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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Re: Police Regionalizing

And now the selectmen want to regionalize the police with Truro police? Gimme a break!
9:10 pm edt 

Flood Insurance

One home owner said that flood insurance is just a couple of hundred dollars more a year. He already pays flood insurance.

I wonder what determins what one pays. I just got the news and it is what have any of you discovered?
7:35 pm edt 

Talk is Cheap!

All that Talk and Frenzy about the New, grand Transportation Center:

And now, silence. The chatter has subsided. All that hullabalu has landed with what? The grand plan fizzled. Talk is cheap and believing money will fall from the trees a little nuts. Where's Michele Couture on this one? What's her explanation? Fizzle is fizzle and who's to blame? No action. No one, not even Sharon or her staff or the BOS, even wrote or created a project. How naive. Submit an old plan and believe the government will be foolish enough to accept that. Poor pathetic group.
7:34 pm edt 

Regionalization Plan -

I meant to name it the Outer Caper Regional School System... not Lower Cape...

7:31 pm edt 

What am I Missing?

When all these affordable family rentals (one bedrooms?)are filled, what will they do for employment? You don't give people a place to live if they have no jobs to earn a living. Is the town setting these people up to work the system? Have a job from June through the end of September and then live on unemployment? This does not seem to be  a well thought out plan. Am I missing something? I will happily stand corrected if there is a reasonable explanation.
7:30 pm edt 

Re: The Schools

I can't wait for affordable housing to rent all those units.  All those new kids coming to town.  I can't wait.  And I would like to personally thank everyone who is paying for the kids in our school system now.  You're the best.  Really, we couldn't do it without you.  Thank you for sucking it up and paying your taxes.  Thank you for your constructive criticism.  You know and I know we are never closing the schools.  So continue to suck it up.  When those affordable housing complexes fill with all those working-class people, it will be like the old days. Once again, thank you.  We couldn't do it without your tax money.  You should be proud of your support of public education in Ptown.  We are proud of you for doing it.  All you business people, you gays without kids, you second home owners, you year-rounders without kids, you fiscal conservatives, you government haters, we love you.  We do.  I get a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about you and all your money.  Thanks.  Yo!
u really are the best.
7:29 pm edt 

Exit Interview???
Parents do not need to succumb to any type of interview to leave a school system. All they need to do is fill out paperwork to have their child's records transferred to another school. Just another way for Ptown to try to "hang on" to the slow death. Give it up.
2:43 pm edt 

Let's Talk About Regionalization
How about if Ptown, Truro and Wellfleet all regionalize all of their services. We could have the police, fire, dpw,schools,libraries, etc all be under a regional plan. This could be more cost effective for the three towns. Wellfleet has a brand new Rescue building, housing police and fire. Truro has a great police station. Provincetown would not have to build either and save a ton of money. We could use the present buildings as substations. As far as the schools go, we could have Truro and Wellfleet students 6-12 come to Ptown high school and use the Truro Central school and the Wellfleet Elemenary Schools as Pre K-2 and a 3-6 or a similiar combination. There are roughly 400 student for the three towns grade Pre K-5.
Maybe Wellfleet can leave the Nauset Regional System and join with Provincetown? That way we wouldn't need to have such a long ride to Eastham if and when we are forced to regionalize. I'd rather propose our own plans rather than be forced into regionalizing with Nauset.It's coming, don't fool yourself. We can not continue to fund the schools in Provincetown the way are being funded. That way Nauset can have Brewster,Orleans and Eastham. We can have the Lower Cape Regional School System with Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet. It makes the most sense as we are all within 20 minutes of each other.

Maybe the selectman and town managers of each town can get together and start to talk about real solutions instead of these fake committees who have gotten no where. We have been talking about changes to the schools for the last 5 years. Someone needs to grow a pair and start to make plans for something to happen and it needs to be done soon. There is no gold at the end of the fiscal rainbow.

We need to get smart and we need to come together to help each other out.
2:41 pm edt 

Provincetown Schools

A relocation program for the 48 families with kids would be cheaper than keeping that damn school open!
2:25 pm edt 

Re: "Exit Interview"

Now they want to have an inquisition of any parent who takes their child out of the school system.

"Exit Interview" they call this inquisition.

Kind of like the Oklahoma law requiring a pre abortion interview to try to talk women out of having an abortion.

Intimidation tactics and strong arming, Provincetown School Committee's desparate 11th hour attempts at keeping their cavernous nearly empty high school open.
2:24 pm edt 

To: "Keep Our Kids Where They Are"

(or rather, i want to keep my job)

reading between your transparent lines
2:21 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

The last post made me laugh. Barry apologize for being beaten and his partner held without charges and hurt in our jail because no one helped him?

The pictures you see of Barry are from the next day, AFTER HE WAS CLEANED UP, since our cops were too afraid to take a mug shot! Has that ever made you wonder? Everyone gets a mug shot...especially someone never in trouble before.

Mr. Scott has hundreds of thousands of radio listeners and over 500 people on that one facebook page you have. Plus he has two personal pages with over 6,000 fans and a huge web site based on his show! That's hundreds of times more people than live in this town right now!

The sad situation is that Barry continued to play that night, as a paid DJ, because the homeowner told him to! That same homeowner saw the police the first two times (and cried) but Barry didn't see them until the last minute visit at 10:15pm--when summer officers assaulted him while he was handcuffed. There are many people who know the truth and some who have the balls to tell it.

Barry Scott is doing the right thing! Go man, go! Citizens: Don't listen to posts full of lies on this board. Barry Scott certainly isn't reading. He's too busy fighting for truth and he got out of town because he thought our cops were criminals. I tend to believe him!
12:04 pm edt 

Observation - Overbuilding
I was just driving past the Bill White's area down by the Rt 6 and noticed a row of huge townhouses and then behind them a row of another huge development.  What gives ? What was the Zoning board thinking on this one ?

They are lovely buildings but too conjested - looks like a clown car at the circus - squeeze as many as you can into a little area. The moors area is gorgeous but there is no transitional area like the other side of the street with well spaced out houses. You go from the moors view to a crammed park of houses that look like they dont belong because they are each pretty but need more land to look right.

I wish the Zoning board would realize that they are making decisions that will affect Ptown for the next hundred years.  Please stop giving developers everything they want ! Your job is to ensure consistency in this town even if it makes developers modify their plans to fit in with the area.

They bought the land or property for what it was - with no guarantees of what it could become. You don't need to give them everything they want and sacrifice the charming look of this town.

Please do not tell me to look at the congestion in the Historical area - I am well aware of that. What I am saying is that for this neighborhood specifically - one that is dominated by single family houses with land - these developments look totally out of place.
12:02 pm edt 

FEMA Map Changes
Someone asked about the process of requesting changes to Fema flood maps.  Google "Firm", click the first result, then go to the bottom of that page & click "learn more about the process of changing a FIRM".

This lays out the process.  Some excerpts follow:

- FEMA uses the most accurate flood hazard information available and applies rigorous standards in developing the FIRMs. However, because of limitations of scale or topographic definition of the source maps, small areas may be inadvertently shown within a [flood area] on a FIRM even though the on natural ground and is at or above the elevation... commonly referred to as the Base Flood Elevation, or BFE. Such cases are referred to as "inadvertent inclusions."

- FEMA established procedures to change the designation for these properties on the FIRM. These processes are referred to as the Letter of Map Amendment, or LOMA, process and the Letter of Map Revision Based on Fill, or LOMR-F, process. An individual who owns, rents, or leases property may submit certain mapping and survey information to FEMA and request that FEMA issue a document that officially removes a property and/or structure from the [flood plain]. In most cases, the applicant will need to hire a Licensed Land Surveyor or Registered Professional Engineer to prepare an Elevation Certificate for the property. Upon receiving a complete application forms package, FEMA will normally complete its review and issue its determination in 4 to 6 weeks.

- The issuance of a LOMA or LOMR-F eliminates the Federal flood insurance purchase requirement as a condition of Federal or federally backed financing; however, the mortgage lender retains the prerogative to require flood insurance as a condition of providing financing, regardless of the location of a structure. The purchase of a flood insurance policy is wise even if a structure is located outside [a flood area]. More than 25 percent of flood claims are made by property owners located outside [a flood area].

There are links to the actual forms used to request a change.  There is no fee to apply for a change, but if you have to hire a Surveyor that would cost of course.  You might have a surveyed plot plan that was used if your house was built or expanded recently that might show plot elevation lines which might preclude the need for a new survey.

Final note: some Firm maps do not show Base Flood Elevation "because detailed hydraulic analyses have not been performed in some cases, no Base Flood Elevations (BFEs) or flood depths are shown."  This seems to the case for the town Firm maps.  I hope Fema can explain this better at the upcoming public meeting Nov 12th.

Hope this helps.
12:00 pm edt 

What Makes the Elementary School the Sacred Cow?

There are 92 kids in the elementary school.
There will be more once all of the affordable housing is rented.
There are 48 Ptown kids in the high school.
There will be more once all of the affordable housing is rented.
Truro has already said it doesn't want all our kids.
Truro has said it does not want unmanageable class sizes.
Once all of the affordable housing is rented, Truro wouldn't be able to handle all our kids.
If we bus our 7-12 kids to Nauset it will cost us an extra $360K per year.
Keep our kids where they are.
10:05 am edt 

Barry Scott

You have to pity Barry Scott. He needs help and someone should see that he gets it. It's really a sad situation.

..He once had a Facebook page about the incident where he continually trashed Provincetown, but I wouldn't worry about it affecting the economy. He had all of 38 friends.

..He also had pictures of his injuries. After reading about him being beaten I was expecting horrendus open sores and bleeding. I've had more severe injuries playing soccer.

..He has never apologized for his actions that day like..."I should have recommended to the host of the party that perhaps setting up a sound system may create too much noise for the neighbors" or "Yeah, maybe after the second warning I should have got the hint that it was possible I was making too much noise."

..If you want to support Barry Scott - that's your right. However, take some time and look for people who deserve support and recognition. Those who volunteer at the AIDS Support Group or the Senior Center. Or, who donate food and time to the Soup Kitchen. These are people whom you can respect and honor.

In these times of war, lack of comprehensive health insurance and economic stability there are far more important issues than Barry Scott.
9:30 am edt 


After hearing there were 7 kids in one class at the elementary school, I was asked if the kids were in private school.   I think that is rather wonderful.   We should rejoice at the number of kids in our community.   The old people who are left - their kids moved.   We are in a holding pattern as a new community develops.   So don't knock the fact that kids still represent 8.5% of the population of the year round population - you should rejoice in that.  
9:28 am edt 

Re: School Committee
"Pretty unimpressive group. And this Carrie Notaro is also unimpressive and worse: unqualified. This is not the group that could ever decide the future of our school system."

Did you run for a position on the Committee?  I guess not, it's easier to sit and criticize than actually do something if you think you can do better.
9:26 am edt 

Lost Credibility
The school committee perpetrates falsehoods and has lost all credibility in the eyes of the residents of Provincetown.

People are afraid to vote against the school budget because of the evil eye that would be cast upon them. Their children would suffer.

The same people who yelled "call the question" would also make life hell for anyone who votes against the school.

Now they want to have an inquisition of any parent who takes their child out of the school system.

"Exit Interview" they call this inquisition. What the school committee doesn't realize is that people with children don't want to move to Provincetown BECAUSE they feel that it is unfair to their child to put them in a school with one or two class mates for their entire school career.
9:25 am edt 

Sand Spit
Provincetown is the largest sand spit in the world. No matter how hard it rains, the water drains right through the sand. My house was built before the civil war and it never gets water in the basement.

I'm partly in the green zone and partly in the white zone.
9:24 am edt 

School Budget
We are not allowed to ask one question on town floor regarding the school budget; they are a god unto themselves.

It is up to the school committee to find the money--not the taxpayers. The school committee and the superintendent will have to work out where the cuts will be.
9:22 am edt 

What Makes the Elementary School the Sacred Cow?
Why wouldnt we want to close the elementary school when their enrollment is as bad as the  high schools? 2.8 million for a around 60+ children...if hs kids can ride a bus for 45-60 minutes to Eastham and Orleans the es children can ride a bus for 10 minutes to Truro!
9:21 am edt 


So I have been looking over this information about the new FEMA maps. Wasn't I surprised to find my property being moved from the old "best" category into the new "worst" category. Even though neither my land nor my house have moved. At the same time one of the abutting properties was left in the "worst" category, and another moved "up" one category. But here's the catch. My property is at least 4' HIGHER than both of these properties.

Yes, one of these properties is in the green zone, even though it is 1' or 2' LOWER than the other which is in the tan zone. And my property is in the green zone even though it is 4' to 6' HIGHER than both of them.

Sounds like I will have to appeal this designation. What a drag. I just hope these people from FEMA aren't stuck on themselves being right.

I have been educating myself on what I need to know as I can from the info at Town Hall and the FEMA website. But there is one piece of information I cant seem to find. In drawing the foundries for the different colors, what information is FEMA using. I can only assume that they are using elevation above sea level contour lines. Is this right? If it is what are the cut off numbers for the different colors? Could someone direct me to this information?
9:20 am edt 

Re: Reginalization

In all this talk about closing the school/regionalization.. I still have yet to hear the actual facts as to how much the town would save if we closed the schools and sent the children to Nausset.

What are the savings?  Those who keep demanding the school closure seem to think that that town will save millions.. Will it? maybe, I don't know...

If we were given the actual facts about how much we could expect to save if we regionalized, it might help put the discussion in proper perspective.

I have no emotional bias in this matter, I realy just would like FACTS so that I could make an informed desicion.

Dose anybody have numbers that are based on facts, to tell us what we would save?
9:18 am edt 

Friday, October 30, 2009

Re: Hurricanes

Re:"Thank goodness we dodged a bullet and don't need flood insurance. We are in the green zone."

Properties in the green zone should absolutely buy flood insurance. The rates are not that bad. There is so much disinformation on this blog.
10:37 pm edt 

Just Look at This School Committee
Pretty unimpressive group. And this Carrie Notaro is also unimpressive and worse: unqualified. This is not the group that could ever decide the future of our school system. They do not have the academic experience or broad-ranging thinking you would want and expect from a school committee. And when one is facing the dilemma of so few students as ours is, this is not the group you want making critical decisions.
10:34 pm edt 

Uncovered Problems?
Sorry, but in truth, Sharon is the problem. She is weak, not the most intelligent, and is too uninformed. She is not dynamic and I'd take, as someone else implies, David Gardner to be Town Manager. He is quiet in his own way but he acts and he also speaks in public. Sharon is silent and simply over her head in this job.

Sharon is controlled by another not too bright bulb, Michele Couture. When this woman can intimate [intimidate]a town manager, I know we are in deep doo-doo.

Wishing it were not what it is but it sadly is.
7:44 pm edt 

Re: Re: "High School Glide Path"

I thought 48 was the total enrollment and misread a prior post so apologies. I was not doing a gotcha post. I was attempting to make a stab at framing the data/debate from what I've seen posted on here since everyone else just yells at each about the subject and the alternative presented so far have been "when there are zero students left" or " close it tomorrow."  

If someone has better data to make a better guesstimate - or the school review committee will provide soon - at what the "glide path" is for the high school then I'm all ears and sure everyone else is too.

Is it 5 years, 10 years?
7:38 pm edt 

Re: "Gales and Hurricanes"

Agree with posting on dangers in all potential directions from hurricanes -rated at. Have always been told that the higher risk, as pointed out, is winter nor' easter storms like the Portland Gale. Whereas hurricanes usually pass by relatively quickly, have to take the correct track, be strong enough over our cooler waters to do damage. Much more dangerous are the winter storms that can sit for days and pound us with wind and can impact a much larger area. This leads to repeated high tides topped by waves riding on top of storm surge, a recipe for bad damage.

In my area FEMA map I note that they don't show water coming as far as I was told it came up in 1950's storm by someone who grew up in the house. It also doesn't match damage I see in a picture of my house that looks like it was after the Portland Gale.

Finally, it isn't just the ocean you have to be concerned with but rain from a hurricane as well, storms can dump 8" or more in a short period. That water has to go somewhere and can be into your house.

All of which suggests flood insurance if you can afford it even if you aren't in the FEMA flood zones.

- first one to top of Monument in a tsunami bring the beer!
7:37 pm edt 

You are misinformed.  Hurricane Bob was a relatively small Cat 2 storm and it did not hit town at high tide.  The key is the tide and the path of the eye; and of course the storm strength, which drives surge height and wind speed.

Town is overdue for one at high tide.  And it most definitely can get a "direct hit".
6:38 pm edt 

Re: Small Classes and Regionalization
The goals is not to be best solution for every student in every situation. Goal is to be decent educational outcome for most (remaining) kids in most situations. We are a small town, we can't afford the best for every situation, parents can't afford it, and taxpayers can't either.
6:33 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn is Doing a Great Job

She has a somewhat competent team under her.  That is the sign of a good manager.  David Gardner is just another version of Keith Bergman - no respect for the citizens, no social skills and wants his own little kingdom.

Sharon has undercovered more problems since she has been on the job than any one could have anticipated.  and remember if she was doing the job that david gardner is credited with doing - then he would be out of a job.
6:30 pm edt 

Re: Hurricanes
 You misunderstand. Provincetown isn't safe from Hurricanes--it just doesn't get the cataclysmic damage which would be done to Chatam and the like.

We are more vulnerable to Nor'easters. Again, I was here during hurricane Bob and saw the damage from Provincetown to the other side of the bridge as I drove to the other side of the bridge just after it passed.

Boats littered the beaches and, unfortunately, they were looted. Provincetown was hit--but it was not demolished. Provincetown can't get a "direct" hit due to its layout--but it will sustain damage--just not catastrophic damage.
6:28 pm edt 

"Hurricanes hit the "Chatham side" of the cape; we are so protected from the *severe* damage from hurricanes do to the curved tip of Provincetown which protects us."

Hurricanes are cyclonic, so winds are not just from one direction. Commercial Street faces southeast.  The winds in the upper right quadrant of a hurricane in the northern hemisphere blow from the southeast direction.  Those are the highest and most damaging winds because the forward motion of the hurricane adds to the wind speed.

So for a hurricane whose eye goes west of town, as is easily possible, the town would get hit by the highest upper right quadrant winds blowing directly at Commercial St.

The shape of the Cape would lessen the height of the sea's storm surge in town compared to the open ocean side.  But it wouldn't take much surge to do great damage if it hit at high tide and was pushed by the highest winds, because so much of our land is so low.

If you still think town is pretty safe from such storms, you might want to look up the Portland Gale at the library. It destroyed most of the many wharfs that existed then and many houses on Commercial St.  That was long ago, but we've been very lucky.  Not a question of if it happens again, but when.  
6:08 pm edt 

Re: There We go Again, Grasso, Adams et. al:

"We know their bulbs aren't so bright, but duh, how about regionalizing the busing of Truro,  and Wellfleet? Is the school committee that dumb? Me thinks Yes!" 
Wellfleet is already in the Nauset system.
And why would Truro want to share our transportation costs?
Why hasn't Truro regionalized with anyone?
It likes things the way they are.
Plus Nauset has never asked them.
Granted, the school committee members aren't rocket scientists--but they do know about Truro and Wellfeet.
6:04 pm edt 

Choice and Inevitable Reality

"What you overlook is that every student TODAY has the choice to go to Nauset, and they can exercise that choice at any point in their high school time."

5:10 pm edt 

No Seat at The Table

We won't have a seat on the Nauset school committee because we won't be in the system.

Please we've had enough mediocracy on the Provincetown School Committees over the years. I hope we don't have represenation.
5:07 pm edt 

There We go Again, Grasso, Adams et. al:

"If we don't regionalize with Nauset (and it has never offered to regionalize with us) and we bus our 7-12 kids to the two Nauset school anyway, it will cost us 1.56 million."

Yes, keep sitting on your hands with your do nothing leadership! Great example for the kids!

We know their bulbs aren't so bright, but duh, how about regionalizing the busing of Truro, Provincetown and Wellfleet? Is the school committee that dumb? Me thinks Yes!
5:06 pm edt 

Small Classes and Regionalization

"Another thought regarding the small classes at PHS.  Remember what it was like in high school?  Certain groups of kids always hang out together,..."


You go on to say that many kids would be better off at Nauset since there are more cliques there, so better chance to fit in.

What you overlook is that every student TODAY has the choice to go to Nauset, and they can exercise that choice at any point in their high school time.  So for a student and their parents who agree with you, they'd go to Nauset.  But regionalization, with the closing of PHS, would require all students to go to Nauset.  No choice for anyone, regardless of their preference about what is best for themselves.

Continued declining enrollment looks like it will force this, but let's not fool ourselves that it is better for all students in all situations.  
5:03 pm edt 

Re: Regionalization
It costs 4 million to run the school system.
2.8 million pays for the elementary school, pensions and administrative costs.
Those numbers aren't going to change because no one is closing the elementary school, stopping pensions or ending the administration of the system.
1.2 million pays for the high school (7-12).
If we don't regionalize with Nauset (and it has never offered to regionalize with us) and we bus our 7-12 kids to the two Nauset school anyway, it will cost us 1.56 million.
1.56 million  minus 1.2 million equals 360K.
We will pay 360K extra to bus our kids to Nauset.
(It will cost us more once all of affordable housing is rented.)
The high school will never be sold by the town; it will keep it: no cash windfall there.
If we bus our kids to Nauset, without regionalizing, we will then be the hostages of the Nauset school committee.
We won't have a seat on the Nauset school committee because we won't be in the system.
Don't bus our kids to a Nauset system that is crumbling.
Nauset will soon have an average of 30 kids per classroom.
It is no longer running activity buses at 5.
It is laying off teachers,
It is dropping courses.
It just wants our money.
Forget that.
I'll take our 6-1 teacher-to-student ratio anytime.
It's better for the kids; it's better for the teachers; it's better for the town.
4:55 pm edt 

Flood Map
Finally something is going our way. Thank goodness we dodged a bullet and don't need flood insurance. We are in the green zone.

I'm sorry that this has affected so many others of you. Hurricanes hit the "Chatham side" of the cape; we are so protected from the *severe* damage from hurricanes do to the curved tip of Provincetown which protects us.  

Places will flood, but I hope that the cost of the flood insurance is "reasonable".  
4:21 pm edt 

School Committee Responsibility
According to Banner:"Town Manager Sharon Lynn said Monday she was looking to the school committee to make recommendations on how the town's general fund could make up the deficit.

She called the the $85,000 projected budget gap "urgent" and said since it was the result of projections made in the school budget, it was incumbent upon the school committee to come up with creative ways to correct the problem.

"Its their budget, I'm hoping that between the superintendent and school committee we can have an open dialogue" Lynn said.

The time is over when the school can make up their budget and expect the taxpayers to just keep on paying. The budget needs to be based on facts--not on how the School committee's hopeless dreams.

More students are leaving the school--time to close schools and bus our Provincetown students to other schools.
4:20 pm edt 

Missing in Action

m-m-m-someone is onto something on this leadership issue here in Provincetown. I too see David Gardner as a person who knows a lot and acts. But Ms. Lynne seems recessive and hiding somewhere in the trailers. I don't know where but she has disappeared.
4:18 pm edt 

Outside Pressure
The school committee kept the school enrollment a secret because they knew that people wouldn't support a school that lost its credibility and was a financial burden educating only a handful of Provincetown students.

With the dept. of Revenue ordering them to investigate regionalization and with the Peter Francese report that shocked the cape, the true facts were revealed.
4:17 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Eligibility
40-B housing is for the guys like the ones who were living on the Amanda Girl. They could have stepped off the Amanda girl and into 90 Shank Painter Rd if it was completed.

The homeless in Hyannis or the single mother in the shelter or the motel room with the hulking teenage sons? They will be ushered into affordable housing units as soon as they are built.

There is a need for affordable housing and Provincetown will fill that need and the state will pay the rents that the builders collect.
4:16 pm edt 

Re: Regionalization

Another thought regarding the small classes at PHS.  Remember what it was like in high school?  Certain groups of kids always hang out together, jocks, the brainiacs, etc., it happens in every school.  Now imagine you don't fit into a certain group because in Provincetown the group is very small.  You are considered kind of an 'outcast' and you have to deal with it for all four years of high school.  It can be very lonely.

At Nauset with a much larger student population you have a greater possibility of finding students who you want to hang out with and and with whom you share common interests.  You won't spend your entire four years in high school feeling alone.
4:15 pm edt 

High School Glide Path

"On current trend of 48 actual students this year, with 17 less than expected this year and let's say, being conservative, 10 less in 2010/2011...."
Good idea to try to estimate future enrollment, but you have to start with apples and apples.  You are subtracting the 2009-10 decrease in out-of-town students (17) from a total that only counts in-town students. Instead you should use the grand total of in-town plus out-of-town students in grades 7 to 12 who use the high school building, which is higher than your "48". Thus your 4-5 year "glide slope" is baseless.

The Strategic Planning Committee, that made its report last December and January, had some slides on this subject if I recall, showing actual past trend lines, and detailing the declining % of in-town and out-of-town students who are choosing to use our high school.  That data, updated with the most recent figures, would be a better starting point than your made-up apples and oranges projection, if you are serious about reaching reasonable estimates of future enrollment.

But my guess is you are less interested in that, since it would take a bit of real research to do, than you are in blasting off a quick "gotcha" posting.

You'll notice I didn't say one word about my opinion on the schools - only that we need to base decisions on facts.
3:37 pm edt 

Go-Go Years Are Gone!
One of the cleaning ladies shocked me when she said that if she had it do over again she wouldn't get married and have children.

It is terribly sad to be in your 40's and have such regrets. I don't know her education level or what her options are--but they seem limited without a serious education.

What will our children be doing in 20 years? What options will they have?

Think long and hard and be aware that the world has changed and employers are being very discerning in whom they chose to hire. I'd turn off the TV and get out the books because it is a new world out there. The go-go years are gone.
11:28 am edt 

I Think Sharon Lynn is Doing as Well as She is Under David Gardner's Leadership

David Gardner is the one who is making decision. He is the one who knows Zoning and Planning rules--not Sharon Lynn. And I think Sharon is doing what she does under the leadership of Alix Heleila. And I think even the policing is because of Jeff Jaran's leadership. Without these key leaders, it would all fall apart.
11:25 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Schools

A failed Provincetown School Committee who for years ignored declining enrollment and tried to prevent the public from knowing it too.  If they had taken a leadership role and looked for ways to have a healthy enrollment, it would be a different scenerio today. But not only didn't they, but they kept the public in the dark year after year protecting their own kids, and their teaching buddies. It's them vs. us now.
11:23 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Schools

''How small is too small?
When there are no kids to teach, then you can close the school''

Now, would that also dovetail into your retirement? These pro-school rants are about saving one's jobs not providing the best school education possible which means regionalizing!
11:22 am edt 

Re: Regionalization

''You guys don't get it.
Nauset is never going to ask us to regionalize.''

11:21 am edt 

Sad Situation

It is a sad situation to consider closing the school. Other generations before us have done this. Some people see it as further loss of their ties to the town but all things come to an end.

The sad truth is that even if we closed the school and sold the building, our taxes won't go down. So much is now on hold because we don't have the money to do what needs to be done.

It is inevitable that the school will close at some point. The winter population isn't what it was 20 years ago--and in 5, 10, 20 years what will it be?

Go back to the archives and see what things cost 20 years ago from restaurant meals to groceries and health insurance--and then imagine what they will cost 20 years hence.
11:19 am edt 

Affordable Housing Development

OK, allocation of CPA money to affordable housing is water over the dam, voters approved it against recommendation of selectmen and finance committee. Now, let's look forward. What if all that affordable housing is too late given the current economy and demographic trends? What if there is no one to buy it? What if the developer comes back and says "gee, there are not enough people to buy it so we want to convert some to free market?"  Can the Town then require that as free market units are sold money is repaid to the CPA fund with interest? Should it if it can? Just tossing it out there.
11:18 am edt 

Re: Regionalization

"1.56 million is 1.43 million less than 4 million... send them all to Nauset!"

Going to take a guess that you did not attend Provincetown High School - 1.56 million is 2.44 million less than 4 million.  The great math teachers in Provincetown taught us that.

Also you forget that there will still be an elementary school.  Another thing those of us who attended Provincetown schools have figured out.
11:17 am edt 

High School Glide Path

Ok, thank you so much, now we have parameters for debate. The "schools at any costs advocate" says that once we drop below 1 student in the high school, i.e. zero students, then it's ok to close the high school. On the other side are those who say at current enrollment - 48 students - we should close the high school.

On current trend of 48 actual students this year, with 17 less than expected this year and let's say, being conservative, 10 less in 2010/2011 and projecting the same trend going out then in roughly 4-5 years our "at any cost" advocate would agree to close the high school because at that point there will be no students.

Meeting halfway in the middle between the two opposing views would put us at about 25 students to close the high school. That is about 2-3 years away.

Either way, between 2-5 years from now, on present trend, which is conservatively extrapolated, it will be inevitably time to close the high school. Given the slowness of the decision making/consensus building process here even if we do nothing the writing is on the high school wall so to speak.

Perhaps we give in to the "school at any cost" and just wait. That way we simply pay for a few more years of this and let demographics take their course and give staff time to plan their future. The tax impact to individual taxpayers won't be that much to wait and the process will be a whole lot easier than a huge battle over a transition and attendant costs just a few years earlier than what will happen naturally.

I for one wish Provincetown were full of kids itching to go to a great high school. The town is much more lively when gangs of kids are running around but that doesn't seem possible or likely as we transition to a part time baby boomer retirement home for 8-9 months a year.
11:14 am edt 

Student Are Leaving!
The schools are losing students. I see so many regional schools in other parts of the commonwealth. Here on the cape, With each town having their own schools, the expense in extraordinary for the state.

It is time to regionalize. The classes are too small and the curriculum is too limited. The concern should be about education not just maintaining a school
7:30 am edt 


Now that Truro students have departed our school is diminishing. How can anyone justify spending $4,000,000 this year and then $4,000,000 plus next year into the coming decades?

The commonwealth doesn't have the money for projects and yet we are expected to pay $50,000,000 to keep an empty school open and educate a student from first grade to graduation.

We have the highest per capita cost in the commonwealth and educate only a handful of Provincetown students.
7:29 am edt 

Teachers vs Tutors
Small classes with individual attention but with group interaction is what is meant by "small classes"; small classes with 3 or 4 or 6 students is scary. These are tutorials.

No one wants a class with 35 students in it--but a high school where there is no peer interaction in the class room of 6 students is scary.

Where is the growth? We need to regionalize for the students sake. The school isn't for job security for the staff--it is for student learning.
7:28 am edt 

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sharon Lynne is the best thing that has happened to this town in years.  Sure David Gardner is doing a great job UNDER her leadership.  The town's finances are finally improving due to Alex Heilala (sp) because of Lynnes's leadership.  Town hall will be finished under budget and 3 months ahead of schedule.  People in town hall are responsive and respectful.  She listens before she speaks and when she does speak she has the information needed and speaks straight with no BS.  The police department is finally getting it's crap together.  She also has a good working relationship with all the town committees unlike previous administrations.

And she's never in her office because she's all over town making sure everything is running smoothly.  She sits in on meetings and when she unable to she sends Gardner who reports back to her what 's going on.  She's about as hands on as anyone could be.

The best part is if you have a problem you can call her or e-mail and she will get back to you and find a resolution.

This town had serious problems and they cannot be corrected overnight.  She's doing a great job.
11:51 pm edt 

Getting the Job Done Would be Great !
But, I don't see Sharon doing that. David Gardner is surely doing much of the work. But no she is not a showboat, agreed, but perhaps at best only a little tugboat that can't really carry the town. At worse, a slow sinking fishing boat.
11:11 pm edt 

Re: Regionalization

First off, thanks for abbreviating your 'keep the schools open' rant.  So much easier to read when you just give us the bullet points.

And I agree, educators do encourage small class sizes for learning.  The problem is that there aren't enough classes offered in this small school.  If educators from outside of Provincetown looked at this school, they would agree that even though the classes are small, learning is diminished because there aren't enough class offerings because there aren't enough students. Overall attendance limits the number of classes offered.

I applaud your enthusiasm for the school, but you need to come to grips with the fact that the schools are closing and there is nothing anyone can do about it.  The school's fate was sealed years ago by a school committee that was unable to lead.  The school's fate has been sealed by demographics beyond our control.  The school will close and we all need to get behind it for the community's sake.

"When there are no kids to teach, then you can close the school." is the response of someone trying to keep their job not enrich the children.
11:10 pm edt 

Re: Regionalization

1.56 million is 1.43 million less than 4 million... send them all to Nauset!
11:08 pm edt 

Re: You Just Don't Get it !

You keep stating the same 'facts' (?) over and over, but I'll wait for something a little more official than your speculation.

Why would Nauset want to regionalize?  They need students just as Ptown High School does.  It's called negotiations and both parties have something to offer when they come to the table.  As school enrollments decline across the Cape regionalization is going to happen.  It's just the details that will need to be worked out.

I also find it interesting that the previous poster who continues to ask at what student level should the high school be closed, does not get a response.  How many is it?  1?  5?  10?
11:06 pm edt 

You guys don't get it.
Nauset is never going to ask us to regionalize.
Nauset has not asked Truro to regionalize.
Nauset has not asked Ptown to regionalize.
Nauset simply wants our money, without regionalizing.
No regionalization means we get to pay all the transportation costs: 162K per year.
No regionalization means we pay Nauset 13K per student.
48 current students from Ptown (6-12) equals 624K in tuition that will be paid to Nauset.
We are sending 21 kids to Nauset now: 273K in tuition paid to Nauset.
We have 24 special needs students.
Special needs students cost 21K extra: 504K in tuition to Nauset.
Total: 1.56 million.
We get to pay this amount while having no say on the Nauset School Committee, because why would they want to regionalize with us?
Nauset is also having budget shortfalls.
It has cancelled its after school activity buses.
It has laid off teachers.
It has cancelled courses.
It is ready to levy fees for activities and transportation.
So why would Nauset want to pay to bus our kids?
Why would Nauset give up all that tuition money?
We have smaller classes, which every educator will tell you is the way to go.
How small is too small?
When there are no kids to teach, then you can close the school.
6:49 pm edt 

Re: CPA Funds

I'd blame the process as well as the voters. Town Meeting, while cute and quaint is fundamentally unfair. This is a perfect example of how a special interest can ram something through that probably would not survive a normal voting process held at the polls. The deep structural flaw is that only those with incentive to show up for town meeting will show up and they can vote their stuff in. Others who are only diffusely impacted, eg they have to pay taxes on it but not enough to make it worth going to town meeting, don't bother. Add to that town meeting burnout from now 4 in a year. The system should be changed and brought into the 21st century. Paper ballots, anonymously voted, delivered by election day to a town clerk. One voting day a year unless a certain, large, percentage of registered voters sign valid petitions for a special election.
6:47 pm edt 

BOS Vote on CPA Funds

How did the selectmen  [vote] for the CPA funds? Wasn't it 4-1?
6:45 pm edt 

CPA Funds
Just a reminder to the person who keeps blaming the selectmen for taking their precious CPA funds away from capital improvements, during the last go round when Mr Malone received his funding for affordable housing, the Selectmen and the FinComm both voted to NOT support the expenditure.

Town meeting ignored their recommendation and allocated the funds anyway.  Same thing happened with Sinaiko's garden.  Don't blame the selectmen, blame the voters.
5:17 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott:

"The DA then asks the million dollar question, obviously rehearsed, and the cop responds in police speak: negative."

"Nice try to confuse the facts.  That cop was Barry's new star witness, not the state's.  So he would have been "rehearsed" by Barry's lawyer, not the DA."  

Better yet, according to the Boston Herald, that cop was threatened and felt he needed to change his story. Now, it heads to Boston to state court, where it belongs--since this Judge was a lawyer for the police union for 15 years! Talk about a conflict of interest! I rhink I'll write a story about this case!
5:16 pm edt 

Re: Does Anyone Know the Answer to This Dilemma?

"A small part of my property (approx. 60ft. from my houes) is in the new flood plane. Since the structure is not in the flood plane area, will I have to buy flood insurance?"

You should not need to buy flood insurance in the case as you describe.

Also let it be known that if your building were in the high risk flood zone, you only have to by a flood policy if you have a mortgage that requires it. (But you wold be well advised to buy it, even if you do not have a mortgage.)

3:45 pm edt 

Re: Parking Center
Too bad that the transport center is on hold. Looking at the new flood maps (found through town web site) and gee, what a suprise, as noted previously on here, that location is not in a flood zone. The current location for police and fire stations are.

- map junkie
2:34 pm edt 

Summer Cop Program

"I wondered why some of these excellent summer cops who knew the town and who were so cool didn't stay on the job over the years"

I have known quite a few of them. Most did not want to stay here in the past. One in particular said he saw too much corruption and wanted out. I think the whole program needs to be re-thought. We have some incredibly bad, unexperienced summer cops.
1:25 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

"The DA then asks the million dollar question, obviously rehearsed, and the cop responds in police speak: negative."

Nice try to confuse the facts.  That cop was Barry's new star witness, not the state's.  So he would have been "rehearsed" by Barry's lawyer, not the DA.  

Some lawyer you are.
1:23 pm edt 

Re: The done Deal.

The big word here is DONE! Get over it! We are tired of your rants.
1:21 pm edt 

Didn't Know Barbara Was on This Site?

Percentage of any house sales goes into the town's coffers.
Guess we will hear from her AGAIN about this issue.  Or is there a rule that once presented and failed, that it can not be brought back up for 2 years?  LETS HOPE SO
1:19 pm edt 

Gateway Project Update
I was wondering why we didn't have another meeting about the gateway project. I made a call and learned that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts withdrew the money that they were going to allocate towards the development of the plans.

Now the project is on hold until we learn if we get the stimulus money to go ahead with the Provincetown Gateway project.

Provincetown has a good shot to get the money I'm told-but we will have to wait and see.

Michael Rogovsky
1:17 pm edt 

Board of Selectmen Chair

If the Chair of the BOS put the good of the entire community first versus power struggles with fellow board members and friendships, our library and roads would have gotten much needed CPA funds. We wouldn 't have had to take on as much debt for town hall either..
1:16 pm edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn
I'd rather have someone who is in the background getting real work done than a showboat who leaves a huge mess to cleanup. Isn't the grandstanding to be left to the selectmen while the town manager does the work of running the place?
1:14 pm edt 

Re: Winter Vacation

Re: "I've heard guys bragging about their travel plans and wintering in South America

So what? Too bad for you "

Too bad for me ?  Well at least I work very hard - own a home here (yes, I put money down to own a piece of property and put a stake in the ground here) and pay taxes to my town.  

I don't work part time - good off the rest of the year collecting unemployment and then come back to Ptown expecting the RE tax payers to subsidize my affordable housing.

Too bad for me ?  No I don't think so.  See - I know how to make my way in this world. I know how to work my butt off day in and day out - year in and year out. I own a home in Ptown - one that I paid a fair market rate for not one which I expected the tax payers to subsidize.

So keep enjoying your cycle of work a few months - collect unemployment and expect someone else to subsidize your housing - think you beat the system ?  Not really because in the end you will never amount to more than you already are.
1:13 pm edt 

Re: Schools

Thursday, Banner's Wicked Local:

"PROVINCETOWN - The school year has barely started but serious financial challenges already have emerged in this years education budget that are likely to hurt both the town and school district.

Dr. Beth Singer, school superintendent, reported to the school committee Tuesday that an unexpected drop in the number of Truro students attending Provincetown High School has caused an $85,000 decline in anticipated tuition revenue. That affects the towns general fund because all tuition money is paid directly to the town."

Nauset is also short on students. Peter Francese's forecast for the Cape is playing out exactly.  This year 17 fewer students, next year how many? The economy is bound to accelerate the trend and it might also be self-reinforcing.

While we dilly, dally, debate and obfuscate real events are moving quickly. Francese's first speech was over two years ago and how far forward have local governments/schools moved on solutions, zero, not one inch, at least on schools.

Still never saw an answer from adamant school folks on how low the student population in the high school would have to be to justify a regional solution? One, five, ten? How many? Should we plan on going back to the pioneer days solution
1:07 pm edt 

Re: Flood Insurance
Not an expert by I don't think you will have to have flood insurance if your structure is not in flood zone. You might want it, and it won't cost that much, just in case. Your insurance agent can give you more information.
1:04 pm edt 

Complaints about the Town Manager
Anyone complaining about the Town Manager not taking charge does not understand our form of government.   The Selectmen are in charge, plain and simple - they set the course and vision and tell employees to implement.   Now I am not saying they do that ..................
1:03 pm edt 

The Done Deal

Provincetown gets the Community Preservation Act passed at Town meeting and in one fell swoop they give 80% to affordable housing and millions go to developers before we can take a breath.

Now we learn that the money could have been used for the library and our sidewalks and to create and maintain parks and play grounds.

If Westport MA and Dartmouth MA can do it then why couldn't we? We had to fight tooth and nail to get the money to renovate Town Hall.

Almost all of the money went into the hands of rich developers to add to their empire of housing developments when we need a sidewalk on Conwell Street. Three million dollars could have done a lot for this town for all of the current residents.

Think about this when you see these developments springing up around town.

The largest affordable housing developments on the entire cape worth tens of millions of dollars are right here in our little town.

These developers didn't need our measly $3,000,000--but our town should could have used it.
8:08 am edt 

Question Answered
I wondered why some of these excellent summer cops who knew the town and who were so cool didn't stay on the job over the years-they weren't allowed to do so under the current hiring practices.

Now we must change this law.
7:19 am edt 

Community Preservation Funds For Sidewalks

Westport just completed a special town meeting. One of the articles allocated $23,000.00 for sidewalks from the CPA funds.

Why did Town Meeting give over $3,000,000 to affordable housing developers when we could have used that money for our own streets and sidewalks to the benefit of all of Provincetown's residents?  

The Selectmen should be looking to benefit the lives of all of the residents of Provincetown with CPA money instead of channeling the money to rich developers who have access to tens of millions of stimulus dollars for the creation of affordable housing.

Our hard earned money could have completed the library and improved our roads and sidewalks--but it went to developers. Now we taxpayers have to pay for this out of our pockets.
7:10 am edt 

December 7th Town Meeting
I hope that there is an article on the warrant where by a percentage of any house sales goes into the town's coffers. Some houses are for sale for over four million dollars.
7:08 am edt 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Since You've Brought Up the Case of Sharon Lynn
It's not that I think about her all that much since she is not at the head of our class. I mean, you think of Provincetown and don't think about her. Not that I respected Keith Bergman, but when I thought about Provincetown, he was front and center. She is recessive. She is background. And I do believe we need someone who is foreground, present and a force among us. She is too light on the palette.
8:40 pm edt 

Barry Scott

It is my understanding that Barry will fight on for what is right. It has taken considerable time, money and effort on his part to make our town stronger and hold the police accountable for their over-reactions at an Alcholics Anonymous party they claimed needed to be shut down due to an overabundance of alcohol, lol. Lies. Lies. Lies. This could happen to any citizen here in the future, if we close our eyes and ears to what he is trying to do.

I believe this man. I wish him the best!
8:39 pm edt 

Fairness to the Taxpayers

The Provincetown banner prints a story about people who had a year to find housing in Provincetown when their current residence was put on the market to be sold.

For 20 years their landlord doesn't raise their rent and suddenly they become a cause celebre and the result is that the largest affordable housing complexes on Cape Cod are going to be built in Provincetown. Their focus was all on the developers and the future residents.

What about the concern for the residents who are taxpayers now? Why should a small majority of taxpayers pay for the waste water treatment plant?

We all pay the $4,000,000 school budget even though Provincetown has less that 50 students in the school.

We pay taxes to maintain the town. It is crucial that all of tax dollars go to the most worth projects that benefit all of the residents.

I wish that the many tens of millions of stimulus dollars appropriated for affordable housing was also available to pave roads and install sewer systems and renovate buildings to reduce the burden on the homeowners who are currently living here as well.
8:38 pm edt 

Does Anyone Know the Answer to This Dilemma?

A small part of my property (approx. 60ft. from my houes) is in the new flood plane. Since the structure is not in the flood plane area, will I have to buy flood insurance? A neighbor's house is actually in the high elevation area but has the same flood plane area about 80ft. away and 30ft. below the house. It seems silly to have to have insurance in these cases, but who knows. There is a hearing in Nov. many should attend.
8:36 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott: Man of Honor
Everyone who doesn't agree with the Barry Scott fan club is not with the Provincetown Police Dept.  I'm guessing they don't have much interest in this meritless claim.  You are making a great effort to twist the facts / testimony to paint Barry as an innocent victim.  Don't waste our time.  Now that the judge has denied a motion for a new trial, Barry's all out campaign is to squeeze a cash settlement from the town.  How outrageous it is to think the town should pay up for Barry's overplayed drama.  
8:33 pm edt 

Re: "I do Believe That Sharon is--I Hate to Put it This Way--a Failure"
I've had the opportunity to meet Sharon and watch her at work.  I've found her to be very competent, very caring.  She has her hands on so many things in town and is almost done cleaning up the mess left by Keith.  Meet her, watch her at work before you judge her, she's an incredibly articulate thoughtful person who works very hard for our town.
8:32 pm edt 

Barry Scott!

Tired of this. It is obvious that cop lied on the stand. Even his statements in court conflict. According to the Banner, Scott didn't resist arrest while his hands were handcuffed behind his back. Then, he went to the ground and was beaten by our Provincetown cops. Does that sound right? The DA then asks the million dollar question, obviously rehearsed, and the cop responds in police speak: 'negative.' It's like a bad Grisham novel. This cop was obviously nervous about testifying and crossing the big 'blue line' which increasingly makes all police look bad. I mean, I wouldn't lie under oath, why should you?

As a lawyer, I looked up your cop claim that Scott is known to be 'litigious' or very lawsuit friendly. I found not one instance of a legal case involving him under either name, lol. I happen to know that the very FIRST lawyer he hired was because of what happened that night at the hands of our untrained summer rent-a-cop system, which badly needs overhauling or abolishing. His case will eventually prove it.
8:30 pm edt 

"Be Fair"

In Winsted, CT only the sewer users foot the bill for the installation of  the system as well as the usage
8:28 pm edt 

No More B.S.

Can people please stop posting about Barry Scott? We have serious issues to contend with and continuing with the B.S. story just wastes space because you can't change the mind of the B.S. supporters.
8:27 pm edt 

Being Fair

Parents who pay to send their children to private school still pay their taxes that support the Provincetown schools.

Everyone should pay for the sewer system because it is improving the quality of the harbor and the town for every citizen.

It is the right thing to do .
8:26 pm edt 

Winter Vacation

Re: "I've heard guys bragging about their travel plans and wintering in South America."

So what? Too bad for you.
8:23 pm edt 

Provincetown Sewer System

Re: "Now that's hardly fair, and is not how the Provincetown municipal system was sold to and approved by the voters."

Ah, but lowerered nitrogen levels in the bay and meeting federal clean water standards are a public good everyone benefits from but only sewer users help create. Someday a critical point will come when a majority of town voters are on the sewer system and they can vote in a change to the cost allocation, regardless of how the system was originally sold to voters.
8:22 pm edt 

Give Me a Freakin Break!
If your house is worth a million dollars and you can't pay the taxes or otherwise afford it or your life, then sell it. Stop whining. Sell the darn thing and take the million dollars and put it in the bank or at Vanguard or Fidelity. You will make 5% at a minimum and that's $50,000. Turn around and rent something you can afford. I'm sorry your house is worth so much, really, I'm crying a salt pond for ya here.

Look at it in reverse, on the wages you make would you buy a million dollar house, no? then you should sell what you have and buy something you can afford and pocket the difference. Even in today's market that would be a lot of money. If you aren't making enough money then maybe you should change your line of work, get some more schooling, start a business, move away, whatever, stop blaming everyone else for your problems. Maybe you would rather the value of your house falls by 90% and then you'll only have to pay taxes on a $100,000 house?

So you'll have to sell when you are a senior citizen, so what? Guess what, my parents - not here - had to sell their house when they were older and use the money in the bank to pay for their retirement. The money I paid for the house I bought here put the couple who sold it to me in a very very nice retirement home and left enough to give their kids a lot of money when they died. There are a lot of former ptown folks in Truro living really nice on the money mommy and daddy's house yielded. Even better some of them own trade companies that now get to service those homes for stiff hourly rates. Every year, millions of people across the country sell their home to take out equity accumulated. It is called downsizing. Since homes are the primary savings method for most people in the country the majority of people have to do this at some point. In your case, you didn't save but your house went up tremendously in value so you get a freebie for nothing.

Most of all, stop whining and complaining and do something to change your situation. Stop pointing fingers at everyone else and alleging nefarious plots about assessments, power, developers, mismanagement, etc. Change your own life. It is no wonder you feel or are trapped, you are a loser and it's your own fault. Look in the mirror.

Really, it is just ridiculous, you are a bunch of whining cry babies. 98% of people in the country would be happy to have your problem of owning a million dollar home and paying $5-6,000 in taxes on it and having the option of selling it. Your home is worth more than 95% of the homes in the country.

Also, come up with one shred of evidence on unfair assessments, if your assessment is so freaking out of line then sport the $300 it takes to get an appraisal and appeal the assessment. Invite the assessor over to look at your house in detail. Once again, "my friend" try actually doing something rather than blathering away with anonymous, unsubstantiated allegations.

What many of you seem to be saying as an undercurrent is "those damn queers came in and wrecked our town, boosted our housing value to millions of dollars and now we poor working folks can barely make it and that damn bunch of lesbians running the place is incompetent (and, psst, they give their queer buddies a break on assessments too)." Why don't you just come out and say it? A lot of whining whining whining and complaining and a bunch of unsubstantiated allegations against people elected by a majority of voters or appointed by these elected representatives. Not one person shows up at selectmen's meeting to present substantiated evidence of wrong doing. Instead they cower like Gollum in the bright glow of their computer screen and are drawn like a moth to a flame to the anonymous whiner's lair.

The level of paranoia and delusion is sad sad sad.

The bulk of taxes go to pay normal operating costs of local government not a bunch of crazy projects and those costs are rising faster than revenue meaning local government is being liquidated.

PS: Re sewer cost allocation, don't worry, by the time those septic systems fail 20 years from now the Federal standards for nitrogen emissions will be so tough that you'll be joining the rest of us on the sewer and by then there won't be the nice cheap loan programs that are used now to spread the cost of joining over 20 years.
8:20 pm edt 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Re: Barry Scott

"Where'd you get that info from? The P-Town Banner says the opposite."

OK, here is the exact Banner quote and you are the one who misread it:

under cross-examination by Assistant District Attorney Robert Moriarty, DeFranco replied negative when asked if he thought the police used excessive force or acted improperly. Based on that testimony, Judge Merrick denied the motion for a new trial.
11:42 pm edt 

Provincetown Sewer System

"No other community in the country makes a few of its residents pay for the sewer system"

Actually you don't know what you are talking about: many other towns in the USA only charge those properties that are connected to the municipal sewer system.  Otherwise, people with working authorized septic systems of their own would end up paying twice and would be subsidizing those without their own systems.  Now that's hardly fair, and is not how the Provincetown municipal system was sold to and approved by the voters.
11:12 pm edt 

Barry Scott

"Quincy police officer Barry DeFranco said he had a clear view of two summer police officers as they placed Scott under arrest and testified that the police did not use excessive force or acted improperly in his arrest." ********************************************************************************

Where'd you get that info from? The P-Town Banner says the opposite. Can the police in town ever tell the truth about this case? I remember two witnesses telling the truth and one being called out by the Banner for changing his tune on the stand.

Truth Sqaud needed here, not p-town police.  

11:02 pm edt 

I Would Take an Average Person Doing an Average Job
But that is not what I find here. I find a below average person doing a below average job as town manager. It  enough to just fill a position. Please, you must do something and do something good.  tThat is not what I see.

I do believe that Sharon is--I hate to put it this way--a failure. A failure of intelligence. A failure of courage. I can only hope she decides to retiree early and leave for West Goshen. She is unable to be a real Town Manager. She pretends but she is not actually Town Manager. What a predicament; what a disapointment.
10:58 pm edt 

Tax Payers Have a Right to Voice Their Issues
Taxpayers have been the hidden, unspoken backbone of this town and its crazy projects. Whatever the Michele (only one "l" My Mother couldn't spell Couture)Chair of this town has led us into tax rates that are untenable. This is even a word she wouldn't know its meaning. That is what is tragic here. Dumb people--I'm just saying it as it is--like this odd no-brain woman heads this ball-less group. They do not speak for us. They hardly speak for anyone but when they do--it's not you and me.

Enough of this silliness that is rather tragic for anyone of us who love this town. The BOS is a parody of a real board and we all suffer for their inane ideas, their tight lips, and their lack of courage.
10:56 pm edt 

Town Meeting?

Do we have another town meeting in December?
10:52 pm edt 

Being Fair

No other community in the country makes a few of its residents pay for the sewer system. It is time to spread the cost of the waste water treatment plant across the board.

Do the parents of the 45 Provincetown High school students pay the $4,000,000 for the school? No!

It is right thing to do..
10:50 pm edt 

Barry Scott: Man of Honor!

"All the evidence that has been uncovered so far leads to only one conclusion"

Another Provincetown Police post. Read this week's banner or visit wickedlocal provincetown dot com for the actual truth about what that Quincy officer said: He didn't see Barry resisting arrest while handcuffed--before he was injured! So, put that together proud P-town police: This  guy was injured while handcuffed. That's quite a struggle for someone with no reason to fight who doesn't drink, lol.

Is there no shame in our police department? Did not two witnesses testify to the truth at his trial? I watched it on line! I can certainly believe the cops lying to protect each other. The truth slowly unwinds in this saga. The lying of police, changing of stories of our citizens and a truly bad or corrupt Judge has all the makings of his next great book. Go Bar!
10:49 pm edt 

Winter Vacation

I know people who are investigating Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Key West as winter holiday spas while they collect unemployment.

I've heard guys bragging about their travel plans and wintering in South America.

You see, my friend, I work with people who work side by side with me in the summer and then go away and vacation and talk about thier travels and cruises--and I'm working my winter job.

I speak the truth..
10:46 pm edt 

Re: Re: Taxes
"If you're paying $6400 in RE taxes then your property is assessed well over $1,200,000.  If you're looking for sympathy, look elsewhere."


So typical - so you think because someone has a 1.2 million dollar property that they have no right to complain about their taxes ?  So typical of some in this town and country - those that have money (regardless of how hard they worked to get it ) should just pay taxes through the nose and have no right to complain about it.
Talk about economic class warfare.
8:53 pm edt 

Re: Real Estate Tax

''If you're paying $6400 in RE taxes then your property is assessed well over $1,200,000.  If you're looking for sympathy, look elsewhere.''

Looking for sympathy, hardly! Looking for better local government, absolutely!
8:51 pm edt 

Some Useful Flu Info

From a recent article about H1N1 flu:

Who should call their doctor when flu-like symptoms start?

Pregnant women and women up to two weeks postpartum (including after pregnancy loss), people of any age with chronic health conditions such as asthma or diabetes or weakened immune systems, children younger than 2, children and teens younger than 19 on long-term aspirin therapy and people 65 and older should call to see whether they need prescription antiviral medication. Antivirals are most effective when given early.

Who needs urgent medical attention?

In fewer than 5 percent of cases, H1N1 patients develop more serious illness. Emergency warning signs include fast breathing or trouble breathing, pain in the chest, blue or gray lips or skin, severe or persistent vomiting, not waking up or not interacting appropriately with others, a child so irritable that he doesn't want to be held, and improvement of flu-like symptoms that then return with fever or worse cough.
8:49 pm edt 


This is what I'm talking about. Someone dismissing the plight of the taxpayers because we hard working family folks have houses worth almost a million dollars and paying taxes on them when we don't have jobs that can afford a million dollar house.

We are working several jobs and when the car needs work or we get sick--it is a major set back.

We live on the other side of Bradford street and we work for a living on Provincetown wages. We working people see in the future that we are going to have to sell our houses once we become senior citizens just like the senior citizens before us.

The struggling home owner just struggles along ignored while every week we hear about affordable housing developments and Town Gov't bending over backwards to make living here easy for other people making our salaries but who get affordable housing.

This is the legitimate complaint of the taxpayers in this town. I've talked to people who were born here or who have lived here most of their lives.

After the town meeting I talked to taxpayers here who feel that a group of renters are spending our money to make life rich and easy For THEM and are taking care of their needs and wants with the blessing of Town Hall.
8:47 pm edt 

Don't Forget to Look at theReal Estate Assessments Across Town.....

.....they are not equal. They are not consistent. The assessments go down for key individuals in this town while the assessments go up for others. Take a look at key officials and look up their assessments. It is a financial game played well here. You only look at your assessment and you think it is fair and bojective. Not right. It is an unfair, unequal assessments with those in power have lower assessments than those without power. Don't just look at the tax rate. Look at the assessments. Therein lies the key.
8:44 pm edt 

Monday, October 26, 2009

Barry Scott is the Only One at That Party Who is Not Lying?

All the evidence that has been uncovered so far leads to only one conclusion.  Barry's own witness, Quincy police officer Barry DeFranco said he had a clear view of two summer police officers as they placed Scott under arrest and testified that the police did not use excessive force or acted improperly in his arrest.  The more we hear about this case, the more it looks like the "victim" is positioning this for a civil case with a big settlement.  If you're so sure he is innocent, why aren't you testifying for him?  Before you do, get your facts straight.  Barry is 47 years old, 5'2; real name is Turkowitz and has a history of taking "legal action".
10:50 pm edt 

Winter Vacation?

I live here year round, but in regards to those of you who talk about "all the folks" who go south and do nothing all winter...  I know many people who leave and go to warmer places, and they get jobs there!!!! There are not enough jobs here in the winter, so they work here in the summer and go to other seasonal places and work there during the winter...

It is just smug and self righteous to say that everybody who leaves is lazy and does nothing all winter...

Just more spitefull       being spewed here...
10:48 pm edt 

Re: Taxes
If you're paying $6400 in RE taxes then your property is assessed well over $1,200,000.  If you're looking for sympathy, look elsewhere.
10:46 pm edt 

Re: Taxes 1975-2000
Well, one of the reasons your taxes didn't go up as much in the 25 years from mid 1970's is you, and your fellow taxpayers, failed to pay for proper upkeep of the Town Hall and other infrastructure like the Pier, and your poop flowed into the bay through cesspools which is why we taxpayers now have to spend so much money now to fix the problems that weren't addressed then. So too bad.
10:45 pm edt 

Re: FEMA Flood Maps

Ummm, regardless of what happens with FEMA flood map the National Flood Insurance Progam is a federal government program. While insurers like Travelers handle administration of the program for the US Gov the government itself is the insurer so there is no plot behind FEMA mapping by nefarious insurance companies. Similarly most people have to get their homeowners insurance through the MA FAIR Plan which while expensive is also a government run program so again no insurance companies benefit.

Re: Taxes

Did your taxes double or did you join the sewer system and are now paying for a sewer betterment and associated interest that you weren't paying for in 2004, that would account for the increases you cited. Otherwise your home assessed value must have gone up tremendously otherwise your tax increase would match that of the average tax payer, 40%.
10:44 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

"All this is, is a publicity stunt"

Yeah, Barry Scott is going through all this hell, just to be the balloon boy. The dude has a syndicated radio show, a huge web site, 2 CDs, a second book coming out...he just loves taking on police brutality for fun.

No. This man is serious about telling the truth and I know many people in this town who believe in him.
10:42 pm edt 

Flood Plain

"Just wait until the FEMA flood map is redrawn. The insurance companies want to make up for the money they had to pay out in New Orleans--a city that was below sea level."

I don't work for an insurance company.  But I know they don't pay for flood damage; only the federal gov't does and only where there is a flood policy.  Insurance cos. do get a fee from the feds for writing flood policies and collecting premiums, but they pass most of the premium money onto the feds who use it to help pay flood claims.

Much Town land is very close to sea level, and we are overdue for a big storm at high tide. Shank Painter Pond is only 4 feet above mean high tide.  Heavy rain and wind-blown storm surge going over Moors Road would flood it.  Our police and fire buildings, and many others in that area, are only a few feet higher than the Pond.  Then there is much of Commercial Street, big parts of Route 6 and nearby land,...

Just a question of when low lying areas flood. Yet many owners in low areas do not have flood insurance. Your regular homeowners policy does not cover floods.

FEMA recognizes the fact of rising tide levels and likely strong future storms. The feds have been paying huge sums in recent floods, and they are the ones trying to increase their premium intake. Total claims above collected premiums, as has been the case in every recent year nationwide, come from all of us who pay fed taxes.

Some in congress from inland states think the USA should stop coastal flood insurance altogether, and discourage rebuilding there.  Or raise the flood premiums to cover 100% of the actual flood costs.  If that ever happens, we'll really be crying.
10:40 pm edt 

Re: Taxes Doubling, Hmmmm
Went on Zillow and clicked on 20 different properties around town of various types. Then clicked through to tax bill data. In no case did real estate taxes rise more than 50% between 2004 and 2009. In all cases the total tax bill rose less than the increase in assessed value of property in same time period.
5:40 pm edt 

Real Estate Taxes

My taxes in 2004 were $2700 in 2009 they are $6400. They have more than doubled thanks to our fiscally irrespondsible government.
5:39 pm edt 

Doubling Taxes

If you bought your house in the mid 70s it took 25 years for you taxes to double. Then they doubled again--but in only 5 years. When will they double again?

Additonal costs: Just wait until the FEMA flood map is redrawn. The insurance companies want to make up for the money they had to pay out in New Orleans--a city that was below sea level.
5:37 pm edt 

Re: Town Shouldn't Pay Scott Off

You're absolutely correct, they shouldn't. A matter of fact the Police Dept espicially the Police Officers involved should file a lawsuit against Scott when he runs out of cheese to go with his whining becaause of all the bashing he has done. All this is, is a publicity stunt.
5:36 pm edt 

Real Estate Taxes

Mine have doubled (actually just a bit over that) since 2004 as well!
2:40 pm edt 

Barry Scott
I think if I went through what he and his partner went through at the hands of our 'summer cops'--and then witnesses lied in court, I would hope to get a payment from this stupid town as well.

It seems we never learn in this town, what the right thing to do is in these situations. I have a friend who was 'paid off' for what the police here did to's a waste of our taxes and yet could be stopped simply: "Sorry we were wrong for hitting a non-resisting 5'4 professional 45 year old who was doing a job for someone in a backyard...and that person was responsible for the party!"
2:39 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn's Poor Reasoning

Seems to me that the four day work week is now an excuse for a three and a half day work week. Paid lunches mean town employees can leave an hour earlier if they "work through lunch." It's not functioning well for the town even though it gives a lot of time off if you work for the town. But shouldn't they be working forty hours and shouldn't they be there when we need information, permits, and advice?

Sometimes Provincetown acts in a ridiculous fashion and the so-called four day work week is one such example. Wasn't this a Sharon brainstorm? To circumvent the voters who went against a 3% pay increase so she devised this approach to give town employees a "gift"?
10:45 am edt 

Re: Taxes and the Elderly

One small step the town could consider is lowering the interest charge for deferring taxes for elderly residents. It is something like 8% which in today's interest rate environment seems high. Wonder if it shouldn't be tied to some market rate of interest with a cap so that it changes as general rates change. Elderly residents can defer their taxes until their home sells under this program.
10:44 am edt 

Re: Property Tax Doubled

My property tax went up 43% between 2004 and 2009, exactly in line with the MA Dept of Revenue figures for average single family home property taxes in Provincetown. The assessed value of my property increased 40%, though it will probably drop somewhat in the next round of assessment changes.

For your property taxes to "double" they would have to be 100% higher this year than in 2004. I doubt very much that is the case, perhaps you need to get some help calculating.
10:42 am edt 

Town Shouldn't Rush to Pay Scott Off

Barry Scott's "new" witness, Quincy police officer Barry DeFranco said he had a clear view of two summer police officers as they placed Scott under arrest and testified that the police did not use excessive force or acted improperly in his arrest.  If this is the best Barry can do, then he is fighting a loosing battle.  Not sure why his supporters believes this entitles him to a cash settlement, but this now makes clear what many of us has suspected all along, Mr. Scott and his partner are in this battle for the money.  His supporters "see their big pay day coming" and are encouraging us to buy "The Police Lied" T shirts from Barry's web site.  Scott's partner Bryan Richardson will be filing a civil suit against the officers involved, so this case is far from over.  Let this play out in the court system and Barry and Bryan will get what they justly deserve.  
10:41 am edt 

Skipping Out
From now on, every month more and more businesses and restaurants will close and more and more of their staff will be headed off to soak their toe in the warm waters else where all winter or travel or work in Winter resorts.

When they are done with their fun and games, they will come here to retire into affordable housing.

Meanwhile, the home owners will be paying higher and higher taxes. Just the way it will be.
8:47 am edt 

To: Mikey

Mikey just never stops! Cmon your repeating your self again! Stop being so angry! The schools, affordable housing, etc. Get a life Mikey!
8:44 am edt 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Property Tax Doubled
For the folks who bought they homes a few decades ago, it took a quarter of a century for their taxes to double--and then it doubled again in five years.

Any senior citizen who is a long time home owner can attest to this. Our taxes will never go down.

Anyone owning affordable housing property pays a pittance in taxes now and will so 25 years from now.

The rest of us on fixed incomes are reeling in silence and wring our hands and are ignored by Town Hall.
10:36 pm edt 

Provincetown Poverty Line

The people who want cheap rents ranted and raved and got all of the affordable housing that they need.

The elderly are the silent suffers. Is town hall searching high and low to ease the burden on the elderly and people with families?

About 8.7% of families and 15.5% of the population were below the poverty line, including 21.6% of those under age 18 and 17.3% of those age 65 or over.
10:34 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

"Barry Scott spotted in Boston today wearing his "Police Lied" T shirt. He deserves a big settlement and a little compassion from the good people of Provincetown."

I bought one of those "The Police Lied" t-shirts and feel empowered every time I wear it. Cops looks at you like they know it's the truth, but are speechless. If you want one, and I heard they sold thousands nationally, just google "Barry Scott Police Lied." The shirts are cool and in an age when they are sadly justified, I love wearing it! So very radical 60s.
5:22 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Schools

How about if we have online learning for all of the students in Provincetown? That way we can buy each of them a laptop and they can tune into Truro Central School's lessons or Nausets??? What say you?

5:18 pm edt 

Numbers do Not Always Tell the Truth

When the person says the median income for a household was.............   What about all the people that live in ptown for 6 months and live in FL or CA or where ever and use that state as their residents.  The income gets reported in those states and not FL.
I live here 6 months and live in another state for 6 months.  I work in MA for those 6 months, but my taxes are figured on another state.  
If every business owner that has a business in Ptown reported their income in MA, those numbers would be a lot higher.  
And how about all the waiters and house boys and help in Ptown that rely on tips.  MOST of those tips go unreported.
Yes, Ptown looks like median income is low, but from knowing my friends that own business, knowing what I make, those numbers are not acurate.
5:16 pm edt 

Maybe you are right. I have not spied the likes of Ms. Lynn in months. OK maybe at the BOS meetings but otherwise, she is not to be found. gone are the old days where she was smiling, stopping by and saying hello to every town worker, town dog and town residents. Now, silence replaces her greetings and absence replaces here presence.

Is the job just too much for her? Does she wish she were back on West Goshen as police chief? There she was up to the job. Here, we still don't know.
4:45 pm edt 

Provincetown's "Funniest"

You can watch your back and dot your eyes;
and still get beaten and face tons of lies.
3:53 pm edt 

Re: Houses & Taxes
If you want a decent source of info on what's for sale and what sold when look at www dot zillow dot com or www dot trulia dot com and get the info yourself.  Don't freakout over the zillow zestimate (a computer generated guess on a property value) or rely on it very much. Through these sites you can look up details on almost every property in town including tax bill, etc.

also, to the person griping about taxes doubling in 5 years; you assert your tax bill has doubled in 5 years. i doubt it, that would mean 100% more in taxes this year than 2004. according to the DOR local data web site the average single family tax bill has gone up 43% since 2004. the average property valuation has gone up 40%. so, unless you have a very special place your tax bill did not go up 100%. are you mixing in a sewer and water assessment perhaps, did you connect to the sewer in that time? if so, then back that out of your calculation. if you hadn't you'd be accumulating depreciation on a septic system or paying off debt for putting one in. did you do work on your property that raised the value?

one dollar in taxes today is equivalent to 87 cents of taxes 5 years ago when adjusted for inflation. This means that almost 25% of any tax increase you did experience is solely accounted for by inflation, and that's using the consumer inflation rate. the municipal cost inflation rate has run far higher than that. this means tax revenues, on a real constant dollar basis, continue to fall further and further behind the town's expenses, leaving out the poor economy, etc. so, unless something changes with prop 2 1/2 or we continually agree to increases beyond that limit, or muni energy, healthcare and pension costs slow dramatically, we are liquidating the town over the long term: 15-20 years. Unfortunately none of our town officials nor elected officials will be around that long, nor many of our residents and have no incentive to tackle the problem, so we are unlikely to fix the fundamental structural problem and will see town services and infrastructure deteriorate and push t!
he costs to fix on future residents, as has been done in the past.

finally, the average single family tax bill is $3,300 for Provincetown, for the state the average single family tax bill is $4,250. the total general fund spending of the town is $5,500 per person for 2009. this means the town is pulling money from a lot of other places to pay the bills including parking revenue, room taxes, other tourist revenue and state aid.

all in all a very very good deal for the residents of Provincetown who pay 23% less in property taxes than the state average.

most - and probably all - of the increase in tax bills can be accounted for by the following:
- inflation
- increased property values
- the need to catch up on maintenance foregone for years (eg town hall, water system, etc.)

some will scream affordable housing is accounting for all it but really it's just siphoning off community improvement money that would go elsewhere if it wasn't go into that unless we choose to end this tax completely.

some will voice the objection that incomes have not gone up anywhere near as much. is that the town's fault? isn't one's responsiblity to re-tool oneself or find an occupation so that your income can keep up with inflation? this is obviously not applicable to retired folks who can't and for them the impact of even a very very low inflation rate, if not match by income that increases with inflation, is terrible over any amount of time more than a couple of years.
3:51 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown's Finest

Are the police going to launch personal attacks on the ticketed person now too?  Should that person sell their home and move away for fear of being targeted? Could this be a hate crime?  Was the person the target of a vengeful police officer or department?  Had they been warned not to park there in the past or was this the first time?  
I know the town needs revenue and this might be one way for the police to get that new department they need so desperately.  We all better watch out and make sure to dot all your i's.
1:21 pm edt 

Provincetown's Finest

I'm more concerned about the fact that the officer didn't know where he was.  The police department might want to go over basic Provincetown 101 with their officers.  
12:58 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown's Finest

Needless to say I wrote about my parking ticket on here knowing who reads it.  And interested to see what their personal comment would be compared to what their professional one was.
11:26 am edt 

All Sweet an Innocent:

Yes, I am sure I've gotten myself into my share of trouble but I fail to believe that my personal history is any cause for a parking ticket.  I have NEVER met this officer or had any issues with the Provincetown police department on a criminal level.  

I grew up here and have gotten 2 speeding tickets here in the past 10 years of driving; both on Rt 6 going about 10 miles over the limit.  I was parked on Bradford St and a few feet on to the road as I stated.  I was apologetic, I felt horrible that I had been so inconsiderate that I caused enough trouble to warrant a ticket. 
As I stated I wasnt so upset about the ticket as I was the manner in which I was spoken to and if anyone on the police department can recall even one time in the past 28 years that I have ever been rude to them please humble me.   I do believe that if you have a personal issue with me, it is just that.  
11:21 am edt 

Is Sharon in Hiding?

Have there been any sightings lately? Seems Sharon has disappeared. Maybe it's because the major issues and problems are being dealt with by David Gardner. It appears that our Assistant Town Manager is actually our Town Manager.

Will the real Town Manager please stand up?
11:01 am edt 

Re: Provincetown's Finest

10 to 1 says this innocent person that got a ticket has a history with the police. You believe the story told in here, all sweet and innocent? Come on!
10:34 am edt 

Houses for Sale
I found one listing stating that 241 houses are for sale. 47 Commercial Street listed for almost 5 million dollars and a number of others were over $3,000,000.
10:33 am edt 

Pupil/Teacher Ratio

When I did a search for Provincetown MA demographics I received some interesting information. Under schools the Pupil/teacher ratio is 6 pupils to one teacher!

Being a teacher in Provincetown is a dream job: benefits, perks, summers off--and at the most 6 students in a class.

Think about the classes with 3 or 4 students. What kind of education experience is this for our students? Whoa Mama--something needs to change.
10:32 am edt 

Demographics of Provincetown

As of the census of 2000, there were 3,192 people, 1,726 households, and 429 families residing in the CDP. The population density was 680.9/km sq (1,759.3/mi sq). There were 3,712 housing units at an average density of 791.8/km sq (2,045.9/mi sq). The racial makeup of the CDP was 87.53% White, 7.49% Black or Race (United States Census)African American, 0.31% Native American, 0.50% Asian, 1.13% from Race (United States Census)other races, and 3.04% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2.10% of the population.

There were 1,726 households out of which 8.5% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 17.7% were Marriagemarried couples living together, 5.0% had a female householder with no husband present, and 75.1% were non-families. 54.0% of all households were made up of individuals and 14.9% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 1.67 and the average family size was 2.62.

In the village area the population was spread out with 7.6% under the age of 18, 5.1% from 18 to 24, 36.4% from 25 to 44, 32.6% from 45 to 64, and 18.3% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 45 years. For every 100 females there were 116.4 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 116.6 males.

The median income for a household in the CDP was $32,731, and the median income for a family was $39,786. Males had a median income of $30,655 versus $25,595 for females. The per capita income for the CDP was $26,878. About 8.7% of families and 15.5% of the population were below the poverty line, including 21.6% of those under age 18 and 17.3% of those age 65 or over.
10:30 am edt 

Tax Rate Doubled

My taxes doubled in five years. When will they double again? Even if we close the school or cut back elsewhere, our taxes won't go down.

I went on line and found statistics about Provincetown a few months ago and it said that 460 properties were for sale. Does anyone know what to google to get that information again?

I see in the paper that condos are still selling for a few hundred thousand dollars--what about single family homes and mult-family homes?
10:26 am edt 

Re: Regionalization

Since when is seventh and eighth grade concerned high school grades? what is the number of provincetown kids in grades 9-12 at PHS?  
10:24 am edt 

Re: H1N1

WASHINGTON  President Barack Obama declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency, giving his health chief the power to let hospitals move emergency rooms offsite to speed treatment and protect noninfected patients.

The declaration, signed Friday night and announced Saturday, comes with the disease more prevalent than ever in the country and production delays undercutting the government's initial, optimistic estimates that as many as 120 million doses of the vaccine could be available by mid-October.

Health authorities say more than 1,000 people in the United States, including almost 100 children, have died from the strain of flu known as H1N1, and 46 states have widespread flu activity. So far only 11 million doses have gone out to health departments, doctor's offices and other providers, according to the Centers for Disease Control
10:22 am edt 

Ticket Situation
Did you press your hazard button and have your lights blinking? I made up signs that I put on my dashboard and have my blinking lights going when I need to do drop off or pick up something.

I've parked for a few minutes in no parking spots doing this and never had a problem.

One time a person parked in a no parking area, opened their door suddenly and I slightly hit the door and I wasn't charged when the police came because the person had parked their car in a no parking area!

I'm sorry that this happened to you, but could someone driving down the street who was distracted have hit you because of the way that you had left your car?

It seems the fact that you had put others in jeopardy by leaving your car poorly parked was the reason for the ticket--is this true?
10:20 am edt 

Re: Provincetown's Finest

"I am now questioning the manner in which this officer has treated any one and I hope that he doesnt continue to operate like that in the future.  I would hate for the actions of one officer to
affect the reputation of the entire department."

REPUTATION? Are you kidding me with that? Our police have the worst reputation in the state.

And no, anyone who has followed the case of Mr. Scott knows he hasn't gotten a fair trial. It is so obvious, that I donated to help him out...and I live here!

One has to do what is just and right.
10:19 am edt 

Our Finest

Good luck. They are not the finest. They do lie well though.
10:15 am edt 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Re: Nauset Has Not begged Us to Regionalize

There are 76 kids in the high school (7-12).
How many kids from Ptown?
How many kids aged 11-18 in Ptown?
28 go to Nauset, Cape Tech or Lighthouse Charter.
24 of the 71 are special needs.
When we send a special needs kid to another district, we end up paying out 34K.
34K minus the 13K we pay to Nauset for a regular kid's tuition equals 21K.
So we pay Nauset 21K extra for every special-needs kid.
There are 91 Ptown kids at VMES.
How many of those kids kids are in pre-school/daycare?
11:40 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown's Finest

You need to call the Chief of Police, Jeff Jaran and schedule an appointment to speak with him about this issue.  If possible, request that Sharon Lynne be present.  I know the chief would not tolerate such disrespect from his officers.  You should also speak with at least one of the selectmen so they can officially address the issue before Monday's night meeting.
11:05 pm edt 

Re: Nauset Has Not begged Us to Regionalize

How many buses a day would go to both Nauset schools?
There would be a trip to Eastham in the morning.
There would be a trip to Orleans in the morning,
Two different schools, two different buses.
There would be a trip from Eastham at 245.
There would be a trip from Orleans at 245
Two different schools, two different buses.
There would be an activity-bus trip from Eastham at 530.
There would be an activity-bus trip from Orleans at 530.
Two different schools, two different buses.
Then add in the SPED buses,
There would be a trip to Eastham in the morning.
There would be a trip to Orleans in the morning,
Two different schools, two different buses.
There would be a trip from Eastham at 245.
There would be a trip from Orleans at 245
Two different schools, two different buses.
There would be an activity-bus trip from Eastham at 530.
There would be an activity-bus trip from Orleans at 530.
That's 12 different bus trips.
We'll pay for the gas for all of that.
Plus the cost of the drivers.
Plus the maintenance on the buses.
Plus the insurance on the buses.
$900 per day seems like a bargain.
11:04 pm edt 

I am Not Here to Bash Anyone or Any Group
My business was the best it has been for the past 12 years.  I worked for it.  I made it happen.
I see fantasia bashing, and yes, they had smaller numbers this year, so I retooled and had roundup members instead.  Fantasia fair always got big discounts.  Round up does not.  I had less people, but did more dollars.  I still won.  I made it happen again.   And I will be taking off this winter and vacationing all over the usa.  

That is why we work the summers 7 days a week.   So for those of you that are complaining still, maybe you didn't work smart enough?   Maybe you didn't work 7 days a week.  Maybe you didn't care and always think that because we are Provincetown, people will always come here?
I am tired of listening to people complain.  If you think you know the right thing to do, then go and become a member of a board for the town, or get involved in the PBG, or Chamber.   If you just sit here and blog away, I do not feel sorry for you anymore.  I will be "vacationing" for the next 6 months.
8:46 pm edt 

Provincetown's Finest?

I have supported the local police on this blog time & time again.  I have always thought they are an excellent group of individuals who we are fortunate to have working for our town.  However, Yesterday I had my first negative interaction with a young male police Officer.  I had parked outside my Mothers house on Bradford Street, its a tight fit and I was a few feet into the road.  I ran to the back door and grabbed a bag of food from her, gave her a hug, asked her how she was feeling and suddenly heard the ring of a siren.  I told her I had to go.  I had only been at most 6 mins, so I couldnt imagine a problem but when I got to my car there was a parking ticket on the window.  A young officer was standing beside the cruiser double parked in the road. I grabbed the ticket; shaking my head as though it was actually amusing and thought it was a rather poor joke.  It wasnt, the officer started yelling at me telling me  I might have parked on the roof and as I said I w!
as sorry but had done it a million times and was only a few feet off my own property he proceeded to yell at me.  He told me I was lucky he didnt tow it, I asked him if he was serious. He proceeded to yell that I was also parked in the wrong direction. (I was in a small parking spot, I didn;t know I had to go with traffic, next time I will circle the block before I park.) I told him there was no need to speak to me in this manner and I would appricate if he stopped yelling at me. For we now had an audience including my ailing Mother and several of her neighbors. I was beside myself as he stood arms wailing in the air yelling at me. It was a fifty-dollar ticket, I wasnt arguing about the ticket at all; I had been trying to apologize.  I walked away as he continued to yell at me in the street, I sat in my car and began to cry.  For no one deserved to be treated with such disrespect by the very people they believe are here to protect them.  He had actually brought me to tears !
over a parking ticket; I would never trust this man in time of!
Quickly, I did the math as I scurried off to the police department to make a complaint regarding the manner in which he had spoke to me.  
·4:04 pm got off work in Truro. (Clocked out)
·7 min drive to my Mothers house in P-town
·Ticket time is marked as 1620 thats 4:20 pm
·Drove to police station 3mins drive across town.
·4:30 pm arrived at police station and asked dispatcher
to speak with an officer.
·4:33 pm walked out side as senior officer pulled up to    speak to me.
·4:34 pm Time stamped call from police department on my cell reporting one of my company vehicles was currently obstructing public transportation on Bradford Street.
·4:45 left police station.
(For I had watched the clock the entire time due to an appointment I had at 5pm)
I am completely disheartened by the actions of the officer who ticketed my car.  I have parked in that spot for as long as I have been driving but even worse was the fact that I was apologetic for it, if it was causing some sort of traffic issue.  
My only request is that the police departments please educate their officers as to what side of the street is even and what is odd.  I would hate for it to be a real emergency and they fail to know where to go.  Since my car was parked on the even side of the road and three houses down from what is stated on my ticket.  
I am most likely making myself the target of some sort of recourse by posting this but I feel that it is important that people are treated with respect.  
I am now questioning the manner in which this officer has treated any one and I hope that he doesnt continue to operate like that in the future.  I would hate for the actions of one officer to affect the reputation of the entire department.

8:42 pm edt 

Fair Trial?
I'm no fan of Barry Scott.

That said, let's not forget about the homophobia that exists in the Orleans courthouse and the homophobia in the DA's office. It is difficult to determine if an openly gay man can get fair treatment. I don't think so.

A ruling against Scott may just mean he can't get a fair trial here.
8:34 pm edt 

Police Station

I love the pumpkins at the police station !
8:32 pm edt 

Not True!

I have been to town hall many times recently due to a project I am working on. Everytime I have met with  cooperative and helpfull people like Brian Carson, both Darlenes, Maxine,Jane Evans, Russ Braun and others. If someone was away for a while someone else helped me. It is just not true that people are not at town hall. They are there and ready to help.
8:30 pm edt 

Worldwide Trouble Barry?
I don't think so.
7:46 pm edt 

Thank You!

Dylan Jones: Provincetown was home to Norman Mailer. Now it's the most fashionable resort in North America

Talk Of The Town


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Right now Provincetown might just be the most fashionable resort in the world. The former fishing village is certainly the most fashionable resort in North America. Well, at least on the East Coast. Sitting on the very tip of Cape Cod, this is where the Pilgrims

first set foot on American soil (not at Plymouth, but here!) before moving inland and making a fuss elsewhere. And in many ways it probably doesn't look so different now from how it did then.

Of course, it wasn't a thriving gay community then, wasn't even an artists' colony, or a manicured weekend destination for over-worked Bostonians. But it was probably just as beautiful.

P-Town hasn't had the Sante Fe treatment, doesn't look like a gift shop in search of a zip code. For a ridiculously successful summer resort (during the winter months the population hovers around 3,500, while in the summer it swells to over 70,000, with 60 per cent of the visitors being gay), it isn't professionally twee, and nor does it have chain stores or fast-foot outlets. Of course, there is a Marc by Marc Jacobs, but doesn't every big gay town have one of those now? The shops sell T-shirts emblazoned with slogans like "I love my two dads", the guest houses are called things like Prince Albert, and the cock and bull leather shops are called things like the Cock and Bull Leather Shop.

What Key West was to Hemingway, so Provincetown was to Norman Mailer, and the writer had a home here for more than 30 years. It is now itself a writers' colony, where the lucky few can listen to pearls of wisdom delivered by the likes of Don DeLillo and Toni Morrison. I spent a night there a few months ago, alone, sleeping in Mailer's bed and reading a first edition of Tough Guys Don't Dance, his 1984 thriller set in the town ("Provincetown was as colourful ... as St Tropez, and as dirty by Sunday evening as Coney Island"). I have rarely felt more at peace, or more satiated – especially after spending an hour upstairs in his studio, which is still exactly as Mailer left it before he died.

The town itself was quiet as a mouse. A very nice, rather flamboyant mouse.

Dylan Jones is the editor of 'GQ'

More from Dylan Jones

7:43 pm edt 

Schools - Thought Experiment
To the person advocating so strongly for keeping Provincetown High School; if there were only one student in the high school would it make sense to keep it open? How about 10? At what level of enrollment would it make sense to you to look for another alternative. Obviously there are those who think we are already there but I want to know what your number is.
2:42 pm edt 

Re: Nauset Has Not begged Us to Regionalize
I'm sorry, but I find your figures to be scare tactics.

$900 per day for busing?  Even if there was a bus that made continuous roundtrips for 10 hours per day and the driver were paid $20 an hour, that would only be $200 plus gas.  Even if we had to have two buses, that's only $400 per day.

When you say 50 or more 11-18 year olds to Nauset, where are you getting this number.  There may well be 50 students in the high school but they are not all Provincetown kids.  Kids from the other communities who have chosen this school will pay their share.  Please give an exact number of Provincetown resident students in the high school if you want to make your point.

24 Special Needs students?  That may be the total number for both schools, if not then half the high school students are special needs?  Again, SPED students from other towns will be responsible for busing and paying for their education to Nauset.  How many SPED students are Provincetown Residents?  Also, have you deducted the SPED students from the 50 mentioned earlier or are you double dipping figures here.

And from a different post, 172 students in Provincetown?  First off, please don't add in the number of students in preschool.  That number is a farce because it is really just convenient day care for the parents.  Most of those students will be placed in Truro when then enter the first grade.  And I really don't think anyone is talking about the entire school being regionalized, just the high school.

The school's fate was sealed years ago by an unresponsive School Committee led by Terese Nelson.  Regionalizing the high school is inevitable and the sooner we do it, the better for our students and the community.
2:30 pm edt 


"Pass the word to all Police Depts, if you ever have any encounters with Barry Scott and you have to arrest him,         him good........" 

I thought we didn't allow threats on this board?

This post shows how out of touch the P-Town Police are with the world. I know one of our cops wrote this. They are so full of anger. Barry Scott isn't whining or crying. He's strong and fighting. I am amazed by him. By taking on brutality, he's doing something few do and by fighting the system, he's helping you and I--if, God forbid, this happens to us by untrained summer rent-a-cops. To MY family, Barry is a hero. I am teaching my children what the right thing to do here is and it's a thin line when you lose respect for your own police force to talk to them about it! Cops are doing it to themselves, unfortunately.

I doubt other police departments are going to listen to ours, lol.

2:03 pm edt 

Hello!....... is Anyone There?

I agree that nobody is at the town hall trailers! I went there a couple of times this week and couldn't find anyone to help me. the town managers office was empty; even Pam wasn't there. I went to the health office, dark! Is this right?
12:38 pm edt 

The Truth
The truth is that we have supported the schools all through the history of this town. Schools here have closed in the past. What we are spending on the school for two years would pay for the renovation of town hall.

It doesn't make economic sense to pay $4,000,000 to educate a handful of students. We need to send our children to a regional school that teaches children from more than one small town.

Anyone in business can see that this town can't afford this cost for these few students. With the dept of Revenue and the Peter Francese report showing hard, true, facts--we all must face facts.

We can't afford to spend over $50,000,000 to educate a handful of students from first grade to graduation.
12:36 pm edt 

Re: Schools

There are 172 kids in the system, not 40.  Plus, we are already paying 13K per kid for the 42 Ptown students we bus to Nauset, Cape Tech and the Lighthouse charter school.
12:35 pm edt 

Re: That's BS. Nauset Has All But Begged Us to Regionalize!

Nauset has not begged us to regionalize.  

Nauset has begged us to simply bus our kids to Nauset without regionalizing.  

It will cost Ptown at least $900 a day to ferry kids to the two Nauset schools.  That is $162K per year.

Why would the member towns of Nauset ever agree to share this cost?  If Nauset officially offered us regionalization, the citizens of Orleans, Brewster, Wellfleet and Eastham would have to share the costs of transporting kids from Ptown to the two Nauset schools.  Does anyone honestly think those citizens are going to agree to that.

Nauset has already cut its transportation budget.  There are now no more buses for any kid who participates in after-school activites.  Parents have to pick up their kids or the kids have to drive themselves.

Further, if Ptown (WITHOUT regionalizing first) sends an estimated 50 more of its 11-18 year-old kids to Nauset at $13K per kid (which is the going rate for a district when it sends one of its kids to another district) that's $650K of Ptowns money being sent to Nauset.

Add the 31 kids Ptown is already sending to Nauset and, at $13K a kid, that's another $273K being sent to Nauset.

Finally, if Ptown transports its 24 special-needs kids to Nauset, at an additional $21K per kid (which is the going rate for educating special-needs kids when one district sends its special-needs kids to another district) that's $735K more of Ptowns money being sent to Nauset.

The total comes to $1.820 million dollars--every year; with Ptown citizens having no say on the Nauset School Committee.

It costs $1.2 million to operate the high school.

It costs $2.8 million for the elementary school, pensions, and for administrative costs.

If we close the high school, without regionalizing, we will pay an extra $600K per year.

Why would Nauset want to assume any of these costs?  
12:34 pm edt 

Our School
The truth is that we have a school building and I can understand that people here are nostalgic about it--but it is becoming a museum to the past.

Look at this quiet resort town. It is a vibrant summer resort that is a money machine for the town but once the cold hits, the town hibernates in the winter except for the arts and construction.

The fishing is year round but it isn't much of an economic force in the town.  

The arts come alive when people have the solitude in which to create. Construction work and writers and poets and painters concentrate on their work.

It takes money to support this town but we need to cut back and hold our taxes at bay.
10:19 am edt 

Re: Seems It Has Morphed Into a Closed, Nothing-Happening Resort

I'd have to disagree, we had the best October we've ever had.  

One thing I will agree on is that there are a number of businesses that have no interest in having a year-round business.  When people work on off-season concepts and try to created more 'buzz' very few people seem to want to be involved.
10:10 am edt 

To the Fantasia Fair Complainer...

You are here so that you can express your inner self in a nonjudgemental atmosphere. I remember the year I held my store open by request of the Fantasia Fair organizers.  Not one sale.  The shops in town are NOT here to entertain you. We are businesses which would be more that happy to be open if more of you were happy to open you wallets.
10:08 am edt 

Re: Barry Scott
Pass the word to all Police Depts, if you ever have any encounters with Barry Scott and you have to arrest him,      him good because no matter what you do, he's gonna cry and whine till he gets his way just like a baby does. Take it from us P'towners because he'll keep trying the Justice System till they give him his own pacifier...
10:07 am edt 

Quiet Town
Unfortunately, I don't have the income that I had before which allowed me to frequent the restaurants or enjoy the camaraderie of the bars.

My family comes first. I have to pay my taxes due in exactly 8 days. I'm not part of the building boom that is going to be starting around town.

I'm not part of it but my taxes are going towards it. My money should be going to support the needs of the town but it seems to go into the pockets of some people who really don't need it--it is just convenient to get it from the taxpayers.

It is always who you know and who is on your side--and they aren't on the side of we taxpayers.
10:03 am edt 

Stand up and be Conted!

If you want your high school to stay open, why don't you set an example for your children and have the backbone to stand up and be counted and start signing your posts?

10:02 am edt 

Empty Town

So many of the summer staff of all of these places on Commercial Street have gone to their winter resort jobs or spend the winter in Florida or Hawaii vacationing on unemployment.

There is nothing wrong with this. They worked and earned it. What is wrong is that after 20 years of doing this--they say how poor they are and rush back to town and get affordable housing.
10:01 am edt 

The Wisdom to See the Truth

I'm a taxpayer and I'm working, but I'm going to be laid off come the winter. My taxes are higher and I'm paying thousands more to be connected to the waste water treatment plant.

Walk around town during the week. This isn't Newbury Street or 5th Avenue. Please stop saying that taxes are higher in Boston and New York.

We are a town that is going into its winter sleep and yet there are all of these people who belong to unions making fat salaries and getting all of their benefits paid for by working people like us.
10:00 am edt 

Peter Francese

Yes, Peter Francese studied the demographics of Cape Cod and Bristol County and out of all of the New England States, we have the greatest population of older people.

Out of the 3,000 counties in the United States--there are only a few with a population older than ours.

The schools across the cape are losing students. No one wants to close a vibrant school--that is why none of this was on the radar until Peter Francese's interview was broadcast and town leaders across Cape Cod felt it like a shot gun blast from across the table and gave a universal gasp.

Look at the education we are paying $4,000,000 to sustain. Of course we need to educate our students--any fool knows that--but we need to do it at a school that is full of  vibrant and diverse students.

At one time there were a number of schools in Provincetown--now we have two. We have no sixth grade--we have a combined 7th grade. It is called a school crisis and serious action must be taken--and it will be taken because the Commonwealth and we taxpayers demand it.
9:58 am edt 


With leaders and police like ours, the town is getting what it deserves. Wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late. Oh wait, I can't even get a coffee now...all is closed.
9:56 am edt 

Where is the Town?

Seems It Has Morphed Into A Closed, Nothing-Happening Resort

What is happening here? Perhaps more importantly, who is here? People who were here are gone. They have left and few remain. The stores are closing. Yet the rates seem to be inflated and restaurants too often act as if this is the go-go years. Wrong. But there is less life here, including, of course, those who "lead" this town. Sharon and Michele are killing this town. They have no energy, no ideas, and no sense of what the real future should be. Do you ever see Michele on the street supporting any business? Do you ever see this sad woman engaged with other businesses? Do you know where Sharon is these days?

Absence is not a presence. Both of these women are disappointments. And worse: they add to this town's dullness and absence of dynamism and hope.
12:40 am edt 

Maybe We Have a One Day Work Week
No one seems to be around. No one seems to be actually working. This four day work week is really a one day or two day work week. It does not work for those of us who want services. It's a quiet place these days at town trailers. No one is there. Check it out and see what I mean
12:31 am edt 

In Short: Regionalize
Sorry, you go on and on. the answer is this: regionalize. with so few students, you have no school, in truth. Regionalize to save what you have.
12:30 am edt 

Re: Re: Schools

While all your points have merit they don't answer the posting of the former ptown student nor do they answer the fundamental points of Peter Francese about the Cape in general. We are aging, younger folks with families are draining out of the Cape at a torrid pace. Cape wide regionalization is inevitable both in schools and many other services. Until those meta questions are answered this taxpayer waits for educated/data driven answers, and doesn't hate schools or supporting them.
12:28 am edt 

Re: School Regionalization

"How can we' regionalize when Nauset has never offered to regionalize?"

That's BS. Nauset has all but begged us to regionalize!
12:27 am edt 

Re: Re: Barry Scott
"Barry's efforts to nationally publicize this case have caused significant damage to tourism and we should give him a financial settlement to motivate him to move on with his life."

I'm sorry, but I don't think we should give B.S. one red cent until the outcome of the case is settled. I don't know B.S. and wasn't at the party where he was arrested but, you don't just give someone money to "motivate" them to get on with their lives. As for causing "significant damage to tourism" I just don't see it. How many people remember to mini riot at Spiritus the night Vanilla, a local drag queen, was arrested. B.S. will fade into oblivion soon enough. I travel to some of the major cities in this country and have friends in many others, hardly anyone I speak to has heard of B.S and what supposedly happened here, and the ones who may have heard something about it think he is full of sour grapes and have turned on him. He doesn't have the power to cause "significant damage" to our tourism business.

This too shall pass.
12:24 am edt 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Re: Schools
How can we regionalize when Nauset has never offered to regionalize?
With whom are we supposed to regionalize?  Truro?
Nauset doesn't want to take on our transportation costs.
It has already seriously cut it's own.
The schools cost $4 million.
The high school costs the town $1.2 million.
Pensions, administrative costs and the running of the elementary school costs
the town $2.8 million.
If we just send our 6-12 kids to Nauset, without regionalizing, and close the high school, the estimated costs, according to the town, will be S1.8 million.
Are you willing to pay and extra 600K per year?
The high school itself is mortgaged to the hilt.  There will be a tiny financial windfall if we were to sell it anytime within the next ten years (and I'm guessing that the town would keep even if it were to close).
Nauset, as we write, is slashing budget, bringing up class sizes to almost 30, cutting teachers and cutting courses.
If you're in education you know two things: smaller class sizes and a smaller more-focused academic curriculum (i.e, the basics) is the way to go.
Within the next three years Ptown High will be a better academic institution than Nauset.
Ptown already send more kids to four year colleges, per capita, than Nauset.
Ptown is already a better place for special needs students than Nauset.
Ptown, now that Singer is here and Waugh is gone, is already a tougher place academically than Nauset.
If you want to save money and give kids a better education, Ptown is the way to go.
But if you hate the idea of the schools on general principal; if you have deluded yourself into believing that sending the kids to Nauset will save you money; if you scream from the rooftops that Ptown's education has to be bad, without even looking into it; no one is ever going to convince you of the above.
Isn't ignorance, selfishness and anger wonderful?
Why think when you can just complain, bitterly?
Why have a real discussion when you can just complain, bitterly?
7:40 pm edt 

To: Concerned Parent
Good for you, keep up the good fight for vaccination. You might be interested in watching this: http: slash slash mitworld dot mit dot edu slash video slash 715 It is a lecture by the author of The Great Influenza Pandemic and is worth watching.

- unless one locks oneself on a mountainside (and gets no mail) for a year there's almost no way, other than vaccination, to avoid exposure
- an overlooked risk factor for severe outcome is obesity, so that means 100 million or so people
- pandemics have historically come in waves, with a first small mild wave, typically in spring, then a larger more widespread wave (peaking in the US around late October), then in the following year severe impact with 30-40% of population impacted. So, we may be in only the first year of a multi year pandemic
- severe impact pandemics have always started as something much milder and flu is unpredictable so hard to tell what will happen, getting sick now might mean immunity later to something worse
- only a tiny fraction of people who get H1N1 get very sick
- probably worth getting Tamiflu prescription for any child/young adult who gets it just to be safe

www flu gov has links to MA info on where/when H1N1 clinics are held. There was one in Orleans Thursday. CDC estimated this week that 20% of school kids have gotten it. If its in schools locally it will be everywhere soon.
7:10 pm edt 

Dept of Revenue

Remember! It was the Department of Revenue and their audit of the town that caused them to see the red flag of the taxpayer supported schools in Provincetown.

They said that the burden on the taxpayers was too great. we must regionalize and close the school.
6:53 pm edt 

40+ Students/$4,000,000

We have the highest per-capita cost per student than any other town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Look at our empty streets and our year round workers who aren't getting union wages and yet must pay $4,000,000 and next year how many millions while our family struggles?

Last April $4,000,000; next year another $4,000,000 +. Millions every single year.

$4,000,000 for 9 months of education?

There is a silent majority of residents who are too shy to speak up and get the cold shoulder and endure the evil eye of the school supporters. Town meeting is packed with the school students.

Now the school committee want to "interrogate" the parents of the students who are sending their children to Nauset-- "Exit interviews" they call them. I call it intimidation.
6:52 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott, "Go Boy"!

Re: "I Love Barry Scott!

A person who rightly fights the system? Who doesn't give up when everyone else would? Who was beaten up by summer cops when not resisting arrest? (according to a 23 year vet of the Quincy Police Department, who I would trust more than our police any day)

I'd like to think had this happened to me or you, we would rightly fight too. The man has nothing to gain or lose. Its misdemeanor charges. He paid a small fine, but yet wants to do the honorable thing and hold our police accountable for what happened to him AND his partner that night.

Our town wastes money and time fighting him. In the end, the truth will prevail, despite our frightened citizens and lying police officers! When I hear people in our town say they hate him for the bad press, I know its because they believe what happened is true.

Go Boy! "

Amen!! I wanted to express something here, but this said it more than I could. If Sharon Lynn hadn't want to be Police Chief at the start, and settled for Town Manager, she might wake up and smell the answer. Settle this case before we have another sucky year!
6:16 pm edt 

To: Johnny Red Fang
Thank you for your continuing financial support of the schools.  They're going to be open for a long time.  What would we do without your tax money?  You're my hero.  I love the way you roll.  Forget about answering questions.  Forget about considering the opposition's worldview.  You just keep complaining and paying for the schools.  It's what you're good at.  Hopefully you don't lose too much blood.  We'd hate to see you weakened.  We need for you to keep earning so you can continue to financially support the schools.  Thank you.  You the man.

The Reaper
6:12 pm edt 

Silent Streets, Lonely Footsteps

Walking down the street, I can't even get a Cappucino after 5 pm. I'm here for Fantasia Fair and there is nothing open. Each year its less and less. I come here to dress pretty and have a good time. The town seems so dead this year. How is it that we have a Theme week and business owners are unwilling to support us.

Henry (AKA - Krystal)
6:09 pm edt 

To: Regionalization

School Choice should not come at an astronomical cost to taxpayers. Its just unrealistic to think that the taxpayers should continue to pay to educate the children of this town no matter how high the costs go. If we had a large student body and it was cost effective then I would be all for keeping the students of Ptown here at home. Unfortunately, we are in dire straits and need to look at other alternatives. Thank god we have options available to us, like regionalizing with Nauset.

I can appreciate how much the children and parents of this town want the schools to stay open, but the well is running dry and we just can't afford it anymore. We need to make a good educated decision so that children of Ptown can get a quality education that they deserve. Let's be realistic, we all know that the education they are receiving in Ptown is mediocre at best.

Margaret Gonzalez
6:00 pm edt 

Focus on Cutting Costs
Obviously no excessive force was used according to the Witness who is a police officer. What more validation is necessary that this needs B.S. episode needs to end?

With our high taxes for a sleepy little town, with the highest student per capital cost in the entire commonwealth, with the need to trim the perks of the union employees paid for by the taxpayers and with the need to tighten our Fiscal belts, we don't need this B.S. fiasco to continue to take up any more space here.
4:33 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

Fifteen minutes of fame up?  Barry has been in the limelight for over twenty years and his celebrity goes far beyond Provincetown.  His radio program has a national audience with many major recording artists clamoring to be a part of his broadcast.  We have not heard the last of Barry Scott!!!!  Barrys unfortunate incident in Provincetown will not tarnish HIS reputation, but I am sure he will use his national listening audience to expose the corruption behind this case.  The town should just offer Barry and his partner a large cash settlement to make this scandalous incident be forgotten.  Barrys efforts to nationally publicize this case have caused significant damage to tourism and we should give him a financial settlement to motivate him to move on with his life.  Hasnt Barry and Bryan suffered enough?
4:31 pm edt 

H1N1 Flu and Breathing
Asthma is by far the most common underlying condition associated with severe cases of the disease. Look at all of the children who have asthma!

Pregnant women are at high risk for Flu Complications because pregnancy is a state of controlled immunosuppresion that keeps the mother from rejecting the fetus as "nonself" but may also reduce her capacity to resist infection.

The enlarging womb also compresses the lungs which may be a problem. It is harder to take a deep breath and harder to fight off a lung infection.

The more I hear about people not wanting to give their children the H1N1 FLU shot to protect their child from this disease when the vaccine becomes available--the more I'll post about the risks.

Look at all of the adults who are getting shingles because they had the chickenpox as a child and the virus stays in their body--what will these children have tucked away forever in their bodies from getting this H1N1 disease?

Be a responsible parent and get your child vaccinated when the H1N1 flu shot becomes available to protect them from this disease.
Concerned Parent
4:29 pm edt 

South Coast H1N1 Flu
The H1N1 flu has hit the south coast schools. Absentee rates are already spiking at some SouthCoast Schools.

A local doctor who has treated a number of flu cases said there's no doubt the kids should stay home.

"They just look toxic: They come in here in their pajamas and practically have to drag themselves. Half the time they lie down in  the waiting room and I have to wake them up," Dr. Stephen R. Butler of Dartmouth Medical Center said.

And still parents don't want to give their children the flu shot when it becomes available.
4:27 pm edt 

Barry Scott Payday

Barry Scott should receive money from the town for his antics.  Not to pay down his legal costs, not for damages which there were none, but rather to adjust his medication so that going forward in life he will have the ability to see things like everyone else does....rational.  I think there is medication for that.
4:26 pm edt 

Re: Regionalization

For all of you who were bused 100 miles a day and had to walk thru the snow because your parents wanted you to have such a wonderful education - YOU AND YOUR PARENTS HAD A CHOICE - IT'S CALLED SCHOOL CHOICE - YOU ARE TRYING TO TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US - LET'S CALL IT NO CHOICE - except to leave with our children so we can send them to community schools
4:24 pm edt 

I Love Barry Scott!

A person who rightly fights the system? Who doesn't give up when everyone else would? Who was beaten up by summer cops when not resisting arrest? (according to a 23 year vet of the Quincy Police Department, who I would trust more than our police any day)

I'd like to think had this happened to me or you, we would rightly fight too. The man has nothing to gain or lose. Its misdemeanor charges. He paid a small fine, but yet wants to do the honorable thing and hold our police accountable for what happened to him AND his partner that night.

Our town wastes money and time fighting him. In the end, the truth will prevail, despite our frightened citizens and lying police officers! When I hear people in our town say they hate him for the bad press, I know its because they believe what happened is true.

Go Boy!
4:22 pm edt 

Re: Schools

...and answering your long list of questions is supposed to do what for the decision to close the schools? Its coming fast and furious, just you wait. Enough of the blood suckers sucking away millions for just a few students

Johnny Red Fang
4:20 pm edt 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Re: Barry Scott

Barry and his never ending quest for publicity are right up there with 'balloon boy's' father.

Give it a rest Barry, your fifteen minutes were up a long time ago.
4:49 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

October 22, 2009

ORLEANS  An Orleans District Court judge has denied a motion for a new trial for Boston disc jockey Barry Scott Turkowitz, who was found guilty last year of charges stemming from a 2007 birthday party scuffle in Provincetown.
4:48 pm edt 

National Drug Bust

WASHINGTON  Attorney General Eric Holder calls it the largest single strike at a Mexican drug cartel operating in the U.S.  the arrest of more than 300 people in a series of drug raids across the country.
As a citizen, I've why the government spends its resources arresting and deporting hard working illegals working in mills and factories--while the gangs keep getting stronger and drug lords make in roads in our country.

This raid is long over due. We need facilities to treat drug addicts in every community as well as arrest drug dealers.
4:46 pm edt 

Good News, We Haven't Heard the Last From Barry!

Barry and his partner have the fortitude to fight on and get a good settlement.  It is not just about making the police accountable, but also to make sure that the town pays Barry and Bryan for the humiliation and injuries they sustained.  I see their big pay day coming!!!  Our friends deserve to be compensated.  The Banner reports:

Scotts partner, Bryan who was placed in protective custody by police after Scotts arrest and who said he suffered injuries as a incarceration, will be filing a civil suit against the officers involved. "I will not stop in my chance to hold the police accountable for what they did to Bryan and myself that I believe it happened to us for a reason, because we are strong enough to take them on," said Scott.
11:23 am edt 

Re: Prisoners and Vaccines
From: publichealth dot blog dot state dot ma dot us slash h1n1-swine-flu slash  

The Department of Public Health has already distributed tens of thousands of H1N1 vaccine doses to hundreds of medical sites around the state to begin the vaccination of children, pregnant women and health care workers, consistent with the federal guidance.  Our ability to share H1N1 vaccines is dependent on the vaccine manufacturers ability to produce the vaccine and the federal Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) distribution plan to states.  Unfortunately, the timeline associated with the distribution of the vaccines is quite fluid as production estimates vary week to week due to the unprecedented volume and short timetable for planning.  

Our top priority is and will remain those members of the public who are at greatest risk.  Initially that category includes children, pregnant women and health care workers.  As supplies allow, we will also target young adults below the age of 25, and 25-64 year olds with certain underlying health conditions.  Public clinics will only be held at the point that there is sufficient volume to shift beyond the focus on these target groups.  The CDC states that eventually there will be enough H1N1 vaccine to protect anyone in the population who wishes to be immunized.  

We will not be sending vaccines to prison settings to vaccinate the general prison population before the vaccine has been made available to the general public.  However, health care workers in prison settings will be treated the same as health care workers in other clinical settings and offered the vaccine as supplies allow.  As supplies become available, vaccine will be made available to prisons for the vaccination of those inmates at greatest risk.  For example, female inmates who are pregnant will be offered the vaccine as part of the statewide effort to reduce the likelihood of serious illness among those most vulnerable.  Because of national supply shortages, we have not yet determined the date for the distribution of vaccine to segments of the prison population at highest risk.    

Again, we want to emphasize that plans to vaccinate the general population of prisoners will not begin before there have been opportunities for the general public in the state to be vaccinated.  
8:34 am edt 

Re: Barry Scott

Congrats to this blog site for such accurate information about Barry Scott - why you girls went on and on for weeks and you were just wrong weren't you ?   Poor girls.  
8:31 am edt 

Latest Barry Scott Ruling
Hurry...Get the Cape Cod Times newspaper this morning and on page 2 read the good news...Now maybe everyone will convince Mr.Scott and his co-lie-conspirators to leave town. Take all your lies and instigating remarks with you.

We are so sick of it and glad that the Justice System prevailed for a change. I personally don't know Mr.Scott but since day one I have grown to dis-like him all his friends too just because of the bad rap they tried giving our Police Dept and community.
7:34 am edt 

Re: Barry Scott

Barry Scott not guilty of resisting arrest

It's on wickedlocal provincetown.

If you want to put the link up:


An off duty Quincy cop in the backyard testified that Mr. Scott did not resist arrest, but the Judge still ruled against a new trial.

As I have always thought, the fix is on here. And it still makes our police look bad as this goes on to a higher level. Haven't we had enough bad press?
7:33 am edt 

Wicked Local:

PROVINCETOWN - The Orleans District Court judge who originally oversaw last years trial of Boston disc jockey Barry Scott denied a motion Monday for a new trial.  Scott sustained injuries while being arrested by police in 2007.

Judge Brian Merrick turned down the motion after hearing testimony from a new witness who had come forward after the 2008 trial...

..However, under cross-examination by Assistant District Attorney Robert Moriarty, DeFranco replied negative when asked if he thought the police used excessive force or acted improperly. Based on that testimony, Judge Merrick denied the motion for a new trial...
7:30 am edt 

Get on the Barry Scott Bandwagon
Barry Scott spotted in Boston today wearing his "Police Lied" T shirt.  Lets help him get that publicity machine moving.  Its time we make this town pay for the abuse that Barry and his boyfriend were subjected to.  He deserves a big settlement and a little compassion from the good people of Provincetown.  
7:28 am edt 

Re: Schools

I have questions for those of you who want to close the schools.

(And I wonder if any of you would have the guts to answer all of these questions on this blog.)

How many of you have children between the ages of 11-19?

How many of you know that, according to the town budget, it cost $1.2 million to operate the high school?

How many of you know that, according to the town budget, the other $2.8 million goes to what happens inside VMES (including the administration office) and to pensions?

How many of you know that Nauset has never, officially or otherwise, offered regionalization to Ptown or to Truro?

How many of you know that if we were to send our kids, 6-12, to Nauset, WITHOUT Regionalization, that it would cost us $1.8 million every year.

How many of you know that if we did bus kids to Nauset, WITHOUT Regionalization, that we would have no say on the Nauset school committee?

How many of you realize that, as of this year, Nauset is no longer providing after-school activity buses for athletes or any kid who stays after school?

How many of you realize that, percentage wise, Nauset is not even ranked in the top of five of Cape high schools in sending kids to four year colleges?

How many of you know that Ptown IS ranked in the top five, percentage wise, in sending kids to four year colleges?

How many of you realize we have more special needs kids, per capita, than any other town on the Cape; and that Ptown has been cited by the state as one of the best places to be a special needs student in the Commonwealth?

How many of you realize that the state's own studies show that more course choices doesn't equal better academics?

How many of you realize that the same state report found that smaller classes (between 6 and 14) provide far better environments for learning?

How many of you realize that Nauset's average class size is now approaching 30?

How many of you just want to close the school so you're taxes will be lowered?

How many of you realize that even if we close the schools your taxes won't be lowered because we'll have to pay more to send our kids to Nauset?
7:26 am edt 

Ground Hog Day

Though I choose not to engage in the conversation of what the town should be doing, unfortunately the harsh reality is that this small town breeds small minds. I am a second homeowner with a business here for almost 15 years. Provincetown is a perfect example as to how "town meeting" is an antiquated way to run government in todays time. In conjunction with the Town Managers and Selectmen we seem to attract/select it is clearly a losing combination. So sad but so true!
7:23 am edt 

I'm Sorry But do You All Hear Yourselves?

This is what we think it critical to our local government & community.  We all need to take a good hard look at the real issues & start to figure out some resolutions.  AND SOON!
7:22 am edt 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Re: Busing to Nauset

I took a bus to school, it took 1 hour and 15 minutes each way.  It was just a fact of life and no big deal.  I could have walked to the closest school, but my parents sent me to the larger school because they felt it would be better for me.  Turns out they were right, the education, other activities and social interaction offered were far superior to the smaller school.

I have a hard time believing that the bus ride to Nauset is an issue.
10:46 am edt 

Face The Truth

The mothers that I worked with all talked about Dancing with the stars with each other and the latest developments on the soap opera du jour.

I never heard them talk about the books that their children were reading or what one of their children wrote or how outstanding a class was--only about the school play.

There was an open house at the school--for the parents. It is a falsehood to say that the school is the heart of this town. It is the work place of the students.

Commercial Street and the harbor and all of the activities therein are the heart of the town.

The school could close tomorrow and none of the 3,000 residents would miss it except for the few families of students and all of the paid staff. Face the Truth.
10:45 am edt 

Let's See, do I Want a Quality Education?

That means I need to have a long ride on an uncomfortable bus. Or would I rather be comfortable and have a mediocre education. That's what it boils down to. I used to ride a bus for a 1/2 hour each way when I went to school. I also played three sports and often had a 1/2 hour to 45 minute ride to and from sporting events.

The problem with our society is everyone just wants to be comfortable. So, you have to ride a bus, let's remember back when our great, great grandparents had to walk miles and miles to and from school in all kind of weather. Stop the whining and just go to school and get an education.
10:41 am edt 

Gateway to Provincetown

What is the status of the plans to build a garage where Duart Motors is located and to create a people friendly landscape where the MPL now stands?

At the last meeting we were told that more meetings were in store. Are these traffic planners and city planners fine tuning their plans?

The Stimulus money is there for this new creation in Provincetown. We, as citizens, must be ready to embrace this vision of a beautiful harbor side and transportation center.
10:39 am edt 

Barry Scott Turkowitz-Oct. 26
Barry Scott Turkowitz who hosts a long-standing oldies show on WODS-FM, is set to argue on Oct. 19 that he should get a new trial in Orleans District Court because of new evidence from an off-duty Quincy police officer who attended the party, according to court Turkowitz filed an appeal of his conviction Sept. 19 in the Appeals Court of Massachusetts, according to court records.

The appeal is stayed until Oct. 26 because of the motion for the new trial.
10:38 am edt 

Our Jobs
We all have jobs to do and some people drive to Hyannis for work. Our students have a job to do and that is to get an education. If it requires them to be bused down the road, so be it.

It is time to put education first and the fact that parents don't want to be bothered getting their kids up and ready for the school bus because the parents are lazy is intolerable.

We need a regional school. Peter Francese has made the point crystal clear. The Governor will do this if the Board of Selectmen don't pursue it.

Yes, we have a group working on this--but their bias is to keep the high school in Provincetown open. $4,000,000 this year,,,how much next year and the year after and the year after that? Fifty Million Dollars of tax payer money $50,000,000 to educate a student from first grade to high school graduation--this can not stand.
10:36 am edt 

Police Posts & Barry Scott
Agreed. They seem to post here a lot and have inside info. It's so obvious, that it makes them look even worse than they actually are! Police should be quiet about pending cases. But then again, ours shouldn't beat people up and lie.
10:35 am edt 

Barry Scott; National Exposure
20/20 working the Barry Scott case?  Why hasn't 60 Minutes picked this one up? Sounds like Barry's rumor mill is at it again.  Your little story is not worthy of national attention.  This should get really interesting with Barry's Golden Oldies fan base coming out of the woodwork. How are they going to spin the fact that Barry's "star" witness suddenly appeared and didn't make his perspective known during the first trial?  So much for integrity and credibility.  This should do wonders for the officer's career in Quincy.  Perjury is worth it if it means Barry gets to sue the town for damages caused to his stellar reputation.  This should be a big pay day!
10:33 am edt 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Please Grow Up and Stop Whining
Kids get bused miles away every day throughout the States. Being bused to Eastham is not a great trek across Mt. Everest.And when kids get bused, they learn to live with a diverse population, not only home-grown inuslar thinking kids. It's refreshing and changing kids' perspectives. Plus, the kids will have access to a varied curriculum and to dynamic classes with more than five students. It's school not family and I hope regionalziation soon comes to Provincetown.
10:28 pm edt 

Re: "Austin Texas Flu Epidemic"
If you are using FOX as your news source it's no wonder you think the sky is falling. The Austin story is old news. They got a big homeland security grant for bioterrorism preparedness and used it for tents and are finally putting them to use to keep people out of the ER.

Wash your hands, get your kids to wash their hands, stay home when sick get a vaccine as soon as available, talk in a reasonable manner to other parents and tell them it's their responsibility as a member of the community to protect those who can't get vaccine to get vaccinated and get their kids the vax. Refer them to the 60 Minutes web site and ask them to watch last Sunday's show and then see if their kid's health is worth the risk of not getting vaccine.

- flu expert
10:27 pm edt 

Re: School Commute
Ditto on the comment that there are millions of kids across the country that have to put up with a long commute, even in cities, for a quality education. It shouldn't even factor into the equation unless it impacts educational outcomes for the kids.
10:25 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

Just a thought from a disinterested observer; if you have direct involvement in either side of the case you should refrain from posting here lest an attorney get a bee in their bonnet and get a court order for mypacc to reveal internet protocol address of posters here and create a complete mess.

That said, fascinated to see what the outcome is.
10:24 pm edt 

Barry Scott:
I believe he LOST !  Check the records....
10:23 pm edt 

Eli Martinez Wins?!

Is it true? He is sueing the town of provincetown police Dept for discloseing the evidence, I guess it's not a bad thing now he can pay back the firemens association for the donation money that was used for his attorney fees that was authorized by the fire chief, mabey he'll be kind enough to reimburse the town an extra  350,000 for the new ladder truck.
10:22 pm edt 

Re: Re: Nauset/Provincetown Regionalization
"Do me a favor - get in your car every day and drive to Eastham.   Then come back.  Then get in your car and drive there again and then back to Provincetown.   That is what having kids go to Nauset will be like.   Just do it for a week and tell me how much community that creates, how great that is - how wonderful for the kids and their parents.   Sounds like parents might move away ? Good for you - you will be gone soon (somewhere) and you can get a tax rebate."  

It was not nice. I just had to do that trip twice in two days. I'm 50 and I have a really good car with AC and heated leather seats, etc. And I deferred the trip one day due to the rainy weather.

This posting above, and several rational financial arguments lately in favor of keeping P-town High school, are best reason in my mind so far to stick with the schools.

I am a 25 year bona-fide year round resident, homeowner, gay man no kids, and I (almost) always go to Town Meeting. And I (almost) always raise my hand for the school budget. The former school regime of Nelson/Waugh really rubbed me the wrong way. Ms. Nelson was our own Sara Palin, very devicive.

So come on people, let's give the new administration one more chance. My high school was 15 miles away and my dad drove me there in the morning. Then it took me 1.5 hours to get home on public transit. Several times a month one of my uncles or my father would show up in the parking lot when school let out to pick me up and it was like winning the lottery!        

Keep an Open Mind
10:21 pm edt 

I Used to Think This Barry Scott Thing Was Annoying..


As I did more research I realized we really need this to happen here in Ptown.

Cops and  Judges (           ) everywhere are allowed to lie, even under oath to protect themselves and their 'brotherhood'.

Bring the truth! I hope he wins with this new trial!
10:18 pm edt 

Barry Scott Wins?!
Is this correct? Where is it in the newspapers online?

About time! Thanks Barry- someone needs to stand up to Police!
Even here in Ptown...

Cops HERE are just as DIRTY as anywhere else!
It's a small town remember ;-)!
8:41 pm edt 

Drive Time

Yeah, a 25 or 30 minute drive to Eastham is a great reason to keep the kids here and provide them with a mediocre education.  Most kids in small towns have a commute similar to that.  Most adults in other communities have a commute longer than that.  Grow up.
8:40 pm edt 

Re: Nauset/Provincetown Regionalization

Do me a favor - get in your car every day and drive to Eastham.   Then come back.  Then get in your car and drive there again and then back to Provincetown.   That is what having kids go to Nauset will be like.   Just do it for a week and tell me how much community that creates, how great that is - how wonderful for the kids and their parents.   Sounds like parents might move away ? Good for you - you will be gone soon (somewhere) and you can get a tax rebate.  
7:59 pm edt 

Barry Scott

From what I understand, the truth LIES with another cop...who perjured himself on the stand...and it can now be proven!

Banner was there. So, unfortunately, was 20/20 who have long been working on this story. I got to speak with them about our lovely town.

Barry Scott looked great! This man has deep conviction for what is right. I admire him for taking on the summer cops who beat him!
7:57 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

Barry Scott wins in court yesterday! Now hopefully the truth will come out about our police.
2:58 pm edt 

The Sky is Falling,

The flu is coming! Are you a Michael Jackson impersonator?
2:57 pm edt 

Barry Scott:

Why are there no postings about the court case on Monday?  HMMMM... I wonder why ?  Perhaps the hearing did not go forward ?
1:55 pm edt 

Re: Nauset School System

It's pretty clear to me that you don't have kids and the further away the kids are is better for you.

Let's call a spade a spade.  I doubt if anything is 'pretty clear' to you.  I look at parents who don't want the best education for their children as being somewhat mis-guided.  And as soon as someone points out the far superior education provided at Nauset they are accused of not liking kids.  Give me a break.
8:54 am edt 

Health Costs
I was talking with an emergency room doctor with whom I've become acquainted. He said that patients complain because he tells them to stop using drugs, to stop smoking, to stop calling for an ambulance when they have menstrual cramps and only need a midol. Yet medicare pays for this.

Why do alcoholics get to live with out working by collecting money from social security? Things to need to radically change.

This is a true story.
8:53 am edt 

I Love Facts
As you have read below, I went to a news source regarding the flu epidemic in Austin Texas.

This is a tourist town--I don't want my child to become sick because some ignorant parent or guardian refuses to get their child inoculated. You put us all at risk.
8:34 am edt 

Austin Texas Flu Epidemic

From the News Report:
The volume of patients at Dell Children's Medical Center has already topped last year's peak flu season. Doctors say they believe half of all their patients have H1N1.

"We know those symptoms, they can come to these tents, " a nurse shows FOX 7 one of three tents set up outside the sliding doors of Dell Children's Medical Center.

Inside the temporary tents, doctors and nurses can treat up to six families at a time.

"We've been averaging more than 300 patients a day over the last week. Yesterday we saw 340," Dr. Pat Crocker said. That's twice the number the E.R. usually sees at this time of the year.

The hospital hopes the extra space will relieve the long lines to see a doctor.

"That's what this is an outbreak of... H1N1," Dr. Crocker said.

Dr. Crocker describes it as a mild flu-like virus. He adds it's very contagious.  Across the country, more H1N1 vaccines are in order.

More than 27-million doses of the shot, and another 29-million more of the nasal spray version, bringing the total to 251-million available doses in the U.S.

"We actually anticipate being able to start receiving orders for the vaccine in/by early October," Dr. Jay Butler of the CDC said.

If you experience flu symptoms, stay at home to prevent the virus from spreading.
8:33 am edt 

Flue..... Prepare!

I'm not an alarmist, but I've heard folks say that they won't get their kids inoculated against the H1N1 flu. That puts everyone at risk. Why? The child gets sick and the mother who has to go to work, goes to work and infects everyone with whom she comes in contact.

The person at the register doesn't get paid sick days I bet--what if his or her child gets sick? The person interacting with the public? Whoa if a bus driver gets sick.

Just stating the facts...
8:27 am edt 

Re: Barry Scott

No news yet

Can't find anything on capecodonlinedotcom about any court and our               friend.
8:26 am edt 

Re: Regionalization

Everyone wants the best education for the kids - that's great - Can we get buses to run to Weston, Mass every day - that is the best education in Massachusetts.   Great idea ?  It's pretty clear to me that you don't have kids and the further away the kids are is better for you.
8:23 am edt 

Fear Not: The White Masks Have Arrived at Town Hall
And you do not need to fear. The masks will be worn by town hall employees and you will protected.

What else whould you want?

Fear not, we are now safe.
1:12 am edt 

Monday, October 19, 2009

H1N1 Flu Epidemic

"It is an epidemic in Austin Texas. Everyone I know knows someone who has it. This only started in April, 9 months ago and is now all over the world."

For mercy sake, there is NOT an H1N1 flu epidemic in Austin. At least, not in the Austin I currently reside in. (Is there an Austin on Mars perhaps?) How about you stick to creating speculation and rumors on a local level, and forget about  reporting on supposed flu outbreaks around "the world".
Unless, of course, you thrive on hysteria.
11:11 pm edt 

Nauset School System

Yeah Nauset is doing what the school committee refuses to do: scale back in this economy. they are out of touch.
9:41 pm edt 

Re: Save Ptown High

We'll save money and the kids will be better educated.

What planet are you living on?  Rather than listen to the mis-information being spread on this issue take a look at the class schedule for Nauset and compare it to Provincetown.  You think they get a better educ. in Ptown, seriously?
9:40 pm edt 

Re: Schools
Nauset is laying off teachers, cutting classes and programs, cutting transportation costs, levying fees for sports and transportation and considerably enlarging class sizes (to as much as 30 kids per classs).  Ptown High kids have small class sizes (which every educator agrees is what you want; in fact the smaller the better).  And. even after the massive budget cuts of the last three years, Ptown still has no fees, good teachers, a great building and fields and, currently, a new fantastic administration.  Ptown continually send kids to good colleges.  I'm told the administration has really beefed-up academics this year.  Why would I want to send my kid to crumbling money-strapped Nauset?  If you don't think their current money woes are going to severely impact their academics, you're not being logical.  I read the long report on school below; it makes much sense.  Save Ptown High.  We'll save money and the kids will be better educated.
6:32 pm edt 

Barry Scott:
Does anyone know the outcome of the court case today?  Where did the truth LIE ?
6:30 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing Stock

What drug are you on to suggest that we sell some town owned buildings? Have you been to these buildings? We use all of our town buildings!
4:56 pm edt 

Flu? be Proactive!

The flu shot isn't your only hope.

Do what you can to supercharge your immune system. How? Good nutrition goes a long way to help. A multi-vitamin, omega3 oils, probiotics, Vitamin D, certain mushrooms all can help. Avoid white sugar and white flour.

Do some research on an alternative health site.(The government medical sites are not always the best place for the truth. Imagine that!)

I suggest you check out: SwansonVitaminsdot com  or google 'strengthen immune system'.
11:59 am edt 

Affordable Housing Stock

The Town of Provincetown owns so many buildings. Why not make it a win-win situation for the town and the taxpayers.

Sell the Community Center to Ted Malone and turn it into affordable housing.

Look at all of the other properties that we own from the Grace Guevera building to the school to the the library.

The Town owns many dozens of properties.

Sell these buildings to the affordable housing developers and they will develope them and the receives the money from the sales of these buildings and the developers can keep the money that they make in rent each month and eventually have enough money and equity to soon buy another building and on and on.
11:46 am edt 

Re: Schools

As a disinterested observer (no kids, but pay taxes) it seems to me that the focus ought to be on the best possible educational outcome for the kids. It isn't about saving money, it isn't about saving jobs or busing, it's about what gives the kids the best education for the money spent and best prepares them for either jobs or additional schooling. Hope the school committee can work along those lines. I also hope there are some kids left to go to high school by the time this debate ends.
11:44 am edt 

Re: The Flu
Go to the 60 Minutes web site, watch the first portion of last night's episode and you will see a good summary of the situation which says basically:
- unprecedented early widespread flu activity primarily H1N1
- far less than 1% of people who contract it need hospitalization
- for those that do it can be quickly life threatening

Wash your hands, use alcohol hand gel, take your vitamins, lose weight, stop smoking, get some exercise, don't kiss or hug friends when greeting each other, don't play beer pong and get vaccinated when the vaccine arrives. Also have supplies to take care of loved ones if they get sick or yourself if you get sick. Go to for info. In the meantime, calm down.
11:43 am edt 


Fourty-one states are reporting widespread influenza activity at this time.

They are: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

This many reports of widespread activity are unprecedented during seasonal flu.
10:07 am edt 

11 Children Died this Week
The proportion of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza (P&I) based on the 122 Cities Report has increased and exceeds what is normally expected at this time of year.

In addition, 11 flu-related pediatric deaths were reported this week; 10 of these deaths were confirmed 2009 H1N1, and one was influenza A virus, but unsubtyped. Since April 2009, there have been 86 confirmed pediatric 2009 H1N1 deaths; 39 of these have been reported to CDC since August 30, 2009.
10:05 am edt 

H1N1 Flu Epidemic
It is an epidemic in Austin Texas. Everyone I know knows someone who has it. This only started in April, 9 months ago and is now all over the world.

76 children have died from it in the US in the last 60 days. Hide your head in the sand if you wish, but look it up yourself.
10:03 am edt 

Re: "Vaccine Priorities

From today's Cape Cod Times:

"If the H1N1 doses dribble in in small amounts, the town may have to prioritize who gets the flu shot first, he said.

The state already has asked providers to focus on what it considers high-risk groups, McKean said. They are children ages 6 months to 9 years; pregnant women; health care workers; caretakers of babies younger than 6 months; and household contacts of pregnant women in their third trimester.

Infants under 6 months cannot be vaccinated, so the idea is to create a "cocoon of immunity" around them by vaccinating everybody in their household, according to state officials.

The next target group would be all children younger than 19 years old, McKean said.

The need to postpone public swine flu clinics "is just a distribution issue," Manley said."
10:02 am edt 

School Choice
1. Provincetown joins the regional school system.
2. Close the elementary school.
3. Keep the Provincetown high school open and fill it with students from Truro and wellfleet.

My question is why would these students want to come to Provincetown High School when Nauset has so many more classes and facilities to offer?

I'll make a perfectly healthy and satisfying salad for lunch from the salad bar at the stop and shop and it is perfectly adequate.

I have a choice: I could pull up a chair at the edge of the parking lot and make a meal from the salad bar for supper too or I could go to a restaurant with cloth napkins, table cloths, candle light, stemware, serene music, soft lighting, impeccable service and all of the ambiance, refinement, gentility and fine cuisine one could wish for supper.

Where would you want to go to high school if you were a student: the school that is the equivalent of a  salad bar or one that is the equivalent of an exquisite restaurant?
10:01 am edt 

Affordable Housing/Regionalization

It's so interesting - the same people who are against affordable housing are all for busing kids - oh and it's all about saving them money.  
9:59 am edt 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Close the High School and Sell it to Affordable Housing

Let them make 100's of apartments that are affordable. We'll kill two birds with one stone. Get rid of the blood sucking leeches in the school system and get to our 10 percent quota for affordable housing.

Gay Boy
10:38 pm edt 

RE: The Schools
Regionalization is inevitable.  

But Ptown has never been formally asked to merge or regionalize with Nauset.  There has never been a concrete offer from either Supt. Gradone or from the Nauset School Committee to regionalize with Ptown.  They merely stated in the media that regionalization would be a good idea.  

What Nauset has done up until now is try to convince Ptown to send its students between the ages of 11-18 to Nauset WITHOUT regionalizing.

Simply put, Nauset wants Ptown to bus its students between the ages of 11-18 to Nauset WITHOUT regionalizing (just like Truro does now).

If Ptown High were to close, and if Ptown does have to bus its kids to Nauset, Ptown will be solely responsible for transportation costs (just like Truro is now).  

It will cost Ptown at least $900 a day to ferry kids to the two Nauset schools.  That is $162K per year.

Why would the member towns of Nauset ever agree to share this cost?  If Nauset officially offered us regionalization, the citizens of Orleans, Brewster, Wellfleet and Eastham would have to share the costs of transporting kids from Ptown to the two Nauset schools.  Does anyone honestly think those citizens are going to agree to that without pressure?

Further, if Ptown (WITHOUT regionalizing first) sends an estimated 50 more of its 11-18 year-old kids to Nauset at $13K per kid (which is the going rate for a district when it sends one of its kids to another district) that's $650K of Ptowns money being sent to Nauset.

Add the 31 kids Ptown is already sending to Nauset and, at $13K a kid, that's another $273K being sent to Nauset.

Finally, if Ptown transports its 24 special-needs kids to Nauset, at an additional $21K per kid (which is the going rate for educating special-needs kids when one district sends its special-needs kids to another district) that's $735K more of Ptowns money being sent to Nauset.

The total comes to $1.820 million dollars--every year; with Ptown having no say on the Nauset School Committee.

If there is no regionalization agreement with Nauset before shutting down Ptown High, Nauset would basically get Ptown kids for free.  Ptown would be paying for the transportation of those kids.  Ptown would essentially be paying tuition to Nauset to educate those kids.  Nauset would also be receiving state and federal matching funds for the kids being sent to Nauset by Ptown.

Right now, Ptown High costs Ptown $1.1 million per year.

So, where will the savings come from if Ptown simply closes down the high school WITHOUT regionalizing first?

And though some people wish that Nauset would merge or regionalize with Ptown, why would Nauset agree to do so?

Why would Nauset agree to take on Ptown's (or Truro's) transportation costs if it does not have to?

So where are the savings if Ptown sends its kids to Nauset WITHOUT regionalizing?

Sure, Ptown could sell the high school (which the town has borrowed heavily against).

But Ptown would still be shelling out 1.820 million dollarsEVERY YEAR; with Ptown having absolutely no say on the Nauset School Committee.

Ptown will still have to spend close to four million dollars EVERY YEAR on the elementary school, on pensions and on school administration.

Lastly, the Department of Revenue has suggested Ptown regionalize with Nauset.

But how can Ptown do that if Nauset isn't offering?

Citizens of Ptown have meetings with Nauset officials and among themselves--but STILL there is no concrete offer from Nauset to regionalize.

Neither Jessica Waugh nor the Provincetown School Committee has ever turned down regionalization.  Why?  Because it has never been offered to Provincetown.

Nauset has never said publicly that it had made a serious offer to Ptown.

If Ptown had turned down Nausets serious offer to regionalize, wouldn't Nauset officials tell us, or the Cape Cod Times or the Banner?

So, what should Ptown do?

Ptown should regionalize with Nauset but keep Ptown High open.

Many systems have two or more high schools.

The Ptown School Committee should pin the Nauset Supt. and School Committee against the wall and say its ready to regionalize.

But the Provincetown School Committee should do this BEFORE closing down the high school.  If the school committee sets up meetings to regionalize after it has already closed the high school, Nauset will then have the leverage it needs NOT to regionalize.  

If Nauset doesnt regionalize with Ptown, Ptown will be solely responsible for the cost of busing kids to Nauset while Ptown sends Nauset a ton of cash every year.  

So, regionalization should happen as quickly as possible.

And this is how regionalization should work:

All students 6-12 from Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet should go to Provincetown High School (estimated student population by 2012: 325 students).

All students 6-12 from Eastham, Orleans and Brewster should go to Nauset High in Eastham (estimated student population by 2012: 925 students).

VMES, Orleans Elementary, Eastham Elementary and Wellfleet Elementary should be closed and given back to the towns or sold (the basketball courts in these buildings and the fields surrounding the buildings should be kept by the school systems for use by the schools and by the recreation depts.).

All students PK-5 from Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet should go to Truro Elementary (estimated student population by 2012: 300 students).

All students PK-5 from Eastham and Orleans should go to the Nauset Middle School building in Orleans (estimated student population by 2012: 400 students).

All students PK-5 from Brewster should go to either the Eddy School (estimated student population by 2012: 450 students).

This plan would save the region a ton of money on transportation costs.

Ptown kids would not have to spend two hours everyday on a bus.

This plan would save the region a ton of money on operating costs.

Ptown should talk to Nauset about regionalization BEFORE Ptown closes its high school.

The Nauset system is losing an estimated 125 kids between the ages of 11-18 every year.  It needs money.  It needs students (to qualify for matching state and federal funds).  

Nauset is already starting to severely cut courses, activities, operation budget and staff.  It is ready to levy fees for activities and transportation.

Nauset is hurting financially and it is looking to Ptown and at Ptowns kids to staunch its financial bleeding.

Before Ptown closes the high school and gives Nauset all of its students between the ages of 11-18, the Provincetown School Committee should strike a regionalization deal that doesnt brutalize Ptown financially while leaving Ptown with absolutely no say about how its money is being spent or how its children are being educated.

10:37 pm edt 

Re: H1N1 Flu Vac

You're going to be waiting quite a while for your H1N1 vaccine. The priority groups keep shifting. Prisoners in Massachusetts are getting the vac before almost anyone else.
Not enough of it to go around for the people who really need it.
10:28 pm edt 

Mike Who?

Where did this Mike come from who is talking about the schools? I hope that this person isn't impersonating anyone else...
10:27 pm edt 

Barry Scott:

First off, If your honest to start.. You tell the truth from the onset..  Secondly,  If you wait to tell the truth...  It's usually cause your LYING and you needed time to make up a story !!!! Lastly,  Your excuse for why you didn't tell the truth from the beginning should be an indication of your credibility!!!!
10:26 pm edt 

Close the Schools and Save the Town Alot of Problems

The only reason people don't want to close the schools is because a number of PTOWN residents will lose their jobs. Alot of people have lost their jobs, lets not make another mistake by keeping the mediocre Provincetown schools open. They can't and don't offer what other schools in Eastham and Truro can offer.

Stop the bleeding and stop the delay, just close the schools.

10:25 pm edt 

Re: Flu
Take a deep breath, preferably at least six feet away from the person next to you, and calm down. It is only severely impacting a tiny tiny fraction of the people who are getting it, albeit significantly more than seasonal flu as it is a novel virus, or at least novel to those under 65.

Go to www dot flu dot gov and read up on what you can do to make sure you don't get it until you can get a vaccine which is being prioritized for infants, their care givers, health care workers, etc. as it should be. Wash your hands, use alchohol gel religiously, use those handwipes Stop and Shop is nice enough to have at their entrance, and cough into your sleeve. If you or a loved one gets sick, stay home. There is a ton of information at the web site including guides on how to take care of someone with flu and what to watch out for to tell if someone needs help immediately. If you live alone find someone else who is in the same boat and agree to check in on and help out each other if one of you get sick.

All that said, don't think when you start reading articles that say "flu calming down" or "cases dropping fast" that it's over. A novel flu virus comes in waves and we're only in the second wave now, flu likes winter. Doesn't hurt to stash away a few of those N95 masks available at hardware store either in case you do have to care for someone with flu.

Oh, and when it's available, get your kids vaccinated, it will not only protect them it will also help protect those who can't have vaccines for various reasons.
5:59 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

To the person who keeps accussing the Police of lying should not be afraid of the Police. However, if you are lying to cover up for Barry Scott which is more than likely the case, then you should have some reservations. But besides making that factual statement, I would like to also bring to everyones attention, Barry Scott and his friends can lie with very little if any prosecution for their lie's. The Police on the other hand are subject to prosecution, etc if they lie and that's where the difference sits as I see it. So as Barry Scott continues to lie as well as his friends,then there will never be any peace. Too bad and very sad for this community.
5:55 pm edt 

Re: Mike You Don't Get it...

Where did I say let's make the children illegal... nothing like putting words into my mouth, oh thats right thats what the people who want the schools to stay open do... they put words into other's mouths... bet you were educated in the Ptown schools. You are completely ignorant to whats going on in the real world outside of the borders of Provincetown.

1:41 pm edt 

School Regionalization Committee

Now we have Alex Brown, Peter Grasso and Barbara Rushmore determining if we should regionalize. These folks have repeatedly said that they are adamant about keeping the schools open in Provincetown.

And that' our fault.  No one would step up to be on this cte.  We talk the talk, but none of us was willing to walk the walk.
1:38 pm edt 

Re: Mike You Dont Get it...

I do get it and I don't believe the reports... I think there are certain people who put those reports together just to make us think it will cost us the same or less to keep the schools open. Let's get a group of not biased people together to look at this thing... I continue to say close the schools, there is nothing there for the few Ptown students. They need to have a broader view of the world and need to go to a school that can meet their needs and teach 21st century skills.

I do indeed get it! Mike
1:37 pm edt 

Barry Scott
I didn't come forward, because I, like a few other witnesses there, am afraid of our own police. I watched what they did that night, saw how they made a witness lie on the stand via phone calls and intimidation (even the Banner reporter sat with her mouth open as he lied).

Let's hope our cops will be decent and honest and not lie under oath in court Monday. That is making me think they are more horrible than the person breaking into our cars.
1:09 pm edt 

Stunted Education

Look how the world has changed in the last ten years. in 2019 Generation X will be in charge of the work place. Where will Provincetown kids be in this work place scenario? They will be emptying the waste baskets of the movers and shakers.

We have less than 50 Provincetown students rattling around in a school that is as silent as the tomb. Exciting educational challenges and varied social interaction is totally absent.

This school is an artificial pigeon-holed world that we are subjecting our children to in these most crucial years and when they compete for jobs they will be sorely lacking.

When these students are grown up, will they turn and point to you and ask why you didn't give them the best education possible. They need to learn to think and thrive--not be hand held through their adolescence.

It makes one shudder to think how deprived these students are: a combined 6Th and 7Th grade class, three students in a convesational foreign language class, students  interacting only with the same students since the first grade and on and on.

All you were taught to be concerned about is being in the same school that your parents and grandparents attended; but it won't be the same world out there when you have to stand on your own two feet during a job interview.

Good Luck!
1:08 pm edt 

Mike You Don't Get it do You ?

You can close the schools and bus children far away - but you still pay the same amount - don't you pay attention to written reports ?   Are you really saying make children illegal in Provincetown so you don't have to pay for them ?
1:06 pm edt 

Silent as the Tomb

Challenged, engaged, stimulating classes and social groups do not exist in our tomb of a high school. It is as silent as the grave and stifling in its social structure and we parents are foisting this suffering on our kids by sending them there.

Point to yourselves when you wonder why your child can't make it in the greater economic and social world. No wonder some turn to drugs and alcohol: not as daring youthful pastimes but to deaden the pain.
1:05 pm edt 

School Regionalism
Now we have Alex Brown, Peter Grasso and Barbara Rushmore determining if we should regionalize. These folks have repeatedly said that they are adamant about keeping the schools open in Provincetown.

What we have is a huge high school with a hand full of Provincetown students rattling around in it. Classes with 4 students, now we have a combined 6Th and 7Th grade. What kind of challenge is this class going to be for the smart 7Th grader?

If we have less than 50 Provincetown students in schools costing the taxpayers $4,000,000 and this committee doesn't see the need to regionalize, then we need a new committee.
1:04 pm edt 

$20,000,000 Sewer System
If other communities around the country have had troubles, why didn't this company make the sewer pipes out of the equivalent of bullet proof plastic?

I'm waiting for the double whammies: My tax bill on my million dollar "appraised" house is due and the revised flood plain map will require a huge jump in flood insurance if my house is located with in the zone.

Look at all of the year round jobs out there to be had (yeah, sure). The folks in the unions are on easy street in this town and we hard working home-owners keep them in their SUVs, boats, and vacation homes.  

With every Town meeting my taxes go up...but not my income.
1:03 pm edt 

Swine Flu
It is an epidemic. Across the country, more children and teens have died in Sept. and Oct. than died all of last year during the regular flu season. It is very scary.

I received my regular flu shot and still waiting for the H1N1 flu vaccine to become available around here.
1:01 pm edt 

Re: "Sewer System Modifications"

If you are referring to the 10/15/09 Cape Cod Times article then your assertion that it states $20 million in future costs continues to be incorrect. The article does not say that. If there is another article or editorial please tell us what it is. The relevant sentence in the article is "The $20 million vacuum system, which is six years old, pulls waste out of more than 500 homes and businesses along the densely populated and low-lying lots bordering Commercial Street."

While the headline of the article is misleading the body of the piece couldn't be more clear.
1:01 pm edt 

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This Town Can frustrate and Irritate

But if you decide to leave, please know there are many who understand. It is not good riddance. It is as life is. After many years, Provincetown and its once dreams can dissapoint. If it does for you or anyone else, good luck wherever you go. We all shared some time together while we were all here. And if you leave for other shores or mountains, may the best luck follow you. And thanks for the time you spent here.
10:28 pm edt 

Sewer Problems

I just hope the selectmen, any one of them or the whole board, puts the blame directly on the installers and the company paid to oversee the construction and maintenance of the system. Put the blame right where it belongs. It has been found now that the break in the line on Dyer Street that caused the mishap on the 4th of July and then again a few weeks later happened as a result of the vacuum tank being cracked, sucking in debris from the surrounding sand and backfill thus the junk in the pipe that caused the breaks. The vacuum tanks were put in by Robert Our and they were hired and "supervised" by Metcalf & Eddy. They are to blame and any fine that comes along to the town by DEP should go directly to them or their insurance company, not one red cent coming from the town.

Come on selectmen, GROW A PAIR!!!!
6:59 pm edt 

Sewer System Modifications

The Editor of the Cape Cod Times Stated the Cost of $20 Million to Provincetown over the next 6 years

I hope you never were a teacher or a parent or anyone's friend. You attack as your first response and make of yourself a socially inept blogger. When facts are given, they are reported.  But you--are you related to the staff at the DPW--act as if everyone who doesn't hold your narrow position is inane. You are one sad and sorry kitten. Write letters instead of blogging and we will do better for that.
6:09 pm edt 

Barry Scott:

Funny you step up to the plate now...  Where were you when the alledged incident happen....  HMMMM makes one wonder....  This is not a new issue why did you wait so long to tell the truth?  STRANGE....
6:05 pm edt 

To: Let's Stop Wasting Time
Mike.  The schools aren't closing.  Prepare to keep paying for them.  I'd like to thank you for your involuntary but needed support.  You the man.
6:03 pm edt 

Re: Re: Barry Scott

This is a sad, sad town. I am glad he and his partner got out and after 30 years here, I am thinking about it as well.
See ya. Good riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
6:02 pm edt 

Re: Sewer Misinformation

Enough misinformation as it was more than a failure of chain of command. it took three days to find the damn problem!!!!
5:59 pm edt 

Re: Sewer Misinformation

I'm not sure  if you are illiterate, dumb or just plain venal. Perhaps all of the above. The Cape Cod Times article says none of what you purport. It refers to the EXISTING $20 million dollar sewer system. The word fine appears nowhere in the article. The DEP has identified fixes and changes it suggests to prevent a recurrance of July 4th situation, the severity of which was primarily a function of a lack of a working emergency plan not the actual mechanical malfunction.

The Town has authorized $400,000 of work on Phase III, which will help alleviate east end load on the system. According to the Times article the Phase III expansion is likely to cost $3.5 million or so in total. Good thing Phase III is already in planning stages and engineering under way.

Guess what, mechanical things break and complex systems malfunction, when they do there should be a proper, tested emergency protocol to address the problem. There wasn't or it wasn't followed, now there is. Once the town and the operator got their act together town employees were working round the clock with septic haulers to handle the problem. Should someone be publicly spanked or fired, no, what's the point?

360 days of the past twelve months we've had a functioning sewer system, 5 days we didn't and seem to have learned from that situation. We are far far better off than towns further in the Cape who are facing hundreds of millions of costs to start from scratch to comply with ever tighter federal standards on ocean quality and nitrogen emissions.

Your venal attempt at misinformation is sad and if you have it out for DPW employees why don't you just say so.

- a satisfied sewer user (and not a town employee)
1:13 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

I am going to the hearing this Monday 9am in Orleans Court for DJ Barry Scott, who was beaten by our police within 1 minute of meeting them. I was a witness there and never came forward and feel ashamed that our police lied so much to convict him of these 'crimes' to cover up their actions.

I also called the media, because our police chief will spend the day there (talk about a waste of money)--the 15th appearance in that court by one of our two police chiefs who have tried to cover this up. Is this what we pay them for? To continue to cover up police crimes; word of which has traveled across the country...making me be asked about it as a resident everywhere I go?

This is a sad, sad town. I am glad he and his partner got out and after 30 years here, I am thinking about it as well.
1:05 pm edt 

Affordable Housing
One Affordable housing developer just received $8,500,000 in government money two days ago to build affordable housing in Massachusetts and about ten other developers received millions such as this as well in other Mass. communities.

The affordable housing developers are supposed to give a portion of their profits back to the towns, this is why there is a move afoot to stop this give-away to affordable housing.

Every inch of Provincetown is being developed and the developers are reaping in the profits. Stop look and listen. Our limited resources are being stretched to the limit.
10:46 am edt 

Taxpayers Association.

I am not 100% sure of this but I believe there was a Taxpayers association made up of mostly people that voted in other places. I think they used to meet in the summer at the east end tennis club. They went to BOS meeting and thier concerns and ideas were gladly accepted. This was back in the 50"s and 60"s.
10:44 am edt 

Sewer System Cost

It looks, according the to the Cape Cod Times, that Provincetown may be fined within the month for the July problems in the sewer systems. The town must address a series of issues and may be fined.

But then here's the kicker: the town has now  paid over $400,000 to assess its problems but that is not the end but the beginning. The town, according to the editors of the Cape Cod Times, will be paying over $20 million over the next six years to fix the problems with the vacuum system.

Here we go again. Wrong thinking. Wrong system. Wrong everything. And the detritus will be carried, with all the smells and stinks, by us, the taxpayers.

And yet no one seems responsible for the failure of this system.  How odd, isn't it?
10:43 am edt 

What About Prior Notice?

I found the Police Stoping Traffic At night on Bradford Irritating and Confusing

There he was standing in the middle of the street. It was  dard and the police was stopping traffic. Why? We had no notice. I did ask: why are you stopping us? There is a film truck coming through.

Good to be filming here but we should know beforehand. It is not comfortable to be driving up the hill toward the Crowne Pointe and find a police officer standing the middle of the street. It's not safe and for those of us who know the town, totally unexpected at night.
10:41 am edt 

Let's Stop Wasting Time

The people of Provincetown need to wake up and look at the rest of the state and understand that we are floundering financially. The Govenor is getting ready to cut another 2,000 jobs, insist that some employees take a 9 day furlough. We have a deficit of 600 million in the state.

Let's not waste time sitting around a table deciding if the schools should stay open or not. Four million to education 100 plus students is not going to fly in the this time of fiscal uncertainty. Let's do the right thing and figure out how fast we can either regionalize or send our Ptown students to Truro and Nauset.

We can not afford to keep the schools open. They are sucking the life out of the taxpayers. It's time to stand up and stop
playing PC, close the schools and save us all alot of pain.

10:39 am edt 

Hi Greg

Though I don't disagree with your conclusion that the town offers fewer services due to the fact that most of the town is seasonal, I do need to make another point.

Your conclusion is already factored into the town budget and has been set in place decades ago.  Property values didn't really start to skyrocket until 20 -25 years ago.  As they have risen the tax rate has remained flat or decreased.  If the property values had not risen, the tax rate would be significantly higher.  Albeit the same dollar value, but a much different rate.

At this point in time, the tax rate remains low because of inflated values.  It's really not fair to factor in services offered because traditionally, they are the same services which have always been offered.  If the values had not grown so fast, the tax rate would be much higher yet all the services would remain the same.

10:35 am edt 

Re: Foreclosures

The local Provincetown and Truro foreclosure rate is extremely low relative to the rest of the Cape, the rest of Massachusetts, and the rest of the country.

80% of the foreclosure auctions noticed in the Banner never actually occur. The auction is postponed, owner declares bankruptcy, or sells the property.

All of the foreclosures that I have seen go forward were on properties owned by "players"; Investors, flippers and down right thieves who mortgaged the property way beyond value in the boom boom years. I certainly could be wrong but I do not know of any innocent homeowner who has been left homeless or lost a primary residence or bonafide second home.

The pace of sales on the MLS was very brisk from early August to early October, 2009. Several notable cash sales in the $750,000. to $1.5 million dollar price point. It would seem a lot of cash had been sitting on the sidelines.

A local RE professional      
10:34 am edt 

Friday, October 16, 2009

To: Greg C

Greg, please form a Second Homeowner's Association!

4:22 pm edt 

Re: Second Homers Representation

I wouldn't worry about having a representative to speak on behalf of second home owners! It will never happen because they really don't want to do the work or take the time to come to town meetings.
4:20 pm edt 

Second Homeowners Representation

"I and many others would surely vote them down. How dare they misuse our form of open government!

Then you are not the brightest bird on the planet are you?  You'd vote against something just because someone else is for it?  Don't you have your own brain?
3:45 pm edt 

Foreclosures Update

Foreclosures are in the public notice area of the paper (behind the classifieds)  Unit 14 of the Pied Piper at 199 Commercial Street and Unit 8 of the Ship's Bell Condominium at 586 Commercial.  There is also a foreclosure at 301 Bradford Street thru the Massachusetts Land Court all scheduled for November.
3:42 pm edt 

Second Howmowners Representation

I guess it would depend upon the by-laws of the town meeting with regard to whether or not a representative could express views via a representative at town meeting.  If it's legal, it's not misusing "open government."  And, if it is legal, anyone who votes something down simply because a representative for second homeowners stated it, rather than actually listening to the content and perhaps supporting a good idea,that makes the voter an ignorant fool.
3:40 pm edt 

Second Homeowners

Re:  "LOL! If the second homeowners have someone read what they think about an article at town meeting without them being there. I and many others would surely vote them down. How dare they misuse our form of open government! "

And how dare you monopolize it !! How lucky you are to live in a place where half of the people in the town can't be there to counterbalance you. Your influence is simply an accident of remote geographical location.
3:39 pm edt 

To: What Was That All About:
Did you think of calling the police station to ask?  I believe there is a film crew in town shooting a movie !!!!

Maybe you should call the staion and see how long [they] are are planning on being in town so you are not inconvenienced ?
3:37 pm edt 

Re: FYI Tax Rates And Assessments

The tax rate is set by the town through the coordinated efforts of the Town Assessor and the Town Tax Collector.  The rate then has to be certified by the state before the town can send out it's tax bills.  This has been a problem for this town in recent years because of the town's bad business practices and poor relationship with the DOR.  That is no longer the case here.  Tax rates are certified on a timely basis and we really should applaud the efforts of our town administrators.

The variables which can effect the tax rate are many.  One would be new growth which means that more properties are added to the assessed base thereby spreading out the risk to a larger pool.  Another would be a change in your individual assessed property value.  Property values can change due to any improvements or alterations you make to your individual property.  They also change every three years when the town is mandated by law to reevaluate all properties (know as a reval year) which we are in now.  If due to economic conditions, all properties were assessed less than previous years, then the tax rate would go up to offset the difference.  Or the reverse would happen if conditions forced property assessments to rise.

But again, the town cannot raise taxes by more than 2 1/2 % from the previous year.  If the town chooses to do so, they must ask the voters permission to do so by way of an over ride vote.

Just trying to help out here.

3:35 pm edt 

Right and Wrong


I respectfully disagree with your analysis of why our tax rate is low. In other towns in MA with similarly valued properties (eg, Boston high end Boston suburbs) the tax rate is much higher, as much as 3x what ours is. Our tax rate is low relatively speaking mostly because of our non-resident population who pay the same taxes but use far less services than if they were residents here (shools, trash, police, emergency services, etc.).

From the MA Department of Revenue:

From City and Town, A Publication of the Department of Revenues Division of Local Services, Volume 20, No. 8 October/November 2007
"With a fiscal 2007 average single-family assessed value of $1.74 million, Chilmark was the highest in the state, yet its $3,250 average tax bill ranked 180th, 18 percent below the state-wide average. This exemplifies the situation regarding Cape and Island communities, which tend to have higher assessed values but lower tax bills due to the large number of seasonal properties whose owners have a lower demand for municipal services. Eight of the top 20 communities when ranked by average assessed value were Cape or Island communities, however only two, West Tisbury (75th) and Provincetown (95th), ranked in the top 100 single-family tax bills. Indeed, all of the Cape and Islands communities but Sandwich (104) and Yarmouth (121) ranked in the top 100 in average assessed value."

The data indicates that after factoring in the Government Implicit Price Deflator, revenue from single-family property tax has increased less than is commonly perceived, has not kept up with inflation in the past three fiscal years and thus has failed to keep up with the cost of providing services to a majority of the commonwealths cities and towns. This data helps to explain the financial stress seen in local governments across the state.

Further details at: www dot gregcraig dot us slash MythBusters-PartOne.pdf (June 2008). Enjoy.

In addition to new development, which adds to tax base, but as Cliff says is restricted, physical improvements to existing housing stock I think also increases the tax base.

3:32 pm edt 

Re: FYI Tax Rates And Assessments

So Cliff I guess what your saying is that the tax rate is adjusted as assessments go up or down to keep the amount of taxes collected the same.  Taxes collected can only increase by 2.5% per year unless Town Meeting approves an override?
10:20 am edt 

Re: Market Trend

What are the addresses of the forclosures on commercial street?
10:19 am edt 

Second Homeowners

LOL! If the second homeowners have someone read what they think about an article at town meeting without them being there. I and many others would surely vote them down. How dare they misuse our form of open government!
10:18 am edt 

What Was That all About!

Does anyone know why police were stopping traffic in three different places on Bradford Street on Thursday night at around 6:00-6:30 pm?  There was no visible accident.  No flooding.  No high volume of traffic.  The stops seemed totally arbitrary and were completely crazy-making for those of us who actually had to get somewhere!!!
10:17 am edt 

FYI Tax Rates And Assessments

OK, I have to step in here and clarify this misstatement.

"Please do give some credit for the second home owner from New York, Boston, nationally and internationally for the significant transformation of property values in this town resulting in increased tax revenues resulting in more choices for this town. "

The increased value of anyone's property in town has not increased the town's revenue by one penny.  This can get a little abstract so please try and stay with me.

If the town has the ability to raise $20 million dollars in property taxes (which BTW can only be raised by 2 1/2 % every year by law) that amount is spread over the entire assessed property values in the town.  This is called the tax rate.  Right now the tax rate is $5.13 per thousand of assessed value.  I may be off on that figure but let's just go ahead and use it for now.  So if your property is assessed at $800,000 then your taxes would be $4104 (800,000 X .00513).  Pretty easy so far huh?

If this same house that is assessed at $800,000 were in some other community and were only assessed at $400,000 but that town still had the ability to raise $20 million, then the tax rate would be set at $10.26 per thousand of assessed value.  The total amount is still spread over the town's entire assessed value .  Your taxes would still be $4104 ($400,000 X .01026).

Increases in property values due not equate to increases in revenue to the town.

Couple of interesting points.  When you hear people, especially public officials tell you that we have a very low tax rate, it's really smoke and mirrors.  We only have a low tax rate because we have abnormally high assessed values due to the desirability of our real estate.  Also, other communities have the ability to grow their assessed property base (thereby spreading the rate over a greater number of properties) by building out their communities.  We can't do that here due to limited resources, namely land and water.  We're restricted in new growth and will only see our tax rate increase because there is limited additions to the property base.

This can be very confusing but I hope I've helped clear up some misinformation.

9:32 am edt 

Second Homeowners

In WickedLocal:

"Martinez was at the wheel of the towns only ladder truck the morning of Nov. 9, 2008, when the truck rolled over ... A civilian riding in the truck, Emily Forbes, also received minor injuries.  The town spent $650,000 to replace the ladder truck. Insurance on the destroyed truck contributed $350,000 to that amount."

On the blog:

They [second home owners] just use the town for a few months (if that) and then leave us to fix everything that is wrong in town. And then come back and complain.

Let's just say - there's A LOT to fix and even more to complain about!  And it ain't the second homeowners causing the problems.
9:29 am edt 

Market Trend

Has anybody noticed the number of forelcosures in this week's Banner?  Two condo's on Commercial Street and a property in Truro.  Is this a bad trend or isolated?  Any of you real estate professionals out there care to weigh in?
9:27 am edt 

From: Paul Soares

"They just use the town for a few months (if that) and then leave us to fix everything that is wrong in town. And then come back and complain."

You just don't get it do you.  That's not true of the second homeowners - and you're spewing more junior high trash talk.  Grow up!
9:26 am edt 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Re: Second Homeowners

Re: "Whoa, I didn't realize that I should not only thank you for funding the quality of life and the fabric of this community through your tax 'contributions', but now I am also to thank you for the increase in the value of my home?

First off, the real estate values in this town have escalated due to real estate speculators who bought and flipped properties, not because of second homeowners who bought for the long term.

Secondly, I like many others, have no intention of selling my property and thereby taking advantage of the increase in value.  The value you speak of is just paper money.  There is no value unless I plan on cashing out which many of us year rounders have no intention of doing.

You really need to get over yourself. "

No Sir, I believe I do not. Real estate values have not fluctuated because of speculators - they are simply middle men - in the end it is the person who puts down the money to buy the property -the speculators need someone to sell to.  It is also a supply and demand issue - there is limited property available here and the long term second home owner has contributed significantly (notice I am not saying totally) to reducing any supply - thus triggering an increase in value of your property.

If you never plan to sell your home as stated that is your choice.  It does not, however, diminish the fact that your home is now a much more valuable asset which in the future could afford you more choices in life. A significantly larger reverse mortgage monthly income payment if you so choose to fund your retirement perhaps ? It is not just "paper money" - it can be real money depending on your choices. In the end - more money = more choices.

Please do give some credit for the second home owner from New York, Boston, nationally and internationally for the significant transformation of property values in this town resulting in increased tax revenues resulting in more choices for this town.

To your point about thanking me about this and that - I don't need you to thank me for anything - just hear my second home owner voice at your town meeting - and realize that I am a part of the "fabric of this community" like yourself.
9:19 pm edt 

Sorry to Hear that Pat Stark Has Passed

I did not know that she was still living here in town. But I did spend much time talking with her when she owned the Patrician. She was gracious and a good person and I am saddened by her death. My sympathies to Frank, her husband, and her children.
8:23 pm edt 

Relief From the Second Home Owners Would Be Good
Please, another issue, please. Let's focus on three legal cases facing Provincetown un-second home owners. That would be more beneficial and more intersting then the rant and raving.
8:22 pm edt 

Re: Second Homeowners "Refuse" to Vote Here

I don't see a lot of non-resident owners on here griping about anything. The griping seems to be 99% from local folks or local folks putting words into other's mouths/posts. For a significant portion of non-resident property owners voting here would trigger a legal change of residence which is a lot more complicated than simply registering to vote. It is too bad about all those pesky folks, they make money elsewhere, stop in here for a while, spend that money locally on goods, services, trades, restaurants, taxes,e tc. don't consume much in the way of services, then leave. What a tragedy.
:) They really are the scum of the earth.
5:35 pm edt 

Patten Case.....

"We, the heterosexuals, have feelings and rights. And we're being denied our rights in that town
right now. What just happened [the sentencing] is a travesty of justice. Im not saying he was right. Im not excusing his behavior. It was wrong. But there has to be some fairness. He had a medical condition, she said"

I assume Eric Patten's mother was so distraught she didn't think through what she was saying to the Banner. It seems to me he is very very lucky to have gotten off with 30 days in jail and she ought to be thanking his victims for their letter that kept the sentence that light.
5:32 pm edt 

Second Homeowners

I used to have a second home here but sold the other place so this is it. I love the second home owners and how I look forward to guessing who will be here on weekends. I wish they  had some input into running the town as many are very knowlegable and a could be a great resource for ideas. I understand they can only vote in one community, but if they are a couple couldn't one register to vote here and the other in their primary community? We do need as much help as we can.
5:29 pm edt 

Us Against Them!

That's the problem, they don't live here, yet they think they should have a say in how the town is fiscally run without voting here. At least renters make their home here and vote here year round.
5:27 pm edt 

What Would be so Wrong With Having 2nd Homeowner Input on Article at Town Meeting?
My suggestion:

Non-resident homeowners create a committee or group that keeps non-resident homeowners informed on issues in town via e-mail newsletters.  The non-resident homeowner group  could then take a position on an article and have it read at town meeting just as the position(s) of the BOS, Finance Cte, etc are read at town meeting.

There are many non-resident homeowners in Provincetown, many of whom are succesful in their careers and have valid opinions on Provincetown issues.  As a year-round resident I'd welcome their input.  Their opinion is not binding, just as the BOS or Finance Cte opinions are not binding, but at least they would have a voice.

We're all in this together folks, let's find solutions on how to work together and include everyone's voice.
5:26 pm edt 

To: Paul Soares

Hey Paul Soares, the problem IS with second homeowners who refuse to vote here in Provincetown, yet think, they can make decisions on important town problems without voting at our town meetings! That is not the way it works. They just use the town for a few months (if that) and then leave us to fix everything that is wrong in town. And then come back and complain.
5:22 pm edt 

To: Greg C

Greg, please start a Second Homeowners' Association! Your input has been insightful and valuable to the public as well as town officials.
5:21 pm edt 

Re: Giving Second Homeowners Credit

Whoa, I didn't realize that I should not only thank you for funding the quality of life and the fabric of this community through your tax 'contributions', but now I am also to thank you for the increase in the value of my home?

First off, the real estate values in this town have escalated due to real estate speculators who bought and flipped properties, not because of second homeowners who bought for the long term.

Secondly, I like many others, have no intention of selling my property and thereby taking advantage of the increase in value.  The value you speak of is just paper money.  There is no value unless I plan on cashing out which many of us year rounders have no intention of doing.

You really need to get over yourself.
12:40 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

People are not only waiting for affordable housing certificates in Hyannis but in every state of the country! This is sad that here in this country people can not afford the human right to afford a home. Let alone a second home like so many here in town.
12:32 pm edt 

Please Stop This "Us Against Them" !

It doesn't matter if someone is a second homeowner or if it's their primary residence.  Stop making generalizations and airing your petty jealousies because someone lives a different life from the one you have.  

The  reality is - if you are a first or second homeowner you still pay the same tax rate and pay a butt-load of taxes in Provincetown. Because they pay taxes, second homeowners are entitled to a voice in local government - so if this means absentee ballots, then go to Town Hall and get one.  It doesn't matter who lives where - who vacations where and who drives what.  Stop the middle school mentality and GROW UP!

The second homeowners are not the saviors of this town and the year round residents are not the martyrs of this town - everyone needs to stop acting like they fit into one of these two categories.

Try working together to help the town.  

Paul Soares      
12:31 pm edt 

Re: Tear Tear Tear, Rip Rip Rip

If someone said the sky is blue this morning some poster would undoubtedly then post "it must be nice to have the time to see the blue sky, most locals don't have time to look up and it was raining yesterday and will be tomorrow so stop being so cheerful."  

Bitter bitter bitter. I think that the County or State has free mental health counseling. You might want to check it out.

The on-going and annual debate of us v them between "locals" and "second homeowners" seems particularly useless and going nowhere fast.
12:29 pm edt 

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

 Re: "As a second home owner your interest in voting is to reduce your taxes as you have obviously stated numerous times in your posts by talking dollars only.  As a primary home owner here, my main interest is maintaining my community.  If the second home owners weren't here, that would still be my goal as it probably is for you in the place where you reside"

Excuse me - where do you get off saying my interest is in reducing taxes simply because I mention tax dollars ? What an inference and conclusion you make. I don't want my taxes lowered at the expense of the town - I want my voice to be heard and considered as a second homeowner because I pay taxes - so please get off the second home owner only wants their taxes lowered bandwagon.

Also - let's be honest - as a primary homeowner here I'm sure you have no problem with the fact that your house has appreciated significantly because of the second homeowners overwhelming  purchases here. A house that would be 400k in Harwich is easily 800k here in Provincetown.  You and your net worth have increased significantly I'm sure - so let's give the second homeowner a little credit.
9:03 am edt 

Dear: Mr. Craig C.
I've lived here for decades. I know so many folks who rent who have fulfilling lives that they never even think about comparing their lives with other people and coming up wanting.

However, there are a few negative, bitter and jealous people who rent but make too much for affordable housing and too little to buy a house. At least one works at town hall.

Just dismiss their tirades and consider the source: bitter, angry people who rail against life while not taking responsibility for their own decisions and thus try to drag down others.

Just pity these people as I do. Don't imagine because one of them posts here continually that it represents the point of view of renters in town.

I worked with folks who talked about the outsiders coming here and being able to buy a house. It is true that it is hard to buy a house here-but it is the same everywhere. These people can't afford to buy a house in Lawrence or Springfield of Athol yet they rail about Provincetown homeowners and demand subsidized housing--because they feel entitled.

Do you know that there are thousands of people awaiting affordable housing certificates at the Housing Assistance Corporation in Hyannis? The waiting line is years long.

I'm surprised that they haven't signed up for Ted Malone's housing or the 90 Shank painter Rd. development.

Doesn't it make you wonder how all of these people can afford to live here for decades renting--meanwhile there is all of this belly aching about the rents--yet these folks are able to pay the rent *And* take their winter vacations?  

Ignore the ranting of the discontented and the poor choices that they made and pity their sad lives.
9:01 am edt 

Re: Second Homeowners

I agree! The town would be WAY better without second homeowners who don't vote or live here! Stay in Colorado!
8:58 am edt 

Re: Licensing

If someone on here thinks someone does not have a license that they should have, how come you don't just call town hall about it?
8:57 am edt 

Re: 10% CPC Maximum Funding Level

Again 10% is just the number to reach for. When reached, developers will not be able to build without local input like they may do now! It has nothing to do with the town continuing to build much needed affordable rentals.
8:56 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

If you want the real affordable number of units in town, why not call the state yourself? They are the ones who would know! But you don't want to do all of the work that would take, do ya?
8:52 am edt 

Re: Second Homeowners

It must be nice to own a 4x4 Toyota, and to have the luxury of travelling over 2,000 miles just to play at your second home! Most year rounders here can't even afford a weekend vacation.
8:51 am edt 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Second Homeowners Group

All this talk of some kind of a second homeowners group has been talked about over and over though the years, but when it comes down to doing all of the work that it will take, no one ever steps forward to do it and keep it going.
10:52 pm edt 

License Question:
Businesses in town have to acquire a license every four years from town hall.  Does that comprise every kind of business in town?   I know for a fact that business at whalers wharfs, each one has to obtain a license from town hall.  Some individual businesses pretended that that the owner of whalers wharf license covered them.  How silly is that?   So you own a strip mall in some suburb of the USA, and you dont think you have to obtain a business license as your reasoning is the strip mall owner has one? 
Question to the town officials?  The Post office Café vs. The Post Office Cabaret?   Do they have individual licenses?   The Crown & Anchor has licenses to rent rooms and an entertainment license.  The UU Meeting House has a license as a congregation; do they have an entertainment license?  Devine Entertainment runs a business out of the UU Meeting House, do they have a separate license?  (One of our town officials shows the women of Motown, works at town hall.  Wonder what her take on that is?)

The PBG has to obtain a special permit to have a parade during carnival in August.  Who at town hall is watching the venues around town?  
10:51 pm edt 


"If it was not for us - you would not have a "fabric of this unique community" to enjoy."

This is a key delusion shared by many of the second-home owners.

Allow me to assure you, there would most certainly be a fabulous community here without the financial input of the second-home owners. It would be the 'real' Provincetown without the outside corruption.
10:48 pm edt 

Affordable Housing
I was at the same town meeting as most and for the record...  It was addressed by numbers that the Town of Provincetown was at the 10% level of affordable housing with the two projects pending...  Perhaps the information needs to be checked into ?
10:47 pm edt 

We Are Perhaps Over the 10% For Affordable Housing

And have been there for awhile. But try to get this number from even the Housing Director. Since her job is being paid for through CPC monies, she needs to make certain that the number of affordable housing units is fugded--which it always has been. We come to close to 9% and many units are built, and surprisingly, the percentage becomes 7 or 8%.

Try as you might to get the right number of affordable units. Try as you might to get the accurate percentage. They will not come up with the exact number.
10:45 pm edt 

Re: Second Homeowners
"How eloquently put but I'm sorry the well being of your "community " is by majority funded by  our taxes (the second homeowner). If it was not for us - you would not have a "fabric of this unique community" to enjoy. "

How incredibly arrogant of you!  You think that you're taxes create this community.  There would be a community here whether the town consisted of second home owners or not.  Sure it would be different.  Would it be better or worse?  No one can say.  But it would still be my home.

As a second home owner your interest in voting is to reduce your taxes as you have obviously stated numerous times in your posts by talking dollars only.  As a primary home owner here, my main interest is maintaining my community.  If the second home owners weren't here, that would still be my goal as it probably is for you in the place where you reside.

How would you feel if your home town allowed voters who live there part time and who's only interest was in reducing taxes suddenly had a voice in your government?  I'd be terrified that my community could be ravaged by people who's only interest is saving money.
10:44 pm edt 

Re: Several Posts the risk of providing a target for further personal slams I need to correct some lies about my opinions. I have NEVER posted anything that says Provincetown taxes are too high nor that services of any type should be cut, nor infrastructure maintenance or improvements foregone. I do pay for a lot of services I never use  schools, police, trash much of the year, etc.  but Ive never uttered even a word of complaint.

So to say I "complain how hard it is paying the high taxes" or that I "want[s] those of us who live here to run the town while he is away and to keep our taxes and services down so he can continue his jet set ways...." seems at best a mistake and at worst a purposeful lie, to what end Im at a loss to understand. My jet is a Toyota 4Runner and if a twice yearly 2,800 mile road trip xcountry to and from the Cape is a "jet set" lifestyle then a lots of folks here are living a jet set lifestyle.

Regarding "what have you done for the town";as much as a second homeowner can do, Ill save boring you with the details. The corrosive, bitter attitude that one finds as an undercurrent here  and that these posts are evidence of - does nothing to encourage people to become or stay residents of this community.

Greg C
10:41 pm edt 

Re: Second Home Owners

It would be great for second homeowners to get more involved in the town. How about:

-forming a second homeowners association which would included having a representative at town meetings and researching how second homeowners elsewhere are getting involved?
-forming a committee to not only harness your power but also the power of the wind here? Just read this weeks editorial in the Banner about the strides Wellfleet is making in wind power and the potential economic return for their community.

As one who makes her primary residence here, I welcome your involvement in making Provincetown better!
10:38 pm edt 

Re: Second Home Owners

Second homeowners are a joke! Why would anyone buy a home they can't afford to pay the taxes on? Your living beyond your means! Complaining now will not make the tax rate lower, they will continue to go up as long as the year round population goes down and the price of real estate goes up.
3:20 pm edt 

Re: Second Home Owners

Your non action is the problem. regester to vote here and do something about the problems
2:59 pm edt 

Re: Second Home Owners

If second homeowners want a voice they have to vote here, otherwise we cant do anything about them not having a voice here. its up to them to change the law if they really want that voice.
2:58 pm edt 

Re: Second Home Owners

Re :" That's my point exactly.  You see this as a 'contribution' to our town coffers.  We see it as a community.  Until you live here full time and become a part of the fabric of this unique community, your vote will be biased on the services you perceive to receive."

How eloquently put but I'm sorry the well being of your "community " is by majority funded by  our taxes (the second homeowner). If it was not for us - you would not have a "fabric of this unique community" to enjoy.
How wonderful that you can live in this beautiful place and consider your counterparts (the second homeowners) not worthy of input into this town.  You wish to care for the "less fortunate" yet could care less about giving the second homeowner a voice or consideration. How open minded are you really ?  Action speaks louder than words.
2:27 pm edt 

Re: Second Home Owners

I wish you would be here and voting.  I am a registered voter and homeowner. I live here. Come to town meeting and see that the homeowners are secondary to RENTERS, especially when things involing expendatures for affordable housing come up.  

You missed last Town Meeting when Ted Malone filled the audience with his people and moved the question .  In less than 30 seconds $800,000 of our money (yours and mine) was gone.  I watched Ted Malone spin on his heels, mouth the word "Yes" and grin  while pulling his arm back in a victory motion. It was a game and he brought his team. That was the vote.  It was NOT on the ballot.
So our roads are not paved....the library is still in need of repairs, we had overrides to pay for a fire truck that was negligently ruined by a drunk kid that is professing his innocence... , a piece of DPW equipment, and more for town hall. Oh, we also over paid for a garden when these monies were needed elsewhere.

I have heard the words come from Michele C.'s mouth that she didn't think our taxes were too high. Were you here or registered to keep this uneducated renter of a selectman out of office?
We are both on the same side. My problem with the second homeowner is that there is a pointing of fingers and us verses them mentality. WE NEED YOU HERE WHEN THESE ISSUES ARE UP ON THE TABLE.

If many of the second homeowners were here, maybe the taxpayers would have a team.  Of, course you can rationalize and say ,"Well my one vote really won't mean anything."  And you are correct. Unless there is a second homeowners association founded by one of the complainers on this board, you and I will continue to be fleeced by special interest groups who "Move the question."
2:04 pm edt 

RE: Second Homeowners
"You see things only in terms of where one geographically lives and not based on how much they contribute to the town coffers which contributes to the well being and beautification of this town."

That's my point exactly.  You see this as a 'contribution' to our town coffers.  We see it as a community.  Until you live here full time and become a part of the fabric of this unique community, your vote will be biased on the services you perceive to receive.  You seem to be under the impression that the voters here only want to use you and your 'contribution' to further unrealistic dreams.  The majority of the voters here feel differently.  What you see as wasteful spending, we see as furthering the development of our community, our homes, our less fortunate neighbors and our future.

It's not about the dollars, it's about community.

And until you do live here year round, which I welcome, you will still be considered a guest of our town.  Being here 'as often as you can' does not make you a townie.
1:58 pm edt 

Re: Second Home Owners

Re: "The vast majority of us love having you as guest in our community.  And that is the exact difference, whether you own or not, you are a guest here because you are here for a limited time and not a member of the year round community.  Your decisions for any town expenditures will be based on different priorities than ours.

If I owned a home in Methuen and only stayed there three weeks a summer and rented it out the remaining 10 summer weeks, how would I vote in your town?  Would my decisions be based on what is best for the community at large or would it be based on how it would effect my tax rate?

One example; If you could have, would you have voted to restore our beloved town hall even though it meant an increase in your taxes? "

I beg your pardon ??  We are your  "guests" ??

First of all - I am in Ptown every moment I can be, weekends and vacations etc  and  and I don't rent my property. - I will retire here when I have made enough money to do so ( I have alot now - but not enough to own and live in Ptown year round unless I lived in affordable housing or owned a business or lived in a piece of property that I inherited from parents that purchased it 30 years ago when things were much much cheaper )
Face the facts - the vast majority of second home owners
can't live here and pay the mortgages on these properties.
The town's economy is just set up that way - there are not the 6 figure jobs here to pay for these properties.

Secondly - YES I would have voted to restore our beloved town hall and any other Ptown land mark as I love this town as much as you do.

The way I see it - we second homeowners are the ones that have to leave beloved Ptown to go back to a metropolitan area to make the money necessary to pay the taxes that you decide where they should go.  We are the "ENGINE" that keeps this town's revenue flowing.  In that regard - you are more OUR  "guests".

You see things only in terms of where one geographically lives and not based on how much they contribute to the town coffers which contributes to the well being and beautification of this town.
12:47 pm edt 

Re: Second Homeowners
One point forgotten is that if you are a registered voter you can always request an absentee ballot. You do not have to be in town to vote so no worries of trying to get here on a Tuesday . . . . .
10:42 am edt 

Re: Second Homeowners
No one is laughing at you.  The vast majority of us love having you as guest in our community.  And that is the exact difference, whether you own or not, you are a guest here because you are here for a limited time and not a member of the year round community.  Your decisions for any town expenditures will be based on different priorities than ours.

If I owned a home in Methuen and only stayed there three weeks a summer and rented it out the remaining 10 summer weeks, how would I vote in your town?  Would my decisions be based on what is best for the community at large or would it be based on how it would effect my tax rate?

One example; If you could have, would you have voted to restore our beloved town hall even though it meant an increase in your taxes?
10:40 am edt 

Affordable Housing
Re: "We are nowhere near the 10% that we need. Just call town hall for the answer like I did."

I'll ask the question again -

So tell us, how many do we need, how many do we have?
9:52 am edt 

Second Home Owners

Re: "Lastly, the law of the land is: one person, one vote. Second-home owners are free to register here and vote.

If you choose not to register here, your [voting] silence implies consent, the constant bitter complaints [officially] don't mean a thing...It's true!"


Let's try this again and see if you blogger and locals that think the above can get it.

Provincetown's real estate is prohibitively expensive (with the exception of affordable housing which the second home owner taxes pay for). Second home owners must live in other places to make the money necessary to pay for their places (and also your tax revenue). Since we must live and work in different places to make this money we can't just decide to register in ptown. Elections are held on Tuesdays - how practical is it for us to get to Provincetown on a Tuesday ? Must I have to take days off from my work (which pays your tax revenue) in order to have the right to vote ?

You can have your attitude blogger because what you don't realize is the advantage Ptown has is that it is between 2 and 4 hours from a major city - where us second homeowners must work to make the money to support your real estate tax base and revenue. We can't just register here and that is to your benefit. Instead of thanking us - you laugh at us.

It is beyond comprehension that a town where 50% plus of its tax revenue comes from second home owners has such little regard for them in decisions that affect the town.
9:51 am edt 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Re: Lynn Davies

What was that hit on Lynn Davies about?  I don't get it. . . . . .
10:30 pm edt 

Town Taxes

Gee! I wish I could have a second home in Colorado and complain how hard it is paying the high taxes and whatever else is wrong with here in Provincetown! What a sad eye opener that is.
10:29 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

If you look back at comments made earlier on this blog you will find the numbers you are looking for on how many affordable housing units the town has. We are not at the 10% to stop the anything goes development of the 40b state law that lets you bypass planning, zoning etc. local bylaws.  
10:28 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

Very near the 10% of housing does not mean that we are at the end of needing more affordable housing! It only means that at 10% we don't have to worry about developers using the 40B permit to build without local oversight.
10:27 pm edt 

A Total Crock!

Re: "We are nowhere near the 10% that we need. Just call town hall for the answer like I did."

This statement is a total fabrication; either by the poster or the town official that provided the information, if indeed the information was provided from someone at town hall.

As you might recall, during Town Meeting, when monies were given to Ted Malone, that question was put to the Affordable Housing Coordinator. At that meeting she stated that Provincetown was at or very near the 10% limit with the building construction taking place at Shank-Painter and Nelson.
A check of the minutes of that meeting will verify this statement.

I suggest that either the Secretary of State or the Attorney General be asked to provide an audit to determine the facts, as town funds are being expended based on this number.
6:34 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

Re: "We are nowhere near the 10% that we need. Just call town hall for the answer like I did."

So tell us, how many do we need, how many do we have?
6:11 pm edt 

Hey GC!

It must be nice to live & vote in Colorado and use Ptown as your playground! But how do you help the town, other than writing on this blog???
6:09 pm edt 

Re: Greg Craig

So Greg Craig lives and votes in Colorado and wants those of us who live here to run the town while he is away and to keep our taxes and services down so he can continue his jet set ways! Just goes to show you how the second homeowners are the ones who shout out the most on higher taxes! Mother always said that there is a reason certain people are rich! They don't part easily with that wealth!
6:08 pm edt 

Re: "Put Up or Shut Up!"

Ummmmm, correction. Mr. Craig is not a voter in Provincetown. He is a legal resident of Colorado and is a non-resident (non-voting)property owner in Provincetown. There are towns in the US where second homeowners do get to vote on local issues/elections. The state supreme courts in the relevant states have allowed this. Not suggesting it here - nor that it would ever pass  or be feasible with town meeting structure -but just pointing out it does exist.

8:07 am edt 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Re: Library Numbers
If you think the money to finish the front facade and the landscaping is all that is needed, take a walk to the back of the building and look up.  Work to do there, too, that doesn't appear to be in anyone's current estimates.

It is a money pit. Finish one part and another shows its age and decades of neglect, both worse than Town Hall. Just as a good number of people said right from the beginning. But they were out-voted since the town's exposure was promised to be limited, using non-town money. Today that "promise" has become worthless.

Then there are the forever big utility bills; made worse by the open space in the middle for the ship model.

Sure, the library is nice in many ways.  All that money does buy something. But it was not responsible for a town this size with its highest in the state per-capita debt.  Yet we own it now and have to keep it up regardless.  The beat goes on.
11:08 pm edt 

Why Not go Back to the Freeman Library for the Library

Here was another poor decision. The Freeman Library was great, intimate and worked for this town where so few of us are here in the winter and spring. Plus, there are few people who read. They take out videos but you don't need such a huge building for video taker-outers.

Go back to the old building. Put in computers and you will have an up-to-date library at a resonable cost. Why did we ever move? Why indeed!
11:04 pm edt 

How Fitting is Your Metaphor About Beating a Dead Horse

Since Ted Malone illegally and un-evironmentally buried dead horses right there at Nelson Avenue with the large dead horses stinking right there under the windows of the neighbors. Beat that dead horse, my friend, one after the other that last year he allow to be buried a few feet under.

He is such a           . He has no morals. He is driven by only one thing: money, money, money. I find him totally and ultimately disgusting.

He has damaged our town. He has used up our resources. He is simply dispicable and uses the "affordable housing" banner to cover his sins. He is the mirror reflection of Dorian Grey.
10:22 pm edt 

Me Again on the Library

So we need $750,000., to finish the library. How about we sell the Freeman St building. Surely we could get that sum and if we grant some sewage flow to make he building reusable as a shop and apartments above we might even be able to endow the PPL for future needs and maintenance.

10:19 pm edt 

Provincetown Library

Don't forget that before we handed over what is now the library building, private investors were waiting to see if the town was going to keep the building or not. Some of the ideas for the building were a pirate museum and research facility. And a real provincetown theater! Among other ideas. We could have built a state of the art library up by the schools with a lot less money. That is why town meeting said not one dollar more. Maybe the library board of directors should think about putting their white elephant back on the market! But I doubt they will find a buyer now.
10:17 pm edt 

And the Beat Goes On!

Re: Library Numbers

I piqued my own curiosity and did a little research on the cost of the library. Thus far we have spent: $1,878,000., grant from Mass Board of Library Commissioners. $1,050,000. funded by Town Meeting-Property Tax. $1,300,000., in private donations. That was up to 2006 and it totals $4,228,000.

Since then as we renovate from the top down, $221,000. for the belfry, $216,500. for the attic level exterior. The PPL web site says we need another $645,000., to finish the facade. But that does not include the landscaping plan so what's another $100,000., among friends?

Add it all up and we have a $5,411,000. library with no endowment for preservation.    

Just the Facts
8:19 pm edt 

No One Ever Won a Race Riding a Dead Horse

I say someone is beating on a dead horse (pun intended) about Ted Malones next housing project at Nelsons! Its going to happen, like it or not.
8:17 pm edt 

Put Up or Shut Up!

Mary Jo, Dwayne, Candice, Craig and Mikey all are registered voters here in Provincetown. Their vote does count! If I owned property here but lived somewhere else. I would vote here, where it could make a difference. Either register here or shut up!
8:15 pm edt 

Lynn Davies

Lynn Davies question was answered, and it just showed what a      she was for asking! We are nowhere near the 10% that we need. Just call town hall for the answer like I did. And whatever happen to Ms Davies? I guess she was only in politics to get something, and when she didn't get it she quit helping the town like so many in the past. They like to complain, but do nothing to help.
8:14 pm edt 

Affordable Housing & CPC Funds

When I read on here that it is developers who have robbed the town of money, I wonder why the bloger let it happen? Or better yet why didn't he get the people he thinks don't get to vote that money to projects other than housing to do so? Then I remember! He did try, but he was one of only a handful who didn't vote that money to housing and the others didn't care enough to register and go to town meeting. The voting public like it or not, decides where the tax money goes, whether they rent or own! Its how the United States does things!
8:11 pm edt 

Re:So I Ask again, What is the Number? How Much do We Need?

The question is about the library. How much is the guestimate to finish the exterior?

1:31 pm edt 

Re: Voter Registration

''If you choose not to register here, your [voting] silence implies consent, the constant bitter complaints [officially] don't mean a thing...It's true!''

Yeah right, look what happened to Mary Jo's hubby, Dwayne?.

Or how about Michael Rogavsky? Or Greg Craig? Or Candice?
Or Michael, the second home owner?
12:06 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

I Applaud Those Who Still Speak Abaout Affordable Housing Developers and What They Took from Town Projects Like the Library

There is a need to re-assess our past actions in order not to repeat them. We need to see that the votes for giving Ted Malone $900,000 did take that money away from future projects at the Monument, the Library and Town Hall. CPC monies were for historical preservation, for purchasing of land and also affordable housing, But the vested interests here in town held that money hostage for affordable housing with the sense that voting against affordable housing was mean and nasty. When it really was a way for Ted Malone to make money and place his workers and their friends in low cost housing. they are still living in these places and still working for Ted Malone. And Ted Malone is still making money as he heads into the Nelson Avenue huge project. With out money, he will make more and money. Most of us could do well with $900,000, couldn't we?
11:09 am edt 

Re: Committee to Review School Regionalization

First meeting of the Cte To Review School Regionalization is tomorrow (Oct 13) at the elementary school.  Members of the cte are Grasso, Brown and Rushmore.  Mr. Grasso is a member of the School Cte, Ms Rushmore has already stated she doesn't want to see the high school close and Mr. Brown has not decided.  Let's hope the cte does their job and comes up with a balanced, unbiased report.
9:48 am edt 


So I ask again, what is the number? How much do we need?

That's the big question.  Former BOS Lynn Davies asked that question at a BOS meeting a couple of years ago and was unable to get a direct answer.  She asked how many do we have and how many do we need?  She was told that was a difficult number to determine.  Huh?

My understanding is that we had a goal of 10% affordable housing and when 90 Shank Painter was completed we would either reach that 10% goal or be very close to it.  Someone can correct me if this is incorrect.
9:31 am edt 

So Smart

I love how some bloggers here have all the answers.

Talk is cheap - get out there and run for office.  

This is a problem on all levels of the country - local, state and nationally - we complain about the scoundrels in office and the proceed to vote them back every time.

Michele got twice the vote of her nearest competitor if you recall. So who among these chronic complainers has the brass to run for selectman and win?

Lastly, the law of the land is: one person, one vote. Second-home owners are free to register here and vote.

If you choose not to register here, your [voting] silence implies consent, the constant bitter complaints [officially] don't mean a thing...It's true!
9:29 am edt 

Affordable Housing

Affordable developments you are talking about are a done deal, so get over it.   You want to fix the library ?  I do too.   For too long, many of our wonderful town  people did not want to pay for anything and we are stuck with the bill.   So now we pay - bit deal - it's worth it.  
9:28 am edt 

Re: "Affordable Housing Tenants Support the Library?"

"You think they are spending time taking out classics and devouring these? You think those supporting affordable housing and the library are the same constituents?"

How would YOU know?
7:20 am edt 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Barry Scott...Mosquito Buzzing in Your Ear"

11:56 am edt

He's a pretty big mosquito! I heard from so many people across the country who know of his story, our police brutality and lies; that it is truly scary to think our town might continue this case if he wins his appeal next Monday! Haven't we had enough bad news? This man is a PR machine himself and I believe he is telling the truth!
9:10 pm edt 

Second Home Owners
We second homeowners are taxed to support everything in town--but we can't vote.

Why do developers of housing projects get to dip into the till when it is there to offset the cost of maintaining historical buildings?

Money begets power and holds sway in this town and the affordable housing industrial complex is an empire in Provincetown.

From the Murchinson property to Nelson's riding stable the housing developments will soon be breaking ground.

Does anyone wonder what the "unintended consequences" of all of this low income housing will be?
9:08 pm edt 

Re:Hey Smartie - the Library User

"How many people use it? Got a guess?  I'm just asking if anybody knows people per day / week / year?  Just because you do doesn't mean it makes sense to keep it open.  We could probably give everyone in town gift cards for books and it would be far less that keeping that dead horse alive.  Think about it... "

The Provincetown Library has the highest circulation rate per capita of all libraries in the region. There are people waiting at the door before the library opens every single day throughout the year. And yes people who live in affordable housing can read. In fact they have to go through back ground checks that would eliminate a good 50% of the market rate home owners in this Town.

People who use the library are smart. Smart people support affordable housing. Therefor it is illogical to say that affordable housing robbed the library    

So I ask again, what is the number? How much do we need?

9:06 pm edt 

Are you saying that the $3,000,000 that went to developers could have gone to the renovation of our Town Hall and library? If so, then our library would have been completed years ago and our Director would not resigned?
9:02 pm edt 

Yes, Preferences Were Made and Vested Interests Went After Town Resources

Developers made big money. Affordable housing for outsiders and off-the-bus anyones made money. But the Library lost. Town Hall also did not get all the money it should have. Town tax payers lost as more and more of the overrides and at times foolish spending is being footed by them.

Big projects cost money. Big projects lead to the size of our tax bills. And the bills will increase and increase as this town, under Sharon's and Michele's so-called leadership, has an insatiable appetite for new and big projects. Look at the Transportation project and phase three of the sewer. And there will be more and more. The answer remains: overrides. The answer remains: increase the tax rate. Neither Sharon nor Michele--with the latter not paying any taxes as renter of her apartment and renter of her business--see no problem with this short-sighted approach.
9:01 pm edt 

Here are the Facts

As a resident and taxpayer, I too support affordable housing. I don't support giving taxpayer money to developers who have an empire of housing developments and a wealth of government grants to apply to for funds stripping the taxpayers of the money for renovating the library and Town Hall.  Please read this over and over until you get it straight and stop saying people are against residents living in affordable housing.

As a tax payer who works hard year round I have no resource for tax relief--and these developers added to my burden. They aren't going to get a free ride and be seen as Mother Teresas.

As long as people keep saying that people here are against the residents living in affordable housing, we will post that it is the policy of developers taxing our hard earned tax money we are against--not the creation of affordable housing that has been built here for over ten years.

Please learn to comprehend what you are reading and get the facts straight.
8:58 pm edt 

Goodbye Tim!

Thanks to Tim Hazel for his fighting to get affordable housing in Provincetown and always being there for those in need. We'll miss you!
9:53 am edt 

Affordable Housing Tenants Support the Library?

You think they are spending time taking out classics and devouring these? You think those supporting affordable housing and the library are the same constituents?

Better spend more time in the library yourself reading up on economics and sociology. A little reading in logic would help you as well!
9:52 am edt 

Re: What a Joke

Bye Bye!
9:49 am edt 

How can you equate a sleepy little town like Provincetown that closes up in the winter with Boston or Manhattan?

Go the Stop and Shop in January and the hardware store and any restaurants that are open and look at the people there. The ones who own houses are paying their taxes working more than one job.

I'm glad that you have your cars, boat and a private plane and that you pay your taxes from you extra coin jar--but for the hardworking people here, every penny counts.

We see our library needing to be renovated and that for three years award winning developers with an real estate empire received the money that should have gone to the library and that more should have gone to renovate Town Hall.

It isn't that I'm ranting, it is that I want to open peoples eyes to the fact that these developers don't need our precious tax money. They will only apply again and again for these funds.
9:48 am edt 

Adieu Adieu!

Provincetown has lost two of its liveliest characters. Tim Hazel moved to Maine and Ginny Jewels moved to Savannah, GA. Best of luck to both of them! Provincetown just got a little more drab.
9:46 am edt 

Outside The Box

Your ignorance is bracing! Not that it matters otherwise, but I graduated from an Ivy League college whose vaunted library sometimes failed to deliver books that our library and the CLAMS system turned up within days. Our library is a treasure worth many times what we pay for it -- which is little, given thst the organization raises most of its own funds. The worst I can say is that the library failed to keep its brilliant director Debra DeJonker Berry, who supposedly left for personal and family-related reasons.

If you think your comment on the library is outside the box, you should crawl back in.
9:44 am edt 

We Will Not be Silenced

Say what you will, but the fact that year after year after year, renouned developers of housing projects took money from the taxpayers which would have paid for the renovation of town buildings.

How dare you tell us to stop posting about this when these developers with vast real eastate holdings received millions year after year after year.

They received this money even when the town begged the CPA committee to put this money towards the cost of renovating town hall.
9:42 am edt 

Re: The Library
Marcia Fair penned an credible letter to The Banner this week, stating that the (former) Library Trustees had in deed raised more money than they had originally promised. I take her at her word and thank her very much for our beautiful library. Her letter left one question begging. How much more do we need?

The people who use (& love)the library and the people who support affordable housing are largely the same constituency. So why set up the argument that the affordable housing funds robbed the library?

At this point it seems a furtherance of Ms. Fair's letter is in order. How much do we need? What are we going to get?

I voted against the library relocation, but now we do have to finish it. And what about selling the old library?

9:09 am edt 

Tax Payers Money
How many thousands of dollars did the town spend in legal fees and lost, when David Ditacchio asked for a $350.00 refund for mooring fees he was charged, when the town knowingly illegally  charged non-residents a higher fee than residents.  Blame Keith Bergman and the B.O.S. for that stupid move.

Old Salt
9:08 am edt 

Hey Smartie - the Library User
How many people use it? Got a guess?  I'm just asking if anybody knows people per day / week / year?  Just because you do doesn't mean it makes sense to keep it open.  We could probably give everyone in town gift cards for books and it would be far less that keeping that dead horse alive.  Think about it...
9:07 am edt 

CPA Money
Year after year after year a million dollars or more has been given to developers from the CPA funds.

If we don't say a word about it, it will just continue to happen year after year after year--millions for award winning developers with an real estate empire of housing developments taking money from hard working tax payers.
9:05 am edt 

You've All Bought it Haven't You?

Obama has gone around hat in hand kissing #(*# to all the horrible dicators and terrorists who hate us and our country. Perhaps all y'all would be happy to speak something other than English, but I for one, would not.
9:04 am edt 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Repeal the Darkness!

Its great that president Obama has restored the faith in the united states as seen from foreign countries! The hatred that the last president caused in the world was Americas darkest eight years. We can now see light!
1:47 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

"Meanwhile Barry Scott is doing the right thing and has been granted a hearing for a new trial for his police brutality case against this town. How much tax money will this town spend to ensure that they continue to lie about what happened that night?"

I know for a fact that we have a pretty big budget wasting our money on cases like these. This town pays out a lot to settle cases as well. Do we tax payers seem to care about it? Nope.
11:59 am edt 

Re: "Deny Deny Deny it!"
Um, get it through you thick head I have nothing to do with Bradford Street. I don't sign my name because I may have to go in front of the HDC someday and don't want to get whacked for my honest opinion. Also, to state it again because you seem to have trouble understanding, I support the HDC and it's goals but I think the roof deck change was a mistake. I have no opinion on Bradford Street because I know nothing more about the situation other than what I read in the minutes of the HDC which are very thorough for that project unlike others.

Your postings are decending into child-playground level mentality and unworthy of the readers on here.
11:58 am edt 

Barry Scott...

Mosquito buzzing in your ear
11:56 am edt 

Re: Thinking Outside the Box

"Who uses it?  It's got few books and a big boat in the middle that takes up all the space."

Are you illiterate and ignorant?  I use the library! In addition to being unique and beautiful, it has a great collection of books and mixed media for all ages!

If this is your idea of thinking "outside of the box" - move to a new box!  
11:54 am edt 

Failure of Leadership

What a sad commentary on the people in charge here!
They really didn't give a damn, did they?

What a sad commentary on George !
9:28 am edt 

Outside the Box

I would propose that we sell the library "as is".  Who uses it?  It's got few books and a big boat in the middle that takes up all the space.  

Or is it possible sell/lease  the first floor to someone who could operate a nice cafe or coffee shop - that might actually draw people in to look at the books, read poetry, have book signings and of course look at the boat.

Let's start thinking outside the box folks...  
9:27 am edt 

Affordable Housing

The affordable housing projects you are ranting about are already done deals - so find something else to go nuts about.
9:26 am edt 

Whoever Thinks Provincetown Has High Taxes is Grossly Mistaken

The rate is about 5.7/$1000 - Boston is $12/$1000, NY higher and Miami higher still.   This is also a tourist town - did you notice ?   We have it both ways - we have to have more of an infrastructure to support this, but many of these costs are offset.   The only way to reduce the costs of children in our town is to eliminate children - is that what you want to do?   whoever 
9:25 am edt 

Deny Deny Deny it!

But it is pretty obvious 90 bradford street is who you say you are not.

why don't you sign your name?
9:23 am edt 

Re: Obama's Vision of the World

His vision is to take my hard earned money and give it to illegals and others who won't work. His vision is to distribute wealth from those who work to those who don't. His vision includes calling anyone who disagrees with anything he says either hysterical or racist.
He is a socialist. He will destroy what has made America great and that harridan Nancy Pelosi is helping him out.
Watch the preview to the remake of The Visitors. One of the visitors says to the reporter, "Just make sure you don't ask us anything that puts us in a bad light." Sounds like Barack.
9:20 am edt 

Yes, Obama Makes Us Proud

this is wonderful. It might be a surprise but this Nobel Peace Prize is, in a short time, deserved. President Obama has done much in a short time to change how the world sees and responds to the US. Many of us can now travel outside the US and find others friendly and sympathetic. This was not so jsut eight months ago.

This was a rare but wise decision.
9:19 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Taxes
Let me get this straight.  You think the town leaders have no idea how the tax rate is set?

In your world I have a mental image of the Town Manager, the BOS, the Finance Director and the Town Assessor all sitting around in the trailers after hours smoking cigars and wringing their hands in anticipation of pulling one over on the tax payers.  They come up with this great idea to just raise all of the assessed values of properties in town thereby giving them all the money they need for all their projects.  It's raining outside and lighting strikes illuminating the room.  A butler comes in and serves brandy to them all as they toast their devious achievement.

Get Real.  Revaluations are done as a legal requirement by every municipality in the Commonwealth.  There are standards that are followed and laws that must be abided by.
9:18 am edt 

Re: Library - Only One Option
"We have only one option regarding the library--either ask for a million dollars from the Community preservation fund or ask the taxpayers to pay this million dollars out of their pockets.

What other choice do we have now that funding has dried up?"


First off, that's two options.  Secondly, there is a third.  Let the Library go after private donations which is what the town was promised in the first place.  Since Marcia Fair left the Board of Library Trustees have you seen any real effort at major fundraising.  I'm not talking book sales and sitting around hoping someone will come forward, I'm talking real fundraising.  Even though we may be in difficult times, there are still dozens of members of this community with more money than they know what to do with.

The Library Board wanted that building.  They made promises to the community to get what was by all accounts, a money pit.  We bought into it and now they want us to bail them out.

As with many of you, I am tired of looking at that building unfinished after all these years.  But I will never vote to spend CPA funds or a tax increase to see it finished.

If Candace Nagle can raise all that money for a dog park, what does that say about the trustees fundraising efforts.
9:11 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Taxes

So it would be illegal under Prop 2 1/2 for the Town of Provincetown to increase the assessed values of homes in order to increase property tax revenues.

Interesting!  Wonder if the town's leaders know that.

I'll go out on a limb and assume they do know that. I will also explain as the prior post explained that as value goes up, the tax rate must come down to the point that in the end, revenues don't go up more that 2 1/2%, thus the term Prop. 2 1/2, get it? The cost of running the town might go up from year to year but the revenues that pay for it from real estate taxes can only increase by 2 1/2%, thus the need at times for overrides when more that 2 1/2% is needed.
9:08 am edt 

Re: Read the Facts

"In reading what is being posted here, the complaint is that established, professional builders with access to tax credits and government money came to town and took millions from the CPA fund that would have renovated the Library and other town buildings

For three years in a row they took a total of $3,000,000 that could have been used to renovate Town Hall and the Library.

This money went to developers. Please read this again and try to let the facts sink in. This is what I'm getting from these postings."


Dear Read the Facts:

Just because a "fact" is posted here does not make it true. Same as the "facts" you might read in the Provincetown Banner.

My recollection of the facts is that the Town Meeting refused to continue supporting the deficit of the Heritage Museum (now the PPL), because the building was in such bad shape and the cost to remodel was beyond the ways and means of the Town.

Then the Library and Debby DeJonker Berry came forward with "he pledge", before Town Meeting, that no further tax dollars would go to the library.

And the Freeman Street property (former PPL) would be sold
to defray the cost of the remodeled libary. (Oh ya remember when we were going to sell the 5 fire stations to pay for Shankpainter Fire Headquarters?)What ever happened to selling those properties?

Town Meting also has voted just to support affordable housing, mostly through CPA funds. BUT, the CPA was ratified by Town Meeting as a compromise on the floor of Town Hall. Specifically, the anti-affordable housing group agreed to dedicate most of the CPA funds to affordable housing in exchange for not having a transfer tax on all RE sales.

Just the Facts!    
9:06 am edt 

Elias Martinez

OK I will put myslef in Elias Martinez's shoes.. If I was so foolish to get that drunk and get behind the wheel of a large vehicle and destroy it.. THEN I WOULD EXPECT TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE!!!!

thank god that no one was killed when the fire truck crashed...

and as for inocent until proven guilty...lets all be honest he WAS drunk!  his lawyer might get that info suppressed, but it is still the truth..
9:03 am edt 

What a Joke!

This town has turned into the joke of the cape. I'm glad to be leaving!
9:02 am edt 

Check This Out!

Look what I found. Follow thie link, mass(dot)gov/legis/laws/seslaw02/sl020408(dot)htm. It seems to say that the owners of affordable houseing unit in Provincetown dont pay property tax!    ! Just how much are we who do pay property tax supposed to pay in order to allow poor people to live here?

9:00 am edt 

George Bryant

Can't wait to read George's 'Assault' next week in the Banner! What a sad commentary on the people in charge here!
They really didn't give a damn, did they?

Thanks George!
8:58 am edt 

Barry Scott

Meanwhile Barry Scott is doing the right thing and has been granted a hearing for a new trial for his police brutality case against this town.

How much tax money will this town spend to ensure that they continue to lie about what happened that night?
8:56 am edt 

Friday, October 9, 2009

Provincetown Taxes

So it would be illegal under Prop 2 1/2 for the Town of Provincetown to increase the assessed values of homes in order to increase property tax revenues.

Interesting!  Wonder if the town's leaders know that.
3:11 pm edt 

Doubt it....

Well if patten was guilty without doubt so is eli,witnesses, police, alcohol level 4x the leagel limit, I wonder what the girl he was with would say. yea I,ve done wrong things and payed the price, but never asked for donation money from the fire dept to pay for my lawyer.He's guilty and has to pay the price.  

You can't Fix Stupid
3:10 pm edt 

Only One Option

We have only one option regarding the library--either ask for a million dollars from the Community preservation fund (it is probably spoken for by the affordable housing developer) or ask the taxpayers to pay this million dollars out of their pockets.

What other choice do we have now that funding has dried up?
2:26 pm edt 

Re: George Bryant

As crazy as George may seem, he is an absolute wealth of information regarding history of the town and the region. It's too bad he was in a bad light a few years back as he described in his add in the paper...

Unfortunately Mr. Bryant can not admit he was wrong to have a town dump on his (or his mother's) property.  He is looking for everyone and anyone except himself to blame for his problems.  It's hard to take him seriously unless he let's his dump go.
2:07 pm edt 

Congratulations to President Obama in Being Granted the Nobel Peace Prize

The committee viewed that the President exemplified the vision and goals encapsulated for more than one hundred years by Obama's emphasis on negotiation, dialogue, his attempt to work with Iran, set up dialogue with North Korea, attempt to finally get the Middle East Peace Plan re-energized, decision to stop the Bush plan to put missle shield in Poland, work with Russia and present an extended hand instead of the shaking fist to the world. The committee judged that in a short time Obama has altered our more militaristic, go-it-alone cowboy style politics of the last eight years to today's more mutually respectful approach to the world.

This is not aspirational. This is not simply a vote of encouragement. It is a response to real, dynamic world changes and a new attitude of mutual respect that the world appreciates after eight years of arrogance, antagonism, and threatening politics.

Congratulations to Obama and to those of us who voted for him and his vision of America and the world.
11:47 am edt 

Provincetown Taxes

Provincetown is a tiny little town with a high tax rate. We have the highest per pupil cost in the commonwealth.

I talked to one guy who rented and when I mentioned that his landlord had to pay taxes and that is why his rent was increased--he didn't understand what I meant about property taxes. He had no concept that homeowners pay taxes--he assumed that everything was free.
11:17 am edt 

Taxpayer Burden
Some of you still don't understand. The Library has no funds to complete its renovation. For the last three years there was a rush to give housing developers $3,000,000 of tax payer money.

Now we could have used this money to complete the library--but the taxpayers will have to pay for the completion of the library and, again, this is absolutely unfair.
11:15 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing in Your Golden Years

Please tell every homeowner how they can live in Provincetown in affordable housing in their golden years.
11:14 am edt 

Read the Facts

In reading what is being posted here, the complaint is that established, professional builders with access to tax credits and government money came to town and took millions from the CPA fund that would have renovated the Library and other town buildings

For three years in a row they took a total of $3,000,000 that could have been used to renovate Town Hall and the Library.

This money went to developers. Please read this again and try to let the facts sink in. This is what I'm getting from these postings.

No one is against affordable housing; they are against big business housing developers taking taxpayer money and putting a financial burden on the taxpayers to renovate town buildings.

Affordable housing will always be equated with developers taking money from the CPA fund and burdening the taxpayers with renovating town buildings.

Pure and simple.
11:12 am edt 

Re: "Proposed HDC Bylaw Changes"

Actually the person who posted about changing the by-law back to the orginal format isn't the person at 91 Bradford, nor does he know him/them, nor was he aware of that case until you started to scream about it on here.

Just someone who thinks the voters of Provincetown should pay more attention when town committees put seemingly innoccent changes through town meeting when few are in attendance and that while the HDC (and by-law) is great the additonal erosion of private property rights should stop at some point.

And just so we are all clear about it, please don't make assertions that are completely, utterly false.

- the original poster
11:11 am edt 

Re: Hate Crime

Eric Patten admitted guilt in court today to bad Elias Martinez didn't man up and do the same thing.

He's innocent until proven guilty. Patten was without a doubt guilty, witnesses, police on scene, victims, etc. Put yourself in Eli's shoes for a minute. Ya, what he did was stupid but we all make mistakes. You'd be trying to get yourself out of this predicament too if you got caught doing something stupid that has long term ramifications like this. Are you willing to say you've manned up on everything you've ever done wrong, big and small?

Doubt it.
11:09 am edt 

Re: Whoa George Bryant !

As crazy as George may seem, he is an absolute wealth of information regarding history of the town and the region. It's too bad he was in a bad light a few years back as he described in his add in the paper. The historic commission should be all over his collection to preserve the towns history but of course, they're more involved and more interested in seeing that builders continue to make old houses look old.
11:08 am edt 

Tax Assessment & Proposition 2

Re: "Permitting the practice of increasing homes' assessed values rather than raising the tax rate as a means of increasing tax revenues is sleazy and most likely illegal."

From the Chatham Town Manager FY 10 Budget Report:
A common misunderstanding about Proposition 2 ½ is that as home values grow so does tax revenue. So in prosperous economic times more tax funds are available. With the exception ofnew growth as described above, that is categorically untrue. A municipal tax levy is defined
by the following formula: Levy = Value x Rate. A tax levy can not increase outside the restraints of Proposition 2 ½. Therefore, as values grow tax rates correspondingly decrease.
(end quote)

So it would be illegal under Prop 2 1/2 for the Town of Provincetown to increase the assessed values of homes in order to increase property tax revenues.

By the way, the town of Chatham has $2,000,000 in their stabilization fund.
11:06 am edt 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Affordable Housing

If you will not be able to live here in your golden years because of high taxes then you should be glad that the town is building affordable housing!
7:54 pm edt 

Developers and Big Business

If affordable housing is such a big business then I guess as with other businesses that got big, they filled a void that needed to be filled and are making a profit! Isn't that what all businesses do in a free country?
7:53 pm edt 

Tax Rate

If you think taxes are only high in Provincetown, you haven't checked out other towns and cities in the United States recently! Sure you can find a lot of places that have a lower tax rate but would you really like living there?
7:52 pm edt 

The Right to Vote

ALL tax payers can vote in Provincetown and get to decide how your taxes are spent! However here in the United States you have to register to vote here. If you have a problem with that, call your senator or the white house.
7:51 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing questions can be answered by calling town hall. And yes the town knows how many units are already built, and yes they also know that we need a lot more than is already planned.
7:50 pm edt 

Hate Crime......

Eric patten admitted guilt in court today to bad Elias Martinez didn't man up and do the same thing.
7:48 pm edt 

Re: FireTruck

Well it's a good thing the provincetown firemens association paid for elias martinez lawyer, it seems like he may get off scottfree eventhough he was 4times the legal limit, and I bet he will then be taken off unpaid administrative leave and back to duty in no time thanks to the board of engineers and his grandfather, after all it was only a 700,000 ladder truck, which the tax payers will have to shell out, because you know the one they got now is only temp. what a joke, the sad thing is had it been someone else without family ties in the Dept they would have never gotten help from the P.F.A and they would never would be on the Dept again. so if your a member on the Dept. ask yourself what if that was me?
7:48 pm edt 

Whoa George Bryant

Get your hands on the Banner and see the ad George Bryant put in regarding destruction of town history and a few other assorted charges. I'm just a recent washashore so don't know if he's right but heck of a move taking out a 1/3 of a page ad. Very creative.
7:46 pm edt 

Re: The Town Needs a Certain Amount of Money

"Bottom line is the town needs a certain amount of money each year to run. The money comes in mainly from property taxes. They know what they need ..."

Yes, the town needs a certain amount of money to run.  But that shouldn't include all of this extra spending.  Until the TM and BOS learn how to wisely spend money they don't deserve additional tax revenues.  Someone needs to explain to me the following:  Why do Town Hall employees work four-day work weeks?  Why wasn't CPA money used for Town Hall or the library instead of a million dollars being used for affordable housing and purchasing someone's front yard?  Why municipal vehicles were not insured for replacement value?  Why there was such a rush to restore town hall to the tune of $9 million dollars in the worst economic climate since the Great Depression?  Why are they not holding the affordable housing developers to their promise of constructing units for families?  I still don't understand how the whole Pier Corporation works, but I know it isn't working to benefit the town financially.  But the BOS seems to look the other way.

So we let the TM and the BOS endorse poor financial decisions, wash their hands of situations they helped get us into, not stand up for what is right for the town and the answer is always the same - the taxpayers will bail us out.  Permitting the practice of increasing homes' assessed values rather than raising the tax rate as a means of increasing tax revenues is sleazy and most likely illegal.

I suggest to anyone whose assessed value increased from last year to request an appeal.  It may not do any good - but it may make those four day a week workers have to go to five days a week to keep up with the demand.  
7:45 pm edt 

Mama Mia!

I go away for a while to visit family and low and behold I come back to discover that it is front page news that there is no money to complete the library renovation but I read here that there was taxpayer money to fund the start of three affordable housing complexes.

The Library renovation has been going on since 2001. These housing developers came in and just pulled the money right out of the taxpayers wallets just a few years ago.

To whom do we owe the honor of doing such a thing to this town?
7:41 pm edt 

Proposed HDC Bylaw Changes

Just so we are all clear, the person who wrote the following is the owner of 90 Bradford Street.  It is what he wants.  It is in his legal brief against the town.

"Someone should propose that at the next town meeting the historic district by-law should be amended to return to the original language of the by-law as follows:

9. ROOF DECKS,  DECKS AND PORCHES. Roof decks are permitted under the following criteria:

a. The size and location of the roof deck should not dominate the roof.

b. Where possible, roof decks should be located to be minimally visible from a public way, or detailed to reflect an historic roof walk.

c. Railing design should consist of wooden railings with captured balusters.

Decks and porches extending beyond the façade plane of a building are permitted provided the deck supports do not obscure significant architectural detail.  New decks should be detailed in a manner appropriate to the building. "
7:40 pm edt 

Couch Potatoes

I would say that the people that complain on this blog don't even attempt to attend town meeting. If they did there would have been a lot more against Ted Malone and moving the question wouldn't have mattered. They just like to sit home and complain. Why bother?
7:37 pm edt 

Fire Trucks and Medical Records

Whats up with the Martinez boy contesting his medical records.....when he was offered to go to rehab(on the town)and never went ........please!!  he was drunk as a skunk...lets get to the point....he totaled a town fire truck, a very expensive fire truck at that!!....i guess hes prolonging his sentencing........
7:33 pm edt 

Time For a Second Homeowner's Association

We may not be able to vote, but our interests may coincide with the local homeowners and we can encourage them to speak up.

People are scratching their heads over spending $4,000,000 to educate a handful of students, but they get dagger looks if they speak about it.

Look at the state of our library--but ask for money from the community preservation committee for the library and you get crucified by the pro-developer people.
7:31 pm edt 

The Provincetown Homeowner

What the selectmen and the developers keep forgetting is that many people who own homes here and who work here at Provincetown wages would all qualify for affordable housing.

We scrimped and saved and worked hard to be able to buy a house and now we are viewed as cash cows. The mantra is let the taxpayers pay for it.

we own our homes and work side by side with people salivating for affordable housing. The people I know who are building their own homes with their own hands get nothing from the town.

People who are trying to create housing for local relatives get no breaks from the town.

We make the same money--but our taxes go to help the developers of affordable housing. No one is concerned with lowering our cost of living.

Hardly anyone sees the taxpayers side of anything. We are just invisible except when the tax bills go out, then our names appear in the Banner when we are late paying our taxes.
7:30 pm edt 

Number of Affordable Housing Units
There is this Bogus Ryan Report that claims that Provincetown needs 250 affordable housing units. Translate that to mean that 250 people don't want to pay much rent.

There is all of this concern for the friends of the selectmen who are renters and finding them cheap places to live, but the selectmen aren't lifting a finger to reduce our taxes or relieve us of the waster water treatment plant burden.

We must be the only place in the nation that requires only some of it citizens to pay for the sewer that benefits everyone. Why don't we make the parents of the students pay the $4,000,000 to send our handful of students to the schools?
7:28 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a win-win deal. If an affordable housing unit isn't rented by a person who qualifies, then that unit can go on the open market.

win-win for the developer. People who bought affordable housing units ten years ago below market rate were then able to sell them after 5 years or so.

Remember the tremendous prices that people were getting for houses back then? The law was changed since then--after the horse left the barn and fortunes were made. Sweet Deal.
7:27 pm edt 

Ted Malone and Philanthropy

Don't work for Ted, not a big fan of Ted - but I can tell you that he has given very generously over the years - if you ever go to theater you will see his name on the originally donor wall, if you talk to people at the ASGCC you will know that he has been a big supporter, if you talk to people at the FAWC you will know that he has been a big supporter -

I don't know where else but I know of these locations -
7:25 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Units--Big Business
Affordable housing is the new Big Business in Provincetown. It is about making money. Developers develop property and the easiest way to get government (taxpayer money)is to attach 40-B housing to it and the zoning rules melt away and the cash comes in through the rents each month--forever!

Look at the Community Housing Empire. Remember Mat Costa's little cottages? Now it is a huge housing development. Look at the old A&P property. Look at the land that used to be Nelson's Riding Stable.
2:53 pm edt 

Building Boom
Get ready for the building boom of Affordable housing units. Fifty units at 90 Shankpainter Rd. Another group to be on the other side of Shanpainter Rd. Multiple buildings through the traffic light on the way to the dump where Nelson's riding stable used to be.

Zoning rules go out the window and density of units and maximum people for maximum rent is the golden rule for affordable housing.

Ask your questions to the housing specialist who gets $57,000 a year to tell people to look in the banner or to contact a real estate agent to find housing.
2:51 pm edt 

Seamen's Bank Charges Outlined 2:50 pm edt 

Affordable Housing! Affordable Housing!
All I hear about is Affordable Housing and the developers behind it.


It seems like we are building way more units than are actually necessary.  What's this all about ?
9:06 am edt 

Mind Boggling

Re: "People who pay taxes in town should hang their heads in shame for not going to our town meetings! "

Are you kidding ??  Over 50% the property owners in this town that pay taxes have NO VOTE !!  This town gives no vote to the second homeowner - I would gladly show up to all meetings if I had a vote.

The reality is that the town does not want the second homeowner at their meetings.  This town is priviledged in that a small minute number of people make the decisions that affect this town and all they do is give preferential treatment to local developers and maximize revenue thru taxes - most of which is paid by the second homeowner.

Yes, I know I could make this my primary residence and have a vote.  Guess what ?  My profile as a second home owner is that I need to be near a big city to make the money to own in this town ( I don't get affordable housing) and therefore need to spend a majority of my time away from here. The only way you can live in Ptown if not retired is by being rich - owning a business or by living in affordable housing.

This town's insensitivity to its tax base is mind boggling.
9:04 am edt 

High Taxes
Our friend's house is assessed at $750,000 and the realtor said that the going price now is $570,000.

Our tax bill arrived and just this portion is over $5,000. Then we will get the second half worth over $2,000. We pay over $7,000 a year in taxes...and then we get the $2,500 water betterment bill. And then the sewer bill.

As a year round resident who works here in town, I can see that I won't be able to live here in my golden years. It is going to be a scramble to pay my taxes now. I will have to sell my house and move.
9:01 am edt 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Someone should propose that at the next town meeting the historic district by-law should be amended to return to the original language of the by-law as follows:

9. ROOF DECKS,  DECKS AND PORCHES. Roof decks are permitted under the following criteria:

a. The size and location of the roof deck should not dominate the roof.

b. Where possible, roof decks should be located to be minimally visible from a public way, or detailed to reflect an historic roof walk.

c. Railing design should consist of wooden railings with captured balusters.

Decks and porches extending beyond the façade plane of a building are permitted provided the deck supports do not obscure significant architectural detail.  New decks should be detailed in a manner appropriate to the building.
11:42 pm edt 

Re: Reality About Realty

The reality actually is that the assessed value may not be correct in that it is too high but hey, your tax RATE didn't go up did it? Bottom line is the town needs a certain amount of money each year to run. The money comes in mainly from property taxes. They know what they need and instead of raising the per thousand rate, they raise how many thousand you are paying on. Question you might want to ask is do you want a low assessed value on your home, thus paying a very high tax rate or would you like a false but impressively high assessed value of your home with a low tax rate? Either way the bottom line comes out the same.
11:41 pm edt 

Not Worth Selling

If they are trying to sell their property it makes sense to say "your lucky it went up".  My taxes just keep going up and the value dropped two hundred thousand dollars!!  Not even worth selling at this point.
11:39 pm edt 

Re: Giving back

Developers of 40-B housing and other low income affordable housing are required by law to return a certain amount of income to the town.

Now where is it listed how much Ted Malone has returned to the town after over ten years of creating affordable housing.

This is why there is a movement afoot to terminate the 40-B affordable housing network that is plaguing neighborhoods across this commonwealth.

There is/was a bill before the state legislature to do just this very thing.

It is a slash and burn technique to build dense, overpopulated housing developments so that the developers become rich at the expense of suitable living situations for the poor.

Shame, shame, Shame.
11:38 pm edt 

Re: Ted Malone

Has ted malone given back to this town that has made him a multi millionare? the theater? the library? soup kitchen? firemen? police association? has he shared his good fortune commenserate to his earnings that were in part funded by all of us? I have never seen his name associated with philanthropy, local or otherwise.. I do have a problem
with him and the source of his wealth, if that s true.
6:12 pm edt 

Re: Dear Reality About Realty

How is it "lucky" that someone's assessed value increased from last year? All that means is that they pay higher taxes. As you pointed out, the housing market is crap. So unless the owner did some major renovations to increase the home's value,- the increased assessed value is just a way for the town to make more tax revenue.  
6:10 pm edt 

Injured Parties
It is a shame to see the condition of our library. Our library is for all of us to use from the richest citizen to the poorest.

The article in the paper said that they were only given $50,000. Meanwhile, Ted Malone was given over $800,000 to develop his property.

So, now we have to make sure that we go to meetings and act as policemen so that greedy special interest don't get money that should rightfully go to fixing town buildings? Why isn't the board of selectmen looking out for the town?  This is money from the taxpayers pockets.
5:26 pm edt 

Tell the Truth

If you are a low-income developer, then you can develop any property and skirt the zoning rules.

If you own a piece of land and want to build a multi family house for one's child or sibling, then the obstacles thrown in you way would exhaust Hercules.

I'm required to bring in all of these services--and then the town hikes up the taxes on the land astronomically.

Here I'm trying to provide housing for people born and raised here but it is obstacle after obstacle after obstacle. Gee, if I attached an affordable housing unit, the town would have paved the way for me.

It is categorically unfair and no amount of sweet talk by anyone can alter the truth of the situation.
4:43 pm edt 


Who is Marie?
4:41 pm edt 

Dear Reality About Realty
"My house is assessed at over $900,000. The assessed value has increased since last year. What could I sell it for in this market? How can it have been assessed higher in this market?"

The housing market is crap right now, so you're lucky it went up.  I know a great deal of residents thats taxes incresed but property values dropped.  
4:40 pm edt 

Reality About Realty

My house is assessed at over $900,000. The assessed value has increased since last year. What could I sell it for in this market? How can it have been assessed higher in this market?
3:00 pm edt 

Dear Marie
Re: "This statement is absolutely rediculous."

Your post could not have done a better job of illustrating my point, thanks.

As noted in original post, I think this "gem" is great and all the rules protect and increase my property value so I'm all for them. I do worry about everyone that's forced out put perhaps your "let them eat cake" attitude is the only real answer
2:58 pm edt 

History Repeats Itself

It is the little guy who gets shafted again. The library is ignored while the big buck developers get the money at taxpayers expense.
2:54 pm edt 

Building Boom
There is going to be a building boom of affordable housing soon; two developments on Shankpainter Rd and one on Race Point Rd. Meanwhile, the funding for renovating our library is drying up.

Our community could have renovated the library by now with Community Preservation funds if the CPA wasn't strong armed into giving developers 80% of the money for all of these years.

You can defend the developers all you want--but the truth to how they usurped CPA funds is there for every citizen to see.
1:58 pm edt 

Provincetown Library

Our library has been undergoing renovations since 2001 scrapping by with fund raisers and donations. This is an institution enjoyed and cherished by every member of the community.

Any way you slice it, rich developers-who own housing developments all over the commonwealth-fought to receive taxpayer money that could have renovated the library years ago.

Yes, it is a shame that the hardworking taxpayers and current residents are the losers and lost the wonderful director of our library.
1:57 pm edt 

Re: Attending Meetings

Everyone can complain but we need to do something about all of this for it to really matter.  Some one tell me when the meetings are and I will be there.
1:05 pm edt 

It's About Not Showing Up When It's Most Important

People who pay taxes in town should hang their heads in shame for not going to our town meetings! CPC members are all VOLUNTEERS who ONLY bring funding requests for your vote at town meeting.
11:45 am edt 

CPA Funds

The community Preservation committe does not AND can not give 3 million dollars to developers! Only town meeting VOTERS CAN.
11:42 am edt 

Re: Local Contractors

I don't think that one or two or even three bad companies should claim the name for the entire industry.  I know that I email my contractor or text him and he gets back to me within an hour.  I have run that poor man through all kinds of hurdles to get jobs done.  He has attended meetings with me, gotten prices for me from a dozen subs, and even negotiated when I just couldn't afford to do the job otherwise.  He drives a decent truck, he has a decent home and a nice family and he has worked for every penny he has.  I actually don't have any family here and he is the closest thing to a son I will ever have.  Both my partner and I adore him and his wife both would go above & beyond for us any day.  We consider our selves to be very lucky to have the business and professional relationship we have with him.
11:41 am edt 

Re: Local Contractors

If you can get someone local to do the job for the right price and good work then hire them.  If you can't get it locally then fine go down Cape.  We could say the same about a bad sandwich, dosn't mean I'm gonna go to Wellfleet to get a better one the next time. I'm gonna try someone else in town.
10:56 am edt 

Re: Local Contractors

I have a plumber who I call or e-mail and he returns my calls within 20 mintues. I've called him and he has come right over. A friend gave me his name. He is a gem. I refuse to be ripped off in this town.
10:53 am edt 

Three Million Dollars

Three Million Dollars of Community Preservation money has gone to Developers. What about our library; so much for community preservation. They twisted the CPA so 80% of the money went to affordable housing development and to hell with the rest of the town institutions.

Our tax money gone into the wallets of men who own housing developments all over the state. They should hang their heads in shame.
10:49 am edt 

Re:Kathy Morris

The town does have a few bad apples,you are correct, remember the incident at the DPW?                                  stealing transfer station monies?  and now this at Seamens...what makes one do such an act? i wonder.......
10:48 am edt 

Re: Local Contractors

I hire local contractors whenever I can.  Issues I've run into with contractors in general.  Calls are never returned, they don't show up when they say they will, excessive pricing.

I hired a local contractor to put new energy efficient windows in the house.  It took nine months for the project to be completed after numerous calls.  A couple of windows don't close properly so there still is a draft coming from the windows.  When I talked to the contractor towards the end of the project to discuss my issues he stated 'I really shouldn't have taken on this job'.  Huh?

Where did I find this contractor?  I called the Building Commissioner's office (Mr. Taylor at the time) and asked for a recommendation.

I also worked with a local plumber for a few years.  I finally had to switch when I was charged $325 to put in a new toilet seal, a project that took less than an hour.  When I questioned the plumber about the invoice I was told they take all their costs for the month, add in profit and then divide this number by all the work they did that month.  I now work with a different plumber (local) who I'm very satisfied with.

My point is I try to hire locally, but not if the  quality of work is substandard or the pricing is excessive.
10:46 am edt 

Re: Historic District Commission
Re: "One could make the argument that the HDC as well as other numerous zoning and other restrictions in Provincetown and elsewhere are in aggregate aging baby boomers acting to protect their self interest by increasing their property values through limiting competing development and because they just want a nice place to live that looks pretty. "

This statement is absolutely rediculous. Provincetown is a small town - 9 months out of the year alot of the properties are vacant. We have the HDC to protect the architectural gem of this area of Provincetown - there is absolutely no need for anymore development in this area - none - 9 months out of the year alot of these properties are not even occupied. Since that is the case why shouldn't there be HDC regulations to protect the area when it is hardly year round populated to begin with.

All these people that talk about 'self interest".  Here's the deal - you buy or own a place in Ptowns Historic District you abide by the rules.  Those buying know going in that is the way it is.  I knew it when I bought my property and that is one of the reasons that I bought it.
Those that have owned houses for a long time - I'm sure they have no problem that their houses are worth at minimum 750k now because of a town that is so desireable to be in because of its architectural charm which is ensured by the HDC.

Development around here is crazy !! This is a town of less than 5000 - 9 months out of the year.  With your logic - why don't we just start building on the National seashore ? Will that give everyone enough space to have what they want ?? If you wan't to be in Ptown you can - you just have to pay like the rest of us did. It is not our responsibility to give you whatever rules and space you want to build or change what you want.

These HDC rules are to protect us residents and the overall good or Ptown.

Good job HDC !!
10:44 am edt 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Re: Don't Hire People From Out of Town

The flip side of "don't hire people from Boston, down Cape, etc." is that people in those communities shouldn't hire people from Provincetown who bid on jobs in those communities. Does this make sense, no, so it doesn't make sense here either. We live in a national/statewide/global economy, hire the best from wherever they are willing to come from and conversely hope others elsewhere will do the same for our folks.
11:57 pm edt 

To: Beating the Dead Horse
There is someone who is paid to help you and it's Russell Braun. Make an appointment, go in and talk with him and ask his advice. That's what he's there for. He's an architect as well as the Building Commissioner and he's said publicly he's the type of person that unless it's a life/safety issue is willing to work things out. Try it out. Same for Maxine who handles the staff work for the HDC. Go try 'em out, seriously. It saves a lot of aggravation and time to find out from them what's possible and what isn't. It also helps to read the actual by-law so you know exactly what it says. Regarding the right to tear down your family home if you want, it seems the town voters have decided that historic structures and the historic district are a "public good" and as such have denied us all the right to do things like that. The compensation for this is that treating them as such increases the value of all of our property.

To the person who posted re Construction Industry. WOW, you hit the nail right on the head, pun intended. I will totally go to the vendors who have accomodated me - and done a good job - on smaller jobs when finances allow more extensive work. I won't be going back to the company that sent me a two page list of what constitutes their overhead to justify their outrageous rates. Another tip to the trades, don't show up at the customer's house in an expensive late model foreign car or a Hummer, just about the dumbest marketing move in this economy I've ever seen. Dumb enough for me to offer to put their best employee into business for themselves.
11:56 pm edt 

Beating the Dead Horse Again

I am the same person who wrote about not being able to afford to remodel my house because when I priced the windows it was way out of my budget.  About 8 years ago I put every dime I had into trying to attempt to make my house more efficient and bring it up to date a little.  I still have horsehair plaster walls, if youre in the building industry or know anything about construction especially historical that means there old.  I tried to attempt everything to remodel my home before I got to old to handle the project.  Being in my sixties, middle to lower class, and lacking a substantial bank account kept me from following through with my dream.  That dream was just to be able to comfortably live in my home for the remainder of my life.  If anyone knows anything about old homes they require a lot of work or love as some may say.  I didnt want to sell out; I love this town and have resided here since the late sixties.  I only complain about the HDC because I had no intentions o!
n changing the design of my home and if I did that should be my choice given my family built it close to two hundred years ago.  I should have the choice to level it if I want to, it is after all mine and that would be my loss.  I just feel that the HDC should have suggested a way to make my project work if there are so many great ideas out there.  I think that personal opinion of the members shouldnt matter but rather the overall goal of the committee might need to be reevaluated. to work with residents to get the job done therefore everyone benefits.  Maybe there should be someone on it who is legally qualified to give advice, or paid to help residents with their projects.  
10:38 pm edt 

Guess I'm Wrong Again
Although, you might find that many tradesmen may be stuck in the past you can argue that so are our local vendors. Even though employment has dropped and we are in a recession you don't see their prices dropping?

I am just trying to help and push the local economy for the better of the town. Just give them a shot at a bid, it cant hurt and then you have something to come back and blog about if it doesnt work out.  There are many wonderful tradesmen in this area and I hope that in these new affordable housing developments they are given a chance to bid. I am not saying to go with the "good old boys" either, do your research but don't expect just because it's 2009 that your going to get anything for free. Most are willing to work out the price the best they can, some people in this world arent in it to get rich.

We come to a point where we expect the worst in people that we fail to see the good.

Sometimes this blog is so negative it is disheartening, I thought we were here to make a positive difference.  Guess I was wrong again.
10:36 pm edt 

Re: Kathy Morris

It is sad to hear about Kathy Morris, I dealt with her regarding some business a few years back and she was a pleasure.  I would have never suspected that she would have been bright enough to commit such a crime but nothing surprises me anymore.  How dare someone do such a thing to his or her own towns folk.  I dont have any sympathy for such behavior and I hope that she feels shame for her actions.  Seamens Bank has always been rather great to me and I still support it.   One bad apple shouldnt ruin the whole bunch.  They have so many great employees that you dont even know. Kathy just happened to be a bad apple.  

Look at all the good Seamens does as a whole for the community Cape wide. I dont think that her co-workers are very happy with her either.  I feel sad for them as well since they now with have to deal with the repercussions of her actions on several levels.
10:34 pm edt 

Construction Industry

What has been said is true regarding the rates some firms are asking. It's an economic slow down right now yet some of these contractors are still trying to charge the high rates of 2 years ago. They aren't willing to lower their rates and that's whats killing them. Others that realize this is a time to just ask a bit more than what is needed to get by as opposed to major profit are the ones working. Some guys talk about the cost of their equipment and their skill level. I would hope that if they are skilled enough, the tools have been paid for long ago and if not, maybe some of them are in over their heads in equipment costs. It's not humiliating to lower prices according to the economy. Its a reality to keep yourself employed and keep food on the table. Best part of it all is when the economy gets better, those same people that you now have as clients with small jobs will call you back in years to come at better rates for the big jobs if you do decent work. Been around long enough to realize it's the truth.
10:32 pm edt 

Re: The Unethical Lobsterman
The conclusion from the example posed is just plain wrong, having read all of MGL 268A and B. If the restaurant said to the lobsterman "I'll only buy your lobster if you approve my application" and the lobstermen didn't recuse themselves and continued to do business then the poster would be correct. If the lobsterman regularly does business with the restaurant then there is no reason to recuse themselves. They are receiving no special benefit that is different from that a member of the general public would receive were they selling lobster. The law seems very clearly written on this.
10:29 pm edt 

Re: Apropos Nothing
Question: Is it ethical to sell items  of your making to an individual coming before our board?

Using a restaurant as the imaginary applicant, if you dine at a particular restaurant, even often because you like the restaurant, then no, it's not unethical to sit on the board if that restaurant comes before the board for a decision. If you are, lets say a lobster fisherman, and sell your lobsters wholesale to a  restaurant which is coming before the board then yes, it is unethical to sit on the board and decide on that restaurants request.

Question: How long a period should a board member wait before transacting business with the recipient of a favorable board decision?

Again, if the business is a restaurant, you could go right out to dinner after the meeting to that establishment that you just decided on. Nothing unethical. If you make a decision to allow them to construct something, then I think I remember you must wait one year before you can do any work on the project.

Question: When should board members recuse themselves?  

When there is a conflict of interest. It's all on the web,, MGL 268A
8:39 pm edt 

Re: Hiring Local
I have found some local construction trade folks - plumbers/painters/contractors are still trapped in a time warp and think it is 2003-2006 when you could charge based on what you think the person could pay, could do substandard work, leave a mess and get away with it. They seem to have missed the collapse of the real estate construction boom and have not adjusted their methods. This isn't true of everyone and there are some great folks out there who justify their pricing through their quality, execution and customer satisfaction - some with new businesses. These folks will thrive by delivering value regardless of the economy as they should. As noted by others, hire the best person who offers the best value and let competition send the others into another line of work, regardless of local or not.
8:32 pm edt 

Re: Windows
Not to beat a soon to be dead horse but are you sure about only applying to new construction? I remember a rush to get replacement windows approved prior to the new standard coming into effect two years ago - also known as several years. Could be wrong though and often am.
8:20 pm edt 

To: Concerned Citizen
The HDC has the power it does because the voters of the Town of Provincetown approved the historic by-law. It is available on the town web site for review. There was an attempt several years ago to eliminate this by-law and the HDC and the voters rejected it. Through these votes a sufficient plurality of the voting members of the community demonstrated their support of the by-law and the HDC and the willingness to bear the costs involved. The head of the HDC is an architect by training and the members appear to be deeply knowledgeable through self-learning and long terms on the board.

One could make the argument that the HDC as well as other numerous zoning and other restrictions in Provincetown and elsewhere are in aggregate aging baby boomers acting to protect their self interest by increasing their property values through limiting competing development and because they just want a nice place to live that looks pretty. This is a common theme across the country in anyplace that is a nice place to live. The inevitable outcome of such restrictions here is ever increasing property prices (long term) and a greying, mostly part time population over time and the elimination of a dynamic, diverse local community and a need to build affordable housing to compensate. In a way this is the case Peter Francese makes in the interviews posted elsewhere on this site. He argues for allowing higher density, cheaper housing in specific areas to help attract and retain younger people to a rapidly aging Cape.

Personally I'm an aging Boomer and I do like a place that looks pretty but the bigger problem does bother me.
8:18 pm edt 

Re: About Windows

Re: "One of the reason new windows cost so much is the new building code adopted several years ago in MA that requires windows that can withstand 110mph windows or shutters and a plan to deploy."

This ONLY applies to new construction. Replacement windows in prexisting buildings are exempt.

8:14 pm edt 

Re: Recusal

From a few times going to HDC I think they are very careful about abutting board members recusing themselves - to the point of leaving the room - for the cases involving their neighbor so as not to influence the decision. The minutes of the HDC seem to reflect this is standard practice.
8:13 pm edt 

Re: Hire Locally

I hired a LOCAL and thought I was getting a fair deal. I got hit with EXTRAS.  I would never hire him or his firm again.  I recently got 3 bids for work and the local came in with the best price.  I hired him and was happy.
On another project, 3 bids and both locals were way out of line.  Contractor near Orleans came in lowest and no hidden extras.   So, it doesn't really matter who does the work.  Check refferences, check reliabilty.  You can get screwed by a local or someone mid cape.  Just hire the BEST PERSON
8:11 pm edt 

Re: Kyle Kaelberer

I truly enjoyed reading Kyle Kaelberer's post; here is a local kid with  a good head on his shoulders.  Personally, I think we were lucky to have him on our streets this summer.  Nice, smart, cute kid; who had respect for this town.  He took pride in his uniform and being part of something bigger than just himself.  I know at that age it's not always easy.  I wish that the police department offered him a job, offered to send him to the academy as they used to do with so many in the past.  You didn't have to be gay or straight to take a likening to that kid, he always smiled and treated everyone kindly.  Now, had the police department offered to send him to the academy that would have been some of our tax dollars put to good use!  I am sorry to see him leave, we should have held on to him.  Kyle, wherever life takes you I wish you all the best.  You keep your head in the game; you have a bright future a head of you.

P-town Girl
8:10 pm edt 

More on Windows

"One of the reason new windows cost so much is the new building code adopted several years ago in MA that requires windows that can withstand 110mph windows or shutters and a plan to deploy. This has nothing to do with the HDC."

Regarding that statement:

It wasn't several years ago it will be two years this comming January.  

P-town Girl
8:08 pm edt 

Ted Needs to Pay For Permits Just Like Everyone Else!!

How did he get away with not paying for the proper permits when everyone else has to?  I know a few developments that had to give CCC units at cost and end up loosing money by doing so but their not given a break on permit fees.  There is a great deal of injustices being done in this town and someone needs to bring the hammer down! If the BOS can't do their jobs then lets consider replacing them with people who will.
7:25 pm edt 

Time to Take a Break?

I think that the town is way over their heads with housing right now.  It might be time to take a break and address some other issues that are also effecting tax payers.  
7:24 pm edt 

Concerned Citizen

Trying to understand why the HDC has the power they do.  Even given their combined experiences they really dont know much but then again what town committee or board knows what their doing?  Im starting to loose all faith in the local government, they no longer care about the town like they should.  Seems to me they all put their own personal agendas ahead of the towns best interest. There are a lot of questionable issues going on and it is about time they start to be addressed!

a concerned tax payer
7:22 pm edt 

Hire Locally!!

Stop giving your business to people from down Cape, Boston, and other places.  It doesnt help us as a town any if all our builders, painters, and landscapers have to move away.  That just leaves more empty housing and less money staying within the community.  As we saw this summer with the farmers market we should support locally and now is your chance to do so.  It couldn't be a better time to do some much needed repairs or landscaping to your property.  There are many local workers who support stores, restaurants, and coffee shops in town year round and now they are having a rough time too. Especially keeping this in mind if you own a business in town, it isnt a good example when you hire people from other places and then complain when no one shops in your store, gets their coffee from you or eats at your sandwich shop.
Now is our chance to help them out!!

Before hiring anyone for anything:
*Make sure to get a few bids on any work you might want done.
*Check out some of their past customers and job sites.  
*Make sure they have a good reputation from actual customers.
*Make sure they are current with their insurance; dont feel that you cant ask them for copy of their insurance & licenses.  
*Follow through with references.
*Make sure your not going to get a low ball quote but hit with what they call extras after.
I just hate to see people hire companies that wont give them their monies worth.

We are facing a very rough winter and if we don't all pull together as a team it may be a lot of our last here.

Just a few things to keep in mind.
7:21 pm edt 

To the Person Who Writes:" You Know too Much"

You too obviously know too much. as the old adage goes:
It takes one to know one.
7:18 pm edt 

For the Questions of Ethics Asked, I Like Greater Adherence to Rules

I think that too often on our boards, members do not even feel they should recuse themselves. If you are an abutter, even if the neighbor doesn't mind your sitting on the case, it is not ethical to sit in. If you have a business relationship with the person involved in the case, then you should recuse yourself. If you sell creative birdhouses, if you you sell a huge collection of books or if you sell paintings to a client and that client shows up for the case you are ruling on, then you need to recuse yourself. If there is any future self-interest in someone making a favorable decision, then that should also lead to recusal. Being told that someone will purchase your designer clothing at thousands of dollars and that person is involved in an on-going case should be reason enough to recuse yourself.

But this is hardly ever done with our boards. People who are in real estate often have a conflict of interest on the boards they sit on, yet hardly recuse themselves when a potential conflict exists.

Ethical rules should be adhered too far more than it ever is in Provincetown. And the ranting that "we all know each other" does not forgive the conflict of interests state rules. the rules extis for a reason: to create fair and equitable and objective decision where there is NO gain for any member of any board.
7:18 pm edt 

Re: "Costing the Rest of Us Money"

If there were proper procedure's in place and consistency in application process, decisionmaking, documentation and oversight by town management and town counsel "the rest of us" wouldn't have to spend money to defend the HDC. It's every citizen's right to avail themselves of the court system to protect against arbitrary, over-reaching and/or capricious government actions amounting to seizure or unlawful elimination of private property rights.

How quickly some bloggers stoop to attacking the individual rather than the issue at hand, sad. How bitter and sad the jealously towards anyone who bothered to get an education, enter a profession and have the resulting income and is, god forbid, perceived as "rich."

It advances nothing and who really gives a      about the "talk of the neighborhood", so many kvetch and "talk" but few take action. It also the right of any citizen to show up at the appropriate meeting early on in the approval process to voice their concerns. I'm sure every abutter was notified - and all meetings are noticed in the paper and on the town website for others- but in this town many would rather carp afterwards than participate in the process. One also assumes that Russell Braun, as Building Commissioner, approved any plans that went through his office and his staff inspected the work as it was done or is done.

- one of the "rest of us" and generally a fan of the goals of the HDC
7:16 pm edt 

More on windows

One of the reason new windows cost so much is the new building code adopted several years ago in MA that requires windows that can withstand 110mph windows or shutters and a plan to deploy. This has nothing to do with the HDC.
7:12 pm edt 

Apropos Nothing

Question: Is it ethical to sell items  of your making to an individual coming before our board?

Question: How long a period should a board member wait before transacting business with the recipient of a favorable board decision? 

Question: When should board members recuse themselves? 
4:08 pm edt 

HDC and John Dowd Concerning 90 Bradford Street

To the person that wrote that, you must be the current owners of 90 Bradford Street.  You knew too much.  Nice that you are a Dr of Anesthesiologist and architect and can afford to take the town to court and cost the rest of us $$$ for the town to defend the HDC.  I must say your place looks very nice.  It also looks OUT OF PLACE.   It does not look like the house Isabelle lived in for 85 years.  Looks so much bigger.                                                                     ?  That is the talk of the neighborhood.  Maybe Russell Braun should look into that
3:46 pm edt 

Car Thief Caught?
I'm hearing rumblings that the police apprehended a local teenager(s) in regard to the rash of west end car content thefts over the weekend Saturday and Sunday. Anybody got the scoop.

3:14 pm edt 

Re: Widow's Walk

Consult the changes that the HDC pushed through town meeting last year at a time when the fewest possible people would pay attention regarding roof decks/widows walks and you will see that they made very significant changes to the wording of the by-law which basically gives them the power to deny any roof deck/widow's walk they deem isn't "historically appropriate to the structure."  I don't think anyone noticed how much of a change this was and how it eliminated what was almost a use by right. It sailed through all the town boards and then through town meeting. It ought to be reversed at the next town meeting. It essentially says "gee, too bad we let people on the water block all the views before zoning and HDC came along but too bad and there isn't anything you can do about it."

Regarding window costs and the HDC, cost out cheaper windows then apply for an economic hardship exception. It's right in the by-law that they have to waive the rules if you need to do the work but cannot afford to follow the by-laws exactly. Ask Russell Braun about this approach this process.

In reading through the HDC minutes it is very confusing, some people are required to bring in full sets of plans, pictures, etc, some aren't. There doesn't seem to be much consistency in when this is required and when it isn't and what's an "admin" approval versus a full application.

In the end what the Town and HDC need is a detailed "guidelines" book with examples of exactly what the steps are, what's required and what's been approved and what hasn't and why so that people can read the guidelines and know what to expect. They do need to do a better job of consistency and documentation. The minutes of meetings are late and abysmal, one cannot read them and understand exactly what went one and why one was approved or not and there are even completely different styles of minutes between meetings. However, this seems common among many boards in town. It does appear from minutes that they generally try to work with folks except for their hot button items.

One fears that they will react to all this by simply denying everything possible as a way to get consistency and survive legal challenge.
3:13 pm edt 

You Miss the Point

The issue with John Dowd, Chairman of the Historic District Commission, is not that he privately interfaces with applicants that come before his board; but that he goes beyond the allowed aspect
of providing information regarding rules and regulations and delves into the actual process of providing design and construction advice.

This particular tendency is way outside the purview of the HDC and legally places the HDC and therefore the Town in a compromised legal position. Witness the fiasco that took place regarding the Rachel White property.

In this particular case, Mr. Dowd was implicated in having provided a hand drawn representation of
what he thought would work. When the contractors modified the renovation accordingly, the design was rejected by all persons concerned including the HDC and Mr. Dowd vigorously denied having ever provided a hand drawn document. This document was witnessed being drawn at an HDC meeting with the applicant. When confronted with these facts, the Drawing mysteriously disapeared from HDC records at town hall.
Additionally, Mr. Dowd and several of his fellow board members have on many occasions made rulings which were in direct contravention of HDC regulations and on many occasions ruling have been based on the personal likes and dislikes of specific board members.

Currently, applicants for the renovation of the 90 Bradford St. have been denied building modifications that are specifically allowed in HDC regulation. The primary reasons given are that in the opinion of "particular" HDC board members  the inclusion of a "Widows Walk" in the design did not suit their taste.

HDC having denied the application, the applicants are compelled to seek relief elsewhere, and have therefore made an appeal for adjudication in Barnstable County Superior Court to overturn the HDC ruling.

When invited by Town Counsel, who will have to represent HDC in court, to  present arguments supporting HDC's position, Mr. Dowd never showed and instead another board member met with Town Counsel. When the Provincetown Banner attempted to interview Mr. Dowd he was "unavailable".

Mr. Dowd has worked hard in service of the town. His failing has been one of leadership. By injecting
personal taste into the approval/denial process he has misdirected the function of HDC. He would do better to step down as Chair, functioning only as a board member.

The HDC renders a great service to the town, when the rules and regulations are adhered to. It is when it goes astray that problems are created.

I do not fault HDC for making decisions which might appear unpopular, but are within its bylaws.  However if the population disapproves, residents have the right to change the laws, with their vote.
1:14 pm edt 

The Flip Side of Historic Preservation

I'm not a rich person or a developer.  My home has been in our family for two hundred years.  I don't want to change the "look" of it but make it efficiant.  I got a price on just the windows alone and to follow the historic regulations  it was way beyong my budget.  What do you suggest? I sell out to someone who can afford it!!
12:03 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

Its my understanding that the affordable housing in town is and will be built. So why are we still debating this issue?
11:55 am edt 

Affordable Housing

All of the towns mentioned have had affordable housing built by private developers with town tax payer money. And no I do not personly know, or have friends who know Ted Malone.
11:54 am edt 

Re: Historic District Commission

I also think the town is well served by John Dowd and the historic district! Seems like only when somebody tries to get away with something that the towns bylaws don't allow, thats when people on here start attacking our volunteers on boards and commissions.
11:53 am edt 

Hey Mikey!

How come you don't sign your name to your same old rantings of affordable housing & Ted Malone?
11:50 am edt 

Historical Board

I think they are great and kudos for them for any and all restrictions they place on properties in Ptown. I am so sick and tired of developers and rich people (remember the torn down house on Commercial st) doing whatever they want with such disregard to the Historical nature of this town.
There is one development in the West End that is so jam packed it looks like a big Sardine can. You can walk out your condo and eat next door there - the one thing you can't do is park !

Maybe it's harder to control what goes on outside the Historic district but my compliments and thanks to the Historic Board for making it tough to do ANY changes in that Historic part of our beautiful town.

Keep up the good work guys !
8:52 am edt 

Thank You Provincetown!

Thank you for and incredible 23 years.

Although I was raised in North Truro, there was not a single Summer day that I was not either working or just "chillin" in town.

Some of you knew me as a "Skate Punk", Some knew me as my Fathers Son, the little kid at the Surf Club, and some knew me as "Officer Kyle".

I knew you all as my friends.

So after a great, no, Amazing summer of having the opportunity to work for this town and help the people I grew up around and who made me who I am today, It is time I move on and start a new chapter.

As much as I would have loved to stick around, I cannot wait to start my new adventure, to help and to meet new people, and just hope they are as fun to work for and live with, as you all have been.

I will return to Provincetown only as a tourist, haha the "Enemy". But I hope you all will continue to be my friends.
So until I see you again... "Later Dudes"

Local Kid
Summer Officer

Kyle Kaelberer
7:32 am edt 

Monday, October 5, 2009

Does anyone know who all the members of the HDC are and do they have any schooling that qualifies them to make decisions about historic architecture? I grew up in the town with the largest historic district in Massachusetts and it was never as strict as they seem to be.
11:47 pm edt 

Re: Historic District Commission

RE: "Mr. Dowd has on many occasion met privately with applicants to insure his influence throughout the design process and he has done this without the inclusion of his other board members."

Whoa there Nellie, you obviously have personal grudge against Mr. Dowd. He, as with many committee heads, is willing to devote his own time to meeting with people who are considering changes to their structures and help them understand the process and what is and isn't allowed or likely to pass. This isn't to insure his influence but seems rather to help applicants save time and money ahead of going to plans. He is nothing but helpful with his suggestions at the early stage.

Other town officials also will do the same thing, it's one of the joys of being in a small town where people are willing to spend time and effort to help things along.

There are many things that the HDC could change (consistency, documentation of commission created rules/guidelines, timely minutes, more accomodation of green building) but Mr. Dowd's willingness to meet with people individually isn't one of them.

If you want to make any town process go more smoothly try meeting with the people involved ahead of time and getting an idea of what the process is, you'll find it goes a lot more smoothly when you do this. Also, try, though some on here seem to find that impossible, to be nice.

- just an individual resident
11:46 pm edt 

Historic District Commission

I implore citizens to attend the meetings of the Historic District Commission. At these meetings you will witness the most capricious dispensation of rulings of all regulatory boards, resulting in the current law suit being brought forth to the Superior Court of Barnstable against the Town of Provincetown.Town Council has already notified the HDC that their ruling regarding the pending law suit is "very weak".

The primary cause of this is the total lack of leadership capacity of the current Chairman, John Dowd. Mr. Dowd prefers to influence applicants submittals with his own personal preferences of architectural design. He is constantly affecting designs with his personal concepts.

It is not the mandateof HDC to affect design, it is to regulate design as per town statues. Mr. Dowd has on many occasion met privately with applicants to insure his influence throughout the design process and he has done this without the inclusion of his other board members.  A close inspection of Mr. Dowd's activities should raise questions for the State's Ethics Commission.

When questions are raised by the Banner or Town Counsel Mr. Dowd becomes unavailable. He should be requested to step down as Chair. He clearly lacks the capacity.

New blood is needed on this board! 
10:01 pm edt 

Madam Moderator!

Other Cape and Island towns may have supported Affordable Housing, but not at the expense of having to raid and deplete the Town coffers. The respective citizens had enough intelligence to realize that there were limits to what their economic realities could support before sacrificing more pressing needs.

What other town has supported the giving away of all available funds to private developers? It's not the Developers that are at fault for taking the monies, it is the citizens of Provincetown; for it is they that have allowed the tyranny of 100 voters.

Move the Question Madam Moderator!
9:16 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

The Islands and Nantucket and Chatham Have Little Affordable Housing They have the talk of the need. But they have not built many places for affordable housing. And when Nantucket did, it was for families, not closets with a kitchen. Chatham fought for years not to support affordable housing and today it is not a showplace for affordable housing.
8:54 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing Developers

Looks like the Ted Malone PR squard is in full force.
7:33 pm edt 

Re Affordable Housing

For the apparently illiterate affordable housing hater posting lies re Nantucket and the Vineyard:

from the Martha's Vineyard Commission economic development page:
"The Martha's Vineyard Commission assists town efforts to create and support affordable housing efforts through various state and federal grant opportunities or programs." There is a ton of other stuff about their affordable housing efforts both government and private.

from the Housing Nantucket web site:
"Key to ensuring that Nantucket has permanent affordable housing is the core value that Housing Nantucket must set the pace for creating housing. For that reason, we have set a goal of creating over 100 new units in the next five years." again tons of other info on there.

Perhaps the issue is best summarized on the Vineyard web site:

"Economic development and affordable housing are two interrelated and fundamental concerns on the Vineyard. Much of the local economy is based on seasonal residents and visitors and is thus particularly dependent on the quality of the environment and the quality of life offered on the Island. The key to a stable economy is the ability for a community to maintain adequate housing opportunities for its workforce."

- go ahead and hate affordable housing and Ted Malone et al but stop lying.

from someone not connected with either.
7:11 pm edt 

Re: Re: Seashore Point Rehab
"Why don't you try a tour of the facilities and you will see they have a fine rehab facility and a professional staff... "

AGREE!  Partner is doing rehab at Seashore Point, they are excellent and we're lucky to have them in Provincetown.
7:08 pm edt 

Seashore Point

My friend who used to go up cape for rehab now goes to Seashore pointe.
7:06 pm edt 

Don't Like, Buy It!

Even if you hate everything about the developer and all of his friends and contacts, at least he has people working and living here. If he did'nt buy and develope what he has, sombody else would have. And who knows what they might have done with these properties. Why didn't you buy these properties? If I lived next to a property that I didn"t want changed and it was for sale I would get all of the abutters to buy that property.
7:05 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

I had affordable housing when I lived in south beach Miami. And my parents live in Atlantic City livable wage housing. And if you look it up, affordable housing is in every state, even Hawaii & the US Virgin Islands.
7:04 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

The islands have some of the best affordable housing in MA along with Chatham. and Fort Lauderdale and all of Florida has affordable housing. What makes you think provincetown should not have what other resort towns have?
7:03 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

Ted Malones past developments have nothing to do with the new TOWN affordable rentals. And will be under different terms than the PRIVATE propertys that you think you know everything about.
7:02 pm edt 


The Provincetown school system is off to an excellent start; thank God! No loud and obnoxious Ms. Waugh to screw things up !!!!!
7:00 pm edt 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Forever is an Oxymoron With Affordable Housing
Just look at all the tax breaks, low loans, and wide interpreation of zoning and planning for Ted Malone's many affordable housing condominiums. AFter five years, the "poor" owners sold their "affordable" housing at market rates, and the properties are no longer affordable. Who profited from this? Ted Malone. The "poor" who bought the condomiums--mostly Malone's own paid staff--and Ted Malone's corporation.
10:46 pm edt 

Re: Rehab at Seashore Point

You're an      !!!!! Don't speak about what you don't have a clue about. Why don't you try a tour of the facilities and you will see they have a fine rehab facility and a professional staff. Bored with you now, on to important things.
5:39 pm edt 

Rehab at Seashore Point? Think Again
"Most of the town people who need rehab and not only a chiropractic kink the neck de-kinked, can't be living at Seashore POInt and get rehab. They have to go out of town and find themselves at Pleasant Bay and other non-Provincetown places. There is no serious, long-term rehab at Seashore Point. And that is the sad point. "


Get over yourself. Walk in the door and take a left. There is both short and long term rehab at Seashore patient and out patient. Get your facts straight before you spout off. Who was it that said Better to keep silent and be thought an idiot than to speak and confirm it????
5:38 pm edt 

Martha's Vineyard Has no Affordable Housing?

Than whats this?

5:06 pm edt 

I ate at Townsends and had the Clam Chowder and Lobster Roll, both were excellent. I also bought lobsters steamed at Townsends to take home and they were excellent. I bought fresh salmon, swordfish, haddock and tuna on several occasions and it was all excellent. The Bluefish pate was excellent. I'm actually sorry to see the place go. Hopefully, Chris will land somewhere else. Good luck Chris.

5:04 pm edt 

No ReHab at Seashore Point?

Ask Steve M from Bayside Betsy's.  He was lucky enough to do all his post hospital rehab right here in town where his wife and friends could visit him.
2:35 pm edt 

That Little Spot Had Magic

When it was the Dancing Lobster, it was magical. The food was extraordinary and the setting perfect for this on-the-water spot. When Townsend's was there, the fish and scallops were fresh and then when he began serving food inside, it was sweet. Everything was delicious even though simple.

Beware leaving a location. I know Chris did not have a choice, but gaining a large venue can kill success. Sometimes, the tiny is terrific and special.
2:34 pm edt 

Do You Think Nantucket Has Affordable Housing Complexes?.......

....Or even Martha's Vineyard?

Of course not. They understand that resort towns need not encourage the off-the-bus or off-the-steamer individuals to live there at little cost. And how much affordable housing do you find in Palm Springs and South Beach?

It is unrealistic to use Provincetown's small tax base to fund those who want to live here in the summer, have fun, and then depart. Affordable housing here is not and never has been for locals, for teachers, for firemen. It has been for the single, the young, and the carefree. Wrong approach. Wrong thinking but through this distorted lens Ted Malone has made millions, his workers gain places for the friends and some for their lovers, and the town gives away its monies, its land, and its historic concerns for large projects that do not fit Provincetown and should never have been built here.

And yet here we go again with 90 Shankpainter Road and Ted Malone's mega-Nelson road multi-million dollar project. Forget the kids in the neighborhood. Forget Gasgill's and what he did to Marc, forget the dead horses he allowed to be buied in this area near Connie's Bakery, and forget all the deals he made with Monica and her million dollar affordable housing house on the top of the hill, and the businesses like Gerry Anatham and Cosmos that all linked to Monica and people working with our millionaire developer Ted "I love the poor" Malone.
2:33 pm edt 

Rehab at Seashore Point?

Most of the town people who need rehab and not only a chiropractic kink the neck de-kinked, can't be living at Seashore POInt and get rehab. They have to go out of town and find themselves at Pleasant Bay and other non-Provincetown places. There is no serious, long-term rehab at Seashore Point. And that is the sad point.
2:26 pm edt 

When Townsend was on the old pier, it was great.  I mean I sent all my guests and anyone that wanted the best seafood in town.  I ate there 1 or 2x a week.
Now when it moved to shankpainter road, I had gone 3X.  All 3X it was just fair to poor.  I stopped sending guests there.  I stopped going there.  Chris is a very nice man (and hot to boot) and I should have told him that my meals were not the same I had come to expect when he was on the pier.  I feel sorry for him at this point.  I know he put in a lot of time, sweat and I am sure money.

If they open up again, I will tell him the quality of food was not the same, and give him another try. If it improves, he has my business back, but 4X and in my book, your out.

My best to you and your family Chris
12:48 pm edt 

CPA Tax Dollars

A bloger states that we should not give private developers CPA tax dollars to build affordable rentals here in town. I ask, who would the town get to build these units? The DPW? Townhall staff? Private/Public is the only way I can think of.
12:46 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

If you had your facts right, you would remember that the towns voters have voted CPA funds to go to the library and I hope we vote to give them more! But town meetings have also voted to increase affordable housing by hiring private developers to build for our future, to make sure that we will always have places in town that moderate income renters can find. What would our town be like with only the rich being able to live here? At least with our affordable housing rentals, we will now always have a mix of lower and moderate income renters and owners along with the rich. Just because you may not like the out of towners or locals who will get these rentals is something that you will have to get used to because its a done deal and the government mandates that,and yes even people right off the bus may rent these homes. What the private developers have done in the last ten years or more with their affordable housing like it or not has helped people stay here. The towns!
 affordable housing will give even more chances for those of us who cant come up with the high rents of the private sector to stay in town. These rentals will stay affordable FOREVER! What good is a library if we dont have at least a small population that lives here to keep it running? If we have another chance for more funding of affordable housing, I for one think its the best thing we can do to save part of the Provincetown we love now, a good mix of rich, moderate and poor.
12:44 pm edt 

Re: The Wild West?

I know of a car that was stolen from the West End parking lot on Friday night. Was recovered intact on Saturday nearby.
10:23 am edt 


Our family tried them in June.  Three of us had fish and chips and one person had a lobster roll. The lobster roll was the worst I'd ever tasted.  It was almost unedible.  Overcooked with a vinegar type dressing.  The fish was mediocre but the fries were pretty good.  They didn't have their liquor license yet so no beer.  We were going to give them another chance (i'd stay away from the lobster roll) but now it looks like they might be gone.
10:06 am edt 

The Wild West?

Anyone know anything about a rash of car break-ins in the West end on Friday night?  I heard this wasn't the first time either.  
8:52 am edt 

It's Still There!

We used to get paid a nickle for each wagon load of old paint and cans of old oil that we'd take to the dump. When every guy worked on his car and could change his oil and put in brake fluid etc. the cans accumulated in garages and work places.  

The old Burn dump held it all.
8:51 am edt 

Old Burn Dump

When you were young and you poured the carcinogens into the land next to where you worked--you were one person.

Decades of having thousands and thousands of guys like you pouring everything out from old machinery and unused and left over oil paint full of lead and pesticides and used oil all poured into the ground at the old burn dump from cars and boats and machinery and household hazardous waste--you prove the point.

We had a rousing fishing fleet and machinery here;(for over a hundred years paint was full of lead)--where do you think all of that junk from them went: benzoapyrene, cadmium, chromium, and lead all leaching out of the old burn dump.

Close your eyes to it all--and build and build. The bank wouldn't have held Townsend's feet to the fire if they didn't believe that these carcinogens had leached to the surrounding land.
8:50 am edt 

Speed Demon

Rather than husband the money in the Community preservation account and judiciously dispense it; there was a rush to empty its coffers each year into the pockets of housing developers.

$3,000,000 to housing developers--$50,000 for our library.

Provincetown as a whole suffered. Our library could have been completed years ago with this money. It should have gone to the library and town hall first.

All of the citizens would have benefited. You can read in the Banner the crisis which the library is undergoing. This is why the Community Act was Created--to prevent such a financial crisis from enveloping a central town institution.

I don't get it: the town suffered so developers with a world of money at their finger tips could get taxpayer money while Provincetown institutions like our beloved library suffer.
8:46 am edt 

Affordable Housing

If you would read the facts as I read them, the bloggers here are not against affordable housing. What they object to is that the money from the tax payers that should have gone for the library and other institutions which benefits every citizen in town instead went into the pockets of developers of affordable housing.

If you knew your facts, you would know that affordable housing has been built in this town for over ten years without the developers using a penny of Provincetown taxpayer money.

Please get your facts straight before accusing people of being against affordable housing. Some of us have relatives who have just such housing.
8:45 am edt 

Re: Historic District Commission and "can't afford it"

For the person griping about "some people can't afford to meet historic requirements"; there is an exception in the town by-law regarding the historic district that says an applicant can be exempted for reasons of economic hardship. So, while I personally think the HDC serves a valuable purpose even if their decisions are erratic, logic undocumented and they take way more power than granted in the by-law, your complaint is answered by the by-law itself. In the long term every single property owner benefits from the historic district and it's goal of preserving a general look and feel for Provincetown as well as the history of structures.

There is going to have to be a meeting of minds (hopefully somewhere other than in the pages of the Provincetown Banner) amongst town boards/officials so that energy efficiency and lowering carbon footprint of construction and homes can be accomodated. At some point a homeowner with some bucks is going to sue the town and the HDC is going to find out that federal energy law trumps their interpertation of the town by-law re solar and other green technologies.
1:14 am edt 

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Seamen's Bank

The Seamen's Bank issue is troubling me more and more as the days go on.  Makes me want to go in and check my accounts.

Is it just me or is this just one step away from identity theft?

And it seems odd to me that she would be able to make deposits and take out loans with no one knowing.  I smell a BIG can of worms.
11:07 pm edt 

Re: Townsend's

I agree, the food and prices at Townsends was horrid!
9:57 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

I know many senior citizens and people with disabilies who live in affordable housing here in town, and I think its really sad and heartless that someone on here thinks that tax dollars should not be spent on such housing. Shame on you. And god help you if you might one day need housing.
9:56 pm edt 

When I Was Young

Way back in the 1970's we used to pour chemicals and everything else into the fields next to my place of work here in town. That field now has million dollar homes built on it.
9:54 pm edt 

Shank-Painter Road

Again, in Provincetown's past, people would dump everything in their backyards and in the harbor. 99% of Provincetown land is already contaminated! Shank-painter road was not the only dumping area.
9:53 pm edt 

Re: Townsend's!

GOOD RIDANCE! Just another over priced restaurant in Ptown.
9:51 pm edt 


Chris Townsend had a closing date of ten days from the bank's foreclosure on the property.  He asked Clem to move the closing date up and Clem flat out refused.  Instead, he and Deb decided to file for bankruptcy right before the foreclosure.  Not just any bankruptcy, but chapter 11 reorganization.  Chris's only chance now is if the bankruptcy judge honors the purchase and sale agreement.  If he chooses not to, then the Silva's will probably have all their debt erased and could possibly reopen the restaurant in the future.

The Silva's had a purchase and sale agreement, Chris paid rent to them for the summer.  He bought new equipment and spent money remodeling only to                     .                                ?

And to those of you 'locals' who always claim they are getting pushed out and ignored by the washashores, well here's an example of a local boy who got         by the                       and by the                                       .  Chris is an honorable, hard-working family man who doesn't deserve this from anyone.

I'm so sorry this happened to you Chris.  Hope you haven't lost all your faith in humanity.
2:52 pm edt 

Re: The Contaminated Area
Think about it. A burn dump in existence for over a hundred years. Chemicals poured with abandon into the ground. Rain after rain floating these carcinogens all through the area--and now a housing development built on top of it!

Yes it is covered with some kind of man made material--but what will be discovered about this material in 20 years?

Do you know that "plastic" baby bottles are now being banned due to the material they are made of?
12:09 pm edt 

Re: Townsend's Tract

Welcome ladies and Gentlemen to Townsend's tract-housing project; an affordable housing complex coming soon to your area???

With swings and sand boxes for the kiddies; Bar-B-Que grills for Dad and garden areas for mom! A hop-skip-and a jump from 90 Shankpainter Basin across the street!

Too bad Townsend's restaurant had to close--but what a golden opportunity for some housing developer!
12:07 pm edt 

Re: "PS Good Riddance to Townsends...the Food Was Horrid"

Disagree, went there a # of times and it was always excellent.  I feel bad for the owners who put so much work into it and got pushed out.
10:24 am edt 

Re: Townsend

If Townsend's is gone, It's because they could not get the soil tested in time to get bank loans.

They needed to have the soil the restaurant is on tested to make certain it was not filled with carcinogens and residues seeping from the old dump that was across the street at 90 Shankpainter--our new affordable housing site. There was concern that the soil could contain carcinogens and would be an added risk for the bank loan. This needed to be done before the property was going to go into foreclosure with the former owners. It was tricky and timely and Townsend's may not have met the time line to gain financial control of the building and thus continue the business.
10:15 am edt 

Re: A Failed Promise
So, once again, people who haven't a clue go on and on here pretending they have all the facts and answers.
Do you not know that there is already rehab at Seashore Point? Apparently you've never been to Europe. Many homes are next to the local cemetery. Give it up and find someone else to carry on about.
PS Good riddance to Townsends...the food was horrid.
9:18 am edt 

It's About the Free Ride

There are a lot of homeowners who feel that they are supporting a whole network of renters and their special interests. They see their taxes rising at every town meeting and that they have to work harder in their struggle to live here while others are getting a free ride.

$320 a month to rent a one bedroom subsidized apartment at 90 Shank Painter Rd. We tax payers pay the rest of that rent when we pay our federal taxes.
9:17 am edt 

Municipal Park
The fear of change seems to rule some people's lives. We could have had a park where the boatslip was built; we could have had a gov't paid sewer system--but the voters said no to these.

Now we have a chance to have a park extending to the waters edge where the Municipal parking lot now exits and a depressed parking garage where a parking lot now exists.

Why is there such opposition to this? It would stop the cars winding down Bradford street to Standish Street through lopes square to the MPL.

With queing lines for cars within the grounds of the parking garage the traffic will keep flowing on Conwell St. Please open your minds folks.
9:15 am edt 

Housing Summit

The tentacles of the housing summit are all entwined with low income housing and any open space in this town. The developers rake in all of the rents etc and the taxpayers subsidize them.

Homeowners are the ones who support the town and all of the special interests of the renters.
9:13 am edt 

Re: Townsend's

And if Townsend's is on contaminated land which was built so many years ago, would't newer buildings abutting it like Ted Melone's, The Provincetown Gym,and the dog place be even more likely to have been built on that same contamination?
9:12 am edt 

Friday, October 2, 2009

Maybe It's Time for Michele Couture to Admit She was Behind the Cemetery Land Grab
She was a big part of this Housing Summit and saw this group as part of her new power in town. She was not wrong on this. She is now Chair of this sad group but it was Michele Couture who backed taking land that town own and using the land for affordable housing. She and Ted Malone have had a long Tango and we all lose when they dance together. She is still dancing the housing summit ballads.

Don't be fooled.
10:35 pm edt 

You Can't Just Re-Write History
    Now you look back and don't believe the land the housing people wanted was the cemetery. Did you not read their specific documents where the land in the cemetery was happily circled for affordable housing? Maybe you should have read the extensive studies and the documents this group created and distributed. They even hired a housing specialist to write these documents. Next this group would have tageted land that churches were not using. They were out of control but you should know this.
10:34 pm edt 

It Was the Cemetery Land that the Housing Summit Targeted for Affordable Housing Developments
It was the two of three acres that are part of the cemetery, even though the land had not been turned into plots. It was the land that the town understood would be there for the future dead. But this Housing Summit wanted the land for the out-of-town off-the-bus living and they cared little of the dead. They have no respect for this town and only see their own interests as paramount.

Here I must finger Austin Knight when he was part of this group and he was pointing to these two of three acres for affordable housing. I was shocked then and still remain shocked. But this group was out of control and they cared little for those who had lived here, worked here and then died here. It was the newcomers's answer to their own plight.

This is a resort town and it does not mean that getting off the bus means you should have housing. Would you expect this in West Palm? Would you expect this in Fort Lauderdale? Would you expect this in Palm Springs? Would you expect this in San Francisco? Would you expect this in South Beach? Of course not. Then don't expect this here in Provincetown. Don't come here looking for a handout from us and then look to the dead to help you live here at little cost.

It is disgusting to me.  
10:33 pm edt 


Hmmm?!? Towsends is gone??? what about the housing development next to it that Ted Malone is going to that land contaminated too?
10:30 pm edt 

Clapps Pond

The reason Clapps pond was being discussed about with the national seashore was that Provincetown had and still has  no funds for the up keep and policing of the property.
10:29 pm edt 

Re: Historic District

Starbucks & planet hollywood have no interest in a town with less than 3,000 year rounders.
10:28 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

The same ol bloging about affordable housing is back! BLA BLA BLA.
10:26 pm edt 

Townsend Seafood?
Why are you saying SO LONG TOWNSEND?
Are they closed for the rest of the season?
Are they closed forever?
I would like someone that knows the real story to write what is happening and sign their name.  Not some idiot that says RIP
This isn't halloween yet.
10:25 pm edt 


So long Townsend Seafood, it was GREAT while it lasted.
4:23 pm edt 

The Housing Summit

The Housing summit was the renters frenzy of a feed for all at the expense of the taxpayers. The poor property owner who gave his tenants a year's notice etc. was then labeled cut throat and evil--even though he hadn't raised the rents in 20 years!

The housing summit is a developer's dream. Now that it has coming to pass, we must make sure that the housing is reserved for first responders.

No land is safe from their grasp. Remember, we are paying a specialist a salary of$57,000 a year and for what? Is there a secret stash of housing of which no one is apprised?

Our library languishes but developers have their management offices staffed to the gills.
4:22 pm edt 

FYI Cemetery Land?

The land that has been bantered about as being looked at for affordable housing is NOT cemetery land.  The cemetery is out of land.  This parcel is town owned land and the cemetery is looking to ask the town to give it to them.  No one was ever looking to take land from the cemetery.
1:46 pm edt 

Wrong Again!

 The cemetery land was targeted and some on the Housing Summit promoted using this land. They made the case that the town would not need these lands since people were being cremated. And they also made the case for exchanging Clapps Pond and doing a swap with the state in order to build affordable housing on route 6. This was serious and the vested interest of this give-me, I want, group is still at large. We are not fooled into believing that the study and tageting of "open land" by the Housing Summit was not serious. It was and dangerously so.
1:24 pm edt 

Re: "And when the Housing Summit Targeted Two Acres of Cemetery Land For Its Self Interest, ... "
Just so you are aware, the Housing Summit looked for every piece of land that could possibly be developed for affordable housing.  The direction was to look for every open space.  Once all the open space was located then it was evaluated as to whether it was a realistic space that could be developed for affordable housing.  EVERY piece of land was located, whether it was reasonable our not.  The Housing Summit was not pushing to develop the cemetery land.
1:17 pm edt 

Historic District
We own our homes and pay taxes. We need to paint our homes because we live here by the water. Get the trim painted and then how many years until it needs to be done again?

Replace the wood trim with a composite that never needs painting--and look at what you save over the years.

My father in law had his trim encased in copper in the early 80's in the city where he lives and it still looks perfect. Maintenance free.

My mother-in-law lived until she was 97 and never had to give a thought or spend another dime to having the house or trim painted.

Try to get vinyl windows installed and you are deemed the devil's spawn.
1:15 pm edt 

Re: Historic District Commission
People have the right to renovate their homes however they want.  Who are we to tell anyone they can't do what they want to their own home?  Some people can't afford to follow the historic guidelines, if you have any idea it is very costly!  If we can put a huge parking facility in the center of town then just get rid of the historic committee all together.  There arent even a group of qualified individuals to have such power anyway.  Almost no building experience and tons of money, what else do they have to offer?  I am thinking of buying a Starbucks and a Planet Hollywood Restaurant chain to put into town; so get ready!  
9:17 am edt 

Sagamore Bridge Friday Night Traffic
Why cant those idiots in charge of the Sagamore bridge repair realize that if you open 2 lanes on Sunday - you need to open 2 lanes on Friday coming down ?
9:16 am edt 

Re: Dr. Steven Lacy
Dr. Steven Lacy is working at a medical facility in Hyannis. Call Outercape health and they will give you the phone number to call.

Before you can be his patient, you must make a required first appointment with him and after that, when you are sick, you can see him quickly. Sign up now; the earliest that I could get my required appointment is Dec. 9th.

Dr. Lacy detected pre-warning signs that other missed. With his perception and acuity, we had a doctor in our midst in this little town that equaled the most exulted doctors in the world.

Now we have a third world clinic. Why? We have a skeleton crew of good health providers but they are overwhelmed with hours long lines of needy patients.

Every time I saw him at Outercape Health he had an intern from Deaconess hospital with him. One of these doctors would have moved here but he felt that it was unfair to his children to put them in a school with so few students.

I'd travel 100 miles to see him in a heart beat--and that is what I'm doing. I have one life and I'm giving it the best medical attention possible.
8:43 am edt 

Seashore Point Exchange

What did Provincetown give Deaconess to build Seashore Point in terms of land and money? With units going for a few hundred thousand dollars each--why did they need our taxpayer money to build this project?

Kieth Bergman gave away the farm in exchange for a dozen eggs it seems. What a waste.
8:41 am edt 


I don't get it. The government wants affordable housing and has set up all kinds of grants and money-give-aways to developers.

We have a library that is struggling to be renovated but a committee gives millions of our tax dollars to these developers--$3,000,000 to building developers!

Why was this allowed to happen when this money would have completed the library years ago? Why must the town suffer so these developers can develop our land and be given our tax dollars too?

No wonder our head librarian resigned. Shame on these developers.
8:40 am edt 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Failed Promise

Phase Two will not happen at Seashore Point. It will never have all the promised amenities and all the rehab that were part of its marketing plan. It is too expensive; people do not retire here, if they have money; and overlooking the cemetery is not so inspiring.It is over-scaled, too bureacratic, and the wrong solution for this town.
11:48 pm edt 

Re: Cemetery Land

The town will never get the land designated for the cemetery.  Period.  Won't happen.  Town, every town, has a moral obligation to itself beyond prosperity or fiscal growth for immediate satisfaction.  I can think of nothing more repulsive or revolting than to believe that the townsfolk would vote to have more of the same (read: plastic and thin-walled condos masquerading as viable housing) built on land that has, for the past century, been deemed hallowed burial ground by those who preceded us.

Let this idea die, every disagreeable whiff of it, before it grows any more odoriferous.
11:46 pm edt 

Re: Seashore Point
The lawn,indeed, looks lovely. But just so you know, the project was started when the former ED was at the helm.
8:56 pm edt 

So What? You Ask !

When a town has no respect for its dead and for those who will need cemetery space, than that town has lost its soul. And when the Housing Summit targeted two acres of cemetery land for its self interest, I knew then that such questionable attempts were morally corrupt. When you will take cemetery land for your own projects and self interests, then this town is on shaky ground.

Next attempt will be Ted Malone returning to get more money from CPA and will try buying these two acres. That is sad and tragic and if you do not see a problem with this thinking, that is the problem.
8:01 pm edt 

Re: Historic District Commission

If we revisit the laws of the historic district, I would vote for even more tougher restrictions to save our town from cheap and fake looking vinyl and plastic.
4:45 pm edt 

Re: Seashore Point

The lawn at seashore point looks wonderful.
4:44 pm edt 

Historic District Commission

What Historic project are you guys talking about? I must have missed something
4:02 pm edt 

Historic District Commission

Thank goodness that we have a historic district! And no, I am not, or do I know any member of that committee. What I do know is that the people making all of the fuss about it were against it since it was voted in years ago.
4:01 pm edt 

Cemetery Property

ALL town owned properties were looked at for future town housing potential! And yes the two acres by the cemetery were CONCIDERED for development. SO WHAT???? If thats what town meeting wants, thats what will be done with the land.
4:00 pm edt 

Historic District Commission is a Regulatory Board

The enforcement of their rules is the purview of the Building Commissioner and Building Inspector. However, any citizen can file a complaint or just complain to community Development Office and attention will have to be given to the complaint.

If work done on a project fails to follow Historic District Commission determinations, the HDC can demand that Russell Braun investigate the alleged breaking of the rules.
11:38 am edt 

Re: Historic Commission

Since when are they the enforcement agent ?   They don't walk around with badges.   Enforcement is the job of the Building Commissioner.   Stuff missing from files is the Building Commissioner's responsibility as well.    The Historic Commission was left holding the bag by town staff.  
10:21 am edt 

Re: Seashore Point Landscaping

FYI we have a Zoning bylaw, 4053.4, that says construction sites have to be covered to prevent erosion by water and wind within 6 months of occupancy of a building. So the Director is doing no great feet of consideration. He is only following the rules.

A Rat In The Basement
10:20 am edt 

Board of Directors and Non-Profits

It is VERY interesting that some of the same people on the current board of directors who have gotten rid of the best health providers at Outer Cape Health are some of the same board members who got rid of some of the long serving and dedicated workers and DJs at radio station WOMR a few years back!

Why are these rich out of town board members so afraid of popular and loved staff of our two home grown non profits? Are they trying to take over what little we have left of a community? To make big bucks by bringing in for profit only interests?

I have no idea who my doctor is anymore, and when I turn on my favorite Sunday night show on WOMR my favorite DJ who was ripped from doing his Friday show that he hosted since the station began in 1982 without any word to the public of why they kicked him off the air along with a couple of other DJs and station workers! They finally put him back on Sunday nights but now hes only on every other week! Whats going on with all of this?

10:14 am edt 

Outer Cape Health:

This place is a disaster. I will do my best to go elsewhere.

What happened to Dr. Lacy?

He was amazing and really cared about his patients!! I have never felt more comfortable at Outer Cape then when he was there.
1:46 am edt 

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