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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Paint Products

Is this site now a infomercial for a paint product???
12:10 am edt 

You Know the Spanish Matador That Was Just Gored

That is a metaphor for the Provincetown taxpayers given all these huge projects. Look at your recent tax bill and know the bull has just gored you too!
12:08 am edt 

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here's What I Think

"The paint job has already been awarded and is in process. Shut up on the Rhino shield already. It's new and like all new products, we really have no idea what it will do in the real world."


Disney World has been using Rhino Shield; and they obviously explored this product in depth.

Affordable housing rammed its agenda down our throats and now we have an area of town designated as low income housing.

This renovation has been rammed down our throats. The trailers were rented because the school committee refused to allow Town Hall to use its facilities.

Lets see what the outcome is; I hope that it is roaring success.
6:34 pm edt 

Re: Nauset Regionalization Offer
Ms. Carrie Nataro asks: "Will someone please tell me the date on which Nauset made us a serious offer to include all of our children in its school system."

---I will call the Principal of Nauset High School, AGAIN,and specifically ask him THIS QUESTION.

8:32 am est

I didn't post this will know when I post something. I sign my name unlike others.

Carrie Notaro
6:30 pm edt 

It's About the Free Flow of Ideas and Opinions

Why shouldn't Ms. Nataro let her views be known here? If people here have questions about the school or have erroneous information--she can answer them.

On the plus side, the original poster who talks about Ms. Nataro ranting and raving must now see that she is a thoughtful, reasonable person.

Ms. Nataro seems reasonable to me even though I hold a different opinion about the school.

You all seem to forget that The Dept. of Revenue states that we have the second highest per capita cost in the commonwealth for educating our students. They are the ones who told the town to regionalize.
6:28 pm edt 

Re: School Committee

"That's what I see from the members of the School Committee. Having a child in the school system seems to qualify them to be on the School Committee...."

Like or dislike members of the School Cte, at least they ran for office to be on the Cte.  You may complain all you like, but most times it seems candidates for School Cte run unopposed.  Grow some and run if you want change.
6:25 pm edt 

Re: School Sytem Expenses

But is There Another Town That has As FEw Students in Their System and Spends $4 Million?

That is an important question. We are spending an enormous amount for too few students. It's would cost us less to send each child to a private school at this cost per pupil.

time for the school to close. Time to Regionalize. Time to Stop protecting jobs instead of caring for what's best for our students. This is not the best.
6:23 pm edt 

For All of You New Readers:

We taxpayers feel betrayed because in this time of dire economic decline $800,000 was given to a private developer when that money should have been refused him. The CPA committee should never have granted him that money.  

Instead that money should have gone into a RESERVE FUND to pay for the renovation of the library and Town Hall. The renovation of Town Hall is coming out of the taxpayer's pocket.

People are upset that the superior paint, "RHINO SHIELD" isn't being used on Town Hall since it is a very long lasting paint. "Its slogan is why vinyl when you can Rhino."

The pier is mismanaged and a derelict boat has been allowed to moor there for over a year, boat have sank, and there is ineptness at the pier.
6:21 pm edt 

Here's an Idea:

There are services that sell autos, boats etc. for non-profits who receive them as donations.

Town officials should direct the harbormaster to immediately tag these vessels that they need permits.
Those that remain without proper permitting should be confiscated and sold. All the proceeds should go into the harbor committee's budget or another organization whose mission statement includes: KEEPING OUR BEACHES CLEAN

I will run this idea by one selectman whom I respect.
1:05 pm edt 

Lousy Guardians

Can some of the other waterfront property owners weigh in on the derelict beached vessels out their windows or beachcombers? We need to force the Selectmen to do something about it once and for all. They really are lousy guardians of town assets, aren't they?
1:03 pm edt 

Re: Rhinoi Shield

The paint job has already been awarded and is in process. Shut up on the Rhino shield already. It's new and like all new products, we really have no idea what it will do in the real world. Can it really go over antique wood and old paint? Can it be used side by side to newer wood? Time will tell and maybe in 5-10 years, when the town hall will need a paint job and perhaps funds are more readily available, the idea will be brought up. Until then, go paint your own house with it and report back. Let everyone know about your great find so we can all see the good and bad of it. And as far as the warranty, who cares? Are you telling me in 15 years you're going to call Rhino Shield and tell them your house is chipping and they are going to fix it all? That's if they are still in business and if you have met all the criteria for maintainence on your own. We all know warranties are worthless. And if they are not in business, what then genius? How do you chip off or sand off this shi!
eld? Will it be declared carcinogenic in years to come if sanded  like asbestos currently is? Aabestos was at one time thought to be the greatest shingle material out there. Not now, is it?
1:02 pm edt 

Thanks to PJ ForPposting the Info On Rhinoshield!

I am having my house painted in two weeks with this product. Although it will cost more, it is GUARANTEED FOR THE LIFE OF MY HOME!!!!!! I went out and visited different homes on the Cape that have been painted over the past 5-7 years with this product and they look great. Out of the 5 homes that I've seen, three were right on the beaches and showed not wear and tear. As a matter of fact they looked like they had just been painted. Again, the people from RhinoSheild stress the prep work prior to applying the paint.  I just don't get it, why isn't town hall being painted with this product. Why is it that Pj can give the info to the Selectman and Town Manager and not even receive a response?

Mike P
1:00 pm edt 

You Can't Make up Facts

"a school with 40 Provincetown high school students....for a cost of close to 4 MILLION DOLLARS?....We could send them to the fanciest boarding school in Europe for that amount of money."

For the umpteenth time: less than $4 million is the total cost of ALL grades (K to 12th), not just the high school.

It's OK to rant here if you want, but you can't make up facts.

And see if you can find another town in Massachusetts that spends a lower % of its town's budget on schools!  
12:56 pm edt 

Needed Repairs

Talk about derelict boats hanging around! There are three abandoned boats on the beach across from the Cape Inn in the east end. They have been on the beach for at least three winters! But then who cares, its just that part of the east end that no one cares about.

And how about those two guardrails out on Rt.6 that got destroyed back in the blizzard of 2005! Still not fixed! But drive up Cape on Rt. 6 and you will see that most all of the guardrails have been getting new extensions onto the ends so that now they end up buried in the ground. That is so if someone hits them the guardrail doesn't act as a spear. But here in Provincetown they can be left with totally illegal jagged ends three feet off the ground just waiting for a windshield to go through!
9:43 am edt 

Things on My Mind

Did you read the letter in Banner chastising this Blog? Now more people will read will read this blog for the scandalous things that are being said!

Now: Regarding Rhino-shield. I asked a friend if he heard about it--and he said that it is advertised on the radio and the slogan is: Why Vinyl when you can Rhino.

None of us will forget 2009:
2009 The year of the infamous Spring Town Meeting where the "Move the Question" ruled the day.

2009 the summer that Town Hall was painted such beautiful colors--so will can keep tabs and see what happens to the paint job year after year.

The summer a frumpy 47 year old scotts woman, Susan Boyle, wowed the world with her soaring voice.

My neighbor's trim was painted three years ago. The Jamaican painters scrapped and sanded, primed and painted and it is still flawless--and two other neighbors signed up the painters!
9:35 am edt 

Nauset Regionalization Offer

Ms. Carrie Nataro asks: "Will someone please tell me the date on which Nauset made us a serious offer to include all of our children in its school system."

---I will call the Principal of Nauset High School, AGAIN,and specifically ask him THIS QUESTION.
9:32 am edt 

Re: Seamens' Bank

We  want the real story with seamans bank? How much money was taken?
9:26 am edt 

Incompetence Protected by Special Interests

Our town beaches are pitiful. Recently, I counted over 35 vessels at the west end parking lot's beach that don't have any permits past or present. Less than six had permits dated 2008 or 2009. Many appear derelict. Why are we paying $140,000 every year for harbormaster services when we are not getting them? It one big joke on us. Things won't change until after May 2011. It's disgusting how incompetence is protected by special interests.
9:25 am edt 

Stop Posting Carrie

From someone who knows, don't post your comments in a forum of unknowns who will not sign their names to their posts. They are baiting you. When written here, it remains permanent. Keep the commentary for the meetings. Read what people are complaining about but keep in mind, the complaints may be coming from one or two people. You do a disservice to your committee posting in here. At the very least, post anonymously. And being new to politics, keep this in mind;
9:23 am edt 

Question, Where Does Russell Braun Fit Into All This Town Hall Renovations?

Wouldn't you think as a builder, he would bring up the Rhino shield paint vs what they are doing?  I have had my home painted 2X in the last 5 years.  Cost, well over 10 grand.  Next time - if I am still in Provincetown -  it will be with Rhino Shield.
I also agree, we will probably get the OLD seats back in the auditorium, but I bet the old office furniture will be full of mildew and mold, and we will be told that we have to buy new for our beloved working towns people.  
9:21 am edt 

School Regionalization

Letter to the Editor about the Blog..shows you how many people are reading it..and the references to it.

I was at a store and I overheard folks talking about Seamen's bank and one person said that her son read about it on the Blog-and he lives in another town.

People check in to hear the latest. It was front Page news two years ago about regionalizing the school...and the school committee is just now being pulled screaming and kicking into it being a reality.

Schools are being closed in Boston and folks think that a school with 40 Provincetown high school students should remain open for a cost of close to 4 MILLION DOLLARS?

We could send them to the fanciest boarding school in Europe for that amount of money. They would travel to the capitals of Europe and study and see art first hand.

Instead, they are reduced to a school society where they are in the same pecking order that they have been in for years, pigeon-holed, stamped with certain expectations that is status quo. For the life of me, I don't see how they put up with it.

It is a high school education and a stepping stone in life. I can see the emotional attachment becuase their parents and grand parents went to the school but the students are there to GAIN KNOWLEDGE, TO GET AN EDUCATION; they aren't there to maintain a cherished heritage at the expense of getting the best education possible.
9:19 am edt 

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Re: Carrie Notaro

Will someone please tell me the date on which Nauset made us a serious offer to include all of our children in its school system.

You can't because Nauset hasn't.  It simply wants us to bus our kids to Nauset.

Orleans, Brewster, Eastham and Wellfleet do not want to pay the costs of transporting our children to Nauset.

They want us to pay the whole cost.  Not only that, they want us to pay without having representation on Nauset's school committee.

This is just another form of taxation without representation.

Ptown people will be screaming when they realize how much they'll have to pay without having any say.

So, let's regionalize.  But here is what we should demand.

Sell VMES before the regionalization so we don't have to divvie up the proceeds with the other towns in the region.

Then bus our K-5 kids to Truro.  Truro and North Wellfleet 6-12 should be bused to Ptown High.

Orleans, Brewster, Eastham and South Wellfleet 6-12 should be bused to Nauset.

This plan will save a ton of money in trasnportation costs.  This plan will ensure that our children do not spend two hours every day on a bus (because why should they if they do not have to).

Other regional systems have two high schools.  Why not ours?

Force the school committees and the supts. of our region to discuss this idea.  Force them to adopt it.

1:52 pm edt 

Re: Rhino-Shield Paint

Here's the info on RHINOSHIELD that I sent to the Selectman and Town Manager: What kills me is there is no mention of it at any BOS meeting. Not even a discussion. Wouldn't you want to look into something that would save the town thousands of dollars over the life of townhall? How much are we paying to paint town hall? Does anyone have the exact figure? If so, please put it on this blog so that we can see how much we will be wasting in another 4-5 years. Rhinoshield is guaranteed for a lifetime and it also talks about prepping the building first before painting... another great decision by our leaders in Ptown.

The Science Behind The Shield

Rhino-Shield Ceramic Coating is a durable, flexible,
maintenance free exterior wall coating. It is a 100% acrylic
waterborne, high build formula that waterproofs, insulates, and

Innovative technology combines 100% acrylic elastomeric resins with
urethane resins resulting in a flexible and extremely tough surface.
This coating actually becomes part of the substrate
due to excellent adhesion and bonding.

But how did this super product come to be?

History of Rhino-Shield

The owners of Rhino Shield started as home improvement contractors
in Destin, the panhandle of Florida, known for its extremes of
weather, with smothering southern heat and humidity, frosty cold,
torrential rain and, of course, hurricanes.

Over the years, they sold and applied many different paints and
coatings, including national brand paints, and even proprietary
coatings with long term warranties.

They were one of the "good guy" contractorsthe kind of
company that actually that went back and took care of customers,
fixing issues with the paints and coatings they applied as problems

After a while, the contractors found that the cost of repeat visits
and fixing paint and coating problems was not cost effective. In fact,
it was costing them a fortune. Service calls in the painting industry
are expensive to the contractor.  They needed a more durable paint or
a better way to apply it.

They hired a chemist to help determine if the problems were due to
materials or their application.  The chemist could find no immediate
fault in their methods, You are using a lot of good materials
and you are certainly preparing the home and applying the product
according to the manufacturers specifications.

So the chemist broke down the paints and coatings they were using and
discovered that they were full of fillers such as the clays,
extenders, and vinyl you find in almost every paint or coating. He
reported his findings to the contractors.

The manufacturers of these paints and coatings are using too
many fillers. After two, three, or four years, these fillers are
degrading and causing your problems.

The chemist suggested developing a coating with no fillers and less
water. He explained that in a paint or coating, after the water
evaporates you are left with only the solids. In the best scenario, if
those solids are the resins, pigments and ceramics that are active
parts of the coating, then you have a coating that wont break
down like traditional paints.

So they developed the first generation of what was later to be
called Rhino-Shield.  It ended up costing the
contractors a lot more per gallon to have this type of coating
manufactured for them, but they found that it saved a lot more money
in the long run not having to do all the service calls.  Homeowners
appreciated that even more.

After their initial successes with the product, they wanted to
improve it further. So they contacted 3M with the idea of using the
superior 3M Ceramic Micro-Spheres to make Rhino-Shield better.

Since then, Rhino-Shield has spread across homes throughout the USA
with dealers in nearly every state. Rhino Shield of New England is the
exclusive Rhino-Shield dealer for New England.

3M Ceramics

Ceramic Micro spheres were invented in the early 1960s by
the 3M Company as an outgrowth from the manufacture of solid ceramic
beads.  Because the micro spheres are made from ceramics, they provide
the additional benefits of high heat and chemical resistance.

The central air pocket in the micro spheres provides an insulating
barrier for your walls much like a thermos bottle does.  This
insulating, industrial maintenance-free coating is long lasting,
offering superior mildew resistance, corrosion resistance, and
ultra-violet ray reflectivity.

Rhino-Shield's 3M Ceramics incorporate different sized microspheres
as fillers. Conventional paints utilize inexpensive mineral products
as fillers that are irregular in shape and size. These
irregularly-shaped fillers dont pack nearly as well as a mix of
small and large microspheres. (The smaller spheres pack more tightly
into the spaces between the larger spheres.) The more densely the
coating is packed with microspheres, the less permeable it is to
stains and the thicker it is when dry.

Adding 3M ceramic micro spheres and high quality Titanium
Dioxide to our top grade 100% acrylic elastomeric resins makes
Rhino Shield reflect more light and heat, repel water better, and is
more durable than any other coating on the market.

Ongoing testing and constant improvements ensure that Rhino Shield
will remain the absolute best exterior coating for your home.

For a complete look at the science of Rhino-Shield Ceramic
Coatings, please call today and speak to one of
our experienced representatives.

Unique Penetrating Bonding Agent

When Rhino Shield was designing their primer they told the chemist,
"Cost is of no concern, just make us the best primer possible."

The result was the only primer on the market that will stay tacky for
up to 3 weeks.

If you apply any other primer, it will be dry to the touch in just a
few hours - there is no tacky feeling left. They rely totally on a
chemical reaction to make the primer and paint "set".

So what does that mean? It means that Rhino Shield's primer does not
have to rely on only a chemical reaction to make it all stick
together. The tacky feeling is a glue like adhesion making the coating
bond together and become a cohesive system.

No other primer can match it!

Product Testing Data

3M Thermo Conductivity.  Most paints and coatings
utilize mineral filer and chalk (CaCO3-calcium carbonate) as
filers. At Rhino-Shield we use 3M ceramic spheres. Besides excellent
durability, they help insulate. Rhino-Shield qualifies as a
"Low-e" coating. This test compares the thermal conductivity
of CaCO3 versus W410 and K46 spheres utilized in Rhino-Shield. As you
can clearly see in the graphs, the CaCO3 allows heat to quickly
transfer while the ceramics prevent it.  View the 3M
Microspheres Conductivity Report (PDF).

BASF Testing.  Rhino-Shield Ceramic Coating is
rigorously tested by tested by BASF and a series of independent labs
to ensure quality, consistency, and dependability.  Rhino-Shield
Ceramic Coating meets or exceeds requirements in the following

Physical Property                ASTM Test Number
Dry Adhesion                      C 794/ D 903
Elongation                           D 2370
Flexibility                              D 522
Fungi resistance                  G 21
Permeance                           D 1653A
Salt Spray                             8-117-97
Surface Burning Characteristics
of Building Materials             E 84-03b
Tear Resistance                   D 624
Total Emittance and
Spectral Reflectance            E408-71
Tensile strength                   D 2370
Viscosity                               D 562
Water swelling                      D 471
Wet Adhesion                       C 794/ D 903
Weight of solids                    D 1644

BASF is one of the largest and most respected chemical companies in
the world. They are recognized by the slogan We don't make a
lot of the product you buy, we make a lot of the products you buy
better. BASF has performed several rounds of testing on
Rhino-Shield.  Rhino-Shield excels at flexibility, tear resistance,
tensile strength, breathability, and viscosity. Additionally, BASF
performed an accelerated aging test. At the end of the test
Rhino-Shield showed no visable signs of aging and maintained its
elastomeric properties.  

Class A Fire Rating

Rhino-Shield has a class A fire and smoke rating. In some areas of
the country prone to wildfires, buildings with a class A fire rating
may qualify for a discount on their homeowners insurance.
View the Fire Test Results

Salt Tolerance

Rhino-Shield is the most salt tolerant coating on the market. This
is vital in coastal areas. As the testing shows, we are in the top
category of salt tolerance and even outperformed the industry
standard, Rustoleum.  View the Salt Spray Testing Results.
1:49 pm edt 

Re: Carrie Notaro
Nauset WANTS to regionalize with us. They even invited us to regionilize.
11:30 am edt 

Why Was Historical Commission The Group to OK Paint?
Why is this group the go-to group to OK town hall colors? What about Historic District Commission? Why weren't they involved? They are the regulatory body and not Historical Commission. By the way, why don't we change one of these names. Perhaps the Provincetown Historical Commission would be a better name for the Historical Commission and help the town separate these two very different groups.

It's confusing to many in town and few know the difference between these two groups and few know each's purview. Time to clarify and distinguish these two groups. A name change could help.
11:29 am edt 

Re: "In the Last Four Years Ptown Has Sent Two Girls to Smith and One Boy to BC"
Well, that is an embarassment to the educational system here! Not one kid in the last four years got into an ivy league school? And what about Nauset's kids? Is their placement as embarassing and dismal as ours? I doubt it!
11:28 am edt 

What Other Things Are Being Done With Poor Decision Making?

So lets say that the first coat on Town Hall is a primer tinted to the finish color. What about remove all the old paint that wont hold onto the wood? No amount of primer is going to help that situation. As a matter of fact a coat of primer and two coats finish will only make the matter worse as it is adding all that much more weight for the original paint to carry. This paint job is not going to last. This is not restoration, its a cover up! I would have much preferred to be socked with a higher charge to remove the old paint and apply that Rhino stuff PJ was talking about. That way I would not be paying to paint Town Hall again in five or ten years. But wait! Maybe then we can go back to all white or that lovely Federal Gold color.

And all of this leads me to the question of, if they have given this little thought to a simple thing like doing a paint job correctly what other things are being done with poor decision making? Like that idea they had about putting the heat pumps behind the Bas Relief! That was just ludicrous. Thank God someone did speak up and say no to that one.

Another question. Are we going to get new seats for the auditorium? I bet we don't. They will keep the old ones to keep the overall cost down, then when we get in there and find the old benches Sharron will tell us we need a prop.2 1/2 overide if we want new ones. Screwed again!

Just what the Hell is my $450 tax increase paying for?

A Rat In The Basement
11:25 am edt 

A Clarification to Someone Who Thinks They Know

All of the clapboard on Town Hall is NOT new. Only the boards that were removed in order to gain access to the framing repairs. The entire front and back are old as well as a good amount on the sides. And ALL of the trim is the original trim, and as such has the original paint still on it. This paint job is not going to last more that a year before it starts to peel.

A Rat In The Basement
11:22 am edt 

BOS Term Limits

Selectmen term limits should be tied to the life of the paint that is being applied to town hall.
8:05 am edt 

I'm Going to Have My Trim Painted in the Fall

I just looked up Rhino shield by typing it in "web search". I had also looked up Duation paint by Sherman Williams.

I'm intrigued by Rhino Shild since it is salt resistant and is excellent for coastal area.

My trim was painted 5 years ago and needs to be scrapped and painted again on the south side.A guy said that he would paint my trim and guarantee it not to peel for 4 years.
8:03 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Schools

Having a child in the Provincetown schools is something I think a lot of you will never understand - how sad.
8:01 am edt 

From: Carrie Notaro
 Once again, I am clearly stating that I understand what the DOR reported and suggested. What I hope the townspeople will try to understand is that closing a school is not an easy task. We, the School Committee are not ignoring anything that has been presented to us about regionalization. Things take time, money and research.

Declining enrollment has been happening for the past ten years. One of the problems that directly affects this decline is housing and job opportunities. If the town is building one bedroom condos, where is there room for a family to live? The town itself is turning families away. I'm not saying that it's the town's fault. It just isn't easy all the way around.

Don't forget about the elementary school. Those children need to get an education as well. The high school isn't the only regionalization that could take place. Where will they go? Truro doesn't have the room along with Wellfleet.

As I have stated before, I am a realist with a side of pessimism. I am not saying that just because I have children and they are attending school, I have the right to do and say as I please. There are no specific qualifications to be met in order to sit on a committee or board. Remember, 408 of you voted for me.

I listen to what people have to say. I process it and try to take positive action towards it. I have only been on the School Committee for twenty-five (25) days. Things take time and I intend on investing my time into figuring out what is the best possible senerio for the students, faculty AND the town.

Regionalizing isn't going to happen for free. There are many factors that have to come into play before any of this could happen. Negotiations need to take place. And, the most important issue...does Nauset WANT to regionalize with us? Are they in the position to take ALL of our students? Do they have an elementary school? Just because you think that regionalization is the answer, you have to know that another school has to WANT to regionalize with us! Hundreds of thousands of dollars have to be agreed before students can be moved. Please don't forget that even if and when we regionalize, the money doesn't go away and your taxes will still reflect paying for those "few" students to go to school elsewhere.

We, as a town, have a responsibility to pay for the students to get their education, along with paying for retiring teachers.

In some ways I can understand why so many of you think this is a simple solution. However, I am asking you all to try and understand the process and time in which things need to happen.

Change is good. Not everyone likes it, but change can be good no matter what that change may be.

Thank you to all that have showed your support and trust. I appreciate your opinions and will do my best not to let you down with my efforts as a new School Committee member.

Carrie Notaro
8:00 am edt 

Town Hall Colors

The building committee (historical committee) gave the OK for the original colors to be used again on town hall, these are the colors that are the correct colors that the original architect intended for the building when built! Special scientific x ray studies on paint chips were done to confirm these colors. Very nice I say.
7:56 am edt 

Re: Why These Colors For Town Hall?

Answer! Because they are the original historic colors first painted on the building when it was built. They form the visual base for the copper/brass - bell/clock tower & slate roof. Truly beautiful and money well spent!
7:55 am edt 

Regionalization of the School System

Why not regionalize?  Isnt that the best idea?

Perhaps.  But Truro has never been formally asked to merge or regionalize with Nauset.

And Ptown has never been formally asked to merge or regionalize with Nauset.

It is only within the last year-and-a-half that Nauset Supt. Gradone floated the idea of regionalization.  He has not asked Ptown directly.  He has simply stated in the paper that it would be a good idea to look into it.  But, still, there is no concrete offer from him or, more importantly, from the Nauset school committee.

What Nauset has done up to now is try to convince Ptown parents to send our 6-12 children to Nauset, without regionalizing.  All Nauset wants is money from Ptown and Truro, not a partnership.

They simply want us to bus our kids to Nauset.

If the high school were to close, and if Ptown does have to bus kids to Nauset, Ptown will be solely responsible for transportation costs.

It will cost Ptown over $900 a day to ferry kids to the two Nauset schools.  That is 162K per year.

Why would Nauset ever agree to share this cost?  If Nauset officially offered us regionalization, the citizens of Orleans, Brewster, Wellfleet and Eastham would have to share the costs of transporting kids from Ptown.  Do you honestly think those citizens and their school committee are going to agree to that?

Further, if Ptown sends 50 more kids to Nauset, at 13K a kid (which is the going rate for a district when it sends one of its kids to another district) that's 650K of our money being sent to Nauset.

Add the 31 kids Ptown is already sending to Nauset and to Lighthouse Charter and, at 13K a kid, that's another 273K being sent to Nauset.

Then add 735K for transporting the 24 Special Need kids whose parents are from Ptown at 35K per kid (transporting the Special needs kids is the real sticking point for Nauset).

Finally, add the 162K Ptown will have to pay to transport the non-Special needs kids to Eastham and to Orleans.

The total comes to 1.82 million dollars--every year; with Ptown having no say on the Nauset School Committee.

Right now, the high school costs Ptown $1.1 million per year.

So where will the savings come from?

And though some people wish that Nauset would merge or regionalize with Ptown, why would Nauset agree to do so?

Why would Nauset want to take on Ptown's (or Truro's) transportation costs if it doesnt have to?

So where are the savings if we just send our kids to Nauset without regionalizing?

Sure, we could sell the high school (which the town and the school committee has borrowed heavily against).

But we would still be shelling out 1.82 million dollars--every year; with Ptown having no say on the Nauset School Committee.

We will still have to spend close to five million dollars on the elementary school, on pensions and on administration.

I know: you're about to say it's not all about money; it's about education.

Well, if the quality of education is so bad at Ptown High, how does it keep sending students to Top 50 schools (as ranked by US News and World Report)?

In the last four years Ptown has sent two girls to Smith and one boy to BC.

Ptown High sends a larger percentage of kids to four-year colleges than any other high school on the Cape.

Nauset's not even in the top five.

How bad could the education at Ptown High be?

Lastly, the DOR has suggested we regionalize with Nauset.

But how can we do that if Nauset isn't offering?

We have meetings with them and among ourselves--but still there is no offer.

Jessica Waugh has never turned down regionalization because it has never been offered to Provincetown.

Nauset has never said publicly that it had made a serious offer to Ptown.

If Ptown had turned Nauset's offer of regionalization, wouldn't Nauset tell us?

So, what to we do?

I say regionalize with Nauset but keep the high school going.

Kids from Ptown and Truro could go to Ptown High.

We could close VMES, sell it or use it,  and send K-5 to Truro.

Orleans, Brewster, Wellfleet and Eastham could bus their kids to to Nauset.

That will seriously cut down on transportation costs while giving Nauset the money per student it sorely needs from us, from the state and from the feds.

Many systems have two or more high schools.

Why not ours?

Let's pin the Nauset Supt. and School Committee against the wall and say we're ready to regionaize but that we want to keep the high school.
7:54 am edt 

Hurricaine Season Begins Today!
    Still we had our first tropical storm today miles from Nantucket. Let's hope it's a milder season for storms and that businesses do well this summer. Some great new restaurants and some other impessively re-done restaurants and others will fabulous new offerings. We will surely dine well this summer! Here's to all of you!
7:47 am edt 

Re: Why These Colors for Town Hall, cc Rat:
The colors for town hall were chosen because they are historically accurate, or don't you read the papers? They are as close to the original colors as is possible. As for painting over the old paint, it t'aint true. All the clapboards are new and if they were prepped properly the paint job should last a good number of years, though I agree with PJ that the ceramic paints on the market now would be the way to go.
7:46 am edt 

Friday, May 29, 2009

Why These Colors For Town Hall?

who decided and why? It costs much less leaving it white which is traditional and fits the building. This is all show for us to be "impressed" and then vote another $4 million for interior design at the June Town Meeting. Maybe even more. It's a town folly to use so many colors and the cost of re=painting will be so much more. But this town just spends and spends.

Look at your new town tax bill. Sorry, Michele, you don't receive one since you are a renter. But we did and now the taxes are higher and higher. It's an insane spending on project after project while the non-taxpayers vote "yes" and we are the ones paying. Menawhile, Ted malone gets $800,000 for his business.

I'd like to have received $800,000 for my business. This is better then the Stimulus Recovery bill. Perhaps we are too foolish and thus reap the consequences while the renters, affordable housing people and Ted Malone smile all the way to the bank. Strange, isn't it?
10:05 pm edt 

Hey Rat !

Did it ever occur to you that the primer the painters are using is tinted to match the final color?
10:03 pm edt 

Sshool Committee Qualifications

Follow Their Logic and Being a Taxpayer Makes you Qualified to Be the Tax Assessor and the Town Accountant

That's what I see from the members of the School Committee. Having a child in the school system seems to qualify them to be on the School Committee. I guess paying a water bill qualifies each of to be the DPW director.

Something's missing: like educational qualifications. Having a high education and once having been in high schools seems to qualify this group to run the high school.
They lack academic qualifications, educational understandingt, curriculum analysis, financial analysis, teacher training, cutting-edge educational directives, logic and psychological insight.

But they once were in high school! And they now have a child in the schools!  
10:01 pm edt 

A Lesson in Arithmetics
Too bad members of the school committee just can't count. They try counting up to forty--the number of students left in the school--and guess what? They come up with 120 and think that we have so many students we don't need to regionalize.

If only they could actually count, perhaps they'd understand that forty is only forty and forty is too few to keep this system going.
9:59 pm edt 

Dear Rat
About six months ago I wrote to the selectman and posted on this blog information about RhinoShield. It is a ceramic based paint product that is guaranteed for fifty years. It does cost 2.5 times more than basic paint but is a wonderful alternative. It has been used on historical buildings around New England and is well received by other communities as a cost saver in the long run. I received no response from the Selectman or the Town Manager. So, there you have it an expensive paint job that will look good for a year or two. Let's think about this for a moment paint every 50 years or so or paint every one or two years. Again the town leaders are not making fiscally sound decisions for the town.

9:57 pm edt 

Gloom and Doom

It's so funny that everytime someone writes something nice on this blog they get shot down. Comments like if you don't like what's written, the don't read it, if you don't like the truth dont read this blog, etc... the truth is there is alot of good going on in Provincetown and all of these negative people are just too blind to see it. Why don't you all get out of town and go live somewhere else if you are so unhappy? I guess you would continue to grumble and be unhappy wherever you live.

9:55 pm edt 

I Like the Colors On Town Hall Too

It's just too bad they arnt going to stay on the building very long. I remember the last time it was painted about ten years age. They did nothing to remove the old paint. And the following year it was peeling as badly as it was prior to being painted. And guess what? This time they are doing nothing to remove the old paint. And guess what? This time next year it will be peeling just as badly as it is now. Hasn't anybody ever heard the old saying that a good paint job is 90% preparation"? Iv been watching what goes on down there. The painters show up one day and the very next day they are putting finish paint on the building. They didn't wash it, they didn't sand it, they didn't prime it. Hopefully they did some scraping as they were finish painting. Putting fancy colored new paint
on top of 150 year old paint doesn't work! That old paint just cant hold onto the wood anymore. I feel ripped off. And I know Ill feel sick to my stomach in a year when Town Hall needs another paint job. Restoration!? Cowdung!

A Rat In The Basement
6:16 pm edt 

Lessons to be Learned

The rest of us have to live under Government regulation and adhere to its rules. The Dept of Revenue comes here and declares that the schools are a burden to the taxpayers and that the schools need to regionalize--the the school committee blatantly ignores them. What a lesson for the children of this town.
6:14 pm edt 

School Regionalization

Provincetown is the only Town on the Cape to be audited by the Department of Revenue. One of their conclusions was that our school needs to seriously investigate regionalizing and it is up to our Town Government to follow the dictates of the Dept. of Revenue.

Former Town Manager Keith Bergman was the first to publicly state the schools need to seriously consider regionalizing. Are we citizens supposed to just ignore the red flags raised by the Dept. of Revenue?

Relax everyone, The town is investigating this so it is in their hands; it is in their hands if the school is going to regionalize.

To bad it can't be turned into a vocational school. There seems to be a need for a vocational school.
6:13 pm edt 

It Does Seem Odd

A farmer's market is closed due to permits and the hue and cry created from the public created a seismic wave of outrage that washed over the selectmen and town government.

And the threat of regionalizing and closing the schools?  Barely a ripple.  
6:11 pm edt 

Re: School Regionaliztion

Yes, we must close the high school and regionalize. The school committee continues to close their eyes and ears to this fact.

Yes it is painful, yes the teachers here want their jobs; but with 40 Provincetown High school students, with no sixth grade (and soon no 7th grade)what alternative is there?

The wise parents who care deeply for total, all around education of their children will send their children to Nauset High School.  
3:45 pm edt 

Re: School Committee

We citizens of Provincetown support our students. When the Department of Revenue completed their audit of Provincetown, they went beyond the call of duty and with the power of the facts from their investigation, they pointedly stated the need for the school committee to investigate regionalization.

This didn't originate with the residents but with this financial oversight arm of the government. They stated that the schools are a burden to the taxpayers, that the population of students has been declining for ten years and that with 40 some Provincetown High School Students the school committee *seriously* needs to open their eyes to this situation and to pursue regionalization.

Yet, our school board is still refusing to face facts and thus the selectmen have to start this process for us.
3:25 pm edt 

Leave Carrie Notaro Alone

She is saying things you really don't want to hear.   You think it's a slam dunk to close the schools and send the kids to Nauset and leave the little town to yourselves.   Carrie has worked hard and will continue to work hard.
2:52 pm edt 

Graceful Color Arrangement

I love the colors of town hall. Warm, soothing, yet classic and aristocratic. Seeing it touches the senses like catching the scent of a rose while walking on a garden path or feeling a breath of warm air on a chilly day.

What a contrast to that blaring Federal gold that had to be painted over decades ago; this is a graceful color arrangement--and with the burgundy high light, it will be even more stunning.
1:36 pm edt 

To Carrie

I went to a regional high school west of Boston because our high school closed. The drive was a good half hour but went by fast. My education with a graduating class of almost 200 kids gave me more exposure and choices than a graduating class of a handful. I am grateful that I went to a regional high school. My childhood town is just as vibrant as it was thirty years ago when town officials regionalized our high school.

Very Successful Regional H.S. Grad
1:35 pm edt 

Advice to the Bloggers Who Advise Carrie Notaro About Being Silent....

I find it interesting that some from this blog are advising Carrie Notaro and I quote ...

"sometimes wisdom requires a bit of humility and silence"

Wow! Have those of you who support this advice looked in the mirror today? This should be the number one goal for more people who post on this blog.

Ms. Notaro has been a member of the School Committee for less than one month and she is already getting berated by people who are the so called intellectuals in town. Just because you do not have a college education does not mean you can not be successful or intelligent.  

I also find it interesting that we didnt see any of Carrie's critics names on the ballot.

Let the woman have a chance to do her job.

I leave you with this...

Freedom of speech is a great thing, until you make a fool out of yourself and right now the fools are in the majority.
1:34 pm edt 

Oh to Peace & Love

I look out the window. The sun is shining, the moon rises brightly over the warming seas. There is not a cloud in the sky. Oh, how beatiful today is.

Is this what you want on the blog? Illusions, deceptions, and la-la-land images? That just doesn't help nor inform anyone. I'll take the more critical perspective and the reporting that the rains are rushing down, the sky is dark, and this is not the best weather we've ever had. Reality is not bad. Give me more.
1:05 pm edt 

Kudos to Ms. Carrie Notaro For Responding to Her Critics and Signing Her Name

So folks, state your questions or your concerns because we know that she is reading them.

Our school is too small; the students are pigeon hold together from the first grade. They are labled. They get nick names.

Do you remember middle school and who was bullied and picked on? If you don't think that this is happening now--you have your head in the sand.

We all know the value of a good education and how it helps us in life. We also see the results of poor reasoning skills and poor choices made impetuously without sound thinking.

I see people making such poor choices in their lives and then they get a chip on their shoulder and blame this group or that group for keeping them down. Don't let this be your child. Kids acting out need help--this is a small town--you see who these kids are.

These kids see their own home life and then they see the home life of their friends and some become jealous and resentful and are acting out.

I feel that the adults can try to befriend that child if he is your child's friend, teach this youngster how to behave towards others, make him or her adhere to your families rules, set limits. See this acting out as a cry for help in a child who can't or doesn't know how to ask for it.
12:48 pm edt 

Thank You For Your Response, Ms. Notaro

My concern is that I've talked to parents and there is bullying going on in town. I firmly believe that a school like Nauset can offer so much more to the life of a child.

A child's life revolves around school and peers and how one is treated has an impact of their life. A Child's home life should reinforce the merits of study and education and how crucial a good education is no matter what one's career choice is. Nurse, Plumber, carpenter, fisherman, educator, lawyer,waiter, Supreme Court Judge-whatever choice one makes.

At Nauset, there are so many students that most if not all would find a group in which they would "fit in". There is such a rich curriculum there. Have you taken a tour of Nauset High school?

Even if it costs the taxpayers more money to send our students to Nauset--many people in town believe that it must be done.
12:45 pm edt 

From: Carrie Notaro

I am not claiming to have any answers to the issues at hand, let alone all of them. I am simply saying that I chose to go to as many meetings as possible so I could gain a better understanding of what is going on. I have a son that has been in the school system for three years now, and my daughter will start in Septmeber.

I am not against regionalization. However, I am not truly for it at this time. I understand that Provincetown Public Schools have a decrease in enrollment. I understand that the cost of living in Provincetown is expensive. My husband and I have lived in Provincetown and Truro for eleven years. My husband was born and raised in Provincetown and I have been coming here my whole life. I also have family that was born and raised here as well.

I have never been one to take a back seat to anything that I believe in. I have been absorbing the situations at hand as far as the School Committee is concerned. I have to ask questions in order to receive the answers so I can learn.

Yes, the meetings are open to the public. They always have been. The chair of the School Committee has recently decided to have PTV there so if the public is unable to attend, they will still benefit by gaining information from PTV.

I am not putting myself in a different catagory than anyone else here in town let alone on the School Committee. I am here to support our children, schools, staff. If this also means that we will have to regionalize, then let that be the case and I will do my best to facilitate the transition.

I hope that this will answer some of your questions and understand where I am coming from.

Carrie Notaro
11:34 am edt 

I Believe We Will Have a Good Summer

Jun 24, 2008
More Than 100,000 Millionaires Live In Boston. How many live in and around New York?

There are people who will want to go on vacation; not everyone is out of work. There are people who have their jobs and will want to enjoy a summer vacation and will still come--they may just scale down a bit.

I live here and I'm scaling down; I'm not going out to restaurants at the drop of a hat. I'm dining AL Fresco on my deck, but if I was visiting here, I'd want to go out to some wonderful places. I too believe that we will have a good summer.

I know that some guest houses had a very slow May; I don't know about their summer bookings. We will have to wait and see.
11:04 am edt 

To: "Please Pardon My Mistake"
Point of clarification; The Level and Clem & Ursie's closed due to mis-management and George's was seized by the DOR for failure to pay meal taxes (about $50K). These closures had nothing to do with the economy. They were sinking ships before the economic downturn. As far as empty storefronts, perhaps the landlords are asking way too much rent to make it feasible for a retailer to survive. I believe that the businesses that offer products and services at reasonable prices and manage their businesses prudently will have a good season. The Barber offers haircuts at reasonable prices and has obviously worked hard to reach his accomplishments. Please do some research before posting on this blog.
9:07 am edt 

Re: School Committee

Are the school committee meetings open to the public since I read here that there is a section for Public Statements?

What is Ms. Notaro's position on the issues; what is her academic philosophy? Is she for or against regionalization? I'm assuming that she is against it.

Please give an example of her positions and her statements at the School committee meetings. Perhaps Ms. Notaro will respond here for the greater public.

Thank you, Concerned Citizen
9:06 am edt 

Re: Re: One Person Tirade

No, I know who Carrie is and I know Kerry and I know Debbie Trovato and Peter Grasso. Who is the woman that sits next to Grosso and NEVER shuts up? She rants and rants and answers everyones questions with her own insights and opinions before anyone even asks for her input. She never stops.
12:50 am edt 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hasn't Life Taught You Anything?

How about a little civility and less character assasination. You have all the right in the world to disagree with people and their actions-but do you have to hit below the belt and make personal attacks to make your point. Stooping to that level renders your argument and point of view moot. All it does is prove that you can act like a bully. A truly critical and valid analysis is done best by addressing the issue not the person. Hasn't life taught you anything?
11:41 pm edt 

Who Is This Woman?

Yikes. Is this what our school needs? Terese leaves and now we have this woman? Who is she? What has she done for education, for the school? Is she just another I live here person and I have a kid who will be in the school? Please, who is she?

Oh boy, she is not the solution we need. She seems more the problem than the answer to our educational difficulties.but I have to ask again: Who is this woman?
11:39 pm edt 

I am Amazed!

It truly amazes me that some of you think that Barry Scott deserved to be beaten by the police.

Even if he is guilty of what he was accused-how can you possibly justify the level of violence perpetrated by the police for one-or even three noise complaints? Even if he is guilty of making a snide remark-how can you possibly justify the level of violence perpetrated by the police for being a jerk? Even if you think he is taking his appeal too far-how can you continue to crucify him for exercising his legal rights?

You should all be grateful that we live in a country where what he is doing-exercising his legal right to obtain what he feels is justice-whether you agree with him or not-is possible.

Live and let live!!!
11:38 pm edt 

To: Carrie Notaro

How Strange: You  Think You are the Voice of the Town

Sorry but you are your voice. And it would be better if you were more quiet, more hesitant than you obviously have been. You think that going to meetings and talking to key selectmen gives you access. It gives you nothing.

I'm sorry but you do not represent so many of us who are for the school and who understand academic life. What is your intellectual background? The fact that you and Michele Couture share the same educational "background" is not an asset but a liability.

It may be a surprise to you that some of us believe that school committee members should be academics, should be educators, should be actively engaged with the intellectual life.

Sorry, Mrs. Notaro, but that is not you. You fall far short from these qualifications as you are rant and rattle. It's a sorry sight for all of us.
11:13 pm edt 

There Are Too Many Naysayers on This Blog

Negative thoughts, negative comments, negative attitudes. Try being a little more positive and you will attract more positive energy your way. Look around you people, we are living in one of the most beautiful places on earth. People pays thousands of dollars to spend a week in Ptwon each year. It is a wonderful community with many, many wondeful people. Let's start working together for a better community.

Peace and Love
11:10 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

Mr. Scott is the classic example of chew and screw. At least the little         got what he deserved -- a conviction for all of his wrongdoings.

Now that's he's finally left, we can all move on... even though the poor tourism folks have to clean up his mess. And what a mess he left.

So much for his "investment" in our town...
11:09 pm edt 

To: Carrie Notaro

Sometimes Wisdom Requires a Bit of Humility and Silence-

Listening while being a new school board member is an asset. Sometimes silence is a greater value than ranting. Also, arrogance demeans good intentions.

Attending meetings does not provide knowledge, insight nor understanding. It's the wrong equation. It's what you do with what you know and if you do not know, then again silence should reign.
11:07 pm edt 

Please Pardon My Mistake

Thank you for the information regarding the barber shop. I did jump to conclusions; yet it wasn't truly out of the realm of possibilities since Level went out of business and Clem and Ursies and some other places had troubles like George's Pizza.

There are empty store fronts on Commercial street. It was an educated deduction of how things are going. However, the good news about the Barber shop is JUST GREAT!!!
11:04 pm edt 

To: Carrie Notaro

There is a difference between just asking questions and gaining knowledge. Ask yourself: How can you be most informed? How can you have a deeper understanding of the facts and the whole situation regarding the school?

Question authority: What is the true agenda; is it to have the most educated student body possible and the most enlightened and the most socially involved?

Is the answer to these questions to regionalize? So few students; such small classes; such total silence in the school: is this what the school experience should be for our students???

Look outside the box to a greater, grander, more totally involved student life for the Students of Provincetown--they deserve it, don't you think?

11:02 pm edt 

The Sky is Not Falling!

The Barber shop on Bradford Street across from the old Cumberland Farms is for sale. Another year round business ending. He tried to make a go of is hard to make a living here year round.

The mis-information on this blog can be out of control.  The Bradfod Street barber shop did not go out of business, he bought a space and has moved his barbershop to the new space.  Sounds like he's doing well and good for him !!  
Sorry it's not the gloom and doom you are trying to spread.
6:40 pm edt 

From: Carrie Notaro

To the person, or persons who feel that I won't shut up and let other people speak that are the other School Committee members...welcome to being held accountable for your actions...I am NOT on a tirade! I am here to learn as a new member, and if you think by just sitting and listening and NOT asking questions or giving my input is the way things should be, then let that be your opinion. If you want to voice your complaints, then I strongly suggest that during public comments, you do so, or simply speak to the chair, Peter Grosso. Silenced I will not be. I have for the past two (2) years attended as many school committee meetings as I possibly could fit in. I also attended the same amount of Board of Selectmen meetings in order to run for School Committee as an educated participant. I asked many questions during all of these meetings and now as a new member of the School Committee, I will continue to do the same. I am here for the right reasons and have every intention of purusing what is best for our children, schools and the town as a whole.

I appologize if I have offended anyone in being vocal. That has not and never will be my intention. If you continue to have porblems with the way that I conduct myself during public meetings, then please talk to me. Maybe by doing so, you will better understand where I am coming from and what my goals are for the schools.

Carrie Notaro-NEW School Committee Member
6:39 pm edt 

Dear "Making a Living Isn't Easy"
Yes, you are correct.  The location of the old barber shop is for sale.  But not because the barber couldn't make it here and your tired old 'woe is me and the local economy'.  The barber was successful enough to purchase his own commercial condo in the West End by the General Store instead of paying rent.  

Congratulations to the barber.  He's successful, he's year round and he provides a service to the townsfolk.
6:36 pm edt 

Re: Working the System

It really is sad how some people in this town flaunt their ability to rape the system. Working less so your income is less so you can get affordable housing is disgusting. I am simply amazed at the      on some people who write on here how they beat the system. The only person you are hurting is yourself. Very, very sad. I hope you can sleep at night.

4:17 pm edt 

Re: Cold and Mean

Can I ask you one question...What I said about "one's misfortunes does not make it theirs" does not mean no one cares, etc, etc...And to prove my point, if you go to Boston as an example, do you stop going because someone got murdered or do you keep going ??? That's exactly what I mean. So before you say "that's what's wrong with this town", think about other cities and states you may or may not go to and ask YOURSELF "do I go there and do what I have to do or do I stay away because of what happened" ??? That does not mean you don't care, it simply means you can't help what misfortune someone else had but I want or need to still go there.That's exactly what others may be thinking. If you think others will stay away because Barry Scott was too stupid to adhere to what he was being told to stop doing, than if I were you, I would buy a new mirror.
4:15 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

"Please move away" poster: As his friend, I can assure you that he and his partner sold their house and 'moved away' last month. They got a beautiful house on a lake in NH.

He also is headed for a Boston appeal where they will see what our cops did to him was wrong on so many levels; as most people understand--especially if they know the guy.

He is full of integrity and I, like all his friends in town, applaud him for trying to do the right thing. It will help this town in the long run...although I miss him his smiling face in town already. He'd been here since 1983.
4:01 pm edt 

Re: One Person Tirade

It's a one person tirade and her name is Carrie Notaro. You'd think that as the newest member of the group that she would keep quiet for a few meetings and just take everything in. I wish her fellow board members the best!
4:00 pm edt 

Public Pier Corporation

When the pier miscreants snubbed the Whydah Museum on their signage, Miss Nagle, by writing a letter to the editor, brought to the publics attention that their omission hurts tourism.  Under pressure from various sources, the pier miscreants are now requesting a variance to their signage to include the Whydah.

When the pier miscreants snubbed Farmers Market, an asset to tourism here, she got her dog park organization involved.

At the last Historic District Commission meeting, she brought to the boards attention that the Pier Corporation for lack of another word, snubbed them and town by laws when erecting their non-marine buildings on the pier, i.e., the art trap sheds. Because the pier miscreants violated our town by laws, they must appear before the HDC next week and are facing steep fines.  

Lets not forget it was her tenacity that resulted in the pier miscreants being forced to go onto the towns munis system, meet regularly with FinCom to have their budgets approved and a selectman being appointed as a liaison etc.

She is an asset to our community in many ways.

I wouldnt be surprised if the anti-Candace postings werent from the pier miscreants themselves!
3:58 pm edt 

Making a Living Here Isn't Easy.

The Barber shop on Bradford Street across from the old Cumberland Farms is for sale. Another year round business ending. He tried to make a go of is hard to make a living here year round.
3:56 pm edt 

Oh No Not That One!

A few years ago I was looking for a roommate in the fall. I had a friend who was a bartender in town. When I casually mentioned that so and so wanted to rent the room. He almost yelled NO! The same with another person!

My bartender friend turned out to be my "Screener". Well, these are the folks who are going to be rushing into the one bedroom affordable housing units. I pity the developers.

There is the legal and illegal "Substance abuse" issue  first of all; then the late rent; the windows open in the winter to let in the fresh air while the thermostat is on 75 degrees. You have no idea what some people have to put up with--and they will be stampeding into affordable housing.

Do you have any idea what it is like to evict someone? It is all about the tenants rights. There are people who have been evicted in this town who will be in line too.

A guy who used to live next door to me would be at his second floor window smoking weed and coughing his head off. I'd go to put out my garbage out and get a "contact high". He is still here in town and eligible for affordable housing--I'm sure that he is on the list. Good luck and Good night.
3:53 pm edt 

When Nouns become Verbs

The purpose for unemployment is to secure a local work force so that these workers aren't forced to give up their homes etc. and move someplace else to work. It is cyclical.

In Provincetown the facts are that lots of high end workers leave and go to exotic places and keep their toes in warm waters. It is their prerogative because they can transfer their claim to another state.

What I don't like is that I'm working year round while other people I know work part time, enjoy a lovely winter vacation and when the times comes they will just slide into affordable housing and their rent will be based on according to what they can pay.

Don't just love it nouns become verbs: I wintered in the Islands, I wintered in Florida, I wintered in Arizona. I wintered in Provincetown at my 9-5 job.
3:50 pm edt 

Where Silence is Golden

Will a certain D.J. just keep his mouth closed? He dares to speak up about himself and his behavior at a party when two innocent women minding their own business are attacked as they walk down the street?

This D.J. has no shame; no sense of proportion; I wish that he'd just stop talking. He is a poster boy for not taking responsibility for his own actions and blaming others.
3:48 pm edt 

Gay Bashing

I wrote that Provincetown should invite these two women who were victims of a gay gashing here for a paid holiday weekend at our expense--but the town of Winthrop is one who should offer them a holiday.

It makes one wonder what the parents think of gay people if this is how the son reacts. Of course, when I was young and with my friends, I yelled "faggot" the loudest at someone because I didn't want my friends to know that I was gay.

This ferocious assailant,                    needs serious professional help--we don't need another "hater" in the world.  
3:45 pm edt 

Gay Bashing

It is great that this hate-crime has received so much press in the Boston Globe and on the nightly news and noon time news. Now people will know that they can't just gay-bash someone and get away with it as they have in the past.

years ago: youthful bully, "Judge, he looked at me wrong, so I bashed in his head with a baseball bat."

Judge,"Oh you poor boy, I hope that you did it twice..and that you aren't traumatized."

Now the infamy of the crime and the perps name is known throughout the Commonwealth and two other states.

Two women traumatized--the town should invite these two women back for a weekend at the town's expense.
3:44 pm edt 

Affordable Housing and Me
I work two jobs (lunch and dinner shifts equals two jobs in my mind) and collect unemployment in the winter. I can travel and vacation in the winter, like my friends, who spent the winter in South America.

However my ace in the hole, once the affordable housing units are available, is that I can go down to just one job because my rent will be based on 30% of my income.

So one shift (on the books) and one off saves my boss money and gets me a reduced, guaranteed rent. And the incentives if I should buy!

There are all of these programs etc. to make it so easy to buy..I needed a Realtor to explain it to me..whew--the head spins..and the wallet gets fatter..and mama is happy, happy,*Happy*.
2:25 pm edt 

It is All About Who You Know in This Town

Do you think that anyone else would be allowed to build a road into a housing development with a telephone pole smack in the middle of it?

Seamen's bank doesn't want to go public with an alleged embezzlement for whatever reason so no newspaper is writing about it.

Yet someone caught driving with an alcohol content a tablespoon over the limit or some underage youths are drinking at a party and they get their name in the Banner.

Its all in who you know..
2:23 pm edt 

Seamen's Bank

The alleged embezzler who was at Seamen's bank is gone. Will an arrest be made? Who knows. Perhaps the alleged embezzler is                                               Look at the woman who pushed a state trooper at Logan Airport. She was rich and well connected and nothing happened to her.

If you or I did that, we'd be in the slammer.
2:22 pm edt 

Barry Scott is Hardly a Qualified Spokesman For Hate

His only qualification is to become the spokesperson for the biggest convicted loser, because he has lost at every corner of his prolonged legal battle. While he thinks spinning oldies and crying about being a victim gives him credibility, no one takes him seriously. Why should they?

Barry was convicted of disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and inciting a riot;. He is hardly qualified to talk about anything except his tireless belief in entitlement.

Barry, you've got one more notch on your belt: convicted!

Now who's listening?
2:19 pm edt 

Oooooo, You Must be a Biologist
"the slime on the under-belly of a slug." Wow, that is quite pointed but you do have a good point. There is an air and a sense of entitlement by some here in Provincetown. It is as if this town should give to them--give money, salaries, unemployment benefits and affordable housing. I too find it rather strange and questionable. You just found the biologist's term to describe such behavior.
12:02 am edt 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No, I am Not Candy but I Applaud Her

She is the one who did step forward. The guys at Far Land may have tried to find a way out but it was a mess of their own doing. They should never have instigated these problems in the first place. Capitalism can be brutal but undercutting and destroying the competition should not be the hall makr of good businessmen.

Candace acted. Where others were unsure or afraid or tentatative, she was not. I applaud her for that and am so glad the Farmers' Market is back.
11:56 pm edt 

School Committee
Can someone please tell me the name of the woman on the school committee that NEVER shuts up nor lets anyone get a word in edgewise? Do we have a committee or do we have a one person tirade?
11:35 pm edt 

Dear I'm Nibbling in Every Port:

Been there, done that. I've lived here for over 30 years and have at times needed assistance. Was never proud of it though, as you seem to be. I couldn't wait to get off unemployment. It, and you, make me sick to my stomach. You are what is fundamentally wrong with the "system". I'm sure your parents are so proud to have raised such a low life. No my post wasn't "bogus", just reality, something you ought to try. I know how the system works. Your unemployment will run out and then you will have to work a few quarters of the year to requalify for your benefits. I pity the people that hire you as you will be the kind of employee that does as little as possible and complains about it every second of the day. Blood sucking leaches like you are lower than the bacteria that grows on the slim of a slugs belly. So why don't you leave town for your next port of call, and maybe, just maybe, come back when you grow up and can be a person who can contribute to society in a positive way. Enjoy your second class life while you can, you're a real gem.

The Ogre
11:35 pm edt 

Candace Saves The Farmer's Market?

The boys at Farland (remember them, you wanted to boycott) found the loophole in the zoning regs which allowed the FM to align themselves with a non-profit and thereby re-open while awaiting zoning approval.

The dog park and tenacious Candace got in first before other just as worthy causes such as Swim for Life and Friends of the COA.  She didn't do anything except jump on the 501C3 bandwagon to raise her awareness.

I wouldn't be surprised if she's posting her own kudo's on here.
11:32 pm edt 

Farmers' Market Opens to Crowds
so leads the Banner article. And it seems people were thrilled with the final appearance of the Farmers' Market. I hope the selectmen don't take credit for making this hapen since if it had been up them, nothing would have happened until after July 4th. By then, Andy would have gone elsewhere.

The selectmen should have found a way to keep the market open while working on permits. But it took Candace Nagle to come forward and use the non-profit rule. Why didn't even one of the selectmen think of this before they abruptly closed down the market for six weeks?

So please take no credit unless your Candace Nagle. And yes, the selectmen did move faster then they ever do--but ask them how many e-mails were in their mailboxes. Ask the town manager. Ask anyone involved with permits and ask anyone on this blog. They were shocked at the response which for them was quite unexpected. Wrong again, my dear friends. Wrong indeed!
9:09 pm edt 

Seamen's bank

what nothing more about seamans bank.
9:07 pm edt 

Cold and Mean

"People will come to P'town regardless of whatever happens in this Town because someone else's misfortune doesn't make it theirs."

That is what is wrong with this town. Cold and mean.
9:06 pm edt 

Barry Scott Again?

Give it a rest, Barry. Man, what a crock. A woman gets bashed into a window and Barry Scott still calls it Police Brutality?  

Please get a life. Please get some help. Please move away and get thyself to the most senior, hard-case specialist so he give you some help.

I will light some candles for you and hope that you will soon get a true grasp of reality. This poor man is living a loop that exists in his own mind and is his own creation.

What a Pity! This is the most pitiful posting I've read since last summer. May he find help and solace and, hopefully, live an authentic life--not an imagined one of complete "victim hood".
9:01 pm edt 

Dear Ogre:
You made my day. Taking food stamps to the farmer's market. First of all--there are no long "Food Stamps". We are given a card like a credit card and we use that to buy food. Every month, money is added onto that card. It isn't like the old days where we had to get our "coupon book" and everyone could see what we were doing.

It is much easier. Same with unemployment. My unemployment check is automatically deposited so I can be in Costa Rica or on the Keys or on a cruise to the Bahamas and dial up and "dial for dollars". (Opps..silly me..I gave away a secret he-he)!!!

You don't know how the system works--so I know that that was a bogus posting. You obviously have no idea how to work the system and live free and easy.

I didn't create the system--I just take COMPLETE advantage of have no idea what really goes on in this town.  

I could write a book--and I will once I relocate to San Diego with my section 8 housing certificate. (I can live anywhere in the US, HAWAII, etc. with my section 8 certificate) The world is my oyster and I'm nibbling at every port!!
8:59 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market No Big Thing

I too went to the Farmer's Market and I did buy some things. Wonderful Basil plants at a good price and some really nice aged balsamic vinegar that you can't get anywhere in town. Also, the people I saw there were buying up a storm. Local farm fresh produce is awesome. Nothing against Angel Foods or Far Land but do they take "food stamps"? And nothing against Stop and Shop either, but the produce is shipped from Floida and California at this time of year and Chile in the winter which is when it is summer down there. Give me local and fresh anytime. So take your food stamps to S&S and buy (be given) your food there and take it home to your Ted Malone housing and I'll be sure to pay extra in my taxes to subsidize your housing and food shopping. By the way, if you are smart enough to work the system for food stamps, you're certainly capable of saying "Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order".

The Ogre
7:11 pm edt 

Re: Memorial Day Weekend

It's a shame that when another incident happens in P'town that some troublemaker brings up the Barry Scott situation again when the two were unrelated and the latest was not as a result of someone who thought they were above all others. Plus this time I believe there were honest witnesses.

As for the crowds, it was wall to wall when ever I went downtown. I think the previous blogger was hoping to see less and as a reult convinced thy-self that there was. People will come to P'town regardless of whatever happens in this Town because someone else's misfortune doesn't make it theirs.
7:09 pm edt 

Given that the Farmer's Market Were Told It Was Cancelled for Six Weeks:

You could not expect everything they had in the apst. It was scratched and they were not to be in town until after the Fourth of July. Now that they are welcomed, expect even more delicious produce from these terrific guys.

So glad they are back. so pleased to see fresh, local produce on Ryder Street. It's a delight and I look forward to every Saturday for more delectable produce.
7:08 pm edt 

Mem Day Weekend Crowds?

How can you say crowds were down?  On Saturday, the Boatslip broke a record of over 2500 people attending tea dance, and it was a beautiful beach day.  On Sunday, all the overflow private lots on Shank Painter were full.  What town were you in that you thought traffic was down?
7:05 pm edt 

Memorial Day Weekend

I found crowds to be down. Three days later, I still see the hate crime/beating on Channel 7 today and it was in the Globe and Herald. They even had the DJ (Barry Scott) who was beaten by our cops talking about how hate has been building here for years.

Unfortunately, it does add up. I know people who aren't coming this summer because of these beatings. I wish our town had just admitted they made a mistake when Scott was beaten and then we wouldn't be on defensive again. He's a damn good speaker.

Hoping for the best this summer, preparing for the worst.
5:17 pm edt 

Graffiti Wall

Talk about a waste of taxpayer money. The Recreation Dept. buying spray paint at the hardware store so the kids can practice graffiti. It happened today.
This is just the latest ridiculous idea to come down the pike.

Put a couple of those kids in jail and the graffiti problem will stop.
5:15 pm edt 

Farmer's Market No Big Thing!

I went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and was not impressed.  I didn't buy anything and am guessing most didn't.  We can find the same quality in our local businesses.  Give me Angel Foods or Farlands any day and I can take my food stamps to Stop & Shop.
5:14 pm edt 

Hell Yes There are Special Interest

If you are a poor working guy like and you try to build a deck in the back yard attached to the house you have to fill out forms and make 6or so copies of each page, get my teeny tiny yard that has been here over a hundred years surveyed and then have the building inspector here a couple of times etc.

All of this for a deck for me and my spouse to use. It is 5ft off the ground, we could jump off of it in case of an emergency.

However, if you are a special interest developer, you can build a housing development, and by-pass the zoning regulations that every other builder has to adhere to and then you can go and build a road and even leave the telephone pole right in the middle of it and the town doesn't say boo.

Hell yes there are special interests in the town who get special treatment--and it is there for everyone to see.
5:13 pm edt 

Take Notice!

Look at Pilgrim Heights Rd, Creek Rd, Creek Round Hill Rd, Telegraph Hill; Thistlemore Rd.....and then look at Old Ann Page Way--What is different about one of these roads?

Does the road to the Dog Park have a telephone pole stuck in the middle of it? Does the road to the dump? NO!

Now which road that has a telephone pole stuck right smack in the middle of it is the entry way to a low income housing project?

Look out 90 Shank Painter Rd! Look out 40-B housing near Nelson Avenue! Whats going to be in the middle of your road?
5:10 pm edt 

Third Class Citizens

Look at the current attitude: its just the projects, so cram in the housing. Its just the projects, so leave a telephone pole in the middle of the road and let them live with it; they should be happy to have a place to live and quit their complaining.

I bet there wouldn't be a telephone pole left in the middle of the road leading up the to the fancy homes of Telegraph Hill.

You put up a fence or try to change a window and the wrath of the town descends upon you--but let a developer leave a telephone pole in the road--and they roll out the red carpet and give him $800,000 for his next "affordable housing project".

WARNING: Look out for your safety--no one else will--and don't let them get away with treating you like third class citizens. 
5:09 pm edt 

The Projects

We can't do anything about the past or retrieve the money; but we have learned a lesson and we must be vigilant.  The error in designating a section of town as a low-income housing project will taint the people who live there.

What happens when kids who are friends have a falling out--they start picking on each other; they gang up on one of them, start making derogatory remarks.

At least I don't live in the projects etc. etc.

I moved to a section of town and when I told people where I lived,they said oh, "down by the projects". And I kept wondering, "What projects"?

Well, a mile away was a beautiful set of well groomed apartments which I later discovered was the "Projects". It is too bad some serious planning didn't go into these developments.
5:07 pm edt 

We Must Work On Behalf of the True Majority

As long as the majority of the taxpayers in Provincetown avoid town meeting, the folks who regard Town Meeting as another Christmas morning where they get everything they wish for will prevail.

Yes we have a great deal of affordable housing already. There is no need to give anymore CPA money to developers.
Now we must concentrate on doing what benefits all of the citizens of Provincetown--not just the special interests.
5:05 pm edt 

Well Put

You speak eloquently about what happened at town meeting and how the affordabel housing complex stiffled discussion and controlled the meeting. You address the many problems that happen and that now continue to reverberate.

the past does not simply disappear. It remains and we remember the undemocractic actions dominating Town Meeting. Rabinowitz did not do herself or her vested interest (a la Michelle Couture--oh, sorry eliminate one "l" which the French would insist on)well in this co-ordinate charade. I felt I was watching a play with bad acting. But it was a play where many of us lost and we will pay for years on end for Ted Malone to have $800,000 in his big, fat pockets.

Who in their right minds would have ever done what we did? Like we drank the Kool Aid and loved the taste. Tragic in our own way but not without tainting Ted Malone's reputation.
5:03 pm edt 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Again, Candace, Thanks
Glad you came forward and made certain the Farmers' Market would happen. Without you, the Selectmen would still be debating the debate and a meeting would be held in mid-June and nothing much would have happened. But you made it happen. Bravo. Thanks for the taste of sweet tamatoes, fresh lettuce and other delicious local produce.
10:24 pm edt 

Re: Tell Barbra She is Needed Up Cape

Curious spelling. Is Streisand lurking about?  I mean, as far as I know she's the only one who spells her name with only 2 "A's".  Someone fire up the piano!
10:23 pm edt 

Question on "Call the Question"
In my experience of attending state and national education association meetings where there are 500 to 10,000 delegates in attendance the person calling the question was and is only recognized once they get to the microphone in the order they stepped up to the microphone. It is never recognized by just someone screaming it out from the whole body.
10:22 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Industrial Complex
I'm sorry, but I don't know the correct procedure for the Robert Rules of Order. I only know that intelligent, dedicated citizens who are selectmen and who put their time and energy into being on committees were refused any chance to speak at town meeting.

Mr. Ted Malone's cheer leading squad gave Community Housing Resources a permanent black eye and eroded his standing in the community by refusing to allow concerned, dedicated, thoughtful people the right to speak.

You may rant and rave all you wish about getting ten signatures etc. etc. until you are blue in the face, but we were so shocked by the proceedings and by the "Move-the question-cheer-leading-squad" that we didn't have time to think in a political manner on how to proceed.

It was reprehensible and showed the greed and avarice of this group of people. So what if you had all of the votes ahead of time; you still stifled any conversation.
Shame on you--it is on your heads that the most infamous shutting down of town meeting in history is the result of the actions of  affordable Housing Industrial complex.  
10:20 pm edt 

So....How Did We Do?

Any solid numbers in for this weekends crowds? The streets seemed busy, just wondering how well all of the businesses in town did... Hopefully they did well and it bodes favorably for the season!

10:13 pm edt 


The following is taken from this web site:

"Qestion 11:
Must debate on a motion stop immediately as soon as any member calls the question?

It is a fairly common misconception that, after debate has continued for some time, if any member shouts out "Question!" or "I call the question!", debate must immediately cease and the chair must put the pending question to a vote. This is simply not the case. Any member who wishes to force an end to debate must first obtain the floor by being duly recognized to speak by the chair, and must then move the Previous Question. Such a motion must be seconded, and then adopted by a two-thirds vote, or by unanimous consent. It is not in order to interrupt a speaker with cries of "Question" or "Call the Question," and even if no one is speaking, it is still necessary to seek recognition. [RONR (10th ed.), p. 193-94; see also p 35-37 of RONR In Brief.]"

It is not clear to me if this means someone on the floor can be recognized only if they come to the microphone to be recognized as is the case with those wishing to speak on the question.  Anyone out there know the proper form of recognition?

Daily Reader
7:24 pm edt 

The Narrowness of Their World

We have no sixth grade class--thus next year no 7th grad class. You can count on one hand the number of students in one class.

Parents I know are sending this children to Nauset ASAP.

What kind of life is it spending your teenage years with a handfull of the same students in your class? year after year after year?
2:31 pm edt 

Outrageous Mismanagement of Town Meeting

How dare you try to justify the despicable display at Town Meeting. The Provincetown Banner as well as separate article in the newspaper railed against that infamous meeting.

Try to create your own spin about it--but we folks who were there saw that it was taken over by the special interests. Shame, Shame,Shame
2:29 pm edt 

Declining School Population

The student population of Provincetown has been declining for over ten years. If you think that these children will still be here to graduate--you are fooling yourselves.

What year round jobs will the parents get to support a child until he or she is 18 years old?
11:37 am edt 

Small Scaled Affordable Housing in Renovated Houses
Would have been fitting for this town. But instead we supported high-density closets that should never have been built. We did not need urban structures in a small town. And CPA monies encourage small-scale affordable housing and the re-use of existing town structures for affordable housing.

However our CPC did not come to be with this ideal. They were shaped or convinced of another paradigm that ended up financially supporting mega projects truly inappropriate for Provincetown.
11:35 am edt 

Regionalization Best For Our Children

I agree... with the best interest of the students in mind we must regionalize no matter the cost. These young people deserve the best. Let's spend the money and send them to a vibrant, socially interactive school district.
11:34 am edt 

Revoke the CPA Surcharge?

By Petition, an article is on the Westport Town Warrant for the May 26th Town Meeting to have the Community Preservation Act surcharge revoked.

It was understood that after five years it would expire and the surcharge would just go away, when in fact the surcharge will remain on the real estate bills until it is revoked --in the same manner it was accepted--first by a vote at town meeting and then again at the ballot box at a town election.

Initially they received 100% matching funding from the state for years--but that is no longer the case and this year the matching funds are expected to be 29%.

Something else to look into regarding Provincetown and our percentage of matching funds. Perhaps we should consider having our CPA surcharge revoked.
11:33 am edt 

40 Students ?

Are you nuts - there are 24 in preschool - where do you get your stupid information from.   You just want no kids in your little town
7:08 am edt 

I Agree

Yes, Mr. Affordable Housing Industrial Complex Malone did get unbelievable $800,000 from our tax money. It is prodoundly ridiculous adn it did happen. But---Ted malone's reputation is besmirched. He was and is revealed for what he is: a money-grumping, seeeelf-serving capitalist. He is focused on his interest and cares little for the town. Malone has given little to any major instituuion, to any of us. Malone is a taker and his repuation will remain to haunt him and all of us.

Malone is not a friend of Provincetown but a greedy, self-centered man who has fillet the town. When yo pay your taces, remember that $150 is what you are giving to Ted Malone. Sne dhim the check directly for he has put his big fat hands into our pockets and slid out our money.
7:07 am edt 

Re: Re: I'm Gunna Say This ONE MORE TIME

You are correct that by "Robert's Rules of Order", if you get the required signatures in the required time, you have to speak as to why the article should be revisited. But, if the article is then allowed to be brought to the floor again you may speak on the merits, or lack there of, of said article. However, my point was that I'm am tired of hearing people complain about "Call the Question" at Town Meeting like they then have no recourse and feel they have been disenfranchized. Regardless of how you feel about the articles in question, it is obvious from the outcome of the votes on those articles that the voters got what they wanted. If you/they don't like the outcome I would suggest you/they get involved in the process and try for a different outcome at a future TM and stop blaming it on people Calling the Question.
7:04 am edt 

Of Course We Need Affordable Housing

Ted Malone has been building it for years--without taking our CPA money.

We need this money for the renovation of Town Properties.


It galls me how ignorant some people are regarding affordable housing development. WE NEED AFFORDABLE HOUSING..but it shouldn't be built on the backs of the taxpayers.
7:02 am edt 

Will Somebody Please Tell Barbra She is Needed Up Cape

"Brewster Christmas Tree" to be chopped down Selectmen choose pavement over piety

The town will have to find a new tree to hang its Christmas lights on this year. The tall spruce at the intersection of Stony Brook and Setucket roads is slated to be chopped down as part of an extensive remodeling of the Stony Brook Mill site. (Photo is from Christma 2008.)

Selectmen spared the 70-foot, 60-year-old white spruce from the ax last year, when the topic came up, but extensive studies by Russell Kleekamp of Stearns and Wheeler environmental engineers of Hyannis determined there was no viable alternative.

Monday night at a public hearing selectmen approved, by a 5-0 vote, a plan that would replace the tree, add parking and straighten the intersection... The Cape Codder."
7:00 am edt 

Limiting the Democratic Process
If anyone believes that our last Town Meeting was a beacon of Democracy with people being silenced with the refrain to "Move The Question", then it is indeed a sad day for all of us.

People had some valid points to make: other sources of money were available; we need this money for renovations; etc. etc. It is very sad to me that people are defending such behavior.

I feel that if anyone wanted to "Move the Question", then that person should have been made to stand up, give their name, and state that they want to Move the Question.

Yelling it out anonymously and then have it be accepted by the moderator was very poor indeed. Shame on you if you think otherwise.
6:57 am edt 

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Right to Vote Up or Down

Even if ted Malone got every cent of CPA funds, it had to be voted in at town meeting, and if you feel that he got it because he had all of his friends and tenants to vote at said town meeting, -well- tuff cookies! Thats how things work. If voters don't want to hear what you have to say, that is their right to move the question. And you and every voter at that meeting has every right to vote for it or against it!
6:37 pm edt 

Yes to Bankruptcy

Seems like that is your position and motto. Yes to everything. Perhaps because you and so many others got off the bus and registered to vote, but don't [pay]a penny towards supporting these projects.

In time, this town will go bankrupt if it doesn't stop saying yes to every crazy idea that someone or some town official wants.

It's a childish platform of gimme, gimme, gimme. If you have the money, then buy it. If you don't, then say no.
6:35 pm edt 

Memorial Day Ceremony

What a great and moving ceremony for Memorial Day. It was the best... very moving. Thanks to everyone.
6:31 pm edt 

Re: "I'm Gunna Say This ONE MORE TIME! "

You don't have it quite right. You are correct that 10 voters can petition the moderator with a motion to "re-consider".It must be done within 30 minutes of the original vote. The part you are wrong on is being able to speak your piece. You may ONLY speak on why you think Town Meeting should re-consider a question.I.E..there were many speakers waiting,you believe that false information was given etc. You may NOT speak on the merits of the question itself.If you do you will be gaveled into silence
6:30 pm edt 

We Can't Afford Our Wish List

Of course we want a year round community; but the Dept. of Revenue is dictating that the cost of the school with a student body that has declined to just forty some students just isn't tenable and is an incredible burden to the taxpayers.

We want our students educated in a dynamic setting within a society of students. We must regionalize for the sake of the students--even if it does cost us more money.  

The children here are pigeon-holed. Some are bullied. Any noticeable difference is preyed upon. It is just not a healthy environment for our students now.

Yes we need a new Police station. We need to be judicious with how we spend our tax dollars. This isn't being done. The town needs a wake up call that we can't fund everything--even though we wish we could.

People will have to lose jobs--that is all that there is to it. We can't afford all of the workers in this town. Furloughs or layoffs.
6:29 pm edt 

Re: CPA Funds and Affordable Housing

CPA funds for affordable housing can not be put in reserve for historic renovations. Only historic CPA funds can go towards restoration projects. The CPA funds that went to Mr Malone were already in reserve for affordable housing projects! The almost one million dollars that we voted for Mr Malone is a small price to pay a developer to build much needed affordable rentals in a town of very high priced rentals. ALL of the towns affordable units are and have been rented/sold. And the waiting list for more units grows larger as real estate on the outer cape rises. Affordable housing does not mean LOW income it means a livable income for the area.
6:27 pm edt 

We Need More Taxpayers to Go to Town Meeting....

....if not, the tax and spend renters will dictate what the taxpayers will be forced to fund.
6:25 pm edt 

The Signs of the Times

What will the year round community look like in a few years? The town has been losing schools every few decades. We are down to 40 some students, no sixth grade..and thus no seventh grade next year. We have no choice but to regionalize.

In a few years will Provincetown in the winter be a community made up of formerly homeless people and others on assistance subsidized by the working taxpayers? Will even more places be closed in the winter as the winter economy shrinks?

I remember when The General Store was open and we workers got great meat loaf sandwiches etc. Now they are closed in the Winter along with the Lobster Pot ect.
6:23 pm edt 

Proof Positive

I vote for the future of the town, and I believe that the only way for the town to survive is for more affordable housing to be built and protected from the high costs of living in a greedy housing area! I don't care if we fill these homes with people who live here now, or people who want to move here. The thing that is important is that we will give the people who want to live here year round, the chance to keep a community in place. I don't care if they live on a shoe string or if they have a trust fund. I just don't want the town to become a ghost town after labor day. The reason we give a developer the right and millions to build affordable units is for keeping that mix in town! And if the people who live in these units can do so year round, then our tax dollars are well spent. Even a town with out many jobs in the winter can still survive with affordable rentals. That's a fact that has been proven though out the country and world.
6:21 pm edt 

Nobody's Rights Have Ever Been Denied at a Provincetown Town Meeting

Tax payers who rant and rave on this blog have no power over how voters vote at town meeting! Only voters who go   to town meeting get the right to change things! If your mad at how things went at past town meetings, all you have to do is get an article on the warrant, and if the voters like it they will move the question and vote for it or against it! Then if you feel you didn't get a chance to voice your opinion, all you have to do is get 10 voters signatures and give it to the moderator within an hours time to bring it back. But if the voters do not want to revisit that question, that is just how it is.  Nobody's rights have EVER been denied at a Provincetown town meeting. Face it you lost that fight.
6:20 pm edt 

When Will You Get it ?

This is a community and will be one long after you are gone.   Yes to affordable housing, yes to a new police station, yes to schools, yes to town hall.   I think that town meeting was pretty clear - yes to a year round community.
9:55 am edt 

What I Was Denied Saying:

Madame moderator, I wish to make an amendment to this article. Under the protocols of the Community Preservation act, 10% of the money is to go towards affordable housing and 70% where needed, thus I propose an amendment where by we give Mr. Ted Malone of Community Development Resources $80,000 and that we put $720,000 in reserve for the preservation and renovation of our Historical Properties rather than have this $720,000 come out of the taxpayers pockets.

Unfortunately, I was denied the chance to say this at town meeting because someone yelled "Move the Question".
9:54 am edt 

Re: Revisit Our Charter

Can we change the Charter to tighten up 'inconsistencies'
at town meeting that is more democratic and fair?
9:53 am edt 

The Free Expression of Ideas and Opinions

This is a place to come to read what is on people's minds. I've been in stores and overheard people say,"It is on the blog", regarding alcohol intake and the fire truck crash and later Seamen's bank.

Everyone from high school students to people in government read this from time to time. Look at the postings here about the farmer's market.

Lots of folks read and don't post. Sometimes one may read something on here that gives them a different take on an issue or idea. There is lots of information here...and one can be told where to find information too.

If people vote contrary to what is written here, fine. At least it doesn't stifle discussion in its tracks.
9:52 am edt 

Affordable Housing Rentals

The way you rant and rave on here endlessly about affordable rentals and your big inflating tax bill , if we get the chance to let a developer build even more homes,  I for one will always vote for more affordable rentals!
9:50 am edt 

Affordable Housing Application

Anyone who applies for, and gets affordable housing goes through many requirements to get said housing. And if you know some of the people who you think should live in these homes tell them that they have to apply and get on the waiting list. Nobody is going to force them, they must take the first step.

9:48 am edt 

Re: Town Meeting Vote

If town meeting was wrong in its voting of moving the question before you wanted to speak, how come the attorney general of Massachusetts has not required the town moderator to revisit our votes??? Your just a very bitter poor loser! The town wants its CPA funding to go where the voters want it, and certainly not in the way you personally want the tax to go. This discussion has gotten old!
9:47 am edt 

Re: Ted Malone

Oh please. get off the ted malone wagon. how do you all find the time to uncover his personal wealth, the conditions of his buildings, the people who live in affordable housing, etc.? get some facts or get off your high horse. we, as a community, voted for it no matter what you think about town meeting or the elections. who was it that said that best thing about banging your head against the wall is realizing how good it feels when you stop? so stop banging already. the noise is deafening. and you're abviously hurting your brain.
9:45 am edt 

Re: Stop & Shop

I don't know if anyone responded to the stop and shop
comment but i really feel that stop and stop is something
that us townies should enjoy. If they don't have what you
want you ask they to order it for you i have worked in the
stop and shop in Orleans and i have had some people come in and ask for something that they didn't find and they
ordered it for them on the next shipment. They really try
there hardest to help i just look it at this anything is
better then the GU right? and with the produce if u have a
problem with how they do that then complain to them not on a blog. i really find stop and shop to a godsend for the
fact that i felt like i got a Std when ever i walked in to the GU.
9:44 am edt 

Old Buildings, New Names
The highschool should be changed to Town Hall. Tear down the old Gouviea bld. and merge the DPW/water offices into the school, sell the Gouviea bld. land and use the generated revenues to fund a new police station on the same site it's on. Then what to do with Town Hall????
9:42 am edt 

I'm Gunna Say This ONE MORE TIME!

If an article at town meeting is moved to question and you don't like the outcome of the vote, you have the right in a certain allottment of time, to gather, I believe, 10 signatures and revisit the question. Then you may stand at the mike and speak your piece. Do you get it NOW???
9:41 am edt 

Re: "Stop Whining"?

We could NOT make any amendments to give Mr. Ted Malone a lesser amount. Of course we couldn't change the vote with all of his renters there filling up the seats--but we could try to stop him from taking more of the taxpayers money.

What a shame that this group of people has stooped to such depths. I'm not whining--I'm saddened that the democratic process was sabotaged by this group of affordable housing advocates.
9:39 am edt 

Enemies For Expressing Our Rights?

It is not whining to express outrage at being forbidden to rise up at town meeting to speak to OFFERING an amendment to give Mr. Ted Malone $250,000 instead of $800,000.

We were not allowed to make any amendments because of an anonymous yell of, "MOVE THE QUESTION".

We are now faced with additional taxes so a Private Citizen can continue creating housing developments the length and breadth of Provincetown using money that should have gone to benefit all of the taxpayers of Provincetown by reducing our renovation debt.

I'm not against affordable housing--but their Goon Tactics are reprehensible. Since when are the taxpayers the ENEMY?

Please tell me where this is fair and democratic. My rights were violated at town meeting. It was the **Most High Handed Town Meeting** I've ever encountered in my entire life here in Provincetown.
9:38 am edt 

Re: Misuse of CPA Funds

I did some investigating regarding the creation of the community preservation act and it is true that the three designations: affordable housing, historical preservation, and the preservation of open land were held in equal esteem. 10% of the money was to go to each with 70% going where most needed.

However, when the CPA was voted on at town meeting, the designation was changed so that 80% automatically went to affordable housing.

Now do you see where the designation of the Affordable Housing Industrial complex originated? Who were the people in important positions at the time? Elaine Anderson was chair of a committee; Ms. Pam Parmakian who worked (as she does now) for Ted Malone, and Ms. Michele Coutour.

What right did they have to change this designation? Where was the transparency to explain that open land would allow money to build and MAINTAIN parks and new playgrounds?

What about money being put in reserve for future town projects dealing with Historical buildings or preserving artifacts?

Lets deal in facts. Let everyone see that the taxpayers are forced to pay more out of their pocket because a private developer received a greater percentage of money that should have been put in reserve for future Historical Preservation.

You can bully people who are upset about this fact all you want--but it doesn't change the facts that the taxpayers were short changed in giving $800,000 to a private developer when he should have received less and more should have been put in reserve for the library and Town Hall.

THIS IS THE TRUTH: No one was allowed to make an amendment from the floor to give Mr. Ted Malone less than $800,000. Denigrate people all you want but you have this black mark across your cause because of your high handed tactics and it is correct that this be advertised and made public to every citizen of Provincetown.
9:18 am edt 

They Don't Pay Taxes

We need to pay taxes for the safety of our citizens and the smooth running of our town and for the services which we all enjoy as a community. We all gladly pay for these because we all benefit.

It is beyond me why taxpayers would allow almost a million dollars to go to a private developer to build yet another of his many housing projects knowing that in doing so the taxpayers will have to pay out of their pockets for the renovation of town buildings.

Why would taxpayers vote to add to their own tax burden when a builder has ample sources of revenue to which he may apply? We pay taxes to support our school, our police, our infrastructure; why should we give money to a private developer?  

I can only assume that the people who voted to give $800,000 to a developer don't pay taxes and will always vote to raise taxes because they know that they will eventually be living in subsidized housing.
12:42 am edt 

Blowing the Whistle

We shall see when the affordable housing units are built who will be getting them. I think that we need first responders and town workers to be in them first.

Women with dependent children, the elderly, people on assistance. Homeless men, people with disabilities etc. will have to get them.

If any more strong, able bodied, vibrant folks riding around in their big trucks get them--some one better blow the whistle.
12:40 am edt 

Connect the Dots

"Yes, we were silenced on the floor of Town Meeting and he received his money--but now we are free to express our thoughts on the subject. And speak we shall."

You were silenced and that's unfortunate, but face reality, except for on this blog there really aren't that many of you.  If you read this blog you would assume most in town feel a certain way, but isn't it telling when almost every town-wide vote goes against the majority of postings on this blog?  Connect the dots.
12:38 am edt 

Misuse of CPA Funds

A small portion of the town was at town meeting. People showed up who wanted to give Ted Malone all of the money that he wanted.

It was wrong of the CPA committee to give it to him and wrong of him to get it at the expense of the taxpayers.

Just because a travesty of justice was done doesn't mean that we have to accept it. We can and will express our disapproval.

The taxpayers are affected by paying more out of their pockets for the renovations in Provincetown that benefit all of the residents.

Every time you defend the actions at town meeting two postings will show up that Town Meeting was wrong to do so.
I wish that the people who had Pay Taxes were the ones who were able to vote.
12:36 am edt 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Re: Rich Developer

In response to an earlier posting. Yes we want affordable housing in this town, but the taxpayers don't want to be forced to give money to a rich developer when that money needs to be put towards renovating Town Hall.

That money could be put in reserve for Phase Two. The CPA funds are not the personal account of Affordable housing-but that is what it has turned into and as a taxpayer I resent it.

I must pay more out of my pocket for these renovations because the CPA committee gave the money to a Rich Developer instead of easing the burden on the Taxpayers.

If I lived in a mansion and was rich I would still feel the same-but I feel Every-single-penny-that-I-pay-in-taxes and I don't want to be paying extra and in return make my family do without. This is the bottom line--we taxpayers got the shaft.

And at town meeting no one got a chance to express their opinion--our money but no voice on our part.
5:12 pm edt 

Move the Question:

Seems like it would be a good question for the Attorney General. It is all there on video. She has to approve every article before it becomes legal. So either do it or stop whining.
5:10 pm edt 

Ted Malone

Keep in mind that some of the already existing housing is still open due to high prices.  Plus- Ted should not have been asked back by the town, he did us all wrong.  Have you seen the crapy buildings he built the last time.  There filled with mold and falling apart.  The were pre-fab "modular" and crap!!  We could at least hire someone decent.  I hope he uses local builders and subs for it all keeping it "local". In my opionion he is a joke and so are the buildings he did.  He could have at least done a decent job for us, but honestly I don't think he cares.
5:09 pm edt 

Re: New Police Station

We need a new Police station situated close to a main road and the highway. We can't compound our mistake of taking another building and trying to refashion it into Police Headquarters.

It is one thing to take a Captains house and turn it into a restaurant; it is another thing to create a safe and secure Police Headquarters.
5:07 pm edt 

Re: Rich Developer

A rich developer who has been developing housing developments all around town for over ten years sees a chance to get money from the taxpayers to fund one of his projects--why shouldn't he go after the money?

Just because there are taxpayer funded projects that could use the money as well doesn't mean that it should go to these  projects; the more of this money the developer gets--the more debt the taxpayers go into to complete these Town projects used by all of the citizens.

His project is for future citizens.

He is a private person so he should be able to get the money for his own development because there are so many of us taxpayers who can pay for these town projects. All we have to do is raise our taxes.
5:06 pm edt 

New Police Station

Who in thier right mind would even think about putting a police station on a one way, on a hill, heading out of the town? The shool buildings would not be a good location.
5:03 pm edt 

Tired of the Move the Question Rant

I'm so tired of listening to those of you who feel they were mistreated at Town Meeting by those who called the questions.  The problem with your argument is that you assume your speaking during the meeting would have the effect of changing some minds.  History in this town has shown that people who go to town meeting already have made their decisions.  Even if everyone were allowed to speak, chances are slim the vote would have gone a different way.

You give yourself way too much power in thinking that your speaking eloquence would have changed people's minds.  And you arrogantly assume the average voter is misinformed until you correct them.  Folks had the information.  They made their decisions and they moved the questions.  

Town Meeting, though not perfect, did work whether the result was what you wanted or not.
5:01 pm edt 

Re: Rich Developer

"As long as the developer builds the affordable housing for the town that voted repeatedly for it, being rich has nothing to do with it."
This is the point. He is rich and he took money from the taxpayers that could have gone to renovate Town Hall and the library.

It is costing millions to do these jobs and every bit helps. He took money from these projects to fund his own personal project. Please reader deeper and comprehend the facts.
4:59 pm edt 

We Won You Lost

Not only did we the voters move the questions at town meeting, we still out voted you when the moderator asked the voters by a show of hands if we wanted more discussion or not! We voted you down! Thats the way it is! Get over it! We won, you lost!
4:57 pm edt 

Re: CPA Committee

Well if you want to be on the CPC just ask the selectmen what committee needs a CPA member and get on that committee! Plain & simple!
4:56 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

To build affordable housing you NEED to hire a developer! If a developer comes forth to build these homes and just happens to be rich. So what! A lot of people are rich! As long as the developer builds the affordable housing for the town that voted repeatedly for it, being rich has nothing to do with it. Get off your repeated soapbox and accept that affordable housing will be built. We need it!
11:29 am edt 

They Earned Our Enmity!

Yes, a developer received his $800,000 when the voters yelled "move the question" and no one else gets to speak.

Yes, we were silenced on the floor of Town Meeting and he received his money--but now we are free to express our thoughts on the subject. And speak we shall.

It was the most high handed behavior I've ever witnessed in my life; So you take our money and with it you take our enmity.

Bravo to the affordable housing developer and Community Housing Development for getting $800,000 of taxpayer's money. What a winner.

I wonder how many millions it is in total that has gone to developers under the name of affordable housing? Wasn't it 100% matching funds from the state when it first started?
11:23 am edt 

High School as New Police Station

It seems to be a common blog here that either someone or some ones seem to think when the High School closes it could be utilized as the new Police Station. First I want to mention that if there is any chance of the High School closing, it's not going to be any time soon. Plus I believe I was once told, the High School is not owned by the Town just funded.

Now for the reality check. The High School may have the space but the cost for that building and the modifications that would be needed inorder to convert it over would atleast be in the vicinity of what it would cost to build a new Police Station. The High School is far from a new building plus here we go again, let's put the Police in a used building and building that was built by the Pilgrims.

No one can deny the fact a new Police Station is not cheap and I think everyone financial concerns are legit but unfortunately like everything else is our lives when does anything go right when everything else is going wrong. Also, pleaase remember, many of you showed you're true colors when you voted for a new fire truck.
11:21 am edt 

CPA Committee

Members of the CPA committee are chosen from other committees. You can't just waltz in and be on the CPA committee.

It is just too bad that they are ignorant of all of the protocols of the Community preservation act.
11:19 am edt 

Only $800,000 to Ted Malone

I think that it is a real shame that Ted Malone received $800,000 at Town meeting. He should have received more than that and we Taxpayers should be happy to pay for renovations out of our pockets.

What where People thinking. Oh if only we could have voted to give him millions more--but from town floor we can only subtract from the $800,000--not add.

It is true, we could have made an amendment to the article from Town Hall floor to give him $200,000 and put the $600,000 in reserve for town hall or the library. What is $800,000 to we taxpayers?

I hope that there are more articles giving developers more millions of our taxpayer's money for more development--I'm tired to trees and open land for birds and other wild life when we can squeeze in dense housing for families.
11:17 am edt 

Re: Move the Question

Funny, I thought there was a group of people at town meeting who wanted to speak against CPA money going to Mr. Ted Malone. I guess that I'm wrong. Of course I didn't get a chance to speak at the town meeting because of,"move the question".
11:15 am edt 

Move the Question REALLY Meant Move the MONEY
Am I against affordable housing OF COURSE NOT. I have friends living in them and there are wonderful members of the community live in them. I totally endorse affordable housing being integrated into neighborhoods like other towns do.

Am I against giving our money to Rich developers to the detriment of citizen taxpayers-YES,YES,YES.

We citizens have to pay out of our pockets for renovations of town buildings because Affordable housing Developers took the money that would have covered a great deal of the cost of these renovations.

Affordable housing is putting this debt on our backs and I want everyone to always remember this because FIRST the CPA committee (with AJ on it who works for Mr. Malone) and then Town Meeting gave this money to Rich Developers rather than to these renovations.

With their call of Move the Question, Move the Question..they moved our money out of our pockets and put debt on our shoulders.

The Community Housing development folks and their "Sargents at Arms" still think that the creators of the Community Preservation act wanted 80% of the money to go to Affordable housing when the TRUTH is that they considered Historical Preservation, Open Land and Affordable Housing had equal value and weight.

Millions and millions of dollars have gone to developers in money or free land when a greater percentage should have gone to Historical. We gave them money--and the state matched it. Millions, millions, millions! Sandy Hill, Seashore point,90 Shank Painter Rd. Community Housing Developments recent $800,000--We gave up millions of dollars.

Remember two years ago when a citizen was shot down by Selectmen Coutour when this citizen wanted to change the percentages back to what the creators of the CPA instituted?  

Ms. Coutour said that we could NOT just do this without going to all of the meeting and all of the channels--jumping through a mile of red taped hoops--but the AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROPONENTS  changed it from 10% to 80% in the blink of an eye at town meeting 4 years ago.

They changed it the first year to give 80% to affordable housing and the developers struck it rich on the backs of the taxpayers and every other project suffered and now has to be funded by the taxpayers.

We taxpayers are carrying this load on our backs because Town Meeting kept choosing to take money out of the pockets of the taxpayers rather than the rich developers.

The clarion call "MOVE THE QUESTION", "MOVE THE QUESTION" at our shameful Town Meeting really means MOVE THE MONEY,MOVE THE MONEY..into the pockets of the developers.

What a blatant display of greed, greed, greed.
11:13 am edt 

CPC Are Terrorists?

It seems like this blog has its own dick cheney IE. somebody who lost an election but keeps on blabbing away on how his way is the better way. Like it or not, the town wants affordable housing no matter how many times you remind us that we gave your hard earned tax money to a developer and the town community preservation funds should only go to what you want them to go to! Next you'll be telling us that the CPC are terrorists and have weapons of mass destruction!
7:00 am edt 

Re: Community Preservation Committee and CPA Funds

If the bloger (who everyone knows by now!) would look at the big red sign in front of the library, said bloger would read that CPA funds have been used to restore the building! Also for this past town meeting the historical commission set forth even more funds for the restoration but the library board withdrew its request of CPA funds so that all the historic CPA monies would all go towards the town hall restoration! And if you don't like the way things are done by the CPC, all you have to do is give your name to the selectmen. They have been looking for more volunteers to put on the Community Preservation Committee that you have put down in many repeated blogs.
6:58 am edt 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

You Are A Nasty Little Snarky Snit

And you know who you are. How insulting you are that we are better off by some people not attending town meeting. Put some sugar on your tongue and that might help you know what sweetness is. At least theoretically!
10:15 pm edt 

We Could Have Used the Affordable Housing Monies By Requesting a Chanage to the State

But the CPC did not want this to happen. Here is a group where even the Historical Commission delegate was against using any more money for historical purposes! Here is a group controlled, dominated and lead by the nose of the Affordable housing complex. Remember that AJ is on this board and he is a long time employee of Ted Malone. Even Bill Dougall supported the affordable housing money going to Ted Malone. It's a strange group that does not value open land, historical but values above all else what Ted Malone wants to do to this town--rape it with our own money. And he has succeeded with his plants in key positions on town boards.
10:11 pm edt 

Committed to Local Businesses

Dont want to bring it up again, but went to the farmers market.   My opinion (for those that want it or not) is that it is way overpriced.  I bought a bread from the guy that is from Watertown.  $6.00 for a loaf of bread.   Was it good?  Yes.  Was it worth it?  No.  But everyone has a value of what something is worth or not.  To others, it might be worth it?  What I was disappointed about, was an individual in front of me was buying pastries from him, and she said that she was glad that they finally got all the permits and opened.   He went on to put down some local stores about the hardship they all complained about.  It was not a pretty sight.  I dont think I would go back.
Now, in the past, I have bought breads at the health store on Bradford street.  I felt it was better, and I dont recall the price, but I know it was also expensive.  I think I am going to keep my dollars to the locals now.   (Local isnt someone that his parents live on the cape, and his business is in Watertown)
I do hope all the stores in town had a wonderful weekend and sales were above expectation.  
10:08 pm edt 

Re: Library Rehab Funding

"Two years ago, why didn't 80% of CPA funds go towards historical to renovate the library?"

Because there was significant opposition to the Library moving into the white elephant Chrysler building.

The initial funding from Town Meeting were approved after the Librarian and the Library board of Trustees took the pledge that the balance of the money needed would be raised privately or through grants.

As for the 80& split for Affordable housing, that too was a compromise on the floor of Town Meeting to avoid a transfer tax. When is the last time you went to Town Meeting? Ever?
We are all probably better off that way.    
10:05 pm edt 

Re: Delmonte Ketchup

"RE:P.S. I happened to see Delmonte Ketchup so I bought it to find out why one person wanted it so much; I found it off cape by accident."
* ******************************************************************************

Ok this is the most interesting thing I've read on the blog in months. How was it? Where did you find it?

I've always preferred Hunts
10:02 pm edt 

Looks Great to Me!

At the risk of being told my parents should have used birth control, I for one think the new paint scheme on Town Hall looks great.
10:00 pm edt 

Re: CPA Fund Allocations

"The unfinished facade of our library is due to money going to developers of affordable housing. We, the taxpayers, suffer this prolonged renovation while the Community Housing Development folks prosper."
Correct me if I'm wrong and I'm sure you will.  My understanding is that when funds are allocated to the affordable housing fund from our taxes they may not be used for anything other than affordable housing.  When we voted the allocation of 80% to affordable housing that significantly increased the funds for affordable housing and those funds may ONLY be used for affordale housing.

Now that we have voted to change the allocation to 10% for affordable housing, the affordable housing fund will not increase as significantly.  But, the past monies allocated to affordable housing can't be changed and used for something else like restoring the library facade.

We the voters voted for the 80% to affordable housing in the past.  The Community Housing Development folks (and I'm not a big fan of theirs) are not to blame in this instance, we voted to spend that money on affordable housing.  Unfortunately we can't blame anyone, but the ourselves, the voters who voted for the initial allocation.  
9:59 pm edt 

Answer to: Need For a New Police Station

I agree with a previous blogger about we need to finish projects like Town Hall, etc before building a new Police Station. I think most will agree a new station is needed but the timing of it, is what the real CONCERN is.

However, allot of people ran thier mouths on this site giving the impression that phase 2 Town of Hall will not be appropriated at the Town Meeting by the voters because of the obvious reasons but it was. So I believe the majority of people now feel those who complained, etc, etc either did not show up at town mtg or tried their best to get others to do their dirty work.

Now when the people saw the opposite of what they read here happen, the thoughts now are amongst many "why not go for a new Police Station too". Also, because the Police always have to fight for the needs why not line up the ducks now and see if all the citizen concerns have the same affect as the citizen concerns did for things like Town Hall and the Fire Truck.
9:56 pm edt 

Welcome to the Farmers' Market

Welcome, welcome, welcome. It's great to have you in town today. Thanks Candace for coming up with a solution to support them until they can get the needed permits.

It's so nice to have you back!
9:53 pm edt 

If It's a Plumbing Problem, Bring in the Plumbers
Fix the problem. Spend money to make the police station work better. But to leap to a new building and a five million dollar solution for a fifteen thousand problem makes no fiscal sense.

Stop this wacky thinking, please.
9:52 pm edt 

New Police Station

We need to look at the overall bigger picture.  No doubt we need a new police station, but don't have the funds to build one.  Most likely the high [school]will be closing then we will have a very large unused building.  Hmmmmmm
9:51 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Interest

The unfinished facade of our library is due to money going to developers of affordable housing. We, the taxpayers, suffer this prolonged renovation while the Community Housing Development folks prosper.
8:01 am edt 

Special Interest

Two years ago, why didn't 80% of CPA funds go towards historical to renovate the library? Affordable housing has sucked the money away from taxpayer funded projects--now we have to pay for them out of our pocket.

Please change the name of "Town Meeting" to "Call the Question" on behalf of the special interests.
8:00 am edt 

Re: New Police Station

I think our police are excellent.They appear professional and friendly at the same time. I do not question their salaries. But, let's pay for town hall and finish the seemingly endless library facade before we committ to a new police station.
7:16 am edt 

Re: Rushed Town Meeting

YES, I was at that town meeting, which was nothing but a big farce. In all my years of living here, I have never seen anything like it. It was a waste of time to go, all they did was move the question. No-one had a CHANCE TO SPEAK. Yes we do need afordable housing, but we don't have to give someone our money. Taxes are high enough in this little town. That money should have gone towards town hall not Ted Malone. Whats wrong with our town goverment? To late to clean it up now.
7:13 am edt 

Re: New Police Station

Have you looked into what the teachers make? What does this have to do with maintaining the school? What does what a police officer make have to do with having an adequate Police headquarters?

What happens, heaven forbid, if a catastrophe strikes? We need a police headquarters that is operational and not disabled.

Look at the situation without your bias and prejudices.
7:12 am edt 

Re: New Police Station

The situation is that the Provincetown Police headquarters is substandard and a new one needs to be built. We need to look at the facts without the bias and ridicule that some people are bringing to the table.

If only there was a way that the truly mature adults could discuss this here with out the comments from the "peanut gallery".
7:09 am edt 

Friday, May 22, 2009

Re: Request For Answers
When you become a police officer you know the job so mid night shifts are part of the job.  We are lucky enough to have a lot of good guys on our department.  Regarding being able to sleep at night because of them; if knowing that one of their own personal hand guns is out on the street helps you sleep, it sure dosn't help me.  If that was someone else who's private firearm was stolen from their home they would be in a great deal of trouble.  Notice there was no mention of a trigger lock? that legally all guns are supposed to have on. Did they ever find the gun?
10:31 pm edt 

Our Home: Provincetown

In my world here in Provincetown, it is the fishermen, artists, waiters, busboys, foreign workers, business owners, art patrons,townies and wash-a-shores who are my friends.

I can wait on a couple one day and the next night see them at an opening and the next night be invited to their home for dinner. This is a town where who you are as a person is what is important--not your bank account or who your parents are.

I've visited folks who are foreign workers in their own country and been invited to the winter homes of society folks here in town. It is the person who matters--not the pedigree.

My heart is entwined with this town and what I want is that the town provide the very best for all of us. This should be everyone's agenda. It is our pursuits in life and our society in this town that makes our lives rich and meaningful.

Not everyone has family here; but what we have done is create a family here. It is one of the magical things about this town and it is something that needs to be captured and celebrated.

Howie Schneider did celebrate this when he instituted the year rounders celebration and it is our legacy to preserve it--even when we have differences of opinions about something.

Ultimately, we are living here together as neighbors and friends. Don't forget this. Stop the boycotts and lets all approach this summer with a unified feeling of friendship and forgiveness.
10:29 pm edt 

Re: Answer to: " A Request For Answers"
I was just wondering if anyone had ever looked over how much some of them make. I'm not questioning their duties or jobs. I am well aware what it means to be a civil service worker.  It can be a thankless job and carries endless responsibilty.
10:26 pm edt 

Re: I've Been Thinking

I apoligize for my suggestion of bloggers to come forward.  I was refering to many of the blogs that seem to be an arugument between to local power players and their attacks on eachother. That was all.
10:23 pm edt 

Re: Police Department

We are pretty lucky to have such a great group of officers and they all really seem to take pride in the department.  The real issue here is that at this point in time we are in no place to afford a new building.  I'm sure there are grants and such that would help if it needs to be done now.  If the building is falling apart then we have an obligation to them to figure it out and soon.
10:21 pm edt 

Must Be the New Attitude: Ask And You Shall Receive

All of a sudden it's the new police station and those who don't support it are not supporting the police. PLEASE. It's the new campaign and enough is enough. No! to such childish wantings. Yes, we want....we want this...and now Mommy, we want this too.

It's time the town employess grow up and act like adults. Look at the budget. Look at what is realistic. It's not your time to top the list because the firemen received their new yellow ladder truck and the town employees are getting a newly renovated building. Because all these things were funded, it's time to stop and take a breath. Not start on another capital campagin to get more, ask for more and then demand more under "safety" and under"investigative" work and under "protection."

Sorry but the police are acting like little children dressed in blue uniforms who are stomping their feet in anger. They want their candy and they want it now.

An adult attitude would do more for this town than anything. It's not about how hard you work or the work you do. It's about fiscal realities in economic recession. Please try to see Provincetown and its taxpayers from a more mature perspective.
10:20 pm edt 

Answer to: " A Request For Answers"

 I think you did not give it much thought when you felt the desire to sort of attack what police officers make and hopefully I can un-sew your lids for you.

Name what other job in town requires a person to work for months at a time from 12 mid to 8 am ? Maybe while that officer is working those horrible hours, their families are wishing they were home too "like you mostly are". And while you are persumably enjoying a good nights sleep, that officer is doing his or hers best to make sure you can get that good nights sleep. If by chance your sleep is disrupted and you choose to call the Police, guess who puts their life on the line so you can get right back under those covers while they handle the problem for you. Of course the constant training they must go under so they can handle all problems including the ones when a firearm is awaiting their arrivals "like what happened in the town of Truro recently" I can only assume has very little meaning to you. And if that is the case, the next time you need the Police call one of your friends.

Oh by the way, the police have occupied the building they are in for 24 years this coming June and it was atleast 20 years old before they moved into it.
3:11 pm edt 

Getting the Vapors

Ye friends of the blog don't dismay but take heart! Every year the day before, Neh! the week before the big holidays the streets of Provincetown are quieter.

This is the Start of the Summer Holiday season--but children are still in school. The crowds will be here on the Streets Saturday and Sunday.

Prior to the fourth of July it will be quiet too.

Now stop and examine the facts--we do need a police station. With the sewer backing up and the other problems, you are indeed on a barge of de Nile if you think otherwise.

You think that police officers staying in squad cars is how they solve crimes? You think a dilapidated building is "good enough"? Dear me--I'm getting the vapors.

3:08 pm edt 

Police Duties and Delmonte Ketchup?

I'm not a police officer of any kind, yet I doubt that police work is merely officers riding around in squad cars--how simplistic.

Do you think that the drug busts that go on here happen just because someone is spotted on the street? Drive down the street--you have to keep your eyes on the roads here.

Investigations are going on; evidence is compiled for court cases; crimes and being investigated. What you hear on the scanner isn't all there is to police work.

I'm looking forward to reading the report regarding our Police headquarters. Wiser heads will prevail over what is needed and what is merely,"wanted".  

P.S. I happened to see Delmonte Ketchup so I bought it to find out why one person wanted it so much; I found it off cape by accident.
3:06 pm edt 

You've Been Thinking But You've Been Missing Many Points
Many who blog here speak to many different issues during different times of the year. Presently the Farmers' Market has been a concern. But there is deep attention to the town and to its problems and the people who live here. That was key to the affordable housing debate and how our tax money went to those who come and expect to be living here at little cost to them.

How can you ask that others say who they are when you don't. We are all in this anonymous blogging because that is what a blog is. It is its strength, as I see it.
3:04 pm edt 

Guess What?

We already spent millions on school buildings in the past when perhaps even then we should have thought about closing the school. Then we sold or gave away the school to Coastal Studies under the "guidance" of Bert Wolfman who made certain Coastal studies would be the only contenders for the project. He now sits on their board--a well-deserved "invitation."

For only $800,000 we gave away that building. So no, we don't need to create a new police station. It is not falling apart but does have some maintence issues. So fix the problems and stop using some simple plumbing problems as the new excuse for us to spend and spend more tax money. There is no limit here in this town. Some here have become  unrealistic and out of touch with fiscal realities.
3:02 pm edt 

The Next Amanda?

When did the former "Old Reliable Seafood" become affordable housing?
12:18 pm edt 

Re: Dog Park

I do not hate dogs. I just do not like them a whole lot nor do I want one. That being said, I think our dog park is fabulous. It really is an asset to the town. Let's see how visitors react this summer.
12:17 pm edt 

Who Said We Are No Different?

If the economy is going doesn't improve, I will be unemployed in September, not November.  You don't have to work for a "big corporation" to be let go.  The economy is no different here than anywhere else.  Just look at the empty streets last night (thursday night, commercial street was dead.  I walked into 2 resturants, they were empty)   And if you look around town, there are lots of empty rooms at hotels and condos.  There goes room tax revenue for the town, there goes my small bonus.  So don't tell me the economy is no different here than anywhere USA.  We might not be in as bad shape, but the economy is not great.
12:16 pm edt 

Re: "I Was Just Thinking"

I knew that "I was just thinking" was going to be attacked by the people on this blog. It is getting a little tired people sitting by their computers all day waiting to attack anyone who posts anything on this website that they do not agree with. God forbid anyone have their own opinion and do not agree with the certain few who constantly attack people who do not agree with them.
I was just thinking was saying enough is enough, everyone stop complaining.
11:44 am edt 

To: PJ

Please run for selectman.
11:36 am edt 

A Request For Answers

Has anyone looked over the salaries of the police officers??  It's obsered how much some of them make considering what other town employees get paid. That police station isn't all that old, don't know for sure but not over 20 years old.  Wow, for such a town we sure have some real issues to address, no police station, library, town hall; where have all of our tax dollars been going all these years. And do not just balme it on the school, I want some real answers.

-Just an oberservation
11:35 am edt 

Re: I Have Been Thinking

Yes, they were just thoughts but they were mostly positive ones and productive ones.  I meant no disrespect of harm to anyone by my posting.  I just wish that we could make this town more responsible for it's actions.  Our selectemen, police, town employees, residents, we all complain about each other and the price we pay but still we do nothing about it.  I'm not perfect, nor am I asking for absolute profection from these people or busineses but I am asking/praying that we make the right choices regarding our community.  If a business does something we consider to be unethical we should let them know (            ).  If a committee member pushes a cause clearly for their own personal gain; we should call them on it.  I would love to run for selectman or Pier Corp, or even be the Harbormaster (I would surly do things diffrently) but sadly at this time I have to work inorder to keep my home (as I can bearly hold on to it, even though I make a decent living) and no one is helping me pay the bills. I can only imagine how hard it is for those out of work right now, I go to the Stop & Shop and spend almost a weeks pay for three nights worth of food for myself and my family.  I can bearly maintain my own existance here after so many years, so don't come and cry about not being able to afford to live here. You knew it's reputation, it's been this way for dacades. I want Provincetown to be prosperous while maintaining it's integrity; which I don't see the current officals doing. I don't have all the answers but here we discuss the dog park, farmers market and pier corp but never mention the unemployeed, homeless, or soon to be.  And I'm not reffering to the just pure lazy or spitefull I mean the teachers, the docters, shop owners, artists, waiters, the people that have worked their entire lives to remain here and now are facing forclosure on the one and only home they have.

I wish that those who rant and rave daily would have the       to admit who they are, then maybe we could start to be productive on here.  Generating a change on the very issues we all seem to have some sort of resolution or opinion on.  I don't know who the regular "bloggers" are on here but I think (correct me if I'm wrong) their is a personal battle going on between some of us.  (pier corp, duane steele, candace...) The constant belittling of one another is getting tired, they should just start their own blog!
11:34 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

I don't know who PJ is, but Affordable housing seems to have run roughshod over this town. Density; creating a designated low income area where other towns have integrated it into the community and using CPA funds that should have gone to taxpayer funded projects.

It is a shame that the taxpayers have to carry the additional costs of this town.
11:29 am edt 

The Rush to Give Away Our Money

It took 25 years for my taxes to double..but only 5 years for them to double again. When will they double again?
I work here and get paid a non-town job wage.

Yet if the facts are that we do need a new police station--then what choice do we have? With homeland security money and other grants it won't all be on the taxpayers.

People were so fast to take our money..they never looked to see what future costs would be on the horizon.

Call the question, call the question rush and give away our money..that is all we heard--no real discussions about the repercussion of giving away our money that the taxpayers could have used for tax payer funded projects.
11:22 am edt 

Time to Stop: "I Want, I Want, I Want It Now"

I agree with the bloggers who sees this town as a wanttown. It is down right nuts that in this economic recession, we would even be discussing the need for a new police station. Just look at all the money we just spent on overrides and then for town hall renovations. And now in June, more millions and millions for more inside work on Town Hall. We even have the money, it seems, to paint this building in three colors. Excessive spending makes no sense when many can't even pay for taxes or buy food.

Perhaps Sharon promised Jeff he could have a new Police Station but that doesn't mean we have to be stupid enough to even consider this "demand" now. Sharon, you already gave him new positions to fill, promotions, bonuses. And what did the police give us back at town meeting? NOthing except Jeff's $5,000 raise that he did not take.

The police gave us nothing back and now they demand a new police station. Wrong demand at the wrong time by the wrong union.
11:20 am edt 

New Police Station

Do you really think that the Our Police chief woke up one morning and said, "Gee, I think that I'll create a real headache for myself and try to convince the town to build a new police headquarters that will take all of my spare time and effort and which will be an up-hill battle every inch of the way?"

.Or did he see a building so inadequate that it would fail police department qualifications and thus needed to be replaced?

What I know is true is that if our school was in this situation every effort would be made to build a new school.
11:18 am edt 

Fiscal Reality

The state of the economy is due to banking practices and wall street practices that were unregulated. It wasn't the everyday people who caused this--it was these financial institutions.

Think about it: one day Beijing spends three hundred million dollars on one opening night extravaganza and the next month Lehman brother's dissolves.

It wasn't due to the renovation of a Town Hall or the need to build a Police Station. Provincetown's economy is individual bases--not corporate based. The citizens who live and work here aren't being laid off from big corporations. It is a different economy here.

We all feel tapped out--except some business men who are flush with money from a fund created with money taken from the taxpayers.
11:17 am edt 

Re: New Police Station

A police station needs room and immediate mobility. A location like the dog park with access to the high way and a major street is what is needed.
11:16 am edt 

Misapplication of CPA Funds

Millions of dollars of CPA money was spent buying land and giving it to rich developers; another developer was given hundred of thousands of dollars. This money should have been put in reserve for the library, town hall etc. 10% should have gone to affordable housing and 70% where needed most.

At least the percentages have been returned to their rightful place.

Now taxpayers have to pay out of pocket what the CPA funds would have covered.

I can never understand how this town could vote 80% of the CPA funds for affordable housing for years when there are so many other financial venues for them to get money from tax credits to government monies.

People were blindsided that no one would build affordable housing when it has been built here for over ten years without using taxpayers money. There is money to be made with the building of affordable housing--just look at these developers and what they own.

Now we have to concentrate on what is here before us and take care of it. I too believe that we need a new police station and just ignoring the fact won't make it go away.

9:05 am edt 

Re: New Police Station

We can not afford a new police station! 95% percent of the police's time is spent or should be spent out on the road, not sitting in a cushey police station. Sorry people, but I'm just about tapped out... Affordable housing developments, are killing this town's finances.

Move the police station to the community center, retrofit it into a police station, move the community center to the elementary school and regionalize the schools with Eastham. Problem solved... geez maybe I should run for selectman since I have at least half a brain.

This town should be call "Wanttown" because its filled with, " I want this and I want that..." Well you can't have it because you don't have the money. Look at the state of the National economy. It is in this horrible state due to greedy people who want, want, want and just can't afford things. They live beyond their mean.

Don't mortgage Ptown's future any further. WE DO NOT NEED A NEW POLICE STATION. I do support the police officers, as I have two of them in my family, but again... no new police stations.

7:58 am edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

The small minded bureaucrats of the PIer Corporation snubbed Farmers Market in an act of retribution even though BOS Chair Couture wanted them to help
temporarily, allowing the pier to be used for farmers market.. Their excuse: not wanting to compete with local businesses was appallingly transparent: they are never that considerate, never.

Now they are anonymously attacking the town's dog park who just wanted to help?
Can they be any more petty?
Hopefully one day soon our chair will come out of the dark and see those dreadful people for who they are and help restructure the CORPORATE SELF SERVING   BEAST!
7:55 am edt 

Learn the Facts

The folks who created the dog park are "sponsoring" the Farmer's market and the F.M. will be located across from Town Hall on Ryder Street.

Folk just love to jump to conclusions and express their opinions without checking the facts.

Of course, there are committees here who do the same thing; committees who are ignorant of the rules and regulations and protocols which they are supposed to uphold.

For example, even the selectmen didn't realize that they were the ones who have the authority to determine if the town should regionalize the schools--the authority rests with them and NOT with the school committee.
7:52 am edt 

Re: New Police Station

Having a substandard police headquarters where the floors are wet some times in the year and where the sewage has backed up several times and where the electronic center is housed near waste and water pipes is what the situation has become.

It isn't about luxurious surroundings; it is about safety.

This town spent millions buying land and property and then gave it away to developers. If the town voted to do that, we can vote to spend money on a functional, safe new police Headquarters.
7:51 am edt 

Dog Park vs Farmer's Market

Dog Park / Food = not a good idea.
12:36 am edt 

Re: Dog Park and Farmer's Market
Health and sanitation were never an issue about the farmer's market you misguided      
      . The only issue was zoning permits.
12:33 am edt 

It's About Due Process

I'm so glad that Provincetown is making all markets in town abide by the laws of town! How soon that we forget how everyone wanted the towns bylaws enforced equally. Remember how dirty the GU was? Remember how if you knew someone in town hall they would look the other way if you broke some law? The good ole boy days are over! And yes even the farmers market has to have all permits before they can open!
12:32 am edt 

Farmer's Market vs Dog Park

The Farmers Market at the dog park? YUCK! I hope this is just a pacc joke!?!
12:31 am edt 

To: I Have been Thinking!

Maybe you should not have thunk in the first place! Most of your thoughts were just that your thoughts, and most of them I disagree with.
12:30 am edt 

Supporting Our Police Does Not Mean Support a New Police Building

Sorry but the two do not go together. We do not need a new, saprkling police building that makes the police feel good and luxurious. We need what we have: a viable, functional building at a time when we face economic hard times. You can't have new officers, new positions and then put forward a new building. You cannot have it all and it does not mean we don't support what you do. We still do not have to raise more taxes and even mroe taxes to build a new, modern building. Accept what you have and be realistic.
12:28 am edt 

Please Understand Local
We have no farmers here in Provincetown. we have almost no farmers in Truro and few in Eastham. Even in Orleans the farms turn into condo developments.Local is not only thirty miles away. In an industrialized society, that makes no sense. Local is Massachusetts and Southeastern Massachusetts and an hour and a half drive from there to here. Let's not be ridiculous about what you lable local when this town has sold its soul, its land for money. Farms have been turned into high-end homes so understand that some places in Massachusetts still support farmland and we now support them since they support us in brining us fresh, delicious, healthy produce.
12:27 am edt 

Hold On: No One is Trying To Sabotage the Farmers' Market But Were Only Asking about Permits?

Sorry but that is exactly how some of our business men did attempt to sabotage the Farmers' market. They were not just simply asking a technical question but using the absence of past permits--which the Selectmen did not earlier believe were needed--to destroy the Farmers' Market.

That is what some of our kind business owners did. Thank goodness they were not able to destroy what they intended to undermine and close down.
12:26 am edt 

Re: Public Pier vs Farmer's Market vs Dog Park

Figures someone who is affliated with the pier miscreants which said NO to farmers market would slam the wonderful collective efforts these past few days  that included Pilgrim Bark Park.
12:24 am edt 

Re: Farmer's Market vs Dog Park

Why don t you get your facts straight. Farmer's Market is being held at the Ryder Street parking lot. The dog park used its non profit status to help the farmers, town officials and the community.
12:22 am edt 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Re:Dog Park and Farmer's Market

Let me see if I have this right.One of the concerns of selling food on the Pier was Health and Sanitation, but not a problem selling food and bakery items for human consumption in an environment where animals urinate and deficate on a daily basis..What's wrong with this picture? I think I'll buy my produce and food items from an establishment that has passed strict health and sanitation standards.
8:24 pm edt 

Thank You,Candace....

....for stepping up and letting the farmer's market use the dog park for their first Farmer's Market.
This is what life should be about; helping each other and stepping in when difficulties arise.

We all know that the selectmen want this resolved ASAP and that no one was trying to sabotage the Farmers; they were just asking about the permit procedure.

I'm sure that the town is working in good faith to get all of this resolved and all of the proper permits issued.

Please go back to Farland and everyone just take a deep breath. Life is short and so is the summer. I'm glad to see all of this passion echoed around town; now direct it towards what it positive and beneficial and let us all have the most wonderful summer that we have ever had in Provincetown.
8:23 pm edt 

Shame Shame.....

Whome ever thinks that living in the place/community/town you were raised in is wrong, should sell their second home here and get the **** out!!!  With that attitude your not welcome to even embrase the this wonderful town.  With all it's flaws it is still by far one of the most amazing places I have had the pleasure of experiancing.  No matter what you call yourself or others a "townie", "wash ashore", or "Portagee" we all are fighting the same battle.  Keeping in mind: yes, it is expensive to live here but no one is forcing me to but I choose to even after watching decades of people struggle for their survival.  Point being it's always been rather expensive but I have worked for everything I have here.
8:20 pm edt 

Re: Choices Choices Choices

Wow, so well put.  Most of us have worked extremly hard to be able to live here.  I was born and raised Iam 3rd generation in my family to be lucky enough to live here. But by no means has it come free, I have worked extremly hard to be able to afford to stay in the area.  At times I have almost given up.  Although, I have little family remaining here I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  I don't mind paying the taxes as long as there going to proper use.  At one time I owned more than one property and when I could no longer afford it, I sold it (probally to the one complaining about the taxes).  2nd home or no home you do what you have to do.
8:18 pm edt 

I For One am Very Thankful For the Summer People.........

.....who subsidize the tax base.  I realize that we use most of the town services and over 80% of the taxes that are assessed are on vacation homes.  I live in a subsidized home which has allowed me to take an early retirement and only have to work part time.  Prior to moving to Provincetown I was part of the rat race and now I can enjoy a laid back life style in a picturesque place.
8:16 pm edt 

Deep Seated Loves:

What creates an uproar of opposition in town? Is it opposition to regonalizing the school system and closing the high school? NO! The consensus is to regionalize.

Is there an out pouring of opposition to spending the money and doing our civic duty and building a new Police Headquarters? No, There is no great opposition.

But close down the Farmer's Market and you have a civic riot of boycotts and e-mails and letters railing in opposition!

May the selectmen and town officials take note of this and act accordingly: Keep the Farmer's market open and get on with business.  
8:13 pm edt 

I Have been Thinking.........

As a new reader to this blog but a resident of Provincetown for over 25 years, I have to say I am disgusted with what my fellow townspeople consider to be vital to the community.  In all fairness if a product claims to "be local" then it should be, if that product isn't cultavated, made, baked, etc... locally; then have the next best thing. If it can be made within 30 miles than thats what should be sold if it can't then sell whatever, it's called suppy and demand. If the guys from Far Land want to sell their goods at the farmers market then so be it but they better be sure they "practice what they preach"!!!  Their prices are a bit high but so are Angel Foods, you get what you pay for or at least you hope so.  These "local" vendors should think about the quality of the product their providing for the price we are paying and shame on us for allowing them to do it.  Regarding the Stop & Shop I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that industry (super makets) has !
just plain written us off as worthy of decent products.  Forcing us to pay top dollar for corn from either the Farmers Market or Far Land, either way the the community pays; we should demand supeior products for what we pay and that can be said accross the board.  
Housing, I want to get my monies worth no matter how much I do or do not have.  Low income should be for those who need it and not those who abuse it.  If I have the money to buy a second home here then fine but I can't object to following the laws, regulations and paying taxes for schools, police departments etc... even if I don't have childrenSince, ever need the fire department or police. Ever think that maybe the town should control their own low income housing and not let some rich mindless man make millions off our tax dollars.
We are dissucssing everything on here, then lets talk about the pier.  The main issue that Provincetown has is that we never seem to work as a team, no matter what we are refering to.  The pier should be run by a group of induviuals who know about it, who understand it and are part of it.  It shouldn't be based on how much money you have or who you are.  The group should have a varitey, maybe even a fisherman or two.  You know those hard working men that no matter what their race, color, place of origin or sexualtiy still beleive in what they do and LOVE IT! Did we forget about them while we focus our concerns with the ferry and it's passengers.  They are entiltled just as anyone is to something that regards them and their futures.  Why dosn't their voice count? We seem to have forggen that the "bottom line" should be our community.  I can remember a time in the 70's where we had community gardens, artist sold their work out of sheds in the back yard and no matter how broke you were you could get some dinner off a boat down the pier unloading their catch.  We have always felt some sort of entitlement because we were Provincetown and proud to call this place home.  Gay, straight, white, black, Portugese, what ever it is, we should help one another instead of wasting our energy trying to hold back others from prospering.  And we need to stop thowing other issues "under the bus" when trying to get our point across.  Like, what does the Far Land's role in shutting the Farmer's Market down have to do with the Portugess Festival?  I mean neither of the owners are from Provincetown, I doubt they care either way if the very town they do business in celebrates it's cultral heritage.  Your not hurting them any by condeming the festival, your only hurting our local economy and disrespecting the history of the vary grounds in which you call home.  That would be like saying the Carnival Parade promotes disordially conduct by throwing beads into the crowds.!
  It's great, we all love it no matter if you gay or not! I love the a tmosphere it creats, the money it generates, the feeling that knowing I live in such a wonderfully diverse and acceptant society. On this blog there has been much conversation regarding Seamen's Bank and so be that no one knows anything about it.  I don't think we should pass judgement on the vary establishment that contributes so much to our local enviroment, economy, and charities.  Not just as a business but the indivuals themsleves who work there, do we ever stop and say "Thank you" for their contributions.  You might not know how much they truly do both on behalf of the bank and themselves.  We should keep an open mind regarding this subject and not jump to any uneduacted or premature conclusions.  Funny, coming from a town that let it's Town Manager "loose" over $400,000.00 of tax payers money.  That does affect us, what goes on within the walls of a private organization is none of our concern.  At least their promoting and not dismembering this our vary existance as a community.  Dog Park- really.  Do we need to brake this down and figure out exactly how much every peice of mulch cost Candace or anyone for that matter.  A donation is just that, a donation.  If it be your time, your money, your resources, you should't expect or ask for compensation. What is it your buiness how much she gave, raised or did. So she called the DPW a few hundred times big deal. I can think of a million instances were we wast our tax payers money for no reason. She acted on an intrest that was of concern to her.  She loves her dogs! Do we really need to rip her apart or disregard her accomplishments based on personal opionin. We needed that dog park (since every one has something to say when you walk your dog on the beach, even if you always clean up).  If we could only team together to make the playgrouds look that wonderful.  Key is we all might have dogs but we all don't have children and somewhere along the way some who do not forgot that once (maybe a lo!
ng time ago) they to were in fact young.  I am disgusted how a communtiy that preeches for acceptance and diversity is so heartless and self centered.  We all can'nt be rich no matter how hard we work, we can not all be happy no matter how hard we try but there are somethings we can do and we should be doing.
So a fire truck got ruined, so it's costly to replace, we should be thankful that no lives were lost.  The "kid" made a terrible choice of judgement, haven't we all?  Let it go, don't make the young man pay till the day he dies.  If not for him but then out of respect for the department (majority of which are his family) and the countless acts of bravery and good deeds they have commited over the years.  So morals, loyelty and ethics arn't your strong point then out of the pure fact that if we were to pay for a full time fire department it would far exceed the cost of replacing the truck.  Let it go, replace the truck and move on.

So as a community we need to stop tearing apart the very core of our existance, the things we benefit from and start finding ways to make it work or we will see the true affects of a resession.
8:12 pm edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

Thanks for you efforts on behalf of the Farmer's Market.

Thanks Candace and to all your associates of the Dog Park.
1:21 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

A big woof to the doggie park people for sponsoring Farmers
Market this Saturday! Thank you for stepping up to the plate to help out!

See you Saturday!
1:18 pm edt 

Why Should You Be Surprised That We Love the Farmers'Market?
So many of us go there every week and it is something we look forward to. Also it is timing. The nation is more involved in buying local and eating local. You can eat shrimp from China, Fish from Thailand but I love eating lettuce, carrots, tomatoes grown here in Massachusetts. It's a pure delight.

If this is a surprise to you maybe it was a greater surprise to the selectmen who took this closing of the Farmers' Market too lightly. And perhaps it also surprise some of the businesses who worked to undermine this venture to their own advantage. But it turned against them because this is a wonderful venture where many of gain the healthy benefits of fresh produce.
1:17 pm edt 

Re: Choices Choices Choices
Very well put !
1:16 pm edt 

Choices Choices Choices...
We get it! You can own a second home in P-town. Congratulations you are one of the lucky ones. I am by no means condemning you and admire the fact that you have had to work hard for it. And to be frank most of us do work hard and are still working hard. But it is also all about choices. You chose to buy the second home here in Ptown. No one forcefully brought you kicking and screaming across the bridge and made you buy a house here. I am sure when you made that decision you investigated the tax rate, cost and how it would impact your budget. And I am sure you know that when you buy a home in a community whether you live there or not there comes the responsibility of paying taxes and supporting the governmental infrastructure of the locality so your home holds its value and will increase in value.
Please do not ask me to feel bad or guilty because I live here year round and you do not or can not right now. We all have our own individual story. Just because my story is not the same as yours does not make it any less valid. I sacrificed a lot to live here year round. Just like you have sacrificed alot to have a second home here.
Rather than complain think about why you bought a home here. I am sure its because like me, you thought it was a wonderful place.
10:42 am edt 

Re: Entitled Weekenders

Ahhhh-I just love reading messages from our entitled weekenders complaining about our actual residents sense of entitlement .
10:38 am edt 

Interesting Article in Today's Wall Street Journal Entitled:

"Bloggers, Beware: What You Write Can Get You Sued"
10:33 am edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

Seems like MYPACC is one big commercial for the farmers market!
9:57 am edt 

Re: A Right to a Place to Live
Right on !! How simply and eloquently put !! No one has a RIGHT to live in one of the most expensive resort towns in the county unless they can afford it !! I own two homes - one in Ptown and I CAN'T AFFORD to live there full time yet !!  Maybe in retirement I can, but I have a whole lot of years of hard work and saving ahead of me before I can enjoy Ptown on a year round basis.  I know the dues I will have to pay to live in ptown in my retirement.
Where does your sense of entitlement that you should have a right to live in Ptown year round ?
Get a job that will pay you enough money like the rest of us - I have worked my whole life just to be able to enjoy Ptown on the weekends !
Don't you think I wish I could be here year round ?  Sorry, but I live in the REAL WORLD where I don't expect nor will anyone give me anything or subsidize my housing !!
9:56 am edt 

Re: "Second Homeowner Should Subsidize.."

Second homeowners already do subsidize the town. Provincetown's tax rate per thousand of valuation is less than half of that of an equivalent MA suburban town. This is similar to other Cape Towns. Why? According to MA Dept of Revenue it's because of the massive number of second homeowners who pay taxes but don't use town services more than a few months a year. As one example, everyone pays taxes to support schools but very few people use them and no second homeowners do. So, the second homeowners are already providing a massive subsidy to all aspects of town government. Without them your real estate taxes would be twice what they are now. Please direct your bile elsewhere.
9:53 am edt 

Looking Forward to Saturday and Fresh Produce
Can't wait to see if I can buy spring greens. What a joy that will be. I will know that dry carboard winter tomatoes are behind me and so is the no-taste but big green Romaine and Ice Berg leaves. Just a delight to welcome them back to town.
9:42 am edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

Gald to See That Elaine Anderson Accepts Dropping the Ballfor the Farmer's Market.

Good to see someone accept the blame and then work to make something happen. I too believe the Selectmen treated this issue as insigificant instead of the disaster many of us felt it was. We love our fresh produce and the place where we can buy such a selection. Healthy and local produce is not inessential but crucial to our lifestyle here in Provincetown. It's not a venue we would discard becuase of "signage."
12:30 am edt 

Love Those Letters in the Banner

So many people wrote eloquently about the positive contribution of fresh locally grown produce and the value of having a Farmers' Market here in Provincetown. It is what ecologically sensitive citizens and foodies like and want. Wow! Great writing. Great support. I thank you for taking the time to write and put your thoughts and deep feelings on paper. Really moving.
12:27 am edt 

So Happy That the Farmer's Market May Open This Saturday
Wouldn't that be great. It would be wonderful and if it does open, thanks to those who came up with solutions--instead of putting more barricades in front of this dedicated group of farmers. Thanks to those who looked for ways to resolve what turned out to be a vindictive and petty action to undermine this summer activity.
12:25 am edt 

A Right to a Place to Live

To the poster who proclaimed he/she had a right to a place to live...get a job and move to someplace you can afford to live. Why should anyone subsidize your desire to live in a resort community? I can not afford to live in Palm Springs so I don't live there. You really shouldn't  try to make successful people feel guilty.
12:21 am edt 

May it Ever be Thus

How refreshing it is that folks in Provincetown have things like the cancellation of the farmer's market to focus on rather than the foreclosure of their homes or the loss of jobs.

Provincetown is a service community so it isn't locked into the corporate world where workers lose benefits and high paying jobs.

Many of the tax paying working folks in Provincetown live close to the grid anyway; so their savings will be lost but they can still eek out a living.

The world is a tough place for people on fixed incomes and the elderly and the working families--but these folks aren't primadonnas and know what it is to tighten one's belt.

We will all survive even if we don't "prosper" as in days of old and salt away some savings--but we are still here working and toiling and paying our way. We know what is important in life and hold it close in our hearts.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation--but for us in Provincetown we live a life steeped in beauty and bound to nature--and may it ever be thus.
12:18 am edt 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seamen's Bank

A charge of alleged embezzlement has been made. One assumes that Seamen's bank has auditors who check the books.

Nothing has been officially stated; no motive has been put forward and no name or gender has officially been revealed.
12:52 pm edt 

Re: Seamen's Bank

The alleged Seamen's bank embezzler was one of the loan officers. This alleged embezzler was investigated and one of the first steps taken was to ask this person if he or she wanted to resign or be fired.

Although this person is being named around town the name isn't being repeated here. However, one can see that this person isn't at the bank. For some reason, this person's gender isn't being mentioned either.
12:44 pm edt 

Farmer's Market

Canceling the farmer's market has created quite the furor with letters and e-mails to the selectmen etc. The selectmen are going to try to get everything in order ASAP and are even trying to get a non-profit to sponsor them until the permits are in order.

Farland is trying to help them too. So, go back to Farland; I just don't think that the selectmen just were thinking of all of the repercussions of the permit process and Memorial day weekend etc.

Now it is Time for everyone to relax about this.
11:50 am edt 

No Dandilions!

Andy had planted an entire crop of early greens and other early growing vegtables just for the opening of the farmers market.
11:48 am edt 

Re: Seamen's Bank

(Allegedly) Seamen's Bank has a GAG order regarding the (an) embezzlement by the  (a) loan officer.     resigned. Who knows who     is related to? They are trying to deal with it in house...
11:44 am edt 

Re: Cover-up

I think the well connected people you talked to are part of the coverup.
8:53 am edt 

Seamans Bank
Why is the only thing mentioned about this on this blog ? Does anyone know what happened? Nothing in the banner and no gossip in town - I asked several "well connected" people last weekend and nobody had heard about this.
8:40 am edt 

Re; Seamens Bank

If Seamens Bank cash deposits were off, why would a long time employee of the loan department leave the bank ?
I don't think officers in the loan department are collecting the night deposits.
8:37 am edt 

Re: "Bully Blogger"

Well, I wonder if the "Bully Blogger" called the Provincetown Chief of Police to talk about the cost of anything? NO, you just rant on here anonymously.

At least someone is getting a true understanding of a situation and doing some investigation before writing on here.
8:36 am edt 

Re:Seamen's Bank.
It had NOTHING to do with the cash machines. Dont believe everything you hear or read on these blogs.
8:34 am edt 

Due Diligence

I'm glad that someone is looking into things and challenging them rather than just handing over the money.

Developers were left to their own devices and now look at the pickle we're in: we have a low income housing project designation on Shank Painter Rd. and safety issues there.
8:32 am edt 

Re: New Police Station

If a study of the police station is being conducted showing its short comings and and poor condition, then don't we have an obligation to rectify the matter and vote to build a new one?
8:30 am edt 

Re: Seamen's Bank

(It is alleged that) a loan officer resigned due to embezzlement.
8:29 am edt 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Re: What's Going on Here??

Town buildings are in bad repair because nobody wanted to raise taxes on the homeowners! Some people think cutting taxes is a good thing, but in the long run it will cost more when you keep putting it off, thats why we will have to pay more taxes now! Like it or not.
11:27 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

Its true! What would the farmers market be selling this time of year? Dandelions?
11:19 pm edt 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

You were going to "CHALLENGE" the idea.....just who the christ do you think you are in that head of yours? have you ever read anything you put on here Mike? try it maybe thats what you need to see how foolish you sound.    

Never a dull moment
11:18 pm edt 

Stop & Shop

Yes it's shiny and new but there is actually less of a selection than was in previous incarnations.

For example: no Del Monte ketchup
            no X-19 toilet cleaner
            no Glad fold over sandwich bags
            no Clairol Infusium 23
            no Tasters Choice instant coffee

These are products they have dropped to push their own brand. I have asked but they have no intention of carrying these products.

The produce is certainly fresher but they don't{daily} clean the shelves where the produce sits.

Not to mention the forcing out of longtime(higher paid) employees in favor of minimum wage part-timers.

They are not devils but they are not angels either.

P.S. If anyone can find Del Monte ketchup anywhere on the Cape, please post the info, as I have a serious jones going on here. I've looked from here to Hyannis! Thank you!
11:16 pm edt 

Seamen's Bank

I heard it wasn't a big deal at Seamen's Bank.  Had to do with the collection / deposit of the automated cash machines.  They caught the guy.
11:14 pm edt 

We Deserve a Little Respect

"Let Them Go Without..." would rather see me homeless rather than subsidize my housing.  I have a right to have a place to live and it isn't asking too much to get a little help.  The second home owners with places in town should subsidize those of us who want to live here year round.  We deserve a little respect.  It is us that bring this town its charm and character and they just come here on occasion and throw their money around.  Those summer people should be glad we are here.
11:13 pm edt 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

Mikey the new spend and taxman!
11:11 pm edt 

What's Going on Here??

I really need someone who has a knowledge and history of the town to explain in a rational, and calm manner why it seems that every single town owned building is on the verge of collapse, complete disrepair, and or condemned? Town Hall, Library, former Library, Police Station etc etc etc...I have my own ideas but I would like to hear from some long time residents.
11:09 pm edt 

Another View

To the blogger that posted "it's only a farmers market", I respect your opinion but it is just that, an opinion. I think you are a little out of touch with many of the people. There is a group in Provincetown that is intensly passionate about the market, the food and the ambiance of such a fare. It is a wonderful asset for all and especially those that live here year round who don't find a lot of reasons to go downtown.
11:05 pm edt 

It's Up....No It's Down!

Don't worry Mikey, you'll never get a ticket again! Unless of course you change your mind and decide against the new police station that you used to be for but now youre against it ugh! Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy Mikey!

Are you still opposed to the school being here? You used to be in favor, and then you were opposed; now you are????

What about affordable housing Mikey are you for or against? I really can't remember which way the wind is blowing now.

Ugh again!
11:04 pm edt 

Stop & Shop vs Farmer's Market

I'll take the Stop $ Shop over the Farmers Market any day.  At least they take food stamps!  All those farmers are looking to make a quick buck off of us.
11:03 pm edt 

Close the High School

There is plenty of room there to use for a  police station and other local government offices too.  I'm afraid we property owners are in for some amazing tax increases in the future.
11:01 pm edt 

Too Much Farmer's Market

I'm tired of reading so much about the farmer's market.  Wake up people.  If they're really selling local produce, there's nothing ready for harvest until much later in the summer anyway.  Meantime, they're taking business away from the town food markets.

Also, I've been a customer of Adam's Pharmacy for 10 years and never has the pharmacist ever said as much as hello to me.  I don't care about that store.
11:00 pm edt 

Re: Seamens Bank

Does anyone REALLY know what happened at Seamens Bank ?
8:00 am edt 

New Police Station

As a citizen and taxpayer, I was more than skeptical when I read that Provincetown's new Police Chief believed that we needed a new Police Headquarters in Provincetown and then one  night, while waiting for the selectmen's meeting to start, I started talking to the person next to me and discovered that she was a police officer. I asked her if things were really substandard at the headquarters and she described some of the conditions there.

Sometime later, I saw another Police officer shopping at the Stop and shop. I asked him what he thought about the conditions of the Police station--and he just shook his head and said that we need a new Police station.

So, as a concerned citizen I contacted Police Chief Jaran and he took me on a tour and I saw for my self the conditions under which our police officers work every single day and it can't continue this way; they need a new building.

I was prepared to argue that the town can't afford a new building and that some renovation would probably work; but It was quite a shock, actually, to see that an inch thick rubber mat is necessary in the teeny tiny locker room because the floor gets wet and the cramped make-do conditions due to lack of space. We can't continue to have the garage double as a booking room.

We have a civic responsibility to our police officers and that responsibility requires that we step up to the plate and plan to build a new Police headquarters in Provincetown. A study is underway to outline the conditions there and everyone will be able to read the report.

Believe me, with the cost of renovating Town Hall I was ready to challenge such an idea--but the truth is that we do need to do this.
Michael Rogovsky
7:59 am edt 

Farmer's Market

The Farmer's market furor made the story of the selectmen evaporate. Not even a word about Seamen's bank in days on here. Lets see if there really is a farmer's market on Saturday.

Strange that someone would denigrate citizens on here and ridicule them over this--that person needs some professional help to decipher the cause of their anger.
7:57 am edt 

Monday, May 18, 2009

That Was Pretty Creative: The Stoop & Poop

Now that the GU is gone I like your Stoop & Poop for what has now replaced it. Creative and a bit funny.
11:11 pm edt 

Still Sad to See the End of Adams Pharmacy
Yes, the new sparkling clean Stop & Shop Pharmacy is big, huge aisles and well-stocked. Still, I miss the older, traditional "We know who you are" Adams Pharmacy. It is gone. Now another corporate institution is here to take care of our issues and resolve our medical problems.

Somethings' still lost here. Like the Lobster Pot being replaced by the Red Lobster, Lorraine's being changed into Chili's, then Ross' Grill now Ruby Tuesday and Fanizzi's the new Tex Mex.

All these chains will still feed us but it's just not the same.
11:10 pm edt 

Something Positive...

The new Pharmacy at the Stop & Shop is wonderful!  no more standing in the middle of the aisle trying to conduct your business with throngs of pepole milling about...

and as for the farmers market, they will get their permits and all will be ok, there is no need to pitch a fit and boycott anybody!
11:02 pm edt 

If the Farmers' Market Will Be Open This Saturday.....

............then I thank all of you who posted here and showed how important this venue is to so many of us. That would be great. I know that I signed a petition at the Bradford Health Food to support the Farmers' Market. I was pleased that they were in favor of this activity.

That would be great news if it is true that the Farmers' Market will open this Saturday. Then they will be here instead of looking for other towns to support their venture.

If true, great news!
11:01 pm edt 

Meadows and Mustangs....
Telephone poles can be replaced. Lives can not.
10:59 pm edt 

Re: "Bitter Old Men and Women"

Becoming "bitter old men and women", takes one to know one. Your ilk is not welcome here. Go back to your PRIMARY residence and bother these shores no more. You're just jealous that you can't live here all the time. Your post was just plain NASTY you "bitter old @*%#&!!!!
6:48 pm edt 

Stop & Shop

I love the new expanded Stop & Shop!
6:45 pm edt 

Why People Blog

It is now apparent that the only reason people blog on here is to make people angry! I take everything said on this blog with a grain of salt.
6:44 pm edt 

Lest We Forget

The paper says that the electric company should move that telephone pole the cop ran into because it is right in the middle of a driveway. A little bit of history here: when Ted Malone was seeking permits for construction of the building on Conwell St. next to Ann Page Way he proposed a certain plan to handle traffic in the area. He promised he would not allow parking along Conwell Street. He proposed that the entrances for his new building and the office building on the other side of Ann Page Way, and Ann Page Way itself would all be combined into one entrance. In that design the telephone pole was a consideration, and the area in question was to be landscaped in such a way that it would not be a hazard. He MIGHT have also promised a sidewalk along the length of his property. All of this was on a plan submitted to and signed by the Planning Board and the Zoning Board. All of this was also being done under the ques of "public safety". So I don't fault the cop, and !
I don't think it is the Electric Company's responsibility to move the pole. I believe it all rests on Teds shoulders.

Remembrances of things past.
6:43 pm edt 

Re: "Let Them Go Without..."

Who the heck do you think you are? why don't you go before you're asked to leave. what a jerk you appear to be. but i guess you feel lucky to have a job that affords you a second home and let's you drink and blog at your desk. go away.
6:40 pm edt 

Get Out Your Recylced Bags!
Looks like Farmer's Market will be here stating this Saturday afterall!

Thank you to all those who are working hard to make it happen!
6:39 pm edt 

Let Them Go Without Their Farmer's Market

More griping on this blog about access to fresh vegetables for the poor locals. What a lame bunch of losers! Im a summer resident in town. I buy my produce and as much as I can transport off cape so that I dont have to support local business. This is my way of making sure the locals will pay higher prices! It is clear to me that all the locals care about are themselves.  They raise my taxes so that they can continue to have all the town services that suit their needs and desires.  The rest of the country is cutting back, but not Provincetown.  The 100 people that vote at town meeting selfishly take care of themselves.  Let them go without their Farmers Market.  Half the people that live in affordable housing are unemployed lazy slobs who are just looking for a hand out.  Get off your ___ and earn your keep like the rest of us.  We dont get our primary homes or second residences by looking for a hand out.  We work for it or go with out.  Many of you that express yourselves on this blog represent the scum of Provincetown and fortunately you are in the minority.  How many of you that are on this blog every day, griping about everything even work?  Go out and make a contribution to society and stop becoming bitter old men and women.
4:10 pm edt 

The Main is Lost ON You
Maybe there are people behind the scenes trying to fix the problem of the Farmer's Market but there was no need to have a problem in the first place. It's like someone looking closely at all the activities and food serving and selling and signs that take place during Portuguese Festival and require special permits for each and every venue, including Mass on the pier.

This is ridiculous and you miss the point. Individuals are pointing out their disastifaction with certain policies and you are trying to lump everyone here as a complainer. I think you are the complainer when others provide information on what is going on in town.

Someone created a problem we didn't have before and that is what is wrong. If                   brought this to town officials, then he was wrong to support the business he does accounting for and more. And town officials should not have immediately shut down the Farmer's Market.

You also miss that fresh local produce is what we value. It is ecologically sound and green. What you buy at the Stoop & Poop is grown in Chile and China, shipped here, trucked through many states to land on these aisles. That is not what you find in the stalls of the Famer's Market.

You can continue to eat at McDonalds and Chili's but some of us have a different food sensibility.
4:06 pm edt 

Just an Observation...

After being here in Provincetown for a short while I can honestly say that Provincetown brings out the best and worst in people. The best is that everyone has an opportunity to have a voice, the worst is that sometimes people just dont think before they use that voice!
2:18 pm edt 

Talk About Knee-Jerk Reactionary Individuals on This Blog! Sheesh!

I hate the PPPC
I hate the BOS
I hate P-town

Gimme, I want, I need, why can't I...waa, waa, waa and blah, blah, blah!

It's a Farmers Market people! They will find a way to get here! RELAX! Stop trying to blame everyone and let it resolve itself. People are working on this issue behind the scenes and you will see it happen very soon! In the mean time, it's not as if you can't buy fruits and vegetables in P-town! Get a grip!

Now go back to the sandbox and throw some more dirt on your "friends and neighbors".
1:36 pm edt 

Diversity is Done in My Monopolies
If         and                 undermined and yes they are undermining in calling for certain permits and signage, they are petty, jealous and nasty as business people. It's great to have fresh, local produce and that they are open all winter means little to us in getting wonderful produce. Given the few tomatoes and heads of lettuce they sell, what is the problem? The Farmer's Market is not selling sandwiches and soups. Their limited vision limits us all.

And this is not about permits but jealousies and small-minded thinking. Please, broaden your thinking and we'll all be a better town for that.
12:46 pm edt 

Did You Hear !!!!!

The Film Festival will now take place in January

And the Festival at the end of June will take place in December --- all becaause they didn't have the correct zoning and permits

What about the painted picture of a rooster at the corner of Ryder and Bradford "promoting" that festival in June --- is there a permit for it being there for an entire year.

I hear the provision store at the corner of Conwell and Bradford are objecting to a fried dough vendor from New Bedford since they want to make their own local fried dough.

I saw a sign advertising a yard sale in both the west end and east end this weekend and they did not have a sign permit.

Oh if we only had residents that concerned themselves with more pressing issues, businesses that were more welcoming and less threatened, and elected offficials who were leaders and made decisions and took action before things went out of control ----- there is a new attitude in this country that hasn't reached lands end ---- Yes we can !

New Slogans -----
Provincetown: No You Can't !
Provincetown: Behave !
Provincetown: Really like no other place in the world !
9:53 am edt 

Protecting Our Local Businesses

Farland is open 7 days a week from morning until night. The farmers market brings its produce here on Saturday and they can't open until 11am on the dot.

These pesky Farmers, getting up so early in the morning to drive here from the countryside and then ruthlessly slicing into the profits of Provincetown businesses as they sell fresh farm grown vegetables for six hours a week.

Thank goodness the board of selectmen and the licensing boards are here to put a stop to these cut-throat-profiteering farmers and are protecting these other businesses that are open 7 days a week.

Fair is fair.
9:51 am edt 

Re: Good Business Practises

I love our new Stop & Shop! And the produce selection is top of the line, hands down! Finally a market in town that knows how to run a business!
9:47 am edt 

Increased Sales

I've noticed an increase in the number of customers on the corner of Conwell & Bradford! Again the opposite of what is being bloged on here!
9:46 am edt 

Re: BOS Meeting and Farmer's Market

Flooding the selectmen's meeting over the issue of the farmers market?! LOL, most likely the only people who will show up will be Astrid, Candace, Mikey and maybe Duane! The same few who blog back and forth everyday on here.
9:45 am edt 

Pier Corporation vs Farmer's Market

Figures this is about Pier Corp. Retribution against Andy and the Farmer's Market.  Thank you for explaining because now it makes perfect sense why they were turned down.

Payback is a BXXXX!
9:44 am edt 

Farmer's Market

Its true! The reason the farmers market failed the first time on the pier was due to a lack of business. Why anyone in their right mind would want them to return to the pier makes no sense other than giving          and          something to blog about over and over everyday! Hence, all of the same blogs on the subject!
9:43 am edt 

Farmer's Market

"Instead of a local business being excluded because they compete with an off-cape business already there. How can you in your right mind have an issue with that?"

because xxx xxxx had no interest in participating until late in the season when they saw another successful venture that might take some of their business away, then when they were asked not to compete with another business that had been there all summer their reaction was to undermine and ruin something good for the town to protect their bottom line.
That is how in my "right mind" I now have a big problem with the xxx xxxx boys.
9:41 am edt 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Farmer's Market

Yes it was on the pier for 2 years and it had about 4 or 5 vendors that were getting blown of the pier most of the time. Why does the PPPC have to be the bad guy as I think that it was the operator of the pier farmers market that left the pier for greener pastures. There was no business being done. Please checks your fact unless you are         again and then don't bother.
11:53 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

No one wanted to BAN the farmer's market, they just wanted the rules to be fair and support given to local businesses.  Instead of a local business being excluded because they compete with an off-cape business already there.

How can you in your right mind have an issue with that?
8:08 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

"Perhaps someone will call Town Hall tomorrow and ask what the town's governing body is doing to facilitate this permit process."

What?  Someone would actually do something besides sitting at their computer whining?  Doubt it.
8:07 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

I have the gift of living in two places and go back and forth every week.  One place I live and work is in on the Cape in Provincetown the other place I LIVE AND WORK is in the Western part of the Sate.  
Where I live in Western MA. "THE PIONEER VALLEY",  there is a VERY large community of farmers and Farmers markets that run every day of the week.  Each town, community and county has worked closely together to create enough diversity so that there are farmers markets every day of the week.  The Local Farmers and Bakers and Welders and Knitters, Honey Makers and and and are all welcome to come in BUT local is the key word.  They live in Western Mass, NOT BOSTON or CAPE COD.  Nor are people from those areas invited to come.  FOR A REASON.  
These are bumper stickers you see on MORE than half of the vehicles in The Pioneer Valley and as

8:05 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

"Just look at the tasteless Stop & Shop produce. Looks good. Tastes manufactured."

I think the produce at the Stop & Shop is great.  I had some wonderful watermelon, strawberries, etc from there and was very pleased.  But I realized most on this blog just want to complain.

MyPACC = Provincetown Association of Complaining Citizens
8:01 pm edt 

BOS Meeting For the Farmer's Market

I wonder if this "banning the farmer's market issue" will be brought to the selectmen attention during the "Public comments" segment of the meeting?

The folks who wanted to ban the farmer's market got their time to speak; what if we flooded the meeting and each spoke our minds regarding this issue?

I'd love to see it happen; when is the meeting?
7:59 pm edt 

Re: Pier Corp Farmer's Market

You deserve answers?  I dont think you do unless your on the pier corp farmers market, or issuing the permits. Why do you to make such bold demands? if you feel you are entitled join a board otherwise you sound so foolish.
7:57 pm edt 

Kerry Adams Support For the Farmer's Market

Thank you to Kerry Adams of Pier Corp. for being bold enough to bring the Farmers Market issue before the rest of his board by asking that the market be allowed to happen on the pier for the next three weeks. Too bad none of the other board members were willing to go the extra mile for the town or the farmers. What gives? The market was there on the pier before.
7:55 pm edt 

We Should Be Welcoming the Farmer's Market and There is No Other Local Produce

  Just look at the tasteless Stop & Shop produce. Looks good. Tastes manufactured. There is a paucity of good, healthy, fresh produce in town and now we are turning these farmers'group away. With produce, this is local since they are from Massachusetts and the southeast coast.
  We don't have farmers in Provincetown. Remember, we're the ones who turn open land into affordable housing. So no farms. We don't make money on farms and open land so we should be the first to applaud this institution at a time when we are concerned with healthy eating and local produce.
5:53 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

Perhaps someone will call Town Hall tomorrow and ask what the town's governing body is doing to facilitate this permit process. One hopes that the inspectors will put this at the top of their list.

This reflects badly on the town, especially after the farmer's market has been in operation here for two years.

This is an unsettling situation.
5:52 pm edt 

Pier Corporation vs Farmer's Market

We deserve answers! Why couldn't Farmer's Market be on MacMillan? Afterall it was there for two seasons.  What is really their reasoning? Do they really think we are idiots and would get confused by the change of venue?
We don't buy it!
2:28 pm edt 

Pier Corporation vs Farmer's Market

There wasn't enough money in it for the pier management.  They didn't want to be bothered.
It didn't matter what the town wanted.

Screw your bottom lineJ
2:27 pm edt 

Farmer's Market at Shank Painter Road!

Great idea about shank painter road farmer's market, fish market and stop and shop--all together. Excellent idea.
2:13 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

The Farmer's market has been here for a couple of years. Why didn't this issue of permits come up prior to opening day? Not everyone here has a garden plot for fresh veggies.

Somehow the town owes it to these folks and to us to go through the permit process etc. and get them established here for the season.

The town is at fault--these people weren't trying to get away with something.
2:12 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

Disgusting. permits or no. really, what next? the yard sales? many i've talked to certainly agree with a call for a boycott. they can keep their pies and cookies. this is why we can't have nice things....shameful. and if the selectman dropped the ball, they should fix it and not just cave in to a couple of petty proprietors.
11:12 am edt 

Re: Farmer's Market
I am all for the farmers market. They should find a place maybe out on Shankpainter Rd. where there is parking with lots of room for any vendor that wants to sell thier products. As the vendors don't sell staples etc. people would be able to finish up at Stop & Shop. Maybe the guy that is opening at Clem & Ursies would let them use part of his property and you would be able to get fresh fish as well. Kind of one stop shopping at 3 places within a block of each other. Most Farmers Market are in locations like this not in congested areas where people have to wait 15 minutes to get down Ryder Street if they are not going to shop.
Just a thought.
11:10 am edt 

Re: Farmer's Market vs Local Business

It's facinating how reactionary people on this blog are. May I suggest that you take a moment and look at issues from both sides before reacting.

I am certain that the boys from that market are not particularly against fresh produce, supporting small farmers, etc.

Seems to me what they are against is unfair competition and double standards. If they and every other business in town has to pay for permits, inspections, etc., then it only seems fair that the Farmer's Market does the same.

Would it be fair if you had to pay property tax but your next door neighbor didn't? I don't think so.

And while I think the market is great and adds something to the town and it's residents, there is something to be said for keeping money local and supporting Provincetown businesses. (even when it means paying more for some items)
You have chosen to live in a resort town that has a short season, and yes, higher prices for many items is the price to pay for living here).
11:08 am edt 

Re: Farmer's Market vs Pier corporation

I can go to the stop and shop and buy a chocolate cake or I can make a chocolate cake with sour cream, rum, chocolate chips, pkg of choc pudding, eggs and then put it in a pan that has been drizzled with praline sauce and create a masterpiece. Would I charge the same for that as I would for a cake mix where I just add water, two eggs, beat and bake?

I gladly pay for quality. Diamonds and pearls don't interest me, but truly delicious food is worth the cost.

The farmer's market will just have to get the permits and jump through the hoops--but they know that we will be here when they return.

What I don't understand is why the pier felt that no one would know where the farmer's market is if they moved it to the pier.

I loved reading this: There is a gag order at the bank--and yet everyone knows what is going on. The pier thinks people will be wandering around aimlessly if the farmer's market was there? Who is kidding whom?
11:06 am edt 

Re: Pier Corp Farmer's vs Market

Who are those people who run the pier corp? If you had a clue about what you are blogging about you would know who they are, there is a reason that they are not allowing the market on the pier and it's not because they are evil, there is a well thought out reason. Do you always make it a habit of atttacking people you dont even know for reasons that you have no clue about........there is a P&B bus that leaves here twice a day and in then summer 3 times a day maybe you would be more comfortable in another town or just jump back in that tide that brought you in                      
11:03 am edt 

A Positive Approach

Why can't we all play nice and let everyone who wants to sell at the Farmers Market do so? Why does everything in this town have to be so politicized? Everyone should be allowed to sell produce and products. No one should be told they can't sell particular things because someone else is selling them already. Also, can we please find a larger venue to set the Farmers Market up? The present space is too small and very, very crowded. How about down on Jerome Smith next to the town hall boxes? There's plenty of room and would be less congestion. Just a thought,but please lets stop making everything so difficult for everybody who wants to do something beneficial for this town.

Butternut Squash
11:00 am edt 

Re: New Police Station

I suggest that those of you who think a new Police Station is needed take a look around.
Instead of spending money on a new building, you'd be better served by sending the police and firefighters to DRIVING SCHOOL. First the ladder truck is ruined and then just a few days ago an officer ran into a telephone pole. The coverage in the Times was, of course, slanted in favor of the officer by reporting that the telephone pole he ran into was close to the street. Call the local Driver's Ed teacher and maybe you could get a group rate. At least you might get some return on your expenditure.
10:56 am edt 

I Have an Idea:

Let's ruin thnis entire "local food" concept... let's kill all the independent farms in this area by making what is already a low profit job (farming) less profitable. Those horrible farmers need to be stopped. I feel so bad for the shop owners who only charge $16 for a sandwich and soda, and 5 bucks for a cup of coffee. If xxx xxxx was not there, what will happen to our local venders; such as sisco and coca cola? Everyone is feeling bad for the farmers, but not me, I am in full support of the store that doesn't carry any national brands; just little providers like nabisco, pepsi and oh yes, that sweet small pepperidge farm.

Obviously xxx xxxx is just getting by, that is why it is always sixty bucks for one nights worth of food.

Let's get on board with these good people who want to save us from the evil that is local produce from local vendors. I will not be happy until I only have one choice in provincetown... poor xxx xxxx! It only has hundreds of people in it all the time buying their low low priced cookies and sandwiches.
8:06 am edt 

Farmers Market Foul Play!

Is it true that the owners of a market on Bradford Street, along with one of their employees who doesn't even live in town, put the kabosh on the Farmers Market?  If so, someone needs to call a foul play.   I am a loyal customer of both the Farmers Market and the market on Bradford  Street.   However, if it's true that XXX, XXX and XXXXX, conspired to kill the Farmers Market, I say we should boycott their market until Farmers Market is brought back.
8:03 am edt 

New Police Station

I too believe that it is our civic responsibility to build and maintain a serious and secure Police headquarters. We must build a new police station for the benefit of the town and for the police officers.

It is time to start the conversation. Look at the facts of what exists now and what is needed to replace it.
8:01 am edt 

Farmers Market
All these posts about TONWS PEOPLE in FAVOR of the farmers market.  I have lived here for 15 years and for the last 2 have tried to shop at the farmers market, but when a loaf of bread costs 2 or 3 dollars more than at the portugues backer down the street, NO WAY JOSE.  And a small danish costs a buck more at the farmers market.  NO WAY JOSE.  And an ear of corn cost 4X as much as the GU or Stop and Shop?  I don't care that it was grown on the cape or run by cape coders or there parents  (That is a whole different story).  GU and Stop & Shop pay taxes here.  I say if people are stupid enough to buy OVER PRICED PRODUCE, that is fine, but make sure they pay the same thing for permits that I have to pay.
8:00 am edt 

Farmer's Market

If its true that XXXXXXX started the trouble with the Farmers Market because they were afraid of losing business one a day per week, then I will never ever shop at XXXXXXX again. Is this claim substantiated??People are becoming greedy about everything in this town. The Farmers Market was an opportunity to bring fresh produce to the area and help small market farmers sell their produce. Next thing you know you'll need a permit to pee.

7:58 am edt 

Re: Sexual Harrassment

Biding your time is exactly what the perpertrator is hoping for. You need to speak up and if you are let go because of it then you call the MCAD and file a complaint. If you stand by and don't say anything nothing will get better. Harrassment is against the law and people just cant sit there and take it. Speak up, make a complaint and stop letting these bullies get away with this horrendous behavior.

7:56 am edt 

Farmer's Market

Shut down the farmers market!  I found a worm in my apple
7:55 am edt 

Farmer's Market vs Local Business

so the guy who runs the farmer's market determines who participates and who doesn't.  And someone from off-cape sells baked goods so a local business that sells baked goods can't bring their product to the farmer's market?  

Sorry, I support our local businesses and not someone who tells local businesses they can't be in the farmer's market if they compete with another business (not from Provincetown) who is already at the market.

Support our local businesses !
7:54 am edt 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Make it Right

The powers that be must call an emergency meeting to issue permits for the farmers market. Someone in town administration made a mistake.. dropped the ball.. MAKE IT RIGHT!
11:38 pm edt 

Farmer's Market

"I Also will NOt Be Shopping at a Place Where the Owners Put the Screws to the Farmer's Market."

I WILL be shopping at 'that place', I already do and will continue to do so.  The owners brought an issue before the B.O.S. that needed to be heard.  And after listening to their issues I agree with them.  

Typical over-reaction on this blog.
11:36 pm edt 

Time Out

The opposition to the farmer's market is correct in wanting the market to operate on equal playing grounds as any other  business that operates in this town...
That means liscenses, inspections, insurance, rent (what do they pay the town for prime real estate in prime time?)
And what part of the money that is taken in is spent in this town?  My guess ZERO. Are they here in the winter? Do they support local charities?  What do they do for this community besides operate their  business on a transient basis for less cost and regulation than is standard for brick and mortar businesses.  I will miss them also but am 100% in understanding why this particular market has stood up and said "Play fair."
11:32 pm edt 

Farmer's Market

No Fresh Tomatoes, No Fesh Lettuce, No Fabulous Olice Oil

Are you serious? Who is the person or persons who put a stop to this wonderful Farmer's Market? Who? And why have others put a stop to this enjoyable and healthy venture?

Then maybe every yard sale will be next. No selling of anything without permits, signs, and more and mroe regulations. and this is the town that doen'st enforce its own rules. So why the Farmer's Market? Who was threatened? Who made it rain on our parade?
7:26 pm edt 

Farmer's Market

Don't blame the 'powers that be' that the market is now delayed in opening.  They originally allowed an extended season to the market months ago because it is so well appreciated by the town folks.  But once it was brought to their attention that the permits were invalid, they had no choice but to stop it till the ZBA approves the change.  If the BOS starts over riding rules which are in place to protect us, then all hell will break loose.  They were working on advice from town counsel.

And to address the to local vendors, they have endorsed a local committee to oversee the vendors in the market.  If you like what's in the market now or would like to see more local product there, then call or e-mail the town manager or the BOS and let them know you would be interested in serving on this new committee.

It's obviously broken.  Let's fix it and move forward.
7:22 pm edt 

Re: New Police Station

Support for the Police Does not mean Support for  New Police Station

Are they nuts? Do the police feel they are just so entitled they can ask for anything and get it? No, No, No.

This is not the economic time to even be discussing this wacky request. And I fault the police--all of them who support this--to even keep bringing this up. No way, Jose.
7:19 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

I Also will NOt Be Shopping at a Place Where the Owners Put the Screws to the Farmer's Market

This is petty. This is ridiculous. This hurst us all. al great venue for all of us supporting local produce--please we have no farms in Provincetown--and some business owenrs are attempting to undermine this local venture.

Why are we allowing this to happen? We want what we had. Let's fight for it and no more support to XXX XXXX or any other business that tried and obviously succeeded in undermining this great, exciting venue.
7:17 pm edt 

Re: Sexual Harassment

If an employee in this town goes to their employer about being sexually harassed or forced to endure anti-gay taunts, then the next they will find that they aren't "on the schedule". They are just let go to fade into the woodwork.

I've worked with a young woman who had to leave her job because of the sexual harassment onslaught she faced every day. I mentioned it to a guy who works with her and he said that he girls just laugh. When I asked him to ask them how he felt, he was shocked to hear how they felt and their laughter was a "nervous laugh". I begged this young woman to let me write a letter on her behalf--but she wouldn't allow me to, even though she quit her job and wouldn't be affected in any way.

Another young woman I know, who was amply endowed, had to endure being huged by her male co-workers. I was shocked by this too. It started with a delivery guy and then the other guys picked up on it--she couldn't do anything and her boss just closed his eyes and ears to it.

So, the anti-gay slurs that the person has to endure won't end with him saying something. Ask any one in the restaurant business--who goes first--the needed chef or the put upon server or bus person?

So, I will bide my time, and if it continues, I will write annonymously to the address listed here and see what happens. In the meantime, some serious "sensitivity training" needs to be instituted to people who come to work here in Provincetown.
7:14 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

How did the farmers market operate for the past two years if permits were not issued? The Banner reported at least a month ago the season would be expanded ealier and later into the shoulder season and just two days before it was to open it got cancelled. Andy tells us he will not open for at least six weeks and possibly never. What a loss! I went every Saturday it was open and always ate lunch at our restaurants. Not this year. Something is very wrong.
7:09 pm edt 

Pier Corporation vs Farmer's Market

Why do we let those people continue to run our pier? Who are they to tell us we can't use it for Farmer's Market for a few weeks?

Those people operate in a vacuum and are clueless about doing things for the good of our  community.
7:08 pm edt 

New Police Station

There goes Mikey again, trying to spend more of my hard earned dollars for a new police station!
7:06 pm edt 

Re: Cat Park

This Hake was being very serious about the Cat Park. If we can have a Dog Park in P-town, why not a cat park I ask? Miss Nagle seems to have the connections to get things done so I asked her to take the lead. Be the items needed donanted or otherwise, I am at the ready.  My check book remains open.

Now, as far as locations go...

Mud Hake
7:05 pm edt 

The Schools:

Here are the facts that people should be looking at about the schools.

Busing will not cost $1.6 million per year.

It will cost 162K per year.

So why not regionalize?  Isnt that the best idea?

Perhaps.  But Truro has never been formally asked to merge or regionalize with Nauset.

And Ptown has never been formally asked to merge or regionalize with Nauset.

It is only within the last year-and-a-half that Nauset Supt. Gradone floated the idea of regionalization.  He has not asked Ptown directly.  He has simply stated in the paper that it would be a good idea.  But, still, there is no concrete offer from him or, more importantly, from the Nauset school committee.

What Nauset has done up to now is try to convince Ptown parents to send their 6-12 children to Nauset, without regionalizing.  All Nauset wants is money from Ptown and Truro, not a partnership.

They simply want us to bus our kids to Nauset.

If the high school were to close, and if Ptown does have to bus kids to Nauset, Ptown will be solely responsible for transportation costs.

It will cost Ptown over $900 a day to ferry kids to the two Nauset schools.  That is 162K per year.

Why would Nauset ever agree to share this cost?  If Nauset officially offered us regionalization, the citizens of Orleans, Brewster, Wellfleet and Eastham would have to share the costs of transporting kids from Ptown.  Do you honestly think those citizens and their school committee are going to agree to that?

Further, if Ptown sends 50 more kids to Nauset, at 13K a kid (which is the going rate for a district when it sends one of its kids to another district) that's 650K of our money being sent to Nauset.

Add the 31 kids Ptown is already sending to Nauset and to Lighthouse Charter and, at 13K a kid, that's another 273K being sent to Nauset.

Then add 735K for transporting the 24 Special Need kids whose parents are from Ptown at 35K per kid (transporting the Special needs kids is the real sticking point for Nauset).

Finally, add the 162K Ptown will have to pay to transport the non-Special needs kids to Eastham and to Orleans.

The total comes to 1.82 million dollars--every year; with Ptown having little or no say on the Nauset School Committee.

Right now, the high school costs Ptown $1.1 million per year.

So where will the savings come from?

And though some people wish that Nauset would merge or regionalize with Ptown, why would Nauset agree to do so?

Why would Nauset want to take on Ptown's (or Truro's) transportation costs if it doesnt have to?

So where are the savings if we just send our kids to Nauset without regionalizing?

Sure, we could sell the high school (which the town and the school committee has borrowed heavily against).

But wed still be shelling out 1.82 million dollars--every year; with Ptown having little or no say on the Nauset School Committee.

Well still have to spend close to five million dollars on the elementary school, on pensions and on administration.

I know: you're about to say it's not all about money; it's about education.

Well, if the quality of education is so bad at Ptown High, how does it keep sending students to Top 50 schools (as ranked by US News and World Report)?

In the last four years Ptown has sent two girls to Smith and one boy to BC.

Ptown High sends a larger percentage of kids to four-year colleges than any other high school on the Cape.

Nauset's not even in the top five.

How bad could the education at Ptown High be?

Lastly, the DOR has suggested we regionalize with Nauset.

But how can we do that if Nauset isn't offering?

We have meetings with them and among ourselves--but still there is no offer.

Jessica waugh has never turned down regionalization because it has never been offered to Provincetown.

Nauset has never said publicly that it had made a serious offer to Ptown.

If Ptown had turned Nauset, wouldn't Nauset tell us?

So, what to we do?

I say regionalize with Nauset but keep the high school going.

Kids from Ptown and Truro could go to Ptown.

The rest could go to Nauset.

That will seriously cut down on transportation costs while giving Nauset the money it sorely needs from us, from the state and from the feds.

Many systems have two or more high schools.

Why not ours?

Let's pin the Nauset Supt. and School Committee against the wall and say we're ready to regionaize but that we want to keep our schools.
7:02 pm edt 

Farmer's Market

I will never set foot in XXXXXXX again.
Nor will I look at Jim or Tom the same way either... boy, has my opinion of them changed
6:25 pm edt 

Farmer's Market

In the illustrious words of our current BOS chair, "We dropped the ball".
6:21 pm edt 

Ban the Festival--Permits Not in Order

I want to ban the Portuguese Festival because they will be selling food--hello Health Inspector. They will be selling cook books and possibly music CDs. Do they have all of their permits?

Shine the interrogation light of every facet of that event too. Are you listening all of you Powers that Be? Do they get billed for the lighting and other uses of electricity?

If you can come crashing down on a farmer's market the Portuguese Festival must be a hot bed of demerits just waiting to be revealed.

Oh, but roll out the red carpet for a derelict boat of homeless men tied up at the pier for a year; forget about rules and regulations on their behalf. What a misuse of power.
6:20 pm edt 

Pier Corporation vs Farmer's Market

Director Adams of Pier Corp. was the only board member in favor of bring the Farmers Market to the pier. In fact, he was the one who brought it up. His cohorts however were a different story. They wouldn't even vote on it!
6:18 pm edt 

Farmer's Market

Why didn't the town inform the farmer's market about the permits needed? Why in the world would anyone be against something that locals are so excited about?

Ah the jealousy that someone is perceived to have a better venue or seems to encroach on their "territory". With this type of reasoning one should insist that there should only be one restaurant in town.

How petty--and shameful. The town has taken this away from its citizens and visitors and creating hard feelings in its wake. Good going ye Powers that be.
9:32 am edt 

Re: Dog Park

The Dog Park is an example of people coming together with an idea and a goal and realizing it. It takes sustained effort and commitment and these folks did it out of the goodness of their heart--not for profit or gain.

Candace initiated this and now it is a reality. Why denigrate this?

Examine your own motives.
9:31 am edt 

To Mud Hake:
Your rantings about a cat park are more than ridiculous.
It's clear that you don't like Candance Nagle and you have a right to your opinion and a right to express it on this blog. However, why not be a straight shooter about it?
Being sarcastic about the needs of your cat is assinine. Say what you will about Candace, but she did a stellar job creating the dog park and there is just no denying that-whether you love her or hate her. Trying to attack her on that front just won't work and only discredits those that try to especially with petty accussations.
8:51 am edt 

Pier Corporation vs Farmer's Market

Hey, we can have the slasher and his gang on a derelict boat for a year---but we can't have a farmer's market for a few weeks?

In a town like this, where we even know about embezzlement at the bank even though there is a self-imposed bank ordered gag order..the pier thinks that people won't know about the farmer's market change of venue--how ridiculous!!!

How absurd some reasoning is in this town. I too am not going to get certain treats at a certain store. I'll go up the road a bit by the stop signs instead.
8:39 am edt 

Guess What is Happening at the Pier's Pavillion Today?........
....nothing, absolutely nothing. Just another mismanaged asset by the pier miscreants.....
8:37 am edt 

Farmer's Market

I attended the annual meeting of an organization and who was the keynote speaker? Andy Pollock.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that he was the one who brought the farmer's market to Provincetown!

Imagine my chagrin that the town has thrown a wrench into this--when it allows a derelict boat at the pier for a year.

8:33 am edt 

Farmer's Market

The farmer's market is about sustainability; about buying produce from regional farms--not strawberries from Mexico in February. Why would someone throw a wrench into something that is trying to help local farmers?

The town bends over backwards to give millions to housing developers--and now it throws a wrench into a venture by local farmers.

Even the first lady is creating a garden at the white house..and we stop farmers from bringing fresh produce here. They sell a certain tomato at the Farmers Market in August--the best I've ever tasted, even better than the ones that I grow.

I just won't go to a certain store if they are going to stop such a venture as the Farmer's market.
8:31 am edt 

Farmer's Market

Sorry, but going after the farmer's market (for whatever reasons you come up with) is truly petty. do you really think they are gouging your cash pile that much? one day a week. i hope it returns, but i certainly know where i won't shop anymore. typical approach to a small successful venture in this town. knock it down. petty, petty, petty.
8:28 am edt 

Re: Skate Park

I think I'll take my son skateboarding at the dog park today, should be fun
8:27 am edt 

New Police Station

The police officers of Provincetown protect and serve the citizens of Provincetown and its visitors. Our civic duty and obligation as citizens is to provide a police headquarters that assures the safety these police officers and also the people whom they arrest.

Rather than a tight, secure facility, the current police station was fashioned out of a regular building and it is totally inadequate to the job.

Educating our children, renovating Town Hall, building a secure Police Station, this is when we must fulfill our moral obligation as citizens and raise the funds to secure the health and safety of our police officers.

This town has voted to buy land for millions of dollars and then give it to rich developers and then the town votes to  give hundreds of thousands of dollars to another rich developer when all the while these developers had access to a wealth of other funding sources.

Believe me, these developers wouldn't pass on an opportunity to build housing developments here in Provincetown.

They wouldn't turn around and walk away from from such an opportunity if we said no to buying the land or giving them the money.

The money that could have gone to the library and that could have been put in reserve for town hall thus reducing the burden on the taxpayers was instead given to rich developers.

Now we have to pay some of the cost of these projects out of our own pocket. Don't dismiss the needs for a new police station or jeopardize the safety of our officers due to mistakes in giving money away in the past.

Hopefully with homeland security monies and perhaps other grants, along with taxpayer money this new police headquarters will be built.

Michael Rogovsky
8:26 am edt 

Farmer's Market

I will not shop at XXXXXXX until the Saturday the farmers market opens. It worked in the past very well. Don't make up reasons that it can't or shouldn't work now.
8:23 am edt 

Cat Park vs Dog Park?

Was the sand from Truro truly a donation to Miss Nagles doggy retreat? Do the good denizens of our closest neighbor know of their thoughtful gift?

As far as oversight is concerned; does Camp Nagle have a breakdown of the items that were given and the ones that were er, um not given?

For her part in this odd and surreal performance, I must hand it to the leading lady; none other than our very own Ms. Candace Nagle herself. She puts the bark in park! The dog yard is an inspired accomplishment befitting a person of Ms. Nagles talents. Pilgrim Bark Park is a nice palace, oops I meant place (sorry!).

As a cat owner, Im feeling quite discriminated against, what with my Trixie, a feline frolicker that loves mousing, car chasing, tail chasing, kibble crunching, as well as a good rawhide chewy. Trixie is an old gal but she can keep pace with any dog in the neighborhood. A high maintenance tigress, my Trixie needs a romping area that can handle her rowdy outbursts.

So Candace, is it you I ask? When can we expect to see a Cat Park?  Id like it to have all the same amenities as the dog park: a bubbler for owner and animal, lots of toys and good diggin spots, perhaps a Meower Tower for kitty climbing. Oh what fun we will have!

My check book is in hand Ms. Nagle, when shall we begin this awe inspiring spectacular spectacle? I like the name Cape Kitty Cat Park, how about you?

Mud Hake
8:22 am edt 

1.6M to Bus Children?
Assuming 60 kids in the high school (which is generous) each traveling to and from during a 180 day school year.  The math comes out to about $75 per trip per student.

So now we are paying almost as much as a Harvard education to keep the high school open, if we close it we can also send the kids to Nauset in Limos.

Cost of a small school bus, at most $80,000.  Let's buy two.  That's a one time cost of $160,000.  Two bus drivers well paid at $50,000 plus 1/3 in benefits equals $132,000.  Let's throw in 2 bus monitors at $30,000 plus benefits, that's another $90,000.  Add insurance and fuel, let's say another $100,000.  All these figures are exorbitantly high and they still only equal $482,000 and that's with brand new buses every year.

Who ever came up with the figure of 1.6 million in transportation costs?  Oh yeah, the school committee.  No agenda there....
12:07 am edt 

Dear Mr. Webmaster -

Is it me or has the black pen been coming out a bit more frequently? Why so much censoring? Are we adults or children? I believe I have the capacity to read and understand. As well, I can seperate a slur, slight, slap, insult, barb, prejudicial statement from a normal comment, congratulation, remark, insight, humorous anecdote, banter, reflection, prose, etc...  Please spare us the Big Brother Black pen!

Mud Hake
12:01 am edt 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Farmer's Market

So, to all of us that pay our taxes, try to make a living here for the season, and own property here, we are suppose to let "vendors" come here and sell product and take some of our business away?  We have to get inspected by the health department.  We have to buy fire equipment, permits, insurance, water bills and much more.  They pay what?
And I read that the person that brings baked goods doesn't even live on the cape?  Oh, sorry, his parents have a home on the cape?  GIVE ME A BREAK.   So I am related to the mayflower and pilgrims.  Do I get speacial breaks.
The town is 100% right in making them get all the permits for a LEGAL business/market.
This isn't about being petty.  It is about being FAIR......... FAIR to everyone.  
11:59 pm edt 

Skate Park and Pit bull

Perhaps the guy didn't know about the dog park? Perhaps he just did it on a lark. Why didn't you say,"Excuse me sir, are you aware that there is a dog park right around the corner?"

Instead, you build up this whole scenario in your mind and play the "unofficial, indignant dog patrol officer"; Who made you the skate board park police if no children were there vulnerable to attack?

Please examine your motives and your intent; as this says more about you than the guy playing with his Pit bull. I wonder if you would have written this if the dog was a Jack Russel?
11:55 pm edt 


"Nauset won't even be paying for the busing of those children (which would cost them or us 1.6M); and that's why it has been very slow to regionalize with us."

Making up the facts as you go along doesn't help your case.  If it cost $1.6M to bus the children to Nauset I will buy buses, hire staff and do it for a million.  It will NOT cost $1.6M to bus the kids to Nauset.
11:23 pm edt 

You Folks Are Too Funny

"That Mr. Roderick would bring this up, and destroy such a wonderful new asset top town is just horrible. Small minded and evil, and if I have my info straight, he is not even a voting resident of this town. "


Pier Corp. - You don't like
Everyone and their brother wanted to haul them in for not going before the Historic District Commission for the trap sheds.

Town Hall Renovation - BOS/town project - you don't like
Again, you were in an uproar because they should have had proper permits for the temporary fencing.

Farmers Market - You do like
One person (motive doesn't matter) wants to make them abide by the rules that are suppose to apply to everyone and have them get the proper permits and he is vilified.

Can't have it both ways !  Either everyone abides by rules or no one does, which is it?
11:21 pm edt 

Pier Corporation and Farmer's Market

Kerry Adams was contacted by the Town.  Please enough with your spin, Town management was there with its research. It shared with the PPPC that Farmer's Market could be held on the pier.
11:16 pm edt 

Actually Chair Clingham Shot it Down........

....because he was afraid to get involved.

It was a real slap in the face to the Town and its supporters.

Slighting the Whydah now Farmer's Market. What's next
11:14 pm edt 

The Last Thing We Need in This Economic Time is a New Police Station
WE have spent enough on foolosh large projects. This is not one this town should consider now. Ridiculous to even think about this at this time. ARe you really aware of what financial disaster this nation and thus this state and thus this town is facing? How unrealistic. How sad that such poor thinking is part of this town.
11:12 pm edt 

Small Minded Thinking
Keeping the Farmer's Market out of Provincetown when the nation is concerend with fresh produce and local produce makes no sense. But Provincetown has a way of shooting itself in the foot. Here we go again. Poor decision and we all lose.
11:11 pm edt 

Skatepark and Pitbull

Does anyone feel that this story i'm about to tell ,direspectful,or is it me??.....ok.............the other day i was going into town hall on jerome smith road when i notice a gentleman and his pitbull playing freezbie inside the kids skatepark when in fact theres a DOG PARK 200 YARDS AWAY..i felt that was a stab to our children and him justin being disrespectful an             .is it me??..i think the recreation director will be getting a call from a few families for this matter.......unbelievable!!
4:32 pm edt 

Re: Dog Park

I think thats wonderful that Truro gave you sand candy, do their tax payers know this or was it a favor? There's some graet homes for sale there candy I think you would love living there.    

4:30 pm edt 

Great Loss

I loved going to the farmers market. It would be a shame to lose it.
4:28 pm edt 

Pier Corporation and Farmer's Market

"Yesterday, The TOWN asked the Pier Corp to allow the Farmer's Market to use the pier on a short term basis. They were turned down flat. Did not even get voted on.
This is yet another reason to get the pier back into the Town's control."

If there was no vote, how could it be turned down? The TOWN did NOT ask the Pier Corp at all. One of the Pier Corp. directors suggested the pier as a temporary venue for the Farmer's Mkt. After discussion, it was tabled because there wouldn't have been enough time to put it together for the 3 short weekends needed and it was felt that it would only cause confusion having the event relocated in 3 weeks to a different spot!

Get your facts straight before you make accusations!
4:27 pm edt 

New Police Station

Provincetown does need a new Police station. What we have is substandard. The facts bear this out. Our police force deserves a suitable police headquarters. The town needs it--it isn't a luxury item--but a necessary one.  
4:25 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market
The farmer's market brings regionally grown, fresh produce to town. The fact that they had a baker with them from the start is fine. It adds diversity.

Didn't the local stores get enough attention when the stop and shop was being renovated? Having a farmer's market adds a certain cachet to the town as well.

How petty that someone is throwing a wrench into this situation. And the pier says no to them as well. What closed minded people. Afraid someone is going to make a little more.
It is all about sustainability. Alas, Provincetown cuts off its nose to spite its face.
4:23 pm edt 

Dear Concerned Parent
I guess that someone will have to call the principal of Nauset High school and read him what you wrote and get the *True* facts.

From the people I know who have sent their children there; Nauset high school is a a true realm of learning and social interaction. The student body is truly dynamic, inspiring, challenging; essentially a world of interesting students.

Please remember the headlines last year when Nauset wanted to Regionalize that the school Supt. said,"NO". Don't try to rewrite history.
4:22 pm edt 

Re: Farmer's Market

Ugh... does anyone really believe that a local vendor would be kept out of the Farmer's Market? Just how many local farms do you know of? In order to have a vibrant market, the more the merrier is key.

That Mr. Roderick would bring this up, and destroy such a wonderful new asset top town is just horrible. Small minded and evil, and if I have my info straight, he is not even a voting resident of this town.

In other news, does anyone know a good payroll service? I think I want to change my current provider to someone else. Someone with a better moral compass.
1:59 pm edt 

Farmer's Market:
"The issue is that most vendors are coming from off-Cape and when local vendors wanted to be a part of it they were told they couldn't because they would compete with already existing vendors." 

The above is simply untrue, Andy, the organizer of the market wants it to be as big as possible; any and all cape farmers are welcome. And really, do we actualy consider Farmers from Dartmouth (only 15 miles from Falmouth) to be 'outsiders'???
C'mon, folks... you are killing something wonderful with this micromanagement. Provincetown could be known for a great farmers maRKET... THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WOULD BRING MANY PEOPLE AND THEIR MONEY TO TOWN.
To pretend that this is being done to protect local vendors, and making up the lie that locals were being kept out, is ignorant at best and evil at it's core. Stop lying.
1:57 pm edt 

Buy Locally!

With Connie's Bakery, the Portuguese Bakery, Far Land, Angel Foods, etc., we DO HNOT NEED a bakery from Watertown at the Farmer's Market.  Support the ones who pay taxes here.  Steve Roderick is right!!!
1:55 pm edt 

To: Regionalization

Do you have school-aged children?
If you do, I'm sure you'll love the two hours a day that your kids will be spending on a bus.
To go where?
To a system that doesn't want to regionalize with us.
Nauset only wants to take the 13K per kid (35K for special needs) that school choice dictates we give to that system if our kids go there.
Nauset won't even be paying for the busing of those children (which would cost them or us 1.6M); and that's why it has been very slow to regionalize with us.
Nauset does not want to pay one penny for Ptown kids.  Nauset wants us to pay it while busing our kids to Nauset.
Nauset talks regionalization; but it never makes a concrete offer.
Shoot, if they made an offer, at least we'd have something to work with.  But all Nauset does is talk.
What Nauset wants is for us to close our schools so we'll have no choice but to use school choice and bus our kids to Nauset.
Nauset will lose over 450 kids (6-12) in the next two years; they need cash.  It want ours.
We should merge with Truro and end school choice (except, of course, with Cape Tech).

A Concerned Parent
1:53 pm edt 

Let it Be!

I am so happy to see all the improvements the Stop and Shop is making. What a huge asset to Provincetown it has become.On the other hand, I am totally sad to have the farmers market being challanged.The market brought huge enthusiasm to Saturdays. Please let the market be!
12:44 pm edt 


Nauset is an exciting high school teeming with intelligent students full of dynamism and energy. There is a society of students there and the feeling is one of energy and intellectual pursuit and social interaction.

Provincetown had a summit, the sun went down, nothing was done and time has passed by the high school. It lies covered in dust and our vision is now on regionalization. It is the best situation for our students.

Of course it is hard to imagine regionalizing and the loss of teaching jobs here--but that is what must be done for the best education of our students.
12:43 pm edt 

Re: Adams and Grasso

"Mr. Kerry and Grasso and their ilk are the ones who speak up at town meeting--they speak up by yelling,"Call the question".

Is this your idea of leadership or principled behavior? Provincetown is in a deep mess and it will take some outsiders like the department of revenue and the our own planning board to call a halt of these "intrusion" that are a blemish on the town of Provincetown."

I have never heard either of these men yelling "call the question" and I have sat near both on many occasions at Town Meeting. However, now that you mention it, we do live in a DEMOCRATIC society don't we? Calling the question is just as much their right as anyone else's! Bill Dugal, Steve Melamed, even Barbara Rushmore have called their share of questions too yet you don't condemn them here.

Perhaps you have an issue with one or both of these men and their so called "ilk"? The only "blemish" on the town of Provincetown is the very idea from your post that we don't live in a democtratic enough society to call a question when we so deem.

Move to Afghanistan and take up your bleeding heart campaign there! 

12:41 pm edt 

Pier Corp and Farmer's Market

Yesterday, The TOWN asked the Pier Corp to allow the Farmer's Market to use the pier on a short term basis. They were turned down flat. Did
not even get voted on.
This is yet another reason to get the pier back into the Town's control.  
12:36 pm edt 

Another Side to the Farmer's Market
The issue is that most vendors are coming from off-Cape and when local vendors wanted to be a part of it they were told they couldn't because they would compete with already existing vendors.  In my mind, preference should be given to local vendors as a means to keep the $$$ in town instead of sending them off-Cape.  That's what started this issue.
12:34 pm edt 

Re: Dog Park

No Mud Hake the dog park pays for the water and did not receive sand. However, thank you to the Town of Truro for their generous sand donation to Provincetown's dog park!

Since the land is owned by The Town of Provincetown as the pier, proper oversight is needed to protect taxpayers' interests.  Afterall, they are the guardians of town property and they take that seriously.

See you at the dog park!
12:33 pm edt 

Re: Antigay Harrassment

Speak with your boss of the business. Let them know that the workplace is hostile. If it doesnt change, call the

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

One Congress Street
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 565 3200


Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD)

Boston Office:   Springfield Office:
One Ashburton Place  424 Dwight Street
Boston, MA 02108    Springfield, MA 01103
(617) 727 3990  (413) 739 2145

Don't put up with the abuse, let your boss know that if it doesn't stop you will call the above places and report it.

12:32 pm edt 

The Chances for the School Came and Went Three Years Ago

When the entire town was involved in the Great School Summit and many fabulous ideas resulted, that was the time for action. There was a decision to form a twelve person Steering Committee to consider new models, new structures and new oppostunities. However, the School Committee did nothing. they were too afraid they would lose power and control and nothing, absolutely, nothing was done. No person was called. No meetings happened.

That was the time, the critical moment, the school could have found a new direction.

Now, it's too late. Too late for new partnerships. Too late to create a charter school Too late for marine or arts as a central part of a new curriculum.

Close the door. Regionalize. It's too late for all the possibilities that could have been years back.
10:24 am edt 

Save the Farmer's Market

Apparently, according to a letter I recieved from the organizers of the Farmer's market, a "Mr. Roderick" who is "a resident of Provincetown and an accountant" has halted the start of the Farmers Market due to "zoning" concerns...
Why is he trying to legislate in our town?? Is he doing this for some client of his in town? He is always in a certain Bradford street sandwich shop and market, and he works for them... is he doing  the dirty work for them to cut their competition??WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND TRY TO DESTROY THIS WONDERFUL SATURDAY ONLY EVENT??
Mr. Roderick should stay in Truro, and legislate there. Shame on him for ruining something that many of us were looking forward to.
10:11 am edt 

Farmers Market May Not Open?

I was reading in the Banner that the Farmers Market on Ryder St. may not open Saturday due to concerns about permits and what vendors should be allowed to participate.
Smells to me like another good thing gone astray due to micromanaging.
Sort it out folks and quick. It's a great asset for the town.

E. Michael Richards
10:09 am edt 

Read What I Actually Said

Did I ever say anything about voting about motorcycles for the Police? I did not. I know we never voted on that matter, why would we have? What I mentioned was the WILL of the people. And at the time this idea was presented to us the consensus among those expressing an opinion by means of several different methods was that the tax payer was not in favor of having motorcycle cops in town.

So why are you finding it necessary to attack me and defend motorcycles when I was simply posing a few questions and expressed no personal opinion one way or another on the matter? You might want to reread my original post.

A Rat In The Basement
10:07 am edt 

Dog Park and Private-Public "Partnerships"
Let me see if I have this right: The town GIVES you the land and you TAKE taxpayer funded loam, sand, water, and man hours? Is that how it was set up to work Miss Nagel?

Sounds like a fair deal to me... HARDLY! You have a nerve to bash the pier corp! I am a Taxpayer that's paid quite ENOUGH!

PS - I have a cat, can I place my order now for a Cat-Park? Trixie just loves being "off"-leash! Plant plenty of catnip and let loose the rodents!

Mud Hake
10:05 am edt 

Re: Kerry Adams and Peter Grasso

Mr. Kerry and Grasso and their ilk are the ones who speak up at town meeting--they speak up by yelling,"Call the question".

Is this your idea of leadership or principled behavior? Provincetown is in a deep mess and it will take some outsiders like the department of revenue and the our own planning board to call a halt of these "intrusion" that are a blemish on the town of Provincetown.
10:03 am edt 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

Now Mikey Rogovsky wants our taxes to go up even higher! He wants the town to build a new police station! What about the elderly who can't pay the high taxes already? Or how high taxes are driving families to move out of town Mikey? Will you ever make up your mind mikey?
10:01 am edt 

Self-Congratulations is NO Congratulations at All

Seems like the Lily Pond itself is congratulating the new chair. Since you voted for youself, I'm sure you think you're doing a fabulous job.

Sorry kid. You're a sad leader for a town in need of real leadership.
10:00 am edt 


I watched the Selectmen's meeting last night.  They spent about 45 minutes discussing the application for a water allowance to convert a unit at 306 Commercial from a commercial unit to a residential unit.

Here's a thought.  Would the Selectmen's time be better spent discussing the more important issues facing this town?  Shouldn't there be a sub-committe of the Selectmen who decide these types of issues?  That issue and other issues like curb cuts, etc.  We have bigger more important issues facing the town.  Reminds me of Board of Director's in a non-profit who waste their time doing 'committee work'.

Dear Selectmen, please focus on bigger issues in our town, don't get bogged down by the tiny details, leave that to someone else.
9:59 am edt 

I Agree With the Previous Posting Regarding Grasso and Adams.

Terese Nelson did a wonderful job but I think a change is needed now on the School Committee. Peter Grasso is trustworthy man and I believe he will do fine job in the chair position. I fully supported Kerry Adams when he ran and won quite handily over his opponent (Wolfman I believe?).

I hope that these two gentlemen will steer the school committee and schools down a new path ushering in arts and theater programs; teaming up with Coastal Studies and on and on. There is so much talent in P-town and the schools should be tapping into that talent pool for the betterment of the students that attend our schools.
9:58 am edt 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two More Mays and She's Out

The end of this long term ends in two years. Couture unfortunately was able to serve out  almost half of someone's term and so she will have been on this beloved board ten a half years when she finally has to depart for good. Then maybe serious financial work will begin with real consequences for all tax payers instead of this free for all for her vested interest groupies.
10:29 pm edt 

Provincetown Firefighters Association

Has built up a $100,000. endowment according to he Cape Cod Times' Mary Ann Bragg. Is this true? What is purpose? I gave them $100., last year because I think they do a great service to our Town and deserve our support. But I'd like to hear more about this before I write another check.  
10:26 pm edt 

Affordable Housing:

What good is your quality of life if you can't afford to life in the town because of high rent?  

Let's face it...  We will have enough affordable units when Shankpainter is complete !!  Keep up the good work lower cape & the islands in keeping Malone OUT !!!!!
8:44 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Playgrounds

There is a playground in the West End by Nickerson,
there is a playground in the East End by Howland, and
there is a playground up at the elementary school.

It is the job of the Buildings and Grounds dept. to keep
these playgrounds clean. If you have a question, or complaint please call the DPW or Sharon Lynn. There is NO reason why employees working 10 hour days 4 days a week can't do it.
Call DPW
8:42 pm edt 

PPPC Meeting Today
There was a pier meeting this afternoon.  Let's see how long it takes before we see some Candace bashing.  Can she refrain?  Can she hold back for a few hours?  My guess, no way.  There'll be two, three, maybe four postings before the night falls.
8:41 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown BOS

How sad that our BOS have to act like a bunch of Kindergarten students! What a sad group of so called leaders. They can't even get it together to work for the good of the community. It's all about them. Provincetown is going down the tubes folks... watch out.

Mike P
8:40 pm edt 

Hey Rat

When did you vote on motorcycles?  You never did.  The motorcycle is paid for through a grant for one year and the BOS agreed to it on a 'test' basis.  Since no town money was used, the voters were never asked their opinion.  So please tell me how the powers that be went against the will of the people.

And as far as cops 'donating' their time for the 4th of July, I don't think they can.  Seems to me that if they are not on official duty then the town might incur some liability if there were an issue involving enforcing police duties.

Rick should go after the liquor distributors for donations.  They're the ones who make the big money that entire weekend.  Let them pony up some cash.
8:38 pm edt 

My Thoughts

Congrats to Michele Couture for being elected Chair of the BofS! She is doing a GREAT job and I hope she stays there!

On another note, I noticed that Peter Grasso and Kerry Adams were elected Chair and Vice-Chair of the School Cmte. Both of these men are passionate advocates for the schools and I look forward to seeing them do good things together for the kids! Keeping our school in the community is so important to the fabric of our town.

I attended the Provincetown Art Association event last night and was so IMPRESSED to see the PHS Academy Program in action. WOW! The kids there did such an AWESOME job! I was blown away by some of the talent we have produced here in P-town. Each kid has a local mentor and together they produce their respective works. We have artists, writers, photographers, etc. that are uber-talented! It really says a great deal about our community and I say M O R E,  M O R E,  M O R E !!!!
8:36 pm edt 

Will David Bedard Find His Voice or A Voice

That would be great. If as the Vice Chair he speaks up and strongly about issues that he and the town care about, that will be good. Even a few words at each meeting would be more than Anderson offered. She was too tied to Couture and didn't speak until asked. Let's hope Bedard becomes stronger and helps lead this town in some decent direction.
8:34 pm edt 

I Disagree

    If find a high level of intellectual quality on this blog. I find many bloggers who have a keen sense of this town and a realistic analysis of its problems. I look forward to reading their comments because they provide more insight than I find in the Banner or at town meetings. I like to read about the behind the scenes with the sharp minds that are here. To those intellects, thank you for your time and effort and comments.
8:32 pm edt 

Please Help

We are encountering anti-gay harassment at work from some imported workers. whom do we call ?
8:31 pm edt 

Our Police Headquarters

If the the conditions in our police headquarters existed in our schools, there would be such a hue and cry from the citizens of Provincetown that the monument would tremble.

Yet our police officers who are here to protect and serve us are forced to endure a locker room area with a floor so damp that they need a raised rubber mat on which to protect them from the wet floor. And this is just the start.

To book someone, the officer has to drive down into the basement garage where there was a trickle of water running along the floor when I went on a tour of police headquarters.

I don't know if you have ever seen someone off of their meds, but  it is a terribly frightening thing to witness. I've observed a person in town so enraged and ferocious that I couldn't imagine trying to restrain such a person in the booking room where so many tools etc need to be stored.

If such a person became enraged in the booking room, it has the potential to become a very dangerous place for officers as well as unruly citizens.

The building is a regular building--nothing is reinforced. The electronic center of police headquarters is in a room with sewer pipes and the consequences due to a water leak etc. would essentially decimate the entire system.

There is no storage space for evidence; for police cars or the public's.

Our police department needs to be housed in a new building that conforms to all codes and that meets the standards for public and police safety.

In may, the Center for public Safety, a Florida based facilities assessment firm will issue a report regarding the current Police Headquarters. I believe that it will state categorically and in precise detail the short comings of our current building and the overwhelming  need for a new Police headquarters.

It is a public safety demand that our police chief is addressing and one which we citizens must vote yes to achieve.  Our officers and the public require this. Our present building is a failure on these counts and it must be replaced and it is our civic duty to do so.

Michael Rogovsky
8:30 pm edt 


The dpw is an important part of the successful private-public partnership with the dog park.

Thank you to both for creating a valuable new town resource!
10:08 am edt 

Less Talk More Action!

Why don't you get off your butt and do something to procure some for a playground instead of finding fault with the dog park? To all the people who complain on here, if you would put as much energy into changing things as you do complaining, just imagine how wonderful Provincetown could be. Kudos to those who do and bah humbug to those who constantly complain.

9:54 am edt 

Couture Qualifications
I have no opinion on the various selectmen good or bad but do have one on qualifications in response to the harping post on educational qualifications. First, who cares about education given the illiterate ramblings of many of the posts on here, doesn't seem a very important feature for living in Provincetown. Second, Michel Couture qualification numero one: she got elected by the voters, end of story, it's a democracy.


Not a gov official, just a taxpayer.
9:26 am edt 

Re: Term Limits

When is Michelle Couture term limit up?
9:25 am edt 

Re: Police and Motorcycles

What makes you think I'm against motorcycles for the Police or anyone else? What makes you think I have any ill will toward the Police Department? You read  a bit too much into my questions. My only concern is if the Chief and BOS are or are not doing the will of the people.

And while I'm talking about the cops. This weeks Banner has an article about this upcoming 4th of July fireworks display. Rick is cautious about having enough money to pay for them and seems to be looking for ways to save. I wonder if any of the local cops who are reading this would consider giving of themselves to the Town that gives them so much, and donating your time for that day.

A Rat In The Basement
7:25 am edt 

Re: Kids Playground

People interested in a dog park got together and created one. Don't be envious of other people who work to achieve what they want. Be proactive and start a campaign.

If people want to build a new play ground, then find a plot of land and make a proposal to acquire the money from the Community Preservation Act fund to buy the land, build the playground and then *maintain* it with CPA money.

That is why it is called the Community Preservation Act. It isn't a revolving fund just for Affordable Housing developers.
7:07 am edt 

Re: Kids Playground

Maybe if the parents of the kids playgrounds would get together like the dog park people did, and work and raise the money, they would have nice playgrounds for their futures!
7:06 am edt 

Re: Police Motocycle

Provincetown did not pay for the Motorcycles!
7:04 am edt 

Ted Malone's Rents Are High?

If anyone thinks Ted Malones rents are high, try renting at lower prices in any other resort like Provincetown! Your in for a big shock! You may get lower rents in some cities but what would your quality of life be???
7:03 am edt 

We Had This Discussion Before!

Who cares what a volunteers education is. Be glad that said volunteer is doing the work that you just rant & rave about on a small town blog! If you feel that the chair of the selectmen is not qualified, why don't you run on that platform  for the next election.
7:01 am edt 

Re: Only Pebble

Of course the town could run out of sand! It's sand bought with tax payers money not beach sand of which would also be illegel if she took it for the dog park. I think the dog park is a wonderful addition to this town and I actually have a sentimental connection to, candice may have done alot of leg work for the park, but to go to the highway garage and the transfer station and telling the workers and supervisor's to "give" her these material's is so typical of a trouble maker and XXXX. The town has given that park it's time and direction and even let them have a few old hydrents, I dont see how you can say they hav'nt given any help unless you herd that from candice or other board members who just dont want to admit the wonderful people of the DPW helped them out. In regards to Rex, yes I think he is doing a great job, you give this site to much credit, there are a very small amount of people on this site voiceing their opinion and that!
s great but there are a larger minority of people from this town that are very comfortable with our pier corp. Do you even know Rex? have you ever met him or herd of the wonderful things he's done for people and families here in provincetown? My guess is no.......and the slip thing..??? I dont have a clue what that is supposed to mean. Nice to see you back though pebble I was thinking maybe you moved into affordable housing elsewhere              


PS feel free to speak up Mary Jo
6:59 am edt 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chair/Vice Chair

Anyone that has chair or vice chair has it because nobody else wants it. Why would they? They sit at the center of all the controversy, are looked to for "leadership" and must conduct the meeting while trying to add to the conversation. The real role of the chairman is no longer to lead but to simply conduct the meeting and set the agenda. Thats it. Their vote is no more important nor holds anymore power than any other member of the board. Anyone that follows the lead of the chair is a fool, thinking they are better than the other members. And BTW, I think Bedard is a good choice for vice. Sad part is that I think he's good because the rest are not good. That doesn't say much for Bedard but says even less for the others.
10:53 pm edt 

Re: David Bedard

I agree..  DAVID BEDARD has no back bone.
If he reads this, I hope he will foster up some courage and start taken a stand on real issues.  If I were a better person, I bet he doesn't want to upset someone that might not renew their gym membership........  Well, I will not renew mine until I see him take a stand on issues.  And I will be the first one to say I don't have to agree with what ever he decides, but please make your voice heard David.
A taxpayer Waiting
10:45 pm edt 

What Are Her Qualifications?

    Since we now have M. Couture as Chair once again, can anyone tell me what her qualifications are? Can anyone tell me what educational background this woman has? Shouldn't we know what she knows and what her background is? She is Chair. So what college did she attend? Or did she? Are we being led by someone with a sub-educational background. OR what high school did she attend? This information should be part of what we know about our Chair.

    I remember that M. Couture refused to disclose her educational background when she last ran and the Banner did a profile on all candidates. M. Couture refused to disclose her educational background. Why?
10:33 pm edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

Candice constently entering the DPW office, highway dept yard and transfer station demanding materials that are paid for with tax payers money. Sand that is used for emergency use loam that is for public property and also time having made many unimportant phone calls to dpw for water turn on's and off which cost tax payers 45 dollars each. The dog park I thought was privatly funded? why is she so relentless and you just wont print this information

Hey, dull moment...It sure seems to me that all your complaints about Candace are nothing but an idiots rant.
Do you really think that the town may run out of sand?

Take a look at the dog park...what a fantastic accomplishment! With little or no help from the town...unreal! You can bash Candace all you want about the Pier, but she certainly can get things done, something very rare around here indeed.

Unimportant phone calls, at 45 dollars each? You think Rex is doing a good job?
Watch out Dull, YOUR slip is showing.

I remain,
The ONLY Pebble on the Beach
10:32 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing:

Your right.. Not all will be low income..  Some will be priced so high just the the so-called low that they will remain vacant like some of Ted's other projects. People are moving out because they can not afford the rent.......  

Oh, maybe they can move into the 250 square foot studio room on Shankpainter with their families because that's all they are going to be able to afford.  VERY SAD !!!!!

Congrats to all the towns who gave Ted the BOOT......
10:30 pm edt 

Motorcycles are Everywhere!
Even in the Police station?

What a sin!!!

Get over it. Maybe it was donated.

A rat indeed!
10:28 pm edt 

Will David Bedard Have the B...s to Be Vice Chair

That is the question. He has not taken s trong stands. He has been wishy-washing. What will he now do? Good if he finds the courage of some conviction to fight for some issues and some principles. It's about time he does something. Sorry if I'm too harsh on him but he has been more enigma than strength, more mush than solid presence.

I'll be pleased if he finds the strength to take strong stands in this new position as Vice Cahir. He surely can't do worse than Anderson who only kissed Couture's frog.
8:03 pm edt 

I Do Agree About Key People Sitting High Atop a Pile

And you are right. It looks like a throne but it is a pile of you-know-what. I don't want the Webmaster blotting this out so euphemisms will work here. Look at them. Sitting pretty but what exactly, as you say, are they sitting on?

It doesn't smell too good but they seem oblivious to the earthy scent. They just love the golden brown throne.
8:01 pm edt 

Lost Perspectives

We need an act of God to get a window changed on our house as though someone will examine it and say that while it looks exactly the same--it is newer. A neighbor has a falling down garage--but he has to jump through hoops as well to get anything allowable done.

Affordable housing comes in a few blocks away and they can do everything they want 1,2,3. Talk about a development that is going to stick out like a sore thumb!

Do you really think that someone will notice a window change when they have *That* development just a few blocks away?

7:59 pm edt 

Re: Re: Police Motorcycles
Give us a break. Quit the "we put our lives on the line everyday" BS. The person that posted comments about the motorcycles said nothing about the police themselves but about the extra toy the department now gets to ride around on. Nice and quiet for the close neigborhoods. Get off your "post your name here" rant too, as if you have the XXXX to post your own. Hells Angels? What, two or three guys that come to town every year and do nothing wrong? Where's the harm? Wake up and realize the town budget has no place in it for toys, something the motorcycle clearly is. What's next, horses?
7:58 pm edt 

Guess Who

'Backstabber,' 'untrustworthy,' 'petty,' 'condescending,'
and 'dictorial' all used to describe a selectman by another selectman in this week's banner.

Is it:

a. bedard
b. anderson
c. couture
d. knight
e. avellar

6:57 pm edt 

Just Wondering

Could it really be candice writing all those annoying blogs about the pier corp? what do you think mary jo   do tell!!

6:56 pm edt 

Re: Rat in the Basement

I thought you were gone for good but oh well, your eyes did decieve you when you read that we turned down the motorcycle,,,,we didnt we wanted it and we got it......anything thing else I can do for you RAT

6:54 pm edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

To web master:        I have written two blogs that for some resone get lost in the shuffle in regards to Candice constently entering the DPW office, highway dept yard and transfer station demanding materials that are paid for with tax payers money. Sand that is used for emergency use loam that is for public property and also time having made many unimportant phone calls to dpw for water turn on's and off which cost tax payers 45 dollars each. The dog park I thought was privatly funded? why is she so relentless and you just wont print this information             Thank you    NEVER A DULL MOMENT

Webmaster Comment: The previous comment included the allegation of theft. Please note the stated rules for future  posting.
6:52 pm edt 

Re: Police Motorcycles
To the blogger who apparently has issues with the Police Dept having a motorcycle I wish to direct this too. If and when the motorcycles come to town on July 4th in the groups that travel in packs, please approach them to express your feelings.

If you want to really impress us, wait till the real cowboys come to town and tell them too what you think. You know the ones that have leather jackets and have the words "Hells Angels" on the back of them.

Better yet, why don't you post your home address here so I can make sure they stop by. Oh by the way, if you ever need the Police and the only available police officer is on "THAT" motorcycle, don't forget to let him know when he has just got done saving your life while risking his that the motorycycle was the best thing you ever saw show up.
6:44 pm edt 

Re: Howard Burchman

Howard Burchman was not speaking as the planning board, but as a private citizen. He has always been against any affordable rentals because he himself is a developer.

6:42 pm edt 

Provincetown Seems Blind to Its Future

The town votes on issues that increase taxes, creates Overrrides like they were ice cream cones. The solution for its problems resides in more taxes, more overrides and long-term debt. But deep inside this financial tangle is a real problem. Poor future thinking and the inability to put this town on solid financial ground. Sharon seems intent on giving in to all town employess, the police in particular and any and appluads all large scale projects. How many more millions for town hall repair? How many more indeed.

It's like an arrogant ant sitting atop a high ant hill and thinking they're on top of the world. Or worse, it's like a might group of buzzing flies believing they're on top of the world and the mile-high pile is----you know what it is and yet they feel like kings and queens. Sometimes, look down at this pile and see what sadly it iscomposed of. But they're too happy with their high-point perspectives on the town. Look again, Sharon. Look Again, Couture. Look again, Rabinowitz.
6:41 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter Road

The answer to the oh so concerned about the Shank-painter housing is that 90 Shank-painter road will not all be low income! It will be all incomes mixed together just like the rest of the town. All will pay a percentage of their income.

6:39 pm edt 

Going to the Dogs

How beautiful the new dog park is, the nice spring water bubbler for the dogs to stand up and drink a nice area for the little doggies to play in. Its to bad our childrens playground is disgusting and we can look forward for an outhouse to be dropped there soon for the kids for the summer. HOORAY for the dogs! The future of our town!

6:37 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Why does this blog lend so much credence to the reports and photos submitted by Mr. Steele? Smacks loudly of favoritism to me...

When can we expect to see Candace's Corner or Nagle's Nibbles? Frankly I'm skeptical of any reporting that is done by an employee of the town who works for the entity that he is trying to assassinate. No wonder the Pilgrims fled to Plymouth!

Mud Hake

6:35 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

There we go again with pier paranoia.  Use the word 'misuse'
and they think they are being called 'crooks.'  Can Mud Hake  'F & W' them  here again?

6:34 pm edt 

Congrats to Mr Steele.....
...for getting121qualified signatures for his petition which gives taxpayers a voice on pier capital expenditures.
6:28 pm edt 

Re: Disservice to the Community

Well said...Couldn;t agree with you more..Hit the nail on the head.If the shoe fits wear it.Here Here.Amen.  You speak for many.........
6:26 pm edt 

We Are Moving On...

....and we are awaiting the decision by the planning board. The low income housing district will soon be a reality, so the community housing development did win; yet Provincetown is the poorer for your "win".

9:46 am edt 


You are wrong! I think the PPPC is a doing a great job  and I am not alone.  And I am not Rex or Kerry!
9:45 am edt 

Not What I Envisioned!

Affordable housing came to town and they took some major missteps creating low-income housing developments. Other towns take existing structures and turn them into affordable rentals.

We gave community Housing development $800,000 to build their low income housing before the planning board etc. signed off on the project.

Is this what the town wanted: a designated low income housing development at the end of Shank Painter Rd? It isn't what I envisioned regarding affordable housing for future citizens and families.

9:39 am edt 

Right to Revisit an Article

If the voters "move to question" you have the right to gather signatures and present them to the moderator with in an alloted time frame and revisit that article for further debate.

9:30 am edt 

Where's the Conflict?

If anyone owned a store on Lopes square and sold whale watch tickets or anything else for that matter, and had it printed on the shops awning. Who cares! I see no conflict or any wrong doing. Please explain!

9:28 am edt 

We Won You Lost!

Funny how a certain blogger on here still thinks that the town moderator was wrong to let voters move the question too fast, and that people are now mad and would have voted differently if every person standing could have gave more information! Well if that's true why did the voters just re-elect said town moderator??? As our president once said. We won you lost!

9:27 am edt 

Re: Time to Move On

How pathetic that the same people keep on ranting and raving that somehow the votes at town meeting were not what the people wanted! Those of us who attended last months meetings knew full-well what we wanted or didn't want to vote for. The only people now that are still debating those votes, lost, plain and simple. Get over it! And move on.

9:26 am edt 

Re: Disservice to the Community

I have read with great interest the insane and inane ranting of Ms. Nagle and I assume her cohort in this dastardly attack to be Mr. Steele? Accusing a volunteer board of misusing funds? That's tantamount to calling them crooks! Really Ms. Nagle? Et tu Duane?

As a small business owner here in P-town and a resident for many more years than I care to admit to, I must say that had I an employee that attacked my good name, reputation, and character in the manner that Mr. Steele has done to the Pier Corp members, I'd have fired him long ago. Good riddance I say to Mr. Steele! That you lasted as long as you have is a testament to the good and patient people of the Pier Corp.

As for Ms. Nagle, none of us are fooled by your pathetic efforts here. Yes, twas I that made mention of your slip showing deary! Simply because it is madam. How dare you crucify these good volunteers in the name of taxpayers like myself when you have but one objective; your own bottom line! Your efforts will bear you no fruit for those of us with brains are on to you!

I'm sure that one of the dastardly duo will post here and accuse me of being McKinsey or a member of the Pier Corp. Nothing could be further from the truth. At my age, my volunteering days are long over. Quite frankly, even if I were younger, I'd dare not venture into such an arena; what with this blog and the poison that is spewed here on a daily basis against the good and decent volunteers that serve our town. Ms. Nagle and Mr. Steele, you should both be ashamed of yourselves! This town is crying out for volunteers to fill many empty board and committee positions. However, thanks to your work here vilifying good board members, those positions will likely remain unfilled. I hope you're proud of what you have accomplished.

Mud Hake

9:25 am edt 

Re: Spending Other People's Money

Read what the planning board says about concentrating low income housing in one area of town..and listen to the congestion concerns expressed by the chief of Police.

The affordable housing folks have some serious questions to answer about motive and motivation.

The taxpayers need to go to town meeting and stop the special interests who only want to spend other people's money.

9:21 am edt 

Re: Insights

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.

Ernest Benn

9:20 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

You are wrong! I think the PPPC is a disgrace to this town and I am not alone.  And I am not Candace or Duane!

9:17 am edt 

Re: Police Motorcycle

Did my eyes deceive me? Or did I see a Provincetown Police Officer riding a police motorcycle today?! Did we the tax payers not tell the Chief and the BOS we did NOT want motorcycles in town? Please tell me if my memory is wrong or not.

A Rat In The Basement

9:16 am edt 

Re: Community Housing Developement

Why does the community housing developement cartel think that only one voter feels that they were cheated from speaking at town meeting?

Community Housing Developement put them selves so high on a pedestal--and yet the planning board and the chief of Police is now critical of their choices and decisions.

Community Housing Development just couldn't help themselves--they had to flaunt their arrogance. They have $800,000 invested creating interest as we breath--but loot at their reputation: it is one that is forever tarnished.

9:15 am edt 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Re: Banner Pole

Running a poll on who might have voted one way or another at the last town meeting just does not matter! Only if you attend town meeting and vote, does it matter. If your like Mikey and only rant and rave how bad things are and that the town gives away your hard earned tax dollars on here and then not show up for town meeting, then you have lost that fight until the next town meeting. And if the voters move the question, you have the right to vote one way or another!
3:37 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier

Candace & Duane ARE the only ones who blog bad things about the pier!
3:36 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation
Misusing funds on the pier is hardly a joke. Is their auditor wrong? Is the Finance Committee wrong? How about
COMPETENT COMMUNITY SERVICE for a change when it comes to overseeing our pier?
2:30 pm edt 

We Win Again!

Once again Provincetown has been named Favorite Resort Town by PlanetOut and  Ptown has won the award every year since 2005! This year it was chosen by the readers instead of travel writers/editors making this award even more special.
2:29 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Why is it assumed that every post that is critical of the Pier management and Board of Directors is Candance? Surely you can't think she is the only person who contributes to this blog that is critical of the PPPC and the way it is being run!
2:27 pm edt 

Re: Interesting Word "Miscreant"

Here is the Funk & Wagnel's version:

adjective 1. depraved, villainous, or base.
2. Archaic. holding a false or unorthodox religious belief; heretical.

noun 3. a vicious or depraved person; villain.
4. Archaic. a heretic or infidel.

Hmmmm, somehow that sounds more like the accuser that the accused to this writer!

Mud Hake
12:42 pm edt 

Re: "Community Service? Yeah Right!"
So Miss Nagle - is that what you call what you're posting on this blog? Community Service? What a joke!

Yours in ANY government that Candace is NOT afiliated with
12:39 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Policies regarding the appropriate use of the Capital Reserve Fund are not sufficiently clear according to the Auditor of the Pier Corporation and noted as well by the Provincetown Finance Committee in its 2008 review of the Pier Corp.
12:35 pm edt 

Say it Isn't True

Did the pier miscreants buy the new awning in lopes square that advertises whale watch tx and high speed ferry ticketsN Guess who owns the store? What a perk being a Pier Director. Community Service? Yeah Right!
12:02 pm edt 

Re: Seamens Bank

looks like someone got their fingers caught in the cookie jar! taking money that doesn't belong to them and thinking that they could continue to go unnoticed. who knows who the other employees are, but it seems to me that this person couldn't work alone.

how many vacations, clothes, cars, pieces of furniture and dinners out did we, the depositor's pay for?????
11:42 am edt 

Re: Rose Dorothea

"magnificent replica of the "Rose Dorothea"

let's please not fool ourselves, the model is not an accurate "replica" nor does it fit any usual definition of "magnificent".  

Look first at the materials: one example, the boom is made from plastic drainage pipe, hardly authentic, and neither to scale nor tapered like the original.  There are dozens of other examples.  Then there is the lack of a rudder: every sailing vessel has one, but not this model. You can see through many of the seams in the hull planks.  Etc. Etc.  

This town once had men who could make wonderful wooden sailing ships from scratch. They'd get a good laugh at the reverence shown this model, as do even slightly knowledgeable visitors today.

It is what it is: a very large, not to scale, made from materials-at-hand, rough interpretation of the original vessel by a local citizen, who seems amused at the attention his model has received.  Go see Flyer himself in the West End and he'll tell you.  Like some traits of Provincetown itself, the model is a big, whacky, thrown together mishmash of materials and scale - not a true replica.  So let's celebrate it for what it is, not what it clearly isn't.  
11:41 am edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

If we let Candace decide who should be on the Pier Corp, will she shut up?  Her postings have become so tedious that it would be worth it to get her to move on.  Candace has an agenda and her vindictive demeanor has been out in full force to get her way.  She has plenty of time to post her slanderous accusations on this blog, but fails to state her true objective.  I believe it is to win at all costs and it doesnt matter how or who she takes down to reach her goal.  All the people you attack are not villains, they are just trying to do a job or make a contribution to the community.  The board is not paid, what do think they are in this for?  Like the many fine people that are involved in town government, they are just trying to make things better.  There are some of us in town who appreciate their efforts and personally, I commend them for their stamina.  If I had to deal with the likes of you, I would have given up a long time ago.  Candace, please give it a rest,!
 you are no Erin Brockovich and you need to get involved in another constructive cause.
11:37 am edt 

Mud Hake=Rex Mckinsey=0

Patting themselves on the back, the low level functioning pier miscreants finally put their lame barge in the water april 1st. It's been six weeks and it still hasn't driven a pile. Hey Mud Hake, you bought that piece of junk sept 2007. When are we going to get our money's worth? And please just because you move it from the east side to the west from time to time to give us the illusion it's being used, you aren't fooling anyone.
11:36 am edt 

One Big Failure After Another

Rex, can't help himself, he is compelled to pass the buck. Bowing smoke to divert attention
away from his failures. It's not Candace and it's not the Night Watchman, it's the man in charge of the Pier. I think that's what all of the complaining is about. But, he doesn't seem to get it. 
8:21 am edt 

Re: "How I Wish There Was a Pole of All 3,000 + Residents"

Wow,  that would be a mighty tall "pole"; hope I get to be near the top!

Let's take a "poll" and see how many could tell that the original post was from Mikey??

All in agreement, shout out: "Here!" (or maybe "hear"???)
8:15 am edt 

Re: Amanda Girl

If a boat is being used as a "flophouse" who is supposed to report it? If the lights are on and someone is aboard, shouldn't the harbormaster that is on duty be dealing with that? Who is the harbormaster at night?

An inquiring tenant looking for a rental
8:12 am edt 

To: Candace -

Are your fingers tired from the constant typing of post after post? You have an issue with the Pier Corp, WE KNOW! Good God do we know already! I'm shocked to see you've lost your trademark sign off: "Yours in good government"! Hoo boy, what bloody good joke that was!

Stick with the dog park, the ones with four legs will certainly be able to hear that high pitched shriek of yours. The heads tilting from side to side is your audience trying to figure what the heck it is you're saying!

Mud Hake
8:10 am edt 

Re: Losers?

We might be losers but we know how to spell. It's
8:08 am edt 

Re: Indefensible

If you want an answer, please come to the next CPC meeting. Thank you.
8:06 am edt 

A Request To The Banner

Please run a poll asking people if they could have voted how they would have voted on Malone's projects. I think it would have a different result. Let's see.

Good statement made by "Indispensable" and to others that see what has happened.
8:05 am edt 

Selective Reporting...What the Banner Excels At Doing (Another Proinvcetown Fantasy)

First of all, how dare the editor think she can pontificate about signage (on the pier) when the former publisher (Alix Ritchie) overlooked the Provincetown Library when erecting the HUGE sign on Route 6 denoting our town's "cultural attractions." Apparently the Banner doesn't consider our library a cultural attraction. Perhaps the Banner needs to refocus on reality.

The Provincetown Public Library is filled with artifacts from our town's history, art collection and literature written by many of our resident authors and poets. Our library is also the home to the magnificent replica of the "Rose Dorothea" which won the Fisherman's Cup race over a century ago. Apparently, the Banner's editor doesn't consider these elements of a pre-eminent collection reflecting our town's heritage a cultural attraction. Perhaps she needs an eye exam.

An award-winning "newspaper" can't wrap their arms around culture? Contrary to the recent editorial chastising the Pier Corp. about their own alleged signage omission, the Banner's,           forget her own previous larger than life oversight.

Practice makes perfect, some would argue. But in journalism, you have to be perfect.
8:03 am edt 

Thank You Peter Donnelly

Tonight was the last night of the
Coffee House at the Mews Restaurant.  It was a fantastic fun experience.  The place was jamming!  Peter, Zoe Lewis, Roxanne Layton, John Thomas the list goes on and on.  We sure are lucky to live in a town with such talent.  If you weren't there you missed one helluva evening of live entertainment.  Thank you all!!!
7:58 am edt 

More Insights

Government expands to absorb revenue..and then some!

Tom Wicker
7:57 am edt 


There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot!

Steven Wright
7:56 am edt 

Monday, May 11, 2009


It is indefensible that a private developer received over $800,000 in CPA funds to create low income housing. Community Housing Development is a profit-making business. Since when does a developer become eliglble for these funds when they can go towards the library, town hall, preserving records, creating new parks and playgrounds?

We have stimulus Money from the Government earmarked for affordable housing; there are tax credits and vast sources of funding for him to pick and chose from.

No one was allowed to say this at town meeting.
Community Housing Development took taxpayer funded money that should have gone to town projects because of votes at town meeting. How I wish there was pole of all 3,000+ residents.

It is indefensible.
9:28 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporatrion

If all those docs were enforced all these years there'd be a fraction
of the problems on the wharf.
We might actually make money down there.
8:04 pm edt 

Re: Seamen's Bank

What exactly happened at Seamen's Bank??
8:03 pm edt 

Public Pier Corporation

Maybe we should send the fbi down to the pier.....when they are done at seamens....
7:33 pm edt 

Public Pier Corp

Amanda girl was a derelict boat and flophouse. yes it was entirely
their fault. they d like to blame anyone but themselves. what s next? they are incompetent and the town knows it.

Amanda girl was a derelict boat and flophouse. yes it was entirely
their fault. they d like to blame anyone but themselves. what s next? they are incompetent and the town knows it.
7:31 pm edt 

Pier Corp and CPA
It appears that the pier corps needs serious oversight. The planning board and the Chief of Police express the seriousness of the situation regarding the creating of two low income housing developments.

What a rush Community Housing development is in to get the money so they can start building. I hope that the planning board doesn't cave in and grant the developers their every wish--but stands strong and shows some backbone.

The CPA committee and the vote at town meeting did the town wrong by giving Ted Malone over $800,000 of this money which is funded by the taxpayers. This money should have gone to town the benefit all of the citizens of the town.
7:29 pm edt 

Re: Pier Corp

Many of us are sick of the pier screw ups, lies and BS doled out.
7:23 pm edt 

Re: Pier Looking Good

Enron's headquarters looked great too as we saw all the employees leaving with their little boxes of personal knicky knackies and doors locked behind them. Give us a break about something being GOOD because it LOOKS GOOD. What a dumb posting. Are U on their Board too?
7:21 pm edt 

Pier Corporation

If that review wasnt' true, we all would be laughing. But from what we have read here and in the paper, unfortunately for the town it is! Time for five vacancies to be filled not just one...........
7:19 pm edt 

Seamen's Bank

She resigned rather than was fired. There is a gag order issued by
Seamen's bank to the staff.
7:18 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation
"Re: Fabulous Job?

We have 2 words for you, AMANDA GIRL!"

So the knifing that happened on the Amanda Girl is Pier Corp's fault? Pulleeeeeze!!! Get a life Candace!                                                                    
7:04 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Fabulous Job?

We have 2 words for you, AMANDA GIRL!
2:46 pm edt 

PPPC Review:
-Violation of Lease Agreement
--Violation of Enabling Legislation
--Violation of Pier Rules & Regulations
-Violation of State Accounting Laws
--Violation of Historic Town By Laws
--Possible Violation of Conflict of Interest Laws

Keep up the Good Work fellas!
2:45 pm edt 

While They're Checking Out Semen's Maybe They Can Check Town Hall Finances Too

That would be helpful. Finances in town aren't all they should be. A state and federal audit of Town finances might also find some heads rolling. The financial games can only played for so long. tims is up at Seamen's. Time might be up for Provincetown as well. And this time, you can't blame the much beloved Keith Bergman.
2:44 pm edt 

Yes, Sadly the Seamens Bank Saga is Very True!

It's been around town for about two-three weeks now and at least one person was fired and I hear two more may follow soon. Certainly a sad state of affairs for the hometown bank!
2:42 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation Board Candidate

"Well if the Town is required by LAW to have a nominating committee for pier appointments, they better wake up and smell the salt water as a vacancy is looming! Maybe they can start getting it right for a change! "

Gee Candace, maybe they should appoint you!?! My God, you blast that group every bloody chance you get!  For my money, I believe the Pier Board is doing fabulous job. But since Candace lives down at that pier, I'm certain that she knows so much more than the rest of us, especially the Pier Board! Obviously if Candace thinks they're doing a terrible job, it must be so?

I think there has been a witch hunt going on for some time. Candace didn't get appointed to the Pier Board so she berates them at every turn. To the blogger that said her "slip" is showing I say GOOD JOB and EXCELLENT play on words old man! Her slip IS showing and she should think about that when she gets on this blog. If you didn't have a personal axe to grind / dog in the fight Miss Candace, I might consider listening to you. However, in my mind, you're opinion here is tainted by your own personal interest/agenda. Someone asked a while ago on this blog what you pay in taxes for that slip on the pier so why dont you tell us? Get real lady, youre not fooling anyone!!

Mud Hake

Webmaster Comment: I must apologize (to the originating poster) for blacking out the word "Slip Showing" when it was originally posted, because I did not think it was germane to the comment. Thanks for highlighting the subtle play on words.
2:09 pm edt 

Re: To: Never A Dull Moment

"Why don't you tell us what the Pier Corp. has done right?"

Have you been out there at all? It looks great!!

I'm still curious to hear what they've done wrong!??? From anyone but Candace Nagel!!!!!!
2:05 pm edt 

The Story is True...

At least 3 employees of Seamans are involved...Long time employees who I trusted with my
morgage...this sucks
11:54 am edt 

Sometimes You Find the News Here Before the News is Published
that you don't find any articles in the Cape Cod Times about Seamen's Bank doesn't mean something isn't going on. Investigations without full results don't get published.

But wait and see. You heard it here first. Heads will roll.
11:30 am edt 

Cape Cod Times No News!

cape cod times doesn't have any thing about seamons. 
Your all losers on here
9:37 am edt 

Re: FBI????

Try the FDIC. Gossip and rumor can easily confuse FBI with FDI. rumors, rumors, rumors.........
9:36 am edt 

No News

WICKED LOCAL of Ptown doesn't have any thing about the FBI and seamons.  

9:35 am edt 

To Never A Dull Moment
Why don't you tell us what the Pier Corp. has done right?
9:34 am edt 

How Strange.....

....that you hardly believe what your read on this Blog. I find that when something is mention here, the truth is soon revealed and what is implied here is true. I am amazed that those who post here know so much.

Perhaps you are located somewhere else. About Seamen's Bank. Only a fool would question what someone posted here.

You're free to be that fool.
9:32 am edt 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Affordable Housing:
Still waiting for the answer?  Is AJ allowed to be employed by Malone and be on the Committee? Is that a conflict?

Also, why was Ted denied his projects so easily in other communities?  Perhaps we should look into that....
9:29 pm edt 

Is This a Joke?

Someone show us for real that the FBI was at Seamons Bank.  
I hardly EVER believe this blog, and this is way over the top.  Show me something so I can believe.
9:26 pm edt 

Re: H L Mencken

Nine politicians out of ten are knaves who maintain themselves by preying on the idiotic vanities and pathetic hopes of half-wits.

H L Mencken
9:25 pm edt 

Re: Pier Corp

Please explain. What exactly what have they done wrong? I have herd enough whinning about what people think they have done wrong, but could you "the pure and right of all" tell us what they have done wrong? fill us in on your knowledge and facts. It's about time someone with insight and true facts spoke up........go ahead we're listening          NEVER A DULL MOMENT   like I said NEVER A DULL MOMENT

9:24 pm edt 

Re: FBI in town

The blood level broke here first? are you friggin nuts?  there is more to life than this blog, what loop are you in, not a very big one thats for sure!!!
6:53 pm edt 

Rehab Not New Development!

I'm all for affordable housing, but not for new developments.  Please, someone start re-habbing exsisting buildings/homes and make them affordable housing.  That's where we should be spending our money.  Improving what we already have, not building more developments and over-developing our town.
6:52 pm edt 

Re: Truly a Carpet Bagger
Do you even know waht a carpet bagger is?
6:51 pm edt 

Re: Community Development Resource Corporation

How specious to suggest someone collect ten votes to continue the dialog at town meeting. The reality is that Community Housing Resources should have allowed the chair of the finance committee and Austin Knight and the voters express why this money should not go to a private developer.

In an editorial and in a written article the values and the true priorities of the Community Housing Resource Group is strikingly evident for all to see.

A glaring spotlight illuminated their agenda and their greed. We voters were denied a chance to speak at town meeting by the community housing resource group and it has only galvanized some of the voters to refused to be subjugated to the will of the C.H.R. and thus we are speaking out now and we will continue to so until they are gone from town.

We have reached our quota. We do not need a housing Expert. We do not need more zone free, density instituted low income housing projects in Provincetown.
6:47 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Well if the Town is required by LAW to have a nominating committee for pier appointments, they better wake up and smell the salt water as a vacancy is looming! Maybe they can start getting it right for a change!
6:45 pm edt 

Re: Community Housing Resource

How does the Community Resouce Development Corporation redeem itself after no allowing people to speak at town meeting?

We pay over $50,000 for a housing specialist--and yet after repeated demands she can't tell us how many affordable units there are in this town.

I believe that we are at the limit and that now it is time for the affordable housing community pack its bag and go off to Truro and Wellfleet and help the poor in that community.

We have Reached Our Limit with affordable housing developers.
6:44 pm edt 

Mothers Day


6:42 pm edt 

Re: Community Housing Resources

Yes, community Housing resources essential cheated the taxpayers out of $800,000 that could have gone to pay for town projects.

The truth is that for over ten years Housing community Resources has built housing developments without using a penny of taxpayers money.

However, with the affordable housing industrial complex in full control of town now, their every whim is satisfied at the expense of the Taxpayers and the town.

If you have any doubts, just remember town meeting and how they called the question. Selfish, self-aggrandizing imperialist capitalists running roughshod over the voters at town meeting.
6:41 pm edt 

Truly a Carpetbagger
Ted Malone and Community Housing Resource carpetbaggers. They run roughshod over the town, call the question, allow no one to speak.

Yes, their name is dirt in the mouths of many taxpayers in this town. Isn't it sad how they turned out to be so full of avarice.

Soon the taxpayers are going to demand a real count of all of the affordable housing units in town: private landlords, seashore point, all of the units built over the last ten years or so.

And AJ driving his community housing truck so proud that of his position on the CPA giving taxpayer money to his boss. All in the name of affordable housing when in truth it is all to make the developer even richer while cramming in housing for the poor.
9:13 am edt 

Affordable Housing Waiting List

Why doesn't Mr. Malone publicize the waiting list? People are suspicious when kept in the dark. If there were more transparency, I think it would really help.
9:09 am edt 

Call the Question Solution

For all of those on this blog who keep complaining about articles at town meeting being called to question, there is a solution. You have a certain time frame in which you can gather 10 signatures and have the article revisited and then stand up and speak your side of the debate.
9:07 am edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

The vetting process for Pier Corp. directors according to its enabling legislation has simply been ignored by the Town.

Here lies the genesis of the myriad of problems we have had with the Pier Corporation: lack of proper vetting.

Where is the nominating committee to begin the process of filling the vacancy this July? Chapter 13 of the Acts of 2000 sounds good on paper.  But the Town has failed miserably to make sure it has been properly implemented.
9:05 am edt 

F.B.I. in Town

What I heard is that The F.B.I. was in town and that someone was fired from the bank.

Of course this will come out. Look at the fire truck accident--the news about the driver's alcohol content broke here first.

7:16 am edt 

Bobby J Fundraiser:
Lets put a positive spin on something.  Thank You to all who participated in this heart wrenching event.  I.E. Firefighters who ran to the top of the monument in full turn out gear, Civilians who ran to the top, planners, the Monument, the Staff, the VFW, The band, and all the restaurants who donated their wonderful food and certificates during this economic crisis.  This was a beautiful event for a wonderful person who would have done the same for a brother firefighter....

7:15 am edt 

You Can't Fool All the People All the Time

So yes Ted Malone gets his $950,000 cash from our tax monies. Yes he        us and we smile in the disgusting act.

Yes Ted Malone has the money he wanted but he does not have the reputation he once had here in town. Few now see Ted Malone as a good-hearted, caring person. More people in Provincetown see him for what he is: money-grubbing, money-drive person who is out to make a profit. He is a user of our land; a taker of our resources.

You have our money Ted Malone. But you have little respect left here in Provincetown. You are an embarassment like other carpetbaggers who came, took and then left with their tails between their legs.
7:13 am edt 

Re: PPPC Directors
Chapter 13 of the Acts of 2000 (Pier Corporation enabling legislation)

A nominating committee shall consist of two members of the harbor committee; one member of the Provincetown finance committee; and two representatives from the commonwealth.  The BOS makes the final determination.  The directors serve for a term of 5 years.

Really not that hard to find information.  Apparently everyone here has an internet connection.
7:10 am edt 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

When Is the Next Position on the PIer Corp Available?
When does this happen next? And who is the appointing authority for the Pier Corp?

The terms for these positions seem unusual. I see where one person is on the board until July 2013? Aren't most position for three years maximum? Or does this board have its own rules? Does anyone know?
8:43 pm edt 

Re: Pot Smoking

It is laughable the number of times a guy I know would speak rapsodiclly about his pot smoking etc. and then when we start to talk, he'd say he can't concentrate because he just smoked a bone.

This is his life--smoking a bone. OH the grand scenarios he's spin stating he'd go back to school and get his degree, how he'd stop being a waiter and be a manager etc. etc.

Ten years have passed and he is still spouting this--and now he is 38--not 28. So, you folks can say all you want and spin your dreams--and that is all that they are.

That is why this guy is smoking even more and tries to lose himself in activity. It is sad, but I'm no a social worker..and you can't tell this guy anything because smoking is harmless etc. etc.etc ad nauseum.
8:41 pm edt 

Re: Life Style Choices

Why in defending your smoking pot do you immediately assume and then attack the person for being in recovery?
You just did the exact thing you are accusing them of doing to you.
You want to smoke pot fine. Someone wants to live by the 12 steps fine.
2:03 pm edt 

A Thought:

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives! (on MYPACC)
2:01 pm edt 

How True!

I also started smoking pot at age 14 back in the early seventies and I also have done every drug of the moment only to go back to pot! I drink but only a few here and there. I've worked none stop since I was 16 and came from a factory working poor family, I have owned all my living places since leaving Mom at 18. Pot has not led my life to a dead end, however it Has led me to living in Provincetown for 30 years and now my home is worth over a million dollars! Thank you POT, the only 12 steps I need are to get to my roof!
1:56 pm edt 

Pier Corporation Records

Who cares if those records aren't available? I certainly don't. Maybe they are just too busy to compile the information. So what. Right Never a Dull?
1:55 pm edt 

For the Record, it's "PEYTON PLACE" Not Pay-ton Place

Although considering the outlandish expenditures this little town is so enamored with perhaps the latter is the more appropriate spelling.  
11:34 am edt 

Re: Pier Villians

So you decide who "WE" like and dont like in this town? Maybe in your small circle of "that certain class of people" you call friends you folks dont like them, but they are a bunch of good guys, you on the other hand seem like a trouble maker that just wont go back out with the tied, cork that cheap bottle of wine and go to bed.         NEVER A DULL MOMENT          
11:33 am edt 

The Following is NOT Available According to the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation:

1. FY June 30 2008 P & L Statement
2. Auditor's Report 2008
3. Budget 2010
4. Financial Statement which is required by the Terms of the Lease Agreement and submitted to the BOS no later than 90 days after Dec 31 2008
5. 2008 Annual Report submitted to the Massachusetts House and Senate Committees on Ways and Means including all receipts, expenditures and status of maintenance reserve fund as required und Chapter 13 of the Acts of 2000.

Who would want to be on this board? No wonder they are under constant attacks and criticsm.

Get the Public Records Division on the phone. Taxpayers need to appeal their response!
11:31 am edt 

Quote: "I've Seen Too Many Lives Come to a Dead End Due to Smoking Ganga"
Gee, I wonder if this was written by a 12 stepper???

Just for the record, I have smoked pot since I was a teenager... in my life I have gone from growing up on food stamps to having amassed great personal wealth through hard work and saving my money. While I am stoned most every day, I almost never drink hard liquor, or waste my time going to masturbatory 12 step meetings once, twice or three times a day to hear the same "poor me I have a disease" rants from people who love to demonize anyone who is not also in a twelve step program...

I just want to counter-argue the people who think anyone who smokes pot is therefore a loser with no ambition... I actually think marijauna has helped me cope with how hard my husband and I both work. I KNOW THAT MANY NEED THEIR 12 STEP PROGRAM, BUT I HAVE NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHY THEY MUST PUT DOWN ANYONE WHO CAN HANDLE POT AND ALCHOHOL. Not everyone who smokes sees their live come to a "dead end"... sorry you have a problem, but do not put your problems on me.

We smoke pot; we are also successful and ambitious, we are calm, and guess what Chief Jaran, we always vote!!!
11:29 am edt 

There's Going to be an Opening on the Board of Directors of the Pier Corp This Summer

Pleeese give us a break. Isn't the 'opening' because of the Ethics Violation? Who would want to be associated with such a board? They all let it happen by not speaking up. The question begs why? Yes, sign me right up for that seat vacated!

This board has always been stacked and will continue to be so.

Rubber Stamp
11:25 am edt 

Prospective Pier Board Candidate

Actually there is at least one guy who has expressed interest to be on the pier board. he will certainly shake up things to benefit taxpayers not just the personal interests of a few.  get ready for change!
10:51 am edt 

If We Had a Chance to Speak
The so called "Naysayers" would have made the point at Town Meeting  that how could the town approve close to a million dollars to a developer for two housing projects without any approved plans. It  started with Seashore Point, they reneged on their promise on affordable units. Now the developer of 90 Shankpainter Rd. has changed their plans and I'm sure that Malone will change his direction now that he has the $$$.

Without approved plans for any other developer or single property homeowner do you think a bank would have approved a loan? I don't think so. So you goodies for affordable housing got caught again in the "affordable housing ponzi scheme".

Pack Town Meeting, bring out the Kleenex and move the question. I applaud the planning board for asking these questions but is it not a little too late?

Wake up Provincetown!
10:48 am edt 

Please Stop Saying "You Bloggers":

What you mean is we bloggers. People can express their thoughts here and sharing information and being truthful can have a good effect.

The Department of Revenue report on the town and the Peter Francese report(s) are crucial for everyone to read and hear.

We all know how wonderful it is to live here so close to nature and to the globally rare landscape of Truro.

We have our personal lives and then we have how this town is run and the choices that are made or not made and *some* of these need to be addressed and rectified.

Sorry you take it as bullying or naysayers--but putting on rose colored glasses and believing that you are at a tea party when you tax money is being slammed around and bait and switch tactics are being employed regarding a housing development; when incompetent people are in positions of power and continue to fail in them while getting big bucks,and when special interest overrule the democratic process--this kind of oversight must come to an end.

We should demand true transparency--and democracy--and voice our opposition to it when it thrives.
10:46 am edt 

Shank Painter Basin

Reread the Banner article.  The planning board did not make any statements.  They are the statements and opinions of Howard Burchman.  Just like the Murchison Property, he is quoted in the paper as if the Planning Board has made a decision, when in fact he is speaking for himself.  The Planning Board rejected his statements which he sent by e-mail because he isn't even in town.

Once again, Burchman should learn that he is just one member of a board.  He does not speak for the entire board nor should he be making decisions as if the entire board supports his ideas.

And Chief Jaran is right.  Shank Painter is dangerous and will only get worse when there is increased housing (of any kind) and now people walking their dogs to the park at the end of the road.  At the very least it needs a sidewalk.
10:41 am edt 

Perhaps the Blog Reflects Who \We Relaly Are

And this is no ideal community. Provincetown has its own Payton Place and what is revealed here is this town. Not all wonderful, not all sunshine, but a town that has its problems, its detractors and its bottom feeders. Now deciding who is who or whom is whom is the dilemma.
10:40 am edt 

"You Nasty People"

Excuse me but who are you? You are the attack dog. Find a bone and go bury it. This is not a site for you. You, my dear, are the problem and we don't need your poison.
10:39 am edt 

Re: Pier Corp

There's going to be an opening on the Board of Directors of the Pier Corp this summer.  How many of you bloggers who hate the pier so much are going to apply for the position?  My guess is just like the opening on the School Committee, none of you.  You'd rather sit here and bitch and moan, debasing people's character and hard work than actually participate in what you obviously feel is a disgrace.

Put your money where your mouth is.  Your just a bunch of whining losers.
12:46 am edt 

This Blog Allows People to Express Their Thoughts

This is what goes through some of the minds of some of the people who live here.

Some people have rich, rewarding lives and some people are clawing at the walls of the desperation in which they have ensconced themselves.

I see people who are making such ruinously bad choices--but it is their life and their destiny. I also see my loving friends who are thriving and succeeding and achieving--and these are the rewarding people with whom I share my life.

We all make choices in life. I've seen too many lives come to a dead end due to smoking ganga and doing drugs and being "rad" and in the moment--and it is all for naught. Their ambition last as long as their weed does.

Some people live lives of true bitterness because life has passed them by and all they have is resentment and envy. I've actually seen it--but I stay away from these people.
It is like this is many communities--but Provincetown is a small town. You only live and once is enough if you do it right.
12:45 am edt 

Want Something Positive?

Went to the Outer Cape Chorale concert Friday night at the UU.  Amazing, go see it Saturday night if you get the chance.

We are so lucky to have them, such talent!
12:41 am edt 

Affordable Housing Industrial Complex

In the latest issue of the Provincetown Banner you will read an article regarding about the planning board and how chagrined it is to discover that the developers of the basin at 90 Shank Painter Road deceived them with their change of venue regarding the number of units for families.

Again, a developer is taking the taxpayers of Provincetown for a ride. However, this time, it is the chief of Police and the planning board who are outraged at the disregard of promises made and plans developed and now instead of housing for families, it is housing for individuals.

We are creating a low income district in Provincetown in the industrial strip of this town. The developers will make their money no matter what. Yet the taxpayers are out hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The affordable housing industrial complex has shown its true colors and anyone associated with affordable housing is decreased in stature and all of their tender words of helping the homeless and destitute just falls on dead ears after this performance. May you enjoy the fruits of your labor as your strut and prance and toast pulling another one over the hard working taxpayers of this town.
Provincetown citizen.
12:40 am edt 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Personal Attacks ?

Very interesting...  so the person that attacks other about NOT posting names, doesn't post his or her name either.   GET A LIFE, AND GET REAL.  ALL OF YOU!
7:30 pm edt 

Re: Amanda Girl

To the blogger who said the Amanda Girl's fishing permits expired aug 2008, they expired april 2008.

We should give the captain a lot of credit. He got rid of his boat by coming to our harbor. How many people have supposedly 'bought' it? Two? One's in jail? It was quite brillant and probably well thought out by the looks of it. Now, he can just walk away from the Amanda Girl and indeed has.
6:07 pm edt 

Re: Personal Attacks

Although this is a blog and most posts are anonymous, the constant personal attacks are ridiculous and especially cowardly.
You nasty people are sickening. Where the heck are you from?  If you all had the courage of your convictions you'd sign your name. Of course you won't, because it is slander and lies.

Webmaster: Is this what you envisioned? Yellow journalism-type slander and innuendo, 95% of the time? Are you proud of your creation? This is not a community service by any stretch of the imagination.
6:06 pm edt 

Pier Villians?

You are much too kind. They are SWINE to many of us. Who do they think they are? That Corporate Beast made up of dreadful people who hurt our town repeatedly must go now and take their ticky tacky sheds and stupid good for nothing barge with them.
3:11 pm edt 

Re: Party of No - "Why Don't You Make Provincetown Your Primary Residence and Then You'll Have a Voice Here.... "
I can't make Ptown my primary residence because I have to work in a major metropolitan area to make the amount of money $$$ needed to buy property and pay taxes in Ptown. I have to go back to the city to make the money in order to be here.  Don't you think I wish I could be here all the time ?  Nobody subsidizes my housing - so you know what - I can't !

Also because town meetings are conveniently held during the mid week - I can't be there to attend even if I did make Ptown my primary residence because I would be in the city working to make the money needed to live here ! What a convenient set up - have meetings when 50% of the taxpayers can't even attend. So please don't give me that "have a vote" line - I can't be here during the week - I have to make the money for taxes so you can spend it with your projects.

See this is the REAL world where most people that want to own property in Ptown have to work in a major metropolitan area to be afford to even be here. I DON'T CONSIDER THE ABILITY TO LIVE IN PTOWN AS A GOD GIVEN RIGHT !!
3:05 pm edt 

Re : Ghettoizing of a Good Purpose
Why can't there be lovely detached cottages for families? Why must you try to build for as many people as possible? You can build a sky scraper and you still won't house the number of people who would love to live in Provincetown.

THIS IS PRICELESS !!  Someone complaining about how affordable housing developments look and that alot of people want to live in Ptown ??  Sure they do - who would'nt?

I WANT TO LIVE IN THE BACK BAY OF BOSTON another extremely expensive area to buy real estate - who is going to offer me a subsidized, affordable house there ?  And if they did - do you think I would have the nerve to critize how it looked ?  

I would be greatful for the opportunity to have subsidized housing in one of the most desireable places in the US and YES PTOWN is one of them !!  Ptown has one of the highest per square foot towns in the US to buy.  Those of us that had to pay anywhere between 500 and 1000/per sq foot know this as we had to work hard and sacrifice to get down here.

It is mind boggling to think that ANYONE could critize in ANYWAY affordable/subsidized housing in one of the singularly most desireable places in the United States to live. They should count their blessings to have such an opportunity.  Where would you like us to put these 'single family cottages for families"?  Oh let me guess - right next to DELFT HAVEN right ?  Do you want waterfront views too ? Should we check to see if space is available in Bayberry ?

Where does this entitlement come from ??
11:54 am edt 

Re: Party of No
You had me going there for a minute,,feeling so sorry for you slaving away,scrimping and saving just so you could have a second home in one of the most expensive summer resorts on the east Coast.My Heart goes out to truly do have it rough.Why don;t you make Provincetown your primary residence and then you'll have a voice here....
11:52 am edt 

CPA Funds Were First Established Statewide to Use Small-Scale Houses For Affordable Housing

That was their interest. Use existing structures and turn them into affordable housing. The state goal was not to fund high density developers but to preserve the landscape while preserving older structures and re-suing them for worthy causes. Provincetown has distorted the initial state goals and used these monies to fund the largest corporation in Provincetown: Community Housing Resource Inc. this affordable housing business and to fund the largest capitalist: Ted Malone.

No town in the state would have ever passed the CPA if the goals were to be so distorted and used in a way that destroys the townscape for money-making high density city-like projects. It's insane in a resort town that makes money by preserving quaintness and preserving small-scale houses and preserves open land.
11:51 am edt 

Re: Seamens Bank

Why is the letting go of all the employees at Seamens bank so hush hush? People the town trusted, ie:               are       for            monies and we are told nothing? And now I find out more are let go as of a couple days ago?

Yet, if there is poop not picked up on the street we are out there conducting DNA samples ?!

Very puzzling indeed...
11:49 am edt 

Ghettoizing of a Good Purpose

Stick the poor in the industrial zone; buy some land and over develop it and let them call it home. Even with CPA land bought and given and even with tax credits and subsidies, the developers have to squeeze in housing using every square inch of land. And across the street a low income housing project will be created compliments of Community housing.

Why can't there be lovely detached cottages for families? Why must you try to build for as many people as possible? You can build a sky scraper and you still won't house the number of people who would love to live in Provincetown.

Why not create a semblance of a neighborhood instead of a housing development?

How much money do developers need to make off the backs of the poor? The folks who rent these affordable units are going to be living here and working here and their children are going to grow up here.

Why not make their housing truly homey instead of creating such conspicuously designated low income housing projects in the industrial section of town situated next to a gas station and other businesses?

I guess that the housing cartel is going to call me a bully too.
10:07 am edt 

Re: The Party of NO !

Give me a break ! To the blogger who says many bloggers here sound like Hannity or Rush and are the Party of NO - I would ask then, what is the party of YES ?

The party of YES is the party that takes MY MONEY in taxes to offer affordable housing (when there is too much now)-  makes me pay a RENTAL TAX on my home that I scrimped and saved to buy and a town that spends tax revenue wantonly regardless of the fact that we are in a recession. Oh and I just remembered - a town where I pay taxes but have no voice because I am a second home owner.

So I guess in the end, the party of NO are those who work their butts off to pay taxes and the party of YES are those who spend it for their own benefit and to subsidize someone's elses lifestyle.
10:01 am edt 

Results of Muzzling Decent at Town Meeting

Perhaps if citizens were allowed to speak at Town Meeting regarding $800,000 going to a private developer when we are in an economic crisis and when that money could have been put into a reserve fund for historical preservation--there wouldn't be the justifiable outrage which some call bullying.

Weren't we bullied at Town meeting with "Call the Question"? What a sense of entitlement the affordable housing folks must feel that they can bully us at town meeting as they get their $800,000 and then they expect us to stay mute and supplicant.

The planning board is concerned not only that bait and switch tactics were used by the other developers of the "Basin" on Shank Painter Rd., but there is great concern that a section of Provincetown is now designated as low income housing.

Even the police chief is concerned about the traffic and safety issues. And how long will it be before people are complaining about the truck traffic from Cape Cod Oil and the towing compound?

How much better it would have been to buy up houses and renovate them so that low income housing is more prevalent in the regular neighborhoods of Provincetown.

There are a number of private residences in town with low income and section 8 tenants and 40B housing tenants and they are part of the warp and woof of the community--not segregated to a housing development situated in the  industrial/business district of the town.

However, it probably wasn't economically feasible for a developer to renovate with the money and zoning perks available for new development. We couldn't speak at town meeting--but we can speak up here. See you at the Planning Board meeting.
Provincetown citizen and taxpayer
10:00 am edt 

No One is Against Affordable Housing--Just Their Tactics:

....bullying people at town meeting by calling the question; taking money from CPA funds when they have a wealth of sources to go to for funding; and now the other low-income housing developer at the "Basin" on Shank Painter Road is using bait and switch tactics.

How is it that Affordable housing developers and their acolytes can vote to put CPA funds in reserve for future use--but let the towns people try to do it for Historical Preservation and all hell breaks loose?

Community housing, with a wealth of sources to fund their affordable housing projects, are so arrogant that they refused to let people speak at town meeting.

The "Basin Developers" promise housing for families--and the majority are single units; please tell us again how these low income developments are going to bring families back to Provincetown when so many are units for single people?
9:55 am edt 

The Shame at Town Meeting

I too believe that that Community housing has a black eye by refusing to allow people to speak on giving $800,000 to a developer when we needed the money for town projects.

Their response to any discussion was to call the question. The result of their arrogance is that they are covered in shame.

Millions of dollars have gone to affordable housing; now we taxpayers have to dig deeper into our pockets for our community projects.

Now affordable housing has to live with the unintended consequences of their actions--shame on taking this money and stifling debate at town meeting.
9:52 am edt 

What We Will Never See:
A letter to the editor defending omitting the Pirate Museum from the signage at the foot of MacMillan Pier.

Why? Because then those Petty Pier Directors would have to sign their names unlike here!

Second Shift
9:51 am edt 

More Pier Shenanigans:
Historic District Commission Gets Slighted.

In another act of arrogance, the cunning Pier directors defied their obligation to appear before the HDC and under a moonless night, erected the art sheds/buildings and what looks like a cottage with a dormer.  Perhaps they are betting that once they were up, the HDC would not make them take them down. If there are fines, what the heck, the taxpayers will pay!

Its always a game of some type being played out there.

A terrible precedent will be set if they are allowed to stay up. Why should anyone comply with the HDC if there is no enforcement of its by-laws?

Show down at the next HDC meeting as those pier villains must now appear before them!
9:49 am edt 

Ted Malone's Market Rates

You know whats really sad! People who mistake Ted Malones MARKET RATES as being the affordable rates! Affordable rates are based on what level of income your household claims monthly! Also in the real world $1,200.00 a month is quite normal.
9:47 am edt 

Re: Murchison Property

So what does the town care what really happened with the plans at the Murchison house? The boards got what they wanted and the owner agreed to their requests! Who knows if the owner really would keep his word on what he wanted to do? Or if he sold the property to someone else and they wanted something different. At least now the town has it all leagally down in writing on what can be done with the land and building and what he can not do with it! Thanks go out to the boards who stopped him before he did anything that the town did not want!
9:46 am edt 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Re: Murchison Property

Be real for just one minute. Thanks to the boards? You're joking, right? The boards members were running like chickens with their heads cut off, not knowing what to do with the project. They totally screwed up and in the end, although I am sure he would have won in court, the property owner decided to go along with what ever the town wanted, LIKE HE WANTED TO DO FROM THE BEGINNING! HE worked with the committees and boards, HE suggested ideas on how to keep the property as is, HE sacrificed a lot of his own faith, money and wants and instead allowed the boards to pat themselves on the back, even though they had nothing to do with the saving of the property and legally have ZERO authority over the property. HE allowed everything to happen there. But as stated before, what the town got in the end is what HE wanted to do in the first place. The boards, without their heads attached, couldn't hear him and couldn't see what he was proposing. Their ignorance, once again, rang oh so !
11:33 pm edt 

Re: Use of CPA Funds
Again! CPA funds for affordable housing can not be for renovations on town hall or the library! Only historic CPA funds can go to the library. Stop bullying affordable housing, the town has repeatedly voted for more affordable housing no matter how many times a day you write about not liking it! Get a life.
11:31 pm edt 

Affordable Housing:
You know what's sad????  Malone's housing is not affordable...  If you call $1200.00+ a month affordable, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!
11:30 pm edt 

Rex You Can't Hide!

All of the thirteen Amanda Girl permits expired Aug 30 2008. But yet, the out of state boat with no one on board continued to be allowed to tie onto MacMillan Pier?

Fade to black: May 2008, thirteen months later, a crime was committed on board, it was used as a flophouse, it is in violation of safety harbor regulations and we get stuck with legal fees to get it off our pier and out of our harbor.

Let's blame that on the 'second shift' too, shall we?
11:29 pm edt 

Re: Rex Blogging

I have bloged in Rex's defence and I have blogged against candy's nonsence I hope yuo dont think Rex has been blogging against candy all the time, there are plenty of folks in this town who think candy is full of crap and defend the folks she attack's           NEVER A DULL MOMENT
11:28 pm edt 

The Party of NO!!!!!

Why do all the negative bloggers in here remind me of Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity wishing the Town Ill will....Sounds like Rush saying "I hope Obama Fails"..just change one word...
11:26 pm edt 

Has Anyone Here Actually Looked at the Sign at the Foot of MacMillan? It Says:

Has anyone here actually looked at the sign at the foot of MacMillan? It says: CHARTERS, WHALE

WATCH, BOSTON BOATS, FISHING FLEET... etc. and it does so rather generically! How come Clifford (Whydah) is getting so much attention for NOT being on the sign? After all, the Whydah Museum isn't even a tenant of the pier!

Since when does one business deserve top billing over the rest? Is Mr. Clifford so self important to suppose that he deserves his own private ad on a sign that hes not paying for? If that is the case, please allow me to place a sign for my business on Commercial Street there as well!

Something sure smells fishy and I'm willing to bet that the foul odor is emanating from Candace Nagle. After all, if there's a gripe about anything on, in, about or around the pier, her fingerprints are sure to be all over it!

11:25 pm edt 

Taxpayers to Pay Additional $800,000

The face lift on the library would have been paid with CPA funds. The taxpayers are paying for the renovation of Town Hall.

We are using CPA funds; but we could use even more of the funds to help with this project, but $800,000 was given to Ted Malone.

By rights, this money should have been put in reserve to go towards Town Hall--instead Town Meeting gave $800,000 to Ted Malone. We could have reduced to a smaller amount with an amendment from Town Hall floor.

Thus we Taxpayers have to pay this additional $800,000 out of their own pockets as we continue renovations on Town Hall.

6:22 pm edt 

Does the Whydah Pay the Pier Any Fees or Rent?

If not they should not get their business name on that sign, unless
they pay for it themselves!
4:13 pm edt 

How Sad. Taxpayers Are Being Bullied!
The "BASIN" and Ted Malone's Shank Painter project are designated low income housing projects. We are being bullied into accepting whatever is being put in front of us in the name of affordable housing.

"THE BASIN" at 90 Shank Painter road was bought with taxpayer money via CPA funds. We were told that it was going to let families stay in town and provide housing for them.

Read the story in the banner and how the planning board is reacting to all of the single one bedroom units.

Who is bullying whom? The taxpayers are being bullied. The developers change the plans because they can make more money this way while we were assured that families would be able to stay in town.

The "BASIN" and Ted Malone's Shank Painter project are simply low income housing projects.
4:04 pm edt 

Some of Those Blogs Are Tot Rex's

I have nothing to do with the pier or do I personally know anyone on the pier!
4:02 pm edt 

Re: Don't Want My Taxes to go to Pay For a Public Sign
Yeah, Right On! How come the only whalewatch business on the pier, a private business, got on the sign with OUR TAXDOLLARS???? Guess you have to be a....kisser to get on their sign!
3:59 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

Webmaster: "Tell Candice that her SLIP is showing??? Why the black pen? Since when is SLIP a bad word?


Webmaster Comment: Your tag line is not germane to your presentments
and is only included to demean. We are in agreement......"grow up".
2:27 pm edt 

To: Rex McKinsy

My, my, my.....Rex you are a very busy boy. You seem to have all the time in the
world to post here on Shout Out! and yet you have no time to perform your duties
as Habormaster.

Your constant attacks on Duane Steele and Candace Nagle are an obvious intent to
redirect the discussion away from your total lack of capability and string of errors, which
are blatant.

You are an utter disgrace e.g. lame duck barge acquisition, inadequate pier maintenance, Trap Shed overbuilding, improper financial documentation, continual deficit operations, boat sinkings, inconsistent enforcements of pier rules, demonstrated favoritism, ice-house activities.....etc.

An utter disgrace! 
2:18 pm edt 

I am With the Pier Folks on This One
We have enough museums here. I am glad they slighted it.
1:55 pm edt 

Re: Duane Steele's Article

What is Duane Steel's latest Article about? Does anyone here know? Sour grapes? The Pier Corp. is damaging the pier it's charged with protecting? Are the tools in disarray again? Do you want to take away their funding?

Hey Duane: team up with Candice and you go boy! Just remember to to tell Candice that her      is showing!
1:54 pm edt 

Whydah Sign

I don't want my taxes to go to pay for a public sign to promote the Whydah museum (a private business) unless they also put my commercial st shop sign up also!
1:52 pm edt 

Anti Everything!

I agree! I hope the anti everything bullies on here keep blogging away here wasting time so they don't get involved in town government! Things are looking good for us! And the town looks great with all the renovations and the forward push for a new era in Provincetown! Town hall & the Library getting a face lift show the world that we believe in our future! And care for our town.
1:51 pm edt 

Cutting Taxes

If the town cuts taxes for anyone, (yes even seniors and working families)then someone else will have to have taxes raised! That is way nobody is going to lower your water or sewage bill! And for the seniors who need help, there are many programs already out there!
1:49 pm edt 

To the Anti Housing Bully

How can someone who rents, then sell at market rate? Or how can Ted Malone make a profit on 90 Shank-painter Road? He has nothing to do with that property! And like it or not, any developer or property owner can over build with a 40 b development, a state law that Provincetown can do nothing about.
1:45 pm edt 

Slighted Sign

"The Public Pier Corp. must work quickly with the Whydah Museum to rectify the mistake of leaving the museum off the sign at the foot of the pier."

"Quickly?" C'est impossible for the Petty Provincetown Public Pier Corp (PPPPC)

1:42 pm edt 

What a Joke!

Astrid gets on some unknown committee with 7 votes and the few on here thinks that will change things? Get a life!
1:35 pm edt 

The Minority Report

wow. what a nasty, cheap and uninformed bunch of idiots. no facts, wrong information. just a lot of blame. come on. does anyone really think that landlords don't pass on their expenses (taxes) to renters? do you really think other communities don't offer affordable housing? so bitter. so classist. thankfully, it's clearly the minority. maybe this blog could be renamed the minority report.
1:10 pm edt 

What About Senior Citizens and Working Families?

Everyone seems so concerned about the developers and future residents--what about the senior citizens on fixed incomes and the working families who are struggling now?

We got cut back at work; my spouse works. My parents live here but they might as well be living on the moon. What about cutting our water rates and sewer rates? Think about us for a change.
1:08 pm edt 

Bait and Switch
No one in this town is against affordable housing. What they are against is our tax dollars going to fund developers and then we taxpayers must dig deeper and deeper to fund legitimate town projects that benefit all of the citizens--out of our own pockets.

We voted to buy the land at Shank Painter Rd. We were told it was for families to relocate here and for locals to stay here and raise their families.

Now this is going to turn into single units for folks who work two jobs because they have no families to worry about make big bucks, big unemployment--and know they can get a low-income unit when it suits them.

Just yesterday a guy I know told me he spent all winter in South America. Other friends will be arriving talking about surfing in Florida and making a bundle out west etc.

When the time comes, they will point to their income level from what THEY DECLARE..and thus be eligible for affordable housing.

AND the basin at Shank Painter Rd. will be ready for them.
1:06 pm edt 

Congratulations to Astrid K. Berg....

.....who is now on the Charter Committee. Oh, if only she ran for
School Committee with Dana!
11:01 am edt 

How Sad is That?

Well at least we now know that the anti affordable housing pundit only wants the rich with over sized homes to populate Provincetown. How sad is that!
10:59 am edt 

Murchison Property

As I see it, the town got what it wanted by stopping the project up at the Murchison property! At least now the owner will have to follow historic, zoning and Conservation guidelines! Thanks to the boards that stopped what could have been more over development and an out of character project. The committees were right again!
10:58 am edt 

What Taxes?

I got my affordable housing years ago and I want all of my friends to get it as well. I want to live the life I'm entitled to: work one job, spend my days on the beach, and live the subsidized life.

I don't know what this hoopla is over taxes--what taxes?
10:56 am edt 

Housing Bully

Will the housing bully please stop posting? Don't you know that we will raise your taxes as much as we wish--and you can't do anything about it?

Why don't you join a board or something--oh, forget that, you might bring some reasoned thinking to the table.

Forget it--just keep blogging here.
10:55 am edt 

Affordable Housing Profitability Model

Any one who wishes to do so may build affordable housing. The government gives you tax credits then a corporation or a bank pays you big bucks for them because Mobile oil (for instance) can then use them to reduce what they pay in taxes.

Or you can use the "quickie method" and get CPA funds from your voting block at town meeting.

You use the money to buy land if the Community preservation act committee doesn't give it to you for free after buying it with taxpayer money.

Next,you hire the contractors by-passing zoning regulations that other developers must follow for added density and quick construction.

OH! Don't forget: keep talking about the homeless and the poor.

(And the people who bought their units early and then owned them for five years were able to sell them at market price--until they changed that law a few years ago.)
10:54 am edt 

This Week's Banner Editorial:


"The Public Pier Corp. must work quickly with the Whydah Museum to rectify the mistake of leaving the museum off the sign at the foot of the pier."

"Quickly?" C'est impossible for the Petty Provincetown Public Pier Corp (PPPPC)

10:52 am edt 

Basin at 90 Shank Painter Rd.
At least they called it a basin and not "the hole" at 90 Shank Painter Rd. Why is it news that this low-income housing is concentrated across the street from each other?

This has been common knowledge since Elaine Anderson waved her hand and said at candidates night that she wants to see affordable housing built up and down Shank Painter Rd.

Will you please lay off the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex? Three bedroom detached cottages for families--are you crazy? These poor developers need to make money.

First tax credits pay for the construction and second subsidized rentals keep the cash flow coming. Affordable housing: the cash cow of developers.
10:51 am edt 

It's Pathetic

A few months ago someone was blogging on here saying things like. "The washashores ruined this community ... the seasonal homeowners ruined this community... blah blah blah."  The fact is, seasonal homeowners don't get to vote in Provincetown.  But, of the 2,830 registered voters in Provincetown only 590 of them voted in Tuesday's election.  That's pathetic!  In a community as small as Provincetown  only 20 percent eligible to vote exercised this right.  This is the problem with Provincetown!  The majority (note:  I said majority - not all) of Provincetown citizens who have the power to shape their community elect not to!  This is what is damaging to Provincetown.  I guess people feel it's easier to blame outsiders than to assume any responsibility themselves.  
10:49 am edt 

Did You Stand Up Did You Run For Office?

"What a sad group, what a pathetic group who now will be running this town that itself must start to ask some questions..."

In a democracy people usually get the government they deserve.  Guess it's OK for folks to come on here and say it's a sad group, but how many of you put yourselves out there and ran for office?
I may not agree with everything our elected officials do, but at least they put themselves out there.  Most of you did not.
10:48 am edt 

They Never go to Town Meeting to Vote!

I have friends who just signed the Duane Steele petition at the S&S. The only problem with that is, they never go to town meeting to vote! Kinda like Mikeys way of doing things. Ranting and raven on here, and then not showing up at town meeting to change things!
10:45 am edt 

Provincetown Has a Heart

I'm so glad that we again showed the few on this blog that Provincetown has a heart and agreed with Michele and the town manager on all of the questions on election day! Next up. The special town meeting! See you all in June!
10:41 am edt 

Majority of People Town Want Affordable Housing

Looks like the NIMBY anti affordable housing bully is at it again, When will he/she ever learn that the majority of people in town want affordable housing and that we will keep wanting it no matter how many blogs she/he makes in a day?
10:40 am edt 

I Move the Question!

I voted yes on everything just like the majority of voters! Like wise I also voted for the town moderator! We won again and the nay sayers on this blog lost again! I   can't wait for Duane's defeat at the next town meeting! I move the question! All those who wish to move the question, see you soon!
10:38 am edt 

Egregious Sense of Entitlement

We are living in a town where a block of residents increase the tax burden on the taxpayers as they spend, spend and spend; yet these citizens will never bear this burden because of their status as renters.

We and our children will have to repay this bill. I hope that you are aware of this as you vote to increase our tax levy by paying for every whim of the non-taxpaying residents.

What an egregious sense of entitlement--what a sad time of mourning for America.

Here I am support me--the new slogan of the future citizens of Provincetown. Some people have to get up early to start work--I wonder when I will have to work three jobs to pay my taxes.
10:37 am edt 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Led By a Clown
I do believe Michele Couture is not more than Clara Bell. She is a woman without thought, without the ability to think deeply. She is no more than the town clown.
11:33 pm edt 

Just Look at the Important Blank Votes
Look at the people who were running. Then look at the many town people who did not vote for them. They left their votes BLANK. That is not insignificant.

I applaud the many who said no to the poor choices and even pathetic choices of those who ran for office. What a sad group, what a pathetic group who now will be running this town that itself must start to ask some questions: Where in the world are we going? Who is heading this once significant town? Has beens and wanna bes and those others who have no idea what this town is or was. It's a sad state and an even sadder slate that ran. Breathing should be more than the base line qualification for being elected--but obviously it's not.
11:32 pm edt 

Missing the Point
You can be nose to nose and butt to butt here but traditionally that does not mean fifty units on one parcel of land. Provincetown was squashed together as it built but it doesn't mean you have to have slum dog living here as we do in India. This is a resort town. Should South Beach have affordable housing? Should San Juan and Vieques have affordable housing just because those who don't have want to have? This is misguided at best. You don't create high density rentals or condos for the poor, for the moneyless and give them the best in a resort area. You just don't squeeze people into closets and call them studios. Except perhaps here in Provincetown where long-term thinking just does not exist and questionable people like Ted Malone get money to make money and squeeze everyone into rental closets and people applaud this utter stupidity.
11:31 pm edt 

Eventually They Will Get it........Yeah!

Continue to bring to their attention factual information regarding wrongdoings on the pier and eventually they will get it.

Oh yea? Seems to me Candace and Duane have been busy doing just that...and where has it gotten them?
Public ridicule, loss of employment, harrassment, etc.
Someday, hopefully soon, the jig will finally be up...until then, we can count on things Not getting any better...and it's sure not the fault of the Taxpayer!

Don't cha just love these people who seem to think we need their instructions?

11:29 pm edt 

Re Ted Malone Ville:
Soon he will get the same feeling of being closed in on....

Hooray for the Murchison project....Hopefully, the builder will put the houses right on HIS back doorstep.....

Is it true that after the 90 Shankpainter project is complete, Provincetown will have met the quota for its affordable housing?

If that is the case, the Nelson Ave project which is in turmoil should be placed on hold until it is thoroughly reviewed.  There appears to be alot of discrepencies currently..

Please let's not fall in the trap...  Let's look at the overall picture of the entire project.  How can this be fair..

The neighbors will be watching the project from beginning to end.  We all have rights and rules to follow by.
11:27 pm edt 

Give Us Your Poor, so We Can Offer Them Housing

Logistical questions arise over Shank Painter Affordable Housing industrial complex on Shank Painter Rd. It seems that 50 LOW AND MODERATE income units planned for "Province Landing and an additional 15 LOW-INCOME units being built across the street by Low Income Developer Ted Malone will result in LOW-INCOME HOUSING being concentrated in one area.

My Heavens! Who would have thought! I'm shocked and awed at this revelation--aren't you!!

We  are putting all of our extremely LOW-INCOME housing in one place!! Mon Dieu!! Quell  surprise! Quick tell Mr.Ted Malone and Ms. Coutour and Ms. Pam P. Of course; they have no idea they are creating a low-income housing development (wink wink) they must be having the vapors over this shocking news (as they count the rents they will receive  he-he!!)

Of course Police Chief Jarran is concerned about increased traffic--
(such a worry wart and alarmist; what do we care--as long we rake in the rents each month he he!!)
harump harump:(In somber, well rounded tones:) We are dedicated to providing housing to the needy and the oppressed. PLEASE:::Send us your tired, your poor, your teeming masses who have government supported section 8s..because we do  have a place for you!!! (and your rents--are you listening off shore accounts?)
SIGNED: Mother Teresa stand in (*stand in line at my financial officer's desk he-he)
11:25 pm edt 

Why are We Being Picked on Again?

We aren't greedy; we didn't over play our hand just because the planning board said the chief of Police feel that a housing project mentality seems to be obvious as we collect our fortune under the guise of creating affordable housing.

We are not nefarious. We are here to provide housing for the desperate and the needy; and if we should become rich in the process and thrive and conquer--is it our fault?

We are here for the desperate and the unheard; our bank accounts may prosper (quick book another cruise) and we, as individuals might make a killing as we sell our units--but our hearts are in the right place--(focused on our own personal bank accounts)but in reality focused on YOU--our future neighbors and friends.

Oh citizens of Provincetown; please head our call. We are here for you--not for our own personal fortunes. We aren't really involved with the sordid idea of housing projects--we are here to offer homes for families. You have heard Ms. Pam tell you over and over how we are here for the future of Provincetown. WE ARE HERE FOR THE CHILDREN, FOR THE FUTURE OF PROVINCETOWN; I have no idea how units for singles became so prominent--none of my single friends know about this--as far as I KNOW!!! (wink wink Michele)

Please disregard what the chief of police says and the  planning board--they are all against us. We offer only our hearts and our sweat and tears as we struggle to make a life for YOU possible in Provincetown. Please support us and vote yes when we go to town meeting with our next development. WE are here for YOU! (for your rent check he he)

P.S. thank you all for calling the question so we can be seen to be as pure as the freshly drive snow.(*please don't look at our investment portfolios or investment initiatives--that is just slander against our good name).
Mother Teresa wanna be--*(but with a huge investment portfolio supplied by the taxpayers of provincetown--what local yokels they are--god love'em : )
11:20 pm edt 

Re: To: The Votes are in ???

Are you becoming a fan of mine?  I'm not going anywhere, whats with the never again never a dull moment? did I hit a nerve? I certainly hope so!!! I'm here and have been and always wil be..thank you for your support.      

11:16 pm edt 

Town Meeting and Ballots
I swear if you want anything approved at Town Mtg or at the Ballot boxes, just post negative stuff here and it's a sure bet the opposite will happen. You gotta love it. Maybe it's a message too, that the selective few who visit this site are known and are fallen on deaf ears.
11:14 pm edt 

Free at Last

Rumors! Yay!

I'm so tired of the constant droning over the usual three or four targets of this blog's collective spleen.

So, as a change of pace, I've heard two separate rumors....

Is it true -  about several employees of Seaman's Bank may have been caught embezzling?  

Is it true - despite the Swine flu threat, that there is no Tamiflu or other antivirals available locally?

There you go and no more references to Candy,Michele or Ted,for a while, please!
11:13 pm edt 

Re: Michele Couture

Michele Couture, chairwoman of the board of selectmen, was pleased with the election results last night. "I could not be happier. I was very happy the way people voted at town meeting was the way people voted at the election," she said.

What an idiot.
1:57 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing and CPA Funds

Other towns are renovating old houses with CPA money. A study even says that it is cheaper. Look at some of the derelict houses for sale along with some nice of the nice ones.

Buy them and incorporate affordable housing into the community instead of making "housing developments". How misguided; oh wait, I forgot: How PROFITABLE.
1:55 pm edt 

Harbormaster et al

You can blog all you want in here about whether or not the harbormaster needs to go or if the Pier Corp. needs to go but NOTHING gets done in here as seen at TM when the final votes are counted. You want the harbormaster gone? You want the Pier Corp gone? Go to the selectmens meeting, facts in hand with other people of the same mind set and get it done. Continue to bring to their attention factual information regarding wrongdoings on the pier and eventually they will get it. Get the facts all lined up, not rumors, and let the selectmen have it right between the eyes. Use the television for coverage of your topic and that way the public knows about it too. But unless you go there and do it, nothing gets done whining in here. Nothing.
1:54 pm edt 

To: Votes are in
We have reached the limit. After 3 years of 2 1/2 prop the commonwealth will have to come in and make forensic audits.  Maybe we will finally  get back on track.

I thank the non taxpayers to give the naysayers this opportunity. I can't wait to see the results.

Never More, Never More a dull Moment
12:02 pm edt 

I'm No Fan Of Malone

But when you're talking building density and you state "you will have to walk sideways to get to your unit".  Get real.  I've lived in many rentals in town that did not have parking, did not have a yard or garden, had a shared deck and was within spitting distance of my neighbors.  Most were old cape houses that had rooms no bigger than a closet and didn't even have closets.  

Why should assisted rental housing be less dense than the rest of the town?
12:00 pm edt 

Ted Maloneville

Imagine the folks living on Nelson Avenue with 40 units facing them. Lets hope that Ted Malone feels as though he is living in the middle of Old Ann Page way. 40B housing: crammed in living. Zoning density goes out the window while profits pour in.

Look at the hole in the ground of 90 Shank Painter Rd..5 or 6 buildings are going to be built on that piece of land. Imagine 5 or 6 buildings, parking spaces, a store--you will have to walk sideways to get to your unit.

Granted they will make it as nice as possible; yet \when you wake up in the morning--it won't be your alarm clock that jolts you out of bed; it will be your neighbors.

Slum dog Millionaire.
9:58 am edt 

Harbormaster Must Go!

So, rather than a secretive life, the Amanda Girl slasher has been out and about as conspicuous as a foot ball player wearing a tutu on the playing field. I had no idea.

From what I read, I assumed he was keeping a low profile and trying to fade into the woodwork to be invisible. The harbor master truly needs to be fired now.

Thank you pebble on the beach for opening up this citizen's eyes. We citizens are so unaware of what is going on; the banner should have a reporter just covering the pier shenanigans.
Provincetown citizen
9:56 am edt 

The Votes are in

Well it looks like the voters have voted the nay sayers down again! We move the questions!
9:54 am edt 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Take on Events and Issues

Whoever it is who feels such a constant need to bash Candace by calling her 'candy' needs to move into the 21st century...You are just school yard bully, destined to remain ignorant. Time to shut up...

FYI Amanda Girl; The Stabber was the type of big mouth looser who would talk to a wall. I ran into him a few times at the library, he was driving the librarians crazy every day for weeks. He really advertised the fact that he got a free boat from Craig's list. One of the librarian's told me they all knew he was renting space to other homeless...they all use the free computers. She said that a few days BEFORE the stabbing, the stabber actually called the police himself, had a complaint about his 'roommate'  The police showed up and talked to him outside.

My point is, if the librarian's knew his story, and the police knew his story, there is no way that Rex and his PC didn't know! As far as I am concerned, the Pier Corp was a bad idea from the beginning. There is NO history of has been 10 years of loss of revenue and responsibility...Time for the Taxpayers to take it back!

I doubt if the majority of readers would agree with me, but if you really look around town, you'll see nothing but empty buildings. Town Hall is all chainlinked off, and now so is the library. Empty stores abound, thousands of properties are for sale. Shop's are just hanging on, and what does the Pier do? They stick yet more ticky, tacky monopoly houses that block the view.
It's gonna be a slow, slow summer...

I loved the Potato Heads! How appropriate when describing the School Committee...such ignorant entitlement...a direct line from Clem and Ursies, heaven help the children.

Good luck to all.

I remain,
The ONLY Pebble on the Beach
10:24 pm edt 

Murchison Project:
I am soooo glad Mr Shorer got his approvals....   I hope Ted Malone gets the same treament and feelings he has given to others.

Build to the largest capacity and the closest possible to his multi million dollar home..

When he looks out his windows into his neighbors lets see the response he will  receive then?

All we ask, is they look beautiful.....  Outdo his projects.......
10:19 pm edt 

Re: Dog Park

Proud of the hard stealing for the dog park        

If the DPW allowed private company's to rape materiel from the highway yard and the town dump what a big investigation there would be, so why does candy demand that the workers GIVE her sand and loam for the dog park, isn't that stealing from the tax payers?
10:18 pm edt 

I am still trying to find out if AJ can be on the housing board and also an employee for Ted Malone?
10:16 pm edt 

Thank You!

The Seashore Point 1st Anniversary celebration was a success. Thank you to all the people who supported the Wellness Center.
10:16 pm edt 

Candace and Duane Saga

Ahh the Candace and Duane saga continues unabated. More of "As the Stomach Churns" for the good townsfolk!

Candace, why do you try so desperately to find a conspiracy behind everything that the Pier Corp. is doing and has done on the pier? There are a few trap sheds, a few draggers, a few boats... WHAT is your problem????

Duane, you work the second shift on the pier which I believe is 4pm to midnight? Are you going to tell us that you had NO idea that people were living aboard the Amanda Girl? Guess that pretty much sums up what kind of job you are doing on the pier. "Hear No Evil - See No Evil".... but "Speak No Evil"??? NEVER!

Duane and Candace are a train wreck waiting to happen to our town. Mary-Jo is the caboose, riding along and doing everything she can behind the scenes to undermine the good people of the Pier Corp.

Did anyone run into Duane yesterday at Stop & Shop? Another Article for the warrant Mr. Steele? What is it this time? Dissolve the Pier Corp? Take all the money back? Put you, Candace and your wife in charge out there? Perish the thought!

One last consideration good bloggers: We have a dog park in Provincetown that rivals all the playgrounds we have for the kids here. And the dog park people aren't done by any means. It's being said that Lilly Tomlin is scheduled to do a benefit for Ms. Nagle's Bark-O-Rama. Can anyone guess where Miss Lilly is performing?? Yup, I hear it's MacMillan Pier!!! HA HA HA HA! Do you suppose Candace will have the stones to ask the Pier Corp for that venue? My money says she'll use a lifeline - I'd like to "phone a friend" please!

I'll take Delusions of Grandeur for $1,000 dollars please Alex!
1:29 pm edt 

To: Harbormaster Rex McKinsey

Perhaps if you spent less time on this blog trashing those with whom you disagree, you could possibly improve your operations on the pier. But then again, that would take talent, which you have so poorly demonstrated.

Where do you find the time to be such a  busy blogger-bee?

1:04 pm edt 

Voting for Potato Heads
I will vote today but I feel as if I'm voting for potatoe heads in most of the positions. That surely includes the school committee that once again has someone with little intellectual knowledge and an arrogant attitude. A real potato head.
12:08 pm edt 

Re: Candy Man Fixation

"It blathered: candy, did you write that? I feel for you candy, nobody takeing you serious anymore? candy do you really blame them?"
Dear Candy Man:
You really get some odd thrill typing 'her' name, don't you? By my calculation, the candy-name count in the above email is estimated at approximately 55%, the other 45% of the rant is either misspelled (herd, takeing, amoung, etc)or boring innuendo. Simply put: dry up and blow away.

12:06 pm edt 

Re: Move the Community Center Program

I agree with a previous blogger. Move the community center program to the elementary school. The current community center could then be turned into affordable housing. the basement into storage rentals.

Are we still going to have to have a complete police  force to make sure that the 3 pedophiles will not come to the gym. They should have offered absentee ballots to them. Enjoy walking on the $900.00 floor pads.

Where are the cerebellum experts when we need them?
12:04 pm edt 

Steele Saga Continues

Note to Chief Jaran:

Congratulations on catching the culprit who stole the new sgt's gun.
Good detective work!!!!

By the way, where's the gun?
12:02 pm edt 

Monday, May 4, 2009

I Have Never Heard....

...anyone say to vote or not to vote on any issues on this blog.  What I have heard is "I am not going to vote for over rides etc. " but I have never heard anyone tell the voters how to vote except the "real naysayers" who are the ones who are afraid that their state and federal funding and living on the backs of honest taxpayers who are to support the whiners who feel that it is their entitlement to get what they wish had but never worked hard enough to get it. It is time that the taxpayers say enough is enough.
The important issue is go out and vote with your check balance, living expenses and the pending 2 1/2 propositions. Think what is best for you and a healthy fiscal year and years to come. Do not succumb to the "Cry Babies".
9:19 pm edt 

Awash in Self Satisfaction

We can all read how self-satisfied and arrogant the folks at the community housing complex are. We get it. We are the little people who must finance what you demand and fulfill what you request. We know that we are the little people who pay our taxes and play by the rules.

We also know that our own savings have shrunk. We are saddled with town debts and you laugh and call the question on thoughtful speakers so you can get your way and live on easy street.

I guess that I'm tired of being the ant who now supports the grasshopper. No one cares about the elderly on fixed incomes; the working stiffs, the families trying to live here.

Perhaps you might want to tone it down a bit, you great kings and queens of Community Housing: Ted Malone, Ms. Pam P. Ms. Michele Coutour, Ms. Elaine Anderson. Just for a little while at least.

We all know that you won--you didn't let anyone speak,,,but you won with your 180 votes in a town of of over 3,ooo voters--so tone it down a bit and don't strutt and crow so much. thank you.
Provincetown tax payer
9:00 pm edt 

Just Say Nothing

Please do not tell anyone how to vote on MYPACC.  What ever MYPACC bloggers discuss and try to tell everyone how and why to vote, the vote is always the opposite.   HAVE YOU ALL NOT LEARNED YOUR LESSONS YET?
8:58 pm edt 

Move the Community Center to the School

The school has a separate gymnasium. Why couldn't the town hall offices have been moved there? Due to the school committee we are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for the rental of the trailers.

Move the community center to the school; we pay for it and it is our building.
8:56 pm edt 


Just reminding everyone to go vote tomorrow at the Elementary school!!!
8:54 pm edt 

Re: What Have We Become

You are kidding right? candy, did you write that? I feel for you candy, nobody takeing you serious anymore? candy do you really blame them? go back and look at what you have posted on here and read it closely...YOU SOUND LIKE A FOOL...I'm sorry candy but you really do. Do you feel there is a plot amoung town folks to get you? you do candy and there is a medical term for that candy there are even medications to take for it. candy id your that unhappy, leave....just leave, by the way did you tell people in key west that you are on the pier corp?   thats what I herd candy lol thats what I herd
4:13 pm edt 

Fire the Harbormaster?

If you're gonna fire anyone, fire the assistant harbormaster working the second shift.  He's the one who should have seen what was going on there at night and reported it to the harbormaster.  Three days after the incident he writes in the harbormasters log that there are possible homeless people living on the boat.

Oh wait, they did fire him.
4:11 pm edt 

Candace Nagle and Duane Steele

I heard that Candice Nagle and Duane Steele want to promote their causes so the incident in This Is Upsetting is fabricated to create sympathy / attention.  They need to move on and stop trying to stir up trouble.  We are all tired of their conspiracy theories and persecution complex.  We do feel very sorry for them, but not the reasons they think.  Many of their problems could be resolved with counseling.  They should give it some thought!  Duane idle threats of suing the town are getting boring.  Make your move buddy if you think you have a case... maybe you should consider hiring Candice as your lawyer... she is a woman of many talents.  Especially good at spinning tales!
4:10 pm edt 

The Pier Situation Gets Worse Every Month...

I love that the harbormaster is quoted as saying that during the day, he observed men working on the deck of the Amanda Girl...yea, sure.
The Pier situation gets worse every month...
John Baldwin brought up the fact that there is NO place for a tourist boat to tie up for a few hours (and maybe go spend some $$$) in town...I would think that this would be of importance to the powers that be...guess not...The Harbormaster must be Fired!!!!!!

As far as election day goes...I have full intentions of voting NO on everything. I do believe that if only the
Rec Dept could move up to the School, it might be a good program. As much as I support the few kids left in town I can not help remembering that the Building is in such bad shape it wasn't good enough for Town Offices...but it is good enough for kids?
Move the kids to the school and I would be happy to vote Yes. Is the best the town can do is lock the kids behind chainlink on Bradford St?  Shame Shame Shame
4:08 pm edt 

Where Is the BOH when We Need Them?

How fair is this that ALL RENTALS must be registered and pay fees for inspections etc. when there were only 12 complaints last year based on appox. 3,000 rentals.
Has the BOH gotten involved with this totally illegal housing aboard a derelict boat that is not paying taxes as well as dockage fees?

This is totally unfair to the property/ taxpayers who for the most part follow rules and regulations and maintain their properties, pay taxes, mortgages and insurance.

Are these people still on board the Amanda Girl? Inquiring Minds what to know. What has been done?

Pis#ed Off
2:47 pm edt 

Re: Harbormaster

The harbor master is in charge of the pier. He doesn't know that a bunch of homeless men are living on the pier in a derelict boat?

I say fire the harbormaster. What a disgrace. So what you are saying is that these men were all quiet and reserved--and then suddenly there is a vicious knife fight? What hog wash.

Fire the harbormaster.
8:46 am edt 

I Agree:

If Three or Four Town Employees Had Lost Their Jobs then I'd see that may
be Duane Steele had to have his position reduced. But the only position in
all of the town? That makes no economic sense. But retribution is more the
answer. Here again: look at the town officials.
This is shameful.
12:07 am edt 

Ballot Questions?

Do you really think that town officials, specifically the town clerk Doug Johnstone, are manipulating the questions to create an outcome different than what was voted on during town meeting?  GET REAL.

If you really think this has happened in the past, please give us a specific  example where funds were increased because of slight of hand at the ballot.  This is so incredibly illegal and corrupt that it can't even happen.  The ballot questions are cleared through town counsel before they are printed to ensure accuracy against the town warrant.

Call the AG with your slanderous remarks instead of spewing your garbage on here.
12:05 am edt 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Re: Why I Will Not Vote For Any Of The "Questions"
Well Said.  All too often there is this kind of a shell game with wording in ballot questions. The writer brings up an extremely relevant point of view. I would suggest that in revision of the town Charter that this question, the one of precise wording, be addressed. It is so easy, one of the oldest and easiest games in political positioning, to change a word or two, augment a sentence or omit a phrase in order to deceive or slightly mislead.  Proponents of this re-wording practice will argue that it is for the benefit of the voter--"easy to understand." In fact, voters are worthy of the task they are obliged to perform, which is to understand and make informed decisions from well written, clearly defined and precise ballot questions.  Mucking around with said questions is political immorality and should not be tolerated.

Another Concerned Voter
6:35 pm edt 

The Voters Spoke

The taxpayers have voted for the affordable housing. If the voters wanted the funds lowered they could have voted to continue with the dialogue! Face it, the voters who go to town meeting wanted what they did or did not want. The only voters who did not want affordable housing are the few who always vote against anything that might increase their tax bill, and the people like Mikey Rogovsky who do not show up for town meetings and then cry about the vote later.
6:31 pm edt 

I Too Feel That the Taxpayers are Being Cheated.

When CPA money goes to a private developer when that money could be  put towards town hall--then the money for town hall has to come out of the taxpayers pocket.

Taxpayers should be the only ones allowed to vote at town meeting; not someone who wants a choice of residences subsidized by the working taxpayers. We taxpayers are being cheated.

We saw it at town meeting--and the rest of the town read about it. It is an open wound and the shenanigans surrounding this special town meeting is just pouring salt on the wound.

We could have voted to give Ted Malone less money and put the rest in reserve to pay for the renovations of Town Hall. If anyone tries to say otherwise, then they are ignorant as well as selfish.

2:14 pm edt 

Re: Harbor Master Sameful Disgrace

Please explain to me why our harbor master has to have esp to realize that a sexual predator is living on a former commercial fishing boat in our harbor? candy why didnt you know that someone was going to "tamper" with your water meter {i'm sorry thats just to funny} Rex has always been an asset to the pier and candy? well just fill in the blank ------- once again this is just a blog nothing more nothing less it is what it is. Candy is not allowed on the pier corp for obvious reasons, can you say truble maker?nothing you print here will change the respect we have for Rex and the pier corp, but trust me we all have the picture painted clearly of what to expect of candy, keep bashing Rex we need the laughs while we sit around talking about you          

NEVER A DULL MOMENT.......oooops gota go my water meters running
12:44 pm edt 

Re: Duane Steele
Duane is getting just what he deserves. He was in the Navy, he worked for a newspaper in RI then ran his own paper in Provincetown. He learned at a very young age that there is a chain of command that is followed by employees. If you as an employee find or see something that you think is wrong you go to your immediate supervisor. If you get no satiscaction from him/her you then go to his/her boss which is the PPPC and if you still get no satisfaction you go to the next step which is the BOS instead he hooked up with candace Nagle and has used every back door step known to man to undermine the very job he is getting paid to do. PLEASE stop this bleeding heart stuff.
12:41 pm edt 

Why I Will Not Vote For Any Of The "Questions"
Read the original Town Warrant from April and now read the "Questions" posted in the Banner. The WORDING is completely different. I WILL NOT VOTE OR SIGN MY NAME TO ANYTHING that is not WORDED PROPERLY.

There are some "Questions" that do not state the AMOUNT of money to be voted on. There will be some people who were not here for the Town Meeting and therefore might not be informed enough what the ballot is asking.

Some are for the duration of the loan ie.  fire truck and street cleaner. The recreation department is for an eternity. Read the fine print before making out the check.

If the ballot is not written as stated in the Town Warrant vote them all down. Let them go back to the drawing board and re summit.

A Very Concerned Citizen
10:27 am edt 

Island Mentality

I talked with an expert on island mentality and his view is that certain people on this blog will believe anything they are told about the CPA funds!
9:40 am edt 

Harbor Master Shameful Disgrace

It is so obvious what is going on. Duane Steele gets the ax..but our incompetent harbor master makes over$40,000 a year and has an affordable housing residence that went is a long smooth long Island ice tea on the beach.

Meanwhile, derelict boats abound, sexual predators are the tenants of these boats and the harbor master is blind to what is going on.

Look at the condition of the pier, the state of the boats and the tenants and tell me that he shouldn't be fired. What is going on here? It is a shameful disgrace.
9:34 am edt 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Duane Steele's Health Insurance is an Issue with a $23 million Budget

The only position cut was his! That raises many questions. Why was Duane's position as Assitant Harbormaster cut to be a seasonal position? Why indeed Michele Couture. You find ways to get back at MaryJo and with Sharon's agreement set this change in Duane's position.

Vernon's position was going to be cut 40%, Susie Futz was gong to be made part-time, and the health agent was going to be reduced. But none of these promised cuts happened.At the end, only Duane Steele's position was dramatically and I say unfairly changed to a summer position.

We even hired a police officer and promoted another but we made certain to cut Duane's position. This is what we do to whistleblowers in Provincetown and I hope Duane sues this town for illegal actions and sues the Pier Corp for sharpening the guillotine and droping the blade.
6:01 pm edt 

Letter to the Editor
I talked to an expert who is the chair of the CPA committee in Dartmouth MA. He assured me that not only may CPA money be used to buy land for a public park; but CPA funds are to be used to maintain it. It is the same with a new playground. CPA money can buy the land for a new playground and CPA is to be used to maintain it. It is in the CPA protocols.

Michael Rogovsky
5:57 pm edt 

Re: Positive Energy

If all the negative energy on this blog were focused on positive energy
imagine what we could accomplish.
5:55 pm edt 

Duane Steele
Duane is 70 years old.  He is eligable for MEDICARE from the federal government.  
5:53 pm edt 

Re: Duane Steel's Health Benefits..... not the issue, it is a result of his job being the only
position cut in the budget. If other Town Union positions were reduced to part time or completely eliminated it would and have been a fair and prudent way to balance the budget. The reduction of his position to seasonal is clearly a response to his "whistle blowing" and a message to others not to make waves in the future.
5:52 pm edt 

Friday, May 1, 2009

Re: Duane Steele

Why is Duane Steele lack of health insurance anyone business on this blog?  There are many people in town dealing with tough economical times; including me and no one is trying to garner sympathy for all of us.  Duane has many connections around town and can find work if he wants it.
11:33 pm edt 

Re: Incompetent Habormaster & BOS

The B of S don't have to run the pier; they can just fire the incompetent! In this economy, I'm sure that you have a line of qualified applicants from the monument down to the pier.

What is the harbor master doing to earn his pay?
11:31 pm edt 

I Don't Know About the Rest of You.....

....but I AM SOOOO TIRED of the EVERYDAY rantings about Ted Malone, Mikey Rogovsky, The pier corp. and the chair of the BOS and town manager! Do the bloggers who write about these subjects only have a one track mind or do they have some kind of S&M fantasy with them? Get a life people!
11:29 pm edt 

Re: Where is the Harbor Master?

As though the crew would vote? are you saying homless or fishermen dont vote?
What are you trying to say?
11:27 pm edt 

Ted Malone

Will someone tell Ted Malone to stop promoting his business on here as well?

Just take the crew from the Amanda Girl and give them the affordable housing you are all pulling our heart string about and let us be.
11:33 am edt 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier

The BOS has said they don't want to run the pier. So if you aren't used to us getting it wrong from time to time, get over it.
11:32 am edt 

To: Webmaster!

Is it OK to promote my business on this blog now, like Mikey Rogovsky has done on here for his painter from Wellfleet?
9:17 am edt 

Re: Michael Rogovsky and House Painting

If mikey does not care enuf to go to town meeting... why does he think we should give a rat's @$$ whether he is happy with his house painter or not??

The audacity of this simpleton boggles the mind... Mikey, just live yer life and let the rest of us not hear about all your minutia. WE DO NOT CARE!!!
9:15 am edt 

Give Me a Break!

It the Amanda Girl arrived in August in the midst of the summer crush it might be overlooked a bit; but in this winter hibernation, if the harbor master was ignorant of the Amanda Girl and its crew--then he is simply inept and MUSSSSSSSSSST BE FIRED.
9:13 am edt 

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