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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Re: Provincetown's Savannah
Why do you have to lump Seashore Point in with low income (affordable) housing? I recently toured the facilities with an eldrly friend who is interested in moving here. What they have to offer is impressive. They are dealing with the same economic situation the rest of the country is dealing with. The new executive director took the initiative to have the construction site leveled and seeded with a small amount of landscaping done. At least it looks better than it did. Phase two is still in the works with a movie theater, cafe' and beauty salon planned. The nursing staff there is professional and caring and the rehab department has helped MANY local people get back on their feet. Maybe you should go take a tour and see for yourself but, then you wouldn't have anything to moan and groan about would you. You must be a pure JOY to live with!!
Peter Warnock
11:44 pm edt 

Now the 2 Acres in the Cemetery are Viewed as Valuable

This is the same 2 acres that the Housing Summit people wanted to use for affordable housing. They had targeted this land and believed that it was not needed by the town. What were they thinking? It was part of the Affordable Housing Complex to circle key parcels of town land and then build, build, build.

I remember being shocked that the cemetery land would ever come into their sight. But it did. Aren't we glad this group lost power, even though Michele Couture was part of this group. And look where she is now. Some of us just don't forget the crazy plans they had and tried to implement.
Forget the past and you'll never get a sense of the present--and the present dangers.
11:14 pm edt 

Attention of the Swine Flu

I'd suggest you don't kiss a frog. This one won't turn into a prince but she'll turn into the "film star" she once was. Keep your lips to yourself and stay healthy.
11:12 pm edt 

Months Ago the Embeezling at Seaman's Bank Showed up Here on the Blog

Interesting how often items mentioned here on the blog turn out to be on target. This story was posted here quite early and was right on. Some key people blogging here.

11:10 pm edt 

Re: Just Wait

If a group of docters were smart they would try to open a new office here in town.  It would be huge!!
11:09 pm edt 

Seamen's Bank

PROVINCETOWN  Kathleen Morris, a former vice president of commercial lending for Seamen's Bank, will face criminal charges Oct. 8 for allegedly stealing $179,000 from the bank in the past two years through fake loans.

From August 2007 to April 2009, Morris, 35, of Truro is alleged to have set up false loans with forged signatures in the names of seven people, including her mother. None knew about the scam, according to court records.

Morris is alleged to have borrowed the most in the name of her mother, Jean Bodman of Enfield, Conn.  six loans totaling $70,367, according to court records.

Besides her mother, loans were taken out in the name of Peter J. Karl of Provincetown, Gregory Morris of Truro, Jeffrey Rose of Truro, Lon Morris of North Truro, George B. Morris Jr. of North Truro, and Linda Noons-Rose of Truro.

Morris worked alone in the alleged scheme, she and bank president John Roderick told a state police investigator.
12:14 pm edt 

Seamen's Bank

The true story concerning the embezzlement at Seamen's Bank has hit the news.

Now there is no need for speculation the facts have been revealed.

The story was on Cape and Island radio (NPR).
11:54 am edt 

Just Wait

It just takes one person feeling under the weather who goes to work prior to getting the full blown flu to infect a group of people with the flu--and then look where the flu travels to; it travels to where people need or want to go: The bank, the grocery store, church services, special parties, special occasion get-togethers and the schools.

How is Outercape health going to cope when this happens? The flu has been epidemic at summer camps--and now school is starting.

Somehow people seem to think that this tourist destination where we live will be spared--well, think again. I say get the word out--stop hugging folks and shaking hands and heaven forbid the kissing that is the new/old greeting.

Get a doctor now who can see you without a two hour wait.
11:50 am edt 

Destroyed Health Care
No matter if you are for a garden gateway to provincetown and a garage or against it; for regionalization of our schools or against it; for the pier corps or against it: we all need health care if we become ill.

The doctors who were monitoring my health and cognizant of the ins and out of my medical history were driven away from Outercape health.

A building does not heal us--the doctors within it are our health practitioners. The board of directors and the executive director have stripped the town of its medical professionals at Outercape Health and left it bare and bleeding.
11:48 am edt 

Empty Shell
Outercape Health has been destroyed by the Director and is an empty shell of its former self.

This catastrophe is on the heads of the Board of Directors who hired this director.

I'm going up cape to my former doctor who was the most FABULOUS health provider I have ever had. My friends in the city were in awe when I told them about Dr. Lacy and how he treated me and kept tabs on me.

Woe to you who have destroyed Outercape Health. How sad for you citizens who have no other option. May you live long and prosper in spite of this destroyed health center.
11:47 am edt 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's up With the Sewer System?

So I saw Bobby Our digging up Dyer Street today. In the same location as the sewer pipe failures. Wonder what thats about.

A Rat In The Basement
10:21 pm edt 

Water Quality

You guys notice how bad the water has tasted latly?
10:20 pm edt 

Re: School Committee

Barbara Rushmoor is totally against regionalization! So is Peter Grasso. What will they accomplish when they are the type of entreanched people the Dept. of Revenue Warned us about? These folks are in lock-step against regionalization. Red Alert---warning bells are going off about this committee on regionalization.
3:06 pm edt 

Re: School Committee

I think that P town Girl and Light at the end should both join the committee to regionalize.  They both seem to have excellent points, a sense of the truth, and an idea of what would be best for everyone.  Both of you should step up and take charge!!
3:04 pm edt 

What's up?

Have not heard any more about TOWNSEND (the former Clems on Shank Painter Road)
What was the issue and has it been resolved?
1:26 pm edt 

Re: School Committee

"...start pressuring grass, brown & rushmore to start meeting..."

That's the committee?  With all due respect that committee is not going to come up with anything new.  Ms. Rushmore while well intended gets a little off base at times.  Witness her pushing to have us all install water purifiers in our home instead to voting for the water article this month.
9:24 am edt 

Provincetown's Savannah

Don't worry about the number of students in the schools because we were promised housing developments overflowing with units for families and kids with a bedroom for mom and dad and one for little Johnny and one for Sister sue.

Oh, I forgot--that was a promise made to the taxpayers so we would pay millions for the land and give it away to developers. Boy, you sure pulled one over on us, hey hey;
just ask the planning board.

Yep, even Seashore point worked us like a charm and got our money and land promising housing for the elderly. Whooweee Pa! look at the grounds now: Provincetown's very own Savannah!
9:21 am edt 

Taxes and Water/sewage Cost are Beating Us up!

Folks in the unions are gliding through life here with benefits and raises etc. etc. If you work any of the non union jobs in Provincetown, good luck as the years press onward.

With our taxes so high and our water and waste water treatment betterment so high--we see the writing on the wall for us down the road.

The renters see our money as their money and vote to spend and spend and spend for the special interests. I always thought that all of the citizens of Provincetown should be a special interest--boy am I wrong.

When the cost of living here was manageable and we thought that as we made more money things would get even better--it turns out that after every town meeting our taxes are up and up and up. How soon will our taxes double again?

We simply can't get ahead and I'm not going to live an impoverished old age. I hope that the economy rebounds great guns in the next decade.
9:12 am edt 

Dear "Your View"

You have nailed it perfectly. All you say is true, painfully, but still true. Seeing the problems is key since they continue to pile up. Leadership usually means an attempt to lessen the problems, find solutions, work with the community and try to curb increasing more problems.
But, sad for most of us, this does not happen here in Provincetown.
9:06 am edt 

Outer Cape Health
It seems like a lot of people lately when they have a doctors appt at Outer Cape Health, you are there at least 40-45 min's waiting beyond the scheduled appt time. Some, not sure about all, have had to wait in the office for that length of time, not the lobby area, the acutal doctors examining room. This has been a common problem out there and it's very annoying. We all have consideration towards the facility and/or doctor(s) when it comes to an occassional run over in time but when it's a frequent flier issue then it's a problem. So for those who make an appt ahead of time, be prepared come that day "you may be one of them"...
9:05 am edt 

Yo "Get Your Facts Straight"

I did blog that the bos start pressuring grass, brown & rushmore to start meeting and fulfill their obligations. your reading comprehension is pitiful and I m sure your english mcas were as bad as ptown high's current students!
8:52 am edt 

Nauset is Supreme
Look at their language classes--with students for practicing conversation.

Look at all of the disciplins--with students in the class.

Look at all of the possibilities....
8:50 am edt 

Monday, September 28, 2009

Re: All Caught up

Actually Nauset offers more internships and work study programs for the upper classman.
3:17 pm edt 

Facts not Fabrications:

Year after year we hear how the students will fill the school. Here is the **TRUTH** from the Dept. of Revenue's study of the school situation 2008 Report:

Of 102 students in Grades 7-12, only 46 are Provincetown residents, another 22 arrive from other communities by way of school choice and 34 arrive from Truro under a tuition agreement.

According to State Department of Education statistics, foundation enrollment has declined in each year since 1999.
3:16 pm edt 

All Caught up!

So I did a little catching up on this blog (I was away and unable to use the computer, sorry).  A school is exactly what it is made to be.  What I mean by that; is it is what the students, parents, town, local government, and society makes it to be.  We forget that no matter how well rounded, talented or disciplined students are, theyre still young, and easily influenced.  This is the time they are to be guided, educated, and braced for their lives ahead.  
I have been torn apart on here for my abuse of the English language and battered for being a product of Provincetown School system but I still support it.  I will however state that when I first went off to college I felt considerably let down by my lack of many fundamental elements.  However, I had the benefit of many things Nauset and larger schools dont offer such an internship at the AIDS Support Group, I had the wonderful experience of mentoring for 3 years with a world-renowned photographer as well as starring in many of the schools productions.  It is what you make it.  While it's here at least show support for the students, youre only hearting them. You might not know but everyone's constant negativity is very disheartening and could unintentionally cause some irreversible damage.
Either way, we can find an infinite number of pros & cons regarding the school & students but lets just be honest bottom line its about the money.  

P-Town Girl
2:59 pm edt 

Re : Re: Schools

To the poster who laid out the grand schematic for which children should attend which schools.  

On paper that all sounds like a great idea, but have you ever heard of a thing called "school choice".  You can't say this person shall go here and this person there, children and parents have a choice on where to send their children.

And under your grand scheme, if Provincetown High did improve it's student base by even 20%, by regionalizing with Nauset and having the school under the financial control of Nauset, how long do you think it will be before the "new" district will close this unprofitable school?

There are no easy answers here, but I like the new superintendent and with Terese Nelson and Jessica Waugh gone, I'd like to see this run it's own course.  This school system would look much different today had Terese Nelson never been on the School Committee.
2:56 pm edt 

Re: Re: Schools
For you Nauset Regional fans, I would suggest reading the guest commentary on Wicked Local Provincetown.  Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Nauset.

Look who wrote the letter, a retired teacher with nothing to lose. He's simply complaining that his overbloated school system with assistant this and assistant that and part time these and extra those all got cut. Why? Because it's too easy to hire more so the essential personell don't have to work hard. Friction between staff and administration? Too fickin' bad. Get back top work and do your jobs educating. Stop riding the taxpayers threatening to stike if your demands aren't met. You can be replaced or even cut.
1:18 pm edt 

Re: Schools

Ptown should regionalize with Nauset but keep Ptown High open.

Many systems have two or more high schools.

The Ptown School Committee should pin the Nauset Supt. and School Committee against the wall and say its ready to regionalize.

But the Provincetown School Committee should do this BEFORE closing down the high school.  If the school committee sets up meetings to regionalize after it has already closed the high school, Nauset will then have the leverage it needs NOT to regionalize.  

If Nauset doesnt regionalize with Ptown, Ptown will be solely responsible for the cost of busing kids to Nauset while Ptown sends Nauset a ton of cash every year.  

So, regionalization should happen as quickly as possible.

And this is how regionalization should work:

All students 6-12 from Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet should go to Provincetown High School (estimated student population by 2012: 325 students).

All students 6-12 from Eastham, Orleans and Brewster should go to Nauset High in Eastham (estimated student population by 2012: 925 students).

VMES, Orleans Elementary, Eastham Elementary and Wellfleet Elementary should be closed and given back to the towns or sold (the basketball courts in these buildings and the fields surrounding the buildings should be kept by the school systems for use by the schools and by the recreation depts.).

All students PK-5 from Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet should go to Truro Elementary (estimated student population by 2012: 300 students).

All students PK-5 from Eastham and Orleans should go to the Nauset Middle School building in Orleans (estimated student population by 2012: 400 students).

All students PK-5 from Brewster should go to either the Stony Brook School or the Eddy School (estimated student population by 2012: 450 students).

This plan would save the region a ton of money on transportation costs.

Ptown kids would not have to spend two hours everyday on a bus.

This plan would save the region a ton of money on operating costs.

Ptown should talk to Nauset about regionalization BEFORE Ptown closes its high school.

The Nauset system is losing an estimated 125 kids between the ages of 11-18 every year.  It needs money.  It needs students (to qualify for matching state and federal funds).  

Nauset is already starting to severely cut courses, activities, operation budget and staff.  It is ready to levy fees for activities and transportation.

Nauset is hurting financially and it is looking to Ptown and at Ptowns kids to staunch its financial bleeding.

Before Ptown closes the high school and gives Nauset all of its students between the ages of 11-18, the Provincetown School Committee should strike a regionalization deal that doesnt brutalize Ptown financially while leaving Ptown with absolutely no say about how its money is being spent or how its children are being educated.
1:16 pm edt 

Quote For the Day:

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain --- and most fools do.

- Dale Carnegie
1:12 pm edt 

Don't Die!
Any one who dies will have to wait a year to be buried--so stay alive everyone! ..and keep blogging..
1:11 pm edt 

Re: Schools

For you Nauset Regional fans, I would suggest reading the guest commentary on Wicked Local Provincetown.  Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Nauset.
12:26 pm edt 

What's Going on?

I see I have all kinds of catching up to do on here...  I guess missed a lot in the last few weeks.

P-Town Girl
11:02 am edt 

Re: Dogs in a Restaurant

I thought "Shout Out" was a place to write out your thoughts on what is going on in town. I was not trying to make trouble only sharing an opinion. Now, if I wanted to make trouble for that gentleman, I would have called the Health department and made a formal complaint. Sounds like you may be the guilty person who had the little "yipper" in the restaurant?

My true hope was for the dog owner to read this on the blog and understand that bringing your dog into a restaurant is not the right thing to do. I was going to say something to him at the restaurant but did not want to embarrass him in front of the 10 others who were waiting to be seated. You could tell that many of the patrons were feeling very uncomfortable with the situation.

Go on and think what you will, I know my reasoning behind the post. Enjoy your evening good sir.
11:00 am edt 

School Committee Extension
Peter Grasso is on the committee to research how to best regionalize the school. Remember when Steven Roderick, who is an honorable, thoughtful and serious guy resigned from the origional committee because they only gave lip service to seriouisly looking into regionalization?

Do you want to know how people are treated who have a different point of view? I've seen people who have turned their backs on people who approach them at town meeting just to say hello in passing.

Do you know how many people pay lip service to keeping the high school open out just to stay below the radar?

Peter Grasso on the committee with other people who are just going to be a do-nothing group.
10:58 am edt 

Wrong Logic--You Must Be on the School Committee!

Because few people show up at school committee meetings, you assume that the people of Provincetown are satisfied with the schools. You need Logic 101, my dear. I do believe you are "thinking" like the school committee--abd that is not a compliment.

People want regionalization and they want it now. They voted for it and yet there is the perpetual dragging of feet by both the school committee and the board of selectmen. Here's another area where Leadership 101 would be helpful. Most of us are more frustrated than we should be with inaction, poor thinking, and unrealistic approaches.  
9:40 am edt 

We Like it

Only a very SMALL handfull of people have attended meetings. It is clear that most in Provincetown like the schools and also think that town government ARE doing a good job! Get a life and stop being so negative, We like the way the town is thank you very much!
8:06 am edt 

Re: School Committee

10:40 pm edt

The BoS are in charge of starting the meetings, not the School Committee. Why don't you ask them instead of pointing the finger at the School Committee!

Get the facts before you start pointing the finger!
8:04 am edt 

Your View

The sewer system is flawed.  The school's should be closed.  The selectmen are inept.  Town teenagers need personal nannies.  The school committee is stupid.  Michele Couture doesn't have a college degree.  The pier corp director's are lame.  Sharon Lynne should be run out of town.  Business was the worst in years.  A park on the waterfront is ridiculous.  Just get a plumber to fix the police station.

You must be an absolute joy to live with.
1:21 am edt 

School Regionalization Committee
The appointing authority for the committee was the town moderator.  Even though there appear to be so many people with very strong opinions about the future of the school, she had a very hard time filling the 3 positions on the committee.  All three ended up being pro-school so don't hold your breath on any real change coming from this committee.

The selectmen aren't stupid.  Why waste your time pursuing a committee response when you know what the answer will be.

BTW, has it occurred to you that maybe we should even give the new superintendent a chance to clean things up.  If she is unable to correct the declining enrollment and the average MCAS scores, the state will eventually step in.  If she fails, the school will implode on it's own without any help from any of us.  If she's able to pull it together, it can only benefit the community as a whole.  I say give it a rest and give her a chance.
1:20 am edt 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Round up the Usual Suspects

The Sewer System is Flawed:

Why should anyone hook up? Concrete got into the Dyer STreet conection from the result of work done in July? This is a disaster and no one should hook up until the flwas are fixed and the system righted. It is a pure mess and certain to spill its brown guts through town streets soon again.

Whose responsible? Will the guilty please stand up?
11:40 pm edt 

Seems Some Believe the Couture Solution is a Solution

Show up for meetings. Voice your opinion and all will be fine. Town people showed up for meeting after meeting year after year and they have made their complaints known about the school, about few students and about problems with finances. Town people have attended special conferences, special meetings, special discussions and to what avail? No one takes action. It is deflection of the real issues.

So let's not go there. Let's not say the problem is that people are not attending meetings. How many special committees, and now one on regionalziation, that goes absolutely no where. That is the problem. The lack of intelligence and the fear of the school committe now matched by the wishy-washy selectmen. No guts. No      . No nothing much. And we are left with the dregs of their inaction.
11:38 pm edt 

Re: The Way it is

Thank you for the correction about Stugis being a Charter school but i still standby that no one will just start sending their kids to PHS even if it does become one, at least not right away.

And I am not trying to stir things up Proud Alumni, im telling how it is. You have blinders on, not your fault, its just that your a parent and PHS was WAY different 20 years ago. If your kid is doing fine in PHS that great for him/her, but they are going to be behind in development when they graduate and either A. go into the real world of work, or B. go to college and are hit with the culture shock, the fact that professors are not going to hold their hand and help them after class, or that, wow Mom or Dad isn't waking me up to go to class anymore.

Lately P-town grads have either dropped or failed out within a year or two of going to college except for a handful of individuals who succeeded in graduating in four years. Its not always for academic reasons either, a lot of the time when I ask why they are not going back they say, "eh It wasn't for me" or the "I wasn't happy there" that's because they are only used to the comfort of knowing the same 12 people in their class growing up. Now my class at Nauset graduated 220 something kids. and I believe 180 went to college immediately after and everyone that was my friend (100+ people) have graduated. And yes wow look your kid can actually have more then 8 friends at Nauset, IMAGINE THAT!?

Just because your a parent of a kid at PHS doesn't mean you know what goes on with your kid, I probably know more about what your kid does after school or in town In the summer then you do.
11:35 pm edt 

Dogs in Restaurants

We can only assume that when a person such as the writer who doesn't want dogs around a restaurant, and only rants on here about it without calling the heath department, is just a trouble maker and a coward.
11:30 pm edt 

Ms. Waugh
Thank you for the mess you left behind. You knew exactly what you were doing when you left. Excellent plan for you; wise like a fox!!!!
6:31 pm edt 

When Parents Talk:
Why is it that when Provincetown kids go and join up and play sports with other kids from other towns, they have a great time and find it so fulfilling and fun; but when among themselves there is so much tension and negativity?

Oops--this is the elephant in the room no one talks about. Sure if one's child is a miniature athlete then of course you don't know what I'm talking about; but for the average kid who just wants to enjoy sports--it can be a nightmare playing with their peers.

6:30 pm edt 

Re: School Committee

I don't see masses of people showing up at selectmen's/school committee meetings demanding that we do something about the schools! The only place where you read or hear about someone not wanting the schools here in town, is on this blog. And I bet its the same person who blogs about everything negative on this blog!
6:08 pm edt 

To: Proud Alumni

If you are a proud alumni of Provincetown High school, AND your child is a high school student, you are from a different era.

Now there is just a handful of Provincetown students in the school. It is costing the taxpayers millions; from a previous posting, the school is a financial burden on the taxpayers and the time will come when the school will have to close.

Truro has no high school; Wellfleet has no high school--Provincetown won't go down the drain if there is no high school.

Too bad we can't have a secret ballot to vote on the school budget at town meeting--but the and laser looks of contempt towards anyone who speaks about the cost of the schools and being ostracized is what keeps the school open.

5:56 pm edt 

Dogs in Restaurants
If you see a dog in a restaurant you should report it to the Health Agent, Jane Evans.  Reporting about it here does no good.  If you file a complaint she will investigate it and for those of you who live under a rock you can report it anonymously.
5:52 pm edt 

What is the Basis for Student's Lack of Respect in the Schools?
I'm not in the classrooms so I don't know what some are reporting. But are the students misbehaving and refusing to listen to their teachers? And if this is occurring, why isn't it being stopped? Students learn more than information and facts in schools. They also learn how to behave, be civil, and have respect for authority. Why isn't this happening in our town's schools?
5:51 pm edt 

To Light at the End:
Sturgis is not a private school.  It is a public charter school.  No student pays to go there.
10:20 am edt 

Hey Light at the End:

I went through it too and you are so full of   ! The kids in P-town are NO different from the kids in Nauset! I have a child in PHS who is doing just fine there. Why are you so interested in stirring the     . Help make our schools better, stop undermining them and the GOOD people that are trying make them work.

Proud PHS alumni
10:18 am edt 

Attention Board of Selectmen!

We want action!

Department of Revenue recommendation 11: Assess the Fiscal Impact of School Regionalization

We recommend that the town pursue an independent study to determine the financial
ramifications of joining the Nauset Regional School District.

In terms of enrollment, Provincetown supports the smallest PK-12 school district in the Commonwealth. As a direct result, its per pupil cost at $24,896 in FY2008 is second highest in the state. (Minuteman Regional High School is highest with a per pupil cost of $26,971).

Of 102 students in Grades 7-12, only 46 are Provincetown residents, another 22 arrive from other communities by way of school choice and 34 arrive from Truro under a tuition agreement.

According to State Department of Education statistics, foundation enrollment has declined in each year since 1999.

During these times of fiscal stress, it is sensible for town officials to investigate all possible cost savings opportunities, including the option to join the Nauset Regional School District.

Any effort to regionalize is fundamentally a local decision, and therefore we offer no
opinion on what course the town should take. However, because opposing opinions are entrenched on the subject, it strikes us that a responsible action would be to secure a
comprehensive and objective analysis of the potential fiscal impact if Provincetown were to join
9:05 am edt 

Re: the Way it is

Im sorry but turning P-town into a private school like Sturgis would NOT work. You talk about money issues? No local in this town will be able to afford to send their kids to a private school, and who in the right mind would ship their kid to Ptown to learn at private school rates?! the reputation of PHS will precede it no matter who takes over the building. And I was just saying Ptown NEEDS to merge not that Nauset WILL let them. Honestly, even though these kids are my friends, if I were in charge at Nauset I wouldn't WANT these kids in my school. They have been conditioned to have zero respect for faculty and staff, and it will take a few years before PHS can recondition the young children to not follow in their predecessors footsteps.

And I am not saying that Nauset is the freakin' mecca of gods gift to parents everywhere. Like I said, I WAS A SCREW-UP!!! And there are a hand full of nauset kids that need a good kick in the pants. But I can tell you that going to Nauset gave me the fighting chance to change, if i went to Ptown I would be working as a line cook or bus boy somewhere in town competing with Jamaicans and Bulgarians for a job.

If you want to REALLY know what its like at either school, ASK me ANY QUESTION you want to. I WENT THROUGH IT! I still have plenty of friends in both institutions.

-Light at the End
9:02 am edt 

Saturday, September 26, 2009

To The Way It Is:

How can Ptown merge with Nauset?  Nauset has never asked Truro to merge with it.  Why?  If Ptown had turned down a merger offer from Nauset, wouldn't we have heard about it from the Banner? from the Cape Cod Times?  from the state?  Nauset does not want to regionalize with Ptown.  Why?
It simply wants our money.  If we don't regionalize, we would pay Nauset 14K in tuition per student.  There are, let's say, 55 Ptown students 7-12 (there's already at least 15 Ptown kids at Nauset we're paying 14K for now).  That's $770K.  There are 5 special needs students.  It is 33K tuition per special-need student.  Add another $165K.  The estimated cost of busing all of our students to Nauset?  162K.  Total: almost $1.1 million (which, by the way, is exactly the cost of operating the high school).  Yes, we'd pay $1.1 million to Nauset and we'd have absolutely no representation on the Nauset school committee (Taxation without Representation).  Nauset does not want to regionalize.  Nauset just cut its transportation budget.  You think the four towns of Nauset want to split the 162K cost of busing our kids to Orleans and Eastham?  But Nauset would sure like all that tuition money.  Keep our kids here.  Dr Singer wants Ptown to become the Outer Cape's version of Sturgis (wh!
ich is ranked 27th academically in the country).  Let's let her do it.  Jessica Waugh ruined academics at Ptown.  She cut 500K from the budget just to make the second-home owners and the biz people happy, the same people who have been telling anybody who would listen that the school must close.  Jessica tried to please them instead of the students.  Look what it got us. Ptown High has not closed.  It still sends kids to good colleges.  It will not close.  Suck it up.  Get used to it.  Support Ptown High.
10:43 pm edt 

Re: School Committee

10:40 pm edt 

Is This Too Much to Ask?

That members on the finance committee have knowledge and expertise in finance. Seems logical. That members of the School Committe have academic credentials and a sound and deep knowledge of education. But look at this group! They are parents who believe that being parents qualifies them for academic analysis, for educational evaluations. They have common sense when what we need is educational and analyticaly expertise. Who are these people? What do they  really know about edcuucation,about strategic thinking and administrative leadership?

Very little. A scintilla of knowledge garnered from this entire "school" of fish. Send them off to the Lily Pond where the head frog can direct their frenetic attempts to swim upstream.
10:38 pm edt 

Re: How to Report to the FAA

Don't waste your time reporting a non-issue. Ultralights can fly as low as they want, they are not regulated. You don't even need a pilots license to operate one. The guy flying around is a local guy and has been flying for years around here. Till he crashes on you, don't worry about it.
10:37 pm edt 

The School Committe Would Fail MCAS
Few of them could pass the eighth grade scores on math and English. They are a sad and sorry group. and the newest member, Carrie Nataro, is herself a failed case. She is not bright but she is bold and arrogant. She has a non-stop mouth and she fails to know what she does not know. She is a disaster for a system that unfortuantely is also poor. Such non-academic, non-intelligent members on one school committe just amazes. Sad and tragic and few on this board could ever save the committee and thus save the school.
10:36 pm edt 

Re: The Way it is

I know someone who used to work at the high school and related to me how disrespectful and slovely some students behaved.

I saw this myself this summer. The kids congregating by the statue at the corner of Town Hall by by Commercial Street. They were smoking and carrying on and the police even came and had them stand up and patted them down.

And then these teenagers came right back later. And will you mothers stop calling these hulking teenage boys "My babies".

All it does is make these guys try to act tougher and even more crude and rude and smoke earlier to show that they are past puberty, shave and sadly think that putting people down and being crude and rude is being rugged and masculine.
6:59 pm edt 

Re: The Way it is

Thank you "Light at the end" for your comments on PHS. I agree with you in that Nauset provides a much better education and there is a mutual respect between students and faculty there. I have never seen such disrespect from students as I did when I was at PHS. Many of the teachers who care left to teach at Nauset or the tech school. There are two reasons the school committee does not want to regionalize. 1) Their friends will lose their jobs. 2) They want to keep their kids at arm's length.

Parent for closing PHS
6:56 pm edt 

How to Report to the FAA

Does anyone know exactly what data is required to report a minimum altitude violation to the Federal Aviation Administration? There is an ultralight plane that persistently violates the FAA's minimum altitude rules over the Herring Cove Beach, town and the harbor. I have heard conflicting reports about what is needed to report this person such that they are charged with a violation. I have looked online but am unable to find specifically what is needed. Alternately, does anyone know what FAA office is in charge of Provincetown so that I might contact them. I would like to have this behavior stopped so that the beach, dunes and town could be saved from this persistent annoyance. I'd also like the data in hand when I fire the vendor I use who owns this plane. Yes, I know it's off season!

Happy Pet Tea!
6:54 pm edt 


I agree.. The Board of Health should not allow dogs in restaurants unless they are for the legally blind...  But, they should also not allow them to be in Town owned buildings...   Some employees bring their dogs to work and that is WRONG !
11:39 am edt 

The Way it is

As a young person, I have grown up in the systems in which we are now critiquing. I went to Nauset Regional High and even though I went to High School at Nauset my closets friends were in P-town. Now be ready for a FIRST HAND account of what the differences really are.

Going to Nauset was an academically challenging but rewarding experience. Every day the teachers expected you as a student to be prepared, show up and LISTEN to them while they did everything they could to get you into college. Admittedly I needed some prodding from teachers as I didn't really think it was 'Cool' to get good grades. Truth is though that students don't get lost in the shuffle at Nauset with the larger numbers, they really just have more of a student base to compare themselves to, And the teachers helped me learn how to be successful. I have just recently Graduated from college this spring.

Now my friends in P-town high. Well didn't have the same experience. For starters the students OWN the schools,they know it. The teachers and faculty have little control over what students do during the day. Often my friends would talk about how they would just leave class at the beginning of the day go into town, get some food and walk around, then come back a couple hours later with no punishment. My friends would often talk about how it was easy to tell a teacher to "shut up" and manipulate them to not collect or grade homework.

P-town High is a JOKE of a school. Students run the halls, and the classrooms, Kids are just allowed to sleep or goof off during lectures. Its no surprise that even the few hardworking students who do go on to college, often drop or fail out during the first year. Ptown High like to protect its own kids by making sure they all get the comforting they need, think I'm wrong? next time the Honor roll comes out you will realize that almost EVERY KID is on it.. why? because they don't want to make the kids feel bad. HIGH SCHOOL IS WHERE A PERSON GROWS UP! NOT CODDLED!

The sooner the merger into Nauset Schools happens, the sooner Ptown will have Degree holding sons and daughters coming back to help save the town.

-Light at the end.
11:38 am edt 

Dogs in a Restaurant???

Last night I was enjoying a lovely dinner at           in the lounge and a man with a dog came in. He proceeded to sit on the benches inside the restaurant with his dog in his lap. His dog began to bark, a shrilly, little dog bark. The man continued to sit. After about 5-10 minutes the man left with the dog.(I don't know if he was asked to leave. All I know is that high pitched barking ceased.)

Now, I'm a dog lover ladies and gentleman, but there's has got to be some common courteously amongst us. I have two of my own dogs and would never dream of bringing a dog into a restaurant. Ptown is dog friendly and we even have some outdoor seating areas so that you can have your dog with you, but this was just downright rude, discourteous and I'm sure against some Board of Health rules. Keep your dog at home when you dine inside please!

9:36 am edt 

No Bright Bulbs

The reason no one on the school committee board brought up the dismal mcas results of their students because it brings back their own dismal scores which has lead to medicore careers. Let's face it they aren't a bright bunch either.
9:34 am edt 

A Private engineering company has been hired to do a thorough examination of our sewer system. Strange how debris seems to be left in pipes at the Dyer St. Location.

The system beats coming home from work some Saturday night of a holiday weekend to an overflowing septic tank in the yard.
9:32 am edt 

Provincetown Schools

The Board of Selectmen are in charge of regionalizing the school. They are going forward with a committee to investigate. Lets see what the committee's results are.

Gov. Patrick wants the schools to regionalize and the Dept. of Revenue states that the cost to the taxpayers is too heavy. We are down to a handful of Provincetown students in the high school.

Yes it is about money; people have to move from here because now Two Provincetown jobs aren't enough to make ends meet.
9:31 am edt 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Will the Serious Problems with Our Sewer Systems Ever Be Fixed?

What will it take? another major disaster? There is something still fundamentally wrong with this system. And I don't think that Sharon or the great leadership of Michele Couture have even come close to resolving possible solutions.

I'd love to see a position papaer by the chair of the BOS addressing the sewer issues and presenting her well-researched solutions.

Waiting for that is like waiting for Godot!
11:28 pm edt 

Re: Don't Judge the Ptown Schools on MCAS Alone

What I was saying is that the MCAS is just one measure of a child and should not be used to as a single measure of what a child can accomplish. Not every child is academically inclined. Some children have a difficult time taking written tests.

Let's look at the whole child and see what skills they have attained and what they want to do in life. Passing the MCAS is not the end all, be all for everyone. Not every child will reach 100 percent proficiency because everyone is born with different types of intelligences.

The MCAS is a farce. Just wait and see the closer we get to the 2014 deadline for 100 percent proficiency, you will see the state change the way they calculate things so as not to appear ridiculous that they could have ever thought we all would reach 100 percent proficiency.

It's like saying everyone is going to be an NBA ballplayer and we will practice, run drills, shoot, dribble, play defense until every person plays for an NBA team.. it isn't going to happen because not everyone is born with athletic abilities to get them to the NBA!

To date the state has changed how the MCAS is being reported, now we have a Growth model for each student, to show one year of growth over one year of learning. This makes much more sense. The state has finally figured out that their 100 percent proficiency was a non-attainable goal. 
So please do not get caught up in judging children by one test.
11:26 pm edt 

MCAS Scores

You should be ashamed of yourself basically calling the children who score low dumb!  Where are your morals ?

Your parents should be horrifed !  If not, shame on them...   I'd like to see your scores.....  

A test alone should not be the judge of a person.......
11:22 pm edt 

Don't Judge Students
Ok, don't judge students. Just because a student is spontaneous and talkative doesn't count for much if there isn't depth of understanding of the material.

MCAS probes what a student comprehends of the basics. If they fail that--it is a pretty sad situation.
11:20 pm edt 

MCAS Scores

People act as though MCAS is something beyond the realm of understanding. What MCAS does is test the student on what they have learned in a certain grade.

When was the civil war and what were its causes; what if a student said 1935 instead of 1860? What if a student thought the great depression was 1942?

I heard one of Jay Leno's promos where he asked a guy to name one of the founding fathers. The guy asked,"founding father of what" was his reply. It was funny for a moment--and then sad.

Its your child and your child's education you are gambling with here. Two grades pushed together in one class room; 5 or so students in another class.
11:18 pm edt 

MCAS Scores

People act as though MCAS is something beyond the realm of understanding. What MCAS does is test the student on what they have learned in a certain grade.

When was the civil war and what were its causes; what if a student said 1935 instead of 1860? What if a student thought the great depression was 1942?

I heard one of Jay Leno's promos where he asked a guy to name one of the founding fathers. The guy asked,"founding father of what" was his reply. It was funny for a moment--and then sad.

Its your child and your child's education you are gambling with here. Two grades pushed together in one class room; 5 or so students in another class.
11:16 pm edt 

Re: Schools

Time to close these useless schools
11:14 pm edt 


I love these folks who write in to say that they are all about the kids' education; when in reality the only thing they really want to protect is their wallets:  their cheap, selfish, uncaring lie-to-get-what-they-want wallets.  And, by the way, Nauset doesn't want to regionalize with us.  Why?  Their school committee does not want to pay to bus Ptown (or Truro) kids to Eastham and Orleans.  Nauset has already cut their transportation budget in half.   It will be cheaper and better to keep our kids here.

The Reaper  
11:12 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Public School


I think this sentence sums it all up quite perfectly. THIS is the reason the school is failing and the MCAS scores show it. Don't judge? How should they be judged? As mentioned, out in the real world, past the Truro border, there is competition  for advancement. Score low and thats all the employers need to see to not call back. Why should they deal with dumb people. The MCAS scores are a glimpse of what each student has retained. I can't tell you how much it drives me crazy to hear a kid out there say " Don't judge me" when they are reprimanded or disciplined. this is the same mentality that is occuring here. Don't judge the schools or the kids they produce based on test scores? How should they judge them then, by height?
2:37 pm edt 

Repeat Peformance

Looks like Mikey is back with his ill advised views on affordable housing and the school system again! Hey Mikey! Your views have been out voted time and time again!!

2:35 pm edt 

Town Burn Dump

The town burn dump was located for years directly across the street on Shank Painter Road. That site is currently being developed as affordable housing, and during the development contaminants on the property were dug up and moved to the side of the parcel under a huge dirt berm and covered with a rubber containment shield.

How much of "these contaminants" leached across the street? Cumberland farms got rid a big headache and put it on the shoulders of the Provincetown taxpayers.
10:26 am edt 

Our School Budget

Our Town Government is obligated to fulfill the dictates of the dept. of Revenue, which also includes serious consideration of the cost of the schools to the taxpayers.

The Dept. of Rev. was insistent that we regionalize. The Governor will force this to happen if the school board doesn't acquiesce. The school is combining grades already.

Parents don't want to be inconvenienced and the students only hear what their parents say regarding the school. The day will come when the school will have to close.

From my experience, for the self-motivated-knowledge-hungry student, any school will do because this type of student student will rise to the top---but a "C" student may very well remain a "C" student here.

My friends who hire staff for positions in business etc. relate horror stories about some of the applicants who apply.

There are millions of top notch people out there--and they will be your child's competition. Think about this when they combine two grades or when your child is one of four students in a classroom. Think about their education. Makes one shudder.
10:24 am edt 

No Smoking Regs

Give it up, we've heard your story before... ptown loves its dogs ... this is a battle you will never win... why don't you move to a place where there are no dogs... but please give it up

10:21 am edt 

Provincetown Public School

10:20 am edt 

MCATS! I Guess It's Like Herding Cats

This fits the school comiitte and Carrie I"ll-Tell-You-what-I-Think Notaro and the others. M--CATS--yup. Herd a few of these and the students' grades get worse and worse. this is the litter that is sleading our students. What a sorry state of feline existence.
12:14 am edt 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Re: One Sorry Board
MCATS?? MCATS?????????? Now really, who's the dope? It's mcas and obviously you're one of the low scorers.
9:59 pm edt 

Shouldn't We Ban Democrats From the Affordable Housing Too?

After all they are the ones who come up with all these welfare programs and stupid rules.

A Rat In The Basement
5:53 pm edt 

Contaminated Housing Too?
What is the status of the contamination of the land on which Ted Malone's housing development sits on the former Clem and Ursie's Property?

What about an "independent contractor" (wink,wink,) doing a study of the contamination there?

Oh, I'm such a silly goose; of course it will get a free pass, it is affordable housing--so few rules don't apply.
5:37 pm edt 

No Smoking Regulations

Hospitals have a no smoking prohibition covering all of their property. It depends on who feels strongly about establishing regulations and enforcing them.

I have a problem with dogs because I've been walking and minding my own business and I have been charged by them three times; twice at beech forest and once at Herring cove.

One owner called the dog, the dog went back to them and then came and charged me again--but had to stop when it hurt its paw and started limping--that is all that saved me--and the owner said that the dog was crazy--and yet it was unleashed.

I called the ranger station and alerted them to the dog.
5:36 pm edt 

One Sorry Board

Out of sight out of mind. on those mcats? with ptv at the school committee meetings, they don t say much of anything including the below state average scores of ptown students.  they are one sorry board.
5:27 pm edt 

Hey Genius

Just how are you going to enforce a no smoking ban...get a grip
1:47 pm edt 

Tax-Payer Supported Housing Assistance

Why stop at large breed dogs and smoking?  Let's not allow alcohol on the premises.  Let's have a curfew of 11 PM.  Let's not allow people who were not born in this country, state, or even this town.  Let's do blood test and weed out anyone with a communicable disease.  Republicans should never be allowed for obvious reasons.

You should really think about why you want to instill restrictions.  I'm thinking your hatred for these projects is your motive.
1:46 pm edt 

New York Housing Developements

New York is instituting a ban on dogs over 25 lbs. living with clients in low-income taxpayer supported housing developments. No Rottweilers, dobermans, pit bulls etc. We should do the same...and institute a no smoking ban on the entire complex.
9:46 am edt 

Speaking of Housing Developments

All dogs weighing over 25 lbs are banned from housing developments. No Pit Bulls, no Rottweilers, no Doberman Pincers etc.

Since taxpayer money is being used to fund this project, we need to institute this ban in Provincetown's housing developments as well.
12:25 am edt 

Pollution Disclaimer
Everyone tenant who moves into the basin at 90 Shank Painter road should be made to sign a disclaimer that it is a former burn dump and hazardous materials deposit and knowing chose to live there.

Tenant beware.  
12:23 am edt 

Re: Burn Dump

I thiink someone is missing the point in here regarding the burn dump. The EPA may have said the site conforms but thats according to their standards, same type of standards of agencies that allow for so many rat hairs in a hot dog or so many side effects to a drug. The EPA may accept the fact that only SOME contaminated material is there but would you allow for a section of your own property to be at "acceptable" levels of contamination or would you buy a property with "acceptable" levels of contamination? I doubt it. So it may cost many thousands to get the materials gone but in the long run, it would be well worth it. And if the area is clean, why is Townsends being questioned? Couldn't the ever famous EPA step in to solve the problem for the SBA?? And if the water sample comes back bad, what about the EPAs letter saying the site is ok? And then, why wasn't a water test done for 90 Shankpainter considering their neighbors to the west? Has anyone ever seen 21E soil test conducted? It tests for volatile organic compounds otherwise known as gas/oil. I wouldn't live there ever.
12:22 am edt 

Silly Rabbit? Or a Cancer-Infested, Sick and Dying Rabbit

that is the issue. The carcinogesn loaded still in the Old Burn Dump will come to roost! the cars dumped there, the oil dumped, the dangerous chemicals thrown in there years ago will bubble up and frester. It is what happens in town after town, in state after state, when carcinogens have been dumped and then they seep up, bubble up and find their presence in a child's yard, in an elderly person's proch, and along the walk ways. Who, in their right mind, would build housing for families, for children, for anyone over an old burn dump? That is the reason Cumberland Frams "gave" the land for such a cheap price to the town. They wanted to wash their hadns of this potential future law suit. So wse gave them $1 million and then we gave to the develoeprs the use of the ladn for 99 years for only one dollar.

Who do you think will be sued if people living there come down with various cancers? Only one entity: the town of Provincetown. The owners. The "fools" who bought the land and then even more foolishly rented the land for almost one hundred years--for one dollar.

Get ready for a mega-law suit in fifteen years. All to encourage so-called affordable housing. Give Ted Malone $900,000 and then give these "developers" a million dollar property while retaining the legal rights to the land.

Strange how Keith Bergman gets replaced by Sharon Lynn and the same poor thinking dominates. Soon, even she will folow Keith's paths. They come and they soon go, leaving us with the trailings.
12:19 am edt 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Re: Burn Dump

Yes the EPA has given its blessing to use 90 Shankpainter for housing as long as the cap isn't disturbed. Remember now, the polluted soil is still there, just placed out of sight and easy reach. This was done in order to save some several hundred thousand dollars of removal costs. A small amount compared to the total project cost. And it is most likely that the cap will never be disturbed.

However, my concern has always been that in years to come someone living , or haven lived at 90 Shankpainter will come down with some illness that they will attribute to this pollution. This illness may very well be caused by this particular site, or it may not have anything to do with it. And based on my life experience with our litigious society and the propensity of lawyers to go after the money, I would venture to guess that the Town will get sued. And weather or not the lawsuit is valid, we the taxpayers of Provincetown will shoulder the cost of defending ourselves in court. And it doesn't matter what kind of assurances we receive from anyone, or what kind of insurance policy the BOS have bought for us, we will still have to pay for this.

And that is only one reason why this project in this location is a bad idea.

And yes I did stand up and express my concerns to those involved in the decision to put housing there. And I voted against this project more than once.

And I post here not to bitch, but to keep my objections in the forefront of discussion. And to try to educate those who don't know the complete picture. Think of the members of the peace movement standing vigil at Town Hall every weekend for how many years now? Would you fault them if they posted their ideas here?

And let me tell all of you that it is not to late to stop this dangerous and potentially lethal project. And I wont stop trying in my small way.

A Rat In The Basement
7:05 pm edt 

Re: Burn Dump

Who are the "they" you refer to? Sounds like paranoia to us.
7:02 pm edt 

Re: Burn Dump

Interesting that the old burn dump is as pure as the freshly driven snow--and yet across the street the authorities are awaiting proof that the land under Towsend's isn't contaminated.

Yeah, I believe that the old burn dump is pure just like we were told that the telephone pole in the middle of Anne Page way by yardarm Liquors would be moved to the side of the road.

Don't listen to their promises--see their deeds. Talk is sooooo cheap. All just to get what they want..
4:13 pm edt 

When Will Provincetown Estalbish Set Priorities

and then be committed to stick to them? Isn't it time to stop this wishy-washy approach to projects, to finances, and to goals? It should not be a jump-on-the-bus for any and all new projects but a well-thought out and well-researched approach to the future of our town. This knee-jerk approach to any and all new ideas and new dreams and new projects must stop. Doesn't this just make sense?
4:11 pm edt 

How Much Reclamation Did Occur on 90 Shankpainter Road?
They capped the old burn dump and they put in the minimum. They did not have EPA certified individuals capping. Years from now, carcinogenic residues will affect the water and the land. Consider how PCBs once considered safe has now polluted so many of our rivers and land in Massachusetts.

Since the town owns the land, in this 99-year-rent-for-one-dolar deal, it will be the town and its tax payers who will pay a heavy burden when the carcinogens cause sickness and suffering and death on 90 Shankpainter Road.
4:09 pm edt 

What Gives?

Why do so many naysayers on this blog bring up subjects that have already gone thru the public debate? The questions they ask have been answered in the past! Is it because they are new to town? Is it because they are too lazy to ask for the facts from the people in charge? Or do they just don't want to admit they are wrong, and by having it in print on a blog will prove them right! How sad.
4:07 pm edt 

Dancing Lobster

It was so great seeing Pepe Berg around town last week.   Too bad we don't have him here with his Dancing Lobster.  Now that was a restaurant!
4:06 pm edt 

Silly Rabbit!

All of your concerns about 90 shank painter have been cleaned and ready for construction, for over a year now. It was never even near the problems you bring up. Get the facts right before you use your scare tactics! Do you get your jollies trying to bring down a good and needed project? Do you really think that your rantings on this blog will change what has been already dealt with? Get a life! This property is cleaner than most areas in town now.
4:05 pm edt 

Re: Burn Dump

All of the old burn dump issues have been settled in the past. This is all old news that has been cleaned up and legally dealt with. that land at 90 Shank-Painter Rd. is now cleaner than your own back yard! If you have doubts, contact the EPA like I did to hear the truth !
7:35 am edt 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sorry, But Wasn't This the Issue on 90 Shandpainter

When the article at town meeting was to delay giving the land to a developer until the site was evaluated for toxic residues from it being a burn dump? Wasn't this the issue raised that what was perhaps improperly buried and not to deep, would come and haunt the people living there years from now?

But the vote was to go forward. And the issue of toxic residues of pollutants and of carcinogenic resididues was viewed as insigificant and not as an issue that should stop this great "opportunity" for low cost housing.

Since the town owns the land, the town will be responsbible for cancers that come from living there. But even this issue was poo-pooed by the powers that be at the town meeting. Thus we have our present situation or, to some, our present dilemma.
11:41 pm edt 

Re: The Cap

So 90 Shank Painter road was capped. How long will that cap last? How long will the housing units there last?

Think back to previous decades when people used insectisides with abandon and emptied car fluids into any old container and took them to the dump.

Think about this old burn dump and what it must contain to be capped. Rain water spreads contaminates. It would be interesting to test soil from all around the site rather than just where the houses will be built.

The kids better be kept on a short leash and not play in any mud puddles if they know what is good for them in the decades of their lives to come.
4:19 pm edt 

Burn Dump

Ask someone who works for the Environmental Protection agency if they would like to live on the property of 90 Shank Painter Rd. with their spouse and new born child...see what they would say.
4:18 pm edt 

Roads and Sidewalks

I don't get it. The sewer pipes were laid on the roads around my house and the only differene is the change of color in the road.

These roads are perfectly smooth. I ride around town and have no problem with the roads at all. Get a pillow if you are so sensitive.
4:17 pm edt 

Exactly as Some Have Said: The Coffee Pot is Closed for the Winter and Spring
And so Economic Development and the extra gallons should be givwen to a busines that IS open year round. Strange that shops open year round have so few seats "given" to them as they were "given" to the Coffee Pot and Michele Couture's landlord who collects increased rents from the 40 seats for this little space. Rather questionable. Rather unfair to those places that serve us in the winter and in all seasons. There are some places that were only granted 5 seats. Why 40 for the Coffee Pot? Why indeed!
1:08 pm edt 

Re: Stimulus Money

Have any of the powers to be, checked as to wether the stimulus money could be used to repair our roads and sidewalks. It would seem to me that this should be a  priority other than think of buying Duart's lot, which would cause major trafic problems.
1:00 pm edt 

Re: Coffee Pot

The Coffee Pot takes the money and leaves in the winter!
8:59 am edt 

Re: Coffee Pot

I don't know where you live but the Coffee Pot in this town is not open year round!
7:25 am edt 

Monday, September 21, 2009

Re: The Governor

Last time I checked the Governor's name was Deval Patrick, not Patric(sp) Duval. Now who's insulting our governor?
9:30 pm edt 

Re: Love Canal

Interesting, no?
9:29 pm edt 

The Coffee Pot
Complain all you like about Michele's involvement or non-involvement in the Coffee Pot getting the extra seats.  Fact of the matter is that this is one of the rare examples of Economic Development gallons going where they should be.  This is a year round business that employs people year round.
9:27 pm edt 

Re: Townsend Mkt

I find it very interesting that the town is putting up affordable housing units on a piece of property that has contaminated materials found on it and then they re-buried them on the property!! Then, come to find out, even though there is no history of contamination under Townsends, they have to conduct a test to show no contaminants which the SBA thinks came from the old burn dump(aka 91 Shankpainter). Interesting to say the least. Should Townsends fail, thus the loss of their loan, why do I smell a HUGE lawsuit against the town for not cleaning up its own mess?? And then, even if Townsends passes, what about the future tenants in the new affordable units? "They have rights" you know!! Here comes Love Canal all over again!!
9:26 pm edt 

Re: Townsend Market

what happened at townsend market?  inquiring minds want too know
9:25 pm edt 

Re: What a Lame Brain Place to Put Meters

Right on, A Rat in the Basement. The resident parking after Town Hall hours was a great amenity. It was designated as resident only at the same time that the 10 resident spaces at the end of Alden were created. This was about 15 years ago when 30 resident only spaces were eliminated in the reconfiguration of the MPL to accommodate the tour buses and shuttles.

The Parking Department is put upon each year to squeeze more quarters out of the meters, issue more tickets and increase revenue at the lots. But parking is more than a cash cow. It is a traffic and public safety issue, a huge factor in economic development and an important amenity for residents and visitors as well. All of these interests deserve more careful consideration when establishing parking policy.    

9:22 pm edt 

Murchison in the News Again

Reading the report in the Banner this week, I can't believe the conscom continues to hit this guy with their swipes at what happened last year. Minsky just won't let it go!! He states in the Banner the new pan replaces the plan that the previous owners "put together somewhat hastily." Give it a rest already!! The old plan was put together with the assistance of the conscom and then they accepted the plan!! Hastily was never mentioned during discussions. And Schorer is planning to remove the invasives and replant beach grass and native plants? No kidding Dennis!! Open your eyes and you'll see that was exactly what was done initially, but without the "oversight" of the conscom, it wasn't done right, am I right Dennis?  Fact is, as stated in the past, the damage to the hill was done as a result of the conscom demanding the plants be planted, thus the digging!! Dead trees with invasive bittersweet and poinson ivy was removed and allowed for the natural plants to resume thier natural growth. Get a life Dennis. Stop looking for trouble. You and yours stepped in it when this project first came forward. Relax and let it continue without your "help". Go see what your neighbors are doing. See if you can bring them before the board again in that "neighborly" way.
9:19 pm edt 

Victor's Handicapped Parking?
"FYI: Victor has Handicap Plates!

That's why he can park in the handicap parking spot. Don't you feel small for bringing that up?"

Fraid not.  There are NO handicapped plates on his white truck nor is there a handicapped placard hanging from his rear view mirror.

Do I feel small bringing this up?  Absolutely not.  Someone is, maybe not illegally but certainly unethically/immorally, parking in a handicapped space.  You tell me who should feel small?

Oh and he had a boat on a trailer parked there a few weeks back.  Did that have a handicapped plate on it too?
9:17 pm edt 

Ah, You Look But You Do Not See!
You look at the last meeting when the Coffee Pot went and requested more and more seats. True, Michele--only one "l"--Couture was not present. But really look to when the landlord initially wanted seats for the Coffee Pot that was only a stand up little place. At the initial meeting, Michele--only one L--Couture was present at the meeting and she stood up and advocated for the Coffe Pot to be granted seats. She was not Chair then and she carelessly flaunted her power. It was illegal for her to advocate publicly for seats that would benefit her landlord. She was acting as his advocate in her role as selectman.

Look and maybe you will see. Michele--only one l--Couture abrogated her responsibilities as selectman and engaged in unethical actions. No one can use their position and power for the advantage of themselves, their friends or their landlord.
9:14 pm edt 

We Voted Against a Transportation Center in the Harbor Lot in 2005
We didn't want it then and who really wants it now? We don't have the money and the federal government is just going to give this town and its mismanaged group of so-called leaders funding. Remember, this is the same group--Michele Couture, David Bedard, Elaine Andersen and MaryJo Avellar--who failed to show up to greet and meet with our Governor, Patric Deval. And you think they will get money from the fedearl government? They insult the governor and then put their out to get money falling from the sky? It will not happen.
Assess the resources we presently have and improve them. Don't always wish upon a star for dreams that will eventually bypass this town.
9:12 pm edt 

Re: Townsend Mkt

What a bummer to read about the misfortune of Townsend Mkt.  Hope they work things out---nice guys should NOT get screwed like that---nice going c and e!!!!!
9:09 pm edt 

Theater Board

Perhaps before you post saying that the board needs to be fired you need to look at some facts and make sure you are asking for what you really want.  It costs money to run the building - the foundation has the primary responsibility for that.  The current board has done a terrific job to right the ship and make sure there is enough money to keep the doors open.  Companies who wish to perform there must be able to cover their own costs, they can do some of that by working with the theater board.  If you get rid of this theater board and fill it with only those who want to perform and produce you will end up with a theater company without a home.
9:07 pm edt 

CPA Funds For Park Maintenance

One of the concerns that people have is that things that are built by the town aren't maintained.

Under the protocols of the Community Preservation Act, CPA money is supposed to be used for creating parks or public gardens AND Maintaining Them.

Money will be allocated by town meeting vote. Part of the stimulous money may also be able to be set aside for this as well.
3:34 pm edt 

Usage of CPA Funds

Usage of CPA funds are voted for, or against at town meeting! It doesnt matter if you want the funds for the library or a housing development. The voters got what they voted for. Also if the library wanted these CPA funds, they would have to apply for them, and then face a vote at town meeting which they said they would never do.
12:42 pm edt 

Usage of CPA Funds

So what is being posted is that it is ok for a rich developer to get our tax payer money through the CPA funds to build another housing development to add to his list of developements.

Meanwhile, the library is forbidden to ask for any CPA money to complete the library which every citizen can enjoy.

We want our CPA funds to pay for our library and public gardens etc. Why should these funds go to a private developer? we need to keep these funds for our own future projects
10:49 am edt 

Re: Call For New Board at the Theater

Again a bloger wants to get rid of a sitting board and replace it with new people! I'm sure that if anyone wants to be on the theater board that the current board would love it if you would help members are always needed. But I guess its easier to just       and moan on a blog than do any real work huh?
8:32 am edt 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Call For New Board at the Theatre

Fire the Board for doing a bad job!

The current Board of the theater blame everyone but themselves for their mismanagement of the theater. It is the job of the Board to foster the Mission and RAISE THE MONEY. The current Board has failed on both fronts. They have alienated or excluded anyone who knows how to actually run a theater. I call it arrogant ignorance. SO - To the future- please step up: People who care enough to do the job of a Board!
10:44 pm edt 

What Will be Will be
I don't know what the feeling is in town regarding transforming the Mpl into a park or green breezeway, but anyone who feels that it is better to leave it as a place for cars when it can be a beautiful place for people to encounter each other and  be a respite from the congestion of commercial street needs to reconsider their priorities.
Provincetown citizen
9:16 pm edt 

Busy Body

Rather than being a "busy body" this individual is concerned with the letter of the law as it applies to everyone. I'm sorry if "Victors" feels that it is being scrutinized, but if you are doing something unethical--then this individual is bound to expose it.

Stretch the letter of law if you wish, but the upshot is that everyone in this small town is being scrutinized and observed and the neighbors of Victors are upset with his disregard of the laws just as other people are regarding what is going on in their neighborhoods.

Live and learn and *PLEASE* try to be an upstanding individual. Cut corners at your own Peril--your reputation is the only thing that you risk.

Victors may be the hot spot now, but next year there could be a new place with a hot owner and Victors will be "so yesterday".
Provincetown resident who has seen it all, unfortunately.
9:15 pm edt 

FYI: Victor has Handicap Plates!

That's why he can park in the handicap parking spot. Don't you feel small for bringing that up?
9:13 pm edt 

And on the Subject of Parking.....

What a lame brain idea to put meters in the Ryder st lot.

It used to be parking for Town Hall during business hours, then resident permit parking other times.

It used to be that a tourist would look at the Ryder st lot, find out they cant park in it, then they would travel down Ryder st. to the MPL and pay to park. And I could park in the Ryder st. lot with my sticker. That was a convenience for all residents.

Now they put in meters, so tourists park there denying us the convenience we deserve and taking that money away from the MPL and forcing me to go to the MPL, taking a spot that a tourist needs and would pay more for.

How is it that the people in charge think they are making more money? Isnt it a wash, or maybe even a negative gain? Not to mention we loose the convenience.

And this was done without ever being advertised for, or discussed at, the spring Parking Meeting.

This Town has so many dame rules that not even the people who are supposed to enforce them can follow them.

A Rat In The Basement
9:11 pm edt 

To: Just The Facts

You beat me to it. I wanted to read the LCP chapter on parking before I came back to post again.

I read that chapter twice just to make sure. What you say is true. No where in the LCP does it ever suggest moveing the MPL from its current location, rather they suggest we "increase the efficiency of existing facilities".7.1.2 Policy F, b) pg. 100 (And they arnt refering to private lots)

A Rat In The Basement
9:09 pm edt 

CPA Funds and Library Construction Shortfall

"Re:Ted Malone had a melt down and strong armed the CPA and the library was left twisting in the wind."

Affordable housing has not taken money away from the library! Just stop these stupid posts.

At the time Town Meeting approved the move of the library into the present facility it was well known that the place was a money pit.  Debbie Dejonker Berry and the Board of Trustees including Robin Reid, Jim Cole, etc., took a very public PLEDGE that after the initial Town funding, the Trustees would raise the rest of the money through grants and private donations. Does anyone else remember this?

I love the library, but it was another ass backward approach, renovating a building from the inside out and without financing to complete the job. At least with Town Hall they secured the envelope of the building first.

Just the Facts 
7:55 pm edt 

Parking Snitch

Yes it's Fall and with it the return of the Parking Snitch.

You haven't been missed.
7:52 pm edt 

Re: Parking Across From Victor's in the NP Zone

This is PRIVATE property!
Notice the signs say UNAUTHORIZED parking will be towed!

Victor, guests and employees have  PERMISSION to park there!!

Why do you have to be such a BUSY BODY? Get a life!
3:59 pm edt 

EDC Permit for the Coffee Pot
After some research on the town's website, the EDC permit was granted by the BOS on Feb 20, 2008.  At the same time, the Wired Puppy and Cichetta's also received their permits for seating.  The record shows that Michele Couture recused herself from all discussions and votes on all three permit applications.

A little research goes a long way.  Seems she did nothing wrong, but I'm sure that's not going to be good enough for the MC Hater.
3:58 pm edt 

Re: Parking Across from Victor's
The property in question is privately owned.  Unless the owner calls to complain, nothing can be done.  

The real question is: Why is Victor allowed to park his truck in the handicapped parking space that he was required to have due to the size of the parking lot and the commercial business being run there?  What gives him the right to use that space for his own personal use?  Again, it is private property and unless the owner complains to the police, nothing can be done.  Since he's the owner, he should be ashamed of himself.
3:56 pm edt 

To "Just the Facts" Versus the Banner

Thank you for doing the research on the Master Plan and Local Comprehensive Plan.  Useful to know that the Banner was wrong in saying they call for the elimination of the MPL, or putting replacement/additional parking downtown.

Sounds like a letter to the editor is in order to set the Banner straight?
3:55 pm edt 

Re: No Parking Zones

"Can someone please tell me why cars are allowed to park on that strip of land with a fence that has no parking signs.

Wny are these cars not regularly ticketed ??"

Probably the same reason only certain people and certain cab companies are allowed to park in no parking/tow zones on alden and in the cemetary.
12:20 pm edt 

How Odd: Two years ago it was a Dress Shop

But now it holds 40 seats! Who else in town gets 40 seats for a former dress shop? Hard to believe that the Chair of our board of selectmen did not help steer this unusual granting of seats for her landlord. Good to have a Chair where she can make your property more profitable and thus help him raise the rent on the onwers of the Coffee Pot. Seems there more gallons of water flowing from this Lily Pond than from other places of business. Smells a little fishy along the pond.
12:02 pm edt 

Peace at Last!

12:01 pm edt 

Parking Across From Victor's in the NP Zone

Can someone please tell me why cars are allowed to park on that strip of land with a fence that has no parking signs.

Wny are these cars not regularly ticketed ??
11:59 am edt 

Re: Duartes

That would have been a perfect spot for a greyhound racing track.......oh well
11:58 am edt 

Ted Malone's Expanded Empire

The April 2009 Annual Town Meeting authorized $800,000 in Community Preservation Act Funds for the redevelopment and construction of mixed-income rental properties - 37 units in 14 buildings-- including 22 low/moderate, 10 median, and 5 market rate rentals in variety of sizes and styles [total project costs $12,026,235]. The Ch. 40B comprehensive permit application is underway and expected in the near future. Occupancy fall/winter 2011.

This is where the community preservation money went instead of to complete our beloved Library. This housing project will be completed before our library.

Ted Malone had a melt down and strong armed the CPA and the library was left twisting in the wind.

Yes you won, but Provincetown lost. Now lets make sure that CPA money is used to maintain any park created at the MLP instead of going into the pocket of a developer.
11:57 am edt 

Thanks for the Clarification of the Coffee Pot Seating
But how did this little place get seating for 40 seats? So many little places fight to get six or seven seats. some have to wait years for twelve seats. This was a place with no seats just a few years ago. Again, could Michele Couture's link to her landlord be involved in 40 seats and economic development and gallons be "given" to this little place? She has done her job for her landlord, hasn't she?
11:55 am edt 

To Clarify

The Historic District came into being and was spurred because of the destruction of the Blanche Lazalle's studio. It did not exist at that time and the impetus came from its demolition. The Art Association was built immediately before the official enactment of the Historic District Commission so that the Historic Committee--a different group-- allowed this building--not the Historic District Commission. It is not in keeping with the District.
11:54 am edt 

Re: Facts For Rat in the Basement

One is on very thin ice when one relies on The Banner, particularly their editorials for facts.

The Local Comprehensive Plan and the Master Plan do recommend developing parking on the outskirts of Town, the so called satellite lots that had been proposed for Jerome Smith-currently Town Hall trailer park. But the plans never EVER called for the elimination of the MPL, nor building more replacement parking in the down town.

Dear Rat, you have a good head on your small shoulders and you have been creeping around this blog long enough to know better than to believe all of what is posted.

I respectfully suggest we go to the source documents and not the Banner's interpretation of same.

Just the Facts        
11:52 am edt 

Re: "Beautiful Waterfront Park"

Have you tried growing anything that near the salt water?  It ain't easy and it ain't cheap.  I know. Winter storms ruin the best cared-for plantings.  For a town that has trouble maintaining anything, this will be a real stretch.  But hope springs eternal...
11:50 am edt 

Re: Who Needs Them

You mean the same Historical Commission that denied an elderly resident the ability to access a weatherization grant to replace the windows in the home she was born and raised in?  Even though the windows would look exactly the same, but made out of vinyl.  Windows she could never afford to replace using historical guidelines?  Windows that can't close properly and have air gaps you can see right through?
11:48 am edt 

Re: Michele Couture

again,someones gotta Bash Ms Couture..............this crap will never end will it........I personally think shes doing a great job!!  you go girl!!
11:47 am edt 

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Provincetown Resident
As a long time resident and tax payer of Provincetown, the idea of transforming the MLP into a public garden-park-greeway that will greet all visitors to our shores and create a respite for we residents is something that we must work to accomplish because it will enhance all of our lives.

Contact the people in charge: the traffic engineer; the architect and design architects with your concerns. We all want to have smooth flowing traffic patterns and easy parking for day trippers and a beautiful waterfront for all of us to enjoy.

It is disheartening to read such vile attacks on people who are working so hard to implement this beautiful new park for us and parking at Duartes as though they are enemies of ours instead of people who want to add beauty to our lives.
7:09 pm edt 

Re: Who Needs Them

The same historical commission that let Blanche Lazelle's studio be torn down?  

Put nails in that rail.
6:27 pm edt 

Re:Re: "Who Needs Them"

You mean the same Historical Committee that approved the monstrosity Art Association Museum? They should be run out of town on a rail.

6:10 pm edt 

Re: Facts For Rat in the Basement

Thanks for posting those "facts" for the Rat, or rather your source for your statements. I will read up on this in the LCP.

A Rat In The Basement
6:08 pm edt 

Re: Greyhound

What happened with Greyhound racing
6:06 pm edt 

Re: Coffee Pot Seating

From the ZBA Public Hearing of June 18, 2009

Case # 2009-34
"Application by Linda and Nelson Vital
Applicant under Article 2, Section 2460 of the Zoning Bylaw seeks a Special Permit for outdoor seating to consist of 6 tables with 12 chairs. This property has Economic Development approval for 40 seats of which 28 seats currently exist inside.  The request is for the placement of the remaining 12 seats outside at the property located at 315 Commercial Street (The Coffee Pot), (TCC Zoning District), Provincetown, MA"


Hope that clears that one up.  And FYI, from the town's homepage it is very easy to do a quick Google search.  I found this information within two clicks.
6:05 pm edt 

No One Implied Couture Owns Those Five New Tables and Ten Seats in Front of the Coffee Pot

But her landlord does own the building and she "rents" the Lily Pond from him. Couture's advocacy for her landlord is the question. And when was the additional seating granted? Were the tables and seats added before the legal date? Again, no one implies that these are Couture's tables but she is the back scence advocate in a way that is questionable, if not illegal.
12:43 pm edt 

Facts For Rat in the Basement
Editorial in the Banner, Sept. 17, 29009: "...The Town's Master Plan and its Local Comprehensive Plan, both of which have been approved by votes at Town Meeting, have for the last 20 years called for moving the main parking facility away from the MPL, and making much better use of our waterfront."

Thus the voice of the people is being heeded by the Powers that be and they are applying for the $30 million to make it happen.
11:06 am edt 

Goodbye Fun
R.I.P Greyhound racing in mass.  Another fun past time put to rest
9:56 am edt 

Re: "Who Needs Them"
Who needs the Historical board [Historic District Commission]?  WE DO !!

Thank God for their existence. This village of Ptown is absolutely charming and full of architectural character.
It is what makes this a very special place that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

If it was not for the Historical Board [Historic District Commission] - some developers and others would do whatever they wanted to the buildings in this town forever changing the landscape here.

Sorry that you don't like them but the Historical Board [Historic District Commission] looks out for Ptown and protects its charm.
9:55 am edt 

Re: Public Parking Lot Vote

"Town meeting has overwhelmingly voted to move the MPL to some other location. Twice they voted to do this. Now it is within our grasp."
When did we vote to do that? I have attended Town Meetings for over a decade and I cant remember this issue coming up. Please supply us with some facts. If you do it can only help your position. If you don't it makes you just another manipulative liar.

A Rat In The Basement
9:49 am edt 

Friday, September 18, 2009

Why do We Need a New Police Station?
Fix the problems. That's what we do here in Provincetown. Look at town hall.

So why do we need a "new" police station? I called to ask the police chief this very question and was told he was on vacation. I want to mention that our town's law enforcement is being led by a chief who is on vacation an awful lot... is he using Warren and Ted's unused time? How much vay-kay time did this new        guy get? A month?

This leads me to the next point: cleaning up the beach. I thought the inmates were doing this (like they did under Ted Meyer's reign). What happened? Is the chief too busy to arrange for free labor? No.... he's probably on vacation...

Note to Selectmen: arrange the public hearings about the proposed new police station around the        chief's vacation....
11:31 pm edt 

What's the Plan
I wonder if anyone thought about putting the police station in the area where the town hall trailers are now. Access to the east and west and tthree routes to get into town. Conwell St. Shankpainter road and Standish Street.Putting them downtown makes no sense at all.
11:27 pm edt 

What's the Plan?

If the town can't run a sewer system, how are they going to run a parking garage that is under water. I see that they are back at Dyer St. with another sewer problem, digging up the street. One question for the parking lot at Duarte's. If there is no lot at the waterfront, how are all these people going to enter and exit the lot. Even with a third lane,off Conwell, traffic will back up to Rt. 6 and where will they go when they leave the lot. Standish, or crossing Bradford to get out of town.
6:09 pm edt 

Town Residents Voted to Move the Parking Lot
Town meeting has overwhelmingly voted to move the MPL to some other location. Twice they voted to do this. Now it is within our grasp.

The poor, closed minded people who will get a heart attack if there is any change is town are sad cases. Frozen by fear of change is a very sad way to live. Try to pry open your mind and consider creating a park that can only enhance the water front.

I'm sure that this is the type of person who runs up to a bride on her wedding day and tells her how many marriages end in divorce, rattles of statistics regarding children born with birth defects etc. This is how you are coming off here. Doom and Gloom--not reasoned facts.

Equating the creation of park on the water front with the congestion of New York city or Boston is an exaggeration beyond belief. Can't wait for them to embarrass themselves and say this publicly.
5:05 pm edt 

Re: Conflict of Interest
Attention Board Members: Ø    Has your employment or personal status changed in any way since becoming a Board member? Ø    Do issues come before your Board that involve relatives, neighbors, co-workers, or employers? Ø    Do you know the difference between a perceived conflict of interest and an actual conflict of interest? Ø    Would you like to know how to protect yourself and your Board from unlawful actions?  Ø    Did you know that fines and penalties under the Conflict of Interest Law were recently increased? Ø    Do you know what your obligations and responsibilities may be after you leave a Town Board? 

Please attend the

Conflict of Interest Seminar

Presented by the State Ethics CommissionWednesday, September 30, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.In Larkin Hall, Center for Coastal Studies5 Holway Avenue Contact Town Clerk Doug Johnstone for more information,or to confirm your attendance at 487-7013, or via

e-mail at .

4:23 pm edt 

Ten Seats Five Tables
You are wrong about the Surf Club owner owning the coffee pot building. It is owned by the Lewis family that own the Old New York store across the street where the ice cream aand t-shirt is.
4:21 pm edt 

New Police Station

What about putting the police station Shankpainter Rd. and Rt6, in front of the VFW building? That little strand of trees does very we own that land?
4:20 pm edt 

The Owner of the Lily Pond and the Coffee Shop is Couture's Landlord

She lives in his apartment. She has a business in his building. She advocated illegally for more seat for the Coffee Pot last year since she acted as an advocate for her landlord. that was a definite conflict of interest and it is against state ethics. Does she even pay any rent? What is the real deal? But Len Enos does not own those two buildings. Couture's landlord does.

So why the new five tables and the ten chairs outside the Coffee Pot? And is this legal or not? The question remains.
4:18 pm edt 

Who Needs Them

Since no one notices buildings in Provincetown then whats so important about the historical board?  Why can't I remodel my house affordably?  They want me to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make my home more efficient while staying within the historical guidelines.  I cant afford to do it their way, so I cant do it.  I dont see how they can tell me what to do with a house that has been in my family for two hundred years.  Lets build a transportation facility, a new police department and when we are at it dismember the historical board.
4:17 pm edt 

Coffee Pot
The coffee pot is in the same building as the lily pond (DDK is the buildings owner, the Surf Club owns up to the red shack pizza place.  But if any of you followed zoning you would know that the owners of the coffee pot went through the zoning process and were approved for outside seating.  Nothing behind the scenes, nothing illegal - just business owners following the process
4:15 pm edt 

Re: Public Parking Lot

"When I imagine going to the pier and seeing not a parking lot but a public garden--my heart skips a beat."

Well, when I think of a parking garage on Bradford street - I have a HEART ATTACK !!

I'm sorry to contradict your "green garden of eden" visions for the waterfront but it makes absolutely no sense.  Our waterfront is already incredibly congested with boats, houses, piers, sheds on macmillian etc. We have parking there now and we know if works - may not be what you want to see in your mind but it works.  

Where this "proposed" parking garage would go is the most congested traffic area in ptown. It is a nightmare just trying to get thru that area / intersection now - traffic backs up on bradford in both directions with the volume of cars now and you think by adding a 3 story garage and PLANTING SOME SHRUBS that everthing will be fine ?  Please get off the "green kool - aid"

All the park happy people should realize that Ptown has more green space than probably anywhere in the country. Ever hear of the NATIONAL SEASHORE ?  You have more dunes, beaches, trees and green space than most people could ever imagine or dream of.  Isn't that enough without creating a traffic nightmare in the center of town ?

Like I said - purchase Duartes - level the buildings and have even more spaces than you have now - problem solved !!  
4:14 pm edt 

Coffee Pot and Michelle

If anyone has read where someone who had their facts totally wrong when they tried to start rumors on this site by saying how Michelle who has a store next to the Coffee pot had all these tables & chairs outside and as a selectwomen allowed it, etc until someone stepped up and set those facts straight just proves that even though this site can be informative also just how much it is also filled with mis-information. It has also proven whomever is posting all these things about Michelle is doing just what allot of us had already known and that was "she is being targeted" by someone who obviously is trying to bring her down. Hang in their Michelle, allot of us not only know better but do care about you...
4:11 pm edt 

Re: Public Parking Garage

Gotta watch out for that dark side . . . . lol  don't you love it!  all you wives in town better keep track of your husbands when they go out to walk the dog after dark . . . .
4:09 pm edt 

Re: "Transportation Center"

I agree with "Transportation Center" 100 percent. Let's not ruin the historical nature of this town. We are not NY or Boston... we are a small village and it needs to stay that way. Tear down the building and add 50-75 spaces... Dont build a freakin huge parking garage that you would see in a large city.
4:08 pm edt 

Proposed Waterfront Park

Lets get real. The Pollyannas and Mikeys out there who are blinking your eyes and seeeing green on the waterfront should get a grip. The only thing that grows on the beach is dune grass, unless you want to see a highly cultivated and nitrogen fertilized lawn with plenty of irrigation, then you can grow a lawn on the beach. Or more accurately on top of a filled in harbor, which is what the MPL is.

We have in fact had a waterfront park at the water edge of the MPL for about 15 years now, due to the knatty nagging of the Beautification Committee. The strip is nothing but a wasteland, robbing the Town of about 30 parking spaces and associated revenue.

The MPL is wind whipped the chilly cold for a god 8 months of the year. It will become an unused urban landscape. Ever been to City Hall Plaza in Boston?  How about the ampitheater out at the visitor center. it is used once every three years for High School graduation when the weather in late May is benevolent and there are not killer bees or protected spade foot toads a foot.

The current mix of cars, pedestrians, shops, bikes, boats, restaurants and colorful people make this village what it is. The congestion is a part of the mix.

I do not want to live in Quincy Market nor the Mall of America.

It really ain't broke.
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Re: CPA Fund and Library Short Fall

The blogger who keeps saying that the CPC should have given the Library the funds to complete the renovations forgets to say that it was the library board who DID NOT WANT CPA FUNDS! In FACT, the CPC wanted the library to get finished with CPA funds. And it is the voters at town meeting who vote where CPA funds go
***********************************************************Right you are! It was the library Trustees who sold out to the pressure from Affordable housing.
That is the real reason the town lost the Library Director...They sold her out and now she's gone. Good luck to the new Director, she will need it...a reader
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Our Economy
Our economy is based on toursists coming here and buying from our stores and eating in our restaurants. We are a service economy.

We need parking so that the people who come here and spend money and ensure our livelihood have a new parking arena as well as a beautiful new  acre and half of beautiful public gardens and walk ways to enjoy as a breezeway to our harbor.

This park will be graceful respite that we can all savor and enjoy. At the moment all we have are the benches infront of Town Hall. Now we will have a harbor side park.

We want people to arrive here by bus or ferry and not see a parking lot but a beautiful garden when they alight from the buses at the new transportation center or walk off the pier when debarking from the ferry.
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why are There Ten Seats and Five Tables Outside the Coffee Pot?
The owner of the Coffee Pot is not her landlord, they don't own that building. It is owned by the same people who own the surfclub.  Infact they own the whole block.

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Re: Town Meeting

There were 113 voters at town meeting. what a sad commentary on a participatory government in ptown!
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First Things First!

The dept of Revenue wants to ease the economic burden on the tax payers. We are spending close to $4 Million dollars a year to pay the salaries of our schools staff. We have a hand full of Provincetown students in the school.

Deal with that before dealing with $1.5 storage facility.
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Transportation Center

The town should purchase Duartes and level the buildings thus resulting in even MORE PARKING SPACES than the number that is there now.  What is the need for this Transportation center ????  Is not providing more parking enough ?

This town should be very careful with this project.  I have seen traffic much worse as a result of the towns lack of planning.  

Why should we compromise the historical nature of Ptown to accomodate this huge parking garage ??  The town has more than enough parking 9 months out of the year and has done well with Duartes lot.  If the town buys it and levels the buildings there will be even more parking - problem solved !! The town boards should seriously consider the damage they could end up doing to the historical character of this town.

Just because we can get stimulus money - does not mean we should use it to build something that is way out of character for this town and something that is not needed.
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When I imagine going to the pier and seeing not a parking lot but a public garden--my heart skips a beat.

A garage with a green buffer zone will easily be assimilated into the town. I imagine first a line of cedar trees blocking the building from view and then birch trees and lilac bushes and crepe myrtle etc.

We will have this one garage on Bradford street that we will pass in our cars in the blink of an eye and in exchange a dead zone of cars will be turned into a public garden with pathways and benches and an amphitheater.

People need to open their eyes and minds and envision a new destiny for our waterfront.
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Re: New Parking Garage

We have many concrete buildings in provincetown! Its not like they are something foreign to the towns history! Here are just two examples: in the historic past of the town we had concrete ice houses. Only one remains today, the current ice house condominiums! And I guess its a secret that the building is OVER 3 stories high! And then their is the internationally known and loved, Marine Specialties sitting right in our downtown, viewed by millions over the years! I'd rather have a 3 story HIDDEN building in the back of Bradford Street than 1 open air parking lot on our waterfront for all to see! Why anyone would be against getting that eye sore out of view must not have seen the pictures of how nice the towns waterfront used to look like before we allowed parking around town to be built on the harbor beaches.
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Re: Michael Rogovsky

It seems to me that mikey has a new pet project! (The Parking garage) Which I agree will be a good thing for the town. But he still has this thing in his mind that he must keep blogin on here that somehow - we the voters of town voted wrong by buiding affordable housing with some of the CPA funds! Mikey - its old news, you lost on that one, we won! The town wants what we voted for! How many times do you have to be reminded that that fight was won by people who care about showing up and voting for things that maybe you just can't understand. At least Barbara knows when to go on to another topic when she is out voted.
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Re: CPA Funds and the Library

The blogger who keeps saying that the CPC should have given the Library the funds to complete the renovations forgets to say that it was the library board who DID NOT WANT CPA FUNDS! In FACT, the CPC wanted the library to get finished with CPA funds. And it is the voters at town meeting who vote where CPA funds go.
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R: Water Article "NO" Vote

"...and over 300 yes votes..."

There were barely 100 voters there so it may have been more like 100 yes, 3 no
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Re: Public Parking Lot

If we need parking so badly why turn the MPL into a green?  why not just keep it a parking lot and purchase the other lot too?
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To: Webmaster

So sorry. the last post about the two votes no was mine. forgot to sign my name.

A Rat In The Basement
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Re: Water Article "NO" Vote

The o.p. stated that only Barbara voted against the article. And the point of my post wasnt to try to claim some victory by saying I saw two others voting no. My point was to point out how easy it is for some people to make statments to us that inforce their own point of view. And that is what the o.p. did. Manipulat the facts to make them seem more right for your own side. And continuing with my point, I belive that is EXACTLY what the politiciens in this Town do to us every time they want something. And they and the o.p. are wrong when they do this to us.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Re: Water Article "NO" Vote

Lets see, we are now at 3 votes not supporting the town proposed water overhall (including Barbara's) and over 300 yes votes.  The math is about the same.  So Barbara got 2 votes?  WOW.   You outdid yourself writting on here and pointing out the extra 2 votes Mr Rat in the Basement.
Get youself some cheese.............
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Driving Into Town
When I'm driving down Bradford Street, I'm watching out for pedestrians and bikes passing me and cars turning.

There is no way anyone would even concentrate on the garage if it was built. Do you concentrate on the Surfside Inn or the Cape Inn when you are driving? You drive past them.

People stream from the Duart's parking lot down standish St. to Commercial Street. Commercial Street is the destination for all who come to Provincetown.

People aren't walking up Bradford Street stopping to look at the Tedescie's or Standish Street Mall.

Think about the true impact of having the MLP turned into a park--it will dazzle everyone. The Garage? In truth, it won't even raise an eyebrow any more than driving past the Beachfront motel or the cape in does.
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Re: The Dark Side
Ya, let's build a great big electric fence around it and  switch on when the bars let out!

- Hickory Dickory Dock
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Re: Closed Minds

Forget closed-minded, you are going to have to close your eyes.  
We have to listen to this proposal; no one is saying it has to be built the way they are proposing.  We can work to come to an agreement regarding the parking facility and it's future.  Don't completely rule it out but rather propose better ideas, solutions, and proposals.  It is true we have a chance to do something here that could be very prosperous but we have to make sure it is in our towns overall best interest.  Take the time to listen and hear what is being said, then make your decision.  

P-Town Girl
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Re: Water Article No Vote

Barbara Rushmore was not the only person to vote against the water article at this past Mondays Town Meeting. I saw two other hands go up for a no vote, and I also saw several people who did not vote either way. Barbara has supporters!

A Rat In The Basement
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Re: Closed Minded People

When I was growing up, my parents friends were proud to mention how many years it had been since they took a trip over the bridge.

A simple trip to Hyannis became a tactical military maneuver in their eyes. The very idea of a transportation center makes them think that we are tearing up the town to build a skyscraper.

They don't see that we can have a new harbor; they are against everything that means change. As a kid, seeing how closed off they were to the present made me shudder.

I vowed when I was a kid that I would never be closed minded like them and live in the past. I promised myself to always be current and open to new ideas.

Life means evolving and I saw that these people had bathed themselves in concrete at a certain age and were frozen in time with one set of ideas. I did not go to school to do this to myself.

I see that frozen past in this debate and it makes me pause and the result is that no matter what the outcome, I'm revitalized to see that I've lived up to the vow that I've made to myself.
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Closed Minded People

For anyone at this preliminary stage of the Tranportation project to say that this project is a mess and that it hasn't been thought out is ignorant of the facts.

This project of a transportation center has been studied before but now with Stimulus money; the idea of incorporating the need for a new police station into the mix and transforming the Municipal parking lot into a glorious breezeway of green to greet every visitor who steps off the pier is truly a magnificent idea.

Open your mind and envision what all of this can become.

If any one of you has a gripe about the on going construction of the library, ask yourself if you went to the CPA committee and asked for money for the library.

The truth is we could have had the library completed years ago if citizens had pressed the Community Preservation Committee to give our tax funded CPA funds to completely finish the construction of the library instead of giving  millions to Affordable housing developers over the last few years.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In Short, It's Unthought Through and Unrealistic
This transportaion so caled project is a mess. It is unthought. It is unrealistic. It is unfitting to the historic nature of this town. This is just wrong and not in keeping with our town. that last thing we need is a maga project with three level parking in the center of our town. It's just nuts!
11:28 pm edt 

Forever and Then Some

Excuse me, But you Can keep you Car almost forever in one of our parking lots. You an park your car and it can stay forever in a spot. There is no limit. So that would happen in the future. It happens now--my dear friends--and it would continue. Leave your clunker, your whatever, and it just can stay forever unfortunately in any of our lots. Look around and see the truth.
11:27 pm edt 

The Dark Side

11:23 pm edt 

Transportation Center

The proposed Transportation Center is the latest foul idea in Provincetown's vast history of wasted money and folly. As soon as a native/old timer mentions selling a property, worthy or not, dozens of citizens clamor to get in on the action, claiming a phantom developer, with deep pockets (even in a recession) will snatch up the prized possession and 'change the Town forever'. Most of these property/land owners have reaped big bucks on the Towns' back.

Also, be careful of the claim that 'it will all be paid for' by the Government, Cape Cod Commission or Jonah the Whale...because in the end, there will surely be financial strings attached, or loss of control of the design process.  

Yes, the parking lot on the harbor should be re-worked. But a glorious Transportation and clear? That's one Definition of Stupid.
11:22 pm edt 

Barbra Rushmore......

If she wasn't so passionate about Provincetown, I would have to say she is Crazy. On second thought, she is crazy.  But what would town meeting be without her?  FASTER for sure.   Barbra, please get your facts correct before speaking.  Dont tell us that we can install water purifications in our homes for less than what the towns is going to spend.  What about the pipes running to our homes?  The chemicals will still be in those without a treatment plant.  And you might want to pay 100% for a water plant in 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years, but I rather pay and the entire town seemed like they would rather pay 25 cents on the dollar today.   Lets see, your lone vote last night against the water improvement, vs over 300 for it.  What do you see wrong Barbra with this picture?
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Why are There Ten Seats and Five Tables Outside the Coffee Pot?
Have they decreased their inside seating? It looks inviting but is it legal? Given that Michele Couture is next door and the owner is her landlord, is this a Couture interpretation of seating? Everyone else has to be on bended knee to get two seats. So what is happening here? It seems everyone else should put tables outside their establishments and serve food and drink.
11:17 pm edt 

Keep Us Informed

As soon as you hear about the next meeting regarding the transportation center and the New Green Gateway to Provincetown--let us know.
11:15 pm edt 

Congratulations...... the voters of Provincetown for once again showing your collective wisdom and approving the water system upgrade!
11:14 pm edt 


From the homepage:

Welcome to My PACC web site!

"Our goal is to educate, promote and encourage
citizen participation in town government."

Yet there was no mention of the Special Town Meeting held Monday night.  No encouragement for the citizenry to attend.  No push for participation in town government.

This site has slowly digressed to a simple      fest from certain aspects of town.
11:12 pm edt 

Attend Future Meetings.

The Money for this project won't be released until January or February.

Be pro-active. Get the facts. IF you want to be informed of future meetings regarding the Transportation center and the building of a garage at Duart's parking lot, there is a sheet to sign at the trailers.

I went there and David Gardner gave me the sheet to sign.

There are going to be more meetings as the Cape Cod Commission mitigates people's objections and as they inform us of their progress.

Traffic patterns, the depth of the garage (depending on the water table), pedestrian walk ways etc. will be further addressed.

I used to wonder why Duart's didn't use the entry way on Conwell Street to have cars in line on their property as they went to park thus alleviating a line onto Conwell St.; I can only assume that they wanted to also get the traffic going down Bradford st.
11:10 pm edt 

Get the Facts
Once again, people just spout out not knowing the facts.No one is allowed to park in the municipal parking lot for long term now--why would that change for the municipal parking lot if it should be built?
11:08 pm edt 

Police Station:

Also left out of the discussion the brand new police station, again with federal dollars rather than our dollars. All evidence is that the current police station is just untenable and could prove a major liability to the town if something happens to or with a person being processed by the police or for that matter an officer. The report recently received makes it clear something will have to be done.
11:06 pm edt 


If you are driving off Cape the Sagamore Bridge is down to one lane. The backup, even at night, is atrocious. I sat for 1 hour in a 12 mile backup today headed to Boston and saw a similar backup returning at 8pm tonight.
11:05 pm edt 

More Thoughts:
PTGurl:  Thank you, understand now that you are not an abutter and hear you thoughts more clearly because of it.

RE: Why not demolish building and make even more parking; remember they are trying to fit a police facility and all its infrastructure in there as well.

Stimulus: it hasn't been brought up before but the purpose of the federal stimulus money is to preserve or create jobs, that this project would do, it would stimulate the entire economy in the short and the long term through construction jobs, preserved parking, enhanced visitor experience, and the incredible potential for the waterfront park to become a venue for all sorts of new and wonderful activity.

Environmental benefits; reduce the carbon footprint of our tourist economy by vastly reducing the amount of carbon output by idling cars waiting to cross Commercial St, backing up getting into and out of waterfront lot. Also massively reduce waste water runoff into harbor from current parking lot with attendant car related crud carried with it. Addition of green roof/walls and/or plenty of landscaping would further sequester/reduce carbon output.

Completed projects; as much as we like to gripe and hyperventilate about the 4th of July mess, we do have a working sewer system that has had vast environmental benefits to the town and avoided a large number of ugly mounded septic systems. All this done much cheaper than could be done today. Look no farther than other towns on the Cape that are facing this requirement today to meet ever tougher federal environmental requirements. Did it have burps, hiccups and a giant fart over the 4th, yes. Has it run pretty well for most of its life, yes.

Opportunities lost; thanks to the person who pointed out past lost opportunities. I'd add to that the former open beach/lot at the foot of Nickerson Street in the west end. My understanding is that the town had the chance to purchase that lot when it was sold by the then owner of 82 Commercial St but didn't. As the current owner of 82 it literally brings tears to my eyes to look at the old pictures of that open space and know what could have been.
11:03 pm edt 

Transportation Center

I really want to keep an open mind, but let us look at the town's history with managing and maintaining capital improvements - we don't have the best track record on our  large-scale projects.  I don't want to repeat my post from a few days ago, but there is nothing different about this project than the other things I listed.  

Regarding the specific issue of parking - I think purchasing Duarte's is a great investment in the town's future - its actually an endeavor that over time will help pay for itself, but I don't see how concentrating 700 parking spaces in one already-congested area is possible.  Let's be realistic here - there are only so many streets in and out of the town center, so traffic engineers can propose anything they want but the reality is that this location does not have the infrastructure to support a 700 car parking area.

This project lacks vision, and I fear that because of the rushed timeline, the TM and the BOS won't enter into it thoughtfully. The stimulus money for the transportation center is time-sensitive and it doesn't require taxpayers to match funds.  But how will we pay to maintain this new property? Right now as a municipal lot, we have revenues to pay for its upkeep.  What is the plan for a new park?  Will the town simply create another pseudo-private entity to manage and maintain it?  How will it generate income for the town and what are the projected estimates for revenue.  How will this revenue be used?  We cannot make a change like this and not have a plan in place to pay for its maintenance and success.  There is no such thing as completely free money - we will have to pay for something along the line for this project, and it would be great to hear the TM and BOS actually have a plan for that.

As taxpayers we are going to be asked to approve borrowing 2.7 million dollars for the grant to improve our water system.  Again, this is a worthwhile endeavor and something that will benefit the town.  But we need to have a town-wide plan and have a clear vision on what our priorities are.  We simply can't jump at every grant opportunity because it's there - which is what this town seems to be doing.

Again, it's for all these reason that I am apprehensive about chasing after this grant for the transportation center.  It's a nice to have, but it's really not a need to have.  Tourism in town has thrived for a very long time having a municipal parking lot at the waterfront - it won't be the ruin of this town if we pass on this "once in a lifetime opportunity."

Paul Soares
10:59 pm edt 

Cape Cod Commission
Don't EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER put your faith in the CCC. They are bufoons and fools that have no REAL idea what goes on on the lower cape as far as reality. Sure, they can look up in a book what studies have shown as far as traffic patterns but the lower cape is SOOOOO much different that any other place that they have studies on. They will KILL this project in a matter of minutes if they are allowed to. Don't think that just because we pay them to do this kind of stuff that they know what they are talking about. Years ago, they estimated 5000-6000 cars per day would travel to a Stop & Shop proposed to be built in Truro. No way that many would go there per day but thats what their "studies" showed. Another great "accomplishment of the CCC was the demolition of Chili's in Hyannis to make "open space" around the rotary in exchange for the Circuit City to be built. Circuit City is bankrupt and now, instead of one empty lot, thay have two empty eyesores. GREAT JOB CCC!!!! PLEASE !

10:54 pm edt 

Closed Mindedness

Just disregard the closed minded, juvenile rantings of someone who talks about a monorail etc. This is a serious opportunity that is being offered to the town.

Lets create a new vista of Provincetown. your children will love you for it.
10:51 pm edt 

Re: Parking Lots

That's easy, use the same guidelines they have in the lots now... move your car every 48 hours or its towed. or is it 24 hours? eh didn't buy a sticker this year but anyways...

-Kyle Kaelberer
10:50 pm edt 

Monday, September 14, 2009


If the parking lot goes from private ownership (Duarte) to town does that mean that those of us on standish, etc with no off street parkiing will be able to park there with our prop owner/resident stickers? That obvioulsy is good for us---but how will town safeguard that the lot doenst just become long term parking storage for folks around town
4:17 pm edt 

Magical Transformation
Talk about a transformation--Cinderella's transformation pales against this dead zone of cars in a parking lot being transformed into a breezeway park with paths and benches for folks to stroll and linger as they enjoy our harbor view.

It is absolutely true that it is a once in a life time opportunity--we can embrace and accept this change to continued acclaim or we can vote it down to the everlasting chagrin of generations to come.

We have a choice--open your minds and envision what can be. It won't cost the taxpayers $30,000,000; it will be Paid For with stimulus money or grant money will come and pay for this magical transformation.
3:59 pm edt 

P-Town Girl

Be aware that anything you say on this site will be torn apart to shreds.  They dont like to hear anything that opposes their own objective.
3:57 pm edt 

Transformed Parking Lot

Any one coming into the harbor or off of the fast ferry sees the parking lot as they enter Provincetown. The proposal is to turn the parking lot into an acre and a half of landscape for people to stroll in and enjoy.

Our transportation center will be at one end so people getting off of the bus will see a landscape to the harbor instead of a parking lot.

People gather and sit on the benches in front of town they will have a place to stroll and benches upon which to sit right at the harbor's edge not at the end of a acre of cars but with the harbor before them and space and landscape behind them.

Imagine how what it is like to be in such a setting; it would be lovely and sublime.
3:56 pm edt 

Re: Parking
There's no doubt in my mind that there should be a huge parking lot on or near 6a and a Monorail  should be installed...or maybe the skylift gondolas?
3:54 pm edt 

Parking Lot Development

This is a project of the Cape Cod commission. This project will undergo Serious, detailed planning from traffic patterns to buffer zones and it will be completed because the money will be at hand to do so.

Our town Hall is being completed. Our library would have been completed if money had gone to that instead of into the hands of private developers of affordable housing.

This time, people fought to have the money from the Community preservation act go to Town hall instead of into the hands of the rich private developers of affordable housing.  
1:40 pm edt 

May I Ask?

Has any project the town has taken on in the last few years even been finished?  
12:02 pm edt 

Re: Parking

So we purchase the parking lot, level the building and make even more parking spaces.  Why the need for the green or for the 3 level parking?
12:00 pm edt 

Re: Parking
We could pave over every open space in town and still not have enough parking.

The municipal parking lot has 350 parking spaces and Duart's has 350 parking spaces and the Cape Cod commission hopes to add even more parking spaces.

They also hope to depress the parking garage as much as possible.

The traffic engineers are working to mitigate the traffic on Bradford street by creating a long queing area for cars waiting to get into the parking garage so that there isn't a back up on Conwell Street.

The Cape Cod Commission has a traffic engineer who is studying our traffic patterns in order to mitigate congestion and create smooth flowing traffic.

This is just the first layer of a plan and it is going to be finessed and enhanced and modified as the Cape Cod commission puts the finishing touches on it.

There will be future meetings--go and attend and do listen. IF you are going to speak up--have the true facts otherwise.
People still believe that buses will be idling there--again, no buses will be allowed in the parking garage.

Michael Rogovsky
11:59 am edt 

Keeping an Open Mind

Attacking people rather than stick to the facts. Wouldn't an ice storm impact the entire town--not just Standish st? What kind of specious argument is that supposed to be?

Provincetown has this one chance in its lifetime to transform a parking lot into a park and to take an existing parking lot and building a parking garage for 700 cars.

It is an existing Parking lot--it isn't as though we are taking the bas relief and trying to turn it into a parking lot.
The cape cod commission has the vision to see how this will enhance Provincetown.

Open your eyes and your mind to the wonderful image of a park with people and children in it greeting every visitor to Provincetown instead of a parking lot.

Open your eyes to this once in a lifetime opportunity. If we let this pass us by it will be another regret the town will have to live with forever. Could you imagine how wondrous it would be if the boatslip was a park for all to enjoy? It could have been--but people afraid of change said no.
10:13 am edt 

Dear Greg C.
I have no idea as to whom you believe I am, but I am not any one of the abutters of the proposed transportation facility.  I am just a resident of Provincetown who believes that this blog can lead to productive and prosperous ideas; possibly even make a difference. I am not trying to dictate or direct anyone for my own personal gain, I have nothing to gain from my ideas.  That may be the difference between some others and myself; I have the towns best interest in mind.  I enjoy reading all of the postings and all of the ideas, conflicts, pros, and cons even when they are in regards to my own ideas.  For my friend you have nothing to fear I am just a resident who wishes  prosperity for all.
P-Town Girl
10:11 am edt 

Regarding My Postings:

You're correct that my postings may be fragments, contain grammatical errors, or just plan rambling.  My intentions are not to show you my English skills or lack thereof but to try to show that there is reason for hope; that change can be positive and productive.  I admit I spell worse than a 5 year old, I am sorry that I put Provincetown to shame.  Although, I must note for a Provincetown education I have done very well for myself!  I might not be the apple of your eye but I have the best intensions for our town. I try to see both sides of every situation, finding balance is not always easy to do.  I know that not everyone sees things the way I do, I do not condemn others who disagree with me but instead embrace them.  I feel that conflict most likely leads to a productive resolution but again I may be wrong.  So for those of you, who dread reading my postings please skip over them. I am not the kind of person who runs from a challenge or controversy, very much the opposite! 
P-Town Girl
9:30 am edt 

Re: Post Script

PS: Lest I offend anyone with point #3 in my previous post I include myself in my characterization of American's posteriors/aging/etc.


9:09 am edt 

Re: Duarte's Parking Lot

Look at the Surfside Inn across from Fanizzi's. Look at how huge that is--the parking garage would be smaller than that.

We need to create a park in the municipal parking lot and transfer the cars to a parking garage built at Duart's parking lot.

The plan is to change the traffic pattern around Duart's. Look at the entire plan; changes will be made to make it more efficient.

Go the municipal parking lot and have the vision that instead of a dead zone for cars try to see it as a public garden for people.
12:14 am edt 

A Couple of Thoughts:

1) Adding more "stress" at this time; the chance to get a major infrastructure paid for by the federal government in a one time opportunity is what makes it worth doing now, regardless of our other issues. The Cape Cod Commission is taking the lead on this project, lessening the stress on our local capacity, though not eliminating it. Our town leaders aren't using the parking structure as an "answer for everything" they are taking advantage of a unique opportunity to revolutionize the downtown core.

2) I don't get the argument that a parking structure is which moves parking from the waterfront to Duarte's lot is going to increase congestion at Conwell/Bradford. 90% chance anyone today going to park on the waterfront (and the current Duarte's lot) is coming into town at Conwell/Bradford right now so the net add of cars at this intersection is zero.

3) Putting parking/etc at the school/Motta field; face it folks, Americans are getting fatter and lazier and older every year, most just won't walk very far and I doubt we want to add the costs/traffic of a shuttle running two blocks to bring people from that area into the core nor do we want to pay for a shuttle all winter. Also the logistics of getting cars in and out of that area are a heck of a lot more than the proposed location.

4) Regarding the beauty of that spot, come on, give me a break, it's a dysfunctional mess with a beach toy store, a parking lot and two gas stations and some potted plants in the middle. There will be a design process where input will be welcome on how to make the new project fit as well as possible into the neighborhood.

5) Duarte's goes away someday if we don't get it now then 300 spaces gone, never to return. No one is offering us money to purchase and use the lot as is.

6) The waterfront park, which has not garnered as much  planning attention nor the attention of the "do nothing" types, is an incredible economic development opportunity in its own right. Imagine music festivals or theater festivals held there and many other possiblities. How about some of you sit back and throw out some ideas for how that addition to town could be used to maintain/grow our economy? Provincetown Bluegrass Festival? Theater in the Park?

There is no objection on here that can't be addressed during the planning process for this project.

Greg C.

PS: One wonders if ptown girl isn't the neighbor so upset at the purported loss of her pristine views that she's willing to thwart the entire town out of this opportunity?
12:12 am edt 

Looking For Provincetown Annual Town Books
I have been for many moons now trying to collect the Provincetown Annual Town Books, and to complete 100 years I need the following years:

It is to my understanding, the books go as far back as 1870 but I doubt I would ever be that lucky to find those. If anyone knows of anyone that may have any of the above years please have them call my cell phone (774-487-2572).
Thank You
Roger Green
12:08 am edt 

Dear Michael, New Town Manager, New Assistant Town Manager and New Chief of Police:

"RE: My house is on Standish Street. The elevation of the land is ten feet. My house was built between 1850 and 1855--ten years before the civil and it has weathered hurricanes, gales, and nor'easters and is still standing.

It will be interesting to see in what zone FEMA locates my house when FEMA creates it new flood zone map.

Michael Rogovsky "


We need not look back as far as the Portland Gale nor look at Craig Gregg's SLOSH maps. How about the winter of 2004-2005 when we had snow so far up our butts that we had to call neighbors to shovel us out of our houses just to get the front door open?

Oh right none of you were here then were you.

How about the run off and refreezing that recurred and recurred? Going up and down that hill on  Bradford St was impossible.

The Town was lucky that we had a gradual melt of snow. What would have happened if we had a tropical rain after the 5' of snow?
12:06 am edt 

Finally, Reality!
Just got around to reading Pru Sowers' story on P'town summer business in the current issue of the Banner. I'm glad someone wrote a well-researched smack upside the head to the relentless cheerleading on this site over the past month.

I don't doubt that at least one or two who gloated about their best-ever summer was telling the truth, but by and large the "yay, team" chorus rang hollow.

Now that the patient has been properly diagnosed, maybe he can get better. Certainly some of the candid types who were quoted in the Banner article have taken steps...
12:02 am edt 

We Need a Transportation Center....... Because?

I don't get it at all. Whom are we going to transport to where? We seem to handle the current crowd okay with our current infrastructure with the notable exception of the sewer. I thought we were at or close to build out.

We have all the ferries we can handle. The ferries cannot run beyond May-Oct due to high seas. Do we really want more buses and or cars?

This is an ass backward attempt to take advantage of stimulus funds. How about scrambling to create a fix for the sewer system?

I went on the gateway web site and the police station is right at the corner of the flood zone at Bradford and Standish. Worse than that, it occupies a good portion of the site for the building and reserved police/ employee parking.

It is just as dumb to put the police station on prime downtown real estate as it was to put the fire headquarters on the old Shankpainter Road parking lot.
12:01 am edt 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Parking Garage at Duarte's

Instead of building a parking garage at Duarte's where the traffic is a major problem. How about building one where the trailers for town hall are on Jerome Smith. It's close to rt. 6 and easy to get to, allowing cars to stay out of town and clogging Bradford and Commercial ST. We could have shuttles running daily down Shank painter and up to the High School lot where they can drop off and turn around.

Another idea is to keep Duartes as a parking lot, but come up with another exit instead of back onto Bradford. Presently we have parking at the HS, parking at Duartes, a small lot in the West End, a few small private lots in town and the few spaces around town.

I'm all for building a greenway at the Muncipal lot and getting the cars away from the harbor where oil and gas from autos get into the water. It would also alleviate another major traffic backup by keeping the cars out of that area.

Unfortunately there are no easy answers. This is going to take alot of thought. We need to keep Provincetown as the quaint, little town it was meant to be and not try to turn it into Boston Harbor. Putting a monstrosity of a parking garage smack in the middle of a historic town makes no sense. Put it on the outskirts of town where it will have less of an impact.

Does anyone have an exact number of the total parking spaced in town?

11:58 pm edt 

Madame School Supt

I'm sure you can not believe the amount of lies and mistakes you have come across.;  good luck there are plenty more !!
11:56 pm edt 

Dear PTown Girl

You're writings are a rambling in-cohesive train of thought.  If you are a product of the Provincetown School System, then all is lost at the schools.

This town has many writing workshops.  Maybe there you could learn some remedial 3rd grade english.

Though I may agree with many of your thoughts and I try hard to listen to any adult capable of interesting debate, either you're incomprehension or your disregard for the english language leave me to disregard you.

My 7 year old can complete a sentence and form a paragraph better than what you choose to print.  BTW, he goes to Truro Elementary.
11:52 pm edt 

Transprtation Center

Move all the school grades into one building, the high school, take the elementery school and make it the police station and take Motta Field and make it the parking lot....

In regards to the above statement; that is impossible the land for the field was "given" for just that a field for the school.  I might be wrong but I believe they looked into this several times before and are not allowed to do anything with it.  Every time the town needs something they think sell, give or put it where the Mottas field is.  If this keeps happening people will never give/donate anything to the town since the original intentions of the gift were not respected.  
Plus, where would all the geese poop? Sorry, had to add some humor to the situation.

P-Town Girl
11:50 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Theater on Bradford?

"To: Anyone know what is going on with the Provincetown Theater on Bradford?  I heard it was closing. Could this be true?? What a waste!"

I don't know if the theater is closing, but I do know that the company that kept it alive and gave life to community theater for everyone, Provincetown Counter Productions, is no longer welcome there.  All the productions over the past couple of years have included both Equity and non-Equity cast. Some amazing talent has emerged from the local population to the delight of audiences.  How sad!!
11:47 pm edt 

Public Parks
It is true that CPA money can be used to create and MAINTAIN Public Parks. The proposed 1.5 acre public garden that would greet all visitors to Provincetown arriving by boat and bus would have been paid for and maintained with CPA money.

If we don't create this green space for all of us and build this garage on Duart's property, the affordable housing developers will develop that land and we will lose the parking altogether and have a traffic horror show.
11:45 pm edt 

They Paved Paradise, Put Up a Parking Lot
Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you've got till it's gone?
11:43 pm edt 

Just Say No......Why?

Anyone who is against the proposed park/parking/police station/transportation area; Must not have Provincetowns best interests in mind! Here is money to spend on many of the problems in this town and now we have to listen to a very small handful of NIMBYS? Please folks, lets not blow this one now! This is a win win situation for us. Don't let the uptight negative few put a stick in our wheel spoke! Remember our past when we could of had the Mayflower docked here. When the government wanted to give us funds to sewer the whole town in the seventies! Or when we said no to Mr Chrysler and his museum, so he packed up and moved. When we gave away the chance to buy the park in the west end (the Boatslip) for $1.00  I could go on and on! Here is a chance to do something right in this town to help all of us!
11:41 pm edt 

I Agree With Paul

The special interest groups voted to give millions to affordable housing *DEVELOPERS* when it is documented
 that these developers had access to millions of dollars to fund their personal housing developments from other sources.

Now the vote to give this money to developers has impoverished the rest of the citizens of Provincetown when this money could have been used to create a public garden for all of us to enjoy where the municipal parking lot now stands.

Special interests have ruined so many possibilities for the rest of the citizens of this town. This is such a crime when THESE DEVELOPERS had access to so many other venue like tax credits and stimulus money for affordable housing.

Shame on them for so selfishly and egregiously disregarding the future needs of all of the citizens of Provincetown.

Sign me calling a spade a spade
11:35 pm edt 

Re: Parking

"The most important part of this whole plan is the parking.  It is not the green park or the police station.  Parking is ESSENTIAL to our seasonal tourist economy.  If we were to lose those 350 parking spaces at Duartes, this town, based on tourists, will die."

AGREE 100%

This is the most important aspect.  Lose 350 parking spaces and this town is in trouble.  Tourism (our number one industry) will collapse and the dominoes will fall one by one.  Take away tourism and what will you have?
11:33 pm edt 

What is Wrong? MOney, Finances We Just Don't Have

We cannot have it all. the Town cannot have every idea that floats into the head of the BOS or in the head of Michele Couture or Sharon Lynn. there is a need for fiscal reality. that is totally missing with these "offIcials." We cannot buy up every property like Duarte's--that is not for sale and is fine as is--or Fisherman's Wharf. The town in almost bankrupt. It cannot continue on this explosion of buying and desiring. The money is not there.

That is what is wrong. Plus, this is a historic town. Not one with three level parking structure. Tourists come here because it is--or was--quaint, small-scaled, and historic. If they want super garage structures, they would say in Cambridge or Boston. This is not why people come here. They do not come for a mega structure that is totally not in keeping with this the old fishing village this place once was.

Who is running this town? The insane and the inept? So it seems. Sadly so.
11:31 pm edt 

New Police Station

To the Post about putting the police station in the elementary school.... The only problem with putting the police station on Winslow Street and taking over one of the school buidings is that it is a one way... Kinda would be pathetic if a cruiser had to go all the way around to Jerome Smith, then to Alden then onto Bradford to go to a call at say the Gulf station (the old Cumby's)

Now you could say, well they could go down High Poll Hill... Well that would be fantastic except once again its a narrow one way road that gets backed up with cars leaving the Museum parking lot and there is always people walking everywhere in that lot, not the safest rout...

And please lets get real, this town needs to stop trying to convert old buildings into police stations, that is the main reason we have this issue every 20 years is because we use old buildings for one of the towns most essential departments. We got a brand new facility for the Fire/Rescue squad and its not even a full time department! Now assuming, and I will admit ASSUMING, not stating fact, that the police department is far more busy during ANY month of the year servicing this town.

Perhaps the timing isn't right for a new Police station with this economy but lets all come out of our shells and admit they need a new one. just spend 2 minutes in the lobby of the place and compare it with Truro's or Eastham's... two towns that are not nearly as busy as ours but still have superior facilities. Again perhaps the timing for this is awful, but lets stop trying to put a bandaid on a shattered leg.

-the usually silent observer  
11:25 pm edt 

700 Parking Places
The Garage will create 700 Parking places which are for cars only. Do you see why we need a parking garage on this space? This space is already a parking lot; this plan takes an existing parking lot and essentially adds two more levels of parking for cars.

It will provide parking spaces for the cars displaced from the municipal parking lot when it is transformed into a green gateway of landscaped ground greeting everyone arriving by boat or bus.

It will provide all of us with a beautiful, green breezeway to the harbor and will be a gorgeous gate way to Provincetown for every visitor.
Michael Rogovsky
12:32 pm edt 

Transprtation Center
Move all the school grades into one building, the high school, take the elementery school and make it the police station and take motta field and make the parking lot....

In regards to the above statement; that is impossible the land for the field was "given" for just that, a field for the school.  I might be wrong but I believe they looked into this several times before and are not allowed to do anything with it.  Every time the town needs something they think sell, give or put it where Mottas field is.  If this keeps happening people will never give/donate anything to the town since the original intentions of the gift where not respected.  
Plus, where would all the geese poop? Sorry, had to add some humor to the situation.

P-Town Girl
12:31 pm edt 

From: PTown Girl

Someone correct me if I am mistaken but how does this parking garage play into historic Provincetown?  Yesterday, I drove down Bradford St and as I came to the center of town I tried to imagine this massive city like parking structure in the heart of our town.  As I glanced around it, I saw beautiful old homes and stores that where over 100 years old.  How can a town that demands residents to follow historic guidelines possibly even consider building something like that in the heart of the town?  Maybe, just maybe if this property where on the outskirts of town and out of eyesight it wouldnt be such a horrible idealike where the current town hall is.  We own that property; it is farther away from the bay ie; as some are concerned about floods.  It would only be a short walk to town and could easily accommodate a few hundred parking spaces.  Possibly even some buses.  Bonus: It wouldnt cost half as much to do this project, as the one in the center of town and half t!
he concerns would be automatically eliminated just by the change in location.  Just brain storming ideas here, dont burn me alive, yet Im not done. We are facing the eye of a recession and although our numbers may be good this season we have to think outside of the box.  Our fearless leaders need to stop trying to put more burdens on the taxpayers just to make a name for them selves.  We are going to trust them to oversee and maintain another significant town revenue?  They cant even control or micromanage the existing parking lots; they are dysfunctional to say the least.  I dont mean to be so negative but we cannot trust them to do what is right any longer.  Picture this if you will please, a huge parking facility in the center of town, empty since the streets are flowing with sewage after a beautiful and profitable 4th of July.  Now our town is spending thousands more to clean up the streets and pump the failed sewer system out; so that tourists will come back and spend !
their money in our fruitful little town.  Does that scenario ring a bell? We need to address the existing concerns and issues before we can even think of moving forward.  We will only be putting more stress ourselves by considering this venture at this time.
If the traffic in front of the parking lot that is privately owned is causing issues shouldnt it be considered that the owner pay for a police officer to be on detail there?  Our good friends at an unnamed pizza spot have to have detail cops why doesnt the parking lot?  I cannot stress enough how dysfunctional the town currently is.  They need to repair the streets in order for people to be able to drive, let alone park and stay here.  But they have an answer for it all.  Build a transportation facility for the people that arent coming to town because are condos, B&Bs, hotel etc have been forced to raise the rates due to the hike is taxes in order to pay our considerable town debt.  For the people who can not walk down the streets without waiters on, for the boats that can not come into town for they have no where to go and for those who arent going to come to a town that out priced its self years ago and now is in complete disrepair.  Has nothing to offer tourists, why should they come here and spend their money? We cant just say how beautiful our beaches are when theyre not open; due to health concerns.  No police station, no supermarket, no where to stay thats affordable, no where to eat thats affordable (tax increase made prices jump), we used to be on the circuit and for years that saved us but we are no longer known as a mecca.  So tell me why people are going to continue to come here?  We need to get our act together!!!

P-Town Girl
12:30 pm edt 

The Highest Tide
The highest tide recorded in Provincetown occurred during the Blizzard of 1978.

Provincetown is protected from the brunt of Hurricanes by the curve of the land due to where we are situated.

My house is on Standish Street. The elevation of the land is ten feet. My house was built between 1850 and 1855--ten years before the civil and it has weathered hurricanes, gales, and nor'easters and is still standing.

It will be interesting to see in what zone FEMA locates my house when FEMA creates it new flood zone map.
Michael Rogovsky
11:00 am edt 

Parking Dream

Don't get rid of the MPL, continue its use and ADD the new parking areas at Duartes. Maybe not go three levels high, maybe only two. The sacrifice of the third floor will more than be made up by saving the lot down town and the savings on the construction too. But the big elephant in the room is the TRAFFIC on Conwell and Bradford that will continue to exist and maybe get worse by putting a bigger parking area at Duartes. Its bad now so double or tripple the spots and think of what WILL happen. THAT'S the issue to tackle, not the floods or cost. BTW, I'v been here for over 20 years and have never seen the Duarte lot flood or be in any danger of flooding. If there has been water in the lot, its due to clogged or non existant catch basins, not high tides.
10:59 am edt 

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Re: Duarte's

No one is saying that this town should lose the 350 parking spaces at Duarte's. They are essential to Provincetown's economy. These are the projects that CPC funds should be used for. Not paying $250k for someone's front yard or 800k to a developer for affordable houses. Purchasing Duarte's is a great investment for this town. But concentrating 700 spaces in a garage structure in that area is not beneficial to the town.

Paul Soares
9:55 pm edt 

Re: SLOSH Model
The SLOSH model data was developed separately from the FEMA flood zone/insurance maps. It is NOT based on "outdated" FEMA data. The purpose of the SLOSH model is for evacuation planning.  It takes into account, likely surge, wave heights, ocean floor contours, land contours, etc. A simple Google seach of the term "army corp SLOSH model" will inform the reader of this. If you haven't used Google before you'll find it a handy way to find real data rather than hysterical speculation.

I provide the references below as examples of this.

The police station can be located so it is not subject to flooding and can be built for the long term with infrastructure properly set to protect against a worst case scenario. This would be a vast improvement from the current station/location. Though it is also possible that it could make more sense to move the police station acrosss the street next to fire station and create a "public safety" complex though as noted in previous posts this location is problematic in a major hurricance.

If you'd like to attack someone's actual data it would help to post actual data rebutting, and perhaps your name.

Agree with the poster who says all else is secondary to saving parking over the long term. Good point, pehaps the best posted so far.

Greg C.
SLOSH, which stands for Sea, Lake, and Overland Surge from Hurricanes, is a computerized model developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and the National Weather Service (NWS) to estimate storm surge depths resulting from historical, hypothetical, or predicted hurricanes by taking into account a storm's pressure, size, forward speed, forecast track, wind speeds, and topographical data.

SLOSH is used to evaluate the threat from storm surge, and Emergency managers use this data to determine which areas must be evacuated. SLOSH output is used by the National Hurricane Program (NHP) when conducting Hurricane Evacuation Studies as a hazard analysis tool for assisting with the creation of state and local hurricane evacuation plans or zones. SLOSH model results are combined with roadway network and traffic flow information, rainfall amounts, river flow, or wind-driven waves to determine a final analysis of at-risk areas. Storm surge also can affect rivers and inland lakes, potentially increasing the area that must be evacuated.

The point of a hurricane's landfall is crucial to determining which areas will be inundated by the storm surge. Where the hurricane forecast track is inaccurate, SLOSH model results will be inaccurate. The SLOSH model, therefore, is best used for defining the potential maximum surge for a location.

If you have a Hurricane Evacuation Study, you do not need information about storm surge depths in a real hurricane situation. You will only need to know the forecast of the storm's intensity at landfall and the corresponding evacuation zones in order to make an appropriate evacuation decision.

Local emergency management directors had great confidence in the SLOSH model and took its data very seriously. As it did in Bulls Bay S.C. for Hurricane Hugo, the SLOSH model did an excellent job of predicting and then replicating the maximum surge height that occurred in Dade County where Andrew made landfall. Figure 1 graphically portrays a favorable comparison of profiles of observed high water marks versus SLOSH calculated storm tide heights along the western shore of Biscayne Bay.

While the SLOSH model did well in regards to surge height, the actual extent of flooding was less than expected and shown in the surge atlases. Figure 2 is a graphic that the Miami Herald developed (based on FEMA surveys) that shows the extent of surge flooding. Ironically the areas that were evacuated in Dade County for expected category 4 flooding, were devastated by the winds of Andrew - if the evacuation had not been carried out in those areas, the loss of life would have been much greater.

Surge Inundation Areas

To estimate the extent of flooding which can be expected from a hurricane making landfall along South Carolinas coast, results from the National Weather Services Sea, Lake and Overland Surges from Hurricanes (SLOSH) computer model were run by the Storm Surge Group at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida.  Three models were used to predict the potential storm surge for the coast of South Carolina: the Wilmington/Myrtle Beach basin model, the Charleston basin model, and the Savannah/Hilton Head basin model.  The output from these SLOSH models consists of predictions of water heights throughout these basins created by hurricanes making landfall along the South Carolina coast.
10:21 am edt 

Duartes Parking

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with the town purchasing the property - leveling the real estate and have one big parking lot as it stands - thus eliminating any kind of superstructure ?
10:17 am edt 

Provincetown Theater

Anyone know what is going on with the Provincetown Theater on Bradford?  I heard it was closing. Could this be true?? What a waste!
7:06 am edt 

To: The Post @ 10:09... Re: Transportation Center

"..about the selectmen and the town manager not being forward thinking."

I couldn't disagree more.  This group of people are thinking about our future.  They are attempting to maintain the existing number of parking spaces in the downtown area and they are trying to do this with federal money.

The most important part of this whole plan is the parking.  It is not the green park or the police station.  Parking is ESSENTIAL to our seasonal tourist economy.  If we were to lose those 350 parking spaces at Duartes, this town, based on tourists, will die.  

Take away 350 parking spaces, that's about half of the entire parking commodity and see what happens.  Can the Whale Watches survive with no place for patrons to park?  How many restaurants will be able to stay open when there are that many fewer people walking the streets?  Retail stores with no traffic?   As these businesses find fewer customers coming in, they will eventually close.  What happens then?  Fewer businesses mean fewer workers needed.  Will the guest houses be able to maintain guests when there are fewer restaurants, fewer shops, less things to do?  And when our entire economy, which is now totally based on seasonal tourism fails, what will happen to the home prices?  People buy property here now because it is a fun place to be or they can rent out for a profit.  It ain't gonna be much fun when there is no one walking the streets, no one shopping in the stores, no one eating in the restaurants.  And how are the people who own property now going to pay their mo!
rtgages when there are no jobs.

Face it.  Our economy and our future are based on maintaining or even increasing the number of parking spaces in the downtown area.  Over the years that is exactly how this economy was built.  Take it away and the whole thing falls apart.

Personally, if those spaces were lost, my business would not survive.  5 people would be out of work and I wouldn't be able to pay the mortgage on my home.  How would losing those spaces effect how you make your living?
7:03 am edt 

To: Greg C

Nice to read your sensible comments, you've done your homework.  Write more often !
6:59 am edt 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Re: Transportation Center

How Could the Project Reflect Duarte' When it is the Old, Rejected 2005 Transportation center Project

We voted this idea, this project, this fantasy down at a town meeting in 2005. We said NO. But here we go again. And so the plan they now resurect, is the old voted-down plan.

Such craxy ideas that seize these people. Could we not have one person with a normal IQ and a bit of guts as selectmen? But no, the lets-not-make-waves fifdom of five reign.

I shake my head. What a pathetic group of five and what a tragic town manager we have. Together, it leads to nothing solid, nothing long-term. All knee jerk. All totally insane and eventually dooming for this small little town.
10:09 pm edt 

Transportation Center, Really for Here?
Soon there will be few people here. Do these people who live here in September and October and November and December and January and February and March and April and May need a huge multi-level transportation center? Who actually needs and requires such a center? Even in May and June and July and August, do we even then, need such a mega-center?

We have taxis; we have pedi-cabs; we have fast ferries landing at MacMillan; we have parking at MacMillan, at Cabrals', in municipal lots and Duarte's. We value small scale, historic fishing village perspectives. What in the world would a three-level super-structure have any historic sense in Provincetown? Would you stick this garage on a dune? No, and you should not stick this on Bradford.

This is just pure folly, pure illusion, pure madness. The town needs to go into serious and long-term therapy.
10:07 pm edt 

Re: Greg Craig and Flood Concerns

The streets around Duarte's are subject to flooding in far less than a Category 1 hurricane. Access to and from the site would be compromised in a storm. And under normal everyday conditions it would be a miserable site from which to be dispatching police cars.

An under ground parking garage would flood during a routine heavy rain with a lunar tide. Damage to cars in the garage is not the issue but undermining of the facility itself.

No one suggested abandoning existing infrastructure in high risk flood zones. Rather, the recommendation is to avoid repeating the same mistakes and simply do not build the Police Station in the middle of a flood zone. There is plenty of upland in the parking lots surrounding the schools.
10:05 pm edt 

Hey! Ptown Girl
Will you marry me?

Ptown boy
10:04 pm edt 

To: Greg C.
"This conceptual work has to be fast tracked to have a chance for this once in a lifetime opportunity."

ACT NOW!  Call 1-888-888-8888 in the next 24 hours and we'll throw in a set of genuine Ginsu knives and a Sham-Wow  (shipping and handling extra).  This offer expires tomorrow so you have to act quickly!

Billy Mays
10:03 pm edt 

Re: Flooding
Thanks for at least responding on this issue, which is more than the transportation project team did in their presentation - not one word about flooding!  Go look at their website and you'll see.

And before you go overboard, their "Slosh model" data that you freely rely on comes from the now out-of-date Fema maps.  As we all know, Fema is about to issue new flood maps for the town, which according to the Banner will add "500 to 600 homes and businesses" to flood zones.  Sounds like they are taking higher tides into consideration, and it will be useful to see if "only a corner" of the proposed police structure is still now expected to be flooded on the new maps.  

And let me get this straight: we should approve a new station in a flood area because that's where the old one is?  Great thinking on that one. Move the station, but it makes no sense to spend a pile of money (even if we keep convincing ourselves it is "free") to put it where it may well be still no use when we need it most.  And you'll note, nothing was said about the rest of the project.  Put a garage in a flood zone - fine, as long as it doesn't need huge town expenditures to fix it after it's flooded.

And for your argument that if someone opposes putting a new station in a flood zone, then they must agree we need to move town hall, etc.: pretty twisted, the logic on that one!  

For homeowners, a local insurance agent told me less than 15% of the homes on Commercial Street have flood insurance.  Would you bet the value of your home that we won't ever get hit again?  A lot of people are doing just that and was one reason for the original post.

Or you can just throw up your hands, and say "we will be lucky if anything is left" after a large storm, as you said. That kind of thinking would have gone over well in New Orleans, pre-Katrina.  But not today.
10:01 pm edt 

Dog Leash Law

It's nice that we even get to take our dogs to the beach at all, so please don't spoil that by not following the leash law.  It's a rule and if you can't follow it or choose not to, just don't bring your dog at all.  Not all locals feel entitlement because of their mere existence, for me it is the opposite; because I am a local I feel I should set an example.
9:59 pm edt 

Swim On!

Hope to see everyone geared up and ready for yet another great swim
9:58 pm edt 

Transprtation Center

Move all the school grades into one building, the high school, take the elementery school and make it the police station and take motta field and make the parking lot....
9:57 pm edt 

Re: Leash Law

Provincetown voters voted years ago for off leash beach rights. The BOH suspended them for three years because rabies had been reported. Three years passed and no other cases reported.
The BOH was right to reinstate the will of the people! The fines were increased too recently for non-compliance. What's your problem?

Untwist those         !
9:56 pm edt 

Re: Leash Law

"..The intention from the beginning of lifting the ban on dogs being leashes at all times on the beaches was to open up our beaches to dogs off leashes 24/7...."

That's not true. But what is true was creating hours so that both stakeholders, dog owners and non dog owners, could enjoy the town beaches. It worked really well this summer!
6:15 pm edt 

Re: Leash Law

Thank you to all that obeyed the new off leash beach hours this summer! There was not one beach dog realted incident reported!

There must have been no less than a hundred dogs on the thirteen town beaches each day during those hours. It really worked out well. Thanks to the Town for putting up the new signage at all the town landings and the penalities for not complying.

Duane, get that checkbook out!
6:13 pm edt 

Re: Dog "Attack"
Let's see thousands and thousands of dog/beach hours over the course of the summer and one attack. That means there is less than a .0001% change of an attack occuring. In addition, as noted by the hysterical poster, this attack occured during "on leash" hours. Therefore this "attack" has nothing to do with the decision to restore the voter MANDATED by-law which allows dog recreation on town beaches during certain hours. Seems this frantic poster is making a mountain out of a molehill. Sorry for the dog that was attacked and hope the owner sues the crap out of the other owner to teach them a lesson but get your logic straight.

Signed, a dog owner with a well trained, well behaved dog.
6:12 pm edt 

Leash Law

Well the realty of The Board of Health's decission to lift the ban regarding dogs to be leashed on the beach has now been exposed with the vicious attack on a visiting dog on a leash!! During "on leash time" 9am to 6pm the unleashed dog of Board of Health Chair, Duane Gregory viciously attached the dog of a visitor to our Town who was complying with the "on lease" time. Apparently Duane Gregory does not feel that she as a "local" has to comply with the times of the "off leash" "under voice control" Town By-Law. Those of us who opposed lifting the ban on dogs being off leash on the beach where targeted as anti-dog. The Board of Health members and other supporters of dogs off leash on the beach claimed that it was the visitors not the locals who did not comply with the hours of the off leash prior to the ban. Well this vicious attack proves this to not be true. The truth is that most local dog owners do not comply with the "off leash" hours nor are their dogs "under !
voice control". The Town has only one Animal Control Officer and when she is off duty the police do not respond nor monitor the dogs on the beach and compliance with the "off leash" hours. So, the truth is the Board of Health and other supporters of dogs being off leash on the beach has been from the beginning to not comply with the identified hours of dogs being off leash with full awarness that the police could not nor would not enforce the "off leash" hours. It is very sad that a visitor to our lovely Town who complies with our Town By-Laws has to suffer such a trumatic event because a local person has chosen to ignor a Town By-Law. The intention from the beginning of lifting the ban on dogs being leashes at all times on the beaches was to open up our beaches to dogs off leashes 24/7. The vicious attack by Duane Gregory's unleashed dog is proof of this.    
5:53 pm edt 

Transit/Parking/Police Center Flooding Concerns:
Here are the facts about flooding and the proposed garage/etc:

1) Using Army Corp of Engineers SLOSH Model which shows potential impact from hurricanes of various severity one quickly sees that only the corner where the current beach stuff shop stands (the old car dealership building) is subject to flooding and that only in a category 3 or 4 hurricane, and then only the corner of that area closest to the intersection of the abutting streets. This is being taken into consideration in the planning of the structure as well as potential location of the police station which might well move around the lot a little bit.

2) Using the same model/data, the current police station location (and the fire station) is subject to flooding in a category 4 storm with water coming up from the Shank Painter Pond marshes and surrounding area. It is also subject to being completely cut off from ingress/egress by flooding, again, as is the fire station.

3) If you are going to use this invalid and unsupported concern to try to stop this project in the conceptual planning stages then to be consistent you should also advocate that:
a) the Town Hall should be moved to higher ground or abandoned
b) the current police and fire stations should be abandoned
c) more than 1/3 of the town should be raised up and homeowners in these areas required to raise their buildings and infrastructure.
d) the municipal pier and parking should be abandoned

4) In the case of an approaching storm of sufficient magnitude to get water anywhere near this area one assumes that all people parking in the structure would have been long before evacuated from the Cape, or would not have come in the first place. The town is not liable for damage to cars from flooding, that's what auto insurance does.

5) If a storm of this magnitude hits Provincetown we will be lucky if there is anything left.

6) Do you really think the transportation planner for the Cape Cod Commission and the folks he works with hasn't thought this one through or that experts in the subject won't be consulted along the way?

7) FEMA has thick guides on how to build buildings in areas potentially subject to flooding, it can be done with some fairly simple steps including elevating key infrastructure.

Regarding the rest of the nattering nabobs of negativity try keeping an open mind for once. This conceptual work has to be fast tracked to have a chance for this once in a lifetime opportunity. This could reshape Provincetown for the better in a way no one ever thought possible. As they say "don't look a gift horse in the mouth." As noted by others there will be plenty of time for carping/kvetching/feedback down the road.

Since the webmaster does not allow links those who wish to see a map of the SLOSH model overlaid with the lots in question please translate the following into an address in your web browser:

http: slash slash www dot gregcraig dot us slash pt_downtown_slosh dot jpg  (no spaces anywhere in the address)

note: parcels 1136, 1077, 937 are the lots involved.

Finally, I would assume that anyone who is so concerned about flooding has current national flood insurance program coverage for their homes and businesses. I would also assume you are taking every possible action to reduce your carbon footprint to help ameliorate carbon build up which will eventually lead to sea level rise that might, someday after most of us are gone, cause a problem to this specific zone.

Greg  C.
5:49 pm edt 

To: PTown Girl
You should consider running for selectmen, you seem to have a fresh and positive perspective that the town would benefit from.  I don't know when the next election is but seriously look into it. You definitely have my support!!
3:56 pm edt 

To: Paul Soares

Well put Mr. Soares! Thanks for the mindful post.
3:32 pm edt 

Re: Transportation Center

If you had attended the meeting you would know that the web address is


It was mentioned at the meeting as well as on the copies of the maps that were handed out.

The presenters did mention that Duarts is only an option that needs further exploring but one that might make sense.  Other options that were mentioned were the ball field out by route 6 and the temporary town hall trailers.
3:06 pm edt 

Re: Transportation Center

I love the Transportation Center idea accompanied with a waterfront park if, town government had shown historic competence in overseeing the town's assets or projects. Knowing them, they'll cut corners like they did on the town's septic (and we now know the problems as a result), not maintain it (like having to abandon town hall because of neglect) and it will end up being one override after another and no way out for taxpayers. I vote, unfortunately, 'No Confidence in Our Government' for this otherwise great idea.
3:05 pm edt 

Re: Transportation Center

I know that the transportation center is still in the planning phase, but I have noticed that many multi-million dollar projects happen start very quickly around here.  I fear that this is a done deal regardless of what the voters decide.  

I am concerned about building an underground parking structure - what happens if it floods?  The town will now be liable for damages to people vehicles? Have we seen the FEMA flood zone maps?  

If the goal is to divert traffic away from the town center, placing a 700 space parking structure in the already congested area of Bradford and Standish seems like it's going to create more problems than it will solve.  Bradford Street backs up with cars lining up to get into Duarte's and they only have three hundred spaces - what will the congestion be like when this structure houses 700 spaces and it's the only game in town?  

And although many people might think that the waterfront needs to have a park - and I am sure that it will be organized and nicely developed and pretty - but that's not Provincetown.  The parking lot near the pier with the small clam shacks, burger shacks, and the miscellaneous stores give this part of town a different rustic, raw kind of feel that you don't get in an overly developed town.

When this was first proposed David Bedard stated, Its visionary.  Its about forever changing the face of the town."  This is true and it's something we shouldn't rush into for the sake of meeting a grant deadline.  

Although getting this money might be a great idea in the here and now, I think we need to choose carefully the projects we undertake for the longterm development of Provincetown.  The town is having trouble managing and properly maintaining the existing projects and I think we just need to take a step back.

We have a sewer system that has failed this year (both systems) yet, we want to expand it.  We just mortgaged the town to the hilt to renovate a beautiful old building, but what problems will we uncover once we move back into it and start using it?  I truly don't understand how the Pier Corporation works, but it appears to have its share of financial and managerial problems (and let's face it - although the concrete is newer and it's shiny, it doesn't have that rustic Provincetown feel).  

Affordable housing is growing by leaps and bounds, yet the idea to create affordable housing for families to create more year round residents seems to have been replaced by units designed for couples and individuals.

So, the Transportation Center may be a great idea for this town, but I don't feel that we have the leadership to properly execute and manage another large scale project.  Like many of the other capital improvements here, it will take on a life of it's own and be out of control.

Paul Soares
3:03 pm edt 

Flood Potential Possibilities

To add to the earlier note about likely flood damage at the proposed police station site:

- in the 1898 Portland Gale, per one history: "More than half of the wharfs, many of the properties close to the water, and numerous jobs, were destroyed" in Provincetown. 20 ships sank in the harbor; 500 people perished in New England.

- the Portland Gale had only hurricane category 1 winds and surge (the lowest level on 1-5 scale), but hit town at high tide.  

- the famous hurricane of 1938 (600 dead), and those of the mid-1950's (Carol and Edna) were cat 3 storms, but had their strongest winds and surges away from the Cape; and none hit town near high tide.

- FEMA draws up its flood charts based on "100 year storm", whose projected likelihood = 1% per year. FEMA has tried to clarify the probability of a 100-year flood by saying that it has about a 26 percent chance of occurring during the life of a 30-year home mortgage. That's about triple the risk of a fire during that same period. Yet everyone has fire insurance.

- so for homes, and the proposed police station, in the 100 year flood plain, there is a 26% chance that it will flood in any 30 year period.

- Provincetown and the Cape have been extraordinarily lucky not to have had such a storm or flood since 1898. Insurance companies understand this, so many are refusing to insure here or are hiking their rates, even though they only insure against wind, not flooding. Only our Federal gov't is big enough, or perhaps dumb enough, to underwrite flood insurance.

- go to MacMillan and imagine the water 10 to 20 feet higher than high tide, backed up by winds 111 to 130 miles per hour which is what a cat 3 is. And note that Katrina's surge was bigger than 20 feet, coming ashore as cat 3.

- before I get called Cassandra and you say it won't happen here again: it's much more statistically likely than the "big one" earthquake happening in California. Yet would any of us be really surprised if today that earthquake happens?
2:59 pm edt 

To: P-Town Girl

Very well said.  Thank you for that heartfelt approach to this special place many of us call home. Have you ever considered running for office?
12:13 pm edt 

Re: Transportation Center

Only web site I could find that has details of the transportation center is this one:

MacMillan Pier Transportation Center
Feasibility Study
January 6, 2006

at this address

but it does NOT show any details of the Duarte part of the possible project.

anyone have a better address that shows the latest drawings for the parts on Bradford?
12:11 pm edt 

Provincetown Gateway Project Proposal

Dear friends and neighbors and fellow citizens:
Please go to and you will see what was presented to us at the Transportation presentation and hearing on Tuesday.

This is a time for vision, to take the municipal parking lot which is a dead zone for cars and Create a Green Way Park that is an acre and a half in size!

Imagine going to Lopes square and being dazzled by looking over an acre and a half of a landscaped breezeway to the harbor.

My house faces Duarte's Standish street Mall and Parking lot.

It is already a parking lot and I would gladly live across the street from a Parking Garage and police station for this ONCE in a LIFE TIME gift of a chance to grace our harbor not with a dead zone for cars but with a park or public garden for we residents to stroll through and enjoy for the rest of our lives.

No buses will be allowed to park in the parking lot. THIS WON'T BE PAID FOR BY WE TAXPAYERS--it is stimulus money. We owe it to ourselves to create a public garden on the waterfront for us and future generations.

Remember, this whole plan is like a canvas being painted and areas will be enhanced and abutters concerns will seriously addressed and considered and changes may be made. This is just the first of many planned meetings.

Think and consider and envision what an acre and a half of a landscaped green way for people to enjoy and view would mean for our harbor--it would be a dazzling addition to the town.

Michael Rogovsky
12:08 pm edt 

Re: My lack of Prospective on Change-

I do not forget that Provincetown is and has always been in constant transition. Change is inevitable no matter for better or worse, I do not fear change.  I am not naive enough to believe that we can remain the same forever.   I believe in my last posting I mentioned Restructure, which would require a great deal of change.  Provincetown is a chameleon of sorts and has an amazing way of persevering no matter what obstacles are thrown at it.  Personally, I feel that we as a community would benefit tremendously if we tried this little thing called team work.  We cant continue to mismanage an entire town and pretend that we are not a "sinking ship".  Look around; our town is in a horrible state of disrepair.  We have half a town hall, what could be a beautiful library but has fallen short on funding,a mismanaged town pier, a police department that isnt fit to work in, a failed sewer system that put many of our residents in significant debt, and a great deal of affordable housing that will have no one who can even afford to live there.  All of this has been done with the promise of better things to come and all I see is one mess after another.  If you want to close your eyes as tightly as you can and pretend its not happening then be my guest but dont complain when its all gone. 
P-town Girl
12:04 pm edt 

Duarte's Parking Lot Potential For Flooding

"The area you are talking about floods very rarely nowadays from storms"

It only has to happen once to make this a very bad choice.  When was the last time a hurricane hit town at high tide? We have been very fortunate. Ever wonder why so many houses on Commercial Street look like they were built about the same time? Answer is that many were - right after the Portland Gale of the 1890's.  If it happened once, it will happen again. Just a question of when, not if. And the tides are higher now, and predicted to get a little higher every year, which is one reason FEMA is changing the flood charts.

A flooded police station, or one that no one can get to in such an emergency, would be tragic.  
10:45 am edt 

Duartes and the Zoning Board

Whatever happens with Duartes - I just hope the Zoning board is on the ball with this one. I would encourage the Zoning Board to conduct exhaustive surveys about how any proposed "change" will effect the area.  This is a key intersection in town and one that is always busy in the summer - almost cripplingly so.

I would encourage the Zoning board to be as tough and as rigourous in the process to make sure that any changes will not in any way negatively affect this town and its residents.  

Please remember, yes, we need more parking 3 months out of the year but what about the other 9 when the rest of us live here ?

Any proposed change of this nature should have to go to Zoning, Planning and Historical (yes, I know that area may not be part of Historical, but in this special case that affects so many people, they should get involved)

If a change happens on that parcel - these boards should step up to the plate and do what is truly right for the residents of this town.  I'm so tired of hearing "well we have or had a weak zoning board"  - too bad - please get it right this time.  If you have to bring in experts - please do so.
10:40 am edt 

Tuesday's Transportation Presentation
At Tuesday's Transportation presentation, we saw that most of Duart's parking lot would be turned into a garage with parking on the ground level, the first tier and then the second tier. It will have buffer zones of vegetation.

The proposed Police station would be built where the current building resides.

The Municipal parking lot by the pier would be a public garden over an acre in size; so from Lopes square you would see a landscaped acre with a pavilion--and the transportation center would be near where the bus stop is now. You can see the plans on line--but I don't remember the address.

We saw the photos. There will be no buses allowed at the parking Garage. Get the facts, show up at the next presentation..this is a work in progress.
10:39 am edt 

To: PTown Girl

Thank you for your blog. It was perfect and wish I could have said it myself.
A Old P-Town Native
7:39 am edt 

Re: Transportation/Police Station

I don't have a problem with the new parking garage/police station.  My problem is that the people in charge of spending the money are not to be trusted.  Let's look back shall we:  What happened to the money from the sewer that was to repave Commercial St, where is the additional floating dock, wave attenuator and fish off loading building that was to be included in that grant?  If approved the budget and plans should include all expenses, bidders should be held to their bids (the cost of anything over the bid should be paid by the company that wins the bid) and no Change of Work Orders should be allowed after the fact.

Just Thinking Out Loud
7:38 am edt 

To: Ptown Girl

What you and a lot of other long timers forget is that Ptown has always changed for better or worst with different groups and different ways to work and prosper only to be replaced by some other industry with yet again another group of people and so on and so on. This town may look like its changed for you but there are others who will be just as passionate about Provincetown when you & I are not here any more.
7:35 am edt 

The Sky is Always Falling

We always forget that people have been saying that Provincetown is dying as far back as our history books go! And if you look around the town you can still see some of the ways our forefathers dealt with that problem. One was the building of the monument 100 years ago! And the PBG 30 years ago is another one. Some things never change!
7:34 am edt 

To: Greenday

If a developer buys Duarts lot and does not want to worry about any abutters. All he has to do is to make the project a 40b development. With that he would NOT have to go to the Zoning board. And guess what if that happens, you can be sure they will be as tall and close together as all the new developments are in the west end!
7:32 am edt 

Trans Center

How can so many people say no to something which is really just a conceptual idea for a grant application.  We will all have time for public input at every phase of the project as it goes from concept to actual plans.

First lets see if we can get the money from the Federal Gov to even consider the concept.  If you still want to say no then, fine.  But please keep an open mind till then.  There are many pluses that could be accomplished here.

Remember, this is just a concept plan for an application for a grant and nothing more.
7:31 am edt 

To: Not a Native but Been Here Long Enuff

If you were here a little longer you would know that when the town built up the Municipal Parking Lot with proper drainage and sea walls, the area you are talking about floods very rarely nowadays from storms. And the traffic on Conwell will not be as bad because it wont be backed up from people trying to turn right onto busy Bradford street.
7:30 am edt 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Please Say No to Duarte's Option

 The Standish and Bradford intersection and most of Duarte's property is in a high risk flood zone. Drive by and notice that even back in the 1930's or 40's when Duarte's garage was built, they built up the elevation about 2 feet above Bradford St.

 It would not be a good idea to site our police headquarters in a high risk flood zone. Even if the proposed police station were up on stilts or over a parking structure, vehicles still have to come and go during a hurricane or other flood event. The fire headquarters is already built on filled tidal flood plain. Let's not do it again. Due to the potential flooding issue it would be a very bad decision to build a below ground garage there.

 Secondly, re-concentrating parking in the downtown will increase traffic on Conwell St., or it will do nothing to relieve it. Conwell cannot handle anymore traffic and a sidewalk/ pedestrian solution for the Conwell St. area is sorely needed.

 Third, moving the MPL two blocks further away from present location will be a great inconvenience for residents and kill business in the off season. Parking is more than a revenue generator for the municipality. It is an amenity and quality of life issue. When the wind is whipping at 30+ MPH as it does from late September to mid June, those two blocks of wind tunnel will be a deterrent.
 As an alternative, the Parking Planning Committee tried twice in the late 1980's or early 1990's to develop parking on the outskirts of Town with a shuttle bus system to move people into the center. We already have the huttle bus system that was then envisioned. Can somebody dust off those plans and studies and share them with the current powers that be?

Not a native but been here long enuff
10:06 pm edt 

Duarte Motors
There is all this talk about buying the Duarte property and ending congestion in and around Lopes Square by consolidating parking lots.

What is going to be done to ease the congestion on Bradford street at the current Duarte Motors?  This is already a nightmare on a rainy day in the summer, adding 300-400 parking spaces should only add to the problem.

Are we going to wait until it is built to address the problem?  How many times this year were our town parking lots full?  Many days you could get spaces in the MPL during the daytime hours, years ago this was unheard of.  Perhaps we do not need as many spaces overall as people think.
8:04 pm edt 

Zoning Question.

If Mr. Duart sells his parking lot to a "developer", does that new owner have to get a Special Permit from the ZBA to change the use of the land to housing? I would like to know before I express my opinion.

8:02 pm edt 

I Must sSate That I am One of Those Who Thoroughly Enjoys Reading This Blog.

So I would like to say Thank you, to the person who runs this little blog of ours and to everyone who contributes to it, no matter what they contribute. I try to read it daily but I tend to read it three or four times a week, commenting only when I feel strongly about a particular matter.  Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I want to cry, and at times I ever shake my head in disbelief.  If I didnt enjoy it so much I wouldnt read it, so to those of you who dont get a little giggle out of it or hard-core facts about your town politics; dont read it. You have to take things with a grain of salt, make sure you have the truth, and get all the facts before assuming anything is true.  Remembering, believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.

I grew up in Provincetown, however I do not feel any sort of entitlement, my family all resides here; although I never know for how much longer we can all afford too.  I went to school here, I played in our playgrounds; I worked at local stores, and restaurants all through high school, college and still do.  I am not ashamed to say Im Portuguese, from a fishing/artists family or a small primarily gay town.  I was fortunate enough to grow up with an amazing insight on life, on diversity, on acceptance, on community, and the strength that all of that stands for.  I dont just care about Provincetown, I absolutely love Provincetown and everything that it stands for no matter what that is.  I have had the opportunity to live in many other places and always seem to be drawn back to this amazing place.  Unfortunately, as I have grown up it has become more difficult to thrive and survive in this town.  I do not claim to be from the richest of blood or the brightest of bulbs but I do!
 believe in this town.  Maybe, I am naive to believe in a town that no longer cares about its children or sense of community no matter what that means, community is an entity. Not individual groups divided by sexuality, education, class, or gender.    If we dont believe in the children of this town how can we ask them to believe in us? I know it comes down to the o mighty dollar but I hope everyone realizes its not just about that.  Coming from Provincetown is an education in its self that no other place or school can provide.  No matter if you have children or not we need to do what is in the childrens best interest; even if it is not what we personally would like to see.  I would be extremely sad to see the schools closed down just to save a few dollars and trust me this town would just find somewhere else to spend your hard earned money. When it comes to education we need to put our own personal agendas behind us and think of the future generations, the current situation!
s and prosperity as a community; not just financially. No matt!
er where
the money goes there will always be someone who disagrees with it. If I have learned one thing in all these years, it is that you cant please everyone all the time especially in Provincetown.  
I cannot help avoid the topic that is so heavily being discussed on here regarding Mrs. Notaro.  I dont know Carrie Notaro all that well but dont condemn her for caring about the future of Provincetown, for those little people she stands for are our future local entrepreneurs, lawyers, politicians, artist etc  
I dont know Ms. Couture at all, so I cant say what she stands for or what her personal agenda is but Im not sure she has the towns best interest at heart. Provincetown has lost its way over the last decade, I mean we had a town manager that didnt even think high enough of our school system to send his own children to it.  A police chief that would never have called Provincetown his home and a local government somewhat run by a group of puppet masters.  As someone on this blog stated a few weeks back, we might just need to be restructured in order to prosper.  We need to look out for our local economy; at this rate we are our own worst enemy.  Lastly, since we are a seasonal community that primarily thrives on our tourist industry, the Tourism Director should be someone who knows a little something about our town and cares enough about its future to get out there and promote it.  We might be a sinking ship but some ships have been known to stay a float!

P-Town Girl

Oh and yes, feel free to disagree at any point.  That is the beauty of a great and productive conversation.  Isn't it?
8:00 pm edt 

Re: Transportation Center

If Duarte sells and the property is developed we lose 350 or so parking spaces.  That could be devastating to the economy in this town.  Wasn't Mr. Duarte quoted in the Banner a couple of weeks ago that he was in his 70s, his daughters weren't interested in taking on the parking lot and he would consider selling?

To those abutters worried about their view, if Mr. Duarte sells the property and it gets developed, there's a good possibility your 'view' is going to go away as well.

If we don't move forward with the Transportation Center then we'll need to find the funds on our own to build or remodel the polic station.

Moving MPL to the Duarte's lot is a no-brainer, it's a win-win opportunity.  Prime space in Provincetown used as a parking lot doesn't make sense.
11:33 am edt 

Re: Transportation Center
To the blogger who thinks that Duarts can be taken by eminent domain. There is a little problem with that as the property was taken by eminent domain for the railroad years ago and you can only take a property once by eminent domain. So the price that he sets is the price that the town has to pay and I believe it is going to be in the 12 to 15 million dollar range. This fact was found out a few years back when the town looked into taking the property for a police and fire station I believe.

A old native of Provincetown
11:31 am edt 

Re: Transportation Center....

Why are we wondering about whether Joe Duarte will sell or what the value is?

The basic tenet of Eminent Domain clearly applies here.

Definition of Eminent Domain:  The power of a government to acquire private property for public purposes.  It is used frequently to obtain real property that cannot be purchased from owners for fair value in a voluntary transaction.

Definition of Stupid:  Spending months negotiating a price that suits the seller.

Anyone else remember the Fishermans Wharf episode?
9:25 am edt 

From: Carrie Notaro

"Oh, Boy, This is One unenlightened Woman

Who decides to take over the Titanic? Who is certain she can direct the ship through storm and catastrophy? Here we have this Carrie Notaro. God help us here. Would the Stop & Shop hire her to bags goods? Hardly."
12:00 am edt

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"No, We May Not Know Everything About You, But We do Know Arrogance When We See It

And you Mrs. Notaro are extremely arrogant. You speak as if you have a toal grasp of issues and put down those you oppose. And to say that you have only had two conversations with Michele Couture is quite the lie. You are in constant conversation with this BOS member and she has been and continues, unfortunately for some of us, to be your big backer. My Dear, without her support, you would have never run for this position.

You cannot deceive all the people all the time even if you deceive yourself. "
11:59 pm edt

How can you say that I am lying about conversations with Michele Couture? The last time I went to a BoS meeting was in June. The last time I saw Michele Couture was maybe a week or so ago, while I was driving through town and she was walking on Commercial Street sometime in the late evening.

"My Dear", the only person I asked to support me was my husband. Michele is not my "backer".

I am not arrogant. I do not speak as if I have a "grasp" on issues and most importantly, I do not, never have AND never will put down those who choose to oppose me. I am not that kind of a person.

If you have spoken to me personally, you would clearly understand that I accept those who do not agree with me. Who am I to judge those who don't have the same views as I?

I have always said that change is good. No matter what the outcome may be. I will fight for what I believe in whole heartedly and respect whatever the end result may be. I do not proclaim to have all of the knowledge of everything and never will. This is a learning process for me.

I do not always agree on what the BoS decide, nor do I for the School Committee. Why is it that just because I have strong feelings for the school and its outcome am I such a horrible, "arrogant" person?

I encourage you to meet me personally. Express your opinions and views, and maybe we could try to understand where we are both coming from.

Why do I have to be the bad guy? Sometimes people need to learn to agree to disagree.

Life is too short...move on and let it go!

Carrie Notaro the person who wouldn't want me to bag their groceries...what would you say to me if I was to be that Stop & Shop employee? Would you have the guts to say something to my face?
9:11 am edt 

To: The Webmaster!

Again you have not posted my shout out. And there was no profanity or derogatory statements. It seems that whenever I mention Astrid and/or Mikey in my remarks you block me. Yet they are ALWAYS judging others who they disagree with!
12:02 am edt 

Oh, Boy, This is One unenlightened Woman
Who decides to take over the Titanic? Who is certain she can direct the ship through storm and catastrophy? Here we have this Carrie Notaro. God help us here. Would the Stop & Shop hire her to bags goods? Hardly.
12:00 am edt 

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No, We May Not Know Everything About You, But We do Know Arrogance When We See It

And you Mrs. Notaro are extremely arrogant. You speak as if you have a toal grasp of issues and put down those you oppose. And to say that you have only had two conversations with Michele Couture is quite the lie. You are in constant conversation with this BOS member and she has been and continues, unfortunately for some of us, to be your big backer. My Dear, without her support, you would have never run for this position.

You cannot deceive all the people all the time even if you deceive yourself.
11:59 pm edt 

Transportation Center...

Who said Duartes is for sale? not the owner....he doesn't want to sell and he would probaly only sell if he received far more than it's worth, he must make good money during the season. so if he dosen't want to sell it what will the town do ...... try and take it like they tried before when they wanted a fire station; how did that work out? I know one thing if they start taking peoples property, beware you could be next  
11:13 pm edt 

From: Carrie Notaro, School Committee Member
To those of you who "think" you know me, you have no idea! I have never claimed to know everything about the schools simply because I am a parent of two. This is a learning process for me and I plan on trying and doing my best along with what is best for our children. I cannot make decisions for others and their children, I can only make decisions for mine.

I do not have regular conversations with Michele Couture. In fact, I have only had two in the past two years on subjects that have nothing to do with the school system.

I decided to run for a position on the School Committee because I am a dedicated parent, like my husband and so many other parents. I ran unopposed, simply because no one else had the guts to run for the position. The School Committee isn't the only organization I belong to.

I am saddened to know that many of you live and breathe for this website. To think that your lives are in need of all of this negativity and hate is simply pathetic.

For those of you insinuating that all I do is knit, and all anyone could gain from having a conversation with me is learning how to knit, doesn't really want to get to know me. Better yet, I really don't care to get to know you either.

If you think that by having me on the School Committee is going to have you "in for the ride" or "what a treat" I'll be, then the rides and the treats are all on you, tootz!


Carrie Notaro

PS...Once again, I am one of the select few that have enough guts to respond AND sign my name!
11:10 pm edt 

You are Stupid!

Who is going to man the new parking lot and rest rooms?  Lets see:  It will cost us more dollars to put heads in the lots to collect revenue, but you will say we will make up for it with parking revenue?  Sure, if the town was able to manage a business.  But in all my years here, they do not know how to manage anything right.  

You really think they wont spend over the 30 million they might get from the feds?  Lets ram this down everyones throats before we know too much.   Just like the town hall.  Didn't you hear the BOS say, lets ask the voters first for only 2 million for town hall to fix the outside structure, then during the 1st phase, we can go back to the voters and ask for another 5 or 6 million to get the inside fixed.  It will be easier on them than asking for 7 or 8 million at one time.   Big deal, we still are paying the entire bill.  

Do they think we are stupid?  They do, and you all are, as they got what they wanted.   Guess I answered my own question.! 

I am the stupid one for thinking that your all smarter than you really are.
11:07 pm edt 

Transportation Center
Ever since Duarte Motors closed some numerous years ago and it became a parking lot, no one said boo. It is one of the most unkept pieces of property but yet something under-ground and new will hinder the view and decrease property value...It's amazing...I have always (silently) complained that if a neighbor fixes up his/her house, the property value goes up in the neighborhood but on Standish Street it goes down. How funny is that. What I really think the problem is, the complainers might                                                                                                                                  
7:24 pm edt 

Did I read in the CCTimes about Michele Couture's plan to endorse a 3 story parking garage by Macmillan Pier???? I didn't move here to look at something better suited for Boston.
7:22 pm edt 

Re: Lost Views
It looks like from the illustration on page 1 of this weeks Banner that the new parking garage will be 2/3's below grade which makes me think that the structure will be lower than the presant Duart's building so the 40 abuttors should be happy. I think its a great opportunity to move forward -especially if they have a few more toilets! Those are in short supply this summer!
7:21 pm edt 

Don't be Myopic About the Transportation Center

Something will be on this land.  The town needs parking.  The town needs revenue from parking.  If Duarte's disappears, where will people park who visit this town.  Maybe on the abutters' lawns... or perhaps they would like low income housing instead.  30 million in government funds should handle the project and not hit the bottom line.  
4:18 pm edt 

Forty Abutters Complained They'd Lose Their View?

Mark my words, THE TOWN DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ABUTTERS.  Forty is alot, but it could be 1000 abutters and the BOS and Sharon will do what they want.   Sad.  This is suppose to be run by "the people" as a form of government, but we know it is not.  The BOS do not listen to who put them in office.  If those forty abutters would sign a petition to have the BOS that vote for this removed from office, I would sign it.  (I have to tell you I am in favor of the transportation center, IF it doesn't cost the taxpayers one cent) but costing the provincetown taxpayers is something that the BOS could care less about.  
1:52 pm edt 

What Happened at the Transportation Center Public Hearing?

Forty abutters complained they'd lose their view.

No one owns a 'view.' onward!
1:00 pm edt 

Re : Astrid Berg
Congrats to Astrid on her great performance.  She has been through so much and still is able to get out there and share her performance.  She is a great hostess at her restaurant and an awesome person and friend. Provincetown is so lucky to have her !
12:07 pm edt 

Happened at the Tuesday BOS Meeting?

I know I should not ask, as almost 50% or more of information here is incorrect, but what happened at the BOS meeting Tue night about the transportation center?
And how much are we paying for the parking lot and delapidated building on Bradford Street across from the gas station?   I can only guess WAY TOO MUCH.
(Maybe I should sell my garden and home to the town and make out like a bandit also)
12:06 pm edt 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Re: Schools

Just so you know.
When a Ptown kid goes to Nauset, we pay Nauset $14K (if it is a special needs kid we pay $36K).
We also have to pay to bus that kid to Nauset.
When a kid comes to Ptown, their town pays us $14K (if it is a special needs kid they pay us $36K).
9:45 pm edt 


Our students are from all over the cape from Dennis Down not just Truro; and yes they pay but only a fraction of what Provincetown tax payers pay. Remember we are only responsible to educate our own at the High School ;24 students
6:04 pm edt 

Re: Carrie Notaro
It is spelled "agendas" not "adjendas".  So much for a Provincetown education!
3:36 pm edt 

4pm Transportation Meeting

The meeting is going to take place...lets hope it passes.
3:35 pm edt 

Re: Astrid Berg

It was great to see Astrid in a show stopping performance at Showgirls last night.  Guess the mourning period is over.  You go girl!  
3:34 pm edt 

Monday, September 7, 2009

Re: 2% Tax

Some people have to move from their homes in order to live here. They sleep on friends' couches and work multiple shifts in order to cling to a precarious existence in this special location. That is very different than operating a Utopian dream guest house. Survival by drastic means vs a likely flawed business model? Get a grip you greed-balls. Try a little fair play on a quintessentially non level playing field. Think about that first part, they can't live in their homes in order to live here. Tax this!  
11:42 pm edt 

I Wonder: Which Town Departments are Working Well

Surely there are some departments that work well. I wonder which ones individuals here feel work the best. I know that the DPW people who pick up my garbage and recycling are doing a great job. And I think that David Gardner is doing a yeoman's job in doing much of Sharon's job. He has come to know the rules, he works long and hard and seems fair and objective. That is a positive.
11:41 pm edt 

Ah! The School Situation

The department of Revenue has given their imprimatur and has written that the school is an incredible financial burden lashed to the backs of the taxpayers and this can't continue.

We all know that it is up to the selectmen to disband the schools. It will happen. The Governor, the Department of Revenue and the beleaguered taxpayers will make this happen.

It will be a sad day, but it is our destiny. Believe and accept that we have now reached this point in our history--for hundreds of students and a hand full of schools are are now going to close our last high school.

All of our dreams of affordable housing for families filling our schools have been dashed against the rock of the self interest of the developers.
8:23 pm edt 

So Long, Farewell. . .

It's time for me to leave this blog as so many others before me have.  My partner asked me why I continued to read this junk, you just see the worst side of Provincetown from a very small negative group of people.

He's right, time for me to move on.  I'm sure I'll think much more positively about Provincetown if I don't read the crap on here.
8:22 pm edt 

Knitting and Madame Defarge

That's an apt analogy for knitting and Madame Notaro. Knit away. And keep your list of enemies, my dear. We should all remember your secret backer Mademoiselle Michele Couture. How many secret phone conversations did both of you have and still have? Yes, knitting and Madame Defarge.

Some lessons we learn. Some we never learn.
5:25 pm edt 

Re: Carrie Notaro

You are correct nobody ran against carrie, now whats that saying about "Dumb enough to jump on sinking ship" My education in Provincetown taught me alot more than a proper education, It taught me to see through people with hidden adjendas, Carrie do us a favor, put down the needle and "PAY ATTENTION"
2:14 pm edt 

Re: Schools

I love it.  As the summer winds down, the conversation turns to closing the schools.  I am guessing the selfish second-homeowners and those myopic business people who don't care about kids will begin their ignorant, tedious and ultimately futile attacks against the schools.  Yes, your tax money is paying for small schools.  And you know what?  You'll simply have to suck it up and pay.  I personally would like to thank you for your continued patronage.  Without you we wouldn't have schools for our children.  Thank you.  You are too kind.
The Grim Tax Reaper
12:50 pm edt 

Re: Students

"I did not realize that we tax payers were responsible for educating children from other towns on Cape Cod"

The "other towns" = Truro, and they pay Provincetown a per student charge to offset costs.  
Half truths often do as much harm as untruths.
12:46 pm edt 

Re: Students

There are 24 students  in grades 7 through 12 from Provincetown . The rest are from other communities; I did not realize that we tax payers were responsible for educating children from other towns on Cape Cod
11:19 am edt 

Carrie Notaro and Other Boards

"Remember that no one ran against her during the last election.  At least she stood up and is taking a seat on a committee that she feels strongly about.  Since others feel she is so incompetent, where were your names on the ballot?"

And this is the common denominator of all the complaints throughout the political process, regardless of what level. Nobody is good enough yet the complainers don't step up to the plate. Put up or shut up.
10:52 am edt 

Perhaps It's the Arrogance of the Ignorant

Maybe that's what some feel about Carrie Notaro.
10:49 am edt 

Re: Carrie Notaro

OH BOY THIS IS GONA BE GREAT                  

At least the other members of the school board wiil get a great education
in knitting from Carrie

9:14 am edt 

Re: 2 % Tax

The 2% tax should be added to condos and homes that are rented out for the summer, not only to guest houses. There is something really wrong with this towns leadership, I have been here all my life and I have never seen anything like it. The town needs the money, so do it, don't put it on the tax payers back. People are getting rich in this town and others are losing their homes, especialy the elderly.
9:11 am edt 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Re: 2% Tax

When you are prepared to spend over $1000 for a room the difference of an additional $30 or so dollars to the taxes is not going to change your plans. Let's be real about this!
11:26 pm edt 

Re: Room Tax
Just for comparison's sake.  I just booked a room in Boston and am being charged 14% tax.  Did it stop me from booking the room?  No.
8:46 pm edt 

Re: Carrie Notaro
I'm not going to comment on what skills Ms Notaro brings to the School Committee, but I am going to comment on the bashing that appears on this blog.

Remember that no one ran against her during the last election.  At least she stood up and is taking a seat on a committee that she feels strongly about.  Since others feel she is so incompetent, where were your names on the ballot?

Thank you Ms Notaro for taking the time to serve this town.  It's too bad others who feel so superior don't take the time to do the same.

A bully is someone who puts others down so they can feel better about themselves.
8:45 pm edt 

Re: 2% Tax

The extra tax on $1400 ($200 a night for 7 nights) would only be $28, but if you were paying $163 in taxes, that might just be enought to change your mind from what it would have been at only $135 a night.
Everyone would be hurt, rest, shops, B&B's, town parking and more.
8:30 pm edt 

Re: Carrie Notaro

"...Another big mouth. But no big brain. What does this woman really know?"

And you know more because . .. ?
8:29 pm edt 

Re: 2% Tax

"If someone rents a week at a guest house at $200 a night for a total of $1400, the added tax would be $28 for the week. Do you really think that amount would change someone's mind about coming here? Be honest! I doubt it."

I think the issue is that the room tax would now be over 10%, actually 11.7%.  That may dissuade some people from booking a room.  Especially when they can save that amount and book a condo or house and pay NO tax.
7:42 pm edt 

Re: "Remember Only 24 kids Are in the Provincetown Schools From the Town of Provincetown"

What grades are you referring to when you say "only 24"?  Certainly not the total of grades K through 12!  

I know it's a holiday, but you can't just make up figures and expect not to be called on it.  
7:40 pm edt 

Carrie Notaro: What Skills Does This Woman Have in Education?
Another big mouth. But no big brain. What does this woman really know? I am always amazed that some people believe they know about schools because they have children. Wrong. Having kids teaches you nothing about educational needs and skills. Here's another no-nothing pretending to know what is best for this town. She is a disaster.
7:17 pm edt 

Re: 2% Tax Increase

Let's not be reactionary about the possibility of the 2% tax. If someone rents a week at a guest house at $200 a night for a total of $1400, the added tax would be $28 for the week. Do you really think that amount would change someone's mind about coming here? Be honest! I doubt it.
6:37 pm edt 


Remember only 24 kids are in the provincetown schools from the town of Provincetown; we are not suppose to support all the other towns
6:36 pm edt 

This is Gonna be Great

School is back in p-town, you think Jessica Waugh was nut's?   Wait till you see Carrie Notaro in action....lmao   this is gona be great                      

Never a dull moment
6:35 pm edt 

Labor Day is Finally Here

Hurray school is back up and running...thanx for all the tax dollars
paid to run our school this will be another great year..
11:02 am edt 

Please, Taxes go up All the Time

It's one of life's certainties. the sky will not fall. you know you'll just raise your prices and pass it on to the consumer. and i agree about the spelling thing. stupid is as stupid does.
11:00 am edt 

To: The Poster Who Wrote

"Re: Just Plain Stupid"  

"Go figure,someone would have to think because Labor do is so full and someone said that they could have sold 50 more rooms, they have to interprut that as people would not be effected on a 2% tax increas.  
You are just plain stupid"

I would suggest you learn how to spell interpret BEFORE you call someone else just plain stupid.
8:43 am edt 

2% Increase

Bookings are strong in September, but we do not have the extra 2% booking.  I would venture to say, if we add on all the proposed taxes, we would lose a few, and then next year the tourists would really think hard about coming to Ptown.  We all lose.  Even the town.  Think hard before you wish for anything stupid
8:38 am edt 

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I hope with this great weather that restaurants and guesthouses and retailers do well. Wishing you all the best.
10:38 pm edt 

Re: "Dude or Dudette - no reponse?"
It appears he/she ran out of the hot air he was blowing
9:59 pm edt 

Re: Just Plain Stupid

"..Go figure, someone would have to think because Labor do is so full and someone said that they could have sold 50 more rooms, they have to interprut that as people would not be effected on a 2% tax increas.  
You are just plain stupid"

There is a point to be made here.  When guest house owners make a point of saying how great business is the rest of the town's voters (many who are struggling) are going to think guest houses can afford to add a 2% room tax.  Even if it slightly hurts their guest house business they will still do OK.  And town voters don't realize guest house owners do like to exaggerate.

I don't agree with that point of view, but can you see how town voters might think that way?

You may want to think about it.
9:58 pm edt 

From the Cape Cod Times:
"While we value the engagement of online comments and prize an unfiltered conversation with and among our audience, such discussions are only as valuable as the level of discourse.  Put simply, when the conversation is littered with name-calling and personal attacks, it's not doing anyone any good.  We want to encourage a civil discourse on our sites fitting of the high ethical standards we set for the Cape Cod Times."

Might not be a bad idea to up the ethical standards on this site.
11:52 am edt 

Thank God!

No more crazy Jessica Waugh to deal with, Ptown schools may now have a chance to survive for another few years; until the best solution is reached
11:51 am edt 

Did Not Say the 2% Would Not Hhurt Provincetown B&B Industry

Maybe for Memorial day, July 4th, Carnival and Labor day it would not make a difference, but the rest of the season, shoulder season and all, I am sure it would hurt the town.  Go figure, someone would have to think because Labor do is so full and someone said that they could have sold 50 more rooms, they have to interprut that as people would not be effected on a 2% tax increas.  
You are just plain stupid
11:49 am edt 

Re: Strong Bookings
"Bookings are stronger than ever for September.  (Yes, have a guest house). We could have rented 50 more rooms if we had them..."

Then maybe that additional 2% room tax isn't such a bad idea.
9:22 am edt 

Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day is Here

Bookings are stronger than ever for September.  (Yes, have a guest house).
We could have rented 50 more rooms if we had them.  Seen guests going to shows, eating out at top notch food establishments.  One guy just bought a 3 grand painting and he was unemployed for the last 12 weeks.  Didn't have much money, but had enough to rent a room for 175 a night and eat and buy the painting.  
So why is everyone complaining?   Oh, this is Provincetown and it is the thing to do here.  
I still wish you all well.  When you all do well, we all do well together.
11:00 pm edt 

Hats Off to the Chamber For Stepping in With 5k!

Had the BOS properly managed our resources all along, they would have had the 44k to pay for the design plans and not be worrying about any deadline.

Why don't they use the funds in the capital reserve account that was initially funded with 100k, if they are unable to come up with it elsewhere? This is too important to screw up BOS!

Hats off to the Chamber for stepping in with 5k!
3:57 pm edt 

Is it True:

The BOS and Town MAnager Can't Even Get the GRrant Material Together?

Gee, this is unbelievable. All the talk about buying the parking lot, buying the pier, buying and buying and they can't even organize the material required for the federal grant? Just amazing, just I fear so much like this present inelegant administration.
3:29 pm edt 

Proven Wrong

"I saw the same meeting.  The BOS did discuss it as I recall.  It was a discussion and there was no support from any of them for the rooms tax.  And the discussion was about putting on the September Town Meeting...So once again, made up controversy.  There is no support for including it the STM."

Dude or Dudette - no reponse?  someone else proved you wrong with facts to back it up.
10:12 am edt 

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Questions is How Many Town Meetings Can One Town Have?

Town meetings are part of how we run the town. But we are now moving into at least four town meetings and I can imagine even more. What is really deceptive is that town hall gets into shape just as Sharon asks for more money for insdie design. It seems all projects are geared to town meetings and not real deadlines. It is sad and so unprofessional. Can a town have a town meeting every month? Is that legal? That is the legal question. Not that we have them but how many we do and how they end up undermining those who want to participate. Theya re making town meetings look like a joke, a puppet show that does not make any of us laugh.
11:02 pm edt 

Re: Truth be Told

Thank you for looking up the tape of the August 10th BOS meeting.  Nothing like actual evidence to set the record straight.  Certainly does not sound like a "made up controversy" to me either.
8:46 pm edt 

Re: Would the Concept of Town Meeting Government Stand up in Court?

It is one of the oldest form of government in the good old US of A. Started right here in Massachusetts. I think it would withstand a constitutional challenge.
6:20 pm edt 

Truth be Told

"Re: So once again, made up controversy.  There is no support for including it the STM." 
Sorry, how can I say this nicely?  You are wrong.  I hope you are correct and our town leaders would not support an increase in the local taxes, but evidence points otherwise.

I feel strongly about this issue so I took the time to watch a previous BOS meeting from town's web site.  Watch the joint meeting of the BOS and the Finance Cte from August 10th.

At approximately the 14:30 mark the Finance Cte Chair states (in referring to the additional rooms and meals tax) 'we need to make a good case for them'.

Watch closely at the 32:50 mark.  It's pretty clear how they feel about it.
Various Comments:
* Michelle Couture to the Town Manager:
'we're projecting November for the local options tax?'
Town Manager response:
'unless you want it sooner'.

* Michele Couture (in referring to the additional options taxes)said 'We will definitely have to make our case'

* Mary Jo Avellar stated the money should not go to the VSB or be isolated according to the current percentages because 'we need to have it for ourselves'.

* Mary Jo Avellar also asked about the possible additional 0.75% meals tax and where would they go - she's was pleased to hear 'those funds are definitely ours'

I'm disappointed to hear our Selectmen refer to funds as ours vs theirs.  The VSB is a part of this town and serves a definite purpose, it should not be considered us vs them.  I was also a little disappointed to hear Selectman Bedard did not even know how the current room tax funds are distributed.  Selectman Bedard, as a member of the BOS isn't that something you should know?

The Finance Cte Chair felt the town's voters would be more likely to pass this increase in local options taxes if the increase in funds were designated for specific purposes such as capital improvements, but the BOS didn't want those funds designated they want to be able to spend them as they see fit.

In response to your statement that not one BOS member is supporting the additional local options tax, it was pretty telling that not one of them spoke against it, they all the chance to do so.  Instead they were figuring out how they were going to divy up the money.

Don't believe me?  Watch the tape of this meeting.  It's pretty clear.

And those are the facts.
6:18 pm edt 

Re: # of Town Meetings

"You're job is not to stand up, eyes glued to the camera--as you did in the past--and read articles after articles. This is just nuts. There has to be a better way to run a town... "

I was just thinking about this.  Would the concept of Town Meeting government stand up in court? ( I can't be the first person to think of this)   Seems it discriminates against the handicapped, sick or bed-ridden who are not able to attend this form of government and are not able to have their voices heard.
2:55 pm edt 

Re: Sept 1 2009

I appreciated the DETAILS of why you're doing better than last year, instead of blanket statements. During such a bad recession it's hard to believe that everything is coming up roses for everyone. Clearly some businesses prospered, and I must admit, I haven't seen anyone go belly up, which certainly isn't the story in out in the real world.

-Skeptical but realistic
1:14 pm edt 

If The BOS Was Against the 11% Tax

They would not place this as an article for Town Meeting. But they are Potato Heads. They can't even get the plans together to apply for the free money they believed would fall from the sky for the Transportation Center. They spend much time yaking but little time thinking and strategizing and acting professionally.

I do believe they are incompetent.
12:19 pm edt 

If The BOS Was Against the 11% Tax
They would not place this as an article for Town Meeting. But they are Potato Heads. They can't even get the plans together to apply for the free money they believed would fall from the sky for the Transportation Center. They spend much time yaking but little time thinking and strategizing and acting professionally.

I do believe they are incompetent.
12:16 pm edt 

Re: So Once Again, Made Up Controversy
There is no support for including it in the STM.

12:14 pm edt 

How Many Town Meetings Can One Town Have?

We must be setting records and we must also be viewed as a foolish or mismanaged town that seems to have town meetings four times a year. So, Sharon, your job is not to answer questions at Town Meetings. Sorry Couture. You're job is not to stand up, eyes glued to the camera--as you did in the past--and read articles after articles. This is just nuts. There has to be a better way to run a town and I now am starting to miss the determination and brains of Keith Bergman. He at least knew what to do with power. These pretenders have no clue. Sadly for us.
12:12 pm edt 

What They're Really Thinking

Re: No Support
"As a matter of fact, no towns on the cape are including the rooms tax increase in their fall town meetings."

FACT?  I'm pretty sure Yarmouth is still on the Cape.

From Cape Cod Online:
"..Of the 14 towns reached for comment, only Yarmouth has gone so far as to put the tax question on a town meeting warrant, though neither the selectmen nor the finance committee has yet voted on whether to support the measure.
Most towns are in the preliminary stages of considering the matter.

..Mashpee and Wellfleet selectmen will have their first discussions on the subject at their next meetings.

Brewster is likely to have a public hearing on the question in September. 

Dennis selectmen have voted to consider placing the question on a fall town meeting warrant and have authorized Town Administrator Richard White to begin conversations with the town's chamber of commerce about how the new taxes could affect the town. 

Barnstable, Falmouth, Harwich, Provincetown and Truro are all in the preliminary stages of looking at the issue..."

Don't get me wrong I hope you are correct.  I hope this never happens, but the rumblings I've heard tell me we'd better be prepared.
11:40 am edt 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To: Sorry to Disappoint

I saw the same meeting.  The BOS did discuss it as I recall.  It was a discussion and there was no support from any of them for the rooms tax.  And the discussion was about putting on the September Town Meeting.

As a matter of fact, no towns on the cape are including the rooms tax increase in their fall town meetings.

So once again, made up controversy.  There is no support for including it the STM.
4:42 pm edt 

Re: Made up Controversy

"I have never heard one selectmen or fincomm member say they are in favor of supporting an increase in rooms tax.  I have heard one of the selectmen say he would never support the tax because of the unfair playing field with guesthouses vs. condo's.

Just more made up controversy on this blog."


Sorry to disappoint you, but this one is not made up.  The BOS discussed putting this on the Nov. STM at a recent meeting.
3:21 pm edt 

Re: Rooms Tax

I have never heard one selectmen or fincomm member say they are in favor of supporting an increase in rooms tax.  I have heard one of the selectmen say he would never support the tax because of the unfair playing field with guesthouses vs. condo's.

Just more made up controversy on this blog.
1:59 pm edt 

NO to the Additional Room and Meal Tax

I agree, NO to the additional room and meal tax.  Why does this town seem to want to make it harder and harder for businesses to survive?  There may be some B&B owners who are wealthy, but there are a great many more of us who work very hard to make ends meet.  and they want to add to the reasons people say they don't come to Provincetown?  Number one reason is it's too expensive.  some may say it's only an additional 2% on the room tax, but what you'd be doing is to put it over that 10% level and that could really hurt.

I'd expect the Chamber, PBG and VSB to come out against this, if they don't take an official stand against it I will think long and hard about renewing my membership to the Chamber and PBG.
1:39 pm edt 

Re: Town Clock

Plans are in the works for resetting the town hall clock. Just awaiting the feasibilty study from the outside consultants--then there will be an article for an upcoming special town meeting.
1:37 pm edt 

Re: Tax Increases

If you are concerned about the tax increase and are a member of the PBG, call the office with your concerns.  Don't expect Nick to be a mind reader.
1:36 pm edt 

Who Will Help to Restructure Our Town

It's easy for the answer to be raise the tax of rooms, property etc...  Since most of the selectmen & woman either don't own anything or don't care.  I dont believe any one of the people in power in this town should be, we need to demand that this town be restructured; clearly we have some serious problems that none of them have a resolution for.  To those on this blog that will say to this why dont you run for selectmen if you have an issue with the way things are run I plan on it, its just a matter of time.  I need to make sure there are enough residents who agree with me and who will help to restructure and save our town.  We need people who have no hidden agenda and no immediate benefit other than their desire to see Provincetown prosper.
1:34 pm edt 

New Room Tax of 11.7%.. Condo's Are Not Included?
NO WAY.  Upfront, I am a B&B owner.  But now we are making staying at a condo another 2% cheaper.  Come on, lets be fair to us.  I have supported this town for years.   Maybe I should turn my B&B into Apartments or condos.  When more of us do that, and there are LESS PEOPLE shopping in town and eating at the rest Restaurants , lets see who else will start to complain........
Can the PBG and Chamber SUPPORT A NO INCREASE IN ROOM TAX RATE FOR ONCE?  We have a new director of the PBG, lets see how good he really is.
9:55 am edt 

Town Hall Clock

The Town Hall looks teriffic but do you think someone could set the clock 6 minutes ahead- its been slow all summer!
9:52 am edt 

Why Ask How We feel?

Because the answer to any problem, the answer to any dilemman in Provincetown is this: increase taxes. so if they can raise more taxes, they will and then, those in power, will lecture us on how low our taxes are and how important it is to support every idea they have and want funded.

The Answer: Taxes. The question: it does not matter.
9:51 am edt 

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How do You Feel About the Added Taxes Allowed on Rooms and Meals?

From what I've heard the BOS and FinCom look at it favorably and plan to request voters approve it in November.  New room tax of 11.7% when condo's, houses are not included?  Make meals even more expensive to visitors?

When will they realize we aren't looking for new taxes, but cuts in expenses?
7:10 pm edt 

Public Pier Corp Profitability

When is the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation going to start making a profit?

Inquiring minds want to know
2:13 pm edt 

Re: ''The Pier Corp Could Have Said No, But They Voted Yes.''

Yes, like they did when they selfishly voted against farmer's market? And there was a lot of resentment from the community?

Imagine voting against a fundraiser which was held to upgrade another taxpayer owned property, the dog park land. The dog park people stepped up to the plate to help Farmer's Market and thereby helped the community. Candace puts the town first unlike the pier committee. They put their own interests first and foremost not ours. They got pressure from town hall and that's why they voted yes. The only reason they voted yes.
2:12 pm edt 

Like Maytag Repairmen

Why isn't the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation putting on events on the pier and making money for the town? They are in charge with its economic development, aren't they? Sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring is not my idea of developing our pier economy. What really is going on down there outside of not much?
2:10 pm edt 

Pier Tent Event

After reading all the crap here about the brillant folks who put on Saturday's event, I would never subject my production company to these attacks and would caution my colleagues against having any event on the pier. News travels very quickly in my field. Don't use Provincetown's pier, there is too much of a backlash. Sounds like a protective fiefdom running the pier and they do not welcome events such as Saturday.

They would have been better off renting Melody Tent for their fundraiser.  
2:06 pm edt 

Nasty Read

What a nasty read this is on such a beautiful day. too bad really. no wonder this town is becoming a joke - at home and abroad.
10:28 am edt 

Re: Next They Will Claim They Developed the Internet!

There is no pleasing some people.  So much more would be accomplished if we were all of the same mind set as Candace.  She knows how to treat people well and get things done.  So many people think she is vicious and vindictive, but that just isn't true.  Many of her friends have suggested that she run for town selectman.  Candace would not put up with any garbage and would straighten that board out.  Look what she accomplished with the Pier Committee.  There is no stopping Candace and I for one would like to see her work her magic on this town!
10:00 am edt 

Re: I'm Glad the Lily Tomlin Evening Was a Success
So you are saying this was a financial success and we should expect Candice to turn over all profits to support the dog park?  Since Lilly Tomlin did not charge a fee then this should be a significant contribution.  Maybe we'll receive enough to get that baron park some landscaping.  It was as hot as a desert this summer when I took my dog for a walk.  Are there plans to add some trees to the space?  Where can I make a donation for this worthy cause?
9:58 am edt 

Sept 1 2009

Just officially did my books for June, July and August.  I am up about 5% from last year.  I do not consider myself lucky.  I worked very hard to make it happen.  Have a guest house and been here over a decade.  Have heard the complaints from everyone, even when the economy was not going in the tanks, and I strongly believe, people just love to complain in this small town.  Why they do not want the other business owners to know they had a good season is beyond me.   I know a small gallery on the corner of commercial and Winthrop that did fine.  No outstanding numbers, but fine.  I am sure high priced art did not sell like in years past and I feel bad for artists and the gallery owners.  Like the car dealers that had cars that only got 18 MPG when oil was over $4 a gallon, wrong product for wrong time.  I also know 2 restaurants that held their own from last year.  Owner said customers were drinking more and ordering less appetizers, so his profits were higher.  See, its not !
all about how much food your selling.  It is the mix of items.  The season is not over yet.  The next 2 weekends we are full, and even between, ¾ full.  LET THE PEOPLE COME.
9:28 am edt 

Re: Next They Will Claim They Developed the Internet!

OH, I didn't know that our pier group helped Al Gore develop the Internets!
8:01 am edt 

How Soon We Forget

The holes for the tent have been their for years now to hold down tents for many events like family week and the pier dances ETC. This is not new news! And the great thing about holes in cement is that it can always be filled in. These holes are not big pot holes you know! Even if they were a problem for the pier, so what? I'd rather my tax dollars being spent on events on the pier rather than having it just sit out there like my grandmothers plastic covered furniture that nobody could use!
7:59 am edt 

Re: Lily Tomlin Show

The ONLY place in town for the lily show was on the pier under the tent. The ptown inn and cape inn are too far away from town and are dreadful venues, and nobody wants to climb the hill to the monument, and I don't think the school committee likes having gay shows on motta field! The pier corp. could have said no, but they voted yes. If I was on the pier corp. I might have had second thoughts letting a pier naysayer in the past like Candace to hold the event out there. Thank you pier corp and Rex for extending the olive branch for the good of the town!
7:58 am edt 

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