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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Re: Another Missed Opportunity

"Every school that applied did not (repeat NOT) receive these grant monies."

So please tell us - did the Provincetown schools even apply for one
of these grants?
11:59 pm est 

To: Just Curious...

The PBG basher is an entity to
him/herself.  They pepper the board with misinformation.  Their
objective is NOT to make the PBG better but to attack the director.
Their information is erroneous and their objective is clear.
  If you think there are problems with organization, I am sure that
you could help to make it better but don't attack the director who
inherited a mess.

Your pal Slippery
11:58 pm est 

The Fools View of the World

Everyone is affected by the economic turn down in the
country...including the rich second homeowners with the fat wallets
as you so jealously put it.  Keep it up. FOR SALE. Let's be Vegas or
Florida and watch the property values crumble here too. Taxing 
second homeowners seems to be a fool's way out.  Get it?

Slippery Fish (looking to buy another fishbowl to rent out to some poor fool)
11:56 pm est 

Re: Missed Opportunities...

My point exactly... wouldn't it
be nice for the school committee to let us know that there are grants
available but only to select towns... it the poor communication that
I believe to be the problem...

As far as running for selectman goes... been there and done that in
another community for 10 years! I guess thats why I am so confused by
the selectman and women in Ptown...

11:54 pm est 

A Second Home Owners Association Doesn't Exist...........Yet

Imagine if such an organization came into place and they all
registered to vote here one year.

Imagine what a presence they would make at town meeting--voting down
an over sized budget; voting down the school budget unless it showed
factual progress in regionalization. etc.

a sight to behold.
11:53 pm est 

Times May be Changing

This one is a classic from one blogger - " If you lived here and
voted here, you would have a better chance of changing the times and
days of meetings."

Well guess what ?  I can't live here because I have to go back to the
city to work on Monday !! I have to work my tail off to afford my
condo in Ptown - you know, the one that YOU WANT TO RENTAL TAX !!! 
If I lived here - I could not afford my condo and you would not have
it to TAX !!

Once again - the few in this town think they can dictate to the many
- but guess what ?  From the tone of this blog - seems like times
"may be a changing" !!!
11:51 pm est 

Re: Disclosesure

Ms. Gregory, Chair of the BOH did make a disclosure prior to the
Public Hearing. If she did not I would have made a "point of order".
I am not in agreement with the  new regulations and I will pursue
this issue, but Ms. Gregory
conducted the meeting in a democratic manner and with an unbiased attitude.

Astrid Berg
11:49 pm est 

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Taxing Second Home Owners

Provincetown isn't a town of "locals" any more. Almost all
of the local folks that once resided here have sold and moved to
neighboring towns. The few that are left are tired of fighting with
the entitled second home owners. You know the ones: big houses that
sit empty for months out of the year awaiting the return of their fat
walleted owners. OH, and let's not forget those second home owners
that are so generous and kind to rent their homes for $1,000's a
week! Yes, Barbara Rushmore was right, let the second home owners
pay; they can well afford it! Tax em I say, Barnstable does it and
quite well!
9:34 am est 

Movers and Shakers

Does anyone on this blogosphere know of the people elected
and serving our town: which ones really carry any weight? Who are the
real movers and shakers in P-town politics?
9:32 am est 

Re: "Another Missed Opportunity ... PJ"

Hey PJ -had you checked, you would have learned that the grants were
only made available to a few applicants. Every school that applied
did not (repeat NOT) receive these grant monies.
9:31 am est 

To: PJ

How about throwing your hat into the ring and run for selectmen?
9:30 am est 


After seven months an auditor's
report for year ending FY June 2008 still hasn't been released by the
Pier Corp. At last week's joint meeting with FinCom, their only
director with an accounting background said it was quote
unacceptable.  Concern was brought up again about running a business
without monthly financials.

These kind of irregularities  continue in spite of any letter of
blanket support the Pier Corp. might receive or any legal action the
Pier Corp threatens to take against  the whistleblowers in hopes of
silencing them.

9:28 am est 

Re: Chairman Gregory at BOH Meeting

Ms. Gregory did state that she was involved in real estate
prior to the meeting.  There seemed to be no objection from the
people who attended.

Then again, if every person involved in real estate who sat on a
board in this town recused themselves from meetings concerning
related issues we'd have a lot of empty chairs.
9:27 am est 

Gross Misapplication of Public Revenues

The taxpayer are paying enough. In this catastrophic
economic time, it is the *UNIONS* who are to blame regarding any
layoffs. If they would vote for a freeze on their raises and reduced
their work day by a few hours etc.--no jobs would be lost.

No override for the community center that is a baby sitting service
for the children of the union workers who refuse to make any
reductions! We pay their salary and benefits and now they want us to
pay for their baby sitting service.

Lay people off if that is what it takes and let the community center
use a part of our $4 million dollar school buildings.

People here with their secure pay checks and benefits are oblivious
to the 6 million people who have lost their jobs this year.

How stupid for Selectman Coutour to cry when it is the Unions
behavior that is cutting jobs. And it is a disgrace that the
selectmen don't know how much power they have over the schools.

It is a disgrace that a private citizen received almost a million
dollars for a housing development project when this money could go to
other projects that would benefit all of the citizens in Provincetown.

Evidently, he has many sources of money to which he could apply.
These options don't exist for the library or to secure more open land.

Life in Provincetown--dire economic world economy--and yet taxpayers
will have to vote for an override for the community center and raise
their tax levey.

No overrides. We have two schools and a handful of students make the
school cut their budget and make room for the community center.
9:24 am est 

We do Not Need Extra Taxes in This Town,

We need smaller goverment. Rent in this town is high enough,
especally for yearrounders. Let's not scare people out of town.
Years ago this would not have happened, people had common

This is a small town and it was a beatiful place to live.
9:13 am est 

Revocation of Affordable Housing Set -Aside

Does an article need to be presented at town meeting to
revote on monies that were set  for affordable housing?
Astrid or Michael could one of youjump in and let us know?
9:10 am est 

Misleading and Obtuse Public Notice

Re: "Only about 35 people showed up or cared about the BOH
meeting the other night!"

Gee, why do you think that was?  Could it be that the general
population wasn't informed about the meeting?  They published in the
Banner, yes, with an announcement that began with TITLE 5 ISSUES. 
Nothing about "RENTAL INSPECTION FEES."  It was all very misleading
and calculated.  Follow the bouncing ball here.  Publish the notice,
don't make the main issue clear, listen to the few who come and then
ram-rod the deal through ASAP so the tax gets on the books quickly.

The BOH themselves admitted that they have had, supposedly, 10-12
complaints in the past year.  Well, 10-12 out of about 3,000 is not
such bad odds.  If you have a crate of 3000 fish and you have 12 that
are bad you don't toss the crate away--you pick out the twelve. Come
on, no one in this town sees any real viability to this except to
generate revenue. Generating revenue is fine--JUST USE THE DEMOCRATIC
PROCESS. Don't pass the buck to an autonomous board to do your dirty
work. And, also, don't inflate the supposed "fee" by THREE TIMES the
fees other towns have used just because "we're special."  Here's
news: we ain't special, nor are we exceptional--unless you want to
consider that our Town management as bloated as a fat Harbor Seal
ceaselessly gorging itself on our wallets.

Like one landlord said at the meeting, if this goes through without
proper debate and logical reason he'll sell off his 22 units and the
town will have even LESS housing.  Who can blame him?  People can
only take so much abuse by meddling government bureaucracies with
delusions of grandeur before they play their trump card and quit the
game altogether.
9:08 am est 

To: "Give it Up"

Maybe if the meeting was held at a reasonable time where all
homeowners could be there you would have had better representation.
I notice alot of meetings are held at inopportune times for most people,
espcially people who live outside of town. Again, that is just a slap in the
face to out of town homeowners, it seems that only those that live in
town year round are allowed to voice their opinions.

9:02 am est 

Re: Board of Health

The BoH has been pressured by the BoS and the Town
Manager to pursue this new regulation in order to
generate revenue. The BoH is an autonomous board which means what
they say is law. They in many ways have more control than the BoS.

This is really not so surprising...
The Board of Health is where Michelle Couture began her political
career. I well remember someone questioning her credentials to assume
the position, but she was married/comitted at the time to Irene
Robinowitz, then BoS chair, now town Moderator so I guess whether she
was qualified became a non issue.

Funny how often that happens in this Town.
12:38 am est 

Another Missed Opportunity

Did our leaders know about the existing grant opportunities
to look at regionalizing our schools or did the school committee tell
them there were no grants? This was just posted on

BOSTON -- Twelve Massachusetts school districts are receiving grants
of up to $25,000 to explore how regionalization might benefit their
education systems.

State education officials say regional partnerships between schools
could increase efficiency by consolidating administrative services
and putting more money toward classroom spending.

Grant recipients include the towns of Ayer, Boxford, Greenfield,
Hadley, Harwich, Holland, and Westfield, along with the Berkshire,
Frontier, Mahar, Mohawk and Nauset school districts.

Hadley Superintendent Nicholas Young hopes to use the grant for
consolidation with the neighboring Hatfield public schools.

I dont see Provincetown Schools on the list... it must be yet another
slip up of the people who run this town not knowing what's going on??
Will we ever learn and get rid of these people...

12:32 am est 

Give it up!

Only about 35 people showed up or cared about the BOH
meeting the other night! And now someone thinks we should have a
protest!?! Give it up. The voters in town want better inspections of
12:30 am est 

Who the Hell Does the BOS and Town Manager Think They Are....

 ...with this new "inspection fee"? I bought my condo after years of
working hard at several job at a time, saved, scrimped and finally
was able to buy a small condo. If I want to rent it out, who in the
hell are they to inpose a fee on me. I don't recall getting a check
from the BOS or Town Manager to help me pay for my condo or maintain
it. This is complete          ! Just another way to screw the home
owners. How about if we just impose fines on condos that have
complaints filed against them. Let's not screw everyone who maintains
thier properties and keeps them clean and working well.

     If you want to add more money to the budget, then lets be
realistic and get rid of all the top heavy administrators in town. I
don't understand why we need a full time Town Manager and and
Assistant Town Manager. I live in a town in Massachusetts that has
79,000 year round citizens. We have only one Town Manager,no
assistant. Let's regionalize the police, fire and schools.
Provincetown is trying to act like something it isn't. It is not a
year round town, it is a seasonal, tourist town. I've posted this
before, and maybe this time the selectman and woman and Town Manager
will read it.

Here's a Plan to Help Provincetown

1. All municipal employees take a %5 percent paycut.
(This will save money and save jobs. It's better to be making less
than to not have a job at all. Let's act like a community and stick
through the rough times together.

2. All departments cut their budgets by 5-10%. We all know there are
a few things that each dept can live without. The times are tough and
we need to get rid of the extras.

3. Conserve energy. Turn the heat down to 66 degrees, shut the
lights, get rid of all of the coffee makers, refrigerators,
microwaves etc that are in everyone's offices and just have a few
centrally located.
3A. Install a computer program on all municipal computers that shut
the computers off at 9pm and turn them back on at 6:00 am. That way
any downloads that need to happen can be scheduled before they are
turned off. You can save 9 hours times as many computers that are in
use in the town.

4. Take a good, hard look at making some of the jobs part time. Do we
really need a full time town manager and an assistant town manager
for the size of Provincetown? How about the town manager working a 3
day work week? I understand we are a busy little town in the Summer
and Fall, but please I don't think we need a full time person.

5. How about a regional police force with Truro and Wellfleet? We
could have one chief for all three towns. We need to start
regionalize all of our municipal services, schools, fire, police,
DPW, etc. We could save alot of money.

6. Increase resident and property owner parking permits by $10.00.
This could add much more money to the coffers.

7. Use a pay as you throw trash pick up system. This really gets
people to recylce more.

8. Raise parking fees in the town lot by a $1.00.

9. Finish the first phase of town hall and put phase II on hold.
Regionalize the schools, close a school building, sell it off or rent
it out to a business and use the proceeds to fix the rest of town

10. What about putting up a toll booth coming into Provincetown? $.50
per car. Residents, property owners and people who work in town would
be exempt.

11. Look at the fleet of town trucks, police cars and any other
vehicles, are we using the most efficient vehicles? Do we need to
have brand new vehicles?

12:29 am est 

A Trend Detected

Hey Mikey & Astrid, looks like you did not get what you
wanted again with that big bad CPC! Do I see a trend that when you
blog for something on here the town votes the other way! Thank you
12:21 am est 

Most of the Town Agrees With the BOH

To read this blog you would think that everyone was against
the inspection fees that the board of health will be charging rental
landlords. However only the same nay sayers showed up for the meeting
or wrote to said board about this. I say that most of the town agrees
with the BOH on this one. And to the out of town owners, we can't
please everyone when it comes to meeting times. If you lived here and
voted here, you would have a better chance of changing the times and
days of meetings.
12:20 am est 

Does Anyone Have a Clue?

Does anyone running this town understand what's going on?
Why is it that a couple of weeks ago we found out by the Department
of Elementary and Secondary Education that we could use part of the
school building for other town departments and we were told by the
school committee that we could not?

Why is it now that we find out the the money put aside for Affordable
Housing can be revoted on and does not have to just be spent on AH...
what is up with the people running this town. Wake the heck up and do
your jobs.

I'm sick of the people who run this town and their lack of knowledge as
to what we can and can't do, all the while the taxpayers are getting screwed.

Take all of the damn money from the CPC funds and fix Town Hall. Stop
making Ted Malone a millionare. Isn't it your job to know what's
going on in the town and what we can and can not do. Why is it that
someone has to post a MG law that they research on this blog for us
to find out? Do the selectman, woman and town manager have a
computer? Couldn't they have figured it out?

Its just plain laziness and incompetence. If you are the Selectman or
Town Manager you should know the boundaries of how our money can
and can not be spent... this town is a big, fat joke with a bunch of
incompetent people trying to run it.

Pissed Off Taxpayer
12:18 am est 

The Almighty Unions:

Sacred and untouchable. Won't give back a penny; they want the
town taxpayers to carry them on their back.

Move over school committee--make way on our backs for the unions.

Our schools:with almost as much staff as students; with no 6th grade
class--why not close down a cafeteria? Why can't the high school
students walk for 3 minutes and get some exercise and eat lunch at
the elementary school? We are supposed to encourage exercise.

Another year another $4.Million--for 9 months of teaching. Add in the
cost of the trailers because they refused to allocate space for town
hall employees and the school is costing us so much more.
12:12 am est 

Bottom Feeding Too Long!

I think the Slippery Fish has been bottom feeding for too
long. The P.B.G. is full of disorganization and is not effective. I
can tell you that in years past it has been long before this current
staffing. I am a member and I support the group but I don't agree
with how it's run either and it's in bad shape. Is that okay with the
fish? Should I cancel my membership? Do you mind if others on here
have some opinion or is it only okay for you to have one? Just
12:10 am est 

Today and Yesterday

Is today's Liberal yesterday's Conservative who is now desperately
trying to squeeze out a living in what is left of our economy after
the last ten years of bad, shortsighted Conservative decisions?
12:08 am est 

Re: BOH Inspection

The proposal for the town to do inspections of all rental units is
nothing more than a money grabbing ploy.  There already exists plenty
of state laws to protect tenants by simply calling the BOH and filing
a complaint.  Add to this the fact that the town will have to hire
more people to do inspections when we really need to cut staff from
our agencies and we see how absurd the whole thing is. Also, the
result of all this will eventually be that people with rental units
will become so frustrated with the fees and being subjected to the
whims of power hungy inspectors that they will do anything to get
their units off of the rental market, thereby hurting tenants even
more. These people running the town do not know what they are doing. 
We need all new leadership.  LETS ORGANIZE A PROTEST MARCH DOWN
Klatoris Day
12:07 am est 

Are We Really Running on Bare Bones?

Does the town feel emptier this year than ever before?  I
am not talking about the locals, but people visiting over weekends? 
Except for Presidents day weekend, which also included valentines
weekend, the town is dead.  It most likely is the economy, and if we
keep raising fees here, which means landlords will have to increase
rentals, and then we will really be in a mess.  Bottom line, if the
town does have less people coming because of the economy, then
why do we not cut back town help?  Are we really running on bare bones
for all departments?  I think not.  How about seeing if the room rental
tax that is collected by the state shows that there is less people
coming to town?  Those would be real numbers we all can understand.
12:03 am est 

Re: "BoH Meeting Tonight: My Opinion"

For those that missed this post, it was at 2:24am and it is DEAD
ON!!!! Everything stated in that post is exactly true. The selectmen
have dumped this on the BOH to make it law because the BOH CAN. Their
rules don't go to town meeting vote and cry as you might at the
meeting, if they vote to approve, it's law. The article claims 3000
properties could be hit. Thats $450,000 for the town in the first
year. Not a bad take for a town that is already $900,000 in the hole.
But as the article alluded to, who will do the inspections in a town
already strapped for cash? New people on the payrolls? Contracted
out? WHO?

And also, as much as I respect Ms. Gregory for holding down the fort
last night and all she does otherwise, why did she sit on the board
during the meeting when she is a realtor herself, someone that would
potentially be responsible to see that the rental complies with this
potential new law? Conflict? I hope she at least stated this at the
beginning of the meeting.
11:59 pm est 

Friday, February 27, 2009

Too Many People Feel Entitled!

How is it that people so feel entitled to tell the
taxpayers what they should pay for and how to spend their money.

So many people are of the entitled mentality--just let the taxpayers
pay for it! Well, we are sick and tired of carrying so much of the
town. We don't protest when we got to pay our tax bill.

All of these articles about the unions--what about the cost to
families and working people and the citizens on fixed incomes. Look
at the taxes, fees, increases on a basic necessity to life--water.

Look at the attitude that Affordable Housing has cultivated and
unleashed on this town.
1:08 pm est 

All They do is Sock it to the Taxpayers

The town departments don't want to budge on the budget--and
nothing happens. The taxpayers have no recourse. We just pay and pay.
It is infuriating.

And to the stupid idea of constantly dividing evertying..the stimulus
package costing the taxpayers billions of dollars and mortgaging our
children's future- is ONLY $11,000 per tax payer.

At these kinds of cheap prices-we should double the stimulus package
according to your way of thinking.
1:04 pm est 

We Need a Protest!

Inspect the complaints. Otherwise, if someone rents a room
or something--it is up to the renter to accept it or reject it.

It seems as though every day more and more costs are being put on the
taxpayers: water increases, overrides, now this charge--three times
what other towns charge.

The Board of Health is being forced by the town to do this--they
should say no. We need a protest!

I've read other editorials in other newspapers and state explicitly
that the taxpayers can't give anymore. We aren't all millionaires who
live in this town.

We work and earn Provincetown wages too, worked hard, saved, bought a
house--now we have to support everyone else.
1:02 pm est 

Re: Russell Braun

Inspections from Mr Braun

Yes, it is true, Braun has requested hardwired exit signs in spaces
that have about 300 square feet of space.  You can see the back door
and front door as my place is a square.   It is an art gallery, that
if there were smoke, people would be within 15 feet of a door.  Why
have me spend more dollars for no increase in public safety?  I would
be willing to bet his units on beach point do not have lighted exit
signs, and he rents them out to the public.  As is usually in this
town, his postion has gone to his head and he only wants to be a
bully.  We do not need bullies in these postions.  Are you listening
Sharon.  You may ask why I do not complain to Sharon.  Sure, then he
will come in and tell me my extension cord that I have plugged into
my computer is illegal.  SHAME ON YOU MR Braun.

1:00 pm est 

Yesterday and Today

Is today's conservative yesterday's liberal who got the
bill for the big government they voted for?
12:57 pm est 

Re :" Wow ! This Blog is Quite Simply Classist"

How inappropriate for you blogger to call our concerns "selfish
drivel".  We are ALL being affected by this recession - even those
that have units to rent.

And no, I did not hear what Barack says about the economy - he has an
unlimited checkbook - I do not.
12:56 pm est 

Re: "Wow ! This Blog is Quite Simply Classist"

To your chagrin, we do get it! Ted, Rex, Michele?

Give us a break
10:04 am est 

Cape Cod Times Report on BOH-Great Reporting

Rentals may face town inspection

Proposal also includes new fees
February 27, 2009 6:00 AM

PROVINCETOWN — Local health officials are drafting a new bylaw that would require inspections of year-round and seasonal rental properties for state safety and sanitary standards.
Currently, the main regulation that the owners of seasonal rental properties face is to register at Town Hall. The existing bylaw's track record for compliance and enforcement has lacked consistency, Provincetown Board of Health chairwoman Duane Gregory during a public hearing on the proposed regulations last night.

About 3,000 residential properties in town could qualify as rentals, either year-round or seasonal, according to local officials. Currently, about 300 of those properties are registered under the $140 annual seasonal permit.

Under the proposed regulations, the first inspection of a rental property would cost $150 per housing unit. Then the owner woul d pay $100 every third year for an inspection, with a $60 fee for each of the non-inspection years.The selectmen's primary concern is tenant safety, Provincetown Town Manager Sharon Lynn said last night.

About 35 people attended last night's hearing.Some residents questioned whether town leaders were disguising a new tax by calling it an inspection fee. "The fees are illegal because they are asking for far more than it costs for an inspection," resident Astrid Berg wrote to the Times in an e-mail before last night's hearing.Rental housing inspections are conducted in at least two towns on the Cape: Barnstable and Yarmouth.
In Barnstable, two full-time housing inspectors and one part-time administrator handle about 2,240 inspections a year, town health director Thomas McKean said. The annual inspection fee is $90 for the first housing unit on a property, with a substantial discount for additional units, he said.

In Yarmouth, which has a long-standing rental property inspection program, one full-time housing inspector conducts about 650 inspections a year, housing inspector Brian Heaslip said.

There are about 2,500 rental housing units in Yarmouth, he said.
The owners of rental housing units in Yarmouth pay an annual $50 fee, Heaslip said.
Both McKean and Heaslip said scheduling inspections is one of the most difficult aspects of the job.

Other towns on the Cape, including Chatham, Falmouth, Brewster and Harwich, have either dropped rental housing inspection programs or decided against adopting one because they can't afford hiring someone to do the work.

"It's a very labor intensive program," Harwich health director Paula Champagne said.
Provincetown receives about a dozen complaints annually about rental housing from tenants, usually from year-round occupants, town health inspector Brian Carlson said.The Provincetown Board of Health still has several kinks to work out in the proposed rental housing inspection rules, Gregory said.
Real estate company representatives have urged that the new regulations hold20property owners responsible, not the real estate agents handling the rentals, he said, adding others want a sliding fee scale for properties with more than one rental unit.The health board could approve the new regulations by this summer, Gregory said. New fees would require the selectmen's approval, she said.

9:56 am est 

Wow ! This Blog is Quite Simply Classist

Such self centered and selfish drivel. millions of people have lost
their jobs and you all whine about a thursday night meeting or proposed
fee or tax or personal swindling from your wallet, whatever. it's $12.50
a month. have you been listening to barack? everyone is gonna feel this
financial mess we're in. the obvious disdain for the working folks
and those who rely on their government to help them is gross. it's
what's really wrong with this town. it's what has changed this town.
but few acknowledge it. instead, you blame ted. you call rex and
michelle names. you probably pass clever notes in class. and you miss
the point.
9:47 am est 

Friday Cape Cod Times; Rentals May Face Town Inspection

Reporter Mary Ann Bragg had more information than the BoH
did on the precedence set by other Cape Towns.
9:44 am est 

BOH - Rental Tax

Why should the BOH or town have anything to say about a rental tax on
my condo ?  I bought it - I own it and if I choose to rent it - that
is my choice and a transaction between myself and my tenant. My
obligation to the town is to pay my taxes - not to make the town my
business partner on the renting of my condo.

If you are going to tax me on my summer rentals - why are you not
taxing commerical spaces that are rented ? Why are you not taxing
year round rentals ? If there is a new Rental tax - is it even legal
to single out a particular group ?
9:40 am est 

Board of Health Meeting Report

Yes, Duane Gregory, Chair of the Board of Health, did a
good job last night. A great job, frankly.  I saw her write down
almost every single thing that the 40 or so people said in the public
statements part of the meeting. Clearly, however, the entire BoH
looked as if they didn't want to be there. They knew they were being
forced to bite off more than they could chew.  The selectmen and town
manager had obviously tossed the dirty job of implementing an overtly
large "fee" in their lap and said, "get this done."

Not one sane person at that meeting was in support of this.  Are you
reading this selectmen?  Sharon?  BOH Chair Duane Gregory?  According
to the Cape Cod Times this morning, the proposed fees are TWICE to
THREE TIMES what other towns pay for similar inspections. And, it
seems, the inspectors and health agents in those towns consider the
job "very labor intensive."  Another direct quote from the CCTimes
article: "Other towns on the Cape, including Chatham, Falmouth,
Brewster and Harwich, have either dropped rental housing inspection
programs or decided against adopting one because they can't afford
hiring someone to do the work."

Here's the big question:  Why is it when something happens in Ptown
it's three times more costly than when it happens in other towns on
the Cape?  Just what the heck is going on here that makes things
bloat with costs that other towns seem to be able to avoid? And why,
in these perilous economic times, would our town Selectmen consider
something that will CLEARLY involve hiring new personnel? Shouldn't
we be cutting costs, hours and even positions of some superfluous
town employees? (Yes, dammit, there ARE unessential workers
here--someone might as well finally say it!)

First off, BOH and BOS, get your damn numbers straight before you
propose something to the public like this.  Last night you all looked
ridiculous. This foolish appearance was the fault of the Selectmen
and town manager urging the BOH to push this through ASAP, unprepared
and uninformed.

As for the 40 or so who showed up last night, thank you. Now, don't
stop telling these people what you think. One landlord who has 22
units that he rents out year round said he would shut them all down
and sell them off as condos if this bogus fee gets passed.  Wouldn't
blame him for a second if he did that.  So much for town government
being sensitive to the needs of year round housing...

Now, let's just see how this plays out.  Public sentiment 100%
AGAINST this unreasonable new move by the selectmen and the BOH---how
will they act? Will it pass?  Will the smart and seemingly logical
chair of the BOH finally turn to the selectmen and tell them, "Do
your OWN dirty work. Don't make us raise money for you."

She should, and she should do it promptly.
9:39 am est 

Re: Provincetown Building Commissioner's Perspective

I read with interest the letter to the editor in this weeks
Banner from a Truro resident who is in opposition to the proposal by
Russel Braun to allow year round occupancy of summer cottages. She
brings up some very good points, the most interesting being that his
proposal would do nothing to insure that anyone making these
conversions would have to do a single thing to bring the units up to
any State Building or Energy code. And this is from a man that we are
supposed to trust and allow to dictate to us here in Provincetown
concerning Building Code, Energy Code, and Zoning Regulations? And
who is working hand in hand with the BOH on there new little
inspection tax for rentals in the name of public safty. What? I find
him and his proposal to be an embarrassment and I have lost what
little respect I had for the man. How typical is that? At work play
the high and mighty man of the law and insist on every room having a
hardwired exit sign for the sake of public safety
, and then in his private life manipulate the law to fit his own pocket without
regard to any public safety issues whatsoever?

Shame on you Mr Braun!

A Rat In The Basement
9:34 am est 

BoH Meeting Tonight: My Opinion

First of all I would like to commend the chair, Duane
Gregory, for conducting a well structured meeting.
The opportunity for the public to ask questions and to receive a
response at that moment was most informative.

The public presented articulate questions with strong concern to the
purposed bylaw. The BoH and their staff
answered the questions to the best of their knowledge.
To the best of their knowledge is the "key" word.        

The BoH has been pressured by the BoS and the Town
Manager to pursue this new regulation in order to
generate revenue. The BoH is an autonomous board which means what
they say is law. They in many ways have more control than the BoS.

Knowing that this regulation would be voted down at Town
Meeting, the BoS farmed this out to the BoH. Once the BoH rules, it's law.

Camouflage it as a fee in the interest of public safety and health
they will comply. No we won't. It is a tax with a sterilized seat
belt on. It's a revenue generating tax.

I commend the BoH members and the Chair for a well conducted meeting.
I now urge the board not to be the Selectmen's scapegoat. Safety and
Health is not the  bottom line here. Balancing the budget is.

Leave that job to the BoS, that's why we voted for them.

No Taxation Without Representation
2:24 am est 

And Then There Were None

"And who has been building and renting and selling
affordable housing for over ten years? Imagine buying a unit in
1990--and then selling it 1995.WOW! What a **WINDFALL**. Gotta love
that affordable housing-from rags to riches."

And now they all live elsewhere!
12:13 am est 

Demand For Equal Access to the Process!

Tuesday thru Saturday - Ptown town offices open !!

What a novel idea ?  When HALF of your tax base can only be here
Sat/Sun doesn't it make sense to have these offices open on a
Saturday ?

Enough of these meetings (Zoning, BOH, etc.) held at times that HALF
of Ptown can't be here to attend. Those meetings should be SCHEDULED
ONLY ON MON OR FRIDAY OR SATURDAY to allow second home owners to be

Why do condo complexes in Ptown have annual meetings on Saturday and
not during the week like Zoning and BOH ?  Because the actually want
people to be there and be represented !

Enough of the "FEW" that reside in town during the week making
significant decisions for the "MANY" that can only be there on
weekends.  We all pay the same taxes and deserve equal access to the
12:11 am est 

Renters Are Screwed

The inspection fee, now 40% water rate increase for residential!


Now my rent will go up!

Enough already!
12:08 am est 

Re: Fire Training

I agree this is nonsense and the town of Provincetown doesnt need
anymore problems. Im so glad the finance committee shot down the fire
chiefs health insurance, cause he doesnt deserve it.
12:06 am est 

Re: Fire Department

I think we need to take this one step further and let the state get
involved and let them know whats really going on in our fire
department. Lets see what the state fire marshall thinks about the
real truth of the Provincetown Fire Department.
12:05 am est 

Right on Kathy Meads!

To give commercial users a break and stick it to the low users, Im
not comfortable with, said water and sewer board member Kathy Meads.

Right on Kathy! At least you know that charging the low end water
users more will result in a unfair subsidy for businesses.

Already Drowning in Bills.
12:04 am est 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Re: Walmart in Ptown
Not for nothin Wal mart does'nt
accept the "certain class of people" in this town nice try at the
rumor mill though
5:29 pm est 

Re Dollars and Cents

Nice try Ted!
5:28 pm est 

Previously Reserved CPA Funds Can Legally be Rescinded and Re-appropriated

"Re: Affordable Housing

The money that is going to fund the two projects approved by the CPC
this week....was set aside for affordable housing in the past. This
money CAN NOT BE USED for any other purpose than affordable housing."


This didn't sound right.  What law/rule is the writer referring to? 
Let's look to the actual rules, and not just to someone's (biased?)
opinion.  The Mass. Community Preservation Coalition gives specific
guidance and the original legislation.  Here are a few relevant

"The DOR has indicated that they do not believe a community has to
designate each reserved dollar to a particular reserve account
thereby tying it at the time of reservation to one of the three
purposes [housing, historical, open space], except to the extent that
an amount needs to be designated to one of the three purposes in
order to meet the 10% of fiscal year revenues requirement.
Consequently, any amount not appropriated....would automatically
remain in the community preservation fund for future appropriation,
and to the extent necessary to meet the 10% of fiscal year revenues
requirement, such amounts would need to be deposited into the
applicable reserve account or accounts designated for future use for one of the permitted CPA purposes."

"The Community Preservation Committee could recommend a subsequent
vote to rescind a previous Town Meeting vote [on a specific purpose]."

So it seems fully possible to:

1) use funds that have not been appropriated for a specific purpose
for any of the three categories as long as at least 10% is used for
each in a given fiscal year; and

2) rescind funds previously set aside for a specific purpose and use
them for another purpose, subject only to the same 10% limit.

Provincetown has probably done more than 10% for housing in each
fiscal year, so it seems possible now to change the designation of
past reserved funds, without limit, if the CPC/Town Meeting decides
to do so.  Thus IF TM voted down these two specific housing projects,
then that $ COULD be available for other covered projects in the
future, either housing or non-housing. (Several members of the CPC
seemed to understand this at their meeting, as they voted against
these two projects on the 1st ballot and THEN decided to let the TM
voters decide).

We live in a democracy, thankfully, and in the end Town Meeting/the
ballot rule.

Reminds me of the earlier misinformation about how only the School
Committee could decide on pursuing possible regionalization.  Took a
visiting state worker to set us straight.

Lastly, the voters have the power to end the CPC process and its 3%
surtax, once it has been in place for 5 years.  I'm not proposing
that, but it's a fact - another case of voters rule.
5:26 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Scheme

Industrial Affordable Housing Complex worker wrote: "It's
not a scheme as you suggest."

I never said it was a "scheme". Perhaps you might? Let's have a few
tenants post their rents for affordable housing units around town.
Maybe not what tenants actually pay, but what the total rental cost
is per month. I bet people without subsidies could NEVER be able to
pay the full amount.I've read a few posts on this board about
townspeople having to move out of the so-called affordable housing
units (mother/kid $1600 per month)and into something cheaper. And
that's what I mean by scheme,thankyouverymuch.

Dollars and Sensible
5:16 pm est 

Re: BOH Meeting

The CPC usually meet on Tuesdays @ 9 a.m.. They knew there
was a need to reschedule the meeting to 6 p.m. to accommodate the
public. The BOH could have done the same.

An Angry Property Owner and Landlord Who Can't Make It
5:11 pm est 

Such a Deal!

If a tenant makes $300 a month, their rent is $100. It is
common for women with dependent children to have their entire rent

Also, if an eligible renter or buyer is not found for an affordable
rental unit--that rental unit can be rented or sold to anyone.

Until 2 years ago--or it could be current. Anyone who bought an
affordable housing unit only had to wait 5 years until they could
sell it at MARKET RATE Prices.

And who has been building and renting and selling affordable housing
for over ten years? Imagine buying a unit in 1990--and then selling
it 1995.WOW! What a **WINDFALL**. Gotta love that affordable
housing-from rags to riches.
5:09 pm est 


As if you didn't already know, from

"Noun: nancy (plural nancies)

     * Also Nance, Nancy boy

    1. (UK, US, derogatory, slang) An effeminate man, especially a homosexual."
3:24 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Bailout...

The money that is going to fund the two projects approved by the CPC
this week are using money that was set aside for affordable housing
in the past.
This money CAN NOT BE USED for any other purpose than affordable housing.
Now you may not think that these two proposals are good ideas, but
regardless, the money can not be used for any other purpose that
affordable housing!

Please stop making this debate either fund town hall or fund
affordable housing, as this is not the case!

As the CPC recommended this week all project brought forth are going
to town meeting where the voters will approve the spending (or not). 
But remember you can not take the money perviously set aside for
housing and use it for town hall.  So please stop saying that! 
Misinformation is not helpful to the discussion!
3:23 pm est 

Part-Time Investment Bankers

RE: "B of H meetings have always been
scheduled at that time.  So the answer to your question is "No". They
are not kidding!"

Yes, but is it also on their regular agenda to discuss gigantic fees?
  I should think that if they are considering something so rich with
impact on the community at large they might consider augmenting the
schedule just a tad so more people can come voice their opinion. 
Tell me that wasn't thought about when deciding to hold the meeting
at "the regular time."

You lose, BOH.  You better have substantial answers for questions as
to your proposed rates, scheduling of inspections, personnel
qualified to perform those inspections, logical precedented reasoning
for the inspections and, most importantly, a factual, solid basis for
this whole idea to begin with.

You do not, repeat DO NOT have it within your power to impose a new
"tax" on this community.  You job is to insure public health, not
play part-time investment banker.
3:20 pm est 

Re: Profit

That's not how a subsidy usually works. Briefly, rents are tied into
fair market rents and aren't owner dictated. there's a formula. so,
if for example, the fair market rent that can be charged is 900, the
tenant pays one third of their monthly income and the subsidy picks
up the rest. income limits determing a tenant's eligibility are also
in place. it's not a scheme as you suggest. knowledge of the facts
would really help your argument and save you from your unsuccessful
attempt at a gotcha moment. it just doesn't work the way you think.
do your homework before you go making accusations based on your
notions pulled out of the ozone.
2:52 pm est 

Re - Are They Kidding ??

To have a meeting on a Thursday at 5pm regarding second home owner
rental tax is ludicrious. The Board of Health may have regular
meetings at 5pm on Thursday and they may be posted on the website
like other towns.  The KEY POINT here is that Ptown IS NOT any other
town. MOST second home owners can't be in town on Thursday's at 5pm -
it may be convenient for people that live in ptown (who don't rent
their units)  but VASTLY inconvenient and impossible for the GROUP
that this tax will affect. It makes one question how accurate a
"representation" can actually attend to vote.

If there is no problem taking large sums of money in Rental taxes
from second home owners AT LEAST have the courtesy to schedule a
meeting on a Friday or weekend when 2nd homeowners can actually be
there to have their voices heard. That meeting should only be held on
a Friday or Weekend when 2nd home owners can truly be represented.

Given the significance of this issue and the 2nd home owners it would
effect - it is beyond logic that a "regular meeting time" could not
be changed to allow all to attend.  Is that such a stretch ?
2:50 pm est 

Re: Oh no the PBG Basher is Back...

Oh he or she has been here all the time.  They have just spent their
time blasting others.  The writing and negativity is quite easy to
2:10 pm est 

There Must a Profit in the Process

The average worker in Provincetown can afford a rent of no
more than $700/ month while the current market rent for a one-bedroom
apartment is $950/1250 month. The number of renter households in
Provincetown paying more than 35% of their income for rent is much
higher than for
the state as a whole and is growing rapidly.

Ok then, what are the 'affordable housing developers' actually
charging for rents on these 'affordable' units? What I mean is, what
are the rent charges to the tenant, and how much is the Government
providing? Example: Tenant pays $700 per month, government subsidy is
$800 a month, and behold, the 'affordable' unit actually rents at
$1500! I realize there are costs involved in keeping up the housing,
but I'm pretty certain the profit they wouldn't be building them.

Dollars and Sense
2:02 pm est 

Reduced Tax Bills

When and if the town eliminates trash and snow removal from
private roads the costs to these residents,including  all the
affordable housing renters and owners, is going to be huge. I hope
the elimination of these services will be reflected in their tax
1:57 pm est 

Here We go Again!

I understand that the fire chief is going to hold a fire training
course in March. Hmm... What happen to the driver training? Guess
thats swept under the carpet like everything else. The requirements
for this course is, each firefighter participating should be
certified to the level of firefighter one before taking this course
in March. Most of the firefighter's haven't even had basic
firefighting training so, that means its a liability to the town and
they shouldnt be taking this course. Once again Micheal Trovato is
trying to pull a fast one and not follow proper procedure. I think
these types of actions show the unprofessionalism of Chief Trovato
and something should be done about it. Im really concerned that not
following proper procedure in this March course could lead to another
disaster for the fire dept. This is why I think Warren Alaxander
should be the fire chief, he's  professional, cares about his
firefighter's and would never allow these types of things to happen.
1:55 pm est 

Provincetown is a Small Town

Until our leaders, including Selectman, Police Chief, Regulatory
Commissions, and others begin to realize that this is a small town
which should be run like other small towns, we will never get our act
together.  We cannot operate with the mentality of a large city
government.  Many people, including some of our leaders have come
here from large cities and have the state of mind that Provincetown
is "special" and should be governed differently from other small
towns.  This is counter productive thinking.  We have to realize that
we are a small town, curtail our expenses acordingly and maybe we
will survive this mess we are in.

Klatoris Day
1:50 pm est 

Oh no the PBG Basher is Back...

Only 3 months to Caberet Fest and no details yet and 5 1/2 months to
Carnival and not enough info for you?  Of course the  "overpaid director"
is not doing enough for you but his assistant is wonderful. Oh and MOST
of the advertisers of the PBG magazine have dropped out.  Your information
is bashing tinged with hysteria at its best.  You don't know what
you're talking about but your motive to "get the director" is crystal
clear. If you are a member of the PBG, which I doubt, please cancel
your membership and start your own organization The I DUNNO NUNNIN.

Slippery Fish (wondering which sandpile this guy crawled out of)
1:48 pm est 

Workforce Housing - Excellent Point by Blogger

Enough of the Affordable housing focus - several of units in existing
developments can't even be filled.

It the town really wants to leverage it's Tourist season - let its
priority along with businesses that utilize seasonal help be on
Workforce housing.

One frequently reported mantra is "there are no year round jobs". 
Okay then if the jobs are seasonal - let the housing focus be on
seasonal Workforce housing. Perhaps the town along with local
businesses should focus on development of buildings that accomplish
this goal.

The real problem is seasonal accomodations for the summer workforce -
that requires seasonal housing.  Let's not keep emphasizing
Affordable housing as a panacea to deal with this problem.
1:44 pm est 

Affordable Housing Bail Out

Now the water rates are going up! Now they want an override
for taxpayers to pay for the community center--more and more cost to
the taxpayers. Just incorporate it into the school in the summer so
the parents have a built in baby sitter.

Businesses are complaining about the water costs--why doesn't a
selectman say that the water bills are too high?

With all of the funds available to developers, they go to the CPC
committee and take the money from other worthy causes.

Affordable housing gets a bail out--CPC money goes to a private
developer instead of the money going to fix the library.
1:42 pm est 

To Collect vs Work

I drove by Provincetown Pizza Yesterday, They are open and
have a "Help Wanted" sign in the window. So how about some of the out
of work on the doles apply for the job? I think they'd rather collect
than work.
1:39 pm est 

What's in a Name?

1:38 pm est 

Excerpted from WICKED LOCAL:

"The VSBs contribution of $77,000 came after Alix Heilala, municipal
finance director, discovered the tourism board had been underspending
its revenues for the past five years  a fact nobody picked up on 
resulting in a $154,813 reserve fund that has accumulated since FY
2005. VSB chair Rob Tosner said the board was unaware of the funds
until two weeks ago."

COMMENT: Why is the VSB unaware of their own spending and accounting?
Perhaps the VSB chair would be more attentive to what was going on if
the meetings were held at ahouse on a Saturday night and he could
take them home with him.

The town had asked the VSB to contribute $125,000 of that money, but
the board offered $77,000, keeping the other half as a rainy day fund
to keep paying town tourism expenses if quarterly room tax revenues
come in under projections, as they are expected to do in FY 2010.

COMMENT: Rainy Day Fund? What the....? You can't come up with
anything better then a Rainy Day Fund to justify how you're going to
use the money. I'm completely for tourism but you need to come up
with something better then that!

Selectman David Bedard was dissatisfied with the amount, however,
suggesting the VSB increase its contribution to $100,000 as a way to
save the cost of half a town job. The suggestion was rejected Monday
night by the VSB.
However, the ensuing discussion between selectmen reduced chair
Michele Couture to tears and started an angry argument between her
and Selectman Mary-Jo Avellar, who also wanted the VSB to contribute

I couldnt live with myself if I voted for something that is going to
put someone out of a job, Avellar said about the motion to accept
$77,000 from the VSB. I feel very committed to the people who work
for the town.

Couture countered that she, too, was aware that the FY 2010 budget
was likely to cause hardship for several town employees.

Im awake at 3 a.m. worrying about these jobs, she said, breaking into
tears. Were talking about people I know.

COMMENT: Avellar and Couture crying, how very dramatic. The town
survives on tourism and the money promoting tourism will keep the
town ultimately afloat vs. an employee (who probably isn't productive
anyway if the town's personnel history prevails) which only costs us
money and doesn't bring any revenue in. SMART ONE!!! Maybe you should
both cry some more and think about it. Perhaps that will help you
craft a solution.

Couture and Avellar then traded jabs about the way that Couture was
running the discussion, leading to an angry exchange that left the
audience stunned and prompting Bedard to chastise the two selectmen.

If any two members of this board raise their voices to each other
again, I will stand up and walk out. Its embarrassing and I wont
tolerate it, he said.

COMMENT: Avellar and Couture trading jabs and engaging in angry
discussion. Color me surprised. I can't wait to see this one on PTV,
maybe it will be as entertaining as the last time these two public
figures embarrassed us on public television last year. Bedards going
to walk out...uh oh, he's more productive running a gym then running
the town long Dave! It's been reallllllllll-----------ly
a waste of time having you on the board.

I am so embarrassed every time I read an article published about the
behavior of public officials and board members or watch these sh**
shows on tv. From the VSB to the town selectman...what a huge
embarrassment the whole group of you. Keep up the great work.
1:36 pm est 

To: Thursday Meeting 5pm on Rental Tax -

"You have got to be kidding !!  A meeting at 5pm

The Board of Health schedules meetings every other Thursday at 5:00
pm.  It is like any other town board.  They have a scheduled time and
place to convene.
This is not being done to keep you out.
Check with the town website.  B of H meetings have always been
scheduled at that time.  So the answer to your question is "No". 
They are not kidding!
1:31 pm est 

TO: What We Need is Work Force Housing Not Year Round Housing

Unfortunately, the Federal and State government will NOT subsidize
any seasonal workforce housing projects.  It is up to the individual
business owner to provide the seasonal housing for their staff, or
facilitate a plan with other business owners or innkeeper/landlords.
1:29 pm est 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thursday Meeting 5pm on Rental Tax -

You have got to be kidding !!  A meeting at 5pm (aren't most people
just getting off of work or still working ??)

A meeting on a Thursday ??  This is a tax that will affect rental
units for 2nd home owners.  HOW MANY 2ND HOME OWNERS ARE IN TOWN

This is blatant potential taxation without representation - and
please don't mention the "send an email" suggestion - I have been
told that the only voices that really matter are the people that can
physically show up.

Who's voices are really going to be heard at this meeting ?? If you
want to take our money - at least have the courtesy to schedule a
meeting when WE can be there to let OUR voices be heard !!
9:56 pm est 

What's the Plan?

Everyone in this town benefits from tourism in one way or
another.  I'd like to say that you could bring back it's heritage but
you can thank your ancestors for fishing the waters clean.  I'd like
to say that you could keep it as a bohemian art commune but that
doesn't pay the bills or the local municipal budget.  We need to get
with the program and stop thinking we're above commercialism to make
money.   As far as the PBG calendar being out of date whats new?  The
Executive Director we pay so dearly for is busy and isn't in the
office.  The new assistant he has is over worked and undervalued.  I
expect him to last another month or so before he quits altogether. 
The PBG magazine is going to cost us money this year because most of
the advertisers dropped out.  Look for info on carnival theres
nothing. Not even a plan yet.
9:54 pm est 

Steal Away....

The NEW sergeant named by Police Chief Jeff Jaran makes me wonder
what is REALLY in the water....

Thomas Steele is related to what member of the Board of Selectmen?
Smell a rat?

Remember DJ Barry Scott who was beaten up by the cops? Who hid behind
all of the summer officers at the scene?

Good move, Chief Jaran... promote the        to preserve the past.

The question before us is why is this position vacant in the first
place? Who retired? Look closely and the rat will appear....

Provincetown has really done itself proud... and stolen the valor
from the badge.
9:52 pm est 

Rents in Provincetown Are Too High and Wages Too Low
Landlords should lower their rents...Hey! What about businesses? Why
arn't there affordable shops for people who don't want to pay commercial
street rents?

What does the       and         pay its help? Why don't they supply
housing for their staff or any of the other places in town?

Lets get affordable shops built in town...who wants to put this on
the warrant?
9:48 pm est 

The Cowardly Way

Some of the attacks on here - would you say that to the
person's face or is it easier (cowardly) to just anonymously attack
behind your keyboard?

9:43 pm est 

Re: High Cost of Rentals

A selectman says that the rents are too high here in
Provincetown. Well, what are they doing to lower our taxes? What
happens when a landlord gets connected to the waste water treatment
plant? Well, they pay a betterment fee and then they pay for all of
the water that goes into the sewer.

Why aren't they talking about the wages that are paid here? Just
because someone owns a house people think that they are rich...well,
we homeowners work in this town to and get paid in Provincetown wages.

That is why husbands and wives work and try to raise a family.
9:42 pm est 

FYI Info On Affordable Inspections

To the naysayers of the affordable/community housing inspection process

Inspection Requirements

Chapter 8
[24 CFR 982 Subpart I and 24 CFR 982.507]

HUD requires that all units occupied by families receiving Housing
Choice Voucher (HCV)assistance meet HUD's Housing Quality Standards
(HQS) and permits the PHA to establish
additional requirements. The use of the term "HQS" in this plan
refers to the combination of both HUD and PHA-established
requirements. HQS inspections are required before the Housing
Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract is signed and at least annually
during the term of the

DHCD utilizes both HUD's Housing Quality Standards as well as the
additional DHCD Inspection Requirements as a basis for evaluating a
unit each time it is inspected. These
additional standards are as set forth in this section.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a State Sanitary and Building
Code (105 CMR 400.00 - 419.00 and 780 CMR respectively, hereinafter
referred to as the Codes) that regulate all housing in the
Commonwealth. In some instances the Codes supersede and are more
comprehensive than HUD's Housing Quality Standards and DHCD's
Inspection Requirements.

State law stipulates that all property owners are expected to
maintain their dwelling units in conformance with the Codes and to
correct all Code violations in a timely manner. Although DHCDs
Regional Administering Agency (RAA) inspectors will not specifically
check for all
violations of the State Sanitary and Building Codes (DHCD is not the
appropriate enforcement agency for this responsibility), DHCD
performs periodic Code training for its RAA inspectors to supplement
the training which DHCD provides on HQS and DHCD's additional

taken from Mass dot gov/ Housing and Economic Development
9:40 pm est 

What Happened at the CPC Hearing Last Night?

I couldn't be there and the Banner Online hasn't posted any
And don't forget to attend the B of H meeting on the "rental tax."

E. Michael Richards
9:37 pm est 

What We Need is Work Force Housing Not Year Round Housing

There are no jobs here in the Winter. People flock here in the summer
to work.

On the Islands, the business owners are responsible for providing
housing for their workers.

After ten years of affordable housing, more businesses are closed in
the winter. Just wait and see what happens after 90 Shank Painter Rd
is built--nothing.

Yet there will be more strain on our resources such as water; and we
will see people clamoring to be able to leave town in the winter to
work down south or out west.

People come for the summer and then want to move here. Come February:
it is the same mantra, "it is so dead in the winter".
9:35 pm est 

Interresting at Last Nights CPC Meeting

If I understand this correctly, there is money that has been set
aside for Affordable Housing from years past, and that this money can
only be used for affordable housing.
If this is the case, it appears that the CPC can fund all of the
worthy projects that were brought before it last night.

So if this is the case, then why does Michael Rogovsky
continually ask that affordable housing not be funded?  He says that
he is for it, and has worked for it in the past.  Then what gives?  I
do believe that he has some sort of personal grudge against Mr.
Malone.  That is the only conclusion I can think of that would
explain his constant objections to Mr. Malones projects.

Last night nearly all the people in the room were in favor of ALL the
proposals brought before the CPC.  Only three people voiced
opposition to funding affordable housing.  And since it appears that
the money has been set aside and can only be used for this purpose,
there is no reason that we can not all be happy and get the funding
for all the projects!
9:32 pm est 

You Know You're in a Serious Recession When... drive by the CEO of Marc Jacobs Inc. and there is a Kia in the
driveway, instead of a Mercedes-Benz !!!
9:30 pm est 

Rental Tax -

Have any town officials checked with LEGAL counsel if this is allowed
by law ?  If so - EVERY rental transacation in the town regarding
real estate should be taxed - i.e owners of COMMERCIAL real estate
should be taxed HUGELY based on the sheer huge $$$$ values they get
in rents.  Everyone should be treated the same with this Rental tax -
not just singling out 2nd homeowners who rent in the season.  Does
the town see the 2nd homeowner as an UNLIMITED resource for funds ?

Personally, I think the town is walking a very unwise line on this
one.  There are a lot of 2nd homeowners who DO rent but if "push
comes to shove" could decided NOT TO RENT just to avoid being taxed -
yes that is a reality. They may give up some revenue in the short
term - but will get to enjoy their place in the Summer more and don't
have to deal with the town and pay additional taxes.  Consider that a
great deal of 2nd homeowners had the money to buy a place here
initially - with a little belt tightening could decide NOT TO RENT in
the Summer.

Everyone talks about tourism as a resource - the second home owner
provides the accomadations to maximize the tourist population and
brings tourists to town - now the town wants to tax the second
homeowner for making this possible ??
9:29 pm est 

CPC Meeting Report

Great news that the community preservation committee
granted the $2 million dollar proposal to put the money towards town
hall. Now we vote on this at town meeting in April--and then there is
the special town meeting in June.

However, they still gave almost $1 Million to a developer who has a
slew of other venues to turn to for his private development.

Too bad this money couldn't be used for the library and to conserve
other land for the citizens of Provincetown.

Of course, the law is that if he doesn't find eligible tenants for
his affordable housing units, he can rent the apartments to anyone.

Until two years ago, anyone who bought a below-market-price
affordable housing unit could sell it at market rate after five years.
9:26 pm est 

Workforce Rental and Senior Housing Needs

Low wages and seasonal employment represent two critical factors in
understanding Provincetowns housing need. The wages paid for jobs in
Provincetown reflect its resort economy. Nearly three quarters of
Provincetown jobs are located in low paying industries. This compares
to 29% for the commonwealth as a whole.  The average Provincetown
worker earns $116/week less than their counterpart countywide and
$404/week less than the average worker for the state as a whole.

The average worker in Provincetown can afford a rent of no more than
$700/ month while the current market rent for a one-bedroom apartment
is $950/1250 month. The number of renter households in Provincetown
paying more than 35% of their income for rent is much higher than for
the state as a whole and is growing rapidly.

The cost and availability of housing may be preventing the towns
young adults from forming new households.

On the whole, Provincetown renters are poorer than their counterparts
on the Lower Cape and county. They are also significantly more likely
to experience rent burdens than renters on the rest of the Cape.

There are more than 100 Provincetown senior households renting in
market rate housing, sixty-five of whom were paying MORE than 35% of
their income for rent. Among the towns senior renters, over 70% would
qualify for housing aimed at those earning less than 80 percent of
AMI. Nearly all of these seniors are living alone. A second factor
indicating senior need is the very low income of Provincetowns
75-and-over households.

Finally, demographic projections suggest Provincetowns senior
population will begin growing rapidly over the next 10-15 years. 
Part of this growth will come from new wealthier residents, but part
will represent the aging
of the community's older working renters.
9:24 pm est 

Adams Pharmacy VS Stop & Shop VS CVS

When I first moved to town over 10 years ago, I would take my
prescriptions to Adams to get filled with the idea that I was
supporting a local business.

After one year of being treated like they were doing me a big favor,
barely acknowledging me at the register and arguing about my health
insurance and paying higher prices(maybe because I am not one of
their "native" residents?) I left vowing never to return. I will not
step foot inside that establishment. They treated me like they didn't
need my business.

I am encouraged by competition and think Provincetown needs to get
over this superior attitude of not having a larger retail market
here.  Maybe then some of the other business owners will realize that
those of us who are not wealthy 2nd home owners will support their
business and will not have to continue to travel to Orleans to shop
competitively.  I will not be gouged at THEIR register!
9:20 pm est 

Re: "Re Needin aJob"

I think you're thoughts are right on target until the end of your
comments where you say,"it's a town with a lot of people from
diverse backgrounds  who make al ot of money on tourism in the summer".

It should be clarified that there are only a FEW people in
Provincetown that make ALOT of money on tourism!

If only the Town can manage itself to find the balance of keeping
it's heritage while joining the real world and being fiscally

9:18 pm est 

Sorry, But About Fin Com.....
I am so very disapointed. I know there are some wonderful people on
Fin Com and Tom Coen is the best. But somehow the position becomes
the person and they can't find their own voice. They seem as if they
are the true financial voice of the town when, in actuality, they
have become the staccatto sound of the town manager and the BOS.

So my sense, is forget it. Why should we have you? You are nice people
but we would do better without any of you. Then we don't have to
pretend we have an objective perspective on the budget. It is sad
but true: you are the mirror image of whatever the town manager of
the BOS want. So said. Such a waste of your time and of our faith in
your abilities. But when all is said and done, you are the mirror of
the BOS and I am so sadly disappointed in what you failed to do.

I'm tired of pretending that you do what you should do. You are not
true. You are not the voice you should be for all of us. But, cest la
vie, non?
9:16 pm est 

Re: Re: Needin' a Job (4:27 pm)

Sad to say, I agree with you about Adams Pharmacy. One snootful of
their "charming" attitude and high prices, and I was off to the GU.
Stop & Shop has been lucky to retain Kevin, Paul, and the rest of
their hard-working Rx crew.

Of course we all have room for improvement, and that's what would
come of a CVS. That, and year-round jobs!

Should CVS step up to the plate, however, my feelings will be mixed.
I'm among those snobs who brag to my real-world friends that the
nearest fast-food is 40 minutes away, Wal-Mart an hour, etc.

You and I disagree about P'town being "that" special. Humbly, I say
that it really is. Yet I also know how badly this town needs an
economic shot in the arm. Probably we could do worse than CVS opening
at the edge of town. I wouldn't want other chains to get any bright
ideas, though.

Remember poor Burger King (yuk-yuk!)

-Sir Drop-a-Dime
9:12 pm est 

Please Report Back on the CPC Meeting Tonight

I'm out of own and am very anxious to hear what happened.

9:10 pm est 

Re: My Point is...

So the FAWC and AIDS Support group have some affordable units that
are tax exempt... Ok I get it, That is your point...


So a bunch of units don't pay tax.. again it is just plain nastiness
on your part...
"I got mine the hard way so why on earth would I ever want to help
someone else!" blah blah blah...

Seroiusly this constant pissiness is realy getting tired!

We need to view ourselves as a community and see that the greater
whole is bigger then the sum of its parts.  Having a diverse
community that cares for some of it's less fortunate(wealthy)
citizens is a good thing
9:08 pm est 

Re: My Point is...

Oh, i understand. tax exempt status exists for a reason. it's not a
personal attack on you or your bank account. so i guess your point is
you don't like anyone getting a break if you don't. even if they are
doing good works. you've made your point very clear. you must get
furious every time you drive by a house of worship or any of the
town's not for profits that enjoy the government established tax
exempt status. i understand. i just don't get it.
9:06 pm est 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PBG Calender Out of Date

It's not just the tourism calendar that is out of date. 
The PBG calendar is too.  On their home page they are now promoting
Cabaret Fest for May 15-17 2009 but if you click on the link to get
more information it only has information from 2008!  Since it's less
than 90 days away you would think that it would be up todate with
this year's schedule.
4:30 pm est 

"Re: "Needin a Job"

The rumor concerns CVS, not Wal-Mart, which would open for business
in Provincetown OVER.MY.DEAD.BODY.

CVS has outbid Townsend Lobster for the old Clem & Ursie's. I haven't
any idea about the legal and political complications of opening
another drugstore, but should that happen, it'll hurt Adams and make
the Stop & Shop and Cumbys more competitive.

-Sir Drop-a-Dime"

Here's my take...I went to Outer Cape and they prescribed me a
prescription and called it into Adam's Pharmacy on Commercial Street.
I'm all for supporting the little guy, so I went and picked up my
prescription. $48.00 for the prescription and isn't covered by my
insurance. Ouch! Anyway, the following month they decided to keep me
on the medication and they called in a prescription. I went to Adam's
to pick it up and it wasn't there. Turns out someone from Outer Cape
called the prescription in to Stop & Shop by accident. So I went to
Stop & Shop. Same prescription, same dosage, same brand, same
quantity $15.00. I asked if there was some mistake or maybe I hadn't
gotten the right medication. When I called Outer Cape I was informed
that each pharmacy can set the price that they want to charge for
generic and brand name prescriptions. I'm all for the little guy, but
MY GOD let's be real. These are tough times and a $33 mark-up makes a
difference. Everyone needs to make a profit, but you can't tell me that
they need to make that much of a profit on a single prescription.

Sadly I now request Stop & Shop for my prescriptions because it's
saving me a lot of money. So I say BRING ON CVS! Competition is good
for everyone and those who choose to price gouge shouldn't get my
business anyway. I enjoyed giving my business to my local corner
pharmacy but in my opinion greed is an ugly thing.

I would gladly buy from Stop & Shop or CVS if they're going to charge
real world prices for prescriptions the corner store wants to make x3
or x4 profits on.

I will support the opening of a CVS on Skankpainter. It's about time
we open our minds and stop trying to pretend we're some sacred ground
or something where the big brands dare not come. CVS is not different
than Cumby's or Tedischi's so grow up! This is Provincetown, not the
Vatican. It's certainly a special place to live but not that special.
Get off your high horse and let the rest of us save some of our
hard-earned money. It's no longer a fishing village, it's no longer a
hippy village, it's not an artist's a town with a lot
of people from diverse backgrounds who make a lot of money on tourism
in the summer.
4:27 pm est 

Re: Fincom Interface With Public

We should have fincom encourage the public to come to them
with money generating ideas for the town. I think they would be a
more filter than the selectmen.
4:21 pm est 

Re: Rental Tax is a Good Idea

Youre absolutely correct.  Now if we can just get them to stop
calling it and labeling it as an Inspection Fee and call it a tax
like it is then wed be all set and, likely, all in agreement.  And by
the way, the tax structures you propose in your well crafted blog
entry seem logical.  Now if we can just get THEM to listen.

The problem is not that they want to begin a new small tax.  The
problem is the Town Manager and Selectmen are going about it in their
usual deceitful way.  Instead of bringing it up at town meeting (no,
the condo tax business was NOT in this batchthats a different issue)
and hammering out a concise plan, they pushed it over into the realm
of public safety and gave the whole business to the Board of Health.
Board of Health doesnt have to listen to the populace one darn
bitthey are autonomous and their rulings stand as law without
respected debate or due process.

So, if the powers that be had just said plainly and clearly that
theyd like to instigate a tax from the get-go on all rental
properties in town, then we wouldnt be having this debate. Its about
being transparent as opposed to money hungry, devious and downright
unfair.  Fees for ANY section of government are supposed to be
commensurate with the actual costs involvedthey are not to be revenue

Are you listening BOS?  Do you hear me BOH?  Sharon?

Come clean about this, stop hiding your true intentions under the
cloak of lambskin.

Tell the damn truth.  Then you may get an appropriate level of
respectful cooperation.

Furious Renter
2:15 pm est 

Re: Cheers-

I have had a rental certificate for all of the time
that the town has requested, but I have to dispute your logic.  I
agree that 'summer people' provide the most revenue, but that they
use the most resources?  Are you kidding?  My cottage never got
garbage pickup for a reason that nobody could ever explain.  The
truck literally drove by our street to get to the next stop. No kids
in school, I never use more than the minimum billable amount of water
but pay the bill yearround- I could go on. If the point of the
certificate is safety for tenants then hooray!  If it's to generate
more income from the people that have chosen to invest in your
community, then sorry, cant agree.
2:12 pm est 

My Point is.....

"FAWC was involved with the meadows as part of the initial
plan - to avail affordable living to artists. what's your point?"

My point is, FAWC is a non profit=that means those units are TAX
EXEMPT, they pay NO property taxes unlike the rest of us.
Same thing with the AIDS support group which owns most of the
origional Conwell development that gave Ted his start.
Who even knows how many tax exempt entities own housing in town. Do
you understand now?
2:08 pm est 

Rental Tax is a Good Idea

I would tier it though.  A lower rate (or exemption) for year-round
rental units and a higher rate for summer rentals.

Provincetown has to face the fact that it is not a year-round
community AND the fact that summer tourism provides the bulk of the
revenue for the town AND uses the most town resources.

If you're going to profit by renting your house for $2000/week in
Summer then you should pay back to the town so that services can be

If I were designing it, the rental tax would have the following features:

1.  Year-round rentals would be taxed at a very low rate or exempt. 
This means year-round rentals to ONE person/family who presumably
live here year-round and continue to contribute financially to the
community in the off-season by shopping, etc.

2.  Summer rentals would be taxed $100/bedroom for the season.  I
made up the $100 number because I don't know how many units there are
in town.  It's probably a number somewhere between $50-200/bedroom. 
On your average 2 bedroom that rents for $2100/week, we're talking
about a $200 tax that equates to less than 1-day's rental ($300).
You've got to be kidding me if you think this is onerous.

3. Require all property managers to obtain proof from property-owners
that the annual tax has been paid before listing the property for

4.  Get someone to double-check compliance by searching cyber-rentals
and weeneedavacation to ensure that all properties are paying their

Those who disproportionately USE the seasonal resources of the town
should help pay for those same resources.

Separately, I would pretty much focus all of the town's attention on
attracting more tourism.  As a year-round town, Provincetown has
already more or less died (sorry, sad fact, but true).  Time to focus
town resources on cultivating our only real revenue source - the
summer season.

12:09 pm est 

To: Humble Opinion

Very good points made. You have time to submit an Article for Town
Meeting. Talk with the Town Clerk, Doug Johnstone,
he is very helpful and can steer you in the right direction. The key
is in the wording of the Article.
You will need atleast 10 signatures.

The Friday closing is a big inconvenience for out of town homeowners
as well as year round residents and is even worse with Monday
holidays. I'll sign the petition.

John Hancock
9:11 am est 

Re: My Town Too !

To this blogger - I appreciate your contribution to the town but I
take offense to your comment about "Millionaires and Nancy's running
down the street".

Provincetown is a place for everyone. I'm sorry but facts are facts -
this is a town with alot of affluent residents and Gay people. These
people have come in to this town and made a substantial investment
buy buying property and concurrently significantly raising YOUR real
estate values in the process.
9:10 am est 

This is Worth Repeating:

Here are the official state figures (source = website of Mass. Office
of Housing & Economic Development - all data as of Sept 8, 2008):

Provincetown = 128 subsidized 40B units/2062 total = 6.2%
Truro = 9/999 = 0.9%
Wellfleet = 39/1430 = 2.7%
Eastham = 424/5350 = 7.9%

Data only counts completed units, not units currently being built or
converted, or those approved but not yet started.  The 47 affordable
rental units planned for 90 Shankpainter will raise the 6.2% to 8.5%
for example.

Provincetown will be at 8.5% after Shank Painter is done.  I think
that's darn good.  In this economic time it makes sense that people
want to see their CPC tax dollars go towards the historic
preservation of town hall.  Let's slow this affordable housing
freight train down until we see how many of the Shank Painter rentals
are actually rented.
9:09 am est 

Town to Cease Private Road Snow Removal and Trash Pickup?

I have heard the finance committee is proposing to have the
town cease snow removal and trash pickup on private roads. If it
comes to pass, would the assessments of these properties be lowered?
I am not aware that tax print outs of assessments have any way of
rating these services. Also, wouldn't all affordable housing units 
be affected by this change?

If it is true that the finance committee is proposing this because of lack
of insurance covering town vehicles operating on private roads and not as 
a cost saving measure. So, I assume fire trucks, water dept., and police
vehicles must also have the same problem. Just looking for information
before this is a done deal.
9:08 am est 

Re: "Needin a Job"

The rumor concerns CVS, not Wal-Mart, which would open for business
in Provincetown OVER.MY.DEAD.BODY.

CVS has outbid Townsend Lobster for the old Clem & Ursie's. I haven't
any idea about the legal and political complications of opening
another drugstore, but should that happen, it'll hurt Adams and make
the Stop & Shop and Cumbys more competitive.

-Sir Drop-a-Dime
9:04 am est 

What Gives?

i posted earlier and don't see it here. what gives? i
wonder how many other posts get censored.
9:03 am est 

Re: FAWC at Meadows Complex

FAWC was involved with the meadows as part of the initial
plan - to avail affordable living to artists. what's your point?

and unfortunately the game now is to keep people here, "hon". (just
as patronizing when i quote it.) attracting new folks here as year
round regular working types is probably just a foolish notion at this
point. the damage is already done and the cuts are too deep.

but hey, some of you made a butt load of money. good times.
9:02 am est 

Affordable Housing Industrial Complex Working Overtime

"Affordable Housing is a Good Thing
8:49 pm est

Where Have You Been?
8:48 pm est

Over and Over Again
8:46 pm est"

Wow...looks like someone at the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex
has been workin' overtime. The least you could do is space your
comments 30 minutes apart. Pretty obvious they all came from the same
poster, regardless of the attempts to make it read like a 'townie'
wrote it. Feelin' a bit desperate?
8:59 am est 

Keep Dreaming Russell......

2 units are now under agreement as a sale.  I suppose with a good
understanding that the town will soon make them year round.  As ugly
as they are, and the location is not ideal, a price drop of 130,000
makes it not so ugly?  (Banner now lists property at 249,900 from 2
years ago when they were 379,900
8:58 am est 

10% is Not Gospel

"Our level of Affordable housing is not even near 6% when
all the rental units at 90 shank-painter road are built we still will
not be at 10%!"

Look, the 10% Affordable housing figure is not in the Bible, nor is
it a law of the land. It is a goal. And you can manipulate the
numbers all day, using HUD and HAC configurations, etc,  but the fact
remains: Provincetown has enough affordable housing units for its

Counting Dollars and Sense
8:56 am est 

Re: Meadows Units Occupied by Artist

To the person who pointed out that some of the Meadows
units are being lived in by artists.  Are the artists living in units
owned by the FAWC not deserving of being part of our community?

Again just plain nastiness...what a surprise!

Don't we want a diverse community of people living here?  No one is
entitled to live here, but some people think that providing these
affordable units will help members of our community and isn't that a
good thing?  Not only are artists and single people in need but also
the families that a previous blogger pointed out.  Don't we want to
help families stay here?

I guess it depends on ones point of view, if one thinks: "I got mine
so you can go F-off and get your own" then I suppose helping anyone
with anything is negative...

But I think that those people are a sad, bitter lot!
8:54 am est 

Re: Republican Connection

I'm glad i'm not the only one who sees the republican
connection to the anti affordable housing folks. i always felt it was
just greed.

and michael, you once again take a mole hill and try to create a
mountain. and once again, you are wrong.

and i'll gladly stand up and vote for affordable housing before i
vote to buy a garden from someone who could donate it if they wanted

and i don't find people writing on here because they care. they just
want to seem clever and smart. and that rarely happens. mostly they
just wanna trash rex, ted and anyone who works for the town. kinda
sad really.
8:51 am est 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Missing the Forrest For the Trees

"I know of four people already working in town with children
and are waiting for more affordable housing. Where do you get your
untrue facts???"

Hon, you're missing the point.  The people you supposedly know
already work here and would like to get subsidized housing.  The
point was there are no well paying year-round jobs that are going to
draw new people here, new people who would move here to live and
work because of the affordable housing options.
10:48 pm est 

Population Increase Proposal

You know, we could actually invite octuplet mother to come
live here.  We could subsidize her with affordable housing and then
her 14 children could go to the Provincetown schools
10:46 pm est 

CPC Recommendations

The CPC has the funds for all three projects now because the Library
and David Mayo's land project have both been withdrawn.

And why is that...both the Library and David Mayo withdrew because of
arm twisting and back stabbing...

FYI..When it comes to the Meadows, not all those "deserving" people
who live there are in "affordable" housing...I know two different
artist's who live in units owned by FAWC... tax exempt
10:44 pm est 

Sleepy Time For Bonzo!

I don't know Russell Braun...I do know he is the building
inspector in town and so has a secure job. He is also a
developer...He built those butt ugly condos in beach pt...I had the
opportunity to ck them out last year...not what I would call high end.
So now the market is flat...he can't sell them...what to do?
Well, let's just change the law in Truro so he can try again to
unload them...this time as year round...not gonna happen...the Truro
types would rather shut down all of Beach Point than make any condo
year round...all that water will freeze in the pipes. Keep dreaming
10:41 pm est 

How do You Know?

If the Public Hearing for the CPC Hasn't Happened yet, How
Do you Know that Town hall and 2 of Ted Malone's Projects will be

The meeting is tomorrow at 6p.m. It is the Public Hearing for CPC
funds. How do you already know the outcome? Don't our voices count?
Have they already agreed without our input? Is that what you're
implying or asserting?
10:40 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Our level of Affordable housing is not even near 6% when
all the rental units at 90 shank-painter road are built we still will
not be at 10%! This is public information! Just ask. Also you can't
sell the rental units that will be built and the ones you mention had
no town funds so they were under different laws.
10:38 pm est 

So what!

Even if you think that some of the selectmen had something
to do with getting affordable housing built in town by Ted Malone SO
WHAT! Nobody has done anything against the law! Every vote had a
public hearing and town counsel approval.
10:00 pm est 

Another Usless No-Show Sharon Squad Member

"The director resigned at the end of 2008, however an assistant
was hired in the Fall of 2008. I guess she left as well or she is
definitely sleeping on the job"

You got that right...another usless no-show Sharon Squad member, and
yet, her usless job is secure after just a few months...And she's not
the only one...
Ya gotta wonder
9:59 pm est 

We Can do it All!

Townhall and the two Ted Malone projects will get the go
ahead from the CPC as well as the public park in the east end, all
will go to Aprils town meeting for a final vote. the Cpc has the
funds for all three projects now because the Library and David Mayos
land project have both been withdrawn. So settle down Astrid Burg &
Mikey Rogovsky! We can do all!
9:57 pm est 

Re: Its Just Not Going to Happen

I know of four people already working in town with children and are
waiting for more affordable housing. Where do you get your untrue
9:56 pm est 

Re: Russell Braun

The same person who keeps bashing Mr. Braun is a liar and very
misinformed. Banks are giving morgages and several of his "cottages"
as you call them, are under agreement. Sorry to disapoint you but its
true. And contrary to your other lies, they are weaterized,have heat
and do have a rental history.

People like this blogger have no lives and just spread lies and
gossip out of jealeousy. So sad.
9:54 pm est 

Re: Tourist director

If you remember   we do not have a tourist director yet.
The last one left months ago. The town has to choose from over 40
9:53 pm est 

Affordable Housing: It's a Scam

It's a lie perpetuated by some kwy people, many whose income and
livelihood is tied to Ted Malone and getting a pay check from his
affordable housing developments. It's an old story that does not fit
today's needs or priorities. Our level of affordable housing is
almost at 10% and perhaps even higher if the Malone people didn't
fudge the numbers and if the affordable units, some after five years,
didn't resort back to market rate and then fall out of the affordable
housing figures. That's what happened to Pam Parmakian's affordable
unit. That's what happened to Monic's unit. And I think the same will
happened to Rex's affordable. A pretense. A joke and one we don't
need anymore, especially if it will cost us another $950,000 of CPC
funds to go into Ted Malone's pockets. that is what he is requesting
from CPC. He should be ashamed!
9:52 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

If you live in affordable housing you are allowed to go on
vacation just like everyone else. But if your away for more than a
month you have to give notice that you will be gone. only for the
wealthy?....are you nuts or something???
9:49 pm est 

Any Truth to WALMART Coming to Town...

Talk about jobs... a Walmart could employ at least 200 people, maybe
more. Where can we find out more information? Is the lot at Clem and
Ursies large enough for a Walmart? Please tell us more.

Needin a J O B
9:48 pm est 

I Find This Blog Quite Important and Quite Positive

I Think What People Are Doing on this Blog is....Positive
and Quite Civic-Minded

People write because they care. They want this town to run as well as
it could be run. They care about the citizens and don't want to
accept incompetence. They write to let others know what they see as
problems, even if those in charge don't see the same things.

I find this blog quite important and quite positive. And I thank
everyone who adds to the information and brings their many-sided
perspectives here. It's great, really.
9:45 pm est 

To: The Webmaster

It's Monday night Webmaster! Where are my multiple postings?

Mike R.
9:43 pm est 

Hey Sammy!

"Sammy Seagull (dropping clam shells on the Harbormaster
Bld. and still no response from inside)"

Hey Sammy - You hit the nail right on the head! Or should I say you
dropped the shell on the right roof! Not getting a response from
inside is not unusual in the evening since the person inside barely
ever pokes their head out! That is a job that I'd like to have! No
work, plenty of rest and a paycheck to boot! Sammy, you had better be
dropping boulders if you are expecting an answer from in that
9:42 pm est 

Connecting the Dots

Well, someone is connecting the dots. Linking Michele Couture to Ted
Malone and linking Elaine Anderson to Ted Malone is interesting. The
affordable housing complex with two of five selectmen definitely in
Ted Malone's corner, if not pocket. Elaine Anderson worked tirelessly
for CPC monies, when she was chair of CPC, to go to affordable
housing. And Couture has been voting for all affordable housing
projects and for changing the by-laws(Ted Malone is on the newly
re-constituted non-public By Law committee--here we go again.) Elaine
Anderson was involved in rushing to get the CPC funds for Gerry
Anathan and Cass Benson for the 7 Sandy Hill project that gave them
$1 million plus when including the interest. Who was the adviser
behind this project? Ted Malone.

So Malone can feel comfortable he has Couture and Anderson fighting
his battle for more money for his profit-making corporation. I wish
we could all feel as comfortable as he does.
9:40 pm est 

Just My Humble Opinion

There is too much concern of certain issues, HOWEVER;

1) We have nothing to fear as far as the CPC funding going to the
renovation to Town Hall this year.  I do not think anyone will have
the audacity to raise their hand in a public vote to have the money
go to Ted Malone. So...

2) Who cares if there is a request on the warrant this spring from
CHR INC.  Really, don't you think the town is intelligent enough to
vote it down.  After all, 90 Shankpainter is not even started yet. 
Astrid and Clarence have constructed good letters, without  emotion
and the ill-intent of affordable housing (unlike Michael Rogovsky)
that will be read at the CPC meeting.  This is about town hall.
Everyone who will be at TM knows the real deal.

3) Let the TM and BoS try to put essential services on overrides. 
This economy is dire, and any individual who is civic minded enough
to get out and vote, WILL vote the overrides DOWN.

4) Candace has brought to light the irregularities of the PPC.  I
believe there will be change in that department, as many of the towns
people will be watching.

5) Is it possible to find out the legal aspect of this new fee to be
charged by the BoH?  Can Town Council do this and be trusted?  Maybe
an attorney should be retained by a group of local landlords to
investigate? It is called pro-action.

6) Is it too late to petition the people for an article to make the
Town Hall business go back to the regular 9 to 5, Monday through
Friday?  It seems like this FREE LUNCH and leaving early is not what
we bargained for.
9:36 pm est 


I agree, only a true republican would be against affordable
housing. They always vote against the working man. All they want is
to cut taxes so they can have even more for themselves. They would
rather let the country go bankrupt than part with their money.
9:33 pm est 

Year Round Water? ..................No!!

If Truro votes for year-round condos, like our Building Inspector
wants them too (yes, he lives in Truro) then our water line through
Beach Point is going to have greatly increased use, year round.  This
puts more use on our limited water supply, which Truro does not want
to increase.  How much sense does this make?  What's our Building
Inspector doing to our town? to our water?
9:32 pm est 

Move the Dialog to a Civil Level

I am thinking of three seperate people who live in
affordable housing, two at The Meadows and one at Sandy Hill.  All of
these people have lived here for many years, all have year round jobs
and an NOT on unemployment!  Of course there may be those who
manipulate the system, there always are.  But it is SOOOOOOO tiring
to hear the same old crap being said about people who live in or need
affordable housing.  These three people that I am thinking of, are
doing jobs we need done, they are not being paid horrible wages, yet
they can not afford to buy the overpriced condos that are available. 
These folks are members of OUR community!  Why do some people seem to
loose sight of this?  Why must some folks in this town pit people
against each other.  Our citizens, our community need our support! 
It is time to move this dialouge to a new civil level.  No more name
calling or inflamatory statements please...
9:29 pm est 

Things are Achanging

I used to get slammed with credit card requests. Now I get
a notice stating that there are changes to my account. $39 late

I have friends who used to get new credit cards and just do a balance
transfer--those days are over. Now businesses can't even get a loan.

Glad I keep a zero balance. There are going to be hard times ahead.
9:27 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

I just thought that it was gossip, but I heard on the radio
interview that when affordable housing was built and sold at below
market price to a buyer, after 5 years that buyer could turn around
and sell it at Market Price.

WhatI did find is this "The Mass Housing Fannie Mae Deed Rider"
written just two years ago in 2006: Most importantly, it retains the
affordability restriction even if an eligible buyer cannot be found.

In  this way, despite a temporary period of occupancy by an
INELIGIBLE household (after diligent search by parties closes to the
community), the unit remains subject to the affordable restrictions.

This seems to  mean that ANYONE can buy an affordable housing unit if
you can't find a poor person to buy it.

Does this mean that this only applies to the units sold under a
Fannie Mae Mortgage since 2006?

Does that mean that all of the units that were built and sold these
past ten years could be sold at market value. Remember what houses
were going for just a year ago?

Now do you advocates of affordable housing see why people are upset?
They want to change this rule--but I don't know if it has been
changed yet or if it was changed just two years ago.

If someone could point out to me where this is printed, I'd
appreciate it. This sure seems murky to me.

ANOTHER BIG DISCOVERY:I'll just wait until tomorrow's meeting at 6pm.

Michael Rogovsky

9:24 pm est 

Build up Don't Tear Down

My kids go to the Community Center like two generations before.

Where will my kids go if its close ?  What safe place will they go
when they are teenagers ?   Hang around on Commercial Street ?

Don't take away - build up - don't tear down.
9:21 pm est 

All the Units at Sandy Hill are Sold -

Families live there and everyone is very happy - it is a real neighborhood. 
Stop telling lies.   Go somewhere else and complain.
9:19 pm est 

To Wondering About The VSB Web Site

      You are absolutely on target! No postings since Dec.
2008. The director resigned at the end of 2008, however an assistant
was hired in the Fall of 2008. I guess she left as well or she is
definitely sleeping on the job.

      Thank you to the poster for bringing this issue up, you
encouraged me to look at the site.  Very interesting how they promote
this town as a gay mecca without any mention to straights or
families, gay or straight.

      I have always given open arms to all that come to town and I am
appalled to see such a one sided use of tax dollars.

      Maybe the reason that straight working families do not want to
move here or stay here is due to the continuous promotions of this
town as being gay and lesbian.

      It is far better to promote the town as a "place for
everyone and to be "who" you are. The straights love this
town and they love to go to the drag shows and to mix with
others. They are so bored in suburbia. Target them.

Some of my best friends are straight ( and I'll even put up with their kids).

  A historic mark was made tonight. Sean Penn won as best actor for
"Milk" and the Mormon raised screenwriter won an Oscar too. This is
not a time for diversion it is a time to pull together as people of
this town and the smartest way to promote this town is UNITY. A Town
For Everyone.
9:18 pm est 

Affordable Housing:

As I mentioned before, affordable housing is designed for the
wealthy...  To come and live for the summers and vacate in the
winters.  It is not designed to really help people in need.....  I
for one, know a family who had to move out of her housing unit
because it was up to $1800.00 per month...  IS THAT AFFORDABLE FOR A
SINGLE MOTHER?  There is something wrong here....  WE DO NOT NEED ANY

There are no jobs here in the winter.  Places close down for a
9:15 pm est 

Re: Rex McKinsey

"Really Rex please stop insulting your employees on this
blog. If anyone is not doing his or her job on the pier it is more a
reflection of your mismanagement"

That's funny, I don't recall reading anywhere on the blog where Rex
McKinsey insulted a harbormaster. Rex isn't the type of guy to insult
anyone; especially his own employees. Oddly enough, the only time
there was any mention even associated with that was regarding a
seagull flying over the pier and dropping clam shells on the
harbormaster's building. Guess that must have struck a nerve? Keep up
the good work Sammy! Bombs away!!
9:12 pm est 

To: Candace Nagle

Really Candace, Surely the Harbormasters don't need YOU to
defend them! Haven't you done enough for them lately? Rex McKinsey
isn't the only person that has eyes and can see what goes on at the
9:09 pm est 

Re: Russell Braun

What Provincetown Buuilding Inspector needs a big bailout,
and wants Truro to give it to him?  How about the biggest "cottages"
on Beach Point  How about no way mortgage financing is available for
any?? of these units, because they're all seasonal, so, says this
developer, lets have a bail out, lets have year round condos.  Never
mind we built these places without weatherization, or heat,or
insulation, never mind we can't get rentals, never mind you cant get
to the beach from here, want a bail out? Call P-town, building dept,
ask for Braun.
9:08 pm est 

Is it true?

Don't you just love Provincetown... is it true that Walmart
is opening up in the old Clem and Ursies?

9:05 pm est 


....if all the time spent whining and complaining on
this blog were spent on doing positive things in town.

What we could accomplish !
9:04 pm est 

Did You Also Get the Silver Spoon?

It must be nice to have inherited a restaurant, shops and
rentals. Did you also get the silver spoon? And to renovate said
restaurant during these hardtimes, it really must be nice to just sit
around all winter and blog away and put down people who are trying to
help the town. I heard a rumor that the town might build some
affordable housing on a lot that is on the waterfront in the eastend!
9:02 pm est 

Sorry, Rex

  Candace and I are not reading from the same playbill.  I just
happen to be a fish with integrity. When someone like Candace
takes the time to get further into an investigation that exposes
as much mismanagement of MY MONEY, this little fishy gets its
spiney back up.

  The Candace has shown over a year of investigation that the PPC has 
covered up (and still seems to be covering) irregularities in book-keeping
and dock rentals which have been detrimental to the taxpayers of this town,
including the purchase of an expensive barge that is now sitting abandoned. 
You never seem to respond to that.

  Michelle made a grievous error of chastising a citizen, who is
helping the PTown taxpayers, in an effort to obviously stop the pier
corp from putting pressure on her. BIG mistake.

  If Michelle wanted to praise the Pier Corp, that's her prerogative. 
But, she lost her temper and made a fool out of herself by coming out
with negative comments toward a private citizen who is asking for what a citizen
is ENTITLED to get, PUBLIC records.

  Michelle's actions are totally inappropriate for a PUBLIC official. 
All Nagele has asked for all along is PUBLIC records which she has
been thwarted from getting by the PPC. Now Michelle has put herself
into very murky waters.

  Obviously ,I need to remind you that I have a mind of my own and do
not have to be on the inside of anything to see what is happening. 
Don't for one minute assume that people cannot see through your
nonsense. And don't think for one minute that when the waters get
rough, Michelle is going to help you.

Stop all your ducking and weaving and give Nagle the PUBLIC records.

Till then I remain Slippery Fish (over, under and around or anywhere
on the pier that you think I am)
8:59 pm est 

Affordable Housing is a Good Thing

The lies about the housing on this blog are from very angry NIMBYs.
And thanks to developers like Ted Malone for the forever affordable
housing we have so far.
8:49 pm est 

Where Have You Been?

All of the units at Sandyhill were sold months ago! Where
have you been.
8:48 pm est 

Over and Over Again

Boy, the bloggers who is so anti affordable housing sure
likes to type the same lies over and over like a little kid who
thinks if he keeps asking for something, someone will give it to him,
just to shut him up! C'mon Mikey & Astrid we've read it all before!
the same goes to Candace.
8:46 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Folks, it's just not going to happen.  Families (in all
forms) and other people are just NOT going to move here and create an
economy.  There are no well paying year-round jobs.  Who in their
right mind would move here, to one of the most expensive areas, with
no job?

Found a job somewhere else on the Cape?  Why would you live in
Provincetown where the cost of living is so expensive and commute to
your job elsewhere on the Cape?  There are better, cheaper
alternatives in other towns.

It's not going to happen.
8:45 pm est 

To: The Harbor Master

"Sammy Seagull (couldn't wake the night watchman on the pier
up, no matter how hard I tried!)"

Rex, please stop these egregious attacks on your employees.

I'd like to know how you are going to address these Class 1 loopholes
brought up by your 'nemesis' so we can start seeing more thank $12k a
year being produced on your watch!
8:44 pm est 

Re: Tourism Director

"Doesn't this town pay a tourism director?  It's February
and nothing is posted yet.  I'd love to have a job where I can be
three months behind in my work!

The town's Tourism Director resigned effective 12/31/08.  The
position is currently empty while they interview candidates.  But,
you are correct in that someone should have taken over the work and
the 2009 calendar posted.
8:40 pm est 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Re: Habor Master

"Sammy Seagull (dropping clam shells on the Harbormaster
Bld. and still no response from inside)"

Really Rex please stop insulting your employees on this blog. If
anyone is not doing his or her job on the pier it is more a
reflection of your mismanagement.

5:16 pm est 

Class One Loopholes

Derelict Fishing Boats Not Welcome in New Bedford (Providence
Business Journal Feb 1 2009)

In January 2008, port officials began a major crackdown on derelict
boats, according to the Standard-Times in New Bedford. These derelict
boats take up space and create a public-safety problem. we need to
make room for boats that are actually fishing and not simply taking
up prime real estate, Decas said. The derelict boats have got to go.
Derelict Fishing Boats Not Welcome in New Bedford (Providence
Business Journal Feb 1 2009)
The PPPC Directors have publicly stated a change in the
rate structure at the pier.

But there are gaping loopholes in the new class system:

Class 1

Class 1 will have no change in rate for 2009. There are at least four
tenants who are in this class but their boats are derelict or never
go out fishing nor do they have insurance. They are taking up prime
real estate on MacMillan Pier and we are paying dearly for their
electricity. These boats leave lights on and heaters on to keep their
boats dry all at a cost to Provincetown taxpayers.

The harbormaster needs to start exercising his authority and remove
these tenants to make room for working commercial fishing boats first
and foremost. Otherwise, these berths should be available for the
only growth on MacMillan Pier: recreational boaters.

Please vote for my article for a full and transparent review of the
tenancy of MacMillan Pier.

Candace Nagle
5:15 pm est 

Joined at the Hip

Get rid of Michelle C and you will disable a lot of the
towns' TAX money going to Ted Malone.  How long is it going to take
people to realize that Michelle and her buddy Elaine  are the ones
who keep supporting the affordable housing here.  We have enough. 
How about getting money to support the town instead. I like the idea
of getting the pier making money for the taxpayer rather than the
taxpayer paying for the pier.

Where do I sign?
4:51 pm est 

To: Candace and Slippery Fish

To Candace: Please keep up your efforts for the taxpayers
of Provincetown.  I will remain your avid supporter.

Slippery Fish (waiting for the drama to unfold)

Slippery Fish - You and Candace sound like you are both working from
the same playbook. Get the Pier Corp. at all costs. Attack Michele
Couture because she has the backbone to tell Candace that her actions
are reprehensible.

Slippery Fish sounds like someone on the inside. Perhaps the
"fishbowl" isn't under the wharf, but on top of it?

Sammy Seagull (dropping clam shells on the Harbormaster Bld. and
still no response from inside)
4:49 pm est 

Where is the Tourism Director

I am trying to get an up-to-date events calendar for P-town
this summer and I went to the tourism office's web site (see link
below) and they are still posting 2008's calendar.  Doesn't this town
pay a tourism director?  It's February and nothing is posted yet. 
I'd love to have a job where I can be three months behind in my work!

4:47 pm est 

Sometimes the Greater Good Supercedes the Nickel & Dime

I have hired a very qualified single mother to work full
time in my shop. She will depend on the Community Center for her
child's day care in season. Should the center close she would not be
able to work.

Sometimes the greater good supercedes the nickel dime. I know it's
the meanest of seasons here and now but please come to your senses
for what little is left of this community.
4:45 pm est 

That's a Very Good Point: AFter Ten Years of Affordble Housing: Look What We Have

A town that has even fewer year-round residents than it did years
back. A town that even fewer families, even fewer teachers, police
and town employees--the all three Olympic Rings--and we are far behind
where we were years back. So what has affordable housing brought us?
What has the millions and millions given, donated, and handed-over
like cash in paper bags to affordable housing developers lead to?

Enough of promising if we get more affordable housing, we will have a
year-round community. We have handed over millions and millions and
we have fewer then a thousand people living here in the winter. And
we have fewer families than ever living here year-round.

The promise of affordable housing shrinks like a dessicated fruit
upon the vine. It provides money for those running these large
mega-developments, like Ted Malone, the mayor of affordable
housing--(just look at his rather un-affordable house)--but it leaves
most of us with high-density closets good only for new-comers who are
alone and who know, ah so well, those who work for
Ted-you-have-a-friend-in-me- Malone.
4:43 pm est 

Recreation Commission:

I'm watching their meeting with the school committee on PTV. They
said they charge NON residents 65 dollars a week for their summer
program. That is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. That comes to @ $1.63
an hour for full time child care. Does this strike anyone else as
ridiculously cheap. Why is the TOWN offering what amounts to
childcare for NON residents at such a LOW price?
3:25 pm est 

Yup, Yup, Yup...............................Ain't it Just Grand!

Entitlement is the key. I take a bus and get dropped here here.(PS I
did get a call from friends working for Ted Malone encouraging me to
"Come on Down!") I'm entitled to work here. I'm entitled to get
affordable housing. I'm entitled for others--oh, I guess that's you,
you-hoo-- to pay for me. That is the American way.

So keep paying. Keep giving my good old friend Ted more money so
many of others friends can take a bus up here or a take a plane and
get affordable housing. I deserve it! I am an American and I deserve
to be treated in a special way. And you have an obligation to pay for
me to live here. That is the American way.

And my friends also deserve to live here in affordable housing. So keep
on paying your taxes and pay for us. It's the American way. It's only fair
and Ted Malone gets to live well too. It's the American way. Isn't life
just grand?
3:23 pm est 

Ten Years of Affordable Housing

All of these families will rush to live cheek to jowl where
a neighbor's alarm clock will jostle them out a deep sleep--thinking
that it is one on their night stand--but is really a neighbors.

All of these kids will be able to play on swing sets and play with
their dogs and play their games in their own back yards.

One hopes that it does come true--but it won't. Who would move to a
town with no economy--unless they are being supported by the state.
How would someone get ahead? You have to work elsewhere and save up
and then come here and take a service job.

The year round economy is the school and town hall and the few
businesses that we are very happy stay open. somehow affordable
housing is going to counter all of this--I will believe it when I see

Ten Years of affordable housing has been built here--where is the
year round economy? How many of these folks are living away from here
in the winter?

It is all wishful thinking...the past is prologue. Just look at the
town now with ten years of affordable  housing--even more places 
are closed now than there were 8 years ago.
3:19 pm est 

And Then You are gone

Oh you are right - let's discourage families from living
here - oh we already do that - great !   Or anyone else.

Your vision - you and your old cronies sitting around dishing into
the sunset - that's it !  How lovely, and then you are
3:14 pm est 

Capitalist Ted Malone Group

Oh, Yes, For Sure The Families Will Return for One Bedroom
Affordable Housing!

Sure they will! The will take their two or three kids and quickly
move here to be stuffed into a one bedroom condo. Are you for real?
The families have left and those who left will not return. Those who
are here will not move into affordable no-space,
not-for-real-families condos. And they are already sending their
children to other schools as well. It is over for the phantom return.

Affordable housing is for outsiders who come here, not for police or
firemen or teachers. That is the marketing slogan. That is the
talking point that is nothing but a fabrication for the money-making,
capitalist Ted Malone group.

Not having enough money these days, good old Ted now wants even more
from the town: money, hard-cash, dough. He wants us to stuff his fat
pockets with $900,000 so he can develop more buildings and, yes, make
more money. Then he even wants even more money from the Local Housing
Partnership Fund.

Believe affordable housing is for families and not for Ted Malone and
his groupies and you'll believe that the blue moon will soon be here.

Time to wake up my dear friends. Time to stop drinking the Kool Aid.
1:15 pm est 

The Entitled

Some ignorant people will always make stereotypical
statements about others and tell other people how they should spend
their money or talk about them sunning themselves in Florida.

I guess that the folks on unemployment down there enjoying sun, surf,
and smoking weed are paragons of virtue.

Like a previous poster said, he works and has to take urine tests
while folks who "dial for dollars" on unemployment have cart blanch
to smoke weed, snort or inject to their heart's content.

Interesting how so many people are now part of the entitled
generation: I'm entitled to live here; I'm entitled to have you pay
for my housing; I'm entitled to have your money go for creating
affordable housing; I'm entitled to break the law.

When I think how hard the fishermen work; I wonder what they think
about all of this entitlement--but they are too busy to write here.
1:10 pm est 

Re: Re: Affordable Housing

If so many families are going to live in those units, where are they
coming from? They didn't sell all the units at Sandy Lane so why does
anyone think these are going to be full? And with the economy as it
is, who's coming to a seasonal town with low wages to live?

I'm not buying it.
1:08 pm est 

Re: Rental Inspections

"Under General Bylaws check section 9-5. Habitations for
Rent. Issuance of certificates of registration currently apply to
rentals for 90 days or less."

Why does Provincetown single out rentals for less than 90 days to get
a Health Certificate?  Wouldn't it be fair to have all rentals
recieve this inspection?  It's actually more important that the 90
day or more rentals be inspected.  A friend of mine is renting a
studio apartment that is a dump.  But she's afraid to confront her
landlord because she fears her rent will increase and she can't
afford it.  It seems the inspections are needed for these units.
1:07 pm est 

Re: Russell Braun

Truro residents shouldn't be so afraid of what Braun is presenting in
Truro. The other three articles proposed are from a very scary bunch
from what I've heard and seen. They want to take over Beach point and
shut it down. They don't live there or have any financial gain or
loss. The ones that will lose are the people that live there. Once
the facts are out, I'll bet Brauns idea is much more doable.
10:54 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Yes, lots of families will be living in the 25 or so one
bedroom subsidized apartments at 90 Shank Painter Rd.
10:45 am est 

To: Provincetown is Not Out of Line

We don't live in another state - we live in Massachusetts and
specifically Provincetown - which has a much shorter rental season
that places like Ft. Lauderdale.  Did you ever think for a moment
that all of the "landlords" you saw sunning themselves paid for their
vacations with money from their full-time jobs rather than their
millions in profits from rentals?  Last time I checked it wasn't a
crime to take a vacation.  I hope you had fun - but beware, too much
sun can be hazardous to a clear way of thinking.
10:44 am est 

To: "Laughing All the Way to the Bank"

Do the math:

700K for a three-bedroom condo - 20% down is $140K (of my hard-earned
money).  This leaves a mortgage of $560K with a 4K a month mortgage
payment. A mortgage on a rental property or second home is subject to
a higher interest rate than a primary residence.  There is no way a
landlord can charge 4K at the height of summer - or rake in 48K a
year for 14 weeks of rentals for a 3 bedroom unit - unless of course
you are one of these greedy landlords that everyone is talking about
on here.

Then add 2K for taxes, condo fees, water sewer bills/betterments,
cleaning and turnover costs, property management fees, and
maintenance of the home as a result of wear and tear from renters and
there is no one "laughing all the way to the bank."  And this formula
is for someone who is renting their property all of the time (like a
business) - this isn't for people who are renting out only a few
weeks through the summer to defray the costs of owning a second home.

So I don't know how you and your partner can continue to buy and rent
properties here - because these are REALISTIC figures.  This is why
the developer market soared in this town because that is where the
profits were - renovations/flips and condo development - not in

Therefore, you are either lying, or you are doing something
illegal/immoral to make a profit on renting out a property here. 
However, as a Bentley Grad, perhaps you could share your magical
formula to clueless homeowners to make rentals turn a profit.  This
will definitely help the town if we are all making money and laughing
all the way to the bank.
10:43 am est 

Egregious Miscalculation by a Town Committee

I believe that the citizens of Provincetown feel that if
CPC money doesn't go towards renovating Town Hall that it
will be the most egregious miscalculation by a town committee.

To give this  money to a rich developer instead of helping the
taxpayers of Provincetown pay for this renovation will indelibly
blacken the image of Affordable Housing and this Committee.
10:40 am est 

To Competition, YES!

First of all do some research. Go to the Town's site, and click Bylaws & Regulations.

Under General Bylaws check section 9-5. Habitations for
Rent. Issuance of certificates of registration currently apply to
rentals for 90 days or less. This does not apply
to landlords who rent seasonal or year round units.

Now go to Licenses and you'll see a breakdown of fees.
      Renter's Certificate...........$65.00
      Inspection for first 5 units...$40.00
      (additional units add..........$ 2.00

Let's do some math based on 5 units under the current fees.
Certificate $65 X 5 units = 325.00
Inspection (5 units or less) 40.00

Total: $365.00

Now let's do the math based on the BOH's proposal.

Renter's Certificate & Inspection $150.00
$150.00 X 5 units = $750.00

Purposed fee: $750.00
Current fee   $365.00 Equals a $385.00 increase for the
same posted services.

This is not fair, there is no rhyme or reason. Fees are based on the
cost of the services not to make a profit.
For the Town to generate income is considered a Tax.

Based on 5 units, how can the BOH justify the $385.00
increase. Is it to hire another person to keep up with all the
inspections they anticipate or does the Town want to funnel these
additional monies to General Funds. If so,
then this is totally illegal.

BTW: I am not in competion. My tenants return year after
year. I must be doing something right ie. well maintained
units at reasonable rates.

Astrid Berg
10:38 am est 

Giving Not Costing

"You are wrong. Pier Corp meeting minutes July 10 2008

A motion was made to forward the net income of $12, 067.31 to the
Town of Provincetown.

Motion: Kerry Adams Second: Lee Ash"

Didn't Candace say that the Pier Corp was "costing" the town money?
Here they are giving money TO the town!

Sammy Seagull (couldn't wake the night watchman on the pier up, no
matter how hard I tried!)
10:37 am est 

Subsidy For Real Fishermen-Go Candace

NET income of 12967.31?????????
Are we missing a 0 somewhere, like before the dot???
Hey, Candace,  where are the papers? Bring me a pen!

And to the person who cannot read.. I'll try to spell it out
carefully. Candace has never once said that REAL commercial fishermen
(that means people who work hard to catch fish and support their
families) should have to pay big increases or any increase at all.
What it means is that the people who get a 3 day fishing liscense or
no fishing liscense at all should get the commercial rates that the
taxpayers subsidize.

  As a taxpayer in P-Town, I am happy to subsidize any of the real
fishermen on the pier (even though you have snagged a few of my

  However,I do have a problem subsidizing the plumber, who doesn't
show his face for less than $100 an hour or the out of town lawyer
who runs his clock at $250 an hour.  My best to them for making as
much money as they can but don't ask me to support them.

  By the way, if you are a fisherman, watch out for flying seagulls. 
You know what they drop on boats.

Enough of Michelle and her overrides. Enough of Michelle and her
support for the PPPC. Enough of Michelle and her bullying and
backstabbing tactics.

To Candace: Please keep up your efforts for the taxpayers of
Provincetown.  I will remain your avid supporter.

Slippery Fish (waiting for the drama to unfold)
10:34 am est 

From: Michael Rogovsky

Until people stop lying about me--I'll just keep posting the truth.

I'm not against affordable housing--I'm against CPC funds going to a
developer who has so many options now of getting his money--he
doesn't need to take it from the taxpayers of Provincetown.

I listened to an interview on the radio on Friday night about
affordable housing, the study on the homeless and the $1.6 in the
stimulus package going towards fighting homelessness. and yes, it was
mentioned that units were sold at reduced prices to people on
affordable housing and the leases were only for 5 years, so then they
could turn around and sell it at Market Price!

It is all true what people have been saying. Is this the situation
with the units built ten years ago.

It was perfectly legal to make a killing by buying affordable housing
units and then selling them a few years later.

Michael Rogovsky
10:31 am est 

Bent More on Slandering

"RE: I'm glad that the board of health
will be charging for inspections and cracking down on weekly condo rentals."

Hey, READ the article before you start typing.  You know, there is
nothing more dangerous in a society than an ignorant populace.
Especially one that is ignorant by choice or pure laziness. Clearly
you are wildly uninformed and bent more on slandering Astrid or those
who see the fraud in this issue than suppressing your blathering
mouth long enough to read about an issue.
10:29 am est 

Future Vision

Affordable housing will bring some families and it was also
give adequate housing to the many with kids who live under the radar
here in inadequate housing.   Having a vision of the future for this
town is also important.   Your vision seems to be - close it down and
open it up in the summer.  And you seem to tie restaurants being open
in the winter to people being here year round.  Sort of tells me who
you are.
10:26 am est 

Re: Russell Braun

With the warrent that Russell Braun the developer of the
chicken coops in Truro is trying to do for changing the law for year
round condos on beach point, he has sold a few of his units after 3
years.  Maybe the warrent isn't bad after all?  How many of the
people that buy on beach point will really live there year round?  I
would have to assume less than 10%.
10:25 am est 

You are so Wrong.........

......about some of the families in the new
affordable units in town. I know of two such households that have
indeed moved to Provincetown to live year round.
10:23 am est 

Where It's at

I know of a few stores in town where you can buy underware!
Landsend hardware has for years, and other high end stores also carry
underware year round.
10:17 am est 

If You Build it They Will come

The point of affordable housing IS to keep all of those
families in town! We can nay say all you want about what comes first.
The chicken/stores or the egg/people I believe if you build it they
will come.
10:15 am est 

You Stand Corrected

"State funds were used for the pier and any additional funds
raised by the pier have to go back to the pier for current and/or
future maintenance of the pier! State law"

You are wrong. Pier Corp meeting minutes July 10 2008

A motion was made to forward the net income of $12, 067.31 to the
Town of Provincetown.

Motion: Kerry Adams Second: Lee Ash
11:49 pm est 

To: The Harbor Master

"When will you finally get your fill
Missy - when the PPC board of directors all resign?"

Actually Rex, I always thought you to be the weakest link on
MacMillan Pier. How come you never told your board you had to appear
before the Disabilities Commission and explain why you have left the
ADA lift inoperable for years?

Louis Ribas does your job. You have built your entire maintenance
operations on the pier around that one man. That is reckless. If
there was ever a job to cut, it would be yours. You spend too much of
your day driving around in your truck, delegating tasks and blogging.

Louis Ribas could easily do his job and yours.
11:47 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

All those people with kids lived here before they got
affordable housing and were lucky enough to get those units or they
would have had to move. No one with kids who doesn't live here
already is going to move here just because there are affordable
units. And if any do it will certainly not be enough to fill/save the
schools and change this summer resort town into a year round
11:45 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Even if affordable housing did bring in people with
families (which it won't) what makes you think the stores will stay
open. What will the families buy in town. Every store except the drug
and hardware stores in town is geared to tourists. You can't even buy
a pair of underwear in this town. You have no idea what you are
talking about.
11:44 pm est 

Re: Russell Braun

It figures that Russell Braun was behind Beach Point
becoming year round! He's not happy with messing up just
Provincetown, now he wants to mess up Truro.
11:40 pm est 

Webmaster Comment

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Please post the comment again and we will publish it.

Thank you
11:38 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

If you don't think that affordable housing does not bring
in year round families! Who are all those people with kids on Old Ann
Page Lane? Out at Sandy hill and at the units on Nelson Ave????
11:33 pm est 

Provincetown is Not Out of Line

If most of the landlords of rentals in town think a small
fee to be inspected every three years is unfair, they should find out
how high other resort towns charge for renting fees! As a matter of
fact, I was just down in Ft Lauderdale where I saw many of our
landlords sunning themselves on the beach! They can find out while
they are there and bring us back the news. However being a multi
rental owner from another state myself I can tell you that the town
of Provincetown is not out of line. In fact renters here have been
getting away with murder and laughing all the way to the bank, with
the profits they make on rentals.
11:31 pm est 


Stop with the character asassinations and stick to the issues. Come
on people, can't we have civil discourse here without acting like
11:29 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Revenues

State funds were used for the pier and any additional funds
raised by the pier have to go back to the pier for current and/or
future maintenance of the pier! State law
11:29 pm est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

So after months and months of not wanting affordable
housing, Mikey is now telling us about how many homeless people live
on the cape! Then he can't wait to go to a meeting to tell the CPC
not to give affordable housing funds to ted malone a developer of
affordable housing. PLEASE.
11:27 pm est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

I knew it was Mikey rewriting all those newspaper stories
everyday! We get it Mikey, you want lower taxes so you can complain
about the lack of town service you get. ETC. ETC. ETC.
11:25 pm est 

I Agree

Affordable housing = year rounders = new familys =
schools = stores open = jobs = Town of Provincetown!
11:18 pm est 

Compitition, YES!

To run a town we need money coming in and with the rents
that people charge in this town I'm glad that the board of health
will be charging for inspections and cracking down on weekly condo
rentals.  I'm also glad that the town is building affordable rentals
that will give the current rental landlords some real compitition! I
think that is the real reason people like Astrid are so against the
inspections and affordable housing! Compitition, YES!
11:16 pm est 

If It's Overrides, It's on Michelle Couture's Watch

If we are left with overrides and if the BOS can't get the unions to
give back something, then it's Couture's problems and I fault her for
a lack of leadership. If she can't get her board and the town manager
to get these three unions together to talk, negotiate and give back,
then let's get a new chair next year.

I say: time to find someone who can lead and manage tough financial i
ssues. Enough of this smirkiness, enough of this smiley-face whimpy stuff.
Being the chair of the BOS is not about photo-ops. It's serious and demands
professional, insightful and action-driven behavior.

If all Couture can give us is overrides, then she has given us more problems than
solutions. If she's too weak to act, then let's try David Bedard as

This is not working--if we are left with no give-backs and only overrides.
11:14 pm est 

The Equation

Affordable Housing = profit for Ted malone = friends of Ted Malone
getting units = individual closet condos = nothing much gained for
the town.

simple, yes simple. Ted malone is asking, if not demanding, from the
CPC for $900,000 and then he is requesting/demanding from the Local
Housing Partnership Fund for even more money. He is a big sponge on
our resources. We lose when he gains.

It's that simple.
11:11 pm est 

Cold Day in Hell

"Truro is thinking of allowing year round condos out on
Beach Point!"


Russell Braun the {Developer/Provincetown Building Comish) is trying
to change the Truro law so he can unload those condos he built.
Ain't gone happen...

Truro has 3 warrents just to prevent what he is trying to do
11:10 pm est 

My Town Too!

Ok I've read this blerg long enough and its time for me to
say my peace about now. This Town used to be a place to be a Hero.
I'm talking about the Fishermen, Firemen, Policemen, Construction and
all of the guys that build this Town you live in. And now you have
millionires and nancys running up and down the street telling us to
close the school and the fireman are drunk and who cares about the
fisherman? Well I do and so does my wife who needs someone to look up
to. Meaning me and I'm going to help her. I will protect Her and my
kids and be the Hero I am born to be like my old man and his old man.
So call me macho or whatever the heck you want. This is my Town, I
was born on the Cape and I'm staying here.
11:08 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing = more year round people.......

You are delusional to think that affordable housing is
going to bring people with children, save the schools and turn
Provincetown into a year round community. While it may be what you'd
like, it just ain't gonna happen. No way, no how.
11:00 pm est 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Re: Re: Bigger Picture @ 1:30pm

I didn't say the units don't get inspected. I'm sure they do and they
probably (though I have no proof) pay a fee to the STATE. My post
stated that these taxpayer funded units don't pay a fee to the TOWN
that collected taxes and therefore built the units in the first
place, kinda of a payback and immersion to regular society. Why
should the affordable rental units be immune from LOCAL taxes
("fees")? The only way Malone or others build these units was with
CPA funds and they are generated by taxing the inhabitants of the
TOWN. Why shouldn't they give back to the TOWN that gave to them in
the beginning?
10:59 pm est 

To: Candace Nagle

C"ongratulations you are qualified to get the taxpayer
subsidized rate on MacMillan Pier!!!  This rating process is very
impressive that the Pier Corp. came up with. Keep up the good work!"

Fine work there MS. Nagle! Why don't you sign up for the Pier Corp
board and be a part of the solution instead of the problem? You are
probably going to cost a lot of fishermen more money because of your
actions. If there is an industry that has taken a bigger beating than
the commercial fishermen, I'd like to know which one it could be.
Just what they all need now, a rate increase! Yup, I'll say it again,
good job MS. Nagle!
10:57 pm est 

Paving Commercial Street

Mikey, how are you going to pave Commercial St?  You want to lay off
all the Town employees?  Is this going to be your new clarion call? 
Let's spend more money- we may get stim-dollars from Washington so
lets just spend, spend spend.  What happened to Town Hall?  I believe
we need over 9M for phase II.  that is enough infrastructure for a
lifetime, don't ya think?
10:55 pm est 

We Cannot Live by Bread Alone

I do  understand the reason why some restaurants close.
People  are  not going  to  travel over an hour  to go out to eat in
P-twn.  We need to attrack better merchants who can offer  visitors
more. For example, we should  model  the basics after Falmouth. We
should  have a  main street with  viable shops and galleries and
restaurants. All need  to support each other. There is  no one source
of venue to the solution.

What is there  to do in provincetown in winter... really?
Why  not have  an ice rink outside? More different theme wkds. We
also  need  a bigger venue to attact some bigger talent. Why not in
the summer  have  a "BIG TOP " on the waterfront or pier? More 
dinner cruises with entertainment? We can build another parking lot
and  bus people in from rte. 6.  This too would create  jobs. For the
winter months why not use  the  school's gymnasium or theatre ?  Of
course when not needed by students.

I truly believe  the town  needs some fresh ideas and  we  need to
grow  in order to maintain a viable resort destination. I do believe 
we can  keep the  charm  in moving ahead.

10:54 pm est 


If you put down 10-20% for a condo in the past seven years, rent it
out every week of season at prime price* that is 10-15 % above your
monthly mortgage* to the vacationing wayfarer, then adjust your rate
for shoulder season, you should be able to get at least 12- usually
14 weeks of rentals.  This pays the mortgage for the year.  If you
are not doing this, you are the failure in your rental livelihood. 
Maybe you need to take a refresher course at Bentley College.
To me, this $150.fee for inspection is a drop in the bucket compared
to my remuneration from tenants.  This is how my partner and I can
continue to purshase property here.

Laughing All The Way To The Bank, Aren't You?
10:51 pm est 

WOW-- You Go Girl !!!

Thank you Candace!
At first when you were blogging about the PPC, I thought it may be a
personal vendetta.

How wrong it came to be...
You are uncovering mismanagement at the cost of the taxpayer.  Notice
how the Pier Corp. is trying to sweep past discretions under the
carpet by saying lets move on.  Well I hope Candace Nagel does move
on and on to make sure the Pier is not pulling the fresh fish out of
the bucket and selling us the by-catch.
10:49 pm est 

Re: Firemens Ball

"Historically, when the a'Ball' is over, and the buzz is at
the best...They take out the firetrucks and their "women' and party
till the sun comes up...driving home at the break of day...sirens

A real feeling of "Security" for all residents....."

I think our fire dept is probably the best volunteer dept. in the
state and I feel VERY secure in the knowledge that these brave men
and women are here to protect us. Shame on you for thinking less of
these people because of the actions of ONE person. What a small mind
you must have! Pray that you are never in need of their services for
it would serve you right if they drove right past your house; even
though we all know that they would and could not! You really should
sign your name next time so everyone will know how you really feel
about our volunteers. No, I'm not one of them but I support them 100%!

Count your blessings we have them.
10:48 pm est 

A Rich Source of Revenue

"The pier can be a rich source of revenue for the taxpayers
of this town.  The town needs it.  I am certainly going to vote yes
on Candace's artcle.  The taxpayers of this town owe her at least
this much for all of the hard work that she has done to turn around
poor financial management of the pier and show a way to produce what
could be the town's answer to some of the financial problems it now
   Instead of your overrides, Michelle,(remember the ones you said
would not be happening) try to make the taxpayers money instead us
stabbing us in the backs too.

The pier should be subsidizing us not the other way around.

Slippery Fish (ps Fishy is my brother. Please don't get us confused)"

Slippery Fish - Since you seem so well informed and are such a
believer in all things "Nagle", perhaps you should just cosign her

Sammy Seagull - (Passing over the pier unseen again)

Webmaster Comment: It is not necessary nor desirable to copy
whole comments as a reference.
10:46 pm est 

From: Michael Rogovsky

No, I did not reprint an article from the newspaper here
today. Why is it that whenever someone reads something here that is
stupid or insulting that same angry individual claims that I wrote
it.  Talk about being bullied and having your name savaged.

Yet that is the price that one seems to pay for standing up and
speaking up about issues. People dont like what I say, so I get
savaged.  Im an artist and my work gets ridiculed as well.

It is just a very sad commentary about how some people live their
lives and their ability to present their point of view like an idiot
full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

It makes one wonder about their personal relationships since this is
how they really behave.

At least Im an involved citizenand Im a private citizen.  Im driving
two hours to be at the meeting on Tuesday nightI wouldn't miss it for
the world.

In response to your remark no I did not reprint something from the
paper. Last night I listened to a  radio program about a study
released yesterday of 51 Cape Cod homeless and formerly homeless men
and women.

The program also talked about the more than $1.3 million in homeless
grants for the Cape Cod and the Islands.

And suddenly, with this stimulus package, $1.6 billion is being
awarded nationwide for homeless services. Who knows how much of this
money is available to affordable housing developers along with their
other options for funding.

It seems that with only CPC funds available to Provincetown citizens
to renovate Town Hall, it is tantamount that this money go to this
worthy endeavor.

Michael Rogovsky
10:40 pm est 

To: Candace Nagle

"I am Disabled and Came Here by Cruse Ship Last Summer



Come on Candace  we all know its you again. Ranting and raving about
the Pier Corp. again darling? When will you finally get your fill
Missy - when the PPC board of directors all resign? Is that what
youre after?  You got a dressing down from BofS Chair Couture for
your nastiness, but you just cant stop it can you? Youre like an
addict that needs a constant fix.

Tell you what sweetie, since you just cant play nice with others,
perhaps you should just take your marbles and play in someone elses
sandbox. Why dont you untie your float and sail it over to New
Bedford? Im sure theyd welcome you with open arms there! Or perhaps
Boston is a better locale for Candace, Inc.? I hear your popularity
there is absolutely stellar! Since the PPC is doing such a terrible
job in your eyes, why do you stay on their pier?

Give me a break
10:36 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Revenues

"Hmmm.....Seems to me that we should be looking for a way to
make money for the town...What about that big concrete structure that
goes into the bay... Is that what everyone calls the pier? Can't we
make money there? Then maybe we won't have to cut back services and
have overrides. What about it, Michelle.  Do you get it yet?

Slippery Fish ( in the Fish bowl with Fishy visiting )"

Dear Slippery Fish - I thought that whatever monies the pier brought
in were supposed to be used to repair the pier. Why should monies
raised out there (by whatever means) be "given" to the town? In order
for the pier to be self-sufficient, monies received should go right
back into the facility so the Pier Corp. won't need to ask the town
for any money for future repairs that undoubtedly will come.

Sammy Seagull (flying over the pier unnoticed by the night watchman)
10:34 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation Slip Rates

"Please tell me what good would come of detailing every slip
and float that went to someone who got a reduced rate when they
shouldn't have."
How unfortunate for all taxpayers that many have received reduced
rates when they shouldn't have all these years.

The review is necessary so that these poor management practices do
not continue. A review will show, I believe, the proposed new rates
and regulations will fall short.

Transparency can not be overrated when it comes to good goverance. I
was horrifyed when I received further public documents recently. The
Pier Corp told the Finance Committee that all those tenants qualified
for reduced rates. That's just not true based on public records

I never thought when I started looking into the fiscal and management
practices of the Pier Corp, I would have to worry about checks and
balances when it came to telling the truth by the Pier Corp. The
subsidies is a glaring example. Had I taken the Fincom report at its
face value, then the truth would have never been revealed about who
taxpayers are really subsidizing on the pier and that they aren't all
fishermen and/or meet the residency requirement.


Candace Nagle
10:31 pm est 

Re: Attention Business Owners

Before you call Christine for foreign
help, make sure to exhaust the local labor market.
Remember, every foreign worker means less money circulating in town.
One lower priced restaurant owner complained about how Spring sales
were down. Not only did he have all foreign workers, so did a number
of other business owners.

The American workers that would have patronized his place are no longer
here. This is ONE of the reasons we will never have the good years of
2000/2001 again. A rough estimate (non-scientific) is that close to a
million dollars is sent out of town each year.
10:27 pm est 

Re: Cop Party

God forbid they get together for a gathering like normal company's
do, and I dont ever recall the fire dept getting drunk together and
never mind driving but even starting a fire truck together while drunk? 

Could it possibly be you are a part of that "certain class of people" misfit
crowd that just wants to start trouble? I hope your home is safe on
the eve of the firemans ball, karma's a funny thing trouble maker!!   

Never a dull moment
10:24 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing = more year round people.......

 ......= more peoplewith kids = save schools = save year round
population = future for town.....= Writer on Mushrooms.
10:21 pm est 

Beware Homeowners

If the Town and BoH are hitting the rental properties now its just a
matter of time when miss-management will need more funds and will be
demanding private homes that do not rent for inspection fees (taxes).
Safety and health is one thing, extortion is another.

Monies are being wasted for unnecessary costs and not applied appropriately.
Time to tighten the belt and work with the current available capital.
That's what I'm doing. Living within my means.

A clear 5% cut of ALL TOWN EMPLOYEES, Union or Non will be fair and
make a difference. You will still have a job.Maybe I won't if my non-town-union
employer can't afford me.

I own a house and have a rental unit which helps paymy taxes and mortgage.
I look forward to getting kicked on both sides.

PS. I have not mentioned my insurance increases.
10:18 pm est 

Re: "Something Is Out Of Whack"

You neglected to include Fanizzi's in your list of year-round
restaurants so I want to make sure Paul is recognized for not only
being open, but for his kind donations to any and all events in town.
  Thank you.
10:14 pm est 

B of H Certificate Fee

Let's be honest, we all know it's all about the revenue. To wrap this
proposal in newspaper reeking of stinking fish with claims of safety
and health is disingenious. Those safe guards are already in place.
And to those of you who claim certain landlords charge too much for
their rents do you think this will lower rents? If you are or know
someone living in substandard or an illegal rental, report it. This
will do nothing to change those few circumstances because the
landlords won't comply anyway so it's all a moot point. Call it what
it is, a tax but with a REAL tax to follow.
Let the people speak at the hearing. But I gotta tell ya, this is
going to happen. And no, I am not a landlord.

E. Michael Richards
1:07 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

affordable housing = more year round people = more people
with kids = save schools = save year round population = future for

Simple isn't it
1:06 pm est 

Re: Viva La Reformation

Thanks for commenting on Viva La Reformation's ignorant
statements. Blanket statements about how weekly rentals pay for our would you know! How do you know about any of my
finances? I would not rent out my house if I didn't have to. It seems
to me that every time the town needs to come up with money, they hit
the home owners.

1:05 pm est 

Here's What You're Missing About Taxes

Don't just look at the tax rate. Look at the assessments and that is
where there is discrepencies. Jack up the prices and the assessor
certainly has, and then you still pay alot because the properties are
unevenly assessed. If you only look at the tax rate, you'll miss what
is really going on in Provincetown. Some people have the same
assessment year after year. Others have huge increases even when the
real estate market has d ropped and property assessments should be
lowered at least by 15%. No, some properties went up 15% for the
FY2009 year. Expalin that one, please.

so look beyond the tax rate and look closely at the odd, uneven, and
sometimes politically-determined real estate assessments here in
1:02 pm est 

Re: Cop Land Party

Maybe oldies DJ Barry Scott will spin the music?
1:01 pm est 

Attention: Reserve Your Labor Force Now

You business owners who are fretting about labor: Call Cultural Home
state International  at 866-716-6676 and talk to Christine.

They interview Foreign students and find them JOBS and HOUSING here
in Provincetown. Don't complain how you can't get any help this

Christine has been providing workers for employers here. Share this
with other business owners.
1:00 pm est 

Something is Out of Whack!

From where I sit, having read the town website concerning
this new inspection fee, the whole thing seems like a rush to get
monies without having spelled out exactly how it's all going to
happen.  Who on our town staff is going to do all of these
inspections?  How did they come up with the amount of $150? Is the
high amount in order to hire yet another person to go out and do
this? Who EXACTLY is going to be inspected and, therefore, subjected
to this fee? The website says merely "all habitations for rent." 
Where is that master list? When are all these inspections supposed to
happen? Before season? During season?

No one in their right mind is against the board of health going after
"bad landlords," but it should be done on a case by case basis. 
Something doesn't seem kosher with the proposal by the Board of
Health declaring that they suddenly need to inspect "all habitations
for rent" in Ptown. Has there been a recent rash of complaints by
renters to the BOH saying that their apartments are sub-standard?  If
so, I would suggest they begin addressing those complaints before
embarking on such a seemingly gigantic undertaking as going through
all habitations in town one by one.  Seems out of whack to me.
12:58 pm est 

Year Round Restaurants

We all saw how many people were in town last weekend in the middle of
February - how wonderfully that demonstrates that Ptown can be a
viable destination even in the Winter.
One of the key factors that makes that possible is our Year round restaurants.

It is imperative that the town makes sure that year round restaurants
that are supposed to stay open DO SO. Now there is talk about
allowing year round licenses to go to only 10 months or something to
that effect.  Has the town lost its mind ??  These restaurants that
are open bring people to town in the winter and the second home owner
who comes to town reguarly.

A year round restaurant is VITAL to the town and if it has a year
round license and does not stay open (excluding the time allotted by
the bylaw)- the town should be all over this and seek IMMEDIATE
ENFORCEMENT - none of this "oh well, what can we do?" baloney. If
this town has the power to grant licenses it also has the power to
take them away.

I congratulate the Mews, Napi's, Bayside Betsys, Lorraine's and any
others I may have missed for their wonderful service to the town by
staying open Year round and for being destinations for the year round
resident and the Winter visitor.
12:56 pm est 

Re: About Your Timing...

"Times are hard for all. But cutting taxes has been proven to be a
bad thing.  11:07 pm est"


From this morning's news:

WASHINGTON (Reuters)  President Barack Obama ordered the U.S.
Treasury on Saturday to implement tax cuts for 95 percent of
Americans, fulfilling a campaign pledge he hopes will help jolt the
economy out of recession.  The tax cuts are part of a $787 billion
economic recovery plan.... The aim is to put more money in the
pockets of Americans and stimulate the economy.

So you oppose the President's new tax cuts?
12:53 pm est 

Michelle do You Get it Yet?

Hmmm.....Seems to me that we should be looking for a way to
make money for the town...What about that big concrete structure that
goes into the bay... Is that what everyone calls the pier? Can't we
make money there? Then maybe we won't have to cut back services and
have overrides. What about it, Michelle.  Do you get it yet?

Slippery Fish ( in the Fish bowl with Fishy visiting )
12:52 pm est 

It's Imperative That No Overrides Pass

To the people who continue to say that an override only
adds this much to our taxes when divided among all of us; first add
that cost to the thousands that we already pay.

Taxpayers, look at your taxes now, the cost of raising your family
and paying expenses--what will they be in six years?

And, don't forget, divide the $44,000,000 by everyone and then see
how much you owe--and what you are responsible for paying.

If Banks should call these notes, as they did in Birmingham AL. the
town would be bankrupt.

With gas going up nineteen cents, with house insurance going up and
with people on fixed incomes and fearful of the next increase--it is
imperative that there be no overrides that pass.
12:50 pm est 

No Need to Yell


First of all, you don't need to yell.  And 2nd, we're not really a
cruise ship destination.  We don't want to turn into Key West.
12:47 pm est 

Stimulating Cape Cod

With the passage of the Stimulus package, money is now available to
fund projects on Cape Cod.

In Harwich voters will be asked to provide $327,800 in the special
town meeting on Thursday night for design and engineering of roadway
improvements along the Route 137 corridor from Brewster to Chatham
and with passage of that article the town would be looking to the
stimulus package as a possible means of funding that $4.6 million

Town officials have even identified the $9.2 million police station
construction project now underway as an infrastructure stimulus

Let paving Commercial Street be just one of our stimulus projects.

And there is other stimulus money especially earmarked for projects
on Cape Cod.

Michael Rogovsky
12:45 pm est 

Lest You Forget

The PPC can claim they are now trying to do something about the
noncommercial boats being subsidized by the taxpayers of
Provincetown, so now Candace should go away. However, by whose DD
that that occur? Without Candace NONE of the changes would be
happening because Papergate at the Pier would continue to be the way
the Pier Corp does business at the expense of the taxpayers.

Nagle has always contended that the Pier should be a source of
revenue for the town and has proven and will continue to prove (my
bet) that the mismanagement has cost every taxpayer in this town
money instead. Everything would still be the same.  The Pier Corp has
not released PUBLIC records and has shown duplicity in covering up
and stonewalling Nagle's efforts. The barge that the taxpayers bought
would have easily just been moved away and forgotten if Nagel hadn't
persevered in researching and making the PPC accountable for their
uneducated purchase. PS, Nagle, where is that barge?

Now the Pier Corp is trying to stop Candace's article at Town
Meeting. Michelle C. calls Nagel's efforts harrassment. Michelle
taken the wrong side on this issue probably because the members of
the PPC will resign if she doesn't back them. In my opinion, their
resignation would be a good thing. Perhaps, they can take Michelle
with them.  Remember, PPC, she back stabbed Mary Jo, she back stabbed
Candace.. what makes you think  that if the tide changes that your backs
will not be a target?

The pier can be a rich source of revenue for the taxpayers of this
town.  The town needs it.  I am certainly going to vote yes on
Candace's artcle.  The taxpayers of this town owe her at least this
much for all of the hard work that she has done to turn around poor
financial management of the pier and show a way to produce what could
be the town's answer to some of the financial problems it now faces.
  Instead of your overrides, Michelle,(remember the ones you said
would not be happening) try to make the taxpayers money instead us
stabbing us in the backs too.

The pier should be subsidizing us not the other way around.

Slippery Fish (ps Fishy is my brother. Please don't get us confused)
11:56 am est 

Could it be?

That the world economy right now, might be
failing because of an act of terrorism? isn't Osama Bin ladin a very
smart and very richman who knew enough to bomb The World Trade
center? Didn't he say that the next act would not be like the last,
and that it would bring down America? Are the world leaders telling
us everything that they know or are they keeping it away from us so
we don't panic? Hope I'm being just paranoid & stupid on this one.
But think about it.
11:36 am est 

Dear Viva La Reformation:

You state that the landlords make enough money in the summer season
to pay their mortgage for the whole year.  And you ridiculously claim
that these owners have gotten away with not compensating the town for
their profit.  Where do you get your facts?  You can't make this
blanket statement for all landlords in town.  It's impossible for
anyone who has bought a house or condo here in the past seven years
to be able to turn a profit on summer rentals.  You don't know what
you are talking about.

These landlords purchased properties and pay property taxes every
year - this is how they, and every other homeowner, give back to the
community.  Last time I checked this was a free country.  And that
means that if I work hard, establish good credit, save money for a
down payment, qualify for a mortgage on an outrageously priced piece
of property in one of the most beautiful places on earth - then I
have a right to rent out a few weeks during the summer to help defray
the costs of owning said home.  As long as I pay property taxes to
the town and rental income tax to the IRS every year - like every
other landlord in town - then I should not be penalized with
additional taxes or ridiculous fees because I rent my unit out weekly.

I am not in the business of running a restaurant or a guesthouse - I
already have a job - therefore it's a moronic comparison.  Any rental
income that any property owner makes on rentals - regardless of the
duration of the rental period - is taxed through the IRS.  The town
of Provincetown is simply looking for additional income sources and
until there is some accountability on the town's financial management
they don't deserve another penny from the landlords of this town.
11:35 am est 

We Know Already!

I wish the bloger (MIKEY IS THAT YOU?) who keeps rewriting
storys from newspapers would stop! We all read the news, and we don't
need you to repeat it on this blog! We know all about it.
11:32 am est 

On theSsubject of the Cop Party...

"Is this a threat? Is the troll who thinks being
pro-regionalization means that you "detest" children now physically
threatening the gay population of our town?"

Don't think our world down here is that simple...
The above blogger is a equal opportunity bully...

On the subject of the Cop Party...just wait, next month is the
Fireman's Ball...

Historically, when the a'Ball' is over, and the buzz is at the
best...They take out the firetrucks and their "women' and party till
the sun comes up...driving home at the break of day...sirens

A real feeling of "Security" for all residents.....
11:30 am est 

In Regards to Paying Our Fair Share...

I was simply refering to the possibilty of paying a fee to have
rentals inspected, a fee that I would be willing to pay as a renter.

I believe that Ms. Rushmore pointed out a few weeks ago that
Provincetown does not pay as high a property tax as many other cape
towns.  I understand that most people do not want to pay more in
property tax (or for any other tax).  However, when compared to what
other cape towns are paying it just seems like folks here are whining
about being asked to help shoulder what seems to be reasonable tax

I know that many of you will complain that I, as a renter have no
idea of what I am talking about, but my landlords raise my rent
according to their needs/expenses, so an increase in the tax they pay
will most surely have an effect on the rent that I pay.  We are all
in this together!

However, a prop 2 1/2 override to raise property taxes will most
likely fail at the ballot, so you all don't have to worry about it!
11:30 pm est 

No Fishing Pole Required

Grading System to become subsidized tenant on MacMillan Pier:

Actual Tenant and the points he racked up:

1.Distance from pier with a zip code 02657= 5 points
2.Fishing permits= none, 0 points
3.Annual activity log grade= none, 0 points
4.Commercially registered boat= 5 points
5.Proof of insurance = none, 0 points
6.Payment history grade pay within 6 months= 4 points
7.Total score 14 points!

Congratulations you are qualified to get the taxpayer subsidized rate
on MacMillan Pier!!!  This rating process is very impressive that the
Pier Corp. came up with. Keep up the good work!
11:28 pm est 

Appalled: It's the Same Old Story

No cuts. No reductions. No give backs. Here we go again. The answer
to balancing the budget: again, overrides. This is pure
mismanagement. Sharon take the lead , please. Get the unions together
and DEMAND give backs. Then bring you and your administrators
together and DEMAND give backs from the top. This is what being a
leader requires. Toughness. Thoughtfulness. Stop being a whimp for
the unions and for management. You can do it. Seize your power. Act
now. For all of us and for the town, take control of Provincetown.
11:25 pm est 

I am Disabled and Came Here by Cruse Ship Last Summer


11:24 pm est 


Do you also think it unfair that the BOH charges you a 'tax' to
inspect your restaurant every year?  Or that your retail tenants pay
a 'tax' to inspect their businesses every year?  You probably think
it is also unfair to charge a 'tax' to have your car inspected every
year.  Why is it now unfair to 'tax' an inspection of a residential

I for one think those units should be inspected and I don't think the
fee for that inspection is out of line.  I think the BOH has gone out
of the way to make this easy for everyone by trying to do the
inspections every three years though they could have legally made the
inspections yearly.

Unless you're renting units as affordable, I will assume you are
renting them at market rates.  Market rate in this town tells me you
are making a sizable profit.  Renting property is a business, unless
you don't claim the income, and that business should be inspected to
guarantee a certain level of safety to the tenant.

Congratulations to the BOH for finally addressing this issue.
11:22 pm est 

No Matter Where You Stand

This more or less says it all - right? Let's act accordingly. All
we've got is each other.

NEW YORK (Reuters)  Renowned investor George Soros said on Friday the
world financial system has effectively disintegrated, adding that
there is yet no prospect of a near-term resolution to the crisis.

Soros said the turbulence is actually more severe than during the
Great Depression, comparing the current situation to the demise of
the Soviet Union.

He said the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in September marked a
turning point in the functioning of the market system.

"We witnessed the collapse of the financial system," Soros said at a
Columbia University dinner. "It was placed on life support, and it's
still on life support. There's no sign that we are anywhere near a

His comments echoed those made earlier at the same conference by Paul
Volcker, a former Federal Reserve chairman who is now a top adviser
to President Barack Obama.

Volcker said industrial production around the world was declining
even more rapidly than in the United States, which is itself under
severe strain.

"I don't remember any time, maybe even in the Great Depression, when
things went down quite so fast, quite so uniformly around the world,"
Volcker said
11:20 pm est 


I would never support Ms Nagles article for a review of the PPPC past
practices.  The PPPC Directors have publicly stated a change in the
rate structure at the pier.  They are trying hard to move forward and
Ms Nagle insists on blaming people for presumed past mistakes. 
Please tell me what good would come of detailing every slip and float
that went to someone who got a reduced rate when they shouldn't have.
  The rates were set by the BOS and the pier was just doing their
job.  I don't think anyone doubts that mistakes were made including
the pier workers.  But what good is digging in the past.  Everyone
knows what the mistakes were.  Let's move forward.

The PPPC Directors are trying to fix things and Ms Nagle just insists
on tearing them down.  Let the Directors do their jobs without
further interruption from their nemesis.
11:17 pm est 

The School Committee Really is at Fault

The declining enrollment began ten years ago.  They sold us a bill of
goods to the tune of millions to renovate those buildings because we
needed better facilities to attract students.  Then they sat and
waited for these fantasy students to arrive when they could have been
proactive.  That was the time to turn the school into a vocational
school.  Only then could we have attracted more students from up cape.

Don't blame the town for the School Committees failures.  This town
has always supported it's schools and trusted the School Committee. 
The School Committee is who failed this district.

Provincetown Class of 76
11:15 pm est 

Union vs. Non-Union

There are two positions in this town which have non-union contracts. 
Ms Lynne and Chief Jaren.  It is my understanding that they have both
chosen to forgo their contractual raises this year.  All other
non-union employees have not received a raise in three years while
the union employees now make as much as their superiors.  The
non-union employees are not the problem, they have given and given
every year and I for one thank them.

And FYI, the Asst DPW director splits her time between the DPW, the
Water Enterprise and the Wastewater Enterprise.  Her pay is split
between the departments.  The Asst Town Manager (possibly one of the
smartest people in town hall) works between many boards and
departments and is one of the most valuable members of our town

Stop in town hall someday.  These people are working, earning their
third year of base pay.
11:13 pm est 

It's About "Our" Town

"I'm sick of these people who don't have any history here
telling me what I need and don't need in my own town!"

One small correction dear.  OUR town.  Not yours, not mine, OUR town. 
We will all decides what is best for OUR town, not you, not me.
11:10 pm est 

Re: A Townie Tried and True

LOL you must be kidding! How soon we forget how bad
this town was run way back when!
11:08 pm est 

Re: I Don't Mean Any Disrespect .......But

Taxes being cut for the last 8 yrs by the GOP got the country into
this mess! Taxes paid by everyone will help more, than if we just
let things get worse by not refunding state and local taxes. Times
are hard for all. But cutting taxes has been proven to be a bad thing.
11:07 pm est 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fair is Fair....

Any give back asked of the unions should be asked of management as well.
8:38 pm est 

Over Priced Awful Subhuman Rentals!

Everybody knows who voted against affordable housing from
past town meetings. Only a handfull, but a loud & nasty bunch. Most
of who blog on here daily. Don't let them stop the good work of
bringing more affordable rentals to a town that has had it with over
priced awful subhuman rentals! Thank you to the Health Department.
8:37 pm est 

Why Should Provincetown be Concered?

Truro is thinking of allowing year round condos out on
Beach Point! Why should Provincetown be concered???   Beach Point
uses Provincetown's water system! That means that the wells (located
in Truro) owned by Provincetown will be strained to the limit by the
added year round homes! This will only add to the problems we already
have. (see this weeks Banner)  We as a town can not let this happen,
it will only raise our water bills higher!
8:35 pm est 

CPC Meeting

Community Preservation Committee
Public Hearing 6:00 PM
Tuesday February 24, 2009
Provincetown Community Center
8:34 pm est 

I Don't Mean Any Disrespect...........But

Renting and owning are two different things. With a mortgage, with
paying over $5,000 in taxes, with being connected to the waste water
treatment plant, with house insurance and other household necessary
bills and with health insurance and with a working wife and with two
incomes and with children to raise--it isn't just a little bit of money
that is being asked for.

Add that money to everything else--and we taxpayers just can't give any more.

And there are people on fixed incomes--and they have only so much
money to go round. Luckily, the price of fuel oil went down.

Otherwise, there would be just utter desperation coming from some
segments of this town and you would hear a great deal more about
reducing taxes.
8:33 pm est 

Look at the Mess......Look at the Bosses

I say keep the Recreation Dept. I'm sick of these people
who don't have any history here telling me what I need and don't need
in my own town! If you don't like this town and are so interested in
changing it into some pathetic version of the town or city that you
came from, then please, by all means, GO BACK THERE! You are
obviously not happy here.

Lets stop trying to fix the things that arent broken in Provincetown!
Smaller government, not bigger is a good place to begin. You want to
save some dough P-town? Cut some of the management positions that we
DONT need! We didnt have an ASST. Town Mgr and we got along fine. The
same applies to the ASST. Town Clerk position. We never had a DEPUTY
DPW Director either! I remember when the DPW had a foreman and half a
dozen men, things got done too! Its time to start from the top and
work down, not vice-versa. Stop crapping on the workers and look at
the bosses who got this town into this mess in the first place!

A Townie Tried & True
8:30 pm est 

Re: Candace Nagle Article

"Please vote for my article at Town meeting to demand a
transparent, full and impartial review of the subsidized tenancy of
the floating docks and fixed piers!

Candace Nagle"

Who will perform this impartial review Miss Nagle? The only parties
that could be impartial are those with no apparent interest or
perhaps even knowledge of the subject at hand. It seems like quite a
learning curve. The Finance Committee involves themselves only in the
financial aspects, so who would the town get to do this job, the
Harbor Committee? This all seems very confusing. Will we have to pay
someone to do this job Miss Nagle? If so, how much would something
like this cost? Is this for the whole pier? What about the moorings,
are any of those subsidized? Do any other towns have subsidized
docks? Why are these docks subsidized in the first place? I'm not
sure how to vote since I don't really understand how it can be done.
8:27 pm est 

What About Management?

The unions won't budge on their demands--but it is a
different world from last year. Last  year, some overrides didn't
pass. How many will pass now with everyone hurting?

Before we attack the unions, let's see how many town 'management'
(non-union) employees are asked to take a pay cut, reduce their
hours, etc.  There are more non-union employees in town than belong
to the union and more money is paid to non-union town staff.
8:25 pm est 

Cop Land Celebrates In Style Despite Fiscal Crisis

While the entire country is suffering from an epidemic fiscal crisis,
the Provincetown police department is getting ready to party hearty.

Imagine my surprise when I called a local restaurant to make a dinner
reservation for Saturday only to be told they were closed for a
private party.

I pressed on for more information. After all, we're in a recession.
Doing a little more investigation, I finally learned the private
party is the annual event held by the police department.

Who is paying for this?

Who will be protecting our little town while all of cop land is out
partying on a Saturday night?

The next question I have is a simple one. Yes or no With town hall
boarded up, lay-offs looming, closure of the rec department
threatened and another override rumored is having a party the wisest
fiscal decision of our public safety officials?

Our new police chief recently stated his desire to build a new palace
for cop land, which will cost millions of dollars (not including the
annual cop land party). Perhaps he can work on getting Bernie Madoff
as a funding source?

Memo to "party hearty" chief of cop land Jeff Jaran:  You think
theres a chance you might get the town to let you spend money for a
new police station anytime soon? Think again.

Last month the police union was asked by our town manager to forgo
future raises. Remember theres a recession. The union firmly said no.
They need the money.

Money doesnt grow on trees here in P-Town.
8:23 pm est 

Don't Look Now But........

Is there a tax, fee, subsidy, committee or regulation you
P'towners won't endorse? You are your own problem.

"We have met the enemy, it is us"

Pogo the Truro expat
8:21 pm est 

RE: Bigger Picture @ 1:30pm

Your not paying attention and you are spewing misinformation.

1) Not ALL affordable units are owned by the Town or Community
Housing Resource Inc.(or as you pu it, "you know who")  There are
other entities that participate in community housing development here
in Ptown.

2) Every affordable unit that rents out and qualifies as affordable
by Mass. Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) MUST
be inspected every year.

3) Every affordable unit that qualifies for programs under HUD must
be inspected every year.

4) If a unit qualifies under both of these categories, the unit must
be inspected by EACH entity (so, twice in one year)

5) Homeowners that rent out in the Provincetown Affordable Housing
Property Tax Exemption Program must have the unit inspected every

This has ALWAYS been the law.  All the affordable rentals have been
undergoing inspections every year.  The fee is mandated through the
state of frederal sector of gorvernment.  This tax has been paid for
years by these landlords.

These Are The Facts
8:19 pm est 


"Finally, finally someone gets it!  your garbage person thanks you."

And I thank you.  You folks do a terrific job!!!!!
8:18 pm est 

Re: Job Urine Test

You're all wet! I didn't move here to relive the mentality of my hometown.

I can't speak to illegal drugs, but remember that pot is no longer
illegal in Massachusetts. Voters wanted it that way. And you seem to
forget about booze, which is more available and no less destructive
in this town from what I've seen.

Screening is only part of drug abuse prevention. And compounding
anyone's financial woes would be quite cruel as we lurch toward a

-Slightly Pi****d Off
8:16 pm est 

Why Don't You Read it First!

"I look forward to the Board of Health going after some of
these greedy landlords who rent out substandard units at outrageous

Hey, read the article proposing the issue before you comment.  The
proposed fee, or tax, or whatever you want to call it has nothing to
do with going after greedy landlords. Its an illegal fee designed to
raise money WITHOUT putting the issue up for public debate by using
the Board of Health.

   For god sake, if youre going to write and contribute here READ UP
ON THE SUBJECT.  You only make yourself look pitifully uneducated and
knee-jerk reactionary.
8:14 pm est 

Hey Fishy!

"Since when has asking for public records been a crime?"

Have you bothered to read any of Nagle's "hate" mail on this very
blog site that you are so intimately acquainted with??
8:12 pm est 

Is the School Committee Realy at Fault?

It's easy to blame the school's declining enrollment on the
school committee. Of course, it's just as easy to claim that school
committee members have a conflict of interest by having children in
the schools in the first place!

The declining enrollment numbers are primarily about one thing: FEAR.
If you were the parent of a child that is readying for high school
would you / could you in good conscience send your eager student to
PHS when all you hear is that the school is going to close? Most
parents are making the alternative choices out of that very fear.
Provincetown has historically been an excellent school system and one
where every child participates equally and enjoys a quality education.

So really folks... it's the school committee's fault that enrollment
is on the decline? If any body in this town has tried to stem that
tide, it's been the school committee! But you go on and kick away,
just don't cry too loudly when your tuition bill from Nauset eclipses
what you are currently paying to keep the kids here in your own town.
8:10 pm est 

May Peace Prevail on Earth and In OUR TOWN

" It's time it
stops as you will all move on sooner than you think."

posted @ 1:36 pm est

Is this a threat? Is the troll who thinks being pro-regionalization
means that you "detest" children now physically threatening the gay
population of our town? (Yes; OUR TOWN... we all belong no matter
when we came here or who we sleep with)

This person who writes these posts is dangerous and if any one out
there reading this knows who the real hater is, please try to reason
with them before they do something they cannot take back.

May Peace Prevail on Earth and In OUR TOWN.
8:07 pm est 

I am Willing to Shoulder My Share

I am  year round renter, I do not live in affordable
housing, and I do not make a lot of money.  If the town needs to
raise revenue, and charging landlords $60 per year to have their
property inspected is a way to raise this revenue, then I say fine! 
I am sure that my landlords will pass this expense on to me and I
will pay it.  I am willing to do my part in helping the cash strapped
I am sick and tired of all these people who have WAY more money than
I do, piss and moan about how terrible it is to have to pay a little
more in taxes to support the town. if I am willing to shoulder my
part as a citizen of Provincetown so should they!
2:02 pm est 

Truth be Told

We don't want your problems, that's why we don't live there
anymore. We believe in small government. You believe in big
government with intrusions such as house inspections.

Please leave us alone, your belief system is a horror.

Truro expats
1:59 pm est 

The BOS Must Demand Sacrifice From All......Including Management

NEW YORK  Wall Street fell Friday, sending the Dow Jones
industrials to new six-year lows as investors around the world keep
selling on pessimism about the global economy. Financial stocks led
the market lower.

The Board of Selectmen can't ask the taxpayers to fund overrides.
They must cut the budget work--and we must make sacrifices.
1:58 pm est 

Something Has to Give

With millions of people losing their jobs; when a third of
peoples savings have evaporated; don't you folks who work for the
town realize that the taxpayers just can't carry this burden of
paying for the town on their backs anymore?

The unions won't budge on their demands--but it is a different world
from last year. Last  year, some overrides didn't pass. How many will
pass now with everyone hurting?

No one is staying that you are rolling in wealth--but if there are
layoffs, the whole town will see that it is because you refused to
make any concessions.

A teeny tiny pebble on the beach trying to hold on.
1:55 pm est 

Oh What a Web We Weave When First We Deceive

The closer Nagel gets to the truth, the more sand eels come
out to bite.

Kudos to Candace who has spent her personal time exposing what seems
to be extreme mismanagement of the pier.  Michele C. our beloved BOS
head has now joined the Pier Corp in trying to stop Ms Nagel from
getting the PUBLIC documents necessary for PPC accountablity by
undermining the requests by equating them with harrassment of the
Pier Corp.  Since when has asking for public records been a crime?
Perhaps Michele C. needs a lesson in democracy. Back stabbing seems
to be her sport. When the truth comes out, Michelle will learn that
her small time political bullying does not play out in the big world.
If I were she, I would be real careful on which side of the pier I docked my boat.

Slippery Fish (watching the murky water from the clarity of the fishbowl)
1:51 pm est 

Truro - Nauset?

What makes anyone think other towns will be willing to pull our fat
out of the fire as far as the schools are concerned? They are not.
We are in this predicament due to our stubborn school committee. They
have ignored all efforts to share the burden. This is a sinking ship
and no-one is going to lend a hand to arrogant little Ptown. We
elected these morons year after year so why doesn't everyone shut up
and let them drag us down to the bottom of the sea. That's what will
happen anyway. This school has terminal cancer - let it die a quick
1:47 pm est 

Excellent Letter From Ms. Astrid Berg Regarding CPC Funds.....

 .....for renovating Town Hall. In talking with senior citizens to hard
working taxpayers in town, citizens agree that the CPC money should
go towards renovating Town Hall.

For the last four years, 80% of these funds have gone to Affordable
housing. There is no need for this money to go to a developer to fund
his affordable housing project when the taxpayers, whose money
creates this fund, now need it to help defray the cost of Town Hall.

Join me in supporting the proposal put forward by the Brd. of
Selectmen and the Town Manager to have the highest percentage of
these funds go towards renovating town Hall.

Michael Rogovsky
1:44 pm est 

Rr: Rental "Tax"

I applaud the Town for going forward with this plan to implement a
fee to the landlords of the condos and rental properties.  It is
about time!  They (landlords) make enough in the summer season to pay
their mortgage for the whole year, plus.  Time to give back to the

For years, the owners of said properties have gotten away with not
compensating the Town for their profit.  If the owners of Guest
Houses have to pay a tax, and the owners of restaurants have to pay a
tax, than what's fair is fair.

I look forward to the Board of Health going after some of these
greedy landlords who rent out substandard units at outrageous rents.

1:42 pm est 

Job Urine Test

Ever since the fire truck accident and when I see my fellow
towns people doing drugs, I wonder what it is costing me? and you? 

Joe, the average worker says:
Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job. I work, they pay me.
I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit.
In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine
test with which I have no problem.
What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to
people who don't have to pass a urine test.
Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check
because I have to pass one to earn it for them?
Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on
their feet.
I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting
on their lazy butts, doing drugs, while I work. . . .
Can you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to
pass a urine test to get a public assistance check?
Something has to change in this country -- and soon!!!!!
Guess we could title that program, 'Urine or You're Out'.
1:40 pm est 

Nice Try, Astrid

Instead of just blogging about the new "tax" on homeowner rentals,
you had to try to zing the affordable housing people's units with
acerbic implication.  We know how you REALLY feel about the community
housing issue now!
1:37 pm est 

Yes Schools Cost Money

f you remember you probably went
to one and people were not always trying to close them down on you. 
It's amazing in this town that it is perfectly acceptable to actively
detest children.   Remember last family week and the Banner put right
on the front page people's complaining about kids.   It's time it
stops as you will all move on sooner than you think.
1:36 pm est 

Here We go Again!

The inspection fee for rentals is not a
new concept in Provincetown - however, it was required of any unit
that rented for a period of less than 90 days.  This unfairly singled
out property owners who rent their units weekly or monthly.  Now, the
BOH is claiming that all rentals must be inspected.  Although this
new requirement is fair since the inspection now applies to all
rentals, it's still an unfair tax to all residents (landlords and
tenants) and is one more financial burden that the residents must

I encourage everyone to attend the Board of Health meeting on Feb
26th.  These fees don't simply affect the landlords - this will
affect tenants as they will see rental increases because of this
additional absurd fee.  The town's serious lack of financial
management is why we are in the state we are in.  Rather than
reforming the way in which this town is run and how money is spent -
the answer is to simply increase fees and create new taxes.  This new
tax will not solve the town's problems.  As one person previously
mentioned, these inspections will create new jobs that we will be
paying for.  How will the Board of Health police this to ensure that
everyone who rents a unit has completed their inspection?  Enough is
enough.  I don't want to give the town another penny until I see some
serious governmental and fiscal reform!

1:34 pm est Makes no Sense

$150 for 12 months... $12.50 a month...less than 50 cents a day. less
than, say, a cup of coffee. or three cigarettes. and i thought you
land owning tax payers resented renters who "don't pay their share".
so i give up. what's the outrage really about? you rant about the
economy and yet an attempt to raise new revenues shocks  you? face
it. no matter what happens some of you just grab your wallets. or
worry about the skeletons in your closets. or something. in any
event, it makes no sense.
1:31 pm est 

Bigger Picture

The board of health is imposing a TAX on the rental owners in town.
Face it, they call it a fee but its a TAX. This TAX is used to fund
programs in town, going mostly to the general fund, services most
don't use. The affordable rental units, owned by the town or "you
know who" will not be required to have the inspection, thus will not
be paying the TAX. But in order for those affordable units to have
been built, they needed money, most of which recently came from CPA
funds, which is money charged to the townspeople as a TAX so .....
Provincetown residents are being taxed (CPA) to build rental units
that aren't subject to a TAX (inspection "fee") that the owners of
rental units not considered affordable are paying. Sound fair?
1:30 pm est 

Looking Back

A local history buff told me tonight that in 1877,
Provincetown had the largest population (900) of children between the
ages of 5-15 in the state!

If only we could turn back the clocks! If only.....

Time to face 2009 and regionalize!
1:28 pm est 

Public Records of MacMillan Pier

Today, I received page 2 of some but not all of the 38 floating dock
tenant 2008 applications as a result of a public records request and

Tonight, I want to share with you:

1.The Strafford Vt tenant: no federal or state fishing permits (0 points)
2.The South Hempstead New York tenant: (0) points for activity
3.A Wellfleet resident:  no federal or state fishing permits (0 points)
4.A Provincetown resident: no federal or state permits or activity points
5.Tenant from? as there is no address: no federal or state permits or
activity points
6.Another Provincetown resident: no activity points (0)
7.A Truro resident: no activity points (0)
8.A North Truro resident: one federal permit, state(0) and no activity points
9.Another North Truro resident (0) activity points
10. Another Provincetown resident: (0) activity points

I suspected subsidized tenants were hiding behind commercial fishing
permits. But, many dont even have them according to these
applications. Why are we paying for their recreational boating while
at the same time slashing town jobs and services? Had this been
looked at years ago by past Selectmen, we would have had a healthy
stabilization fund for budget shortfalls like this year and last.

  The above represents $100,000 lost each year on MacMillan Pier.
Money that could be going toward saving jobs and helping town
department budgets and maintaining services.

Its time to stop subsidizing the recreational boaters on MacMillan
Pier. It's time to look closely at these fishing permits, cross
reference all applications and verify catches for reduced dock rates
in the future.

Please vote for my article at Town meeting to demand a transparent,
full and impartial review of the subsidized tenancy of the floating
docks and fixed piers!

Candace Nagle
1:26 pm est 

Re: Rental Certificates

The most complaints the BOH gets from tenants are year round renters.
  You would think it would be short term or seasonal renters, but no,
the most trouble is with year round rentals.

We already have a rental inspection policy in place for short term
rentals.  If we are going to be concerned about the quality of our
rental commodity, then they should all be inspected.  The BOH has
made it clear they are not looking for building code violations, but
are focusing on basic living conditions.

To make it easier for the building owner, they have chosen to do a
three year inspection.  The alternate two years, all you have to do
is go to town hall with an affidavit stating the smoke/carbon
monoxide detectors are operating to get your certificate.

I own a small retail space and have to have it inspected every year. 
We're talking  about living conditions and they are only looking for
a three year inspection.

I don't think any of this is unreasonable.
1:23 pm est 

Ah........Now You Get it!

"....but, the gist of what I'm hearing from town union
members is that they are being asked to give back, to take pay cuts,
reduce benefits while non-union 'management' staff is not being asked
to sacrifice.

Am I understanding this correctly?"


Finally, finally someone gets it!
your garbage person thanks you.

Please tell friends
1:21 pm est 

I'm Sick of the Bashing of Town Workers

You think the salary and benefits are too high?

Personally I would not work for the wages they make and the benefits,
while not commonly offered by private employers in this town, were
more or less the norm in this country in the pre- Ronald Regan era.

Try walking a mile or a work life in their shoes. I'm sure that most
of you bloggers would have at one time been capable of obtaining a
municipal job. Why didn't you do it?

No stone left unturned
1:18 pm est 

Inspect Away!!

Too many slum lords in this town charging waaaaaay too much for their
rentals. This will make some of them clean up.

Stop abusing renters and foreign help!

We need some kind of regulations!
1:16 pm est 

FYI: Schools

There are 84 Provincetown resident school children attending our
schools.  That's out of 140 total student population.  That means we
are subsidizing the 54 students who choose to come here.  Truro
elementary school children who attend Provincetown pay $5000 per year
for us to educate these kids.  We pay the remaining $25,000+ per
student thanks to a tuition agreement we had no choice but to accept.
  And why did the School Committee accept this, cause they need the
enrollment numbers.

Terese Nelson has made it clear that her main objective is to keep
those 90 people employed.  Not sure why, just a handful actually live
here.  What really scares me is that Terese is termed out in the
spring.  Who then will chair this committee?  I think she's done a
terrible job, but look who's available to fill her shoes.

The town has not failed this school system.  It has been more than
supportive over the years.  It is the School Committee who has failed
this district.

Provincetown Class of 76
1:14 pm est 

As Per Usual, The Pebble Hits the Mark Again!

Managment (of which there are too many)gets
the same benefits as Labor

There are MORE Managment employees than
skilled Labor

Managment has NEVER been asked to give
up anything. They just get new Assistants
to do the work

Stop the Lies about the union.
1:12 pm est 

Nauset Cuts Back...See Thursday's CC Times

There is a thoughtful article on page one today talking about the
belt tightening necessary  at Nauset with it's 14 million dollar
school budget. Almost 800,000 dollars are on the chopping block.   I
would hope that our local school committee look closely at a
successful school's budgeting and use of administrative personnel. 
There appear to be lessons to be learned.

Nauset will avoid Prop 2 1/2 overrides.

Almost 90  percent of Nauset graduates go on to college...their MCAS
are among the highest in the state...and their sports teams are top

Let's get our kids into a working system...we have an  antique system
filled with faculty waiting since they were 25 to retire with
benefits.  A 20th century approach to the 21st century is needed NOW.

Regionalize: The children need to be free of their parents "good time
delusions" of how good PHS used to be....these delusions keep this
dead horse going....but it is gone...and it is time to move on.

Years ago, there were things that disappeared from Provincetown...the straw
berry man...shops from east to west that were little one room markets.........

We'll think back and say...remember when we thought school should be local?
It is a bigger world go to college you need to
given our demographics...our young people will venture out into the
wider world and  meet their peers from Brewster, Orleans, Eastham.
Wellfleet and Truro and
benefit from their journeys.

Let's stop the rancorous discourse about the schools and be the
responsible adults that shepherd these young people to a better
1:09 pm est 

Re: Service Cuts

Other towns are cutting back on services so much it would
make your head spin. I may be getting manicures and hold season
tickets now; but I've lived where we had to take our stuff to the
dump ourselves.

I lived working and going to school growing our own vegetables and
hitchhiking because I didn't have the  money for a car.

Now I can do as I please--but I'd still be able to handle all of the
things that I'd have to do myself if services were cut.

It might take me longer--and I might get a friend to lend a hand, but
we wouldn't crumble and die if some services were cut.
1:00 pm est 

Dont Let the Fish Bite You on the Way Out of Town!

"Now thanks to your "diligence", fishermen are going to have
to pay more to keep their boats at Mac Millan Wharf. I sure hope that
what goes around comes back around and
bites you in your wallet!"

Arent you the one that lives in Strafford Vt? Or is it South
Hempstead New York or is it the lawyer who lives in Brewster? Or is
the one who lives in Middleton? Or are you one of the many who have a
dash on your application on amount of times you went out to sea last
year? Zippo?

You pay taxes there. Let those taxpayers support you which I doubt they will!

Provincetown takes care of their own fishermen not Out of Town
Recreational Boaters like you!

Dont let the fish bite you on the way out of town!
12:55 pm est 

What Happened to Work Until 6pm?

Went to NEW town hall today before 5pm to talk to building
guy - Braun - who was not in.  Person at desk said he left for the
day.  I asked if I could see him in the field, but they said he was
gone for the day.  And tomorrow is Friday.  What happened to the 4
day work week till 6PM?

Are the town's people getting their monies worth?
12:52 pm est 

To: Let's Not Get Too Excited Yet

Yes you are partially correct. The Special Town Meeting did vote to
implement the occupancy tax to condos and
private homes. This is the same tax which guest houses,
hotels and motels charge the occupants. The tax is similar
to the meals or sales tax. The business owner collects the funds and
pays the State on a monthly basis.

What the BOH is proposing is an inspection fee of all the Town's
rental properties for habitation. Weekly, monthly,
seasonal and year round rentals will be subject to the  yearly
inspections. This year it will cost each unit $150,
the next two years will be $60 with no inspection. The fourth year
the inspection will cost $100 and then go back to $60 for the next
two years.

I understand the health and safety issues and there are
some properties that I would not even put a barnyard animal in.
However, most landlords do take care of their
property, it is in their best interest to maintain their

What I am protesting to are the unreasonable fees and I consider them
to be a tax. Fees should be for the cost of the inspection and
processing the paper work which is completed by the applicant.

I also can not imagine how they will be able to do all these
inspections not to mention policing all the weekly
condo and house rentals for the occupancy tax.

Yes, I am excited and concerned with this issue.

Astrid Berg
12:48 pm est 

Everyone Seems to Get it But Our School Committee

So what if we have a pre-school class of 25 students? 10
months ago we had a 6th grad class--now it is gone. 10 years ago we
had a bigger high School and since then it has declined year, after
year, after year for ten years. The Dept of Revenue did the study.

Do you really think that these 25 preschoolers are going to be here
for 17 years?

They are closing schools in Boston. The Governor called to arms a
task force of 22 serious people to find ways to reduce the cost of
the school to the taxpayers.

Everyone seems to get it but our school committee. Thank the heavens
that the B of S is finally instituting their own call to arms
regarding the school and regionalization. It is about time.

3,000 citizens can't be held hostage by a school committee who touts
change and yet ignores the findings of a major summit two years ago.

No one can forget it--or the school committee's failure to implement
change--this call for regionalization is squarely the result of their
in action to the declining population of students.
12:45 pm est 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Re: Go on Strike

From what I hear your not a very strong "class of people" and the jobs
do demand heavy lifting, thats so cute you think you could do it though, 
now here's your prozac...go away
5:27 pm est 

If You Have Nothing to Hide It's Only Fair

Its about time our cash strapped town went after the owners
of rentals in town. I will be fun to put some sunlight on some of the
rip offs artists who rent illegally and have sub human units for
rent. If you have nothing to hide its only fair that you pay to be
inspected like tourist lodgings already do.
5:14 pm est 

Affordablel Housing Inspections

The reason affordable housing will not be inspected by the
town, is because the state already inspects them at LEAST once every
year with stricter rules.
5:08 pm est 

Nauset vs Truro

"the serious financial burden the School is to the town"

Do you really believe the town will come out of this any cheaper with
Nauset? There are 25 children in the pre-school class!

Let's work with Truro!
5:07 pm est 

Truth Speakers are Villified!

Citizens rally to the call of the department of Revenue
that the school regionalize--and they are vilified.

In a time of a depression with 4 million people out of work--anyone
who states that Town costs must be reduced is vilified.

Someone uncovers discrepancies at the pier and they are vilified.

Some see it is unjust that after four years of CPC funds going to
developers that it is time for this money to go to Historical to
renovate town hall. Anyone who speaks against this money going to
this project gets vilified.

It seems that anyone who advocates for the taxpayers and hardworking
citizens in this town gets vilified. Even a business man who
advertises what is current in town gets vilified.

It must be the same disgruntled people. How sad that this is what
their lives have become.

A teeny tiny pebble on the beach.
5:05 pm est 

Great Work Candace Nagle!

Now thanks to your "diligence",
fishermen are going to have to pay more to keep their boats at Mac
Millan Wharf. I sure hope that what goes around comes back around and
bites you in your wallet!

Miss Nagle, what you are doing for us in the name of good government
is sort of like going hunting with Dick Cheney. It starts out
interesting enough but in the end somebody gets it right in the
kisser! This time it's the fisherman, as if we havent had it bad
enough lately!

One last thing Miss Nagle, just in case you haven't finished your
good deeds for taxpayers like me, I'll be the one on the wharf that's
wearing the body armor!

Fishing for money now thanks to you!
5:02 pm est 


What's the matter webmaster? I can't use the word slave?  Since when
is that a bad word?
Or you know it to be true?

Webmaster Comment: As you so freely use specific names,
you cannot use that kind of claim concerning individuals
without substantiation.
To wit the omission.

It is suggested that you review MYPACC publishing policy.

Thank you

4:59 pm est 

Re: Rental Tax

Is this really a tax?

Can the town do this?

I believe it has something to do with the new fee that will be
charged to the owners of the condos that are rented out in the summer
for weeklies and seasonal.  I don't think that homeowners who rent
out a room or in-law apartment will have to oblige themselves to this
rule.  Isn't it for the persons renting out for profit?
Didn't we vote on that at TM last fall? To promote a tax on the
rentals of condos? If so, I believe it is governed under Mass. law to
have such premises inspected.

Lets Not Get Too Excited Yet.
4:50 pm est 

I'm Not a Town Employee so Not a Union Member.....

....but, the gist of what I'm hearing from town union members is that
they are being asked to give back, to take pay cuts, reduce benefits
while non-union 'management' staff is not being asked to sacrifice.

Am I understanding this correctly?
4:48 pm est 

But You Say No!

How many times has the Town Manager gone to the unions and
asked them to cut back so that no one would be laid off? It is the
unions who refuse to budge. They are ones who can keep their fellow
workers employed.

Editorials all over this country are stating how the beleaguered
taxpayers keep paying and paying. They never go on strike--they go to
their municipality and pay their tax bill.

The B of S and town manager are trying to balance the budget. They
have asked over and over for the unions to help them--but they have
only been snubbed. It is the union's health insurance premiums that
have gone up $500,000 etc.

Wouldn't it be better to keep your co-workers working and give up a
few hours a week rather than see them fired? But you say no!

This is the self-serving image you are projecting to the town. It is
one of selfishness.
4:46 pm est 

Sorry But the Four Day Work Week is a Full Week's Pay With--Free Paid Lunch

This is not a four day work week. This was a contract that benefited
town employees and gave them a hidden raise of a paid lunch when we
voted against their getting a pay raise. Then Sharon organized this
three year contract so that they get at least 3.5 % this year and 3.5
% next year and they get this four day work week schedule that will
be a mess this summer when residents show and want work done. Try to
open the door at the trailers and it will be closed between noon and
1p.m. It's their paid lunch--somthing we should all have. Then summer
residents will show up on Friday and no one will be there. It's a
ridiculous contract and based on greed and priviledge. Time to strip
this high falullutin union of its sense of entitlement. These are not
intellectual jobs. These are not superbly challenging positions. Look
into the mirror and see the ordinary quality of your work and what
should be ordinary recompense. I doubt you will see this. You only
see your self-importance and then demand more money, more raises,
more benefits. This is not what most people experience in real jobs.
Let's cut the budget by cutting town positions since you are being
head-strong and unrealistic.
4:44 pm est 

Yes, Go On Strike!

that would be perfect. Refuse to work. Refuse to do what you do.
Guess what? We will hardly miss you. We may not even know you are on
strike. then we can be realistic about the few people we should have
hired and the few we need to carry out the town's work.

So, Yes, Go on Strike!
4:27 pm est 

Don't Attack the Message Bearer

This is not a class thing, so stop picking on one person
who chose to speak out.  The kind of tax they're charging is aimed at
every landlord in town--even if it's a palace or in complete
squalor---Weekly, monthly or year round.  Listen, pull your darn
heads out of the sand and see what the hell is going on here. 
Doesn't the concept of taxation without democratic consensus bother
you?  And yes, those affordable housing places BETTER be inspected
every year because OUR DAMN MONEY paid for them! As far as the
supposed "terrible" conditions some people are living in then they
have the right and obligation to come forward to the town and
complain. They cannot be put out on the street because we have state
laws prohibiting that. But you do not spend tax payer money to hire
inspectors to go out and play housing police to "inspect" every
single unit in town and charge a $150.00 fee in hopes of finding 1 or
2 rotten apples. Are landlords charging too much rent? Likely some
are, yes--but THIS DOES NOT ADDRESS THAT ISSUE. The already "high
rent" will go up even more. You can bet your last dollar on that.

Look around people.  You're being messed with by the very people you
entrusted to supposedly watch out for you.

Furious Renter
4:26 pm est 

Hope That Logic Prevails

Lets hope that the town Manager can persuade the unions to
give back to the town. With all of their benefits and perks, it would
take just 5% cut backs to balance the budget. Lets hope that the town
manager prevails.
4:22 pm est 

A Room Name By Any Other

Restaurant owners that house their staff in property that they own,
like               ,                                   .
seasonal housing- or as some of the employees refer,        quarters.
4:20 pm est 

Is All the Gloom and Doom a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

The more people say how bad it is the more people think how bad it
is, the less people spend, the worse it becomes.
4:18 pm est 

Lets Work Together

Over the years it's become apparent that the School
Committee has treated the voting townsfolk with contempt. Circling
the wagons, disallowing reasonable access to the school building
(town hall relocation, possessive control over the recreational
facilities, regionalization, etc).  To earn goodwill, sincere
cooperation is required. The School issue is further enflamed by a
few making derogatory comments about gays in the town, hoping the
opposition dies, the old us-against-them tact. It is my hope that the
School Committee and parents open their hearts and minds to the
serious financial burden the School is to the town, and be willing to
negotiate a compromise.  And those in opposition must do likewise. 
The fear around this situation has created a stalemate.  Lets work

Hopeful Local
4:16 pm est 

Heads Up!

Something folks who write here should be aware of is that
even though when you type your blog and it is perfect, by the time it
goes through all the severs and processors to land on the Shout Out
page, words often appear to run together. And apostrophes simply
disappear! This should not be misconstrued by readers as ignorance on
the part of writers, it is a glitch in this particular blog system

This does NOT account, however, for the egregious misuse of small and
basic words like Two Too and To, Their, They're and There, Hear and
Here or any other such words.  As a point of respect to folks if you
use their names, please spend the two seconds required to look up
proper spellings.  For instance, we have no Astred Birg in town.  Yet.

And by the way, get the word out that there is indeed an unfair and
illegal tax being perpetrated on this town as pointed out in a blog
earlier concerning the Totalitarian Board of Health.
4:13 pm est 

Standish Street Block Association




3:43 pm est 

Congratulations!!! MYPAAC Over 100,000 Hits

Truth be told, Mikey facilitated about 75,000 of those hits and
Candace used the other 25,000!

Otherwise, it has been fun and educational to read the blog, seriously.

Great job Clarence!
3:39 pm est 

Incompetence Rules!

Big City wages? Increased Benefit packages...Aristrocacy?
What Planet do You live on?  The UAW maybe but not here.
NO Labor Union members got a raise this year...

Management got a raise, ASSistant-Managment got a raise,
even the Deputy got a raise, taxpayers just don't know it...
but Labor did Not get a raise!

Now in Sharon's world, it's not called a Raise,
it's called a "Budget Adjustment" same thing though,
just another way to give wage increases to Management,
or to funnel money to your friends.

Anyone notice the incestuous connection between the
Town and Outer Cape Health Assoc.?

Enough of that, on to even bigger issues...

Ever hear of the 'Peter Principal' Folks?
It goes like this... in any organization
"Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence"
What we have here in Provincetown is a
Major Systems Failure...INCOMPETENCE RULES!

Look around you folks and what do you see?
I see Incompetence Looking at me...!

From the giggling BOS chair, to the
ex-cop masquerading as TM,
from a School Superintendent who cares more
about her employees than her students,
to that Circuit boy running parties on the Pier,
Provincetown is a huge financial mess and
you can all count on one thing only,
It's only gonna get Worse...
As long as Incompetence is SOP in town government,
and Management gets the same benefits as Labor, but
Managment is paid in secret salary bumps,
The Taxpayer will pay, one way or another.

So, keep believing that the greedy Labor Union is the
problem here, and tell me please, why oh why,
this little town needs 3 Managers to supervise 1 Laborer?
The numbers don't lie...
There are More OverPaid Management positions then there are Labor...

Keep blogging!

I remain,

The ONLY Pebble on the beach
3:36 pm est 

Oh, the Poor Landlords...

What is the matter Astrid?  You didn't sell enough cocktails last
summer?  Now you are worried that you will be found out as           ?
3:31 pm est 

Strike- Revolution NOW !!!

I hope the unions DON'T budge and they do go on strike!
It would serve some of the arrogant narrow-minded spoiled privileged
CITIZENS, yes Michael, us taxpayers, as a lesson to be more cautious
in your tone and attitude of others who actually *WORK* in this town,
who have the families and children that you people blog against.

Too Bad 4 You!
3:29 pm est 

To: Astrid and Furious Renter

They need to do inspections to make sure that the Slumlords aren't
renting out units that are decrepit, and trust me there are units
that should NOT be rented out.  It is a crime what some of these
GREEDY landlords get for rent in such squalor.

And furthermore, the affordable housing units HAVE ALAWAYS BEEN
It is mandatory for funding and tax breaks to the owner of single
family houses who are enrolled in the Property Tax Exemption.
Maybe your units wont pass, Astrid?

Is that why your knickers are in a wad?

Too Bad!

3:28 pm est 

Under the Radar

What about all of the illegal rentals in this town in all
of the big houses with mother-in-law apartments? You know, the big
houses that have a bottom floor with everything but a kitchen? the
idea being that the mother-in-law will eat with the family.

So many of these big houses have them and they rent to restaurant
workers etc. and the town has no record of them. So they will always
be under the radar while the registered landlords pay this fee.
3:25 pm est 

These Fees are Crazy and Illegal

Point of Clarification
BH purposed fees for habitation per unit:
1. Initial Rental Certificate with Inspection $150.
2. Annual Renewal of Rental Certificate $60.
3. Annual Renewal of Rental Certificate with Inspection
(after every third year) $100.

What is laced in the water at the Jerome Street Town Hall?
These fees are crazy and illegal. These are not fees to
cover the costs of an inspection these are new taxes under sheep's clothing.

If an inspector is getting $150 per unit then I want to apply for
this job but I'd have to be a certified sanitarian first. How many do
we have in Town Hall?

Take heed Landlords and Tenants
3:24 pm est 

There is no Reason For the B of H. to Charge This Sum

When someone rents an affordable housing unit, their rent
is 30% of their income. The organization that pays the other 70% of
their rent; either Housing assistance corp. or Barnstable housing
Authority or Yarmouth Housing Authority--they have their own yearly

These inspections are free--to make sure that the apartments are up
to code. There is no reason for the B of H. to charge this sum for an
inspection. It is simply to make money.

Thus, more money comes from taxpaying citizens. Do you see why people
don't want to pay for overrides and raise their tax levy when the
unions won't give a penny with all of their perks and benefits--and
the working homeowner has to pay out money at every turn?
3:21 pm est 

Lets Hope That the Taxpayers Get a Break

WASHINGTON  The number of laid-off workers receiving
unemployment benefits has jumped to an all-time high near 5 million
while new jobless claims remain well above 600,000.

Both figures were worse than expected and new projections from the
Federal Reserve show unemployment rising for the rest of this year.

Lets hope that the taxpayers get a break from overrides and that the
unions budge on the budget. Otherwise, the overrides will be voted
down at town meeting.
3:18 pm est 

The Poll...

How can you point out the ap poll suggesting a growing concern among
average americans over job loss, etc. and then admonish the town
employees for sharing those concerns? they are not, as some
ridiculously suggest, the aristocracy. with a few exceptions, most
would likely be considered working/middle class. and benefit packages
are the status quo in the professional world. you don't think outer
cape, for example, offers benefits in order to attract the best
candidates? that other employers don't?

And speaking of irony... it seems i remember the outrage and upset
when the town was shifting to a four day work week. now it seems
you'd like to lay them off in the winter. what's up with the

Just sayin'
3:16 pm est 

Re: Rogovsky Says:

"This must be due to the diligence of Ms.
Candace N. What other changes will she inspire to benefit the town?

Gee Mike, I just read a lengthy piece in this weeks paper about the
Selectmen giving the Pier Corp. a Vote of Confidence for their good
work. By the tone, it sounded like Candace Nagle got a bit of a
tongue lashing from the Chair.

Maybe you and Candace can do something good for us together? How
about an end to global warming or maybe world peace? That should keep
the two of you busy and away from your keyboards for a bit hmmmm?
3:13 pm est 

Oh Michael You're at it Again!

First you're for the schools, then you're against them. Flippy
floppy Mikey! CPC funds for Town Hall today, one of your pet
projects tomorrow! Hooray for candice Nagel, she must be right -
but didn't the BofS just give the Pier Corp a big vote of confidence
Mikey? Stevie Roderick is your hero now Mikey? That's old news Mikey!

3:10 pm est 

Re: Board of Health Public Hearing, Feb. 26 @ 5pm @ Grace Gouveia Building

So here’s the deal with the new “regulation” being implemented by the Board of Health of Ptown regarding ALL RENTAL UNITS. 

The B.O.H. wants to charge an “inspection fee” for every unit and charge $150.00 for every one of them—then a $60.00 fee each year after. They’re sliding the decision into play under the auspices of a MA general law which clearly states that any town Board of Health “MAY” do certain inspections if “IN ITS OPINION” it is needed. 

Now, from where I sit I can clearly see that the town needs to raise money. I am a renter here —I do not have an “affordable housing unit”—and I pay taxes via my rent payment to my landlords who are upstanding, responsible people who keep their 5 units clean, nice and up to date always. They also are clear to show how they keep my rent manageable and fair. They received a letter last week informing them of this new regulation. Since the letter came from the Board of Health, which is an autonomous board and whose rulings supersede any town laws or regulations, what that board decides is law.  Clearly there was a meeting of the minds who decided that a good way to raise money would be to funnel this new “tax” (because let’s call it what it is—a TAX) through the Board of Health because it is a sure-fire way to get funds without having to go through the usual methods which is DEMOCRATIC DEBATE.  So, they’re holding a public hearing—just for show, clearly—where folks are invited to say what they want, and then the board will rule. Just how do you think they’ll rule?  Yup.

Question.  Who is going to perform all of these inspections?  Is the health inspector, Brian Carlson, going to do this on his own?  Let’s just say there are 5000 units in town that fall under this regulation. (Purely a number for argument’s sake).  At ten minutes per inspection that amounts to 20.8 solid 40 hour work-weeks to inspect every single apartment or rental unit in town.   And correct me if I’m wrong but he’ll have to fit this into his already over-burdened schedule of inspecting each restaurant, food store or other retailer under his jurisdiction.  

Answer: Hire more assistants.  Consequence: We all pay even more.

To sum up, if you rent units or rent to anyone in town you’re being hit here to the tune of $150.00 this year and $60.00 each year hereafter for a tax you had no say on. That simple. Go to the meeting on Feb. 26 at 5pm at the Grace Gouveia Building on Alden Street and make your voice heard on this issue.

Oh, the kicker is this: “Affordable Housing” landlords DO NOT have to pay this inspection fee or, as it’s called in the real world, tax.  So, Guess Who is exempt from this?   

Furious Renter
(who is sympathetic to landlords)
3:03 pm est 

Re: Seems Like a Hoax

Then why respond?
9:59 am est 

It's Insulting

Stop assuming that every incorrectly spelled word on this
blog has been written by a graduate of the Provincetown school
system. It's insulting
9:54 am est 

Poll: Public Fears About Troubled Economy Growing AP - 1 Hour, 49 Minutes Ago

WASHINGTON - As the economy continues to struggle, the public is
growing increasingly concerned about losing jobs, not having enough
money to pay the bills and seeing their retirement accounts shrink,
according to an Associated Press-GfK poll.

But in Provincetown? Whoa! Budget cuts???--them's fightin' words as
fer as them unions are concerned. Don't touch my benefits or lower my
wage or cut my hours. Let the taxpayers keep coddling me.
9:53 am est 

Re: School Choice

Why has school choice become only your choice for my kids ?
9:50 am est 

Board of Health Public Hearing, Feb. 26 @ 5pm @ Grace Gouveia Building

Attention Landlords and Tenants of weekly, monthly, seasonal and year
round rentals for habitation. The Board of Health want to sock it to
you. Read last week's Banner posting in the legals section. They not
only want all rentals to be registered but mandates inspections with 
outrageous fees.
The topper is that the deed restricted affordable housing
rental units are exempt from the fees.

The year round and seasonal rentals house the workforce of the Town.
The weekly and monthly rentals are going to be hit with the occupancy
tax. Either the landlord will have to eat this fee or it will be
passed on to the tenant.

I have 4 rentals and despite the constant raise in taxes and
maintenance expenses, I have not raised the rent for years. I am
happy to have good tenants that return every summer. I talked with
the health agent and was told that the initial fee would be $150 per
unit. Now those units are on the same property and they are studios.I
think that the inspection would take 30 mins. top. I am going to be
charged $600.00 for a half hour's work. Something is rotten
in Provincetown.

How do they think they will be able to do all these inspections in a
timely fashion. Not to mention that the
seasonal businesses also need inspections in the spring. This is not
reasonable thinking, it is extortion.

I urge Tenants and Landlords to attend the public hearing or send a
letter or e-mail to the Board of Health and copies to the BOS and
Town Manager. This is not the time to
hit the taxpayers and the tenants.

Astrid Berg
9:48 am est 

New Pier Regs Make Class Distinctions

This must be due to the diligence of Ms. Candace N.
What other changes will she inspire to benefit the town?

Kudos to the Board of Selectmen in their due diligence to fully
investigate how the schools can regionalize.

Mr. Steven Roderick resigned from the origional committee set up by
the School committee because they wouldn't seriously consider

If the Dept of Revenue didn't sound the clarion call that the schools
were too much of a tax burden on the citizens of Provincetown and if
we citizens didn't speak out--things would just have continued as
they have been.
Michael Rogovsky
9:45 am est 

What is This All About?

"What foul thing is going to come to light regarding
landlords? All of commercial Street is rented out."

Some folks in town own lots of buildings--just look at the tax
records. Does anyone know what this person is talking about?
9:43 am est 

Re: You are So Right and On Target About Union Employees

You said:

"To the unions: You don't want to negotiate? You don't want to give
up anything of worth? Then get laid off, now. You have an unrealistic
highfallutin sense that is more a burden for this town than a

Has it ever occurred to you that p$%%^d-off unions have a funny habit
of STRIKING? Even during a recession? Like at Boeing, for two months
last Fall?

I agree with some of what you have to say. But let's not get macho,
shall we? Sharon Lynn has been a careful negotiator, and with good

- Not a Town Employee
9:42 am est 

Re: Regionalization and Winter Promotion

Children are great. Having the high school in Provincetown
is also great. Regionalization is even better because the
students will receive more choices in academics and extracurricular.
All the families I know in town send their children to Nauset for
this very reason. I went to high school composed of seven towns. We
were exposed to students we never would have had contact and the
academic courses were numerous and varied. A question that should be
asked the school committee at Town Meeting - When will the school
committee seriously consider regionalization - when the number of
students is 30, 25, 15? The cost of merging with Nauset will not be
the same as keeping the school in Provincetown. The calculated costs
of tuition and transportation is based on the number of students
today. If the decline in the number of students continue at the same
rate, the cost of sending them to Nauset will also decline.

The school committee had the chance for years to increase the number
of students, but now it is too late. They have squandered their
opportunity. For years, we have heard all these great ideas - always
during Town Meeting time. Then nothing for the rest of the year. We
need to concentrate on keeping the elementary school in Provincetown.
This should be our goal. This is on what we must focus.

Don from Somerset House - keep up the good work. This is exactly what
we need to promote Provincetown during the off season and even during
the summer. You were willing to take a risk and work outside the box.
This far beyond what the VSB, the PBG and the Chamber of Commerce has
done. I cannot tell you how many visitors this winter who tell me
they love the quiet and serenity of the town. We can market winter in
Provincetown as (throwing out ideas) as a place to get away from it
all, a romantic getaway or quiet walks along the shore and in the
woods. I just spent the day in Hyannis. Three persons that I talked
to did not even know that Provincetown is open. Why aren't we
advertising in the Upper Cape. We actually have far more stores open
than their Main Street. Don, I eagerly await any of your future
ideas. Keep up the good work.

Retail Guy
9:40 am est 

The Graduate

"Why should we care what Astred Birg thinks?"

That's funny.  Did you practice writing that bit of astute commentary
on the front side or the back side of your PHS diploma?
9:36 am est 

Re: The New Aristocracy

."Meanwhile, we outsides are paying and paying for their
grand life. We work and toil and they enjoy the fruits of our labor
with their benefits, pay raises and perks."

Oh but so true. That is why the Town Manager hopes they will change
their mind, so they aren't viewed as the new Aristocracy to whom we
lesser mortals pay tribute.
9:34 am est 

Re: Notice of Forthcoming Warning!!

So tell!!! What could be so bad? Give us forwarning so we can defend
ourselves when the topic comes up. What is coming?????? Should the
renters be warned or the rental owners?
9:32 am est 

Hail to the New Majesties
Look around you fellow citizens. The Town Manager is trying
to get the unions to give the taxpayers a break. We just can't pay
anymore. Why can't the unions see this?

They are the aristocracy of the town with all of their perks and
benefits. Hail to the new majesties in town who share the cloak of
invincibility shared by the School committee.

We must pay and pay and pay and they take and take and take and then
demand more, More,*MORE*!!
sign me: A teeny tiny pebble on the beach who has no more left to give.
9:31 am est 

Please Tell Us

What happened at the CPC meeting today? Please tell us.
9:29 am est 

Union Primadonnas

I hope that the Town Manager gets some results from the
Unions. They seem like Primadonnas to a lot of people in town. You
make sacrifices--we are too grand to give up any of our benefits..
9:28 am est 

The Unions Refuse to Budge

We are in a spiraling economic depression. and the unions? They
won't budge. Yes, they are the aristocracy with all of their demands
for raises and  and BIG CITY BENEFITS!

Just a teen tiny pebble on the beach force to pay my own way while
also supporting the big Rocks in town.
9:26 am est 

Re: Candace Nagle

Candace please stop!  You are such an embarrassment to this
once peaceful town.
9:24 am est 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Re: The View From the Other Side

.."Meanwhile, we outsides are paying and paying for their grand life. We
work and toil and they enjoy the fruits of our labor with their
benefits, pay raises and perks."

One of THE most inept, ludicrous comparisons I have read on this blog.
Really, the union employees are hardly aristocracy.

Sounds like malevolence and resentment because you don't get benefits
from being an artist or retired. 

Too bad!
5:12 pm est 

Re: Celebrate Provincetown

Thanks for providing the background info, Mr. Hoort.  I am not a
business owner, but I find the Celebrate Provincetown website very
useful in the winter.  I have directed visiting friends to it when
they ask about open restaurants.  The links to the restaurant sites
are great for quickly finding menus, phone numbers, hours, etc. all
in one place. Someone just reading the site would have no idea which
business you run.

Your work on it is appreciated.
5:10 pm est 

Provincetown Subsidizing Recreational Boaters on Public Pier!

Pier Corporation finally admits recreational boaters are
getting taxpayer subsidized rates on MacMillan Pier.

For over a year and through public records requests, the Pier Corp.
can no longer deny that recreational boats have been on MacMillan
Pier all these years and have been getting the reduced rate reserved
for fishermen.

This weeks Banner: Different vessels will be charged different rates
according to the class they fall under, with OUT OF TOWN RECREATIONAL
BOATERS incurring the biggest up charge.

Imagine folks after all these years, we thought we were helping our
fishermen only to be helping out- of town recreational boaters. They
have been paying $2000 per season for years. But across the way at
the Provincetown Marina the going recreational rate is over $10,000!
No wonder this Town is in such financial trouble with no management
oversight of these people.

The Pier Corp misinformed the Finance Committee in written answers to
them. They stated that all tenants on the subsidized floating docks
met the residency requirement which we know now to be untrue and that
there were 38 commercial fishers on the floating docks which we know
now to be untrue.

Please support my article at the annual town meeting for a full,
impartial and transparent review of the past and present tenancy of
the floating docks which we have been paying dearly for.

Candace Nagle
5:08 pm est 

Everything is Peachy Keen!

WASHINGTON  The Federal Reserve on Wednesday sharply
downgraded its projections for the country's economic performance
this year, predicting the economy will actually shrink and
unemployment will rise higher.

Stop being a naysayer-just work a little harder and everything will
be OK. The sky isn't falling. Its only over 4,000,000 jobs lost since
the summer.

Of course for the unions in Provincetown everything is peach keen; no
cares or worries--more pay raises, increased benefits, vacation and
sick and personal days. Whew! The head spins--big city wages and
benefits on the backs of the taxpayers.
4:23 pm est 

Re: Am I Missing Something?

"Why should we care what Astred Birg thinks?"

What you are missing is spell check. Astrid. Berg.

Educated Elsewhere
4:20 pm est 

Notice of Forthcoming Warning!!

If you rent a property in the town to a tenant to live in,
watch for something foul to come to light here soon.  Seriously, it's
nasty and wrong and it will affect your wallet tremendously.  Stay
4:18 pm est 

Well I Guess I Feel a Need to Respond to This One

"A local inn owner put's together a website to help all of
us out with keeping track of whats open all year in town.  He pleeds
for our support and wants all of us to help
him gather information.  Then the next thing we know he's selling
advertising to the airline, the ferry and the bus.  Gotta love it! 
What a giver he is!  I guess he's not doing well enough peddling
rooms these days."

I created the Celebrate Provincetown web site to help everyone know
who is open throughout the year and hopefully encourage visitors to
come during the off-season.  Countless number of my hours are put
into it to try and keep it as up to date as possible and make it a benefit for
everyone.  I asked Bay State Cruises, Cape Air and Plymouth& Brockton
if they would like to be sponsors to help defray the costs.  They all
very generously agreed to help out.  Their sponsorship paid for the
cost of the web site and Celebrate Provincetown business cards to
distribute through town, the rest has come out of my pocket.  I have
not and will not ever ask any local business in town for money.  The
purpose of the web site was to promote everyone in town, not just
those who could pay to advertise.

I constantly contact businesses in town and ask them to send me their
information so I can include it on the site.  I don't plead for help
from people other than to try to get their information so I can
include it on the site.  When I first moved to Provincetown I
realized there wasn't one single source that could provide all the
information I needed for my guests.  So I worked to create a source
and make it available to everyone, all to promote tourism to town.

Each month, November through April I create a restaurant guide as a
Word document.  I pay to have it made into a PDF file which is then
e-mailed to all guesthouses so they may print it for their guests.

In February I thought I'd try something new to hopefully bring
business to town.  I worked with Plymouth & Brockton to arrange a
non-stop weekend bus charter round trip from Boston to Provincetown
for only $29.  The bus was not as succesful as I'd hoped and only 5
people were on the bus, but at least I tried to do something.  The
over $1,000 difference between the people who purchased the tickets
and the cost of the charter came out of my pocket.  None of the
guests stayed at my guesthouse, we were full, but some did come and
that was the purpose of the charter.  I hope someone else in town
will try to the bus charter again, I think it could really bring
people to town during the off-season.

Each month I send out a newsletter to anyone who signs up on the web
site.  I spend the time taking pictures to include and coming up with
information that the potential visitor might like to read.  I promote
any events that are coming up and tell people what's going on in
town.  All hopefully to encourage them to come visit Provincetown.

The line between my guest house, The Somerset House Inn and the web
site Celebrate Provincetown is not crossed.  I wanted to promote
tourism to Provincetown and indirectly I hope my guest house will
beneift, but the two are and always will be separate.

Regarding your mis-information about the VSB grant to Celebrate
Provincetown, yes the VSB awarded Celebrate Provincetown a $2,500
grant for the 'Celebrate Provincetown' weekends in April which are in
the process of being finalized at this time.  The VSB did not award
the grant to the web site or the restaurant guides, but to the event
weekends which will hopefully promote tourism to Provincetown during
the off-season.  Did you know the VSB grants are matching grants? 
The only way I receive the full $2,500 grant is if I spend $5,000
which means $2,500 will come out of my pocket.

I'm sorry if you are offended by the work I've done or how I've gone
about it.  And if you or anyone else would like to take this over I
would gladly let you.  The only parameters are that you can not ask
any local businesses to pay to be included, it must be free to
everyone and any extra costs must come out of your pocket.

Dan Hoort

Celebrate Provincetown
The Somerset House Inn
4:16 pm est 

School Cost Savings Echo Chamber

I'd like to lower taxes as much as anyone. But I don't understand why
some keep saying there will be big savings with regionalization.  All
the analyses I've seen to date show it a wash or slight savings, at
the current Nauset charge per student plus the new bus costs.  Not
enough savings to change taxes much at all, and certainly not enough
to drive the decision by itself.

Yet some on here keep saying we need to regionalize to reduce the
current $4 million school budget.  Show us the analysis please that
leads to this conclusion!  It seems to be wishful thinking.  And you
might want to include in the analysis the real possibility that
Nauset will raise the standard cost per student when they learn of
our 26% special needs population (if I recall the % correctly).

And some who argue on the basis of school quality seem to ignore the
fact that every student has the option to go to Nauset already.  So
could that argument just be cover for a desire to save on taxes again?

I understand the well-deserved anger with the stone-walling school
committee!  But show us some real $ figures that make your case for
real savings.  Otherwise it's just wishful thinking that gets
repeated here as in an echo chamber.
4:07 pm est 

Where is the Bottom Line?

Time for Change or We Will Change or is it No choice but to Change
Everyone has a bottom line and Provincetown is no different. The line
is there is not going to be the money available because no overrides
will be approved. What everyone is writing about will happen.  Town
management will change. There will be no money for assistants to
assistants.  Union members will lose jobs. No money. Services will be
cut. No money. The school will regionalize. No money and no children.
The Pier Corp will become more fiscally responsible because the town
needs the money. Town Hall will be fixed because it is the legacy of

That's just keepin it simple

Slippery Fish (the prophet of the bowl)
4:04 pm est 

Steps Toward Recovery

As the economy worsens...the mood on the blog becomes more
contentious.  It reads some days like the dogs are fighting for

Division by ridicule and character assassination has become the norm.

California as a state is shutting down services...when will
Massachusetts do the same?  The auto industry is belly up.

Provincetown needs to look at providing essential services...

Provincetown could hire street sweeping persons instead of a
mechanical sweeper for far less cost to the taxpayers.  Energy
efficient vehicles could cut our costs...

Provincetown is in the off season....our work force should be fewer

The schools are not doing a good job...closing the schools will help
our students become bright working people after graduation.  Our work
force is no longer home grown here in town.  Tomorrow's graduates
need 21st century educations...and Provincetown's schools are left
back in the 20th century.

It is time to think outside the box...What was good enough as an
education no longer cuts it.  The economy will not be guaranteeing
our graduates tenured goverment jobs with full benefits.

Let's move along to recovery.
4:01 pm est 

To the PBG Basher...

You really don't know what you are talking about.  The PBG magazine
is distributed to thousands of people at the gay and lesbian expo in
March, outlines the yearly happenings, has 2 runs, one for updates and
thousands are requested and sent out via the PBG website.  If the printed
material is requested from the website, the PBG must be doing something

So don't join.  Big deal.
3:57 pm est 

You are So Right and On Target About the Union Employees

I really like your phrase: living large at our expense. Yes, the
unions all three of them--town employees, the police and the beloved
teachers--all believe they deserve raises, deserve extra benefits,
deserve bonuses, deserve even paid lunches! This is a fantasy
perpetuated by the town manager in the last go around on the contracts.
Stop this inflated sense of your worth. Be more realistic. You are
small town employees doing small town work dealing with small town
residents and tourists. And yet, as you state in the blog, they are
expecting "plum-big-city-benefits."

Thanks for your insight. I agree with your conclusion: lay them off.
Reduce our budget by reducing personnel and next year we will be in a
better position as well.

To the unions: You don't want to negotiate? You don't want to give up
anything of worth? Then get laid off, now. You have an unrealistic
highfallutin sense that is more a burden for this town than a benefit.
3:55 pm est 

Cut the Workforce

Here is a way to save money--cut the town work force.
Initiate 5% budget cuts--lay off a few people.

The auto industry is asking for billions yet again, and when they
burn through it, they will get more billions..and when burn through
it more.

Just like our School committee. Millions for these 9 months, millions
for the next 9 months. 90 staff people--40 Provincetown students in
the High school.

A grand summit--with no action..but more millions and more millions.
3:51 pm est 

For Some It's Only a Paper Loss

Of course the town did well this weekend. We are within
driving distance of a few big cities. Even if people lose a third of
their money--a third of $6 million dollars is still $2 million.

Provincetown is still affordable for lots of people even though four
million jobs have been lost in this country in less than a year. Lets
just hope that they come here all summer.

Not everyone is a worker bee. Relax and kick up your heels and live a
little. The worker bees will just have to work a little harder--but
that is life.

The rest of us will just shake our heads over paper losses--and wait
for them to rebound.
3:49 pm est 

The View From the Other Side

I feel like the kids do in a third world country with their
faces pressed against the window of the grandest, most elegant
restaurant in town.

There we see the well heeled patrons swathed in silks and the head
waiters bowing and scrapping. Yet even here there is discontent: A
table of 4 complains they are too close to the kitchen; a table of
two feel cramped, the pillows against which one rests aren't fluffy
enough etc.

Meanwhile, we outsides are paying and paying for their grand life. We
work and toil and they enjoy the fruits of our labor with their
benefits, pay raises and perks.

They complain about a boss the way these grand diners complain that
the olive in their martini being too small; that their champagne
cocktail doesn't have enough fizz; oh, that the portions are too

How nice it is that the unions have such grandeur and comforts--yet
complain if one guy has a bigger truck or a cushier seat. I hope that
they thank we taxpayers for the security and comfort of their jobs.

Another teeny tiny pebble on the beach.
9:19 am est 

Here's Another Way to Save Money

The Police Chief and Staff Sgt have unmarked police cruisers to use
and travel up and down the Cape. I know for a fact that they are not
using them for Police buisness all the time. It's incredible. I guess
the gas the Town pays for is not a financial burden. What even
strikes me as odd is, the Town Manager and the Asst Town Manager use
their own vehicles. The wear and tear these vehicles endure I'm also
sure saves their own personal cars from such. I bet if they had to
use their own, they would not travel up and down the Cape as much
amongst other things I've seen and heard they do.
9:17 am est 

This is My Town, it's Our Town

"...Repeat afrer me "THIS IS NOT YOUR TOWN" It's a regular
town in mass..."

This IS my town, it's OUR town.  It doesn't matter if I moved here
yesterday, five years ago or have lived here all my life, it's my
town.  Special privileges are not awarded based on length of

Of course you said to go ahead and comment on your spelling so I
will.  When writers can't write basic English it diminishes their
statement.  And when writers who can't write basic English write to
defend our school system it's not a good reflection on the value of
the school system.
9:13 am est 

It Seems Like a Hoax

The blog "Here We Go" seems like a hoax.  Could someone that ignorant
be capable of even turning on a computer?  Could someone of such
afflicted moral caliber be able to press the submit button?  What a
joke.  Too bad it didn't work.  NEXT...
9:11 am est 

Its Not Just About This Year's Budget--

What are we going to be paying in taxes in 5,10,15 years? I'll be
older and won't be able to work like this--my IRA lost 30%...I want
the Town Gov't to do heavy cutting now--the unions have all of the
benefits and pay increases in this town.

Go around the stores and ask what the clerks make--the coffee shop
men and women. Don't ask the town workers driving around in the big
trucks with their heavy perks and plum-big-city-benefits.

I'm hurting and they are living large at our expense--and they refuse
to budge--fire some of them and wake them up--the economic world has
9:10 am est 

What Happened at the CPC Meeting Yesterday?

What time is the CPC meeting on February 24th? Since I've been
laid off from my job, I can attend.

I've been laid off--yet the town workers won't even budge on they
pay--lots of resentment that we pay for your perks and paycheck--and
you won't give a penny.

I hope they cut the budget and you see what it is like..
9:07 am est 

Dept. of Revenue: School Financial Burden

The school committee has stonewalled the board of selctmen. The
School committee deigns that we taxpayers fork over millions and
millions of dollars EACH YEAR for a school system that run from

The Dept of Revenue came and audited the town and they were so
shocked by the cost of the schools to the taxpayers that they had to
issue a report--even though it was out of the provence of their

No sixth grade class; a handful of PROVINCETOWN STUDENTS the highest
cost in the commonwealth.

Two Year ago A grand School Summit with great ideas--that ended the
day the summit closed.

The school committee ignored the decline in the school population for
ten years believing that they could hold the taxpayers ransom and get
their millions--but the Dept of Revenue has come to liberate the town
and is demanding that the B of S reduce this financial burden on the

A Toiling Pebble who can't pay anymore.
9:06 am est 

Who's Next

Hey after we get rid of the kids and their parents in town
- who can we go after next ?   Won't that be fun !  I think it will
be year rounders - they cost tooooooooooooooooo much.
9:03 am est 

Am I Missing Something?

Why should we care what Astred Birg thinks?
9:01 am est 

Who Went?

So how many people showed up for the CPC meeting on
Tuesday? I bet the same nay sayers came, and no one else! Did Mikey
make a speech on how he wants no more affordable housing? Did he even
9:00 am est 

I Didn't Buy an Ad in the P.B.G. Brochure This Year Either

I felt like it was a waste of money because I spent a lot of money on
it last year and it didn't do anything for me.

I wasn't impressed with last years either and a lot of people in town
were laughing at it so not for me.

Who knows, next year I may skip renewing with them altogether. It's
not really worthwile any more. Current economy doesn't justify giving
a donation to an organization that doesn't really do anything. Today
you have to earn it.
8:58 am est 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Sure Ain't a Rainbow!

I always knew the schools here were pretty bad,
but until I read todays blogs I did'nt know how bad it really was.
After reading "here we go again" I am starting to think
that the Provincetown Schools are a breeding ground
for terrorists, such hate, I find it embarrasing.
If that was an example of what the parents think,
then one only wonders what the administration thinks.
What sort of example is this for Children?

I guess this is the real underbelly of the town showing now.
It ain't pretty,
and it sure ain't a Rainbow!
Save the Children
Close the Schools!
10:47 pm est 

We as a Town Will Decide

"...shame on all of you who think you can dacide for OUR
children, we should have decided on your welcome along time ago, but
we didnt did we?"

We as a town will decide what to do with the schools.  It's not your
decision, it's not my decision.  WE as a town will decide.  Simple as
10:45 pm est 

Any Info is Greatly Appreciated.

So, the BOS has asked for the funds to pay for the town
hall renovation... great so what happens next, what is the process...
unfortunately I was unable to attend the meeting at 9:00 am as I had
to be at work at 7:00. Any info is greatly appreciated.


10:44 pm est 

Provincetown Lives!

Town was filled this past weekend! What a great time... the
parking lot was filled all weekend and the shops that were open were
doing a brisk business... Provincetown still lives?

John Spezitz
10:42 pm est 

Facts Speak For Themselves

The study of the school by the department of Revenue states
that the town needs to explore regionalization of the school because
of the undo financial burden it places on the taxpayer.

These are the facts--you can't change them--read them for yourself.
Just keep printing this when people bring up emotionally empty
arguments or make irrelevant or ignorant statements.
10:40 pm est 


Some People have way
TOO much time on THEIR hands!
And it's not even March yet....

Keep slogging thru the blogs folks,
you can tell a lot about a place by
the color of the words...

The ONLY Pebble, with an imagination...
10:38 pm est 

Hello? Last time I Checked, This Was Still America...

"Now you figure you can
decide for the families in this town what we should do for OUR
childrens education in THEIR town, your so warped. Why dont we sell
the Foley "failure" house and the aids support group building in one
packedge with the community center, sure why not make it suck for all
of us good idea. Repeat afrer me "THIS IS NOT YOUR TOWN" It's a
regular town in mass, why do you insist on changing and destroying
anything family oriented, belive keep it up and any town that thinks
of being so accepting,and open to anyone trying to"

Hello? Last time I checked, this was still America...people are
allowed to live anywhere they want.
Thank you for yet more, REALLY good reasons to
close the schools as soon as we can...
Ignorance or Hate?
Your guess is as good as mine
..How do you spell White Trash, ?????
10:36 pm est 

Read, Comprehend and Analyze: Instead You List and Lecture

Oh, Please. We don't need you to enumerate what is said here. If
we're reading, we know. We don't need you listing your concerns of
the concerns posted here. Thanks but no thanks honey. It's a waste of
time reading you.
10:32 pm est 

I Care About Those Fishermen as Much as They Care About Me!

What town boards do they sit on? How are they giving back to our
community? Can anyone list a few of these fishermen that bait their
hooks with our taxdollars?

Let's subsidize the artists, let's subsidize the wait staff people,
let's subsidize the summer workers.

Why are they so privledged? the few that are left?
8:49 pm est 

Public Pier Corporation

The screening process standard and transparency of those
who get taxpayer subsidized slips on MacMillan Pier should be no
different than the screening process standard and transparency of
those who get taxpayer subsidized affordable housing.

Flushing out recreational boaters hiding behind commercial fishing
permits on MacMillan would be a significant new source of revenue.

It can be achieved by:

Signed Commercial Fishing Affidavits combined with
Verification of catch reports e.g. submitting copies of invoices from buyers

The BOS is meeting with the Pier Corp Monday. This is one of my
recommendations to them.

Candace Nagle
7:44 pm est 

They Did Have A Voice

"Regionalization is only one suggestion. I'd like to hear from some
folks that actually went to school HERE! Don't throw the baby out
with the bathwater Provincetown!"


A few years ago these town folk did care and spent a full weekend
trying to come up with great suggestions for the school's future and
what they would like to see (many reiterated by Mr Adams just
recently).  What happened to that 'study'?  Nothing.

And one of the most respected 'born and raised here' citizens just
recently chaired the School Steering Committee.  Amazing report was
presented and just a few short weeks, the School Committee dismisses
basically the entire report.

Enough reports, enough studies.  It's time to move forward.
7:21 pm est 

Nagel is Right

I was floating by the pier last night and noticed that the same
boats, one with a lot of lights, were on...the same ones that were on
during the day.  Nice to know the property taxes on my fish bowl are
paying for this.

Slippery Fish (looking for an electric eel)
7:19 pm est 

Provincetown is in Dire Need of a Strong Adminstration
The current board of selectmen seem unwilling to make changes, I feel
neccessary, to cut costs.  Just as others, including myself, have
made financial changes, so must the selectmen. Elections are
7:18 pm est 

Here We Go!

I just have to laugh at "that certain
class of people in this town. How long has this town had a public
school system? and your gona feel offended by what parents of
students in that school system write on hear defending that school,
most of which graduated from that school, and to those of you from
"that certain class of people" how long have you been in this town?
you came hear because your friends told you it was a town that didnt
judge and accepted you for just being you. Now you figure you can
decide for the families in this town what we should do for OUR
childrens education in THEIR town, your so warped. Why dont we sell
the Foley "failure" house and the aids support group building in one
packedge with the community center, sure why not make it suck for all
of us good idea. Repeat afrer me "THIS IS NOT YOUR TOWN" It's a
regular town in mass, why do you insist on changing and destroying
anything family oriented, belive keep it up and any town that thinks
of being so accepting,and open to anyone trying to
settle there will have taken notice from your stupidity and arogence
and turn their backs. Go ahead throw out your cheep shots that seem
to roll of your finger possibly fr0om years of NOT being accepted
where you were, comment on my spelling if you must it rolls right of
my back, shame on all of you who think you can dacide for OUR
children, we should have decided on your welcome along time ago, but
we didnt did we?
7:16 pm est 

It's Provincetown Taxpayer's Dollars!

Affordable housing has received millions upon millions of
Provincetown taxpayer's dollars since its inception. Now the citizens
of Provincetown are undertaking the renovation of Town Hall.

Now it is time that our hard earned money that has gone in the CPC
fund now go to benefit the Current Citizens of Provincetown--Not into
the pocket of an award winning developer with an empire of affordable
housing projects.

Support the proposal by the town government submitted to the
Community Preservation Committee to have these funds go towards the
renovation of Town Hall. The meeting is February 24th.
7:13 pm est 

Nuts, Just Nuts

If you vote against Ted Malone, you'll be alone?  Nuts, my dear, just
nuts. You'll have the entire town backing you. We have had enough of
Malone and his for profit, always looking for more profit endeavors.
And now looking for us to fund for $900,000 his so-called affordable
housing empire? And he is looking for even more money from the Local
housing Partnership to match some of these monies. We are not nuts
but you are if you think we'll go for this radically stupid request.

Say No to Ted malone. Say Yes to Town Hall.
7:10 pm est 

Here is Just a Sampling of MYPAAC Lately

  fed up with cry baby's'
....this kid is a loser with a capital L

I think that chief Trovato should be drug tested,
he has to be on drugs ...

The best thing about the town cutting the budget to the
bone is that it gets rid of the middle & low income homeowners! Only
us with means will be left to enjoy this great place without the
problems of the low life that has lived here for 50 years

They are tearing the town down piece by
piece -

Get a hobby people, this crap will rot your brain!!!!

Pinocchio (M. Rogovsky) "I'm a real boy" is alive and well

"It's Because A Certain Class Came to Town....
and tried to close their school for their own lifestyle and profit."

You sir,
are nothing more than a self serving, selfish capitalistic pig.

"Provincetown is full of Hate"

They were "given" almost a MILLION $$$ to convert the roach motel to
ever more crap construction.

How About You Being Gay Around My Children Concerns Me

-lay them off. Cut
positions. You have the right and now the duty

How stupid people are.

What brazen selfish self-interest.

you probably were too busy finding the right
toilet paper to wipe your mouth.
..I would rather invest in a good proctologist and find a cure for
what you do best.

Stick to your moping and cleaning toilet bowls.

Jerseygirl, Kerry, Mrs FireChief, and the rest take note,
You have Lied and Postured long enough, the party is over.

"Too bad you're too much of a COWARD to actually sign
your name to this garbage!

  just what I thought your just a wind bag with a computer!!!!

Townie versus washashore, gay versus straight,
year-rounder versus second home owner, haves versus have nots and on
and on.

It really is so sad that you "non parents"
have to put down what the children of this town do for "their town"
not yours.

What a bunch of morally bankrupt people here typing away with no
thought for the folks whose character you besmirch.

..sitting on town boards like pigs at the trough.

OK Candace, no more calling Kerry Adams a liar.

..and even worse is people
who raise money to fight AIDS when people with AIDS bring it on
themselves with unprotected sex.

..not all straight people are as angry and small minded as you are!!

"Honestly, are Mr Adams, Mrs Nelson and Mrs Tavato being
bashed on here because their actually "not gay" in this extremely gay town?"

Oooooh....nasty, nasty Jerseygirl,

"there's that man who hosts that vile blog."

What a truly SAD commentary on the
state of affairs in Provincetown..
7:09 pm est 

Re: Candace Nagle

"I think the term you're looking for (or smelling) is
'captialism'. I'm only taking a guess...either way it doesn't make
much sense. Candace Nagel has done us all a good favor by her
investigations, painful as they may well be."

A favor? Really?? We'll see if it's still considered a "favor" when
there aren't any fishermen left in town because if Nagle has her way,
only the rich will be able to dock in P-town. Isn't that what she's
after anyway? I hear it costs over $8,000 to tie up to Nagle's dock
at the wharf. It looks like she wants the same rates for the
fishermen too! The only person laughing all the way to the bank is
Candace Nagle.

Caught lots of fish and sold a lot of fish too.
7:06 pm est 

Take Off Your Blinders and Look Around!

"They have been asleep for years and none of them even have
an academic background or a groudning in educational perspetives."

ARE YOU SO SURE ABOUT THAT STATEMENT? Terese Nelson does in fact have
an academic background. As for the others, they are ELECTED positions
and if you were so damned interested in their academic background,
you shouldn't have elected them in the first place! Talk about 20-20

If being a parent of a school aged child isn't important, then what
is? Oh and let us not forget that there are 24 children in the Pre-K
program here in P-town... and someone said that there are no kids
coming along!

Take off your blinders and look around! Yes, it's expensive to live
here, but it costs much more in many other towns on the Cape.

Regionalization is only one suggestion. I'd like to hear from some
folks that actually went to school HERE! Don't throw the baby out
with the bathwater Provincetown!
7:04 pm est 

Re: Open Space Funding
So let me get this straight...
you want to fund $450,000. to 2 families here in Provincetown, the
Sinaiko and Mayo clans
you are against giving CHR even $150K for affordable rentals to help
out with blue collar middle class *working* LOCAL people in NEED

Maybe you nee to revisit your priorities, and stop with the *private
developer* crap. Every developer charges a fee, how do you think
anything will get built?  Certainly NOT by your generous spirit.
6:59 pm est 

Here's a Thought

Don't you think the CPC will see the same faces,
Astrid Berg
Michael Rogovsky
Clarence Walker
Marcine Marcoux
and realize it is the MYPAAC gang trying to shoot Ted down?  Don't
you think they (CPC) know what the TRUE intent is? I do...
6:58 pm est 

Re: Yes, I Like the Idea of Seasonal Employment for the Town

Just a few questions?

1) Where are you recruiting this workforce?  These are not busboys
and dishwashers from Eastern Europe or Jamaica.  These people need
office skills, at least an Associates Degree from C.C.C.C.

2) What type of workforce are you going to recruit with no benefit or
compensation package?

3) Where are these "seasonal" employees going to live?

Gone are the days when a group of young friends (Americans) can come
to the Cape and rent a cottage or house and work for the season, then
return to college. Remember, the Euro-kids put 4 to a bedroom and
work 3 jobs a day.  You are going to find a spoiled American brat to
do your seasonal work?

And remember, if you "Lay-off" (nice term for fire) the present
workforce, chances are they will move there families elsewhere
up-cape.  How are they going to live on unemployment most of the year?

I know, that is not YOUR problem...
6:57 pm est 

A Warning to the All Three STiff-Necked Unions

Today, California is laying-offs 10% of its employees. 20,000 people will
be laid off today. The pink slips go out and people will lose their

Continue to be pig-headed and you too will face pink slips and you
too will lose your jobs. Either you give now or you will be given the
door. And next year, we will have a smaller budget and the town will
be more efficient. Keep that in mind when you hem and haw, refusing
to talk, refusing to give anything back, as if you deserve pay
raises, bonuses, paid vacations, sick time, paid lunches and cost of
living increases. One way to get rid of most of these entitlements is
to let you go and do it now.

We've had enough of union priviledge, enough of unions refusing to
give anything back when times are as dire as they are now and you
want to stick all the candy into your pockets and gorge yourselves,
when others are having trouble buying bread and milk.
6:55 pm est 

I Have to Jump in Here to Defend the Union...

Just the Labor union...Don't care about the school or cops...
Labor, Yes, ...all 45 of us!

Managment is where the fat is...
MID Managment to be exact...All those "essential" positions, the jobs
Sharon can't do without; created AFTER Sharons arrival... Assistants to

Trim the FAT...In this town instead of Labor/Managment
we are stuck with Managment/AssistantManagment and Labor comes at the

The problem HERE is not that the Union won't give...we already
have...over and over. The Problem is Dept Heads who can't or won't
do their jobs and need Assistants to do it for them.

Leave Labor alone...we have a contract...MidManagment doesn't!
As far as usless true, there is an entire dept in DPW
that doesn't even have to show up...

People picked on Roger Green, well at least he shows up
and tries...We all know a Janitor who gets paid to stay away. Last
summer the entire Building and Grounds department slept in the
cemetary...I think they are still of the perks of a radio
is you can be heard but not seen.

So, let Sharon whine about asking us to give up even more...
You can take my $$$ away, but don't ask us to hand it over!
6:53 pm est 

Town Debt

So if the CPA doesn't grant the $2 million for town hall, we'll add
more debt to our highest in the state (per capita) debt level. 
Obviously bad.  These chickens will come home to roust.
6:48 pm est 

Town Budget Comparisons

Someone asked if it is really true that Provincetown's operating
budget per capita is higher than Lexington, Marblehead, and Newton. 
It's true.  Again from the Mass. Municipal Association for FY07:

Provincetown = $7,232

Lexington = $4,736 (35% less)

Marblehead = $3,242 (55% lower)

Newton = $3,674 (49% under)

And of course these towns are much wealthier with per capita incomes
(based on the last census) at 77%, 79%, and 75% higher than ours

And if you think the cause is our tourist trade, try explaining why
Provincetown has the highest per capita budget of all the towns on
the Cape, most with significant seasonal tourist volumes, too.

Lastly, don't focus blame just on our schools. As a % of total
budget, Provincetown's school costs, at about 16%, are much lower
than most Mass. towns, who typically spend about 50%! (The 3 other
towns above spend 47%, 42%, and 53% respectively on their schools). 
We should be seriously and quickly pursuing the regionalization of
ALL town departments - not just the schools - that's where the big
savings are and that is the future.  In the meantime, cuts are in
6:47 pm est 

OK, Let Me Put it Another Way

"Don't get me wrong I wish it was because "people are
working together" but lets not pat ourselves on the back for
something that didn't happen."

OK, let me put it another way.  In our own small world we worked on a
few things for this weekend.  The PBG, VSB, VSB marketing agency,
Monument, restaurants, a gallery owner and several other web sites
all helped make it work.  We appreciated their "working together"
with us and with their help it was a good weekend.
6:44 pm est 

From: Michael Rogovsky

I totally support the proposal for funding Town Hall with
CPC funds that was submitted by the Board of Selectmen and the Town

I also support the Board of Selectmen in their quest to follow the
emphatic dictates of the Dept of Revenue to regionalize the school

Michael Rogovsky
6:42 pm est 

For The Record

         I have never made any verbal or written statements
regarding the Town's Union and its' members.
         If people want to blast me for my opinions concerning the
Community Preservation Act, go for it. I am
thick skinned. But leave me out of the Union issues.
         BTW: Enquiring minds should read today's Cape Cod Times. One
article reports the Town of Orleans is using CPA funds to purchase
existing condos and houses and reselling them at affordable prices.
Another article reports that there is a program for homeowners to
rent a room out to the temporary summer workers. Great ideas
that would fit the needs for Provincetown.

Astrid Berg
6:40 pm est 

The Unions Need to Give Back

Yes, Provincetown has the highest per capita operating
budget. Every nice juicy benefit they wanted they received. Why not?
It comes out of the taxpayers pocket.

The town is in hibernation in the winter. We need part time workers.
Town Gov't needs to change its mindset. The unions need to give back.

Look at the municipal benefits compared to what we get here in the
Private sector. We get small town wages--they get big city salaries
and benefits paid for by our hard earned money.
6:39 pm est 

TOPEKA, Kan. -

Kansas has suspended income tax refunds and
may not be able to pay employees on time, state officials said Monday.

And in Provincetown--the unions want even more fat at the taxpyayers expense.
6:36 pm est 

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) -

California, which is on the brink
of running out of cash, will notify 20,000 state workers on Tuesday
their jobs may be eliminated, a spokesman for Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger said on Monday.

Get the Guts B of S and Town Manager--the taxpayers have given enough.
6:35 pm est 

Town's Operating Budget is Too High

It isn't the B of S who will be laying people off, it is
the members of the three unions who would rather have their
co-workers laid off rather than trim any of the fat off of their
plump,fat benefit packages.

With all of their taxpayer subsidized packages of benefits to make
them all cozy in their positions all they want is to add more to
their hoard of benefits--to hell with the other guy.

The taxpayers have had enough--Our town operating budget is just too
high. No Overrides.
6:34 pm est 

The Web is Where It's at

I just opened some mail from the PBG.  They want us to buy
an ad in their magazine Like Nowhere Else.  I'm shocked that an
organization that's supposed to be as cutting edge as the PBG still
thinks this magazine rag is effective for us to advertise in.  Last
year's edition was awful, riddled with spelling mistakes, bad photos
and just generally a waste of money.  I'm not buying an ad this year
and I think a lot of other members and businesses will do the same. 
We have to be really careful how we spend our money right now and
electives like the PBG may become a low priority for most of us. 
They really need to catch up on the times.  Magazines are a waste of
money, the web is where it's at.
6:32 pm est 

I Love This One

A local inn owner put's together a
website to help all of us out with keeping track of whats open all
year in town.  He pleeds for our support and wants all of us to help
him gather information.  Then the next thing we know he's selling
advertising to the airline, the ferry and the bus.  Gotta love it! 
What a giver he is!  I guess he's not doing well enough peddling
rooms these days.  It just bothers me in this town when people say
one thing then do another not ten minutes later.  I wouldn't have put
all my time into helping him if I knew it was going to turn into his
side business.  In my eyes he owes many of a check.  The best part
was that our ultra smart visitor service board in the town gave him
funds to do this as well.
Sucker me once, shame on you.  Sucker me twice, shame on me.
6:30 pm est 

Re: Public Pier Corporation

In 2003, the Pier Corp. conducted a survey of other harbors
and piers. among the key findings:

separate charges for electric and water use are common.

Electricity is included in the Pier Corp. rates.

There are boats on MacMillan Pier that keep their lights on 24/7
without consequence.

Electricity bills are well over $40,000 year.

Please support my article at the annual Town meeting for a full,
impartial and transparent review of the tenancy of MacMillan Pier.

Candace Nagle
6:28 pm est 

We Are All in This Together

WOW! someone on here honestly believes that no connection
exists between the unions lowering their pay, with everyone else in
town also lowering prices in the shops, guest houses and restaurants!
WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! Who do you think you are? CITI BANK?
6:26 pm est 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Re: Re: Ted Malone

You'll be alone if you vote against ted malone!
9:51 pm est 

Most People With a Life Will Not be at the CPC Meeting.......
.......because other than the well off and trust fund babies, most
of us work during the morning hours. My guess is that only the same
handfull of people that always show up for meetings will be there.
9:50 pm est 

Re: Ted Malone

9:44 pm est 

Is it Envy?

Do I read some type of envy towards the unions from Astred
& Mikey? Is that why for all these years they have been against
anything we vote for at town meeting every year? Very sad.
9:41 pm est 

Re: Cut Backs

I agree, if the shops, guest houses, and restaurants would
lower prices the town would have more people come to town and bring
this town back into the black!
9:35 pm est 

CPA Funds Given to a Developer is a Good Thing

A developer getting CPA FUNDS for affordable housing is a
good thing for the towns future. If we don't give CPA FUNDS for more
affordable housing we will most certainly turn into a seasonal town,
and have to bus in workers. The person who has some kind of vendetta
against ted malone should leave her personal life out of the need for
cpa funds that will go to housing that is affordable.
9:34 pm est 

Here Are the Requests For CPC Funds:

*Suzanne's Garden  $100,000  Sanaiko request
*294 Bradford Street open space acquisition David Mayo
    $350,000 request
*Housing Office  $59,740 request
*83 Shank Painter Housing Development  $150,000 Ted Malone
*Stable Path/Longview Housing Dev.   $800,000  Ted Malone
*Town Hall Renovation  $2,000,000  BOS request
*Libray Facade Restoration   $75,000 Library Request

These will be discussed at tomorrow's CPC meeting and also next week
at the Public Hearing on February 24th at 6p.m. at the community

Seems we should all be there.
9:31 pm est 

Thanks For the Information: Yikes!

Provincetown has the highest operating budget per capita of all towns
in Barnstable. That is increadible. What are we doing wrong? That is
for a town that closes in the winter and spring and with few needs at
that time. Do you really mean to let us know that Lexington,
Marblehead and Newton are operating their towns more efficiently and
at a less costly fashion than Provincetown? Somethings not right if
that is true.

Yes, it does mean too many assistants to assistants, too many
secretaries, too many deaprtment heads not doing their own
work but sloffing their work off to assistants. And it means our
school is not run efficiently. Cut these high paying secreataries. A
waste of our money for unnecessary positions for few students.

And we lead in per capita debt--a testimony to past mismanagement.
Yikes again.

Time to stop this poor management. Time to cut unessential positions
now. Make this town run efficiently and cut positions. Forget begging
the unions for "gifts."

Cut positions now.
9:29 pm est 

Yes, I Like the Idea of Seasonal Employment for the Town

We are a seasonal place. We are a tourist town and nothing much
happens here in the winter and early spring. We should have a small
town employee base and police base that is year-round and can handle
the little that needs to be done during these quiet times. Then have
summer employees who are part-time and help in the summer. That makes
the most sense of how we should handle employment of town employees.
Our budget would be balanced and we wouldn't have positions that are
unnecessary in the winter months.

Seasonal. That's a good option and one we should all consider. If the
unions do not want to cooperate now, we can begin the seasonal
employment patterns by letting many of them go now. They can re-apply
for the summer as part-timers. They'll have jobs in the summer but we
don't have to handle their salaries year-round, nor do we have to
handle health benefits and the other perks they demand.
9:27 pm est 

Where's Your Logic?

Something's missing here. If the unions do cut their pay or freeze
their salaries, what in God's name does that have to do with guest
houses needing to lower their prices and meals at restaurants? They
are businesses. If people don't want to pay their prices, they don't
go there and maybe the businesses fail, maybe they don't. These two
are not connected.

WOW! Totally wrong link sir!
9:24 pm est 

The Argument About the School Has Been Won

No one can ispute the facts of the Dept. of Revenue regarding the
school; they are the watch dogs of the state finances.

When people start bringing in the words "gay" etc. then you know they
are desperate to introduce inflammatory words to change the
subject--but it won't work in these dire times. too bad, you
closed minded ignorant, scared citizen.
9:22 pm est 

Re: Smells Like Communism to Me!

"Candace Nagle want's higher rates on the pier to boost the
value of her float, which is up for sale @ $250K.  I posted this
earlier and it and it was not posted!
Smells like communism to me!"

I think the term you're looking for (or smelling) is 'captialism'.
I'm only taking a guess...either way it doesn't make much sense.
Candace Nagel has done us all a good favor by her investigations,
painful as they may well be.

Can't stop progress.
9:19 pm est 

Who Knew?

When I was in school it was always the straight guys who
hit on me for favors! It was a lot of fun being the good looking jock
that just happend to be gay. And the thing is, that my parents and my
straight friends parents had no idea what we were up to!
9:17 pm est 

Gross Lack of Understanding

Unfortunately, you union folks don't seem to understand.
Mikey and Astrid aren't supported by the taxpayers--you are. You have
your benefits, your sick days, your holidays, your cost of living
increases and your pensions paid for on the backs of the working
taxpayers in town.

The guest houses, stores, restaurants and private citizens don't have
that luxury. That luxury of a silken path through life is yours alone.

We taxpayers are tired of carrying you and your weight of privilege
and your self-entitlement upon our backs.
9:16 pm est 

Regarding Affordable Housing:

People aren't opposed to affordable housing--just look at 90 Shank Painter
Rd. What they are vehemently opposed to is CPC **FUNDS** being given
to a developer of multi million dollar housing developments over helping
the taxpayer pay for renovating town Hall.

REMEMBER THIS: Ted Malone is a private citizen who wants $1,000,000
in CPC funds to build his housing project for future residents. And
the citizens living and working and struggling here now want the CPC
funds to *Finally* go towards renovating Town Hall.

For four years, MILLIONS of dollars have gone to affordable housing.
Please read this again before posting. thank you.
9:14 pm est 

Re: Comparative Budget Size

"Other towns don't have the high tourest trade that we do!
That is why things are higher for our town."


Other Cape towns don't have high tourist trades, too? They do fine
with lower budgets than ours!
9:12 pm est 

DOR Shocked!

From what I understand, it is the Department of Revenue
that is demanding that the town look into regionalization. Do you
want to quarrel with the Dept. of Revenue after their exhaustive
study of the town? They were shocked at the cost of the school to the
9:10 pm est 

Most Times it is Cheaper to Hire Year Round, Rather Than Seasonal

Most of town staff are over worked in season a
nd in the off times they get a chance to do the things they can't do
during season. Thats how it works for most people who live on the
cape year round.
9:09 pm est 

How Tragically Sad

And now the parents turn to slander and insults because
they feel threatened after the school committee refused to heed the
the constructive admonitions of the dept of Revenue.

How sad that as you see that the school committee failed you, you
flail out and insult fellow citizens and in the process demean
yourself. How tragically sad. What an example for your children.
9:06 pm est 

Re: Comparative Budget Size-

So true we do ave a much bigger
town in the summer.  which supports the argument that more town
employees need to be seasonal.

i also agree with a previous poster-if the unions do not cooperate
than town should lay off employees to make up the defecit.  it is the
only other tool town has to adjust the budget.  you can only cut and
scrape from the budget for so long.  I'm sure town management has
identified some dead wood.  Those good old boys and gals who show up
just for the paycheck.  Here's your chance to LAY THEM OFF.  They can
get unemployment benefits like the 70% of the rest of us.
7:24 pm est 

Re: Cut Backs

If the unions agree to cut back, next I would like to see
the shops, guest houses and restaurants of town cut back on prices
also! And maybe even Mikey & Astred could also. Its only fair. And
could we get town hall to cut back on the money to restore that old
7:23 pm est 

Re: Comparative Budget Size

"Other towns don't have the high tourest [sic] trade that we do! 
That is why things are higher for our town."


You just made a good argument for making many town government
positions SEASONAL to coincide with the tourist business. Its called
good management. 

Thanks for helping to make my point.
7:21 pm est 

Re: "How about you being gay around my children concerns me..."

First off, I don't know what the heck this diatribe is all about.
What I do know is if anyone was to replace the word "gay" here in
this idiotic statement with "black" or "Latino" or "Asian" we'd have
a hoard of anger and self-loathing white righteous guilt springing
forth on this blog.

Please pull your thumb from where it seemingly is, extend it outward
and hitch your way into the new century.
7:20 pm est 

Re: How About You Being Gay Around My Children Concerns Me

Another example of emotional blackmail and hatred, undoubtedly from a
parent frightened that the "keep the school open at all costs" jig is

Can't stop progress.
7:18 pm est 

Execuse Me!

You are concerned about your child being around
gay people? Well, you had better send your child to a deserted island
because there are gay people in Your OWN FAMILY.

Check out your Aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces and your own
child. I grew up hearing this.

How painful for a child to be disowned by a parent. Oh well, you
would disown your own child in a moment if your child was gay I
guess. Great Parent you are--what an example of understanding and
accepting humanity.
7:17 pm est 

Re: Anyone Who is Interested in Affordable Housing Please Pay Attention

Whats the big deal that affordable housing developers make
a living building them? Is that not the American way? I would rather
see affordable housing being built than another McMansion!  You can
look that up in Google.
7:14 pm est 

Re: Re: Regionalization

Sexual orientation begins at birth. Born into a large
family of heterosexuals, I should have been heterosexual too. Having
your children exposed to gay people will only make them open
minded--unlike yourself.
7:12 pm est 

Re: Comparative Budget Size

Other towns don't have the high tourest trade that we do!
That is why things are higher for our town.
7:09 pm est 

Share the Load or Risk the Cut!

Provincetown has the highest operating budget and the
solution to that is for each dept. to reduce its budget by 5% or else
people will be laid off.

Yes, 3 people went before the B of S and said that they will pay
overrides--to keep their relatives employed. The other few thousand
taxpayers have no choice but to demand BUDGET CUTS OR, SADLY, LAYOFFS.

No one wants to lay off a fellow citizen, but in these tough times
when the unions have the power to cut back but refuse-we taxpayers
have no choice but to see people laid off.

This situation lies squarely on the threshold of the three unions in
7:06 pm est 

Re: "People Working Together"

I still don't see where you have provided examples of "people working
together".  All of the groups you mentioned were open for business but was
there any collaboration among them?  Was there any collective advertizing
for the weekend?  Did the pbg do anything special?  where was the chamber
over the weekend?  did the new marketing group hired by the VSB do anything
special for the weekend? Were bathroom hours extended by the town?

It would be welcome news if you could provide any examples.  Sadly I
have a feeling that there aren't any.  Town was busy because we had
two events, valentines and presidents day, on the same weekend.  That
is all.  Don't get me wrong I wish it was because "people are working
together" but lets not pat ourselves on the back for something that
didn't happen.
7:03 pm est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

Did Micheal Rogovsky go to school in eastern europe? Where
does he get off thinking that because he gives so much of his taxes
to the schools that he can make the decision to close the schools? I
don't drink from the public water supply so maybe I should'nt pay my
water bill this year!
7:00 pm est 

Re: Uh Parent!

We TAXPAYERS are paying $4,000,000 to educate your child in a
substandard social school environment.

Face the facts--has it ever occurred to you that one day your child
will say,"Why didn't you stick up for me and give me the best
education possible"?

Instead of sending me to Nauset--you opted for the convince of
sleeping later and letting me go down the street to a school with no
social life and the same faces and the same attitudes and the same
tired opinions and topics of discussion for 16 years.
6:58 pm est 

Re: Regionalization

Being a parent is not enough???
How about you being gay around my children concerns me
never a dull moment
6:56 pm est 

Smells Like Communism to Me!

Candace Nagle want's higher rates on the pier to boost the
value of her float, which is up for sale @ $250K.  I posted this
earlier and it and it was not posted!

Smells like communism to me!
6:55 pm est 

How Much is Too Much?

If You Invest In A Project Without Getting The Numbers
Then You (we) Are The Fool(s).
6:53 pm est 

Comparative Budget Size

Guess who has the highest operating budget per capita of all the
towns in Barnstable County (i.e. on the Cape)?

Answer, per the Mass. Municipal Association website (for FY07) =
Provincetown at $7,232, 76% over the average of $4,119 for all the
Cape towns.

Guess who has the highest in all of Mass.?  Outside of 3 of the towns
in Dukes County (i.e. on Nantucket and the Vineyard), Provincetown
comes in #2 behind Rowe with its 353 residents, but ahead of all
other towns including such much wealthier communities as Boxford,
Brookline, Concord, Dover, Lexington, Marblehead, Newton, Sudbury,
and Winchester.

Provincetown also leads the state in per capita debt.

Conclusion: if it weren't for the large stock of second homes
providing tax revenue while using limited services, our fine town
here would be bankrupt.

Other Cape towns have many second homes, too, but keep better control
over their spending. Wonder how many of them and how many of those
wealthier towns listed above have year-round full time assistants on
top of assistants in their town governments....
6:52 pm est 

Re: Working Together to Make the Busy Weekend?

"I'd be interested to hear what examples you have of folks
"working together" to make the weekend busy."

A lot of work was put into this weekend trying to make it a good
weekend.  Every step of the way people were there to help.  The VSB,
their marketing agency, the PBG, restaurants, galleries, shops and
the Monument.  By having everyone on the same page and "working
together"  it was a very good weekend.  That's what I meant.
6:49 pm est 

Anyone Who is Interested in Affordable Housing Please Pay Attention

Google "Community Housing Resources".  Read it and then tell me that
this "for profit organisation" is looking after the good for
affordable housing applicants.

6:46 pm est 

Verbaitem From the Dept. of Revenue Report.

Thus the Selectmen and the Town manager have an obligation to see
this carried through. What higher power in the state is there--and
they admonish the town gov't to do their duty.

"We recommend that the town pursue an independent study to determine
the financial ramifications of joining the Nauset Regional School

***In terms of enrollment, Provincetown supports the smallest PK-12
school district in the Commonwealth.***

As a direct result, its per pupil cost at $24,896 in FY2008 is second
highest in the state. (Minuteman
Regional High School is highest with a per pupil cost of $26,971).

Of 102 students in Grades 7-only 46 are Provincetown residents,
another 22 arrive from other communities by way of school choice and
34 arrive from Truro under a tuition agreement.

According to State Department of Education is sensible
for town officials to investigate all possible cost savings
opportunities, including the option to join the Nauset Regional
School District.

Any effort to regionalize is fundamentally a local decision, and
therefore we offer no opinion on what course the town should take.

***However, because opposing opinions are entrenched on the subject,
it strikes us that a responsible action would be to secure a
comprehensive and objective analysis of the potential fiscal impact
if Provincetown were to join the Nauset school system.***"
6:44 pm est 

Re: Go Get Your Own Kids!

"I'm so glad you non-parents are making such great decisions
for my children - go get your own kids and make decisions for them."

We "non-parents" are paying for your kids education, remember? Enough
of this emotional blackmail("you hate my children!").This tactic has
kept the school opened a decade longer (and counting) then it should
have, but we're starting to see the light. And we'll still be paying
for your kids schooling, somehow.

Have a nice day!

Higher Ground
6:40 pm est 

Cut the Budget 5% or Lay People Off

This is serious. No one wants to see someone lose their job--but
it is too much for us to pay.
6:38 pm est 

Re: Go Get Your Own Kids!

"I'm so glad you non-parents are making such great decisions
for my children - go get your own kids and make decisions for them"

Uh Parent,

That's why it's called Public School...duh
6:36 pm est 

Our Mantra- "No More Overrides"!

We need town Government to read the riot act to the unions
that won't take any cuts. Put their benefits and sick day pay and
paid vacation days and their health care benefits and retirement as
an override and let us vote on that!

The taxpayers have paid enough. $500,000 in health care increases--I
have to pay my own increases. It is time to end all of these perks
and increases year after year.

Cut jobs if people wont take pay cuts. The taxpayers have paid
enough. They won't take a cut in pay while others of us have been
laid off. MORE MORE MORE is their Mantra.

No more overrides is ours.
6:34 pm est 

Yes, This Past Weekend Was Great

I'm not aware though of anyone or any groups "working together"
to make it happen.  We're usually fairly busy on both valentines
and presidents day weekends.
This year they happened to coincide so we were very busy.  I'd be
interested to hear what examples you have of folks "working together"
to make the weekend busy.
4:24 pm est 

Vigilance? We Think Not!

Hey Mikey,

IF you were vigilant, your "anonymous" postings would
not be so transparent!
4:22 pm est 

Re: Wastrel Malcontent Translation

I believe the blog says;
The implication of a cry for reformation is fake. (you people are full of it)

That indeed there is a hidden intolerance for spending money on the
school kids, children who are not important to our town.

Town employees have too many perks and are entitled. Fire them.  Who
cares! (intolerance of people's jobs)

Affordable housing is not necessary and the people living in the
units should be grateful to the civic minded and gracious taxpayers.
(for the anti-housing people)

We have to fix town hall because we love to hate the employees and
board of selectmen who do their work there.
This is our urgent need, to continue to be miserably unhappy with
local government.(blah blah blah,see Michael Rogovsky)

A dissatisfied person who spends money or resources wastefully.

I believe the blog is satirical in nature and pokes fun at the
naysayers of the blog.
4:21 pm est 

Go Get Your Own Kids!

I'm so glad you non-parents are making such great decisions
for my children - go get your own kids and make decisions for them
4:19 pm est 

Micheal Rogovsky..........

.........did not come up with the idea to turn the
community center into affordable housing! That has been in talks with
town committees for years now!

Sorry Mikey.
4:17 pm est 


"Yes, Let's Regionalize Because We Care About Our Children.  Let's
finally give our children new options and greater academic choices
that are central to their futures."

You do understand that every child currently in the high school has
the option to go to Nauset already?  So whatever else it is,
regionalization is not about increasing choice. Unless you think the
only choices that matter are the ones YOU favor.
4:16 pm est 

Mikey Still Does not Get it!

If there is not enough
affordable housing in town, where will the younger generation live?
Who will be left to take care of the town if everyone who has a home
in town is over 60+? It would be great to have affordable rentals at
the community center, but who other than Ted Malone would even think
of coming out here to do that. And if it is for the town with deed
restrictsions to be forever affordable. That is why Mr Malone
requests CPA SEED money. ie: the banks will only loan him the BIGGER
part of the loan ONLY if he has the towns (CPA) support.
4:14 pm est 

This Past Weekend Was Great!

Hopefully it will continue for the year. 
But we can't just sit on our rears and hope it
happens, we'll all have to work for it.  The VSB's new PR agency did
a great job and I talked to many people who had a great time this
weekend.  Of course the calm sunny days helped!  Good to see what can
be accomplished when we all work together.
4:02 pm est 

What a Wonderful Idea--

--the community center as affordable
housing. It is Ideal! It is existing just like Flamingo bay was a
guest house!

Great concept that came from thinking outside the Box--now why
doesn't someone credit Michael R. with that idea? Since you credit
him with anonymous negative things that people write.
2:31 pm est 

To "The Wastrel Malcontent"

I think you should put away your thesaurus... so many Ten Dollar
Words; so few coherant thoughts.

Who were you trying to impress?
2:29 pm est 

Give Back or Get Out

Sorry to call it so harshly but if the unions become so stubborn and
so selfish in deciding not to give back anything to the town so that
we can balance our budget, then cut their positions. If you can only
focus on your petty and selfish needs, then maybe you need to find
yourself without a job. Then you'll appreciate what you could have
done to save yourself. This is not party time, in case you hadn't
2:28 pm est 

Yes, Let's Regionalize Because We Care About Our Children

Let's finally give our children new options and greater academic
choices that are central to their futures. The academic choices here
are dwindling and they need a greater range of curribula choices.
They need to see that their options are greater than working at the
STop & Shohp after they graduate. They need to feel challenges even
in sports. I'ts not good enough to be able to play just because you
show up! Competition and intellectual challenges are the name of the
game. Regionalize and send the school committee to bed. They ahve
been asleep for years and none of them even have an academic
background or a groudning in educational perspetives.

Being a parent is just not enough!

Time for change and time to offer our students more, much more.
2:26 pm est 

From: Michael Rogovsky

It seems I have to keep vigilant. If people don't like what
someone writes here--they say I wrote it. Too funny! Now they are
even trashing Rachel White.

I guess that they would trash Mother Teresa if she was against giving
$1,000,000 to Ted Malone instead of to Historical to help defray the
cost of renovating town hall.

Sorry to disappoint you angry few. However, I do want the majority of
the CPC money to go to town hall. I also want Susan Sinaiko's garden
turned into a pocket park.

Ms. Sinaiko and I were both on the board of directors of the art
association. She was a wonderful person. I also want David Mayo's
land kept for the public.

It is also insulting to imply that anyone is simply anti children if
they acknowledge the findings of the Dept. of Revenue regarding the
school committee and the $4Million cost of the school as being too
heavy a burden for the taxpayers. What an insult to keep saying that
we are anti-children.

Enjoy this beautiful day


Michael Rogovsky
11:31 am est 

Cape Cod Times, Monday February 16, 2009

"Falmouth Housing Proposal Rebuffed

In a nutshell: Open space vs affordable housing.
Woods Hole prefers to keep open space and not build 15
units. Save the woods and instead turn foreclosed houses into
affordable housing."

Community Preservation Act prefers the use of pre-existing
properties for affordable housing. How about the Community Center?

83 Shankpainter Road is already deeded for affordable
housing. If CHR wants to make improvements let them do it with their
own funding.

The purposed Nelson Ave.development NEEDS to include affordable units
in orderto build in this magnitude. CHR is already going to benefit from
State and Federal funds. We have already contributed with our taxes.
Let CHR go to the bank for these properties and projects.

I guess the "naysayers" of Provincetown have spread their
venom to Woods Hole. Or is it the other way around?
11:29 am est 

Great That it Was Such a Busy Weekend--

Lets hope it keeps
up. People will still go out to a destination--and the weather
11:27 am est 

Ah, The Cry of Reformation...

.. Let it ring loud with spurious connotation.
One does not hate the children.  It is the expenditure that is the
objection.  Expunge the school system in town, thus creating less
distress on the resources.  Children are plebeian tributary class to
our society anyhow.

Town employees are not a scapegoat; however their compensation is
peripheral and inordinate.  Why, one can easily discharge said
employees in the name of fiscal prudence.  They were fortuitous to
have been constituence to such a contemptible station of empowerment,
I mean employment.

Affordable housing is inconsequential.  Much ado about nothing. 
Those people, the inauspicious devisee of such great humanitarian
benefaction from us, the puissant taxpayer. Their halcyon days are
over. No more beneficence to such a self centered, mercenary
development. Oh, did I say development?  Sorry, I meant consideration.

Town Hall needs to be restored to its former glory to house the very
same people we have abhorrent, detestable discernment to.  The
governance we so deplorably detest.

This is our priority.  For we must maintain an asylum for our discontent.

The Wastrel Malcontent
11:26 am est 

No One is Bashing the Poor

So true, no one goes to town meeting to bash the poor. What an
**INSULT** saying that people who are against giving $1,000,000 to
Ted Malone to build another affordable housing development are
against the Poor.

Shame on you for using your twisted logic to think that the elderly
on fixed incomes and the working families who have nothing left to
give in taxes are against the  poor.

They want the CPC funds to go towards renovating Town Hall. Not into
the bank account of a renowned developer who has won awards all over
the commonwealth for his many affordable housing developments.

People want that money that came from the pockets of Provincetown
citizens to go to Historical Preservation--the preservation of Town

You just don't get it--Stop twisting things around.
Tired of the Twisters
11:23 am est 

My Kids Love the School

I believe in neighborhood schools for them.
11:20 am est 

A Point of Note:

I'm liking the brevity of the recent
posts. Shorter is better. At least in the case of blog entries.
11:19 am est 

Re: School Summit Meeting

      At least four if not five years ago the School Committee held a
summit at the PAAM. The summit ran for two days and there were many
ideas tossed into the hat.

      Marine Sciences, Arts and Entertainment. They talked about
Campus Provincetown and the Coastal Studies being involved. No move
was sponsored on behalf of the School Committee.

       If we did not have this current report from the DOE
we would have still been under their gun. Now the Board is talking
about making changes.

      In my opinion they had their chance and now they are running
scared.  All of the sudden they are changing their song.

      The taxpayers have been chumps in the school scam.
I feel good that we can finally see the light in the dark hole of
this town's school fantasies.

A Concerned Voter Who Is Not A Parent But Interested
In Education And The Growth Of The Children
11:17 am est 

To: Grain of Salt

I don't know how long you have been salting here but the
East End has had it's fair share of families that are perhaps not
considered privileged.

When you really look at the current developments and/or
reconstructions in the past few years, it has all happened in the
West End.

So pu-ty-pu to your East End snobs.

11:08 am est 

The Other Side of the Story

"Thank you
for your candor Mr. Adams and thank you Friendly Reporter for a
refreshing view of our School Committee!"

Did he mention that he has 2 kids and he doesn't want to see
them...god exposed to any NEW ideas or people?
11:06 am est 

The Party is Over!

"Good to hear that at least one member of the school
Committee is willing to consider alternatives. Perhaps it is possible
to breathe some new life into our schools. Mr. Adams has some good

There is No idea that has not been studied, and studied and talked to
death on the subject of the schools...improving the attraction, they
even hired a PR person a few years ago! The partys over now.
There are no more options left.

Kerry, Terese, Shanon, Deb and Peter willSAY and DO ANYTHING to postpone the inevitable...
until THEIR OWN kids graduate!

Ain't that right Jersygirl?
11:05 am est 

Re: Rachel White

For the record...  She did not get her families home...  They
Purchased the home their in.....  Please
FACTS ONLY.....  NEVER GOT IT FOR FREE......   Sorry to disappoint
your lack of knowledge
11:02 am est 

Preparing For Their Future

My kids attend Nauset because they wanted more
opportunities and to be better prepared for their future.  They
thought Provincetown High was too limited.  I'm proud of them.
11:01 am est 

Save the Children

Don't you realize that the kids that attend PHS know all
about what Nauset offers? They CHOOSE to attend PHS because they WANT
to. There's a lot to be said about having that choice. There's also a
lot to be said about a small school environment. If we close the
school in P-town, there will be no choice for these kids

Damn, this is like dealing with different language...
The Children of School Cmt members are the ones with
NO CHOICE and the rest of the parents just don't care or know any better.

There will be Many Choices open to these students.  Nauset is a
wonderful school system but there is also Lighthouse Charter, and
Harwich HS, along with Cape Cod Tech.

Here's one of the dirty little secrets that the school cmte will
never tell you. During the past decade, literally dozens of
provincetown students/parents fled the school
but not the town.

Students attended Private prep/boarding schools. Some began in 6th
grade, or spent their entire HS careers, others after graduation from
PHS...All in order to increase SAT scores and improve skills needed
for college. They were and continue to be the lucky ones.

Even the last TM Keith Bergman wouldn't send his daughters here after
5th grade! Ever wonder why the last police chief had to seek out a
better education for his child...because he's a taxpayer he can, and

What I am trying to say here is that the system has been broken for a
long, long time...too long!

Terese and Kerry can babble away but thanks to this space, so can the
rest of us!

Save the Children

Close the Schools
11:00 am est 

Incompetance and New Blood

There are people in this blog who want to regionalize the
school and also want affordable housing. First of all, I firmly
believe a high school is a tremendous asset to any community. And
yes, congratulations to the boys basketball team. I participated in
four sports in high school and understand the importance of high
school sports. I also attend a school with seven different towns in a
regional middle and high school. The diversity was wonderful. The
reason we have come to this point is the incompetance of the school
committee. To the new member, don't be encouraged by the "ideas".
Every time around town meeting, the school meeting talks about all
the great ideas for increasing the number of students. The rest of
the year we hear nothing. We could've had a viable and active school
system. Now it's too late. The student population has dropped so low,
it's now too late. Every single family I know in town sends their
children to Nauset, because they know it will bet!
  ter prepare them for the future.

As for affordable housing, I can fully understand the critics.
However, without affordable housing, this town will wither away. I've
been here for many years and I've seen an aging of the working
population that is frightening, including myself. Reliable,
hardworking workers who often worked two to three jobs will soon
start retiring or slowing down. We are not getting enough younger
workers to replace them. Also, if the year round population falls to
a certain level you can be sure services and retail will shut down
for the winter such as restaurants, medical services, pharmacies,
etc.For the future affordable housing should only be rentals and not
for purchase. It would be a better way to track income as it changes.

Retail Guy
10:58 am est 

Thank You For Your Interest in My Article

The Finance Committee conducted a full and impartial review of the pier corp s

They would be appropriate to conduct a review of the taxpayer
subsidized floating dock rates and all other dock rates on macmillan

Candace Nagle
10:55 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Mikey and his handfull of naysayers never wanted affordable
housing because of what has happened on old ann page ways affordable
housing! Familys with children moved in!
10:52 am est 

Re: Rachael White

I don't think that we should get behind anything that
Rachael White thinks we should do with townhall. Did'nt she work for
all of the town managers who got us into the mess that townhall is in
10:51 am est 

Re: Fomer Inspector

Lets get that former inspector back to manage all the money
going to referbish townhall.
10:46 am est 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

With a Grain of Salt

Back in the day the west end was the working poor. The east
end was where the snobs lived. Any longtimer would have known that.
Just goes to show you, you have to take what you read here with a
grain of salt.
10:05 pm est 

Nay Sayers

So where are the nay sayers who don't believe that people
don't come here in the winter? This weekend is bigger than some
weekends in June! It just shows you what a bunch of blowhards are on
here blogging away without any idea of whats really going on in town.
9:56 pm est 

Re: Ah.............The Good Old Days

"I remember the good ol days here in town that if you wanted something
from the town, you could just pay the inspector under the table."

Signed, The         
8:22 pm est 

Tony Soprano Handbook...?

8:20 pm est 

An Idea Worth Considering

School Committee meetings are going to be taped? When can
we see them? I'd like to know what they are doing to boost enrollment
and I like the ideas that Kerry Adams espoused. Is it possible to
bring in foreign exchange students? I think that is a real intersting
idea! That might even be a way to add to the work force this summer!
I know my business could sure use the help, any help!
8:19 pm est 

Stupid Expenditures and Over-Bloated Ideas

Oops... hit the wrong button.  Anyway--
against tax financed affordable housing, the two are not related.  No
one goes out to town meeting to bash the poor. Folks speak up against
stupid expenditures and over-bloated ideas.
8:18 pm est 

Hope Springs Eternal

Good to hear that at least one member of the school
committee is willing to consider alternatives. Perhaps it is possible
to breathe some new life into our schools. Mr. Adams has some good
8:16 pm est 

Miss Nagle -

I would vote for your Article provided you
stay far away from the issue and let some truly impartial people
review things. By the way, who would the impartial folks be?
This isn't a subject that most people know anything about.
8:15 pm est 

Ah.............The Good Old Days

I remember the good ol days here in town that if you wanted
something from the town, you could just pay the inspector under the
8:13 pm est 

Happy to Lend a Hand

It sounds like the School Committee has some interesting
ideas. As an artist, I'd be happy to help out. My partner is a writer
and was a teacher at one time, I know she'd love to get back in the
classroom again. I love the school system here in Ptown and I support
it and want it to stay. I have no children of my own, but I can't
help but want to see what's left of this town stay here. Thank you
for your candor Mr. Adams and thank you Friendly Reporter for a
refreshing view of our School Committee!

Artist in residence
8:12 pm est 

Tony Soprano Handbook

I love how the selectmen say they had nothing to do with
the library pulling out of asking for CPC funds after they told the
library that they might have to cut back hours and staff. HA! Thats
how Tony Soprano would have done it also!
8:10 pm est 

My Kids Attend PHS Because They WANT to!

They love this school. The know that Nauset is an option for them
if they want it, they don't want it. They love their teachers, their
classes, their sports and their classmates. Perhaps some of you
should think back to your own high school days and ask yourself
if it meant anything to you. My kids are looking forward to graduating
here, if there's still a school left after all the people who think they know
so much better finish pushing for regionalization.
8:09 pm est 

Good Try Mikey

If the senior who said she live here all her life and reads
this blog as does her children. She would have known that it was the
snobby EAST end!     Good try Mikey, we know it was you writing all
these anti school blogs.
8:06 pm est 

Wow! Town is Buzzing This Weekend

I did see a major source of revenue going untapped. There had to be
150 cars in the McMillan Wharf parking lot and parking was free. How
about hiring someone part time on weekend to take a small fee say
5.00 per car?
8:05 pm est 

It is True

The same people who always vote at town
meeting against the working poor, are in fact the same nay sayers on
here who are against anything that might add a little to their tax
8:03 pm est 

No Charm No Character

Close the school, sell the Grace Goveia building, close the
Recreation Dept, sell the Town Hall. While we're at it, why not
change the name from Provincetown to East Aspen? After all, only the
rich need apply!

Provincetown has lost its charm and its character to second home
owners and wealth gays. Sad, so sad.
8:01 pm est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

Mikey seems to be the only person in town who wants the
school to close. He is so wrong.
7:59 pm est 

Re: Rachael White

People like Rachael White had their turn running this town
and left it in the condition it is in today. I've read her
conservative letter against those who need affordable housing. Just
because she got her familys home, forget about those who are in need
7:58 pm est 

School Committee Meetings on PTV

I was glad to read that school cmte meetings are being
taped. I for one would like to hear their deliberations. People who
read these blogs should also watch their meetings.
7:56 pm est 

Dear Friendly Reporter:

Interesting blog about the views of one school committee member. Mr.
Adams certainly seems quite genuine and willing to be open minded. Do
you also plan to talk to someone who thinks that regionalization is a
plausible option?
7:55 pm est 

I Totally Agree..... Cut Jobs

The fat is in the unions who refuse to budge. I too want change..thanks
for telling me to post this..Yes..lets demand that they cut the jobs of the
fat and sassy union.

I don't get any of the benefits in my job and I've lived here my
entire life. WE DEMAND CHANGE.
7:54 pm est 

Cut Jobs if You Don't Cut Benefits

It is time for change in this town. The taxpayers are ready. We
have been too quiet too long. We are working and paying for the
cry babies in the unions.

Lets demand change.
7:52 pm est 

We Demand Change!

Just because you or your spouse works for the town and has
benefits up the kazoo and have our sedan, your suv, your boat, your
winter snow place, your sick days, your vacation pay, your paid lunch
hour, your paid health benefits, your retirement--please don't grind
us under your feet any more since our tax money provides you with all
of this.

We demand change. Cut jobs if the union won't cut benefits.
7:50 pm est 

To: Candace

Why don't you get over yourself? You don't have
any idea what "impartial" means. How about the recreational vessel
that's "parked" all summer on your floating dock? Full and impartial
should include your side of the wharf as well.

There are a lot of hard working fishermen that use the floating docks
just as they were intended. If anyone is abusing the system, it's you
Miss Nagle! There is a foul wind blowing and the stench is coming
from your floating dock! Perhaps your rates need raising!

East Ender
7:49 pm est 

Who's a "Hater"?

"Before the real-estate raping and the subsequent arrival
of the greedy haters, Provincetown was a happy, casual place.
Luckily, most of the haters are old and childless( no suprise here),
so as soon as you all die off, the town will return to normal."

Nice. Who's a "hater"? I wonder if you're teaching your children the
same 'normal' values.  It's really time to close the school...and not
only for economic reasons.

Old 'n Childless
7:47 pm est 

How Ridiculous You Are to Think That People Hate Children!
How utterly absurd. What people hate is being lied to by the School
committee; having them stone wall the B of S; and having them demand
millions each year for a school that has a dwindling school

The dept. of Revenue states this emphatically.

Any business that operated this way would fire the CEO. Provincetown
is now going in that direction.

Hate Children when we were all children? Hate children when we have
nieces and nephews and god children? Anyone who believes this is
ignorant and desperate. What desperate parents we have in this
town-afraid of change and sacrificing their children to a lifeless
school experience. Shame on you--who is REALLY doing the disservice

Think about this--you parents.
7:46 pm est 

A Head of Steam is Building!

Has anyone else noticed but the tone of the regionalization
debate has gotten rather ugly?

It seems to relate to the BOS and or public having the power to form
a planning committee.

The death knell is upon us....
7:43 pm est 

Hey Candace-

Count me in.  I for one will support your article at TM.
7:41 pm est 

I Totally Disagree: People Here Do Not Hate the Children of Provincetown

That is what you are trying to portray. You are trying to make the
case that if someone here believes the school should close, that they
hate the children of Provincetown. Your logic is illogical. Caring
for the children means looking for the best option and with fewer and
fewer children living in Provincetown and fewer wanting to be in the
Provincetown shools, it's time to find other options. And there will
not be more children arriving here. Those days are gone. Many people
who used to live here and have children no longer live here but have
moved to Brewster, Eastham, Wellfleet. And their children are not in
our schools.

Closing schools and finding solid regional choices for our children
shows concern for their future.that's what I hear on this blog. What
you are hearing are the conflicting voices inside your own head.
7:40 pm est 

Seeking Regionalization is an Investment in Our Children

Leaving 40 students from Provincetown in the school limits their
vision of the world. It limits the courses available to them.
Regionalizing will increase their sense of the world, increase
competition, sharpen intellectual expertise, and provide critical
thinking. Our students need more choices, higher academic standards
made availalbe when they have a range of curriculum choices, with a
multiple of electives and the opportunity to understand different
fields through the academic choices offered.

For anyone concerned with Provincetown students, they should be given
the new opportunities that regionalization will offer and encourage.
This high school is shrinking and it should not suffocate our
student's life choices. Let them breath in the intellectual air and
the diversity of perspectives and life dreams that regionalization
will provide.
7:38 pm est 

Certain Positions We Don't Need in Hard Times

Most assistants should be eliminated. If the heads of departments
were doing their job, if the administrators were fully engaged in the
work at hand, we would not need assistants. Why do we need an
assistant clerk? That was a new position created last year and it is
not necessary. It is not essential. We recently hired a building
inspector. That is not needed during little construction and little
enforcement in this town. His job was done by the building
commissioner and should be done by him again. Do we need secretaries
in the Council on Aging? How many assistants do we need in the
library? With little traffic during these winter months, how many
full-time police does this little town need? Realistically speaking,
we could cut these positions. Also we don't need two administrative
assistants in the school. One will still get the work done.

The issue isn't who holds these positions but why we should fund
these positions. Bureaucracies through time get bigger and bigger.
Now we need to shrink the bureaucracy and have fewer people on the
town payroll.
7:37 pm est 

Past Time to Close the School

I'm a senior citizen--I went to school here. It is past the
time to close the school--my daughter feels the same way.  Look at
our taxes--and we can't sell town hall. Any money from anywhere to
fix it must be used.

Aren't you surprised that someone like me can read this--and I'm not
the only senior in town who does...and my grandson reads this. We
talk about it. They showed it to me since folks are talking about it.

You should have seen us when we were young--seeing who changed their
curtains from winter to summer and how we talked about people. and
the snobby west end and east end etc... People are people--just what
they get nasty about changes.
Proud senior citizen.
7:35 pm est 

Well Put: To Resize the Municipal Force to Fit the New Realities

I couldn't have said it better. In a nutshell you have defined the
problem and set forth the solution. We need to reduce the services
given the changes in this town, with 800 of us here in the winter. We
don't need all these town employees working full-time when there is
little demand for their services during the bleak months. And the new
realities demand cuts, reductions, and living within our means. We
are almost on the edge of an economic depression and life cannot go
on with town employees, police and teachers and their high-paid
secretaries demanding raises, bonuses, paid lunches and too
high-funded health benefits. This must stop and we must run this town
with smaller staff and less services. You have stated it so well.
7:33 pm est 

Only the Rich

I agree the only folks that are pushing for more tax cuts
are the rich who feel somehow that they give more than most. They
watch fox news and think the poor are taking their hard earned trust
funds for affordable housing.  Sad.
7:31 pm est 

Wake Up People

Read Rachel Whites letter in the BAnner.
This isn't about affordable housing--this is about A million dollars
of money that came from the taxpayers going to a private developer
instead of towards Town Hall.

Now I see why M.R. keeps repeating this--people don't understand the
issues---it is **NO CPC money for the developer of housing
developments all over the commonwealth--MR. Ted Malone**

The CPC money needs to go towards renovating Town Hall.

Please read what is written. We are in a depression--The john Hancock
building is going into Forclosure. It is a new reality here and now.
7:30 pm est 

Re: David Bedard

Imagine if we sell off every town owned building! We'd get
a quick fix but the problems will return. Just who does David Bedard
think he is? Oh thats right if we sell off the community center we'll
7:28 pm est 

Excursion Vessel Rates 2002 (Source: Provincetown Public Pier Corp)

$4000(floating spaces of license holders)


(Vessel sizes range from 39 feet to 62 feet/no booths and minimal signage)

New Bedford:

Provincetown 2008 Rates:
$8548 (Float Space license holders)
$2137 (Charter Row)

Pier Corp 2009 Charter Row Proposed Rate:

The Pier Corps 2009 Charter Row Rate will be lower than the 2002
average rate of their survey.

Please support my article at Town Meeting for a full, impartial and
transparent review of the dock rates and tenancy on MacMillan Pier.

Candace Nagle
5:21 pm est 

Oh Please! - Yourself!

I second the idea that there are children haters posting on this blog
and I'll expand it to say the same vile people hate Provincetown.  No
school. No library. Part-time government. If that's what you people
want - move to Iraq - those are the conditions there.

Before the real-estate raping and the subsequent arrival of the
greedy haters, Provincetown was a happy, casual place. Luckily, most
of the haters are old and childless( no suprise here), so as soon as
you all die off, the town will return to normal.
5:19 pm est 

Small Group of Conservative Nay Sayers

It also looks as though the only people who want to do away
with the school system also don't want anymore affordable housing!
These are only a small group of conservative nay sayers on this blog
who like to read & hear themselves. We all know who they are they
vote that way at town meeting every year.
5:16 pm est 

Okay, Just Come Out, Just Admit it

You don't want affordable housing, you don't want schools, you complain
about how high your low tax rate, blah, blah, blah - what you want is just
you here and anyone who is just like you - you can all hang with each
other in the winter in fort lauderdale -
3:40 pm est 

Re: Disgusted With the Hatred of Children that Exists in This Town

Get over yourself!!!!  You really are out of touch with reality if
you think that people who speak for change in our school system 'hate
children' as you say.  I mean really, are you that ignorant?
3:37 pm est 

Sell Gouveia!

I agree with a previous poster. Sell the Gouveia building,
it's in an inconvenient location and needs a lot of work.
3:35 pm est 

I Agree With "Hard Times and Hard Decisions"

We have the school committee that won't budge and the unions that
won't budge--the times have changed and while no one wants anyone
to lose their jobs--the taxpayers are the forgotten ones--and we are
the ones funding this town.

It is time to make serious, hard, adult decisions. Jobs will have to
go--that fact must be stated. The school committee WOULD NOT WORK
WITH THE TOWN and now we must regionalize.

The student body needs diversion. Even if we only save a penny--I
want to regionalize. The time has come--look at our economy.

Citizen demanding change.
3:33 pm est 

Resize the Municipal Work Force to Meet the New Realities

The Town Manager and the B of S now must decide which
services they can afford and which they cannot. Businesses and
private citizens will feel the difference. That is how it must be.
There is no other choice but to resize the municipal work force to
meet the new realities.

That is what business does and what government now must do. Which
services are most vital? Which services can we afford to lose?

Can we continue to provide far richer benefits to municipal workers
than to those in the private sector? Can we continue paying employees
for not taking sick days? For not using up vacation time? Can we
afford to continue to pay for a pension program that guarantees
retirees a certain income, regardless of the the stock market

Can we continue to pay retirees' health care benefits: Can we afford
the so-called Quinn bill, which gives police officers big pay raises
for pursuing their college educations, or should we simply require
that ll police officers have a minimum of an associate's or bachelor's
degree before they are hired?

Can we give pay raises every year, regardless of the state of the economy?

The economic realities finally will force local government to
re-examine how it does business and what that business should cost.

And, one way or another, change will come becasue the beleaguered
taxpayers have nothing left to give. They don't orchestrate protest
rallies outside Town Hall when they get their tax bills. They simply
pay and pay until they find they can't.

It is time that elected leaders and department heads took notice.

Sign me,

No Overrides--Taxpayers can't pay anymore
3:29 pm est 

Kerry Adams Interview

So here's one for my fellow Mypacc'ers: I keep reading
about the School Committee here and how they are so opposed to change
and want only the status quo. Really me thinks, so I reconnoiter on
over to talk about this very issue with none other than: a School
Committee member and one who has been vilified from time to time on
this very blog, Kerry Adams.

I ask him if its cool to talk school stuff for a few minutes and he
happily obliges. Per Mr. Adams, regionalization has never been off
the table and in fact it is what the school committee is tackling
right now. It's all in the how and when and where that needs fleshing
out he tells me. Would the School Committee like to see the school
stay here in town I ask? Yes indeed. But how I ask. Adams is
thoughtful in his response and says that there are several avenues
the School Committee is going down including bringing in more foreign
exchange students, adding more vocational courses that arent offered
elsewhere or that are but have reached capacity and now overflow.
They are also looking at working with Campus Provincetown and the
Cape Tech School. Adams also indicated willingness, at least on his
part, to work more closely with the arts community here as well as
the Coastal Studies folks to attract more kids that have that
interest. He mentioned a magnet school? Why don't I see!
   your meetings on PTV I ask? He says that's changing and their
meeting are now being taped.

All in all, Id say that the School Committee is looking at all the
possible options. Too late I ask? Adams tells me that hes not been on
the School Committee long but that he hopes to see some of the afore
mentioned come to fruition as soon as possible.

Keeping a school in this community is obviously important to him and
his fellow committee members. I just hope that hes right. I dont wish
to be a naysayer but the one thing that we dont have here as a
commodity is children. I too feel that a school here is a big part of
the heart and soul of P-town. I just hope that they can make it an
attractive option because it sure isnt a cheap one!

Your friendly reporter
3:25 pm est 

Re: Warren Alexander/Fire Chief

I Agree I,ve known warren for a long time and he's a nice man and
knows what he's doing, very very proffesional. Hes got my vote for
Fire Chief.
3:21 pm est 

They Go Because They Choose to Go!

"If the school committee continues to be an obstacle to
sound thinking, work without them. They are stuck in the past and are
only focused on their own self interests--not the 40 students left in
our school system.
And if the teachers refuse to give up raises, then close the school.
The students will do well at Nauset and they will get a fabulous
education with more diversity and choices than we offer here."

Don't you realize that the kids that attend PHS know all about what
Nauset offers? They CHOOSE to attend PHS because they WANT to.
There's a lot to be said about having that choice. There's also a lot
to be said about a small school environment. If we close the school
in P-town, there will be no choice for these kids. Just remember,
Nauset might sound like a great alternative now, but suppose in a
year or two they decide to raise their  tuition fees? Then what

Go PHS Boys basketball! They made states this year! Not bad for a
"small" school is it?
3:19 pm est 

Too Much of a Good Thing

Why not close the high school and turn it into affordable
apartments? Keep the Rec center and lets regionalize the schools.
Better yet, lets sell every piece of town property and turn it into
affordable housing... then lets see who is going to pay the rising
3:15 pm est 

Re: Yes, Sell The Recreation Building

NO, NO, NO!!! Sell this this year and then what do we sell if that
doesn't fix the problem? Once gone, you have lost it forever. Change
the names on the buildings. The school should be the town hall with
all the space, parking and high, centralized location. The community
center should be the water department building and get rid of the
decrepid Gouveia (sp?) building, and the town hall where it stands,
should be a multi functional building housing the rec department and
other deparments that perhaps don't ned to be under the same roof as
the town hall while still functioning as the central gathering place
for town meetings and such. Yes, I did mention selling a building but
at least the one mentioned SHOULD go. Its total junk in a horrible
location. Keep the accessable buildings with potential.

Merge the kids in the school system with Nauset regional and move on
from there. Take a look at the school enrollment these days. I know a
number of parents that see the handwriting on the wall and have
already taken their kids out or plan to in the fall. Maybe a survey
should go out to those that are currently in the system to see if
they are coming back? This could shed some light on whether to
continue or not with the current school system.

And BTW, in my opinion, anything Terese Nelson comes up with or
stalls on should be disregarded immediatley. This issue will not be
settled by the elections and she is a lame duck member right now
anyway. Term limits will end her reign and we move on from there.
Keep remembering and try to justify $3,700,000 to graduate 8-12 kids
per year. It just doesn't work.
3:07 pm est 

Open Letter Read at CPC Meeting
   February 10, 2009 Community Preservation Committee Town of Provincetown Dear Members: Under the Community Preservation Act, Provincetown's Town Hall is an historic resource and is in great need of rehabilitation and restoration. 

  Since the inception in 2004, Historic Preservation has received the least amount of the Community Preservation Act Funds. This past fall, the Town voted for a new distribution formula giving the CPC more flexibility to allocate the remaining 70%.

  The restoration of Town Hall is not only necessary but the cost will be an added burden during an economic crisis. The CPC is in the position to aid the Taxpayers who contribute 3% of their tax bill to the CPA Fund.

  I urge the Committee to support the Board of Selectmen's request of 
$2 million dollars for the restoration and rehabilitation of our Historic Town Hall.


Astrid Berg

(Read publicly at CPC Meeting on February 10, 2009)
3:04 pm est 

Your Facts Are Wrong

If there are 24 kids in preschool in Provincetown - how can
there only be 40 kids in the system - you have your facts completely
wrong - and I think you like it that way

Disgusted with the Hatred of Children that Exists in this Town
3:00 pm est 

Keep Funding Affordable Housing

I agree we should keep funding affordable housing. The
naysayers on here are the same people who did not want it from the
beginning. They are like little scrooges hording all of their wealth
and not caring for anything else!  What good is a town without people.
2:58 pm est 

Hard Decision, Hard Times

Good to see some action on the part of town manager and the BOS. Good
that they are seeing a new reality or so it seems and are finally
taking some constructive action in regards to the unions. Also, good to
see the sale of the recreation building as part of the new thinking.

And also impressive that the BOS are going forward with
regionalization. And yes MaryJo you are right: you don't need the
vote of the school committee for this. The BOS has the power and you
can create your own regionalization committee.

If the school committee continues to be an obstacle to sound thinking,
work without them. They are stuck in the past and are only focused on
their own self interests--not the 40 students left in our school system.
And if the teachers refuse to give up raises, then close the school. The
students will do well at Nauset and they will get a fabulous education with
more diversity and choices than we offer here.

Time for change.
11:16 pm est 

Keep the Community Center

For those of you who just have come to local politics by way of this
blog, beware. In my book the School Committee made their last stand
just a few years back by bilking the Town and State for funds to
renovate the facilities to the tune of about 10,000,000., as I
recall. (TEN MILLION DOLLARS) They thought that if we had this great
facility and this huge debt service we would not join the region
school system. All the while they would NOT make room for the
recreation department.

Keep the Community Center, close the High School, merge the
elementary school with Truro.
11:13 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing

Please.. we don't need anymore... Where in this town is the hosuing
affordable?  Had a friend just move out because the rent was $1500.00
a month.  How can that be deemed affordable?

Ann Page Way is expensive.... Henschy Lane is expensive... and all
the other alleged affordable units in this town are expensive..  So
why would anyone pay those prices to rent a SO-CALLED AFFORDABLE unit
with the economy the way it is today...  If you want to save $$$
that's a good start...
11:11 pm est 

To: Letter to Sharon Lynn

That's great as long as management gives up something too!!!!
11:10 pm est 

Settle a Debate:

All funds such as the CPC must be voted on
at town meeting.  I say that The CPC will go to town meeting with
their proposal.

My other half says that the CPC will make this decision. who is
right? What is the procedure?

Reader of one month.
11:09 pm est 

Saying No to Affordable Housing is Not Being a Naysayer

It is being wise and knowing what our present priorities are.
Affordable houisng has been built. We have an unusual high percentage
of affordable housing in Provincetown, perhaps the highest of any
town on the Cape. Affordable housing is an old story not a new one.
Town Hall is the new story and the amount needed for renovations
should be coming from our taxpayers monies in CPC. How much more do
the taxpayers here have to pay for affordabel housing. We have 90
Shankpainter and let that be the last priority on this topic. We need
jobs. We need a sturdy economy. We need reduced budgets and we need
to move away from the Industrial Affordable housing Complex that has
strangled sound thinking by controlling too many boards and by
working behind the scenes back deals.

Saying Yes to Town Hall for CPC funds is the best decision and it's
finally time that monies in the CPC go for historic restoration.
Finally this categories gets the attention and the money it deserves.
11:07 pm est 

Yes, Yes, Yes: Be Tough Sharon

Good that the unions are considering meeting with you again. Although
it seems the teachers feel entitled to raises and are relunctant to
reconsider meeting again. Well, if they refuse, lay them off. Cut
positions. You have the right and now the duty to balance this
budget. Make the cuts. If all three unions fail to see that we are
all in this together and we all have to sacrifice, then cut
positions. We are facing unparalleled times and if they can only see
their own faces in the mirror and can only take a petty view, instead
of gaining a larger vision, cut their positions. Some we will hardly
11:05 pm est 

Great Letter Clarence--

Please add my name to it and send it
to the banner and the CPC committee C/O town hall.


Michael Rogovsky
11:03 pm est 

Malone Does Not Use Local Builders

He may live here but he hires those from outside of Provincetown.
Look at his Meadows project. The buldings were pre-fabs bought and
brought in from Canada! He is going for profitability, not local
supoort. He takes the money from the town, as well as from the state,
but does little in supporting our local contractors.
11:02 pm est 

Enough For Everyone!

I don't see any reason that the cpc can't fund all the
requests this year. This way everybody is happy!
11:01 pm est 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Re: Letter to Sharon

Give me a break you           ,
sober up and read what you wrote, trust me you'll be laughing at
yourself like the rest of us
10:59 pm est 

Did 'They' Ever Think of This:

1) Add two affordable housing units in town hall(basement
level,garden style)and use CPC monies to fund it.

2) Add about five affordable housing units in the high school and
have the families that want to keep the school open live there. Use
CPC monies to underwrite the cost.

3)Turn the damaged fire truck into a mobile housing unit (not
affordable) and park it on the pier.

Why not? Everybody wins.
10:58 pm est 

Re: Thinking Ouside of the Box

Love the cheaper possibility for re-paving Commercial - it
needs it!  lets check into it.
10:56 pm est 

Re: Public Garden

A public garden is totally what the open space cpa funds
should be used for! Who in their right mind would be against having
that open garden in the east end among the wall to wall houses on
Commercial Street?

I love the idea of a public garden.  My concern is the individual
wants to SELL this land to the town.  If I were in the same situation
I would be donating the land to the town to honor a family member.

And we in this town have a tendency not to look at the overall big picture.
New Garden?  Who is going to maintain it? Mr. Guertin will probably
want another staff person for that.  Or will it just become overgrown
with weeds?
Water Front Park - Looks beautiful except when the trash accumulates
there in the summer.
Bathrooms in Firehouse #2 - And now we need another staff person to
maintain those bathrooms.

We have great ideas in here in town, but many times we don't look at
what the total cost will be over the years and then we complain when
we have too many town employees.
10:55 pm est 

The Whole Truth

Please vote to fund more affordable houseng otherwise I ll
lose my job!
6:00 pm est 

My Bet is.......

......I betcha that only the same nay sayers will be
at the cpc meeting.

See you on Tuesday.
5:48 pm est 

Re: Community Center Sale

Who in their right mind would buy the community center
building in these hard times? Not even a developer would buy that
5:46 pm est 

To: Michael Rogovsky

Mikey you are so wrong! Maybe New Bedford is
where you belong.
5:34 pm est 

Yes, Sell The Recreation Building

Good to see that the BOS are finally deciding to act differently this
year. Combine the recreation department into the school--we surely
have enough space with smaller and smaller classes and fewer and
fewer students. Then sell the recreation building. That makes sense,
good economic sense.
5:18 pm est 

Enough Affordable Housing Using Up CPC Monies

Enough. We have given. In fact, we have given too much. It's time to
spread the CPC monies as other towns have done. To open space. To
histsoric preservation. We have a Historic District and yet members
representing historical commission (a different board that needs a
new name) fought for affordable housing--not historic preservation.
Odd. Strange.

Now it's time for new priorities and they are not affordable housing.
In this economy, we need to direct our CPC monies to the town hall
renovation. We have already destroyed our landscape with ugly, too
high-density affordable housing buidlings. This time, let's make town
hall whole again with CPC monies.

Let Ted Malone go to the bank if he needs money. He has taken more than
enough for all of us and changed our by-laws to help his corporation
make even more money off affordable housing. Enough.
5:16 pm est 

Open Letter to Sharon Lynn

A Letter to Sharon:

Leadership involves making tough decision. It also involves being
tough. It's time for all the unions to consider sacrificing during
this economic crisis. Good that you are asking them to re-consider
giving back something significant to have a balanced budget. But now
is the time to demand that they give back, all of them: the police,
the town employees and the teachers. And if they don't, then lay a
number of them off. Cut each union by three of four positions. If
they won't work with you, then use your power to lay them off. Get
them all to the table and demand sacrifices of some sort.If they
won't, then use California's furloughs of two days a month or New
Bedford's of cutting 25 police and 30 firemen. The cuts are coming
and they should fear not working cooperatively with you.

Your the boss. Take the lead. Be tough and we will all win with such
an approach. The time for being nice is past. Toughness is the right
tone, attitude and decision-making.
5:14 pm est 

Thinking Outside of the Box

I read this in the latest Business Week:

PolyCon Manufacturing in Madison, Miss., says it has a less costly
but durable road-resurfacing material that is also gentle on the
environment. It's a hybrid called E-Krete that's part concrete and
part flexible polymer. It can be applied as a thin liquid coating on
top of aging blacktop. Experts who assessed E-Krete at the National
Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University say the smooth
surface left behind when the material flows over asphalt, filling in
cracks and holes, can extend the life of a road or runway by 10 years
or more. The covering appeals to green-building gurus, too, because
it comes in pale hues that reflect sunlight rather than absorb its
heat. No more "heat islands" in outdoor parking lots, which get so
hot they drive up air-conditioning bills in nearby buildings.

Could this be a possible short term (10 year), less expensive fix to
paving Commercial Street?  I know there are certain areas that have
so many layers that the curbs are almost non-existent, but if this
would work for Provincetown it would give us a smoother Commercial
Street that might last us 10 years.  Better than what we have now and
there's no way we have the money at this time for a full re-paving of
Commercial Street.
5:11 pm est 

Letter in Support of Town Hall Rehabilitation Using CPA Funds

February 10, 2009


Ms. Sharon Lynn, Town Manager

The Board of Selectmen

Provincetown Town Hall

16 Jerome Smith Road

Provincetown, MA 02657


Re:       Provincetown Town Hall Renovations

            Allocation of Community Preservation         

Committee Funds


Dear Ms. Lynn:


I write this letter as a concerned citizen of Provincetown, who strongly supports the efforts of the Provincetown Board of Selectmen and Town Manager to secure CPA funds dedicated to the restoration of Town Hall.


In this period of extreme economic stress it is incumbent upon all citizens and government organizations to rally in support of the rescue and rehabilitation of this iconic structure, which along with Pilgrims Monument has come to symbolize both nationally and internationally the very essence of Provincetown,.   


This project represents in most perfect form, the proper application of historic restoration funds, one of the purposes, for which the CPA was created. If not now, when? There can be no better opportunity to achieve the goals for which CPA was created.


Utilization of CPA funds is vital to the process of rapidly and efficiently restoring this most significant historic edifice. Accordingly, it is hoped that the CPC will render a positive recommendation for this application of CPA funds.


Therefore, I highly commend this request for CPA funding.


Respectfully yours,


Clarence L. Walker, Jr.


Provincetown Resident

 PS  Publicly read at CPC meeting
5:03 pm est 

Who is Willing to Share the Load.....Who?

Front page of the metro section of the Boston Globe:
New Bedford laid off 38 police men and 38 fire men...and there will
be more cuts. They will deal with the school during the summer so
they don't disrupt classes now.

Attention Provincetown Gov't: This has to be done here too. We can't
impoverish the taxpayers to fund salaries, benefits, pay raises--I
didn't get a pay raise and I work in town and my health insurance
went up.

I'm willing to do with out some town services if it will save me
money. It is a different world out here and the town hall buddy buddy
system of town workers is one life--but there are plenty of us
working in stores and behind counters waiting on you and we don't get
any of your benefits.

Don't cry to me about not getting a pay raise when you union people
get benefits paid for and pay raises etc. etc. etc.
4:57 pm est 

Left With Few Choices

My concern with our town finances is that our town's
leaders don't seem to willing to make any hard decisions.  Time are
tough and I'm not seeing any tough decisions being made.

We read about other towns having layoffs, reducing services, etc to
cope with this difficult economic time.  Provincetown's response is
to take items out of the budget and make them an override request. 
That seems to be taking the easy way out.

It's not an easy decision to lay off town employees, they are people
who have bills to pay also.  But, times are tough and we need to make
tough decisions.  The union votes have kind of forced our hand,
instead of reducing hours, etc and keeping most people employed we
have to look at cutting positions.  It's not a pleasant position to
be in, but do we really have a choice?
4:55 pm est 

I Want-We Want-They Want

It is the pervading feeling of entitlement. I want to live
here, so I'm entitled to live, so put *Your* money together and build
me a place to live. Pay for my rental apartment; subsidize my life

I want to build a restaurant and condo complex, so give me the
variance because I'm me and I deserve.

I want to create a park, but instead of donating the land, I want to
be paid for it.

Somehow, things have gotten out of wack. How many tax payers are
there to fund all of these wants and mega projects? And when someone
objects to our taxes going to these private projects they get slammed.
4:54 pm est 

To: Candace Nagle

Miss nagle what is your version of "impartial"? Interesting
play on words.
4:51 pm est 

There is No Money!

How stupid people are. There is no money to fund positions,
so all of these firemen and police men have a big protest in New
Bedford. Is the mayor supposed to suddenly find millions of dollars?
People just don't get it...there is no money honey.

At least here our town union is going to be looking at issues again.
Too bad the school committee is so closed minded.

It is going to be a very different town meeting. Responsible people
who put money away in savings saw one third of it evaporate. Our
house values have declined. Our costs have gone up.

If there are overrides I know that they will be voted down with our
private votes. They might even be voted down on town floor. Unions
have to take some responsibility and either search for cheaper health
insurance or pay more out of their own pockets.
4:50 pm est 

Read the Tea Leafs

Of course being on a board or a committee would give one
the power to change things--but the self interest of a housing
developer on the CPC committee should raise Alams and bombs should go

Don't worry, the CPC committee will never live it down if it gives
this money to a private developer over the renovation of town hall.

Remember folks, the taxpayers and citizens voted at town meeting to
change the percentages that go to CPC funds.

Just read Rachel Whites letter--she speaks for the community; read
Dennis Rhodes letter--there are whole segments of the town, backed by
the proposal by the Town Manager, that this money either goes to Town
hall or a black mark will forever be associated with CPC funds and
affordable housing.
4:48 pm est 

Regarding Victors--

Clem and Ursies got extra water gallons
just by saying that they were going to be open year round too. Now
they are selling.

I can't get excited about Victors when we have been lied to by the
school committee and when we are facing overrides. Victor's doesn't
affect my pocket book like renovating town hall or paying the perks
of the union employees.
4:46 pm est 

Letter to the Editor

(copies to town manager, cpc committee, B of S.)

Our economic world shattered this summer and in the midst of this we
are in the process of renovating our beloved Town Hall. There is
close to two million dollars of our taxpayer money in this fund and
it is available to help pay for this project.

For four years we taxpayers have been paying millions into the CPC
funds which have gone to affordable housing.

With Seashore  point, Sandy Hill and now 90 Shank painter Rd. these
funds have born fruit. Now we, the taxpayers who fill the coffers of
this fund need this money to renovate town hall.

The CPC committee has it within their power to bestow this money upon
this project and reduce the cost of this project by close to two
million dollars.

It would be a slap in the face to every taxpayer going back four
years if this money is given to a private developer who has been
building affordable housing  projects for ten years without ever
requesting a penny of this money.

Now we taxpayers are in dire need of this money and by all that is
just, it deserves to be used to renovate this central Historical
building--our Provincetown Town Hall.

Please write to the CPC committee care of Town Hall asking them to do
this and please show up and speak at their open meeting on Tuesday
February 24th.


Michael Rogovsky
4:45 pm est 

February 24th Voice Your Support For Town Hall Restoration

It is laughable that people think that I'm against
affordable housing since I've had an association with them for over
25 years.

What I'm against is the CPC committee giving a huge sum of money to
Ted Malone, a private developer, when the taxpayers of Provincetown
are faced with the multi-million dollar job of renovating Town Hall.

Dartmouth Mass. just bought 40 acres on the river with their CPC
money--they almost always buy open land with their money.

For four years the majority of CPC money has gone to affordable
housing and suddenly the affordable housing people are up in arms
because we citizens of Provincetown want the majority of this money
to go to renovate town Hall.

The CPC committee has given millions to affordable housing since its
inception and now I'm getting clobbered for asking that this money go
to renovate Town Hall.

So, I'll just take the postings against me and print them out and
include them in future letters that I'll be sending out to garner
support for my cause to help defray the cost of this renovation to
the Provincetown taxpayers.

Remember, Tuesday, Februrary 24th is the public hearing of the CPC
committee--so go there and voice your support for CPC money to be
used for Town Hall.

Michael Rogovsky
4:42 pm est 

The Blue Meanies

A public garden is totally what the open space cpa funds
should be used for! Who in their right mind would be against having
that open garden in the east end among the wall to wall houses on
Commercial Street? Oh thats right-this is the blog were the blue
meanies meet and spread hate and falsehoods, and kill anything that
smacks of being liberal and progressive.

J. Mitchell
4:39 pm est 

It's About the Local Economy

Mikey keeps saying that he wants CPA funds to go to town
hall and not to the affordable housing developer Ted Malone. News
flash to Mr Rogovsky! Town hall is using an out of town delveloper
with out of town workers! At least Mr Malone lives in and hires year
round town workers for affordable housing that we need here in over
priced Provincetown. And no I am not part of the "housing cartel"
4:37 pm est 

Growing up While Sharing Information

You can tell me all day that this is what blogging is all
about and I will ask you: Have we all become cowards, afraid to face
one another and say what we really think? What a truly SAD commentary
on the state of affairs in Provincetown... a place that is supposed
to be different! I thought we were all grown ups here

Really? Sometimes I think there are way more 'grownup children' here,
in this little paradise named Provincetown, than anyplace else on
earth!  And no, I don't consider myself a coward, never have, never

Also, I don't think it's sad that we have this forum to share information.

I think it is the BEST thing to happen in Provincetown since the Pilgrims!

That said, I remain,

The ONLY Pebble on the beach
4:35 pm est 

Friday, February 13, 2009

Re: "Who Cares if Victor's is Closed...........

.....I can count a few more restaurants that only open when they want"

YES BUT those restaurants are not part of a NEWLY DEVELOPED CONDO
COMPLEX that received SPECIAL VARIANCES by the various boards around
Parking and other factors. Those considerations were given based on a
YEAR ROUND restaurant being there who's existence would offer YEAR
ROUND employment to Ptown residents.  Well there is no YEAR ROUND
employment now !!

The town kept its end of the deal - it's time for Victor's restaurant
to do the same.
10:52 pm est 

Re: Full Disclosure

And how much do you pay Ms.Nagle for your Pleasure Craft?

Inquiring minds are still waiting.
10:50 pm est 

Re: Results Require Action!

Well said! Its funny how when
all is said on here pro or con, its still the same people
volunteering time and work with the town boards & committees. You may
write to the banner or blog until your fingers turn blue. If you want
to change something, results do require action!
10:49 pm est 

Open Space Funds

I own a house that sits on one of two buildable lots.  I've enjoyed
not having any neighbors right next to me as I'm sure those who live
around me like the gardens I have planted on the vacant lot.

Think I'll apply for CPC Open Space funds and get the town to buy the
extra lot.  Then me and my neighbors can be guaranteed that no one
will ever build on it in perpetuity and increase the value of our
homes.  To top it off, I can pocket a nice chunk of change.  Sweet

Too bad that in the future there will be no money left to purchase
large tracts of open space that need to be preserved.  But what do I
care, I'll keep my view and pad my wallet.

Vote no on the two Open Space Requests.
10:48 pm est 

CPA Funding- 101

OK mikey, here is a course in CPA funding.
10%- Open Space
10%- Affordable housing
10%- Historic Preservation
70%- to be dispersed

NOT 20%- Open Space
     80%- Historic Preservation

shucks, I thought you got it!?!?! nope- ya don't.
10:46 pm est 

February 24 CPC Meeting

For the last two weeks, citizens have written letters to
the Banner in support of CPC funds going towards the renovation of
town Hall.

These folks need to know that they should also write the CPC
committee to drive home to them that the citizens of Provincetown
want the CPC money to go towards renovating town hall.

They should all attend the February 24th meeting of the CPC committee
and express the will of the people at this meeting as well.

May the citizens of Provincetown prevail in their desire to have our
CPC money go towards town hall and not a private developer.
10:44 pm est 


The simple fact of the matter is that you can not force anyone, under
any conditions, to remain open.  Victor told the boards exactly what
they wanted to hear.  He got exactly what he wanted to get.  He knew
he would never be open 12 months.  We all knew it too.  There is
nothing anyone or any board can do except possibly invoke a fine.  Do
you really think a fine scares someone like Victor?

I will continue to support year round restaurants and will only refer
summer friends to them also.

Town Boards may not have any teeth, but I still have mine.
10:42 pm est 

Now Look at Where We Are

For eight years the other side cut & cut taxes! Now look
were we all are. In the nation, as well as here in Provincetown.
Keeping taxes low and cutting even more taxes only comes back to hurt
us even harder in the future. And it seems the other side loves this
10:41 pm est 

Where is the Ground Swell

It seems to me that the only people who don't want to fund
affordable housing anymore are the same people who were against it to
begin with! ie: micheal rogovsky, rachel white, astred berg etc. I
don,t see a ground swell of public opinion in any media or at public
meetings to stop what is a major problem in town. The lack of
Affordable housing.
10:40 pm est 

The Poblem Has Not Gone Away

If Micheal Rogovsky can endlessly blog about where he wants
CPC funds to go, then other people can blog that they want the funds
to go to affordable housing. Which we will vote again for at town
meeting. The problem has not gone away.
10:38 pm est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

Mikey has only himself to blame!
9:52 pm est 

Idle Hands

4 writings in a row about 'Mikey'?  You got a lot of time
on your hands.
9:51 pm est 

Isn't it Time For the Webmaster to Take Off:

"Congratulations to President
Barack Obama!"


Just another pebble on the beach
9:50 pm est 

Selectmen Take Action!

If there are overrides, they will be defeated. Let the
unions refuse to budge--people will just be laid off. We are in a
depression--3.4 million people have lost their jobs since the summer.

The school committee won't even consider consolidating positions. We
have two full cafeterias in schools that are a three minute walk

Why should the school committee care about the cost of anything--they
will get their $4,000,000 once again... next year again and next year
again, again and again and again.

We have no 6th grade class and 40 Provincetown students in the high
school--and the school committee is digging in their heels and won't
take any money saving steps.

Selectmen: take action and read again what the Dept. of Revenue says
about the school committee and regionalize.
9:47 pm est 

Results Require Action

Victor's Closed

Why is Victor's restaurant supposedly closed for several months ?


This is a blog.... a forum for people to express their views,
opinions and bursts of energy. If you really care about an issue, you
need to take the bull by the horns.

The esteemed folks at Town Hall don't react to the comments on this
blog. Why should they? This not a public forum recognized by the town
charter. It's simply a place for people to complain and vent. Nothing
more and simply a lot less.

People who want action attend public meetings and express their
opinion on record. Folks who want to complain and refrain from
investing in improving the situation sit back and type away....

Enough said.
9:46 pm est 

Ain't My End of the Boat Sinking

In New Bedford over 25 police men have been laid off and
over 30 firemen. In Provincetown, the unions are going to consider
postponing their pay raises. Meanwhile, the school committee refuses
to shed one penny. Great community spirit.
9:43 pm est 

Bravo to the Poster Who Bravo to the Poster Who Resuscitated the Victor's Issue

And might I add when he does re-open we should organize a picket and
boycott! There really needs to be some accountabilty. The town needs
to put some teeth into license scofflaws and patrons should respond

E. Michael Richards   
9:41 pm est 

To Sign or Not to Sign

Now do you see why people don't sign their names? Look what
happens to poor Michael.
9:37 pm est 

Regional Pier Rates

2008 Commercial Fisheries Non-Resident Finger Piers:
A 60 foot Boat:

Provincetown MacMillan Pier :

Bismore Park-Hyannis:
Fall River: $5,697
Harwich $ 7,140
(Plymouth comparable to MacMillan Pier prior to construction)
Portland $6,480

(The above information was released by the Pier Corp Sept 2008)

Pier Corporation 2009 rate recommendation:

Please support my article at Town Meeting to conduct a full and
impartial review of the dock rates set on MacMillan Pier.

Candace Nagle
9:36 pm est 

Checking it Out 24/7

The only reason that this blog gets so many hits is because
of people like me who checks it out 24/7 !    I am sure that a lot of
other folks do the same. So get off your high horse baby!
9:35 pm est 

Flood the Banner

Every week there is a letter in the Banner from a citizen
asking the CPC to fund the renovation of town Hall. May every citizen
flood the paper with such letters.
9:33 pm est 

Where is the Public Outrage

As to the question of, where is the public outrage? Its
just not there because the public wants the CPC to fund affordable
housing!  Thats why.
9:31 pm est 

Who Cares........

...............that victors is closed? I can count a few more
restaurants that only open when they want!
9:30 pm est 

Like Pestky Little Rabbits

Will you annoying affordable housing people go and get your
own blog? You are already living on easy street greased with the hard
earned money of the Provincetown taxpayers and since you feel
threatened you jump on anyone who holds a different opinion of where
our tax money should go.

Shame on you, after years of receiving Millions from the pocketbooks
of the taxpayers, you repay them by demanding the money that should
rightfully go towards renovating town hall.

What brazen selfish self-interest.
9:28 pm est 

If Not, Ted Then Who?

I bet M Rogovsky next blog will be I'm for affordable
housing! I just don't want any of our hard earned taxes going to Ted
Malone! Mikey if not Ted, who else in town will do the work that his
company does??   answer: No one from this area!
9:25 pm est 

Hey There Michael!

Notice how your positions are never attacked in a letter to the editor?
How could AJ, Ted's """Affordable Janitor'''' ever be able to!!

Michael, thank you for keeping your side of the debate on the high ground!!!!
9:23 pm est 

What Gives?

Michael R. blogged on here and suddenly four
anti M.R. blogs appear instantaneously.

Does an alarm go off in the community housing division of the
affordable housing industrial complex as soon as he posts asking for
funds for town hall?
9:21 pm est 

Oh Boy!

The Affordable Housing Industrial Complex is gearing up in
full attack mode for this town meeting. Whew!
9:20 pm est 

Rachel White Letter

Excellent letter in the Banner from Ms. Rachel White
imploring the CPC committee to fund the renovation of town hall.

May they heed this call from her heart and allocate the money fund
this renovation and help reduce the burden on the taxpayers of
9:19 pm est 

Re: Russell Braun

Is Russel Braun manipulating the zoning board or just
trying to get his chicken coops to used 12 months of the year?
the article in the CCTs said the owners of a condo complex would have
to agree if they wanted to be allowed to stay open for 12 months. 
Who wouldn't want that?  That is pretty stupid to put in there the
I think RAPE is a strong word for what Braun is doing.  Profit is
alway behind most by-laws, and who says someone can not make a
profit?  From seeing the Banner homes for sale page, the chicken
coops were marketed at 380,000 2 years ago, and since been lowed to
250,000.  Is Braun still making a profit?  And who is to say what a
fair profit is for someone?  That is determined by what the public
will pay for something.

A Larger pebble on the beach in Truro
9:18 pm est 

Zoning Clarification:

A previous poster wondered why the Zoning Board was not "all over"
the issue of Victor's being closed. The answer is simple. It is NOT
the job of the Zoning Board to enforce it's decisions, special
permits or variances. The Zoning Board is akin to the Judicial
Branch. It holds adjudicatory hearings. It has NO ability to enforce
any of its decisions. That is the Job of the Zoning Enforcement
Officer, in this case, the Building Commissioner. It is even a Grey
area whether or not members of the Zoning Board can bring perceived
violations to the attention of the Enforcement Officer. The reason
being that if the Building Commissioner decides to "enforce" a
certain issue, that person has the ability to appeal the decision to
enforce to the Zoning Board and there can't be an appearance that
they have pre-judged the case. Any other Zoning Questions??

Peter Bez
Zoning Board Member
9:14 pm est 

Re: Laughing Last

"You seem very intoxicated {as usual} when posting your blog,and not
for nothing who the hell would let you drive a fire truck to begin
with, you need to be a trust worthy adult, Eli blew it ya but you?
come on will ya  geeeez"
8:54 am est

Um...whoever said anything about me driving a fire truck? I didn't.
Are you trying to change the subject? Lame.

That said, I won't ignore the first part of your message. You're
right. I was posting while drunk. Better than driving while drunk,
and far worse, your bosses covering up. Right?

-Laughing Last (and soberly)
9:12 pm est 

And This Too Shall Pass?

Many of us are still irate over the idea that we may have to pay for
a new fire truck instead of the man who wrecked it. The idea that he
may remain in he fire department is ludicrous. It's past time for the
select persons to give their definite views on this matter. In case
this man's father and grandfather think this is all going away, it is
9:10 pm est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

"...there you go again mikey!  flip-flop!..."

And your constant attacks are growing tiresome.  In junior high
school we would think someone like you who feels the constant need to
attack one person has a crush on them.  LOL
9:08 pm est 

Dear Town Officials

This was in the Feb 11, Boston Globe
page B3. If we need a street sweeper--this is the one that we need to

"Imagine a street in the winter without crusty grime from melting
snow, that residue of salt, sand and crud that clings to cars and

Meet the Waterless Eagle, a new breed of street sweeper that has both
environmental and public works officials giddy. With enclosed brushes
and a powerful vacuum, the machine sucks up the grit and dust that 
most sweepers miss. It increases efficiency, advocates say, and
because it uses no water, toxins are not washed down catch basins and
into rives and bays.

City officials demonstrated the Waterless Eagle on American Legion
Highway in Dorchester yesterday for reporters. The city has not
bought any of the $235,000 machines, but it was clear that officials
were impressed by a gutter so clean that the black asphalt almost
looked new."

Michael Rogovsky
9:06 pm est 

Running Scared

The affordable Housing Industrial complex must be running
scared the way that thy are jumping on M.R. again. As soon as his
name appears on CPC funds going for town Hall.

So, who has the best interest of the taxpayers at heart: M.R. or the
Affordable housing industrial complex who are allowed to override
zoning and density laws; and who receive tax credits to sell to banks
etc. to raise money for their developments?

Who is really on the side of the citizens of Provincetown?
9:04 pm est 

Keeping Your Eye On the Prize

It is important to have continuous campaigning on an issue
to get continued public support and to make people aware that these
funds are available to reduce taxpayer's debt.

I also want to make sure that every taxpayer realizes that the CPC
has the power to pay reduce the taxpayer's cost of renovating town

I personally feel that the CPC committee is slapping the taxpayers of
this town in the face if it gives this money to Ted Malone, a private

I do support giving CPC funds to the senaiko garden to turn into a
pocket park in the East End. I also hope that Mr. David Mayo gets CPC
open land money as well.

Give 80% to town hall and the other 20% to these other worthy projects.

Michael Rogovsky
9:03 pm est 

Re: Affordable Housing Stats

Thank you for actually taking the time to look up the numbers from
the mass. H&ED site.

Yes, the funding for the Housing Specialist is raised through the CPA
formula, but I would like for you to remember that we receive a State
match.  So for the sake of argument, could we not say that we are
only paying a 1.5% surcharge on RE tax?  I think "Yes, we can".  I
also think that is a good deal, a 50% match.

To the Affordable Housing Stats blogger @ 11:42 am-

All the previously mentioned entities ARE included in the TOTAL tally
of QUALIFIED affordable/community housing stats.
9:01 pm est 

Flip Flopping Again.....

....there you go again mikey!
what ever happened to support for open space and the senaiko garden? 
wasn't that your cry for justice last week?
he you go again, 80% for town hall...
if that is your stand
also, definition of sacrilege = the stealing of anything consecrated
to the service of God,
is a bit of a stretch even in your little mind?
ALSO mikey,
did ya read that we had a BROADER range of local preference BEFORE
the BoS issued the new bylaw-language this year?
SO, that shoots off your other left foot; that deficient, inane
letter to the editor you wrote a month ago, praising them (BoS) on
their great bylaw to include the same people that had to be
You, sir are extraneous.
12:01 pm est 

Repeat After Me Again

When Michael Rogovsky wants you to
get behind something, do not, I repeat, do not get behind it. Where
does that guy come up with his facts????
11:59 am est 

Thanks a Lot Mikey! Thank God You're Back!!

Where have you been, we've missed you? This blog just isn'the
 same when you're not on it.

Oh no - you're head is starting to swell! OK sweetheart, that's
enough you're getting overstimulated! You go on and play nice now.
Remember to share your crayons with the other boys and girls! Mikey?
Mikey, did you hear me? Mikey, get away for the computer before you
hurt yourself! MIKEY!!!
11:57 am est 

Putting Mike Rogovsky Straight

I'm glad that the housing people put Mikey Rogovsky
straight on his claim that we are near the 10% of affordable housing
stock in town. How NIMBY of a succesfull "artist" who owns his home,
and wants to stop others from being able to live in Provincetown
affordably! It must be nice to be so well off Mr Rogovsky.
11:54 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing Stats

What about the private homeowners with rental units which are
rented to people on section 8s? Seashore Points affordable housing
units? Maushopes? There are more subsidized apartments in Provincetown
than Ted Malones.

The Barnstable Housing authority, the Housing Assistance corportation
in Hyannis, the Yarmouth housing authority--they all have affordable
housing units in Provincetown
11:42 am est 

What a Truly Sad Commentary

"I used to see you around town and though we don't know each
other, I always thought "there's that nice, intelligent man who
always speaks so passionately at town meeting."  I saw you the other
day and thought "there's that man who hosts that vile blog."  What a
difference a year makes.

Sadly, this blog could be your legacy.

To the writer of the above excerp:  You are so totally right! I've
lived here my entire life. When one considers the freedoms we claim
to take for granted here, I NEVER would have believed that we would
or could resort to something like this! I guess it just shows the
real underside of the human spirit.

Attacking our fellow townsfolk anonymously isn't much different than
spraypainting something nasty about someone on the face of townhall
for all to see. The point is made but there is no one to take
responsibility for the action. This is where a lie can become the
truth if it's read long enough!

You can tell me all day that this is what blogging is all about and I
will ask you: Have we all become cowards, afraid to face one another
and say what we really think? What a truly SAD commentary on the
state of affairs in Provincetown... a place that is supposed to be
different! I thought we were all grown ups here?
11:39 am est 

Dear Webmaster--

The person who thinks that that there was
no dissension about issues in this town until you created this blog
is impossibly naive.

People have felt strongly about issues--but they had no way to voice
them. People misconstrue heated debate or a strong stance with
hate--how absurd!

Obviously, some people were never on a debate team; obviously some
people were never in a speech class where they had to defend opposing

Do you really think that Republicans senators hate Ted Kennedy--he
jokes with them that he is their biggest fundraiser! He has drinks
with them after work.

How fortunate for some people that their lives are so easy and
carefree that they never encounter any dissension--and yet how boring.

Pollyanna go back to your fantasy life and leave the real adult
citizens, who live authentic lives, in peace.
11:34 am est 

Quoted From the Community Preservation Act

"A minimum of 10% of the annual revenues of the fund must be used for
each of the three core community concerns, and up to 5% may be used
for administrative expenses of the Community Preservation Committee.

ALLOWED USES,or for land for recreational use. This gives each
community the opportunity to determine its priorities, plan for its
future, and have the funds to make those plans happen."

Thus, 80% of the CPC funds can go towards renovating Town Hall.

There is no reason why the CPC Funds can't go towards town Hall. It
would be a sacrilege to have this money go to a private developer.

Michael Rogovsky
10:00 am est 

Affordable Housing Stats

Here are the official state figures (source = website of Mass. Office
of Housing & Economic Development - all data as of Sept 8, 2008):

Provincetown = 128 subsidized 40B units/2062 total = 6.2%

Truro = 9/999 = 0.9%

Wellfleet = 39/1430 = 2.7%

Eastham = 424/5350 = 7.9%

Data only counts completed units, not units currently being built or
converted, or those approved but not yet started.  The 47 affordable
rental units planned for 90 Shankpainter will raise the 6.2% to 8.5%
for example.

Finally, since "we" pay the 3% tax surcharge, "we" DO pay the full
salary, benefit, and office costs of the Community Housing
Specialist.  No tooth fairy and no free lunch.

Just the facts, ma'am
9:58 am est 

Victor's Closed

Why is Victor's restaurant supposedly closed for several months ?

The Zoning board decision regarding that development states that the
restaurant would remain open year round for the economic and
employment benefits it would give to the community.  People would
have year round jobs working in the restaurant and the community
would have another restaurant open on a year round basis to help
further boost year round tourism. After ONE spectaular season for the
restaurant it's time to close because Winter is a tough time ? Was
that not known prior to ONE successful season of packing them in
during the high season ?  Year round licensed restaurants in Ptown
make it big in the summer (which this one did) in order to make it
through the Winter to remain open for the benefit of the community.
Why is that not the case here ? The Mews stays open all year and
pushes through the tough Winter.

Why are the Zoning and Licensing boards not all over this?
9:38 am est 

Fiscal Irresponsibility

Lets face it the blame for this current fiscal nightmare in town is
not the entire current Board of Selectmen, the Town Manager, the
current School Committee, affordable housing advocates, the Pier
Corp, the real estate companies but those who have been in town
management and living here for the last 25 to 30 years.

This town has operated like every other irresponsible individual in
this country who currently has 1 or more credit cards maxed out,
facing foreclosure or have been foreclosed on, and driving a car that
they cannot afford and then cries to everyone else that they are
unable to make it bail me out.

The fact that this town has allowed itself to act in a fiscally
irresponsible way is their own fault and now those of us who have
come here in recent years have to pay for that fiscal

I think the most shameful thing is that there is no town reserve fund
in case of financial trying times. There should be a town law that
requires the town to have a reserve fund that represents at least 10
to 15 % of the total town budget. Normal people do not operate from a
point of view of not having any kind of savings but based on what has
happened here it is clear that those in leadership for the last
couple of decades are not normal.

This town's free wheeling spirit and its position of "well this is
P'town we do things differently here" has now come and bite us all in
the a$#!

We at this point should be coming together rather than pointing out
who is to blame. There is clearly plenty of blame to go around and it
starts at the Welcome to Provincetown sign and runs to the edge of
the water.
9:36 am est 

Community Spirit

Hey guys go look at the article in the CCTs about how our
very own wonderful Zoning Enforcement Officer, Russel Braun, is
trying to rape the towns people in Truro by once again trying to
manipulate the Zoning Bylaws in Truro for his own profit! What a
great community oriented guy he is!

A Rat In The Basement
9:32 am est 

Re: Hone Your Arguments

Mark my words, the elderly voters and others that don't use the
facility will vote the override down and then ask for other
facilities in town to be put on the chopping block too. If you think
the older voters and members of the gay community that have no use
for the facility wouldn't do that, check in to see what people think
about the school. Same people, same attitude. There is a reason the
school committee and selectmen won't put the school matters to a vote
at town meeting. They know it will be voted out.
9:30 am est 


"Hey Pebble aka "********* " aka "*********":
you have quite a pair of "stones"! Those venomous rants  that spew
forth from your keyboard make me think that you are someone on the
"inside" looking out. Be careful... you never know who you might need
down that "rocky" road that you are treading upon! Me thinks thou
dosh protest too much and I wouldn't want you to get "stoned"

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,
adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines
With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do.
He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall.
Speak what you think now in hard words,
and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks
in hard words again,
though it contradict every thing you said to-day.  '
Ah, so you shall be sure to be misunderstood.'  I
Is it so bad, then, to be misunderstood?
  Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus,
  and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton,
and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh.
To be great is to be misunderstood.

  Ralph Waldo Emerson
9:29 am est 

The True Coward

"Cowards never put thier name!"

Well thats a real smart thing to say! After writing that blog and not
signing your name, tells me your not the brightest bulb on the shelf!
  Whos the coward ?
9:25 am est 

PJ Definitely Has Some Good Ideas

Provincetown needs a total re-think though and most of the proposals
are stop-gap measures.

If we start with the assumption that Provincetown is a seasonal
community, then the town's resources should be geared toward
attracting as much summer tourism as we can in our relatively short

And those who profit from the summer season need to do their share. 
If the summer months disproportionately use resources then the people
who gain from the summer season should pay disproportionately.

What happened to the idea of requiring rental properties to be
inspected and to pay a fee?  It can be based on number of bedrooms. 
How much would $250/bedroom/year bring in?  And make the fine
$500/bedroom to give it some teeth.

Require all property management firms to certify that the owners have
paid the annual rental fee and find the rest of the non-compliers
through cyber-rentals and weneedavaction, etc.  It can't be that hard.

Do we have a room tax in town on the guesthouses/hotels? We should.

The tax base needs to be realigned to reflect the only
commercial/industrial base we have.  Everything can't be done on the
backs of homeowners.
9:23 am est 

Champion the Good Ideas

Cowards never put their names on their blogs--but you
didn't sign yours either. What gives? Look at the ridicule thrown at
the people who do sign their names? Why should anyone?

By pass what doesn't resonate and look at some of the good ideas and
information here and champion them.

Push for budget cuts and pay roll freezes; for CPC funds to go to
town hall; for a responsible school committee that is truly looking
at the whole picture and not just dwelling on the millions which they
automatically get each year.

Pick and chose--get motivated and involved. Know what you are voting
for at town meeting and what you are against. We are paving the way
of our destiny.
9:20 am est 

Re: Roger Green

I hope you enjoyed your few minutes of fame and I believe what I said
was correct and I stand by it...You obviously are a coward and that's
why you didn't post your name.

You can say what you want about my salary and my job but just
remember one thing, if I was doing nothing I doubt I would still be
doing nothing year round for the last 23 years.

I believe I stayed long enough on the Fire Dept to know what I am
talking about and the reasons I got off the fire dept were unrelated
to my membership but you probably were too busy finding the right
toilet paper to wipe your mouth.

To the best of my knowledge the Fire Chief is in charge of the day to
day operations of the dept but I do have reason to believe his
Engineers have a say in many matters regardless of what buttons the
Chief pushes. If he did push for the Ladder truck, I'm sure he ran
the idea past his Engineers at some point.

Oh by the way,before I would give up my salary as a town employee, I
would rather invest in a good proctologist and find a cure for what
you do best.

Roger Green
9:17 am est 

Forget the Community Center

The global economic crisis has become the biggest near-term
U.S. security concern, sowing instability in a quarter of the world's
countries and threatening destructive trade wars, U.S. intelligence
agencies reported on Thursday.

And in Provincetown--people are worried about a community center when
we have 40 students in the high school and every parent in town
drives their children to school.

I bet the kids aren't even allowed to go out at night--and in the
summer there are the beaches, play grounds, tennis courts, fishing,
boating, hiking, biking, skate boarding, my space, facebook, texting,
gameboys etc. etc....forget the community center.
9:15 am est 

Where is the Public Outrage?
We are at risk of losing the community center and we are
dealing with DPW and overrides for having Rt 6 plowed. It seems that
the CPC has no choice but to come to the aid of Provincetown and
release its funds to renovate town hall.

How can a committee even think of giving this money to a private
developer? What kind of citizens are on this committee that instead
of helping the entire population of the town they will instead give
money to a rich, private developer.

Where is the public outrage?
9:13 am est 

Dear Webmaster

I'd like to know if this blog has fulfilled what you had envisioned it to be?

  I'd like to think that when you started this endeavor, you had
noble ideals of effecting public conversations pertaining to
involvement in our governing bodies.  Even though sporadically I do
see people given to constructive criticism and efforts for positive
change, the vast majority of comments here are negative, defamatory,
bordering on slanderous and downright mean-spirited.

In my 30 plus years of living here, I have never known such hatred
from people who I refer to as my neighbors, my community, my haven as
I have witnessed on this blog.  I was naively oblivious to the dark
side and yet, it does exist as this blog clearly demonstrates.  You
have not only given those interested in better government a forum but
have also given a home to hate.

I used to see you around town and though we don't know each other, I
always thought "there's that nice, intelligent man who always speaks
so passionately at town meeting."  I saw you the other day and
thought "there's that man who hosts that vile blog."  What a
difference a year makes.

Sadly, this blog could be your legacy.
9:11 am est 

Re: Disclosure

I'm so shocked.I thought for sure Ms.Nagle would give all of us
bloggers the "FULL DISCLOSURE" of her Pleasure Craft finances.For
someone who can't help but to bash everyone and anyone who crosses
her path, demanding transparency everywhere she turns,I thought for
sure she's do the same for us bloggers.I'm patiently awaiting all the
Inquiring minds would like to know
9:09 am est 

Greed is Good

No doubt there were dozens of grandma's suckered into
selling their houses for a boatload of money. Some moved to Truro,
some to Florida, and some even tried to return. But alas...they
couldn't afford to buy back into the overpriced Provincetown market.
Real estate ain't easy, and many of the local agents are honorable.
But there are a lot of snakes in the grass, with egos the size of the
Monument. And their houses are almost as big too. I'm looking forward
to the close of the Greed is Good era. Provincetown and its fine
people deserve better. Here's to (almost) Spring.

MOLDY Pebble on the Beach
9:08 am est 

Re: Mike Richards

Um Mike, lol ya about the running
thing, lol it was a joke mike, a joke
9:06 am est 

New Fire Chief

I think we need to replace Micheal Trovato with someone more
Professional and that can do the job that's expected, a good candidate
for that position would be the Deputy Fire Chief Warren Alexander.
9:04 am est 

Re: Pebble
My god pebble, What in the world has Mr
Adams done to you that makes you have to attack him like that?
Fortunatly I know Mr.Adams very well and know it just rolls off his
back, {it's pretty much look where it came from} You and candy are
proving what nasty,arrogent trouble makers you are, This community
accepted you though your wearing out your welcome!!
9:03 am est 

Truth is Power

"Above all, give me a break. Are Mr. Martinez's defenders
the kind who would have, once upon a time, dismissed a
rape as boys having fun?
Just asking."

And the answer is...
  Oh YES!
The PFD has always "taken care of its own" and will continue to do so
as long as the CITIZENS of Provincetown allow.  Using the "Fireman's
to pay for the DEFENSE of a DRUNK DRIVER is a perfect Example of this
"good o'l boys" behavior.
Using the 8th grade Students goodwill to Raise $$$ help defray the
costs Incurred by the drunk driver is another sad example.
Nice pixs of the kids in the local rag though...
too bad the only "learning" involved was
"How NOT to take Responsibility for Your Actions"
..Join the Provincetown Fire Department!

Where is the Leadership?
  In ANY other town/city the Chief would have, or been Required to,
temporarily step aside pending a Full Investigation of training
practices and requirements that let to this Criminal Destruction of
Public Property.
This is a real Public Safety issue...Do you really want
a Fire Dept. with a Chief/Fire Engineers with such POOR Judgment?
Think about your homeowners insurance...
So, Yes, the Denial in this town can be mind-blowing,
also mind Numbing and Mind Less!
  Thanks to this Blog the few of us who have had to
Suffer these Fools Silently for way Too Long,
finally get to talk!
Isn't that GREAT? Information is Power!

So, don't bother to write again to call me names, because,

I remain,

The ONLY Pebble on the beach
9:01 am est 

O That Candy

I had to laugh last night after watching
candy on public tv with her own pier corp report, not only was it
pure nonsence but come on candy the wink at someone in the room

8:56 am est 

Re: Laughing Last

You seem very intoxicated {as usual} when posting your blog,
and not for nothing who the hell would let you drive a fire truck to
begin with, you need to be a trust worthy adult, Eli blew it ya but
you? come on will ya  geeeez
8:54 am est 

Re: Approaching Affordable Housing Limit


"We" do not spend $54K a year for a Housing Specialist.  Michelle
Jarusiewicz personal service fee is far from that amount.  She does
an incredible amount of work for the Community Housing Council and
our Provincetown Housing Office.  Her position is not funded out of
the Town budget, but from the now 10% affordable housing component of
CPA funding which is voted on every year at Town Meeting. As you
know, this is a mandatory 3% surcharge tax as per Commonwealth.

There are different numbers of affordable/community housing units in
Provincetown.  They are divided by category.  There are 40B qualified
units and HUD qualified units.  There are units that are under the
Housing Assistance Corp.(HAC) Also, there is a Provincetown Housing
Tax Exemption Program-  for owners of homes and units that rent out
on a year-round basis to low income households at rents not exceeding
HUD limits.  Some housing units may appear to be affordable, but do
not add to stock as per DHCD mandate.
As of now, there are 122 affordable units under the 40B housing
inventory. This represents only 5.92% of the 10%.

Another thing I wish to clear up, the Local Preference issue.

Town of Provincetown's approved language for Local Preference
(Sept.8,2003) inferred: current residents, employees of the town of
Provincetown, Provincetown natives and relatives of current
Provincetown residents, and residents in jeopardy of unit being
converted to condo conversion.
The Mass. Dept. of Housing and Development regulations 760CMR5 Local
Preference has three catalogues: local resident, employed locally or
homeless and from local area.

So you see, the Town had a much more inclusionary by-law. Not any
more...  The Town must follow the standards set by Federal OR State
policy, which ever entity is funding the project.  The Board of
Selectmen had to close the window of Local Preference.  By the way,
the Fed's- HUD does not allow Local Preference regulation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to mention the Community
Housing Council gave a $10,000 grant to the Interfaith Council to
help with rental assistance this winter for unfortunate households. 
Also, on February 9, at the CHC meeting, the Board unanimously voted
to grant $70,000 to help close the deficit by funding the FY2008
Assessor's Overlay for the Provincetown Affordable Housing Tax
Exemption Program.

These are difficult times, and the good spirit shown by the Community
Housing Council helping out the Town is greatly appreciated.
8:45 am est 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cowards Never Put Their Name On the Bottom Line
Now we resort to anonymously attacking the Fire Chief, the
School Committe members, Pier corp, Town Manager, Selectmen and
individual members of the community, and on and on... These are
people that have put themselves on the line to benefit the town. They
are such easy targets to take pot shots at.

Just because you don't like what you see in certain areas of the town
or government, doesn't mean you attack individuals on a blog. Go out
and try to change things like the people you are attacking have done.
Put your good name on the line instead of taking the COWARDS way out
from behind an anonymous keyboard! You just show yourselves for what
you truly are: COWARDS.

What a sad place this site has become
7:36 pm est 

A Lack of Understanding

"eliminate the recreation department for a year and let the
kids play outside"

What a moronic posting from an apparent       ! The writer obviously
has no children nor any understantding of the rec program(s). Having
a place for the kids to go in the summer is beneficial in MANY ways
none the least of which is to provide a place for the kids to be
cared for so their parent/parents can  W-O-R-K!
7:32 pm est 

Hey Pebble aka "********* " aka "*********":

You have quite a pair of "stones"! Those venomous rants  that spew
forth from your keyboard make me think that you are someone on the
"inside" looking out. Be careful... you never know who you might need
down that "rocky" road that you are treading upon!

Me thinks thou dosh protest too much and I wouldn't want you to get "stoned"

7:29 pm est 

Re: Roger Green

Obviously you wasnt on the FD long enough to know what your talking
about and apparently forgot the reason why you quit. The fire chief
does run the FD and make 90 percent of the decisions unless there are
funds to spent then the board of FD engineers get involved. RE:
Unless there's special deals going on behind close doors the town
manager stated to the press, that the fire chief recieved a check
from the insurance company in the sum of $350,000 and was to use that
money to purchase a used ladder truck. RE: Purchasing the orleans
ladder truck was micheal trovatos idea and he pushed the issue. What
im saying is that it could have been researched alot more on web
sites such as or other web sites and found
something more suitable for provincetown. If the Vol service isnt
working then its time to move forward to a call dept or a fulltime
dept. In my book anyone can be a janitor, not know what they're
talking about and make $45,000 a yr for doing nothing. Maybe you
should take a pay cut and help the town in need. Stick to your moping
and cleaning toilet bowls.
7:26 pm est 

Hone Your Arguments

It is incredible that someone can read what is written here arguments
and then totally misinterpret it. The person who thinks that people
here are against the kids has it totally wrong.

To equate eliminating the community center with eliminating the wharf
shows warped, imbecilic reasoning.

It seems that people don't really read and try to comprehend what is
written--they create their own fantasy regarding it.

Please try to understand and comprehend what is really written rather
than create your own interpretation of it.

However, what you are doing is pointing out that people really need
to hone getting their point across. This is great experience for
pressing one's point at town meeting etc.
7:22 pm est 

PJ: Great Solutions For the Budget

If the BOS and Sharon accepted or presented only half of the
solutions you propose, I would be applauding their actions. You
present sound, logical and fair remedies for our fiscal dilemma. It's
amazing that none of these--not one--is being presented by the
selectmen or our town manager. What are they doing? Nothing
constructive as to our fiscal problems.

Turning everything into an easy put-it-on-the-backs-of-taxpayers
response. Each year, they look to overrides. This is an extraordinary
year. We face fiscal disasters that will haunt us, the state and the nation
for years to come. Act now. Cut department budgets. Reduce certain
positions. Freeze all salaries.

I hope many people re-think your options. They should be presented at
town hall for sound actions, instead of this unsophisticated,
juvenile responses we're getting from our town officials. They are
becoming an embarrassment and again the chair of the BOS has
shown a lack of leadership, a paucity of new ideas and she should be held
responsible for failing to handle our present fiscal mess.

If MaryJo was blamed last year--and some on the BOS used that as reason to
remove MaryJo as Chair--then Michelle Couture should equally be held
responsible for poor leadership, old, moldy ideas, and sloughing off
hard decisions by making voters decide at town meetings what we
should do. They are the elected ones.

Lead, please.
7:19 pm est 

Congratulations MYPACC: Over 100,000 Hits!

That's impressive. For this little Blog, for this little town, that's
much community involvement and concern.

Thanks for being here for all of us. Tell me, how did we live before
without you?
7:14 pm est 

Working Together We Can Reduce the Budget

Provincetown is no longer a year round community. We are a
small community and yet we carry a debt of $44 million dollars.

Now we are facing a town meeting where the selectmen want to have overrides.

We have the Finance Committee which we hope will find a way to cut
the budget and eliminate the need for overrides.

We have a CPC committee that has a chance to reduce our tax burden by
affording CPC funds to renovate town hall. They can be seen as
stepping up to the plate and benefiting all of the citizens of
Provincetown or they can be seen as giving this money to a developer
who earns big money from tax credits to fund his developments.

If all of these departments and committees work together they can
accomplish reducing the budget for all of the taxpayers.
7:13 pm est 

Debt Service!

We all have  financial interests  in the pier. We are all
paying millions of dollars in debt service.
7:10 pm est 

Another Side to the Story

If you are paid off the books you are not eligible for
unemployment. What a lot of employers do is to skirt the over time.
Sooner or later they will get caught. All you need is one disgruntled
9:26 am est 

Shheeeeesh Clarence! Tues, Wed... No Posts!

What gives?

Are you the only one capable of posting on this blog?

Looking for a new home for my rants and raves! you're making this
woman even more angry and you know you don't want to do that! I have
to post, I have to post now!
9:24 am est 

Override Proposed to Fund Provincetown Recreation Department

This is the story that ran in Wednesdays Cape Cod Times. What a
horrible thing to do to a single department, making it out to be the
burden that the townspeople must decide to keep or abolish to save
money. What are the selectmen thinking? Or are they at all??? This is
the worst idea ever. The elderly that have no kids in the programs
and don't use the programs themselves and those without kids are
going to vote it down because they don't use it,  plain and simple.
If that's the case, watch out fishermen, next the town will ask if we
want to keep the MacMillan pier. For sure, most don't use it and
could care less who owns it and in comparison to the costs of
insuring it and maintaining it, wouldn't that be a great money
savings? How about the school system itself? Again, how many people
have kids in the school in comparison to how many people vote at town
meeting? Putting a single department on the line all alone is a
really bad idea. Overrides should be a group issue, a need from all
departments, a little from each. This sucks.


I can't but would if I could.
9:22 am est 

Sick of the Bull

      As I go on this blog I can't believe that you people are
adults. The people in this town need to start thinking about the town
and what is best for everyone. What is being said about the fire
chief and his wife is unbelievable. Me myself would have told you
people where to go. I do work for the town of Provincetown and I
would do a pay freeze to help the town but I think everyone has to do
it. This townhall needs a complete overhall and I don't mean the
building. The children in our school system tried to do something
nice to help our town and you people turned it into something not so
nice. The children do know the seriousness of this firetruck matter
but you people would rather put them down instead. The person that
was driving this truck was not a child,he was a grown man. Stop
treating our children like their stupid. Everything that goes wrong
with this town  gets put on the school and the children. I think it
is time that the adults that keep making mistakes take the responsibility.
Maybe the adults should take a lesson from the children, who are trying
to help our community,and stop the whinning and complaining.
9:19 am est 

Yo Mr. Webmaster??

It's Wednesday and I'm still looking at
Monday's postings. What gives??? Shall I continue to sharpen my

9:17 am est 

To Moldy Pebble...

I agree.  Thank you.
Where is the opportunity here?  If you are not a successful artist or
business owner or well established like yourself (the 80's were the
perfect time to buy) than where does this current situation lead us

The realtors in the late 80 and 90's DID rape this town.  They sold
the idea on more tax revenue via less hotel rooms but MORE condos. 
More condos equal more taxes.  So it began...$$$ buy-flip $$$
buy-flip $$$ buy-flip $$$$

Now look, we don't have enough housing for the lower and middle
class.  Only the wealthy survive.  Now there are override issues
which breeds resentment for affordable/community housing.  Not good.

And the nerve of some of these SAME realtors, now sitting on Town
board's, still trying in vain to control issues pertinent to Real
Estate, like the cochon they are.

They happen to be the ONLY persons driving Mercedes and BMW SUV's
this time of year!?!?


Sick of the Greed at the Trough
9:15 am est 

Re: Candace vs the Pier Corp

I think it's very probable that Candace has a financial interest in
exposing problems at the Pier Corp.

In this case, though, aren't her interests aligned with all of us who
are taxpayers?  If the town should be getting more revenue from the
Pier I am all for it.  More revenue means fewer cutbacks and less of
a need to raise taxes.  Aren't transparency and accountability a good
thing when our tax dollars are on the line?

I'd prefer the discourse were elevated to a slightly higher level
(name calling is rarely productive), but I don't see how more
information is a bad thing.

Just another anonymous blogger redux
9:13 am est 

Re: Preztal Thinking

Have you yourself considered
running for office and fixing the problem?
9:11 am est 

Re: Re: Firemen's Association

I couldn't agree more.

Boo-hoo and iced rum cola to the most self-entitled pieces of
woodwork in P'town!

They can't change the fact that the Fire Dept. entrusted a LITERALLY
DEAD-DRUNK young man with half-a-mill in equipment, leading to an
incident in which he and another person narrowly escaped death. Then
they hired him a lawyer!

If I exaggerate facts, step on up! I dare you, for the newspapers and
police have confirmed each point. Disgusting!

When I was the age of Martinez, I was wild as a rat. Somehow I
managed not to crash a FIVE-TON FIRE TRUCK while %&#**'-ed up - let
alone turn it over four times like a Waring blender (again: my facts
were reported by the police and newspapers, so shut up before you get
the notion to dispute me!)

Above all, give me a break. Are Mr. Martinez's defenders the kind who
would have, once upon a time, dismissed a rape as boys having fun?
Just asking.

The denial in this town can be mind-blowing. That said, taxpayers
shouldn't bear the the blubbering of good-ole'-boys who defend this
fireman's derring-do!

-Laughing Last
9:10 am est 

Got to Get This Out of My System

Michael Travato should resign as Fire Chief NOW...
He has long been an embarrassment and now has lost all credibility.
This is a Volunteer position... Mr Travato also receives Full Health
Benefits for this volunteer position, the same benifit package full
time town employees recieve.Why? Why does this Business Owner get 80%
of his entire Family's Health Care costs paid for by you, the

As far as I know, ALL  the other Volunteer
Firefighters are responsible for their own
Health Care Costs. Why should the Boss get a freebie?
As far as the membership goes, I heard it said today that quite a few
of the younger guys think/know that Mr Martinez should be in a Rehab
and they were really against the dept.
paying ANY of Mr Martinez bills but were pressured by the Chief and
his father/grandfather.This is a very serious matter, people.

Every resident in this town should be concerned, very concerned.Not
only about this Misuse of Donations,  but how about your Homeowner

Fire insurance rates Will rise in direct proportion to risk...think about it.
Maybe someone can ask our own SuperAgent...Kerry Adams!
Ah, Kerry!
The amazing Two Headed SuperAgent of the School Committee and Pier Corp.
Was it you Kerry, who sold all that "full coverage" for the destroyed

We already know about the insurance LAPSE                 ,
  Jessica and the Jerseygirl to keep the Truth about regionalization
hidden from Everyone...
elected officials and Taxpayer alike?

You are Truth Challenged Kerry Adams...try as I might, I just can't
resist this one.


OK, got that out of my system...
anyway,  now that we ALL know it, let's just hope the BOS steps up
and get that warrant on the ballot...
Jerseygirl, Kerry, Mrs FireChief, and the rest take note,
You have Lied and Postured long enough, the party is over.
Send your Daughters to a private Convent school if you think you have
to, but pay for it yourself.

With that, I remain

The ONLY Pebble on the beach
9:03 am est 

"Small Time Realestate "Moguls" Raped the Town"??

Excuse me, but nobody held a gun to the heads of the property
owners who sold their properties while the getting was good. I'm
not a realtor, but it seems to me people have a right to earn a
living as they see fit. It's like blaming Saudi Arabia for our dependents
on oil. Give me a break!

The Ogre
8:58 am est 

Re: Re: The Override to Plow Route 6 in the Winter

"Where does the town's responsibility on route 6 begin?  At the town
line? Conwell? Shank Painter? Elsewhere?
Does anyone know the answer to this question?"

It's my understanding that the town is responsible for the entire
length of Route 6 in the town of Provinccetown with the exception of
the area inside the Nat. Park. Also exempt is the on and off
ramps/intersections of Route 6. Those areas will continue to be
maintained by Mass Highway. Snow removal is just a small piece of the
costs associated with the road. How about grass mowing, line
painting, catch basin cleaning, tree and branch removal, sand removal
street sweeping and eventual repaving? Thanks Keith and the members
of the board that were part of the taking over of the road, some of
whom are still on the board. Great thinking.
8:55 am est 

Makes no Sense!

"Its not good for the students Its also not good for the
town.  The only thing wrong with PHS is the people that keep saying
we closing the school.  Knock the crap off if you didn't say that the
school would be full of kids."

This doesn't make any sense. Talking or not talking about PHS will
not change the fact there are not enough students for a viable
school. The majority of families I know choose to send their children
to Nauset because of the opportunities in education and
extracurricular activities they can receive. I went to a regional
school composing of six towns. Our school was stronger and better as
a group than we would have been as individual schools. It opened up a
whole new academic world to us and introduced us to other students we
would have never met. It would have been so much better to have PHS
as a healthy, active school. The blame falls squarely on the school
committee. For the last ten years they said they were researching
ways to increase the number of students. Always during town meeting,
but nothing for the rest of the year. If PHS students completed their
tasks like the school committee, they would never graduate.

Congratulations to the boys basketball team. They deserve their accolades.

However, don't forget the athletes that the school committee tried to
stop at Nauset several years (when students transfer, the school
committee can stop them from playing for a year). It was a cheap
trick and they never apologized to the students. What happened to the
famous concern for Provincetown students then. Give the students a
chance to succeed in the real world and don't hold them back for
nostalgia sakes.
8:53 am est 

In Search of a Solution

I dont really understand a lot of the arguments made on
this Blog and elsewhere in town so I have a few
questions/comments/observations.  Feel free to ignore me if they dont
suit your agenda.

1.  The evil real estate people drove out the locals in their godless
pursuit of profit.  I dont understand.  Did the real estate people
hold a gun to locals heads and force them to sell their property? 
Did the out-of-towners say sell me your house or I will rape and
pillage your family?  Im just curious.  Actually, what seems to have
happened is that older families saw money signs and decided to cash
in.  Good for them.  Of course the town allowed things to go entirely
too far so that chicken coops were converted to $300,000 condos, but
the time to do something about zoning was 10 years ago.  The horse is
out of the barn.  And why did they leave? Well, they left largely
because the old commercial base of town  fishing  is gone.  All of
the year-round businesses that fishing supported also left.  And so
their kids left.  Or grandma died and they decided to sell the
property and move on.  Are you really going to blame wealthy people
for wanting to live in Provincetown and be!
  ing willing to pay people tons of money for their houses? This is
counterintuitive.  The people who generally complain about this are
those who sold out early and found replacement housing difficult to
find.  This leads me to point 2.

2.  Provincetown is no longer a year-round community.  Apart from a
few restaurants, etc. that remain open year round, the name of the
game is to work hard for the season and collect unemployment in the
winter.  And theres basically no way to change this.  As youre all
aware, we live in the middle of nowhere, which I love.  There is no
economic rationale for setting up a business in Provincetown that
isnt seasonal.  The seasonal jobs (most of which are largely off the
books) plus unemployment benefits are too attractive to make anyone
want to work year-round.  Ive done a lot of thinking about what would
attract a business to Provincetown year-round (I used to think about
these things for a living so its not too big a stretch) and I have
yet to come up with a single decent reason to locate a business in
town or a single business that would be suited to relocation to
Provincetown.  If any of you have ideas Id actually be really
interested in hearing them.  Keep in mind that th!
  e business has to compete with the $200-300 that someone can earn
for turning over a house in one day and the $200-400/night that the
more skilled waiters can earn at a top restaurant.  And it has to
offer a return on capital invested.  Id say that the fact that the
town has to legislate to keep businesses open year-round proves that

3.  Town infrastructure is geared up for a town of 50,000 when in
reality weve got about 3,000 people here for three-fourths of the
year.  Probably less since half the seasonal people seem to have
taken off for Mexico this year!  (Yes, I am cold and jealous.) 
Granted, its a peculiar problem.  Obviously, the needs of the town
increase significantly in the summer months, but do we really need so
many permanent employees?  For 3,000 people?  Couldnt we do with job
sharing in the winter and temporary staff in summer?  Of course as
long as town finances are virtually impenetrable itll be difficult to
really do a cost benefit analysis.  Thats the most inexcusable thing
to me having just come across this blog  reading the state criticism
of our town finances.  Its harrowing and all of us should be
embarrassed for not holding town officials accountable. Until we know
where we stand, its very difficult to create a real budgetary
process.  Of course, the people running the town are e!
  xactly the same people who dont want to embrace the fact that
Provincetown is no longer a year-round community.  I get that. Its an
ugly reality.

4.  As far as the school goes, I can see both sides of the argument
(full disclosure, I have no children in PHS having come to town later
in life), but I tend to come down in favor of regionalization.  We
have one of the most expensive schools per capita in the state
because of the lack of a year-round community and I dont see much
prospect for a big increase in enrollment in the future.  Indeed the
trends continue to look grim.  And I cant help but agree with the
recent article in the Banner regarding the benefits to the kids in
being around more students and having more extracurricular
opportunities.  On the other hand, its absolutely true as some have
suggested that schools are the life blood of a community. 
Unfortunately the community in question is on its fifth transfusion
and the prognosis isnt good.

I think the only conclusion is that Provincetown needs to adjust to
the reality of its circumstances.  And that reality is that we are a
seasonal tourist town.  Going back to the old days just isnt an
option.  Its time to evolve.

All the best to everyone,

Just another anonymous blogger
8:49 am est 

Here's a Plan to Help Provincetown

1. All municipal employees take a %5 percent paycut.
(This will save money and save jobs. It's better to be making less
than to not have a job at all. Let's act like a community and stick
through the rough times together.

2. All departments cut their budgets by 5-10%. We all know there are
a few things that each dept can live without. The times are tough and
we need to get rid of the extras.

3. Conserve energy. Turn the heat down to 66 degrees, shut the
lights, get rid of all of the coffee makers, refrigerators,
microwaves etc that are in everyone's offices and just have a few
centrally located.
3A. Install a computer program on all municipal computers that shut
the computers off at 9pm and turn them back on at 6:00 am. That way
any downloads that need to happen can be scheduled before they are
turned off. You can save 9 hours times as many computers that are in
use in the town.

4. Take a good, hard look at making some of the jobs part time. Do we
really need a full time town manager and an assistant town manager
for the size of Provincetown? How about the town manager working a 3
day work week? I understand we are a busy little town in the Summer
and Fall, but please I don't think we need a full time person.

5. How about a regional police force with Truro and Wellfleet? We
could have one chief for all three towns. We need to start
regionalize all of our municipal services, schools, fire, police,
DPW, etc. We could save alot of money.

6. Increase resident and property owner parking permits by $10.00.
This could add much more money to the coffers.

7. Use a pay as you throw trash pick up system. This really gets
people to recylce more.

8. Raise parking fees in the town lot by a $1.00.

9. Finish the first phase of town hall and put phase II on hold.
Regionalize the schools, close a school building, sell it off or rent
it out to a business and use the proceeds to fix the rest of town

10. What about putting up a toll booth coming into Provincetown? $.50
per car. Residents, property owners and people who work in town would
be exempt.

11. Look at the fleet of town trucks, police cars and any other
vehicles, are we using the most efficient vehicles? Do we need to
have brand new vehicles?

These are just a few ideas to help Provincetown to stay afloat. Hope
this is helpful. Any one else have any other ideas that they would
like to share?

8:42 am est 

Death of a Thousand Cuts

'The only thing wrong with PHS is the people that keep
saying we closing the school.  Knock the crap off if you didn't say
that the school would be full of kids...'

Now that's a comment not connected to reality in any way.  Face it,
the demographics of the town are changing, there are not as many
families with children in town and new families won't move here
because of the high cost and lack of jobs.  Sorry to say, it's not
going to change.  The Provincetown school system is dying a slow
death and the students are the ones who suffer by trying to hang on
to something that is no longer feasible.
8:39 am est 

Couldn't be Prouder!

If the 8th Grade class of PHS had raised only $10.00 it
would have been worth it. They performed a community service and
should be proud of what they did and who they did it for. It wasn't
for the fireman that damaged the truck (in fact it had nothing to do
with that- what difference did it make HOW the truck was damaged? -
but that it was damaged.) it was about doing something good and
creative for the town that they live in and go to school in.

Personally, I couldn't be prouder of them! If they wish to have
another fund raiser, count me in!

The narrow-minded collective on this site need to pull themselves
away from their keyboards and get out and support their community;
that's what I'm doing!

Last Blog Posting for ME!! Over and out... .. .

PS: Remember "No Place for Hate"? Well I can tell you that "hate" is
alive and well on this blog in every ugly form - you should all be so
very proud!!
8:37 am est 

Times are Tough!

The Hancock building, that famous glass tower building in
Boston, is being auctioned off--the owners are facing foreclosure.
Times are tough so please be tough on the budget Finance Committee.
8:35 am est 

To Answer Your Question......... to how these affordable housing
people will afford their rentals--it is easy. Their rent is 30% of
what they earn. They earn $30 a month, they pay $10 a month in rent.
The other 70% is paid by the taxpayers.

These new citizens will work the jobs that the foreign workers work:
kitchen help, store clerks, night job stocking shelves, garbage
pick-up, janitors, etc.

Every place needs chamber maids and misters.

There are people who work here summers only. These new folsk will
have to stay here year round; so they will be ready to pounce as soon
as a place opens.

Some new beauties will get the ring side restaurant jobs--watch out
current restaurant staff. There will be back stabbing of
course--there always is on some jobs.

Some will do painting, carpentry, construction work, house cleaning
and odd jobs under the table as they do now. The smart ones know:
give a low price for a job; do a fantastic job and then you get the
next job and by word of mouth you start getting work.

Anyone who hustles and is discreet and has finesse can get work after
being here a while.
8:34 am est 

Proposed Overrides

Selectmen Mary-Jo Avellar and Austin Knight protested that
plowing the towns only highway should be kept in the budget because
it is a core service.

This is not an override issue, Knight said. Its public safety.

The DPW override would also pay for staffing at the new public
restroom inside Firehouse No. 2 and keep the transfer station from
closing two days a week.

Another override for $115,000 would fund the municipal recreation
department, which would be eliminated if the override didnt pass.

Some solutions: Lets have a restroom attendant circulate among the
bathrooms; eliminate the recreation department for a year and let the
kids play outside; have yoga clases at the PAAM etc.; close the
transfer station Monday and Tuesday.
8:31 am est 

Thanks, But I Am Not Your Candidate

Thanks to those who are encouraging me to seek a seat on the school
committee. I cannot do so for many reasons, most importantly this
posistion will require mucho time that presently I would be unable to
give. I am sure we will see good, qualified candidates step forward.

E. Michael Richards
8:29 am est 

Affordable Housing For Whom?

If the goal is to close the school, then there really isn't any point
to have any type of affordable housing. The biggest problem that
this town faces is horri