laws.
2:40 pm est 

Yah, Sure!
Few private citizens would write here defending the great work of David Guertin and the great vacuum system of the DPW. Please. Most of us have had it with the arrogance and lack of respect that David Guertin has for this town and for its lands. Those who need David Guertin to sign their pay checks may defend him--but few others.

Time to go, David. Time to say goodby.
2:38 pm est 

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