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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amanda Girl: PLease, Not a Flophouse--It's Our New Affordable Housing

What a gem! Here's our opportunity to create eight new affordable housing rentals and we can thank Amanda Girl. soon, Ted Malone will start putting in for CPC monies and we'll give him $45,000 per boat for our heartfelt needed water-side affordable housing rentals. Then we can start renting the sheds for more lovely affordable housing rentals. Bring in the poor, the homeless, the needy. We have the housing solution for them all--and the money to give away as well.
9:56 pm edt 

No My Job

This incident did not happen on the harbormasters shift. therefore he is not resppndsible.
9:01 pm edt 

Proposed Harbor Staffing:
Acting Pier manager:46,000
Acting Harbormaster:43,000
Part-time AHMs:40,000
Vacation relief:3,000
A Personal services: 135,000    

versus Pier Corporation budget: 252,893
Cost savings:117,893

One man can not do the job of both the pier manager and harbormaster. The position needs to be spilt in two. It's just not working as safety continues to be compromised. A harbormaster should be enforcing the rules and regulations and doing maintenance. The Pier manager everything on top of the pier including administration of tenants, renting out berths and facilities, wind power, grants, etc.

That's what is needed and the Town would save $117,893 with the proposed personnel budget.

the entire department needs to be restructured and quickly.

8:58 pm edt 

From Michael Rogovsky

I have an extraordinary woman painting at my house; Audrey looked at what I wanted done and stated the steps necessary to make this a professional painting job. Audrey is meticulous, she sands, caulks, primes, paints--did more that I realized.

She is a treasure. I hired her for one room..and when I saw the quality of her work, I realized that I would be a fool if I did not have every painting problem corrected. Audrey lives in Wellfleet and you may contact her at: audreydanforrtatmaildotcom.

Michael Rogovsky
8:52 pm edt 

Where is the Harbormaster?

Pull at the heart strings about the homeless; but look and see why they are where they are. The boat the Amanda Girl is a blight to this town--all behind the harbormasters office.

At least he attacked one of his own and not someone's innocent child. Shame on the harbor master for not investigating such an egregious, obvious derelict boat.

How does the Harbor master and crew spend their time?
6:54 pm edt 

So What!

We forgot we were part of the historic district. Stop blaming us for everything...even a full moon over the pier. We are sorry. What are we going to do? The buildings are up now. We have tenants in them for this summer. It should be a good summer on the pier for us. You want us to make money? Well we are making money from those buildings! We plan to build more for next summer too! Bite us!
6:50 pm edt 

Re: This is Upsetting

I'm confused, was that meant to be funny? because if it was, it really got me laughing good....thank you!!  If you are being serious you really need to seek some help.......stop it will you...just stop it
4:07 pm edt 

This Is Upsetting

Candace has had her issues with the Pier Corp and so has Dwayne Steele. And now we hear that Candace's shed has been attacked as well as a tampering of her meter. Is this what we in town do to whistleblowers? this is totally wrong. And then we fire Dwayne Steele and take away his health benefits because he has pointed out mismanagement on the pier.

It's time to remove all the members of the Pier Corp and start over again. And then let a new group decide who should be harbormaster. We are setting ourselves up to serious federal investigations and complaints.

And where is Sharon on this? Where is Autin? Where is David Bedard? Where is Anderson? Silence is not an answer.
3:09 pm edt 

Where is the Harbormaster?

It takes an assault and the police for a situation to come to the attention that things aren't seemly on the "Amanda Girl"? Where is the Harbor Master?

Our "Neighborhood Watch" would do a better job of fettering out this situation--and we all vounteers! Where is the Harbor Master?

How much are we paying the harbor master? We have had some very hot days; are the men staying below in the "Amanda Girl"? Where is the Harbor Master?

How can this go on--so this is where the homeless people in Provincetown are living. Where is the Harbor Master?

How long has this been going on? What else is going on? And the school committee doesn't want an election held at the school because they are afraid of child molesters--as though the crew of the "Amanda Girl" would show up to vote.

Things sure are screwy in this town. Where is the harbor master when all of this is going on under his watch?
1:31 pm edt 

What Have We Become?

Word has it that the police have been notified of an incident involving
the shooting out of a window on Candace Nagle's Trap Shed. This along
with the tampering with of her electric meter represents a serious turning
of events, which cannot be tolerated. Are we now in the woolly-west,
where anything goes?

These events have occurred in an atmosphere fostered by the blatant
non-performance of the BOS, especially the Chair in regards to the lack of 
organizational skill, outright malficence and mismanagement shown by the 

In spite of all of the negative issues that have been highlighted regarding the ineptness
of the PPPC, they have been allowed to proceed unabated. There is no sense of
moral outrage.

Additionally, physical threats have been made to those associated with Ms Nagle and this
will not be tolerated. Perhaps this better explains why she has not chosen to bring her
boat to Provincetown this year.

When local government turns a blind eye to obvious negligence that borders on
the criminal, then perhaps it is time to seek assistance from higher authorities.

This town government has degenerated into a cabal.
1:25 pm edt 

Seasonal Harbormasters

Please don't worry about those nice crew members on the amanda. they have lots of other derelict boats to chose from.  there's the razor edge and jersey princess.  maybe they can become seasonal harbormasters? now that the pier corp brought these out of towners here, we should be welcoming.         
12:57 pm edt 

Watching All the Girls Go By

I think that we should give the harbor master a raise. He is working so hard and is being so diligent. There must be so many boats that need supervision that some can't help but fall through the cracks.  

I wonder what kind of "reading material" the Amanda girl has on board to keep the crew happy?

What a view they must have had during school break watching all of the teenage girls going on the whale watches.
12:12 pm edt 

Amanda Girl & Friends

I guess the poor homeless men on the Amanda Girl will soon be living in the affordable housing units. And the man who slashed his boatmate is a registered sex offender for sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl.

More "locals" for the 40B affordable housing units? What a quality neighborhood Nelson Avenue will become.
12:11 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

About that signage your complaining about on the pier candy, the pier corp forgot the Whydah Museum was on the pier.
Give them a break on the Amanda Girl too candy. They were getting market rates for it!
10:11 am edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

We have the full support of Michele Couture! She thinks we are doing an
excellent job! She is not worried about some of these recent issues on the pier. So neither should you.
9:35 am edt 

No Party

This blog is like the republicans talking to them selves! The party of NO!
1:27 am edt 

One Day Warrant

Why is there concern about a long town meeting? The last meetings (special and annual) were concluded in two nights.

Michele, maybe you should have a little more confidence in the towns people to move the question.

Democracy should never ever be tampered with. Read the Constitution.

That is, if you can read....
1:26 am edt 

Mother Hubbard
Lived in a shoe she had so many---problems, she didn't know what to do. Sounds like Provincetown with this group of poor thinking administrators. Is there a rule here against solid thinking, professionalism, and competence? Are we adverse to hiring fabulous people who think well and make us feel good about this town? Or are we just bottom feeders? Maybe Bush even infiltrated Provincetown before he left office?

1:25 am edt 

How Much Incompetence Will This Town Tolerate?

Perhaps this is the question. We seem to put up with too much. We ask so little of ourselves and tolerate the bottom of the bottom. Isn't it time we demanded better for ourselves and for our town?
1:23 am edt 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One Day For a Warrant

thanks for brining this up. this is insane. How this makes a pure mockery of town meeting.

Enough of this cabal. Michele Couture is working against the best interest of this town. She is not who should be running the BOS. But then, this is not the best group we've ever had. It's a sad group but she is worse. How can this town tolerate her?

One day for a warrant and no one says anything. Wake up Provincetown.
10:52 pm edt 

Thanks to the Banner For the One Day Lily Pond Warrant

Frogs, frogs, frogs. This woman is a danger to our environment. One day to open and then close a warrant. Who does she think she is? I think I know her past and it is not pretty but this is even mroe disgusting. Democracy requires freedom not totalitarian practices a la Lenin.
10:50 pm edt 

Re: Re: Boats on the Beach?
YOU completely miss the points made. You are an ---. Feel free to fill in the blanks if you can!
10:48 pm edt 

Oh That Candy!
Do you really expect people to belive a family came to town and out of everyone in town asked YOU to point them to a museum on the pier lol  lol lol lol  candy please stop my ribs are killing me.
7:43 pm edt 

Re: Clean up the DNA

I answered to cleaning up the DNA but it was'nt posted, I'd be happy to if you kindly show me where it is,    I think it's just another myth candy.            

7:41 pm edt 

Re: Floating Flophouse and the Harbormaster

Just read the banner article about the floating flophouse under the harbormaster's nose. This guy is NOT in control of his department! Blame it on the second shift? Give me a break. The activity he saw during the day was the drifters stripping the Amanda Girl not preparing it to get underway.But guess he didn't know the difference?

When is that entire operation going to be restructured?
7:40 pm edt 

Affordable Housing:
Now that we have voluntarily given Ted Malone $800,000 of CPC funds and AJ is an employee of his, can anyone answer this question?  Is it a conflict of interest for him to be on the Affordable Housing board and be employeed be Mr Malone?

Sounds like a question for the ethics commission.....
7:37 pm edt 

Boats on the Beach:
How can xxx worry about the derelict boats on the beaches when he is on the pier training his new puppy?
7:36 pm edt 

Just to Clear Things Up

The word is cojones...NOT cahunas.
And what kind of initiatives should the local government enact to stop the swine flu? Perhaps if we kept the tourists OFF cape we would be spared the swine flu. Too bad there is no vaccine for the WHINE FLU which seems to have affected most residents of Provincetown.
7:22 pm edt 

Great Idea:

Fire the incompetent bookkeeper and let duane do their books! Least then we know it is beng done legally and transparently!

Pier miscreants, I like that!
5:56 pm edt 

The Michele (I can't spell) Couture Warrant

Once again, Michele Couture's agenda is that the town not have a true agenda. Her agenda has been to allow as little time as possible for town people to put articles on the warrant. As selectman, she can put an article on in a few days but the town residents, the town voters are treated like dirt. She walks all over town voters. And who is she? Herself a nothing but someone who got this position because her former lover Rabinowitz was selectmen and then she uses the position to grant favors to her landlord, to Ted Malone, and to the crying babies in line for housing.

It is a travesty and she is the most irresponsible chair we have had. She has no cahunas to face the hard issues up front. She works behind the curtains--and there are many--to get what her special interests want.

Just disgusting what she has turned out to be.
5:52 pm edt 

Replace the Public Pier Management

The tony watermark inn would like to get ready for the tourist season. Could some tell the pier miscreants to remove the floating dock that broke off and is on their beach? Six years ago the first set of docks busted up. They are on the third set those idiots. Let the fishermen work off moorings!

How many sets of docks is it going to take to break the cycle of destroyed/replaced/destroyed/replaced/destroyed/replaced?

let's replace all those idiots on the pier!  We have had it with selectmen wearing horse visors!
5:49 pm edt 

Reincarnation of Mother Teresa

The working class home owners here are the forgotten ones. We pay our taxes and follow the rules; we grow up, work hard, accomplish our goals to get where we are--and then we are ignored.

We go to town meeting and are silenced by the Special interest that control Provincetown.

Town meeting votes to give a developer $800,000.00 that could have been put in reserves for the next phase of town hall. Instead, that $800k now comes out of our pockets.

The affordable housing industrial complex will say that we had to give this money to Ted Malone--but that is a lie.

We could have reduced the amount from the floor of Town Hall and given him less. He is entitled to get 10% of CPA funds.

We could have put the rest in reserves--it is what the affordable housing cartel has done in the past.

With that vote of $800,000.00, the affordable housing Industrial complex heaved a financial burden on the working taxpayers while cloaking themselves in the piety of a Mother Teresa.
5:28 pm edt 

Re: The Trampling of the Democractic Process

First we have a rush to call the question before people who spend their time on committees even get a chance to speak or a selectman get a chance to speak about an issue.

Now we citizens are paying for a town meeting--and we have one day to submit an article. What in the world is going on? I'm going to send a message and vote no on all overrides.

The democratic process is being trampled under foot in this town by the powerful special interests.
5:25 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Bookkeeping

Remember folks the weakest link on the pier begins with                , the incompetent bookkeeper. In all fairness to Rex, he was hoodwinked into believing the pier accounting was being done legally and competently according to the Commonwealth's laws of legal municipal accounting.

Rex has much too much on his plate. Accounting should be done by professionals such as our Town Accountant. It would have save him a lot of time and aggravation. Time to put friendships aside and give the bookkeeper his walking papers, Rex.

5:00 pm edt 

Re: Boats on the Beach ?

Good lordly, what is next...................  people on the beach walking by YOUR house ?

You really need to go somewhere else if you think boats on the beach are a bad thing - oh, I know you think there are messy too...... wow !
4:57 pm edt 

Swine Flu Epidmic

People.... each and every one of us should be very concerned about the potential epidemic that will impact Cape Cod faster than a speeding bullet, not only by diminishing our work force, but curtailing our number one revenue stream: tourism.

It would be prudent for our civic leaders and town boards that govern economic development and tourism to develop some initiatives that address this health crisis.
4:55 pm edt 

Re: Whining
Whining about people who are Whining about Whining makes you a serial Whiner.Stop Whining and I'll stop whining.

Winning the War on Whining
4:49 pm edt 

Re: Ice Plant?

Oh are we gonna talk about the de facto use variance granted by the ZBA this spring?

Lets have at it.
4:48 pm edt 

Re: Boats on the East End beach

I also live on the East End of town and there have been two beat up boats lying on the beach in front of the Breakwater Motel for the past three summers. I called the Harbormaster and was told its not their issue. I called the DPW and they say its not their problem.

So, whose problem is it. What would it take for the boats to be moved to the dump? It would take a truck and two men to lift them and then drive them to the dump. They are an eyesore. So again, I ask... Who is responsible for moving derelict boats from the beaches???

Soft shelled crab
4:47 pm edt 

Re: East End Boats on the Beach
So you've watched the same old boats clutter the beach for a few seasons now.  Have you called the Harbormaster's Office to see what can be done?  Have you attended a Selectman's Meeting and spoke to address your concerns?

So many of you on here would rather express your displeasure on this blog and to what end?  Are you hoping someone else will take your cause and bring it the people who can help you?

Try being proactive.  Government and Governance does not happen in a vacuum.  
4:44 pm edt 

Re: Historic District Commission vs Trap Sheds

Why does one of the new buildings on the pier have a dormer and look more like a monoply house than a trap shed?

Boy can someone wake up the historic district commission?
4:43 pm edt 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Re: "Boats on the Beach"
Thank you for making the point. I live in the East End and I've been looking at the same junked boats on the east end beach for a few seasons. People see and enforce what they want when they want to do it in this town. Why does anybody expect anything different. I've learned to expect anything and everything in this most wonderful but poorly managed Town.
Town Meeting is an antiquated form of governing. Coupled with the fact that this town is managed in front and behind the cutain, by almost only SELF SERVING people along the way, learn to expect the predictable. This is a fact, sad but true.
1:53 pm edt 

Re: Historic District Commission

Clearly the HDC is not enfocing the Town by laws under their jurisidiction.  So I am moving forward on renavating my house in th HD because I think it will look good.
1:52 pm edt 

Complaining About the Whining IS Whining

Maybe you've missed your own point. You are the whiner while many of us are dealing with key issues about the town.
1:48 pm edt 

You Never Were a Part of This Town's Past

You Didn't Grow Up in This town and Feel That the Sheds are Reminiscent of what used to be

Pure bull. If you grew up in this town, you'd never feel pleased with these tacky sheds that have little to do with marine use. Sorry, Rex, post better next time.
1:48 pm edt 

If You Don't LIke the Blog, Say Goodbye
In truth, we don't need you. We don't wait for you to read this blog. So if you don't like what you're reading, just go away. We'll all breath a sigh of relief.
1:46 pm edt 

Re: Strange Sighting?
"Its just another restaurant expanding even though the owner always cries how her taxes keep going up and that business is down! And then she'll say how chapter 91 made her do it! Must be nice to be able to afford such poverty."

You're a blithering idiot.  Yes, according to town records the STATE required that the wharf that is part of that restaurant be repaired. Your outright jealously about Astrid doing what she can do to make the town, her property and access for the general public better is pitiful and childish. As for her or anyone else crying about high taxes, well I don't see a problem in ever questioning motives as to how a town is acquiring or spending its funds. And I don't know, but I can imagine that she and her family are likely paying a hell of a lot more taxes than you'll ever pay.  Pepe's is a place that THOUSANDS of tourists go to and enjoy each season. Why do you find it necessary to bash someone or an establishment that has had success, always played STRICTLY by the rules and indeed does more for the community spirit and economy than many other businesses in town? Your jealousy is sad and pathetic and is wholly inappropriate.  Yet I'm sure you'll be sitting right there at the bar come June, drinking your cocktail and smiling like the two faced bean-brain that you are...and enjoying the splendid view just like everyone else.  

1:45 pm edt 

Cloud of Doom!

Whenever I travel to Provincetown as I my car climbs the Hill on Route 6 and you catch your first glimpse of Town,it's at that point that you see it;That Cloud of Doom lurking overhead!Or is it just the Cloud under the Negative, Poisoness folks who blog on this website and Complain and Complain and Complain!!!...If you don;t like it there do everyone a favor and leave,leave it for the people who love this Town and wish it well.

No Clouds in the Sky for me
8:49 am edt 

Boats on the Beach

Other than the expanding, over taxed restaurant on the Johnson Street beach. Whats up with all the boats covering all of our beaches? Some of these boats have been abandoned for years! Can't the harbor master do something about them? Where is the conservation commission, these boats are holding back beach vegetation and dune migration! Where is the health inspector as the homeless and drunks sleep and/or live under these boats? Where is the Harbor Committee, the Police, the chamber, the PBG, VSB, DPW, BOS, and Town Manager on this disgrace of our once beautiful beaches along the harbor?
8:45 am edt 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ice Plant

Ah yes, the old ice plant incedent. Just becaue it happened behind the closed cold doors doesn't mean it didn't happen. Many many know. Why is the ice cloudy?
10:35 pm edt 

Strange Sighting?

Its just another restaurant expanding even though the owner always cries how her taxes keep going up and that business is down! And then she'll say how chapter 91 made her do it! Must be nice to be able to afford such poverty.
10:34 pm edt 

Re: Amanda Girl

Geez, did you see the 'no tresspasing' signs on the Amanda Girl? If there hadn't been a crime on board, things would have continued to go on as they have been right under the nose of the harbormaster's office......
10:33 pm edt 

I Love the Look of the Trap Sheds!

They remind me of when I was young and growing up in town, we should encourage the pier corp to build even more! The town is starting to look great again, like it or not our town is looking better and better thanks to the historic district committee! Also take a look at Perry's shop in the west end! FABUOUS!
10:31 pm edt 

Trap Shed Question

If you can't find the minutes for the historic district approval of the trap sheds! Go to one of their meetings and ask!
10:30 pm edt 

PPPC Keeps Digging a Deeper Hole

No application was ever made by the PPPC for a Certificate which needed to be issued in accordance with the Provincetown Historic District Commission established under the General By-Laws, Chapter 15 of the Town of Provincetown.

How reprehensible! It's illegal!

Reading the blog, I have learned the following:

They illegally write over their financials, a director flagrantly abuses MGL 268a. the conflict of interest law, they snub the Whydah Museum on signage because they covet its building,they fire a whistle blower, they tamper with a water meter, they run our mooring fees through their statements to puff up their bottom lines, they refuse to release any 2008 financials,and now they violate our Town by laws and build what serves them on MacMillan Pier, even though it's in the historic district. Have I missed anything? Oh, right they allow creepy recreational boats with creepy people on board like the Amanda Girl to use our pier as a boat graveyard.

Forget dissloving this vile board. They need to be NUKED! 
10:29 pm edt 

What an Arrogant Board, the PPPC

To think they could get away with putting up buildings just because they wanted to even though MacMillan Pier is part of the historic district. I went through all the Historic Commission's meetings since 2006. There were NO public hearings on these buildings. NONE

It's about time the members of the Historic Commission put a stop to the illegal activities of these directors!

Provincetown General Bylaws:

15. Local Historic District

15-10. Enforcement and Penalties.
15-10-1 Violations: The Commission shall determine whether a particular activity is in violation of this Bylaw, and the Commission shall be charged with the non-criminal enforcement of this Bylaw, and seeking civil enforcement
under G.L. c.40C, section 12A, after obtaining the necessary authority to do so.
15-10-2 Remedies: The Commission shall institute any appropriate action or proceedings in the name of the Town of Provincetown to prevent, correct,
restrain or abate violation of this Bylaw.

15-10-3 Fines: Whoever violates any provision of this Bylaw shall be subject to a fine of $250.00 Each day during which any portion of such violation
continues to exist shall constitute a separate offense.

15-10-4 Building Commissioner: The Commission may designate the Building Commissioner to pursue non-criminal disposition under G.L. c.40, §21D. The Commission shall have jurisdiction to pursue enforcement under G.L.
c.40C, §13.

15-10-5 Validity and Separability. The provisions of this Bylaw shall be deemedseparable. If any provision, sections, subsections, sentences or clauses shall be held to be invalid or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of the Bylaw shall continue to be in full force and

Get the Historic Commission on the phone now!
10:25 pm edt 

Smell the Roses

Why don't you all stop your bitching and go out and enjoy the beautiful day. Walk the beach, the beach forest, down Commercial Street... please just stop the whining!~!!!!!!!

Seagull on the Monument
10:22 pm edt 

Strange Sighting

What's the big thing that's up on the beach by the Johnson Street parking lot?  
Looks like a piece of the pier.
3:12 pm edt 

An Error Repeated Does Not Make it So!

"Of course they did you      ! Shut up and get your facts straight before you try to smear the Pier Corp."

Please provide the dates that the Pier Corp went before the Historic District Commission
for review regarding the Trap Sheds.

Please include all of the dates for which approval was given for the individual Trap Sheds.

Simple Request
2:03 pm edt 

Trap Sheds Did go Before the Historic District Commission

"These Tacky Sheds Did Not Go Before HIstoric District Commission"

Of course they did you      ! Shut up and get your facts straight before you try to smear the Pier Corp. This Blog is loaded with angry, inept people with nothing better to do with their time than blogging away with nothing good to say. Grow up and get a life!
1:56 pm edt 

Re: Crap Sheds

I can t find the minutes when the pier miscreants went before the historic commission!
1:52 pm edt 

Re: Metcalf & Eddy Consultant Engineers-Sewer System

Why is it that Mary Jo hates Mcaffy and Eddie the sewer people.  She always votes against their bids and has said, SHE DOES NOT LIKE THEM.  You do not have to like someone, but you should state the reason you are voting against the sewer expansion.  As past chair, she has an obligtion to the towns people to let them know.  
1:51 pm edt 

These Tacky Sheds Did Not Go Before HIstoric District Commission
But they should. They are tacky and now we could find a multiplication of these shed along the pier every year. They are in the Historic District and should go in front of the commission just as others must do who live and work in the Historic District.
10:27 am edt 

Cultural Bazzar:

Real smart renting them a prime piece of Provincetown for a pittance so that this travelling flea market can come into town and compete with all the shop owners that are paying big rents will lose business for that week end. Please, whoever you are be sure to stop by and check out the operation and then come back to the blog with the facts. Don't be fooled by the word "cultural".
10:25 am edt 

No Need For Hurtful Postings!

Where was Michele Couture's mother when she was born?

Please address her positions, votes etc you oppose. Your postings are hurtful.

I currenty welcome May 2011 when her term is up. But I am hopeful she will leave
the dark side for the good of Provincetown well before then.
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Re: PPPC Board

"Sept 25 2008 Phil Tarvers: Better policing of booth operations in the future.

Phil Tarvers: Crafts working outside their booths is all that should be allowed."

No wonder the Cultural Bazaar won't come back with that kind of attitude from the Pier Corporation!

Too bad they weren't as vigilant about ''policing'' the level 2 sex offender, slasher and squatters living withing spitting distance of the harbormaster's office!

A board with a perverted mission!

8:24 am edt 

Historic Fact:

At one time Provincetown had over 100 wharfs (piers). And on those piers were numerous sheds like the pier corp is building now! To the blogger who is trying to cause trouble. Get your facts right! The historic district committee are pleased with whats being brought back to our harbour, and yes the pier corp. did get all the proper permits!
8:21 am edt 

PPPC Trap Sheds

The sheds on the pier Did go before the historic district committee! Get your
facts right before spreading lies.
8:20 am edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

Sunday, It must be a very lonely day for miss candace as she was sure
working overtome on the blog and the PPPC today.
8:18 am edt 


"She won't be happy till Rex is gone and the PPPC is dissolved."

Please change the pronoun to WE
8:17 am edt 

Cost of PPPC Boat Raisings

Cost of Raising the Chico Mess: $77,000 + legal fees

minus $25,000 (in a state grant that took 9 months) minus
fishing permits $11,000

Cost to Provincetown Taxpayers: $41,000 plus legal fees.

The PPPC will not release their financials until they get their five year lease renewed. I wonder why?

Which derelict boat will sink this year and cost us an arm & leg?

Will it be:
A. Amanda Girl Aka "The Floating Flophouse"
B. Jersey Girl 2 Aka "Condemed by the CG"
C. Razor's Edge Aka "Transmissionless"
D. The Harbormaster's Boat Aka "Sank Once"

Never a Competent Moment on MacMillan!
8:16 am edt 

Re: Ice Plant

Never a Dull Moment, could you please remove your DNA from our ice plant?
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Re: Listening to Candy

Whats with the "we" I cant stand the sight of that woman and I'd rather listen to a      than her.
7:16 pm edt 

Re: Why is Rex Still Harbour Master ?

Because he does his job, how right you must almways feel not being involved in somthing but throwing your 2 cents in later. Do you even know who Rex is? My guess is no, you just read things on here and reply with nonsence. Keep believing what the outsiders such as candy want you to.        Never a dull moment
7:14 pm edt 

Schools and Teachers?

Can someone please tell me how Sharon and Michelle had anything to do with the decisions of the School Committee?  The School Committee answers to no one, including the BOS and TM as they have proved over and over again.

So to the Sharon and Michelle hater on here, pick another fight, they had nothing to do with this one.  But it does show how much hatred you carry.  Sad.
6:44 pm edt 

Make the Check Payable to the Town of Provincetown

The Cultural Bazaar couldn't handle one more year renting from the anti-business PPPC and will go to the Bas Relief this summer. The directors didn't want them to sell tchotckes because it competed with Lopes Square businesses. The Town is happy to accommodate their needs and inventory for sale and the tourists that they bring here.

Make the check payable to: The Town of Provincetown.

Thank God
6:43 pm edt 

Why Does This Town Tolerate Such Incompetents?

Why? When people can't do their job, when employees mess up royally, why are they not fired? Look at Rex. Look at the PIer. It is a disaster and yet this man is still "running" the show. This is a joke and it reflects so poorly on the town.

Why is Rex still Harbomaster? Sharon, find your tongue and answer this question, please. Why? Aren't you tired of this incompetence? Or do you just expect it?
6:04 pm edt 

PtownJobs Web Site

PtownJobs is provided to you by The Provincetown Business Guild and The Provincetown Chamber of Commerce.... What IS your problem?  Rubber Sheets?
6:03 pm edt 

What's Happening

MacMillan Pier is part of the historic district. Why didn't those non-marine related sheds for artists go through the same approval process and go before the Historic Commission? They should immediately be
taken down and the Pier Corporation fined! Who the hell do they think they are? They are not above our town and board by laws even if they are a corporation of out of towners running our pier!

If we don't stop them, they'll be twenty of those ugly dense buildings on our pier!
6:01 pm edt 

Live and Learn
A friend finally got his project done. The estimate he got was so reasonable--but the final tally--400 times the estimate!

At one point the contractor actually said,"I didn't realize the scope of the project". Words that need to be immortalized.

What was my friend going to do--leave a big hole in his house? He had to go on with the project.

So, if you have a job that costs $1,000 or more--GET A CONTRACT. Go through it..cross out the lines where the contractor writes that if you have to take him to court YOU pay the court fees.

I feel like kissing the guys who built the addition on my house.
5:59 pm edt 


5:57 pm edt 

To: The PBG Basher
Re:Mr Smarty Pants reference...

You certainly show your ability to form mistruths once again through your ignorance.   You have posted a list if CITIES that have been nominated.  Provincetown is NOT A CITY; it is a RESORT TOWN.

The 2009 Gay.Com Travel Awards: Favorite Resort Town nominations are:

Fort Lauderdale,FL
Key West, FL
Palm Springs, CA
Provincetown, MA
Puerto Vallata, JA

The results will be posted on Friday, May 8, 2009
Slippery Fish (wondering when your Karma is going to bite you in the A_S)
5:56 pm edt 

Another Missed Opportunity

I would like to know about the loss of potential revenue on MacMillan Pier last summer as a result of this Amanda Girl piece of xxx taking up a berth on the pier. How many mega yachts who would have payed big berthing bucks did we have to turn away let alone the money they would have spent here lost!

Could our pier be run any worse?
5:54 pm edt 

I Wish Some Mothers Knew How to Spell Their Kids Names

Where was Michele Couture's mother when she was born? Someone should have given her a dictionary, a book of names with the right spelling. Obviously,          couldn't spell and I'm not sure the daughter can.
5:53 pm edt 

This is Not About Certification

this is about reneging on the union's pact to take a pay cut, not to take pay raises and to help preserve school positions. The teachers' position is more than laudable.

Who else in the other 2 unions did anything? The other 2 unions gave not one red cent. Nothing. And then the teachers give back to the town their pay raises and what does the shool committee and also Sharon Lynn and also Michele Couture? They cut two positions in the school.

Disgusting. Reprehensible. Sharon and Michele--what are you thinking? What's in your head?

You just don't get it, do you?
5:51 pm edt 

Re: Michael

It's time for Michele to stop backing losers!
5:49 pm edt 

Boxed Turtle Sighting!

I just saw a boxed turtle at 90 Shankpainter! Get Tasha on the phone!
5:48 pm edt 

Crap Sheds

Did the Pier Corp go before the Historic Commission to get all those new buildings on MacMillan approved? It looks like crap. I never thought we d have a density problem on the pier.
5:47 pm edt 

Truth be Told

To the idiot that can't use google correctly and is spreading false rumors that Provincetown was not voted Best Gay Destination for the third your in a row by Planet Out.   Below is the article that appeared in The Banner on this topic:

"PROVINCETOWN - For the third consecutive year, web and magazine publisher PlanetOut has named Provincetown the best domestic gay resort town in its 2008 PlanetOut Travel Awards.

Key West and Palm Springs were runners up for the award. Provincetown innkeepers Park Davis, Jim Rizzo and Dave McGlothlin accepted the award on the towns behalf during a ceremony at the 2008 International Gay and Lesbian Travel Associations Travel Expo in Las Vegas.

We are honored that PlanetOut has recognized Provincetown as the top gay destination in America yet again, said tourism director Lisa Bowden. Each year we strive to set the standard in LGBT travel and are working to make the 2008 tourist season even better than last year."
5:46 pm edt 

Business as Usual in Provincetown...

Took a ride out on the Pier today to see the Amanda Girl...There she was, within spitting distance of the Harbormaster's office..Oh well, I guess the tourists will find her charming. As for that Circuit Boy Rex and his total lack of responsibility and accountability, the blame lands smack in the laps of the BOS and TM for allowing this to go on for way too long. Will it continue to happen? Oh yea, cause this is Provincetown where there is NO accountability. Someone wondered why nothing has happened with all Duane Steele's reporting...Well, who do you think is going to do anything?
Nobody, certainly not anyone with ANY connection to the Town...
Why? Because it is in everyone's best interest NOT to make any waves.
5:43 pm edt 


"The PBG of course didn't really participate in the effort and failed to make any committments as per usual..."

That's priceless, just make it up as you go even though you don't know anything about it.
5:41 pm edt 

Time To Say Goodbye

Why are we still listening to Candace?  Backstabbing, innuendoes, two faced and cut throat.  She won't be happy till Rex is gone and the PPPC is dissolved.  People on the pier like Rex a hell of a lot more than they like Candace.  It's time to run Candace out of town.  Sick of her agenda.

Now she's planning a fund raiser on the pier for her precious dog park (which we're all supposed to be on our knees thanking her for) and after all her antagonistic, in your face approach to the pier, she's gonna expect them to kiss her royal     and go out of their way to please her.  God forbid they don't cause she'll be right here letting us all know how they hurt business and non-profits in this town.

You're not concerned about good government.  You only have your agenda in mind.

Time to say goodbye Candace
5:39 pm edt 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time to Say Goodbye!

Why does the harbor master still have his job? Boats sinking; derelict boats on the pier; mishap after mishap; it is time to fire him.
6:32 pm edt 

The Issue is Cerification

The teacher's pay freeze and reducing our budget has nothing to do with two of the school staff losing their jobs because they aren't certified.

Our School needs certified individuals and the teacher's union is mixing apples and oranges. Dragging the pay freeze into this is a red herring.

Do the teachers see how this looks? Massachusetts has a bountiful number of qualified, fully certified teachers in multiple fields ready to step into the classroom. Let them teach our children.
6:31 pm edt 

Well, Rex's Past Actions Don't Just go Away

I don't know who posted the item about the circuit boys but Rex's past isn't going to be erased because he is now harbormaster. I know many fishermen who wouldn't dare use the ice at the dock because of what occurred in the ice shacks. Shame should be on those whose actions reveal them for who they are. The postion does not make the man.
6:27 pm edt 

Here's What I think Is Important

Caring about this community. Valuing people who live here. Respecting the land. Loving the ocean and what it provides.

What I don't appreciate are the people who suck this town dry, who take from it, in land, density, and money. They destroy what was precious and call it affordable housing. They leave us with little land, they abuse the water, and they call it caring for the homeless and the poor.

But here's what is missed: so many in Provicetown who live here and have for years are themselves poor working class. They are not valued but cast aside for these resort wanna-be's, these folks looking for hand outs and getting federal, state and town supported housing because we have not truly valued our own limited resources and, ultimately, we have not cared enough for our small, quaint ecologically fragile town.

6:26 pm edt 

This is a Blog

Not Truth in Lending. who'es out there believing that anything said here must be true. You are in La La Land for sure. I see this blog as a place for opinions, positions, possibilities. This is not a newspaper in case some of you haven't entered the 21st century. Google Blog. That should help you.
6:24 pm edt 

Most Qualified Candidates

The School Committee wants to get the most qualified candidates with teaching certificates. This is a school, and the staff SHOULD have teaching certificates!

As citizens, we want the most bang for our buck. We are paying $4,000,000.00 a year and we should have the most qualified, certified staff possible.

If these memebers of the school staff had these certifications, this would not be an issue.

Why bring the 3% give back etc. into this? This is about the most qualified teachers--not about protecting jobs.
The School committee must stick to their guns.
6:23 pm edt 

To: Mr. Smarty Pants Post

you are a real winner....

look at the best resort town category you        !

whose mr smarty pants now

again another uninformed post on a inaccurate blog
6:19 pm edt 

You Can Thank the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce For the Ptown Jobs Website!!!!!
It was a great idea.

The PBG of course didn't really participate in the effort and failed to make any committments as per usual. Candy and the staff made it happen though.

Kudos Chamber! Thank goodness for you guys.
3:42 pm edt 

Provincetown Harbor Safety Regulations:
1-3-11   All other transient vessels berthed at the Pier shall have on board at all times sufficient personnel qualified to move the vessels when requested by the Pier Manager. Upon order of the Harbormaster/Pier Manager, all vessels must be moved within 30 minutes.

With the slasher in jail and the squatters on the Amanda Girl kicked off, could the harbormaster tell us how he is enforcing the above important safety regulation?

Also, could the harbormaster tell us how the slasher and squatters met his definition of sufficient personnel?
3:40 pm edt 

Re: This Blog

Shame on you for printing the blog about Rex and the "CIRCUT BOYS" what are you jealous you cant hook up it any of those guys? what shameful thing to print about a man who has helped so many families in this town, does he run his mouth like so many other fools in this town? NO he does'nt, hobody really knows what he has done to help people in this community, why? because he does'nt make it a point to talk about it constantly waiting for praise from people who are sick and tired of listening to him, unlike candy who just wont shut up.  Shame on you web master for printing that trash......I cant wait to see if this gets published......of course if it does my spelling and writing will be the main focal point...............NEVER A DULL MOMENT
3:38 pm edt 

Town Employees-

"....didn't protect town employees." Typical entitled mentality. If you don't do your job well, why should you keep it? Certainly peoplw who work for the private sector have expectations and are held to a certain standard. Working for the town should not mean you are an employee for life no matter how bad a job you do.
3:37 pm edt 

The Issue May Not Be How Did Rex Benefit

It may be instead: why is there so much mismanagement at the Pier? Why do boats sink year after year? Why is there little real business occurring? Perhaps we need a real Harbormaster and not only a dory guy who is still only a dory guy.
3:35 pm edt 

Safety Harbor Regulations Continued to be Ignored:
1-3-11.....All other transient vessels berthed at the Pier shall have on board at all times sufficient personnel qualified to move the vessels when requested by the Pier Manager. Upon order of the Harbormaster/Pier Manager, all vessels must be moved within 30 minutes.

Why didn't this safety reg apply to the Amanda Girl? Make sure you bury the legal fees for this mess in pier maintenance!

REX McKInsey should not be harbormaster!
3:34 pm edt 

Let's See Mr. Smarty Pants

Go to search for awards, this is what you get.

"Hundreds of you suggested the five finalists below in the "Favorite Domestic Destination" category, and now tens of thousands of you can vote for your favorite. Before you cast your vote, click on each nominee's Letter of Nomination written by them specifically for you, the reader.

Las Vegas, NV
New Orleans, LA
New York, NY
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA "


If you state something on MYPACC.  Why don't you make sure it is true.  Must be a board member for the PBG or Don .
3:31 pm edt 

The Teachers are Right To Sue the School Committee

They are the ONLY union who gave back to the town. The only union who knew it was important to give back. The town employees gave back NOTHING. The police union gave back NOTHING. The the school faces cuts in positions after they were given a guarantee that not taking pay raises would protect jobs.

Once again, where is our town leader when we need her? This is a mess and she should have seen this coming.

And you Michele, as head of the BOS, you are involved in this mess as well. How could you let this happen. The teacher's union is right to go against both of you. You have let them down and you demanded NOTHING of the other unions.

The teachers feel like fools and you Sharon and Michele and Terese let that happen to the teachers. This happened on your watch. Shame on you. Your weakness now becomes the teacher's burden.
3:29 pm edt 

Re: Sinaiko's Garden

Sinaiko has put his garden up for sale?  But, has not hired a realtor nor set a price.  Guess he's trying to make a point, but he just looks kind of silly.
3:27 pm edt 

Friday, April 24, 2009

Re: 2008 Travel Awards
The 2008 PlanetOut Travel Awards were presented in May 2008 and for the third consecutive year, Provincetown won for Best Domestic Resort Town. The 2009 Travel Awards will be presented at the IGLTA Conference in Toronto in mid-May...and once again, Provincetown has been nominated.
7:52 am edt 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How Did Rex Benefit.... allowing a derelict boat with no fishing permits tie onto the pier for almost two years? All of which would have stayed under the radar had it not been for the slasher. What's this I hear about a LEVEL2? Let the tourists in on that little secret before they stroll down our pier at night.

Otherwise the pier looks great as long as you close your eyes that is.
10:10 pm edt 

Re: Dog Park

Love the Comparison..Good Humor,,,Good blogging..< you should get a spot on the Jon Stewart show...
10:08 pm edt 

Public Pier Corporation

The PPPC is now  in the business of buying derelict boats on MacMillan pier for $1.00 in order to clean up after the mess of their pier manager who allows boats with NO FISHING PERMITS  on our pier and aren't welcomed in their ports of call..  Rex McKINSEY gives new meaning to the word 'incompetence.'  He reached is potential as tender boy in his former job and has cost the Town millions of dollars since we hired him.
10:07 pm edt 

The Power of the Blog

Yes, the power of this blog is that when the blog is for something the town votes against it and viceversa! LOL
10:05 pm edt 

Seashore Point, What's the Real Deal?

Let's Get A Real List of the Workers Who were at the Manor and Now Are Out of A Job

They didn't protect town employees. Seashore Point brought in their own staff and town people were let go. Who's left who was there when it was the Manor and now is a for-profit institution. And they cut off Outer Cape and yet I believe our town bill for ambulance services will increase because of SeaShore Point. The wrong solution for the wrong problem.
10:03 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

There are many DIFFERENT forms of affordable housing! They are not all the same. The affordable housing that I have lets me sell at market rate as long as I pay back the affordable housing loan I got to stay in my home.
10:01 pm edt 

Drinking is Legal

If people get drunk in town and then go out to their boat on the pier, the harbor master has no right to invade private property. Drinking is still legal in Provincetown like it or not!
7:52 pm edt 

Re: Naysayers

It seems to me the naysayers don't have anything new to say!
7:51 pm edt 

Re: Amanda Girl

Candy dont use me as an example to prove your point, you dont speak for any fishermen i've ever fished with, or know, I think you are more dangerous than any fisherman or vessal on that pier, with your lies and attacks on people doing the job you CANT I'll speak for myself candy thank ypu and so wont my friends and family.
7:49 pm edt 

The Power of This Blog
you know, it makes me laugh. but there really is  a small group of people in town that are quite afraid of this blog and afraid of our ability to share our thoughts.

you can tell who they are pretty easily. they are the ones that:

a. write in constantly, saying "i never read this blog because its so nasty"

b. write in constantly, saying "i never read this blog, see you in 6 months"

c. write in quite often saying "boy are you people mean and nasty and cheap "

you can also tell who they are because if you see them in town and ask a question , they will say

"oh, thats sounds like the blog" which i guess means they read it an awful lot.

They really don't like that this blog exists. Wonder what they are so afraid of ?

Its also interesting  that they are some of the nastiest people i know.
7:48 pm edt 

Re: Dog Park
It was reckless and careless of Dog Park management to allow Rover at the Bark Park, a local doggy doo-doo area, when he had no shot records, liability insurance or papers.

Now we have to incur the legal expenses to get this dog out of the park. It is a dangerous situation: the dog is paperless and a potential biting hazard with all those bones and chewy toys around. There is no contact information for Rover in the Pilgrim Bark Park office.  We should be concerned about our historic town and our pet owners being in harms ways because safety regulations are not being enforced.

Provincetown taxpayers support hard and honest working pet owners & fish like Slippery Fish who posted here recently. We got our funding for Bark Park because of fish like him working out of Provincetown.  Not these faux pet owners and fish that dont have papers, or never use them, and dont make a living from the town or are just looking for cheap housing for their dogs at Bark Park on Provincetown taxpayers money.

Addicted to caffeine and cats
7:46 pm edt 

Note to All...

If you have a question about water quality, or even quality of life, this blog is NOT the place to expect answers...
The answers you want are easily gotten from the people who are PAID to have the answers..The TM and her squad...Don't look for answers from the public, go out and find your own answers about water quality and then you can tell us..
Enough with the Water quality...
Ah, the lovely Amanda...All winter long that wreck has been tied up here. Now finally someone notices...just because somone got the problem becomes the towns...Way to go, Rex...another fine example of the useless job you do...Isn't it time you moved on? Oh wait, I guess you haven't gotten your summer          from the
Circut Boy's yet!
7:44 pm edt 

PS: CTRL, CTRL, CTRL, CTRL, F5... many hits does it take to get to 100,000?

Inquiring minds
7:42 pm edt 

Insulted Intelligence!

Can anyone tell me why Duane Steele rates so much space on this site? Whose ego is being massaged here, his or his wifes? We all know that the Webmaster and Mrs. Avellar-Steele are pals. How about some links to some substantial information; or at least something intelligent?

My only question now is: When does Candace Nagle get a half dozen links of her own to spew some more of her rancid and putrefied bile at the pier? Perhaps you should stick to the doggy park Candy, we all know that you've          and      in every corner of that place! Your territory is well marked!

Insulted intelligence!

7:41 pm edt 

Re: Old Salt

Perhaps the "Old Salt" should be enforcing the alcohol laws instead of writing about them?
7:37 pm edt 

Re: Locals and Affordable Housing...
your misinformation makes the point for having a "fact" sheet. early buyers, for example, weren't held to the same deed restrictions as are buyers today. there was no loophole. of course, how would you know that?
7:36 pm edt 

Has the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex No Shame?

How many times have we heard someone here proclaim that all we do is blog--and then admonish us to join a committee.

Look at the Finance committee--the chair wasn't allowed to speak at town meeting due to the refrain of the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex to, "Call The Question".

A Selectmen was refused the right to speak due to the Affordable Housing Industrial complex's group of special interests yelling, "Call the Question".

One would think that after The Provincetown Banner ran an editorial regarding the affordable housing Cartel and an article voicing the thoughts regarding town meeting from influential people in town that the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex would show a little humility.

I forgot: Special Interests don't know the meaning of the word.
7:33 pm edt 

About the Naysayers:

What mean and nasty lies are you referring to; or do you mean unearthing the truth?

It seems to me that the Department of Revenue started the ball rolling about regionalization.

It seems to me that the school committee hoodwinked the Powers that be that they controlled regionalization.

It seems to me that calling the question is the new motto of the SPECIAL INTERESTS and thus they stifle meaningful, democratic discussion regarding the spending of taxpayers money.

Nayayers? Hardly! Defenders of freedoms and protectors of the taxpayers is their true moniker.
7:31 pm edt 

Nothing Has Changed!!!

Wow, I haven't read this blog for a bit and frankly, I'm shocked! NOTHING has changed!!! Candace is still railing against the pier (however she is no longer doing so in the name of "good government")!  

Read the Duane Steele Report with eager and rapacious curiosity. Yet, after a thorough review, found nothing substantial. I thought this was going to be the Watergate of P-town? I saw a messy tool area and a few cracks on floats that have been reportedly cracking for years! I guess that's what happens when you build a pier and then forget to protect it from the beating it will take from Ma Nature!

Yup, same ole blog, same ole bloggers! Nothing newsworthy here. See you again in about 6 months!

HO HUM... YAWN... gnite!
10:28 am edt 

Harbormaster Needs to Enforce the Law

Unless harbor regulations have changed, it is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages on vessels while berthed at the pier.  The present harbormaster has police powers to enforce the regulations.  It is a dereliction of duty if the harbormaster does not enforce the harbor regulations and he should be removed from the position.

Old Salt

10:27 am edt 

Locals and Affordable Housing

The affordable housing facts are that the powers that be should be looking after the interest of all of the taxpayers.

Instead, they are enriching developers who by pass zoning laws legally; who create affordable housing using grants etc (taxpayers money) and then the housing went to favorites and staff.

We shall see what we shall see. Affordable housing built in this town for over ten years;loopholes for early buyers who then sell it at market rate; erroneous statements making people believe that it is for locals first.

All of the people who got this affordable housing starting years ago aren't all from local families. Is Ms. Pam from a local family or Rex etc. etc. etc.???
10:25 am edt 

2008 Travel Awards

Anyone notice that the 2008 Travel awards for gay travel does not list Provincetown for any wins? Not for a destination  (NYC wins) Not for "gay destination", FT LAUDERDALE Wins, not for a gay hotel or guest house.  Wonder what the Provincetown Business guild thinks of that?  I am not here to bash the PBG, but would think they would have some answers to what they are doing to change that around
10:23 am edt 

What's up With the Water Problem?

Did someone get sick from our drinking water? did somthing actually happen to raise concern? It sounds like a trouble maker starting on the grweat people at our water dept, I'm impressed with the quilification's that some odf them hold and Ground water analaycal is a very impressive company in its own.......I'm not an employee I simply asked!!!
10:21 am edt 


I'm glad we are finally setting the naysayers on this blog right! And lets be clear about who are spreading the mean and nasty lies about our great town. The same FEW who we all know from past town meetings and some who do not even live here, who think that their taxes are more important than human life and that somehow they and only they are supporting everything from affordable housing to the school system! The pier and seashore point are both in much better shape now than just 10 years ago as is our water supply! Do they not remember how bad it was in the seventies? Town government and the tourist trade are by far better now than then. Don't let the naysayers on here get you down! The majority of Provincetown people are more sane than the very few who like to cause problems on this blog.
10:19 am edt 

Re: MacMillan Pier

It was reckless and careless of pier management to allow the Amanda Girl on MacMillan Pier, a commercial pier, when it had no fishing permits, liability insurance and documentation, let alone squatters living aboard. Read the harbormasters log, a public document.  

Now we have to incur the legal expenses to get this boat off the pier. It is a dangerous situation: a boat unseaworthy and a potential fire hazard with all their electrical heaters on board. There is no contact information on the Amanda Girl in the harbormaster's office.  We should be concerned about our historic fishing fleet and our fishermen being in harms ways because safety regulations are not being enforced.

Provincetown taxpayers support hard and honest working fishermen and lobstermen like Mr. Pazolt who posted here recently. We got our state funding for MacMillan Pier because of fishermen like him working out of Provincetown.  Not these faux fishermen tied up to the pier who dont have fishing permits, or never use them, dont make a living from the water or are just looking for cheap housing on Provincetown taxpayers money.

C. Nagle
10:17 am edt 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Talk About Agendas

i seem to remember a couple of requests a few months back for an affordable housing fact page. a reasonable request since few if any on here base their criticism on facts. so why is it there has been no attempt at this and yet mr. steele has five linked pages about cracks in the pier, etc.? a page for that's entertainment? i can only assume the bias on here is to let false information rule the day. now you've got folks believing they have a right to drug test and otherwise monitor people because they qualified. among other ridiculous notions. talk about agendas. seems you missed the boat on that one.

truly concerned
3:51 pm edt 

You Gotta Love It

People in this town have NO CLUE what they are talking about when it comes to Seashore Point. You with your entitlement mentality. The care there is excellent...the residents are happy. You would have kept the old, decrepit Manor where nothing had changed in 50 years. As for people keeping their jobs...look around...REAL businesses --as opposed to town run one--have to keep costs in control. Not one person who took care of residents has lost a job. Learn the facts before you spout off.
3:49 pm edt 

Water Quality is Publicly Posted

The cape cod commission also does tests on our water year round by government certified scientists. And are publicly posted in newspapers. Other than having a slightly higher level of sodium, our water always gets good grades better than some bottled water! The health department can show you anything you might want to see, its all public information! There is a difference in being concerned and just trying to make trouble!
2:32 pm edt 

Who Cares Who is Staying on the Amanda Boat?

Who are you to say they are homeless? What right do you have to be judge and jury on this matter? People party on boats all the time, what law says people can't have a good time? Drinking is still legal even if you don't like it! And how can a harbor master be to blame if anything was illegal going on in a private boat? Stop looking to make problems! Life is more than being so negative! Provincetown should be a fun and happy place. Get out from behind your computer and enjoy this great place we call home.
2:30 pm edt 

Re: Seashore Point

How mean and heartless and WRONG you are about seashore point! I'm not going to go into detail about things you or I know nothing about, IE who works there or the management or future of the facility but I do know that the town has done the right thing by letting Deaconess take over the failing manor! Also if for any reason seashore point fails, the land and buildings go BACK to the ownership of Provincetown. And lets not forget of all the seniors who live or in use of this nursing
2:27 pm edt 

Water Quality Tizzy

The person who is working themself into a water quality tizzy should just go and pay for a test themselves... you can google for a company to send it to, or try to find an over the counter test kit; they are available.

On another note, this is now a very carcinogenic world we live in; try not to dwell on it. Anxiety is also a carcinogen.
2:26 pm edt 

Seashore Point Isn't at Full Capacity Now

What makes you think that it will be full in the years to come?

The affordable housing industrial complex may bail them out and thus it can become a place where all of its unnits are affordable housing.

The taxpayers will just have to pay for it--but we are used to that already.
2:23 pm edt 

Sorry, But Who is Testing Our Drinking Water?

If the answer to your question is that important to you call the Town of Provincetown and ask.
2:21 pm edt 

Re: Housing For the Homeless

All of these foreign workers come in and find housing; yet 17 people are homeless. Dig below the surface and look at the cause of their situation and EXAMINE the choices that they made.

New York and Massachusetts have the most lavish services for people in need. Drug addicts even get Social security benefits to pay for their housing and livelihood.

With Ted Malone's housing projects and 90 Shank Painter Rd.; homeless people will have a place to live. I just hope that there is some requirement that they change the behavior and extra curricular activities when they become my neighbors.
2:20 pm edt 

Seashore Point(less)
Don't forget that we also gave them the sewer!

Deaconess Abundant Life Communities has nothing to do with The Deaconess Hospital in Boston which many Provincetown Citizens were led to believe. Abundant Life is a non-profit
corporation which also excludes them from the Town's Real Estate Taxes. They also reneged on the original amount of affordable units or beds.

The Taxpayers really got hood winked on this one and the worse thing is that many long time residents in need of short or long term care still have to go out of town to other facilities.

We gave them everything and have not received much in return for the Community.
2:17 pm edt 

Sorry But Seashore Point is Hardly a Success
We gave the land. We gave CPC funds. We hoped all the workers would keep their jobs. We hoped they would link up with Outer Cape. But none of this happened. And whose there now? Who is getting rehabilation? Phase Two on hold. And Perhaps the place itself will go into foreclosure. And if they do. they get to keep the land.

Great deal. Another crying appeal without understanding who would really be taken care of. Should have kept the old Manor or slowly closed it. Out of scale. Out of our control.
What are we really celebrating? Our foolishness to have gone forward with this white elephant.
7:26 am edt 

The More things Change the More They Stay the Same

People should get off their high horse and remember that Provincetown in its long history has always been a party helltown! People come and people go, but in the end there is nothing else to do here but enjoy life! Those who want Provincetown to be something it ain't, really should think twice about changing us! The more things change here the more it just stays the same! The names have changed and the incomes go up and then down again but this is still the end of the road and will always attract us misfits! Only the strong survive here and we don't want to be like the rest of the country! We like it our way and if you point your finger at us remember that three fingers are pointing at you! We scream and fight with each other but if your in need we will be right behind you to help you in your time of need.      This is from a woman I met when I first moved to Provincetown over fifty years ago! And the cool thing about it was that she was 91 years old at the time and lived in Provinctown for 89 of those years!
7:24 am edt 

Re: Water Quality
Watch one episode of Frontline and now we have a water quality scare here on the outer cape?  We are not Pueget Sound or are we on the Chesapeake Bay.

We have some of the best quality water in the state and the state has some of the best water in the country.  Per DEP regs, there is someone on staff to monitor the quality of our water on a regular basis.  All of our water comes from wells in Truro.  Ground contamination is highly unlikely due to the fact that there has never been any major industrial pollutants in Truro.  The water we draw is part of the Pamet Lens which is a large underground aquifer and is carefully monitored because it is the outer cape's sole source of water.

Outside of private septic systems, our wastewater is returned to the ground through our leaching fields located on the median strip of route six.  At no time is our wastewater ever converted to drinking water.

FYI, the Metro Boston area also has some of the best water due to the amazing engineering feat of the early part of last century which is Quabbin Reservoir.
7:22 am edt 

The Amanda May be Capitalist's Ted Malone's New Project

Perhaps he brought them in so his people could announce at town meeting the so-called 17 people who are homeless. The Amanda may become the beginnings of a new affordable housing project and the CPC can now give Ted malone another $800,000 so he can create an affordable housing flop house. With 40,000 homeless just in Los Angeles, he can get a great source of new tenants and can put in for more and more federal grants. Once they're off the bus, he can call them "ours." I'm sure he can find some land that can be used to house 100 homeless to fund his greed.

Start with the Amanda and build upwards. Bring on the poor, the homeless, the jobless. Provincetown stands ready to support your dreams.
7:20 am edt 

Sorry, But Who is Testing Our Drinking Water

that is my question. Who as town employees have the scientific background to do this type of testing? And
when is our water tested? During which part of the year?
Can anyone answer that? To tell me it's tested does not answer my question. How do we know that our drinking water is safe and healthy?
7:19 am edt 

Poor Mouthing

The IRS might be the reason business owners always say that they are not doing as good as the same time last year. They have been doing this for years and then they pocket the money and don't pay their fair share of taxes.
7:18 am edt 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cheap Place to Winter

Was on Macmillon pier at 9:30 tonight and lights were on in amanda girl.  a former selectman referred to the amanda girl as a 'flophouse.'   Is the town paying for anyone elses electricity? why is the PPPC allowing these abuses on our pier?

9:59 pm edt 

Re: I Did Answer the Question

9:57 pm edt 

The Fish is a Fool

He's proven that with his rant since this blog started.

9:55 pm edt 

Re: Slippery Fish

I'm the real Slippery Fish. Stop impersonating me. I support the Pier, Ted Malone, the PBG and the Tourism Director.  Wahhhh! Wahhh! I'm the real Slippery.  Wahhhh!

Slippery Fish (just floating)
9:54 pm edt 

But I'm Asking You
Not David Guertin. Plus he is handling waste water when I want to know what scientists does the testing for our drinking water. They are not the same though unfortunately our drinking water can begin with reconstituted waste water.

Doesn't anyone know? It's your water too!
9:52 pm edt 

To Steve, the Shop Owner
I am very happy that you did well this past weekend.
I also agree with you that almost the entire community, shops, eating establishments, hotels all cry pour mouth to everyone.  Provincetown does that to people.  If any scientist knows the reason, would love to hear it.  Let the insight into provincetowns people begin.
9:50 pm edt 

Re: Drug Testing

To the person who wants drug testing on the public, you are not a
good American! You have no power here! Begone -before someone
drops a house on you. Glinda
9:48 pm edt 

Re: Cheap Place to Winter

Sounds like the ole' girl Amanda is the new affordable housing
on the water! Seriously, what will be done with her now and exactly
why did we welcome her way back when?
4:51 pm edt 

Re: Cheap Place to Winter

No, the derelict vessel was bought from craig's list. supposedly the ownership of the vessel transferred to someone (a person who listed his address in the cc times as homeless) in lieu of being paid for some work he did for the previous owner. this guy turns around and has two or three other homeless people on it and was getting money from them. of course, all this is taking place for months right behind the harbormaster's office. there's been a lot of late night commotion on the boat all winter long there.

Why even bother with a harbor staff when boats sink and knife fights are right outside the harbormaster's office? seems like a good budget to cut further back on!
4:09 pm edt 

Re: You Didn't Answer the Question
Who is the scientist who does the testing?

Call the Towns Water Dept. 487-7064.The # is in the book.

4:06 pm edt 

Seashore Point is Celebrating Its One Year Anniversary!

On May 2, 2009 from 1pm - 4 pm they will be having a 'party' to raise money for the Wellness Center (formerly known as The Manor). $12 for adults, $6 for kids 10 and under...a silent auction, face painting, antiques appraisal, and a wonderful lunch. Mistress of ceremonies: Lady Di!
Come out and support a wonderful community.
4:05 pm edt 

Re: Mckinsey and Company

Tell me more, I dont understand why they would make him stab
someone though? that is what your asking, am i corect in that?
4:03 pm edt 

Re: Personal Accountability

@ 3:58 est- Sunday

What I want is accountability, I'm tired of the entitled, over indulged 30 and 40+ adolescents who want everyone else to take care of them.
I'm tired of the alcoholics and druggies in this town--

Once again my response from Wednesday April 15th...

Re: We Need Accountability

"There should be random drug testing of people taking public subsidies, unemployment, ETC
I want to know who they are and what they are doing for work...every month of the year."

You must be a reincarnation of someone who was living in Nazi Germany during World War II to make such an ignorant statement as such! You also must have voted for George Bush? The Patriot Act doesn't bother you? Big Brother is watching...

Appalled By The Fascistic Mentality

Your thoughts, Sir or Madame are still just "Blah Blah Blah...."
and maybe YOU should move to a nicer country like North Korea and live under Kim Jong-Il.

Democracy Now !!!
Viva la Constitution !!!
4:01 pm edt 

The Real Slippery Fish Has to Stand Up

Sorry, the last post wasn't mine. The others about me weren't mine either.  I guess if you are not bashing the PBG or the Tourism director, you have to try and target me.  I have no agenda.  Sorry, take that back. I do have an agenda against stupidity.  You really fit the bill.
Slippery Fish (just looking)
3:57 pm edt 

Re: Horrible Rumor

A cop? Provincetown cop or outside Ptown? Seems more rumor than fact. Caught having sex with cocaine? That doesn't even sound enjoyable!
3:56 pm edt 

Re; You Didn't Answer the Question

Call David Guertin at the water department in the Gouveia building. He can answer all of you questions about testing and quality and who does the testing etc.
3:55 pm edt 

Cheap Place to Winter

The story gets better: the boat, the Amanda Girl, doesn't even have one fishing permit but was allowed to tie up on MacMillan. It wasn't welcome at its home port in New Hampshire. Owner must have heard about MacMillan being a graveyard for boats. It pretty well known.

This would not have happened on another harbormaster's watch! Chad, David come back we need you!

3:54 pm edt 

Cheap Place to Winter: MacMillan Pier
This just in:

A guy bought a boat on ebay recently, comes here and has tied up to MacMillan Pier. Hasn't gone out fishing and is living aboard it. Imagine the electricity we are paying for him! Plus he hasn't paid his rent! Now his boat is derelict and has become our problem!

Anyway, three nights ago,  he stabs a friend and is in jail.

What is wrong with McKinsey & Company?
12:50 pm edt 

You Didn't Answer the Question
When is the water tested and does it happen when therea re few people in town or during the heaviest months in the summer? And who does the testing? And what are the scientific qualifications for the people testing our water?
Given tonight's Frontline program on dirty and troubled water, it makes me wonder about our water.

Who is the scientist who does the testing?
12:49 pm edt 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

Yep, you can tell when M. Rogovsky is back at Mypacc!
All the blogs start repeating themselves about the school
system and affordable housing.
10:01 am edt 

Our Shop Did Fantastic This Weekend

Lot's of sales. Lot's of people and the people were buying. We're way up over last year.

I think most of the shops in Provincetown will always cry poor mouth. I'm not sure what that accomplishes but times are good right now and compared to other places could be far worse. It's just like the restaurants who claim they don't make any money and then laugh all the way to the bank.

We should thank our lucky stars instead of worrying about the upcoming summer. When you think positive instead of wallowing in self pitty a lot of great things can happen.

10:00 am edt 

Affordable Housing and CPA Funds

Mikey, you still don't get it! The $800.000.00 was already in the affordable housing funds. You can not use those funds for anything other than affordable housing! Fixing town hall is not affordable housing! Hence, no matter what you think of affordable housing the town has voted to give Ted Malone seed money to build much needed affordable rental housing! We have all heard you and your friends views on housing, and nobody but you and your handful of mypacc bloggers agree with you! MOVE THE QUESTION!
9:58 am edt 

Re: Slippery Fish

I think Slippery Fish makes a lot of great points. I think Slippery Fish is a wonderful contributor to this blog. I think Slippery Fish knows all and we should bow before him. Vote Slippery Fish in the next election.  Can't stop laughing.

Slippery Fish (these fins were made for swimmin')
9:56 am edt 

Re: Good Restaurants

The best sign we find in NYC for a good restaurant is a clean and properly operating bathroom!

Saw a CNBC story on McDonald's.  Other than the food their number one priority was clean restrooms.  People associate clean restrooms with a well run restaurant.  Makes sense.
9:55 am edt 

Re: CPA Funds

10% of CPA funds are to go to affordable housing--how does $800,000 equal 10%?

The affordable housing industrial complex silenced any opposition at town meeting with yells of Call the Question.

It is plain for everyone to see; please read the editorial in the banner again and the article regarding the views of people at town meeting.

And please read the protocols of the Community Preservation Act.
8:44 am edt 

Re: Stand up and be Counted

WHAT?   Have another one.
8:41 am edt 

Horrible Rumor

Has anyone else heard the rumor about a local cop getting caught having sex and possessing cocaine?
8:40 am edt 

Arrogant School Committee

I agree with the previous posters about the arrogance of the school
committee. It began when they  prevented P-town kids from playing
sports at Nauset with the bogus recruitment excuse.
8:39 am edt 

To: Slippery Fish

That's right Slippery Fish. Keep posting and rewarding yourself.

There's medication to help those with multiple personalities.

Time to look into it. Maybe it can be dropped into the pond.
8:37 am edt 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Re: Speaking of the "Next Economy Summit"
The EDC has accomplished quite a lot during it's tenure. Is it still in existence after all of its accomplishments?

Survey after survey was undertaken to confirm (1) arriving ferry passengers considered Provincetown was a destination of choice; (2) there were business concerns about the economy; and (3) tourism was our number one resource.

In addition to the initiative to merge the Chamber, PBG and Tourism Office into one entity, three projects were the result of extensive study undertaken by the EDC: Street scape, Street paving and Historic Walking Tours.

The EDC was instrumental in hiring Lisa Bowden as its coordinator, which led to her being hired as Tourism Director. What a huge success that was.

All in all, the EDC has accomplished quite a bit...
10:58 pm edt 

Who is Inspecting Your Town Eating Establishments?

We went to Michael Shays over the weekend and found just about everything in the mens room broken.
The best sign we find in NYC for a good restaurant is a clean and properly operating bathroom!
How can an owner of a restaurant welcome the public with a facility that is in total disrepair?
Thanks for this blog, who ever is in charge of it. Maybe someone from the government will read it and crack the whip!
ben and bill
NYC and PT
10:56 pm edt 

Thanks to Slippery Fish
I like his postings. There's always some insight in what Slippery Fish sees and notices. Good work. Keep posting
my gill-lined friend. But Beware the town's squirming worms there to get you on the hook.
10:54 pm edt 

Re: Is Our Drinking Water Safe?

In case you've been sleeping at the wheel for the past 8-10 years, water has been at the top of the list as far as critical issues for the town. Water is tested quite frequently as outlined by state standards and requirements and an ongoing search for more well sites in Truro is ongoing. Negotiations between the towns have been going on now for the past few years and as a matter of fact, the water in the lines today is probably better than is has ever been. The town doesn't waste as much by way of cracked and leaking water lines since they have been testing and repairing the water lines and as a matter of fact, even with a rise in the number of homes and condos, the water use volumes have dropped. Wake up and join the conversation.
10:52 pm edt 

Still Waiting
Why are we having another town meeting so soon after this one? Why?

What is driving this rather unnecessary use of energy, time, involvement and town money. Again, Town counsel sits there and caching, caching, caching. And then town counsel and his law firm goes over every warrant article, caching, caching, caching. So it's billable time and the money goes to Town counsel.

No one has yet stated why Sharon Lynn and theBOS are hosting another town meeting.
10:48 pm edt 

Sorry But This is a Blog and Welcome to the 21st Century

Gone are the letters to the editors as they only way to be
heard, name signed at the bottom. Now we have anonymous postings and that is life on a blog. That's the way it is.
Not about virtue but about life in this century, my dears.
It is a new century and with it new ways to communicate.
10:46 pm edt 

You Didn't Have a Say on the Four day Work Contract
Those of us who participated in Town Meeting approved the budget for the next fiscal year. Had you been present, you would have seen how smoothly this article passed. Without raises.

What is your gripe? That someone has a day off in lieu of a raise?

Redirect your anger in a more positive direction and you might find a smile...
10:44 pm edt 

Questions Regarding Funds Given Ted Malone

I believe that MR. R is wrong when he stated that we could have amended the amount given to Mr. Malone anto $200,000 and give the other $600,000 to Town Hall.  I was told that town meeting CAN NOT realocate that money.  True we could have reduced the amount given to Mr. Malone, but the remainder would still be needed to be spent on affordable housing.  I was told that only a petition to the state legislature could realocate the fund the are currently earmarked.  Is this true?  If so, the town can't change how this money is currently allocated...
So if this is true, please please, stop lying aout it!
10:43 pm edt 

Stand Up and Be Counted

How about showing a set and signing your name to your comments instead of acting like a horses ass .When you alledge what is not true there are implications. When you lie there are implications. When you do the above from behind an unsigned blog you are a coward. This seems to be a dirt slinging, muck raking venue. Sign your name!
Stand up and be counted. No more backstabbing foolishness.
Dana Pazolt
F/V Lisa Anne
7:54 pm edt 

Re: Slippery Fish

I guess Slippery Fish doesn't seem to realize we notice his multiple posts.
The one's with Slippery Fish and the one's without agreeing with Slipper Fish.
7:51 pm edt 

Re: Workers From Homophobic Countries

Are you for real? How did you come up with that? I don't recall that happening, how long have you lived here, that's a new one to me, lol what nonsence.
7:50 pm edt 

J Vsas Are Questionable

They close off the H2B where you have actual workers looking
for work but allow the J visas. Well, are they all really students? It is a more questionable way to enter the country.

It is also a way to get Eastern Europeans here and keep out
the many wonderful Jamaicans who came here year after year and return home year after year. But no, they can't come but Esatern European "students" can come and work. A policy that discriminates but keeps many locals content with the new fresh arrivals.
7:49 pm edt 

Foreign Workers:

This is ludicrous...  Foreigners should be entitled to whatever everyone else is. They are hard working individuals.  A human is a human...  Let's not begin to segregate.  This is where diversity steps up to the plate.  Let's treat everyone as you would want to be treated.

I personally know employers who have on many occasions hired local individuals to work and they couldn't keep them on the job because they wanted to pick and choose.

Let's focus on a busy, steady season and put all the negativity to rest....  BE KIND !
3:11 pm edt 

My Independent Survey:

Spoke to 8 retailers  today.  Only 1 said better weekend than last year.  Everyone one was disappointed in sales but still optimistic  for the upcoming season.  A so called art gallery in the west end had a good weekend.  Lets hope we all do fine.
3:10 pm edt 

Is Our Drinking Water Safe?

PBS is airing a program on Dirty Water from Frontline.
Is our water here in Provincetown safe? Is it tested
during the busiest time of the year when we have 35,000
people living here and visiting here? Or is our water tested during the quiet season?

And do we have scientists involved in assessing our
drinking water? People who have a knoweldge of
Or do we only have office types testing our water?

This program makes me ask questions I'd never ask
before. And what about increase density and growth?
Is our drinking water at risk by more and more growth?

These seem to be questions we should all ask. Our health
depends on it.
3:08 pm edt 

Workers From Homophobic Countries

I believe that when Provincetown started hiring workers from homophobic
countrys years ago, thats when people stopped coming to Provincetown!
Not only do these workers scare away tourists, they don't spend their money
here like our former gay workers did.
3:07 pm edt 

Three /Four Day Work Weeks:
I believe people are just expressing some anger..  The blog is not the place for complaining, if MANAGEMENT would listen..  There are several Non-Union Manangement individuals who just don't care about anyone but themselves.  I need not name them.  Look in the mirror, you know who you are.... Some department heads won't even speak to their employees or even say good morning...  Professional or what?  That's why there is so much animosity in ceratin departments.

Let's not be selfish and try being team players.....
3:04 pm edt 

Re: Speaking of the "Next Economy Summit"
The Economic Development Council has been in place for 4 or 5 years.  What have they accomplished?  Interactive "streetscape", what the hell does that have to do with a year round economy.  Multiple summits which many people originally participated in, failed at even keeping people interested.

Per their mission statement; "to advise the Board of Selectmen on the development of strategies consistent with the Local Comprehensive Plan which will foster a sustainable year-round economy for Provincetown."  The EDC has failed at the helm of S Melamed and it should be dissolved.  After this many years and countless meetings, they have produced nothing.  If I'm wrong, I would love to hear just one good idea that has come of this group.  Please, prove me wrong.
12:15 pm edt 

Foreign Workers

I've worked 7 different jobs in this town and I'm gay. I've never encountered the harassament that I've encounted when I worked with some foreigners from           . (one foreign co-worker told a gay coworker that he hopes that he gets AIDS). The abuse was constant.

I didn't realize that I could have sued the owners for what I had to endure. Why are folks from homophobic cultures STILL brought to this town to work?
12:12 pm edt 

Town Meeting A totalitarian Approach Not a Democractic One
And looking at town meeting, I still ask: who is
running this town. Is it the not so educated Couture and
her former partner Rabinowitz? Or just money-grabbing
Malone? And is Sharon just sitting at the card table
handing out the cards on this poker game called
town politics.

Or are the real estate agents who are controlling and
changing our by-laws running the town?

Does anyone really know? And the fact that Sharon smiles--sometimes--at you doesn't make her a better town
manager than Keith Bergman. He at least knew how to
12:09 pm edt 

You Didn't Have a Say on the Four day Work Contract
Town voters voted against town employees getting raises
at last year's ballot. And what did Sharon do? Find a way to give town employees a paid lunch and a four day
work week so they could get raises this year and next.
You heard Chris Snow speak against the four day work week
but town voters were kept out of this decision.

Know your facts. It helps.
12:03 pm edt 

Local Worker's Opinion

As a local, I've cleaned toilets, waited on tables, painted houses and worked in retail shops. I showed up when expected sober, drug free and ready to work. I was always willing to go the extra mile whether it was doing a chore for which I wasn't hired to working after hours. Occasionaly when I applied for a job I would ask for a certain day off in order to meet the requirements of my first job. If it didn't work for them - fine. I would look for another job.

I've had some wonderful bosses who paid a fair wage, recognized effort and were pleasant to work for. I've also had bosses who were drug addicts or drunks. They would be abusive to the help, promised a certain wage and didn't deliver and lay you off weeks before the scheduled time.

I know a restaurant whose workers were all American. Then they switched to mostly foreign. A waitress who had worked there for over 10 years was going to be given two tables instead of four because the foreigners couldn't speak enough English to handle four tables. He said it wouldn't be fair to them if she had four tables. She quit and took her experienced, sober and hard working self to another restaurant. They've lost my business.

Businesses are also hurting themselves. The foreign workers don't spend money in town and take it back to their own countries. The money doesn't circulate in town.
Locals will go out to eat, have a beer or two at the local bar and buy clothes and merchandise. The foreigners will not. Also, businesses loose money and customers when their staff can't speak proper English. I work hard and don't have time to explain what is dental floss or chap stick.

Since taxes are a common topic - why are my taxes paying for foreigners' health care? Outer Cape has had to lay off workers and yet the foreigners don't pay. You hire a foreign worker you should be responsible for their health insurance. I'm required to have it - why not them?

You hire a foreigner I and others have to deal with their obnoxious and rude behavior (not all - there are many who are pleasant) For the most part             men and some women go out of their way to be rude. I've been lucky and don't live next to 25 Europeans who drink and party all night.

Don't sterotype American workers and I won't sterotype
business owners.

Retail Guy
9:34 am edt 

Dear Folks:

"Alot" is not a word.  It should be written as two words: a lot.

Sorry, but this misuse of the language is becoming viral.

9:29 am edt 

I Don't Get it;:

A local guy was laid off while the boss is bending over backwards to get a foreign worker a green card. Kept the guy working all winter, had him put up in this country to maintain his status; man, this isn't right at all.

One guy just did his work--but the other guy sucks up to the boss like nobody's business. I guess anyone would love to have an employee who is also a servant I guess--that is where the first guy went wrong..he just did his job and didn't suck up--sheesh--what a town.
9:28 am edt 

There is No Year Round Economy

What will the job market be like in a few years? All of the hoopla about the new economy Summit in Provincetown just dissolved because there can't be a new economy here.

What we have is a tourist based economy and taxpayer subsidized economy. What new industry is going to give us a year round economy?

Our winter economy is based on collecting unemployment.

The Lobster Pot geared back already. People in other jobs are having their hours reduced. We shall see what we shall see--and I'm saving and saving this summer; have to pay my taxes and for all of the overrides that are "going" to pass.
9:26 am edt 

How Would One Know?

Where on the Official Town Webiste are the days and hours for ALL town bulidings and officials listed?  How would a "newbie" know that the town is on a 4 day schedule (for better or worse)?  
9:24 am edt 

To: Who is really Running This Town?

Yeah, Keith was really accessible, wasn't he? Such a breath of fresh air he was!

The difference between then (Keith) and now (Sharon) is that town management is accessible... and efficient. 40 articles for Special and Annual Town Meeting were voted on in over two days...I'd say that's a real strong indication that the residents are running this town, and Democracy is alive and well in P'Town.

If you don't like it, make a change. Pitching your sour grapes on a blog won't do a thing but make your head swell.

Meanwhile, the town government moves forward... and no matter what anyone says, a majority rules!

9:23 am edt 

To: Here's a 3 Day Work Week at the Town Hall Trailers

Don't forget Thanksgiving Week... another 3-day work week.

And I suspect the week of July 4th will be another multi-day holiday work week.

You seem to forget that town employees don't work on Fridays in lieu of a raise. That's old news...

So what if Monday is a holiday. Is that their fault? No, it's ours for not speaking up at town meeting to protest the change.

If you don't like the three or four-day work week, you should speak up where it counts. Not here... nothing will get done here...
9:21 am edt 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Re: Harbormaster Office

Why was the harbormaster's office closed all day? I went there three times today to get my mooring permit.
10:17 pm edt 

Inquiring Minds Want to Know:
Who is really Running This Town?

Seems it's hard to figure out. When Keith was here, he surely was doing a lot of the running of the show and of course there were key others behind him.

But who is now pulling the strings? Who is getting what they want from us? Who is directing the town? Could you let me know what you think.
10:15 pm edt 

Re: Trap Sheds

Damn Piers Lookin like an outdoor shoppin mall and u can't even buy our fish on it.  
10:14 pm edt 

Re: Don't Disagree With Slippery on Any Topic
I usually don't, but that's because he's one of the few here that usually makes sense.  
But aren't you really the one with the agenda?
8:29 pm edt 

Re: Trap Sheds

The trap sheds did go before the historic district committe! Stop trying to make problems that are not there.
8:28 pm edt 

Be Careful!

Don't disagree with Slippery on any topic. Otherwise you're just labeled a "basher", it's his strategy to push his agenda.
6:49 pm edt 

A Very Bad Joke

The PPPC Corporation marches to their own drummer and usually in the darkness of a moonless night. These trap sheds are to give us the illusion of economic growth and justify the bloated beauocracy of the PPPC. It's all a bad joke, a very bad joke.
6:48 pm edt 

Start With This Blog

If you need to hire somepeople , start on this blog ,it seems there are alot of people on here that have nothing constructive to do with themeselves but there probably not qualified
6:47 pm edt 

Re: This is a Test
"You sound like a sadist."

Please tell us more, what exactly in his/her posting makes you deem him/her a sadist?  That he wants employees?  That he wants some of them to work 40 hrs/week, others part-time?

I realize one can post on this blog with no accountability, but I'd really like to hear your logic,  if any is there.
6:46 pm edt 

A Need for Business Not Trinkets

We need real businesses here not trinkets and crafts here. So true, and yet what kinds of businesses will relocate here and create a true Provincetown economy?

We are going to become merely a summer community. There are intellectuals here who fret about the winter population here when then come to visit--and its decline.

Many of you don't realize the movers and shakers in Boston who own places here and who come here in the off season or how they fret about the declining community or what the winter community is becoming.

12 step programs are the new dating scene; dysfunctional people abound; parental embarrassments are paid to stay here out of the family's view--And what is their claim to fame: FINALLY being eligible for affordable housing. How pathetic.
6:43 pm edt 

Here's a 3 Day Work Week at the Town Hall Trailers

And what can really get done? This working schedule is
ridiculous. It should be abandoned, Sharon. Didn't you
even see the consequences? If not, why not?
5:15 pm edt 

Can Trap Sheds After Trap Sheds Be Built on MacMillan Without Oversight?

Isn't there any Historic District consideration for these
trap sheds? Now another is built. It's starting
to look tacky and non-functional. We need real businesses
not trinkets and crafts here. What's happening inside
these small buildings should be marine realted, as
determined by Chapter 91.

Where's the historic oversight here? It is in the
Historic District and some of us have to follow
those rules, so why not McKinsey & Company?
5:13 pm edt 

RE: Hiring Locals

Maybe they want certain days of to "SPEND WITH THEIR FAMILIES" get it? they have "FAMILIES" they want to spend time with,  geeeesh what the hell is wrong with trying to get a certain day off? Does it keep yuo up at night, being upset someone that wanted to work for you wants a certain day of, my god is there nothing "you" people dont complain about?
4:59 pm edt 

Personal Accountability

What I want is accountability, personal responsibility and adults acting like actual adults. I'm tired of the entitled, over indulged 30 and 40+ adolescents who want everyone else to take care of them.

I'm tired of the alcoholics and druggies in this town--and Ted Malone used our money to build his 40B complex and I want to make sure that everyone there is a sober, responsible, adult in their behavior and actions.

I'm advocating personal responsibility. How sad that you consider adult behavior from actual adults an aberration.
4:58 pm edt 

Why Are We Really Hosting Another Tupper Ware Couture & Rabinowitz Town Meeting Party?

Can someone explain the real reasons they are planning another special town meeting when we just finished s special town meeting and a regular town meeting. Why? What were they keeping back and thus hiding that should have come up at the just-held town meeting? Does somone really know?
4:56 pm edt 

To Those Complaining About Locals Workers vs Foreign Workers

I own a business and I will gladly hire any qualified people who come to apply for a job: local, Jamaican, foreign students etc.  
However let's be real, there are not enough local people to work all the jobs that need to be filled.  
This whole crap about us vs them is so tiresome on here, yet it seems to rear it's ugly head in various forms.  Why must the discussion be framed in such a negative way?
4:55 pm edt 

Re: This is a Test
You sound like a sadist. What's your rate of pay? Eight bucks an hour? If you are such a fabulous employer why aren't your workers from last year returning? How many foreigners do you employ?
4:53 pm edt 

Looking to Hire Someone

If you are looking to hire someone or looking for work you can go to ptownjobs dot com

It's a free web site open to all Provincetown businesses and individuals and is provided as a joint venture by the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce and the Provincetown Business Guild.
4:52 pm edt 

Re: Random Drug Testing

So now you want to treat affordable housing like internment camps? people who qualify because of their income should "watched"? there are people from all walks of life who abuse or milk systems. it happens. but painting with such a broad brush is unfair to pretty much everybody. your almighty dollar gives you no right to anyone's personal business. being so judgmental is bad enough.
12:07 pm edt 

Re: Good Luck When You Hire Local

That was cute the line about a young person toking with their parents, how good of you to do the right thing and put in your blog as a weapon o hurry for your side......not for nothing but I was alway's amazed at how much weed your    community about using a crutch, my god you folks never put it down.
12:05 pm edt 

Re: Random Drug Testing

I get randomly drug tested at my job--why aren't people who are getting subsidies drug tested as well? Why are people who collect unemployment exempt as well? Talk about special treatment and entitlement. No wonder the employers in this town hire foreign worker.

What a drug problem we have--all of the 12 step programs in town attest to it. The meetings wouldn't be packed if it was just "recreational use". Even my doctor bemoaned the situation as an aside when I last saw him.

Random drug test for folks getting subsidies.
12:03 pm edt 

This is a Test
In search of a morning cleaner for a business. Start early in the a.m. and you can go to your other job. appoximently 3 to 4 hours per day. Clean toilets, mop floors, wash windows etc.

Experienced Line Cook. 40 plus hours. we do overtime. Weekends are a must.

Dish Washer/ Cleaner. 40 plus hours with overtime. Weekends are a must.

Please apply on this site. I will get back to you.

Let's see what happens.
12:01 pm edt 

Move the Question

Even the editorial in the banner stated how aghast it was at how Town meeting proceeded. What irresponsible citizens these yahoos are who kept yelling,"Move the questions".

It is true, an amendment could have been added from the floor reducing the amount of CPA funds that would go to Ted Malone's housing development.

Can't wait to see how the special town meeting is moderated after seeing how the Spring Town meeting was conducted.

We should have a special "move the question" section for the members of the school committee who kept yelling it out.
12:00 pm edt 

Never a Dull Moment

Need I say more?
11:58 am edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

How come the Selectmen didn't know the  anti-commercial policy on MacMillan Pier?
Why does the Chair love everything Pier Corporation when these problems keep coming up?
11:57 am edt 

It's Important to See that the Affordable Industrial Housing Complex Involves Town Officials
What happened at town meeting could not have happened without the back room deals of Michele Couture and Irene Rabinowitz and others. And the changes in by-laws benefiting affordable housing could not have happened without David Gardner and those who worked their butts off to change, alter and manipulate Growth management. Consider that Ted Malone was a major player on this committee. And he is the Industrial Affordable Housing Guru or Gangster. He might as well have held up the town and taken the $900,000. And if Bill Dougle had not reconsidered the vote at the CPC meeting, this article would never have come up at town meeting.

So there are many players who form the Affordable Industrial We'll-Take-Your-Money-Now Complex and they work quite hard to make this happen and bring in profits for this Wise Guy Malone.
11:56 am edt 

Look to See Us No More!

If It's Been A Year Since You Look Here, Don't Bother Looking Again

With your bitter taste, who needs you here? Goodby even though I think we know who you really are. And you are always reading what is said and at times posting. Right MC!
9:33 am edt 

Re: Resturants and Economy

What a horses $@%, you sound like the type of person people make it a point to avoid. What a smug comment about resturants that have closed and so passive aggresive of you wishing everyone well this season. Buisnesses come and go in this town for alot of reasons, you by far sound like the least person anyone should listen to when it come's to economics, you have all the answer's? buy one of these places and make it work!        

Never a dull moment
9:32 am edt 

You Know What?

I have been paying attention and yet still didn't understand the reason for the June Special Town Meeting until someone out there was kind enough to post it here. Maybe the Selectman or the paper should have mentioned the reason a few more times instead of just assuming we all knew.
9:30 am edt 

Re: Support For Locals

You own a very succsesful buisness in town? little pompus no? ANYWAY!!  your just another one of "those people" dumping on townies for your own boost in self asteem, I have a buisness in town also, I do pretty well, I genrally hire hire town people so I dont have to put up with premadona's  and "hurt feelings" and "emotional day's'  so I guess it all balence's out. Know someone can say I'm being racist, fine, but are'nt you being racist also?
9:28 am edt 

Good Luck When You Hire Some Locals

A business owner writes how some local workers ask for certain days off, are lackadaisical workers at best etc. How true. It is called the entitlement mentality.

I've seen these folks apply for a job and state that they want to work only the best nights in a restaurant and no lunches.

I've seen these same people talk about how they will be getting affordable housing and working one job etc.

Good luck when you hire some locals and please do some random drug testing too. I didn't know about marijuana until I was in college years ago..I come to this town and my peers tell me how they were smoking it in 9th grade.

One local young guy even told me how he tokes with one of his parents!
9:00 am edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

Affordable housing units are to go to women with dependent children, the elderly and the infirm. To see these young strapping folks driving around in their trucks getting this housing is an insult.

Notice to all tenant: The tenants who move in will be intensely monitored by the public. Our money was used to create this housing and thus we have a mandate to put everyone there under a microscope.

Can't wait to see all of the year round jobs for all of these people who move to town.
8:58 am edt 

Supporting Our Own

I always hire local and American workers and have had no problems for over 25 years! Mostly because I pay my workers a living wage and treat them like family. Its a shame seeing this town become a third world economy.
8:57 am edt 

Rip Off

Like it or not its unamerican and wrong to hire people from other countrys when so many hard working Americans are out of work! How can you sleep ripping off the nation like that?
8:54 am edt 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

Well look who came out of the woodwork! Indisposable Mikey is back to start picking on the school system and affordable rentals. Rogovsky thinks he has some right to pass judgment on us voters yet he wasn't even at town meeting again this year! Im glad that the town can see right thru his bitter and heartless obsession with keeping the homeless on the streets and to send our youth out of town. And he still does not get that CPA affordabe housing funds can not go towards fixing town hall! Only historic CPA funds can. I can't wait to see him stand up at future meetings and get mad because nobody will listen to him, like we didn't listen to the other few nasty blogers at town meeting. I MOVE THE QUESTION!
8:53 am edt 

School Committee and Elections

Face it.  The School Committee is pissed that the town is going ahead with it's planning committee.  They don't need to make all the demands they've issued.  They just want to feel superior and force everyone to know that they still think they have any power.

They don't want us in they're building (oh wait, it's our building).

Could this be why all the selectman's meetings are now being held at Larkin Hall at the Center for Coastal Studies?  They don't have to put up with their attitude at Larkin.  They want us there.  Not just putting on a show of helping out the community in it's time of need.
8:51 am edt 

Re: School Committee

Why are students allowed to be at town meeting? Aren't we putting them at risk mingling with adults? Are they being watched every single moment? What about when we have our break at town meeting?

Yet at the voting booth, with police and monitors all about, the public is seen to be too dangerous to be allowed into the school? What folly in logic.

This distressing school committee and their self importance as they receive millions in tribute and snub the townspeople is insulting in the extreme.

What dupes the parents are not to object to the ruination of the school through the blind ignorance of the school committee.

They alienate the town at every turn.
12:03 am edt 

I Do Believe There Were More Experienced Candidates Who Applied for Tourism Director

But he did not get the position. He has experience, knoweldge and he cares deeply about this town. He did apply and he was rejected for someone will less knowledge and background. Therein lies the problem with applying and who gets "selected."
12:01 am edt 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's the to Date Tally

Is it too early to ask how the weekend was so far?  heard that a few resturants did fine.  Shops on the other hand were down.  Saw a few guest houses were few, but much more did have vacancies.  
Realize it is only the middle of April, just some thoughts from anyone that works in one of the tourist industries.
Would be great if the town told us how parking revenues did compared to last year this weekend.  
11:59 pm edt 

No Change

wow, haven't been on here in a year and it is EXACTLY the same junk and powerless raving and rumours. really, really sad. good thing the voters have more sense than the bitter or obsessed folks on here.
11:57 pm edt 

Re: Town Meeting

It was wrong that discussion was halted at town meeting with anonymous people yelling out,"call the question". No one had a chance to make an amendment from the floor giving Ted Malone $200,000 instead of $800,000.

This was indubitably a town meeting of errors. It wasn't a Democratic process. Last Spring every time my turn came to speak at the microphone, someone in the school committee section yelled, "Call the Question".

The affordable housing industrial complex is truly a power in this town. The money that went to Ted Malone could have gone towards the renovation of Town Hall next year--instead it will come out of the taxpayer's pocket.

I wish that I wasn't indisposed and had been able to attend town meeting this year.

Michael Rogovsky
11:56 pm edt 

Re: To Support for Locals

If your stores and businesses would pay a living wage most Americans would work. Slavery wages and slavery living conditions are not acceptable.
11:54 pm edt 

Re: Hiring Locals

 I'm a local and my job has been made part time. They had a guy from one of the islands working here all winter doing work.

What I don't understand is why guys on Craig list, who are scrounging for jobs, are ignored--some would love this foreigner's year round job.

Instead, they are giving the work to a foreigner who is their "pet" so he can his green card. Totally Unfair--but I can't say anything--or I'm out the door.
11:53 pm edt 

Re: Phil Tarvers

May 10 2007:

Phil Tarvers requested that the PPPC Board of Directors policy in regards to the use of the float owners booths be clearly indicated in the minutes:

"The ticket booths to be used as accessory use to the float space business "


Banner April 16 2009

Tarvers: "They can put anything they want on the pier and people still walk by my store three times"

Why was it so important for Tarvers to have this 'clearly indicated in the minutes?' Could it be so they wouldn't sell magnets and teddy bears like his store in Lopes Square?

This guy waved his middle finger at the State's Enabling Legislation that created the board he sits on, the PPPC

11:51 pm edt 

June Town Meeting

No one's trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes here.  If you've been paying attention, you would know that the first phase of town hall will be finished by the end of June.  The bid contracts won't be ready till the end of May.  To keep the work progressing seamlessly, there will be a town meeting to fund phase two in June.  If there were no meeting in June (before the end of the fiscal year), all work on the building would be stopped for a full year.  If we were to wait till the fall town meeting, if appropriated, the money would not be available till July 2010.  That means a full year of nothing happening on the Town Hall.  If we vote to fund the remainder of the project in June, then the building will be finished and opened to the public July of 2010 as opposed to 2011.

It constantly amazes me how people always think government to attempting to pull one over on them instead of thinking that they are attempting to do the right thing.
11:47 pm edt 

Re: Support for Locals

I own a very successful business here in town and the only people who come in and apply for jobs are either townies or foreign workers.  The townies demand certain days off, expect high pay and rarely impress me as hard working.  The foreign workers are willing to bust their asses, are generally polite and will work when needed.  Gee, who should I hire?
11:45 pm edt 

CPA Funds?

The accountants now have their own fund?  Cool!
11:44 pm edt 

Re: State Investigation
What investigation are you talking about.......I cant wait to hear the answer
11:43 pm edt 

Re: Tourism Director

I know a VERY qualified person that applied for the job of tourism director.   Much more qualified than Bob.  And she didnt get it.  This is an old boys network and with Rob on the VSB, it was pretty obvious as to who he was going to vote for.
11:42 pm edt 

Re: Hiring Locals

Why hire from other countries when our fellow USA  sisters and brothers need jobs?

I'd be happy to hire US workers, but most don't want to clean rooms.  And the only ones who apply are usually students and they want to come in June and leave at the end of August.  It just doesn't work.
11:40 pm edt 

In Response to "Restaurants and the Economy"

      Isn't it great that last season's restaurants are re-opening and unfortunately the one's that are not returning is not due to the economy but are a result of mismanagement and maybe lousy food, service and general maintenance.

      As far as the ones that are rebuilding did it ever occur to you that perhaps they needed to comply with State mandates such as Chapter 91, new health and building codes or maybe it was just time to make improvements for safety or comply with requests from their insurance company?

      In regards to expansions, perhaps some of them got extra  sewage gallons from Econimic Development which allows them to increase their seating. The Zoning and Licensing Boards are also more accepting to request for outdoor seating which had been very difficult to get in the past.

      It looks like the restaurants that closed down last year have either been sold or have new tenants. Isn't that great for the Town's economy! I wish everyone a prosperous season and year.
11:38 pm edt 

To Support for Locals

I guess you won't be dining, shopping or have many choices for accommodations when you visit Provincetown this year.

Most businesses would prefer to hire locals and seasonal workers with U.S. citizenry. The problem is that most of them do not want to shake sheets, clean toilets, mop floors, wash dishes and sell tee shirts.

Businesses sign up with Agencies in the fall to request foreign workers for the upcoming summer season. Maybe there will be more Americans willing to do this work now due to the economy but don't blame it on the business owners. They can't sit around all winter with hopes that "They will come".

Perhaps if you owned a business on the Cape or any other seasonal resort area you would be forced to do the same.

Have a great vacation starving in your room and returning home with no shopping bags.
10:44 am edt 

Michele Couture is Already Setting the Opening and Closing Dates for the Warrant??
Someone has to be kidding us here. We just finished reading a warrant and just finished voting on many articles. And now they are already planning for another Town Meeting and another Warrant? Pure madness.

I feel like a child is running this town--or two children. Pure folly.
10:42 am edt 

Get Involved

Wow, you people get so pissed when people don't spell right!

I just think it shows the many ignorant, uneducated people who want to sit on their fat asses and blog rather than standing up and getting involved in town politics. Stop your bitching and do something. Get involved, join a committee,get elected to a board, but please, just stop the whining!

Merriam Webster
10:41 am edt 

From PBG Basher to Director of Tourism Basher?

Bob will do a great job as tourism director.  He is intelligent, willing to take on the challenges of the job, has a strong sense of fairness,,,
OH don't forget he owns a guest house... BAD BAD BAD or so you say. He must sit at his desk daily trying to figure out how to route the  tens of thousands of tourists that visit here into his house. That MUST be why he took the job. He obviously is responsible for the bank failures too since he worked in one.
Bob has my support. I will bet my right gill that he does.  Want to put up your arm to the contrary?
Slippery Fish (tired of your bashing)
10:39 am edt 

Special Town Meeting @ VMS

Has the date for special town meeting been established and if so, has it been changed due to the "putting our kids at risk" excuse the school committee offered up? I remember the commitee talking about the self-fulfilling prophecy of declining enrollment. As in "talking about the school closing fires up parents to not send their children here." Well, that being said, what does the school committee think talking about the danger our town harbors toward children that prevents them fromm allowing even a couple hundred people to vote in a guarded way at VMS?  If I were a parent anywhere, in town or not , It would send me a message to never trust my children to be schooled in this very dangerous community where not even the teachers and police can protect them.
10:37 am edt 

Re: Tourist Director
f you think you can be a better tourist director, than our newly appointed worker. Why didn't you sign up for that job when the town was looking? And who made you god that you know he will fail?
10:35 am edt 

CPA Funds

Everybody knows what CPA funds and does not fund! Nobody has even mentioned paying for a new police station with CPA funds except the bloger who misread an earlier blog how Cpa funds will be paying for town hall & affordable rentals. So when we pay for the new police station you will not see one penny being spent on town hall & the affordable rentals on your tax bill.(because those funds have already been taken out of your tax bill). Get it?
10:34 am edt 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Re: CPC Funds

CPC funds can only be used for Historic Preservation, Open Space and Affordable Housing. No way does this Police Station fit into any of the above categories. If Town Hall had been built in the 1960's and we needed to repair or replace it, it would not be eligible for CPC Funds as well.

And as far as stating that "not one penny of your taxes will go up" is most ridiculous. Where do you think this money comes from? I'll give you a clue.

On my tax bill I have a Real Estate Tax which is based on the assessed value and charged a rate per $1000.00. So let's say I pay $5,000.00 in Real Estate Taxes. On that $5K I am charged 3%
for the Land Bank Fund ($150) and 3% for the CPA Fund ($150) a total of $300.00.

Now my property value may not increase, but every time we vote for a 2 1/2 Prop the tax rate increases meaning that the combined 6% will increase as well.

So don't tell me that " not one penny of my taxes will go up". Maybe it won't for you because you probably don't get a tax bill.
10:49 pm edt 

New Police Station

Do you think if the town had a new police station the officer would have had enough sense to take the person out of the cell instead of letting him sit in sewage for half the night? Why isan't he being held accountable?  I think everybody is missing the point!  Its not the building that makes it a good or bad department, its the contents.
10:47 pm edt 

Maybe We Need a New Police Station But...

..first we need a comprehensive capital plan!

It was kind of poor planning to have sited both the Police and Fire Headquarters is such a low lying flood zone. And one of my friends got locked up overnight last winter and there was no heat in the cells. He was sick for a week.

But the community Center is an old building. The Grace Gouviea building is older.

And we own all that underutilized newly renovated real estate on the hill. Maybe we should sell Town Hall and let a developer finish the inside to suit mzrket needs. And just move everything up the hill.

Hope I Hit a Nerve!
10:02 pm edt 

Re: State Investigation

Does anyone know if the state investigation will be made public? Or will it be buried like everything
else by the town?
9:59 pm edt 

Will Try This Again

Re: New Tourism Director

.Give me a break, the guy just started.  Let's give him a chance.  Bob, you have my complete support, good luck to you.
9:58 pm edt 

Re: Spell Check

I don't have spell check on this blog.
9:57 pm edt 

.Nobody Said to Use CPA Funds For the New Police Station!

The bloger was responding to a previous blog that because town hall and affordable rentals won't show up on your tax bill, people realise that we did not spend, spend, spend. And because of that, we are in a better position to build the new station!
9:55 pm edt 

Re: Spell Checker

Funny, but the last time I checked there IS a spell checker on this site! When I type in the little comment block and a red line appears under a word, that means its spelled wrong. And then I highlight the word by right clicking and I get suggestions for the right spelling. This dont (he he)happen to anybody else?

A Rat In The Basement
6:58 pm edt 

Pulease! Read What CPC Funds are For......

......not to Build a New Police Station

If the building was old and historic, then CPC funds could be used. But it can't be used for a new building for the police--unless you get Uncle Ted the Capitalist to create affordable housing for the Police inside the police station. That's a good one Uncle Ted and I"m sure in your lust for money, you'll find some way to ge this done.

And you my pretty ones, will sadly vote for it. Like you did at Town Meeting.
6:56 pm edt 

Isn't This Just Ridiculous!

Re: BOS sets Date for June Town Meeting and Opening and Closing Dates for the Warrant

Please wake me. Did we or did we not just finish town meeting? Has it been two weeks yet since we had Town Meeting? And at the first BOS meeting after Town Meeting, the BOS are immediately setting the opening and closing dates for the warrant for the Special Town Meeting.

Tell me, please, how many special and regular town meetings does Sharon Lynn and Michele Coutre and the BOS need to run this town? Three or Four town meetings to just handle one FY2010 budget? There is no financial leadership and sadly no captains at the helm. The ship is sailing itself and I think it's headed for a grand sinking.
6:53 pm edt 

Re: Trap Shed Artists

Why do I feel this art shed thing would not have happened if the Lopes Square store owner cum PPPC director had an art gallery? It all sounds contrived.
6:51 pm edt 

Will Try This Again

Re: New Tourism Director

Bob Sanborn our new Tourism Director was part of why our economy is in a MESS.  Yes, he worked for one of the banks that the federal government had to give BILLIONS too because of his bad decisions to lend money.  So we now hire him and have someone that cant even lend money  (and too be fair, there are lots of these guys out there) but now we expect him to know how to market our town?  So he has 2 guest houses.  Lets see how much business he throws  to them through his office as .

Rob Tosner and Sharon Lynn, wish I knew some good facts why he was chosen over others.

Just wanting to know
6:50 pm edt 

Re: Support For Locals

One thing I'm going to do this year is only shop, eat/drink, and stay at places who only hire American workers! Why hire from other countrys when our fellow USA  sisters and brothers need jobs! Workers from other countrys send money made here back to their home country where it is worth more. We need to keep our money local.
6:46 pm edt 

Re: Restaurants and the Economy

I love how the restaurants all say how the economy is bad and yet here they are opening another year, and a few of them are even rebuilding and expanding! Just take a look around.
6:45 pm edt 

Re: Spell Checker

The last time I looked there is not a spell checker on this blog!
6:43 pm edt 

Re: Trap Shed Artists

Its true the trap sheds are there to help the artists that can't get a showing in the high priced gallerys, and they show how they make the art work in a setting like old Provincetown. The only people against them are jealous that they are not selling those thousand dollar paintings that any five year old could paint.
6:42 pm edt 

Re: Police Station

The town can and will build a new police station! Most of the big projects like town hall and affortable rentals are being paid by the CPA funds, so you will not see your taxes go up one penny from them.
6:39 pm edt 

Re: Trap Shed Artists

Please don't shout.  And learn how to type. YOUR ALL CAPS TIRADE is obnoxious. No one is going to pay attention to stupid.  Don't be stupid. If you have something to say--a point to make--then make it.  Dumb doesn't fly.

Think about it.
6:37 pm edt 

That's Just Not True:

Some of the artists are well established. One of my friends bought a $700 painting two years ago on the pier!

6:36 pm edt 


I think YOU are missing the point of these complaints! Why is the infamous PPPC ONLY renting to artists and ONLY competing with artists? It's NOT FAIR to COMPETE ONLY with US! Why aren't other businesses on the pier? Why are all other types of businesses rejected? Aren't they suppose to make money to pay for the pier so we don't have to? Why is a PPPC member being favored?

5:48 pm edt 

Missed the Point Again
At some other time when the economics would be better, we could consider a new police station. But you voted for $3.3 million for the sewer--remember--and you gave away $900,000 to Ted Malone--remember that--and you gave town employees raises and also the police. And you voted for $2 million for town hall and you will probably vote for another $3 million this June.

We are in a Big Recession. This is not the time to Spend, Spend, Spend. It has nothing to do with not supporting the police. It has to do with money. They took their raises and more. They just can't get it all. None of us can.

Look at what Deval Patrick has to do--cut local aid even more. Put empolyees on a five day furlough. But here, we spend, spend and then spend gain. It will soon come crashing down on us.
4:07 pm edt 

Police Station
The Police do need more space . The Community Center will be perfect for them. It ha an elevator and parking and the Base ment has large windows that will let in light Iy has more than enough office space for all officers and it has handicapped bath rooms . The present police center will make an excellent site for a community Center. Under no circumstances does this town have the money to build a brand new police station.
3:38 pm edt 

Re: Trap Shed Artists

3:27 pm edt 

Re: New Police Station
You know whats funny about all the negative stuff passed around wether it's here or else where about a new police station is ? If someone owns a home and they want to remodel or sell it you hear or see very little and if they owned a home for 25 years they would be convinced a new one is needed.

As soon as the Police want a new one, all hell brakes loose. A building that has by far more use and occupancy than any other building on a 24/7 scale and it's a problem. Also if by chance something happens like what happened recently to someone who was incarcerated, a problem that was unfortunate as well as unexpected, there's plenty of critiks out there.

All this is not only sad but a definite proff that this town does not fully support it's police dept. So all I can say is for those that don't "Call the Fire Dept next time you need a Police Officer".
3:26 pm edt 

To: Never a Dull Moment

Have you ever heard of spell checker? Have you ever had a BRIGHT MOMENT!
3:24 pm edt 

RE: Trap Sheds "You Approved it"

Does'nt that sound like the old phrase " I'm rubber your glue..etc"  What a childish comment, do "you people" really think there is a plot by pppc or other towns people to not follow the rules and secretly plot to hurt "you people" I dont get it, you were more than welcome here when you came here why do yuo have to go out of your way to act this way? If your that unhappy move to Key West, Bay Village or San Francisco   geeeeesh
3:22 pm edt 

Re: Tea Party

Well the truth has finally come out that the cheap conservative does not even live in Provincetown and is jealous how our seasonal economy runs! And the fuzzy math he/she uses is all hot air. Like I said before, stop watching fox news, your mind is being washed. And by the way, that whole tea bagging stunt has become the joke of the nation!
3:21 pm edt 

This is All Very Confusing

One person blogs that the health department won't let any food be sold from the booths on the pier. But one did? The directors that are under investigation say they can put anything they want on the pier. Another one says only artists can go in the booths.

Who can stop my head from spinning?
3:19 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Len Clingham:  "We dont want to compete with those who pay rent in town for the business."

--------Guess the PPPC chair doesnt think art galleries are businesses who pay rent!

Strategy: Art gallery owner get on Pier board to protect business like PPPC director Phil Tarvers did for his Lopes Square Store.

11:59 am edt 

Is the Whydah Museum Closing?

How come it's not on the new sign which identifies all the different things on the pier?

That's too bad for the kids who loved going there.
11:56 am edt 

Re: Public Pier Trap Sheds


Please I remember having 'shaved ice etc' all summer long on the pier in 2006 and 2007. Are you saying it was an illegal operation that didn't get approval from the health department but you people approved it and thus put the public at risk? Sounds like it to me!
11:55 am edt 

To Those Complaining About Unemployment--

The majority of the businesses in this town are seasonal and when the season ends both the employees and the busines owners collect unemployment. Some of this towns wealthiest citizens who own large hotels and restaurants have collected for years and why should'nt they? Yjis has been SOP in Ptown for 50 years and the system supplies the town withavailable labor to get all the hotes and restaurants and stors up and running in the spring and operating until the summer help arrives . Without this system your room will not be cleaned and your cocktail and dinner will not be served so stop whining and MYOB
11:53 am edt 

Re: Public Pier Trap Sheds

PPPC  Minutes FEB 8 2007: Phil Tarvers: "Hoping that our booths will be
artisan driven.."

Vs. Banner April 16 2009:

Phil Tarvers: "they can put anything they want on the pier"

Obviously changed his mind. Wonder if its because hes being INVESTIGATED?
11:50 am edt 


Time to get your Meds tweaked or if Ptown upsets you so much I suggest you  stop visting here.
11:43 am edt 

Affordable Housing Industrial Complex
I now see that there truly is an affordable housing industrial complex. I thought it was just a snappy phrase--but at town meeting, look who got to speak!

Yes, they won the battle--but the phrase "affordable housing" is now dirt in the mouth of many people in Provincetown.
11:42 am edt 

Re: New Police Station
Let's face it folks, we moved into the used funeral home 25 years ago.  At some point soon, we will need a new station.  It's coming and it's needed.
10:12 am edt 

Re: Tea Party

Don't worry, if they keep raising taxes, people who work will not have an incentive to work harder to make money after a certain income, because the tax man will take it all, so why bother. Would it be nicer to be home with your family, instead of working all night, or all weekend.

Don''t forget that the top 20% (the rich) pay 80% of the taxes!!!!

So what will happen if we raise their taxes, and they stop working so hard, the tax burden will fall on all of us, somebody will have to pay for all those entitlements. Don't forget about the $4,000,000,000,000 or $5,000,000,000,000 or more for the bailout that we are borrowing (adding debt). This country by this summer will be at a 70% Debt ratio to the GNP, up from 45% in the fall. If we approach 100% our currency will be worthless (think Argentina) and god forbid if we piss off China and they call in their IOU's, this country would go bankrupt in one day.

Now for the flip side, and who will pay for this?

On top of all of this there are 80,000,000 Baby Boomers who were thinking about retiring. Let us do the math, averaging $1,200 per month, and $800 for medicaid, that would be 1.6 TRILLION DOLLARS per month more than we are spending now, and that is if the retirees are healthy. Medical facilities run what, $400 per day, that is $12,000 a month, or $144,000 per year, so if half the boomers fell down that would cost an additional $5,760,000,000,000
10:11 am edt 

Re: Tea Party

"The answer to the tea party question is that TAXES HELP EVERYONE! If we did not have taxes we would be in some really hard times! And in a rich country like ours we should not have anyone go hungry or be homeless"


We are a rich country because of the INDUSTRY and HARD WORK of the 50% that pays taxes in this country - it does not mean that we simply exist to work to pay for the subsidized lifestyles of everyone else.  Yes - I should pay taxes - but for roads, defense of this country and yes we should help out our older CITIZENS who need it and this could easily be accomplished with a flat tax of 20%.  The ones having hard times now are the working people that pay outrageous taxes - the ones who are flush with cash are the US government and city of PTOWN both of which have no concept of how to budget like the rest of us because they have an unlimited source of revenue - taxes !! Yes - in this country we should take care of people who genuinely are hungry or homeless but EVERY OTHER ABLE BODIED PERSON should go to work and stop whining.  

I am so tired of seeing people in this town going on unemployment every winter - whining about that they have no affordable housing while I have to limit my visits to Ptown to only when I can get away from my job !!  I don't have the luxury of sitting around all winter in Ptown taking it easy - I have to go to work to pay 50% of my income in taxes and pay the mortgage on my home that was not subsidized !!
10:09 am edt 

Re: Trap Sheds

THANK YOU!!!!@!!!!
10:06 am edt 

Re: Town Moderator

If you run into our former town moderator, ask her opinion of our current moderator. You will get an earful!
10:04 am edt 

What the Blog Gives Me

An understanding that 5 people have the same thoughts.

An understanding that 5 people are very negative in this town.

An understanding that 5 people don't like those that own business and stay here for 6 months and then leave to go south for 6 months.

An understanding that 5 people do not have a place to live (so lets build 99 affordable houses with my money so you get to live at 1/4 the price I do)

An understanding that 2 people hate the pier.

An understanding that 2 people are against the new police chief

The positive people are smart enough NOT to post here
10:01 am edt 

Public Pirer Trap Sheds

Yeah, I agree, the people who run the pier are screwing the artists who own galleries in town. walk off the ferry and go by one art shed after another and viola you bought your art without ever going to the east end.

Why didn't our fisherman get a crack at those sheds? how about a bait and tackle shed or a shed that sells fish?

Seems like those people have it out for those who don't suck up to them!
9:59 am edt 

Martians Among Us

To the blogger who said they never "benefited from any state or federal program".   I guess they did not go to any public schools, drive on state highways, gone on the Plymouth & Brockton bus (subsidized), etc., etc. - Well I always thought a few of you were from Mars anyway.
9:57 am edt 

To: New Police Station and Common Sense
I'm having serious second doubts about the psychological well being of our police chief.

Is it true there was a prisoner in the jail cell that got backed up with sewage? The Banner did not report that detail.... Can anyone (cop or otherwise) confirm whether or not this is true?

If it is true, a full investigation should be undertaken to determine who, what where and why. With the enormous amount of salaries we pay for our police personnel, there should be some answers. Especially if a prisoner files a lawsuit. Guess who will pay?

Jeff Jaran seems to harvest a new spirit of getting things done. The Commonwealth approved an initiative about marijuana possession. Jaran didn't like it, so he put an article on the warrant to implement a town bylaw.

Now he doesn't like the sewer system and is advocating a new police station.

Heaven help us when Jaran doesn't like the weather...

Suggestion to  Jaran.... perhaps you should go back to Vermont or New Hampshire, or where ever it is you came from. They need you there more than we do!
9:52 am edt 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Police Station

If the Pot Article passed at TM I wonder where the extra
fines collected by the Town Manager, BOS and Undercover Deputies would have applied towards?

I also wonder if the sewerage blockup at the Station is a result of the Chief stuffing the paid parking tickets down the toliet? That would really block the pipes up.

11:22 pm edt 

New Police Station and Common Sense

The "new" chief thinks building a new police station will make the town safer.

From what? A hurricane or raw sewage?

What makes a building safe is a combination of elements, one of which is common sense. The fact that a prisoner was kept in a cell accompanied by raw sewage is simply incomprehensible.

A new police station will not guarantee common sense.

11:03 pm edt 

RE: Artists in Trap Sheds.....

11:01 pm edt 

Re: Milk and Sugar

Then get another job, I had cold duck and lobster for dinner and if my neighbor needs milk or sugar for their tea i'll be happy to give them some wise guy...... there's plenty of places in this country for you to go if your not happy here....domnt let the door hit you in the @%$ on your way out of town $&@#*^@          NEVER A DULL MOMENT
10:59 pm edt 

How About Them Bruins

That's somthing positive to talk about!!!!!! but i'm sure some fool will find
somthing negitive to say......WHO CARES  HOW BOUT THEM BRUINS
10:57 pm edt 

I agree with the poster who concluded, "FU."  

Sounds like DEA-DNA-FBI-GPS-ID was doing a little BWD - you know, blogging while drunk!
10:55 pm edt 

Re: Tea Party

I'd love to have some milk and sugar with my tea but I can't afford it because
I have to pay for all you people who won't work.
9:41 pm edt 

Here's What this Blog Gives Me:

Some Understanding of Issues Others Would Deny or Cover-Up

It's like I"m in the midst of a great supermarket and I'm hearing things I'd never know if I wasn't close by. It's like the old and now classic E F Hutton ads where the broker gives the answer and all others stop what they're doing and LISTEN.

I'm jsut glad I can listen in. Thanks to those who work to put this all together. I'm glad you're here.
9:40 pm edt 

I Don't KNow if Alix was Still Publisher if the Editorial Would Have Been Pubulished
But I salute the Banner. They are making news and not only reporting. They take a stand--more then some in town will do--and they say it as they see it.

This was not a Town Meeting to be proud of. It was riddled with internal and convulted problems. Thanks for the insight. You saw more deeply than many others ever saw.
9:38 pm edt 

I Agree that Something Was Quite Wrong at Town Meeting

This blogger is correct here. This was not like our past town meetings. There was little true, engaged debate. It was squashed. It looked like a town meeting but it was a pretense of democracy, a drama planned and programmed.

If Irene Rabinowitz was still Michele Couture's partner, would some believe there could be collusion? I think some would.

But it doesn't matter that they don't have dinner together, they are still in cahoots. And it is that I resent royally.
Stop pretending to be objective, Irene, when this time you were doing your former lover's bidding.

Something's just not right here. All dissent, all votes in opposition were cut off. Little Motta could cry and cry and then, immediately after the tears, call the question. And then you did.

This is what you did all night on Monday and all night on Tuesday. You have reduced town meeting to a charade, a joke.
And it is not funny.
9:36 pm edt 

Do we Really Have Artists in the Trap Sheds?

Would Charles Hawthorne have found himself there if he were alive today? Somehow I don't think so. Seems it's more would-be artists types, more crafty types that are using these sheds. What I don't understand is why these shed were not used to seel lobsters, haddock, clams. Real fish from real fishermen. Instead, we get unreal art from non-existant artists.

That's How I see It!
9:35 pm edt 

Benefit From at Least One Program?

Why do you assume that of any of us. I have never benefited from any program-- federal or state or town. I post because I care about this town but I don't expect to get anything from this town that I myself have not invested. I don't expect to receive anything from Provincetown or from the state or the nation.

Strange thinking on someone's part.
9:33 pm edt 

Re: Tea Party

The answer to the tea party question is that TAXES HELP EVERYONE! If we did not have taxes we would be in some really hard times! And in a rich country like ours we should not have anyone go hungry or be homeless.
9:32 pm edt 

Trap Sheds For Artist
I think the pier is doing a good thing by having artists in the sheds showing passerbys how they make their art. That is a great use of the sheds. Does anybody have a better idea for our artist colony?
6:57 pm edt 

Re: Trolling For New Police Station

So I wonder how many of you have noticed the slow manipulation we are receiving through the press about our upcoming new Police Station? They seem to be using the old ploy of "If you say it enough times it will be true". Just put it in the paper enough times that we need a new station and people will begin to feel it is a real need. Why not just maintain what we have. Chief why should I buy you a new building so you can not maintain it just like all of the past department heads have not maintained things?

A Rat In The Basement
6:55 pm edt 

Re : Tea Party Question ?
Why is it that all the responses against a fiscally conservative mindset are flippant and lacking in substance and length ?

Could it be is that other than sarcasm there is no substance or facts to back up your "entitlement mentality" !
4:29 pm edt 

Re: Mad Artist

Just wondering, would you be glad the state was looking into it if you were able to sell your art out there this summer? just wondering. I know how well yuo STARVING artist's stick together
4:12 pm edt 

I Gotta Wonder About MYPACC.

Have posted 2X and NEVER get to see the posts on the blog.  Have tried to talk about our new tourist director, but guess MYPACC has their own agenda.  So, will they tell me they NEVER got my post and post again, or will this not be posted?
Another disapointment in what this blog was suppose to be all about

4:10 pm edt 

Re: Tea Party

Taxes help fund lots of issues, and I bet everyone on this blog benefits now or in the future from at least one program! Stop littering with tea bags! And watch Fox news only for a good laugh!
4:01 pm edt 

Re: Tea Party

A Cheap conservative democrat is still a cheap tea bagging conservative nimby!
3:56 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

I own an art gallery in the east end, own a home here and pay taxes. Why have art gallery businesses been singled out by the Pier board as ok to compete with but not any type of business in Lopes Square?  

Their policy benefits the financial interest of a director and handful of others and not the general business population of Provincetown.

So in my opinion all of those people on the board are complicit in allowing a skewed commercial policy to favor a few including one of their own. And this summer, art galleries in Town are going to compete with four art galleries on the pier?

Frankly, I am glad the state is looking into this.
3:55 pm edt 

A New Slogan for Provincetown!

Yes, a new slogan should be: make it; don't take it. I'm tired of meeting people on subsidies who take two cruises a winter etc. who change their travel plans as they wait for the lottery..heard this right from the guy.

I've seen the photos and heard the bragging.
12:40 pm edt 

Re: Resentment is Building

"We will see a different town meeting next year."

Maybe, maybe not.  I've learned from reading this blog from time to time and watching town meeting that the thoughts on this blog are not representative of the town.

Have you noticed that the great majority of town votes have gone against the sentiment on this blog.  What does that tell you?
12:39 pm edt 

Programmed Victimization

I must be another pbg basher since im not pleased with what theyve done in the past couple of years.  its a sad time for the guild being to the worst the association has ever been.  i guess were all bashers this includes those of us who dont support ted malone sharon lynn the pier corp.  were all bashers and youre all victims of our rant.  playing the victim is easier then taking responsibility and showing accountability right?  pathetic.
12:37 pm edt 


When the social assistance recipients are being drug tested they would contribute to the national DNA data bank. The results could be on a chip in their national identity card.
Maybe GPS too so "we" can know where "they" are.


How about FU!  
12:34 pm edt 

Moving Too Fast? Title of Banner Editorial

And again the Banner got it right. The Moderator did Move Too Fast as she continued to Move the Question when all sides had no time to present their views. The Banner is right: a good and fair Moderator only takes the motion to Move the Questions when she or he believes that there has been enough discussion, enough debate from both sides of an issue and then, and only then, does the Moderator accept the motion.

As the Editorial rightly puts it:

"It is up to the moderator to make sure that other sides of any issue are represented. That cannot be left up to Town Meeting body--they don't have an overall view of the process."

This was a poorly run Town Meeting with a political agenda. The Moderator Rabinowitz should be neutral and her past relationship with Michele Couture, now chair of the BOS, has skewed the democratic process. With Couture as the only BOS member to be in favor of Ted Malone receiving $800,000 for the Nelson Avenue horse farm, it is questionable that Rabinowitz accepted a call to adjourn on Monday night in the MIDDLE of Article 10 Community Preservation Funds--in the middle! What did this do? It gave Ted Malone the ability to round up his bus people for the next day and for Rabinowitz to know that second night always has fewer town people. The results were more guaranteed by Rabinowitz's action and Couture got the vote she wanted in her minority report.

Let's hope the moderator finds a way to be fair in the future. Otherwise, it's time for a balanced, unpolitical moderator to handle Town Meeting.
12:33 pm edt 

Socialist State?

This blog allows citizens to express their views. Some people act as though MYPACC is expressing these views. No, it is the citizens.

Have you considered the fact that many people worked hard and saved and pinched pennies in order to live here and raise their families?

Now we see Town Government falling all over themselves to help developers of new properties get all of the help and money that they need to put future residents on easy street?

No one helped us to buy our house or make life easier for us; instead they are using our money. This is just wrong. When did we become a socialist state?  
12:31 pm edt 

All This Talk About Appraisals for CPC When the Sandy Hill Lane was Funded Without An Outside Appraiser

So why did we rush to fund Sandy Hill Lane, the old Bates Motel, for over $1.2 million, including interest, when there was no outside appraisal that was done before the vote? Why was this such an issue with Sinaiko's garden but not with Anatham and Benson's rushed deal for CPC monies a few years ago?

Shouldn't all requests be treated and weighed equally?

And if Sinaiko did turn that lot into paid parking spots, like Ann McQuire did in the West End and Barnett Adler did in the East End at the former Windamar, then that parcel would have a much higher appraised value. So let them appraise that lot as a possible ten car parking spots or even fifteen at $30,000 a parking spot. That would be a possible value of $450,000. That should cover the appraised value and it surely isn't only valued at $57,000 as the town has it.

In fact, if you really want to open a can of worms, look at the uneven and questionable assessments of many properties in Provincetown.
12:29 pm edt 

Re:We Need Accountability
Wow. Maybe they really did save Hitler's brain and they put it into the nutcase who wrote about drug testing and lists of those who work "under the table".  

Hey Adolph - chill out!
9:15 am edt 

Re: Tea Party
Yes blogger "this cheap conservative" DEMOCRAT was tea bagging today.  Are you afraid that the "free ride" may come to an end eventually ?  Who are you to call anyone a "cheap conservative"?  These "cheap conservatives" you refer to work very hard and pay almost 50% of what they earn in taxes - does that make us cheap ??  What would you prefer - that we pay more to fund the "entitlement" and "spread it around" mentality?  You want to "spread it around"?  Go to work like the rest of us and MAKE IT not TAKE IT !!!
9:14 am edt 

National Bread Basket of Social Assistance

There are thousands of people on the Cape alone who need housing. How many in Lawrence, Athol, Brockton, and Fall River? People getting assistance all over the country know that Massachusetts is the bread basket of social assistance.

Keep you eyes on 90 Shank painter Rd. and Ted Malone's project...see how many locals are really going to be living there.

We can compile a list. Building one, apt.1, Mr. John Doe, from___________ now works at ______________.
Apt.2 Ms. Mary Smith from____________ now works at____________

see, it will be very easy. We can see who is there in August and who is there in February.

How the eyes of Nelson Avenue will be on Ted Malone's tenants--every tenant observed and every absence will be documented.
9:13 am edt 

Resentment is Building

We will see a different town meeting next year. While the rest of the country fell into an economic depression; Provincetown went into its regular winter hibernation.

Wait until every store and eatery is open and then see if the masses can be seen weighted down with shopping bags or strolling empty handed.

My eating out will be dining on my deck; and shopping will be non-existent. The town folks in the unions will be the ones with their cars and boats and living the high life.

We shall see what we shall see next year. I've always cut back and saved--but now I'm paying for the grasshoppers who shake and dance and never put a penny away.

Who knows what oil will cost next winter. I know that my taxes have gone up and I know that there is disdain for the long time home owner who doesn't have a benefit-laden-town-job.

The word to us little people is to shut [up] and pay for their benefits, cars and boats and be happy. Well, resentment is building, folks, resentment is building.
9:11 am edt 


"If you polled the P.B.G. members you will find that there are far more disgusted members then there are satisfied ones. Just give it a try Slippery. .  ."

I'm with Slippery on this one.  Again you are making up facts to suit your attacks.  If we took a poll?  Did you take a poll?  I suspect you did not, you've just decided that most everyone agrees with you.  Everyone I talk to and/or see is not a 'disgusted member' of the PBG, they support the PBG and work to make it better.  But perhaps I just choose to be with more positive, glass half full people.  You spend a lot of time on your PBG attacks, maybe you could spend your time on making things better somewhere in town rather than trying to tear down an organization many of us feel is very useful.
9:07 am edt 

Re: Anti Candy Rant

Dont drag me into your twisted nonsence, I'm a townie and a propwerty owner, the pier corp has not hurt me one bit. If you want to stick up for a "PROBLEM" like candy go right ahead, but dont involve me, I'm all for the pier corp and wish that      would just go away, do you really think that the pppc folks sit around dreaming of ways to screw ptown and think of ways to act like candy would want YOU to think? thats insane,
9:05 am edt 

A Real Look

Gee when I see who lives at Anne Page Way and the Meadows and Sandy Hill, I see long time residents who finally have stable housing which only benefits the Town.   So take off your visors and take a real look.   Stop spreading lies !
9:03 am edt 

40B & Drug Testing

According to the Barnstable Housing Authority, 40B housing is for the homeless, people living with AIDS, and some other stipulations. Haven't you read in the Cape Cod Times the situation with homeless people in Hyannis?

What is an homeless person's situation regarding substance abuse or mental problems?

I know a guy who just up and left town owing rent and bills and now he claims that he is another 12 step program. In talking to people crystal meth, gambling etc. are the cause of his problems. I hope he makes restitution.

Look below the surface at people's situation. Save the heartstrings for people who didn't put themselves in the situation in which they find themselves due to the terrible choices they made.

Bad planning on your part doesn't create an emergency on my part. And yes, there are legislators in other states who are pushing for drug testing of people who are getting tax payer subsidies.
9:02 am edt 

To the Unhappy Member of the Failing PBG
You certainly have a long list of rants and raves... I love the way you head your list "Here are the Facts".. Try here are "My facts" instead. Obviously you feel that you have done a careful analysis and should be commended for your insight.  WRONG.
Which Board of the PBG do you sit on? (That's a rhetorical question. I already know the answer) But you claim to have all of the answers.  
Your analysis is skewed.  You do not have enough information on any of your points to draw the conclusions that you have.
The PBG works hard for all of the businesses in this town. There are many sucessful events.  Let's just say Carnival, for example. There are interested members who lend their time and talents to getting things done.   You probably don't know any of these people.
Slippery Fish (feeding on truth)
8:59 am edt 


Ths blog really does have bloggers who watch fox news! That sez alot about this blog!
8:58 am edt 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What Slippery Fish doesn't seem to see; perhaps because he's busy feeding at the bottom of the tank...The truth is that there are a lot of us folks who are very unhappy with the P.B.G. You can call us P.B.G. Bashers if you like, if that makes you feel better about your board and how you runs things. I simply call us Sucker Members.

Here are the facts:

1) It's almost May 2009 but the P.B.G. brochure hasn't been produced (the brochure that many of us paid for advertising within). It missed the largest travel show and last year's magazine were distributed instead.

2) Last year's magazines were distributed at this year's travel show because last year's magazines weren't mailed and distributed as they were supposed to be last year. What??????????????

3) The Executive Director of the P.B.G. does not return calls to members, travel writers, and specifically anyone on the growing list of vendors that the P.B.G. owes considerable money too.

4) The P.B.G. has purchased services from members in good faith only to neglect to pay those members businesses as long as 6 months at a time. This is an indicator of how bad the finances at the P.B.G. really are.

5) The new Assistant in the office seems to have a handle on things however he is only as good as the Executive Director that we pay so dearly to have will allow him to be. In fact, the new Assistant is the best thing thats happened to the P.B.G. so far.

6) The P.B.G. has declining membership, declining participation and declining moral simply because members like us are disgusted with how poorly things are being handled. Membership numbers are dropping Slippery, you can't hide that.

7) Deadlines are never met, nothing is planned appropriately, even Single Mens Weekend fell apart because the planning and advertising for the event was so damn poor. Single Mens Weekend was at one time a very successful and profitable event in this town.

I realize that you try to give yourself/the P.B.G. credit by discrediting the dissatisfaction of someone blogging here about the issues, however these are facts, you cannot dispute them and no matter how hard you stomp your feet and try to give yourself credit...the P.B.G. is in horrible financial shape, the organization is coming apart at the seams.  If you polled the P.B.G. members you will find that there are far more disgusted members then there are satisfied ones. Just give it a try Slippery.

Perhaps you can sit on another board somewhere else Slippery. Perhaps one that isn't so riddled with problems. Perhaps that organization will be easier to defend?

Unhappy Member of the failing P.B.G.
11:58 pm edt 

What About a True Residence Test for Affordable Housing

Let's see who these people really are. The Malone pretends they are our citizens. This is a fake. They are outsiders rounded up by his own money-making corporation. And then they "find" or create 17 homeless people. Yes, people they invited into town to sleep on their couches. This is a joke and it is not laughable. Put up the sign for anoyone from anywhere and we, suckers that we are, will fund your being here.

I'm sure other resort town like Miami, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale are doing the same thing! Fools. one and all. No other town would invite the likes of a Ted Malone to destroy their town, give him a million dollars and have him bring in his friends and friends of friends--or anyone from anywhere--so he can make money on us.

Who are the fools, my friends. Look closely and see. Malone may be sick but we have only ourselves to blame for drinking the Kool Aid.
11:54 pm edt 

Re: Receiving Public Subsidies

"There should be random drug testing of people taking public subsidies, unemployment, ETC. and a number of states are demanding this."

Really? I suggest we start with a not so random test of whatever it is you're drinking. It's obviously knocked you completely off your rocker.
11:53 pm edt 

I Agree: Who Are these People?

They come into town. They sign up for the Housing needs lists. But who are they? And where in the wsorld do they come from? Many of these people are right off the bus. Theya re not long term residents. They are not town epople. Theya re straddlers who came here, sign up and now are looking to be on the dole.

Get a job. Get some work. Stop looking to us to fund your lifestyle. And lifestyle is what's it's about. This is also a resort town. Should we support and fund every person who gets off the boat, the plane and the bus? No. Time to earn your own living. We're also trying to earn ours. I don't think you're a relative. so until you can afford to live here, go elsewhere. You are not really one of us. You only pretend to be and then these corporate others, these capitalitst others, round you up and put you on the Provincetown housing list.

I'm frankly tired of us paying for you to have a life you want. Get a job. Fund yourself.
11:51 pm edt 

Tea Party

I bet the cheap conservatives on here were tea bagging today!  
11:49 pm edt 

Sinaiko's Garden

The deal may not go through per Wicked Local.  Seems his hired appraisal may not work.
10:01 pm edt 

Re: We Need Accountability

"There should be random drug testing of people taking public subsidies, unemployment, ETC
I want to know who they are and what they are doing for work...every month of the year."

You must be a reincarnation of someone who was living in Nazi Germany during World War II to make such an ignorant statement as such! You also must have voted for George Bush? The Patriot Act doesn't bother you? Big Brother is watching...

Appalled By The Fascistic Mentality
9:13 pm edt 

Candace, You Just Don't Get It
No one argues that there have been past issues (some serious) concerning the pier.  But the pier will never be able to move forward if you continue to dredge up the past.

The fishing fleet is solidly behind the PPPC and Rex.  They have nothing good to say about Ms Nagle.  And Candace, you can post all you want, but my concerns are that of our dwindling fishing fleet which is why this town supported the rebuilding of the pier in the first place.  I don't give a big wazoo about a rich float owner who is not getting her way.
9:11 pm edt 

Let Me Get This Straight:
Tarvers sells ferry tickets, whale watch tickets, has a store that's protected because it's in Lopes Square and he is on the board? What exactly could he talk about that he doesn't have a conflict of interest? The weather on the pier?
8:00 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Whoever posted the anti-candace rant, obviously doesn't care about these serious new charges which if true have hurt everyone in Provincetown. I would have liked to have had a hot dog on the pier or a cocktail watching the boats come in at the end of the day these past years. Let alone the money the Townn could have made renting out space to businesses.

7:59 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

A State Ethics Investigator of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 'tried to argue with me' according to Pier Corp. director Philip Tarvers who is currently under investigation for violating Massachusetts General Law 268A (Conflict of Interest).

He or she must hate the Pier Corporation too!

Why does the Commonwealth have to 'hate the PPPC and (its) never ending gloating over any misstep (we) make just shows what a mean-spririted (state it) really is.

The PPPC is not the same as it was last year.  And yes, (the Commonwealth's) past doggedness (about our illegal bookkeeping) absolutely contributed to the changes.  The FinComm is now involved.  The BOS is now involved.

And thank God the Commonwealth is 'now' involved! And will continue to be. So, that it can gut the dark underbelly of MacMillan Pier and finally start benefiting those who pay for it!
7:57 pm edt 

Re: Candace

I beg your pardon, but I have made some negative comments about the PPPC and I can assure you that I am not Candace!
Didn't anyone ever teach you to be careful before making accusations? Or does making your point matter more than speaking the truth?
7:55 pm edt 

We Need Accountability

There should be random drug testing of people taking public subsidies, unemployment, ETC. and a number of states are demanding this.

People lined up for the affordable housing units should be tested randomly too.

You use the money from we citizens--we have a right to monitor the living situations of people in our subsidized housing units.

One way of another, a list of names will have to be provided to the citizens of Provincetown. There are people here working under the table and doing construction work in the winter for family and friends and this money never shows up when they apply for affordable housing.

I'm working hard and my tax money is going to help support these folks. I want to know who they are and what they are doing for work...every month of the year.

7:54 pm edt 

To: Candace
WE GET IT.  You hate the PPPC and you're never ending gloating over any misstep they make just shows what a mean spirited person you really are.  The PPPC is not the same as it was last year.  And yes, your past doggedness absolutely contributed to the changes.  The FinComm is now involved.  The BOS is now involved.

You will not be happy until the PPPC is dissolved and the town has made it clear they are not interested in doing that, no matter how much you blog and      .

A lot of us are happy with the new pier, including the majority of the fishing fleet.  And a lot of us are tired of your arrogance into attempting to turn our pier into what YOU envision it should be.

Just because you no longer sign (yours in good government) your name to these blogs, don't think we all don't know that every negative post about the pier is from you.
4:42 pm edt 

Why Can't the Vote be at the School... ?

There are always polics present at the polls..

The people coming in to the school will go into the room to vote and then leave the building...the police could certainly make sure that this happens...

and thank god Irene called the question when made town mmeting move quickly and efficiently
4:40 pm edt 

Re: Town Elections vs School Committee

My blog about my "outrage "at the school committee's position on not allowing the town to vote in the school is not the same as the blog suggesting parents pull their kids out of school. As a former teacher that is not something I would ever suggest. But, in my 40 years as a teacher, I never encountered a school committee with as much micro managing as the committee in this town. The schools I worked in had administrations and faculties as well as  a competent police department(all of which we have in P-town) to monitor voting. We can do it and we should work together not as adversaries but as advocates of our common good and interests.
3:12 pm edt 

Re: Phil Tarvers and the Public Pier Corporation

Maybe Tarvers wants the Whydah building!
2:05 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

How much longer are we going to have to put up with the disingenuous Provincetown Public Pier Corporation and the self-dealing that is going on? No wonder a complaint was filed with the State Ethics Commission! Just read their minutes!

PPPC minutes March 8 2007:

Charles Grim interested in a food vending operation in one of the pier booths.  Is food going to be allowed if not why.  Does not feel that competition with town merchants in regards to food is any different than arts & crafts.  Competition is good for business.

Len Clingham: We are evolving.  Are we ruling anything out, not entirely.  This topic is on the agenda later.

Minutes of April 27 2006:

Lee Ash read the request to the board.  Clarified that we do not have a retail pilot program.  We have entitled one vendor to conduct a summer experiment.

George Hitchcock: Thought that we were in the process of forming a retail policy but allowing this experiment to occur.

John Baldwin: Overlooking the primary tenants of the pier.  There may be fisherman who may want to participate in a retail environment.  Fisherman should get the first crack at retail.

Len Clingham:  Agreed to the Shaved Ice stand on the fact that it has to be licensed by the town.

Mr. Tarvers first meeting is May 25 2006

June 26 2007 Phil Tarvers: Disagrees, we have had enough discussion in regards to commercial enterprises on the pier and that it does take away from Lopes Square

Todays Banner:

Pier Corp. member Lee Ash said that people wanted a representative from Lopes Square on the Pier Corp when Tarvers was appointed.
Len Clingham, chair, .saying the idea was to get someone from the business community on the board to represent interests and make sure that the pier wouldnt be competing with its operations.

Tarvers, "they can put anything they want on the pier and people still walk by my shop three times.'

Its operations? Try Phil Tarvers operations! Instead of the Pier Corporation having a 'market-based management policy' as required by their enabling legislation which is where they seemed to be heading before Tarvers got on the board and started complaining. So under pressure from him, they  developed a 'protectionist-based management policy.'

Thanks Phil!
2:04 pm edt 

Re: Working Doubles
Here in Provincetown one only has to work 1/3 of a year to make a living and already someone is complaining atht they might have to work doubles...The rest of the country works 51 weeks a year just to have a weeks vacation and maybe visit a place like Provincetown.So quit complaining, work your 3 month season and enjoy the rest of the year off to go do what you want.
1:48 pm edt 

Re: Town Elections vs Schools

What a disgusting thing to's time to move the kids out of town just because parents dont want a sex offender near their children? is that what you said? you have no kids do you? thank god for that. Are you one of those knumbskulls who thinks that a sex offender can be rehabed and "it's not their fault? I'd love to have this conversation face to face with you...maybe it's time for "your kind" to move out of town
12:46 pm edt 

What a Shame.........

Provincetown High School is handing out pink slips today... i wonder
whos getting the boot..
12:45 pm edt 

Re: Wydah Museum

In another sinister development on MacMillan Pier, the Wydah Museum was intentionally omitted from the new signage at the beginning of the pier. This will certainly confuse visiting tourists looking for it.

It doesn't matter that the treasures of the Wydah are touring at museums through out the country. It doesn't matter that it is now at the Field's Museum in Chicago and has drawn tens of thousands of visitors each month.

What matters is the Wydah Museum is not part of the Pier Corp's 'master plan.' Whatever that is??
12:43 pm edt 

Re: Lobster Pot

The Lobster Pot isn't hiring back any of the servers that it has hired in the last 3 years. They are not expecting a banner season.

They are relying on the "old reliables", I guess. I wonder if that means more doubles for the folks working there?
12:41 pm edt 

Purposed New Liquor License Regs

The public made it quite clear. "Leave the Regs Alone!"
No one was in favor in reducing the seasonal license to 6 months ( May 1 to Oct. 31). The Board conducted a good meeting, allowing alot of questions and input from the public. They now know how we feel and so does the Town Manager.

The BOS told the Licensing Board to change the regs. just like they told the Board of Health to require ALL RENTALS
to be certified and inspected.
12:40 pm edt 

To: Wishing the PBG Had a Meeting on the Aricles is Not Complaining...

When you take that issue and mix it with the pbg basher and his whining about deadlines and phone calls and other untruths all in the same paragraph, I beg to differ with you.
I will agree that it is not goes far deeper to an individual who has a sick preoccupation with an issue with the sick that he is obsessed with returning to the board time after time to try to discredit the director in ANY way that he can.  
Slippery Fish (sticking to my gills)
11:01 am edt 

Job Web Site

Got e-mail from Chamber that Chamber and PBG have a job web site for people to find a job.  two thumbs up !
10:59 am edt 

The Barge Shoud Never Have Been Purchased

Again, great leadership from the pier. This was then and is now a waste of money on a barge that could never be used as they thought it could. Send a few of these guys to Mass Maritime Academy. A little schooling would help them.

Let's just hope they don't purchase another disaster. But they probably will. They just don't know what they are doing--all too often.
9:30 am edt 

Wishing the PBG Had a Meeting on the Articles is Not Complaining

You are missing the point. It was great and informative when PBG held about a two hour meeting, often at Bayside Betsy's, to discuss and explain the various town articles. You got a sense of what the main point was and also the consequences--and the unintended consequences--of voting one way or the other.

You mistake a wish for what had been done for a complaint. The same was said about the Chamber and neither were complaints.
It just was that these meetings were helpful.
9:28 am edt 

Moderator Can Allow Those Standing to Speak Before Calling the Question

This she did at the last town meeting. It allowed those who were stasnding BEFORE the question was called to speak and then take a vote whether to stop debate or not. There was NO debate at this town meeting. There were no pro's and con's on the articles and I fault Irene Rabinowitz for this.  She was doing Michele's Couture's bidding and I find that quite problematic.

Had Irene done what she did at the last town meeting, I would have no complaint. And if there is no one standing to speak--when there were often seven people waiting to speak at certain questions--then there is no problem. But there was a problem with Irene's interpretation of the rules and her ruling on the rules.

I'll take Chris Snow over Irene. Or bring back Rosalyn Garfield.
9:27 am edt 

Re: Cheap Conservative Scrooge ??

Who is this blogger who mentions watching FOX news and Cheap conservative scrooge in the same breath ?  You know what blogger - I watch FOX because I like to get SEVERAL viewpoints and not just drink the Kool-aid that the other networks want me to swallow.  I work hard (have maybe taken 3 weeks off in the past 10 years) - pay a fortune in taxes of all kinds and get nothing from nobody. Nobody gave me subsidized housing - I had to work my butt off for what I have.  
So enough of this "entitlement" attitude that surfaces when people that work hard and accomplish ask questions around "free of subsidized" things for others.  We have a right to question as WE are the ones paying for these subsidies and freebies.  I don't expect anyone to give me anything - if I can't afford to live somewhere, I DON'T !! - that woman wants A CHOICE IN AFFORDABLE HOUSING ? PLEASE !! If she wants a choice let her save her money like the rest of us did so she can buy whatever she wants and then she will have her choice.  If her housing is being subsidized - she should be glad for what she gets and not have the nerve to insist on a choice.
I Don't have the luxury of living in Ptown year round in an affordable housing unit - I have to go back to the city to make my money so I can live in the same town that this woman does - something wrong with this picture ??
9:25 am edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Wearing one of those coats would have the same stigma as working for ENRON!
9:22 am edt 

Re: Town Elections vs Schools

I am outraged at the over-the-top lofty attitude of the school committee to balk at using the VMS for voting. Every town and city I have ever lived in has had their voting take place in the local schools. Towns with far more than 3 sexual offenders have no problem ushering tens of hundreds of citizens in one door and out the other after voting. Our school can't do this for our tiny population where almost everyone knows everyone? They can't be that totally inept... of course they can do it! They just do not respect the town and want to act foolish to aggrevate all.They have certainly aggrevated me on this and many other occasions.
9:21 am edt 

As Nasty as Ever

Still just a nasty bunch on here. good lord you people don't give up. irene? foley house? the poor?'ve always hated them. it's a classist thing. and you don't get it because you don't have any facts or truths. you just fabricate bigotry and classism. sickening. disgusting at best.
9:20 am edt 

Re: Town Manager and Lack of Leadership
Your the one who doesn't get it.  go ahead and move the question and see where it gets you.  Nobody was crticizing the TM about making policy!  She's crticized for not leading.  The new Tourism Director is a great example.  She hired him.  Is he the most qualified person to be found in a search that lasted almost 4 months?  His experience is in real estate selling mortgages on the secondary market. He's owned a guest house in town for a year. How does that make him qualified?  How did she exercise leadership in hiring?  As someone said on an earlier post it's who Rob Tosner wanted.  So are you saying Sharon just went along with it?  Where's the leadership?
9:18 am edt 

Of Course Anyone Can Come to Town
But not everyone should EXPECT to be given housing, food, and friendship. But theya re coming off the bus, voting and they standing in line for affordable housing. These are Ted's boys. Quite a fine group indeed!
9:15 am edt 

Time This Strange Woman Works a Little Harder

She's been here how long? First she thinks her boyfriend should support her forever. Then when she is out she thinks that the Fina Arts Center should support. Now she wants Ted Malone to continue to funding.

Get a life, whoever she is. She is the worst poster child for affordable housing. She is quite scattered.
9:14 am edt 

Re: New Tourism Director and Re: PBG

He's baaaaaaack!
9:13 am edt 

Town Elections vs Schools

Now the school doesn't want to hold elections there because of the fear of the public and the three registered sex offenders who live in town.

Will you parents please keep your children home if you are so afraid? We have a right to vote.

What a stupid reason on the part of the school and the though an adult will be allowed to wander through the school unchecked.

It is time to move the students out of town.
9:11 am edt 

One More Time...
to those who are on here complaining about the moderator and some people abusing their power at town meeting bby calling the question etc.

when a question is called the moderator must imediatley stop debate and take a vote on whether to move the question.  This requires a 2/3 vote!  

So while only a few "impatient" people may continutally "call the question", it takes a 2/3 majority of the voters to actually do so.

So to reiterate...The majority of Town Voters seem to be sick of the discussions that can go on and on, and not bring anything new to the debate.  Lets face it if you have been paying attention, most of the stuff brought up on the floor of town meeting is already common knowledge.
At a certain point, WE THE PEOPLE do not want to hear any more!

And further more to those who don't feel that town meeting votes went the way they would have liked, stop trying to find impropriety and accept that you were on the losing side of the issues and stop whinning!
9:09 am edt 

Hey Candy
You need to get a job.
9:07 am edt 

Looks Like the PBG Basher is Back
Since when is it the PBG's responsibility to explain the town articles?  It is a business guild. It might be the responsibility of the town manager or BOS.
And while we're at it, since when does the PBG magazine have a clear cut deadline?  
As usual, you start with your old whining about phone calls not being returned.  Every call is returned.
You are still grinding your antique axe at
the director.  If you don't like him, don't join the PBG.  Simple, but obviously too complicated for you.

Slippery Fish (getting bored with you and your do nothing complaining))
9:06 am edt 

Public Pier Corporation

You've got to be kidding about the barge? How many years have we owned it and it flunked the water buoyancy tests?

How much is it going to cost to make it operable, if at all?
9:04 am edt 

Desires vs Capacity

I am not a landlord of any kind. I do feel we should be moving much slower than we are relative to new affordable developments. I beieve we should not be enabling some to live with a sense of entitlement, though I fully support those in real need. I am however overwhelmimgly concerned with the concept of creatting (forgive the expression) a slum situation, where people find themselves living in a place where there are no jobs in the forseeable future. I know I could not have lived here in Provincetown years ago when I knew my livelihood depended on me living elsewhere.
9:03 am edt 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Re: Pier Corp

I say get the coat's and hats and throw in some nice polo jerseys, if it's gona give folks somthing else to complain about and upset candy i'm all for it. You know she'd wear that coat and hat everywhere she went if she could get her hands on one but she's not on the board is she?
3:00 pm edt 

PPPC Logo?

Did they pay for their set up costs of the logo,  employees time to find the vendor & place their orders,  and 'asap' shipping costs etc? Sounds like a big perk to me.

What line item do those costs fall under? Pier maintenance?

Just heard their barge failed the stability tests. It needs pontoons added to the sides because it's not stable enough to drive piles.

2:58 pm edt 

Re: Ted Malone

Jeez, who the heck are all of you people who think Ted is so noble?  The schitzoid who wanted a choice of houses at town meeting seems to be the model for his favored nuttiness here. Without a doubt the whole affordable housing thing is merely a way for a rich guy to get richer by hauling in pre-fab Canadian made boxes, leashing them together and getting all he can for them with the town paying for part of the effort.  For what? I certainly don't want one of his shoe boxes. I don't want some strange government agency plowing through every damn dime I've made and spent over the past ten years just so I can get into a "home" where I have to answer to the whim of a robber baron.  Paint your windows this color, buy this kind of screen door only, don't plant flowers here, park there, do this do that.  He can keep his slums and his money. I'm just sick of this town lining his wallet and bolstering his ego.  Ain't no freedom in being tied to the Machine. Oh, and his damn !
rents aren't all that cheap either.  Ask anyone who pays him.  
2:57 pm edt 

Re: Bringing Keith Back

1:36 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

"A motion was made that hats and jackets with the PPPC logo be provided to all board members at cost ASAP."

ASAP? Really is this where you should be spending our money? So all of you can look important?

Thank you to all the other 43 town boards for not exploiting the monies in your budgets to outfit your members. do the math. imagine jackets and hats for another 215 board members!

1:32 pm edt 

Who Is This Strange Woman?

What I found particularly distasteful was when she said that she wanted to have a 'choice' of affordable housing projects: ShankPainter/Race Road. That really hit a nerve with me. I felt her sense of entitlement. There are many artists in town who make responsible choices financially and otherwise and we don't pay for a roof over their heads!
1:26 pm edt 

Re: New Tourism Director

So Bob Sanborn our new Tourism Director was a real estate agent and now guest house owner? No wonder Rob Tosner Chair of the V.S.B. couldn't wait to hire him. I would think the Tourism Director would be someone who doesn't have a business in town that would conflict with the role of Tourism Director. Much like everything else in this town this smells funny.
1:24 pm edt 


The pbg was too busy this year that they couldn't have a pre- town meeting review of the ballot questions. They're too busy missing deadlines, not returning calls, not planning events, and being behind on the like nowhere else guide that should have been months ago for 2009. It's what we pay the executive director for. He's soooooooooo busy!
1:23 pm edt 

Tea Party

There is going to be a nation wide protest of state and federal taxes on Wednesday, April 15th between 4 and 6pm.

Is anything arranged to happen in Provincetown?
1:18 pm edt 

As Time Goes By

What is with these people who think that this town is only for someone who has been here for x amount of time ?  This is not a private country folks.   Yes, people can come over the town line anytime they want and yes, stay here.   Or do you simply want to give Provincetown back to its native citizens, the native americans or better yet, with some of you, back to the dinosaurs.
1:17 pm edt 

Cheap Conservative Scrooge!

Who is this person who thinks that she/he is funding all of the have nots of town? Are you one of those crazy people from FOX NEWS littering our beaches today with tea bags? GET A LIFE, you cheap conservative Scrooge!
1:16 pm edt 


To those who think that AIDS, HOMELESSNESS or MENTAL ILLNESSES is something that will not harm you or someone in your life. Think again! Instant Karma is a bitch to run from.
1:07 pm edt 

Re: Foley House

OK      its one thing to put down the PBG etc., but when you stoop so low as to call the Foley House a failure! You've hit rock bottom. Time for you to seek help!
1:06 pm edt 

More Affordable Housing

I'm so happy that we will now have some more affordable housing to give the slum lords some compitition. I'm sure thats why some on here were hoping that Ted Malone would not build anymore. I hope all the cheap money hungry slum lords move out of town so good people like Mr Malone can build even more rental housing.
1:04 pm edt 

Re: That Strange Woman

The strange woman you speak of is a very good citizen of the town for many years and serves on many volunteer committes. She works year round and is a very pleasent woman. Who are you who points the finger???
1:03 pm edt 

Re: Postings

I think most of the blogs on here are only trying to make people mad! Nobody of a sane mind would say such nasty things in public! But then again if She/he had no life and drinks and does drugs like the few on here.......maybe!
1:02 pm edt 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Foley House

The foley house is a great place and is run with great care for people in need. Any person of Massachusetts is welcome there as are our towns people. Alice Foley still lives here in the town that she loves and has done much to help anyone who ever needed help in her almost 60 years here in town and her many years in Boston. Thank you Alice and thank you Foley House!
11:08 pm edt 

Re: Town Manager

Our town manager and five selectman form of government does not allow the manager to make policy! Even if she wanted to make changes it would have to come before town meeting! I move the question!
11:06 pm edt 

Who Is This Strange Woman?

    I just watched Town Meeting. Who is this woman who lives in one of Ted Malone's units and now wants to have a choice of either living at Race Point Road or Shankpainter? Is she for real? Why are we supporting this rather scattered person who believes we should fund her life here?
11:05 pm edt 

The One Line Writers

Guess you can't write two sentences and still make sense. Sounds like our grammar school graduate is hitting the keys. Right Michele!
10:13 pm edt 

Foley House Gets Federal Money
Since you asked: And therefore those who live in the Foley House don'thave to be  from this town. They don't even have to be AIDS patients. Just like affordable housing. Set up the Foley House for people in town with AIDs and now you have outsiders who have various conditions. You even have three individuals who have come from mental institutions.

It's a good legacy gone awry. Sounds like what we will be saying about all the Ted Malone's affordable slums when he leaves town. There will be few town people and many from outside Provincetown and from other states will be living in these closet-size units.
10:12 pm edt 

Well, At Least Keith Bergman Was Bright and Had Cahunas

He seized his position and he controlled the selectmen. Now we have a town manager who is totally controlled by the selectmen or by two of them. She has let herself be a puppet, a voice for others. What does Sharon really think? I really don't know. I think she feels comfortable when there is plenty of money and she can give raises and smile to her employees.

But that is not life here in Provincetown. We can't afford raises, we don't have unlimited money, and it's not the time to smile.

Why can't she be town manager? Why does she always need assistants, a treasurer, or town counsel to answer the questions dealing directly with her job: running this town.
She needs to do more: Sharon Lynn needs to become a true town manager, not play acting at being one. This is not rehearsal time. It is real time with real consequences.

10:10 pm edt 

Re: Abusing power

I know who isn't abusing their power, candy and asstrid!! because they dont nhave any power to abuse
10:06 pm edt 

Just Wondering

Who pays for the foley "failure" house and why is it still she still in town?
10:04 pm edt 

Re: Re: Town Manager

I would'nt call Sharon a looser thets just hurtful...shame on you she probley has made a diffrence elsewhere, but to bring back keith?  thats the same as what we got now....what is your point with that? you make no sence
10:03 pm edt 

Re: Town Manager

The Town Managers job is not like a mayors job. The Board of Selectmen make all policy of the town. The manager follows the votes of the selectmen.
10:00 pm edt 

Move the Question!

This years town meeting was the best town meeting in years! Thanks to all who have had ENOUGH of a few mean angry conservatives! I move the question.
9:58 pm edt 

Re: Town Manager

Maybe the bloger who thinks the town manager is not doing her job should know that the town managers job is to do what the board of selectmen want. The town manager only works for the BOS, not herself.And I feel as a group the BOS is doing a great job! Fixing what a previous town manager thought was his and only his job!
9:57 pm edt 

You know Who I Think is Abusing Their Power at Town Meeting?

It is the few people who continually cry out "Move the question"!

The power to do that is giving to the public to prevent filibustering, not so you don't have to listen toYou know who I think is abusing their power at Town meeting? Oarguments.

And there really are only a few people who do it on a regular basis. And you know who you are. At the next Town Meeting when you want to your little power can you just one time not do it?  

I think the people who stand up at the microphone to pose questions and make statements are brave concerned citizens. And if they want to express their opinions at Town Meeting I think they should be allowed to, no matter how long the discussions has been.

Every time some impatient person cries "move the question"
I will typically vote no. Because I believe all have the right to be heard, even if I disagree with them.

7:25 pm edt 

Re: Sharon and Town Meeting

I too try not to post my displesure with Sharon though enough is enough, Sharon you are our leader, when will you step up to the plate? it's as if your acting like any other newcomer to this town, kiss but and dont make any waves, we all know where that will get you, Sharon i'm sorry but please, "GROW A PAIR AND DO YOUR JOB"
7:21 pm edt 

A Democracy Requires Action, Involvement and Speaking Out

That is what was not allowed at Town Meeting. Oh yes it looks like the rules are being followed but the intent was to close down discussion. I only found that I heard many different points of view on the Sainoko garden. I was first not for it but then I voted for it because I heard points I had not heard before. Other than that one article, there was no informed information to enlighten us.

I wish the PBG and the Chamber had had a meeting on the articles as they did in the past. You need to hear the consequences of actions, not only be able to read an article.

It's like reading your own medical report. You can read the words but do you or can you interpret the analysis, grasp the level of sickeness, and understand the results without explanation? No, most of can't. It's not about being bright or intelligent but grasping the consequences of uncommon reports like by-law changes, town budgets and CPC funding.

But at this pathetic town meeting, little worthwhile information was forthcoming or allowed. A true disappointment.
7:20 pm edt 

Re: Town Manager

To the person that thinks our town manager is a loser.
Maybe we should ask  KEITH  B. to come back. I'm sure he can give us a smile or two  again.
7:18 pm edt 

Spilled Milk?

Yes it s over and done with. So let's not complain. Thus paving the way for rabinowizt to abuse her power as tm over and over again.
1:25 pm edt 

At Least You Can't Move the Question on This Blog.........

.....and for that I"m grateful. If someone wants to say something, add their perspective, provide information or reveal some behind-the-scene deal, they can. And there is no Rabinowitz accepting the Move the Question request when many are standing at the mikes and they so long before the Move the Question was screamed out by those just off the bus.

I'm glad we have the blog. At least we can hear what those who really live here and have been here for more than one month think
1:23 pm edt 

Town Meeting

Okay here's my two cents.  I thought the town moderator acted perfectly fine.  she was quite clear when ever the "call the question" was invoked.  She said If you want more debate than vote no. What more should she say?  Alix Heilala also did a very good job.  She was personable and knowledgeable and did her best to answer questions.  The DPW head is always a bit pompous at town meeting but I thought this year he toned it down a bit and answered the questions asked of him, Sandy Turner also did a fine job.  The finance committee did a great job explaining the warrant articles and how town meeting works with definitions etc.   but

unfortunately, I was very disappointed with our Town Manager. Does this woman have any charisma at all?  Every time she got to the microphone she spoke in a complete monotone as if she was in some doctors waiting room telling you the operation was a success but unfortunately the patient died and not as if she was addressing the voters at town meeting. very poor public speaking and not a confidence builder at all. Would it have hurt to say good evening to everyone? To speak with a smile in your voice?  To actually look at the citizens while you speak and not look off to the left where the BOS were sitting? I've never posted a criticism of her before and don't plan to post any in the future. I try to give her the benefit of the doubt on many occasions as often times events do tend to be complex and emotionally driven and I've hoped she would rise to the occasion but now I'm afraid were stuck with a loser who is in over her head and lets others make all the tough decisions. Come on Sharon please prove me wrong. When are you going to lead for christ sakes?
12:45 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall Moderation

"Re: We feel it was unethical but was it illegal?"
"We" is a very small minority.
12:42 pm edt 

This is Not a War

After reading the most recent Shout Outs,  I am amazed with all the bull.  Remined 's  me of  Republicans   like Rush L., Ann C. etc.  Lots of  nitpicking PLEASE LETS HEAR YOUR IDEA'S  AND SOLUTIONS.  I know I would not want IRENE'S  job. Standing for many hours  and working to keep  many people focused etc. I have a suggestion...move the annual meeting to June Oct.?  SEEMS LIKE A LOT OF PEOPLE  WALK INTO THE ROOMS  WITH CABIN FEVER. Dazed,  angry and a lack of social skills. Maybe  Provincetown residents need to watch channel 17  before the meetings .And see how other towns conduct to each other. This is not a war.    
12:40 pm edt 

Where is the Outrage?

To the question of where is the outrage? I would guess that it might only be in your mind!
12:38 pm edt 

Town Moderator & Article 10 (E and F)

"Coincidence or intential that Irene asked the voters in the middle of article 10 if they wanted to go on or not..."
You seem to forget the vote on article ten wasn't even really that close.

(and I was one of those voting against it.)
12:37 pm edt 

Re: Irene was shutting people up

Another blog from the unhappy peanut gallery. Didn't go your way? MOVE!! Problem solved. I'm so reminded of that old childhood scene....."If you dont play the way I'm telling you to your all a bunch of stiupid heads" Town meeting is over! you  may as well be comnplaining about milk you spilled 5 years ago.
12:34 pm edt 

Re: Another "Peyton Place" Town Meeting
If you've read the novel then you know that what happened here last week was almost the opposite of what went on up in that fictional New Hampshire town. Just sayin'!

That said, it's your right to b---h as you please. Why? Because I am signed, yours truly,

- Still Lovin' Our Little Democracy
12:33 pm edt 

Re: Town Moderator @10:45

Your accusation is absurd. Irene's question occurred just before a 10 PM continuance that has been S.O.P. at Town Meeting for as long as I can remember.

BTW, thanks to the poster below who quoted Robert's Rules of Order. It's what I witnessed last week. And was part of.

I love our little democracy, unlike what I knew back in the real world. It chokes me up a bit sometimes. 4Realz!
12:31 pm edt 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Re: Town Moderator

Coincidence or intential that Irene asked the voters in the middle of article 10 if they wanted to go on or not.  It was so transparent what she was doing knowing less people would be at town meeting the second night. We feel it was unethical but was it illegal?  
12:45 pm edt 

Re: Town Meeting

Comments about the Moderator and the undemocratic process at this years Special & Annual Town Meeting really speaks volumes about some of the small minds here. For the record, the procedure for Town Meeting is based on continuing parliamentary principles.

These include:  

Basic Principles of Parliamentary Procedure for Meetings

Robert's Rules of Order is the standard for facilitating discussions and group decision-making. Copies of the complete rules are available online.

1. Motion: To introduce a new piece of business or propose a decision or action, a motion must be made by a group member ("I move that......") A second motion must then also be made (raise your hand and say, "I second it.") After limited discussion the group then votes on the motion. A majority vote is required for the motion to pass (or quorum as specified in your bylaws.)

2. Postpone Indefinitely: This tactic is used to kill a motion. When passed, the motion cannot be reintroduced at that meeting. It may be brought up again at a later date. This is made as a motion ("I move to postpone indefinitely..."). A second is required. A majority vote is required to postpone the motion under consideration.

3. Amend: This is the process used to change a motion under consideration. Perhaps you like the idea proposed but not exactly as offered. Raise your hand and make the following motion: "I move to amend the motion on the floor." This also requires a second. After the motion to amend is seconded, a majority vote is needed to decide whether the amendment is accepted. Then a vote is taken on the amended motion. In some organizations, a "friendly amendment" is made. If the person who made the original motion agrees with the suggested changes, the amended motion may be voted on without a separate vote to approve the amendment.

4. Commit: This is used to place a motion in committee. It requires a second. A majority vote must rule to carry it. At the next meeting the committee is required to prepare a report on the motion committed. If an appropriate committee exists, the motion goes to that committee. If not, a new committee is established.

5. Question: To end a debate immediately, the question is called (say "I call the question") and needs a second. A vote is held immediately (no further discussion is allowed). A two-thirds vote is required for passage. If it is passed, the motion on the floor is voted on immediately.

6. Table: To table a discussion is to lay aside the business at hand in such a manner that it will be considered later in the meeting or at another time ("I make a motion to table this discussion until the next meeting. In the meantime, we will get more information so we can better discuss the issue.") A second is needed and a majority vote required tabling the item being discussed.

7. Adjourn: A motion is made to end the meeting. A second motion is required. A majority vote is then required for the meeting to be adjourned (ended).

Thinking that you were purposely denied your voice is just stupid. At every intersection, the Moderator clearly stated that "there are people standing at the microphones" and you were given the opportunity to continue the debate by voting down the motion to move the question. This was explained to the voters quite clearly.

A reasonable person must believe that the body had heard enough debate to make an informed decision and voted their will. (emphasis added)  

That whole "we the people" thing, decides what warrants more debate and what direction that the Town takes despite how impassioned you may personally be about the topic being discussed.

You should also note that the Moderator also lawfully excused herself when the article about charitable donations (including H.O.W.)came before the body.

Thank you to our gracious Town Moderator for being a class act!

Signed, the other hundred voters in the room
12:43 pm edt 

Another "Peyton Place" Town Meeting Has Come & Gone....

...and Provincetown has spent another fortune to the tune of a Kings ransom!  Good gosh people, when will we ever learn !!!

There is NO vision for the future in our BOS & TM.
All they are doing every year is putting "band-aids" to the budget that is submitted by the departments.
Where is the LEADERSHIP???
Where is the fiscal  savvy??? We are going to be in REAL BIG TROUBLE soon........ the deficit is climbing and we can no longer keep taxing ourselves out of our homes! Where is our long term financial goals, planning and hope? Certainly not in this "spend-spend-spend" environment!

Where is the outrage?
12:40 pm edt 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

FYI: To Ms. Rushmore and Others Concered About Smoking and Health

I stopped smoking 15 yrs. ago in another town.  'Smokers  Anonymous Meetings"were available and very helpful. AND FREE!!!  I'm sure u can  go on line for literature  etc.  
11:21 pm edt 

Move the Question

I just watched town meeting on TV and thought that it was run quite well. I did not see any inproprieties as noted on this blog. Unfortunately, there are a few people who post the same thing over and over on this blog and want the rest of us to thing that it is many different bloggers with the same opinions. Its too bad for a few people that the many articles they were against were passed. The people have spoken and now we need to live with it. Let's stop be sore losers and move on. Thats the one problem with this blog, people continue to post the same gripes every day, the continue to post it for days at a time. Maybe it's time to "Move the Question." I think maybe thats what we should start doing. I was happy with all of the votes, but its over and done with, LETS MOVE ON.

11:19 pm edt 

Irene Was Shuting People Up
But that is not her role. Her role is to be fair, balanced and to allow both those who are for an issue and those who are against an issue to speak. She did not do this. Rabinowitz was biased and she has fallen down quite a bit in my respect. I was concerned last year when she was elected Moderator. I thought she might not be fair. Now it took two town meetings for her to show her Couture colors. And those colors are not pretty. Bias is never good looking.

What we were seeing were two Muppets controlled by the same hand. Or for an older historical point, it was Buffalo Bill with Howdy Doody sitting on his lap. And the Peanut Gallery applauding the puppet and the fringe handler. It was and is a show for children or fools.
11:17 pm edt 

Friends Bumming a Place to Say is Not Homelessness
There are people who are showing up at some of their friends' houses but they are not homeless. There are perhaps two homeless people in town and one of them is not going to be part of Ted Malone's bureaucratic application process. The Affordies are just counting anyone they can to justify an unjustifiable case.

And since when has Ted Malone and his crew ever been concerned with the homeless? Please, we don't have to believe your fabrications and your tear-jerking justifications driven by only one thing: Profit. Money is what drives Malone. Not concern for the homeless.

11:16 pm edt 

Re: Secret Ballot

Astrid even wanted a SECRET vote that was voted down! How many times does she need to know that she does not speak for anyone but herself! Time to give it up girl!
11:13 pm edt 

Re: Ted Malone

Chatham would not allow a Ted Malone. Nantucket would not allow a Ted Malone. Woods Hole would not allow a Ted Malone. And there are towns that have banned Ted Malone from doing any work.  

Rather, Chatham would love a Ted Malone, Nantucket has a Ted Malone, Wood Hole has been paralyzed by NIMBY's blocking affordable developments and could sure use a Ted Malone. In fact there are Towns from all over the region who consult, collaborate with Ted Malone.

And two-thirds of the voters at the ATM feel lucky that we have our very own Ted Malone.

Another Point of View  
11:12 pm edt 

Re: Homeless

Wow, that was good, I'd love to go have another beer, I'll even buy you one if you cant afford it. What an angry blog, I have been known to help out anyone that needs the help, why? because I've been there, what have you done besides whine and moan about Mr Malone or anyone that disagrees with you? shamefull, why so resentful? I hope you take my advise and try giving gosnold a try, I'll even pay for your first few visits to help get you going, as far as going and having another beer, I'm doing the easter egg coloring thing with my kids right now and having a blast!! just out of curiosity, are you sitting in front of the computer alone with a bottle of wine?  you are aren't you......thought so.
11:10 pm edt 

Move the Question!

"Call Town Meeting for what it is: Ram it down their throats and they will love the taste."

Face it, you were in the minority.  Voters voted yes, you don't like it.
7:13 pm edt 

Keep 'em Quiet Irene!

You are so right PULEEZE and I am glad Irene thought to shut them up too. In fact, let's just duck tape their mouths in june because we don t want to hear dissension from anyone particulary if we don't like them ! Keep 'em quiet Irene!  
7:11 pm edt 

Rumors and More Rumors

Too many Rumors on this site.  Not only about the Demise ofMYPACC are Greatly Exaggerated, how about the rumors that CVS was buying Clems shack.  OR that a straight strippers club was coming to Provincetown, or that Ted wasn't going to get a single dollar from the town.
I would agree that this site is ALL ABOUT RUMORS.  Nothing is every positive about anything.  Oh, Duane Steele might have written a good story about the pier, but nothing seems to be happening on that issue either.   WAS A BUNCH OF CRAP
7:09 pm edt 

Move the Question

Puhleeeze, a few town residents step up to speak over and over and over.  Many of us don't care to hear the same opinions over and over.  When the majority wants to move the question and the moderator follows their wishes I'm glad she's doing it.

I think I'll step up to the mic next time and state my opinion because I'm so important everyone MUST hear it.  Even if I'm adding nothing new to the conversation and giving my opinions of the article, but stating things that have already been said.

Or, I'll step to the mic next time to ask questions that I could have asked prior to the meeting.  Just because I know everyone will want to hear me talk.
5:41 pm edt 

Title of This Year's Town Meeting: Move the Question
That was what this town meeting was all about. Not about democracy. Not about hearing the pros and cons. It was about formal presentation of the BOS articles and then Rabinowitz accepting "Move the Question" and not allowing all those standing to be hear first. This she did do last year when she was first elected. Now, the openess is gone and there is no debate about what other positions may be.

Town meeting is not the voice of the people. It is the voice of those controlling the agenda, controlling the articles and the BOS.

Call Town Meeting for what it is: Ram it down their throats and they will love the taste.
5:26 pm edt 

Spend, Spend, Spend
How the Banner nailed the headline. Where almost every town in MA and in the nation has reduced staff, cut back on services, delayed major purchases, we here in Provincetown throw out millions as if it were mere dollars.

We act, with the guidance of Sharon Lynn and the Chair of the BOS, as if the Great Recession has passed us by and we are now on easy street. How foolish the voters can be. How ridiculous to act as if life is good, the Dow is up, money markets are multiplying and credit is easy. Some level of unreality is sadly in our drinking water.
5:24 pm edt 

Re: Homeless
The reason I mentioned it was simply because you are obviously blind to the fact they do exist otherwise you would not of posted a blog about it, simple as that. The reason I mentioned the Cape Inn, was to draw attention to the fact that they do exist and where they can be found. I would of put them up at my place bozo had I been fortunate enough to have had a bigger apt to do so unlike you who rather talk about it. The other reason for mentioning Ted Malone is because he is obviously the big huncho on affordable housing, guess that was a tough one for you to think of. Maybe you should go and have another beer.
5:21 pm edt 

Michael Rogovsky

It just goes to show you that Mikey rogovsky really couldn't care less about the town! He has not been to a town meeting in years!
5:19 pm edt 

Attention to All Provincetown Residents

5:17 pm edt 

Town Moderator

I'm glad the moderator kept certain people from speaking during town meeting! Every voter in town knows what angry and mean heartless conservative things they would say! they repeat them over and over again at board meetings and on this blog. And where was Mikey again?
5:15 pm edt 

Town Meeting

Did you notice what a nasty & mean face a certain restaurant owner has as she waited at the mike at town meeting? Only tohave the question moved and voted on?
5:14 pm edt 

Re: Yogi

I doubt very much would have agreed with you, can I suggest calling gosnold for some much needed therapy, Oh by the way where has that pebble charecter been, I guess I would be embaressed by the outcome from town meeting after all the crap he/she/it posted on here up until the meeting
4:16 pm edt 

Missing the Point
Rules may exist for how to conduct town meeting. But the Moderator is the INTERPRETER of these rules and has much leeway in HER rulings. And that she did not allow those standing at a mike BEFORE the call for Calling the Question--which she did at the last town meeting--and that should be past practice--I find her working her wiles with Michele Couture to help the Couture get her way on certain articles.

Wasn't the Couture the only selectmen who was for Ted Malone getting the hard cash of $800,000 in his pocket? Yes, and what did Rabinowitz do? She accepted, I think illegally, the motion to adjorn when we were in the middle of an article for the CPC monies. But by accpeting the motion to adjorn, she knew, as did the Couture, that the next night fewer town people would be there and Ted Malone would bring in his bus people and round up his street people to vote for his capitalistic money-taking venture.

Rabinowitz may not longer be Michele Couture's partner but she is still doing Couture's bidding in their new political relationship.
4:15 pm edt 

Re: Homeless

I sent that blog about homeless! I was once homless my self and didnt have the cape inn to fall back on nor the monehy to stay at a motel, what a sad example you make by exposing the people at cape inn that choose to live there until summer months. SHAME ON YOU, and why should Mr Malone's people put someone in their apt's just because they have them avalible?? what nonsence. If someone wants affordable housing they should go through the proper channels to get it, why dont you put them up in your apartment since you feel so strongly about this issue???
4:12 pm edt 

Brandon Motta May Be Nice Guy

but he is no strong Director of the Recreation Department. Please, crying like a baby to get the vote is a sad commentary. This is how a determined and professional director of the Recreation department works? This is pathetic. This is why the BOS went after him and his department. He is vulnerable and perhaps too inexperienced to be running recreation. He may have been a good choice as Assistant Director and then in four or five years, he would have had the experience to be Director. But obviously he only learned what to do from the former disgraced                   recreation director and look at him now.
4:11 pm edt 

MYPACC Postings

Where are all my postings that I sent right after town meeting? Were they to hard on the mypcc vote losses?? Was it my reveling how wrong Mikey, Astrid and Candace are??? Better minds want to know!
3:08 pm edt 

Town Meeting

Send the attorney general the tape!
2:26 pm edt 

Town Meeting

In this past Friday's blog I see someone asked where are there 17 homesless people ? I say check the back building of the Cape Inn who are there because they can not afford the ridiculous rents in this town. I'm not sure there's 17 people living at the Cape Inn but for the ones that are there, shouldn't be. When they have to get out soon, they have no place to go to call HOME. And none of them can even afford any of the alledged affordable homes/houses that Ted Malone is building or has built either. That may not constitute "homelessness" by law because they are staying at the Cape Inn but if it was not for their kindness where would they then be ? So if this town wanted to or even if Ted Malone wanted to consider doing something nice for the people who are not fortunate enough to have a place to call home, they should make it a point to "attempt" to set them up with one of his unit and probably half of them atleast I'm sure will be interested and thankful for the opportunit!y. But like everything else, as long as those who are fortunate have a place, why worry about the few or so that don't.
2:25 pm edt 

Fulltime Fire Department
Seems like Provincetown has no problem passing the $300,000 for the ladder truck. I guess our town has plenty of money all of a sudden, then we need to look into going to  a fulltime Fire Department.  Lets vote YES on that article.
2:23 pm edt 

Re: Homelessness

I too know of a number of homeless staying with good samaratins.
11:17 am edt 

Let's All Just Cast Ballots to Vote

If you feel a need to express your self, go to the committee or board meetings where these discussions belong.  Your input is more important in the planning/decision making done at these meetings.  We don't care how smart you want us to think with all your badgering and blabbering jiberish.

If you need that much attention maybe you should go on American Idol or better yet seek therapy.
10:52 am edt 

Cry Me a River Response

Perhaps you should know something about Provincetown before posting -

Motta Field is under the direction of the Provincetown Schools - the rec director works for the Recreation Department

You are pathetic and hateful
10:50 am edt 

Re: Town Meeting

Comments about the Moderator and the undemocratic process at this years Special & Annual Town Meeting really speaks volumes about some of the small minds here. For the record, the procedure for Town Meeting is based on continuing parliamentary principles.

These include:  

Basic Principles of Parliamentary Procedure for Meetings

Robert's Rules of Order is the standard for facilitating discussions and group decision-making. Copies of the complete rules are available online
10:49 am edt 

The Majority Rules

"The Majority Rule" is often described as a characteristic feature of democracy but without
Responsible  Government it is possible for the right of the minority to be abused by the "tyranny of the majority".

Abe Lincoln
10:47 am edt 


A quote from Lennon/ McCartney

"See how they run".

That's what the Malondoffs did.

Hit and Run.

Bring them in and take them out before they have a chance to talk to someone on the other side. Keep them away from common sense.

A Malonstafford Wife drinking Kool Ade by the polluted
dump site of dead horses and manure. This is the foundation of Stable Path? The path of no return.

It's time to call the Agricultural department again.

Wake up citizens of Nelson Ave.. If you do not fight for your rights why should I and others. We will help you but we have to see how you run. FIGHT! It's not over until it's it is over.

Yogi Berra
10:46 am edt 

Show Me Those Towns

What towns banned Mr Malone from doing buisness in their town? Is this true or just another bit of nonsence from you know who?   Honestly did candy and asstrid buy this site
10:40 am edt 

Re: Don't Bogart That Joint

Is that the best you can come up with? Chief Travato's getting his fire truck, Mr Malone is getting his money, asstrid and candy made fools out of themselves and I'm pretty sure my grandchildren will graduate from p-town high. Fire up up another one for me and take a good look around you and find somthing else to complain about will ya! oh by the way why wasnt my blog about what a great person Brandon Motta is and what a great job he's done get posted,ya lost that one to, You folks are just to much fun.           NEVER A DULL MOMENT
10:38 am edt 

Re: Homelessness
I'm currently housing a homeless man on my couch. Being homeless does not always mean that your sleeping in the street. And I know of others who are bunking with others until they can find an affordable year round home.
10:35 am edt 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Never Had a Dollar They Didn't Spend

Chatham would not allow a Ted Malone. Nantucket would not allow a Ted Malone. Woods Hole would not allow a Ted Malone. And there are towns that have banned Ted Malone from doing any work.  

I've been viewing this blog since its inception and the above posting is the most coherent I've seen.The reason is because they're not drunk on blue kool aid. This town has never seen a dollar it doesn't wish to spend twice. I wish I could do that in my business.

10:36 pm edt 

Flawed Process

Town meeting debate is fundamentally flawed. Positioning at the mike and a biased TM needs to be addressed. There should be designated mikes for and against an article. it s time to change the charter!
10:33 pm edt 

Score One for Civil Liberties
Thank heavens that the MYPACC consensus correctly predicted one article. To quote the song: don't Bogart that joint, my friend!

(And especially you, "Never A Dull Moment!")
10:32 pm edt 

Re: Town Meeting

10:30 pm edt 

Re: Town Meeting

Atty gen should get a copy of the meeting?  Why? is it because it didnt go the way you wanted?   Just stop it will you for crying game out loud!!!!!   Stop it, now go clean your room and take a nap
10:28 pm edt 

Re: Town Meeting
 "That was what this town meeting was all about. Not about democracy. Not about hearing the pros and cons. It was about formal presentation of the BOS articles and then Rabinowitz accepting "Move the Question" and not allowing all those standing to be hear first. .  ."

You folks are a bunch of whiners.  Irene did her job as she is suppose to under the rules.  If the majority of those do not want the question moved, they don't vote for moving the question and the discussion continues.  If they do vote to move the question then the discussion stops and the vote is taken.  Yes, the vote is taken no matter how important you feel your opinion is and how much you want everyone to hear you talk.

Instead it seems you want to voice your opinion when the majority of town voters attending town meeting don't want to hear it.  Get over yourself.
8:28 pm edt 

How To Ruin a Wonderful Town

Let Ted Malone bring in outsiders and then give them--friends of his friends or lovers thereof--places to live using your money, your land, your landscape destroyed by his high density high-profit margin buildings. This man is a creep but that is not the most important point: chicken little lives when town residents who are straongly against him and his devious projects, don't attend town meetings and don't vote against him when they do attend.

Chatham would not allow a Ted Malone. Nantucket would not allow a Ted Malone. Woods Hole would not allow a Ted Malone. And there are towns that have banned Ted Malone from doing any work. So why should this once quaint traditional village allow this questionable developer to take control of the land and the money? Maybe it's time long-term residents ask themselves that question.
7:32 pm edt 

They Cleared Out the BUS Tuesday Night

Yup, Yup, Yup. Many of these people who attended town meeting Tuesday were hardly ever seen in town before. Get off the bus, sign up to vote and Ted Malone will get you--and also you Polly, crying your little heart out--a new affordable housing unit. Why? Because my sweet little unknowns, you deserve it. You want to live here, then you deserve to get a place with the Ted. We don't know you but that doesn't matter. And you won't be here two years from now, but that doesn't matter either. By then even Malone will have run of time and he won't be here either.
7:28 pm edt 

I Agree: You Get the Town You Vote For

Sad to say. some have sensed the outrageous votes taken at town meeting. If you didn't show up, if you didn't attend, and if you didn't vote No when you were not for certain articles on the warrant, then unfortunately you get the town THEY voted for. Stop complaining. If you weren't there, how could you have changed the destiny of the town. And guess what: you were not there!
7:26 pm edt 

Were We at the Same Town Meeting?

To those on this blog that are upset that the moderator followed the rules and moved the question when asked....

Every time someone from the floor shouted move the question, the moderator would point out that there were several people waiting to speak and that if the voters wanted to hear more, to vote accordingly.  The questions got moved.

It is not the moderators fault that the majority of town voters did not want to hear any more discussion on a certain matter.  If you were in the minority, unfortunately that is the way the rules work...
But it silly to cry that the moderator was improper...
7:24 pm edt 

Town Meeting

The Attorney General's office should get a copy of the PTV taping of Town Meeting.
7:22 pm edt 

Your Post Seems Bitter and Baseless.....

.....and mind you, I'm always up for a good conspiracy theory.

If anything, Irene bent over backwards to remind the quorum that an upcoming motion to move a question would curtail further discussion. She also went out of her way to pause before proceeding in cases when no one was up at the microphone.  

It's hard to reconcile your post with the behaviour I saw at TM. I'm not saying that you weren't there, just that you lacked a pair. I didn't when I had a thing or two to say. Next time you might try that, too: democracy is a feeling like dancing on the stars.  
7:21 pm edt 

Town Meeting was an Affront to the Democratic Process

It was obvious for all to see that the Town Moderator and Town Manager were joined at the hip.
This meeting was the most improperly run Town Meeting I have ever witnessed in my many
years in Provincetown. There was not pretence of fair play.

All opposing discussion regarding Ted Malone and Affordable Housing was suppressed by
the over judicious application and interpretation of the 'Move the Question" rule. What was
displayed was the use of raw power to exclude the voice of the minority.

Town meeting is an excellent example of how usurpation of democracy can be achieved within the
fained observance of the rules of engagement.

Irene Rabinowoitz was consistent in her distortion of the spirit of those rules. Can the majority
in truth deny opposing opinions with just the declaration of "Move the Question', when opposing
speakers are at the microphone.

So much for the claim that "You should come to meetings and let your voice be heard.

4:50 pm edt 

Shanking in Their Watery Boots

Why are so many town people afraid to stand up and say NO to a vote when that is how they feel? Why is there such cowardice, such fear, such concern with what all the others will say and think? It's time for the voters and residents of this town to be adults. Time to stand up for what you really believe instead of being such a fearful group. For this reason, your town is being destroyed with ugly buidlings, overcrowded with so-named affordable housing, and the land you ran along when youw ere kids is now over-developed. You let outsiders control and change your by-laws.

Such foolishness involves a big price to pay: you have lost not only control of your town. You have lost your town. That is your Achilles' heel and that is what Ted Mayerdoff has known and has taken advantage of. Your fears and inability to stand up for what you really believe. It's tragic to see this happen as it has happened throughout the years.

Then when the Ted Malone's and other developers have squeezed out all the money they can--both from the land, the hidh density buildings and the taxpayer funds--he will move on and you, yes, you will be left with the dregs.

That will be Ted Malone's legacy to all of you.
4:07 pm edt 

Title of This Year's Town Meeting: Move the Question

That was what this town meeting was all about. Not about democracy. Not about hearing the pros and cons. It was about formal presentation of the BOS articles and then Rabinowitz accepting "Move the Question" and not allowing all those standing to be hear first. This she did do last year when she was first elected. Now, the openess is gone and there is no debate about what other positions may be.

Town meeting is not the voice of the people. It is the voice of those controlling the agenda, controlling the articles and the BOS.

Call Town Meeting for what it is: Ram it down their throats and they will love the taste.
3:32 pm edt 

Spend, Spend, Spend

How the Banner nailed the headline. Where almost every town in MA and in the nation has reduced staff, cut back on services, delayed major purchases, we here in Provincetown throw out millions as if it were mere dollars.

We act, with the guidance of Sharon Lynn and the Chair of the BOS, as if the Great Recession has passed us by and we are now on easy street. How foolish the voters can be. How ridiculous to act as if life is good, the Dow is up, money markets are multiplying and credit is easy. Some level of unreality is sadly in our drinking water.
3:28 pm edt 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Re: Since the Pilgrims

" far as I'm concerned this blog is the best thing that has happened to this town since the pilgrims."

I doubt the native americans would agree.
11:45 pm edt 

Re: Police Department

I met with a friend today who was placed in jail in the early morning houts. suddenly the aceptic at the police station backed up into the halls and into the cells wher my friend was. He was kept in the septic sludge til the next shift at 8:00 to rectofy the situation. His socks an feet were soaked in ceptic. I have also been told it was the new Sgt. who lost his gun, again made a bad decision to leave a person in hazardous waist instead of driving him to a cell at the Truro Police. Now lets see what the Chief is goign to do about this or is he going to wait for this officer to get someone killed.
11:42 pm edt 

Dear Concerned Tax Payer and Supporter of the Provincetown Police Department...

While I appreciate your sincere support of your department (oh sorry, 'the' department). Just because the fire department gets a new ladder truck, doesn't mean the the police department should get something too. We're not children, we're adults here. At least we should be.

I support the Provincetown Police Department as well, although I've been less impressed with Jaran's track record since he stepped in, particularly on the fiscal front.

He wants lots of new rediculous toys like motorcycles. He's made appointments and promotions that are clearly politically motivated. To add insult to injury, he's buried details concerning an investigation surrounding the individually he promoted and his alleged "missing firearm". During Provincetown's most challenging financial situation he then sends the individual in question to NH for a lie detector test. Now this individual could have gone to Barnstable County for the same lie detector test, however Jaran wouldn't have been able to "control" the results as he can having it done where he originally came from. So us tax payers get to pay for the individual who allegedly lost his firearm to travel to NH, his hourly wage, and we pay fees to another state to administer the test that could have been done in Mass.

I'm sorry I can't support this type of conduct. When Jaran begins acting like an intelligent leader of our police force and begins acting like a big boy who understands our financial situation, then I'll support more money going his way. Until then, I say we cut back on the police budget and let them learn to get by with what they have.

Concerned Tax Payer who wants Provincetown Police to grow up!
11:39 pm edt 


Last night our government hit a new low. Our Town Moderator seemed to have a convenient hearing and sight problem. Her acute 'disabilities' reflected the Chair's well known positions. She is a disgrace and should resign.

11:36 pm edt 

Frick & Frack Won!

Ding dong the witch of this blog is dead! Now begone - before someone drops an affordable house on you! You have no power here!
11:32 pm edt 

No Blogs Today?

Its a new day in Provincetown! Affordable housing and other MYPCC evil empires have been voted in! Is this why we have no blogs posted for today?
11:30 pm edt 

What's Up!

Wonder where comments made yesterday evening and today are.
11:28 pm edt 

I'll Never Go to Another Town Meeting!

People just talk to show they know something or just to try to compete verbally with others. And ,if an issue is up for vote it does seem that advocates are very savy as to how to pack the meeting to gain a favorable outcome. The open town meeting is the least democratic form of government there is. All decisions should be anonymous in a voting booth not in an atmosphere that allows for pressure and repercussions from the masses if their vote is contrary.
11:22 pm edt 

All About Hot Air

I guess I was right mikey, candy and asstrid are just full of boring stale hot air.....go pier corp...go chief travato......go ted malone
11:20 pm edt 

Hey What Happened?

You guys told me on here that Chief Travato would never get his new fire truck and he did? then you you said Ted Malone would'nt get his money, and you sounded like you really knew what you were talking about and that what you bloged was gosple. What happend? From the sounds of everything I read on here before monday night it sounded like candy was going to walk in with her "people" behind her walk up and stand at the front of the room and declare, "I'll take it from here" instead she looked like she misplaced her valium and made no sence, then asstrid I figured there would be ooo's and aaahhh's from the crowd while listening to her "lecture" instead all I herd was laughing and alot of "WHAT THE HELL IS SHE TALKING ABOUT" I dont you let me down folks now all I have left is my bad grammer and p-town education, O by the way at least from what I've read here I will be able to watch my grandchildren graduate from P-town high some day !
in the distent future. NEVER A DULL MOMENT
11:17 pm edt 

Michele, Ma Bell

Using the telephone for underhanded tactics is an issue that must be dealt with immediately. IF this is true the person(s) who received these calls should file a formal complaint to the Attorney General and the Ethics Committee

To the adage; give them enough rope they will eventually hang themselves. This could be the issue that knocks the chair out from under her.

11:14 pm edt 

Bad News/ Good News

The bad news is Ted Malone got all he wanted and will ruin yet another part of Provincetown.
The good news is there is nothing left for him to rape and will be on his way to Truro, Wellfleet and Eastham. I hope they will learn from our mistakes.
11:12 pm edt 

Thank You Astrid

Last night the $2 million from CPA Funds for Town Hall was
overwhelmingly approved. Think what you may of Astrid, but
she is the one who is responsible for spearheading the redistribution of the CPA formula. If Historic did not have access to these funds the renovations would have ended up with a 2 1/2 proposition.

Affordable Housing should be more than satisfied with their
$950 million and 52 affordable rental units and should not even think about approaching the CPC for more funding for the next few years.

Open Space proponents should also be satisfied with their
Articles passed.

For the next few years let them work within the perimeters of their 10% and lets concentrate on the 70% for Historic projects, Town Hall and the Library.
11:10 pm edt 

Goodby Gruesome Threesome

Wow - the good people of Provincetown came out last night and voted for their fellow citizens and for our year round community !

Goodby gruesome threesome - if someone threw water on them would they evaporate into a pool ?
11:08 pm edt 


There have been huge changes within the PPPC over the last year, especially in their cooperation with the town governing body (the BOS) and the town's Finance Committee.
11:06 pm edt 

To all the Usual Bunch Who Are Celebrating Big Wins For Favored Issues...

Just wait until the REAL vote, you know, the kind of vote that is private, secret, REAL?
Don't for a moment think that the three hundred odd folks that went to last night's Town Meeting make up the true body of citizen taxpayers.
Just wait for Election day...Granted, anyone with even a touch of common sense knows enough not to run for office in this town, and the voters will kill the overides and so our woefully incompentant Town Manager will... do what?

On a different note...What is with all the people who spend the time writing here just to bash, again and again, the Webmaster? I just don;t get far as I'm concerned this blog is the best thing that has happened to this town since the pilgrims. Talk about shooting the messenger...
11:04 pm edt 

New Police Station

I think the only way they'll get a new police station is if one of their officer's drive's the police cruiser drunk and smashes into the police station, totaling the Building! Yeah and maybe the Police Association will pay for the officer's attorney fees. Ha Ha Ha..
11:01 pm edt 

MYPACC - Still Zero

Ted Malone - Now 100

Why bother posting here?

I have asked Clarence what he feels he is accomplishing, and no response still.

I am also glad Spring is around the corner. I will be NOT reading MYPACC anymore.

I thought long ago, it gave me a feeling how the town felt towards projects and the ins and outs. I am now realizing it doesn just the oposite.

10:59 pm edt 


"The Visitor Service Board aka VSB finds a lot of money that they didn't know they had and they get to keep most of it? When the town is in a financial crises. I say
if they didn't keep track of the money they shouldn't be allowed to have any. That's irresponsible..."

You have to understand how the VSB is set up and no, I'm not a member of the VSB, I just try to pay attention.

The town has voted to have a certain percentage of the room tax dollars to go the VSB each year for marketing Provincetown. The funds can't just go back and forth between the general fund and the VSB fund per the town's vote.

If the VSB spends less than the money they received for the year the extra funds stay in the VSB fund, they don't get dumped into the town's coffers. The town's accounting department is in charge of tracking the VSB budgets and their spending. They are the ones who missed the fact that the VSB had leftover funds in their account from past underspending.

I'm not blaming the town's accountant department, they do an excellent job and are clearing up a lot of messes that have been left to them from the previous administration. This is just an example of another mess they have cleaned up.
10:56 pm edt 

Ted Malone

I cannot believe some in town would prefer to give preference to short term, seasonal renters over the year rounders. I live in affordable housing, work year round, attend all town meetings and vote in all elections. I appreciate having a nice, clean house to live in. What the town should be most concerned about are the property owners, who with no town oversight, rent dirty, cramped living quarters that are filthy and in total disrepair (should be condemned) to people who are desperate for a place to live. ($12,000 for three months in a hovel with no utilities included.) Ted Malone seems to be the only one in town who cares about the average worker. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone who came to town to work could find a place to live - like most other towns in the USA.

10:53 pm edt 

Cry Me a River

So if you cry at town meeting while giving your pitch, will that automatically get your vote? Pathetic.

Everybody is so concerned with the Community Center and while that is a good thing, there are a ton of other issues with the recreation department that have just gone neglected and/or misused.

The two playgrounds in this town are an utter DISGRACE. They should be locked up and condemned. The equipment is fine.
It's the sand and the condition of the grounds that is the issue.
I'm surprised that no kids have gotten sick playing in that litter box. The sand is filthy. When was it last changed?
Is it even legal in this day and age to have that kind of surface in a modern playground.

What about Motta Field? Talk about a health hazard. You care about your kids yet you let them play sports ans slide around in goose feces.
If I was from another town that had to play on Motta Field and knew how disgusting it was, I'd forfeit the game.

These are both the responsibility of the recreation director. Clearly he's better at crying to keep his job than running the rec dept.
I expect passion but at LEAST professionalism. This kid couldn't even read his own writing.

I was crying FOR him.
10:51 pm edt 

Re: Better Options Than Ted Malone

The projects he does look good, stay well maintained, and actually work.

The town itself thought it could it well and that site has had numerous issues with the units.

You buy a below-market unit from Ted and at least you feel like it's better than the price. Buy one of those units and you feel ripped off.

Please, let the adults do the projects. He's rubbed people the wrong way and I feel much of it is jealousy, plain and simple.

At least he knows what he's doing.

10:48 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Sounds like the Pier Corp. et al are out in full force worried about another round of emasculation (Article 32).

Had they not been misappropriating the funds....
10:45 pm edt 


There have been huge changes within the PPPC over the last year, especially in their cooperation with the town governing body (the BOS) and the town's Finance Committee.


10:40 pm edt 

"To Quote Something From Their Minutes From Jan 2008 is Disingenuous"

Really? What do you call not releasing your financials to the public? Your 'special' meaning of transparency?
10:38 pm edt 

Nothing's Changed That's For Sure:

In The Finance Committee Review of the Pier Corp.
September 2 2008 it states quote:

-as noted by the Pier Corporations Auditor in its annual report, policies regarding the appropriate use of the Capital Reserve Fund are not sufficiently clear end quote.

10:36 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

All these diversions so we forget the secretive pier corp. won't release their FY 2008 P & L or the 2008 Auditor's report?

No one is being fooled here.

10:33 pm edt 

More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

So there is $1,800,000 in the fund for affordable housing and it may ONLY be spent for affordable housing. Well then we might as well give $800,000 to Malone and let him go at it.

But, wait, there are other options for these funds. Rather than over develop our town what about rehabbing existing buildings for affordable housing. Why not use some of those funds on the 2nd floor of Firehouse #2 and create an affordable housing unit?

Why not use the funds to give affordable housing allowances to those people important to the town. Say the summer and year-round policemen/women, teachers, etc.

How about giving affordable housing grants to help with housing to those who are in town or want to move to town and create year-round jobs? We'd have affordable housing and an economic stimulus for the town.

There are other options out there. Mr. Malone's over development of Provincetown is not the only answer. Don't forget we have limited water available to this town and continuing to develop mega projects is not going to make it any better.
10:31 pm edt 

Re: Why are We Upgrading Positions at This Time?
Because it's a popularity contest at Town Hall. It has nothing to do with how hard you work or how many responsibilities you have. The people who work there are all wondering the same thing. We've received Peanut recall info, MEMA weather reports and meeting notices from Brian but what else does he do??? No one seems to know or dare ask ? He certainly didn't take care of the problems at the Grand Union. We were first told that when his job description changed, his salary would not, MORE LIES !!! Why isn't Sharon Lynn crying "There's No money for salary increases and LAYOFFS are inevitable". More LIES!!! Apparently what's most important is who's butt you kiss and how often you kiss it!!!
10:28 pm edt 

Ah! How the Votes Are Going

Yes, vote to have an override for the Community center--and at the ballot box I will cast my no vote. I wouldn't dare do otherwise at town meeting. How I wish that the school was an override article.

Tonight Ted Malone will get a trouncing; the voters will make their wishes known--unless he packs the hall with his no taxpaying future tenants...we shall see what we shall see...
10:25 pm edt 

Candace Nagle

"What a bunch of hoooey! The Hindu and/or Bay Lady are the true crown jewels in this harbor! Puleeze don't diminish those two gallant ladies character by trying to compare them to your tug... ugh!"

Whoever wrote that was inspired! I love the "tug... ugh"! Miss Nagel is so high and mighty that it's really nice to see her taken down a couple of notches! I for one am sick of reading her rant against the volunteers that run our pier. If you are so much better and have so many ideas that are going to so vastly improve MacMillan Wharf, then put your name in and be a part of the solution instead of the problem Miss Nagel! You might be the squeakiest wheel on the pier but that's just because the salt air is rotting whats left of your brain!
10:22 pm edt 


Way to go My-PACC! Last night was a huge success for the town! Your bloggers told us to vote down the Ladder truck and voila... It passed OVERWHELMINGLY!

You told us to vote against the Street Sweeper... Passed OVERWHELMINGLY!
10:20 pm edt 

From: Michael Rogovsky
Just went on line and read about town meeting and the votes. I Can't be at town meeting tonight either. I wish that I was there.

Michael Rogovsky
10:18 pm edt 


You told us to vote against the Street Sweeper... Passed OVERWHELMINGLY!

Sewer expansion Passed OVERWHELMINGLY!

We were asked to defeat the CPC monies... anyone want to venture a guess???

I really liked that "My-PACC recommends" piece that you did last year that makes it so much easier to keep score! So far it's My-PACC 0, Town of P-town 100!!!

I'm still trying to figure out what Astrid Berg was trying to say, is she still standing at the microphone so she can be first tonight?

Candace Nagle looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming Mac truck! It's kind of funny that she has attacked the Pier Corp. over and over for having an inflated budget and too much staff. What was her concern last night? She can't fathom why the Pier Corp cut their budget by 23%! Candace, you can't have it both ways sweetie!

I'm betting that the My-PACC big guns will be up there tonight: Mikey R. will be for or against an article that he used to for but now he's against (or maybe he's for it)! Clarence and Marcene will be dragging out the Thesaurus in preparation for their grandstanding. And of course Astrid will be first at the mike! Candace will most assuredly have a gripe or two to smear the Pier Corp with. Have we heard the last from Bill Dougal - oh God no!

Yup, some things never change. Perhaps this blog should try some reverse psychology, tell us to vote for the Articles you are opposed to. Like lambs to the slaughter how could we not follow your lead?

10:16 pm edt 

New Fire Truck

I hope the new fire truck isn't to much of a burden Boy I hope the new fire truck does'nt have a DULL paint job, I'd hate to see this town bite of more than it can chew never a dull vote
10:13 pm edt 

Re: Visitor Service Board

So let me get this straight? The Visitor Service Board aka VSB finds a lot of money that they didn't know they had and they get to keep most of it? When the town is in a financial crises. I say if they didn't keep track of the money they shouldn't be allowed to have any. That's irresponsible. Now the executive director from the P.B.G. is participating in Visitor Service Board decisions on committees? WHAT? CONFLICT!
10:11 pm edt 

Hi Michael, Astrid and Candace

Thank you all for participating in democracy and standing up in an effort to effect positive change in Provincetown.

You have taken a lot of corwardly pot shots on this blog. But, those people are small and feel very, very threatened by your beliefs and dogged persistence.

But one just has to look at the results of your efforts to know people can't effect change by hiding behind anonymous posts.

Hope to see one or two of you run for selectmen soon!
10:07 pm edt 

Candace Nagle

Guess Candace must have hit a nerve with the white boots & wallet licenses. You go girl!

It's 10am off to meet them for coffee in lopes square!
1:51 pm edt 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Michele Couture Is Way Out of Line!

Word is out that BOS Chair Michele Couture, in an attempt to aid the passing
of Ted Malone's request for $800,000 dollars for his Nelson Avenue development,
called residents who are in opposition, to convince them that the vote had
passed last night and that they need not bother to attend tonight's

This matter should be brought to the attention of the State Board of Ethics
as well as the Attorney General.
4:41 pm edt 

Spring is Around the Corner

Thank God spring is around the corner and people will soon be too
busy getting ready for a productive and hopefully profitable summer
and won;t have the time or mindset to write on this blog and complain
24/7..Anyone who is still complaining should take a good look in the
mirror and perhaps get a life...I'm going to have a healthy and happy
Summer season and I hope all you bloggers will do the
same..Provincetown 2009, here we come.A Happy Passover and a Happy
Easter to all...
4:28 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Sounds like the Pier Corp. et al are out in full force
worried about another round of emasculation (Article 32).

Had they not been misappropriating the funds....
2:48 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

There have been huge changes within the PPPC over the last
year, especially in their cooperation with the town governing body
(the BOS) and the town's Finance Committee.


2:47 pm edt 


"To quote something from their minutes from Jan 2008 is

Really? What do you call not releasing your financials to the public?
Your 'special' meaning of transparency?
2:46 pm edt 

Nothing's Changed That's For Sure:

In The Finance Committee Review of the Pier Corp.
September 2 2008 it states quote:

-as noted by the Pier Corporations Auditor in its annual report,
policies regarding the appropriate use of the Capital Reserve Fund
are not sufficiently clear end quote.

2:44 pm edt 

Provinetown Public Pier Corporation Financials

All these diversions so we forget the secretive pier corp.
won't release their FY 2008 P & L or the 2008 Auditor's report?

No one is being fooled here.
2:43 pm edt 

Better Options Than Ted Malone

So there is $1,800,000 in the fund for affordable housing
and it may ONLY be spent for affordable housing.  Well then we might
as well give $800,000 to Malone and let him go at it.

But, wait, there are other options for these funds.  Rather than over
develop our town what about rehabbing existing buildings for
affordable housing.  Why not use some of those funds on the 2nd floor
of Firehouse #2 and create an affordable housing unit?

Why not use the funds to give affordable housing allowances to those
people important to the town.  Say the summer and year-round
policemen/women, teachers, etc.

How about giving affordable housing grants to help with housing to
those who are in town or want to move to town and create year-round
jobs?  We'd have affordable housing and an economic stimulus for the

There are other options out there.  Mr. Malone's over development of
Provincetown is not the only answer.  Don't forget we have limited
water available to this town and continuing to develop mega projects
is not going to make it any better.
2:41 pm edt 

Re: Why are We Upgrading Positions at This Time?

Because it's a popularity contest at Town Hall. It has nothing to do
with how hard you work or how many responsibilities you have.  The
people who work there are all wondering the same thing. We've
received Peanut recall info, MEMA weather reports and meeting notices
from Brian but what else does he do???  No one seems to know or dare
ask ? He certainly didn't take care of the problems at the Grand
Union. We were first told that when his job description changed, his
salary would not, MORE LIES !!!  Why isn't Sharon Lynn crying
"There's No money for salary increases and LAYOFFS are inevitable".
More LIES!!!  Apparently what's most important is who's butt you kiss
and how often you kiss it!!!
2:40 pm edt 

Ah! How the Votes Are Going

Yes, vote to have an override
for the Community center--and at the ballot box I will cast my no
vote. I wouldn't dare do otherwise at town meeting. How I wish that
the school was an override article.

Tonight Ted Malone will get a trouncing; the voters will make their
wishes known--unless he packs the hall with his no taxpaying future
tenants...we shall see what we shall see...
2:38 pm edt 

Candace Nagle

"What a bunch of hoooey! The Hindu and/or Bay Lady are the
true crown jewels in this harbor! Puleeze don't diminish those two
gallant ladies character by trying to compare them to your tug... ugh!"

Whoever wrote that was inspired! I love the "tug... ugh"! Miss Nagel
is so high and mighty that it's really nice to see her taken down a
couple of notches! I for one am sick of reading her rant against the
volunteers that run our pier. If you are so much better and have so
many ideas that are going to so vastly improve MacMillan Wharf, then
put your name in and be a part of the solution instead of the problem
Miss Nagel! You might be the squeakiest wheel on the pier but that's
just because the salt air is rotting whats left of your brain!
2:37 pm edt 

From; Michael Rogovsky

Just went on line and read about town meeting and the
votes. I Can't be at town meeting tonight either. I wish that I was

Michael Rogovsky
2:34 pm edt 

Way to go My-PACC!

Last night was a huge success for the
town! Your bloggers told us to vote down the Ladder truck and
voila... It passed OVERWHELMINGLY!

You told us to vote against the Street Sweeper... Passed OVERWHELMINGLY!

Sewer expansion Passed OVERWHELMINGLY!

We were asked to defeat the CPC monies... anyone want to venture a guess???

I really liked that "My-PACC recommends" piece that you did last year
that makes it so much easier to keep score! So far it's My-PACC 0,
Town of P-town 100!!!

I'm still trying to figure out what Astrid Berg was trying to say, is
she still standing at the microphone so she can be first tonight?

Candace Nagle looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an
oncoming Mac truck! It's kind of funny that she has attacked the Pier
Corp. over and over for having an inflated budget and too much staff.
What was her concern last night? She can't fathom why the Pier Corp
cut their budget by 23%! Candace, you can't have it both ways sweetie!

I'm betting that the My-PACC big guns will be up there tonight: Mikey
R. will be for or against an article that he used to for but now he's
against (or maybe he's for it)! Clarence and Marcene will be dragging
out the Thesaurus in preparation for their grandstanding. And of
course Astrid will be first at the mike! Candace will most assuredly
have a gripe or two to smear the Pier Corp with. Have we heard the
last from Bill Dougal - oh God no!

Yup, some things never change. Perhaps this blog should try some
reverse psychology, tell us to vote for the Articles you are opposed
to. Like lambs to the slaughter how could we not follow your lead?
2:33 pm edt 

I Hope the new Fire Truck Isn't Too Much of a Burden
Boy I hope the new fire truck does'nt have a DULL paint job,
I'd hate to see this town bite of more than it can chew          
never a dull vote
2:31 pm edt 

So Let Me Get This Straight?

The Visitor Service Board aka
VSB finds a lot of money that they didn't know they had and they get
to keep most of it?  When the town is in a financial crises.  I say
if they didn't keep track of the money they shouldn't be allowed to
have any.  That's irresponsible.  Now the executive director from the
P.B.G. is participating in Visitor Service Board decisions on
committees?  WHAT?  CONFLICT!
2:28 pm edt 

Should You All That Post Here do a Better Job?

Get involved in town , stop wining.

SO FAR: Sewer Expansion YOU ALL WANTED IT        Indefinite
Postponement BUT IT PASSED
Fire Department Ladder Truck  YOU ALL WANTED IT Indefinite
Postponement BUT IT PASSED
ON Ted Malone's projects.  You all wanted to say NO MORE MONEY FOR
TED.  Well the first item for him, 83 Shank Painter road.  PASSED!

Just goes to show you that whatever this blog wants, it never
happens.   I would like to ask Clarence or Micky why is that?

And just for the record, I wanted the fire ladder to pass.  I did NOT
want to vote for Ted.  I was one of a few that raised my hand against
2:27 pm edt 

Ted Malone Articles

What happened with Ted Malone's article--did he get his
million dollars?
2:24 pm edt 


There have been huge changes within the PPPC over the last year,
especially in their cooperation with the town governing body (the
BOS) and the town's Finance Committee.

To quote something from their minutes from Jan 2008 is disingenuous
and clearly goes directly to the fact that Candace will drag up
anything to discredit them.

And someone who goes back and reads minutes from a committee from
over 14 months ago and then culls out statements to serve a direct
purpose of attempting to discredit them says a lot about the person's

Candace, you have WAY too much time on your hands.
2:23 pm edt 

Re: New Police Department Headquarters

Whats fair is fair/ Police Department

Now that the vote passed on the $300,000 for the new ladder truck, it
seems to me that the town of Provincetown has plenty of money. The
Provincetown Fire Department has a new Fire Headquarters, several new
fire trucks and now they will purchase a new ladder truck. WELL.. I
think it's only fair to give the new police chief what is needed.
Considering the police have been working out of a floating old
funeral parlor for years I think its time to upgrade and put these
police officers into a builing that fits their needs. Chief Jaran
says he needs a new building, then we need to give him one. What's
good for the goose is good for the gander!

Concerned Tax Payer and supporter of the Provincetown Police Department
2:19 pm edt 

Working Overtime??

One can't be sure but it looks by the blog today that candace is
working overtime trying to sway votes for her agenda tonite.
2:16 pm edt 

Michael Rogovsky

It shows you how much Mikey Rogovsky loves Provincetown!
Again he will miss another town meeting! SHAME ON YOU MICHAEL. All
blog & no action.
2:15 pm edt 

Re: Crown Jewels

Sounds to me all the Crown Jewels are either sinking or
leaving Provincetown!
2:14 pm edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

Candace? Babbling away again? Pier Corp this, Pier Corp
that. You and Duane "abs of" Steele make a terrific pairing! Maybe
you could get him to take some photos of your "tampered with" water
meter for the blog! He can add another "button" on the left entitled
"Duane and Candace's Photo Album". Oh and don't forget to have him
snap a few shots of the jewel of the fleet - you're lovely Tugboat
Annie! By the way, is that a "working" vessel or is it more of a
recreational boat? Does it actually take parties out on the high
seas? I dont think Ive ever seen it leave the pier in the summer.

Perhaps Candace could also get a button on the blog. She could call
it NAGLED and place all of her fun, fact filled information about the
terrible job she thinks the Pier Corp is doing. You know; the same
job she tried to get, but was rejected.  Theres never a dull moment
when Candace is around!  Have another cup of high test Candace,
wouldnt want you to miss anything interesting!

PS. When you have Mr. Steele come out for your photo-op, make sure
hes off duty; after all, your tax dollars are hard at work there! We
wouldnt want anything untoward said about when those photos were taken
1:32 pm edt 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hi Michael, Astrid and Candace

Thank you all for participating in democracy and standing up in an
effort to effect positive change in Provincetown.

You have taken a lot of corwardly pot shots on this blog. But, those
people are small and feel very, very threatened by your beliefs and
dogged persistence.

But one just has to look at the results of your efforts to know
people can't effect change by hiding behind  anonymous posts.

Hope to see one or two of you run for selectmen soon!
4:49 pm edt 

Re: Crown Jewels and Tug Boats

I couldn;t agree more than with the blogger who said the crown Jewels
of the Pier are the Repainted and refurbished Fishing Draggers and
Lobsterboats and other Commercial Fishing Enterprises that bring back
the History of Provincetown.Who the hell ever said that this Old
Tugboat which from my memory Provincetown never was famous for it's
Tugboats..Whoever made that comment doesn;t have a clue as to what
makes Provincetown so unique.
4:47 pm edt 

Public Pier Corporation

This is arrogant board needs to be restructured. It's about
time someone competent started telling them how to do their job!

Pier Corp. Jan 24 2008 minutes:

Phil Tarvers: "Concerned that someone who is not satisfied with our
answers and have gone to the BoS.  Do the  BoS have a right to have
a public hearing on something that we have yet to have an opportunity t
o rule on ? The BoS are out of line.  Its quite upsetting.  Having the BoS
call us in to tell us how to do our job."

Len Clingham: "We are an autonomous board.  We can take the BoS under
advisement but by no means do we have to follow their instructions."

Imagine this out of town Tenant, Tarvers, and that arrogant chair,
Clinghon, taking the Landlord (the BOS) under advisement? It's no
wonder we want to EMASCULATE them!
4:45 pm edt 

Wet Lands -

Ted Malone did get approval to disturb the
Vernal Pools at the old A&P site. Unlike our own native born son who
destroyed the significant wet lands at the new A&P aka Stop & Shop
site. That was the true crime.
4:41 pm edt 

PPPC Half-Truths

More half-truths from a disingenuous corporation, the
Provincetown Public Pier Corporation.

Have them explain why the new tenant applications of vessels required
proof of insurance but the renewal applications did not? Does that
make sense?   I caught this discrepancy when I requested all
applications under the public records disclosure law. I brought it to
the Selectmens attention. It resulted in the Pier Corp. quietly
changing their policy which protects us the taxpayers.

The Pier Corp.s lax policy on vessel insurance requirements is not
about the draggers as their propaganda suggests. We have built a
reputation of accepting uninsured draggers on MacMillan Pier. They
arent welcomed in their home ports which require insurance so they
come here to literally park their boats which can't go out to sea and
in some cases can't even get underway, another pier violation.

Candace Nagle
4:18 pm edt 

Reasoned Decisions

Tonight we will hopefully bring the issues of Affordable Housing, Growth Management
By-laws, Sewer Expansion, Sinaiko Garden Acquisition and Fire Department Ladder
Truck Purchase to a reasoned conclusion:


  Affordable Housing                             NO

  Growth Management By-laws              Indefinite Postponement (Bring Back at June Meeting)

  Sewer Expansion                                Indefinite Postponement (When Economy Improves)
  Sinaiko Garden Acquisition                 Indefinite Postponement  (Bring Back at June Meeting)

  Fire Department Ladder Truck             Indefinite Postponement  (Bring Back at June Meeting)

The issues that are proposed for postponement need to be discussed and clarified.
By postponing until June the citizens have a chance to review and reflect before making
a decision. At the June meeting we can all then cast informed votes, Yea or Nay.

4:16 pm edt 

Oh What an Evening This Shall be

So all the who's who shall be gathering this evening, what a joyful
event this will be. I here the carpet wont be laid out until the final
moments so as not to dampen and be ruined in the rain, I'm wondering
what time Joan Rivers will be here to interview the likes of Mikey and
Candy, I here Astrid will be arriving in a wonderful hummer limo {you
dont expect her to drive there do you} O it's here, yes there will be
national coverage i'm sure, afterall the VIP'S from this blog will be
there afterall {and we know how important they are, just ask them}I
feel so privaleged to blog on here with all these super stars of the
blog scene, I gota go so I can get a great spot to watch these stars
apear. O it's here and what an evening it will be.               

3:40 pm edt 

May Sound Reasoning Rule Tonight

I haven't posted anything here for many day and just read
the postings--not one regarding affordable housing is from me.

What an excellent editorial in the Banner by Cheryl Andrews. I'd love
to be at town meeting tonight to hear Ms. Andrews recite it in person.

On another matter, people still don't understand that the dept. of
Revenue raised the red flag that the student population has been
decreasing for ten years--and that the millions of dollars spent on
our declining student population is too much for the taxpayers to

And Tonight, may sound reasoning rule tonight at town Meeting this
evening. I wish that I could be there.
Michael Rogovsky
3:36 pm edt 

Liability Insurance For Vessels at the Pier

Out of fairness to the pier corp, the story is that the entire
fishing fleet threatened to close the whole operation down if the
demand for insurance was enforced. Why? Because so many of the old
boats were just not insurable.

This issue goes way back and the fishermen said there was no way they
could live with that requirement.

Whats changed ?  Most of those boats are now at the bottom of the sea
or sold off as scrap. Sad but true.

Times have changed. Don't beat up the pier corp for some of the
concessions they made to the old fleet. In the old days, that fleet
had considerable clout at town hall. The pier corp had to play the
game to get things done. And they did.

Bye bye to most of the wooden draggers.
2:59 pm edt 

Town Meeting Outcome vs. MYPACC

This time I'll bet town meeting votes along the lines of the MYPACC
posters. No to Sinakos garden, no to Malone, no to the new zoning
proposals and no to the funds for the firetruck. To vote no makes
sense at this time in the towns financial situation. Malone can do
his own work with his own money, Sinako has waited this long to do
something with his property so he can wait longer, the zoning
proposals aren't clear and even though the town needs a firetruck, I
don't think the voters have a clear understanding as to why the bill
falls to them. I think MYPACC will be on the winning side this time.
Anyone else?
2:57 pm edt 

Crown Jewels in This Harbor?

Give me a break! The crown jewels of the harbor are the rehabbed,
repainted, rusted hardcore fishing draggers at the end of the dock.
THOSE are the crown jewels, the history of the town, not some pretty
sailboat or refurbished tugboat that doesn't even sail as a tug
2:55 pm edt 

Duane Steele

"Lets make him the new Fire Chief!  Michael Trovato is doing
such a terrible job and Provincetown Fire Department needs a new
Chief. I think Duane would be the perfect candiate."

Hmmm... be careful what you wish for, it could happen! Of course then
surley ole Duane, tight behind, abs and all will likely attempt to
decimate the Fire Dept. from within; much like his unsuccessful
efforts against his current bosses, the Pier Corp. Talk about the
wheels falling off the wagon!

Duane has been Nagled too many times by her Highness, the Royal Queen
of Mean, Miss Candy Nagle! "My tug, my tug, someone save my poor
little tug!"
2:53 pm edt 

Why Are We Upgrading Positions at This Time?

Why is the Health Inspector now "Health and Environmental Affairs Manager"?

Why is Brian Carlson's position as Health Inspector being changed?
Why do we now have a Health and Environmental Affairs Manager who now
has, as it is written in the warrant, a change in title and salary
grade. But no change in job duties. How can you upgrade his position
and it does state, give him more money, but you have Dwayne Steele
being cut from full position to seasonal? Aren't both working in the
same economic hard times? Aren't both Brian Carlson and Dwayne Steele
working for the same town that faces a tough financial situation?
2:51 pm edt 

Not the Time For Sewer Expansion

This is Not the Economic Time for Phase Three at $3 million
and three hundred thousand

We are in a Great Recession. You just don't go and borrow over $3
million for expansion of a sewer system at this time. It is too much
and we will be saddled with more unforeseen bills and more "change
orders." Not the time for an expensive project extension like this.
Not now when people just don't have the extra cash.
2:48 pm edt 

Ted Malone & Housing Candidates

If Ted Malone is Sending Out Requests for Affordable

I'm bothered by that. He should not be allowed to use the
confidential list of those who are on the Housing Need Notification
List and use this to try to sway these voters' votes. Malone is in a
sense putting undue pressure on those who want affordable housing and
also on those who already have it. He has sent them all letters as
well. Malone and his company are using voters in an underhanded and I
think an illegal way. At bottom, it is questionable.

He should be ashamed he is putting the squeeze on those who don't
have the money for regular housing. He is a bully, as some here have
posted, and his behavior here and at meetings is reprehensible.
2:46 pm edt 

Ted Malone and Wet Lands

The wetlands that ted bulldozed were at the old a&p on
conwell street. Keith Bergman got the County Health Agent to look the
other way. Thats the way its done when you have friends in high

For some reason,  people think its ok to bulldoze wetlands if its for
affordable housing. most projects that need an affordable component,
always put the units that are affordable, next to the wetland. ask
anyone that has ever served on our Conservation Commission.

I'm not sure if  the animals & plants  who lose their homes really
care whether the home owner is rich or not, but thats the way its
done. and we have allowed it to be that way.

Tree in the way? who cares. Turtles?  Ahhh, run em over.

We are a town full of environmental hypocrites.
2:43 pm edt 

Candace Nagle

"Why does it take a private citizen to do the job  they are
getting paid for? Tampering with water meters of people that speak
up? Shameful"

So - since the Nagle has decided that someone tampered with "her"
meter, it must have been the Pier Corp? Please don't insult our
collective intelligence! Thinking people aren't swayed by the Nagle's
lackluster attempts at character assassination.
2:41 pm edt 

Ted Malone

I"m Sure Ted Can Get 547 People on a Housing Need
Notification List: Avertise in Fort Lauderdale, Boston, San Francisco
and New York

Ask people in just these cities if they'd like to be considered for
affordable housing in Provincetown. See the list go to 547 or even
947 and then make even a harder case for us to spend out tax monies
to fund any outsider who'd like to come here and live more cheaply.
We're funding anyone coming off the bus--not those who have lived
here for many years and are truly part of the community. It's the
affordable housing game.

Where are the 3000 people living in the winter? You need glasses. Two
thousand are in Flordia, Brazil and Costa Rica and Thailand. And half
of the 247 on the wait list are away in these sunny places as well.
Let's stop playing games.
2:39 pm edt 

Public Pier Corporation

Glad to see the PPPC finally took Ms. Nagle's  advice and
is requiring insurance liability for vessels.

Why does it take a private citizen
to do the job  they are getting
paid for? Tampering with water meters of people that speak up? Shameful!
10:05 am edt 

Solution for Duane Steele and the Provincetown Fire Department

Lets make him the new Fire Chief!  Michael Trovato is doing such a
terrible job and Provincetown Fire Department needs a new Chief. I
think Duane would be the perfect candiate.
10:04 am edt 

Vote No - Ted Malone

We need short term rentals for summer workers. Not Monk
like cells for full-time year round living at 83 Shank Painter

Vote "No" and stop Ted Malone's grabing off of all the possible
properties  with potentel  for temporary summer housing.
9:21 am edt 

83 Shank Painter Road

This property is already deeded for affordable housing and the
dormitory setup is quite nice and serves its purpose for the housing
of young transient workers.

Malone wants to reconfigure the property into small efficiency units
(250 to 300 sq. ft each). Picture this, 250 sq ft which will include
a kitchenette and bathroom. Once you add a closet there will be just
enough room to fit in a small bed, table and chair(s) if that. This
is fine for a weekend retreat but would you like to live in such
tight quarters year-round? He says the rate will be $500 to $700 per
month including all utilities but that could always change. He also
wants to do the construction this summer which means that there will
be no dormitory rooms for the summer workers.

Ted if you want to expand and redecorate do it with your own funds.
9:06 am edt 

Re: Certain Class

Class? - NOT!

To that "certain class" - pooh pooh all you like but you've shown no
class whatsoever. Trash is trash, ask Sarah Palin, you leader.
9:05 am edt 

Suzanne's Garden

Jonathan, why should we be paying for your property appraisal?
9:03 am edt 

Town Meeting

Get ready for the big mypacc all star show tonight! Will
they score zero again with just a few people voting with them as in
years before? Or will the new conservatives vote down the bleeding
heart liberals!
9:02 am edt 

To: Candace Nagle

Dear Candace "I am very worried about the safety of my
tugboat which has been the crown jewel in the harbor for years
" Nagle

-  What a bunch of hoooey! The Hindu and/or Bay Lady are the true
crown jewels in this harbor! Puleeze don't diminish those two gallant
ladies character by trying to compare them to your tug... ugh!
9:01 am edt 

Need For Affordable Housing

Due to the high cost of property here in Provincetown, the
amount that a person can make and still qualify for affordable
houseing is fairly high..$40,000.  So to answer the person who thinks
that only 800 people live here in the winter,(it is probably more
like 2,000-3,000) yes many of us do in fact qualify and are on that
I live here year round, I took a short trip to drive and visit family
down south, (gone for 2 weeks), But I am here the rest of the time.
Why is it so hard for some people in Provincetown to understand that
many of your neighbors are in need of affordable housing?  You may
not agree how funds are spent etc. but to pretend or deny that the
need does not exist is foolish!
8:59 am edt 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

This I Like:

Margaret Mead, Theilhard de Chardin and Wendell Berry All in
One Posting

You guys are just too much. Love this. Where else would you get these
three intellectuals all in one place? Haven't heard about Theilhard
de Chardin in years but he was an amazing evolutionary theologian
with a great mind. Thanks for the rembrance of things past! OK a
little Proust with my tea and madeleines!
11:00 pm edt 

I Do Have a Question

If there are 247 people on the Housing Need Notification Lists and
there are really only about 800 of us living here in the winter,
where do these 247 people live? Do they live in Key West, Boston, San
Francisco? There are few of us living here throughout the winter.
Many people think they live here in the winter but they are spending
six months in Brazil, Fort Lauderdale, San Juan and Costa Rica. But
look around closely during the winter and you will see no more than
800 people.  so you are telling me that one of every fourth person I
see here in the winter along Commerical Street is on the Housing Need
Notification List? Something's wrong here.

Again, where are these people living? Or is this more like a Wish
Upon the Star List with anyone and everyone who wants to win the
lottery applies? It is somewhat akin to the Mass State Lottery?
10:46 pm edt 

A Bully is a Bully

Seems Ted Malone is Not only Bullying Bryan Greene: He's
Bullying those on the Needs Notification List

Seems a bully is a bully no matter who or whom the target is. Malone
attacks the character of Bryan Greene and makes derogatory
assertions. Now he is bullying all those poor people hoping to get
into affordable housing (of course if they're not involved or close
firends with people working for Ted Malone, it won't happen anyways)
and that is just unethical and wrong. What a bully this man has
turned out to be.
10:44 pm edt 

Sorry Mikey

Affordable housing CPA funds can only be used for
affordable housing. And not for fixing town hall. Sorry Mikey wrong
10:42 pm edt 

Just Say No!

Tomorrow is a very important moment for Provincetown.
Will people stand up for the town they love and say NO to Ted Malone
or not? That is the question!
10:41 pm edt 

He Did Not!

No ted Malone did not fill in any wet lands! Where do these
blogs come from?
10:40 pm edt 

Always Hateful and Dreadfully Ignorant

Never a dull moment...but intelligence, yes that's dull.

Please do not address the loser who calls themselves "Never a dull
moment," Its more attention than they have ever had. Just skip over
their post as it is always hateful and dreadfully ignorant.

From that "class of people" you love to hate!
9:23 pm edt 

Ted Malone

Is it a fact that Malone had filled in the wetlands on Race
Point Road? If so, isnt this against the law? Who the hell does he
think he is? Why isn't he being called on this? What's going on in
Provincetown? It's like a rudderless ship?

Toad and Frog
8:47 pm edt 

To: "Never a Dull Friggin Moment"

First it was your concern about pot heads, then a certain
class of people, and now you are talking about "other things being
flaunted in our face".  To what do you refer?

I can only assume that you are talking about the gay and lesbian
members of our community and the gay and lesbian tourists.

I honestly do not know what to say in response.  I could curse or
call you a bigot, but suspect it would be a waste of breath.

Since I don't expect the gay and lesbians who call Provincetown home
to abandon it anytime soon, and the same is true for the tourists...I
guess all I have to offer is if you don't like it maybe you should
move to what you perceive as a more wholesome environment...
8:46 pm edt 

Have to Leave Early

And I can't believe they are holding town meeting during
the NCAA basketball championship game, I'm going to have to leave
8:43 pm edt 

When Ted Malone Starts Quoting Margaret Mead, It's Time to Call in Theilhard de Chardin

This is the penultimate insult. Ted Malone, the destroyer of true
community, quoting Margaret Mead to affiram community and traditional
communal power. There is no end to the way some capitalist and
profit-drive men can use the best of the intellectual life to try to
justify their destructive acts. Next Malone will be quoting Jane
Goodall to  show how he, there at Nelson Avenue, is helping the box
turtle, peepers, water spiders, and opossums thrive in his wilderness

Covering up the wetlands, as he has done on Race Point Road, will
surely cause Ted Malone to add Wendell Berry to his list of scholars
and eco-friendly gurus who, he will tell us, is applauding Malone's
destruction of the environment in order to help a few poor
individuals. I have visions of Thoreau being called upon to speak in
favor of Ted Malone and how he has cared for, tendered and loved the
sand dunes, wetlands and open areas he has destroyed, covered up,
bull dozed and now soon will cement over.

Amazing how arrogance can dull one's mind and distort what one is
really doing to the environment and to this community--Margaret Mead,
with her Mary Janes and walking stick, notwithstanding.
5:52 pm edt 

Why Should the Housing Need Notification List Be Used As a Political Tool?

The individuals who are on the Housing Need Notification List should
have the right to be free of being harassed by Ted Malone and his
Community Housing Resource compnay. People who want affordable
housing should not be pawns in Ted Malone's affordable housing
complex. They have the right to request housing without being
assualted by the people who work for him encouraging, demanding, and
insisting that THEY attend Town Meeting and that THEY vote for Ted
Malone's projects both the so-named Stable Path and the 83
Shankpainter Road project.

This is wrong. He should not be USING the Housing Need Notification
List as his personal list to cajole these needy people to attend Town
Meeting and Vote for his projects.

He is out of order, he is illegally using the Housing Need
Notification LIst for his own profit-making purposes and more then
this: he is using his knowledge of their needs for his political

This is illegal.
5:38 pm edt 

Re: "Never a Dull Friggin Moment"

No, dearie, you're the one who needs Provincetown High School lessons
in history and civics.

You know, the ones that specify how only the courts, or the
electorate, can amend or overturn laws passed by said electorate. Not
a tin-star cop.

For an even better civics lesson, come to Town Meeting and eat your
heart out as this overreaching and possibly unconsitutional article
goes down.

- One Toke Over The Line
5:30 pm edt 

To: "Never a Dull Friggin Moment"

There you go again. Let's get one thing clear--exactly what class of
people are you talking about?

And by the way, I hope that your kids are getting a better education
at the Provincetown schools than you did because the way you express
yourself, your spelling and grammar are the best argument for closing
the schools.

5:26 pm edt 

Ted Malone's Company Letter to Affordable Housing Applicants

I too received a letter from Mr. Malone's company but I do
believe some of us are being closely watched. If we don't show up,
we're viewed as not loyal. If we do show and don't vote for Mr.
Malone's projects, than we're also off the list. I don't think it's
fair but I do feel as if I'm in a bind as well as the other person
with a letter. At some point, I want affordable housing and Mr.
Malone is the major one who controls who gets in and who doesn't. I'm
being forced to attend and forced to vote for his article. How much
choice do I have in my financial situation? If you think I'm free,
I'm not. They are watching and they are taking down names. This
happened last time and it is happening again.
5:21 pm edt 

Re: Pot Heads

Maybe you could learn something from
our kids, pull your heads out of your $%& will a drug is a drug no
matter how you look at it, what right do you have to use drugs and
tell this town that they cant do anything about it, we've put up with
othewr things flaunted in our face, GROW UP WILL YOU
5:17 pm edt 

Just Smoke and no Fire...

So I heard that Ted Malone was ticked off and "yelled"  and attacked
Bryan Green.  I thought wow that is a shame, bad behavior etc.  Then
I read the transcript posted on this blog.  As I read I was waiting
for Mr. Malone to call call Mr. Green an offensive name, or something
realy   inaproproate.  I read the whole thing and thought, so?!
Clearly Mr. Malone was angry and took out his frustration out on Mr.
Green, but seriously... where's the fire?  People call others worse
names on this blog!
As usual it's all spin...  So Ted was anrgy whatever...
5:16 pm edt 

Who Does This Person Think He/She is?

What class of people are you refering to?

I do not advocate drug use.  The state has made possessing a small
amount of pot a civil offense.  Why isn't that enough for
Provincetown?  If someone is walking down the street with a cup of
alcohol and the police see them, they are asked to dump it out.  If
the person does not comply I am sure the police would take them into
custody.  So if someone is caught smoking a joint, the police will
asked them to put it out, and fine them, what is the big deal!

I think the tone of the person refering to "this class of people" to
be inflamatory, and not productive.

And lets be honset, how many of the police dept do you think have
smoked a joint at one time in their life?
5:14 pm edt 

Re: Pot Laws

Ok let me see if I get this, theres a
class of people that want to close our schools, and that same class
of people is upset that the chief of police wants to inact a town law
against a recreation "DRUG"  MMMMMM  as a parent I think that calss
of people may need to attend our school and take the D.A.R.E class,
I'm tellin ya you folks are just to damn funny.            

2:05 pm edt 

Re: Seperate Church and State

As soon as they get rid of Christmas as a National Holiday then I'll
be in favor of Not postponing a meeting due to Jewish holidays...
1:04 pm edt 

Correction to CPC Funds

      A minimum of 10% must be set aside for each of the three
categories but it does not have to be spent that year. If unused it
stays in that entity's account and may be used at another time.
      This is what I don't get. Just because there are funds
available does not mean it must be spent. What is wrong with building
a bank account, incurring interest and waiting for the right project?
Typical Provincetown mentality, spend, spend, spend whether there are
funds or not.
      And I just love Malonedoff's reasoning "the money is already
there and it won't cost anyone". Well, where did the money come from
the Easter Bunny? That's a good one Teddie.
1:02 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier

Why do the Board of Selectmen remain silent about these
pictures of the pier? Has anyone sent them links? It's a shame when
we contract out our biggest town asset and its destroyed with no town
officials seeming to care one eye o da! I wish I could vote here but
I am a second home ower. Instead, I can only sit by watching the town
go to hell.
1:01 pm edt 

Re: CPC Set Aside Funds

"If he [Malone] doesn't use the cpc money - who will?   Does it just
sit there?  it is already committed to affordable housing."

This misunderstanding has been explained here before.  In summary,
set aside funds CAN BE REALLOCATED as long as a minimum of 10% is
used each year for each of historical, open space, and affordable
housing.  It would take a vote of the CPC and a vote of Town Meeting
and any and all such funds can be reallocated.  So no funds are
"committed" forever without recourse, until they are actually given
away and spent.

The details of the rules were quoted and posted here about a month
ago - so if you are interested you can go back in the archives and
read it. If Malone is turned down now, the Town will still have that
money in reserve to use in the future as the voters decide (after the
Shankpainter rentals are done and we see how they work out).
11:06 am edt 

Re: The Right Thing to do

"I never vote for what the BOS or the fin com recommends, no
less what mypacc wants!..."

Is that something of which you are proud?  I wouldn't be boasting to
everyone that I'm unable to use my own brain to decide important
issues, but rather just vote the opposite of certain groups.
11:04 am edt 

To: Rounding up the Troops!

Don't let Ted Malone try to strong arm you! Go to the meeting,stick
to your guns and then if he crosses you off the list for affordable
housing, file a lawsuit against him. What he's trying to do is called
blackmail. Get a copy of the list prior to the meeting, then if he crosses
you off, call the Attorney General.

It's time that us little people stand up to "Ted's Empire". Don't let him
force you to do anything that you don't want to do. Provincetown has had
enough of TED! He is in a panic and frantic as to what to do. He will try to
pull all his weapons out. This is his last stand. Bye Bye TEDDIE.

Don't be strong armed
10:37 am edt 

To: "Being Held Hostage"

You asked for advice and here it is. You are the one in control of
your dilemma and not Ted Malone. Go to the meeting and vote the way
you would if you hadn't received the letters. This Country is a
democracy based on freedom of speech and the right to vote. You must
vote with your beliefs and not under the pressure of a megalomaniac.
Unless you are a "friend of Ted's or his employees" you are probably
on the "D" List anyway. Vote with your heart and not with fear.
10:34 am edt 

Ted Malone

We voted for the most part to tax ourselves basically to
create a fund to do several things, with creating affordable housing
at the top of the list.
Ted Malone may not be the most popular guy in town, but he is
building permanent affordable housing, and yes he is using those
funds, but he is using them for the purpose for which they were
So what is the problem?
You don't like him?
Anyone can go out and develop affordable housing, and ask for that
grant money. We need the housing.
10:33 am edt 

Re: Postpnement of Town Meeting

Passover begins Wednesday at sundown.
10:31 am edt 

How Did We do?

Anyone have any idea as to how the towns stores did
Saturday?  Saw the streets busy, but no bags in hand, except from
Marine Specility.  Did see lots of cars on Rt 6 from Wellfleet into
Truro at the resturants.  They were packed Sat night.  How about our
10:30 am edt 

Ted's Ploys

He intentionally isn't asking to borrow the CPC funds.  He wants them
to give him the money from available funds.  Borrowing would take a
2/3 vote.  Giving would only require a majority.  Much better odds of
getting his money.

When he gets the money, no one is telling you that it will basically
deplete the fund by the year 2014.  There will not be enough money
left to pay the debt service on the already spent affordable money. 
Does he care, I doubt it.  The project will be done by then suckers.

Also, he claims there are 247 or so people on his list of those
requesting housing.  This is just a list of people who have called or
inquired and would like to be notified of upcoming housing options. 
Less than ten % of the people on this list will actually qualify. 
That's 25 people.  We're building 50 units on Shank Painter.

And if you look at the requirements for housing at Stable path, the
people we want to help are not qualified.  They  don't make enough

This is well orchestrated to give him the best result.  To give HIM
the best result, not the people who truly need housing.

I've always been for affordable housing, but that is not what this
is.  The only way a developer can make money is if he develops.
10:28 am edt 

Who Cares "Who" Lives in Affordable Housing ?

These units really are filled with whomever represents the middle class in
Provincetown.   People who probably make up to $75,000 - who are the
shop owners, artists, nurses, teachers, waitrons, etc.   So who cares
"who" they are - they might even come across the border from Truro or
Wellfleet.   Yes, built it and fill it.   Otherwise Provincetown
could become a seasonal community which some of you definitely want.

As far as Ted Malone - he is the person who has provided 95% of
affordable housing in the town.  Yes, give him the money - it is the
first time he has ever asked for it.   If he doesn't use the cpc
money - who will ?   Does it just sit there ?   And you will blog and
blog about it has to be used for this or that - but guess what it is
already commited to affordable housing.   It doesn't cost you a cent
to creat these units.   Don't tell me you have another agenda ?
10:26 am edt 

Postponement of Town Meeting

Why should town meeting be held up because of some jewish
holiday? I thought we had separate church and state in this country!
10:24 am edt 

Right Thing to do

I never vote for what the BOS or the fin com recommends, no
less what mypacc wants! Vote for any and all affordable rentals this
and every year! Its the right thing to do for Provincetown not to
become another high priced Nantucket.
10:22 am edt 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Malone's Arrogance

I just read Malones comments in the Banners "Viewpoint" section,
defending what he does. He gives us the regular BS but then at the
end, he states that homes will be built on the horse stable site but
unless the voters give him their tax money, CPA funds, there won't be
any affordable ones.

SO WHAT???? So go do what every other construction speculator has
done. Build the structures and hope for the best.

He apparently doesn't get the idea that the town really
doesn't need more affordable housing at the moment. In the future?
Perhaps, but with a town hall that needs repairs that could be paid
for with the money Malone is asking for, $1,000,000.

He's afraid with the down economy, he'll have to sell the property
because he can't hold onto it, most likely because he speculated
getting the money from the town and without it, he's sunk. Say no
to the glutton. Spend it in more productive and town oriented ways.

Private home building for profit isn't in the towns best interest.
11:35 pm edt 

Will Town Meeting Only Be Held Monday April 6th and then Postponed Until Next Monday because of Passover

I thought we were meeting Monday and Tuesday, April 6 and 7th and
then postponing Wednesday's meeting. But if Passover begins at
sundown Tuesday, then will we only have Monday night this week?

It's time we hold Town meetings on a week without Easter of Passover
and then go night after night until everything is done. This is
foolish to schedule town meeting at this time. Change the charter to
reflect today's reality.

But does anyone know what will happen for Tuesday's scheduled town meeting?
11:31 pm edt 

Rounding up the Troops

I get another letter from Ted Malone's company pushing me
to go to Town meeting and fight for affordable housing. So what do I
do? I feel that if I don't go and don't speak up, my name will
quietly be crossed off the list. But I don't want to spend town
monies for the Nelson Avenue site. I think I have a good chance at 90
Shankpainter but what do I do? I'll go but I feel like I'm being held
11:29 pm edt 

Malone Distrust:

I think a great spot for housing would be the Murchison property... 
Let see if Malone still wants CPC funds for that purpose?  I bet not
!!!!!!  Too close for comfort.....

Imagine that !!!!!! Time to quit the housing...  let him get the
other projects done and see how affordable those are first.....  If
you think $300,000-800,000 like the Meadows is affordable, think

Calling off all affordable by voting NO!!!!
11:27 pm edt 

Another Zombie for Malone

Supporters of affordable housing have minds of their own. A couple of
years ago on a cold winter morning several hundred like minded year
round residents convened for a housing summit and we stayed all day.
Then a core group of about 50 people met on an intensive schedule for
four months to develop an action plan that included developing
funding mechanisms, streamlining approval, and making affordable
housing a reality.

Well I'm pleased to say that it looks like the plan is working. But
you nay sayers are giving poor old Ted way too much credit, as though
he manipulated the whole Town into doing his bidding.

Then you think Ted is exercising mind control over all the voters who
agree with him. And sending out letters to rally the troops for a
cause is nefarious? I call it political organizing.

The best time to develop affordable housing is during an ecomonic
slump.  The P-town RE market will come roaring back with a vengance,
maybe even before Stable Path is rented up.

I don't work for Ted and I haven't had any of his Kool-Aid either.
But I am voting for affordable housing. Who cares how the BOS voted?
Would you take advice from that bunch on any critical decision in
your life?

Go Ted! I'm coming to Town Meeting with a majority of voters who will
vote contrary to the prevailing MYPACC opinions.
11:26 pm edt 

The Troops are on the Move

Ted Malone is pulling out all the stops. He is calling on all applicants
and recipient of low cost housing to show up at Mondays town meeting
to support his request for a million dollars.

If you chose to stay home on Monday and not vote to stop the give-away
you have no one to blame but yourself.

Bring all of your neighbors and friends to the meeting so that we can finally
put controls and reasonableness on the spending of our much needed resources.
8:10 pm edt 

Rescuing Provincetown and its Future

We can make a difference for Provincetown's future and I believe it is
starting to happen. It's not easy to stand up and literally be counted.
But, if we all show up at Town Meeting on Monday and express ourselves
with our vote to regain control of our resources by voting down Ted Malones
attempt to grab $1,000,000, we will have begun the healing process.
7:58 pm edt 

We Need to Re-establish Fiscal Responsibility.

We need to be realistic in our needs and down-scale our future projects.
It always seems that some humanistic concern is used to gain support for
huge projects.

We used the elderly for Shore Point and now how many of our
citizens are really going to live there? And what did it cost the

How much will these new affordable housing developments truly
benefit the people that actually live here.
7:49 pm edt 

It's Our Loss

We have been fiscally irresponsible and foolish. It's time to
stop being swayed by a developer's game that makes these exorbitant
land-grabs and profit-driven projects seem to be for the "poor" or
the "aged" or those who "don't have." It's truly the town that
doesn't have anymore because we have foolishly given away our town.
7:44 pm edt 

Leave Marijunana Law as it is a State Law and Not a Town Law

I see absolutely no reason to add a Provincetown law on marijuana
that involves the police and also incredibly members of the Baord of
Selectmen and town manager to arrest and fine residents and tourists
with additional fees.

We have a decent law making a little bit of grass a civil issue.
that's good and we don't need an additional secret snooping by the
BOS. I already see Couture and Anderson in dark glasses sneaking
behind alleys intent to fine and arrest. It's like the Bobsie Twins
let loose.

Good grief Charlie Brown. When will they leave well enough alone?
6:15 pm edt 

Invest in Me, Said Madoff: Invest in Me, Says Malonedoff

Time to scrutinize the promises and the finances. time to look at the
books, time to look at the de tails of Malone's plans for 83
Shankpainter and the Race Road Horse Stable project. Malone has given
almost no details about his construction. No information about the
buildings. But he stands like Madoff and says: "

Give me your money. I'll turn it into affordable housing delights.
You will make money with me." Instead, he takes our money like Bernie
Madoff and leaves us with little else then promises.

Like many of Madoff's beliving, faithful investors, we too are left
with our town bank accounts empty and nothing to show for our money.
6:12 pm edt 

Ted Malone & Affordable Housing

I'm not opposed to affordable anything but I am opposed to
over-building trashing the town. These housing projects have made a
mockery of zoning and aesthetics.
4:36 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

"each member of the pier corp has more brains in there head"

Oh my, they are illiterate in both math and grammar.

It's time for the Town's treasurer to start counting and tracking the
revenues from our pier....
4:35 pm edt 

Ted Malone

I have always voted in favor of affordable housing, in the
past. I have many friends who live in affordable housing and many
more who would like to live in affordable housing.

However, given the economic climate, the fact that we are beginning
the Shankpainter Road project and quite frankly, Ted Malone's bad
behavior and sense of entitlement, this year I will be voting NO.
Let's see what happens after Shankpainter is completed and let's see
if Ted Malone gains a little humility before we give him and his
project a million dollars.
2:28 pm edt 

Action at the High School Auditorium....Great Music!

...and on a positive note, go to the high school auditorium
tonight at 7 or tomorrow, sunday, at 7, and watch 18 PHS students and
2 alumni groove to the music along with a pitband made up of teachers
and's a blast!!
1:36 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corp

So what if the pier corp ignores
the hysterical soc, each member of the pier corp has more brains in
there head than the whole hysterical soc, the hysterical soc thinks
they have way way to much power than they really do
1:33 pm edt 

Ted Malone

"There are more PRO affordable housing voters than the few
nay sayers who have always hated affordable housing!'

I'm not Mike or someone who has "always hated affordable housing".

The Selectmen voted no, the FinCom voted no, members of the CPC voted
no before deciding to let it go to Town Meeting.  Seems like many
more than a "few nay sayers", and certainly not just people who
always hated etc.

The informed, intelligent choice now is to wait for the results of
the Shank Painter rentals, keep our powder dry, and vote no at Town
1:31 pm edt 

Cafe Heaven & Bayside Betsy's

I had a cubano sandwich and a $6 glass of wine at Cafe
Heaven... A great lunch.  Bayside Betsy's also has a good wine at an
affordable price. We are blessed with some good eating this
economy I am glad to support them.
1:29 pm edt 

Vote No on TED MALONE......

....He is frantic and finding anyway possible to stay afloat. Can't
get a loan from the bank so I'll go back to the suckas of ptown
for more $$$$.

Frankly, I am sick and tired of everyone wanting my hard earned
money. Take a loan Mr. Malone... just like we all do. Stop looking
for a handout.

Take a loan Mr. Malone
11:52 am edt 

What Ted Malone Wants, Ted Won't Get!

        I needed to remortgage my real estate in order to get my
property up to code. I had to jump through Hula Hoops and do a few
cartwheels before I was finally approved by the various town boards,
committees and not to mention the State. I then needed to go to the
bank and supply them with all kinds of information.

       The point that I want to make is that I was required to open
my books and give them a projection of my intent.

        I have not seen any indication that Malone has offered this
information. However, in his defense the CPC never asked him. How can
a committee approve major assets without a financial report?

11:50 am edt 

Public Pier Corporation

The Pier Corp ignores legal municpal accounting and many of
our town by laws. For instance they are currently thumbing their
noses at the Provincetown General By Law of the Local Historic
District 15-9-1-12.

State laws, Town laws, merely a suggestion to that board. They give
new meaning to  a 'semi autonomous corporation.'
11:48 am edt 

Ted Malone

Bernie and Ted, quality, comfort and price, that's right!
or wrong?
11:47 am edt 

Indefinitely Pospone Vote on Marine Budget

I would like to move that we not vote on the marine budget
until the pier corporation makes their 2010 budget public and is
publicly reviewed and debated. They refuse to and we should demand on
town meeting floor why they haven t because I think we should NOT be
subsidizing anyone NOT accountable to us let alone not transparent.  I
think they are HIDING something.

Vote to strike the  marine budget from the town s budget!
11:46 am edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

You might be interested to know blogger who is worrying
about cash accountibilty on the pier, before their new weekly rental
plan, last fall they had three new applicants who applied for the
sheds (it s in their minutes) But the incompetent board never sent
out leases or asked for deposits. so they bailed not wanting to
commit to an unorganized program. the ppppc wants to give the
illusion of economic growth and are trying to salvage renting out the
two new trap sheds thus the weekly rentals. There are NO
professionally successful business people on that board.

Yes worry about the cash on the pier. but also worry about mooring
fee checks made out to them and not the town. one only has to look at
the fluctuations of mooring fee income over the years to know that
something is terribly wrong.
11:43 am edt 


Ponzie scams happen in many ways. That is an interesting phrase you
are using. Maybe it should be Maylonedoff and affordable housing our
own Ponzie scam, scamming us out of taxpayer monies, land, breaching
conservation lands, wetlands, density and our own once beautiful

We've been Malonedoffed and it's time for us to stop handing over
more monies in this affordable housing Ponzie scam.
11:41 am edt 

Pro Affordable Housing Voters

There are more PRO affordable housing voters than the few
nay sayers who have always hated affordable housing! Just because you
keep rewriting the same anti Ted/affordable housing blogs everyday
over & over is not going to change how we feel. Sorry Mikey.
11:40 am edt 

Good Point

Have we seen the financial reports from CHR? A bank would not approve
a loan without Tax returns. How much are these "Affordable" for sale
and rentals be. How can we approve money without the facts?

Vote NOOO for Ted Malone
It is time for us the taxpayers to take a grip and watch out for our monies.
9:03 am edt 


Has it occurred to anyone Why Malone is soooo Frantic?
He needs US to give him support in order to finance his projects. The
banks are not taking any risks now in funding Mega Projects without a
firm foundation of support.
He needs US to give HIM seed money and to convince the loaning
institutions security.

Vote No for Malone(doff)

Been there and seen it,

Sing-Sing on the Hudson
9:01 am edt 

Malones Self Benefited Project:

I too know a family and won't say who or where they lived but rented
from Malone...They too had to move out because the rent was $1400 per
month.  That to me is not affordable.....

They ended up purchasing a house at almost the same payment to own
their house.

We all know how he starts out...  First it's $500-$700 then it
miraculously increases once your in.  That's how he entices people in

Not a benefit to anyone I know...  Those prices are great for high
end incomes.....

VOTE NO ON MALONE'S PROJECT and utilize the funds in a better place.......
9:00 am edt 

Ted Malone

"Whats the difference between this blog telling people to
vote some way or Ted Malone telling people to vote the other way???"

Ted is doing it to make gobs of money for himself on the backs of
taxpayers.  Huge difference.
8:56 am edt 

Another Zombie Follower of Ted Malone

Just like you, people who support affordable housing have minds of
their own. Several hundred of us came together for a housing summit
one cold winter morning a few years ago and then a core of about 50
dedicated year round residents met repeatedly for months to develop
an action plan. An intensive effort was made to create funding
mechanisms and streamline approval and development.We are now seeing
the results; the plan seems to be working.

But you all give poor old Ted way too much credit. The truth be told
there are hundreds of like minded residents. And if we choose to
organize politically to further our agenda we are under Ted's demonic
spell or on his payroll?

I did not move to Aspen 25 years ago and I do not want to end up living there.

Didn't Drink No Kool-Aid
8:54 am edt 

Ted Malone

Withnin the past several months I posted a blog about the Affordable
Housing Ted Malone charges rent for and no one seemed interested. Now
he's running high on the hit list.

So once again I am going to remind everyone that a friend of mine is
renting a unit from him and to protect my friend from reprocussions I
must not state where that person lives, however my friend is being
charged over $1,000 a month and I don't know about you guys but
that's not Affordable Housing in my book.

If the Selectmen had the power to view his financial records I'm sure
they will soon realize the game Mr.Malone is playing. He tells the
Town it's affordable Housing but charges the going rate when they
move in. What's even more puzzling is how he gets away with it.Maybe
Ted Malone works for Madoff ???
12:48 am edt 

No Difference at All

Whats the difference between this blog telling people to
vote some way or Ted Malone telling people to vote the other way???
NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL! Time for your meds mikey.
12:45 am edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

"Please answer.  Why are you the only town union employee
working on the pier?  I'm serious.  I'm confused as to why you are
not employed by the PPPC as are all the other employees working out

The above is a prime example of the public's impression
ot the "Pier Corp"............They Employ NOBODY except maybe the
board members...
The ENTIRE staff of the Pier are paid by the TOWN. From the
HarborMaster to the assistants, they are all PAID by the Town. Rex is
Managment and Duane is Labor. He pays his dues every month which is
more than Rex does.
So, don't for one moment think that any of the $$$ brought in by the
Pier goes to pay salarys, because it doesn't.
I have no idea where that $$$ does go...
What I do know, is that the budget the town approves every year
contains the salarys paid all the employees on the pier.
So, it it clear? The PPPC employs no one, so their
"vote" to cut Duanes job means nothing...
On the other hand...where DOES all the $$$ go?
And now they are going to handle the weekly rentals of the
Art sheds? How often are deposits made to the Town? Seems to me there
is a whole lot of free cash floating around the pier never to be seen
again....Just how long can this go on?
12:43 am edt 

Re: Duane Steele & Michael Rovogsky

Just say NO to mikey & Duane!
12:40 am edt 

RE: Out of Towners on a Board

Geeeez you sound like the townies you attack on here, maybe they
just have a concern about this beatiful town and want to get on board's
and try and salvage what they love about this town and see it falling
apart, grow up will you, "IT'S NOT YOUR TOWN"            

never a dull moment
12:39 am edt 

Pier Corporation & Candace Nagle

Am I reading this BLOG right, Did I read that the Pier
Committee voted in favor of Ms. Nagle being able to share her
booth?.After everything she has done and said to demean everyone on
this board I wouldn;t give her the time of day....
12:37 am edt 

Don't Expect Us to Continue to Carry the Load.......We already Gave

A recent article in the Boston Globe, Herald, New York
Times and Worcester Telegram point out the 50% of the population
works and pays taxes and the other 50% don't. So, who is supporting
the 50% who don't? You who work and pay taxes are supporting them! I
for one am 48 years old, worked since I was 9 years old and have
never, ever asked someone else to support me. I paid my own way
through college, by working hard and saving. I have three masters
degrees which I paid for myself. If I can't afford it I don't buy it.
I am now a professional making a good living but paying close to 30%
of my salary to taxes. Taxes to support the other 50% who don't work.
What's wrong with this picture? There are many people who need to get
a job. Yes, I can hear people now, there are no jobs in this economy.
There are always jobs, you just need to get up off your ass and go
out in look. Beggars can't be choosers. When I lost my job a few
years back, I delivered newspapers and pizza, !
  pumped gas, landscaped, painted, etc.
   People who work hard, own a home and pay their taxes are getting a
royal screwing. Our taxes go up, our fees go up, water rates go up,
     There are just too many lazy people who are waiting for a
handout. I can understand if you are disabled and need a little help,
but there are too many people who are just waiting for affordable
housing. Forget it, it isn't going to happen in Provincetown.  If you
want to live here you better have a job and be able to pay your rent
or buy a house!

12:35 am edt 

Just Vote No......Save Our Town, Send Malone a Message

I hope that everyone turns out at town meeting and votes
against Ted Malone affordable housing projects where he wants
$150,000 for one and $850,000 for another.

He had the audactity to go back to the Finance Committee this week
and ask them to reconsider their vote. After they heard Malone's
presentation, no one offered a motion for reconsideration. Malone
stormed out of the meeting.

Malone then went to the Council on Aging on Thursday to try and
schmoosze them. They gave him an earful of what they feel about him
and his project.

12:31 am edt 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Just Say "NO"!

5:18 pm edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Geez, if MacMillan Pier management uses the same bad math
to make false charges about a tenant's dock space, I bet the farm we
never see all the mooring revenues we are suppose to receive.

  And why are out of towners so interested in being on a Provincetown
board when they don't get paid? It has to be to advance their local
business interests. Bet my second farm on that!
5:17 pm edt 

Re:Tired of the Puling Public

I do serve on Town Boards.

I do attend public meetings.

I do express my opinion.

As my work affects the Town as a whole I do facilitate change.

I only left for a short time last fall.

I have no doubt that I am an adult, and behave like one.

How about you?

A Rat In The Basment
5:16 pm edt 

Wait Til Next Year!

In fact if  Len Clingham hadn't stolen one of Miss Nagle's
long term tenants, Captain James' Fishing Charters for the Charter
Row, she would not have had to scramble to find new tenants like the
Viking Princess and ask to modify her ticket booth. Imagine setting
policy and being direct competitors? That's the Pier Corporations
idea of economic development. Stealing from their own tenants!

Has anyone noticed Len Cligham used to say 'lies' were being spread
about the Pier Corporation and now they are 'half-truths?" By next
year and more dime dropping he'll be saying 'truths!"
5:15 pm edt 

"No" to Affordable Housing In spite of Letters Being Sent Out to Those on the Waiting List
Malone's tactics are despicable. The Selectmen have said no and Fin
Com has said no. But he bullies and then holds the affordable housing
candidates hostage by forcing them to come to town meeting, stand up
and he encourages the tears and sad stories. Malone is a bully who
needs to respect the towen--not step all over it and pi--on us.
5:13 pm edt 

Duane Steel vs Pier Corp.

If Dwayne is reduced to Season, then No Other person Should
be Hired as a full time Assistant Harbomaster

Given Duane' seniority, it would be illegal for another person with
less seniority to fill a full time Assistant Harbormaster position.
And it does not matter who is paying for the salaray. Duane is part
of the union and also part of the Pier Corp. If Dwayne is reduced,
then there should be no other assistant harbormaster hired this year.
Otherwise, it is an illegal act driven by malfeasance.
5:10 pm edt 

Candace Nagle at it Again!

In Candace Nagles recent post she claims that the chairman of the
Pier Corporation has a personal vendetta against her.  I find this
hard to believe NOT   Candy would have us all believe that she has
always put what is best for the town first.  She is never looking out
for her own best interests and is kind and compassionate with all she
comes in contact with.  The truth be told, Candy is tenacious and
vindictive.  She will malign anyone who crosses her path.  Candy must
view the Pier Corporation as threat to her investment / revenue and
she will stop at nothing to discredit them.  This blog has given her
the perfect outlet to promote her agenda.  Candice, we are on to you
and sick of hearing from you.  Give it a rest and try to think of
some ways to make productive contributions to this community.
5:08 pm edt 

April 2008 Town Meeting
Astrid Berg's Article requesting the redistribution of CPA Funds was
one of the last on the Agenda. After the school, general budget and
union issues were addressed, the attendance thinned out.

All of the sudden at about 9 pm it was like a bus tour dropped off a
group of people who I don't recall seeing at the Meeting before. Many
of them gave their sob, sad stories of Their Need for affordable
housing and to take away 70% of their potential ability to have this
funding would be a travesty. The article was voted down and they left
immediately. So much for an interest in Town Government, they were
sent by Ted Malone to do their duty for one issue and one issue only,
Ted Malone and the hopes of staying on the A-List for the next
available unit.

This seems like cohersion and dirty politics to me.
5:06 pm edt 

Re: Candace Nagle

I thought the reason candace was denied being able to put
two ticket booths in the one shed was because if they put up a wall
to separate the space it would not comply with the handicape
accesable law.
5:05 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Opportunity

Three (3) One Bedroom Home Ownership Lottery
Herring Cove Village Condominiums, 21 Bradford St. Ext.
(old Bissel Courts)

It is my understanding that in order that this developer was able to
increase the density of this project was that they had to offer a
certain percentage towards affordable housing.

I am not pleased to see this expansion (as an old timer I don't like
to see changes), however they have done this project within the
bylaws, their own financing and have not requested one penny from the

Ted, follow suit and do your project on your own dime and not on the
taxpayer's dollars.

Old Salt
5:03 pm edt 

Ted Malone

I have lived in this town for over a decade.  Not long some
of you would say, but long enough to know what goes on in this small
beautiful town.  I dont think I would know Ted Malone if I passed him
on the streets.  I have seen him on channel 17 though.  I do not have
anything against him or for him.   But I would agree, lets see how 90
shank painter road goes before we give someone $800,000 for more
affordable housing.  Some would say this money is already in the bank
and NOT costing tax payers money.  Some would say we should use it
for town hall.  Others would say that Ted needs to start the
development now so in 2 or 3 or 4 years his project can be built and
ready for low income people.  Well, I would have loved to have sold
my home this year also, AT PRICES 2 YEARS AGO.  Now I have to wait 2
or 3 or possibly 4 years before I can sell my home for what I would
consider a fair price.  This is the real world Ted.  Dont go
ballistic because you dont get your way.  !
  And only because the banner did an article on you, am I more aware
of why I should vote NO at this time.  Thanks for showing me who you
really are.
5:02 pm edt 

Solution for Dwayne:

Get a job in the Police Department! You're certainly qualified with
your years of work enforcing rules and regulations on the Pier as a
public safety officer. With your unblemished work record, washboard
abs and tight butt, you will be the hottest thing on the force --
after your distant cousin!
10:46 am edt 

275 People Waiting List

I'm one of the people on that waiting list.  I'm not moving.  I'm not
being forced out.  But I sure would like a cheaper rent if I could
get one.

Are all these people pre-qualified?  And if you gave all 275 people
affordable housing, there would be 350 more begging to get on the
10:45 am edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

Candace perhaps you should have proposed getting your
supplies for your booth from the transfer station or byrants front
yard. Then your shed would compliment the DISHARMONY of the pier.

Come on Clingham we have all seen the photos and the blighted state
you put our pier in!

You don t use boards to settle scores!
10:43 am edt 

Ted Malone Building:

Why doesn't he try building on his Multi-Million dollar property on
the water?  Oh, cause he doesn't want neighbors !!!! VOTE NO TO THE
SCAM IT IS ONLY FOR HIS BENEFIT!!!!!!!!!  Many I know have not been
able to get affordable housing..  WHY?  Because it's NOT

Those are the facts and I plan on voting NOOOOOOOOO!

And by the way,  when he submits plans...  Let's be sure it's the
ENTIRE picture..  Not like the Nelson Ave project..  Piece Meal.. 
That's why there's a delay....
10:14 am edt 

Malone Vote

"Just say no to mikey and the far right of


Let's see. The Selectmen voted no.  The Finance Committee voted no. 
I guess they are all far right now.  Yeah, sure.

Vote "no".  Let's first finish the approved Shank Painter rentals,
the largest affordable housing project on the Cape, which will give
us 8.5% affordable housing. See how those go first.  This is the
smart way to do it, especially in this economic climate.
10:12 am edt 

Re: Ted Malone

I am going to town meeting for one purpose...Vote down CPC for Ted.
9:39 am edt 

Re: Ted Malone

This creep Ted Malone really has a set of large bowling Balls.
Not only does he demand the gift of a lot of money, but
he attacks anyone or organization that has a different view.

What happened to the old Townies? In the past they would have
sent him packing.
9:38 am edt 

Vote in the Interest of all the People, Not the Few......Vote NO

It is obvious that Ted Malone has assigned one of
his slave-laborers with the responsibility of hogging
the Ethernet with a steady stream of postings promoting
his request for a million dollars.

It is but another expression of his usurious contempt
for the free flow of reasoned opposition. To him, Provincetown and
its pelople are nothing more than cannon fodder for the
Malone grist mill.

But we can have the last say, go to Town Meeting and vote
against his grubbing efforts to plunder Provincetown's treasures.

A no vote against Malone is a yes vote for the future of Provincetown!

9:28 am edt 


If you all on this blog are such concerned citizens why are
you not volunteering on town boards to facilitate change rather than
complaining after the fact?  Attending public meetings, which are
posted publicly, is the way to get your opinions and concerns
addressed.  Much of the town planning and decision making occurs
before town meeting.  It's hard to attend these when you are off to
warmer climates.  It's easier to whine at town meeting or here rather
than to actually facilitate real change.  You should all go to your
rooms until you can behave like adults.

Tired of the Puling Public
9:10 am edt 


This blog should be called "Provincetown Association of
Cowardly Citizens"
9:09 am edt 

Re: Pots & Pans

So where was this great big group of townspeople protesting
with pots & pans at the state of the town meeting?
9:08 am edt 

Ted Malone

Ted Malone IS building in his own backyard! He bought the
Nelson property on Race Point road, it is his backyard. If the few on
this blog don't want him to build on it, they should have bought it
years ago! And hey Mikey...A project like this does have bank
support, so stop saying Ted Malone should go to the bank like
everyone else. He did! The CPA funds he is asking for, is so the town
can have control over  some much needed affordable rental housing!
Now more than ever, we need housing that is affordable to renters in
Provincetown! The selectmen are trying to keep these funds for town
hall, the fin com will always say no to big money projects no matter
how good, and Bryan Green is bitter that he lost at getting an
affordable condo! Just the facts.
9:07 am edt 

Duane Steele

Vain Duane Steele loves the town, is like saying Rush
Limbough loves the Obamas!
9:05 am edt 

Cafe Heaven is Open!

Today another reliable restaurant reopens. Cafe Heaven is a
gem and I am thankful that Spiritus opened yesterday. They deserve
our support as they always give us what they promise. Yes, Victor's
was beautiful, good food though expensive as expected and popular.
But, they did not keep their promise to the people. This is a matter
of respect.
9:03 am edt 

Mikey and His Few Cohorts

Just like last year Mikey and his few cohorts are blogging
away trying to make it sound like voting for affordable housing is
bad for the town! Thankfully the voters know better. Lets vote down
this guy again. How many more year round friends and family do we
have to lose so these conservative nutcases can save a few dollars on
the yearly tax??? Just say no to mikey and the far right of
9:02 am edt 

The Advocate Was a Great Small Town Paper, and so is the Banner

The Advocate however was the town paper for  how many decades?
The Banner has been here for about 1 decade, and is no longer our
small town paper since it has also been bought, just as its
predecessor the Advocate before it. This is life, it is not static,
that is why we read the news.
I would not be surprised if someone who may bash the Advocate has a
personal vendetta against the former owners, and may be a newer
resident of this town, who was not here to read the Advocate.
I remember subscribing to both papers so as not to miss anything, and
I was sad to see the Advocate go.
9:00 am edt 

Re: Public Pier Corporation & Len Clingham

That is another example of why the pier corp with Len
Clingham as chair should not be handling anything related to doing
math. My dockage space is a total of 160 feet. The Viking Princess is
36 feet. Annie, my tug, is 26 feet.
Len Clingham voted against accomodating two of my charter businesses
having ticketing operations in my booth.. He said it didn't go with
the 'harmony' of the pier. Take a look at the shack at the top of 7W
next to me and you'll conclude he abused his power as chair .  I call
his 'no' vote a personal vendetta vote.

candace nagle
8:58 am edt 

Still Waiting Duane

Please answer.  Why are you the only town union employee working on
the pier?  I'm serious.  I'm confused as to why you are not employed
by the PPPC as are all the other employees working out there.  Some
people have claimed it is because your wife made a deal with Bergman.
  What's the real reason besides your abs, ass and astonishing good
likes (all which elude me).
8:54 am edt 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Come to Town Meeting and Vote NO on Malone's Request For $1,000,000 Dollars

Don't let Ted Malone stack Town Hall Meeting with
his Affordable Housing cohorts!

Come to Town Meeting and support FinCom and the BOS
(neither of which support this application of CPA funds) as
well as yourselves. We need every vote to counter his intention
to load the the meeting.

Support our town's future bring everyone you can. make sure
to ask your neighbors to come and vote Malone down!

Vote NO!
11:57 pm edt 

I Cannot Believe it!

If we are so stupid as to give Ted Malone a million dollars
then god help us, for then truly we are lost.
11:23 pm edt 

Did You Too Get a Letter From Ted Malone

Requesting that you attend town meeting. Or demanding that you do.
All those on lists for affordable housing get letters from Ted Malone
and his Community Housing Resource requesting their presence at town
meeting. He demands that you get up and stand firm for affordable
housing. How crude he is and how manipulative. He has no conscience
and uses us for his benefit. Then some of us stand up at town meeting
and tell our sad stories. I refuse to do this this time. I will not
do this as I once did at other town meetings.
11:17 pm edt 

Rex, Maybe You and the Pier Corp Should Take a Break From Attacking the Advocate
You are presenting lies. You are besmirching Duane's reputation. The
Advocate was a great newsspaper and it provided in-depth stories. The
Banner was good too and I felt sad when the Advocate was bought. You
are trying to present a warped sense of the Advocate perhaps to
justify your illegal actions against Duane Steele.

If we're talking about illegal actions, the Pier Corp and the
Harbormaster should not be the first to throw stones. Just look at
yourselves and your past actions. Not pretty. Not nice at all.
11:15 pm edt 

Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

Ted Malone can shout, mail, threaten, cajole, demand, blog, e-mail
or plead his case for Provincetown giving him $1,000,000 dollars to promote
his highly oiled profit making machine and in concert with his swan song
we will all ask the question, why should we?

Why in this current time of great public need, should a private developer that
claims all the rights of a capitalist expect struggling citizens to empty town
coffers for his indulgence?

Why indeed? Because he has no respect for the citizens, the town or the concept
of reasoned and restrained free enterprise or decency. He has repeatedly shown
his utter contempt for those that differ with him and has used his sway over his
many petty minions....within and outside of government... to influence the 
operations of town government.

On Monday, you have the power to reject this man and his onerous influence over
this town.

Vote "NO" to his application for $1,000,000 dollars. Prove him wrong this time,.
We are not fools.

Let him go to a bank if his project is so worthy! It's time to say enough Mr. Malone,

In the few remaining days he will pull out all the stops to achieve his end. He is
desperate. Now is the time to keep your eyes on the prize and send him packing.
11:13 pm edt 

The Advocate was the Town's Newspaper

It was not anti-gay. It was a reporting of the town and that included
everyone in the town. They had great obits because they knew the
people who had been here, who moved here and who were living here.
They were viable and before Alix Ritchie bought the Advocate, many of
us were buying two newspapers a week and enjoying both. You
misrepresent what the Advocate was. Don't imply what was not there.
10:44 pm edt 

Angry Ted Malone

Who does he think he is? OK we don't need a true answer. But he was
totally out of place to attend the Housing Authority Committee and
lecture them on how he viewed Bryan Greene's vote as wrong. Malone
thinks he has privilege. He doesn't. And Malone should respect the
power of boards to vote and make their own decision ---not just be
like Howdy Doody and voice his ideas. He was arrogant, insulting and
abrasive. Malone should apologize to Bryan Greene and the Housing
authority whom he tried to pressure to vote for his project. Accept
the vote instead of threatening people and being mean and angry. We
don't need this from the person who is looking to take a million
dodllars from town taxpayers for his personal profit-making project.

This man lacks good taste, credibility, and protocol. He has become
an embarassment.
10:43 pm edt 

...Overstaffed and overstuffed With Public Income, the Pier Corp...

....Why would Mr. Steele have a lawsuit, he himself states the Pier Corp
is overstaffed?
10:42 pm edt 

Malone's Project:

Today, I received a generic letter from Mr Malone.  One of the items
on the list, were the fact that there were 237 people alledgely on
the waiting list.  I find that very hard to believe !!!!!

That is only one of his many tactics......  DON"T BE FOOLED........

We do not need any more developments NOW unless he is going to build
it in his back yard then I'd be all for it....

A scam in progress.....
10:40 pm edt 

Just The Facts, Should be Just The Fiction!

The Advocate was purchased by the Banner, NOT because
Provincetown could not support two newspapers BUT because The
Advocate had become a 2-page rag. Because of homophobic statements
made by the owners, the realtors all pulled their ads and they lost
all support. Anyone who has been here for a while knows this and
knows what kind of person Duh-wane is!

Nothing to do with fish. Always blame the fish!
10:39 pm edt 

Slaying the Messenger

This town has sent a message loud and clear: whistleblowers
will be dealt with severely and swiftly.
What town employee in their right mind would ever expose any
perceived mismangement or corruption?  First they came for Duane, as
long as I keep quiet and do my job, they won't come after me.
keeping my head down as I do my job....

So sad but true...
in this police state of Provincetown I can no longer trust my fellow is not what you do that get's you, it is what you say.
Good job Duane, and good luck...
10:38 pm edt 

Concerns of a Provincetown Citizen

I believe that eliminating the requirement of having the Health Agent
and the Permit Coordinator involved in the Growth Management process
is not to allow just anybody in the "Department" to make those
decisions, but to allow the Building Commissioner all of the
authority to make those decisions.You see that man has absolutely no
respect or confidence in his staff. I have had enough dealings and
conversations with him to know that he thinks we are all just a bunch
of hicks who need his supreme knowledge and guidance in order to
operate this Town. And this not just sour grapes. He personally has
told me enough of how he thinks and feels about a lot of things
around here. The man has no concept of what it is to be a citizen of
Provincetown. He is NOT our friend. That man is the only misfit I
have ever meet on this  "island of broken toys" that actually doesn't

Candace, I too have been on the receiving end of a couple of shots
across my bow. And unfortunately because I didn't stop I have also
had a couple of direct hits.I don't know what the ultimate goal of
the current administration is, but it aint to make the taxpayer happy.

Duane, even though it will cost me tax dollars, I too think you
should sue the Town under the whistle blower laws.

I too try to keep my head low, but am still working as a concerned
citizen to keep injustices upfront.

The purpose of the State of the Town Meeting is not to discuss the
upcoming articles for Town Meeting. If it were all of the proponents
of those articles would be invited to present their case at the
podium, and to take questions directly from the audience. And I wish
that we could have that type of meeting just like Clarence was asking

What I got from the meeting was just a lot of self congratulatory
rhetoric, not at all a professionally presented presentation of the

I also am personally aware of several lies by omission that David
Gardner is guilty of. If you paid attention to what he did say, and
then compare that to what will happen at Town Meeting you will

God I love this Town!

A Rat In The Basement
10:36 pm edt 

Duane Steele and the Advocate

The fact was that even before the Banner bought out the
Advocate people were disgusted with Duane Steele and his anti gay
etc. views and because of the better new paper in town, Provincetown
news. How soon we forget.
10:32 pm edt 

CPC and Library Renovations

The CPC was already to fund the library renovation of its
front until the BOS talked 3 members of the library board to withdraw
the library request so that all of the cpa money would go to townhall
10:30 pm edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn

I found it very interesting that our town manager, Sharon
at the pre town meeting, didn't know the names of the people that she
put on the AD HOC GROUP for changing our growth by laws.  She had to
pass the question onto David, our assist town manager, and he had
this smirk on his face, like, SHARON, COME ON NOW.  YOU PUT THESE
PEOPLE ON.  But I guess, you do what your boss tells you too.
Shame on Sharon.  Just goes to show us how bright the lights are on up their.
10:29 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown's Albatross
I agree. I saw the lanscaping being installed and asked a few
questions about what was to come. What we have apparntly is the
result of a group of people not knowing their ass from their elbows
when it comes to reality and lanscaping/gardening. The soil was
perfect and the seed went down nicely and was all graded in a very
pleasing way. Then the guys were instructed to roll that erosion
fabric over the top of it SO IT WOULDN'T ERODE!! What a joke! The
erosion mat created more erosion problems that it was worth. And then
to make it worse, when the grass did grow, there was no way to cut
the grass with the erosion mat in the way. What a planned mess!
10:28 pm edt 

Re: Tugboat

Candy has a tugboat? I didnt know that,
is it a nice one?
10:24 pm edt 

Re: Implied Threat

Here you go again Candace with your half truths. Everyone should know
that you kicked the kids pirate ship off your flaot so that you could
rent to the Viking Princess for twice as much money and that is why
you are not bring your pleasure craft to Provincetown this summer. Oh
yes and lets not forget that you are getting extra maney for the use
of your booth that the PPPC gave you permission to change into 2
booths instead of one like everyone else. GIRL PLEASE START TELLING
10:23 pm edt 

Re: Webmaster on Channel 17

The Webmaster was very explicit as to what point he was trying to make.
That point was, why was the BOS rushing to pass critical growth management
laws, without fully presenting the issues in all of its facets to the citizenry of

The poor rational given for the creation of the ad hoc group and its composition
of real-estate agents and developers may satisfy you, but not me.

Ted Malone being on this ad hoc committee gives me great discomfort. What I 
heard and agree with, was that the webmaster was asking for the postponement
of presenting the proposed changes until the Special Town Meeting to be held in
June. In fact it was he that pulled from the BOS Chair the statement that there
would indeed be an as yet unannounced Special Town Meeting.

His question went unanswered.......Why the rush? Let's not fall into another trap
set by the Affordable Housing advocates. Even as we speak the BOS is modifying
the actual wording of the proposed changes, which will only be seen by the public 
at Town Meeting. What is really going on? You may understand or know, I don't
and am not prepared to pass these issues without due consideration.   
10:34 am edt 

CPA Funds for Town Hall Renovations and Not for Race Point Road Development

We should use the CPA monies for town hall renovation. We know it
must be renovated and we need the money. We should not be taxed with
overrides and long-term borrowing when we can use CPA funds to help
with the cost.

We have given enough to affordable housing and now is not the time to
fund Ted Malone's mega Race Point Road HOrse Farm Project. Again, as
some has said, let him go to the bank and get funding. Malone should
not come to the town and see us as his bank. Do what a true business
man would do: fund it with your own money. Not ours.

No, to giving Malone $800,000---yes, $800,000 for his mega project
and no to giving Malone $150,000 for Shankpainter Road. It already
was a place for affordable rentals. Malone is not bringing anything
new to the town on this property.

Again, go to a bank instead of harassing Bryan Greene because he
understands this is not the time or the project for CPA funds.
10:14 am edt 

The Banner's Editorial is Right: The By-Laws Need More Work

Town officials are acting as if the by-laws are clear and we should
simply accept these changes. Why? What is really being changed in
seventeen pages of changes as listed in the printed warrant. And why
would yo0u eliminate the role of the Health Agent and the Permit
Coordinator in these by-laws? To weaken the by-laws for some
developers' advantage. Instead of needing a qualified health agent to
assess actual bedrooms and flow, some secreatary or part-time help
hired by "the department" as it now reads could approve major changes
and new construction.

Also if the Planning Board could not get it together and work to make
these changes, then we don't need a group of real estate, builders
and developers coming up with new changes to our town by-laws. And
how did we pay town counsel for these changes? Perhaps $6,000 given
billable time. So now we pay the legal bills for developers to change
our by-laws. That is why Provincetown has as much high density
developments as we do and that is not good for a tourist town.
10:13 am edt 

Webmaster on Channel 17

Watched channel 17 last night.  Saw where the web master
asked why can't ALL the boards and BOS and Towns people get together
BEFORE town meeting and go over ALL THE CHANGES that are being
proposed, so at town meeting people have a better understanding of
everything.   WELL, isn't what this PRE-TOWN MEETING WAS ALL ABOUT? 
IF the webmaster wanted to be better informed about all the changes,
shouldn't he have asked more questions this evening, then going on
and on to the chair of the BOS about we need more meetings?   I kept
thinking he was leading up to something more.
9:28 am edt 

Re: Duane Steele & the Advocate

The Advocate was purchased by the Banner, because as now, 
Provincetown cannot support two newspapers.

Duande Steele was faced with having to compete with the wealth of the 
publisher of the Banner. In that battle there was no doubt as to the outcome.
Accordingly, he sold the Advocate to the competition.

In similar manner, the Banner was compelled to sellout to its competition,
Gatehouse Publications. And, it is most probable that Gatehouse will soon
meet its demise. Big fish eats smaller fish. Bigger fish eats big fish, which ate
smaller fish.

These are the facts  
9:27 am edt 

Ted Malone at PHA Meeting

I just read the so called fire & brimstone that Ted Malone
told the housing authority about how he was upset about how Bryan
Greene is trying to stop anyone from adding much needed affordable
rentals in town! And I fail to see why some blogger on here thinks
that Mr Malone was out of line with his comments. Bryan Greene should
be more friendly with the public and be more pro affordable housing
when anyone brings such a good plan forward such as this one! There
is a long list of long time P-towners like myself who need this
housing! And yes I work in town yearround and I've lived here more
than 30 years now year round. DG
9:13 am edt 

Provincetown's Albatross

The facade of our library looks like crap! I agree with the
speaker at town meeting. By the time we finish this albatross it will
need a massive reconstruction just like town hall. Why is it we never
seem to look ahead to the obvious maintainance issues that are
necessasary to plan for. Chairman Couture's suggestion that maybe
some benevolent citizen will step  up and fund the library completion
(I don't think she was serios) is not how we should plan
maintanance.What other town projects are or will be undertaken
without the ability to complete and maintain?
9:10 am edt 

Implied Threat

To the poster who had access to my water bill on the pier,
I do not appreciate it being made public.

The information, however, is accurate. I am concerned that the meter
might have been tampered with and also represented a shot accross my
bow.  I am very worried about the safety of my tugboat which has been
the crown jewel in the harbor for years.
It is because of my concern, I will not be bringing her to
Provincetown this summer.

Candace Nagle
9:09 am edt 

What Are They Hiding?

I know the town is saving in the management fee to the PPPC
by reducing the marine budget. What we don t know is the PPPC saving
in the lease fee they pay the town?

  That would be a wash in which the only purpose was to can Duane
Steele. Duane keep that in mind as you explore your legal options.

I think that may one of the many reasons why the PPPC refuses to put
their FY 2010 on the town's website.

Also I heard through the grapevine WOMR is interviewing Duane on
Friday.  When will it be aired? It should be quite something. Kudos
to WOMR.
9:06 am edt 

Keeping a Low Profile

This town has sent a message loud and clear: whistleblowers
will be dealt with severely and swiftly.

What town employee in their right mind would ever expose any
perceived mismangement or corruption?  First they came for Duane, as
long as I keep quiet and do my job, they won't come after me.

keeping my head down as I do my job....
9:03 am edt 

Town Law Suit

Duane Steele will never try to sue the town because he
knows the real truth will come out and bit him on that (tight?) butt.
As Carly Simon said - you're so vain!
8:58 am edt 

Duane Steele & the Advocate

Duane Steele lost his newspaper because most of his
advertisers and readership left for the new paper in town then.
Mostly because of Duanes unpopular anti-everything rants like the one
on this blog now, and like his proposal for town meeting. How soon we
forget. And I agree, howcome his wife Mary jo did not inform her
fellow selectmen on the supposed shape of the pier?
8:57 am edt 

Webmaster New Low

On this blog you have presented us in the past with editorial from
experts and professionals in their perspective fields, from unbiased
committees that did extensive research,  people who are respected for
their education and opinion.

Then you give us a whole lotta Duane.  Does he have a degree in
finance (how many failed businesses)?   Is he a Maritime Engineer? 
What are his credentials for supplying such a report?

Here is a man who was given an assignment by the Harbormaster to
document the deterioration of the pier.  What does he do with this
information?  He turns around and uses it against them.

There's a reason the BOS has ignored this report.  Besides the fact
that there is nothing there, they were trying to protect MJ.  But
Duane's arrogance refuses to let it go and now it's going to be him

But why did the webmaster publish the reports?  He's friends with MJ
and Duane.

The report is not based on fact but mere speculation and
fabrications.  If the report were true, where are the other
harbormaster's or employees of the pier.  I'd like to hear from just
one person on the pier who agrees with the findings in this report. 
Actually, I'd like to hear from just one person on the pier (besides
CN) who even thinks Duane does a good job which we should be fighting


Webmaster Comment:

We have continually striven to present information which we deem informative to
the MYPACC readership. The criteria requisite for detailed published presentation is that the material presented be put forth with supportive substantive detail relevant to the argument and in that regard Mr. Steele's report more than meets with those criteria.

The matters of personal friendship and marital association are irrelevant to the issue at hand and have no weight as to determining whether publication is warranted.

The report is presented in standard accounting context and therefore can be adjudged accordingly. If facts and quantitative values are in error they stand exposed to redress and counter argument. Proper redress requires more than just the claim of "speculation and fabrication". Redress should, with explicit specificity, address point by point where the "speculation" and "fabrication" occur in the document and be supported with facts.

Please provide substantiation that Mr. Steele was assigned by PPPC authorities to produce the subject information along with their findings and resultant actions.

We will not speak as to why the BOS has ignored the subject report, one can only speculate.

Were the pictures doctored, are they the figment of Mr. Steele's imagination and if the ship were sinking would you first ask for the credentials of the person sounding the alarm?

As to Mr. Steele's business acumen, which again is irrelevant, he ran a highly respected publication, "Provincetown Advocate" for many years. The failure of news publications large and small is an on-going phenomenon not necessarily unique to Mr. Steele.

Perhaps the resulting actions as you so aptly put it, "and now it's going to be him going", might possibly account for the silence of other personnel on the pier.

Should you chose to provide documentation meeting the aforementioned criteria promoting your presentments we will be most happy to present same.

Thank you

1:26 am edt 

Re: Provinctown Housing Authority Meeting

Following the numerous threads on this blog regarding Ted
Malones alleged temper tantrum at the Provincetown Housing Authority
Meeting in March, I was looking forward to reading over the meeting
minutes. And so I did. Although admittedly not present, I dont find
the statements made by Malone out of line, full of vitriol, or an
aimed personal attack. Rather, it appears Chair Bryan Green was out
of order, disregarding Ms. Andrews call to allow the Public
Statements to stand without comment. Green certainly wouldnt be the
first to use an appointed Board position as a personal wielding
stick. And his actions have no doubt been emboldened (egged on) by
bloggers, some who use this blog to sensationalize and vent their
collective spleens. Fine, but perhaps Shout Out should include this
disclaimer: For Entertainment Purposes Only.

Call me Oprah
1:03 am edt 

My Advice to Duan Steele: Sue the Union and Sue the Town

The town and the Pier Corp are taking your full time position and
turning it into a seasonal position. It is the ONLY position in town
where any reduction or elimination of positions is taking place. Out
of a $24 million budget, and out of ALL town employees, teachers,
police, you are the ONLY one whose position is being altered
radically. And it is no accident that you pointed out health and
safety dangers along the pier as well as mismanagement. As a
whistleblower, you have rights and a fundamental one is not to be
"fired" or "hurt" or "damaged" by revealing the information and
danger that you revealed. This is a classic case where a
whistleblower is done in by those who are embarassed by the truth.

I hope you get the best lawyer and sue both the union and the town.
That Sharon Lynn has perpetuated this or allowed this and that
Michele Couture has been the "brain" child of this reduction of your
position deserves only one action: Sue them now.They have abrogated
your contract and they are breaching the law. We stand behind you.
1:01 am edt 

Thanks Michael For Knowing What We Should Do With CPA Funds

You are right on. Enough money into affordable housing for any
outsider who wants to come to town and just wants to lie on the
beach. WE need to appropriate the money for town hall renovation and
for projects that benefit the community--not this developer who wants
more and more profits. Next he'll be requesting an AIG-like bonus
from CPC for his retention. Let him leave. He has done enough damage
to the environment under the guise of affordable housing and he has
hardly helped people who have been part of the community. He has
created affordable closets for those off the bus, invited by friends
who work for Malone and then placed in these affordable units. It is
a sham and a shame. Enough of this charade. Time to put our tax
monies for projects that benefit us all--not only Malone's cronies
and workers.
12:59 am edt 

What Did You Think of the State of the Town?

It was rather a monotone presentation. No energy. No pizzazz. I know
it's a tough time but this budget looks just like FY2009. so what did
they really cut? Not much and two unions stood at the battlefield and
refused to fight for us. The town employees and the police gave
nothing. Thanks Jeff for $5,000 or so raise but in a $24 million
budget, the police should have given more.

There's too much privilege here, as if these unions members deserve
so much more. They are lucky that the departments did not cut 15% of
them and find themselves unemployed. That's the harsh reality of this
dire economic time. But there's always some "free cash" the Alix and
Sharon seem to find to save some positions. Holy mackerel! How much
of this is to believed, as if you just discovered gold along our
12:57 am edt 

Public Pier Corporation

The pier corp boasts how they are trying to keep the pier
commercial. but what they aren t telling the public is that they are
stealing their tenants' clients. miss nagle should know they stole
her tenant who had been on her float for fours years by offering a
subsidized cheap rate on their touted new charter row.the dark
underbelly of the pier is ugly, very ugly. they are indeed a bunch of
       . but the chair of the bos doesn t have to worry. they are
protecting her new business interests in lopes square.
it s a real sweet relationship for both parties.
12:55 am edt 

To: Slay the Messenger

Your text states in part: "State-of-the-Town speech, it was announced
that there would be no employee positions lost due to cut backs".
That is not completely true, not only did Duane Steele lose his job
but also two Police Officer positions, which are expected to occur
this spring by means of anticipated retirements, went unfunded
(DE-FACTO faceless/nameless/painless in the eyes of the politicians

That means 2 less Police Officers on the street this summer.

Now some on this site show a "laissez-faire" attitude towards public
safety issues. But no one is talking about the reduction of police
service this year. Decreased officer presence nightly at Spiritus
Pizza, no Friday and Saturday barricades for the walking mall on
Commercial Street, no officers at traffic posts, less cops on the
streets during the post 4th of July festivities, not to mention the
time it takes to recruit, train and retain them.

Wait till your waiting 20-45 minutes this summer for one of them to
respond to your call for help!

And no one is saying a word about it!

I guess some were right, those mongers in the police union should
have agreed to defer their raises on a contract signed back in 2007
that they just started earning this past July 1st.

Sounds dreamy!

Paul Harvey used to say something about "the rest of the story".
12:53 am edt 

Re: Duane Steele

I just read Duane Steeles version of how he got hired to be
harbor master. Great abs? tight butt? Reminds me how homophobic he
was when he run the Advocate newspaper. I guess some people never
12:50 am edt 

Worthwhile Reading on the Banner OpEd page, dated 4/2/09

Ted Malone makes a plea for affordable rentals. Cheryl Andrews asks
us to examine our priorities. And Sue Harrison has very insightful
comments on growth management. Informed voters should not miss these
thoughtful opinions.

Another Point of View
12:48 am edt 

Some Seem Content With the State of the Town

But for me, I found it without dynamism. There seemed to be little
life as the town manager and then the chair of the BOS spoke and
lectured. Something sad, if not tragic, I found. Maybe others found
vitality, leadership and vision but I missed all of these if they
were there. Sometimes, I guess, you just have to be patient and wait
for change. Like the Chinese who count a hundred years like a day.
12:47 am edt 

Re: Dont Bite Off More Than You Can Chew.
I'm sorry if my typeing is bad on this one folks but I just cant stop
laughing, to the bloger who insist on "CALLING" me out by threatining
me with schol yard words, lol stop it, you see you just have to
resort to that stupidity that I just cant stand on this site, there
are so many really neat things on here and some very interesting
contributions on here but every day some moron just has to throw
there two cents in and attack someone who possibly does'nt even know
this site is here, noe by telling me not to bite off more than I can
chew or by telling me we can discuss things after town mtgn what
exactly do you mean by that?            

never a dull moment
12:46 am edt 


You make it clear that  no one else wanted the job and you seem to
think you were qualified (besides your physical attributes), why is
your job on the pier the only one that is that of a town union
employee?  All other employees are employed by the PPPC but yours. 
Why is that?
12:42 am edt 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mr Steele

Could you tell us what directors were on the harbor committee that
rex appoined and then was appointed by them?
10:56 pm edt 

From: Duane Steele

I don't know how many times I have to say this, but I will
elaborate (beyond my good looks and brains) on why I got the
assistant harbormaster's job.  I have washboard abs and a superb
tight butt.

Besides having such a positive attitude about my qualifications, I
was the only applicant for a job that yawned vacant for a long time. 
Nobody else wanted it.  I was hired in desperation by Harbormaster
Chad deLima.  My wife's only role was to nag me into getting a job,
get out of the house and do something with my life.

It was not like Rex McKinsey, the chairman of the Harbor Committee,
who got his cronies on the committee appointed to the Pier
Corporation's board of directors, so he could resign from the
committee and get appointed to his dream job as pier manager.  I'm
not sure the Town Charter allows that.

Duane A. Steele
10:39 am edt 

Provincetown Public Pier Director Fined??

Did anyone hear one of the pierdirectors is being fined by
the state ehics commission?
10:36 am edt 

To: The Poster at 3:46 PM Duane Steele Report

You hit the nail on the head.  His job description was changed per
Mary Jo to her husband could get the job.  It was ok when he was
filling a rod holder with gas, or when the harbormasters boat sunk on
his watch.  She has now provided the same promises for Duane's long
lost cousin in the police department.  Its difficult to realize this
dirty politics can go on in such a small town right in front of our
eyes and nothing is done about it.  Mary Jo can pretend she is
someone else on this blog when she is disrespecting Michellle, 
however it is Michelle  who is confronting and challenging the dirty
business going on.
10:34 am edt 

Re: Duane Steele Article

Yes they quietly did not fund the reserve account for
maintenance of the pier as required by the state and just because
they got caught by the fincom review doesn t mean they will in the
future. that s why Duane Steele article is so important. just look at
the results ie the photos.
10:33 am edt 

Slay the Messenger

Now the Michele Couture cheering squad would place the blame
for the condition of the pier on the one person who has for years
proclaimed the deficiencies of the PPPC.

It is a wonder that at last nights State-of-the-Town speech, it was
announced that there would be no employee positions  lost due to
cut backs, except that of the Duane Steele. Mysteriously just as last year
at the last minute, monies were found to rescue all positions, save one.

By the way, Duane Steele is a full-time Town union employee, and should
have all of the rights pertaining to that position. Was he not the only Town
employee not to receive the 4 day work week in lieu of a pay raise. Does
he get free lunch?

As a senior union employee, does he not have bumping rights. Why all of
the talk of transitioning him to a part-time position. Clearly, this town is
setting itself up for a labor union contract law suit as well as
descriminatory and whistle-blower persecution claims.

It is my prediction that the town will shortly be taken to labor court, sued
and will lose, resulting in a large payout.

There are many town workers in this town who technically should be paid for 
the hours they put in. It is a situation waiting to explode upon this town. Town
council must be fully aware of this issue, what is his opinion.

Duane Steele is only the first of many. 
10:30 am edt 

Town Hall Meeting

Deja vu all over again! Mikey wants us to vote down
anything to do with affordable housing, Candace Nagle and Duane
Steele want us to vote down anything positive relating to the pier.
And Astrid Berg? Well, we all know where shes at! Get ready to hear
the same song and dance at town meeting!
9:49 am edt 

Old Boring News

If any of Duane Steeles reports are true, how come no news
media finds it fit to print? Most likely because its just another
Nagle/Steele attempt to cause problems for the pier  just like last
year before town meeting! Its really starting to get really old &
boring news from this blog!
9:48 am edt 

Re: Harbor Master Position

I would love to see an investigation into how Duane Steele
and his wife got the former town manager to get Mr. Steele his harbor
master position!
9:46 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

Yes they quietly did not fund the reserve account for
maintenance of the pier as required by the state and just because
they got caught by the fincom review doesn t mean they will in the
future. that s why duane steele article is so important. just look at
the results ie the photos.
9:44 am edt 

Re: Old Native

OLD NATIVES like pidge carter, b silva d steele and white
are why the old pier was closed down! we can not go back to that kind
of pier management again.
9:42 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

If it wasn't for the town caving in to the uppity east end,
the pier would be in better shape. And shame on Mary jo & Duane for
not reporting the problems on the pier sooner if they are true!
9:41 am edt 

To: The Blogger Who Thinks That the BOS and the Fin Com Just Doesn't Get it!

Maybe it's you who does not get it!
9:39 am edt 

Re: They Betrayed Us and the State

You sure got that right. That's why the State Ways and Means
Committee will be contacted soon to set them straight about their
failed enabling legislation.
9:36 am edt 

Duane Steele Report

If the Selectmen had      , they would invite Duane Steele
in and talk about his budget for the pier. At least he makes his
budget public unlike the Pier Corporation! They refuse to make their
budget public if they even have one which I seriously doubt.
9:34 am edt 

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