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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Open Discussion

Re: ''The pursuit of personal vendettas against DPW, Guertin, Couture and town management via anonymous, falsehood filled postings''

Sorry pal, but it's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
2:01 pm est 

Democratic Process

How come the so called democratic process touted here did not include having a public hearing on the two curb cuts now on rte 6?

Also, I spoke with an authority about this mean-spirited clear-cutting . It was ILLEGAL. All concerned should go to the ConCom meeting on Dec 8, write emails to the selectmen, town manager and to the newspapers.
2:00 pm est 

Town Hall Tank
That is a propane gas tank for the generator and other back up systems at town hall.
12:29 pm est 

Got News For You

Austin Knight pushed that thru - Mass has not told us to regionalize yet - he just "wanted to get it started".   Were you at the Town Meeting ?  Guess not.  

This is a town that is actively discouraging parents to live here.   You need to look at yourselves and ask yourself why are you doing that ?
12:28 pm est 

Town Hall Oil Tank
That is a huge oil tank that is going to be under the ground at Town Hal. Yet, other residents had to remove their buried oil tanks--how did this pass muster?
12:25 pm est 

Truro Taxes vs Provincetown

"The tax rate in Truro is currently $5.39 provincetown for FY09 was $5.54  - let's see for 15 more cents per thousand you get - a High School Curbside Rubbish Pick up a pier"


12:24 pm est 

Re: "Just Because You Are Old and Mean You Should Not Control the Town
Oh, I didn't realize that the Massachusetts Department of Revenue were a bunch of old and mean people and that's why they told us to regionalize. Those meanies! You sound like an idiot with your post.  
12:21 pm est 

Re: Conservation Land & More
OK, because some of you seem hard of hearing, the staging areas ARE NOT IN THE CONSERVATION LAND CONVEYED BY THE STATE. They are in the right of way for the road. You can verify this by looking at the surveyor's maps of the conveyance of Route 6 to the town by the state.

These staging areas are small, bordering on tiny, parcels and much smaller than anything impacted by National Seashore bike path improvements. The tiny bit where the contractor went over is in the BUFFER for conservation lands. The pursuit of personal vendettas against DPW, Guertin, Couture and town management via anonymous, falsehood filled postings in an attempt to get what the voters refuse to give you - power - is the true shame.

Regarding "DPW Holds This Site Hostage"; none of the postings you complain about and attribute either to Ms. Couture or DPW employees were written by them. They were written by a private taxpayer, in order to provide some alternatives to the lies, disinformation and unending stream of personal attacks posted by those who fail to to get their way in the normal democratic process. Fortunately, repeatedly, the voters in town have refused to buy into these embittered folks' agenda and others too have joined in here from time to time to rebut their unending stream of falsehoods and just plain craziness.

A quick check of the AIRVAC website shows as of 2008 there are 250 vacuum sewer systems installed in the US and hundreds more around the world. The US systems tend to be in low lying coastal communities with tight space constraints like ours where gravity systems will not work. Looks like we are in good company.
12:14 pm est 

Re: Provincetown Taxes

Yes for our tax rate we do a lot - so stop trying to close the town down, let's keep going for the future.   Just because you are old and mean you should not control the town.  
9:46 am est 

Re: PBG Carnival Theme

I'm glad you like the idea of a Monumental Carnival and yes, I went to the PBG with the idea. Last year and again this year.
9:45 am est 

Re: PBG Carnival Theme

The PBG did not miss out on the Carnival theme... Great ideas?  Our beloved young men running around in Mr.Ed costumes (which they were too young to have seen) or dressed like a pyramid or the Eiffel tower...You think you are creative geniuses. NOT. Give me a man in a tiger skin; that is something to look at.
9:44 am est 

No Conservation Restriction

"And further, to convey to the Trustees of the Provincetown Conservation Trust (PCT), for no consideration, a perpetual conservation restriction the Route 6 Conservation Land Parcel described in Section 4..."

As too often happens in this town when the voters decide something, if you check you will find that the BOS did NOT follow through as directed and the land never had a conservation restriction placed on it via the PCT.   
11:39 pm est 

Vacuum Sewer System

Isn't there only one other town in all of Massachusetts that has the lame vacuum system? Can you imagine trying to sell this system to any town knowing what can happen with one flush?

Red dot that will not tie on till Geurtin is in compliance
with the DEP!
11:37 pm est 

Re: Route 6 Clear Cutting

Why is the Commonweatlh of Massachusetts involved in the clear cutting? Because it was done illegally. Plain and simple. Guertin again thought he was above the law. He betrayed the town mananger, bos, concom, Mass Fisheries & Wildlife and Provincetown residents. Fortunately for Guertin, Selectmen Couture is under his thumb.
11:36 pm est 

Truro Tax Rate

The tax rate in Truro is currently $5.39 provincetown for FY09 was $5.54  - let's see for 15 more cents per thousand you get -
  a High School
  Curbside Rubbish Pick up
  a pier
There elementary school is paid for because the renovated before Provincetown did.  If you think the Truro board of selectmen is any great shake you should attend some  of their meetings.  One member has conflicts all over the place.  One member works for the town.  

If you don't like the services offered in provincetown - attend town meeting and vote against them.  The selectmen bring forth the budget - they don't approve it single-handedly - instead of complaining on this site - go out and actually do something
11:32 pm est 

Dear Webmaster: DPW Holds This Site Hostage

Give me a break. all is well and lovely in DPW land. This is pure horse manure. You guys and gals, including you Sandy, should spend your precious time working to solve the sewer problems instead of posting here. You are the only five people in town who think that clearing Route 6 is not a problem and believe what Guertin does is gold. You should be ashamed. You know better but--money, and money in your pockets, talks.
11:31 pm est 

Re: PBG Carnival Theme

RE: "Well anyway here's my idea: i gave it all of about 15 seconds thought but it sounds good to me . . . . . . .how about your favorite TV character from the 1960s? You know Lucy, Mr. Ed, Bewitch, Ethel, Ezmeralda, Dennis, My 3 Sons, Ed Sullivan, the Flintsones, Bonanza, Room 222, Gidget,  on and on and on . . . . . ."

Great ideas, did you go on the PBG web site and enter your ideas?
11:29 pm est 

Re: Rte 6 Clearance

If you Admire Tarmac, Developments and Growth along Route 6

I can only hope you move to the city. You abrogate all of our concerns for the enviornment, for conservation land, for open green corridors. In truth, you make me sick.
11:26 pm est 

PBG Carnival Theme

Boy did the PBG miss the mark on the Carnival Theme...

I love your idea, did you go on the PBG web site and enter it as a suggested theme?
11:24 pm est 

You Are a Disagrace

I only hope it is not David Guertin defending the appalling destruction of habitat on Route 6. Let us hope it is only some ignorant, moronic affordable housing applicant who hopes that by turtles dying, dragonflies dying, scrub pine and toads disappearing, he or she will get the chance to be chosen for affordable housing where once these endangered species lived.

I am shocked by your arrogance--much like Guertin--and your lack of sensitivity to our lands, to our green corridors, to our interconnectedness with species, trees, plants and the dunes.

You disgust me.
11:23 pm est 

Re: Michele Couture

Maybe "Michele mistakes were made Couture" would have reacted differently if it were a colony of ferrets that were bulldozed under. Towm and state laws are NOT a suggestion Couture!
11:20 pm est 


Hate to burst you bubbala but that post wasn't from Ms. Couture, just a concerned taxpayer who thinks that if accountability is demanded, it ought to be demanded of those who have sat on BOS for many decades while the town fell apart. Thankfully Ms. Lynn and her able staff - backed by the sensible voters - is cleaning much of that mess up.
11:17 pm est 

A Real Concern....

Here's a real issue that the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen should deal with; the lack of current minutes for most town Boards. There is an almost universal failure to post timely minutes of meetings by the Boards which control every iota of activity around here. The Town Manager should insist that minutes from Boards are filed immediately upon approval and that all minutes be approved at the next meeting following the one covered in the minutes. Without timely, publicly posted minutes one cannot keep track of all the actions that so impact our lives. Here's a selection of how out of date the minutes are from various boards, source: town web site:

Health - 5 months
Historic - 2 months
Finance - 1 month
Economic Development - 8 months
Housing - 1 month
Licensing - 1 month
Pier Corp - 5 months
School Planning - no minutes at all
Water/Sewer - 5 months
Zoning - 2 months

Further, many board minutes are scant at best and there is little depth or consistency in the manner they are written. This would seem to this poster to open the town to all sorts of liability and action down the road. Not an earth shattering problem but it should be addressed. The only minutes that seem complete are those that deal with issues where the Board knows it is going to end up in court or where an attorney was present. Oh, and while you're at it, if a Board member isn't present for multiple meetings, shouldn't they be removed or resign?
11:16 pm est 

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rte 6 Clearance

I went out to Rte 6 to see why certain people were losing sleep over the clearance that was done out there. On both sides of the highway, there were more areas of bare ground then there were trees and nothing looked appealing so why are you people are making all this tears for beers thing is beyond me.

Too bad whoever is responsible does not clear out more on both sides of Rte 6 so the deer and coyotes don't spurt out onto Rte 6 causing you to hit the breaks without you having a chance at seeing them ahead of time.

For those who have major issues over what has happened, move to Wellfleet or Eastham where there are none. If Geurtin is partially responsible "you go Geurtin"...Cut some more down, I love it.
5:22 pm est 

Re: Sewer
First, there was not five days of sewage flowing down the streets. Second, it WAS a broken system - for a short period - not a failed system. A failed system is what many of us would have in our yards if we still had cesspools and aging, non-compliant septic systems. 99% reliable is NOT a failed system and no one has proven otherwise on here because they can't. Wait, what's that I hear, oh, it's the sewer system taking waste to a treatment plant, how nice, so I don't have to swim in it in the ocean.

- NOT a town employee/etc.
4:02 pm est 

Re: Notice of Non Compliance
A quick check of the DEP wep page entitled "Enforcement Actions - 2009" shows hundreds if not thousands of DEP enforcment actions many of which are for municipalities. Not to belittle the need to respond to the DEP, as is already under way, but to point out that many many towns in the Commonwealth have problems from time to time with wastewater, water and other systems. There is NOTHING in the DEP Notice which was not previously discussed in the newspaper in reporting fo meetings with the DEP. The chicken littles on here want to make it out to be some incredible thunderbolt out of the blue, it ain't, and note that we are already well advanced in the most important action, Phase III.

RE: Staging Areas

A simple consult of the Town's Public Works web site where detailed maps exist of the conveyance of Route 6 to the Town will show that, other than the tiny mistakenly cleared area, the staging areas are well within the right of way for the roadway and ARE NOT conservation land. The continued attempt to turn this into a horrific crime are laughable.

- a taxpayer
4:00 pm est 

Re: Special Town Meeting 4/1/02
Thanks for posting the motion at this Special Town Meeting.  It should clear everything up.  Certain parcels where put into Conservation Trust as per prescribed in the motion.  But also, certain land was retained as town owned property and not held by the Trust.  The staging areas on Route 6 were done on town owned land and NOT Conservation land.  I don't know why the land was originally segregated, but no conservation land was touched.  I'm not saying I agree with what has happened out there, but they did not violate any by-laws concerning the trust.
3:52 pm est 

Failed System

Raw sewage flowing down commercial street is not a failed system? Taking five days to find is not a failed system? DEP thinks differently...thank god!
1:55 pm est 

Re: "Sewer"
A five day breakdown out of 2685 days of operation is not a failed system. A failure in emergency planning and miscommunication perhaps resulting in a reprimand from the state. A letter from the state suggesting corrections to make sure it doesn't happen again is not a failed system. These letters go to towns all over the state for various reasons. Anyone else wanna try again? What's that sound? Oh, it's my sewer connection working well.

- NOT a town employee, town official or any connection to the town, just a tax payer.
1:05 pm est 

Re: To: Those of You Concerned About Rte 6 Corridor Being Developed

"And further, to convey to the Trustees of the Provincetown Conservation Trust, for no consideration, a perpetual conservation restriction the Route 6 Conservation Land Parcel described in Section 4 of said special act, as authorized by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 184, Section 31-33, allowing conservation and passive recreation uses described in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 8C;"

Thank you so much for your post. Why didn't Geurtin share this town by law and restrictions to Lynn? I think ConCom after they throw the book at Guertin, should erect signage to the effect along Rte 6 for new and ignorant town managers in the future. Ignorance SL is no excuse. Not firing Geurtin for misleading and hiding this town by law is reason for dismisal.
1:02 pm est 

Natural Heritage Endangered Species Program
I didn't know what someone was posting in regards the NHESP but now I know. It's the state agency that exists to protect the 176 species and 259 of natural plants that are endangered.
With all the clear cutting and destruction of the habitat, the evidence of what was there thriving and what could have been endangered has been "covered up."
I hope the town is forced to replant as many species as were there and that the costs comes from DPW salaries! Or all of it from Guertin's salaray. That would offer a scintilla of justice.
12:59 pm est 

To: Those of You Concerned About Rte 6 Corridor Being Developed

This was approved at Special Town Meeting 4/1/02:

Elizabeth Steele-Jeffers moved that the Town vote to instruct its representative in the General Court to file a home rule petition for a special act entitled, An Act Discontinuing A Portion Of Route 6 In Provincetown As A State Highway And Authorizing And Directing The Executive Office Of Transportation And Construction To Convey Certain Land To The Town Of Provincetown For Public Way Purposes And Also For The Purposes Of Conveyance And Open Space as printed in the warrant, with the following amendments: SECTION 6 shall read as follows: "The consideration to be given by the Town to the commonwealth shall be the full and fair cash value to the non-profit grantee of the parcel described in section one of this act, such value to be determined by the commissioner by impartial appraisal taking into account the perpetual restriction to be held by the town of Provincetown as set out in section two of this act."

And further, to convey to the Trustees of the Provincetown Conservation Trust, for no consideration, a perpetual conservation restriction the Route 6 Conservation Land Parcel described in Section 4 of said special act, as authorized by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 184, Section 31-33, allowing conservation and passive recreation uses described in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 8C;

And further that the Town vote to appropriate and borrow the sum of $500,000 for the purpose of the acquisition of land as set forth in Section 1 of said special act, and that the Treasurer, with the approval of the Board of Selectmen, is authorized to borrow said sum under and pursuant to Chapter 44, Section 7(3), of the General Laws, or any other enabling authority, and to issue bonds or notes of the Town therefor, and to authorize the Board of Selectmen to apply for and accept any federal, state or private gifts or grants for the purpose of such acquisition.
Motion Carried 2/3rd Vote. YES 363   NO 168
10:47 am est 

Re: Another Break?

Another poster wrote:

"I drove down Bradford St. late Wed. afternoon and I saw what appeared to be a major water pipe break at the rear of town hall. Does anyone know what happened"

The water you saw was from the pumps trying to remove the static ground water (during high tide) so they could place that giant underground fuel tank you see behind the Town Hall. It is part of the infrastructure upgrades with the renovation of Town Hall, not a pipe break.
10:32 am est 

Carnival Theme:

Boy did the PBG miss the mark on the Carnival Theme. Next year is the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Pilgrim Monument so why not have a "Monumental" carnival. Floats could be done as monuments from all around the world. Call or email the PBG and vote for a "Monumental" carnival.
10:30 am est 

Couture You Are "Overreaching" Here

"This is all an off season mountain out of a sandhill fanned on by Ms Avellar and her toadies in hopes of wresting control through they can't seem to get through the electoral process"

Couture you are 'overreaching' here. You enabled Guertin and because you have another new layer of disrepect from the community, you are trying to use this blog for damage control. You have gone too far this time.

That was a good Letter to the Editor by a senior citizen. She summed it up nicely: shame, shame, shame.
10:29 am est 

Re: Truro vs Provincetown

"If you admire Truro's management, tax rate and facilities so much why don't you do what so many others have, sell your place for an astronomical profit, even in today's market, and move out to a nice couple of acres there?"

Yes, I also admire Truro's management, tax rate and facilities. I went to their bash last night at their new and wonderful community center that cost $3,000,000. But yet their tax rate is far lower. I also learned their elementary school as of this year is paid. Instead of moving there as you suggest, I'd rather regionalize our Board of Selectmen. Only then can we can get some smart and talented people to run Provincetown.
10:26 am est 

David Guertin

Thank you for the post of Geurtin being found guilty and fined for violating the conflict of interest law. He thought he was above the law but he was caught and fined.

I hope NHESP findings will be the same. Then maybe to BOS will finally change the weakest department head link.
10:23 am est 

Re: David Guertin

"What I'm saying is Guertin surely laid out all the plans, all the reasons for doing what needed to be done to accomplish Phase 3 and answered all the questions the selectmen had."

Let me cut and paste that and send the the TM and BOS. I'm sure they would like to see how they are being portrayed by 'David never seen a live box turtle I liked Geurtin' who is us to his knees in dead animals.
10:16 am est 

Re: "It is Amazing That the Town is Now as Well Managed"
Hey town official, having sewer running down commercial street for three days over July 4 with news helicopters flying overhead is not a town well-managed. Its a town that was and is one flush away from being in another crisis management mode. You must rue that the DEP non-compliance letter was made public here for all to see.
10:13 am est 

You Want What? Proof of Failure of the Sewer?
You want proof that Guertin is a failure too? Just look at the state's letter of non-compliance. Look at July 4th diaster along Commercial Street. Look at the cost of this sewer project. Ask why this town would install the vacuum system when few other towns would ever install it. The system is a mess. Guertina is an embarassment and Sharon Lynn should have the guts to fire this incompetent. But then you have to be competent enough to know that Guertin is incompetent. Seems Lynn is enamored with this man and so is the Couture--also a piece of work herself and part of this failure.
PS I like Guertina. It fits!
10:11 am est 

The Carnival Themes

They Suck!  

What are people thinking,  it's not that hard!  the pbg is full of gays-you would think they could be more creative.  well anyway here's my idea: i gave it all of about 15 seconds thought but it sounds good to me . . . . . . .how about your favorite TV character from the 1960s? You know Lucy, Mr. Ed, Bewitch, Ethel, Ezmeralda, Dennis, My 3 Sons, Ed Sullivan, the Flintsones, Bonanza, Room 222, Gidget,  on and on and on . . . . . . .the current choices to vote on are just lame, very disappointing!
11:32 pm est 

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Re: "Sewer"
For those who claim sewer system is a failure and Mr. Guertin responsible for this purported "failed system" please post real data contradicting the calculation that it is 99% reliable otherwise you are just blowing smoke and any more disinformation you post should be completely disregarded. Please also tell us what we would have if we didn't have the sewer system and the state was breathing down our necks as it is for other towns on the Cape. They all just wish they had a few simple improvements to make rather than building an entire system from scratch.

Oh, and by the way, for all you miscreants and backstabbers who cannot even spell his name correctly, exactly whom would you put in his place who could take responsibility for the most complex and critical infrastructure systems this town relies on?

At the same time please post exact data on how the small plots of land temporarily cleared for the staging areas are in any way more of an environmental impact than the many miles of trail edge cleared for bike trail work by national seashore and attendant access areas for that work. It isn't and you can't.

This is all an off season mountain out of a sandhill fanned on by Ms Avellar and her toadies in hopes of wresting control through they can't seem to get through the electoral process. It is amazing that the town is now as well managed as it is making up for years of damage inflicted by the very people who post such junk on here.
10:11 pm est 

David Guertin
   Mr. Guertin is a crony, he treats the residents of this town with as much disrespect as he treats the employees that work for the DPW. To be specific look at the Foreman from each department who sit around day after day and do absolutely nothing but yet bitch when they don't get a raise at the start of a new contract. Town properties look like a dump, the highway garage is a disgrace, but the Guertin legacy lives on. Can't blame anyone except the town manager and the BOS. Mr. Guertin is a failure and it is time for him and all his foreman to go.

            Former Town Employee, Retired  
9:01 pm est 

I Believe Your "Naturalist" Was David Guertin
Any naturalist worth their salt knows the damage done to these three parcels They know that these green lands are interconnected and have been linked and unchanged since 1953. The edges of Route  protect the conservation lands behind that protect the dunes above. It is all interconnected and the Scrub pines hold tight the land and offer cover for a variety of species.

If you're studying ants perhaps the clear cutting renders little damage. But if you're concerned about turtles and toads and dune vegetation, than you will be aghast at the clear cutting of land that has remained intact since the early fifties. Our lands are fragile and when the damage and detruction comes from intended consequences of town officials, we have much to fear.
7:41 pm est 

Re: David Guertin
What I'm saying is Guertin surely laid out all the plans, all the reasons for doing what needed to be done to accomplish Phase 3 and answered all the questions the selectmen had. It's obvious they didn't read the plans nor have any insight into the operations of the install even though they have been here for the other phases. It's clear to me they have no true understanding of what it is that they are doing as selectmen. Was it wrong to clear inside the buffer? Yes. Was it staked out so as to not interfere with the wetlands? Probably not. Why did the town crew clear the land? Because it looked no different than the rest of the area they were clearing and who are they to know where the 100' buffer exists? Again, it's not the DPWs fault. It's not even Guertins. Its the lack of understanding and clear grasp of the task at hand and that falls squarely in the lap of the BOS. It's really not even Sharons responsibility. She too takes her orders from the selectmen. They simply don't know what they are doing.
7:39 pm est 

A Law Was Broken!

Yes My fellow townies a law was broken by clear cutting on rte 6, however "NOTHING" will be done. How many times have we been through this? being lied too, misled and mismanaged?
Sadly Mr Gurtin will keep his highly over paid position of 95 thousand plus, Mrs Lynn will keep Her job and the ring leader of them all Mrs. Coutier will walk away clear of all blame and her fellow buffoons.
Please don't think that Mr Gurtin did this all on his own. I'll bet my last dollar that Lynn and Coutier knew all along. As long as Coutier remains in charge of this town laws will be broken and ethic breaches will continue.

How many times at town meeting has their been an article come up banning term limits ? and just who is behind it ????? She wants to keep her job even though her term will be over soon.
So untill we do something things will remain the same. So if your looking for someone to blame, each and every voter in town OWN UP.
7:38 pm est 

Tired of Terrible Government

Tired of poor judgment and backroom deals that lead some to act as if they don't know what the heads of other departments are doing. Either you are corrupt or dumb. And I don't believe you are as dumb as you pretend. But monies are being stuffed in too many back pockets and the town is being ruined.
Please leave while the leaving is good.
7:35 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

"...And BTW, will the ex DPW employees and their wives stop posting s@%t about Guertin, looking to get him fired. If you really have any cubes, go to the selectmens meeting and demand it there. This place gets you nowhere and it's quite transparent."

I'm not an ex DPW employee or a wife or husband of an ex DPW employee, but I do think it's time for Mr. Guertin to be given his walking papers and have previously posted that.

Too many serious issues in this town can be traced back to Guertin, the Rte 6 clear cutting is just the latest and the sewer issues prior to that.  He has his fingers in so many areas that smell fishy.

Where there's smoke. . .
7:34 pm est 

Carnival Theme Contest - FINAL BALLOT!

 CARNIVAL 2010 - August 15-21

We collected over 1,500 suggestions through the Carnival page on the PBG website, the PBG membership and the PBG's email list.  Big thanks to Roger Chauvette who sifted through those 1,500+ suggestions and calculated the 5 most popular themes.  From there the Events Committee narrowed it down to the submitted title that best captured each of those 5 themes.

So now we are down to the final 5 choices for next year's Carnival Theme and we need our membership to choose the winner!

Here's how to vote:
PLEASE follow the instructions to make sure your vote gets counted.  Deadline for voting is Tuesday 12/1 Midnight.

The 5 titles are listed below.  Just hit reply to this email and put your favorite title in the subject line.  Only one title and one entry per person, please.

The winning title will be announced at the Holly Folly Boston Gay Men's Chorus concerts on Saturday 12/5 and posted on the PBG website Monday the 7th.  An email blast will also go out Monday announcing the winning theme.  Thanks in advance for participating.

1.  Jungle Fantasy

2.  Roman & Greek Gods and Goddesses

3.  Future:  Fancy & Fabulous

4.  Dance, Dance, Dance

5.  Fashion Fantasy

Nick Robertson
Executive Director
Provincetown Business Guild

Well, folks here are the choices for next year's Carnival Theme.  Can't believe that out of 1500 suggestions this is the best the PBG can come up with.  Obviously to many hands have been involved in the process and the choices have been watered down to the point that all creativity is gone.  . . . . .
7:32 pm est 

Holly Folly
Provincetown Business Guild
Holly Folly Shop Hop
The Provincetown Business Guild is happy to invite all retailers, art galleries and restaurants to participate in our annual


For this year's Shop Hop, the PBG has brought back the ghost of Moonlight Madness past.   This is a great way to get visitors into your business during the weekend, get them excited about Provincetown and bring them back next year. As a participating business, any money a visitor spends in your business goes towards a chance of winning one of the three Prize Baskets! The Holly Folly Shop Hop will be on the weekend of December 4-6th from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

As a participant, the only requirements are that you donate to the Prize Baskets (at least a $50.00 gift value is suggested), give your customer sales receipts for any purchases in your store and keep your business open during the event hours. 

The PBG is promoting this event through our web site (, through email blasts to our mailing list, by providing signs designating your business as a Shop Hop location, and through Holly Folly programs handed out at the Firehouse Thanksgiving weekend and during Holly Folly weekend.

Please help us make this a fun holiday event! If you'd like to participate, you can contact the Provincetown Business Guild at 508-487-2313 or or Nick Robertson will be stopping by businesses on Sunday, November 29th to pick up donations and drop off signage and informational materials. Please have your donation ready to be picked up! Remember this is open to all retailers, restaurants and art galleries in town and is not limited to PBG members.
7:31 pm est 

David Guertin

We know the perks Geurtin tried to get when he oversaw the pier project:
In the Matter of David Guertin - The
Commission fined Provincetown
Department of Public Works (DPW)
Director David Guertin $2,000,
consisting of a $1,000 civil penalty and
a $1,000 forfeiture, for violating the
states conflict of interest law by
improperly receiving free dockage for
his sailboat from Provincetown-
MacMillan Realty Trust (PMRT).
According to the Disposition
Agreement, Guertin was the project
manager for the renovation of
MacMillan Wharf, owned by PMRT,
and was involved in overseeing the
Town water system and in
determining betterment assessments,
all of which financially impact PMRT.
In late spring 2001, Guertin, who kept
his 30-foot sailboat at a mooring in the
Provincetown marina, accepted the
offer of a PMRT principal to tie up
his boat at the PMRT slip on the wharf
to make repairs. Guertin docked his
boat at PMRTs slip for approximately
10 days. The value of the docking was
approximately $1,000. Guertin did not
pay for the use of the slip. By using
his position as DPW director to secure
free dockage for himself Guertin
violated G.L. c. 268A, 23(b)(2).

We can only wonder what kind of perks he might be getting from the sewer project
7:29 pm est 

Guertin, David, Docket No. 07-0006
In the Matter of David Guertin
February 5, 2007
Disposition Agreement

           The State Ethics Commission and David Guertin enter into this Disposition Agreement pursuant to Section 5 of the Commissions Enforcement Procedures.  This Agreement constitutes a consented-to final order enforceable in the Superior Court, pursuant to G.L. c. 268B, s. 4(j).

           On July 25, 2006, the Commission initiated, pursuant to G.L. c. 268B, s. 4(a), a preliminary inquiry into possible violations of the conflict of interest law, G.L. c. 268A, by Guertin.  The Commission concluded its inquiry and, on October 11, 2006, found reasonable cause to believe that Guertin violated G.L. c. 268A.

           The Commission and Guertin now agree to the following findings of fact and conclusions of law.

Findings of Fact

1.  David Guertin is the Provincetown Department of Public Works (DPW) director.

2.  Provincetown-MacMillan Realty Trust (PMRT) owns 16 MacMillan Wharf in Provincetown.

3.  As DPW director, Guertin was the project manager for the renovation of MacMillan Wharf, was involved in overseeing the Town water system and in determining betterment assessments, all of which financially impact PMRT.  

4.  Guertin owned a 30-foot sailboat that he kept at a mooring he leased in the Provincetown marina.  In order to reach shore, Guertin would have to either use a dinghy or receive a ride from another boat.

5.  In late spring 2001, Guertin while he was project manager for the Wharf renovation, began making repairs to his sailboat while it was docked at his mooring in the harbor.  A PMRT principal seeing that Guertin was having some difficulties invited Guertin to tie up his boat at the PMRT slip on the wharf to make the repairs.  The parties did not discuss a docking fee for Guertins use of the slip.    

6.  Guertin docked his boat at PMRTs slip for approximately 10 days.  The approximate value of the docking was $1,000.  Guertin did not pay PMRT anything for using its slip.

7.  Guertin had reason to know that the reason he received the free dockage was because he was the DPW director.

Conclusions of Law

8.  General laws, c. 268A, s. 23(b) (2) prohibits a municipal employee from knowingly, or with reason to know, using his official position to secure for himself or others unwarranted privileges or exemptions which are of substantial value and not properly available to similarly situated individuals.

9.  As the Provincetown DPW director, Guertin was a municipal employee within the meaning of G.L. c. 268A.

10.  Guertins free use of PMRTs slip for approximately ten days was a privilege of substantial value.

11.  The privilege was unwarranted and not otherwise properly available to similarly situated individuals because Guertin received a benefit that other members of the boating public were not entitled to and had reason to know it was given to him to foster goodwill in his dealings with PMRT.    

12.  This unwarranted privilege was not otherwise properly available to similarly situated individuals.

13.  Guertin had reason to know that in effect he used his DPW director position to obtain the free dockage.

14.  Therefore, by having reason to know he was using his position as DPW director to secure for himself $1,000 in free dockage, an unwarranted privilege of substantial value not properly available to similarly situated individuals, Guertin violated s. 23(b)(2).


           In view of the foregoing violations of G.L. c. 268A by Guertin, the Commission has determined that the public interest would be served by the disposition of this matter without further enforcement proceedings, on the basis of the following terms and conditions agreed to by Guertin:

1.  that Guertin pay to the Commission the sum of $1,000 as a civil penalty for violating G.L. c. 268A as noted above;

2.  that Guertin pay $1,000 for the use of the PMRT slip;  and

3.  that Guertin waive all rights to contest the findings of fact, conclusions of law and terms and conditions contained in this Agreement in this or any other related administrative or judicial proceedings to which the Commission is or may be a party.



Peter Sturges

Date:  February 5, 2007

David Guertin      

Date:  January 30, 2007

I, David Guertin, have personally read the above Disposition Agreement. I understand that it is a public document and that by signing it, I will have agreed to all of the terms and conditions therein including payment of $2,000 to the State Ethics Commission.

David Guertin

Date:  January 30, 2007                          
7:27 pm est 

Boston Gay Men's Chorus



 Banner Ad
Tickets can be purchased through or by phone at the PBG office (508.487.2313)
M-F 10 am to 2 pm.
They will also be available at the Firehouse (258 Commercial Street) Thanksgiving weekend and at Holly Folly Headquarters (also 258 Commercial Street) or at the door. This event does sell out so get your tickets early!
Firehouse - Thanksgiving Hours:
Friday, November 27, 2009: Noon - 5PM
Saturday, November 28, 2009: Noon - 5PM
Sunday, November 29, 2009: Noon - 5PM

Holly Folly Headquarters Hours:
Friday, December 4, 2009: 11AM - 6PM
Saturday, December 5, 2009: 11AM - 6PM
7:25 pm est 

David Guertin

"how we treatbeach other?" Save it for the dead box turtles and all else Guertin killed behind our backs.
7:23 pm est 

Re: Davie Geurtin

"There is no doubt a plan was presented with every detail laid out about what was involved with Phase 3, whether it was clearcutting, road shut downs, water service turn offs, etc'


It's not the first time he has been in trouble with the Commonwealth is it?
7:21 pm est 

Re: David Guertin

So are you saying that TM and the BOS both instructed Mr. Guertin to clear cut three parecels of land along Route 6? The time has come for new leadership in this town. The disrepect for the history and the future of this town is amazing. I fear for the future of Provincetown. We need people in office who actually care about the town and are not in it only for themselves. Couture rents here, to me she hasn't set down roots, is she looking to get herself an affordable housing unit? Does she have the town's best interest in mind? There are so many players but no one to truly step up to the plate... very concerning indeed.

7:20 pm est 

No Damage Done With Clear Cutting

No damage was done to any sensitive area. Scrub pines were cut down. A natualist who intimately studies endangered species habitat looked at the area and said that folks are making a moutain out of a mole hill.
7:18 pm est 

Re: Truro
If you admire Truro's management, tax rate and facilities so much why don't you do what so many others have, sell your place for an astronomical profit, even in today's market, and move out to a nice couple of acres there? You can continue to spew bile and disnformation online and have what you see as better government, what a perfect combination.
7:17 pm est 

PBG Holiday Dinner

PBG Header

Time and availabilty are running out - Reserve now!
PBG Holiday Dinner
Wednesday December 2nd Central House at the Crown & Anchor
6 pm - Membership Meeting starts
7 pm - Dinner 
Special after dinner entertainment treat - Bobby Wetherbee on piano 
Please join us for our annual Holiday Dinner.  The menu is printed below.
Membership must be current to attend. 
When you RSVP please include your choice of entree.  We will be collecting
payment for dinner in advance when you RSVP. Dinner is $37.00 including tax.
PLEASE NOTE: Gratuity is not included in the price. 
We hope to see you there. 
VIA EMAIL - PHONE 508.487.2313
or stop by the office M-F 10 am to 2 pm 
also a reminder about this special charity drive.....
ON GOING - Annual Toy Drive to benefit the St. Peter's Kitchen Angels Toy and Necessities Fund
at The Crown & Anchor, 247 Commercial Street
The toy drive will run from Friday, November 6th through Saturday, December 5th.  Toys should be new,
unwrapped and can be for any age, from toddler through teenager.  All donations may be dropped off at the
Central House Restaurant or to The Crown & Anchor office.  Monetary donations in place of toys can be made in the form of a check, and can be made out to St. Peter's Kitchen Angels.  The St. Peter's Kitchen Angels is an organization that assists families in  Provincetown & the outer Cape and works in conjunction with other local support groups, such as Helping Our Women (HOW).  The Kitchen Angels Organization is
in operation year round and is staffed by local volunteers.  The Crown & Anchor's goal this holiday season
is to collect enough toys to fill the sleigh that is displayed on the patio of the Central House throughout the
Toy Drive.  If you have any questions please contact Rick Reynolds at 508-487-1430 ext. 227.  

Passed hors de ourves
Saffron squash soup & roasted apple shallot crouton
Wilted baby spinach w/ figs, prosciutto, rustica paprika goat cheese,
            toasted hazelnuts & champagne pear vinaigrette  
Entrée Choices:
- Herb & Garlic Roasted Prime Rib
            Port truffle jus & caramelized onion - gruyere mashed potatoes
- Braised Tea Rubbed Chicken Breast
            Apricot almond brioche stuffing & balsamic quince reduction
- Slow Baked Tandoori Spiced Salmon
            Basmati rice, peas, carrots & honey ginger raita
- Vegetarian Cassoulet
            White beans, winter squash, root vegetables & braised swiss chard      
- Dense Chocolate Truffle Cake
            White chocolate mocha crème & dark chocolate triangles 
Chef de Cuisine - Amy Howell
7:14 pm est 

Continued Sewer Troubles
Is this karma for the way we treat each other? How we seem not to care about others at all? Sure smells like it to me.
12:53 pm est 

Couture's Whitewashing

Guertin did not fully disclose to th bos his illegal clear cutting. He gave the bos bait and switch maps, he didn t tell concom he wanted to kill wildlife and natural habitation. I fault the majority of the selectmen for not having the backbone to fire him for his duplicity. 'mistakes were made'
hardly. a state crime was committed. Couture stop whitewashing what guertin did and call it what it was: a crime.
12:51 pm est 

It's Shocking That Route 6 Is Not Valued by Town Officials
Sharon has been in Provincetown too long, as town manager, and as a long term summer visitor, to feign lack of knowledge about Route 6's importance. Open your eyes. You and many others came here for the beauty of the lands, the stretches of dunes and the crashing sea. And yet you could allow Route 6 to be cut into, decimated, covered up and not have a problem until the town residents stood up to protest? Should we send you and Guertin nature books, dune shack writing, walking trails of Provincetown? This is unconscionable and this is also true for Elaine Anderson and Michelle Couture. Anderson was Chair of Conservation and she could say vegetation grows back quickly and Couture could state that it is "overreaching" to ask that the other two parcels be remediated immediately. Overreaching? It's beyond being disappointed in all three. It appalling that citizens have to stand guard over town hall to make town hall stand guard over our fragile landscape. If the National Seashore ever gave the town the dunes, what would you do? Create storage for pipes and clear the dunes for developments? Would you flatten the dunes for new town buildings? I fear, my three bears, that you would take from Godilocks and feel no regret in the ensuing tragedy. In short, you cannot be trusted to protect our wildlife, our green corridors, or our waters. This is a sad commentary on your tenure in office.
12:50 pm est 

Me Thinks You Doth Protest Too Much

"...If you had any common sense you would have noticed 2 sump pumps removing groundwater
from a large hole to install a Fiberglass-Composite tank..."
So he/she is driving by, notices the water running into the street and is immediately suppose to realize, 'oh, that's in preparation for the Fiberglass-Composite tank they are installing' ?
9:23 am est 

In the Eye of the Beholder

Look, I just asked a question about the water I saw gushing from the hole on bradford St. I never gave false information. And I have never posted any complaint about the hours at the transfer station or anythig else...ever! I just don't get the jump to conclusions, misinterpretation of postings and  the blatent mean spirited vitriol that some people post. I use this site to gain information and on occasion try to celebrate what is good about this town. I wish some(only a few) people would try to read what is being written and not twist these postings ino something almost evil when it is not.  
9:21 am est 

David Guertin

I read with a grin every time I see someone posting about how out of control Guertin is. He isn't running his department alone and independant. He is doing so by direction from either the BOS or the TM. He can't do what everyone in here is claiming otherwise he would be fired, end of story. Think of any other department that does ANYTHING. They do so with the direction of the BOS and/or TM. If not, they are severly reprimanded and/or fired. There is no doubt a plan was presented with every detail laid out about what was involved with Phase 3, whether it was clearcutting, road shut downs, water service turn offs, etc. Neither Guertin nor the contractor nor the subs are going to do any of this without the OK from the higher ups and thats not Guertin, thats the BOS. What you have here is a failure on the part of the BOS and the TM in their inability to read and understand the process. They look at the big picture and give it the general OK. Thats not good gov. Details are where you get into trouble and this is one of them. They sincerely should go back and re-read the contracts and other documents related to the project to see if there will be any other questionable areas. But they won't. Guertins smart. He knows HE'S not in trouble. He knows it's someone elses fault.

And BTW, will the ex DPW employees and their wives stop posting s@%t about Guertin, looking to get him fired. If you really have any cubes, go to the selectmens meeting and demand it there. This place gets you nowhere and it's quite transparent.
9:20 am est 

Friday, November 27, 2009

I Find it Strange......
....that a person can ask a question and some will attack that person and demand, yes, demand that they have the facts. Well, my dear, that is why they are asking questions. And many do not know why there is constant water around town hall. I hope you're not teaching in any class because you'd be a disaster. Asking a question is not threatening but can be enlightening. Keep asking questions. Keep wondering why certain things are happening. That is healthy and I applaud you.
10:32 pm est 

Up to $10,000 Spring Override Thanks to Geurtin
Unauthorized Alteration of Significant Habitat. Any person who violates the provisions of the second paragraph of M.G.L. c. 131A, § 2 or 321 CMR 10.61(1) shall be punished by a fine of not less than $1,000 nor more than $10,000 or by imprisonment for not more than 90 days or both such fine and imprisonment. Upon a subsequent conviction, such person shall be punished by a fine not less than $10,000 nor more than $20,000 or by imprisonment for not more than 180 days or both such fine and imprisonment. In addition or as an alternative to such penalties, any such person may be ordered to restore the Significant Habitat to its prior condition.

MGL 131 a second paragraph:

Alter, to change the physical or biological condition of a habitat in any way that detrimentally affects the capacity of the habitat to support a population of endangered or threatened species.

Who the hell does Guertin think he is violating MGL 131a?
9:11 pm est 

Re: Water Main Break

This is in response to the blogger who supposedly saw a water main break behind Town Hall. You must be the same person that complains about the hours at the transfer station, the DPW, and Town Hall. If you had any common sense you would have noticed 2 sump pumps removing groundwater from a large hole to install a Fiberglass-Composite tank. Once again more false information from a passing motorist, you should take a close look as to what is going on before giving false information
9:09 pm est 

Can Someone Explain the Consequence and Cost of the Sewer Non-Compliance

I realize it is serious. I know there is much the town must do. But what exactly is the town required to do to rectify the system? and who is going to pay for this? I'm a little lost about this but can someone provide the specifics. Since I don't expect this to be revealed at a BOS meeting, maybe here on the blog i'll get an answer. Thanks.
9:07 pm est 

I'll Take Truro Any Day For $5.39 Per 1k and Get This Back:
''They built they're Community Center, the Public Safety facility, the Library and the renovated Town Hall on the backs of their taxpayers.''

At least Truro taxpayers get many wonderful amenities with their tax dollars. What do Provincetown Taxpayers get for $5.59 per 1k? Town buildings that are unsafe to work, buildings and/or still need another 1M (library upcoming override). Truro town hall trailers? Never because they know how to run their town.
9:06 pm est 

What a Group!

It smells like fecal matter with all that pumping behind town hall. Where's is that water going Geurtin? Right into the harbor? Is that another break in your precious septic system? I agree with the post that Lynn is your lackey. In fact, the Selectmen are too.
9:04 pm est 

Utter Disgrace

 new tax rate is $5.39 and whenever they get around to setting ours,  it will be around $6.00? But, Truro town hall is open five days a week, their transfer station is open seven days a week, they have a beautiful new community center and state of the art public safety building? Or not to forget their nice new Puma Park.

Versus Provincetown whose dilapadated community and police station are dangerous to occupy, who has a four day work week for town employees and a transfer station that's open four days a week?

You can post what you want but numbers do not lie and the disparity in government building do not lie. Provincetown is the poster town for awful management of revenues. It is a disgrace how they have run this town into the ground.
9:03 pm est 

Cut Town Employee Benefits
I have to pay for my own health insurance and companies around the country are requiring that their employees pay more of their health insurance.

We need to cut back and the taxpayers need a break. Other people who work in town had their work days reduduced starting this past spring. The budget needs to be cut.
9:01 pm est 

Provincetown Business Guild
Provincetown Business Guild
Provincetown Business Guild
Weekly Update Correction
November 27, 2009
Correction to Member Announcements
This is the correct schedule and descriptions for the computer seminars at
the Crown & Anchor

Tuesday Dec 1:
11 a.m. Seminar: Tips, Trick, Gadgets and Gets
Our most popular seminar! You know your Mac can produce endless creative possibilities, but did you know it can also save you money? In this seminar we will reveal all the tips and tricks we've learned over the years. These tips are for persons of ALL ages and any user level. 
1 p.m. Seminar: Calling All Authors (iWork and MacSpeech)
If you've ever though about getting into some creative writing (or perhaps you already have), then this is the seminar for you. Mac has some amazing tools for authors to help you tell your story.
Tuesday Dec 29:
11 a.m. Seminar: What can Mac do for your Business?
Whether you're a small business owner or thinking about starting a small business, learn how the Mac platform can help your business become successful. 
1 p.m. Seminar: The Ken Burns Effect
Did you know that everything award winning documentarian Ken Burns does in his films can be accomplished using only what comes with your mac? We'll cover everything from how to turn your photos into video, how to add camera effects to your photos, adding your own music, and even how to add your own voice in the form of a voiceover.  
Nick Robertson
Executive Director
Provincetown Business Guild
8:59 pm est 

Provincetown Business Guild
 Banner Ad
8:56 pm est 

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

If You Can't Fire A Man as Incompetent and Disregarding of Town Laws as David Guertin
then maybe it's time to return to West Goshen. If you can't find the courage or the       to sever this man from your administration, than we can't count on you to mange well this town. You then become his lackey. Please, send him on his way. We'll even attend the goodby Party. But then hire someone who knows engineering, construction and who respects the law and respect the residents of this town.

No no, don't cower under your desk. Come on up. You can do it and we'll applaud you for doing this. You can do it sweetie.
2:22 pm est 

What Will Our Rate be?

Provincetown FY 2009 tax rate of $5.54 per $1,000.00 of assessed
valuation vs. Truro FY 2010 tax rate of $5.39 per per $1,000.00 of assessed

When Provincetown finally sets its 2010 rate, wont it be north of $6.00 per
$1,000.00 of assessed valuation? That smacks of bad government management.
2:11 pm est 

What Are We Doing Compared to Others?

For those of you who don't read Business Week there was an article on
the struggles of cities in today's economic times.

one segment that caught my eye -

% of cities cutting spending in 2009 by:

* Hiring Freezes and layoffs - approx. 70%
* Delaying of canceling capital projects - approx. 62%
* Modifying employee health benefits - approx. 25%
* Cutting public safety - approx. 15%
* Renegotiating debt - approx. 12%

What are we in Provincetown doing?
2:10 pm est 

Another Break?

I drove down Bradford St. late Wed. afternoon and I saw what appeared
to be a major water pipe break at the rear of town hall. Does anyone know what
2:07 pm est 

Re: David Geurtin & Rt. 6

Geurtin was nothing but duplicitous with Lynn, ConCom and the BOS and that is why rte six was defaced. SL, he must be fired.
11:22 am est 

I'm New to Provincetown

Yes, I have a job and NO ONE offered me housing of any kind. Why must we continue to build housing for people who can't afford to live here? Does Newton have affordable housing? Does Wellsley? No. We have more than enough all ready here. And, since I'm new, can someone please explain who Couture is and what Manor care is. Thank you.
9:18 am est 

Day of Thanksgiving

Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and has something to be thankful for!
9:17 am est 

Truro's Arrogant!

Re: "Provincetown perpetual state of crisis". 

What does Truro have to even initiate a crisis?  They built they're Community Center, the Public Safety facility, the Library and the renovated Town Hall on the backs of their taxpayers.  All of it was done as over rides.  And if I recall, their Town Hall came in late and over budget.

Do they have a waterfront they attempt to protect?  A fishing industry they are trying to save?  Do tourists by bus, plane, ferry and car swarm to their streets en masse?  Do they have year round trash pickup?  Our water system supplies all of beach point and beyond including many of their municipal buildings, yet they won't even help us secure land for future wells.  They sit and wait for us to expand our sewer system to their taxpayers out at beach point.  Do they have any plans of their own for a treatment plant?  Do they have a pier?  A High School?  Most of their side streets are privately owned, they don't even plow them.

You can't compare the two.  Any fool could run Truro and never even see smoke, never mind put out a fire.
9:16 am est 

It's Still Thanksgiving: so Who is the Real Turkey?

Is it Sharon Lynn or David Guertin? Maybe the answer depends on what Sharon decides to do. Let's just hope she lets this bird go. How many more problems will she tolerate? And how many more egregious acts will we, the town residents, tolerate? We too have our limit if Sharon has none. Either Guertin goes or Lynn will find herself out of here. It's either Guertin or Lynn. Make the right decision and this town will be better off. Make the wrong decision and we'll set up a new search committe for town manager. It's in your hands Sharon.
9:14 am est 

Thank Goodness for the Blog
Even the selectmen did not know about the letter of non-compliance. It was received by Sharon Lynn on November 16th and what happened? As I saw on PTV, she said she read it, she put it in her file and she now does not know where it is--or where she did put it. So she asked David Guertin to have his copy copied so the selectmen could have a copy. Does this seems like how a town should be run? This letter was from the state and announcing a serious legal case of non-compliance. And Sharon read the letter and lost the letter? Huh? Was this simply unattention or malfeasance? Are we tolerant or stupid? This makes no sense. Who's on first? What game is being played?
9:12 am est 

Route 6
If you have a Commercial Street address chances are you live  within the buffer zone of a wetland habitat. Let's restore it to its natural state and move to Plymouth.

Happy Thanksgiving  
9:11 am est 

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another Covenant Broken

The Division of Wildlife and Fisheries mandated that the land along 6 they gave us be left in its natural condition. Will get a hold of that non complance letter too and ask that it be posted here.
9:44 pm est 

Sharon Lynn

"Only hope, as someone posted, that you, Sharon, would find the courage..."

Sharon Lynn, courage? Not in the same sentence please!
9:42 pm est 

Conservation Commission Meeting

Go to the Dec 8th concom meeting if you want to see righting guertin's
arrogant destruction of our beloved rte 6. it certainly didn t happen at the bos meeting.
9:41 pm est 


No, neighboring selectmen who watch our government describe them as in a perpetual state of management.  They too have no confidence in our Board of Selectmen therefore any regionalization is off their table.  
9:39 pm est 

Re: "Perpetual Crisis"

With the level of paranoia and confused thinking that appears on here whether from one or two people or more is it any wonder we are considered in perpetual crisis. If this illustrates the general level of intellectual acuity in Provincetown we're sunk. No wonder the pilgrims moved on.
1:25 pm est 

Non - compliance - A good thing ?
On the surface no regarding the sewer system - but how great to have some regulatory body OUTSIDE of Ptown regulating what needs to be done for the sewer.

No more behind the scenes meetings where a select few call the shots.  I hope we residents of Ptown can be ever vigilant to bring in outside bodies of governance  whenever we can. Land courts - whatever.  Maybe the rest of us will have a fighting chance to make sure things in this town get done the right way.

Ptown exists for everyone - not just a few select politicians and developers.
1:23 pm est 

Affordable Housing on Rt6

It has been talked about before. If anyone mentions affordable housing and the developers--they are castigated as anti-humans who want to throw mothers and children into the street.

No, what citizens want is true transparency and fairness. The fact that people who work for a developer who gets public money get private housing makes us a skeptical public.

Rt 6 is an underhanded way to say well, it is clear cut now--lets build now..and suddenly another housing development is on the way, even though we have a water shortage etc.
1:21 pm est 

Don't Be a Turkey Sharon

I know it's Thanksgiving Day and I wish everyone the best. I only hope, as someone posted, that you, Sharon, would find the courage to sack this arrogant DPW head. You are town manager, not Guertin. You are in charge of the town--and that means all the town, including Route 6--not this man.

Don't be a turkey or you'll find your goose cooked. Yes, it's a mixed metaphor but you can understand the end result.

Or you'll find it's your head--like John the Baptist--that's on the platter. Fire him now. He is ruining your term as town manager and he will eventually bring you down with him. Get rid of Guertin!
1:20 pm est 

An Old Portuguese Saying


10:00 am est 

Couture & Guertin Birds of a Feather

"For What Reason" Couture says in reference to restoring the other two areas clear senselessly cut by Guertin. For what reason Couture, because town residents voted down all your pet projects like affordable housing & the manor care on Rte 6. Provincetown residents did not want Rte 6 to be clear cut. You continue to support those who  make you look ineffective and incompetent.

The Board of Selectmen are a joke to the Board of Selectmen in Truro. I talked to one of them tonight. I asked him how they do it, new police station, new community center etc. He said 'good management.' He went on to say Provincetown is always in a state of 'crisis management.' The clear cut is a good example. You are constantly putting out fires because of bad management.

It was laughable to the Board of Selectmen in Truro at the recent regionalization meeting with Provincetown. Our Board of Selectmen want to regionalize the police force which would include occupying their police station and installing our Chief of Police. They laughed and said what is in it for us? Nothing absolutely nothing Truro. We have such a bad reputation, no one will want to regionalize with us.

They do not want to regionalize their elementary school either. They do don't want any Provincetown people on their board. Blame them? Absolutely not!
9:46 am est 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Re: "Box Turtle Soup"
No, that wasn't Michelle posting. Just an educated guess based on the match up between public statements and attempts to inflame the blogosphere as well as the time stamp of postings.
5:32 pm est 

I"d Bet That Guertin is Choking on His Much Anticipated Box Turtle Soup

Now there is a "claw" caught in his throat. Happy slurping David!
5:31 pm est 

It Would Take More Than a Trip to the Wailing Wall For This Woman's Heart to Change

This is a cold, calculating yet insecure woman. Her heart is not soft. Her heart is not open and forgiving. It would take at least five trips to the Wailing Wall and her approaching it on her Catholic knees for change to happen.
5:29 pm est 

This Just Showed up in the CC Times Today

Former P'town police chief Ted Meyer dies

By Mary Ann Bragg STAFF WRITER November 25, 2009 9:23 AM Former Provincetown police chief and head of Barnstable County criminal investigations Schuyler "Ted" Meyer, 66, died this morning after collapsing at a family residence west of Boston, said Barnstable County Sheriff James Cummings. Cummings received a call from a family member at around 5:30 a.m. that Meyer was being taken to a Marlborough hospital. He was pronounced dead at the hospital, Cummings said. Meyer maintained a home in Provincetown and his wife Jan stays in a town outside Boston to allow their young daughter, Whitney, to attend a specialized school, Cummings said. Meyer was hired for the Provincetown job in October 2001, coming in as a former police captain from Richardson, Texas. He retired from his Provincetown job when his five-year contract expired in October 2007. Since then he has held the office of director of the bureau of criminal investigations for Cummings, where he managed nine investigators from a Barnstable Village office. Meyer's gregariousness was well-known. "Certainly everybody here, the law enforcement community ... Ted knows police chiefs across the state," said Cummings. "He was very well-liked by everybody. He was a real character. If you have the first name of Schuyler, you have to be a character."
4:16 pm est 

Oh, Ah, Uh: Couture Slurping Box Turtle Soup!

You hit the nail on the head or the box turtle in its tail. This Couture is in cohoots with Guertin and they have their plans that are mutually beneficial for both of them---but not us and not the box turtles. Guertin gets to clear cut any area he wants to control on Route 6 and Couture gets to use these clear-cut destroyed lands for future affordable housing. And Sharon, in her unfortuante weakness (I wish you had more courage Sharon) goes along. How I wish she'd take a stand. Don't continue to be a push-over for these two. It costs you in respect when we look around and see the destruction to this prized eco-system and to the entrance to town. You are manager of Route 6 as well as the trailers. Please keep this in mind.
4:12 pm est 

Geurtin's & Couture

The reason Geurtin hasn't been fired is because certain selectmen are co-dependant like Couture. She still rues that seashore point, manor care and affordable housing don't abutt our gateway into town. But boy does she keep using a backdoor to try to develop Rte 6 like refuse to try to undue the damage that will take lifetimes to restore.

I hope she asks for forgiveness at the wailing wall.
12:13 pm est 

Historic District Commission

I was at the HDC meeting. The letter to the editor is accurate. The HDC needs to modify its by laws to reflect today's reality like 'doorgate.' And leave the attitude at home. Both sides of that table feel undersiege all too often. Something needs to change.
12:11 pm est 

Re: "Running For Office" & Boors & Haters

Re: "I'd wager that the majority of boorish and hateful posts that attack government elected and employed officials are likely from a few boors already in office or their spouses who can then set themselves up as MYPACC heroes in public "

Michele we know that's your post! I think you and Mary Jo should go to a couple counselor and start putting the community before your dime dropping husband firing idea of leadership.

Enjoy your box turtle soup for Christmas, my elected enabler.
12:08 pm est 

DPW Is Not Above the Law and Not Above Regulatory Boards

David Guertin may believe he is above the law but----he is not and neither is DPW. They are bound by town, state and federal laws. They need to request permits for the work they do. This is something David Guertin obviously does not want to do. He hates to asks for permission. He believes he can do whatever odd ball idea and whatever destructive project he has in his little mind.

Enough of this. Sharon take control. Fire this man now. You and the town do not need a DPW director who believes in his arrogance that he is king of route 6 and king of this town.
Let him tkae his rusted crown and leave town now.
10:27 am est 

To: "Not a Town Employee"

Thank you Mr. "Not a Town Employee" for telling me what business I need to conduct at Town Hall or when I should go to the town dump.  If all business could be conducted by mail - then there would not be a need for so many town employees.  The time that it takes to "wait" on a taxpayer could be used to decrease the workforce.  Employees would only have to deal with mail.

Simply stated - what works for you doesn't work for me - and it doesn't work for the majority of homeowners in Provincetown.  I don't know of other communities that have a four day work week for town offices without offering weekend hours.   Most towns have one night where they stay open later, but in a community where the bulk of homeowners live elsewhere - this isn't helpful.  However, one Saturday every other week would be a benefit to many homeowners.  

I did a quick scan of the assessor's database - I'm not claiming my facts are 100% accurate, but I'm sure they are close.  There are 4,104 tax-paying homes in Provincetown.  From this number 1,883 have their tax bill sent to an address in Ptown - 2,221 have their bills sent to an address outside of Ptown.  This tells me that majority of homeowners live elsewhere, but pay taxes here.  Don't you think that the town should start recognizing the needs of the majority?
10:22 am est 

Re: "Running For Office" & Boors & Haters
Fear not that all of Provincetown is boorish and vindictive. I'd wager that the majority of boorish and hateful posts that attack government elected and employed officials are likely from a few boors already in office or their spouses who can then set themselves up as MYPACC heroes in public STRONGLY fighting those demons at Town Hall, or, err, the Town Trailer.
10:19 am est 

What Happened at Historic Commission?

The letter to the editor is strongly against the chair of that commission. what happened? Does anyone know? Seems the owners of Sunset Inn felt they were treated with disrespect by John Dowd. Can someone fill in the missing pieces? Did someone go ballistic over a window?
10:16 am est 

Re: It's Time For Guertin to be Removed From His Position

You failed to mention he already has received an ethics violation from the State.  Are there other violations we dont' even know about?
10:15 am est 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There was a Sadness With Anger and Astonishment at the BOS Meeting

So many people stood and spoke. So many stood with shock at what the town did, anger at the land, the trees, and the animals discounted like DPW trash. No concern for the land, for the green landscape, for protected species and for all of us as we drive into town. Mary Jo Avellar and David Bedard were Strong voices for all of us feel the upset at the destruction of the land and the desecration of the environment. The town is given rights over Route 6 and even before the land is legally the town's, DPW with concurrence of Town Manger destroys protected areas, cuts to the ground all that has been there since 1953. And we hear David Guertin tell us he did a ride by and didn't see anything significant.

What disrespect for the town, for the land, for visitors and for all of us who live here. Rip everything out to store temporarily pipes. What was this man thinking? what was Sharon Lynn doing while this plan was being concocted?

Or, tell me, did David Guertin, Michele Couture and Sharon Lynn have a future plan that would allow these three parcels, all clear cut, to be developed? Was this the first step of building affordable housing or the new police station there on Route 6? And with one development, there would be a second and a third. Then the town could sell and use this land. I fear there was a sick future plan that this clear-cutting for pipes was the fake excuse to cover up the full development of Route 6 land.
7:10 pm est 

RE: "A Failed System That is in Perpetual Non-Compliance"

Let's do some math together folks. Assume the sewer system start date was 6/1/2003. So, that means it has been in operation 2,368 days, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Let's be harsh and say it was in non-compliance 20 of those days, which is vastly overstating the case but say it anyways.

This means it has worked 99.16% of the time it has been in operation. Hardly what one would call a perpetual failure. Probably more reliable than your car or any other mechanical system you own or operate.
7:04 pm est 

Guertin Should go!

It's time for Guertin to be removed from his position.  He's been a disaster for this town and it continues to get worse.  And many folks in town don't even know half of the things he has done.  Does he have something on someone?  How else could he keep his position?
7:01 pm est 

Re: "Paying Your Water Bill" & Other Petty Grievances
You can get the equivalent of a "paid" stamp on your water bill. It's called a cancelled check. If you have to pay your bill in person for some archaic reason then do it on Monday. Regarding your trash can, you could ask a neighbor to put it in for you, if they still talk to you. For those with brush and lawn stuff to take to transfer station, I find it hard to believe you can't fit it into your busy schedule to get to the transfer station Tuesday through Saturday from 6 am to 1 pm in the off season.

I do "get it", it's a recession folks, perhaps you could get your panties out of a twist and figure out how to change your behavior a bit as the rest of the country is doing. Your complaints are unseemly and petty. I've owned a house here for many years and find the new hours not the least inconvenient. There are so many big problems to solve but you petty whiners are so deep in the weeds on what are at the MOST inconveniences that it's sad.

The sewer system has had one major breakdown - and that was major due to timing and poor notification - and a couple of boo boos since it went into opertion. Guess what, it's a complex system, built on the cheap to get past the voters, and it's performed remarkable well. It has also kept millions of tons of nitrogen, prescription drug residue, home cleaning chemicals, etc. out of our bay. Further it has prevented the need for ugly mounded septic systems throughout town. Without it many of restaurants to the seaside of Commercial St would be closed, done, out of business by now. Many homes would be unsaleable. Are there improvements to be made, sure, there always are in a complex mechanical system.

We should all be cheering for it and thanking those smart enough to build it so we aren't arguing over a required system by the state that would cost multiples of what ours did as other towns on the Cape are.

- NOT a town employee
7:00 pm est 

You Don't Get it

Re: "And for that remark about , if my trash is already being picked up by the town remark, What am I suppose to do with my trash can on the street for a week.  In this town, YOU WILL PROBALY STEAL IT............."  

Wow. So now those of us who live here are thieves.
6:57 pm est 

BOS Meeting

I can't wait to watch the Selectmen on PTV tomorrow since I just read page 3 of the CC Times. DG's face must have taken on an even brighter shadd of red last night. Avellar took DG to the mat. Thanks for watching the town's back. Only sorry it was too late and those areas will never be the beautiful ones they were before.

I hope DG gets bitten by a box turtle!

What's this I hear about DG having                                  ? That needs to be looked into!
6:54 pm est 

Thanks for the Notice of Non-compliance

What a mess this sewer system has been and yet there seems to be no one who bears responsibility for the disasters. It's always someone else's fault. The responsibility is at the top: the top of DPW and the top of town government Sharon Lynn.

Now Phase Three will rectify the problems from Phase I and II? And will Phase IV rectify the problems that Phase Three couldn't rectify? And the game goes on and on? And the town residents continue to fund a failed system that is in perpetual non-compliance.
1:47 pm est 

The Negative Consequences of Noncompliance Notice

Are the Selectmen going to put in their budget the non compliance fines that will be levied on the town after May 14 2010? Do the math. There is no way Geurtin et al. will comply with the deadline. For those with a red dot like me who are afraid to hook up to the inferior system, the non compliance letter is all that you need to support your position. No sensible judge will force such hardship on a homeowner as our Selectmen have.
1:45 pm est 

Homeowners and the Dump

Homeowners who come to Provincetown to clear out the dead vegetation from their yard etc. get a pile of branches and stalks that they need to take to the dump. There is pruning that needs to be done. We have two big bags of vegetation to take to the dump.

At our other house, the DPW sends a truck around every Monday to take away yard debris. If one rents, then one only needs to put the garbage out once a week. Owning a house requires much more maintenance and usage of town facilities.
1:39 pm est 

Non Compliance
The authorities want to  make sure that protocols are in place to protect the citizens of Provincetown and make the Sewer System as safe and efficient as possible. Now it will be thoroughly monitored--we hope.
1:38 pm est 

How Can We Run a Town Without Ballons?

BOS just flounders, too afraid to to tell DPW
Guertien to take a hike.

What a shame
1:37 pm est 

BOS Meeting

I went to the BOS meeting tonight. I arrived at 6:14pm and couldn't open the front door. I went around the building and entered through a side door which was open.

I went back up to the front door to see why I couldn't open it. It was locked from inside! Limited access to town government took an ugly turn this evening. How many people just left? We will never know.
1:36 pm est 

Selectmen's Meeting
Please tell us what transpired at the selectmen's meeting--had to leave town.
1:34 pm est 

Paying Your Water Bill
For your information, I want that STAMP that says PAID on my bill from the town, in person.  Don't tell me to use the US Postal Service.  I pay taxes and should be allowed to pay my bills on normal business hours, which in a majority of caes, are 9 - 5PM, Monday - Friday.  
And for that remark about , if my trash is already being picked up by the town remark, What am I suppose to do with my trash can on the street for a week.  In this town, YOU WILL PROBALY STEAL IT.............  So no, I think opening at 6AM is stupid  (Ask the DPW director who is at the dump at 6AM) and NOT being open on Monday is even more insane.

1:34 pm est 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Selectmen's Meeting Tonight

Selectman Meeting @ Coastal Studies, 5 Holway St., near St. Peter's Catholic Church
4:21 pm est 

If Someone Wants to Pay Their Bill in Person
There should be a town employee there. But where are they? And where is the town manager these days? Except for attending the BOS meetings, where is she? And what is she doing? "Hi", smiling, "I'm Sharon Lynn" is no longer enough.
4:20 pm est 

Town Employees Need a Work Structure that Works for the Town
Many are good workers and caring. But this four day work week schedule is a plain mess. It hurts the wekkenders who get no services when they're here on Fridays and the dump hours are atrocious. Who needs the dump open at six in the morning? That is inane and needs fixing. Time for Sharon to take action and declare her chosen schedule wrong for the town. Of course Sharon won't do this but she should. It's a mess that needs fixing. So fix it.
4:18 pm est 

Re: "Paying Your Water Bill"
There is a highly effective way to pay town taxes, water bills and other things without having to drive all the way from Boston. The US Postal Service will deliver these items for you for the cost of a stamp, seems more effective and faster than driving and less time than your griping on here. Really, don't you have something more important to be doing?
2:08 pm est 

Re: "Why Should I Double Pay?"

If your trash is already picked up by the town, which you pay for, why do you care when the transfer station is open? You apparently don't need it.

RE: "Town Hall Hours"

Let's see, revamp the town work schedule for the few people who want town hall services on Saturday. Doesn't make sense to me in these tough economic times. The current schedule does make sense, albeit SLIGHTLY more inconvenient.

- not a town employee but I know a few
2:06 pm est 

Running For Office

What 'sane' person would want to run for office here? Just read some of the vicious personal attacks posted daily on this blog. The boors and the haters just love to vent their collective spleens, with the false courage that anonymity provides.

The high level of hatred/intolerance here in Provincetown is frightening in general and is terrifying to those it is specifically directed at.

This is a local problem as well as a national one.
1:05 pm est 

Chamber of Commerce E-Announcement Just in:

6PM at Center for Coastal Studies


      OF ROUTE 6

If you can't attend and would like to comment:
1:03 pm est 

Re: It's All About Them

No one is talking about expanding town hall employees work week but to change the days it is opened. Stay open on Saturdays and close Sunday and Monday! That post about taking care of Town Hall business on the web site and expanding services had to be written by a town hall employee who totally missed the point.
1:00 pm est 

Re: Employees

Somehow many people here are hard of hearing so one more time: TOWN EMPLOYEES WORK A FORTY HOUR WEEK IN FOUR DAYS RATHER THAN FIVE. THEIR HOURS WERE NOT CUT. If you have evidence that they are not working forty hours take it to the Town Manager and/or the newspapers. Otherwise stop spewing lies and disinformation out of hatred for those who have full time jobs.
12:58 pm est 

Re: "El Cheapo System"
The reason the sewer system did not come with all the bells and whistles that might have made it more robust is because we, the voters, are the el cheapos and would never have approved the costs for these extras at that time. Hence, we get what we paid for and once in a while things go wrong. Now, if we want those extras we'll have to pay for them. Hard to say something the voters voted for was "foisted" upon them.

Seems to be a few missing posts from over the weekend....
12:56 pm est 

Re: Unemployment

Is there really a 4 to 6 week wait for unemployment--or am I being told a story
12:54 pm est 

Why Should I Double Pay?

If I pay taxes in Ptown, why would I have a trash haller take my trash and pay them?  I already pay the town for that service..........  Oh yeah, the dump is closed on Mondays.   I think I would rather leave my trash on Sharons door steps, thanks for all your insight, but lets get back to this town is suppose to be OUR TOWN and HELP US, not THEM
12:54 pm est 

CPA Funds Deadline December 1
Is the library going to apply for CPA funds? This is what they are for to enhance and secure the town institutions. We need to get this done.
12:52 pm est 

Town Positions

Article four would tie our hands if we voted to pass it. We can't afford to vote yes on this article. Can anyone just say indefinitely postponed?

This is another article that people will take personally--unless we can vote on it with a paper ballot at the special town meeting.
12:51 pm est 

New Residents or Current?
Exactly what will happen? Lotteries?  Will we suddenly have an influx of new residents--or just a shifting of existing residents who will be breaking their leases as soon as they win the housing lottery?

How can Barbara Rushmore, Alex Brown and Peter Grasso extrapolate from affordable housing or the census that there will be more students here?

The school committee over projected this fall. How many units were built for families with two or more children?
12:50 pm est 

Business--Not Provincetown Hibernation

It will be winter in 3 weeks. Provincetown businesses are going into their sleep mode. Even the Brass Key is going to close the Ship wreck lounge--the only place where 2 or 3 friends can go and have drinks and sit in a nice lounge and chat.

When alone I want to sit at a bar and hopefully get into conversations but when a 2 or 3 of us want to go and have some drinks and talk about things--we want a lounge.

The businesses go to sleep, but the cultural events and readings and coffeehouses and music at the mews and free movies and game nights have all begun. Search a little and you will find it. Life is what you make of it.
12:49 pm est 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's All About Them

I was coming to town to apply for a permit (building) on Wed afternoon.  After reading all these posts, I will call the town and see if the building department will be there.  I was also going to pay my water bill.  If they are not there to take my check, can I leave a note on the door and ask them to come to Boston to get there money?   This town is getting more and more about THEM than US. 

Them being the people that work for the town.  I can not believe someone is trying to put on the town warrent that we can not get rid of positoins.   Wish I was able to make that part of my firms business plan
10:23 pm est 

Re: "We Need Some sane People Running This Town"

Good luck with that. We don't seem to able to vote correctly nor judge character correctly around here!

By the way, heard DJ Barry Scott on a talk show today. He blasted the town for what our police did to him and his partner and if he's lying, then I am not a good judge of character either, lol.
10:21 pm est 

Pay Attention!
When is work going to start on the affordable housing complex? We are anxiously waiting. I'm tired of the politics, of the lottery, of the sweet talk; I want action.

I want to see the machinery, the workers and the buildings going up on Shank Painter Rd. It has been too long a wait. I want to slid into my apartment with a drink in my hand a smile on my face and kick off my shoes and take my place on easy street. I am woman hear me roar! And I'm worth it!
10:20 pm est 

Mountain is a Mole Hill

The so called "clear cutting" has not harmed any habitat. Vegetation can be replanted. This is a non-issue. The transportation center, the onerous cost of the school to educate a hand full of students, the need for a police station and following the dictates of the Dept. of Revenue--these are serious and profound matters that need the deepest attention from the town government.
10:18 pm est 

4 Day Week

Re:"The goal of the four day work week wasn't to save money on salary and benefits it was to cut energy/facilities costs "

No, that's BS.

The goal of provincetown voters was to vote against payraises and they did. However, the will of the people didn't matter to the agendas of the TM and BOS. They went ahead and gave them payraises disguised in a shorter work week by 20% and reducing provincetown taxpayers' access to town government.

When are we going to see the DEP's report on the July 4 fecal disaster due to the el cheapo system they foisted unknowingly on us?
10:17 pm est 

I've been waiting almost a month for my unemployment. Is other people's situation as well?
10:15 pm est 

Vote no on Article #4

A few years ago there was no GPS; people had to stop and pay tolls and now there is an EZ-PASS. Perhaps in 5 years they will have a way to charge cars as they just drive into and depart parking lots without having to stop.

We can't tie our hands and vote yes on this questions. It would tie our hands on this issue forever.
10:13 pm est 

Re: 4 Day Work Week

I live here. I own a home here. I work here. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday. I do not have time during MY work day to go to any town building to get anything done. I have to take time off from MY job so why do town employees get every Friday off? Because we cater to them and anyone else in that ridiculous union. And as for voting to never have parking meters so people can keep their jobs???Another ridiculous thing in this cockamamie town.
10:12 pm est 

How About Doing a Full Audit of the Town and All of the Town Employees?

Let's look at who is essential and who isn't. Municipalities can no longer be cash cows who provide workers with raises each year along with a large percentage of their health care paid for by the town. What is the percentage that the town picks up for its workers? Can it be looked at and cut back on? What about furloughs for town workers to save on money?

Many cities and towns across the Commonwealth are cutting back,but not Provincetown, for some reason the people who run the town and work here do not understand the word, "recession". The Town Manger and Selectman need to look at ways to conserve, cutback and save before its too late.

10:10 pm est 

Size Matters

Who ever said Kmart should be booted off this site.  This site is intended for questions and answers, not flip remarks.  I happen to know a few people that got charged wrong water bills.  And it is not something that the water and sewer department is proud of, but it happens all the time.  Go and see the minutes that are posted from past meetings, and you will see some of the mistakes they have made.  So once again, will ask how they determine what size meter or pipe they are referring too..........
10:08 pm est 

Oh, Please!

That many town employees gave up lucrative positions to be here is laughable. This is not the best of the best. Too many are concerned about their lives, their issues, and the money they make. Too many get money for comp teim they should not get. They are eating at the trough and too many of them are not doing exceptional work. This contract is a way for so many to do so little work and it is embarassing. Let's get back to five day work work and let's not pretned this has anything to do with energy or saving money. This is costing all of us much more money with paid lunches, people taking comp time and too little Sharon Lynn accountability.
10:06 pm est 

This is Pure Bull

The four day work week was linked to giving town employees a pay raise without handing out money. They were given a free paid lunch and thus four hours free a week. It was a deal that overrided the town vote against any pay raise. Let's not rewrite history for your own bias and make this bad deal seems eco-friendly. Wrong and just fabrication.
10:05 pm est 

Our Water Bill
Our Water Bill is $600.00 less than last year. We couldn't figure out why..and then it dawned on us--we didn't water our garden this summer!

I love the cool weather so I loved this summer...and the rain was a blessing...may it always be thus.
10:04 pm est 

Re: "4 Day Week"

So let's see, we should now expand cost of government so that you can get service on Saturdays the once or twice a year you need it. Sounds great. How about you pick up the telephone or use email or the town web site which for 95% of business you need to do with town works fine? The 4 day work week is being used in local governments across the country, not in private business. Town government isn't private business, town workers aren't paid like corporate workers. If they were perhaps your expectations of 50-60 hours work weeks would be realistic. They get paid to work 40 hours, period. Sometimes, very rarely, they have to work hundred hour work weeks - eg a natural or manmade disaster situation like the sewer breakdwon. Often some also have to work at night to attend to boards or special meetings for citizens or selectmen meetings.

If you really have to meet in person with a town employee how about taking a Monday off your oh-so busy schedule to do so and save the rest of us taxpayers some money? If the transfer station schedule is keeping you from emptying your trash then there are several private trash haulers who would be happy to do it for you.
10:03 pm est 

Town Hall Schedule

If town hall employees have to have a four day work week why not have them take Sundays and Mondays off? Then second homeowners and those of us who work Mon - Friday can take care of business.
10:01 pm est 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Re: Size Matters

"How does the water dept. know what size meter you have?"

Who do you think originally supplied it, K-Mart?
9:19 am est 

4 Day Week

Re: "The goal of the four day work week wasn't to save money on salary and benefits it was to cut energy/facilities costs. People work 40 hours a week in four 10 hour days instead of five eight hour days. This also allows town employees to schedule things like doctor's and dentist appointments and other stuff on Fridays eliminating the need to take time out of their town working hours. Then, on Fridays the thermostat can be set down, the lights turned off, etc. This idea didn't originate in Provincetown, it's being used accross the country. It makes for a more productive workforce because from the comments I've heard it's a much more productive way to get work done."

This all sounds great in theory but are we forgetting that half this town's residents can't be here during the week ?
Weekend homeowners need access to offices on Saturdays if not Fridays.

Why are we catering policy for the benefit of town workers so they can have Friday's off for doctor's appointments or other errands ?

As far as the 4 day week being an accepted practice in other places - how many private firms even have a 40 hour week that they could predicate this practice on ?  Most of us in the private sector work more than 40 hours at our job - sometimes 50 or 60.

The primary responsibility of the municipal offices is to serve the town's residents - even 2nd homeowners who can only be here on weekends and make up half the town.  It is not to formulate work policy around what is convenient for town workers or energy costs.   Let us please get our priorities straight.
9:17 am est 

Public Forum
Peter Francese mentions in his interview that people need to speak up about issues at town meeting. However, Town meeting is about voting the warrant and no can just stand up and speak about the declining student population all over the cape and the effects on the schools or housing or the changing demographics of the Cape.

Where is the venue for this to take place without going to the school committee meetings, the zoning board hearings etc. etc. Where can people voice their opinions in a public forum?
9:15 am est 

Can Someone Explain the New Water Rates?

My water bill has gone up over 50%, I use the same amount every year, I live alone. The economy is so bad, but this town doesn't care, they just keep charging us more. Get rid of some of the help at town hall, the secertary doesn't need an assistant, they need to do a little work. If this keeps up, I will have to sell my home, where I've lived for fifty years. WE NEED SOME SANE PEOPLE RUNNING THIS TOWN.
9:14 am est 

Spotlight on Bergman
How many times I wished that this blog was operating when Bergman was our town manager. The vast majority of us had no idea what he was doing. So much would have been exposed like selling us out for seashore point. He gave away far too much.

We are the only town on Cape Cod to be audited by the Department of Revenue. At least they are making us get on track and they exposed the financial burden of the school on the taxpayers.
9:12 am est 

Re: Work Week

The goal of the four day work week wasn't to save money on salary and benefits it was to cut energy/facilities costs. People work 40 hours a week in four 10 hour days instead of five eight hour days. This also allows town employees to schedule things like doctor's and dentist appointments and other stuff on Fridays eliminating the need to take time out of their town working hours. Then, on Fridays the thermostat can be set down, the lights turned off, etc. This idea didn't originate in Provincetown, it's being used accross the country. It makes for a more productive workforce because from the comments I've heard it's a much more productive way to get work done.

If you have specific evidence workers aren't working their alloted forty hours (perhaps you hang in the parking lot at the town offices with a stopwatch?) then submit it to the town or the newspaper, otherwise you are just blowing smoke in hopes it will catch into a fire. Many of our town staff gave up much higher paying jobs to be here (or they've gotten wholloped by the real estate they bought when they took their job) because they like the town, we're lucky to have them, occasional mistakes and all.

If you didn't like Sharon Lynn the minute she walked into town then your opinion now is worthless since you made a judgement based on zero evidence before she even got here. Perhaps you'd like bow-tie bedecked, financial fiddling Bergman back to reinstitute the black box, bordering on illegal accounting the Town's been trying to recover from for three years?
12:19 am est 

Yes, You are Right: !

Sharon Lynn "created" the Four day Work Week After Town Voters Voted NO to a town employee raise

so she found some convuluted way to give town employees--oh, hi, I'm Sharon Lynn your new smiling Town Manger--and therefore you'll like me even though you don't like the town voters. When is a vote not a vote? When  Sharon finds some way to give them what they want. and look at the dire consequences of this abdominable contract. It is a mess. Oh sure, town employees like not working five days--but what services do we get? From most--not all--every little. It is a joke.

Maybe it's time to either get ride of the four day work week contract or get ride of Sharon Lynn. Let her make her own decision. But this cannot continue.
12:16 am est 

Size Matters

how does the water and sewer know what size pipe/meter each propety has?
62", or .75, or 1", or 1.5 or 2" meters?
12:15 am est 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Re: Route 6 Article

There was a large article with complete coverage of this horrific environmental terroristic attack on the environment by those arch-criminal affordable housing loving lazy dpw peeps <lol, just pulling your chain, or valve so to speak> in this week's Banner. What off season fun and a great excuse for what my mom used to call tizzy time. Can't wait to see how much time and hot air is wasted on this on Monday.
7:31 pm est 

Sharon Lynn and the BOS

I think  the four day work week was instituted by Sharon Lynn when town meeting would not give the town workers a raise. If you are being paid the same for working 4 days as you were for working 5 days then that is a raise. Sharon Lynn really        over the taxpayers and now she's done the same to all of us again who need town services. Lets get rid of Sharon Lynn, and the whole damn bunch of select people. I smelled something rotten the week she walked into town.

7:29 pm est 

Taxpayer Relief

Isn't the four day work week due to a furlough so that the taxpayers get some relief? I'd rather pay less in my taxes and be inconvenienced a bit instead of paying benefits etc. to have a 5 day week.

Something has to give. The working homeowner is being pushed to the limit. I thank the lord that I'm not in the flood zone now that the new maps are out. It is an eternal struggle.
6:31 pm est 

The Four Day --Maybe Two Day--Work Week Works Well........
..........if you are a town employee. But if you are a resident, if you are a second homeowner, if you just live here and want services, it is a disaster.

Sharon, get a handle on this and admit you made a fool's mistake. Let's get the town back to work! A five day work week will at least get us three and a half days of work. I'll settle for that over what we now have.
5:58 pm est 

November 23 Selectmen's Meeting

Unfortunately like some other folks, I'm leaving town to drive to another state to spend Thanksgiving with my mother and family. Otherwise I would be there.

We do not know the repercussions of what occurred on Rt 6; too bad there wasn't an article about in the banner or the Cape Cod Times this week.
5:56 pm est 

Re: Second Home Owners Association

Thank You Michael for offering to begin the process of harnessing the power of the second homeowner. May I suggest you place a small ad in the paper too as many do not blog here?
An active second homeowners' association with town meeting representation is overdue.

Provincetown voter
5:55 pm est 

Re: Phase 3

My understanding is that Phase 3 is going as far as the Cape Inn. I also belive that Phase 3A is to be started at a later date and is to extend all the way down Commercial Street to the town line in order to serve the homes in the Mayflower Heights neighborhood. At this time there has also been some talk about extending the line into the Beach Point section of  Truro. That way maybe Truro can finally begin to subsidise us.

 BTW, anybody notice what a        that Building Commissioner guy is?

A Rat In The Basement
5:53 pm est 

Re: Water & Sewer Bills
Yes we did have a public meeting and yes we did vote it in. Were you there to vote no?

"New Water Rates
On March 12, 2009 the Provincetown Water and Sewer Board held a public hearing and
voted to adopt the following schedule of water rates.  On March 23, 2009, the Provincetown
Board of Selectmen voted, pursuant to MGL c. 40, §22F, to approve the recommendation of
the Water and Sewer Board, effective April 15, 2009. "

From the Provincetown Public Works website
5:51 pm est 

Staging Area - Clear Cut - Route 6

The Provincetown Dept. of Public Works (DPW) without going through the proper channels has denied the citizens of Provincetown the right to a public hearing. Had notice of intent been filed with the Conservation Commission, all abutters, Mass. Division of Fisheries & Wildlife and concerned citizens would have been notified so they could voice their comments at a public hearing.
Please attend the Selectmans Meeting on Monday, November 23, 6 pm at the center of Coastal Studies and let your comments be heard as it is: Agenda C Phase lll Route 6 Staging.

If you cannot attend send an e-mail to our board of selectmen, town manager and conservation commission.

On Tuesday, December 8, the Provincetown Conservation Committee will hold a hearing as well on this matter. Check for time and place.
2:53 pm est 

Water & Sewer Bills

Can anyone explain when the "basic service fee" was added onto our bills?  I remember way back when, that a minimum charge for water was only $50.   Then it went to $75.
But I do not recall a BASIC SERVICE CHARGE?
And what does it have to do whith the size of a meter?  .62", or .75, or 1", or 1.5 or 2" meters?
If I have a 2 inch meter and paying $190 for that, I want a .62 inch meter and cut my bill by 2/3rds, down to only $66 dollars

Is this just ANOTHER FEE that we got hammered with and no one told us?  Oh yes, someone will post on here that the water and sewer board had a public meeting and we were allowed to voice our concerns.  SURE...............
2:03 pm est 

DPW has the answers
Anyone wanting answers about Phase 3 should call the DPW. I called them about the staging areas and was told that they were going to start Phase 3 imminently.

I don't know if the clear cutting incident set back or not.
2:01 pm est 

Phase 3 and Second Home Owners
Could someone please difinatively tell me where exactly Phase 3 ends in the East End? I've been told the Cape Inn and others say it procedes to Beachpoint to the Truro line. Time table?

I attended the July meeting at the Cape Inn about the extenstion of the sewer line and there were more unanswered questions than answered. We residents in the affected area were told a future meeting was to be held and we would be notified. Never happened.

In a not so unrelated matter; those folks posting about a Second Home Owners Asso. for Provincetown please contact me as I've been interested in this for a long time.

E. Michael Richards
1:35 pm est 

Question 4
We can't tie our hands by voting to never have automated parking lots. What kind of thinking is this? Look at all of the restaurants that have closed from Level to the Flagship or shops sold or gone out of business from Gorgeous little things to the Emporium--no one thought to subsidize us.

Circumstances change; life goes on. We don't need attendants now that we have automated parking.  You want the rest of us who work and live here to support you forever at a greater cost to us.
1:33 pm est 

Housing Cut Backs

Get on the ball and get the affordable housing built. I just found out that if you are getting Federal social security benefits to pay for your housing, then the commonwealth of Mass. is going to stop giving us money for housing as well-they consider it double dipping.

90 Shank Painter Rd should be started by now..what is going on?
1:31 pm est 

RE: Dump Closure
If anyone on this blog had any idea what they were talking about the dump does not close at noon on wednesday either does the town hall. Instead of collecting unemployment and running your mouth go and get a job like the rest of us. Keep paying your taxes because the 4 day work week and the Blue Cross Blue Shield is an excellent thing.

          Yours Truly, 
          Town employee
11:15 pm est 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Food Zone and no Mortgage

 "We have no mortgage on our house and now we are in the flood zone. Won't the town be declared a disaster area if all of these places flood? Then we will be covered even if we don't buy insurance. Isn't this correct?"

No not correct. The best you would get IF your part of town is declared a disaster area after a flood is a low interest rate loan to repair or rebuild, that you would have to pay back in full.  As someone else said, it is like fire insurance, and if you are in a flood zone you probably need it, unless you can afford to rebuild on your own.  And, no, I am not an insurance agent.
5:38 pm est 

Article 4

Question, does any article that is brought forth by anyone in P-Town need something like 100 or 200 signatures to get on the ballot or to an article?   Does Article 4, brought forth by resident Katherine Perry, would require that coin operated meters and/or automated pay stations have gotten all the required signatures already?   I am TOTALLY opposed to this article, but if she already has gotten the required signatures, I would suggest that LOCALS in P-Town are gathering and banning together for the sake of their peers.   Let the rest of us do the same and NOT let this foolish article get voted for.  

A 15 year resident, but not a stupid one
5:36 pm est 

It's About Numero Uno

From Wicked Local: "Article 4, brought forth by resident Katherine Perry, would require that coin operated meters and/or automated pay stations never be used in the municipal parking lot off Commercial Street and the Grace Hall parking lot. Perry, one of 14 seasonal parking lot attendants, said the article is to preserve the jobs of the attendants, which might be eliminated if the town expands a pay station pilot program designed to increase parking revenue and reduce costs."

If you want to know why town personnel expenses are high this is a perfect example. We, the taxpayers, should subsidize her retirement job not because it makes sense but because she wants us to. Ridiculous. If this measure passes every other town employee will introduce a measure to make sure their job is never replaced. I can just see the DPW workers offering up an article saying the town can never use the trash compacting barrels they are resting now because it would negatively impact future DPW employment. Vote NO on this one.
9:45 am est 

Re:"People Complain About Too Much These Days"
"I'm convinced if the transfer station was open 24/7, someone would complain.... probably about the excessive noise.

Perhaps if the complainers would do something constructive, like participate in the democratic process, they might find that good comes from doing. "


This reasoning is that of a 5th grader - how can people partcipate in the 'democratic process' when half the town who owns property and pays taxes - HAS NO VOTE ?

The bottom line is that this town should make services available to home owners who can't be here during the week since they make up more than half the town and its revenue.

Keep the dump open on the weekends and keep the town hall open on Saturdays. Business owners work 7 days a week in the summer to accomodate tourists why can't our municipal government do much minor things like making services available on weekends to half of its property owners and revenue base ?
9:43 am est 

Get Up Get Out!

What an absolutely beautiful sunrise this morning! How glorious to be living in such a beautiful place.
9:41 am est 

Re: Only Those Who Pay

9:40 am est 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This was written on Sat. Nov 14th.
Like it or not, Dr Berrian was brought in to stop the hemorrhage of money from OCHS. She did what she had to do...not want would make all of y'all happy. She saved the business.  
10:48 pm est 

Re: Flood Zone
"We have no mortgage on our house and now we are in the flood zone. Won't the town be declared a disaster area if all of these places flood? Then we will be covered even if we don't buy insurance. Isn't this correct?"

No not correct. You should probably, almost for sure, buy flood insurance. It is not that expensive. Just as I hope you maintain a regular homeowner's/fire insurance policy. If not talk to a local agent. I am not one. But the local insurance agencies are good generally, know the lay of the land and offer the most competitive rates. It is folly to rely on disaster relief to rebuild your home. Talk to an insurance agent they are very helpful. then comparison shop just to be sure. Also talk to Brian Carlson at the conservation/health department. He is smart and helpful too. 487-7020 Mon-Thurs 8-6. Be informed not afraid!    
10:46 pm est 

24 Hour Work Week!

I've got a great idea that will save the taxpayers of Provincetown a ton of money. Let's just have town hall open on Saturday and Sunday. They have proven that we don't need them open all week by being closed so often. That way, part time residents who are generally here on the weekends will be able to avail themselves of the service. We can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Think about it for a moment... They could be open 7 am - 7 pm Saturday and Sunday... a 24 hour work week... sounds good to me.

10:10 pm est 

Poor Town Management

I believe people have genuine concerns about the DPW and the dump. They want services and want the dump to be open when they want to dump things. They are not complaining for no reason. They have genuine gripes. Why shouldn't it be open on weekends? Why should they be closed on MOndays? Why should they be closed at one o'clock?

Poor management is the only explanation.
8:35 pm est 

Time to Work, Not Play

At the town dump we need services and I don't believe closing the town at noon on Wednesday is good. Go back to working five days and then, yes. Otherwise, please stay until six--even if you never are there at even four. Your contract makes a joke of town employees.
8:33 pm est 

Provincetown Work Force

Town Hall workers "cover" for one another and are not there the hours they are supposed to be. They also get an hour for lunch. I don't care that much. Everyone I have dealt with is helpful and friendly. I just think its a little unfair, that's all. Dealing with town residents all day long, I am sure, is not easy to do though.
8:30 pm est 

Seamen's Bank

Seamen's bank has become a joke, along with the people running it!
6:35 pm est 

Get On The Ball People!

I was told that the construction at 90 Shank painter Rd of our long overdue affordable housing was going to begin this month.

I don't want to have to wait forever to move in! Get the ball rolling already people.
6:34 pm est 

Tax Payers Pay For Housing

Re: "Why is that Provincetown has the taxpayers pay for the housing of these employees? How does this benefit the taxpayers and the residents of this town?"

Not that I agree with your basic premise, but just say I do.  Do you not see that the business community benefits the taxpayers and residents of this town?  The business community provides jobs, provides taxes, provides a reason for tourism to exist.  Take away the business community and tourism and what do you have, well I guess you'd have Truro.
6:33 pm est 

Seamen's Bank

There is an interesting thing currently going on at Seamen's Bank.  I believe they have a name for it "insider trading" maybe?  Recently, I went a spoke to a loan personnel in regards to taking a substantial loan for a renovation I was interested in doing.  After speaking to someone in what I thought to be a confidential meeting I was contacted by a                                                  Later it was brought to my attention how they were aware of my plans for work before anyone else.  It was because I had spoken to                 at the bank and her husband works for                .  I had a builder in mind already but hadn't mentioned anything to anyone at the bank in that regard. I just wanted to bring this to some ones attention, I feel that my personal banking business should not be reported to any company.  I have spoken with a few other people in regards to this matter and they had similar stories to tell.  I think that             needs to reevaluate the policy on confidentiality.  
6:30 pm est 

Flood Zone
We have no mortgage on our house and now we are in the flood zone. Won't the town be declared a disaster area if all of these places flood? Then we will be covered even if we don't buy insurance. Isn't this correct?
6:26 pm est 

Another News Flash

I know a guy who was working and collecting unemployment. He quit his job because he had to subtract his income from his unempployment-and he would make the same weekly pay just by collecting unemployment.

His landlord is still waiting for the unemployment checks to arrive so he can get his rent. And the "Quitter" is Frantic for his checks to arrive and is at the food pantry and getting food stamps. " Mr. Job-Quitter" (who is in his prime and full of energy and vigor") better donate to the food pantry after doing this. Bravo to the food pantry for being there for the truly needy. Another great candidate waiting for his affordable apartment. Since when does bad planning on his part create an emergency on our part?
6:25 pm est 

\School Board Meeting

The school board is having a meeting at 5:30pm. They must confront the fact there is a budget deficit.

All of the studies of the census are meaningless when we have no 6th grade and a number of students didn't enroll this year.

What does unbuilt affordable housing have to do with the school? Fabricated projections.
6:23 pm est 

Move the Chair!

Time for a Change and time to get a new Chair of this discombobulated group. Can't this group elect someone else? Please, let the frog go jumping in her own pond. She is a poor substitute for a Chair.
6:21 pm est 

Totally Agree

Little attention is given to seocnd homeowners. Little attention is given to homeowners at all. Services are too much show. It has become a joke. Few people working for the msot of us. It's become a sad game and sorry to say Sharon the Town Manager is the so-called leader of the leaderless. It is a mess and what we want, we are not geting.
6:19 pm est 

Re:"Taxpayers Who Rely on Subsidized Housing For Their Workers Should Have a Higher Tax Rate. Sound good? "

I agree and . . .

*Those who use the schools should be the ones who pay for them.
*Those who use the pier should be the ones who pay for the cost.
*Those who use the Council of Aging should be the ones who pay for it.
*Only those who use the Recreation Dept should be the ones who pay for it.
*Only those who use the library should have to pay for it.
6:16 pm est 

News Flash!

I pay taxes and I do not think town hall (trailers) are open enough for me to do business during my time frame.  I would love to hear Sharon show us the dollars that were saved going to a 4 day work week now that it has been almost a year.  I also agree, why close down at noon on Wed before a long weekend?  Does Sharon really work that hard?  Does anyone at town hall, other than David Gardner work that hard?  I do not know anyone else that works harder than any worker at any business in town.   And they get health insurance at with what? 20% of the premiums that they have to pay or less?  
6:13 pm est 

People Complain About Too Much These Days

I'm convinced if the transfer station was open 24/7, someone would complain.... probably about the excessive noise.

Perhaps if the complainers would do something constructive, like participate in the democratic process, they might find that good comes from doing.

I think it's great that the employees who serve our town get to celebrate Thanksgiving -- whether it be with time off now or later. Anyone who has a real problem with that should come to the next town meeting and step up to the microphone.

Somehow I know that will not happen.
6:12 pm est 

Summer Workers Are the Bulk

Excuse me! The bulk of the summer workers are transient summer workers. who are you kidding? You are obviously a business owner.

The residents of this town should not be paying for housing which should be supplied by the business owners.

Wake up people!
6:10 pm est 

Skewered Mind Set
Taxpayers fund the development of affordable housing. How did this come to be when there are grants and tax credits and government money for affordable housing?

Why didn't the town manager force the unions to furlough a few hours a day? Town Hall and the unions work closely together--afraid of hurting people's feelings?

With all of the savvy business people here, doesn't anyone see that we will have to regionalize? Provincetown schools can't be charter schools. We are surrounded by water.
6:09 pm est 

Re: Reality

Provincetown has NO seasonal employee housing, taxpayer funded or not.  There are many businesses in town who do supply housing for their summer staff, most notably guest houses who more often than not supply rooms for their employees.
6:08 pm est 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Re: Re: "News Flash!"

"Business owners ARE taxpayers and the bulk of the workforce ARE residents."

Then taxpayers who rely on subsidized housing for their workers should have a higher tax rate.

Sound good?
5:11 pm est 

Re: "Reality"
News flash! Business owners ARE taxpayers and the bulk of the workforce ARE residents.
4:44 pm est 

In other resorts, it is the owners of businesses who must supply housing for their employees. Why is that Provincetown has the taxpayers pay for the housing of these employees? How does this benefit the taxpayers and the residents of this town?
3:20 pm est 

Rethinking the Schedule

I'm not sure that the people running the town are taking into consideration the high number of second home owners who are not in town 5 days per week. It is getting more difficult to do business with the town. Unfortunately, I'm not able to get to town prior to the town hall closing or not be opened at all unless I take a day off from work. This puts people in a ridiculous situation during a time of fiscal uncertainty. Someone wrote that people just need to plan better. Well its quite difficult to plan and take time of from work for some of us. I think that the Selectman and Town Manager need to rethink the work week at town hall. How about being open 9-12 every other Saturday? At least the Town Clerk has brains enough to open at different times to help out people who are not full time residents. Again, not being open when 2nd homeowners are in town is a slap in the face. We all pay taxes and we all should have the necessary services available to us without having to plan when we will be in town. I think the whole thing is hurting the finances of Ptown.

9:31 am est 

Provincetown - Not the Real World

Why can the town dump be closed on Sunday and Monday ?
Why can the town work week be 4 days if that ?
Why can Affordable housing get such town funds ?

The answer my friends is because Provincetown is not the real world.

It is a place that has the luxury of deriving over half of its tax revenue from home owners that don't live here and have no say in what goes on.  That is why all of the above can happen.  This town knows nothing of the real world or being accomodative in scheduling to one half the town that does not live here year round.

This town is simply its own microcosm with its own rules because of its adventageous geographic location which is between 2 and 4 hours from the real world - knowing full well that half the town owners can't be here to vote or do anything about it.   A very few make the decisions while the rest of us are away working in jobs that pay the salaries needed to buy property here at market rate and pay the taxes.
9:29 am est 

Boston Globe Cape Cod Editorial

The Editorial talks about "Iconic Destinations" like Cape Cod. The editorial talks about national Geographic's report about fears of over building and the changes that are happening.

Provincetown would look like Hyannis if it wasn't for the National Seashore.

We have a water shortage and yet massive building is on the horizon with more to come.

What is the plan; to develop every tiny parcel of open space?
People want to live here so multi-family  homes became condos. At least the foot print of the buildings stayed the same while creating more housing.
9:27 am est 

Beauty of the Beaches
This is why I moved here and worked hard when I was young so that I could enjoy life and work part time so the  majority of my time is spent exploring the landscape here and being mesmerized at the end of most days by the sunsets at Herring Cove.

The day after Halloween, I had the entire beach to myself and the sea was like glass. From startling a deer at Beech Forest to viewing the Cliffs at Longnook beach to strolling through the Spectacularviews and the raised walk ways through the dark cedar forests of the Fort Hill area
to hiking to the end of Jeremy point, which can only be done at low tide, to canoeing down the Herring river from a slim stream on Rt 6 to the open waters of Wellfleet--it is all part of my realm of natural beauty for me to enjoy at my leisure.

All of these miles of national seashore from the hanging valleys in Truro to the cliff walks to viewing a glade of the rarest plants in the world--these are here for everyone and it is at your own front door.

So I can check whats written here and comment if I wish and I have the rest of the hours of the day to myself. Psychiatrists tell people to imagine walking on a beach in order to find inner calmness; all of my cares do vanish as I weave my way around Clapp's pond or ponder the vastness of the ocean from the top of a cliff. And we can actually do it to our hearts content. It is why my heart is young and the inner me is serene.

So write here, go to town meeting, attend selectmen's meetings and spend hours enjoying your own realm of beauty here because it is this beauty that sustains and nourishes us--even if we don't realize it.
9:25 am est 

Union Benefits
If I don't work, I don't get paid. Watch the Spring Town meeting and the first day is Packed to the rafters with town employees voting for their pay raises and benefits.

$4,000,000 for a school staff when they have the summer off and holidays etc. Of course they will fight tooth and nail to keep the school open and the gravy train running.

What about the union Employees taking a furlough.

See their hardship? How many boats and cars and SUVs can they support on their salary? How many vacation homes? How much real estate have some of these people acquired and rent out--and then cry when we ask them to take a furlough so that our taxes don't sky rocket.
9:22 am est 

Why is Town Hall Closing at Noon on Wendesday November 25th

Since you are working only a four day work week, why is town hall closing at noon on Wendesday? Then with Thursday off. Then with Friday, of course, off.

Still, why aren't town employees working???You're supposed to be there until 6 o'clock. Are you just this special? This is getting more than ridiculous.

If town hall trailers were to close at four o'clock or five o'clock, that would be relatively ok. But why close at noon and then we only have another 2.5 work week. this is just nuts, my friends. How can any town get real work done? Please, don't make town hall a joke.
11:10 pm est 

Beautiful !

To be able to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth...I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving and a four day weekend. Four, long, luxurious days near the oceans edge,walking the beaches, relaxing, reading, enjoying one of the most beautiful places on earth!

11:08 pm est 

It Seems to Me We're All in This Together

And sometimes we like some things; at other times, we are upset about things. And when we are upset, we tend to point out ther easons why. Then others, reading what we say, can gain some new insight. They may not; but some may. And for the things that some like, they also tell us why. And when we listen, we gain knowledge.

So I like the give and take. I like the liking and not liking and believe we grow stronger and wise through this process.
11:06 pm est 

Our Town
Dashing about at the Art House with free movies on Tuesday and scrabble etc.

The library with all that it has to offer.

Open mike night; the play writers group; the fine arts work center.

Free movies at the Cape Inn.

Gee, there is nothing to do in Provincetown in the Winter but drink and smoke weed I hear people say: too bad they can't see beyond the smoke.
11:05 pm est 

Re: "The dump is open limited hours, plan accordingly?"
Give me a break.  I pay taxes.  I come down on Friday night, I have very little trash Sat, and then leave Monday afternoon.   What am I suppose to do with my trash Sunday and Monday?   Take it back to Boston?   That is not fair or legal for that matter, to take my trash that I have from one town, Provincetown and dump it in Boston.   Maybe we should all dump our trash at Town hall and let them handle it Tuesdays..........
11:04 pm est 

So glad We Have New Director at Outer Cape Health

Great that the past one watched the numbers like a cat watching mice. But when all the mice have been eaten, if the place is still falling apart and no one wants to live there, you have a major problem. This woman obviously didn't understand staff and then services. We need Outer Cape Health to be itself Healthy. Let's hope this person is the right one to fix the problems.
11:02 pm est 

Bravo, Bravo!

The lobster pot holiday display at Lopes Square looks great.  Nice work!
11:00 pm est 

Monday, November 16, 2009

Make a Schedule

Know when the transfer station (town dump) is open, plan your schedule accordingly.  It's really not too difficult.
10:59 pm est 

Poor Hours at the Town Dump is a Reason to Complain

Why limited hours? Why now? Town tax payers are still here, many of them, and they have lawns to clean and leaves to bring. This is ridiculous to have such limtied hours at the dump. Let's get back to a five day work week and then we'll at least get three days of work. Now it's hardly two days of work with this terrible contract.

Open the dump and keep decent hours.
10:58 pm est 


Like the person who cmoplained about Dr. Lacy. Reminds me the mother in the movie "Million Dollar Baby". The boxer buys her mother a house and surprises her with it. The mothe frowns and in a whiny, exasperated voice say,"Now look what you have done, I won't be able to get my welfare benefits because I now own a house etc.".

This "Dr. Lacy complainer" would complain if you were to give him or her a 10 carrot diamond ring: Gee, it is so big it gets caught in the lining of my coat and snags my shirt sleeves etc...complain, complain, complain.
12:08 pm est 

Re: Town Dump
It's off season.  The dump is open limited hours, plan accordingly.  Honestly, the things some people find to       about simply amazes me.
11:14 am est 

Town Dump

Closed on Sundays; try it is closed on MONDAYS ALSO.  

9:02 am est 

Yes the Town Schedule Should be Changed

Why would the dump be closed on Sunday  - is that not when a lot of people get themselves organized for the week.   Or if they are second home owners get rid of trash for the week ?   Why do they get off Friday, why not stagger it with people and/or close Wednesday.   We need them there on Friday to wrap up our work as well.   They also need to be cross trained, I don't know if anyone else has noticed but if someone is out, it all stops and you have to wait for them to come back.  
7:59 am est 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

BOS are Simply BOBO

How can you have a group that is in charge and they are leaderless, clueless and plain adrift. And the result is that this town suffers from this whimpy group. Please a few of you, take charge and help this town gain its right direction. What is happening now is not tolerable.
9:47 pm est 

Caring for the Whole Town

That seems to be what a true leader should do. this is what our town manager and BOS should hold sacred. But this hardly happens. It should not be actions driven by limited vested interests but decisions made on the benefit of the entire town.

But, I ask, you now cares for the entire town? Who proposes actions and takes actions because they care for all of us and care what happens to the entire town? When that select person stands forth, then we will have a town managed and led by interests that hold all of us in mind and that will guarantee a solid future for Provincetown.
9:46 pm est 

Lets Face It:

If You have Cardiac issues or are Diabetic or have A Compromised System--get the Swine Flu Vaccine

It is affecting more people than is being reported. But if you have medical issues, don't wait. Try to get the vaccine and not the nose inhalation. Get the shot and you'll be protected. It is severe. Why take a chance of a more serious development.
9:44 pm est 

Next Year, PLease Try a Theme For Restaurant Week

Maybe use recipes from some past greats in Provincetown--perhaps a Franco menu or Howard Mitchum. Something special. I'ts not enough to just say: heh, its Restaurant Week. Make it special and different. Bring in some fabulous chefs for a tasting. Calling it a week doesn't make it a restaurant week. Good beginning but it needs more life, mroe creativity, more events that are special.
9:43 pm est 

Restaurant Week

We saw a mixed bag for sure.  Saturday night everywhere seemed busy.  Sunday night was drastically quieter.  We ate at Front Street at 5:30 on Sunday.  We were one of the first to arrive but by 6:45 there was not a spare table and people were waiting at the bar for tables to open up.  After dinner (at 6:45) we walked by Bayside Betsy's, and The Crown and Anchor.  They were completely empty.  Having "restaurant week" on Monday thru Thursday did not make a lot of sense. Itseemed most places were closed at least one or two days, like their normal schedule.  Perhaps it would make sense to hold it over two weekends in a row Thursday, Friday, Saturday, maybe Sunday . . . .to bad it can't be tied into some bear event.  Those boys always like to eat!
9:42 pm est 

Let's Support the Local Schools

Favor to ask all of you.  I've been donating through a website called              (www                  ) in NYC and also for friends who are teachers in other parts of the country.  I just logged in hoping to see some projects listed for Provincetown - nada.  Closest was Brewster.

Any idea how to get in touch with the high school and elementary school by Email?  Or even who to contact?  As long as the schools are open, this seems like a good way to support the kids. I'm sure they could use some educational supplies.

Thanks for any help.  I may just try calling next week.

PS.  I have no informed opinion on whether the schools should stay open or not.  I have no kids and my partner and I aren't adopting so please don't read anything into this except a genuine desire to help out.
9:40 pm est 

Re: H1N1

Using new methodology, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revised its estimate of the total number of deaths caused by swine flu. The new figures will result in a tripling of the number deaths from H1N1 overnight.

Dr. Richard Bresser says that pregnant women and children are at highest risk.

While the official estimates have not yet been released, it appears that the tally of deaths from the novel form of influenza will rise to around 4,000, up from 1,200, as first reported Wednesday by The New York Times.
9:19 am est 

"Call it the Barry Scott Police Annex"
I think that is so funny though! And sadly appropriate for him!
9:17 am est 

For the Record
I wrote about the clear cutting once but I will not do it again for personal and professional reasons.
Michael Rogovsky
9:17 am est 

Restaurant Week?

I am out west right now.  Have eaten out 4 of the past 5 nights.  $15  = $22 dollar meals that have included salads, soup and a few places desert.  All as good as any ptown restaurant, and some better.  What is the big deal about $25 & $35 meals?  Guess when you expect to pay $35 - $50, you think $25 and $35 is great.   I do not think it is great, and having lived in Ptown for over 15 years and out west and down south for the past 10 years in the winter, still makes me think that restaurants are a rip off in Provincetown.   Even for locals that stay in Ptown for 12 months, work only during the season as almost 85% or more do, $25 and $35 dollar meals , then add the tip is a very high price to pay.
Now if these deals got out of towners to come and stay at guest houses, shop at stores and keep more people employed, I would say "bravo".
Would like to hear from those owners as how well they did.
9:16 am est 

Re: Dr. Lacey

He can stay where he is - I was not a fan of his at all.
9:14 am est 

Hear, Hear on the 2.5 Work Day Week

Where else would this happen? and try to bring something to the dump on MOndays. Oh, sorry, we're closed. This is the worse work schedule any town has for its residents. Sharon, this was a disaster and you, sdaly, were the brain behind this idea.
9:13 am est 

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Like it or not, Dr Berrian was brought in to stop the hemorrhage of money from OCHS. She did what she had to do...not want would make all of y'all happy. She saved the business.
1:09 pm est 

Re: Restaurant Week

Agree with previous poster. Was a great success.

Ate at Victor's Thursday night....apparently they are still doing the $25.00 3/4 course meal on Thursdays and Sundays (Italian Night), until they close. So at least one restaurant is keeping prices low for the townies.

Wish a few more would do that also. Would be even better! hint hint!
12:36 pm est 

Re: Outer Cape

I agree with the call to bring back Dr. Lacy, unfortunately it isnt that easy, a Dr. makes an agreement to work for at least a certain period of time, one year say, and cant just pick up and leave with two weeks notice. That is the only reason we got to have him here as long as we did after Roberta Berrien took over; he had to give at least 3 or 4 months notice before ending his agreement. Now the next step is to see how we get all of the other good people back, or have they all moved on. This was all a major mistake by the board of directors at Outer Cape and specifically David Willard who hand picked Berrien to be the CEO after paying PJ Lang a finders fee for recruiting her how odd to pay a volunteer  board member to do their job.
12:34 pm est 

Agree with Calm Down
Took a drive out to see the scene of the horrific environmental crime today. To my suprise it was three tiny plots of land next to route 6 so small that if you don't slow down you wouldn't even see them. The screaming on here is ridiculous. Why aren't the same people freaking out here going after the National Seashore. They've disturbed far more acreage in upgrading the bike paths than these tiny plots.
10:37 am est 

The wetlands extend almost to Rt 6 in some areas. Encroaching on wet lands is one of the worst thing on can do in our ecological sensitive habitat.

There are people who can't develop their land or build a house because of the endangered species who inhabit the area. Too bad they didn't investigate before they bought.

The town did not get away with anything and the DPW knew that if they did encroach that there would be a fire storm--how could this have happened?
10:35 am est 

Outer Cape

Roberta Berrien was the reason we lost the best Dr. we had here in years... Dr. Steven Lacey!
Maybe he may reconsider coming back to Ptown now that she is history!

If not- for those who don't know, Dr Lacey is at Mid Cape Health in Hyannis!
Good-Riddance and maybe Roberta will rethink her treatment of people.
10:34 am est 

Re: Call it the Barry Scott Police Annex

This guy will use any opportunity to bring this tired topic up.  Time to move on and find another outlet for his ranting.  His one track mind is boring the rest of us.  Barry Scott doesn't even live here any more and has happily moved on and we wish this psycho would also.  If you know who this blogger is, get him some help.  It looks like he is going off the deep end.
10:33 am est 

Many Thanks to One and All

You Guys are Great  You are always ahead of the curve. Thanks for what you write and for the information that helps us see what is actually going on here. I am most appreciative of those who blog here. Thanks once again.
10:31 am est 

Town of Provincetown Now Features the 2.5 Day Work Week

Wednesday, November 25
Town Hall Closes at 12:00 noon

Thursday, November 26
Town Hall Closed - Thanksgiving Holiday

Friday, November 27
Town Hall Closed - Thanksgiving Holiday

I am very supportive of Town workers and unions etc., but give me a break! Close Town Hall and I'm sure every other office at noon. Why? Let's see who calls in sick on Monday.  
10:30 am est 

Re: Encroachment

So 1,088 sq feet of mistake and it's "off with their heads." It is a wonder anyone wants to continue to work for the town here. More space than that has been wasted on here regarding this tempest in a teapot or sand dune as it were. Almost makes one long for the good 'ol days when the good 'ol boys would have just gotten out the loader and gone and got the job done. No Conservation Commission/buffers/nattering/ old online biddies carping and harping. Fortunately there are a few calmer, saner folks on here who have pointed out the overall benefits far outweigh the costs of a few pine trees and some sand. I'm sure the endangered toads and turtles didn't even notice though the toads on here sure did.
10:29 am est 

Patron Restaurant Week Review

Loved it. Victors: very good, last weekend most of their best stuff on restaurant week list, by this week they had trimmed it down but still great for $25. Lorraine's: great, really good food at great price. Red Inn: didn't seem to take it seriously, had reduced portions of already mediocre food and slapped an automatic 20% tip on. Last weekend places packed. Very nice follow up to Halloween. Now, if only prices could be like that all year....

Question for Nautical Types:

Why is that frequently when NOAA weather report says there is likely to be a storm surge and minor coastal flooding then shows the additonal expected tide in various areas the Provincetown Harbor shows as a negative number? For example in the current Coastal Flood Statement it shows many places with an expected 1-1.5 extra feet tomorrow yet our harbor shows -.5 feet? Do eastward winds pull water out of the harbor?
10:27 am est 

Michael, Please, Don't Be so Dam Naive
A scale error? They knew exactly what they were doing and the DPW wanted to take the land they took. They are insensitive and destructive of our environment. You just don't cut into the wetlands and they destroyed even more than they're even admitting. Plus, you ask if this is the best for the town. You don't ram it down their throats. Phase Three of a flawed system is still a flawed system. We are just increasing the damage when the system goes bonkers again. And it will. It has not been fixed fundamentally.
10:26 am est 

Please, *Please*,*P*L*E*A*S*E*!!!

Please! have Dr. Steven Lacy return to Provincetown.
10:24 am est 

To Michael Rogovsky

So I guess you don't want your taxes to go to pay for the town breaking its own law, that the DPW allowed out on Rt 6? Is that why you are defending the director of the DPW? Sorry, we have laws for a reason. Anyone in this day and age knows not to just bulldoze without proper authority to do that kind of work.
10:22 am est 

A Rerun of Past Acts

Didn't the DPW use the same excuse two years ago when they flooded nearby wetlands in foss woods when they emptied one of our water tanks, and most likey drowning some wildlife of that area? Shame on Micheal Rogovsky for defending what is a total disregard of our bylaws.
10:21 am est 

Outer Cape Health
Best wishes to Ms. Deane in her new tough and important job as CEO, especially as it relates to staff morale and retention.  

Outgoing CEO Berrien did dramatically improve their financial position, and that was the critical need when she came in.
10:19 am est 

Hey Small Mind!

I am that person who the reference was directed at! And even if I was not, Its a racist put down that should of been blacked out like other racist and fowl language on this blog. I'm still waiting for the web masters answer.
10:19 am est 

The Fur is Flying
The fur is really flying over this staging area incident. After phase 3 is complete and the staging areas are empty and nature takes its course, the land will be fine.

As long as this isn't endangered species habitat all will be fine. Relax and take a deep breath everyone who is so upset.

Phase three is ready to start--lets hope this doesn't delay it much longer. This cleared land isn't for affordable housing, it isn't another highway lane--it is a staging area that over stepped a boundary.

The worst it will do is let in more light so if one wants to, one may plant some butterfly bushes and native shrubs and trees instead of weed wood and invasives.
10:18 am est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

Mikey gets it wrong again! When will this guy get the facts before he blogs. Like his endless rants about affordable housing & the closing of our school, Mr Rogovsky now is defending an illegal act on our wetlands and scenic corridor of route 6!
10:16 am est 

Friday, November 13, 2009

Re: ...I Hope the Town Gets Fined!
'The Town' is you and me.
3:52 pm est 

Outer Cape Health

This blog was out front on another key town issue, the leadership of Outer Cape Health.  They just announced a new CEO, Sally Deane.  

Wicked Local (Banner) starts their article by saying "In a surprise move,...".  Not so surprising if you were reading this blog.
2:35 pm est 

David Guertin

David Guertin must go! His arrogance has gone too  far this time.
1:59 pm est 

Proverbial Hand in the Cookie Jar!

Sounds like 'the town' got caught going into the wetlands. Are they idiots thinking they could get away with it?I hope the town gets fined.
1:33 pm est 

Great Analogy Previous Blogger

"discarded like dandruff on a shoulder"

Yes, that's us the public!
1:25 pm est 

I have never faulted you on this blog till now. Are you really that gullible:

The town inadvertently went into the wet land buffer zone

No, Michael, David Guertin and all his arrogance got caught and the public is outraged as well as a selectman I spoke to yesterday. He got approval for Phase 3 not to clear cut and bulldoze anywhere he wanted for a staging area.

Really Michael!
1:21 pm est 

"We Need a New Police Headquarters"
No. I think we need a professional police department that stops beating up people, taking them off our streets in the summer and holding them without charges and continues to make our town a national laughingstock.

Let's fix them, before we touch the damn building!

Then, we can call it the Barry Scott Police Annex. He deserves it.
1:19 pm est 

Attention David Guertin

Yes we know what a staging area is and how our habor will be cleaner blah, blah, blah. But we also know you, Guertin, unilaterally cut down what has been minimized on this blog as 'deadwood' now it's 'scrub pine.' What about the topography, Guertin? You bulldozed/leveled the land! Are you going to restore it to its natural topography? Who is going to pay for it to be restored?

If the Selectmen weren't so dependent on you, Guertin, for their damn inferior town wide septic system that they bought on the cheap in order to sell the idea to the public, let's hope they would address you, their renegade DPW director!
1:18 pm est 

Gravity System

The Phase 3 system is a gravity system that will run the lenght of Brandford Street from Howland to the East End.

It will alleviate the unwanted pressure on the Phase two system. The sooner it is operational, the sooner the whole system is improved. Lets hope that the delay isn't prolonged needlessly.
1:10 pm est 

The Encroachment

The town inadvertently went into the wet land buffer zone  34ft deep by 32 feet wide. They have pulled back and removed the hardner.

From what I've been told, the Conservation commission isn't happy and the enforcers of the M.E.S.A.--the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act will be contacted I believe.

There is a protocol that now needs to be followed.

The liaison who has a position of responsibility in Provincetown and who knows the protocols is on top of this.

However, an error was made; lets hope that it does not delay this project by a few months. The town is ready to start phase 3 of connection along Bradford Street Eastward from Howland St.

The contractors thought that it was all town land that they were using for staging. The map that they used had a "scale error". We are all human.

Please try to find out all of the facts and try to be helpful if you are going to post here.

Michael Rogovsky
1:09 pm est 

Such Arrogance

Can't the DPW admit that they may have made a poor decision? But no, this is for the good of us, they say. People are complaining for a reason and they should not be discarded like dandruff on someone's shoulder.

Time this Department has some respect for those who live here even as we find fault with some of their actions. In this eco-friendly time, people are more sensitive to the callous treatment of the land and of the envrionment.
1:07 pm est 

Phase Three is Linked to Ted Malone and Nelson Avenue Project

Even though David Gardner denied that monies were going to be used for Phase Three, here it is. So with $900,000 additional in his big, fat pockets, Now Ted Malone can make even more money because he doesn't have to have title five spaces in this land. Strange, isn't it, that the plans he brought to zoning, did not have these title five plans in it. He knew and he he goes again. Plus, given all the problems with this system, who, except Teddy Malone, wants to really hoo up? It is a flawed system and we have not worked out the problems. Now we are just spreading the problems across the town.
11:21 am est 

Who Are You to Demand an Apology?
You didn't write that statement and it is now a reference to someone who does someone's dirty work. Small mind!
11:20 am est 

Staging Area
The dog park and the parking lot where the trailers are located were used to hold everything needed for laying in the sewer system.

Cutting down scrub pine is not going to harm the environment. The upshot is that with every dwelling that is connected to the waste water treatment plant, the cleaner our harbor becomes.

This is all being done for the good of the community. Luckily, Provincetown started before the state mandated that these other towns get on a municipal sewer system. Provincetown had the luxury of time to apply and get so many grants to help pay for the system.
10:33 am est 

Staging Area
The sewer is going down Bradford street to the Cape Inn. People along the way will be connected who wish to be and the pressure will be taken off of the grinder pumps.

The Dunes Edge is closed for the winter. I sure hope that they cause a delay in this project. In any event, the hook ups should be complete by next October if not earlier..if all goes well and no one causes a stop order.
10:31 am est 

Restaurant Week

What's the word?  was restaurant week a sucess or not?  Any restaurant owners or patrons want to weigh in?
9:51 am est 

Can Someone Please Answer ?
I am assuming that the area that the trees were cleared in was not part of the National Seashore - is that correct ?

Thanks for any info you can share.
8:39 am est 

Getting Over it
Let people get away with things and then say just forget about it because it is in the past?

Forget about Bernie Madoff--it is all in the past. Forget about your credit card now costing you an annual fee--it is all in the past.

The taxpayers can pay for all of the needed town building renovations out of their own pocket because other people's private needs come first?

Great thinking.
8:34 am est 

Re: Clear Cutting

I'm sure there are restrictions along route 6 but this is IN THE LAYOUT of route 6, not outside along the edges of it. Explaining this to you is futile. You don't know what you're talking about yet continue to complain. Get the facts then comment. Till then, go away.
8:33 am est 

Re: Route 6 Staging Areas-Don't Panic!

Exactly correct.
8:32 am est 

What We Need

We need to complete the library; we need a new Police Headquarters; we need to regionalize our school; we need to move the community center into the High school on the bottom floor and then fill up the other floors with other town departments.

We need Shannon Patrick to realize that it is impossible to talk about making the Provincetown school system the best on the cape because it is impossible to bring the students to this end of the cape even if it were.

Our students need a robust student body for challenging engagement and learning and a vast array of classes and opportunities--not just a building in which to study.
8:31 am est 

Don't Want to Repeat the Past

It seems to me that since Ted Malone received $800,000 in CPA funds and the deadline for applying for 2010 CPA funds is December 1, 2009, tax payers want to make sure that he doesn't get another $800,000 this year.

With the library needing continued renovation--CPA funds need to go its renovation.
8:29 am est 

H1N1 Flu and Kids:

One reads in the news that some parents say "well, 99% of kids who get this are fine after a few days of flu so why get a vaccine?"  On 60 Minutes a flu expert responded to this reasoning with "99% of the time when you drive to the grocery store you won't have a car accident but you wear your seatbelt anyways because when you do have an accident you can't put the seatbelt on in the middle of it."

Please, get your kids vaccinated so they run no risk of being one of the kids in the next article. After all the kids are vaccinated, get one yourself. The irony will be if the vaccination campaign works the naysayers will come out in force and say "see, there was no pandemic to worry about."

from today's Boston Globe:

"At the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children on Wednesday night, seven children suspected of having swine flu lay in the intensive care unit. The sickest children, their lungs invaded by the disease and its companion complications, have to be put on breathing machines.

While some of them had conditions such as asthma that primed them for problems, there were other children who, until they caught the flu, had been fine, said medical director Dr. Peter Greenspan.

And the problem is, he said, the kids who it hits hard, it hits really hard, and they can go downhill pretty quickly. "
8:28 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing

I have periodically checked in on this blog from time to time over he past year or two...
I can not belive that people are still complaining about Ted and affordable housing...
Those who keep going on and on about this have made their postion clear, you are not offering anything new in this discussion.  You don't like that he got taxpayer money...ok.. it is a done deal... You don't like some of the folks who have received houseing in years past...YEARS PAST!!!  Good lord, get over it..what else is there to say?  Isn't there anyhthig else to talk about.. something that is more current and pertinent?

and as an aside.. when did the word crap become so offensive that the webmaster blocks it out?  by blocking that word out, it actually loks like the person wrote another four letter word that is more offensive....
11:50 pm est 

Re: Carrying Ted Malones Water

Mr web master, please don't let racist comments like "who carries Ted Malones water!" A clear degrading reference, that has no place in a debate about housing! I demand an apology.
11:48 pm est 

What's Good About Provincetown?

If you can't see the good things about Provincetown, something must be wrong with you that you have to ask what they are from a blog!
11:46 pm est 

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Ted Malone is a developer.  If he decides to sell one of his market rate units to one of his employees at a loss, that's his business.  But if that employee is also an elected official then there may be a SERIOUS conflict of interest there.  Was she a selectman at the time of the sale?
9:25 pm est 

Tried to start a thread about the good things happening in and around town and only one or two takers. So, I can only conclude:

a) there is nothing good happening here in town


b) mostly, only grumpy, negative types post here.

I think it's the later. Sad really.
9:24 pm est 

Only the Facts

My post was not intended to say that Pam did anything wrong. It was just to state the facts.
9:16 pm est 

Google the Phrase "To Carry the Water For..."
Turns out it is one of Rush Limbaugh's favorite expressions. Sadly I think the perceived racist overtones were indeed intended. Shame, shame, shame.
9:15 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

What is one to think about affordable housing now? Someone equates getting  housing when it is government sponsored housing with taxpayer money the equivalent of the owner of a restaurant giving a food discount.

Does anyone else wonder where the ethics went?
9:13 pm est 

That Wall Should Not Have Been Built Without a Permit

The ruling on this was--well, what can we say. Even though it was more than four feet high, it was deemed to be under four feet and thus not needing a permit. Does this sound a little odd? If anyone else tried to build a wall that was more than four feet, would it be "measured" as less then four feet?

They do what they want and without any permits. They are arrogant and they treat town residents like dummies. When it comes to enforcement, it is limited and partial if and when it ever happens.
9:13 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

So much for the famous lottery. All a sham.
9:10 pm est 

Re: Carrying Ted Malone's Water
What does that even mean? The only thing I get out of it is a nasty hurtful racist slur. Your target is of hispanic decent and he does manual labor. You people really go way too far too often.  

He is also a caring articulate hard working tax paying member of our community. Did I forget to mention good looking and funny too?
9:09 pm est 

Route 6 Staging Areas-Don't Panic!

For those of you who are out of Town or live in Town but can't get away from your keyboards, I just drove the lenght of Rt 6.  There are 3 areas of I would guess about 5,000 Sq. Ft., each that have been cleared and leveled to hold construction materials. This is a total of about 15,000 Sq. Ft., less than 1/2 an acre. It is all immediately abutting the highway and in the right of way of the road. All are between Conwell St and Howland, one on the south (Town) side and two on the north (Seashore) side. None of this is pristene land. At one of the sites, the DPW even took care to leave a stand of higher trees close to the road to screen the view. On the other two, there were only low scrub pines and sand to begin with. Doing any big project in Tiny Town is a logistical nightmare. Give the DPW a break. There is also a limit of work silt fence around the sites. Looks like it was done in compliance with an order of conditions.  

In fact I had to go down cape yesterday on an errand and I drove past these three sites and I did not even notice. Of course I was driving and keeping my eye on the road. Today I went looking and it is really nothing to fret over. It could easily be replanted and look fine in one growing season.

A level head.
9:08 pm est 

Re: Cut Through All the XXXX, Can Any of This be Proven Through the Assessor's Office?

Mr. Webmaster, you made me smile.  I certainly didn't think the word I used would be blacked out.  I guess you have higher standards than me. LOL
9:06 pm est 

H1N1 Flu

WASHINGTON (Reuters)  "Swine flu is causing the worst flu season in the United States since 1997, when current measurements started, and has killed at least 1,200 people, U.S. health officials reported Thursday.

Monitoring from 29 of 50 states shows 1,265 deaths since the pandemic of H1N1 influenza started in April, with 145 flu deaths among children, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said."
9:04 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

I'm a town local that has gotten affordable housing from that business on Conwell Street, with the warm and fuzzy sign. And no I did not know or have friends who worked there then. They are not part of my life now. But I can tell you that they are a hard working and dedicated year round business. Maybe you should go over there and ask any questions you may have about affordable housing. They are not some kind of boogie man!
9:02 pm est 

Re: Clear Cutting

I guess that I will have to wait until I get to Provincetown to see what the "Staging Area" looks like--whatever a "staging area" is. Are you talking about the pine trees being cut down?

If I can get some photos, I'll have an expert look at them to tell me if it is an ecologically sensitive area or not. (I seriously doubt that it is.)

There is some globally rare areas of vegetation around Truro--but they are off the beaten Path. Globally rare areas of vegetation that exists only in Truro and perhaps one or two other places in the world are right here in our own back yard--but I will keep them secret.  
9:01 pm est 

What Ignorance!
Someone doesn't see anything wrong with giving a house to someone when it was built under the auspices of affordable housing? So much for ethics. That restaurant owner better watch the register.
8:59 pm est 

Clear Cutting

Yes, there are building restrictions along route 6! Also most of the land along the highway are wet lands. Most of route 6 in Provincetown were wet lands before the state filled then in for the highway.
8:59 pm est 

Extrapolate and Apply
If I use my own money to build a housing development, I can give away every house if I wish. When a developer uses taxpayer (Government) money, then they have an obligation to abide by the rules and regulations and stipulations in renting and selling.

If I owned a restaurant, I could give away food and drinks to anyone I wish. Can you take it upon yourself to give free rounds of drinks, appetizers and expensive entrees and bottles of wine to your friends when they come to dine at the restaurant where you work? No, it is stealing from the owner.

Do you see the difference? Extrapolate and apply.
8:58 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

So now you know, that what you thought was a big payola of affordable housing going to friends of Ted Malone, was just a figment of your spiteful imagination! I think you owe an apology to Pam and the others. But that would make you human and we all know that will never happen.
8:57 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Provincetown residents HAVE been placed in community affordable housing! How many times do you need to hear that people who have lived in town ARE in affordable housing!
8:56 pm est 

Think About it


Did taxpayers subsidize your gym membership and discounted meals? Me thinks not. Your comparision is ludicrous and ill-thought out.
8:54 pm est 

Re:Re: Affordable Housing
"Pam's condo may have been in a market rate building but she certainly didn't pay market rate for it. Uncle Ted sold it to her for way below market rate. One of the perks for working for him."

I work for a restaurant that gives me 50% meals when I eat there.  My girlfriend works at a gym and gets a free membership.

Pam does not work for a government or even a public agency, Giving an employee a deal on something that you produce is not illegal.  So what exactly did she do wrong?

Envy is one of the seven deadly sins.
1:03 pm est 

David Guertin

You do not operate in a vacuum! You are not the mayor of Provincetown. You did not have approval to put the staging area for Phase 3 on Rte 6. Let alone destroying the habitat!

Who the hell do you think you are? No wonder the public does not trust town government. Restore it immediately at your own cost.

Provincetown Taxpayer and Voter
1:01 pm est 

Clear Cutting Photo

Can someone take a picture of the vegatation holocaust along rte 6, send to webmaster and request to have a pdf on
1:00 pm est 

Provincetown Glory

Did anyone watch the beautiful sunrise this morning? It was fabulous!

11:22 am est 

Christmas Tree Lobster Pots
Sunday at 5:30pm the stack of lobster pots resembling a Christmas tree will be lit in Lopes Square. What a crowd pleaser! Looking forward to seeing it.
9:20 am est 

Explain the Cutting
I'm not in Provincetown now. What is the cutting that is being discussed here and where is it located? Who is doing it? Who should I call to get the facts?
9:17 am est 

Community Housing Error
The error that Community Housing made was fostering the falsehood that the affordable housing being built was for the residents of Provincetown.

Everyone voted whole heatedly for this because everyone knew people who had to leave town because they lost their housing through condo conversion.

After this housing was built, we discovered that anyone from anywhere in the country was eligible to come here and apply for affordable housing.

This bait and switch tactic has forever tarnished the affordable housing in Provincetown.
9:16 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Pam's condo may have been in a market rate building but she certainly didn't pay market rate for it. Uncle Ted sold it to her for way below market rate. One of the perks for working for him.
9:15 am est 

Town officials violated MGL Chapter 131 Section 40 and the Provincetown Wetlands Bylaw, Chapter 12:

The Town did not:
File a notice of intent with the Provincetown Conservation Commission seeking permission to remove, fill, dredge or alter an area subject to
protection under G.L. Ch. 131 Section 40 and the Provincetown Wetlands Bylaw
Chapter 12.

The Town did not:
File a Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA) with the Provincetown Conservation Commission to seek a determination on whether the Wetlands Protection Act applies to land or work that may affect a resource area and/or determine the boundaries of the resource area.

Why isn't the the Conservation Commission weighing in? What is their position? What are they going to do about it?

Will they be filing a complaint with the DEP and the Commonwealth?
9:14 am est 

Say it Ain't so Joe!

Please tell me there are building restrictions along Rt 6 that the town now owns and 'maintains?' If there are no building restrictions, I see them selling off the land with each budget cycle to balance the budget. Rte 6 will look like Shankpainter Road...ugly!
9:12 am est 

Community Housing
The warm and cuddly sign by the office next to yardarm Liquors on Conwell Street. It makes it seems like an organization out to help someone find local housing.

It takes a while to realize that it isn't there as a housing assistance group but seems to be the headquarters of a housing empire.
9:11 am est 

Land Grab

I don't think that it is a land grab if the board of selectmen want to give the land to a developer to build a few acres of affordable housing.

Is there ever a month that goes by that we don't hear about another give away?

It seems that if I had stayed single, then I would be eligible for affordable housing and live with my significant other in the big house while keeping my affordable unit as our summer get-a-way.
9:10 am est 

Re: Stone Walling

If you look back at the selectman's meeting about the rock wall, you will hear from David Guertain about how the wall was built and appoved. It really is not hard to find the truth if you look for it.
9:08 am est 

Town Boosting

To the blog about all of the good things going on in the town. THANK YOU! Readers might also read in the banner how the town is righting our fiscal future and making sure not to make the same mistakes of the past. And also the project of Candace Nagel to raise funds for a water fountain! We live in a great town, don't let a few naysayers ruin it!
9:07 am est 

Affordable Housing on Route 6

Why would Beacon hill care what we do with our affordable housing? As I remember the only thing stopping the town from building SENIOR affordable housing was because of the endangered turtles found in that area. Which by the way, have been found to live in the newly excavated lands that the DPW has cleared and covered over with hardener.
9:05 am est 

Affordable Housing

Wrong again, affordable housing critic! As stated earlier, you have everything wrong about Rex, AJ and Monica. Check your facts. I guess you did check about Pam, because you did not include her this time. And anyone can get affordable housing, but you have to keep applying for it. Sometimes it takes years, even if your a friend of the developer.
9:04 am est 

Re: Clear Cutting

Not only is the campground next to the clear cutting?staging area, but conservation land owned by the Provincetown conservation trust (A non-profit land owner, for the forever wild lands it buys). The above lands include wetlands that yes, even the town has to get permission when removing or disturbing such lands near a wetland.
9:03 am est 

Re: Clear Cutting

The clearing of Shank-painter and Rt. 6 was/is for the leaching area of waste water! It can NOT have permanent buildings on it. The dog park is NOT a building.
9:02 am est 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Re: Carrying Ted Malone's Water

Re:"The only reason this did not occur during the transfer of ownership was that the attempt was shot-down by Beacon Hill politicians, who understood the land grab...
..They are already proposing changes to the town bylaws to further these ends."


Can you offer any verification of your statements?

Just Askin'
10:30 pm est 

Yes, It is Veteran's Day and Thanks to All Veterans For Their Sacrifice
Thank to each an every person who served in all our wars. Thank you for the time you gave, the difficulties you suffered, the absences you tolerated, the fears you conquered. You gave of yourself to keep us free. In your own way, each is a hero, each a model citizen. With a grateful heart, I offer my thanks and appreciation.
10:16 pm est 

Carrying Ted Malone's Water

With the Clearing of such a large area off route 6, are DPW and the BOS carrying Ted's water.
Is this the beginning of the development of future affordable housing projects.

Don't forget, when route 6 was first offered to Provincetown, there was an attempt to have lands immediately adjacent to the highway alloted for affordable housing. The only reason this did not occur during the transfer of ownership was that the attempt was shot-down by Beacon Hill politicians, who understood the land grab.

Mark these words, the next step will be to promote route 6 housing development under the guise of affordable housing. They are already proposing changes to the town bylaws to further these ends.

10:10 pm est 

What's Next?

When the Town cut down all the trees on the corner of Rte 6 and Shankpainter, did they intend it to be a dog park? Was that their plan? Once they were finished using it as a staging area, did they have plans for it?

If so, they must have a plan for these two new areas they have bulldozed.
9:58 pm est 

Thanks to All Veterans

Today I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the women and men, past and present who protect us each and everyday. For all who have served or who are serving our country, I thank you.

9:57 pm est 

Re: Assessor's Notice From Town Web Site:

"FY 2010 - 1st Half - Preliminary (Estimated) Tax Bills Due November 2nd. First Half (Preliminary/Estimated) FY 2010 property tax bills will be mailed on October 1,, 2009 and are due and payable by November 2, 2009. FY10 Preliminary Tax Bills are based a tax rate of $5.54 (FY09) and valuation of the property in FY09. Also, betterments, septic loans & liens are levied at this time."

How come the Assessing Department continues to lag behind the fiscal calendar? Fiscal year 2010 started on July 1, 2009. The FY 2009 values were later than 2008. There are three full time year round experienced people plus contract summer data collectors in that department. What gives?

Where is the Rat in the Trailers?    
9:17 pm est 

Two Words: Stone Wall
Yes Guertin always does whatever he wants and the BOS is incapable of contolling him.
8:53 pm est 

Cleared Some Deadwood?

Please give the DPW books with pictures of trees of New England. They are dangerous if this is "removing deadwood." PLease, you need a course in biology, a course in the environment. Even some posters with pictures of key indigenous trees would help.

and DPW does have to give notice to abutters when it proposes such work. They are so used to just doing what they want to do that their arrogance gets in the way of clear thinking. The DPW is not above the law. Please, someone tell them that.
8:27 pm est 

Many of Us Are Tired of Those in Town Who Suck it Dry
Take affordable housing. Take positions and do little work. Take, take take. And many in affordable housing connected to Teddy Malone, did exactly that. And when they sold their affordables, they did sell at market rate. And the deed restrictions on many places TEd Malone built conveniently expired after five years. And odd isn't it who owned these? Monica who worked for him when she did luckily get "selected" for affordable housing. And Rex's affordable is also one of these. And AJ, who does work for Ted Malone and carries his water, also has one too. How lucky they were? "selected" and "chosen" in such a fair and objective manner! If life were only so fair for the people in town who really need it and have been here years before these others came here. But they did not work for Teddy Malone. and so they still don't have affordable housing. such is the way the affordable cookie crumbles.
8:26 pm est 

Wrong Again

The town is not exempt from following its own rules. It does not have to pay fees for permits but it does need permits and permission for many of its actions. And the DPW needed conservation ruling. DPW cannot simply cut down trees anywhere they want or along Route 6. They cannot abridge conservation rulings. But again they did.
8:24 pm est 

Row Boat Without Oars

One of the many problem: with our town government: exempt from common sense and vision
8:23 pm est 

An Off Season Experiment to Pierce the Gloom
Since we hear all the time from the bitter bloggers how about something cheery to start the holiday season. Post something good you've seen happen around town recently. I'll start with a few:

- National Seashore busy at work repaving the bike paths
- The Town Hall looks beautiful as work progresses
- Halloween was spectacular with great crowds and great costumes
- Restaurant Week is a new, fun, innovative experiment and places seem busy
- Real estate transactions have definitely increased

Now your turn and dear bitter blogger please don't rain on the parade, you said enough already.
8:20 pm est 

How the level of disinformation, impotent complaints and outrights lies about town government and town citizens rises to a crescendo immediately around tax payment time, the beginning of deep off season and when the time changes. Perhaps the drunken werewolves hit their keyboards to devout their fellow citizens after paying their sewer betterments and taxes.

Congrats to the scores of people posting detailed factual corrections to correct the lies.

Why do you lie about people and affordable housing? Why don't you bother to inform yourself about facts? Why do you rage on here at town departments rather than calling and getting the facts? Why are you obsessed with Rex and AJ? What values did you learn that make you forego common decency and anonymously rip people to shreds? Where is your decency and sense of community? Who are you that you are so twisted and bitter and mean? Please, tell us, the blogocracy awaits your reply.

PS: if you read the by-laws and zoning you'll find that town government is exempt from many of the requirements imposed on citizens, as it should be.
8:01 pm est 

DPW Foot-in-Mouth

Who decided to destroy the natural habitat along 6 for the staging area? When was it decided? How was it decided? Where was it decided? In someone's office or at a BOS public meeting? The citizens of Provincetown demand answers.

7:40 pm est 

DPW and Poor Choices

Why didn't those idiots use the never used and fecal ridden soccer field as their precious staging area for their sub-standard septic system?
These people are forever shooting themselves in their feet and by doing so, hurt the town. My disrespect for all of them is at a new low.
7:32 pm est 

Is Any of This True?

Pam Parmakian did buy an affordable unit and sold it at market rate, giving her a profit. Just as Monica received an affordable unit and sold hers at market rate. Then, being a Ted Malone groupie and worker, "bought" the house on the hill at Nelson Avenue for around $250,000. Now it is worth perhaps $800,000. It's so nice to work for affordable housing and for the poor and the homeless.

And Rex McKenzie bought his as an affordable unit as did AJ buy his as an affordable unit. And both of these can be sold at market rate. When they are sold, the number of affordable housing decreases. Then we start all over again.

Cut through all the      , can any of this be proven through the assessor's office?
7:04 pm est 

What a Lovely Stew!
It's almost laughable how posters in here lump everything together into one pot simply because they have a little knowledge various parts of "the system".
The areas on Rt 6 were all mostly devoid of trees already before the hardening came in to establish the staging areas. Clear cutting? Obviously, you've never seen a clear cut lot. Remove some deadwood and make it usable is what the DPW did. And when its all doen, the hardening can be removed and the area restored or used for something else. Does anyone recall that the dog park was once a very active staging area? How about some satelite parking, allowing people to park on the outskirts of town with maybe a shuttle instead of hevay traffic in the center of town or at Duartes? Any other ideas out there?
Notify the abutters? Are you serious? Show me where the law states anywhere that abbuttors need to be notified everytime somone farts around here! The town is using property it owns as a result of a land/responsibility swap with MA highway. The land out in front of the campgrounds is the towns, not the camp owner. If the town notified every abutter about everything going on NOTHING would ever be done. And remember, notifying neighbors would have to be something YOU would need to do if YOU were to propose a project. Do YOU want your neighbors coming to a meeting telling YOU what to do with YOUR property everytime YOU had an idea?
And how the hell did Murchisons get into it? What role does the conservation commission have when it comes to cutting trees along the highway? there are silt fences up around the staging areas and all the work was done inside the fenced areas. The conscom certainly had authority at Murchisons due to the fact the property was near the waterfront. Not so fo these areas. They have no authority here. Best to keep them away anyways. Of course, I'm sure the chair will stick his mustached nose into everything they're doing though. He just can't leave well enough alone as it is.
If you're going to make comment and complain about an issue, do us all a favor and even yourself. Find out the facts and understand the system before you open your trap.
7:00 pm est 

No Abutters Notification as Required by Law!

How sad that the person who owns the campground next to the clear cutting was not even notified! What will this do to her business in the spring?
4:52 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

A lottery is not always used for housing that is considered affordable! You might be surprised that some landlords don't even know that their tenants rent is being subsidized! So you can put that black hat back on. And calm down!
4:50 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing-From Public Records

I have found that the workers of Ted Malone didn't even work for him when they bought their homes. Affordable or not. Also I have a friend that bought a affordable unit in the west end over 10 years ago, and just sold it for a few thousand more than what he paid for it. You cant sell for more than the limit that the county sets, and the home could only be bought by someone who only makes yearly what the county sets as low income. The buyer was NOT just off the bus! He was born here.
4:49 pm est 

Affordable Housing

If an affordable unit is a home that can be resold goes on the market, it can only be sold at the low or moderate rate income that Barnstable county sets. Which as you know is much lower that of Provincetown. Even in this real estate market, I can't see anyone able to make a profit with that deed restriction.
4:44 pm est 

Affordable Housing

Some affordable homes that can be sold, have restrictions on what said home can be sold for, and what the buyer's yearly income is.
4:42 pm est 

No Secret

Anyone can call the assessors office for what a property was sold for. Its no secret.
4:10 pm est 

Affordable Housing-Everyone Has Access!

You are right that anyone off the bus can get affordable housing. When the developer has used HUD loans to build them. That is the law when using public state and federal loans. We've gone through this time and time again! Call the housing director for more information.
4:09 pm est 

Affordable Housing

I'm glad to read that people are setting the record right on this blog about the few same people who blog lies about housing. No one has ever sold an affordable unit at a profit. The state and federal government would never allow that. However there are some public loans that help low and moderate rate homeowners get said loans with a deed restriction that you stay in said home for 15 years. If you sell before that time you have to pay that loan back. It is considered affordable housing. It is a win win for the homeowner to stay in said home and also helps the town keep year rounders of mixed income in town. Affordable housing helps in many different ways. Some of these loans may even have had a different deed restriction in past years based on loan amount and housing authority rules and regulations. When 90 Shank-painter Road's housing is built, the units will be rented with money going back to the town and for the upkeep of that property. Tenants will have to sig!
n a lease just like any rental, and will have to follow lease restrictions that you will be able to view when the units are opened. There will be a renting agency that will have to inspect and be accountable to the town that these units are being used in accordance to town, state and federal laws.
3:59 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Can anyone list the purchase prices of these affordable units and if sold, what they sold for? if some haven't been sold, are there any restrictions to selling?
3:45 pm est 

And What of Monica's and Rex's and AJ's Affordable Housing
Are you saying that these are not affordable or were not affordable? That they can now sell these at market rate is legal--because who controlled the laws on this. And what did Provincetown demand for the rules they allowed to be bent? Call it affordable housing and then five years later--Voila! It's legal for these to be at market rate. And isn't it surprising that those who own these units work with Ted Malone or go out with people who work and advocate for Ted MAlone. What a surprise.

Now tell me how Provincetown as a community benefits from this limited give-a-away to friends of friends of TEd Malone? It is skewed, unfair, and illegal. The names "pulled from the black hat" are fixed. We might as well get rabbits being pulled. That would be more believable than a fair process where a real needy person who has lived here for years gets his or her name pulled from the hat.

No it's off the bus and a friend of a friend. That's mainly what we have here in Provincetown. So give Ted Malone another million and he can put even more of his workes, staff, friends and lovers in these places.

Just a sham.
3:26 pm est 

Affordable Housing

Re: "What I've heard is that Ms. P bought an affordable housing unit and then sold after 5 years at MARKET RATE and then bought a big, fancy house."

Sorry you are just plain wrong. Pam bought a market rate unit that had been on the open market for several years and would not sell. The whole property at 34-36 Conwell is market rate. It was developed by Ted Malone and it abuts the affordable rentals at Old Ann Paige Way, but it is a separate parcel of land and separate bank finaced development. One can go to the assessor's section on the  town website and look up the property record. It is not and has never been an affordable unit.

the way this blog works is someone posts defaming lie. The next moron repeats it. And then 3 months later they both remember it as gospel truth.

Please check your facts before you go dragging people through the mud. Gossip hurts.
2:36 pm est 

Affordable Housing

On affordable housing units being sold at a profit. That was all legal and does not apply to Provincetowns affordable housing. Again! You really have no idea what you are blogging about when it comes to the facts of housing thats affordable.
2:34 pm est 

Clear Cutting

Where were MaryJo or David Bedard on clear cutting on Rt.6?
2:33 pm est 

Affordable Housing

Are these affordable units that could now be sold at market rate being assessed property taxes according to their market rate or some below market property tax rate?

What a terrible system that Provincetown adopted: underwriting affordable units that appreciate and can be sold at the market Thus, making them unaffordable to those who might otherwise qualify and need affordable housing.

No one many think affordable housing in Provincetown is one big scam.
2:32 pm est 

Re: Full Accountability
The problem with small town politics is everyone is related to each other or knows each other and everyone is in each other's back pocket. There is no accountability. "We want answers and we want them now", needs to be the mentality of the Ptown residents when something happens that seems not to be above board. Let's have some accountability by the people we elect.

The only way you will get accountability is to attend the Selectman's meetings as well as the planning board, conservation commission, etc. You need to be involved. The last Selectman's meeting I attended had only 8 people at the meeting. That is pitiful. Stop bitching and moaning on this blog and get yourself to some meetings. That's the only way you will get full accountability.

2:30 pm est 

It's a Look Behind the Scene
That's what I find here at MYPACC. I read postings from some intelligent residents, and I gather information from many who know what they are talking about. I often read it first here on MYPACC and when I do, I wait to see if it's accurate, and more often than not, it is. That always amazes me.

So what I can't read in the Banner, what people in town hall say behind closed doors but not to us, and what the BOS are actually doing--not what they say they are doing--are provided a venue here. I just love it. It makes living here much more interesting--even as it can be frustrating.

Thanks guys--whoever you all are!
2:28 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Your repetitive blogging about how people misuse affordable housing does not hold up to the real truth that once you are in said housing you have to be inspected every few months by the state, have your income monitored by the IRS, and even have your medical records looked at yearly etc. If you know someone who you think is getting away with something, report them. Plain & simple! However, it is not for you to say who is eligible and who is not. Affordable housing comes in all different versions that you most likely know nothing about. The majority of tenants do have stable jobs and give back to the system just like everyone else. Blog all you want about how you don't like something but you should get the facts right. You might have a lot of well off friends that might misuse the government, but until you get the facts, who died and made you the judge and jury? There are two givings in life, death and taxes!
10:53 am est 

Maybe You're Confusing Buying and Selling

Pam Parmakian did buy an affordable unit and sold it at market rate, giving her a profit. Just as Monica received an affordable unit and sold hers at market rate. Then, being a Ted Malone groupie and worker, "bought" the house on the hill at Nelson Avenue for around $250,000. Now it is worth perhaps $800,000. It's so nice to work for affordable housing and for the poor and the homeless.

And Rex McKenzie bought his as an affordable unit as did AJ buy his as an affordable unit. And both of these can be sold at market rate. When they are sold, the number of affordable housing decreases. Then we start all over again.

And the tax rates for affordable units is much lower than the tax rate other residents pay. It's so nice to be in the neighborhood--but it is not Mr. Rogers--it's Mr.Teddy Malone.  A joy to his friends and to his workers. But for others, sorry compassion is limited.
10:52 am est 

The DPW is Its Own Feifdom

Remember the pretty stone wall they built without authorization? George Byrant ranted on ears that were even more deaf than his!
10:20 am est 

Re:"The BOS Gets to Act Unilaterally Because We Elected Them to do so"

Then we should all quit the government boards we are on! I think the Conservation Committee should resign en masse to protest the Board of Selectmen's travesty of government protocol and checks and balances when they authorized DPW to destroy the ecosystem along 6 behind closed doors or in emails to one another.
10:18 am est 

Re: Clear Cutting

Replanting trees along Rte 6 by the town after its been used for phase 3. You have a better chance seeing Godot first!
10:15 am est 

All we've been hearing from some quarters is that this blog is ineffectual and has no influence.

Pam sure was vocal at CPA meetings to get Ted Malone his money.

What I've heard is that Ms. P bought an affordable housing unit and then sold after 5 years at MARKET RATE and then bought a big, fancy house.

All perfectly legal. Perhaps her conscious got the better of her after all.
9:02 am est 

Phase 3
Phase 3 of the connections of the far east end to the waste water treatment plant will be underway soon. Isn't this just the start?

Call the DPW and ask what is going on...
9:00 am est 

Call the Proper Authorities
If you are concerned about any work being done around town--Call the DPW and inquire.

If you have any questions regarding the police headquarters or police regionalization--Call the Police Chief.

If you have any questions about the town or its policies or meetings--call town Hall.

Of course, the school committee is a power unto themselves and even at town meeting they can't be questioned.

The school is NOT the Heart of the town; it is off limits to the residents of this town.

It is the invisible devourer: It almost took a court order for us to be able to vote there. It never enters our consciousness and we never see any students and yet it sucks down $4,000,000 a year for salaries and pensions.
8:59 am est 

School Committee
Last year the town waited months for the in depth study that was done regarding the school.

With Alex, Peter, and Barbara, they act as though there isn't a shred of information regarding our school out there. The number of students, declining each year, is there for one and all to see.

We live surrounded by water--how can Shannon Patrick say that the discussion should be on making the Provincetown high school the best on the cape? We have a hand full of students.

The best educational bang for the buck is to regionalize.
8:57 am est 

Sorry DPWers--

If We Wouldn't Pay for it, Then it Should Not be Performed:

Maybe this is what is missing here in town. It is not what the head of any department wants and advocates for. It is about what the town voters, the residents, decide to fund or not fund. It's time to stop casting voters as a problem, and realize voters determine funding. They are paying your overrides. Not you!

You treat residents and town people with total disregard and disrespect. You view us as you view the trees you cleared cut--an obstacle in your way.
8:56 am est 

Re: "Welfare State"
No, because we take so much of other people's money to run our town, the self-righteous jerks who spend their time blogging about the horror of a bit of their taxes supporting those in need have little right to do so unless they pony up some money over and above taxes to pay for things around here so people outside Provincetown don't have to.

The BOS gets to act unilaterally because we elected them to do so. It is called representative democracy where we elect leaders to make decisions for us until the next election and they hire staff to run the town on a day to day basis. Fortunately we don't live in a place where the tiny blogocracy gets to rule and has proven ineffective at translating its drunken, misspelled and grating repetitive rage into any meaningful action at town meeting or general elections.

As other have said better, if you don't like the BOS actions you can go to their meetings - unless you already sit in them because you are one - and complain or run for office and replace them. Impotent anonymous blogging - and homophobic character assasination - is the equivalent of what your teenage children might have done for themselves at                                                       .
8:53 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing

"Since Pam Parmekian and the Harbor Master And his boy friend (who is on the CPA committee) all have one of Ted Malone's units it stands to reason that all of the Ted Malone crowd will have an insider's leverage to make sure that their friends and buddies get affordable housing.

Once a tenant is installed--they will never leave. The affordable housing for families is non-existant. It won't fill the school with students.

Affordable housing will be full of strangers--a new group for Provincetown."

2:01 pm est RE

Ok my friend lets count how many ways you are wrong in the above statement:

1. Pam did not get an affordable unit. She bought at market rate.

2. People who BUY affordable units are not tenants. Rather they are owners and taxpayers. Do you pay property tax?

3. The rate of turn-over in affordable rentals has mirrored the rate for equivalent market rate apartments.

4. Pam sold her unit at a net loss and left Town, due largely I think to the venom on this blog.

5. What exactly is a stranger? How long does one have to live here? 5, 10, 25 30 years or do your mother and father have to be Townie          ?    
8:50 am est 

Trees Can be Replanted?
Oh, so that is your position. Tell this to the Conversation Committee and what about 2 Murchinson where they could not remove indigenous bushes and were berated and fined for the work clearing they did. But the DPW can abrogate all rules and create an unaesthetic area that negatively affects tourism. With this sick mentality, the DPW will do even more clear cutting, even more destruction to the land and will probably create a three lane highway on Route 6. Cut the trees down is their sick motto.

There are rules and the town needs to follow its own rules and mandates. They cannot absolve themselves of that legal reality.
8:44 am est 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blogging here gives people information. Collecting and working under the table--a way of life. And then you get affordabel housing.
2:47 pm est 

Affordable Housing Recipients

Since Pam Parmekian and the Harbor Master And his boy friend (who is on the CPA committee) all have one of Ted Malone's units it stands to reason that all of the Ted Malone crowd will have an insider's leverage to make sure that their friends and buddies get affordable housing.

Once a tenant is installed--they will never leave. The affordable housing for families is non-existant. It won't fill the school with students.

Affordable housing will be full of strangers--a new group for Provincetown.
2:01 pm est 

Welfare State

Yes because the town is the equivalent of welfare recepients
that means the bos can do anything they want unilaterally.
12:55 pm est 

Again Enough!
Please stop with the paranoid rantings. I think the tree clearing was to prepare for a massive upgrade to our water and waste treatment systems paid mostly paid the federal government. We should thank our lucky stars this is underway because you cheapos would never have paid for this needed work. The trees can be replanted. Though since the average age of bloggers on here seems to be well above 60 one doubts they'll be around to see them full grown.

The entire town exists due to government welfar so stop complaining about that too. We've received many many grants paid for by tax payers elsewhere for work we never would have paid for ourselves. Our flood insurance is artificially low because we are subsidized by others in the pool at much less risk than us. The whole first phase of sewer connections was done with zero interest loans for 20 years for connections made possible by the Commonwealth. We receive local aid, albeit less and less each year, for schools and other purposes. The entire bike path system in the National Seashore is being rebuilt thanks to stimulus dollars and the airport land was given to us by the Feds.

So our entire town is a welfare case, enough griping. If welfare and living off of other people's money truly bothers you I'm sure the Town would be happy to accept a tax payment triple what you pay now so you can crow about how self supporting you are.

12:38 pm est 

Under the Table Payments

If you think that a business is paying workers under the table, all you have to do is to report them to the state! Blogging on here serves no purpose.
12:36 pm est 

Something is Very Wrong!

I want to know how many more people do not collect unemployment, but work all summer long under the table and make big bucks, only to go off somewhere all winter long, keep mass health benefits, and then return to Ptown and do it all over again.  Those are the people we should take a hard look at.  People that collect unemployment have at least paid taxes into the system, paid mass government taxes, paid federal taxes and more.  Lets face it, there is not enough work in town to support workers that are here for the summer, but when you do not pay any taxes, and I am going to repeat it, some individuals pay no taxes, and get to have mass health for free, and go off in the winter to some place warm and still have free mass health benifits, something is wrong with the entire system
10:23 am est 

Why are so Many Decisions So Bad?
Why can't those in position, like the DPW, think before they act and then think about their actions? Why are they so brain dead? If any of us cut down two trees on our land, the conservation committee would be there checking out the indigenous trees and fining us for doing this without their permission. But the DPW and the BOS clear cut trees without going in front of Conservation or any other board? This is wrong. For certain this group needs direction and respect for the environment. This was a stupid thing to do.
10:20 am est 

Clear Cutting is Only the Beginning

Now that the Town of Provincetown owns the land on Route 6 from Howland beyond Cape Cod Oil, expect lots of big projects, dense developments determined in Executive Sessions and quietly implemented like the recent Rte 6 decimation. You think the town is dense now, just wait till Town Government tells you what is in store. In ten years, the natural beautify of Rt 6 in Provincetown will be transformed to look like Eastham.
10:19 am est 

Re: Clear Cutting

Re: "I'm glad we clear cutted some land. Cape Cod needs more open spaces without trees. I love trees but the cape is losing its feeling of space and openness. I think old town hall looks much better without all those trees blocking the views and sunshine."

9:17 am est 

Clear Cutting..........a Thought

What is the actual purpose of the Rout 6 clear cutting. e.g. short term...a storage and holding area for the the development of the wastewater leach field. However, does this now represent a long term opportunity for the further development of affordable housing. What are the prospects of this happening. I do not trust either the DPW or BOS in this regard. I get no sense of outrage from either the Conservation, Zoning or Planning Committees, which should have been involved in the decision making process necessary for the clear cutting to have occurred.

Something does not seem right. Please tell me I have nothing to be concern about and why!
9:13 am est 

Set for Life

What happens when the affordable housing units are filled next year--and the 35 year olds settle in to the comfy life and then stay for 50 years. How does this increase the population of the town?

There are people who have been doing the summer winter thing in Provincetown for over 30 years. They are senior citizens and they can't wait to get into the affordable housing.

Remember what someone said here: Unintended Consequences. This whole thing is going to blow up in our faces. All of you people who think that this is going to bring families into town--it is going to bring in the homeless and provide homes for them.
9:05 am est 


Unemployment is to assure a secure work force. Unemployment tides people over until the working season arrives. People are "laid off" for the season.

It isn't that people are bad who collect unemployment. The truth is that there are some people who collect unemployment and then work under the table all winter and have double incomes and then claim poverty and want affordable housing.

I'm tired of people on subsidies and pay a token rent or who own rent free dwellings bragging about their two cruises each winter, the trips to South America, the latest electronic gadget that is thrown in the faces of people who need to work year round and who own a home and pay taxes.
9:03 am est 

Monday, November 9, 2009

Collecting Unemployment Insurance

You can always look at those who collect winter unemployment as bad, but for me, it has kept me here in town for over forty years! I stopped collecting years ago as I can now enjoy the house that I bought. I now own that  summer work place that has helped me buy that house. So stop putting down those of us who believe that those who want to climb towards the American dream with the help of some of our tax dollars. There will always be people who abuse the system, but they are the minority!
10:39 pm est 

Lame Selectmen

What the real problem with the board is that there is nobody with the guts to stand up and take the lead in a productive focused manner. The selectmen are just yes men/women to the town manager. They talk about what the TM is doing but rarely do anything to change the course. They whine about their problems with the issue but let the TM do it all. Someone needs to run and take the lead, show the TM what they and therefore the town, really want. The TM is running the town and the representation from the public, the selectmen, are not representing the town at all. Regardless of what the TM thinks is right and no matter what the asst. TM thinks is right, the selectmen need to have the backbone to just say no and set a course and follow it through. Why does it seem every time an issue is brought up it seems brand new to them and once they begin to discuss it, it seems like every other issue is nonexistant? Someone needs to step up and take control.

But i know, WHO???
8:05 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

So answer this for me. If we don't have year round affordable housing. Who will be here in the off season? Will Provincetown be only for the rich? Will it only have people aged 50 and over? Will a young artist be able to afford what a small studio and apartment now costs? Just because you might be well off now, I guess you don't care what happens as long as you keep your tax dollars from building anything that might keep young people here! Even if some abuse the system at least most of them will keep this town from becoming a retirement village!
7:33 pm est 

Too Many Trees

I'm glad we clear cutted some land. Cape Cod needs more open spaces without trees. I love trees but the cape is losing its feeling of space and openness. I think old town hall looks much better without all those trees blocking the views and sunshine.
7:26 pm est 

What a Great Summer!

Yes folks, another great, lucrative summer. My unemployment for my work this summer at my two *Restaurant* jobs came to $18,000.00.

This is where the money is in this town. It is hard--but worth it. However, I won't be back--going to Europe next year and then continuing with my career.

Thank you Provincetown. Worked and found "love" companions! What a memorable summer.
6:56 pm est 

What's the Real Reason Behind the Clear-Cutting?

The BOS did not even consult with the Conservation Committee. To make matters worse, the clear cut areas on BOTH sides of six are be used only as staging areas for Phase 3.
Why the hell did they have to bulldoze trees on Rte 6? There weren't any other areas to consider? How about just using the soccer field that is never, ever used?

What a sight for people coming to Provincetown. The whole BOS should pay for those areas to be restored immediately..
6:55 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott

I got it from day one, listening to details of what happened in that back yard and I have always felt ashamed for what our police did to him.

--Our court system is not always fair; some times it is corrupt. Barry Scott fights on because it is the right thing to do. You get that at ALL?--
6:53 pm est 

Righting the Ship: Perhaps It Truly is The Titanic

If this Michele(without one l) Couture is righting this ship, then I know we are on the Titanic and there are many more dangerous and white-capping days ahead. If this is the captain of our ship, what was the name of the Captain who drove the cruise ship into the iceberg? Call her the name of that captain. And call this little town: Provincetitanica.
6:52 pm est 

Thanks to Tony Jackett and the Wonderful Shellfish Committee

They are my ideal. They do their work and with so little "seed" money, they provide so many great days of clamming. They bring us all together along the flats and everyone is always in a good mood when clamming. Thank you to each member of this committee. They are the standard of excellence: dedicated, fiscally sound, and community minded.
What a joy to have them working for our good and so many delicious meals.

You are the best!
5:41 pm est 

I Say: David Bedard as Chair

Let the votes fall where they might once again. Time to elect a new chair. Time to get fresh ideas and a more open process on the BOS. Why not David Bedard? I'do believe this man would do a wonderful job. Time for change. Time for Bedard to head this group.
5:40 pm est 

That's Just Great!

Another two ugly decimated swaths of land now cut down by a non thinking government. It will be as ugly as the corner of 6 and Shank Painter for years (before the dog park took over). How are they going to make it nice? a soccer field no one uses? a parking lot no one uses, oh except for town hall trailers (a another example in failed leadership)? A skateboard park, rarely used? What is your plan BoS? Did you even give it any consideration as to how it would look after you cleared it for your phase 3 leeching field? I doubt it. Look at their front lawns or lack of them for that matter. I'm sure there was no aesthetic consideration of how it would look after dpw leveled those beautiful trees! where's barbara rushmore, the beautification committee, the conservation committee on this?
5:34 pm est 

You run for office and you are judged on your performance--not your attendance, TRUE,
But if you are going to BASH anyone of the BOS, have the       or brains or both enough to sign your name.
5:33 pm est 

Re: Showing up For Meetings...

Ok we hear that you are unhappy with the Selectman's performance, so now what? Bitching about it on this BLOG may help you vent but it doesn't help the town. Let's find a candidate that we can all stand behind and support. Provincetown is suffering and needs strong leadership, not people constantly bickering on a blog. I understand your frustration. The truth really comes out when you can blog anonymously and I fear for the future of Provincetown. Let's start looking forward to the next election and put someone in office that we can trust and will do the right things for Provincetown.

5:32 pm est 

Conservative Bloggers

The only problem with having someone who always blogs on here and has nothing good to say about our town or anything positive, to shut up, or to run for selectman, and see if they can do better. They will find, like Mikey did. Nobody shares his/her views. Most likely in the end of all the ranting, only a handful of conservatives would vote for him/her!
5:30 pm est 

BOS Management

Lets not forget that most of our town troubles today were made in the past. And guess which selectwoman was the chair or a siting selectman for many of those years going back to the seventies! Thanks to the current chair and town managers, we are righting this ship called Provincetown.
5:27 pm est 

Re: Barry Scott
"When Barry is a big enough man to accept responsibility for his actions, then he'll earn my respect. Until then, let him speak for himself and stop trying to blame everyone else for your friend's troubles."

Spoken like one of our finest, huh? I think a big man is someone who fights to do what is right; not someone who uses this blog to spread lies. Our court system is not always fair; some times it is corrupt. Barry Scott fights on because it is the right thing to do. You get that at ALL?
For what, $600 in misdeamnor charges he fights on for what? Publicity? lol. He has a #1 radio show, books and CDs. Nope. He does it because he is an honorable man. This town can't seem to grasp this fact.
5:26 pm est 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let it go...the Barry Scott Story is Old News

Posting the same old story regarding your friend is getting very tired.  Barry Scott has moved on with his tail between his legs, why don't you.  You list keeps growing with new people to blame for Barry's problems. When Barry is a big enough man to accept responsibility for his actions, then he'll earn my respect.  Until then, let him speak for himself and stop trying to blame everyone else for your friend's troubles.  
10:31 pm est 

Showing Up For Meetings is Not Enough

Big deal some of the BOS show up for meetings. This is a dysfunctional group and we don't have to run for office to be critical of what those elected are now doing. Especially the Chair. Bad is bad and inept is inept. We should just smile and say they are great when they are an embarassment? Absolutely not. You run for office and you are judged on your performance--not your attendance. And their performance is below average and worse.
10:29 pm est 

Enough Already!

Mary Jo and  Michele are like a bickering couple in a failed marriage. how much longer do we have to put up with your power jocking and backstabbing? enough
10:10 pm est 


I am listening to Mr. Scott on the radio right now and then surfed in and here's his name!

He sounds little. :-)
10:09 pm est 

Barry Scott
"They picked on the wrong little man."

He sure is LITTLE! As a 21 year old summer P-Town officer, I'd be so scared of him resisting arrest!! lol.
8:49 pm est 

Re: "BOS Chair Active Blogger"

If she is actively promoting herself on this blog she must not be very good at it. I cannot recall ever reading anything but rabid anti-Couture posts on here.

- not a BOS
7:23 pm est 

Get Involved!

The sad thing is no one wants to get involved in this town and be on the board of Selectman. When one does they are ridiculed, criticized and every decision is scrutinized by the adoring public. Now, I'm not saying that the selectman/woman are gems by any means, but lets give them the benefit of the doubt. They show up to meetings and do the best they can. It is a thankless job and maybe you should think twice before you criticize them. Do you want the job? Can you do a better job? Then run for office or shut the hell up. If you are so damn involved in the town then go to the Selectman meetings and ask question, get answers. But please just stop the cowardly, vicious attacks on people.

Bradley M.
7:22 pm est 

Barry Scott

"The town won so far, except the money it has cost us all."

Knowing this man of conviction, he will continue until the truth truly is revealed. Anyone following this story knows it smells...and all the press hints at that, including our Banner. The sad thing is, this town has spent so much money fighting him, it has cost us so much even if he were to stop now. The people who run this town, including Sharon Lynn, were idiotic to protect an untrained summer officer the very first week anyway! The truth should be revealed about that night and I am confident it will. They picked on the wrong little man.
7:17 pm est 

Couture is Only One Person

She does not run the town.  She has one vote, just like each of the other BOS.  It is foolish to think she is to blame for all the towns trouble.  If other members want to change things, they can or should try.  I do not see anyone of them trying.  Anderson is such a lame duck, she is the weak link.  Austin does speak up, but has not tried to change anything.  He is status quo and has not done anything useful for the town, from what I have seen.  David is starting to talk, but again, I have not seen him make any decisions as to where the town should head.  And I am not Mary Jo, but at least she tries.   We dont have to like her, and trust me, I think she has made some wrong decisions, but at least she does so with reasons behind them.  (Well, her reason, and some are stupid, but the town elected her and the rest of the pack, so I would say a the next election, MAKE A DIFFERENCE and run or pick someone you think can)

I have said it before, and will say it again, David, our assistant town manger is the smartest of anyone that works for the best interest of the town.  

Also, for those of you that think Sharon is a lame duck, dont forget that it was the BOS that picked her.  Again, if you want the right town manager in place, pick a Board of Selectperson that knows how to hire good people.  

Tired of all your complaining.  
7:06 pm est 

Like Another Blogger, I too Am Upset at the Weak Chair
She is just a disaster. She lacks knowledge and she is too self-preoccupied to lead our town. Couture is an inadequate chair and she damages the town in its future direction. With her at the so-called helom, there is not direction, no steering of the ship and we need at least someone who can read maps. I am not a member of the BOS--but a town voter upset with the weakness of this chair and the failure to move in the direction, with insight and knoweldge, that this great town needs. She is not the one who should be there.

I am also amazed that some assume that they know who is writing and believe it is another selectman if there are some of us criticizing the chair. It doesn't take a genius to see how poor Couture is as chair and the discontent is the discontent of residents and voters. How dare some assume these postings are from another selectmen. they are not. Or at least my discontent is mine--a voter, a resident, a person who cares about Provincetown and is upset at the poor direction this board continually takes.
6:36 pm est 

BOS Chair Active Blogger

The BOS Chair is constantly self promoting herself at the expense of her fellow
BOS members. It's a disgrace!

Change the Chair
6:20 pm est 

Affordable Housing/Community Service
What a great idea! People who get affordable housing and have a set tax rate Should be required to do 500 hours of grounds maintenance.

It is our taxpayers money that is helping them and our federal tax dollars that keep them subsidized--it should be a requirement.

Since our taxes are being used we are entitled to have a list from the various housing authorities of the people who are being subsidized.

We should know where they work and their income so if it does increase or they win the lottery then they no longer are offered subsidized living.
6:17 pm est 

Re: BOS In-Fighting

Mary Jo, step away from the keyboard!
6:16 pm est 

BOS In-Fighting

So all this time I thought that a certain waterfront  restaurant owner was bashing the selectman chair, when in fact it was another siting selectman? This reminds me of the days reading the local advocate newspaper!....... HEY! I just connected some dots!  
6:14 pm est 

Aah, But the Fact is, You Are Jealous!

I have made myself, and I own my homes and my businesses and now I get to enjoy another day here in the sun as I wait for tomorrows mail which will bring yet another check. ALOHA!
6:12 pm est 

What Are Our Priorities for 2010 and 2011 and 2012?

Has this town addressed it serious priorities for the next year and then the next three years? Have the BOS asked: wherea re we headed and how are we going to attain our gaols? I just don't see this. They seem to draw up a list of so-called priorities but then shift to some pie-in-the-sky project, like a new Transportation center or a new Police Station or a new acquisition of Fisherman's Pier. this occurs while millions are being spent on Town Hall and the Library goes into disrepair. It seems helter-skelter and thus doomed to make sure that next year will look like this year and the years go on. But this is not way to run this town. Perhaps the word missing from their thinking is vision. Instead they have dreams that are childish and so fanciful we could laugh if their actions didn't cause us to cry.
6:09 pm est 

Restaurant Week
Congratulations to whomever came up with the Restaurant Week concept for Ptown. The restaurants I tried to get into last night were slammed, great to see and good deals out there to be had. Get out and enjoy them.
6:07 pm est 

Re: Who They Gonna Hire?

They are going to keep hiring the same dirt cheap        bulgarians and other eastern europeans and temporary international workers because that way they can maximize their profit and have a captive workforce. The bright eyed bushy tailed americans are out of luck because they are now competing against workers from across the world who are willing and able to work for a lot less, and they show up to work.
6:06 pm est 

Sharon Lynn and Barry Scott

What is this ranting about Sharon and Barry still?   Barry lost 3X in court.  Anyone can keep suing.   He will probably keep "trying" to prove his point, but lets face the facts.  The town won so far, except the money it has cost us all.   LET IT GO
6:03 pm est 

Re: Poor Chairing...
And which one would you be a spouse or one of our selectman/woman????????????????
6:02 pm est 

Restaurant Week
I just spoke to some very nice people from Boston at the Dog Park who came here for the weekend just for Restaurant Week.  They mentioned one of the restaurants they went to they probably would not have tried except it was included in Restaurant Week.  Congratulations to the Tourism Office, restaurants and everyone else who made Restaurant Week happen.

And thanks to Mother Nature for providing the great weather.
6:01 pm est 

Money From Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing developers are *Supposed* to be paying money back to the towns. Many aren't.

That is why there is a movement to end 40-B housing.

90 Shank Painter Rd. has changed from building two and three bedroom units to one bedroom units.

Will you want to raise your children next to rooms where the guys from the Amanda Girl moved?

40-B housing is to provide housing for the homeless. Alcoholics receive social security payments and housing vouchers and they are eying the units at 90 Shank Painter Rd and the units on Race Point Rd.
6:00 pm est 

Couture is Just Sad and Mad Warren Tobias is not in Charge
She is probably still in talk with Tobias and getting directions from him on what should happen with the police and civil service and contracts. That was her boy and she played him and he played her. Now she has no one to play with and she sulks.
5:59 pm est 

So Sorry But I'm Not a Selectman But I Am Offended at Michele Couture's Tenure

She is a failure as a leader. She may be ok as a board memeber where she doesn't have to say much or take the lead. But as chair, she is worse then most. I also find that she undermines the democratic process but being sneaky and doing too much behind the scenes. She is a caboose when we need a strong and dynamic engine.

Maybe it's time for David Bedard to assert his vote and vote for himself as chair and vote her out. I'd take Bedard as chair. I know it could not be worse and I don't think he'd be stuck to the hip of Sharon Lynne. He would be fairer and more open than Couture has ever been.
5:58 pm est 

Disgruntled Selectmen and Their Spouses

 -not Bedard who is single
-not Knight who is single
-not Couture who is single
-not Anderson who seems very happily married

Bingo! It's Avellar and hubby Steele

Grow up! All of you!
5:55 pm est 

Guess Who?

Sounds like it's the MaryJo-Duane Steele-Michele Couture-Donna show on this blog! Come on guys we know your writing even though you don't sign your posts! Please stop hurling insults at one another and think of ways to make the town better!
5:53 pm est 

To: Just Wondering
How about for two years, adding 500 hours per year of documented community service in order to be eligible for affordable housing? If one does get affordable housing then in order to continue living in affordable housing, they must continue 500 hours of documented community service each year. If they are unable to for health reasons etc, then they must have someone sponsor them.

Maybe then our Waterfront Park won't look like a neglected park in Roxbury etc.

Provincetown Voter
5:52 pm est 

BOS Dysfunctionality

I think it is in the best interests of the Town of Provincetown, for a mediator or therapist to help our dysfunctional Board of Selectmen. If the previous post is true, that this blog is being used as below the belt attacks on fellow selectmen by another or other selectmen, the urgency of some kind of intervention is critical to the health of this town.

If they can get the help they need, in Executive Sessions, they must do it.

Provincetown Voter  
5:50 pm est 

Re: "Poor Chairing From This Chair"

Amusing to see one of our selectmen is anonymously continuing her persistent and viscious attacks on the Selectman Board Chair online because her in-person attacks at the Selectmen's meeting(s) apparently didn't work.  Whomever was singing the praises of this blog forgot to add that it provides a forum for disgruntled selectmen and their spouses to anonymously and pathetically attack and denigrate their bosses, co-workers, peers and town employees. What a fun town.
10:26 am est 

Re: Collecting Unemployment Checks

"I have a lot more than just my hammock down here! Are you jealous that I can live somewhere other than Ptown during the winter?"

I am not jealous of you at all - in fact I pity you. I am self made - you live off of everybody else.  Keep waiting for that unemployment check to arrive and in the meantime keep deluding yourself about what you have or will ever amount to.
10:25 am est 

Another Provincetown Mover and Shaker

A person I know just told me that they *just* quit the job that they had just gotten because their unemployment kicked in and it would be the same amount that they would have made each week *minus* the Sunday time and a half.

"Why work when I can make the same on unemployment", this person said. "Unemployment" would deduct the weekly earning from the weekly unemployment check.

Another Single person who can't wait for affordable housing and care free living in Provincetown.  

Plus, this person just got an under-the-table job a few hours a week.

Another mover and shaker who is making Provincetown their home.  Now this person is all set for the winter waiting for the restaurant job to kick in come Spring in order to start it all over again.
10:23 am est 

So Let Me Try to Wrap My Head Around This.........

If we build affordable housing, the though is more people will move here with children? Will those people living in affordable housing with children be able to pay taxes to help pay for the childrens' education? I don't want to have to pay for more children to attend school in Provincetown. We are already spending 4 million dollars to educate the children who are already here. Let's not recruit more children. Let's educate the children who are here and do a good job at it. Provincetown can not afford to import any more people who don't have jobs and thus need financial support.

A couple of questions about affordable housing.
1. Who does the monthly rent check go to?
2. Is it used to maintain the affordable housing units?
3. How about if the people who live in the affordable housing units maintain them? They could landscape, paint and keep up the property.
4. Are the units on Shankpainter for sale or for rent? Does Provincetown receive any of the money back from the developers after a sale or rental?

Just wondering
10:21 am est 

Re: Get the Facts

The facts that with self imposed poverty, people can keep their winter/summer life and then apply for affordable housing.

Of course once they get it they are stuck here. They can't travel and stay abroad for a couple of months. What happens as they get older and the jobs dry up?

Affordable housing is going to bring new blood and new competition for jobs to this town.

Who is your boss going to hire? Is your boss going to  keep hiring the same person year after year who is cantankerous and wants a special schedule or the bright eyed and busy tailed 25 year old willing to work night and day?

I've traveled all over the world and spent winters abroad. I'm a self made person starting from scratch working and going to university.

I scrimped and scraped and bought property and worked year round. All of the baby boomers who were here when they were young could have done the same thing.

People on affordable housing have no savings and have no equity. They live in constant anxiety that the government will cut back on a housing program or cut funding.

What happens when the place that they work at is sold? Owners grow older and retire. Places are sold. Ocean's Inn became one place and then became Level and is now something else.

The Landmark became Chester's and is now the Bistro. Affordable housing rentals may be your dream--but then unintended consequences rears its unexpected head.
10:19 am est 

Re: Sharon Lynn and Barry Scott

Re:"I just don't understand why you keep insinuating that Sharon Lynn is the problem with the police department and their previous 'alleged' bashing."  

Sharon Lynn was in 'charge' during the beating of Barry Scott and his partner. She knew the facts and allowed the Department to hang itself, which it is still doing...because those in the know, know the truth about that night and how the town has tried to cover it up.

Truth, as is all soap operas, does come out eventually and everyone of us who truly knows Barry, knows the truth.

10:14 am est 

Poor Chairing From This Chair
She is downright embarassing. She lacks knowledge of how this town should be run and even how meetings should be run. She is disorganized, misinformed and deceptive. Tell me what gets done well under Couture's tenure as chair? Very little. When she leaves, she will not be missed. Maybe she could do many of us a favor, and leave soon. then there would be a chance for some semblance of leadership by the BOS. With Couture, there is no chance and the town flounders.
11:52 pm est 

I've been in this town for close to forty years.  Even back then people collected unemployment in the winter.  And yes, some even went to warmer climates in the winter.  Nothings changed except now we have a digital world where you can anonymously       about anything that scratches your butt.
11:11 pm est 

Re: Sharon Lynn and the Police

I just don't understand why you keep insinuating that Sharon Lynn is the problem with the police department and their previous 'alleged' bashing.  Warren Tobias was the Acting Chief at the time and Keith Bergman was the town manager.  Sharon Lynn was hired after the fact and is the one who pushed Tobias out and hired Jeff Jaran. Since this change of leadership in both positions there has not been one incident in the department which you can locate on Google.  As a matter of fact, this town actually successfully prosecuted a case of hate crime just this past summer.

We should be thanking Sharon Lynn for helping to make the department more professional.  Can't we all work together to move forward instead of dwelling on our past?
11:06 pm est 

Saturday, November 7, 2009

DPW Clear-Cutting

Does anyone know why dpw has clear cut both sides of six past howland street. what a shame. whatever the reason, why didn't they go in ten feet from rte. 6? so, there would be a swath of trees between 6 and their ugly clear cutting. do these people ever consider aesthetics? sometimes i think this town is run by neanderthal men (and women.)
10:53 pm est 

Affordable Housing

If we moved all of the students from the elementary and the high school we could turn the buildings into affordable housing!
10:52 pm est 

Re: Scott Penn.......

...............not Sean! Amusing thought, though. Scott was terrific and is missed to this day.
10:51 pm est 

School Committee Workshop

This group's next meeting is to discuss  restructuring the district which was brought foward two years ago.

Remember the last group that studied the situation? They too were against Regionalizaton and Steven Roderick resigned that from that group.

This group can't dismiss the facts that we have a declining school population and that community housing is not going to boost the ranks of the students.

How can Shannon Patrick say that they should be trying to make this the best school on the cape--there are no students to attend our school. The cape is losing students.
Please face the reality of the school situation.
10:50 pm est 

Seasonal Workers and Self-Employed on Unemployment is Our Business

It is a given. It is not there for the asking. It is there when people are let go, when workers cannot find work,  when they are terminated. It is their as an insurance. Unemployment is not available is you leave your job and just want to not work. Unempliyment is not there because you paid into the system. It is not yours. It is for the hard times and it is not earned.

Provincetown just has a strange concept of "taking" and "being owed" monies or housing. And yet many here would problably attack someone who is on welfare. Well, most of this town in the winter is doing exactly that: they are on welfare. It is not right and morally is wrong.
10:48 pm est 

School Regionalizaton
If the group of three who are supposed to be researching regionalization--why are they waiting so long to have meetings? They should have started in June...a couple of months after Town they start in October?

You know what their priorities are.
10:46 pm est 

Re:Re: Don't Speculate
All is done in the open.  You would know if you attended meetings instead of waiting for it to appear in the Banner which has the worst history of reporting facts accurately.  Oh wait, the Banner reporter sometimes doesn't even bother to attend meetings and most of the time, leaves before the end of the meeting.  

Maybe the town officials should call you personally to keep you well informed.

Seriously, if you have a question, call one of the selectmen, i'm sure they'd be happy to answer your questions.  Get directly involved and informed before you cast judgments.
10:45 pm est 


"With all the problems in our department over the last few years and the trouble they have caused: publicity, image and human rights-wise; We can save money by eliminating the department totally. I have a gun and can protect my own. I am also less dangerous and rash acting as they appear to be at times...and the summer program is a mess."

While I disagree with not having a police department of our own, my experiences with them as well as what I have read about and heard (just google 'Provincetown Police Hate' and see how much there is on line about them) tells me something needs to be done or this town will continue to suffer. Wake up Sharon Lynn! You used to be a police chief. Are you enjoying what is happening to their reputation since you weren't chosen as chief here?
10:41 pm est 

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is the largest spending opposition to Obama's health plan. Just like here where they charge excessive rents, this organization's primary interest is their own conflict of interest. Thanks a lot!
10:40 pm est 

Closing the School

It is past the time for the discussion about closing the school. At least the new superintendent is holding people's feet to the fire.

How can they go into executive session to discuss this important agenda regarding regionalizing and closing the school in a couple of years.
10:38 pm est 

Re: Collecting Unemployment Checks

I have a lot more than just my hammock down here! Are you jealous that I can live somewhere other than Ptown during the winter? While you just sit up there behind your computer and blog how much of your taxes are being spent by others? Go get a job with fox news if you want sympathy from others who care what you think! When I get out of my hammock after the sun sets I'll go in and watch MSNBC!
10:37 pm est 

Re: Don't Speculate

Don't speculate? Last I heard, the selectmen wanted to build a big parking garage/police department with stimulus funds down at Duartes. Now the talk is regionalize with Truro? When did this get brought up? And as far as asking the chief, did the union vote to get rid of the civil service while the chief is in favor of putting the vote to the people at ATM? I don't recall a vote by the union being announced, do you? All out in the public eye? Really?
1:33 pm est 

Glad the Famers' Market is Still Here and Thriving
What a great addition to all of us. How wonderful to have freshproduce, autumn vegetables, great cheese and wondcerful balsamic vinegars. It is so refreshing and so healthy and so invigorating. Thanks to everyone who is involved. And Michele Couture would have had them wait until July to begin this this year? And they would have found another spot, since they are in Boston every week and many other places. This woman would have undermined this great project. Another reason she should just close it out. Time to jump into the pond and jump away. Oh, she can't swim!
1:32 pm est 


With all the problems in our department over the last few years and the trouble they have caused: publicity, image and human rights-wise; We can save money by eliminating the department totally. I have a gun and can protect my own. I am also less dangerous and rash acting as they appear to be at times...and the summer program is a mess.
1:30 pm est 

Re: Outer Cape Health Center

The new administrator of outer cape health is not the problem - she may be the current problem but she is not the only problem.  Since Sean Penn left outer cape health has been leaderless.  The Board of Directors has been in over their heads and followed a path of least resistance.  For most of my life I had been a client of outer cape health.  Now I go to a doctors office that treats me with respect, sees me on time and is aware of my medical needs.  The best thing for me was to get out of the hole of outer cape health.
1:29 pm est 

Re: Collecting Unemployment Insurance

As a busines owner, I would prefer to stay open year-round and work at my busines.. But there just isn't enough work.  And contrary to some peoples opinion, I do not make enough $$ to sit back all winter and do nothing.  I spend the winter months scrambling to figure out how to pay the rent and bills.  I work when and where I can, driving to Boston if need be, and yes I also sometimes collect unemployment.  Again I would prefer to work at my business, but it is not feasable... I do not understand why so many on this blog are so concerned with everybody elses personal business..

i pay in to the system both throguh personal taxes and business taxes, and sometimes I get some of that money back...what is it to you? and why do you care...

Oh that is right you are just nasty and spiteful....
1:27 pm est 

Re: Collecting Unemployment Checks

Re: " I love it when we get the anti affordable housing conservatives mad on this blog! As I'm reading your rants, the palm trees are swaying above from the warm tropical breezes above my hammock waiting for the mail to come with my unemployment check. Ahhhhh. Gee, I hope I don't have to go back to Ptown and work over the holidays this year, its such a bummer using my savings for air fare. But then again I do get frequent flyer points!"

You should be ashamed of yourself mocking people like that. I hope you like the view from your hammock because that is all you will ever have.  
9:31 am est 

Tax Rate

Can you please tell me the tax rate that you pay in your primary home ?   Or tell me the tax rate where you used to live - you guys don't get it.   Tourism makes your rate much lower - $5.7/1000 is a very low rate - so get over it.  
9:29 am est 

Don't Speculate
IF the talk is taking place at the selectmen's meeting regarding the police--then it isn't behind closed doors. Why don't you call the chief and ask him yourself? That is what I do when I have a question about something.
9:28 am est 

The loss of students to the point that we have a hand full of students rattling around alone in a school.

The department of Revenue, the governor, the facts from Peter Francese these are the reasons to reginalize.

I'm sorry that there are so many special need students but we also need to think about the educational and social needs of all of the students.

Close the school and move the community center etc. into the school building.
9:27 am est 

Thanks Bloggers:

Now I see Why we Have a Four Day work Week
This means town employees think they are really working since most people are collecting unemployment, food stamps or getting affordable housing. They see themselves as the upright, hard-working town people when they too are following this town's penchant: do as little as possible and then collect. What you collect may be unemployment for months on end, or low rent from affordable housing or market rate profits from those "chosen" for affordable housing who then sell these beauties for much money or those who just get a town payroll for forty hours that turns into 32 at most. And who thinks this is wrong? No one in the trailers. And then some get even more money: extra pay for helping Sharon do her own work 'cause she can't figure out what she should do or how to do what she needs to do. So pay others overtime to do this and everyone smiles happy smiles as they pocket the dollars and go on their merry way.  
11:38 pm est 

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Schools Are Going Down!

Why would Nauset ever want us to regionalize and then we all pay to keep the Ptown schools open in some capacity. These are the words of wisdom from our new superintendent, Dr. Singer. Close the damn schools and save a      load of $$$. She thinks they can keep them open in some "specialized capacity". Right, like some kids from Eastham are going to want to come to Provincetown. The only bit of possibility of keeping Ptown High School open is to have it be a Charter or a Magnet school for the ARTS... that is the only thing I can possibly think of. But then again, just close the schools.

10:11 pm est 

Police Talks

So what happened at the selectmens meeting Thursday night when they discussed doing away with civil service in the police department? And then I see the selectmen want to discuss regionalizing the police with Truro? What's going on behind closed doors?
10:09 pm est 

Payback is a Bitch!

I agree with the post that the real juicy inside info and frontrunning of local news and unseemly uncoverings seem to be on first. All can be posted anonomously and without consequences! When you go public in this town,
10:08 pm est 

I Agree!

The problems at outer cape health started with board member dave willard. He was also responsible for messing things up at radio station womr. He is on many boards all over the cape. I think he is on some kind of mission for the big corporations.
10:07 pm est 

Tax Time

The affordable housing cartel needs to be aware that the taxpayers in this town had to pay their taxes by November 2nd.

It rubs people raw when they have to pay their fair share but people who own affordable housing never have their taxes increase except minimally.

One person told me that with tax credits and this and that he could buy an affordable housing unit for a song-but he didn't want to make the commitment. No one helped me or other families to buy a house.

So, just be aware my dear co-worker, that you don't pull your fair share. Your co-workers who own their own homes pay their fair share and yours.
10:05 pm est 

MYPACC, I'm Impressed!

What I read here informs and empowers. Just look at the inside analysis of Outer Cape Health. Thanks so much for this information. We need Outer Cape Health but from what I'm reading, maybe we don't need this new director. Sometimes someone comes in and destroys an institution. They are geared to budgets but fail to understand the heart of an organization: its staff and its people and their dedication.

How can we help make Outer Cape more viable? What can we do? Who can we write to or call? We need Outer Cape but not as it is being directed.

Thanks and thanks again for this  "investigative" reporting. I am much appreciative.
3:16 pm est 

Hear! Hear!
Well said regarding the Outer Cape Health. Dr. Lacy is a superb doctor and he had no choice but to relocate. You need to go and register at the clinic in Hyannis and they will give you an appointment to see Dr. Lacy.

I registered over a month ago and my appointment is December 9th. After the initial appointment, you will be able to see the doctor whenever needed.

When I explained my appointments with my doctor to my friends in Boston--they were amazed at how thorough he is. He also asked me if doctors from other hospitals could sit in on my appointments!

I'm driving an hour to see him whenever I need to because I have this one body and our health is everything. I will never compromise on my health--I've seen what happens when  something is overlooked and the consequences are dire.
2:28 pm est 

Re: "But...You Pay Into the System as Insurance When You Are Laid Off"
.....not when you fire yourself and then take time off on monies from unemployment. If you're business goes bankrupt, then yes you should collect unemployment. But if your business is on-going and you open when the tourits season opens, then that money should stay in the fund. It's not for you. It's an abuse of the system. If the logic follows, then teachers all across the country who have a nine month contract, should fie for unemply,ent for three months. They are technically unemployed. But teachers who need more money, teach in summer school. They teach at night. They don't look to get fedearl monies for these three months. The logic just doens't fit. If you own your own business and fire yourself for five months, then you should be living off the monies you made during the season. And if that is not enough, then work during the winter.
1:37 pm est 

Outer Cape Health is a Disgrace!
In the Banner two weeks ago there was a front page story about how well OCHS has done financially over the last year in their turn around what they didnt say is that this happened because of all the people who have left since the new Director, Roberta Berrien took over. I was in the Provincetown Clinic a while ago and my appointment lasted for 30 minutes, 5 minutes to take care of my problem any 25 minutes of hearing from the doctor about how bad the executive director Roberta Berrien is. Since January, 21 employees have either quit or been laid off, and according to the organization chart they had last December that list includes:

Dr. Steve Lacy, Medical Director
David Hale, CFO & COO
Dr. Joely Edwards. Pediatrician
Dr. Umar Khan
Dr, Evelyn Roesler
Dr. John Gullet
RN, Patsy Green, Lead Nurse in Provincetown
RN, Ken Oxtoby, Lead Nurse in Wellfleet
Kelli Smith, Director of Operations
Ann McDonald, Director of WIC Program
Mark Wilson, Wellfleet Site Manager
Annie Hale, Controller
Todd Wager, Payroll

This doesnt include the additional eight people they laid off in February that included nurses, medical assistants, medical records staff, front desk staff, the only lab person they had, Chev Hardy, and they even let go the Human Resources Director Patricia Patten! When they laid these people off, they did it on the first day of February at 8:00 in the morning so that they wouldnt have to pay for their health insurance for the month; how ironic is that! Many of these people had worked there for a long time, as much as 15 years and not one of them was given the decency of receiving ANY severance pay for all their work, not even the traditional two weeks notice that Outer Cape would expect from someone who was quitting to give to them. This is why they had such a big financial turnaround, they screwed all of the people they laid off and then the other folks saw what was going on and decided they had had enough and just needed to leave and go somewhere else. The reason for all of this is really simple, the new Executive Director, Roberta Berrien, is a cutthroat ruthless dictator who doesnt care about anyone and doesnt listen to or get input from any staff members. She only ridicules them in public and tells them to work harder. The blame for hiring her is squarely on the shoulders of the board which is run by David Willard, the                                                                                              walked, and he is backed up by his           on the board like PJ Lang and some new guy Bruce Berrens who writes back to Banner to try and make it sound like all is rosy and going fine over there.

Im following my doctor Steve Lacy who is now in Hyannis, its just not worth going back to Outer Cape now even though all of the doctors that did stay are trying to do their best they just dont have the support to be able to do it and Im afraid something that I need is going to get missed because of all this stress they now have.

If that board doesnt kick off Willard and fire Berrien soon then the rest of the Doctors and staff will be looking for other jobs real soon and I bet a lot of them are doing just that right now.
1:33 pm est 

What This Blog Has Become:

This Blog has become an information source. The Peter Francese report and the Dept. of Revenue report has galvanized citizens and resulted in the Board of Selectmen and the Town manager orchestrating the Regionalization of our schools.

It has drawn scrutiny of the Pier Corp and help improve its performance.

It has made people aware that affordable housing developers have taken money that should have gone to Town Projects rather than widen their housing empire and has put citizens on alert not to let it happen again.

It has broken the news about such events as the fire truck roll over and the Seamen's bank embezzlement before the main news channels mentioned the event.

It is a source of information about what is happening in town and gives people here a voice to express their feelings.

Anyone can post and here and they do. People have opinions about issues and they are voiced here because there is no other venue for them to be totally honest about their views with no repercussions.
1:25 pm est 

Re: Letter

A search of Globe and Portland Press Herald web sites indicates that Ms. Brough's letter has not been published by either one.
9:55 am est 

Fox News

After watching the republicans yesterday on the capitol steps spewing their hatred and us and them rants, it dawned on me that this blog has become fox news.
9:54 am est 

Business Owners Collecting Unemployment Insurance

I do understand that anyone that collects unemployment has paid into the system. If you work for someone, the business pays up too 13% of your salary into the system. A business owner also pays up to 13% of his salary into the same sytem.  A business owner has paid maybe $4000, $5000, $6000, $7000 or $10000 and more of his business money into the unemployment system, which allows them and their help to collect unemployment.   I am sure if there adequate business in our sleepy village that was worth being open for, they would rather stay open.
8:50 am est 

WOW! What a Letter
What a letter this is that Beth H. Brough of Greenwood, Maine wrote to the News papers. I hope that she sends it to the banner. Not all of the people in Maine are closed minded. Lets all write her back and Thank her!
Provincetown citizen.
8:47 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing

I love it when we get the anti affordable housing conservatives mad on this blog! As I'm reading your rants, the palm trees are swaying above from the warm tropical breezes above my hammock waiting for the mail to come with my unemployment check. Ahhhhh. Gee, I hope I don't have to go back to Ptown and work over the holidays this year, its such a bummer using my savings for air fare. But then again I do get frequent flyer points!
8:45 am est 

A Letter Sent to the 'Portland Press Herald' and the 'Boston Globe'

I sit here this morning weeping.  We could have stood tall.  We could have made history.  Now we are just another State which has denied some of its citizens their basic civil rights.  There is no fairness or justice.  Once again we have taken our homosexual community, made them into second-class citizens, thrown them in the pit of isolation, and stoned them to death.  You cannot marry, we shout in our indignation, a marriage is between one man and one woman for the purpose of procreation.  What about all the heterosexual couples who never have or intend to have children?  More to the point, what about all the loving homosexual couples who have adopted the unwanted and often abused children of these heterosexual couples and given them kind, caring families to grow up in?  To all the pious people whose God tells them that gays and lesbians should have different laws than we do, I ask them, who created these people in the first place?  Homosexuality has been with us since the !
beginning of time.  Havent we learned anything through the years?  We thought the world was flat.  Science taught us it was round.  We thought that homosexuality was a choice.  Medicine taught us that it is related to ones genetic makeup.  There is no excuse to profess ignorance when it comes to this matter.  But its deviant behavior, you say.  So do we put them in a leper colony and call them unclean?

Thankfully for me, at least, I worship a different God. a loving God, full of kindness, compassion, inclusion, caring and concern for ALL his or her creation.  No, I am not homosexual.  I am a 76 year old mother of five and grandmother of ten.  And, if I have taught them anything, I hope and trust that they are weeping with me.

To all the wonderful and caring homosexual communities out in this world, I apologize.  For whatever its worth, and with what little energy I still have left, I will fight for your rights to be treated equally.  Dont give up.  There are many of us who love you for who and what you are.  Hopefully, fairness will one day return to the State of Maine and to our whole country and we will finally experience what I always thought this country was about -  Justice for ALL!!!

Beth H. Brough
Greenwood, Maine
11:25 pm est 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Win/Win Proposition!

How about if the town of Provincetown builds some apartments and rents them out to people for the summer. Its a win win for all. People can come and spend time in Ptown and the town can make some much needed revenue. Let's stop building affordable housing and giving it away.
7:04 pm est 

Regarding Affordable Housing...

It may be affordable housing for the people who need to move into it, but it is breaking the town and breaking the backs of the taxpayers who have to fund it! Millions of dollars are going to affordable housing. I don't think the taxpayers should have ever footed the bill. People just don't get it, there is 50 percent of the population that works to support the other 50 percent of the population. Go to school, get an education and get a good paying job. I'm sick and tired of all the excuses. I have worked hard my whole life, paid my taxes, never bought anything I couldn't afford, dont drink or smoke, drive a 13 year old car, save, recycle, reuse whatever  I can. The mentality of the "I want and I need" needs to end. Don't give another red cent to the Affordable Housing, pay your way or adios!

Stop the Excuses
7:03 pm est 

Business Owners Collecting Unemployment?

What is also bothersome is that too many business owners are themselves on the take. By this I mean, too many business owners collect unemployment when they own their own businesses. If you are doing business here in Provincetown, you know it's tough in late fall and winter. But to collect umeployment seems outright wrong. You could continue to open like Fanizzi's does, like Crown & Anchor does, like Jimmy's Hideawy does. But if you decide to cut your looses, why should you be collecting umemployment? You unemplyed yourself. Seems unethical, seems disingenuous, seems just wrong.
7:01 pm est 

Ted Malone Restaurant

I want Ted Malone to open a restaurant so I can have a six course gourmet dinner with soft violin music, candle light, Crystal stem ware, plush-hushed surroundings, with vintage wine and, afterwords,cognac swirling in a snifter as I sit  before a fire place--all for Ten Dollars.

I'm me so I deserve it.

I want to rent here--so subsidize me.  Let the homeowners eat cake. They own property so they can afford it.
6:59 pm est 

Working the System

I used to think that so many workers were hired from out of country because there weren't enough people in Provincetown to fufill employment levels in the summer, but what I have seen is that a certain group of residents won't take these jobs and work hard all summer;Why work when the state and federal government will give you all these handouts for free..You just have to know how to work the system..Shame on them and shame on the system that's created this mess.
4:48 pm est 

Regarding Affordable Housing...

Lots of peaple work jobs in this community that WE NEED DONE!  cashiers at local stores, counter help at local businesses, dishwashers.. etc.  These jobs do not pay very high wages...
why is it so hard to understand that some of these pwople will benefit from affordable housing.. these folks are part of our community.. and we need their services..
They are not freeloaders.. etc   why all the mean-spiritedness regarding this issue?

There are always a few who will abuse a system, but by and large, most people who are in affordable housing, live here and work here year round...
4:47 pm est 

Massachusetts Health Care
The facts are that People who collect unemployment may also sign up for health care. Taxes are taken out of unemployment.

Are you saying that people who don't collect unemployment and who work under the table are eligible for health care?
2:59 pm est 

Pay no Mass Tax and Receive Mass Health Care

How is it that no one is talking about everyone that works here but pays no ma taxes and gets ma health care?  They work as house staff at our hotels and guest houses and bed and breakfasts, or our Restaurants , get paid tips or under the table, and have to pay no ma taxes and then they get to be considered low pay and get ma health for free.   And it is us, the taxpayers that pay into the ma government that is also paying for ma health in the end.  Some of these people work 6 months, then they get to go off to a second home somewhere else, and still have ma health benefits.  Lets start a discussion about them, or is that some of you on here and you do not want to bring that up?
12:45 pm est 

Affordable Housing & Education Mentality

So many people in this town have one ambition: to get affordable housing. This is what they work towards and all that their friends talk about and wish to achieve.

This is the objection to continuing to support our high school with such a limited student body.

Just as we have these workers in the prime of life full of energy and passion all direction themselves towards getting subsidies and affordable housing-we have these students in a mindset to achieve only what their friends want to achieve.

With a limited scope and with students only striving to be mediocre--what kind of ambition is there for them to soar to the top?

When your prime ambition is to make enough money for a big unemployment check so you can have fun all winter and apply for affordable housing--then it is time to examine your life and priorities.
12:42 pm est 

First of Several Stimulus Grants Aproved!

The first of several stimulus grants sought by the town has been approved.

The $90,240 state grant, funded through the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the federal Clean Water Act, will pay for the design to repair and repave a 2,000-foot-long section of Commercial Street from the Coast Guard Station at Franklin Street to Atlantic Avenue.

Funds to pay for the actual implementation and construction of the project, which would include an effort to stop storm water on Commercial Street from running unchecked into the harbor, have to be raised separately.
10:40 am est 

You People Really Don't Pay Attention

It is the Harbor Committee that wants to buy the beach rake and have the DPW operate it.  Don't you people go to the local board meetings?  Obviously or is that abliviously  not  !
9:50 am est 

Life Isn't a Free Ride

Actually I just don't want to pay for people who are chemically dependent to live off of my dollar. Chemical dependency is a choice. No one forced to drink or do drugs, it is a choice. I just don't have the sympathy for people who choose to get hooked. I'm just sick and tired of working hard and giving away my money to house and support people who dont want to work and will come up with any excuse not to. Grow up and get a job. Life isn't a free ride.

9:49 am est 

Being Self-fulfilled
Perhaps choosing to live in another community in which one can afford to live comfortably and in graceful style is the answer.

Wouldn't it be better supporting oneself through one's own work and feeling the accomplishment of being able to stand on one's own two feet?

Isn't that better than becoming bitter and struggling here financially all of your life awaiting subsidies all the while? Have you thought of that?
9:38 am est 

Worked Hard Then and Now

25 years ago I worked Summer jobs and winter jobs. I worked year round to pay my mortgage. Do you know what? Plenty of people did the same thing and raised families.

We are still doing it. You are doing the same thing that you know how to do--but you will never stand on your own two feet.

I'm tired of hearing how hard life is for people who pay rent, the strain and toil and slave-like conditions they undergo--What B.S.
Go and preach to some people in the inner city about your hard life and your suffering-Sheesh, what a loser.
9:36 am est 

Inquisitive About 25 Years of Subsidy

No one "hates" you for being on affordable housing for 25 years. It is more being inquisitive in trying to understand why you would put yourself in this position.

With no equity to your name and with the advancing years, what will your options be? Remember when the government changed the rules for people accepting welfare--they had to get jobs etc.

What will you do when the rules are changed or there are government cut backs?
9:35 am est 

Subsidized For Twenty Five Years
Imagine, twenty five years in affordable housing collecting food stamps and working a full time job.

Imagine working your job and paying a mortgage too, as some people do. And all done without any outside help.
9:34 am est 

Want Affordable Housing

Of course I want affordable housing. I moved here from Newark and I want an apartment with french doors that open onto the beach for a hundred dollars a month.

I also want a three course candle light dinner with music and wine for five dollars--tip included.

I want to be able to spend a week in Paris for fifty dollars and I want to have a solid gold Rolex for twenty dollars.

So what if I'm greedy? Look at you--you are setting the precedent.

Do you see how you look to the rest of us who have to pay our own way and get no breaks?
9:32 am est 

Poor Choices
Why is poor planning on your part suddenly an emergency on our part? We aren't supposed to be judgmental--but I know losers and I stay a mile away from them.

Their bad choices of spending their money on their toys without regard to rent suddenly makes their landlord an evil       because she wants her rent the first of the month.

My friends and I talk about the people we work with who go out each night spending the money that they make. I asked one guy I know how he could end up at the end of the summer with such little money in the bank--the answer--I don't know.

Go ahead, feel sorry for these people-that is just what they want.
9:31 am est 

Demonized Homeowners
How hypocritical: the people who pay rent rant and rave about the rents that they pay. They all want affordable housing  so that they don't have to pay much in rent.

People who own homes, however, get ridiculed because they want their tax money to go to true town improvements. Any homeowner who frets about their taxes and water bills and heat bills is demonized as a selfish home owner.

What we need is more summer housing--not year round subsidized housing.

What hypocrites.
9:29 am est 

Affordable Housing
Re: "I work an 8 HR 5 day a week year round job here in town and have lived in affordable housing for 25 years now. I just signed up for food and fuel assistance. I have never touched drugs and I don't like over drinking. And I know of several more FAMILYS that are also having to do the same. STOP your hate of those of us who are trying the best we can. And yes I do go on my 2 week vacation to warmer areas! "

There is no intent to "hate" you as you mention but forgive me but your sense of entitlement is over the top. Do you realize that you live in one of the most expensive areas in the US ? Most of us don't get to live in Ptown year round, get food and fuel assistance and still take 2 week vacations - do you realize how lucky you are ?

I work over 40 hours a week - dont get any assistance - and can't afford to take a 2 week vacation becuase I'm too busy trying to pay my Ptown real estate taxes on the home I paid full market price for.  I certainly don't get to live in Ptown full time and have my existance there subsidized.

Don't you think I would love to live there all the time like you ? Of course I would - but don't !  I come back to the real world and make my way generating the money I need to to be in Ptown - I don't expect someone to subsidize my choice to live there.  If I can't afford to live in Ptown without someone giving me something - I don't.  I will someday when I have made enough to make it possible without expecting someone else to pay for it.
9:28 am est 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Re: "Self-Fulfillment"

If you were truly self-fulfilled you wouldn't be so upset that others don't have it quite as together as you do. Perhaps their life circumstances haven't put them in a place where they can be. Perhaps they have chemical dependency or other issues that don't let them be quite the upstanding citizen you want them to be. Perhaps in a community we look out for those who can't look out for themselves as much as we might do for ourselves. Perhaps the economy really really sucks and that has a negative impact on those who otherwise might, and will in the future, be the shining light of the community you seem to think every single resident ought to be. Perhaps a tiny fraction of your taxes go to support these folks, so what?
11:36 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Its called AFFORDABLE HOUSING! Not free housing as you say. The only free housing in America is called jail. We affordable housing occupants also work and have bills to pay just like you. Food stamps only go so far, and what gives you the right to judge those among us who have less for reasons unknown by all of us? And you want to know something else about us? I pay taxes just like you, so please stop the lies, and have some respect. Remember when you point a finger, three fingers point back at you!
11:28 pm est 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Excellent to Clean the Beaches But....
There has been much controversy about using a raking machine to dot his. It seems to have some detrimental aspects and it sweeps up too much of the seaweed. If this is the Pier Corp, then I"m worried. They never seem to get things right. They are often half right, but that is not good enough.

So the verdict is still out but the goal of keepign our beaches clean is a priority that is finally being realized. People do come here for the beaches and they should be immaculate and inviting.
10:35 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

The only place I hear people not wanting more affordable housing is only on this blog! Every where else I hear how people wish that there were more affordable places to live in town. Prove me wrong! Put a moratorium on all building, and then you'll get what you want!But the fact is, building is the only year round business in this town! And wherever there is room for a single family home, the only people who can afford to build are the rich and/or developers who will build as much as the town by-laws allow.
10:33 pm est 

Re: Greener Pastures?

Not only people who don't work get food stamps and housing! I work an 8 HR 5 day a week year round job here in town and have lived in affordable housing for 25 years now. I just signed up for food and fuel assistance. I have never touched drugs and I don't like over drinking. And I know of several more FAMILYS that are also having to do the same. STOP your hate of those of us who are trying the best we can. And yes I do go on my 2 week vacation to warmer areas! I wish you would sign your name so I could surprise you who I am! I have a feeling we all know who you are, we have heard the same ranting at town hall meetings.
10:30 pm est 

Beach Raking

The only way I would allow beach raking, is when we can rake away some of the beach front rip-off restaurants who don't stay open year round.
7:26 pm est 

Perhaps the Same Issue keep Coming Up Because the Same Issues Dominate This Town

Ineptitude has a way of keeping people walking in circles. But you summed it up perfectly and these key issues remain like leaches on the town's leg. they suck up energy and they suck up money and the winers are the leeches.
6:20 pm est 

Greener Pastures?

So, I was thinking today that maybe I'll just quit my 100,000 a year job that I work my ass of at and then start getting unemployment. I've been working for 25 years and never once have a had a state handout. I never buy anything I can't afford and I pay all of my bills on time. But hey, unemployment, free housing, health care, food stamps, I can get it all without working. Wow, you mean I can go sit at the             or                    and get drunk each night. I can wake up hungover and not have to go to work in the morning. I can just hang out... wow this all sounds like so much fun.  

Let me think again, it doesn't sound like any fun at all. I just don't get how people can act that way. Taking handouts, never working, drinking all day. How can they actually be happy with themselves? I'd prefer to work each day and actually give back to my community. I like to think of it as self-fulfillment.

Just dont get it!
6:04 pm est 

Beautify the Neighborhood!

How about going over to                 home and help to beautify that neighborhood! It is an absolute disgrace. It is to put it simply a "junk yard". There is crap all over the place and it is a major fire just waiting to happen. I cannot believe that the town and his neighbors allow it to go on. Just a big mess. How sad that we allow this to go on.

The Garbage Man
5:59 pm est 

Not Enough Already!
What we need is community involvement. We need to cut off the tax payer's money to developers

We need to make the school a fiscally responsible entity.

We need to have a pro active pier corps so that another "Amanda Girl" doesn't land below their radar again.

We need a dilligent community so we know what is going on and that it is for the benefit of the Entire Community and all of the residents.

5:57 pm est 

Enough Already

We hate affordable housing, we hate Ted Malone, we hate our neighbors who have more than we have, we hate our neighbors who have less than we have, town boards are incompetent as are overpaid town staff, we hate development. We pay too much in taxes and Michele Couture is a shill for Ted Malone while Sharon Lynn is nowhere to be found. Oh, and those jerks in the harbormaster, don't even get me started. This is the Zombie blog where the same dead, beaten subjects come lurching back for yet another visit.

Any new news out there folks?

Go Thriller Zombies, you kicked butt!
1:22 pm est 

Town Property Maintenance

Waterfront Park is just another town project that hasn't been maintained properly.
11:26 am est 

Enforcement Sub Station

There was an enforcement sub station next to the Amanda Girl. It's called the harbormaster's office.  Lot a good it did.
11:24 am est 

Please Fill in the Blanks

"RE: However, look at the working group involving Ted Malone that changed the town's by-laws and is working to bring even more changes

What by-laws have been changed ?  And what changes are proposed ?  Any info you could share is appreciated.
11:23 am est 

Enough Catering to Private Developers

Re:"To the person who wants the town to look the way he/she wants, and to not over developed private property, because tourists want the town to look like he/she wants it to be! I think you might be happier in a place like Seaside Florida where you can't do anything to your home and everything is perfect and according to strict guidelines. Kind of like the Stepford wives meet wisteria lane"

Your thought is absolutely rediculous and why give such an extreme example to make your point ? The bottom line is that one of the factors that makes this town attractive as a destination is it's quaint appearance. Lose that and you lose a major factor that separates Ptown apart.

Enough catering to private developers, affordable housing developers and real estate agents that lobby for these eye sore developments. The town's appearance has changed so much in the last few years that no one on these boards seem to be taking a long term caring perspective to ptown.
I was at one of the many  board meetings that I attend and I saw a developer get preliminary approval even though they did not have an accurate set of plans to present ! Were they asked to come back when they had an accurate set of plans to present?  Hell no -  Only in Ptown.
11:21 am est 

Historic Provincetown

Go to the town website at, on the left on the blue column click on Historic Provincetown and then on the top lines you will see a place to click on to see the historic district--which goes from the Provincetown Inn to the first house when you enter Provincetown on Rt.6A.

Again, the problem is that my neighbors who had the money were able to dormer out their roofs years the time I had the money--it was against the Historic Laws for me to do the same.
11:17 am est 

Beautify Your Neighborhood

Selectmen asked the beautification committee to tackle the problem but chair Kristyn Samok said the committee has only five members.

Although the committee did weeding in the park twice over the summer, it does not have the resources to maintain the park, as well as public traffic islands and flower pots put out by the town at the end of Prince Street on a regular basis, she said.

The idea of harnessing volunteers to adopt a specific location and maintain it is a good one, she said.

Once we have a few people to do it, it will be a little contagious, Samok said.

Selectmen said local businesses could also participate and might be allowed to put a small plaque with their name in the area. The beautification committee agreed to work out a proposed volunteer plan to submit to selectmen.

We would be glad to have anybody who wanted to work improve any of the [traffic] islands or sides of playground, said beautification committee member Barbara Rushmore.

If someone doesnt want to do the physical work, there may be a way to donate [flower] bulbs or funds, added Selectman Mary-Jo Avellar.
11:15 am est 

$9,500,000 Swimming Pool

The 90 Shank Painter Road housing development will be worth $9.5 million when it is completed. They will be forced to purchase flood insurance. Hi tides and heavy rains and the place will be floating.

Pave over that basin and add the density of buildings and the parking lot will be a swimming pool with the first nor'easter.

Watch and learn, watch and learn. The 9.5 million dollar swimming pool.
11:13 am est 

Open Space

We pay money for open space and then we build on other open space here in town.

Why does every square inch have to be developed? I'd like to look up the flood zone of 90 Shank Painter Rd.

As someone wrote--a hundred years from now these developments will be here and the blame will be on this generation.
11:12 am est 


I was disgruntled the day that my taxes were due to stop at the stop and Shop and seeing my co-workers grocery carts groaning under the weight of food stamp purchases.

One did invite me to dinner and showed off the fancy coffee and I noticed a pantry stuffed to the gills.

I feel like beating my head against the wall with my meager bank account and stressing over these town induced bills while these robust co-worker renters live in Paradise totally subsidized.

Something just seems wrong.
11:11 am est 

Building Empire
Changing the by-laws, zoning laws, watering down everything so development and building take precedent is the rule of the day.

The developers of the affordable housing empires are the kings in this town: they get the land and the money from the people and their real estate holdings spread farther and wider.

Did you happy little people think of this when you paid your homage to the kings--I mean your taxes yesterday?
11:10 am est 

Sleepy Little Town

When the UPS driver dropped off a package where I work, he marveled at how quiet the town was. He said it felt like the town is asleep.

Lets build year round affordable housing to fill all of these winter jobs!

I too wonder what the unintended consequences will be once the housing projects are built and all of these single people are living there on the dole.

Unemployment and food stamps--I guess that they won't be supporting the town's "Restaurant week" or Holly Folly.

All the grand words about first responders living there--not to be. Although there should be a police sub-station there to keep the peace and stop any future Amanda Girl type stabbings and drug dealing.
11:09 am est 

Large Developments Allowed by Planning and Zoning

They have the power to stop large developments. For all buildings not in the historic district, then we look to these boards. However, look at the working group involving Ted Malone that changed the town's by-laws and is working to bring even more changes. Planning is being controlled by the developers and then how the town really looks becomes less of a concern then some making money and maybe others even getting dollars stuffed in their official pockets.

Large developments do not fit with this town. But looks at who is really controlling our by-laws, our boards and CPC monies. And look at the brokers and realtors who are part of this when they make money selling these affordable and market rate condos.

Connect these dots and you'll see they produced mega projects without historic concerns, without conservation issues, without overcrowding and streetscape concerns.
11:13 pm est 

Regarding the Thriller Zombies..

Yes there were 19 folks, most of whom live here year round.. practiced for 2 weeks..
IT WAS A BLAST, and thanks to all the crowds who were so excited and supportive....

Who knows what we will drag up for next year!
11:11 pm est 

Re: Recovery
".. then one person just casually mentioned a 12 step meeting the way you talk about needing to get groceries.

A main occupation for the winter seemed to be just getting  high..."


Huh? Everyone is going to AA meetings and you       about that. Then your deduction is that everyone is getting high?

Truth be known a crack dealer can't even make a living in this Town in the winter. Please beat us up for one crime at a time only.
11:10 pm est 

Re: December 7th Town Meeting

More info needed. What changes are in store as far as hiring new cops? What started the changes? Who is having the meeting, selectmen, housing, police union??? Do tell, do tell!
11:08 pm est 

AA Round Up

OK, so who is not the brightest bulb in town by saying his relative couldn't meet anybody last weekend who wasn't in a 12 step program? Have you ever heard of the yearly AA round up? Look it up.
11:07 pm est 

In My Opinion

I think some of the new housing developments look better for the town than some of the private single family homes that have been built in the last 25 years.
11:06 pm est 

About Maintaining Our Appearance

To the person who wants the town to look the way he/she wants, and to not over developed private property, because tourists want the town to look like he/she wants it to be! I think you might be happier in a place like Seaside Florida where you can't do anything to your home and everything is perfect and according to strict guidelines. Kind of like the Stepford wives meet wisteria lane.
11:05 pm est 

RE: "Development"
First, the Herring Cove project is not an affordable housing project though it did have an affordable unit within it that went to a longtime hard working local. It was a private development of units for sale at full market rate.

The reason one part of town can have units like that and other parts needs Historic District Commission approval for changes or new construction is that part of town is in the legally defined Historic District and everything else is not. Herring Cove is not, new affordable housing development on Route 6 is not. The core of town is. The line had to be drawn somewhere and the voters would never have approved the historic district at all if it covered the entire town.

You can search the town web site for a map of the exact historic district boundary.

RE: Beaches

I think the town beaches ought to be raked regularly, we have been a seaside tourist destination for over a century and tourist want nice beaches. Not all beaches, but definitely downtown and scr_w the "wrack line." We are hyper-fussy about an urban shoreline that has been a working waterfront for 200 years and is way cleaner than it ever historically was. Let's clean the beaches.
11:03 pm est 

Monday, November 2, 2009

School Budget

Would someone please enlighten me: is the $4 million per year school budget (for grades K to 12) NET of the tuition payments that other towns make to us for their students sent here?

Or is the $4 million a GROSS figure of what is spent on the schools not counting that tuition?

I ask because someone said those payments go straight to the town, not the school.

Obviously the answer makes a big difference when trying to figure out savings, if any, that would result from various regionalization scenarios.

Also, does the $4 million include the tuition the town currently makes to Nauset (and other schools) for our students who go there now?  Or are those payments in a different place in the town budget?

The devil is in the details.  Thanks.
5:18 pm est 

More Power to Them

Hey, if someone can go away and live on what they legally get from being on assisted living funds, and can also get affordable housing and anything else that is out there for the public. More power to them. I think someone on here is just jealous that someone gets more than they get, but how would you know all the facts of why some people get this assistance? They all can't be getting away with ripping off the government! If you have these facts of people using the system, it is your duty to report them! Bloging here does nothing.
5:16 pm est 

New Beach Cleaning Rake?
What do you think about the Pier Corp buying a new tractor/rake to clean the beaches?  From their meeting I also hear they want the DPW to hire another worker to operate the tractor/rake.

On the one hand we do need to work on keeping our beaches clean, on the other hand now is not the time to add staff.
5:14 pm est 

Spare Us Please!

There seems to be a cycle of repeating oneself on this blog about the same problems, even if those problems have been debated and ended long ago.  Please give us readers a break on the same old     about the schools, housing, and population. Thanks and to the person who has a passion against investing in the towns future. Get over it!
5:13 pm est 

Affordable Housing Development

Re:"If you don't want something built then buy the property yourself and put a conservation easement on it. Don't look to government to keep your precious idea of what things should look like intact at the expense of private property owners"

You are fundamentally correct in your statement. My question is why is it that a property owner in one part of town can't basically change a door handle without historical approval and yet in other parts of town these huge developments happen ?  Is there not a happy medium to protect the way Ptown looks ?  Obviously this area with the town homes is not historic district but does the town need to allow such overbuilding ?

We are a destination for tourists for many reasons - one of them being our charming historical looking town. If we become a place of just huge developments and huge affordable housing complexes - we will lose the draw that brings tourists and revenue to this town. It is not my "precious idea" of what things should look like - its just obvious that these huge developments are forever changing the way the town looks and could possibly jeapordize the attractiveness of this town to tourists and the revenue they bring in.
5:11 pm est 

Re: "Recovery"

Umm, duh, sounds like your "dashing" relative happen to arrive on RoundUp weekend when the specific theme was those in recovery getting together for a weekend. Perhaps reading the events calendar next time would yield a more satisfactory visit.
5:08 pm est 

Provincetown Workers Profile

For millions of Americans the rule is simple: If you don't come to work, you don't get paid.

That idea drives an untold numbers of carpenters, day care workers, servers, shopkeepers and small-business owners to their jobs each day. Sniffles or not.

As the swine flu spreads across the nation  and public health officials plead with the ill to, please, stay home in bed for several days until the fever goes away  a large segment of the American work force will face a tough choice about whether to call in sick or simply muddle through.

That's because when skipping work means skipping food on the table or missing a rent payment, staying in bed isn't as simple as it sounds.
8:24 am est 

Twelve Years of Losing Students

How many times have we heard about the coming surge in the student body in our schools? Myths one and all.

All of these rosy-red projections about all of these students rushing to Provincetown when the truth is that they are leaving each year in droves.

It is time for the creation of the Outer Cape Regional Schools. It is time to face the truth that it is now twelve years in a row that students have been leaving the Provincetown school system.

One elementary school in Truro for our region and one high school in Eastham.
8:23 am est 

December 7th Meeting
Don't forget the town meeting on December 7th regarding changing the rules for hiring year round police men and women.

I hope that this gives Ted Malone and his acolytes At Community housing enough time to get an article on the warrant to get another million dollars.

It would be a shame to spoil the record of affordable housing developers of three for three--three years--three million dollars.
8:22 am est 

My vivacious and dashing younger relative was here and what was most unsettling to my relative was that in meeting people most of them were in some kind of 12 step program.

My relative could meet someone for some activity, but specific times were blocked off with different people and then one person just casually mentioned a 12 step meeting the way you talk about needing to get groceries.

A main occupation for the winter seemed to be just getting  high. The thing is, it happened with different people--it isn't as though one person was met and then the time was spent with this person's friends. It was meeting distinct people at different times and places.
8:20 am est 

Halloween Bash
People came from all over to enjoy Halloween here. A family group came from Connecticut and rented room from our place to attend this Gala.
8:19 am est 

Attention Deflection
The person complaining about the new homes at the tennis court is just trying to deflect attention away from the affordable housing industrial complex.

The *tremendous* *Irrefutable* difference between the affordable housing projects and this one is this: This private developer didn't use tax payer money to expand his or her real estate empire. Sorry, it isn't the same thing.
8:18 am est 

It is All in the Name
Affordable housing industrial complex. Big business in Provincetown. Too bad they got away with changing all of the family style 3 family units into one bedroom units. Bait and switch I believe it is called.
8:17 am est 

Don't talk about over building until you see what is jammed into the low income housing projects along Shank painter road and Race Point Rd.
8:15 am est 

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What an Opportunity!

Last night was very special in town. Why isn't halloween celebrated and promoted yearly on the last saturday of october. What an opportunity! pbg?
12:59 pm est 

Jobs For Graduates

Every graduate of Provincetown High School will have a job forever. Seashore point needs workers desperately and our graduates can always get a job there in the kitchen or housekeeping. So there!
12:57 pm est 

Re: Overbuilding

Just a few observations for the person complaining about the new townhomes by tennis courts:
1) You're a little late, the project went through two years of tough review and was completed last year.
2) Despite your wish, the Zoning Board does not have the right to destroy private property rights. They can't just say "no" because you want them to. The owners of that property did buy it as is, and that included the room to build what they did, that's why they bought it.
3) There were extensive modifications to the plan as it went through the process to accomodate neighbors, fire chief and other concerns.

If you don't want something built then buy the property yourself and put a conservation easement on it. Don't look to government to keep your precious idea of what things should look like intact at the expense of private property owners.
12:56 pm est 

Re: Halloween

Ditto on kudos townwide for Halloween. From the Winslow St annual event and amazing Haunted House on Thursday to the Carnival-level of creativity and crowds last night Provincetown was ablaze with fun and smiles. Great great job to all. Also, sooo much thanks to all those businesses and homes up and down Commercial St whose decorations made it a spooky week to remember.
12:55 pm est 

Re: Flood Insurance

My home is just outside the new FEMA mapped risk zones and was same for old zones. It is theoretically exposed to some slight flood danger as the 1950's hurricane brought water just to the front of the house. I pay $300 per year for National Flood Insurance Program insurance. It covers first $250,000 in loss to structure/contents. Seems a good deal.

In reading town info and FEMA online info about new maps you can be grandfathered into current rates, even if you are in a flood zone. You have to buy flood insurance before the new maps go into effect next June. You are then grandfathered into the current rates and I think this is transferable to a new owner of the property as well. A very very good deal.

If you are in a newly mapped zone and your mortgage is federally insured or is now carried by a federally backed mortgage provider you MUST purchase flood insurance.
12:54 pm est 

I Agree: No Families in Ted Malone's Development But Friends of Ted

He always promises the world: a place for teachers, a place for firemen, a place for families. Then after the money is stuffed in his large pockets, the rules change, the designs change, and he builds places for one or two. He builds for Friends of Ted. Workf for him. Play with him. Entertain him. Then you'll find yourself being invited in: to affordable housing.

It's a sad joke and an affront. But look at the BOS and they are Friends of Ted and especially the so-called Chair.
12:52 pm est 

Unintended Consequences
You know our old friend "Unintended Consequence". You do something and something you never expected suddenly occurs?

Affordable housing was sold to us as a way to bring families here and fill the schools. No one gave a thought that there are no jobs here in the winter.

I already know of people leaving town because they can't find a job here. With the largest affordable housing development on Cape Cod on the horizon do you really think that the jobs will suddenly appear? Hardly.

People with section 8 and 40-B housing subsidies will be moving here--they don't need a job to get housing. All of the folks at Foley House will suddenly be able to have their own apartments.

Plus, a single woman has a baby and suddenly she is afforded housing and income--this could be her destination as well!
8:35 am est 

Provincetown Halloween "Happening"

Last night was Truly an impromptu "Happening" in Provincetown: the costumes, the crowds, the laughter, the was a magnificent event and I saw friends and neighbors I hadn't seen all summer.

Every one had a smile on their face. The home-made inventive costumes were the best.

How in the world did a group of guys who all were the same height and build meet up to dress alike and put on orange wigs with pig tails? They were a mob of delight!

People were all talking about the Michael Jackson event--were these local folks too?

I know where I will be next Halloween.
8:33 am est 

School Budget
Don't any of you business majors or people who have businesses or any of the banks here see the folly of all of these cape towns all supporting their own schools?

It is so clear that this current lunacy needs to end--and yet there isn't an outcry to create the outer-cape regional school district.

Thank heaven for the Peter Francese reports--clear eyed truth to steam roll over the school-committee-induced-emotional-mush.
8:30 am est 

Affordable Housing

Someone asks what are they missing about affordable housing. I'll tell you because I work with people who can't wait for affordable housing because they know how to work the system.

All they do is scam and they get away with it.

Work in the summer and then go away for the winter. I know one guy who who postponed his trip to Southeast Asia to find out if he won the lottery.

He brags about his investments etc. yet he will contintue to apply for affordable housing. Do you know how easy it is to hide your income and just show your part time summer job on your application?

This guy was here working as a waiter when I was a tourist here over 30 years ago. He is still here working only evenings as a waiter and then going off to warmer climates in the winter. Bragging all the while.

Why should he be eligible for affordable housing when it is "self induced poverty". Now, this doesn't apply to lots of  people here in affordable housing--but everyone I talk to seems to know a person like this.
8:29 am est 

Mom,Dad,Little Billy and Sister Sue

You think that these are the people moving into affordable housing? The developers changed the plans and are building mostly one bedroom apartments.

The people living there will be the guys from the Amanda Girl. Go to Hyannis and ask about the homeless--these are the people who will have first priority because federal money was used.

Anyone from the continental united states and Alaska and Hawaii (and Puerto Rico?)may move into this housing.

A guy I know informed me that he did a study of all of the states and that New York and Massachusetts had the best benefits and so he chose Provincetown by the water and he is thriving here and enjoying his cruises--all due to his subsidies.

FAMILIES? Ha, wait and see; Wait and see.
8:26 am est 

Education is Crucial
None of us here who are people of accomplishment are against education. We are who we are because we thrived in a class room of students where we sought excellence and we brought out the best in each other.

We had firery exchanges ideas and eureka moments and were *INSPIRED* by each other as we gained knowledge and deeper understanding of subjects.

I relished school and never missed a day; it was my social-educational world and I was on fire to learn.

I want the next generation to be the same.

If my parents tried to put me in a school like Provincetown High school they would have heard a blood-curdling scream of "No"! We aren't against schools; we are against paying millions to send our forty odd students to an empty school with no stimulating social interaction or student body.
8:24 am est 

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