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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Right Wing Neo Con Ideas!

Looks like the blog people on here are gonna try again to
get town meeting voters to pass more right wing neo con ideas!
Remember that its only about 25 people who dream up these
ANTI-tax/anti school/anti pier/anti affordable housing/anti town
hall/anti town government/anti land bank/anti ETC. ideas. Lets
outnumber them again at town meeting come November! If we cut taxes
any more than we have, we'll end up with NOTHING. Like them or not.
We need Taxes to survive.
10:45 pm edt 

I Agree: Don't Sign This Contract

It is a poorly thought out contract. You are so right: like the
bailout, wait for the right contract and surely this one is not the
right one.

Think out the consequences of a four day work week and the raises for
the second and third year. Negotiate a contract that makes sense for
everyone: those who work for the town, those who do business in town,
and those who  vote in town.

This contract has only one audience: towm employees and their
benefits. Look at our fiscal situation, look at the poor decision to
live in trailers and rethink this contract.
You are right!
10:43 pm edt 

Life in the Lily Pond

I don't suggest you eat these frog legs. These will make you high.
Packed in questionable "Stuff" and shipped worldwide, I'd suggest you
catch your own frog and grill them yourself. It'll be more natural
and honest juices.

Bon Appetit!
10:41 pm edt 


Wall Street is only a side issue on the $700 billion bailout? That is
so naive that it is purely ridiculous. It is the main issue. We are
bailing out those who took risks, those who bet on derivatives and
those who bet on derivatives of deratives. It's quite like Enron and
all the financial creations they formulated and sold. This is a
finacial amobius creation that failed and had to failed but not
before many Wall Street "geniuses" made millions.

We would have to be fools or John McCain to believe that this $700
Billion Bailout is not for the rich, not for investors, but for the
little person. Now they, and I guess you, are trying to reformulate
the dead deal into a renovation, a protection for consumers and for
our little credit cards. We may be average, my dear, but we are not
stupid. This is for the top, for Paulson's buddies and those he
helped and empowered when he ran Goldman Sachs. And with this bill,
Paulson will be the "decider" and he will even be the evaluator of
loans, assessor of the cost of toxic assets. He will continue to
faciliate life for those on Wall Street while those on Main Street
and those on Commercial and Bradford Street will be the funders of
others new found fortune.

It is a terrible bill and one shaped, created, interpreted and put
forth by Wall Street. Perhaps in your enthusiasm for this bill, you,
too, will gain. But for most, it will be an expensive burden they
will carry for years.
10:40 pm edt 

To a Previous Poster

I just wanted to add something to your blog about the peoples vote
being ignored..We also voted no against hiring that police officer
and a 1/2 for the summer , but after the budget was approved the
former acting chief suddenly found 65k to fund those two positions..
So If we as a town vote NO on borrowing 7 million to fund town
hall...Will Michael and Sharron just say too damn bad. We want it
even if you don't
9:36 pm edt 

Lack of Understanding of the Issues

To cheer the failure of the 'bailout package' reflects a
lack of knowledge.  This isn't about bailing out Wall Street, it's
about saving the economy and improving the credit markets.

The credit markets are completely frozen at this time. Try getting a
car loan, try getting a short term loan to cover your business needs
and forget about a home equity loan.  Wall Street is a side aspect of
this, it's going to affect all of us if something isn't done.

Did a lot of rich greedy people make bad decisions that adversely
affect all of us?  You bet!  But, if we don't clean up this mess and
make sure it doesn't happen again we will all be worse off from it.
9:33 pm edt 

Will BOS Sign the Town Employee Contract Wednesday NIght?

     Perhaps, the BOS will smile, gleefully agree, and sign the town
employee contract Wednesday night. But why should they? This is one
contract that should be put on hold or cast aside, like the $700
billion bailout, until the right contract comes along. This is not
the right contract. A four-day work week has not been analyzed for
the unintended consequences. Until that is done, they shouldn't sign
this flawed contract.
9:31 pm edt 

Wednesday BOS Meeting

Looks like they will set the date for the opning and closing for the
warrant of the Special Town Meeting. Let's make certain we have
articles on the warrant that help this town, instead of sinking it.
Let's sell town hall, reduce the pay raises for town employees,
return to a five-day work week, get 80% of CPC monies foir historic
renovations, and keep the police department in their present building.

I'm sure many of you will have other ideas that should be turned into
warrant articles. This should prove to be an interesting town
meeting. Although, more things change, more they stay the same! The
contradictions we face living here.
9:29 pm edt 

Looks Like The Frog Will Leap to A Corner

     The frog and her lily pond will float down Commercial Street and
eat bugs in a corner shop. Follow the money and you'll see where this
frog jumps to!
9:27 pm edt 

The Lily Pond...

.........where to next?

Does anyone know where this lovely shop will be moving to?
9:46 am edt 

No Blank Check!

And I cheer for the day that the bail out of the greedy
idiots on Wall Street failed.

For once in my life time, the polticians actually paid attention to
the little guy. Of course, if this vote were held mid-novmeber, after
they had all been elected again, it would have passed.

That bill would've made things much worse, it was a disaster. The
fall in the market was their temper tantrum.

Washington needs to make some big changes to the system to clean up
this mess, but giving a blank check to paulson and bush wasn't the

Go Bill Delehunt
9:44 am edt 

Re: Short Money

I invite anyone who thinks the extra taxes resulting from
these overrides would be "Short Money" (whatever that means).

To provide a signed blank check, mail it to the rest of us, so we can
use YOUR  short money, to pay for OUR taxes, with the land bank and
the CPA and the rest . Amazing!

Short Money. what the hell is that? Kindly send me some.
Is that your idea of an intelligent argument?

Makes me wonder what cute name you have for $700 Billion.
9:41 am edt 

Here's the Town Employee Dilemma

    Yes, many town employees do a great job. They are dedicated and
care about what they do. However, when finances get tight, automatic
every year raises make no sense. This does not mean they are not
appreciated. It's just the reality of their working situation. So
when town voters deny town employees raises, they should accept the
voters' wishes. But no, they found a way, with Sharon's convoluted
thinking, to do the opposite of what town voters demanded. They
legally denied town employee raises. But how would know give what the
present contract offers?

      then town voters deny the position of Assistant Recreation
Director. And what is Sharon's new decision? To hire someone for 15
hours a week and work to re-instate the position.

      Times are hard. Money is short. this is what voters were saying
last year and you can expect to hear even more. this is why people
get recalled. Because they "override" the overrides voters voted
against. They flaunt their own power and fail to implement the legal
steps voters demanded by their votes. It's time for accountability to
voters--not town employees.
9:37 am edt 

Re: Seashore Point

To those of you slamming Seashore Point, please get your
facts straight. The old Manor was a 50 plus bed facility that had
rooms with up to 4 people in them. All with shared baths. Many of
those rooms were around corners, thus not visible from the nurses
station. There were often Alzheimers patients mixed in with coherent
residents. The first phase is a 40 bed facility that is state of the
art. Have any of you even been there?? I have, and the staff is
extremely caring and professional. Are there some growing pains?
Sure. Why would you begrudge people from bringing in their elderly
parents from out of the area so they could have them close by. If
those who were confused by the name "New England Deaconess" had
bothered to read any of the literature about the organization, you
would have understood that Seashore Point was in no way connected to
"Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital". Note that they have different
names. Let's let the rest of the facility get opened and the!
  n when you are in need of outpatient rehab for a hip replacement of
some other malady it will be there for you/us. Unless you have some
constructive criticism or are actually involved in Seashore Point as
a staff member, family member or volunteer then you are not a
productive part of the solution.  The Ogre
9:34 am edt 

Sorry, But the Real Problems are Linked to the Overrides

When overrides are defeated, they just should be defeated. Not
dressed up, like lipstick on a pig! And the overrides are crucial
since unfortunately you can expect this group of selectmen and this
town manager to continue to create overrides and more overrides. The
state is in crisis. The nation is in crisis. Guess what? The town is
in crisis, though too many walk around with blindfolds on.

Stop expanding. Stop creating huge projects. Cut back and the first
thing to cut is town raises. Not paying town employees to eat fish
fry. But, alas, we will have to wait until the sky falls for some
people to grasp the harsh realities we all must face, sooner or later.
9:30 am edt 

Monday, September 29, 2008

Regarding Town Hall:

Economic situation has rendered the town hall or anything else that
needs to be done through a bond a moot point. See tonight's Cape Cod
Times. The Commonwealth cannot borrow and neither can we. No
municipality anywhere can bond anything - at any interest rate - for
the foreseeable future. The tsunami blasting forth from the wreckage
of the US investment banking industry and credit markets that was
given an enormous boost by the Congress today is now crashing ashore.

I cry for us all if they don't fix this and re-vote it in the affirmative
9:25 pm edt 

Hey Mr. "You Could Also Look at it Another Way."

I like you. I feel bad for our town employees (a.k.a. people) as
well.  They deserve more than nothing and they got it. Good for them!
  Maybe next time voters will think of the consequences of their

Correct me if I'm wrong... wasn't the per property increase only $42
per year to cover the costs of all the overrides? Short money to put
these issues behind us and focus our energies on the real problems
this town faces,
9:23 pm edt 

Of Course You Could Also Look at it Another Way. . .

Who in their right mind would want to work for this town?  If you
read this board it seems town employees are vastly underappreciated. 
No matter what they do they get bashed, morale must be lower than
low.  And a number of voters (at least on this board) feel the town's
budget should be balanced on the town employee's backs.

*Don't give them raises.
*Expect them to survive in this town with the high cost of living.
*Complain because they get a paid lunch (I never worked at a place
where I didn't get a paid lunch hour).
*Complain because they are out of the office.
*Expect them to greet you with a smile on their face.

Nope, I don't work for the town, couldn't afford to, I just have
empathy for our town employees.
6:43 pm edt 

If Anyone Has Heard This, Please Confirm

The Finance Committee has informed the Chairman of the Board of
Selectmen and Town Manager that they will not support the $7M
renovation for town hall at special town meeting unless the Board of
Selectmen withdraw the article or substantially reduce the dollar
amount. FinCom apparently feels that that the town simply can't
afford this kind of expenditure.

Hurrah for FINCOM!!!
6:36 pm edt 

"The Townspeople Are Greedy" Writes Mr. "I'll Answer That"

Well, I voted against the overrides. I don't think I am greedy at
all. Just the opposite.I've been very generous since I moved here. I
think  The voters want to see some constructive restructuring of the
costs to run our town gov't.

That's called sensible. Not greedy.

I've been thinking alot about the override needed for town hall. I
think I'll vote for it when:

A. It's bundled with a solid committement from the selectmen to sell
at least 2 , run down buildings that we own and can't afford to take
care of.

B. I want to see 80% of the Community Preservation Act funds go to
the restoration. If the town meeting  voters don't approve that ,
then i guess they don't think town hall is important enough to

Then, after town meeting does those 2 things, I will vote to restore
town hall.

That's not greedy. That's sensible.
6:34 pm edt 

I Just Don't Get it ...

There are those of you in this town who must be off your medication!

In all my life I have never seen more self centered and selfish posts
on a blog in my life!

Where the hell do you people come from?

I have seen more personal attacks than I can count. I am not sure I
understand what someones family members have to do with their job in
town. It seems when you can not get the reaction you want or expect
you resort to attacking someones spouse, mother , father, children
etc. Are some of you these right wing Republicans we hear about? Did
you take a page from the Karl Rove playbook of how to treat your
fellow man?

Let me comment on some recent posts:

Police Chief
So he hasnt come by your business to kiss your butt yet? Get over it!
He has a job to do, run a police force that has to put up with the
likes of you and your self centered pontifications he should be paid
double for that!

Seashore Point
What does the TM's mother have to do with any of this? Enough said!

Town Hall
This is the whole damn towns fault! Stop blaming everyone else. Its
been falling apart for years and you just ignore it and ignore it.
Its no wonder, look at some of the homes here they look like crap!!
No wonder town hall is a mess some of you live in some buildings
twice as bad and dont care, its no wonder half the town buildings are
on the verge of collapse!

School Committee
Just because you didnt finish high school or dont care about
education or hate children doesnt mean the rest of do. 20% of a town
budget that goes to the school sytem is a bargain you idiot!! I can
name at least ten localities that close to three times that much is
spent on education.

Park Service entrance
Who cares, some people say they would rather see the money spent on
the bike trails becuase they are too rough. Good god...have you gone
down Commercial St on a bike lately!!??

Why dont you just quit!! Take your marbles and go home!! You probably
dont do anything for the organization anyway. I am sure you will be
missed about as much as the smell of a dead fish.

Pay raises for town employees
They should have gotten twice as much! They are harassed and
mistreated on an hourly basis by people who are rude, selfish and
disrespectful. I am surprised more of you dont have a black eye or
more town employees havnt been arrested for assault after being
treated the way you people treat them.

I cant wait for the response back on this one !! (Laughing)
6:29 pm edt 

What a Bunch of Crooks!

Didn't we vote not to give a 3% raise for a forty hour
week? Then how can the selectmen go and shorten the week without our
approval and keep the pay the same? Was the shortened week ever
bargained for? Don't town employees have a union?

This is really screwy... so next we'll see the teachers deciding to work
a four day work week for the same pay. Way to go Provincetown, way to
continue to rip off the taxpayers!Let's vote for a paycut of 10% for all town
employees! I'm moving out of this sad excuse for a town and I'm going
to Truro. The whole town government of Provincetown needs to have an
audit done... what a bunch of crooks!

6:26 pm edt 

Re: "Ham and Cheese"

We pay for a lunch hour - and other breaks - because federal and
state labor law requires it. That's also why we pay for unemployment
and workman's comp insurance. It's also the decent thing to do.

Facts are Just
6:23 pm edt 

Voters Have No Voice

If the Voters Voted Against a Pay Raise, Why are Town
Employees Still Receiving a Raise?

I think in this town employee contract, no raise the first year, but
then a 4 1/2 raise the second year and another 4 1/2 raise the third
year. That equals the 9% we voted against. And this contract even
gives town employees four hours of paid lunches. What are we left
with? No work on Fridays, long hours the other four days, unless of
course we're there while they're eating on us. And, of course, we'll
be dealing with higher paid town employees in the lovely formeldehyde

Why do we bother to vote? Votes here count for less than peanuts. Our
voices are not respected and town officials continue to look for ways
to go around our wishes.

Who was behind this contract? They should be fired. And if the BOS
agree to this abominable contract, they should be removed. I do think
it's their call this week.
6:21 pm edt 

A Workable Plan!

Yes, we approve the school committee's budget conditional
on consolidating the two school buildings, then use one of the two
buildings for town hall. Sell the condemed town hall to private
enterprise. I really like that idea!
9:36 am edt 

I'll Answer That....

Because the townspeople are greedy ( and shortsighted) and voted not
to give them a 3% raise this year so...... the workers fought back
and won a much larger raise for themselves.  Smart town employees -
Dumb voters.  Haha
9:34 am edt 

Why Are We Paying Them to Eat Ham & Cheese Sandwiches?

    I agree. Why is the town of Provincetown paying town employees to
eat lunch? Why are we paying them to bite into home-made or
store-bought sandwiches and sit there for sixty minutes, munching and
crunching? Next, we'll be buying their lunch and paying for them to
eat their lunch. How much more ridiculous can this town get?
9:33 am edt 

It's Still a Fact: Lynne's Mother is at Seashore Point

    How that affects her future decisions is a fact. She should
recuse herself from certain decisions and SeaShore Point fits the
needs of someone whose salary is over $100,000 and not those who tend
to live here and make less than that.

     SeaShore Point is not for this town's elderly. It for those who
once lived elsewhere and are brought here by those who have quite a
bit of money to pay for these too-high priced apartments and too high
condo fees. As someone wrote, a real boondoggle! How many more will
have continue to support and have here? When will enough of us wake
up? I think that's a rhetorical questions given this town.
9:32 am edt 

Happy, Happy Birthday Donald

    Thanks so much for letting us know that Donald the Dancing Cop is
celebrating his birthday Monday. I can't believe he is 81. He is
fantastic and I find him the only police officer who helps us all
with the traffic. Whether we are walking or driving on Commercial
Street, he does all of us a great service. He directs traffic,
something long lost here in Provincetown. No sippy cups for him. No
standing around talking to other summer cops. No absence when there's
congestion. Donald is there and I apprecaite everything he does. I
often tell him how much I value his work.

    Happy Birthday my dear friend.
12:36 am edt 

Can Someone Answer This?

     Why are we paying town employees to eat their lunch? why are we
paying them to sit for an hour, stuff a sandwich in their mouths or
sip latte, while they whittle the rest of the hour away? Lunch should
not cost us money? They should take lunch but surely not be paid for
this hour of restaurant eating, Georgia's Pizza eating, or grabbing a
third cup of coffee at Adams Pahrmacy? We just shouldn't be paying
town employees to drive to Shatz for a cubano, or drive in to Tips
for Top'N for pork and littlnecks or delight in a lobster macaroni at
the Crown & Anchor.

    This just makes no sense and is financially problematic in this
tail-dive economy. Unless we do believe that people deserve not only
a free luch but a full-paid lunch! This is truly a chicken in every
pot--paid for by you and me!
12:33 am edt 

Happy Talk and Denial

Bravo to setting the agenda for town meeting. My oil
company wants me to pay over $4,000.00 to secure the current rate for

Yet, the school committee demands close to $4,000,000 from us to
support two schools with slabs of staff while the the workers in town
who live struggle to pay their own bills.

The board of selectmen happily talk about spending hundreds of
thousands of dollars from everything from a fire station to tricked
out trailers for 30 town  hall worker..and we are supposed to bow
down in honor and supplication.

Thank you TW and board of selectmen.
12:32 am edt 

Some Things Are Off Limit

Other than being a town resident I have no direct
connection either to Town Manager Lynn or Seashore Point.  I do want
to take exception to the post citing Ms. Lynn's mother residing at
Seashore Point.  First--if memory serves she was NOT TM when
development was being approved etc, second her family should be her
private business, and third---imagine what the person who raised the
issue would say if Ms. Lynn's mother was in a different facility (as
if THAT would be our business). I suspect the  complaint would be
just as vociferous.
12:28 am edt 

Free Parking

Saturday the M.P.L. at the pier had no one to collect the parking
fees so everyone got to park for free. One of the collectors told me
that the person in charge of the lots told him not to come to work
because of the expected storm.  The lot was full and this worker lost
a days pay.  At a time when this town needs every dollar to stay
afloat, the parking lot manager should be fired for his or her

Another Freebie
12:26 am edt 

It's a Two Step Process

Part 1: Sell town hall. Put it on the Nov. ballot.
Part 2: Do not approve the school committee's budget until the two
school buildings are consolidated.

That's how Provincetown Taxpayers take control of the Town's budget.
That's sound fiscal management. Otherwise we will continue to be at
the mercy of two boards that do not put the fiscal health of
Provincetown first.
12:24 am edt 

Don't Count On It!

To whomever wrote that the Banner should do an expose on the schools,
seashore point, and many other important topics, don't count it.
They'll never do until a particular coffin is in the ground or on
life support brain dead.

First and foremost, remember that the Banner depends on advertising
revenue for its success and it will never do true investigative or
highly analytical reporting because it is deathly afraid to tick off
any constituency in this town for fear of losing advertising revenue
in these declining times of newspapers:  Portuguese, gays (except for
circuit boys a few years ago when the then publisher decided to get
on their case), the town manager, the  Board of Selectmen, the
schools, the environmentalists, affordable housing developers and
supporters, and the list goes on and on. You really have to be on
their      list to take a public beating in their newspaper.

The Banner produces the highest gross revenue per subscription for
the Gateway Company, the new owner of the Banner. The Cape Codder is
going down the tubes in terms of revenue and subscription. So the new
owner and his Banner carry-overs (general manager and editor) will
preserve the status quo. The general manager and editor's golden
parachutes, among many, include a house in Ft. Lauderdale compliments
of the former publisher and they are currently on a four week trip to
Turkey and Greece paid for by the publisher as a business write-off
who also, by the way, continues to write editorials for the
newspaper. Notice the stylistic diffenence in this week's editorial
on the police chief(written by the local publisher) versus the one on
growth management bylaw a few weeks ago (written by the former
publisher). Newspapers are dying everywhere so don't expect to see
the Banner around for too much longer. They're trying to make a major
leap into the web business to compensate for !
  the declilne in the printed business. The Banner represents the
establilshment (money=business), has its own agenda, and cannot be

It is up to the taxpayers and PACC to take the bull by the horns and
provide the leadership for town meeting. I don't ever see a revolving
elected Board of Selectmen, elected by popularity contest, taking the
leadership or their appointed henchperson, the town manager, who has
demonstrated no public leadership qualities to instill public
confidence in her. It's time to take control before it's too late.
12:22 am edt 

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Provincetown's Finist
Donald "The Dancin' Cop" Thomas will be 81 on Monday!
4:14 pm edt 

It is Time to Set the Stage For Town Meeting!

Why doesn't the banner do several exposes: about Seashore
point and the disarray of the imperial school committee and the
Affordable housing industrial complex?

The school committee knows that it can demand millions from the tax
payers while answering to one and the result is the resignation of
the principal and a major school committee member whom they see as a
threat to the status quo.

Reveal the taxpayers got roped into allowing 80% of our CPA funds to
go to buying property at a cost of over $2,000,000 for affordable
housing when Ted Malone is drowning in affordable housing?

(Astrid Berg had to jump through hoops to get it changed back to 10%
for affordable housing on the warrant of the last town meeting--and
she was shot down pronto for being rash by Selectman Coutour).

It is time to set the stage for town meeting and to shine the light
of truth on the sacred untouchables: the school, Seashore point and
the affordable housing Industrial complex.
4:13 pm edt 

To the Post About Using E-mail

I have tried that approach.  Too 3 different people.  It doesn't work. 
All 3 said they never got the email.  The only person I have had luck
with is Doug Johnson.  Any other bright Ideas?

Oh yes, Mary-Jo does return emails.  Michelle our chair does not.
So now there are 2 people that I can rely on.
11:02 am edt 

The New Union Conract is a Mess and Poorly Thought Out

Why have employees work a ten hour day, then pay them to eat
sandwiches or quiche. that means they work a nine hour four day week.
And when we need anything on Friday, no one will be there. Why? Who
thought up this ridiculous work schedule? It would have been better
to have a 36 hour contract, have town emplyees take an unpaid lunch
break--surely not pay them to put food in their mouths--and then
close town offices at noon on Friday. And they still should not have
had any raises. We voted against this. So this contract is another
Sharon plan to do what employees want even if town voters said no.
Don't our votes count here? I guess not.

It's a work schedule doomed to failure. I give it one month and you
will hear complaints and more complaints. It makes sense to try to
see ahead instead of jumping on any fast "solution" like this
terrible town union contract.
1:32 am edt 

Town Charter and Selling Town Hall

To the person looking to sell town hall.  First off, you should learn
how to do simple research on the town website.  Took me three clicks
to get this.

from the Town Charter:
2‑1‑4            The board of selectmen shall include in
the warrant for a special town meeting all articles submitted which
are supported by a petition signed by one hundred registered voters
of the town.

Of course, the person who presents the article has to stand up at
Special Town Meeting and present the article and I sincerely doubt
you have the nerve to do that.  I doubt you'll even find one hundred
people to sign the petition.

But best of luck to you.  This is a democracy after all.
1:24 am edt 

What an Impressively Written Letter Concerning Seashore Point

I live nearby and have been wondering what the heck is going on over
there. It's easily the largest structure in this town and looks to be
the most deserted, sad looking place. It seems clear to me why no one
wants to go there for their twilight years and spend half a million
dollars to boot to do it.

I've long suspected that there was something amiss when it came to all
that money that was spent, marketing that was forced down our throats
and happy myth that was perpetrated that it was somehow connected with
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. 

The Archdioceses of Fall River is the only organization who made a killing
on the place--so far at least. They took the town for a ride and we're paying
the taxi fare. 

Ooops.  Another fine mess we've gotten ourselves into.  At least the TM has
her mother close by so when she finally gets booted out of her job she doesn't
have far to go to find a shoulder to cry on.
1:23 am edt 

To "Where is Everyone"

Since you seem to be able to blog and gripe you can probably use
email. The mail address of everyone you'd want to be in touch with at
the town is listed under "town officials" on the town website. I've
found everyone's I've needed to contact readily available by email
and it seems a better use of their time and mine than trading voice
1:14 am edt 

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Re: Town Hall Question

Does anyone know if we can put selling Town Hall on Nov's ballot?
5:36 pm edt 

Where is Everyone?

Is there a convention in Vegas that the chief is attending
or is he on vacation?
Seems like lots of people are out on leave or vacation at town hall. 
The building commission is gone till Wednesday also.  Went to town
hall for questions on permits on Friday, and Russell Braun was out
Friday, and they said he is out Monday, Tuesday and might be back
It is getting so hard to get in touch with towns people without a
voice mail system, and this is before they all start a 4 day work
week.  It is only going to get worse.
I hear Sharon will still be working 5 days a week, but where she
delegates so much work out to others, she wont be much help.
5:35 pm edt 

The Condo Fee at Seashore Point is the Least of the Problems

There are another 23 assisted living units in Phase I which no one
wants to buy because there is no market in this community for them.
If Phase I isn't sold, the bond holders won't allow Phase II to
proceed, and maybe with the recent events of Wall Street these past
few weeks, the bonding agency may not finance Phase II in the near
future because of the poor demand for Phase I.

The problem is that the feasibility study for the project was poor.
The only concern of the Board of the Selectmen and the then Town
Manager was to get the nursing home monkey off their political back
and enhance resumes and keep on telling voters that this is the only
way to maintain a nursing home in Provincetown---by voters
appropriating $6M in terms of hand-outs to New England Deaconess,
lost parking revenue, 99-year land lease, subsidizing initial
operating deficits for several years, $1M for affordable assisted
living units from CPA funds and the list goes on. We should get a
honest accounting of the taxpayers costs.

Everybody agreed that a 40-bed nursing home is a money loser. New
England Deaconess said the only way to operate a 40-bed nursing home
was for them build and operate two phases of assisted living units to
subsidize the nursing home.

How long will New England Deaconess be willing to operate a money
losing 40-bed nursing home before they come back to voters to
subsidize the operating loss of the nursing home? And then we'll be
right back to where we started. If we don't agree to provide a
subsidy, then Deaconness has the right to sell and cause the 40-bed
nursing bed license removed from Provincetown to offset their

This wonderful creation was to be one of the next economic engines of
the town.  How can it be?  Nobody can afford to live in town at
nursing home wages. Our affordable housing local preference policies
don't give preference to supporting new hires at the Manor. Did Ted
Malone ever reach out to the Manor and ask them how he could help
them to maintain a stable employee base?

So, whoever wrote in this blog that morale is in the toilet at the
Manor, is correct. People are working doubles because of shortages. A
local resident was found dead after two days in her unit before
someone discovered her. Overworked nursing assistants are
accidentally dropping patients to the floor and being fired.

Rescue and fire vehicles cannot maintain two-way communiation in the
building because it was constructed improperly. Cell phones don't
work in the building for the same reason.

As taxpayers, we invested $6M.  There is a non-profit board (I'm not
sure what their role is other an advisory cosmetic one?). Aren't the
taxpayers entitled to an annual report from a not-for-profit 401 (C)3
on our $6M investment? Deaconness took over operations of the nursing
home in 2007. Aren't we entitled to a report on the marketing
strategy for the remaining units? What about the feasibility of Phase
II?  The What Ifs of the nursing home?

The current Town Manager cannot raise these potential looming
financial issues for taxpayers to the Board of Selectmen because she
placed her mother in the Manor. I am not sure that current Board of
Selectmen are even aware of this potential liability to the town, or
if they are, they ain't telling us. It could be our version of the
Wall Street collapse.

Before we start approving $7M projects on an ad hoc basis, we need to
take a hard look at all our looming capital improvement and purchase
needs in town for the next 5-10 years:  new streets, Phase III sewer,
routine capital purchase replacements like a new phone system, etc.
(maybe the town accountant could look at the depreciated value of our
capital items and tell us what our pending capital replacement
liability is), town buildings in needs of desperate repair, the
potential for a full time fire department when more people can't
afford to live here year round, and lastly, the what-ifs of the
continuation of a nursing home in Provincetown if it requires further
voter subsidy.

Let's at least get on the same hymnal, be honest and real  with
another because we are entering unchartered economic times at the
national, state and local level. Not to mention the financial
catatrosphic impact of the ballot Referendum in November if the state
income tax if eliminated. It's time to take a spending breather.

We now have $1.6M of certified cash  by the Department of Revenue.
Let's not spend a dime of it. Put it away in a rainy day fund for
those uncertain times that we know we'll be facing and need every
penny of this money.
5:29 pm edt 

Seahore Point was Bergman's Boondoogle

Now Town Hall and the Katrina trailers and the new give-it-all-away
union contract will be Sharon's boondoogle. I guess the position
plays the person and thus "life" continues here no matter who's in

We gave the land away, the town monies away and we gave away our
soul. All for promises that our elderly would be taken care of--yes,
if you can afford the price of luxury. Think you need to get a parent
in there now--you will wait and wait for rehab. No places available.
No space available at the inn.

Perhaps trying to see long-term consequences instead of being swayed
by emotional pitches would help this town. But we always seem to fall
back on the simplistic and the foolish decision. Here we go again!
5:20 pm edt 

To: You've Got to be Kidding!

If you can do better, shut your pie hole and run!

For everyone wondering where the Police Chief Is?  Give him a break! 
Hes in Vegas this week.  See? It really doesn't matter if you live in
Ptown or Truro.  At least the last Chief was at work.
12:03 am edt 

Put Up or Shut Up!

I've got an idea! To all whom constantly complain about the
selectmen... why don't you walk a day in their shoes and then tell us
how easy it is? You are all a bunch of bluster with no backbones. Put
up or just shut up! Alot of us are getting sick of your whining!!!!!
Start attending Selectmen's meetings and be a part of the process...

Whale Watcher
12:01 am edt 

Friday, September 26, 2008

Have the Tourists Pay For the Town Hall!

Here is an idea for raising money that has been used in other Mass. towns:

Request a one half percent raise in the sales tax to be retained by
the town. The bulk of the burden will be borne by the tourists. 
Sarah Peake would need to file a bill requesting it in the

That money could be earmarked for a town hall and other
infrastructure projects.
11:59 pm edt 

Re: Still Waiting...

Yes I have proper manners.  I have called the police station.  I have
spoken to the the chief.  I have invited him to stop over and visit
my business, my staff and myself.  And he said he would.  That was
over 3 months ago.
Are you now going to tell me to keep calling and harassing him until
I embarrass him or myself?
I would certainly hope, that if someone in such a position as the
chief, told me he would stop into my business, he would follow up on
what he said.
And dont tell me, he stopped in while I was not here.  He did NOT.
11:57 pm edt 

Re: School Committee

It is preposterous to even suggest selling the school; but
it is imperative to shine a blinding spotlight on the school
committee and their blatant disregard for the taxpayers from whom
they demand millions of dollars in tribute but to whom they pay no

The agenda of the school committee is to maintain two schools staffed
to the gills with jobs that we tax payers must support. Two
libraries, two fully staffed cafeterias etc. etc.

The school committee is lavish with our tax dollars and thus we have
two schools with only one sixth grader, last year's class of 12
graduating seniors...these students are rattling around in these
buildings...and we are paying millions and millions year, after year,
after year.
11:56 pm edt 

To Still Waiting...

Yes I have seen the Chief of Police a few times in the last week.

In regards to your criticism of him not visiting you and your
business yet, why dont you take the five minutes you use to post your
criticisms of him and call the police station and invite him to visit
you or maybe you could get someone to watch your business for thirty
minutes and walk down to the station and introduce yourself!

I was raised that it is proper manners that if you have someone new
become a part of your community that you as the person or persons who
are from here or have lived here longer put forth the first effort to
welcome someone.
1:22 pm edt 

The Selectmen are a Disappointment

     Here's where change was not change at all. Here's where the new
as so old they seem ancient and worn in how they see the town and its

     They are mealy mouthed, weak and truly an embarassment. What a
shame! Maybe they make Sharon look strong, powerful, and a leader.
1:20 pm edt 

You've Got To Be Kidding

     Do you believe that the selectmen are meeting during the day
with the heads of departments, asking questions, doing investigation
and analyzing issues? Do you believe that our high school brain,,
Michelle Couture, could even formulate tough questions and then come
up with astute answers? She already has her "mind" made up and others
make it up for here. She is pure interest-driven. And then there's
Elaine Anderson. She too has her positions shaped by others and she
really can't formulate any positions that she has not prepared and
read. And who is writing her speeches? I think David Bedard is asking
some questions and there's some hope for him. But these
others--please. See them for who they are and they are not advocates
for most of us or for the best interst of town as a whole.
     Someday, a little brain power in the selectmen's position would
be such a refreshing change.
1:18 pm edt 

Since When Are We a Socialist Community

Finally, an answer is this weeks letter to the Editor in
the Banner to the hysterical cant about more evicted residents. They
were told in MARCH about the sale of the property.

It is this hysterical reaction that created the Affordable housing
indutrial complex in the first place. Tax payers paid $2,000,000 for
land and that money should have gone to fix town Hall for *ALL*

Since when are we a socialist community where by hard working
citizens work and pay taxes so other people can live large as soon as
they move here and sign up for affordable housing?

sign me: lets end living large on other people's tax dollar.
1:16 pm edt 

Seashore Point What's Really Going On?

When will we really get an expose of what is going on at
Seashore point? One pays a fortune for a unit and then $2,400 a month
in "condo fees".

There is a fee for everything--even a fee if one has a pet! And what
about a menu which was supposed to change weekly? It is the same
menue for two months!

They need to fill up the current place before they will build the
other--and it is not happening folks. And the staff morale: it is in
the toilet. No wonder a resident is suing them.

Just sharing the facts.
1:11 pm edt 

Re: Pay Attention You Blankety Blank?

How old are you?  12?
1:09 pm edt 

Re: NStar and BOS

Then don't vote for her....
1:07 pm edt 

Re: Enterprise Funds

If enterprise funds are retained for their sole purpose and
no other does that mean the public does not have a right to know how
much is in the fund?  or doesn't have the right to request oversight
over the funds?

The many sewer users who paid for sewer fees for town owned buildings
over the years might disagree.  And now be surprised to hear there is
a million dollars accumluated in the fund while they were paying not
only for their own sewer fees, but the town's as well.

I recall a night club owner calculated that he was overcharged by
around $20,000 because he was paying a share of the town sewer fees. 
Those fees were not paid by everyone in town as they should have
been.  I wonder how he feels to know the fund he was overpaying into
now has a surplus of $1,000,000.
1:06 pm edt 

Re: Pay Attention You XXXXX !

Pay Attention You XXXXX !
Enterprise funds are retained for their purpose and no other.
Tired of   !&?@)*!

You need to get a grip on your anger.

Purpose of board is to express ideas, educate and get people involved
in government.
1:03 pm edt 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pay Attention You XXXXX !

Enterprise funds are retained for their purpose and no other.

Tired of      !
2:15 pm edt 

Yes McCain is a Party Pooper

Who would give up the chance to be on DAVID LETTERMAN?

Perhaps he really did take a night course at Wharton
last night.

Maybe WE should send OUR town officals for a course at Wharton too.
It could be monies well spent.

2:12 pm edt 

Re: BOS review

"I just watched Monday night's BOS meeting. Mr. Knight was
well prepared for the discussion of phase 3. In fact, he shined. Mr.
Bedard and Ms. Andersen clearly do not grasp the complexity of the
issue as it painfully showed Monday night. No questions were asked."

did it ever occur to you that the selectmen actually do grasp the
issue and maybe spent a good part of their day asking questions to
department heads prior to the meeting instead of asking lame
questions at the meeting.  Asking questions at the meeting that you
already have the answers to is called 'grandstanding' and is used
politically so that you think they look smart.

Austin Knight acknowledged that he attended almost every meeting of
the Wastewater Enterprise Fund, he knew every answer to every
question he asked.

Personally, I'll thank the WWEF, the BOS and the TM for finally
getting rate relief for the sewer users.  Good work!
2:11 pm edt 

Sewer Relief

At the BOS meeting this week they discussed a 25% sewer rate relief. 
My terminology may not be correct, but as I understand it our
WasteWater Enterprise fund now has a fund balance (retained earnings)
of $1,000,000.  As a speaker mentioned at the last town meeting, when
did we as a town decided to build up a fund balance of $1,000,000 in
our Waste Water Enterprise fund?

How many other miscellaneous funds do we have out there and how much
is in each fund?  These miscellaneous funds seem to fly under the
radar and we never hear much about them.  How much is in the Land
Bank?  How much is in the Conservation Commission fund?  It appears
to me that these funds are under the control of certain departments
and/or people and the monies are used/accumulated with little public
12:28 pm edt 

Re: Cheryl Andrews

. . .Again Cheryl, you were always asking questions and
looking out for the best interest of the town.  Please know that your
dedication and hard work are appreciated, and I and many many others
look forward and hope someday, you will decide to come back to town

I always respected Cheryl's judgement and her calm business like
manner of running BOS meetings.  I may not have always agreed with
her, but I thought her actions were well thought out and with our
town's best interest in mind.

Unfortunately I don't see that in our current BOS.  I'm looking for
leadership from our elected leaders and I'm not seeing it at this
time.  In watching the Selectmen meeting last night it just seems
they are operating in a vacuum.
12:27 pm edt 

Still Waiting

Anyone Seen the New Chief?

I remember when the new Chief said he would visit all business in
town.  Well I have a business on Bradford Street and have never seen
him stop over and say Hi.

Or did a few of us misunderstand and he ment he would only visit
businesses on Commercial street?

I was hoping he was a man of his word!  So far, I am still hoping,
but not holding my breath anymore.
12:25 pm edt 

Cheryl Andrews, Old Deals, Old Votes, the Past...... etc.

I really wish people on this blog would stop dwelling on the past, on
how people voted, old bad decisions and deals - those are things that
can't be changed.

Focus on presenting some positive ideas; on what can we do to make
our town better for the future.

12:23 pm edt 

BOS Meeting Review

I just watched Monday night's BOS meeting. Mr. Knight was
well prepared for the discussion of phase 3. In fact, he shined. Mr.
Bedard and Ms. Andersen clearly do not grasp the complexity of the
issue as it painfully showed Monday night. No questions were asked.

Comments like GOOD REPORT and THANKS FOR COMING is not a sign of
leadership. Ms. Couture stood in Mr. Knight's long shadow Monday
night along with the not so new selectmen. Ms. Avellar was a no-show.
Has her interest in serving diminished since the chair coup d'etat?
12:22 pm edt 

McCain is a Party Pooper and Sarah is a Nut!

      How many times has  Sen. McCain suggested to reschedule
previously scheduled appointments?
To my recent knowledge the following:

1. Republican Convention; due to hurricane Gustaf(sp)
2. His Campaign; due to the economic crisis
3. The Presidential Debate; due to economic crisis and lack of
confidence with his V.P. choice.

I think he's always cancelling in order to take the time
to count all of his houses and to see if he can make next month's
mortgage. HA, Ha, ha.

      Sarah is a gun trotting, soccer mom, who receives an exorcism
to ward off witches. Is this a Republican thing?
      Why don't we ask Nancy Reagan and her astrologers?
Don't ask Ronald, he cannot remember, even when he was alive and as President.

      McCain will regret the day he brought her in. She's
trouble in River City and it rhymes with "T" and it stands
for POOL-Palin!

      She does have a certain  charisma but lacks experience in
International Protocol. Let's face it, a diplomat cannot sit in a 
pencil skirt and cross her legs at the knees. Sarah, please cross on
the ankles. Keep the knees together. It not only wins in business
etiquette, but helps in birth control; which leads me to think that
McCain is holding back on the V.P. debate due to her inability to
graduate from Miss Porter's.

      And, if you think that McCain is returning to
Washington, forget it. He's headed to a near-by town to attend the 
Wharton School of Business:

Major; ECONOMICS- 1 day intensive course.



RATTLESNAKE ( I just loss my job at Lehmann Bros. so I'm back full
time to add more to this blog).

p.s. forgive me on my spelling. I cant't seem to find the
spell-checker. I'm accustomed to a secretary. However, he loss his
job as well.
12:20 pm edt 

Re: NStar and BOS

I want to commend NSTAR for the outstanding job they have
been doing. I live on a small side street (not unlike Winslow for
example) and I cannot recall the last time my electricity was out for
more than just a couple of seconds. I'm sure we can all remember a
time here in town when the power outages were so frequent we didn't
bother resetting our clocks for example.

I think its a sad state of affairs when publically elected officials
use a public forum, such as a Selectman's meeting to address personal
grievances with a utility company. I felt the attacks on the NSTAR
representatives were unwarranted; and also represented only the
concerns of an extremely narrow representation of the community. On
top of this I find it sad that our elected officials who we rely on
for the management and fiscal stability of our town would freely
admit in a public forum that they do not know how to read a simple
utility bill.
12:51 am edt 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Re: Cheryl Andrews Appreciated

Professional accomplishment is not the result of a single
day's work.  Carefully considered actions build upon one another
until the goal is achieved.  Look at any successful person, and it
will be evident that he or she did not get there by one action or one
vote.  Cheryl, you were such an instrumental member of the team,
assisting with so many projects for 20 years.  You have a great track
record and should be very proud of your votes and accomplishments.
Achievers acknowledge areas of inadequacy and are not afraid to
obtain qualified assistance in reaching their goals. 

Again Cheryl, you were always asking questions and looking out for the
best interest of the town.  Please know that your dedication and hard
work are appreciated, and I and many many others look forward and hope
someday, you will decide to come back to town government.

Stan Klein
5:49 pm edt 

Connecting the Dots

Let's Make some Connections Between the National Disaster
and the Town Fiscal Dilemma

It would be quite foolish to act as if Provincetown is immune from
State and national fiscal problems. We face serious, almost
unprecendented times and that means re-assessing our priorities and
being realistic about what this town can and cannot afford. We can't
afford the following:
   1-Raises for all town employees each year or a variation on this
contract game
   2-a new police station
   3-Monies to repair Town Hall to the amount of $7 million to $10 million
   4-money for more assistants and assitants to assistants: eliminate
more town employees
   5-avoiding greater regionalization of resources
   6-refusing serious cut backs in our schools
   7-refuse closing the recreation department or consolidation with the school
   8-hiring more police and purchasing motorcycles
   9-increase spending on affordable housing consultants or new
affordable housing studies
   10-refusing to say "No" to any new large-scale projects
    It's time to see the seriousness of these economic times and act
accordingly. Or else, Provincetown, like Lehman Brothers, will find
itself bankrupt and out of business.
4:21 pm edt 

Historic Confusion

What property are you refering to as far as demolishing and then
being told you can't demolish and then bieng told to sister up the
left over parts? Where is the property. I'm confused. Is this
something that is currently going on or is this a rhetorical
reference to the Historic commissions actions?
4:18 pm edt 

Dear "Been around long enough to know".....
Gee, you  crack me up. I am so sorry that i have managed to upset
you. Kind of goes with the territory tho. Harry said: If you can't
take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I can take a little heat, if
it makes you happy to attack.

But here's the deal. The Land Bank was a confusing vote. It was a
town by town vote, but it was also county wide.  Some folks thought
it was good for the rest of the Cape, but didn't think we needed it
here. 70-80% of our town was  already preserved open space, the
Seashore. Many people, including the entire 5 member Board of
Selectmen, were surprised that Provincetown voters would add a 3%
surcharge to their tax bill for 20 years, in order to buy open space.
Esp. when we having discussions about the pier, the sewer, the manor
and the Library. All costing quite a bit of money.
So, we put a warrant article on for town meeting to give the
townspeople (you) an opportunity for a public conversation about it.
Gee, i am so sorry you were offended . So, we had the conversation.
And You all told us to take a hike ! You wanted Provincetown to be in
the Land Bank. We heard you. We have a Land Bank.

But, that was in 1998? 10 years ago.  and you are still carrying
anger around about it?

I apologize for upsetting you. And if it sounded like i was talking
down to the voters, i am sorry for that too.

But it sure sounds like you're talking down to me too.

And beating me up just for what............volunteering? Giving 20
years of my free time to the Town , and trying to help?  And giving
the voters an opportunity to have a conversation? Hey, at least we
listened. I listened.

As for taking responsibility for my 9 years of service on the BofS, I
am proud of my record. Feel free to take me to task for any of my
votes. Its a good record.

I moved here in 1986. The doo doo was flowing down the street. I
spent 15 yrs working to get you a sewer. And We did. Many of the town
owned buildings (if not all) were in serious need of attention. The
building that we focussed on in 1998 was the Heritage Museum. And it
took 5-10 yrs. And alot of disagreement. But a decision was made and
the building is in better shape than it has been in 50 years. The
next building was the FireHouse #2. Literally, falling over. I think
you all know that story.
The pier was totally replaced. The Manor is replaced.
And ........our taxes are about average for the State of
Massachusetts. Not a bad record at all. When i joined the BofS, there
was serious talk about a walk out, by our volunteer fire dept. Do you
know what it would cost the taxpayers if that happened? Who came up
the idea to self-insure the dept, mediate the issues arising from the
Whaler's Wharf fire, and keep our volunteers feeling appreciated? Me.
Are you angry about that too?

I did an awful lot for the town. Many people appreciate it. Sorry you
are not one of them.  I will continue to be involved with our town.
And i will continue to share my ideas. And share with people the
things i learned about town hall, and how our gov't operates.

And i guess you will post a nasty note every now and then when i do.
I'll make sure to look for it.

But, some of you like to write about the "mess" that we are in. But
you never define "mess".   We are at the Levy Limit. Thats all. 
Thats the biggest difference between now and 10 yrs ago. And our town
is in much better shape than it was 20 or even 10 yrs ago. Do we
still have projects that need our attention? Sure. There will always
be something that needs more work. Esp in a town, where most of the
buildings are 80-100 yrs old.

Cheryl Andrews
11:04 am edt 

Re: Firehouse #2

Firehouse #2 cannot be sold. There are legal issues that prevent
this, and are waiting to be revisited if provoked. People, do your
homework. Research your ideas before you throw them out. More
importantly, research the facts on issues before you vote at Town
Meeting. You create alot of your own problems with your spend, spend,
spend conduct.
8:47 am edt 

Sharon, You Have Left This Town In A Sad, Sorry State

    Please, take up the mantel of leadership or just leave town. We
need strong leadership. strong decisions and decisions that benefit
the entire town--not the cronies that brought you in. And let's face
it: you were not the first or the best choice. You were brought in by
Ann McQuire and Sarah Peake and I'm sorry to say: you have yet to
live up to your selection.

    but it's not too late. Take control. Lead this town. Stop
sloughing off tough decisions to the assitants you brought in. That
is not leadership. That is psuedo-leadership. Start being a leader
and the town will be better off for your--not MIchelle
8:46 am edt 

Intersting Isn't It?

      Ask for a building to be demolished. Be told by the Historic
District Commission that you can't and then find a way to bring in
huge equipment and destroy any possibilities of preserving what you
should have preserved.

     But somehow, just somehow, you still can't do what you wanted.
The Historic District tells you that they refuse to let you demolish
the poor structure that you left handing there.

     Sister it. Save it. That is what you need to do in the Historic
District and not create odd games, explanations that make no sense
and then expect the town to let you do what you wanted to do in the
first place.

     When will you not understand that No is NO?
8:43 am edt 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To: Anyone Seen the New Chief?

Just wait, you haven't seen nothing yet..
8:59 pm edt 


Gee!  You all are worried about the tax rate?  I seem to
remember not to long ago lots of hands went up to make a water front
bathroom for over $ 300,000.00 out of the old fire house across from
Spiritus.  How about selling it for a few million?  Think before you
vote.  You all are just as responsible.
8:57 pm edt 

Re: Cheryl Andrews

Cheryl Andrews has never taken accountability. She has
always talked down to the voters. She didn't support the landbank
even when we did at town meeting. She had to come back and state we
didn't understand what we were voting for. She is a part of the mess
we are in but would never admit to it.

Been around long enough to know.
8:05 pm edt 

Town Hall, Phone System and This Old House

So I hear yesterday that the voice mail system at Town Hall crashes.
I hope everyone has the cell phone number of anyone you are trying to
reach. Not finger pointing here but you know the expression, "when it
rains, it pours."
To my knowledge This Old House has never taken on a municipal
project, always private residences. Even if it were a possibility,
keep in mind the owners pay for the work. There may be some "in kind"
labor or materials provided in return for acknowledgement. I can also
tell you that being a regular viewer of that program, the home owners
almost always go over budget. Not a viable option.
So, get accustomed to the trailors, they are going to be around for
awhile folks.

E. Michael Richards
6:08 pm edt 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ballot Questions

Can we put on the ballot closing one of the school buildings and
selling it? Can we put on the ballot selling town hall?
7:17 pm edt 

To: Cheryl Andrews

Once again Ms. Andrews, you were a selectman when we voted
for $750,000 toward town repairs. Do you accept any respondsiblity
for the requisite abandonment of town hall and forcing our town
employees in katrina trailers? You were chair all those years!
7:15 pm edt 

Re: Slippery Fish is Old and Boring

You may think Slippery Fish is old and boring, but at least
Slippery  knows how to make contractions and use apostrophes.  Could
that mean that Slippery is educated and does not assume to know what
everyone is thinking?  In other words, speak for yourself.  It's fine
to have an opinion, but do not assUme that it is shared.

Slippery Fish (laughing last)
7:08 pm edt 

Re: Government Complex

When considering this idea let's also consider:
- what regionalizing might mean down the road for facilities like
perhaps police, dpw and other departments that could be shared with
other towns reducing the need for each town to have so much
infrastructure and aiming for more like "sub-stations" in the
individual towns
- geothermal, wind and LEEDS certification, aim to cut facilities
energy usage 90%
- survivability, put it somewhere and build such that it lasts for
100 years and can survive whatever nature might throw at it during
that period
- take the freed up town property and turn it into revenue generating
economic development space, don't sell. for instance, partner with a
private entity to turn town hall into kick-butt performance space
that could generate lots of revenue, turn Grace Gouvia into a
business incubator where small businesses could get a rent-subsidized
spot to start out before moving out to commercial street or elsewhere
(just throwing out ideas here)
7:06 pm edt 

Provincetown High School Athletics and the Superintendent

If it is true that our superintendent interprets school choice as athletic
recruitment by other schools, it is outrageous, mean spirited and probably

Someone involved with these students should contact the Mass.
high school athletic association. They have very strict rules that regulate
2:36 pm edt 

We're So Sorry!

Next time I remodel a historic house I'm just going to back
a backhoe into it first and then say "geez, I'm sorry, now can I
re-build it the way I want it." Seems so much easier than going
through the town process.
2:27 pm edt 

Slipery Fish is Getting Old and Boring

You write about things people already know but just dont feel like
commenting on, heres an idea stop thinkin g your the star of the
show and just enjoy this blog for it's humor lioke most of us do and
not use it as a grandstand so you can feel better about yourself on
the days you forget to take your meds.....never a dull moment
2:26 pm edt 

Anyone seen the New Chief

The new Police Chief I hear is out of town more than he's in town.
How did a new guy get so much time off and he just started ? last
week I heard he was in new Hampshire, now this week he's in Las
Vegas. The selectmen sure do know how to pick these winners. Just
2:23 pm edt 

NO means NO........

.......says a previous blogger. Actually, NO was to fund the police
contract using funds that needed an override.The override failed so,
he Board of Selectmen then went to the next town meeting, and asked
for a majority vote from town meeting floor, to fund the contract from  the
regular operating budget. They got an affirmative vote from the floor. So,
the contract goes into effect.

This is an important lesson for people . And one that the selectmen
are already quite aware of . It is much easier to get approval/money
for certain things, esp employee contracts, from  town meeting floor,
than it is to get that same approval from the ballot. How many people
even go to town meeting?  150? But how many people vote.  Sometimes
1000.    And its private.   Provincetown's budget is at the levy
limit, just like every other Massachusetts town, and the selectmen
will do their best, to NEVER fund contracts with overrides. They have
learned their  lesson. What you will see on the ballot, is just the
things people DON'T want to vote NO  to.  Things like fireworks,
trash pickup. Town Hall restoration. Thats the way its done.

And you should expect the BofS to do it that way. But, they will have
difficult decisions to make, deciding  what to keep in the operating
budget, and what to put on the ballot. What just happened in Yarmouth
is instructive.
A brand new fire station, and now its closed part time. Same thing in
Brewster. A brand new elementary school. Now , they are closing it.

It will not be easy for the BofS to get money at the ballot. Our job,
and the job of all taxpayers , is to clearly communicate to them,
what we want to see.
What we support. Thats why i continue to read this blog, and continue
to hope it becomes a useful forum.

People are afraid to say what they feel at town meeting. There are
repercussions. We all know it. So, they wait to do it in the ballot
box . It would be alot easier if the selectmen got some
feedback............BEFORE ...the ballot box.   That way they can
plan. So, use this blog. Stop yelling at them. Just tell them what
you want.
Whether you think they are listening or not, i can tell you that they are.

Cheryl Andrews
2:22 pm edt 

Several Thoughts

If I understand correctly I believe the 3% raise for Town
employees that was voted down at Town Meeting was for one contract
for a certain time period. The new raise of 19% is for another
contract for a different time period.

I read with interest the proposal by The Rat to build a new
Government Complex. It really does make a lot of sense. We may not be
able to afford something like this now, but it does sound like a
comprehensive long range plan that could actually work. The hitch
about using the 90 Shankpainter doesnt stop this approach. The DPW
has for several years been kicking around the idea of building a new
facility. Their idea was to move next to the Waste Water Treatment
Facility. This would leave behind an open lot for Affordable Housing.
Perhaps that land could be worked into a trade for 90 Shankpainter?
Its probably much too later to do that though. Or we could build the
new Government Complex there? It could also include garages for the
ambulances that currently are parked at the DPW yard.

I think that if past practices hold true for the future, the fact
that the Police Chief wants a new station means that we will be
paying for a new station weather we have the money or not. I think
that taking a much larger, comprehensive, long range approach to all
of these needs for the Town, instead of knee jerk reactions to
individual problems would be a smart thing to do. And I for one would
feel much more comfortable about spending my property taxes that way.

  Out damn spot!, you should ask Doug Johnston how to go about a
recall of the BOS.

East End PJ, you should call WGBH in Boston and ask them to send you
an application for This Old House.

Sheryl, I also think the idea of signage on Rt.6 directing people to
use the rear entrance of the Grace Hall lot is a good idea. If no
other action is taken on this, I will propose it at the next Traffic
Meeting(When would that be?),care to help?

Peter Page
2:17 pm edt 

Override Vote

The voters did not vote to deny the employees their raises, they
voted to not raise and appropriate the funds for those raises through
a proposition 2 1/2 override.  the BOS are within their legal right
to negotiate contracts with town employees.  the problem now is that
the BOS has to find the funds to pay those raises within their future

Again, the voters of this town do not negotiate contracts with
employees, just as they don't have an individual say in the hiring,
firing or discipline of town employees.

PS.  the town employees deserve to be paid.  MJ Avellar, the BOS
chair at the time, should never have put employee raises as an
override.  She is personally responsible for the mess that occurred
during that town meeting.
2:13 pm edt 

Other Towns with Problems

If you think Ptown is in trouble finacially, look at this. 

Webmaster Comment: Links are not supported. If you want to submit a
link, please present it as text, so that it can be typed by the end user
as a link address.

2:11 pm edt 

Here's Where the $750,000 Went

    It was voted on a town meeting in 2005. When Bergman was town
manager, he spent around $45,000 for Charlie Rogers to do an interior
space assessment. Then Sharon spent around $67,000 for the recent
engineering analysis. Then they are spending $490,000 for the
temporary trailers for two years of rentals.

     So $112,000 for studies and $490,000 for temporary trailers
equals $602,000 that will be spent. That leaves $148,000 and that
will be used for title five, for furniture, for the cost of moving to
the trailers and they will have spent soon all the money that we
voted for town hall renovations.

     Not one penny of the $750,000 has been spent fixing up town
hall. Amazing isn't it?
2:06 pm edt 

Yes, Let's Put an Article for town Meeting to Sell Town Hall

    It's time. Sell Town Hall to someone who will develop this
building and fix it with historic renovations. It will look good and
have a solid foundation. And, as far as I'm concerned, let town
employees and Sharon Lynn and Company stay in the trailers until they
leak and disintegrate. They didn't have to go this route but Sharon
insisted and let them live with the unfortunate consequences.

Trailers be dam!
2:04 pm edt 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

NO means NO!

The previous poster touched upon a good question. The BOS
violated the will of the people who voted down payraises for town
employees and the police and gave them out anyway.
Is there legal recourse? Can a complaint be filed with the Department
of Revenue? What is it going to take to let the BOS know that our
vote matters? They should be held accountable as we will continue to
face overrides each year. They need to know.
8:36 pm edt 

Speaking of Clear Cutting..

What happened to all the trees and bushes in the area next to the
old L'Uva Restaurant. It use to look quite inviting although a little
trimming was needed. Now it's all gone.
8:34 pm edt 

Payback & Vindictiveness

Once again vindictiveness is being inflicted upon the
children of Provincetown and Truro.  A few years ago a couple of boys
decided to transfer to Nauset.  Then they discovered they were not
going to be allowed to participate in sports because the Provincetown
superintendent would not sign the necessary paperwork citing that
they were "recruited". 

Now the same thing is happening to a couple of girls who recently
transferred to Nauset.  When is someone going to put an end to this
unfair treatment of students?!?  The bottom line for ANY school is the
CHILDREN -- but that doesn't seem to be the case in the Provincetown
school system. 

Shame shame on the powers that be for treating the students in such
a vindictive manner all because they choose to attend a different school.
12:30 pm edt 

Recall All the BOS?

Give me a break. That will never happen. But how about recalling
just the chair and see how that goes? I recall (no pun intended)
someone suggested this same thing a long time ago. I never saw
any papers around town for the recall. This blog is all about TALK
If more of you would go to BOS meetings on Monday nights, and
voice your concerns, and I do LOTS MORE people, then maybe the
BOS would really know people are upset and have had it.
I would love to hear why a 3% raise was voted down by the town, and now they employees are getting a 3X bigger increase. Why do we go to town hall and vote for things, when those votes are not being honored. Is this something that the state should be looking into?
Is it a violation of the towns peoples vote?
11:07 am edt 

What About "This Old House"

Has anyone contacted "This Old House" to see if they'd be
interested in helping to restore the town hall? It could be a first
for them. Just an idea? Since the BOS can't seem to find any answers
I thought I would offer one up. Has anyone looked into grants for
historic buildings???

East End PJ
10:34 am edt 

Is PTown a Separate Country or is it Part of the United States?

Does anyone on the BOS know how to read a newspaper other
than The Banner  where they look for their names?
There is a $700 Billion dollar goverment buyout of huge financial
debt to try to shear up a faltering and failing economy and yet the
BOS operates indepedently of a nation...operates with no fiscal
responsibilty at all..operates in an uneducated and ignorant manner.

There is not one person on the BOS that has taken Economics 101 and
can handle a fiscal crisis and see where PTown fits into the bigger
picture... Government grants  are NOT there...Loans are NOT
available...On a national level, taxpayers will be forced to pay for
this mess.

10 to 1 there isn't one BOS member who gets the implications for
the citizens of this town. 50 to 1 properties which are owned by the
town will continue to decay and not be turned into income producing
assets which they should have been years ago.  100 to 1 the school
board will continue to operate in a myopic way. 1000 to 1 money will
be available for repairs of Town Hall.

Slippery Fish in the yacht of Jimmy the Greek
7:35 am edt 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'd Like to Help to Recall Them All

Let me know where to start. For certain, we need a new slate. We need
people who understand small town government and who want to keep it
that way. This group, this BOS seems addicted to large spending,
big-money big-time projects. Remember the paving of Commerical STreet
and the $5 to $7million  we just "Had" to spend on this mega deal?
Now we have the $7 to $10 million and maybe even $15 million town
hall renovation project. And then we have the new chief's big-time,
big-city plan to build an new police station with state-of-the-art

Small town. Samll number of us here year round. We need different
thinking and respect for our needs--not these outsider ideas.

If it takes recalling them all and getting a new group, for certain,
we couldn't do worse than this group. WE may have new members but we
have the same old party line and the same old thinking.

Out, out damn spot!
7:49 pm edt 

Privatize and Regionalization Should be Town Government's New Mantra!

We should look at Provincetown as a corporation, which is fiscally
hemorrhaging. Assets are the first to be downsized as well as

We should merge (regionalize) our resources with other outer cape
towns as quickly as possible.

Anyone who disagrees or tries to stonewall steps to improve our
fiscal health should not be elected again or removed from his or her

Lets have an article or referendum on selling town hall to begin the
process as we are not getting leadership from judge welshs room.
Increasing our taxes is not leadership.
7:47 pm edt 


 From the Banner September 18, 2008
Provincetown Primary Election Results

Only 690 of 2880 registered voters went to the ballot box on Wednesday

In reading, this blog and the items of governance that are being
discussed and debated I begin to wonder which is the most logical. I
am reading the comments and suggestions of the 24% (wow) who did vote
or the 76% (how despondent!) of those who did not vote.

Remember NO vote NO voice!  Carry on.
7:44 pm edt 

Where are the Monies

Does anyone know what year $750,000 was allocated to make
repairs to town hall? Does anyone know what, if any, repairs were

I would like the grant monies that the conservation committee worked
hard to get and all but 90k disappeared to be located too.

Perhaps a new town board should be formed whose mission oversees
money that is earmarked for specfic projects or boards etc. is
properly used. If the cemetary commission wasn't brought back from
life. those funds would still be missing.

People are right not to trust past and present town government.

thank you
7:42 pm edt 

Cape Cod Times Reports Provincetown Veterans School Does Not Make the Grade
We have been here before...for the last twentyplus years at least. 
We have always had more special needs students( two years behind in
academics) than adjoining towns.   The special needs budject has been

But by age 16, most of these identified students have not caught
up...and indeed drop out of our schools.

I know that the Veterans school is trying hard...but even it is not succeding.
I would like to keep our littlest kids here...but lets not open this
school to neighboring communities to push up the numbers.   Notably
Truro, Wellfleet, Eastham, and Orleans Elementary schools are not

Lets do right by our children.  Better elementary results or close the whole
K to 12.

A deficient product is not acceptable at the cost to our taxpayers
and our students who are being ripped off by insufficient academics.
7:40 pm edt 

They Cannot be Trusted

Yes, I must agree. Provincetown government does not listen
to voters. Nor can it be trusted. The lastest was giving the
equivalent of 19% raises to town employes when voters did not pass a
3.3% increase.

I think we should recall all of them!
1:13 pm edt 

This Town is Just Unrealistic

We face hard times. We face recession. We soon may even face a
depression. That is the reality and we must cut back, live more
modestly and live within our means.

Get the wax out of your ears, town officials, and hear the real
unfortunate financial news.
12:54 pm edt 

Sell Town Hall

Privatize. Sell this structure. Oversee the historic renovations but
sell the building. It would be nice but...we can't afford it.

Reduce the staff, not increase the staff--get ride of these
assistants and then rethink the town buildings for use for town

Sad to say, but say goodbye to public use and hello to private use.
12:52 pm edt 

Slippery Fish Says Show Me the Money!

Slippery Fish is now taking bets...current odds  4 to 1
town trailers will not be ready for a move on November 1
    5 to 1 Town Hall will not be repaired for 7 million.

More to come...odds will change as deadlines approach so cover now.

Slipperfish in P-Town Vegas says
11:24 am edt 

Dear Selectmen

There will be NO OVERRIDE.
Please make sure the budget is within our tax revenue.
These are going to be tight times for all of us.
We will get through them, we always have.
We have spoken, and VOTED before, and we have not changed our minds.

11:20 am edt 

Perhaps It's Just Pure Disrespect

    I often wonder how does this town really work? What truly
motivates the so-called leaders of this town? they seem more like
clowns than leaders, more like jokers than real people. What is wrong

    Maybe it's as simple as this: total disrespect for the people of
Provincetown. Total disregard for how voters really feel and what
they believe. This disrespect is more rampant than we want to believe.

     When you discard your voters, you get the mess we are in. And
unfortunately, more is going.
11:18 am edt 

Plain & Simple: They're Nuts

     You get hired here and soon, you find more projects for us to
spend on. Sharon creates a "tradegy" in town hall and now, along with
the Couture, the Frick, they will smilingly move to Katrina trailers
and find the money for town Hall. Not quite. Not exactly.
    then you hire Jeff Jaran, a good choice, But instead of telling
him directly: No for any new mega-projecdts like a new police
station, you lead him on. Maybe, just maybe, the town citizens, in
moments of pure stupidity, will vote on such an idea.
     Why can't you live within fiscal restraints? Why can't you be
realistic about the town and the state's and the national's dire
fiscal situation? somehow you live in La La land and continue to
believe that the fools of Provincedtown wil pay and pay.
     enough. Stop such ridiculous thinking. No, to your new project.
No, to spending and spending.
11:16 am edt 

The Future

I was at a HDC meeting on Thursday. I sat with the former building
commissioner mulvey and talked to him for a while  about life in
general while I was waiting for my matter to come before the
commission, We had a long time to talk as the HDC left the meeting to
look at some building on Commercial Street that was falling down.
mulvey was in town to represent a restaurant owner that needed to
rebuild their pier and reconstuct part of their restaurant.

I have never seen a presentatrion as direct, but honest as the
presentation that mulvey gave.

I do remember that in the short period of time that he worked here
that he made some positive changes and was not affraid to do what was

SHARON: You need this person!
11:14 am edt 

Digging a Deeper Hole!

We know a former BOS person reads these posts.  Does the
current BOS read them?  If so, do they listen?  How many new people
has Sharon Lynn hired?  All these assistants and we have NO money? 
The state is cutting back, and we are growing our town hall with new
positions and then we have to house them in trailers.   Doesn this
make for a sound desision?  

Why do we keep digging farther into a hole?
11:11 am edt 

Town Hall

$7 million? Get ready for $10 million. If you think that majestic,
historic, 3 level, antique wooded, slate roofed structure with a huge
clock on it that is bowing out from the inside, requiring it to be
"cinched" in to fix it (which means remove and replace to the rest of
the world) is going to stay within the estimates, you are truly nuts.
No possible way. Look back to see what it cost to rehab just the
mahogany doors. By comparison, get ready.
11:09 am edt 

Reality Will Set-In

In the end, eventually, economic reality will dictate
regionalization of key services and elimination of duplicate
administrative overhead, staff and facilities. Maybe not next year
but not that far down the road. It's happening all over the country
and will happen here too. As energy, healthcare, pay increases and
pensions continue to grow beyond faster than inflation or fiscally
sound levels the small town model will break. We cannot afford four
police chiefs, schools chiefs, fire chiefs, town administrators, etc.
for a region that is turning into a retirement home for the slightly
wealthy (though less so after this past week) and where the next
generation is fleeing the region. It will not keep working and
economics will force a change or bankruptcy. We could get ahead of
the curve but entrenched interests, actors and old ways of thinking
won't let us do it quickly. It looks like Sharon Lynn is taking some
steps on this front but I bet entrenched interests won't!
   let it get far.
11:05 am edt 

To a Previous Poster

When you asked Dr Andrews what she did about town hall repairs.....If
you have been here long enough 4 years ago it was on the warrant at
town meeting to raise and appropriate funds to repair town
hall....and the town voted it down.....So we only have ourselves to
blame... Don't be so quick to point fingers
10:35 am edt 

Friday, September 19, 2008

Re; A Bridge to Nowhere

When you think about it, the cost for the restoration for town hall has

gone from $750,000 to $7,000,000.Whose number do you believe?

And is that the final number?

Are we nuts?

6:21 pm edt 

A Bridge to Nowhere

With all of our wish lists, where is the money suppose to come from
to prosecute all of the proposed projects and new hires.

Mass state government is currently reducing its operating budget by
$250,000,000 dollars. All departments are required to participate in
cutting back. yet here in Provincetown we propose to increase spending.

As for the previous comment made about the citizens not wanting to 
provide funds to repair Town Hall, I beg to differ. Several years ago the
citizens voted for the requested amount of $750,000, which was
estimated for the restoration of Town Hall.

Over the years these funds were squandered and now we are being asked
again to provide even greater funds to achieve even greater heights of 
wishful thinking.

Where are the funds for all of these projects. As for Town Hall our State
Representative has already gone on record to say that these are difficult
times and that the funds were not likely to come from the State.

And if indeed you are proposing to ring all of these sums of monies from
taxes, you are most certainly delusional.  
6:10 pm edt 

Wake up Provincetown!

Next thing you know the Superintendent will be asking for a
state of the art High School even though there are only 135 plus
students in the system. Wake up Provincetown, we are in a recession.
We can't even afford to fix the town hall, how the hell are we going
to pay for a police station... PLEASE get a grip and stop thinking up
new ways to spend my money.  Did the chief ever mention any of these
"Grand" ideas when he was interviewing for the job. Again, we get the
wool pulled over our eyes and once these people are in the positions
they just want to spend, spend, spend....

the art home, but I can't friggin afford it so I guess I'll just have
to make do with what I have. Get it straight once and for all this is
Provincetown not Nantucket... we can not afford to pay for any more
state of the art buildings. We can barely pay for the upkeep of the
existing buildings.

Sick and Tired of Spending my $$$$$$
5:47 pm edt 

Re: "This is the time to button down the hatches and conserve to reduce cost not to add to the burdens of the people."
This attitude is exactly why the town hall fell into disrepair, the
pier deteriorated into a wreck that had to be rescued by the feds.
Someday this town has to face up to the true cost of maintaining its
infrastructure and providing proper facilities and if that that means
some people can no longer afford to be here so be it. Eventually
taxes are going to have to go up significantly to pay for all this.
This same problem is systemic through all levels of government. We
refuse to pay the true cost of needed infrastructure and services.
5:45 pm edt 

To: Cheryl Andrews

Ms. Andrews, as a selectmen for many years here, what did
you do to address the lack of repairs at town hall, which now needs
to be abandoned and will cost taxpayers dearly to restore it? Is any
responsibility yours to admit?

Thank you.
5:41 pm edt 

Chief Jaran's Wish List

The chief seems to be on the right path, early impressions are
positive. But a new state of the art public safety facility is out of
the question. As much as I empathize with his wish list to bring the
department into the twenty first century is unrealistic. Not gonna
happen, but one can dream can't one?

E. Michael Richards
9:25 am edt 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dear Rat, Et Al:

The only problem with putting a government complex in Shankpainter
Basin is the word Basin. If the town were to build a new government
complex presumably it would be for the long long term. A look at the
US Army Corps of Engineer's SLOSH (stormwater surge) model for
Provincetown shows that in a category 4 or 5 hurricane (and
potentially in a fast moving Cat 3) the area of the Police Station
and Fire Station are subject to storm surge flooding as is all of
Shankpainter to Bradford St. Presumably, and as alluded to by the new
Chief, one would want to put the central core of our disaster
response capability in a location that was out of all harm's way.

Before I get hammered for being a fraidy cat I know the probability
of a storm of this magnitude is low in any one year but if you're
building the thing for 50-100 year's worth of use or beyond then the
cummulative probability over that time period is actually fairly
high, well over 70% for a 100 year period. Added to that is the
possibility that even moderately rising sea levels due to climate
change increase this vulnerability over time as well.

A more far reaching idea might be to have an integrated, regional
police/fire/ems complex with core disaster response and
communications facilities centralized there as part of
regionalization of these services with sub-stations in the individual
towns that require less capital investment. This would also allow
training space, shooting range and other facilities at same and it
could all be built on land that is cheaper than high priced
Provincetown land.

Oh, now I've gone and done it :)

Facts are Just
10:41 pm edt 

Where is the Money Going to Come From?

How in gods name can anyone even propose in this time of crisis
to have the town spend additional monies on projects, while the
rest of the world is trying desperately to figure out how they are 
going to survive in this time of great financial turmoil?

There are no grants,no government funds, no bonds. This is the time
to button down the hatches and conserve to reduce cost not to add to 
the burdens of the people.

See the reality before you! 
10:38 pm edt 

Please, Can We Have a New Leader

     Please, please, we need new leadership or just leadership.
Decisions that make sense and that come directly from our town
manager. Sharon, please just say no to all those who think you have
to do their work and their bidding. Think for yourself and we will
all be better for it.

    I know others brought you in but now that you are here: think for
yourself. Find the courage and act as you believe you should--not as
the kitchen cabinet keeps whispering, telephoning, e-mailing and
insisting you should do.
10:29 pm edt 

This is a Plan Without Vision

   The last thing we need is a new police station. Give me a break.
No give us all a break. Bring in a new chief and what does he want? A
lovely space, new technology, state of the art stuff. Another
ridiculous idea at a time of fiscal difficulties. Like a child who
wants and wants, the answer is plain and simple:

10:26 pm edt 

Common Sense?

In Ptown? Surely you jest Cheryl!
10:25 pm edt 

To: Dr. Cheryl

Glad someone signs a name on here.
So, what are your thoughts on town hall and the move to trailers out
on RT 6?  You think the job will be done in 2 years?  You think this
is the best choice for the town?  I always, always respected you and
your thoughts are much appreciated.

10:24 pm edt 

Re: Cheryl Andrews Comment to Rat in the Basement

Oops I didnt take that deed restriction into account. But
where there is a will there is a way. What if we come up with an
equal amount of land to give to affordable housing (deed restricted)
and we ask Mr. Cumby real nicely to go along with it, maybe a couple
of lawyers could figure it out. And thank you for your kind words.

A Rat In The Basement
10:22 pm edt 

Oh Mr Rat (and I imply no gender with that appellation !)
You make me laugh. We should put signs on Rte 6 , directing traffic
to Shank Painter Road??
Where were you when i needed you?

I suggested that one too, a few years ago, to my esteemed colleagues.
Without mentioning any names, they vehemently shot down that idea
too. I had an entire plan to improve the Shank Painter neighborhood.
Hah. Fuggeddaboutit.

They insisted that if we did that, well then, we'd have more traffic
(wasn't that the point?) on Shank Painter, and they wouldn't be able
to drive over to the A&P in the summer as easily as they wanted.

I kid you not. Maybe with a few new faces on the Board, the idea can
be discussed again. Conwell Street will always be the first choice of
first time visitors. But a little diversion, esp on rainy days,
towards the west, would be common sense.

4:32 pm edt 

Dear "Rat in the Basement"......

As soon as you start to get creative, suggesting  possible solutions
to Provincetown's financial issues and building needs, i get
intrigued..  a clear indication that i suffer from whatever disease
causes any of us to volunteer...but, i digress.

You suggest we build a Town Hall complex at 90 Shank Painter Road ,
where the affordable rental units are to be built.   You must know,
that that idea is a non-starter . For 2 very big reasons. First,
Cumberland Farms sold that land to the Town for a song with the
written agreement that it be used for affordable housing. Cumberland
Farms gets the tax credit, we get the land. Its deed restricted.

Next, we bought the land using CPC dollars, again......for affordable
housing. So, forget about 90 Shank Painter. Town Meeting said they
wanted to build rental housing there and thats what Cumby's sold it
for. Thats what we bought if for.

This mornings newspaper tells me 2 things. First, that we should've
sold some of our unneeded town buildings when the market was hot.  
It sure ain't now.

Second, the ability of our town to borrow in this current climate is
going to be more difficult , financially and politically. It will
cost us even more than we had planned. Thats what the NY Times says

So, keep the ideas coming. We can never have too many. But, i just
wanted to clue you in about the land we own which is deed-restricted.

Yours in creativity,

Cheryl Andrews
4:05 pm edt 

P.S. to My Previous Post

Put the council on ageing in the new Goverment complex. And sell the
old community center when it moves to the elementary school. Since we
would be putting more public restrooms in Town Hall we dont need to
put them in Firehouse #2. So we could renovate that and rent it out
for commercial use.

And while we are at it sell off all the odd pieces of little lots we
own sprinkeld around Town that dont serve us any purpose except that
they are a liability and cost us maintanence money.

And for Gods sake put up some signs on Rt.6 directing people to the
Shankpainter entrance of the Grace Hall lot.
This would take a lot of traffic off of Conwell and Bradford sts.

A Rat In The Basement
4:02 pm edt 

Report on the

The working group for the Murchison property was composed
of one member each from the planning, conservation and historic
commissons, the town manager, assistant town manager, and a
representative from town council.

Attending also were the purchaser of the property, his assistant and his lawyer.
Public attending were a reporter from the Banner and six others. I believe the
reporter and one other stayed for the entire meeting.

All others left very early because taking place in the auditorium of town hall
made it completely impossible to hear anything being discussed.It seemed to
be a public hearing where the public could not hear.
1:17 pm edt 

Some Thoughts and Proposed Solutions

The new police chief wants a new station. And as we all
know, what anybody wants in this Town they get even if the towns
people dont want it. So I have an idea that might make more financial

Dont build affordable housing in the Shankpainter basin. Housing
doesnt belong in a commercial district anyway. Sell ( Or give) the
Grace Govia building to the affordable housing people, thats a much
better place for housing.

Sell the existing Police Station outright.

Sell the old library.

Keep everyone who is in the basement of Town Hall now in the same spot.

Build a new Government complex in the Shankpainter Basin. Put the
rest of Town Hall offices in here. Put the water Department in here
too. Put the DPW in here too. Put the Tourism office here too Put the
Police Station on the same lot.

What else can we fit there?

Renovate Town Hall within reason. Increase the number of public
bathrooms. Hopefully twice as many stalls for women as for men.
Install state of the art sound and lighting systems in the
auditorium, which would attract more business to it, and create an
income for us. Use part of the first floor for changing rooms, ect.
for the auditorium. Use the rest for public meeting rooms which would
be free to non profits and charge a fee to profit organizations.

Connect the basement dwellers and the new Town hall via fax, cable,
phone, internet, and video, for those times when they need to

Forget closing the school for now, it isnt going to happen yet. But
when it does we can move the community center into the elementary
school and expand on what they do for us. And just sell the high
school for development.

They are going to spend our mney anyway, why not do something that
makes sense?

Can I get an Amen!?

A Rat In The Basement
1:14 pm edt 

Working Group Meeting

Can anyone provide information on the results of the "Working Group"
meeting that took place on Tuesday, concerning 2 Commercial street?
11:57 am edt 

To Stubborn to Ask for Help?

The gentleman who wrote the editorial in the Banner about assisting
the town in the renovations of town hall.  Do a quick google search
of his name and then tell me if you would want him working on your
property.  They didn't ask for his help because he isn't qualified

O.K. so I Goggled Ian Ellison. I found very little information about
him. What is it that you found that would cause you to cop such a
resentment against him? If you could somehow post a path to this
information (without using a link form) instead of just spouting your
resentful opinion, ( you know what they say about opinions) it would
be nice.

A Rat In The Basement
11:54 am edt 

Chief Jaran Has a Big Plan?

Latest edition of the Banner says he wants a new police station?
Gimme a break. Jaran cites inadequate facilities, and security of
wood walls against a terrorist attack. Good grief! The only
terrorists here are the locals on this blog. (Laugh at ourselves,

We were not too thrilled when former Chief of Police Jim Meads
bullied Town Meeting into renovating the Shankpainter funeral home
site for a new police station only 25 years ago, but,new in Town,
didn't have a voice yet. Two years later the Fire Department wanted
"mine too"; a new station right across the street. The construction
of the Fire Headquarters on a revenue generating and sorely needed
parking lot was just plain stupid.
11:53 am edt 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Re: Question to Webmaster

Why does MYPACC sometimes go to a strange page?

Webmaster Comment:

Occasionally problems are experienced at the Host computer which affect  the
web site. This is also the reason that poster provided links are not usually supported.
2:51 pm edt 

Restoration of Town Hall

To my knowledge there has not been an exhaustive search of the
sources of monies needed to complete this project. It has been
reported that Rep. Peake has personally engaged Sen. Kerry on the
matter (her remarks more optimistic than his for federal

I would assume Congressman Delahunt has been involved
as well, although we haven't heard much if there any funds/grants
available on the House of Representatives side. I would conclude by
Rep. Peake reaching out to the federal level there must be no where
to go at the state level. We need definative answers from all those
levels of government yesterday!

The ultimate reality may be left to us locally to raise the revenue
needed for this project in the form of tax revenues, long term bonds
and loans. I would not look to Merrill Lynch, Lehman Bros or AIG for
any assistance. I also would not pin any hopes on closing any of the
schools and using those properties to relocate Town Hall.

The school system battle has been raging for years, yet with another
committee convened to study the school system's  future (the third such
entity if my math is correct). Good luck with that.

So, get used to the trailors, they will be in use for awhile unless
we set a fire (no pun intended, yet see Firehouse #2) under our town
leaders to get us ALL the facts and figures needed for us to make the
best decision we can. If not the Town Hall project will become
Provincetown's "Little Big Dig" sitting there with too much money
spent on temporary offices, too many "consultants" and too many
bids/proposals with this guarantee, the project will be completed way
over budget.

E. Michael Richards
9:20 am edt 

I Wonder

I wonder who has been blocking the comments about
the Police Chief...
9:17 am edt 

School Stats Missing From the Last Post

Webmaster Comment: As noted previously, due to past problems induced in the host system, web links posted by users are not regularly supported. 
9:13 am edt 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To Stubborn to Ask for Help?

The gentleman who wrote the editorial in the Banner about assisting
the town in the renovations of town hall.  Do a quick google search
of his name and then tell me if you would want him working on your
property.  They didn't ask for his help because he isn't qualified.
3:00 pm edt 

What is Wrong With Provincetown Government?

The vote to upgrade town hall's phone system failed. But they are
doing it anyway. The vote not to increase town employees pay raises
failed. But they are increasing them anyway. The vote for pay raises
for the police failed. They did it anyway by quitely including them
in the budget and brought out other overides.

I voted in favor of all three overides. But I do not trust
Provincetown government!

No wonder the Department of Revenue Finance Report dated April 2008
said on page 3, quote re-establishing public trust should be a
priority and can be reached through a reversal of past practices. end

Past practices? How about present practices?
1:31 pm edt 

Add on to Slippery Fish -

I agree. If the money has not been found to repair town hall, and if
voters decide to to go forward, what happens? Will town office remain
in the trailers for an indefinite period of time?

I say - Close the high school, move town hall office there, sell town
hall for development with the caveat that the auditorium remain in
town hands for public use.

Everyone wins!

-Town gets a desperately needed cash infusion and ongoing tax revenue
from a new commercial space
-Town hall gets rehab and facelift while retaining it's beauty
without taxpayer money being spent
-Residents get to keep a public auditorium and meeting space
-Town hall moves to the school where there is parking and space
-And hopefully Sharon and her cronies get offices in the basement
next to the boiler!
1:30 pm edt 

Sad State of Provinctown Schools

Check out these stats - Numbers don't lie. Whoever tells you that PHS
kids are getting a quality education send them here -
1:27 pm edt 

Experience in that field, that being Braun?

He doesn't have experience in this field!
His background is being an Architect and he got his building
commission license this year. I assume he is good at design and knows
the codes now that he passed his license board, but he no experience
in renovations per say or in obtaining multi million dollar bids.  Or
for that matter $175,000 bids that have jumped to $375,000 in 2
months.  I agree with the posts here.  We have NOT even started the
move, and costs are going through the roof.   The individual that
claims in the letter to the banner he has some knowledge about
restoration and is willing to help the BOS, I wonder if he was ever
contact for his free insights and maybe some ideas?  Or is Sharon and
Braun to stubborn to ask for assistance?  Oh no they are not, they
have assistance now.   AT OUR EXPENSE!
1:26 pm edt 

Town Hall

I for one will vote for every penny needed to restore town hall.  I
will not be part of this town's disgraceful legacy of not funding the
maintenance of it's buildings.
9:01 am edt 

Re: Pick Your Poison Town Hall Move

"The move out of town hall is in the hands of the town administrator
who has delegated the matter of expenses to someone that has
experience in that field, that being Braun. She is in charge of the
move. She will also be the one that decides if the money needed is
appropriate. He's only doing his job and if the costs come out very
high, its not his fault, its just the price. It really comes down to
very little maintainance being done to town buildings. They are built
and allowed to be run down and then are replaced at a cost of
millions to the taxpayers. If they had been repaired along the way
when needed like peoples private homes, the buildings would be in
better shape and last longer. Yes, this means more personel at the
DPW to do this work but its cheaper in the long run. Pick your poison"


A rat with him downstairs

8:45 am edt 

Re: Town Hall Restoration

Question: Do costs for restoration of town hall come before
the voters at any point?  It so, given the state of the economy, does
anyone think the spending will be ratified?  To further mirror the
domino effect, if the spending is not passed by voters, does this
mean that town offices will remain in rented trailers?

If this scenerio is a possibility,  Russell will then be a hero for
getting new town offices for such a pittance.  I do hope Sharon gets
an office without a window.

Slippery Fish (enjoying the chess game)

ps...To Rat in the Basement  Will you remain in town hall or will you
have to burrow under Russell's new location?
8:41 am edt 

Illiterate Morons

I to find these blog vury intersting and formative. Now if
I was just liturate enuf to right adn spell I might be listened to 2.

When the same poor spelling and grammar appear in many posts it
becomes even more obvious that only a few illiterate morons are
filling this thing with their bile.
8:39 am edt 

I Learn A Lot From This Blog

I'm glad I have the chance to read so many intersting postings. I
like to read what so many feel and think. It really gives me the
pulse of the town, something that isn't readily available just by
walking through town.

It's great to be able to get so many different opinions on so many
different issues. I do believe it helps us have a better and more
informed town. I don't know who to thank but thanks!
12:39 am edt 

If You Don't like the "Design" Then Don't Check This Blog Out

     Speaking of losers, my dear Anomie, it takes one to know one, as
they say. If you don't like what you read, no one is forcing your
sweet self to read these words. So, Adieu to Anomie and Adieu to you.
12:38 am edt 

Who is the Real Howard Burchman?

Ah, a guest house owner and then the owner of The Ranch. Uh, Huh! Uh,
Huh? Perhaps this place should be further             . Given what
really happens there, Mr. Burchman.
12:36 am edt 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where do You People Get Your Information?

If you are relying on the Banner and this blog you are woefully
deprived. Take a walk over to Town Hall some day or night and talk to
the people you freely bash. Russell Braun is all right. But okay,
David Gardner and Sharon need a slap upside the head.
11:51 pm edt 

I can't believe what a mess this site is from a design standpoint!

I also cant believe the incivility of the commentary: PAAC seems to
be a forum for all those losers who have come to Provincetown as a
refuge from the real world, who can't or won't make it in real life,
and flee here where they canscrape by.  Full of anger, resentment,

Get a life!
8:51 pm edt 

Down, Down, Down...

The dow just dropped over 500 points... ouch!
8:49 pm edt 

Wrong Again!

If the Murchinson property was a closed eal since the sale occurred,
then we would have nothing much to say. But Howard Burchman is at it
again. He is involved in calling forth this Working Group which again
involves all three renegade boards--Planning, Conservation and
Historical--to do what they inititally wanted. Put demands on the new
owner. Carry out the abutters' decision and stop new construction.

Why is Howard back in the picture? Because he has put himself back
in, along with Denis Minksy, Elaine Anderson, and Eric Dray, Mr.
History. Enough! You lost your attempt to undermine the property and
you should accept your loss. But no, you're back in the fight and
there is Sharon Pailin Lynne rabble rousing the troops! 

Wrong, Sharon, quite wrong.
8:48 pm edt 

The Historical Commission is Not Regulatory

I agree. Why is the Historical Commission even involved in the
Murchinson property? It seemed that what the various boards wanted,
when they met with the new owner, was review by the regulatory board,
the Historic District Commission. This is the commission that would
be involved in the destruction of any building or the changes to a
structure that has architectural significance or cultural
significance, even if the structure is not in the Historic District.
Issue like Demolition of buildings, even if outside the Historic
Distric, must be brought to the Historic District Commission. And if
it is found that such a structure has architectural, historical or
cultural importance, then the demolition can be delayed and stopped.

If new construction will occur and if some input on the design is
desired, it should be the Historic District Commission that these
plans are brought to, not an educational commission like the
Historical one that Eric Dray chairs. It is, again, not regulatory
and should be treated as such. This group should go back to its
history books and historical documents but keep away from telling or
commanding property owners what they should do. This is not in your
8:45 pm edt 

Here is the Problem:

The Murchinson Property is Still Before the Cape Cod Commission

Even though the selectmen voted to have the Cape Cod Commission send
back the Murchinson property to the town boards and to stop the
Discretionary Review, the Murchinson property will be heard on
Sepetember 18th by this outside regional commission.

And what is this Working Group going to do? Blackmail. Threaten the
new owner with going forward with the Cape Cod Commission if he does
not agree to new MOUs and new regulations and new agreeements. And
who is involved? Not only Howard Burchman, again, and Denis Minsky,
again, and Eric Dray, again, but also the silent, behind the scene
abutters. Ted Malone still does not want his house and land
besmerched by new construction. He wants quiet and no new
construction. And who is doing Ted Malone's bidding? Clearly, the
chairs of these boards, Grandmother Anderson and unfortunately our
town manager. She is the one calling this meeting.

This is illegal. This is private property and the agreements that
occurred when the boards came together before he bought the property
should be a gentlemen's agreement. But no, the forces pulling the
strings of Burchman, Minsky and Dray and their own arrogance, is at
it again.

This is not only disgusting. It is illegal and discriminatory. The
town and its board chairs can be sued for this problematic actions.
And if they keep this up, they will be sued and the town will find
itself in court.
8:43 pm edt 

Trailer Town

Let me get this straight. Russell Braun, the Building Commissioner
got estimates in June from several office trailer companies for
temporary office trailers at an average price of $175,000. Two months
later, the price jumps to $375,000 (according to an article in the
Banner). Was Mr. Brauns estimate for a trailer that you attach to a
car for a holiday vacation? Did he forget to specify all that is
needed in a temporary trailer to make it safe for our town employees
and the public to use?

How does the price of something double in just two months? Are the
trailers made out of oil?

If anything, with our current economy, the temporary trailers shoule
be less to rent because there is no market for them in the collpased
construction industry.

If the town is going to sit back and take a doubling in cost for the
temporay offices, what will happen with costs when the town hall is
actually being repaired?

Put the brakes on this project and lets get this right.
If we are in this condition with run away costs before any work takes
place, what will happen when this project with no oversight is

I heard some stories about shoddy work at the library. Lets not have
that happen again!

The Left Rudder
8:40 pm edt 

Town Hall Tempory Offices

If the bids for the temporary town hall trailers/offices came in 4+
times higher than the estimate elicited from the winning bidder, why
were not the bid(s) rejected and some other avenue for finding
temporary office space explored? The town hall has been in its
present condition for decades. Whats another month or two in
investigatiing other options going to do in the grand scheme of
things? Maybe we should have some citizens look at potential options?

I thought the public works department was in charge of building
projects and not the building commissioner?

Is there not a conflict of interest with the building commissioner's
involment in a project that he has to issue a permit on? His job is
to make sure that building proposals meet the building code and
zoning bylaw and not get into the nitty gritty of building design and

The Old Whippersnapper
8:38 pm edt 

Re: Russell Braun

As for the question "who is Russell Braun?" my answer to
that is he is just another really bad choice by Sharon Lynn.
I would like to know if anyone has had "issues" with Braun.  We all
know Sharon has not made good picks, but has the general contractors
had run ins with Braun or anyone know his past conduct with people?
It just doesn't seem that he is qualified to inform the BOS the
issues of town hall and or inform Sharon and the BOS issues about the
true costs of the trailers.
8:36 pm edt 

2 Commercial

The working group meeting is at noon on Tuesday in the Auditorium of
Town Hall (don't forget to vote).  Each board being represented has
selected a representative to meet with the buyer.  The buyer's
attorney and town counsel will be present and by the end of the
meeting an agreement will be in hand.

The planning board meets Wednesday night to approve the dismissal of
the ANR application, which will subsequently take it out of the hands
of the CCC.

Sharon Lynne's office orchestrated all of this at the prompting of
the BOS.  Once Burchman got shot down by the BOS, things appear to be
moving professionally and timely.
8:35 pm edt 

Pick Your Poison.
Town Hall move

The move out of town hall is in the hands of the town administrator
who has delegated the matter of expenses to someone that has
experience in that field, that being Braun. She is in charge of the
move. She will also be the one that decides if the money needed is
appropriate. He's only doing his job and if the costs come out very
high, its not his fault, its just the price. It really comes down to
very little maintainance being done to town buildings. They are built
and allowed to be run down and then are replaced at a cost of
millions to the taxpayers. If they had been repaired along the way
when needed like peoples private homes, the buildings would be in
better shape and last longer. Yes, this means more personel at the
DPW to do this work but its cheaper in the long run. Pick your poison.
8:33 pm edt 

Enough With 2 Commercial St and Howard B!

What is done is done...It's all blather to divert attention from what
is really going on around here. The Town Hall Debacle!

Before we know it, the overpriced RENTAL Trailors will have arrived
and be put into use and Town Hall will be CLOSED forever more.
That's right CLOSED and I doubt it will reopen before 2020.
All the money to "FIX" TH is being spent to RENT the trailors. This
is a major project that has not even been started. There is no money
currently available to even repair the building.

As for the question "who is Russell Braun?" my answer to that is he
is just another really bad choice by Sharon Lynn.  I remember Keith
having job performance reviews...why does'nt Sharon?

Think about it a moment...every single person she has hired since
taking over is a disaster. She has filled TH with assistants to
assistants who all need to be housed in bright shiny new trailors at
taxpayer expense.

So the assistant to the TM and the assistant to Russell Braun and the
assistant to the Tourism nightmare make recomendations and Sharon
takes it to the Selectmen and they will all live happily ever after
out by the highway.

And the taxpayers pay the RENT year after year...
As for Town Hall....since there is NO money to fix it...
Don't worry, the only people who will miss it are tourists seeking a everyone else it will remain the same...a place to
photograph or paint...nothing more...

Signed sadly,

The ONLY pebble on the beach!
12:27 pm edt 


Anyone have any scoop on this Russell Braun guy from town hall
(building department).   Is he really in charge of the plans to
reconstruct town hall and to move 30 people to the trailers?  If he
was the one that got the bid for the trailers that was up over 113%,
should we trust him?
10:54 am edt 

Somebody Hasnt Been Paying Attention

All of the answers to the questions you have about the Murchison Board
are in an article printed in the Banner several weeks ago. If memory
serves me correct everybody got together and decided not to refer it to
the CCC, and the owner understood the concerns of the different boards
and individuals so he agreed to meet and discuss and review the plans
with this Board. But they dont really have any authority to tell the
guy what to do. If that isnt accurate, I think it is close.

Peter Page

P.S. This property is not in the Historic District.
10:53 am edt 

2 Commercial Street

When is the "Working Group" suppose to meet?
Who are the members of this group, and who
selected them?

Where  is the meeting and is it open to the public?

We need some answers to these questions. Who do we
10:07 am edt 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Curbing Expenses

One way the Town might save a bundle on salaries is to conduct a
thorough review of sick time claimed by employees. Is it excessive?
The way to start is to request the Town to account for sick leave
payments in the annual Town Report. Let's take a close look at how
much of our tax dollars are being expended on the payment sick leave.
9:08 pm edt 

Howard Burchman

A new board/sub-committee about a PRIVATE PROPERTY??? Has
the rage and jealousy of a few gone so far as to create havoc for the
individual who has shelled out millions to buy a little part of our
town with the intent of bringing it back to its former glory?  Is
this Burchman again?  His shenanigans must be stopped.
9:05 pm edt 

Where is the Historic District Commission?

With all of the hoopla about the Murchison property, where is the Historic
District Commission?

Eric Dray of the Historical District Commission has received all of the press
surrounding this property.The sole function of the Historical District Commission
is to provide advocacy for historic preservation and education. This body has
no regulatory authority.

However, it is the Historic District Commission which is the regulatory body that
determines the enforcement of town regulations. Why then has this body not been
included in the review process for Murchison?

Ultimately, it will be the Historic District Commission which will have the final say
relative to historic issues which require resolution as per town/state law. 

Is there a reason that the Town Manager has not seen fit to seek this boards input?
Why is this board outside of the process? And why is Eric Dray given so much weight?

A pattern has developed around all of the previous and now forthcoming actions
surrounding this property and it does not look  or smell good.

We must be alert and follow the process to its conclusion. Because Martha Hevenor
of the CCC is still playing her duplicitous role to the detrement of Provincetown.

She will shortly be confronted with having to respond to the State Board of Ethics regarding
her role in the ongoing drama.
2:04 pm edt 

Howard Burchman JUST SHUT UP!!!!

You cannot go into a meeting of a town board with a predisposed
opinion and think nobody realizes the playing field isn't even! You
once again have sacrificed your boards integrity and the Historic
Commissions integrity. Even Dray kept mum but NOOOOOO, you just had
to spill the beans.

1:34 pm edt 

2 Commercial Street - Howard Burchman's Latest Annoucement

Looks like Howard Burchman has gone and done it again. Announcing via
the Banner what his plans/his board plans are for 2 Commercial
Street. I guess he/his board members or town management fail to
understand the legal ramifications of his actions.

If I was on his board I'd resign.
1:13 pm edt 

Murchison Property

The CCC will not be involved with the property shortly. They will be
removed from the process. The local boards, not a newly formed group,
will review the property in a group fashion but as mentioned, it is
somewhat focused and not exactly fair across the board. Why focus on
this one property and not others? The problem here would be that if
these boards get away with doing this type of review and creation of
MOUs, they could do it with any other project they FEEL they want to
and then not do it to others, like affordable projects or municipal
projects. It's not fair to all and the towns needs to trad lightly
due to the fact that they have no legal standing on the matter.
review based on objective, established standards is great but
subjective issues raised by individuals is wrong.
1:05 pm edt 

The Trailers are Going to Happen

It is too late for Sharon to admitt that a mistake was made.   So,
the question goes back, who will over see Russell Braun and that he
gets ALL THE APPROVALS to build out on Rt 6.  When is the septic plans
being filed with the Health Board and State?
1:02 pm edt 

Re: 2 Commercial Street Working Group
"I think the working group has been formed so that the new owner and
the bitchy boards can work out an equitable arrangement and therefore
dismiss the Cape Cod Commission from the project.

This is a good thing"

This kind of thinking is as wrong headed as it gets. Wherein our town
laws is there provided the provision for a special group to be convened to
supersede standing regulatory governing bodies (Boards).

Who in law is authorized to convene such a body and who determines who
sits on this "Working Group". What weight in law does this body possess.

This amounts to nothing more than an illegal bureaucratic layer of additional
quasi government being injected into what was a contentious property sale, with
the purpose  of overriding due process. It amounts to the parties who were
prevented from disrupting what should have been a normal purchase and sale
to getting another bite of the apple.

This interference with the new owners transacting the development of 2
Commercial Street is tantamount to the illigal process of "Pocket Zoning
and will not survive judicial scrutiny.

This "Working Group" was only developed after there was an agreement between
the Planning  and Conservation Boards with the new owner. to pull this rabbit out
of the hat after the purchase of the property was concluded is an absolutely horrid
display of collusion and chicanery.

This kind of town mismanagement should give pose to all of us to reconsider
the efficacy of Sharon Lynne's ability to run this town. To-date she has been one
big failure and is getting worse.

I was willing to wait to give her time to work her way into the role of Town Manager.
However, she has been in office long enough to determine that she is way over her
head and will get no better. She is directed by the very people that opposed the 2
Commercial Street sale. Enough is enough!

This will be yet another case where Provincetown will end up in court on the wrong
side of the law. Guess who will pay for it

Just the Facts
12:55 pm edt 

2 Commercial Street Working Group

I think the working group has been formed so that the new owner and
the bitchy boards can work out an equitable arrangement and therefore
dismiss the Cape Cod Commission from the project.

This is a good thing.
12:11 pm edt 

Confusing to See A Special Working Group on the Murchinson

Thanks for letting us know. Why is a working group being formed? We
already have our boards. Is this another obstacle wrapped in the
pretense of a helping group to force concessions on the Murchinson
property? It's illegal to treat some property owners differently than
others. We wouldn't be doing this with Ann Macquire or Ted Malone and
Sharon should be fair with everyone. Something's not right here. Are
we replacing the Cape Cod Commission with a new Working Group? Get
over this and let our boards do the work they do without this
outside, no listing of members, group.
12:10 pm edt 

Here's Just One Mistaken Idea

     Those who post here also serve on boards. Some always seem to
infer that those who post don't also serve on town boards. Wrong
Assumption. I post and serve on town boards and I know many others
who do the same. It's not an either/or situation, my dear.
12:08 pm edt 

People Don't Volunteer Because They Don't Get Paid

Vol-un-teer, the dictionary defines it as SOMEBODY WHO WORKS WITHOUT

Yes, most people for 2 reasons.  One is the goodness of their hearts
to make a community or organization better, and or to better their
own beliefs.

I would suggest of those that complain, VOLUNTEER and get some of
your ideas brought forth or better yourself.  

You do have choices.
10:43 am edt 

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why is There a Commerical Street Working Group?

     Why is there a special working group set up for the Murchinson
property? Is this legal? Can the town create a group and then use
this group to impose new restrictions on residentail properties?

     This meeting is listed for Tuesday at noon and is called by Sharon Lynne.

     It seems that our regular boards can handle this property and
this special working groups appears to be illegal. Is this Granny
Anderson trying to have her way on conservation issues and forcing
issues on the new owner? Or is this Ted Malone still finding ways to
get his way? Or is this the Historical Commission being involved when
it should be the Historic District Commission that regulates the
property. And is this Howard Burchman still trying to do someone
else's bidding?

     Enough. Let the new owner work with the existing boards and not
create a new group with "new" issues and "new" rules. This is
discriminatory and illegal.
11:37 pm edt 

The Almighty Dollar

People don't volunteered because they don't get paid. 
Those who have infiltrated this sandbar are only concerned with the
Almighty $.

Remember when someone spray painted "Greed City" on the "Welcome to
Provincetown" sign.  Classic.  It's funny because it's true.  It's
sad because greed has ruined the most beautiful place on Earth.

And with the real estate market crashing, one would assume rents
would follow; however, $ per month plus utilities and first and last
and security are high than ever.  Get a clue, wealth landowners:  A
ghost town is being created and without yearrounders and now with
less Internationals allowed access to USA, your servants have been
served and are shipping out and saving themselves from the tyranny of
taxed, tourists, traders and big-talkers.

Twenty years ago, a single-family house went for $80,000.  Ten years
ago, it sky-rocketed to $350,000.  That's beyond inflation; that's
beyond fair.

Posters here complain about the school.  If the families weren't run
out by the tax rate, PT would have a future.  Now, there's only pain.
11:35 pm edt 

They Want the Trailers, Let them Stay in the Trailers

I also will not vote for any override for renovations. I'm against
the Katrina trailers and even more against the entire, wrong-headed

It's frankly a sick joke at our expense.
10:32 pm edt 

Fish, Oysters, Little Necks and Lobsters

   That would make sense if we could buy these at the Pier. A
funtional, realistic and pragmatic use of the pier would be great.
I'll take fish over art, in this case, and oysters over pottery. They
are trap sheds, aren't they?
10:31 pm edt 

Re: Open Restaurants

Who ever considered Far Land Provisions a resturant OR George's
Pizza?  AND if you want to get picky, Victors just opened THIS YEAR. 
Lets see if they stay open, JAN, FEB, MARCH AND APRIL.  My bet says

Oh yes, BOX LUNCH is NOT a resturant either.
Guess you all go to TO TAKE OUT WAY TO MUCH
10:30 pm edt 

Fresh Fish on the Pier Yes!

Great idea and question.
10:28 pm edt 

Heart and Soul of Provincetown, Town Hall?

I've lived here for 13 years and only use it for the bathroom. Economic
engine? Say what?

Economic engines make money not suck the life out of taxpayers
because of years of poor maintenance
by mediocore boards of selectmen that we are now going to have to pay

Sell town hall!
10:27 pm edt 

De Ja Vue all Over Again!

Many tourists ask if there is anything to eat or drink on
the pier. Sadly the answer is no. But that must change as the PPPC
mandate is to look for new revenue growth or as I would say obvious
revenue growth: food and beverage. I read the Finance report
yesterday. It kind of sounds like the finance review that was done
last year by the Dept of Revenue.

Will this town ever get it right?
10:23 pm edt 

Privatize Town Hall & Regionalize the School Sysem

I will vote for the two candidates in the next election
whose platform is school regionalization. period. i will vote no on
reforming town hall. Privatizing town hall is a good idea! We have
too many town owned buildings.
10:21 pm edt 

Communication Fosters Education

Ignorance may be evident in their post, but one of the
purposes of this board is to educate.  Now they know something they
didn't know before.
7:52 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall

The great majority of tourists don't know town hall exists
unless they are sittying in front of it or using bathroom
7:50 pm edt 


The trap sheds are a great idea for art.  But why the hell can't you
walk down the pier and buy fresh fish?  Fresh, iced fish right off
the boat, that's what I want to buy off the pier.
7:49 pm edt 

Re: Open Restaurants

If that is your logic, then I can only name a few places I would be
eating at this winter.

I'll be eating at MEWS, Fanizzi's, Napi's, the Box Lunch, Jimmy's
Hideaway, Lorraine's, Victor's, Chach, Michael Shay's, Bistro at
Crowne Pointe, Far Land Provisions, George's Pizza.

Guess I will have quite a few options in January won't I?  It always
amazes me that people don't actually know what's open.
7:48 pm edt 

Rest In Peace

Bobby Martin, Sr.

3:53 pm edt 

Dear Send a Loud Message

Your ignorance is evident in your post.  School Committee members are
elected by the voters, they are not appointed by the selectmen.

Go ahead and vote against any money for the much needed town hall
restoration and I bet you will be the first one complaining about
business failures because of tourists seeing a boarded up town hall.

Town Hall is an integral part of the economic engine called tourism. 
It MUST be restored and quickly.  It is not just town offices, it is
the heart and soul of this town.
3:52 pm edt 

Re: Assumptions

VERY few galleries stay open year round in the west gallery district.
  If someone assumed you had a gallery, big deal.  The same is true. 
This is America.  Let the market bear what works and doesn't.  It's
not for you to decide to support year round business.  Lets NOT
support the Lobster Pot because 4 years ago, they decided to open
just May till November.  If that is your logic, then I can only name
a few places I would be eating at this winter.  But then again, I
plan on leaving town for 5 months myself because there is no business
to be had in Ptown, or no business that is worth staying open for.  
This is just the way our community is and the EDC will never make it
3:51 pm edt 

Re: Stop Criticizing ?

I see people criticizing Russ Braun who is a paid employee of this
town.  He doesnt volunteer his services for free; he gets paid a
salary that is probably close to $70,000, give or take a few grand.
2:58 pm edt 


"...Maybe if your gallery was better located, you would do
better.  People usually only go as far as Johnston street
then turn around..."

You know what they say about people who assume?  You assume I own a
gallery, but I don't.  I just believe in supporting full-time
year-round businesses as much as possible and don't believe in doing
something that undermines them.
2:57 pm edt 

Trap Shed Galleries?

I do not own A GALLERY...I happen to know people on the
West End that do who would not agree with you. 

Slippery with paintbrush in gill.
1:20 pm edt 

Obvious Display of Disinterest

I also interpreted the article about costs rising for the
trails that Mr Russell Braun could care less.  There was no apology
of any type to the people he works for, the town!   Isnt this why we
say the chief of police and the Town hall manager MUST live in
Provincetown?  It makes you work harder for the town and your
community.  I am not saying he doesnt work hard, but it is his lack
of concern that is disturbing.
1:18 pm edt 

Stop Criticizing

Has anyone ever thought that the reason many people don't
volunteer to serve on town boards and town government is because
their every move is scrutinized and criticized by the many people who
post on this site. Being a selectman/woman, planning board member,
school committee member, etc. is a thankless job. In this town more
so than others, due to its being so small, there are only so many
people willing to come forward.Maybe you should all stop criticizing
and either step up to the plate and serve yourself or just go away!

1:16 pm edt 

I Agree, Develop MacMillan Pier

It should be more of a destination not only for tourists visiting our
town but for residents as well. Given the fact that Town Hall will be
closing soon we should try to re-focus the Pier as a gathering spot
and capitalize on the potential revenue to be had from more trap
sheds and the like. The sooner the effort is made to do this the
better the Pier will be considering the potential development of
Fisherman's Wharf, it will give those merchants a leg-up on any
similar competition from that site and we all realize healthy
competition is a good thing.
And I also agree, I do hope someone invests in the Subway shop.
Although not to my personal tastes it does serve a purpose to those
disinclined to buy a ten dollar sandwich. Maybe they'll walk to the
Pier with the lunch they just purchased, browse and possibly see
something else to their liking?

E. Michael Richards
1:14 pm edt 

Competition is Good for Business!

I disagree that Adding more galleries to the pier is not a
bad idea.  How many people want $3000 paintings?  You are either in
the market for a $50 - $100 painting or your looking for $2000,
$3000, $5000 or more.  They are NOT in the same class.   Maybe just
people would come to town if things were more affordable.

That is also like saying, we dont want SUBWAY back in town, because
the restaurants wont do as much lunch business because people would
buy cheaper lunches.  GIVE ME A BREAK.  This is AMERICA.  Competition
is good for EVERYONE.   Maybe if your gallery was better located, you
would do better.  People usually only go as far as Johnston street
then turn around.

Here is a thought.  Rent a small place on the pier and have a small
sample of your offerings.  Hand out brochures and encourage people to
go to the galleries in the East end.   Oh, but you will probably
complain that now you have to hire a person to sit there all day.
WILL YOU EVER BE HAPPY?  I do not think so.
11:03 am edt 

Ms Nagle...

Adding more galleries to an overly saturated
area does not help those galleries who have been here for years. An
abundance of art auctons has taken its toll and now cheap art on the
pier will further escalate the struggle present gallery owners have.
You can't have it both ways. 

Slippery Fish
9:38 am edt 

Re: Shouldn't Priority be Given to Supporting Existing Galleries?

Having artist trap sheds on MacMillan Pier and the publicity
generated from that like Harbor Your Arts in Hyannis could bring more
art patrons to Provincetown thus helping to support our existing art
galleries. This summer was difficult for many art galleries. Finding
new ways to increase art tourism could help.

Candace Nagle
8:50 am edt 

Send a Loud Message

I am going to vote against restoration of town hall not
because I can't pay a higher tax bill to finance it but, it will
force the selctmen's hand to consider one of the two school buildings
for a replacement town hall because they can't keep town employees
indefinitely in katrina trailers. It will put pressure on them to
appoint members of the school committee who want to regionalize the
school system. Then we use one of the two school buildings for town
hall and privatize town hall.

Don't vote for town hall resoration and send a loud message to
selectmen: enough with the school committee holding provincetown
taxpayers hostage to a poor school system.
7:55 am edt 

Friday, September 12, 2008

Russell Braun/Trailer Quote

Where is this quote of "Who knows why?" by Mr Braun published?
I'd like to find it and save it for my files.

GO TOO the Banner, Thursday September 11, 2008, and page one under
MOVING COSTS RISE, read the last  7 words of that article THEN go to
page 26 and the first paragraph he says, " they give you a song and
dance.  WHO KNOWS WHY? Cost estimateing is part science and part art,
he said"

IT IS IN BLACK AND WHITE!  I would agree that where Russell Braun
doesn't live in Provincetown, he has less of an interest in keeping
costs down.  There is no incentive other than to do his job and where
Sharon doesn't show any backbone, who would care if they are going a
GOOD job or POOR job?  It shows ALL OVER.
11:34 pm edt 

Re: Art on the Pier

The Pier Corporation has embraced the concept of art on the pier and
this summer there were three artist trap sheds. I believe that needs
to be more aggressively developed with appropriate marketing.

Shouldn't priority be given to supporting existing galleries?
11:31 pm edt 

Re: Russell Braun

"Where is this quote of "Who knows why?" by Mr Braun
published?  I'd like to find it and save it for my files."

Check out the Banner article, it's written there.
11:30 pm edt 

Trailer Park Thrash

This is such a bad idea it is amazing that it even received any
consideration. Now it is what this town will do. Are we being led by
imbeciles? I'm sorry to put it this way but it's as if town officials
are bereft of their brains. Why do we always seem to do the most
stupidest of decisions? Are we fated with poor officials? Or do we
fall into the sinkhole of poor government, no matter who is in
7:19 pm edt 

Bitter Bitter

Yes we know Candace is writing again.

Ironic, isn't it, to be named Candy and be so very bitter.
7:18 pm edt 

Proposal for the Economic Development of MacMillan Pier and Harbor

Now that many fiscal checks and balances for the Pier
Corporation have been recommended by the Finance Committee and the
Pier Corporation is taking steps to adopt those recommendations, I
would like to advance an idea that will help increase the revenues
from our valuable resource MacMillan Pier and thus helping town
coffers: that a Pier Corporation subcommittee be formed entitled
Economic Development of MacMillan Pier and Harbor. 

As an example, three summers ago I introduced an idea for MacMillan
Pier, called Pier Your Arts and brought the first art gallery to MacMillan Pier.
The Pier Corporation has embraced the concept of art on the pier and
this summer there were three artist trap sheds. I believe that needs
to be more aggressively developed with appropriate marketing.

A subcommittee whose mission is creating revenue for MacMillan Pier and
harbor makes sense, as the Town desperately needs to find new sources
of revenue.

Candace Nagle
7:16 pm edt 

Re: Russell Braun/Trailer Quote

Where is this quote of "Who knows why?" by Mr Braun published?
I'd like to find it and save it for my files.
7:13 pm edt 

Tailers, ZBA, BOH, Appeals and Town Risk

I dont have the ZBA meeting list with me so I'm not
sure of the dates, so I will be generous with them.

        The Town files an application with the ZBA to request a
hearing for a Special Permit for a Temporary structure today Sept. 12.

         The Permit Coordinator posts an ad with the Banner to be
printed in the next two issues, Sept 18 and 25.

         The earliest the ZBA would hear the case would be Oct. 2.

         If it is approved, someone on the board has to write a decision.

         (The applicant might bring a pre written decision and ask
the board to accept it and read it into the minuets that night. That
is the boards prerogative though.)

         That decision would be read into the ZBA minuets at the next
meeting, Oct. 16.

         It would then be filed with the Town Clerk the next day Oct. 17.

         Then there is a 21 day appeal period, in which time anyone
who objects can file an appeal in Barnstable court.

         (The Town can decide to risk it all and proceed with
construction before the appeal period ends, but thats a mighty big

         If someone does appeal then the project could be delayed indefinitely.

         The appeal period ends Nov. 7.

         Mid Nov. is 7 days later.

         Can all of the construction and move be accomplished in 7 days?

         If a decision is accepted on Oct 2 and the Town doesnt wait
for the appeal period to be over they could start on Oct. 3.

        That gives the Town 42 days till mid Nov.

        Can it be done in that time frame? And this is without BOH
approval. And this is at a big risk to the Town. And what about the
scale bylaw? Surly these trailers when combined will be over the
allowed.If Im off by even 1 day on my dates then that means at least
another 7 days time.

        Somebody is going to have to hustle!

        A Rat In The Basement
7:11 pm edt 

Re: Finally Some Good News on the Schools : Computer Hacking 101

I had always thought the students were receiving a poor education
here in town, but apparently they have at least learned how to hack a
computer system.

Gotta give them credit

Oh yes! And you can rest assured that NO teacher/admin. taught them
anything to do with Computers...they wouldn't have a CLUE.
All that knowledge comes from life experience,
Something all the Adults running the school don't have!
Way to go Kids...keep it up!!!!!!!!!

The ONLY Pebble on the Beach
7:00 pm edt 

So Let Me Get This Correct.

Gov. Palin of Alaska said no
to the 'Bridge to Nowhere' and proudly states that fact.  Yet the
state of Alaska kept the money?  To spend as they choose as part of
their general fund?  She's a piece of work.
6:58 pm edt 

Re; Russell Braun and Poor Estimation

Wonder what would happen if we told every employee that is
responsible for a budget, that if they go over budget by 10% or
something un-reasonable, they would lose their jobs.  Same goes for
forcasting a proposal.  Going over a forcast by over 100% is so out
there, as a private homeowner, I would not tolerate it from my

Why does the town hall tolerate it?
6:57 pm edt 

I'm Not Sure This Makes Sense

Town hall is on the sewer now, right?

Town Hall will close, so no flow will be going into the sewer. So
that amount of usage is available.

They put Trailer Hall in the parking lot and instead of hooking into
the sewer pipe that is not 200 feet away using the available, they
build a Title Five septic system? What?

Is there some reason for this I dont know of?

Also I hear that some of the money we voted for to be spent on Town
Hall repairs is going to be spent on building a green buffer zone
between the parking lot and the homes across the street. Is this the
same green buffer zone we built several years ago when the skate
board park was installed in the parking lot? What?

And this is only the very beginning of this two plus year project.
6:54 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

According to the Banner's headlines more oversight is
needed with the Pier Corporation. Clearly, the previous poster would
like the Finance Committee report to be buried in the harbormaster's
office. Amazing how the first motion the Pier Corporation made after
the meeting Monday was not to include public statements in the
minutes of their meetings after eight years of doing so and to
quietly put them on file in the harbormaster's office. Guess they
have their own special definition of TRANSPARENCY.

Trophy Homeowner with a Trophy Boat, right Len?
6:52 pm edt 

Thursday, September 11, 2008


November into the trailers? This is half way through Sept and that
means 2 months at the most going to the middle of November for move
in date. power to the site will mean excavations and scheduling with
Nstar for the poles/underground. Tearing up the parking lot is first.
Then there is the septic system. Has anyone seen a design yet? Any
engineering? How about permits and BOH meetings to review and
possibly approve? With variances, most likely to groundwater, it then
must go to the state for approval, 21 days I believe. Or is it going
into the town sewer system? Do they have the space and has anyone
informed anyone else about this "free space"?

Then there is the delivery of the trailers and the move of all the files
and computers and desks and computer/phone hookups. Then, going
into winter, will the pavement plant remain open for the patching of the
parking area or will we be dealing with a nice muddy lot for the winter?

And excess snow this winter, where will we put it now that the parking area
where it ususlly is stored is being used? And what about bus parking? Where?

Oh yeah, this has been thought through.
11:49 pm edt 

Finally Some Good News on the Schools : Computer Hacking 101

I had always thought the students were receiving a poor education
here in town, but apparently they have at least learned how to hack a
computer system.

Gotta give them credit.
9:53 pm edt 

The School Will Fail Even if the School Committee Continues the Status Quo

The number of students decreases and decreases. Every year, there are
fewer and fewer. And when there is no sixth grade--as is the case
this year--and then there is no seventh grade and then no eighth,
the reality of diminishing returns will just cause the school to
close. You can't have a school without students, even if the school
committee and the superintendent want the school to continue as it
always has.

They are talking to themselves and it is a house of mirrors. It is
over. It can't be saved because there is no room for any other ideas
or models other than what they now have.

Doomed, just doomed.
9:39 pm edt 

Ok Enough is Enough...

Who keeps dropping these little bombshells about the school system
and whats happening there?? Not only is what you are doing
destructive, its demoralizing for those employees who are really
trying to make a positive impact on the children who go to school
here. I will bet dinner at the Red Inn that its someone who works
there and I would even go so far as to say its        of the                    
that is drawing the big 20%+ raise that they received last spring for
this year. I mean who else would have the knowledge of all of what is
being posted here.

If you are so unhappy why don't you just quit and join the
disgruntled secretaries, the math teacher and principal who left or
were fired this summer. (No love lost on them!) I know why you will
not, because you are making more money here than you would anywhere
on the cape in the same job and you are doing less. I mean why would
you relinquish your cash cow.

Bud, Route 6 runs both in and out of P'town, it is time for you to
get your butt in the road and don't look back, then the rest of us
can stop worrying who is going to stab us in the back so we can get
back to the task at hand, which is to do what is best for the
9:36 pm edt 

9/11 Memorial at the GU, Wow!

Did anyone shop at the GU on 9/11? The express check out
area had a beautiful memorial. I think Dbbie was responsible for it.
This is what Provincetown is about.... caring and appreciation and

Thankyou to the GU for doing this.
9:33 pm edt 

Accountability and Honesty

Those trailers are going to cost us 113% MORE?  Folks, this
isnt a 13% mistake.  ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN PERCENT!  Yikes.  How
can a building commissioner  building inspector make such a huge
mistake and then slush it off?  Yet this same person can go around
town and insist on exit signs in 200 sq feet galleries?    Does the
town not hold any employee accountable anymore for $200,000 mistakes?
  Lets all vote at town meeting and show the town what we really
want, ACCOUNTABILITY and HONESTY.   Will any BOS put up their own
homes as collateral if we are over 100% of budgeted expenses on this
project?  I bet we all know the answer to that one also.
9:31 pm edt 

Herring Cove Intersection Vs Bike Path

Why doesn't the federal govt take the 900K that they plan
to use to change the Herring Cove intersection and fix the bike path.
It is treacherous, dangerous and in need of some serious repair.
There isn't a problem with the Herring Cove intersection, it works
just fine. There is a major problem with cracks, potholes, divits and
crumbling pavement.

East End PJ
9:28 pm edt 

Not My End of the Ship Sinking

"...yet doesnt seemed concerned that a bid he got for
trailers went  from $175,700 and now is over $375,000 for the 2 year
lease...  But Brauns lame excuse is who knows why?"

Agreed, that is very troubling.  In a position of authority in this
town, a bid more than doubles and his response is 'who knows why?'   
A complete lack of responsibility with Mr. Braun.
9:27 pm edt 

RE: What are the True Costs

Candace, can't you even try to be a decent human being and just admit
defeat and go quietly?

Just because you've stopped signing your name doesn't mean we don't
know who you are and I for one am tired of your vindictive behavior. 
Try living your life without an agenda.  I can't imagine living my
life with such hatred.
9:24 pm edt 

Absent the Real world

Who is this Braun guy?  He lives in Truro, yet doesnt
seemed concerned that a bid he got for trailers went  from $175,700
and now is over $375,000 for the 2 year lease.   It isnt his money or
the town he lives in.  And his boss, Sharon has not even slapped him
on his wrists. 

Her reason is OTHER costs are coming down so the
total cost of the project is only $80,000 over budget.  Wouldnt  it
be something if the budget for the move was UNDER what the estimate
was?  But Brauns lame excuse is who knows why?. 

And the $80,000 OVER BUDGET is if the town hall gets done in 2 years
and the employees are able to move back into town hall.   Sharon should
start acting like a boss and make employees accountable.  This would NEVER
be allowed in the real world.
6:17 pm edt 

Computer Hacking at the High School?

Has anyone heard that report cards were issued to students
at the end of the school year at the high school and some students
received many failing grades?

The School Superintendent has now written to the parents of the high
school students informing them that the computer has been tampered
with resulting in the production of false grades and providing the
corrected grades in the letter.

Can the school situation get anymore ridiculous?
6:15 pm edt 

Trailer Park Sink-Hole

Has anyone seen the town apply for any permits for the
trailers yet?  saw on channel 17 last night that they have asked
ONSTAR what the town needs to do for an electric hookup.   I do not
see the trailers being set up and occupied by even the end of
November at the rate things are moving.   Permits, Septic installed,
electric, computers, and the list goes on.

Can anyone really think the $488,000 is going to be the LAST numbers
we hear that the trailers will cost us?
12:10 pm edt 

What are the True Costs

At the joint meeting with the Board of Selectman, Chair
Couture in commenting about the barge stated it cost $40,000.
However, Chair Len Clingham corrected her and stated the barge only
cost $26,000.

But that is parsing the truth because according to the Sept 27 2007
Pier Manager report it states we have been awarded the moorings barge
from Chatham. Our bid was $26,511. Completing the barge will take
another $15,000 in materials and labor.

The real cost of the will be $41,511 based on this report which
excludes transportation costs from Chatham which was $1,800 and
stability tests and OSHA training required to operate the barge.
Chair Clingham has grossly understated the true costs of getting the
barge completed to operationalize.

In the Finance Committee report, it states there are steps that need
to be taken to make the Pier Corporations finances more
transparentand significant changes should be made to restore public

How can the Pier Corporation even begin to restore public trust when
it continues to shade true costs of capital expenditures that when
piecemealed together like the barge could exceed $50,000 and would
require the Board of Selectmen to approve?
12:08 pm edt 

Will Anything Make Them Happy????

It seems that not even all the work the FINCOM did and all the open
meeting that were held has not satisfied the one whose heart is so
filled with hate in her/his campaign to destoy the PPPC. So now not
only the 5 members of the PPPC are out of step but the 7 members of
the FINCOM and the 5 members of the BOS have joined them. What is
ever going to please this person and instead of fighting with
negatives why doesn't she/he starting thinking positive and bring
forward ideas that will help everyone?? Could it be that this person
just has to be right and can't stand the thought that maybe she/he is
the one that is out of step.
9:30 am edt 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are There Any Rules This Town Follows?

No advertising, no hiring of the best qualified but one
hand picked.
This is not a union position but an administrative and civle service
position. Aren't there any rules this town follows?

And the answer is...drumbeat please...NO
11:45 pm edt 

Re: School Committee

"The educational ship is sinking and there is no captain.
The seas are rough and I fear the school will start to take water
this year and by next yer may have to close...

The only way that's going to happen is if current School Cte members
are replaced when elections are held.  Until the current school cte
members are replaced it will be the status quo.
10:19 pm edt 

Re: Pier Corporation

Correction: The pier revenues do not cover the municipal
debt service of the pier as the Pier Corporation board members have
tried to convince the public. It is in the Finance Committee's report!
10:17 pm edt 

Thank You to Steven Roderick

I do admire him. He has taken tough stands and he leaves when he sees
the writing on the wall. He began engaged to help the schools and
then he understood: the school committee is committed to themselves
and to the present structure of the school. Now that we have two
co-chairs, Paul Silva and Don Murphy, we have two people who will
agree with the school committee and lean in their direction. Sorry
but they are not academics and they are followers not leaders in this
situation. This is what Steve Roderick saw and he left with his
honor. For those left on the committee, it's a sad case of school
comittee members with their hands covering their ears and eyes. Not
unlike the monkeys in classic cartoons. This is tragic because we
need those who can go beyond what is in front of them, go beyond the
present system and the present actors. But alas, we have cabooses
pretending to be engines and it is doomed.

But Steve Roderick can be proud of his commitment and what he tried to do.
7:06 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Why does the PPPC need to meet quaterly with the Finance
Committee if they are an independant board? What's up with that.
Somthing sounds fishy.
7:05 pm edt 

To: Facts are Just,

It would be helpful if the Pier Corporation stop billing itself as
the economic engine for the town which the Finance Committee report
has now invalidated. In addition, the Pier Corporation must stop
saying that the pier pays for itself when the Finance Committee
report clearly states that the revenues from the pier do cover the
debt service. That has been part of the problem: misinformation to
the public by the Pier Corporation and that's why the Finance
Committee report says quote significant changes are needed to restore
public trust. I don't think they even understood their own financiall
statements because the Finance Committee said they were quote
inaccurate and confusing.

My two cents
7:03 pm edt 

The School Will Die A Slow Death

And this year you will see the death pangs. You need someone who is
willing to look to the future and to see new possibilities. But the
School Committee is stuck in cement and Jessica Waugh can only do
what the School Committee wants. She was elevated through the wish of
the school committee who believed they could work with her--that may
mean, shape her thinking and give her their marching orders. The
educational ship is sinking and there is no captain. The seas are
rough and I fear the school will start to take water this year and by
next yer may have to close.

And any new ideas are squashed, thrashed, detonated.

So be it. Goodby dear students. Goodby dear teachers. It is over!
7:02 pm edt 

September 9th Recreation Commission Meeting

     Some may find these minutes from a September 9th Recreation
Commission Meeting interesting. Take a look:

Directors Report:  The Following statement is from the new Director
Brandon Motta:

             "Unfortunately Tracey has resigned from her position,
but I have accepted the Director position. I am fully committed to
making the Rec. Department and the community center a value able
asset to the town of Provincetown. I will need the help from all of
you to be able to run this department to its full capacity.

  > Sharon Lynn, Treg and I had a meeting last week about the
assistant directors position. We have decided that we are going to
advertise for a part time position (15 hours per week) to help out
with covering the later hours that the community center is open. This
is a temporary alternative way to get us by the slower months of fall
and winter. Sharon has said that she is committed to find a way to
fully fund the assistant Rec. Directors spot.

      But in order to fund this position, we need to be using the
community center to its full capacity. Which means we need to get
more programs running through the center each and every day. This
will be a part that you, the Rec. Commission, need to help me with.
We need people to be having classes, activities, or meetings in the
building to show the town that the Assistant position is really
needed.  If there are programs being run daily and hourly there is no
question about if the community center is really needed."
Now back to the Blog:

I find this interesting that even though we voted against having an
Assitant Director, they are driven to get this position funded. And
now they will add a part-time person. And how did the new Director
simply accept the new position?

No advertising, no hiring of the best qualified but one hand picked.
This is not a union position but an administrative and civle service
position. Aren't there any rules this town follows?
4:19 pm edt 

Just Wondering

What would happen if the aids support group
was suffering and in danger of closing or even the foley house,
wonder what type of responce we would see from our concerned
citizens?  bet it would all be the native ptowners fault, never a
dull moment!!
4:13 pm edt 

Dear Disgusted:

Shouldn't you get back to your job at the harbor and stop wasting
taxpayers payroll dollars looking at web sites and sabotaging your
3:32 pm edt 

Operating in the Red

"can't think of any other town department being allowed
to operate in the red, not paying its rent and its debt service for
five minutes, let alone five years. What a laugh"

How about the PROVINCETOWN SCHOOL SYSTEM???????????
and all the OVERPAID-UNEDUCATED STAFF who are robbing our kids of any
hope of public education ...
3:32 pm edt 

Principal Vs Principle

P-R-I-N-C-I-P-A-L - the leader or head of a school

P-R-I-N-C-I-P-L-E - a basic truth, law or assumption

Picky Polly the Principal
3:30 pm edt 

Dear Disgusted:

If you'd like the Pier Corp to operate in the black across the board
the solution is simple. Propose a Town Meeting warrant banning any
subsidy for the commercial fishing fleet or anyone else and convert
the entire pier to market rate. A long time ago the town voters and
management made a decision that it was ok to subsidize the commercial
fishing fleet and serve other valid public purposes including paying
the pier rebuilding debt, not at a profit. If the voters no longer
think that the correct public policy change it, until then the Pier
Corp will alway serve a dual role and likely operate in the red. Read
the report where this is clearly spelled out.

Many or all town departments operate in the "red." For instance the
police department doesn't pay its own way but seems a valid tradeoff
for police protection don't you agree? Almost no government entity is
expected to operate in the "black." As the "Kudos" poster I sure
don't expect all departments to operate at a profit, as a matter of
fact I expect that none will because I derive benefit from their
operations through the public services they deliver not through
accounting profit.

Yours truly,

Facts are Just
1:05 pm edt 

Dear Disgusted EWith the Findings

The Finance Committee did not 'rubber stamp' anything.  The spent an
incredible amount of time pouring over inane documents from the
original incorporation papers to the current lease agreement with the
town.  They took an incredibly convoluted mass of paperwork and
condensed it to a concise document which clearly addresses any
questions of mismanagement.

What amazes me is that even after this incredible effort on their
part, they and the PPPC are still criticized by someone like you.

And by the way, ALL town departments run in the red.  Your tax
dollars subsidize every department budget.
1:03 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Does it not seem odd that those who are heaping kudos on 
the Finance Committee for rubber stamping the gross mismanagement of
the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation and its millions of dollars
of tax payers subsidies are probably the exact same folks who would
tear their hair out if any other town department was running in the
same manner?

I can't think of any other town department being allowed
to operate in the red, not paying its rent and its debt service for
five minutes, let alone five years. What a laugh.

11:38 am edt 

Wow! Way to go Finance Committee!!!!

As a Provincetown taxpayer I am in awe of the work done by the
Finance Committee in reviewing the Pier Corp. Their diligent efforts
have resulted in a clear, concise and informative report on the
history and current state of the Pier Corp and ways to improve same.
Their recommendations look sound and their detailed review of the
"charges" leveled against the Pier Corp should put to rest all of the
outstanding issues and reassure Provincetown residents and taxpayers
that the Pier Corp is on a even sounder basis than it has been. I
think their concluding report paragraph is a good summary:

"While there have been some shortcomings in the way that the Pier
Corporations finances have been managed, all are correctable if the
recommendations in our report are accepted. There is no factual basis
for dissolving the Pier Corporation. Quite the opposite  the Town
should continue to support the Pier Corporation and its mission."

Kudos to the Finance Committee members and Chair as well as everyone
who gave input to them on this massive project.

Now, about that insurance for the Pier.....
9:19 am edt 

To the Only Pebble on the Beach:

9:17 am edt 

Re: Jessica Waugh

One of the steps in rendering a solution to Provincetown's
faltering school system is to fire Jessica Waugh. Her inability to
see the crumbling future of the P-Town system and constant digging in
her heals to maintain the status quo is enough reason to let her go. 

As far as giving kudos to her for stepping up to the leaving
principal's, She caused him to leave, and two, it maintains
her ability to self serve by presenting herself to be a wonderful
heroine and protector of the schools. Remember her presentation, or
should I say her student's presentation at Town Board meeting, when
she had a student parrot her wishes?

As far as protecting his pension...Get real. Why should he sacrifice
his future well being to such a mess.  Why would anyone expect him to
take a pay cut for the rest of his life? Alturism verses common sense.
Taxpayers were promised a report with recommendations to improve the
enrollment... Where is it?

Students continue to have their socialiation thwarted by lack of
contact and sharing of the educational process with a wide range of
opportunities by keeping them in such a homogeneous environment.
The status quo must go and that means Jessica Waugh.  Only then can
positive foward movement take place.

Slippery Fish (M.ED)
9:16 am edt 

Pavao's Departure

I'm no fan of Pavao, Waugh or any member of the school committee. 
But I do know that when you are leaving an administrative school
position and being interviewed by the press, the first thing you
mention is your inability to properly educate the poor
disenfranchised children because of your superiors.   Public
Relations 101.

He left because his 20% pay decrease was not going to be restored and
he was guaranteeing himself the largest pension he could get without
having to start over in another district.  And who would hire him
with Provincetown Schools on his resume.  If he were really concerned
about the children, he would have resigned at the end of the school
year instead of bailing two weeks before the start of school.

The school is imploding because of lack decisive leadership from the
School Committee.  When it fails, they will have no one to blame but
9:05 am edt 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Have You Talked to Former Principle About Your Child?

  "I am confused by what Iv'e read here that someone would
think the former prinicible would have been best for his job, I have
had talks with him that left me more confussed than befor our meeting
started one meeting even was fully limited to his pension he would

I doubt that Dr. Pavao had any trouble understanding you, and I know
he had no trouble understanding Jessica. He is a smart
enough to get out while the getting was good! Smart enough to mention
the KIDS who are being still stuck in a broken system.
12:54 pm edt 

You are Right: The Truth Always Comes Out

Significant changes should be made to restore the public trust page
10 of the Finance Committee report.  no one from Town Government is
adequately overseeing the Provincetown Public Pier Corporations
finances or operations page 2 of the Finance Committee report.  The
Pier Corporation should meet with the Finance Committee quarterly to
track actual expenditures versus the budget and annually to review
its proposed budget for the next fiscal year. Page 2 of the Finance
Committee report.

Hats off to the Finance Committee members and all their hard work
11:55 am edt 

Have You Talked to Former Principle About Your Child?

 I am confused by what Iv'e read here that someone would
think the former prinicible would have been best for his job, I have
had talks with him that left me more confussed than befor our meeting
started one meeting even was fully limited to his pension he would
11:52 am edt 

The Truth Comes Out!!!!!

The report of the investigation of the financcial activities and
management of the PPPC will be posted on the FC web site today.

10:36 am edt 

NECN Did an Excellent Job Presenting Officer Donald Thomas
  It's about time our hometown hero was recognized and respected. 
God knows the town doesn't support him--especially financially!

If only there were more people in the world like him!
9:07 am edt 

Affordable Trailers

I think that when the town moves back into town hall that
we should use the trailers for the summer help that cant afford the
high rents in town.
9:03 am edt 

Quality of Education

After reading todays comments about the oh so wonderful
School Committee (SC) and their pit bull Jessica, I noticed that no
one ever mentions the QUALITY of EDUCATION offered in this poor
excuse for a school system.
The unfortunate fact is ALL anyone mentions is cost.

Out there in the real World (anywhere outside this school
district)children, and parents, and educators are beginning
another school year of discovery and growth together.
Here in the Provincetown School System a new school year marks only
another year of seriously poor education offered by undereducated,
vindictive people who ONLY care about their paychecks.

FYI to anyone who hasn't lived here forever; The last principal to
quit is not the first. He joins a rather large club of former
principals/superintendents/QUALIFIED EDUCATORS who were employed here
in the last 15 years. All of the members of this club are guilty of
one thing only. That single thing is the desire to EDUCATE the
CHILDREN of the town.

Check out Truro, Nauset, CC Tech, so many of those schools have great
teachers who once worked here. Either they gave in or gave up on
Provincetown. The powers that be, thats the SC and Jessica have made
it IMPOSSIBLE to do a PROFESSIONAL job here.

Please, please, for the few kids that are left...
Help get rid of the current regime and vote the           out.
There is still hope for a good K-6 school but it has to begin with a
clean slate. I urge everyone to demand the results of the committee
and be ready to act.


The ONLY Pebble on the Beach.
9:02 am edt 

Monday, September 8, 2008

The School Committee and Jessica Waugh do exacly What They Want
She drove that priniciple from our school system because he
didn't have her vision of our school system here: status quo. He was
truly the one who cared about our childrens' education being
compromised by the status quo!

I am done with their lipservice and having competent people like steven
roderick throw up his hands and toss in the towel. that board will do whatever
it takes including snubbing the committee formed and not calling them to
report their findings. how long did they wait? i heard two and a half hours only
to never be called!

The death knell for the status quo of our school system has begun.
6:11 pm edt 

Re: Jessica Waugh

If Jessica Waugh can do both jobs by herself for "only"
an additional $20,000.00 then why the hell did we need the other
Principal in the first place?

    Yes I still say shame on them. If she really wanted to "Help the
children" than she would have recommended that the principal position
have been eliminated at the last go round of "Running a fine thooth
comb through the school budget".
1:14 pm edt 

What? Who Are You Kidding???

The School Committee is very intelligent to make this combination
resulting in a big savings for the town.


10:11 am edt 

Re: Jessica Waugh

So Jessica Waugh assumes the dual role of Superintendent
snd Principal and you think she should be ashamed of the 20% increase
in pay (bringing her back to her old original salary as
Superintendednt before she was cut)that was given to her by the
School Committee? Let me get this straight... she takes on (2) TWO
jobs, saves the schools a huge sum since the Principal position is
not filled, and she should be ashamed??

The School Committee is very intelligent to make this combination
resulting in a big savings for the town. If Jessica Waugh is not
qualified to do these two jobs in our small small school system, who
is? Kudos to the School Committee and thank you to Jessica Waugh for
going above and beyond (as usual)! Way to think outside the box

Tired of the whiners
9:45 am edt 

McCain/Palin for Pres/VP

Read the letter and see that Ms. Kilkenny just doesn't want to spend
any money on anything. Palin went from PTA to mayor and then to
governor of Alaska and all of this info was out there then. Has
anyone looked into what Wassila was like BEFORE she took office? When
we get that letter, then we can compare facts.
9:43 am edt 

Re: Town Application For Trailers

I for one have never seen an application advertised in
the Banner by the Town to the ZBA requesting a special permit to
erect those trailers at the Jerome Smith parking lot. Has anyone else
seen that advertisment?

   Funny how these people write the rules and then dont follow them!

A Rat In The Basement
9:42 am edt 

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Zoning Regarding

Here is the pertinent bylaw:
Temporary structure A structure without any foundation or footing and
removed when the designated time period, activity, or use for which
the temporary structure was erected has ceased. Temporary structures
such as tents and canopies shall not exceed allowed lot coverage (see
definition) and setbacks, except when such structures are in use for
a period not exceeding seven days. Temporary structures shall not be
construed to constitute a permanent structure or addition thereto.

As far as to whether or not temporary trailers are allowed in the
Jerome Smith zoning district, for zoning purposes, they would be
considered a "Municipal Use". Municipal use is allowed in all zoning
districts but will require the Town to make application to the ZBA to
obtain a special permit.

My read of the definition of Temporary Structure is that there
is no time limit on how long a "temporary structure" can be used. So
it appears that they can stay in use until town hall renovations are
complete. Also, temporary structures are not allowed to exceed 40%
coverage on the lot on which they are located. Temporary structures
are also subject to meeting the required setbacks in the zone in
which they exist.

Whether the Town complies with the applicable by-laws is another
question. That would be up to the Building Commissioner to inform the
Town that they need to make application to the ZBA.

Peter Bez
(Former ZBA member)
4:15 pm edt 

Re: To a Rat in the Basement

Not only is the use of only one firm to determine the condition of town hall idiotic;
if I'm not mistaken, the same company is being used to provide the final restoration
plans, which is ridicules.

This is an absolute conflict of interest matter, as the company has no incentive to 
reduce cost, for which their fee is a percentage of the total contract.

The State Auditors office should be called in to review this contract award and the
Attorney General's office should be requested to rule on the efficacy of the use of
Town approved restoration funds for relocation of town personnel. 

Just the Facts
4:08 pm edt 

Re: Jessica Waugh

Yes, the 20% has been restored by the school committee... and I'm
sure the arguement will be that it's because she's now in a dual
position of Superintendent/Principal.

What exactly are her qualifications?  This superintendent eliminated
a department in the high school just over a year ago which caused the
school district to lose a long-standing qualified, dedicated
professional.  And now that position, just a year later, has been
brought back and is being filled by someone who has never taught high
school.  And recently this superintendent hired an elementary school
teacher who "quit" just before school began and if you google the
teacher's name you find she has a past with the Collier County
Sherriff's Office.  And this superintendent has been entrusted to
make decisions about the future of the Provincetown schools and the
education of its students???

And of course she took the 20% increase!  Who wouldn't take it,
especially someone close to retirement.  Retirement pension is
calculated based on the last three years' salaries and so you want
those three years to be the highest possible.  Sounds to me like
she's looking out for herself.
3:55 pm edt 

Good Posting ''Rat in the Basement.''

Would any one just get one bid on the restoration of town hall? no,
six would: our five selectmen and town manager.

Why are these knuckleheads accepting one firm's assessment of needed

Could someone explain the concept of''due diligence'' to them?
3:53 pm edt 

Re: Jessica Waugh

Jessica Waugh was just so magnanimous when she took a 20%
pay cut in order to help the children.

   But now the 20% has been restored by the school committee! And she took it!

   Shame on the school commitee.

   Shame on you Jessica.
3:28 pm edt 

A Second Opinion, Why Not?

Everyone should read the letters to the editor in this
weeks Banner. One of them is a copy of a letter that was sent to the
BOS from Ian Ellison. He gives his credentials as being well versed
in the field of preserving historic structures. At some time he was
allowed into our Town Hall to have a look. He doesnt feel that we
need to close nor totally rebuild Town Hall. He advises that we can
take on two fixes to the structure at relatively low cost without
closing the building. Then as money becomes available we could take
on other repairs, the outside work being accomplished from the

   He has offered to meet with the BOS to discuss his ideas. Will
they take him up on it? Or will they just blindly follow along the
path they have chosen? That of closing and completely rebuilding at a
cost of well over 7 million dollars on the recommendation of only one

    I can remember others on the blog with experience in this field
saying that they felt we didnt need to close Town Hall either. Now
here we have an outsider with no apparent ties to this project trying
to give free advice in order to help us save Town Hal and money at
the same time.

    So wouldnt it be smart to at least listen to this mans ideas?
Lets take a breath and reconsider this.

    And along the same lines. About those trailers.  My prediction is
that we will never get rid of those trailers. I think that when the
time comes to vacate them that someone will come up with a perfectly
sane reason to use them for another purpose. Such as affordable
housing, housing for summer help, or art studios. Some idea will be
proposed and forced down our throats once again.

     A Rat in The basement.
2:03 pm edt 

Questions in Search of Answers

I have two questions for those bloggers who might know the
answers:  (1)  Did Sharon Lynn have a performance evaluation at the
end of her first year, and if so, was the result ever made public and
how did each  Selectman rate her?  (2)  What is the zoning district
at Jerome Smith lot?  Does it allow for the placement of office
trailers?  Is there enough frontage, setbacks, parking, etc. to allow
the location of trailers there? Are the useage of trailers permitted
in our zoning bylaws?  If they are used for more than two years, are
they considered permanent structures then subject to more stringent
zoning regulations?  How temporary is temporary? It seems to me that
the town should be upheld to the same standard as any private
citizen.  Why isn't the Planning Board involved in the review of four
or more structures?
2:00 pm edt 


He NEVER seemed alright. He kept all of this under wraps for years
and now that he has gone, it seems he took the maps of where he hid
all the money exchanges and the manuals on how he did it to make it
look good. Now that he's gone, the books have been opened but its too
bad this gang has been assigned (elected) to the task. they need to
post a sign outside of town hall, HELP WANTED.
8:28 am edt 

Question as to Town Vote

If the town voted NOT to give the employees any raise, how come it has
come to pass that the town employess are now getting a raise?   I would
assume one would say going from a 5 day work week to a 4 day work week
is not a raise, but there is a provision in the new aggreement that Sharon
and the BOS signed that gives the empoyees of the town a raise in each of
the next 3 years. 

(I am NOT apposed to anyone getting a raise, just want
to know the legal rights of a vote by the townspeople, and then the
8:26 am edt 

Building Department Doesn't Keep the Fees

     You'd think that they would keep the fees but they don't. The
fees go into the general funds. In some towns, the fees are used from
within the depoartment and they hire staff accordingly. Here, this
last budget cut, we get rid of the only position in Town Hall, cut
the position, and bump Susie Futz upstairs in what was an illegal
position. That leaves her former position downstairs empty but those
left have to do all the work. And they used Building Department
monies to fund half of Futz's position.

    In a sense, the fees are much higher than they should be and are
truly an extra tax on the town of Provincetown. The fees go well
beyond covering the cost of issuing permits and asessing the value of
the planned construction.

     It's not how a department should be run. But now we will have a
new person, the Building Inspector, but we won't have any new
personnel to do the paperwork, to handle the window, and to take the
calls. Then when it's a four day work week, expect even fewer
services for your dollars.
8:23 am edt 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh Brother, Is it Frick or Frack Helping Us Understand Our Town?

   Please. Sharon Lynn does not have a mandate to spend. She has a
mandate to run this town efficiently, well, and cost-effectively. She
does not have a mandate to spend and spend. It must Frick or is it
Grandmother Frack who is now giving us lessons in civics? Please. Try
giving us the truth instead of your sickenly sweet "lessons" on what
Sharon must do. Also, stop telling us what Ann McQuire and Sarah
Peake are still commandinly whispering in her ear. This is more the
truth than the gibberish you are giving us. And when things are
silent, then there's Ted the Affordable filling in the blanks.

      Sharon is busy but she's not doing our work--she's doing their work.
8:05 am edt 

Re: Keith Bergman

Keith Bergman does not seem so bad now does he?
8:01 am edt 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Excuse me ''Mayor, Let's Talk Again.'

Employee raises did not pass at town hall. So, what does town
management do? Give them 19% raises over a three year period. i don't
know why we even bother voting on our budget at town meeting because
the BOS and town manager do not respect the will of the people.
5:45 pm edt 


I maybe wrong, but the more I read the posts from A RAT IN THE
BASEMENT, it is sounding like Russell Braun.   The RAT only complains
about other departments, but when it comes to the builind commision
or anything about Braun, we hear a different positive tune. 
Something fishy goin on there.

But you make your on calls.
3:52 pm edt 

Things Are Not Always as They Seem

The Building department does bring enough money into the
general fund from fees it collects to cover the cost of that
department.  If it didnt dont you think that they would raise the
fees? Any money they collect in fees that go beyond paying for the
services they provide (i.e. putting it into the DPW budget) would be
an overcharge and illegal.(But I think they do it anyway) Thus Sharon
cannot keep that money in the bank anyway.

I dont know if Braun is overworked or not. I say we need a
Commissioner and an Inspector because they are two different jobs in
this Town. Kind of like a Butcher and a Baker.

The Gold Rush is near. That pier being done in 2010 would be very
near and getting closer every day. But it probably wont be done that
soon, that was your date.

Right at this very moment crews are working on framing two more
houses at the Tides. The first house built is a spec house, but one
of the homes being built now will be owner occupied. And it is
typical that the first house built in a subdivision takes a long time
to sell, but it will sell.

You should learn a few more things about how our Town money is
handled, and check your facts about development before you spout off.
Not everything is the way you say it is just because you say it is.

A Rat In The Basement
3:29 pm edt 

Provincetown Selectmen

"How many selectmen past and present had to abandon their homes
because they didnt maintain them properly? None."

I BEG TO DIFFER.  Didn't MaryJo Avellar lose her house to bankrupcy
or something years and years ago?  Thought that was the current home
of the RED INN she had at one time?  If she couldn't manage her own
affairs, how can she manage a town?  And don't get me wrong, out of
ALL the slectmen, she is MY FAVORITE and I think the most

1:56 pm edt 

Let's Talk Mayor, Again

This has been brought up before.  Because of our population, we have
the form of government that the state mandates and we cannot change
it.  Different forms of government are established based on
population of the town/city and this is set by the state statutes.

And as far as over spending or over hiring, Ms Lynne is simply doing
her job.  After many public hearings on the budget last year, money
was appropriated and approved by the voters of this town. 

She is simply following the mandate which was given to her.  By approving
those budgets, you told her to fill those positions.  She doesn't
have the authority to start cutting the size of government, nor
should she.  Her job is to maintain the government that you told her
to by approving the budget.

Budget season is fast approaching.  Maybe you should show up at the
meetings and express your concerns if you want change.
1:53 pm edt 

A New Form of Government

It's about time someone seriously posed the question about
a new form of town government.  We've been mired in this town
manager/town meeting/selectmen tradition long enough. This is not the
18th century any more.

The town has changed and so should the
processes.  Tradition is a fine thing but it should not reign supreme
when it comes to fiscal responsibilities, actual implementation of
regulations and the efficient advancement of a township into this new

I, like a previous poster, would rather see tax dollars
spent on individuals who dedicate their entire day to fine tuning
what could be an incredibly well-oiled machine of government.  What
we have now is tantamount to a bicycle attempting to keep up with a

The BMW is the inevitable alteration brought about by time and
technology.  We're not a fishing village any more; we're a tourist
town that actively courts visitors. Period. Let's become the best one
of the lot. It is possible if we pull our heads out of stale tradition and
look to a new future.
1:41 pm edt 

Consideration of an Alternative Form of Gvernment

A mayoral government should be explored. The town manager
is not getting the direction she needs by a volunteer board that have
only a cursory understanding of many issues as they have day jobs and
read their packets at 5:55pm the day of their meetings and have
self-serving agendas. How can town government be run when there is a
lack of board cohesiveness and leadership?

How many selectmen past and present had to abandon their homes
because they didnt maintain them properly? None.  How many selectmen
are responsible for Provincetown being on a short watch list of the
Department of Revenue? All of them.

Our past and present board of selectmen has been an ineffective form
of town government and its time to look at alternatives.
12:03 pm edt 

May Sound Harsh, But Maybe It's Time For Her to Go

     I was surprised to read someone's position that Sharon Lynn
should be fired and let's get a mayor. I agree but I didn't think I'd
see this here on the Blog. Mismanagement happens in many ways and
over-hiring is one. Spending money as if these are the best of times
instead of working with the fiscal realities is another reason. I'd
like to see a fiscal manager, someone who really knows this town and
believes that less is more.
11:36 am edt 

The Regatta and Swim for LIfe are On!

     Looks like everything is now scheduled as a Go. Tomorrow will
require some adjustments if the weather gets really bad. But for now,
Sail on! For now, Swim on! And tonight, Dance on and on!
11:32 am edt 

Re: Asst to Tourism Director

"Why would you put someone in this position now? The high season is
over and what will the tourism director be doing now?"

Do you really think the Tourism Office goes into hibernation during
the off-season?  I'm guessing it's one of the busier times, attending
trade shows promoting Provincetown, working with the VSB on grants,
working with vendors on marketing, etc.  If anyone believes you only
work to market and promote tourism during the summer your missing the

Keep in mind this isn't an Assistant Tourism Director, it's an
assistant to the Tourism Director.  A part time position helping with
clerical work and it's paid out of the room tax revenue of the VSB.
11:14 am edt 

Vote No Confidence

About six months ago I suggested Sharon Lynn be subjected to a
confidence vote.  All the bitter bloggers attacked me saying, 'give
her time' or 'let's wait and see'.

Now we see that she is unqualified for the job.

Now I say, fire her and sue her to recover the money she has flushed
down the loo.

Lets hire a mayor and get rid of the two ring circus called town government.
11:12 am edt 

Dear Selectman:

There will be NO override at town meeting, so please budget accordingly.

The Voters
11:11 am edt 

Think About This: Trailer Safety and Hurricanes

     This will be just great. Major storms and hurricanes and where
will town employees be? Where will all our records be? In trailers
that are just the perfect place and the perfect structures to be
picked up by high winds and thrown afar. And one major reason to
leave Town Hall in November is that mjor winter storms place this
historic structure at risk? Really? And what about these low-bid
trailers? How safe will these be? Town Hall will remain standing and
the Katrina trailers, tossed and turning in the wind, will earn their
9:12 am edt 

Assistant Tourism Director? Really? Why?

      Is this true? We now have an assistant tourism director? That
is pure, unadulterated nuts! Why would you put someone in this
position now? The high season is over and what will the tourism
director be doing now? Sitting and having coffee with the new
assistant tourism director about what they need to sit and talk
about? And both of them will be in the Freeman Building waiting for

     Seems like most of the energy coming from the central office at
town hall involves interviewing whoever they want for positions, then
hiring them, and then working on the transition of town hall to the
beautiful, tourism-friendly, fabulous iconic trailers.
9:10 am edt 

Welcome to Justin Post, the Newly Hired Building Inspector ?

Why would I welcome him?  If you really think his salary is being
paid for by FEES from the department, then those fees were helping
fun Brauns salary.  Braun isnt overworked.    No matter what anyone
says, these new hires will cost the town.  They might have been
funded, but that doesnt mean you have to spend the money either.   I
budged for a new 42 LCD TV.  I have the money.  But if I dont buy the
TV, then I still have the money in the bank.  Doesnt Sharon know how
to keep money in the bank?  No, she is like a little kid.   She HAS
TO SPEND IT ALL.  At whose expense?
Sure, there are projects coming down the road, but the GOLD RUSH is
years away.  If you really think the Cabral Pier is going to happen
much before the end of NEXT YEAR, 2010 if we are lucky, your
dreaming.  The ONE house that was built at the tides is still NOT
SOLD, so who is going to start building more million dollar homes
when the first one has not sold.   The Murchison property is the only
thing that should happen fast.  And if Braun cant handle that on his
own, maybe it is time we look for someone that is qualified and can
do the job him/herself.   This town only knows how to spend.  You
would think we are a town of 100,000 (yes, ONE HUNDREDTHOUSAND)
people the way we hire.  Does all these new hires now mean we need
more trailers to house them?
9:09 am edt 

Again, Congratulations Brandon

Our newly appointed recreation director!!
9:06 am edt 

Proposed Four Day Work Week

Why is the proposed "off" day Friday?  Friday is the most important
day of the week for the town to do business because so many weekend
residents who are property owners are far more likely to be able to
take a Friday off from work than a Monday.  The decision to make
Friday the "off" day for municipal employees is all about the
personal preference of those employees with no concern about
optimizing, within a constrained budget, the interest of the absentee
stakeholders of this town.
12:12 am edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn

"Positions, including the Director of recreation, should be open to
all, non-discriminatory, non-parochial, and then select the best. Not
pick who you want because you want that person. It's about
qualifications, not who you were born to"

I agree totally, This has been a pattern Sharon Lynn has followed
since she arrived. There has been a constant hiring going on without
regard to qualification, experience, or fair hiring practices. The
new assistant tourism director is a prime example. Not only does she
have that job but she also got herself hired at the library. WHY?
I always thought those jobs had to be advertised? I guess not in
Sharon land. The current tourism director did such a bad job that we
should reward her with yet another patronage assistant?
Not to belabor this but please, someone tell me why we need to employ
either of these people now that summer is over?
Just remember this is the idiot who was quoted in the paper as saying
"FLAT is UP this year" which explains something,
I know not what.
The ONLY pebble on the beach...
12:11 am edt 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Year-Round at About 800 of Us

    this is what town hall is dealing with: no more than 800 people
who are here in the winter. Why do we need all these newly hired town
employees? for what? For whom? In short, we don't.

     We are less than a small town. We are a village. We need one
chief and a pow wow.

      I guess you feel more powerful when you keep hiring more and
more people who all report to you. And the beat goes on!
8:31 pm edt 

Do We KNow what the New Rec Director's Salary Is?

      Given the story of Brendon Motta's accident as he ran into a
car on Conwell Street as he was approaching Route 6, we know from the
Banner that he is the newly appointed Director. Interesting that he
is not the Acting Director. Why not? Is this another $46,000 for a
position that should be no more than what he was making as Assistant
Director. He didn't get any more qualified.

      Thank you Sharon for once again handing out positions and
salaries like bread crumbs thrown out for the birds.
8:30 pm edt 

It's the Override Express

I fear we will be back at town meetings with overrides and more
overrrides. One meaning of this word "override" is to trample. that
is what they will do. And who is the "they"? Those now making the
deicisions and those behind them pulling the strings. A bit like
Howdy Doody sitting on Buffalo Bill's lap. But here it is Buffalo
Babe's lap.
8:29 pm edt 

Agreeing with Fiscal Responsibility

This town makes me want to be a Republican. Really. I never hailed
fiscal responsibility and spend little as possible as something of an
ideal. But here, money is spent and then spent again.

I agree with the posting on the Building Inspector. Can't this town
hold off hiring? It's like a disease and I think it's being spread
from the inner circle of town hall. What will it take to stop them?
Someone must have an answer.
8:27 pm edt 

In Other Words

There is no money for town hall renovations and for all the meetings
and for Michelle Couture forcing a meeting with Kerry's office, Sarah
Peake was right: there is no money to be had. This is a just a dream
of people who long ago should have worked to get this money as a
grant and then, once the grant was received, work to make
renovations. But no, we spend all $750,000 not to renovate town hall
but to issue studies, reports, and then, worse of all, Katrina
trailers. How ridiculous! How foolish!
This $750,000 could have been used to help support the sturcture and
to gain us more time until we had secured some more money for the

Let Frick call another meeting. Let Frick insists on getting money.
She is living in a house of mirrors and seeing only herself smirking
at herself. It's delusional.
4:53 pm edt 

When A Town Hits a Fiscal Wall, It Doesn't Spend and Spend

We surely don't need a Building Inspector at this time. We could have
gone another year without hiring a Building Inspector but no, here we
go again. And the building permits are not up, they are down. Fewer
people in town are building or renovating or even changing windows.

I wait to see an Assitant Building Inspector and an Assitant Building
Commissioner and a Transition Director and then an Assitant to
Assitant Town Manager. Just mark my words! This is how we manage
here. Hire a wall of bureacratic assistants to fend off complaints
and to answer questions. Then hire even more when things get tough.
4:51 pm edt 

Welcome to Justin Post, the Newly Hired Building Inspector

Russel Braun is the Building Commissioner, and also the Zoning
Enforcement Officer.
He has been doing the job of Building Inspector also.

This position was never as an assistant to the Building Commissioner.
They are two completely different jobs.

We need this position filled as a separate position because we truly
do have more than enough work for them both.

This newly filled job is a position that has always been funded as
long as I have been in Town, and many years before that I'm told.
Therefore it is not any new spending. And mind you that his salary is
paid from the fees this department collects from the people who use
it, not from property tax.

We do have a Gold Rush coming. No matter what anyone around here
thinks about people with money, more of them are coming here. We
havent seen what real money is yet. The Cabral pier being purchased,
with the intent of converting it into a high end pier, and the
construction of multi million dollar homes at the old Tides and the
Murchison properties are but a few signs of our future.
3:27 pm edt 

Re: PACC Meeting

When is the next PACC meeting scheduled? It would be
productive to gather if only to get an idea of what's on everyone's

E. Michael Richards
11:04 am edt 

No, Not a Bad Dream; Worse

It's the nightmare of what we're dealing with here and, hopefully, going
to defeat.  This woman advocated banning books, she doesn't believe in
teaching sex ed in schools, she is virulently anti abortion in ALL cases and
she does not speak with authority on anything other than "family" (read: white
bread American get yer gun, go to church, swallow the party line, no
gays, no free thought!) Moreover, she is an embarrassment to women
everywhere who have struggled over decades to rightfully advance. 

It always amazes me that people develop such myopia in their lives as
she appears to have done. Alaska ranks as the third LEAST populated
state in the union behind Vermont and North Dakota. Considering that
alone, how can anyone from there actually have a vision or viable
feel for what the country needs or is experiencing? The republicans
pay no mind to the important fact that if elected she will be first
in line to THE PRESIDENCY. 

This is not small potatoes; this is a gigantic
folly of indeterminate proportions. And, yes, I know this blog is essentially
about Provincetown and its unique trials and struggles, but we must at
times step away from our own small sphere and view the potential
disasters developing in our larger union.

You think it's difficult to manage life in our small town now, just wait until
this seemingly delicate pariah in a dress sinks her teeth into our supreme
court and wraps her 45 Caliber claws around our constitution.
9:45 am edt 

Re: Russell Braun

Does Russell Braun have an assistant now?  What is Brauns
title?  What is his assistants title?  What is going on with all this
hiring when we are a town under 4000 people year round?  You would
think that Provincetown is expecting a gold rush.  What do we not
8:59 am edt 

Brandon Matta

Well all i have to say is ,Congratulations Brandon on your
newly appointed position! I know you'll do a great job!

8:58 am edt 

Bad Dream

So let me get this right the GOP elects a soccer Mom who
just might be Tina Fey as a stepford wife on Saturday night live for
Mcsames VP? Or am I having a Sci Fi bad dream?
8:57 am edt 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hopefully, now that the property has sold, the new owner will be
welcomed into the town and the town will work with him to preserve
what everybody wanted preserved, like he said he would all along.
It's nice to finally see the boards open their eyes to the reality
that this guy is for real. Too many times the developers screw the
local boards, current projects included (nudge nudge, wink wink).
Maybe, having learned from this experience how much it could help,
the local boards will strongly consider sending any new 40B
developments to the CCC for review. What with the increase in traffic
to particular areas, increase in water use in a water constricted
town, increse in trash, added burden on town infrastructure, lack of
but the need for new yearraound jobs for new yearround housing,
regional impacts included meaning the water again and the traffic.
These are real issues that the CCC can be a help with.
9:42 pm edt 


Just a few days before school is to begin and the newly
hired 4th grade teacher quits.  Sounds a little bizarre.  A quick
search of her name on Google brings up a couple of interesting
links/photos.  Are the search results the same person who was hired
to be the 4th grade teacher at Veterans Memorial Elementary School? 
If so, what kind of a background check did the superintendent do
before hiring her?
9:39 pm edt 


Who you were born too? Is there anyone on the BOS related to Brandon
or is Sharon Lynn his mom? I don't think so. Did his relative have
the job before he did? I don't think so. Is he from Ptown. Yes, but
his family moved to Truro years ago. Is he well liked by those that
take part in the rec activities? Yes. Is he qualified? Yes, with a
degree in a related area. Has he waited patiently during turbulent
times to move up in the ranks? Yes and stayed committed to the job he
loves. Does he deserve the job. Absolutely. Is he just about perfect
for the job, young, lives nearby, knows the area, knows the families,
is familiar with town government and the processes associated with
the job? Yes. So where's the problem? Move on and find a job
somewhere else. Want to work for the town, apply for his now unfilled
job as assistant and then YOU wait YOUR turn to rise in the ranks.
9:38 pm edt 

Status Quo

"This has already been brought to the School Committee for
consideration, and did not meet their muster.
Plan B?"

Plan B would be replacing members of the School Cte at the next
couple of elections.  The current committee is incapable of thinking
of anything other than the status quo.
9:36 pm edt 

Missing the Point

The issue is not simply about Brandon Motta. It's about a town that
refuses to advertise and hire from the best qualified persons. This
means a legally posted position, intereviews and then an assessment
of credentials. This is what this town is trying, once again, to

Positions, including the Director of recreation, should be open to
all, non-discriminatory, non-parochial, and then select the best. Not
pick who you want because you want that person. It's about
qualifications, not who you were born to.
8:16 pm edt 

Congratulations to the New Owner of the Murchinson Property

Well, it's great that what began horribly ended well. Thank goodness
some people stood up to the inane Planning board Chair Howard
Burchman and the hidden still chair of the Conservation Committee
Elaine Anderson. And I'm thrilled that abutter
Ted-call-me-affordable-Malone was stopped on this one. He and his
cohort, the Cape Cod Commission Martha Hevenor, were forced to deal
with the people's realities--not the abutter's wishes.

This is a win-win for the town and for those who care about historic
structures. May not be an abutter's dream but then the abutters could
have bought the land if they wanted everything to stay the same.

Bravo to everyone who helped right this tilting ship. It's an
accomplishment for sure!
8:14 pm edt 

Rec Center/Director

The entire Rec Dept should be absorbed by the School Dept and they
should choose the staff.  The schools have play grounds, playing
fields, indoor gymnasium and cafeterias.  The Community Center has a
large room which is in disrepair and a chain link fence surrounding a
blacktop playground.  Once again our children are being shortchanged
by the lack of facilities at the Community Center.  The building
should be closed.


This has already been brought to the School Committee for
consideration, and did not meet their muster.

Plan B?
8:12 pm edt 

EEOC Posting?
I don't understand your need to post the EEOC laws.  Who has been
discriminated against because of disability or age?
12:58 pm edt 


He's the best candidate and will be the next rec director. Advertise
all you want and interview all you want but if the town wants Motta
as the next director, advertisements and interviews are for show
only. If he has been named director, then he is, period.
12:35 pm edt 

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Discriminatory Practices

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act
(ADEA), it is illegal to discriminate in any aspect of employment,

hiring and firing;
compensation, assignment, or classification of employees;
transfer, promotion, layoff, or recall;
job advertisements;
use of company facilities;
training and apprenticeship programs;
fringe benefits;
pay, retirement plans, and disability leave; or
other terms and conditions of employment.
12:34 pm edt 

Re: Rec department

If any intrest was showed in this towns rec dept by people
without children in this town, they would have known the job was
avaliable, perfect example of people coming to this sand bar and
trying to force families out, never a dull moment
12:33 pm edt 

From the Provincetown General Bylaws:

6-2-1.  Solicitation of candidates.  No employee shall be hired by
any agency of the town without there first being solicitation of
candidates for the position in a newspaper of general circulation in
the town at least two consecutive weeks.
6-2-2.  Temporary appointment to continue essential function.  This
bylaw is not applicable to temporary appointments of not more than
six weeks duration, made for the purpose of continuing an essential
function while the solicitation‑selection process proceeds
under this bylaw.
12:30 pm edt 

Re: Murchison Property

We should also acknowledge the members of the BOS who stood up for
open government and ignited the debate which forced the parties to
sit at a table and negotiate a compromise.  Burchman was reigned in
and forced to play by the rules.
12:29 pm edt 

Rec Center/Director

The entire Rec Dept should be absorbed by the School Dept and they
should choose the staff.  The schools have play grounds, playing
fields, indoor gymnasium and cafeterias.  The Community Center has a
large room which is in disrepair and a chain link fence surrounding a
blacktop playground.  Once again our children are being shortchanged
by the lack of facilities at the Community Center.  The building
should be closed.
12:28 pm edt 

Re: Recreation Director

11:17 am edt 

Sense Prevails!

The house on the hill goes to the
preservationist! Papers signed last night.  Now, let's all settle
down and watch this young man do his good work and bring the
Murchison house back to its former glory. Thanks to the diligent work
of a dedicated and honest Realtor (yes, there is at least one in this
town) the home is now passed to caring hands.
11:15 am edt 

Brandon Motta should have Some Role in the Recreation Center

But that doesn't mean being named Director. Be creative. Use some
position, even temporary, and leave his salary as it was when he was
assistant director. then later with more experience, he can try to be
the director.
9:19 am edt 

Town Positions Should Be Advertised and Open To all Who Are Qualified

Tapping someone on the shoulder and then automically appointing him
Director of the Recreation Center is not only wrong, it is illegal.
Municipal positions need to be free of discrimination and need to be
open to all. Then get the best and hire the best. Town and thus civil
positions are not to be given as gifts to friends or as gifts for
supporting those in power. Patronage is bad and this town needs to be
open, publicaly advertise positions and then select the best.
9:18 am edt 

Monday, September 1, 2008

Here's to a Wonderful Summer!

The weather could not have
been better. The crowds were large and cheerful. I hope that all of
the businesses did well and that business continues into the fall and
early winter. Enjoy.
East End PJ
10:22 pm edt 

Quality of Comments

". . .why don't you find other reads that give solace and
joy and forget about us? . . ."

Perhaps she or he keeps coming back like many of us hoping something
positive can actually come from this blog.  And then is disappointed
by the childish writings by a few people.
10:21 pm edt 

Re; Blog About Brandon Motta Appointment

I have supported Brandon as Asst Director since day one and if Sharon
was to even appoint him as Acting Director than so be it. The
reprocussions I see for not atleast having someone in either or
position till someone down the road is appointed is very cruicial to
the future of our children. Atleast this will keep it open and
Brandon who is the most familiar with it's day in and day out
operations can do that much.

Brandon also coached the kids soccer and basketball teams and earned
the respect of the kids and parents. If he's not retained, our kids
have the potential for losing what I feel is the last thing this town
has to offer the kids outside of school. Who cares at a time like
this if Brandon is qualified or not, atleast he has the knowledge and
experience to keep it open. Some where down the road we can work on
who is or who is not qualified and rebuild the infra-structure of
that office.

Without the Recreation Dept, I do believe our after school sports
programs will be affected. So for now I'd rather see those who live
here and have children attending the schools focus more on the future
of our schools and leave Brandon alone. Let him run in the shadows of
everything else that is going on (if that is what he wishes to do).
3:32 pm edt 

If You Want Change

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who loves the
town, and thinks that its mostly volunteer boards and small town
government are doing a great job of running this town! If all you do
is blog on here, and only write about negativity, you might want to
move and see how bad things really are off cape! I moved here because
if you want change, all you have to do to get it in Provincetown is
get involved and work for it. Just siting at home writing to a
computer will not get anything done.
3:30 pm edt 

My Dear, If It's So Vile-Filled Then...

Why do you waste your time reading this blog? why don't you find
other reads that give solace and joy and forget about us? Maybe the
Bobsy's Twins at the Beach or Polyanna Goes to Europe would bring
some happiness.

I think we'll do well without you! Bye Bye.
3:28 pm edt 

Re: Artwork

The town has an Art Commission comprised of very knowledgeable art
historians and preservationist.  Over the last few years, much of the
artwork has been restored and there is NO artwork in danger of
deteriorating.  The Art Commission has also been involved in the
storage of the artwork during town hall renovations.  They are
satisfied with the storage of the art at the Freeman Building.

Adding to the art collection is a wonderful idea and people should
consider leaving some to the town's wonderful collection in their
estates.  Selling any town owned artwork would be a grave disservice
to the town, it's people and it's heritage.  No one would vote for
such a thing (except maybe the same person who thinks we should sell
town hall and lay off half the employees of the town).
1:04 pm edt 

Assessing Leadership is NOt only KNowing Town Legal Convulted "Rules"

We can disagree with how Sharon Lynn has managed this town and we can
disagree with her appointing individuals without doing an open,
wide-as-possible search for top town positions without knowing all
the possible ways that a town manager can "use" and"subvert" the true
intent of the charter.

We can also see poor decisions, boondoggles, and the insistence of
hiring and hiring when this town is facing serious fiscal problems.

This leads to various assessments and mine involves viewing the town
manager as unable to take control, lead with vision, and take this
town where it can possibly go. What I"ve seen are small-town
decisions based on small-town experience leaving us with Katrina
trailers, no money for town renovations, new hirees, a poorly
designed contract with town employees and more problems than we've
had--not great solutions and fewer problems as I would have wished
for all of us.
1:02 pm edt 

Regarding Lessons In Courtesy

If you look, you will find that the word morons was first applied to
town employees by one of the usual small-minded venom-spewers who
post on this forum.  Then, several posts later, someone turned it
around and applied it to the posters who think that their anonymous
bile on this spite-filled website is equivalent to responsible free
speech and taking an active role in town government.  People who live
in glass houses should not offer to give lessons in courtesy when
they do nothing but throw rocks.
12:59 pm edt 

Re: Artwork

I have suggested the sale of artwork months ago. 
The town cannot properly store artwork under the conditions that
prevent deterioration.  They do not have climate control over the
building.  They have Hawthorne's and Lazell's artwork, among other
notable masters of Provincetown.  No selectman in their right mind
(if there are any) would dare to bring this up.  I do not doubt that
Town Hall could be paid for.  Unfortunately decay of both the artwork
and Town Hall has been permitted by officals.

Slippery Fish (from the Town Hall Dump)
9:28 am edt 

Its Not All About Money

I can't speak for other shops that have closed early, but I
have in the past have closed early mostly because I ran out of stock
and will not get my new shipment of goods in until after the long
holiday weekend. And other times I close because I did not move to
Provincetown to just make money! I get out to enjoy my life in one of
the greatest places on earth! Provincetown. Its not all about money
you know. If it was I'd still be at my corporate job in the city.
Doing the rat race, day after day! YUCK.
9:26 am edt 

Perhaps a Lesson in Courtesy Would Help

I'm offended by the bloggers who dare to call those who blog here
"morons." We may agree and disagree with each other. We may have
suggestions that are brilliant and at other times have some that are
not the best. But that does not mean anyone who posts here or lives
here is moronic because someone else does not agree. How small-minded
some are. How undemocractic some are.
9:24 am edt 

To the Town Hall Employe Who Thinks we are All Morons:

The budget is not a budget until it is voted on by us the moronic voter's.
If you want to, you should call us morons for paying so many so much.
What we should do is lay off every other staff at town hall, that
would be a good start, but I am only a taxpayer, your employer, and I
I knew who you were, the person to fire you. We are not morons.
9:23 am edt 

Happy Sept 1st!

Who is the first person to say something
positive here?
9:21 am edt 

Braun & Motta

Until you investigate and fully understand the legal requirements
involved in the hiring of personel within the town within the law,
please refrain from posting what you "think" is right. If Lynn has
done wrong, the AG will point it out and the process will be
corrected. For now, nothing has gone wrong and the right people are
in the right jobs. Get your facts straight. What you "think" should
be the process might seem logical but thats not how it is and its not
just Ptown doing their own thing.
9:20 am edt 

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