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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Seven More Lots Is Not Over Development

    To the blogger viewing some here are being for development, the
interested buyer of the property has the legal right to sub-divide
into 20 lots. That he is asking for only seven more and he wants to
preserve the house and the cottage, this is reasonable and allowable
given our by-laws.

    This is not what Ted Malone does. Look at Race Point Road where
he wanted to have 13 buildings to this property--this is thirteen
additional buildings to the ones that are already there. Increased
density, over-crowded and much too much development. Malone puts a
strain on our resources, on our water usage, on traffic, on our land.
But yes, all in the name of so-called affordable housing. That is
development, that is the industrialization of housing.
12:56 am edt 

Why Two Police Cars and Five Police Officers to Give $50 Ticket to a Street Musician?

      Why wouldn't the police just give a street musician a warning?
Why hand out a $50 ticket for disturbing the peace or loud music in
the afternoon? When Marsha Mello played in front of the Freeman
Building, no one gave her amplified singing and strumming a ticket?
And why so many police for a guy with a good voice and sweet playing?

     Has Ellie been cited for a $50 ticket? Her voice is overly
amplified and she sings on and on.

     Let's treat all street musicians equally.
12:54 am edt 

Congratulations to David Bedard and Austin Knight for Their Decision to Reconsider the Murchinson Property

      David Bedard certainly had it right. According to the Banner,
he "chastised his fellow selectmen, as the the conservation and
historical commissions, for attempting to interfere with the
application process" for the Murchinson sub-division. I have to give
him credit for criticizing his own board and also these two town
boards. Bedard is right: they all tried to interfere with a process
that should have followed town regulations. Instead, as Bedard said,
the potential buyer "has been mistreated and blindsided." Exactly and
that is wrong and it is also illegal.

      But kudos to Austin Knight as well for his position that "the
speed with which ConCom and historical commission members acted on an
application that had not been submitted to them--and the planning
board's decision to refer the project by the Commission--was
troubling." He also is right  and his pinpointing the "speed" and the
attempt to rush this through is troublesome.

      Austin Knight also brought up a key issue and problematic one:
"It appears board members knew how they were going to vote before
holding their public meetings." Then he points the finger to Elaine
Anderson who asked the selectmen, in her letter that she read out loud
at the BOS meeting,"to support the planning board, COnCom and
historical commission, even though only the historical commission had
met at that point to discuss the subdivision application."

      This article is well worth reading carefully for it brings to
light the apparently back door discussions Ealine Anderson had and
also Michelle Couture, along with Howard Burchman and Eric Dray, to
send the Murchinson property to the Cape Cod Commission for
Discretionary Review. The deal was set long before boards made the
public presentments, long before board members feigned conflict and
distress in their votes--votes already committed long before the
boards publically "decided" by their pubic votes to request a
discretionary review from the Cape Cod Commission.

     Thanks to David Bedard and Austin Knight and MaryJo for the 3-2
vote to request that the Cape Cod Commission rescind their vote and
allow the town, as it should have done, to handle the Murchinson
property with the tools and regulations and enforcement of town
boards. Let's hope that the Cape Cod Commission accepts the BOS
12:50 am edt 

Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Gives?

It was this same blog that wanted unchecked delvelopment
stopped! Now they want delvelopment at 2 Commercial? What gives?
10:54 pm edt 

Paths to Power

Again, complaining on this blog will get you nowhere! It
takes you, to go to the source and let your ideas or problems be
heard by the powers that be! If they don't give you the answers that
you want. Then get on that committee or run for that office!
Remember, its power to the people only when you get involved.
10:53 pm edt 

Speaking of Conflict of Interest

Watching the BOS meeting on TV last night it occurred to me that Mary
Jo Avellar flees the room at the mere whisper of the word "pier", as
her husband is employed there.  Yet she a real estate agent, held her
seat but not her tung when discussion of 2 Commercial St., came up.
Hello! This is one of the biggest RE deals in town in years. Listing
agency is where  she worked up until 6 mos ago. This appears like a
conflict of interest to me. And that's all it takes for the A.G., the 
appearance of a conflict of interest. Next time Mary Jo should run
from the room when her current or former employer's or her
competitor's financial interest is at stake. This would put her out
in the hallway for a good amount of time so the meetings might
10:52 pm edt 

More on the Open Flags if You Can Stand it

In the 1980's the town was in a crack down period on offensive
outside displays of merchandise. We enacted the so called "rubber
chicken" law, to prevent same and the by-law was very restrictive and
fairly intensively enforced. (circa 1987?)
This included flags. About 10 years later in an effort to assist the
year round economy, the open flags were allowed in the off season
only. Still later as our shops/owners became more upscale the "rubber
chicken" laws were relaxed increasingly allowing outside display by
special permit. Most of this has been well done and then Town began
celebrating special events with flags and banners hung right across
the street.

Now the Town has turned over again; the business owners and 
enforcement personnel do not even know the open flags are a violation
from May to October. Should we change the by-law or enforce?
10:50 pm edt 

Have the Police Reported This to the Licensing Board?

Why don't you call the police and ask?
Or why don't you call the Licensing Board and ask?

It seems the mood of some on this blog is 'I heard a negative about
something or someone, quick I gotta report it on MYPACC'.  If you
were really concerned you could easily call the Licensing Board or
Police and ask.
10:48 pm edt 

To: Call A Lawyer

If you don't like something, promulgate a change. Start a petition to
change the bylaw regulation. That's one of the beautiful things about
New England. YOU can make a difference!
10:46 pm edt 

Cape Cod Commision and Murchison Property

When Will the Cape Cod Commission Rule on Whether to Send
Back the Murchinson Property to Town Boards or NOt?

    Does anyone know when the Cape Cod Commission will have a meeting
and make a decision? It does not seem that the town can ask Planning
to reconsider the case when the town, through Planning, Conservation
and Historical, have already sent this case forward to the Cape Cod
Commission. And since the Cape Cod Commission has accepted reviewing
the case as a Discretionary Review, it appears that the Cape Cod
Commission has to vote to undue their vote. Otherwise, they will move
forward to begin the process.
10:46 pm edt 

BOS Chair Looking For New Digs?

Hmmm, wonder if our BOS chair plans to buy one of the 4
condo units where she currently lives and also has her store, The
Lilly Pond?(or future condo units, as they are being converted) 
Building is for sale for $3,999,000.  Will she be wanting affordable
housing soon?  Will Ted build her something "special"?  KEEP YOUR
10:43 pm edt 

Health Agent

The health agent is finally allowed to do her job, one that she
wasn't allowed to do under Bergmans supervision. So long as everyone
got along and everything looked good on the outside, Bergman was
happy. But as we have all seen over the years, now that he is gone
and the layers of ugly are showing, he supervised under the smoke and
mirrors theory. Imagine all that went undetected or unreported for
fear of bad press or angry business guilds. Her time was cut back a
few years ago by Bergman and that limited her abilities big time.
Finally shes back to full time and the town will benefit as a result.

Thank you Jane.
10:40 pm edt 

Call a Lawyer

What the heck is wrong with having "open" flags anyway? Can
someone offer any solid, reasonable cause behind their being banned? 
Seems to me that anything which might bolster retail, restaurant or
business traffic anywhere in town is fine if it doesn't mar the
landscape or interfere with someone elses property or line of sight. 
Must we have every move we make in this town regulated through
boards, commissions, guilds, groups and selectmen?

Just an observance
but it seems they haven't done so well with their collective know how
so far.  Just look at what the brainiacs thought should be done with
the sewer, Merchison property, paving the roads, collecting room tax
revenue, handling the school situation, keeping track of town funds,
figuring out what to do with thirty people while a building is being
renovated and so on...  Flags?  Jeez, who cares.  $400,000.00
misplaced tax dollars? 

Call a Lawyer.
8:37 pm edt 

Alleged Rape at the Vixen Last Week

Speaking of selective enforcement, has anyone heard about
an alleged rape at the Vixen last week?  They have a grease your body
party on Wednesdays and allegedly a contestant was raped in the
backroom, and when the police were called, there was no mananger on
duty that night.

Have the police reported this to the Licensing Board?
8:34 pm edt 

Re :Re: Health Inspector

Is there anyone who keeps an eye on the Health Inspector?
In a recent conversation with some restaurant owners I heard how the
Health inspector or officer is wielding her power"
Gee, self interest much. The restaurant owner who got busted is
obviously using everything she can to try to negate her dangerous
lack of attention to food safety. The health inspector's findings
were preceeded by Barnstable County Health Inspector finding the same
thing. Also with readings 20-30 degrees above what is legal it is
hard to believe a miscalibrated thermometer is at fault. This
transparent attempt to stop an important government function that
benefits us all is shameful. Imagine the consequences for the entire
if a bunch of tourists got ill from 70 degree mayo and it was
splashed across the Boston papers?
8:32 pm edt 

Augustitis Has Arrived Early!

Open flags? Mean sprited personal attacks? Thermometers not accurate?
Recycled bread? Slippery floors? Rigged jury on the DJ case? The
police are walking the beat in packs? Town employee X took an extra
10 minutes for lunch? My neighbor looked at me the wrong way? Talk
about the busy season burning people out early this year! Draw in a
deep breath, take a nap and then think about what you post and PLEASE
check it for accuracy. Yes, I know how a blog works and I appreciate
the oppurtunity for all to express an opinion but let's be
responsible. If you have a question on policy or a specific town
employee's job description  or compensation direct it to the source
or governing body for clarification. It is unwise to speculate,
extrapolate and jump to conclusions. Being a dilgent concerned
citizen is admirable, finger pointing (esspecially a centrally
located digit) is reckless.

Also, when's the next PACC meeting? A summer meeeting could be quite
a free-for-all!

E. Michael Richards
8:30 pm edt 


For sure, NO MORE unless it is going to assist the moderate in-come
as well....  people I know who are single parents and are working at
the same time, have been DENIED housing because they were told they
make OVER by just a few dollars the limit required....

Why not try to up the limits so REAL WORKING CLASS people will have a
chance also.....   This is a FACT....

I guess the answer to this is......  NOT WORK, continue to fuel off
the system and then you'll qualify ?   That would be a shame. 
Especially when people are honest and trying to do the right thing
8:28 pm edt 

RE: Gov Bradford

Don't know about the wet floors. I do know that one night a few weeks
ago I went to an event in the downstairs area. About 30 minutes
before closing they piled furniture into the emergency exit stairway
and door to force people to exit through the inside stairwell. This
was in complete violation of all fire codes. The ceilings are
decorated with nice old dry wooden trellis that would easily burn.
12:11 am edt 

Ted Has Raped this Land

     Given people employment? Look at whom he hires and what they
get? Affordable housing is their reward. That is who really gets
cheap rentals and cheap condos. Those who work for Community Housing
Resource. Is this what affordable housing was supposed to be?

      This man is an abomination. He has changed our by-laws, added
density, added increase traffic to small neighborhoods, stressed our
water supply, used up our precious land, and at the same time, made
bundles of money for himself. He has used and abused Provincetown and
now look at the sad legacy he leaves us with. I am appalled at Ted
Malone and his affordable housing machine. He should hang his head in
12:09 am edt 

Such a Short Memory

Yes, some board lately have only one or two cases. But if you look
back to a year ago or two, you see boards that had ten to twelve
cases. You will see boards that started meeting at 3:30p.m. and were
still ruling on cases until 9 o'clock. And then the town liason was
still there. And this person gets no extra money for hours and hours
after the day has ended for most town employees and she gets no comp
time. And it is not up to the town boards to pay town employees who
are liason, town boards have little money and some only enough to pay
for a secreatary.

It is up to the town manager and the town
government to see that all town emplyees who work with town boards
and provides the needed assistance that they do, that all of them are
equally compensated or all are given comp time. This is not the case
today and it has not been for years and years.

So why is Brain Carlson paid for sitting in as conservation agent
and others are given not a thank you, not a dime? How odd. Are women
treated differently by town boards and by this towm manager? Seems
odd, I know,  why do women get nothing and the men get compensation?
12:07 am edt 

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Congrats to the Health Dept

Way Down Town, 267 Commercial St., is under a 60-day probation period
after being closed for 24 hours last week due to food code violations.

Geraldine Boccio, Way Down Town owner, appeared before the board of
health last Thursday to discuss a report from the town health agent,
Jane Evans. Evans and Health Inspector Brian Carlson ordered the
restaurant to close on July 18 after seven inspections found the
temperature in several of the cold storage units at the restaurant
was above the legal limit of 41 degrees. The restaurant was opened 24
hours later after a follow-up inspection by Carlson showed the
storage unit temperatures were at or below the required 41
degrees....." from Provincetown Wicked Oyster

Congrats to the Health Dept for finally taking action on some of the
horrendous food safety violations that go on in this town in the
summer. Now if they could just catch the restaurant owner who
recycles the unused bread from prior tables for the new customers.
11:43 pm edt 

Not Closed

How about just getting some flags that say "not closed" instead of open?

As far as Pepe's flag it is an open flag its just an open flag with
the letters colored in in black.
11:41 pm edt 

About "OPEN" Flag Signs

Why is there such selective enforcement with the OPEN flag
issue. Where some are threatened with fines while others are still
allowed to fly the flag i.e. Michael Shays (on their
flagpole),Surfside Inn, Pepe's, Victor's has 2 and the list goes on.
Just take a drive around town.

Of all the issues facing Provincetown, this just isn't very high on
my list of concerns.  But, I'll agree with you, either enforce it
uniformly across the board or don't enforce it all.
11:40 pm edt 

Motorcycle Patrol

My take is more bikes not motorcycles.  They have to follow the rules
of the road just like the police cruiser.

The bikes are highly visible and much more practical....  They too
can get in the un-forseen.  Let's pay to have more bikes instead of
more noise.....
11:39 pm edt 

Ted is Not so Great

Yeah, Ted builds (with other peoples money) under the premise that a
certain number of units will be sold at affordable rates. Well,
that's until the economy goes south and he begs the boards to allow
him to sell fewer than agreeed to at affordable rates so he doesn't
lose money, oops, his profit. Poor poor Ted.
11:37 pm edt 

Re: The Town Does Not Carry a Directors and Officers Policy
You're absolutely correct. The boards are limited to enforcing the
rules they have in place to the best of their ability and
understanding and if they have questions, they have the ability to
access counsel. The also must act under scrutiny of the law. Due
process plays a huge role in this one. The boards didn't give the guy
a fair shot. They didn't even notify him in the case of the
historical commission and the conservation committee. They just made
a recommendation to send it then encouraged the planning board to "do
the dirty work".  The members that quit en mass  years ago were
frustrated due to the fact that they could not CONTROL everything
that came before them. That goes to weak regulations and bylaws. This
is the same case today. This property has been on the radar for years
by all parties yet nothing has been done to protect it. Its not in a
historic district, its not on the National register of historic
places and there is nothing that can allow the planning boar!
  d to control it, thus the ANR plan. Conservation claims rare
species but thats extrememly minor in that its in an area that will
never be touched. Again, due to the frustration that they have no
control of the project, as outlined in Burchmans comments at the
planning board meeting, the project was thrust up to the CCC. Bad
11:36 pm edt 

Re: Health Inspector

Is there anyone who keeps an eye on the Health Inspector? 
In a recent conversation with some restaurant owners I heard how the
Health inspector or officer is wielding her power.  She is forcing
even the smallest restaurants to clean their grease traps twice, even
though they do not need to.  To add to that she is insisting that
they only use 2 companies providing that service,  with one of those
companies being more favorable in her eyes.   (...sniff...sniff.... I
smell financial gain on her part for this business )  She is also
running around with an improperly calibrated thermometer causing
mayhem with local businesses.  Most of the owners I spoke to are too
afraid to speak up against her, for fear of retaliation.  I am sure
intimidation and fear is not the way to have things run safely and
smoothly in our restaurants.
11:33 pm edt 

H2O @ the Bradford

I'm confused?  If you feel this is a health issue, why are you
telling people about it on this blog.  Shouldn't you be telling the
health department?

And speaking of the health department, what's with WayDownTown? 
Their excuse for having refrigerated foods 20 to 30 degrees above
legal refrigerated temps was that the kitchen itself was hot on that
day.  Give me a break.  All kitchens are hot and yet they maintain
the correct serving temps for their products.  And why did it take
the health department so long to enforce the rules?  For our health
and the health of our visitors, they should have received a notice on
the first visit, have been cited on the second visit and closed on
the third visit.  They had numerous temperature violations, not just
one unit.
11:31 pm edt 

Re: All That Overtime

Given that the historic committee had one applicant at its last
meeting and cancelled a prior meeting because there were no
applications to discuss I can't imagine that the always helpful town
staff person (and I mean that) who assists them is putting in too
many overtime hours right now. This also contains a lesson for those
griping about Ted Malone. In case you hadn't noticed the construction
economy is grinding to a halt as a by-product of the real
estate/finance/credit bust. At least Ted is doing some building and
generating some employment $$$.
9:05 pm edt 

Re: "OPEN" Signs

As for Pepe's I noticed that the sign does not say "OPEN".
9:03 pm edt 


I like Chief Jaran but he sold the selectmen/selectwomen the same cow
maneur that keeps the grass green when he said something about it
will help with the morale of the dept.

Maybe it's me but, I don't think more toys fixes morales. There are
several issues from what I hear that's within that need fixing first
that will help the morale not motorcycles or horses. Hello planet
mars, this is Jupiter calling.

The dept barely can provide an officer from the shifts they work to
walk the beat and now one can be plucked from his feathers to be the
next Eric Lastrada ? In order to have officers for his cruisers, bike
patrol, walk the beat and now motorcycles will eventually require the
hiring of more officers. Once again, "HELLO" this is Jose Feliciano
calling, I can sing the National Antheim just can't see the flag is
what the selectmen remind me of. Good luck.
8:59 pm edt 

About "OPEN" Flag Signs

Why is there such selective enforcement with the OPEN flag
issue. Where some are threatened with fines while others are still
allowed to fly the flag i.e. Michael Shays (on their
flagpole),Surfside Inn, Pepe's, Victor's has 2 and the list goes on.
Just take a drive around town.
8:57 pm edt 

Re: Govenor Bradford

Does anyone at the health department know about the
standing water in the basement of the Govenor Bradford. There are
nightly dance parties going on in the basement where customers stand
on a false floor that conceals dirty standing water. And it smells !!
Wooden palates were used in the past to keep said customers from
getting their feet wet from the stinky water. I can't believe the
town would allow such unhealthy conditions let alone an establishment
that serves food !!
8:55 pm edt 

The Town Does Not Carry A Directors and Officers Policy

     Perhaps the selectmen are covered, but all members of all boards
are not covered for individual law suits due to their misconduct or
illegal actions. The town does have coverage when a board itself is
sued and thus the town of Provincetown is the one being sued. But, in
the Murchinson case, for example, the lawyers for both the seller and
the buyer could sue Howard Burchman individually, Joe Dimartino
individually, and the other members of the Planning Board. They also
could sue Denis Minsky individually, as well as Eric Dray
individually and all the othr members of each particular
board--Convservation and Historical Commission.

       Years and years back, many people left the boards because the
town would not legally cover those who serve on town boards. Nothing
has changed. Then people resigned en masse because they feared for
their personal property and also the feared for their businesses. You
are not protected when you serve on a town board and therefore the
best protection is to carry out the rules and regulations, the
procedures and practices of each board as best as is possible.
Otherwise, you can be a target for a legal suit due to your actions
and surely for questionable, underhanded and apparently illegal
8:54 pm edt 

Carlson Et Al

If Carlson is a paid conscom agent, he is NOT allowed to vote on the
projects before the board. He can advise and comment but he is to be
neutral and allow the board to make THEIR decisions, one way or

For Brian to be paid at those meetings, it would have to be outlined
in his contract as to how he's paid. Some of the others that have
been mentiooned like Sharon Lynn are allowe comp time, for instance
if they are at a meeting for 2 hours last night, they are allowed to
come in 2 hours late the next day or leave two hours early. They
don't necessarily get paid for their responsibilites.

As far as those that serve other boards but don't get paid nor are allowed
comp time,
they have to work that out with their committees to get paid, perhaps
as a secretary or be allowed comp time in some other way through the
town manager.

More importantly, how about the        Gardner and his
sticky little fingers all over this mess, first with the planning
board, then with the conscom trying to "fix" the improprieties and
then his embarrassing display at the CCC meeting. Is he paid for all
of this? He shoud be fired!
12:51 pm edt 

Planning Board Agenda: July 16, '08

Webmaster Comment: Posted at the request of a commenter

July 16, 2008

The Provincetown Planning Board will hold a Site Visit at 6:00 p.m. and a Public Meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 16, 2008, in the Judge Welsh Hearing Room, Town Hall, 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA. 

 6:00 p.m.        Site Visit                    

2 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA

6:30 p.m.         Meeting Agenda

Request for Approval Not Required 

William N. Rogers, II on behalf 2 Commercial Street Realty Trust to create nine building lots from one parcel of land at the property located at 2 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA.

Case #2007-28 Site Plan Review  (Request to withdraw)

Application by Edward Malone under Article 2, Section 2320 of the Zoning Bylaws for High Elevation Protection District A and, under Article 4, Section 4100, Dwelling Units and Commercial Accommodations. The applicant seeks approval for the proposed construction of 20 residential units in 7 buildings and associated site construction and demo the garage workspaces at the property located at 19 Race Point Road (Res3 Zone).

Case #2007-29 Site Plan Review (request to withdraw)

Application by Edward Malone under Article 2, Section 2320 of the Zoning Bylaws for High Elevation Protection District A and, under Article 4, Section 4100, Dwelling Units and Commercial Accommodations.  The applicant seeks approval for the proposed construction of 15 residential units in 6 structures and associated site work at the property located at 35 Race Point Road (Res3 Zone).

Discussion on Zoning By-law Amendments

Inclusionary By-Law 4180 with Martha Hevenor of the Cape Cod Commission

Growth Management By-Law Article 6 with John Goodrich, Consultant

Other proposed Zoning By-Law Articles


Any other business that shall properly come before the board

Howard Burchman, Chairman

Posted by the Town Clerk: 7/3/08  3:20pm dj

11:14 am edt 

A Lawsuit Ready to Go
     Just take a look at the July 16, 2008 Planning Board
agenda--it's still on line. This agenda holds the key to one of the
suit that both the seller and the buyer could use. What do you see?
Maybe the web master could re-print the agenda. If we were playing
Clue and wondering who is guilty of the crime, we'd soon see it's
Colonel Mustard with a knife in the Conservation Room! We'd also see
the other players involved in the crime. They are right there on the

     Can you print this agenda web master?

Webmaster Comment: We will try.

Thank you
11:07 am edt 

Shouldn't All Town Employees Be Treated Equally?

     Isn't it a problem, as someone mentioned here, that Brain
Carlson is paid thousands of dollars to attend the Conservation
Commission and yet other town employees who spend hours and hours
attending other town boards do not receive anything for their time? I
have to agree that this seems rather unfair and it does not seem a
town can treat employees so differently. Can you ask or demand
attendance at boards or ask town employees to act as Agents or
liasons for these boards and only give a few town employees extra
money and others nothing? Aren't there laws that require equal
treatment for all town employees?

     Does someone have an ansnwer on this? If a corporation can't do
this, than how can a town?
11:03 am edt 

Texas and Howdy Boys!

     You've brought up a good point in identifying the estate of the
Murchinson's and their location in Texas as a potential law suit
against the town and against these town boards. It is not only the
potential buyer but also the estate as the seller and its ability to
sue the town that is undermining the sale of a private property. Such
public behavior is down right awful and those with vested interest
and financial ability can use their monies to gain justice.
11:01 am edt 

Risky Business

It's true that boards can be sued as a town entity but also
true that board members can be sued individually. . .

Are you telling me that the town does not carry a 'Directors and
Officers' type insurance policy that covers volunteers?  If that is
true it would seem vary dangerous to be a volunteer on a committee
here in town.
11:00 am edt 

2 Commercial Street-Murchison Property

It would be interesting if 2 Commercial St. ended up as 20
houses. I was at T-dance yesterday and the couple next to me were
developers discussing the possibility, and going over the numbers.

If the town wants to save it for open space or for workforce housing
it is for sale. if we want it, buy it. Otherwise it will be developed
in one way or another, and I would prefer 9 houses to 20.

If we have Illegal board members who are opening this town up to
lawsuit, they should be ejected immediately. I  am also believe that
board members are not protected by town council. The town could
however have damaged the value of a very expensive piece of real
estate, which is owned by Billionaires. They can now sue us in Texas
for damages. I wonder who will win in Texas, Provincetown, or them?
9:02 am edt 


I am appalled at the statement which reads: The buyer should submit
plans before he trys to build... For years, neighbors have been
fighting the town about Ted Malone submitting piece meal plans for
his ALLEDGED LOW INCOME housing projects and getting what HE wants by
doing so..  Try asking him to submit the BIG PICTURE PLAN like the
Nelson Ave/Race Rd plan and see if it flies...  Come on folks...
Don't fall prey to stupidity.....  At least the prospective buyer has
given to his community and other communities for FREE and looked for
NOTHING in return.....

Honesty, Generosity and sheer kindness goes a long way....

Maybe there should be a class on that ?
8:58 am edt 

Board Members Can Be Sued Individually

     It's true that boards can be sued as a town entity but also true
that board members can be sued individually. Each member of the
Planning Board, and this includes Howard Burchman, can be sued
personally for their behavior and misconduct. This also means that
each member of the Conservation Commission can also be sued
individually and this includes the chair Denis Minsky. And it also
follows that the members of the Historical Commission can also be
personally sued including Eric Dray the chair.

      But it is not only the chair of each committee but each member
that could find themselves facing a law suit which they would have to
defend and pay for with their own finances. Such knowledge should
help board members rememeber that their actions have consequences and
misconduct and illegal actions can haunt each and every memeber of
each and every board.

      Act correctly and with due process and non one has anything to
worry about. But act like Howard Burchman did on Planning, and corral
others into your schemes, and the danger remains.

     Remember their questionable actions brought the Murchinson
property to the Cape Cod Commission and these actions can undermine
the sale of this property and add a burden to the potential buyer.
Again, there are consequences to our actions.
8:51 am edt 

Re: Brian

The main point is the town should not be paying Brian to attend the
meetings.   (Looks like an employee of the town wrote the last blog
and is upset and maybe he/she should be).

When the town hires these people, they know they have to attend NIGHT
meetings.  Does the sec of the BOS, Vernon get paid EXTRA to go to
the monday night meetings?  Does Sharon get paid extra to go to ALL
the meetings? 

Lets get real.
8:40 am edt 

For All You Anti-Affordable Housing Fanatics...

If you tried to connect some real world dots rather than try and
catch ted and alix and howard and elaine and roz(for god's sake) and
michele (upon whom you have bestowed powers of the likes never before
seen on these shores), you might realize that a major reason the
affordable housing attempts of late have been less than successful is
directly related to the fact the the year-round economy has been
frightfully diminished while creating a housing crisis. gotta love a
run-on sentence. you lose yearrounders, you lose year round business.
duh. but the real estate industrial complex made its hay. and
density? again, you people don't remember the moors? the dairy queen?
the tides? bissell's? will you remember the best western chateau? or
if some of you have your way, town hall?

afffordable housing? it's not a conspiracy. it's civic compassion.

so knock it off.

8:38 am edt 

Just a Question

   Since someone brought up Brian Carlson's name, yes, he gets paid a
few extra thousand dollars a year to attend the Conservation
Committee. How come other town liason individuals don't also get paid
for their time and their effort?

      Look at Zoning, Planning, and Historic District. There is one
town employee who organizes the material, organizes the cases, and
gives guidance when needed to these boards. But she doesn't get even
a penny for all her time, which is truly hours and hours of overtime.
Seems like not all town employees are treated the same and not all
are compensated for their time. Isn't her time just as important as
Brian Carlson's? Why doesn't she get an extra four thousand or so for
attending all these meetings and adding so much to these boards?
12:15 am edt 


It is my understanding that the vote by the ConCom on July 15th was
4-0-0 to recommend to the Planning Board their request for referral
to the CCC.

There were no dissenting votes.
12:13 am edt 

Conservation Commission Problem

     It is not Brian Carlson, although he should not be voting nor
attempting to sway a commission. The person who is in conflict is
Lynne Martin since she works for the town and is a town employee. You
cannot do both. The only exception is the Assessor's Board that
allows Paul Gavin to vote and to run this board. Whether this should
be or not, is another question but any other board cannot have town
employees voting and taking an active role.

      Her vote on the Murchinson property was illegal and the 3 to 2
vote should have been a two to two vote and thus a tie. Usually tie
votes lead to a denying of the proposition. There certainly would not
have been a majority in favor if her vote had been questioned--or her
position on the board itself seen as illegal. This is usually the
role of the chair of a committee to make certain members are legally
selected and appointed, not to mention the Board of Selectmen.
12:01 am edt 

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Re: Conservation Commission

It does not matter if Brian Carlson is appointed or not.

If he participates in voting on the commission, he is outside
of the law. It is one thing to act as an adviser and another to
participate in the actual rendering of an official decision.
11:48 pm edt 

Conservation Commission

FYI, Brian Carlson is not an appointed member of the Conservation
Commission.  He is actually the Conservation Agent which is a
responsibility of the job he is paid for by the town.

Here are the appointed members...

11:42 pm edt 

Thanks for Posting the Cape Cod Times on the Murchinson Property

     I didn't see today's Cape Cod Times and so I'm glad to see the
article about the selectmen. Seems like someone or three people
realized there was something not quite right with the town boards
sending this property to the Cape Cod Commission. It's one thing to
really want a regional board to make a decision that the town itself
is involved with. But here only a few voices were behind this request.

      Thanks also for posting the comments on the article sent to the
Cape Cod Times. Quite interesting.
11:33 pm edt 

Perhaps A Legal Suit Against the Town Woke Up Some Selectmen

    How interesting that the Selectmen voted 3 to 2 to ask the Cape
Cod Commission to send back the Murchinson Property for town review
and not to be reviewed by the commission. I would have preferred that
the selectmen did this last week, but better late than never.

     It seems that the Planning Board was egregious in its handling
of this case. It was not properly noticed since the case should have
been only the Approval Not Required and not the already-agreed-upon
decision to send this property to the Cape Cod Commission. No public
statements. No public discussion of the intent of the owner or the
plans since he was only requesting a consideration of the Murchinson
property as Approval Not Required, not the actual development plans.
But the Planning Board had another agenda that was not legal. Howard
Burchman overstepped his authority and acted as if he were the town
manager. His board made illegal decisions and handled the discussion
of the Murchinson property in a way that could lead the town to be
readily sued. He was arrogant, haughty, overbearing and wrong in his
language, tone and actions. Whether he was on something or not, he is
the chair and should be held accountable for unreasonable and illegal

     Then for the Planning Board to orchestrate the behavior of all
the other boards and this includes the BOS. Here it is one person who
followed Howard Burchman's call: Michelle Couture. She admitted at
this meeting that she called the Emergency meeting and she wanted the
property sent directly to the Cape Cod Commission. Who did she invite
to speak? What a surprise: Howard Burchman. And once again he was
arrogant and interruptive. Was the public allowed to speak?
Absolutely not. Again, Michelle Couture's dictatorial style. Hold a
public meeting, an emergency meeting, and then make certain the
public cannot speak--not even one word.

     Then the Planning Board gets the Historical Commission to side
with them and they go on and on about the historical significance.
But they were not truthful. The Historical Commission implied that
the building was on the National Historic Registry. It is not. We are
not even certain that Gropius is the architect but you wouldn't know
that from the Historical Commission.

     Then, if this isn't enough, the Planning Board orchestrates the
actions of the Conservation Committee and gets them to add even more
issues that the Cape Cod Commission should look into. Yet their vote
is illegal. You cannot be a town employee and sit on a town board.
Yet one of the votes came from a town employee who illegally sits and
votes on the conservation board. Another illegal act and even the
fast posting of the meeting to "discuss" the Murchinson property is
questionable. And what do they do? Decide from this illegal vote to
send the Murchinson property to the Cape Cod Commission. Was it
properly posted? Was the public asked to discuss the property? Not
under "discussion" can the public know that if they attended, they
could speak.

     Every part of this decision by town boards has been polluted by
questionable intentions and actions that any lawyer could use to sue
the town and also its selectmen. This is not how any town board, be
it Planning, Conservation, Historic or the Board of Selectmen, should

    Well at least some common sense by three selectmen--of course not
Michelle Couture or Elaine anderson--but at least three reasonable
people realizing that something quite wrong has been happening with
the Murchinson property.

     Perhaps, just perhpas, some wrongs will be righted.
11:28 pm edt 


"Hopefully the new buyer of 2 Commercial street will now
think twice about trying to build anything up there without giving
the town something back, so people will look at this major
development in a better light. It is always better to let people know
what your plans are first, before you go for the permits."

Are you kidding? Give the town something back? Like what? Are you
implying the owners or prospective buyer took something? What they
are giving back to the town is the chance to NOT have the property
developed way overboard like everything else in the town. (yes, that
means affordable housing projects, Ted) And to retain the home at the
top that everyone feels needs to be preserved. And as far as letting
people know what the plans are, remember, the proponents of the
project were NEVER given a chance to present their project to ANYONE
nor ANY BOARD prior to the project being referred to the CCC. That
has been the problem all along and no, they have not gone anywhere
for permits for anything yet. They can't.
11:17 pm edt 

Cape Cod Times Blog Comments Re: 2 Commercial Street-Merchison Propertyh
From yearrounder

The Selectmen (women ) are also in RE
  • 6:49 AM
  • 2 of 5

The CCC has no business here. A development of regional impact? Please!! This will have zero effect on the "region." The developer promises a museum quality restoration of the main dwelling, which is the only item of interest. What he does with his "yard," which is (or will be) his private property, is of little concern to the rest of the Cape. Nobody, not even from town, has had access to that property for decades!!
  • 7:56 AM
  • 3 of 5

I cannot believe there are people in p-town that have common sense. The town has enough problems without looking for more by involving the dreaded "ccc".

  • 12:36 PM
  • 4 of 5

I wonder if the fools at the CCC will now "listen to the boards" as was mentioned at the CCC meeting and in the 21st century task force outlines. The selectmen are the top board in the comminity and they are the ones that appoint the members to these committees that sent the project off. don't they have more clout than the fools onthe planning board?

  • 12:41 PM
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And to yearrounder, so what if they are in RE. Actually, Mary Jo is the only one in the RE game if I am correct. Bedard runs a shop, Couture runs a shop, Knight is a carpenter and Anderson I don't know. The bigger fact is that they are the town leaders and they all live in town and are concerned about their town. They know this was a farce from the beginning. Gardner should be fired for his handling of the issue and the chair of the planning board should be removed from the board. The historical and conscom boards should also be reprimanded and reminded of due process.
11:11 pm edt 

Cape Cod Times: P'town Selectmen Ask Cape Agency to Bow Out

10:58 pm edt 

Re: 2 Commercial Street-Murchison Property

Hopefully the new buyer of 2 Commercial street will now
think twice about trying to build anything up there without giving
the town something back, so people will look at this major
development in a better light. It is always better to let people know
what your plans are first, before you go for the permits.
10:48 pm edt 

More Muchison Locally!

Apparently there is a flock of little birds chirping that there may
be another chance at this project locally! Word has it that there may
be a reversal of the stand the planning board took last meeting which
sent the project up to the CCC. I think it is a great idea if it is
true but lets see if Burchman is actually doing something to fix this
mess he created. He should, considering committee members aren't
protected by the towns legal firms. They're all on their own. Lets
9:54 pm edt 

RE: "Future Developement"

You must be one of those comical bloggers, you know the ones that
post to blogs to entertain. But, that aside do you really beleive you
can tell someone what kind of house they can build (within legal
guidelines, of course), how much they can spend building it and then
insisting they become year rounders?

Affordable housing? No such thing my friend. How many units of
affordable housing have been built in recent years? Next question,
and how many of those actually were sold to qualified buyiers under
the program? Not many. Why? Familarize yourself with the guidelines
and you'll see why, the income requirements as so unreasonably low
that by the time you qualify the candidate they can't support the

Then the units go for sale at market rate (i,e, The
Meadows, Sandy Hill). Affordable year round rentals, yes, more
affordable units for sale, no.

E. Michael Richards
9:52 pm edt 

No One Showed up for the Public Hearing Tonight on Townwide 2009 Goals

What a shame:

As important an issue as 2009 town wide goals are, it's unfortunate
that we are looking at it in July.  I and probably many others try to
keep very up to date on town issues, but more so when it's not high
season.  It's very tough to get away from the business during July
and August.  The business and sleep are what I focus on this time of
the year.
9:48 pm edt 

Isn't it a Bit Odd......

........that the Cape Cod Times reports news
about Provincetown Board of Selectmen meetings (and other P'Town
matters) long before the Provincetown Banner does on their website?
9:30 pm edt 

Go Selectmen!

  By a 3-2 vote our Selectman voted to ask the Cape Cod Commission to
send 2 Commercial St- Murchison back to the Town for action by local
boards. For once reason ruled.

  A little bird told me that even The Planning Board felt that the
situation had gotten out of hand and that a meeting of all concerned
might be able to square all concerns.

All this because of last nights vote. 

9:28 pm edt 

Re: No One Attended the Public Hearing Last Night

Is that a surprise?

First, last night was July 28. I think most people are a little .....busy?

Usually the annual Public Hearing for Goal Setting  is held in
mid-June. BEFORE the town begins its new fiscal year.

Thats when it should be held.

Further, The hearing was listed at 5:30 with the regular meeting to
start at 6pm.   What message did that send?

The message I got , was that the BofS didn't think it was terribly
important.That they had already decided everything.  No wonder no one
showed up.
9:26 pm edt 

Re: Police

I have nothing BAD to say about the police.  I actually enjoy nodding
and saying HI to the officers on my walks on Commercial Street and
most of them nod back or say hi.  But having a business on Bradford
Street, I have yet to have an officer stop by and say HI.  Does the
chief think that only businesses on Commercial street are worthy of
PARK, WALK, TALK policing?   It would be nice if the police also
would set up SPEED patrols on Bradford Street.  But I guess no one
told the Chief that there are other streets in our village
9:24 pm edt 

There is Hope!!!

Maybe the CCC will listen to this board. Finally, some reason.
Troubling is the idea that its a split vote. Anyone know the
9:23 pm edt 


Provincetown Police Department is finally on the
right track.  Hats off to JJ!

It's amazing how awful it was just last summer.  Tobias was turning
into a dictator and the department didn't assume any accountability
for its actions.  Now that          can't milk us for early retirement
I won't if he's going to stick around?
11:46 am edt 

2009 Town Wide Goal-A No Show

No one showed up for the public hearing tonight on town
wide 2009 goals. what a shame.
9:15 am edt 

Monday, July 28, 2008

To: Parking in the Bus Lot

Perhaps instead of blogging, you might want to stop by and ask
them.....  I'm sure they would be more than happy to answer !

People are so quick to mis-judge....
10:36 pm edt 

Re: Park, Walk and Talk

I have lived in Provincetown for over 20 years.  This new
park, walk, and talk is not new.  This has been going on ever since I
came to town until the shortage of officers due to political
interference and mis-managment.  Shame on Chief Jaren for taking
credit for that.

Have you been so cranky the entire 20 years you've lived here?  I
mean really, who cares who gets credit for the concept.  I like the
concept, am glad it's in place and could care less whose idea it was.
10:35 pm edt 

Re: Park, Walk and Talk

Who cares who get's credit for Park, Walk and Talk. You
people need to find something to do with your time. And by the way,
the police department blunders in the past few years were due to
unintelligent internal management decisions, rediculous outbursts and
field officer miscalculation of need for force.

If the local government has to reel in the police department from time
to time, I support that and so should the community. The police were
out of control for a while.

Good for Jaran for taking the first steps in correcting a screwed up Town
Department. The police need to understand that they work for the Town
and are not to be some loose cannons on the street doing whatever they
want, riding above the law.

The police department is finally turning into something we can be
proud of after years of embarrassment.
6:55 pm edt 

Re: Park, Walk, & Talk

Chief Jaren:

Did not take credit for the Park, Walk and Talk program. To his credit he
has taken the initiative to reenstitute the program, which has been sorely
missed in our community.

We should be thankful for his insight.
6:39 pm edt 

Re: CPC Openning

Ok bloggers here is your chance to put your ideas to work!
There is a vacancy on the CPC (community preservation commission) The
board of selectmen will be looking for someone to take this vacancy.
You must be a year round voter of Provincetown.
6:34 pm edt 

Future Development

If there has to be any future developement, hopefully it
will be affordable to ALL! Not just the filthy rich and those who do
not stay here year round!
6:33 pm edt 

Park, Walk, & Talk

I have lived in Provincetown for over 20 years.  This new park, walk,
and talk is not new.  This has been going on ever since I came to
town until the shortage of officers due to political interference and
mis-managment.  Shame on Chief Jaren for taking credit for that.
6:32 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

They want the law changed so that any sub-division,
whether residential or commercial, would trigger affordable housing units.

Is the Planning Board THAT pro-affordable housing?  I got the feeling
at town meeting a year or so ago that the Planning Board wasn't.  I'm
referencing their requested change to the bylaw that required 20% (a
lower number than was previously in the bylaw) of conversions be
affordable units when five or more units are produced by a conversion.
3:02 pm edt 

Yes and No to ANR Explaination

The ANR process is such that if a person can divide, not subdivide
but divide, an existing property using the current zoning laws, then
it is a plan considered to be one that does not seek approval in that
it already meets code.

To be able to qualify for this designation, the new lots must meet road
frontage requirements, minimum lot size requirements, which in this case
is 8000sq ft, and the division must be one that does not propose a new
road which, if needed, would trigger review of he plan by the Subdivision
Control Laws as outlines by the state.

All of these lots met the requirements and thus the ANR presented ot the
planning board. Due to the fact that the plan then meets all the zoning
needs, the planning board has nothing to say in questioning the plan, thats
just the way it goes.

They must then sign the plan within 21 days or the clerk will do so. The 21
days allows the planning board to meet and act otherwise if they feel
something is wrong with the plan. The only way to get around the idea that
they have nothing to say in the matter is if the plan is sent to thwe CCC
, a very underhanded and sleazy way to do business.

Its at that point the planning board or many other entities can ask the CCC
to do a full review meaning traffic, water quality, regional impact as far as
aquifer, economy, etc. along with ecology and such or a limited review
specifying only certain areas the CCC can review. Now, the future of this project is
in the hands of a group of people that have never been on the property and
might not any time soon. The owners aren't the ones proposing this project.
A prospective buyer is. He has no legal right, nor does the CCC have any right
to go on the property to do anything that the owners aren't approving of.

The owners may walk away from this project as well as the prospective buyer,
thus placing the property up for grabs to the highest bidder, one that will make
the most money off the property being broken up, something the current
prospective buyer isn't doing.
2:16 pm edt 

Approval Not Required

     Approval from the Planning Board was not required because the
size of the Murchinson Property could legally be divided into 20
lots. The potential owner only wanted to have nine lots--all legal
and fitting our by-laws. However, he still needed a building permit
and went to the Planning Board to inform them of his plans. They then
used this occasion--not a formal evaluation or a formal ruling--to
trigger the sending of this Approval Not Required discussion to the
Cape Cod Commission.

     It was a sneaky way to try to prevent nine legal lots and force
another body--the Cape Cod Commission--to stop what the Planning
Board could not legally stop.

    It was underhanded and pre-planned and the Planning Board worked
behind the scenes with Conservation Committee and with the Historical
Commission and also with Michelle Couture and the BOS to try to show
total town support to the Cape Cod Commission to review what was a
Discretionary Review.

   This did not fall under Mandatory Review by the
Cape Cod Commission. Race POint Road and Affordable Ted's project did
fall under Mandatory Review by the Cape Cod Commission but the
Planning board NEVER sent it to for review. Neither did our Zoning

   It was brought a year later, after meetings with Planning and
Zoning, when town officials raised the question with the Cape Cod
Commission for possible review. And their answer was: yes. It is

   But all in all, the handling of the Murchinson property by our
town boards and selectmen smells like five day old bluefish left to
rot in the sun.
12:46 pm edt 

Fraud, Waste and Abuse of Office

If anyone would like to put their money where their mouths are, the
state agency to contact is - Office of the Inspector General
Commonwealth of Massachusetts -

"The Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General is a state
watchdog agency. The Office has a broad mandate to prevent and detect
fraud, waste, and abuse in government. The Office conducts
operational and management reviews, analyzes legislation and
regulations, provides technical assistance, and conducts civil and
criminal investigations. The Office has established a confidential
toll-free hotline number -- 800-322-1323 -- and invites calls to
report suspected fraud, waste, and abuse in government. "

Go to the website to check out more information.

I'm sure a few calls from reasonable sounding citizens would bring
some investigators to Provincetown.  If any bloggers are serious
about this issue, call the Inspector General's office. Gregory W.
Sullivan is the Inspector General.
11:37 am edt 

Sub-Division Would Not Trigger Affordable HOusing

    Because this property is residential and is going to be
potentially changed into residential unints, it does not trigger the
Affordable housing. This is what Martha Hevenor and the Planning
Board were attempting to do the night that the illustrious Planning
Board sent the property to the Cape Cod Commission. See any
connection here? They want the law changed so that any sub-division,
whether residential or commercial, would trigger affordable housing

     Enough of this affordable housing trickery. Enough of changing
our by-laws so that Ted Malone can be everywhere. And what of the
lack of water, what of the importance of protecting open land. No,
all these are cast away for the mirage of affordable housing for the
town. It's never been for the town but for those who recently move in
and are friends of friends of Affordable Ted and his cohorts at the
Community Housing Resource complex.

    Look at our by-laws and see how Ted Malone manipulated them, with
the Planning Board, to create by-laws favorable to his developments.
And the Cape Cod Commission, including Martha Hevenor, has been
working directly and tirelessly with Affordable Ted to turn
Provincetown into a showcase for affordable housing--but not much in
Chatham, not much in Falmouth, not much in Woods Hole. But the Cape
Cod Commission and Martha Hevenor can take credit for supporting
affordable housing and point their finger to Provincetown. It keeps
all the affordable housing out of other towns on the Cape and we are
used as the poster child with Affordable Ted smiling away.

     Yes, we have the intense density, we have the stress on our
water, we have increased traffic as other towns enjoy their land and
their town without such ugly developments that stress certain
neighborhoods and turn our town into Levitttown.
11:36 am edt 

Re: 2 Commercial Street

Can someone explain to me 'approval not required'?  I'm a little
confused (not unusual in July/August).  If approval is not required
why is this potential property sale tied up waiting for approval? 
It's probably a simple answer, but somehow I'm missing it.
11:33 am edt 

RE: Are the Books Cooked?

Thank you for your eloquent consise words. My answer to your question
would be, they are well done and burnt to a unreconizable crisp.
9:51 am edt 

2 Commercial St

If this property were to be divided into separate lots , would that not
trigger article 4170 of the affordable housing law ?
9:50 am edt 

Reply - What I've Heard

Do you really think after reading the comments about Alix Ritche on
this site anyone would believe what your saying?You should have
titled your "shout out" I'm on Alix's Team.
9:48 am edt 

2 Commercial Street - Reply

The planing board had a copy of the plot plan. This was an ANR
(approval not required) based on the size of the parcel 3.5 AC.

Let's get down to the real facts. The plot plan was for 6 additional
lots, making this a 9 lot parcel. 2 acres for the main house. The
remaining 1.5 AC for 8 lots.

The only non-noticed meetings without public input where held by the
planing board, con con, and the BOS. The decision to slam this plan
down and send it to the Cape Cod Commission had already been made. 
Didnt you read the Banner?

The real loss will be the Murchinson House. This property is not
protected by our local historic board or historic district
commissions and is without state or federal historic preservation act
protection. So, if the property is sold as single family home it can
be torn down. Instead of 9 lots, there will be 20 lots. Historic
could try to block demolition. However, if you have a developer with
time, lawyers and money. Guess whos going to win?
9:47 am edt 

Other Hidden Money Issues

If were talking about money, how about all the town property's hooked
up to the sewer system, was that ever approved by the voters? Are the
sewer users subsidizing other tax payers for these improvements? 
What about the grand new parking lot and retaining wall at the DPW? 
Did we vote on that?  I don't recall, as a taxpayer, being asked to
fund such projects.

I agree with a fellow blogger, bring in the forensic accountants from
the state.  There are too many unanswered questions that our leaders
are not in favor of answering.  Where is their outrage!  Come On
Mary-Jo, I know you have it in you.  Be calm, cool, collective and
take no prisoners!

Ready for Action
9:45 am edt 

Re: Barry Scott

Police Chief Jaran recently said it best. "The real victim here is
the community."

To the blogger who thinks "Barry's appeal will be heard off Cape, out
of the inbred born and raised here anti-gay antitude" -- I wonder how
long it will take an appeals court judge to rule on this case when it
took the jury that you assert has no intelligence only 20 minutes to
reach a verdict? If I was Barry, I would be lining up a new job.

Barry doesn't have principles. He has a contract with a CBS affiliate
that has a termination clause that will end his employment if he his
arrested. This case is not about principle. It's about saving Barry's

Reality will continue to prevail long after Barry Scott and his
oldies fade into the sunset.
9:42 am edt 

Re: Policing

I am amazed to see a police car in the touring bus parking
lot on Rt. 6 in the middle of the day, just sitting there. Is this
where our tax money goes?
9:40 am edt 

Re: Murchison Property

Why Would Plans Have Been Submitted When This Was Simply a
Sale of the Property?

     It seems that the potential owner of the Murchinson property
went to the Planning Board to see if there would be problems with a
nine sub-division. Because the property could legally be sub-divided
into 20 lots, he did not formally present plans for development. It
was an attempt to get an informal response from Planning. I don't
even think that the potential owner was interested in immediately
developing the property but finding out if he could and how this
board would react.They reacted by sending the property to the Cape
Cod Commission. The Planning Board used the inquiry as a means to
send the property immediately to the Cape Cod Commission.

     And of course there were no plans for the Historical Committee
or the Conservation since these meetings were triggered by the
Planning Board and perhpas Howeard Burchman himself. They wrote to
the Cape Cod Commission without viewing any plans.

     It was not the fault of the potential owner, but the fault of
these wrong-thinking boards is the problem. Individuals can request
information or get perspectives on future plans without seeing the
possible sale of property undermined and sabotaged. The town boards
should have worked with the potential owner not do him in. And the
BOS should have not been part of this dirty little deal either.

     Our boards should know better and should act better.
9:38 am edt 

Re: Barry Scott

A jury of his peers.  Are you for real.  Like any court would let
that happen...  Good luck appealing..  I believe the sitting Judge on
the case was from a Boston Court and would not be too happy hearing
this...  MOVE ON AN ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES..    When the house owner
who is a friend, testifies on behalf of the Commonwealth, that should
tell you something !   Right...  He told the TRUTH !!!
9:35 am edt 

Re: Cliff Shores

Before we start giving too much sympathy to Cliff Shores,
the buyer of the Murchinson property, remember, is a smart man who
has been through these bumps and hurdles before in Nantucket. He's a
pro at this game. He is in this game for the long haul as long as it
contiues to makes fiancial sense.

His game is to tie up the property with a Purchase & Sale Agreement by
asking for a subdivision. If he doesn't get everything he wants from the
Cape Cod Commission, the property will be instantaneously devalued and
he'll have his next crack at negotiating the price downward with the Trust
(which will have few options left at that time but to do so). His other strategy
(you always have to give up something in this process!) will be to
negotiate with the Cape Cod Commission to agree to have several lots
deed restricted as non buildable lots which can then be purchased by
two abutters at a signifcantly lesser prices to protect the privacy
of their homes and a swimming pool.

As the former Chairman of the Cape Cod Commission, the abutter has
tremendous influence in this process which will ultimately benefit her and
another abutter.
9:34 am edt 

Are the Books Cooked?

Just as Enron and other corporations had accountants and
auditors who cooked the books and contributed to the collapse of many
multi-billion dollar corporations and ultimately the demise of some
of the big "8" accounting firms, we in Provincetown are now
experiencing the same story.

A deceitful meglomaniac town manager who kept the Department of
Revenue away for years with a complicit board of selectmen (where
were Michelle Couture, Mary Jo Avellar, Cheryl Andrews, Sarah
Peake?--they're all smart women), weak town finance directors under
the thumbs of the town manager with a constant revolving door of
people, and an auditor hand picked by the town manager to conceal the
machinations of the town manager and the depth of the town's problems.

I really believe that the auditors must be held accountable for this
malfeasance (they have malpractice insurance); the Department of
Reveneue should re-examine the year(s) of the missing money and an
independent investiagtion (not by Kopleman & Page--they're too linked
to the bureaucracy) of the town manager and finance director and
Board of Selectmen actions should be conducted for potential criminal
charges. This should be a fall town meeting warrant article.
9:29 am edt 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Re: Missing Funds and Keith Bergman

I think we need the State Attorney General to look at all
of these money games Keith played and bring him up on charges!
2:53 pm edt 

Where's $400,000? Really?

     Again, monies are missing. Again, monies that should be applied
to a legitimate use gets applied to some project or budget that is
unrecorded. How many times does the town shift monies, lose monies,
and life continues as usual. The fact that two state grants totally
$496,000 was awarded to the town through the efforts of the Open
Space Committee, to help pay for the $1.5 million purchase of 7 acres
Shank Pond and only $90,000 was applied is bothersome. Even more, it
is illegal.

     Why is this hard to trace back? With solid town records, this
money should be able to be traced back to where it actually went. Why
can Alix Heilala only find that $90,000 was applied to this Land Bank
purchase? Why can't Alix trace this back to when the grants came to
the town and where they went afterwards?

    And what about the $200,000 or even more that disappeared from
the Cemetery Committee and still can't be located?

     Then there is the lesser amount, $10,000, that was forced by the
Foley House destruction team a few years back to be used for
historical education or historical information. It can't be found and
seems that Keith Bergman used the money for something else. But this
is not legal.

     And wasn't there something lately about the DPW and the loss of
some monies there? Weren't there a few hundred thousand that has also

      There is something fundamentally wrong here and it is not
solely up to town auditors to find this, since they are paid by the
town. We need truly outside auditors to look deeply into the past
books of this town. The answer is not simply raise taxes and new
monies will fill the financial holes.
11:36 am edt 

What's Really Going On With the Murchinson Property?
     Does anyone know the truth about who was behind the undoing of
the deal that would have protected the perhaps Grolius house, would
have preserved the carriage house and would have added only seven
more plots? What's wrong with this decision? Who was threaten by such
make sense proposal?

     And why would the Planning Board, the conservation Baorad, the
Historical Committee and the Board of Selectmen jump to the
finger-snapping of the powers behind this breaking of the deal? What
tangled webs to stop one person, who is historically sensitive and
desirous of making limited changes to the property, can this town
weave and weave again? Not unlike the black widow spider's kiss can
the powers that be kill a reasonable deal.

    Is it that those with power were not going to get anything
substantial from the deal? Does anyone know?
11:31 am edt 

Re: Barry Scott

Barry is going to appeal and the appeal will ultimated be
heard off Cape, out of the inbred "born and raised here" anti-gay
antitude and before an educated and reasonable jury of his peers, he
will prevail. Anyone in the real world could see right through this
and what happened.

Time will tell won't it?
9:32 am edt 

Answer to the Last Blog Titled Barry Scott

To whomever you are, I don't think anyone had to be there, the mere
fact that there were three complaints and the Police had to go there
three times was obviously enough to convince anyone of the general
attitude of Mr.Scott plus "YOURS"...

Also, for years it has been alot of gay people's tactic to throw in
the gay issue as you have. The Police don't care who is who in this
town as long as when they are called you act like Ladies & Gentlemen,
a bus you apparently forgot to get on...

You made mention of the way the Police acted on July 4th to which
many think the Police acted appropriately and as a matter of fact
many felt they should of done more starting earlier in the day. I
don't think the new Police Chief is going to do anything in
particular with the Police Officers, he's just going to make sure
those that think partying, disturbing the neighbors and those who
lack the respect of the many whom do come here and live here do get
to enjoy the Town of Provincetown despite people who post their blogs
here hoping to gain more negative support...
9:30 am edt 

2 Commercial Street

The boards can and should be sued. It's called contractual
interference and it's classified under Tort law.
12:10 am edt 

Re: Barry Scott

Apparently your version of "seasoned" is different then
those of us who were there. Perhaps that's because we were there and
witnessed what happened and you weren't. You're operating on
assumptions and bigoted anti-gay influences (            right? Born
here right?).

The Provincetown Police over-reacted much like they did
about every incident in town. This is why our 4th of July costs us so
much money. They blow everything out of proportion to try to look
better and more important. This is why Provincetown has the black eye
in the media. For allowing the police to be so out-of-control that
they beat the     out of a DJ for no reason and then lie about the
details to cover their own       and get away with use of excessive
force. It's how the police have operated here for years. 

I think this new chief is going to make change and it's already being
noticed. Everyone who responded to that call should have been
terminated and removed from police work. It was a disgrace to the
police profession and it was a disgrace to Provincetown.

Barry is going to appeal and the appeal will ultimated be heard off
Cape, out of the inbred "born and raised here" anti-gay antitude and
before an educated and reasonable jury of his peers, he will prevail.
Anyone in the real world could see right through this and what
12:09 am edt 

Re: What I'v Heard

That makes more sence than anything else I'v read here!
12:02 am edt 

Re: Seeking Positive Comments About Ted and Alix?

I'd venture a guess that people with a clue no longer read this blog.
So you will not find friends of Ted nor Alix here.

However, my PSO works a double on Saturdays. While he is away,  I
watch all the Jerry Springer shows that I saved up on my DVR last
week as I swill down a bottle of cheap booze. Then after I watch all
the FOX news I can take and I'm getting close, I login here for the
ultimate in small town trash.
12:01 am edt 

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Re: 2 Commercial Street

The fact of the matter is that the Planning board,
Conservation commission and the Historical commission all voted to
send 2 Commercial Street to the Cape Cod Commission because they did
not get any plans of the property plans! PLUS not one neighbor was
told what was going on with 2 Commercial Street. Thank you to these
town boards for not letting such a huge development sneak pass the
checks and balances of our town! Its time for the people to say no
more unchecked development. We will forever lose our towns charm if
every property builds up and outwards!
11:59 pm edt 

What I've Heard

     I have heard that Alix Ritchie was not against the purchase of
the Murchinson property by this potential owner. She did say that it
would have been nice if the proponent had offered a landscaping plan
to preserve the area of the First Landing Park and that would have
defused some of the Historical Site concerns. She would have liked to
get a commitment for no further subdivision. However, Alix has said
that not having been part of the any of this process except to go on
the walkabout and listen to the Planning Board meeting, it's hard to
know whether there was any discussion of such issues.

    Alix Rithie has also said that she has no business relationship
with Ted Malone and she has not discussed this particulat development
with him AT ALL and she has no idea what he thinks of it. In
addition, she is against the inclusion of sewer planning in the
town's zoning by-laws--a position she believes both Ted Malone and
Keith Bergman supported.

      Alix Ritchie also says that she did sell Ted Malone a parcel of
land but that doesn't make them friends. She clearly knows that Ted
and his housing developments are not popular in many quarters and she
thinks those issues might have been better served by a Cape Cod
Commission review. Why people seem to think that she agrees with Ted
Malone is mystifying to her.

      Perhaps this may help clarify some of the opinions and
positions posted here. I hope some find this information helpful.
4:58 pm edt 

Re: Alix & Ted

If anyone has anything positive to say about Alex or Ted,
please post it.
4:10 pm edt 

Re: Roslyn Garfield

Yeah, like Roslyn Garfield is going to answer your question
here!  I doubt so..............
4:08 pm edt 

To: Roslyn Garfield

Roslyn Garfield, I'd like to know what you based your decision on at the
CCC meeting?  Perhaps if you had attended the planning board, concon
and the bos meetings you would have had a better understanding what
had transpired.

As an attorney and former realtor and a long time resident, I had hoped
that you would have seen the importance of a possitive vote for the

Shame on you, Roz
11:55 am edt 

To: Law & Order

You must of been there in spirit just like the judge and jurors
believed !   There was a seasonesd officer there....  MAYBE you
should tell the TRUTH !!!
11:32 am edt 

Thank You Howard Burchman--

-----for that very dramatic and over-acted performance you gave chairing
the Planning Board meeting last week!

Maybe you should consider trying out for a Broadway drama, since your
credibility has soured as a leader of a Board.

We will even pay for your bus fare to NYC...

..what a disgrace!
9:14 am edt 

Re: Shaking in My Shoes. . .

.  .  .If I were Burchman, Ritchie/Malone and the other
followers, I would be shaking in my shoes.  .  .

I doubt it, certain people feel they are above the law.
8:53 am edt 

Town Boards Should Be Sued

     The illegal way the Planning Board and even the BOS were set up
to undermine the interested buyer in the Murchinson property should
be part of a legal suit. The rules of fairness and of democratically
run boards was cast aside to carry out the wishes of the two
abutters. How disguting. How reprehensible. I would hope his lawyer
or the estate lawyer would start a legal suit against the Planning
Board and also agains the Conservation Board. The vote they sent was
illegal. One of the members of the Conservation Board is a town
emplyee. The charter prohibts town emplyees, except for the asessor,
to sit on town boards if you are a town employee. So the vote that
carried the Conservation Board recommendation to request a
Discretionay Review by the Cape Cod Commission was itself illegal.

    How low does this town stoop? How repulsive to see such
self-interest drive so many town boards. They are nothing but puppets
whose strings are being pulled by the producers back stage. And I
fear that includes even the top town offocials and, of course, the
chair of the BOS. I have never seen politcs in such a small town be
as corrupt as ours presently is. Seems Boston politicians are also
pulling strings and our town offocials jump, sit, and I fear, bark at
their command.
12:09 am edt 

2 Commercial Street

Perhaps Ted will buy the house now and sit on it for awhile, find out
he can't do what he wants, the CCC will take control THEN.... at a
later time, he can pull his application out of the CCC and build
under Chapter 40B just like HE THINKS he is going to do on NELSON

Stand by... The neighbors are watching !!!!!!!
12:06 am edt 

Murchison 40B - Unlikely

To wit:
Chapter 40B is a state statute, which enables local Zoning Boards of
Appeals (ZBAs) to approve affordable housing developments under
flexible rules if at least 20-25% of the units have long-term
affordability restrictions. Also known as the Comprehensive Permit
Law, Chapter 40B was enacted in 1969 to help address the shortage of
affordable housing statewide by reducing unnecessary barriers created
by local approval processes, local zoning, and other restrictions.
-Prepared by MA Citizens Housing and Planning Association

I highly doubt that the current, or next buyer of 2 Commercial Street
would create an affordable unit to get around the CCC or
Provincetowns' nefarious boards. But if so...fabulous! I'd like to be
in on THAT lottery!

Shifting Dune
12:05 am edt 

Thank You

I want to thank the poster who answered my question to just the facts

I appreciate getting some information that does not have nasty
editorial interwoven through the post.

I finally have a understanding of the issue and the importance of the

While I am still not sure about the accuracy of the accusations made
against Mr. Burchamn and others I do agree that we may have lost a
buyer who had the best interests of the property and its surrounding

Thanks again and I look forward to reading more accurate information
on this blog.
12:03 am edt 

Re: Law and Order

It's not actions like Barry's that give the town bad press.
It's ignorance like yours. Provincetown is known for a loose cannon
place that does whatever it wants regardless of the Laws of the State
of Massachusetts. This includes the police and town officials. You've
given yourself the black eye. You allowed the police to get out of
control and repeating situations kept happening until finally THE BIG
ONE (I had to use all caps because some people think it makes a
better or more intelligent point on here) happened. Provincetown has
no right to be part of the no place for hate campaign after the
police antics last year. I saw what happened. The police used
excessive force and it was uncalled for. What do you expect when you
send a bunch of sippy cup cops to handle something a seasoned officer
should be handling.
12:02 am edt 

Friday, July 25, 2008

Re: Town Budget

While everyone has their          in a knot over 2
Commercial St, there still is and always will be the question of the
town budget.

Here is a thought - a four-day work week for town hall employees and
a four-day school week for the students.

Shutting down those buildings for one day a week will reap savings in
energy costs.

Here is an article from Reuters describing how many rural school
districts are saving thousands of dollars going
11:59 pm edt 

What Happened to All the Hot Air?

What happened to the petition we're all going to sign?  Is it like
everything else.  Talk, talk, talk and no one wants to stand up to
these people who are calling the shots in Town.

If someone has done this sort of thing before, how about telling us
where we start.  I've never started a petition but I make a great
11:57 pm edt 

There's a Rainbow After the Storm

We've expressed our feelings about the Town and 2 Commercial Street. 
The various Town boards have kept the buyer from telling us a lot
even though most of us like what we have heard from him.  We haven't
heard from the Sellers.  Why? 

It's my opinion that the Sellers are very smart, sitting back, taking it all
in and then?  Could it be that this has been the Calm before the Storm? 
If I were Burchman, Ritchie/Malone and the other followers, I would be
shaking in my shoes. 

The Sellers are bound to know what is going on in Provincetown and the
Town actors have educated them about what they can and cannot do here.
Where are the Sellers and what are they doing?  Don't be surprised if the
Storm hits town any day and shows the actors this is not going to be taken
sitting down.  At least, we'll be left with a Big Rainbow at 2 Commercial Street!
11:56 pm edt 

Hard to Believe

I find it hard to believe that someone will spend that
amount for WATERFRONT PROPERTY and build affordable housing on it. It
just doesn't make sense.
11:52 pm edt 

No Way?

Why is a 40B a "now way" for 2 Commercial Street? 40B answers to
nobody in the planning phase of a project. Its been done dramaticlly
and horribly throughout town, why not here? It can be done and it
will if someone can do a cost analysis that puts the money in their
pocket in the end. Rest assured Ted and Alix are doing just that as
we type.

This guy that wanted to buy the place wasn't concerned with
money in his own pocket. The lots were divided off so as to offset
the rehabilitation costs associated with the Murchison house up top.
Who knows if he ever would have sold the other lots or any for that
matter? Nobody trusted the poor guy and now the town has lost a great
12:56 pm edt 

Are You People Kidding Yourselves...?

There is no way 2 Commercial Street is ever going to be developed as
affordable housing.

Provincetown just threw away the "best" option for this property.
9:26 am edt 

More Facts

As pointed out here and at the meeting at the CCC, the Murchison
house is not protected from demolition IF IT IS PART OF A LARGE SCALE

The way the CCC regulations state, it must already be on the state register
of historic places to be protected. It is outside the historic districts and its
not 50 or more years old and won't be until next year.

All this info is now out there and a developer will be coming along, using all
the info that has just been diseminated as a result of this debaucle to breeze
through the local and county commissions to develop the property.

For the house to be protected, it has to be purchased as a single family
house on a single lot, which it is, and any work done on the house
would then be protected if the owner wanted to do anything to the
home, demo/rehab/rebuild.

But if the land is divided in any way, the house is not protected. This was all
brought out at the CCC meeting as what could and will happen if this guy was

They didn't care.
9:06 am edt 

2 Commercial Street

I think people are misguided anticipating a denser development plan
than proposed to come forward. Ted/Alix (never forget, they are one)
are looking to "protect" their properties. I still haven't figured
out how people like them sleep at night. Let's hope what goes around
in life comes around.
9:01 am edt 

Loud Mouth Instigator... or Victim?

The jury decided he is NO Victim- DJ FOUND GUILTY!

Lets face it - when the owner of the house who had the party tells
the jury that the police did not use excessive force - who are you
really gonna believe?  How many of the partygoers testified on
Barry's behalf?  This is a waste of taxpayers money and his actions
were immature and disrespectful to our community.

Anyone who knows Barry knows that his napoleonic complex and big
mouth  tend to get him in trouble.  My advice to Barry is "Be true to
yourself" and apologize for the unnecessary bad publicity you have
given our town over the last year.
9:00 am edt 

Heres What I Don't Understand About This Business With 2 Commercial Street

What does anyone have to gain by objecting to the current proposal? I
have yet to here or read any of the opponents give a clear reason as
to why they object. Did I miss something.

I would like to here a real reason. Not just conjecture. Not a
conspiracy theory. Not NIMBY. Not keep the evil developers out. Not
we must protect a fragile environment that doesnt seem to really
exist. What?

The property IS going to be sold to SOMEONE and it IS going to have
SOME type of development done. That is just a fact of life. You (No
matter who you are) cant stop progress.

The current proposal seems like a low impact project compared to what
could easily be done legally. It could be up to 20 lots instead of
the proposed 9. Or God forbid a 40B project which could get something
more like 40 dwelling units. The buyer would be keeping all three of
three current buildings, and would be (I believe I read this)
applying to add the main house to the National Historic Record.

Could one of the actual opponents step forward and answer this? Maybe
you truly do have a valid point. If you put that point out there
maybe you will gain some more support. And the more support you have
the more likely you will get what you want.

Please tell us what a better, logical, realistic, obtainable solution
would be.

Peter Page
8:58 am edt 

To the Commercial Street Comment:

Your right they should protect the first landng mark as you state,
but we should also protect the beach at herring cove on the left side
that people are trying to damage ...  GET IT ?  If you want to save
beautiful  places, count that area in....
8:54 am edt 

2 Commercial St:

If it gets developed under a 40B it should be for the year round
workers who have invested here not the wash ashores looking for a
hand out !For the people who deserve it !!!!

Sure, low income that means those people can work less in a free
house !  How about doing it fairly...  FAIRLY IN PROVINCETOWN, that
will never happen...
8:53 am edt 

2 Commercial Street

but at least we'll keep out the nine muti million dollar
homes!!!!   YES!!!!
8:51 am edt 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Workforce Housing, I Think Not

Not is Alix & Ted's backyard. Keep dreaming. This is a very sad day
for 2 Commercial Street. The buyer didn't have a chance with our town
boards or the CCC. Why you ask? Because our boards are controlled by
Alix, Ted, their many connections and backroom politics. Someone will
buy the property, tear down the house and create 20 house lots. Why,
because they can. The property is NOT protected by any historical
registry on the town, state or federal levels. Provincetown is not in
the financial position to fight a well funded developer. Provincetown
could have collected additional tax revenue from the minor
development of 2 Commercial Street. I guess the town is holding out
for tax revenue from the 20 lots or another Malone/Ritche 40B. Just
picture, Ted's Bradford Street project at 2 Commercial Street. Oh
11:49 pm edt 

So Sad

What a sad, sad day for Provincetown.

11:47 pm edt 

More Work Force Housing

If a 40B is pulled to develope 2 Commercial, at least we
will get MORE work force housing at affordable prices compared to the
nine multi million $$$ homes that was proposed! Thank you planning
9:54 pm edt 

2 Commercial St:

Did anyone see the playback on PTV viewing the   Selectmens meeting
regarding this issue?

The only intelligent statements made were the ones by MaryJo  Avellar
and Austin Knight.

Apparently they did their homework on this matter.

As for the others, all I can say is WOW !!!  Need some training.....
9:52 pm edt 

Re: Don't People Realize Where 2 Commercial Street is?

So what???? Did that stop them from filling in the harbor to build
the Ptown inn? did it stop them from building all along the
waterfront, the sacred ground the Pilgrims first touched in the new
world? did it stop them from filling in the oyster beds and clam
flats of yesteryear that are today the Red Inn Condos and Alix
Ritchies mansion? Murchisons house was there long before any of them
9:51 pm edt 

What Irony

Elaine Anderson and Michelle Couture, at the last two selectmens
meetings made comments that they felt the selectmen should support
the great volunteers on the local boards. Then the planning board,
historical commission and the conscom all abandon their
resposibilities and decide to let a county agency, made up of only
one person from town, to make decisions for the town on the Murchison

Can anyone now tell me why they need support? What they need
is an education. Not one of them even showed their faces at the CCC
meeting and yet they have the gall to send this great guy to the
wolves and get a multi million dollar project killed because they are
too stupid to make decisions on their own.

And they should get everyones support?

really ...
9:45 pm edt 

Don't People Realize Where 2 Commercial Street is?

The hill over looks the MOST historic spot in all of america! The pilgrims
landed in the new world in the shadow of 2 Commercial Street! And
this was BEFORE they landed on that rock in Plymouth! All of Cape Cod
AND America should protect this MOST HISTORIC OF PLACES IN THE US of
9:42 pm edt 

2 Commercial-Murchison Property
I'll be happy if 2 Commercial builds affordable housing! We
need it! And if you ask me, what we don't need in town are any more
snobs with expensive McMansons that are only here for maybe a month
in the summer.

Now that the Cape Cod Commission is involved, we can
finally get affordable housing with a view!
9:41 pm edt 

Scott Case:

The only ignorant people are the inconsiderates who didn't stop
making noise....  How difficult is that to figure out?

Enough is enough....  Just rest with a GUILTY finding !
9:32 pm edt 

Re: DJ Case

Sounds like a little ill feelings... The jurors and JUDGE decided not
the police.. Get it right.....  ATTITUDES make a difference.. Perhaps
you ought to change yours !  SO SORRY....
9:31 pm edt 

Re: Just the Facts Please?


-The property goes up for sale last fall after the owner passed away.

-The property has a home on it, a suprb example of Modernist
architecture. The owners want to do everything to preserve it.

-A new prospective buyer, Cliff Shorer comes forward to look into the purchae.

-He decides to break the property up, preserving the majority of the
property for the existing home and then 8 additional smaller lots,
similar to those surrounding it down on Commercial Street.

-He files a plan on July 14th, an ANR (approval not required) with
the town clerk and the projetct is to be heard by the planning board
on July 16th.

-An ANR is a plan showing a division of land that meets the frontage
requirements, lot size minimums and is not creating a road and thus
not a subdivision. The planning board has no say in the matter and
must sign the plan.

-July 14th, the day the plan was filed, the historic commission meets
and discusses the plan though not on their agenda and thus never
contacted the owners or the proponents of the project yet decided to
send a letter to the planning board to recommend sending the project
to the CCC for review.

-On the 15th, the ConsCom meets and, again, not posting it on their
agenda, decide to discuss without contacting the owners or proponents
the project and send a letter also to the planning board to recommend
sending the project to the CCC.

-The planning board meets on July 16th and the plan is exposed
publicly for the first time anywhere. Immediately, Burchman
recommends the plan be sent to the CCC without allowing the
proponents a chance to present the project.

-The plan goes to the CCC and it is accepted for review by the CCC, a
long and arduous series of meetings.

-The prospective buyer has a time frame that he must buy the property
with this plan in place in less than 45 days but the process will
take 60 or more by the CCC

-The plan has died and the prospective buyer will be going away.

-He was exactly the person everyone wanted to buy the property, a
preservationist and rehabilitator of classic homes.

-Now that he is gone, the property is sitting like a lame duck
waiting for someone to scoop in and take advantage of what has now
been exposed, the fact that the house is not protected and the lot
can be actually subdivided into 20 or more lots.

Need more?
9:28 pm edt 

What a Day!

Just home from an exciting day at the Cape Cod Commission.
After much hemming and hawing (nearly 2 hours), they voted 7 to 7  to
reject the Murchison referral from Provincetown. That is the first
time that ever happened.

They had to dust off some senior citizen who
was not voting with the board, to cast the deciding vote against the
rejection of the referral. The fact that they took the "reverse" vote
like that made it clear than members knew that something was rotten
in the state of Denmark.

Then they held a vote to accept the
"Discretionary Referral" from the Planning Board and again 7 to 7
with the hapless senior voting to tip the files (and fees) into their

These are some smart cookies who managed this railroad. Now the
buyer will probably give up and I can't wait for Act 2. Demolition
permit anyone...

This is the stupidest way to preserve an historic
property I ever heard of, especially when you have a moneybags on the
hook who actually likes the house...
9:22 pm edt 

Susan Kadar Strikes Again!

Last fall, Susan Kadar, the rep to the CCC from Truro brought
attention to herself by becoming the spokesperson for the group that
brought the appeal of the Kline house in Truro to the CCC for review.
She did so in a way that left a very bad taste in most peoples
mouths. Now, when she has only 1 week left on the CCC, she decides to
cast a vote to review the Murchison project and she won't even be
around to review it!!! I am so glad she is not on the CCC anymore.
She has been a real disappointment. Now if we can pry Roz away from
Alix and her spell ....
9:19 pm edt 

Just the Facts Please

While I appreciate and respect the right to free speech on this blog
I have to say that after reading the article in today's Banner about
the Murchison property and the, and I am sorry to call it this, the
ranting and raving about the property and the current buyer over the
last several days I and probably others are completely confused
regarding this issue. There have been so many posts that do not seem
to make any sense to me. I am having a real hard time piecing
together the whole issue so I can make any sense of it.

So can I get a level headed, fact based, detailed explanation of what
has happened so far and what the implications of this issue would
have on the town?

I would also like the explanation to be absent of personal attacks
against any individuals, I do not need to how their hair looked or
whether they were sober or not or if they are involved in some back
room deal.

Thank you.
8:58 pm edt 

2 Commercial Street:

Good going Provincetown..  Now that the Commission took the
referral...  I sure hope they file for Chapter 40B and make some
affordable and then sell the rest which could end up being 20+ lots. 
WAY TO GO !!!!  Everyone complained about 9 now wait and see what
happens !!!  STUPID MOVE......

Let's see how everyone would like that move?  Where are your HEADS ???
8:56 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

That is the dumbest thing I've ever scene spoken on here,
and that's an accomplishment considering. Anyone who speculates that
Barry Scott incited any riot is absolutely clueless. I was at the
party. I saw what happened. The police used excessive force and then
tried to cover it up. It's that simple. Barry did nothing wrong,
other then DJ a party in Provincetown which I'm convinced he won't do
again due to ignorant people like you.
8:54 pm edt 

Hope You're Happy Howard

Well, they've gone and done it! The CCC took the referral of the
Murchison property for review thus killing the idea set forth by the
prospetive buyer. I hope Alix and Ted and Howard along with all their
minions are all happy, especially Ros Garfield, the last hope one
would have thought the town had at real honest politics.

The guy only had a very short time to buy the property for tax reasons
and now that timeline is too short for the CCC to review the project thus he
has to walk away.

Out the window goes the only real chance at saving the house, out goes
the plan to keep the number of lots minimal, out goes the idea of the town
having possible use of the home for functions or tours (yes, that was to be
made available), out is the only real chance this town has had to deal face
to face with a person who by trade is a preservationist.

But no, the sacred volunteers in the town were to be praised and honored for
their work, the unprofessional, non trained volunteers that make decisions
based on feelings and conjecture and what others tell them to do. Now the
cat is out of the bag.

It will take a subdivision of the property, Muchison house be damned, to make
these fools understand what they just let slip through their hands. I really
think the selectmen should review on occasion the process of
appointing these people like Burchman to the planning board.

Is Gardner in charge of these appointments? That would answer a few
questions as to why they are so disfunctional. He was brilliant in
his actions the other night at the ConCom meeting, trying to cover
for the injustice done by the board when they held their meeting
without notifying the applicant or owners of their discussing the
project then throwing it to the CCC. Way to go Provincetown!
Remember, be careful what you wish for. You really screwed up this
time. Ted might get his 40B after all.
8:40 pm edt 

Murchison/Cape Cod Commission

Just back from The Cape Cod Commission meeting in Barnstable. Right
off the vote was 8-7 to accept the referral. The good news was that 7
thinking individuals listened to the applicant and others and voted
to deny referral.

Roz Garfield(Ptown rep) voted to refer along with Truro rep Kadar.
Much conversation about flawed due process,open meeting violations
and Burchman being of a closed mind with proof of Banner interview
before the infamous Planning Board non-public hearing.
Provincetown Assistant Town Manager tried to paper over the fiasco
but many members were not buying it.Score a near victory for the
forces of the democratic process.Applicant agreed to National
Historic Register status after he purchased property. Stay tuned!
8:33 pm edt 

Very Fishy, Indeed... Bad Fish!!!

Very Interesting-- Planning board does not have the information to
render a simple verdict on the 2 Commercial St.issue.  Even Joe
Demartino (Pat Schulz Realty) who is so PRO development?  You are all
worried about the house, yet is it illegal for the prospective owner
to do as he wishes (within the by-laws) to his property?  The matter
is very black/white and you guys blew it! (now please wipe the egg of
your faces)

Very Intersting-- Board of Selctmen Michele Couture and Elaine
Anderson seem the need to voice concern on someting that has nothing
to do with their Board? (think Gladys Kravits from Bewitched)

Very Intersting-- How the Cape Cod Commission is visiting the issue
so soon, room on their docket so quick??? (think Alex Ritchie)

smells like bad fish to me!
8:31 pm edt 

Please Fix Shout Out !

The blogs of Shout Out have not been updating all day. 
Please fix the problem, so we the citizens can continue to converse. 
Thank you!
8:29 pm edt 

Scott Case:

Innocent until proven GUILTY...... Hmmm...   Now who do we blame
?????   The jurors ?????
8:28 pm edt 

Re: Blog Update is Not Working

Please fix the problem with not updating the blog on shout
out.  Can this be fixed soon?
8:25 pm edt 

Re; The DJ

Do you think the DJ got the message by now...He tried to make the
Police look bad when it was his nasty attitude from the get go that
made this whole situation a bad one.And to think the friends or
whatever you want to call them, helped his cause only to look like
losers too at the end.P'town did not need this DJ and I just hope
alot of people realized the black eye we have to live with now
because of that DJ's attitude.
8:24 pm edt 

DJ Court Case

Barry only lost in court because we have dishonest police
officers working on the Provincetown Police Department. Lies and
deception are their way of life. They will surface under the new
chief and nothing like Barry's abuse will ever happen again. Go back
to TV. Sounds like you're not intelligent enough for radio.
8:23 pm edt 

Re: Blog Update Failure

The blogs are not updating today, no new postings since
this morning.  Please look into correcting the problem.
8:21 pm edt 

Re: Blog Updates

The blogs on Shout out are not updating again, Please
correct problems.  Thank you!
8:20 pm edt 

What Time?

Does anyone know the time of the CCC meeting today
regarding the Murchison property?  I appreciate your response.
8:18 pm edt 

Historic District Commission Overlooked for the Historic Commission

     Perhaps Planning Board and Howard Burchman knew that he could
not get the approval from the historic District Commission to send
this property to the Cape Cod Commission. Perhaps he knew that he
could get the historic Commission to do his bidding and therefore
went to them. Not at a public meeting but behind the scences.

     The Historic District Commission is the regulatory board for
historic buildings and for preserving the architectual integrity and
past of the Provincetown. Historic Commission is more research. If it
went to any town board, you would think it would have been placed for
comment and suggestions and actions in front of the Historic District

      Sadly, everything about the town's decision on the Murchinson
property has been tainted by hidden agendas.
8:18 pm edt 

Being in Favor of the Potential Sale of the Murchinson is not a Position in Favor of Development.....

--It's Just the Opposite

     Given that this property can legally be sub-divided into 20
lots, it is a good match to find someone who only wnats to add 7 more
lots to the present property. Also, this potential buyer wants to
maintain the house. He wants to do this without the house and
property being in the Historic District and without the house being
on the National Registry.

    To support this choice is to support reasonable use of the
property. It is not development as has been done on some many large
lots in Provincetown.

      Clear thinking over emotional outburst, my dear blogger, would
help sort out this and other issues Provincetown faces.
8:16 pm edt 

Hey Barry!

Pay up       ! You lost in court and now you have to pay. Serves you
right you riot inciter. Go back to radio       .
8:13 am edt 

Flip Flop?

Was it not just a few months ago that folks on this blog
were complaining about the town being over built! And now it seems
that everyone on here wants More development to take place at 2
Commercial? Talk about flip flopping!!!
8:11 am edt 

Historic District vs Historical Commissions

To any body that wants to know: There are two Historic
boards in town. One is the Historic District Commission that meets
every other Wednesday and tries to protect our historic buildings
from being wrongly altered when a building permit has been taken out
for certain buildings in certain parts of town. That board has not
taken a stand on the murchinson building, because a building permit
has not been taken out yet. 

The other board is the Historical Commission that does research and
meets at least once a month. And has taken a stand to save 2 Commercial

That is what they do, like it or not. If you do not agree,you can always apply
to be on the board and change it. Also there are openings on the Planning board
and the Conservation Commission!

A blog is just a place to vent.
8:09 am edt 

Howard Burchman and Michelle Couture

     You have besmerched our town. You have rendered our town at the
level of the Mafia: pay for services;pay for bad deeds and then act
honorably as the deeds have been done.

     You have both stooped to the lowest. You have used your position
and your power to carry out your own deeds and to do the bidding of
others through you.

     You are nothing more than cheap pieces in a chess game that have
been bought, moved and then positioned for another's checkmate.

     Do not dare to even consider yourselves upstanding town
officials or legitimate chairs. You both affront the essence of
democracy and the essence of town politics.
8:01 am edt 

How Bad Can It Get? How Low Can They go?

     For all the years I have lived here, I have never seen the
political actions of the BOS and the town boards to be as "bought"
and as distorted and as captured as they are. It is both astounding
and repulsive that this small town can be so controlled by a few and
whose desires go against the wishes of the majority who care about
this town.

      Howard Burchman should be ashamed of his behavior and of what
he did for a few abutters. And the BOS should be equally ashamed that
they even had the Monday meeting and that they allowed no one from
the public to speak at this so-called Emergency meeting. Have two
friends call town hall and ask: Will the public be allowed to speak?
Tell them no, and then use that rational to prohibit anyone who took
the time to attend the meeting to speak. Silence is not golden in
this situation. It is rotted, like someone who takes a knife and
literally cuts off someone's tongue.

    Then the Historic Commission is also in collusion. Had they
worked earlier and more competently, they would have had this
property somewhat protected by some state or national body. But they
sat on their hands and only as the owner was dying, did they try to
do something.

     Then you have Conservation. Takes my breath away. Once dominated
by Elaine Anderson, now dominated by her hidden presence. She has not
gone away from this board or from influencing them. And they voted to
send the Murchinson property to the Cape Cod Commission. They have no
authority to do so on their own and they should not have played the
game of backing the Planning Board on their dirty little deal.

      Makes me wonder why Planning didn't get the Recycling Committee
to take a stance on the Murchinson property or the Airport Commission
or even the Cemetery Commission?

      This is what we have come down to? This is what Provincetown
politics involves at this time and with this administration? Shame
and disgust. There is no rational that can justify this breach of
8:00 am edt 

"Whiners" a la Phil Graham

      Looks like Phil Graham, economic chair of McKain's campaign--or
former chair--also believed that Americans who felt the economic pain
of inflation and loss of credit and the ecnomic downfall were
"whiners." Seems we're all lucky to have you on the blog who also,
like Graham, believe that those with a problem those who feel
affronted with abuse of power, those who rail against injustice and
illegality, are simply "whiners."

     Glad you weren't around during the Colonial Days. You would have
been supporting the English Crown and would have labeled the
Revolutionary Army a bunch of "whiners."
7:56 am edt 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Have a Suggestion About the Sewer System

If you are on the sewer you pay per gallon of sewer usage as measured
by your water meter intake.

But not all of that water goes into the system.

A lot of it Im sure is used for outdoor needs, such as watering the
garden, washing your car (OMG!), filling your hot tub, or maybe
cleaning the deck.

The city I was raised in allowed water customers to have two meters.

One for indoor use, whose gallonage was used to calculate the amount
you would be charged for sewer use.

And the other for exterior uses, whose gallonage was not put toward
sewer bills.

If you would be allowed to do this there would be the obvious
financial benefit to you, but there would also be another benefit for

The system will always come up short on the actual amount of water
coming in as compared to the design calculations because of this
other use.

So, if you will, there is this lost intake

If you go to a two meter system the gallons not put into the sewer
would lower the total gallon calculations per property the sewer
department uses to design and operate the system, thus allowing them
to give those gallons of sewer capacity to others!

They could even start a pool of this water for some special purpose
such as the one we have for economic development. (Hopefully not for
affordable housing.) Maybe for public bathrooms.

Does this make sense to anyone, I hope so because thats about the
best I can explain it. But feel free to ask questions.

A Rat In The Basement
9:03 pm edt 

Re: Off With Their Heads

To the blogger that is under the caption "Off with their
heads.  Please tell me you are not serious....this is real sad.  What
was your payoff......Just wait till you see how concerned citizens
respond to unlawful OUR COMMUNITY.  If I were you I would
start putting out some resumes.
9:00 pm edt 

To the citizen That is Under the Caption "Murchison Property - Without Hyperbole

Right on and thank you so much for
trying to clear up the confusion.  It is unfortunate that one citizen
does not agree and calls us whiners and complainers.  That is not the
OF US!!!!  We want our local goverment back.  I see a lawsuit
also.....I know I will be a citizen of PROVINCETOWN TO SPEAK OUT AND

Did anyone notice the blog under "Violation of Open Meeting Laws", this person
only interjects that we are within our rights.  People now is the TIME.....LET US DO

To the citizen that commented under" Off with Their heads!  It is clear you are
insulted because you know we are right!!!  Are you scared that you
might be removed from office?
8:59 pm edt 

To the Citizen's Caption That Read OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!
You must be either a spouse of one of these individuals or just plain
uneducated.  Are you really serious that we are just whiners and
complainers.....Please dont insult us.  YOU are way off base. 

There has been so many violations and laws breaking regarding the Murchison
Estate.  You have a lot of nerve.....especially since you do not have
all the facts.  Remember no one has had a real chance to present
their cases.  My advice to you is shut up or go back to school and
take a course or refresher course on conduct and ethics.  Please do
not insult us......You are too on the payroll.  When is this going to
be enough? 

For the ones like me that are in favor of misconduct
charges being brought up on these individuals keep it flowing on this
blog.  I am just waiting for everyone to impliment a plan for action. 

I am ready and willing to sign that petition that has been
mentioned in these blogs. 

When, Where and I will be there!!!!!
8:07 pm edt 

2 Commercial Street:

You had to be at the meetings to follow it.  Last nights Con Meeting
topped it all....

How can a board with that much power be allowed to make a decision on
ones property when they can't even follow the plans?

How can a decision like that be done open minded?  Not so much...

This is not what I would consider in the best interest of the town.....
8:03 pm edt 

Cape Cod Commission Contact Information

The Murchinson Hearing

Send comments regarding tomorrow's 2 Commercial Street hearing to:
8:00 pm edt 

2 Commercial Street Property

If I were the new owner of this historic real estate I would be
outraged at what is transpiring at these meetings. And if I were a
vengeful person I would tear ALL the buildings down and build the
ugliest structures known to mankind. Let's hope that cooler heads
prevail and the bad taste left in their mouth's by this behavior
passes quickly. Not a great way to say "Welcome to Provincetown."

E. Michael Richards
7:54 pm edt 

What Happened to the Blog?

Why is the blog not updating?  Please fix website!!!!!

Webmaster Comment: Please see previous comment
7:31 pm edt 

Re: Roslyn Garfield

Never mind my previous request about Roslyn Garfield.  I
found the members and contacts.  Thanks for your input last night.
7:29 pm edt 

Re: Roslyn Garfield

To the citizen that published comments last night after the
meeting regarding the buyers only hope now is Roslyn Garfield.  I did
some research today and do not find her listed has staff of the CCC. 
Please give me some more details.  Your help will be greatly
appreiciated.  Thank you!!!
7:28 pm edt 

Where is MYPACC?

Why is the blog page of Shout Out not undating today?  I am
anxious to see the respones from last nights meeting.

Webmaster Comment: System Management Update.

7:26 pm edt 

Murchison Property - Without Hyperbole....

This process has been amazing and is a real example of how not to run
a town. I thought I would sum up the situation with some facts as it
seems many folks don't know what is going on here. I have done my
homework and I hope it can benefit some of you:

The 2 Commercial Street property is three parcels totaling 3.51 acres
or 154,452 square feet - according to the survey filed with the
planning board.

Under the existing zoning the property could be subdivided into 19 or
20 house lots (heck, why not copy Telegraph and do poorly built
McMansions on 8,000 feet each.... The zoning is 8,000 square feet and
there is plenty of frontage.

The house IS NOT protected by either 1. being located in the Historic
District, 2. Being on the State Registry of Historic Places, or 3.
Being on the Federal Registry of Historic Places, or 4. Having been
completed in November of 1959, it is not yet 50 years old which means
that the demolition permit for this house could not be deferred under
the Demolition Delay. Therefore, the owner can demolish it all if
they choose. Luckily this buyer is interested in rehabbing the place
and using it as a residence. It certainly has a certain charm (maybe
familiarity), so that is nice.

The property has no special protections under Wetlands regulations.
It has no water frontage, nor does it contain any Wetlands, despite
the misleading statements in the Con Com referral letter. There is a
small area along Province Lands Road that is in the Flood Zone A
(100-year flood zone), but the indications are that the new lots they
have created leave ample room above elevation 10' to build small
footprint houses which the buyer stated was his intention. The
existing gate house is in the A flood zone as well, but this is the
case with almost EVERY property on Commercial Street so I doubt that
will stop them. Furthermore, the new Buyer mentioned that "Historical
Interests" asked him to commit to preserve the gatehouse to retain
the present viewscape on Commercial and he has agreed to that.
Besides we all love that old gatehouse - good luck to him as it looks
like a MESS with plenty of work to restore.

The elevations of the lots are all below the "protection elevations"
INCLUDING the main house (elevation 36). So no traction there.

Growth Management will delay but certainly not stop the progress.

So, what are a few self-interested neighbors to do? Hmmmm,
orchestrate the first referral ever of an Approval Not Required (in
other words what the owner is asking for is his RIGHT under existing
zoning and regulations)residential project of less than 10 lots to
the Cape Cod Commission. A nighmarish beaurocracy where maybe, just
maybe it will get lost, cost the buyer oodles of money, and the buyer
will just give up and go away. Then imagine what could happen, these
self same neighbors or other "friendlies" (as I know this estate will
NEVER sell directly to them) could step in and buy the property at a
lower price for an even more profitable, dense carve-up. Am I a
cynic, we shall see.

I am so proud of a community which violates open-meeting laws,
notices, and flouts their own regulations when it is in their
"so-called" interest. I suggest the buyers get BIG SCARY lawyers and
come in tomorrow with a demolition application to clear the site and
then try a 40B with 70 units (a precedent density in town for this
lot size)....oh that would be a dream. Guess what the CCC would not
have to hear that one under 40B regs. Oh, but the interested parties
know that already. Good luck to all, Give us more bread and less
"circus", please!!!
7:24 pm edt 

2 Commercial-Murchison Property

Having nine new multimillion dollar homes at the Murchinson
site will increase our tax base. Just look at the tax revenue
generated from telegraph hill's homes.

Rarely are any revenue producing ideas posted on this site. Remember
folks, we have a $7,000,000+ repair bill coming up for a vote this

Provincetown Taxpayer
7:18 pm edt 

Re: Sewer System Phase Three

I just reads the latest article about the sewer system and
the talk of a Phase Three.

I live in the extreme east end of Town and am currently on a Title
Five system. As are all of the properties out here. For most of the
pre-existing properties that have to up grade from a cess pool system
to Title Five systems multiple variances are required because of the
small size of the lots. And for most new construction this severely
limits the size of the new home being built on these small parcels.

Well if the Nelson Ave neighborhood gets to have its own Phase, even
though they have enough room for Title Five systems, in order to
connect to the sewer system, then I want one out here too! I think I
deserve the same opportunity as any other property owner in Town.

Peter Page
7:15 pm edt 

They did Good!

There is an old saying in Hawaii regarding the missionaries
(who hold most of the land in Hawaii):  "They came to do good and
they did very well."

In many ways, this could be Ted Malone's motto and could be the
subtitle for his firm Community Housing Resource Development.
7:12 pm edt 

Re: Flyer Handouts

Please don't accept flyers on the street that you don't
want. They cost money to print.

The polite thing to do is say No Thank You, or its also acceptable to
keep walking. Nobody wants to hear a story about why you don't want
their flyer or a rude comment.
7:11 pm edt 

Now is the Time!

Thanks for the previous comments regarding removal of key
players.  I also want to know when we can start this process.  We
need to proceed as fast as we can.  It is time now, to take the stand
that we have had enough.  We want our community back.  Just keep me
posted, I am ready to proceed.  Back me up people.  We have voiced
our concerns. 

Now is time to shut up and make it happen or sit down
and keep taking this BS for many years to come.  We only have
ourselves to blame if we don't join forces and demand these removals.
7:09 pm edt 

Room Tax Information

For those of you wondering when DOR (Department of Revenue) knows
figures, go to this link. This is tax revenue for all taxes paid to
7:08 pm edt 

Off with Their Heads!

What a disgusting mob mentality on this blog. You are a sad bunch of
whiners and complainers with no impact whatsoever. You sit back,
don't run for office, don't volunteer for anything, rarely attend
meetings of boards or other. Then, when something like Murchison
property comes along you hop on here, at no personal cost of either
time, energy or reputation and slam everyone anonymously and scream
off with their heads and allege criminal behavior everywhere.

This is symptomatic of why Provincetown is sinking. A small on-line
vocal minoriy of whiners and losers thinks that venting venom online
is equivalent to participating in community building. It isn't and is
is very sad to watch.

A Taxpayer.
7:06 pm edt 

Violation of Open Meeting Laws- Murchison

As a member of a nearby Town Planning Board I cannot help but be
mortified by the flagrant violations of Open Meeting laws much less
notice and due process. I would never suggest how another Town should
proceed but would humbly suggest that a 6 figure lawsuit could be the
outcome for a financially strapped town. Arbitrary and capricious
seems to be the order of the day and damn the process
7:05 pm edt 

What Happened?

I didn't get to attend the meeting last night.  Can anyone
tell me what happened on the Murchison property?
7:04 pm edt 

The Article in the July 17, 2008 Banner:

In the spring quarter just reported, room tax revenues actually
declined 32% to $48,000.  However tax collected in the previous three
quarters more than made up for that loss...

As a guesthouse owner my deadline for reporting June room tax
collections is July 21st this year.  There is no way the June room
tax numbers would be available on the July 17th date of the Banner
7:03 pm edt 

Some Facts and Questions on the Current Room Occupancy Tax......

Does anyone know why room occupancy taxes remitted to the town
decreased so dramatically from 2006 - 2007?  I thought last summer
was a good one...

Tax rate change?
Condo conversions?
Innkeepers not reporting income?
Occupancy down?

2005 - $    953,858.
2006 - $ 1,015,474.
2007 - $    690,400.

* data from the Provincetown Annual Reports
7:01 pm edt 

Murchison Mess:

I too agree.. something needs to be done.. How can so few
unknowledgable individuals be making choices for the entire Town of
Provincetown?  Where do we draw the line?

What has to happen before anyone sees the light?  From the beginning
of the scheduled Planning Board meeting a mistake was made by an
unneccessary statement and it continued on from there....

Now we have included several Boards who have only added to the
continued errors made.   Instead of trying to rectify our mistakes,
we continue to bury ourselves.  Do not left alledged influential
individuals into trying to pursuade ones decision.

Make the right choices and make them in good faith...  Let's not
allow ourselves to get wrapped up in (as stated last night)  we are
starting from now forward...  A statement like that will hurt the
town this is not the time to be making wrongful decisions.
6:59 pm edt 

2 Commercial Not Historic

If the Cape Cod Times is right, 2 Commercial St. is outside
of the Historic District! WTF? Is it time to redraw the boundary? It
seems to me that if the members of the Historic Board have enough
free time to meet every Wednesday at 3:00 (!. While the rest of us
are still at work.) in the afternoon to discuss what type of roofing
materials, or exact style of front door, or even what kind of fence a
private property owner can use, that they should be able to come up
with enough time to make sure the District actually covers what is
historic in Town. Duh!

A Rat in The Basement
6:42 pm edt 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

People of Provincetown

Its time to take a stand. We need a government thats for the people
not the few. When is enough, enough. The latest round of government
mismanagement, starting with the planning board,  BOSs emergency
meeting and tonights Conservation Commission  meeting shows total
disregard for rules of order, and the desire of the citizens of
Provincetowns  right to be heard .This is the last straw!

  Hats off to Ms Avellar and Mr Knight for speaking the facts. Thumbs
up to David our new BOS member for stepping up to the plate, doing
the right thing. Perhaps the decision to remove Ms Avellar as chair
was a mistake. I dont always agree with her methods, but shes honest,
fair and very well informed.

Its time to take back our community. We need to take the likes of
Alix Ritche, Ted Malone, Howard Burchman, Michelle Couture, and
theres others,  out of the drivers seat.

I wonder how the buyer will fare at the CCC. Im sure Ms Ritche has
maintained her CCC connections for her pal Ted Malone. The buyers
only hope is Roslyn Garfield (regardless of slanderous article
published about her in Alix Ritches Banner) I believe her to be a
person of great integrity with full knowledge of the law, including
the rules of order.
11:50 pm edt 

Again to the Murchison Mess

Burchman can be removed from the planning board for good cause by the
selectmen considering they are the ones that appointed him. I would
hope someone in here would remind the selectmen to watch the taped
meeting of the planning board in regards to the Murchison matter, to
be aired, as it was posted in here, on July 23 at 9:00pm, which
coincedentaly will be the night before the CCC meeting on the 24th.
Hopefully someone will also inform Ros Garfield to watch also to get
some insight ot the abomination coming before her at the CCC as she
is Ptowns rep. If you cant watch the show or will be away from the
TV, a copy can be purchased at the PTV office I believe.

Couture is out of control. She admits that she was the one that
called the meeting, tried to do it under the guise of an emergency
meeting when there was no emergency and then set it up so as to not
allow or include any public comment, just comments from that
hairbrain Burchman. This was all her doing as was explained and
admitted to at the selectmens meeting. Where does she get off doing
that to he constituants? Where are the pros and cons over the project
from those it will mpact, the towns people? She is a true
megalomaniac and needs to be removed. Yes, she got the highest number
of votes but now she has taken that and has started a reign of terror
for the next three years because she knows NOBoDY will take the time
to recall her. Its been mentioned in here that some want to do it but
11:48 pm edt 

Re: Room Tax

 FYI, room tax receipts for the FY2008 quarter you mentioned
(April, May and June) have not been calculated. We are only 22 days
into the first quarter of FY 2009. The DOR has not yet even posted
the receipts from last month, so how did you arrive at a figure for
room tax revenues?

The article in the July 17, 2008 Banner:
..In the spring quarter just reported, room tax revenues actually
declined 32% to $48,000.  However tax collected in the previous three
quarters more than made up for that loss...

This is all confusing.  Provincetown is on a fiscal year that ends
June 30, 2008.  I assume the spring quarter is April, May & June and
the referenced prior three quarters would be July 2007 through March
2008.  It did seem surprising that the DOR had calculated the room
tax revenue for April-June so quickly.  But, the article states
'Spring Quarter' and mentions the previous three quarters of the year
so one would assume Spring Quarter means April-June.

Can anyone clear this up??????
11:45 pm edt 

Re; Room Tax

If you read the banner about room tax, it states that IN
THE SPRING QUARTER JUST REPORTED  (which is April, may, june of 2008)
Why would Lisa post revenues down 32% if the state didn't have the
full figures yet?  I do know they have figures for APRIL and MAY, but
June is required to be reported from inns and guest houses by the
20th of the following month I believe.   Someone should call the
banner and have them do an interview with Lisa and have her correct
her statements!
11:44 pm edt 

Re: PTV Video of Planning Board Meeting

The Planning Board Meeting taped on July 16 will air
Wednesday (7/23) at 9:00 pm followed immediately by the Board of
Selectmen meeting taped on Monday, July 21. Both meetings will air
again on Sunday at 12:30pm.
9:59 pm edt 

To the Poster of What Happened to the Room Tax Revenue?

Re-read the previous posts, which have addressed your query. If you
have further questions, contact the Director of Municipal Finance at
Town Hall or the Department of Revenue in Boston.

FYI, room tax receipts for the FY2008 quarter you mentioned (April,
May and June) have not been calculated. We are only 22 days into the
first quarter of FY 2009. The DOR has not yet even posted the
receipts from last month, so how did you arrive at a figure for room
tax revenues?
9:57 pm edt 

Please Provide PTV Information

I would like to know about the video also.  Anyone out
there who has this information, please share it with the rest of us. 
Together, we can make a difference!
7:38 pm edt 

What Happened to the Room Tax Revenue?

How come the discussion about the room tax revenue for
fiscal year 2008 from Lisa Bowden has stopped?   For the quarter just
ended, APRIL MAY & JUNE of 2008, revenue was down 32%.  Isnt anyone
concerned about that?
7:22 pm edt 

Waiting For Justice
I think once this petition is circulating around our town
that we want back, we should send this petition to our Govenor for
prompt removeal of office.  Once this is done, then we should stand
tall and remove all the other bad seeds and take back control of our
communtity.  I too, would like to know where to get a copy of the
video?  I want to send it to the Govenor and show him how Burchman
showed his ass off and came to the meeting under the influence again
and would not allow discussion that was held a public meeting for
discussion.  This is not the first time this has happened.  After all
these postings, I am not going to be happy until I see some justice.
7:20 pm edt 

Point of Information:

Howard Burchman (and his hair) cannot be recalled as Planning Board
appointments are made by the Board of Selectmen. Only elected
officials are subject to recall.

Provincetown registered voters are represented by the Town's Board of
Selectmen, and comments concerning Board appointments may be
presented via email, letter or public comment at any regular meeting
of the Selectmen.

Roslyn Garfield (former moderator of Provincetown) is the Town's
appointment to the Cape Cod Commission.
7:18 pm edt 

To the Webmaster:

If a Recall Petition Form is created, it could be posted as a special page on MYPACC.That way it could be formatted properly.
7:03 pm edt 

Question Regarding PTV Viewing

How do I get to see the Planning Board meeting video. the
one that discusses the Murchison property.????????
6:56 pm edt 

Post on This Website a Meeting of Concerned Citizens

From the postings to this website it is clear that several
of us are disgusted with the corruption that has been going on for
way too long.  We should stick together and post on this website a
meeting for us concerned citizens to get together and supplement a
plan for this petition. 

I work for an attorney and he is amused also and we are within our rights. 
It seems that some of us have forgotten who generates the most income
in our community.  US THE TAX PAYERS!!!!!  Stay tuned for the outcome. 
My boss has already told me he will allow for me to have a day to help out
on these petitions.
6:17 pm edt 

Great Idea!

Wheres the petition.  An online petition is a great idea. 
Where do I sign?
6:12 pm edt 

The Time to Act is Now!

I propose that a recall petition be made for Michelle Couture, Elaine Anderson
and Howard Burchman.

In my opinion they are the leading culprits in the Murchison Property matter. I
charge them with taking actions on behalf of a select few against the interest
of the town, to which they have a sworn allegiance.

Perhaps a partition can be created and circulated via the blog. I suggest that a
partition form that can be printed out by individuals be created. These forms
could then be circulated for signatures and collected at a central depository.

Please express your thought or make suggestions as to how this could be

Lets not procrastinate on this matter! 
5:57 pm edt 

Another Volunteer!

Can I volunteer to help hand out the petition too?  I will
take vacation to stand up to this unwanted corruption.  I love my
communtiy and I want it back!!!
5:34 pm edt 

I Will Volunteer!

Sounds like an attorney might already be involved in the
matter regarding the Murchison outcome.  Thanks to the citizen that
gave us the laws involved with these meetings.  Now, where is that
petition.  I will volunteer to stand outside of City Hall or the Post
office to hand out the petition for signatures.  Just tell me where
and when?
5:32 pm edt 

How Long Have We Let This Go On?

Would you want a discussion held regarding your property
without notice?
Do you think the buyer or seller were notified? Aren't they out of
town? Did we ever stop to think that maybe were missing out if we
dont even listen to what the buyer has in mind?

Its time for a petition to get rid of our so-called Governing body. 
Im sick of what Im witnessing.   All the rules have been overlooked,
forgotten or replaced.  Ill sign a petition to get rid of the
offenders who clearly have overlooked the people.  I hope you are
ready to do the same.

Public  Hearing
July 22, 2008
The Provincetown Conservation Commission will hold a public hearing
and public meeting on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. in the
Judge Welsh Room, Town Hall, 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown
Massachusetts, to consider the following:

Notice of Intent
Application by Elia A. Sinaiko, PhD. for a request for an Amended
Order of Conditions under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act
M.G.L. c. 131, § 40 and the Provincetown Wetlands Bylaw Chapter 12. 
Applicant seeks an amended order of conditions for permit number SE
058-0379 for reconstruction of existing bulkhead at the property
located at 609-611 Commercial Street, Provincetown.
Dennis Minsky, Chair

Posted by the Town Clerk:  7/3/08  9:50 am dj

Public  Hearing
July 22, 2008
The Provincetown Conservation Commission will hold a public hearing
and public meeting on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. in the
Judge Welsh Room, Town Hall, 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown
Massachusetts, to consider the following:

Notice of Intent
Application by Mary Kass and Merrill Lunch Bank & Trust Co., FSB
represented by Coastal Engineering Co. Inc. for Notice of Intent
under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act M.G.L. c. 131, § 40
and the Provincetown Wetlands Bylaw Chapter 12.  Applicant proposes
repair and maintenance to an existing deck, bulkhead, and pier at the
property located at 571 Commercial Street, Provincetown.

Dennis Minsky, Chair

Posted by the Town Clerk:  7/3/08  9:50 am dj

Public  Hearing
July 22, 2008
The Provincetown Conservation Commission will hold a public hearing
and public meeting on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. in the
Judge Welsh Room, Town Hall, 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown
Massachusetts, to consider the following:

Notice of Intent
Application by Patricia DeGroot represented by East Cape Engineering,
Inc. for Notice of Intent under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection
Act M.G.L. c. 131, § 40 and the Provincetown Wetlands Bylaw Chapter
12.  Applicant proposes installation of sheet pilling to reinforce
existing metal bulkhead at the property located at 505 (507)
Commercial Street, Provincetown.

Dennis Minsky, Chair

Posted by the Town Clerk:  7/3/08  9:50 am dj

Public Notice
Agenda - July 22, 2008
The Conservation Commission will hold a Public Meeting and Public
Hearing starting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 22, 2008, Town Hall,
260 Commercial Street, Provincetown Massachusetts, to consider the

Public Statements


Notice of Intent
Application by Elia A. Sinaiko, PhD. for a request for an Amended
Order of Conditions under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act
M.G.L. c. 131, § 40 and the Provincetown Wetlands Bylaw Chapter 12. 
Applicant seeks an amended order of conditions for permit number SE
058-0379 for reconstruction of existing bulkhead at the property
located at 609-611 Commercial Street, Provincetown.

Notice of Intent
Application by Mary Kass and Merrill Lunch Bank & Trust Co., FSB
represented by Coastal Engineering Co. Inc. for Notice of Intent
under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act M.G.L. c. 131, § 40
and the Provincetown Wetlands Bylaw Chapter 12.  Applicant proposes
repair and maintenance to an existing deck, bulkhead, and pier at the
property located at 571 Commercial Street, Provincetown.

Notice of Intent
Application by Patricia DeGroot represented by East Cape Engineering,
Inc. for Notice of Intent under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection
Act M.G.L. c. 131, § 40 and the Provincetown Wetlands Bylaw Chapter
12.  Applicant proposes installation of sheet pilling to reinforce
existing metal bulkhead at the property located at 505 (507)
Commercial Street, Provincetown.

Certificate of Compliance
Request by William N. Rogers II seeking a Certificate of Compliance
for DEP file number SE 058-0395 at the property located at 161
Commercial Street in Provincetown, MA.

Discussion:  2 Commercial Street property  WHERES THE NOTICE?

Conservation Board Statements

Any other business that shall come properly before the Commission
Dennis Minsky, Chair Posted: 7/18/08  11:15 am dj

I agree with all of you who say you are ready to sign a petition!  We
have proof on video and in their own forum of their defiance to
represent us according to the Rules of Conduct. 


Im thinking  Where have I been?
5:31 pm edt 

A Brilliant Idea

Where do I sign on the petition.  To the citizen that came
up with the idea, I'm with you and ready to sign also....I think your
idea is brilliant.
4:57 pm edt 

The Express Will of the People

Provincetown citizens have spoken and expect their
Selectmen to enact their expressed wishes, without modification or

In response to todays blogs:

Once again, the public is prohibited from adding any input on town
boards dealing with the Murchison property. What is really going on
here?  Someone is being bought off or the members of each board
forgot to read their own handbook!

What can I say about the outright prohibiting of citizens to speak at
meeting that should be public hearing? First the Planning Board holds
its "meeting" and does not allow the public to speak. Then the BOS
hold a so-called Emergency meeting and also sets it up so the public
cannot speak. Then tonight the Conservation Committee is holding a
meeting at 6:30.  The boards actions are violating the Massachusetts
Public Meeting laws.

Since when is the public closed out from making comment at a public
meeting of public boards?  Since we the people of Provincetown turned
our head and allowed the two abutters to the Murchison property to
rule Pilgrims Landing.

The potential buyer only wants to sell part of the property to pay
for the necessary renovations of a 60 years old house that the
abutters would not spend the money to renovate.  The gentleman hasnt
even had the opportunity to present his plan (another violation).  Do
we wish to keep the house on the hill or see it dozed and affordable
Teds homes or Alixs choices?  It is my opinion that the Buyer and the
Seller could join forces and show us what money can buy.  Frankly, I
the buyer and seller should show Burchman, Malone and Ritchie justice
is standing up for what is right.  We should all show Ritchie and
Affordable Ted that they instead of  them continuing to be big fish 
in a little pond that they are really just little fish in a big pond
where the people take back justice and government by the people.

Basic Requirements: taken directly from the Town of Provincetown
Board Handbook

All meetings of a governmental body shall be open to the public and
any person shall be permitted to attend any meeting except under
those circumstances listed below. (MGL.c39§23B)

No quorum of a governmental body shall meet in private for the
purpose of deciding on or deliberating toward a decision on any
matter except as provided by the circumstances listed

No votes taken in open session shall be by secret ballot. (MGL.c39§23B)

Except in emergency, a notice of every meeting of any governmental
body shall be filed with the Town Clerk at least 48 hours, including
Saturdays but not Sundays and legal holidays, prior to such meetings.

A Public Hearing is a process of collecting information that pertains
to the pros and cons of an idea, motion, or proposed action from
individuals.  It is a tradition that Public Hearings provide each
individual who desires to speak an opportunity to voice his/her
opinions.  It is important that the Chair of the Town board state
clearly how the public hearing will be conducted and stay with the
described process.  Also, no Town board shall accept as testimony,
evidence or attestation, nor cause to be read into the public record
or minutes of any meeting, any correspondence in which an author
fails to self-identify him/herself or list his/her place of
residence. This is not to exclude the right of the author to have the
board withhold the name and/or address upon request. (GBL.5-13)

1. The Chair will open the hearing by identifying the purpose of the
Hearing, reading the Hearing notice aloud, and explaining the rules
to be followed during the Hearing.

2. If testimony at the hearing must be given under oath, a
five-minute recess will be taken to permit speakers to register with
the Clerk of the town board.  When the Hearing is reconvened, the
Chair will render the oath in front of all present.

3. Hearing Format:
a. Proponents Questions:
Members of the Town Board
Questions: Public
b. Arguments: Opponents
Questions: Members of the Town Board
Questions: Public
c. c.      Recess:
d. d.     Proponents: Concluding Statements/Rebuttal
e. e.      Opponents: Concluding Statements/Rebuttal

4. No questions will be permitted until after the speaker has
finished the presentation.  Questions will be accepted first from
board members and then from the public.  All public questions will be
addressed through the Chair.  Questioners will identify themselves to
the Chair, state their questions, and specify to whom they are
addressed.  Any disagreement with answers is restricted to rebuttal

5. At the completion of arguments, citizens may record themselves in
agreement with the speaking side without making another presentation.
  (This provision is designed to reduce repetition.)

Public Hearings on proposed rules and regulations.
Unless otherwise specified by the General Laws, the Town Charter or a
By Law, any new or revised rule or regulation proposed by a Town
Authority shall not be put into effect until the following actions
have been taken:
a. Notification of Public Hearing.  A Public Hearing shall have been
held.  At least fourteen (14) days in advance of the hearing, the
text of proposed new or revised rule(s) or regulation(s) and the
date, time and place of the Hearing shall have been published in a
newspaper of general circulation in the Town and posted on the
bulletin board in Town Hall; and
b. Determination and advertisement of final text.  The Town Authority
shall have determined the final text of the new or revised rule or
regulation, shall have recorded the fact of such determination, and
shall have published the text and effective date thereof in a
newspaper of general circulation in the Town. (GBL.5-12)

2. Policy
2.1 Ethical Standards. As set forth in §3-4-8 of the Provincetown
Charter, "Town employees and members of town boards shall be governed
by the ethical standards set forth in Chapter 268A of the
Massachusetts General Laws, the Provincetown General By Laws, and
this charter."
2.2 Actual Conflicts-of-Interest: Do Not Participate; Do Leave the
Room. A town board member or representative shall not participate in
his/her official capacity in matters in which such participation is
prohibited by the Conflict-of-Interest Law.  The Town board member or
representative shall, at any meeting where the particular matter is
discussed, disclose orally the existence of the conflict-of-interest,
remove himself/herself from the meeting at that time, and leave the
meeting room during all times that particular matter is being
2.4.1 The Conflict-of-Interest Law provides that public officials and
employees must avoid conduct that creates a reasonable impression
that any person can improperly influence or unduly enjoy their
official favor, or that they are likely to act (or fail to act)
because of kinship, rank, position or undue influence by any party or
person. A reasonable impression of favoritism or bias may arise when
a public official acts on matters affecting a friend's, a business
associate's or a relative's financial interest.
5 Applicability of Policy. This policy shall apply to appointments
made by the Board of Selectmen, Town Manager, and by those town
boards appointed by the Board of Selectmen and Town Manager to which
an appointment has devolved under Charter §3-1-2, and to appointed
2.7 Failure to Comply as Basis for Removal from or Non-Reappointment
to Office. In addition to any sanctions which may be imposed by the
State Ethics Commission, failure to comply with this directive may be
the basis for the appointee's removal by the appointing authority
under Charter §10-2-1, or for his/her non-reappointment upon term
The Massachusetts Conflict-of-Interest Law (Chapter 268A of the
General Laws) sets a minimum standard of ethical conduct for all
municipal employees and officials.  Enacted in 1962, the conflict
laws goal is to promote confidence in our government and in the
integrity of its officials.

The Massachusetts State Ethics Commission was established in 1978 by
the Legislature as an independent civil enforcement agency to enforce
the conflict of interest and financial disclosure (Chapter 268B)
laws.  The Commission is a bipartisan, five-member board appointed by
the Governor, the Secretary of State and the Attorney General. The
Commissioners appoint an Executive Director who heads a full-time
staff employed in four (4) divisions: Enforcement, Legal, Financial
Disclosure, and Public Education.

The following list of bulletins are available through the
Provincetown Town Clerks office.
o A Practical Guide to the Conflict-of-Interest Law for Municipal
Employees (this includes board members).
  o Fact Sheets
1. Avoiding Appearances of Conflicts-of-Interests
5. The Rule of Necessity
6. Municipal Officials: Dont Vote on Matters Affecting Abutting or
Nearby Property
8. Nepotism

Planning Board:  To review plans for the division or development of
land; to oversee the creation and amendments of the zoning by-laws;
to make careful studies and, when necessary, prepare plans of the
resources, possibilities and needs of the Town; to submit each study
to Board of Selectmen with recommendations; to report annually to the
Town giving information regarding the condition of the Town and any
plans or proposals for its development and estimates of cost and to
prepare a Master Plan;  The board may adopt and alter an official
map.  Subdivision Control. Board of Selectmen Five Members
One Alternate

Board of Selectmen: The Board of Selectmen shall be the primary
policy making, planning and goal setting agency of the Town.  The
Board shall be recognized as the head of Town government for all
ceremonial purposes and exercise the powers and duties prescribed by
the Massachusetts General Laws, the Provincetown General By-laws, and
the Provincetown Charter. The Board shall establish an employment
contract with the Town Manager; appoint members of most Town Boards;
and may investigate the affairs of the Town. They shall make
provisions for traffic regulations and control; and insure that the
Provincetown General By-laws are up to date. Elected Five Members

Conservation Commission For the protection and development of the
natural resources and for the protection of watershed resources of
the Town. Town Manager with Board of Selectmens approval.Five Members
One Alternate
4:56 pm edt 

Re: Burchman and Company

I too want to know more about the discrimination at the
"Ranch".  Please give more details.....I am real sure that Murchison
property has only opened a lot of bad worms when all this polictics
got involved.  If I were Howard Burchman I would be shaking in my

Sounds like a lot of us are tired of all the corruption and
ready to do something about it.  YOU CAN COUNT ON ME SIGNING THE
PETETION FOR REMOVAL FROM OFFICE.  I also would be behind my fellow
neighbors and demand this corruption to stop.  Some of our neighbors
might be scared, but not me.  I anxiously await more of your replies.
4:45 pm edt 


Wow, I have a visual dream.  We of Provincetown should hold
our own meeting and not let the subjects (Burchman, Ted Malone)sit in
on our meeting of the minds and not let them state their case.  I
would think if enough of us got together we could bring these people
up on misconduct charges and have our dirty laundray removed from

To the citizen that posted about the Ranch and asking if
Burchman owned this....I find it very interesting and yes,
discrimination would be very interesting charge on top of all his
misdealings.  I have a strong feeling that things are going to change
if enough of us stand tall.  

I know I have had enough....What about you?.
4:43 pm edt 

Queen Alex

Queen Alex has been reported to have attempted purchase of
part of The Murchison property nearest her digs from the
applicant/buyer. Could all of this Board manipulation be part of a
sinister plot to add to her kingdom? Shame!     Queen Alex.
4:40 pm edt 

Is it Legal?

Why doesn't someone find out whether it is actually LEGAL,
nevermind unjust, for these town boards to be holding public meetings
without allowing public comments?
4:38 pm edt 

Another Meeting on the Murchinso Property Tonight

     At 6:30 the Conservation Committee will hold a meeting and part
of the meeting involvesthe following: Discussion: 2 Commerical Street
Property. Perhaps the way it is noticed, there will be no publicf
statments allowed. Once again, the public is prohibited from adding
any input on town boards dealing with the Murchinson property. What
is really going on here? There is something fundamentally wrong with
how this one property and this one potential sale is being handled
and discussed by town boards and by town selectmen.

     How many more games will our town boards participate in and how
many more tunes will they dance, kick up their heels, and bow to with
a few fiddlers playing out the tunes?
3:01 pm edt 

Left Speechless By the Usurpation of Power

     What can one say about the loss of democracy in Provincetown?
What can I say about the outright prohibiting of citizens to speak at
meeting that should be public hearing? First the Planning Board holds
its "meeting" and does not allow the public to speak. Then the BOS
hold a so-called Emergency meeting and also sets it up so the public
cannot speak. Then tonight the Conservation Committee is holding a
meeting at 6:30. Will the public also be banned from speaking here?

     How many more "hold your tongue" meetings will we have dealing
with the Murchinson Property. Can someone buy this much silence?
2:59 pm edt 

Howard Burchman :

Do people know that Howard Burchman owns the Ranch, a guest
house in Provincetown that does not allow women to stay there.  
Isnt that illegal by discrimination?  And Howard Burchman hosts
parties at the Ranch that are more in tune to a            than a guest
house that is licensed by the government of Provincetown.  Maybe the
licensing agent should look into that or does he have his hand into
that agency also? Lets hope that Provincetown can stop Burchman before
he gets too out of control.  Look what he did to the Theater. 

(As a side note, if I see him swing his head to move his hair off his forhead
one more time, I think I will throw up)

Webmaster Comment: Please provide substantiation
regarding discrimination.

Thank you
2:40 pm edt 

Re: How Did They Vote?

The vote was 4-1. Michelle was the lone vote!
2:25 pm edt 

How Did They Vote?

I think I've read 3-4 times that the vote monday night was 4-1
but no one has written how the vote fell. Who was ....the one????

My guess is that it was either elaine or michelle but I don't want to
guess. Anyone know????


From, an inquiring mind
1:39 pm edt 


Since when is the public closed out from making comment at a public
meeting of public boards? Isn't that what it's all about, allowing
public input? And she said it was a fact finding meeting yet the only
facts, the only side she was hearing from, was a crazy planning board
chairman who earlier decided the plan had to go before the CCC. What
about the other side of the argument?

It looked like Burchman and Couture were the only ones in the room that
wanted the project to go to the commission. Twenty or more in the room
wanted it to stay under local regulation. What gives her the right to do this?

What a slap to the public!
12:46 pm edt 

Murchison Mess

I was at the selectmens meeting and also saw a recording of the
planning board meeting, both in regards to 2 Commercial Street. The
poor people of Provincetown need to see this Burchman in action as
chair of the planning board.

Does anyone really wonder why P-towns zoning regs have run amuck?
He's out of control and no doubt controlled by outside forces. At the
planning board meeting when the project was introduced, he didn't even
let the applicant present the plan. He just went and sent them to the CCC
while the other members of the board followed lock step with NO IDEA
what they were doing or why.

Then when he was at the BOS meeting, Burchman trys to defend the
planning boards action using the historic and Concom letters as
reasoning. WHAT?????? Thankfully, led by Ms. Avellar who I do not
always agree with, the rest of the board decided to reserve comment
to the CCC due to lack of information which is the same case as the

The best part of the meeting was when Mary Jo mentioned she had no
facts to base a decision on and Elaine Anderson (ex ConCom member)
says they don't need any facts to make a decision! WOW!

This, Provincetown, is not how it should be done, especially on camera.

New bodys needed.
12:44 pm edt 

Murchison-The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back

Yesterday was a shameful display of the improper use of position and power.
BOS Chairman, Michelle Couture showed herself to be no more than a puppet
of a few self interested individuals.

She illegally called into session a special meeting of the BOS, which
requires a 48 hour public notification prior to meeting. She made the
statement that she publicized the notice at 3:18 PM on Friday July18
and called the meeting for the following Monday July 21.

Public notification does not include non business days, which means the claimed
publication came no where near meeting the 48 hour requirement; a point which
the Chairman was fully aware of.

When pressed by Selectmen as to who made the decision to convene the
meeting, the Chairman revealed that she alone made the decision. To
buttress her position she attempted to allowed Planning Board Chairman,
Howard Burchman to make an interjection during the Selectmen voting on a

Selectman Avallar was adamant in her opposition to allowing non BOS comment
during a motion.Selectman Avellar pointed out that the rules of conduct prohibited
such and intervention and was upheld by the other members of the BOS.

The BOS than voted 4-1 to decline rendering a decision in support of the
Planning Board's decision to send the Murchison property under a discretionary
referral ruling to the Cape Cod Commission. Selectman Knight, Avellar and
Bedard all stated that they were not about to vote for support of an action to
which they had no information and which seemed to run counter to all previous
 actions taken by the Planning Board.

Selectman, Avellar added that she was not about to set a precedence, which
would give people from Falmouth, Hyannis, Dennis etc. the authority to make
decisions which were specifically under the purview of Provincetown.

Michelle Couture was obvious in her contempt for the citizens. When asked
by Selectman Knight why the public was not permitted to provide comment,
Couture stated that she was against the public speaking on this issue.

It is coming to the point where Provincetown citizens have to begin the process
of considering the recall of this runaway Chairman that so visibly and imperiously
reviles the very people she supposedly represents.

Lets begin to give it some thought by weighting our various grievances and comparing
notes on Shout Out! We should each speak to the good and the bad.

Please post your thoughts

12:07 pm edt 

The Murchison Parade of Shame

Next stop on The Murchison parade of shame will be The Cape
Cod Commission meeting on July 24th. In the spotlight will be the
question of whether residential projects should be reviewed. The
Kline/Truro issue decision says no.

Thoughtful citizens realize that Provincetown Boards should keep decision
making at home and not pass this on to reps from Falmouth and other
Towns. I doubt that Queen Alex and Prince Ted have long enough arms
to manipulate this process.
Stay tuned!
9:14 am edt 

What's Going On?

Hey, does anyone know what is going to happen with the
building next to Clem and Ursie's? The one that I think Ted Malone
bought? Will that become the ever so popular affordable housing?

Just curious...
9:12 am edt 

Murchison Property:

Well, I am glad to see that the Selectmen with the exception on 1,
took the time to figure out what was happening tonight and realized
they did not have enough information to fairly make a decision.

I hope the next time this matter comes up, the concerned coitizens
will be able to speak on the project.  I understand there are two
meeting sechduled... 1 for Wednesday and 1 for Thursday?  Is that
9:11 am edt 

Monday, July 21, 2008

Room Tax on Condos is a Slippery Slope

  . .As the owners of these transient lodging facilities tend to be
year round residents or at least registered to vote here, the
assessed value of these properties tends
to be about 50% below true market value. . .

Trust me, my guesthouse is not assessed 50% below it's market value. 
Not even close.  Next argument?

The room tax on all short-term lodging is going to happen sooner than
later.  Every town on the Cape as well as a number off Cape are in
favor of it.  In these days of tight town and city budgets it's just
a matter of time before the legislature votes to enact a fair tax law
that applies to all short term lodging rentals.
11:54 pm edt 

Room Tax on Condos is a Slippery Slope

Currently in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts transient lodging
facilities must file an annual income statement with the local Board
of Assessors. This includes hotels, motels,  & lodging houses a.k.a.
guest houses. The Town Assessor then uses an income approach in
establishing the value of said property. Income approach simply put
means the business is valued on its (reported) net income, and not
upon the true real estate value. As the owners of these transient
lodging facilities tend to be year round residents or at least
registered to vote here, the assessed value of these properties tends
to be about 50% below true market value.

Out of town second home owners were generally assessed at about 115%
of true market value in FY'08. Plus they pay a personal property
tax-for their furniture which can amount to a 10% surtax over and
above the real property tax.

So lets get equitable here. If you wish to have room tax on
condo/house rentals, lets assess the guest houses at what they are
really worth.

We Can Then Put Everyone Out of Business
10:08 pm edt 

BOS Meeting, What Happened?

So, what happened at the BOS meeting tonight?  Couldn't get
there.  Only please respond IF you were there and know the facts, not
second hand. 

10:05 pm edt 

Provincetown 4 vs Couture 1

The courageous Select People led by Mary-Jo defeated the
forces of darkness with a 4-1 motion to reserve judgement in the
Murchison matter going before the Cape Cod Commission.
The Planning Board Chairman having been corrected about State and
National Historic status left the meeting with his tail between his
legs,his face ashen.

Score one for the democratic process that couldn't be manipulated by
Queen Alex. Cheers!
10:04 pm edt 

Re: Howard Burchman

The video log of the Ptown Planning Board showed Queen Alex
mouthing the answers to Chairman Burchman. Kind of reminds you of a
puppeteer. Also Burchman was so jacked up on something that I can see
why Open Meeting Laws were violated including illegal e-mail straw
It would
 do my heart good to see him brought to the Bar with a
massive ethics violation. Nuff said.
10:02 pm edt 

BOS Meeting Tonight: Murchison Property

I hope everyone interested in the Murchison property attends the
BOS meeting tonight. It is important that all citizens make an appearance
to observe the BOS and to speak out against the wrong -headed and illegal
process that has befell this property.

Against injustice  
2:07 pm edt 

Re: Thanks for the Explanation

Thanks to the poster who posted at 10:18pm last night on
the explanations on Room Tax Revenue.  It was a good job of
explaining how the process works.  I would add one additional
comment.  When condo owners do not have to collect the room tax it
puts them at a competitive advantage over hotels, motels and guest
houses that do becuase the visitor pays less and when they are price
conscience, a 9.7% savings can be substantial.  Most licensed
establishments in town will tell you that the number of weekly
rentals they get has gone down significiantly in the last 5 years.
9:39 am edt 

Murchison Property on Agenda for Selectmen Tonight

Just a reminder: the July 10th issue of the Banner did report that:

The proposed subdivision is scheduled to come before the planning
board on July 16. However, the plan submitted is a request for
approval not required, meaning the subdivision has the required
amount of road footage to service the nine lots. As such, the
planning board would have little oversight of the proposal, said
Howard Burchman, board chair.

Still, developing the wooded property, which has a commanding view of
the west harbor and moors, would be a huge issue for the town,
Burchman said.

This may come across as a little approval not required but its not,
he said. Its a major alteration of the viewscape and a historical
structure. The planning board would want to look at and discuss with
the board of selectmen referring it to the Cape Cod Commission.


So there you have it. Howard thinks this project has regional impact
because of ...........what it will look like and who the architect

If these things are truly important, why didn't our planning board
propose regulations , years ago, to deal with them? Haven't they
learned anything from the Hopper mess in Truro or the Billboard House
in Wellfleet?
Guess what the Cape Cod Commission said about those 2 projects?????

Nothing. they left them alone. So, Mr Chairman.............
What have you done for us lately?

Signed, Learn from your Neighbors
9:37 am edt 

Sunday, July 20, 2008


The buyer quite clearly knows all the players in this "game". He
knows of Ted and Alix and he knows the commission is probably going
to throw this back to the town to deal with. It's not something the
CCC wants to waste time with. The foolishness of it all is that the
abuttors don't even know what the plan looks like.
11:34 pm edt 

There's More Brilliant Insight From "GET A LIFE..." "TAKE A PILL..."

Get this STRAIGHT!

Stop yelling. More people may listen and actually think you're intelligent.
11:33 pm edt 

Murchison Property:

Well.. Can anyone answer why there is an important selectmens meeting
Monday at 5PM to discuss the Murchison Property?  Have they ever had
an emergency meeting on any other properties?

I am a bit suspicious about this as well as others...  Since when has
this been a priority to the Selectmen?

Has anyone notified all the players involved and given them a chance
to appear?  If not, this is not fair to hold a last minute posting of
a meeting......

Everyone should be treated fairly and this is not off to a good start
since the Selectmen already have the opinions of two boards.  How can
they fairly make a decision based on mis-information?

Perhaps all involved should be notified and a meeting scheduled at a
later date so everyone can partake in it..

What your basically saying is a last minute meeting and if you can
make it your showing interest and if not your not interested!  How
can this be RIGHT ?????

We personally cannot make it due to another committment and would
love to be there to hear the inaccuracies.  But, since it is last
minute, We will be unable to attend and that seems unfair... 
Something of this importance should have at least have a weeks notice
and posted in advance not last minute.....

This just proves the direction this is going in.
11:31 pm edt 

Sociologist for Hire

Before I graduated from Bridgewater State College, I couldn't even
spell Sociologist.  Now I are one. Make me an offer.
  The Professor
11:21 pm edt 

Room Tax Revenue and Condo Rentals

There appears to be some misunderstanding amongst readers and posters
of the blog regarding this issue.  Hopefully the following will
provide a more comprehensive perspective.

Room tax revenue is currently collected by innkeepers, hotels, motels
and licensed B&Bs. The towns and cities in the Commonwealth do not
collect this revenue. These taxes are submitted by the proprietor
directly to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue ("DOR") who
account for the receipts and then disburse (each quarter) to the
appropriate municipality the respective portion of receipts.

The DOR's accounting for these receipts is a rather protracted
process; therefore, the receipt of room tax revenues to the towns and
cities in the Commonwealth is several months in arrears.
Provincetown's website has a comprehensive historic accounting of
this information, which has been regularly updated every quarter by
previous tourism directors. Go to: and click
on Visitor Services for more information.

Condo rentals raises concern about whether or not room tax should be
collected on short term stays. The equitable answer to this question
is simple. Why not? If innkeepers, hotels, motels and licensed B&Bs
are required to collect room tax, why should condos be exempt?
Vacation rentals of less than 30 days throughout most of the country
have a room tax added to the nightly rental. This significant loss of
room tax to both the Commonwealth and the Town means that additional
revenue must be raised to meet the operating budget --- for services
provided to these visitors. Simply put, as weekly rentals have
increased due to the conversion of inns to condos that previously
produced room tax revenue, a loss of revenue has been realized by
both the Town and the State. This loss of revenue equates to budget
constraints. Perhaps now some people might better understand one of
the many reasons that have contributed to the budget shortfall
Provincetown faces. Plain and simple, the person who makes up this
shortfall is you, the taxpayer.

Economic factors help illustrate the importance of collecting room
tax for short term rentals, irrespective of whether or not the renter
is staying at a licensed establishment or a condominium. Resort
destinations attract all types of visitors, and rules and regulations
apply to everyone except here, where condo renters get a break.

Finally, the question of whether or not the Town of Provincetown can
enforce the collection of short term stay room receipts, the
following should be of interest. Failure to obtain a rental
certificate by the Town of Provincetown is a violation of a bylaw,
which is subject to a fine. Failure to collect room tax revenues is a
violation of Commonwealth law, which results in civil action in
Superior Court, subject to attachment of assets, incarceration, or
11:18 pm edt 

Police on Motorcycles in Provincetown Would be a Disaster!

What is this guy thinking?

We're not Boston we don't need that.

The last thing we need on Commercial Street is more vehicles.

Keep the cops on foot.

Makes much more sense.
11:13 pm edt 

Murchison...Who Cares!

I am so tired of hearing the complaints about property that even
though is beautiful and it will be sad to see it subdivided it will
at least 9 more nice and neat homes in Provincetown.

I just have one question, why does no one complain about some of
these @#$%hole places scattered throughout town that need to  be
cleaned up!! Trash in the yard, junk on the porch, yards overgrown
its god awful!!

Lets hear some hell raising about these eyesores!!

Do we have a blight ordinance in this town??
11:12 pm edt 

Double Agents?

What everyone should know is that two of the direct
abutters to the Murchinson property are acting as double agents. 
Behind the scenes they influenced the powers to be on the Planning
Board scene for a referral to the Cape Cod Commission and hope the
project dies there.

They are also protecting themselves from a worst
case outcome by working out a "backroom deal" with the developer by
not publicly opposing the project so that they will be able to buy
two adjacent lots to protect their privacy from the development
should it go forward. Again extravagant money and power and influence
can do anything they want.

I wonder whether the developer knows whether he is dealing with double
11:10 pm edt 

Revenue Problem Fix

I have an even better quick fix to the revenue problem in
Provincetown. Instead of trying to collect new taxes like a rental
tax and charging us more for everything else, why don't we force the
town government to cut back on spending? Cut the departments budget
across the board by t least 15%-25%. They'll find a way to make it
work. The problem is that spending is out of control here and has
been for a long time. Town departments get whatever they claim they
need or want without much hassle. The only department that's somewhat
reasonable is the fire department. They don't even get paid to
provide the services they do for us. It's time for the other
departments to be thankful they have a job and be more fiscally
responsible. The economy is in the toilet, it's going to get worse.
Let's cut back on spending now and prepare for the future.

Note to Sharon: instead of dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars
into configuring temporary office spaces for the town, consider
having some of these employees work from home. Simply offer them
incentives to do so. The rest of us telecommunte, why can't some of
them until town hall is put back together? Yes, there are some
essential services that need a homebase, no doubt, but does everyone
need to be in the same place at the same time? Something to think
11:08 pm edt 

Rental Tax:
I am not sure what everyone is missing about the town collecting the
room tax if that were ever implemented.

The town doesn't collect the tax from B&B's or Inn's or Motels. 
Those people collect the tax and at the end of them month, they
forward the entire collections to the state of mass.  Mass in turns
sends back a portion of the tax back to the town.

AND if the B&B's or Inn's or Motels do not send the state the tax
they collected or just a portion of it, that is called fraud.  When
these people report there income to the state on April 15th, it might
and should catch up to them then.  No one is watching these people
every week, month or quarter.

So if you collected rent and or income from your rental of property
and didn't report it to the IRS at the end of the year, you would be
committing fraud also.  Most people I know report 99% of their

I don't understand why so many people on this post think the town has
anything to do with collecting the tax?

Again, as a post said, this is just another line item for you running
your home as a water bill, electric bill, real-estate tax, condo fee,
commision to a realtor for renting your unit and so on.

go back to shcool and have to buy $400 of school books, teh 5% tax
you pay for those books are going to make you decide NOT to go to
school? )  GET A REAL LIFE
11:05 pm edt 

So Let Me Get This Straight.

I am supposed to feel sorry for you because you are currently renting
out your condo for $2000 a week and you fear that you won't get
rentals if a tax is added. Sorry but I'm not feeling too much empathy
or compassion. If you can't rent it for $2200 with the tax then lower
the weekly price or sell the damn thing.
11:01 pm edt 

Selectmen's June Meeting

It was brave of Mary Jo to stand up to the school committees
unwillingness to share their space with town hall. Of course there is
room. The school committee is an inept group; the superintendent
talks in circles. She stated that the kindergarten is the largest
class as far as she can go back, but then says well that may not be
accurate. And besides, who cares? The school should be closed now.
The regional school is truly educating children. How many will
graduate from PHS in 2009? The last class had 12. What a scam. What
an awful thing to do to our children.
10:58 pm edt 

It is the Most fair Way of Generating Revenue . . .

Fairness is treating everyone who rents lodging the same. 

Simple as that.
10:57 pm edt 

How Will They Prove it?

How will they be able to prove I
rented my place for 1 week or 10 weeks by looking at an add?  Maybe I
let my "friends "use my place for the week???  Maybe I rented it and
the people cancelled?  Maybe I'll decide to not rent at all?

How do they 'prove' a guest house or motel/hotel rents a room?  If
you chose to be dishonest when reporting revenue that's your decision
and your risk to take.
10:54 pm edt 

Re: Murchison

The meeting of the selectmen is set for the 21st and it is an
emergency meeting to discuss the Murchison project, something the
selectmen have no authority over.

This is a bad mingling of the boards in the town. If the planning board
already sent it, why are the BOS getting their say in? With all the heat
they've been under, they don't need more. Everyone interested should
go and maybe this time the BOS will let people speak to the project.
Public meetings are designed for that process which was not the case
at the planning board meeting.

Here we go again.
10:07 am edt 

Nelson Ave Water

Aside from the hookups to the sewer, has anyuone else had to deal
with extremely low water pressure on Nelson Ave as of late? Maybe
since good old Ted came to the neighborhood and removed all that soil
and possibly crushed water lines? And then he wants to put a greater
burden on the water line by building more housing on that line? When
will he stop destroying the neighborhoods of this town?
10:06 am edt 

Rental Certificates - Revenue?

Do they really create real revenue after the cost of processing the
paperwork, sending the health inspector and building inspector out to
the property?  Again....  the costs is $140 for the certificate, the
cost?  Paperwork processing, certificate mailing, health inspector
time inspecting the property, building department time inspecting the
property, costs of mailing notices to all property owners -  What is
the bottom line??? 

Let me know if you have the answer please
9:37 am edt 

Raise Everyones Taxes!

So who will do the research on who and when people are
rented?  Should the town hire a few more people to track, manage and
collect these fees?

How will they prove it?  How will they be able to prove I rented my
place for 1 week or 10 weeks by looking at an add?  Maybe I let my
"friends "use my place for the week???  Maybe I rented it and the
people cancelled?  Maybe I'll decide to not rent at all?

You really don't think that this inept town can actually track and
collect this tax do you?

My point is - Even though we may look at a tax like this as a "quick
fix" to our revenue problem... there are many things to consider when
implementing such a tax - most important is the reality of the
"actual" revenues that the town will receive, the impact on the
economy because weekly rentals may decrease with an increase in
prices, the cost of implementation and collection, and the large
amount of people who will avoid paying the tax all together because
they will claim they are not renting their places out.  When this is
all considered in a model of some sort, I would like to see what the
bottom line revenue would be.... I'm sure it will be something but
probably not as great as everyone thinks. Is it really worth it?  I
think we should just raise everyones taxes - it is the most fair way
of generating revenue

9:35 am edt 

5p.m. July 21 BOS Meeting on the Murchinson Property?

     Why? Why are the selectmen getting involved in sending or
deciding on sending the Murchinson property to the Cape Cod
Commission? Does anyone know why this is being held? Is this another
Public meeting where the public cannot speak? And when was this
decided? Seems like it was just posted.

     Are the selectmen now adding their weight to the Planning Board
decision or are they trying to overturn it? Please, if anyone knows,
it would be good to know why this meeting is being posted.

     In any case, let's be there.
9:23 am edt 

The Town Will Not Have Much Difficulty Collecting the Tax

I think that collecting a tax on rentals is very hard to
enforce.  There are hundreds of properties that are rented weekly
each season and the town can't even get but a small portion of then
to apply for rental certificates...

The town will not have much difficulty collecting the tax.  They'll
just look through the property rental listings in the paper and on
the web and they will have the great majority of them.  The rental
certificates create a very small revenue stream for the town, the
room tax on condos/houses will create significant revenue for the
town, just as the current room tax on guest houses, hotels and motels
does.  Trust me, they'll find a way.
8:26 am edt 

Re: Room Tax
Ok - I currently rent my place for $2000 a week.  Now I
have to collect a tax of 9.7% on the $2000 - roughly $200 additional.
Correct?  So now I have to charge my tenants $2200 to rent for the
week and remit $200 back to the state. Correct?  So if prices
increase 10% on my rental you think that the same number of people
will rent my place?

Every time you write you prove a point.  Now your logic against the
room tax is that you won't have as much luck renting your place if
you have to add a 9.7% room tax surcharge.  So you believe you
deserve an advantage over guest houses/motels?  Why should they have
to charge the room tax and you don't?  Sorry, your logic doesn't make
much sense.

And to the poster of 'it will never happen anyway', trust me, it WILL
happen.  Within the next five years it will be law.
8:23 am edt 

6 Nerds and 1 Sociologist

     Maybe that's it. Take 6 nerds and 1 sociologist and maybe we
could resolve our town problems. Let these 7 people analyze our
issues, come up with answers to our problmes and then let them
implement what they believe is needed.

     OK 6 nerds, 1 sociologist, Slippery Fish and Rat in the
Basement. Now we have it. Let's move on!
8:22 am edt 

Provincetown Motocycle Patrol?

Yes, the motorcycle proposal by the police department is
truly absurd. This town doesn't need motorcycle police anymore then
it needs another parking patrol. Last year Tobias told us he
repainted the police cruisers to make the officers feel better about
themselves. This year, they want a new set of toys to play in the
street. Cut the budget back, make them work with about 75% of what
they spend and lets see some belt tightening. The budget doesn't
pass, yet they want to keep on spending! Is anyone else wondering
what the new chief is using for an agenda?
8:20 am edt 


For god sakes, shut up already about the PBG. Just go to
the meeting in August and air your complaints/comments or praise (if
you can substantiate it). We all know the PBG is screwed, no matter
how much the President and Treasurer keep posting their rebuttals
here. Go to the meeting and get your opinion heard. Nothing will
change unless the membership makes noise.
8:18 am edt 

Re: Pay the room tax?

Ok - I currently rent my place for $2000 a week.  Now I have to
collect a tax of 9.7% on the $2000 - roughly $200 additional.
Correct?  So now I have to charge my tenants $2200 to rent for the
week and remit $200 back to the state. Correct?  So if prices
increase 10% on my rental you think that the same number of people
will rent my place?  If you think that they will then why wouldn't I
increase my prices 10% and collect that additional money now while it
isn't taxed?  The reason is there is a price that people will pay and
there is a price they won't - 10% additional - they won't rent.  This
means that I will have to reduce my rental amount to pay the tax.  I
think you taxers are nuttier than a jar of skippy.
12:58 am edt 

Room Tax

I think that collecting a tax on rentals is very hard to
enforce.  There are hundreds of properties that are rented weekly
each season and the town can't even get but a small portion of then
to apply for rental certificates...what makes you think that those
people would admit they are renting and actually pay the tax?  They
would just claim that they are using the property themselves and it
would be up to the town to bully them into paying. Gook luck.

Besides - this new tax vehicle doesn't have the votes in the
legislature to pass - it is a waste of your time and mine even
discussing it. It will more than likely never happen.
12:56 am edt 


I will tell you exactly...Monica house was hooked up to the water line
on Nelson Ave after the neighbors all met at a meeting a were told
there would be NO activity involving any of his projects on Nelson

The main line and her hook-up could have been done with an available
line on Race Point Rd.  The battle went on and Guertin was called to
no avail but ignorance.....  The reason it was done on Nelson Ave was
to save her $$$ at the neighbors expense.....

Calls prior to it happening were made to dig safe, Guertin, Carl from
the water department and they all passed the buck to the other...  
After numerous hours on the phone, the project still went on..  A
call was also made to water department employees who reported that
the hook-up in fact should have been done on Race Point rd and could
have !!!!!

It all amounts to $$$..  Trust the neighbors when they say...  The
projects on Nelson Ave IF and WHEN they happen will be monitored
CLOSELY.....  Let's stick to the RULES & REGS that are suppose to
apply to all and not be maipulated to benefit some.....
12:54 am edt 

Yes Yes Yes to the Weekly Rental Room Tax!

This isn't something the people can do so much as our government. 
And I believe most people in any form of government on the cape is
for this.
12:51 am edt 

Re: Ted Malone

Someone please stop Ted he is going to destroy the town
12:50 am edt 

And the Murtchison Dance Continues

Apparently, there has been called an emergency meeting of the board
of selectmen for Monday night to dicuss and possibly decide to send
the Murchison plan to the commission. Why????? The planning board
already did this. Why do the selectmen need to be a part of it? This
is a mess!!!!!
12:49 am edt 

Re: Murchison

It is amazing to me that 2 Commercial property has been
basicly closed up for years.  One was never even able to see the
property prior to coming to market.  Once in a while I would wonder
up over the years when the gates were opened and actually see that
besides the house on the bottom there actually was a mid way house
and the Gropious house.  There was so much growth on the property
that one could not even see the breakwater.  Since the property
coming to market the property has been cleaned up the public can
actually see the other buildings and the gropious house from a few
directions for the first time in years.  I found it quite ironic that
the planning boards action to refer to the commission because basicly
of the possible loss of view for the public would be compromised! 
The conservation ala abutters had a fit as they did not want the view
opened up or propety cleared in order to open up the view ! Now they
want it referred because of why???? Make up your!
   minds the only ones that can enjoy the view are those that would
be an abutter or on the property itself. There is very little that
one can see unless you are in a plane or boat and that is limited
unless you are on the property.  It is a sad day when a few people
basicly run a town and boards and those in charge are afraid of
getting on the wrong side of the so to speak right people. This is
becoming a town I don't reconize anymore a town for the chosen few
who can basiclly build in the name of affordable housing and get away
with destroying neighborhoods, building in wetlands, but God knows
don't go into my neighborhood.  I would like to think that this is a
fair town.  That man that is trying to purchase the was not even
given a chance to discuss posibilites. It was a complete set up with
no chance of even a dicussion very, very sad.
12:47 am edt 

Re: Murchison

First of all the so called meeting regarding the Murchison
Property was a joke and felt like I was at a Play instead with all
the bad acting go on in that room.  Wow, and Burchman showed up under
the influence and made a complete ass out of helmself.  It was nice
to see someone stand up to the the bad seeds of our communtiy.  This
is the time for all of us to make a stand against all this
corruption.  I got the impression that the potential buyer is not one
to be played with.....Should be very interesting outcome and let us
not forget watched very closely.  The Murchison's brought so much
into our community and this is how their Memory is appreciated and
disgraced.  The Murchison's paid more taxes than any of us.  Thank
God the heirs are not going to allow affordable living or Condo high
risers.  No, we are so fortuante to find a prospective buyer that
wants to perserve that beautiful home on the hill..  The Murchisons
while alive did so much for our Art recognitio!n TODAY!  We should be
appreciative that we have someone that will want to perserve this history
for everyone and too live in our community.  Shame on you Affordable
Ted....For all of your supporters and under hand business.  We have had
enough!!!I hope everyone pays close attention to what happens next. 

I do want to add one more thing.  Shame on the citizen that claimed she
had spent so many evenings on the hill admiring the view.  I was very
fortunate to know Barbara and she was very private and I can guarantee
that their was no visits that she claimed.  Have some respect for the now
deceased Barbara and let her rest in peace.  God Bless the prosepctive buyer
and his desires to perserve that view and I hope you don't let some
underhand business stop your desires and goals.... Some of us locals
welcome you!
12:43 am edt 

For Every Action, There's a Reaction

Hopefully the gentlemen purchasing the Murchinson Property subscribes
to the same theory. I pray, hes not going to take this lying down,
put his head between his legs and slip quietly away. Anyone with
enough clout to buy the property, has enough of what it takes to put
the Alix/Ted team in their place and bring at least two board members
(Selectman & Planning) up on ethical charges.

Adj. 1. unethical - not conforming to approved standards of social or
professional behavior; "unethical business practices"
wrong - contrary to conscience or morality or law; "it is wrong for
the rich to take advantage of the poor"; "cheating is wrong"; "it is
wrong to lie"
12:38 am edt 

A Good Idea

I was at first against expanding the room tax, but then I
realized it isn't a tax I'm paying when I rent out my condo to help
me afford to have a home here, it's coming from the people renting
from me.

I'm OK with it.  If it does pass I hope there is some serious
discussion as to what to do with the additional income brought in to
the town's general fund.  I'd hate to see the BOS go crazy with the
potential extra income.
12:36 am edt 

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Say Yes to the Weekly Rental Room Tax!

Why is it OK for guest houses to collect a room tax and not for you?
Guest Houses are a business and so are you when you decide to rent
out your house for a fee. Provincetown depends on the revenue from
room taxes and all the weekly rentals have taken away from that
revenue stream. It seems only fair and in the best interest of the

While I understand the high price of real estate in this town, and
understand that the only way some people can afford to purchase
property is by renting it out, I don't think that earns you an
exemption from collecting a tax on your rental.

Remember you will be collecting that tax by adding it onto the cost of
the rental and forwarding it to the state just as guest house owners,
restaurant owners and retail stores do. It does not come out of your pocket,
unless of course you are renting under the table and not reporting it
as earnings. This could put you on the radar screen, but all is fair
in love and business. Nothing in this world is free.

The people that are really against this are the real estate agents who
fear it will cut into their profits as if they haven't made enough on
this town already!
12:53 pm edt 

Ted Malone Worked to Undermine the Sale of the Murchinson Property Negating His Being an Investor

Ted Malone worked hard to undermine the possible sale of the
Murchinson Property. He put many obstacles in the way. Had he been an
investor, the property would not even have gone to the Planning
Board. It never needed to be reviewed by the Planning Board for nine
sub-divisions. This property can have 20 sub-division without needing
the Planning Board. So, to slow, if not stop, the sale of the
Murchinson Property, the Planning Board use the ruse of sending it to
the Cape Cod Commission.

Under whose backstage guidance was this act done? Ted Malone's
little fat fingers are all over the script. He had Howard Burchman
and the other members, as some blogger implied, act out the
Malone-approved parts. Even the dialogue was scripted as was
Dimartino's "doubts" and "hesitations" and the others "questions" and
search for advice on what to do. They already knew exactly what they
were going to do long before the site visit and long before the final

This is not the actions of an investor but one who is in
competition with the potential owner (he does do affordable housing
in Nantucket) and a neighbor who wants to undermine the sale. Ted's
looking for a little peace, a little silence, amid his busy days. He
wants his views, on either side. Can't a man get a little
peace--given everything he has done for this little town? Bless his
little saintly soul.
12:46 pm edt 

To the Person Who Signed ............3rd Grade Buddy

Some people are so quick to anger.  Your info was useless and juvenile.
Thanks to the blogger who cleared up what a tax on weekly rentals
12:42 pm edt 

Re: Room Tax

The room tax is not a tax on 2nd homeowners, YOU DON'T PAY
IT!  You take the money in when you rent out your home or condo, you
pay it to the state.  It costs you zero, zilch!

I'm sure when you collect your rents you keep track of them for tax
purposes so you already have your rent totals.  As a previous poster
said, this would just be another line item.  The money comes in from
the renter, the money goes out to the state.  No tax effect on you.
12:32 pm edt 

Ted Malone Affordable Housing Staff Subsidy

      Could  the person who posted the information on the apparent
illegal hook=up of Monica Stubner's house on Race Point Road give
more details. This is the house that Ted Malone sold to Monica
Stubner, his construction manager at his Community Housing Resource
company. Monica was living in another affordable housing unit but she
was able to sell that at market rate after five years. Just a
coincidence that the five years are up and Affordable Uncle Ted sells
this house for around $380,000. Just look at this house when you
drive by Route 6 before Race POInt Road. How the height was allowed
when it was moved is questionable. Who gave persmission for the
moving of the house given the conservation land? And this house is
now worth around $800,000. The benefits of working for Affordabel TEd
are great and many, right Monica?

     And now you write that the sewer hook-up to this property was
also done in a problematic and perhaps illegal way? Please tell us

      I guess there's a lesson for us all here: work for Affordable
Ted Malone and he will make certain that you get an affordable unit
for you or for your friends or even a big house of your own.

      Play match the affordable housing to the present staff of
Community Housing Resource. This was not what affordable housing was
supposed to be or should be.
12:10 pm edt 

Town Pimping?

So now people who have to leave their HOMES in order to
survive here are expected to pay a fee for the privilege. This
government has all the scruples of a pimp.
12:08 pm edt 

Room Tax - Don't We Already Pay Enough?

I think you're missing the point. YOU are NOT paying the room tax,
you are collecting the tax from visitors who pay the tax when they
rent your house/condo.  It's then a very simple process of remitting
the tax to the State of Massachusetts through their very easy to use
web site.

This isn't taking money out of your pocket.  It's making the room tax
a fair tax that applies to everyone who rents rooms, houses, condos,
etc. to visitors.
12:06 pm edt 

Room Tax - Don't We Already Pay Enough?
I agree. We do pay enough. Why do we always go after homeowners?
The reason we rent out is because we need the income to help pay for
our house. Otherwise we would never rent it out.

Mary Jo feels its a good idea to tax homeowners who do weeklys. Let's
tax her for the                                                     !
12:05 pm edt 

Room Tax:

The room tax isn't paid by you, but by the people that rent from you!
   You pay a property manager or realestate agent now.  THEY would
collect the tax.  Just another line item as is CLEANING, REAL-ESTATE
TAXES, SEWER, WATER, ELECTRIC, OIL, and the list goes on.  Your
making more of YOUR RESPONSIBILITY than there is.   I bet your afraid
that if you collected the 9.7%, you would not report it as income and
pocket it, as you probably do with your rental income now.
OH, why don't we stop the meals tax, because those people also have
the gas stations have too many different taxes.  Lets make it easier
on everyone.

You must have finished only 3rd grade buddy!
12:02 pm edt 

Malone 2 Commercial:

He is not a silent Partner !  If he was, he would not have complained
about the tree cutting !

What a shame this has all come to....  Attorneys will get to the
bottom of it......   Now that you mentioned it....  Your right !  The
meeting was a comedy show !   How unprofessional Howard Burchman was. 

I wonder if he would have behaved the same exact way if they were
talking about his property?  Oh never mind, there would not have even
needed a meeting.....  It would of just happened....  I get it... 
What's fair for one, is not fair for all ......
12:01 pm edt 

Re: Ted Malone Silent Partner?

Ted Malone an Investor for 2 Commercial Street ?

NO I think not!
10:41 am edt 

I Wrote Previously

And I too want to know if he passed his State Exam, I tried to get
that info from the State web site but I have a glitch with my
computer which would not allow me in.
But the previous poster can go and research that for us. (Pleas?)

You then replied

Interesting that you have a "glitch" with your computer, yet you
managed to get your post uploaded. Unless you are a blind rat, you
really need new glasses.

Well the glitch obviously doesnt affect my ability to post here, but
it does affect my ability to view certain pages elsewhere. Isnt that
what I said? Duh!

I wrote

Town Hall is NOT going to fall down. It would last another hundred
years with only minimal (in relation to the entire project)
structural repairs.

You then wrote

Anyone who has
spent a few minutes in the building will agree it is in disrepair.

  Thus implying I dont think it is in disrepair. How did you come up
with that one? Read it again, you manipulated what I said to fit your
own view.

You also wrote

People who do not have all the facts are just what you call
yourself... a rat in the basement.

And my response is that people who dont want to see the facts as they
are written right in front of their faces (you) possibly might have there
own agenda!

Now can you address the real issues about Town hall repair? Or about
our inexperienced Building Commissioner?

A Rat in The Basement
10:39 am edt 

Room Tax - Don't We Already Pay Enough?

We pay property taxes for services that we do not use.
We bring people to town that spend money to support the local economy.
We pay for our sewer usage by renting our places for the full season
which helps defray the cost of the system.
We pay fees to have our homes inspected every year.
We pay cleaning services to clean our homes every week.
We pay real estate agents fees to rent our places....

And if we do go there, what will we really get?  We will pay money
monitoring, collecting and policing this new tax.... which people
probably won't pay anyway.

I think we should taxing stupid people - we wouldn't know what to do
will all the money.
10:35 am edt 

Friday, July 18, 2008

2007 vs 2008

I paid my INCOME tax for 2007 by April 15, 2008.   I don't really
care that the states FISCAL YEAR 2008 is from June 2007 to June 2008.
  ALMOST EVERY BUSINESS I KNOW USES January 1st to December 31st.  
down 32%, Lisa should start looking for a new job because if Given
the state of the economy, AND SHE IS VERY HAPPY, then I agree with
the other post, she needs new meds!
11:11 pm edt 

Murchison Property:

How many other properties in town are tied up in the hands of the Cape
Cod Commission?  Can anyone give a count?  The olny projects that
appear to be, are projects Ted Malone doesn't like.

If they are projects that he doesn't not benefit from, he doesn't
want them.  If he or Alex are involved, then he wasnt them to get
voted without concern...

Keep an eye on the Race Point/Nelson Ave project, that is going to be
watched closely....  All Rules & Regs will be watched closely to be
sure they are being followed....  We the neighbors have plenty time 
on our hands to follow through !  Already, The hook-up on Neldon Ave
for Monicas project was done improperly with the authorization of
GOOD OLE DAVE GEURTIN....  The abbutters never received a letter on
that either..  Another sneaky under handed job done.....  That hook
up should have been done on Race Point Rd where the line was
available.....  Instead, DAVE allowed it to be handled by his
employees against their will on Nelson Ave......
11:10 pm edt 

To: A Rat in the Basement

Interesting that you have a "glitch" with your computer, yet you
managed to get your post uploaded. Unless you are a blind rat, you
really need new glasses.

You think there should be a second opinon about Town Hall renovation?
  Go out there and get it! Nothing is stopping you. Anyone who has
spent a few minutes in the building will agree it is in disrepair.

People who do not have all the facts are just what you call
yourself... a rat in the basement.

11:07 pm edt 

Ted Malone Silent Partner?

I hate to burst anyones bubble BUT!!!! One of the silent
partners of 2 Commercial St. IS Ted Malone!

Webmaster Comment: Please provide substantiation.

Thank you.
11:06 pm edt 

Where are Recusals When There's A Conflict of Intrest?

     Seems as if recusals are for other towns and not for
Provincetown. The lawyer for the interested buyer of the Murchinson
property asked that Howard Burchman recuse himself since Burchman's
pronouncements in the Banner, showed he had already made up his mind
and had already reached his decision. Howard dismissed his request
like flicking an annoying mosquito.

      Then, anyone who could possibly gain from the Thomas Brown
Realty losing this sale--and trying to send this property for a
review by the Cape Cod Commission tries to attain this goal--should
have also recused himself. But here is another member who works for
Pat Shultz Realty and what does he do? He says how he is going to
take a most unpopular position and vote to send this project to the
Cape Cod Commission. So if it gets complicated and takes too much
time, perhaps Mr. Demartino and his real estate company can be the
ones to sell the Murchinson property and gain the fabulous commission.

     If there is even a hint of a conflict of interest, board members
should be recusing themselves. Not here, not in Provincetown. Is this
amazing or just plain disgusting?
11:04 pm edt 

Ted Malone was on the Local Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee

    He served with Annie Howard and also Regina Binder. This group
worked with the Cape Cod Commission to create new by-laws that would
alolow and encourage affordable housing. Then Ted Malone worked with
Martha Hevenor who was there Wednesday night at the Planning Board to
help crete a new by-law for affordable housing. then the Local
Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee stopped functioning. But
their work, by-laws and tight connection with the Cape Cod
Commmission had occurred.

     For the Planning Board to set the Murchinson site visit and
decision on the same night that it is working with the Cape Cod
Commission and is working with Ted Malone's employees to enhance
affordable housing "opportunities" seems, in itself, a conflict.
there is Martha Hevenor sitting in the audience as the "objective and
fair" Planning  Board decides whether or not to send this property as
a Discretionary Review to the Cape Cod Commission? Totally wrong.

     Alix Ritchie did serve for a number of years on the Cape Cod
Commission. She no longer does.
11:02 pm edt 

Re: Room Taxes....Something Just Doesn't Add Up?!

. . .Look again at TODAYS STREETS.  THE YEAR is 2008.  THIS
CURRENT SEASON, 2008 of APRIL, MAY, JUNE 2008.  Tax revenue for room
tax is down 32%.   AND if you ask guest house owners, room rates are
up, and that would make the 32% decrease EVEN WORSE.  What happens if
we look at NIGHTLY STAYS?

*  *  *

The sky is falling, the sky is falling . . .oh no chicken little,
what shall we do?

*  *  *

I'm REALLY surprised that the April, May & June room tax revenue is
down 32%.  Something just doesn't add up there.  Our room revenues
were UP 26.1% compared to a year ago (with a 3% rate increase). 
While we work hard to increase our business I can't believe that we
are so much different from the other guest houses.  And nightly stays
were up by 77 room nights for those three months.  Something seems
very wrong with the state's numbers, I wonder how the town can verify
that information.
8:52 pm edt 

Re: Earlier Posting on Condo Room Tax:

  . .That's a fact. What do we do about it? Last i knew,
Ed Lewis, the selectman from Brewster was heading the charge on
Beacon Hill. But, we haven't heard much in a while. Its time to ask
our selectmen what current status is, and what THEY will to do about
it, since clearly this extra income would help with  budget needs.
The ball is in their court. They need to work very closely with other
towns in Massachusetts and get this change through the legislature. 
Call our rep, Sarah Peake. Call our State Senator, Rob O'Leary.  
Ratchet up the heat. Its the right thing to do.

*  *  *  *
Help turn up the heat, make it happen, make the room tax apply fairly
across the board to all those who rent rooms.  And also help out our
budget.  To contact your legislators:

Representative Sarah Peake
e-mail her at  Rep.SarahPeake@Hou.State.MA.US
Call her at (617) 722-2210

Senator Rob O'Leary
e-mail him at  Robert.O'
Call him at (617) 722-1570
7:55 pm edt 

2 Commercial Street:

Well... I am glad the cittizens of this town are finally seeing the
reality of members on certain boards.  How can this be allowed to
continue to go on.

The LIES AND CHEATING ????  It didn't take long for people to figure
out what was going on at the Board Meeting Wednesday night......  The
audience could figure out who was being dishonest just by Burchman's

You ask the attorney to speak and then you doubt his professional
ability.  The doubt was in the board not anyone else...  It was too
obvious what was happening...

I am still trying to find out if it is true that Malone is a member
of the CCC?  I also know that he has manipulated his other projects
under 40B.  Perhaps the buyer for the Murchison property ought to
request developing LOW INCLOME housing then maybe they will get their
permits without any trouble..  That seems to be the route to take.. 
Manipulate the system, and sell the REST..  Good going MALONE you and
ALEX should feel like HEROES !!!

A man trying to be HONEST ?  Not in this town how dare he!  Can he
get a page out of your book Ted?           has worked for you....
7:53 pm edt 

Who is Telling Us to Abandon Town Hall by Nov. 1st?

Why it's the people who are going to be paid to run the renovation
project of course!

The architectural firm that was hired to do an assessment told us Fix
it or shut it down!
That is the headline that was in the banner a few months ago.

Has anyone in that building ever heard of a second opinion?

Has anyone ever worked with an architect?
They tend to be very self centered, self important, arrogant and know it alls.
When you add them to a project like this the costs will sky rocket
because they are going to work with blinders on.
The only thing they will concern themselves with is creating the
grandest building possible, thus adding to there resume, cost to us
be dammed.

Now throw in a second architect, Russell Braun, to oversee the first
Can you foresee good things with that?

And I too want to know if he passed his State Exam, I tried to get
that info from the State web site but I have a glitch with my
computer which would not allow me in.
But the previous poster can go and research that for us. (Pleas?)

And youre right; he has very little experience as an inspector.
We know he only took the job because he is losing his shirt on those
chicken coops he built and cant sell in Truro; by the way only after
he screwed with the Town Zoning Bylaws to get what he wanted!

Town Hall is NOT going to fall down. It would last another hundred
years with only minimal (in relation to the entire project)
structural repairs.

A Rat in The Basement
7:50 pm edt 

Just One Question Planning Board Members

     When is the last time members of the Planning Board sent a
Discretionary Review to the Cape Cod Commission? Has the Planning
Board ever done this before? That is my question. And so why now? Why
on this property and this parcel of land?

     Also, why did the Planning Board, headed by Howard Burchman, go
to the Conservation Committee and request that they do a
determination? Why did the Planning Board go to the Historical
Commission and ask them to do and write a determiniation? And yet
they never informed the interested par ties of the Murchinson
property nor their lawyers  that this was being done.

     And why, when Ted Malone came before the Planning Board over a
year ago, for his Race Point Project--the Nelson Riding Stables--that
the Planning Board never brought this project to the Cape Cod
Commission? And yet, it was required to do so under the regulations
of the Cape Cod Commission. Yes, a year later, the project was
brought to the Cape Cod Commission but not through anyone on the
Planning Board or anyone on the Zoning Board.

     And yet, with the Murchinson Property, the Planning Board--in
all their insight and knowledge?--voted unanimously to send the
project and proposed plans to the Cape Cod Commission.

      Obviously, not all people are treated the same here in
Provincetown. Obvioulsy, not all projects are given the same Cape Cod
Commission srutiny here in Provincetown. If you're Ted Malone, you
are given more than a pass. If you are Ted Malone's possible future
neighbor, you are treated unfairly and slapped in the face with a
predetermined decision.

     It seems that the Planning Board itself needs more scrutiny and
more examination of its skewed, questionable and underhanded
decision-making. Planning for whom? Not for the best of Provincetown,
but some select members whose deals you are carrying out and whose
distorted policies you are implementing. A public tragedy, a shame
masquerading as true town government.
7:09 pm edt 

Where's MYPACC?

Miss my daily information from fellow bloggers.  WHERE ARE
7:06 pm edt 

June 30th Meeting

Com'on webmaster. That meeting aired twice on cnannel 17 a week later
and was also covered in a posting here by the program manager at
LCTV. Or is it more sensational to have that as a headline for your
forum? There was no conspiracy and the meeting wasn't even

Next crisis please...
7:05 pm edt 

Re: Motorcyles

How about we all, taxpayers and selectmen, calm down about
motorcycles and let our police chief do the job he was hired to do
without micromanaging? The guy is trying to formulate a plan, gather
information, review it with his staff and prepare a proper
presentation of the idea to his boss, the town manager, and her
bosses, the selectmen. This is called management and delegation.
Instead of leaving him alone to do his job properly the selectmen
freak out and want to be consulted and approve even looking into the

What a bunch of amateurs. Leave him alone and wait until he has a
formal plan together for presentation then tear it to shreds if you
like. We hired the guy to do exactly that and not to micromanage his
every action. Nothing will destroy initiative and motivation faster a
bunch of naysayers jumping in before an idea is even ready for

A taxpayer
7:04 pm edt 

What a Staged Senerio

There were many attendees at the Murchison property and at
the so called public meeting. When did anyone have a chance to give a
pro or con opinion?

What a staged senerio.

7:02 pm edt 

I For One, am All For the Motorcycle Patrol in Provincetown.
I think it is a great idea. I only hope that the
community will be open minded about it and at least give it a chance.
I am very pleased with Chief Jaran's eagerness to make changes in our
police department. The motorcycles will not happen until next summer,
so let's see what he has to offer, and what the cost will be, and
then go from there.

Change is good. I only wish that when I see the summer officers
walking the streets, that they were more eager to look someone in the
eye, and say a friendly hello, instead of staying engaged in their
own conversations.

The BoS has their noses bent because they didn't hear about the idea
from the new Chief. He, didn't bring forth a proposal just yet,
because ALL of the research hasn't been done. He has his priorities
in order, and will address things as needed.

Great work Chief Jaran and the Provincetown Police Department!

7:01 pm edt 

2 Commercial Street:

What a fiasco that meeting was..    Burchman speaks on information
from boards that is inaccurate....How can a decision be made based
on that? 

Does Ted Malone and Alex Ritchie feel the same about
affordable housing everywhere else in town?  They have ruined this
town from his beauty with all the LOW INCOME projects!   Now he
doesn't want his property disrupted..  We all know what the meeting
was about...  NOT FAIR AND HONEST...  I saw it with my own eyes.....
How can it be considered fair when the Cape Cod Commission
representative is having a private conversation outside with Ted's
Employee...  HMMM... Did the Perspective buyer of the Murchison
property have the same opportunity?  I bet not....

Obvious what is going on..  Oh by the way... Is it true that Ted
Malone is a member of the Cape Cod Commission?  Is that a conflict
???  Burchman surely got uptight when the attorney spoke the

Meetings with misinformation should not go on in this lovely town
that is corrupt by dishonesty, lying and cheating...
6:58 pm edt 


Thats the third person today who mentioned that thought that Burchman
was a bit "off". Of course, Alex Ritchie was drunk with power as was
her boyfriend Teddy. What a poor decision by the board but as we all
know, they were lead by the nose to this point. Hopefully, the CCC
won't take the project under review. The whole mess is overblown. It
could be worse. The guy that bought the property builds affordable
housing too. Maybe what Ted was against wasn't a neighbor but
competition. This guy could live on top in the old Gropius and look
down on his minions, Ted being one of them.
6:54 pm edt 

Motorcycle Cops?

WHAT the xxxx are these people thinking.  This is a tiny town in
area, much more suitable to cops on foot or bycicles.  And what a
waste of taxpayer money.  The chief even has the nerve to ask for the
most expensive and intimidating motorcyles.  This is insane.  Town
leaders, tell where to go....
6:52 pm edt 

I Agree

I also watched the June 3oth BOS Meeting and I didnt witness anything
out of the ordinary. Frankly I was bored to tears.

My only concern that I think needs to be addressed is that the  BOS
and Chair out of respect, allows a speaker to finish their statement.
After that the BOS can comment all they want during their designated

This is the first town that I have ever seen where elected officials
are allowed to interrupt speakers during public comment time.

I hope the BOS will read this and rectify this situation.
6:51 pm edt 

Who Says we Have to Abandon Town Hall by November 1st.....Who?

WHY does the building commision feel we have to vacate town
hall by November 1st?  I hear this OVER AND OVER but no reason why it
can't be done in Dec or Jan or Feb or?

Who wants to bet that if employees leave town hall by November 1st,
the building commisionar EVER get the state licence?  This guy was an
year ago. 

Why don't we hire someone that is knowdlegeable that can
look at our current buildings that the town owns and make a real
assesment?  Sure the building commisionar has build new construction,
but we need someone that is qualified beyound a resonable doubt.
6:49 pm edt 

Boys and their Toys

Perhaps the new police chief got jealous when he saw the Fire
Department's Hummer in the 4th of July parade? We bought this
"airport crash rescue" apparatus about 5 years ago. Thank goodness we
have never had to use it. How much did that cost? Oh I remember it
was: "cheaper than having a full time Fire Dept.", and then on cue
all hands rise at Town Meeting. The motor cycles would be good for
parades too, but short of investing in the equipment, I know some
Dikes on Bikes who love to show off for free.

  I love the FD and do not mind funding a few perks as we do not pay
these guys and gal. And I was "There that night".
6:45 pm edt 

Lets See, Where Shall I Begin? So Many Topics, So Litte Time...

1...The Murchinson land...I don't understand why anyone cares. I
would much rather 9  expensive houses up there than the boarded up
mess that is there now. Hey, if the noise of construction bothers the
neighbors, better them then me! Think of the taxes those 9 houses
will pay and how it can help the town. Then look at all the Ted discribed as "cracker box" construction
guareented to never have taxes raised.

2...How about non-profits? That means Tax Free...just how many of the
Malone tenements are owned by the non profits in town? Too many, and

3...Motorcycle police on Commercial St,,,Oh yea, that is really going
to add to the town...noise, smells, bring it on. Just the fact that
the new police chief seems to not know where he is, and thinks that
this might be an option in this day and age of 'green living' is
another example of the TM/BOS really, really, judgement.

4...To who ever posted the Big Dig info...Please, if I want
news from places other than the Lower Cape I'll get it myself. If you
thought it important, tell the TM/BOS, maybe they will stop the
creation of managment jobs, Sharon Lynn must have hired a dozen
assistants since shes been here, and they all get titles and shiny
new quarters in the new trailer park we are paying for.

5...The Trailer Park, Oh it is going to happen, cause no one cares
enough to stop the STUPIDITY running things these days.

6:42 pm edt 

How Long Has This Been Going On?!

The only words that find me after last nights meeting is
disgust and embarrasment that I live in Provincetown.  Why is it that
rules only apply to the prospective buyer and not Mr. Ted Malone.  I
am sick and tired of seeing in my own town how the Commission bows
down to Malone. 

People if we want a change we must look to replaceing some members
of the council.  Now that would be a meeting that everyone should show
up and voice their disgust as well. It was very obvious that one of them
showed up last night in a drunk state. 

He should have been removed and chastised for his actions.  I think
it is wonderful that the Murchison party have found a buyer that
wants to keep the house on the hill for us to still admire.  I happen
to know the late Mrs. Murchison and I have to make a stand against
the woman last night that said she has enjoyed many evenings visiting
the Estate.  This is a LIE.  Barbara Murchsion did not want any
unwelcome visitors.  She was a very private person and one to be admired
for her intergrity and pride. 

Shame on anyone who is opposing this sale.  Barbara Murchsion must be
rolling in her grave with shame that she paid so many in taxes for
all those years..... What do you pay?  Yes, I didn't think so. 

To know that the Murchison's gave so much of themselves to better our
community for us only to shame them now.  The Murchison's always
thought about the future and knew upon their deaths that the
beneficiaries would not sell to Affordable Ted and let him put low
income housing or highrising condo's on this beautiful property. 

I only pray that the council comes back in a favorable action, so we
can contiue to enjoy the house on the hill if not then we know monies
were already exchange and only went through the process so we would
think they are fair. 

Please Let us concerned citizens stand up and say we have had enough
of affordable Ted.  If not, then we only have ourselves to blame for continuing
to put up with the corruption in our own town.  Stand up and show the communtity
we want a positive future and we are fed up with the double standards that has
been going on way too long.
6:37 pm edt 

A One Act or Play - The Murchinson Property

Title: The Planning Board or The Burchman Group
Directed by: Howard Burchman
Produced by: Alix Ritchie
Co-Produced by: Ted Malone

The Players: Applicant, Lawyers, Engineer, The Planning Board

The Behind the Scene Players: Alix Ritchie, Ted Malone, Cape Cod
Commission, Historic Board, Representing the Board of Selectman
Elaine Anderson (in statement from 7/14 BOS Meeting)

Scene I:

Howard: (doing a very good hair toss impression of Rita Hayward
fromGilda) while directing the board members to refer the property to
the Cape Cod Commission.

Board Members: (looking like deer in headlights) knowing what theyre
doing is wrong. Squirming in their seats,  heads lowered, unable to
make eye contact, speaking in muffled voices.

Alix: Alfred Hitchcock style presence, seated next to the town
manager ( indicating shes on my team) exchanging glances of scene
approval with HER director.

NOTE: Absence of Co-Producer

The players are on their marks, the stage has been set. Lines have
been rehearsed, Let the show begin.

Howard: with great bravado decides abandon all rules of order, while
smiling like the cheshire cat. Making a  mockery of the process,  the
applicant, his legal representation and  Billy Rogers. Telling them
in so many words. I dont care what your legal rights are, I dont have
to follow procedure, because  town council said so.  Im the chair, my
board is going to do what I tell them to do. They did!

The End

Foot note: Howard held fast to his announcement in last weeks Banner.

His  board unanimously referred the property to the Cape Cod
Commission. Present was a  member of the Cape Cod Commission. Must
have been an extra. I hope theyre guild membership is up to date.

Isnt this how we lost the theater with Alix & Howard at the helm?
6:29 pm edt 

Malone/Ritchie - One Of The Same

Finally though by happenstance, you now have the connection.
Malone came to town GREEN, in the mid nineties and immediately served
on the Planning Board. From day one he was Ritchie's puppet and
lacky. His votes echoed how she would vote. Don't fool yourself about
these facts. Why it took all these years to connect the two is
surprising. I'm sure the money trail for him started with her all
these years.
What goes around comes around. How do you sleep at night??
6:26 pm edt 

Amazed Again!

It always amazes me how people with no marketing background
can twist numbers around to make us feel like the current state of
the economy for Provincetown is going strong.  Example:  Lisa Bowden
states that room occupancy tax collected for the current fiscal year
which ended June 30, 2008 is up 11.9% and and quote  Given the state
of the economy, were very happy.   GIVE ME A PILL LISA OR BETTER YET,

Lets read the entire article. The current numbers for APRIL, MAY and
JUNE of 2008 are down over 32%.   Yes, last years business on the
were great.  Gasoline was under $3 a gallon, housing was just
starting to become somewhat stable, banks had not failed yet, Fannie
Ma wasnt talking to the feds about securing loans and so on.

SEASON, 2008 of APRIL, MAY, JUNE 2008.  Tax revenue for room tax is
down 32%.   AND if you ask guest house owners, room rates are up, and
that would make the 32% decrease EVEN WORSE.  What happens if we look

Now Lisa Bowden is getting an assistant?  WHY?  I knew what a former
tourist director did for the town, Patricia Fitzpatrick, but have not
heard anything about Lisa Bowdens IMPACT on tourists. 

6:24 pm edt 

Earlier, a Blogger Asked:

Room Tax on Condo Rentals
Anyone know the status of this issue?  Seems like it could have a big
impact on Provincetown finances.  What's holding it back, how can it
be moved forward?
11:42 am est


This is a great question. Sadly, its been asked over many years. And
the answer still is, we need the Massachusetts Legislature to deal
with this. Most of our Cape Cod reps are in agreement, and most of
our towns, that we want short term condo rentals, which  compete with
our  B&B's,  inns & guest houses, to pay the same tax that they do.
Provincetown has gone on record numerous times, supporting the
legislation. But, it has been fought vigorously by the state's Real
Estate Lobbyists. That's a fact. What do we do about it? Last i knew,
Ed Lewis, the selectman from Brewster was heading the charge on
Beacon Hill. But, we haven't heard much in a while. Its time to ask
our selectmen what current status is, and what THEY will to do about
it, since clearly this extra income would help with  budget needs.
The ball is in their court. They need to work very closely with other
towns in Massachusetts and get this change through the legislature.
Call our rep, Sarah Peake. Call our State Senator, Rob O'Leary.
Ratchet up the heat. Its the right thing to do.

Cheryl Andrews
6:20 pm edt 

My Comments For the Day:

Postings by PBG Board Members trying support the PBG's obvious
failures to promote Provincetown. One word, foolish.

Motorcycles are better then foot patrols or bicycle patrols for
community relations in Provincetown. Two words, stupid and uneducated.
6:17 pm edt 

Murchison, 6 new houses below 25ft elevation on 3.5acres...CAPE COD COMMISSION?!?

This is a very dangerous precedent. Local control is why we have
these boards. The Cape Cod Commission is SUPPOSED to add thousands in
costs and years in time to developments which threaten resources,
have MAJOR transportation or environmental components, over 30 NEW
HOMES, are more than 30 acres, etc. It is a great tool to choke big
projects to death. That is projects with REGIONAL impact. What are we
going to do now send everything to them so the local board can wash
their hands and not have to answer for it...?

What about Ted's applications for everything...oh wait under 40B he
doesn't have to submit to CCC. Makes perfect sense...
6:16 pm edt 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Murchison House

I attended the Planning Board's field trip to the Murchison
House. What a show! The buyer seemed like a decent guy who is trying
to balance minimal development (9 lots instead of 20) with what seems
like a real desire to restore the Murchison House and use it for
himself. He knew quite a bit about the history of the property, has
met with the living members of the architectural team that built it.
Anyway, I think the small lots on the edges of the main property
weren't going to be a detriment, and besides we can slow that down
with Growth Management... I can just imagine what Ted would put there
if it wasn't next to his home - say 70 condos anyone?.... Maybe it
was just me, but was Burchman      ?
1:20 pm edt 

Room Tax on Condo Rentals

Anyone know the status of this issue?  Seems like it could have a big
impact on Provincetown finances.  What's holding it back, how can it
be moved forward?
12:42 pm edt 

PTV BOS Meeting

So I watched the June 30th BOS meeting.  Did I miss
something?  (It is now available on line)
What was all the fuss about Ms Counture losing it?  Did they edit it
out?  I did not see her being any more of a control freak than any
other meeting.  Please let me know what all the rants were about.
12:40 pm edt 

Boston Globe:

Big Dig's red ink engulfs state

Cost spirals to $22b; crushing debt sidetracks other work, pushes
agency toward insolvency Massachusetts residents got a shock when
state officials, at the peak of construction on the Big Dig project,
disclosed that the price tag had ballooned to nearly $15 billion. But
that, it turns out, was just the beginning.

Spiral of Big Dig debt

Now, three years after the official dedication of the Central
Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel, the state is reeling under a legacy of
debt left by the massive project. In all, the project will cost an
additional $7 billion in interest, bringing the total to a staggering
$22 billion, according to a Globe review of hundreds of pages of
state documents. It will not be paid off until 2038.


Comment: in addition to grappling with out of control municipal cost
inflation due to insurance and energy costs towns also have to deal
with flat or dropping state aid to localities due to items like this
sucking up budget dollars. it ain't gonna be pretty this year and my
sympathies to town officials and all of us tax payers who have to
formulate and pay for next year's budget.
11:19 am edt 



Spend that money on a dang Detective. We still do NOT have a
detective...Provincetown can't afford one,  but they can spend $ on
some motorcycles!

Give me a break. What the heck is going on?

Oh wait...maybe they can catch the dealers better on motorcycles.
Right. Makes sense now.
8:42 am edt 

Re: Dog Park

Ms Nagle's self interest in promoting a dog park? You have
got to be from another planet.  She needs to take on a project of
that magnitiude so that her two dogs can run with other dogs?  Get a

Slippery Fish( thinking about adopting a dog fish
7:45 am edt 

Motorcycle Police?

What is Provincetown? Pre world War 2 Germany? First the
Police wanted tazers and now they want knee high leather booted,
helmut & gloved wearing motorcycle troopers to race around town. And
they say people like this? And Mary jo is all for it? Lets stick to
the quiet people friendly bikes that are good for exercise and don't
use ANY fuel. I can't believe any visiter to our welcoming town would
view this as a good thing!
7:44 am edt 

Yes, Something's Not quite Right

    What a stage production. Lead Role: Howard Burchman. Determined
to get the Murchinson Property to be evaluated by the Cape Cod
Commission. Lead Producer: Ted Malone and abutters. Everything was
orchestrated backstage. The deal was done long before anyone set
their sandy toes on the Murchinson property.

     Lead Analysis: disgusting. Corrupt and more corruption to come.
Other sub-actors: the other three members of the Planning board. Huh,
yeah, oh, what? Yes, what exactly are you doing? Being        off and
doing Ted Malone's bidding. Keep this property pristine and make
certain no one disturbs his sleep,views, or neighborhood. such a good
town person. So concerned with ecological purity. Yes sah ree, purity
is Ted Malone's middle name.

     When town boards, like Planning, as such jokes, it's sad. But
look at tonight's meeting. An act. A paradoy of true democracy. A
joke that is disgusting. Shame on all of you on Planning. I always
thought better of you before tonight.
7:42 am edt 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Murchison Property:

What a waste of time to do a site visit..  It was pretty obvious the
determination without accurate facts has already been made...Perhaps
the boards with the negatives comments, should of checked with the
involved parties to get their in-put.  Too many un answered
questions.  It appeared the board was only interested in one parties

To avoid controversy it was decided to let the Cape Cod Commission
decide.  From my view and observations, she too has made up her mind
for the commission.

Something is not right and too many left with voids... This only
proved one thing....

Ted Malone's building of properties including Nelson Ave will be
monitored closely by all neighbors that abutt it to be sure all rules
and regulations are equal to all.
11:21 pm edt 

Re: Ted Malone

Even though I am an abutter to one of Teds projects I have
not been notified of whats going on.  I have heard from the neighbors
and am concerned as they are.  Why do we have to build on every spec
of land in provincetown.  There is a water shortage,and now he wants
to build enormous units that he calls low income.  How much is he
paying town officials and cape cod commision personal to get what he
wants.  I am not against affordable housing but he hasn't sold what
he has.  Now that they want to build in his back yard he doesnt want
them too.  He should put himself in our shoes for once and not just
think about MONEY!!!!

A Concernd Abutter
11:18 pm edt 

Re::Candice Nagle
Freedom of speech is such a lovely thing, aint it and
Candace Nagle and her tireless tirade about the Pier Corp. is the
perfect example of democracy at its worst.

We live in a society that is all about bridging the gap, not
capitalizing on our own self interest.  If Ms. Nagle were not
involved in any way with the Pier Corp. -- financially or otherwise
-- her partner (who reports about town business for whats left of the
Provincetown Banner) could cover the story. But because of ethical
standards, which represent a conflict of interest, Ms. Sowers (the
reporter/partner) has to pucker up and pass the story off to someone
else. How pathetic that she cant report the truth. Already I smell
something sour.

Another interesting tidbit to this tangled web is Ms. Nagles self
interest in promoting a dog park, yet according to public record, Ms.
Nagle did not even license her dogs with the town when she
pontificated a need for a public dog park. A scent of self interest
is once again permeating the air. So much for setting an example to
follow the rules

People who bark need to heed the rules just like those who are less
vocal.  Rules are for everyone to follow not just the privileged.
11:16 pm edt 


MYPACC is an awsome site to get a feeling on the vibe of
the community from a select few.  We really do not know how many of
the same individuals respond to posts.

Has anyone wondered that for the passion that is displayed here,
ALMOST every itme gets defeated at town meeting or at the BOS

IF more people got invovled, maybe there could be a change
for the people, by the people?
10:44 pm edt 

Re: Don't Believe the Town Can Use CPC Monies as They Determine

      CPC monies are for three categories: historic restoration,
affordable housing and open land. The $700,000 voted on at Town
Meeting was to use the $700,000 for renovation of Town hall--not for
the bureaucratic actions leading up to such renovation. It is
restricted to historic renovation and I do believe it is illegal to
use these dedicated funds for trailers. That is outside the purview
of CPC monies

I totally agree with you but just or not Frick or Frack
the trailers are going to be rented. This administration makes Geo
Bush look bright. Sharon Lynn is busy hiring lots of administrative
people at salarys way beyond a town in financial difficulties. She
has delegated almost all of this trailer mess to David Gardner and
trust me, those trailers will be rented...yes rented from some place
far away just like flushing the money down the toilet. How wise is
that? All this while town workers have no contract...the only offer
they got was to help the town by cutting their pay. They wisely
turned it down but no other offer was made. They pick up your
garbage, keep the sewer and water flowing, and the library open but
they are working without a contract. So the next time you see a town
worker don't assume all of us are overpaid and lazy.
That is the TM and her department heads who are over paid and over
staffed who will be moving into the trailer park.
10:41 pm edt 

You Can Attend the Murchinson Site Visit!

TONIGHT THE planning board will meet at 6:00 pm at the
Murchinson house for a site review. The public are welcome to attend
as all meetings and site reviews are. Now is the time to see just
what the new owners want up there. Please be there. Then they will
meet back at town hall at 6:30.
1:33 pm edt 

Don't Believe the Town Can Use CPC Monies as They Determine

     CPC monies are for three categories: historic restoration,
affordable housing and open land. The $700,000 voted on at Town
Meeting was to use the $700,000 for renovation of Town hall--not for
the bureaucratic actions leading up to such renovation. It is
restricted to historic renovation and I do believe it is illegal to
use these dedicated funds for trailers. That is outside the purview
of CPC monies.

    A few months back town officials were going to have a summer town
meeting. They then believed it was going to be an override issue. Now
they are hiding behind a misinterpretation of the CPC monies.

    Remember the CPC monies are town tax payer monies and the state
mandates how these monies can and cannot be used. Provincetown has
always been lax on following state laws.

Another case in point.
11:13 am edt 

Important Planning Board Meeting Concerning Murchison Property & Nelson Avenue Properties

Every citizen interested in the developments concerning the Murchison and Nelson
Avenue properties should attend the Provincetown Planning Board meeting
at Town Hall in the Judge Welsh Hearing Room. The meeting is scheduled to
start at 6:30 PM tonight July 16, 2008.

Additionally, there will be a very important discussion on Zoning By-Law
Amendments. These amendments go to the heart of the problem with
affordable housing and are being promulgated by the very same people
that crafted the existing laws which have caused Provincetown so many of its
present problems.

Citizens should be made aware of the fact that Ms Martha Hevenor of the
Cape Cod Commission has had a long term association with Ted Malone and
his efforts to write laws favorable to his business.

Please take the time to attend the meeting and to ask probative questions.
Come prepared! Only the  concerned citizens of Provincetown can protect our
9:26 am edt 

RE:"Candace, I'm Glad You're Back "

Yes, she is back - just like a painful rash - and just as welcome.
8:20 am edt 

Out of the Mouths of Babes....

those darling obama girls ( and i mean his daughters) had words of
wisdom for many of you one agenda/hit wonders out there.

when asked by maria menunous what one thing would get them in
trouble, their reply, pretty much in unison, was "whining". besides
the fact mongering, personal assaults (e.g. where can i read about
ted's and alix's opposition to the murchison deal?),
misrepresentation of fact and history, etc., what else is what many
of you are doing but whining?

as they say, stop, look, and listen. make informed commentary. and
why not be understansing and kind...

and please....lay off the whine. it only makes you appear drunk with
self importance. and that'll give you quite hangover.

8:18 am edt 

Dear Candace,

How are you coming along with that dog park?
8:16 am edt 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yes Fellow Blogers.......

......If you complain about something and you
don't have a solution, what good is it to complain? We need someone
to give us the facts and what you would do different to change it and
who would do all the work for change.
11:16 pm edt 

God Help Us

I can not believe
for the life of me, that the town of Provincetown doesn't have enough
space.   I for one am not voting for trailers and or to spend $400,000
plus to have trailers so everyone can be together.   Who cares if
Austin Knight says we have to be out of town hall by November.

OK, I hate to burst anyones bubble here but I have to jump in and
make a correction...You don't get to vote on this issue...The $$$
have already been approprated for the "Imediate Repair of Towwn Hall"
at Town Meeting a couple of years ago. The fact is that Sharon Lynn
and the Selectmen make the decision about where to spend the $$$ and
right now they truly believe the crock they have been fed by the
so-called "Transisiton Team".

It is all about what David Gardener wants and what Sharon thinks her
highly paid managment team needs.
Don't we all think that the Tourism Director has done such a
wonderful job? Such a great job that she deserves a assistant? And a
entire (Freeman St)3 story building to do it in?

The library only moved out a few years ago and it is handicap
accessable, has a elevator, Restroom and three floors. On a cold
winters day the building easily housed 50 people. At the Grace Gouvea
building on Alden St there is so much extra space that Gosnold has
offices there.

And don't get me started on The rec a short 6 weeks
that will be empty for another 10 months...who wants to bet that
Tracy will still be there alone, ruling her kingdom of empty rooms?

I think it is time to start a campaign of emails to Sharyn Lynn and
the BOS. Tell them that you expect more from every one of them. Using
trailors may be the easy way out but it only shows ignorance and a
breathtaking lack of vision.

God Help All of Us...
11:07 pm edt 

Here are My Numbers

I think I would be more interested in seeing facts and
figures  for the number of nights actually booked for 2008 vs 2007.
Did you have more room nights in May? June? How is your July shaping
up is it better or worse?

I'm putting these numbers out there for comparison.
May 2008 vs May 2007  35 more room nights in 2008
Jun 2008 vs Jun 2007  50 more room nights in 2008
Jul 2008 vs Jul 2007  currently 4 less room nights in 2008, but I
would expect by the end of July we will be about the same or slightly
better than 2007

It's a little too early to tell about August, but it would appear
that we will be about the same in 2008 as we were in 2007.  I will
say that the foreign tourists really helped to make these numbers. 
We've had a number of week long stays by European travelers and on
the other hand it seems like the US travelers are looking for more
shorter stays than a year ago.
11:02 pm edt 


The poster who keeps asking for the PBG to change and to
have a five to ten year plan sounds like he/she knows about these
things. I would hope she/he would maybe post what he/she feels the
PBG should be doing different, so those of us who want change can
start a movement to change the PBG and the chamber. Its easy to
complain. But real change takes a lot of work and somebody to do that
11:00 pm edt 

To: Somehow You Just do Not Understand...

Are you having a bad day, week, summer :) ???

I do know what a blog is...I read several. I know you can say
whatever you want here but be prepared to be challenged if your
statements are erroneous or lacking any real factual information.

As I said before when all else fails and you can not contribute
anything of an intelligent matter to the discussion some posters on
this blog resort to personal attacks. Thanks again for proving my

I have not demanded anything from anyone. I only asked that when
posters make assertions/accusations it would be nice to have some
facts about the issue. One of this blog's goal is to educate. If you
want me to support your position be able to back it up with some
facts. Do not assume that I am going to jump on your band wagon
because some injustice has occurred to you without convincing me with
some evidence.

One more thing, I will be even less likely to support you if you
attack me because I want to know more about why I should support your
10:59 pm edt 

Pier Corp Parking
Another example of Pier Corp. bad management, favoritism or
something more sinister is illegal parking on MacMillan Pier each and
every day and no tickets being issued which would be an additional
revenue source for the town. The town cant ticket them only the Pier
Corporation. What a big mistake. Their ticketing revenues are $0.00
each year. In fact, they dont even have a line item for ticketing

Again, a missed income opportunity for the town and has been for
years. Provincetown should ticket illegally parked cars on MacMillan
and have that money go back to Town coffers. Otherwise, we will never
see it again.

This morning alone, I counted nine illegally parked cars (ones that
don't have the Macmillan Pier permit which we place on our rearview
mirrors).  At $25.00 a ticket, thats $225.00 in just one morning. 
One was even parked at a loading zone with a Quebec license plate.
Bruce our superb meter maid said its $50.00 for parking in a loading

Although signage with permit only is clearly marked on the pier,
people have historically ignored the signs without consequence gone
off on charter excursions etc. So, there are many repeat offenders.

  I have brought this concern and potential revenue stream for the
Town to the Finance Committee too.

Thank you for your supportive posting.

Candace Nagle
10:56 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

I looked at the archival files 2X.  There are
so many posts now, I could NOT find the math that some had used.  You
should have a SEARCH button on your site.  That way I could say BRAUN
and find any posts that related to that.  Again, can you help?

Webmaster Comment: The features offered by the host system does not provide a search engine for general use.

Do you recall which month the remarks were made? Better yet, perhaps a fellow poster can provide the information. 
6:11 pm edt 

Candace, I'm Glad You're Back

    Frankly, my dear, I'm glad you're back.
5:58 pm edt 

Somehow You Just Don't Understand
  If someone, as you say, rants, that is their business.Who are you
to demand of them, of us, that their rants be backed up with facts.
Get a life,      . People here say, write, do, speak and opnine as
they want. Who are you to demand that they, that we, act according to
your rules. No way, Jose.

     You just don't get what a blog is and you may never. C'est la
vie, Monsieur! You are a sad, uninformed case.
5:57 pm edt 

To: Webmaster


Webmaster Comment: The archival files are open to all for review. It is suggested that you research the information and provide the date and time. With this information
we will repost.

Thank you for your interest.
5:25 pm edt 

PBG Website Hits

While I agree that website hits are an important piece of information
it must be pointed out that the number of hits does'nt mean they
actually came and stayed the night at your inn.

I think I would be more interested in seeing facts and figures  for
the number of nights actually booked for 2008 vs 2007. Did you have
more room nights in May? June? How is your July shaping up is it
better or worse?

If your number of nights stayed is better than last year then all of
this fussing over the website and if it is better than the old site
is pointless. If it is not then maybe you need to look at some other
things, state of the economy, customer satisfaction, additional
advertising other than the website.

Good luck!! I hope July and August are great months for you.
5:24 pm edt 

Dearest Happy Fish DBA as Anonymous PPPC Board Member

MacMillan Pier's competitor, Provincetown Marina charges $2.50 per
foot per day with a 40' foot minimum. Do the math and start making a
decent return on Provincetown taxpayer's pier and stop defending the

Do I need to do a cut and paste from back in December on this blog in
which Treasurer Kerry Adams stated something to the effect the pier
pays for itself? We all know now with the Finance Committee weighing
in that he was not being truthful. Misleading the public as a town
official is unethical to say the least.

  Many of my PPPC concerns were validated at the most recent public
fincom meeting, which you did not attend.

Candace Nagle
5:22 pm edt 

Pier Corp Dismal Earnings

The Provincetown Pier Corporation quietly released their
2008 numbers last week:

Audited FY 2007 Revenues $549,731 vs. Unaudited FY 2008 $702,110.69 = + 29%

Now for the bad news:

Audited 2007 net income $29,8849 vs. Unaudited 2008 Net income
$12,067.31 = (-59%)

Even with the new Boston Ferry account, the Pier Corporation had
dismal earnings.

The fiscal train wreck continues.

Candace Nagle
5:20 pm edt 

Dear Candace:

In the most sincere terms I can I have to say "please SHUT UP about
the pier." I am ready to puke everytime I see your name. Your
baseless accusations,        , etc. are nauseating now when before
you were just sad. You are a one note band loaded with self interest
and couldn't give a     about the community other than your own
financial interests and hearing yourself sqwuak. You need
psychological counseling to help break your self-destructive
obsession. It is very sad to watch. Your cohorts in the jihad against
the Pier all are self-interested parties as well with personal axes
to grind and with their eyes on other people's jobs. You have been
defeated by the voters in your quest to destroy the Pier Corp.

From what I've seen of the Finance Committee's work it will prove
that the Pier has been reasonably well run under very difficult
circumstances by a great staff. It will further show that your near
slanderous accusations of misdeeds ARE TOTALLY FALSE. A stronger even
better run Pier Corp will emerge from the process. It appears you hae
wasted countless hours of staff, elected officials,  volunteer
committee members, and the voters in general throughout town simply
to feed your obsession.                                                               

Please, for your own good and everyone elses take your entire Pier
file and throw it out. Go to the beach for a week and don't even look
at the Pier and DROP IT!

I mean this in the sincerest way for your own mental good and ours.


Happy Fish (a completely private citizen)
2:35 pm edt 

To: My Public Statement

Why don't you tell the truth about the charter rates. YOU ARE THE
ONLY ONE THAT CHARGES $7,500.00 for your float spaces as you and
possible one more float owner that don't use your float privlege for
the what the BOS years ago allowed. People OWNED THIER floats and ran
THIER OWN BUSINESS  off of it. You say your boat is for charter but
only leaves the float 2 or 3 times a year for your private use. START

One who knows the whole truth.
2:25 pm edt 

Russell Brauns New Math?

There was a great post here about how many sq feet an empoyee needed.
  I looked through the old posts but could not fine it.  Back then Mr
Braun stated we needed over 8000 sq feet for 30 employees.  Now he is
down to 7300 sq feet?  Still if the web master could find those
numbers that were done by an engineer, you would see we still
probably could have 50 employees comfortably with 7300 sq feet.   We
now know there are only 30 employees.  So, if 10 went too one
building, 10 to another and then 10 to yet another, I can not believe
for the life of me, that the town of Provincetown doesn't have enough
space.   I for one am not voting for trailers and or to spend $400,000
plus to have trailers so everyone can be together.   Who cares if
Austin Knight says we have to be out of town hall by November.  

When did anything in this town START ON TIME, or END ON TIME?
2:23 pm edt 

I Will Check and Post My Numbers For July This Year

It will be interesting if the person wants to identify
him/herslelf and tell us or tell us the letter of the alphabit
his/her place of business is, and if they have a tile ad with the
PBG.  Also, for the same period next year, if the HITS goes up, then
the PBG is doing something right.

Let's just say my business starts with a letter from r-z so I'm at
the end of the listing as it was set up previously.  Obviously my web
site address is listed, but I don't have a tile ad.

I'll post my numbers for the month of July for both the Chamber and
the PBG and compare them to July a year ago and we'll be see what
affect (if any) the new PBG web site has on the numbers.
12:32 pm edt 

My Public Statement at Last Night's BOS Meeting:

The taxpayer subsidized rate designed to help preserve Provincetowns
old time fishing heritage that is proudly carried out today by
fishing draggers such as Blue Skies, Jersey Princess II and Ankora
Praia was never suppose to also subsidize private enterprise like for
hire fishing charter excursions on the east side of MacMillan Pier.
The subsidized docking rate was intended to support the commercial
fishing fleet. Currently, the rate is $2,137.20 for up to a 40 foot
  This year, there are six private charter boats on the east side of
MacMillan Pier paying the Provincetown taxpayer subsidized rate of
$2,137.20. Again, this rate was intended only for our commercial
fishermen. The market rate on the west side charged by float owners
to for hire excursion charter vessels is $7500 or more such as the
charter excursion vessel Viking Princess that pays $15,000. These
market-based rates include using shared floats, shared gangways and
exclude renting a shed. So, the rates charged for charter excursion
vessels on the east should be in this range.

   These charter vessels on the east side that are only paying the
taxpayer discounted slip rate include Beth Ann Charters owned by Rich
Wood of Nelsons Bait and Tackle, and passenger for hire charter
fishing boats such as Excalibur, Keeping It Cool, Dixie II, all of
whom advertised under Charter Fishing Boats on page 6 in the July 3
Banner insert entitled Early Summer Guide Fun, Fun, Fun on the water!

Unbeknownst to Provincetown taxpayers and most likely all of you,
this practice of offering subsidized rates to charter vessels on the
east side of MacMillan Pier has been going for years whether its
because of bad management, favoritism or something more sinister, I
dont know. But it must stop.

Filling the slips is important income for the town but not at
taxpayers expense. As we all know, the fishing fleet is getting
smaller and smaller every year. Its important for the Pier
Corporation to fill those slips for income but if they are not part
of the fishing fleet, they should not receive the subsidized rate.
They should be charged market rate.

The pier corp. is holding a public hearing July 24 on expanding
charter vessel operations on the east side of MacMillan Pier. Again,
there is nothing wrong with having them over there but they should
pay market rate as they play a different role than the commercial
fishing fleet.

I am asking the Selectmen to weigh in on the debate before its too
late this season and that money is forever lost. This year alone we
could add $32,176.80 into town coffers that could have gone to the
assistant recreational directors position, staff raises or trash

Thank you.
Candace Nagle
12:18 pm edt 

Add and Divide: Solution for Town Employees

     Stating that trailers is the best solution only comes by those
who don't want town buildings used to temporarily house town
employees. The inflated costs to make town buildings adaptable as
offices seems to demand structural changes when we only need to put
up dividers with desks and chairs. But if you inflate the costs of
making town buildings so high, so outrageous, then trailers will seem
financially correct. But it is not.

     You have the Freeman Building, The Recreation Center,and the
Grace Coveia Building. Add up the number of town employees in town
hall---30----and divide by the number of buildings---3----. Is this
so hard and impossible? It's not even new math or calculus. The
answer is not so complicated as it is being made out to be. Again,
good leadership--not just a transition team with vested interest--is
what we need. Will the real leaders please step forward?

    Still Waiting
10:23 am edt 

I Agree
. .So in the future all I ask is that when a person posts
accusations about a person or group, rather than going on a five
minute rant about something without evidence give some hard hitting
evidence to support your assertions.

I agree 100%, if you have a problem/issue with a person/group, please
back it up with facts.  It could make this site much more productive. 

  Like or dislike Ms. Nagle's argument against the Pier Corp., she
did her homework and used facts to back up her point of view.
10:21 am edt 

Murchison Property and Ted Malone

All I have to say is now Ted Malone knows how all of us on Nelson Ave
feel. Ted Malone being against us because we do not approve with his
project, we are trying to protect our neighborhood and our children.
I hope the bulldozers drive him insane! I hope all he smells is      
all day everyday! He deserves it.
10:17 am edt 

Where Did Lisa Bowden Get Her Numbers?

I believe you are looking at Fiscal Year 2007, Lisa Bowden's numbers
are for Fiscal Year 2008
10:15 am edt 

To the Poster that Said "My Web Site's Hits from January Through June 2008:

From PBG web site  1,577
From Chamber web site  338

What you didn't share with us was, is your busines start with A, B or
C and or in the middle of the alphabit?  From January to the end of
May, just the way the PBG's site worked, the beginning of the
alphabit was better for hits.  Now with the random listings (It
doesn't matter if your place of business is ALPHA or SOMEWHERETOSTAY,
it is much fairer.   Lets see if your numbers go up or down.

You also failed to mention if you have a listing with a web link
only, or do you buy an ad on a listing page?  and what listing page. 
It all makes a difference.  I do not think the chamber sells as many
"tile ads" as the PBG?

It will be interesting if the person wants to identify him/herslelf
and tell us or tell us the letter of the alphabit his/her place of
business is, and if they have a tile ad with the PBG.  Also, for the
same period next year, if the HITS goes up, then the PBG is doing
something right.
10:14 am edt 

Where Did Lisa Bowden Get Her Numbers?

The following came right from the states web site.

Local Option 4% Room Tax Nets Cape Towns $8.4 Million

Cape towns netted $8.4 million in revenues from collection of the
Local Option 4% RoomOccupancy Excise in Fiscal Year 2007
(July 2006 through June 2007).

Barnstable led with collection of $1.6 million, followed by
neighboring Yarmouths $1.4 million.

Cape Local Option Room Tax revenues in Fiscal Year 2007 were 2% or
$130,543 below the$8.6 million collected in Fiscal Year 2006
(July 2005 through June 2006).

Eight of the 15 Capetowns saw revenues fall over the year, from 2%
losses in Barnstable, Chatham and Provincetown
to 11% in Truro (representing a loss of $34,352 over the year).

Annual deficits ranged from $4,310 in Mashpee to $126,036 in Yarmouth.
Brewsters 15% growth rate and $72,407 gain led the seven towns with
annual revenue growth.

Collections of both the State 5.7% and Local Option 4% Room Taxes
peaked in September, from room sales in August. Still, the Capes
September collections of both taxes declined 4% over theyear, while
Statewide collections of the 5.7% Room Tax increased 9% from September

6:59 am edt 

It's Illegal to Use CPC Monies for Trailers
    We voted to use $700,000 from CPC for the renovation of Town
Hall. that money can be used for the actual renovation but it is
illegal to be used for trailers. Even if the CPC gives it's stamp of
approval, it is part of the state policy that is abridged in using 
renovation money for trailers.

     It requires or should require an override vote. Those in power
are t rying to manipulate us and gain their wrong decision by
illegally using CPC monies for trailers. Illegal. Wrong. Improper.
Even if Frack, not to be confused with Frick and Frumpy, was chair of
the CPC and is now giving her opinion that this action is correct.

Wrong again.
6:57 am edt 

What About the Flying Neutrino Family?

Perhaps some of the off-spring that sailed aboard the "Son of Town
Hall", might be willing to grace our shores once again,   and sail
the Provincia
6:54 am edt 

Day Five

Am I annoying the person who originally posted last week and made the
evidence lacking accusations that the Chamber was better than the
PBG? If I have, good, I believe I have made my point.

Lets go back...all I asked for is that the person who originally
posted was to provide some evidence of what the Chamber had done and
is doing to promote tourism since the original poster had said
everything the PBG had done was essentially a bust. At this point no
one has provided any specific evidence to say why the Chamber was
better than the PBG.

For the little dig about me being "to lazy to get off the couch and
look it up" I don't have to go look it up! ( The reason is below) I
also don't see the need for this nasty comment. Again its another
typical response from someone on this website, the poster when called
upon to back up the information with hard evidence can not do it, so
they resort to negative and personal attacks in order to divert
people from the real issue.

All I asked was that the poster provide evidence for their assertions
that the Chamber was better than the PBG, which has yet to be done.

A little news flash for you I am a member of both organizations. Both
have their positives and negatives and I  do try and offer
suggestions to improve to both of the E.D.'s and the Board members.

The main problem I have noticed is that there is an entrenched  "good
ole boy" network in both organizations where there is a mindset that
because we have done it this way for 5, 10, 15 or more years, its the
only way. Both organizations need to develop a 5-10 year strategic
plan in order to meet the changing business needs of this community.
Until that is done neither the town nor the PBG or Chamber will ever
benefit. We need to get rid of the attitude that people will always
come here no matter what, maybe we should all take a lesson in
customer service improvement, that might be the reason businesses do
not flourish here. I have been here a number of years and it amazes
me the poor level of customer service in some of the businesses. The
fact that you do not even acknowledge a customer coming into your
place of business is a bit shocking, or not treating them
respectfully  because "people will come here no matter how we treat
them" says volumes about why some businesses f!ail. Unfortunately
I am sad to say all of this has happened to me in P-town.

So in the future all I ask is that when a person posts accusations
about a person or group, rather than going on a five minute rant
about something without evidence give some hard hitting evidence to
support your assertions.

Thank you
6:53 am edt 

Monday, July 14, 2008


 - Something to remember, they were formed to market to
the gay community because no other organization was doing it.  To
expect them to change their mission is not realistic.

My web site's hits from January through June 2008:
From PBG web site  1,577
From Chamber web site  338
The PBG's web site seems to be doing pretty good wouldn't you say?

I'm not here to be critical of either the PBG or the Chamber or to
say one is better than the other.  They both have a purpose.  The PBG
was formed to market to the gay community and they do that.  I look
at the Chamber as representing the business community and as a
customer service avenue for our tourist in town.  I can't tell you
how many meetings I've attended and seen Candy in attendance as well.
  Could they both be improved?  Of course, but until people are
willing to get involved and help improve both organizations they have
to work with what they have.
8:46 pm edt 

E Pluribus Unum

The power and the success of any organization, be it the
Chamber or the PBG are its members and not its elected officials. If
you want change get involved and change it, or those in power will
continue to do it the way they like.
7:55 pm edt 

Hey, More Good Budget News:

In a year of practically no good financial news, an unexpected
windfall has materialized from room tax revenues.

Tourism director Lisa Bowden said Friday that the state department of
revenue reported the towns share of the room occupancy excise tax
rose $111,109 in FY 2008 to $1.045 million, an 11.9 percent jump over
the previous year. The Provincetown Visitor Services Board, which
uses a portion of the tax to fund its budget, had projected no
increase for the 2008 fiscal year.

For the person who asked about the grant. I believe the town budgeted
something like $400,000 in expenses that would now be replaced by the

Despite all this good news one suspects that energy prices have
probably exceeded what was forecast in the budget.
7:49 pm edt 

Why is it so Difficult?

The temporary town hall should be at the Community Center.
The Comm Center programs, should be at the school . The Health Agent
should be at the DPW blgd.  As much of Finance and Town Manager and
BofS , should be at Freeman Bldge.

SO simple.

why does this have to be so complicated. And if you tell me that its
because the condition of these buildings is poor, than at least one
of them should be sold, so we can use the money to maintain the rest.

I for one, will not vote for an override to restore town hall until i
see at least one of our underutilized bldg;s   up for sale.

i'm a member of the middle class. and i'm feeling the pinch of this
economy and the fuel cost increase.

As Cher said, "Snap  Out of It !!!!"
7:47 pm edt 

Re: Murchison Property

The main historic home on the site will, as it must, remain in tack
in its entirety as well as the other parts that make up the main
house like the pool and the cabana along side it. The rest of the
property is in a position that it can be divided and that doesn't
mean anything bad. Ted "Robbin' the Hood" Malone just doesn't want
any neighbors in his buffer zone/wetlands surrounded place where he
planted non-native plants and created a parking area in the flood
zone. But that ok right? Nobody else can, right? And Alex L.L.
Ritchie can stay home too. Her 15 minutes of fame was over an hour
ago. She has money but holds no regulatory position in town and yet
she's got her fingers in everything. Time to ignore her and proceed
as a town.
7:45 pm edt 

Beyond the Goom and Doom

According to a WickedLocal-Provincetown article room tax
receipts were up 11.9% ($111,000) for Fiscal Year 2008 which I assume
is the year ended 06/30/08.  Things are not as gloom and doom as some
would like you to believe.

Congratulations to the business community, the Chamber of Commerce,
the Provincetown Business Guild and the Provincetown Tourism Office
on the great news.
7:43 pm edt 

Affordable Ted and Alix Ritchie Get New Neighbors

Only two more days until the new owners go up against Affordable Ted
and Alix Ritchie.  All of us who have expressed being tired of the
undermining of the Murchisons must show up at the meeting to show
support for fairness or we deserve what affordable Ted continues to
do to our Town.
7:41 pm edt 

Just a Coincidence on Wednesday's Planning Meeting?

     Is it just a coincidence that Wednesday's Planning meeting at 6
o'clock involves a presentation on the Murchinson property followed
by  Ted Malone's request for approval for 20 residential units in 7
buildings and 15 residential units in 6 structures?  He is requesting
putting up 13 buildings but present these as two separate request?
Strange that anyone else would be forced to present these as one
request on one property.And added to this, Martha Hevenor, from the
Cape Cod Commiossion,who has worked with Ted Malone to change
Provincetown by-laws making our town more favorable to affordable
housing, will be presenting a new by-law 4180? Are these bookends
just accidental? Just so happened? Somehow there's something odd
hapeening here. Power does seem to corrupt or influence decision
makers. Amazing how Provincetown works, isn't it?
7:39 pm edt 

We the People

We the TAXPAYERS voted at TM to use $800,000 to REPAIR
Town Hall...NOT to rent Trailers to house our overpaid white collar
middle managment.
7:36 pm edt 

Vacancy Numbers for July

Too answer the question, IF someone was booked last year for 7 nights
and this year the guest house only rented for 4 nights that would be
a 40% decline.  Looking at vacancies during the 4th of July week,
there were a majority of guest houses that had openings for 3 and 4
nights either before or right after the 4th long weekend.  I would
assume that is what the post was originally talking about.
7:35 pm edt 

Worthless Commentary

Perhaps we just don't have time for your worthless
commentary as we're running our businesses. The Chamber of Commerce
does a lot of out-of-state marketing that's far more realistic at
this point. They're not just going after the circuit boys, they're
going after every person that would come spend money in this town. I
have nothing against gay marketing, but when the PBG that just puts
all it's advertising in Bay Windows in Boston, what do you expect.
The Chamber has had a great website for sometime. The PBG is still
trying to come up with one which it doesn't seem like a lot of people
commenting here think is all that great. The Chamber of Commerce has
a history of strong marketing. They don't do events in August,
because we don't need it. The events will ultimately bankrupt the PBG.

As far as saying the Chamber markets us as something we're not. Key
West said that years ago and look where they are today. They have
more straight travelers then they do gay. More families are coming.

Get with the program or be done with the worthless commentary.
7:34 pm edt 

Dear Day 3/Time to put up or shut up

My business is a dues paying member of both the Chamber and PBG,
since 1982,  and I posted a few days ago that I am generally
satisfied with the "bang for the buck" from both.

As you lack the motivation of a pea to get off the couch and go find
out what is going on.  I'd invite you to visit the chamber web site:

If you were a member you'd be receiving at least weekly updates on
the events and businesses the Chamber supports. And critical
information on local regional national and international issues we

The Chamber is paid for by the business community and is a support
system for same. it is not a public welfare nor social service
organization, though at times they do provide these functions and
always support fund raisers, care givers and Non-profits.

I honestly cannot recall all the benefits the Chamber has provided
me. But I do know that early in my business venture I'd call over
there if I was at a loss with a problem and someone always knew
someone who had faced the same situation and could give advice. I
think I called the "Chamber Ladies"
30 or more times in my first year. Now they refer new/stuck business
owners to me for consultation and advice.

Pay it forward.
7:31 pm edt 

2008 May Turn Out to be a Good Year!

I counted at least 20 plus guest houses and inns that have
at least 3 & 4 nights open during the next 7 days. . .

I'm one of those guest houses you mentioned with 3 & 4  room nights
available.  Four nights available the entire week, last year we had
twelve go unsold during that week.  2008 looks like it could be a
good year in spite of the economy and high gas prices.
7:28 pm edt 

What About the Provincia-Thinking Out of the Box

My apologies in advance to the owners of the large ship
that is usually docked on Fisherman's Wharf.  I admit I know very
little about your ship and how it is used.

But, today I was at Macmillan Wharf and as I looked over at that
beautiful ship I thought to myself 'that would make a great temporary
town hall'.  It's big, must have tons of space and it's surrounded by
parking.  And if the town paid the owners of that beautiful ship a
fee to rent space, the receipts would stay local.

That may be thinking too much outside of the box.  Or perhaps I've
spent too much time in the sun!
7:26 pm edt 

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Murchison Sale:

Do you still believe in Government of the people, by the people and
for the people?  I sure hope you do because I do and it starts with 
we, the people and not just a couple of people.  Who started the
issues lodged against the Murchison family?    Why dont we compare
the taxes paid by the Murchisons who lived here for decades to the
neighbors who are undermining the sale of the property?.  The
Murchisons paid their dues and did a lot for this Town, the Carl
Murchison Wing of the Art Museum, their house designed by Walter
Gropius, pictures shared with us by our parents who attended parties
at Carl and Dot Murchison and later, Powell and Barbara Murchison.
How much history, taxes and jobs can be traced back to the Journal
Press? We might have been young when the Murchison castle was
destroyed by fire but the memories are till with us.

A good  buyer is one who wants to keep our history right here in
Provincetown instead of  tearing the house down and building
affordable housing, condos or whatever.  The Murchisons have stated
from the time we learned of Mrs. Murchisons death that their hope was
to find a buyer who could appreciate the property.  How many lots
does Alix Ritchie have that borders the Murchisons?   I believe it is
more than nine!  Didnt someone say that Affordable Teds house was
built in a flood plain?

Theres a lot of beauty and history in that property and a few nice
homes will only pay taxes for better things in this Town while
preserving the history.  If this sale is killed by the minions, who is
to say  Ptown won't lose a property with affluent homeowners who will
benefit our Town by living here, paying taxes here and supporting our
Town, restaurants, art and  more to someone who wishes to capitalize
on affordable homes and condos.  Then what can we say?  Ill be at the
meeting on Wednesday to watch the government we believe in at work. 
We have a voice.  If we dont like what is going on , it is up to us
to speak out for the long-time residents of Ptown who didnt and wont
put neighbors in each others windows.
3:09 pm edt 

Keeping Our Expenditures Local

I have to believe that the Town Hall Transition Team did a
complete reveiw of all the buildings in town and the temporary
trailers were the best solution they could come up with.

But, I do agree with the speakers at the BOS meeting that said if
there is any way possible to keep the money here in town instead of
paying a company outside of Provincetown we should try to do it.

I'll admit I'm not an expert on buildings here in town, but I
wondered if the Methodist Church on Shankpainter or perhaps the UU
have basements.  A church in another town had a basement that was
completely unused during the week.  If that church were here we could
have probably fit six to ten temporary offices in their basement and
they would totally secured.  If there were a means to use their
basements as temporary offices we'd be paying rental fees to
'in-town' places instead of it leaving Provincetown.  I know, lots of
logistical questions, but it's a thought.  Any other buildings out
there that are underutilized that might be considered?
1:38 pm edt 

US $900,000 Grant

Regarding the $900,000 grant for the sewer hookup.  Does
anyone know how this affects the 2008-09 budget?
1:35 pm edt 

Vacancy Numbers for July

I have a question, what were the hard numbers for last year at this
time? The 40% difference seems irrelevant without the numbers for the
same period in 2007.
1:34 pm edt 

Day Three

Still no answer to the question what has the Chamber done to promote
tourism and what events, business promotion programs etc do they
offer their membership.

To the "Not all questions get answered" and those of you who might
agree with this lame statement. I know it is a first for you and some
others that no one on this sight never ever holds  you accountable
for your statements, well here is a news flash  I am holding those
accountable for their statements that the Chamber is better than the
PBG. I want those who made those statements to provide some evidence.
Frankly I should not have to go to the Chamber myself to find the
answer the people who made the comments over the last week should
provide the evidence and proof to back up why the chamber is so
great. I know that is an interesting concept that those of you who
make accusations should have to produce evidence to back up your
assessments but those of us who have lived elsewhere and get across
the bridge more than once every five years know better.

So I will continue to ask this same question everyday until I get an
answer to my question. This website says its to provide information
and to educate. So far all I have seen is unfounded statements about
the Chamber of Commerce.

Its time to put up or shut up.
1:33 pm edt 

A Word to the Wise

As a former guest house owner in Provincetown dating back
to 1979, the month of July has always had lots of vacancy's other
than on the 4th holiday and the last week of July. Provincetown has
always needed to fill more rooms during this month! Its not just the
current PBG that has had a hard time getting people to stay in town
during July. August thru October are the better times to stay for
longer than a day. And heres a little secret that successful guest
houses do. Only take week long reservations until a month before the
opening. This builds up good repeat stays year after year, and never
take a one night stay on a Saturday in season until a week before.
1:29 pm edt 

Hope You Follow Through

Its nice to see as many people in here defending projects against the
likes of Ted "Robbin' Hood" Malone. If the rules can change for him,
why not someone else? If he plays by the rules and wins, why can't
someone else? Those that have posted in here that they will speak out
against Ted, I only hope you do. Stop the BS he pulls over everyones
eyes. And to the poster that says he/she will find out why if Ted
complains about anything that goes on at the Murchison property, he
has already complained as it was outlined last fall when workers were
up there rehabilitating the landscape and buildings yet nobody was at
the defense of the property owners. Time to stop this       rule
over everyone in town hall. Time to put him in his place. Support the
guys that are buying the property on principal because it could
easily happen to you. Fair is fair.
1:27 pm edt 

Murchison sale:

The Town Hall needs to take a good look at what is going on with that
property and be sure they get treated like TED MALONE did... 
Somehow, he circumvents the system....

If there is such a so called water shortage, how did Monica get her
water hooked up on her Race Point Rd property which was sold to her
by Ted?

Hmmm...  explain that !  how about Chapter 40B that Ted used to get
his permits ?  What's fair for one, should be fair for all.

I will be sure to follow this process...


Look who shows up
1:24 pm edt 

Re: Chamber of Commerce

...what the Chamber does to promote tourism. If people
wanted to answer, they would...

Sorry, I think people can't come up with anything because  the
Chamber doesn't promote tourism with a marketing effort.  They did
start doing a booklet this year to send to people who request it,
almost identical to what the PBG already does.
1:23 pm edt 

Re: Empty Rooms
The question to be asked, is for an event week, and for the
month of July, why so many empty rooms?

I can only speak for our guest house.  This year we sold 50 (yes, 50)
more room nights in June than in June 2007.  So far in July we are
ten below where we were in all of July 2007 so I have no doubt we'll
beat last year's numbers for July. 

I'll take that any year.
1:21 pm edt 

Re: Empty Rooms

Too the post about empty rooms:
I wonder if Steve Tait or Don from the PBG has ever called some of
the successful guest houses or bed and breakfasts in town to find out
what is working for them? Has either of them all visited shop owners
to see how business is on a one on one chat?
The 2 inns that seem to be consistently full since July 1st are the
Fairbanks Inn and Romeos Holiday.  (I walk by them every day from the
high school parking lot to commercial street and see no vacancies and
looking on line, they seem to be full each day this season) Could it
be their location?  Then again, The Chicago House, Howards End,
Gifford House and the Clarendon House all have great locations and
they all have rooms this entire week.   From a retails point of view,
the more rooms that are full, the better we all do, from shops to
restaurants to galleries.  I do not see the buses in town as much
either.  But working on Commercial Street, I dont always see that
aspect of things, but I do know there are not as many people walking
around.  Business has been OK, but it is not a typical first 2 weeks
of July where every day is busy.  I wonder how the major bars are
doing?  Is the Atlantic house and Porch side bar numbers up per
drink?  I am looking forward to see the boat !
  cruises that are scheduled for town and see if that helps the local

Lets hope so.
1:19 pm edt 

New Events

If you could add any events to Spring, Summer or Fall, what
event would you like to see and when would you add it?  The right
events could bring additional people in to town, what do we need and
when do we need it?

I've always wanted to see a 'Taste of Provincetown', but it doesn't
seem that restaurants seem interested in the concept.
I'd also like to see an 'Arts Festival', we have such an amazing
history as an artist community it would be great to dedicate a week
specifically to our arts.
1:16 pm edt 

Re: Get a Grip

Grip this- if the cops can't see fireworks and hear the explosions
-they need help...
1:14 pm edt 


If you really think the town is doing so well, think again.  Numbers
do not lie and as of 9:30AM on Saturday July 12th, I counted at least
20 plus guest houses and inns that have at least 3 & 4 nights open
during the next 7 days. . .

My, you have a lot of time on your hands.  Enough time that you could
step up and run for office of the PBG it seems.  But, that's not
really your style is it?  Much better to look for anything negative
you can find about anything and anyone and post anonymous smears from
the sidelines.
1:13 pm edt 


How interesting the banner quoted Steve Tait, a guest house
owner saying "the town was solidly booked".
Once again Steve Tait continues to lie about the state of the town's
businesses. I used to have respect for him but as he constantly
fictionalizes the facts -- I don't anymore. I've been in town for
almost 20 years. I have never seen so many vacancies during the 4th
week. Houses were only full over the weekend.

Read the quote from Mr. Tait in The Banner.  Nowhere does he say the
town was completely full for the entire week.
His quote:
'I think everything was full over the weekend' said Steve Tait,
co-owner of Aerie House and Beach Club and president of the PBG,
about area lodging.  'The Provincetown Business Guild website, which
shows last minute availability in guest houses , showed the town was
solidly booked'.
End of Quote

We realize you have a vendetta against the PBG, but your arguments
might be a little stronger if you had your facts correct.  Same as
your argument that the PBG didn't apply for VSB grants when in fact,
they did apply and they were approved.
1:11 pm edt 

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Take a Good Look Steve Tait and Don:

If you really think the town is doing so well, think again.  Numbers
do not lie and as of 9:30AM on Saturday July 12th, I counted at least
20 plus guest houses and inns that have at least 3 & 4 nights open
during the next 7 days.  (This is from your own web site, Steve, the
PBG)  That is a 40% decrease of revenue for the owners.   Just some
of the guest houses with 3  4 or longer openings for the next 7
nights are:  Anchor Inn, Beaconlight, Black Peral, Bradford House &
Motel, Brass Key, Cape Colony, Chicago House, Claredon House, Commons
Guest House, Crowne Pt, Gallery Inn, Gifford House, John Randall,
Lands End, Lotus, Prince Albert, Revere Guest House, Somerset house,
Sunset inn, West End inn.

Those with 1 room or Less are only, Season, Oxford, Ampersand, Aeire,
Admirals Landing, Romeos Holiday, Fairbanks inn and White Inn.

The question to be asked, is for an event week, and for the month of
July, why so many empty rooms?

If the room tax revenue that will come out in 4 months  from the
state for this quarter backs up the loss income, then maybe Steve
Tait and Don will resign or say that some changes need to be done and
done fast.
10:52 am edt 

Re: US Grant of $900,000 to Provincetown

A U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development grant of
$900,000 would pay for the cost of a sewer connection to the senior
housing and nursing complex, Seashore Point in Provincetown, which
will replace the Manor, a federal spokeswoman confirmed. . .

Finally, some GOOD news!
10:50 am edt 

Affordable Ted Will Try to Stop the Murchison Sale

     You can bet your affordable lottery ticket on this one.
Affordable Ted will work to undermine and stop the buying of the
Murchinson property. He will use issues involved in growth management
and use the by-laws that he helped to create. He will use his minions
on the various boards and push his weight around. He has already
lodged issues against the Murchinson sale and continue to watch for
his actions at the Planning board and others.

      Too much density. Too much traffic. Conservation land should be
protected. Too many new bedrooms. Protection of water resource. All
the issues that Affordable Ted can ride over and dismiss under the
guise of his money-making affordable housing projects and continued
affrodable housing management, he will use against the Murchinson

     He does not want his peace disturbed. He does not want too many
neighbors abutting his property. He does not want to hear
construction. He is a "sensitive" man concerned about new growth and
wants Provincetown protected!

     Count on Affordable Ted to do the "I'm protecting Provincetown
from Growth" Dance at future boards and his whispering campaing
against the Murchinson sale.
10:48 am edt 

To: Not All Questions Get Answered

    You keep asking, ad nauseum, what the Chamber does to promote
tourism. If people wanted to answer, they would. People complaining
about PBG don't have to create lists of all the good things the
Chamber does. They are two separate organizations and criticism of
one, does not infer anything else about the other. The issue that
people are writing about involved the PBG and how they feel. If you
don't feel this way, that's fine but stop asking the same questions
over and over.

    Go to the Chamber and get your own answer.
10:45 am edt 

Re: To Wit What?

"The chamber does a lot to promote tourism and not just
to gay travelers. they market to everyone."

How exactly does the Chamber market? They do little to no
advertising. They hold no events. They always say they don't need to
market -- it's all about word of mouth. If you believe that will work
in today's market, you are a bit out of touch with reality. By the
way they DON'T market to everyone since they refuse to market to gay
people. In fact if you look at their site and brochure, one could
barely tell that gay people even visit here.

The PBG has problems but they are way ahead of the Chamber when it
comes to marketing. At least they try and are honest about who they
are. The Chamber does a disservice to all by pretending that
Provinetown is something that it certainly is not.
8:55 am edt 

From Cape Cod Times:

"PROVINCETOWN  As a wrecking crew demolishes the empty Cape End
Manor nursing home this week, town officials have learned that a substantial
federal grant will knock down a final, Manor-related debt owed by the town
as well.

A U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development grant of $900,000
would pay for the cost of a sewer connection to the senior housing
and nursing complex, Seashore Point in Provincetown, which will
replace the Manor, a federal spokeswoman confirmed....."

7:13 am edt 

Murchison Sub Division:

Believe me, I will be the first at Town Hall if Ted complains about
any work done on that property because it is near him.

There are several  town members who have gone through hoops to
prevent building in certain areas of town by Ted Malone.  He seems to
be able to get around the real laws of the town by submitting piece
work plans.

This is no longer going to happen.  The frist time I hear he has
stopped building, I will be at town hall finding out why....  He has
built in neighborhoods where the neighbors are in each others
windows, but that's OK to him and now it's in his own backyard and he
doesn't like it.   TOO BAD TED this is what others have gone through
and talked with you about....   GET A TASTE OF IT !  All you kept
saying is I know...  Well,   maybe you should have bought that
property for yourself?
7:09 am edt 

The Other Side of the Story?

A friend of mine recently discovered that they had a
potentially very serious medical problem and went through surgery in
Boston to have the problem resolved.  This person was a hard working,
dedicated employee of a café in town that hosts shows above the
restaurant.  When my friend mended after a one week absence she was
informed that she no longer had a job as a waiter during the shows.


There are two sides to every story.
12:05 am edt 

To Wit What?

The chamber does a lot to promote tourism and not just
to gay travelers. they market to everyone.

Please, tell me how the Chamber markets to everyone.  What do they
spend on marketing?  What is their marketing plan?  My guess is you
have no idea, like almost everything else you talk about.
12:02 am edt 

I Agree!

The PBG should be held accountable for the sagging economy in the
U.S., they should also be held accountable for the fact that July 4th
fell on a Friday and some of the 'circuit parties' were only three
days instead of a week.  But, I will give the PBG credit for the
falling dollar and the number of foreign visitors that have come
because of the lower dollar.
12:00 am edt 

Friday, July 11, 2008

Day Two

Still waiting for an answer.

What does the chamber do to promote tourism? What programs do they
offer the membership to help promote their businesses? What events do
they sponsor to help get tourists here to P-town.

I am not saying the PBG is better than the Chamber I just want all of
those who post that the Chamber is great to give me some hard
evidence rather than weak generalizations like
"they do a lot to promote tourism" or "Candace has been the director
for 20 years so she is better"

Evidence please!

So can someone please tell me what they are doing and what has been
done. At this point I would settle for one example.

Sigh !!!
11:59 pm edt 

The Fault Dear Brutus is Not in the Stars But in our Selves

Listening to some of the negative, defeatist attitudes on
this blog makes me wonder.  Do you think your attitude has anything
to do with your business not performing as well as you want it to?

We had a great July 4th holiday, thanks to our hard work, the efforts
of the PBG, the Chamber, the Tourism Office, the Police Dept, etc. 
Sorry your business was slower, but maybe your attitude is coming
through to your customers.
11:57 pm edt 

Re: A Glass Less Than Half Full

How interesting the banner quoted Steve Tait, a guest house
owner saying "the town was solidly booked".

Once again Steve Tait continues to lie about the state of the town's
businesses. I used to have respect for him but as he constantly
fictionalizes the facts -- I don't anymore. I've been in town for
almost 20 years. I have never seen so many vacancies during the 4th
week. Houses were only full over the weekend. How can that have been
a good business week? I spoke to several guest house owners. They all
said the same -- they simply couldn't get 7 nights this year. They
held out as long as possible and then lowered to 5 nights and then to
4 nights and some to 3. GET REAL STEVE. STOP THE BULL!!!
9:21 pm edt 

Re: Not Enforcing the Law

I think we are praising the fact that the cops are getting better
this year, versus last year's beatings, blunders and public lies.

It's a start and Chief Jaran is doing a good job. It's too bad
Tobias, bad ankle and all, got to stay and keep the force negative.
9:19 pm edt 

Pizzaz Missing Alright!.

The pbg has been floundering for the past year or more. the chamber
does a lot to promote tourism and not just to gay travelers. they market
to everyone. in case you haven't noticed this place is headed in the
direction that key west did and will become more hetereo as time goes on.
so instead of paying 50k to some drama queen to send out weekly emails
telling us how good of job he and the bod does, lets get something done.
instead of having useless meetings where we listen to recycled bs from the
previous meeting, lets get some real information. instead of hoping
the director will be here to run the pbg, lets try to run it ourselves instead.
to the one      that keeps supporting them on here we see through your
rhetoric and hope that you are not too comfortable in your seat on the pbg bod.
9:18 pm edt 

Speak Your Mind!

I'd like to see everyone who has an issue with the PBG, or
the PBG's recent lack of performance to go to the August meeting and
voice their concerns. I agree with most of the postings criticizing
the group, it's definately time for improvement but in order for that
to happen the majority must be heard. If enough of us participate,
the Steve's and Don cannot object with some bogus excuse or plan they
have. Go to the meeting, get involved, voice your concerns.

It's time for change in the PBG. If we are loud enough, perhaps we
will get things to happen.
9:12 pm edt 

Anyone Out There?

$50,000 for an Executive Director that's never in the
office, he's always "working from New York" which happens to be where
Pascal his boyfriend lives. He's never really working for the PBG.
This is why calls don't get returned. This is why Irene takes the
brunt. This is why events lack proper planning. This is why the PBG
is failing. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to go to the
meeting in August. I hear it's at the Crown & Anchor. I wonder if the
Executive Director will say the same things about Rick Murray within
his own establishment that he does behind his back? 

We need Rob or Gabby back. Anyone is better then this. As far as
participating on the board, it would be a waste of time. Steve Tait does
what ever he wants anyway. He thinks by standing up in the meetings
and telling us all that things are great and everything they do is a wild
success is how to snowball. I think members are catching on, members
won't renew and at some point they'll be just talking to themselves at
9:10 pm edt 


Henry Tuttle, CEO of OUter Cape Health, is leaving in August! Anyone
know what happened???!!!!!!!!!
9:06 pm edt 

Bravo to the Blog on Affordable Ted:

My remarks to Ted Malone and Alix Ritchie are Buy up or Shut up!

  My feathers have been ruffled by Affordable Ted and Im taking my
hat off to the Murchisons.   We could only hope for Affordable Ted to
get a good taste of what he has done to so many of us and tried to do
with others in Provincetown. 

Now, that the Murchisons evidently have a buyer who can appreciate the
property without turning it into affordable housing or condos, my advice
to Malone and Ritchie is either accept it or shut up.  If Ted Malone and
Alix Ritchie want to control the property, why don't they approach the realtor
and offer more than the present buyer so they can do whatever they would
like with the property? 

If they haven't attempted to buy the property from the Muchisons', is it
because they know or think the Murchisons would not sell to them for any
 price?  Im sure the two of them can afford whatever money can buy and
besides it would sure appreciate their properties if they didn't do anything
with it but control it. 

I think the house on the top of the hill mus!t be big enough for both of them
or they could take turns living in it.  If they dont want to pay the price
, they should just shut up. 

Ted Malone should be glad the Murchisons are not doing to him what he
has done to so many of us residents in Provincetown with affordable
housing.  There are many of us who are tired of the Ted "Ptown Robin
Hood" Malone and his NIMBY reactions.

Both of them should be grateful to the Murchisons that they have
already done much to appreciate their properties while Affordable Ted
continues to work to decrease the value of other Ptown properties.

An Affordable Ted Ptown Goose
9:04 pm edt 

Re: Good Police Work:

If you knew what was going on and saw the ILLEGAL firewroks why
didn't you call the Police?  You seem to have all the answers..  Why
are YOU a part of the PROBLEM indstead of a solution?

8:56 pm edt 

Alert to All Fine Ships at Sea:

I just heard that Selectman MC had a spasm in the GU because they
wouldn't take her card before purchase! Now there's a real reason to
take a chill pill. Better still, try a NIMBY martini at the Mews.
Always helps me.

Shifting Dune
8:53 pm edt 

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

I don't have any problem with the PBG, they do what they
are suppose to do.

Some people seem to be bitter because the PBG doesn't bring people in
to town, lead them into their store, restaurant or guesthouse and
make them spend money.

Ya gotta do some of it yourself!
8:51 pm edt 

A Heart Two Sizes Too Small

I Loved the Fireworks from the Landing
    They were fabulous. I appreciate the local touch. Some here have
a heart two sizes too small.

    Enjoy the unexpected. Party when you can.
8:49 pm edt 

A Glass Less Than Half Full

How interesting the banner quoted Steve Tait, a guest house
owner saying "the town was solidly booked".

Does Steve Tait really know what is going on with the membership and town?
Yes, for 3 or 4 days business was booming and guest houses were
booked solid, but for the past 15 years almost all guest houses had a
7 night minimum, a few doing 5 nights.  This year, people did 3 or 4
nights, and even condo owners were being asked to rent for 4 nights,
not the week long stays.

If you do the numbers and booked 7 nights in the past, and now do 5,
you would be down 25%.  I know at least 6 guest houses that did not
fill up till the day of July 4th.  They did 3 nights.  They were down

So Steve Tait should get REAL.  And the shop owners I spoke too
all said the entire week was off.  Yes, the 4th was great and they
did fine, but if you take the week compared to the last few years, it
was off.
8:46 pm edt 


Does the board not really know what the membership
is thinking?

Don't assume that one or two disgruntled person(s) speaks for the
entire PBG membership.

From my experience in talking to a number of business owners in town
there are a small number who are not happy with the PBG, some who are
not happy with the Chamber, and some who in general are just not
8:42 pm edt 

Ted Malone Will Try to Undermine the Murchinson Sub-Division

     Yes, when the sub-divisions are in Malone's backyard, and the
land is being moved, and the construction starts, he will complain.
He is already trying to stop the sale of the property and we can
count on him complaining and working the behind-the-scenes deal with
town officials. He will look to stop new construction and will use
the number of new bedrooms and water are key issues.

     All the issues that most of us are concerned with in new
constsruction--and that includes limited water resources--Ted Malone
overrides with his "affordable" housing. He always gets a pass. He is
always allowed to add density, increase traffic flow, tax our water
under the pass of affordable housing. He will do the same with his
40B on Nelson Avenue as he adds over 37 housing units.

     But add 9 new housing near his non-affordable,
built-with-affordable-profits house, and he will scream and scream.
He will say how unfair it is and how Provincetown will be damaged by
this "growth." Count on Ted Malone to undermine nine new houses
abutting his "conservation" land--yes land he should not have been
able to build on but guess what? Of course he did. The rules and
laws are differently interpreted for this man. And he will try again
against the Murchinson property. Stay tuned for further updates.
8:41 pm edt 

The Police Did a Great Job

     I think that this Fourth of July went very smoothly and very
well. The police did a great job and I believe it is effort and
preparedness, not luck, that is the cause.

     I like Jeff Jaran's approach. I like that he is getting all the
police to do community policing and his "Park, walk and talk" or
something like that, is refreshing. Some town police haven't walked a
beat in ten years. I'm glad Jeff Jaran is here and I applaud him and
the police department.

     It was a good fourth and they deserve credit.
8:37 pm edt 

Raising Issues Isn't Wrong or Unkind

     That some are raising issues about PBG speaks to their present
difficulties or disapointments with PBG. They have a right to voice
their concnerns. They are not speaking for anyone else but themselves
and we all should respect that. There are some here who attack anyone
who voices an issue. Those addressing a problem are helping all of us
better understand the town. I think it's time for a few here on the
blog to stop their constant attack on anyone who states an issue or
raises a question about some organization.

    We're all here to add our comments, speak to issues that concern
us, and sometimes we have an answer and at other times we don't. This
is not the place for attacking and, I believe, undermining those of
us who write and read these postings.

     There are a few here--and you do know who you are--who turn any
comment into a fight. I'd like to see the Web Master delete your
constant attacks. But chances are he'll continue to allow your
negativity and venom to poison our opnions.
8:35 pm edt 

Employers vs Employees

And yet another pair of business owners in this town treat
an employee poorly...

A friend of mine recently discovered that they had a potentially very
serious medical problem and went through surgery in Boston to have
the problem resolved.  This person was a hard working, dedicated
employee of a café in town that hosts shows above the restaurant. 
When my friend mended after a one week absence she was informed that
she no longer had a job as a waiter during the shows. 

The two                    of bad Provincetown Theatre decided it
was ok to fire my friend rather than do the decent thing and hold the job
for a mere 8 days.  One would think that honesty, dedication to work and
all around good ethics would mean something to a Ptown employer. 
Apparently not.

  This is such atrocious, ugly behavior that I cannot even put it
into words.  You'd think also that after doing a couple of years under 
                          would influence these two out of control
          to think twice about firing an employee for legitimate
medical issues. Do they wish to have yet another branch of the 
                 come after them for egregious behavior?  Apparently so.

And by the way:                                                   something our
two                                  impresarios hope never comes out.   Guess what ladies?
8:31 pm edt 

Not Tit for Tat !! ??

Yeah right!! This is exactly what is. So you still have not answered
my question what has the Chamber done??!!

Its kind of hard to criticize anyone or anything that has done
nothing in my eyes.

So again what has the Chamber done?? or doing?? Events?? Programs?? etc
8:16 pm edt 

August is on Auto Pilot!

Carnival is in the middle of August retard! We're busy
anyway. The PBG doesn't benefit us at all or anyone else.

How old are you?  10?
8:15 pm edt 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

So is Not Enforcing the Law Considered Good Police Work?

Last time I checked, littering &  fireworks were illegal in Massachusetts.

Where were the cops? The town landing beach behind the hardware store
is littered with the remains of many large fireworks.  With all those
cops for crowd control, how did all these fireworks get let off so
close to the center of town? (and that wasn't the only place they
were let off.)

Just because no-one was brutalised by the cops, is no reason to
over-praise them. They simply lucked out, as it wasn't a violent
11:16 pm edt 

Is the Status Quo Good Enough

Yes, $50,000 for a person that has never ever gone around
to the membership and say HI and THANKS , especially in a comunity
that is so small is sinfull.  How many times has Irene in the office
say "Don is no where to be found" or "Don is not answering his phone"
or "I am sorry that Don has not gotten back to you, I will rely the
message again".   Does the board not really know what the membership
is thinking?  Or is the status quo good enough for them?
10:45 pm edt 

This is Not Tit for Tat!

    The complaints aginst the PBG exist because of the disapointments
many members feel presently about this organization. People do not
feel the same negative way about the Chamber. Candy does a great job
and has been doing this for more than twenty years. She is engaged,
committed and gives much of her time and energy to promoting the town.
    I belong to both organizations. I attended almost all the monthly
meetings of PBG but now haven't gone in over nine months. There's
something missing, some pizzaz that just isn't there. I wish it were.
10:39 pm edt 

Still Trying to See the June 30th BOS Meeting

     This BOS meeting is still not listed as a PTV offering. When did
someone see the Imperial Michelle? Many of us are still attempting to
view the proceedings of that meeting.
     When I hit the video for the June 13th meeting for Recreation
Department increase of fees with the BOS, David Bedard was not
present, as stated by the chair, because of his conflict of interest.

What is David Bedard's conflict of interest in regards the Recreation
Department? Does anyone know?
10:36 pm edt 

Still Waiting For an Answer...

What does the Chamber of Commerce do to promote tourism compared to
the PBG and what makes the Chamber better? is it events, programs,
networking, etc ??? What is it???

My guess from the long silence today is not much.

Those of you who have criticized the PBG on this site the last couple
days have not really provided any real proof that either group is
better than the other. It sounds like to me its the same old thing
that we usually see on this site a rambling of hollow accusations
based on misinformation and innuendo which are fueled by someones
anger and revenge.
10:34 pm edt 

Slander Suit?

I hear there is a slander suit in the works against Candace
and others regarding the pier. Has anyone else heard anything about
10:32 pm edt 

Dear How Very Sad:

Do you really think that $50,000. a year is an excessive salary for
the PBG director, with the cost of living in this Town? Get a Grip!
People like you drove Rob and Gabby from  the job. They were good now
lets crucify the new guy Don -And I'll bet all you moaners and
groaners on here have never been to a Chamber Meeting, nor paid dues
as I have for 23 years. Candace Collins-Bowden, Executive Director,
runs the tightest ship this harbor has ever seen.

That was a period. Over and out.
10:30 pm edt 

Re: Re: Carnival

Carnival is in the middle of August retard! We're busy
anyway. The PBG doesn't benefit us at all or anyone else.     !
10:27 pm edt 


Your commenting on his/her spelling and thus disregarding the post?
What do YOU have to say about Ted "Ptown Robin Hood" Malone and his
NIMBY reactions? How about all the other projects he dumped into the
backyards of others in the town and elsewhere? These people bought
the property, something that money bags Ritchie could have done alone
or with others but didn't. Regardless of like it or not, if the new
owners play according to the rules, they should be able to do what
they want with the property. Don't like the rules? Go to the planning
board and get the zoning rules changed at Town Meeting. Till then,
stop whining. And don't believe all you see in the papers.

ps how's my spelling?
10:25 pm edt 

Re: Ambivalent

I have not been a chamber member for over 8 years and my
business keeps growing by double digits every year.  I am a member of
the PBG but can not say they have had anything to do with my
business.  As a guest house, we do book almost a year in advance for
carnival, and my understanding is that over 28 or 30 years ago, that
was the slowest month of the "season" .  Today, it would still be
busy I believe, but bookings would happen more in May than of Sept
and Oct of the year before.  Looking at some of the events of the
PBG, Holly Folly brings extra folks to town for sure, and single mens
weekend or Meet your man as they call it now, we close.  For the last
3 years, it has not been worth staying open that weekend.  Over all,
for what the dues cost, it is JUST OK.   But I am not going to bash
the PBG, as I do not want to put in the hours and energy to make it
bigger and better.  I do just fine now.
Here is w
10:21 pm edt 

Re: Nimby

Nimby now has the distinction of having the most illiterate
posting since the inception of PACC.

Keap up the goode worc Nimby
8:36 pm edt 

You Will Still Benefit Won't You?

PBG - ...Look at the events. It's a big waste of time. You
can stay in, we're dropping out. The Chamber is worth the dues
investment. PBG just isn't anymore.

Drop out, but you'll still benefit from all the marketing done by the
PBG, you'll still happily ring your cash register during Carnival,
8:15 pm edt 

The Chamber is Worth the Dues Investment. . .?

Please, share with us.  What makes them worth the investment?
8:07 pm edt 

Imperial Imposition

Did anyone watch PTV's televised presentation of the BOS meeting?
Quite a display of Imperial power on the part of Michele Couture.

At least one person in attendance was unwilling to let Couture control
the dialog during the public expression period and reminded her that
she was out of order in making so many interjections, when the citizens
were attempting to express their thoughts.

Couture is hopeless! Her performance was infuriating beyond the pale.
8:05 pm edt 

Re: Chamber of Commerce

Question... what event(s) has the Chamber of Commerce
solely sponsored and promoted in the last three years to bring
tourists here to P-town?

I'll bite on that.  I don't have a clue what the Chamber does.  To
the best of my knowledge, they do not put on any events and they do
very little if any marketing.  So they cost more than the PBG and
they do less.  The only thing I can think of that they contribute is
acting as a customer service office from their location at Lopes
Square.  For the amount of money that everyone pays to belong to the
Chamber we could hire full time customer service people to meet and
greet the tourists and still have money left over.
7:53 pm edt 

Chamber is Worth the Dues Investment

The reason that we're not criticizing the Provincetown
Chamber is because they're the only one's that have a clue what's
going on. The PBG was a good organization when Rob Tosner was running
it. Organized, professional and well-driven. Look at it today. Look
at the events. It's a big waste of time. You can stay in, we're
dropping out. The Chamber is worth the dues investment. PBG just
isn't anymore.
7:51 pm edt 

Ted Malone & Alix Ritchie vs 2 Commercial Street Trust

Now there's a PAIR!

If 2 Commercial Street didn't abutt their properties, I bet they
wouldn't care. Alix didn't care when she sold Ted his property, she
didn't care when Ted built his house in a flood plain. They didin't
speak out or have Pru (shame on you for being a puppet) write
articles in the Banner(didn't Alix sell that paper)when other
neighbouring projects received approval.

Howard I have a great deal of respect for you. Your a very smart
man...please reconzie when your intelligence is being used to promote
a personal adgenda.

Ted be NIMBY Ted be quick. Do we think Ted will get burnt trying to
jump this candle stick?

NIMBY: Not In My Back Yard
5:07 pm edt 

PBG Clearly Isn't Worth $250 for Us

We're dropping out this year. The Chamber gives us more referrals
and they've got their      together.
5:02 pm edt 

Teachers vs Personal Tutors

In the Special Edition Section of MYPACC, can you please
state the number of students we have in the class rooms, the number
of personell etc. so everyone can get a true picture of the state of
our schools.

Are there really over 200 students when we are down to two students
in the upcoming sixth grade? How many graduating seniors this year?
How can a senior class be called a class when there will two students
in it in six years?

Our school doesn't have teachers--it has personal tutors. Who in the
world wouldn't want to teach in such a school; talk about a cake
walk! Living is easy: almost $4,000,000 a year from the taxpayers and
two sixth graders: I wish that I was a sixth grade teacher!!!
4:59 pm edt 

Re: Chamber of Commerce

I am confused...there has been some criticism of the PBG
because they "do nothing" to promote tourism for the town and that
most of their events are "failures except Carnival".

I find it surprising that there have been no comments posted
criticizing the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce.

Question... what event(s) has the Chamber of Commerce solely
sponsored and promoted in the last three years to bring tourists here
to P-town?
4:54 pm edt 

PBG Membership

The membership cost $250, PLUS $250 or more for a tile ad, PLUS $100
for late availability PLUS PLUS PLUS.  So you are going to pay lots
for an organization that doesn't do too much for me, except drive a
few people from their web site to mine.  Do I get my return on
investment?  Sure.  But over the past 5 years I have not seen
anything they have done to justify paying an executive director over
$50,000.   The board of directors can do the same thing and spend
those dollars advertising.   When Rob Tosner was the executive
director, at least he had ideas that was brought forward and tried to
impliment.  Seeing Steve Tait stand at these meetings and say the
SAME OLD THINGS, meetings after meetings, and Steve Malamed shoot off
his mouth with NO EXACT FIGURES, but what he recalls from his head is
so upsetting.  Would he allow his accountant to do that to his
business if he was sitting on the sideline?  I DO NOT THINK SO.
I bet LESS AND LESS members are going to renew every year untill
there is a change.  For guest house owners, it might be worth having
a listing, but for everyone else, it does nothing except maybe
provide health insurance.  

4:52 pm edt 

Bang For the Buck

I also feel I get my 'bang for the buck' with my PBG dues. 
$250 a year is very reasonable for what the PBG delivers.  I debate
whether to renew my higher Chamber dues each year, but always do.
4:50 pm edt 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Affordable Ted Gets New Neighbors

      Affordable Ted musn't be too happy that the Murchinson
property, when the sale occurs, will have nine new sub-divisions. Now
in his neighborhood, he will have to experience what he generally
brings to other neighborhoods in Provincetown. He's lucky that they
are not putting in 37 new housing units, as he tried to do on Nelson
Avenue and now will try again under "affordable rentals."

     If Affordable Ted gives the new owner of the Murchinson property
too many problems, maybe they can try the Affordable Ted Approach and
look to put in so-called affordables.

     But Ted will probably try to say that there should not be any
new bedroom allotments given to the Murchison's, since he sucks them
all up for his developments under the "need,"  the "cry," the
"demand" for affordable whatevers in town.

     Maybe now Affordable Ted will get a sense of what he has caused
to many areas in Provincetown with increased density, overuse of
water, strain on neighborhoods, increase traffic, and destruction of
open lands. What is good for the goose, Affordable Ted, is good for
the gander. Different when it's in your backyard though, isn't it?
9:57 pm edt 

PBG Has Drifted Too Far

PBG is beyond salvation Dan. As far as coming up with
something to replace it. I just keep my membership with the Chamber
of Commerce. The PBG was formed for a reason, but sadly has drifted
into the hands of people that don't know what they're doing and has
lost it's focus. There's a reason people are pulling out and not
renewing their dues.
9:55 pm edt 

PBG Membership Costs About $250. Per year as I recall

I'm a dues paying member and feel I get my bang for the buck.  Yes
things could be better but we'd really have to throw more money at
it. I also pay the Chamber dues about $600. per year, including the
tier of my business and ad/web options. An equally valuable
investment in my business, I think.

In each organization the membership votes in and out the board of
directors, and both are begging for member participation.

Hmmm, sounds hauntingly like democracy to me.
9:52 pm edt 

Optimistic Dan Here!

Optimistic Dan is a newcomer to the PBG no doubt. He may
forget we've been fighting the battles for decades before him. The
PBG is worthless.

Optimistic Dan here.  You still haven't really responded to my last
post.  A membership organization that is run by a board of directors.
  The board of directors direct the course of action for the
organization.  Want to change the course of action for the
organization, then get on the PBG Board and make changes.  Or is it
just easier for you to sit back and sling mud?  That's how it appears.

I also like the way certain posters, or perhaps it's just one poster
throw out a fabrication such as:

'Did you know our PBG board and director didn't even apply for
Visitor Service Board grants. Why? Because they couldn't adhere to
the deadline that every other organization did in town like the Film
Festival or Tennesseee Williams.'

They are then pointed out to be WRONG and because of the anonymous
nature of this board they are never accountable for the statements. 
The 'shoot and run' theory.

I've said it before, I'll say it one more time.  If you want to make
change you have to work for it.  If you want to sit on the sidelines
and whine, that's your right, but don't expect me to listen to your
whining and take you seriously.

5:26 pm edt 

PTV is not Lower Cape TV, Cable Channel 17

They are both seperate entities.

PTV programs, mostly government programs are produced by the Town of
Provincetown employees and are delivered by same to the Orleans
studio for playback on channel 17. On the program in question there
was something wrong with the disk when it was delivered and our
equipment could not read it. We do not have a large staff (in fact
less staff than PTV) so we do not preview all the programs we air on
the channel. We exercise no editorial control over content as
according to Federal Law re PEG cable access. More often than not the
glitches you see on channel 17 are not the result of staff or some
small town conspiracy, but the result of programming largely being
produced by committed Community Volunteers with limited experience.

For more information about Lower Cape TV visit:

Hope that helps,

James Paul Ludwig
Program Director / Lower Cape Television
5:23 pm edt 

Something of Value

Before talking about destroying the PBG, you had better come
up with something of value to replace it.

Don't forget there were valid reasons for its creation. 
4:47 pm edt 

To: Dan

Optimistic Dan is a newcomer to the PBG no doubt. He may
forget we've been fighting the battles for decades before him. The
PBG is worthless.
4:43 pm edt 

Solution vs Problem

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
4:42 pm edt 

Wait For Dissolution

It's a waste of time to try to do anything to change the
PBG. I've been trying for 15 years. Nothing will ever change until
most of the membership pulls out and the organization dissolves. Then
maybe we can start a worthwhile organization that is effective.
4:41 pm edt 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

To: Webmaster
I'm with you.  Hats off to the Provincetown Police for the
professional on the 4th of July....  It was a joint effort by the
Provincetown Police, Mass State Police, Barnstable County Sheriff's
Dept and the Plymouth County Sheriff's Dept.

Excellent job in keeping Provincetown Safe....  It could not have
been done without you all.....
9:33 pm edt 

Regarding PBG


The person that wrote this  "You really can make a
difference, but you do have to get involved and it's VERY easy to get
involved, they (and I) would love to see fresh faces"  I WOULD ASSUME
HE/SHE IS ON THE BOARD.  SO why did you NOT sign your name?


No, I'm not on the Board.


If you think the PBG is actually going to change, you're living in
another world from the rest of us.
Have you been to a meeting? Steve Tait stands up there and tells us
what a "Tremendous Success" every event is including their recent
Cabaret Fest, a joke. Holly Folly, disaster! Single Mens Weekend was
not worth even having. . .


As I have stated many times, if you want change you need to work for
change.  Again, they would love to see people run for office of the
PBG.  RUN!  They need people to run for office, you can make a
change, but you have to be willing to put yourself out there and give
up your time.  The only reasons I can see not to run for office is:
-There are not enough others who share your view of the dire
situation of the PBG and you would not be elected if you ran.
-You don't have the time to serve on the Board.  That's a legitimate
excuse, but should we really be knocking people who are willing to
take the time to serve?


Did you know our PBG board and director didn't even apply for Visitor
Service Board grants. Why? Because they couldn't adhere to the
deadline that every other organization did in town like the Film
Festival or Tennesseee Williams.


Your information is incorrect.  According to the April 14th Board of
Selectmen minutes the following grants were approved:
Cabaret Fest * Meet Your Man in Provincetown * Holly Folly
This information is from the Town of Provincetown's web site, BOS
minutes.  These are all PBG events.

Now I don't disagree with you on some of your points.  A number of
events could certainly use improvement.  But, I don't feel it's my
right to sit on the sidelines and complain if I don't have the time
to contribute to the solution.

7:51 pm edt 

You Really Can Make a Difference

The person that wrote this  "You really can make a
difference, but you do have to get involved and it's VERY easy to get
involved, they (and I) would love to see fresh faces"

I WOULD ASSUME HE/SHE IS ON THE BOARD.  SO why did you NOT sign your name?
6:40 pm edt 


If you think the PBG is actually going to change, you're living in
another world from the rest of us.

Have you been to a meeting? Steve Tait stands up there and tells us
what a "Tremendous Success" every event is including their recent
Cabaret Fest, a joke. Holly Folly, disaster! Single Mens Weekend was
not worth even having. They do everything last minute with no proper
planning. The treasurer comes to the meetings and gives us financial
reports right off his brain, yet can't recall all the exact figures
and never seems to have with him any reports or anything to hand out.
God forbid if you actually question facts or figures because he goes
off! The PBG is in horrible financial condition right now. The
Executive Director is never here working, he's always at his
boyfriends place in NY. Working from NY of course when you call the

Did you know our PBG board and director didn't even apply for Visitor
Service Board grants. Why? Because they couldn't adhere to the
deadline that every other organization did in town like the Film
Festival or Tennesseee Williams.

The only person that ever seems to voice an opinion is Rick Murray
and for that the Executive Director belittles him behind his back.
One of our most successful business owners who knows what he's doing
and the PBG staff doesn't even listen to anything he has to say.

It's no wonder membership is declining and they need to turn to
adding out of town property owners to add to the dues income. If you
speak to most businesses in town, ask them why they're not members.
Ask the Mayflower Restaurant why they're not a member. The businesses
get no value, the only one's that get remotely any return are the
guest house owners and I even question that.

You're dilusional. It's a member-based organization but unless you're
Steve Tait or the Executive      , your opinion doesn't count in
their eyes.
5:58 pm edt 

PBG Web Site:

I have not seen any increase in the PBG web site during the last 2
years.  I have something that shows me where "hits" come from and
have seen no increase.  The PBG site is always in the top 10 list,
but usually # 8 or #9 from all other sites.  NOT that great
considering everything.   I will re-post statistics if I see an
increase, but with the generic looking site, I am not holding my
5:34 pm edt 

Worth Repeating:

I think any PBG member needs to remember this is a membership
organization.  The members can effect change if they are willing to
work at it.  The Nominating Cte for the PBG has to BEG people to run
for office.  If you really want to effect change and make something
happen, run for the Board of the PBG.  You really can make a
difference, but you do have to get involved and it's VERY easy to get
involved, they (and I) would love to see fresh faces (and familiar
faces) running for office.  The same people are frequently on the
Board of the PBG. WHY? Because these people are willing to step up
and give of their time when no one else will.

Don't like the way the PBG is going?  Get involved, get elected to
their Board and make a difference.
5:32 pm edt 

PBG Site

I would suggest checking your stats for the past year and a year from
now compare them. I guarantee you, they will be down.

I doubt it, I've seen nothing, but increases in hits.  But, maybe
that's because my glass is always half full while yours seems to be
half empty.  I continue to be AMAZED by the negative attitudues I see
around this beautiful town.

While some negative comments on this board are constructive
discussions of issues there are a number of posters who have the
unique ability to see negative in everything.  I don't get it.  Maybe
it's just one poster who has a negative vision of everything.

You ain't bringing me down !!!!!!  Have a great summer !  I intend to
do exactly that.
1:52 pm edt 

PBG Site

I would suggest checking your stats for the past year and a year from
now compare them. I guarantee you, they will be down.
12:00 pm edt 

The Sex/Dune Story has Now Gone Nationwide

It was on MSNBC this morning. Although they did'nt mention
Provincetown -- they just referred it to beaches on the outer Cape.
11:37 am edt 

What's Happend To the PBG?

I get more hits to my web site from the web site than any
other web site.  They must be doing something right.
11:35 am edt 

What's Happend To the PBG?

The new PBG site is probably the most generic site about Provincetown
online. The only site that's worse is the Town's site. Thankfully,
there are other sites that actually sell the town. Sure, it's more
interactive but that only helps the people in the  PBG office. It
certainly doesn't matter to visitors trying to decide on where to go
on their vacation. They want to see Provincetown. Sure the old site
had problems, but they could have been fixed and at least it made an
attempt to sell the town.

The PBG has been on a downward spiral ever since Gabby Hanna left.
Just one bad decision after another. And at each meeting, they try to
make it seem that their events are so successful. With the exception
of Carnival, everyone in the business community knows that they're

What has happened to the PBG??? At one time, it really seemed to make
a difference.
9:50 am edt 

Better Without You

I believe you are the complainer. You are the  one always
nit-picking about what others write about, here on the blog. Then you
admonish, act supercilious, and inevitably suggest that the
complainer leave town. Perhaps, Sir or Madam, it's time you left the
blog. We'd be better for your absence.
9:48 am edt 

Drudge Report

The Drudge Report posted the Provincetown Sex on the Beach
Story -- been on his home page for a day now.
9:46 am edt 

Sex on Beach Story Hit UPI and Boston Herald today.

 I'm really beginning to believe the whole push about sex in the seashore
is an ingenious plot by the real estate community to boost property
values :) Good job!
9:45 am edt 

My God!!

What is wrong with you people??

It seems everything is not run the way you want it to be from the PBG
to Grand Union to the Film Festival,to town government to whether
somebody has an open sign hanging in front of their business to the

Pier Corp to the schools to whatever.
I am sick of it!!

Ive got a complaint I am upset that starting back on June 21 the
number of hours of daylight is getting shorter everyday! Can we put
that on the next town meeting agenda?

Here is another piece of advice how about a big fat cup of shut the     UP!

For those of you who do not like it here Route 6 is a two way road
and there are flights out on Cape Air.
12:38 am edt 

Monday, July 7, 2008

Agreed on the PBG

I'm glad they finally updated it. It's
been how long? Although it doesn't really show anything worthwhile
about Provincetown
11:41 pm edt 

PBG Membership & The Web Site:

I agree with the post that said "It's become a waste of time, money
and energy to be a member".  I do not know one thing the PBG has done
for me as a business owner in the last 5 plus years.  I promote my
own business better than 5 or 6 board members and an executive
director that has never approached me as a member.  The new web site
is better than the old, but for 16 grand, it doesn't promote
Provincetown as a gay destination.  I would have thought this was the
chamber of commerce's web site, who we all know promotes Provincetown
to a different market.  The one main logo on the top of the page
doesn't even rotate and shows what?  The breakwater?  How GAY is
that?  And with the PBG promoting NO NUDITY on the beaches, why even
show the breakwater and where it leads too?
11:40 pm edt 

PBG Site

I think it's about time the PBG does something useful. 15 years of
dues and all I've seen in the past couple of years is a bunch of
fools stroking themselves for doing a self proclaimed great job. . .

I think any PBG member needs to remember this is a membership
organization.  The members can effect change if they are willing to
work at it.  The Nominating Cte for the PBG has to BEG people to run
for office.  If you really want to effect change and make something
happen, run for the Board of the PBG.  You really can make a
difference, but you do have to get involved and it's VERY easy to get
involved, they (and I) would love to see fresh faces (and familiar
faces) running for office.  The same people are frequently on the
Board of the PBG. WHY? Because these people are willing to step up
and give of their time when no one else will.
11:37 pm edt 


    It appears that Miss Couture did experience a spasm at the BOS
meeting but perhaps not in her back. Faced with more stress than she
might have expected, her diverticulitis acted up. We'd still like to
see this meeting that has not yet been broadcast.
11:34 pm edt 

Re: Criticism

I'm noticing that there is a common theme to the postings
telling another user to take a CHILL PILL and to GET A LIFE. It's
becoming very noticeable. I must say that I agree with Will 100%. The
new Chief of Police should be more careful about the things that he
addresses first. He's already proven his priorities are in the
toilet. Public sex and nudity are far less troublesome for
Provincetown then for example, the ramped crystal meth problem or the
underage drinking at A-House everynight.

If you truly find it insulting that someone makes a statement about a
public figure in this town, you should collect your toys and leave
the sandbox now. This is Provincetown after all and there will be a
daily government scandal, a clear screw up or other embarrassing
antic by one of our own elected officials. It just happens and it
happens often. Just a few months ago Mary Jo and Michelle had me
hanging my head low in shame after watching MJ scream hysterically on
television like a child having a tantrum and having Michelle call the
Attorney General on her own department.

So finally it's time for your own words to get used upon you. Grow
up, take a CHILL PILL and GET A LIFE!

Will has the right to say what he wants. I actually found his letter
to be well-thought and intelligent. I wish I could say the same to
you. People like me that are reading far too much of your opinion are
getting sick of you criticizing others for having one of their own.
10:40 pm edt 

GU is Better in the Summer

Even though the parking lot may look foreboding in season when the
Bulgarian (J1) kids are here the lines move fast. Every register in
the store is open and cashiers are competent and courteous. There is
enough volume that the produce, meats and dairy are usually not

But shopping in P-town can be like a 12 step meeting
10:11 pm edt 

I think it's about time the PBG does something useful. 15 years of
dues and all I've seen in the past couple of years is a bunch of
fools stroking themselves for doing a self proclaimed great job. The
PBG isn't what it was 15 years ago or 5 years ago for that matter.
Even a few years ago when Rob Tosner ran the show it was productive
and useful to take part. It's become a waste of time, money and
energy to be a member.
10:09 pm edt 

Re: Old and Gray...
twinks= young gay men....tweekers = guys on drugs=meth
10:07 pm edt 

Provincetown Second Homeowners Association

Anyone interested in helping me form such an organization?

E. Michael Richards
10:06 pm edt 

To Whoever Wrote:"New PBG Web Site"

I have checked out the new site. For some reason whoever
did this site seems to have forgotten one rather important fact. This
site is supposed to promote Provincetown as a destination for gay
visitors. I went through every page and there is only ONE photo of
Provincetown on the entire site! I repeat ONE photo. Oh yes, there is
Ms. Richfield, a shot of men and a shot of women but otherwise it
shows absolutely nothing of who we are of what Provincetown is about.
This site is nothing more than an online directory of links. If
someone doesn't know about Provincetown, this site is surely not
going to entice them. For all the money the PBG spent ( I believe
somewhere aroundd $16,000) -- what a waste.
10:05 pm edt 

Great to See the new Police Chief Walking Our Streets

      I'm impressed with Jeff Jaran. He is doing community policing
and actually walking Commercial Street. And it's good to have the
other police officers doing this as well. What a great change.

    I also see a change this year with the summer officers. They too
are walking the streets and more. they are also helping us cross the
streets and manage the traffic. Just great to have them more engaged
with the community.

     Kudos to Jeff Jaran in his early steps. I like what I see and I
think it is good for Provincetown.
10:02 pm edt 

Chill Pill

I agree with the person / persons that mentioned            
would NOT like sex in his back yard.  I have been in town for 15
years and knew when Will moved here and bought his first condo on
Carver Street.  He became an angry person when he sold it and
couldn't afford property back in our wonderful community.   To tell
the Chief to keep his tounge in his mouth is insulting to all of us. 
He does need to take A CHILL PILL or move back to where he came from.
1:18 pm edt 

PTV and Missing BOS Programs

IF anyone knows the Exact time and date of the PTV showing
that has been discussed here, will you let everyone know please. 
Also, what date was the BOS meeting that you are all talking about?
11:38 am edt 

GU Scanned Cards and Discounts

Went to the GU yesterday.  On check out the girl scanned
the FIRST item and I insisted she scan my GU card.  She said
management told them to scann the GU cards and the END now.  I told
her that was NOT acceptable so she did scan my GU card and then
proceeded to do the groceries.  BUT THE PROBLEM IS, IF YOU SCAN THE
ONE ITEM AND THEN THE GU CARD, the computer does not DEDUCT the sale
items till the VERY END.  So you do NOT know if your getting the sale
prices till you look over the slip.  NEXT TIME I WILL INSIST ON
11:36 am edt 

What Happened?

Does anyone want to know WHAT town store owner called a 15
year old town girl a F-ing A-hole and threatened her that'd she'd
never work in P-town again because this 15 year old's hours were cut
to basically part-time even after she came back from last summer,and
this store owner was pretty mean so this girl quit.  Then that was
the store owners response.  How rude can an adult be to a 15 year
old.......and then to threaten up with this town
and hiring the town's kids.....
9:32 am edt 

PTV Conspiracy?

PTV prepares a disc which is delivered to Orleans and inserted in an
automated system.  The disc failed, plain and simple and it's
happened to all of us at one time or another.  The data was not lost
and from what I was told will be rebroadcast this coming week.

PTV is run be very respectable people who work hard to bring us
government programming, but the way the system is set up, they have
no control over what happens in Orleans or with faulty discs.  They
are working hard to establish our own channel which will broadcast
from Provincetown and will have only Provincetown programming on a
continuous loop.

And Ms Couture was  trying to leave the meeting because of a painful
back spasm yet was continually berated by a belligerent member of the
9:29 am edt 

OK, I May be Old and Gray........

........but I thought "twinks" refered to
drugs? All these years living here, experencing all sorts of
different lifestyles and I never knew that "twink" was a ani gay
word. Times change and so has this town but don't fool yourself into
thinking there is no institutual memory!
9:28 am edt 


Congrats to the new regime. No clashes, bad press or bloody DJ's this
4th of July.

This is much better!
9:25 am edt 

New PBG Web Site

What do you think?  I like it, I think it's much easier for visitors
to follow and contains more usable information.  I like that members
are able to update their own information and enter their own events. 
I also like the random display of lodging options instead of it
always being alphabetical.
9:24 am edt 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to the WebMaster

     A little bird, I think it was a cardinal, whispered that today
is the WebMaster's birthday. So Happy, Happy  Birthday. All best
wishes and may it be a good day and a good year.

Webmaster Comment: Thank you very much.
10:38 am edt 

Thanks for the Fireworks

    To all who worked so hard to make the fireworks happen, thanks
and thanks again. In particular, Rick Murray did a yoeman's job as he
helped raise so much money. Thanks Rick and all the others who gave
money and gave of their time.

    I'm also glad that Michelle Couture did not get her wish which
was that we don't need the fireworks and they do any good for
business. Maybe that's true for her business but it's not true for
the town. Also, as Americans, this is the one day we all celebrate.
Such a little mind, such a small heart she has. But in spite of her,
the town had fireworks and a celebration we can all be proud of.
10:35 am edt 

Re: Grand Union Market

I thought that the 4th of July was a wonderful day with the
parade, and the fireworks were the icing on the cake for a beautiful
evening. Thank you to all that helped make it all possible.

To the person who thinks that the GU Market is trying to overcharge
them by not swiping their savings card until the end...I was just in
there 4th of July afternoon, and I gave the girl my savings card in
the middle of her scanning my groceries, and she had no problem doing
so. I however, did not have that great of an experience with the
girls in the deli department. The Jamaican women are wonderful, the
other girls...not so great. Everyone is bound to have their own
experiences in all shapes and sizes. Not everyone can have a good day
EVERY day.

Try not to take it personal. I'm sure if you in fact were
overcharged, the courtesy booth employees would be more than happy to
accommodate your refund. Would it be a pain in the neck to go back
and ask for the refund...yes. However, at least you would get your
money back.

Everyone in town is struggling this year and I have seen some good
changes in the GU Market. I don't always find what I am looking for,
but I do know that if you ask management to order it for you, they
will or at least try to get the product in for you.

Enjoy the rest of your summer days...
7:32 am edt 

Saturday, July 5, 2008

To: What a Great Night

. . .Made me think it was a regular old town in anywhere
USA. All the twinks blended in and nobody really noticed . . .

*  *  *  *

Sometimes I read comments on here and the somewhat vieled opinions of
the writers seem to come through.  I like to think that we are an
open accepting town, for the great majority of the time we are.  But
signs of homophobia do show their ugly face at times.

All the twinks blended in and nobody really noticed?  Perhaps all the
women you referenced with ample cleavage and short skirts blended in.

And then there is a person who likes to write the word 'perverts'. 
If it mattered I could probably figure out who you are, I'd just
check the list of the people who signed the 'anti-gay marriage'
9:17 pm edt 

Fire works...

What a wonderful sight to see. Thank you so very much to everyone who
worked so hard to get this event off the ground. It just goes to show
how our community can come together and pull off what seemed
However to the former selectman who brought forth the idea to tax us
on the very celebration of our Independence. Is that not what the war
was about taxation and freedom from Tierney. Which leads me to
another point I wonder if a certain selectman enjoyed the display and
most likely did.
I also wonder if there was an ounce of pride in you watching all the
hard work others did considering you don't give a damn. One more
thing the police did a great job best yet
9:05 pm edt 

What a Great Night

The forth was so much fun finally. I left town around 10 so anything
that happened later I didn't see. All the ladies with ample cleavage,
short skirts, high heels, tight jeans. Made me think it was a regular
old town in anywhere USA. All the twinks blended in and nobody really
noticed. And the fireworks were great, constant and colorful. Thanks
doc Murray!
4:47 pm edt 

Banner Letter to the Editor:

The letter Will Coons wrote should be read back to himself.  As Mr
Coons is a massage therapist, he should practice what he preaches. 
"Love and unconditional positive.........."

I suggest Will Coons gets a grip on himself.  Naked men, gay or
straight or bi, do not have to display open sex on the beaches.  If
men and or women were more descreet about where they were having sex,
this would not be such a huge issue.  If men were having sex all
night in the parking lot on the west end near Mr. Coons home, I am
sure he would change his mind about where and when it becomes

Mr Coons, take your own "CHILL PILL"
4:45 pm edt 

Let the Flags Wave
     It's the Fourth. Let the flags wave and the sentiments of
independence and freedom ring loud and clear. Happy, Happy Fourth of
July to all!
4:44 pm edt 

Friday, July 4, 2008

Setting Policy and Writing Policies on MacMillan Pier?

How many boats tied up to MacMillan Pier is Pier Corporation Director
Kerry Adams writing insurance on and making money from?  Let's see
ferry and whale watch tix being sold by one Pier Corporation
director, another writing the insurance policies. Seems like more
than financial reviews should be made.
1:06 pm edt 

Re: Grand Union

I just got back from the Grand Union, sure wish it was a Stop N Shop,
but that's not going to happen.

Their new policies is to swipe your GU card AFTER all the purchases
have been rung up.  The cashier told me that was how they were now
told to do it.  The only purpose I can see with this policy is so
that you can not tell if a sale price item is properly rung up.

To the management of the Grand Union:
This smacks of making sure your customers don't know if you are
overcharging them.  The next time I shop there I will insist that the
cashier swipe my card first and if he or she refuses I will ask to
see the manager.  I suggest others do the same.
1:04 pm edt 

Re: Correction to MacMillan Pier


Its $22,500 of lost income from just that one charter vessel that for
three years used the courtesy float for free to operate his business.
  There were many, many more who did the same thing. The blame lies
squarely with the Pier Corporation who allowed it.

Candace Nagle
1:02 pm edt 

Re: MacMillan Pier

Many of you will be on MacMillan Pier tonight watching the
fireworks that the town could not fund.  Some of you like myself
wrote a check to help fund them.

As you walk down the pier that we pay all of the debt service (almost
$400,00 per year), you should know that all of us have been
subsidizing many private charter businesses on the east side of
MacMillan Pier. For years these charter businesses have been getting
the Provincetown taxpayer subsidized rate reserved for fishermen:
$2,137.20 up to a 40 vessel. Is it just bad management, favoritism or
kickbacks? I dont have the answer but the Pier Corp. has done a great
disservice to those (us)who pay for the pier.

The market rate on the west side is $7500 or more for a charter
vessel using a shared gangway, shared float and no ticket booth.

The Pier Corp admitted June 12 2008 at their meeting over five
charter vessels are using the east side. Do the math. Thats a
$5,362.80 discount for each vessel. At six vessels thats $32,176.80
of lost income just this summer because we are subsidizing these
private businesses. Is your business in town bei
1:00 pm edt 

Happy Fourth Everyone!

     Wishing everyone a Happy Fourth! May it not rain on our parade
but if it does, we will still celebrate Independence Day.

     Thanks to all who contributed and worked for tonight's
fireworks. You did a gret job and deserve our priase.

     May you have a wonderful Fourth of July Provincetown!
9:40 am edt 

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why so Silent PTV

Dear Madam Chairman, you can run but you cannot hide.

Your finger prints are all over this "breakdown" in communication
on the part of PTV.

What explains the delay in the showing of the June 9th BOS
fiasco? If PTV is unable to provide the service to which the
town of Provincetrown is entitled, perhaps a new organization (uncompromised)
shoud be considered.

We are deserving of an explanation from PTV. 
11:34 pm edt 

Lets Get Real Here

Cable channel 17 ALWAYS has problems
with its programming! Some people think its some kind of plot, but
when it comes down to it. Its because cable 17 is automated (no human
is behind the curtain). Maybe you should START smoking that bong!
11:20 pm edt 

Sorry - But,

"Seems that the person suggesting(two postings)"

There are two writers, sweet-cheeks.
This one works full-time and manages to surf the web.

But, doesn't seem if two independent writers conclude paranoia, there
might be something to it.

There is far too much false-importance and drama regarding  our local
affairs. Lightening up is good advice for everyone.
11:18 pm edt 

Did Anyone See the BOS Coup D'Etat on Channel 17

     I had wanted to see the June 9th BOS meeting when, in a few
minutes, one chair was replaced with another. But it is not listed on
PTV. I spoke to someone who tried to watch it on the Wednesday
following the BOS meeting and it was not on PTV.

     I find that worth looking into. Last night should have been
broadcast and so to the June 9th meeting but neither were. Why? Is
someone literally pulling the plug on what should be a community's
right, through Comcast, to view the BOS meeting. Something's
11:15 pm edt 

Tiananmen Square Analogy Shows Intellect

     I like bloggers with insight and with a sense of history. To
take a major incident from China and make analogies to Provincetown
adds an interesting perspective. It's good to get intelligent
responses to the questionable actions of this town.

     Please, more from this blogger.
11:13 pm edt 

Re:Re: Tiananmen Square Revisited

Seems that the person suggesting(two postings) that the writer of the
Tiananmen Square comment, is either high on drugs or paranoid has
nothing better to do than to spend their time in front of a computer
screen, while advising others to get a life.

What about yours?
7:48 pm edt 

"Tiananmen Square Revisited?

I recall sitting with a friend in 1989 watching the
Tiananmen Square incident happen live on CNN."

Oh please... don't equate a world-class tragedy to what happens here.
  Don't diminish the Chinese fight for freedom by comparing it to a 
cable tv glitch here.

It's the Fourth of July - let go of your paranoia and actually enjoy
your life!
7:35 pm edt 

Tiananmen Square incident vs PTV/BOS
One wonders if The Chair made a call and a sympathetic crony pushed a
button last night to impede the broadcast of the selectmen's meeting
on Ch. 17. Now a more slippery question arises: did the disk that was
supposed to be inserted for broadcast get inserted instead into a
trash bin so it can never be viewed by anyone?
Are you kidding me? How paranoid are you? Step away from the bong,
sir. You are definitely TOO high. OMG
7:03 pm edt 

Re: Are They are Are They Not Arriving in Town?

Let's put it this way. I'm skipping the laundromat, saving quarters
and pounding my clothes on the washboard abs of Commercial Street.

Yes, the circuit boys have arrived. Freak on!

-Laughing Last
3:45 pm edt 

Wow! Excellent Work Registered Voter
So many good points. Wow. You have alerted me to a possible
attempt by maybe Michelle Couture to stop the airing of this Monday's
meeting. I surely would like to see waht happened. And you are right:
did someone sabotage the showing? I was looking forward, as I
ususally do, to the broadcast. And there was nothing. Why? You riase
issues that we should all examine. What really did happen last night
so that nothing, nothing at all, was aired?
3:44 pm edt 

Are They are Are They Not Arriving in Town?

I'[m still waiting to hear if the circuit boys will or will not
be here.

Does anyone know?
2:09 pm edt 

Tiananmen Square Revisited?

I recall sitting with a friend in 1989 watching the
Tiananmen Square incident happen live on CNN.  The person I was with
said that the Chinese Government would never do anything appalling
because the world was watching.  I told my friend that all the
Government had to do was flick (Frick?) a switch to prevent the live
broadcast and they could get away with anything.  As those words
passed from my lips the image on the television went dark and was
replaced by a signal blocked screen scrawled in Chinese and
translated by CNN.  The anchor came back to report that all
broadcasts from China had been halted from inside by the Government.

Want to keep sullied deeds, even those committed in public, as
private as possible? Simply block the broadcast signal.  In this
technical age, all you have to be is someone small with a larger bit
of power to tell the operator to shut it down. The incident can then
be blamed on a mysterious glitch.  This will constitute a clean kill
of the questionable material.

One wonders if The Chair made a call and a sympathetic crony pushed a
button last night to impede the broadcast of the selectmen's meeting
on Ch. 17. Now a more slippery question arises: did the disk that was
supposed to be inserted for broadcast get inserted instead into a
trash bin so it can never be viewed by anyone?  If so, citizens who
are interested in witnessing The Chair lose her cool while attempting
to stop the populace from expressing their rightful opinions and
consequently getting a verbal spanking from a Concerned Voter will
never have the chance to form their own opinions about the events
that occurred.

I suggest that whoever was responsible for operating the broadcast of
the selectmens meeting last night come forward and explain exactly
what happened.   It may seem as if all of this is small potatoes, but
the ominous fact remains that any time there is a purposeful
impediment to the dissemination of information on the part of
government at any level we are treading on perilous ground.

I hope I am wrong about this.  I hope that it was indeed a technical
glitch and PTV will air the recent selectmen's meeting in full,
preceded by a thorough statement of explanation.  If, however, I am
correct then we need to collectively consider getting a fine attorney
not a fleet of trailers.

2:07 pm edt 


Not sure when U type into this blog, it posts it into history.  It is
not like email or if it is, let me know how I can look at what was
Back to you roomie
1:59 pm edt 

They Forgot to Put the Disc In?

     How does PTV forget to put the disc in? This seems rather odd.
Maybe Frick didn'tg want the meeting and her behavior to be aired.
Maybe Frick found some way to make certain her questionable behavior
would be kept from the viewing public.

      We will have to see if the BOS meeting on the trailers will air
at 12:30p.m. this Sunday. Or will they forget again to put in the
9:40 am edt 

A Response

To my roommate XXXXX who really needs to clear his history after
using the house computer!!!

I read your rant on our pc this morning about 4th of July.  I am
going to give you some LOVING advice dear,

This is your 3rd summer in P-town.  No one is forcing you to live
here, you CHOOSE to.

You are in the service (tourism) industry and live in a very
beautiful, accepting Town that will offer great gifts, such as her
seashore, her sand dunes, her beautiful architecture, and most of
all, its beautiful people.  All people, regardless of any judgmental
and bitter feelings that you brought with you from Boston, and your
obviously damaged childhood.

Please, for your sake, and the sake of your housemates, start your
day out with a sprit of LOVE, not hate!  Rid yourself of the
resentful insecurities that bind you down.

Breathe in the salt air.  Ride your bike and take a moment to enjoy
what is around you.

Walk down the street and notice how handsome and beautiful the men are.
Smile at them, dont frown.  They are not stupid circuit-queens.  They
sense your hostility towards them.  (this also reflects in your tips
at one of your TOO MANY part time jobs)  These people that you waste
too much of your energy on actually come here to have fun.  It is
called vacation, and you are here to help them enjoy themselves.

Put yourself in their place.  Do you want an arrogant waiter serving
your food?  A taxi driver telling you to go to hell?  A house cleaner
spitting in your drink glass?
You best change your outlook on your gay sensibilities.

Take in the beauty and love this Town has to offer you!  Say Hello to
a stranger, and I bet you they respond with a smile and a nod.  (who
knows, you may even get lucky!!!)

We (your housemates) want the best for you, but you need to help out
by being a bit more positive in your attitude.  Entitlement works
both ways, dear.

Look for the Joy in the wonder that is Provincetown.  (and please
erase your history on the house pc)
9:38 am edt 

Circuit boys EAT?? Ha!

No they dont. And they don't drink
either, unless you count bottled water.

Bear week is coming though soon enough..Now those boys eat and drink!!!
9:35 am edt 

What Happened to Public Television?

PTV forgot to put the disk in. There was no airing of Monday night
selectmen's meeting tonight. Maybe it will be aired on Sunday at 1pm.

Unregistered Voter
3:49 am edt 

Business Skills

I own a shop in town and have been busy for the past month!
My sales are more than last year at this time and I see no slowing
down. Maybe the ney sayers on this blog should relearn how to be a
success in what they do! Provincetown is a great place if you know
what your doing.
3:45 am edt 

Here Is an Interesting Thought

I just hung up the telephone with an old friend of mine.  We were
trying to figure out what happened to all the people who use to live
here in the winter months.  It seems more and more folks take off
when their seasonal employment ends.  Heres a thought,

Mass unemployment benefits were awarded to us after we showed up for
the interview process every two weeks.  Then we would get our checks.
In an effort to curb spending by the Dept of Unemployment Insurance,
we now are able to file our weekly claims by computer (online), and
last year was the first winter we could sign up for direct deposit. 
No more face to face interview.  No need to go to the bank.
This enables more of the seasonal workers to take off to far away
places, instead of remaining here in town, waiting for the next
interview with the unemployment officer.

It seems the new technology actually hinders a year-round population.
3:39 am edt 

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Re: Poster Laughing Last

My attempt at humor (Sex at the National Seashore) in regards to my
statement "get a room or go to the Vault" must have escaped you. I
certainly wasn't suggesting anything untoward happens at the Vault
nor would I suggest Dr. Murray would allow such. I know Dr. Murray,
he has a sense of humor.

E. Michael Richards
1:05 pm edt 

Watch PTV Selectmen's Meeting Tonight

Watch channel 17 @ 9pm Tonight
Monday's Selectmen's Meeting
See Michell lose it.

Unregistered Voter
1:03 pm edt 

Re: Sick of the Entitlement from the Drug Induced Circuit

Bitter, much?

I'm tempted to speculate about the psychology of your rant. Instead,
I ask you to thank your lucky stars!

After all, circuit queens aren't known for frugal ways. Who else will
buy the $200 shirts and jeans that would otherwise sit all summer in
the windows of the town's better haberdasheries?

Among the other misbehaviors you have cited, you must have noticed
all the pretty boys dropping hundreds of dollars at dinner in groups
of four, six and eight. Something tells me that P'town's gyms are
cleaning up, too!

In my fourth summer as a year-rounder (and ex-circuit queen), I
remain appalled by the slams I hear against the weekly waves visitors
who pay for our daily bread (you know, those #$%&! circuit

The narrow minds of of too many people are this town's dirty little secret.

-Laughing Last
12:23 pm edt 

Dear Negative Ned or Nancy

Is your glass always half empty?  Geez, that must always be sad (or angry).

I'm a business owner in town.  Our business in June was the best June
ever by a significan amount.  Give people a product they want, treat
them with respect, treat them with courtesy, let them know you are
glad they are here.  Do the same with employees, with your fellow
town residents.  You might be surprised at the results.

Had I heard all the gloom and doomsayers before I moved to town to
operate a business I'm not sure I would have come to Provincetown. 
Now that I've been here some time I'm happy to be here, happy with
how my business is going and happy to be working with so many other
wonderful people in town.
10:25 am edt 

Re:Re:Contradiction to Second Homeowners and Other Musings!

Lest you forget, those of us who own second homes here in
Provincetown pay full real estate taxes and all that goes with
property ownership and use very little of the services provided by
these taxes and fees.

We and our guests support the local businesses, volunteer and
give to the local charities and welcome EVERYONE to this town. We
have a major investment here and are diligent looking out for the
best interests for Provincetown's success. Our problems are the same
as many of the other 350 cities and towns in the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts yet multiplied by the fact that our tourism season is so
short which of course is our major industry.

Many efforts have been made to extend the season but we will never
see a full twelve month tourist season, it's a tough day laying on
the beach at Herring Cove in January.

So this week seems quieter than other July 4th weeks? Could it be
that more people are taking next week off so they can get an extra
few days of vacation considering the holiday falls on a Friday? Could
it be the cost of fuel or the economy in general? Could it be that
your unoffical head count is off?

What I do doubt is "all the bad publicity" cited. The DJ case will resolve
itself somewhere in the middle, some fault assessed to all parties. If I
believed every story I heard about that case from people who claimed
to be present you could fill Gillette Stadium.

The issue of sex at the National Seashore will also resolve itself, there
are enough interested parties watching that one. I have addressed my
opinion on that previously.

But I gotta tell ya, I don't know anyone who's staying away because
of these issues and I've been coming to this town for more years than
I care to think about (ages me). Of course my head count is unoffical
as well.

E. Michael Richards
10:24 am edt 

Repeat Poster

There is one person posting all of the last comments.

Webmaster, what about repeat postings by the same person?
9:50 am edt 

Circuit Parties

I Heard the Circuit Parties are Not Happening This Year'
      Is this true? I hears that the Circuit boys are tired of
Provincetown and want a new place to party. so they won't be here.
Does anyone know if that is true or not?
9:45 am edt 

Re: 4th of July Tourism

You are correct. The town has been extremely quiet in comparison to
previous years. The beach was nearly empty on a hot day!

It could be the gas prices or it could be all of the national bad
press we received for the police beating a DJ and his partner last
year and other incidents of hate they needed training for this year.
They nevere apologized for their actions.

I went to San Fran and Miami during the past 6 months and it was in
the papers there...One bar had it POSTED on the article
about the DJ being beaten for no reason by undertrained summer police!

I have heard from many people, including a family of 5, who won't
come here for family week this year because of this.

File under: Provincetown Leadership Stupidity!
9:17 am edt 

A Question To The Business Guild, Chamber of Commerce

Why were so many businesses closed last evening starting at 5 o'clock?
Isn't this peak season?

Some restaurants were closed also...
(with the exception of the one's with the tacky OPEN flags)
9:06 am edt 

This Is 4th of July???!!?

The parking lot at both Herring Cove and Race Point were only 1/4
full yesterday.
Commercial St. was empty at 6pm in the East End...
The ONLY business that was full yesterday was the 6cents off gas
station on Bradford!

Congratulations, all you Realators-- You got what you wanted--

a town that is an exclusive "Gay-tucket" resort for the elite
"Queens" from NYC & Bos to buy their fabulous condo's and come here
on weekends.  (remember??? more tax revenue on sales of condo's than
room tax...)

9:03 am edt 

RE: Street Sweepers

Side streets (at least mine) collect  significant amounts of sand
(not to mention ciggy butts and other stuff) on them. When sand is
ground down by passing cars it creates fine silica particles that are
very destructive when you inhale them and over time cause lung
disease similar to that found in hard rock mining environments.
Therefore I respectfully dispute the prior posters opinion that
sweeping the side streets is a waste of time.
12:27 am edt 

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

4th of July Reflection

Is it just me or are there fewer tourists on the streets this year?

This is the 4th of July week and I expected the town to be packed... 
and it's not!

Is it the price of gas or the economy?
11:18 pm edt 

Street Cleaners

What's up with street cleaners going up and down clean side streets
several times per week.  This is a terrible waste of tax money.  It
makes absolutely no sense to have side streets "cleaned" when they
are lined with parked cars.  Trash does not accumulate in the middle
of a street.  Town Officials, please get a handle on this waste of
money (wages, fuel, wear and tear to expensive equiptment, etc.).  If
these people must be employed by the town, please have them do
something useful.
9:14 pm edt 

Harbormaster Issues:
Why don't they take one of the Harbormasters that is standing around
during the day while the other 3 hang in the office and clean the
beach?  If you want a harbormaster check the office..... What a waste
of $$$....
8:17 pm edt 

Open Flag Police

So, why are locations allowed to operate with OPEN flags on July 1st?
Grand Central Resturant has there flag out EVERY night after the town
hall closes.  FUNNY?
Yes, as a shop owner, I would have a fine, by certified mail no less.
Darlene from town hall, lets get out after work and make sure we all
play by the same rules
7:46 pm edt 

Re: Contradiction to Second Home Owner

I'd like to contradict the person who felt "second home
owners" were somehow floating the town..I feel more like they
contributed to sinking it.

I equate owning a "trophy" house you don't live in in a town where
working people can't find housing  to no different than leaving all
the faucets running during a draught. Its downright selfish,
gluttonous and disgusting.

We have plenty of guest houses, hotels, and rental homes available to
accomodate people who want to visit for a weekend here and there.
People don't need to purchase homes for this reason.

I think its terribly sad the High School will probably be closing
soon; there are few families left in town; and to find workers
Restaraunts must bring in help from Europe.
5:48 pm edt 

Inappropriate Actions at The Beach... the gay men who are walking around naked and have sex on top of
the dunes realize that the whale watch and ferry boats go by and that
children are aboard who may happen to have binoculars?  Think about
it, fellas...
How would you like your kid or niece or nephew to see that?
If you want sex on the beach, go to Mykonos or Ibiza or order the
cocktail at the Boatslip... on TOP of the pier...
NOT underneath
1:36 pm edt 

To: Brace Yourselves For Another Week of Hell

Yikes, I hope you are not in one of the tourism related industries. 
As a guest house owner we find people treat us the way we treat them.
  We treat them with respect, they treat us and our house with
respect.  We LOVE our guests!  Can't wait for them to come back each

I know there are exceptions to the rule, but in general we are lucky
to have very nice, respectful guests.  Another week of hell?

I don't think so.
1:24 pm edt 

Dear Blog

Welcome back after your vacation!
Missed you.
12:42 pm edt 

Home Owners Insurance & Hurricanes
extract from:

Webmaster Comment: Website link deleted, as per new rules. See previous

Scientists say the jury is still out on whether rising sea
temperatures will cause more hurricanes to hit U.S. coastlines. Yet
some insurance companies are boosting premiums based on assumptions
that they will. Others are withdrawing from coastal communities

Last year, Leanne Lord of Marion, Mass., decided to put her house up
for sale after her insurance premiums more than doubled to about
$2,892 a year since 2005. Many of her Cape Cod neighbors, who hadn't
seen a hurricane in the area since 1991, followed suit. Today,
there's a glut of houses on the local market.

"A lot of people can't afford to live here anymore, between the
insurance and the taxes having gone up so much," says Ms. Lord, a
52-year-old public-health nurse. "They have been forced to leave and
I think that is really sad."

Costs for homeowner insurance along the East and Gulf coasts have
risen 20% to 100% since 2004, says the Insurance Information
Institute, a trade group. In the three years through 2006, says the
institute, property and casualty insurers registered record profits,
topping out at $65.8 billion in 2006. (Despite severe U.S. weather
that has caused about $8.9 billion in insured property losses to date
this year, it's too early to forecast 2008 profits.)

Helping to drive these developments is a little-known tool of the
insurance world: Computerized catastrophe modeling. Crafted by
several independent firms and used by most insurers, so-called cat
models rely on complex data to estimate probable losses from
12:40 pm edt 

To: Webmaster

Why so long between when something gets written to when it
gets posted webmaster?  Also heard on the street from "townies" that
they have written things, that NEVER get posted?  Are you now putting
up only issues that you feel are worthy?

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the Host computer system interface with the website. These
probliems are associated with posters providing website links
in their comments.

Accordingly, links to other websites will generally not be permitted and
when allowed, only through Webmaster intervention.

Relative to postings, all postings which adhere to Shout Out! guidelines
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12:35 pm edt 

Time for McKinsey to go

A story in todays Cape Cod Times, Ref. F/V Chico-Jess, Quotes
McKinsey saying "the night watch is primarily to keep a watch on the
pier not fishing boats."  Hello, what planet is this harbormaster
from?  Piers don't sink but boats do.  The harbormaster and his
assistants main concern should be the safety of the vessels tied to
the pier not the pier tied to the boats.  If McKinsey hasn't figured
this out by now, he shouldn't be harbormaster.

Captain on watch.
12:26 pm edt 

Sex in the Dunes

Why doesn't the Seashore treat the sex in the dunes issue the same
way they do the ORV/Piping Plover issue? Just close the area in
question. Simple, easy...
In response to the person who stated that gay people don't want to
come to Provincetown any longer; Do you blame them?
12:24 pm edt 

Provincetown is a Sinking Ship!

Financially busted, stuck
in the past and not seeing the future coming. Times have changed. No
more fishing village. It's gone so get with the times.

What will the original residents who always brag about being here for
XX years do then? Their town has failed. The town government is a
joke, the budget is a joke, town departments are a joke.

These residents trash tourism because they want it the way it was 50
years ago. It's not going to happen! Those days are gone. Let go and
move out if you don't like it.

Tourism and second-home owners are bailing the only things saving
this town from poverty.

Chris Opalinksy
2nd home owner
12:23 pm edt 

To: Daily Reader

   I wasn't complaining, simply asking who is responsible for
cleaning the beaches so that I can get in touch with the appropriate
people. As to being involved, I believe that walking the beach every
morning and picking up trash with my partner is being involved and
doing our part. Also, due to my part time residency
status,(weekends,holidays and summers) I'm not allowed to hold a
position on any town board. I'm sorry that you have interpreted my
request for information and my desire to keep the beaches
clean,(since that is one of the major attractions of Provincetown) as
complaining. So again I ask, does anyone know who is in charge of
keeping the Bay Beach clean? Thank you and enjoy the beautiful day.

East End PJ (Beach Lover)
12:21 pm edt 

Gand Union Rumor

I spoke to management. There is no truth to the rumor that
the Grand Union will become a Stop and Shop.
12:19 pm edt 

Tides Renovation

Was not the tides houses supposed to be built by the end of
last year or the permits would expire?
Something fisshy!

The Left Rudder
12:16 pm edt 

Brace Yourselves For Another Week of Hell
Once again it is the worst week of the year-
Forth of July, a la Circuit Boy  (men over 40 & 50 as well)
I am sorry, but as a resident I take offense to sex on the dunes out
near Wood End light.  Entitled homosexual men flock to our shores for
the 4th of July, not to celebrate our countries valor and freedom,
but to take drugs and group themselves together on the seashore for
the express purpose of sexual promiscuity.

If gong to the gym for the sole purpose of vanity so one may walk
around town without a shirt is called exercise, then quit smoking,
druging and drinking to excess!

These groups of snotty, narcasistic, self-centered men who congregate
like packs of wild dogs, having public sex in homeowners back yards,
alleyways and under piers give such a bad name for the other gay men
who vacation here to enjoy what the National Seashore has to offer
without the attitude and ill behavior.

Hedonistic behavior is not a birthright in this town simply because
one is visiting a homosexually tolerant community!
I for one, hope the Rangers of the Seashore make several arrests this
week and send a clear message to the homosexual male population that
visits here!

Enough with the foul behavior of the circuit-boi crap!


Sick of the Entitlement from the Drug Induced Circuit.
12:09 pm edt 

Cleaning Our Beaches

Whenever I take my dog for a walk I take two bags, one for
his business and one I with which I pick up trash along the beach. 
We all care about our beaches and they can get pretty disgusting.  Do
we sit back and ask the town to buy a rake, pay an employee to clean
the beaches or do we do it ourselves?

I remember a year or two ago the former tourism director had an
arrangement where I believe it was county prisoners came in and
picked up trash on the beach for free.

I'm not saying people would complain  :-), but if we buy a rake and
hire an employee to clean the beaches will we then hear complaints
about the town spending too much money?

Just my thoughts on a very warm day.
12:08 pm edt 

To: Micheal Richards

I see you are saying it is OK for people to have sex at bars now? 
You said GET A ROOM or GO TO THE VAULT!  Wow, how would you know what
goes on at the VAULT?
12:06 pm edt 

Re: "Get a room or go to The Vault"
Actually, Michael: quite badly said.

I go to The Vault often enough to know you can go only so far before
getting thrown out, and I suspect owner Rick Murray wouldn't
appreciate your misstatement to the contrary.

That gets us back to the meat of things, so to speak.  Murray is
within rights to limit behavior on his property; the Park Service,
not so much on Federal property that my taxes pay for as do yours.

You have no more right to it than I do, and the current harassment
interferes with my enjoyment of a small, remote patch of it  with
other men in a consensual way. No one can rely on commercial sex
venues here, and as for getting a room, ya' got me, I guess, now that
the ink is BARELY dry on The Supreme Court's decriminalization of
private, consensual acts between men in their own homes (Lawrence v.

Why don't you learn a little about gay rights and American history
before taking them for granted?

-Laughing Last
-Laughing Last
12:04 pm edt 

Monday BOS Meeting About the Trailers

     Tomorrow at 6p.m. is a BOS meeting solely dealing with the
suggestion of using trailers for temporary space of town employees
while Town Hall is renovated. Hope to see a few people there to voice
their opinion on this rather odd choice. I say use the buildings that
the town does have to place town employees until the work is done.
There's no quarantee the town will even vote to spend the $7 plus
millions for this mega project.

     I'm interested in what others think about the trailers.

      I can't help think that we will look like New Orleans with
these Katrina trailers to carry out daily town work? How do you get a
wheeelchair inside the trailer? Just a few questions I have.
12:03 pm edt 

When Will the GU Close?

     Do you know which two months the GU will close? Hoping it's not
this summer but at least the fall. Driving to Orleans for vegetables
is just not my idea of a good summer.

    Thanks for letting me if you have the information
12:02 pm edt 

Try Another Piece of Advice

    For every issues, there is one person who has the same boring
answer: serve on a board, attend a meeting. Try thinking about other
ways to deal with issues that many people here bring up. You are a
broken record and a constant "advisor" that gets quite tiring. If
people want to serve, they'll serve. They don't need the repetitive
12:01 pm edt 

To: Daily Reader

Geez I thought I was involved in going
out every morning and picking up the trash...  I am a part time
resident, here on weekends and the summer... I'd love to get
involved, however I don't think that my residency status allows me to
get on a board. Let me know who I can write a letter to or if there
are any meetings I can attend over the summer...
11:59 am edt 

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