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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Don't Judge Anyone By One Appearance at the BOS or Any board

Please see beyond one meeting. PLease look to understand some of the
people who live and work here. It's important to know people and that
means looking back years back. If you're only here for two years or
three, that's not enough to understand many town people--nor the town

Too many board members want those who come before them to literally
kiss their tulips and if they don't, they get quite upset. They want
respect. Beyond the fact that you need to earn respect, many town
people are not going to respect people who don't even know the town, nor
even know them. That in itself frustrates.

So look back and look beyond any one meeting. Open your mind and try
to open your heart. For all the easy talk here about "community" and
"small town values" we too often fall far from the mark. More
understanding would be in order. More tea and sympathy would help.
11:54 pm est 

Entitlement? Respect?

I have an enormous respect for those who have chosen to live their
entire lives here, struggling through the seasons and the enormous
changes this village has endured.  But like the Fisherman's Wives
whose portraits hang so prominently on the side of Cabral's Wharf,
they lived their lives with dignity.  They never stood up and said "I
deserve to be treated differently because...".  But when someone does
declare that they are entitled to be treated differently, respect
diminishes accordingly.

Deb and Clem Silva have blamed everyone and everything for their
troubles.  I've never heard them take responsibility for their bad
business decisions.  The town gave them an enormous amount of
sewerage gallons, which are supposed to be tied to year round
employment.  Their business failed and now they want to use those
gallons to get a better price for their real estate.  They feel
entitled to those gallons even though they were never used as
intended.  If they want my respect, they should have ceded the
gallons back to the town instead of trying to make a profit from them.

The town should do everything in it's power to protect it's interest,
regardless of who these people think they are.
11:52 pm est 

Clem & Ursies

I am wondering why the BOS decided to take back the additional
gallonage that the restaurant was granted? I realize it was on the
basic idea that they were not open for the extended season or
yearround but what would have happened if they had been open for one
year or more and THEN decided to sell? What about the others in town
that have been given similar increases in their gallonage? Is there a
time period that an establishment needs to stay open that would keep
the BOS at bay? What I'm saying is basically, Clem & Ursies went into
the project with good intentions and then the whole thing collapsed.
Why should the additional gallonage be at risk if there is a
potential buyer that may also want to stay open?  What would happen
to the laundrymat on Shankpainter and the gallonage allowed fo that
property if the owner decides to close the laundrymat due to lack of
profit? Will every new buyer that buys a property with additonal
gallonage now be under the same scrutiny at the time of transfer? And as far as the unpaid portion of their bills,
just put a lien on the property for payment at the time of the
transfer. Why drag them through the mud?
11:50 pm est 

Just a Little Respect

Sometimes It's Not Entitlement, It's Respect
'I think that what frustrates many people who were born here, went to
school here and are still living here, as Clem and Debbie Silva, is
that they are not treated with much respect.Everyone should be treated
with respect.

Giving everyone respect has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether you
were born here, went to school here or are still living here.
11:47 pm est 

Equal Treatment Under the Law

Clem and Debbie Silva should be treated as everyone else. 
I don't care if they gave a million bucks back in 1800's or a million
bucks in 2005 to Provincetown schools, a fundraiser, the fire
department or anything.  That was yesterdays news.  If I had a
license that was going to be cancelled, especially a liquor license,
I would have been at that meeting.  NO EXCUSE, except if a family
member was on a death bed or something to that effect.   I dont care
if someone has been here for 1 month or 100 months or 500  months,
the law is the law.  Why would we want to give anyone a different set
of rules for GIVING or NOT GIVING back to a community?  Doesnt make
sense to me.   I would be more upset if people treated every on e
different, and it was based on length of BELONG to the community or
amount GIVEN to the community.   FAIR IS FAIR.
11:45 pm est 

Head Count

Can someone provide a breakdown as to who is in affordable housing?
how many families etc?
11:43 pm est 

We All Make Our Own Bed

"...I'm quite upset with how Clem and Debbie Silva were
treated. When people run into financial difficulties, there should be
some tolerance, some good will and then to take away their liquor

Sorry, watching the beligerent Clem in front of the BOS does not
allow me to have any sympathy for him.  That was an embarrassment.

We all make our own bed, we all have to lie in it, everyone needs to
take responsibility for their own actions.  If I ran into financial
difficulities (and trust me I'm not rich) I don't expect that anyone
owes me anything.
11:41 pm est 

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sometimes It's Not Entitlement, It's Respect

I think that what frustrates many people who were born here, went to
school here and are still living here, as Clem and Debbie Silva, is
that they are not treated with much respect. People born here are too
readily discarded and what they gave and did in the past counts for
little from the many newcomers who sit on our boards. Too many
newcomers fail to know the town. They believe Provincetown came into
prominence when they arrived here.

So I find a level of frustration that town people often face when
they come in front of our boards or deal with the BOS. Except for
MaryJo, where were all these relative newcomers years ago?

History does not begin when any of us come to a town or to this
particular town. There is a past and it behooves us to know that past.

I'm quite upset with how Clem and Debbie Silva were treated. When
people run into financial difficulties, there should be some
tolerance, some good will. and then to take away their liquor
license. This is disgusting and the Licensing board should be
ashamed. Some should look into their hearts and wonder if there was
not a conflict of interest in their personal decision to strip away
Clem & Ursie's liquor license.

Please tell me: What was the rush? Why couldn't you wait until the
owners showed up at the next Licensing meeting to try to defend
themselves and present their case.

As an old song goes: What a Town Without Pity Can Do!
6:32 pm est 

What You've Been Told and What is the Truth is a Chasm Apart

Of course, you've been told and I've been told that affordable
housing is for the town: for teachers, firemen and town people. What
we were told was a myth, a fabrication. The affordable housing units
were generally built for one person, not a family or not for a
couple. They were built to maximize profitablity, not to enhance the

We have no hero in Ted Malone. He is a business person who has
mastered the affordable housing grant getting, grant making, 40B's
and now CPC money grabbing projects. He works the system and not for
the best of the town, not for a greater, integrated community, but
for his personal select lottery picks.

So we are betting against the house. We are betting against
ourselves, if we are taxpayers. Not unlike Walt Disney, Ted Malone
has created a fantasy that pleases, stories that warm the hearts of
Provincetown in fulfilling the rather homeless needs. But what Ted
Malone is fulfilling is his own dreams, builder of luxury housing for
himself through manipulation of the town, including the BOS, Keith
Bergman before, and, for a $500,000 request for funds,presently the
6:30 pm est 

Thank You Astrid.....

.........for not just paying lipservice to areas
you feel passionate about. There are just a handful of private
citizens like yourself who have brought articles to town meeting and
have advanced debate and often effected positive change for
Plus you have the backbone to sign your name!
5:37 pm est 

Re: Astrid Berg & Fire department

I do agree with Astrid. Provincetown Fire Department did
prevent Provincetown from burning down several years ago. Like any
fire department in any community, they provide protection and it's
their voluntary choice to take the job.

I do not agree that gives Provincetown Fire Department personnel a
free pass to use excessive speed, to break the rules and take
civilians on board subjecting the town to substantial liability or to
drive under the unfluence with town equipment as Astrid suggests.

We pay the bill. It's out equipment. It's the town's rules...not the

Also, when something happens. We have the right to know and they have
the duty to report it. Not try to keep it from the public the press
or keep it hidden.
5:35 pm est 

Re: High School Vs Fire Department

Wellfleets fire department is full time and has been for a number of
years. If you're going to join the conversation, get your facts
5:32 pm est 

Re: Dog Park

I just took my dog to the Dog Park in the rain.  I wanted
to see how he would react to being off leash and there was no one
else there because of the rain.

What a great park!  I loved it, he loved it!  My dog went crazy just
being able to run all over the place with no leash.

Kudos to those who worked on this park.  You did a sensational job!!!!!!
5:30 pm est 

Provincetown Has One of the Highest Affordable Housing Percentages on the Cape

And when is enough enough.! Frankly, I"m tired of funding outsiders.
Too many come here wanting a hand out. Sign up. Know someone. And
there you have affordable housing. It's our tax money. We should have
residence requirements that involve living here at least five years.
It's not good enough to just get off the bus and then sign up.
Something's mightily wrong with Provincetown's approach. It should be
to support an existing community. Not create a new one not matter who
and what.
1:21 pm est 

Firemen, Teachers, Police/Affordable Housing

Question is, how many teachers, firemen, police officers and the like
applied for the affordable housing in town? If the numbers are high
and the awarding of the units to them is low, then yes, one could say
the whole system is a scam. Finding ways to keep people on the job by
way of providing an affordable way to live in Ptown is what we have
always been told is what the affordable housing game is all about.
1:19 pm est 

High School Vs Fire Department

Wellfleet has no in- town high school but it has managed to
maintain its volunteer fire department.  Lack of jobs here at the end
of the Cape has diminished the number of young volunteers over the
years.  Also to have to leave your job to rush to a fire limits the
type of work that you can do.

Closing the high school is a distinctly different question than
maintaining a volunteer fire fighting team.  Wellfleet has done a
good job both in regionalizing with Nauset at the middle and high
school levels.

Let's follow in their footsteps-
1:18 pm est 

Let Me Make One Thing Clear
I AM Not Against Affordable Housing.

      There seems to be a few sour grapes out there in regards to the
passing of Article I. Yes, I promoted it. So did the Selectmen, the
Finance Committee and the majority of the Voters. I did NOT vote for
Ms. Rushmore's 80% for Historic Preservation and it did not pass.

      I believe that the 10-10-10-70 distribution is fair and gives
the CPC and the voters more flexibility in the allotment of the
funds. Why do some of the Community Housing Proponents  feel entitled
to receive 80% each and every year? After all, it is The COMMUNITY
Preservation Act, not the Affordable Housing Act.

      I look forward to the completion of 90 Shankpainter Road. Due
to the current economics, I think there is more of a market demand
for rentals than ownership and rentals will benefit the year round
community. Although I have had some questions concerning the location
of the project, it's a done deal and I support its' success.

      Am I in favor of Mega Housing developments? Not really. Let's
be honest, the developers Must offer a certain percentage towards
Community Housing. What if there was no mandate? Would there still be
the push for affordable housing by the developers?

      The Community Preservation Act urges Towns to utilize and
remodel existing buildings for Community Housing as they did with
Sandy Hill. I believe there is someone  promoting such a project and
I wish there would be more use of existing buildings.

      I want to commend the Community Housing Committee on their
recent decision to re-word the considerations for housing applicants
and to aid residents that have been misplaced or will be due to the
sale of their rentals.

      These are some of my opinions on the subject. Many may not
agree with me, that is your right. But to say that I am against
Affordable Housing, don't even go there. Not that it is any one's
business, but as a landlord, I have not raised my rents for years.
Although my taxes and maintenance expenses have risen, I feel that
there is so much a tenant can pay. I rather have good tenants that
stay with me for years and contribute to the business community and
the workforce.

Astrid Berg
1:16 pm est 

I Agree With the "Thoughts"

I too watched Clem Silva and the BOS meeting.  It is amazing because
HE and his sister and family were here since 1880............. that
they deserve something more?  Who cares that the state, or town or
bank has taken any of their property.  Maybe they don't know how to
BUDGET?  Maybe they gamble?  Maybe they had it easy with people just
showing up at their business and now they have to market and get
people their and THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW.  Why should WE as tax payers
pay for that for them?   And if they have NOT paid the sewer
betterment for the new gallionage that they were given, THEN either
tell them they have 30 days to pay it OR THEN TAKE IT BACK.   I would
be willing to bet if someone else didn't pay their sewer betterment,
the town would do something ASAP, but is it because they were here
since 1880 that they don't have to pay their share?  And they
admitted that the building is worth MORE because they have MORE legal
seats now.  OK, I will do an addition on my property and NOT get a building
permit because I can't afford it. 
AND MORE MARKETABLE.  Can I use that excuse in front of the BOS.  
You know once you set up something for one, you have to do it for the rest.  
BEFORE YOU, THEN YOU WILL PAY.  FAIR IS FAIR.   (But this is Ptown and
things are not fair.........  THAT IS THE BOTTOM ISSUE)
1:11 pm est 

What's Underhanded?

I'll always support affordable housing until somebody can
show me the proof that somehow Ted Malone is running some kind of
housing mafia! It seems like someone on this blog thinks underhanded
things are going on with affordable housing. I been living in my
affordable housing long before Mr Malone came to town, and I still
get state inspections like everyone else in affordable housing! I
guess the state and federal governments are part of this so called
mafia too? The CPC are doing the right thing in trying to help PEOPLE
to live in Provincetown year round. Why is this certain person so
against the CPC? After all the good things they are doing? Is she
jealous that somebody might get something more than she has, like a
loving & happy heart?
11:57 pm est 


I watched Clem Silva try to berate the BOS and one of his first
statements was that his family has been here since 1880.  Statements
like that always rub me the wrong way.  The essence of entitlement. 
I was here longer, therefore I deserve something you desire.

I've been here 30+ years, do I deserve more than people who have been
here less?  If I've been here only 5 years, does that put me ahead of
someone who is spending their first winter?

As far as affordable housing, because I've been here longer than
someone else, should I be put at the top of the list?  I am gainfully
employed year round and qualify under the income guidelines, that's
all that is necessary.  Affordable housing is meant to assist in
fostering a year round community.

Stop the feelings of entitlement.  Just because you came over on the
Mayflower gives you no greater rights or freedoms than I.  Just
because your grandfather and father both were volunteer firemen
doesn't lessen your accountability for your actions.  Entitlements
are nothing more than feeling as if you are better or more deserving
than others.  Entitlement is a prejudice and we all know that leads
to devision and hatred.
11:54 pm est 

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Get Rid of Families With Kids?

I that what you really think would solve the problems, how about
getting rid of those pesky hate crime laws? just somthing for you
to think about          
10:21 pm est 

Affordable Housing Will Never Be for Firemen and Teachers

It was never for them. It was never for families. It was never for
people who lived here for many years.

It was part of a money-making, grant-gaining, profit-making endeavor
that used those working for Ted Malone to allow them to bring in
friends and hand out affordables to those they selected. It has been
a game and never would allow long-time residents to gain from these
projects. They used and continue to use the myth that these will be
firemen, for teachers, for those who serve the town. Just look at
who's in affordable housing: people who have been little time and who
only were "chosen" because of their ties to Malone and those who work
for him.

It's a nice bonus to have: work for Ted and you gain affordable
housing and you can also get your friends to come here and get one
for them. That's the sad reality funded by our tax money, our CPC
monies, and town land give-aways.
10:18 pm est 

But the Issues Can be Confusing

............................and like it or not,
affordable housing is deeply entrenched in the muddle. the year round
population has been dwindling for years in large part because of the
loss of year round affordable housing. it affects school enrollment,
volunteerism whether it's the fire department or the many boards that
are criticized right here. the disconnect between the median income
among provincetown residents and the median price of a single family
home is, well, obscene. (something like 30k vs.'s easy to
track down the exact numbers if you like.) so folks left. and then
the local economy was hurt in the off season. those who stayed longer
saw their once year round jobs cut back or just shut down altogether.
and so it spirals. the argument that we don't need affordable housing
because no one is here anyway in no way looks to the future.
shouldn't we be looking to increase the year round population? we
need to keep and attract families and y!
  ounger folks. the influx of wealthy second homeowners surely
benefitted some, but didn't help keep businesses open all year. we
need to look forward and consider what's best for the community and
stop bashing those who've tried things you didn't like - or in some
cases it seems didn't fully understand. if you take affordable
housing out the mix it's difficult to see how the town will grow.

Just sayin'
4:29 pm est 

A 'Ballad' Question?

Tee-hee. You make me giggle.

Slippery Dick
4:22 pm est 

Ballad Question

     seems to be trying to protect her business and
gain points in the community. But you know that she would vote
differently if it was a ballad question.
3:24 pm est 

Let's Get Rid of both Schools!

Less families with kids would reduce gratuitous vandalism.
Seems like we could save a lot of money if this town didn't
have families who have a sense of entitlement from       to 
        who one hand out after another from
3:20 pm est 

Another Conflation

Oh, so now affordable housing is tied to the fire
department? Please stop confusing issues.
2:33 pm est 

Another Carbuncle

Yes, IT will go away like every other carbuncle that surfaces
in ptown because of impropriety.
2:31 pm est 

Re: Fire Department

The best thing we could do for the young firemen in this
town is to support affordable housing! Are you going to support that
1:15 pm est 

Re: Fire Department

Yes, IT will go away like every other carbuncle that surfaces
in ptown because of impropriety.
1:12 pm est 

Baseless Comments!!

***"My dearest Astrid we could count our blessings he wasnt
drunk at the wheel also,  but he was, stop talking about it if your
so upset and it will go away"***

You gutless     . You have no factual information to base that
libelous comment on. There has been no proof he was drunk or under
any influence of any kind. You are a lowlife.
1:11 pm est 

To: Astrid Berg

My dearest Astrid we could count our blessings he wasnt
drunk at the wheel also,  but he was, stop talking about it if your
so upset and it will go away
11:35 am est 

Re: Fire Department

The Provincetown 'volunteer' Fire Department members
receive an annual stipend. I'm weary of the sacred cow mentality
around fire departments locally and nationally. Take a look at the
Boston Fire Dept situation and the abuse of overtime, sick time and
disability pay. Yes, fire fighters do a service for our community,
and so do a lot of other citizens who volunteer their time...and some
are also thrown into life threatening situations. It's a choice.
10:12 am est 

Re: Fire Department

No one ever said the Fire Department would quit if the school closed.
  The comment was that if we have no school system, we would have no
young folk who, with ties to the community, volunteer for the Fire

I'm not sure that's logical, but that was the argument for keeping
the schools open.

Daily Reader
10:10 am est 

Re: Fire Department

Get it straight. What was meant by Deb Trovatos comments were that if
the school closed, the kids that do attend it currently would be
schooled up cape. That kind of exposure allows the kids more
opportunities for jobs and potentially moving away from town after
graduation. The kids move away, then the source of the new
firefighters will be diminished greatly if not gone completely. A
volunteer department depends on people in the community to VOLUNTEER
for something they love to do. How many non natives are on the
department? That can give you some insight as to why she claims the
school is very important to the continuation of the department. Don't
get me wrong, I think the school should close but that is what she
meant by her comments.
10:09 am est 

Friday, November 28, 2008

Dear Astrid:

I would hardly call the turnover total of OUR
town hook and ladder truck as a fender bender!
7:06 pm est 

Re: Who Said That the Fire Dept. Would Close

If I remember correctly, this statement can be attributed to Deb
Travato, School Committee member and wife of the Fire Chief Mike
7:05 pm est 

Re: Fire Department

An anonymous poster stated in a prior post quite some time
ago that we should be careful when thinking about closing the high
school because if we closed the high school the volunteer fire dept
would quit.
6:15 pm est 

Re: Fire Department
Who said that the fire dept. would close if the high school closed?
3:36 pm est 

I Agree With Astrid, However,...........

I agree with Astrid in her fine defense of the Fire
Department.  We are lucky to have the fine men and women of the Fire
Department protecting our town.

But, a word to the Fire Department regarding P.R.  When you threaten
that the Fire Department will all quit and leave if we close the high
school, those threats are not appreciated.
1:35 pm est 

Agreeing With Astrid

Well stated and well put. A nice defense of the Fire Department and a
strong advocate for them. They do much for us and for the town and
get nothing for their service. It is a volunteer department and we
need to keep that front and center. You've helped us do that!
12:04 pm est 

How Odd

A blogger defends the lack of news in the Banner by stating that
there's no one in town. No one here, he or she says, so no stories,
no news. But when it comes to affordable housing, this is not what
you hear. When the need for affordable housing comes up, you'd think
this town is filled all winter. No one stands up to say: there's no
one here. What is used is the 3500 taxpayer base or the great fantasy
of over 1500 people here all year round. As the blogger says: there's
no one here. Maybe there are 800 people living here in
Provincetown in late fall and winter. Maybe even less.

And those about to leave for Fort Lauderdale, you don't count as
winter residents. You may count yourself as being here but you're not!

In sum: you can't have it both ways. The numbers can't shift
depending on what you're defending.
12:02 pm est 

To The Poster: "Provincetown Fire Department an Embarrassment to the Town"

      First of all, You, should be embarrassed. There have been
various opinions related to the recent accident, but your post I find
most offensive. To malign a dedicated Brotherhood that has been
servicing the Town since it's inception has prompted me to respond to

      Yes, Mr. Martineze did not use good judgement to include a
non-certified passenger. Did he drive the truck with the the
intention to wreck it or endanger others. I don't think so. What if
his passenger was another member of the department, would the results
  have been different?
It was an accident.

      We should count our blessings that the passengers were not hurt
and that there were no other vehicles or people involved.

      Put Yourself in Mr. Martineze's shoes. Haven't you have a
fender bender or a close call? He is a young man from a long time
Provincectown family and volunteers of our fire department protecting
this town for decades.

      Am I happy about replacing the hook and ladder? No. Do I mind
replacing it? No. We need it and We need to support Our Fire
Department. We are so fortunate to have them.

  If I was the judge, I would give him community service. He's
accustomed to it. He's been doing it since the age of 13.

      As a taxpayer, I will step forward to support to pay for a
non-intentional accident. What I will debate on Town Meeting Floor is
the spending for fiscal and mismanagement accidents that have
occurred in the past and may continue in the future.

      I give Thanksgiving to the Fire Department. You are Our
Heritage. Without You, this Town would have burnt down to the ground
many, many years ago.

Astrid Berg
9:22 am est 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Surely There's Gossip and Opinion

But actually there's not too much schadenfreude. That would involve
public revealing of offenses and misdeeds. That hardly happens. It's
rare. More cover-up than in-depth analysis and reporting. So a little
gossip but little schadenfreude.
10:44 pm est 

Provincetown Fire Department an embarrassment to the
Town of Provincetown.  There is nothing else to say about the
subject.  Simply as that.  They hide things from us, keep it all
secret when one of them screws up and wrecks a huge important piece
of town equipment.  Then we have jack***** like the guy from Welfleet
writing in the banner telling the kid it's okay he screwed up.  I'd
personally like to invite him to bring his checkbook to Provincetown
and write a check to replace the truck.  I'm disgusted with the PFD. 
Save the rhetoric about ohhhhh ohhhh wait until your house catches
fire.  I don't subscribe to that crap.  You want to be a firefighter,
you need to be professional.  Same as the police.  Simply disgusted.
8:02 pm est 

Bring back the Advocate!!

I for one refuse to subscribe to the Cape Codder/Banner anymore. I
read it for free online or get a free one locally. Its a dead paper,
no news, nothing worth reading. I would LOVE to see the old Advocate
reborn with news locally from Ptown, Truro and Wellfleet only.

This end of the cape is different and special. Mixing us in with Harwich
news and Brewster news just makes us one of them. I also advertise in
the Banner but if the Advocate were to come back, I'm switching.

Local advertising for local people. strangely, if Gatehouse owns the
Banner and the Cape Codder, why doesn't my add get into both if the
stories do? Bring back the Advocate!!

Mary Jo and Dwayne, are you listening????
8:00 pm est 

Very Informative About The Banner

Well, that's a mouth full or a page full or a section full. More
in-depth analysis about The Banner then we often get in The Banner.
Some key points and your prediction bsed on Kahn's prediction
unfortunately seems probable.

I miss the old Advocate. I miss a paper that truly understood this
town and its roots and had writers committed to talking about the
town. Pru Sowers is a good reporter, for sure, and she gets the
story. But a paper is more than one reporter reporting.

I also miss obits that were based on knowing the person and providing
a sense of their life here in Provincetown. In the old Advocate,
people who lived here left with a sincere appreciation that everyone
could grasp. Their lives were memorialized and their contribution to
Provincetown noted and honored. Obits, when well done, give everyone
a combination of oral history, public service, and intimate family

Ah, but you speak to change and to endings that may be an obit about
The Banner itself. If its written in this Banner, it will fail to
grasp its own past history and its own past contribution to

How sad.
3:14 pm est 

Re: Clem & Ursie's

Did you see the exchange between the owners of Clem &
Ursie's and the BOS on channel 17?

3:12 pm est 

Happy Turkey Day...

And now it's the banner's turn to get roasted. maybe it's me, but the
Banner slims down every winter. of course there's a lack of news as
we suffer increasingly from a lack of community (as in residents). no
people, no news. no businesses open, no ads. quite a skimpy feast for
the banner. and spinning stories to the negative? have you read this
blog? it would seem this town thrives on schadenfreude.

but i digress. a filling and fulfilling day to all.
2:26 pm est 

Do You Mean the U Stop & P?

Happy Thanksgiving all, the day our town is at its best.
1:06 pm est 

The Banner

I own a fairly good sized business in town and advertised heavily in
the Banner for years.  I stopped all advertising when they decided
have a negative spin on almost every story.  Read the headlines over
the past few months.  Instead of being a proactive neighborhood
newspaper, they have turned to negative headline jounalism.

I refuse to support this kind of newspaper as do many of my fellow
business people.  If it weren't for the Real Estate ads, the paper
would have folded long ago.

The job of the local media should not be to create controversy, but
to report the news unbiased.

We deserve better.
1:05 pm est 

What a Deal!

Someone wrote in this blog that the Banner is very sparse
with news this week with the lead story being the GU food waste. More
importantly, notice the diminished size of the newspaper.

Our former publisher unloaded the newspaper in the nick of time! 
Newspapers all over the country are experiencing decreased revenues
due to huge drops in subcription and ad revenue forcing even the
venerable New York Times and Boston Globe to have massive layoffs.
Check the stock of Gatehouse Publishing, the parent company of the
Banner and the Cape Codder, and you'll see that its value has sunk to
very low worth.

Despite all assurances from our previous publisher that "our community
newspaper" would remian intact and as sterling as it was under her ownership,
get ready for changes!

Tony Kahn's article in the Boston Globe, at the time of the Banner sale, in
response to the publisher's above statement, was right on. The future
script was being written as the former publisher ridded herself of
her liability:  The Banner will be merged into the Cape Codder
(greater geographic Cape Cod cache than the PROVINCETOWN BANNER)and
the Provincetown Banner will become absorbed into the mainstream of Cape
Cod life.

Check the size of the ads in the Banner, the seeming elimination of a robust
Arts & Entertainment section, lesser pages and lower publishing costs, reduced
staff after the transitional golden parachutes are expired, sweetheart rent
agreements are expired, and then leave the rest to your imagination
to a projected timetable.

The only question is not "if" but "when?"  Maybe our hometown newpaper The
Advocate will be back stronger than ever! And remember that Provincetown.Com
was and continues to be a separately owned business of the former publisher
which now competes with WickedLocalProvincetown.Com (Gatehouse sponsored).

What A Deal!
10:55 am est 

One Thing to be Thankful For:

Warren Tobias will be leaving the police dept. this spring.
10:49 am est 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's About SS!

So, as is custom in Provincetown. We have always refered to
our supermarkets by its initials. A&P - GU. Do we now call our market
the SS ?      

Sorry, only fooling!  LOL.
10:30 pm est 

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and best wishes for memorable get
togethers with family and friends sharing fabulous meals.

It's a great day to give thanks for the beauty of Provincetown, for
the sea and dunes and for some wonderful friends who make this place
a great place.
8:16 pm est 

The Banner is Empty of News

Nothing much going on when food being crunched and mushed at the GU
is the lead story. Must be the beginning of the holiday season!
8:15 pm est 

Re: Re: Firetruck Insurance

What a typical response, confirming the intimidation factor that some
have of going against the police or firefighters, the fear that those
that claim to serve and protect just might not if you cross them.
Very sad commentary. You are the one that brings down the
departments. Why can't you see the rational behind the comments made
about drug and alchohol testing? Why does it have to diminish to
"hope your house doesn't catch fire" type comments like those that
were made? You are the very reason people attack the fireifghters or
police when they have a legitimate chance. In the end, I do hope
there is a drug and alchohol testing program with all the depatments,
volunteer or not. It just insures that everybody is safe, driver,
passengers and the public.
6:41 pm est 

Original Poster Wrote:

"Shouldn't all firefighters subscribe to a random drug and alcohol
screening process?  Certainly, the Crown & Anchor fire was the most
glaring example/coverup by our Town Manager and Board of Selectmen of
the need for such a policy in our Fire Department. It was a glaring
example that the problem starts at the top of the chain of the command."

Please clarify what 'glaring cover up' occurred in regard to the
Crown & Anchor fire.  I did witness the entire fire that night, and
the response of the local fire department. The history paints the
Provincetown fire department as complete heroes.
6:39 pm est 

Wind Turbines

According to a Banner article -
One commercial wind turbine could bring the town of Wellfleet $10.4
million dollars over 20 years and the town would not have to spend a
cent to power its municipal buildings. . .

Hmmmmmmmm, Provincetown ?
4:18 pm est 

Re: Firetruck Insurance

       This is in response to whoever wrote the article in regards to
drug and alcohol testing within the provincetown Fire Dept. First of
all, I don't think any member of the department would refuse to take
such a test. Second of all, remember all your negative comments about
us firefighters when you dial 911 the next time your house is on fire
or your having a major heart attack. maybe someday when us volunteers
resign your checkbook will be open to fund a 3 million dollar paid
department. Instead of putting down the department why don't you
join, but your probably afraid of fire to start with. Don't be a big
mouth if your not going to sign your name.   Happy Thanksgiving
2:33 pm est 

Re: Viva La Blog

No you missed the point. You lecture, you admonish. Sit back and let
it flow. You don't like what you read. You can turn off the blog. You
do sound like you want only good things to be said and town officials
praised. They aren't even attacked all that much. You are overly
sensitive. Stop reading and writing then!
11:50 am est 

Re: Viva La Blog

Sigh. You miss the point.  The problem is NOT with people writing. 
Or analyzing.  Or debating.  Or disagreeing.  Or even complaining.  I
do not think anyone rational would condemn any of those things, even
in an anonymous forum.  But what is not good is when this website
descends into name-calling and making nasty, spiteful jokes at the
expense of our fellow citizens.  THAT is the point and THAT is what
sets off the hysteria.  As long as we all follow the basic guidelines
that are set forth on the homepage of this very website, then there
would be so much less anger and more consideration given to the
opinions and observations offered by the posters herein.  It is not
about being Pollyanna.  It is not about only saying positive things. 
It is not about creating a sentimental fantasy.  It is just about
treating your fellow humans with basic respect.  Not necessarily
agreeing with them.  Not supporting their actions or their ideas. 
Just not calling them names and spitting on them from the shadows.
10:16 am est 

Re: PTA Pie Sale Update

The PTA Pie Sale was a great success! Despite the horrific
weather, those of you that made the journey to the soon to be Stop
and Shop eagerly purchase our delicious homemade baked goods. With
the exception of a few items, all were sold by 12:30 pm. The rest
were purchased at the Elementary School during pick-up.

Thank you again for all that purchased, baked and participated.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your families and friends.

Provincetown PTA
9:27 am est 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Re: Pollyanna Principle

The Pollyanna Principle is an axiom that states "machines
should work; people should think." This can be understood as a
statement of extreme optimism, that machines should do all the hard
work, freeing people to think (hence the reference to Pollyanna) or
as a cynical statement, suggesting that most of the world's major
problems result from machines that fail to work, and people who fail
to think.
9:32 pm est 

Provincetown PTA Pie Sale

How did the pie sale go? Any facts and figures?
7:25 pm est 

Yes, Viva La Blog

E. Michael Richards. You are right on. It's true you always sign but
I like your understanding of appreciation of the 21st century
technology. We are not writing letters and putting them under
someone's door unsigned. We write. We state opnions. We analyze. And
yes we complain. That is what this blog affords. It does not
guarantee all happy thoughts and only good and pleasant things said
about the town. That would produce boredom, sentimentality, and

Thanks for your thoughts.
7:22 pm est 

To: Dwayne Raymond

Dear Dwayne:

I regret that I am such a slow writer, but, I have indeed taken
your offer to heart and am currently in the process of composing
a piece which I will submit for publishing.

I would think that there are very many readers of Shout Out that have very
interesting stories to tell which would be of great interest to all of us.

Don't be discouraged, give us time to get the hang of it all.
You will see Provincetown residents squabble and complain, but, when it
comes to telling a great story, they are masters. Just wait and see.

We are all hams!

Wishing you the best.

Too shy to sign
7:18 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck Insurance

For all the fellow bloggers out there who are asking
whether a drug or alcohol test was taken of the driver as part of the
investigation of the wreckless destruction of the town's firetruck, I
have two comments.

Shouldn't all firefighters subscribe to a random drug and alcohol
screening process?  Certainly, the Crown & Anchor fire was the most
glaring example/coverup by our Town Manager and Board of Selectmen of
the need for such a policy in our Fire Department. It was a glaring
example that the problem starts at the top of the chain of the

Secondly, with the the very capable Town Manager we currently have
and the cracker-jack Board of Selectmen overseeing her, why wasn't
the fire truck insured for replacement value?
Isn't that the way most homeowners in Provincetown insure their homes?
7:07 pm est 

Dear Dwayne and So Forth...

Ever since this blog was established and I started posting I have
also tried to encourage civil discourse and for the most part a good
portion of the contributions have been. Yet I also subscribe to the
theory that a blog is what it is by design.

You can rant, rave, question, challenge, commend and post most
anything in most any way you chose (short of slander, of course).

It is the resolve of other respondants to then challenge, correct and
state their case. Or it may be for ther rest of us to discern what may
be petty and personal.

I always try to be clear and I always sign my name but to those who
don't I will defend you to the end as it is your right. VIVA LA BLOG!

E. Michael Richards
5:54 pm est 

Happy Thanksgiving!

-I'm thankful that I live in such a beautiful and diverse town.
-I'm thankful for the friends I've made in town.
-I'm thankful for the many residents of this town who put themselves
out there and volunteer their efforts.
-I'm thankful for our town staff who have always been there with a
smile when I asked them for help.
-I'm thankful that a Stop & Shop is coming to town.
-I'm thankful for my family, my partner and my dog.
-I'm thankful for a great 2008.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving.

5:51 pm est 

Re: Cry Me a River

Who's to say that the other selectmen aren't the ones complaining
about their fellow board members? What a perfect place to do it!
Anonymity, ability to confess sins of others without getting caught
and letting everyone know the lowdown.

Ya gotta wonder.
5:50 pm est 


Take a pill, Pollyanna - blogs are for venting and complaining!!
We are not impressed with you - cry elsewhere...
5:49 pm est 

Re: "Don't Count on the GU for Thanksgiving"

Neither Hanukkah, perhaps. Nor the solstice. Nor Christmas. Nor Kwanzaa.

HAPPY NEW...(okay, not funny)!

Take my hunch with a grain of salt; but something tells me that our
supermarket will be closed for longer than promised. Plan accordingly.

- Laughing Last
2:33 pm est 

Re: Grand Union

Some Will Be Surprised When They Expect the GU to Have
Produce and Turkeys

Today's the half-price sale of what is left--and there is not much
left. Last night, you couldn't even purchase a tomatoe (where's that
vice presidential candidate when I need him) Looked like seven
turkeys and few packages of chicken. Some arriving in town for
thanksgiving will be surprised but maybe more people will find
themselves dinning in the number of restaurants that are serving
Thanksgiving Dinner.
2:32 pm est 

Time is up!

Last week I asked that the readers of this website switch gears and
try something new.  No one did.

No one wrote anything good about town. No one wrote anything at all! 
Well, there was a heightened sense of crazed mud-slinging here on the
main blog but nobody stepped up to the plate to pen thoughts that
were otherwise pleasing to the mind.  Kind of sad, really.

Everyone have a happy thanksgiving.  Don't eat your neighbors.

2:31 pm est 

Cry Me a River
When you are done crying a river on this blog about two of
our selectmen, take out papers.
Oh, but I forgot, you' rather whine on this blog!
2:27 pm est 

Tis the Season to be Joyful. It's a Time of Love, Charity

Tis the Season to be joyful. It's a time of love, charity,
and helping out others who are not so fortunate. Let's stop all of
the negativity and try to be more charitable towards each other.
Let's remember what we are all thankful for and how fortunate we all
are to live in such a beautiful place as Provincetown.

2:24 pm est 

To: Clifford T. Morgan

Does your post have anything to do
with the control and F5 key? I think not!
12:02 am est 

Michelle Couture

The "Frick and Frack" schtick is tiresome; ditto, witless
jibes about Michelle Couture's "The Lily Pad" store. Just IMO, from
the kind of queen whose withering look scares the #$%^@ out of you
whenever you try to be clever, only to realize that you have fallen
on your face.

Bring on the sneers! Although you might say that I work with Michelle
as a board volunteer, it would be a stretch to say we're friends.
That said, I don't grasp the vitriol that is all but spat upon her
from this blog.

I've disagreed with Ms. Couture on several issues but continue to
appreciate her intellectual integrity (yeah, she so didn't go to
college, whatevs...); and her commitment to public service. Her job
pays $1,000 a year.

And yes, I know, sincerely relate to and girlfriend-empathize with
your plaints that this minx is wheeling and dealing and scheming to
secure her own public housing while you scramble to hold
million-dollar roofs over your heads. But I cannot help notice that
she ain't getting rich. Nor I, although I count my blessings to be
obscure enough yet that I don't have to put up with the scrutiny that
she must!

Why don't the nasty fools among you tilt at other windmills - say,
Town Hall? Ooops, been-there-done-that. And LOST!

- Laughing Last

PS: What is it, anyway, against affordable housing? If I didn't know
better I might say that those of you who carp incessantly about it
are smug and entitled; but alas, perhaps not much longer. See ya' at
the foreclosure auction!
11:54 pm est 

Delusional Hypocrisy

The essence of this towns hypocrisy is the denial of
the unspoken prohibition against the freedom of expression.

Why is there such great fear of signing your name to your
altruistic pronouncements.

You and I know, it's the dread of retribution. For all the
talk of civility and tolerance, we in truth are the monsters of
our own id.

Clifford T. Morgan

11:51 pm est 

I'm More Than Over Poor Leadership

I look at those in office. I see pure incompetence. I see lack of
courage, inability to act. I see this in Washington but that does not
mean that I can't see it here in Provincetown. When I see such
disappointments in leadership, both in Washington and in
Provincetown, I see lost opportunities and too many missed chances
that escape us all.

Leadership is key. If you don't have it, why run for office? If
you're cowardly, why even run for any position?
When you do, we all lose.

And why shouldn't we ask more of those who hold key positions? It's
the least we can do. Read Emerson. Read Thoreau. Read Lincoln. Oh,
excuse me, is that beyond your intellectual level? How sad.
11:32 pm est 

Provincetown as Disneyland

How odd that a few here only want happy times! They want everyone and
anyone in power--those elected--to be praised just for having run and
won an election. They want our town manager praised because she
smiles. They want selectmen applauded because they attend meetings
and sit, rather boorishly, in front of their mikes. What they really
want is to maintain the fantasy that Provincetown is priceless,
unique, and wonderful. They want fabrication and illusion over the
harsh reality of life in this town. They want life here lived as if
it fits the fairy tales they believed in when they initially came
here. They want no disappointments because then they must face their
own dashed dreams. And if anyone dares to rip away the dramatic
curtain of their fantasy, they are hurt and damaged and will do
anything to maintain their dreams--even those long lost in the
younger days when they first came here to live.
11:31 pm est 

Saturday Night Live Would Be Banned Here For Some

Some have missed any sense of satire. From what I"m reading, some
would ban SNL and Tina Fey would be run out of town. How dare she
make fun of Sarah Palin? How dare Tina Fey portray this "up-standing"
woman with irony and tongue-in-cheek sketches? Our literature would
be stripped of irony and our films would be reduced to replicas of
Mary Poppins.
11:29 pm est 

Re: Caricatures

"Public officials have been presented in caricature. In
our society, this is not new.'''

Yes,including your ignorance which is not new but gotten beyond
stale. Caricatures done were SIGNED unlike your cowardly postings!
11:28 pm est 


'''And I recall an individual saying they were across the
street watching the Lilly Pond through the window,'''

Please that individual was you. Were you hiding behind the
sightseeing trolley? I have seen you around town. You have a big L on
your forhead, don't you? Loser! Are you over 70?
11:26 pm est 

Michelle Couture

Didn't Michelle Couture get re-elected in a
landslide?Didn't she get close to 500 votes? I'd say she has 500+
plus reasons to hold her head high. Wasn't she appointed CHAIR?

You have an unhealthy obession with the selectman. Get a life! Was it
unrequitted love? Tell us what it is like to be so marginalized? So
unempowered? God knows you are so frustrated! We don't even see you,
you are so small!
11:25 pm est 

I'm Gone!

That's it for me. I am done reading this blog!!!
11:23 pm est 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Three Stooges

From what I see, the two selectmen you mention as frick &
frack do not agree on many issues in our town. On the other hand we
have the three stooges that seem to vote alike!
8:19 pm est 

Michele Couture

I know that if Michele is not reading these posts, her girlfriend, Donna is!
And I recall an individual saying they were across the street
watching the Lilly Pond through the window, as Donna was on this
blog.  How much more do you all want to know?  MICHELE is very aware
what people say here.  It baffles me that she can walk around town
with her head still up.
8:17 pm est 

Re: Sadly!

"I wish I could jump to the immediate defense of the
webmaster, but until the site boundaries of respectful and
non-derogatory posting are applied uniformly, I have to admit the
angry people have valid points."

"Valid point"? Is this the sum total of your take-away for
an overt attempt at using a threat of racial slur to
compel a desired outcome.

I guess the ends justifies the means.

Spare us from your platitudes and rationalizations.

Toleration is Complicity ( So much for "Immediate defense")
8:16 pm est 

Subtlety is Lost on Some

Origins of the Term "Frick and Frack"

To compare two people to Frick and Frack implies they
have a close relation and are very similar in many ways. 
"Stalin and Hitler" go together like Frick and Frack."

The origin comes from a pair of Swiss ice skaters who
performed comedy stunts for the Ice Follies in the late
'30s. Each dressed in matching lederhosen and wowed
the crowds with a trick they called the "cantileverspread-eagle".
Frick's real name was Werner Groebli and Frack's was
Hans Mauche.

For a time Frick and Frack were so popular they were
the highest paid professional ice skaters in the world.
Their popularity and association was so well known that
they became synonymous with interpersonal symmetry,
much like how people might say "they go together
like Gilbert and Sullivan or Lennon/McCartney."

Caricature will always exist in the public arena, and
it seems so will racism.

7:47 pm est 

Re: Cemetery

If anyone wants to know why the cemetery is not as
fabulous looking as you would like, you don't want to start blaming
the commission. The DPW is responsible for the maintenance of the
cemetery, not the commission members.  The Cem.Com. merely makes
recommendations which, so far, have been addressed.

  You might want to ask Alex Heilala about a few things to start. 
From what I hear shes lost track of where HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of
dollars went over the past six or seven years.  The money was mostly
returned but I've been told by members of the recently revived
cemetery commission that they've been waiting since last April for
some kind of concise explanation about all those monies from her and
where they went.  E mails are not returned, letters are not answered.

By the way, Einstein, you spelled cemetery wrong. Twice. And I dont
even KNOW what a BOGGER IS. Duuuhh.
7:21 pm est 

Great to See Some of the Best Forward Thinkers as Barack's Advisors

It's a breath of fresh air. To hear the President-Elect speak to the
importance of the best minds, best thinkers, innovative thinking and
exceptional minds. Oh, to have someone as President who thinks,
reads, is curious, values ideas, and is intelligent. He is determined
to bring together as advisors and Cabinet members the best. Instead
of patronage, here intelligence, solid action, and exceptional
analysis are all considered necessary qualifications. It's been eight
years since that happened in Washington. Remember when Bush sent in
twenty-year olds into the Green Zone for "international" experience.
They were all loyalists and young neo-cons who knew neither Iraq, the
Middle East, culture or history. For Bush, that was not a problem.
I praise Obama for his keen mind and the choices he is making. He
exemplifies the type of leadership we need during this economic
crisis and global disaster.
7:19 pm est 


The last refuge of a limited mind is the haven of Racism.

How did you come to this point. You posed the threat
using the differences of race.

I cann't even see where it applied.

How Brutish
7:16 pm est 

To: Michele Couture

Michele, You're Not only Reading you're writing like crazy

You have every right. But your fingers are typing away, aren't they?
They must be cramped.
7:10 pm est 

In My Opinion

Sorry, but in my opinion, elected and appointed officials
do not lose their basic human rights to freedom from hate-speech when
they step into the public sphere.  You seem to want an open season on
them so that you may spew whatever nastiness bubbles up inside your
soul, but they are still human beings and have the right to not be
the targets of every foul, harmful thought that infests your brain. 
Debate is one thing, hate-speech and hurtful spew is another.  Get
back on the issues at hand and stop attacking the people personally. 
It really is just that simple.
7:06 pm est 


What is the validation and or justification for racism?

Public officials have been presented in caricature. In our
society, this is not new. No where in all of the previous
discourse has there ever been a racial reference regarding
the two, and I repeat, Public Officials. 

Any attempt at rationalizing and or justifying this kind of
bigotry in this day and age only reveals the sad reality
of our condition.

Oh, the slippery slope!
7:01 pm est 


I wish I could jump to the immediate defense of the
webmaster, but until the site boundaries of respectful and
non-derogatory posting are applied uniformly, I have to admit the
angry people have valid points.
6:45 pm est 

Ah, I See Now
So when hateful names are directed at
people you like and agree with, it qualifies as hate speech, but when
they are used to hurt people you do not like or agree with, then it
is harmless fun.  Please!  The hatred on this spite-filled forum is
so thick you can barely wade through it on any given day.  Nobody
would have a problem with rational, fact-based political debate.  But
the name-calling and hateful comments are either good for all or good
for none.  My vote is definitely that they are good for none.  But
you want the freedom to hurt others at your discretion.  That is hate
speech in full measure!
6:33 pm est 

I Can Not Believe My Eyes-- what I read on here tonight!  Just an observation into the bigotry
of a few--

1) the BoS are elected officials, just like the Senate and President.
  We have nicknames about Bush/Cheney etc. as long as it doesn't
cross the line into hate speech, so be it.

2) an interracial couple that lives in our town do not get to be
called "zebra" in the vain tone.

Using the terms Frick and Frack, the Hitchcock sisters and
"a-ffrodable" housing industrial complex cartel are one thing. 
Blatant bigotry is another.

Provincetown is a no hate community!
6:11 pm est 

Cemetary Commission

If the bogger who does not like how the town is run, maybe
she should trade the cemetary commission for the board of selectmen!
But wait, maybe we should point out how bad our sacred burial places
5:10 pm est 

Use the System

Concerns not adressed at the local level can be brought
before the state ethics commission,  massachusetts public records
division, superior court, department of revenue and attorney general.

why don't bloggers use this blog to share results of going through
these chanels instead of sitting in armchairs and  posting sophmoric
complaints? You'd have more respect and credibility and help out town
out in the long run.
1:31 pm est 

Re: Couture and Anderson

their names are couture and andersen. your posting was more
constructive. you have identifyed areas of concern for you.
1:29 pm est 

Re: Nicknames

The need for nicknames reminds me of junior high school and
not in a good way.  It's tiring and not amusing.  Don't we have
better things to discuss?
12:46 pm est 

Please Note

The frog was not called diseased. What was stated that studying
amphibians can result in learning about their actions and noting
possible diseases they may develop. As you may know, frogs have been
dying and disappearing worldwide.
12:45 pm est 

Frick and Frack's Impact is the Problem

When actions are guided constantly by vested interest and not the
general well being of the town, it's important to be noted. When
Frick changes agendas illegally and allows only two days for articles
to be placed on the warrant, then Frick is a danger to democracy. She
needs to be observed and her actions called into questions when her
actions are questionable. When Frick attends public meetings to
advocate for her landlord so he can gain added seats at the Coffee
Pot, that also is more than questionable. It is a conflict of
interest. And when Frack continues to act as if she is head of the
CPC and advocates behind the scenes for the CPC monies to remain 80%
for affordable housing, then she too should be held accountable.
Observing and noting are part of life of this town. When actions are
problematic, calling these actions for what they remains important.
12:43 pm est 

Ah Yes, the MYPACC Zebras!

That is perfect, I find that FAR more entertaining than Frogs and Frick
and Frack.  That is SO VERY funny.  I am rolling on the floor.  I cannot
get up, I am laughing so hard.  Especially since there are more than a few
skeletons hidden in the closets of the zebras themselves that will
make for such entertaining reading.  Look out, look out, the MYPACC
zebras are about to start spewing again.  Must have touchy stomachs
when the name calling is directed at them instead of those they do
not like.

How about it?  Do we all still think that this kind of behavior is
really funny, mature and appropriate for civilized neighbors?  I, for
one, do not and never have.
9:20 am est 

Provincetown PTA Annual Pie Sale

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 25th at the Grand Union.
All pies, breads and other baked goods for sale starting at
9am until they are all gone!

Thank you for your support.

Provincetown PTA
8:51 am est 


What if we start calling a certain couple in town zebras?
Stop the frog & frick & frack Hate Now!
8:49 am est 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

In the Eyes of the Webmaster

I find it very amusing that scattered around this website
are words like please avoid making derogatory statements and please
do not disrespect others.  Obviously those values only apply to
certain people in the eyes of the webmaster and his cadre.  I
certainly think that posts calling fellow citizens and human beings
diseased frogs would qualify as disrespectful and derogatory, but
obviously the webmaster does not agree.  Makes me wonder if he and
his friends would feel the same about other words that less
enlightened folks apply to other kinds of people.  And no, I am not
one of your elected or appointed officials.  I am just someone who
finds the behavior of certain posters on this website beyond the
bounds of acceptable treatment of other human beings.  I do not think
the webmaster would enjoy it if the tables were turned on himself and
his loved ones.
10:27 pm est 

Re: The Poster Who Thinks They Have Insight

Please do not flatter yourself so.  I fear you may do yourself injury
hoisting your opinion of yourself up onto that oh-so-high pedestal on
which you are determined to see yourself.   I have read what you
right and I can find no insight in the nasty spew you post about
others.  You are nothing more and nothing less than a childish
schoolyard bully, mocking others in the playground, calling them
names and spreading lies behind their back.  What you display is
immaturity, not insight.  Name calling reveals no great truth, except
about the lack of self-esteem and the poor character of the bully who
mistreats others.

And now, in response to my words in this post, we will almost
certainly get yet another multiple-personality-disorder defense of
this ridiculous, hurtful nonsense.  It will contain lines like, I
find this name-calling very humorous, I enjoy watching other people
be bullied so I can laugh at them, I am entertained by making fun of
others on this public forum and taking cheap shots anonymously.

For the love of Pete, people!  Stop and think.  How would you feel if
the person being mocked and belittled, being called names and
described as diseased was your family member, your friend, anyone you
care about?  Would you want them to be treated this way???  If so,
then run right out and see how they like it when you do it to their
face.  Spread the entertainment around to everyone in your life by
mocking them.  Oh, I forgot.  You only feel safe enough to spew your
garbage online, not face-to-face. Does that fact not tell you
anything about whether or not this is a mature way to behave and
treat your fellow human beings?

The Golden Rule, folks, is something on which some of you really
should do a little brushing up.  Would you want to be treated the way
you are treating others?  Honestly?
10:24 pm est 

Summer 2008

Really. i was hoping the frick and frack nonsense was so,
well, summer 2008. and frogitude would embarrass rachel.

It's cold. it's gloomy. doesn't anyone have a candle in the dark?
let's get some positive ideas on here.

Go pats.
10:21 pm est 

Re: Fibonacci Progression

1,2,3,5,8,13,21....... aren't you a smarty pants. You have
my mind spiraling out of control.

The Ogre
10:18 pm est 

Fatuous Postings

You are one of life's losers with your fatuous postings
about two of our selectmen and tm. Hide in the shadows of this blog
while the people you despise are out there front and center making an
impact on Provincetown. I don't always agree with them. but, i don't
think they are losers like you are! I respect people who stand up and
are counted. Tell us what you have done to effect change in
8:37 pm est 

Ah Insight Can Be Missed By the Blind and Dumb

Strange how key insights can be caught when the mind is open and the
heart is free from bitterness. There's much to be learned here from
Frick and Frack since their antics affect our town. Their behavior
has at times been questionable and so observing and noting Frick and
Frack can provide understanding for those who want to know how
Provincetown works---and doesn't work.

And as for Frogs, there's an epidemic of them along Commercial
Street. They're jumping out of Lily Ponds, hoping out of store
windows and they're even standing at attention flowers in hand. So
with Frogs everywhere, it's good, as a biologist, to note their
presence, study their  amphibian behavior, and report to the public
at large about possible diseases that may be infecting them and even
us. Surely, it's a public service to this town!
8:17 pm est 

We All Know !

The real sad fact is that we all know who is writing these
bad things about our fellow town citizens! Maybe we should all
confront her about why!
8:15 pm est 

Re: Grand Union

Signs posted around the GU say "due to store closing Dec.
1..."  So, I would assume that by Thanksgiving eve there will be two
aisles of canned goods, some powdered turkey gravy in a bin next to a
rack of newspapers advertising poultry bargains up at the Shaws in
Orleans. Hey, at least in the second week of December we will finally
have a grocery store that doesn't make us wince when we enter the
front door or want to scream when we leave.

7:46 pm est 

How Sad!

How sad that some on this blog think we enjoy reading lies
& putdowns of our fellow citizens.
7:38 pm est 

Enough With the Frick and Frat and Froggy-Lilly Crap!

why don't you put the same amount of energy into making ptown a
better place? i can tell you one of them spent part of her sunday
doing something really great for this town. you are a jerk and
whenever your time comes, your obit will be as insipid and
unimpressive as your postings.
7:01 pm est 

Re: Dear Webmaster

Webmaster Comment: Sorry for the delays....dui bu qi, dui bu qi!
6:57 pm est 

Dear WebMaster

I don't know if you have fans but you surely have blog addicts! They
are relentless. Work, work. Post, Post. They are unforgiving. They
give you no slack. Poor you.

And by the way, please post this soon!
6:53 pm est 

Don't Count on the GU for Thanksgiving

I thought you could count of getting what you needed at least for
Thanksgiving. However, there are so many areas now empty you have to
look elsewhere. Either they're cleaning a section and then they're
not replacing what once had been there until after they re-open. One
entire section of meats was totally empty.

So best look elsewhere until they re-open. For it's slim pickins for
now. Just an advance warning for all shoppers!
3:49 pm est 

Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath

Yeh, any further reports on Frogitude? I though like Maddow we were
going to get daily updates or at least Mondy through Friday Frogitude
reports. What about more insight please.
Splish, Splash
3:48 pm est 

Fisherman's Wharf is a Gem

It is not over-priced and the Cabral's do  eye-popping work on that
pier. I am always overwhelmed at the type of heavy contruction that
Vaughn is able to do and how he maintains the wharf. Few people could
do what he does at the price of his services. Surely MacMillan Pier
can't and they cost us and arm & a leg.

Also, the Cabral's followed the legal demands and submitted many
permits through the years. It is true that some in town have made it
almost impossible for Bobby and Vaughn to get approvals for what new
ideas they have. Some here are either extremely jealous or bear
incredible grudges. And I believe some on the old Harbor Committee
instigated massive state complaints against them. Being neither fair
or gentlemenly, a few of these harbor committee members made certain
the Provincia, the parking, the slips and moorings, including the eel
grass, would be brought to tight scrutiny by state and federal
agencies. Behind the scenes, they worked ferociously to undermine the

I love Fisherman's Pier and I'm glad it's not going to be transformed
into a Disneyland playground for the rich and almost famous. I'm
thrilled the deal fell through and look forward to next summer along
the pier.
3:47 pm est 

Re: Best Pizza

Slippery Fish must not swim out of town very often - Sweet Escapes
is great but it is in Truro not Wellfleet - directly across from
the Truro Central School.
3:09 pm est 

What's Happening?

I thought GU would be in buisness for another week.

Just went there to get Holiday DInner stuff---NO VEGGIES!

Now what?
3:07 pm est 

Where's MYPACC!

Has MYPACC died and gone to that big web site in the sky?
What's up? Over 24 hours without and info... I'm having withdrawal...
its cold outside and I want MYPACC Back...

Fiscal Freddy
3:05 pm est 

Let's Hope the Shellfish Grant Increases

So many people are enjoying clamming and when you think all this is
happening with a $2,500 grant, it's quite impressive. Thanks to the
Shellfish Committee and I hope they get more money. With the economy
as it is, more and more people are clamming. It will be a short
season at this rate with few clams left for January. Even doubling
their grant to $5,000 would guarantee enough clams for next year.
3:04 pm est 

Fire Truck & Town Hall

I wonder if the police report will state the blood alcohol
content of the driver of the fire truck on the morning of the

Concerning Town Hall: Phase one will take place, but when will we be
assured that the CPC money will go to town hall?
3:03 pm est 

Re: What Change?

Just by having someone WITH brains in the white house is
change enough for me!
3:02 pm est 

Re: What change? ......

"....Same ol' same ol' hiring same old faces that
are Washington insiders. . ."

Dang, why don't you give us a break?  You don't like anything or
anyone.  Do you see positives in anything?
3:01 pm est 


CW has forgotten about the needy blog hungry masses
out there again?  Dude, get an assistant!
2:59 pm est 

In My Opinion

Time to let out the secret of the absolute best pizza. 
Sweet Escapes Route 6 grease... fresh mozella.. home
made sauce with fresh, not dried die for!

Sippery Fish (the moon hit my eye. amore)
2:58 pm est 

I Think I Found the Answer to Free Cash Spending
You just wonder how they decided to spend the wonderfully named Free
Cash. In their wisdom-- that being our town "leaders"--they happen to
uncover or discover or archaeologically dig up $1.5 million.
Astounding, isn't it?

Now, here's the key to how our leaders decided to spend these Free
Cash bags of money. Helped and directed by the wisdom of the Finance
Committee, and with a little help from the Kitchen Cabinet (look
around they're everywhere, even on Finance) they sophisticately
applied the Fibonacci fractal techniques. And voila! It then became
clear to all how the Free Cash should be spent.

Just when you think they're bumbling along, no, not indeed. Sharon
and the BOS are actually applying sophisticated mathematical
arrangements to reach their financial conclusions. WOW! Amazing isn't
2:55 pm est 

Word on the GU

he GU is closing and now word is that Stop and Shop is
backing out of its deal due to the economy. Now, another reason to
appreciate current gas prices.
2:54 pm est 

School Regionalization

Someone mentioned that the selectmen are working on
regionializing our school. They are? That's a surprise to me. I hope
they are though. Nauset is an excellent school. When we toured the
school we were amazed at what they have to offer. It's like a college
campus. The students talked about how they love their school and we
went to different classrooms, talk to teachers, etc. We immediately
enrolled  happy to know our child would receive an excellent
education. PHS needs to close its doors and stop pretending that they
are in the education business. They are not, They are in the business
of keeping themselves employed.

That the truth.

2:52 pm est 

'Provincetown's Next Economy' Meeting

Speaking of positive changes and solutions hopefully many
of you will be able to attend the next meeting of 'Provincetown's
Next Economy' on December 9th at the Center for Coastal Studies. 
This group is working hard on both short term and long term goals to
build Provincetown's business community and additional input is
encouraged and welcomed.
2:51 pm est 

Fisherman's Wharf...

..has been on the market quietly for the 23 years I've lived here and
then openly for the past few. The whole time it has been over priced
and the owners have consistently disregarded civil authority (in a
highly regulated state owned tideland) further devaluing the asset.
The owner's approach to the process is why they have been unable to
develop and exploit the opportunity they sit upon.  Rules apply to
6th generation townies just as they do to the wash ashore. It is
regrettable that the deal fell through but we got rid of the ghost

A non-"native"
2:49 pm est 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Re: Looks Like Powerful Cabinet

What change? Same ol' same ol' hiring same old faces that are
Washington insiders and underhanded losers and second rate bums.
Change. What a line of crap that was. Of course there would be change
if he were to be elected. But then, change would have happened if
ANYONE were elected, right? Wake up. You just got sold the biggest
bottle of snake oil in history.
6:24 pm est 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Looks Like Powerful Cabinet

No, no, not here. But at the federal level with Barack Obama. Looks
like Timothy Geithner will be Treasury Secretary. Good to see
Geithner instead of Larry Sommers. That would have been troublesome
given Sommers' disastrous tenure as Harvard's President. Then
Richardson will be Commerce Secretary and Hilary will be  Secretary
of State.

Quite an impressive group of stars. Unlike Bush, Barack is selecting
individuals based on intelligence, experience as well as similarity
in thinking. Bush pick incomeptents who were simply loyalists and

I'm impressed at this cabinet of stars and Hilary will do a fabulous
job as Secretary of State.

Change has arrived!
7:16 pm est 

And Who Says You Don't Get Answers Here

Plenty of information on George's Pizza. You asked a question and
many came forward to answer. How nice!
7:14 pm est 

Re: George's Pizza

George's was seized by the Mass DOR for failure to pay
taxes in excess of 30 K. There was an article in the Banner a couple
weeks back. It's too bad, I used to love to roll into town and grab a
slice at George's. Hopefully, it will be sold, the taxes will be paid
and it will be back up and running.

Pizza Freak
5:26 pm est 

Cabral's Wharf is in Good Hands

I am sorry for the timing of this loss.  It must be hard to have lost
Yvonne.  It is regrettable that the Lagasse and Steve Karp planning
phase  went on for so long before fizzling out.

Recently I googled  Newburyport and C Lagasse and learned about what
has gone down in the deals made in that town.  Boston Magazine is
featured among many is an eyeopener.  Mr. Lagasse bought
at bargain prices many waterfront pieces over a series of years when
Newburyport was getting rather down and out.  He became a landlord to
many businesses and then switched to percentage shares instead of
flat rental rates.  If your business did well he took increasingly
larger rents and took more control of your businesses.  Many business
owners were forced out.

Sounds scary to me.  He got into arrears with the local bank there
and then sold out for $38 million to Mr. Steve Karp, a Forbes 500
billionaire developer of malls along the East Coast.

The magnitude of Mr. Karp's development recently can be googled at
White Elephant Hotel Residences.  This was a big project that was

I am glad that developers of this scale will not be taking over the
center of town during our economic downturn.

I hope that the Cabrals are encouraged to keep the Wharf for marine
related enterprise.  This is a world class harbor...and they have
provided handsome facilities for visiting boaters. 

Thank you Cabrals.
5:24 pm est 

The State Seized Geroge's Pizza

They owe around $43,000 of sales tax. They have a few weeks to
negotiate and pay these taxes and if they don't, the property and
assets will be auctioned.

If there is one area that you can't fool around with lies in sales
tax for restaurants and bars. If you collect the tax, you must send
it regularly to the state.

It's sad to see Geroge's Pizza closed. Sad to see it empty. There was
always a sense of some life with the residents coming in and out. Now
Commercial Street seems rather empty and forlorn. Perhaps a symbol of
Provincetown and things to come this winter.
5:20 pm est 

George's Pizza Answer

 From Wicked Provincetown website Nov 12th: Georges Pizza was closed
by the state department of revenue last week for non-payment of
taxes. DOR spokesman Bob Bliss said the restaurant/bar was seized by
the state over $43,409 in unpaid taxes dating back to 2005.
5:17 pm est 

Re: George's Pizza

Anybody got any news on Georges pizza?  Was it closed down
by the State of Mass?  The federal gov or town officials?  AND FOR
2:24 pm est 

Positive Solutions


"It's a sad group and our town will face a difficult future. You can
be one of Snow White's seven dwarfs but it won't change our present

You are certainly welcome to your opinion, but please don't get in
the way of those who want to bring positive solutions and change to
our great town.

Just stay at your computer and type away.
2:22 pm est 

Re: Regionalization of School System

Now one of the best investments in our future is
regionalizing our school system.
2:19 pm est 

The Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen Knew

      What IF the Town Government informed the public that the sale
of Fisherman's Wharf was not going to fly? Would the voters have made
a different decision concerning Town Hall renovations? They had
received e-mails prior to the Town Meeting. So much for public
disclosure! Pull out your checkbooks, they are the only fools whom
wish to pursue a major project at this time.I truly believe that the
voters were trying to do the best for the Town. They got hoodwinked.
2:17 pm est 

Sometimes This Blog is Just Plain Funny

I like the piece on Frogitude. It made me laugh. Plus it gave me
insight into the leap frogging of Sharon Lynn. I know I'm shifting
the frog images here but you are right. Sharon stood up to respond to
questions when directed by Michele Couture. You nailed this one and
now, if we open our eyes, we can literally see life in the Lily Pond
on town meeting tapes.
2:15 pm est 

Seashore Point Was the Wrong Solution

We gave away the land. We gave them money. We gave them the right to
build this montrosity that does not fit with the town historically.
Ask town people who would want to have rehab for their husbands,
mothers, friends and they will not find any available at Seashore
Point. You're put on a list that never gets the person needing rehab,

Few of the town people who worked at the old Manor are still there.
Seashore Point, or Abundant Life, brought in their own people, not
town people. And they never set up working relationship with Outer
Cape. That would have been helpful for Outer Cape Health. But no.
Seashore Point, a money-making organization geared to profit-making,
brings in its own staff, not town staff.

And some who have been there as a nursing home, just wanted to get
out of there. They have not been pleased.

Sounds like the wrong place for this town. Maybe that's why ten units
are still for sale and the second pahse is on hold. The wrong
decision once again, although it costs this town plenty of money and

Looks good on Keith Bergman's resume and he can claim success. We
surely can't.
2:14 pm est 

Influential? NOT!

This blog is as influential as a      in a whirlwind.

Whatever this blog is against,(ie: spending, Michelle C., schools..)
seems to be ignored by the majority of voters.

The three or four 'Negative Nellies' who are always complaining about
everything need to find another venue to vent their poison. Sorry
folks - you're full of it and it is obvious -  you hate Provincetown.
Take a hint from the theme song of the TV show M.A.S.H., -"suicide is
2:11 pm est 

Fresh Water and Lily Pads

I've been laughing so much that I've gotten "Frogitude" in my throat.
2:09 pm est 

To the Poster, Thursday 10:53 PM EST

      Point of clarification: I presented an  Article last April to
redistribute the CPA Funds to 10-10-10-70. At the Special Town
Meeting I spoke in favor of Article I. Although I did sign Ms.
Rushmore's Petition a couple of months ago, after a lot of thought, I
voted against it. I believe that 10-10-10-70 is the fair way to go. I
put the trust in the CPC to be fair and just in their recommendations
and the final decisions to be made by the voters at Town Meeting.
Only time will tell.

      As far as Ms. Rushmore is concerned, at least she gets off her
butt and puts forward creative ideas. Whether you agree with her or
not is your right, but at least she is doing more than you are with
your criticism's.

Astrid Berg

By the way, You forgot to sign your name.
12:53 pm est 

To the Usual Misinformation

Does your choice of headline indicate that what you say is the truth?
Poorly marketed as a tourist destination?

Where do the 30,000-50,000 people who line the streets during high
season come from?  Do they accidentally stop here on their way to
somewhere else?

Try asking the Chamber, the PBG and the VSB.

Slippery Fish (looking for a place to park the fishbowl)
12:51 pm est 

To the 'The Usual Flow of Misinformation'

Could you please explain why the wharf developers have also scaled
back developments in Newberryport and Nantucket?

It's so much easier to say Ptown Sucks and everyone 's incompetent
and has know idea what they're doing.  I have more faith in the town
leaders than I have in many years.  They've cleaned up the town's
books ridding us of the DOR eyes.  We've gotten rate reductions on
our sewer bills  They're pursuing regionalization efforts with our
neighbors.  And they're obviously working hard to find creative ways
to fund the restoration of our beloved Town Hall.

FYI.  Property values in Provincetown have decreased significantly
less than other parts of the Cape and the state for that matter. 
Provincetown IS a good investment.
12:50 pm est 

Look Forward?

You need thinkers for that. You need leaders for that. I don't see
either in our present BOS or, unfortunately, in our town manager. She
is nice person but not a leader. Sorry. wish she could act strongly and
lead this town to move forward. But the vested interest have her
captured. Serve on boards? Volunteer? Too many who servce on boards
are serving their own interests. A dash of realism would help here.

It's a sad group and our town will face a difficult future. You can
be one of Snow White's seven dwarfs but it won't change our present
12:48 pm est 

Rehab fishermen's Wharf

I say lets rehab fishermans whorf with some of the
communnity preservation money! Before                 kill the funds
that the town now gets! At the next town meeting in the spring, A&B
want to get rid of these state matching funds of the CPA, just so
they can save a few dollars on their tax bills. (like they need more).
12:46 pm est 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Re: Seashore Point

Who ever is putting Seashore Point down and that it was a
waste of money from the town must not know anyone living there or the
families who depend on the many good people who run the place. You
madame/sir are totaly wrong on that one.
10:55 pm est 

Re: Town Hall Renovation

No matter what townhall will cost us in the spring I for
one think its the best investment we could ever make for our future
thank you!
10:54 pm est 

Affordable Housing and Town Hall Rehabilitation

From the votes taken, it looks like the town wants
townhall & affordable housing to share some of the cpa funds! This is
a good sign that the community preservation committee has been doing
a good job after all! Spending all of the funds for townhall only, as
Astrid & Barbara wanted, was just plain dumb! We in Provincetown
still have a heart, even when times are tuff! Its better to be poor
with a heart than being rich without one! Provincetown ROCKS!
10:53 pm est 

The Usual Fow of Misinformation

The developers who proposed to develop the Wharf didn't go
bankrupt. I love how the gossip mill works.

The developers pulled out because given the economic state of
Provincetown, given the way that Provincetown is mismanaged, they
decided this location wasn't a good idea.

Like anyone else who has half a brain at this point, this town is no
longer a smart investment. Provincetown is probably the worst
investment someone could make.

Why do you ask?
1) Irresponsible fiscal patterns 2) Incompetant town government 3)
Ongoing scandals and embarrassments 4) Poorly marketed as a tourism

Perhaps it can convert back to being a fishing village? That's
profitable right? Wait, there's no more fish.
10:51 pm est 

Where There's Quackytitude, There's Frogitude

I like Rachel Maddow'Show and her daily analysis of George Bush's
Lame Duck Status. She calls it Quackytude. We have our own such
political analysis in Michele Couture. I call it Frogitude, after her
Lily Pond frog-decorated store.

What is Frogitude? It's the essence of her "power." Want to know when
Sharon Lynn gets up to speak at town meeting? Look closely at the PTV
tapes. Look closely at Michele Couture and the "look" she gives to
Sharon. It says;"Get up and answer that one." Then for another
question, Couture shakes her head in Lynn's direction, and gives her
another: "Get your-----up and answer that question too."

Want to see the strings that turn people into puppets? Want to see
the strings that makes Sharon Lynn get up and speak or sit down and
be silence? It's Frogitude, my dear.

Look closely at Town Meeting and you will see Frogitude in action.
9:26 pm est 

I Thought Bill Dougall Raised Key Questions

I was appreciative of all the questions that Bill Dougall raised at
town meeting. The questions of so-named free cash were quite
important. I did not see that he knew the answer to all these
questions but looked for clarification and for details about large
sums of monies that just appeared. I also found his request for
quaterly accounatbility important. I liked his persistence because I
learned much from the answers and even the non-answers where attempts
to circumvent the real response were given by town manager and town
treasurer. I also saw that free cash was more the results of past
mismanagement and perhaps even worse: shifting of monies and hidden
uses of the past administration.

So thanks Bill. I'm glad you got up to the mike and continually asked
great financial questions.
9:24 pm est 

For All Those Who Voted Enthusiastically Yes on Town Hall Renovations
See in the Spring when you are asked to spend another $6 million to
complete Phase II and then perhaps even more millions for Phase III.
This was a game being played and you feel for it. And if the economy
is so bad that SeaShore POInt--another town-sponsored give-away
disaster--is not completing Phase II and if Fisherman's PIer
development is not going to happen, perhaps it's because any large
project by rational individuals are being put on hold. Except here.
Let it rip and guess what--it will.

Look back to what we gave away for Seashore POInt and how much money
that involved from the town. Town Hall renovations will be similar.
Bad spending of our resources.
Oh, yes, just increase and increase taxes. Sounds like poor thinking.
But wait till Spring. See what your decision looks like then.
9:22 pm est 

Too Bad the Provincia Had to Leave

Wish this decision had come weeks back. Wish we had all known about
the deal being dead--and it is dead. The value of the pier has not
lessened 20% in the last six months. This price was much lower than
Fisherman's Wharf is worth and 6.5 million is still a good deal.

But I wish the Provincia could still be here and decorated for the
holidays. I loved seeing this barge against the town's horizon. Well,
at least, no one can blame the deal falling through because of the
presence of the Provincia. She can't be blamed!
9:20 pm est 

Glad to See that Fishermen's Wharf Will Stay the Same

I'm glad to see that the deal did fall through. I like it the way it
is: simple, rustic, and a working wharf. I had many misgivings about
the developer, given what he did in both Newberyport and Nantucket.

Maybe now the town will help the Cabral's with their own
plans--whatever they might be-- instead of giving them such

And it forces this town and the BOS to be realistic about tourists
and where this town is headed. They were creating fantasies. Maybe
reality will finally set in.
9:18 pm est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

Michael i'd love to see your attempt at somthing worth
listening to, but i'll settle for you just going away also
9:16 pm est 

Time to Move Forward

STM and the election are over.  Like or dislike the results
it's time to move forward.

Time for each of us to look to see what we can do to make our town a
better place for all of us.

Do you have time to volunteer?  Do you have time to sit on a Board or
a committee?  Can you get together with other townspeople or business
people and create a better environment in town?

We are Provincetown.  The future of our town depends on us.  Let's
all get more involved in our town.  Surely we all have a little spare
time this winter to work together and make our town a better place
for everyone.
9:15 pm est 

Dear Smart Money

What a negative post. And untrue.

Any sensible business person would renogotiate a purchase and sale
agreement with Cabrals given the current world economic situation. It
has nothing to do with Provincetown , at all. And you know it.

The value of Cabral's pier has probably fallen 15-20% in the last 6
months. Just like all real estate, country-wide.
Why would a smart business person over pay?

Common sense would dictate they would walk away now, and renegotiate
in the future.

How dare you blame the world-wide fiscal crisis on our selectmen.
What are you going to blame them for next?

Global Warming?

Take  a pill.
1:04 pm est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

I will also add my absolute disgust the Rogovsky still
thinks this blog is all about him.

Michael, you have developed an even bigger ego on this blog than you
had before you discovered it!

No one gives a hoot where you are or what you are doing!!

1:03 pm est 

To Smart Money

I hate to point this out but your conclusion is wrong.The reason the
developers pulled out of the pier purchase is because the national
economy is in complete disarray. The running of the town might have
been a minor factor but lets be a bit realistic, blaming the running
of this town and its current condition as the primary reason they
pulled out now is incorrect since they also pulled the plug on a
developement on Nantucket as well. (Note:Nantucket is a much better
run locality.) If the national economy was great they would still
have been interested in the purchase. If anything its a huge blow to
this community especially when the tourist dollar is so vital to our
survival. Hopefully some other developer(s) with some deep pockets
will take an interest.
1:01 pm est 

This Blog Must Nnly Have 5 or 10 Pople on it

The way you read it, EVERYONE, or ALMOST EVERYONE was voting NO
and NO yesterday. 
I see it was just the opposote.  I AM SO
12:59 pm est 

Both Questions on the Ballot Passed!!!!!

535 voters
Q1 - 367 voted yes
Q2 - 340 voted yes
12:56 pm est 

7:22am, no Results From Yesterday's Elections?

Hmmm, am I being 'manipulated' again.  Oh wait, I can only be
manipulated if I allow myself to be manipulated
12:55 pm est 

Fishermen's Pier

It's a shame about Fishermen's Pier - but I am sure that
the Cabrals will show their usual creativity and civic pride in their
endeavors -
12:53 pm est 

Re:Smart Money

The developers of Fisherman's Wharf did NOT "pull out"......they've
gone BANKRUPT themselves
12:52 pm est 


The vote on the first question was 379-155.
The second exclusion passed by a 340-192 margin.

And so it goes....
12:51 pm est 

Re: Fishermen's Wharf

I bet the prospective buyers of Fisherman's wharf backed
out of the deal so they could get the owners to lower the price and
then come back with an even lower price! Mark my words.
12:49 pm est 

Guranteed Failure!

If you want something to PASS at a town meeting, do not
bring it up on this blog. For it will surely FAIL!
12:48 pm est 

Well, Well!

Looks like its YES YES at the voting booths
yesterday! I'm glad that we voted for town hall. And I'm really glad
that again, the very same people who rant and rave over & over again
on this blog that we have to vote no, no to everything have lost yet
AGAIN! Now lets get back to work on getting townhall rebuilt,
affordable rentals built, more open space saved and Commercial Street
repaved before Mikey gets back!
12:46 pm est 

What's the Count?

Can anyone tell me what the result of the Vote was? I was
out of town.
12:44 pm est 

To Responsible Randy

How on earth do you think in this economy that voting YES is the
right thing to do?

Do you have bottomless pockets? I know I don't.

Intelligent Ivan
12:43 pm est 

STM Meeting

Just watched the meeting on PTV.  Wasn't Bill Dougal chair of the
Finance Committee a few years ago?  I can't believe he doesn't
understand what Free Cash is or what conservative revenue estimates
involve.  He went on and on grilling Ms Helelia on what is obviously
sound fiscal planning.  Sure looked like grandstanding to me.
12:41 pm est 

Dear Mr or Ms Disenfranchised

Today you wrote on our local blog:

The Finance Committee is a plutocratic committee and a Lynn-Couture
government is no different than a Bergman-Andrews government. Both
are dishonest.


Now, after 20 years of local, volunteer service I have grown a thick skin.

But, I am anything but dishonest. I stood in front of the town
meeting numerous times disagreeing with our town manager and
sometimes the Board of Selectmen. Often, the lone dissenting vote.
There was a reason i was not at the retirement party of the former TM.

Say what you will about the previous TM.  I bit my tongue. Because as
his employer, it was in the Town's best interest that i do so. And i
did always put the town first. He was here 15 years. I was chair only
3, and those were the three during which he was ushered out.

Dishonest?  Me?      Nonsense.

If you don't like me fine.
I probably don't like you either.

But slandering my good name for the fun of it?
You waste our time.

If you feel disenfranchised, get involved. We have 3 almost brand new
selectmen because so few people get involved. Most of the boards are
half empty, giving a number of self-serving individuals way too much

The old maxim is we get the government we deserve.
It mostly seems true.

Cheryl Andrews
12:40 pm est 

Cabrals Wharf

Too bad about the purchase. It certainly would have been a plus for
the town and region. On a positive note, the Provincia is gone and
that, though ever so small, is a plus in itself. Too bad all this bad
news came all at once for the Cabral family. Hopefully, a new
developer will come forward and the town will give them the same and
perhaps more help in making the deal come true.
12:37 pm est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

How dare you use this venue to promote your so called "art" work
(nothing short of pornography) at a NYC gallery.  Your rantings on
this site show just how self serving you are. . .we also don't care
about your personal thoughts of certain members of town.

* *

I appreciate Michael's input, don't always agree with him, but at
least he signs his name and has an opinion.

  . .We also don't care'... Don't you mean 'I', certainly you don't
think you speak for everyone do you?
12:35 pm est 

Fisherman's Wharf

I was wondering how long it would take someone to blame the town for
the failed sale of the wharf.  I should have put money on it.

And the town is no where near bankrupt.  The DOR report never even
mentioned anything about bankruptcy and I highly doubt they would
have removed us from their watchlist had we been in such dire
financial straits.

$47 million, though it seems like a lot of money, is not, compared to
the fact that our yearly income is close to $20 million.  Our assets
alone (land, artwork, buildings, etc) far exceeds our debt.  We would
all like to see our debt reduced, but it in no way puts this town in
a precarious financial position.
12:33 pm est 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

About Manipulation

I do feel quote manipulated as the Banner editorial
suggests this week. I am sure town officials don't care as they got
what they wanted. The Town Manager, BOS and the Finance Committee
railroaded us.

I can't help but think about the collective net worth
of those raising their hands on the front page of the Banner. The
Finance Committee is a plutocratic committee and a Lynn-Couture
government is no different than a Bergman-Andrews government. Both
are dishonest.

5:58 pm est 

I Just Voted - YES and YES.

  It's the responsible thing to do.

Responsible Randy
5:56 pm est 

Smart Money

Buyers of Fishermen's Wharf have pulled out. a smart
decision for them given how poorly this town is run.  Why didn t town
officials let us know before town meeting?

They see this town is heading for bankruptcy. smart investors do not
want to invest in Provincetown.
5:54 pm est 

Fisherman's Wharf

Just read the Banner on line. The offer has been taken back due to
the economics. The developers feel that this is not the time due to
the difficulty in obtaining the proper credit lines and loans. Sharon
Lynn was quoted in saying that she understood that the timing is not
good because of the economy.
     Then how can she say this is the right time to do Town Hall.
This is not a Major Project for this Town?

     The prospective buyers are smart and well established
businessmen. They are also stopping a development in Nantucket. They
know when to hold and when to fold.

     Shouldn't we learn from the Pros' and step back for awhile?

Vote No on questions one and two.
5:52 pm est 

Deal's Off!

Wicked Local is reporting this morning that the purchase
and redevelopment of fishermans wharf is off.  Apparently another
sign of the recession.
5:48 pm est 

To The Ever Verbose Michael Rogovsky

How dare you use this venue to promote your so called "art" work
(nothing short of pornography) at a NYC gallery.  Your rantings on
this site show just how self serving you are.  Who cares about your
ego and art.  I for one, wish you stay in NYC and leave us in peace
without your promotionalism...
we also don't care about your personal thoughts of certain members of town.
blah blah blah blah blah
5:46 pm est 

With a "NO" Vote on Ballots 1 & 2 What Happens?

If, at the town meeting, they voted to accept Town Hall
renovations for phase 1, at 2 million and also $500,000 to look at
bids and all for phase 2, then WHAT HAPPENS IF THE TOWN VOTES

In answer to your question, if the overrides do not pass in the
election today we are back at square one.  We have town staff moved
out of town hall and no funds are authorized for repair of town hall.
  Town hall will sit there empty with no work being done until we
vote at another time to approve funding.  Override votes must be
passed at both Town meeting AND at the ballot box.
5:45 pm est 

Put Your Long Johns on and Vote!

      It looks like it may be a long, cold winter. This is not the
time to approve the spending for Town Hall. Let's bring the issue
back in April when we will have a larger quorum and more time to
review the situation. Town Hall is not going to blow away in a

Vote NO on Questions I & II.

      Apparently the sale of Fisherman's Wharf has been withdrawn.
Although the developers have deep pockets, perhaps they feel that
this is not the time to invest in a major project.

Vote No on Questions I & II
5:41 pm est 

Let's Vote Today

In the privacy of the voting booth, there is the opportunity to slow
this runaway train which is our free spending town...
A no vote will bring this back in the spring to a bigger constituency
for a rethink on Phase 1 repairs.

A no vote on Question 2 will allow us to question the need for such a
large outlay for a project, interior repairs, which we have not
approved.  Why should repair of plumbing, wiring, fire suppression
need a half million dollar architect's plan?

Our job today is easy...Vote no and no.

43.9 million dollars in debt is already too much for a small seasonal village.
9:00 am est 

Re: Re: To Dear Just Your Thoughts.

Let's get the facts straight, Town Hall as an "EYESORE" is hardly an
ACCURATE description, maybe a Historic Icon in need of repair is a
better description.A Parking lot in the middle of commercial street?
Now that's an eyesore. A Tourist Center is a GREAT IDEA, I wish I
would have said that.(I think I did)Again let me say that keeping
Provincetown & Town Hall in it's famous and historic setting is why
Tourists flock to her year after year and any change in it's
appearance would have a negative effect on it's future.Hat's off to
the wise townfolk who are working so hard and volunteering their time
to preserve this image.

Just my thoughts
8:58 am est 

In reference to the posting Tuesday 9:29 pm est "10-10-10-70"

      I do not know if the poster meant to thank me or purposely
signed my name. For the record, I did not write that post. I always
sign off by using my first and last name.

      In the meantime, I wish to thank the voters for their
overwhelming support on Article I.

Astrid Berg
8:56 am est 

Re: CPA Funds

Looks like the town didn't like any of barbara rushmores
tax saving ideas last night. And for all of her ranting and raving on
TV & in the Banner about how she was so upset how the CPC had too
much power and did not reflect what the will of the town wanted,
ie.(all CPA money to rebuild townhall) Well, the town has voted Not
to give all CPA funds to historic! I guess the over 1 hundred people
who signed her petition, only signed it to send the message to the
CPC that they were happy with the 80% going to affordable rental
housing next year!
8:54 am est 

Re: Open Space

I agree! Now that Open Space will be funded again with CPA
funds, lets make sure we buy up all remaining land with said funds,
to protect the land from development.
11:55 pm est 

The Way it is

Second home owners can not complain about how the town is
run if they do not vote here!

Thats just the way it is!
11:54 pm est 

Wednesday is Vote Day

Let's see what happens. Town hall renovationsa are still to be decided
by town vote. I still believe Phase I and also and including PhaseII
should be considered at the Spring Town meeting.

Why should only around 150 people make this decision? That's how
many of us were there last night. Why do you think they hold this
meeting in mid-November? Ah, democracy has its ways, doesn't it?

On Wendesday, let more tax payers speak. Let's see where we are in
the Spring and until then let life in the Katrina trailers rip, roar
and rattle.
11:52 pm est 

Free Cash and the Operating Budget

If free cash can't be used for an operating budget what is
this motion?

Article 10.  Use of Free Cash to Fund FY2009 Budget To see if the
Town will vote to transfer from free cash the sum or sums to fund the
operating budget of the Town for the fiscal year beginning July
first, two thousand and eight, or take any other action relative

David Bedard moved that the Town vote to transfer the sum of $592,089
from Free Cash to fund the operating budget of the Town for the
fiscal year beginning July 1, 2008. Motion Passed.
11:48 pm est 

Re: Free Cash

The free cash to fund the new stabilization fund should be
directed toward town hall.
we can then take out less debt.
are we going to have any say where that money goes?
11:46 pm est 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Don't Get it?

Can someone explain?

If, at the town meeting, they voted to accept Town Hall renovations
for phase 1, at 2 million and also $500,000 to look at bids and all

9:36 pm est 

Re: Town Meeting, Voting in Town

There are very good reasons why some of us second home owners are not
registered to vote in Provincetown yet are registered at our primary
residence(s). Each one of us in this predicament must weigh those
pros and cons, and some decisions are strictly made on the basis of

I had suggested on several occasions the formation of a Provincetown
Non Resident Tax Payers Association, similar to the the organization in
Truro but to be honest received little or no interest. I put that
offer out there once again.

E. Michael Richards
9:33 pm est 

Re: Approval of Room Tax

I think most residents at the meeting last night(other than realtors)
realized that the condo tax was not a tax on the owners, but on those
renting the condos.  And that it is only fair that all short-term
rentals (less than 91 days) should be taxed equally - apply the tax
to all short term rentals or don't apply them to any.

The tax would be 9.7%, the same as paid by hotels and guest houses.

I thought the discussion last night was pretty clear.
9:31 pm est 

10-10-10 and 70

I'm glad that we returned the cpa funds back to the 10%
housing 10% historic and 10% land bank and 70% to go to any of the
three! Now we can again use these funds for buying more open space so
the developers can't build on them!

9:29 pm est 

Re: Town Hall

Town Hall is the heart beat of the whole town and that
includes the tourist trade.
9:26 pm est 

Re: Free Cash

Free cash can Not be used as operating budget funds! This
is because - that free cash can only be used for a one time only
purchase. Wages can Not be funded with a one time only EXTRA free
cash monies.
9:25 pm est 

Re: Condo Rental Tax

The condo rental tax gets collected just like when taxes
are collected for hotel/motel, guest houses etc. The town will not
need any extra staff for this because it would be the state that
would be collecting it. And further more, the tax would only be
collected if you rent out your condo for LESS than 91 days! So if you
are a second home owner and do not rent out your condo for under 91
days you do NOT get taxed.  It is the right thing to do!
9:23 pm est 

Re: Town Meeting
Last nights Town Meeting was well attended for a Monday
night in late fall. However, what is absolutely clear is that any
second home owner that does not vote here and attend these meetings
needs to rethink "why". You  are being taxed and taxed and use very
little if any of the few services that Provincetown provides and by
not having a voice you have no say.

Last night, before a vote was taken , the assumption was the tax on
condo rentals would be approved. Then when the article came up it was
pushed through and discussion was cut off prematurely. There was no
discussion of how much the tax would be, how it would be collected
and how it would be used. I for one would be greatly opposed to
hiring another person for town government, particularly as we learned
last night the town has a debt of some $43,000,000(43 million
dollars) before the Town hall renovation is even begun.
3:51 pm est 

My Observations From Town Meeting:

Free Cash - I don't completely understand free cash and I'm not an
expert on municipal financing.  Not many people understood free cash
from what I could see so town management needs to continue to educate
us on the concept.  It sounded like the free cash articles were
cleaning up past messes and that's good.  If we have future free
cash, it would make me wonder why trash pickup needs to be an
override when we are generating free cash.

The agenda item for free cash covered past mistakes and shortfalls
with little questioning about why the mistakes and shortfalls were
there in the first place.  In the future I think we will need to have
a better explanation of those items and why they happened.  We also
used free cash to fund this year's operating budget.  I am for raises
for town employees, but to fund them in this somewhat backhanded
manner when the town voted no on them seems a little underhanded.

And as a side note.
Irene did a fantastic job as moderator.
3:48 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck

It appears that they've nailed the 21 year old firefighter
who wrecked the ladder truck from what I just read on The Banner
website with several "citations". I sure hope they make him make up
the difference on what insurance will be paying for and what our
costs will be to replace the truck.  The fire chief still hasn't
spoken to reporters. I'm so proud! How unprofessional and how
3:35 pm est 

Dear "Just Your Thouhts"

You're absolutely right, Provincetown is funded by Tourism income.

Unfortunately, that's where your accuracy ends. Provincetown's
dinosaur Town Hall has no impact on the tourism industry. In fact, if
offered nothing more then a toilet and somewhat of an eyesoar on
Commercial Street.

Some much needed green space, a park perhaps, much needed parking or
visitor complex would beneift tourism. This would add value.

We don't have the money to fix it. We don't have the money to
maintain it. The town screwed up years ago when things should have
been fixed.
3:32 pm est 

Great Meeting!

Kudos to Astrid, who mentioned how she had proposed article
one last year, and who is now vindicated and to Barbara and Chris
Snow for speaking so eloquently about article one which passed
exceedingly! Mr. Chris Snow swept me away with his eloquence. I wish
that I could speak like he did--I'm a terrible public speaker. I'm
told that I come off angry on TV.

Kudos to Clarence and Marcene for speaking up and to Jonathon Sinaiko
who took the words right out of my mouth.

I was going to get up and speak about article one, but the moderator
had a list of people, so I just sat still.

What I do plan to do is to write letters and keep the fires burning
so CPA monies continue to go to pay for town hall. I wish that the
folks who work for Mr. Ted Malone were more honest and stop talking
about the poor in Provincetown who will find housing under the
auspices of Community development housing--it is just a rental office
for Ted Malone.

I'm gearing up now for the Spring town meeting and I'm very intrigued
with what Astrid had to say about going under 3%. I will call her and
get the details and help to write any necessary letters.

I would also like Mr. Dwayne Raymond to know that I'd love to invite
him to have a coffee (or something stronger such as an adult beverage
of his choice) when I return to Provincetown and to chat with him.

To all who blog here, this was a wonderful town meeting up until I
left at 8pm. I so wanted article one to pass and to have the tax
payers get a reprieve, especially when we learned that we are
$43,000,000 in debt and the town would be bankrupt if this debt was
ever called in.
Happy Trails,

Michael Rogovsky
3:31 pm est 

Hey Dwayne,

I'm going to Az for Thaksgiving, but I'll be back in provincetown
Dec. 4th. I'm postponing going to New York today,Monday, so I can
vote on the important articles at our special town meeting.

I wish that I could be here to vote on Tuesday as well.

I hope that article one passes. I expect that I'll be reading
interesting postings from lots of folks.
Best wishes,
Michael Rogovsky
3:27 pm est 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Dwayne

Good for you to challenge the folks who write here to write in
another vein. For myself, I'm going to town meeting tonight, but
tomorrow I'm going to New York because I have a painting in an
exhibit that is opening at the leslie-lohman gay art foundation, 26
Wooster St, NY. and then I'm leaving for Tucson Az.  That is why I
went to town hall/Jerome St. to cast my absentee ballot today.

I'm only telling you all of this so that you understand why you won't
be hearing from me.

Of course, reading your challenge reminded me of being brought here
for the first time by my college sweetheart, Mark, when I was 20
years old. Seeing Herring cove for the first time was an epiphany and
my only thought was if we could ever live here. Five years later we
bought our house here...And four days ago we celebrated our 38th
anniversary of being together.

Michael Rogovsky
2:37 pm est 

Let's Get Out the Vote!

Just as Obama mobilized the voters, we must get our voices heard.  
No votes won't count if we don't get to the meeting.

It is not the time for piece meal solutions to our budget crises. 
The state of town hall is not a crisis.  It was a manufactured crisis
set up for us by our consultants.

As we look at the Banner there is a long list of properties that
might be taken for nonpayment of taxes as soon as December.  Let's
not shoulder any more proposition 2 1/2 overrides.  These persist and
are not the way to reach a balanced budget.

As we meet in Veterans Memorial School tonight, I will envision it
our next town hall..High ground.  Not in the flood plains.   All on
one floor.  Recently remodeled to code.  Sounds like a win win to me.
  And the little students could readily find a home at the high
school, when our 7 -12 grades go to Nauset.
2:35 pm est 

Passion and Anger are to Different Things

Being passionate about something isn't the same as being
angry. One can be vocal and yet remain civil at the same time.

There are issues that get people excited: spending millions on a town
hall to toally renovate it in phase one and phase 2 as we enter a
major recession or pay a fraction of that with funds from the CPA
funds to shore up the building and then move the staff back into it.

Remember, this is just one of the costly issues facing the town: there is
the annual budget, the school budget and the unknown monetary issues
that await us in the annual town meeting..and the budgets next year
and every year after.

Tonight we vote on the articles for phase one. The verdict awaits.
2:32 pm est 

You Will be Lied to Tonight and Intentionally Confused

But, its really quite simple. If you agree that we must
structurally repair town hall, and get our employees back inside as
soon as possible............then there is only one real question left.

Do we pay for it with money already coming in?

Or do we pay for it with NEW TAXES?

It's as simple as that.

If you want the Selectmen to use money we already have coming in or
have in hand , vote "NO"  on wednesday.

And vote "yes", on either 1 or 17 tonight.

They will get the message, because they will have no other choice.

Thats what I'm doing.

See you all there.
2:28 pm est 

Regarding the Town Hall Renovation:

First let me say that the mainstay of Provincetown is TOURISM and
the Towns biggest success in that department has been that it has 
remained the quaint eclectic destination that has remained the same
in this never ending changing world.

And a big part of that charm is the physical look and
characteristics that it has maintained,including the iconic TOWN
HALL.So what can be done to keep it that way.

#1.Don't tear it down.

#2 Make it a central part of the tourists destination,perhaps an all
inclusive Information center,the first floor being used as a Chamber
of Commerce,perhaps charging businesses $50 and having their products
and services displayed on a computer for tourists to use and perhaps
brochures to be acquired.

The present day use of town hall can be moved to a less Prime Location
and the first floor could have a small museum and other uses that a
tourist would benefit from.

Just my thoughts.
8:56 am est 

I Don't Want Town Rehab I Won't Go,Go,Go

Vote for Article ONE and vote NO NO NO......for the Town Hall. Let's
wait until the April Town Meeting. Do you know how much money is
available for FY2010? I don't!

Let's wait until April.
8:50 am est 

I'll be Voting Yes on Phase I

It's not going to get cheaper and the condition of town hall is
not going to get better.

Responsible Randy
8:48 am est 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vote NO, NO, NO, NO, NO,NO,NO, NO, NO!!

Did you hear me loud and clear... VOTE NO!
9:37 pm est 

No - No - No ......!

We just cant afford to repair town hall.
It has stood for a long time and won't fall down if we don't fix it
for two years. Let's all be level headed about this and wait. Let's
wait to see how what are financial picture is in a few years. Let's
think how the US and World economy got into the financial mess we are
in??? We overspent and spent money that we did not have - We lived
beyond our means. Too much credit was given to those that didn't
qualify. Thats what town government is asking us to do,spend money
that we don't have.  Everyone needs to step back, stop and think and
make the right decision. We can not afford it and everyone, even
elected officials need to start living within their means. Holding
off for two years is not going to kill us. Let's wait until the dust
settles. What's the hurry? If we keep spending money that we don't
have, the recession will never turn around. Vote NO for rennovations
to town hall.

Fiscal Freddy
9:36 pm est 

Dear Michael Rogovsky

Thanks for the nice words. My intent (and only intent) about posting
here was to offer slices of thought; sweet treats to act as ending to
the full meal of the blog.  I do not, however, want to be the only
writer who posts in the Special Edition section. It is my wish, and
the wish of Those Who Post The Stuff that other folks contribute
their artistic, heartfelt or whimsical writings here also....Not just
the easy crank and whine that permeates Shout Out.

To that point Im making an assignment for everyone who reads this
blog: As angry as you may be about what is around you right now in
the way of financial troubles and personal irritations, I ask that
you do a 180.

Stop. Turn your thinking allllllllll the way around...

Now, what the heck is GOOD about living here? What is it that makes
you fight to make it better? What kicked you awake in your past life
that brought you to this ramshackle peninsula? (or kept you here
since birth.) What has kept you here through the misfortunes and
glories that we all endure in those ignored, quiet moments?  Honor it
by writing it and offering just a bit of that good gristle in you to
your neighbors. Youll be surprised how cathartic it is.

So, again, thank you Michael for reading my essays---and all else who
read them but chose to remain quiet. Know that I don't write here
to stand out somehow.  I write and post here to, hopefully, give
readers a break.  Join me; let other readers know what's good about
Ptown, your thoughts and your lives. You don't have to sign your
name---although it does feel nice to do it when you're sure the
writing is not volatile or rampant with sting and woe.

So write away, send it to the Contact Us place over there on the Left
Side of This Page.

Lets see what we have in one week.  And for those of you who are too
tough or too cynical to contribute then this closing line is for you:
I Dare YOU!

Best to all of you out there,

9:33 pm est 

Here We go Again!

Will the Selectmen be able to pull
another fast one if we vote no on phase 1,  can they roll out $1.6M
in overides?

Even though I voted to give town employees a raise which did not
pass, I am still reeling that the TM and Selectmen did it anyway. 
In this climate how many people do you know that are scheduled to
get 9 percent in payraises the next couple of years plus have only a
four day work week?
9:25 pm est 

Get Off Our Sand Bar!

? let the families of the students in ptown school pay the
whole way? is that what you actually have the nerve to suggest,
please get off our sand bar you       , I am so amused whenever I
come across a soul that was acccepted by a town witch could very well
have rejected them like anywhere else and then spews such nonsense   
    yup never a dull moment
9:22 pm est 

The Town Ballot Questions and Debt Exclusion

Here is what we will be voting on Wednesday. There are only two
ballot questions and they both pertain to town hall renovations. Call
it Phase I and Phase II or call it town hall renovations period. In
truth, it's all the same.

Questions 1: "Shall the Town of Provincetown be allowed to exempt
from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so called, the
amounts required to pay for the bond issued in order to fund Phase I
construction costs to repair the structural integrity of the Town
Hall, including structural repair of the roof and comprehensive
exterior damage at Town Hall, and including all costs incidental and
related thereto?"

This is a request for Debt Exclusion. What is that? "A city or town
can assess taxes in excess of its levy limit for payment of certain
capital projects and for specified debt service costs. An exclusion
for the pupose of raising funds for debt service costs is referred to
as Debt Exclusion and is in effect for the life of the debt."

This is a request to assess taxes in excess of our levy limit and for
all of us who are taxpayers to pay this excess tax for the next ten
years or even twenty years. Each year we will be assessed even higher
taxes to pay for Phase I and we are asked to do the same for Phase
II. Each year, in addition to all our other taxes and to probably
Overrides in the spring and even more tax raises, we will be paying
even more taxes for this renovation.

And the real costs? We are being given "numbers" that will encourage
each of us to vote on this project when the real truth and the real
costs--which you will see if they open up Town Hall--will be millions
and millions more.

Vote NO. Phase I can wait. How much can you continue to afford, how
many excess taxes can you take? You still have last year's Overrides
and tax costs and now you will have this fall's Debt Exclusion taxes
and you will have the Overrides that surely will come in the spring.
Be prepared to have thrash be an Override again. And you're already
paying more taxes for thrash now! and you'll be paying again as an
Override in the spring.

Enough taxes. We refused the British and refused the tea tax. We
should now refuse the Town Hall tax. It is unfair. It is excessive.
It is not needed at this very moment.

Let's refuse to be taxed and taxed again. We don't need the Town Hall Tax!
5:32 pm est 

To: "Why Don't You Sign Your Own Name"

    Hello, Kettle? This is know the rest!  I am not the
person who you chose to attack, but I would not want to sign my
name and get covered in the ridiculous-but-still-nasty spew posters
like you generate on this site. 

Why do you not lead by example and sign your own name when
having the gall to attack others for the same omission?
4:04 pm est 

To: The Person That Said

......I think they're doing a fine job and I fully support

WHY DON'T YOU SIGN YOUR NAME?  Is it that hard in this town to say
who you are if your so supportive?  Or are you one of the BOS or
Sharon's Assistance or Sharon herself?
2:56 pm est 

Would You Like to Play a Game?

Perhaps if Malone doesn't get his CPA funding,  people in
his organization, like conflict of interest poster boy AJ Alon, would
lose his job?

Let's play hardball!
12:00 pm est 

Hey Dwayne!..

I'm reading your piece about the
mormons... and a sweet one about Norman. Awaiting your next topic.
Keep it real (people coming to Provincetown to get laid) we end
mates weekend : )

best wishes,

Michael Rogovsky
11:57 am est 

Citigroup Cuts 40,000 Jobs

That's just in. That's the newest job loss. Think the economy is
great and Provincetown will do well? Think again.
11:55 am est 

Affordable Rentals for What Workers?

With restaurants failing one after another here in Provincetown and
guests houses having difficulties and retail down and out, what
workers will be hired, my dear? What workers need summer rentals who
already don't have them? Time to look at the lack of jobs, the
growing unemployment, fewer tourists having the money to travel
here.This summer international travelers will be fewer as Germans go
into recession, the British face their problems as well as the
French. The train has left the station.

I fear your head is on backwards and you're only stuck looking to the
past. Those days are long gone.
11:54 am est 

Stop the Hemorrhaging!

Tomorrow we will be taking the first steps in millions of
dollars of debt service. Plus millions in the spring for the schools
and tens of millions in the town budget and other expenditures which
haven't come to light.

I like how people divide a bill up and say,"this is only $40 on your
tax bill." If so, why are my taxes thousands of dollars?

ATTENTION: No one pays as much money in taxes and fees as the 600
plus people connected to the waste water treatment plant. People
working in the private sector don't get benefits and retirement plans.

What is the retirement plan for the people who work at Bubulas,
waydowntown,the patio,the shops at whaler's wharf,the fast food
places, the pizza places,Roots,forbidden fruit, the Bradford..and
look at the water dept. the DPW salaries and benefits etc etc.

Let the families of the Provincetown students in the schools pay for
the school.

Go back ten years and look at your tax bill and look at it now. Go
back and look at the tax bill of people who bought affordable housing
units ten years ago and look at them now. (That is if they didn't
sell them at market rate and make a fortune).

You will see how much you pay in taxes--and now they want to create
over 200 affordable rental units where by people on housing vouchers
pay only one third of what they earn a month for rent--the rest comes
from the collective taxes of all of the citizens of the USA.

Just an observation.
11:52 am est 

If the Town Cannot Get a Bond Until 2010

      then why even vote for Phase I? That makes no sense. And we
don't even know if the town will be able to get a bond then and what
the rate will be. Put this off, both Phase I and Phase II, until the
spring. Then reassess--or truly assess, what our financial situation
is then. Would you really rebuild such a building when on the edge of
a depression?

      Open your eyes dear residents. America and the world itself is
facing an unprecedented financial disaster with high unemployment,
credit crunches and business failures. Wake up.

      Town Hall cannot be our priority. Limiting our spending,
cutting our budget, given the state's cuts and further and steepr
ones to come in 2010. If we lose local aid, which is a possibility,
you will see and experience unprecedented pain with no way to pay for
our FY2010 department budgets.

     That's our priority, not this old building that will stand for
years to come. It was a ruse, a joke on us that it will fall apart
this December if they did not get out.

      Please, how stupid do they think you and I are? I hope we don't
prove them true.
11:46 am est 

Things to Come

There are going to be more capital expenditures in the 2010
budget that voteres aren't aware of yet. They are scheduled to be
brought to light before the end of the year. It will be another
expense that could have been prevented had the Town been properly
managing them.
8:56 am est 

Now You See it, Now You Don't!

People in this town are losing their homes, their
businesses. This will come to light in the weeks ahead.

How can the finance committee even recommend phase two of town hall
now that we are in this dire economic state? In 1929, millionaires
left England on luxury liners and when they arrived in New York, they
were penniless.

Now, we are seeing banks failing; credit is frozen; unemployment is
rampant. It is as though someone has flipped a switch on the economy
over night.

We need the finance committee to make an announcement that the world
economy has changed in front of our eyes and now we must totally
rethink the financial jeopardy we would be entering into if we go
ahead with this town hall project.

We may do phase one, but put a hold on phase two. And article one must pass.
8:55 am est 

Re: Mormon (LDS) Article in Special Edition

...Even though he is writing about the Mormons and not LSD, it is a
good article and worth the read. Maybe soon you'll write about LSD?

Perhaps. God knows I may need to pop a tab or two in order to suffer
through all the craziness of these times.  (I doubt I'm alone in that

Thanks for reading the posts.  I was beginning to wonder if anyone
ever clicked to that page and read anything. Now I know at least one
person does.

Dwayne Raymond
8:53 am est 

Can You See the Reality?

I'm pondering my tax bill that is already over
$5,000.00--and my $13.00 an hour job. The town wants $1,500,000.00
for phase one, $8,000,000 for phase two of Town Hall. In the spring,
the school will get almost $4,000,000 of our money and the town
budget will be what?....$30,000,000?

I think about my neighbors on their fixed incomes; my co workers who
have owned their homes for years and who earn a working man's salary
but see their home worth a rich man's price.

They want want to live here but have a sky high evaluation, and are
raising kids and already working multiple jobs.

No one in town hall is trying to lessen their financial burden or
help them stay in their homes and that is because they have been so
focused on the developers of affordable housing who are getting rich
selling homes at market value while selling a small portion to the
needy who have yet to move here.

Do you see what is wrong with this picture?
8:51 am est 

Re: Fire Truck
It was last week that the fire truck turned over. I drove
from Conwell St. to Snail Rd.

I surmise that the driver of the fire truck was distracted and
somehow missed the "yield" turn onto snail road and then tried to
make the sharp right turn.

He must have forgot that he was driving a fire truck to think that he
could make that sharp right turn. What was his blood alcohol content?
8:49 am est 

Re: Indefinitely Postpone Article 1

At town meeting, pass article one. When it comes time to
vote to repair Town Hall, then someone needs to stand and that they
wish to indefinitely postpone this article. Then we bring it up in
the spring if the economic situation is stable. Post pone it for six
months or a year.
8:47 am est 

Re: Nancy Reagan

Who will pay to build these affordable summer rentals for
workers? i don't believe you can get any money from the state or feds.

and let's just leave nancy reagan out of this.
8:46 am est 

I Like the Idea

I would like to see what the BOS say if indeed, any costs over 1 ½
million for our town hall phase one renovations came directly out of
their pockets.  That would certainly tell me if they feel the
estimate is a true estimate.  Or how about asking Sharon to pony up a
few bucks from her salary?  Say, $1 dollar for every dollar that is
over the estimate?  That would give us another $100,000 plus to play
with.  I bet she would not go for that either.   For most of the
posts here that say the BOS and Town manager are playing games with
8:44 am est 


The sky isn't falling.  It looks like the town will be asking for a
debt exclusion for around $1 million for phase one of the Town Hall. 
My calculations say if they borrow that over 5 years it will add
about $35 to the average condo for the first year and decrease over
the five years.  If borrowed over 20 years (which would be stupid for
such a small amount) it would be around $12 for the first year.  This
isn't going to bankrupt anyone.  Vote yes on phase one.

And vote to change the funding allocation for the CPC.  There is
still a fund balance of almost $2 million designated for affordable
housing.  Not sure how to do the calculations, but that looks like a
huge amount of borrowing capacity.  That's more than enough to
appease even the staunchest housing advocates.  Change the funding.

And I have faith in the Town Manager and the BOS.  I think they're
doing a fine job and I fully support them.
8:43 am est 

I Did Think it was Marriage, Possibilities and LSD

I was wondering what all three had in common but now I realize Dwayne
is dealing with the Mormon Church or LDS. I hadn't seen references to
LSD for a few years and thought: this could be quite interesting.

Even though he is writing about the Mormons and not LSD, it is a good
article and worth the read. Maybe soon you'll write about LSD.
11:49 pm est 

Who's Drinking the Kool Aid?

Who would advocate for extreme spending during tough economic
realities? Who would go forward with projects that could bankrupt a
town? Are people here only looking back to when life was good, easy
and money flowed? It is not now. For those advocating huge spending
by town taxpayers for town hall, they have to be caught in a time
warp. Or they're drinking the Kool Aid and, even worse, they want us
to drink the Kool Aid too. Don't do it. Don't even start to take a
sip. It's deadly and will sicken this town for a long time.
11:35 pm est 

Bring Back Nancy Regan: Just Say NO!

As to spending and spending more, this is not the Millenium. This is
not a time of grand optimism with a peace dividend. It is a time of
recession and perhaps even worse. It is a time of deficits and of
little extra change for many people and that includes residents and
long-term taxpayers of this town.

It is not the time to begin a large-scale municipal projects like
trying to repair this old town building. It will take much more money
thatn the BOS says it needs and even more than they think. They are
confused and they should not confuse us.

It seems that the Board of Selectmen and that surely includes
particularly Michelle Couture and Elaine Anderson believe that
nothing is as important as affordable housing. We know Couture needs
affordable housing but that is beyond the point. They are stuck in
another time when we had few places designated as affordable housing.
Those days are behind us. It is time to look to the future and it is
a dire one.

Stop any action on town hall for now. Put this questionable financial
project on hold until at least the spring. Why are we being rushed
into this? Why are they creating a town meeting that is actually
unnecessary at this time. No town in their right mind would even
consider going forward with such a high costing project at this time.
So why are we?

Just say No.
11:34 pm est 

Instead of Building Affordable Housing..............

Let's build affordable rental units that can be used by people who
come to town to work in the summer time. You could build one, two
and three bedroom units and rent them out at below market prices.

We do not need any more year round affordable housing as there is
no one here year round anymore. There are no jobs year round. Let's
look at supporting our summer workers who bring most of the revenue
into the town. You could rent them out from April 1 - Nov. 1 and then shut
them down for the winter or use them as a place for the homeless to

Jack Sprat
11:31 pm est 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Absentee Ballot

Get one, it works!

My partner and I voted via absentee ballot last election. We voted
"No" on a couple of overrides. As you may recall, some were defeated by
1 vote. Had we not cast our vote they would have passed. Boy did I
feel good when I saw that!

Your vote does count, trust me!
5:40 pm est 

To - Who Qualifies?

OK, let me get this straight - so we want people to move to town and
be able to afford housing. But, not so fast - sure we have affordable
housing, but you;re new here we don't want to give it to you. Oh yea,
and we built afforable housing earlier this year, but alas, no one
wanted to buy it so we had to try to look for people oout of town to
buy it.

What's wrong with you people? Talk about a bunch of nuts!

I think we have enough affordable houses built in town. From the lack
of interest there are not many more buyers interested. it's clear we
do need more afforable rentals, and we do have some in the pipeline
along Shankpainter.  But before we build a bunch more why not explore
our options again.

- Would we be better served by providing some subsidies to people to
rent market rate housing rather than build some giant low income
complex (guess what, that happened in the 60s and it doesn't work).

Stop letting the low income housing builders steer the ship! Let take
control back, and I say it starts with wrangling control back of the
CPC monies.

And Barbara Rushmore, she's sweet, but I don't want her wrestling my
hard earned money away to give to people who will mis-appropriate it.
5:38 pm est 

"Brother Can You Spare a Dime!"

They're Adjusting the Bids to Reflecft the Disatisfaction
with Town Hall repairs

Before it was $2 million plus $500,000 for Phase I and then Phase II
for $350,000 for, yes, interior design! Are you kidding us Sharon?
Interior design when we have already spent $72,000 for Billy Rogers'
interior design of Town Hall? And now more such studies?

Be fully aware that the numbers keep changing and I consider these
figures a ruse. Give them a number they will accept to start the
project, you can hear Sharon whisper, and then much later give them
the real truth. "Oh, look what we found. We opened the building and
we now need so much more. Probably another $1.5 million to shore it
up." You can bet that the BOS will ask for that additional amount of
money at the Spring Town Meeting. I assure you that they will feel
pretty smug if we are stupid enough to vote yes on starting phase I.
Predict new numbers in the spring after Sharon and the BOS have their
hands on our monies.

This is a huge structural project and it should not be started during
this terrible economic recession. The town would be foolish to begin
renovations when what is really falling down is not town hall--it is
our economy and our livelihoods.

"Brother can you spare a dime!"
11:38 am est 

Town Hall Can be Repaired with Public/Private Fund Raisers?

Have you been baking cookies and selling them at school functions for
too long? Will bake sales and /or $1000 a table fund raisers work to
repair town hall? And you want the money for affordable housing?
Well, let's do bake sales and the money raised from these go to
affordable housing. That would make more sense!

Forget the cookies and cakes. Forget the dances and fish fries. Let
town hall stand tall as a historic icon for the next two years. When
the economic dust settles--and we all know what the FY 2010 and FY
2011 budgets look like-- then we, as voters and tax payers, can make
a rational and fiscally-informed decision.

Today we can't. We have no idea what budget items will be  placed in
the FY2010 budget. Even the need for a new fire truck could cost us
an extra $900,000--a more realistic figure than those believing it's
only $300,000. Again, today we are voting in the dark. This is not
the way to vote on large projects like town hall renovations.
11:34 am est 

Re: Absentee Ballot

You can vote absentee for the ballot questions. I did
because I won't be there. You must have your absentee ballot back to
the Town by the 19th.

Call the Town Clerk's office. They're very helpful with the absentee process.
11:32 am est 

Re: Absentee Ballots:

Go to Jerome St. parking lot, up the ramp and into the trailers and
walk all of the way to the end to the clerk's office and get an
absentee ballot for Wednesay ballot vote.
That is what I'm doing.
11:30 am est 

Who Authorized............

..........that the town governement could unilaterally
rent the trailers, etc. to move town hall to Jerome St. Parking lot
and then have the special town meeting? Town meeting should have come
first, then we could have postponed the move until the economy
9:18 am est 

Everyone Qualifies!

After last year's town meeting Ms. Pam Parmakian was
talking with me and then some other women came over and when I said
that affordable housing was supposed to be for residents who were
displaced by condo conversions and the relatives of town residents I
was told this, to my face, by one of the women,"The second that
someone comes to Provincetown,if they qualify financially, they are
eligible for affordable housing."

Michael Rogovsky
9:16 am est 

Is There Absentee Voting?

I also can't make it for the town hall vote. is there a way
to vote without being in Provincetown on Monday? I want to keep the
washashores out of our town and taxes low, say no to everything.
9:14 am est 

Affordable Housing

I may have the two mixed up but I still think Ted Malone is running
an empire that he neither cares what we think or something else is
going on, and here's why:
(1) I have a friend who rents one of his units that is
     paying $1,400 a month (but with help from another
     agency that person is receiving housing assistance).
     Now where on earth is $1,400 a month considered low
     income housing and thank god my friend was elgible for
     assistance. Or is this what Mr.Malone does when he
     knows they are getting assitance, jacks up the rent ?
(2) Also, I'm sure many of you have seen or atleast heard
     of the financial guidelines that you must meet inorder
     to rent or even buy a unit ? Well, if you meet those
     guidelines that with everything else you must pay
     along with the rent such as utilities, I would find it
     very difficult for you to buy food for starters.
It's just incredible and I've yet to figure it out why there are no
answers to what I have stated here along with the other rumors that
close friends of Ted's and workers are managing to get these units.
Now you know whay P'town has the reputation it has...
9:11 am est 

Humbly Plead!

Voting for article one doesn't give this money to town hall
forever. Can't the affordable housing industrial complex please allow
the tax payers to use this money just once or twice--you have owned
it for four years.

Please, oh mighty developers, may we humble tax payers just have this
to help us out at this dire time; just for a year or two?

You can take the houses of the taxpayers who go bankrupt and who are
forced out of town by the high taxes and then you can turn their
former homes into affordable housing too, you know.
9:09 am est 

We Must Fight the System for Change

There are long time residetns who are losing their homes
and their busineses; there are 50 tax payers who can't pay their
taxes. This is going to happen more and more and we have to beg the
CPC committee to give us taxpayers some relief because they want to
give the money to a developer.

I want the webmaster to tell me at what point I can stand up at town
meeting and ask this question:

If Article one, The article which Astrid Berg proposed last year but
which was at the end of the warrant when town meeting was empty
becuase the budget was passed and the school got its money, if her
article passed, would the taxpayers have even more money to put
towards town hall instead of only $300,000?

I want to know who authorized the town government to enter into a
contract and spend the money to rent the trailers with all of the
needed hook ups; the installation of a title 5 at the Jerome st.
parking lot; and *then*, after this move is complete,  call a town
meeting to vote on fixing town hall? Why didn't we have the town
meeting first?

Why didn't we put pressure on the school committee to allow the town
to carve out some space in the high school to house town hall
employees? With town hall employees in the school and the community
center, we would not have needed the trailers.

Now, if the article to fix town hall passes, we have to pay for this
town hall relocation as well as fixing town hall.

Ah, the tranparency.
9:07 am est 

Sounds Good to Me!

Agree and sounds good.  If the board of selectmen will not
pay for anything over 1 1/2 million out of their own pockets, then we
know this to be a scam.  Hate to be negative, just how I, and I am
sure, others feel.  I know it might not be legal, but it would show up
that the BOS agree and have confidence in the figures they will
(I should have sent in a bid for $500,000 and then when awarded it
and the project was started, say WOOPS.  Sorry folks, I thought I
could do it for $500,000 but need more $$$ now.)  

Isn't that what happened when Russell Braun got the trailers for
$200,000 bid, then it ballooned to $480,000 but the town manager

A Boulder on the Beach. (Being tired of being kicked around)
9:03 am est 

Sharing CPA Funds a Novel Idea

I'm not sure where the idea that folks get off the bus and
get affordable housing came from. but it doesn't happen that way.
stop lying. that's what you're doing. repeating something that's
untrue. lying.

and "sharing" cpa funds is a novel idea. can this town handle
sharing?? hmmm...

and kudos on the addition of the dwayne not steele raymond writings.
interesting stuff and i've heard the huffington post website has also
posted some. congrats. check it out if you haven't already.
8:59 am est 

Needed Housing For Whom?

We have already built Affordable Housing. We have reached our limit.
There is a point at which it becomes ludicrous to continue to invest
in Affordable Housing that benefits the transients and not town
people, while it benefits Ted Malone and those who work for him. They
get jobs--and housing too. Nice package.

Enough. Time to invest in Town Hall with CPA funds. Plus, look
around: who is here in the winter? How many jobs are available? The
time has passed for Affordable Housing as a major concern. We have
other concerns now and other more pressing needs.
12:23 am est 

Vote "No" on Town Hall Phase 1

I will not be able to be at town meeting.  BUT can someone
ask ALL the BOS if the first phase of town hall, which has now been
estimated at under 1.5 million, comes in over 1.6 million, that any
overage will be paid by the entire BOS out of their pockets? 

IF they all agree to that, then lets start the town hall project.  But if
they don't want to put up something we can count on, then we
shouldn't either.  I ask anyone that has ever done a project, if they
ever came in UNDER or AT budget.  Especially something this large? 

12:19 am est 

To: This Blog is Pretty One Sided

"Save town hall. save affordable housing. save the cheerleader, save
the world? probably not so much. but we can try to save provincetown."

I agree to saving Provincetown (and love your Heros reference :-) )

But, we can't save everything as you point out, but that's what has
gotten us into our pickle - the need for everyone to have everything.
There is no compromise in this town, it's one way or the other.
You're with us or against us. it's us versus them.

How about splitting CPC funds, leaving some with affordable housing (say
30% for now) and some goes to town hall (60%).

We clearly need affordbale housing but I think it's been too much,
too fast, and in not a smart, sustainable way.

We want the school, we want a fabulous town hall, we want a fabulous
library, we want a fabulous sewer, we want fabulous new streets - oh,
and we want low taxes.

Guess what - we can't have it all. So let's bite the bullet and set
some priorities and try to compromise and not be a bunch of stubborn
my way or the highway kids.

As for the blog - it does serve a prupose, and if you think it's one
sided add your views! Isn"t that what democracy is all about?
12:15 am est 

Re: AJ Alon

In the Banner article, AJ Alon says this:  I still feel the
same way. We'd be robbing Peter to Pay Paul.  Heres an idea:  Stop
feeling and start thinking.  As for Peter and Paul, well, we'd be
robbing money from the coffers of the Affordable Housing bunch and
Ted (not Peter) to pay Paul, us.

Sounds like a fine swap to me.  I would suggest that Mr. Alon stop
being so myopic in his view.  He may be on a board that is ridiculously
out of the loop as far as citizens being able to influence them much, but
I would hazard to guess that if he and they don't listen to the people at
town meeting then they may wish to hide.  Folks are mad...Folks are tired
of the repetitive cries of this cozy cartel of Affordable Housing fanatics.
12:09 am est 

Re: One Sided?

What I see as one sided is the school committee and their
refusal to even consider regionalization. In the mean time, a citizen
writes about the need to regionalize and he is backed by the dept. of
Revenue; Peter Francese, A noted demographer; the Governor of the
commonwealth; the commissioner of education; and the editorial board
of the Cape Cod Times.

And who, exactly, is one sided?

And a community consists of the people who are here; the taxpayers
who are being asked to pay for town hall. The Affordable Housing
developer is looking to make more money. A few houses for the
deserving poor and the rest sold for a kings ransom.

It is time to demand that no affordable housing go to anyone who has
not lived here year round for five years. Lets end people getting off
of the bus and going to the "community housing office" (a.k.a. the
rental office) and signing up for the lottery while long term
residents are left in the lurch.
12:04 am est 

So Let Me Get This Straight.

If I sell my home and I have only lived in it for 19 years I'll be taxed
an extra 1% on the sale price? But if I've lived in it for 20 years I don't
have to pay the 1% of the sale price? This is another Barbara Rushmore
town meeting subject I'll be voting against!
12:02 am est 

Summer and Year-round Housing

Now is not the time to let the selectmen get any part of the CPA
funds, look how they have used available funds in the past! Keep the
80% of CPA funds for housing like we all voted for. Townhall can be
restored with private/public fund raisers etc. We need summer &
yearround housing now to encourage job creation.
11:59 pm est 


A visitor to the blog asked:

"Do we know if any of the private providers are at all interested in coming
in and running/leasing (whatever the correct word) our schools?"

The Education Management Corporation that is licensed to operate
charter schools in Massachusetts is called SABIS (just google it and
you'll find their website).

A representative from SABIS has visited Ptown.  A member of the Ptown
staff had set up a meeting with the superintendent.

The representative met with Supt. Waugh and with Therese Nelson. The
representative told  Ms Waugh and Ms. Nelson that he'd be happy to
present before the school committee.  He was told that that wouldn't
be necessary; that they weren't particularly interested in the
charter solution; that they had merely been curious about the charter

We should demand that the school committee meet with this
representative from SABIS.
11:51 pm est 

CPA Funds For Affordable Housing

I agree witrh the bloger who wants summer worker housing!
That is why I'm voting to keep the CPA funds where they are. Vote no
on CPA funds for townhall and yes to keep the CPA funds where we
voted to put them! For affordable housing!
11:48 pm est 

Friday, November 14, 2008

Re: Hoodwinked?

Let me make sure I understand this.  The estimate was for 2 million
and until the bids came in everyone was turning this into the 'big
dig' expecting cost to soar to 3-4 million.  The bids come in lower
and now it's a propaganda scam.

You won't be satisfied till their all crucified.

Congratulations to the BOS and the TM and thank you for working hard
on our behalf.
7:32 pm est 

This Blog is Pretty One-sided

affordable housing developers don't make millions or
necessarily get rich.

a year round economy doesn't really happen without a year round community.

and this blog isn't chock full of all the info. it's pretty one-sided
and not very nice.

save town hall. save affordable housing. save the cheerleader, save
the world? probably not so much. but we can try to save provincetown.
7:30 pm est 

Re: Former School Principal

So our former principal that was so for our childrens
education wants to sue for 690.00 $. Return the keys and the files
and move on and be careful of that door Mr Pavao
4:12 pm est 

Total Disregard

For Four years the Community Preservation Fund has given
80% of its money to affordable housing; over two million dollars
*plus* a debt service which we tax payers and our children will be
paying for years and years and years.

If this committee refuses to put these funds towards reducing the tax
payers debt to fix town hall and help the elderly tax payers on fixed
incomes, the year round working tax payer, the families raising
children who are also paying taxes; if all of us see the developers
of affordable housing getting even more money to add to their
millions--the entire town will see manifested  the complete and utter
disregard that the beneficiaries of affordale housing and the
developers have for the tax payers who subsidize their living here.
1:38 pm est 

Oh, How Easily You Are All Hoodwinked by Town Government:

The excellent news is that the bids for phase one of town
hall came in under $1.5 million.

Folks, the reason we chose Mckinley was because they are known for
their accurate estimates. They gave an estimate of $2m. Now the bids
are $1.2-1.4M. Please $600,000-800,000 less! Town officals inflated
the cost of repairing town hall knowing many would resist.  Because
they rightfully thought we all would be so happy and giddy if 
significantly lower bids came in, we would more likely  vote yes to
Phase 1. Clearly, the tide is changing in their favor with this
latest development of government propaganda. Give them what looks
like a gift and they will vote for Phase !

Unfortunately, deceptive practices continue in town government!

Let's play hardball!
1:36 pm est 

Re: Point of Information

Thank you for the point of information clarificatioin. I'm
going to have that private conversation, but I also want to make some
things public such as if the town meeting voted on article one last
Spring, would there be more money for town hall?

I also want to know if the man who works for Ted Malone can be so
openly in favor of a developer at the expense of the tax payer?

How much *IN TOTAL* is it costing the tax payer to create the new
town hall at Jerome st. Parking lot: title 5, installing tansformers,
renting the trailers. etc. etc. etc.?

Let the "transparency" continue.
1:34 pm est 

Re: Point of Information

During Town Meeting you have every right to stand and ask for a point
of information.  The questions do have to pertain to the article that
is currently on the floor.  If you are questioning the debt service
for money spent from the CPC, then you can question that during
Article 1.  I have been told there will be handouts at the meeting
describing the current fund balances and the debt service attributed
to past expenses.  These handouts can be confusing though.

I would suggest you just call the Finance Director and ask her
personally.  She is there to serve the town, not just administration
and she is more than willing to assist people in understanding the
town's finances.  It might also be more informational to have a
direct conversation as opposed to having to direct questions through
the moderator to the previous speaker approach.

Again, you have every right, this is your town and these are your funds.
12:49 pm est 

CPC Funds For Town Hall Restoration!

The excellent news is that the bids for phase one of town
hall came in under $1.5 million. Now, we need to go to Town Meeting
and vote to apply the The CPC funds in artilce one towards Historical
and the $492,000 in another article towards shoring up town hall and
taking half of the burden off of the backs of the tax payers of
12:47 pm est 

Knowledge is Power

The banner comes out once a week. The blog is here
everyday. Perhaps only a few blog here--but everyone reads here. That
is why folks got so upset when the blood alcohol content of the 21
year old driver of the fire truck was mentioned.

Whats more, there are people who have inside information on lots of
things and they get posted here. Knowledge is power. The Dept. of
Revenue report and the Peter Francese interview have galvanized folks
to demand change like few things in town have.
12:45 pm est 

No to Charter School

Bringing in a "for profit" vendor that will union bust, underpay and
remove benefits for teachers is shameful.

Maine is currently changing from 280 school districts to 80 to be
consistent with falling enrollments.  The Cape Cod Times has called
for regionalization and published the erudite op-ed piece by Michael
Rogovsky calling for Provincetown to regionalize with Nauset.  Nauset
has requested the outer cape towns to come to the table and discuss a
plan that can benefit all the children.

Enough about how much transportation will cost.  The poster who has
obsessed about transportation should be reminded that Provincetown
sports teams travel off cape, and to Nantucket by plane or ferry as
part of the current school's sports agenda.

We no longer need a system for 46 students.  We have been trying to
attract students for more than a decade.  Why is this?  It is to keep
jobs for the current teachers.

Those jobs will come to an end soon...Let it not be because we bring
in a union busting charter operator.  For Shame.
12:43 pm est 

Hats Off to the Contributors to Shout Out!

Candace N. got the finance committee to investigate the
pier; Michael R. is inspiring editorials in the Cape Cod Times to
regionalize the school.

Barbara Rushmore is inspiring an editorial in the Banner to have CPC
money go towards Town hall. Other people are making things happen.

You can take from the blog what you wish--you can educate yourself to
the demographics and the true economic state of the cape and
Provincetown or you can just keep watching "Days of our Lives" and
"Dancing with the Stars".

One you will wake up one day and say how did they close the
school--and you will discover that the tax payers don't want to spend
$50,000,000 to take a first grader to high school when we have one
sixth grader in the school.

There are people who don't want to move here and saddle their
children with such a limited school life.
12:42 pm est 

Re: AJ Alon's Conflict of Interest

Article one. Will someone please stand up and ask,"point of
Information" and then quote what AJ said regarding his position on
the CPC committee. Isn't that a conflict of interest? Isn't that the
equivalent of having Exxon investigating the Valdeez oil spill?
12:38 pm est 

CPA Funds For Town Hall

Well, for the people who think only crazy people post here:
Yesterday the editorial in the Cape Cod times quoted from the Peter
Francese interview one can listen to here.

People have written letters using the information from other folks
who post here as well as from the Dept. of Revenue and the Peter
Francese interview available here.

I find this an invaluable source--and I've only gotten started. We
are almost at 10% affordable housing.
CPA funds for Town Hall. CPC committee with AJ as Ted Malone's
spokesman will really see a revolt if they don't grant the CPC money
to town hall.
12:36 pm est 

CPA Money For Town Hall

This is for "KEEP 80% For Housing":

We taxpayers have given over $2,000,000 to affordable housing. Now we
need the money to go to Historical to help *All* of the tax payers in
town. 50 tax payers owe money on their taxes.

We do not need 210 more housing units: Clem and Ursies is close,
Level Restaurant is in protection, George's Pizza is siezed.

We need housing for the people who come here in the summer and work
and then leave to work another job in the winter in other resorts.

There are no Year Round Jobs. Affordable Housing Developers just want
to build more to get **RICHER**.

CPA money for town hall.
12:34 pm est 

Help Me Out

I want to ask some questions at this meeting.
As soon as the meeting starts, can I say "Point of information" and
then ask ask how much debt service we have on the $900,000 we gave to
sea shore point and the money on Sandy hill etc.

Can I ask for "point of information" and ask a question that doesn't
have anything to do with the article per se but is tangental to it?
8:33 am est 

Write Letters

You don't have to go to meetings--you can send a letter.
When I was at the Community Preservation meeting Michele J. was asked
if she had received any letters pro or con.

Folks can write to the FinCom committee and state that you want the
school closed--and ask them to vote no on reccommending the school
budget. It is start to use your voice. Write letters!
8:32 am est 

Re: School Committee

Provincetown High school has had a declinig population for
ten years and the shcool has done nothing about it. Now citizens are
writing editorials that are appearing in the news papers and the news
papers and officials in other towns are championing the cause.

The Provincetown school committee had many chances to lead but they
are spending all of their time looking in a mirror--not at the
situation. So now we close the school and perhaps rent it out and
make the money to cover the cost of sending the students to Nauset.
8:31 am est 

For the Person on Craig's List:

Go to New Bedford, to the
welfare office on Rodney French Blvd. where you will get food stamps
etc. They will direct you to a clinic in town.

There are many apts. for rent in the New Bedford, Fall River area in
your price range--you will even see signs on the sides of bldgs and
in windows.
Good luck.
8:30 am est 


I just read that detailed posting adovcating conversion to a Charter
School.  While it IS food for thought my first question is ---Do we
know if any of the private providers are at all interested in coming
in and running/leasing (whatever the correct word) our schools?  If
so I for one would appreciate the links to their websites so I can
educate myself on this alternative.

8:28 am est 

Keep 80% For CPA

I agree with the blog about the crazy folks who write on
here. Thank god its only a few of you who do. Voters all remember how
you never wanted the CPA and affordable housing/rentals from the get
go. And when times get bad, remember its not always about money, but
your love for humankind and how others love you! Saving a few dollars
on your tax bill will not save you in the end! Keep the CPA funds the
way they are! 80% for much needed housing for those who will need it
most in these hardtimes! As for townhall we will find a way to fix
it, without useing all of the CPA funds.
8:26 am est 

The Following Was Posted on Craiglist:

Date: 2008-11-08, 10:29PM EST

I know there are a lot of people on the Cape who are having a rough
time making ends meet. But I am now 1 week away from being homeless.
Not only myself but my 47 year old boyfriend of 2 1/2 years that
suffered a severe stroke last July that has left him with some right
side brain damage and left side deficit. He is legally disabled and
receives $512.00 a month from SSI. I became unemployed last November
and have not been able to find a Full time position. Unemployment ran
out and have been working 2 part time jobs to make ends meet plus
taking him to therapy and caring for him. There is a two year waiting
list for housing and a five year waiting list for the state assisted
housing. We applied for the Raft program so we would have first, last
and security and have found a place to go but without that money we
can not have a roof over our heads. We heard that there were 200
people who applied for Raft. I have a pituitary tumor and have been
off my meds for over 8 months, seve!
  re acid reflux and difiticlitus due to the stress of this past
year. Neither one of us has any family that could help us and when my
boyfriend took ill our friends were there for the first six months
but most at this point have disappeared. So it is him and I and are
two little dogs and caught between a rock and a hard place and don't
know where to turn for help. I sit here and type this in absolute
tears as I feel like a failure and as far as self esteem..a good part
of that left me eight years ago, four days before Christmas, when my
22 year old daughter died and I still deal with that on a daily
basis. So, how did a friend of mine who is disabled and her boyfriend
who cares for her find a low income home that they pay minimal money
that they will one day own ??
And how come we keep getting the door closed on us. If there is
anyone out there that takes the time to read this and can offer or
know the right people to talk to please!!!!please!!! let me know.
Cause by next Monday the 17th we will be living out of our car.
11:13 pm est 

Re: Seashore Point

I'm confused - the cpc gave $1.7 million to seashore point
for affordable units.  Then Seashore point did not want to do 17
units, only 10 so gave $.7million back. Now you say that the second
phase is not being done ?   So what is the status of the 10
affordable units ?
11:06 pm est 

Town Mis-management

How is it that the town has found $1M+ of unspent money? I know the
finance committee and others are working hard to clean up the town's
years of screwed up books, but come on! We were forced to vote on
overrides for basic services and now this money magically appears.

How are we expected to trust the keepers of our town? I for one feel
deceived, lied to and screwed over at every turn - and I know I am
not alone.

MaryJo can find the time to rant and rave at Comcast because she no
longer gets MSNBC and Hallmark while the town crumbles around us.
Fireboy rolls the ladder truck (wouldn't it be ironic if town hall
caught fire and we had no truck to put it out!). The school committee
continues to fight regionalization when it's clear it is the only
option moving forward(can't the slectmen/town manager just slash the
school's budget so they are forced to at least consolidate to one
building?), the town votes no to raises so they weasel a 4 day work
week... and Friday as the day off, the only day some property owners
can make it down to do town business. The insanity of it all.

Start leading! That's what you were elected to do.
11:05 pm est 

To: Ashamed of My Neighbors...........

A very expensive and important piece of equipment was destroyed
and the fire chief has nothing to say? why wouldn't he talk to reporters?
it doesn't come off as to professional.

You say he has been trained, by who? I doubt
he had any professional training, these are big heavy trucks that
most people have to have a CDL, but because he's driveing a fire
truck he doesn't need one.

You say that he's not the only one that
has taken passengers for a ride he just got caught so that makes it
ok? as for special events I'm sure extra care is taken and the trucks
only going 5mph.Then you attack the rescue squad......isn't it
fire&rescue please, I wouldn't want you for a neighbor and I Think
that the fire dept needs to take a real hard look from top to bottom
to see how things are run before someone gets hurt.
11:03 pm est 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

To: Ladder Truck

Are you serious? Maybe people are finally waking up and realizing all
of the crazy stuff that goes on in this town. When is the last time
you hear dof a fire truck rolling over while out on a non-call drive?
Only in Ptown.

I for one am grateful for the volunteer fire department, but where is
the oversight? Why are we paying a chief? No one should be in the
fire truck except for trained, fire personnell - with the exception
of parades perhaps.

Also, is it appropriate to entrust a $500,000 piece of equipment to a
21 year old? I would guess if we did a survey of all fire departments
in Mass. we would find no other town with a 21 year old driver.

I think it's great we are finally waking up and asking questions.
it's about time the few people who have been running this town be
held accountable for their actions - and if not qualified be expected
to get qualified or move aside.
10:59 pm est 


Please, if you're going to rant and throw linguistic rocks
at people, get you're words correct.



Ouch.  Do find a fourth grade school book. Thank you.
10:57 pm est 

The Schools

If the town insists on keeping K-12 open indefinitely (despite
precipitously declining enrollments) it may be time to consider
converting 6-12 into a charter school.

Why a charter?

Why let an Education Management Corporation (EMC) come into town to
run 6-12 as a charter?

Why would this be better?

First off, no more benefits for the few teachers who decide to stay
and teach here.  EMC's do not deal with unions--at all.  They hire
teachers who will teach for far less money than we're paying our
teachers.  Same would go for overpaid administrators.

If the teachers want to complain about this, remind them that every
kid in 6-12 will be going to Nauset in two years (three years at the
latest) and that there won't be a 6-12 union job to be had here then.

But why not regionalize?  Isnt that the best idea?

Perhaps.  But Truro has never been formally asked to merge or
regionalize with Nauset.

And Ptown has never been formally asked to merge or regionalize with Nauset.

It is only within the last month that Nauset Supt. Gradone has
floated the idea of regionalization.  He has not asked us directly. 
He has simply stated in the paper that it would be a good idea.  But,
still, there is no concrete offer from him or from the Nauset school

What Nauset has done up to now is try to convince Ptown parents to
send their 6-12 children to Nauset, without regionalizing.  All
Nauset wants is money from Ptown and Truro, not a partnership.

They simply want us to bus our kids to Nauset.

If the high school were to close, and if Ptown does have to bus kids
to Nauset, Ptown will be solely responsible for transportation costs.

It will cost Ptown over $900 a day to ferry kids to the two Nauset
schools.  That is 162K per year.

Why would Nauset ever agree to share this cost?  If Nauset officially
offered us regionalization, the citizens of Orleans, Brewster,
Wellfleet and Eastham would have to share the costs of transporting
kids from Ptown.  Do you honestly think those citizens and their
school committee are going to agree to that?

Further, if Ptown sends 50 more kids to Nauset, at 13K a kid (which
is the going rate for a district when it sends one of its kids to
another district) that's 650K of our money being sent to Nauset.

Add the 31 kids Ptown is already sending to Nauset and to Lighthouse
Charter and, at 13K a kid, that's another 273K being sent to Nauset.

Then add 735K for transporting the 24 Special Need kids whose parents
are from Ptown at 35K per kid.

Finally, add the 162K Ptown will have to pay to transport these kids
to Eastham and to Orleans.

The total comes to 1.82 million dollars--every year; with Ptown
having little or no say on the Nauset School Committee.

Right now, the high school costs Ptown $1.1 million per year.

So where will the savings come from?

And though some people wish that Nauset would merge or regionalize
with Ptown, why would Nauset agree to do so?

Why would Nauset want to take on Ptown's (or Truro's) transportation
costs if it doesnt have to?

So where are the savings?

Sure, we could sell the high school (which the town and the school
committee has borrowed heavily against).

But wed still be shelling out 1.82 million dollars--every year; with
Ptown having
little or no say on the Nauset School Committee.

Well still have to spend close to five million dollars on the
elementary school, on pensions and on administration.

I know: you're about to say it's not all about money; it's about education.

Well, if the quality of education is so bad at Ptown High, how does
it keep sending students to Top 50 schools (as ranked by US News and
World Report)?

In the last four years Ptown has sent two girls to Smith and one boy to BC.

Ptown High sends a larger percentage of kids to four-year colleges
than any other high school on the Cape.

Nauset's not even in the top five.

How bad could the education at Ptown High be?

Lastly, the DOR has suggested we regionalize with Nauset.

But how can we do that if Nauset isn't offering?

However, If we bring in a charter school organization, an EMC, there
will be huge savings.

The EMC would lease the high school from the town and all the town would have
to give up to the school is cost-per-student, the same 13K were
giving to Nauset and to Lighthouse.  We would also save on teachers
and administrators salaries, benefits and transportation.

This is how it would work:

The EMC would make a bid on 7-12, sign a contract, sign a lease and
run the school as a private for-profit entity.

Once they sign the contract, the financial running of the school is
totally up to the EMC.

It will pay non-union teachers.  It will pay non-union janitors.  It
will pay administrative costs.  All that the EMC wants is the
opportunity to attract
students and the 13K each town, including us, provides.

Essentially, other towns will be helping to pay for education in Ptown.  How?

Sturgis Charter turned away over 200 applicants last year.  The
Lighthouse Charter School in Orleans turned away over 120.

It's time that other towns started sending education dollars to Ptown.

We would save over 450K every year.

And if we contract with an EMC (like SABIS, which has driven up MCAS
scores and SAT scores in every school it has taken over) parents will
want to send their kids here.

Dr Pavau was right:  a comprehensive high school run in the old way
will not work here.

So, what is the School Committee waiting for?  It's time to call up an
EMC (like SABIS) right now and make this hulking, failing system more
streamlined, more accountable and more manageable while providing a
better education for our kids.

A Very Concerned and Frustrated Citizen
10:55 pm est 


The town received some badly needed good news Thursday when
construction bids for Phase 1 of the proposed Town Hall restoration
came in lower than expected.

Project architects McGinley Kalsow & Associates had estimated the
first phase, which would repair the exterior of the historic
building, would cost $2 million. However, when the bids were opened
Thursday afternoon, they ranged from $1.2 million to $1.4 million.

The lower than anticipated bids delighted town officials, who are
expected to face some intense debate next week during Special Town
Meeting, where several articles revolving around whether to proceed
with Phase 1, and how to pay for it. come to the floor.
6:23 pm est 

ReL Town Hall

Lots of expensive surprises await any repair job of an 100 year old
building. particularly when it has been neglected since 18??.

costs and what it is going to cost taxpayers are always moving
targets in provincetown.

I don't care if the bids come in under $1M. have any of us ever
experienced any construction costs that weren't north of the accepted

waiting for the 2010 budget first and will vote NO on Phase 1 at the
ballot box.
6:21 pm est 

A Sad Farewell for Yvonne Cabral

With sadness this morning, we sent you on your way. But not without
tears at your passing and sorry at the loss of your energy,
enthusiasm and goodness. There is some satisfaction for a life well
lived but you will be missed. You had courage, gumption and
liveliness. A bright flame has now been extinguished.
6:19 pm est 

Town Hall Will Be Our Big Dig

If we vote yes, we will be paying high interest on bonds that will go
on and on for years. It will be a financial disaster and we should
not fall into this Big Dig Pit. We do not need to vote on anything at
this time and that is what we should do. Do Nothing Now. What's the
rush, as someone on this blog often writes. What's the rush? There is

Town employees and Sharon Lynn are ensconced in their little trailers
with their litle windows. They seem happy with their decision so let
them stay where they are. Call us in a year or two for further
discussion on renovations. Until then, stay put Sharon. Stay put town
employees. Enjoy the view!
6:18 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck

The appearance of a cover up must be avoided. Officer                  
has been assigned to investigate the crash. But she is a also a
volunteer firefighter. Bad PR.

In the big picture I can forgive the kid behind the wheel. his
father, grandfather, uncles and cousins have been protecting us all
for generations. Although he will probably be branded forever with a
P-town moniker, but I won't go there.

but the cover up of the incident could prove to be the bigger
unforgiveable misdeed. Call in the state police. Or if we do not want
to do that, just come clean and fess up.

I have the greatest respect for the fire chief, but his quote about
this demoralizing the fire fighters has worn thin: "We'll lose guys."
That seems to be his reaction to everything. Chief, clear the air,
spank the kid and move on.

And oh ya, I am greatful no one got seriously hurt as well.
6:17 pm est 

Worried As Well As You Are

These are hard times. Except for Sharon Lynn and the BOS. They think
it's life as usual. And what will it take for them to grasp the real
pain most people are facing? I believe they are unable to understand
the tough times that most people are facing and most towns. Somehow
Sharon and the entourage called the BOS believe that people in
Provincetown are insulated from financial disasters and will be able
to pay any thing at any time at any price. It's unreal but I believe
they live in a forever fanstasy tourist land.
6:14 pm est 

Rethink Old Town Hall

Now I wouldn't go so far as tearing down town hall, but I'm
open to other suggestions.

Think about it. if we moved town hall to the school building and town
hall were free to be used for another purpose.  Keep the integrity of
the building, but use it for another purpose. 

The auditorium would continue to be used for concerts, etc, but the
rest of town hall was used for retail space.  I know it sounds like a
mall and it probably would be.  But, a mall like no other with great 
features, a rich history. 

In our town where weather can certainly be a deterrent to
drawing visitors during the winter this could be a building housing
art galleries, craftsmen/women, etc.  A wonderful warm place to visit
during the off-season and see so much.  It truly could become the
'center of town'.
6:12 pm est 

Re: Town Hall

To Flatten Town Hall, you are the only one who thinks we
should keep the Dinosaur... the building is a wreck. Maybe you should
have thought about taking care of it twenty years ago... once they
get inside they will find more and more to fix... I believe the cost
will get up as high as 15 million to 20 million. Knock it down and
build a park. It really has no use anymore. Its only open 20 days per

Green space Lover
6:09 pm est 

Re: Town Hall

"That has got to be one of the lamest thoughts I have heard
expressed on this site.  Do you really think the people of this town
would allow the destruction of arguably the most historic and
important building on the Outer Cape?"

First, who are you to judge what's lame. It's your opinion.

Who do you think "the people of this town" are? We are the people of
this town! We have a say just as much as you.

I'd be sad to see Town Hall torn down, but I'm done letting the Town
of Provincetown overspend. I'm done funding ridiculousness. We are in
an economic crises. We may need to make sacrifices. One of which is
town hall.

So unless you're willing to write the check for this Provincetown
"Big Dig" (I personally love that one, kudos to whoever came up with
it) don't act like we don't have a say.

We have a vote. I'm urging my friends and neighbors to vote "NO" on
this spending. If the Town Government wants to have a tantrum and let
the building just decay, so be it!

Tear it down, build a park, put Town Hall someplace practical. Not in
the middle of the "economic" hub of town where people make money.
6:08 pm est 

Town Hall

I had an occassion to visit the Town Hall facility out at Jerome
Smith Rd and was amazed. So I think if the cost to renovate Town Hall
oroginal facility does not pass at Town Mtg, that the Town Manager
and powers to be should let it sit and become such an eye sore that
those who are against the cost of the renovation can look, watch and
weep as it deteriates while you all enjoy your cozy new facility.

Other factors to consider is the parking situation will be better and
the mini lot used for the town hall employee's on Ryder Street can be
used for revenue.When things get rough at the current facility, you
waltz on over to the VFW and have a few so you can better understand
those that come into see you with complaints, etc. Hey, you got my
vote. I would state the other good idea's I have but I want to keep
them from those who rather visit this blog and gripe than find
6:06 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck
No knuckle head, members of the rescue squad are not making
up anything, it is our fire truck and this dumb     destroyed it. Now
the good old boys think they can just keep everyone in the dark,
6:03 pm est 

Re: Regionalization

What is wrong with our school committee? The dept of
Revenue, The Govenor, School superintendents on the rest of the; all
are calling for regionalization.

And in Provincetown the superintendent says NO to regionalization and
the school committee is so entreanched in keeping an isolated high
school that it will cost the tax payers fifty million dollars to take
a student from first grade to graduation. This can not stand.
6:01 pm est 

Rogovsky's Report

Last week The Cape Cod times printed my op ed editorial
regarding closing the school where I quoted Peter Francese and the
declining population of students.

An Editorial in today's Cape Cod Times, champions what I wrote about
regionalization and Nauset Supt. Michael Gradone sates,"The rational
stance of any school system on the Lower Cape would be to participate
in the planning of regionalizaion, lest it be imposed from the

I'm sending this editorial along with my letter  and the report on
the school by the Dept. of Revenue, the article about the resignation
of the chair of the steering committee and the article about the
resignation of the High School principal both to the Commissioner of
Education and the Dept. of Revenue.

My next project will be affordable housing; again, spurred by the
Peter Francese report. We need work force housing for the summer
workers not 210 more year round units when there are no year round
jobs. Listen to his report.
5:57 pm est 

Ashamed of My Neighbors

I am glad that two people spoke up regarding the firetruck
situation, one suggesting people get a grip and whine about something
else. I was about to post yesterday although I ended up not
submitting it as I thought...I am just as low as these people are to
be talking about this. But today I decided to go through with it as
the slander continued last night and I read the posts this morning. I
am ashamed of my neighbors and/or friends for continuing to bash the
fire department and it's employees. Why doesn't everyone wait to see
what happens instead of assuming things. When you assume you make an 
    out of you and me. In regards to Channel 7...if they wanted to
video the firetruck why didn't they do it when it first happened
Sunday morning like everyone else. The fire department did not try
and cover it up. It was clear as day on the side of the road for a
couple of hours while investigators did their job. Also get the facts
straight. Do you not read The Banner? The passenger was not a
minor. He is a steward of the ladder truck and it is his job as steward
to take the truck out for road tests, clean the truck, and maintain the
gear. For the poster who listed 8 questions obviously has nothing else
better to do and has not done their research.
#1) He does not need permission as a steward. #2)
You're repeating yourself...It's his job and he has open access. #3)
It does not apply because once again it is his job. #4)Again, it's
his job and he has been trained. Obviously they didn't hand him the
keys and say have a whirl with it. #5)He's not the only one who has
taken passengers. He just happened to get caught. Also think of
special events such as 4th of July and Portuguese Festival where
family and friends are able to ride and nothing bad has happened. I
don't even want to go on because I am so disgusted. And to the big
mouth rescue squad members who are running their mouths. Watch out
for a legal proceeding. There are things called HIPPA laws which protect
confidentiality...which you obviously haven't been
5:54 pm est 

A Must Read

The editorial in today's Cape Cod times is a Clarion call
and avid endorsement of regionalizing the high schools. It even uses
the facts and figures which M. Rogovsky stated in his My view
editorial which was printed last week. It is a MUST READ!
5:48 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck

We Heard the girl in the fire truck is a summer cop, can
this be true?
5:46 pm est 

Fire Department

We as a community are so lucky to have a dedicated group of men and
women as volunteers, Yes,                   made a mistake but did he do
it on purpose? He is probably in  a state of depression and
confusion. With all the miss spending of funds that go on in this
town can we not forgive this young man and move on. The fire and
rescue department are probably the only Town run entities that run
5:45 pm est 

Congratulations Dwayne Raymond

You are on the Huffington Post. I  can't  wait to read the book.
Thanks to the webmaster for posting this excerpt before it really hit
the press. We have so many talented citizens in Provincetown.
5:43 pm est 

Ladder Truck

It's a shame that there are a few people who appear to be doing their
best to create as many problems as one humanly can create for what
reasons I don't know on this blog.

They are without doubt the same ones expressing the same nasty things
about other matters in this town unrelated to the ladder truck and I
can only hope that all those who visit this blog can either not
respond or sit back and spend more time realizing who these people

Now as for the false statements made here in regards to the Ladder
truck, I ask that everyone not believe what you are reading here and
possibly are hearing around town.As many of you know this town
excells in speaking before engaging their brains.

To back up my statement about the above. Regarding the female on the
Ladder truck,she is not under age and is not a minor. And I find it
funny that some are making it an issue that she was in the truck.
This Fire Dept has always had non-fire fighting people on various
occassions in those trucks and no one ever said a damn thing. Now all
of a sudden it's a major issue. Why, because now one of the fire
trucks got into an accident but if it didn't not one of you would be
saying boo. If speed was a factor, then wait and see what the
investigation reveals instead of playing monday night quaterback to
something many of you did not personally see that truck doing. What
if the fire truck got a flat tire and that the investigation revealed
that, than those who ran their mouths saying it was speeding would
not come on here and apologize I can rest assure you...It's simply
endless as you can see.Typical P'town...
5:42 pm est 

Seashore Point

According to the Cape Cod Times, Seashore Point is putting a hold on
further construction. This non-profit organization was given an arm
and a leg and no brains, millions in real estate, sewer funding and
land swaps with the Catholic Church of Fall River, all approved by
town vote.
They made a contract with us, they need to fulfill their obligations.
There are many long time residents that are unable to get a bed
there. Wasn't that the point of Seashore Point to service the Town? I
guess that the market units aren't selling. Yet, another con job in
Provincetown. Taxpayers wake-up! Remember, no good deed goes

Vote Yes on  Article One
5:39 pm est 

Use the money For Ourselves

I want to vote for article one to get our tax money out of
the hands of the affordable housing developers. CPC funds take our
money anyway. I'd rather knock down Town Hall and have a park--but
that would just give the developers the money--so lets spend the
money on town hall--at least use it for ourselves.
10:46 am est 

Rethink Town Hall

I'm worried too about the escalation in the cost of town
hall. My neighbor went to have something done and the carpenter found
all kinds of problems that had to be fixed--and then the job was
triple in price.

They will get to town hall, open it up, and say, wow, we didn't know
that it was this bad you will have to do this, and this, and this.

And then they will hear: it would be better to knock it down and
start from scratch--it would be cheaper.

People can't pay their taxes as it is and now Provincetown's
equivalent of the "Big Dig"--look at the over runs on that project.

Look at the old library--it took years to renovate it. I agree: Lets
sell the building to the new pier developers; at least we won't be
ringing our hands next year at the cost overruns.
10:44 am est 

Vehicle For Information

Ithought that it was standard procedure to do a
breathalyzer test at an accident of this sort. Was it done at the
scene? I know that a car rammed right into the foundation of a house
and knocked it in a few years ago and that it took two tow trucks to
get the car out--and the breathalyzer test was done..but it was done
the **next day**!

How high was the blood alcohol content of the drive? Simple question.
Its who you know in this town it seems. And people who post here are
from all over town. Anyone can log onto this site.

Its not "you People" who can write on here: its your "fellow citizen"
or "neighbor" or "co worker". Sheesh, some people think that this is
a special club? It is a vehicle for information.
10:43 am est 

Re: Ms Barbara Rushmofre

I can't believe how childish this blog has gotten in the
past week! It verges on insanity! And did everyone read Babs
Rushmores letter in the Banner? Totally triped out! I think I would
pass on what shes taking! None of it made sense to me. As luck will
have it, most people don't take babs too serious. after all she was
the woman who chained her self to a tree downtown once! A true Ptown
10:40 am est 

Fire Truck

"What gives Channel 7 the right to film through the windows
of a public safety building? - you answered your own question
ignoramous. "Public" that's what. It's a PUBLIC building, this is a
matter of PUBLIC record and a little thing called Freedom of the

You sound like every well-groomed member of the Good Old Boy Club
I've ever met. When someone believes that because it's the sacred
fire department, it's their turf, their truck, their rules, etc.
WRONG! It's our turf, it's our truck, it's our rules and it's the
law. We have the right to know, the PUBLIC has a right know what
happened and if something was done wrong, we're not going to leave it
up to the Good Old Boy Club to be judge and jury. I guarantee the
insurance company will not be leaving it up to them.

If the Good Old Boy Club had it's way, it would be kept totally quiet
and no one would comment. Wait a minute, that's what they've been
trying to do? You can't turn the lights out on the tax payers. We
foot the bill for that building, the equipment and the liability

If there wasn't something to cover up, the fire chief would be
talking to press and putting the public at ease. Not just Sharon and
Tobias. Why is the fire chief hiding? Is he ashamed of what happened?
Is he ashamed of his department?

I don't know about you, but I worry about someone being put behind
the wheel of a fire truck, an ambulance, a police cruiser that
doesn't use common sense when driving and speed out of control enough
to roll a fire truck.

I have a sobering question for you, since you feel this is such a
non-issue in town right now. What if someone had been at the
intersection. Perhaps a family in a minivan? Perhaps your elderly
parents out for a Sunday drive. What if the driver and his girlfriend
had gottne crushed under the truck when they were ejected. Someone
could have been killed and all so some kid could get his rocks off
showing off to some underage girl that he's a big man and can take
the fire truck out when he wants.

There's no doubt in my mind that if they didn't have something to
hide, they would be issuing a statement. I'll tell you what they're
doing; they're circling the wagons of the G.O.B. club to figure out
who has to lie to cover who.

In light of the worst position this Town has ever been in
financially, in light of all of the scandals and screw ups town
government has seen in the past year or two, this is a bad time to
tell us that we need to replace a fire truck because of lack of
experience, lack of maturity and lack of policy in the department.

And one more thing fruitloop. If you're going to use terms like
"HIPPA", look them up first so you know what you're talking about and
so you can use the term correctly. It's "HIPPA" and by the way, and
this accident is excempt from HIPPA regulation because it's a workers
comp injury issue under a local municipality.

"Town has bigger issue..." jesus!!! If you don't think this is one of
the big issues, I feel bad for you.
10:36 am est 

Lessons In leadership

As Barack Obama becomes President of our nation, perhaps some will
reflect here in town on what leadership entails. It is more than
wanting to be a leader; it is more than holding a position that ought
to require leadership. It is surely so much more than being a
manager. Perhaps, just perhaps, some who should be leaders will have
the guts or the revelation to start to become leaders here in
Provincetown. It would be refreshing and renewing. We surely could
use such leadership.
10:31 am est 

Town Hall Park

  I like the idea. Flatten the building, give the historic pieces to
the Historical Commission, and then plant trees and bushes. We would
have more open land and it would be a better solution than spending
million of dollars for renovations that will go on and on. I like it.
10:30 am est 

No on Ballot Questions and No on Articles for Renovations

If we have to tear it down, then tear it down. Sell the land to a
developer and let's improve the downtown area. You believe it will
fall down and you left it there. so, let's sell this spot and let
town employees work in their beautiful, window-studded area. A great
solution. HOme sweet home.

A commercial development would be better than the $9 million fiasco
being planned by the BOS. You know that will evolve into a $16
million mega project. Such insanity!
10:29 am est 

Government Buildings

Government buildings should be on the other side of
commercial street. we are a tourist based economy. how does town hall
benefit tourists? outside of a couple of bathrooms, there is no
touristic benefit.

Town hall should have a multi-mix use with emphasis on our tourism
industry. the selectmen, town manager and finance committee are out
of touch with the economic crisis. otherwise why would they advance
burdening taxpayers with $9,000,000 or more in debt? i think they are
more worried about their legacies than us!

My second choice for town hall is a nice green park.
10:27 am est 

Flatten Town Hall?

That has got to be one of the lamest thoughts I have heard expressed
on this site.  Do you really think the people of this town would
allow the destruction of arguably the most historic and important
building on the Outer Cape?
10:24 am est 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Develop "Town Hall Park"!

That's a great idea. Flatten town hall and put in a park.
That would make it so nice around Commercial Street and cost us
millions and millions less.
10:25 pm est 

Re: Vote "No" on Phase 1

I couldn''t agree more. It's time to regionalize and turn the High
School into Town Hall. It's a better setup, there is spublic parking,
and we simply don't need the high school bullding.

I have no faith that if the town is given the money to fix town hall
that they will do it right. $2Million will blossom to $4Million - the
big dig of Ptown.

The town should consider selling Town Hall to the buyer of the Pier.
How nice would it be to have a great complex associated with the
pier.  The town could retain contorol of the Auditorium for public
use and mandate that Town Hall retain it's historic look and charm.

Oh yeah, and what do you bet that we're not fully insure for the fire
truck that was rolled. I'm guessing the town will have to come up
with $300,000+ to buy a new truck.

Sharon Lynn, The School Committee, the Fire Chief, The Police Chief
and most of the Selectmen ought to be ashame. There is no
leadership, no responsibility and no accountability in this town!
10:23 pm est 

Here Comes Stop & Shop!


It's official, Stop and Shop is moving in in December!
10:16 pm est 

Vote "No" on Ballots 1 and 2

Please vote down ballot questions #1 and #2. We can't
afford anymore outragious expenses in Ptown.
10:15 pm est 

Another Override to Look Forward to:

Ladder fire truck replacement. $150-$200,000 after the insurance
kicks in. if the policy isn't invalidated after the insurance company does
its own investigation.

This is an example of why we need to vote against phase 1. until we
see the 2010 budget, it would be reckless to vote for phase 1.
Besides, everyone seems to be happy over at the trailers according to
the banner. The basement employees now have windows! What's not to
like? There's no rush for phase 1.

Yes, two vacancies on the school committee. How about the BOS
weighing in on advancing candidates who will run on a platform of
regionalization? Wouldn't that be a welcomed sign of leadership?

Let's play hardball!
10:13 pm est 

You Guys Are Hilarious!

What a joke. BIG coverup! So they turned out the lights. What gives
Channel 7 the right to film through the windows of a public safety
building? So they trned off the lights? So what? No comment means no
comment. And keep in mind, the guy that was in this accident has
privacy rights due o the fact that he is an employee of the town,
volunteer as he may be. He also has HIPA rights in that anything
about his physical makeup at the scene is now private and protected
considering he was a victim at the scene. And the blood alchohol
readings? Who says he was       at all? Seems like members of the
rescue squad either have big mouths or they are making it up. Either
way, they should shut up or risk being sued, personally and as a
representative of the town of Provincetown. Relax and find something
else to whine about. Town meeting is coming up and this is what
people are concentrating on? This can be fixed easy compared to the
other issues at town meeting. Get a grip.
10:11 pm est 

Chopper Down!

I just called Fox 25 in Boston and told them that they
should consider Provincetown Fire Department for one of their
Firehouse Fly Overs to honor the department. They said they couldn't
do it anytime soon. Apparently one of the helicopter pilot son's took
the chopper out for a joy ride with his 16 year old girlfriend,
things got hot and heavy in the air and they crashed it. Fox 25 needs
to buy a new helicopter before they cane resume this community
recognition. What a stupid Fire Department.

Slippery Fish (swimming in my own       )
10:07 pm est 

Fire Truck

It is amazing that people assume the worst right away.  An
investigation is underway by the Police Department - why don't you
let them do their jobs before casting judgement.  I think Staff Sgt

Tobias was correct is saying speed may have been a factor - he wasn't
there, were any of you?  I don't believe anyone said a "minor" female
- I think it was a female friend of the driver - BIG DIFFERENCE -
maybe not to some of the small minded quick to judge people on this
site - but it is in the bigger scheme of things.  Why did the lights
go out?  It seems poster on this site and seven news (the o-so
accurate station) said someone turned the lights off, I thought the
Fire Station had lights that turned off automatically after so many
minutes if there was no movement in the garage bays - so if no one
was walking around inside - they would go out - BIG COVER UP
there!!!!  Our public safety officials work hard for us - they are
certainly there when I call them - maybe folks on this website should
look at what is going on outside of Provincetown.
10:06 pm est 

Developers Get Rich With Our Money!

Excellent articles about the CPC and Barbara Rushmore about
the CPC funds. Also, quite a statement by AJ who works for Ted Malone.

Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned; Special Town meeting knows
no fury like a tax payer who is being used. Money for Town Hall, then
money for affordable housing developers with the attending debt

Buyer beware. I'm not letting my money go towards making others
richer and richer and richer.
10:03 pm est 

Re: Post Office

Does anyone know why the workers are wearing cloth masks at
our US Post Office?

Forever stamp please
10:00 pm est 

Ashamed of Them!

I'm shocked that the Fire Department would be reacting to
the news inquiry this way. SHOCKING! SHOCKING! I'm ashamed of them.
9:59 pm est 

Too Many Conflicts of Interest..

Vote Yes on #1

Malone has to ask the CPC for 500K to build another rabbit warren?  No way...
He is a private developer.  Let him find his seed money somewhere else.
Did we not learn from the Sandy Hill disaster?
What a mess that was!
And one of Malone's henchmen even sits on the CPC board.
No Shame!
Let the CPC have control over the other 70% of the CPA funds

9:57 pm est 

Knock It Down!

Knock Down Townhall! Let's knock it down and design a
beautiful park. We could have an outdoor concert area and a great
meeting place. People would want to come to Ptown to stroll through
the beautiful park.More benches, a real meeting place for people to
get to know each other. Let the town workers stay in the modulars
forever... Use the schools gymnasium for town hall and get rid of
town hall. I can hear the historian crying now... somethings are just
need to be changes. Town hall is a money pit.  Knock it down, Knock
it down... more green space would be a welcome sight in town.

Green Space Lover
9:56 pm est 

Whose Cutting the Budget?

I still haven't heard of any departments in town cutting
their budgets! How about a 5-10% budget cut across the board. No,
let's just keep taxing the tax payers. The Selectman/woman and town
manager need to act quickly before the whole town of Provincetown
goes under... we are all on a sinking ship and the waters getting
deeper and deeper.

9:54 pm est 

Stop the Insanity... money for anyone... we are all
going broke. This is not the time to ask tax payers to once again
give more money out of our measly paychecks. Everything is going up,
everyone wants a handout and my check is getting smaller and smaller
each week. Either get the money from the CPC for town hall renovation
or forget about it.

9:52 pm est 

Here We go Again

I see money signs flashing before our
eyes! I have a few questions regarding the firetruck crash.
1. Did the driver have permission of his superiors to drive the truck
on this particular day?

2. Who was in charge and how did this young man get the keys to the truck?

3. If he did not permission, then is he being charged with GRAND THEFT AUTO?

4. Was this young man licensed to drive said truck? If not, will  the
insurance company cover the claim? There are many clauses in
insurance policies and this could be a way out for the insurance
company not to pay up.

5. Did the girl who was with this young man have permission to be in
the vehicle? Once again, here you have the issue with a lawsuit
against the town if she was injured. You also have the issue of the
insurance company not covering the claim due to her not being an
insurable person, ie... not a volunteer of the fire squad.

6. Does the Selectman and the Town Manager expect that the tax payers
will pony up in the amount of 500K plus to replace the truck?

7. Does the supervisor of this young man have an liability for the accident?

8. Was the young man charged with any driving infraction by the police?

Sounds like a pretty big screwup for this kid... I am glad that no
one got hurt. But, does this young man understand the gravity of his

Just Askin'
9:50 pm est 

Delta Force Swat Team

The department of Revenue is the Delta Force swat team of
the financial arm of the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

When studying the financial operation of the town, red flags appeared
when they came to the school and alarms went off.

46 Provincetown students and a multi-million dollar budget revealed
an untenable financial hardship upon the tax payers.

With all of the efforts of the school committee and the
superintendent from the major conference a few years ago to their
appearance before the Board of Selectmen to defend their
cause--spiraling cost of the schools and the declining student
population demand that the school be regionalized.
9:47 pm est 

Town Hall and High School Confluence

If the town hall is condemned and people had to be
evacuated for their personal safety, why don't we tear it down and
create a park and move the town hall into the high school and send
the hand full of Provincetown students to Nauset high school?
9:35 pm est 

Re: Twisted Sister

I'm thrilled Twisted Sister is to re-open. That's great news.

Now about the fire truck! Who gets to pay for this now?

I'm glad no one got hurt but why hasn't the town released a statement
indicating what happened and what is the outcome.

My experience is when a public official refuses to speak to the media
and they try to prevent the media from taking photographs, it's
usually because they have something to hide.
9:33 pm est 

Twisted Sister to Reopen!

5:02 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck

What about the facts regarding the Fire truck crash; what
was the blood alcohol level in the driver? Why did someone turn off
the lights during the channel 7 news report? If I was in a crash and
had a high alcohol blood level it would have been broadcast the next
5:01 pm est 

We Must Get the Money From CPC

How can we take out a bond in these perilous times: Fanuile
Hall in Boston is filling for bankruptcy. Places here in town are
going into foreclosure. We must get the money away from community
housing and put it towards paying to make town hall structurally
secure. We can decide in the Spring what to do with it.
5:00 pm est 

Cover Up!

Guess we were all in the same sandbox?  time to turn out
the lights on the cover up, o im sorry that was already done to the
ch 7 news reporter by one of our fine fire dept employees. Note to
those involved you may be able to cover things in your hometown, but
I don't think your any match for the general public, so much humor in
this dramatic crisis
2:15 pm est 


We are going to be voting for 2 members of the School Committee this
coming spring.  I'm writing in Michael Rogovsky and Candace Nagle.

We also have the opportunity to vote no on their budget.

Please vote yes on the first phase of town hall.  No matter what
happens to the schools, we will still need to shore up the building
for any future use.  By the spring, we will have the information from
the School Steering Committee, new School Committee members and the
chance to force their budget.  That is the time to consider phase two
of the Town Hall Restoration.
2:12 pm est 

Too Much Ptown Tax

M Rogovsky should maybe sell his other second house if he
thinks he pays to much taxes on his Ptown home. Id like to buy one of
his art works but they are way over priced.
2:11 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck

Did you honestly expect something intelligent out of the
mouth of Tobias? I've often wondered why there isn't a standing rule
that he not get to speak with reporters and the media. His history of
verbal typos and silly statements hasn't done him well.

Sharon Lynn however sounds as though she's handling the situation
well. At least she came off intelligent in the interview and
genuinely concerned.

I hope that they do what is necessary to resolve this in the most
appropriate manner. I can't imagine why the fireman would have a
minor female in the vehicle with him. What was he thinking?

Now who get's to pay for the fire truck? If these details are correct
and there was an unauthorized minor in the cab, insurance coverage is
questionable at best. Who pay's the bill? We obviously need a ladder
truck. 10 to 15 minutes from Welfleet isn't going to cut it.

Do I sense another ballot item coming?
2:09 pm est 

It Just Aint True

Acording to the minutes of a Cpc meeting a few months ago
only new affordable rentals will be accepted for cpa funds. So stop
all this talk about units being built for sale! Then sold at a
profit! It just aint true.
2:07 pm est 

Regionalize the High School

There are some citizens who are interesed in regionalizing
the  high school. Simply read the Report regarding the schools issued
by the Department of Revenue; it says it all.

It is here on You can print out section 11 regarding the
cost to the Provincetown tax payers to fund the high school when we
had 46 Provincetown students in attendance last year.

Send you letter to the dept. of Revenue:
Mr. Gerard D. Perry
Director of Accounts
Division of local services
P.O. Box 9569
Boston MA 02114-9569

To the State dept. of Education
Mr. Mitchell Chester
Commissioner of elementary and secondary education
350 Main Street
Malden, MA 02148
2:05 pm est 

Vote "No" on Phase 1 and Phase 2

We don't need the expense right now during an economic crises. I love
Town Hall, but I don't think we can afford to fix this aging property right
now. Perhaps as someone said earlier it should be demolished and made
into something useful that will give back to the community, like parking or
commercial space. Provincetown could even use a little green space
downtown. Knock it down and plant grass. That won't cost that much.
2:03 pm est 

I don't think anyone is questioning affordable RENTALS.  It's the
affordable units for sale that appear to bring everything into
question.  I'm all for affordable rental units which have controls in
place to ensure they are being used properly.

Where are the same controls for the ownership units?  Sadly, the
abuse, though it may be rare, invalidates the value of the program.
11:09 am est 

Vote No on Phase 1

I will only vote for phase 1 IF, one of the schools is
converted to town hall. So, this time around I am voting no on phase

We need to start playing hardball with the school committee and BOS.
Vote NO on Phase 1 this time around.
Make a political statement that we must start managing our resources
with fiscal prudence. This town has too many town owned buildings. We
should be consolidating.

Regionalizing is coming. What the heck are we going to do with an
empty school? Give it to Ted for next to nothing?
No, turn it into town hall and create a multi-use tourist oreinted
building with our condemend town hall.

We need three people to run for the school committee on a platform of

Let's play hardball!
11:08 am est 

CPC Fairy Tales

You must be part of the CPC and are trying to advocate for more
monies to be used for affordable housing. No, we don't all win with
affordable housing but Ted Malone and his friends do. Also, what is
the real number of affordable housing units here in provincetown?
Isn't it strange that you can't get the real number of units? I think
we hit our 10% long ago but the CPC with Ted Malone fudge the
numbers. Then on some properties, after five years, the once
affordable housing condos can be sold by the owner at market rate!
They make quite a bit of money--as Pam Parmakian and Monica did--
using our monies and then these units leave the affordable housing
number. Wait for Rex and AJ to sell theirs soon and make a profit.
Plus, no one checks income after you get an "affordable". It's a game
being playing on tax payers. I say "enough."
11:05 am est 

Re: Firetruck

GLAD no one was hurt!
NOW through the book at the kid.  Do whatever is legal in the courts
for someone taking a truck out with an unauthorized person
(especially a minor) in it.
I do understand that gas engines, (cars or trucks and in this case a
fire truck) needs to have it run so parts do not freeze up, but for
the fire truck to flip over 2X or 4X or EVEN ONCE is so beyond the
scope of any sane person.   And for the Tobias to say, we believe
speed MIGHT have had something to do with it is even more stupid.  Is
he protecting a buddys kid?  Sounds like it to me!
11:03 am est 

Where Are the Jobs?

It took 25 years for my taxes to double and they doubled
again in the last five years. Listen to the demographer Peter
Francese: High property taxes devalue homes. The cape has a no growth
population. Provincetown has a declining population. It seems to me
that some people want to ignore the facts and embrace their own

It is sad: there are businesses and restaurants that are bankrupt.
Look at the places for sale: a number of restaurants and ,sadly, even
Land's End marine and supply co. People come here and work in the
summer and then leave and work someplace in the winter or collect

We need seasonal work force housing--not year round housing. Where
are the jobs for these people? It is ridiculous to talk about
building over two hundred rentals. It is just another boon for
developers. Of course developers want to build as much housing as
possible because they want to make money.

I don't want a developer to get the CPC money that I believe needs to
go to shoring up Town Hall in phase one so that it is no longer
condemned. This is why I want article one to pass.

We tax payers are paying a debt service on the money that has gone
into affordable housing..and we will be paying it for years.

There is a waiting list of 3,100 people waiting for section 8 housing
at the Housing assistance corp in Hyannis. This   doesn't even
include all of the other list of folks in other housing authorities
on the cape. They can easily fill the quota at Shank Painter Road
once it is complete. Again, where are the jobs for these folks?

I talked to a dynamic 29 year old doctor and asked him why he doesn't
relocate here and he said that the school isn't very good because it
has so few students. He said that he and his wife want to have
children but he said that he didn't think that it would be fair to
his child to send him to school here.

That is why the school should be regionalized--what good is it to
have a school if it doesn't draw people to it? Truro and Wellfleet
don't have high schools.

I wrote a letter stating the facts from the study done by the
Department of Revenue and Peter Francese's report regarding the
school et al and I'm sending it today to the Commissioner of
education and the Department of Revenue.

The Cape Cod Times printed it in the Op ed section of the paper and a
member of the Provincetown finance committee complimented me on the

Michael Rogovsky
11:02 am est 

Re: Fire Truck

Hmmmmmm. I wonder why the Fire Chief refused to talk to the
reporter? I wonder why they turned the lights off so the news crew
couldn't photograph the truck. I wonder why they haven't released the
name of the unauthorized female passenger? Chances are if nothing
serious was wrong, they would have nothing to hide. I would expect
this from the Provincetown Police Department.                             
 Now the Fire
Department is doing the same thing. I had a lot of respect for our
fire department. I'm very disappointed.Thanks for posting the news
clip by the way.
10:57 am est 

Boy Someone Hit a Nerve.......

.........of the rich person who does not
want her taxes to go up or to sell some of her stocks and bonds! Wish
I had that kind of bucks to use in the winter like when my restaurant
owner boss takes her money to spend in Mexico this year! Maybe we
should let the IRS know of these under the table funds. This has
happened in this very town before! So watch what you say about your
fellow town person, instant karmas going to get you.
10:54 am est 


For years we have heard the same few people always putting
down the good town workers and volunteers of Provincetown and at
every town meeting we have went against their sky is falling rappins!
Lets do it again at next weeks town meeting and vote to keep the good
work that the CPC has already done and will continue to do if we
leave them to do it. Affordable housing helps everyone in the long
run.  The state and town make sure that nobody abuses said housing
with strict guidelines and inspections through out the year. (I have
an inspection tomorrow, which they told me about only 24 hours ago) 
If you want to go away you always have to let them know. This is the
second inspection that I have had this year. There is no way that I
could even think of sub letting or having a room mate without HUD
knowing about it. Plus I wouldnt risk getting caught, I waited almost
25 years to get a permanent rental here in town that didnt have an
over inflated rent. Plus I only get a !
  two week vacation. Keep the CPC the way it is!
1:23 am est 

Re: Fire Truck

I know we don't typically post web addresses on here, but
everyone should watch this news cast:

www dot whdh dot com/news/articles/local/BO94841/

Channel 7 WHDH went to the Provincetown Fire Department to cover the
story concerning the rolled fire truck and the contraversy concerning
the passenger, and in what appears to be an effort to cover up what
happened, they turned the lights off in the station on the camera.

That's how very corrupt this town has become. It's a sad day for this
1:18 am est 


WANT TO KNOW, "what you heard that was great about MYM weekend?"
I heard NOTHING GREAT.  Only 1 guest that said it was a SAD EVENT
with VERY FEW (11 guys) at any event he went too.

The person that said he heard GREAT things, must be one of the organizers!
1:16 am est 

It's About Pot Luck!

While the supermarket is closed let's plan a Town-wide Thanksgiving.

We can give thanks that the GU stayed open until another company
bought them out. Those of us that shop and cook can take advantage of
the sure to come going out of business sale. We can fill the pantry
and then have pot lucks, etc., for the week when the market is closed.

There are many among us who do not have the means to buy and store
enough food for a week in advance or to travel out of Town.

Just a thought for getting us through these days. Could be fun.

Love to cook in big batches
1:14 am est 

There Are Limits

I personally want phase one to take place *IF* we get the
CPC money and if we tax payers can get it done for a million dollars
or less. We still don't know what the estimate is going to be.

Once phase one, if we are in a great depression, we can sell it to a
rich developer. (*Some* people were still rich during the depression).

I want town hall renovated--but I will not go bankrupt so town
employees can live large.
1:12 am est 

Town Hall

There will never be a good time to do town hall.  The good time to do
it would have been 20 years ago when it was a fraction of the cost
today.  Go ahead and vote 'no' and in 2 years it will cost 20% more. 
Then you'll **** and moan and vote 'no' again.  This is exactly why
this town cannot take care of it's buildings.

This town meeting IS important.  That building IS important and I for
one will vote yes to it's completion.  I will not be a part of this
town's embarrassing legacy to it's history.
1:10 am est 

Ted Malone

Let me say this loud and clear. I make the same wage as the
folks who own affordable housing units and we have worked side by
side--but I don't qualify because I worked very hard when I was young
and bought my house.

I resent that people can come here and buy a property and have their
taxes essentially frozen in place for the rest of their lives. It
galls me that I was the hard working one and the grasshoppers who
danced and played can move here and never have their basic housing
costs increase.

Ted Malone is a developer with ten years worth of development
holdings. Look at all of his housing developments.

I too agree with a residency clause: Now, the time has come where by
we MUST DEMAND that people must live here for a number of years
before they get to live on the shank painter property. Folks coming
here and living off of the taxpayers has got to end.

Be a cheerleader for Ted Malone if you wish--but for everyone else:
look at the housing developments that he has built from the old A&P
to the Mat Costa Property by Victor's and now Nelson's riding stable.
At a number of these housing developments many were sold at market
rate and the rest were sold to the "deserving" poor.

Well, I would qualify for affordable housing, but I worked and slaved
and bought my own house and there are families here where mom and dad
are working and things are still tough.
1:09 am est 

State of the Town Should Be an Annual Presentation

Not one you do when you force a special town meeting. It's a year
long looking back to what has taken place, to how we assess the
future and to offering the town an honest assessment of our finances.
It should not be a propaganda speech on rallying the troops to pay
for town hall renovations.

This is how I see this address. It is not light and should not be
used lightly. It should have weight, substance and need. I'm not sure
these criteria were used for last Thursday's "conversation" with the
town. Otherwise, it becomes a sermon addressing the converted.
1:05 am est 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Town Meeting a Waste of Good Time and Energy

Put everything on hold. Say no to renovations whether they want to
call it Phase I or Phase II or Phase III or Phase IV. Put the major
decisions about town hall on the April Town Meeting and then we will
have a more comprehensive perspective. This piece meal approach is foolish
and we should not follow the cookie crumbs to our own financial ruin.
This is not the time, with loss of employment, banks failing and
folding, corporations going into Bankruptcy like Circuit City, other
companies closing their doors--Linen And Things just for one--and of
course Lehman Brothers, this is not time for major municipal
projects. Put everything on hold. Now is not the time.

They have their trailers and they have moved in. Good. They can stay
there for at least two years and they can stay there even longer. Buy
the trailers and settle in even longer. This is not the time to fix a
building, even a historic one.
9:08 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck

Wake up people. A 22 year old guy takes a girl out for a
spin in a mega sized fire truck on a gorgeous Sunday morning and he
flips the trucks four times? He isn't on his way to Sunday meetin',
I'll tell you that.

He's out to knock her socks off and make her squeal at the speed that
he was going. And boy, what a story she would have had to tell her
girlfriends going out riding with a guy in a fire doesn't
get any more powerful than that.

It is really too bad that they crashed--but don't make this out to be
a routine maintenance run. He should show some remorse. Plus, I can
bet that this isn't the first time.
9:05 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck

I went and looked at the scene of the Fire Truck accident.
It is really obvious what happened. The truck came into the turn a
little to fast, the driver under steered, the front left tire hit the
curb head on causing the rear end to swing out to 9 o'clock, at which
time the top heavy truck put all its weight on the two leading tires
which dragged a bit causing the unloaded opposite side to come up and
over, thus sending the truck into a roll over. And it is also very
obvious that the truck only rolled all the way over once! Once onto
each side, making four times, landing in an upright position.It was
an accident! I've had them myself. No harm no foul no cover up no shame.

A Rat In The Basement
9:03 pm est 

Vote No on Town Hall Rehab

The bos continues to be lousy guardians of town properties. 
 they do not properly oversee the management of all our town
resources.  we continue to be in an endless cycle of
condemed-rebuild. imagine having to abandon your home because you
didn t properly maintain it?

my vote against repairing town hall is more a vote of non-confidence
in our selectmen.
9:00 pm est 

Re; Fire Truck

Channel 7 The Boston Channel has a news segment tonight at
10pm about the Provincetown Fire Department Ladder Truck accident.  I
saw the teaser, it looks like it's going to have a lot of information.
8:57 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck

The "details" of the ladder truck accident are being kept
quiet because:

A)  The girl was a minor and not a member of the department,
subsequently not covered by the town's insurance. I smell lawsuit.

B)  The use of the vehicle was personal in nature and not for fire
department business; it will not be covered by the town's insurance.
I smell screw up.

C)  Replacing a fire truck like this will cost between a $500 and
$750k; once again not covered by the town's insurance.

Guess who gets to pay for this accident folks? We need to replace a
very expensive fire truck and chances are the parents of the girl may
in fact seek damages.

The reason not many details are being released is because it's under
investigation by the insurance company. Well that and the fact that
they don't want this accident being a public spectacle in town, just
before the vote.

The less we know, the better for them.
8:56 pm est 

Integrity Task Force

How about following Deval's initiative and have our own
public integrity task force?
8:54 pm est 

Re: GU

I was just at the Grand Union.
I recognized every single person working as a long time employee. So
much for the firings being reported on here...

Is someone trying to make a big issue when there is no evidence to
support it? Again?
Jeez, get a life
8:52 pm est 

Too Lazy!

How about if you don't serve the town in any way, ie,
participate on a board, volunteer for a non-profit, help on
committees of your various organizations, etc, you keep your vile and
accusatory comments to your lazy self.
8:50 pm est 

Hats Off

Thank you, resident targets. Really! Each of you must be doing
something right, or something to make people really jealous!
Developers, volunteers on town boards, Guild ED/President. I know all
of you, and appreciate sincerely all you have done for and with the
town. Without you, this town would be another Nantucket and then
some. Thank you Jerry Anathan, Ted Malone, Elaine Anderson, Don K,
Steve T, Cass Benson. You are all leaders, hard workers, and
seemingly happy individuals. Don't let the turkeys or slimey fish get
you down!!! And, I heard great things about MYM weekend!
8:49 pm est 

Who Lost What?

"The Sandy hill project was a win win when presented to the
CPC. They had matching funds from local banks, they used local
workers, they built green, prices would be far below what market
prices would be for permanent year round housing in town! I could go
on but its all public information. Plus if the builders ever get a
profit from this project all proceeds go BACK into the CPA to fund
even more projects. Thats how it works."


Thank you.
1. The developers did not come close to making 20%
2. Ted Malone and his office made less than $1500 on the entire
consulting portion of the job, and presently receive ZERO residual or
managerial fee. He is not in any way, shape, or form, a part of Sandy
Hill/Gull's Nest. $200,000? Hilarious. He's got more than enough on
his plate than to dabble in managing other developer's projects.
3. The Gull's Nest won the most prestigious award possible for its
environmentally sound construction and design. It is on par with, and
actually received a higher award in the same category as Provincetown
Art Association and Museum. Two LEED buildings in one town? Something
to be proud of.
4. Each owner worked long and hard to save for downpayment, manage
their spending/credit scores, and ALL ARE LOCAL WORKERS and shop
owners. Thanks to the CPC, these people are still here serving your
drinks and food, painting your walls, cleaning your homes, creating
the art that is Provincetown's legacy, keeping the lights on on
Commercial Street.
5. It is almost absurd that this issue continues. The business plan
and agreement with the CPC was public record and open to the scrutiny
of all. The town accountant AND CPC has scrutinized all receipts and
invoices; the final report was well received and the project
6. Lastly, no, none of the units were sold for market. They were all
sold at state mandated prices in both moderate and median categories.
The "market unit" sold recently on Sandy Hill Lane was not even in
the Gull's Nest project.

"Before you speak, weigh whether your words are an improvement on the
8:46 pm est 

The Fire Truck Incident

I agree that maybe he shouldn't have been at the wheel of that
expensive piece of town owned equipment.  And yeah, the other person
probably should not have been allowed to ride in the truck either. 
There were obviously bad mistakes in judgement by a number of people

But not one of you has said "thank god no one was seriously hurt". 
Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes those mistakes cost people
their lives or serious injury.

We can deal with issues in the department, we can deal with the
insurance company, we can deal with fixing or replacing a piece of
equipment.  If a young man had been lost or maimed, how would we deal
with that?

I for one am thankful that no one was seriously injured.
8:41 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck

The Cape Cod times is mentioning the name of the young man
who is 22 yars old. The fir truck rolled over 4 times.

  If I had done something like that I'd have the wrath of my
ancestors called down on. However, with the boys will be boys
attitude here, the was just out fishing later.

Oh well, it is only Tax payer's money. No remose offered by the 22
year old. Nothing from the parents except no comment.
1:30 pm est 

Town Hall Benefits

I just talked with the UPS guy: wow, he is making a fortune
working today. I'm making the same amount--less that $14.00 an
hour--and we are closing at 3pm.

The cost of living here and working here without a town hall job with
all of the benefits, raises, pensions etc.
1:05 pm est 

There Were Some Good Employees at the GU

I think of Anne, Bob, Pearlene, David and Jim--they were friendly and
competent. But many have been displaced by the employees who worked
at the Bourne GU and the Bourne  seniority caused some good
Provincetown people to lose their job already. They will not be in
the union to fight for a position because, given the timing, they are
gone, replaced by Bourne employees who just arrived on the
scene--some a day or two ago. I know timing is everything but this is
too bad.

I'm glad that the Shop & Shop will be here but it would be good to
have some of the dedicated people working in the new store.
1:02 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck

A fire truck of that size rolls over four times--and the
authorities *think* that speed was a factor. I wonder what kind of
activity was going on in the front seat.

I wonder when the facts will come out. Was the girl a minor? Her name
wasn't meantioned or her age.              has taken this fire truck out in
the past--so something different happened this time.

Awaiting the results of the full investigation.
1:00 pm est 

Operor Non Perago!

President-elect Obama, streets not clogged with tourists, our own
Stop and Shop - If this is a dream, don't wake me!
10:54 am est 

"Where's the Old, Familiar, Dedicated Staff?"

uummmm... blowing cigarette smoke in my face as I enter/leave the store?
..looking at me as if they want to kill me?
..not meeting my eye or smiling at checkout?
..changing the date on some old meat so they could still sell it?

Puleeeeze! You judge the new employee because they did not know a
Belgium Endive??
The Grand Union has been a pox on this town! Good Riddence to Bad
Rubbish. And I mean that literally!!

9:45 am est 

No to Tow Hall Rehab at This Time!

Taxes are proportion to what we receive in
return....our employees have  gotten a pay raise that we did not
approve, they continue to have funded pensions, health insurance and
now a four day work week.  Not bad.

If all our employees lived in town they would contribute to our tax
base.  The exodus to Truro, Wellfleet, and Eastham has been underway
for years and there is no sign that any of these workers are planning
to come back to town to live.

It is time for full disclosure.  We cannot pick off single items to
be funded by our taxes.  We cannot afford what is on our plate

Until there is a complete budget for the coming year, we need to
hunker down and just say no resoundingly to fixing town hall at this
9:43 am est 

Veterans Day
9:41 am est 

Re; Stop & Shop

Before Stop and Shop is viewed as some new evil (like every
single change in town- no matter how big or small) please read these
facts from Wicked Local:

"The current Provincetown Grand Union employees, most of whom are
local residents, are in the same union as Stop & Shop workers, United
Food and Commercial Workers Union. As such, while the Grand Union
staffers will have to reapply for their positions, they will retain
any seniority benefits they have earned, such as vacation and sick
time, according to what one employee said he was told by a union
representative. That employee, who asked not to be identified, said
he expects that the current Grand Union workers who want to continue
with Stop & Shop will be hired."

So, let's try to celebrate the end of Grand Union (which seemed to
hate PTown ever since taking over from A&P) with it's past date meats
and rotting produce!
I say: Hurrah!! We finally get our own Stop and Shop!! Think of all
the gas we will save not having to drive to Orleans!!
9:40 am est 

Re - Grand Union

Good riddance to a greedy, dirty organisation.
Stop and Shop will put the Grand Union to shame.

  While there are some great employees, there are also some that have
to go.  I would fire all the employees of the poorly run produce
department. Those folks have no clue as to sanitation or freshness.

If possible we should boycott the Grand Union until the change is made.
9:38 am est 

Affordable Housing Cartel

Look at the businesses for sale: Sal's place, Waydowntown,
Vorellis, and the ones that we don't know about. Where will the staff
of these places work when these places sell or go out of business?

The affordable housing cartel wants 250 more apt. units--where will
these people work?

Hmmm Mom will be waiting on tables at Fanizzi's while dad cooks; or
vice versa and then come home and take care of little Mary and
brother Johnny?

Look at all of the staff of the restaurants that leave town every
fall and return every spring: Their employers don't need any front
help--but there are plenty of jobs washing dishes and busing tables
and every motel on Rt 6 needs folks to clean the rooms. Stop and Shop
will need folks to stock the shelves 11pm-7am in the summer.

Upon consideration, it seems as though the affordable housing cartel
expects to replace the folks who work the seasons with year round
9:37 am est 

The Ladder Truck Curious Seekers

I don't know why anyone feels the Ladder truck mishap is being
covered up because it was on the Police scanner like practically all
accidents are, many people were there and it was towed in broad
daylight to the Shankpainter Fire Station. So for all you trouble
makers trying to convince others it was covered up, maybe you should
take your head out of the sand box and get out more.

Also, as for who was in the Ladder truck is not the issue here, like
any accident "the cause" is everyone's concern along with the
"injuries". Most importantly, when an accident happens, an
investigation is always done and until the facts are accumulated, the
names are routinely held unless there was no need for an in-depth
investigation which has nothing to do with a coverup. Maybe you were
still working your way out of the sand box then too.

Since you are concerned about the passenger, that person had
permission by the operator and if there are any house rules on wether
that was against any dept (house) rules than that's up to the board
of fire engineers to deciede not the general public. Just like when
you invite someone as a passenger into your car. Doesn't your
insurance company figure out why and what then too if you got into an
accident. Maybe your sand box was new and you coudn't figure out why
you had so many shovels to figure that one out too. I could go on but
like many postings here, I'm disgusted...
9:34 am est 

Re: Clem & Ursie's

Yes, Clem and Ursies owners will be at an upcoming
selectmans meeting. I don't remember the date..but it was mentioned
at a meeting.
9:30 am est 

Monday, November 10, 2008

Enough of This

We have given. We have used our tax monies to fund affordable
housing. We have helped build more than our share in this small town.
Affordable housing is not a game for anyone's friend who wants to
live here too and has no attachment to this town.

Enough. Let's use the CPC monies for our Town Hall and not for these
strangers who arrive looking for a hand out. It's time to focus on
our town's real needs and that is Town Hall. And if CPC monies are
not used to restore this building, then not one penny more from our
10:59 pm est 

You Have Your Nerve!

Who are you to tell taxpayers that they should cash in their CD's and
bonds in order to pay higher taxes to fund affordable housing? Who
are you to tell taxpayers that they should not take their one month
vacation in Mexico but instead pay higher taxes to support this game
of affordable housing that supports those who work few hours. go on
unemployment and take long winter vacations. You have no shame! You
are in insult to all of us!
10:57 pm est 

At the GU: The Men in Black Suits

You could sense that something official had taken place when the men
in black suits and ties were walking the aisles of the GU and having
serious conversations. What I feel badly about is that since the GU
Bourne store closed before this deal happened, those who worked at
the Bourne store could and many did bump long-time Provincetown GU
employees who didn't have as much seniority as anyone at the old
Bourne store. Now you have people who have never worked in
Provincetown at check out and a new crew from the Stop & Shop and it
is not pleasant. Too many of the old crew have been let go and those
that remain are strangers pretending to know what they are doing.

At the moment, it is not good. Maybe long term it will be but now I
feel badly for some dedicated people who have been cast aside for the
Bourne GU people. "What is this?" a new Bourne staffer asked me
tonight. "An endive, a Belgian endive." Better buy only prosaic food
while the transition exists. Oh, now don't ask me what "prosiac" is.
Where's the old, familiar, dedicated staff?
10:56 pm est 

Clem & Ursie's-What Happened?

What ever happened about the BOS questioning why Clem &
Ursie's Restaurant closed in the beginning of October when they asked
and GOT more gallons from the sewer system for staying open YEAR
ROUND?   The BOS asked David Gardner to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, and
they were suppose to call the 2 owners into a BOS meeting and go over
the issues about WHY they misrepresented themselves.  ANYONE KNOW THE
10:21 pm est 

The Life of Riley

I'm fed up with the AIG getting billions in a bail when I
see footage of them today enjoying a "conference" at a luxury spa in
Arizona to the tune of $350,000 compliments of the tax payers money.

Look around at the people in town and again when you are at town
meeting because some of these long term,year round residents won't be
here next year. We already have some bankruptcies and businesses
closed. I wouldn't count on a lot of building going on this
winter--people are cutting back.

However, you won't find anyone on affordable housing being forced out of town.

On a smaller scale, it seems that some affordable housing folks are
enjoying living the life of Riley compliments of Ted Malone's
affordable housing policies.

Of course, Ted can give away or discount his places to his staff etc.
but it gnaws at the public when he gets special dispensation to build
where no one else can easily build; then reaps the benefits and
profits all in the name of helping the poor--and then we see these
well heeled individuals connected to him enjoy living in these places
with little personal expense.

There are people and families who own their own homes who are going
to have to leave town because it is  just too expensive to live here.

Our tax bill is over $5,000 and our pre and post betterment fee is
$2,500. (whoop de doo that we save a couple of hundred dollars with
this 25% rate cut during the off season: Spare me).

Things are really slowing down and my job has no benefits and no 401K
or pension plan I have to save it all myself.
10:19 pm est 

What's the Real Story!

Ok, someone tell the story of the turned over firetruck.
Don't put the name of the guy or girl in though...obviously someone
who ruins half a million dollars of our property doesn't merit having
their name printed here. WHAT?????(Ironical!) Just the story please. 
When did it happen, why is the truck totally trashed and any other
details would be great to know since apparently it's not going to be
in the Banner...
10:16 pm est 

Again, What's the Rush!

Until the 2010 budget comes out, it is imprudent to vote in
favor of phase 1. Let s wait and see how higher our total tax bill will be before a
fait d'accompli vote on phase 1.
10:14 pm est 


Sorry. There is no way I believe that you "gathered facts"
by making exactly 15 phone calls on  Sunday afternoon.  IF, and as
you see that's a big if, you did, then obviously you can use all your
spare time to make things better.  Remember, you are known as a big
compainer who has so many ideas that you just can't seem to follow
through with any of them.

Slippery Fish (one who gets phone calls my fins)
10:12 pm est 

My Sympathies to the Cabral Family

The passing of Yvonne Cabral is a loss to Provincetown. Yvonne was a
wonderful woman with a huge heart. She loved her family and was
dedicated to them. She and Bobby were very generous to this town and
offered Fisherman's Pier for so many events. They were also so
involved in the building of the new church and were proud of this new
church that rose from the ashes of the old structure.

I will miss my many conversations with Yvonne Cabral who for years I
could only call Mrs. Cabral. To the family, my heartfelt sympathies
for your loss and ours as well.
10:10 pm est 

Sandy Hill was a Loss Loss

      We all loss except for our real estate developers who made out
quite well. Well, so would most of us if a town gives you--yes gives
you outright--$730,000 and the town also pays for the interest on
this money for twenty years. Then Ted Malone gets $200,000 of CPC
funds for his "advice" as "advisor" on Sandy Hill and now, in
addition, he gets a monthly managerial fee as oversight for the
project. Seems like Ted Malone and Gerry Anatham and Cass Benson--who
was on the CPC as a member--were the recepients of a "win win." The
town was left with a "loss loss."

     And what bank gave them matching funds? You spin fairy tales,
not true tales. Another CPC deal that hardly benefited the town. But
Anatham and Benson can profit from this deal and keep 20% of the
profit. They get this huge gift from the town and then make money on
our money. Do you wonder why they are in this affordable housing
10:08 pm est 

More Bad News About the Fire Truck

The Provincetown Ladder Truck rollover is being kept quiet
because there is an extensive insurance investigation underway. If
the insurance company can prove this newbie didn't have adequate
training to be operating the vehicle, if they can prove he had the
vehicle out without permission and if they can verify the civilian
riding in the cab, they have grounds to deny any claim. $500,000;
$750,000, whatever it cost....we can't afford it. If insurance
doesn't cover this accident, we are screwed.
10:06 pm est 

Fifre Truck Bad News

The reason the fire truck crash is hush hush is because
Sharon has stepped in to silence everyone before they talk to the
media. This way she can control how badly Provincetown officials
look, once again.

I urge you to call the Cape Cod Times, call The Boston Globe, ask
them why they don't blow this wide open.

I'm not sure if it's fact, but someone shared with me that the girl
may have been a minor.

Provincetown Fire Department have some excellent people. I hope this
one young nit wit doesn't give them a bad name.
10:04 pm est 

BOS Meeting?

Is there a Selectmen's meeting this week? I can't find any
meetings posted except the conservation commission.
10:02 pm est 

Fire Truck........

Never mind the fire truck, think about the possible law
suit from the girl that was in the truck, insurance
won't cover anyone who is not on the dept.

Good luck
10:01 pm est 

"Transparency" Where is it?

Do you see the Community Housing office by Yardarm liquor?
That is the rental office for The Ted Malone housing developments.
Why shouldn't the names and jobs be posted since these are people
subsidized by federal funds?

What about all of this "Transparency" we hear so much about? lets see
who is legitimately living here in all of these Ted Towns and who is
using it to pad their own pockets! Ten years of houses for Ted at
market value and some for the little people--and getting a pass on
all of the rules and regulations.

I worked three jobs to get my house and times are so tough and I'll
be damned if I'm going to let anyone else just skim by on my hard
earned money.

You scammers beware.
10:00 pm est 

It's True!

 From Wicked Local:

After months of rumors, denials and, more recently, no comments from
the two corporations, it is now official: the Stop & Shop supermarket
chain will be taking over the towns lone grocery store, now operated
by Grand Union Family Markets.

The hand-off will occur in early December, reportedly Dec. 3, and the
store will be closed for approximately five days for the transition
although the pharmacy will remain open. Stop & Shop will purchase the
Grand Union lease on the building
9:57 pm est 

Its Official!

Stop and Shop coming to Provincetown!

Go to wickedlocal dot com/provincetown
9:56 pm est 

And You Accuse Slippery Fish of Spewing Garbage???

". . .I could sit here like you and spew garbage that has no
fact to it, no real information and just opinion but I don't. I made
the calls, I gathered the facts. . ."

- - -

I'm with the Slippery Fish on this one.  Your comments are so out of
whack they're funny, but not believable.  You obviously have an axe
to grind and hide behind your computer to toss out anonymous hate
filled attacks.

And you accuse Slippery Fish of spewing garbage???  Give me a break,
give us all a break.
9:54 pm est 

The Party is Over

Sandy Hill was a win win for developers. We tax payers are
paying a debt service on it. We tax payers have our taxes go up and
up while we subsidize you.

Don't you see how unfair this is that workers and the elderly on
fixed incomes who didn't ask that their houses value reach into the
stratosphere are supporting you with ever rising taxes?

Now the selectmen are even cracking down on the abuses: sublets; the
renting of rooms; etc. it is ten years too late.

People play their whole lives and go off in the winter and collect
unemployment then come here and cry that they can't afford to pay
rent and then get to live on the sweat of the taxpayers who have
lived here year round all of their lives.

The Party is over. We are going to make sure that people who live
here on subsidized housing stay here and don't milk the system.
9:52 pm est 

Taxes Are Not That High

If anybody thinks taxes are high here in Provincetown, just
go check out what taxes are in other parts of the nation. We are not
that high! Plus we live a very good quality of life here. As far as
affordable housing goes, the need for more housing is because there
are empty condos and apartments that the owners of,try to price way
too high a month for anybody to pay monthly. Barb Rushmore even said
at the town manager meeting that she rents at a high rent. So to keep
a workforce in town, somebody has to offer affordable living! When
the private sector realizes that workers can get lower priced rentals
from the town, perhaps the private rentals will come down to a
livable price also! Some will say the reason they rent at a high
price is because they have high costs. Well that may be true for a
few, but most are living beyond their means. Maybe they should look
to see if they have taken on to much property that they can no longer
afford. Maybe they should cancel that month long trip to mexico etc! Perhaps its time to cash in those
bonds & CDs that your trust fund holds. And for goodness sake, trade
in that gas guzzler!
9:45 pm est 

Problems Problems and more Problems

Seems to me this town was so much better of when it was just a
fishing village and our woman sat at the pier cleaning fish, doesnt
it. Dont like it? leave NO MORE PROBLEMS.  

Pretty simple to me
8:07 pm est 

Re: Sandy Hill

The Sandy hill project was a win win when presented to the
CPC. They had matching funds from local banks, they used local
workers, they built green, prices would be far below what market
prices would be for permanent year round housing in town! I could go
on but its all public information. Plus if the builders ever get a
profit from this project all proceeds go BACK into the CPA to fund
even more projects. Thats how it works.
4:31 pm est 

3-5 *Year Round* Residency Requirement

Go back and read the want ads in the banner printed since
April: Where are all of the jobs for the people who are going to be
living in all of this affordable housing?

I propose a 3-5 *Year Round* residency requirement first. List the
names and the jobs. We must stop the abuses and make sure that
residents who promise to live here year round are the only ones to
get a unit.
4:15 pm est 

Re: Fire Truck Cost

Google cost of fire truck---one is $500,000.00 another
$750,000.00...I don't know if this is one with a extending ladder or
what. It seems to be hush hush--the newspaper isn't mentioning the
names of the young man and his girlfriend.
3:53 pm est 

Posted Earlier Today: CPA Funds

      "Why would the cpc or the other cpa committes and town voters
give ALL  the money to just one applicant? (town hall) That would dry
up all the money forever!"

       Isn't this what we are doing giving 80% of the CPA Funds
towards affordable housing?

       Vote for Article I and let's have a fair distribution of the
CPA Funds and flexibility of how the 70% is spent.
3:52 pm est 

Fire Truck Cost

Fire truck cost scrutinized. by David Mayernik Jr. Staff
Writer. September 4, 2008 ... The total cost of purchasing a new
vehicle is approximately $728,000. ...
3:50 pm est 

Yes Slippery Fish

I did make the calls. I did so because
I'm more concerned about actual facts then rhetoric. I could sit here
like you and spew garbage that has no fact to it, no real information
and just opinion but I don't. I made the calls, I gathered the facts.
Anyway who participates in the PBG knows how the executive director
lacks any follow up whatsoever. They also know that his performance
is at best: sloppy.
3:48 pm est 

A Question

And what did Sandy Hill and Jerry Anatham and Cass Benson bring to
the CPC to have them "anayze" the need for these affordable housing?
It was done fast and furiously and there was little attempt to see
that there were matching grants, bonds, as you say, and other means
to support this endeavor. The CPC, with Anderson at the helm, rushed
this through to give away $730,000 that, with interest, cost us $1.2
million. And now town hall restoration needs what? Proof of bonds,
matching grants to get the historical Commission to approve the CPC

If it's affordable housing, the money flows fast and furiously, with
little oversight. If its historical restoration, only pennies are
given and then only after bureaucratic hurdles are overcome.

If you can't see this is a game, take off your pin the tail on the
donkey blindfold.
3:46 pm est 

Firetruck Accident

Somebody was wondering when we were going to talk about the
fire truck. You mean the fire truck that 22 year old                
turned over on snail road when he took his girl friend out for a ride?

What were they *doing* that caused him to turn the truck over?
Hmmm...two young people riding down the road in a red hot fire truck?
3:11 pm est 

Cable? Thats What They Are Concerned With?

Are the selectmen serious? They focus their attention on the fact
that we no longer get Comcast channel 3, the Hallmark station and
MSNBC?? WHO CARES!!!! The school system is a mess, Town Hall is about
to fall down, the economy is a mess, Commercial Street is going to
get worse with winter and all they have to focus on is cable and an
extra $3.95/month? Get these clowns out of office PLEASE!!!!!
3:08 pm est 



Try $500K.
3:07 pm est 

CCEDC Phase I & Phase II Development Plan

The Cape Cod Economic Development Council spent $75,000 for
phase one and  phase two of the "Next Economy": A new econimic
development plan for Provincetown.

The two-fold goal is first to help Provincetown understand the
changes currently occuring in its seasonal and year round economy,
and second to provide a template that be applied to other towns
facing the same challenges.

My first question is how can I get this consultant job? My second
question is where are the folks who are going to fill the 250
affordable housing units that Selectman Anderson and the affordable
housing cartel are always touting at this Forum?
1:01 pm est 

Fire Truck Accident

What?  No comments about the new $150,000 fire engine roll over
12:58 pm est 

New Fire Truck

I think it may be best to save your pizza money for the
new fire truck we will be buying.
12:56 pm est 

Affordable Housing and Vacation Homes

      Of course an applicant doesn't apply for a vacation home. But
once "selected" in our wonderful, "objective" lottery, the person may
have only lived in town a few months. They can actually live out of
town and their partner may own a second or third home. But their
income allows this one partner to apply and get one of these
affordables. Then both of them can live here in the summer and
disappear in the winter. And even better, they can quietly rent the
place while they are away and gain income from the affordable.

    Just look at some of our board memebers who own affordables and
rent them out in the summer. They will deny they are doing this but
many know the specifics of who rents them out and who doesn't. They
are great examples of the abuse of affordable housing here in

      There's little enforcement of rules and little regulation once
people get affordables. Their incomes can triple and they still live
in affordables. At bit like the de-regulation of our banks and Wall
Street, affordables are hardly regulated once someone gets "selected"
by the powers that be.
12:55 pm est 

Re: AffordableHousing

All that we need to know about affordable housing is that
developers can by pass all zoinging, build a few residences for the
deserving poor and then build the palaces which have been sold at
market rate!

Get a free pass at developing all of the open space in Provincetown
simply by adding some residences called "affordable housing".

Oh, forgive me, I forgot that they are trying to come with a catchy
name for housing developments: first housing developments, then
affordable housing; but now it is the all inclusive "community
housing" (strums of cumbai ai in the background) just like the
Community housing office translates in to Ted Malone's rental office
for his vast real estate holdings.
12:47 pm est 

Not Gossip This Time

    last week at the grand union at 9:30pm the manager showed up and
sent home the two working employees early.
    Next many cars showed up and people were escorted into the store.
It seems story is, Stop and Shop has bought the store. A union
representive has talked with employees.
     It seems 2009 will be a time of many changes in our Provincetown.????????
12:45 pm est 

Time on Your Hand

15 call to 15 members...Oh please.  I'm sure you did all
that.  Are you on a board to make things better?  Looks like you have
the time.
Slippery Fish (oiling my scales)
12:39 pm est 

CPA Funding

Looks like the same blogers who have been against
affordable housing in the past are at it again! This time  thinking
that if you give the CPA money all to historic that town hall will be
paid for! LOL. The historical commission only approves grants to go
forward to the CPC only after the applicant (BOS) can prove that they
will have other matching monies coming in (Bonds, Grants ETC.) And
then the CPC has to have a majority vote to then send it to town
meeting for a majority vote. I ask this question. Why would the cpc
or the other cpa committees and town voters give ALL the money to
just one applicant? (town hall) That would dry up all the money
forever! Good luck.
12:37 pm est 

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

Twisted Sister makes pizza and Fanizzi's makes a wonderful pizza!!
Having a home made pizza isn's too shabby either. YOu get to choose
the ingredients, bake it to your liking and have enough for leftovers

That's Amore!
12:35 pm est 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Re:Basic Taxpayer Math

Maybe YOU should learn basic bond financing.  It is not like a
mortgage where you pay the same amount amortized over 20 years.  Bond
financing decreases the amount over 20 years (or whatever the bond is
taken out for) so basically what you pay the first year is the most
you will pay and it progressively decreases over the term of the bond.

And I'm pretty sure the selectmen understand basic municipal bond financing.
10:37 pm est 

Me Too!

Facts about affordable housing would be a breath of
fresh air. and bobolis are a great start to head off the impending
pizza famine. bring one home and get creative. (recommendation based
on factual research.) yum.
10:22 pm est 

Stabilize Town Hall?

Correct me if I'm wrong but in the last 25 years I think that we have
done the roof twice , the clock a few more times, and weren't we on a
program of upgrading one facade of the building each year in rotation?

The library took this piecemeal approach to the renovation. It
essentially was renovating from the inside out. And the out ain't
done yet!

Then we sold the old Catholic school building to the Center
for Coastal Studies. Would that be suitable for town offices?

Let us put a comprehensive plan together and bring this article back
in the spring of 2015. The administration and BOS will have rolled
over twice by then.
10:20 pm est 

RE: Pizza in the Winter

Now there is a topic I can sink my teeth into. First I think Spiritus
is still open.

Despite this my husband decided that we would have homemade pizza
last night. To his credit he shopped for all the ingredients while I
was at work. So that when I came home from work on Saturday I could
make PIZZA. This does not fly as pizza night in my book. I did, never
will again, and the good news is: "I hear that the gals from Twisted
Sister are stoking up there ovens to fill this void."

10:19 pm est 

Pre-Town Meeting Quiz

Does the Town carry flood insurance?

How many buildings do we own in the flood plain?

Is the police station at risk?

Fire headquarters?

Have you ever driven near Town Hall during an astronomical
tide?hilltop location  Was it with or without high winds?

Did our consultant engineer who told us to evacuate the building
during a hurricane suggest that it might be stupid to relocate our
vital Town offices in a high risk flood zone?

Would it be a better idea to place municipal facilities on higher (as
in high school) ground?

Do the Board of Selectmen or the Town Manager or her assistant know
what a Federal Emergency Management Agency flood map is? Is there one
in Town Hall?

Oh forgive me, of course the Town's flood maps are in transit to the
trailers at the parking lot on the filled wetlands.

Your at Jeopardy Host
10:17 pm est 

Renters Recusal!

Perhaps those that rent their homes on the BOS should
recuse themselves from iniatives that raise our taxes. They are
enhancing the quality of their legacies...oops lives but on
Provincetown taxpayers' backs. That just isn't right!
10:15 pm est 

Basic Taxpayer Math Taking Out $8,000,000 Bond

Page 2 of town hand-out at special meeting:
Median Single Family Median Price $729,000
Article 5 ($2,000,000 over 20 years) $42.62 per year

$729,000 divided by $42.62= $17,104.64

For every $17,104.64 of assessed value, you pay $1.00 a year for your
share of a $2M bond maturing in 20 years.

So, if your home is assessed for $1,000,000 and we take out
$8,000,000 for completion of Phases 1 & 2:

$58.46 per year ($1m divided by $17,104,64) times 4 (based on only
$2m bond, need to times by 4 to equal 8 million bond)

You will pay $233.84 per year

Times 20 years your share will be a whopping $4,676.80!

We will certainly not see the Board of Selectmen nor town manager
present it this way.

Look at the tax increases the last twenty years, we can expect those
increases the next. Add onto it town hall.

The Selectmen haven't a clue of what they are asking us. Remember the
town employee raises? They didn't even understand what they were
voting on? These people are fiscally dangerous to our community!

They don't understand the far reaching consequences of shoving town
hall restoration down our throats!

Fed up with our local government!
10:12 pm est 

No Pizza to be Found!

OK, Ptown House of Pizza is closed for the season, George's
is closed.  Where does one get pizza in Ptown in the winter?
6:47 pm est 

Also to Slimy fFsh

Be aware there are many critics of the PBG and the list is growing!
The declining membership roll doesn't lie.
6:45 pm est 

Venue For Complaining

I have to agree with the poster who asked for ALL the
affordable housing requirements to be posted here---simply so there
is a clear and definitive source from which to work with.

All of this back and forth does no good at all without some form of
solid regulation/rules. The shots back and forth are just so much
wasted ink without this.

I think it is time this blog leaned more toward informing its
visitors than merely giving them a venue for complaining. I can't see
where it would be so hard to do this.

Thank you.
6:43 pm est 

Slippery Fish, More Slippery Then We May Even Know

I called 15 different PBG members, even PBG board members today.
Everyone agrees that the executive director of the PBG doesn't return
anyone's calls. They also agree he's never in the office (that's on
record) and that he's hardly ever working.

This includes the press, vendors, bill collectors, and potential new members.

One board member acknowledged that it's a serious problem they intend
to address with him during his annual review.

I don't have any axe to grind, but I do want performance for my $$$.
That's not too much to ask for.

Just wanted to give you some facts to chew on for a change. You seem
all too quick to spew untruth and non factual rhetoric that you don't
know anything about.
6:41 pm est 

Re: "For the Record"

Any chance that a page under "For the Record" could include
facts and info regarding affordable housing? I see a lot of incorrect
assumptions, when there are indeed eligibilty requirements, hud
regulations, state and local guidelines (like the local prefence the
selectman adopted), etc. For example, you can't get an affordable
unit as a vacation home. It must be your primary residence. factual
info would be really useful. It is a hot topic on here after all.
just a thought.
5:49 pm est 

Here Comes the Us vs. Them Again

Renters don't contribute anything? seems to me they're paying the
landlord's mortgage and their taxes. or at least they offset those
expenses considerably. i mean isn't that the deal when you rent?
and when they leave, they don't turn a profit. ingenius! ah, those
renters and their vast conspiracy to spend, spend, spend. make the
landlord's taxes go up so your rent increases. how did they come up
with that all on their own?

And non-residents do have an option. register to vote here, attend
meetings, contribute and vote. if you want to be involved, well, be
involved. as with most things, you can't have it both ways. maybe
part-time residents are more like full-time tourists. but they
certainly aren't year-rounders like most renters are. funny how that
5:45 pm est 

Re: Fed up With Local Government Propaganda!

If (and I say if) you're figures are accurate and you will pay $6,000
over the life of a twenty year note for the Town Hall Renovations,
that breaks down to $300 a year, or $25 a month, less than $6 a week
or 83 cents a day.

My guess is you spend more than that at Wired Puppy every year,
month, week and day.  Just think how many pennies a day you would be
spending if you tightwads had spent the money to fix our historic
buildings as needed instead of waiting for them to be condemned.  I'm
voting to spend whatever it takes to repair this historic and
important building.

And as far as non-residents having a say in my government, all they
have to do is walk into the Clerk's Office and change their residency
from Cambridge to Provincetown then they can vote at every election
here in town.  Otherwise, you chose to have this as your second home
and therefore have to live with the decisions made by the electorate. 

One vote per person, you choose where you want to cast that vote.
5:41 pm est 

Hot Button Issues
 won't get into certain hot button issues like
Town Hall renovation
Affordable housing
Close the schools, keep them open
Love the PBG, hate the PBG
etc., etc., etc.

But, we are facing very difficult economic times.  I know of many
people who are very worried about if they will make it through the
next year in this economy.  Our town's number one industry, tourism,
is certain to be affected by the economy.

We as a community must come together and work together to get us
through these times.  We will need to work harder than ever to make
it through these trying times.  Divided we will fail.  Let's put our
differences aside and work together.
5:38 pm est 

We Have to Face the Real Cost of Town Hall Restoration

Based on the assessed value of my home, if Provincetown
takes out an eight million bond with a maturity of twenty years, it
will cost me about $6,000 in taxes over the next twenty years to pay
my share. Before all of you vote on repairing town hall, do the math
like I did. This tax bill only includes paying for the repairs of
town hall let alone all the other tax increases we will face over the
next twenty years!

The BOS and town manager are not giving us the real picture of how
much this is going to cost us! It is hardly a few dollars a year like
they are suggesting. They are not giving us the entire picture of how
much it will cost to foot an eight million dollar bill!

Time to move town hall into one of the two schools and privatize our
condemed town hall!

Fed up with local government propaganda!
12:06 pm est 

To the PBG Critic...

Don always answers his phone calls and
returns emails... Perhaps he doesn't answer YOUR phone calls. I
wonder why?  He works hard trying to get things working for all the
businesses.  You seem to have some personal axe to grind.

Slippery Fish (watching you loose it more and more)
12:03 pm est 

Risky Future

Lets put this town meeting on hold until the Spring at the
earliest--perhaps even address town hall a year from now when the
economy (I pray) is settled.

Iceland is bankrupt with protests in the street. There were even
protests on wall street--but it received little press coverage.

We can't risk our financial future on town hall now.
12:02 pm est 

Provincetown Students to Truro

Lets look at how many smart Provincetown parents send their
children to Truro.  We no longer need our school.  Lets give our
children a jump start.

Truro  passes the State tests and the children feel wonderful about
their education.  Change should begin in Provincetown.
12:00 pm est 

We Must Suspend Renovation Schedule

We were in one economy when renovating town hall was the
subject of this special town meeting. Now even Alan Greenspan has
said that this economic crisis is calling into question his beliefs
of the last 40 years.

I want this renovation--but I truly belive that it must be put on
hold: extend the trailer lease etc. I'd rather be out a few hundred
thousand dollars than have a total collapse of everything within a
11:58 am est 

Birmingham, AL -

This afternoon, another blow in the Jefferson County sewer debt crisis.
The United States Treasury Department said "no" to bailing the county
out. So what happens next and how will affect you at home?

A three-two vote Tuesday morning nixed the bankruptcy plan, And by
Tuesday afternoon, the federal government had nixed a Jefferson
County bail-out. That in essence derailed a plan that would have
raised the average Jefferson County family's sewer bill by up to 20%.

"I don't know the full implications of bankruptcy. Cause somebody has
got to pay something eventually," Jerome Bell tells us.

But who will that somebody be?

Beware the bond Market:"We're bankrupt. $190 million in revenue.$460
million in demand," says Commissioner Jim Carns. He says it would be
unfair to put that burden on taxpayers. A bankruptcy would entitle
creditors to just $138 million.

"You can't get from $138-million to $460-million with any common plan
without killing the taxpayers of Jefferson County."

Do we really need to take out a bond now and jeopardize our future?
Lets wait a year and see if we are in the second great depression or
if we are climbing out of a deep recession.

Food for my family--not a building for the town
11:56 am est 


The first week of November has been brutal for the job market, with
nearly 15,000 announced job cuts from a slew of companies across
multiple industries.

Eight companies announced job cuts this week as a means of
cost-cutting during desperate times, representing industries as
widespread as retail, finance, leisure, pharmaceutical and toy and
automobile manufacturing.

On Friday, the Labor Department reported that the U.S. economy
sloughed nearly 1.2 million jobs through October. Just in the month
of October, the economy lost 240,000 jobs, raising the unemployment
rate to 6.5%.

"We're losing jobs just about everywhere," said Robert Brusca, chief
economist and Fact and Opinion Economics. "People are slowing their
spending on everything. Now, even wealthier people are reluctant to
spend money."

And in Provincetown, the few thousand voters are being asked to
jeopardize their future by spending 8, 10, or 12 million dollars on
their town hall. (Does anyone know of any construction project that
comes in at the estimated price?)
Food for my family over a building.
11:53 am est 

These are Tenuous Times

We are in the worst of economic times since the oil embargo
of 1973-75. Now the culprit is the greed of the financial world and
the deregulation of the banking industry. Credit is frozen. Business
has come to a stand still and millions of people are getting fired.

Our hand is being forced, it seems, with the renting of the trailers
and the closing of town hall to spend millions upon millions to
renovate town hall and this is the worst time ever to even consider
getting the bond market. What if our current bonds are called?

What if we tried to sell town hall to the group of investors who are
buying Cabral's wharf? What if we send our 46 high school students
who are Provincetown residetns to Nauset and move town hall into the

Double people's tax bills and they will keep moving out of town.
11:50 am est 

Re: Non-Resident Tax Payer

The Economic forum stated that second homeowners should
have a voice in town hall politics; perhaps they should. People who
rent here and who don't pay taxes have a voice and they can vote for
everything because it doesn't come out of their pocket.

How can we help the non-resident tax payers get a voice in voting for
articles that affect their pocket book and let their concerns be
known? It is time to be inclusive and to counteract the folks who
only rent and vote to spend, spend, spend.
11:47 am est 

Re: School Committee

Look at the readership of The Provincetown banner; it goes
out to three towns and its subscribers are also out of town
residents; and, it goes out to a few thousand year round
residents--and the school committee is touting getting 347
returns...I'd hide my head in shame.

With the students and the staff and all of their relatives buying
three papers--they can come up with 347 surveys.

The school committee missed a great opportunity to make the school a
part of the larger community if it had allowed town hall to use its
premises: People would have been to the school and have felt a
connection to the school. Nowit is our nemesis.

Michael Rogoski is the only person who thought about the town hall
employees and he spoke up at the selectmens meeting and chastised the
school committee for not allowing the people at town hall to use the

At the state of the town meeting people talked among themselves about
closing the school; about moving town hall into the school and
selling town hall and some about not spending a penny for town hall.
Some families are debating moving to New Bedford.

Please: Turn off dancing with the stars and read the business
sections of NY times; the articles in the New Yorker and Time
magazine the business sections of the Boston Globe or the Cape Cod
times:  We are drowning economically:  millions of people are being
fired from jobs. I'm holding on to my job by the skin of my teeth.

I'm so torn: I'm going to vote for phase one because I want town hall
to exist--but it will also make it easier to sell. If it comes to my
livelyhood or town hall-- bye bye town hall.
Provincetown wage earner
11:46 am est 

MYM Was a Productive Event...

..but now it isn't.  I don't think there is a need to just trash the
whole concept.  It did work in the past and could work again in the
future but someone has to step up and take control of it.  The PBG
obviously has no vested interest in making it work.

I'd be curious to know what their break even point is to claim an
event successful?  Is it 50 people?  Is it 20 rooms rented?  Is it
just covering their expenses?  Or is it just stating in their Mission
Statement that they support and promote a certain number of events
each year to look as if they are busy working for you, when in
reality, a number of the events are limited in scope and return.  How
are we gauging the success of these events?
11:41 am est 

Re: Elaine Anderson

She wants to take the remainder of the Free Cash and apply it to town
hall phase one.  The other BOS members and the FinComm are opposed to
this.  That money should be set aside in case there are further cuts
from the state or other revenue sources.  We aren't even half way
through the fiscal year yet.  To deplete that fund would be fiscally
irresponsible and extremely short sighted (and the DOR would agree).

She also is not at all interested in changing the CPC percentages. 
The other selectman and FinComm are looking to open up that fund and
increase the borrowing authority under Historic.  Elaine is only
interested in the borrowing authority of the Historic 10%.  Her
intentions are to capitalize on affordable housing.

And seriously, of all the other BOS members or FinComm members, why
are you taking financial advise from Ms Anderson?
11:39 am est 

Meet Your Man History From a Guest House Owner

The first year the PBG took over the event was 2005.

2005 -- we had 3 rooms -- understandable since it was a new brand.

2006 -- We were full. Enthusiastic guests who were happy with the event.

2007 -- DK took over from Gabby Hanna -- the direction was changed to
target guys in their 20's. This was where the event went wrong. The
ads obviously scared people away --  we had ONE room that year (who
departed early on Saturday).

2008 -- DK continues his ad campaign showing a guy who looks like
he's at the beach in July. I have seen no ads prior to the past few
weeks in Bay Windows. Why are we wasting money advertising in the
Banner? What happened to the postcards that used to be distributed to
all of the guesthouses in the beginning of the summer as well as at
trade shows?

The event could work if the PBG changed their ill-fated marketing
plan. However, it will take years to recover from the bad word of
mouth from the past 2 seasons.

Oh, the few guests we have this year have made it clear that they
won't return. They've told me that there were 10 people at speed
dating, 17 at Bayside Betsys and the A-House Tea Dance was a total
11:37 am est 


It's not the Event that's broken....It's the PBG! Don and Steve are
totally ineffective and have ruined years of good work by former
Boards of Directors and Marketing Committees.

Former PBG Board Member
11:34 am est 

You Would Think!

You would think that after posts about the PBG and lack of "getting
things right", they would correct at least what resturants are open
and closed for MYM event.  But no, Don is not doing his job and Steve
just sits back and runs his guest house.  As long as he is doing
fine, he doesn't care about the rest of the town.  Time to go Steve!
(A dispointed former PBG member)
11:32 am est 

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Yep, time to end MYM event.  BUT, should there be another
event and if so, what?  Most of us agree that MYM is not an effective
event, but is there another concept for a November event or should
there just not be an event?

Very easy for us to all sit on our butts saying that MYM is not a
productive event, but while we are sitting on our butts typing away
(me included) can we come up with anything better?
4:04 pm est 

Re: Elaine Anderson

I just got off of the phone with Elaine Anderson and she
has been working on getting all of the numbers and she believes that
there is $300,000 available to us that we won't have to borrow if
Community Preservation committee does change the percentages.

She is in favor of Town hall using the CPC money for renovating town
hall. She sees how dire the economy is.(I told her about Birmingham
Alabama going bankrupt over their 2 billion dollar sewer bond--so I
want to get as much money as possible to cover phase one.

Michael Rogovsky
4:03 pm est 

Yes We Can Became Yes We Did!

I'm still celebrating Barack Obama's victory as President of the
United States. It is a wonderful choice and I look forward, with hope
and optimism, to America's future. Whenever we travel abroad now,
we'll see a different response to our presence and to our country.

Congratulations to all of us who voted for Obama.
Yes we can!
4:01 pm est 

Town Hall Renovations Need to be Linked to FY 2010 Budget

I agree with this. Let's have a more comprehensive approach to
spending and to projects. At this time many of us, including perhaps
Sharon and the BOS, may be blind to impending budget issues for 2010.
Departments are only now beginning to look ahead and start to work on
their own budgets.

Town Hall and the cost for whatever you call it, one phase or two,
needs to be placed in a wider context than this fall meeting. We are
not dealing with next year budget and that is where town hall repairs
need to be judged.

Let's wait till spring to decided. then we'll have a more
comprehensive perspective and a wide-angled look, instead of this
financial peep-hole approach.
4:00 pm est 

As a Member of PBG

I find the comments here constructive. I think it's important to note
where the failures and the successes are. I don't find it attacking
of the PBG but just a realization that things are not good and
something should happen. Even the meetings seem to have fewer and
fewer people attending.

Leadership in any organization is key. PBG needs an infusion of
leadership--wherever it comes from.
3:58 pm est 

Re: Elaine Anderson

According to the Banner of Nov. 6th--has Elaine Anderson
changed her mind since last week. She votes not to use CPC money for
affordble houseing--or does she?
1:39 pm est 

Re: MYM Weekend

I'm not a member of the PBG or a guest house owner, but I have been
around for quite awhile.

Years ago, and not that many years ago, the weekend was sated with
events.  There were classes, seminars, workouts and parties from
morning till night.  There were so many things going on that I can
remember one gentleman complaining that he had to choose between two
events because they were scheduled at overlapping times.  If the
schedule that is printed in the Banner is accurate, there is really
not that much to interest people in attending.  There appears to be
little interest developing a varied and intriguing slate of events. 
The interest in the schedule is so lax that apparently no one even
bothered to schedule a location for the yoga class.  The ad lists it
as TBA.

It looks to me that the PBG took over this event and then just rested
on it's laurels.  Every year the event schedule is diminished.  Now
it's just speed dating and guest house walking tours.

In the future it might be worth the effort to consider if the time
and dollars invested in marketing this event will create any
justifiable increase in shoulder season business.  When the event was
privately owned, the owner had a vested interest in it's success. 
They put up the money, they paid for the advertising, they personally
worked hard to guarantee it's success.  They had every reason to make
a profit because if it failed it would have cost them personally. 
That is not the case today.
12:46 pm est 

Well we couldn't ever blame Don for someone taking a day
off.  He's off everyday himself.  He never works.  He never returns
telephone calls.  He never answers the phone.

As far as Steve goes, Steve likes to turn a blind eye to Don's lack
of performance.  Steve enjoys coming to our meetings and just telling
us all what a success everything they're doing is.  I can't wait
until next meeting when he says "Meet Your Man Weekend was a fabulous
success!" like he does about every event.

Someone said it right, it is time for a new team.  The problem is no
one else is willing to run.  Steve makes sure of it.
12:44 pm est 

Astrid Made a Mistake?

I'm so shocked!  That girl is in a
perpetual state of confusion.
11:10 am est 

Yes We Can But Will We?

I saw ads for this weekend throughout the summer. it was
like seeing xmas decorations on labor day. but in years past the
complaints i've heard were not about the pbg but rather how expensive
everything was even in the off season.

and i certainly don't think the post with the foreclosure word was
all that nasty. angry, maybe. but go through the archives. read some
of the stuff written about your public servants and employees. your
neighbors and fellow citizens. made me angry just reviewing for

in both cases - and others - it would seem it's time to stop the
mudslinging and fingerpointing. this town got way off track over the
last few years. some suggest it's lost its soul. we need solutions,
not snarky comments. we should be pulling together not tearing each
other apart. yes, we can. but will we?
11:08 am est 


Hey...Let's blame the PBG for the economy... every guy can
just take Friday off from his job with no worries about his job
status. It is definitely Don and Steve's fault.
11:04 am est 

I Say Put Phase I as Well as Phase II on Hold

I don't think we can even get a bond now. I think we have to wait
until 2010 to apply for a bond and if you look at the bond market,
it's hard to for towns to get bonds and those out there available
have high unprecendented rates. This is not the time to move forward.
Wait till spring and see how everyone's financial situation--the
town, state and nation--are at that time. See how our FY2010 budget
looks like then. We have no idea what other costs we will be asked to

What will phase I do? It won't answer the needs for stabilization and
renovation. That will still be around $4 million if they would be
honest with us. They just want the $2 million so they can ask for
another $2 million later for phase I. "Oh, guess what we found,
they'll say! We need more. Please, please give us more."

And what is the interest calculation on the $2 million and then $2
million? That's the real number and we have not been given that. As
for Phase I, here's my responseL "NO"
11:03 am est 

My Issues With Affordable Housing:

Affordable housing is not restricted to Provincetown residents as
I understand it, nor is it restricted to people who work in
Provincetown.  Conceivably someone from Boston could qualify for an
affordable housing unit and use it as a vacation get away.  Two
people unmarried, one makes a significant amount of money, one does
not, the one who has the lower income could qualify for an affordable
housing unit.

About a year ago when Lynn Davies was on the BOS and the affordable
housing group was at a BOS meeting. Ms. Davies tried to nail down a
number regarding affordable housing.  I thought she asked a fairly
simply question.  How many units do we need, how many do we already
have and therefore how many additional units do we need.  She could
not get an answer to her question, but rather was told it was not a
number they could come up with, it wasn't as simple as that.

We've heard the stories, a person with an affordable housing unit
rents it out for part of the year, another sells theirs after a
number of years for a nice profit, some of the affordable housing
units are not able to be sold as affordable units, etc.

Now the economy is in bad shape, business owners and residents alike
are worried about the financial future for themselves . . .and you
wonder why some of us are skeptical?
11:01 am est 

Meet Your Man in Provincetown -- If You Can Find Any

I just spoke with two guys who came for the weekend. They told me
that there have not been more than 25-30 people at any event. They're
really disappointed and will not come back again.

Way back when, Single Men's Weekend was a huge success. It was
advertised all over the place beginning in the Summer. The PBG is
very naive if they think they can simply have an event, put it on their
website a few weeks before and expect it to be a success. With the bad
word of mouth that this event now has, it's time to kiss it goodbye. What
is happening to the PBG? Their marketing has really gone downhill the
past few years.
9:16 am est 

Re: Elaine Anderson

Elaine Anderson is the former chair of the Community
Preservation committee and her concern is for the future residents
here living in affordable housing.

When she became a selectman, one would think that the plight of the
current residents would be her concern--but her greatest concern is
still the future residents of this town and the building of another
210 affordable housing units.

Even on candidate's night she said that she wants to cover Shank
Painter road with affordable housing. This is her constituency and
her passion. Even in these most dire of economic times it isn't for
the tax payers. I want a selectman that also cares about the people
living on fixed incomes; the elderly; the working tax payersbut Im in
the minority it seems. Cest la vie.

Michael Rogovsky
8:43 am est 

I Totally Agree With Astrid Berg

What scares me now is that 10 million people are out of work; three
million more than last year! Last month the unemployment rate rose
at the fastest pace in 26 years.

Lets do phase one and wait another year from this spring to see how
the economy is to start phase two. We can't jeopardize our future
like this.
8:41 am est 


PBG can't even get right what is OPEN on their web site!
So for meet your man weekend, the PBG has Lunch
On your own.  Provincetown is known for its great restaurants.  May
we suggest, Bayside Betsy's, Central House at the Crown & Anchor,
Clem and Ursies, Fanizzi's By The Sea, Far Land Provisions, Level
Bistro, The Lobster Pot, Napis Restaurant, the Post Office Café &
Cabaret, or Ross Grill.

IS CLOSED!   Clem & Ursies closed BEFORE WOMENS WEEK!   Has the PBG
had NOT enough time to update the site?  Is that how a business is
suppose to run.  I know we all can make mistakes,but no wonder they
are not the organization I knew 5 years ago.  As someone said, NO
HOLLY FOLLY schedule yet either.   Time for a new team Steve,
starting with you and Don.........
8:39 am est 

Watch Me All You Want

I KNOW who you are.  You sit around and criticize and do
absolutely nothing to help.  You can jump on the
PBG all you want .  Your type of proactiveness makes me

Slippery Fish (telescope in fin)
8:36 am est 

To Uh, Yeah, You Did Change My Mind

Think how you wish, it is your right. It just seems to me that
you are a very angry and imbittered person. Get help.            
In the mean time, never use the "F" word. "FORECLOSURE".
Of all of the blogs which have been posted here, your post has
to be the nastiest.

Find help or another blog
8:34 am est 


Taxpayer needs to make a correction ASAP

Re: In regards to my recent post, believe it or not, I made an error.
In part II, the $10-$10-$80 distribution is based on every $1000.00
collected from a 3% tax surcharge of your taxes.
And yes, I am blonde, but happy that I'm not Sarah Palin today.

8:32 am est 

And You're Surprised That the PBG Has no Schedule For Holly Folly? Duhhhhhhhhh!

Everything with the PBG is last minute and half-a****. That's what we
pay the Executive Director for; to plan, promote and advertise these
fabu events that are going to bring gay folks to town and generate

Here's the PBG Executive Director's fabu equation for success:

Meet Your Man: Not planned, not advertised, not promoted = failure +
waste of time. No $$$

Holly Folly: Not planned, not advertised, not promoted = failure +
waste of time. No $$$

Cabaret Fest: Not planned, last minute bs, not advertised, not
promoted, general all around stupid idea = failure + waste of time.
No $$$

Carnival: Not planned (hell they can't even nail down an
entertainer), not advertised, not promoted = DING! DING! DING! A
SUCCESS! But August when it's packed anyway. Lot's of $$$
and PBG gets the credit! Yay!

Between the PBG Executive Director and the Tourism Director, it seems
we're paddling backwards. What gives?
8:30 am est 

Taxpayer Wanted To Pay Taxes Today

Part I:

      As I was paying my bills this morning, I came across my Town
Real Estate Taxes and realized that it was due on the Third of
November. Ooooopppes.
      I figured, no big problem. I headed downtown to pay my bill and
arrived to a Town Hall with locked doors.
Daahah? Thinking to myself, I said " That's right, they have
relocated. When I arrived to Jerome Street and saw no activity, I
said another Daahah? It's Friday!

      Now the "Big Ooooppes" (as Keith Oberman would say)
is Why?
      Why would management have offices move to another location
during a  week when a National, State & District election is being
held, not to mention Public Hearings and the State of the Town
Address? And the Taxes were due. Some people, like me, prefer to pay
the Taxes in person and maybe there are some who can only do town
business on a Friday, ie. Non-Resident Taxpayers.
     Would it not have been more prudent and sensible to wait another
week? The Sky wasn't falling.

Part II: The Story Gets Better

**Please Note: The CPA Fund & the Land Bank Fund is based on 3% each
or a combined 6% of your tax bill, NOT your assessment.

      Now that I still have my Tax Bill, I started to do some math.
My CPA contribution due now is $217.58. Therefore, with the existing
10-10-80% formula, I am contributing $21.76 for Open Space, $21.76
for Historic and $174.06 for Community (Affordable) Housing.

      Based on my personal tax contribution, wouldn't it be more
Democratic and Communal to automatically give all three segments  my
$21.76 and have the
$174.06 in a "slush fund" to finance projects when and where it is
crucial? If not needed, why not leave the 70% in a solid interest
bearing account. Article One would give us all more options.

      Why should we still be committed to $10.00 Open Space, $10.00
Historic and $80.00 for Housing based on 3%
of every $1,000.00 of tax revenues. The Commonwealth's mandate for
the CPA is a minimum 10-10-10-& 70% in reserves. I do believe that
Provincetown is the only community which favors one segment more than
the others.

     Take your tax bill out and do your math. Where would you like to
have your money go? I guess that is the formula for your decision on
how your vote will go on Article I.

     Just remember Provincetown IS a community. When the Land Bank
and Open Space  was a crucial need, We gave. When properties were
selling like crazy and residents were dealing with housing problems,
We gave. It is now time to give to our History, the "First Landing of
the Pilgrims". Without it, we would not be here nor have the freedoms
of living in an unique community.

Astrid Berg
11:44 pm est 

Uh, Yeah, You Did Change My Mind

your assumption that i already supported affordable housing was
correct. but i also see the need to restore town hall and not tear it
down or sell it as some on here have suggested. (until it became more
fun to wrest the money away from ted and the cpc) so i will be voting
to go ahead with the renovations as well.

and the lame notion that folks stroll into town and have keys handed
to them is, well, plain ignorant. oh, and only the already closed
shop owners work only three months. and calling someone a bloodsucker
is not an attack? it's useful information? my bad i guess. would the
webmaster have posted a similar comment about, say,         ? i should
hope not.

i know some of the posters here mean well and try to inform and come
to solutions. but i'd love to see some of you greedy snobs driven to
foreclosure. or have to work as hard as some of the people you
disparage. you don't contribute much that's useful. or clever. or
11:38 pm est 

Re: Slippery Fish & PBG

Just checked the website and still no schedule for Holly Folly

What up with your threat?:"(I'll be watching you.)"
11:35 pm est 

November Weekends

How great that at this time of year that we have two good
plays going on! one at the art house and one at the UU meeting house!
We even have two places showing good movies and they are year round!
How many north east resorts have what we have. I for one love
provincetown for what it is now! Its good to see November weekends
growing with each year!
11:34 pm est 

Re: Downtown Packed With Guy

Are you living in an alternative universe? I just came back from
Commercial Street and it is DEAD! Where are all of these guys? This
event has been a flop ever since Andrew Hanes stopped doing it --
about 6 or 7 years ago. Considering the way the PBG has been
marketing the event, it's no wonder. It used to be marketed to a wide
range of men. Now it's primarily focusing on guys in their early
20's. That's not the audience for this kind of event.

Just look at "Last Minute Availability" and see how many houses are full.
11:32 pm est 

Friday, November 7, 2008

If there is a Special Weekend, Who Would Know

The town is so quiet. Few people are walking around. If this is going
to bring in many single guys to town, where are they? I havene't seen
many. It's lonely out there for the lonely guys. In fact, the town is
as quiet as George's Pizza and Clem and Ursie's. Sad but true.
7:59 pm est 

Affordable Housing is Like Todd Palin's Clothes

Spend $40,000 on this guy's suits. Then spend over $150,000 on Sarah
Palin's suits. And then even more on the kids. It was not their
money. Send the bill to the National Republican Party or have the
aides put these luxuries on their credit cards. Just like affordable
housing. Let them send us the bill. Oh, you like this condo. fine.
Take it and then let others pay for it. Next, we'll help furnish it
with CPC funds. You deserve it. Just like Tood, the Dude, and Sarah
7:58 pm est 

We Didn't Change Your Mind

It was already made up. We didn't cause you to re-value the CPC and
to re-value Ted Malone. You already are a supporter of his. Fine for
you to support CPC for affordable housing. That is how it has been
set up with this CPC. I just wonder if you'll be supporting tax payer
funded renovations for more than $9 million while Ted Malone gets his
hands on the $500,000. Better to spend that amount on fixing up town
hall instead of putting these monies in his pocket, again. If it's
about being fair, we have not been fair to the working taxpayer. We
have given so much to non-working, or three month working individuals
who recently arrive here and get the key to condos and apartments
placed in their hands.It's what friends do! In this casino of
affordable housing, the house loses. The crap players win!
7:57 pm est 

Re: Ad Hoc Committee and the Town Manager

I'm sure the town manager if asked would let anyone on an
AD HOC committee. Just let her know when you can start. Maybe the
reason the same people get on committees is because they volunteer
for them, while the rest of us just sit in front of our computers and
7:55 pm est 

I Agree

I'm going to vote to keep affordable rental money
to stay where it is, the CPC are doing the right thing. And YES, even
Georges Pizza can apply for a CPA grant - thats just the way it is!
It would be great to have affordable rentals above shops here in the
town center! Go for it George.
7:53 pm est 

Downtown Packed With Guys

Hey its a rainy Friday night and Saturday does not look
much better, but I just got back from downtown and its packed with
guys! I guess if they are not in the guesthouses they must be staying
in condo rentals or with friends. I remember the town being totally
empty during this time of year. Somebodys doing a good job of
bringing people into town!        PBG.?????
7:49 pm est 

MYM is a Failure

". . .The question I wouild as the VSB is to get exact
numbers on how the PBG spent any dollars given them for the event. 
Maybe the PBG just takes the dollars from the VSB for the event and
puts it into their general fund?"

The VSB doesn't just hand out the money.  A group or person must
provide proof of the expenditures and the VSB reimburses them 50% of
their expenditures up to the total amount of the grant.

Having said that, yes, MYM is a failure and this should be the last
year of the event.  The concept just doesn't work and the PBG and VSB
shouldn't spend any more money on it.
7:48 pm est 

What One Person Calls "Attacks" I See as Informing the Public

Red flags are flying all over as we are asked to vote for a
bond for millions of dollars as the wealth of the middle class
evaporates. And look how much information is coming to the surface
regarding committees and the interconnections.

We have to be ever viligant over our money. There have been give
aways and we folks connected to the waster water treatment plant
almost had to pay for the connection of Sea shore point.

Our taxes are looked at as free money and every Spring the town
coffers become filled to overflowing with our taxes and no one wants
to make any sacrifice to benefit the tax payers.

We have two schools staffed to the limit with two dining halls etc.
with pay raises and benefits and more and more and more at a
spiriling expense. I'm not getting a raise due to the economy and I
will probably get laid off this winter.

I can't get teary eyed over Ted Malone and his developments and now
ad hoc committees etc. and rule changes are coming to light.

This will be a town of the rich (who vacate once it gets cold and
trades people) and folks on affordable housing.

I fear what this winter will bring and what will happen once the oil
prices rise. How cozy, warm, and secure the trailers with the secure
jobs within look when one is on the outside "economically" as we are.
It didn't used to be like this in this town.
7:44 pm est 

Maybe George's Pizza Should Try to Be an Affordable Housing Unit

Apply for CPC funds and see if you can transform the building into
seven condos with take-out pizza. If it's good enough for Ted Malone
and Anatham and Benson, it should be good enough for George's Pizza.

Go after the CPC funds. Promise them you've house their friends and
offer free pizza to the CPC. It'll be a sure win!
4:15 pm est 

Re: Ad Hoc Committee

I Agree

We have Regulatory Boards--Planning, Zoning and Historic District and
Conservation. Why would we have an Ad Hoc group with the power to
change our by-laws? Why should affordable housing businesses be
represented? So they can alter and shape our town by-laws to be more
amenable to affordable housing wishes? Increase density, by-pass
regulatory boards, fast-forward affordable housing request and lessen
their need to follow binding conservation and open space requirements.

Look at this town. Chatham would not have allowed such high density
developments as we have. But this group previously changed our
by-laws and worked behind the scenes to allow the architectural
disasters that Ted Malone has created at the Meadows, on
Shankpainter, and throughout this town. Not small scaled housing, not
the renovations of older two family homes but the creation of
off-putting, made in Canada pre-fabs, with squashed in living
quarters. More like dorm rooms pretending to be apartments and condos.
But here Ted Malone goes at it again. We don't need this Ad Hoc
group. We laready have our regulatory boards and it is they who
should change by-laws if there is a need.
4:14 pm est 

MYM Has Not Been a Successful Event

It is almost 4PM and STILL According to Last Minute
Availability on the PBG web site there isn'tone guest house that i
s sold out for both Friday and Saturday. 

Actually, only the Crowne & Anchor looks sold out for Sat night only.
ALL other guest houses that use last minute availablility have rooms
for both nights.

Maybe the guest house that said they were sold out
doesn't use the last minute availability, or mabye they only have 2
rooms to sell?  I have 10 rooms and only 1 is sold for MYM.  Pretty

Does the visitor services still give ad dollars to MYM event? 
The question I wouild as the VSB is to get exact numbers on how the
PBG spent any dollars given them for the event.  Maybe the PBG just
takes the dollars from the VSB for the event and puts it into their
general fund?

I agree, MYM has not been a successful event, it's time to retire the concept.
4:11 pm est 


only days after an historic vote for hope and change, you folks let
loose with some of the nastiest attacks i've seen on here. while i'm
not a big fan of ted's for my own reasons, i give him credit for
having you all shaking in your boots. i was on the fence but now i'll
definitely vote to keep the cpc monies for affordable housing. and
it's you posters that swayed my vote. you have no solutions. just
atttack, attack, attack. shame on all of you. go sit in the over
priced home some realtor convinced you was a bargain and cry in your
own beer. like obama, i'm rooting for the middle class and those less
fortunate. they're way more optimistic than you clowns. good grief.
4:02 pm est 

To: Webmaster

Mr web master I sent a letter to be printed on here about
how the CPA funds, and how they will come with deed restrictions and
may even have to be repaid if given for townhall or any proposal! How
come I do not see it printed?

Webmaster Comment: If you have not seen it, we apparantly have
not received it. Please forward it again.

Thank you
4:00 pm est 

They Must Think We Are Just Fools

The BOS makes the case for the emergency need to fix town hall. They
cry as they move their boxes out of town hall. They wave their
tear-drenched hankerchiefs and say goodbye. But then the BOS advocate
the spending of CPC funds on affordable housing. They refuse to work
to get any of these precious dollars from CPC to help pay for the
town hall they say they love so much.

They must think we are all simpletons. That's the one conclusion I
come to. Let the fools pay more and more and tell them it's only a
few extra dollars a year. Again, they take us all for fools.
3:45 pm est 

Not Surprised That Few People Showed UP for the State of the Town Meeting

Because it is not an analysis of what has happened in the alst year.
That happens in April and we get a sweep of events. This was a fake
address that has little to do with a true state of the town but more
with the falling apart town hall. It was a PR appeal to get town
taxpayers to pay for the $9 million renovations udner the guise of a
Phase I then Phase II. What is not being mentioned are the Phase III
and the Phase IV and perhaps a Phase V that may cost all of us--no
not you Michelle Couture, you pay no taxes neither for your living
space nor for your business--you are a renter--but for the rest of us.

Sharon should have bypassed this running ad for taking more of our
tax money for town hall renovations and covering up the CPC game of
keeping all the monies, all the $1.9 million for affordable housing
and it now seems for Ted Malone's slush fund.

Know when to use your power. Don't squander it because you will have less
and less as time goes by.
3:44 pm est 

Disband Secretly Organized Ad Hoc Zoning Bylaw Revision Committee

Looking at the unfolding events around the CPC, Town Hall Restoration and Affordable Housing one is compelled to ask these questions:

How did the group the "Ad Hoc Zoning Bylaw Revision Committee" come into existence? What was the criteria for selecting the members? Why are the same actors of the previous "Local Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee", which created the current problems regarding affordable housing, on this committee? i.e.:

        Ted Malone
        Anne Howard
        Regina Binder

Why was Sharon Lynn in need of creating an Ad Hoc Zoning Bylaw Revision Committee? And why was she not forthcoming to the citizens until after the secret selection of the committee members Who are the people behind this? what is their purpose?

And lastly, who benefits? Think about it.

Do you want these people defining the direction of our zoning laws. They are on this committee to promote their cause, which is the uilization of town resources for the sole benefit of the affordable
housing lobby in this town, as represented by Ted Malone.

The citizens should demand that Sharon Lynn provide an explination as to why she chose this group of individuals and how their existence on the committee benefits the town and why public input was not invited?

we should demand the disbanding of this group and require if deemed beneficial, the establishment of a publicly selected group, devoid of Developers and Realtors.

Just the Facts
3:39 pm est 

Just How Many "Ted Towns" Are There in His Real Estate Empire?

Ted Malone has created housing developments all over town.
There is Levittown in PA..but we have "Ted-Towns" all over
provincetown. And he wants to expand into Truro and perhaps Wellfleet.

Just how many "Ted Towns" are there in his Real Estate Empire?
From Race Point to Bradford Street Extenion they stretch.

Now he wants half a million dollars in Community Preservation funds.
Why should the CDC funds go to him--we have a town hall being
renovated by the taxes exacted from the sweat and toil of the working
poor--residents in town who own homes but make Commercial Street--not
town hall--wages.

People who work jobs with no sick leave; no benefits; no pensions; no
401Ks--just honest hard work by the sweat of their brows.
11:27 am est 

Sufficient Affordable Housing Exist! Where Are the Jobs?

How can we get a list of all of the affordable housing in
existance in provinceown? Selectman David Bedard said that we are
already close the designated goal.

A community is in compliance with community housing when it has 10%
affordable housing. Ted Malone has been buliding affrodable housing
for over ten years. With the completion of all of Ted Malone's units
on Race Point Rd and with the completion of the Shank Painter
Property--we are close to 10%. Where are the year round jobs?

When you factor in the apartments in town with tenants under the
auspices of the Housing Assistance Corp.; Barnstable housing
Authority; and Yarmouth housing authority--we have reached our goal.
Yet where are the jobs for a year round population?

In this dire economic melt down with over a million jobs lost in the
last year and with corporations and businesses laying off people
every day and with home values declining the tax payers in
Provincetown need relief!

It is TIME to use CDC funds for the preservation of Town Hall. Think
about the cost to the town residents who live here and who make
financial sacrifices to create the affordable housing for 10% of the
population of Provincetown.

Even Ted Malone's staff should feel morally compelled to vote to
preserve town hall and help to alleviate the financial burden on the
tax payers of this town.
11:24 am est 

What: Malone Requesting $500,000 From CPC?

Is someone kidding us about this? Is this really what is going on?
Ted Malone is asking for half a million dollars from us? From our CPC
monies that we pay each year on our tax bill? Since Malone is a
private developer and a profit-making business owner, then why should
we give Ted Malone $500,000?

Is this like giving two real estate developers Anatham and Benson
$730,000 from CPC funds for the Sandy Hill development? And this,
with interest, cost the town $1.2 million. Here on Sandy Hill Ted Malone
received over $200,000 as the advisor to this affordable housing project
and he is now the manager of the property and receiving monies from
this project.

Maybe we should call the CPC fund the Ted Malone Memorial Fund. It
keeps on giving and giving, long after one has come and gone. Or perhaps,
if this is true, we should just sent our CPC monies on our tax bills
directly to Community Housing Resources that Ted Malone owns. We'd
save on the paperwork and play acting at too many board meetings.

I still can't believe Ted Malone is asking for this much money from
CPC funds. Maybe I shouldn't be shocked but I am.
11:20 am est 


You're another one who should ask for their money back and have no
involvement with the PBG.  Pay for your own advertising and exposure
to the market.  See if that costs more than $275. If you don't like
MYM as an event during this down time of year, suggest something else.

Slippery Fish (waiting for the big rush of ideas)

11:16 am est 

Dear A Hen in the Fox House: WOW

You have certainly done your research. I am impressed. You have
pointed several and serious conflicts of interest between Allon and
Malone. Maybe it's time to say: Enough is enough. Your posting
reflects blatant conflict of interest and each board and each board
member should be acting  according to the State Ethics Rules. Why do
so many Provincetown board memebers feel they are excluded from state
rules? Wherever there is a conflict of interest, the board member
must recuse themself and that requiures--yes demands--that that board
member or elected official--leave the room where the case or issue is
being discussed.

I know that many people at times have made fun of Mary-Jo Avellar
when she gets up and leaves the room when issues related to MacMillan
Pier and/or the Harbormaster are brought up at a BOS meeting. But
what she is doing is following the State Ethics Rules. Where there is
a possibility of conflict of interest, that person must recuse
themselves and leave the room where the discusssion is occurring. So
maybe it's time not to laugh but to applaud Mary-Jo's actions.
Obviously, it's a model a few more people should follow.
11:14 am est 

Vote Yes on Article 1

If article one fails, then the tax payers will have to pay
for renovating town hall *And* pay the debt service on any money that
Community development committee gives to affordable housing. (Ted
Malone has asked them for over half a million dollars.)

1.2 million jobs have been lost this year; half of them in just the
last few months. 179,000 more jobs are expected to be lost. People
have lost a quarter, a third, or more of their savings. With people
barely hanging on, lets take the financial burden off of the tax
payers and vote to pass article one.

We are paying debt service on over $2,000,000 that has gone to
affordable housing--and we will be paying this for 20 years. We are
mortgaging our children's future.

What is our total debt service so far? We are a small town and we are
saddled with immense costs: the cost to educate a child is second
highest in the commonwealth; our sewer rates are in the stratosphere
(the 25% off season rate saves each user about $100--whoop di doo).

There are no year round jobs in Provincetown. We don't need hundres of
affordable housing units. *We need summer work force housing." Cape
Cod is a retirement community.
11:12 am est 

Re: Meet Your Mate Week

"My guesthouse is full this weekend! For Friday & Saturday,
some have even extended the stay till Monday. Thank you PBG."

According to Last Minute Availability on the PBG web site there isn't
one guest house that is sold out for both Friday and Saturday. 
Perhaps the guest house who responded doesn't use the Last Minute
Availability page.

MYM has not been a successful event, it's time to retire the concept.
  Anyone have an idea for new events??
8:55 am est 


My guest house has ONE room sold this weekend.  I advertise with the
PBG, but it has NOT helped.  NO THANK YOU PBG.  I guess the person
that sold out in his guest house and thanked them is              
The president keeps posting positive things here or his partner does?
  Wish I had not sent in my membership now.
8:53 am est 

Report on State-of-the-Town Speech

The town manager gave a speech about their continued work
to get the finances in ship shape-and she read a letter from the
dept. of Revenue praising the progress that has been made in how the
town handles the finances.

There were photos of town hall and a description of past inspections
going back to 20 years.

  What was glaringly obvious was that there was no one there from the
school or from the school committee. When it came to questions at the
end it took a while for someone to speak and one man spoke, then
Barbara Rushmore, then Michael Rogovsky and then David Minsky and
then the three of them spoke again; no one else raised their hand.

Michele let them speak because no one else raised their hand to
speak..even though each person was only supposed to ask one question.
It was nothing like the evening at last Spring's state of the town
address. It was very low key and somewhat somber.
8:49 am est 

Conflicts of Interests

      During a three year term, the probability that a member of a
Town Board, will have to recuse themselves due to a conflict of
interest, will happen from time to time. We live in a small community
and the chance of an abutter, family member, work or business related
issue will come before a Board and will require a member to leave the
room and not participate in any discussion or vote.

      However, it seems to me that there are some Board Members that
should never have been appointed to a particular board due to
Consistent Conflicts of Interest.

      For example, I question the appointments of Arturo Alon. The
Facts are as follows:

1. Mr. Alon won the lottery for a unit at Henry Henshe Lane(a CHR
"Ted Malone" development)

When it first opened and later was appointed to the Provincetown
Housing Partnership (now the Community Housing
Committee). No problem, He felt blessed and wanted to give back to
the Community. I commend him for his involvement.

2. Here is where it gets tricky. In 2005, Mr. Alon began his
employment with CHR and continues to work for the corporation and
continues to sit as Co-Chair on the Community Housing Committee.

3. I have done extensive research on the committee's past minutes and
he does recuse himself on issues directly related to CHR and Ted
Malone. No problem.

4. Here's the problem; Any issue that comes before the CHC
is related to Affordable Housing and is a constant conflict of
interest due to his employment and loyalty to his employer. He does
not recuse himself from the other issues and voted on issues related
in particular to the Sandy Hill development who employees Ted Malone as
a consultant.

5.How can he make decisions on other projects which are promoted by
Mr. Malone's competitors? How can he be an effective member and
co-chair of a board which he presents so many Conflicts of Interests.

6. If he is an ineffective member of the Community Housing Committee,
how can he be appointed by his board to be it's representative to the
CPC and make unbiased decisions on the allocation of Our CPA funds?

7. The other night at the CPC meeting Mr. Malone spoke to the board
not to reccomend Article I and stated that he will be requesting
$500,000.00 for his next project.

Mr. Alon did not recuse himself nor did he leave the room. He did not
make any comments on Malone's statements. Is this proper protocol?

8. I also want to the question the reasonableness of the appointment
of Ted Malone to the Ad Hoc Committee?

This committee will be dealing with zoning by-laws. How can this
major housing developer not have constant conflicts of interests?

A Hen in the Fox House

8:47 am est 

Re: State-of-th-Town Speech

Many of us missed the State-of-the-Town Speech. Was anything of interest

We would appreciate an update.
12:08 am est 

What Hypocrisy

From what some are reporting and writing, what hypocrisy exemplified
at the CPC meeting. They are almost all in the bag for the affordable
housing complex and many of them are puppets whose strings, as their
wooden Howdie Doody mouths open and close, are pulled by the master
puppeteer Ted Buffalo Bob Malone.

So he works the crowd, works the CPC, hires some of them, gives others
housing, and then works over the town. Such a charade and all under the
guise of democracy.

The CPC as it presently is constituted and as it presently operates makes
a mockery of town government and town democracy. Why pretend
otherwise? They are there to hoard the money for affordable housing
and present a big gift to Ted the Industrial Complex Affordable
Housing Guru. Call him for what he is. A blood sucker of our tax
monies. All for him and his profit-making enterprise. And nothing for
us and for town hall.

It's quite the show and too many are duped into
believe the fairy tale of so-called and so named affordable housing.
It's a money-making shell game. We lose and Malone gains. So do
his worker bees as they sit on these boards and do his bidding.
11:59 pm est 

Michael, Thanks for Attending these Meetings

and thanks for reporting on what is happening. Many can't attend all
these many meetings that happen to pop up when budget issues surface.
All of a sudden, there are three to four meetings in one week and if
you don't attend, you will hear the drone of the sick, old, tired
refrain: why didn't you attend the meeting? It's a game and few can
devote all this time to so many fruitless meetings, shams, in truth.
But I respect all those who go, attend, and speak out. You continue
to keep the fires of democracy glowing. (Their hot air is meant to
dampen the embers and kill your fire.)

Thanks for being involved.
11:53 pm est 

Conflict of Interest Seem to Be Treated Like Flies at a Picnic

This town has a "tolerance" for conflict of interests. The town
almost seems to believe that conflict of interests are few and rather
exceptional. I've sat on boards with board members who are abutters
to individuals presenting cases and board members glibly say:"Oh, I
can just sit here. It's not a problem." Then when notified that if
you own property and someone is coming in front of you for a ruling
and they are abutters, that is a definite conflict of interest. Your
vote can in effect affect the value of your property. But I've seen
members who say: "I'll just sit in the audience." No, you can't. You
must leave the room. You must not stay in the same room because your
response, both verbal and non-verbal, could influence other board
members. They are your Board members.

So, if anyone abstained, as is the case of Allon when Malone was
crying in his beer for $500,000 from CPC funds, Allon was in conflict
of interest for remaining in the room. He needed to recuse
himself--yes, Allon--and not simply sit on his bum as if he is a
disinterested member of the CPC.

It's astounding how this town continues to believe it does not have
to follow state ethic rules or state rules. You are working for this
man. Your salary and your position and your future depends on this
man's getting or not getting what he wants. And it seems this Malone
wants town money for his profit-making affordable housing projects.
You are not an objective outsider, sir, and you, Allon, are either a
fool or we are to let you continue to sit on the CPC and rule.
11:51 pm est 


My guesthouse is full this weekend!For Friday & Saturday,
some have even extended the stay till Monday. Thank you PBG.
11:48 pm est 


I find it funny that some people think that the CPC just
gives away money! If you do the research you will see that if you ask
for funds they will attach deed restrictions, and ask that any given
amount be matched by other sources just like other grants do! Even If
Ted Malone builds more affordable rentals, the CPC will ask for any
money given, to come back to the CPC from the rents & profits he will
collect. Even Sandy hill has to give back any profit money they may
collect. The Monument had to open up the lodge to the public for
meetings because of the money from the CPA for the roof & window
repair. Also the CPA put restrictions on the future use of said
building. The same with funds given to the FAWC. Both also have to
get monies from OTHER sources. I would imagine that the CPC (If given
a proposal from the selectmen to get funds for town hall) Will likely
give a no interest loan to the town, so the CPA will get back some
money to continue the work they have on!ly just begun.
11:47 pm est 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Meet Your Man Weekend?

I'd be interested to know from the guest house owners on here what
their bookings are like for the coming weekend?

This is a PBG sponsored event.  Expectations?
8:03 pm est 

To the PBG critic...

The dues are now $275 so you can save
an extra $25 by not joining.  Or even better, ask the PBG to give you
money not to join... They might consider it to get rid of you.
Slippery Fish (watching you make a bigger fool out of yourself)
6:46 pm est 

Re: CPC Meeting

Last night the CPC voted that it is Not for them to vote
one way or another for the money to go to town hall renovations
because no proposals have come to them yet from the selectmen for
those funds WHICH have to go thru the historical com. FIRST!
5:51 pm est 

No Where Else in Massachusetts!

I can imagine no other town in the State of Massachusetts where
a developer would ever even think of standing up at a public meeting
and very matter-of-factly publicly state that he was going before his
banker for funds to develop a parcel of land and that he was expecting
the town to provide seed monies of approximately a half a million
dollars of tax payer monies on his behalf and therefore was against
Article 1, which was proposed in the interest of the public.

What is striking, is that this same gentleman has gone on record stating
that his projects were only privately funded.

At this time, where Provincetown is in financial need to restore Town Hall
and where there are possibly existing funds to render partial relief, it
would be tantamount to being criminal to give away those reserve funds
to a private profit making enterprise.

I praise the developer's persistence and entrepreneurial drive, but reject
the use of public funds for the promotion of private enterprise. Especially
in the current environment, where financial matters are in such a great
state of flux.

Additionally, Barbara Rushmore's proposal that the Town seek relief from 
state law limiting the use of appropriated CPA funds, (Affordable Housing)
should be promoted, especially in light of current emergency conditions.

Just the Facts
5:40 pm est 

Re: Sorry Pollyana

It is not pollyanish to demand due process from our elected officials.
When we the citizens stop pursuing justice because it is difficult
we are the losers.

Cynicism is an option but not a solution (Yes We Can!)

4:47 pm est 

It' Gets Even Worse!

At last night's CPC meeting, following Mr. Malone's nay recommendation against article 1, a member of the BOS, Elaine Anderson, stood and spoke against the same article.

Clarence Walker stood and raised an objection to Ms Anderson speaking before the committee, as she having been the former Chair of that committee and current Vice Chair of the Board of Selectmen.

This objection recieved no reaction from the committee

It is outrageous and should be reported to the State Board of Ethics for a ruling.
4:35 pm est 

Sorry Pollyana

"When citizens see this rule being affronted at any committee meeting
they should immediately raise the issue before the Chair of that

Been there. Done that. They close ranks. Even complained to the BOS
Chair. Received lipservice in return.
4:21 pm est 

Excuse Me?

"As far as Mr. Alon being at the table, when it came time to vote to
neither recommend nor endorse Article 1, Mr. Alon abstained, as he
should.  No conflict of interest."

That guy should have recused himself from any discussion let alone
voting. How could Alon possibly be unbiased with his boss Mr. Malone
listening? Get me the 500k RJ and there will be a little something in
next week's paycheck!

This is why I also don't trust town government. It goes back to the
Selectmen and who they chose to be on boards conflicts and all!

4:19 pm est 

Re: I Understand Your Frustration Michael R...

I second your sentiments, but disagree with your comment about
"conflict of interest".

If you check with the Town Moderator,Town Clerk or the Board of
Ethics rules, you will find that when Mr. Alon's boss , Mr. Ted Malone
came before the CPC Committee, Alon was required by law not only
to step down from the committee table, but that he was also required
to leave the room. It was not a matter of no vote being taken; it was a
matter of well established rules of conduct founded in General
Massachusetts law.

When citizens see this rule being affronted at any committee meeting
they should immediately raise the issue before the Chair of that Committee.

This rule is continually violated in Provincetown!

4:11 pm est 

I Understand Your Frustration Michael R...

about seeing Ted Malone coming in (late) and speaking to the CPC
about needing the 1/2 million to construct more units (hopefully
rentals... can you imagine the nerve if he wants condos???)and
turning on his heel and leaving the meeting.

As far as Mr. Alon being at the table, when it came time to vote to
neither recommend nor endorse Article 1, Mr. Alon abstained, as he
should.  No conflict of interest.

It is not the CPC's duty to make a recommendation to the Town about
Article 1.  All the participating council's and committee's that make
up the CPC may make a separate recommendation, to be read by Madame

If we as the *Town* voters pass Article 1, this will send a clear
message to the CPC of the will of the Town.  Then it will be up to
the Historic Committee to demonstrate in language by an Article for
the CPC to bring to the floor of the spring town Meeting to vote on
spending the CPC's funds for the renovation of Town Hall.

The CPC is to bring to the Town, at Town Meeting the Article that
will $spend$ any of the funding of the CPA, for vote to the
townspeople.  The decision WILL be that of the voters.
3:58 pm est 

It's About Time!

Jeez, I was just about ready to get a posse together to
search for the webmaster. I figured I could wrangle up Slippery Fish,
the Rat in the Basement, Rattlesnake and Michael R. and Candice to
help me search. We could have began by dredging the harbor. 

Perhaps in the process of looking for the "Keeper of the Rant" some
extra good could arise from it; they could all have a civilized drink
afterward and debate issues. But alas, the postings are active again
which signals that CW is back at the helm! Power on, Web-man, but
don't leave us without a fix for too long! You must know by now that
the blog has become as integral as morning coffee for a whole lot of
3:55 pm est 

Dog Friendly

Provincetown voters showed true compassion for the welfare
of animals with a vote of 78% vs. 21% in favor of banning dog racing
in Massachusetts.

We are distinguishing ourselves on many fronts as a community that is
truly dog friendly not just one with a
lot of dogs.
3:10 pm est 

Please Support Article 1

The board of Selectmen will hold a public forum on the
articles for town meeting at the Veteran's school at 6pm today. We
voters must attend and speak in favor of article one.

The Community Presevation Committee said that they will wait until
they hear what the voters want before deciding to reccommend article
one. They asked Michelle Jarusiewicz if she received any calls
regarding this article and she said no: so please call her and tell
that you support this article at 508-487-7087. or

With the former Chair of this committee, Selectman Elaine Anderson
rising to speak against this article at yesterday's CPC meeting (as
well as at the selectmen's meeting) and with Housing Developer Ted
Malone stating (in front of one his employees who is on the
committee)that he needs this half million dollars to back his
project; it will be a hard fight for we tax payers to get any
designated money to fund the preservation of our venerable town
hall--unless we speak up.

This would be a time even for the recepients of affordable housing
over the last ten years to stand up say yes, it is time to designate
this money to fix Provincetown's Town Hall.

Michael Rogovsky
1:54 pm est 

Re: Community Preservation Committee Meeting

I'm certainly going to the State of the Town meeting
tonight. I went to the Community Preservation Committee meeting last
night. It was quite an eye opener.

The committee wants to follow the will of the people at town meeting
and then decide if they want to endorse article one which would
change the designation where by the 80% of the funds that go towards
affordable housing will be allowed to go to Historical preservation
and fix town hall.

Affordable housing has already received $2,690,00 since 2005. Ted
Malone stood up and said that he needs to be able to tell the bank
that he will be able to get $500,000 in CPA funds so he doesn't want
the committee to change the 80% designation that affordable housing
now enjoys.

I don't understand how Ted Malone can go and just ask the committee
to keep the designation as is and then walk out but a man who works
for him is on the committee. How fair is that to the rest of us?

Selectman Elaine Anderson spoke about how we need 210 more affordable
housing units. Where are the jobs for these new comers? *Many* of the
folks that I know work here in the summer and then go off and enjoy
their unemployment in sunny climates or else go and work the winter
circuit at tony ski resorts.

Please, fellow citizens, go to town meeting and demand that all
available funds go towards fixing town hall. $2,690,752 is quite
enough to have given affordable housing. We can vote to change the
designation back so that affordable housing can return to getting the
largest share of the pie in the future. Can we long term residents
please get some consideration? All we are to you to some
organizations are open wallets.

Michael Rogovsky
12:28 am est 

Holly Folly is 30 Days Away

Yet no schedule, no nothing posted on PBG web site? What up?

I am now making plans for my vacations in Feb and March. Get with it PBG.

Not sending in my $250. next year
11:16 pm est 

Bryant Over Andrews?

For the 1st time in a long time I was happy with the
election results except why did you vote for Bryant over Andrews?

Go figure

PS. Where is the Webmaster today?
11:15 pm est 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vote No!

Vote NO on ballot question 1 and 2. Tell them no more
spending until they start trimming the fat elsewhere.
2:04 pm est 

Re: Michael Rogovsky

I'm going to the Community preservation committee meeting
tonight to lobby for the money to go to Historical. I'm going to
speak up at the special town meeting and ask that the money go to
historical and my letter in the banner was printed stating that the
CPA money should go to Historical.

I want to thank the webmaster for the Peter Francese interview and
the department of Revenue report which he keeps posted here and to
the person who told me to google both the Steven Roderick and the
high school principal's resignation articles thus allowing me to
download them.

It was the reading of these reports that galvanized me to write what
appeared in My View in the cape cod times today about regionalizing
the high school.

What I sent to the Cape Cod Times is over a thousand words, so they
edited it to just the facts that they printed; but the whole report
with the downloaded articles is being sent to the commissioner of
education and the Dept. of Revenue.

Michael Rogovsky
2:03 pm est 

So Sweet, So Reassuring to Have a Leader as President

There's a major difference between holding an office and being a
leader. Anyone can be elected; few can lead. And Barack Obama is
above all else a leader. and we are the better for his skills,
vision, fortitude and future thinking.
12:24 pm est 

Re: Cheryl Andrews

I was very disappointed that Ms Andrews lost to Mr. Bryant
for the position of BARNSTABLE ASSEMBLY REP.  How can anyone in
Provincetown vote for someone that the town has sued for years for
the way he keeps his property?   A very sad thing.

On a positive note, congrads to our new President elect, Obama.
12:22 pm est 

Yes, Obama, Obama

  You know the tune, you know the sound, you know the possibilities.
The nation welcomes its new president and the world applauds our

      Nice to know that the impossible can become the possible and
what was unimagined by many is now a reality for a nation. The future
can surprise as the unexpected becomes the expected.
12:09 pm est 

No Dogs!

Provincetown passed Question 2 by the largest percentage in
the Commonwealth. Anyone surprised?

9:45 am est 

Pop the Corks and Celebrate!

Still celebrating and it feels so good. We now have a new president
Obama and George Bush will soon be gone from the national scene.
America has a chance to regain its international appeal and to be a
model of what is a true democracy is all about. Not a loss of
freedoms, not torture, not politicizing our judicial department. We
have another chance.

It's a new beginning.
9:41 am est 

Ah! Oh! Hurrah!

What a fabulous night! How wonderful to now have President Elect
Barack Obama. Yes, we can and Yes we will.

Great for our nation for for us all. Hope comes to America.
9:40 am est 

Norman Mailer

...That law of life, so cruel and so just, that we must
grow or else pay more for remaining the same.

Norman Mailer
9:38 am est 

Good News

Somebody pinch me!
8:54 am est 

As Usual, Michael, You Flip and Flop

"Where needed" is not a commitment to putting the monies available
into the restoration of town hall. Politically, it's a great thing to say BEFORE
the vote for Phase I.  "Where needed" is NOT putting money up front..
"where needed" is where Michelle thinks it's needed... Stop being such a
bleeding heart and think things through.  A leopard cannot change its

Slippery Fish (getting real tired of Michael's changing tides)
8:53 am est 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Want to Thank Chairman Couture

At Yesterday's selectmen's meeting I stated that I want to
thank selectman Coutour for agreeing with the article changing the
designation of The CPA funds to go to ten percent for affordable
housing ten percent for open land and ten percent for historical with
70% being designated to go where needed.

Affordable housing is a cause very close to selectman Coutours heart
but she recognizes that undertaking the renovation of town hall is
going to be a heavy financial burden to the tax payers and she wants
to do all that she can to lessen this burden. For this Im very

Michael Rogovsky
6:12 pm est 

Did You Vote Yet?

You have until 8 p.m. tonight at Town Hall. The lines have not been
long. Very efficient and everything is running smoothly.  So if you
haven't gotten off your chair or off the sofa, get up and go right
now. It's time to vote and we need everyone to vote their choice and
to do it soon.

Happy Presidential Election Day! Victory will happen and we'll have
to see for whom. Then we'll celebrate!
6:09 pm est 

I Think the Crown & Anchor is Holding an Election Day Event

With the large screen inside the restaurant, they usually have
interesting get togethers. That is one option. I'm sure others in
town will be celebrating around the bar at Fanizzi's. Of course
there's George's Pizza too. What the Mews will be doing you can find
out by giving them a call.

so a few suggestions for you tonight.
6:08 pm est 

Residential Requirement for Affordable Housing Would be a Significant Factor

I do think that we can require that with CPC funds. The monies that
Ted malone gets opens up any place to anyone and then benefits who he
and his Santa helpers "pick" from the lottery hat. That the same
individual develops afforddable housing and then is the "official"
determinant of who gets the affordable housing is a conflict of
interest. It's the fox protecting the chicken coop.

To continue to give affordable housing to transient individuals and
to those who just arrived makes no sense. It also makes a mockery of
the need for affordable housing since those who have lived here
hardly ever get "chosen."
Placing a residentail requirement is a good thing.
6:06 pm est 

Sandy Hill

Sandy Hill Lane has more than one house on it.  The affordable
housing is 12 Sandy Hill.
6:04 pm est 

Re: Sandy Hill

April 12,2007 PROVINCETOWN  Annual Town Meeting, which
began Monday night immediately after Special Town Meeting, was a
little less contentious than its predecessor but no less

Argued fiercely over on Town Meeting floor was a proposal to award
private developers $732,000 to help defray the cost of a 12-unit
affordable/community housing complex.

How is that unit 1 or Sandy Hill Lane call sell for $327,500?
3:21 pm est 

Re: Page 50 of the Banner

Oct. 24, Joan R. Rogers t Charles F. Roye, 14 Sandy Hill Lane, Unit 1 $327,000.  I thought that Sandy hill was affordable housing..I guess that we will find out
the CPC Hearing.
3:18 pm est 

Where Are Folks Gathering to Watch the Returns Tonight?

My spouse is away and I didn't want to be alone on this great night. The
Harbor Actor's theater is having a bash starting at 6pm...but I'm in

Lets just take over a place!
3:16 pm est 

Re: Nantucket Affordable Housing Rules

The rule in Nantucket is that affordable housing is only
available to residents who have lived on Nantucket *year round* for
at least three years.

I too believe that we need to make affordable housing a priority for
people who grew up here and are being displaced by a condo
converstion or who have lived here for a number of years.

It should go to local first responders and then the workers and I
propose that this be worded correctly and be put on the warrent as an
article for the spring town meeting.

Lets make it a requirement that any candidate live here *year round*
for 5 years before becoming eligible for the upcoming affordable
3:14 pm est 

A Vote For Cheryl

Writing on this blog got my vote for Cheryl.  She has
responded to issues without fear.  Good luck today.

Slippery Fish (taking the tide into Town Hall)
11:22 am est 

Michael, Welcome Back!

You always bring passion to any issue you are concerned with. And I
like your reasoning as well. Thanks for being involved once again.
And I'm glad you're back adding your thoughts to the blog. Fall has
its rewards!
10:44 am est 

What an Exciting Day!

This is just wonderful. What a beautiful day for the Presidential
Election. This is an historic day.

Happy Election Day! Happy Voting! Hope the lines are not too long but
even if they are--it's a great day!
10:43 am est 

Bravo Michael Rogovsky--------

---------and Wait Till You Hear Who's On the
New Ad Hoc Committee for Changes on Zoning Bylaws!

Well said, Michael...did she slide under the table as you presented
your remarks?

It was announced that an Ad Hoc Committee has been formed to make
recommendations (amoungst other duties) to zoning bylaws. Who's been
appointed to this committee? Ted Malone. Now I ask you, "Doesn't that
just open the door to many conflicts of interest?" Sure smells so to

E. Michael Richards
10:42 am est 

You Have to be Kidding!

You respect all public servants! You are kidding us, aren't you? You
have a serious misplaced sense of respect. We have and have always
had corrupt public officials, misguided officials, dumb officials and
arrogant, self-serving officials.

Only a fool would respect all who run and win public office, wherever they
are in America. Look at the elected officials in jail now--and soon Alaskan
Senator Ted Stevens may join Cunningham and then the great deal maker
(but not elected K street lobbyist) Jack Abramoff. But you probaly think Abramoff
deserves your admiration!
10:40 am est 

Michael, Right On!

You have hit the nail on the head. Or you have at least nailed the
"culprit" in pinpointed Elaine Anderson's refusal to move any monies
from the CPC to Town Hall renovations. As the past Chair of the CPC,
she continues to act as if she still is and, then and now, wants ALL
the money to go to affordable housing.

There is a contradiciton here. The town manager and the BOS present a
strong case for renovating Town Hall but then they will not use even
a few hundred dollars from CPC funds to handle this mammoth project.

They look to our pockets and want more and more. This is not good
management. And affordable housing is generally going to anyone who
just shows up. Call a friend--especially if you work for Malone--and
tell them to take a bus or a plane and come live here for a few
months. No residences. No ties to the town but these individuals--CPC
and Anderson-- see these outsiders and free loaders as the people
they are fighting for. Forget about long-term town residents or
forget about town tax payers.

They are fighters for the outsider, the vagabond, the far-flung friend of
friends. Odd who Anderson and the CPC are rooting for and giving our
tax money to.
10:37 am est 

Personal Lives Are Not Being Attacked

But if you run for office and then have a so-called business in town,
people may say a few things about both. And if your business is
called the Lily Pond, you might hear a few jokes about frogs.
Especialy if you have ceramic frogs placed outside and inside your
shop. Also, what else is swimming around in murky lily poind waters?
Whose mean? Maybe the truth just hurts. It's like lipstick on a pig
or lipstick on a frog!
10:33 am est 

I Don't Agree With Phase One or PhaseTwo

I think Sharon needs to do her job and trim the fat in Provincetown
town spending before we agree to fund anymore big projects here in
town. There is wasteful spending every day in the town government.
An assistant tourism director? An assistant town manager? An
assistant...? Do you folks realize that towns of our comparible size
DO NOT have all of these positions they're paying for across Mass?

Until we draw the line, and demand that they tighten their belts
nothing is going to change.

If we approve either ballot question on town hall, we're doomed. 
They can cut back spending and find the money elsewhere. It's time to
get creative Sharon!

I hope everyone gets out today and votes. Our country needs competant
and reliable leadership more then ever before! It's time for change.
10:32 am est 

Michael Rogovsky's BOS Written Statement

This is the part of my statement directed at Selectman
Anderson which I read at the selectmen's meeting last night:

The money in the CPA fund is money from me and every other tax
payer in this town.  Actions speak louder than words. Selectman Anderson's
refusal to endorse this article while demanding that we tax payers foot every
bill even when she can help alleviate our financial burden--feels like
an insult. 

It is we tax payers who must pay for rebuilding town hall
and instead of helping us with this task, we feel as though we are
trudging up a hill dragging a wagon full of boulders and she is just
dumping more in. For four years 80% of the money in the CPA funds had
been designated to go to Affordable housing and now a request is
being made that it go to historical preservation to alleviate the
burden on the tax payers who are paying for the renovations of town
hall. Yet Selectman Anderson's response to this request is to cast a
vote with a resounding no!

It is as though she is telling us to just give you our tax money and
then for us to sit down and be quiet while she scrapes in arm loads of
money to drop into the coffers of affordable housing while demanding
more of our money for town hall renovations.

Don't you see how imperious this is to we tax payers? You sit up there
and demand tribute for your pet causes funded with our hard earned
money and you refuse to raise your voice and vote yes to changing a
percentage designation that is only temporary but which will help
alleviate our tax burden. I thought that we were all in this together
as equals instead of you as our overseer and we taxpayers nothing
more than your financial servants.

Michael Rogovsky
8:27 am est 

Affordable Housing Goal in Provincertown Achieved!

At the board of selectmens meeting last night, a member of
the board pointed out that we have reached the desired goal for
affordable housing once the Shank painter property is developed and
Ted Malone's development on Race Road.

Don't forget, there are people living in town in private apartments
who on housing assistance from the Housing assistance corp. in
Hyannis, the Barnstable Housing authority and the Yarmouth housing

Add all of these together and we have reached the goal for affordable
housing in Provincetown.

Michael Rogovsky
8:22 am est 

Couture Doesn't Read MYPACC?

Couture tells the other BOS members she doesn't read
MYPACC-----Couture told me she doesn't read MYPACC.  I know for a
fact she does.  If this is one lie she insists to tell us, then I
have to believe there are more!  Just goes to character and it is
worth noting because she is Chair and on the BOS.  She has lost ALL
trust with me.

As far as how she got the chair position.  Well that was back door,
but pretty smart.  I wouldn't have thought she was that sneeky, but
if she can be sneeky, good for other "spies".  

Our Chair sets the standard for being BACK DOOR and SNEEKY!
8:19 am est 

Nantucket's Approach to Affordable Housing

We have our population of people who live here on fixed
incomes and their taxes go up and up. In Nantucket people have to
live in town for three years before they are eligible for affordable
8:17 am est 

Re: Affordable Housing and Public Funds

I object to the fact that our tax money is going to
developers to create affordable housing. Someone can come here and
get off of the bus and be eligible to sign up for affordable housing.

We need housing for families, for young professionals--but where are
the jobs? Why do you we have all of this housing--when there are no
jobs here for the 250 people for whom they want to build this
housing--it is to make the developers rich: five units for the
needy--and the rest for a kings ransom that bring in millions.
8:15 am est 

No, I'm not Duane Steele. I am Dwayne Raymond.

Until just over a decade ago I was living in Boston, writing for The
Boston Reader newspaper (Dont Google it, it went out of business) and
at NBC television which I hear is still in business. I disliked the
shenanigans that were rampant in TV news in the 90s so I quit and
came to Provincetown with no money. Not a smart move, maybe, but I
got out of that rat race with my integrity in tact.  Or so I hope.

Anyhow, Ive lived and worked here for the better part of 11 years
now. Six years ago I began working with Norman Mailer as his
editorial assistant where I learned a few things about putting a
sentence together and about wrangling with my notions of right and
wrong. You pick up a few tricks after sitting with a man like Norman
over the course of a thousand mornings discussing everything from
literature to lasagna.

My friends, for many years, often joked that I never cross the
bridge. They were right. I like being here because its a haven for
people like me who actually revel in having a lot of time on their
hands to write. I'm one of the lucky few I actually get paid to do it.
(Although let me be clear in saying I dont get paid for any of the
MYPACC entries.) I'm writing a book now for the publisher Harper
Collins about my years and friendship with Mailer which will come out
in 2009.  It's called Mornings with Mailer and you can guess that
Provincetown has a fairly large part in the story. To that point, I
hope you will give it a read when it appears. Its not a small thing
to write a book, even when you have long months in which to do it,
but they paid me so I have to finish it.

So, that's who I am.  I'm not Duane Steele, or the nice lady Duane
Gregory. I'm just Dwayne Raymond. Thanks for letting me say that for
letting poor Mr. Steele off the hook he's undeserving of any rancor
merely because of our name similarities.

8:13 am est 

What a Joke!

Of all the talk on this blog. You would have
thought that someone other than Michael Rogovski would had something
to say to the Board of Selectpeople tonight!
8:04 am est 

I do Fully Support Phase One

I was one of the few citizens who attended the selectmen's
meeting this evening. What a shame more people weren't there. I
chastised Selectman Anderson for not supporting article one. However,
I learned a few things and I do fully support the phase one
renovation of town hall.

Please attend the CPC meeting on Wednesday at 6Pm at the community
center as well as the 6pm meeting at the school on Thursday.
Don't be afraid to speak your mind--but be open minded as well.
Folks, please stop the useless comments consisting only of gossip
that offer no advancement of thoughts or action as we proceed in
making this town a better place in which to live.

Michael Rogovsky
11:38 pm est 

Re: Dwayne Steele

Duane Steele is the former publisher of the Advocate and
current assistant harbor master.
Dwayne Raymond is another person.
Here in town, there are Duanes and there are Dwaynes.
11:33 pm est 

Dwayne Steele's Opinions

Dwayne Raymond Steele

Webmaster Comment: It is assumed that this is your response to the question "What opinion?"

It is further assumed that you have surmised, incorrectly, that the new Contributing Editor of Special Edition, Dwayne Raymond, is in actuality Dwayne (Duane) Steele, formerly of the Provincetown Advocate; this is not true.

Dwayne Raymond is a writer who has resided in Provincetown for several years. 

Thanks for the inquiry
11:24 pm est 

True Americans!

I respect all public servants! They are true Americans! A
persons private life has nothing to do with politics. If you don't
like them, and think you can do better run for office your self. Then
I'll respect you also.
11:05 pm est 

Monday, November 3, 2008

Reverse Response

The personal lives of selectmen should be private if it has
nothing to do with government. Just because you don't like how a
certain BOS runs the town, spreading lies and meaness will not get
your agenda anywhere. It will do the reverse.
10:57 pm est 

Respect Must Be Earned

Surely you don't respect a politician because they hold a position.
How they act, what they do, how they handle officials business
affects how they are viewed and judged.
But, above all, respect must be earned.
10:55 pm est 

Dwayne Seele's Opinions?

We welcome Dwayne Steeles opinions, but why does he not use
his last name?

Webmaster Comment: What opinions are you referring to?
10:52 pm est 

The Voting for November 4th is in Town Hall

This may be the last great act to take place in Town Hall. The
Presidential and State elections will occur in the old town hall.

The Town Meeting and the Town Election on Novmeber 19th will take
place at the elementary School.

But tomorrow, you can park in front of town hall or walk. See you
there for this historic vote--whatever yours is!
10:44 pm est 

Where Can I go to Vote Tommorow?

Town Hall, Katrina trailers or will they allow us at one of the schools?

My question may seem strange, but some of us may be confussed.
10:08 pm est 

Re: Greg Craig

10:07 pm est 

I Agree With Gary S. --------

------and disagree with Selectman Couture's
political platform if it doesn't suit you. Personal anonymous attacks
does not change government.

In the meantime, have some more white wine! n'est-ce pas?
10:06 pm est 

If the BOS Chair is a Disaster----

-----then that is worth noting. She took or rather grabbed the position,
with back door dealings to gain this position-- and she should be
judge by her actions. And Couture has not been a good Chair. She is
deceptive, maniacal in her actions, and she has lowered the
effectiveness of the BOS. Look at the BOS today. Look at the shifting
agendas. Look at the poor way the warrant was put together. Look at
the contract for town employees and the soon-to-be-mess we'll find in
this four-day work week. Look at the Katrina trailers and the way
town hall moving is being unorchestrated. This is not a well-run,
highly organized, or well-intentioned board.

The truth is not always pleasant and soothing.
8:04 pm est 

Maybe You're Conflating Humor with Meanness

Whoever was writing about spying on the Lily Pond and finding that
Couture has Mypacc on her computer screen was quite humourous. This
was not mean. And those who also wrote about other spies adding to
the "hunt" were not serious. I think you missed the point and
confused two different motivations-- at least on this rather
chuckling event.
7:58 pm est 

You'd Think Having an Absentee Ballot is Illegal or a Sin

Is there something town officials are trying to hide? Is it that they
don't want us to know what is on the ballot? And I do not believe
that this is how we do business in our type of town government, as
you say. That is bull. We ask voters to vote on questions with
amounts, with real numbers listed on the ballot. We do not have
voters vote with phrases like "and including all costs indidental and
realted thereto."

And here is Question 2

"Shall the Town of Provincetown be allowed to exempt from the
provisions of proposition two and one-half, so called, the amounts
required to pay for the bond issued in order to fund Phase II design
costs for the compreheeensive restoration and renovation of Town
Hall, which phase includes the interior and mechanical systems at
Town Hall, including costs of architectual design development and
preparation of construction documents."

There is not a figure written here, not a budget, not even an
estimate of the highest amount we could be expected to pay. And don't
tell us we have to go back to articles on the warrant. No, the ballor
on which we vote should have this amount. This is a game and a
fradulent one under the guise that this is honest. It is not. Do not
ask people to vote on "comprehensive restoration and renovation of
Town Hall" and not include the amount they are asked to fund.

This is not the way any town should do business. And this is not what
Provincetown should be doing. No, not at all and not on this issue of
Town Hall.
7:51 pm est 

Please Stop the Meanness!

I understand that we have the right to question. But it
seems that someone has on this blog the intent to destroy the private
life of the chair of the BOS. I would hope that the webmaster would
not print such blogs. What good comes from spying on a shop or
refering to her and her partner as frogs? Please stop the meanness.

Gary S.
7:26 pm est 

Dear Mr Craig......

Im sorry I cant stop laughing. When I do
stop and I'm able to type I will respond  lmao lmao lmao   never a
dull moment
6:58 pm est 

Thanks for your Vote, Vote, Vote Alert

Glad to have you reminding us all: tomorrow is Election Day! We all
need to go vote. Even if the lines are longer than you'd like, it's
time to stand in line and vote. It's an important day and we need to
make our choices known. It is our right and our responsibility.

Please Vote Tuesday November 4th!
6:56 pm est 

Dog Park

there are 13 spaces including one handicap space. the curb cut is
along rte 6. check out the dog park's website:
www dot provincetowndogpark dot org

6:54 pm est 

Bark Park Parking

When the park opens there will be thirteen parking spaces available.
In the meantime you could take one of those hot air balloon rides Mr.
Craig will be offering from his front yard to get you there!

E. Michael Richards
6:52 pm est 

How Sad That Obama's Grandmother Has Died

A day before she may have seen her grandson be elected President of
the United States. One day before this tranformative act could
happen, she dies before she could celebrate her family's joy. She
helped bring him up and now, with her untimely passing, there is a
sadness in the midst of the Obama happiness.

It's also sad that Studds Terkle also died last week, a few days
before he would have celebrated Obama's victory, if he is victorious.
Studds Terkle was a fabulous journalist and a great Chicagoans and he
was a great fan of Barack. AT 96, he too wanted to toast Obama's
victory. But we'll have to do it for him, if we're fortunate enough
to have this presidential victory.

Life has a way of taking when it gives and giving when it takes from us.
6:50 pm est 

Who Said This Was Small Town Democarcy?

Believe that and I'll sell you a Daddy Grace mansion in heaven. Just
look at the articles for the warrant. They are BOS and Sharon Lynn
led, directed and written. Given that town residents were given one
day to put an article on the warrant shows how Michelle Couture
thinks that having power is hers to use for her ideas, for her vested
interests, for her pet projects. She is a disaster as BOS chair and
the warrant reflects her lack of leadership.

Small town democracy? Small town individual responsibility? It's a
sham in her hands. A joke that makes clowns of all of us.
6:49 pm est 

Re: Why Then do we Have Articles 10, 11 and 12?

From my understanding;
Article 10 deals with the 2009 pro forma.  There is less money
expected from parking, rooms tax and the state.  This money would
cover those deficiencies.  If the money is not recovered now, come
late winter, early spring, something else in the budget would have to
be cut to achieve a balanced budget.

Article 11 and Article 12
We all knew when the past administration left town that there would
be things surfacing, well here they are.  This is sloppy bookkeeping
and the DOR wants them to be removed from the books.  Using free cash
is the perfect way to clean up this mess without affecting the actual
budget.  All of these items have been 'sitting' on the books for
years.  There is no proof that these funds were overspent, but there
is no doubt that the past administration shifted funds.

The DOR endorsed the use of free cash for these purposes as well as
Article 13 Stabilization Fund.

And to the person who apparently has an Absentee Ballot, the figures
will be given to us at Town Meeting.  The actual figures are not
known yet.  This is common practice for our form of government.  The
warrant does have a dollar amount inserted which is a figure that
cannot be exceeded by law.

I hope this information helps everyone.
6:47 pm est 

Re: Greg Craig

Maybe Greg Craig will offer to come forward to pay for town
hall. :) he's such a philanthropist.
6:44 pm est 

Memo To Greg Craig,

You're so intimidating. Oh my how very intimidating you are. Did you
ever think that the individuals in question may not wish to pursue
something like this due to the number of skeletons that could fall
out of the closet during such a massive investigation that you claim
you're willing to finance?  A lot comes into light during litigation
including one's reputation, personal history, hell even chat logs and
online personal ads with photos (some even explicite) end up part of
the mix of evidence and part of public record.

Mr. Craig libel and slander are difficult to prove in our court
system. It's also very costly and damages are seldom awarded.  It's
also nearly impossible to claim damages when you may have been caught
multiple times guilty of the very act in which you claim is untrue
and damaging.

I do not know this Cimikowski character but I know plenty of
testimony here in town that would easily undermine your crusade.

You offer nothing more then rhetoric Mr. Craig. Perhaps you can
intimidate others.  I'm really tired of people on here blowing hot
air about things they don't know anything about and have no
experience with.  I'm done with this blog.  People like you Mr. Craig
have ruined it.
6:43 pm est 

Re: Greg Craig

I only skimmed the whole "realtor and someone's nephew"
posting and just ignored it in the face of the up coming town meeting
and article one etc. and the selectmen's meeting the CPA meeting on

Who is Greg Craig--and isn't it gracious of him to offer to help this
realator? I don't know who these realtors are--I hope that their
names weren't posted here; but it is good to know that someone is
willing to stand up for a fellow citizen.
12:36 pm est 

No Blank Checks

The town did not issue "blank checks".
They issued "bounced checks".
That's why we have Articles 10,11 and 12.

We want to know the numbers and have quarterly accountabilty. We must
keep tabs on Our monies.
12:29 pm est 

Re: Greg Craig

With all that hot air no doubt Greg Craig can start giving
balloon rides from the front lawn of his house soon.  Greg do you
have any idea how silly you come off?
12:27 pm est 

Election Day Last

I would like to encourage everyone to vote.

I would also like to endorse George Bryant for the Barnstable County
Assembly of Delegates.  George has been an effective selectman here
in Provincetown...and as the incumbent for the Assembly seat will
continue his thoughtful county wide regional view.

George has vision.  He deserves your vote to continue his good work.
12:26 pm est 

To: Re: The Ballots are a Total Insult Posted Sunday, November 2, 2008 @ 11:28 pm est

Why then do we have Articles 10, 11 and 12?

Article 10 is to transfer funds from FY 2008 as "Free Cash" which the
DOR found and said "must be spent in order to the balance the books".
Related to this Article 10 is $292,00.00 of  CPC deficits. Why?

Article 11 is to use the "Free Cash" to take care of the
over spending of the budget for various capital projects,
many of them are related to the Land Bank Fund. Why?

Article 12 deals with grants which were over spent. Why?

As much as I do not want to approve these Articles, We must clean up
the  books and start fresh. Otherwise, We
will lose this "Free Cash" and We will have to absorb the

And yes, I do not like to see an Article posted without
the proper amounts, but does it really matter? They will find some
way to overspend. That's their mantra.

I don't know about you, but I remember not voting for the 3% pay
raise. Why and how did they get it?

Another deficit to be spent by "Free Cash".

Therefore, don't tell me that they can't overspend on the amount
approved by Town Meeting Votes.

It's been done in the past and can certainly happen in the future.
12:25 pm est 

Here Is the Exact Ballot Question

Question 1

"Shall the Town of Provincetown be allowed to exempt from the
provisions two and one-half, so called, the amounts required to pay
for the bond issued in order to fund Phase I constgruction costs to
re pair the structural integrity of the Town Hall, including
structural repair of roof and comprehensive exterior damage at Town
Hall, and including all costs incidental and realted thereto?

Sorry, but do you see any actual figures for the costs here? Do you
see what the amount we are voting on is or will be or could be? And
what about "including all costs incidental and realted thereto?"

I find this question quite problematic and this is not spreading
fear, This is the truth and I find what the town has written
worrisome. This is no way to ask voters to fund town hall.
12:22 pm est 

Dog Park Parking?

I drove by the dog park yesterday and didn't see any parking.  Does
anyone know if / where the parking for the park is? It is a long walk
from the East End....
11:52 am est 

Hey Baloney

What will you do when the elementary school closes will you
pay for your baloney and your B'mer??

thanks for stabbing us in the back!
11:51 am est 

Re: Greg Craig Posting

Greg Craig we're not afraid of you. You're hot air doesn't
impress or intimidate anyone.
11:50 am est 

Re:The Ballots Are a Total Insult!

As reported by the Town Manager, the actual dollar amounts for the
ballot questions will be given to us at town meeting.  The bids for
the work on phase one are not expected in till next week, so the $2
million is just an amount we cannot exceed.  They can ask for less,
but can never ask for more by law.

The same goes for the $500K in the plans for phase two.  The figure
apparently will be around $350K but we will have an exact figure at
town meeting.

This is very common practice for the posting and printing of the
warrant.  The warrant has to be posted one month before the meeting. 
Figures are often placed in the warrant and then changed at the
meeting.  No one is trying to scam anyone.  It happens at every
meeting and will happen in the future.

And to be clear, there is no such thing as a 'blank check'.  The town
cannot spend money that is not appropriated.  If the town votes to
raise and appropriate $1 million on a project, the town cannot spend

Please stop spreading fear around these projects.
11:28 pm est 

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Re: @5:47 Saturday

My version was cut and pasted verbatim from CC online. How about
yours? You're really a shifty sort.

No matter: the schools will close. Provincetown and its children will
be better off as a result. Get used to it.

- Still Tired of Your Baloney
9:18 pm est 

The Ballots Are a Total Insult!

Are We Simply Giving the BOS and Sharon Lynn A Blank Check
for Town Hall?

This is what it seems. Can anyone explain how town
voters can vote on two ballot questions that fail to specify how much
money we are agreeing to exempt from Prop 2 1/2? Without an actual
amount, name it $2 million and then name it another $500,000, but
someone needs to list the actual amount we are agreeing to fund.

Maybe, just maybe, these new people on the Board of Selectmen and one
old faux French one, think that we are simpletons, uneducated and
lambs willing to follow them to the slaughter.

Who would vote Yes on a sum of money that has no sum? Who would
agree to give the town money, without actually and specifically knowing
what the sum of monies entail? Who would do this? Are we that naive?
Are we that uninformed?

Are we that gullible?
9:16 pm est 

Everyone Should Pay Their Fair Share...

Has anyone ever proposed taxing the families with children in town an
extra tax to pay for their children's education?

What about charging the people who live in town year-round a 20%
surcharge on their taxes since they use more services.

What charging a room rental tax on those people who rent their
property year round?

These ideas don't really seem fair... do they....

Does imposing extra tax on non-residents and people who rent weekly?
9:12 pm est 

Re: First Day of Clamming

Any Word on How Today's First Day of Clamming Went?
Can someone let us know how it was? Were they easy to get or did you
have to walk out far to get these delights? Any reports? Please?
9:10 pm est 

Waiting Until Spring to Decided About Town Hall Expsnese Makes Sense
Not now. Not at this time. Not these next few weeks. The economy is
too volatile. The markets, including bond market, also too unstable
and also volatile. Let's also see what the FY 2010 budget looks like.
Not make a decision in a vacuum.

And if you look at the ballot, there is no money listed on the ballot.
This means that the amount we could be agreeing to could be almost

Consider these words on the ballot: "And including all costs incidental
and related thereto" Really? All costs? and what pray tell is "incidental"
and what is "related thereto'? No, No. This language is a cover up for
unidentified costs and we could end up voting for $1 million more on
each of these two ballots. How can we tell? There is no, and I do
repeat, no money specifically identified or attached to the vote that
we are being requested to vote on.
9:09 pm est 

How Many More Spies?

Now that the "season" is gone, I wonder how many more SPIES
there will be around town?   I am sure people will have SO MUCH TIME
ON THEIR HANDS, that we are all in for some good entertainment on
mypacc  as the winter approaches.  And I never would have thought
about going to the EURO to see those 2 frogs at work.  Will have to
give that a try!  I JUST LOVE THIS SITE
4:49 pm est 

Re: Provincetown High School

Of the 14 graduating seniors this year--how many are
Provincetown residents? It isn't in the town report--or did I miss it?
4:47 pm est 

Lets Ear Mark the Money in the CPA Fund to Pay For Town Hall

For the last several years, our money in the CPA fund has
gone to affordable housing and now the money in there is ear marked
for it as well.

Lets ear mark the money in the CPA fund to pay for town hall for the
next several years as well.

If folks only post here and don't show up at the selectmen's meeting
tomorrow at the Veteran's school to voice their views and persuard
folks to look at the total picture,  or at the CPA open hearing on
Wednesday at 6pm at the community center--then you have no one to
blame but yourselves if people vote things in.

I've decided to vote to spend the 6 million or so to renovate the
building in the spring *IF* I can be guaranteed that the bonds won't
be called in or fail. However, the school must close.
4:46 pm est 

We Must Vote

We must go to the polls. We must cast our
preferences and thus change the direction of the country. I do hope
that everyone and I mean everyone votes. This is too important to let
the choice rests in the hands of someone else. Whatever your color,
red or blue, please make certain you vote.
4:43 pm est 


And not with Keith Oberman. Just Count Down to the Presidential Vote.
Let's get out the vote, Provincetown. Let's make certain we take the
time, make the effort and vote. It's a major day with significant
consequences for America. Make certain all your friends vote and all
family members. No excuses. No exemptions. VOTE TUESDAY!
2:15 pm est 

You Guys Are Funny

The Lily Pond Caper is very funny. There just might be a growing
number of spies, some now looking down from the Euro, others peeking
from inside Adams Pharmacy, pretending to be reading the New York
Times. Of course, the paper is upside down, the camouflage hunting
cap looks like the Dude lost in Provincetown and instead of hunting
moose, they're searching for frogs. Good thing this is not France
where it's a delicacy!
2:14 pm est 

Re: Truro Elementary School

There is an elementary school in Truro--lets ask the
commissioner of education to make an exception and send the students
to that school.

The parents drive every student to school anyway--so they just drive
them a bit more...problem solved and we save millions..Frist the high
school--then the elementary school.

The Cape is a no growth zone and Provincetown is losing population
and the school population has declined evey year for the last ten

There are no year round jobs here for the hundreds of people that
they want to live in affordable housing--that is why people in
affordable housing are subletting and why the B of S is clamping down.
11:48 am est 

Happy Scratching Tommorrow

To all who will be "scratching" along the West End flats tomorrow,
good luck gathering the little necks. Seasons starts. See you along
the flats, bucket in hand, rake along my shoulders. Happy clamming to
12:22 am edt 

Binoculars Along the Edge of the Lily Pond

I find that quite funny. I love these well-informed spies. There, in
hunter camouflage, they wait. There they peer and spy: Shout Out!
reflected in the Lily Pond. Then a croak. Then a plop. Plop. Another
frog dives for cover.
12:20 am edt 

I Like Your Yes But No

I too am voting for Obama. And I too am voting against town hall
renovations that will cost at least $9 million. It's neither the time
nor the place for such excessive spending. It is extravagant given
our fiscal challenge: at the town, state, nation and global level.
What more would it take for people here and officials here to realize
how dramatic and serious the financial difficulties of the world are?
We are almost on the edge of a major depression and surely in the
midst of a recession. Will it take people selling apples in front of
old town hall to realize how bad things are?

Yes for Barack Obma. No for town hall extravaganza renovations.
12:19 am edt 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Word About Posting in the Special Edition Area:

         The publishers of this website were nice enough to ask me if I would occasionally post some op-ed pieces I write to MYPACC.  The idea, since I am a writer, naturally appealed to me. So, we now have this subdivision and I, apparently, have a title. While I am not averse to submitting works to the blogsite, I am somewhat unused to having a title attached to my name other than "writer."  I will adjust, certainly, but I thought it best to get that anxiety out in the open. 

        I have no agenda; let me be forthright about that.  I do have opinion, of course, but I do not wish to be an addition that is forced down your, the readers, throat.  Therefore, what you will see from me (and, I hope others who offer insightful op-ed or essay works) are writings which might be considered "sweet treats" to offset the main meal of the blog for which this website has become known.  In other words, I don't believe this section should do any more than incite thought or provide pleasure. In my estimation the main blog, Shout Out, does quite enough in the area of provoking ire and action. 

        I read quite a bit of what is out there in the way of opinion and commentary and, frankly, find much of it worthwhile-even material I do not politically align with.  But much of it is just so much repetition.  Are Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich related? Is Michael Moore just a tubbier version of the suave Dick Cavett-less the whim and, some would say, the brains?  Is O'Reilly really just ripping rhetoric from Rush's rage at the end of the day?  Have we not, in this empretzeled season of a political party mix, had enough of the obvious hurled at us by the time we get off line, toss the newspaper out and put the TV clicker to rest? I think so. To that point, I'll do my best to shoot for addressing the ignored, the overlooked, the sappy (on occasion) the whimsical and the downright stupid if it merits.

Lastly, I think we'd all like to hear from other writers in Provincetown and wherever else readers of this note of introduction are sitting. However, there are three rules to live by here if you wish to contribute-in this section anyway.  The work must be good and it must be clean and it must be original.  Let me explain: Good means your college professor would attach at least a "B" to it. Clean means you'd be just fine having it read aloud to your mother.  Original means you didn't rip off Dowd, Cavett, Rich, Bill or Rush or anyone else-you worked for it.  I'll try to stick to the same rules. After all, we do live in the original town of creative thinking. Those guys who spent 63 days out there in the harbor on a ship all those years ago had some innovative ideas and put them on paper-the Mayflower Compact-no small affair!  I would argue that we owe it not only to ourselves as writers, but them for setting a fine precedent.

      Write a few good words now and then. Inspire your neighbors, inspire yourself. Mostly, don't be afraid of the dark. It's just a different kind of light.  Think about it.

-Dwayne Raymond

Nov. 1, 2008

Wd  570

Webmaster Comment: Postings can be sent to the "Special Edition" editor via the "Contact Us" Page.
11:25 pm edt 

We Are Voting For Obama...

-------and against wasting money for the poorly thought
out 12 million for that old building in the center of town.

Why is it a tourist center?

It is the only visitor friendly place with many benches and tall shade trees.

If  there was no building and only grass, and more benches it would
be even better for tourism.

If you look closely... a business that was serious about access for
clients would not pick the corner of Ryder and Commercial for its
clients anymore.
Sites on Shank Painter would be much more suited.
11:21 pm edt 

RE:To: Nauset Invites Other Towns to Discuss Regional Schools

I don't know what story you were reading but here it is. Your version
is very strange.

**Nauset school officials are ready to listen if any other school
districts on the Lower Cape want to talk about regionalization.

The regional district's school committee and elementary school
committees from Nauset towns agreed Thursday to invite officials from
Harwich, Chatham, Truro and Provincetown to participate in a study of
ways to expand the Nauset Regional School District, Nauset Supt.
Michael Gradone said yesterday.

The Nauset school committee and elementary school committees from
Brewster, Orleans, Eastham and Wellfleet also agreed to seek an
estimated $25,000 state grant for the study, which is expected to
take six months to complete.

The four Nauset towns have separate K-5 schools and send older
students to Nauset's regional middle and high schools.

Gradone cited increasing state pressure for merging schools into
larger school districts. "The rational stance of any school system on
the Lower Cape would be to participate in the planning of
(regionalization), lest it be imposed from the outside," he said.

Before Thursday's meeting, he contacted the four school
superintendents in Harwich, Chatham, Truro and Provincetown about
participating in parts of the Nauset study, and will wait to see the
reaction of school committees in those towns. "We'll be letting them
know they'll be invited to the conversation if the grant is
approved," Gradone said.

Harwich has already raised the possibility of merging with Chatham.

Also Thursday, the combined school committees created a committee to
search for a new superintendent of schools. Gradone this fall
announced his plans to retire at the end of this school year.**
6:47 pm edt 

Re: To: Nauset Invites Other Towns to Discuss Regional Schools

By your own math, the costs would be $1.085 million to get the kids
to Nauset for their education. Maybe you didn't do so well in math
but thats a $2 million dollar saving to Ptown. The school still has a
note on it. So what? Make better use of the school. How fast would
the note be paid with a $2 million dollar savings every year if it
shuts down and becomes, oh, I don't know, A TOWN HALL??? Plenty of
parking, somewhat centralized location, newly renovated. Sounds good
to me!!
And your reluctant to let your kids go to Nauset because you would
have very little if any say? Maybe that's a good thing because with
all the inside facts in your post, seems to me your a member of the
current school committee and with your track record, I don't want you
in control anymore!!!
6:45 pm edt 

An Important Conversation

I called the board of education and talked to the legal
dept and asked a few questions. Yes, you can tuition out the students
of a town if there are less than 50 families with children in the
shcool and close the school.

They also said that it is legal to run a business of a school if we
follow a certain procedure in the dicates of chapter 40 section 3 of
the Mass. General laws.

Knowledge is power.
6:43 pm edt 

Regarding Informing the Powers That be About the School:
Write a letter and include the findinds of Peter Francese's in depth
study of the demographics of Provincetown and cape cod and include
the findings of the Dept. of Revenue regarding the school and make a
copy of the article about the resignation of Steven Roderick, chair
of the steering committee dealing with "reginalization" (with lip
service only) and a copy of the article of the resignation of the
high school principal.

The facts are there--include it all in a letter and mail it every few
month--to The dept of Revenue; the commissioner of education and the
office of Gov. Deval Patrick.

Plus, I sent it to the banner and the Cape Cod times. Now on to the
selectmen's meeting on Monday and he CPA meeting on wed.
6:42 pm edt 

@2:27 pm Re: Regionalizing Schools

Your post feels so dishonest that I'm posting today's Cape Cod Times
article below. Let readers of this blog decide for themselves what it
says, without your spin.

Face it: regionalization is going to happen, sooner not later. Woe
betide the Committee should it continue to hold this town hostage
(using children as human shields) to those hilltop monuments to its
own ego.

- Fed Up With Your Baloney

By Susan Milton
November 01, 2008
ORLEANS  Nauset school officials are ready to listen if any other
school districts on the Lower Cape want to talk about regionalization.

The regional district's school committee and elementary school
committees from Nauset towns agreed Thursday to invite officials from
Harwich, Chatham, Truro and Provincetown to participate in a study of
ways to expand the Nauset Regional School District, Nauset Supt.
Michael Gradone said yesterday.

The Nauset school committee and elementary school committees from
Brewster, Orleans, Eastham and Wellfleet also agreed to seek an
estimated $25,000 state grant for the study, which is expected to
take six months to complete.

The four Nauset towns have separate K-5 schools and send older
students to Nauset's regional middle and high schools.

Gradone cited increasing state pressure for merging schools into
larger school districts. "The rational stance of any school system on
the Lower Cape would be to participate in the planning of
(regionalization), lest it be imposed from the outside," he said.

Before Thursday's meeting, he contacted the four school
superintendents in Harwich, Chatham, Truro and Provincetown about
participating in parts of the Nauset study, and will wait to see the
reaction of school committees in those towns. "We'll be letting them
know they'll be invited to the conversation if the grant is
approved," Gradone said.

Harwich has already raised the possibility of merging with Chatham.

Also Thursday, the combined school committees created a committee to
search for a new superintendent of schools. Gradone this fall
announced his plans to retire at the end of this school year.
6:39 pm edt 

Lets Not Miss This One!

What an opportunity for us all.  Nauset welcomes the outer
cape to discussions to stabilize our the context of
the imperiled state budgets.

Lets not miss this one!

If our school committee fails to act....then it is recall time.

In fact it seems like we are way past that time.

Does it seem like we have 46 students from Provincetown and almost
that same number of staff in our system?

Let's shut this system down if it does not follow the DOR
recommendations to regionalize.  The children, few as they are, are
hostage.  Lets free them
3:29 pm edt 

To: Nauset Invites Other Towns to Discuss Regional Schools

You suggest that we read the Time's story about Nauset
regionalization.  In the story it states that Supt. Gradone has
invited Orleans, Brewster, Eastham and Wellfleet to regionalize with
Nauset K-12.

Both Brewster and Orleans have steadfastly refused to regionalize
with Nauset K-5.

Ask yourself why.

A selectman from Orleans stated in the article:  "I know my mind
certainly hasn't changed," said a still-opposed Selectman Margie
Fulcher of Orleans, a school committee member for 22 years. "Now you
don't even have the same financial incentive to regionalize."

"The worry, then and now," she said, "is that Brewster's larger
school population would translate into more votes and power to run
the schools."

Truro has never been asked to merge or regionalize with Nauset.

Ptown has never been asked to merge or regionalize with Nauset (and
they certainly haven't included us in their survey).

Nowhere in the article does it state that Nauset wants to regionalize
with Ptown.  The article stated that Nauset has "wooed Ptown, in

What Nauset did was try to convince Ptown parents to send their 6-12
children to Nauset- without regionalizing.  All Nauset wanted was
money from Ptown and Truro, not a partnership.

They simply want us to bus kids to Nauset.

If the high school were to close, and if Ptown does have to bus kids
to Nauset, Ptown will be solely responsible for transportation costs.

It  will cost Ptown over $900 a day to ferry kids to the two Nauset
schools.  Thats 162K per year.

Why would Nauset ever agree to share this cost, never mind pay for it all?

Further, if Ptown sends 50 more kids to Nauset, at 13K a kid (which
is the going rate for a district when it sends one of its kids to another
district)  that's 650K being sent to Nauset.

Add the 21 kids Ptown is already sending to Nauset and to Lighthouse
Charter and, at 13K a kid, that's another 273K being sent to Nauset.

Then add the 162K Ptown will have to pay to transport these kids to
Eastham and to Orleans.

The total comes to 1.085 million dollars--every year; with Ptown having
little or no say on the Nauset School Committee.

And though some people wish that Nauset would merge with Ptown, why
would Nauset agree to do so?

Why would Nauset want to take on Ptown's (or Truro's) transportation
costs if it doesnt have to?

So, apparently, there will be little savings if Ptown kids go to Nauset.

Some say when the high school is sold there will be a financial windfall.

However, the high school has a considerable mortgage on it.

There are eight more years left on that note.

So there won't be much savings there.

Right now, the high school cost Ptown $1.1 million per year.

Almost three-quarters of the budget is spent on the elementary
school, on pensions and on administration.

The state will not allow us to close the elementary school because
K-5 children aren't allowed to be bused more than 20 miles away.

You're about to say it's not all about money; it's about education.

Well, if the quality of education is so bad at Ptown High, how does
it keep sending students to Top 50 schools (as ranked by US News and

In the last four years Ptown has sent two girls to Smith and one boy to BC.

Ptown High sends a larger percentage of kids to four-year colleges
than any other high school on the Cape.

Nauset's not even in the top five.

How bad could the education at Ptown High be?

Lastly, the DOR has suggested we regionalize with Nauset.

But how can we do that if Nauset isn't offering?
3:27 pm edt 

Regionalization Should Be Taken Seriously

It's tiring. Any attempt to regionalize--either with the schools or
with town offices--is seen as a threat here in Provincetown. We are
not so unique that we cannot even think about talking. We are not so
unique that we can't sit down and talk to officials in other towns
about the possibility of regionalization. It's time to talk turkey,
as Thanksgiving is soon upon us and this time the turkey is
regionalization. And we need to be serious, not stagepalying if and
when we attend these meetings. It's time for collaboration and a new
way to think.
2:51 pm edt 

Realtor Gone Wild

To: T. Cimikowski

You may want chill out. If your nephew wasn't offended why are you?
Are you so bitter that you need to lash out at one of our own (long
time townie) over what really amounts to a sexual advance? Are you
jealous that it wasn't you? The fact that he is a realtor has no
bearing on this situation, that is just plain silly. I ran into a
snobby Barista the other day...I guess they are all that way, huh?

There are realtors in town who have been committed to their careers
for over 20 years. That says a lot. Your disrespect to those who are
in this profession is astounding. You should know better than lumping
everyone into one category. Shame on you.

If you're going to live in Provincetown year round, you may want to
take a course in acceptance and anger management. Ogunquit is a nice
alternative that may better suit your conservative views.

2:50 pm edt 

It's Like an Old Party Line

That's how I see the blog. If you picked up the phone, you could
listen in and hear all the other conversations. That all stopped with
private lines but the blog gives back that older community feeling.
And just like you didn't have to say who you were on the old party
lines--or even admit you were listnin in-- you don't have to use your
name here either. If you want, you can. If you don't want to, you
don't. I really like this.

For those who seem so "I'm shocked, shocked" at what I read here, why
do you read here? No one is forcing you to click on, to read or to
write. If you're disappointed, for any reason, then don't click on.
It's pretty simple.
2:47 pm edt 

Don't Forget to Set Your Clocks and Watches Back Tonight

Officially, it's after 2a.m. But you don't need to stay up until then
to turn your clocks back!

This also means that tomorrow bloggers will have one added hour to blog!
2:45 pm edt 

Enjoyable Chamber of Commerce Meeting Tuesday

Another enjoyable time at the Chamber. Good that Sharon Lynn spoke
about the town hall renovations. I don't know if she swayed anyone
but it was good to have her present the official position.

I like the mix of people who attend and Candy does a great job. She
always takes the time to make certain everyone is having a fun time
and that everyone is personally recognized by her. That's important.

Not everyone knows how to throw a party and these organizations need
to do this when they have meetings. Otherwise, why go? To socialize,
learn what is happening and enjoy oneself. It was quite suceesful.
2:44 pm edt 

Could You Post the Warrant on the Blog and the Two Ballot Questions?

It might be helpful for everyone if you had the warrant as a link or
somehow posted here. Not that we have a huge amount of important
issues but there are few here. Most were written by the BOS given
that we had one day to get 100 signatures. A sure way to stop
democracy. But I stray from my request. Would that be possible?
2:42 pm edt 

Re: Postings

"... And I'll even sign this with my real name.

Dave, Dan, Blanche, Beth, Margie, Sarah, Barrack, George,
Hillary...Pick a name cause it really makes no difference."

Im quite sure you didnt actually put your real name to the post, most
especially if your real name is Barack. Point of note: you spelled it
incorrectly. This alone indicates a tendency to overlook the evident.
  I submit this: Is there another name more prevalent to our eyes
these days?

A second descent into neglect of the obvious would be your assertion
that this blog has absolutely no validity.  Apparently it has enough
clout to draw YOU to it to express your opinion for many to read. I
mean, why post if you are positive that what you write has no power,
no importance or is not even going to be read? Clearly you, yourself,
have spent a fine chunk of time reading it and thereby validating its
inherent worth. This blog may be somewhat flawed at times but ALL
dialogue is important because without myriad splinters of opinion we
become muted as a community and as a people.

So, welcome to the fray Dave, Dan, Blanche, Beth, Margie or whoever
you are.  Its good to have your rebellious outlook in this mix.  Dont
be shy, post away!
9:45 am edt 

Re: Greg Craig

All your money isn't going to help someone who
is guilty of such behavior. We all know it's true. Everyone know's it.
9:16 am edt 

Nauset Invites Other Towns to Discuss Regional Schools

This is the headline in the CCTimes today, Saturday. Don't let this
study pass Ptown by. Nauset actually is INVITING Provincetown to take
part in the study and the survey is free. DO IT! This will be the
real test to see if the Provincetown School Committee is open to new
ideas. It could even put off the unveiling of their "study" slated
9:14 am edt 

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