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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Self Dealing on MacMillan

Why are businesses not related to the wharf being allowed to advertise? check out the sign at the end off the wharf. must be nice to have friends there.
11:03 am edt 

Monday, June 29, 2009

Affordable Housing:

So the answer to the SEE VOTE is you have to be an applicant?  NO WAY.....  That should be open to the public....  And... It does matter who watches...  Because it does appears very foul..  It is ludacrist to think that you need to pick up an application to see the vote.  GET A GRIP
11:51 pm edt 

What is the Quorum For a Town Meeting?

In an open Town Meeting, the minimum number of voters who may conduct business is established by the individual towns by-laws. The quorum in some towns is zero; if only a single citizen appears, the Town Meeting may start and conduct business.
10:31 pm edt 

Police Headquarters

When townhall housed the police department....before the purchase on Shank Painter Road for them....the reasoning was
that with quick access to Route 6 our force could reach problems without the traffic delays which summer brings between Conwell and Standish streets.

This weekend and on all the rainy days Conwell backs up as far as Harry Kemp....How could a town center location work?

We need repaired streets before we tackle any more wish lists.

Let's repair the sewer connection on Shank Painter that has backed up...and move computer systems to higher ground upstairs.
4:18 pm edt 

Re: A Question About "Quorum"

The phone number at town hall is 487-7000.  Why don't YOU call and report back to all of us instead of asking someone else to do it.

And do you really think that all the town officials, with town counsel present, actually held an illegal meeting by not having a quorum?  Give me a break.

Elvis still lives and the lunar landing was staged in the Arizona desert.
3:12 pm edt 

A Question About "Quorum"

Does 148 people at Town Meeting represent a quorum? What is the specific Town Bylaw covering the definition of a quorum at Town Meeting?

I thought a quorum was defined as 10% of the registered voters.

Can someone site the law or where the information might be found and  could someone verify
the attendance at Town Meeting.

Perhaps Mr. Doug Johnstone , Town Clerk can best answer these questions.
2:37 pm edt 

Disconnection of the Citizenry

148 people or 5.2% of registered voters attended town meeting last week. 216 people or 7.59% voted last tuesday.
It is glaringly transparent that even though people are busy as it's the high season,they don't feel connected or invested in their town.
2:22 pm edt 

Bravo to the Only Pebble on the Beach

You have stated the town's issues so well. Lack of leadership and this is exactly what they wanted. Mush. Squishing inside. No tough core.

With this so-named leadership, others get done what they want. Who else would have ever given Ted Malone or any developer $900,000 from CPA funds? No other town on the Cape would have been this ridiculously foolish. But we did. That's why Malone is here and building, building and destroying our resources for his profit. And Ann MaQuire gets to use her Boston-based influences here and work the backroom so well. The strings on this puppet are long and coiled in many a hand. They tug; she moves.

You are right on. You understand the dark backstage of this town and those who supposedly "lead."
1:27 pm edt 

Fix the Plumbing Problem
That is the issue. YOu don't need a new police department building. Another mega-project that will be tossed in front of this town. Sadly, the uninformed voters will vote yes and another override will occur. Just look at your taxes! Oh, sorry Michele Couture, you don't pay taxes. You never see a tax bill. You never have to dig into your pocket to fund the huge projects you cheer on and support.

Get a plumber in there. Fix the problem and leave us taxpayers alone.
12:29 pm edt 

Re: Re: Sharon Lynn

I am not sure who thinks it's Sharon Lynn job to thank anyone outside of her immediate family with gifts. If she did that for the highway crew, then the other agencies would be saying "hey what about me or us". Not a good idea and not a practical practice under even the laws of ethics. If you think there should be any exchanges of gifts, then let the employees share that amongst themselves. So whomever you are, get a grip. Use some common sense. Besides I don't know why you would think the highway garage deserves gifts ? And I'm not saying that don't do a good job or anything like that but I will say they don't exactly bust their humps either. If they spent the time they use to bad mouth the town manager and selectmen I think this town would look better.
9:34 am edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn

Sharon Lynn is a leader? You have got to be kidding..
She's brought town employees together? What gave you that idea?
Sure, if you are David Gardner who does her job for her, or Alix the money lady maybe, and I guess the Police Chief is a fan, and I'm sure Rex is, but that is about it.
Sharon has the personality of a dead fish, and a handshake to match.

Just like Michele Couture she lacks both the education and experience required for the position she holds.
Why is she Town Manager? Well, it is exactly BECAUSE she lacks so much! She is the perfect political plant...working for the real shadow government that really runs the town.
People like Anne McGuire, Howard Burchum, Ted Malone...
Oh yea, don't forget Cass Benson and Jerry A., they got almost a million of taxpayer dollars for Sandy Hill.
That's where the real power is in this town...and it is not sitting in Trailer Hall.
As for that Dead Fish handshake, remember everyone what happens to dead fish...they just float in on the tide and
end up stinking on the beach!

I remain,
The ONLY Pebble on the Beach
9:06 am edt 

Selectman Couture is so Correct

A multi storied garage with a beautiful facade would be such an eye sore compared to maintaining the current retro building which is on the corner of Standish and Bradford.

Gee, and to think that it used to be a garage!
I'm sure that there will be howls of protest if anyone tries to tear down that building of such iconic beauty and stature.

What could anyone be thinking: tear down the building currently on the corner, create a green buffer zone around the property and way back in the trees build a mult-story garage which would be hidden from view?

And build a SERIOUS police headquarters right in the center of town where all of the action is--How novel!

Where do these outside agitators with their Radical ideas come from?
9:01 am edt 

Re: Just an Average Joe/Jane

Excuse me JOE/JANE but you are sorely mistaken. The Town Manager cannot raise your taxes. Only the Town Meeting can do that. That would be us. Maybe I'll see you in September?

just saying
8:57 am edt 

Re: Police Headquarters

I went on a tour of the Police Headquarters in the Spring. Water trickles into the booking area--which is just part of the garage! Thick rubber mats are on the floor of the locker rooms because the floors become slick and wet.

The area where all of the electronics are located is where water and waste pipes are. I could go on and on about all of this, but a report will be made public at some point showing in depth how totally inadequate the current building is.

It is past the time for a new Police Headquarters. Too bad there isn't another location like the dog park on which to build it.

I'm not happy that $800,000 went to a private developer because we need every penny of our tax dollars to take care of our town. We must reserve our tax dollars where possible and act with due diligence when called upon to do our civic duty.

It is our civic obligation and our civic duty to provide for a new Police Headquarters.

Michael Rogovsky
8:54 am edt 

Sharon Lynn

Sharon Lynn is very intelligent, knows what she is doing and is surrounded by some very capable people - David Gardner is not one of them.  He appears to be destructive, clueless and ill prepared.  He treats people with disrespect and could careless about the citizenry at large.  He is bad for Provincetown and Sharon should dump him as soon as she can.  We do not need an assistant town manager in this small town.
8:50 am edt 

Endorse Ms. Rushmore's Proposal--and Raise it .5 to a Full 1%!

Lets embrace Ms. Barbara Rushmore's proposal to add a "buyers" tax to the price of any property sold. Lets face it; if someone can spend $4,000,000 to buy a restaurant--they can afford to spend a little extra.

The seller offer's their property for $4,000,000. (They bought it many years ago for $100,000.) The seller would be happy with $3.5 million and the buyer is happy too--a .5% additional cost won't even be noticed.

(I remember a guest house that was for sale for $54,000 when we bought our house--it is now for sale for over $2,000,000!)

Provincetown needs the Money and we can use it for the Gateway Project. Ms. Rushmore has the August Town Meeting and the Sept. Town meeting to bring this up again.--please do.
8:48 am edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn

She brought town hall employees together? I dont know about that one, but there are more people at the highway garage and DPW office that get nothing from Sharon, Christmas, nothing, the blessing, nothing, is this the sign of a good leader or the sign of someone that thanks BUM KISSERS with gifts?
8:43 am edt 

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sharon Lynn

Now I am not saying Sharon isn't smart.  She has done a lot, maybe because she has surrounded herself with great people.  At least David G is brillant, but I can't help watching her on TV and she is NOT a very good speaker.  I don't find her smart, but again, she has brought town hall employees together so can not fault her on that issue.  She has raised our taxes EVERY TOWN MEETING, EVERY SPECIAL TOWN MEETING, EVERYTHING JUST KEEPS GOING UP.  It's nice that she makes over one hundred grand and can afford these increases.  Can the rest of us?
9:29 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

There you go again cherry picking from your enabling legislation! How come you didnt as required by your enabling legislation?

--- file an annual report with the house and senate committees on ways and means detailing all receipts, expenditures and the status of said reserve funds?

In fact, they have NO record of you ever filing an annual report!

How come you didnt as required by your enabling legislation?

Be appointed by a nominating committee made up of two employees from certain Commonwealth of Massachusetts agencies, two members from the harbor committee and one from the finance committee.

At least two directors of the Pier Corp. were appointed illegally as required by their enabling legislation. Lets hope the three selectmen that were not involved in illegal past appointments follow the law!
Can we also add up the cost of labor to build your non-pile driving barge? Well over $50,000 in materials and labor. Illegal as it was not fully revealed the true cost of completing the barge was well over $50k and not approved by the Board of Selectmen as required by law.

Spare us reference to your enabling legislation and rolling it out when convenient!
9:27 pm edt 

Ruminations on Town Government

I wonder why the people who seem to have thought about and
care deeply about town government and who speak often and at length at town meetings and other occasions do not stand for election. Isn't the bottom line for our type of
democracy receiving the votes of the citizenry in a open
election?   These people are articulate, knowledgeable, and
seem to care why not run for office rather than constantly
try to dominate the town meetings? It seems to me that this might reveal a very significant fault in our local political life.

10:39 am edt 

Surf's Up!

The sun is shining, people are out walking in the streets, shopping, eating, enjoying the Portuguese Festival. Have a great day and enjoy this beautiful weather.
9:07 am edt 

Public Pier Corporation

Your ignorance is showing.  The Pier Corp chooses to work with the other town boards to listen to their expertise and knowledge to help develop a working relationship.  There is no requirement in the ACTS of 2000, that created the Pier Corp, that requires them to meet or follow instructions of other town boards other than to work within the town by-laws, like all other town entities, whether private or civil. They can take the advice of these boards under advisement but by no means are they legally required to follow them.  The Pier Corp was created to keep the BoS from running the pier into the ground like many other town properties.

You really need to pay attention.

From the Front of the Class to the Note Passers Not Paying Attention.
9:07 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

I believe the drawing for the affordaable housing is public.  If any one picked up an aplication, they would know the date and time of the drawing and could attend it for themsleve to see how it all goes....if it is that important to you, go and attend the next one...and see for yourself...

and what does it matter who is observing the drawing any way?  I suppose it only matters if you think that something foul is afoot...
9:05 am edt 

Duarte's and the Whole Central Downtown are in a Flood Zone
Please let's not build public safety facilities in the flood plain again. Yes current police and fire stations are at a high risk flood elevation. The town hall we are rebuilding is too, but that's done. Let's not build any new critical services in the bay.    

I'm just saying
9:02 am edt 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Re: Sharon Lynn

I have met Sharon a couple of times.  I've watched her work with staff to try to clean up the mess that Mr. Bergman left our town.  When she first came on board I had my doubts about her, did she have the qualifications to be Town Manager?  Having talked to her and watched her at work I have nothing but admiration for her and the job she is doing.
7:00 pm edt 

Re: Building a Park

Yes it's to late sorry, Ted gave us all a tickets to the soup tasting event for the festival and at christmas he bought us lunch...well the office staff that is...Ted and Sharon their just to work for..cant wait for the lobster dinner on 4th of july
6:59 pm edt 

The Conservation Committee Would Like to Know!

Tapping our feet, crossing our arms in the west end asking when are those sea grass choking derelict boats going to be removed? It's not rocket science.

6:58 pm edt 

Re: Mary Jo

Can't wait for Mary Jo's eight year old muzzle to come off! She was relected with 847 votes. People relate to her much more than the 'backstabber!'
6:57 pm edt 

RE: Ted the Rain Maker

Yes it's true Ted caused all the rain and Rex being Rex wasn't doing his job and let all the beaches erode, while candy being candy did nothing, she had someone else do it for her
3:13 pm edt 

Pier Corporation


Dear Duane Steele - Your 15 minutes were up years ago! Your article went down in flames just like it should have! Stop the jealous ranting and sour grapes that we have become accustomed to from you and your friend Nagel! The Pier Corp is doing a good job in spite of your bungled attempts to derail them! The only people in need of oversight are you and that shrieking, horrible woman Candace Nagel.

Now be gone, you have no power here!
3:12 pm edt 

Re: Sharons Rat Pack

So she did it again?  Unreal, Sharon what seems to be the problem with you and the people who actually get off their butts and do somthing in this town instead of eating candy, petting their dogs and kissing your bum?  What gives sweety?
3:10 pm edt 

Building a Park

We gave Developers of affordable housing millions of dollars of CPA money over the last few years--isn't it time to use this money to build a park for all of the residents of the town?

If it isn't too late, that is.
3:08 pm edt 

Re: I like That: "At first Blush it Seems Like a Good Plan"

And it does. Ms. Alix H. can try to find grant money; the chief of Police should be able to get Homeland Security money. We are supposed to be given money by the affordable housing developers.

Barbara Rushmore has a plan that brings money into the town.

Hey folks, we are just getting started with this idea. What are some models we can use as successful examples?

Isn't it possible to take the parking lot by the beach and turn it into a beautiful people friendly park and transportation center? Wouldn't it be better than just a parking lot on the bay?

Currently, the bus comes in and parks behind the bathrooms; lets take that street and build the transportation center there; take down the guard rail and make it into something pedestrian friendly and beautiful. I'm not talking about an airport hanger--but a nice shelter.
Michael Rogovsky
3:06 pm edt 

What Will a "Transportation Center" Bring to the Town?

We have an airport, a pier, and busses that bring people here.  How will having this new transportation center bring more tourists to town?  Are bus/tour companies refusing to come to town because we don't have "proper" facilities?  Isn't transportation center just a pretty name for bus depot - or are we installing a new rail line and heliport also?  Is this really what we want to turn our waterfront into?  I think that Provincetown has spent enough of my tax money on unnecessary expenditures this year - time to take a break from "Capital Improvements" that don't increase town revenues that only add to the tax burden of homeowners.  

Paul Soares
3:02 pm edt 

Transportation Center, Convention Center, Police Station and Parking Garage...

As first blush it sounds like a great plan. All components are needed in town but it remains to be seen how and when it all can be funded.

E. Michael Richards
10:49 am edt 

Re:Sharon Lynn

No they didnt, just like christmas, the people who actually do the work get nothing from Sharon but a pain in there backside, which reminds me, Sharon you really need to wipe that lipstick from your bum. Or tell your little birdies at the katrina trailers to stop wearing so much.
10:48 am edt 

We Don't Need a Parking Garage or More Parking at Duart Motors

I'm tired of waiting for my number to come up on the lottery for affordable housing; I want the town to buy Duart's parking lot and turn it all into affordable housing. Then I know that I'll be able to get a unit.
9:20 am edt 

Are We Done Yet ??

So we have created tons of affordable housing and going to do rentals. ARE WE DONE YET ??

Is there any reason we should be hearing about any new projects after this ?  Is there any logic that would justify any new projects and if so, I would love to hear the logic and reason behind it.

ARE WE DONE YET ??  This message needs to be heard by the town government.  Enough is Enough !!
Stop encouraging people to move here if they can't afford to live here !!!
9:18 am edt 

Money From Affordable Housing Developers

Under the law, the developers of affording housing are supposed to give money from their profits to the town. Studies show that Towns are being short changed.

There is an annual town book that we receive at town meeting. Where is the amount that we receive from these developers listed? How much do we receive?

Lets use this money to fund the projects that benefit the Entire Town.
9:17 am edt 

Re: "Exciting Change"

Micheal, if the parking lot is moved to Duart's, and the Police Station goes there too, and then you build a park and an amphitheater at the MPL, where does the Transportation Center go?

If it stays at the MPL wont it need a lot more room to bring it up to modern standards. (like handicamper accessibility, bathrooms, telephones, shelter,ticket booth, candy machines,maintenance rooms,waiting rooms, proper turning areas, extra parking for staff and other buses and pickup drop off and taxi's) And wont that just use up all of the room for a pedestrian friendly area?

And wont that also just leave us with a parking lot/bus station as our view, instead of the parking lot we have now?

This just sounds like another project that our leaders have not fully thought through. For the first time ever I think I agree with Micheal(how the hell do you spell her name) Couter.

The basic idea is good, but it needs much more work.

A Rat In The Basement

P.S. if they do actually build a new MPL at Duarts they sure as hell better open that entrance from Conwell Street to correct that traffic jam we have all had to put up with all these years caused by Duarts slow entrance process. And if its going to be 2 storys, maybe the first story can be depressed about 6 feet so the overall height is kept low.
9:15 am edt 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great Idea!

A parking garage at Duarts is a GREAT idea! The land surrounding the lot raises high above the lot so if you build a multi level structure you will not even know it when you look at it from Bradford street, because the higher hills will make it look lower than the building And maybe we can replicate the old railroad depot that used to stand in the same spot many years ago!
11:50 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

Mr. Web Master, now that the town has voted Duane Steele's article down at town meeting, can we maybe delete all of his reports and photos on this blog?

Webmaster Comment:  Oops!

11:27 pm edt 

I Hate to Bring This up But,......

....about all of the folks who won the affordable housing who now work for Ted Malone.They won those homes long before they worked for Mr Malone! Ted being a good businessman realized what better people to hire but grateful and happy year rounders with stable year round housing! Genius!
11:24 pm edt 

Of Course Mikey Rogovsky Wants the New Police Station to be Built!

Guess where the new station will be built? That's right! Right across the street from Mikey's Provincetown home! Giving that neighborhood a better resale value!
11:22 pm edt 

I Heard the Funniest Conversation.......

Sharon Lynn gave all of her Town Hall staff free passes to an event  of the Portugeuse Festival event, and yet i again wondered to myself..........gee.......... did the DPW employees(Highway,B&G,Water,Transfer Station,Sanitation)get the same token of her appreciation? Does anyone know?
11:20 pm edt 

Affordable Housing
I for one would love to see how the process is handled and by who....   POST IT, ADVERTISE IT and LET IT BE SEEN BY ALL.......

I know names are not public but the process certainly is.....
9:45 pm edt 

Affordable Housing:

We get the message about how the numbers are drawn but who are the witnesses observing such?  Let's get to the point !

Hold it public and let all join in...  That's what is mis-leading....  GET IT !
9:40 pm edt 

Ted the Rain Maker

The omnipotent one must have cast this bad weather on us too. Or was it Rex or Candace or Michael. I've read it on the blog and they must have done it.
9:36 pm edt 

Pier Corp and the Harbormaster

Re: Under the current leadership of the Provincetown Public Pier Corp. and its Harbormaster; Rex McKinsey





9:34 pm edt 

Re: Birth Right

Go back to where you washed up here from and live there for awhile, I bet you will have a change of heart...unless that is you left for, well obvious maybe you had an acceptence issue?  you poor thing..I bet your hometown people would listen and feel your pain....but I doubt it, we certainly could care less what you think or feel the need to whine about.................Never a dull moment
9:31 pm edt 

OK I Will Say it One More Time...

At the lottery for the affordable unit being awarded last week.. the process went like this...

people were asigned numbers.. then each person was given one number, then a duplicate number was held up, folded twice and dropped into a jar... the jar was shaken, and then numbers were pulled... this was done before all in attendance, there was no fog machine or magicians curtain.. all numbers went in,  and all numbers came out... as far as I know, those who won do not work for Mr. Malone.. and unless the two women (neither of whom work for  Ted) who pulled the names are some sort of masters of slight of hand.. it all was a fair process...

i belive that some of the people who have received units in the past worked for Mr. Malone after they were awarded the units...

I am not naive.. but i am also not a bitter       pill like YOU!
9:30 pm edt 

Here We go Again...

We want, we want, we want. All these pie in the sky ideas and who is going to pay for it? This is a small town, taxpayers are at the breaking point. The economy has still not rebounded so much as to start thinking about all of these big projects. We were just hit up for and additional 35-75 dollars for the next twenty years to pay for the town hall. We need to relax, pay for one thing at a time. At this rate taxes will continue to go up each year to pay for all of these mega expenses. Don't take the charm out of Ptown. It is a small fishing village, artist colony. It does not have to look like a major city port. No to parking garages... how utterly ugly can we get. Keep a lid on spending and CHILLAX.

9:26 pm edt 

Wanting--and Getting-Are Two Very Different Things

I'd love to transform the parking lots by the pier into beautiful parks and walkways; and CPA funds are there to do such things--CPA money can even playgrounds.

However, we do need to do our civic duty and plan to build a new police Headquarters.

*IF* we can secure the money to create this tranformation--then lets dream a little---but lets not impoverish ourselves.

(as an aside; most people do have thoughtful, serious yet cordial responses that I receive when I post here. (and then there is always the predictable snout comment too-Yawn.)
Michael Rogovsky
7:46 pm edt 

Touche Second Homeowner

Unfortunately, the town is run by just a couple of hundred self-serving knuckleheads that include the BOS and voting blocks that go to town meeting.
7:44 pm edt 

There Will be no Parking Garage by the Bay

There would be a public park and an amphitheater where the parking lot now stands.

The storied Parking GARAGE and the Police Station would be Located at Duarte Motors on Standish Street.

Transforming the Municipal parking lot by the wharf into a pedestrian friendly area with a park and amphitheater would be great.

If we can get Federal money--it would be great. Of course we taxpayers can't pay for all of this.

My one fear is that once the stimulus money is gone--the economy hasn't been stimulated enough to keep the money coming in--but we shall see.
Michael Rogovsky
7:42 pm edt 

Naivete Abounds

And You Think It's Just Luck that Rex and A.J. and Pam got selected for Affordabel Housing by Ted Malone

Just luck? REally? Just objective, really? YOu were there but , my dear, your eyes were closed. Ted Malone was "running" the lotter and he was "pulling names of the hat." It's easy to control and voila! their names just called called! How naive. Work for Ted Malone and your name will be "selefcted" too. That's part of the work package. Or if you have a friend or lover, then their name will be "slected." That's what you get as a bonus for working for Ted Malone.

It's a pure scam. Separate the running of the lottery from the developer and then you'llk see a more fair process. But with Ted Malone's fat fingers pulling names out of the hat, it will only be those"connected" to either TEd Malone or his workers. And that is what we have been funding in this town. Oh, yes, and only an accident that Monica's name was also selected?
7:40 pm edt 

Harbormaster Needed With Enforcement Background

To the blogger who stated: "We need to have a harbormaster with an enforcement background. It will solve a lot of problems"

You know what? We had one and his name was David Dittachio. What did David do as an "enforcer"? He made a lot of enemies and made a lot more people angry! Provincetown at that time was considered one of the most UN-friendly ports on the east coast!

Under the current leadership of the Provincetown Public Pier Corp. and its Harbormaster; Rex McKinsey, that once tarnished reputation is now history! Provinceown is now know as a friendly port where boaters, residents and visitors alike feel welcomed and respected!

Strong arm tactics never work; intimidating and unfriendly harbormasters do nothing to benefit our town! It ain't broke, so stop trying to fix it!
7:34 pm edt 

Re: "Exciting Changes"

SO nice to see that Michael Rogovsky favors the proposed Transportation center. Mikey, no speeding or parking tickets for you any more! Your tickets for the policeman's ball are secured as well! After you un-wedge your snout from the police chief's buttocks, you might consider how loudly you tout this proposal. You've leapt upon several other bandwagons here in the past, only to bring those same wagons to a screeching halt when you did a 180 and "changed" your mind!

You are truly a legend in your own mind!
11:45 am edt 

Open: Letter to Michael Rogovsky

Michael Rogovsky, put on your thinking cap: Aren't you the person that constantly complains about
government expenditures taxing those on fixed income.

I cannot believe that you are an active proponent of yet another capital expenditure program,
especially at this time given the recent vote to fund the renovation of town hall along with the Ted Malone and Shankpainter giveaways. Have you and the BOS gone mad!

In the Fall there will be yet another Special Town Meeting to consider the passing of an appropriation of additional funds required as Provincetown's supplemental contribution to Federal Funds to further expand our sewer system, not to mention the proposed purchase of Duart's parking lot.
All of these expenditures are funded out of the purses and wallets of our citizens...many on fixed income. Where are all of  these funds suppose to come from. It is frightening to see the unbridled gallop of the BOS, Police, Pier Corp and DPW to promote these enterprises.

Michael, I truly believe you have the best interest of the town at heart.  However, I would ask you as well as others to reconsider the ramifications of your promotion of these unwarranted expenditures. I have read of no analysis of the current police facility that definitively describes the buliding problems at police headquarters, which would warrant the immediate construction of a new structure.

We must also consider future fiscal demands, which will be required for the completion of Town Hall. How many projects can we the citizens reasonably be expected to fund simultaneously.

Additionally, the idea of developing a Transportation Center at the Public Parking lot was floated previously by Michele Couture and the Harbor Master. At that time it was pointed out that the area under consideration represented the only broad spectrum view offered to the public of our much touted vista. We are the only community that turns its back on the waterside.

Why in god's name would you put up a multistoried parking lot which would obstruct the grand view we all appreciate. Alix Ritche, previously proposed to place the Transportation Center on route 6, which aesthetically makes more sense..... money allowing.

We seem hellbent on destroying the very elements that drew all of us to this otherwise demi-paradise.

Future artist will record for posterity the face of a Transportation Center? I think not.

Please reconsider your position.

Best regards 
11:32 am edt 

Exciting Changes
New Transportation center: The preferred location for the transportation center would be the property currently serving as the municipal parking lot (MPL) next to MacMillan Pier.

That parking lot would be moved, possibly to what is now Duarte Motors Inc., a parking lot at 132 Bradford St., which the town would purchase.

In order to maintain and possibly increase the number of revenue-producing parking spaces, the town is considering building a multi-storied parking lot structure.

In addition, a new police department would be built next to the parking structure.
Very exciting possibilities.

Michael Rogovsky
10:05 am edt 

Affordable Housing

What people are saying is that they didn't qualify..but then they see these other people getting housing who didn't qualify either.

When everyone is struggling--it is easy to see who is on easy street--all because they know how to work the system. You forget that some of us work side by side with some people who bitched about life here and we see how they worked the system.

Go take your mother Teresa act someplace else--it is all about making money at the town's expense.
10:04 am edt 

A Heart Too Small

Have your read today's Cape Cod Times?  Town employees (the fire department specifically) are gratefull for their to their town and have shown so by volunteering to fix up s recreational area without worrying about whats in it for them.  Where is our towns spirit!

I am ashamed by the greed of our townsfolk and local businesses who just take and take and give nothing back excpet to ask for more!

Walking with my Head Down
10:02 am edt 

Farewell & Goodbye

I am part of a 2 income family with no kids that resides in town year round.  I find that with both of us working full time jobs and numerous second and third jobs it is just not enough to to be able to afford living here anymore.  My taxes have tripled since 2001 but my income has not.  The haves and the have nots (Those on the welfare dole) have voted to spend spend spend me right out of town.  In my household expenses and purchases are determined by what we can afford.  Too bad our town government does not use that philosophy.  Other towns and cities are making cuts but not ours.  Instead they create a four day work week with raises to boot.  This scenario is too costly...I'd like to see a report on what savings, if any, have been realized.  A year to year comparison should be done and published for all to see.  I see excess personnel in the DPW and Buildings and Gounds.  If these people worked at their current snails pace in the private sector they would not su!
rvive.  I guess gold bricking in town government is the status quo.  I'm not saying all are inept and lazy but there is a high percentage of lackeys collecting my tax money. An efficiency expert should audit all departments, procedures and personnel to find the waste, duplicity of effort and expenses should be hired.  This would be money well spent.  Unfortunately given the current reality (a foreign word in this town) it is too late for my family.  We will be biting the bullet and putting our home on the market, as bad as it is.  It's too bad because I love this town and living here but I live in the real world and must make hard choices.  If our Board of Selectmen had made these hard choices I would not be in this boat.  I have to do the right thing for my family.  I will be leaving this town to the rich and entitled.  Good Luck!

Disappointed Town Citizen      

10:00 am edt 

Imagine if the Following Articles Appeared at the Next Town Meeting?

1.) a 1 1/2% real estate transfer tax for year-round residents only - since the money would go to pay for the services they use most

2.) non-resident property tax exemption - since these neighbors don't have kids in schools, use the town services, etc..

3.) closing the schools to relieve the town from this excessive tax burden

4.) Elimination of all funding for low income housing - why should our high property taxes subsidize people who can't afford to live here?

5.) Room rental tax rebate - all second homeowners would get a 10% property tax credit for renting their property and bringing more people and $$ to the town.

6.) Sale of all town owned land to pay down our debt and increase out tax revenues.

I'm sure the list goes on and on.... My point is, that non-residents are starting to get fed up with consistently being targeted to pay a disproportionate share of taxes.  Should there be a different class of citizens in our community?

We can register to vote here and it is not unreasonable to think that, if provoked, we won't.
9:56 am edt 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is the State a partner to the Conspiracy?

Even if said employees of Ted Malone got the affordable housing because no one else applied. They still had to be approved by the state and county housing guide lines of income ETC. every year! But I guess you probably think that they are corrupted also. Grow up!
11:42 pm edt 

There is no Right by Birth!

Again! JUST BECAUSE SOMEBODY HAS LIVED HERE ALL THEIR LIVES DOES NOT LET YOU HAVE MORE RIGHTS TO AFFORDABLE HOUSING! ITS AGAINST THE LAW TO DESCRIMINATE AGAINST PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE OF WHERE THEY WERE BORN! AND HOW CAN SOMEBODY GET A NEW TRUCK FROM BEING ON THE CPA COMMITTEE??? From the blogs you write I say you have a real jealousy of people that might have more than you so you look for ways to justify why your such a loser in life. I worked all my life-I was born here-blah blah blah!
11:39 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

How come the waiting list for housing projects aren't made public? There is not enough transparency in the process.

Come on Ted. Show us the 'list.'
11:37 pm edt 

You Are Not Only Foolish, You Are a Fool

You sat there. You were at the lottery. They all had numbers. And what were the real numbers for the numbers pulled. Who controlled the many different lists that you could create with Rex at no. 4 and A.J. at no. 5. Just shift--rather effortlessly --to the list where Rex is no. 4 and A.J. is no. 5. It is       and Ted Malone is isthe   the"winners." It is neither fair nor objective and those who work for or        with people who work with Ted Malone--and that is a limited group--but still the groups who "won" affordable housing, win.

I find it perverted and corrupt. Malone is despicable and has corrupted the town as well as his staff and himself. He is our own Dorian Grey. Look closely at this man. The pus oozes from his painting. The sickeness erupts upon the canvass. Evil has a way of corrupting the very person who worships at its altar.
11:36 pm edt 

Affordable Housing:


11:31 pm edt 

Of Course You Saw It...

Put names into a hat. Say it is number 8 who wins and it is already set up who is no 8. Or pull no. 8 and then change who is no. 8 on your private secret official list. Wow! Wht a surprise! Guesee who won?

It is very easy to fake a so-called fair lottery if the person who is controlling the lottery is the person who is making money on the affordable housing. Of course Rex "won" and of course A.J. "won." How foolish you are. How simplistic. Yes, you were there but like the magician who pulls the rabbit out the hat or the magician who creates two full bowls of rice from half a bowl, you were publicly deceived.
11:30 pm edt 

Re: Get your Facts Straight
Why would anyone on this bog want to get their facts straight?  That would take all the fun out of starting rumors, maligning your neighbors and getting everyone all riled up about non-existent issues.

The entertainment value of reading this blog would be greatly diminished if people actually had facts.

And let's face it, this blog is entertainment only.
11:28 pm edt 

Ted Malone and Affordable Housing

Before you defend the staff of Mr. T.M. just remember, as you state that you were there and you know the truth--the reality is that as in Shakespeare--The Lady Doth Protest too much.
11:27 pm edt 

Ted Malone and Affordable Housing

You may have been at the lottery--but the story that was spread is that there were no "takers" for some of the affordable housing units so what is a poor developer supposed to do? He has no choice--he has to then rent to anyone who wants it and lo and behold, his strapping young staff gets affordable housing while making huge salaries.

..can you say SCAM? Forget saying you were there--we know the truth..his staff got housing and some got rich off of it.

End of Story
11:25 pm edt 

Get Your Facts Straight!

Actually, I was at the lottery where Rex and AJ got their housing. there's no "story" as you imply. both their names got picked. period. don't know about odds but that's what happened. i saw it. not some "story" being "whispered" around town. that's called gossip honey. and Pam has been here for years. and years. and she has always contributed to the town and worked her butt off. so before you go maligning folks based on your gossip, get some facts. you look and sound pretty stupid otherwise.
8:51 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

Do You have ANY IDEA of the ODDS of Rex M. and Arthur and Pam P. all getting affordable housing? The story is that there were no takes, so Rex got his house and Pam got hers.

After 5 years, of course, she could sell her affordable residence which she BOUGHT for a pittance AT THE HEIGHT OF THE SELLER'S MARKET. She MADE A FORTUNE.

She comes to town and now her wealth is amazing! This has been going on and on and on with Ted Malone's Sargents-at-arms. Who wouldn't want to work for this man.

Look at Arthur driving around in that truck, being on the CPA committee. Come on, is he a guy who grew up here? Is Rex a guy who grew up here; is Pam a woman who grew up here? ...and there are legions more.

Rigged, Rigged, Rigged is what is being whispered around town...what do you think????

I know people who waited years to get housing..these folks had it        in their laps.
6:34 pm edt 

Regarding Ted Malones, Friends Getting Housing...

To the previous blogger.. have you ever been to one of the hosusing lotteries?  I have been to two of them.  All those who qualify get numbers, they are dropped into a jar, shaken and then all the numbers are then pulled... it is a fair process!!!
I am tired of people acting like Ted has "given" housing to his friends!  If people he knows qualify, they must go through the same process as everyone else and then are subject to the luck of the draw!  If you were rpesent at the last drawing you would see how impartial the process is!  And no I did not get one of the units, I came in 4th...

You people who seem to think there are conspiracies everywhere need some Xanax!
12:07 pm edt 

Great if Local People Are Finally Getting Affordable Housing
But perhaps only because of the outrage that for how many years, they were cut out. And because there is finally more scrutiny on Ted Malone's payment of $49,000 to run each lottery. He now has to throw in a few locals to stop the criticism. It should always have been this way: fair, objective and including locals instead of the outsiders who were friends of Ted Malone or who worked for him and could use affordable housing as a gift for their friends. Makes you want to work for this self-promoter, doesn't it?
10:19 am edt 

Re: Angel Fund

Dear Randy:

Your welcome
9:33 am edt 

Re: Second Home Owners
WHAT ??  Someone is suggesting that I should rent out my second home here in the Winter ??

1) Did it ever occur to you that I am HERE IN THE WINTER EVERY MOMENT I CAN BE ?  The only time I'm not here is when I have to go back to the city to make the money necessary to live here and pay taxes at the real market and not SUBSIDIZED RATE.

2) You bet your life I expect things to be running when I get here - I pay real estate, personal property and water tax like every other year round property owner.

3) Don't you get it ?  I want to live here year round but can't yet - I have to keep working to pay the mortgage, taxes etc - no one has given me anything.  I did not have parents that bought a place here in the 40's for nothing nor do I get SUBSIDIZED housing - I came here post 2000 and I have to pay a huge mortgage to be here.

Stop treating second home owners like rich summer people only - we have our base here and are doing everything possible to make the transition when we can afford to do so.  Our existence is not SUBSIDIZED - we have to work hard to make the money necessary to be here.  We love this town and want to be here so stop treating us like rich Summer people who are only here in July and Aug.
9:29 am edt 

I'm Confused

I voted yes for Ms. Rushmore's article even if what selectman Avelar said was true--but is it? Was Ms. Avelar correct and can Ms. Rushmore tweek her article once more?
sign me overburdened taxpayer try to raise a family.
8:11 am edt 

Remember Love Canal?
In New Bedford they capped an old burn dump and then built two schools, athletic fields, homes and churches on that burn dump; well, guess what bubbled up from the "impermeable cap"?

So far, the city has had to buy 6 houses and the church can't expand because they will dig into the "impermeable cap".

Guess what that basin on 90 Shank Painter Rd is--a capped burn dump.

No home owner better try to dig a hole for a fence post; and what about the foundation for the store and the buildings?

It is safe we are told, an impermeable cap they say--go tell it to the owners of the homes that were built on the "Capped" burn dump in New Bedford.  

Taxpayer beware--they used our money--so the town is liable.
8:10 am edt 

Re: Real Estate Tax

The owner of a meg bar complex and real estate firm states that a half of a percent increase in the cost to a buyer of a house will stop him or her from purchasing a house here--that is pure B.S.

If someone can afford to spend $600,000 on a condo, they can spend a 1/2% cent more. The taxpayers get the shaft once again.

No one is going to stop ordering a martini in a bar because it costs them another 3 cents...gimme a break!
7:59 am edt 

Crooked Goverment

This was a beautiful small town, look what the wealthy newcombers have done to it. I certainly can't afford to live here anymore, I was born here. You gave our tax money to a stranger to build housing that is so ugley,those huge buildings don't belong here. It's not fair to use your power in office for yourself and your friends. You ignore everyone, unless it's something you or your friends want.

I'd say that's crooked goverment.
7:39 am edt 

Re: Real Estate Tax

Ted Malones friends the real estate owners really got what they wanted again at town meeting. They get to keep their half percent and the tax paying homeowners get a tax hike!
7:37 am edt 

Town Meeting Went WEll!

It appears that the voters who turned out last night had done their homework.  Most seemed to be informed on the issues at hand, there was a minimum of discussion, a few quesions, votes were called and we quickly moved on...

Thank you!!!
7:36 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

There was just an affordable housing lottery at Herring Cove Village.. all three unit were awarded through the lottery process to LOCAL people, one of whom has lived here 30 yrs!  So before you condemn the poeple who have been awardd these units, think!  

Also where are these units that someone is refering to that are affordable yet unsold?
7:35 am edt 

Sorry, But When I Think of Provincetown I see a Snake Eating its Own Tail
It is the snake Ouroboros in a sad, tragic state. An entity that devours itself without realizing that what it is eating is its own inners. This town will go bankrupt and people will wonder who did this "tragedy" ever happen.A lack of analysis, a lack of long-term thinking, a lack of common sense will be the answer. This town is being lead into destruction as if the golden days are here and life and the economy is fabulous.

Such disillusionment is a psychological disease. Too many here are drinking the Kool Aid and telling others how sweet and delicious it taste.
7:34 am edt 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear "Yippee!"

Yes, you must be in the Michele Couture camp. Yippee indeed. You don't pay one red cent since you are nothing but a renter. But we pay, one tax bill after another. 

Has Michele Couture ever paid one tax bill here in Provincetown? I don't think so. She is the perpetual renter--and even here what rent is she really paying her "landlord" business partner? She rents from him where she lives and then she "rents" from him for her "business." And not one red cent does she contribute to this town. But she certainly makes certain that all taxpayers will pay for her pet projects.
10:59 pm edt 

Will of the People?

Less than 10% voter turn out is hardly the will of the people. if anything it shows the majority feel disenfranchised.
10:58 pm edt 

Re: 1/2% Real Estate Transfer Tax

Whomever asserted that only real estate people were out to kill the transfer tax, is dead wrong.   First of all, the realtors that did speak out against this are right.  Think about it, they are experts in what sells and what doesn't sell!!   Duh....they know this will hurt the real estate equation in PTown, which is already in a depression. Few units are selling here than almost anywhere else.  Secondly, we should be motivating buyers to invest in PTown.   Why would we disincent an investor in buying property in PTown, which would help all of us??  We should be encouraging investment in PTown!!   Maybe we should waive any taxes for investors during the first year to motivate people to buy.   Think about it.....nobody is buying here.  Thirdly, why would we burden the buyers or investors in town for past mistakes??   Should buyers be responsible for paving Commercial Street or resolving any of the other issues in town that were created in the past?  It's time for residents to take responsibility for resolving the issues in their town, vs asking future investors to correct past mistakes. Finally, why does someone continually bring up a bill that consistently gets defeated??  It simply doesn't make sense that someone has been told "No" frequently, but ignores the will of the people and keeps bringing up the same thing.  Isn't repetitive behavior with the same result, the definition of an idiot?   Simply because you don't like the will of the people, doesn't mean you can ask the same question over and over and over, hoping you'll get a different response.   Madame Moderator, please move this question for ever!
10:56 pm edt 

Democracy? More Like a Dictatorship

That is how this town is run. Treat the voters like leemings and lead them to the sea. Guess what? They jump off and commit their own suicide. And then others claim victory.

This is not democracy. In fact, you'll find more democracy in Iran than in this town. It's about control, mischief, and deceit. And sadly the voters vote against even their own interest.

Go to an override for town hall while you give Ted Malone $900,000. Figure that. Well, they figured out how to make this happen: give a developers big bucks and then taxpayers will give even more big bucks. And who is smiling? Ted Malone, Michele Couture and Sharon Lynn. Not the home owner who must look to sell his or her property because the taxes and sewer costs are just too much.
10:53 pm edt 


It passed! Now we will have a brand new town hall for all to enjoy!

THANK YOU to all of you who voted at the Special Town Meeting and the election.

This proves, more than ever, the power of the people to prevail!

Democracy, at it's best, is illustrated by the people's voice.... which has been heard, loud and clear.

Special Town Meeting passed the measure.

The voters affirmed this decision.

Soon we will have our Town Hall back....

8:27 pm edt 

Second Home Owners

Not one blog has said that second home owners should rent out their homes in the winter! If you go back and read what was said is that these second homeowners do not live here year round and then expect everything to be running when they do come here!
8:25 pm edt 

Re: They Don't Care

You dont have a home, but had to throw your 2 cents in?   lol get a life you sound like a real piece of work. Do us all a favor... GET BACK IN THE TIDE......
7:17 pm edt 

8 More Days and Then I'll be Down in Provincetown For the Summer

Ahhhh... I can hardly wait to walk the hopefully clean beaches, sit under the Pear trees at Town Hall, shop at local stores, dine at local restaurants and just enjoy this beautiful town!
6:16 pm edt 

Don't Forget to Vote

It only takes 3 people for the vote to go forward on town hall. 190 people voted so far. Vote until 7pm
4:14 pm edt 

How Much Clearer Could it be?

Re:"Shame on the pro real estate people who last night gave wrong information on the proposed real estate 1/2% sale tax!"

State your facts, what information did they give us that was wrong?  If you had other FACTS you should have spoken up.

The town has consistently voted against this proposal, it's time to move on to something else and not keep bringing back the same old concept.  The majority of people do NOT want a real estate transfer tax, it's been voted down at every town meeting.  It was NOT recommended by either the BOS or FinCom.  How much clearer could it be?
2:55 pm edt 

They Don't Care

Why in the world would any home owner rent out their home to somoene just becuase they aren't here to use it in the witner?

I know somone who did and returned to find that the ladder to the loft chopped up and burned for heat by a tenant; cigarettes left to burn out on mahogany furniture leaving a burnt gash in an antique.

Another had a lamb's wool blanket used as a floor mat. Another's teflon pans would blind you with the silver scratches from metal utensils.

If I had a home and used it only in the summer, I wouldn't rent it out in the winter and let it be a party place or used and abused by an indifferent tenant.

Homeowner's talk--so they have stopped renting.
2:50 pm edt 

Another One Bites the Dust

Well, yet another employee said owner was making way to much more money than her.   She is gone along with othere.  who has good work ethics? wants to make $18 - $22 an hour, reliable? email  ptownworkers.
2:12 pm edt 

Re: Real Estate 1/2% Sales Tax

Shame on the pro real estate people who last night gave wrong information on the proposed real estate 1/2% sale tax! Now us tax payers will have our tax bills go up even higher! What hardship would a half per cent tax be on someone who can afford a second or third home!?! Every person who spoke against the tax last night works for the real estate trade! Shame! Shame! Shame!
2:09 pm edt 

Re Affordable Housing

Affordable housing done with? That will never happen, as long as the trend of second homeowners who keep their units unrented to the workers who need to live in and run the town while the owners of the empty units are not here.
2:07 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

I'd like to know WHERE the supposed unsold affordable housing units ARE?  Plus the new affordable housing to be built will all be rentals! And ALL will be MIXED INCOME and not LOW INCOME! I see nothing wrong with having affordable housing in a town with many incomes and with many different needs. The blogger who keeps asking why we need more, just does NOT understand whats really going on with housing in town that now is owned by over 60% of second homeownership who do not live here!
2:06 pm edt 

David Atkinson's Brother John Has Passed

David Atkinson called many of John Atkinson's friends this morning to let them know that his brother John had just died. John lived in Provincetown for many years and had a heart of gold. He always had a fabulous smile and would do anything for his friends and neighbors. He had a wonderful and a generous spirit.

Condolences to David Atkinson. But he was lucky to have such a great and loving brother.
11:11 am edt 

Once Again:

The blogger who continually speaks of Shankpainter as "the Projects" is only showing their own ignorance and provincial elitism... to equate our town with the lives people lead in large true cities is just rediculous!! And, I am sorry, my simple minded friend, but children from smaller income homes have ALWAYS gone to school together here; sometimes sitting right next to the rich offspring of their parents employers... and OMG, they all got along just fine! Just because YOU will AND DO look down yer nose at anyone who needs affordable housing, does not mean the rest of us do. Also, what part of MIXED INCOME housing do you not understand??? Please go visit a true housing project, see for yourself how stupid you sound equating Shankpainter with one, and come back and apologize to everyone on here.
9:30 am edt 

Affordable Housing - Are We Done Now ??
Okay so we have all these affordable units (many of which they can't find buyers for) and a new development at 90 shankpainter road.  ARE WE DONE NOW ??

Has anyone ever calculated how many year round residents there are in ptown ?? Many of them own their properties that they paid market value for.  WHERE ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE THAT NEED ALL OF THESE AFFORDABLE HOUSING UNITS ?

It is time for this "racket" to end and for the town to be responsible to its TAXPAYERS !!!  
9:00 am edt 

Yes There Will be Affordable Housing....

...and yes there will always be children in Provincetown - If that bothers you so much - do you need to leave ?
8:58 am edt 

Re: Transfer Tax Article

Can someone please tell me how many times Barbara Rushmore can bring up the transfer tax?  I thought once something is brought up it is off the table for 2 years.  
8:56 am edt 

I Don't Get it

We have a water crisis and yet there is all of this massive building in the works. It is time to have a building moratorium.
8:55 am edt 

The Tyranny of "Moving the Question" is Finally Over

The Moderator who "learned from the Blog that she doesn't read" and who had private conversations with people now has a new forum for town meeting: a pro microphone, an against microphone and a question microphone.

Brava! to the moderator for returning the town meeting back to true discourse.
8:53 am edt 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Special Town Meeting Quorum?

What is the number of people in attendance which would represent a quorum?What were the number of people that attended the Special town Meeting and did this number represent a quorum?
11:10 pm edt 

Special Town Meeting:
All articles passed except Articles 9 & 10 and one article was indefinitely postponed.
Article 9 - Mr. Steele's article received less than 5 yes votes.
Article 10 - Ms. Rushmore's article received 39 yes votes and 78 no votes.
11:05 pm edt 

There is Nobility in Hard Work

It is the slackers who are coming to these low income housing. Why--because I worked with some of them: back stabbing, angry, bitter, people who chose the cheesy path of emptiness and who are angry at people who have accomplished something.

Are all of the people who have affordable housing like this--no, of course not, but I worked people so jealous and bitter that their life is one big snarl and a soundless scream of emptiness that is still going on for 15 years now.
11:03 pm edt 

Come Forward and State Your Case

Hurrah, at last, the tyranny of the "Move the question" crowd is over. Those folks on the school committee and pier corps who yelled out their ignorance.

You've been unmasked and humiliated. Go back to you little dens and look in your mirror and share your empty lives with each other. Such provincial, sour-breathed lives some people live.
11:01 pm edt 

Makes Me Shudder

The loser mentality that infects the low income housing developments; the victim mentality that makes people rail against anyone who worked hard to earn what they achieved.

My wife and I scrimped and scraped and worked hard for everything that we earned and these "grasshoppers" dare to say that we are elitist.

Play the victim and whine to your fellow whiners and beat your breast about how the world is against you; this is what the winter population soon will be. Makes me shudder.
Provincetown girlfriend.
11:00 pm edt 

To: Those Against Affordable Housing

You better watch out.  Poor people are coming.  To Shank Painter.  To Stable Path.  Guess that means more crime, more drugs, more menacing personalities walking down Commercial during the off-season.  They'll be hanging in the Stop & Shop parking lot and in front of Cumby's.  Will they have guns underneath their hoodies?   And the poor have kids.  Lots of them.  You won't be able to shut down the schools now.   They'll be more than 50 kids in Ptown.  Under 50--you can shut the schools down.  Over 50--you can't.  Better shut the schools this year.  if you don't, it'll be too late.  By 2011 there could be 45 MORE kids in Ptown.  I love affordable housing.  I love paying for small schools.

I love the poor.  Don't you?

The Reaper  
7:19 pm edt 

The Harder I Work the Luckier I Get!

It is not July one yet, and help in town are already talking that business owners are making more money then them?  This goes to the same as why people should be given low income housing.  
I had to come up with two hundred thousand to buy my business, and then a loan from a bank on top of that.  I pay thousands of dollars in taxes, make upgrades to the business, and take risks every day.  I also work 16 hour days.   Granted, it is for 6 months, but when the rest of the help decide to INVEST in themselves, I would like to see if they still complain..........
I do make a great living, and make no bones about that.  I work 100% harder than any of my help.   Looks like if the complaining continues, there will be more unemployed.  There is enough people looking for work out there, that I will not tollerate this behavior.


7:17 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

There is a world of difference between Maushope, which is elderly housing, and a highly visible, low income housing developement on the busiest street in Provincetown, which everyone passes going to the stop and shop.

This highly visible, low income housing site is a place where children going to school will be teased and stigmatized.
7:14 pm edt 

No to Living Wage Projects!

Provincetown has always said no to living wage projects! But has let upper market projects to be built! These are the real problem areas.
1:36 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

How come the OTHER projects in town like Maushop, Old ann Page way, Hensche Lane and Sandy Hill Lane areas have not become the big problems like the anti housing advocates on this blog say will happen when the new MIXED use properties are built?
1:34 pm edt 

You Know What Your Dealing With on This Blog......

....when you see someone asking at this late date whats on the ballot and what time does town meeting start!  LOL  duh.
1:33 pm edt 

South Bronx?

So are you suggesting that ann paige way is a social disaster? the folks i know there are happy and grateful. and hardworking. are we comparing shank painter road to the south bronx now?
1:32 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

Provincetowns 90 Shank-painter road development, the property across the street and even the new homes that are on Race point road are not and will not be like the >projects< the anti housing blogger refers to! It will be a mixed use development.
1:30 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

According to the Barnstable Housing Authority, 40-B housing requires that the first choice of apartments must go to the homeless and people living with AIDS.
1:29 pm edt 

To: The Person Who Thought I Was Being Out of Line With My Statement
I think it is great to be able to start your own business and be able to afford a new car, I work and can't but no hard feelings there.  I mean I have to attempt to pay my morgage and put food on the table, so starting a business would be out of the question... I would love to but can't sorry.  I didn't mean to affend anyone, I want people to succeeed and prosper.  I am by no means a negitive person.  So please stop trying to imply I mean any harm.  I just think that affordable housing should be a means to help people and all types of people.  But as always on this blog you're right and I'am wrong!!!  Sorry for speaking my thoughts, I'm just an ignorant, year rounder, who grew up here, and works two jobs in order to stay here, dosn't get anything given to me or help with health insurance or anything for that matter. Sorry, for trying to find a way to help more people be able to afford to live and thrive here.  
My apoligies to whomever I stepped on's toes. But then again I thought your voice and ideas, were the point of this blog.

P-town girl
1:28 pm edt 

No to Projects!

Ask any police department of cities with housing projects where the majority of calls come from and they will tell you, the projects.  Drugs, domestic abuse and noise complants just to name a few, are the calls that keep the police tied up.  No to projects!  
10:33 am edt 

And Then a Miracle Occurred!

I guess that with the proposed  two low-income housing developments on 90 Shank painter Rd and across the street and with the one on Race Point Rd.; "miraculously" there isn't a water shortage any more if the Powers that be approve the building of almost 100 new affordable housing units in the near future.
10:32 am edt 

Re: Town Meeting

Town Meeting starts June 22nd at 6pm....elections are tuesday 7am -7PM..what is on the ballot????
10:29 am edt 

Town Meeting

What time is town meeting?
8:27 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

There is nothing wrong with low income housing developments except that social scientists who study impacts of such things on society state that they are a social disaster. Now we will be saddled with them at the Basin at Shank Painter Rd and Race Road.

My family is working as hard as we can and we are being priced out of here. Money that should help the taxpayers is going to developers. It just isn't fair.
8:26 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

Hey P-town girl, just because somebody gets a new car or owns a local business is not a crime when living in a affordable housing unit! You pay a percentage of your income every month and owning a business is something the housing people encourage renters, and cars are also accepted.And again to the other blogger who keeps on saying that the town should have renovated older homes! The town put out a call for commercial street properties to come forward with second floor apartments to renovate into affordable housing but no one applied for the CPA funds!that is the reason, But if you know of anyone who wants to convert a space into affordable housing by all means talk with the CPC at the next meeting! And again 90 Shank-painter road will NOT be ALL low income! I don't know why you think that it will be. I would guess that you just like to stir up rumors and put hard working volunteers down for trying to make a difference other than just ranting and raving on this blog like you have been doing!
8:24 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

So what's wrong with low income housing developments anyway? you seem to have no problem with the high income development that ate up more open space due to their low density than those proposed that you complain about. oh sorry, i'm not thinking with your wallet. tho i may stuff it. talk about entitled...i pay taxes therefore i get more rights. we all pay them. and we voted how to spend them.

Cheers then.

12:11 am edt 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Town Hall Meeting

See You at Town Hall Meeting tomorrow!

Be There or..........
11:13 pm edt 

You Can Lay the Blame Where You Want

But, if you weren't here when the real estate industrial complex blew the roof off the cost of properties then you are barking up the wrong trees. you can smell the self centered stank on here like the lowest of tides. just kinda sad. i agree with the classist shout outs. all about the money. shame on the you know who you are folks.
11:11 pm edt 

Re: Film Festival
"I'm shocked that someone on here just trashed the Film Festival for having such a highly sophisticated and specialized audience.  It sounds like sour grapes from one of the T shirt or junk food shops between Standish and town hall which should be eliminated anyway.  It just brings in low class day tourists that clog our streets with their fat       and baby strollers and make our lives miserable."

To the person who posted this above blog.
My heart goes out to you as you seem to have a true hatred for people other than the class in which you might feel you fall into.  "low class day tourists that clog our streets with their fat    and baby strollers and make our loves miserable"  wow- we rant and rave about diversity but don't accept anyone other than ourselves.  That is truly sad, for Provincetown is a melting pot that servives and thrives on diversity; no matter how rich or poor, low class of not, baby stroller or not.  I am sorry you might have mistaken me for one of "those" people and for that I am truly sorry I dared to walk the street in which you do. Next time I want to walk during the day with my dog or baby I will think twice about what some ignorant bias person might be thinking.  How horrible.  EQUALITY my hine.

As for the Film Festival, I love the people that it brings intellectial or not.  But then again I love most people, for I embrase diversity on every level.
11:09 pm edt 

So Many For Us to Resolve

I do understand the issue with the boats being left on the beach, is there a public way to find out who's they are?  then we could ask if they want them and give them a chance to get them off the beach.  Maybe then have an raffle or sell any decent ones off for charity (given the proper consent of the owner).  I mean if they don't want them in their own yards????  But I'm only trying to think of an idea so we can stop talking about them and discuss more serious issues like the ressession... and ideas we might have to help our community stay alive, cause my friends I don't think this is going to be an easy one.  I'm thinking lots of community yard sales (you can find great things at them that you may need) Maybe a garden, or some type of whole sale market (farmers market isn't exactly inexpensive), crafts fairs, Maybe a blog where local items good be bought or sold, helping people save money and maybe even make a little money.  I don't know exactly but we need to st!
art to come together and prepare for this.  AND TRY TO DO YOUR BUSINESS LOCAL, like hiring carpenters, painters, etc... Stimulate, stimulate and it will be returned.  It's like KARMA.
 Yes, we need housing but I am getting tired of seeing people with brand new cars and or own local businesses living in them.  The idea is that when you're able to afford those things you move out and on with life, so some one else who needs it can have their turn. Those taking advantage of it should be outted and forced to grow up, their now taking advantage.
We never know where we could be tommorrow and what help we might need.  Any ideas, please let me know.

P-town Girl
11:06 pm edt 

Provincetown Never Needed Big City Slums Housing
But that is what we funded. We should have funded small scale projects, maintaining this town's rich history. We should have supported renovating older houses that could have become affordable housing and could have supported families. But no, the by-laws were relaxed, the land was handed over, the water was used up and so was our state and town monies for projects that few towns on the Cape would have ever allowed. How foolish for a tourist town to give up its historic landscape to fund outsiders who only take advantage of cheap housing.

It does look like slums and we are paying Malone to destroy our town as he makes profits over our land and resources. What he is building is a contradiction of what this small quaint village was all about. Does he care? No, Malone only cares about one thing: money, more money, and even more money.
11:03 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

FROM THE HORSES MOUTH: THE Atlanta Housing Authority.

Today's Sunday Boston Globe, June 21  Page A2: In 1936, Atlanta built Techwood Homes, the nation's first housing project. By the 1990's, a greater percentage of the city's residents were living in housing projects than in any other city in America.

Now, Atlanta is nearing a very different record: becoming the first major city TO KNOCK them all down.

"We've realized that concentrating families in poverty is very destructive:, said Renee I. Glover, the executive director of the Atlanta Housing Authority,"Its destructive to the families, the neighborhoods, and the city."

The Basin at 90 Shank Painter Rd. is a low-income housing project. It will look like a parking lot with 5 huge buildings stuck on them.
11:00 pm edt 

Talks Like a Duck and Walks Like a Duck

Low income housing projects are what are going to be constructed on shank painter rd. Ted Malone's Shank Painter Project and 90 Shank Painter Rd. are going to be low income housing projects.

What is wrong with stating the truth and not some euphemism? Ted Malone's 40-B housing Project is for homeless people and people living with AIDS. According to the housing authority and these who are the candidates for 40-B housing.

These are low-income housing projects, pure and simple.
10:59 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

To All of you people referring to affordable housing in PTown as "the Projects" or as "slums":
You are only showing yopur true elitist hearts!! What a bunch of     bags you all are. A bunch of Momma's Boys and Daddies Girls!
Geez, I am from New York, Brooklyn to be exact, and we had REAL projects where I grew up. Most of you would poop yer pants if you ever came near one of these true housing projects. To equate what we are doing hwere with what went on in Chicago, Atlanta or New York is ignorant at best, stupid rabble ropusing at worst.
The folks who grew up in these places of true poverty would love love love to have grown up on Shankpainter... get a life, and get real. Also, try being part of the solution, rather than the negative nancy you are.
5:54 pm edt 

Re: Alice Foley

Does anyone know who the fool was that Questioned Alice's Education in the site on Google about the story the Globe wrote about Her. I know her niece tried to argue the point, and didn't do her much justice...I think the person who called her into question must be a person who crossed her with incompetence
5:51 pm edt 

Re: Derelict Boats on the Beach

5:49 pm edt 

Harbormaster: Nice Guy But Incompetent

He is incapable of enforcing the harbor rules and regulations. Had these regs been enforced on a regular basis, we wouldn't be having this level of frustration and dialogue.

3-2-3 Dinghies and vessels routinely (more than seven consecutive days) stored above the mean-high waterline along the beaches must first obtain a permit from the Harbormaster. The Harbormaster shall issue a beached boat ID permit upon formal application and payment of all fees. Permit stickers must be affixed to the vessel as required. Permits are valid through December 31st of the year issued.5

a) Dinghies and vessels stored on the beach shall not impede the use of the Town Landings or private property at any time.

b) Any dinghy or vessel routinely (more than seven consecutive days) stored on the beach which is not permitted, or in the consideration of the Harbormaster, posses a hazard to other vessels, property, or the resource area, may be ticketed and or removed and stored or disposed of at the owners expense. Any dinghy or vessel removed and stored, which is not claimed within 15 days is subject to disposal by the Harbormaster. Removal fees are $50 (fifty) per vessel plus towing, disposal or other costs incurred. Storage fees are $25 (twenty five) per day.

We need to have a harbormaster with an enforcement background. It will solve a lot of problems.
5:48 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

Atlanta built the first public housing in 1936 and now they are bulldozing it because social scientists have shown that it is detrimental to a community. It stigmatizes citizens.

Their studies show that integrating affordable housing into the community is the best way to proceed.

We are going to create what has been a proven failure--all to benefit developers.
12:19 pm edt 

Ted Malone and CPA Funds

Ted Malone never used CPA money to build the existing units. There is no reason why he needed tax payer money now.

It is the taxpayers who are being burdened--not the renters.

The tax payers are carrying a burden which the CPA funds could have helped alleviate.
12:18 pm edt 

Re: Derelict Boats on the Beach

It was'nt the DPW:   

It was'nt the town that cleaned up the boats it was Rex.....Anybody want to keep bashing him...lets see   Rex 1  candy  nada
12:17 pm edt 

Re: Derelict Boats on the Beach

Look how good the beach looks again next to Pepe's near the Johnson St. parking lot now that the boats have been moved away from that restaurant! Short term boats on the beach are not the problem! Its the abandoned boats that have sat unattended for years that are the problem! Thank you to everyone who finally got the town to do something about this issue.
10:35 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

As a senior citizen who lives in the first affordable housing, partly paid for by Community Preservation Act funds! Thank you Provincetown for using these state matching funds wisely! What good would a renovated town hall be without a year round population with only NIMBY snobs who only care about their taxes.
10:33 am edt 

Re: Derelict Boats on the Beach

The overwhelming number of derelict boats on the beach has been an issue for years! Finally our voices have been heard and the town agrees that they must go. Sorry that you disagree.
10:32 am edt 

We Won You Lost!

The TOWN wanted and still wants CPA funds to go to affordable housing! You and the same handful of naysayers are the only ones who keep on bogging that we should have done differently! GET OVER IT! WE know how you hate Pam P & T Malone and all of the housing cartel. We won you lost!
10:30 am edt 

Underlying Causes of Current Conditions

We have a town hall which should have been restored starting years ago with CPA money. Instead 80% was voted on to go to affordable housing because Pam P. was a selectman and worked for Ted Malone.

Why didn't town gov't vote to have 80% of CPA money go to historical so it would pay for town hall? Why--because of the affordable housing cartel's undue influence taking this money and burdening the taxpayers--now we are reaping the unintended consequences of this rush to create a low income housing development.
9:24 am edt 

Boats on the Beach

I can figure out exactly the bulk of the crowd on this blog - you actually think that a couple of boats on the beach is an issue - wow !

9:18 am edt 

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Personal Expessions

Once again, cpa monies have gone to other endeavors. do your research. and again, the high cost of real estate - even derelict buildings - prohibits the "restorating" you suggest. median home price exceeds $700. how do you propose to make a building even half that price affordable? it was an early goal of the housing partnership but it became clear that using existing structures was not an option.

and the classism lives on. now it's the filmgoers. too snobby. soon it will be the familes. remember how you all griped about the kids last summer? too cheap. i can see who the real snobs are. try being, oh, i don't know, happy about something.
10:26 pm edt 

Derelict Boats:
If you want to see derelict boats, check the beach at the West End Boat ramp... 32 boats and only one with a valid sticker......  SHAMEFUL.....
10:23 pm edt 

To: Derelict Boats in Dead of Winter

I got an idea...  Don't leave your boat on the beach...  Especially if it's duirng the stormy winter months..  COMMON SENSE....
10:22 pm edt 

Derelict Boats:

Don't be so ignorant...  We all have rights.  I grew up on the beach and are tired of having  to have to manipulated DERELICT, unregistered boats....  I own a boat and have to pay for a mooring fee..  What's the difference?  A fee for a sticker or a mooring fee...  Let's have the mindset...  Oh, I think I'll tie my boat up for free and not register it too !!!

Get rid of the trash ( which includes derelict boats) on the beaches.....

Let's not play favorites...
10:21 pm edt 

Re: Film Festival

Whenever there is ANY event in town like the film fest, and it brings people to town. It benefits everyone in town! June is always a slow month mostly because of all the pride events around the country and world. Thank you film fest for another successful Provincetown event!
10:20 pm edt 

Re: CPA and CPC

Again! If you look at the history of where the Community Preservation Act funds have gone to so far! You would see that affordable housing is not the only thing that benefits from these much needed, state matched funds to the town. And by the way, no small properties have ever asked for CPA funds! The CPC can only bring articles to town meeting for a vote and only if somebody comes forward with a proposal for what you say the CPC should be doing with the funds! And remember it takes a town meeting to vote any funds from the CPA. The CPC are doing a great job so far! And you know the town stands behind keeping it! Its a no brainer!
6:43 pm edt 

Re: Film Festival

Have to agree business impact of film festival only beneficial to a very small segment of town. Perhaps overlap the event with something next year with something appealing to a wider audience. Poster sounds like someone with a personal axe to grind. I'm guessing against the older woman volunteer. She seems to aggravate a lot of folks. It's a shame people would take it out on the event itself!
6:42 pm edt 

Re: Film Festival

Kudos to all the people that worked so hard to produce the Film Festival.

Bravo! and Brava! 

10:16 am edt 

Re: Film Festival

I must say that the documentary "ShowGirls Provincetown, MA was a great and respectfully poignant depiction of Provincetown and the various characters that represent the stage world of our town.

It was very revelatory of the  behind the curtain reality of show business and the process and dedication that is required to create the world that most of us take for granted.

Thank you. 
10:02 am edt 

Town Meeting on Monday

Remember, Town Meeting on Monday
9:50 am edt 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Film Fest

As an guest house owner, I must say that 3/4 of our guests came for the film fest.  Every one of them are wonderful people.  No snobs, no jerks, just plain nice folks that have filled up our rooms year after year.  All are here for 5 nights.  All have gone to dinner out every night.  Why all the         ?  Are you selling tickets to mars, and have no takers?  
I would rather be friends with anyone from the film festival than any one of you bloggers.

Someone with good business skills
11:13 pm edt 

What's With Those Stupid New Larger Mile Markers?

Are we already a nation of idiots? what, nobody could find the old little ones?

But then again we probably wont get them this far out cause it seems the highway department forgets about us before they get this far anyway. has anyone noticed the condition of the signs, and guardrails, and paint on rt. 6 in truro and Provincetown? as compared to other towns up cape?

Really what gives?

7:40 pm edt 

Re: Derelict Boats
For those who think that unregistered boats in any condition should be left on the beach because that has been done "for centuries", should think about this tidbit from the Town's history:

1941 - ... the centuries-old practice of using the beach as a dump was stopped, and Provincetown's beaches were cleaned of tons of "old logs, sticks, tin cans, broken toilet bowls, discarded rubber tires, ends of rope, odd shoes, rubber boots, dead fish, bottles whole and bottles broken, rubber hose, worn out girdles, old brooms, rusted oil drums, wrecks of chairs..."

There were probably those in 1941 who objected to the clean-up.
7:38 pm edt 

Re: Film Festival

I'm shocked that someone on here just trashed the Film Festival for having such a highly sophisticated and specialized audience.  It sounds like sour grapes from one of the T shirt or junk food shops between Standish and town hall which should be eliminated anyway.  It just brings in low class day tourists that clog our streets with their fat       and baby strollers and make our lives miserable.
7:36 pm edt 

But Most of the CPA Funds Were Used for Mega High Density Affordable Housing Complexes

Not to secure open lands. Not to restorate buildings. It took this mega million dollar town hall project to force some monies out of CPC. They have used our money for one overwhemling goal: build large-scale projects. Had they valued small scale affordabel housing using present structures, that would have been great. Had they bought land, that would have been wonderful. Had they valued smaller older buildngs and help restore them, like the firehouses, that would have been imaginative.

But no, they squandered our tax money for projects that do not fit in with Provincetown and have used up our land, water, resources, and money for Ted Malone-like projects.

I say: get ride of the CPA. Leave Land Bank that at least has not been held hostage like the CPA funds.
2:44 pm edt 

Hi Web Master!

I haven't seen any announcements like this and it would be great if you could publish this. It would be a wonderful site to promote charity events.

Hi, I know there are lot of people on this blog who are concerned about the children of this town:

The King Hiram's lodge is having a cruise around the bay to benefit the Angel Fund. The Angel Fund provides for children's needs in Provincetown and Truro that cannot be met by social services such as a winter coat, new sneakers and field trip fees. The cruise is on Sunday, June 21st.

You can purchase tickets by contacting Randy at or calling 508-487-4252. For those who donate and can't make the cruise, the tickets are given to senior citizens.

Many thanks.  
2:27 pm edt 

Re: Derelect Boats

2:21 pm edt 

Re: Collect All of the Abandoned and Derelict Boats

I posted this once before - but collect all of the abandoned and derelict boats in the spring, and auction them off in the fall.  If the owners come forward before auction time, they have to pay storage and removal fees to get their boats back.  Problem solved - some extra revenue for town.  You can't tell me that the town has no rights to claim these abandoned boats, and that people seriously expect that they have the right to leave a boat on the beach for an extended period of time and that it will be there when they return.
9:52 am edt 

Re: Film Festival

The Provincetown International Film Festival has been a great 11 year tradition to the Town of Provincetown. At the very least it brings a selection of films that movie lovers would not otherwise get to see. But in the bigger picture it also brings considerable revenue to many businesses too numerous to mention here not to mention the novelty of seeing a celebrity on the street.
The organizers and volunteers work endless hours to bring this event to town, they should be commended not maligned for sponsoring an event for "snobs."

E. Michael Richards
9:50 am edt 

Re: Boats Stored on the Beach

TO:"How would you like it if you left your dingy on the beach last fall only to find it removed when you returned in the spring.  THAT is why it has to be done in the late spring and NOT in the dead of winter."
we have no sympathy for those who don't bother to get the boat permit. Pleeeessee! We should charge them to get their damn boats back like towing a car parked illegally!
9:49 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Film Festival

To: Jason Michaelson

I agree! Provincetown doesn't need high brow or low brow. And while we're at it, let's eliminate the families with children. Who needs them?

And the elderly -- because they slow down everything. Before you know it, you and I -- wash-a-shores -- will be sent back to where we came from. Oh my....

Let's rethink this. Maybe high brow is O.K.

At the end of the day, most business owners will agree about what is important, and it's pure and simple one thing: visitors!

Come one, come all...
1:25 am edt 

Re: Derelect Boats

Not only are the derelict boats an eyesore, they also stop dune grass from growing which makes what sand beaches we have left, erode faster! Just because people have been leaving their boats on the beaches for hundreds of years does not make it the right thing to do! The number of boats was not a problem then like it is now! Now people from all over leave their boats on the beaches which are now too small to handle such a number! Not to mention when we have a storm these boats are a hazard to waterfront structures! I think during the off seasons, our beaches should be left for nature to repair the damage we do to them during the summer season.
1:23 am edt 

Re: Eliminating CPA Funds

When you mention the idea about getting rid of the CPA (Community Preservation Act) funds, don't forget all of the good things that we got with those funds like helping the monument with upkeep and restoration, the restoration of the town hall clock, the new archives of history at the library, new forever open space (Suzanne's garden, the community gardens) land for future water wells! Renovations for the fine arts work center, I could go on! Think twice before you say we should get rid of these very needed funds. CPA funds are more than just affordable housing!
1:12 am edt 

Re: Film Festival

"I was reflecting today on the Film Festival here in town. I think we really need to stop having events which cater to such a small minority of people, and if we are going to have these theme weeks then try thinking of something with broader appeal. .  ."

I'm surprised to hear these comments about the Film Festival.  It's our busiest week in June and we're sold out.  They are shopping (brought home lots of bags yesterday) and going out to eat, seeing films, hitting shows, they seem to be having a blast.  I know we can't please everyone all the time, but the Film Festival seems to be doing a great job bringing people to town.
1:09 am edt 

Re: Derelict Boats Dead of Winter
How would you like it if you left your dingy on the beach last fall only to find it removed when you returned in the spring.  THAT is why it has to be done in the late spring and NOT in the dead of winter.

Do it in the winter, they get grief.  Do it in the summer, they get grief.  The harbormaster's office can't win in this situation, but the derelict boats have to be removed.
1:06 am edt 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Re: Derelict Boats

I posted something on this blog over a year ago about the broken down boats in the East End and got bitched at by several people on this blog. I'm glad that something is finally being done. The beaches are one of the main reasons people come to Ptown. But, if there are trashed boats hanging around along with alot of other stuff, who wants to sit on the beach with that crap around. Glad to hear something is finally being done.

5:59 pm edt 

Garrish Derelict Boats


5:33 pm edt 

Seamans Bank

Now that has been awhile does anyone know what the full story is ?  How did this one manage to stay under the radar screen ?  Thanks
4:28 pm edt 

Re:How Sad
Include the town waterfront in that shameful category.

Dirty and neglected, under appreciated, ignored. Why? The abandoned boats wouldn't look so bad, if the shoreline itself was cleaned up. Maybe the town officials should come back downtown and actually walk about, to see the general decrepitude on the beaches.
4:00 pm edt 

What Gives?

Have posted twice and not seen them. what gives?
3:59 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Film Festival

I was reflecting today on the Film Festival here in town. I think we really need to stop having events which cater to such a small minority of people, and if we are going to have these theme weeks then try thinking of something with broader appeal. Our typical Boston/New York visitor (the bread and butter of high season) has no interest in an event like this, and the obnoxious high-brow crowd who turns out for it are definitely a bit hard to take.

Jason Michaelson
3:58 pm edt 

Come on People !!

The number of posts here on the blog seems to be diminishing - let's keep up that great pace where we are all expressing our thoughts regularly about what is right and wrong in our views with Ptown.
3:57 pm edt 

What's Up?

MyPACC is an inconsistent blog! What's up? Why no posts as of late... not much happening in Ptown these days...
3:56 pm edt 

Re: Film Festival

I would rather have baby dykes, circuit boys, and whiney family week children all in the same week, than this arrogant snobby head up their butts film festival crowd. These people look down on the working class people in this town, and contribute nothing. They spend money on films, and films alone; and their presence repels other visitors. When will we ever stop coddling these people and supporting events that do not support the well being of this town?!?!
3:55 pm edt 

If The Sun Shines and Provincetown Does Well

Let's hope the sun continues to shine a bit longer. People are here and the buses have arrived. With a bit of cooperation from the weather, the new season will be good.

we're not asking for that much: just a bit more sun.
3:53 pm edt 

OK.... so What "Open Land" do You Plan to Buy?

Have you checked out what's available? not so much. long gone to private real estate developers with no thought of affordability. but you blame affordable housing developers.

and the waiting list has no bearing on the ten percent goal. you can shut off your computer, walk to town hall and get the number of current affordable units. mind you, who lives in those units is none of your damn business. the obsession with "the list" is kinda scary. should they all wear scarlet "a's" so all the villagers know who they are and that they're poor? or as some of you would suggest, crimally entitled what with there vacations, et al.

and the money the town voted to give to chr is designated for the affordable units, along with millions of other monies from the state and the feds. it does not go into ted's pockets.

really folks. we're not westport. heck, we're practically not even provincetown anymore. just read this blog. what is it you want provincetown to become?
3:51 pm edt 

Affordable Housing: Speaking Volumes
You hit the nail on the head..  I know at least 2 people who live in affordable units and would have voted NO for the Nelson Ave Complex...  But, they received a letter from Ted and felt very threatened to even go to the meeting at all..  They would have gone and just listened to questions, concerns and observed but were afraid if he saw them there and they did not vote in favor there would be reprocussions!

This is not the person to be picking and chosing...  If the town gave the money..  It shouuld be the town who picks from the list of candidates.....  Look around and see who has units..  That should say alot !!!!!!
3:49 pm edt 

Very Limited Posts This Week!

I need my fix man! C'mon don't keep me waiting. I need my Ptown, news, gossip, rumors, political infighting and all the rest...

Fat Seal Sunning on the Beach
3:47 pm edt 

Will They Dust For Fingerprints?

So today Ptown's beaches indicate that the town is filled with derelict boat owners ONLY.  Some goofy peon at the harbor master's office went out and slapped garish orange stickers on every single boat at Johnson street and the West End parking lot beach.  Ha. I don't know what to think about it except to note that they come off really easy and good luck following up on the whereabouts of an 8 foot nondescript skiff in high season. Sure looks like they've done something though.  I guess that's what it's all about: give the appearance of "cracking down" when in fact there's no real way to nail anybody about the issue.  Frankly I'm not so sure the harbor master's office should really waste the time on hunting for all the boat owners who've followed tradition by leaving their little vessels on the beach.  It's been going on for a hundred years and no one is really hurt by the practice if you think about it.  Nonetheless, the "tickets" have been given and let us see how it plays out. I'd suggest a follow-up visit to the trash cans adjacent to both the beach areas in question--there, the harbor master office just might find evidence of response to their actions: gobs of crumpled orange stickers. Will they dust them for fingerprints?  
3:46 pm edt 

Shame on the CPC Committee

Don't you all see the fact that the $800,000 that went to Mr. Malone-a private citizen for his private business--could have gone for our historical renovations?

Community Housing Development is a private business which has been building affordable housing units without using CPA money.

Now that we need this money for Town Hall and the Library we taxpayers have to pony up an extra $800,000 that should have come from CPA funds instead of from us.

I understand why people are angry about money going to a private developer. Shame on the CPA committee.
3:43 pm edt 

Tantamount to a Hijacking

The Community Preservation Act funds have been hijacked by the affordable housing cartel. In their rush to build, the unintended consequences of their actions will result in a designated low income area.

The taxpayers as a whole aren't benefiting. The town is supposed to be receiving money from these developers: WHERE IS THIS AMOUNT LISTED IN OUR TOWN RECORDS?

The CPA has been hijacked by for-profit developers. They prosper while the town is diminished.
3:42 pm edt 

Provincetown is Not Westport!

If Westport drops their CPA. GREAT!! That will increase our state matching funds! I'll always say yes to any project that the state will match with funds. That's less us tax payers would have to pay! The CPA is doing the job we wanted when we voted for it. Stop with the put downs, it only hurts us tax payers if we get rid of these much needed funds!
3:40 pm edt 

The Bright Side!

Before you put down the CPA funds, take a good look at all the good things these state MATCHING funds have done for our town! Affordable housing is not the only good thing to become of these welcome funds for the people of town in these penny pinching times!
3:38 pm edt 

YES For CPA Funds!

Here we go again with the same anti CPA blogger who just does not care that we, who vote in town want these funds! We will just keep on saying YES for CPA funds!
3:37 pm edt 

We'd be Stupid to Drop the CPA Tax!

The town has benefited greatly from these funds so far. And by the way, the first Provincetown CPA land purchase was for a new well field, on land that was going to be developed into a housing subdivision! So every time you use fresh water in town you have the CPA funds to thank for protecting that land for now and tomorrow! That is just one reason to keep the CPA tax, or the town would have had to buy that land all by its self - without CPA matching funds!
3:36 pm edt 

How Sad to See Where What We've Allowed

Instead of protecting our open land, instead of preserving water resources, instead of valuing dunes and stretches of open beaches, we gave away our soul and spirit to capitalists. We gave away our land. We gave away our development. We gave away our precious resources. Not for the good. Not for those who deserve help. But to those who value money, profit, greed.

It is sad this this unique town did not know how to protect its own rare resources. We squandered what we had for the few who made money out of the rare resources we once had. It is tragic but it is what this town sadly did do. It acted against its own long-term interests.
3:20 pm edt 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Agree: Leave Land Bank and Eliminate CPA
That would be a good solution to this vexing problem. We never did much renovating, except now with this multi-million dollar three town-meeting town hall building. And we did not consider open land. so now, leave the Land Bank as is and then we can value land and leave the remaining tax dollars in our pockets and not Ted Malone's and other developers. What a mess! We can do what Westport is doing. Just say NO!
6:38 pm edt 

Time to Review Developers Control of Housing List

The control of the use of the Applications for new affordable housing should
be maintained by the town and not the developer.

The lottery should also be controlled by the town. If the developer wants our money
we should dictate the terms.
3:49 pm edt 

Time to Revoke the CPA Act

Westport MA is putting an article in their town meeting to revoke it.

How will we know that we are ten percent affordable housing if the list isn't published. We have a right to know where our money is going.
3:15 pm edt 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal

Some days business is so bad in town. Last week we had the worst day that we have had in years. Lets hope that things pick up when the kids are out of school and people are here spending money.
10:51 pm edt 

The Affordable Housing List is Either Private or It's Not

You can't find one person who has access to this list and then find that he is using to benefit his profit-making enterprises. Plus, we have all had questions on exactly how many people are on it and whether they should be or should not be.

But when this list is used and people are threatened in letters sent to them--and this occurs all the time with Ted Malone and his corporation--then he is doing something that is illegal. Few even know that all these others receive these letters because if you're not on the list, you would not be getting these targeted, questionable letters.
10:49 pm edt 

Entitled Can Also Mean "Knowing How to Work the System"

Forget the kiddie pablum about housing for the community espoused by the community housing development people. Development is the key word; making money at the expense of amenities of living in the town is a key word.

Brain washed by the hokum...salivating over the idea that your life here will be subsidized. Perhaps--but we have a right to know who is living in this subsidized housing and the list will be broadcast.

tenants beward.
10:47 pm edt 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

So Glad We're Going to Have Fireworks !

I do hope the town participates in some financial way to support the fireworks. When the economy is as problematic as it is, the fireworks help make this tourist town successful. Thanks to Rick Murray for once again working so hard and to Hersch. And to those on the fireworks committee.

Now let the town put some of its money in next year's budget. We all gain when we have fireworks and as taxpayers let's put our money to support this patriotic, fun explosion of light.

Thanks to everyone who gave of their time, their commitment and their financial contribution so that all of us can enjoy the great Fourth of July display.
9:28 pm edt 

Re: Entitled

Help me to understand your point please. Why would you need this list? and why do you feel "entitled" just wondering. I am not invoved in any way with any type of housing here in town, but I certainly dont have any problem with people doing whatever it takes to live here if it is were they would like to call home. Provincetown is a beatiful place to live, work, and call home, why would you take it apon yourself to cause a problem for someone you obviously dont even know?
9:27 pm edt 

In Response to Dog Park Really

I can partially understand you're feelings but when you tell people in a rude way to stay home and shut the **** up, is rude and totally unneccessary. If you can not come to this site and explain something that maybe not everyone understands the reasons why then maybe you're the one who should exercise exactly everything you said.

So for those who maybe have not donated to this privately funded park should now consider "never" donating and for those who did, then maybe you can re-consider your kindness and use that person inability and maturity to explain something that even I did not understand.
9:25 pm edt 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Follow the Rules

Guess if your on fire department you can park your in fire spot on johnson street so you  so can go work retail at store well actual its your wife that is working.  now that is just not right go pay for a sticker because i know they live in north truro on south highland road.
10:17 pm edt 

The Dog Park? Really?

- It is privately funded.  And the land it is built on is essentially useless since there are pipes running below it.  If you don't like it, please stay home.

- It would be lovely to have shade in the summer.  Please feel free to shut the      up and donate some money so that shelters can be purchased.  If you don't like it, please stay home.

- Washington Square Park, Union Square Park in Manhattan both have gravel so the person who said they'd never seen it in NYC either lives somewhere else or is uninformed. There's lots of sand around the track for the dogs to play on. Or, you could just stay home.

- Did I mention it was privately funded? Oh, yeah. I did.

- You all seriously need a life. That is indisputable.  I do swing by once a week though to point and laugh. Which I am. Right now.
10:10 pm edt 

Re: Yes We Are Entitled

Then why are you on here complaining......sheeesh foolish blog from a typical washashore...thank god before you go to bed tonight that you have the roof you have over your head...true there are people who play the seem like that type of person........grow up
10:05 pm edt 

To Conform and Follow

It must be tough being in school here in Provincetown. Look how a person is treated just because she sends her child to another school and is on the school committee.

How are the other parents treated? How are the students treated who want to leave the school?

Imagine going to school amidst this pressure to conform and follow the lead. What a breath of fresh air it will be when we regionalize.
10:03 pm edt 

Yes We Are Entitled!

Our money is used to create affordable housing. Yes we are entitled to a list of the residents.

Talk to people who have been living in town and they will tell you about people working under the table and yet getting affordable housing.

I thank God that I don't have the victim mentality--I just run the other way when I encounter brother and sister I'm-a-Victim. Gives me the shudders. The town is full of them.
9:58 am edt 

Dog Park

I visited the dog park for the first time the other day without my dog just to scope it out and I was impressed. For those involved I think a great job was done. I also noticed how much fun allot of dogs were having chasing each other around. However, in response to the perosn who mentioned their dog has difficulty walking on the stone did make sense because while I was there, I noticed the majority of the dogs running back and forth on the soft stuff. I'm not here to complain or side with anyone but make a future suggestion that maybe some day that soft stuff can be extended because it was obvious that's where they were having the most fun...
9:56 am edt 

Re: Ted Malone

The blogger who thinks Ted Malone has done something illegal must be the same blogger who thinks that town meeting was illegal because voters moved the question before certain voters got to speak! If all the things that some bloggers think are illegal, how come you never hear about them anywhere else but here and why don't you report it to the proper authorities?
9:54 am edt 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Re: Dog Park

You brought up a really good point about why pea stone material was chosen for the Bark Park.

6:10 pm edt 

They Can't Walk Let Alone Chew Gum

The derelect Amanda Girl? How much is that going to cost us? Why in God's name is it still on our pier? Is it still shrunk wrapped in yellow police tape? When's the Whydah Museum sign coming, day after labor day? All these Saturdays on the pier and nothing is happening under their stupid pavillion. What a great idea that was! Let's bring it over to the dog park where we will get our money's worth! Time for CHANGE!

June 2011
6:08 pm edt 

You Could Figure They'd Get it Wrong

Wood chips and grass host parasites such as the deadly lyme ticks. one of my dogs died from lyme a couple of years ago. figures some uninformed pier miscreant would diss the pea stone in the dog park without all the facts.

Pretty much how the pier is run too as we all know.
6:06 pm edt 

Malone Has No Right To Use the List for HIs Own Political Advantage

And that is what he did this time and last year. He contacts those who are in the affordable housing list and "encourages" them to attend Town Meeting and to Vote for the bills that give him an advantage and even more: Give him $900,000. Malone has no legal right to use the private list for his own profit and gain. It is illegal and Malone breaks the law every time he and his corporation uses the list for their private gain.
6:04 pm edt 

Re: Here's the Affordable Housing List You Can't Get

A housing list is confidential. and i've read a number but not just names. imagine if it got into, say, your hands? and yes he can contact those folks if he so chooses. what's your problem? why should you know who's on the list? it's none of your business.
4:33 pm edt 

Re: Dog Park

"...My dog refuses to take a single step,  and this is in cool weather..."
*************************************** **********************

My dog LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the Bark Park.  Guess he's not quite the 'princess' your dog is cause he loves running on the sand and the gravel at the Bark Park.
4:31 pm edt 

Pier Miscreants Not

I have had no interaction with Candace Nagle regarding the pier.  I could care less about her opinion on that subject.  Im tired of reading her self promoting postings about all she has done for this town.  Who cares?  Erect a statue of yourself in your dog park and the dogs can pay homage to you in an applicable manner.  Please stop patting yourself on the back.  Good deeds do not go unnoticed.  When someone tries to take sole credit for everything they are involved in, it makes one look like a conniving, devious and manipulative person.  I have experienced this first hand from Candace.  I will not be nominating her for commemorative plaque and Im sure many of those who have had similar run-ins with Candace would agree with me.
1:14 pm edt 

The Flip-Side

"So wait a minuet, a school committee member dosent send her own children to Provincetown schools? That to me speaks volumes. Why the hell is she even on the committee than?. . ."
There are two sides you could take on that one, if the person does not have kids in the Provincetown schools they may be more open to options (including regionalization) than the very small number of people who have children in the school and want to change nothing.

1:08 pm edt 

Re: School Regionalization

The regionalization is in the hands of our Town Government--not the shcool committee.

Perhaps if all concerned citizens wrote to the Governor with the facts from the study done by the dept of Revenue and state that we have no 7th grade class  and 40 Provincetown High School Students then he will order that the high school be closed.

I can't understand why anyone who runs a business and looks at our school still endorses that we pay $4,000,000 to educate a handfull of Provincetown students. It doesn't make sense and all of the studies point to this.

It isn't fair to the students to keep them isolated and only interacting with the same fellow students year in and year out--the same students since first grade! It is sure seems sad to me.
1:05 pm edt 

Re: Dog Park

I have taken my dog to dog parks in Chicago and NYC.  Never has there been one with gravel as a surface.  My dog refuses to take a single step,  and this is in cool weather.  In the heat of the summer with no trees for shade it will be even worse.  Candy go away!
1:03 pm edt 

Any Citizen Can Run For the School Committee

No one running even needs to even have a child in the school. So what if a school committee memeber sends her child to another school. It helps to give perspective!

This town cries out for a broader perspective on the schools--look at the myopic study they did on regionalization last year.
1:02 pm edt 

You Should Listen

Schools are being closed in Boston. Governor Deval Patrick has established a group to find ways to fund schools without raising property taxes.

Soon his gaze will encompass Cape Cod and with one fell swoop the commonwealth can demand and set a time table for both the elementary and secondary schools to regionalize.

While the school committee erroneously lead people to believe that they were in charge of regionalizing--they did nothing to consider regionalization.

When the town is forced to regionalize under the government's dictates you all will have wished that the town had done this under our own terms.

I can't see how there can continue to be a high school in Provincetown in two years. Just listen to Peter Francese's radio interview.
12:59 pm edt 

For Whom the Bells Toll

So wait a minuet, a school committee member dosent send her own children to Provincetown schools? That to me speaks volumes. Why the hell is she even on the committee than? Just something to do to pass her afternoons? What a deep caring commitment that is!

I remember that the Bergman didn't send his kids to our schools either. And look where he is now.

For who does the bell toll? PHS, I believe the bell tolls for thee!

7:55 am edt 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Re: Candace Nagle

I go to the dog park almost everyday. It is fabulous for my dog and he loves playing with the other dogs there. I have met so many people for the first time who have lived here for years like me. Thanks, Candace! Tell the naysayers to go chase a ball! Oh, never mind. They don't have one let alone two!
11:01 pm edt 

Way to Go Candace!

Keep the faith, courage and purpose. You have done all of us a great service.

And, for that we love you.

You go girl!
9:36 pm edt 

Candace, Congratulations

I didn't know the Chamber did honor you with an award but I support what they did. You deserve it. You {s}how gumption, grit and deterination. Brovo, my dear. aAnd yes congratulations.
9:33 pm edt 

But Here's the Affordable Housing List You Can't Get
The One that Ted the money-maker controls. It is determined as private and a vilation of people's rights to let you know who and how many are on the list. Yet it is the exact list that Ted Malone and his questionable corporation used to send to all on this list to attend Town Meeting and vote for his money for Shankpainter Road and Nelson Avenue property.

Private for you and me. Public and usable for Ted Malone. And he did use this list illegally and sent all on the list an encouragement, a demand to attend the Town Meeting. Too afraid if they didn't show up, they would be cut from the "Private" and confidentail list, they did show up.

Ted, you are so up-standing, so moral, so--so--
9:30 pm edt 

The One that Ted the money-maker controls. It is determined as private and a vilation of people's rights to let you know who and how many are on the list. Yet it is the exact list that Ted Malone and his questionable corporation used to send to all on this list to attend Town Meeting and vote for his money for Shankpainter Road and Nelson Avenue property.

Private for you and me. Public and usable for Ted Malone. And he did use this list illegally and sent all on the list an ecnouragement, a demand to attend the Town Meeting. Too afraid if they didn't show up, they would be cut from the "Private" and confidentail list, they did show up.

Ted, you are so up-standing, so moral, so--so--
9:28 pm edt 

Re: A Gym too Far

Interesting to put your work out in the same category as educating your children.  My children are more important to me.  I'll send them to the school that they will receive the best education from.  It sure isn't Provincetown High.
9:27 pm edt 

Please, Let Your Children Grow Up

Let them get on a bus. Let them leave town and leave your glinging hands. Students need to know the world and see others than those who only live in their block.

Such a mentality would keep every child here and stop them from seeing and living life.

Let the buses come. Let the children leave and see the world, even if it's only at Nauset.
9:26 pm edt 

It's Who You Know

When Lynn Davis was a selectman the point that she was trying to make about low wages and seasonal work was that the workers who owned homes worth a fortune and thus had a high tax rate made the same wage as people getting affordable housing.

If one doesn't work for the town, one doesn't get cost of living increases and health benefits and retirement benefits. People are having their hours cut back this year. It is a tough situation.

There are people who have good jobs and have affordable housing and it sticks in the craw because it doesn't seem to be deserved--but is due to who one knows.
4:11 pm edt 

Re: Pier Miscreants

There go those pier miscreants anonymously posting their anti-candace rants. What have they done for tourism lately?
Or anything that doesn't benefit themselves, thier lopes square patron saint and their corporation? Really, letting staff use the barge for $50.00 an hour? You can rent a skiff or sailboat for less at Flyer's.

Farmer's Market, Whydah Museum and Dog Park Lover


What's this about a 90 year old man being taken advantage of? Awful if it is true!
4:09 pm edt 

A Gym too Far

If Nauset was soooooo close and convenient, I am sure that we would all go to Willy's instead of the poor excuse for gyms that we have in this town.   Instead I only hear how far away Willy's is and what a shame as it would be great if it was closer.   So too far for you to go to the gym, but no problem to ship kids off that far.
3:04 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Planning and Building

The reason their are so many eligible low income people in town is because of the low paying seasonal jobs in town. That is why we want more affordable housing! Get over it! The town is going ahead with the planning and building! Once there is compitition in the rental market here, you will see lower market rates around town for all rentals!
3:03 pm edt 

Re: Hierarchy

Who made you god to say that a strapping young men or woman could not have some reason to get affordable housing? Many disabled people do not fit the stereotype that you may have of disability! Many strapping young single parents do have affordable housing, do you blame them for trying to make a better life for their children? Maybe you where turned down for housing and you are just jealous! Believe me as someone who lives in affordable housing, If I was able to, I would not wish my life on anyone.
3:01 pm edt 

Interesting Point From the Horse's Mouth
At the same time we check in with the high school students about their thoughts on keeping Provincetown High School open, we should talk to the students who chose to attend Nauset. My children believe they had more opportunities and received a better education and felt it was well worth the forty minute ride. The committee should be going in to this with an open mind and be prepared to filter fact from emotion.  
2:00 pm edt 

Ha????????????? Congratulations to Candy and the Chamber

Why all the posts of Candice Nagle and her virtues.  No other individual gets more personal accolades than Candy and many of us are tired of reading them.  Find another outlet to promote this campaign.  Many of us have had very negative experiences with this woman and we are not posting our feelings about her on this sight.  Please stop with the shallow comments or we will demand equal time to represent the true Candice Nagel.  The picture we will paint will show Candys true colors.
1:56 pm edt 

The Never Ending List

If you want to know who qualifies for the 40-B affordable housing that is being built in town, please call Housing Assistance Corporation in Hyannis--they are the longest list of over 3,000 people waiting for section 8s.

The Barnstable Housing Authority also has a list of applicants who qualify for section 8 and they also have a list of 40-B candidates: homeless people, people living with AIDS etc.

They could pave over the Province lands and fill in Pilgrim lake and build affordable housing there--and there would still be a list of people waiting for housing.
1:54 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Hierarchy

There is a hierarchy with Affordable housing. Women with dependent children, the elderly, and the infirm. I do not understand how these strapping young men and women are getting this housing.

Just being low income doesn't qualify--many people would work part time then and be eligible.
1:50 pm edt 

Re: Town Meeting Can Vote to Close the School

Before you get people all rilled up at proposing an article to close the school, keep in mind that the Nauset School I believe is laying off personel and they too are facing a budget crunch. So I don't know how you can think we can throw approx 50 kids at them and expect them with a smaller staff to accomodate 50 more kids. In my book that doesn't work.

Also please remember, Nauset is 1/2 hr away approximately, and that can be a major inconvience to some of us parents. I once had a daughter attending the Cape Tech School in Harwich and when she missed the bus one morning it was a problem for me. And when she took sick at School that to was a problem as a working parent and I'm sure it will be for others too.

It's too bad we couldn't combine the two schools together because as far as I'm concerned that would solve allot of these problems and then some.
1:48 pm edt 

Looking Over Your Shoulder

In Wareham, Town employees posting comments on blog sites are a target of the town wide computer audit being conducted by the town administrator.

The Board of Selectmen ordered interim Town Administrator John Sanguinet to obtain a copy of every hard drive in every city department except the schools.

At least we are free here to blog.
1:47 pm edt 

Who's Responsible

On Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard, the *BUSINESS OWNERS* ARE REQUIRED to provide housing for their employees. Forget about town-sponsored housing.
1:45 pm edt 

Town Meeting Can Vote to Close the School

At the Next spring Town Meeting anyone can place an article in the warrant to tuition out the High School Students to Nauset High School and close the school.

In a town with less than 50 families with students in the school, this is permitted by law.
9:19 am edt 

BTM (Before Ted Malone)

Due to the fact that Government money is used in all of this 40-B housing, anyone in the continental United States or Hawaii (and perhaps Puerto Rico?)are entitled to apply for housing here.

There are thousands of people on a list for housing at Housing Associates in Hyannis. There is the Barnstable Housing Authority etc. just on the cape.

There is an organization called ABC in Boston and 10 years ago they sent applicants to Provincetown to look into housing. (I remember one woman called me on the phone before she came here; she wanted to know how modern the kitchen was--due to being on a septic system, the sink in the apartment didn't have a garbage disposal-so she wasn't interested.)

One woman I met with told me that she had to leave a housing development because a family member was involved with drugs--this was over ten years ago.

So, yes, everyone in the country who is eligible can apply for section 8  (and now 40-B housing housing)--and this was before Ted Malone came here.
9:18 am edt 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Were We Thinking?

You Don't Need More Affordable Housing, You Need Town-sponsored and Not State and Federal Funded Housing

That is the problem and this is why town managers and town officials in many towns on the Cape refuse to have 40-B and federal housing because it does their town little good. It only brings in the carpetbaggers and anyone who wants to live in resort towns and has too little money to do this.

When a town controls housing for town people, and the lotteries are fair and include those who are part of the town and not only off-the-bus people, then it works for everyone.

Then it is not only a for-profit and  big-money projects that destroy the land and the water resources. Instead, we sold our soul and our money and raised our taxes to help Ted Malone and his work crew live a dam good life. Go figure!
11:34 pm edt 

Affordable Housing

I know of many families living in what I call living wage housing. And I don't think that we would only want locals to get affordable homes first, because Provincetown has not had many native Americans living here for some time now!
11:32 pm edt 

Affordable Housing and the List

Just by living in town for thirty years does not give anyone the right to get affordable housing! You have to go by state and federal guide lines first. If your on the list and your eligible for one of the multi bedroom rentals in town for families, good luck getting one because there are many others also on that same list. Thats why we need more housing to be built! My family of five have been in our affordable housing for over 15 years now. We had to wait years to finally get picked from that list.
10:45 pm edt 

Best Wishes to Autin KNight

I hope you are feeling better and I wish you well as your arm heals. I know you just didn't need this. But good luck in the days ahead.
10:43 pm edt 

Congratulations to Candy and the Chamber

A great get together last night and how nice to honor Candace Nagle's work with the dog park. Another great get together and suport for those who support tourism and the businesses of this town.

Thanks Candy. You do a great job and are such a wonderful director. You know how to throw a great party and know how to bring people together. We are lucky to have you. Your energy and pizzazz is infectious and a joy to so many of us.
10:42 pm edt 


Just who is the "we" that decides who is or isn't "wanted"? the classism is just so obvious as i can only imagine it is the royal "we". oh, and get a fact checker folks. i don't even know where to start.
10:41 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing.

There are no one person studio apartments! Affordable has got to be at least a one bedroom. By state law a town must allow ANY Massachusetts citizen a chance to live in said housing. This is because we also use state funds for said housing. Many families already live in said affordable housing, you may be living right next door to an affordable property, these families and the addresses of these homes are not public information even if you have lived here for 30 years!
10:32 pm edt 

Re: Where is the Obligation

As selectmen, they are sworn to uphold all of the rules and regulations of the town. But hey, once again, lets turn a blind eye to anything illegal because it's not really illegal right? It's just an oversight by the contractor, it's not a selectmans job, it's someone elses problem right? Till it happens to you, right?

The selectmen are the ultimate overseers of the town. All other departments are under them. Directly under them is the TM and under her are the departments that are to perform their jobs to insure mayhem doesn't rule the town, from building inspector to chief of police to DPW director and beyond. Are you saying a selectman walks by a restaurant at night, sees the establishment overcrowded and doesn't have a responsibilty to report what they saw and have the situation looked into, possibly making the situation safer? Or should they turn the blind eye and wait till someone is killed in a fire or falls off an upper deck? Should a selectman not report bad road conditions to hopefully have them fixed? You may feel the current selectmen aren't capable of this oversight but hey, they are what you voted for.
10:30 pm edt 

To: Get a Life

Are you so concerned that we are wishing Austin well, but also reminding him of his obligation to the people that elected him?  Your the type of person that we don't want around.  You are the one that needs to GET A LIFE
10:27 pm edt 

Get a Life

Why is someone's unfortunate accident anyone else's business??? You people really do need to get a life of your own...lives of your own and stop commenting so freely on the lives of everyone else.
6:52 pm edt 

Affordable Housing:
It seems as though it is not all locals getting the housing...  Let's focus on our own first before we start exploring elsewhere.  There are many families I know on the list but many others who I don't ( and have been here for 30+ years) getting the housing.  What's wrong with this picture?

Hosuing for families with children would be a good start..  Not just one room studios !
6:35 pm edt 

Regional Planning Group

ATTENTION: At the Spring Town meeting the citizens voted to create the Regional Planning Group to pursue regionalization.

Regionalization is in the hands of Regional Planning Group-- NOT the school committee.

The School committee has nothing to do with regionalization.  I was reminded of this Town meeting vote when I called the superintendent's office of the regional schools.
6:33 pm edt 

Re: From the Horse's Mouth

High School is a stepping stone in people's live. One's four years in high school is presented to them as a given and isn't up for discussion.

Regionalizing is an adult decision--not a teenagers.
6:31 pm edt 

Moral Compasses

Selectmen and other town officials all too often turn a blind eye in this town. I can site cases in which the whole lot are both visually impared and have misplaced their moral compasses.
6:29 pm edt 

School Regional Planning Committee

"RE: The citizens at town meeting voted to establish a Regional Planning Group to investigate what is necessary for us to regionalize our school system with Nauset.

Who is on this committee? Has it even been formed yet? They can or at some point should be able to answer the questions raised here about regionalization."


From the Town of Provincetown web site:
The Town of Provincetown is seeking applications for the Town of Provincetown's School Regionalization Committee, created by vote of the April 6, 2009 Special Town Meeting and appointed by the Town Moderator, to study the advisabilty of establishing a regional school district. Applications may be obtained in the Office of the Town Clerk, 16 Jerome Smith Road, Provincetown, MA 02657, or on the Town's website:
6:28 pm edt 

Building Permits

A building permit only costs you $100 if you are doing less than some $6,000 worth of work. If you are doing say $30,000 worth of work it will cost more like $450. If your doing $100,000 worth of work cough up about $1,500.

A check writer
6:24 pm edt 

From the Horse's Mouth

Has anyone ever asked the High School students what they think about keeping the HS open vs. going to a different school? Maybe we should get their input. Afterall it is affecting their lives. Maybe we could have a smaller building for the High School and offer the students some choices of on line courses? Just a few thoughts.
3:31 pm edt 

Re: Regional Planning Group

The citizens at town meeting voted to establish a Regional Planning Group to investigate what is necessary for us to regionalize our school system with Nauset.

Who is on this committee? Has it even been formed yet? They can or at some point should be able to answer the questions raised here about regionalization.

If we want to regionalize, then the other towns have to ask at their town meeting to accept Provincetown into the regional school system.

There are two choices that towns have to pay for their students: the town votes to do assessment according to enrollment. There is a regional per capita cost or there is the Commonwealths.

We need to hear from the regional planning group all of the pros and cons of regionalizing.
3:28 pm edt 

Where is the Obligation

Please show us where it is written that a selectmen has an obligation to report non permitted work, other than in your liberal imagination?

A Rat In The Basement
3:26 pm edt 

Where in Deed?

I'd like to know where the blogger would get a dinner for only $15.00 on the waterfront!?! Silly rabbit!
12:20 pm edt 

Special Interest?
As a homeowner, I can go to town Hall and get a homeowner's building permit and I can have anyone do the work. Of course, it would cost me $100 to get the permit.

If I was a contractor building an affordable housing complex worth $9,000,000--the $100,000 fee anyone else would have to pay who was building it would be waved. Gotta love them 40-B housing laws. Special interest? You Betcha!(wink wink)
11:24 am edt 

Selectmen Are Not the Enforcers

Building permits fit under the purview of the Building commissioner and the building inspector. It is not the selectmen's role to check out all permits.
11:21 am edt 

Re: School Regionalization

Closing a school is very traumatic for a community. In Provincetown, we have a high school with a small number of High school students who are Provincetown Residents.

The citizens of Provincetown have two choices: we can vote at town meeting to tuition out the Provincetown high school students to Nauset High school without regionalizing or we can ask the other towns to vote us into the Nauset Regional system.

Regarding the elementary school: In order for Provincetown to Regionalize its school system, it would require that, Wellfleet, Eastham, Brewster, and Orleans would each vote at their own town meeting to accept Provincetown into the Nauset Regional school system.

In the elementary school system there are 5 school committees: Brewster, Eastham, Orleans, Wellfleet and Nauset Regional number 54.

Currently, the number of school committee members from a town is dependent upon the number of students from that town who attend the school.

If  Provincetown were to become a member of the regional school system we would most likely have one school committee member on the Regional school committee and thus one vote.  
11:20 am edt 

Re: Austin Knight

I could not agree more with the post about Austin Knight's Responsibility .   If he was working for someone and he was there while another contractor was doing a job, and he didn't see an orange work order on the building, he has an obligation to report it to the town.  (He could have asked the owner first to get a permit, and then tell him that he is obligated by his position in town government to report it)
I am sure we all wish Austin a speedy recovery
No Rat Here
11:17 am edt 

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is just going to be a reshuffling of folks who are already here in town. How many families will qualify? Suddenly we are going to have a bunch of new families moving here?

How many families will make their children suffer taunts by mmoving intp a low-income housing development? If you don't think that kids are cruel--just look by at your own childhood. We were all kids once.
11:15 am edt 

Truth be Told

"Neither Jessica Waugh nor the Provincetown School Committee has ever turned down
regionalization.  Why?  Because it has never been offered to Provincetown."

NOT TRUE! Waugh was approached and her reply was, "Thanks but no thanks."
8:47 am edt 

Twisted Logic

Some people just don't want to see the truth. Why don't we use taxpayer money to pay for half of the cost of everyone's dinner who goes out to eat?

This way, I can go to the most expensive restaurant in town, order a $30 dollar entree and only pay $15--the taxpayers pay the restaurant owner the other $15. He makes out..and so do I, the entitled diner.

I'm entitled to dine on the waterfront or to drive a lexus and so I want the taxpayers to support me and pay for my housing to.
8:46 am edt 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Re: Austin Knight's Responsibility

As a selectman, the highest level of town administration, he has the obligation to insure that all rules of the town be adhered to and does have a responsibility to report issues that don't follow the town rules. For instance, he doesn't have the obligation to report a stairway that was built wrong, that's the job of the building inspector, but he does have the responsibility to report that the stairs were built without a permit. One is building code, the other is town law.

11:10 pm edt 

Excuse Me, But Less Is More
Wow, a few more words from this blooger would be relief. We didn't sing up to read a dissertation, not matter how good your point. Plese, word count would help. Keep it under two hundred words!!
9:36 pm edt 

Who's On the School Committe and Their Children are Elsewhere?
Is this really ture? Tell me this isn't correct. That would already be a statement that it is over. You just serve on the Provincetown School Committee and then send your children elsewhere. Really?

How odd, if this is true. How wacky, if this is correct.
9:34 pm edt 

Looks Like Austin Broke His Arm

That is ad and he just need this addional problem. But that is life. He was at Cape Cod Hospital today and may be still there.

Austin, we wish you good healing.
9:33 pm edt 

Re: The Schools

Regionalization is inevitable.  

But Ptown has never been formally asked to merge or regionalize with Nauset.  There has never been a concrete offer from either Supt. Gradone or from the Nauset School Committee to regionalize with Ptown.  They merely stated in the media that regionalization would be a good idea.  

What Nauset has done up until now is try to convince Ptown to send its students between the ages of 11-18 to Nauset WITHOUT regionalizing.

Simply put, Nauset wants Ptown to bus its students between the ages of 11-18 to Nauset WITHOUT regionalizing (just like Truro does now).

If Ptown High were to close, and if Ptown does have to bus its kids to Nauset, Ptown will be solely responsible for transportation costs (just like Truro is now).  

It will cost Ptown at least $900 a day to ferry kids to the two Nauset schools.  That is $162K per year.

Why would the member towns of Nauset ever agree to share this cost?  If Nauset officially offered us regionalization, the citizens of Orleans, Brewster, Wellfleet and Eastham would have to share the costs of transporting kids from Ptown to the two Nauset schools.  Does anyone honestly think those citizens are going to agree to that without pressure?

Further, if Ptown (WITHOUT regionalizing first) sends an estimated 50 more of its 11-18 year-old kids to Nauset at $13K per kid (which is the going rate for a district when it sends one of its kids to another district) that's $650K of Ptowns money being sent to Nauset.

Add the 31 kids Ptown is already sending to Nauset and, at $13K a kid, that's another $273K being sent to Nauset.

Finally, if Ptown transports its 24 special-needs kids to Nauset, at an additional $21K per kid (which is the going rate for educating special-needs kids when one district sends its special-needs kids to another district) that's $735K more of Ptowns money being sent to Nauset.

The total comes to $1.820 million dollars--every year; with Ptown having no say on the Nauset School Committee.

If there is no regionalization agreement with Nauset before shutting down Ptown High, Nauset would basically get Ptown kids for free.  Ptown would be paying for the transportation of those kids.  Ptown would essentially be paying tuition to Nauset to educate those kids.  Nauset would also be receiving state and federal matching funds for the kids being sent to Nauset by Ptown.

Right now, Ptown High costs Ptown $1.1 million per year.

So, where will the savings come from if Ptown simply closes down the high school WITHOUT regionalizing first?

And though some people wish that Nauset would merge or regionalize with Ptown, why would Nauset agree to do so?

Why would Nauset agree to take on Ptown's (or Truro's) transportation costs if it does not have to?

So where are the savings if Ptown sends its kids to Nauset WITHOUT regionalizing?

Sure, Ptown could sell the high school (which the town and the school committee have borrowed heavily against).

But Ptown would still be shelling out 1.820 million dollarsEVERY YEAR; with Ptown having absolutely no say on the Nauset School Committee.

Ptown will still have to spend close to four million dollars EVERY YEAR on the elementary school, on pensions and on school administration.

Lastly, the Department of Revenue has suggested Ptown regionalize with Nauset.

But how can Ptown do that if Nauset isn't offering?

Citizens of Ptown have meetings with Nauset officials and among themselves--but STILL there is no concrete offer from Nauset to regionalize.

Neither Jessica Waugh nor the Provincetown School Committee has ever turned down regionalization.  Why?  Because it has never been offered to Provincetown.

Nauset has never said publicly that it had made a serious offer to Ptown.

If Ptown had turned down Nausets serious offer to regionalize, wouldn't Nauset officials tell us, or the Cape Cod Times or the Banner?

So, what should Ptown do?

Ptown should regionalize with Nauset but keep Ptown High open.

Many systems have two or more high schools.

The Ptown School Committee should pin the Nauset Supt. and School Committee against the wall and say its ready to regionalize.

But the Provincetown School Committee should do this BEFORE closing down the high school.  If the school committee set ups meetings to regionalize after it has already closed the high school, Nauset will then have the leverage it needs NOT to regionalize.  

If Nauset doesnt regionalize with Ptown, Ptown will be solely responsible for the cost of busing kids to Nauset while Ptown sends Nauset a ton of cash every year.  

So, regionalization should happen as quickly as possible.

And this is how regionalization should work:

All students 6-12 from Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet should go to Provincetown High School (estimated student population by 2012: 325 students).

All students 6-12 from Eastham, Orleans and Brewster should go to Nauset High in Eastham (estimated student population by 2012: 925 students).

VMES, Orleans Elementary, Eastham Elementary and Wellfleet Elementary should be closed and given back to the towns or sold (the basketball courts in these buildings and the fields surrounding the buildings should be kept by the school systems for use by the schools and by the recreation depts.).

All students PK-5 from Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet should go to Truro Elementary (estimated student population by 2012: 300 students).

All students PK-5 from Eastham and Orleans should go to the Nauset Middle School building in Orleans (estimated student population by 2012: 400 students).

All students PK-5 from Brewster should go to either the Stony Brook School or the Eddy School (estimated student population by 2012: 450 students).

This plan would save the region a ton of money on transportation costs.

Ptown kids would not have to spend two hours everyday on a bus.

This plan would save the region a ton of money on operating costs.

Ptown should talk to Nauset about regionalization BEFORE Ptown closes its high school.

The Nauset system is losing an estimated 125 kids between the ages of 11-18 every year.  It needs money.  It needs students (to qualify for matching state and federal funds).  

Nauset is already starting to severely cut courses, activities, operation budget and staff.  It is ready to levy fees for activities and transportation.

Nauset is hurting financially and it is looking to Ptown and at Ptowns kids to staunch its financial bleeding.

Before Ptown closes the high school and gives Nauset all of its students between the ages of 11-18, the Provincetown School Committee should strike a regionalization deal that doesnt brutalize Ptown financially while leaving Ptown with absolutely no say about how its money is being spent or how its children are being educated.
9:32 pm edt 

How Cruel....

....that someone in the same blog would report that a selectman was in an accident and then bring up some hear say rumor about something with permits not taken out on a job he has nothing to do with! Get a life!
9:24 pm edt 

Re: Ted Malone

If we had more affordable housing in town that family mentioned here on this blog would'nt have to leave town. That is why we give CPA funds towards the good work that a developer like Ted Malone does! Shame on the few bloggers on here who keep putting this man down.
9:23 pm edt 

Dropping a Dime

It is not Austin Knights, nor any other licensed contractors job, to drop a dime on anyone for any matter whatsoever! It is the job of Russel Braun to see to it that no construction that requires a building permit be done within the Provincetown town line. Just another example of the aforementioned town employee not doing the job he is being paid to do. This probably happened on a Friday, when he likes to stay at home.

A Rat In The Basement
9:22 pm edt 

Re: Austin Knight

Anyone hear that Austin Knight was working a job and fell off a ladder and broke one of his bones?  Wishing him well if that happened.  

Also heard the house he was working on didn't have a permit for some of the construction they were doing.  Other contractors were at the house and doing work inside.  Austin was painting house, which doesn't need a permit, but he knew what work was going on and what was needed ..........                                                                                             

6:20 pm edt 

Re: School Population and Affordable Housing

"I personaly know of two families that are leaving at the end of the school year because either they can't find any place to live or can't afford what they do find. So that's 4 kids to my knowledge that will not be enrolled in our schools next year. "

Now that is very sad.  This is what we should be spending affordable housing dollars on, keeping families here who want to be here, but just can't afford Ptown's escalating cost of living.
6:05 pm edt 

People Promote What Interests Them

Carnival week is a long, involved event in which most of the gay businesses get involved in promoting. Businesses put their energy into what will promote their business.

You can't expect the businesses to be as involved in promoting the school. Why aren't the parents invovled in volunteering at the community center? People promote what interests them.

Parents suspect gay people--so why should they get involved with student activities? We are the oldest county in all of new England. The school population is just declining.

It is a complicated situation and the dept. of Revenue has highlighted the steps that need to be taken.
6:03 pm edt 

Re: School Population

All right already with the ranting and raving about the schools, your repeating yourself again Mikey!
6:01 pm edt 

So Does Anyone Find This Bit of Information as Interesting as I do?

It seems that the School Board member who is not on her first term has two school age children who live in Provincetown, but do not attend Provincetown schools! Imagine that!

Does anyone know why?

Clark Leachmere
6:00 pm edt 

Re: Ted Malone

What were the results of last Thursday night Zoning Committee meeting, which involved Ted Malone?

Were there any additional requirements placed on the developer? Anybody know?
5:26 pm edt 

Answer to Increased School Population

I think you are seriously kidding when you think there really is affordable housing in Provincetown and families will be coming here, etc, etc...I personaly know of two families that are leaving at the end of the school year because either they can't find any place to live or can't afford what they do find. So that's 4 kids to my knowledge that will not be enrolled in our schools next year.

I also know for a fact that I can't even begin to qualify for the affordable housing in this town but that's not what I want anyone to concentrate on but I do want to bring to everyones attention is when you look at what the financial guidelines are, you gotta wonder how can anyone afford it ? I am slightly over quaified which is one reason why but if I was making what is needed to qualify for either a two or three bedroom place I would already be facing financial problems before moving in.

You add all that to "what is here for kids to do" ??? Wow we have a community center that has better physical fitness equipment than it does anything else. I see absolutely no attraction for kids in this town. I am a parent and I have kids but some day we too will be gone. If this town put as much time and energy as they do into things like Carnival week for the gay community, then maybe there's a slim chance our children will have something, instead we do nothing but talk about closing the community center and high school.
3:33 pm edt 

Re: It Seems to Me You Daydream About Not Have Schools or Children in Provincetown

It's time to face reality.  The high school is not a financially viable option in Provincetown.  And anytime someone states this, they are accused of not liking children or not wanting them in town and I guess you have to try to strike back somehow.  But, no one has ever said they didn't like kids.  There just reaches a point when a high school in Provincetown is not viable and we have reached and passed that point.

I don't understand why parent's don't want the best possible education for their children when they know the best possible education is through Nausett.  All the statistics back this up.
2:41 pm edt 

Increased School Population

With all of the affordable housing for families that is being built with beautiful, spacious three bedroom apartments and big yards for swing sets and  places to play, families will be moving here and we will have more children in the school.
11:27 am edt 

Daydreaming About Continuing to Have a School in Provincetown -

It seems to me you daydream about not have schools or children in Provincetown
11:25 am edt 

Taking Action!

I'm going to dig up one of those abandoned boats at the west end parking lot, have Sharon use a prop. 21/2 override to buy me some Rhino paint (Federal Gold I think) to patch the holes in it, tie up next to the Amanda Girl , invite all of the homeless poor family's with school children on board, have Candis call the DPW and get us a chainsaw, (if they can find it in that messy shed) get that fast talking David guy to convince Rex to tow us out to the point with that mega barge of his, on Town time of course, so we can cut down that dame lighthouse cause its going to block my view of the Cape Wind towers.

A Rat In The Basement
7:49 am edt 

Monday, June 8, 2009

Who's Decision to Cut Down Town Hall Trees & Bushes?

How made this decision? Why should the trees be cut down? I think the Bradford Pear is beautiful and that it doesn't bear fruit is not a bad thing. Its colors are marvelous. I don't see anything wrong keeping the trees. It's like the tree they wanted to cut down at PAM when they were building the new addition. People said absolutely No and it is still there. Trees have worth and they shouldn't only be viewed as decorative touches and landscaping.
11:40 pm edt 

Re: Bradford Pear Trees Ought to Go
What do you mean "they are the wrong type of tree?"  I didn't know there was a "right type" of tree.  They are large, they offer shade in the summer and they enhance town hall.  Are you suggesting planting saplings that we must wait 20 years to grow to a decent size?  Are you going to pay $150,000 to have the existing trees removed and new fully grown ones planted?  Ohhh .. better yet just put another tax override on the town meeting agenda to increase our taxes even more ... just because it's the "wrong type of tree."  Enough of this nonsense!
11:39 pm edt 

Ideas For Planting Trees in Front of Town Hall -

How about planting some Thundercloud plum trees... the grow about 15-20 ft high, have beautiful purple leaves and a beautiful lavender flower that blooms in spring. Any one else have any ideas?

11:37 pm edt 

Re: Re: Per Student Cost

"Yes and double the # of children you say - and I do mean you say - and you get $18,000 - state average - not really a stretch considering that there are a lot of Provincetown children who are opting for school choice... "

Oh great idea, let's double the # of children from the 56 listed in the banner (and I do mean listed in the banner).  And how are you going to do that?  Please let us know.  Or are you just daydreaming?
3:07 pm edt 

Bradford Pear Trees Ought to Go

I also think the Bradford pear trees ought to go in front of Town Hall.  They are the wrong type of tree and now completely block the front facade.  cut em down and good riddance.
3:06 pm edt 

Re: David Bedard Fast Talker?
From the tone and content of your posts, I would think the problem is not that Bedard talks too fast, but you brain is too slow.
2:31 pm edt 

Re: Derelict/Abandoned Boats

Why don't they just round up the derelict/abandoned boats and auction them off?  Problem solved.
2:30 pm edt 

Re: Rhino Shield
I called about Rhino Shield. I'm told by the manufacture that they train people on how to prepare the surface and prime and apply Rhino Shield.

Their people have to apply it inorder for it to have a warranty. It takes 3 or 4 days as there is "curing" involved. It has been used on Hotels in Florida.

I'm told that up here in MA, it would last for over 20 years. I'm investigating. At my age, I many never have to get my house painted again if I go with Rhino Shield.
2:29 pm edt 

Re: David Bedard

David Bedard does speak fast and he over reacts to problems just like Mary Jo!
2:28 pm edt 

Re: Library Rehabilitation-Tree Planting

With all of this talk on the poorly planned planting of trees blocking town hall, lets put a stop on the library doing the same thing in front of its building! What a waste of money!
2:26 pm edt 

Re: David Bedard Proposal

I agree! David Bedards idea to form yet another committee is just plain dumb. We already have a finance committee who supposed to report to the selectmen on the towns finances!
2:25 pm edt 

Re: Per Student Cost

Yes and double the # of children you say - and I do mean you say - and you get $18,000 - state average - not really a stretch considering that there are a lot of Provincetown children who are opting for school choice.   Remember their option of school choice might be the end of another parent's choice for schools.  
2:24 pm edt 


David Bedard as chairman!?! He barely speaks now, and when he does, he speaks so fast you can't understand him! Lets get someone with brains on that board.
9:20 am edt 

Re: Town Hall Renovation-Trees

I used to like sitting in the sun in front of town hall before those stupid trees were planted. Now its all shade! Those bradford pear trees should be trimmed every year.
9:19 am edt 

Re: David Bedard's Recommendation

David Bedard's recommendation was not an effective solution to the issue.  He was recommending creating yet another committee to communicate between the Board of Selectmen, the Finance Committee and the Town.  If these three bodies are not effectively communicating, the answer is not to create a fourth committee, which only futher mucks up the process.  The solution is to communicate.   By creating a fourth working group to faciliate communication between three existing groups that don't communicate effectively, shows how out of touch Bedard really is.   If you want to resolve the problem, resolve the systemic cause of the problem, which is failure to communicate and work together effectively.
9:18 am edt 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Maybe David Bedard Should Be Chair

He's the only one that now seems to have ideas and is thinking about the future. And what is wrong with working with the financial committee to consider future issues and trying to decide what should be cut and what should be kept?

Oh, it threatens Michele Couture and her sense of power? It's not a power that helps our town but one driven by whatever she values. And it is not the financial well-being of our town that this woman values.

Bedard's idea made too much sense and he should be applauded for this and clearly the other potatoe heads should have voted for it.
9:47 pm edt 

Re:Town Hall Rehabilitation- Trees

If Barbara Thinks the Trees are Being Trimmed, Wait Till She Sees Them Cut Down

Trim is one thing. Cut and destroyed is another. And who is making these decision? Now trees are a "problem" and they block the view of this building? Where is the Conservation Committee on this one? Oh, yes, these trees can go but not one bush on the Murchinson property. Those Murchinson bushes are crucial, but not the trees or the bushes at Town Hall. Again, who is making these sometimes wacky decisions?
9:46 pm edt 

Re: How Odd For You To Talk About The Trees
Those "ornamental" Pear trees in front of town hall don't bear fruit and never will. They just flower and grow bushy and are very weak in a storm. They shoulod never have been planted there in the first place. Now, if they bore fruit that people could eat I might say keep 'em, but they don't. There are better trees we could use to landscape in front of town hall that have higher canopies, provide nice shade and still leave a street view of the face of the building.
5:09 pm edt 

Re: Per Student Cost

I don't remember our exact cost per student last year with 87 students, but say it was $24,000 per student.  The cost of the high school are pretty much fixed cost.  If you have 5 students in a grade or 20 students you still need the same resources.

If the cost were $24,000 per student last year for 87 students that comes to approximately $2,088,000

Take that $2,088,000 and divide it by the current enrollment of 56 students and you get a per student cost of $37,286 which is just too high.
5:07 pm edt 

Spring Town meeting--Move the Question
Even an editorial in the banner excoriated the proceedings at the Spring Town meeting allowing anonymous yells of,"Move the Question" to dominate the proceedings.

It is true, every taxpayer should be at town meeting to vote so we can get a true sense of what the citizens want. People who don't pay taxes are spending the taxpayer's money.
5:05 pm edt 

David Bedard...... part of the conservative tax cutting at all costs, small minority of town meeting.
5:04 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall Renovation - Trees

Barbara Rushmore even wants the trees in front of town hall trimmed! And she is the towns top tree hugger.
5:02 pm edt 

Couture & Avellar Are Two Peas in a Pod

They have been selectmen too long and are both to blame for our overrides year after year and no money in our coffers to fund anything but a barebones budget.
5:01 pm edt 

Every Taxpaying Resident Should go to Town Meeting!

Well, if there were ENOUGH serious year round jobs here for everyone which offered benefits and cost of living increases and raises then the cost of living here might be a different story.

As it is, this is a tourist service-based community. What people don't understand is that we are all on a fixed income in a way: the waiter and bus boy and dishwasher and store clerk--we get no 401Ks or health benefits.

We must keep reminding the powers that be that not everyone here is a millionaire or has subsidized living. Many of us have to work for a living with out perks.

Nothing will change until every taxpaying resident goes to town meeting and takes an interest in where our tax money goes.
9:57 am edt 

Re: Ptown Enrollment

1) I know a number of gay parents in town.
2) Housing is not affordable for families, gay or straight.
3) Affordable housing being built is not being built for parents with children.
4) Provincetown has many second home-owners who add much to this town, but they do not live here year-round and do not bring children to the school district.
5) Yes, the writing is on the wall, the sooner we accept it and find solutions, the better off we will be.
9:53 am edt 

I Agree With David

Spend money responsibly. Provincetown goes into hibernation in the winter. Do we really need all of these people working full time?

Funding these budgets requires more than just a meeting where the department head tells you that they want this amount of money; in business the regular practice is to always ask for more money in every new budget.

I agree with proactive and understand the true costs and true needs. Cushy jobs for life with all of the perks is a thing of the past. We taxpayers need relief.
9:52 am edt 

Re: Selectmen

The selectmen except for bedard are incapable or unwilling to find new sources of revenue and/ or lowering our taxes.
9:51 am edt 

Re: David Bedard

How can you say that what David Bedard wants is a good intellegent plan to manage the towns finances? If I remember right, Mr Bedard already served on the finance committee and look at the mess we are in now!
9:50 am edt 

A Creature of Their Own Making

I still don't know why a certain blogger keeps on saying the voters were cheated when it was the voters themselves who voted time after time for what they wanted the CPA funds for! Me thinks the blogger is obsessed with the housing cartel that town meeting created!
9:48 am edt 

How Odd For You To Talk About the Trees
You must be in the midst of decision making. Strange that they will be cutting down many trees that have been standing there at town hall. oh, you just think it would be good. Please, we are not so naive to not know that you know that so many of these trees and bushes wil be cut down, decimated and killed for a better view of town hall.

Yah, you just thought you'd add this thought. You are part of the tree-killing group. Kill the trees, add to the view. You'd be great in mall development, except they are going out of business.
9:45 am edt 

Re: High School Enrollment in Grades 9-12 is at 56 Students, Down From the Current 87
And with no incoming 7th grade for September 2009 unless there are children from Truro who make the Provincetown choice rather than the Nauset choice.  But those have been few and far between lately.  So 56 is pretty much where it will be for next year, too.
9:43 am edt 

I Agree!

David Bedard thinks that lowering taxes will help the town! Guess what - you cannot run a town without spending tax money. What he should be doing is finding a way to make the town money so our taxes can at least stay stable. Thanks to the other selectmen in voting him down again.
12:10 am edt 

For Lack of Trust

The reason Bedard's fellow board members shot down his sound idea is because no one trusts one another on that board. God forbid, two selectmen and two finance committee members are joined to create a subcommittee to stay outin front of the upcoming budget, the others will feel threatened. You heard what Couture said, they will grab power they don't have. Yeah, right. That's what will happen, it's a secret coup de etat in the making. Selectmen's votes all too often reflect their self-serving interests and not the good of Provincetown and its residents.
12:09 am edt 

Now It's Clear How the Voters Were Cheated

CPA funds should have been remained as they were intended so that 10% went to historical, 10% to open land and 10% to affordable housing.

However, as soon as the CPA funds were voted on and accepted at Town Meeting 4 years ago, the affordable housing cartel voted that 80% automatically go to Affordable housing.

The voters were cheated because with 80% going to Affordable housing DEVELOPERS, 10% could only go to preserve our historical artifacts or buildings. In Dartmouth, they are using CPA funds to preserve old maps etc that in their library. They used CPA money to build a new playground.

We could have been saving the taxpayers money by paying for the renovation of the library with CPA funds and it would have been completed years ago.

The selectmen are supposed to be looking out for all of the taxpayers--not the special interests.
12:07 am edt 

P'town School Student Enrollment

How can anyone in this Town really think we have a chance of seeing the amount of students (currently 56) of ever reaching the enrollment figure the school had last year of 87 students again ? And here's why I think the deck is stacked against it ever happening:
(1) We seem to do our best in this town of advertising, promoting, etc for gay oriented people. I am not targeting them because they are gay as that is immaterial but,
(2) How many of them that live here have children, brought kids with them to live here or plan on having any kids ?
(3) Maybe that life style has contributed in the low enrollment and if you disagree then prove my second opinion as wrong.
(4) When you take that all into consideration and add it to a few of the other issues, then I think you will all agree we haave lost the battle and it's time to figure out what we are going to do in the best intrest of everyone.
12:04 am edt 

Bedard Gets It

Now, at least we have someone with a brain. Hopefully, one by one, the current board members, one who has been there way to long and part of the problem for decades, will be replaced by intelligent people.
12:02 am edt 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Liked Bedard's Ideas of Being Finacially Forward Thinking
The selectmen have meetings after meetings on the budget. And they do the same every year. Fail to cut. Fail to make substantial reductions. Then they put what they failed to cut as an override. It is poorly done and pooly thought out. Well, it lacks thinking. It is simiply reactive.

Bedard had a solid idea and it would mean fewer meetings and more thorough grasp of where we are now and where we will be next year and the year after. It should have been a unanimous vote for this superb idea.
9:12 am edt 

Re: Town Hall

Town hall is looking fabulous, hopefully we can get some of those over grown trees cut back in the front of the building so we can all see the great work from Commercial St.
7:41 am edt 

End of Story

Mikey still doesn't get that the voters wanted all of the affordable housing being mentioned. Nobody forced me or anyone around me to vote one way or another. What I do know is that like Mikey, a lot of people who rant and rave on this blog did not attend town meeting. Its a small town and thats just the way things get voted for or against. WE moved and voted the question. End of story.
7:40 am edt 

Re: Hey Rat

On May 30th I wrote that "ALL" of the clapboard is not new. That means that some of it is! You should reread that post and take away my real meaning instead of what you want to here. Are you a liberal? Cause you sure argue like one.

A Rat In The Basement
7:39 am edt 

Re: Selectmen

Fast talker David was voted down as he should be. He always thinks he knows best. I bet he reads this blog daily!
7:37 am edt 

Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally, one of the selectmen wants to tackle the budget head-on from the ground up and the other selectmen slam the idea.  What the hell are they afraid of?

Mary Jo has come right out and said she doesn't understand the budget.  Elaine just wants to send everyone thank you notes.  Michele made it clear she's only interested in pulling things out for over rides that she knows people will vote to reinstate (DPW and REC).  Austin seems to get it.

Bedard wants to work with all the parties involved and truly get a handle on it and the rest of them shoot him down.  Me thinks they're all afraid of losing power.  They should put their egos aside and work towards a better financial future for all of us.
11:00 pm edt 

All of the Subterfuge

People aren't against affordable housing; but why should developers get our hard earned money when they can build the affordable housing without it...when 80% of the money should be going to Renovate Town Hall?

CPA money should have been going to the library and other buildings used by the citizens of Provincetown.

No one was against affordable housing until we learned about all of the subterfuge.
10:59 pm edt 

Re: Re: Hey Rat

Gee, on May 30th you said the clapboards weren't replaced, so are you a misinformed rat, a blind rat, or is there more than one "rat in the basement"? In which case we better start laying out the poison.
10:57 pm edt 

Re: Hey Rat!

I knew that all those clap boards on the side of Town Hall would be installed new months age as soon as they took off the old ones. Duh?

A Rat In The Basement
8:31 pm edt 

High School Enrollment in Grades 9-12 is at 56 Students, Down From the Current 87

I cringe when I think our 'cost per student' number will be.  All because we don't want to send our kids to Nauset where they will actually receive a better, more diverse education with so many more opportunities.
8:29 pm edt 

No Home Sale Fee

We must vote for renovating Town Hall...but no more money taken from people when they sell their homes. If we start now with a minor percentage--then soon it will be voted to a higher and higher percentage.

Let the taxpayers keep what they earn. Support the continued renovation of Town Hall, support educating our students and regionalizing our schools and support building a new police headquarters when the time comes.

It is our town and our community that we are supporting by doing this.
8:26 pm edt 

Same as it Ever Was

The Pier Corps is sure on top of everything that goes on at the pier. My guess is that the boat will still be here next year. Look at the history of the pier.

Why hasn't the harbor master been fired for incompetence yet?
8:24 pm edt 


If money weren't an object, how would people feel?

Are we against affordable housing, or just against Ted Malone (or whoever the person would happen to be) not making houses for free for people?

Are we against the schools?  Or are we against spending money on them?

I'm beginning to wonder if money has anything to do with these issues (and a few more).

I understand the fiscal concern over such issues, but sometimes when reading this blog especially, I feel like we've lost a sense of our community.  Provincetown is a place of acceptance and the sense of family/close-knit community....   I'm more concerned at this point with our seemed hatred of specific people/"buildings"/ideas than I am with the actual existance of same.  

As the PHS class of 2009 Graudates today, let's try to play nice and try and cherish what is most likely one of the last LUCKY few to graduate from a school in our great little town.  

It's funny, I never used to notice if it was cloudy in Ptown - for some reason there was always a hint of sunshine...  and even if we can't agree on the issues, we should try and AT LEAST agree to keep our tolerance, respect and pride together so that when it is in fact cloudy, we can still see that bit o' sunshine somewhere!
8:22 pm edt 

A Part of the Process or a Part of the Problem

Next Fall is the start of another school year and with even fewer students that high school will scrutinized. Provincetown can either be a part of the regionalization process or else it will live with unilateral decision made by the commonwealth.

With State declining revenue's and the state budget being cut again now and cut again next year, the state will have to step in. Just keep them aware of the situation regarding the $4,000,000 school budget and no 6th grade this year.
8:20 pm edt 

Enough Already

Could you people please get onto something new - yes there will be affordable housing at 90 Shankpainter and at Nelson's - it's over, done, forget about it.   Talk about something else.
8:18 pm edt 

You Win and Provincetown is so LUCKY to Have You Living Here

No one paid attention to the density of the development at 90 Shank Painter Rd or the creation of a designated area of low-income housing in town. So keep laughing.

No one paid attention to the town losing out on $100,000 as it rolls out the red carpet for the affordable housing developers. So, keep laughing.

I guess that no one will pay attention at the amount of money that the town is supposed to receive in Revenue from these developers. So, keep laughing.

So, just keep laughing and just keep "Moving the Question" at town meeting. You don't pay taxes and you are "straining at the bit" to get into that subsidized housing so that you can live off the rest of us.

You win and Provincetown is so LUCKY to have you living here. You will be able to go on cruises and go South for a Winter vacation and your rent will be only a third of whatever your DECLARED INCOME is. Good for you. Truly, Affordable Housing is a true blessing to this town.
11:23 am edt 

Yep, God Lov'em--Affordable Housing:

You snooze you lose folks say; but if one DIDN'T SNOOZE? What if someone delays a trip to visit one's elderly parents over Easter explaining how important Town Meeting is and that you need to attend inorder to cast your vote?

Giving up time with one's parents and siblings to go to town meeting and then being denied a chance to voice an opinion.
I'm supposed to just shrug it off--well I'm not.

Community Housing Development has their $800,000. Now what happens when they go before the planning board should the density of their proposed units, crammed onto that piece of property, gets denied?

They breeze around town in their truck with their diligent, well connected-to-town-Hall-staff with a wealth of housing developments under their belts and awards a mile long. And we taxpayers will probably have to eat their building fees too.

Yep, God lov'em--Affordable housing: the saviors of Provincetown, you betcha!
11:21 am edt 

Where is the Oversight?

How can taxpayers find out how much money Ted Malone has REALLY paid to the town for his private housing developments? Where is the oversight? Or is this another instance of self-regulation like the banking system?

The Boston Globe states that in their study many developers are short changing cities and town and there is a group calling for a ban on 40-B housing which enriches developers at the expense of the town.

We need the facts as we go into our next town meeting where we will be assaulted with "Move the Question" and where we won't be allowed to speak as our tax money is funneled into yet another special interest group.
11:19 am edt 

See What "Move the Question" Can Accomplish

In the last pages of the classified ad section of the Provincetown Banner one may read which home owners are having work done on their homes. Each one of these taxpayers has to pay a fee to the town.

However, if you are building a housing development at 90 Shank Painter Rd. worth $9,000,000--you pay no fee.

The facts are that the taxpayers got rooked into buying this land for $1,000,000 with CPA funds. Then the housing cartel gave this land to the developers. Now the developers are cramming in 50 units and refuse to pay a penny in fees.

See what "Move the Question" can accomplish. Move the question really means move the money from the taxpayers to rich developers.

Anyone moving into a Ted Malone property now is moving into a property that never used a penny of Provincetown tax payer money. If he could do it then, he could have done this now.

June 22, when you vote to continue to renovate Town Hall, remember that hundreds of thousands of dollars should be going to this project instead of into the bank account of an affordable housing developer.
11:16 am edt 

Thank you Ms. Pam P., Ms. Elaine A. and Ms. Michele C. and All of the Community Housing Cartel

People are laughing that even the planning board is shocked that affordable housing developers want to squeeze 50 units and a store onto that tiny little lot next to Cumberland Farms?

Developes get the land for free bought with CPA money that should never have been raised to 80% for affordable housing.

The Housing Cartel rammed this through town meeting and now we are stuck with a proposed densely built development where the developers balk at paying $100,000 in fees.

This property will be worth $9,000,000! Roll out the red carpet for Affordable housing developers on the backs of the taxpayers once again.

Thank you Ms. Pam P., Ms. Elaine A. and Ms. Michele C. And all of the Community Housing Cartel for your deep concern for the community and for the taxpayers who are funding all of your projects.
11:14 am edt 

Big Brother on the Pier

I hate the Pier Corporation directors and those that support them because they tried create a surveillance society on the pier with 24 cameras. Every aspect of one' s life would have been monitored and recorded and knowing them they'd  put up footage on the internet anonomously like they post here anonomously.. Thank god they couldn t get their damn grant.  The community had no chance to weigh in and they unilaterally decided that people on MacMillan were going to be monitored. Who the hell do those people think they are? I had put a call into the ACLU and will do it again.  
11:12 am edt 

Townsend Lobster

Had dinner at Townsend Lobster (old Clem and Ursies) tonight.  It was great.  Chris did a great job cleaning up the space.  The prices were reasonable.  The food was terrific.  The staff was friendly.

Good Luck Chris.  We know it wasn't easy but really glad you were able to pull it off.
11:10 am edt 

Hey Rat
Did ya notice that 90% of the clapboards on the west side of town hall and NEW?
11:09 am edt 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Nauset of Bust!

Because there will be no seventh-grade students next fall, in the highly improbable event that there is a seventh grader who wants to come to PHS, the 7 and 8th grades will be combined. High School enrollment in grades 9-12 is at 56 students, down from the current 87. The junior class is 14 students. Read the article in this weeks Banner and see how the School Committee and Waugh continue to make excuses and offer false hopes.

Nauset: Taking the road to education.
4:29 pm edt 

To: Shake Up the Shack

You sound like another trouble maker....just what this blog needs for things to blog about keep up the good work, though keep in mind this is just a "very" small town blog and whatever seems to be the majority on here is usually what people in this town {nonblogers} laugh at and dont pay any mind to....have at it washashore
4:28 pm edt 

Re: Lets do a Round Up

Nice try candy.....enough already puleeeeeeeeezzzzzz
4:17 pm edt 

Oh The Times They Are a Changing!

Yes I've looked at my tax bill and looking at what we will have to pay all together it is close to $8,000. Plus we have the $2,500 betterment coming this summer.

Of course the "move the Question" crowd have no tax bill and will live here being subsidized  by the working homeowner.

They have cut back all of our hours at work--so I've been scrambling. We are paying over $2,000 to insure our house even though it can't flood where we live.

Now I read that the developers of the housing development won't have to pay the $100,000 in fees that they owe the town.

I say that it is time that the entire town pay for the waste water treatment plant. The taxpayers need an advocate on the Board of selectmen. Time to make waves, taxpayers.
4:16 pm edt 

Thank You

Last evening, while en route back to town from Boston,I received a phone call  from a Provincetown Police Officer (I don't remember his name) I naturally thought the worst news. He called to tell me that two of my students (summer workers) arrived into town and they did not know where to go. Their friends were supposed to meet them. I told him where they live and he arranged a taxi to take them there.

I just want to thank this Officer for the time that he took to help out these kids.

Chief Jaran has been here for a year and I already see changes in attitude. Thank you for the attention this officer gave these "lost kids".

Astrid Berg
4:13 pm edt 

Re: Tax Bill
Anybody take a look at the their real estate tax bill ?  Mine went up significantly and also there was a notice in there about if I rent my unit I need to get a rental certificate.  How much does this town want to bleed out of its property owners ?  When is enough, enough??
9:44 am edt 

So Much Hot Air

So many rants and yet none with a clear, fact based understanding of the whole process. on the bright side, with this weather we could use the hot air.
9:42 am edt 

Re: We Should All be so Lucky
"One day a gay couple buy a property and the next year it is the envy of the neighborhood". Does that mean str8 people don't care about their property. And what is wrong with making the property you live on "pretty"? By the way, the Secret Garden Tour is PAAMs single largest money making event each year. Maybe you need to hire a "gay couple" to pretty up your property.
9:40 am edt 

To: Paula

The easiest way to get rid of those boats is to drag them down to the water line and let the tide take them. That's how they got there in the first place. I do it all the time where I live with large pieces of trash that wash up on shore. It works great!

A Rat In The Basement

P.S. Those boats in front of the Cape Inn (there are three, one is in the grass)are owned by people who live in Town. One even has the guys name and address on it!
7:44 am edt 

Beach Boat Trash

PTOWN's most famous board of knuckeheads are the harbormaster's boss. They do not care about our beaches. If they did, our beaches would not be littered with boat trash.

June 2011
7:40 am edt 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here's a Big Problem:

If Ted Malone did not Build it, It doesn't count for Affordable Housing

For all those who gave parts of their houses for affordable housing, your places don't show up as true, legitimte affordable housing. Only those that the benevolent Theodore Malone did himself craft and build, now count as affordable housing. This is a tragic truth and all the others fail to show up on any count. In fact, try to get the real count. You won't because the numbers keep changing and even more surprising: they go down every year even after we spend and support so much for affordable housing. It's like a casino game: Ted Malone, like the house wins; we and the town inevitably lose.
11:46 pm edt 

Agree with P-Town Girl

Yes many should have's and then even more should have's. We could have supported affordable housing with low density and with rehabing existing small-scale properties and houses. But who was whipsering in Keith Bergman's and now Sharon Lynn's ears? That is the question. Ted Malone came up early and often and was able to plant his plants on many boards. Give them affordable housing as a      (or      ), like our Harbormaster and his side kick who sits on too many boards. Give others low-cost houses and then five years later--that is you Pam and you Monica and too many others--and who gains? Not the town but this money-making, land-raping developer       .

We let this happen and we let this man come in to this small town with small-town thinking and fight ability and handed over our land, our zoning rules, our money. A shame and if only there is a lesson to be learned. But sadly I don't think there is.
11:44 pm edt 

Derelict Boats:

Why are we blaming the Pier Corp, isn't it the Harbormaster that issues the stickers?  Let's get it together......

There are a few beaches you cannot even enter due to dereclict boats......  Let's not be so quick to point fingers and CLEAN UP THE STY !  Summer is coming and everyone enjoys the beach......
11:39 pm edt 

Re: Boats on the Beach

Abandoning your boat on the beach for years and years is what's not cool!
11:38 pm edt 

Beach at West End Parking Lot:

and that's not counting the abandoned boats now buried.

make sure our young tourists don't dig too deep to find rusty boats painted with lead paint.
9:18 pm edt 

Re: Boats on the Beach

I guess I need to clarify my statements about cleaning up the beaches. I am specifically speaking about the east end beach in front of the Cape Inn. There have been two broken down boats that were washed up two  to three years ago in a storm. They have holes in them, and are not sea worthy. They keep washing further and further down the beach with each tide. Pretty soon they will be in Truro. I have NO intentions of touching anyone's boats that are put on the beach by an owner. For example, there are a lot of boats, kayaks, etc outside of Pepe's on the beach. I would never dream of touching those boats as they are obviously owned by someone. It's the derelict boats that are broken down in pieces that are washed up onto the beaches that I speak about. Hope this helps everyone who was confused by my post.

Paula Del Prete
9:16 pm edt 

Pier Corp Incompetence

Derelict boats littering our beaches hurts our economic engine: tourism. why does one department(the dpw) have to mop up after another one which has let this problem get out of hand. the dpw should be paid by the pier corp to haul and destroy these boats. why should they be ovetaxed by another department's incompetence?
9:14 pm edt 

To Paula:

I agree.. the beaches are a disgrace!  Don't call the Harbormaster, they will tell you they all have stickers although some have not had stickers in years!!!!! (or have expired ones since 2002)...

Check out a few other beaches and you will not believe what you SEE.....

Shake up the Shack !!!!!!
9:01 pm edt 

Honestly, Leave Carrie Alone Already!!

Just because you don't feel the way she does, don't condem the children.  We push for housing for people but not schools for children??? what is wrong with us?  have you all forgotten what it was like to be young?
8:56 pm edt 

We Should All be so Lucky

I don't want to make light of any situation that folks find disturbing, but when people with good credit are facing the foreclosure of their homes; when 6,000,000 Americans are out of work, with folks losing a huge chuck of their savings (me included)--then looking out on derelict boats on the sea shore seems like high class troubles to me.

I'm looking out on a yard across the street with the same tire ruts across the crab grass--the same scene I've seen lo these 25 years.

The same sand-dirt, the same struggling crab grass that can't grow so it doesn't need to be cut, the same broken down fence.

I visit friends. They too live on a street that has a   property  that looks like it is left over from a "scorched earth policy" and then one day a gay couple buy the property  and a year later it is the envy of the neighborhood and is on the secret garden PAAM tour!

Oh, how I truly wish that the only problem that I had to       about was the view from my window of Cape Cod bay lapping at the beach outside the path to my door.

I know that it is an eye sore to you, but in the whole scheme of things, I just can't get worked up about it.
It is like my sister-in-law; my brother built her a beautiful new home on four acres of land and now complains that she has to "walk so far" to the bird feeders! High class troubles.
8:53 pm edt 

Re: Boats on the Beach

Please don't touch people's boats on the beach; it's just not cool. I know there an eyesore but it's just the way it is, you never know who's boat you could be messing with and what the situation is regarding it.  If you need something to do, I am sure you can find something of your own to do.
8:49 pm edt 

We Need to Research Everything-

We need to keep in mind that a great deal of developments have been done by people and had nothing to do with "affortable housing" but still had to give 1/3 of there units to affortable housing.  So before people group all of these developments and "rich" developers lets get all the facts right.  I just think that Ted is giving everyone a bad name, he is a      who clearly has done the town wrong and shouldn't have been asked back. Maybe we should have gone with someone else; or even made it a community project and got local painters, builders etc...  We could have held on to some of our tax dollars and stimulated our local economy, while building much needed housing.  I know a lot of great people in the community who are more than qualified to head a project like that and would have taken pride in being part of something so great. We pride ourselves on being a community then we should hire people from the community, if we keep it local we all benifit from it.  During hard t!
imes we need to come together, not pull apart.  

P-town Girl
8:47 pm edt 

Re: Seamen's Bank

"Why is seamans bank not trying to be having more hours like banknorth. even cape cod five has extened hours i think they have driuve up open before the lobby."

Seamen's is open more hours and on Saturday.  They are not banknorth - evidenced by the long lines at Seamen's and the emptiness at Banknorth  
8:44 pm edt 

Lets Do a Round Up:

The farmer's Market is back on track thanks to the wonderful Candace N.; the dog park is a wild success too.

The pier corps needs to be policed and the Spring Town Meeting will go down in the annals of town history as having been railroaded by the "move the question" affordable housing squad.

The low-income-housing developers of 90 Shank Painter Rd have received their comeuppance by the planning board; the CPA committee has a black eye for giving unwarranted taxpayer money to a private developer; and the town gov't is in charge of regionalizing the school.

Yes, it is a glorious Spring and our world here in Provincetown is indeed beautiful. We don't need to monitor the beauty of our land and sea scape--just the goings on of some institutions and some people in positions of power in town. (I still don't understand why the harbor master hasn't been fired.)
8:41 pm edt 

Re: You are Funny

Trust me you aint seen nothing yet, this woman is going to provide plenty of entertainment for us all. Kudos for her "trying" to get involved, but on a intelligence level mmmmmmmm
11:39 am edt 

Is There to be no Relief?

It is interesting. An individual can post here complaining about the density of the housing developments and he or she gets crucified and suddenly they are labled as being against affordable housing, against mother-hood and apple pie and that they are really Dick Cheney in disguise etc.

Then the Planning boards states these exact objections--and no one rails that they are against affordable housing.

Once and for all. The people of Provincetown ARE NOT AGAINST Affordable housing. Taxpayers are against taxpayer money going to a rich developer who has never had to use taxpayer money in the past to build housing developments over the last ten years.

Now we have a new affordable housing development firm building on 90 Shank Painter Rd. Now they are exempt from paying $100,000 in building fees. Every other home owner in Provincetown has to pay a fee for work done on their home.

Why does this RICH Boston Firm get an exemption? The powers that be paved the way for Sea Shore point, Sandy Hill, Ted Malone's 40-B Race Point Project, Ted Malone's Shank Painter Project all with the taxpayers money--now the developers of 90 Shank Painter Rd. are oh the band wagon too.

When will these rich developers stop getting money from the Community Preservation Committee? When will the special privileges going to the Affordable Housing Groups come to an end? When will the taxpayers be free of this financial burden?
11:09 am edt 

Re: Paula
To whomever wrote to me, I'm not trying to start any trouble only help out and clean up the beaches. I would never just touch someone's boat that is legally on the beach. I would do everything legally. I've actually been in town for about 15 years. Thanks so much for signing your name.

Paula DelPrete
11:06 am edt 

When is it Going to Stop?

The zoning board of appeals must protect the people of Provincetown. The developers of 90 Shank Painter Rd. can run roughshod over the zoning laws because they don't apply to 40-B housing. Thus this special interest can pack in all of the rental units they wish--the more units the more rents they collect.

It is not fair: we taxpayers buy the land for $1,000,000 and then give it to the developers. They have special dispensation due to 40-B housing to do pack in units. They refuse to pay the $100,000 in fees--a fee that every other homeowner must pay if they make any changes on their property.

Why are we taxpayers forced to subsidize these rich developers? All we hear about are how these developers are winning awards all over the state for the magnificent housing developments that they are building.

Their wealth is immense--and yet we hard working taxpayers subsidize, subsidize, subsidize--from Deaconess to Ted Malone. When is it going to stop?
11:05 am edt 

Re: Paula

Somthing tells me you have only been in this town a very short while. You go touch someone else's things on that beach and you will see how quick this community comes together.
9:42 am edt 

Re: Personal Expression

I love Provincetown!
9:37 am edt 

Thank You Dear Affordable Housing Industrial Complex

Kudos to the Planning board for trying to scale back the massive 50 unit low income housing development that would be so prominently on display on Shank Painter Rd.

I need a building permit to do anything to my house except paint or do some minor repairs, and yet these developers get away without paying $100,000 in fees.

It isn't fair that these special interests get everything paid for my the TAXPAYERS. When is it our turn to get some consideration?

How much money are these developers going to return to the town? Blight the towns with a massive, dense housing project, collect your profits, collect your rents forever--and walk all over the taxpayers. Thank you dear Affordable Housing Industrial Complex.

How many more developers will be here to create housing projects?
9:36 am edt 

Re: Boats on the Beach

No one will touch your boat if it is registered. If it gets loose in a storm then the ownership can be traced. These boats on the beach are not registered. That is all we are asking. Have control of what is on the beach. Waterfront property can be damaged by a runaway vessel that is not tied down properly. This is part of the job for the PIER CORP. Maintain the landings and register the boats. Otherwise they must be removed.
9:34 am edt 

Re: Boats on the Beach

There is a catamaran at the Johnson Street Landing that has not been used for 4 years. There is a healthy growth of dune grass growing around it. I think it is abandoned.
Anyone want it? Time to get the pier corp to clean the beaches and have a auction just like the police do with the abandoned bikes.
I am tired of following rules and regulations and yet the enforcers do not follow suit.

Lost Dingy
9:33 am edt 

Affordable Housing Developers Pay Money to the Town

I've just received my tax bill. I know that at town meeting all of these folks spending my money don't pay taxes. Add to that the $2,500 betterment fee we pay every year.

Affordable housing developers are lawfully required to give part of their profits to the town. Where is this income that we receive from these developers listed? Shouldn't it be in the annual Town book that we get at town meeting?
9:31 am edt 

Re: Mama's / P&J Laundry

Mamas was the best, but they sold out to P & J and when they did no one was left without as I do believe the service went uninterupted. The P & J guys seemed gung-ho and a pleasure to do buisness with but they found us to far to go and without notice just stopped pick ups and deliveries. Atleast that's the word I got and it was totally unexpected and we should of been given two weeks notice and this way we could of found another company like ACME and continued what many buisnesses relied upon without interuption.
7:07 am edt 

Yes Regionalize...

...but face it Nauset is way too far for kids to go.   Who wants their child, unattended, for way too many hours a day on a bus - not me.   Yes, neighborhood schools - where the values of their community exist.   Is the core value of this community - get the kids out of here ?  Maybe.   The easiest way to discourage people with kids from coming and staying here is doing exactly what you are doing - saying close the schools.    
7:05 am edt 

Mad Hatters Ball?

What is up with that cop on a Segway. And those cops in that little electric kiddie car? Are they Shriner's or something?
7:04 am edt 

Hey Hey Paula

There are community beach cleanups every year. They will be in the paper. or you could call Town Hall for more information. But if you do participate I think you will be sorely disappointed because they don't clean further than the immediate downtown area, the rest of the beach is only for residents, not tourists I guess. They cant remove anything like a boat because they don't have the authority, or the equipment to. And they can't clean up anything that is "natural" because of the environmental wacko tree huggers. So the beaches end up still being full of trash when they are done. But the good news is that the politicians get a chance to be interviewed by the papers and pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

A Rat In The Basement
7:02 am edt 

Re: Boats on the Beach

You touch my boat on the the beach and I'll touch yours allright !
7:00 am edt 

Small Minded Bureaucrats and Mediocre Businessmen

Removing derelict boats on our beaches and all other harbormaster services have been contracted out to the pier corp, a board of which 40 percent don 't live in Ptown. They have shown time and time again, they don't do things for the good of our community. How do they get away with it? By operating under the protection of special interests in lopes square. We are paying for services we don't get. Take a look at aricle 2 of the harbor rules & regs, derelict boats/boats without permits. Boats can be confiscated in seven days by the harbormaster.  It hasn't been done since we foolishly leased out our pier to small minded bureaucrats and mediocore businessmen.

June 2011
6:59 am edt 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You Are Funny
I can see this Notaro woman believing she is the Poet Laureate and you are right: she is giving nothing more but the end song for the schools. I too doubt she would even know what a poet laureate is.
10:50 pm edt 

I Loved Mama's When They Did Personal Deliveries
It hasn't been the same since they stopped doing personal deliveries. That was great. I'd love to see if this P & G from New Bedford was till in place. Love to have them stop by and do the laundry. Those were the days!
10:45 pm edt 

Good Point: Yes, Either Dragging and Kicking or...

..a reasonable decision by the School Committee to regionalize. But just look at this group and the new member. They are status quo and sit there to keep the school open at all cost and the cost is ours. They are not forward thinking and sadly they are not part of the solution. They are part of the problem. They could have been dynamic educational leaders and we now could have a great charter school but they blew it. Their own fears led to this present dilemma.

I fear they will all be  dragging & kicking, including the ranting and raving Notaro.
10:44 pm edt 

Beach Clean-Up Proposal

I don't understand what is so difficult about moving some derelict boats from the beaches and throwing them in the dump. They are of no use to anyone, they have been abandoned for more than two years and they are a big eyesore. Let's clean up the beaches.

Let's have a community beach clean up, people can show up with trucks and bags, remove the boats and the trash. Let's start acting like a community and work together. I'm available the weekends starting July 1st.

Anyone up for the challenge?

Paula Del Prete
10:41 pm edt 

Question: For the Historic Commission
Regarding Town Hall: How come they can replace the historical exterior shething with plywood, where other historical buildings have not been allowed to?

* note most historical buildings have been forced to keep rotted "historical" shething...  
10:39 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall Rehabilitation

Has any one looked at the Town Hall?  Is that the color it is going to be?  
10:37 pm edt 

Oh God Another One!
Tides coming in "fat seal" why not hop back in that tide?
10:36 pm edt 

Re: Education is Everything?

If "education is everything", why do we get so little for our money in Provincetown schools?  I had to send my kids to Nauset to get a decent education.  More parents currently choose to send their children out of town than chose to keep them her for high school.  This is their vote of confidence.  The sooner Provincetown High School is closed the better.  I have lived in town all my life and I can see the writing on the wall.  What is wrong with the small minority that thinks we should continue to waste resources?  We have been postponing the inevitable at our childrens expense. The parents that are still sending their children to Provincetown High Scholl are delusional.  If they packed them on a bus each day, after four years they will be better prepared for life than they will be if they continue to receive an inferior education with nine class mates.
10:34 pm edt 

Does This Sound Familiar?

Gald the State is Focusing on Corruption and Abuse and HIgh Density in Affordable Housing Projects
The state is finding that developers were given license to by-pass important zoning rules but in return they did not pass on a percentage of the profits to the town. There was little oversight and under the guise of 40-B, developers found ways to illegally make high profits at the expense of towns and cities. The poor were the excuse for the developers to make huge profits.

Does this sound familiar? Using lower income people as pawns to gain inordinate profits?
10:32 pm edt 

Look to See Me No More!

It was all over the Boston news and the Boston Globe about the 40B scams. Wake up Provincetown! Malonedoff is taking our money and making a huge profit. We have reached the prescribed percentages. No more than 10% from CPA funds should go to affordable housing from here on in. Take over pre existing buildings, no more developments.

Take The Money And Run
10:31 pm edt 

But, Love is Blind

Many people who grew up in provincetown and owned homes here, sold their homes for princely sums, built  homes in Truro, put money in the bank and recreated their own native provincetown in Truro.

Please don't talk about community as though the school is its heart and center. How can that be when so many of the high school students don't even live in provincetown?

For the families of the students the school plays a central roll in their lives--but love is blind and you refuse to see how valuable and enriching sending our H.S. students to Nauset would be...
10:29 pm edt 

You Are 100% Right!

To the brillant person who said "buses will take kids everywhere".   You are 100% right.   Thank you.  

So different than kids being in a community where you can just walk up and see their games and what they are doing.   Or get a report from someone who knows them, what they are doing.

Oh that would be very selfish of me to want to be close to my kids and have a community surround them.
10:27 pm edt 

Where Are They?

We thought that affordable housing rentals would be large enough and desirable enough to bring families to town.

Instead, it will house the friends of affordable housing boosters.

Tell us again how affordable housing is going to bring all of these families to town.
10:26 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown School System

Unfortunately the last generation of Provincetown parents had huge school choice, leaving this generation with the threat of no choice in schools.
10:24 pm edt 

40-B and the State Investigates
Oh what a surprise. We now find corruption and excess profits and high density from affordable housing. Well, welcome Ted Malone and all of the above fits what he has done. Now perhaps the state can take a closer look at this qustionable developer and how much money he has made and how little he has given back. He now wants a 40-B on Nelson Avenue and it's time to see what the state will say about our beloved Mr. Malone. Time Sharon to see that Ted Malone is a liability and time to treat this man as he should be. And that he is on the Planning board side group to change our zoning laws that will benefit whom? Malone and real estate brokers. And look who is on the ad hoc Planning Group. time for the state to take a look a the shenanigens of this town.
10:23 pm edt 

The High School Is in Its Death Throes

And the School Committee are the pall bearers. They can moan, cry, scream and mourn but it is over. And they are carrying the casket when they think they are carrying the bride. It's over and finished. Close the door and fold your chairs. Even you Mrs. Notaro, even though you will give an hour speech before you leave. It is simply the eulogy and you think you are the poet laureate. Oh, to understand that phrase, pleae call Michele Couture. bBut sadly, she won't have a clue either.
10:22 pm edt 

Re: "And Being a Parent Does Not Mean Educating Your Children Here"
You can care for them, guide them and help with their lessons even if they are at Nauset. The mentality here is so limited it amazes me. There is a world beyond this town and wake up to the dying of this school and the end of this high school. It is over and all the talk is a game trying to avoid the inevitable. The state will finally come down and close this school.
10:20 pm edt 

Re: "It's Not a Community Without Children or Schools"
There are VERY few people who actually believe that, perhaps just the parents of about 40 students.
10:19 pm edt 

Re: Mama's Laundry

Yes, P&J Laundry Services (formerly Mama's) dropped all Provincetown clients with no notice, right before summer.  Right now we are washing and ironing all our sheets.  Wish there was an enterprising person in Provincetown who had a laundry service (wash and press sheets & linens), then we'd all have the service we need and the money would be kept in Provincetown.

Anyone have any ideas on this?
10:17 pm edt 

Just the Facts Please

Mama's Laundry went out of Business last December.  P&J Services our of New Bedford took over the cleaning, but Mamas was still doing deliveries up till Feb or March of this year.  
So to the person that posted Mamas just stopped delivering this past Saturday, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.  
Now, does anyone know if P&J have decided NOT to come to Provincetown?
ANYONE with real information, please.  NOT GOSSIP
10:16 pm edt 

Re: Seamens' Bank

Why is seamans bank not trying to be having more hours like banknorth. even cape cod five has extened hours i think they have driuve up open before the lobby.
10:15 pm edt 

Yes, it is a Community and the Community School is a Regional School

The time has passed you by; the reality is that our school will regionalize.

The school committee refused to consider being a part of this and now the reality is that it will have to regionalized.

With the imprimatur of the Department of Revenue, with the blessing of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the reality is that Provincetown High school will have to regionalize.

The law states that if there are less that 50 families with children in a school, then the town can petition to the school to close.

We have 40 high school students so as citizens we can close the school. What we are waiting for is for the School Committee to regionalize before we take this step ourselves.
9:13 pm edt 

Dragged Kicking and Screaming

If you will listen to the Peter Francese's interview that is posted here; if you would read what is going on in the Boston schools; if you would understand that it is cost prohibitive to continue going down the road that the school committee has accepted as status quo--you will learn this: The school committee has two choices--it can make this decision on its own or it will be dragged kicking and screaming into regionalizing and you will be traumatizing the students even more.

It is your choice. The Department of Education has spoken, the town government has acted and you must accept the results.
9:10 pm edt 

More Boats Than People

There are several small boats that are now buried under the west end parking lot beach because they've been abandoned according to a fisherman who happened to be there the same time i was today. what a mess over there. Forget going there to lie out at high tide, there's no room. That's real inviting to our visitors

Sounds like the harbor committee who is respondsible for this mess wants to keep these derelict boats right where they are and have begun a blogging campaign!
9:08 pm edt 

Monday, June 1, 2009

No Schools no Kids no Kids no Community

Yes, you are right I should think about you and not my kids.   Maybe all the kids on the cape can go to one school and that will save everyone a bundle.

It's not a community without children or schools.  
7:12 pm edt 

Education is Everytrhing

Yes, for your children, education is EVERYTHING. As a parent, you start reading to your child as a baby right after giving your baby a bath.

Do you want until a kid is 13 to give him or her their first bath? NO. You do you wait until they are 13 to have them read their first story? NO. You make reading and comprehending a part of their life from day one.

When you have a child in school, you go over their school work; set aside time for them to do their home work and you check their homework.

The emphasis in childhood is on your child's education. As a parent you job is to raise a child to be self-disciplined; self motivated; to take joy in learning and accomplishment. You prepare them for the world with knowledge and truth.

They don't need you be their good-time-buddy they have that; you are there to be a parent who loves and protects them and also see to it that they gain the best education possible.

Every teenager should take a human development class so they understand how a human being develops from a baby through adolescents.

Every single female in the world who is medical capable can have a baby--but being a truly loving parent requires understanding, comprehension and devotion.

Giving birth doesn't automatically make one a responsible parent.
7:10 pm edt 

Re: Regionalization

We should regionalize with Nauset.

This is how it should work:

All students 6-12 from Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet should go to Provincetown High School (estimated 325 students).

All students 6-12 from Eastham, Orleans and Brewster should go to Nauset High in Eastham (estimated 925 students).

VMES, Eastham Elementary, Wellfleet Elementary and the Eddy Elementary in Brewster should be closed and given back to the towns or sold.

All students PK-5 from Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet should go to Truro Elementary (estimated 300 students).

All students PK-5 from Eastham and Orleans should go to the Nauset Middle School building in Orleans (estimated 400 students).

All students PK-5 from Brewster should go to the Stonybrook School (estimated 450 students).

This plan would save the region a ton of money on transportation costs.

Kids would not have to spend two hours-per-day on a bus.

This plan would save a ton of money on operating costs.
7:07 pm edt 

To: "Oh I Get it - Education is Everything "

Obviously you do not know what you are talking about. You said that if your kid is involved in after chool activities that you would have to drive to pick them up. NOT TRUE. They have buses for this very purpose, and not for just sports. Any after school activity. It is narrow minded thinking and inaccurate information such as yours that proves the point that we need to send get our children out of PHS and get them the education they deserve.
7:05 pm edt 

You Want the Boats Off the Beach ?

Are you insane........oh probably.
7:02 pm edt 

Mama's Laundry

We got a scare on Saturday at work when Mama's Laundry decided to drop all of its Provincetown Clients. We have over 30 units and we rely on MAMAS to wash all of our linens.

I wonder what other surprises will hit the town?

I know that some providers are not getting paid. Some businesses are having in Financial trouble already.
7:01 pm edt 

Give Them the Opportunity

These children aren't going to school in a horse and buggy; jeeze one would think that they are suffering in a Charles Dicken's novel. Sorry, it doesn't wash.

Send the high school students to Nauset so they can receive an excellent education and surround themselves with a superior society of peers.
6:59 pm edt 

Less About You and More About Them

It would be nice if some parents stopped thinking about themselves and their own inconvenience and conentrated on their children's education.
6:57 pm edt 

Absolutely a Non-issue

"It doesn't matter if after school they have to get back on the bus and spend another 45 minutes - no it's all about the education..."

There are a great many children across the nation who take a bus to school, could be even a majority of the children.  I took a bus ride 75 minutes each way to get to school when I grew up.  I got to socialize with friends on the bus and/or do homework.  Many times when I got home from school my homework was at least half done.  It's a non-issue in my mind.  Absolutely a non-issue.
6:55 pm edt 

Great Idea!

I went downtown Friday and saw our town clerk, Doug Johnstone, working with David Gardner getting ready to sell posters of town hall and take marriage licence applications. This is one of the best ideas ever to gain incredible public relation with townspeople and tourists alike. Johnstone has just the right personality to be the best host for this venue. Thanks to everyone that came up with this idea.
12:46 pm edt 

Re: School Regionalization

Oh I get it - education is everything - yes, let me send my kids to the best school in the state, no maybe the nation.   It doesn't matter what the commute is - just the educational standard.   It doesn't matter if in the morning they are in their community with people they know -they can just get on that bus in the dark and go get that great education.   It doesn't matter if after school they have to get back on the bus and spend another 45 minutes - no it's all about the education.    And if they want to stay late for sports or anything else, no not unless the parents are willing to go get them.   And what does after school matter - it's all about that fabulous education.   If they played sports chances are Eastham plays Sandwich, so if they did we would have to drive an hour and one half each way - what great  fun.   What a minute - they could commute to Boston and Latin in the  time it takes  - is that what is best for my children ?  
12:45 pm edt 

Crack Down on Developers

A state Senate panel today will recomment tougher measures to crack down on developers who abuse the Massachusetts afordable-housing program by keeping excess profits for themselves instead of returning the money, as required, to cities and towns.

"Based upon spot-checks and looking at the evidence that we presently have, the ype of oversight that can ensure absoloue integrity was not in Place," Senator Marc, R. Pacheco of Taunton said.

At a September haring before the committee, state Inspector General Gregory Sulivan said some deevelopers had not accurately stated their affordable-housing profits, at a losso f$100 Million for cities and towns.


"Follow-up has been spotty at best over the years," Pacheco said. "When nobody was watching, these developers would go along and do whatever they needed to do."

The law, although spurring the develop0ment of 26,000 units
of affordable housing since 1969,has been an irritant for mahny communities that have lost control over development.

"Unless we see some significan moves to tighten this thing up, to imporve the law, to sop the abuses, we'll try to repeal it," said John Belskis of Arlington, Chairman of the statewide Coalition to Repeal 40B.

You can read an indepth article about it on page B2 of the Boston Globe, June 1, 2009
12:42 pm edt 

Continued Dragging of Feet

Look at the uproar that flared through the community when a farmer's market was closed down; look at the silence greeting the talk of closing the school.

The school is not the heart of the town--it is an educational institution with the highest per-capita cost per student in the state.

It is a burden on the taxpayers according to the Dept. of Revenue and the D.O.R. has stated that the school committee is so entrenched in the status quo that it refuses to seriously consider regionalization.

No sixth grade, perhaps 40 Provincetown High School Students, a consistently declining student population; and still the school committee is dragging its feet.

10:07 am edt 

Unintended Consequences

I too wonder how thoroughly things are truly explored to discover all of the ramifications; remember the phrase,"unintended consequences" when action is taken without a thorough investigation of all possibilities?

For instance, Affordable housing came to town super fueled by CPA funds--and now after the rush pushing all reasonable debate aside, we WILL HAVE a designated area of low income housing--an example of unintended consequences.

An engineer comes to town and condemns our Town Hall. Trailers are rented without a by-your-leave from the voters. Look at the expense incurred. Why wasn't CPA money ear marked for this project from the begining instead of having 80% go to affordable housing developers?

Our Town Hall is being renovated. People talk about Rhino Paint--a paint with a long life span of excellent coverage--but the folks in charge have their own products and now won't even consider this new information. Who suffers financially?

So, in 4 or 5 years at least the front of the building will have to be repainted.

Our tax bill came--all together we are paying almost $8,000.00 in taxes. Then there is the $2,500 "betterment" fee because we are connected to the waste water treatment plant.

We are a working family who own a house worth a million dollars--but it isn't a boon to our existence since we want to live here.  

A fortune goes to a private developer causing our taxes to go up as we fund these town owned projects.
What will our tax bill be in 5 years?
10:05 am edt 

To All the Nasties:

Chillax, life is way too short and your negative attitude is only making it that much shorter.

Peace my friends, Fat Seal Sunning on the Beach
10:02 am edt 

Re: Conservation Commission

Where is the Conservation Commission in regards to the boats on the beach stopping the sea grass from growing and dune migration???
10:00 am edt 

Potential Revenue Stream:

At a time when P-town's Town Hall is undergoing renovation, is this the best time to be spending hard-earned revenue on promoting our town when we look like Vietnam after the siege?

Our tourism website is three years old, the brochures haven't changed and yet thousands of dollars get poured into a fund that none of us see... while our Town rots away. Where is this money going? What is is promoting? Our streets haven't been paid in over a decade, we may not have fireworrks this year, our Town looks like a third world country, and yet, nearly have a million dollars in tourism dollars are being spent... on what? Planting trees?

We demand accountability.... otherwise, this half a million dollar fund should be returned to the town.
9:58 am edt 

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