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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Here's an Idea:

Assess the potential cost/value of all the artwork stored in the
basement and on the walls of town hall, send the paintings to
Christie's or Sotheby's and sell them to pay for the renovation of
the structure that has housed them in obscurity for the past 50
years. A new concept for the adage that "art gives back."  The new
walls of the new town hall could be adorned with fresh donated art
and a new generation of artists would take their place in the ever
flowing river of art history.
11:13 am edt 

What The Chamber of Commerce Does Do

      Here is a message that I received as a member of the Chamber
that I think many will find interesting. to the question: What does
the Chamber do for Provincetown? Here is one answer:

Dear Members!

We all made it through the summer of '08 - with Labor Day Weekend on top
of us!  Despite the economy, H2B visa problems, political unrest Etc.
has held it's own.  In fact, we have had a steady tourist season
compared to many of our New England tourist destination competitors!

The Chamber Welcome center has over 1000 visitors daily in July and
August.  We stopped counting when we hit that number!  In May and
June we had just as many (maybe more some days!) between tour buses
and whale
watchers coming to town plus passengers from the ferry lines, P&B and
from theparking lot.  The holidays and special events brings in 2000+
a day.
So you can see that our office is busy with schedules, room
vacancies, where to eat, what to do and how to get there questions!

THANK YOU to our members who supply us with their brochures (we go
through thousands of those too!) and to our members who bring in
posters for special events and happenings.  Our customers love
looking at our display boards!

At least 40% of our visitors were from other countries.  Every
language you can imagine was spoken inside our doors!   We did
predict an increase in international travelers this year and we sure
did get them:  French, German, Russian, Chinese, Polish, African,
Portuguese, Asian are just a few of the languages/countries represented!

We have distributed 40,000,  2008 guides to Provincetown, 20,000
maps/ things to do sheets and 6,000 mini guides to date.  We have
only15,000 2008 guides left so we are starting to work on 2009!

Gail has already sent out notices asking for 2009 calendar dates &
events which We need ASAP.  Many inquiries are coming in for next
year from organizations and
from people planning their vacations for 2009!

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend!
11:12 am edt 

What is the Truth?
I will not vote for a paid lunch for town employees. If
they want to work less hours, they can be paid less. This is actually
a good way to reduce the budget.

On another note, last night, sat night, Labor day weekend, I went for
a walk downtown shortly after 10 p.m.., and almost all of the shops
were closed. What is up with that? There were plenty of people on the
street, but nothing to do because everyone was closed!

I can tell you if a business decides to save $20 or $30 dollars in
payroll, and close early, they are not doing well. No one closes
early when they are making money, and have been doing well. I think
that some business owners in order to save face have lied when they
say how well they have done this year. Do business owners look a
little down this year, we will find out the truth in a couple of
weeks by the for rent singes, and the closed signs.
11:11 am edt 

Re: Four Day Week

no matter what gets printed here on this blog the town is
going forward with this 4 day work week, so to all who have a problem
with this lets talk about something else.Funny how some people think
they can run the town thru a blog. Morons.
11:09 am edt 

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Re: Town Hall

Get rid of the costly Town Hall, make the employees work a
full work week like the rest of us and STOP WASTING MONEY! The morons
that run this town. I can't get over it.
7:30 pm edt 

Town Hall is a Waste of Money

We should flatten it and make parking. Put the town offices some
place that make sense, out of the mess of downtown.

If anyone declares that it's a draw to Provincetown, they're an idiot
and must be                                                                  here in
town. Maybe we should bring back the fishing boats and whaling ships
too? The smell would be a draw? Let's start harvesting whale oil
again! Let's turn the piers into fishing ports where our women can
cut off fish heads all day and gut them right on the pier. That would
be a draw right?

Provincetown is a tourist town. That's how it makes money and
supports itself. Accept it. It's not a fishing village anymore and
never will be again. Let go of your dream.
6:20 pm edt 

Re: Russell Braun

Can someone explain what title Russell Braun holds?   Do we
now have a new building inspector?  What is Braun going to do now? 
Keep telling people that have been in business 40 years that they
have to install EXIT signs?  Or will he just coordonate the empty
town hall this coming November at his current high salary?
6:16 pm edt 

Brandon Motta Will Be Appointed

Or Sharon may have already appointed him Director of the Recreation
Center. Seems we don't really need to have a $46,000 position at this
time. He may be great as Assitant Director but he lacks experience to
run the entire center. He may be better educated than Trewhella but
this position should come in a few years--not now.

But then we've just appointed another newly filled position: Building
Inspector. I didn't see this position advertised but then this town
doesn't always follow the rules. Here is another over $40,000
position that could have remained unfilled. Wasn't this the logic in
giving Russell Braun the salary that Sharon gave him? That he would
be doing two jobs and thus worth the salary.
You wouldn't think this town has any fiscal woes. It acts as if it is
at the height of good times instead of facing a recession.

I fear there is no captain at the helm of this ship called
Provincetown. And as the ship continues to sink, the solution seems
to be to bring more crew aboard who stand and watch and add just add
weight to the water-filled ship.
Watching this from the quarter deck just makes me so sad.
12:58 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall

It is frustrating enough now calling town hall and getting the
automated voice mail system and getting nobody... Can you imagine
shortening the days and trying ?
8:13 am edt 

Re: Four Day Work Week

Town Employees will work 4 days a week + extra hour = 4 hours and now
they want to get paid for their 1 hour Lunch Break every day = 4
hours. Why should they be paid for eating?
  Is that really making up their hours while getting paid for doing
nothing for 1 hour and making the same paycheck.
This Town is OUT OF THEIR MIND !!
8:12 am edt 

No Matter What It Cost!

I'm glad to see that the PACC naysayers are telling us that
they will not vote for Town hall renovations! I seem to remember that
every time something comes up for a vote, it is always not what the
PACC wants. The towns people want the town hall, no matter what it
costs! This will be Tax money well spent. As another bloger wrote,
town hall is our magnet to the downtown.
8:10 am edt 

Friday, August 29, 2008

Down and Down we go
So sad watching Sharon and her cronies try in vein to solve the
town's woes. They are so ill equipped to solve the town's fiscal and
management woes I almost feel bad for them. One mess after another,
and then they just throw fuel onto the fire.

- 4 day work weeks - what are they smoking? It's hard enough to get
anything down in town hall as it is.

- Moving out of town hall with no options in sight on how they will
pay ro renovate it.  Does anyone really think an override will pass
to pay for restoration in these tough financial times? How much will
the relo space cost and for how many years will that go on?

- Trying to charge illegal room tax on people renting personal residences?

- Undermining the committees set up to help the town - school committee

If the people who manage the town weren't so pig headed and difficult
to work with I am guessing that town residents and second home owners
would be much more open to helping solve the town's problems - both
by offering their valuable expertise, as well as providing donations
to preserve the town's beauty.  There is plenty of private money
around town should the town managers ever have the brains to try to
tap into some of it. But with the town manager and some(most) of the
selectmen so resentful of "non-residents" why would anyone step
forward to help.

Time for some new thinking.. and perhaps a recall or two from the
board of selectmen.
11:28 pm edt 

The Four Day Work Week Needs More Thought

Why not consider all the consequences of such a proposal instead of
hastily deciding to do this. Part of the problem is the belief that
town employees need a raise every year. This is a way to get the
raises through and it will be problematic. It's poor leadership once
again. Better to have all employees take unpaid lunch breaks or work
four and a half days with Friday closings at noon. But this schedule
is a mess. More trouble ahead and they'll wonder why problems will
11:26 pm edt 


Can someone help me out? Is it true that Brandon Motta is going to be
appointed as the Rec Director?  Was it advertised?  I don't recall
seeing it....
11:24 pm edt 

People Hate You More!

U feel better now?

Can not believe all the sick puppies on this site.
11:23 pm edt 

Someone Got the Math Wrong

According to the Banner, and I hope this time they DID get the story
wrong, the town hall employees will be working 4 days and getting
paid for 36 hours of work. It goes on to describe the schedule as 10
hour days, working 9 thus the 36 hours and also getting paid for
lunch hour! 4 lunch hours adds to the 36 and the total hours to 40,
no? Or is it that within the 9 hours or working, they go to lunch and
get paid for it which then means they actually work 8 hours of the
day, no?

Which is it?
8:50 pm edt 

Re: Four Day Week

". . .give me a break, your (sp) only hated by people who
know you not the employee's of the town. . ."

Was that really neccessary?
8:47 pm edt 

Re: Four Day Work Week

Yes it' a plot to stop giving out those darn marriage
cert's  LOL give me a break, your only hated by people who know you
not the employee's of the town
6:13 pm edt 

Re: Four Day Work Week is KRAZY

I agree.  4 day work week?  I heard tons of complaints when the
building department took fridays off to ORGANIZE the department and
town people couldn't get applications or pick up certificates.  The
EDC wants to promote the town and have businesses open longer?  AND
the town decides to close for 3 days in a row?  GIVE ME A BREAK!
(Lets see when people want to get marriage certificates, and they get
here Thursday night, and realize they can't get anything till Monday
2:54 pm edt 

Four Day Work Week is KRAZY

I'm not a Town employee. I do think most are really good. But I do
not think that 10 hours at a time is a suitable schedule for their
tasks and our Town. If they want a shorter work week, I'd advocate
for shorter hours each day and not shutting Town Hall down on Friday.
8:31 am edt 


No matter what political party you are, for the sake of the
country and the world! PLEASE vote in November for Obama/Biden! We
can not have another 4 or 8 years of neo cons running the country.
8:30 am edt 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Re: Room Rental Tax

". . .folks can hold onto their resentment of non-residents
and continue to burn down seasonal homes this winter all the while
complaining that they are the reason Provincetown is in a financial
mess. . ."

I can only speak for myself.  I absolutely do not have any resentment
of non-residents, I think they contribute a great deal to this town. 
As a year-round resident I always look forward to my non-resident
friends who return in the spring.  But, I'm also very much in favor
of extending the room tax to all short term rentals and I'm pretty
sure you will see it proposed in the legislature this year.  Will it
get passed?  That's another question, the Realtor's Association
strongly lobbys against it every time it comes up.

Again, it's a room tax on the visitors who come to town, not on the

And with the added revenue that would come in to the town's coffers
I'm pretty sure the town will find a way to enforce it.  Unless the
owner of the property does not advertise in any way, almost all
rentals can be located.
12:51 pm edt 

Re: Rec Position
If you would like to see the process go to advertisement and invite
all to apply, let the selectmen and the TM know this at a selectmens
meeting. Nothing in the law requires them to advertise a position.
They can if they choose. And they can if requested to. Complaining in
here does almost nothing. But on the other hand, if you do want
Brandon to get the job, the best way is to keep it quiet and allow
him to move into the job and hopefully all will go well. Pick your
12:35 pm edt 

Yes We Can!

It's an exciting time. Yes, we can. I hope we get motivated here in
Provincetown and work for change. We surely can use new thinking and
new ideas.

Great to see change at the national level and see this breakthrough.
Who thought forty years ago that we would see the democratic choice
we have. It's a good day!
12:02 pm edt 

Re: Rental Room Tax

"If you rent under 90 days, and do not charge your
renters a tax. You my friend are part of the problem that has changed
this town. If you don't want to pay your fair share to help the town
get on the right track. Then sell! I know alot of people in America
who would love to live here. Why do you think people pay millions to
have homes here. That is if your rental is up to code."

It was pointed out in an earlier post that it would be against the
law to charge people a room tax for renting a private home.  So don't
blame the homeowners!

If the goal is to equitably increase tax revenue then Provincetown
should have a two-tier system that offers a residential discount. 
There are only 3,300 year-round residents.  That number swells to
60,000 people in the summer - these folks are staying somewhere and
not just in the hotels.  This leaves a lot of homes that are used as 
vacation homes, investments and rental property. It is not possible
to ensure that homeowners who rent their properties weekly are paying
a room tax. However, Town Hall (even in it's decrepit state) has
records and knows which homes are owner-occupied and which ones
aren't.  This would increase tax revenue to the town much more than
the room tax would and it would be done fairly.  This would give a
tax break to the year-rounders and the real residents of Provincetown.

Changes to the existing law are not happening anytime soon.  Last
year, Sal DiMasi refused to bring it up to the Masscahusetts Senate. 
It is time to explore alternatives for increasing tax revenue.

In the meantime - instead of looking at more viable tax options folks
can hold onto their resentment of non-residents and continue to burn
down seasonal homes this winter all the while complaining that they
are the reason Provincetown is in a financial mess.  But let's not
forget that these are the people who renovated falling down
properties which contributes to charm and the beauty that
Provincetown has to offer.
12:01 pm edt 

Recreation Director Position Not a Union Position

     Given that the position of Recreation Director is administrative
and is not a union position, it should have been advertised. Moving
someone from a non-existant assistant director position to director
without even the pretense of an open selection process or a publicly
advertised opening seems to indicate what is wrong with Provincetown.
This is not that Brandon is not qualified but he should be selected
from an open, public selection process.

    This seems to break the rules of public positions being open to
anyone and everyone. This maintains a very parochial environment that
is not always the healthiest or the most productive. It seems quite
11:57 am edt 

Re: Police Fund Raising and Donating

Questions Answered:
By law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Police and Fire
Departments are not allowed to directly fund raise. Those calls and
mail solicitations you receive are from professional fund raising
organizations and as little as ten percent (if any at all) go
directly to any department. Many times the caller leads you to
believe they are a member of said local police or fire department,
they are not and when pressed to answer your questions they will
either try to mislead you or hang up.
Also there are many organizations encouraging you to "donate" your
vehicle to "charity" proclaiming terrific tax advantages and leaving
you with the impression that your vehicle will be donated to a needy
party or sold on your behalf with the procedes going directly to
those in need. Again, many of these are professional fund raising
organizations, most of them used car dealers or connected to car
dealers. They will collect your vehicle, either sell it on their lot
or send it to auction and keep the lion's share of  the sale price.
Again, as little as twenty percent of the realized sale price ends up
in any charity's coffers.
It's a great feeling to think you are doing the right thing by giving
to charity, but be advised and do your homework with any donation or

E. Michael Richards
11:56 am edt 

Use of Future Room Tax

I would not be a proponent of using the current tourism
dollars to pay for town hall renovations.

However if the room tax law is changed and applies to all short term
rentals this could create a significant increase in room tax revenue.
  Some have estimated as much as $800,000 to $1,000,000 additional
revenue a year.  If this happens I think we would want to look at how
we allocate room tax revenues and some of those monies should be used
for town capital improvements such as town hall, Commercial Street,
Firehouse #2, etc.

Just my opinion.
9:14 am edt 

To: Someone Who Knows Something

I don't think you told us anything we didn't already know.  As the
law currently stands the room tax does not apply to private homes.

  . .A room tax for private homes cannot happen until the law is changed.

I think you will see that will be coming soon.
9:11 am edt 

Rec Director Position

Perhaps we need to be sympahtetic to the serious economic issues
Tracy whatever-she-calls-herself is faced with... commuting from her
boyfriend's house in Brewster to the P'Town Community Center or her
boyfriend's wife's house in Provincetown. (We should all have to face
such difficult decisions!)

Another thought provokes the arguement that Miss Tracy could apply
for the rec director position in Truro. It's closer to "home" and
will cut down on the excessive commute.

Food for thought...
12:33 am edt 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Speaking of Public Servants......

What ever happened with the lawsuit the town filed against Ann Macguire
and Harriet Gordon for not paying room tax revenues on the condos they
converted to rentals?
11:33 pm edt 

Room Tax Revenues

45% of the current revenue derived from room tax revenues is
allocared to the Visitor Services Board, subject to approval by the
Board of Selectmen.

The town is in a fiscal downspin and the massive Town Hall
renovations will require an override.

Where is the tourism dollar expenditure in this equation?

If residents want to re-allocate tourism funds to pay for Town Hall
renovation, someone other than Barbara Rushmore (who wants more trees
planted) needs to step to the plate.
11:31 pm edt 

Re: Room Rental Tax

Owning a home and running a hotel/guesthouse are two
different things.  Homeowners are not earning a living by renting
their homes.  Read the law and this is why homeowners are not obliged
to pay a room tax.  It would be illegal for a private homeowner to
charge a weekly renter a room tax.

Under M.G.L. Chapter 64G, room occupancy excise tax is imposed on the
transfer of occupancy, for $15 or more, of any room in a bed and
breakfast establishment, hotel, lodging house, or motel for a period
of ninety days or less.

A room occupancy operator is defined as any person or business entity
operating a hotel, motel, lodging house or bed and breakfast
establishment, including a private club operating sleeping

However, private owner-occupied houses where three or fewer rooms are
rented and all accommodations are reserved in advance, are defined as
a bed and breakfast home and are not subject to the room occupancy

In Fiscal Year 2008 the room tax revenue for Provincetown INCREASED
over $110,000.  The annual tax revenue from Ptown's room tax is
almost 1.1 million dollars.  The real problem is the management of
how these funds are used.  A room tax for private homes cannot happen
until the law is changed.

Someone who actually knows something!
11:29 pm edt 

Re: Rental Room Tax

If you rent under 90 days, and do not charge your renters a
tax. You my friend are part of the problem that has changed this
town. If you don't want to pay your fair share to help the town get
on the right track. Then sell! I know alot of people in America who
would love to live here. Why do you think people pay millions to have
homes here. That is if your rental is up to code.
10:08 pm edt 

Re: Room Tax/Rental Tax

Real estate monsters and former Boston civil service employees have
made it clear that collecting room tax is not intended for the condo
owner. Their belief is that the tax collection burden should fall
solely on the "legitimate" taxpayer: the guest house owner.

What an infringement on the investment anyone makes on a real estate purchase.

Shame on public servants who think they are better than everyone else.
10:07 pm edt 

Maybe Now the Sexual Harassment Case will Be Resolved

That would be a good thing. Maybe with Tracy Trewhella now gone and
now "resigning" this sexual harssment case can be resolved. It should
have been mediated or resolved a long time back. It's not too late.
Wrap it up and let's get on with the real business.
10:06 pm edt 

Rec Director position

I don't have the union contracts in front of me but if a position is
open in the town gov., if the contract stipulates, the position is
usually open to existing town employees first. If someone wants to
fill the position and is qualified, they are placed in that position
and their old position then becomes open and the process starts again
until nobody in town gov. wants the job that would, in the end, be
open. Then it goes to advertisement. Its how the town allows for
moving up in the ranks. Some positions are not in the union and if
thats the case, depending on who oversees the position, (selectmen,
TM, town vote), they have the ability to put who they want in the
position and can choose to advertise or not, for instance what
recently happened with the new police chief. the selectmen could have
appointed a current officer if they felt he/she was qualified but
instead, chose to go outside and advertise. In this case, I would
think Brandon is fully qualified for the job and should be put in charge.
10:05 pm edt 

A New Recreation Director

     Well, one leaves and another takes the position. Maybe with
Tracy Roderick Trewhella leaving this position--this time for good,
we think-- this Friday, we will have a new Director. Brandon will
become the new Director. He is good but shouldn't this position have
been advertised? Shouldn't we look for the best qualified? Truly, he
could be but it should be an open process.

     Maybe, now, real activities will take place at the Recreation
Center--not only babysitting. In truth, anything would be an
improvement on what we have had for the last few years. Incompetence
and pretense instead of real talent and professionalism.
7:54 pm edt 

Re: Room Tax

45% of the room tax collected goes to the Visitor Services
Board/Tourism Office to promote Provincetown tourism.  Those who rent
condos/houses, etc. benefit from that promotion, yet do not
contribute funds to the effort.  I agree, it's time to make everyone
7:07 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Police Association

The solicitation for the police association is a scam. The
local force receives a very small percentage.
7:06 pm edt 

Re: Room Tax

I don't look at this as a 'let's tax the 2nd homeowners' situation. 
2nd homeowners are not paying the tax, they are the collecting agent.
  I agree with others who posted that it's only fair that everyone
who rents out lodging on a short-term basis should pay the room tax.

Make it fair, apply it to everyone or no one.
6:15 pm edt 

Re: Rental Tax

I forgot to mention in my last post, that not only do none
of my guests complain about the room sales tax, I bring to town over
1200 guests, NOT 60 like you, and pay probably more for taxes than
you do.  I don't complain.  Maybe you should have bought a summer
home somewhere else!  AND see how hard it would be to rent it out
without ALL the services that are available to you here.  

6:13 pm edt 

Re: Rental Tax

"....So, I am bothered when people complain that summer
rentals are robbing the town of tax money. . ., but charging
homeowners a room tax isn't the answer.  Its impossible to police and
its not fair."

I respectfully disagree.  The homeowners arent' being charged, the
visitors who rent from them are being charged the tax.  If the tax
applied to homeowners I think the town would find a way to police it.
  And I don't think it's fair that certain lodging is required to
collect the tax while others are not, treating everyone the same
would be fair way.
4:54 pm edt 

Re: Condo Tax

If what you say is true. Why do Hotels,
Motels, Guest Houses and Camp Grounds pay extra Tax? While you rent
weekly or by the day without paying that same tax? What makes you
special that you do not pay?
4:52 pm edt 

Re: Room Tax on Condo Rentals

I think it's important to remember that the room tax is not something
you pay out of your pocket, you collect the room tax from visitors
and then remit that amount to the state.

All of your points as to what you bring to the town are correct, but
those points also apply to guest houses, hotels and motels.  They
bring people into town and provide them with a place to stay as well.
  You are in the business of renting out transient lodging the same
as a guest house, motel or hotel.  I believe you should be required
to collect the same room tax that they are required to collect.
4:50 pm edt 

Re: Room Tax Rentals:

Does the person know, HE/SHE doesn't pay the 9.7% tax.  It is paid by
the guest that is renting your condo/home.  I have a guest house, and
for the last 15 years, have NEVER HEARD ANYONE complain about the tax
Yes, I collect the tax, and then at the end of the month FORWARD
those taxes I collect to the state offices in Boston, who inturn,
forwards Provincetowns share back to Provincetown every quarter.
YOU ARE NOT PAYING MORE TAXES!  And for you to think you would NOT
rent out your home because there is a tax, is plain STUPID.  Ask
yourself, when you go cloths shopping, do you say, I AM NOT BUYING
THAT ITEM BECAUSE THERE IS A 5% TAX?  Or, have you ever stayed at a
holiday inn or Hyatt, or best western?  YOU ALWAYS PAY A TAX.  

4:48 pm edt 

Re: Room Tax for Weekly Rentals

I own a condo that I rent out during the summer weeks - obviously I
do not live here year round.  It is a controversial subject about
making landlords pay a "room tax" to the town, but I hope that people
will see the other side.

I paid $140 last year to have my home inspected so I can rent it out
weekly.  This isn't required by anyone who rents out their homes for
90 days or more - so the large number of seasonal and the year-round
monthly landlords do not have to do this - this is an unfair
practice.  If the goal to ensure public safety - then all landlords
who rent out their property should have to pay for this inspection.

I pay my taxes, yet I don't use all of the municipal services - I
don't send my children to the school and I don't have my trash
collected for 8 months out of the year.  Many towns offer
"residential tax discounts," which is a concept that I support.  I
honestly do not have a problem paying higher taxes because it is not
my primary residence.  But this would mean that everyone who owns a
second home or rental property in Provincetown would pay the higher
tax rate - not just the ones who rent out their homes weekly.

But people need to look at what I bring to the community of Provincetown:

I bring at minimum 60 people a year to Provincetown.  These 60 people
came because they and their friends/families couldn't find a hotel or
guesthouse that could accommodate them the way a private home can. 
They came to Provincetown rather than another vacation destination
because they could rent a home.  While they were here they ate in
Provincetown's restaurants, shopped in their stores, shopped at the
GU, had haircuts at the salons, massages and other treatments at the
spas.  They drank in the bars, purchased liquor from the package
stores, and took taxis, pedicabs, planes and the ferry.  All of this
contributes to the economy and the tax base of Provincetown.

Additionally, I pay a local property management company to care for
my home in my absence.  I support a local realtor who finds people to
rent my home, and I pay a local cleaner an outrageous fortune to
clean between my guests.  I use all of the local services when I need
repairs - plumbers, carpenters, painter and contractor.  I purchase
Propane from Day's and oil from Marcy.  I use Fireside Insurance as
my agency and I used a local lawyer at my closing.  I paid more for
this home than I did my primary residence - and, as a result my taxes
in Provincetown are almost three times what I pay for my primary
residence.  I cannot afford this property without the ability to rent
it out on a weekly basis.  All of the summer rental money subsidizes
the annual cost of owning this second home but it doesn't come close
to covering all of my expenses.

So, I am bothered when people complain that summer rentals are
robbing the town of tax money.  Yes, the town is struggling - just
like every other town in Massachusetts, but charging homeowners a
room tax isn't the answer.  Its impossible to police and its not fair.
3:16 pm edt 

Anyone Have a Calculator?

Could someone give each selectmen and town manager a
calculator? What were they thinking signing off on a three year
contract to union town employees that equals 19% in raises over three
years! Next year, and the year after we can be sure in order to have
these 4.5% increases in salary which are now part of the contract,
they will roll out an article on something voters can't vote against
like snowplowing or some other necessity.

Didn't they hear us? The article to increase town employee salaries by
3.3% was rejected! But the behind closed doors gave them 19%?  These
knucleheads made a faustian bargain because there is no long term
thinking or any vision. They seem to be only capable of putting out
immediate fires!

The Board of Selectmen and Town Manager pulled a fast one on us with
the police union contract when it failed and they are doing it again.
3:12 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Police Association

They are calling for donations.  Are they affilicated with the police
department?  Are they an independent group?

Thanks for any heads up on them.
3:08 pm edt 

Re: Unsigned Comments

If one would advise others, they should lead by example.

I agree Mr. Webmaster.
10:08 am edt 

Condo Rental Tax

The condo next door to me is rented every week, you would
think that the owners would report the taxes made, to help the town
out, but the real devil on earth is the almighty dollar. If you
profit from the town give some $$$ back so the town will at least
look like a town worth staying a week in!
10:05 am edt 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dear Not Amused

Have you called the police to report the taxi parking situation? 
What was their response?  If the taxi's are parking illegally, don't
complain here, call the cops.  You have every right to report this
infraction.  You should also consider reporting the violations to the
licensing board who administers the taxi license.  If the licensing
Board receives complaints, they are required to bring the owner in
for a hearing.  And if there are enough complaints against the taxi
company, they can suspend or revoke the taxi license.

Complaining here really doesn't address your problems.  Well maybe
they have, now you have information which will allow you to address
the issue.
10:22 pm edt 

To Prohibition

I did not say that Laborday weekend was a bad thing, only that after
this last horah, high season is over, then we get to enjoy September.
10:21 pm edt 

One Last Caress, It's Time to Dress For Fall

The air is crisp, the last rites of summer are
approaching--ASGCC Auction, Pet Appreciation Weekend, the crowds will
thin and then we can relax a bit more and remember why we love this

B and A
8:47 pm edt 

Not Amused!

Last week I was bemused to read about taxi parking on Alden
Street.  Last night i was NOT amused when I could not park in the
Grace Gouveia Lot for card night but two taxis could.
8:43 pm edt 

RE: Charter Schools With Unbenefitted Labor...With a Rental Model

To the person who believes that the Kids come first... Let's go to Nauset now.

Why did those teachers you mentioned form the Lighthouse Charter School?

Is it possible that they were dissatisfied with the educations being
provided by the local public schools, specifically the Nauset Middle
School and grades seven and eight at Provincetown?

If that is the case, why should we send Provincetown kids to Nauset
if the teachers who formed the Lighthouse Charter deemed Nauset to be
an inferior education?

Secondly, are the teachers who teach at Lighthouse in a union?

No, they are not.  Why not?  Because the school cannot afford to pay
union scale wages and because Lighthouse cannot afford to give
benefits to its teachers.

Why can't Lighthouse afford union scale and benefits?  Because the
only money that Lighthouse School receives to run its operation is
13K per student, paid for by each of the towns that are sending their
students there.

So, Lighthouse might not be a union-buster, but it is certainly not

By the way, Lighthouse is now looking for land on which to build a
school.  It is currently seeking donations to make this happen. 
Lighthouse might not be a for-profit school, but it is not averse to
seeking funds to make itself bigger.

Next, if the Provincetown School Committee leases the High School to
an Education Management Corporation (EMC), how could the School
Committee NOT have control over the school?  It would be the EMC's
landlord--with the right to revoke the lease.

Granted, the School Committee wouldn't have control over the
curriculum--but isn't this what we are all complaining about: the
inferior education at the high school being provided by the current

If we bring in an EMC with a proven track record, we will surely
improve education for our kids.  Look it up:  EMC's (like SABIS)
produce results.

In fact, an EMC oversees Sturgis.

Incidentally, a charter school is not a private school.  It is a
public school that answers to the state and not primarily to local

As a state-supervised school, a charte does not have the right to
exclude kids.  By state law, charter schools pick kids through a
lottery system.  This how both Sturgis and Lighthouse get their

I think if a charter school was in Provincetown, that school would be
turning away students, just like Sturgis and Lighthouse do now.

As for expelling students, if the student is failing academically or
is a disciplinary problem, like any school, the charter school has
the right to expel that student.

Lastly, sending our kids to Nauset would cost us over a million
dollars every year.

An EMC in Provincetown would easily be budgeted under that amount.

An EMC would also improve student MCAS and SAT scores.

Best of all, especially for our students, we would not have to have
our kids on buses for over 90 minutes everyday.

A Very Concerned and Frustrated Parent
8:42 pm edt 

Re: Mr. John Doe

If one would advise others, they should lead by example.
8:09 pm edt 

Re: Mr. John Doe

I would suspect Mr. John Doe would sign his name when
everyone else does.

Mary Smith
8:07 pm edt 

Re: No Sign-In No Credibility?

I find it somewhat ironic that Mr. John Doe after lecturing the readers
about signing their name, to establish a level of credibility to their
comments, declined to do so himself. Unless of course this is his real name.

However, on Shout Out! that is his privilege.

Just the Facts
7:56 pm edt 

Re: Room Tax

Just think, if the room tax were extended to ALL lodging
for 90 days or less we might have the funds to restore town hall
and/or pave Commercial.  I have heard Brewster estimates it would
bring in another $400,000 a year, Provincetown might be double that. 
$800,000 a year could pay for restoring Town Hall in less than ten
years with no additional taxes on residents.  Room taxes are paid by
visitors coming to Provincetown, not by residents.
7:49 pm edt 

No Sign-In No Credibility?

Until this board isn't viewed as a bunch of complainers
with who offer little in the way of solutions and until writers are
required to register and have a sign-in name or god forbid, sign
their name to their post this board will never be taken seriously.

If you are an elected official do you keep your eye on the
discussions on this board?  Maybe, maybe not.  Face it, one person
can write a number of times about the same issue to make it look like
there is strong support for or against the issue.  One person can
toss out a rumor with no facts to back up the rumor.  But, verifiable
facts aren't a requisite for writing on this board.

MYPACC's goal is to educate, promote and encourage
citizen participation in town government.  This board probably has
that effect to some extent, but if it wants to go further than that
it's going to have to take steps to become more credible.

John Doe
7:08 pm edt 

Out With the Old, in With the New!

Obama/Biden. Change is in the air!
7:03 pm edt 

Prohibition Ended Years Ago!

To the blogger who said that labor day weekend is just
another drunken weekend------ Since when did that become a bad thing?
This town runs by people having a goodtime and drinking is part of
the fun for some! The last time I checked, prohibition ended years
7:02 pm edt 

I Had a Great Season, Surpassing All my Years Here!

And I agree that so many on here only point out negativity. I will be
closing soon to get back to my other work which is here in town year

I'm glad that the town will be restoring town hall! Its our
magnet to the downtown. Whatever it costs it will be tax dollars well
spent. I also hope that we start to repave the streets and sidewalks!

If you don't put money back into the town, visitors might start going
elsewhere. Just take a look at how the Hyannis downtown has been
brought back!

Next year we will have over 40 affordable rentals at 90
Shank-painter Road! Seashore Point will be almost finished! This is a
great town no matter what a few on here say. And I do my part to help
it by being on many non profits and committees in town, if you want
change get involved!

Thank You Provincetown!!!!!
7:00 pm edt 

Thanks for All the In-Put

     I just love going on line and seeing what is on people's minds.
It's just great. So I'm grateful for everyone who posts here. I
appreciate the positives and negatives because,if there's one thing
for sure, we're not perfect.
    Thanks, guys! Oh, yes, Hillary, thanks to the girls too!
5:49 pm edt 

If You so Believe...

     that the level of discourse has disintegrated here, then Bye
Bye! Go elsewhere and see what bright ideas you get from wherever. Is
it the Banner? Or the Cape Cod Times? Go the New York Times and
they'll hardly have you in mind, my dear!

    Ah, it was nice, perhaps, to know you.
5:47 pm edt 

I Can't Complain Either

It was a good summer with many happy visitors who enjoyed Provincetown. 
I hope everyone did well and here's to a good fall for all of us.
3:18 pm edt 

Charter Schools With Unbenefitted Labor...With a Rental Model

Why does the former blogger think that control by a for profit entity
will be under Town control?  The former blogger has forgotten the
history of the Lighthouse Charter School.  A core group of faculty,
some of the most creative and innovative teachers from the Middle
School moved their place of work, and their expemplary programs to
build the charter school.  Following them were many of the younger
brothers and sisters who had studied with Jim Peters, John Stuart of
the Mock Trial, Joanne Amaru of the English Division, just to name a
few.  These outstanding teachers have drawn the students.

The Charter School is a not for profit organization.  It does not
start out to union bust.  It has upheld standards of excellence.  It
turns away a large number of students a year.

The students it turns away will not be fooled by a for profit school
located in Provincetown.  Although it is costly to maintain our
current faculty, they are under our Town government control.  I
believe that Nauset is the way to go.

This for profit union busting idea is the wrong idea.

Would a local charter school have the right to exclude any student it
wishes, since it is private?  Would it have to keep students who are
unruly or could it refuse to teach them, as is the case with private
schools who expel students.  Then the MCAS scores might be higher but
what happens to our kids.

The kids come first...Lets head to Nauset now.

We should think long and hard before renting the high school building
to a for profit entity.
3:16 pm edt 

Overall no Complaints!

If businesses close early, then I would assume they DID
GREAT and can afford to take off the next 7 months.  Good for them.  
I did so well this year, I can close Sept 15th and be gone till next
May.  But my die hard loyalists would be disappointed.  I will stay
open till the end of October and then leave for the winter.  Business
was about the same as last year, which was our best year in 12 years,
but I did have to do more 2 nighters here and there.  Overall, no

Why is it when business close early, you assume they had a lousy
year?  Maybe they sold out of their inventory and it was a great
year?  Everything on this site as to be so negative.  Lets look at
the bright side for a change.
12:07 pm edt 

Very Few Solutions Are Offered on This Blog

"And then you would see that many here have had many
suggestions for problems and solutions. . .Perhaps you could read
more carefully and you will see solid suggestions from many here."

Read more carefully?  I didn't write the original post, but agreed
100% with the writer.  Very few solutions are offered on this blog,
the great majority of writings are to comlain/whine about something. 
The value of this blog has continued to deteriorate.
12:05 pm edt 

Totally Agree with No Overrides

    Here we go again. Big projects, big money and big overrides. And
it will go well beyond the $7 million dollar estimate for the Town
hall renovations. This will be our town Big Dig! Or, if not, then a
smaller version of the Falmouth High school $86 million dollar
fiasco. Just more change orders, just more money requested, if not
demanded, and there we go again.

     Will those who are the town officials ever learn? They think
that by leaving town hall and doing the exit real fast, that we will
be forced to give them the money for the renovations. Use up the
renovation money for the trailers and then stick out your hands for
more tax money.

      Perhaps not!
1:54 am edt 

There Are Places that Are Closing Early

    But then, Labor Day is quite early this year. So you will see
restaurants changing their hours in a few weeks and some will close
for the season. Given the economy, this makes a lot of sense.

     Lucky for those who did well this summer. It was tough
economically and for those who are and were thriving,
congratulations. But that is not easy in this economy.
1:53 am edt 

Read More Carefully

And then you would see that many here have had many suggestions for
problems and solutions. That has been the case for the schools, for
the Pier Corp, for Town hall renovations and much more. Perhaps you
could read more carefully and you will see solid suggestions from
many here.
1:51 am edt 

Monday, August 25, 2008

Solutions Desired!

There will always be people pro & con on any issue. And all
I read on here seems so negative without any solutions. C'mon, lets
at least realise that it takes more than just rewriting the same old
gripe over and over again, is not going to solve anything!
2:18 pm edt 


The guild has no sense of community and does not do
business locally.

YAWN - we get it already, you hate the Business Guild and anything they do.
11:34 am edt 

Early Business Closings?

To the person that said some businesses are already closing
early.  WHICH ONES?  I have NOT seen any business close yet.  Just
another misconcept on here.  (And if your talking about some of the
washashore, because for the last 20 years, they put up those signs
this time of year.  They stay open through October, and then RE-OPEN
in May
11:33 am edt 

No Override!

Well, one more summer is over. We have one more drunken weekend
  (labor-day) to survive, September, then get ready for heating bills.

I hope that people did as well as they said they did, but I have
never seen so many sunken eyes than this year.

Also I have noticed that businesses are already closing early, and it
is still August.

Who believes that the 7.2 MILLION dollar renovation of town hall will
only cost that much, I do NOT!  How will we pay for it?  I will not
vote for a override. They better trim the budget somewhere.

NO Override
9:53 am edt 

Must Have Been a Very Good Week For Everyone
Very little complaints here.  OR your all to tired to type after making so much
9:51 am edt 

Re: GU

Rumors regarding a Stop and Shop take over is about as old as GUs
produce. Its amazing this third-world grocery store is the only game
in Ptown, but there it is.
9:47 am edt 


The only anti-guild shops and businesses are those who are
disgusted by the guild's stupid     moves in the past year or two. I
know several businesses that would be members if the guild was going
in a productive direction and worth the money. The guild has      
off a lot of local businesses doing dumb      like hiring an out of
town trolly during meet your man weekend when we have many local cab
companies that would have worked with us to get the business. Instead
we hired a trolly from out of town. Things like that go on all the
town. The guild has no sense of community and does not do business
9:45 am edt 

Re: Financial Records

"I know I haven't seen a detailed or comprehensive report for over 3 years."

Why don't you just ask to see a copy?

Any non-profit is required by law to allow any member(s) to look at
their financial statements.  Then you wouldn't have to worry, you'd
have 1st hand knowledge.
9:40 am edt 

Re: Proposed Charter School

This is response to the person who posted that there are only 46
Ptown kids 7-12.  You're short by a few, but not by much.

But let's say we send 50 more kids to Nauset.  At 13K a kid, that's 650K.

Add the 21 kids we are already sending to Nauset and to Ligthouse
Charter.  At 13K a kid, that's 273K.

Add the 162K we'll have to pay to transport these kids to Eastham and
to Orleans.

The total comes to 1.085 million dollars.  Every year.

And though some people wish that Nauset would merge with us, it will
never happen.

Why, for example, would Nauset want to take on our transportation
costs if they don't have to?

Nauset would be crazy to do so.

It just wants our money.

It doesn't care about our kids.

So, with no representation on the Nauset School Committee, we get to
send Nauset 1.085 million dollars.  Every year.

Some say when we sell the high school there will be a windfall.

Look this up.  The high school has a considerable mortgage on it.

The town borrowed against the high school two years ago.

Eight more years left on that note.

So there won't be much savings there.

As for the charter school study done ten years ago, it was just that, a study.

Not one entity outside of Ptown was ever contacted.

It's time now for a charter.

It's time now for an Educational Management Coproration (EMC) to come
in and take over the High School.

It will lease the high school.

It will use inexpensive un-benefited labor.

It will pay for its own administration.


It will draw kids to Ptown.

We'll get the 13K from other towns.

Instead of paying 23K per student as we're doing now, we will only be
paying 13K per student 7-12.

All the EMC wants to run its school is the 13K per student.

No more big budgets for 7-12.

The 1.085 million dollars we will be paying out to Nauset is more
than enough for an EMC.

Far more than enough.

EMC's are efficient, streamlined, for profit free market entities.

And the EMC will raise MCAS and SAT scores.

This is a win-win people.

Nauset is a losing proposition.

Nauset will take our money and we'll have no say when it raises the rates.

Taxation without representation is tyranny.

If you see a Provincetown School Committee member on the street, yell
this:  "It's time for a charter school, now."

Sturgis turned away over 200 students last year.

Lighthouse charter turned away over 120.

There'll be no problem drawing kids to the Provincetown Charter School.

If you care about the kids in this town, give them a good school.

For those of you who care about the budget, we either send the exact
same amount of money to Nauset or we keep it here.

Make a choice.

Voice that choice.

A Very Concerned and Frustrated Parent
9:38 am edt 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Re: Carnival Parade

Carnival Parade is made up of people, groups, etc who want
to be in it.  Our guests LOVED the parade and had a great time.  It
was a little shorter this year, but it all depends on who signs up to
be in the parade.
11:17 am edt 

Back to the GU
My understanding is that its just the other way around, that Stop &
Shop will be taking over the lease and knocking down the wall between
the bank and the store to allow for the bank to be accessable from
inside the Stop & Shop, a super store. Can't wait!
11:11 am edt 


I also remember how anti gay the shops and other businesses
in town were before the PBG. It looks like some of those anti guild
people are still here! Thank you PBG for the great August this year!
How soon that some forget that the town used to be empty for half of
11:09 am edt 


I've often thought that there may be some funny numbers
being passed by the PBG officials. Has anyone seen a copy of the
books? I know I haven't seen a detailed or comprehensive report for
over 3 years.

The report last year was very vague. Maybe it's time for audit?
11:08 am edt 

To A Very Concerned and Frustrated Parent:

Some of the information you give on charter schools is interesting,
however I think your information on Nauset is incorrect.  PHS looked
into a charter school more than 10 years ago. Like former Principal
Pavao said, the childrens educational interest are not in the
forefront of discussions. Its time to send our children to Nauset.
11:06 am edt 

To Concerned and Frustrated Parent:

I appreciate your research on the subject.  I think many of us would
agree, our school system will not survive in its current state.  I
certainly don't have the answers, but I want to know what our options
are, you've done some homework on it and that's a start.

Ms. Berg made a post some time ago with enrollment figures which came
directly from the Provincetown School system.  These numbers are from
last year, but are still useful.  One thing of note is that of the
enrollments for 7-12 last year only 46 are from Provincetown, the
others are from Truro and School Choice.  When we talk of sending
Provincetown students to Nauset we are talking about 46 students,
based on last year's enrollment.  I copied her post for reference.

October 1, 2007
       Provincetown   School  Total
Pre-K*     23            7      30
K              5            2        7
I               6            3       9
II              6            1       7
III           10            1     11
IV            10            2     12
V               6            3       9
VI            10            1     11
TOTALS:  76           20      96

     Provincetown  Truro  School    Total
VII            5         7      5        17
VIII          9         3      1        13
IX           11         3      5        19
X              5         8      1        14
XI           11         6      8        25
XII           5         7      2        14
TOTALS:  46        34     22       102
TOTALS: 122        34     42       198
11:05 am edt 

Re: Carnival Parade

What was the parade all about this year.  I have been
living in Ptown for 10 yrs, and this was the (I cant find the words)
to say how bad I thought it was.  It was very short, no fun, and not
much thought was put into it. Who ever put it together shoud not
admit he or she did it.  Hopefully Next Year the Parade and
Carnival will be like the old days.
11:03 am edt 

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Re: Proposal for EMC Charted School

Someone asked why I kept mentioning Sabis in my suggestion that
Provincetown go to a 7-12 charter school model.

I do not work for, nor do I have any contact with Sabis.

Sabis just happens to be the only Education Management Corporation
(EMC) that is currently licensed to operate in the Commonwealth of

I'm just a frustrated and concerned parent who has lately done a lot
or research on this.

I hope that others in Ptown will research the charter school model. 
Once again, the charter school model will save Ptown money while
providing a good education to those of our kids who decide to stay
and get schooled here.

Sending our kids to Nauset will be too expensive.

We will have no say on the Nauset school committee because Nauset
wants our money, not our input.

We will pay Nauset over 13K per student (110 students: over 1.4 million).

We will pay $900 a day to bus them to and from Nauset (that's 162K per year).

Nauset doesn't want to merge with us; that would cost Nauset too much money.

The Nauset school committee has already informed our school committee
that it has no intention of merging with us.

Nauset just wants us to send money.

Additionally, Nauset will be able to raise the amount they charge
each town per student and we will have no choice but to pay what
Nauset demands.

The transportation costs for Ptown will be considerable, since it
will be our responsibility, not Nauset's, to bus our kids up Cape. 
And with the price of diesel, that cost is only going to escalate.

I explained in my previous post how an EMC operates.  Essentially,
EMC's are for-profit entities that cuts costs and improves MCAS and
SAT scores.

Tell the school committee, now, that to save us money and to improve
education for our students that a charter is the only way to go.

A Very Concerned and Frustrated Parent
11:35 am edt 

Re: Proposal for EMC Charted School

In several comments you have specifically suggested the EMC "SABIS". I am curious
as to your association, if any with this organization.

Your facts are well taken. However, the continual promotion of a specific EMC  raises
the question as to why them?

Your rational would be better served without the continual specific recommendation of
a singular entity.

Just the Facts
8:59 am edt 

Friday, August 22, 2008

We Did it!

If you think the P.B.G. is the only thing keeping
Provincetown gay I have some stock in Enron I'd be willing to selling
you. Every place in the world was anti-gay years ago. The P.B.G.
didn't change life as we know it, we did.     Alan
11:02 pm edt 

Proposal for EMC Charted School

If the town insists on keeping K-12 open indefinitely (despite
precipitously declining enrollments) it may be time to consider
converting 7-12 into a charter school.

Why a charter?

Why let an Education Management Corporation (EMC) come into town to
run 7-12 as a charter?

Why would this be better?

First off, no more benefits for the few teachers who decide to stay
and teach here.

EMC's do not deal with unions--at all.  They hire teachers who will
teach for far less money than we're paying our teachers.  Same would
go for overpaid administratorslike Pavau.

If the teachers want to complain about this, remind them that every
kid in 7-12 will be going to Nauset in two years (three years at the
latest) and that there won't be a 7-12 union job to be had here then.

By the way, forget about much of a savings if those kids do go to Nauset.

We'll still have to pay for transportation:  $900 a day for five bus
trips daily--two in the morning, two after school and one activities
bus; thats $162,000.  Nauset will never ever agree to share that
cost, never mind pay for it.

And, right now, Nauset charges us $13,000 per student.  Imagine if
the 100 or so that are still in 7-12 all leave and go to Nauset. 
Thats $1,300,000 of our tax dollars going to Nauset (not counting the
kids who are already there and those who are going to their
Lighthouse Charter School, all of whom were busing there).

Incidentally, Nauset doesnt want to merge with usits school committee
has already told us thatthat would cost them money.  They only want
our $13K cost-per-studentand, on top of that, they want us to deliver
the students.

We also can't get rid of VMES because K-6 is mandated by the state. 
Like it or not, this is non-negotiable; Provincetown is required, by
state law, to provide and education for any student K-6 (plus Nauset
doesnt have a K-6 option for us).

So, there will be little savings if our kids go to Nauset.

Sure, we could sell the high schoolbut thats a one-off savings.

Afterwards, we would still be stuck with VMES (which accounts for
more than half of the budget) and wed be paying out nearly $1.5
million to Nauset (which is just a little less than what were paying
right now to run the high school).  And this is a cost we would be
paying for years and years and years--or as long as there are
children in Ptown.

However, If we bring in an EMC, there will be huge savings.

The EMC would lease the high school from the town and all the town
would have to give up to the school is cost-per-student, the same 13K
were giving to Nauset and to Lighthouse.

We would also save on teachers and administrators salaries, benefits
and transportation.

This is how it would work:

The EMC would make a bid on 7-12, sign a contract, sign a lease and
run the school as a private for-profit entity.

Once they sign the contract, the financial running of the school is
totally up to the EMC.

It will pay non-union teachers.  It will pay non-union janitors.  It
will pay administrative costs.  All that the EMC wants is the
opportunity to attract
students and the 13K each town, including us, provides.

Essentially, other towns will be helping to pay for education in Ptown.  How?

Sturgis Charter in Hyannis turned away over 200 applicants last year.  The
Lighthouse Charter School in Orleans turned away over 120.

If there were a decent charter school in Ptown, parents would send
their kids here.

So, it's time that other towns started sending education dollars to Ptown.

And if we contract with an EMC (like Sabis, which has dramatically
driven up MCAS scores and SAT scores in every school it has taken
over) parents will want to send their kids here.

Dr Pavau is right:  a comprehensive high school run in the old way
will not work here anymore.

So, what is the School Committee waiting for?  It's time to call up an
EMC (like SABIS) right now and make this hulking, failing system more
streamlined, more accountable and more manageable while it provides a
better education for our kids.

A Very Concerned and Frustrated Parent
10:45 pm edt 


It's August idiot. Carnival or no carnival our store would
do just fine. Host an event during the busiest month and then
expected praise? That's as bad as the family week fiasco.

Come up with an event in June or September when it's slower, then
I'll give them a pat on the back.

PBG doesn't do anything for my business. Just an annual expense so I
don't belong because it's worth anything for me either. Just do it

If the economy keeps up at this rate I may have to cut out the just
because expenses and my membership may be the first cut.

10:34 pm edt 

Moot Points Anyway All Around. Pro or Con Business Guild.

They waited until the last minute to find an entertainer for Carnival
so we end up with some has-been tv drag queen that no one even knows.
At the rate the events have gone this year  I'm certain we will
hardly break even this year despite Carnival being our cash cow in
years past.

Although I'm sure we'll be told in a meeting how much of a great
success everything was.

It will be interesting to see the books at the annual meeting in
October. That is if our esteemed treasurer decides to present a real
report to us or not. He would rather take the podium and give us
empty facts and figures for an hour until we fall asleep.

I only keep my membership because its a donation to a local gay
charity. I don't get anything back from it but a sticker that I won't
even put on my window.

Unlike some that say they will drop out. I won't drop out because
it's a good tax write off and I hope some day the organization will
get itself back to what it was years ago.

I do contest the membership comment someone made earlier because
Irene told me personally membership has dropped significantly in the
last year. Most members are not happy with the Guild.

They won't tell you the real deal in the meetings. Just tell us
everything is great.
10:32 pm edt 

Before the Guild -

"..I remember the town before the guild was formed and it
was totally anti gay. Watch what you wish for."

Could be that's exactly what this one person is wishing for.
10:29 pm edt 

Bravo for Police Chief Jarran, Officer Larry Silva and Other Cops

And huge kudos to Officer Glen Enos who once again led the parade, as
he has for many years. Because of Glen, and officers like him,
Provincetown is a welcoming place for visitors.
10:27 pm edt 


". . more harm than good . . ."

Yes, I was being sarcastic.  If I didn't feel PBG was doing me any
good, I wouldn't belong.

A member
7:22 pm edt 

Well said.

The PBG does do more harm than good.

How true. LOL.
7:20 pm edt 


Interesting, I have NOT heard any stores complain about
business this week.   I assume the crowds for carnival were fine and
you made up thos 20% losses from family week.  Guess the P.B.G did
something right.

(And no I am NOT a fan of the P.B.G. but will give credit where credit is due)
7:19 pm edt 

Question About the GU!

I have heard that GU is not renewing the lease for the space they are
in at this time.  I have heard that a Bank is going into the space. 
Is this true?

Not that the GU will be a big loss since it is the worst food market
I have been at for years and does not get any better.  Also, it seems
they are letting the inventory go down to the bare minimum.  Can not
get anything I used to get at the store.

Does anybody know what is going on?
4:50 pm edt 

Re: Departing School Principal

I also found it interesting that the departing principal
said a rebound in school enrollment was unlikely is very telling, and
'To sustain a comprehensive high school at this time is unrealistic'.
  Wouldn't he be as close to the situation as possible without the
bias of the Superintendent or the School Cte?

His other comment is one we should all be asking.  How many fewer
students can the district sustain?
4:47 pm edt 

Re: PBG Does More Harm Than Good, That's Why I Belong

I assume you were being sarcastic, i didn't get it at first.  You are
right, the PBG has many members who must believe they do good for
their business, else they wouldn't renew.  From what I understand
membership has not dropped, it's about the same this year as last
4:45 pm edt 

Factual School Data
The web site mentioned previously, provides
the following data:

                                  Nauset    P-town       Lighthouse

Students per FTE teacher  12        6           10

MCAS 10 grade English   90%          60%

MCAS 10 Grade Math      88%         50%

MCAS   8 Grade English  92%          85%         87%

MCAS   8 Grade Math     77%          43%         57%

MCAS   8 Grade Science  65%         29%         50%

Are we really doing our students a favor providing them
with a Provincetown education?

Daily Reader
4:43 pm edt 

Re: Anonymous Attacker
". . .when you care to identify yourself, i'll do the same..."

Do you really think he's going to identify himself?  It's not his
M.O., he prefers to attack while hiding.
1:57 pm edt 


P.B.G. does more harm than good for business, that's why I belong.

1:55 pm edt 

Watch What You Wish For

For the (very) few blogers who think the PBG is not good
for anyone. I remember the town before the guild was formed and it
was totally anti gay. Watch what you wish for.
1:54 pm edt 

Anonymous Attacker
"I think unless you're the president's hubby on here, and
you need to prove otherwise, it's not effective for your business either."

While you hide behind your anonymous attacks?  Give me a break.

I'm not the President of the PBG, the President's hubby or a Board
member.  When you care to identify yourself, I'll do the same.
11:58 am edt 

Re: Take a Look at Nauset

We need homeowners who do not live here to join in the
fight to close Provincetown High School. The principal, who recently
resigned, stated in the Banner that his "only regret is the children,
their educational interests may not be in the forefront of the
discussion. is often about everything but what's best for the
kids." He went on to say "to sustain a comprehensive high school at
this time to me is non-realistic." Come on people. Wake up. We need
to send our children to Nauset. It has never been about the children;
its about their paychecks. Now Supt. Waugh wants to find another
Principal. The former made $106,737 and she makes $76,000. And a
secretary making over $60,000. Anyone know what they are saying about
the number of students graduating in 2009? Take a look at Nauset:   
 then go to the Provincetown
High School site.

Our children deserve a better education.
11:56 am edt 

Re: Principal Pavao

Apparantly Principal Pavao was all about the Benjamin's! He
couldn't care less about the kids or their education, just his
paycheck! Good bye, good riddance, boa dia
11:52 am edt 

Bravo for Police Chief Jarran, Officer Larry Silva and Other Cops

The lead of the Carnival Parade was a vintage stage coach drawn by a
team of 4 big horses, and the horses got spooked by the crowd
somewhere west of the center of Town. The Chief, Silva and 4 other
officers who I did not know  formed a "flying wedge" and ran in front
of the spooked horses to clear the crowd on Commercial St., I'd guess
for at least a half mile into the near West End.

I could see the fear in the cops eyes not so much for themselves but
for the impending disaster. They ran their butts off and saved our
collective    .

Thanks Guys!
11:51 am edt 


I don't care how you want to slice it (or spread it). The
P.B.G. is still a useless organization that does nothing for my
business. I think unless you're the president's hubby on here, and
you need to prove otherwise, it's not effective for your business
11:48 am edt 

Bad Reflection

Hopefully most of the writers on this blog are 'wash-ashores'. 
If not, it's a bad reflection on the Provincetown School System.
11:46 am edt 


The Historic Commission is the building commitee until the
town gets 3 volunteers to reform the building committee.
11:44 am edt 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Granny Thoughts and Granny Actions

Elaine Anderson is acting in a way that characterizes reduced
capacity of thought and reduced perspective. There is no vision. Age
has taken its toll. Or she was always old.

And I liked someone's earlier reference to Arsenic and Old Lace. She
is the Old Lace that you don't want to sit and have tea with. Her
thinking is of another era, bydone at best.
2:14 pm edt 

Re: Granny

I,m a grandmother. Whats so bad about being a Granny? When
you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing at you!
2:11 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown School System

Dear fellow citizens..............I would like to encourage
everyone to visit www. to review our local test
scores on the required and dreaded MCAS tests.  If you google
Provincetown High School you will find this site.

Well the report cards for our students are not stellar..         
Grade 7  English   59 % pass...down from 69 in 06,
                    65 in  05 and 83% in 2004.

          Math      only 50%
Grade 8  English   85%
          Math      43%
          Science   29%
Grade 10 English   60% down from 72% in 06, 88 in 05
          Math      50%

These scores are mediocre...and getting worse over the years.
We aren't teaching these students well enough.  It is time..and well
past time to allow these young people to get a good education at a
high school with a strong teaching faculty.  Nauset is such a school.
Let's close Provincetown High School.
2:09 pm edt 

Re: Elaine Anderson

Granny or Grandmother is usually used as a term of love and
respect.  As it has been used here by a poster is disrespectful.  Are
you calling her Granny because of her age?  If so, it's even more

There is no need for personal attacks or showing disrespect to
others.  We can agree to disagree without the petty name calling or
attacks under the shield of anonymous postings.

I have no connection to Selectman Anderson, I post only as a fellow
citizen of Provincetown.
11:26 am edt 

Happy Carnival to All!

     May the cowboy and cowgirl hats and bandanas fill the town with
happiness and fun. May everyone enjoy today as the fabulous floats go
by! A toast to Carnival! A toast to you!
11:22 am edt 

Good, the Principal is Gone

Another loser, like the
previous principal,              used the taxpayers of Provincetown
to get a fat check yet could care less about children and education.
We need to close this school. We need to do it now. In a word: NAUSET!

PHS (Pathetic High School)
8:39 am edt 

NOAA.Gov Says

  "Today: Sunny, with a high near 75. Northwest wind around 8 mph.".
Should be a GLORIOUS day for a parade.

Enjoy everyone,

8:36 am edt 

Re: Elaine Anderson

E Anderson did not praise herself on this blog! I was the
person who gave her praise. And I have no ties to her. I've never
even personaly met her. But I can see and read the truth. Something
that blogers on here forget to do.
8:34 am edt 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Looks Like the Grandmother is Posting Her Own Praise

OK Elaine Anderson, you have the right to praise yourself here on the
blog. Oh, yes, you have a done a great job! Look at the deceptive,
behind-the-scenes deal you concoted on the Murchinson property. Shame
on you. But I can see why you would be patting youself on the back.
Who else would? Not many of us, Granny!
10:53 pm edt 

Well, there's the AmountL $430,000 for the Trailers

      I'm sorry but I do feel we have nitwits in charge. Who in their
right mind would ok the spending of $430,000 for trailers? This money
should be used for its original destination: Town Hall. We have
squandered and will have squandered the entire $750,000 and not even
a clapboard or a chip of paint will have been fixed or repaired. This
is an abomination! The nitwits are in charge! I sadly don't have much
hope for this town with this leadership. Sad but true.
10:52 pm edt 

Why Would Historical Commission Be the Committee for Town Hall Renovation?

Somehow you're mixing up a commision that studies building and one
that would be involved in the renovation itself of the building. In
fact, if there is a committee that would have to oversee the changes,
it would Historic District Commission.

You are confusing me. Or are you confused?
10:50 pm edt 

Happy Carnival!

     May everyone here have a Wild, wild time! May the floats be the
best and may the best beads land in your hands.
10:45 pm edt 

Thank You Elaine Anderson .....

...........for putting the three stooges in
their place. All the selectmen should be as smart and gracefull as
Ms. Anderson! The three stooges were wrong on the Murcheson
development, they should bow their heads in shame.
10:45 pm edt 

Re: David Bedard

If David Bedard thinks the town will let go of any town
buildings or land. His political days are over.
10:43 pm edt 


The Historical Commission Are now also, the building
commitee for town hall. Don't be so paranoid, if you want to give
back to the town, and be on a town building commitee I'm sure the
historical volunteers would welcome you taking over! Otherwise your
rants on here are really bordering on pathedic.
10:42 pm edt 

Provincetown School Principal

Good for you and your pension Mr Pavou, after all at a time
I needed to speak to the princiable of my childrens school I was
drawn into the conversation you drifted into about your pension you
will leave our struggling school system with, as i said in our
conversation that followed, dont let the door hit you in the     on
your way out
10:40 pm edt 

What a Lovely Day Today Was?

The sun was shining and it was
just a gorgeous day. We should all be thankful for our gorgeous
surroundings. Enjoy!

East End PJ
8:44 pm edt 

New Name For This Web Site -

Provincetown Association of Bitchy Citizens.

Good lord people, have you nothing positive to say?  For those who
work to make this town a better place it must be demoralizing to read
these blogs.  Hopefully they don't read them.

Nothing works in town hall?  I had a conversation with a town hall
employee today.  He was a vast source of knowledge, very professional
and a pleasure to deal with.  We're lucky to have him and many others
in town hall.
8:43 pm edt 

Re: What is Working in Provincetown?

In my humble opinion I offer the following:

Well, there actually has been some improvement in Community
Development Department. Not so much anything attributable to any one
person. And not any one outstanding issue. But just a little overall
slight improvement in the direction of how a public service
department SHOULD work in the first place.

I also think the service we receive from the DPW can at times be
outstanding when called upon.

The Fire Department also seems to be very well run.

  Ditto for the Rescue Squad.

Its good to see a Police Chief who acts (so far) more like a public
servant than a hard ass jar head thug with a gun.

Cumberland Farms is a really good outfit as far as convenience stores go.

From my own experience the Dog officer is more interested in helping
to find solutions than being punitive.

The Historic Board allows people to use plastic wood. (Not always)

The West End Racing Club.

Still free parking at the West End Rotary (dont tell the parking department)

Very easy to shoplift at a certain local landmark store.(Good for the

I'm sure I could come up with more.

Anyone else?

A Rat In The Basement
8:41 pm edt 

Talking About Illegal Parking Around Town.......

Am I the only one that is aware of the consistant illegal parking
behind Firehouse #2 at 189 Commercial ST. The paved area around the
building is a Town Landing. It is a NO parking zone. My guess is that
it is a local business owner connection. Follow the paper trail at
that location in town. Influence on our officials and I guess
possession is 9/10ths. of the law. Only in Provincetown, the wild,
wild east.
8:39 pm edt 

Please, Someone Tell Me What is Working Well in Town Hall

Is there any department that is doing great? Is there any project
that makes us proud? Any venture that makes sense?

Is it the school? Is it town hall renovations? Is it the sewer
system? Is it the Murchinson property? Is it finding the $400,000
missing from Land Bank? Is it the other missing monies from Waste
Water Enterprise? Is it new accounting practices that are fiscally
sound? Is it the clear-cut 90 Shankpainter project?

Does anyone have an answer?
3:06 pm edt 

What? Historical Commission the Town Hall Committee!

What is this jibberish? What has the historical commission got to do
with the town hall renovation and the money needed? And what does the
Historical Commission have to do with money for the tacky trailers,
more fitting Appalachia than the Outer Cape?

Can you explain this strange association or "fact" that you are
presenting? Historic Commission does not have accessd to money and
surely not $300,000 for formaldehyde-strewned trailers. I guess what
was good enough for New Orleans is good enough for town employees.
Maybe some officals, breathing in the formaldehyde, will think even
better. They couldn't be thinking any worse than they are today.
3:04 pm edt 

Re: Web Statistics

First 19 days of Aug, 27.9% came from and 7.8% from .    Again, if you spend dollars advertising, you get what
you pay for.  I pay 2/3 less for the pbg and get less hits.  Will I
tell you where my other hits come from?  Like the the President of
the PBG, I don't think so!
3:03 pm edt 

Taxis Parking

Once again in order to leave the COA building after a class
we had to manuever around the illeagly parked taxis on Alden
Street.....more maddening than usual because one of the cars for
Ptowns Finast also had to drive around the cabs.........why are they
(the taxis--not in use)  allowed to park in the no parking zone---in
a historic district---?

When parking is full at COA can I park there also or will I be ticketed?
3:00 pm edt 

Re: Russell Braun

Not to be argumentative, Russel (chicken
coop) Braun has NOT sold one of those chicken coop condos; NOT even
the one that doesnt look like a chicken coop.  I heard the bank owns
it.   The only think that was sold 5 years ago, was the 3 homes that
are on the bay on stilts.
I don't think it's so much as they look like chicken coops, as 2
other main forces.  The location and the economy.
2:58 pm edt 

Something's Being Missed

      When bloggers give information, they are not in court. They do
not have to swear that what they say is only what they know as
evidence. People here have the right to express their opinions.
Opnions could be wrong. But that is their right. Trying to hold
bloggers to some higher truth--higher even then what we get from town
officials and the BOS--makes no sense.

     The blog is for expression of feelings, for perceived problems
and individuals can be mistaken without being labeled deceptive by
some others.

     Somehow, some always miss the rights we have in a democracy, the
right to express ideas, provide our own analysis, and reach
conclusions. And this blog is a good example of this right of free
2:56 pm edt 


To the writer of: "Once again, it shows this blog, that people do NOT KNOW
what they are talking about.  Must be someone from the PBG, like the Pres
or Exec Dir or a board member."

You are one paranoid man or woman.  The writer was giving
information, that's all.
2:54 pm edt 

Re: Town Trailers vs Community Preservation Funds
Wrong, Again

Town voters did not vote for trailers at a town meeting. They voted
to use Community Preservation Funds for the renovation of town hall
and trailers are far from historical structures.

Many of us attended the Katrina trailer meeting and most of us stated
our opposition to their poor decision. The selectmen don't have the
ability to take Community Preservation Funds for trailers! This is
illegal since the money, which is from our taxes, is for the
preservation of historical structures--not to rent trailers!

The decision to rent trailers should be a town meeting vote on this
issue. Otherwise, the BOS is doing something quite illegal.
2:52 pm edt 


Web site statistics from  doesn't show where your
hits are coming from!  Even isn't in the top 100,000
sites, so the info is very limited.  Once again, it show this blog,
that people do NOT KNOW what they are talking about.  Must be someone
from the PBG, like the Pres or Exec Dir or a board member.
9:52 am edt 

You Blogers Are Not Doing Your Homework!

The move to the trailerswere voted for and are paid for. The Historical commission
are the townhall building committe, and like it or not the town voted
for E Anderson & M Coulture by very big margins! As Cher said in

"Snap out of it!"
9:50 am edt 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Town Hall Renovation

Two years ago, at annual Town Meeting, voters approved $750K be set
aside for expenses relating to the renovation of Town Hall. The
trailers and relo expenses fall under this appropriation.

If people are up in arms about the move, they should have spoken up
weeks ago when the BoS held public hearings about this issue. Public
hearings are posted on the Town's website and in the Banner.
11:12 pm edt 

Maybe We'll Have a New town Employee Position

It seems like the way to go, create a new position, an assitant to an
assitant. Maybe we will now have the Town Hall Renovation Head Huncho
or the Town Hall Renovation Chief in Russel Braun. Maybe Sharon can
now increase his salary so he can make over $95,000 as the key town
renovation and head of operations chief. Sounds deserving of a
singificant raise and Russ the man is the guy! He will do what they
want. But who is running this show, this so apt, town carnival?
10:24 pm edt 

All This Talk About Web Site Hits, Traffic, etc.

If you want to check out web site statistics you can visit
and click on traffic rankings.  You can enter in any web address and
see how they rank compared to other web sites.  Interesting
statistics for Provincetown web sites.

But, of course you can manipulate numbers to prove any point, take it
all with a grain of salt.
10:05 pm edt 

Slash The Budget By Eliminating The Summer Cops--

I am so annoyed with the rent-a-cops on the corner of Lobes Sq and
Ryder St. just standing there and giggling at the different people
walking by.  One woman officer was on her cell phone gabbing for a
good 20 mins. while her partner just stood there, oblivious to his

God forbid you stop traffic and let a few anxious cars go through the


$$$waste of TAX money$$$
10:03 pm edt 

This Town Hall Bondoggle Should Be Stopped

Once again, decisions are made that impact severly and seriously town
taxpayers and residents and town officials act dictatorial. They
should be stopped but let's look at where they are "taking" the money
for the trailers. This should be voted on but if they can find money
that is available and once was voted on, they move forward without
anyone of us. Of course, Granny Anderson, Smirky Couture and the
cabooses follow. But there is no train track and this engine will go
plunging down the ravine.

We need a Big Stop Sign and we all need to hold it high!
10:01 pm edt 

Re: Russell Braun

Not to be argumentative, but to his credit, Russel (chicken
coop) Braun has sold one of those condos; although it is the one that
doesnt look like a chicken coop
9:59 pm edt 

Re: Russell Braun

Not to be argumentative, but to his credit, Russel (chicken
coop) Braun has sold one of those condos; although it is the one that
doesnt look like a chicken coop
5:11 pm edt 

Process is Needed...

Since we haven't approved a complete rebuild of Town Hall
through any process...the move out is to say the least
premature...and the spending of tax payer money for temporary
trailers and a title five that the engineers were planning at the
Jerome Smith Lot this morning a bit ahead of the process.

Provincetown certainly has available heated space going unused in
buildings throughout the town.

It is time to put the brakes on...and visit in a nonsecretive
fashion where we are headed with no money in the town coffers and the
spiral down economy of a seasonal community that is loosing year
round residents.

Process is needed...not proceeding without voter input.
5:10 pm edt 

Re: Transition Team

The Transition Team worked their wiles to make certain that the
Recreation Building, the School buildings and then the Freeman
Building would not be used. It was a protection of vested interest
space--keep town employees and town people out of these restricted
spaces. So the trailers became the de facto answer.

Sad how this town works.

AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN...and don't think Anyone other than the
"Transition Team" gets to make a decision about the future...
5:08 pm edt 

Could We Rent A Few Leaders

Boy, it would be great if we could rent a few leaders like we're
renting trailers. If we can pay for temporary shelters maybe we can
pay for a few leaders who could help us out. We do need help. One
wrong decision seems to follow another.
11:27 am edt 

Better Rethinking of Space

You don't need all town offices in one building. YOu do need the
first floor offices together and that would be fine in the Freeman
Building. Do you think you will have privacy in the trailers? That is
the last thing anyone of us will have.
Then you put the Downstairs staff in the Recreation Department. There
is parking and there is room for all of them. Except Health that
could go to the DPW Grace Coveia Building. They work with DPW and
there is parking there.

This makes so much more sense then these expensive ugly trailers.
When a town has buldings, it should use these structures and improve
these, instead of wasting money on trailers. Or rent space from
someone in town. Again, poor thinking.

The Transition Team worked their wiles to make certain that the
Recreation Building, the School buildings and then the Freeman
Building would not be used. It was a protection of vested interest
space--keep town employees and town people out of these restricted
spaces. So the trailers became the de facto answer.

Sad how this town works.
11:26 am edt 

Re: School PrincipL

Looks as though someone did a background check on the
principal......hmmm must of found something
11:24 am edt 

Re: Russell Braun

IF Russell is one of the main people leading the move, we
are in for some high costs.  He doesn't have an interest in our town
as he lives in Truro and could care less what our taxes goes up too
with this project.  How can someone lead us, when he can't sell and
market those 6 chicken coops he built out on 6 for 3 years now?  That
was only a 1 1/2 million dollar project and we expect him to manage 7
or 8 million plus project for our town?
11:22 am edt 

Send, Spend, Spend!

What I have seen these past years that I have been in this
Town is that it doesent matter that the town coffers dont have the
money for something new.

The people in charge get an idea in there
head and just go out and do it without regard for how it will be
paid. this is because they know that the money will come in one way
or another, be it from a speacial for approving it at Town Meeting
or, if that fails just robbing a department budget.
11:20 am edt 

Re: School Posts

The "bright bulb" responsible for hiring the principal is the
superintendent.  Looks like a lot of things in the school system have
deteriorated while she's been leading the district.  And now the word
is she wants to step down and become the K-12 principal.  Guess she
couldn't really do the job like she professed.  Or maybe she is just
trying to find a way to remain one of the highest paid employees in
the school system.

Now, regarding the report from the committee who was to be addressing
the school issues -- my bet is that report will never surface.  And
if it does then the results will be skewed.  Good luck!
11:11 am edt 

Town Hall @ Freeman, Think About it

When was the last time you were in the Freeman Library?  With the
huge atrium space, the Town Hall offices could never all fit in the
building.  Would you want to have a private conversation with the
assessor, the town clerk, permit coordinator, town manager with
everyone else listening because the offices were packed together like

And where the hell are you planning to park?  No staff parking and no
parking for anyone coming in to do town business.  What about the
contractors who need to stop in the Buiding Dept., yeah sure, they'll
all park at the MPL and walk over.

Jerome Smith is the only logical alternative and many cape towns have
used transitional trailers during the same process.

All the town hall offices should be kept in a centralized location
and they should be accessible.
12:11 am edt 

Re: PBG:

It's interesting to see someone attach a person for discussing
his/her number of hits from different sites.  I have posted some of
my numbers, and can tell there are at least 3 or 4 others that have
posted "fair" numbers.  It is very clear that one person is either a
board member, the president or sleeping with one or the other and is
trying to make the rest of us look like we do not know what we are
talking about.
The current President does have a successful guest house that goes
without a dispute.  Why can't he help the other members?  Because
like others on here have said, he wants only to be successful and he
doesn't want others to share in what he is doing, or he MIGHT lose
some business.  When will everyone realize, that every person has
their own agenda
12:08 am edt 

Monday, August 18, 2008

We Should Aim Higher

I had hopes that this blog could be a productive agent for
change in Provincetown.  I'm sorry to see what it has become.  Maybe
we could all take it up a notch and work towards making this town of
ours a better place for everyone.
11:02 pm edt 

They are Packing Their Bags and Heading for the Trailers

Yup. They're ready to go. Sharon and Russell are leading the charge.
Out the door, with bags packed. The moving machine is in full swing.
They're setting up the new Katrina Trailer Park and they'll be there
for years. What a waste of money. And for a tourist town to have its
offices in a trailer park, it doesn't make sense. When this town has
beautiful buildings like the Freeman building and we leave PTV and
the Tourism Director as the only occupants, with the rest of the gang
in the Jerome Parking Lot. Please tell me how the worse possible
scenario is the one chosen by the "leaders" of this town. Is there a
shortage of intelligence? Or is this simply incompetence? Help.
Someone explain this to me. Please!
10:40 pm edt 


Come on      if you want to be the mouthpiece for your
husband and support the PBG because you think there are doing such a
"SUPER job" (after all where else could actually be elected President
of anything?)  FINE!   Please don't make up numbers to throw at us.  
Your guest house is no better then any of ours.  It's pretty evident
in this town who is successful and who isn't.  This blog is losing
readers because people are posting empty and baseless information all
the time.  We all know the PBG is failing and we all know why.  If
people would step up to the plate and come to meetings we could
change this.  I've said this over and over and over.  We'll see who
gets voted in at the next annual meeting.
10:37 pm edt 

Re: PBG Advertising

We're obviously on different ends of the spectrum. I get as many as
400 hits per day on my site. If you're only getting a mere 1,000 or
so from the Provincetown Business Guild, based on membership fees and
a qualified forecast of what's remaining in 2008, you're paying an
whole lot of money per visit. I hope at least 1 in 100 make a
reservation for your sake to recover your investment. Maybe you don't
have the product people are looking for?

Did you see the earlier numbers?
Cost per hit is far less for the PBG than for or
Chamber.  That says it all.

It's interesting how quickly you go into attack mode and try to bring
others down to make yourself look better and to further your personal
attack on the PBG.  Your arguments/rantings are not rational and are
a little hard to believe.  I won't respond to your irrational attacks
again.  I think everyone can see them for what they are, anonymous
attacks by one person who has an axe to grind against the PBG.

See ya.
10:35 pm edt 

To the Editor

I wrote a shout out sunday morning and have
not seen it printed! I never use profanity or derogatory statements,
this has happened more than once! I do not have the option of
resending as you ask on my computer. Why am I being blocked?

Webmaster Comment: Please send the comment again using the copy
and paste feature i.e. write your comment as text on your computer copy and
paste the text into the Shout Out! post.

All comments which adhere to MYPACC website policy are published.

Thank you
10:33 pm edt 

Re: PBG Director

Maybe the p.b.g. director should follow the principal's
lead and that would be one less weak link to point out everyday.
9:15 pm edt 

Facts and Reality
PBG = economic suicide? That's the  proper order of those
words. If I had referrals like yours to my site I'd consider suicide

Two reasons I can see your numbers are bogus and hold no credibility.
First is that alone has generated over
3800 people to my site alone this year to date. Second no figures are
too low to count. If one person hits your site from or others you get the data and its very
clear. I have figures for every one of them and mine are considerably
higher and probably less fabricated.

If you're just guessing which it looks like you are you should try
Google's analytics because it's free and gives you the more accurate
view of where your referrals from from and a realistic number of how

Although if you think the PBG is your meal ticket and the PBG is only
giving you that many referrals maybe shut down and open an ice cream
store on Commercial. The guest business may not be for you. I wonder
if the Crowne/BK boys put all their stock int he PBG. Something tells
me the answer is no.

No beef with the Executive Director besides recognizing that he's
unproductive, not credible and somewhat of an imbecile. I dont do
much with the PBG other then go to meetings and listen to the
recycled garbage they feed us each month and pay them lots of money.


I'm really tired of people people posting bogus stuff on here to try
to sound credible. Facts give you credibility. Reality gives you
credibility. GET SOME OF BOTH.
9:13 pm edt 

Did We Vote the Money for the Trailers?

Does anyone know where the money for the trailers is coming from? It
looks as if it will be around $250,000 to $300,000 for the
trailers--and that is for two years. It probably will take much

Perhaps the transition plan will cost $500,000. Did we vote on this
money? Did we even vote on the trailers? Does anyone know from what
account this will come from?
9:09 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

Thank you Web Master, I re-sent the e-mail request.
9:08 pm edt 

School Report

Speaking of a possible school merger, when is the report
due from the special committee addressing the school issues?
9:06 pm edt 

Re: PBG Advertising

We're obviously on different ends of the spectrum. I get as
many as 400 hits per day on my site. If you're only getting a mere
1,000 or so from the Provincetown Business Guild, based on membership
fees and a qualified forecast of what's remaining in 2008, you're
paying an whole lot of money per visit. I hope at least 1 in 100 make
a reservation for your sake to recover your investment. Maybe you
don't have the product people are looking for?
9:05 pm edt 

Dear Webmaster,

I sent you a question through the 'Contact Us' feature.  Can you tell
me how long it usually takes you to respond?


Webmaster Comment: Comments made through the "Contact Us" page are forwarded to a personal mail box and are usually responded to on the day they are received.
7:37 pm edt 


Glad that strategy worked for you, but as a guest house owner there's
not a chance I'd drop the PBG.  Through the first seven months of

1,942 hits to my web site from PBG web site
1,069 hits to my web site from web site
444 hits to my web site from Chamber web site
Not even enough #s to track from EdgePtown or GoPtown.

The numbers speak for themself.  It would be economic suicide to drop
the PBG even if I had an issue with the Executive Director or they
didn't hire me to do a project I bid on.
7:14 pm edt 

Re: Modular Office Space

It's obvious you hate this project and those who are moving it
forward.  But I really would like to know where you get the $17
million figure from?  And has it occurred to you that the request for
final plans, specifications and bid documents are in relation to the
placement of the trailers.  The trailers have to sit on something,
we're just renting the trailers.

In a previous post you also complained about the $200,000 in wasted
furniture for the trailers.  It has been made clear that the trailers
will be using the furnishings from town hall.  No money will be spent
to furnish the trailers.

Obviously you are just throwing out misinformation to get people
upset about this project.  If you feel so strongly about these
issues, go to a selectman's meeting and ask your questions of the
selectmen.  They will typically respond to questions asked of them
during public statements during their statements.
6:33 pm edt 

Why Did They Hire This Principal Anyway?

Whose bright idea was it to hire this principal? This is a recent bad
decision and who were the key people who hired him? Do we look to the
superintendent, to the chair of the School Committee or to the
members of the School Committee? Someone should be held accountable
for another poor hiring. And these same people are making other
decisions that will continue to doom the school.

Sadly, these are not the brightest bulbs.
6:30 pm edt 

Who Will Vote for the $17million Rehab?

Didn't we often say no more big projects? Didn't we hear that over
and over at Town Meetings? It's the old"Say NO" of nancy Regan
applied to the town's excessive spending, to their love of the huge

This is not the time for a $17 million rehab and the town offcials
know that. That is why they paid to have the chicken little sky is
falling--ok--the roof is falling study. Emergency. Close the top
floor. Shut down Town Hall before it falls down in the next big
storm. Who are they kidding? Only us, only you and me, so that we
will feel forced to vote for this ridiculous expenditure. Then they
rush to rent awful Katrina trailers, spend money on title five set
ups, buy new furniture and there we have spent anything that is left
in the CPC $700,000 that should have been judiciously used to fix the
building or stabilize some of its areas.

Wait to hear Michelle Couture insists that this must be done. We must
spend the money, she will scream. But once again it never is her
money. This renter always wants us, the taxpayers, to pay for her
boondoggling ideas.
6:29 pm edt 

All Town Meetings Cancelled This Week Except...

Conservation Commission is the only town board that is meeting this
week. And guess what is on the agenda? A site visit to the Murchinson
Property. I wonder if Elaine Anderson has already given her former
co-chair Dennis Minsky his marching orders. I think so.

Will they find that one of the twenty trees that should have been planted
is not planted? Will they be irate that their rulings have not been
carried out down to each branch, stem and blade of grass?
This time, will they have correct maps? Will what they look at be
what is? We shall see.

They're on the case!
6:26 pm edt 


I decided to drop the Provincetown Business Guild this year
and put my membership fee into advertising on, and it ended up being a smart move.

Rather then just pay some nitwit's salary and get nothing back we're getting
reservations even at times we've typically been slow. Like one said
on here, see a problem and take steps to change it.

Worked for us.
5:28 pm edt 

Modular Office Space for Temporary Relocation of Town Hall Offices

So reads the add in the Banner. They are surely moving ahead as if
they have the money for the trailers and as if the town has agreed to
fund the $17 million rehab of Town Hall. The deadline for proposals
is soon: August 22, 2008. Then they will intereview some candidates
between September 2 and 4th. The ad is seeking "proposals from
qualified modular building manufacturers and contractors for the
erection and lease of temporary Town Hall facilities to be located at
the Jerome Smith municipal parking lot."

But I think something else is going on! As the ad continues:
"As part of this project, the successful applicant will prepare final
plans, specifications and other bid documents; and provide updated
project cost estimates based on the final plans and specifications."

So they are not only looking for trailers. I think they are also
looking for someone who can and will offer final plans for the rehab
of Town Hall. Why put these two aspects together? There's absolutely
no need to put these two projects together at this time. Something's
not quite right. And where are they getting the money?

Looks like Building Commissioner Russell Braun is the contact person,
the overseer, and the picker of the final choice. Hope he is not
going to sell the town some of his own modular-like buildings that he
developed as a developer.
5:25 pm edt 

Re: Provincetown Principal

Another one bites the dust, or more truthfully; He made his
nut off the ptown taxpayers and he's gone. Just like the many before
him...he's not the first or the last.

This one Principal didn't even LIVE on the cape. He just collected
his checks for being the Principal of BOTH schools and head of
special needs. He was just another No Show employee and personally
I'm glad to see him go.

Oh yea, while he was a no show at the elementary school WE The
TAXPAYERS were paying the Kindergarden teacher to also be the acting
principal.  This double and triple dipping by members of the
school/town is out of control.

Don't worry about the Kindergarden tho, last year they had 3 teachers
for 5 kids not counting the acting principal...
Don't expect honest numbers of students this year either, they are
trying to hide it but there are only 3 1st graders and NO 6th and 8th
5:22 pm edt 

Yes, Arsenic and Old Lace

Great reference. I, too, see Michelle Couture and Elaine Anderson as
conspiring on too many issues. Especially, the Murchinson property.
Maybe the question is who was really instigating this? Couture
initiating the Emergency meeting? Or was it really grandmother
Anderson who convinced Couture to call the Emergency meeting when
there was no true "emergency"? Seems that Conservation Commission was
upset that the land was cleaned of dead trees and other  bushes and
held that against the potential owner when it was the responsiblity
of the actual owner, the estate. But somehow this grudge, which
Anderson still holds when she was chair of Conservation, was a big
factor in the coordinated effort to send this property to the Cape
Cod Commission.

My suggestion: if Elaine Anderson or Michelle Couture offer you tea,
tell them you're not thirsty!
11:55 am edt 

Re: We are Willing to Learn

"Seriously, why don't you offer to mentor newer business owners in town?"

Are you kidding me?  Tried that and people thought I was giving them
wrong information so they would fail.  People in this town are so
secretive about their own business, and lie about everything to
everybody.  Why?  That has always been the million dollar question? 
Is it that the town is so small and everyone  tries to be in
everyones business?
8:48 am edt 

Re: Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber does even less for my business.
8:46 am edt 

Sunday, August 17, 2008


The Business Guild has never done anything for my guest
house either.

It's about time someone points out these problems. It's not rosie by
any means.
10:38 pm edt 

Trailer Update

Sharon and Russ have a RFP listing in the
legal section of the current Banner. This means they are shopping for
a contract to build and lease them.

My question is: How can they be spending money on these trailers
without first getting approval from Town Meeting?

And another: Why are we going to build a title five septic system in
the parking lot when the sewer pipes run right past the property?

It appears to me that everyone in that building is preceding full
steam ahead with this boondoggle as if they already have full
permission to spend us into the poor house.

Mark my words, these trailers will be too nice and too big.
We will throw away $200,000 worth of office furniture
from these trailers whenwe are done with them because none
of it will work in the new Town Hall.

This project will take between 3 and 4 years to complete, not
the 2 years that Russell and the architects are telling us.

This project will cost upwards of $17,000,000. We will end up with
one or more dysfunctional systems in the new building because
of poor oversight.

Due to the overzealousness of some individuals to
protect the public safety, we will no longer have an antique
building, we will have a brand new building that looks just like the

No one will be happy except those who dont pay for
the reconstruction and who will take all of the credit.
10:35 pm edt 

School Merger

If its anything like neighboring towns, it will be CHEAPER for Ptown
to send our kids to Nauset. Its cheaper for Truro to send them all
the way to Nauset as opposed to P-town, that's a fact. In the end,
the town could sell the school or lease the building and make money
on the deal.

A lower cape hospital could be a great idea in a
building of that size and structure with cafeteria and seperated
rooms. God knows we need something like that down here and with
Deaconess in conjunction with Outer Cape Health would be interested.
something to consider.

I know there will be a million details to work out but there has to
be something the town can do to make money long term off the building.

And to the principal leaving, it just happened to the embattled
principal in Gloucester too. Its their way of sticking it to the
school system that stuck it to them. Our principal took a pay cut
last year and if it happened again, the penion would be going down.
Now way. Retire while the numbers are high.
10:29 pm edt 

Re: Leadership Problems

Very well said!  You hit the nail right on the head.
11:32 am edt 

School Merger

Is it true that if the schools merge with Nauset that the
Provincetown taxpayers won't save any money and that the Nauset
School Committee will practically own the High School building?  I've
read and I've been told this.  I've also read and been told that
merging with another school system will put us exactly where we are
right now, which is paying for schools we don't want.  Is there no
way out of this school debacle?
11:31 am edt 

Why They Run

"They run because they have specific thoughts on certain
things and aren't receptive to opposing views, only their own."

I would say 'they have an agenda'.
11:29 am edt 

Re: The Whole Story

OBVIOUSLY there's much more to the story than was originally shared
about the principal's sudden departure.  How many administrators
(whether it be a school administrator, a town administrator, or even
an administrator/CEO of a private business/corporation) do you know
who leave this suddently to "retire" unless there's some sort of
story (aka scandal) behind it. I'm sure there are little birdies in
town who would love to share "the dirt" on the story because that's
how small towns work.  You just have to find them.
11:27 am edt 

Leadership Problems

One thing I have realized from being on boards in the past is that
new people have big ideas and want them acted on right away,
regardless of the outside forces that allow them to be acted upon or
not. I was in the same boat. Over time, my attitude changed. From
what I am seeing, that's what is happening here with a relatively new
BOS. Anderson, Bedard and even Knight are somewhat new to the game.
Once they have experience under their belts, their attitudes will
change and they will fully understand the process. Experience takes
time. Experience makes a person wiser. The mis-steps of Anderson to
date I think are simply based on inexperience. If it continues, it's
ignorance. And this goes for any of these boards that aren't
continuously in the lime light. They work in the wings on mundane
issues and nobody pays attention so they don't act FULLY legally some
of the time. When they are thrust into the light, as recently seen
with the Planning Board, Conscom and Historical Commission, they aren't
prepared for the action and mistakes are exposed and made. Again,
inexperience is probably the reason here but if it continues, ignorance,
of the law and past experience, would be the reason. At that point, i
t's unacceptable.
11:26 am edt 

Re: Trailers

Any news about when the "TRAILERS" are coming to town for
town hall employees?  I thought Sharon said they had to be out of
town hall by November 1st.  (That is the date a NOREASTER MIGHT HIT
CAPE COD)   I bet the costs will go up because like everything else,
they will be scrambling to move at a cost to the taxpayers.   And
then town hall will sit empty till next summer.  What a shame.
11:22 am edt 


Perhaps he realized that few people on here are interested in real
analysis and data and prefer to gripe, moan and lash out instead. Not
one of his questions based on data was taken up or debated and
instead he was savagely attacked repeatedly as are many who try to
use reason on here so perhaps he gave up on trying to make a
difference and just go back to trying to enjoy ptown instead.

A crow in his nest enjoying the harbor view :)
8:23 am edt 

Leadership and the Lack Thereof

Until we can convince quality people to run for office we
get what we got.  I'm not real satisfied with our leaders, but no i
don't think they are 'bought'.  They run because they have specific
thoughts on certain things and aren't receptive to opposing views,
only their own.
7:48 am edt 

Re: Greg Craig

Whatever happened to Greg Craig who posted on here early
on?  He had good contributions.
12:13 am edt 

Re; Pier and Illegal Parking

Was on the pier today to pick up friends.  What's happening
out there?  Illegally parked cars everywhere, slow ferry had to wait
to unload because they couldn't get the ramp up to boat, too many
cars parked in the way.  And not one harbor staff person around to
help out.  It was a mess.
12:12 am edt 

At Least Keith Bergman Was Bright

I don't want him back. Believe me I don't. But at least he was
bright, if not brilliant. He was not to be trusted and he was running
this town by himself. But still, he was smart and even if you took
the wrong turn, he knew he was doing this. Somehow, I don't see this
in the central office.

I sense a foggy mind, a fear of leadership, and a willingness to have
others do, act, and make decisions. What we need is strength in the central

Can't you rise to this Sharon? Please, take this step. Stop looking to others
to do your job. I think you could do it.

Just try.
12:10 am edt 

Re: Recycling

To an earlier poster. 

Yes the town makes money from recycling and the more rececyling the
less trash that cost town money to haul away. 

It doesn't make sense.
12:07 am edt 

Seems Things are Not Too Good At Town Hall

Look around. Life is not too smooth, not too good at Town Hall. Seems
there is a definite lack of leadership that pervades this building
and thus pervades the town. Sad, unintelligent group that is leading
or pushing this town. Tragic how little thinking, how few ideas, how
almost no new vision comes out of this building. How sad for all of
12:06 am edt 

Oh,You Are So Right!

I'm counting, I'm hitting the little buttons on my calculator. You
are right. How could so many of these town board people and town
board chairs have been so in synch on the Murchinson property. So
many of the members and chairs had a definite plan of action. This
could not have happened without prior conversations and prior behind
the scenes discussion and telephone conversations.

The Open Meeing Law is there as a pretense. It is not enforced and
these present-day selectmen, Michelle Couture and her side-kick
Elaine I-was-the-chair-of-Conservation Commision-Anderson are
affronts to this law. And then, this grandmother, this arrogant woman
has the nerve, the utmost gaul to attack the other selectmen as if
they had done something wrong. Elaine Anderson is a questionable
entity and her ties to the old Conservation Board should be examined
closely in the proceedings of the Murchinson property. This woman is
not saint. She is a plotting, behind-the-scenes suspect in this
double-dealing project.

Beware of these grandmothers. They have long, sharp hair pins under
their bonnets!
12:04 am edt 

Re: Renters Tax

I assume person talking of a renter's tax wasn't serious. 
plese tell me they were not serious.
12:01 am edt 

The Whole Story

The princpal is leaving the school system?  In the middle
of August just before school starts?  Is there more to this story?
12:00 am edt 

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We are Willing to Learn

Sorry, but my inn isn't purple although I know which one
you are referring to.

Seriously, why don't you offer to mentor newer business owners in
town?  Some would not want it, but some would appreciate it.  As you
obviously wouldn't do it through the PBG, you could do it through the

It would also seem a number of retail operations could use some
mentoring.  Marketing & promotions, customer service, etc.
11:56 pm edt 


Well I may in fact be superior, to just you. After all, I'd
never paint my inn that ugly purple color.
10:43 pm edt 

Eyes and Ears...

The same place I get my business from. Marketing and doing my own
thing because the P.B.G. sucks.
10:42 pm edt 

We are Willing to Learn

"I can't help it that you don't have any business experience
and are not smart enough to see that an organization like the P.B.G.
is failing you and your community. I love all the guest  house owners
who have become business, economic and marketing experts overnight.
Some of us worked in those fields long before we came here."

You are clearly superior to everyone else.  Perhaps you could act as
a mentor to all those who don't know as much as you.
10:38 pm edt 

Reflection From the Looking Glass

To the person who said "I myself prefer to work to change
things that I'm not happy with or shut up if I'm not willing to put
forth the effort."

IF your willing to blog here, how come you are not willing to sign
your name? 

You are like everyone else!
10:34 pm edt 

More News From the High School...

With Dr. Pavao leaving, word is that Ms. Waugh's employment within
the school district will be changing and a couple of scenarios have
been heard around town.

One scenario is that she will be employed as a combined
principal/superintendent.  PHS tried that several years ago and it
didn't work too well.

Another scenario is that she will step down as superintendent and
become the K-12 principal.  This is interesting because if a merger
with Nauset were to occur, she would most likely lose her position as

How many certifications does she possess???
10:31 pm edt 

Re: No Eyes to See With and no Ears to Hear With

Actually I have 35 years experience in business and marketing. Didn't
you even read what I said? If went away, where do you think
a gay guesthouse in this town would get their referrals?
10:29 pm edt 

No Eyes to See With and no Ears to Hear With

I can't help it that you don't have any business experience
and are not smart enough to see that an organization like the P.B.G.
is failing you and your community. I love all the guest  house owners
who have become business, economic and marketing experts overnight.
Some of us worked in those fields long before we came here.
8:58 pm edt 

The Pros and Cons of the PBG:

First the negatives. The new website sucks. It is nothing more than a
generic listing directory. It makes no attempt to promote
Provincetown at all. At least the old site had some pictures. Since
Don K came onboard, the marketing of the group changed. We should
have a site that shows the town with lots of images, videos etc. A
site that gives one every bit of info they could possible need. It
should be so visually compelling that one would want to come here.

The concept of doing a magazine in the day of the internet makes no
sense at all. By giving people all of the info in the magazine, you
negate the reason for going to the site. Instead of paying the huge
cost of postage for the magazine, a simple direct marketing brochure
promoting the site could have been mailed to ten times as many people
for less money.

I am an innkeeper and our visitors have gone down since the new site
went up. used to be our number one site for referrals. It
is now third behing and

The best thing about the is "Last Minute Availability" --
we have filled every hole we have had in the past month from that
site. Also, the majority of our actual reservations still come from
people who found us there. When all is said and done, the Chamber
does nothing. Regardless of the shortcomings of the PBG, it is still
all we have. Maybe if enough people complain, the group can get back
on track.
8:53 pm edt 

News from the High School:

Dr. Floriano Pavao, the high school principal here for the past two
years, has resigned suddenly, informing school Supt. Jessica Waugh he
has decided to retire.
8:48 pm edt 

I'm so Pretty, Oh so Pretty.................

"I guess this is why some of us do better then others.
I have enough business experience to acknowledge the P.B.G. has
minimal benefit to our community. This includes guest houses."

Kind of full of yourself aren't you?
8:21 pm edt 

Re: Elaine Anderson

Elaine Anderson needs to contribute something, anything,
before she has the right to criticize others for their contributions.
  So far I haven't seen  anything of value come from her.
8:18 pm edt 

The Fault is in Ourselves

"Why is leadership such a rare quality here in this town? Why
do those who hold leadership positions seem to possess so little of
the essential qualities? Is it cowardice, lack of intelligence, or
the inability to see long-term consequences? Or, perhaps, and sadly,
are too many people bought?"

What's the saying?  Most people get the government they deserve.
8:17 pm edt 

How Many People Broke the Open Meeting Law? Let Us Count the Ways

     Can we count? Michelle Couture working behind the scenes with
Elaine Anderson who worked behind the scenes with Dennis Minsky who
worked behind the scenes with Brian Carlson who worked behind the
scenes with Howard Burchman who worked behind the scenes with Eric
Dray who worked behind the scnes with David Gardner who worked behind
the scenes with Martha Hevenor who was, of course, working with Ted

Amazing how many town board chairs and members and selectmen
broke this Open Meeting Law and acted as if they were so proper. That
is only some of the people who broke this law. There are many more.

     And why would Michelle Couture call an Emergency Meeting and why
would Elaine Anderson ask the Board of Selectmen to support the
Chairs of Planning, Conservation and Historical when some boards had
yet to meet?

      Can you count the ways they broke the Open Meeting Law? And can
you count the number of town board members and selectmen who broke
this law?

      Take out a calculator and start hitting those little buttons.
8:13 pm edt 


So much negative energy.  I would suggest you not renew
your PBG membership if it is such a bad organization for you.

I myself prefer to work to change things that I'm not happy with or
shut up if I'm not willing to put forth the effort.
4:53 pm edt 

Anderson is Sounding Like Parmakian

      Elaine Anderson and her attacks on her colleagues reminds me of
what Pam Parmakian was doing at the end. She too was reading
pre-written statements and in them attacking the other selectmen.
Parmakian had not been a slectmen very long when she attacked Lynn
Davies, Austin Knight and MaryJo Avellar.

And now Elaine Anderson is reading her pre-written statements and what
is she doing? Attacking her colleagues for not respecting David Gardner.
Attacking David Bedard and MaryJo Avellar for asking questions to David
Gardner. Such convuluted thinking. She also hasn't been a selectmen very

Maybe Anderson should follow Parmakian's actions and leave the board
2:40 pm edt 

PBG and the Director gives me 3 times as many hits as  Does that mean it is better?  I pay 2 1/2 times as much
for listings.  So in reality, they are about the

I am just being fair to the posts here.  But that doesn't make
me any happier with the PBG and the director.   I think most people
are upset about the lack of Don's concerns with the direction of the
PBG.  That seems to be the underlining issue.

With, they are a profit organization, with no agenda
but to market Provincetown.  The more you pay them for
links/banners/listings, the more hits your going to get.  Same with
Google.  The more you want to pay Google for listings under search
words, the more you going to bet click throughs. 

It is called Capitalism.
2:34 pm edt 


You're an innkeeper and you think the P.B.G. has the best website?

I'd hate to see your marketing plan.
Even worse, I'd hate to see your guest rooms!

As far as referrals you must have only a couple of rooms if there
referrals satisfy your needs. With only one a week at best, that
doesn't do anything for me.

I guess this is why some of us do better then others.
I have enough business experience to acknowledge the P.B.G. has
minimal benefit to our community. This includes guesthouses.
2:15 pm edt 

Good Neighbor

It's a good thing              didn't pick up your guests. He
wouldn't have brought them to your guest house, he would have checked
them in. That's what he did to us last year.

Good neigbor.
2:12 pm edt 

Renters Tax

Anyone who knows anything about rental properties, apartment, house,
or commercial knows that in ALL of the leases is a clause that passes
on ALL higher taxes to the renter.

Of course Michelle Couture doesn't know this because she has a
sweetheart deal for her shop and apartment from a big property owner
in town.
2:09 pm edt 

Such a Convulted Maze

Why is leadership such a rare quality here in this town? Why do those
who hold leadership positions seem to possess so little of the
essential qualities? Is it cowardice, lack of intelligence, or the
inability to see long-term consequences? Or, perhaps, and sadly, are
too many people bought?
2:06 pm edt 

Maybe Ealine Anderson Did Break the Open Meeting Law

      Maybe that's why Anderson is so sensitive about how some town
staff were treated by Bedard and Avellar. Perhaps they understood
that all the coordination of Planning, Conservation, Historical, and
even the Board of Selectmen Emergency Meeting and town staff involved
many conversations and planning that actually broke the Open Meeting
Law. Anderson did not want town staff being questioned on the how and
the when and the where because this information could fall back on
Elaine Anderson's own role in coordinating the Discretionary Review
by the Cape Cod Commission. Anderson's fingerprints are on too many
documents where she coordinated the chairs of these boards to do her

      As Avellar said in the Banner:"Asking us to get involved before
the facts stinks. That leads me to believe that somebody knew
something before I knew about it. Ealine has had a bee in her bonnet
about 2 Commerical Street since she was on the conservation
commission. She's a selectman now."

     Yes, Anderson knew something before the other selectmen knew.
And now she issues statements against Bedard and Avellar when she
should be looking into the mirror and admonishing herself. Shame on
you Elaine Anderson.
2:05 pm edt 

What Is Wrong with Elaine Anderson

Why can't she just speak? Why does she have to write statements and
then spend time reading her own words? This is just odd.

Could it be that someone else is helping her write these "profound"
statements and helping her attack her other colleagues? Perhaps the
statements are a collaborative effort from the one colleague she
never attacks--Michelle Couture.

Maybe it takes two of them to have one complete idea.
2:02 pm edt 


ha! Not being a pbg board member but sleeping next to one
doesn't give you any more credibility.did you notice you're really
the only one ever in this blog that has anything positive to say
about the pbg which should stand for pathetic business guild.
2:01 pm edt 

Re: Lands End Inn

Actually Land's End Inn contracts with a Provincetown
marketing agency that also has an office in Boston. The owner of the
company is a resident and taxpayer in Provincetown here. Michael
MacIntyre likes to support the local economy if he can.
2:00 pm edt 


If the town insists on keeping K-12 indefinitely (despite
precipitously declining enrollments) it may be time to consider
converting 7-12 into a charter school.

Why not bring an Education Management Corporation (EMC) into town to run 7-12?

Why would this be better? First off, no more benifits for the few
teachers who decide to stay here.  EMC's do not deal with unions--at
all.  They hire teachers who want to teach for far less money than
we're paying our teachers.
Same goes for administrators.

If the teachers want to complain about this, remind them that every
kid in 7-12 will be going to Nauset in two years (three years at the
latest) and that there won't be a union job to be had here then.

By the way, forget about much of a savings if those kids do go to
Nauset.  We'll still have to pay for transportation and all the other
expenses we're paying for now.  And because we'll be part of the
Nauset district, the Nauset School Committee will have a huge say
over what happens to the High School (state law mandates such a huge

We also can't get rid of VMES because K-5 mandated by the state. 
Like it or not, this is non-negotiable; Provincetown is required, by
state law, to provide and education for any student K-5.

However, If we bring in a EMC, there will be huge savings.  The EMC
would lease the high school from the town and all the town would have
to give up to the school is cost per student.

Now, cost per student in Ptown is very high--stupidly high, for a
number of reasons, mostly to do with the cost of union jobs and high
administrative costs.

This is how it would work:

The EMC would make a bid on 7-12, sign a contract, sign a lease and
run the school as a private for-profit entity.  Once they sign the
contract, the running of the school is totally up to the EMC.  It
will pay teachers.  It will pay janitors.  It will pay administrative
coasts.  All that the EMC wants is the opportunity to attract
students and the cost-per-student that each town provides.

Essentially, other towns will be paying for education in Ptown.  So,
there will be a ton of savings and the people who want to educate
their kids in Ptown still will be able to.

Sturgis Charter turned away over 200 applicants last year.  The
Lighthouse Charter School in Orleans turned away over 120.  We're now
paying for some of our students to go to Lighthouse Charter--as well
as to Nauset and to Cape Tech.

It's time that other towns strted sending education dollars to  Ptown.

So, what is the School Committe waiting for?  It's time to call up an
EMC (like SABIS) right now and make this hulking, failing system more
streamlined, more accountable and more manageable.

A Very Concerned and Frustrated Citizen
1:58 pm edt 


". . .But, when it comes down to it the PBG provides many
more referrals for the price than any other web site in town.  It's
not even close. . ."

I checked my statistics to see if this poster was correct and he or
she is correct, at least for my business.

For my business listing:
PBG  cost per hit =  $0.127
Chamber cost per hit = $0.502 cost per hit = $0.672

You can not renew your membership if your satisfaction level is so
low, but I sure won't.  If I'm really upset with the PBG I would work
to change things not cut off my nose to spite my face.  And if I
really had issues with the staff I would contact a PBG board member
or speak up at a meeting.  I wouldn't take anonymous hits at the
staff from this site.
1:53 pm edt 

Friday, August 15, 2008

Re: Recycle Pickup

Doesn't the town MAKE MONEY from Recycling Pickup ?  I
thought we sell the recycling and it lowers our halling costs and
other trash costs?  If so, then why do we limit it too 2 bins?   I
hear that it takes time, but everything takes time.  I find it stupid
to limit something that the town gets $$$ for and the landfills
benefit from.
5:06 pm edt 


Yes, put another nail in the coffin - drive away the
working class, by taxing them? have it ALL
wrong. I own and most of my friends also do and we all work. Your
logic is messed up.
4:51 pm edt 


My web hits have not gone up either since the new web site
went on line live.  I have had no one tell me they found me on the
last minute availability either.  It is a waste of my time to log on
everyday and submit the information. 

I assume from posts here, there are more and more people disapointed
in the currnet PBG, but I would be willing to bet, very few of the guest
houses will opt out. 

I think it is the current board of directors that have to determine
Don's effectiveness.   I hear from       all the time how Don doesn't
return phone calls or is away and "busy".  All that any board member
has to do is speak to      , but then again,       doesn't want to
get involved                                .   When will we stop paying
someone so much for getting so little in return?

I AGREE, Goodbye PBG.
4:21 pm edt 


"Our inn isn't getting any referrals from the fancy new PBG
website. In fact I just went on and the last minute avail is all
messed up.

The PBG just lost it's last shred of value for us.
Goodbye PBG."

You may talk the talk, but I doubt you'll walk the walk.  The PBG is
by far the best, most cost effective web site and referral for guest
houses.  Does it have faults?  Absolutely, plenty of them.  But, when
it comes down to it the PBG provides many more referrals for the
price than any other web site in town.  It's not even close.

Another innkeeper,
(and no, I'm not on the PBG board)
4:14 pm edt 

Dear Mad Business Owner

Provincetown's Residential Curbside Trash and Recycling Pickup was
developed for residents, we do not pickup commercial trash or
recycling.  All guest houses are allowed 2-barrels and 1-recycling
bin for the resident/manager, the same as a residential home. All
other trash and recycling is considered commercial. We have picked up
more recycling than the Board of Health Regulations say, but due to
the heavy volumn of recycling (up to 25 bins at one location) we've
had to resort back to those regulations in order to get the job done.
  Actually if you sort your recyables we will pickup up to 3-bins. 
This goes for residents also.  These BOH Rules and Regulations are
not new.

In the know...

Webmaster Comment: The tone of your comment ("we") suggests that you are
speaking as a DPW authority and as such you should identify yourself.
4:12 pm edt 

Sandwich Town Hall Restoration

Town Meeting approved the appropriation of $2 million in Community
Preservation Act funds for the project.

They have it right, use Community Preservation funds for town hall
restorations.  We can't afford to restore town hall, yet we are
doling out grants to others (FAWC, Pilgrim Monument & Museum) to
restore their buildings.
2:09 pm edt 

How Many Rentals?

Anyone have an estimate of how many rental properties
(condos/houses) there are in town?  I looked on Cyber Rentals and saw
around 440.  How many more are there? Any guess?
2:07 pm edt 

Stupid Idea of the Week

"....I think renters should have to pay a
tax too. Her answer is to always make owners pay. Let's enforce some
kind of renter's tax. "

What an asinine thought.

Yes, put another nail in the coffin - drive away the working class so
this town can be a haven for the bitter and  cheap second home
owners.  No school, no library, privatized public works, a soul-less
hell reflective of the values of the residents who hate Provincetown
and are trying to re-form it in their own images.
2:06 pm edt 

Re: Marty Davis

Marty Davis... isn't she Alix Ritchie's partner?
2:04 pm edt 

From the Innkeepers Desk:

Our inn isn't getting any referrals from the fancy new PBG website.
In fact I just went on and the last minute avail is all messed up.

The PBG just lost it's last shred of value for us.

Goodbye PBG.
2:03 pm edt 

Random Acts of Kindness

Two women guests of ours took the ferry in to town.  We are on the
West End and by mistake they turned right and headed to the East End. 
After walking a few blocks with their luggage they asked another
guest house owner who was working in his yard where our guest house
was.  The guest house owner told them we were on the West end of
town.  The guest house owner told them he was going to the grocery
store and offered them a ride to our guest house which was on the way
to the store.  He then gave them a ride to our house and they told us
when they got to our house.

In spite of our differences, all of our complaints about things,
there are some really good people here in town.  To the other guest
house owner, if you read this blog- Thank you for your graciousness
to our guests.
2:01 pm edt 


After years of having curb side pick up for all our re-cycle stuff we
here told that only two bins are allowed.  I own a Guest House and
for twelve years have had all of the re-cycle bins taken.  The most
is four or five.

Was told that this rule of two only has been on the books for years. 
To be told this on August 12th by the DPW during our most busy time
has made this a hardship for us.

I find this town to be a day late and a dollar short.
I can not understand why this always have this kind of news during
the summer. No notice!!!!!!

A mad business owner!
1:57 pm edt 


Everyone would actually be better off if the PBG just
folded and shut down. Then perhaps a new organization, less plagued
with the PBG deceptions and incompetance may be developed. THE PBG WE
HAVE TODAY IS NOT WHAT WE HAD BEFORE and the PBG we have today is a
waste of our money. Let's get Rob Tosner back in there or Gabby.
That's when things ran efficiently. This overpriced fool they hired
has ruined it.
1:54 pm edt 


Yes, I will agree with you that Don has hurt the PBG and
he's a waste of salary.

However you should still go to meetings and voice your concerns.
Otherwise things will just stay the same and never change.
1:52 pm edt 

Pretty Sweet!

Mike at Land's End contracts a Boston advertising agency to
promote his inn. No doubt his bankroll from selling Brass Key helps
with that. Have you seen their website lately? Their entire image is
pretty sweet.
1:51 pm edt 

Frick & Frack Drinking Tea

David Bedard is right. Board of selectmen meetings are not just a
group of people sitting around having tea. But somehow the image of
Michelle Couture and Elaine Anderson sitting together sipping tea
eerily reminds me of scenes from "Arsenic and Old Lace." More plans
are concocted, more mysterious actions plotted, more questionable
pre-planned decisions emerge when these two get together, whispering
and smirking above their porcelain tea cups.
1:49 pm edt 

Wow! Over 60,000 Hits

     Congratulations to all of us. I'm impressed. More than 60,000
hits is quite an accomplishment. There are many eyeballs here and
that is good. And there are many writers here adding insights, ideas,
perspectives on and about Provincetown. That is good and productive
for all of us.
1:48 pm edt 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Re: Couture vs Home Owners

Michelle Couture is always for taxing the homeowner. Now
she wants to ensure that people who rent out their homes pay for
their certificate, which I do. I think renters should have to pay a
tax too. Her answer is to always make owners pay. Let's enforce some
kind of renter's tax.

What do you think Michelle?
9:38 am edt 

Exorbitant prices at restaurants? Maybe. It depends where you choose
to eat. Exorbitant cover charges at bars & tea dance, what planet are
you from. I know of no bars in the country that let in locals for
FREE. It is unique to Provincetown.

If $5 & $10 seems exorbitant I feel sorry for you.  Try living in
Boston or NYC where covers can be $25 or Key West & Fire Island. They
don't care who you are or where you're from. EVERONE PAYS !
Bars & restaurants have bills & employees to pay. Get Real !!
9:37 am edt 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bedard Has it Right

      I like Bedard's response to Elaine Anderson attack on him and
on Mary Jo for questionaing David Bedard and raising questions on the
problematic process involved with the Murchinson property. Here's
what he said: "I'd rather have a heated discussion than to all sit
around having tea."

      Well put. I guess Elaine Anderson believes that they should
sit, properly dressed, tight, proper and defer to her! Anderson has a
poor understanding of how selectmen should act and what role they
actualy take. Perhaps she is too used to being deferred to as Chair
of this and Chair of that with members who are more putty than
people. Selectmen should not be bobbing heads that shake "yes."
11:46 pm edt 

Thanks for the Information on the Accident

I did see two police cars and the pedi-cab and then one person
standing straight as as a rail being handcuffed by the police. thanks
for letting us all know what did happen.

I knew the person was tall and lean but I did not know then that it
was Patrick Elley, the chair of Zoning.
11:44 pm edt 

Today's Banner: Anderson Takes Colleagues to Task

Can Elaine Anderson ever speak without having to issue herself a
statement that she then reads? This is riduculous. And who is she to
admonish her colleagues? Who is she to decide she knows what "proper"
behavior is and so she admonishes Mary Jo and David Bedard. On what
high horse is this woman sitting?

This woman fails to understand that other selectmen have the right and
the responsibility to ask questions and that David Gardner is not immune
from questioning. Given Gardner's questionable behavior with the Murchinson
property, both Mary Jo and David Bedard and Austin Knight had ever reason to
ask many questions.

Does Elaine Naderson believe that because she was Chair of the
Conservation Commission that her opinion counts more than others? Who
really called the Emergency meeting on the Murchinson property? Maybe
it was Frick forcing Frack to call this un-emergency emergency

Given Frack's admonishing of her colleagues, at the same
time that she demands others be respected and treated with
"civility", she is attacking her colleagues for raising questions.
Perhaps Frack has forgotten that the selectmen are not there to
buttress each other's position but to represent the interest of the

This is not just about her!
11:42 pm edt 

They Must be Doing Something Right

Not sure about others bookings but  Ive been trying to get
family a stay at Lands End all summer and theyve been booked and Im
told they are until early September.They must be doing something
right if theyre this impossible to get into.
11:39 pm edt 


I am a big enough person to say also that AT THE END OF THE
It's not that I am angry and really dislike the PBG, and I know some
of you will say, GET INVOLVED, but when enough people think Don has
done NO GOOD, and HURT the organization, it is time that the BOARD do
something about it.  AND I was on the board years ago and never saw
such a lax director like Don.  And those days, they didn't get paid
nearly what they pay now, for someone that isn't as effective in my
11:37 pm edt 

A Better Way

Here's an idea to all of the business owners.. have a theme
week where all prices are slashed by 25% - call it
"Real World Prices Week"! Many people can no longer afford to come to
Provincetown due to its high costs for everything from food to

Most people in this economy can not handle 250 plus per
night. Wouldn't it be better to have your guest houses, restaurants,
shops and motels filled to capacity at a lower cost rather than be
half empty?

Slashing Sammy
11:35 pm edt 


Everyone complains about the PBG and how poorly it's run,
yet no one shows up at the meetings and tells our President how they
feel. Meanwhile, Steve Tait spews lies and deceptions telling the
membership how successful things they do are and congratulations to
the staff. We all know that's no true, but no one shows up to
confront him. If the membership stepped forward, things could change.
11:33 pm edt 


Your dislike for the PBG is well documented.  I'm not nearly as
offended as you seem to be.  At the end of the day I ask, am I better
off with the PBG in town or would I be better off if the PBG went
away?  By far, the answer is always that I'm better off with the PBG
doing what they can to promote Provincetown businesses.


I'd like to offer a different perspective, perhaps somewhat agreeing
with the prosecution of Knutilla, not just for this little blunder
but for the 10-15 others he screws us with a week.

You can ask yourself if you're better off with the PBG in town but do
you truly know the answer or is your head in the sand?

Do you realize how how much of a waste of money and energy the
organization is right now? It's pathetic. Events are half-assed at
best. There's hardly any planning and good old Donny hardly ever
available to be reached. We're supposed to have an Executive Director
to hold things together, yet he's never working.

The real answer is if the PBG can't do what it was designed to do, or
what it did when any of the former/effective Executive Directors were
in place  I say we just discontinue membership. I have better things
to do the money I give these imbeciles in membership fees.

Perhaps if enough people quit, it will be a message to the board that
it's time to let old Donny go back to Disney where I assume he was
just as effective.
11:31 pm edt 

Re: Duartes/ Bradford St Parking Lot

Ok we get a cop to direct traffic, I'm cool with that. But where
should we send the cars? Back on to Route 6? Do they even get a
bathroom break? It seems to me that we should be accustomed to summer
traffic by now. Unless you were born here before Commercial Street
was made a one-way, I'd say you made a choice to live here. Which
part of gridlock on a rainy summer day is new? Did you know that
there are two bridges, five flights, about 6 buses and an equal
amount of ferries that leave town every day?
11:28 pm edt 


Pedestrians are everywhere.  Why don't they try using the sidewalks?
Commercial St is full while the sidewalks are empty.


I'm a fit, athletic male and I tend to walk in the street as opposed
to the sidewalks because the streets are safer to walk on.  The
sidewalks are littered with dips and uneven brickwork not to mention
the constant sloping for the handicapped cuts.  It's just easier to
walk in the street.

And I love to see the streets filled with people.  Those people are
tourists who are enjoying our town and spending money.  Those
pedestrians you complain about are the reason we are able to be here. 

  Bring 'em on, the more the better.
11:27 pm edt 

One More Reason NOT to Belong to the PBG. . .

i'm guessing you are a pbg member or you wouldn't have received the
e-mail.  My suggestion would be for you to not renew your membership. 

Everyone would probably be better off.
11:25 pm edt 

Car Accident

A car hit a pedicab last week, injuring all three people in
the bicycle-propelled cart. .  .

The driver of the car, Patrick Eleey, a local landscaper and Chair of
the Zoning Board, was arrested for driving with a suspended license.
No other citations were issued. The accident took place at
approximately 8:30 p.m. Aug. 7 at the corner of Bradford Street and
Atlantic Avenue.
6:46 pm edt 

Bradford Parking Lot:

Pedestrians are everywhere.  Why don't they try using the sidewalks? 
Commercial St is full while the sidewalks are empty.  Someone can get
hit there too.  Traffic is an issue in this town escpecially on
cloudy days.  So if people want to pay, then the problems would be
solved.  LETS DEAL WITH DUARTES OWNER.... That's the real problem.. 
He doesn't want to hire anyone else.....
6:44 pm edt 


"SHAME ON Knuuttila.   One more reason NOT to belong to the
PBG.  I would HOPE the BOARD of the PBG would look into this and STOP
IT so it doesnt hurt the majority."

Your dislike for the PBG is well documented.  I'm not nearly as
offended as you seem to be.  At the end of the day I ask, am I better
off with the PBG in town or would I be better off if the PBG went
away?  By far, the answer is always that I'm better off with the PBG
doing what they can to promote Provincetown businesses.
6:40 pm edt 


"We need real numbers and even that is difficult. Becuase
for years after years, business people and guest house owners have
always fabricated the numbers. Many gave numbers but they weren't the
truth. That's an old story here."

I can only speak for myself as a guest house owner.  It's the best
June, July & August ever for our house.  I tried to convince my
partner earlier today we should just put out the 'no vacancy' sign
for the rest of the month even though we have five scattered room
nights available between now and Labor Day.

Observations I can make for June-August.  It appears more people are
driving than flying or taking the ferry into town.  I would imagine
that is because of costs.  I don't know if the ferry companies or
Cape Air are feeling this.  I would also say we have a lot more
shorter stays this year than in the past, also probably because of
costs, but we've been able to fill up by matching up the shorter stay
requests.  European travelers are not as specific about having to be
in Provincetown on the weekend.

I agree that a number of guest house owners do seem to inflate their
numbers when talking amongst themselves.  For what reason I don't
know, maybe ego is tied to occupancy?  I guess the only true report
is the room tax report from the state.
6:37 pm edt 

To the Person Who Asked if One Person is Writing About the Problems With Family Week on Here...

Have you read the article in the Banner?

Have you spoken with the majority of the business owners in town?

Do you research. People are pissed!

It's not just one person.
1:02 pm edt 


We don't need anymore rhetoric on here and you typing in ALL CAPS
isn't making your point of view any more valid (or intelligent).
12:59 pm edt 

Is This Fair From the PBG?

Don Knuuttila, Executive Director of the Provincetown Business Guild
sent out what I would think was an error to its membership today.
He asked to have 2 -3 more inns participate on the INN STROLL for
Carnival on Aug 22nd.  He claims it is and I will quote him  "It's a
great opportunity to showcase your property." 

Then he goes on to say:
1.  You must have ample space for up to 100 people at a time (indoor
for inclement weather).
2.  You must have public restrooms.
3.  Staff to make drinks and check tickets

OK,  all you inn owners.  Just look at item #1.   HOW MANY INNS OR
GUEST HOUSES in Provincetown can hold 100 EXTRA PEOPLE in their place
of business?  Wouldn't the board of health and licensing department
send out citations?  Not only is he setting these inn owners up for
failure, he is really promoting inns like the Brass Key, Crowne
Pointe, Provincetown inn and the like.  How about the 50 inns that
have 5  9 rooms, which is the majority.   

SHAME ON Knuuttila.   One more reason NOT to belong to the PBG.
I would HOPE the BOARD of the PBG would look into this and STOP IT so
it doesnt hurt the majority.
12:58 pm edt 

Re: Duarte's traffic

"All we need is an hourly paid summer cop (paid for by the guy who
owns the lot or whomever) to direct traffic and allow a good flow."

What will you push for next?  A traffic cop outside of the Lobster
Pot for the people waiting in the street while they wait for a table?

My point is there will always be congested areas in this very small
town as a large influx of visitors come into town.
12:06 pm edt 

Here's Just One Problem With Lists

You can lists all the furniture that exists in town hall and using
this approach, you will still never understand town hall. Similarly,
creating a lists of your own making of what you think is attacked
here will not provide any understanding of the issues if that's all
you do.

It's a bit like numbers. Put as many on a sheet of paper but it they
don't refer to something actual, it's a list of useless numbers.
Somewhere, ideas and analysis are needed. That's what understanding

Your post is way too coherent and logical for this blog.
12:04 pm edt 

Different Views Make Sense

That some people see the town half filled and others see the town
half empty makes sense. It depends where you look, on what day you
judge the numbers, and where the tourists are and where they aren't.

We need real numbers and even that is difficult. Becuase for years
after years, business people and guest house owners have always
fabricated the numbers. Many gave numbers but they weren't the truth.
That's an old story here.

But the town does seem to have fewer people visiting. There are more
Canadians and more Europeans for certain and that is good. But the
numbers of tourists still seem reduced compared to last year and the
year before.
12:03 pm edt 

Think Big Picture, Honey

      You say to Michelle Couture? Really? You expect this
small-brained woman to think big? There's less than a peanut size of
intelligence in that head. Asking for the impossible is a fine
12:00 pm edt 

Re: Bradford Street Parking Lot

I think the person who wrote about the parking lot problem
on Bradford was mostly concerned with potential accidents that could
happen there.  The blogger who wrote that it was good for the town
(????) to have a traffic jam is an idiot. 

Since when does a traffic flow problem EVER help any town?  As I
recall, Boston spent upwards of 18 billion trying to get rid of traffic j
ams by doing the big dig. 

All we need is an hourly paid summer cop (paid for by the guy who
owns the lot or whomever) to direct traffic and allow a good flow. 
Just wait; some pedestrian is going to get run over there by one of
the exasperated drivers who has been made to wait in that line and
who now sees the opportunity to speed up. 

The writer of the congestion complaint was correct in trying to get the
attention of the police focused off Commercial and onto this dangerous
part of Bradford.
9:17 am edt 

Worried Business Owners:

So you have D Parking lot BAckING UP TRAFFIC.  Now we have MORE cars
than ever coming down Conwell onto Bradford, but you say there are
less people in town?  Can't anyone agree that we either have MORE
people in town OR less people?  Maybe MORE people are spending LESS!

And to the WORRIED BUSINESS OWNERS that are NOT against families
coming to Ptown, just the timing, I guess you never had kids?  Also,
if your going to state FACTS, like 95% of business loose money that
week, then I know your full of     .  Did you personally look at my
books and everyones books?  OR are you just one of those people that

I talked to 9 businesses.  They all made money that week.  AND they
all came from different backgrounds, guest houses, retail of ALL
SORTS, and 2 eating establishments.  OK, never talked to a gallery
owner, but your 95% number is so far wrong.  I am trying to be nice
to you, but when miss information is posted on here, you hurt the
community.  But I bet your one of the people that complain and have a
sign in your shop, GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, and then keep coming back
EVERY YEAR to Ptown to make more dollar.   Why don't you stay in FL.

9:14 am edt 

In the Eye of the Beholder

One post here says that the town is empty? the next post
says that the town is so packed that the traffic on Bradford St &
Conwell St backed out to RT 6 all day? Clearly we live in two
different towns! This is the best year this town has had since the
80s! Everyones full this week and next!

Time for rehab honey!
9:10 am edt 

Slow Business?

9:08 am edt 


Was that one person making all those slightly coherent
posts? If not, we really are in trouble?
2:00 am edt 

Town Employees Should Park in the Municipal Lot

The spots at town hall should be for those doing business in town
hall. Town employees should not take up these parking spots. Park in
the morning and still be there until five? That's not good.
12:38 am edt 

PLeased That Some Busineeses are Goind Well

BUT... with this terrible economy, businesses are doing well in spite
of hard times. With the high level of inflation--and it is extremely
high--many businesses in town are not doing well. There are many less
people here. Those who are doing as well as last year are fortunate.

For many, the numbers are down and the tourists are fewer than before
and they have less money to spend. Eight years of this administration
has drained the federal coffers and are now draining the state
coffers and the personal incomes of too many Americans are dire.

Glad some of you in town are doing well. Good for you but I do feel
badly for those businesses that are hurting. I'ts the sad reality of
this economy.
12:37 am edt 

I'm Glad We're All Part of This Town

     I know we have our differences and in truth many of us are
different from each other. But it is the difference that makes us a
community. I'm glad we're all here and all part of Provincetown. We
are quirky, unconventional, while some are quite conventional, but
that is what makes Provincetown truly interesting.

It's a wonderful place and all our ideas, opinions, and positions filling
this blog  are also part of what makes Provincetown attractive and dynamic.
12:35 am edt 

Bravo to Shapespeare on the Cape

     Their production of The School of Wives is absolutely fabulous.
Such energy. Such laughter. Such wonderful acting.
They transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and offer an
evening of fine work. So glad to have seen the School of Wives and
the fine acting that this young, dynamic company is able to render.
Bravo to them all! It's worth seeing!
12:34 am edt 

Worried Business Owners:

We are not in any way against the families who come during family week.

Our problem is the timing of the week and the total lack of spending
that accompanies them, except in ice cream, candy, or toys, and good
for them.

The problem is 95% of the town businesses loose money during that
week or breaks even if they are lucky.

We hear from countless paying customers how sorry they were that they
made the mistake of coming during family week, and that they would
make sure not to come during it next year.

Some business owners may close for good in part due to this family week.
Others may just close in September and open in June.

When the business owners are worried, the town should be worried.
We should all be very worried, we have a 6 week high season (make
that 5 week), and in a week and a half everyone leaves.

One drunken bash on LABOR DAY, and then fall and winter.

So all of you P-Town folks I hope you made your winter nest egg, with
the possibility of $5 per gallon heating oil it will be a long cold
one here on the outer cape.
12:32 am edt 

Michele .. She Wants Enforcement!

Enforcement of rental certificates? Is that a real revenue boon to
the town or what - currently 234 property owners pay for rental
certificates which equates to approximately $32k of revenue per year.
  What is the cost in time and resources for the town to mail,
inspect property, and enforce the "by-law"?  Probably $10 - 20k? So
we pocket what? A big $12 - 20k? 

So now we want to expand the program which means more time inspecting,
mailing, calling, and enforcing the "by-law" and diverting an already stressed
workforce from doing their real jobs and making sure buildings are properly
inspected and health codes are maintained.  All for what - another
$7k in net gains to the town till.... which will probably just be
spent on putting kiosks on Commercial street. 

Think big picture honey... the budget crisis isn't going to be solved by increasing
our police state....
12:30 am edt 

Here's Just One Problem With Lists

You can lists all the furniture that exists in town hall and
using this approach, you will still never understand town hall.
Similarly, creating a lists of your own making of what you think is
attacked here will not provide any understanding of the issues if
that's all you do.

It's a bit like numbers. Put as many on a sheet of
paper but it they don't refer to something actual, it's a list of
useless numbers.

Somewhere, ideas and analysis are needed. That's
what understanding requires.
12:27 am edt 

RE: Duarte's Parking Lot

Duartes is not the problem and in fact is the one business that has
helped to manage traffic in the area. The owner is usually on-site
and varies the enter and exit lanes and directs parking seekers
forward when lot is full.  The problem is the sheer volume of cars. I
used to think that fixing the Conwel St & Bradford intersection would
help, but after studying the issue extensively over many years, I
have concluded that this bottle neck is a useful traffic calming
point. If it did not clog here we would have grid lock downstream.
This is unfortunate for those who live on Conwell, huh?

Hint: On a rainy day go East on Rt 6 and return on Commercial St.,
drive right through town like you own the place. Truly it is faster
but don't tell anyone.
12:25 am edt 

Hey Webmaster!

Can you tell us HOW MANY PEOPLE post here? 
The question really, from an IP standpoint, is the SAME PEOPLE
POSTING all the garbage about family week?  Can you share anything
with us?

Webmaster Comment: There is no access to IP addresses, accordingly
there is no available information as to the number of specific individual

Thank you
12:22 am edt 

Happy Faces

"Meanwhile decent restaurants have prices that far exceeed
even central Boston. Guest house rates and requirements are
exorbitant, bar and tea dance cover charges are exorbitant and staffs
unfriendly if not outright hostile."

Thankfully you are not in charge of tourism in town.  I see many
people all over town, happy to eat excellent food in excellent
restaurants, happy to stay in a wonderful variety of guest houses -
just happy to be in Provincetown!  And most of us are happy they are
12:17 am edt 

Duartes Parking Lot and the Unnecessary Congestion

I agree. A wash-a-shore, as they call us, would never be allowed to
back up traffic like this.
12:15 am edt 

Duartes Parking Lot and the Unnecessary Congestion

What makes it so different this year than in all the past years? 
Yep, it's congested, but many areas of town are during this time of
year.  To be honest the fact that it's congested slows down traffic
and probably allows pedestrians to cross the street safely.
12:14 am edt 

Parking Lot:

Why should the town be responsible for a pirvate lot?  Let them hire
more help !!!!

One person there is not ENOUGH...   Shame on the town for allowing it...
12:13 am edt 

Parking Spot Behind Town Hall:

Just like town hall employees, the police should get a free sticker
!!!  You can't tell me the town hall employees can't walk from the
Municipal Lot ?  Why should the town hall employees have free
benefits?  Let's address it all not just a select few.

Get off yourself....
12:12 am edt 

Re: Duartes Parking:

Why blame the POLICE?  Let's address the problem.  What a COP out. 
People like you only look to blame..  GET OFF THE POLICE

They are so bad until you need them !!!!!!!  Then it's oh, you're so great ......
12:10 am edt 

Seeing the Reality

It isn't family week, it isn't open or closed signs, it's
the lack of reality and adjustment to the current economic climate
that's crimping business. The damn place is empty and it is the
middle of August folks. Wake up.

Sometimes I wonder if bloggers on this site are actually in town. 
It's August and our business (a guesthouse) is having the best August
we've ever had.  We keep our prices as reasonable as possible while
still being able to make ends meet.  We could not be busier, August
occupancy is almost 97%, that doesn't seem like the gloom and doom
you are seeing.  Perhaps new eye glasses are needed?  It's supply and
demand and for us demand far exceeds supply.
12:08 am edt 

Wow, Lots of Great Posts to Respond/React to...

So, lets start with the "Listmaker". Big deal, thanks for sharing.
Moving on to the Murchenson property. Really, WHO cares? A bunch of
rich people whining about wanting to control the very rich TIP of the
mountain. Again, Big F'n Deal for the rest of me, it is
not going to change/impact 99.9% of the people reading this. As for
the view of the town"landscape", enough said
WAKE UP people! You are all fiddling while Rome burns...

Whatever the outcome is of the all the magic tricks the various
boards and chairs, stop ignoring the reality of what Ted and Alix &
Howard and Michelle really pulled off here.....

and Race Pt Road. Just what we need, more prefab crappy boxes for all
the people just waiting for so called "affordable" housing...

So keep up the chatter and the posts, but don't for a minute believe
we live in anything other than a police state here in Provincetown.
The tm/chief have seen to that already....bring on the STORM TROOPERS!

Oh, and to the poster who described the duarte/bradford daily summer
mess so well...give up, directing traffic is not in the summercop job
discription...using a cell phone and never, ever being alone...they
come in pairs, anyone notice that?

Don't worry, they will be gone in another week and all traffic/parking woes
are magically forgotten by the time of the yearly hearing in Feburary!

And finally, the gold goes to;FAMILY WEEK! Loved the Rose analogy, except
you forgot to mention that all those Rose lovers insist on wheeling their multiple
bushes ANYWHERE they want leaving all of us torn and tattered and BLEEDING
$$$ in their wake.

   Ain't life here grand?
12:05 am edt 

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can We Really Get Rid of Special Inerest Groups?

As a permanent resident of Provincetown since 1985 I remember when
there were no special weeks or special interst groups and it seemed
we were much better off. Every week was equally as busy, with the
exception of Carnival Week,which seemed to energize the town into a
great end of summer celebration.Wasn't it better when everyone from
all types of groups were welcome here all the time no matter what

You have to remember these special weeks were started by certain
individuals who were the benefactor of these events with total
selfish intent.They make a lot of money off of these events but the
Town embrace them even giving them money from the Visitors Board to
promote their events.

With the creation of Circuit Week then along comes someone else
saying "Hey, I Can Make Money By Promoting This Group ...", and so it
goes. I don't know if these people should be commended or condemmed.
Believe it or not there are people that stay away during Circuit Week
and Bear Week and Family Week.

I thought the original intent of creating Special Weeks was to boost
our economy during off season periods.
It seems we have made our bed and now must lay in it !
11:59 pm edt 

Duartes Parking Lot and the Unnecessary Congestion

Ok, lets take a look at this. (Chief, are you reading/listening?) 
Surely every town person who navigates Bradford Street in the summer
has encountered this serious problem which is, without a doubt, a
colossal accident scene waiting to happen.  On a daily basis the line
to pull into the private parking lot across from Tedeschis is out of
control and backed up all the way to Conwell and often even further
down on Conwell sometimes all the way to Rt.6.  Today I waited to see
if a police officer might come along to direct traffic but none came. 

I've never seen one there.  As Conwell is the prime artery into
Provincetown for most people something needs to be done. Allowing a
private business to block traffic for hours on end on a daily basis,
igniting the fury of already tired and frayed drivers, without regard
to its effect on the town is simply wrong.  Moreover, just beyond the
parking lot entrance are two crosswalks which are continually
utilized by tourists who do NOT look before they crosswhich exacerbates
the traffic congestion and flow difficulty even more.  

As for the police officers who prefer to stroll Commercial eating ice cream
and talking on their cell phones, I suggest they get OFF Commercial Street
and head over to Bradford to Duartes parking lot and tend to this serious
long-standing problem.

We don't need motorcycles; we need foot cops to do what they're paid
for: protect the public, facilitate the smooth flow of traffic and
assist in alleviating serious trouble. 

It is my guess that there is going to be an extremely serious accident involving
 pedestrians and autos before this August is over at this location.  Will it
take that to get the Provincetown Police Department to wake up?
12:30 pm edt 

Why is Ellen Not Stepping up to Burchman?

She has as much say on that board as Burchman does. He is chair and
runs the meeting, thats it. His vote is equal to hers and visa versa.

Why hasn't she confronted him on his control issue before if she
doesn't like it now? She is on that board as an individual who is
capable of making decisions. If she can't step up to the plate and
call Burchman out when he steps out of line, she probably shouldn't
be there.

When she didn't speak out at the first meeting, going along
to get along so to speak, she was just as wrong. Now this horse is
out of the barn. Hopefully, she will speak out in the future and put
him in his place.

Maybe she could be chair. As it was mentioned in
here by Dr. Andrews, the chair is the chair at the whim of the other
members. They are the ones that put him there and they are the ones
that can remove him also by a recall and restructuring of the board
which can be done legally at any meeting by a vote of the board.
12:26 pm edt 

Re: Lists

Can you supply a LIST of things and people that were NOT attacked? 
Oh, that might just fill up a few thousand pages on this site.
12:23 pm edt 

RE: Family Week and Slow Business

Rather than harping ad naseum on family week how about looking at the
bigger picture. The national economy is on a cliff edge, gas prices
record high, real disposable income shrinking, inflation galloping
ahead, stock and house prices continue to slide, financial
institutions imploding, etc. Yet each of you still price your
products as if we are in the middle of a boom. Everyone needs to get
their heads around the fact that boom is over, the country is in a
recession and business models need to be adjusted accordingly.

Meanwhile decent restaurants have prices that far exceeed even
central Boston. Guest house rates and requirements are exorbitant,
bar and tea dance cover charges are exorbitant and staffs unfriendly
if not outright hostile. I've heard time and time again from friends
"I just can't afford to visit ptown anymore." This is from friends
who have great jobs in Boston and second homes here. They point out
that prices to eat out are higher than downton Boston and for the
most part the food is mediocre at best. On top of that we have
arrogant owners who say things like "I could serve dogfood and they'd
still come here to see the view." This from a place that hasn't
changed its menu since the day it opened many years ago.

It isn't family week, it isn't open or closed signs, it's the lack of
reality and adjustment to the current economic climate that's
crimping business. The damn place is empty and it is the middle of
August folks. Wake up.
12:21 pm edt 

Re; Parking Stall Behind Town Hall

    Don't tell me that the police look for a metered parking spot
before they park for free. you must be the one parking there.
12:19 pm edt 

Why Caps?

12:18 pm edt 

To: "Ah the List Maker"

I do not have to justify anything or give an analysis or any type of
proof because it is rare that anyone on this blog ever does that...I
find it interesting that other posters can rant rave and spout venom
about anyone and anything without ramifications but when someone
points out the overall view of this blog someone wants some kind of
analytical evidence!

I obviously struck a nerve!
12:16 pm edt 

Re: Family Week

"I never thought I would see the day when adults would go
after children's families."

Stop trying to make this something it isn't.  Geez, you sound like a
12:15 pm edt 

I Say Hats Off to the List Maker

it makes you realize even this blog has theme weeks. everybody get
ready to bash carnival!

and could someone provide some - any - evidence regarding the alleged
behind the scenes deals you assume occurred regarding the murchison
property? (i admit it wasn't our finest hour but to throw accusations
around the way some of you do... really) this has become the place
where rumor becomes fact. amazing. anyway, i can be patient too.
awaiting the smoking gun...

as for solutions... be respectful of each other, your co-workers and
your clientele and the money will find its way into your greedy
little hands. it's quite simple really.
12:13 pm edt 

Time to Separate the Chum From the Facts...

Family Week

Call it Rose Week to use for an example.  Business is weak so we
can't call them Greedy Merchants (they can a only be greedy when they
are making more money than they need and want more,  more....) so
let's call them Worried and Frustrated Business Owners trying to
survive during an economic slow down. Those new titles may take some
of the emotional reaction to the words being, children,
greedy etc.

  So in come the people to be here during Rose Week which is in the
height of the business season.   They don't spend much in the local
businesses owned by the Worried and Frustrated Business Owners. The
Worried and Frustrated Business Owners see that their businesses
suffer because the people that support and spend money in their
businesses tend to stay away during this time.  To make the business
owners even more worried, the Rose week participants decide that they
want to move into another prime week for the following year. They
can't support this idea.

  That is the story. There is no ending happy or otherwise.

Slippery Fish (feeding the guppies with hot dogs and fries)
12:11 pm edt 


Why would she be playing by someone else's rules and not the Rules
all boards should be following?   Is she so dependent she needs to be
instructed on making her own decisions?   NOT GOOD.....
12:08 pm edt 

The Question Might Not Be

Does Elain Anderson have a brain? The question might rather be: Whose
walking the dog? Whose controlling the leash?
12:06 pm edt 

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cheryl Thanks

  Your explanation of the different types of meetings was very
helpful. I too assumed it was you before I read that it was you. I
appreciate your informed input. It helps in making sense of at times
confusing situations.
   Glad to hear your position and the information you provide based
on your experience. It is much appreciated.
11:46 pm edt 

Ah For the List Makers

Yes, you are great at making lists. Here are the issues you believe
dominate the blog. So you make lists. Great and what are we to do
with your lists? Nothing much until you give us some analysis.
Accountants can give the bean count. We look to others for
understanding. A little insight would help. But it takes intelligence
to make sense of lists.

We're waiting. We're nothing if not patient!
11:44 pm edt 

Let's Play by the Rules Really?

Yuh! You attack Ellen Bagattini and you say: "Let's Play by the
Rules." You have to be kidding, right? Howard Burchman never played
by the rules and what he did was negotiate and make deals behind the
scenes. He carried Ted Malone's water and you say:"Let's Play by the
Ellen Bagattinit first went along with the "get along" Planning Board
and voted with the "get along group." Now they've changed their minds
and want her to go along again. This time in another way. Change
direction. Steer the boat to port! No not starboard. That is what we
did on the first Planning Board trip. Now we've headed in another
direction and the Captain, perhaps Ahab, wants the ship headed to
Ellen Bagattini is confused. She thinks she is part of the command
team. Then she realizes she is a ship's mate and on the bottom rung.
She is told what to do. She is commanded to move according to Captain
Ahab's rules. She is not very pleased. In fact, she is pissed.

She has every reason to be most upset.
11:43 pm edt 

Re: MSNBC & ComCast

"Somehow, it seems rather strange that it is MSNBC Comcast
is not offering as a regular channel. Indeed!"

I didn't say it my original post, but I thought the same thing.  I
can still get Fox, but not MSNBC?  MSNBC must have ruffled a few
11:41 pm edt 

Prozac Please!

Ok lets look at the targets of this blog:

Pier Corps (all members)
Michelle Couture
Elaine Anderson
PBG Chair Steve Tait and Exec Director Don Knuttella
Pam Parmakian
Brian Green
Jessica Waugh
School Committee
Director of Recreation
Board of Selectmen
people who cannot afford homes here
Howard Burchman
Businesses w/ OPEN signs
Finance Committee
4th of July Fireworks
Town Hall
Commercial Street
Ted Malone
Director of the Film Festival (Gabby)
Town Manager
Asst Town Manager
Way Down Town
Murchison Property
Jay Critchley
Family Week (parents, children)

I am beginning to see a pattern...go through and look at everyone who
is attacked on this site and then look at who is not. Rather
revealing I think.

But even more than revealing its pathetic.

I never thought I would see the day when adults would go after
children's families.
9:50 pm edt 

Thank You Dr. Cheryl Andrews For Your Post.
(As I read it, I said to myself, THAT MUST BE CHERYL ANDREWS)  You are right on. 
Challenge people.

Now can you tell everyone something positive about family week?  I
HOPE SO.  There is too much bashing going on about the pros and cons.
  It is actually very upsetting to see here that a few (is it one
person or 2 or many?) that are so concerned with one thing, dollars. 
And I am sure we will see ALL CAPS from those that say they will NOT
come back here if they can't make DOLLARS for the 8 - 12 high season
weeks.  Please tell them to go somewhere else, in a nice way of

As a gay man, running a guest house, I saw no harm in that week. 
Actually, my business was better that week than the current week we
are in, Aug 10th through the 15th.
9:48 pm edt 

Elaine Baggalini:

It wasn't the fact she was upset...  It was her un-professional
demeanor while she sat there in the public eye.... Watch the
Video....  Resting on her hand......   Wouldn't even so much as look
at the presentation at first..  Come on folks...  Let's act like we
care !!!!!

Lets play by the rules and they need to apply to all..  Let's not get
caught up in making them up as we go along.   So we don't like the
project and now we decide to change it...   That's not how it
works...  Plan these issues in advance..  There are other large scale
developments in town that didn't follow all the rules & regs !

The problem is... The town was caught with its tail between its legs
at the last meeting when the defense all stood up and stated all the
facts re the project on hand..  I.E.  Cliff well prepaired... Tree
cutter had all his facts.....  I think that's enough....
9:45 pm edt 

What Happened to the $400K?

The town accountant can run a report against the grant account to see
where the money went.  Let's have an answer!

Until the town can account for all missing monies (lets not forget
the DPW) no new money should be given to the town to spend/waste.  No
more grants because they are not free.

9:43 pm edt 

Is it An Accident that MSNBC is One Channel No Longer Carried regularly by Comcast?

Do they have a problem with Race to the White House? Or is it
Hardball with Chris Matthews that irritates them? Or, is it really,
Keith Olberman and Countdown that Comcast is eliminating? In this
political time and with the on-going elections, it seems rather
questionable that the most
critical analysis being done on Cable is now not available.

Fox News is certainly available, even CNN. But it is really MSNBC
that has been challenging the Bush administration and raising serious
issues that few other programs or channels dare to do. They dare to
challenge the status quo.

Somehow, it seems rather strange that it is MSNBC Comcast is not
offering as a regular channel. Indeed!
9:42 pm edt 

Undo Theme Weeks!

I've got a solution for all you whiners out there... let's
not have theme weeks... lets just accept everybody whenever they want
to come to Provincetown. Have you ever thought that certain weeks
might deter people from coming to town. I'm a lesbian and don't even
want to step into town during "Baby Dyke Week"... many of them are
unruly and drunk. I think if we did away with theme weeks that you
would get more people to come to town regardless of what is happening.

East End PJ
9:38 pm edt 

July 21st. BOS Meeting

I just watched the last select board meeting from July
21st. I must ask...does Elaine Andersen have a brain?

Can someone get MJ to speak more eloquently and less potty mouth like
on public television? She comes off as a raving lunatic at every
9:37 pm edt 

I'll Type in All Caps Becuse That's What You Seem to Comprehend...



9:35 pm edt 

Question of the Day:

is there anything that will make you people happy? are you dashing
off a complaint to the national weather service  about the rain?

and you know, family week is what it is. get over it control queens!
and to whoa buster... no hate? you can read between the lines can't

no. i didn't think so.

and thanks to cheryl and others for clarifying the responsibilities
and duties of committee chairs. enough with the misinformation

have a nice day.
9:31 pm edt 

Dear Slippery--Fish
Thanks for the laughs. I like "Putting my 2 Fins In." And we're
glad you're keeping your guppies in a row!

In truth, you crack me up!
12:33 pm edt 

Theme Weeks?

I've been against Family Week moving to August but given
the cheesy crowd in town today maybe we should be careful what we
wish for.

Is this Tire Kicker theme week?
12:32 pm edt 

Abuse of Power of Chairs

I hear some hear, or just one person--is that you Howard--speaking in
favor of abuse of power of chairs. You seem to overlook the rights of
members of boards and seem to favor dictatorial roles for chairs. You
miss what town boards really are and you totally misunderstand
democracies. You are a Tory for sure!
12:30 pm edt 

Family Week

Some people just don't get it!
No one is against  the family unit.
The people who financially support this town for the most part are adults.
Most of them are stressed out and need to relax.
When they are relaxed they spend money, lots and lots of money.
Money is the reason the businesses and restaurants are open.

This year, from what I hear, many businesses did poorly,( in part due
to Family Week) and they have said they will have shorter season this
year, and open later next year, in order not to loose profit in the
off season.

I find it interesting that the people who are in favor of the week
are all people who have not been financially damaged by loosing 18%
of their income in one devastating blow.

Well I have news for those lucky people, it will affect you, when we
are closed in the beginning of October, and open again in June, have
a nice fall, winter and spring, we will be open for the summer.
12:29 pm edt 


Does anyone else have an issue with Comcast cable TV?  They keep
taking away channels.  The just took away some channels and said they
will be moved to the digital lineup.  However to get these channels
now I have to rent a converter box for the digital channels and they
charge a rental fee for each converter box.  Seems like a major
rip-off to me.
12:25 pm edt 

Family Week

We should be welcoming everyone to this town.  What happened to 'No
Place for Hate'?

Whoaaa buster, you are trying to put words in people's mouths.  Not
one person who has discussed Family Week has said they hate families
did they?  No, I didn't think so.
12:22 pm edt 

Can We Work Together?

Your attitude is shameful and what makes it even more
appalling is that your attitude is not based on a moral
standard, but a monetary one.

You need to get off your pulpit.  Face reality, when businesses
struggle to make ends meet giving away a week during the very short
prime season doesn't help.  It doesn't mean anyone is anti-family,
they are just trying to survive.  If we could work together to find a
better time that works for everyone we all win.
12:20 pm edt 

Provincetown Reality

You no longer welcome "us" here??? LOL I'm a resident also
jackass and I have the right to an opinion. As does everyone else who
is disgusted with the family week disaster. That's why this is a
public blog and not just one in which you can post your rants.

I make good money in Provincetown, but I also pay dearly to be here
and have my business here and if I have a complaint because some
uneducated idiots decide it's a good idea to bring an off-target
demographic here during peak season, so be it.

If you had any business sense, as you claim you own a business and
your numbers were down as well, you'd recognize the problem.

No place for hate! That's such a crock of s***. Provincetown is full
of hate, more so then anywhere else. It's a disgruntled old
Portuguese fishing village that's never gotten over the fact that it
failed and tourism now pays the bills and second home owners
subsidize the budget. It's a division between the haves and the have
12:18 pm edt 

The Chairman's Duties

I won't list all the Town committees i've chaired  But , i think most
of you know ..I have a clue....


the chair has 2 primary duties:

one, is running the meeting.

The second is

exercising the privilege of calling a meeting, setting the agenda,
and having the town clerk post it. And you get to do it all on your
own, without asking a soul.

Of course, if you wish to remain chair for very long, you use this
privilege in a way that a majority of your board supports. Your board
can vote to take away your chairmanship at the snap of a finger. You
serve at their pleasure. All chairs know this.

Types of meetings:

We have regular meetings. they happen at a set night and time, and
are planned quite in advance. We have SPECIAL meetings, that are
called if something comes up that can't wait till the next regular
meeting, but the chair must post 48 hrs in advance.

Last, we have  emergency meetings, which by their nature , are
extremely rare. For the emergency meeting to be legal, you must prove
that a public health , safety or legal issue was dire....for example,
cesspool overflowing down the street from a large restaurant...or a
riot perhaps. I can't recall the last time the BofS held an emergency
meeting. Years ago i think?

So, when a chair is preparing to call  a special meeting, with only a
few days notice, usually you ask staff to
request that members supply dates and times that might work
There is nothing illegal about staff doing this. If the chair,
schedules a meeting without doing that, then you take the risk of not
having a quorum. But, thats up to the chair.
Clearly, there is some pressure on all members to show up whether its
convenient or not. Some show up. Some don't.

Bottom line? the chair serves at the pleasure of his or her
committee, so you have to balance all the different issues to remain
chair. I did for 3 years on the BofS, and for almost 20 yrs on the
others. Was investigated when i was on the BofHealth by the DA once,
for a charge of Open Meeting Violation, back when i served with Annie
Howard , and David Nicolau. DA said we had followed the rules, and
found no violation. So, those are the facts.

By the way, thank you  to many of you for the continuing education i
get, when i read this blog.

But,  Try to be nice to your volunteers. Go ahead and challenge their
decisions if you must. you should.

  But ...
be nice. The gov't would come crashing down if no one chose to serve.
Don't forget , we almost didn't even have a planning Board this year.
Where is the next generation of leaders for our Town?

Cheryl Andrews
12:16 pm edt 

Greedy Merchants

I PRAISE Family WEEK for deflating THE SEASON'S momentum
and creating THIS WEEK'S timely THUNDER storms to irk THOSE GREEDY

12:11 pm edt 

Re: Family Week

Can you imagine any other Cape town (or anywhere else for
that matter) complaining about families clogging up their sidewalks,
and decidedly not buying their(overpriced/vanity) items? Yes, yes,
many of us understand the concept niche marketingbut also know small
mindedness when we see it.

12:09 pm edt 

Whose So Upset with Elaine Baggatini?

Seems it must be someone on her own Planning Board. That leaves
either Joe DiMartino or himself, Howard Burchman. Somone on Planning
is trying to get back to Elaine who stated upfront that this meeting
was called without any input from her or another board member. Her
anger was justified and someone on this blog wants to get back for
her public statement of Howard's decision to hold this meeting on his
own. Since this board had already voted on the Murchinson property,
Elain had every right to ask: why are we meeting again? Board members
also have rights and responsibilities. Her rights were trampled by
Howard Burchman.
12:07 pm edt 

Emergency Meetings Are Questionable Meetings

Michelle Couture called a so-call emergency meeting of the Board of
Selectmen. But was it an emergency? Or was it a meeting to cary out
her and Ted Malone's agenda on the Murchinson property? I find it
interesting that David Gardner, when doing his presentation to the
Cape Cod Commission, denied that it was an Emergency meeting. Someone
corrected him, perhaps the buyer's lawyer, and then David agreed that
the BOS meeting was presented and listed  as an Emergency meeting.

Now you see it, now you don't.
12:04 pm edt 

Putting My 2 Fins In

For those of you who are complaining  BRAVO.  We are in a recession. 
Business is for the most part down.  Giving up prime time to people
who don't spend AND  who are now trying to move into the best time,
are not welcome to make their time here a group event. The week after
the fourth of July is usually slow for business and this group
wouldn't make or break the season.  Right now they are moving into
breaking it and these financial times cannot handle any non spending
groups. In addition, parents turn Commercial Street into a  bumper
car game with their bicycles attached to bicycles surrounded by more
on kids little bicycles going against traffic.

Slippery Fish (keeping the school of guppies in a straight line)
12:02 pm edt 

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chairs and Meetings

Chairmen of any board CAN call a meeting at any time they want or
need to. That is their job as chair. Normally, meetings and the
topics within the meetings (the agenda) are set at the prior meeting
so everyone knows whats coming. That does not need to be done each
time. Emergency meetings can be called for just that, emergencies as
outlined by law. That was not the case here. This was a duly posted
meeting, 48 hours notice to all involved, including the members. That
is all that nees to be done. there were no violations of the Open
Meeting Laws either. Emails sent to all members, even from one
source, as you mention the Community Development Department (which
doesn't exist), is seen as a violation in that someone is trying to
go around the Open Meeting Law. Now THAT would be a violation. If
Burchman called Minsky, there is no problem with that in that Minsky
is also a chair yet a member of a different board. He can call the
meeting as he likes also. Eric dray, the chair of !
  the historical commission, was there with his entire board in a
continuation of the meeting they held earlier that morning so it
wasn't a new meeting. If nobody shows to the meeting from each board,
so be it. Ellen did NOT have to be there if she didn't want to. When
complaining about a process, its probably smart to do some homework
first and understand what your questioning before looking foolish as
you have. Also, I find your use of the term unilateral to be
interesting in that Ellen used the EXACT same term at the meeting,
something not often used in common conversation. Interesting.
10:42 am edt 

Family Week

As a guest house owner, it's been evident for the past few
years that people were booking around Family Weak (not just gay men
but straight couples also). However, this was the year that it really
made a difference. For the first time in 20 years, we were only half
full on the weekdays. In the past we have never had more than one or
two days open at that time of year. This is lost business revenue
that will pull down our yearly gross and make the winter tighter than

At Tea Dance on a sunny beautiful day, there were no more than 40
people. Restaurants suffer, shows,  as well as shops and galleries.
Hardly anyone is doing well by this group except for the hot dog
stands and ice cream shops.

Obviously, we can't tell people who can and can not visit here. A
solution might be to schedule a competing event the same week to draw
a more diverse crowd. Unfortunately, that involves a lot of work and
it would take a few years to catch on. Anyone have any ideas????
8:47 am edt 

Family Week

To those of you with the gaul to bitch about family week, you should
stop and remember that this town is not privately owned.  You DO NOT
have a say in who is allowed to come visit here nor should you.  How
dare you presume to control the comings and goings and the vacation
habits of the American people.

If you find their presence in this town so offensive to your wallets,
you should seriously consider selling your business and moving
elsewhere.  Personally, as a resident of this town, I no longer
welcome you here.

BTW, I do own a business here and my business was less that week than
previous weeks, but I am still proud to be able to host these
families in my community.  Your attitude is shameful and what makes
it even more appalling is that your attitude is not based on a moral
standard, but a monetary one.

We should be welcoming everyone to this town.  What happened to 'No
Place for Hate'?
8:44 am edt 

Hate Crime?

I don't have a family, so I guess because of that I'm not
welcome in Provincetown during family weak! Can I sue someone for a
hate crime?
8:41 am edt 

Chairman's Responsibility

useing caps! it gets someone very MAD!
8:39 am edt 

Friday, August 8, 2008

Family Week

With such a short season it's not a good business move from the
standpoint of most businesses to have a prime week in August
scheduled for Family Weak (mis-spelling intended).  Most buinesses
are not getting rich in Provincetown, having a slow week during prime
season is not going to help.

It does seem that the organizers of Family Weak are not very
cooperative.  We're having it the first week in August in 2009 and
we're not changing it.  We're not doing it the last week in June
because one or two kids out of hundreds are still in school.  I mean,
come on, who is still in school the last week of June?  Do you really
need to be antagonizing many of the business community?

Most of us dread the week.
11:48 pm edt 

Can Anyone Tell me Why so Many Restaurants Don't Have Their Hours Posted Out Front?

Here's a thought, why don't you ask them?
11:47 pm edt 

You Forgot #12

So you're threatening to boycott Family Week?

Unless you stop whining and get to work you'll be taking lots of
weeks off next summer. All signs point to a long, nasty recession
that will spare only the strongest and most proactive businesses.

A little gratitude won't hurt, either. I rolled my eyes more than
once during FW, but ditto every week - that is, just before I count
my blessings for every visitor.  That way, you see, I won't have to
eat my boots this winter.

- Laughing Last
11:44 pm edt 

Psst--You're Not Using Michelle Couture as Model of a Good Chair Are You?

Oh, Brother! You just might be. There you go again! Wrong thinking.
Wrong model for sure. This woman is the worse  chair we've ever had
to head the Selectmen. She is dumb, dangerous, and damaged. Think
before ever using this sad and ignorant woman as a model of what a
chair should do. Couture should never have orchestrated the so-called
emergency meeting where she thought she would push through her
marching orders to get Ted Malone's wishes on the Murchinson property
enacted. Couture called this unnecessary meeting to do Ted Malone's
bidding. And she failed. Next time, try a better example of a chair.
Not this sad woman.
11:43 pm edt 

It's About Presentation

A reply in lower case is just as ridiculous as one in all
caps if the content remains irrational.
11:41 pm edt 

Two Police Cars, One Pedi Cab and a Man Being Arrested Last Night

Is this what you are alluding to with the Zoning Chair? There was a
tall, lean person being handcuffed by the police. What did happen?
11:39 pm edt 

Wrong Again

Chairs cannot just call a meeting any time they want to. There are
set dates for meetings and, something else you missed, an agenda
based on cases submitted. For a chair to simply call a meeting--and
by the way, wouldn't Howard Burchman need to call Dennis Minsky and
also Eric Dray to see if they would all have the meetings? That
involves a break of the open meeting law. Indeed, a chair can ask if
a meeting should be posted on a subject and that question can be
answered by the members. Each memeber can be sent an e-mail from the
Community Development Department and no rule is broken.
But chairs cannot call a meeting at their own will. That is what
Howard Burchman did and I find Elaine Bagattini's anger and upsetness
quite legitimate. It is the arrogance and unilateral thinking and
acting of chairs like Howard Burchman that is the key problem.
11:38 pm edt 

Re: Family Week

You have a guest house. Of course you're not affected by
family week! They don't spend money to stay in guest houses, they all
get together and pile 10 people into a condo and have the kids sleep
on the floor. Meanwhile, while you're not bothered or affected by
them, the rest of us deal with the children tipping over displays,
stealing merchandise (yea thats right they steal and the parents say
nothing) and the strollers, don't get me started on that one.
11:36 pm edt 

Restaurant Posted Hours

Can anyone tell me why so many restaurants don't have their
hours posted out front?
7:54 pm edt 

Re: Someone's Missing the Point

And that someone is YOU! The chair can't call the others to see if
they want to have a meeting, that's called a violation of the open
meeting law. He, as Michele Couture did with the selectmen, called a
meeting and it was duly posted and she was then informed ahead of
time when the meeting would be. She wasn't forced to be there and
didn't need to be if she did not want to be. You say she was upset at
being a pawn in Burchmans and Teds game. Then speak up about it and
voice her concerns! If she knows Teds behind this and spoke about it
and against it, she would be acclaimed as the greatest member of any
board in town for calling Ted out! It takes guts. But you say she's
upset. So why hasn't she said anything AT ALL at either meeting on
the matter. She said nothing at the first meeting and now nothing
again. She has given no insight as to why she favors it going to the
commission nor has she given insight as to why it should or shouldn't
be retracted. SPEAK UP! ASK QUESTIONS !
  AND GET ANSWERS. That way, the project could be just what she would
like to see, what ever that might be.
7:53 pm edt 

Family Week

Amen about family week. I can give you about 12 more
reasons why it shouldn't be welcome here if you have the time.
7:50 pm edt 

Have You Missed the Monies roles Donated to Good Causes?

Many of these activities led to monies being donated to various
causes. When Roles wasn't even working for the rec department--and
she could have made money then--she donated $5000 to the Rec
department. When she wasn't working for the town she surely was
allowed to make money. Yet now, her request were to raise money for a
scholarship for the students of Provincetown. This should have been
supported. Drag Kickball was a fun event that did much good and
raised money for wonderful organizations. How petty of the Recreation
department and how short-sighted the School Committee was in denying
this request.
7:49 pm edt 

Family Week vs Good Business Practice

I'm not naive when it comes to business.  But, I have
trouble understanding why all the business are upset about family
week.  I have a business in town for over 12 years (A guest house)
and did very well during family week.  Always have, and I see no
change in the future either.  We have No families, no kids, and no
complaints from any customers during the week.  Sure, people noticed
the strollers, but we had no complaints at all from any guests.  The
only thing people complained about was the bikes riding down
Commercial Street and scaring people.  I have heard people wont come
back during the season because they hate the bicycles on Commercial
Street.  Lets start a petition to ban bikes?
There may be other reasons some of you are complaining?   But out of
those 11 items that that someone posted, that is a bunch of crap! 
For starters, just because you dont sell ice cream or candy, isnt
family weeks fault.  And for PJ Lang of Roots to say families dont
have disposable income is so far off base.   With comments like that,
its no wonder shop owners cant make it here JUST BECAUSE OF ONE WEEK
OF 5% or 10% less in sales.  I find it hard to believe that forbidden
fruit was down almost 50%.
I wonder if a certain ladies clothing store in town would complain so
much if they had internet access about Memorial day weekend, when all
the young gay lesbians come to town, who dont buy dresses?  Should we
eliminate that crowd?   Or how do the bars do during the 4th of July
circuit party week when all the boyz dont buy alcoholic drinks?  Lets
eliminate that event week.   Or all the people that want one night
for the Pam Mass Challenge?  Lets eliminate that event that ends up
in P-Town.
I would suggest that all of you that only complain because a certain
group doesnt fit into your business model, go back to school and
learn a new trade.  Enough about how much you donate your profits
back to this town.   So far I have only heard how much your not
making!  Stop going on line, and start running your business.
7:47 pm edt 

Re: Patrick Eliey

Has anyone got the 411 on the arrest of the Provincetown
Zoning Board of Appels Chairman, Patrick Eliey?
7:44 pm edt 


Its not that long ago. Just a few short years, that the all
parking spots behind Town Hall had signs that allowed us Town
residents with stickers to park there during hours Town Hall was
closed. But someone decided that it was much more important to only
allow police parking in that one spot. (Remember they are special
because they are heroes.) Thats because they have special parking
requirements, which were outlined at the Parking Meeting when this
decision was made. (Yes I was there.) The theory was that What if the
cops come downtown and cant find a place to park?! Does anyone know
of a cop who cant find a place to park? Get real. Its just another
good example of those in this Town who are in authority positions who
come up with ides that only benefit them or there friends and take
away from residents. One more little nice thing about Provincetown

A Rat in The Basement
7:42 pm edt 

Sue 'Em!

If enough businesses are damaged by family week, they ought to
consider a class-action lawsuit against Jennifer Chrisler, executive
director of Family Equality Council, the organizers of Family Week.

Perhaps Ms. Chrisler could be persuaded to change the date of her
venture with the threat of an expensive lawsuit.

As a clerk, I witnessed the feral behavior of these children. Maybe
next year, an informative flyer could be produced and distributed to
the clueless parents, describing the level of civility we expect from
them. I'd be more than happy to pass them out.
  Who cares if they're insulted by it - Our sensibilities are of no
concern to them.
7:38 pm edt 

Economic Titanic!

I LOVE IT! I'm assuming that's what we're
calling Rosie's ship when it docked in Ptown and unloaded all the
families for a visit in town the week prior. Economic
you hit the nail right on the head. Family week needs to find another
7:37 pm edt 

Re: GU

I did not know that the GU has a restroom! Is it for public use?
7:34 pm edt 

Re: Family Week

Bravo to the poster who detailed the eleven reasons we
can't afford Family Week in high season. Opposition to this position
is ridiculous unless you desire a ghost town. I can't wait for the
goofball contingent to reply in all caps.
2:16 pm edt 

Family Week

Some people are just missing the point.

The reason business owners

1 have a business
2 work godforsaken hours (sometimes over 120 hours per week!)
3 invest every last dime they have
4 hire and pay thousands of employees
5 pay taxes
6 stay open in the shoulder season season
7 work to make the town attractive
8 spend money to advertise the town
9 decorate for the holidays
10 supporting all of the charities and non profits
11 pay for everything under the sun.

Well in case you do not know this basic fact,
in order to do all this, a business must make a profit!!!!
High season is 6 weeks, and if we kill one week with people who have
no disposable income, businesses will either have no profit, or loose
In which case they will close and the town looses 1 through 11.

Family week has a lot of strollers, which means the kids are not in
school yet.
That means that can come in the off peak season.

Business for most in town, and nationally has been declining for the
last several years, and as many have noticed here, businesses which
are less profitable are closing earlier and earlier, shortening the
season because they do not have the money to keep their doors open,
and the lights on, in the off season.

By having weeks, like family week, in season we will continue to
shorten the season until the town will be closed for business 9
months a year.

Also as fellow business owners have said, let us close, all of our
shops and restaurants for family week and go on vacation ourselves.
That would be a nice breather after working so hard.
12:49 pm edt 

Drag Kickball Should Have Been Supported

The recreation department should have supported an event that brought
in monies for its programs. As a community event that ends up
donating significant amounts of money for various youth causes, both
the recreation department and the school committee should have
willingly supported this event. Charge high fees for an event that
gives back money to the town? Then also charge weekly fees for town
people to place in a Kickball League?  You'd think we would want to
encourage community sports and weekly activities that adds fun and
health. Something's wrong here.
12:47 pm edt 

The GU is at it Again!

Has anyone noticed that Grand Union is in trouble again for
rotten food and dirty bathrooms? I drive all the way to Orleans
because I find that store disgusting! Hope the Board of Health
finally makes them clean up their act..they keep promising but never
do anything to improve the store.
12:45 pm edt 

Re: Police Chief Parking Position

Could someone please explain why the Fire Department
secretary who was parked in the police chiefs parking stall for a
short time received a parking citation and why the off duty police
officers can park there at anytime to walk through town with their
families with no citations issued. sounds like conflict of intrest
and taking
advantage of their positions

It's Police Parking, not for the Fire Department secretary.  She got
a ticket because she was parked there illegally.  That one's a pretty
simple one.
12:44 pm edt 

Re:This is a Reply to Parking Behind Town Hall

Police Officers ask for permission to park there, they do not do so
on their own. And many of times they are denied permission. The Fire
Dept secretary did not ask and that is the difference. If she had
asked, there's a very good chance she would of been granted
permission. Also, when a Police Officer asks, he or she does so after
an effort is made to find a metered spot, etc...To the best of my
knowledge the Fire Dept secretary did not do that and if she had and
still asked for permission I believe the outcome of that situation
would of been different.
12:42 pm edt 

Ellen Battagliani

It doesn't matter if she was upset.. That should have been between
her and Burchman after the meeting...  Not in the view of the
public.....She is SUPPOSE to be a professional and acting in that
capacity...  Unfortunately, for her she didn't and showed it!
12:40 pm edt 

Parking Spot behind Town Hall:

The same reason the Selectmens Secretary can and the Town Manager and
the Building Inspector... Do I need to go on....  The Police ask to
park off duty with permission from the Officer in Charge or they get
ticketed,    But the other spots assigned ASK NOBODY....   So is
there a conflict with them Too?    What's fair is fair......At least
the Police ask.... The others just park after 5PM w/o asking and go
to dinner.....  Oh by the way,   The Selectmens Secretary also uses
his Board pass to park on Commercial Street to perform is that abuse
of power????   Let's leave it at that....  This is not an issue you
want to touch....
12:39 pm edt 

Parking Spot behind Town Hall:

The same reason the Selectmens Secretary can and the Town Manager and
the Building Inspector... Do I need to go on....  The Police ask to
park off duty with permission from the Officer in Charge or they get
ticketed,    But the other spots assigned ASK NOBODY....   So is
there a conflict with them Too?    What's fair is fair......At least
the Police ask.... The others just park after 5PM w/o asking and go
to dinner.....  Oh by the way,   The Selectmens Secretary also uses
his Board pass to park on Commercial Street to perform is that abuse
of power????   Let's leave it at that....  This is not an issue you
want to touch....
12:37 pm edt 

Re Police Chiefs Parking Stall Behind Town Hall

It's called getting permission....
12:36 pm edt 

Laurie Roles, Victim?

Sexual harassment is a very serious issue and when the case closes, I
hope it's settled equitably.  But Laurie Roles also took huge
advantage of her position at the Rec Dept for her own monetary

Because she was employed by the rec dept, she was able to use the
town owned playgrounds and sports field free of charge to hold her
'boot camp' classes and to 'sponsor' the kick ball league.  people
who took the 'boot camp' classes paid her directly with no benefit to
the town.  she readily admitted keeping a portion of the profits from
the kickball fundraiser  for herself.  all of this tax free.  she was
basically running a side business on town owned property.

she no longer works for the rec dept and has lost the benefit of
using town owned property which is why she was being charged for the
use of motta field.

maybe the rec dept and the schools were retaliating against her, but
she's no angel in all of this.  she's difficult to work with and has
an attitude which is probably why you don't see her training at
either of the town gyms anymore.
12:35 pm edt 

Someone's Missing the Point

The Planning Board Chair should have contacted all members of his
board to ask if they would reconsider the Murchinson property. It
doesn't matter that having this meeting did right a wrong. But if
members were being forced to attend a meeting without even knowing
the reason, something's quite wrong. Ellen Begatini had the right to
be upset. She was left outside the decision and as a member of the
Planning Board should have been part of the decision. It is Howard
Burchman who should be held accountable for this real estate mess.
Burchman was doing someone's bidding. Perhaps Uncle Ted, the major
abutter. Burchman was helping Uncle Ted keep developments away from
his private home. Uncle Ted needs quiet, views, and undeveloped land
abutting him. With Michelle Couture's help and the emergency meeting
she called and with Historical and Conservation doing a two step,
Uncle Ted was pleased with the Cape Cod Commission taking this
property on review. It should have been rethought but not without board
member involvement. This is what Ellen Bagatini was angry about. She did
not like being a pon in the Burchman-Malone board game.
12:10 am edt 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Re: L.G.T.B.T.W.T.C.F
I'd like to change the abbreviation in L.G.B.T. Families
to: L.G.T.B.T.W.T.C.F


The first week in August is no time for 300+ families with misbehaved
children ravaging our stores and driving paying customers away from
town. What are they thinking?

ptown pj
11:15 pm edt 

Re: Howard Birchman

Was Howard Burchman at the Wed night joint meeting about 2
commercial street?
11:13 pm edt 

Roles Files 2nd Harassment Charge with MCAD Against the Town

     Good to read the Banner headline and get real news. How
interesting that a second complaint needed to be filed. You would
think that a town and the recreation department and the school
department would try to be as objective, as even-handed, and as
accomodating to an individual who has a sexual harassment suit
against the town. Instead, they seem to have encouraged even more
discrimination. They may not be pleased that the first suit was filed
against Tracy Rodericks Trewhella and former building commissioner
Doug Taylor, but any member involved with a key decision with the
person filing the suit should try to be as fair as possible.

      The MCAD doesn't look favorably at all at any town or
department or committee that continues the victimization of the
complaintant. Even the appearance of such behavior and the appearance
of unfair treament raises red flags with the state. What were they
11:11 pm edt 

I Disagree with Your Comments on Ellen Baggatini

     She was upset. That was obvious. But she had a right. She was
not asked about having this joint meeting or her thoughts about trying
to reconsider the Murchinson property. Neither was the other female
memeber of the Planning Board. As Ellen stated last night: it was
unilateral. It was Howard Burchman acting alone--again.

     The role of a chair is to guide a meeting. Not to orchestrate
the moves and control the final decisions. Chairs should not be
dictators. That is what Ellen was against. And I agreee. And I'm glad
she made her feelings known. She didn't need to be a "team player"
when, in truth, there was no team.
11:09 pm edt 


I thought last nights meeting was very good and very interesting.
Everyone finally got to hear what the project was about and questions
were asked and cleared up. Seemed like everyone present listened and
was somewhat satisfied with the outcome, all except for planning
board member Bagliano(sp?)who figuratively farted at the beginning of
the meeting and set the tone for herself for the rest of the meeting.
She didn't pay attention AT ALL. How ignorant! If you dislike the
idea that a meeting was called by the chair, something he can do
legally, then don't participate or don't vote. But just don't
diminish the attempts by others to right a wrong. I don't blame the
planning board for trying to do something to have SOME control over
the project but to have done it the way they did was just wrong.
seems like all parties, planning, conscom, historic, the owner and
the perspective owner all walked away happy. And that's good.
11:07 pm edt 

Re: Family Week

Oh I totally agree, family week simply SUCKS!
I own a business and I didn't do well with the screaming brats
either. To those who did, I can only assume you're selling ice cream
or candy. In fact, it drove a lot of my other usual business away. I
hope they feel so unwelcome here they move their economy titanic
11:05 pm edt 

Re Police chiefs parking stall behind Town Hall

Could someone please explain why the Fire Department secretary who
was parked in the police chiefs parking stall for a short time
received a parking citation and why the off duty police officers can
park there at anytime to walk through town with their families with
no citations issued. sounds like conflict of intrest and taking
advantage of their positions
11:04 pm edt 

Good Turn Out for Last Night's Joint Planning and Conservation Meeting

     Good to see so many town people present for this joint Planning
and Conservation board meeting last night. Good to hear solid
arguments in favor of the Murchinson buyer and the property. Good to
see such a professional presentation by the potential buyer and to
hear what the boards refused to hear before: his deep interest in
preserving the Murchinson house, both architecturally and also inside
in furnishings and interior design. Also good to see board memebers
trying to work together with the client, instead of the previously
antagonistic relationship that was so underserved. The potential
buyer is open, involved, caring about historical buildings, and
desiring to work with the town.

    All in all, a productive meeting that should go forward in having
our boards, and not the Cape Cod Commission, work with the buyer. A
good outcome, at last.

     I was struck by the backstage vested power brokers who were
working their wiles to bring this to the Cape Cod Commission. They
were not present last night. Their absence was surely a presence.
They may be the only ones not smiling
except for the forced grimace by Howard Burchman.
12:51 pm edt 

Maybe This time Planning and Conservation Got It Right

     How many times do our boards have to take a case and provide the
right legal ruling? Obviously, here at least two times by three
boards--Planning, Conservation and Historical--and twice by the BOS.
I hope there's a lesson here: do it right the first time and do it
with public input and do it legally.

     Looks like the Murchinson property will now be treated as it
should have been weeks back. Looks like our town boards will act,
with reason, not emotion, and according to the laws, and not
backstage vested interest, to handle this case correctly. When done
right, it's a win win for the town, for the boards and for the
potential buyer and seller.
12:48 pm edt 

Junior Cop Follies

At the intersection of Commercial by town hall, I sat for nearly 20
minutes last night trying to get across the road and into the mp lot.
There were two of the junior cops standing on the corner, watching
pedestrians cut out in front of me relentlessly. It was nearly
impossible to get across the road but I finally made it. When I
parked my car and walked by the male and female officers standing in
front of the Shor store, one was on her cell phone gabbing away the
other just standing there. I asked the other why rather then just
stand there, they don't step in help cars cross the street. Ya know,
like the intelligent one's up by the square that do that when cars
get stuck. They step out and stop the pedestrian traffic briefly to
get the cars across and keeping traffic congestion to a minimum. The
response from the summer junion cop was "it's not my job". I guess
his job is just to sit their and look dumb while his co-worker
gossips on her cell phone.

Perhaps we need to remind the junion cops what it means to be a
public servant. What a waste of our money having these kids stand on
the street corner.
12:44 pm edt 

To Everything There is a Season ... a Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven

A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep...

Some weeks shop owners make a lot of money.... other weeks the Grand
Union makes a lot of money.... it all evens out in the end (as long
as you are not selling winter coats in July)
12:41 pm edt 

Ellen Baggliano:

Good job with your un-professionalism at the planning board
meeting.....  You really showed your interest by resting on your hand!
Shame on you.....  Perhaps you forgot there was an audience?

You obviously went in close-minded?
12:38 pm edt 

Re: Rationality

That partial caps reply to the comment on rationality does
a fine job of making the opposition's point.
12:37 pm edt 

This is an Over-Priced Gay Ghetto

But frankly, it's why I
came here and why my business survives here. My customers love this
gay ghetto and they have the money to spend here. Although, if you
think family week is the salvation or future for Provincetown you're
clearly an idiot. The people that don't have kids and who have more
disposable income will keep this town going, not the double or
triple-wide stroller crowds. If anything family week ruins one good
week for the folks that come here and want to spend money and enjoy
it here.
12:36 pm edt 

Re: Family Week

Family week is awful for business. It was our worst week
all summer. We did okay with bears, just so so with the baby
lesbians, and good on 4th of July. However, family week we did
significantly less.

Tell them to celebrate Family Equality week someplace else if they
need to do it during the high season.

None of my guests want to listen to a screaming baby at 2am either!
Everone else I know want to avoid the stroller attack on Commerial
Street. Stores are a mess from children and you can't even eat
anywhere without children out of control all around.

These families do not spend money here. It's just bad for our
economy. Next time Rosie's ship heads for Provincetown, I hope it
runs aground long before it reaches our harbor.
12:34 pm edt 

Does Rational Assume Too Much in this Town?

Now that hits the nail on the head.  Assuming rational thoughts
and/or behavior in this town assumes WAY too much.
12:32 pm edt 

You Should Not Decide What is Good for Someone Else

Youre probably a control freak at home and single.  If youre with a
partner, wife or husband, they must
be getting ready to file for a divorce.  I would! . . .

Yikes, talk about going on a rant.
12:30 pm edt 

Don't Expect Others to do it For You!

 . .(2) plus tell me what has really been done to find
things for the children of this town to do compared to what you see
and read is done for the gay community ? . . .

What are you doing to find things for the children of this town to
do?  The gay community is doing things for themselves, they created
their activities and events.  If someone wants to find things for the
children of this town to do I say 'go for it'.  But, don't sit back
and expect others to do it for you.
12:28 pm edt 

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In Response to Family Week Complaints and Poor Business

Boo Hoo Hoo!

I thought business last week was great!! As a matter of fact its been
my best summer since I have been here!!

I think its all about marketing, advertising and how you treat people...

I have walked the streets of Commercial and there are some businesses
I will just not go or refer people to because the owner and or staff
act as if they are doing you a favor by even saying hello to you.

Maybe if some simple customer relations etiquette were followed these
people whose business is down might get better. Besides based on the
posts of some business owners on here its no wonder their business is
down maybe its the attitude of the shop owner and the employees that
keeps people from patronizing or referring people to the store.

Like I said, its all about how you treat people.
5:10 pm edt 

David Gardner

Just watched on channel 17 the Cape Cod Commission meeting
July 24th about 2 commercial street.  I now see why David Gardner was
a real jerk!  In his UM UM UM talks, he twisted things around and
left out items. 

He was asked if the sewer system went down to that
end of town and he did say it did, BUT went on to say it was AT
CAPACITY.  He knows dam well that 9 homes on race rd are opting out
of the sewer system and others so there will be flow available.  HE

We all know David only rents in town.  What is he
looking for?  A FAVOR FROM TED?  I use to think he was FAIR.   Hope
he can sleep at night with his uncalled for actions.  

If I were on the BOS, I would put in his personel files a huge complaint
against his misleading statements to the Cape Cod Commision.  AND put
him on a weeks suspension to boot.
5:07 pm edt 

Thanks for Posting the Planning Board Agenda

Not everyone regularly checks on town meetings. Thanks so much
for the information and for posting the agenda.
2:29 pm edt 

Posting of Joint Meeting Agenda

For those who keep asking for meeting agendas to be posted
you should refer to the Provincetown Town Web site which has all
meeting agendas, dates, and reasonably current minutes posted.

Webmaster Comment: The time and agenda of the Joint Meeting is Posted on the Shout Out! page.

1:35 pm edt 


When you say "Nobody rational is
against Family Week per se. The complaints are about the timing."
Timing for whom? YOU?  This isn't about you!  It's about what is good
for a group FROM THEIR POINT AND PROSPECTIVE.  You should not decide
what is good for someone else.  Youre probably a control freak at
home and single.  If youre with a partner, wife or husband, they must
be getting ready to file for a divorce.  I would!
Lets put it another way, Come January or February or March, you
cannot go on vacation and leave Provincetown.  YOU MUST STAY HERE.
PROFITS, hit it on the head.  Now lets see, carnival week is
approaching.  How many people will blog about IT IS TOO CROWDED and I
HAVE TO WORK 19 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK.  But wait, you will
collect those dollars from tips, room receipts, bar bills and that,
wont you?  SURE YOU WILL!
1:30 pm edt 

Joint Meeting

Go to the town website to see the agendas for the meetings
in question.
1:28 pm edt 

Re: Family Week

Nobody rational is against Family Week per se. The
complaints are about the timing. Does rational assume too much in
this town?
12:01 pm edt 

Why is the Planning Board Meeting with Conservation Board Tonight?

      Why are these boards having a joint meeting? I'm still
confused. The Murchinson property has been sent to the Cape Cod
Commission. How can these two baords, and then today's earlier
Historical Commission meeting decision, have any legal weight when
this property is no longer under the purvue of town boards?

     How can Planning and Conservation act AS IF they did not request
and push agressively for the Cape Cod Commission to take this case
and do a regional impact review?

     There is something so Provincetown about this, as if the laws
don't count when you don't want the laws to count. Am I the only one
who sees these board meetings as  inappropriate since the Murchinson
property is now outside their rulings--and this due to these boards
own actions?
12:00 pm edt 

Joint Planning and Conservation Board Meeting

Please Post Agendaa for JOint Planning and Conservation
Board for Tonight's Meeting

Could you please post the agenda. It would give needed information
for those concerned with the Murchinson property. That is the only
purpose for this joint meeting.

11:59 am edt 

Re: Town Employee Sitting on Boards

Good Questions on Town Employee Sitting on Town Boards.

You brought up some good questions. It's so very hard to be making
decision on any town board that won't at some point have some
possible impact on one's employment.

Good point on daring to vote
against a selectmen's vote and how one can take an opposite stand.
Just too many conflicts that, as you write, compromise that board

We don't need such board members because keeping their
position is a higher value than any board's goals.
11:56 am edt 

It's Sad to Read the Blogs Here About Family Week

I don't know what's happened but when I read the blogs here about
family week, I can't help but think how sad it is and add my thoughts
but not about family week per se.

I have always felt this town did it's best to promote and encourage
gay people to come here. That does not mean they should or shouldn't
but I can't help but feel that: (1) it has seriously contributed to
the decline in enrollment for our schools, (2) plus tell me what has
really been done to find things for the children of this town to do
compared to what you see and read is done for the gay community ?

I know that sounds negative but when you read some of the feelings
expressed here about family week, I sure do think what I just said
has some merits. I personally think what I saw during family week was
heart warming and I tip my hat to those who brought children here for
family week because I did not see any unhappy children. But as long
as this Town makes the gay community it's priority, you will see
Family week find it's way onto the list of things this town is in
jeopardy of losing like our schools.
8:45 am edt 

What a Bunch of Whiney Business Owners

I own a business here in town.  I do well with the circuit boys, not
so well with the baby dykes.  Carnival is great, bear week, not so
great.  Family week, just so so.  But overall for the summer, I am
very pleased.  I'm up 10% over last year and considering what is
going on all over the country, I'm not about to complain because one
week was slower than another.  Other parts of the country are truly
suffering from lack of tourists.

Who the hell do you people think you are to tell another group of
people they are not welcome in our community.  Shame on you.

Some of you business people will only be happy when you can control
every aspect of who this town markets to.

Every week can not be the fourth or carnival week.  But the sum of
the summer  weeks is what gets me through the winter.  So it was a
slow week, big whoop.  Take an extra day off if you know it's going
to be slow and really think about why you chose do create a business
in this town.
8:42 am edt 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Too Curious

"I did just fine running my guest house.  30 gay men and
lesbians had no issues with families. . ."
I'm curious, do you not allow straight people at your guest house?

We get ALMOST 99% gay and lesbians.  VERY FEW straight single or
couples.  Just who I advertise too.  I do NOT use the chamber, who
when I did, I got more straight couples.  I do take everyone that
calls as I do not discriminate, but I tend to fill up with who I
market too way before the other find us.  The few straight couples we
get love us and come back, so we treat everyone equally.

We do not accept children, as our inn is old, like most in the town,
and soundproffing is not like new construction.  NOTHING AGAINST
KIDS, but we want our main customers not to hear crying babies at 3AM.

I have said it before and will say it again, ALL my customers did NOT
mind all the families in town.   I DID VERY WELL.  My final numbers
for July were up from July of 2007 and that was my best year in the
past 15 years.  SO Family week did NOT HURT US.

There is also a way to turn what some gay men MIGHT feel is a
negative towards families, but that is something you as a business
owner should figure out and preach.  I know I do, and it works for me
and my guests.

the 2nd week in July, when that is considered the SEASON, who gives
anyone the right to tell a group WHEN TO COME?   GO RUN YOUR BUSINESS
11:38 pm edt 

Brilliant Solution, Absolutely Brilliant

    Yes,  of course. a 40B on the Murchinson Property. The new owner
would not have to be concerned with the Cape Cod Commision and he
coud build affordables up and own the dunes. Those who love
affordable housing, including the beloved Ted malone, could get even
more affordables. I know, Ted, these ou wouldn't control, but be a
sport. And then the new owner could preserve the Murchinson house,
since he loves it, and then turn the remaining three acres into what
this town loves! Affordable housing units. He could build as many
affordables as Ted Malone would build at Race Point Road. This is
pure bliss.
11:28 pm edt 

Family Week

A funny thing happened on the way to the post office...
I ran into 7 other business owners, and the only topic of
conversation was about how financially devastating family week was. 
There are 6 high season weeks in which we all depend on to pay our
bills for the year. We work very hard for most of the year to
prepare, and most of us go into huge debt preparing for high season,
all of this to loose 16% of our income!!!!

The answer to family week continuing was interesting, some businesses
will have off season hours, and some will close for the week.

My favorite was one business owners idea to close the town and go to
Myconos for a vacation, the money saved on payroll would pay for the
trip for everyone.

I love kids, and the families with them, but this is devastating many

There will before rent signs next year, and family week will have helped.

Also I have heard from many visitors (who actually spend money on
town) that they will never come back during family week.

Make your reservations now, for the sunny beaches of Myconos.
11:07 pm edt 

Family "Equality" Week Has Moved to August 1-8, 2009

Just say no! They think they are an economic shot in the arm. I have
more guests trying to dodge the moving target of family week than
anything else.
11:04 pm edt 

Family Week

I think that any event that brings people to provincetown is great.
We are at the very end of the cape and need as many people to visit
us as possible. 

We are always looking for tourist to come in the
shoulder season, which is why we have womens week in October, but
look at ourselves we have carnival the third week of august and look
at all the people that show up to see the parade and enjoy the

I would hope that we would all embrace all that come to
our little oasis.  As a business owner I embrace all that come and
say bring your friends and family with you.
11:02 pm edt 

"I did just fine running my guest house.  30 gay men and
lesbians had no issues with families. . ."

I'm curious, do you not allow straight people at your guest house?
11:01 pm edt 

Gas Theft!

I've heard of a gas thief here in town.  I met two people today that
had gas siphoned from their cars.  They were buying lockable gas caps.

Forewarned is forearmed.
7:12 pm edt 

Family Week

I truly do not care for children. Yet, I find family week quite
endearing, albeit keep the little buggers away from me. Family week
should remain one of the prime summer weeks, they deserve to be here
along with any of the other themed weeks. Let's stop counting
everyone elses money and making blanket claims like "next year
everyone's staying away Family Week." I hear that every Memorial Day
Weekend when the young women descend upon town, I hear it Bear Week
from the leftover circuit boyz who claim they are too fuzzy, I hear
it on the Fourth of July from townies who complain about the day
trippers and yet the town survives and generally prospers through it
all. Chill out and let's continue to welcome our guests. And another
thing, you know, not everyone is inclined to pay $14.00 for a burger.

E. Michael Richards
7:11 pm edt 

Re: Family Week

Someone complined that other groups have theme weeks and we
don't complain about them...
For the most part, each theme crowd blends into the fabric of Provincetown.
During Family Week, Provincetown IS Family Week. Everything revolves
around them and their needs.
And I am tired of the old story that restaurant owners, guest house
owners and shop owners are only interested in $$$$$. Hey...we offer
employment and are responsible for the salaries of hundrds if not
thousands of workers. We pay rents. We pay sales taxes, insurance,
town fees etc.. The price of gasoline and other factors have made
this season very difficult for some of us.
If something as disruptive as Family Week pulls us down for a week
and causes a financial hardship, it is not only the "greedy" business
people who is all of us.
7:10 pm edt 

Family week

I cannot believe I am reading here that some of you, because it HURT

How would you like it if you as a gay man or lesbian were told you
were no longer welcomed in Truro or Boston or ANYWHERE USA?  I bet
you wouldnt like that, now would you

And how about Puzzle me this in P-Town?  I bet they did just swell.  Why
dont the store owners get items that families might want and need this week?  
Or is that too much to ask?  You want your life SIMPLE and EASY?  NO, you
just know how to complain and make our town unwelcomed if you dont get
exactly what you want.  

For you to say screw up a weeks worth of revenue is both shallow and rude. I
do hope if I know which business you run, I will be sure NOT to shop there a
nd especially as a guest house owner, tell all my guests to stay away from your

Just think of all the kids now, that someday will be adults and want to come back
to where their DADS, or MOMS brought them.   I bet then you would take their

I did just fine running my guest house.  30 gay men and lesbians had
no issues with families.   Some even talked about adopting and coming
back in a few years with their own kids.
7:08 pm edt 

Re: Bubbala's

I am very sorry to hear that Brian Carlson, et al stuck
their noses into the situation of dogs on the patio of Bubbala's. It
does seem to me there are more important matters to deal with--such
as the Gov. Bradford situation that was mentioned here, the condition
of restaurant kitchens and equipment during the season and not only
at inspection time, the filthy town beaches to name a few.

Being able to have your dog with you at Bubbala's was one of the
small pleasures of visiting and living in this town and those little
things seem to be less and less these days.
7:02 pm edt 

Re: Family Week

While I agree that having Family Week in July or August is
probably not in the best intersts of business owners and front of the
house restaurant workers, as a point of information, it couldn't be
any other time because the kids are in school. So it's either as it
is now or not in Provincetown.
7:00 pm edt 

No One "Hates" Families - Get Real

BUT screaming undisciplined children running unchecked are not welcome.

June or September would be better.
3:21 pm edt 

Re: Family Week

Diversity bullcrap! Family week has nothing to do with
diversity or tolerance. It has to do with people's personal choices
in having families. I have no problem with people chosing to have
children or even bring them on vacation, but when come disrupt
Provincetown and screw up a week's worth of revenue in a very short
season, I take issue.

Family is a disaster for Provincetown. It causes excess confestion
and doesn't bring any measurable revenues. I have news for you. The
families DON'T spend any money here. They all eat back at their
condo. They don't go out at night, because they need to be home. The
only places that may benefit from family week is the ice cream shops.
That's the extent of the benefit.

I can't tell you how many people I spoke to in town this past week
that said they would never come back here during this week again.
These are the people that do spend money, do go out to eat, buy in
our shops, drink in our establishments and stay in our guest houses.

Businesses need to take a stand. If they want to have a week here,
tell them to come in May or June when it's dead and when they don't
interfere with our revenue stream and upset the guests who come here
and actually spend money.
3:20 pm edt 

Town Charter: ..Which in Anyway Is Related to his Employment

     The Charter prohibits someone who is a paid town employee from
sitting on town boards that "in any way is related to his
employment." It does not say in only some way or slightly relates to
one's employment. The aim is not to have a town board member find
themselves in any way compromimsed by any vote that they would take
on any issue.

     Let's look a few recent ones. Does this person handle any MIS
work for the Health Director who is the Conservation Agent? Does this
person confer with the Health Director in any part of her position or
work? Is this person involved in computer work involved with the DPW?

      Can this person's vote be compromised by a BOS vote? Given
Michelle Couture's vote on the Murchinson and then Michelle Couture
and Elaine Anderson second vote on the Murchinson, is this town
employee unencumbered and actually free to vote without undue
influence? Could this person really vote against having a desk plaque
of thanks created and given to Elaine Anderson for her work on the
Conservation Committee? I hardly think so.

      Is this person unconnected to other town employees requesting
Beach Access Permits? Can this person be uncompromised in all
requests for appeals by other town employees or residents? Can this
person's vote be uncompromised by any connection between Conservation
and the DPW department and their day to day requests?

      Does this person in any way work with the Health Director on
the environmental grants he is and has been attempting to write and
to gain? Could she refuse such requests? Is this person uncompromised
in all cases in regards to requests by the Harbormaster and the
Harbor Committee in her capacity as town employee? Is her vote on
Conservation unrelated to all of these issues and requests?

     Can she really take a vote in opposition to the votes of the
selectmen on various issues and not threaten her own town employment?

      These are just some of the questions the Charter ruling
requires we raise and fully answer.
3:16 pm edt 

Wishing Planning Board Had Protected Town Interests
     Now I see that the Planning Board has, for many years, worked
against the interest of keeping the town historic and quaint. It has
worked against protecting key places like the Moors and the Dairy
Queen and the Bill White Motel so that when, under new management,
these places would have retained the older, smaller-scaled buildings.

      But the Planning Board for many years--so it seems from the
recent blogging--has worked tirelessly and intensely to create a
legal environment, with our by-laws, that allowed and encouraged
large-scale affordable developments. The Planning Board worked to
make affordable housing a major business in town and thus change the
streetscape and the scale of Provincetown. I now see that the
Planning Board has been the sometimes hidden but major connection to
Ted Malone and the over-scaled, over-built profit-making affordable
developments that now sadly characterize our town.
3:12 pm edt 

An Invitation to All!

I am also a Guest House owner and I disagree with the
previous posts.  Family Week doesn't create any wammy for us.  We do
not accept kids, but we sell out to gay men the entire week.  Sure,
people question us when making reservations, but I have never had a
guest complain about too many FAMILIES and or that they would never
come back to town during family week.  I also have kids of my own,
and don't forget, you were a kid once. 

3:10 pm edt 

What About Less Government?

Brian strikes again! Apparently the all-powerful health
inspectors doesn't feel like they have enough to do keeping the
kitchens in you can't even have breakfast, lunch or dinner
with your dog on the patio at Bubalas.

That's right folks, the Health Inspector has cracked down on that
ever-serioues problem of pooches being able to dine with their owners
at Bubalas.

It was never a problem, and frankly it's what drew me to this town.
The fact that the community was so dog-friendly and you could
actually bring your dog to an outside restaurant.

I think it's time we start pushing for less government.
3:08 pm edt 

Re: Town Employee

"I live in Truro and pay taxes in Truro with my blue collar
Town of Provincetown job."

Oops, the resident parking sticker was suppose to be for people who
live in Provincetown wasn't it?  The rules were changed to enable
those who live in Provincetown, but have their mail delivered
elsewhere to purchase the resident parking sticker.  Guess I don't
understand, it doesn't seem like you would qualify for the 'resident'
parking sticker.  Am I missing something?
3:05 pm edt 

Re: Family Week

This type of attitude is what creates such problems for
this town!  You offer no solution, do you!

"Be careful what you wish for, family week haters...
there wont be ANYONE visiting this entitled, over priced gay ghetto!"

I think solutions have been offered.  The suggestion of holding
Family Week the last week of June is ideal.

Family Week Haters?  I don't think so.  You need to realize we have a
fragile economy here in Provincetown.  July and August, TWO MONTHS in
which to make or break your business.  Anything that slows business
during these two crucial months needs to be looked at.
3:03 pm edt 

Re: Re: Room Tax

Re: Room Tax
you had them EARLY to us before!"

I think the article in the Banner was incorrect.  The most recent
quarter being reported had to have been Jan, Feb & Mar due to the
timing of the article on July 17th.  Lisa can't report numbers that
the State has not reported to her.
9:38 am edt 

Re: Family Week

As a Guest House owner I agree with the previous posts.  Family Week
creates a double wammy for guest house owners in that the families do
not stay in guest houses (they rent condos) and everyone else stays
away because they know it's family week and they want to avoid the
kids.  AND in case anyone asks I'm NOT anti kids.  I've got several
of my own. The week just does not work from a business perspective. 
Town got off to a moderately slow start with 4th of July and then had
a terrific 10 days with Bear Week.  The momentum was rolling.  Now
it's fallen completely flat. Move Family Week to last week of June,
that's where it belongs. We should ask the PBG and the Chamber to
communicate this to the family week organizing group.
9:29 am edt 

Re: Town parking employee

OK, now it comes out that the
person is a TRURO resident BUT works at Town hall!   Are you the one
that first complained how rude the parking employee was?   I still
feel you should go and talk to the BOS, ANY ONE OF THEM, and explain
what you experienced and have them NOT USE YOUR NAME.   What happened
with the person that pays the town car tax and all that, but the car
is registered in a trust or something?  I thought this is how it all
started about the town parking person being RUDE and not giving a $50
town parking pass?
9:27 am edt 

Unreal... Some Should Be Ashamed!!!

We live in Provincetown Mass.
We take pride in our heritage and our diversity of both present and past.

To think, some hate the idea of family week, a week of children
laughing and playing together, a support system for the parents and
friends of this new family unit, simply because of your selfish
capitalistic motives!
How self-centered and close-minded can you be?
If it doesn't benefit you or your wallet, then be gone!

This type of attitude is what creates such problems for this town! 
You offer no solution, do you!

Be careful what you wish for, family week haters...
there wont be ANYONE visiting this entitled, over priced gay ghetto!
9:25 am edt 

Re: Room Tax

you had them EARLY to us before!
9:24 am edt 


I can't believe a town as welcoming to Ptown tries to get a group
like family week NOT to come to Provincetown during the SEASON.  
This is shameful and an embarrassment to us.  The shops and
restaurants that complained should be thankful that the end of July
which tends to be slower historically would really see numbers go
down for their businesses.    Yes, there would be LESS kids walking
around stores unsupervised because parents feel very safe here, but
you really would see less dollars at the cash register and IN YOUR
POCKETS at the end of the year.   Maybe some of you dont mind less
$$$, but I work very hard for 5 months so I can enjoy my winters
AWAY.  What is so wrong with 1 week of children?  I saw lots of
Daddies and Daddies and Mommies and Mommies buy STUF for their kids. 
OK,  they are not buying $3000 paintings or $300 shirts, but they do
buy.  And isnt it just too bad that 12 people as a group want to go
out to a restaurant?   Nothing seems to please the people in P-Town
anymore.  Maybe you should GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!  I know I
will put up with FAMILY WEEK and then spend my winters FAR AWAY
WITHOUT HAVING TO WORK for 6 months.   Lets see, 24 weeks of bliss
and 1 week of craziness?   Seems like an easy choice, unless your
9:23 am edt 

Store Scavenger Hunt?

My favorite Family Week activity was "Store Scavenger Hunt."
Packs of teenagers piling into the store every five minutes to ask
the store clerks questions for their Family Week Scavenger lists...
It is hard enough to make a living this year without having  packs of
teens coming in every few minutes interrupting sales to ask
questions.....whoever thought up "Store Scavenger Hunt" should get an
award for most assinine activity of the week.
9:21 am edt 

2 Commercial st:

If others can work on a 40B, then why can't the perspective buyer of
2 Commercial?  Tell him to ask me and I can tell him how to get
around all the sleezy moves....

Better yet, I know who he is , so I'll tell him....

It certainly has worked for some and that I know !

What's good for one, is good for ALL.....
9:20 am edt 

Re: 2 Commercial

I also feel the three boards did the right thing and that
the 3 selectmen gave in to the developers of 2 Commercial! I hope all
developers hear about this and get scared away from Provincetown!
9:18 am edt 


Who can afford anything in this town?  We hope oneday soemone builds
ugly looking homes on your doorstep !

It's not the building that's upsetting to Nelson Ave, It's the sneaky
way people are trying to avoid the rules & regs to get the
affordable...   That's why someone I know with a child cannot afford
one of those affordable houses....  Why.. because the salary is just
a little over what is required..  Oh. come on.  How can that be ? 
Look around and see who has the affordables?  Don't find yourself
fooled... You know what's going on here and so don't we !!!!!  AND WE
9:17 am edt 

Re: 40B
9:15 am edt 

Re: Nelson Avenue

To the Nelson Avenue bloggers on here. Why didn't you buy
the land when it was for sale? If you got everyone living in that
area to each buy into that property then you can put what you want
1:45 am edt 

Re: 40B Reality

Nobody said the CCC would or could stop a 40B. The question was why
don't the local boards refer these developments to the CCC for review
in regards to the traffic they will create, the sewage they create,
the water usage, the trash, economic burden perhaps on the school or
the towns infrastructure, the jobs available to the new inhabitants
and the impact on the region, environmentally and economically. It
makes sense. the CCC can't stop the Murchison project either, just
slow it down. Why this was referred in comparison to a 38 unit 40B on
Nelson Ave or the massive complex about to go behind the Cumberland
Farms is beyond me. It doesn't make sense to not have the CCC review
projects that are much bigger.
1:44 am edt 

Re: Town Employee

"IF it effected me, I would do that.  Are you really that
afraid that her husband will sue you?  GIVE ME A BREAK"

No, I am not afraid he will sue me...But the TM/Selectmen sure are
afraid he will sue the town. I totally agree that she has a job for
life...a job where she can be as mean and nasty as she likes.

As for speaking up at Selectmen's meetings...I live in Truro and pay
taxes in Truro with my blue collar Town of Provincetown job. I can do
without a target on my back,I can't afford the parking
1:42 am edt 

Town Employees and Boards

 From the Town Charter

3‑4‑2            A paid town employee shall not be a
member of a town board which is any way related to his employment.
3‑4‑3            A paid town employee with supervisory
duties shall not be a member of a town board which is in any way
related to his employment during his or her term of office or for at
least one year after leaving office

Since this debate is over an employee from the MIS department serving
on the Conservation Committee, there is no conflict and she can
legally serve on that board.

Furthermore, as a town, we should thank her for volunteering her time
serving on a board.

Just the facts please
1:39 am edt 

Re: Family Week

Let's encourage the Family Week leaders to move on to
another city. As far as I am concerned, an entire week of prime
season was thrown in the garbage.
1:37 am edt 

Monday, August 4, 2008

Job For Life?

WHY does a person say that the parking department person
"has a job for LIFE? and there is nothing you
can do...I repeat...NOTHING...The TMs hands are tied I've been told".

You mean if I call the TOWN MANAGER, she can not do anything?  Some
post said her husband is a lawyer?  BIG DEAL.  Some of these posts DO
NOT SOUND LEGIT.  It is posts like this that make me wonder why I
even read garbage like this.  I wish the poster would go to a BOS
meeting on Monday and question the BOS.  I am sure this is not really
happening.  IF it effected me, I would do that.  Are you really that
afraid that her husband will sue you?  GIVE ME A BREAK
4:07 pm edt 

Theme of the Week

Family week. Hah. Must we endure this joke of a theme week
again next year?  They travel in packs and approach restaurants by
saying, "Hi, party of twelve!" and then act like you're anti-family
when you tell them it'll be an hour.

Must we "theme up" every darn week in this town?
3:11 pm edt 

40B Reality

No boards even the CCC can stop a 40 B
3:09 pm edt 

The Way Things Are

"We should ALL SUPPORT the 3 boards that have stopped yet
another development from being built without any over sight at 2
Comm. St. This is a good start to just say NO MORE DEVELOPMENT!"

Tell that to Ted Malone when he cuts down all the trees on the corner
of Race Pt Rd and Rt6...Watch as he trucks in yet another prefab,
ticky tacky boxes development. I'm sure, in fact I KNOW, that Teds
new "affordable" boxes will be in place long before anything on the
Murchinson property ruins Alix Ritchie's privacy.

Thats how things work around here. Ted Malone and Howard Burchman have
played long and hard with the zoning regs to enable Ted to continue
his takeover in the name of "affordable"  They REALLY pulled it off
last month. While everyone was oohing and ohoing about 2 Commercial
St they went skipping off counting their money.

Its a done deal folks, watch the money and it all becomes clear. It's
over and all you can do about anything around here is move on.

One last thing, about the parking department...there is nothing you
can do...I repeat...NOTHING...The TMs hands are tied I've been told,
this parking employee can do no wrong no matter who complains...She
has the job for LIFE...doesn't that just suck?

Oh yea, whats with this rolling Family Week? This is the THIRD week
of spoiled kids with cheap parents. I would like to know if ANYONE
makes any $$$ from them? I doubt it!
27 days till Labor Day
3:08 pm edt 

Archive Problem

Hmmmmmm... the June archives link doesn't work.

Webmaster Comment: We are looking into the problem.

Thank you
3:02 pm edt 

You Said it About Family Week...

I was run over by guppies
on the backs of bicycles driving the wrong way on the wrong
tides...Screaming doggie fish...Bossy whales...As far as I'm
concerned...put Family week in March and preferably in San Francisco

Slipper fish (pulling chewing gum from my fins)
3:00 pm edt 

Re: Family Week

We blew the momentum of a good season to bring in a group that indeed
keeps others from visiting. Rumor has it that the organizers are
insisting on the first week of August 2009. If that's a take it or
leave it ultimatum the only sensible answer is thanks but no thanks.
The week before the Fourth is the right week. Take it or leave it.
2:58 pm edt 

Wrong Thinking

You are so misguided in thinking that the Town Boards did
the right thing in referring 2 Commercial Street to the CCC and that
that will stop the property from being developed.
12:31 pm edt 

Town Employee

Just a word about the employee that works for us and the
town.  I was
shocked at her reaction, misconduct and lack of knowledge.  This is
employee should keep up to date with all the Rules and Regulations.
She has not.

You should try being an employee of this town and having this Rude,
Ignorant, HIGHLY PAID employee target you. That means that for every
day you work for the town you have to pay 2hours of hard earned
salary in parking tickets. Everyone who works for the town knows her
and more importantly they know her husband the lawyer so she has a
job for life
12:30 pm edt 

Family Week

Does anyone else think that Family Week was a horror show?
Parents who either couldn't or wouldn't control their
children....Family Week is stressful for restaurant owners, hotel
owners,  shopkeepers and townspeople. I have been told by hotel
owners that tourists both gay and straight know to avoid vacationing
during this week and that alone says something.
I feel Family Week should be scheduled for Easter vacation or late
June...not at the height of the season.
12:28 pm edt 

Would You PLease Post Historical and Planning Meeting Agendas?

Would you please post the Historical Commission meeting agenda for
this Wednesday. It is in the morning, I think, at 9a.m. There is a
place for public statements.

Would you also post the Planning Board meeting for 7 p.m. that is a
joint meeting with Conservation? Again, and finally, there is room
for public statements.

Thanks for letting others know what is happening this Wednesday
concerning the Murchinson property.
12:27 pm edt 

You Raise A Good Question

You ask why Ted malone's 40B project isn't referred to the CCC for
discretionary review. That is a good question. But considering that
his Race Point Road proposal, when presented to the Planning Board
and to the Zoning Board   last year, required a Mandatory Review
given that this development involved 35 residential units and
involved the construction of 13 new buildings. But neither the
Planning Board, when it was first presented in the fall of 2007, nor
neither the Zoning Board, when presented in the spring of 2008, ever
brought up the issue of Mandatory Review. They were silent.

And Ted Malone would have developed this property free of the Cape
Cod Commission if the town staff, under pressure from the knowledge
that some knew what should happen, asked the CCC if this project
needed Mandatory Review. The answer: absolutely. Then this Race Point
project was submitted to the CCC and knowing the problems that would
result and the questions and studies that would be reqquired, Ted
Malone just withdrew this project. Now he will do a 40B so that he
doesn't have to get reviewed by the Cape Cod Commission.

You bring up a good point: why not request that the CCC consider this
high density development as a Discretionary Referral? Why don't our
boards rise to the occasion and treat the neighbors of Race Point
with the same attention they gave to neighbor Ted Malone, an abutter
to the Murchinson property?

Good question and good point.
12:25 pm edt 

Support the 3 Boards

We should ALL SUPPORT the 3 boards that have stopped yet
another development from being built without any over sight at 2
Comm. St. This is a good start to just say NO MORE DEVELOPMENT!
11:04 am edt 

2 Commercial Street

Its a good thing that the Cape Cod Commission will decide
the fate of 2 Commercial Street! If you leave it for Provincetown to
do it, you know it will be done wrong with the likes of Mary jo,
Billy Rogers, Austin knight or our building department at the helm
sterring yet another property into the gutter!
11:01 am edt 

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Re: Commision Question

I would think that if the discretionary referral was made then it can
be taken back. Its not particularly the CCC members that take it,
it's the commission staff. They review the project and the members,
representatives from the towns, then make a decision later. If the
towns think they made a mistake in sending it and, hopefully after
the proponent has made his case, they will feel stongly enough to
change their vote and ask it not be reviewed, I can't imagine the CCC
would disregard that. It is a discretionary referral as opposed to a
mandatory referral, something the town has no say over.
Someone else mentioned in here that the 40B projects of Ted Malones
don't go to the CCC because they aren't mandatory. Why haven't they
been referred as dicretionary referrals like this project was?
9:35 pm edt 

Can someone Answer this Question?

Since the Cape Cod Commission, at the request of the Planning Board
and at the request of the Conservation Committee and with the added
request by the Historical Commission asked this regional body to
accept this project as a Discretionary Referral. At the July 24th
Cape Cod Commission and with over two hours of debating and
discussion, this regional body voted 8-7 to accept the Murchinson
Property for its review. It is out of Provincetown's purview.

How can the Planning Board or the Conservation Board or the
Historical Commission do anything regulatory with the Murchinson
property since it is now in the hands and under the regulation of the
Cape Cod Commission?

The request from Provincetown's three boards led the Cape Cod
Commission to take its own action. How could any of our boards work
with the new owner when these three boards have already given up
their power over this land by their request to and vote from the Cape
Cod Commission?

Isn't this vote and decision being severly overlooked by each of our
three boards? Our boards formally requested a discretionary review,
presented by David gardner, to this  regional body and they received
what they asked for. It's been done. It's in their hands--not our
anymore. That is what the vote by the CCC meant.
7:57 pm edt 

Parking Regulations

Just a word about the employee that works for us and the town.  I was
shocked at her reaction, misconduct and lack of knowledge.  This is
employee should keep up to date with all the Rules and Regulations.
She has not.

If you are referring to the Parking Dept head she was at the
Selectmen meeting when the rules were changed.  Why she refused to
enforce the rules that she watched being changed is a question for
the Town Manager or Selectmen.
7:33 pm edt 


The problem here is that this project isn't bad considering what
could be done. The home remains and gets a rebuild and eight small
lots are carved out of the remaining land. Not too bad. Considering
what could be done here, the planning board and the others should
accept it as a good idea. Something WILL be done with the land and
this isn't bad.

Other side of the coin would be a developer comes in, divides it into
20 lots to be able to recoupe some money, tear down the existing
homes in that they are not protected which has been revealed and
nobody but the developer walks away happy. That doesn't mean
affordable Ted will be the new owner nor does it mean affordable
anything. These literally could be million dollar homes, something
most are vehimently against. and the construction noise and traffic
for 20 homes will last for years to come. No peace for the

The guy that wants the property has a time constraint, tax oriented,
and needs to buy before a dead line. The CCC process is too long and
if it continues that route, this guy will be forced to walk away and
leave the propety vulnerable to anyone. The town feels this is the
right guy to buy the property and even the CCC thinks so. So let him
continue with local oversight and not the CCC.

Planning, ConsCom and Historic, change your minds and ask to take the
project back from the CCC.
7:31 pm edt 

Ted Malone May Not Be Breaking the Law But He is Writing the Law

     Think you missed the point, Harriet! Ted Malone, in working and
shaping and deal making, with the Cape Cod Commission and with the
Planning and Zoning Boards, has been making new laws. He has worked
long and hard to re-shape, re-work, re-do our by-laws so that he and
his corporation can create and build huge developments and therby
increase his profits.

     Had our by-laws not been changed and altered, with the
cheerleading of the Planning Board for the last few years, we would
have more control on affordable housing and would be encouraging
small scale projects for affordable rentals and housing.

By dramatically changing the by-laws, again with Howard Burchman's help,
the town legally allows Malone to do what would have been against our
by-laws years back.
4:51 pm edt 

Compare and Contrast Affordable Housing Developments Across the Cape

     You will see few "developments" like the montrosity that Ted
Malone has dumped on Provincetown. Of course Malone is doing an
affordable in Truro and he is trying to do others in Wellfleet.
Malone is running out of options--or land--or the good graces of this
town. Our Town is overloaded with overly built affordable housing
mega projects. Other Cape towns, like Chatham, Wood Holes, Falmouth
and Dennis have been much wiser.

      Why have the land, water, resources and beauty controlled by
developers? They want to control their own destiny. Here, we have
given over our fate to Ted Malone and so-called Community Housing
Resources, a money-making proposition done through using up our town.
4:43 pm edt 

Support For Town Government

Sounds like a police department employee has his feathers
ruffled about my complaints?

Did you ever think that some people are proud and supportive of some
aspects of our town and not down on everything and everyone?
-If someone writes in support of the Police Dept., they must be an
employee of the Police Dept.
-If someone writes in support of the PBG, they must be on the board
of the PBG.
-If someone writes in support of the Pier, they must be a member of
the Pier Corp.
-If someone writes in support of . . .

I could go on and on, but you get the picture don't ya?
4:41 pm edt 

Paranoia? Or Perhaps Malcontent...

There is an appearance of giving Mr. Malone and Ms. Ritchie way too
much power and credit on this blog and in this town.

CHR is a for profit corporation that has an interest in enabling some
of our residents the ability to purchase community housing, where
other options leave them virtually impossible, renting included, so
the family or persons have to leave town.  Ted Malone has not broken
any laws, despite the resentful bashing he receives by a vocal few.

Alex Ritchie (personally, NOT one of my favorite people I have had
the unfortunate opportunity to meet) does indeed abut the 2
Commercial St. property, she is a multi-millionaires and use to it on
the CCC.  Hmmm, coincidence?  We shall see!

Anyhow, I feel the Planning Board, Historic and Conservation tried to
be aware, in a pro-active way (maybe not the best display, thank you
Mr. Burchman) of the possibility of a major development from being
constructed on the hill.  The sale was very hush-hush private and
appeared to be very anonymous, almost TOO QUIET?  A bit sneaky or
suspect, I believe is the more appropriate word.

We have learned a lesson as a town and hopefully the members of above
mentioned Boards have learned about protocol.  It is about what is
legal, not emotional.
4:39 pm edt 

Parking Department!

I must speak out about the head of the Parking Department.
It was the most unpleasant experience I have ever had in this town. 
I have been here a little over thirteen years and own a business in
town.  Tryed to get a parking sticker since the rules and regulations
were just changed by the Board of Selectmen.  The rules now state
that you only need to have your car registered in and pay Excise Tax
to Provincetown.  I do and always have.  I was asked to show my
drivers license and then was talked down to by the head of the
department about my address on my license.  My address is not in
Provincetown.  But, the rule has changed and I told her that.  I was
yelled at that the rules are what they are.  She theatened to call
the Police Officer into the office and call the Town Manager.  She
did make her calls.  I called the Town Managers office and was told I
was right and that someone would call me.  The head of the Selectmen
did call within 10 minutes and had a talk with her.  I was right

Went back a second time. Still did not get my sticker.  The car is
registered in our Realty Trust Company and last year I had a
commercial sticker.  Not a word about this was ever stated.  I will
not pay the additional amount for the sticker since it seems the
rules states, in other words, that the car must live in Provincetown
and pay taxes here.

It does.

Just a word about the employee that works for us and the town.  I was
shocked at her reaction, misconduct and lack of knowledge.  This is
employee should keep up to date with all the Rules and Regulations. 
She has not.

Thanks you for reading!
4:36 pm edt 

Room Sales Tax

OK, it is Aug.  So has the state reported to the town the
room sales tax for the period of APRIL, MAY & JUNE of 2008 yet?  And
lets compare that to the same time in 2007?   Remember Lisa said June
was down 35% from last year?   AND THERE WAS NO BANNER FOLLOW UP if
that was true.   When does the state release the REAL NUMBERS?
4:33 pm edt 

Get Your Facts Right!

All towns on the cape including Truro
& Chatham DO HAVE affordable housing projects and 40B projects! And
yes even Ted Malone has a project in Truro. Time to get off your meds
or at least stop drinking.
4:31 pm edt 

There is no Mess Concerning 2 Commercial Street

The only problem seems to be coming from someone who only seems
to blog here, but never shows his/her face at public meetings. I'm glad
the town stopped this project before it got the rubber stamp to develope
yet another Provincetown treasure! Just becaues 3 selectmen say it was
wrong does not mean that the three boards did the wrong thing. Thank
you Planning et al.
4:30 pm edt 

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wednesday Looks Like Murchinson Day!
     Three meetings on one day for the Murchinson Property.
Historical in the morning, and then a Joint Meeting at 7 p.m. with
Planning and Conservation. Do they already have a game plan? Joint
meetings seem to imply joint agreement on something.

      I hope the decisions made are derived from insight,
regulations, and thoughtful analysis. So far this has been lacking
from all these boards.
4:55 pm edt 

Re: Police

Sounds like a police department employee has his feathers
ruffled about my complaints?

The PD is oversized and over what it should cost in such a small
town. We don't need motorcycle cops like CHIPS.

99% of the time the police standing on the street cornings           have nothing to do. It's a waste of our money.

Cut the PD budget in half. Cut half the employees. We'd save a lot of
money and it would go unnoticed. Except Commercial Street wouldn't be
blocked on a busy night by a police cruiser holding up traffic so
that the bored police officers could socialize.

They have nothing to do, get them off the clock and send them home.
Wait, maybe we should give them more toys though to boost morale?  lol
4:08 pm edt 

Murchison & Planning/Conservation

Nobody says they got it wrong per say. The fact is, how could they
have gotten it right if the proponents didn't even make a
presentation to either board? How do they deliberate something they
know nothing about? Are these boards going to do the same to the new
owners of Cabrals Wharf when his plans are filed, decide before the
presentation is even made? How can they, right? Lets hear what the
proponents have to say and then decide. The boards, as their
decisions stand right now, got it wrong in that they don't know the
4:04 pm edt 

Wrong Interpretation Harry!

     The Planning Board did not have the right to blind side the
Murchinson property and send this property to the CCC before public
in-put and before the clients were able to properly present their
case. This was a set up. And they used the Approval not Required to
play a backstabbing game. Burchman was the actor playing out someone
else's script.
    And Conservation made an illegal vote with a member who should
not be on the board. It also was a set up with a pre-planned agenda
that is not in the best interest of this town.
   Back door deals are not good government. Those who serve on
boards, I fear, too often do have not the town's best interest at
heart but those of certain town members with vested interest.
     Look at this mess involving Planning, Conservation, Historical
and the Board of Selectmen. Had they followed the rules and acted as
good government should, we would not be in this Cape Cod Commission
4:02 pm edt 

Are Our Town Meetings Like Orchestrated Performances?

      Are we just puppets? Are we just insignificant chess pieces
that have already been moved? We think we are voting on articles that
have value and have come from some issue or problem we, in
Provincetown, feel needs rectifying. But now it seems that major
changes in our by laws and the boards that work on changing our laws
are maniuplated by outside forces. This is upsetting. And the Cape
Cod Commission working with Ted Malone on the local comprehensive

      I feel as if our town meetings are not what they seem to be.
Pure democracy? Somehow I don't think so.  And now the Cape Cod
Commission is back affecting what happens to the Murchinson property
since our boards have asked this regional body to review and make
binding rulings about this house and land.

      Strange bedfellows. And here is the abutter, Ted Malone,
playing more of these town games with his partner the Cape Cod

Oh, brother!
11:50 am edt 

Ya 'Gotta Love These Armchair Quarterbacks

Some of you bloggers have some nerve!

So you know every single by-law and every single issue the Town
Boards face every week or bi-monthly?

You, in your infinate wisdom have the experience and perfection to
run this town the way it should be?

You, almighty and rightious, ever giving to your fellow man and
"always tax-paying" "born and bred" "I've lived here for 35 years..."
know all the answers?


Then get off your throne and voice your concerns at these Board
meetings and read the history, bylaws and past minutes of the Boards
and find out exactly what they have had to deal with and what is on
their plates in front of them!

It seems to some of you on this blog, it is damned if they do take
any pro-active stand, AND damned if they don't!
You can not have it both ways, and they have nothing but the best
interest of the town and residents to guide them, but most
importantly, what is legal within the bylaws of the Town, what is in
the jurisdiction of that council, committee or commission is the only
thing that they may deliberate on.

Planning and Conservation had every right to deliberate on the 2
Commercail St. property according to their jurisdiction of the bylaws.

Get information, get facts, get involved!

P-town Rocks!
and so do her Residents!
9:30 am edt 

Re: Is Someone Saying that the Cape Cod Commission and Ted Malone Have Worked in Concert to Change Our By-Laws

Without fact, nobody can say that from the beginning, this has been
the desired outcome. But along the way, as the town shows weakness in
its planning abilities and people like Ted Malone come in and
capitalizes on that weakness, the town has an "allie" in the CCC that
will help the town.

Sadly though, so long as Ted's buddies with Alix, who has a very deep
and old connection to the commission in one direction and backs Ted
in the other allegedly, the commission, looking to keep themselves busy
and with paychecks, continue to work on changing bylaws that will continue
to allow these 40B projects.
See them anywhere else on cape with such a dramatic effect? Truro has
almost no affordable housing yet no projects. Chatham? Osterville?
Eastham? Only P-town so long as Ted's around and the planning board
remains weak.
9:27 am edt 

Town Meeting Approved the Bylaws

Some writers on this blog are truly paranoid! To think that
there is some kind of evil left wing consperesey to build affordable
workforce housing. Town meeting approved all of the bylaws and zoning
laws that we have now. Even if Ted Malone and the CCC wanted
something put into these laws a board of fellow towns people had to
go though them before being put to a vote on town meeting floor.
There are only a handfull of people who did not vote for these new
laws and I suspect these same people continulosly blog against
anything for the public good. Time to change your meds!
9:22 am edt 

Friday, August 1, 2008

Is Someone Saying that the Cape Cod Commission and Ted Malone Have Worked in Concert to Change Our By-Laws

     Really? Were they working behind the scenes or in front of the
scene to change Provincetown's by-laws so that affordable housing on
a grand scale could happen here? Is someone saying that the change in
by-laws was not accidental and was not a "natural" evolution from our
boards but instituted by the Cape Cod Commission in "collusion" or
hand in hand with certain of our boards? And that the Local
Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee was the "front" for these
so-called model by-laws to be presented at town meetings and then

     There is Ted Malone working the Local Comprehensive Plan and
there is the Cape Cod Commission working their own regional goals and
what has happened to us in Provincetown? Our town has been used, our
town's by-laws have been so altered that huge developments, totally
out of character with the historical and architectual importance of
Provincetown, could be swept away and emptied and drained of
prohibitions so that out-sized developments could be built here in
the name of affordable housing.

     This is truly upsetting. We should have changed our own by-laws
because we in town wanted them changed for our own reasons. But our
by-laws were changed to make affordable housing easier and to grease
the Ted Malone machine.

     When I drive by many ugly project-like developments, I've often
wondered how Provincetown ever allowed this. So many are out of
character with the town. But now I think I have some inkling of the
behind the scenes actions and deals between, of all agencies, the
Cape Cod Commission and Ted Malone and his Community Housing
Resource. He has helped to kill our community and to undermine true
communal ties with his ugly, un-artistic, poor tasting architectural
buildings. Maybe now I have some understanding of what really took
place to change us and, unfortunately, not for the better.
11:28 pm edt 

Has David Gardner Been Vetted? (as they say these days)

I had a private (non-Town) business dealing with him and he was
really odd. Let's face it we all deal with peculiar people all the
time but he really stood out. He's either a genius or a freak and I
suspect the latter. He started in a clerical position for the Town
Clerk and in a short time was elevated to Assistant TM, claiming a
degree in urban planning and prior experience. Wonder if he has it? I
do. Nobody checked on William "Opra Winfrey" Schneider. Did anyone
bother to sage the Tourism Director's office after his departure?
9:38 pm edt 

Re Police:

WOW.... how IGNORANT are you?  Cut the budget cause the police were
laughing?  Are you for Real?

   If they don't talk and laugh.. people are complaining... If they
talk and laugh... people are complaining.....  You try doing the job..

Stop your witching and try to fill the boots......  It's a tough spot
to fill... Death notificatins to parents of a child that passed
on..., CPR for a non-responsive person...,Life saving for a
drowning..., Crowd control for the AFTER HOURS SPIRITUS so the road
can be closed to pedestrians...  I could go on... OK you know the job
NOW TRY IT....  Let's see if you can deal with all those mis-haps...
9:37 pm edt 

Perhaps It's the Frog at the Lily Pond

    Maybe, just maybe, it's the frog at the Lily Pond that causes the
police to stop by. Perhaps the frog is just so adorable that the
police are drawn to this critter and need to bow and feed it bugs.
9:16 pm edt 

Welcome Back to Slippery Fish

    Glad to know you are still swimming around these waters and that
you didn't swim away. I've missed your wit and insight.
9:15 pm edt 

Re: A Question?

The next step is going to the joint meeting between the planning board
and the conservation commission Wednesday night in the Judge Welsh
hearing room at 7:00 pm. It shows on both agendas the discussion of
the Murchison property and the possibility of sending a letter to the
CCC to pull it back.

So there must be a change in opinion. Keep in mind, if it goes to the
CCC, when it comes back, the town boards will only be able to rubber stamp
the project with the hope the commission covered all the bases, a group of
people who, to date, have not set foot on the property. The local committees
will do a better job because they have a local understanding of the area in

Go to the meeting and stand up for what should be done and done right, keep
it in town and lets get the job done right. Lets accept the proposed
plan move forward in harmony with the prospective buyer and not let a
developer in on that property.
9:09 pm edt 

Re: Re: David Gardner

He's a fool. He is the towns planner and this is a plan that he, for
some reason , thinks is a bad plan. he no doubt knew about the plans
as soon as they were filed and jumped to the boards, appointed by the
TM, to direct them in what to do.

Why else was he at the conscom meeting "fixing" the problems they c
reated when they voted on the 15th, prior to the planning board meeting
when the plan was first exposed, to send it to the commission?

And why was HE the representative from the town at the CCC speaking in
favor of the CCC taking the project and not the chair of any boards? And
the show he put on and the misinformation he provided and the way he blamed
others, notably the proponents attorney for wrongdoings at the
planning board meeting was worthy of a stern reprimand or even firing.

He is a boob.
9:06 pm edt 

Way, WAAYYY Downtown:

The walk-in refrigerators at the rear of the downstairs prep room
have at times been kept warm enough that the pizza dough begins to
proof up BEFORE baking. And the big dumbwaiter used to haul food
upstairs is just plain gross. Check it out.
8:50 pm edt 

The Trouble With Family Week is Not the Kids

It is their overbearing cheapskate mothers. I've had Augustitis all
week and I just figured out why it now strikes in the last week of
8:49 pm edt 

Re: Slippery Fish

Slippery Fish can't find the $400,000. I assure you it is
not under the pier.  I do have a question.  Why motorcycles... Why
not scooters?  You can't have high speed chases in this town...Where
is Chips when you need them?

Slippery Fish
(still homeless..any affordable fish tanks around?  perhaps a nice pond?)
4:13 pm edt 

Re: David Gardner

Can someone be more specific about why Garnder has his
hands in 2 commercial street?  How would he benefit from anything
down there?  He use to live only 1 block from town hall and then he
and his partner moved behind Prince Street to a 2 bedroom apartment. 
Does anyone know facts that would tell you WHY he would stick his
nose into this project?  Or is this more of you running your mouths
off with no facts, just gosip?
1:59 pm edt 

Re: Martha Hevenor, CCC

I agree that Hevenor acted out of line, perhaps even conflicted in
her actions the night the planning board decided to send the
Murchison project to the CCC. She works there for a salary. Of course
she wants to have the project referred, she will then continue to
have a job along with all the other lackies.

Recommending a plan be referred and then be paid to review it as
part of the staff is a conflict of interest and yet another part of this
huge mess which, by the way, was started not by Burchman alone but
MO by Gardner, the Aasst. town manager.

Who else has his little fingers mixed in with historical, planning and
conscom? And who wouild have known the plans were filed at town hall
on the 14th, the day historical discussed the project and the 15th when
the conscom discussed the project? Only one person falls into the center
on this one.

He should be fired.
12:46 pm edt 

Re: Lily Pond Store

12:42 pm edt 

A Question?

     What is the next step for the Murchinson property? The BOS have
written a letter to the CCC, but now what?

      Does anyone know? Please tell us.
12:41 pm edt 

Where's Slippery Fish?

     Perhaps Slippery Fish is on a voyage to find the missing
$400,000 from the state grant to purchase open land. Perhaps Slippery
Fish knows in what underwater pirate chest the money resides and is
swimming around to help us find it.
     Missing Slippery Fish. Hope He or She did not Get Caught on
Someone's Line and has been hooked. It would be a marine tragedy.
12:40 pm edt 

Maybe It's Time for All Town Employees to Apply to Fill vacancies of Town Boards

     Looks like Conservation Committee has found a solution to board
vacancies: appoint town employees to vote on town issues.

     So where there are other board vacancies, let all other town
employees apply and they can try to alter the town rules for their
advantage. Maybe they can apply for Selectmen as well. Then they can
applyfor and be elected for School Committee. Seems like we've found
THE solution for our board vacancies!

    Another bright town solution, right, Conservation Committee?
12:35 pm edt 

About Ignorance

Nothing harms man more than his or her own ignorance.
Educate yourself first about the politics of a small town and then
the importance of properly calibrated equipment,and 
professionalism/ethics when employed by a governing unit, which your
tax dollars pay for. By the way the same business had a perfect
report recently, oh when the thermometers were calibrated on site,
like the law says. Don't read everything you read in the paper,
especially the Banner. By the way the place was closed for 6hrs, not
24. IGNORANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:34 pm edt 

Why 2 police cruisers and 5 police officers to issue a $50 ticket...

The answer: 2 police cruisers and 5 police officers because the
police department is significantly overstaffed and lacks experience
and common sense. This summer kiddie cops have nothing to do but
stand on street corners and goof off.

I'll give you a prime example: Monday night, 2 young female officers
were walking Commercial when one of the male officers drove up in a
police cruise on Commercial. The two female officer approached the
car, they laughed, they giggled, they had an obviously entertaining
conversation which lasted nearly 5 minutes. Meanwhile, traffic backed
up behind the police cruiser, 12 cars in length. Instead of having
the brains to pull off to the side, or instead of finding a place to
socialize elsewhere they hold up traffic on Commercial Street.

Now they want motorcycles so that they have better moral? The last
thing that Commercial Street needs is motorcycle police.

It's time to cut the police departments budget considerably.
Obviously, it's all fun and games. Obviously, it's all about new and
exciting toys.

It's time we stop financing their play time.
11:50 am edt 

A Close Look at the July 16, 2008 Planning Baord Agenda

     I know someone asked that the web master print this agenda. I
don't know what this blogger saw, but I did take a close look. The
crime they saw was  Colonel Mustard with the knife in the
Conservatory. Perhaps so but here's what I saw.

     First, the site visit for the Murchinson property and the
meeting agenda was not posted as a case. This probably means that it
did not get the full public disclosure and legal posting that it
should have as a case. Yet it surely was treated as a case the board
had authority over.

    Second, the two cases listed for that night
were--coincidently--Ted Malone's mega project for Race Point Road.
This is one project that the Planning Board allowed Ted Malone to cut
into two parcels, as if it were two different parcels and by doing
that attempt to by-pass the Cape Cod Commission as a Mandatory
Review. For over a year, the Planning board dealt with this case and
never, no never raised the issue that this project required Mandatory
Review by the Cape Cod Commission. It had 13 builddings and 35
residential units--all a trigger for Mandatory Review and yet no one
on Planning ever sent this to the Cape Cod Commmission. Don't we have
to ask why? Because it was Ted Malone's?

     And isn't Ted Malone, an abutter to the Murchinson property,
able to get Howard Burchman to send a potential abutter's property to
the Cape Cod Commission when his proposed development gets simply a
nod and a wink.

      Third, Discussion of the zoning by-laws with Martha Hevenor
from the Cape Cod Commission. Really? This is the woman who has
worked with the Local Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee
(LCPIC) and the Planning Board since 2001 to change our zoning
by-laws. And who was on the LCPIC? No one other than Ted Malone and
Annie Howard. According to the CCC, Martha Hevenor and these boards
did the following: "As a result, over 35 zoning articles were
approved at 2002 Town Meeting. The zoning by-law revision work
continued in 2003 and 2004; the Commission provided assistance in
drafting affordable housing bylaws and revisions to other zoning

     Wonder how Provincetown ever allowed all the developments by Ted
Malone to happen? Look at Martha Hevenor from the Cape Cod Commission
to see how she and Malone worked to change, amend and alter our
zoning bylaws to make the town friendly and accepting of high density
affordable housing.

     And who made the presentation against the Murchinson property at
the Cape Cod Commission? Who, in her capacity as staff for the CCC,
presented the case for the acceptance of the Murchinson property as a
Discretionary Review? And who organized the Conservation and the
Legal staff person of the CCC in the entire presentation? None other
than Martha Hevenor. And who was a key abutter to the Murchinison
property who wanted this development stopped? Ted Malone.

     What a clear case of conflict of interest by the Cape Cod
Commission itself. Martha Hevenor should be ashamed of the
orchestration she played and her past long-term relationship with Ted
Malone to turn Provincetown into an affordable housing capital of the
Cape. Martha Hevenor was never an objective, detached and fair player
as she helped change the vote to make certain the the Cape Cod
Commission would accept this case as a Discretionary Review.

      Maybe, the answer to the crime is that it's Miss Scarlet in the
Dining Room with a revolver.
11:47 am edt 

Agreeing with Blog Statements

     I agree with you. The Banner article does address some serious
problems that plagued, and still plagues, the handling of the
Murchinson property. I, too, was struck by Bedard's statement
concerning the "interfering" with the Murchinson application process.
Yes, three of our boards acted in a questionable, unprofessionable and
it appears illegal manner when confronted with this one private real
estate sale. Historical requesting sending this property to the Cape
Cod Commission without even allowing the estate of the potential
buyer or the public to present their case. And then conservation
acted in concert with historical commission and with planning, to
vote 3 to 2 to send the property to the CCC. Then Conservation added
three additional areas of concern and those are part of the CCC will
be looking into. Again, an illegal vote with a town employee being a
voting member of this board. And her vote was the vote that sent this
to the CCC.

    And what was Howard Burchman thinking? Who was pulling his
strings so that he states in the Banner the week before the board's
vote that he is thinking of sending this for discretionary review.
Because too many people, including town officials and town board
members, had already worked behind the scenes to send this off to the
CCC. Collusion. Interference, Manipulation. Undermining.

      Austin Knight calls this mangled case for what it is: even the
Baord of Selectmen, with a focus on Elaine Anderson, past
Conservation chair and now selectmen, asked in her grandmotherly
fashion for the BOS to support the boards in this decision. Yet the
boards had not even met to vote!

      And this is town government? This is what some see as
flag-waving, small town, everyone-has-a-vote democracy? Not quite,
Some count more than others. Some have more votes stuffed in their
pockets--and we can ask if there are green backs stuffed in the other
pockets--and they cast these
"votes" in the backrooms of town hall. Frankly, shameful.
10:43 am edt 

I Still Don't Get it.

Why for a town so small, do we need
an assist town manager?  With what we pay our town manager, (Over
$100,000 ) can she NOT do her job.  Do we really need David or any
other person as her pers assistant?  I believe he is paid in excess
of $50 grand with benefits. 

As much as people didn't like Keith, he
got the job done for years and years and years.  Now that he is gone,
it is easy to bad mouth the guy.  I am not saying he didn't use smoke
and mirrors, but isn't that we have the fincom to look at as a town
manager presents figures?  Isn't this called PASSING THE BUCK.  Lets
get real.  

All these town employees and other than the sewer system
and new manor, what has been done in the last 10 years?  And Keith
was able to START the SEWER system and get someone from Boston to
complete the Manor.
7:49 am edt 

Re: "OPEN" Flags

Speaking of why we have a law on "open" flags! Imagine what
the town would look like if every shop in town had a flag waving in
the wind and hitting passers by in the head like the flag in front of
the restaurant across the street from the bank!
6:10 am edt 

Boards Were Right

The Planning board and the other boards were right to send
2 Commercial Street to the cape cod commission. The three selectmen
should be recalled for the mistake of letting yet another rape of
Provincetown take place!
6:09 am edt 

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