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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Friday, May 30, 2008

How Little Intelligence Does it Take?

     Here is what amazes me, and often, shames me. How little
intelligence is required and asked by those who run for Selectmen? We
are, unfortunately, at the bottom. We have no one who thinks, who
understands the consequences for the future of this town. Yet, this
does not seem to matter. Dumb and dumber ,they vote them in. And,
guess what? You have what you voted for.

    Sad and pathetic but true. I look at this group and shake my
head. It's beyond explanation.
11:35 pm edt 

If You Have to Pay for Leadership, Pay

     How much does it cost to have real leaders here in town? I don't
know but I do know we shoud pay for leadership. Better than this
pitiful group inside Town hall and pretending to be selectmen.
Ghastly. Are we living on an island and only the deranged, the sick,
and the mentally improvished apply and are elected? Something is just
wrong here.
11:33 pm edt 

Alive and Well

     As to Tracy Trewhella, seems like the old approach is working
with Sharon Lynn. Sad, isn't it Michelle? How many people have to be
hurt before this woman is asked to leave?
11:32 pm edt 

Forget it!

     Some seem to walk around as if they have and are doing wonderful
things for the town. Some are on the Fianance Committee and seem to
believe they are beyond the fray. They are in La La Land and belive
their own fabrications, their own myths. Look around. This town is in
dire straights. What a group! What a BOS! What a mess!
11:30 pm edt 

Amazing, Isn't it?

     Does anyone who is a selectman know what leadership really
involves? I doubt it. Some know special interest and they follow,
like a pig with a chain through its nose, to the pig owner's
destination. Pigs and more pigs and this is  what we have. What a
dilemma. But then you get what you work for. And this mud mess is
11:29 pm edt 

Re: Clapper's Pond

Clapper's Pond is located off a dirt road after what used
to be Evan's Field:  Take a left from Shankpainter Rd onto Rt 6; then
a right down the dirt road.
10:43 pm edt 


The Mustang GT (Ferrari wannabe car) owner is a      .  Why
is he "entitled" to park at Lopes Sq for extended lengths of time? 
Forget the former blogs that say he is at the CoffeePot.  Where?  I
dont see him in there!!! MANY MANY times...he just parks where he
wants and wanders-he's not buying coffee.  Entitlement...some people
more than others...
9:39 pm edt 

Re: Resident Stickers

Why can "RESIDENTS" with stickers use public parking lots
for weeks and weeks and not move their cars?  While others have to
roam and roam and look for spaces.  These "residents" then use their
home or condo spots for their renters so they dont have to pay.
There should be a limited usage time on public spaces, and not allow
"residents" to store their cars there.

Please do something about this-please.
9:37 pm edt 

Dismayed -

Once again I am dismayed. You people rant that no one in town pays a
livable wage, that dishwashers should be making $20/hr, on and on and
on.  Then you find the people in town who are making a decent wage,
working hard and being successful and you swing into attack mode.

Whoever the previous poster was, you certainly do sound bitter, I
hope I don;t do business at your establishment.

You are an awful lot.
8:13 pm edt 

Gabby on the Streets:

I did see Gabby on the streets a few days ago.  Actually 2 times just
walking up and down Commercial Street as I was busy banking, mailing
invoices and mailing items I had sold that people didn't want to
carry home, ordering, restocking, doing my books and just working 90
plus hours. (I do keep my hours, and I actually worked 103 hours last
week) And today I saw Gabby on the streets again, (Today being May
30, Friday) just strolling with what I would assume was her
girlfriend, as again, I was busy running my business
So the person that says she is working so very hard, especially the
weeks just before the film festival, I say bull----.
After reading all the blogs about salaries, and being in the profit
world for 20 years and making well over 6 figures, I had to work 48
weeks a year, at 50 plus hours a week.  I would have to agree with
the posts that say to make 50 thousand for an event that lasts 5 days
is excessive.  Yes, it takes months and months and months to put on
such a festival, and it does bring business lots of extra income
during the shoulder season, but 50 grand is excessive.
I would like to pose a question to Bill Docker.  If you were going to
work again for the film festival, and put in 1000 hours and make well
under minimal wages, would you do it again knowing that Gabby was
going to make 50 grand?

For those of you that say I am bitter, I am not.  I am just
responding to some issues the bloggers have identified.  I make well
over 50 grand and only work 6 months.  And from reading and listening
to these blogs and knowing something about business, a 5 day event
doesnt take 12 months at 40 hours a week to put on.  No way.
5:44 pm edt 

Skewed Logic- Another Coutureisim

In the Banner Selectman Michele Couture said...
"I don't give a damn whether we have fireworks or not. And most of the town doesn't either because they voted against it".

When it came to the issue of the voters rejecting the Police Union Contract, that didn't stop her from putting it in the budget anyway.

Another Coutureisim
4:22 pm edt 

Don't Try to Suppress Free Speech

Blogs represent the last bastion of free speech.  Readers
and contributors can expect there will be criticism.

I wish those who are trying to shame writers who do criticise, would
think twice.  Are you trying to suppress the free exchange of
thought?  Political correctness has no place here.

There is no Constitutional guarantee against feeling uncomfortable. 
Attacking those you disagree with is juvenile.

I think the more dirt we expose, the better off this town will be.
Questioning the salaries of whomever is fair game, questioning
apparent favoritism by the authorities toward certain individuals is
fair game.

If some-one's sensibilities is hurt - well, grow a thicker skin and
show your mettle with a vigorous defence - just don't try to suppress
free speech.
3:34 pm edt 

Couture? More like WalMart -

I still can't understand why people voted her back in. Check out this
quite from this week's banner --

"Couture said, adding, I don't give a damn whether we have fireworks or
not. And most of the town doesn't either because they voted against it".

What a sad, pathetic, miserable woman we have leading our town.
3:31 pm edt 

Our Film Festival is SO Worth it!

At the risk of throwing one more unnecessary log on this fake fire, I
must add my two-cents to the discussion of salaries for the
festival's staff.  I had the honor to work on the second and third
film festivals with PJ Layng and the amazingly talented people who
put this event together.  Congratulations to all on the upcoming 10th
Annual Provincetown Film Festival!

Way back when, my role was as Managing Director, not exactly the same
position Gabby Hanna holds today; her's is much more encompassing and
important. But, my job was to do many of the tasks Gabby now handles
and I can say from very personal experience that her salary is well
deserved and she is appropriately compensated.

The work of the festival is a 12 month job.  Work on the festival
begins the day the last festival is over and builds to an 80-hour a
week position as the next festival begins. The time put in during the
week of the festival itself is more like a hundred-hour work week
with 16 hour days.  My personal experience is that I spent over 1,000
hours doing the work on the festival each year. (You really don't
want to know what I got paid, because let's say it was well below any
minimum hourly wage level and the budgets during those years were
shoestring at best.)  The people who commit to this work do it
because they love Provincetown, want to make our community
economically and artistically stronger, love film and the arts, and
have a wonderful time doing it and meeting all the talented, dynamic
people the festival attracts - locals and visitors alike.

I now suggest we throw a big bucket of water on this red-herring fire
and the next time you see Gabby on the street you please thank her
for her unwaivering commitment to her work with the festival and know
she's earning every dollar she is paid.  (And please give Jay
Critchley a big 'thank you' as well for he, too, deserves our
gratitude for his many years of hard work on our community's behalf.)

Respectfully signed and with gratitude to our great town,
Bill Docker
3:28 pm edt 

Get the Story Straight

I believe this blog just wants to be cruel to our
community. We have to make a living here.  There is someone who just
hate some people in this town. I believe that this blog brings out
the worst and sometimes the best in people. What I have noticed is
that some of the people who blast others do not sign thier name. If
you or others can not sign your name then you are no better then the
rest. Be sure of your facts!!!!!!! Get the story straight!!!!!!! Make
sure you know the whole truth!!!!!!!!

3:26 pm edt 

End of MYPACC?

Is this the end of

Webmaster Comment: Rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated

Best regards
10:25 am edt 

PACC Not Working, Why?

Please post why pacc is no longer operating

Webmaster Comment: We'er back with apology for the outage.
10:19 am edt 

Film Fest and Swim for Life

The Provincetown Film Festival and the Swim for Life are two of the
greatest annual events in this town. Gabby Hanna and Jay Critchley
have dedicated themselves to staging these complex events for years,
all for the good of this town. To those of you questioning Ms. Hanna
getting compensation or Mr. Critchley's admistrative costs you have
no grip on what it takes to put these events together. These are
dedicated people who work all year long on these projects and for
anyone to suggest they are lining their pockets is just absolutely
dispicable and you should hang your head in shame for even suggesting

But on a happier note- Congrats to the Keatings, the first residents
at Seashore Point! May they and the others taking residence soon live
a long, happy life in these fabulous new digs!

E. Michael Richards
10:16 am edt 

Where are You?

No new posts since Saturday?????

Webmaster Comment: We apologize!
10:14 am edt 

Banner Picture

A few weeks ago in the Banner was a picture of people
planting bushes and hauling mulch. They were all volunteering to
spruce up a place in Ptown. Does anyone happen to know what location
was being spruced up??
10:11 am edt 

Clapps Pond?

Can anyone give me directions to Clapp's pond? Thanks.
10:10 am edt 


Wow. How interesting. Someone posts how much Gabby makes, working for
a local non-profit, which receives a decent amount of local tax
dollars, and
her  very obvious friends , post that this is called
a smear  .

I guess i am going to have to make myself a new dictionary.

According to some people in Provincetown , if you put the truth on
this website is called a  smear.

If you put a lie on this website, it is called  a smear.

If you say something they don't like, it is called
nasty, and mean-spirited. An attack.

Then they write:   "this blog is so nasty, i will never read it again."

  But, they do. Every day.
And then they post. Alot.

What a funny town.
10:09 am edt 

Let's Rememeber Those who Served and Died

     Wars are hell. Today is the day to remember all the suffering
and sacrifice that so many men and women have given to all of us. I
think of my uncles who served in World War II and luckily are still
alive. But so many never came home. I think of those who were friends
and died in Vietnam and those who served in the first Gulf War and
those who served and died in Iraq.

      I can't imagine all they went through and all the fears and
suffering they experienced for our freedom.

      I toast them and thank them and hope we will spend some time
remembering why we have today's celebration. Not only backyard
barbecues and family get togethers but a time to look back and
remeember and to thank those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this
10:07 am edt 

Thanks for the Reminder About Staph

      It's good to be reminded to clean the equipment at gyms. Staph
can spread fast and thansk for this reminder.
10:05 am edt 

This Blog SUX

I used to be a supporter. I stopped reading it a few weeks back and
just took a look today. You people should be ashamed. Sounds like a
few bitter sould who have not or could not make it have decided to
turn their anger on people who work hard to succeed. I have seen too
much of this in Provincetown.  I am guessing that you might also be
the people who go on unemployment every winter and are scamming the
afforable housing system.

Here's a suggestion - gpo get a job and try working hard for a change.

As for the blog, farewell. You should all form a support group and go
whine amongst yourselves - oh wait, that is what this blog has turned
in to.
10:04 am edt 

Is the Film Festival Good for Provincetown? SURE!

Yes the American Red Cross CEO took a salary of $493,000 on
3.9 BILLION of revenue.   And that is a full 12 month job and 12
months of fundraising and thousands of employees and hundred of
thousands of volunteers to manage.
Gabby has a 5 day program.  Do business in Ptown benefit from it.
Sure.   Is the film festival good for Provincetown?  SURE.   Would
someone else do the job for less?  Most likely.
10:02 am edt 

Re: (Re: Ford GT)

Uh-huh. We envy a 200-mph pig-mobile that swills more than its fair
share of gas at $4 a gallon while American soldiers die by the
thousands for it.

Ditto the noisy Hummers that prowl Commercial Street; and of course,
the 12-cylinder Mercedes-Benzes that roll in on the high tide of
vacation homeowners.

If indeed visitors posed for a picture with the
Wish-I-Was-Well-Endowed-Mobile, the moment scarcely spoke to the
uniqueness of P'town. Just the opposite. It's a tacky show that makes
us seem like a wannabe contender for The Hamptons, Carmel-By-The-Sea,
and other joints that lack our history and a joie-de-vive that cannot
be captured by what kind of wheels you drive.

Fred Biddle
9:59 am edt 

Twisted Logic

Taxpayers pay to keep open land; tax payers pay $1,000,000
and destroy the landscape and give the open hole affordable housing
to give to a contractor. What twisted logic..all thanks to the
affordable housing industrial complex...
9:57 am edt 

Attention Finance Committee and Provincetown Taxpayers

The Pier Corporation is giving free berthing to the Viking Princess
while the vessel is waiting for its landlord the Dolphin to repair
its gangway which will take up to a week. Instead of the Viking
Princess getting compensation from the Dolphin for this delay, the
Viking Princess is getting compensation from Provincetown taxpayers
who are missing an opportunity to get market rate rent.

If a Provincetown taxpayers driveway were being repaired, free
parking at any of our towns lots would not be an option.

This is an example of more missed income on the pier.  $1000 or so
must be chump change to the Pier Corp. But, for those who didnt get
pay raises, wanted a new police car or wanted fireworks etc, it all
adds up.

Candace Nagle
9:54 am edt 

Attention Finance Committee and Provincetown Taxpayers:


Last week, our glaring symbol of government waste, which has been
sitting idle at the end of the pier for nine months, has quietly
moved out of the publics eye by the Pier Corporation and tucked away
at the highway department.

None of the things Kerry Adams said on this blog Dec 27 2007 have

Our intention for the Barge is to use it to to take care of our mooring
field. We currently have to hire one of the local commercial fishing
boats to handle heavy moorings for us. That can cost a significant
amount of money.

Having our own barge will eliminate that expense. We would like to use
the barge to replace the Fender Piles that surround the OUTSIDE of the  Pier.
Those pilings are intentionally sacrificial and require regular replacement
whether it be wood-boring worms, old age, rot, or wear & tear from boats
that bang up against them.

Having our own Barge will eliminate a huge expense that will be
required if we have to contract that work out. In addition; we plan
to use the Barge to add floats at the end of the Pier. This will
facilitate a way for the large transient yachts that berth on the
Pier during the summer to back in Mediterranean style. By doing this,
we will be able to accommodate more of this type of traffic on the Pier
which will result in an  increase in profit.

We also MAY (depending on size and legal requirements)  be
able to use the Barge to launch the Fireworks for the 4th of July
celebration! That will result in a big savings to the Town if the
barge rental fee is eliminated yearly!

There is also the possibility for us to lease the Barge to other
Town's / Entities for a fee. There
are MANY cost effective and  profitable uses for the Barge, we know
it will pay for itself in no time!
No Mr. Adams the barge did not pay for itself in no time!  What would
pay for itself in no time is dissolving the Provincetown Public Pier

Candace Nagle

Treasurer Adams, please itemize the total costs to date associated
with the barge? Including transportation costs such as the $1800 it
cost to transport the barge here from Chatham, the cost to move it to
the highway department etc,

In addition, please comment on the vertical welding of the barge as a
certified structural welder who considered bidding on the barge but
did not upon inspection after he went inside it and saw the
substandard welding.

Stay tuned for engine gate!
9:53 am edt 


To anyone who has issues with the salary of a non-profit exec
director, why not pitch your complaint to the organization?  After
all, that's who pays the exec's salary.  Sour grapes only make whine.

Provincetown continues to recognize the tremendous success PIFF has
brought as a cultural attraction that results in many attendees
revisiting Provincetown at other times of the year.  Anyone who
doesn't get the investment the town makes to recoup the support of
this magnificent event many times over is simply short-sorted and
would be wise to consider an eye exam, except your myopic vision
would make you believe the doctor was overcharging.

Gabby Hanna is an accomplished marketing professional who cares
deeply about Provincetown, as evidenced by her tireless work to help
promote the off season to sophisticated film buffs.  Look at the ROI
of this event, the impeccable records this organization keeps, and
the timely way in which PIFF submits their grant documents.  PIFF is
an example many other organizations should follow.

Thanks to the dilgigent efforts of Gabby Hanna and her stalworth
staff, Provincetown's tourism dollars make the mark for the month of
June, an otherwise meager month.

Congratulations to the VSB for continuing to recognize the results of
the efforts of the PIFF.
9:49 am edt 

Gentle Readers:

I do not know Ms. Hannah, and am barely acquainted with Mr.
Critchley.  However, I have worked in the past with many
not-for-profit organizations as a consultant, and I can you from my
observations that in most cases people heading these organizations
are grossly underpaid.

Unlike most of us, who work set hours and then go home and have a
"life" or what have you, those folks who work in not-for-profit  have
jobs that never end.  Their evenings and weekends are not their own
as all the work that needs to be done can't possibly occur in a
"normal" forty-hour-a-week-nine-to-five job.  They usually have
minimal support staff, (if any) so what may fall to a secretary or
assistant instead are tasks the heads of these organizations have to
take care of themselves, i.e., maintaining data bases, sending out
correspondence, making numerous phone calls, etc.  As their days are
usually taken up with meetings to further the goals of these
organizations, most of this mundane clerical work is done on their
own time.  Any social life they have -- if you can call it that --
revolves around their jobs, i.e., soliciting contributions to their

Yes, there are directors of not-for-profits that are overpaid
considering what little effort and passion they put forth in their
positions (the director of a well well known AIDS charity in New York
was let go a few years ago for that very reason).  But I assure you,
the majority of these people are NOT doing what they do for financial
reward.  They do it because they BELIEVE in the goals, the mission,
and the need for the organizations they work for.  For the
extraordinary amount of effort they put forth, were they to apply the
same in a job in the corporate-for-profit world, their reward for
such would be vastly more than they earn working not-for-profit.

In the case of Ms. Hannah, as far as I can see, her efforts for the
film festival have made what is usually a "lull" in the season
vibrant for our town economically and artistically.  In the case of
Mr. Critchley, well frankly, I feel a bit ridiculous even attempting
to defend him.  If you have ever been to the "Swim For Life" you know
his efforts over the years are beyond value.  And if you haven't, do
go to the Boatslip this September and then -- if still you feel the
need, which I sincerely doubt you will  -- question his motives and
what he gains in return.  The answer, I think, will be right in front
of your eyes.

Scott Hayes
9:47 am edt 

Blah Blah Blah

After a month in recovery from this blog I thought I would visit the
site this morning to see what I have been missing. It has been
amazing that in the past month I have returned to the real reasons
why I live here, reconnected with neighbors and feel truly blessed
with my life in living in this beautiful place and the friends I have
in this town.

I have come to the conclusion that most of you bloggers are either
paranoid crack-heads or just plain ignorant. I have worked in the
non-profit Ptown world briefly (at half of what I was earning
elsewhere) in an effort to contribute to this town and found that it
was unbearable due to individuals such as the bloggers on this site.
I have never met in Ptown more entitled, arrogant, self-interest,
myopic people in my more than half century lifetime.

How can some of you actually say what you are writing on this site?
Can you sleep at night? Do you have any friends?
And now the Film Festival! Your comments are uninformed and ignorant.
Who is safe working in this town or volunteering in town government.
Thank god I have found a way to earn the bulk of my income from
outside Provincetown so that I can continue to live here peascefully
and productively year round.

"We" really need to ask "ourselves" if this dialogue on MYPACC is
helpful and a positive force for this town. You are really destroying
an incredible place to live. I don't know ANYONE who have the amount
of anger or ignorance that some of you display. I feel very sorry for
9:44 am edt 

The Reality of Non-Profit

I worked in a non-profit before, let's just say you do it
because you love it, there are better paying jobs in the for-profit
sector.  Someone who is paid a little over $50,000 as an independent
contractor has to pay all their own Social Security taxes, federal
and state taxes as well as their own health insurance.

Just estimating 15% for SS taxes, 20% for federal and state means
that 35% off the top goes to taxes.  Estimating $600/month for health
Gross $50,000
Taxes -17,500
Health Ins. -$7,200
Net $25,300

That's not much money.  And if you believe that putting on the Film
Festival is only five to ten days work you are way off.  It's a
year-round planning job, it may not be full-time year round, but it
doesn't all just happen in five days.

There are better subjects and a better use of our time than to target
Ms. Hanna.  We've got bigger issues here in town than targeting
individuals and their pay or their lack of pay.

9:42 am edt 

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Who's Next?
Anyone who dares to get paid for anything in Provincetown
should be taken out and beaten on the street!
Let's drag out the AIDS Support group staff! They get Paid! Let's
gang up on the Labrary staff! They take money for foolish things like
rent and food! Kill them!

Especially if they try to do something with a social consience! If
someone wants to run a nonprofit than they better live in filth and
not eat at all, how DARE they get paid!!

Take em all out and disgrace them! How DARE they?
Thanks to all you people who are so perfect, who are trying to
protect us from these fiends, these horrible horrible fiends who try
to run a swim for the less fortunate, or bring current films to town.
Let's get em!! Let's get ANYONE who we want.

Who's next? We have slammed Bryan, Gabby and now some wonderful
person has finally turned their bile on Jay Critchly, that terrible
terrible man who brought national attention to this town for
something that benifits others!

Who is next... could it be YOU?????
11:04 am edt 


Now this crap blog is trying to dessicate Gabby Hanna for doing a job
that has helped Provincetown grow and compete in this changing world.
What do you people want? On one hand there is bitching about the fact
that no one can afford to live here year round due to lack of good
paying jobs... now some jerk is trying to attack Ms. Hanna for making
a measly, YES MEASLY, 52,000/year for a very difficult job. What is
wrong with all your lives that you need to gang up on anyone who
dares to work hard in this town? FYI, most people who work for Non
profits also need to eat, pay rent or mortgage, i.e. collect a salary.
Do you idiots think that the director of the American Cancer Society
does their job for free? The director of the Red Cross?
This blog has become a place for nothing but hate and smearing anyone
in town who dares try to live3 here and god forbid does something
Let's dig dirt on Clarence and Marcene, watch how fast they will
black out their names, or choose not to print this... really, someone
needs to disgrace them like they nahve been doing to everyone else.
This blog is the exact opposite of productive.
11:01 am edt 

Unfair proceeds?

This isn't the only case of this going around. This year, I hope
everyone that wants to joins the Swim For Life swim across the harbor
but as you gather your supporters for contributions, keep in mind how
much goes to "administrative" costs for Jay Critchly. Shocking really.
8:47 am edt 

Re: Film Festival

Go to
it is true.  Gabby Hannas made $52,865
Makes you wonder about ALL non-profits
2:50 am edt 

Re: Film Festival

I would like to thank the individual for providing the info
on the Provincetown Film Festival which showed that they had revenue
of $291,000 and expenses of $269,000.  AND that the Executive
Director Hanna was paid $52,685 as an independent contractor.
I would hope that someone from the VSB in Ptown (Mr Rob Tosner) would
re-think FUNDS that they give to them in the future.  Are there other
organizations that need seed money to start programs that the VSB can
not fun because they give to the film festival?  Does Ms Hanna really
deserve over 50 thousand to run this event?  Seems like a lot of
money for a 5 day event.   Will make me tell my friends that own
guest rooms "why do you give FREE rooms to someone that is taking
money at the other end for themselves.?"   At an average price of a
room of lets say $150 a night in June, she can pay for 333 people to
come to town for a night.  And for us to sell tickets for her?  What
you get a free movie pass that might be worth $20 bucks?  Why can't
she pay us $10 an hour?
I am only angry because of the banner article that says FUNDING HAS
Maybe they should RE-THINK getting someone that can do the job for
1/4 (ONE QUARTER) of the price!
2:48 am edt 

Re: Police Chief

Sorry, Tobias has no power here anymore. Be gone.
2:45 am edt 

Friday, May 23, 2008

To New Police Chief:

Don't let me be the one to dis-appoint you !  Tobias starts the chain
of command and the department follows the chain........  The police
only enforce the LAW.  If you don't break the rules, you will have no
problem..  If you chose to not follow...... OH WELL....  People are
the results of their own behavior....
10:51 pm edt 

Re: Film Festival

How much does Gabby Hanna get paid for the 5 or
6 day event?  (Ok, I am not saying she works only those days, and it
takes some time to plan the event, but lets be fair, if she took
$10,000 (ten grand) wouldn't any business owner like to make 10 grand
for 5 days?
  *  *  *  *

There is a site on the internet called GuideStar where you can look
up information for non-profit organizations.  According to their tax
return filed with the IRS in 2006 for the 2005 tax year the Film
Festival had revenue of $291,000 and expenses of $269,000.  Executive
Director Hanna was paid $52,685 as an independent contractor.
10:09 pm edt 

It Must be Summer....

The blog is running letters on parking
spaces...It doesn't take long to have the "let's find a parking
space" concerns overtake us year rounders..Let's keep our
perspectives adjusted.

There is an important town election for selectman on June 3rd..let's
get out the vote...I will cast my ballot for David and hope others
will too...he has taken positions at candidates night.

Happy summer!
7:31 pm edt 

Re: Parking Space in Front of Sommerset House

"The parking space in front of Sommerset House on the corner
of Commercial and Pearl is used as a car sales lot!
The man lives at the Elephant Walk Guest House and tries selling his
stock of auto's at that spot all summer long!

What a selfish, inconsiderate thing to do, in the name of capitalism.
Land Rovers and Mercedes Benz with California plates are parked and
switched on that same spot, not giving anyone else a chance to park.

Sick of the Selfishness"

Thank you, thank you, Mystery Solved...I have wondered about this for
years! And who says this blog is useless?

I learn something everyday! Seriously, this blog is important, for
what is said and what isn't. For the first time EVER people have the
ability to wonder, question,and debate without fear/knowledge that it
will come back to bite them swiftly and quickly. 

Give the Webmaster a break, stop all this blaming. If your post doesn't
show up write the same thing a different way.  Remember folks, except
for the library this is about the only thing in Provincetown that is FREE!

I hope everyone has a fruitful Memorial Day Weekend.

Signed "Happy Town Worker" with a 3 day weekend
5:21 pm edt 

"BLEACH" - why don't they try using some...

I've been back in town for three weeks and BANG I've been infected
with the MRCR Staph infection.  No, I am not a dirty person, however
I do work out almost daily                .  A friend of mine got
infected in town last year, and when we checked into it, the thing
that most of the people had in common during last years spread of
this nasty staph was the GYM.


Let this be a warning to everyone!  Most people are considerate, but
it only takes one inconsiderate person to spread this staph infection
around town again this year.  MAKE SURE YOU WIPE OFF THE EQUIPMENT
5:09 pm edt 

Film Fest in Financial Straights?

So, my question is:  How much does Gabby Hanna get paid for the 5 or
6 day event?  (Ok, I am not saying she works only those days, and it
takes some time to plan the event, but lets be fair, if she took
$10,000 (ten grand) wouldn't any business owner like to make 10 grand
for 5 days?
How can they apply to the VSB (visitors Service Board) and get a
grant without showing them salaries of members?
2:19 pm edt 

Re: Town Dump

The piece of property it sits on is connected to the
property on the other side of the driveway for the dump. The driveway
for the dump crosses the same private property with permission from
the owner. If you complain too much about the R.V. than the owner can
block access across his land to the dump. Then where would we be?
That would be a good example of the Law of unintended consequences.

Peter Page
This is the same insanity and fear based reasoning that has run this
town for too long. Peter Page, do you have any idea how stupid that
sounds? Wow, the town should be so afraid of this landowner? Give me
a break.  This is the same thinking that celebrates the constant
corruption in this town.  Who wants to guess its the same person who
parks in Lopes Square?

Note to Peter, Astrid, etc. I understand your need (EGO) to sign your
name in the effort to educate we dumb bloggers, but "unintended
consequences" may be just what we need in this town
2:15 pm edt 

Re: Ford GT

The issue here seems to be ENVY.

Anyone can go and buy some coffee and help our local economy, and
temporarily park in front of the shop. The fact that this GT owner
chooses to help our local economy, by paying to drink a lot of coffee
is a good thing. We can all drive over there and buy  something and
eat or drink it while keeping an eye on our car.

I have noticed the effect that this stunning Ford GT has on tourists,
they all go over and look at it, and quite a few take pictures to
remind them of the special place that Provincetown is.

We should all be so lucky as to have such a loyal customer!

It is funny to me that no one is writting about all of the old,
noisy, junky cars whic also park for long periods of time. This to me
smacks of ENVY and nothing else.

The fact that we as a town, and a nation, are facing so many
problems, it is almost laughable that we are wasting time talking
about a beautifull AMERICAN MADE car. What do you drive. Is it
ENVY is a ___.
2:11 pm edt 

Fair Treatment is All We Ask

I agree with the bloggers who believe it is unfair that
Hurst, who believes he is so privleged, can park anywhere and not get
a ticket. There are 2 guys who park their black Audi or blue
Landrover near the Wired Puppy and wonder off. They did this all last
summer. Last week a ticket person started writing out a ticket and
one of the owners verbally abused her and ended up not getting a
ticket. I have a business and was unloading and told to move. I hope
the new police chief will treat all of us fairly
2:09 pm edt 

New Police Chief

Fine for him to 'enforce rules' as long as his staff doesn't continue
to beat and terrorize people.

That hopefully left when Tobias was demoted.
2:06 pm edt 


I can't even begin to say how appalled and disgusted I am that this
website has posted the articles on Ted Myers.

This site has gone beyond what should be considered acceptable by our

At one time I had respect for the founders of this website because of
their strong civic presence.  But this posting has shown me just how
little respect you have for others.  I'm sure you spent some time
debating whether you should post this information and I am so
disappointed that you made the decision you made.

Posting this information on Ted Myers shows just what kind of people
you are and shows just what direction you are allowing this website
to take.

Shame on you.

2:05 pm edt 

I Was a Regular Poster Here --
Content Controlled?

 but it looks like fewer and fewer
folks post and most of what's here now comes from the same one or two
people. I stopped posting because posts of mine, meeting stated
criteria for participation, didn't show up on the board. When
selective posting was discussed in town originally, I stood firm,
thinking and stating that, I didn't think that was the case. When a
couple of my posts didn't show up, I realized it was probably true. I
don't expect the webmaster to post this, but it's too bad MYPACC blog
content does appear to be edited when it comes to what posts shows up
and what doesn't.

On to the next venue, I guess.
2:03 pm edt 

Re: Vote for Ted Meyer

I like the idea to vote for Ted Meyer! Then maybe people on
this blog will stop putting people who run for the BOS on the hot
seat. So far when this blog tells everyone not to vote for so and so
they get elected!
2:02 pm edt 

Re: Parking Space in Front of Sommerset House

The parking space in front of Sommerset House on the corner
of Commercial and Pearl is used as a car sales lot!
The man lives at the Elephant Walk Guest House and tries selling his
stock of auto's at that spot all summer long!

What a selfish, inconsiderate thing to do, in the name of capitalism. 
Land Rovers and Mercedes Benz with California plates are parked and
switched on that same spot, not giving anyone else a chance to park.

Sick of the Selfishness
2:00 pm edt 

Re: Ted Meyer Rebuttal

IF Ted Meyer's is reading comments here AND now that he has
his own special page/link, does he want to comment about anything?  
Seems unfair to attach Ted without letting him respond.

Webmaster Comment: You are correct. Mr. Meyer has been personally offered to provide a rebuttal.

Thank you
1:58 pm edt 

Thursday, May 22, 2008

First, Get Your Facts Together

You make assumptions and
MOST are incorrect.  I am NOT a summer-person.  I own property here. 
Own a business here.  Pay my fair share of taxes here.  Maybe you
forget that there are fewer people in town to help businesses and
that could be a reason for not goint to BOS meetings.  AND I WAS AT
You do not get the point of being fair to everyone.  ANd who gives a
shoot if I was a summer person or lived here year round?  That should
not make any difference.
Guess you can go to Florida and tell the cops, "oh, I own a
condo/home here so I can park at places VISITORS can not?
Guess this guy must be doing someting to you on the side for you to
attach us all.  Oh, he has MONEY, so you want to stick up for him so
he can pay someone off for you someday?  Well, I have a few million
and will continue to be FAIR to everyone.  I do not care if they have
1 buck to thier name or millions.  It is people like you that want it
all your way.
2:11 pm edt 

Ohh Brother, Summer Is On It's Way...

..and one "summer-person" has concerns about a townie parking his car
in front of the Coffee Pot?  Are you kidding me?  Get a life!
There was a meeting last month for traffic concerns @ Town Hall.  Why
not voice your concerns then???
Where were you at Town Meeting?
Wake up and realize there is more to be concerned about than Mr.
Hurst's nice car!!!
Do you pay taxes here?
Do you vote?
If you are concerned about equality, then how about equality in the
BoS and Town Hall and DPW. and that everyone's property tax is equal,
the kids are getting an equal lelvel of education like at Nauset.
Equality in housing, equality in LESS ENTITLEMENT from part time
The list of IMPORTANT issues goes on, ad nauseum...
just like the hot dogs and tee shirt sales at Lopes Square, ohh
--don't stop for a quick cup of coffee at a LOCAL business unless you
are on foot or bike...
enjoy your summer...
1:32 pm edt 

Town Pier Issue

In order to skirt dock regulations, and undercut
competition, Harbormaster McKinsey is instructing enterprises not
engaged in commercial fishing to apply for phony bass-licenses as a
means of qualifying for dock space on the commercial fishing side of
the pier.

That means that excursion vessels--like the Viking Princess which
carries up to 200 paying passengers a day--will pay the same rate for
dockage as commercial fishermen.

Not only is this unfair to other charter businesses on the west side
of the pier that are charged more than twice this rate, sight-seeing
vessels and other "people with fake bass fishing licenses will
eventually push "real fishermen" out of an area subsidized for the
fishing industry.

It's all about money. As fishing regulations tighten, and fuel costs
soar, the PPPC is betting on tourism and social events as sources for
future revenue.

Commercial charter fishermen: if you don't believe me, try getting a
berth on the east side of the pier...

Capt. Ned Low
11:59 am edt 

Re: Ted Meyer

to the person who wants to try and hurt Ted Meyer's
reputation.......why are you so vendictive?  I'm sure if we looked up
your past we'd find a few things.....stop the hate geezzzzzzzzzz
9:32 am edt 

Lopes Square:

It is not that people mind pulling up in front of the coffee shop and
getting your coffee and muffin.  It is that anyother person can do
that for 5 plus minutes and this guy can do it for HOURS!   Would it
bother you if you went to the bank, and there was one teller there
and the person in front of you talked to the teller for 30 - 45
minutes while you waited?  OF COURSE IT WOULD.
And who gives this guy the right to park where no one else can
drinking his coffee for HOURS while police ask others to move?  THIS
have too much time on our hands.  We should all be treated equally. 
asked.  I hope Lynn is reading this and instructs the new cheif to
treat everyone equally.  I heard that the new chief is going to
ENFORCE RULES.  This is a good starting point.
9:31 am edt 

Law of Unintended Consequences

To the best of my knowledge of this subject being
disscussed time and again in the paper, at Town Meeting, and at
Selectmen Meetings I have attended, the R.V. parked outside of the
gate at the dump is on private property and does not violate any law
whatsoever. The piece of property it sits on is connected to the
property on the other side of the driveway for the dump. The driveway
for the dump crosses the same private property with permission from
the owner. If you complain too much about the R.V. than the owner can
block access across his land to the dump. Then where would we be?
That would be a good example of the Law of unintended consequences.

Peter Page
9:29 am edt 


With your recent apperance at public comments with
the BOS last Monday and having Michele Couture put you right & then
your rants about how rich you are on this blog. I would recommend
that you need a new public relations person to change your image as a
conservative, let them eat cake nimby !
9:26 am edt 

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Re: New Police Chief

Nice article! Let's hope he fixes some of our renegade police problems!
8:44 pm edt 

Today's BANNER Headline: "Film Fest in Financial Straights"

Dear Editors:

I grant you the general fabulosity of our bit of LGBT paradise. That
is no cause to slur our heterosexual brothers and sisters by way of
the headline on your top story.

      adj : (archaic) strict and severe; "strait is the gate"
      n 1: a narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of
      2: a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs [syn: pass,

(source: WordNet. Or any dictionary. Not to mention spell-check and
competent copy editors).

- Illiterates Anonymous
8:42 pm edt 

What Happened to My Comments I Wrote Yesterday?

Who controls this? Is it Big Brother?

Webmaster Comment: Please resubmit your comments.

Thank you
8:39 pm edt 

For Once, I Agree With Peter Page....

......if all you have to complain about is people parking in Lopes Square
you seriously need to look at your lives....and the state of the world.
Put some of that energy into fighting poverty and hunger, world peace,
saving the environment. Something important and not ridiculously trivial.
3:51 pm edt 

Is That Legal?

What about the guy with all the fancy cars that he parks
infront of Tumbleweed/tom brown real estate? Every day a different
high end car...that he wipes, and wipes and sells? Tomorrow it will
be a different bmw. Is he the same guy who was selling cars from a
parking spot by town hall a few years ago? Is that legal? Does anyone
3:49 pm edt 


      Thank you "go for it girl" for your basic math lesson. You are
absolutely correct. In my haste, I took the bi-annual tax amount and
multiplied it  by $0.16.
      I should have taken the assessment of the property. I wish to
apologise to all and what can I say, "I"m Blond".
      So everyone, put the Kleenex away and I'll stop crying. But, I
will still remain active in how our tax dollars are spent.
      And thanks to Slippery Fish, I guess I don't need that berth right away.
      So much for leaving your name on the blog,
Astrid Berg, going to the 4 C's for a math course
2:13 pm edt 

GO Dixie -

When the ties of friendship and camaraderie are
abruptly severed, faith and strength lighten the load of our pain. 
Grief can be the greatest of teachers, allowing us to have more
compassion for our fellow man.  Death rekindles in us the very
essence and importance of life sometimes left behind in our youth.   
  We were all lucky to have had Dixie touch us and be part of our
lives.   His laughter and smile remain now as we bow our heads in
sorrow.  Dixie will remain with us for many years to come in our
thoughts and words.
As I take a moment today to reflect on the service at Bay Side Betsys
yesterday, I ask everyone to reflect on what is important in your own
life.    While we cannot quickly overcome the grief we feel, perhaps
we can learn to cherish our life a little more every day. Now I wish
for everyone in P-Town to get on with what Dixie would want you too. 
Have a great season and enjoy life.
PS:  Do not forget the UU Meeting house memorial service in June for Dixie
2:10 pm edt 

To: Kleenex Challenged Person

It looks to me like Astrid was merely spelling it all out. Yes, she
seems to have a large and, of course, valuable property but let's
face it: she was forthright enough to lay it all out fact for fact,
dime for dime about the increases and how they impact her as an
EXAMPLE. I happen to know she is an unrivaled, dedicated employer of
a good many people in this town and selflessly dedicates her energies
into making sure those employees are well cared for from housing to
personal matters.  Due to the very real fact that forty years ago her
parents loved this town so much that they invested their lives into
creating an enduring and robust business, she is now saddled (or
blessed depending on how you wish to perceive it) with a lot of real
estate. The abnormal escalation of value assessment on that real
estate is beyond her control to some degree so we should not "blame"
her for that. I believe all she was doing was being honest enough to
lay it all on the line in print.  And for!
   the record, merely because someone has inherited a large parcel of
real estate in this town does not necessarily translate automatically
into actual personal wealth. In fact, any increased taxes in such a
scenario can cause as much if not more financial strain on that
person than it might on someone with less valuable property.  So
please don't throw rocks at her merely because she was honest and had
the guts to sign her name.  I noticed that you certainly didn't in
your haste to mock her.
2:08 pm edt 

Summer is Around the Corner . . .

Memorial Day Weekend is almost here.

Hope everyone has a great season!
2:06 pm edt 

Tax Payers are Waking Up

The affordable housing industrial complex thinks that it
has been granted the power to raid the pockets of the tax payers..but
the tax payers are gradually waking up.

$1,000,000 for a hole in the ground exposing Cape Cod oil and the
future residents will raise holy hell over the noise of the trucks
etc. making emergency deliveries. (people moved across from beach
forest and made the electric company move due to the noise).

Tax payers across the Commonwealth are saying no to paying the
retirement benefits and health care benefits as you can read on the
editorial page of the today's Boston Globe.

Provincetown tax payers must vote to close their wallets--the
selectmen think we have a low tax rate and they want grand and lavish
projects for a town that is becoming a retirement community.

Sorry, too many places are closing in the winter-and you want
affordable housing for year rounders--when there are no jobs for
them--except the job of taking more money from the working tax payers.
2:04 pm edt 

About the Complaints About the Car Parked at The Coffee Pot

 Why do you care? Just how much       envy do you have?

  The owner likes to get coffee, hang out and show off his car. So
what? He never leaves the car there unattended. He isnt being given
special treatment available only to him. I use the same parking space
to get my coffee too. And so do dozens of other people. Generally
having cars parked there does no harm. One time I can remember the
cops asking us to move because a large vehicle needed the room to
access the pier. And the few of us who had cars there moved. No harm,
no foul.

If you force the cops to keep these parking spots open at all times
at all cost then you are just another Nellie who is responsible for
all of us in Provincetown losing one more slice of  freedom. It will
be one more little special oddity about the Town that we all fell in
love with that we will all lose. Including you. That spot is just one
of several in Town that I know of that if you have a Town parking
sticker on your car the ticket police will look the other way for a
reasonable amount of time.

Instead of allowing yourself to be green with envy, why dont you try
to embrace the beauty of the fine motorcar (which I think is a work
of art), and the special times people have who just like to drink a
cup of coffee and hang out?

Peter Page
2:02 pm edt 

Special Interests Don't Pay Anything

It isn't that people don't want to pay their fair
share---it is that special interests don't pay anything. We pay our
fair share and we pay the fair share of others as well.

No one pays into my retirement or healt insurance; Taxpayer's don't
pay for my housing or set me up for a lifetime of easy living on the
"affraudable" housing plan.

Tax me so that I pay not only my fair share but the fair share of who
ever wants to move to Provincetown and sign up for affordable
housing--on my dime.

Now Selectman Anderson has been put into Ms. Pam P.'s notch. She
wants to increase taxes so we can pay for even more people to live
here year round when what we need is housing for summer workers.
1:58 pm edt 

Too Bad so Sad

It is kind of hard to feel sorry for you Astrid!
1:56 pm edt 

Poor poor Astrid

If your taxes went up that much, that means that you own $15,400,000
worth of real estate in the town. How do you stay afloat having to
pay out $2464 more??????? Your crying brings to mind the poor sap
that has a hard time affording the rising price of fuel for his new
plane. Poor poor girl.
1:54 pm edt 


Last year the Viking Princess paid 15k to lease a dock space from the
DF on the west side of the pier.

This year, the Viking Princess gets to pay just 3k to the Pier Corp
to dock on the commercial fishing side of the pier.

That means every person now sub-leasing dock slips from leaseholders
on the west side of the Pier is entitled to rent dock slips on the
east side from the Pier Corp for the same rate...

1:53 pm edt 

To: Professionalism

I'd like to see your professional background !  Perhaps you should of
applied for the Chief's position and they could all be like YOU...
1:52 pm edt 

To Atrid Berg:

I thought you were a smart business person.  You better talk to your
accountant and speak to town officials because if you think your
water bill would double from $6000 to $12000 when and if you connect
for the SEWER part of the water bill.  It is rated at a FLAT $18.50
per 1000 gallons of use.  ROUGHLY you are looking at a $6000 water
bill AND A $12000 PLUS sewer bill for a TOTAL bill in excess of
But do not worry, NO ONE WILL BE EATING OUT with the 1% extra meal
tax so you have no issues.
I guess I can look up your property value on line, but if your saying
your tax bill increased over $2400 with the 16cents increase, that
would value your place at $15,000 million dollars!   LANDS END
HARDWARE store is only on the block for about 10 million.  I do wish
EVERYONE a very prosperous season.
1:50 pm edt 

Let's Say A Prayer for Senator Kennedy

Senator Kennedy has been a true champion of Cape Cod, Massachusetts
and all of America. Let us pause to send our best thoughts and well
wishes for a man who has fought over four decades unselfishly for
And those of us in the gay community should always remember that it
was Ted Kennedy who was fighting for our rights long before it was
popular and politically correct. Now is the time for us to stand with
him one more time, when he needs our thanks, gratitude and prayers
the most.

E. Michael Richards
1:48 pm edt 

Anyone Have Information?

Who knows anyting about the RV that's been parked in front
of the entrance to the transfer station off Race Point Road?

Why is it there?  Isn't that either town land or National Seashore? 
Seems like its been there all winter.  Who has jurisdiction over the
land?  Why hasn't it been removed?  Anybody know?
1:46 pm edt 

My Bad

Sorry Astrid, I was wrong in stating that the CPA and Land Bank are
based on assessed value.  You're right, they are actually a
percentage of the property taxes.  oops.
1:40 pm edt 

Oh Astrid

Forgot to mention that the amount you contribute to the CPC and Land
Bank have not changed either, unless of course your property has been
reassessed.  Those funds are tied to the value of your property and
not the tax rate.

Maybe you just need a new calculator...or maybe your meds just need
adjusting 'cause you sure flew off the handle a little irrationally
on this one.
1:39 pm edt 

Lopes Square Parking
   I wonder if the complainers of cars in Lopes Square during the
early morning hours  are people who choose to stand in front of
spirituss pizza at 1am and block the street.????  The police choose
not to makle arrests there, but redirect the traffic for safety
    Those people having early morning coffee are meeting with friends
and then move along. are they being questioned because they are
mostly local long time townies.??? I bet it is.
1:37 pm edt 


.....I have a berth in the hull that you are welcome
to... so far all I have is an increase in harbor bottom tax but that
has to be paid to Moby.
Slippery Fish (waiting for my bill)
1:35 pm edt 

To: Astrid
Love ya honey, but you need to check your math.  The new tax rate is
.16 per thousand, not per dollar.

if you owned property valued at:
$1000 you would pay an extra .16
$10,000 = $1.60
$100,000 = $16.00
$1,000,000 = $160.00

For you to pay an additional $2460, your property would be assessed
at $15,460,000.00 and if that's the case, you go girl!!!

Hope that helps you and everyone else who thinks .16 is a huge increase.
1:33 pm edt 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wait, Let Me Get my Kleenex!

  We finally got a tax rate. For every $1000.00 of valued property
the rate went from $4.96 to $5.12. A $0.16 INCREASE. So, I have
roughly been raised $2464.00!

Wow, Astrid Berg...sounds like you have got yourself a mighty fine
piece of property there.  I know you expect me to just feel so very
sorry for you, but somehow, that is not what I am feeling inside. 
You have been blessed with so much more than many others, but you
just are not willing to pay your fair share for the privilege of
ownership.  Times are hard for everyone, you seem to think that
somehow you are special and deserve special treatment (or at least
special sympathy), but guess what?  In my opinion, that really is not
true.  Sorry, but you have no sympathy from me.  Enjoy your property
and pay your share without the whining!!!!
1:26 pm edt 

Balanced Budget???

Someone posted the following recently  :

"The budget is about as balanced as it's going to get and we need to
pursue other forms of income or we will be faced with overrides every
   year from now on."


Well, for this to be means that we all agree we can
afford to pay 80% of the town employees health insurance premiums,
and that we should never renegotiate the union contracts on that

It means......that we all agree none of the town owned buildings
should ever be sold and that we can afford to rehab them all, and
maintain them all;

It means....that we all agree that we can afford to have the most
expensive high school in the state of massachusetts and there's
nothing we can do about it;

It means...that we all agree there we should not use any of the funds
from the Community Preservation Surtax for the town hall restoration.
it should all go to affordable housing;

It means that we can't do anything about a police dept that thinks
its ok to spend, spend , spend.

What a sad commentary . We can change all of those things, at
significant savings to the town budget. All it takes is 3 selectmen
with back  bones.

Or maybe it just takes a few more failed overrides for them to get it.

Keep voting NO.
12:48 pm edt 

Re: Police Chief

There are NO leaders in the current police department. Tobias is a
laughingstock to the entire Commonwealth.

I hope that Jaran does the right thing and makes them into
professionals at last or fires them.
12:43 pm edt 

Great News!

    We finally got a tax rate. For every $1000.00 of valued property
the rate went from $4.96 to $5.12. A $0.16 INCREASE. So, I have
roughly been raised $2464.00!

    On top of that raise I will be contributing an extra $74.00 for
the Land Bank and an extra $74.00 for the CPC.
10% OF THE LAND BANK (7.40) AND 80% OF CPC (59.20) for affordable
housing. total $66.60. A total increase of $2612.00.

    The Fall 2007 tax bill did not have a tax rate. Does that mean
that we are going to get an increase on the past tax bill based on
this increase. How did they figure out the taxes last fall if there
was no tax rate?

    Plus my $6,000,00 + water bill and my $17,000.00 betterment fee.
I' m a Red Dot delay so I'm not hooked up to the sewer. When I do
I'll be excited to add at least another $6,000.00 Plus for the out

     Without the out flow for sewer use and the possible increase
from the fall 2007 bill, I will be paying atleast $42,000.00 for this

     And some financial wizards out there want to add a local meals
tax to encourage patrons to my business and when I can't afford to
live here and run a business they want 1% of my real estate sales.
         Going to my local loan shark, Priceless!


Astrid Berg,
ready to rent a berth on the Chico Jesse with Slippery Fish
12:42 pm edt 

Transfer Tax

Seems the only people who would be against a real estate transfer tax
are people who make money on the transfer of real estate.  If you've
owned your home for any real length of time, the majority, if not all
of the sale price would be exempt from the tax.

Again, the only ones against this form of tax would be realtors and
developers and personally I'm tired of them setting the course for
this town.
12:38 pm edt 


Yeah to the person that said So.."cops STILL LET THE GUY
WITH THE FERRARI park downtown in the no parking zones"
But for clairification, it is not a FERRARI, it is a FORD that LOOKS
LIKE A FERRARI, but still the same point is noted.
I had called Ted 3 - 5X at least about this issue.  Ted said he would
take care of it.  He never did or if he instructed his people too,
they never did.  It irks a lot of people that some people in this
town get certain rights and others do not.  Will the new chief change
that?  I do hope so. BUT Enough of you have to complain.   I heard
people talk about it for the past 2 years at least about this
individual that parked at lopes square.  Glad it was not just me
noticing it.  Actually, I heard people talk about it, but most people
were AFRAID to say something to an officer for fear of what?   SAD.
As this town is NO PLACE FOR HATE, we should also have this town A
EVERYONE.   Ah, then things would change!
If an officer is reading this, please please please mention the
FERRARI LOOK ALIKE to the patroling officers on lopes square and
treat this guy like the rest of us!
12:37 pm edt 

Transfer Tax is Tilting at Windmills

We waste more time getting worked up over something that will never
happen.  Even if the town decides this is a good idea....the
legislature has to approve this tax and there really isn't much
momentum for passage on Beacon Hill.

Why don't we pass a "voluntary transfer tax" called the "Pay if You
Want to Pay" tax.  That way Barbara Rushmore and others who feel so
strongly about it can pay.

Lets focus on the things that we can change and how we can make the
town better rather than waste our energy on these distractions.
12:35 pm edt 

To Nothing Changes:

Take a photo of the illegally parked
Ferrari with the license plate number and then take a larger photo of
the car in the no parking place and then send it to the new police
chief. Also..tell us where it is and then folks like me can print out
put it under his windshield wiper..We really have problems if you
can't even deal with this....Why are you so timid?
12:33 pm edt 

Let's Get Down to the Basics

Since the DOR report, I do not recall much discussions on the report
from the various boards or town departments.

Reconstruction for the fiscal well being of the town.
Not destruction. Read the report. They are repeating history.
12:05 pm edt 

Any Update on the Kickers?

      ARe the fees still being assessed against the Kickers League?
Or has the school committee decided to offer Motta Field without fees
to students, residents, sports people and town people? I hope so. It
makes sense and we should support fitness, health and team sports.

12:02 am edt 

Against the Transfer Tax

     And I'm against anyone who is for this. It is a disaster and if
David Bedard is for this tax, then I have a problem with how he is
thinking. I found the Finance Committee too enthusiastic about
Barbara Rushmore's tax idea. It seems any thing, and I mean anthing,
that could bring in revenues would be positive. There are many things
we shouldn't do to add to our revenues. And the transfer tax is one
such bad idea.

12:01 am edt 

Monday, May 19, 2008

To Welcome New Police Chief

Just keep in mind, th new Chief is going to need his OLD officers to
help demonstrate leadership.....  And between them, there is at least
250 Years of service.......  It can't be done AlONE ! Stop being
11:59 pm edt 

Re: Ted Meyer

Webmaster...Where is the information on Ted Meyers that you
said would be posted today?

Webmaster Comment: Problems with the host computer site editing
mode prevented the scanning and posting of the information. We
trust that the problem will be resolved by tomorrow.

Our apologies
11:58 pm edt 

Nothing Changes

So...back for the summer...and the cops STILL LET THE GUY
WITH THE FERRARI park downtown in no parking zones.....ah....nothing
11:53 pm edt 

I Agree With the Others........

.........that say why would anyone vote for
someone (Brayn Green) that doesn't want the job?  A vote for him now
is a vote against the others.  Brayn did not get enough votes the
first time, and if you read between all the posts here and talk to
people around town, it will become very clear why he is not running. 
Let his decision rest as that is what he wants.
I was going to vote for David before, and now that Brayn is indorsing
him, it is more important for those of you that were going to vote
for Brayn, to vote for David.
Please follow Brayns wishes and vote for David.
11:52 pm edt 

Mr Green

To a previous poster....At no time did Mr Green say he did not want
the job on the BOS. Please read the article in the banner..... Mr
Green put his ego aside and stated that " at this critical time in
our town government Mr Bedard is the better qualified man for the job
due to his municipal finance experience". So as to not split the vote
and allow Myer or Amado to get in . Mr Green has withdrawn from the
race to throw his support behind David Bedard
11:49 pm edt 

Goings On at MacMillan by the Pier Corp

Provincetown taxpayers should not be subsidizing charter
businesses on MacMillan Pier. Only fishermen are entitled to a
subsidized rate. Charter businesses should pay the market rate as all
other charter businesses on MacMillan Pier.

There is a deal underway on MacMillan by the Pier Corp. to charge a
charter business a taxpayer subsidized rate of only a few thousand
dollars like the fishermen pay to tie up. But, the market rate is
$15,000 for the size of this vessel. More money we will never see
because of pier mismanagement. In the past, pier management even let
charter businesses operate off the courtesy float free of charge
resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of loss of income for

Lastly, the Whydah Museum was illegally closed down the other day!
One can only imagine the consequences of that misstep!

From MacMillan Pier,
9:44 pm edt 

Where is David Hosting His Meeting

Please post when and where David will be hosting his event.

9:42 pm edt 

Re: David vs Green

No one cares if you are voting for Bryan Greene since he is
not running. I suspect it is the same person who keeps saying they
are voting for him. I voted for Greene but now I will cast my vote
for David. He is a sucessful business man, intelligent, isn't afraid
of a challenge and he is a very generious person.  Please go to
candadates night on Wednesday and talk with him. Thanks. Tom
9:40 pm edt 

Thank You to the Person Who Copied and Pasted my Previous Posting

No one seems to be marching to the beat of their own drum. We have a
bunch of people in the band who don't know how to read music let
alone realize that they are marching in a band led by the TRASH
LEADER, not the band leader.

Thank you for your support.
4:57 pm edt 

New Alternate Taxes

The budget is about as balanced as it's going to get and we need to
pursue other forms of income or we will be faced with overrides every
year from now on.

Then who's over taxed?

Congratulations to David for at least standing up and saying we
should begin taking a look at different revenue sources.  It will all
have to go before the voters anyway before any new taxes can go into
effect.  If you still don't like it, vote no then, but let's have the

I'm voting for David, at least he's not afraid to have an opinion.
4:55 pm edt 

Me Too

     I agree. I want to vote for Bryan Green. Who are these others?
they are unknown to me, except for Keith Amato. Maybe this isn't the
time for Keith but it is for Bryan. He has my vote.
3:06 pm edt 

Somehow You Don't Understand

     Barbara's transfer tax is not hurting or taxing developers.
Believe me, look around and see that developers are doing quite well,
with probably the highest level of profit in town.

    Barbara's transfer tax will hurt Provincetown owners who want to
sell their properties. This tax is foolish and provides the town with
monies they, unfortunately, will foolishly spend.

     We don't need new taxes and this transfer tax is mis-directed.
Provincetown does not need new taxes. We are over-taxed.
3:05 pm edt 

School Committee vs DOR Report

Why did it take the Department of Revenue and the letters
to the editor of the banner to finally make the school committee
realize that the declining school population and high cost per pupil
is a red button issue with the tax payers? One would think that the
school committee would have addressed this issue years ago. My only
guess is that with the declining student population there was nothing
that they could doand so they tried to hide the problemor else they
felt entitled to the tax payers money to support the school no matter
what. If it wasn't for the push from the outside--it would be
business as usual until we were down to only student.
Does the school committee realize that a great many wish that the
school was an override ballot question? This issue is not going
awayit is only going to become stronger. The Department of Revenue
has even determined that the cost of the school is a burden to the
citizens of Provincetown.
3:03 pm edt 

Re; Community Center

The following statement that I have copied and pasted below from a
previous blog is so true and I wanted to commend the person who made

I have one question...If there wasn't a harassment case brought
against Tracy, and the Recreation Department wasn't up for a Prop 2
1/2 override, would you still have issues with Tracy and the Center?

Dennis Clark the previous Rec Director never took pride  in the
building or office Like Tracy has for starters but this is not about
Dennis so I want to stay with the issue. We all have someone to
report to and if those who are trying their best to rip Tracy apart
HERE, did not complain to the proper authorities in the past than do
us all a favor "take your bat and ball and go home please"...
3:00 pm edt 

Can't Force to Run

So some of you want to FORCE someone -against their will -
to serve on the BOS.  What kind of service do you expect and what
planet do you live on?
2:57 pm edt 

Barbara's 1% and Local Meals Tax

  If Barbara's article goes after the Flippers in the real estate
market and not long term property owners, it would be something I
might consider.
However, those funds would have to be specified to where they are spent.
We cannot give the BoS an open credit card.

  Local meals tax. Not a good idea.
  Then it is not fair not to include the retail shops etc. Where will
it stop. We need to encourage visitors, not add on surcharges due to
the Town's inability to balance the budget.
  What they should really go after are the short term condo/house
rentals. This is not fair to the hotel, motel and guest house owners
who are collecting the surcharge.
  This is not the right economic times to "Sock it to Them".
  Remember, this is a 1 1/2 to 2 season seashore village. Not New
York or Boston.
  Buzz Word- Encourage visitors, do not scare them away.
2:56 pm edt 

Hey! FYI - Deaf Does Not Equal Stupid or Nninformed!

Let's be careful about the venom we're spewing.

With all the pitching and moaning on this blog about the low level of
discourse - calling someone 'deaf' when you mean stupid is insulting
and demeaning to the hearing impared.

That word should raise a red flag with whomever blacks-out the naughty words.
2:53 pm edt 

Barbara's Transfer Tax

I think it's a great idea.  Should be 2% or more as far as I'm
concerned.  Bout time we start taxing developers who come into town
and rape the real estate market for their own selfish gains.  What
exactly has the town gained by these developers, nothing.  All we've
done is lost rental units to granite countertops and stainless steel
applianced condo's which we will never be able to afford.

The tax is directed strictly at people who 'flip' properties for a
quick buck.  The year-round, tax-paying, home-owning member of our
community will not be affected if the restrictions for the tax are in

Go Barbara !
9:46 am edt 

I'm Voting for Bryan Greene Too

      Yep. That's my vote. I voted for him before and i will vote for
him again. He can do good. This town needs a new voice and i mean
real change.
9:44 am edt 

Are You Deaf

Bryan Green has said he doesn't want to be on
the BOS and you are still going to vote for him. Are you missing
something here?
9:43 am edt 

Tracy Organized?

       This woman doesn't even know what a budget is. She is a poor
choice for a position that requires knowledge and courses in child
psychology, adolescent psychology, health and fitness training,
management skills, and organization structures. We need more than a
babysitter who lacks skills to work with children. Being a mother
is surely not enough

Anyone who has observed Tracy for more than a minute knows that Doug
Taylor is the one who is running the Rec, running Tracy and for that
matter running the Town.
Sharon Lynn really showed her lack of respect for the parents and
kids by bring back the Tracy/Doug show.  Brandon is not only more
9:42 am edt 

Re: David Bedard

I don't know much about David Bedard, but this is what I do
know. He's a business owner, was appointed to the Fin Com in October
2006 ( participated on 2 budgets), term ends on 4/30/11.
During Candidates night he made it very clear that he is in favor of
Barbara Rushmore's 1% transfer tax and a local meals tax.
These two issues scare me. And should be a concern to any property
owner and business person.
9:40 am edt 

Neither One of Us are More Wrong Than the Other

I suspected you'd think that I was Doug Taylor and Tracy
Trewhella however, I am not.

I have one question...If there wasn't a harassment case brought
against Tracy, and the Recreation Department wasn't up for a Prop 2
1/2 override, would you still have issues with Tracy and the Center?

I agree that Brandon does a fabulous job. I don't however, see the
atmosphere change when Tracy is there.

I truly am not Tracy nor Doug.

I support what I believe to be true, and you do the same. Neither one
of us are more right or more wrong than the other.

I only wish there was a way to satisfy everyone's needs without
having to trash people.
9:39 am edt 

Welcome, Welcome to the New Police Chief

     I look forward to new presence in the Police Department. We need
someone who is not going to be a buddy with the other police and who
will demonstrate leadership.  We have a chance for some good to be
done and for the department to run as a police department should be
run. So, I'm optimistic. On this one, sharon Lynn seems to have made
a good choice.
12:55 am edt 

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Barbara, PLease. Enough is Enough

     Barbara, you are a good citizen. You are involved. You are
intelligent. But your push for the 1% transfer tax is looney. Drop
this ridiculous idea. On this issue, you don't make any sense.

      Let's hope you start planting more trees and bringing in other
great ideas to this town. But this is not one of them.
11:35 pm edt 

Glad the Overrides Failed Again

     I shouldn't feel good that the overrides failed with all the
support for the grand recount. But these overrides are wrong as
overrides and they show that this town's leadership needs more than

     We still need a new way to think about town management and to
reconsider the two season approach to management. New ideas, really
new ones, need to be brought into the government process.

     That is still to happen. Maybe this will help.
11:32 pm edt 

Great to Have the Kickers League

WE all need mroe exercise. Some of us don't like gyms. We like
being outside and playing with a team. I just enjoy so much the
Kickers and I would hope that the school or the recreation center
would let us play without fees. Makes no sense to me to have fees
when we all gain from playing. Isn't Motta Field a community field?
Please, no fees for playing.
11:30 pm edt 

Supporting Brandon Motta

   I've been there at night and I have seen what a great job Brandon
has done. He energizes us. He brings great ideas. I want to be there
when Brandon is there. He makes the center come alive. He is good and
I only wish he could still be part of the center. When this guy is
not there, it's dull.
11:29 pm edt 

Sorry, But...

     I still don't get the push for David Bedard. It is not as if he
is so well known that we should just vote for him. I still plan on
voting for Bryan Green. He received many votes, I think about 400,
and that means he had support in town.

     I'm glad Bryan Green is still on the ballot and I will vote for
him. I also feel that Bryan Green will stand up for issues and has a
strong sense of the town and its problems. For me, David Bedard is an
11:27 pm edt 

To: Who Do You Think I Am?

In response to your question, I think you are Doug Taylor and Tracy Trewhella,
trying to cover your tracks. And you are right, the case has not been decided yet
accordingly, Trewhella should not be working with children. She should have been
suspended with pay until settlement.

Don't attack others just because you are under scrutiny.

1:09 pm edt 

Tracy Organized?

      This woman doesn't even know what a budget is. She is a poor
choice for a position that requires knowledge and courses in child
psychology, adolescent psychology, health and fitness training,
management skills, and organization structures. We need more than a
babysitter who lacks skills to work with children. Being a mother
is surely not enough.

     Brandon Motta has brought solid courses and night activities to
a center that had bright walls but not a bright director. She is
unqualified and might have done a so-so job as assistant director
but as director she is a failure.

     Judging the Recreation Center by its bright walls leaves much to
be desired. And her smile? That has gotten her in more trouble than
we will discuss here. Smiles and orange walls? I'd take Brandon Motta
and his solid skills and his dedication any time over this woman with
questionable skills and a questionable reputation.

     We are still facing a sexual harassment suit due to her alleged
behavior and smiles!
1:01 pm edt 

Don't Waste Your Vote!

Seems totally ridiculous and an absolute waste to vote for
a candidate that has voluntariy pulled out of the race, whether he
felt pressure to or not.
For those of you who plan to still vote for Bryan Green, you are
making a mistake and will live to regret it. For gods sake, vote for
someone who at least wants the job.
12:57 pm edt 

Who do you think that I am?

How do you know that most of the goings on at the center
were instituted by Brandon? Were you there? Do you work there? DID
you work there?

I never presented anything before the BoS...I haven't even been to a meeting.

Who do you think that I am? It would be interesting to find out...
10:59 am edt 

Please Vote For David

As someone said, even if Green is still on the ballot and
you vote for him and not David, you may be hurting David in the long

Please please please reconsider and vote for David.
10:48 am edt 

To: Re: Tracy Trewhella Recreation Director

The issue  is Tray Trewhella not Dennis Clark. When you refer to negativity
do you include your victriollic attack on Dennis.

You substantiate Trewhella's position by attacking Dennis'. Your logic is curious
at best.

Is this the method used to give left-handed praise to Brandon Motta? Is this
how you supported him before the BOS.

Me thinks you protest too much about others and claim their achievements 
as your own.

Much of what you claim was instituted by Brandon!
10:15 am edt 

Re: Ted Meyer, News Paper Articles


Where's the articles on Ted Myer? The election is coming up soon and
voters should get a chance to review Selectmen candidates before the
election and anything that may be helpful in making their choice
should be put out there to the voters.

Webmaster Comment: Meyer articles will be published as a special edition
on May 19, 2008.

Thank you for your concern
9:46 am edt 

Re: Tracy Trewhella Recreation Director

You think Tracy is unorganized? At any given moment you
could get a well constructed report from her. She can tell you how
many people use the building, how many children, what the incoming
revenue is, any expenses...need I go on??

When you walk in to her office, you are greeted with a smile, hello
and you feel welcomed! The building is cleaner than it was when
Dennis was there, there is a beautiful mural on the wall, the walls
are painted with bright refreshing colors and the kids had something
to do with it all.

Dennis Clark would make you wait at the desk for at least 10-15
minutes while on the phone. He wouldn't even bother to look up and
see who was standing in front of him. If you ever asked for help, he
could barely agree to say yes, or would always put it in a way that
would nearly make it impossible for anything to happen. He could've
cared less! During any one of the BoS meetings, Dennis could NEVER
give an accurate report on the Community Center; someone from Town
Hall would always have to give the report. He never knew, because he
never did anything. He never spent any of the budget to fix anything
that needed to be fixed or maintained.

Why do you care that there is ping pong in the am or not? Is it
because you cannot play? Who cares what type of classes are being
held there, as long as the building is available to the community
that is what's important.

Why all of a sudden are you concerned about her credentials? No one
seemed to care when she was Dennis' assistant for four years! She was
qualified then, now you think she's not? Why didn't anyone complain
six years ago?

Get a grip. Go bother someone else! Laurie Roles will not win this
alleged harassment case against Tracy and the town.

What makes you think that there are phantom classes being held there?
  Do you know for a fact, or are you one of those people that like to
blog about things you know nothing about?

I have been there, I have witnessed classes being held, I have heard
the ping pong being played, I have seen the kids having fun playing
along with receiving helped from Tracy and Brandon with their

I have been getting involved with different things in the town that I
need to educate myself with, have you?

People need to start focusing on the positive things that are
happening around us in this town, not the negative. Negative people
bring negative energy. If you would all stop bitching and complaining
then maybe positive changed could happen and everyone would be
happier. Change is good...Tracy leaving the Community Center isn't
one of the changes that would be good for the Community OR the Center.
9:44 am edt 

Tracy Doing A Wonderful Job??

     Really? You must be kidding. There has been little happening at
the recreation Center. Brandon brought many activities but with
Tracy there were phantom classes, like the elderly Ping Pong at 9a.m.
She is unorganizaed, lacks professional attitude and has a
questionable reputation. Why would mothers even want to have their
children in her care? What qualifications does she have? Look closely
and you'll see this woman is not even qualified to run a babysitting

     We would do well with Brandon Motta and Sharon should have taken
her resignation with a wide smile. Keeping this woman is to keep a 
       harasser, a person who fails to understand the line between
personal and professional behavior. She is an embarassment and should
look for a job waitressing in Brewster.
12:00 am edt 

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Re: Recreation Department

Tracy didn't change her mind and call Sharon, Sharon Lynn
called Tracy and asked to "help out" with the summer program WITH
Brandon. Tracy simply accepted the offer. Sharon Lynn didn't accept
her resignation at first, she didn't want Tracy to leave. She thinks
that 'Tracy is doing a fabulous job, and sees nothing wrong with the
way the Community Center is being run by Tracy AND Brandon.' Spoke to
Sharon myself. I for one, could not agree more.

Give the Community Center a chance. The adults, the teens and the
younger kids love it there.

Just for a point of information: HOW meets at the Community Center,
WIC, Akito (sp?), adult ballet are just to name a few that attend
there on a daily/weekly basis.

At least the building is being used ten time MORE than what Dennis
Clark ever had wanted it to be used. If anything, he was NOT FOR the
community using the building.

Tracy and Brandon are doing a fine job!
11:22 pm edt 

Why Not Bryan Green

     Warren Tobias gives his retirement notice and then two weeks
later, Tobais is working full-time as Sergeant. Tracy Roderick
Trewhella gives her resignation and four days later, she rescinds her
resignation and will stay (probably forever.) So one day Bryan Green
says he is not going to run for selectmen and now, a few days later,
he may decide to run again. It is a Provincetown tradition, so why

     I'm planning on voting for Bryan Green. He is on the ballot and
I still think he is the best candidate. As I said earlier, it is a
Provincetown tradition. Change your mind and the town accepts this

     If it's good enough for Warren Tobais, it's good enough for
Bryan Green. You have my vote!
6:43 pm edt 

Dear Slippery,

     Thank you for your advice. I agree with you. I just wanted
voters to know that he is still on the ballot.
     I am also so disappointed that there is someone out there that
would stoop so low as to undermine an honorable candidate who had
received close to 400 votes on the first go. His intentions to run
for the June election were an obvious threat to some.
       Ah, politics can get very slippery. What a shame.

1:27 pm edt 

To: Astrid...

I too was an advocate for Brian Green.  I also
would be tempted to vote for him to continue to show my support.  It
is David who needs our votes now so that we do not get another
self-serving egotist on the board. I shudder to think of Ted Meyers
who ran the police department into shambles amongst other things, to
sit in an even stronger position of power. Please reconsider your
position carefully.

Slippery Fish (holding in the hull of the Chico Jess)
11:50 am edt 

Republished at the Request of Poster: Support for Provincetown Kickers

The Provincetown Kickers Seek Your Support

Mission: The Provincetown Kickers is an open kickball league, open to
all, young and old. We are committed to developing community through
Sporting events, Fitness programs and Health education. We strive to
raise awareness of the benefits of healthy lifestyles. We believe
that fitness improves the overall quality of life for individuals
resulting in a stronger, healthier more productive community. With
one of the leading causes of death being a sedentary lifestyle, the
KICKERS believe people are more apt to get and stay active if
inspired by creative play.

Community Benefits: The First Drag Kickball event was held in 2006
and we donated $4000 to the Provincetown Community Center run by the
Recreation Department. In 2007, Drag Kickball II raised over $4500
for the Trevor Project, a Youth Suicide Hotline and donated an
additional $1500 to the Provincetown Teen Night run by the Recreation

      This year we first approached the Provincetown school committee
to gain permission to use Motta Field for our Drag Kickball Event and
for the weekly league.  We requested waiving fees because we wanted
to include more students in the league and create a student

       The request for the fees to be waived for Drag Kickball Event
was denied. We have agreed to pay $500 for the 3-hour use of the
field in August. We are still requesting the waiving of fees for the
weekly use of Motta Field. Now the Recreation Department is denying
our request even though the league is a free recreational event
promoting fitness for all in Provincetown.

      The health benefits that are achieved through fitness should be
available, easily accessible and affordable for the entire community.
We the Provincetown Kickers look forward to your support and help in
eliminating fees for the weekly usage of Motta field.

Please call or email BOS chair Mary -Jo Avellar, 487-7003, or Town Manager Sharon Lynne, 487-7002, or superintendent Jessica Waugh

The desire to engage in play should be a fundamental and an ageless
right for all.
10:20 am edt 

To Astrid and ...

.. anyone else thinking of still voting for someone who, for whatever
reasons, has chosen not serve to serve.  Hope you're prepared to live
with the BOS that you get.
10:08 am edt 

Re: David Guertin

"They both should have realized that its an honor to work
for the Town of Provincetown."

Right. an honor, that can quickly turn into a nightmare.
8:50 am edt 

To: Webmaster


Can you repost the Kickers entry? This event can only reflect 
positively on Provincetown.
8:47 am edt 

Provincetown Insights

"Provincetown is not the sweet, peaches and cream idyllic
setting some would have you believe; just ask Jimmy's
hideaway (see Banner article), Larry Flores (Cape Cod Times),
Lorri Roles, DOR. et al."

Thank you for stating that. Your insights are unfortunately accurate.
8:46 am edt 

Candidates Night

I'm totally in favor of a candidates night!  Not everyone could
attend the last showing and if worst comes to worst, we can always
view it on tv/internet.

Although the showing at the last may not have been "huge" I
absolutely think it's an essential part of our democratic process
here and I look forward to hearing from the candidates!

8:43 am edt 


    He has my vote.

Astrid Berg
8:41 am edt 

BOS candidates

David Bedard had a meet and greet at the pot last wednesday and has
another scheduled this wednesday at fanizzis.  haven't heard, read or
seen anything from the other candidates yet.
12:03 am edt 

Friday, May 16, 2008

re:Re: BOS Candidates

why would anyone have another candidates night.  there were 9
candidates on stage and only 75 people in the audience.  if you're so
concerned about the 'landscape', did you even attend the first one?

and how has this 'landscape' changed, if bryan had won in the first
race, you'd still have the same 4 to choose from.
11:33 pm edt 

Re: Misuse of Town Vihicle

I heard that a citizen has registered a complaint  with the Town Manager against David Guertin for
using a Town vihicles  for personal use.
11:20 pm edt 

Re: BOS Candidates

Does anyone know if we will have another opportunity to meet the BOS candidates and discuss
issues with them?

I feel it would be very helpful at this point, given the changed landscape.
11:13 pm edt 

Vote Recount Results in Both Articles Failing to Pass

The recount of the override votes to fund  the three percent raise for
town employees resulted in a change of 1 additional vote in favor.
However, the net result was a tie, which constitutes a failure to pass.

The other vote to fund an assistant Recreation Director failed by 9 votes,
which was a change of 1 vote in favor of the override.
11:05 pm edt 

To All Bloggers

We are not the only town or even the city to be in a financial
hardship. This hardship covers 3/4 of the US and other countries.
Bloggers need to WAKE UP because we are in this together. We're not
hear to slam people. Maybe, since no one has anything good to say
about people maybe, the ones that are sooo smart and know everything,
maybe you should run for Selectmen or person. You have all the
answers and where have you been for the public meetings? I don't see
your name for selectperson. So, before you cruisfy others, you should
get the story straight or at least the correct information.

10:41 pm edt 

Bryan Green
What non G rated issues does Bryan have? There couldn't be anything
any worse than anybody else thats on or has been on the board. And
how could they effect his ability as a selectman?
9:11 pm edt 

Low Income Housing

I have been bitting my toungue on this and after talking with a
friend I feel obligated to add this to everything else that has been
said about Ted Malone and the Low Income Housing situation in

When you hear "Low Income Housing" you would think the rent would be
a considerable amount lower than what many home owners are ripping
people off for. Some how Ted Malone has managed to charge certain
people that rent from him $1,400 a month. That is NOT low income

But once Ted finds out they are getting assistance he obviously jacks
up the rent. No wonder he's building when ever and where ever he can.
He's obviously got a nice scam going and NOTHING is being done about
it. It's a shame that he's got the Town fathers believing he's doing
us all a favor when in fact his scam is being catered to. Just
another sad situation in Provincetown.
9:09 pm edt 

Congrats To All Our Brothers and Sisters In California!

Great news that the California State Supreme Court has cleared the
way for same sex marriage! I just hope that they don't have to fight
the battle after the fact like we did here in Massachusetts. The PBG,
Provincetown Chamber of Commerce and all the other town organizations
should advertise their congratulations and welcome them to honeymoon
in Provincetown! Fun for them, great for tourism.

E. Michael Richards
9:06 pm edt 

Congratulations to Larry Flores

      This is a case that was brought by David Guertin against Larry
Flores. How many legal cases come of the DPW? This is just ridiculous.

     However, Larry Flores won the case and this proves that David
Guertin was wrong in brining this case to court. David Guertin was
trying to put Larry Flores in Jail and that is a very serious act.

      Good news, Larry. You won and this decision was in court.
12:47 pm edt 

Green Left the Race for Many Reasons....... have posted here AND a lot more reasons that might be
too sensative to talk to on a G rated blog.  I would like everyone
now to put energy discussing who is best qualified that is left for
the last BOS seat in June than all this bashing.
9:01 am edt 


The only "embarassment" here would be someone who KNOWS the
truth but yet still continues to "stick up for the REAL badguys...
8:28 am edt 

To: Leave David Guertin Alone and Re: David Guertin

I don't know what instances you are referring to. What I do know is that in the three
occurrences of David Guertin taking either disciplinary or legal action against Larry
Flores both Guertin and the Town lost.

When Larry Flores sort relief from the State regarding his dismissal by Guertin
from the DPW, the State ruled in his favor and he should have been reinstated
with full pay. However, Guertin working in collusion with the  then Town Manager,
Keith Bergman, sort to deny his reinstatement and in direct contravention of the
State's ruling, offered to assign him to another department only after he would
accept a further 60 day suspension without pay.

Finding this offer unacceptable, Larry Flores was then offered a settlement of
$10,000 to desist from any further efforts to seek reinstatement. Without funds
to seek legal redress Larry was compelled to accept the offer, which he has always
regretted, knowing that he was in the right.

To compound the matter, Guertin hounded Larry, giving him denigrating job
references and made false accusations against him as substantiated in court.

You make very light of a town official using his position to drive an individual
out of town. What if it were you or a relative; enough said.

And by the way, Lie detectors are not used in American courts.

This is Provincetown not the wild west! Of course a learned individual like yourself
is familiar with the adage "a jury of your peers".

You are an embarrassment.
12:15 am edt 

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Leave David Guertin Alone..

Sorry that larry and scott got caught doing things they shouldnt have
been doing.....they both should have realized that its an honor to work
for the Town of rovincetown.......but no they took advantage of move on.....
11:30 pm edt 

So What is the Real Agenda?

     Get Bryan Green to leave the race. Then what? Who is your secret
candidate, the person who will vote as you want him or her to? Put
the squeeze on Green and then get your real Manchurian Candidate to

      Not so sweet and nice, is it?
11:25 pm edt 

Bryan Green Would Have Been Good

      But, alas, those with vested interest, those who want their
specialized interests not only resp0ected but a force in this town,
made certain they would put the pressure on Bryan Green. They
threaten. They worked their wiles. They made certain there would be
another voice, not Bryan's, to carry out their interests.

      So, who should we vote for? Really? I'll take Keith Amato and
believe those in power can't get to him. This is the reality of this
town, a little different from the Pollyanna dreams some hold on to.
Try on reality. It hurst more but, alas, it is what is really going on
in this quaint town.
11:24 pm edt 

When Will the Straw Break the Camel's Back?

When is the Town Manager going to put a stop to David Guertin's antics?

The amount of time lost to matters involving disputes between Guertin and
the personnel under him is getting ridiculous and expensive.

Sharon Lynn has to take control of this department head and demand a
cessation to all of his petty shenanigans. He is out of control!
11:19 pm edt 

The Jury Has Spoken

     And Larry Flores is innocent and David Guerti's case is denied.
The jury decided and they found that David Guertin's case about
harassment and phystical threats was denied. In the court, Larry
Flores won.

     The jury has spoken. that is the case and where it stands.
11:12 pm edt 

Wishing You Were Still in the Race

     Let's face it. there is a down and dirty side to this town and
if you ever threaten the power that underlies those in power, you
will pay some consequence. That is what Bryan Green faced and I wish
he had told them where to go. But it is not easy. But I hope we
see what is really going on here and that a man who received almost
400 votes is pulling out of the race for serious threats to his
business, to his work in Provincetown and to his reputation.

     Let's not have La-La-Land explanations and fantasy world cliches
for why Bryan Green left the race. This was a forced decision and to
those who threaten him, we will not forget what you have done.
10:48 pm edt 

What? Who?

     Sometimes I think there's a level of unreality by some bloggers.
Who on this blog has been attacking David Guertin? That's just nuts.
But now that a legal case has found that he brought unwarranted
charges against a former employee and Guertin lost, someone is saying
this blog has been against Guertin. Get a Life--or maybe this is your
life and it's sad, my friend.

      If a town employee is involved in a civil suit and this person
insitigated the suit, then that is news. And if that person David
Guertin lost the case and  Larry Flores, a former employee, won in a
jury decision, that is news.

    Congratulations to Larry Flores
10:45 pm edt 

Bryan Green

His problem was that he listened to those that he thought could scare
him. If he hadn't listened to them, he would still be in the race. If
a little talking to was all it took to scare off Green, I think its
probably a good thing he didn't run.

Imagine the special interest groups he WOULD have supported if all
it took was a talking to. If he has any real integrity, he would call those
people out and let the world know who they are and what they said or did
or threatened to do. Otherwise, the same force will do it again to someone
10:44 pm edt 

Provincetown Has Gone Down the Toilet

I grew up in town and every one (in town offices)was from town or truro,
the police chief, fire chief, town manager etc. the town was run by the
people. now you go out and pay stupid money to people who really don't
care about the town, they came for the money, no wonder the town is

You have the DPW director running people out of town because he don't
like them and wasteing town funds. If the town don't have fire works the
whole town will lose, the buisness's will suffer and the town will lose money
(parking). I hope the real people of provincetown wake up and take back
the town.
10:42 pm edt 

Re: David Geurtin

You wanna know what's really sad about this whole thing involving
Geurtin and Larry Flores is ? Larry Flores is such a          and
Geurtin was the only one who had the testicles to run that cowboy out
of town.Larry has conflicts every where he goes.                          
                ,                      , over used the kindness of the
Fire Chief to the point that even that got nasty.I am going to stop
short of saying Geurtin has been an assest to this town because he
has had a few issues during his tenure with other unrelated matters.

Not only did Geurtin do what many were glad to see happen to Larry
but he also got rid of another employee who was running a close
second to Larry and that was Scott Enos. Another                  . Both
Scott and Larry I'm sure             their            and if they had to
take a lie detector in court they would of burnt out the fuses in the
machine with their lies. So because the courts in cases like this one
were lie detectors are not used, Guertin is now the bad guy. All I
can say is, Larry and Scott just remember the guy above does not
sleep and your dues will come.
10:38 pm edt 

With the Greatest Love and Admiration for Dixie

A 2nd memorial service is being planned.  This 
remembrance in celebration of the jubilant life which he lived will
be held at the:
UU Meeting House (Unitarian Universalist)
236 Commercial Street on Sunday June 8th at 3:00 pm.

The sole purpose of this memorial service is not in any way to cause
discord but to meet the needs of all of us here who want to gather to
mourn AND celebrate the death and memory of our dear friend David
"Dixie" Federico.
During the service, there will be the opportunity for everyone to
share their own memories and joys about Dixie.   We are planning and
welcome you to join a Coffee-an reception immediately following
downstairs in the UU theater. 

We welcome you to  bring some finger foods and sweet treats.  If you
have any imput or questions, we welcome you to contact Alison Hyder
at 508 487 9344.

"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge --  dreams
are more powerful than facts -- hope always triumphs over experience
-- laughter is the cure for grief -- love is stronger than death."  
Robert Fulghum

Let us continue to imagine, dream, hope, laugh and love in the memory
and to the honor of, and in the love of our dear friend Dixie who
shall always live in our hearts and memories!
8:01 pm edt 

To: Get a Life!

Re: "Its so Obvious that the same "group" of people who love to
crucify David Guertin are still at it...GET OVER IT..AND GET A LIFE!!!"

Where there's smoke there's usually a fire.  And there is a lot of
smoke around David Guertin.
7:35 pm edt 

Truth be Said

When suspicions were raised concerning Bryan Green's withdrawal from the
BOS race, bloggers were condemned for reading too much into the

Now, with the publication of the Banner article about the subject withdrawal,
the true story comes out. There is a viciousness that knows no bounds
about those who view the candidacy of Mr. Green as a threat to their
intentions to control the BOS. Who are the benificiaries of his absence on
the board?Just squint, really focus your mind and you will see the same
people determined to push Affordable Housing. It's about money, lots of
money, your money!

That's the beauty of this blog! People ask questions, which raise the insight
of all the readers. There are those who chose to blind themselves to the
reality of the conditions surrounding Provincetown. Too often questions,
which go to the heart of the matter are rejected as being too negative.

Provincetown is not the sweet, peaches and cream idyllic setting some
would have you believe; just ask Jimmy's hideaway (see Banner article),
Larry Flores (Cape Cod Times), Lorri Roles, DOR. et al.

So much for apple pie and motherhood.

Our apologies to you Bryan

7:16 pm edt 

Upset that Bryan Green was Harassed and Pressured

     The Banner presents the case that Bryan Green was being harassed
and hostile remarks were made against him. So who in town did not
want Bryan to run? Who in town saw Bryan Green as a threat to their
industrial complex? Who found that Bryan could not be controlled like
two people who are presently sitting on the BOS?

     Michele Couture and Elaine Anderson are in Ted Malone's pocket.
I don't think Bryan Green was and that was a problem that needed a
solution. Unfortunatley, solution found. Sadly, it's the town's loss.
6:25 pm edt 

In Priase of the Kickers League

      It's great to have a kickers league and I think we should all
be able to play without having fees assessed. Students should be
invited without asking for fees. I played once last year and thought
it was much fun and a healthy activity.

      What is wrong with the School Committee? Don't they even
realize how their actions are being looked at by the community.
Taking a holier than thou attitude is not a good move. They should
say "yes" and waive the fees. I would think that Kerry Adams, for
one, would be a reasonable voice that would support this move. I have
respect for him and hope he intervenes.
6:23 pm edt 

I Agree: Asking Questions is not Smearing

      We are here giving opinions, raising questions, and answering
some. there is a give and take. Asking questions is key to the blog
and I agree with the someone who said there is a big difference
between asking questions and smearing someone's reputation.

      We learn by asking questions. We get at the underlying issues
by asking questions. Failure to see a difference between posing
questions and attacking shows a limited understanding of democracy
and of this blog.
6:22 pm edt 

Filled With Your Own Contradictions

   Your write as if others are the ones attacking and denigrating
others and then you end your blog by attacking the reputation of the
webmaster. Seems like you are caught in the encircling maze of your
own contradictions. Take a look at yourself first.
6:19 pm edt 

Get a Life!

Its so Obvious that the same "group" of people who love to
crucify David Guertin are still at it...GET OVER IT..AND GET A LIFE!!!
6:18 pm edt 

Re: Guertin Lost

David Guertin not only lost but used the town car to get to
court on a personal matter employees in the past were fired for using
town resources for personal bussiness.
2:22 pm edt 

To: Why would Laurie Roles even go to Tracy.......

.......if she (Tracy)
allegedly acted inappropriately towards her?
She didn't go to Trewhella,  she went to the recreation department
that should represent the entire town in an unbiased
non-discriminatory manner. You facts are skewed.
2:20 pm edt 

The Student Scholarship Would Be So Wonderful

Yes it would and the kickers have agreed to pay the fees imposed to
use field the day of the benefit. we just don't feel that we should
pay a weekly fee to use a recreational field.
2:18 pm edt 

Smart Move on Tracy's Part in My Opinion

But illegal.
2:16 pm edt 

Re: Re: David Guertin

"Re: David Guertin
David Guertin is one of the most valuable staff members
this town has."

I see you didn't sign your name either.  I respectfully disagree with
you on this.  Once it was determined he was guilty of an ethics
violation I really lost trust in the man.  The facts that continue to
come out about him lead me to believe he is not trustworthy.
2:14 pm edt 

Don't Bother

If you cannot run a website responsibly and without
violating the good names of innocent people without proof, then dont
bother doing it at all.
2:12 pm edt 


There is a huge difference between raising a
question and making an unfounded accusation, even if you end each and
every one of your ridiculously slanderous statements with a question
mark.  Just because this forum does not require you to sign your name
does not give you license to drag the name of another person through
the mud, just because you can.  Do unto others as you would have them
do unto you, people!  Think before you post.  I do realize that those
of you who enjoy attacking others are probably never going to change
but I cannot believe that the webmaster, at least, is not able to
better navigate between the principle of freedom of speech and the
venom we keep seeing on this blog.  Honestly, I thought he was more
intelligent and discerning than that!
2:10 pm edt 

Re: David Guertin

Todays Cape Cod Times has an article on page 2 about David Guertin
having lost a trial by jury case against Larry Flores in Orleans yesterday.
This case could very well have significant financial ramifications for the town.

This may be only the tip of the iceberg regarding legal issues involving Mr.
Guertin. Several of his current and former DPW employees have pending
legal complaints against him for targeting individuals.

Additionally, there is a forth coming request for an investigation of
his handling of DPW operations; DPW financial allocations and contract

12:00 pm edt 

Confusing Asking Questions with Smears

     When people on the blog ask a question, it doesn't make sense to
assume they are smearing someone. Some of you are mightily sensitive
and I think overreacting. If this isn't a place to raise questions,
then you don'tunderstand Blogs.
11:43 am edt 

Brian Stepped Down and Gave David His Backing

Brian Green left the race because he felt David is the most
qualified to serve as a selectman.  Rather than split the vote into
smaller fractions, Brian stepped down and gave David his backing.
Sometimes there is not a complex answer.   Simply put, Brian did what
he felt was best for the town.
Slippery Fish (throwing light from the hull of the Chico Jess)
9:38 am edt 

It Was a Good Decision on Brians Part
I think that the same people who voted for Michele
Couture will also vote for Ted Meyer. If Brian Green stayed in the
race the remaining votes would have gotten split. (its the same thing
that is happeing in the presidential race, and why we will end up
with John McCain as president) Now those who would have voted for
Brian can support David, and he should be able to get enough votes to
win over Ted.

          It was a good decision on Brians part. I think it shows
courage and humility. It also shows me that he cares about the Town
first. All of which are traits that will bring Brian forward again in
the future. Thank you Brian.

A Rat in the Basement
9:36 am edt 

Re: David Guertin
David Guertin is one of the most valuable staff members
this town has. His respectful, detailed and knowledgeable
explanations of all matters related to town infrastructure at town
meeting and elsewhere are far and away the most valuable of all the
talk that goes on in these forums. His management of an incredibly
complex infrastructure and a forward-thinking waste management system
is to be commended. Is he perfect on every count, no, are you? Let's
not make him this week's punching bag to satisfy a need for ill
informed miserable anonymous attacks. Can't we just get back to
savaging Rex and AJ or did we run out of material on those poor guys?

Get a freaking life you miserable complainers. If you have an
accusation to make do it in public, back it up with evidence, and
sign your name. Stop trying to take out old and probably misplaced
grievances on this lousy forum.
9:33 am edt 

Im Just Glad There is a Memorial for Our Friend Dixie

     I'm just pleased that someone, some people are planning a
memorial for Dixie. I'm glad that Beyside Betsy is accomodating tht
request. I'm looking forward to being with people who loved and cared
for Dixie. It is a good place for us to meet. I'll raise my glass to
Dixie and I's glad this place is offering a galss for the occasion.

     Let there many memorials. Let those who want another venue hold
another memorial.

     Wherever, whever, we are there to say goodbye and thank Dixie
for being himself and giving us his energy, his optimism, his spirit.
12:54 am edt 

David Bedard and Mary Cass

I just spoke with David because it really troubles me when people
write things that they have no idea about in an attempt to smear an
honorable man.

To set the record straight, David Bedard has never met Mary Cass. 
The caretaker you refer to was a business partner of David Nicalou
and they were the previous owners of the Provincetown Gym and that
may be where you are confused.  David Bedard also mentioned that he
does not know all the details of the care of Mary Cass but he does
know that David Nicalou was never involved in her care.

I'm voting for David Bedard.  He's smart, he's fair, he understands
finance and he has a true love for this town.

And I have a new respect for Mr Greene.  Rarely have I ever seen
someone in this town stand and say that they think someone else is
better qualified.
12:51 am edt 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wishing Bryan Green Had Stayed in This Race

   Must say I don't understand why Bryan Green has pulled out of this
race. Does not make sense to me. He received almost 400 votes in the
last election and he would have received quite a few now. something's
fishy here. Maybe Slippery Fish can help throw some light--from below
the Chico Jess--on this.

     Smells fishy to me. something's just not right here.
9:58 pm edt 

I Really Don't Know David Bedard

     I don't kow this man but was he involved in the questionable
case of Mary Cass? I know there were legally questionable actions on
the aprt of "caretakers" of Mary Cass and somehow could he had been
part of this "team'? She was shuffled out of her house and then
others bought property for her but it was really for      . Did this
man have any connection with Mary Cass and her sad situation?

9:55 pm edt 

Agreeing with the Blooger on Tracy Driggs Roderick Trewhella

     Given that the former Assitant Recration Director was allegedly
fired for refusing to have sex with Tracy Driggs Roderick Trewhella
and her boyfriend Doug Taylor, it would have been more prudent if
this Recreation Director had let the decision about Motta Field be
handled by either the Assistant Town Manager or the Town Manager. The
legal case by the Mass Commission Agaisnt Discrimination is presently
on-going agianst the Town of Provincetown and against Tracy Driggs
Roderick Trewhella. I would have thought that the Town Manager, in
full knowledge of the legal case, would have handled this herself.

     If it is found that the former Assistant Recreation Director was
fired illegally, then it seems that the town and the recreation
department could be found to be continuing to harass this woman and
impede her work. This is not what any town should do with an on-going
legal sexual harassment case. And given that the Drag Kickball event
and the Kickball League were in existence before the legal suit,
prudence and good governance would take a careful and cautious
approach to this request.

      Can I ask: Is there just an inability by town officials to
understand the consequences of their acts? Is there just an inability
to think long term and think well? This is not rocket science and yet
I am amazed at the poor thinking that continues to mark this town.
9:53 pm edt 

Re: David Gurtin DPW Director

Over the last few weeks David Gurtin has been involved in several labor
related disputes. Town Manager Sharon Lynn ruled in favor of a DPW
employee that made a claim through his union that he had been unfairly
excluded by Guertin from any overtime cleanup work at the 90 Shankpainter
Burn dump site.

This same employee was subsequently (within 1-2 weeks) reported to the
State Transportation Department by Guertin as a suspected drug user and
was then required to take a drug test. Under the  circumstances the test was
ruled inappropriate and discarded.
9:50 pm edt 

Re: David Bedard BOS Candidate

Can anyone provide a report on the David Bedard "Meet the Candidate"
meeting, which was held at the Lobster Pot this evening?
9:30 pm edt 

To: I considered Dixie a very good friend

Solution: Plan your own memorial or celebration and let us know.
9:20 pm edt 

Larry Flores Found Not Guilty!

Latest news is that DPW Director David Gurtin lost his trial case today
May 14, against Larry Flores former DPW employee. 

Flores demanded a trial by jury in the Orleans court, and was found 
not guilty. Gurtin claimed that Flores threatened him on several occasions.
If found guilty, Flores would have faced better than a year in jail.

Flores, stated that justice had been served and that Gurtin was the most 
disruptive element in the DPW and would ultimately cost the Town of
Provincetown great expense.

Gurtin, is currently faced with several additional  prospective legal suits.
9:19 pm edt 

Trewellas Revenge

This is exactly why she shouldn't be there. She now has the power to
reduce the qualifications of Brandon as she did to Laurie. She will
now also act improperly when addressing a request from someone that
has requested the event before, the drag kickball. Tracy should have
passed on the decision and sided with good instinct and hand it over
to the TM to make the decision due to the strained issues between
herself and Laurie. Now Tracy can really exact revenge on the
position and the town if she pleases while I'm sure the puppeteer
Doug is in the wings. She is going to be an endless problem now that
she's back in power. How is Brandon going to look if the assistants
position is approved after the recount? She's already bashed him and
now he has to go to work for her? This is only going to get worse.

Just watch.
9:04 pm edt 

Re: Dixie's Memorial

We will be there to celebrate the person we knew as Dixie, not to
celebrate the availibility of liquor, viva la difference. There will
be tears, laughter and many Dixie anecdotes.
There are plans for another Dixie memorial, maybe more traditional in
nature that could possibly more suit your requirements. Then there is
always the option for a third as per your suggestion. Either way,
here's to you Dixie, and isn't that really the point?

E. Michael Richards
6:08 pm edt 

Oh My God!!

Please tell me we have we not yet another new low!

We are now criticizing where a memorial service is held!!

Do you really think Dixie would have cared where it was held? While I
did not know him that closely I for one think he probably would not

Secondly, did you happen to think that maybe that may have been a
wish of his in the event of his death?

Lets please focus on the real purpose of the event which is to
recognize someone who was a joyful and caring person with a great
sense of humor.

My only observation from this tragedy is I wish that half the people
in this town and on this blog had a tenth of his sweet and friendly
personality. Then maybe everyone in town would not be wound so tight.
6:03 pm edt 

Re: Tracy Trewhella

That is exactly why it is not a good idea for Tracy
Trewhella to sponsor the Drag Kickball event. I don't think that
people considered that in the first place. Why would Laurie Roles
even go to Tracy if she (Tracy) allegedly acted inappropriately
towards her? Laurie is now just going after something that she can
win at...the kickball event. Smart move on Tracy's part in my opinion.
6:01 pm edt 

Regarding Bryan Greene:

To the poster who wrote:

"It seems quite unfair on his part to take this turn-about without
informing his supporters."

Gee, I guess you just cannot win in this town! I applaud Bryan for
his removal of himself from the race. What exactly is "unfair" about
wha he did? Did you even read his thoughtful statement about dropping
out? I think it was smart of him to back David from the Provincetown
Gym, as well as humble of him to concede that someone better suited
than he was deciding to run. Bryan should be congratulated for
putting his ego aside and throwing support to another candidate.
David is a very smart, kind, level headed guy. We both worked for the
same woman in town for many years, I as her gardener, David as her
trainer. In that time I got to know David as someone who was steady,
reliable, and did not seem to be at all vindictive (a nice change for
our BOS, doncha think?), and most of all, he always struck me as
quite bright.
Let's thank Bryan for putting himself out there in the first place,
and thank him again for putting his heart before his ego and backing
someone he obviously feels is better suited to serve the board at
this time... besides, it seems that Bryan is still giving plenty of
his time to the town, lets thank him for that as well.
MB on the Hill
10:38 am edt 

I Considered Dixie a Very Good Friend

I question the appropriateness of Betsy's as a venue for a memorial
service.  Is alcohol going to be sold or consumed?
Is so, I consider that to be a vulgar and insulting gesture.

Alcohol played a major part in causing Dixie's death. How is selling
booze or drinking it honoring his memory?  It is not. Those who fail
to make that connection need to think about it.

Why not have a nice ceremony on the beach with a bonfire?

I have made my peace with Dixie's passing and will not participate at Betsy's.
10:35 am edt 

Meet the Candidate

For those interested in getting more info of David Bedard,
there is a meet the candidate nite at the Lobster Pot today from 4-6

Daily Reader
10:33 am edt 

Re: Motta Field

One of the organizers of kickball is the woman that is
suing Tracey, the director of the recreation dept for sexual
harrassment. Perhaps that is the missing link and why this all seems
so ridiculous.
10:32 am edt 

Why Did Bryan Green Quit?

I don't get it. Out of the blue Bryan Green quits. What was there
about yesterday that was not there the day before? What

It seems quite unfair on his part to take this turn-about without
informing his supporters.

I am very disappointed in him.
8:09 am edt 

Lets Have a Positive Discussion About the Candidates

It was stupid for the person to write that at this time for
Green it is "Better to not board that ship a this time".
The writter was referring to the BOS as a sinking ship.  If you
really have that attitude, maybe it is time for you also to leave

The facts remain that Green was smart enough to see that David is the
better person for the job.  The facts would have come out if Green
was elected what is in his closet also.  Again, Green was smart not
to be in the public eye.

This race is handled much better than the national demecratic race. 
Clinton just crushed Obama in W.Va but still is going to push and
fight for herself.  Does this hurt the "PARTY"?

Lets get a good positive discussion on the remaining candidates.  We
have seen what is in Ted's closet (and past).  Have seen very little
about the rest of the candidates.

I like what I have seen about David so far.  Help me confirm my
choice or give me some other options.
7:50 am edt 

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dixie, Still Missing Your Presence

     Looking forward to the celebration of Dixie's life at Bayside
Betsy's on the 20th. It is still hard to imagine that Dixie will not
be walking down Commercial Street, smiling, with his hat on his head
and a scarf flowing by. He had so much energy and such a sassy

     You were unique and you had such a wonderful heart.

     Missing You.
11:34 pm edt 

The Student Scholarship Would Be So Wonderful

     Is this still a possiblity? I just realized in whose name the
scholarship would have been. He was such a sweet man, such a gentle
and wonderful person. I knew him when he worked at McNulty's Market.

     Just the fact that you would have had wanted to create a student
scholarship in his name is kind. Couldn't this still happen if the
fees were waived for Motta Field?
11:33 pm edt 

Questions About Motta Field

     What is the rate for renting Motta Field? And do we have
different rates if it is non-profit or if it is for profit?

      It seems to me that Drag Kickballl involved much interest
and much involvement of the town. I don't understand why this event
would be charged $500 for three hours? Didn't this group contribute
the proceeds to the Recreation Department one year? Then didn't they
contribute money to Teen Night and a Youth HotLine? And now we are
charging them $500? Sounds wrong.

     Is Motta Field controlled by both the School Committee and also
the Recreationa Department? Can either of them give permission for
the use of the field? And if one doesn't want to give
permission--let's say the director of the recreation department--can
this person stop someone from using the field?

      I don't have the answer but I'd appreciate knowing about the
jurisdiction concerning Motta Field.
11:32 pm edt 


Good for him to think the other guy is good for the town considering
the financial issues ahead. Of course, I'm sure he also kept in mind
the idea that he would be on the sinking ship called the "HMS Ptown
BOS". Better to not board that ship a this time. There will be
another race next year.
11:29 pm edt 


After all of my complaining last summer about how awful the GU was,
in providing service, product and produce and because the store was
consistently filthy and understaffed, I decided to put my money where
my mouth was and change my shopping habit.

A smart move on my part... Now, almost eight months later, I am happy
to report my new shopping habit has resulted in a savings of over
$200 (coupons and certificates by mail).  I only shop once a week,
and typically car-pool with friends.

The moral to my first hand story is this:  if you don't like it,
don't do it!  There is an alternative!
11:28 pm edt 

Looks like the WICKED LOCAL Cut the Last Section of the Press Release Off

Here is the rest:

David Bedard, a current member of our Town Finance Committee,  is an
excellent candidate. In order to support Davids campaign, I have
decided to suspend my efforts for election in June  and to offer my
full support for his election .

It is my belief that he would be as diligent on the Board of
Selectmen as he has been on the Finance Committee.

Thank you again for you support.

Bryan Green
11:27 pm edt 

This Was Just Posted on "Wicked Local"

PROVINCETOWN - Bryan Green, who lost his bid for selectman in the May
6 election but who was running again in the June 3 special election
for selectman, is withdrawing from the race.

Green said he is endorsing fellow candidate David Bedard, currently a
member of the finance committee. Below is Greens statement, which was
released today, May 12:

After long and careful consideration, I am announcing my decision to
suspend my campaign for a seat on the Provincetown Board of
Selectmen. I wish to thank my supporters for placing their trust and
faith in me. I will continue my service to the town as chair of the
Provincetown Housing Authority, as a member of the Community
Preservation Committee and as a member of the No Place for Hate

I will continue to hone my craft as a politician and to serve our
town. And I look forward to another campaign for the board of
selectmen in the future.

But at this critical time in the life of our town government, when
increasing costs and declining revenues are the reality of budget
planning, a candidate for selectman has come forward with significant
municipal finance experience.
4:31 pm edt 

Motta Field

The school owns the field. The Kickers are not questioning the fee
imposed for the Drag Event. We are being accessed fees for a open
weekly kickball game, there is no rate sheet for weekly use of field.
The recreation department has 'sponsored' the league, for the past
two years. But now we are considered an adult sporting league that is
not recreational? We were asked to provide our own insurance which we
did. Are we supposed to pass on fees to the numerous kids that show
up and want to join the game? The organizers were told by the
committee that if we wanted to use field weekly we should put in
different  request and they would asses fees and stipulations. Do the
summer sunday afternoon soccer players have insurance or pay fees?
NO, they do not.
4:29 pm edt 

Re: Ted Meyer

Articles were mailed on Saturday to the Webmaster at his home address
to post. Some information maybe found in the Miami Herald. The link
has already been posted for readers to read. Check the earlier
postings.(The article in question is dated(January 17, 1985)

Other articles can be purchased from the archive of the Saturday
Evening Post from when Meyer was deputy Chief in Charleston, South

Webmaster Comment: On Monday May 12, documentation was received
via US mail and will be published after review and substantiation.
4:27 pm edt 

BOS Candidates

I would like to see more information on all of the candidates for
the Board of Selectmen.

Please post any information you might have. We need to be
1:27 pm edt 

Any Information?

Anyone know anything about David from the Provincetown gym
who is running for selectmen in June?
1:19 pm edt 

Re: Energy for Positive Change
Gee! Thanks. I thought that my requests for constructive ideas had
gone completely unnoticed. An idea may begin with one, but gains
strength when two convince a third. Even though I am not a
Provincetown resident, I will keep reading this blog with hopes that
I will witness a change in tone that at the very least implies the
sort of optimism that the social inclusiveness of P'town has
historically shown.

1:17 pm edt 

Motta Field

I may be mistaken, but isn't Motta Field owned by the town of
Provincetown?  And if the School Committee is in charge of the rental
of the field, do they have a 'rate sheet' for the use of the field? 
And does that 'rate sheet' have a discount for non-profits?  If that
fee being charged to Drag Kickball is a published rate, then what's
the issue?

If there is no 'rate sheet' and the School Committee is just pulling
a figure out of the air then there is a much larger issue here.
1:16 pm edt 

Re: There Has Always Been a Fee to Use Motta Field

Can you read?  We agreed to pay fees for benefit. We are requesting
fees to be removed from a weekly non-drag kickball game.
12:30 pm edt 

Why Would the Town Want to Take on Liability for Their Event?

Insurance was covered by applicants.

None of the funds were going  to the town? Even more of the the funds
were going to the (town)  then in the past.

Get your facts straight.
9:35 am edt 

Re: There Has Always Been a Fee to Use Motta Field

No there has not always been fees.  And as far as your derogatory 
comment about a "supposed scholarship", it was scholarship in the
name of a a school employee that died last summer. what do you think
it would be in a Drag Queens name? Grow up,  sounds like you think
like the school committee.
9:31 am edt 

Re: Energy Toward Positive Change

Ever notice that when postive information is posted on this blog,
very few, if any, people respond?  Remember the police dept. poster
who asked for feedback and got none?  Not one response.  But,
negative comments or attacks bring the posters out of the woodwork.

Just imagine what we could accomplish if we used all this energy to
make positive changes.

I agree, that sums it up exactly, just read this blog today.
9:11 am edt 

Re: Dixie

I'm going to miss Dixie
9:09 am edt 

There Has Always Been a Fee to Use Motta Field

Doesn't anyone have a memory around here? The School Committee turned
the Drag Kickball event down for a couple of reasons. Why would the
Recreation Department undermine the School Committee? It's their
field. Why would the town want to take on liability for their event?
None of the funds raised for the Kickball games are going to anything
in town...ooops, I'm sorry, a donation to H.O.W., the Trevor fund
(which is out of California and New York), and supposedly, a
scholarship for a PHS student. What student would want to apply for a
DRAG Kickball organization scholarship? That would look fabulous on a
college application.
9:07 am edt 

I Give Up!

Now the debate on this site is the level of homophobia that exists in
the one place known the world over as a premier gay resort

I had such hope for this blog.  at one time, between the bashing,
there was actual information shared here.  now it just fluctuates
between the pier, the dj, the police, the hole on shank painter, the
school, the rec dept. It's like a juke box with only 6 records in it.  good
for about a half an hour then it's just the same crap over and over.

Someone please call me if there is an original thought on here, till then....
12:01 am edt 

Monday, May 12, 2008

Who Else Is Charged for Using Motta Field?

     $500 for using Motta Field for Drag Kickball seems ridiculous.
Who else is charged for using the filede and how much do they pay?
May make sense to pay a minimal amount but $500 is exorbitant for
three hours. What is the School Committee thinking? They should
rethink this for sure.
11:59 pm edt 

Re: Remediation of 90 Shankpainter

Can Someone Report on the Remediation of 90 Shankpainter as
Presented at the BOS meeting

      I know it was on the agenda. Could someone please give a report
on the remediation report. Much appreciated.
11:57 pm edt 

What About Ted Meyer?

We are entering a very critical point in time relative to the governance
of this town.

The the coming election, will greatly determine our future success or failure.
I would like to concentrate on establishing a community dialog as to 
the qualities of the BOS candidates, rather than the current conversation
on the pros or cons concerning Provincetown's homophobia. We have spent
a full day and one half kicking this ball back and forth. Enough
has been said.

I for one would like to read more detail concerning Ted Meyer's 
background as alluded to by a previous writer.

This is an issue deserving of all our concern. I would implore the
original blogger to provide additional authenticating documentation
if available. You would be providing a tremendous service.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you 

11:55 pm edt 

Ptown is Homophobic?

Are you serious? Are you drunk? Are you off your meds? Come on!
That's like saying Alaska hates Eskimos or Africa hates blacks. This
is the most open place for gay people to be, unafraid of expressing
who they are, like it or not. And that goes for every other different
lifestyle, be it goth, hippie, yuppie or old school native. The
problem in Ptown is that when people come to town, they throw away
all the respect they have for the rules they might have at home and
think its just one big party. Not true. The rules still apply here
too. If a gay guy gets roughed up, its not because he's gay. What do
you call it when a straight guy gets roughed up? The cops just doing
their job? Has anyone ever done a comparison to the number of
incedents, diverse incedents, the cops have to deal with on a daily,
seasonal or yearly basis and compare it to those that end up in
court? I'll bet the number in court is very low. And don't use the
old line "even one is too much". That's a load of cr!
  ap. Sometimes, someone pushes the limit and the cops react. It sets
the example at times for others. Scott needs to move on and realize
he's not right. Maybe next time he'll think before he mouths off to
the cops or the crowd the cops are trying to control.
8:44 pm edt 


IF anyone is homophobic, it is the provincetown chamber.  Ask them
how much of their budget goes to "gay" publications.  I would be
willing to bet less than 5%.  And if they say otherwise, I would want
to see numbers.  It is really sad that for a community that is for
everyone, that they neglect the gay community.

The only way to get them to notice their customers, is if enough
people stopped joining them.  If and when that happens, maybe the PBG
and the chamber can start to work together to promote the town to

As a business owner, it doesn't matter to me if someone is gay or
straight.  Everyone has the same color of money.  I would support a
straight business in the town as well as a gay business, as long as
they were fair to everyone.
8:41 pm edt 

RE: Homophobia Post

I seriously disagree. Provincetown is the last place on earth where
any institutional homophobia could exist. Those of us in the gay
community who spend mucho time here are ever vigilant in that regard.
And to suggest that the PBG and Chamber of Commerce are complicit in
said behavior is downright slanderous.
A neighbor complains, police respond. A neighbor complains again, the
police respond. A neighbor complains a third time and the police
respond. Excessive force, probably, homophobia, not at all. To my
knowledge the police didn't resort to any name calling or gay
bashing. That case will be resolved somewhere in the middle, maybe
over-reaction by both parties.
Yes, I too have loud neighbors in the summer and yes I also have
hosted or been to parties that may have crossed that thresold. Call
the cops? Not bloody likely, yet if that were the case I would expect
all to get it worked out amicabily, if not, suffer the legal
consequences, without fistacuffs.

E. Michael Richards
8:40 pm edt 

Re; Someone's Homophobia thoughts

Just because someone is gay in this town really doesn't have any
bearings on anything. I have lived in this town for approx 40 years
and it's only the gay people who bring up the gay issues. They are
the ones who cry homophobia, not the straight community.

If the person who was the DJ at the party many of you seem to be
losing sleep over was not gay, trust me, none of you would be saying
a damn thing about the Police. The Police are an easy target. If you
think no one should of called the Police that night, than go to
another town and see what happens after that Police Dept gets three

And if you think nothing will happen than it's because when they show
up I doubt your big mouths will run like they do in this town when
the Police arrive. The reason why you do it here and get away with it
is because both Bergman, Chief Anthony would coward down. Hopefully
the new Chief will have a pair of testicles..
8:38 pm edt 

To: H O M O P H O B I A

You hit the nail right on the head!  Had the homeowner and DJ been
smart and neighborly enough to let the neighbors know about the
party, there probably would not have been an incident.

Hindsight is not gay or straight.  It's simply 20/20.
8:36 pm edt 

Give It Up !

      You can't see what is in front of you and you don't really know
this town.

      You are on a rant and I hope the Webmaster limits your rants.
You are a bore.
8:33 pm edt 


While I somewhat agree with most of your points I do have to point
out that in my case the ONLY people ever to complain, fortunately to
me and not the police, about noise at my place are my gay neighbors.
Once on the week of 4th of July and once on Labor Day weekend last
summer I had people over late night. We didn't make much noise but it
set my neighbors off completely.

I was told (a paraphrase) "people come to this town for peace and
quiet and you are ruining that and may drive our guests away." They
also said that if I wanted to have anyone over late night I should
only do so in my living room with all the windows and door shut nd
should NEVER be outside with them. Out of five years of owning a
place this was two night out of that entire time and I got crap for
it. This wasn't any of the elderly straight longtimer couples of
which three live next door. It was instead a gay couple that
complained. I agree completely that it is ridiculous for people who
live in dead silence 9 months a year to complain about a couple of
nights of minor noise durig the height of the summer season. This
unreasonable attitude has pretty much permanently ruptured my
relationship with these neighbors. In contrast, my elderly straigh
neighbors said to me "anytime we hear noise in the neighborhood we
just shut the window or turn on the air conditioner. People come !
  here to have fun who are we to interfere with that."

In a seperate but similar comment one of the selectmen commented last
year when the noise ordinance was first brought up; "I shouldn't have
to listen to anything but owls hooting at night even in the middle of
summer." This is from a selectmen who live in the dead center of town
on Bradford.

Another neighbor (also gay) runs an illegal business out their home
and then wants zero lawn, construction or other noise during the day
because it "disturbs my clients."

I think what really underlies this is not homophobia but a deep
resentment and need for control. I get the sense repeatedly from
Provincetown that the attitude is "we can do what we want since we've
been here forever but you damned summerpeople better not disturb our
lives [even though we're happy to sell you our houses for a million
dollars]." Also I think that as the population in general ages it
becomes less tolerant of any type of fun and resentful of it. This
seems true whether gay or straight. If this trend continues it will
squeeze the vitality out of our town and destroy it.
8:31 pm edt 

Seven Paragraphs Too Long

    Get over yourself. You're looking for any response that "proves"
it is homophobic. This town is based on diveristy and it does have
different positions on many issues. Being tired of your tirad of the
DJ or anyone making comments on problems with the PBG marketing is
simply stating an opinion.

     If you look for what you want to find, you'll find it. But that
is reality.

      Webmaster, enough is enough with this guy. Tell him to write
letters to himself and not to us. He's on automatic blah-blah.
8:27 pm edt 

Ever Notice.....

....that when postive information is posted on this
blog, very few, if any, people respond?  Remember the police dept.
poster who asked for feedback and got none?  Not one response.  But,
negative comments or attacks bring the posters out of the woodwork.

Just imagine what we could accomplish if we used all this energy to
make positive changes.
8:26 pm edt 

Re: H O M O P H O B I A

yep.. the want us away from their schools also
8:24 pm edt 

Re: H O M O P H O B I A

After reading the rants about the "DJ" case and comments on the PBG
and Chamber, you all have comfirmed my long held belief that this
town is homophobic.

All problems have a root issue and ours is this town's homophobia.
How can this be in such an "open and diverse town"? Why would a
neighbor in the early evening call the Police about noise? Why do
residents call the police when there is a well known and promoted
pier dance? Why don't residents call when the Portuguese Festival is
amplifying music late at night?

I have never called the Police about anything in my neighborhood. My
neighbors are either invited or told about a party. If we get too
loud then the opera music goes on louder to let us know that we, or
they, are too loud. We live in a resort community for god's sake and
for two months of the year why can't we accept the partying since we
are ALL making money from it. Why do residents always assume that
party music translates to wild drug and alcohol sex crazed gay
people? Because they are bigots!

The PGB and Chamber are a perfect example of our collective
homophobia. One could not possibly promote to the other. I guess
being gay or straight may be contageous. Until this town begins to
address this issue then nothing will change. And the homophobia is
not always with just straight people. Gay men and lesbian women are
not the best of friends.

For those of you who have lived here forever - get over it. I hate
what has happened to the place where I grew up and that is why I
don't live there anymore. When the Portuguese came here initially
they were discriminated against for their darker skin. In the
sixties, the gays had to register with the police. Our history is
certainly not one of being the most open and diverse of communities.

I am really tired of being told that I don't like kids because I
question the cost of graduating 12 seniors. I am tired of spending
$100 an hour for a local contractors who looks at me sideways for
being gay. It is time for the majority of residents and home owners
who are gay to stand up to this behavior. The DJ is doing this but
unfortunately the court/legal way will end with no winners.

Why can't both sides of this "DJ" case arbitrate an end to it. The
neighbor was wrong, the DJ was wrong, the police were wrong, now find
a way to learn from it. Police brutality, unnecessary force, and not
listening to police all come back to one issue - homophobia. Plain
and simple --- and any good outcome can not be won in the courts.
11:10 am edt 

Re: Chamber of Commerce

The chamber's role is to benefit the chamber, all else is a
ruse. high market rates they charge for their retail spaces and web
listings help maintain the greedy and increasingly unrealistic
business cost structure in town. the chamber is  pro business only
when it comes to the chamber's business. they're not alone, most of
our town issues stem from conflict of interest, some more obvious
than others.
11:08 am edt 

To: When You Resist, the Level(of violence) Rises...

You should move to Burma...


In this country men died to give us certain inalianable rights!
These rights are what this country is founded on, and Provincetown is
a special place within the USA, which is supposed to be safe.are you
saying that 3 "trained" police officers could not safely arrest a
very small man who was just standing there, without lifting him up
and slamming him into a window cassing that was above his head?

It this the kind of police professionalism we get for millions of dollars?

Maybe we should close the police department, and keep the school open

The level of violence should NEVER  rise if the officers know how to
perform their jobs, based on their training, and years of experience,
or if they cannot, be labeled incompetent and fired.

If it turns out that the officers are found guilty, they should have
to personally pay back the town for all of the tax dollers consumed
in this fiasco, inclouding the chain of command .

The bottom line is VIOLENCE will NOT be tolerated, by anyone,
especially the police, and yes their were witnesses, and there are
fundraisers, why, in an "enlightened" society it is the DUTY of the
people to stand up against brutal acts. And people are standing up.

The level of violence should never rise.
11:03 am edt 

Trewellas Past

I don't know where she is a registered voter today and the time when
she was front and center in Truro was years ago when she lived in
Truro, not last year. And years ago, she and Doug were not an item,
it was a guy from Truro. It's just too bad that these towns keep
using the same people over and over thinking they are the only people
out there qualified for the job. New blood is a good thing sometimes.
10:58 am edt 

Enough on Barry Scott!

     Seems like there is just one person posting about this case.
There is no great discussion in town about this case. You have made
your point and now Goodnight.
12:22 am edt 

To Background Checks

     Yes, the town should have done a background check on Trewhella.
I agree. But you bring up an interesting point. If Trewhella and her
boyfriend were front and center, as you say, at the Truro Town
Meeting last year, where does she really live? I know that she was
wearing a voting tag last year at Provincetown's Town Meeting, but
did she then and does she now live here? And did or does her
boyfriend Doug Taylor really live here? Both of them physically
reside in Brewster and can they really and legally claim his wife's
house on Mermaid Avenue as THEIR legal residence? Both of them were
wearing voting tags this year and Trewhella was certainly promenading
herself as the town person bringing voters from the side room to the
main room. But are they legally residents of Provincetown?

     And why would she and he play, as you mention, a central role in
Truro Town Meeting last year. I know she was not on any voting list
of Provincetown last year. ArRe they both playing games with an issue
that is serious and should reflect real residences.
12:20 am edt 

Sunday, May 11, 2008

4th of July 2006 Was Not a Riot

It was drunk teenagers: Our children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces
who now live in neighboring towns. As I recall the police beat up a
few kids that night and then a teen with a video camera was roughed
up and taken in to custody too.

As a year-round homeowner, struggling too with inflated energy
prices, etc., I voted for ALL of the over-rides and will sorely miss
the fireworks.

9:19 pm edt 

Re: Barry Scott

Agreed. This is a violence issue! The police used too much force for
noise complaints at 6 and 7pm...on a Saturday in July! While the sun
was shining brightly and the bars were pumping music.

Over-reaction at the very least.

Unlawful on their part? It certainly seems so.

The problem with our town is they never admit wrong-doing and it
costs us dearly every time.
9:16 pm edt 

Re: Scott

The Truth LIES in the hands of the court.....Let them determine... 
Hasn't he been there once already and fired his attorney?  What
should that tell you?  Needs another one....

Imagine that ?
9:14 pm edt 

Re: DJ Scott:

Try being warned three times elsewhere for noise....This BS of
ruining our town is OLD.  IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT, LEAVE IT.. We can
live w/o you.  We have done it all these years and I think we can do
it longer...  Why are we  wasting so much money on nonsense re DJ
Scott.  For those of you who may not read the paper...Let me remind
try another tactic !!!!!  I think you've tried them all.....  Let's
not talk about lies  Uh... Witnesses... where are they all when you
need them?  Stop and think about it folks... What DJ is saying may
not be the truth.. So you knew him for 25 years... What's your point?
  I've known Tobias for 30....We can talk about this forever...  The
truth will be told in the end !!!!!!!
9:13 pm edt 

Re: DJ Scott

I think the court has given it all the attention it needs.  If you
lose, you lose...  Move on.....  Why are fundraisers being had?  Can
someone explain that to me?  To raise money for the guilty?     Come
on folks... Read between the lines....  It has nothing to do w/
Violence.  Can anyone further explain the definition of Violence? 
Apparently you don't know.....  There was no alledged violent intent.
Unfortunately, when you resist, the level rises.....
9:10 pm edt 

Ptown Chamber . .

In most resort towns, the chamber of commerce payes for the fireworks! . . .

               *  *  *  *

What DOES our Chamber do?  I really don't know.  I know they act as a
customer service group for tourist coming to their office, but what
else do they really do?

Anyone know?
9:08 pm edt 

Everything to Win of Lose

In most resort towns, the chamber of commerce payes for the
fireworks! And for that matter, Alot of places have fireworks more
than just on July 4th. We're all tax payers one way or another, so
lets pay our police to patrol, and let all the shops and eateries pay
for other things like the fireworks. They have everything to win or
2:30 pm edt 

Re: DJ Barry Scott

The issue that is bothering me here, is that there was violence, that
someone was hurt.

Let me be the first to say, I don't know all the facts.  As a
Provincetown homeowner, I know I would be bothered if a party was
going on-and-on for too long and seemed out of hand. Though I would
probably not call the police for noise, after all, residents and
guests should be allowed to have parties, I can understand how some
would be annoyed.

But even if I did call the police, I would be horrified to think that
I would witness violence involving one of my neighbors and/or their
guests because of a noisy party. I'm trying to put it in the context
of my own neighbors, all of whom have parties. Seeing any one of them
(neighbors I generally like and those I don't generally like) hurt,
is unthinkable. Simply unthinkable.

Maybe we haven't given this enough attention.

It seems this is not a tourist issue as some on this board have been
trying to say. I think it's a violence issue.
1:59 pm edt 

What's Wrong with the School Committee

     Do they believe that they own Motta Field? Do they believe that
they should discourage events that include their students and bring
the entire community to together? Do they really think that Drag
Kickball should have to pay $500 when the organizers wanted to create
a scholarship for students of Provincetown?

     Can any of you on the School Committee, and yes, even you
Jessica Waugh, explain this situation to me? I makes no sense and it
hurts your reputation as an institution involved with the entire
1:57 pm edt 

Another Poor Decision by Sharon Lynn

     It was her call. She first accepted Tracy Trewhella's
resignation and she should have let her go immediately. But no. She
let her continue until May 6th, the supposed date for her leaving,
and in that time, Tracy had enough time to undermine Brandon Motta's
abilities and professionalism. She spoke to enough people to let them
know that she did not believe Brandon could handle the job this
summer and without her, the recreation center would close. And guess
who bought this fabrication? Who believed that Trewhella, once
Roderick once Driggs, was so "indispensible" that she should be taken

    I don't know what you see when you look at this woman, Sharon,
but you should see a deceiver and underminer. Maybe she casts a
little spell over you too!

     Now, with your decision to take Tracy back, we'll have an
unorganized, unprofessional recreation center. With Brandon, you had
real classes and real events not the fabricated lists of classes that
never happen presented as real classes. Have you ever done an
accounting to see who signs up for what classes and what events
actually happen? I doubt it and thus another bad decision.
1:56 pm edt 

Give Them a Break for God Sake!

The Kickers already agreed to pay fees for the event. Now
how much does the school want to charge to use a field for two
hours.. give me a break. my son played with them last year and had a
blast, is he going to have to pay now too. The best things in life
are free.
1:53 pm edt 

What About the Geese?

$500 dollars to use a field for three hours? How much Do
they charge the geese?
12:52 pm edt 

Recount set for May 16th!!

Town manager Sharon Lynn said after the results were announced
Tuesday night that she wanted a recount on two defeated overrides: a
$63,594 override to pay the salaries for the assistant recreation
director and 1.5 summer police officers, which failed by 10 votes;
and a $106,340 override to fund up to a three percent raise for all
town employees, which failed by only one vote.

Check out the Banner Online.
12:51 pm edt 

Drag Kickball

      I think that Drag Kickball had a large community involvement
and people had fun. Why would the School Committee charge $500 to use
Motta Field? I know the school has jurisdiction over the field, but
what is next? Charging the Fourth of July Parade $500 to use the
field? This seems counterproductive. Shouldn't the school see a
benefit from supporting community-wide events that are donate monies
to good causes?

     To those on the School Committee, what's up? Why such a negative
response to Drag Kickball? Seems like an event you'd want to support.
Why not?  Maybe you can help explain the issue.
12:50 pm edt 

Background Checks

I see in the local paper that the town of Barnstable will be doing
extensive background checks in the future to head off any less than
stellar applicants working for the town.

Maybe if the town of Provincetown had done the same years ago, they
would have been able to not have hired Roderick. She pulled the same
stuff in Truro when she was on the school committee,          around
and causing a stir in the community. And oddly enough, when Truro had
its town meeting years ago, she was front and center with her married
boyfriend as she was at Provincetowns town meeting, not only leading
the group at Lynns direction but also sitting right up front on
camera the whole time during the taping of the town meeting with
boyfriend Doug right next to her. How many times will she be allowed
to throw it in the towns face before they wake up?
12:48 pm edt 

Kickers Support
     If I'm reading this posting correctly, it looks as if the school
committee wants to charge the Provincetown Kickers $500 to use Motta
Field for a benefit. Isn't that odd when it looks as if the Kickers
are donating the money raised to local causes. Why charge that much
money for using Motta Field? Shouldn't the school be supportive of
such community-wide events?

     Then it looks as if the Recreation Department is now trying to
charge the Kickers fees to use Motta Field for the weekly league.
Why? Sounds like a league open to everyone, young and old, and is
good for everyone. Why would the Recreation Department insists on
tacking on fees when it is the same town department that gained
monies from this organization's Drag Kickball? Isn't that similar to
biting the hand that feeds you?

      What's really going on here? This seems like a kickball league
that should be supported, not burdened with fees.

      I've never played kickball but I like the idea that I just
could if I wanted to. I also like the idea that people don't have to
be charged to be healthy and fit. Sounds like a win win situation
except for some questionable actions taken by both the shool
committee and the recreation department.

      So, from what I read, I support what this organization is
trying to do. As a blogger, getting exercise is a good balance to
sitting here at the computer.

     So, go, Kickers. I support what you are doing and think the fees
should be waived.
12:44 pm edt 

About Barry Scott

Maybe instead of beating him they should have shot him 'accidentally'.

Our police need training to stop their crap and their lies. Period.
12:42 pm edt 

Re; Barry Scott

I have known him for the over 25 years that he has been a part of
Provincetown. Not to slight him, but he weighs about what my little
sister weighs and he is only 5'4.

There is absolutely no reason why summer police officers twice his
size would have to hurt him for a noise violation when they first saw
him that night. They never talked with him to the very end when he
did their bidding and the result was he was kicked and smashed into a

What they did to his partner was a further disgrace.

Barry has never supported a boycott of this town, despite what
bloggers here and the police are saying. They made that up to make
him unsympathetic to townsfolk, which is ridiculous when you meet him
and talk to him. He loves this town.

So, make up your own minds about whether he deserved to be
beaten...but one thing is for sure: It has damaged the reputation of
our police department nationwide and has removed a police chief from

The town knows what they did is wrong. Now, they should finally correct it.
12:41 pm edt 

PBG vs Provincetown Chamber

You do not understand why the PBG and Provincetown chamber
do not work together?  There is a 25 plus year history there.  They
claim they work together, but the writer is right.  They never have
and never will as long as Candy is running the chamber.  Both
organizations have different agendas.  The PBG is for the GAY
community, and the chamber is for the STRAIGHT community.
Why bash Candy?  Well she works for a             owner of the
chamber.  Her direction is Ptown is for gays, and Provincetown is for
straights.  The chamber is Provincetownchamber.
Why do we have to classify GAY vs. STRAIGHT?  We are a destination
for every type of traveler.
Frankly, the chamber is a business.  Like any business they target
what they think is their audience.  The audience that they feel gets
them more dues in Ptown is the straight business owners.  Now the
chamber does help visitors that walk into their store.  Yes, it is a
store that the members have paid for.
The PBG is a business also.  They also target what they feel is their
audience.  The gay community.  They pre-sell Ptown.  But who pays for
it?  The members of the PBG who are usually gay or are targeting the
gay community.
Yes, there is an overlap on some members that are gay and belong to
both organizations, some straight business owners that belong to the
PBG, but dollars only go so far.
The visitors Service board does support both organizations and from
past experiences, they do so pretty equally.
So the question comes back to, can we have three separate groups
promoting tourism and events for visitors   It would certainly be
more efficient to have one, but then think of the fighting that would
be done as far as where those membership dues would be spent
advertising?  The gay publications?  The straight publications? 
Families?  Couples?  Singles, both gay, lesbian, bi and everything
That is why Provincetown has other groups that have formed for guest
houses, and retail that tried banning together to pool ad dollars and
promote to their market.  Some have survived, but most have not. 
Even in smaller groups, they cannot always agree where to spend those
The chair of the Visitors Service Board is part of one of those
groups.  Somewhat counterproductive if he was to have full disclosure
to why he belongs to a smaller group and he does not try to have all
organizations work to a common goal.  But then again, the VSB is here
to help the town.  We can all do what we think is right for our own
businesses.   To give credit to every member of the VSB is also due. 
They put in countless hours without getting paid.
Back to the fist writers end remarks.  This is a town of fiefdoms
where everyone has  to have their own little kingdom in order to
validate their own personal existence.
10:56 am edt 

Waiver Denied, Why?

The request for the fees to be waived for Drag Kickball Event
was denied. We have agreed to pay $500 for the 3-hour use of the
field in August. We are still requesting the waiving of fees for the
weekly use of Motta Field. Now the Recreation Department is denying
our request even though the league is a free recreational event
promoting fitness for all in Provincetown.

Are we going to have to pay to walk on the bay now?
10:49 am edt 

Re: DJ Barry Scott

I've been watching these posts from afar. I understand the issues at
a high-level and find it troubling on many fronts, including how it
must have been very annoying for neighbors. But if posters are going
to attempt to tell the story here, for whatever reason, and one can
certainly see more than one perspective being presented, I do think
it's important to call out that there was violence here. People were
physically hurt. I don't know how this is going to play out. Or, if
this is the right venue, but it seems to me, if one is going to post
on this subject, the fact that people were hurt needs to be part of
the story.

My two cents from afar.
10:48 am edt 

Brandon Motta Deserved the Job

Trewella resigns amidst the controversy surrounding her and the town
then breathed a sigh of relief. She was out of the limelight and the
town could move forward with new blood at the helm and continue to
fight her issues in court, out of the spotlight. Ironiccly, the town
at the same time voted down the money for the assistant rec director
who, by Trewella resigning, would have moved into the full time
position and all would be cured.

But no.

The TM accepts her back and thuis throws the whole issue into
turmoil. Now Mottas out a job, someone the town loves, Trewellas back
with the ability to really make a mess now that she has the reigns
again and in the end, if she does go to court and loses, she will
most likely lose her job, thus leaving an opening for someone new.
But chances are, Brandon will have moved on, with the town the real
loser in that they won't have a local experienced and well like
person at the helm.

What a loss.
10:46 am edt 

Congratulations to Sharon Lynn!!

You've managed to reinstate an employee who resigned with a sexual
harassment complaint lodged against her and ended the promising
future of a local young man, Brandon Motta, who was prepared to assume
the Director's position for the Recreation Dept.  He had returned to
Provincetown, to live, make a living doing what he loves which is working
with children in the sports area.  So now Mrs. Roderick-Trewhella, who
lives in Brewster, reassumes the job...and we possibly lose a young
man who would have added much to the town.  Shame on you, Ms. Lynn...
10:44 am edt 

If You Violate the Law, You Get Charged

Unless you work for the town of provincetown.
10:42 am edt 


The dj deserved to beaten? over a noise complaint? what planet (or
third world country) are you from? how about tasering jaywalkers?
confiscating unattended strollers and beating the aloof parents?
tossing drunks off the pier?

this blog continues to harbor and foster some of the most bitter
sentiments i've heard in all my years here. you guys are never gonna
fix the town's problems because of your own selfishness and greed.

and on this beautiful morning, i have to say, your mothers would -
and should - be ashamed of some of you. you represent all that's
wrong with this town. it's just disgusting.

to the rest of you, keep thinking positive thoughts for solutions.
and happy mother's day to you and yours. things may yet improve but,
momma said there'd be days like these...
10:40 am edt 

Re: Barry Scott

The issue is not the noise violation. Every nightclub in town
violates that every night they are open.


The issue is three ARMED men beating an unarmed man, under the "guise
of upholding the law".

The they denied medical assistence to his parner while in detention.

These both seem to be MAJOR CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, not to mention
breaking state law.

If nine men did the same thing to 3 police officers, I wonder if
there would be any charges?

Is it not interesting that after all this the police were DENIED a
pay raise for the great job they have done. If the alogations are
true, The officers involved should personally pay the local
buisnesses the millions of dollars we lost due to their behavior, and
fire them.

It is not like the police lie, or wait, didn't the acting chief work
for 8 years dissabled, then try to retire, which was denied, because
what, he LIED. He should also be fired, plus the whole Barry Scott 
issue happened undet his command, I am not surprised.

Some of our police are great officers, and I can not even guess at
what they have to put up with, and I do respect them for doing a
pretty good job most of the time, and we are going into the summer
and if everyone just gives everyone else a little respect eventually
everything will work out.

If the police realise that the reason we pay them to be here is     
"To serve and Protect" us, then everything will be fine, if they want
to beat people the should move to Burma.
10:39 am edt 

Re Fireworks Override

If the override for the fireworks AND the extra police protection
didn't pass then the town CAN NOT provide any extra police protection
for the 4th. Shouldn't this be the correct reasoning?

Then we should hold the selectmen to their word. No extra police are
allowed for the 4th. Anything bad that happens should be on the
shoulders of the BOS for including this in the overide.

Also, for the Portuguese Festival, and the Carnival, and the 4th
Parade, and the PanAM race, and the Schooner Race, and the Swim for
Life, I hope there are not extra funds for any extra police or
services since the BOS appears to be saying that event costs include
extra police and services.

This is disgusting. This should not have been an overide. At the very
least, the inclusion of extra costs should not have been included.
This is just mean spirited and deceptive on the part of the BOS.
Whether you were for or against the fireworks override, you must see
that this just isn't fair.
10:36 am edt 

To: DJ Barry Scott

Have to give him credit.  People will do anything to win.  Truth or
Lies.  And it wasn't the truth that lost him..  So you figure it out!

Keep on trying....I guess you need to get those hundred alledged
witnesses to start speaking.....
10:34 am edt 

Cliff's Comments on the Fireworks ...

Are you serious cliff? the pbg, women innkeepers and the distinctive
inns should pay for the fireworks? you must be kidding!

Can i ask you cliff,why you named all gay and lesbian owned businesses?

doesnt the PBG do enough? carnival week, single mens weekend, holly
folly, cabaretfest hosting the gay mens chorus and concert, to name
just a few. the gay and lesbian business owners have busted their
asses to foster and grow the tourism industry here in this town,
while other groups and organizations sit back and ride the coat tails
and the money train. frankly i am sick of it!

i have a question what events does the provincetown chamber of
commerce fund and sponsor??? maybe they should sponsor the fireworks
since that organization has representatives from most all businesses
in town and because i cant think of a single annual event they
sponsor here in town?

frankly i can not understand why the visitor's services board , the
chamber and pbg cannot work together anyway, it seems a bit silly to
have three separate groups promoting tourism and events for visitors
to p-town. but i forgot this is a town of fiefdoms where everyone has
to have their own little kingdom in order to validate their own
personal existence.
12:42 am edt 

Re: DJ Barry Scott

I agree. He deserved to be beaten and his partner forced to soil his
pants in the Provincetown jail that night.

That's what noise violaters deserve in this town.
12:39 am edt 

Fireworks Fully Loaded Cost Analysis?
Are you kidding?  You think the incident that occurred in 2006 was
the police department over-reacting?  Where were you?  Obviously not
present on Commercial Street where there was a near-riot.  This was
not a situation were a few misguided teens needed detention.  The
community reaction following this event was spirited and
collaborative and resulted in a very peaceful and harmonious
celebration of Independence Day last year.

The reason the cost of producing a fireworks display has become an
override issue is because Provincetown is on the verge of bankruptcy.
  The town does not even have enough money to provide its staff
paltry merit raises that are well below traditional cost of living
increases.  How sad is that?

The fireworks issue is not about the Pilgrims or our investment in
tourism.  Its not about patriotism.  Its about spending the money! 
If residents are so desirous of having fireworks, they should have
voted in favor of the override.  Obviously an overwhelming majority
of residents believe the return on investment is not worth the
expense.  Done!
12:38 am edt 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Re: DJ Barry Scott

Despite the ill-conceived PR campagin perpetuated by Boston
DJ Barry Scott and his colleagues, alleging Provincetown was heading
to hell in a handbasket because of police brutality, he simply failed
miserably.  Hey Barry, maybe you need a new PR maven?

The charges against Mr. Scott stand, as they should.  He violated
town regulations and was warned not once, but twice.  That's more of
a warning than most people get for speeding on Route 6.

Barry Scott tested the age old adage "third times a charm" and guess
what?  If you violate the law, you get charged.  After several
separate resident complaints, and three visits from the Town's police
department, Mr. Scott finally realized if you disregard public policy
and Commonwealth statute, you pay the piper.

Because he's from Boston and hosted a party for sober people doesn't
cut it.  He broke the law and should be man enough to stand up and
face the consequences.  That's what being wrong is all about.

Irrespective of Barry's       attempt to attack Provincetown in the
press, it simply didn't work, did it?  Provincetown was just named
the "Best Gay Resort Town" for the third consecutive year by
PlanetOut, presented by the LBGT community.  Apparently Provincetown
isn't being boycotted by the LBGT community after all.

Barry?  Who's listening now?
11:04 pm edt 

The Provincetown Kickers Seek Your Support
Mission: The Provincetown Kickers is an open kickball league, open to
all, young and old. We are committed to developing community through
Sporting events, Fitness programs and Health education. We strive to
raise awareness of the benefits of healthy lifestyles. We believe
that fitness improves the overall quality of life for individuals
resulting in a stronger, healthier more productive community. With
one of the leading causes of death being a sedentary lifestyle, the
KICKERS believe people are more apt to get and stay active if
inspired by creative play.
Community Benefits: The First Drag Kickball event was held in 2006
and we donated $4000 to the Provincetown Community Center run by the
Recreation Department. In 2007, Drag Kickball II raised over $4500
for the Trevor Project, a Youth Suicide Hotline and donated an
additional $1500 to the Provincetown Teen Night run by the Recreation

     This year we first approached the Provincetown school committee
to gain permission to use Motta Field for our Drag Kickball Event and
for the weekly league.  We requested waiving fees because we wanted
to include more students in the league and create a student

      The request for the fees to be waived for Drag Kickball Event
was denied. We have agreed to pay $500 for the 3-hour use of the
field in August. We are still requesting the waiving of fees for the
weekly use of Motta Field. Now the Recreation Department is denying
our request even though the league is a free recreational event
promoting fitness for all in Provincetown.

     The health benefits that are achieved through fitness should be
available, easily accessible and affordable for the entire community.
We the Provincetown Kickers look forward to your support and help in
eliminating fees for the weekly usage of Motta field.

Please call or email BOS chair Mary -Jo Avellar, 487-7003, or Town Manager Sharon Lynne, 487-7002, or superintendent Jessica Waugh

The desire to engage in play should be a fundamental and an ageless
right for all.

The Provincetown Kickers thank you.
10:45 pm edt 

Fireworks Fully Loaded Cost Analysis ?

I think the fireworks override question was unfairly posed.

How much in overtime do we spend for...
Memorial Day??
Film Fest
Blessing/Portugal Fest
Lighting of the Monument???

This override question came from the frog, as the skirmish took place
on the pond before the lily pad.

The police force were scared of the children and grandchildren of
this Town, who came back to their roots a couple of years ago on the
4th. You will recall that the kids arrested were from Wellfleet,
Truro & Eastham. (And all got a slap on the wrist.) The police
over-reacted largely, because they were untrained summer officers,
led by former Chief Ted Meyer and (disabled) Sgt. Warren Tobias.

This is why we had an override.

Is there any corporate memory?
10:36 pm edt 

The BOS Does Not Understand They Run a Resort Town...

....a two season resort town. It doesn't need the sewers we can't afford
and that have crippled us financially and will for years and years to
come. It doesn't need affordable housing that takes an endless supply
of tax payer dollars to bring people to live in a two-season resort
town. It doesn't need millions and millions of tax dollars for a
school where few attend.

It needs a plan based on the two-season resort town that Provincetown
is and will always be.

And believe it or not, that plan, includes fireworks.
8:01 pm edt 

Re: Fireworks Money

I don't think the cost to bring that DJ to court is over
$100,000--but if it goes to summer trial, that will waste much more
than that amount...just in the District Attorney's office time; not
to mention police overtime.

I did read that the DJ in question has raised all the funds he needs
to combat the town's questionable charges against him.

Over 15 witnesses are on record as saying he was beaten and so was
his partner.

The police are in trouble for this doubt. It's one of the
reasons Warren Tobias was not given the Chief's job, so I am sure he
is mad.

The financial aspect town to this town is disgusting. A total waste
of time and money...which would have funded our fireworks and much
7:58 pm edt 

Brandon, it Wasn't Fair!

I wish Brandon(asst rec. director) the best....he was and
is awesome with the kids ... and they loved him..youve always had a
heart of gold when it came to the children...We thank you Brandon
....It wasnt fair what of all people didnt
deserve this.......Aunt Jill
6:14 pm edt 

Re: Fireworks and Town Stupidity!

I hear the town has spent over $100,000 thus far in taking the Boston
radio DJ the police beat up last summer to 13 court appearances for a
noise violation...including 8 personal appearances, lasting one full
day, by the ex-police chief himself, Warren Tobias, who seems to have
a personal vendetta here.

By wasting his time in court for these stupid charges, while hiring
extra police from Truro to direct traffic those seems there
is more than enough room for an incredible fireworks budget.

File Under: P'town Money Waste!!

And we let this continue to happen??

Make changes. Let your voices be heard. As someone in the tourist
industry it's time we changed the opinion the rest of the state has
of this town from last summer.

Pay attention!
6:11 pm edt 

Ask The Selectmen and Particularly Michelle Couture for the Backup Plan
     The BOS created the override for the fireworks and you should
look to them for the back up plan. You also fail to grasp that
proposals for visitors service monies are closed by January. The
Selectmen decided in March to place the fireworks as an override even
though they had met with the Fireworks Committee a week before to
provide support for the committee's work to gain corporate
sponsorship. Oh, one vote against going for corporate sponsorhip--
Michele Couture.

     She has been the constant spoiler. So, now,ask Couture for her
backup plan.
4:18 pm edt 

Re: Fireworks, Hopefully Once and For All

Lets set the record straight. The Fireworks Task Force mandate was
to raise funds for the actual fireworks $23,000 and the fireworks only!
In actuality, $33,000 was raised last year.

It was not the mission of the Fireworks Task Force to raise funds for the
ancillary security aspects required by the police and fire departments.

At no time did the Task Force agree to raise the total amount of $78,000,
which included Porta-Potties, Provincetown Police Overtime, State Police,
Mounted troops, DPW personnel,EMT Ambulances, Personnel Meals etc.

Security issues fall under the normal safety operations of a town and are 
funded under the town's general budget, however in the case of the 4th
of July, fireworks was conflated with security issues.

In fact, the Task Force was committed to raise even larger funds then
achieved last season and actually made a commitment stating the same
to the BOS.

The Task Force, in a meeting before the BOS, stated that before they could
pursue corporate sponsors, they needed to be assured of the Board of
Selectman's concurrence, which would be the expectation of prospective sponsors.

At that meeting, BOS gave the Fireworks Task Force its backing for this years
fireworks and approval to solicit funds from corporate sponsors. It was further
agreed that BOS would generate a letter confirming same.

It was only later learned indirectly by the Task Force that the BOS at a subsequent
meeting had reversed themselves and voted to pursue the funding of fireworks via
an Override; which was at best problematical.

Additionally, it was pointed out to the Board of Selectmen that time was of the
essence, as coporate sponsors set their budgets far ahead of the actual events
they support and accordingly there had to be an early BOS commitment.
The net result of the above is that the required commitment by BOS was rescinded
and the funding as an approved override is history.

These are the facts which dictated the Fireworks Task Force response. 

Clarence Walker,
4th of July Fireworks Task Force Member

4:16 pm edt 

I May Not Agree With Cliff on All....

..his fireworks thoughts, but I do question where was the backup
plan?  The override was questionable from the beginning.  Did/does
the PBG et al have a backup plan in place?  Did the Fireworks
Committee have meetings in the interim with the tourist based groups
in case the override failed?  If not, then the Fireworks Committee
did indeed drop the ball.

As Cliff said, 'they could have been heroes'.  Sadly we have no
heroes at all, and now, no fireworks either.
3:02 pm edt 

Fools Rush In

Had the Town Sold 90 Shankpainter for even $500,000, you
could have paid for Fireworks for Provincetown for the next 6
years including all the ambulances, police, horse patrols and
clean-up crew. And if it were only the cost of the fireworks
themselves, you could have guaranteed almost 20 years of fireworks
and the significant economic impact of these celebrations for
Provincetown. You would have more Bang for The Buck then giving away
this land to a developer--as if we have all the monies in the world!

     So often in Provincetown, Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread!
1:31 pm edt 

Why Should There Be Any Choreography Between the Recreation Director and the Town Manager

     Sharon, I don't quite know what management tactics you're using
in this case, but this is one dance, my dear, that you should not be
involved in. You should have refused the offer of the dance with
Trewhella. It is not a Tango that you will win. Trewhella has already
dropped you in the big Tango dip and left you on the floorr. But,
sadly, you may not even realize this.

1:08 pm edt 

Ted Meyer & Fireworks

Would like too thank the people for the info on Ted.  The
blame should go to the BOS for not following up on any background
information.  Was it the old town manager who should have done that? 
The bottom line is the town manager reports to the BOS and in the
end, it is the BOS who is always responsible.  Shame on them.

As far as the fireworks issue, people are being short sighted.  Yes
the guest houses, condos, hotels will be full.  It will be the
resturants, retail stores, and maybe in the long run the town parking
revenue that will be hurt.  When people come to Ptown to see the
fireworks, they see a great community and decide to come back
sometime during their stay on the cape.  That helps everyone, from 
parking that the town collects $25 on the pier, to retail and food.
And that income from parking keeps everyones taxes down by at leat
one million bucks a year.  Do not fool yourself and think if you do
not have a business in town, that the fireworks is a waiste of money. 

   And why should the businesses fund something that is for in the
long run, good for a town and it's tax base?   As a property owner, I
would help fund the fireworks only if everyone equally did.   That is
why it was put to a vote.  Everyone needed to pay there fair share.
I don't blame the business if they say "screw everyone, we will not
foot this bill alone".

1:06 pm edt 

Cliff, I Respectfully Disagree With You on This One!

Don't blame the government, blame the business community. 
and shame on them for expecting the town to fund their biggest money
maker of the year and then blaming the town when the majority chooses
not to.

  The BOS took a
gamble and it failed.  The fireworks fundraising committee was
willing and able to raise the funds for the fireworks.  Suddenly the
BOS said you have to raise the funds for not only the fireworks, but
for the police protection as well.

Once we start down that trail where does it stop?  Anyone who wants
to have an event in town that brings tourists to town has to pay for
the police coverage for the weekend or week?  That will do alot to
promote tourism to our town won't it?  And face it, tourism is by far
the number one industry in town.

If it isn't too late and the fireworks fundraising cte wants to raise
funds for this year's fireworks, I'll gladly contribute.  But, it's
unfortunate the BOS took the route they took and ultimately put an
end to 4th of July fireworks.
1:00 pm edt 

Tunnel Vision
Cliff Your myopia stuns me but as a big fish once told can't reason with an idiot fish.
Slippery Fish (waiting for the fireworks in the hull of the Chico Jess)
12:57 pm edt 

I Blame the BOS for the Loss of Fireworks

     Cliff, you just don't grasp how raising money for the fireworks
works. You can't work in January to fund and raise mopney for an
event that is contingent on a vote in April at town meeting and
another vote by ballot in May. Here's why. If the override did not
pass, then the fundraising group would have to raise $78,000--not
just the amount for the actual fireworks.

       The Fireworks committee's goal last year was $25,000 and it
would have been $25,000 again this year. But the BOS refused to spend
any other monies to cover funds to pay for police overtime, the
horses and state police, police lunches, DPW overtime and additional
portable toilets. These monies come to $55,000. When the BOS refused
to fund the infrastructure required to have the fireworks, there was
no rational for raising money to cover the $17,000 for the fireworks
and $6,000 for the barge when there would be no fireworks

     The Fireworks Committee was right to wait to see what happened
to the override. Once the BOS put the issue as an override, then that
was the direction it would take.

      You don't work to ask people to fund a celebration that won't
happen. The selectmen made this decision and the voters who don't
want to fund this agreed. Case closed. I hope you have a Happy Fourth!
12:55 pm edt 

Dear Cliff,

I don't think the majority of us didn't fund the fireworks. I think
the majority of us will not stand for overrides. In my opinion, the
shame should be pointed to the foolish projects that are funded with
our tax dollars and don't deliver enough ROI over the short or long

A fan of the fireworks, but not while millions are wasted in other places.
12:53 pm edt 

Re: Political Dance

"How truly sad that the political choreography between the
Town Manager and the Recreation Director (once hired/once accused of
sexual harassment/once resigned/once re-instated"

great point but the word 'still' needs to be before the word
'accused' of sexual harassment.
12:52 pm edt 

Re: Recreation Director

"She is more experienced, a people person, a genuine leader
and is looking to get Brandon seasoned as well."

  what is the directors experience?   Why would a experienced
director hire an in experienced director?
12:49 pm edt 

Dear Carrie

Your points are valid, but when the director refuses to sponsor an
adult kickball league, ( which has donated generously to
Provincetown's youth)  your statement below is not accurate.

"There are so many groups that utilize the Provincetown Community
Center on any given day and evening. "
9:14 am edt 


i for one am glad that my tax dollars are not going for the
fireworks.  the fireworks and the festivities should be funded by
private organizations and not the general fund.  the fireworks
committee was well on their way to paying for the cost of the
celebration, but when they found out that there would be an over
ride, all fund raising ceased.  basically three months of fund
raising was lost.  and even though they  were so taken aback by
feigned outrage for the over rides, they voted for the over ride on
town meeting floor.

had the fund raising continued, there would be fire works and the
local tourist groups, corporate sponsors and businesses with a vested
interest in the display would have raised the funds needed and the
question of the over ride would have been moot.  they could have been
heroes but instead they chose to exploit the issue to drive a point.

put the blame where it belongs.  the fire works committee bailed when
they were most needed.  the selectmen were right in placing it as an
over ride proven by the vote, 648 to 473 against spending tax payer

there's still time, where is the PBG, Women Innkeepers, Distinctive
Inns?  know why you don't see them chipping in, they're going to have
full houses that weekend whether there are fire works or not, so why
should they?

don't blame the government, blame the business community.  and shame
on them for expecting the town to fund their biggest money maker of
the year and then blaming the town when the majority chooses not to.

9:13 am edt 

Recreation Center Should be Intgegrated Into the School System

    This makes the most sense. Many town are closing their centers,
not expanding. It's time to place the programs within the school and
integrate them. This makes the most financial and pragmatic sense.

     But perhaps the real opposition to this is that Tracy Trewhella
would not be qualified to teach or work with children. They would
have to let her go or fire her since she has no training in child
psychology, no expertise in health or exercise, no knowledge of any
various educational theories. The school would require a college
graduate with specialization in child and adolescent psychology,
health related training and educational approaches. The Recreation
Director lacks any such training or certification.
9:10 am edt 

Maybe You Appreciate What You Had When Its Gone

     I believe we took and are still taking fireworks on July 4th for
granted. I believe we feel we can take it or leave it. But when the
fireworks are gone and we can't have them back because other towns
now have "our" fireworks, we will too late appreciate what we once
9:09 am edt 

Friday, May 9, 2008

You've Confused the Rumor with the Hard Work of the Fourth of July Fund Raising Committee

     There would have been no fireworks last year if it had not been
for the hard work of the Fireworks Committee that raised over $33,000
in private funding. They met every week and orchestrated numerous
town-wide events to raise the money that led to one of the biggest
displays. The rumor would have been true if there had not been the
concerted effort of the Fireworks Committee.

     But this year, with the Fireworks Committee ready to raise money
again and looking to gain corporate support, the Board of Selectmen
made the firworks an override at $78,000. This amounts includes the
state police, lunches for the police, overtime for the police and DPW
workers. The only amount directly tied to the fireworks is $23,000.

    For a town with a $24 million budget, spending $23,000 for
fireworks just makes sense. But this year the rumor will be true:
there will be no fireworks.

      And the economic consequences will be sad and severe. Instead
of encouraging tourists and wanting people to come and celebrate,
Provincetown will have little to offer on this extra long weekend.
They will go elsewhere, where the skies light up, the colorful glow
lingers, and people know how to celebrate our national holiday. They
will go where the oohs and ahs and fabulous fireworks fill the sky
instead of a lack of enthusiasm and uninteresting black skies.
11:58 pm edt 

Odd Rantings on the Fireworks

     I'm only glad you're not sitting on the Visitors Service Board.
If any event brought people into town, you'd be the first to lable
them gangs, rowdies, or drunks. You lack any understanding of the
relationship between gala events and tourism or between summer
activities and the business economy.

     The fireworks are an economic engine obviously not understood by
a blogger like you. You are in an economic fog.
11:55 pm edt 

Brandon Motta's Loss is Sadly Tracy Trewhella's Gain

     Trewhella should have been asked to leave her position many
months back. I have only heard positive comments and admiration for
Brandon Motta. He is running good programs and bringing people into
the center. Trewhella's main job--and perhaps the only work she
does--is to be a babysitter for some mothers in town. Yes, many
mothers want to drop off their kids at the center. But this is not
the main function of the recreation center. We would be better off
without Trewhella Rodericks or Rodericks Trewhella and build classes
and progams through Brandon Motta. He has energy and involvement.
Before he came, little was done at the center save babysitting.

     Now what do we have? A fantasy, a public pretense that something
is happening at the center and Sleep[ing Beuty is in charge. Or is it
the Wicked Witch?
11:53 pm edt 

To: New Beginning:

Perhaps you should live in a place you like....  This may not be the
town for you.....   Try Barnstable where they don't tolerate this
BS......Or maybe even, Yarmnouth....  Things that go on here would
never even be thought of elsewhere.....  !!!!!   Check it out and see
if you know anyone from those areas........  Ask around, I bet you
would here what you don't like ....
11:33 pm edt 

Re: Ted Meyer

Here is the web link from the Miami Herald to a few articles regarding
Provincetown's former police chief. Included in one article was this report:
"The Pompano Beach Police Department and Chief Ted Meyer were sharply
criticized for permissiveness, disorganization, sloppy administration and an
"abysmal record" in a highly critical, 70-page report delivered Tuesday night
to city commissioners. The report, prepared by a police expert based in
Washington, D.C., cataloged a long list of department failings, recommended
that the city manager investigate outside business dealings by some officers...
" Very interesting and makes me wonder if anyone ever did any background
checking on him before he was hired here. It appears everything he did to/against
our community he did before. Should he ever have been hired as our police chief
here? I would have passed on his candidacy to find a better person. Should he
become one of our Selectmen? I don't think so after reading these arti! cles.

I'll be voting against him and for someone (anyone) better. Signed: Fed up with Ted

11:22 pm edt 

RE: Affordable Housing (8:45 PM Thursday)

The original poster has a valid point that does not, in my opinion,
warrant name-calling. We are on water restrictions here. Yet when it
comes to building mega projects that require water, the green and
conservation issue never comes up. So, I can't water my lawn because
there's no water. Fine. I like to conserve, I like to be green.  But
how does the water for 70-something bedrooms and corresponding
bathrooms, showers and kitchens magically show up? Seems like one big
farce to me.

One big farce.
8:04 pm edt 


Interesting how timing works out.  As a guesthouse owner I have
guests in my house who this afternoon were talking to other guests
about how they always come up from CT for the 4th of July fireworks,
parade and festivities in Provincetown.  As I was thinking about
telling them that we wouldn't be having fireworks this year they
asked me what the override for fireworks meant.  They read in the
paper that the override didn't pass and wondered what it meant.  I
explained that as things currently stand there would be no fireworks
in Provincetown this year.  They were disappointed and are now not
coming to Provincetown for the 4th.

The guest said he would never have known if hadn't been here this
week and read it in the paper.  That set off another conversation
about all the people who would be coming to Provincetown to see the
fireworks and would be disappointed.  The ones who didn't know in
advance of the cancelation, the ones that would come this year, not
see fireworks and not come back again.
8:03 pm edt 

Ok, I Have Rad the Post About Ted

If it all is true, i
would not vote for Ted now.  Please supply some type of proof or
links to verify some or most of the info.

My next pick would be for David from the Provincetown Gym.  He has
worked hard on the finance board and understand both a year round
residents issues and a business owners issues.  He spoke pretty well
at the open mike meeting.  Does he have any thing in his closet we
should be aware of?

For those that are speaking up for Bryant, he needs to speak up for
himself at meetings like the open mike or BOS meetings more often.  I
am not convinced he would do any good or any harm. But at this point
in Provincetowns fiscal mess and responsibilities, I want someone
that can do plenty of good.  As the saying goes, being average is not
good enough for this position.

How about BIll Dougle or DR Rick Murry?  The both have a vast
knowledge of Provincetown and Bill has plenty of fiscal
responsibilities from past jobs and also the finance board in
Provincetown.  Rick does an excellant job speaking up at BOS meetings.
And how about some of the orginators of PACC.   Why hasn't Clarance
run for a seat on the BOS?  Or on the finance committee?  You would
get my vote.

8:01 pm edt 

Dear Dan

You suggest that the Recreation Department and the school should be
combined, and yet, what people seem to forget is that you cannot have
adults that have not gone through the database in the same building
with children. Convicted pedophiles cannot be within a certain
distance of children. If the convicted felon wants to take an adult
class that the Community Center supports, then we would have a
problem. The Community Center would not be able to function and be
available to the WHOLE COMMUNITY during the hours that school is in

By combining the two buildings in hopes to save the town some money,
we would in reality, be not doing the community any favors. The
Community Center is being used from early in the morning to late at
night. Your suggestion would become detrimental to the Community.

Brandon IS doing a great job as the Assistant Recreation Director and
CAN DO a wonderful job as the new Recreation Director. Reasons behind
Sharon Lynn's request for Tracy to stay on board through the summer
are only to be truthfully known between the two of them. What people
don't seem to realize is that Brandon has only been on the Recreation
Department for one year, and Tracy Trewhella has been here for at
least six (6) years. Qualified or not, no one seemed to mind Tracy
Trewhella being the Assistant Recreation Director under Dennis Clark
all of those years, nor did anyone seem to object her qualifications
when she was appointed the Recreation Director. She is more
experienced, a people person, a genuine leader and is looking to get
Brandon seasoned as well. Give the two of them a chance.

For people not voting for Question 2b, really hurt Brandon's
position. It really hurt the Recreation Department as a whole. People
of the community will find it difficult to continue their programs
elsewhere if the Recreation Department is not fully staffed. Brandon
cannot be in two places at once. He cannot be taking care of the kids
in the afternoon AND be at a basketball game at the same time. There
always needs to be two people.

Also take in to consideration that other towns are in the process of
building a bigger Community Center for themselves, not trying to
combine or shut down the one they already have.

There are so many groups that utilize the Provincetown Community
Center on any given day and evening. You should go and see what is
available and what may interest you to join.

I value your opinion, and hope I was able to shed some light.

7:56 pm edt 

There Will Be Fireworks!

Wasn't the rumor last year that there would be no 2007
fireworks?  Granted, they weren't spectacular; but when have they
ever been?  (The best presentation was in the early 90s when it was
completely overcast, and the clouds were multi-colored.  It was as if
All That Is was giving us an aurora borealis.)

There will be fireworks of the fourth of July, even if they are
funded independently.
7:53 pm edt 

Re: Ted Myer

If anyone wants to  check the archives from the Evening
Post in 1975 and again in 1979 Charleston County or the Miami Herald
January 17, 1985 you'll get the truth about Ted Myer.
7:51 pm edt 

Does Sharon Lynn Think We Live on Planet Oz?

She said we need to rehire Tracy Rodereck Trewella to give the Summer
program "Credibility" That she doesn't understand that Brandon is not
only more qualified to do the job but that he comes baggage free. This is
yet another example of bad managment. 

Keep it up Sharon!
3:20 pm edt 

If You Were Running for Selectman. . .

What would you do?  I didn't really hear many new ideas/solutions
during Candidates Night on how to move this town forward in a
positive manner.  What I really wanted to hear were some bold,
innovative ideas on how to improve Provincetown.

What would your platform be?

If I were running, here are some things I would have brought up:
-Perform an analysis of each town department.  Do we need all the
staff we have, do we need more?  Can the departments be run more
-Analyze the various funds in town.  Waste Water Enterprise, the
Community Preservation Fund, the Land Bank Fund, etc.  Are these
funds doing what they were intended to do?  Are they as efficient as
they should be?  Where is the accounting for these funds?
-Examine the Recreation Department.  Is it doing what we want it to
do?  Could it be run more efficiently?  Could it be combined with
another department/the schools to achieve the same result at a lower
-Create a list of all town owned buildings and determine what our
plan is for each building.  We can NOT let our town owned buildings
fall in to the disrepair we have seen with Town Hall and Fire Station
#2.  If we don't have a use for the building or can not maintain them
properly then they should be sold and added to our tax base.

I like the idea of running the Recreation Department with the school
system.  We have the School Buildings that are underutilized, yet we
have to have a separate Community Center for the Recreation
Department?  It doesn't make sense.

3:18 pm edt 

Ted Meyer for Chief, Think about it.......

Meyer was the Youth officer in Wayland Mass from 1970-1975 for about
5 years. He next skipped to Charleston, NC in 1975 as the head of of
the Administrative Services Board.

He had grievances filed against him by at least 90 Police Officers and
embattled with the wifes of some of the officers. He was also sued by
several officers and was disciplined and placed on probation for

In 1982 - 1985 after only being on the department of Pompano Beach as
Chief for about a year he was forced to resign amongst endless
internal problems. He destroyed Morale so bad that they disbanded the
Pompano Police Department and went with the County Sheriffs
Department. He resigned because he knew he was on his way out of the
troubled police department.

In 1982 a police consultant was hired by the city of Pompano (Allan
Rusten) who was highly critical of Meyer suggesting the department 
was out of Meyers control. Critics of the department said Meyer
lacked the leadership ability and management skills necessary  to
pull together the department.

From 1985-1994 it appears that Meyer was not in any police related
fields until he turned up in Richardson, Texas in 1994. What was he
in charge of, I think the computer division.

What did he do while Chief in Provincetown. Destroy the Morale.
Change policies and not for the good of the department. Joke around
on the streets, that was about all he was good for. Leak information
to the Press, typical politician.....

If you want to vote for him for selectmen, I would first consider his
abilities to help the town through the troubled times we are facing
and remember that the selectmen did not have faith in him and did not
renew his contract and that's why he is no longer Chief.

Webmaster Comment: This comment does not refer to any source
documentation and is not authenticated, accordingly, given the serious
political nature of the information, the writer is requested to provide same.
3:15 pm edt 

Re: Ms Nagle

Sounds like Miss Nagle was able to do something the Pier
Corporation wasn't able to do: bring a pirate ship business to

I respect people like her who sign their names on this blog.
2:46 pm edt 

Re: New Beginning

I would say positive things about my police department, if
I could think of anything from the past year of watching and reading
what they have done to others.

On a positive note, perhaps the new Chief will make changes and start
on a fresher note.

And, hopefully he won't listen to the previous chief who is still on
the staff after all he did to corrupt the department.
2:44 pm edt 

Re: Brandon Motta

How truly sad that the political choreography between the
Town Manager and the Recreation Director (once hired/once accused of
sexual harassment/once resigned/once re-instated) - has eliminated
the opportunity for Brandon Motta, a wonderful young man who works
hard for the children of the town, to assume the Directorship.  Just
another example of what is right for the town being whimsically and
surprisingly changed to what is NOT right for the town.  I just don't
get it.  What is all of this teaching our young people?
2:41 pm edt 

I Do Think We Know the Difference Between 90 Shankpainter and the Dog Park

      When some people have complained about the cutting of trees and
the clear-cutting along 90 Shank Painter, they knew what property
they were talking about. When the toxic materials were being upturned
and bulldozed and DPW people were breathing in the toxic air, people
knew what piece of land that was. And as DPW workers dig and push
dirt and wear no protective clothing, we know who is at risk for
getting sick and where they are working.

      Good that there is a meeting and discussions bout 90
Shankpainter Road this Monday at the BOS. There's plenty to talk
about and many problems involved with this project.
2:39 pm edt 

Re: Fire Works

Sorry, but I just don't get why some people think the town
will somehow be hurt by not having fireworks this year. I just don't
get it. Everyone knows that the only money the "watchers" spend is in
the bars. People are going to come for the 4th weekend fireworks or
not. And what about the fog or wind? Chances are always good that
weather will screw them up anyway.

I just don't get it
2:36 pm edt 

RE: Affordable Housing (8:45 PM Thursday)

You are an idiot. Don't you realize that Pam Parmakian's back yard is
one of the larger affordable housing neighborhoods in town? You
should try to get the facts before shooting off your mouth. Or are
you just another whiny member of the greedy Real Estate Cabal that
hates Ted and anyone connected with him? Enough already.
2:34 pm edt 

Re: Bryan Green

I am going to ask Bryan Greene to please think up some good
answers for the next candidates night.
Please show the public that you can handel the work so we do not have
to put up with Texas Meyers.
Please Bryan, go to meeting prepared to answer tough questions... I
want to support you.
2:32 pm edt 

I Am Thrilled the Fireworks Were Cancelled

Could there be a better indicator that the BOS does not understand or
care to support what our bread and butter is?

Keep going with your misguided mega-projects that cost tax-payers
millions and deliver no return on investment.

Trash would have gone back too, but understandably, residents didn't
want to be that inconvenienced.

The priorities are both sad and comical.
2:30 pm edt 

To All That Are Beefing About the Fireworks.

You say it should not have been an override?  Why is that, because it
did not pass?  Well then  obviously it should have been an override. 
The majority did not want it.  Those are the things that need to be
an override for the town's people to decide.  It is their money that
funds these functions and projects and the only way to find out if
the town want them or not is to put it on an override and let them
decide.  Isnt this what this site is all about. Let the people be
heard?  Well, they have spoken and now you are complaining because
you did not get your way. If that was Michelles idea, fantastic move,
job well done.   Fireworks in Provincetown do not benefit the town. 
We can not accommodate, protect, park, or even feed the quantity of
people who come to town.  Fireworks have been progressively
attracting gangs, drunks, and a dangerous party crowd to the town. 
We do not need it.  Yes, there should still be a large police
presence for the holiday for a few years to come!
   even though there are no fireworks until people realize the
behavior will not be accepted.  Even then, it is a summer holiday
that will always attract a large crowd.  We need the extra presence. 
For anyone that does not want extra police presence, its because your
one of them causing the problem.

2:28 pm edt 

Trewhella Undermine Someone?

Surely you jest.  I think what has happened in the Recreation
department is a disgrace.  Trewhella is being allowed to manipulate
an entire town. Sharon Lynee please get some more information before
hiring people back, especially those involved in a Sexual Harassment
suit, her credibility can't be all that great if the claim as gone
this far. Now she gets to slander two former assistants while
claiming that the "kids" need her...
2:24 pm edt 

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Would Dixie Do?

I'd suggest we ask ourselves this question over the course of the
summer when we are down and out; feeling upset and disgruntled about
how things are going....

As someone who didn't know him very well (but well enough), I found
that in the ways I connected with Dixie it was always a positive and
friendly encounter that often left me feeling energized in a way that
I cannot describe.  I'm sure people who knew him would feel the same

May you rest in peace dear friend and may your Provincetown ways
carry on well beyond your years to provide those of us here a sweet
memory and image of "Provincetowncation" as we march onward toward
the summer of '08!

A smile goes a long way!!
11:40 pm edt 

Brandon Made the Recreation Center a Center

     It's too bad that the resignation of Trewhella was not accepted
and she was now gone from the center. Good management dictates
accepting the resignation and immediately making a decision with the
assistant director. He has energy and he as brought real classes to
the center. But, within a week, Trewhella had undermined Brandon's
abilities and his skills with those in power and thus highlight the
false need for her to stay as director through the summer. Bad
decision. The center loses Brandon and gains back Trewhella. This is
not a win-win but a loss-loss situation.

11:38 pm edt 

Dear Candace

Some time back I recall an article about the Pier Corp trying to get
a pirate ship as a tourist attraction for the pier.  Some time later
I read that you retained a pirate ship for your float and then
tooting your horn about helping the community by attracting families
to the pier and helping all of us.

Just who is stealing who's ideas?

If you had your way it would be a free-for-all down there. 
Congratulations to the Pier Corp for trying to retain some control
over the commerce on the pier.

And I know you won't agree Candace, but just think if YOU owned the
pier.  Wouldn't you want some control over what kind of commerce
transpired on the pier?

If I owned the pier, I'd cancel your lease and throw your disgruntled
butt out.
11:36 pm edt 

Added to the Fireworks Issue

     We have not only cancelled this year's fireworks, we are
cancelling the town's fireworks for many, many years. Once we lose
the contract with the pyrotechnics company, the fireworks go to the
next town on the list. And to get back on the list takes almost

     This should never have been an override. With $14,000 in the
fireworks fund and the total cost of the fireworks being $17,000,
this was a poor decision. The barge cost $6,000--something we didn't
need years back but we do now.

     And all the overtime for the police, you don't think they'll
still have to do this? And the added cost for street pickup and DPW
clean up, you don't think the tourists will still cause us to spend
this money?

      It was Michele Couture's suggestion to do this and the other
selectmen followed. You voted for her again.

     Maybe you can light a match and enjoy the momentary flicker.
That is all you'll get this fourth.

      And this is the town where the Pilgrims first landed. How our
patriotism is warped and how our businesses and tourism will suffer.
And next year, it will be worse. Why should tourists come here for
the fourth? Fewer and fewer will come and town businesses and guests
houses and restaurants will sadly feel the impact. For a tourist town
to do this is the most foolish thing it could do.
11:34 pm edt 

Affordable Housing:

We have enough....  If the town is in such a crisis, where is all the
extra water going to come from?   Come on folks,  let's pay
attention....  We don't need any more affordable housing units.  It
is over developed now... Oh, except in Parmakian and Malones bag
yards.....  Let's build there and see if they want change.....
9:45 pm edt 


I would like to add to the webmasters congratulations to Chief Jaran.
I think the chief will have his work cut out for him with internal
and external stakeholders.

I was one who had applied for the chief position but withdrew after
reading the barrage of discontent (probably well grounded in some
ways) and the venom and vitriol that seems to run rampant through
some veins of the community - how sad.

Before I withdrew, I had asked on this site for some input into what
values the community placed upon the police department. There was not
a single response to my inquiry. I have read, however, a fair amount
of negativity.

I would submit to the Provincetown community that solutions to
problems you face will not be found in denigration and character
assasination, but in constructive listening instead of "shouting" at
one another. Aggression breeds aggression - at least my 30+ years as
a police officer has shown me.

One person's opinion for what it's worth .

9:44 pm edt 

Fade to Black

A few weeks ago, a float owners sub-tenant who has been
selling fishing charter tickets for years on MacMillan, wanted to
also sell cold drinks from his shed to help his granddaughter who is
going to college next year.  The Pier Corp shot him down.

Fade to Black

At todays meeting, Director Adams recommended the Pier Corp sell ice
cold drinks from a vending machine in front of the harbormasters
office to make money.

The Pier Corporation has exploited this tenants good idea and taken
it for their own.
This is typical of the Pier Corporation. They are idea bankrupt. The
Pier Corp has a well-established track record of listening to
proposals, rejecting them and making money off of them.

As another example, a float owner wanted to rent his booth to a ferry
business needing a new ticket booth this season. The Pier Corp shot
him down too. Now they are building a booth and renting to the ferry
business. That float owner's booth will now be unoccupied this season.

Ask the Pier Corp. about the trap sheds they rent to artists and
whose idea that was. It was a float owners idea (mine). They
exploited that idea for their own too.

Thats how things are done by the Pier Corp. to make money ON MacMillan Pier.

Candace Nagle
9:42 pm edt 

To: Believer that the Affordable Housing Gig is a scam

You really are a very misinformed    !! while you are on path of
nastiness why don't you try spell check before you carry on with your

trying to be nice
9:40 pm edt 

So We Canceled the Fire Works... what are we gonna do now?

How much do we need to spend to tell folks to stay away from Town, so
we do not need the Barnstable County ATV's and Mounted Patrols on
Commercial St?

Has anyone else been around long enough to remember when we killed
the Blessing of the Fleet? Only to (desperately) revive it.

So now the 4th can become part of the "shoulder season".

Good Grief
9:38 pm edt 

Clean up of 90 ShankPainter Road Site

Awhile ago, a few bloggers expressed concern about this
clean up. This is the site with all the fencing to the south of
Cumby's. Do not confuse it with the corner on Rte 6 which is a sewer
leach field that i think they are talking about turning into the dog

Anyway, I wrote that i would do my best to get and post  current info
on this , since everything i know is ......from one year ago.

I did inquire, and the latest word is that item 5A on Monday Night's
Agenda , Board of Selectmen, May 12 is

5.       Requests

A.   90 Shank Painter Road Soil Remediation  update

So, if folks are interested, do attend monday nights meeting. There
are a couple of public hearings first , so it won't come up right

Cheryl Andrews
6:48 pm edt 

Re: Profanity vs Caps

The person that Uses CAPS to Get His Point Across about
Green at least doesn't have the web master BLANK out his words.   Why
can't people stop using profanity here and act like adults?  I would
rather see a person use CAPS than a person swear any day of the week.
6:46 pm edt 

Re: Pam Parmakian

I don't usually post on this thing, or read it, but then
Parmakian has to write her two cents into the Banner, which is
exactly that, two cents worth of opion.

No one cares what you have to say! You're a quitter who walked away
because things started smelling a little fishy with the whole 'Teddy
the invisible' scam.

We know you can't run a town, it's hardly feasible you can manage a
condo community, and writing letters isn't your thing so a career in
public relations is out...maybe you can start your own development
company and build affordable housing at a substantial profit at the
tax-payer's expense just like Teddy?

Believer that the Affordable Housing Gig is a scam
6:44 pm edt 

RE: Hits Analysis

Or all 2800 registered voters averaged 14 hits each. Math can be a
funny thing.

E. Michael Richards
6:31 pm edt 

Hits Analysis

40,000 "hits"/160 days = 250 hits per day. Subtracting the following:
- posters who count as multiple hits when they post and read their
own postings (call it 25 per day)
- web "bots"/search engines (probably 10 per day)
- same people looking multiple times a day or their browsers
automatically refreshing (perhaps 20)
- we won't even take of canadace looking at her own postings which
has to be 10-20 hits per day :)

Leaves us with about 195 real hits per day, probably less. So, looked
at another way, a generous interpretation, if all the readers were
registered voters then about 17% of the registered voters read this
blog regularly.
1:08 pm edt 

The Voters Have Spoken (Round One)

I agree with the other posters that MYPACC has made a difference in
how information is desiminated. Albeit not every post has been
aligned with just facts, ergo the nature of a blog! The the real
issues have been raised, dissected, discussed and this venue has
provided us with opportunities for sharing we didn't have previous of
it's inception. As more voices are heard and more people are engaged
the better the chances we truly have a transparent government and the
decisions made truly reflect the wishes of the community. It is our
obligation to continue on and keep a very open watchful eye and big
mouth when necessary.

E. Michael Richards

12:36 pm edt 

To He/She Who Must Use All CAPS to Get His Point Across........

.........because the point doesn't hold water on its own.

I think you're totally wrong about Green. Your open forum concept of
question and debate night is silly and old school. Talk to him first
hand and ask him some questions, he has great ideas. Don't expect
much from him when you put him on stage and have some           
             wife attack him because he was a little late. Any one of
us would have been set back by that.

Green is the best choice to help turn the town around. Not some
retired police chief with a questionable track record What's the
matter with you? Your vote is for Ted, great! You probably voted for
Couture as well. The blind leading the blind.

I agree with the person that relates Provincetown to the Titanic. It
is floating, but will soon sink. It's just a matter of time.
12:14 pm edt 

Great for Ted?

Lost his job as chief of police
so let's give him even greater power so he can mishandle that too.
Are you for real?

12:09 pm edt 

Congratulations MYPACC--Over 40,000 Hits

     Wow! In a short time, you have seen so much activity here. So
much information shared, so many good links, so much revelation of
how this town does work. Both good and bad.

     So, another milestone. Congratulations. I"m surely glad you're here.

12:08 pm edt 

Re: Community Center

I just wanted to say how sorry I am to have seen the voters vote out
the Asst Recreation directors job at the Community Center...He did a
great job and will be missed not only by the kids but by many adults
as well.

The reason for my major dis-appointment is, I do believe alot of the
voters were under the impression that Tracey was stepping down and
Brandon would automatically step up and based on that, an assistant
director would not be needed especially when the town was looking to
save money.

However, Tracey is not stepping down and now Brandon is out of a job
to the disappointment of many...I like and get along with Tracey on
all levels of her position at the Center but her resignation that is
believed to have been removed did not reach the voters. Brandon, hang
in there guy, you may have had to step down but good things happen
eventually to people like yourself...
12:06 pm edt 

Re: Bryan Green

Does Brian Green know the people who run PACC? Absolutely
and so does half the town. Does he have dinner with them and visit
their home for social times? NO. His major job is his own
business-massage. He works part time as a bartender to make ends
meet. Yeah, two jobs like everyone else in town.
You obviously have a personal vendetta against Brain as your annoying
use of capitals indicate.  Get your facts straight about the man.

Slippery Fish (from the hull of the chico Jess, getting ready to vote again)
12:03 pm edt 


You would actually vote for someone who has only lived here for about
3 years and his only job here was Chief of Police, a job from which
he was fired?

Absolutely amazing, you get what you deserve.
12:02 pm edt 

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sometimes You Arrive at A Crossroads

     And if you take the right road, make the right choice, you can
change destiny. If I look at these elections, instead of a
crossroads, we are headed backwards. I wish the town the best but it
does not look promising at all.

      What amazes is how people can repeatedly vote against their own
self-interest. It happens at the national level--look at the last
seven years--and so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised to see the
same self-contradictory thinking happening here.
11:41 pm edt 


Who knew Byran Greene was associated with PACC? I didn not
know that.  AND even if I had known that, I still would not have
voted for him.  Most people if they don't own there own small
business, WORK FOR SOMEONE THAT DOES.  They understand the issues. 
It is finding the right person that doesn't have AN AGENDA that is
hard.   But this is a human world, and why would someone put in
THOUSANDS OF HOURS if they were not getting something that they
believed in out of it?   JUST FOR THE GOOD OF THE TOWN?  Lets get
And because Byran works at a night club, you don;t think he would
push for NO NOISE LEVELS be voted on?   Most people know where their
bread is buttered.  That is why Presidential candidates can only
accept so much $$$ from individuals.  But does that help them be
neutral?  We want to think so.
IF Mr Byran Greene was a breath of fresh air as some have said, then
he would have spoken up and given us some ideas in front of an
For the persons saying someone killed themselves on his watch, GET
REAL.  IT WAS NOT TEDS FAULT.   Because someone speads down
commercial street or Bradford street and hurts someone, is that the
11:39 pm edt 

Dixie Would Be So Proud

     Seeing the story about Dixie's passing on the front page of the
Banner would make Dixie so happy. Even with the town election and the
new police chief, Dixie received front-page coverage.

     Bravo for you Dixie! I smile when thinking about you and just
wish you could see how much we cared and how much we already miss
you. You were such a big part of this town.

11:36 pm edt 

Michele Couture, Queen of the Titanic

     Sorry to say but voters did re-elect this silly woman. The town
will continue to lack good insight and fiscal responsibility. But
often Provincetown seems like the Titanic. The town is presently
floating but,wait just a little while, and we will see her sadly
sinking. This uneducated woman is responsible for so many financial
disasters. Voters deserve what they will get.

     Look at this group. Sad and even sadder.

11:35 pm edt 

What Happened to "Rate Your Selectman"?

I was looking forward to this addition to this blog.
11:34 pm edt 

Re: An Honest Man!

Paul Gumbolton is an honest, caring citizen.  If you are
reading this, Mr. Gumbolton, the person whose wallet you found last
week gives you the greatest amount of thanks possible. 

8:44 pm edt 

Re: Anonymity

I appreciate that MYPACC allows anonymity.  My reputation
is bad enough.  I don't need the community judging me on my opinions,
as well.
8:41 pm edt 

As We approach the June 3rd Special Election For the Board of Selectmen Position ---

------created by the resignation of Pam Parjakian it is important to
reflect on the past of each of the candidates.

Selectmen candidate Schuyler "Ted" Meyer, Provincetown's former
police chief, has a rather interesting and haunting past.  As we
prepare to revisit the polls next month, it is important to remember
Bridget Kelley Rines, the 24-year-old woman who died on October 17,
2004 in our Town's municipal parking lot, shot it the head with a
handgun while under Chief Meyer's watch.

The loss of a life is something quite significant, something not to
be quietly overlooked.  Perhaps our award-winning local newspaper
will provide insight into this matter, which may not yet be fully

At the end of the day, the voters have the final word on who should
be elected to represent our Town.  The actions of our past are in the
past, but the death of a visitor, something that could have been
prevented by the chief of our law enforcement personnel, is quite
different.  Such an act is simply reprehensible in a civilized
6:57 pm edt 

Dear "We're All In This Together"

I have a few things about going to a BOS meeting and speaking up. You
get Avalar screaming at you like a nutjob over the microphone telling
you she'll have you "removed."

Furthermore, yes Michelle did get a large portion of the votes, but
considering the voter turnout...doesn't mean she has a lot of support.

I totally disagree, Michelle only listens to herself and has done
some really stupid things in the past couple of months, including
calling the Country Attorney's office to turn the BOS in for
something so rediculous, it's not even imaginable.

I didn't vote for Michelle. I think Bryan Green may be the only hope
for the BOS, but people like you need to have the brains to give
someone new a chance to make change. He's a breath of fresh air and
would do Provincetown some good. Rather then park his *ss in his shop
and try to come up with rediculous noise regulations like Michelle,
he's a working class individual, running a small business and is in
touch with th e towns nightclub scene. I personally feel that pretty
important so that we can manage a very profitable portion of the
visitors, while keeping things under sustainable control.

So Michelle got some support and got voted in. I'm embarrassed for
our town. What fools we put in office.
6:29 pm edt 

MYPACC and the Elections

I think MYPACC has driven a new sense of knowledge among the entire
community, forcing everyone to look a little deeper into the issues.
The special interest groups were out in full yesterday to protect
their own. They knew they had to mobilize and many people wanted to
be sure they sent a message to MYPACC. They also know the community
is watching more now, than ever.

While I understand the thought, I don't agree with signing names.
This town (like everywhere, perhaps, but we're tiny) is loaded with
"get retribution" types.

I also don't believe in slander. There needs to be a balance. But,
the more facts that are posted, the more influence those in the
community wanting to end the special interest nonsense will have. 
MYPACC hasn't been around long enough to demonstrate success or
failure. With all eyes watching, it's an evolving process.

To those that have presented facts here, good job! Keep the facts
coming and we'll influence change next time around. Or the time after

No doubt about it.
6:27 pm edt 

Let's Hear it For Provincetown

More than 1100 voters turned out for our election on May 6th.  I'm sure
the BLOG helped with this turnout.

As we review the results with more than 600 votes for incumbent
selectwoman Couture, she must be aware that more than 500 ballots did
not bear her name...There were lots of thoughtful voters out there...
and she should not rest easy knowing that more than 500 registered
voters have made their voices heard.

We will be watching and working for change.
6:25 pm edt 

Byran Greene Failed?

one of the main reasons mr greene failed at his attempt to help the
town is his association with PACC and its founders.  The good and
decent people of this town view PACC and those associated with it
with disdain.  bryan should have been more prudent in forming his
political alliances.

and now, since he lost in the general election, he's going to run
again for the special election.  he received bad political advise on
that move.  he should just save face and withdraw now.
6:23 pm edt 

The Election Results - What do They Tell Us?

In my opinion:
MYPACC does have an effect, but that effect is quite small at this
time.  In fact, there may be a MYPACC backlash at times.

People are not really looking for change.  They vote for someone they
are comfortable with, not someone who may come in and push for
dramatic change in how we as a town operate.

MYPACC will only gain true credibility when posters are required to
give their name.  Until then it is viewed as a blog where anonymous
writers can pop up, attack something or someone and then disappear. 
Postings don't have to be true, they may be 'something I heard' or
someone's interpretation of the facts.

Until MYPACC requires writers to give their name, its credibility
will be lacking.

Bravo to Astrid Berg, Peter Bez, Cheryl Andrews, Michael Rogovsky,
Candance Nagle, Kerry Adams and everyone else who has signed their
name to their posts.  Until everyone is required to sign, the
credibility won't be there.

Mr. Webmaster, please consider it.  I know you have previously stated
that no one would post when they had to give their name, but if we
want to move the credibility factor up it's time to change.
1:16 pm edt 

Re: Board of Selectmen

At least Brryant  and George didn't get elected this time
around.  How could Bryan Green who had nothing useful to say at the
"open mike" even think he cold have stabilized our government?  AND
George Bryant who is being sued by our town government would have had
our town looking like a dump?
At least we know where Michele stands.   All these comments about
her, and she got the MOST VOTES.  I would like to believe she has
listened to THE PEOPLE and will do SOME GOOD FOR THE TOWN!  Lets all
give the BOS our support.  For all of you that complain, get on a
board and start being part of a solution.   OR AT LEAST GO TO THE BOS
MEETINGS AND SPEAK UP.  If you can not attend, write in and have it
read.  DO SOMETHING.   We are all in this together.
MY best to ALL of the BOS.
1:14 pm edt 

Heck Yea About Tobias! You're Totally Right

I can't believe that he tried to use his ankle injury as a gateway to
retire, now he's going to be back on the job. Are you kidding? If his
ankle is that bad, he shouldn't be working for the Town of

Does this mean he was honest about the ankle situation? Is the ankle
injury so minor that he can continue doing his job now that they
turned down his retirement, or was the extent of the ankle injury

It bothers me when there's even a hint of a police officer being
dishonest because it makes me question everything that they do and
have done.

I hope this new head of the police department cracks down on this
type of behavior. It will cost the town a lot less if he does.

1:12 pm edt 

I Can't Figure Out How Couture Got Voted in Again

I give up on this town's government. Obviously, no one cares about the
well-being of the town when they re-elect "queen whistle-blower". I'm
going to sit back and watch this unfold, it's not going to be pretty.
I'm interested to see what happens to this town in the next few
years. It's obviously a sinking a ship at this rate.
1:09 pm edt 

Nice Job Sharon!

New police chief, chosen from 4 qualified
applicants comes from two of the most conservative towns in New
Hampshire. Just what Provincetown needs!
1:07 pm edt 

Well Here We Go....

Couture is still in and we now have Ms. Anderson. I am not sure how
to react to this outcome but only time will tell.

However I am appalled that this town has decided to kill the
fireworks. I guess the fact that the tourism industry which is what
honestly keeps this town from completely falling off into the bay
doesnt matter to folks. I am sure those businesses that are on the
edge of closing can thank you when they go broke. You people are
idiots when it comes to the economy of this town.

I am also very disappointed that the town employees will not get
their measly 3% raise. Again the voters should be ashamed of
themselves. I guess it is not a concern to them that gas has jumped
almost 80 cents a gallon over last year, that a gallon of milk has
gone up about 50 cents a gallon since last fall along with a host of
other food stuffs, heating costs etc. I guess the voters just dont
give a damn about the welfare of its employees. Maybe they can get a
ride with you in your big luxury cars to the grocery store to cash in
their food stamps since I am sure many more people will need them now
or maybe they can tap into some your trust funds or inheritances, if
you feel so generous. Oh but wait, I forgot how this town is pathetic
and is riddled with people who claim to be caring Democrats, what a
joke. You are a bunch of closet Reagan-Bush Republicans who do not
give a damn about anyone but yourselves.

Congratulations, give yourself a hand, and do what you do best, head
over to your local bar and down a bottle of vodka, gin, or wine to
1:04 pm edt 


what did you accomplish?   Chief Tobias remains in the #2 position,
and Michelle was voted #1 on the Selectmens list...   You can express
all you want, but the fact remains not much has changed..  GOOD LUCK
MICHELLE...  And look forward to working with you and Tobias soon 
!!!!!!   Keep un the FIGHT...
1:01 pm edt 

Haute Couture

In France, Haute Couture is a protected name that can only
be applied when fashion meets certain well-defined principles.
Im afraid that we have with this election, yet again, reaffirmed
our low standards. As Hellman said, "I cannot and will not cut my
conscience to fit this year's fashions."
12:59 pm edt 


OK all you Couture and Tobias haters....   Let's see Tobias will
still be working and Michelle got in.   Oh,  Well, so all you
angriness has gotten you no where... NOW WHAT ??   Let's start more
gossip that's not true......
12:57 pm edt 

Re: Couture and Anderson

Well the       of affordable housing is re-elected and her
faithful            Elaine with her......what a town


Webmaster Comment: To the poster-Please refrain from using such derogatory
language. In the future such usage will result in the posting being deleted.
12:51 pm edt 

Re: Officer Raposa......

....working as a realtor, on workmens comp?  Is
her police position up for grabs?
12:48 pm edt 

Election Day in America is Something Truly to Behold and Cherish
It represents the opportunity to exercise one's franchise,
which is something many people take for granted.

Working for a municipality does not require the employee's resume to
be posted for review by citizens who feel entitlement to create the
illusion they are the hiring authority.  The responsibility for
personnel management remains within the body of government elected by
the citizens and subsequently appointed according to the
municipality's regulations.

Our nation was created under these principles.  If residents feel
that resumes, work records and education of our municipal staff
should be made public record, they should request the Selectmen make
this information available on the town's website.  If folks are so
interested in reviewing this information, perhaps your should attend
a public hearing of the Selectmen and let your opinions be heard. 
Change the rules if you don't like them.  After all, this is America.
12:46 pm edt 

Way to Go Sharon!

The new police chief has been selected
from 4 candidates and just happens to have served in two of the most
conservative New England towns imaginable. I really thought they
would have given more consideration to the female detective from NYC.
Obviously her experience with diversity would have been much more
extensive then someone from the stix of cow-hampsha! Another
Provincetown fumble!
12:42 pm edt 

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Re: Tobias

I agree. This man is a total disgrace to our town and has been for
quite some time.

Anywhere I now travel, I have to hear how the police beat this guy
and up and let other hate crimes occur.

He should have gotten what he deserved when he       about a disablity
for an ankle injury earlier this year: Fired!
12:54 pm edt 

Sorry Sharon But Your Last Acts are Horrible

      Here's a lesson from Managment 101: when staff resign or
retire, you graciously accept their decision and then post the new
position. If they give a date for retiring or resigning a few weeks
ahead, pay them to leave immediately. You don't leave them in their
key positions so they can work to undermine their own staff who might
replace them. You thank them for their work and say goodbye.

      What were you thinking?
12:52 pm edt 

Leadership Is Needed

    If leadership is like some other phenemenon where people say:
you'll know when you see it, then what I see here in Town Hall is not
leadership. What I see by certain members of the board of selectmen
is also not leadership. It is not even good management. It is vote by
emotion, vote by interest, vote by political gains.

     Time, if there ever was time, for someone new as selectmen. As
some used to say years back: throw the bums out! At least we can
throw one of them out today!
12:50 pm edt 

Qualifications PLease!

      Can someone give me the educational qualifications and
background for any one of these three:

       Michele Couture--selectmen
       Tracy Roderick Driggs Trewhella-recreation director
       Warren Tobias--Sergeant

     Has any one of these three--all in key town positions--ever
taken even ONE college course? Do we even know if all three of them
completed high school? Aren't there basic educational requirements
for town positions? And shouldn't voters want more than high-school
ideas and high-school modes of looking at the world?

      Can someone answer this question?
12:49 pm edt 

Bryant and Green

I will vote for George Bryant and Bryan Green. I see in them the old
and the new. They ae a breath of fresh air.
10:52 am edt 


Participate in government. Exercise your power. Your vote is precious.
10:42 am edt 

Re: DOR Report

Oh Boy! The DOR Report is devastating to the BOS. Both Mary Jo and
Couture should be voted out of office. At least we have a chance today to
get rid of Couture and later we can consider recalling Mary Jo.
10:40 am edt 

Vote Today!

Elect Bryan Green and George Bryant to stabilize our town government.

Lets take back our town!
10:34 am edt 

Get Out the Vote!

Vote to reject the Overrides and arrogance of the BOS. Vote to eliminate
Michele Couture's influence on the BOS. Vote to deny Elaine Anderson's
representation of the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex on the BOS.

Vote to save our Town!
10:32 am edt 

WOW! I Just Read the DOR Report

I have to say that I am surprised Provincetown is not in a more
desperate situation after reading this report. If any of the
successful businesses in town ran their business as the town has done
over the last 20 years they would have closed in a matter of weeks!!

This is an embarassment and everyone who has held elected office and
a position related to the finances of this town should resign.

If this is not a prime example of nepotism I do not know what is at
this point.

Lets face it Provincetown is no longer and can longer be the little
town out on the tip of the cape that can do and will do whatever the
hell it wants.

If the leadership of this town continues to act in the way that it
has it will undoubtly mean the end.

How sad for all of us that we have allowed this ineptitude to flourish!
10:24 am edt 


      All of the Ballot Questions are straight forward with exception
of Question 2. I'd like to clarify it.

April 7,2008 Town Meeting

To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of
$63,594.00 to supplement the operating budget of the Town for FY2009
as voted under Article 2 of the @008 annual Town Meeting as follows:
      Increase Budget Division No 2 by the amount of $4,925
      Increase Budget Division No 3 by the amount of $19,525
      Increase Budget Division No 5 by the amount of $39,144

****notes: No 2 Finance Department (personal)
            No 3 Public Safety (summer police personal)
            No 5 Public Services (recreation dept.         assistant director)

See You at the Polls,

Astrid Berg
10:21 am edt 

Re: First Amendment Rights

On Dec 27 2007, Pier Corp. director Kerry Adams entered the below on
mypacc in response to my concern about the Pier Corps budgets,
capital expenditures etc:

I had hoped to avoid entry into this nauseating little temper tantrum.''

Five months later, there is going to be a full review of the
Provincetown Public Pier Corporation by the Finance Committee. Others
like myself have come forward as well to express concerns about the
model of this entity.

Many of you are passionate about changing certain areas of government
in Provincetown as I have been about wanting the Pier Corp
restructured. Particularly the way their budgets are not vetted like
all other town department budgets. Many of you use mypacc as I have
done to get your vision of change out to the public.

Lets never forget our first amendment right to challenge our government.

Candace Nagle
10:20 am edt 


Although could have done with out the blond reference.. i think i am
writing in Dixie also .. just say no to Couture the women is evil.
10:09 am edt 

To: Fire Tobias

INNACCURATE......  If you believe that all to be true, Then you have
some concerns ahead of you....  WOW......OH, BORN, RAISED AND WORKED
SEEN IT, OWN IT.   Can't get much better than that......    Your
facts are WAYYYY off base.......
10:08 am edt 


Well, your wish didn't come true....  He will remain #2 man and
continue to do an outstanding job that he did as #1.   Why shouldn't
he have gone to the state of the town meeting?  From what I could
see, there were plenty others who I thought the same thing about.  
You are by far not a concerned citizen just someone trying to stir
things up!  Maybe you have too much time on your hands.  Take up a
10:06 am edt 

Vote No on all Overrides, Couture and Anderson

For all of the disregard, chicanery and utter contempt shown
by the BOS and the agents of the single-minded affordable housing
interest group, tomorrow should be payback time.

Use your vote to make a statement for honesty. Vote the charlatans
out and their insults down. Vote No on the overrides, Couture and 

Vote for Bryant and Green. Lets take back our town! 

1:04 am edt 

Mismanagement is Mismanagement

And for me these 6 overrides are part of this town's
mismanagement. There is a place for overrides but not how these were
pre-selected and how we were treated like little ignoramuses who
would accept what the selectmen and town manager decided. I object to
how we were seen and treated and my vote which is my voice is no x 6.
12:52 am edt 

Monday, May 5, 2008

Vote for Bryan Green and George Bryant

Stop the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex elect Green and Bryant!
11:11 pm edt 

A Dixie Quote:

"If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit next to me!"

11:08 pm edt 

What a Gold Mine!

Driving by 90 Shankpainter the other day I thought, "This place is
going to be a gold mine for Ted!". Then I looked and the ground was
all sparkling like diamonds and gold! Then reality hit. The sparkles?
It was all pieces of glass mixed in the soil behind the cumbys from
when it was burn dump. After the rain over the weekend, the glass was
washed off, exposing the sparkle. Good luck playing there kids!
11:07 pm edt 

Remember and Then Vote

It is your chance at the polls to set this town right. Please
remember the insults of the BOS and the Affordable Housing
lobbyist to the people of Provincetown; for their acts which have
brought us to our current sorry state.

Lets start by getting rid of Couture and blocking the Ted Malone
extension Elaine Anderson.
11:02 pm edt 

When You Vote Think About the DOR Financial Report

When you go to the polls tomorrow, think about the DOR
Financial Report and then vote no on all overrides to force
the BOS to face the issues they have been hiding all these years!
10:50 pm edt 

Vote NO on Overrides, Michele Couture and Elaine Anderson

Vote NO on all Overrides. Vote NO for Couture and Anderson.

Lets save our town!
10:46 pm edt 

Fire Tobias!

What a history of service this guy has had in
Provincetown. Did he even graduate from high school? Remember the
good old days of him going into     bars to find "illegal" behavior
to the present times of his       disability and ruining the police
departments reputation? He is a disgrace. I couldn't believe he had
the nerve to be at the state of the town meeting. Everyone was
talking about it because he had just filed his disability claim from
an injury he "suffered" in the 80's, probably from chasing           
He hasn't a clue of what people think of him. He is better qualified
to be a waitperson at the local donut shop.
10:43 pm edt 


Are you kidding.. you have the truth because you lived here since
birth? amazingly small minded.
10:36 pm edt 

Re: Warren Tobias

Obviously he wasn't good enough to be Chief, period.

Obviously he did a LOT wrong during the past year, or I wouldn't have
read so many articles across the country about our town and what the
police have done to it during the past year.

You need to get a grip.

Glad he's gone, but he SHOULD have been fired.

Lynn just couldn't be decisive, which is her M.O.
10:34 pm edt 


I've lived in Town for 25 years. Voted in almost every election,
except 2 when I was ill. 15 years of service on Town boards.

I am well now but I do not feel that any of the candidates
deserve my vote.

Michelle Couture- Out of the question- Vacuous .
Brian Greene- Blonder than Michelle.
Cleveland- When did you get off the short bus?
George- Thanks for your years service and wisdom but go clean up your yard.
Elaine-I just might vote for you and then for my second vote I think
I'm gonna write in "DIXIE"
10:33 pm edt 

To Warren Tobias Unblemished Record:

Excuse me BABE, perhaps you need a grip... I have lived here since
birth and haved lived through many Chiefs...  perhaps you should
check his Personnel folder...  I guess you don't have all the
facts....   Check it out yourself !  I know the facts......  The
truth and nothing but the truth.....   You only have GOOGLE and PAPER
Articles...   GET REAL......
7:13 pm edt 

To: Dixie With Love!

Dixie will be missed by all the people that knew him
.........always made me laugh with his humor..always saw him smiling
when i'd see him on the street..WE LOVE YOU DIXIE!!!!
7:11 pm edt 


      Let's give the school committee this year to get their ducks in
a row. If nothing positive and fiscal transpires by next spring, I
will run.
      There are 2 positions opening up May 2009.
      I truly hope they change their perspective.

7:08 pm edt 


Would someone be kind enough to post the link to the Cape Cod Times'
interviews of the Provincetown Selectmen Candidates?  A search of the
Times website (typically) produces no result.

Much thanks!
7:07 pm edt 

Dear Webmaster

Is it possible to not post any blogs that contain swears and
derogatory statements that are so bad that you deem to black out
words and entire sentences.  if someone is posting with such language
as to have to be censured, then censure them completely.  please just
don't run the post at all.  we are adults here (i'm assuming) and can
easily fill in the black blanks.  by refusing to post these mean
spirited people maybe the posters can use the english language, make
their points and not have to be blacked out because of their childish
playground remarks.

thank you
1:14 pm edt 

I Need Help!

Could someone please post the DOR report?
12:44 pm edt 

Challenging the Status Quo!

Busy cutting and pasting our entries in Dec 2007 to show the backlash
for challenging the status quo.
12:42 pm edt 


Michele has been on the BOS for what?  almost 7 years now? 
I do not think she is ALL that bad as some of you have written here. 
BUT if trueth be told, she is part of the mess we are in.  She was on
the BOS for 6 of the years people are blaming the old town manager. 
BUT the town manager reported to Michele and the rest of the BOS. 
So, she should take some of the blame.  I can not find any records or
Michele trying to get the town into a better financial picture.
And to be fair to her, even if she is not a taxpayer for realestate
property, the person she pays rent to is.  If his/her taxes goes up,
it would seem logical he would pass on some of the costs to the
renter?  In the end, renters, taxpayers and visitors ALL pay more as
our tax rates goes up.
Then who else do we vote for?  Bryan Green could not even answer any
questions. Did any one count how many times he said " That is a good
question"?  Too many.   And George Bryant.  When he cleans up his
lawn like the courts have orderd him too, maybe I would think about
what he has to say.  How and why would anyone vote for someone that
doesn't follow the law?
By default, looks like Elaine is getting my vote.  Lets write in
someone for the other postion tomorrow.  WHO?  Lets start with Ted
Myers or David
12:38 pm edt 

Is Educational Background Now a Secret?

     This is amazing. When the four candidates for selectmen are
asked by the Cape Cod Times basic questions, what does Michele
Couture state for education? She refuses to respond. No answer.

      Excuse me, but isn't your educational background part of your
qualifications for the position you are running for? Do you now have
to guess how low your educational background really is? Do we have to
ask: Did you ever take one college course? Or do we now have to ask:
did you even graduate from high school?

     And now you have a middle name: Genevieve. Any new facts you're
planing on adding to your resume? Perhaps, movie credits from your
prior career?
12:35 pm edt 

DOR Report Should be Read by All

     I've often heard concerned citizens speak about the fiscal
problems and the hidden issues in this town. And in return I've often
heard the rebuttal of town officials who have said that no money has
been stolen and there are no irregularities. Oh, really! Just read on.

      Ask the DOR if there are no irregularities. Their report is
filled with numerous complaints about how we administered this town.
They see our problems dating back to FY2000 "When DOR was forced to
conclude that the town's financial records were unreliable."

     And when they look today--yes today--what do they state? "little
progress can be cited." This is abominable and this is why so many
citizens are against increasing taxes. The BOS has been irresponsible
and they cannot be trusted to manage this town as it should be.

     When it comes to money, it's a disaster. Yes they blame Keith
Bergman but it is the Board of Selectmen that had oversight and they
did little to rectify the problems. In fact, they kept the fiscal
irregularities from the public. They covered up how bad the town was
managed under their direction.

     And how was Keith Bergman rated year after year? I even remember
Michelle Couture giving Keith a 92 because some other selectmen were
only giving him an 84. Read this report and realize that Keith
Bergman should have been rated a 20 at best and again what were the
selectmen doing?

      And the DOR does not see that in Sharon Lynn's one year
anything has changed. They say that new people are in place but again
"little progress can be cited."

      I find that the DOR report---and this is just one state
report--justifies the many concerns, complaints and anxieities that I
have heard from many taxpayers in town. This is no way to run this
town since, as the DOR state, "the town's financial records were
unreliable" and they conclude that they continue to be.
12:33 pm edt 

Civil Law Suit -

I think it may be time for the good citizens of Provincetown to
consider a civil lawsuit or two against our esteemed leaders(past and
present) who have driven the town to the beink of ruin.

There is clearly no accountability in this town and a clear message
needs to be sent.
12:29 pm edt 

Warren Tobias Has 'an Unblemished Record'?!

Are you kidding me with that??

Do you even live in this town?

Google it baby, "Provincetown Police" and watch his 'unblemished
record' get more zits than a 12 year old boy working at McDonalds.

This man deserved to be fired!
11:02 am edt 

RIP Dixie

I saw Dixie briefly Saturday afternoon. I was having lunch across the
street from the Gov. Bradford and stepped outside for a moment. It
didn't take long for Dixie to see me and immediately walk out to the
sidewalk and yell something rude (yet amusing) to me. We both had a
good laugh and went back to what we were doing. That was Dixie. He
was truly part of the fabric that make Provincetown so special. He
will be missed. I'd like to think that somewhere in heaven he's
holding court and everyone within earshot is having a good laugh.
And on the same afternoon shortly after I was introduced to the new
Chief of Police, Jeff Jaran. I wished him well as he has his work
cutout for him, especially healing some open wounds.
Only in Provincetown could these two completley contrasting events
take place within minutes of each other.

E. Michael Richards

11:00 am edt 


      I forgot Clapps Pond. It is a category 3. It's their last
resort. It's still scary.

     The Pie Wedge, 951-R Commercial St. (lot # 19-2-3-0-E. Assessed
value from the Ryan Report, $628,000.00) also a category 3, can only 
accommodate 1 or 2 unites. No developer would go there.

      The committee suggested to sell the land and turn the proceeds
towards Affordable Housing funds.

Bona Fide Facts,
Astrid Berg
8:52 am edt 

Re: Recreation Director

Why would a director hire an assistant director not
qualified to take over her job?
8:43 am edt 

Twiddle-Di and Twiddle-Dom

Both Mary-Jo and Couture are part and parcel of the previous regime
that the DOR report describes as being non-responsive to their
recommendations for bringing Provincetown into  compliance with
state regulatory financial requirements.

Lets make a new start. I agree with Slippery Fish, they both are
responsible for our present financial condition and should be removed
from office ASAP!

They are like Twiddle-Di and Twiddle-Dom! If tomorrow we get rid of
Frick and Frack, that only leaves Twiddle-Di! If necessary, we should consider
a recall campaign, which she is quite familiar with!

We are all tired of their good-cop bad-cop theactrics. 
8:42 am edt 

Re: Michele Couture

Are you kidding there are a lot of people with an axe to grind? ...
oh lets just say any tax payer.. couture is unaware, vindictive and
manipulating.. and she never answered the education questions, maybe
she needs more info before she can answer.. "i am one hundred
percent, fifty fifty"... let the axe fall on her head.
8:23 am edt 

Get Out the Vote-Say No to Couture and Anderson

Help your neighbors to get to Town Hall to vote out Michele Couture
and Elaine Anderson.

On May 6, just say "NO"!
8:12 am edt 



OFF CONWELL ST.                                  CUMBERLAND FARMS(DONE)





      This is bona fide information from the Ryan Report.
New Construction Committee results. These "think tank "
properties were stated in the the review.

Astrid Berg
8:09 am edt 

Michele Couture

You gotta love it...The more negativity you read here about Michele
the more red signs you see up and around town...I'm even going to get
one just to irk the person who obviously has an axe to grind...When
you look at the list of wanna be selectmen, Michele is looking better
and better all the time...
8:08 am edt 

Heard it Through the Grapevine

Heard the town manager attended an police academy with the
new there any truth to this? bringing back the good old
8:06 am edt 

Plot of a Dime Store Novel

I never thought I'd see the day that I would read a 37 page
government report with the plot of a dime store novel.
Every page of that report makes it clearer that  the remaining
members of the BOS  were aware of the irregularities and continued to
spend this town into the fiscal mess it is.

There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Mary Jo and Michelle are
overwhelmingly culpable along with the departed Town Manager.  The
fact that nothing was done and expenditures continued to rise is a
fact that should be enough to remove tham both from office.

Unfortunately the election will occur before the information in the
report has the time to filter into the community.  If Michelle is
elected, an immediate citizens' act to have her removed should ensue
as the facts in this report become more widespread. Mary Jo Avellar
should also be asked to step down.

Slippery Fish (waiting for the vote)
8:04 am edt 

Police Chief -

Gee, let's see. Warren didn't meet the educaitonal requirements for
the job. He knew what they were for years.

Then he       an injury to try to     the town into paying for his
early retirement. Thank God he wasn;t given the job.

The only thing worse is that Sharon gave him his job back.

Only in ptown!
8:01 am edt 

Sunday, May 4, 2008

No No and No!

With all that has happened, we must vote No to Michele Couture,
No to Elaine Anderson and No to all Overrides.

Just vote NO!
11:34 pm edt 

WOW!!! Is Sharon Lynn Out of Her Mind?

Does she really believe the town needs a overpaid    starved babysitter
to run a program she has bungled in the past? Why bring back trouble
and not start fresh?

The same with the new police chief, he sure as hell does
not need the baggage Warren brings to the force. Oh my, for about a
minute I thought Sharon Lynn might have a pair...guess not.

As the cherry on top I see       hiring her bf             to take
the kiddies swimming...who needs a real Life Guard, this is
Provincetown where Liability Rules!

Vote NO totally across the board
11:30 pm edt 

Re: Police Chief

Do you think our new Police Chief will have the guts to
undue some of the damage done by the previous chief??

11:24 pm edt 

Police Chief's Job:

What a sad commentary that the town found the need to pick a Chief
outside of their own department when there was someone w/i that has
30+ years of experience.   Nothing negative towards the new Chief and
I don't blame him...

The town should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a thing to
happen.  Tobias has held his un-blemished record for the time served
and how dare the BOS members who have a personal vendetors to allow
personalities to get in the way.....

I thought they were more professioanl than that but, they have
certainly proved different in their decision making.  Remember,
(some) BOS members.. there are skeletons in your closets that could
come back to haunt you one day......  How soon we forget....
11:23 pm edt 

DOR Report on Provincetown

    It should first be noted that the reason the BOS requested the
DOR to do an analysis was that Astrid Berg spoke at the first meeting
following the election of new selectmen--Knight, Davies and
Parmakian--to request an audit of town finances. The BOS said yes but
they never did request this audit. Instead, they requested the DOR
review. So there was a force behind the eventual BOS request for the
Department of Revenue to look into our finances.

      As I look at the DOR report, here is what amazes me. Here is
what the state is saying in its opening pages:

     "Provincetown was placed under close DOR scrutiny because, in
the years leading up to 2002, the town continued to submit unreliable
financial information to the DOR and because its poor financial
records lead to audits being late. Year after year, once the audit
was complete, the deficiencies cited in the auditor's management
letter went unaddressed.....By June 2006, circumstances had not

      Did many of us know that the town was under the close scutiny
of the DOR and that the DOR was faulting us for "unreliable financial
information" and "poor financial record?" Did we know that the DOR
believed that "public confidence in municipal government has eroded?"

      Please, tell me, what were the selectmen doing duirng these
last eight years? What were they doing in the last two years when the
DOR tells us that the financial problems had not changed?

      Anyone who was in office during this time should be run out of
office. Anyone who was selectmen during these last seven years was
legally responsible and clearly abdicated their responsibility.
Presently, there is one person who has been a selectmen through seven
and a half years of these fiscally iresponsible times and Michelle
Couture has done her damage. It was under her legitimate authority
that she allowed the mismanagement and the unreliable financial
statements to be made and presented to the DOR. Couture should be
held accountable for her poor performance and failure of oversight.

      This is a devastating report. If there is anything you need to
read to make you realize we need change and new people as selectmen,
just read what the state of Massachusetts is saying about how we
governed and ran our town and the financial mismanagement that has
characterized Provincetown.

11:21 pm edt 

So Saddened by Dixie's Passing

      I am so sad to think that Dixie's energy, his pizzazz, his
untiring joy will not be seen and felt along Commerical Street as he
darted from one building to another, from one place to another. He
brought so much life force to wherever he was.  I cry as I write
this. He was Provincetown and he did love this town.

     He was a bundle of pure energy and laughter. I loved his humor.
He was fun-filled and, at the same time, highly principled.

      I am so sad. To all his friends and family, my deep, deep
sympathy. This is a painful loss for so many of us.
7:20 pm edt 

Michele Couture Must Go!

After reading the DOR Provincetown Financial Management Review,
it will be clear to all why any person representing the old regime must

Michele Couture has been on the Board of Selectmen  for 7 1/2
years and is running for another 3 year term, which would make her
time on the board 10 1/2 years. In the years that she has been on
the board she has done irreparable damage; for which we are paying
the price today and will continue to pay for many years to follow.

We cannot afford her another day. Vote her out.
Vote for George Bryant and Byran Green
7:18 pm edt 

Re: Dixie Federico

Dixie was a wonderful member of this community, beloved by
residents and visitors alike.  I will certainly his miss his smile
and laughter.

The constant complaining and attacking of others seems so
inappropriate at this time.
7:07 pm edt 

Re: Dixie Federico

Webmaster, do as you want with this information.  Looks
like Dixie's untimely death was the result of a fall down some
stairs. As a result, his neck was broken.
6:44 pm edt 

Re: Dixie Federico

Dixie apparently fell down a fight of stairs and broke his
neck ,he died instantly...May he rest in Peace
6:43 pm edt 

I'd Like to Vote to Remove Sharon Lynn

Her defense of people like Warren Tobias and her re-hiring of people
already fired (or wanting to rook the town of disability payments for
life like       ) is shameful.

She needs to go. Seems she's incapable of doing the right thing or
sticking to anything.

Does she have ANY values?
6:41 pm edt 

Webmaster Comment

We fully understand and will await any further information.
He was a dear and personal friend.

Thank you so much.
5:29 pm edt 

On May 6 Vote "NO" on all Overrides

When on May 6, we vote down all of the overrides, we will force the
BOS to come to grips with the reality of the town's financial situation.

By voting "OUT" Michele (Frick) Couture and saying "NO" to Elaine (Frack)
Anderson we will start on the path of stabilizing our community; by distancing
the Board of Selectmen from the affordable housing lobby. 

And if the Chairman of the Board doesn't get the message, we should consider
her recall!
5:23 pm edt 

Please Take a Moment to Remember David (Dixe) Federico.......

....who passed away early this morning.

Dixie was beloved by many of us who live & work here in Provincetown,
as well as those he came in contact with all over the country.

His amazing spirit and deep concern for the town & its inhabitants
will be greatly missed.

Webmaster Comment: Can anyone please confirm Mr. Federico's passing?

5:08 pm edt 

Why Couldn't Brandon Motta Handle the Summer Program

      Perhaps because Tracy Trewhella was spending enough time trying
to undermine the Assistant Recreation Director's qualifications in
order to bolster her own. Many people in town heard Tracy spread the
rumor that he was too young, not knoweldgeable enough, didn't have
the training to be director.

     And you do Tracy? Since when. At least we wouldn't have to worry
about the Assistant Director             adolescents and other
attractive adults coming into the Recreation Center. That in itself
is worth much. Why should we have to worry that you might             
those under your care? That is a scary but isn't it a reality given
your past actions and your past history?
5:03 pm edt 

Interesting Idea -

How about we move the library back to where it was - a building that
was completely sufficient for a town the size of Provincetown.
Especially given the digital age and the fact that library usage is
no where near where is was 20+ years ago.

We now have a lovely town building to use as town hall.

Town hall could then be leased to a developer(50 year lease or so) to
turn into a small hotel/theater/retail complex which could generate
lots of ongoing tax dollars.  if we had some people in town who knew
how to manage such a project it could keep it's charm and perhaps
ever a few town offices.

In 50 years, the town gets thr building back. frick, frack, mj and
the lot will be gone and town could resuem normal operations.

How about that for some out of the box thinking?
4:59 pm edt 

Let Me Defend Astrid Berg

     She is not being inflamatory. She has clearly stated and
reported on the report of the New Construction committee within the
Ryan Report. I did read other bloggers who have understood the
consequences of the report but Astrid has been clear in conveying
what the committee wrote and publicly presented.

     What is inflamatory are the suggestions from the committee
whether they were high on affordable housing at that time or not.
Their identifying town and personal property-- and it did include
three acres of the Cemetery and trading 40 acres of Clapps Pond-- is
itself inflamatory. I personally am still shocked at the red lining
of properties and any discussions by committee members that found
these dangerous ideas acceptable. Thinking out of the box is one.
Thinking and ideas that are fundamentally upsetting, disturbing,
ghastly, and frightful is quite another.

      Seems the truth is disturbing and alarming.

4:56 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn Who do You Work For?

Sharon Lynn stated that she received many calls from parents on
behalf of the now reinstated Recreation Director.

What she didn't say is that most of those calls were from parents
in Truro.

Sharon, you don't work for the parents of Truro, you work for
the welfare of Provincetown, which you seem to have forgotten.
4:52 pm edt 

Re: Doug Taylor

Lynn might as well put Ted Myer back on the payroll too. She's
becoming a joke. Is no one in this town a leader?
4:46 pm edt 

To - In All Due Respect to Astrid Berg

Oh please, that's not thinking outside the box. Making
recommendations in a public report to acquire private land that is
not even on the market is way out of the bounds of what should have
been recommended. Fine if you want to toss around the idea in a
meeting, but the ideas should never have been presented in a public

This just demonstartes how out of control the people trying to jam
affordable housing down our throats(Coutoure, Parmakian, Anderson,
Alex Ritchie, Ted Malone to name a few) will go in their efforts.

I used to be a strong advocate for sensible affordable housing, but
when I see what it has become I am now very opposed to any additional
funding from my taxes.
4:45 pm edt 

You've Missed the POInt

     When the DOR identifies our tax rate as problematic and looks to
give relief to taxpayers, you know that they see a fundamental
problem here. And to see our tax rate--yes it is the rate we are
talking about--almost double that of Nantucket, as one blogger worte,
you know something is radically wrong with how we do business in

     Then you also have to look at the unbalanced and uneven
assessments of properties here in Provincetown. And I do believe the
DOR and other agencies have admonished the Assesor's office for
wrongly tabulating ocean views in their high assessments of certain

     Again, this is a small town that should have small budget and
small projects. Instead, we think we are the Shanghai of the East
(coast) and build large, budget-heavy projects that never should have
even been considered.

     We need fiscal restraint and fiscal conservatism, not tax'em,
tax'em, tax'em as the mantra of town officials. It is this poor and
wrong-headed thinking that has lead to such high tax rates for this
samll town. That is what the DOR is implying in their criticism of
our past and present practices. Wake up. Listen to the DOR.
4:42 pm edt 

Is Sharon For Real?

     Sharon Lynn has accepted the "resignation" rescinding of Tracy
Roderick Trewhella--did I forget Driggs somewhere in there--because
Sharon Lynn says: "We really need the credibility Tracy has. Her
commitment is to the town and to the program." What has she been
smoking? She is still obviously new to the town and her assessment of
personalities and their abilities is obviously flawed.

     The problem is that Trewhella has no credibility. Therein lies
her problem. She is also not qualified for the position. She is in
fact unqualified and would never make the bottom cut for a Director
of Recreation anywhere else. In fact, is she was under the school's
jurisdiction, Tracy Roderick would be unable to work with children.
She has no degrees. She has no certification for working with

     She is a babysitter and that is what the mothers are happy to
have. But should we spend $100,000 for a department run by an
unqualified babysitter?

    Sharon, wake up. The town is facing a serious sexual harassment
case that involves Tracy Roderick in sexual propositions and also
involves propositions with herslef and her boyfirend the former town
Building Commissioner. And you say that this woman has credibility.
Sorry but this statement and your judgement causes a lessening of
your own credibility.
4:40 pm edt 

Re: Doug Taylor

Why doesn't lynne offer Doug Taylor a job also?

4:38 pm edt 


How simply perfect that a blogger on this mypacc blog of
half truths and outright lies has turned to wikipedia to quote
Wikipedia also has no oversight and allows anything to be added as "fact".
What a perfect combination: mypacc and wikipedia... where truth and
fairness go to die.
This blog is the worst piece of     .
4:37 pm edt 

FIN COM MEETING 12/04/2007

MOTION #1. To approve the transfer of $19,814.00 from FIN COM RESERVE
FUND TO Town Manager's budget to fully fund the Town Manager's
DISCUSSION: The new Town Manager's contract was negotiated by the
prior BOS but not fully funded in FY08 budget.
Prop 2 1/2 Override that would have funded the contract & other items
was voted down at the ballot box in Nov.08
STM. Vote, 8-0-0-1

MOTION #4. Recommend a budget of $50,000.00 for the Fin Com Reserve Fund FY09.
DISCUSSION: Given the widespread cuts that will have to be made to
the FY09 budget, the margin of error in the budget is likely to be
higher than usual. A higher Reserve Fund will allow us to respond to
unforeseen expenses as necessary. VOTE, 6-3-0-0

      Does anyone recall voting to transfer close to $20,000.00 from
the Fin Com's Reserve Fund? I don't.
      I do recall the Town approving the $50,000.00 for the Reserve
Fund (budget line 131). I believe the Fin Com urged us to approve
this expense due to the need of funds for a "rainy day" ie. emergency
repairs due to a Hurricane etc.
      I guess they considered a defeat of a Prop 2 1/2 as an emergency.
      Just another illustration of "robbing Peter to pay Paul". Did
the DOR catch this? Not yet. FY09 was not part of their review.
      I am going to request that the Town Manager and BOS submit the
entire DOR report to print in the Banner.

WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW. If I am wrong in my evaluations, please let
me know. I will stand to be corrected with substantiated proof.

Astrid Berg
4:35 pm edt 

Welcome to Our New Police Chief

I only hope that he doesn't have the attitude of Ted Meyers when on
one of his first interviews he mentioned that "he was going to do to
Ptown what Guiliani did for New York City, clean it up". During his
command, I had never heard our police car sirens so much and it was
the first time I felt fear in this town. It was the first time that I
didn't feel comfortable with the police. I never thought of this town
as a dangerous place.

Can't wait to see what a "live free or die" narc does for this town.
What a shame that we could't go local for our tiny town. Now we will
have another two years of our police chief getting to understand the
town and two years trying to get rid of him. Please prove me wrong.
4:32 pm edt 

In All Due Respect to Astrid Berg

The committee report from the Ryan Meeting is just that, a committee
report from  "thinking out loud" sessions to come up with some ideas
for Affordable Housing. This was done a few years ago when we were
all fired up about affordable housing. You do not help the current
situation with inflamatory suggestions from the committee report on
locating housing in the cemetery or Clapps Pond.

Please take this in context of when and how this information was
arrived at. Maybe we all want the harbor drained for a parking lot,
but it doesn't mean that it will ever be approved, should be approved
or acted on. The committee members were volunteering their time and
were asked to come up with ideas "out of the box". Please have some
respects for those people who at least try to contibuted something to
this town rather than to just write inflamatory crap on this site.

Webmaster Comment: If the writer is speaking as a knowledgeable
committee member, they should identify themselves.

4:31 pm edt 

Attention Taxpayers!

The following is the mission statement of the recreation department:

Mission & Authority:

To have charge of all youth activities; to operate the Community
Center; and to take on the functions of the Bicycle Committee and the
Teen Center Study Committee.

Do these 'committees' even exist? Recreation should be for all,  the
director should be qualified and not asked to remain in her position
with the MCAD investigating charges against her. its laughable!!!
4:24 pm edt 

What is Sharon Lynn Thinking?

She says in the Banner "we will continue to defend the Recreation
director, because she was an employee at the time." Wasn't the
accuser an employee at the time also? and not only is she defending
her, she as asked her to stay in her position? So we pay over 24, 000
per child to attend school, then we pay more to be able to provide
baby siting after school, and to defend the director.  What exactly
does the recreation department do? It certainly does not involve the
entire community.
4:23 pm edt 



July celebration & fireworks.

The BOS decided to put those on the ballot as a Prop 2 1/2

All that's left is $2,500.00 for Memorial Day and Veterans Day celebrations.

Motion #11- To recommend budget 620                  Public Service
Administration in the amount of $2,500.00. Vote, 9-0 Fin Com.

      If the 4th of July expenses were included in the original
budget, where did those funds get shifted to?
I have yet to locate the BOS vote.
     However, I do recall Ms. Couture making a strong recommendation
against the Fireworks. I also recall her having doubt that the
Fireworks Fund Raising Committee would be as successful in their
campaign for this year.
     WHERE DID THOSE MONIES GO TO? Certainly not for Economical Development.
     I also wonder if the CURBSIDE TRASH PICKUP was originally
included in the budget and those funds were transferred elsewhere? Of
course it was.

Shame on you Ms. Couture and the other Board Members who supported
this transfer of funds.

Astrid Berg

4:21 pm edt 

To: Where I Stand

And why would you be voting yes on town (not city) worker raises????
All across this country, people are losing their jobs, hours are
being cut, no raises are being given out and employers are
contributing less on health care benifits to their employees.  So
what exempts our town workers from these hard times??? Vote no on all
overrides and let's recall those that got us into this mess.
4:19 pm edt 

To: Lets All Stay Together

On May 6, We as taxpayers & renters (you will be effected if taxes go
up) must stay together and vote NO on all the overrides.  Since we
have no voice at our Town Meetings, the voting booth is where we must
all stay together and vote no to all the overrides.  It's got to stop
now.  Then and only then will our BOS & Town Manager have to figure
out what must be done.

4:18 pm edt 

Look You Stoops!

You can't go by the tax bill you have to
go by the tax rate and you have to compare what we have compared to
what other towns have for their rate.  Your tax bill is high because
your home is worth more.  The same home in yarmouth at the same tax
rate would not be as high. Stoop!

Thank the lord Chief Tobias is going to stay.  It's the only hope
left for that poor department.  Ms.Lynn who was going to pick the
best person for the job?  You did a very poor job.  We should call
him Chief Meyer Jr.
4:16 pm edt 

Re:Sharon Lynn Has Proven With a Doubt That Se is no Leader

We will all be sorry she ever came to our town.
Can we drive the XXXXXX out before she causes further damage?

I can only guess what word it was the webmaster blacked out, but that
type of language is not appropriate.  On ANY board.  You should be
ashamed of yourself.
4:14 pm edt 

Police Chief:

Oh, so let it be told... You know how the Police Department found out
they had a new Chief ?  The newspaper...  Sad or what?   Off to a
good start....

How professional was that?
4:12 pm edt 

This is From the DOR Report.

The end of this "Recommendation 11" appears to be a "blueprint"
for the school committee to follow:

Recommendation 11: Assess the Fiscal Impact of School Regionalization
We recommend that the town pursue an independent study to determine
the financial
ramifications of joining the Nauset Regional School District. In
terms of enrollment,
Provincetown supports the smallest PK-12 school district in the
Commonwealth. As a direct
result, its per pupil cost at $24,896 in FY2008 is second highest in
the state. (Minuteman
Regional High School is highest with a per pupil cost of $26,971). Of
102 students in Grades 7-
12, only 46 are Provincetown residents, another 22 arrive from other
communities by way of
school choice and 34 arrive from Truro under a tuition agreement.
According to State
Department of Education statistics, foundation enrollment has
declined in each year since 1999.
During these times of fiscal stress, it is sensible for town
officials to investigate all
possible cost savings opportunities, including the option to join the
Nauset Regional School
District. Any effort to regionalize is fundamentally a local
decision, and therefore we offer no
opinion on what course the town should take. However, because
opposing opinions are
entrenched on the subject, it strikes us that a responsible action
would be to secure a
comprehensive and objective analysis of the potential fiscal impact
if Provincetown were to join
the Nauset Regional School District. Only then can a decision be made
which serves the best
interest of the town.
We would expect the scope of such a study to include, but not
necessarily be limited to,
review of documents, data, and other considerations as follows:
�� The End-of-the-Year expenditure reports for
Provincetown and the Nauset Regional
School District, filed with DOE;
�� Cherry Sheets for Provincetown and the Nauset
Regional School District;
�� Chapter 70 and other school related aid statutes and
�� Regional Transpiration Aid and potential
transportation costs;
�� Provincetown Enrollment Data;
�� Resolutions to School Building Assistance
reimbursements and outstanding debt
�� Future use of the current Provincetown high school
building and facilities;
�� Continuing cost to operate the Provincetown K-6
school system; and,
�� Any other additional regulatory and legal considerations.

Do you think their report will offer any of this data?

     Daily Reader
4:10 pm edt 

Re: Sharon Lynn

I am sure you meant 'WITHOUT a doubt', she has proven herself
incapable of leadership.

Letting Tobias stay, after he made up an injury to go on paid
disability, is a mistake. He lied. Plain & simple.

With all the other things he has been accused of during the past
year; I now believe them all.

She has to be a total inept Town Manager for allowing this to occur.
4:06 pm edt 

A Breath of Spring

The election of May 6th should bring a breath of spring
time to beleagued Provincetown.  Our over assessed properties on
dirty disrupted streets are not so shiny anymore, nor are they
salable at the 80's runaway prices.  As prices have fallen so too
must our assessments....and our budget!

Our infrastructure under the current BOS has fallen into disrepair
and the Leaders have led us down the garden path with ugly disrupted
streets, and threats of garbage on the side walk.  Our winter streets
have not been pretty...they are deserted.  It has been a ghost town. 
  It is no longer quaint and may not continue to be the attraction
that some shop keepers wish.

The recession calls out to us to cut back on waste.

We must vote out Couture.

Let's bring back George Bryant...and lets all get out to vote for
responsible community management, not the runaway management train
that maintains none of the structures they have been assigned to
4:04 pm edt 

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sharon Lynn

Sharon Lynn has proven with a doubt that she is no leader.

We will all be sorry she ever came to our town.

Can we drive the       out before she causes further damage?
3:25 pm edt 

Fireworks -

The Perfect Example of How Messed Up and
Manipulative Our Leader Are

Just think about it for a minute.

- There was already a private fund raising effort in progress

- The town will need extra police on the 4th whether we have fireworks or not

- The town is in need of money, so why try to ruin one of the biggest
tourist weeks of the year by cancelling fireworks. How much tax money
will we lose if we don't have the fireworks?

So, so many more optional items could have been put on overrides. 
Clearly this was done either out of ignorace or as a way t
omanipulate the voters. Either way, they should be tossed out of
their jobs for doing this.
3:23 pm edt 


from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Bullet voting is a tactic where the voter only selects one candidate,
despite having the option to indicate some preference for other
candidates. They might do this either because it is easier than
evaluating all the candidates, or (depending on the voting system in
use) as a form of tactical voting.

If enough voters bullet vote then almost any voting system functions
like plurality voting system. This is generally considered to be a
poor result, as many voting systems are intended as reforms or
improvements which avoid or minimize some of the alleged
disadvantages of plurality (aka First Past the Post). However, if
voters bullet vote as a conscious strategy to express their
meta-preference that candidates with strong support are preferable to
"compromise" candidates with broad support, then it may not be a

This tactic is possible in any voting system which does not require
ranking all the candidates. In practice, this is the majority of
voting systems as actually implemented (as opposed to in theory),
since to reject ballots which don't rank all candidates would risk an
excessive number of spoiled ballots. However, it is mainly an issue
in voting systems which can reward this tactic  primarily approval
voting and to a lesser extent range voting  and in those which don't
significantly penalize it  primarily instant-runoff voting and a
non-standard form of Borda count.

Candidates may seek to encourage bullet voting in certain situations.
One example is where there is a Bloc voting election for two seats of
the same office, and there are several candidates (say A, B, and C).
Voters in such a situation typically have two votes. Candidate A will
encourage his voters to vote only for him and not use their second
vote. If the second vote is cast for B or C, it will help A's
opponents. The situation is most pronounced where A is of one party
and B and C are of another party. If voters from B and C's party vote
for them, while A's partisans cast one vote for A and split their
second vote between B and C, A will be significantly disadvantaged.
2:25 pm edt 

Where I Stand!

I will be voting for Bryan Green for Selectman, I think he
can bring a breath of fresh air to the BOS.  Unfortunately I don't
see any other new candidates that warrant my vote.  I'll be voting
for Ms. Couture.

Regarding the School Cte I'll either not vote or write in a candidate.

Overrides?  I'll be voting yes on trash pick up, yes on city worker
raises and no to the others.

It's unfortunate that the fireworks were put as an override.  Last
year we were able to raise the funds to put on the fireworks, but the
fundraising cte stopped when the BOS made it an override.  The
override included all the extra police costs for the fireworks, not
just the cost of the fireworks.  It's unfortunate the BOS took that
route.  The place where the Pilgrims first landed will not have
fireworks to celebrate Independence Day.
2:20 pm edt 

Tobias XXXXXX Continues!

Do we really want Tobias training and influencing the new Chief? Good
lord, I thought perhaps Sharon Lynn had come to her sences and
started making good decisions. if there was ever an appropriate time
to get rid of him it was now.

- Do you think he's not going to try to invent some new scam to get
early retirement?

- Do you think he is not going to be a bad influence on the entire
police force?

- Do you think he is not going to continue to be bitter and spiteful
to the people who have lobbied against him

The new chief was an opportunity to clean house and bring a new mind
set to the police force, but how can he be effective with Tobias
lingering around?

Does Sharon Lynn really have no backbone, or does she just continue
to make really bad, idiotic decisions that put the town at risk? Come
on Sharon, grow a set!
2:18 pm edt 

It's about Opened Minds

Peter Grasso is not open minded. The school committee needs
more open minds.
2:16 pm edt 

The Ryan Report Confounds Me

     This is a case where truth is unbelievable. Who pinpointed the
Dunes Camp Ground and Coastal Acres? These are privately owned and
for a town committee to begin pre-selecting possible affordable
housing sites is beyond belief. Is there no sense of propriety? Is
there no sense of legality? Is there no sense of morality?

       I just shake my head in disbelief. Anyone on this New
Construction Group should be ashamed.
2:14 pm edt 

Time to Clear BOS of Old Smirky Faces

     Time for a change and time to elect those without strong vested
interest. I'd like to see people elected who view the town itself as
their concern, not just affordable housing, not just the school, not
just fixing town hall at the highest costs.

     Too many years of Couture. A few fresh faces with new ideas is
what I'd like to see. She has burdened the town with too much
baggage. Couture has been behind every large, mammoth town-funded
project. Enough.
2:13 pm edt 

Elaine Anderson as the Pam Parmakian Twin

     Thanks for that insight. That makes much sense. Elaine Anderson
will be able to go full steam ahead with affordable housing without
having to recuse herself. Even worse, Elaine Anderson can start
working to get rid of Clapps Pond and gain the land on Route 6. Just
what Affordable Ted wants for more affordable housing. Then, watch
out Cemetery Commission, those three acres will start to look quite
desirable to Anderson who sees dreams of sugar plums amid affordable
housing everywhere in town. Right there amidst the cemetery land,
implementing the Ryan Report to start taking over town land.

2:11 pm edt 

The Tobias -Trewhella Dance

      Something's quite wrong in Lilliputian land.Tracy Roderick
Trewhella resigns and the Banner has it right:                      

and then she takes back her resignation. The Recreation Center is a
babysitting center that is costing all of us $100,000. This is very
expensive babysitting. This is not strong skilled child education
programs. Then Sharon Lynn asks her to stay until the summer. What?

      Now Warren Tobias is staying in his old position after
announcing that he is retiring due to his disability. Either you're
disabled or you're not. And Sharon Lynn is accepting the
non-retirement of Tobias.

      Maybe both Trewhella dn Tobias consolidated their requests and
brought both requests to negate the previous requests to Sharon Lynn
simultaneously. Take us both back. Two for the price of---two.

      This is mismanagement, not good leadership. What a mess. If
emplyoees resign or retire, you let them go. What kind of management
is this besides being pathetic.
2:10 pm edt 


I would be very happy to write your name in. Would you do it?

Slippery Fish (voting for Green and Bryant)
2:06 pm edt 

Warren Tobias Lying About Something?

He's a police officer.

They never lie.

2:04 pm edt 

re: "Interesting Numbers"

You are either not very smart or you are attempting to mislead the
readers of this blog by posting incomplete data. While ptown average
tax bill is slightly above the state, Provincetown properties are in
the top 10% in value in the state. Our tax RATE (taxation per $1,000
of assessed value), which is what matters, is well below what it
would be were we not a resort community full of vacation home owners.
One would also expect that we would have higher than normal expenses
due to unique demands of running a community that has to balloon
services and maintain infrastructure for a massive population
increase in summer.

By way of example...from City and Town, A Publication of the
Department of Revenues Division of Local Services, Volume 20, No. 8
October/November 2007

With a fiscal 2007 average single-family assessed value of $1.74
million, Chilmark was the highest in the state, yet its $3,250
average tax bill ranked 180th, 18 percent below the state-wide
average. This exemplifies the situation regarding Cape and Island
communities, which tend to have higher assessed values but lower tax
bills due to the large number of seasonal properties whose owners
have a lower demand for municipal services. Eight of  the top 20
communities when ranked by average assessed value were Cape or Island
communities, however only two, West Tisbury (75th) and Provincetown 
(95th), ranked in the top 100 single-family tax bills. Indeed, all of
the Cape and Islands communities but Sandwich (104) and Yarmouth
(121) ranked in the top 100 in average assessed value.

The data indicates that after factoring in the Government Implicit
Price Deflator, revenue from single-family property tax has increased
less than is commonly perceived, has not kept up with inflation in
the past three fiscal years and thus has failed to keep up with the
cost of providing services to a majority of the commonwealths cities
and towns. This data helps to explain the financial stress seen in
local governments across the state.
2:03 pm edt 

A New Wind

The only way to get rid of the dead weight is to go to the polls on
May 6th.  This is our chance to make a difference. Let's put the old
cows out to pasture and get some new blood on the BOS.  Then, we need
to recall the ones that have made this town the laughing stock for 20
years.  No names are necessary.
1:59 pm edt 

Get Out the Vote! Reject Frick and Frack

We must get as many people as possible to vote on
May 6th.

A "NO" Vote on all Overrides by the majority of the
citizens and the election of George Bryant and Bryan Green
will assure the BOS having to reassess the Budget and to
respond to the true desires of the people.

This is our opportunity to get rid of the Affordable Housing
Industrial Complex influence on the BOS by voting Michele
Couture (Frick) out and rejecting Elaine Anderson (Frack).

Reject Frick and Frack! Send them packing.

Free the BOS!

11:37 am edt 

Re: Warren Tobias as Staff Sergeant

Lets see now. Acting Chief Tobias puts in for disability retirement,
saying his ankle injury from 1989 is causing him probelms. He admits
that he can't do the duities of Staff Sergeant.The retirment board
denies his disability as Acting Chief and the Town manager lets him
return to his old job.

What the heck is wrong with her. He is now a liability to the Town
and the taxpayers, and another suit will come out of the police
station and tax payers money.

Either he has an injury or he doesn't or he's lying and he should be
11:24 am edt 

Please do Not Vote For Couture!

We need to clean house. Get rid of her, then Avellar. They have made
quite a mess with Avellar involved as selectman, then Town Moderator,
no wait then selectman again and again. She can't make her mind up
about anything! More that 20 years of mismanagement and Couture
more than 7 years. They both recommended every mega projects while
town hall has been left to crumble.

VOTE Bryan GREEN and George BRYANT.
11:22 am edt 

Webmaster Comment: Republished at the Request of Readers


Participants: Elaine Anderson, Len Bowen, Gary Delius,
Autin Knight, Dave Krohn, Emily Loomis, Bob Mc Candless, Stephen
Milkowicz, Pat Moss, Delwyn Trent.

Review of Possible Land Development Parcels

1. Town Owned Land with Direct Development Potential;
TOWN GARAGE 24 Race Point Rd
SKATE BOARD/ BUS LOT 16 Jerome Smith Rd
SITE Y 63-R Howland St
PIE WEDGE 951-R Commercial St

2. Town Owned Land with Potential Trading with State;
SANDY HILL Sandy Hill Ln

3. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Land Appropriate for Development;
GREEN BELT (portion) 625 Route 6
RACE POINT 130 Route 6

4. Privately Owned Property:
CUMBERLAND FARMS 90 Shank Painter Rd.
assessed value $366,100 (how much did we pay?)
TENNIS COURTS 21 Bradford St Ext (in the works)
MILLER HILL REALTY CORP. 29 Miller Hill Rd, 55-61 Harry Kemp Way
(Charles Hawthrone Barn etc. Gee Property)
SUNSHINE REALTY 7 Shank Painter Rd
  Nelson Ave/ 386 Route 6


That's all folks,
Astrid Berg
11:15 am est

11:17 am edt 


Astrid Berg's posting was May 1 @ 11:15am. Sorry for not having the
posting info earlier.
11:12 am edt 


This town can't seem to rid itself of the cancer of the AFFORDABLE
HOUSING SCAMMERS.  We have another on the nominee roster promising
the world and probably delivering nothing...but higher taxes and
seeing that their pet projects come to pass.  Think on May 6th and
vote accordingly, our taxes depend on it.  Those who forget the past,
are condemned to relive it.  VOTE WISELY.
11:11 am edt 

What's Next

With key people still in positions that allow abuse of
power,                  Provincetown's morals are sure to change..

Very expensive baby sitting..
11:09 am edt 


Could you re-run Astrid Berg's posting of the list of the properties
for potential affordable housing development as reported in the Ryan
Report. I believe it was posted on the 31st of April.
Thank you
11:06 am edt 


"Pam Parakian pulls out to make room for Elaine Anderson to keep the
affordable housing engine running."

If voted in, Anderson will not have to recluse herself from any
housing issues that come before the board, unlike Parakian.

Point of intrest: Would she have to recluse herself if any issues
come before the board if she had made decisions on various issues
while on the CPC, Commuity Housing and the Con Com?

What is the ethical protocol?
Does anyone know the answer?
Please add comments.

Another reason to vote for GREEN & BRYANT
11:05 am edt 




I have nothing personal against Mr. Grosso, but should we re-elect a
member who has been part of the School Committee who have no ears to
hear the concerns from the taxpayers and no flexibility to make major

We don't have much time, but let's find someone who thinks out of the
box and write them in. We need new blood.



Astrid Berg
11:04 am edt 

How Sad:

From 8 eight schools and 800 students a hundred
years ago to putting ads in the paper to attract students. The whole
cape is losing students. Doesn't the school see that it needs to
regionalize? There are no students here.
11:02 am edt 


"... We'll get there, but we can't buckle down on our own. It's starts at
the top, not with property owners and tax payers."


With all respect, you couldn't be more wrong, my friend.  Look where
those at the "top" have landed us thus far.

It does start with US.

It starts with US voting "NO" on the overrides, forcing the BOS to
come up with the budget they should have in the first place.

It starts with US voting for the candidates running for the BOS who,
to the best of the knowledge we have, will do the most to make a
positive impact on the board and work to change the town for the

It starts with US turning out in record numbers at the ballot box.

VOTING, and the way we VOTE, is the best way to instruct the BOS as
to what is important to US and what WE, not "they", want done.  And
then WE must follow up on what we have charged them with by attending
public hearings and making ourselves heard.  LOUDLY.  And, as another
blogger suggested, if  WE as ordinary citizens can contact the state
with our concerns in an effort to effect change, then WE should do
that as well.

It's time to ACT.

It's time to SPEAK UP.


11:01 am edt 

To: Take Your Measly Attitude and Go Screw

You hit the nail right on the head...  Now is not the time to refuse
the override.   Most towns have an override every two years.  Where
have we been?  It did not happen over night and if everyone
participated in the town government, they would know that.  So why
all of a sudden is the oveeride an issue?  We need the services that
we are provided with dignity and pride and we need to figure out what
we can do from here.

Perhaps there are issues in the override that should have been
seperate, but the fact remains different now !  So lets not dwell on
this, but instead figure out what can be done in the future.....

The town has alot going on right now, so lets all stay together.
10:59 am edt 


They chose a new out-of-town police chief and let
Tobias keep his old Sarge job (refusing his faked injury to 'retire'
early) and no blogging about this?!
1:31 am edt 

TO: Work Together in Coming Years

If we all Vote "No Together" on May 6th, this will send what we all
hope a final message to our new Town Manager and newly elected BOS
and the remaining BOS that there's NO more balancing the budget on
the backs of its taxpayers. The open checkbook days are gone.  And to
the spender(s) of our beautiful town, I DO hope that you are
compelled to leave as soon as possible....How about on May 5?
1:28 am edt 

Hear! Hear!

These are also my sentiments: spending for spending sakes to get
everything that you can from the tax payers because it Isn't Your
Money. ---- This needs to be said again and again:

What you are hearing on this blog is not just the complaints of
people on fixed incomes. People of substantial means are also
appalled by the rampant unstructured commitment on the part
of this town's government to large infrastructure projects and social
obligations (automatic raises, 80% insurance payments, $24,000 per
student cost, guifts of millions of dollars to profit making organizations
with no repayment obligation, uneven property assessment, affordable
housing, continued hiring of additional town personnel etc.) far
exceeding the towns financial capacity.
it is tax payer's is time for it to come to a halt!!!
1:27 am edt 

It Seems as if We Didn't Learn Our Lesson:

Another outsider will be hired as Chief of Police.

My sympathies to Officer Lopes.  You are the right candidate for the
job.  Hopefully, this man from Bow, NH will not have an ego too large
as to ignore his staff, teammates and citizens.

I wish us all luck!
1:20 am edt 

Correct Management

When correct management is in place, I will support the
measly 80-100 dollars. Until then, no overrides. And:

A) Nice to see the logic of "just the facts" back again.

B) Bonnie, of course you are right, but it's difficult to work
together when special interest groups rule the day and have gotten us
in to such a mess with absolutely no end in sight.

We'll get there, but we can't buckle down on our own. It's starts at
the top, not with property owners and tax payers.

1:18 am edt 

Rumor has it......

......that they hired the narc. Anyone know?
1:15 am edt 

To - "To: So take your "measly" attitude an GO SCREW "

You make some good points. Attacking people, profane language, etc.
should not be what this town is about. True, it also took a while to
get us into this mess. however, dumping more money onto the mess is
not going to clean it up. If we have to make some painful cuts and
reduce spending - including cutting seleries, laying off a few
employees, and looking at regionalizing the school(if it saves money
and improves education) then so be it. This is the resonsible thing to
do durning difficult financial times, this is what companies do
during tough times, this is what families do during tough times.

If the BOS thinks they can hold us hostage by threatening to cut
vital services then they too deserve to be removed. This is no way to
run a town or a budget. If the overrides fail and trash pickups cease
it only demonstrates what poor leaders we have in our town.

Let's start fixing our problems, not creating more of them.
1:14 am edt 

DOR-- We are on Their Radar

The Department of Revenue tells us that the tax payer is
over taxed; that we are spending too much for the schools and that
the tax payer needs relief. What does the B of S do? Nothing. The
superintendent calls them stupid.

The state Government is on our side.  Lets write to them and ask for
relief. Imagine what it must be like for them to be getting phone
calls and letters from residents in Provincetown asking for help--We
are ON Their Radar.

$2,000,000 spent on land for special interests and developers; a
school that refuses to do more than give lip service regarding its
search for looking for alternatives to the dying school body.

It is obvious to everyone in positions of fiscal responsibility in
the state that something is going on in Provincetown when ordinary
citizens call them for help.
1:09 am edt 

Elaine Anderson--

--another of the Affordable housing industrial complex.
Pam pulls out--so plug in Elaine to keep the engine running.
It is the second indsustry in town after tourism. They can't
afford to have anyone stop the industry.

The Affrodable housing industrial complex--it will just run rough
shod over Provincetown and leaves us blinking in its dust. 90
Shankpainter Rd--it is just the begining--you aint' seen NOTHING
1:05 am edt 

Solid Gold Steering Wheels

We all have increases from health insurance to homeowner's
insurance etc. HOWEVER, not everyone except the people who work for
the town get these automatic raises and benefits paid for. Let the
workers contribute more and let the town fight to get a better deal.

Of course the budget could have been created to include trash pick
up. It is too bad that the school can't be an override for the tax
payers to vote on the ballot.

We all need a car that runs and we need to maintain it--but no one
needs a solid gold steering wheel inorder to drive the car--and the
town is top heavy with solid gold steering wheels. And I'm tired of
paying for them.
Provincetown Citizen

1:03 am edt 

They Can Run But They Can't Hide

It isn't a citizen saying the tax payer is over
burdened--it is the Department of Revenue. It isn't a citizen who is
saying that the school is costing us a fortune to educate our
students--it is the Department of Revenue of the Commonwealth of

The school committee has been able to run and hide--but no longer.
The school is under the interrogation light first from citizens and
now from the state.

The steering committee now has to come clean and say that there is no
way that we can increase our student body because of our location:
the students won't come to us and we must send ours to them.

Again, the superintendent lost an opportunity to work together. She
called the report "Stupid". She didn't say it is true that we have a
declining student body and we need to try to change
this--instead--she made it blatantly clear that the school has passed
the tipping point and its fate will soon be sealed. The only thing
left is extortion: it will cost too much to send the students to
Nauset; we will lose the fire dept. etc.

There are no students enrolling and there is a heavy tax burden on
the aging population of Provincetown. Don't you think we all wish
that Provincetown was a town in high gear in the winter instead of in

So many places are closed in the winter--even the general store near
Atlantic Ave. I remember when they were open year round. More and
more places will be closed. It is amazing that Michael Shay's can
stay open.

What you are hearing are the first strains of the requiem for the
school. If you stop and listen you can hear it. Soon we will all hear
it; even the school committee no matter how much they stop up their
ears. It is so very sad--but so very true. The destiny of the school
will soon be fulfilled.

12:59 am edt 

Friday, May 2, 2008

To: Why Our Tax Rate is So Low--

You still don't get it. It's not about the $80.00-$100 dollars it's about the
process which results in this little town having a tax rate greater than all of
its comparable surrounding communities.

And your comment regarding the inevitability of the budget is also completely
wrong. There is nothing barring the BOS from revisiting the budget as a result
of Overrides. Please site the law that prohibits such a review. There is none!

What you are hearing on this blog is not just the complaints of people on fixed
incomes. People of substatial means are also appalled by the rampant 
unstructured commitment on the part of this town's government to large
infrastructure projects and social obligations (automatic raises, 80% insurance
payments, $24,000 per student cost, guifts of millions of dollars to profit
making organizations with no repayment obligation, uneven property
assessment, affordable housing, continued hiring of additional town
personnel etc.) far exceeding the towns financial capacity.

And one last thing, stay or go that's your business and is irrelevant to this

  Just the Facts
3:41 pm edt 

To: So take your "measly" attitude an GO SCREW

To read a statement like this is not what I expected to find when I
moved to Provincetown and it has me on the verge of leaving. And I,
too, serve on two committees in town.  I am very sorry that $80 is a
make it or break it amount for you, but it costs a lot of money to
run a town.  You can cut everything out of the budget.  I personally
don't think that there are too many people in the DPW, or in town
hall, or at the school.  Don't forget that they are working people
too and have families to support. I wish I were able to help you out
is some meaningful way but the town can not cut to the point that we
will no longer attract visitors here.  We need clean streets, litter
and recycling receptacles emptied in a timely manner, police
patrolling our town, teachers teaching our children, records at town
hall maintained and updated, and on and on.  I wish that the folks on
here who are advocating more cuts would come forward with specifics. 
It was mentioned at town meeting that !
  hardly anyone showed up for the budget hearings.  That was the time
to talk about cuts.  The budget is the budget.  It can not be changed
now.  The time was during the budget hearings.  If the overrides fail
there will be no curbside trash pick-up, no sidewalk or street
repairs, no raises for the hardworking town employees, and no
fireworks.  I don't want to live in a town that doesn't have these
things, and I don't want to live in a town where people say "GO
SCREW."  We did not arrive at the situation that we are in just this
year.  It took a long time to get here but we are here.  So where are
we going from here.  I think that this town manager is trying to get
the town finances straightened out.  Let's vote for the overrides
this year and continue to work TOGETHER in the coming years to get
our town on a sound financial footing.  But please let's not be
profane to one another.  That is not the Provincetown that I moved to
and I hope it is not the Provincetown that I will!
   be compelled to leave.
3:11 pm edt 

It is Frustrating to See Jessica Waugh Time and Time Again Say no to Regionalization

Her choice of words such as stupid makes
me wonder what educational system she came from.

I wondered the same thing, saying something is stupid sounds pretty
childish.  And she's the school superintendent?  Yikes.

The ONLY way I can see to get a fair assessment of regionalization is
to vote people on to the school committee that go into it with an
open mind.  Clearly no member of the school committee currently is
open to all options.

Notice the side bar in the Banner?
Student Recruitment Plan in Pipeline.
School superintendent Jessica Waugh said she is forming a group to
create a formal enrollment and recruitment plan to help increase the
student population. . .

Ms. Waugh, you mean you didn't have one in place already?  When this
year's senior class is less than 15 students?  What could you have
possbily been thinking?

I'm looking at this as a delay tactic.  Here's her pitch -
'Let's give this time to work, to get more students coming to Ptown. 
Those of you who talk of regionalization, you need to shut up for 4
or 5 years so that people will consider the Ptown education
alternative and not think we are going to regionalize.'
2:40 pm edt 

To All Readers and Writers

We all need to get a grip. Instead of evalulating everyone else at
what people do wrong maybe you should evaluate yourselves in what you
think is correct and not through selfish eyes but through the eyes of
the community.
How can we help our community without being selfish? This town of
ours was a self-containing community at one time and should be again.
We need our workforce people in all aspects of the Economy, DPW,
School, Town Hall, Arts and Culture. Control the land we have left.
Do not build or add any additions, with the exception of what is a
need. Update the Provincetown Charter. Get a taskforce together to go
after grants which are needed for the community as a whole. Don't
judge a book by its cover. Don't slander people. It will come back
and bite you. This whole community should be thinking of how we can
survive together and not apart. One other thought, we should getting
prepared for the hard future.

1:36 pm edt 

Regarding Waugh's Recent Quote in the Banner

"I, on one hand, understand that [recommendation], said Provincetown
School Supt. Jessica Waugh. But second, they don't have any
authority. And third, they're stupid."

and regarding a subsequent post about her quote:

"Waugh wasn't referring to the intelligence level of the DOR
reviewers, who spent several weeks at Town Hall in January poring
over the town's budgetary procedures. She was talking about the
hidden costs of
closing Provincetown's two schools and sending the students to
Nauset. Those costs, which a school subcommittee is in the process of
researching, include busing the students to Orleans."

Unless the poster is Waugh, how can you assume what she was or wasn't
referring to when she said "they're stupid."???  Anyone who has had
any interaction with Waugh knows she throws out comments like that
all the time without first thinking about what she's saying and the
repercussions from her comments.  And the posters who said "wow, I
can't believe she said this" and "I cannot believe the arrogant and
dismissive remarks of Jessica Waugh!" obviously don't know Jessica
Waugh.  Again, anyone who has had any contact with her knows that
outbursts such as that are normal for Waugh.  She has a way of being
loud and intimidating and threatening with her comments.

To the poster who said "as far as I'm concerned we the Taxpayers are
the STUPID ones...we keep this woman and her two overpaid pals...they
are laughing all the way to the bank as we keep waiting for them to
tell the truth",  please don't sell the taxpayers short.  It's not
the taxpayers who are keeping her, just the few taxpayers who
comprise the school committee.  The school committee has the
responsibility/authority in hiring and firing the superintendent and
deciding whether to renew a contract or not.  So until the school
committee is comprised of individuals who are aware that they, the
School Committee on behalf of the Town or Provincetown, are her
employer and require appropriate employee decorum from her, her
behavior and outbursts will continue.  Remember:  Actions speak
louder than words.  She may have given herself a pay cut, but her
outbursts and inappropriate comments speak far more volumes.
1:32 pm edt 

To: Why Our Tax Rate is So Low--

How arrogant!  How elitest!
Shame on you!

This is the exact mentality that got us into this mess in the first
place.  The "It's only a measly $80.00".

I don't know about you Mr. Rockefeller, that $80.00 can be grocery
money for me for about five or six nights.  I am a working-class
year-rounder who sits on a Board, and votes!

So take your "measly" attitude an GO SCREW!
1:29 pm edt 

Lost in the Shuffle

There was something that came up at Town Meeting that seems
to have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Bill McDougal (sp) was questioning the balance in either the Water
Enterprise or Waste Water Enterprise Fund.  Excuse me, my memory is a
little hazy, it was a long night, but I believe either TM Lynn or DPW
Guertin stated there was approximately $700,000 in retained earnings.
  Meaning that over the years the revenue has exceeded expenses by
$700,000.  Mr. McDougal questioned as when the town voters decided to
accumulate that amount in retained earnings.  No sufficient answer
was provided.

Do we ever get a listing of the balance in each fund?  How much
revenue came in, the total expenses?  It seems we have a number of
funds out there that don't come up before the voters at town meeting.
  ie. Wastewater Enterprise, Community Preservation, etc.

The town is short on funds right now, but in reality how much is
sitting out there in the various misc. funds?  I don't like to call
them 'slush funds', but they are funds that we, the voters, are not
regularly informed about.

How much do we have stashed away in these various funds?
1:28 pm edt 

According to the DOR, Our Taxes are Not Low

      Provincetown is a small town. It has only around 3,4000
residents and it really has only around 800 of us who live here
during the winter. Our tax rate makes no sense for a small town that
should have a small town management. But somehow we took on the
attitude of the big towns and based our hiring and our large projects
on the 35,000 who come here in the summer. Wrong thinking.

    And the reason that those who live in Provincetown as their prime
residents, they are the ones who contribute to making this a
community. They are the ones who support the stores and restaurants
that are part of the year-round community. If they were not here
there would not be the Grand Union, there would be no Conwell Lumber,
there would be no Land's End Hardware, and there would be no Outer
Cape Health. There also wouldn't be KC Veterinarians, Mussel Beach,
Provincetown Gym, Fanizzi's, the Crown & Anchor, Crowne Point, Adams
Pharmacy. these are just some of the places that would close if the
small winter community was not here. And of course, the school would
close as well.

    Also, those who come here for three months are not on our boards,
do not attend BOS meetings, do not participate in the year-round
involvement that is needed for a community. They are not politically

     Many places put a value on the primary residence and the legal
residence and therefore provide tax advantages. You miss the point
entirely to see that second and third home owners pay much for
little. They make this place the empty village it is in the late
fall, winter and early spring and create the resort town that
Provincetown has become. And many of them want ALL the services when
they are here for three months.

     Valuing the year-round residents does make sense when you ask
what it takes to make a community as opposed to creating a resort
11:15 am edt 

To: Why Our Tax Rate is So Low:

Your comments are not only insulting, but also are patently and
rediculusly wrong. The previous comment shows how in error your
comments are.

And as for the Cape, Provincetown is the highest!

The number don't lie. These are numbers developed by the DOR.

See: Interesting Numbers
10:35 am edt 

Why Our Tax Rate is So Low:

Our tax rate is less than half of that of comparable sized towns
around MA. Why? Because our part-time residents pick up a lot of the
bill that full-timers would otherwise have to pay and they don't use
the services they pay for. Our tax rate is exactly in line with other
towns on the Cape. Regarding Nantucket, note from a previous post
that Nantucket has chosen to tax its businesses at a far higher rate
than residential property. This, combined with the extraordinary
valuations of those residential properties, accounts for a lower
"mill" levy than we have though assuredly far higher actual hard
revenue dollars. If we choose to tax businesses at a higher rate than
residential the already low residential mill levy could be lowered
further. However it seems to be the opinion of the town that the
businesses could not survive such a change and hence we have equal
rates between business and residential property.

If you can't afford the already low tax rate then perhaps you should
live in someplace you can afford. People who can't pay their mortgage
move to someplace they can afford. The same is true of taxes and
other expenses. If you can't afford the measly $80-100 increase
resulting from approval of town recommended overrides then I suggest
you have a much bigger problem than town taxes and should look
elsewhere to solve it.
10:28 am edt 

Interesting Numbers

In 2007 the Provincetown Average Single Family Tax Bill was

State Average Single Family Tax Bill
Fiscal Year 2005
Fiscal Year 2006
Fiscal Year 2007 



Think about what these numbers represent, Why is Provincetown higher than the State Average?

It's due to the policies of the previous BOS. Think  about it; VOTE TO MAKE A CHANGE!

Vote for Bryant and Green

10:23 am edt 

Short Punch List of Issures Confronting the New Board of Selectmen

The following  is a list of issues that come to mind for consideration by
the new BOS; which will require clear thinking and commitment to working
on behalf of the welfare of the people versus the interest of the few.

Hot Button Items 

1   Property Tax Assessment Irregularities
2   DPW Wastewater Assessment Irregularities
3   Reconsideration of Current Affordable Housing Model
4   Limitations On Housing Development
5   DOR Uncovered Accounting Irregularities
6   Excessive use of Consultants
7   Pier Corp Potential Savings and Restructuring
8   Sole Source Contract Irregularities
9   Improper use of Town Resources
10 Restructuring of the School System
11 Review/Control of all Design Build Operate Contracts
12 Renegotiation of Labor Contracts
13 Reconsideration of use of CPC Monies
14 Control of Improper Reallocation of Voter Approved Funds
     and Department Positions
15 Control of Class Action and Sexual Harassment Legal Suits
16 Proposals for Reconfiguring Town Government Operations 
    Based on a two Season Economy
17 Increased Use of Secret Balloting at Town Meetings

18 Review of Town Board Committee Appointment Process
19 Consideration of Direct Hiring of Full-Time Town Counsel
20 Hold on All New Construction Projects
21 Withdrawal From 40-B Development Program
22 Publication of All Department Heads Professional Work Experience
23 Limitations Placed on Developer Personnel Participating on Town
     Government Regulatory  Boards

Vote for George Bryant and Bryant Green to faithfully address
these issues.

9:48 am edt 

She's Back!

Just heard the other day that Town Manager Sharon Lynn has asked the resigned
Recreation Director to re-assume her previous position for the duration of the
summer. This move makes no sense, in view of the circumstances surrounding
her resignation.

The legal issues which are still pending will not go away. Provincetown is the only
town which would handle this situation this way!

What kind of leadership does this project. I am at a loss to explain the
Town Manager's actions.
9:26 am edt 

Check Out the Ads in This Weeks Banner

Elaine Anderson committed to the preservation of Provincetown's
character: How can she make this statement and yet be part of the New
Construction section of the Ryan Report? How can she be Chair of the
Con Com and even think about trading Clapp's Pond for State owned
land for affordable housing development?

      Michelle  Couture has worked hard on your behalf to:
complete the transition of the Cape End Manor to Seashore Point. What
a fiasco that was. She gave the Deaconess everything but the kitchen
sink. Remember the $800,000.00 grant from the Dept. of Agriculture
for the sewer betterment. She said that she still considered the
"glass half full".

      Acquire 90 Shank Painter Road to increase rental housing for
Provincetown residents. Remember, Cumberland Farms was willing to
give the Town the land. How did we end end paying a million plus for
land assessed at $366,100.00. Not to mention the toxicity from the
old burn dump. What a great place for Provincetown families to live.

      Think about these issues when you go to the ballot. I have and
I'm going to vote for Bryant and Green.

9:14 am edt 


I cannot believe the arrogant and dismissive remarks of Jessica
Waugh! She should be ashamed of herself and remember when the
decision is made to regionalize our school system it will be those
remarks that tipped the balance. Not a way to endear you to the
community Ms. Waugh.

And concerning the possibility of duel tax rates, one for year
rounders and a HIGHER rate for second home owners. Yeah sure. Let's
tax those MORE who use very little of the town resources. What kind
of "Welcome Wagon" is that to potential or existing second home
owners? Welcome to Provincetown and oh, by the way because you are
here only 10 weeks a year we tax you at a higher rate, enjoy and
please spend as much as you can in town and tell your friends.

E. Michael Richards
8:45 am edt 

Re: Fire Jessica Waugh!

It is frustrating to see Jessica Waugh time and time again
say no to regionalization.  Her choice of words such as stupid makes
me wonder what educational system she came from.  I think a
superintendent of schools would have a better command of the language
and a more sophisticated vocabulary.
IF the majority of people really do feel that they keep hitting a
wall , that the school is an outdated institution with a far too high
price tag, and that Jessica Waugh is not doing what the majority of
residents really want, perhaps it is time to fire her. A new
sperintendent may bring the insight that the system needs.  FIRE

Slippery Fish (getting the ballot box of the Chico Jess ready for change)
8:43 am edt 

Nantucket vs Ptown Tax Rate

Yes, Nantucket has a lower tax rate.  If you go to the DOR's website
you can pull up "at a glance" reports for any town in the state.

Nantucket's rate is 2.67 for residential and then it goes up to 4.77
for commercial properties.  Provincetown is 4.96 for both and all

The key difference however is this:

Total Assessed values Provincetown: $2.609 Billion! (from our own website)

Total Assessed values for Nantucket (from DOR website and maybe a
year outdated)  $20,623,608,960 or 20.623 Billion!

According to the DOR website again the Total Tax Levy for Nantucket
is $56,220,007.  Our's, using info from our website is around

I don't bring this up to cause anger and stir an argument, but to
point out that while our tax rate is higher, our total property
assessment isn't even close to Nantucket.  And I only mention this to
suggest that it may not really truly be a fair comparison (given size
and value) to look at a Nantucket vs Provincetown scenario.

Interesting though indeed.
8:40 am edt 

Why is Our Tax Rate so High?

Just a few reasons ---

- Affordable housing funding
- Sewer funding
- High cost of educating too few students
- Projects like the library
- Too many DPW workers
- Too many town hall workers.. assistant this, assistant that
- Town land give-aways
- Basic mis-management of funds
- Lack of funding for grants.
- Lack of trying to find grants

That was just off the top of my head, the list seems endless.

Vote no on overrides, and not to Couture and Anderson unless you
want more of the same.

8:37 am edt 

The Banner's Endorsements Should Come as no Surprise

The paper has always been incredibly sexist, and has never met a
women it viewed unqualified for public office.  When it comes to
Provincetown politics, they'll always recommend voting by gender
first, issues second.  Sad, but true, and everyone knows it.

Problem is not everyone thinks it's wrong.
8:35 am edt 

"We the Taxpayers are the STUPID Ones"

    Of course, Miss Waugh, our Superintendent of Schools (the same
woman who took a VOLUNTARY 20% reduction on pay WITHOUT reducing her
hours because she loves what she does) is stupid! You said it and
therefore she must indeed be stupid. Sending the overide down to
defeat will send the budget back - yes that is true. Are you sure
that's what you have in mind?  Just remember those "unintended

I wonder then... who's the stupid one?

Oh,. and you um forgot sign your name again.
8:33 am edt 

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The DOR Speaks: No One Really Listens

     The DOR recommends re-thinking regionalization for the school.
Jessica Waugh turns away from this. The DOR recommends a two-tier tax
rate to give relief to resident taxpayers. Paul Gavin turns away from
this idea. The DOR recommends residential exemptions and lower taxes,
and Paul Gavin turns away from this. All see complications. All see
difficulties in implementing the DOR recommendations. So, in essence,
they discard and dismiss.

     What is wrong with this picture? Please listen to the State.
Please see that Provincetown is not the exception everyone always
uses to deny or fight against state recommendations.

     Please do not cover your ears. Please listen closely and take action.
11:39 pm edt 

Just Read..

Please read the last four of the approved minuets from the community
housing council...

See who attended... and pay close attention to just who is making the
motions and what they are... and talk of going after the affordable
housing trust fund!! for sandy hill. that's not the first time it was
brought up... It's disgusting reading....CARTEL INDEED.

PS what else could be hiding in all the unapproved minuets just
before the vote MMMMMMM ??
10:59 pm edt 

We Are Paying 50% More than Nantucket For Our tax Rate?

     This can't be. If this is true, how did this ever happen? How
did we get over-assessed and over-taxed? Is this what the Department
of Revenue was implying? Why didn't our selectmen fight for us? Why
didn't any of them stand up to this terribly high tax rate?

    What I've heard at so many meetings and so many times is that we,
in Provincetown, have a low tax rate compared to others. Obviously,
that is a lie. Obviously, we are being deceived.
10:57 pm edt 

I Would Have Thought Otherwise

     I would have thought that Nantucket would be taxing its
residents at $4.96 per thousand and that we, here in less
prestigious, less rich, Provincetown would be taxing our residents at
$2.96 or so per thousand.

     How did we, here, in little quaint Provincetown find ourselves
taxing ourselves at such higher rates than rich, now more priviledged
Nantucket?  I almost can't believe this. Is this really true? Really?

    Aren't we doing something wrong? We just shouldn't be so much
higher in our tax rate per thousand than Nantucket. Something's amiss.
10:55 pm edt 

The Banner?

Keep in mind it was the Banner who chose to run back-to-back stories
about the affordable housing "crisis."

They never went into any real details based on findings of committees
(like investigating building on the cemetery -- why wasn't that part
of the affordable housing story??), but rather told us over and over
again how we were in a crisis.

Never back-tracking even when the affordable houses didn't sell and
more and more went at market rate. It appears the special interest
groups drove all the coverage they possibly could about the
affordable housing crisis to get the community to buy-in to their
'crisis' ideas. And it worked.

Sadly (or not, depending on your perspective) the real stories come
out here. Sadly too, the slanted coverage is one of the reasons why
almost every newspaper in the country is in circulation decline. New
media, including blogs, have taken over. And this trend will only
continue as time marches on.

Keep blogging P-town. Change won't happen overnight, but it will happen.
8:03 pm edt 

Just Say NO!

Reject Elaine Anderson; she does not represent the people.

She is one of the main culprits in the Affordable Housing scandal!

Just follow the dots.
8:01 pm edt 

I Have Only One Thing to Add to Astrid's Info on the Ryan Report...

Our tax $$$ paid for that report...Mr Ryan earned at least
30 grand for the study...and where is he today? Gone with the
wind...quick, we need another 'Housing Specialist' to help the shadow
gov...another seat at the TH table.
Did Sharon Lynn write that add in the paper from the union?
All the union guys I know are worried they don't have a
contract...Vote NO across the board on tuesday!
7:55 pm edt 

Whe Can do This!

Hopefully, we will have two new fresh minds on the BOS after the elections.
They will bring new life to town governance and with this new addition,
we should provide them with the opportunity to revisit the town budget.

By voting NO on all overrides, we can provide such an opportunity. 

It can be done! Vote NO on Overrides and Yes for Bryant and Green!

Dump Frick and don't elect Frack!
7:53 pm edt 

We the Taxpayers are the STUPID Ones!

I, on one hand, understand that [recommendation], said
Provincetown School Supt. Jessica Waugh. But second, they dont have
any authority. And third, theyre stupid

Well Folks, as far as I'm concerned we the Taxpayers are the STUPID
ones...we keep this woman and her two overpaid pals...they are
laughing all the way to the bank as we keep waiting for them to tell
the truth...Sad but true, who in their right mind would send their
child to a school with this kind of leadership?

Don't let them continue to laugh at us...VOTE NO on Tuesday...Make
the TM do the job she is paid to do...send the budget back to
7:40 pm edt 

Straight Talk

Right on E. Michael Richards!

7:37 pm edt 

Have Michelle Couture Set the Tax Rate

     Since Couture has never seen a tax she didn't like, we should
have Michelle Couture set the tax rate. She'll probably think that
$6.95 per thousand will be fair. She has no idea what a tax bill is
or what it takes to pay Provincetown's taxes but she approves every
tax increase that comes her way. Yeh, what's a few more thousand in
your tax bill. I'm sure this silly woman can justify the increase.
7:36 pm edt 

Nantucket Tax Rate $2.49 Per Thousand

     Yes, that is right. Nantucket, known for being a place for the
rich to live, has a tax rate that is $2.49 per thousand. This means
that a million dollar house will cost a taxpayer on Nantucket $2,490.
Yes, that is a millionaire's tax bill.

     And what is Provincetown's tax rate? At this moment, it is $4.96
per thousand. And what would a million dollar property costs? $4,960
for the taxpayer.

     And this doesn't even include the over-inflated assessments of
so many of Provincetown's properties. Also, if you look carefully,
you will see some properties that have not changed in their
assessments in three or four years. And then there are other
properties, without major changes to the land or to the houses, that
are assessed double and triple what they were assessed a few years
The assessments are uneven, political (look whose properties are low
and whose are high) and questionable.

     And what is the intention of the Assessor's office? They have
yet to set the new tax rate. Do you really think Provincetown's tax
rate will go down? No. If anything, it is scheduled to go up and up.

     And, yes, it takes the Department of of Revenue to get some in
Provincetown to really see that our tax rate is much higher than it
should be. It is quite high and it burdens many in Provincetown. And
we don't have as many millionaires as Nantucket does.

     We'd do better to have a house in Nantucket than to have a house
here in Provincetown. Go figure! Thanks DOR. Thanks for alerting some
to the tax problem we have here in Provincetown.
7:34 pm edt 


      "The people who are most effective are those who are both good
managers and inspiring leaders." report Harvard Business School

      Couture a good manager? I think her skills fall in the
MIS-MANAGEMENT category. An inspiring leader? She lead herself right
to the D.A.'s office and dropped a dime on her colleagues. Even the
Banner endorses her with "caveat".

      Anderson has been very busy and certainly a very dedicated
volunteer on 3 boards. But look at the what boards she has dedicated
herself to; Community Housing, Community Preservation and the
Conservation Committee.

     It is so transparent to me why she is so involved in these
committees. These 3 committees are so connected in the construction
of the Affordable Housing spider web. She prefers to call it
"Community Housing" but let's call a spade a spade. It's affordable
housing, supported by the taxpayers CPC/ Land bank contributions.

      I think she possesses good managerial skills, but it's WHAT is
being managed; the Affordable Housing Scam.
The results of the Ryan Report and her involvement on the New
Construction study is a real eye opener and an indication of where
she wishes to steer the Town.

      Frick and Frack are a team. Do we want 2 candidates on the BOS
who will be pushing the same issues? I prefer diversity.
      George Bryant and Bryan Green will deliver diversity in a
cohesive direction.

7:31 pm edt 

The Ryan Report is Frightening

     Yikes! Who were these individuals or who empowered these
individuals to select private properties and traget them as ppossible
land for affordable housing. Who were they to target the Hawthorne
land and Olga's home for possible affordable housing tracts? If
someone was concerned with history and with the arts and
Provincetown's artistic roots, they would see the value of Charles
Hawthorne's property for historic consideration--not another
Levitttown for affordable housing. Then they pinpointed Carol
hawthorne's land. In what right mind was this done?

     I'm so offended, I'm also left speechless. I can't believe any
committee went this far and believed what they were doing what was
moral and legitimate. Did they drink cool aid? Was that Ted Malone
pouring? Did they wear weird glasses that distorted their vision?

     Good Grief. If the transfer tax had passed and $20 Million had
gone into a fund, this group would have done dangerous things. Didn't
anyone say: "Wait. This is wrong. This does not make sense. You can't
red line properties and try to turn these lands into condos for
newcomers and outsiders?"

      Thanks for printing this information. I admit that it makes me
sick. This is not what a community does. This is wrong-headed and
distorted thinking presented as logical and clear thinking. That is
why this is so dangerous.
7:28 pm edt 

Vote No to All Overrides on May 6th

Students have been lost to our schools who started out
here. Nauset has recently been named an exemplary school one on about
100 in the nation.  $24,000 is the cost of a good boarding
school...our students are not boarding here, and are not achieving
their full potential.  It is long past the time to close these

I will vote no on all overrides.  The budget process was derailed by
the board of selectmen.  It is time for change.

There should be no more ugly dense housing complexes...that are not
served by adequate sidewalks(Conwell Street...Route 6 or the Shank
Painter waste dump).

We as a community have a lot of work to do to undo the last few years
"leadership".  Provincetown has the ability to take back
governance...but there will need to be widespread change.

Vote No to all overrides on May 6th.  Get out the vote.

With confidence that corruption will rot from the inside out.
7:23 pm edt 

Wow, I Can't Believe She Said This

I, on one hand, understand that [recommendation], said
Provincetown School Supt. Jessica Waugh. But second, they dont have
any authority. And third, theyre stupid.

Wow, I can't believe she said this.  What a slap in the face to the
residents of Provincetown.  'I'm the school superintendent, I've got
the school cte wrapped around my little finger and NO ONE is going to
take away my school or my job'.
7:20 pm edt 

Provincetown In and On the News

The DOR report states what many of us have been advocating
forever...the real money to be saved is from the school system. Let's
get it done. Enough conjuring up committees to study the issue, plus
these committees reports are non-binding, although our collective
voices ARE binding.

And today Boston Channel 7 had a great remote from the
Monument...lovely, makes you want to live here!

E. Michael Richards

7:18 pm edt 

I Need My Smelling Salts!:

I just read Astrid Berg's posting
of the Ryan Report. This needs to be printed in the banner.
12:44 pm edt 


Participants: Elaine Anderson, Len Bowen, Gary Delius,
Autin Knight, Dave Krohn, Emily Loomis, Bob Mc Candless, Stephen
Milkowicz, Pat Moss, Delwyn Trent.

Review of Possible Land Development Parcels

1. Town Owned Land with Direct Development Potential;
TOWN GARAGE 24 Race Point Rd
SKATE BOARD/ BUS LOT 16 Jerome Smith Rd
SITE Y 63-R Howland St
PIE WEDGE 951-R Commercial St

2. Town Owned Land with Potential Trading with State;
SANDY HILL Sandy Hill Ln

3. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Land Appropriate for Development;
GREEN BELT (portion) 625 Route 6
RACE POINT 130 Route 6

4. Privately Owned Property:
CUMBERLAND FARMS 90 Shank Painter Rd.
assessed value $366,100 (how much did we pay?)
TENNIS COURTS 21 Bradford St Ext (in the works)
MILLER HILL REALTY CORP. 29 Miller Hill Rd, 55-61 Harry Kemp Way
(Charles Hawthrone Barn etc. Gee Property)
SUNSHINE REALTY 7 Shank Painter Rd
  Nelson Ave/ 386 Route 6


That's all folks,
Astrid Berg
12:15 pm edt 

DOR Recommends Actions for Tax Relief!

Now the Department of Revenue of the commonwealth of
Massachusetts agrees with the voices heard in town that the tax
payers need relief and that the cost of two schools is breaking the
backs of the tax payers.

Perhaps now Ms. Couture will see that our taxes aren't "so low". What
will it take for people to wake up that the tax burden of ordinary
workers (workers who don't work for the town and thus pay their own
insurance premiums, save in their own IRAs and don't get bonuses and
pay increases or retirement benefits etc.)

Finally, it takes the Dept. of Revenue to say that it is time to call
a halt to the spending spree that special interests at town meeting
forces the tax payers to finance.

12:11 pm edt 

Re: DOR Provincetown Recommendations

PROVINCETOWN  Included in the 30 recommendations given to
town finance managers by the Mass. Department of Revenue recently
were three particularly controversial proposals.

Two involved changing the tax rate to give residential property
owners a break, while increasing taxes on local businesses. And the
third recommendation seemed at first glance an unlikely area for the
DOR to be stepping into: assessing the fiscal impact of combining the
local school system with the Nauset Regional School District.

I, on one hand, understand that [recommendation], said Provincetown
School Supt. Jessica Waugh. But second, they dont have any authority.
And third, theyre stupid.

Waugh wasnt referring to the intelligence level of the DOR reviewers,
who spent several weeks at Town Hall in January poring over the towns
budgetary procedures. She was talking about the hidden costs of
closing Provincetowns two schools and sending the students to Nauset.
Those costs, which a school subcommittee is in the process of
researching, include busing the students to Orleans.

They [DOR reviewers] dont realize that geography forces us to incur
higher costs for transportation, Waugh said.

While taking no stance on whether or not to regionalize the school
district, the DOR review pointed out that Provincetown supports the
smallest pre-kindergarten-12 school district in the state. And its
per-pupil cost  $24,896 in fiscal year 2008  is the second highest in
the state. During these times of fiscal stress, the report read, it
is sensible for town officials to investigate all possible cost
savings opportunities. The report even acknowledged the local
political battle that has erupted in the regionalization debate.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Regarding the above findings of the Department of Revenue, I read an
editorial in the Cape Cod Times recently and it stated that the
Patrick administration will **PAY** the transportation costs of
schools that regionalize.
12:04 pm edt 

It Isn't How Much You Make--it is How Much You Save

There are people who keep their credit cards with a zero balance; who save
and buy what they *need* and who live within their means.

I have a car which I maintain with regular oil changes and excellent
maintenance--and it lasts for years and years. It needs this
maintenance--it doesn't need a solid gold steering wheel.

The town needs to be maintained, but it has been put into debt with
the solid gold steering wheel mentality that has been driving the B
of  S.

Mr. Bill Dugal stood up at Candidates night and said that ten years
ago he broadcast to the town manager and the selectman that this
financial crisis was in store for us. Now it has come to pass. Our
destiny has been achieved.

Ms. Couture maintains that we have a low tax rate, please tell this to
the folks on fixed incomes. We are a small town that closes up in the
winter with a work force on unemployment. We *SHOULD* have a low tax

Now it is six million to fix town hall, four million to graduate 12
seniors, almost 3 million for DPW, almost $3 million for the police
force, $2 million on land for affordable housing etc. etc and we are a
ghost town January-April.

And the mantra is put it on the backs on the tax payers with more
overrides; let the tax payers pay the bills it isnt our money.
9:04 am edt 

So Where's the Money Ms Couture?

Speaking of grant monies, I remember Selectman Couture's positive
reply to a question raised as to how certain was the possibility of 
receiving a USDA grant of $815,000 dollars to cover the cost of the
Deaconess Wastewater Sewer hookup...she was very certain of the
forthcoming monies, which to-date (one year later) we have not
received one penny.

It is this kind of overly simplistic thinking that has gotten us in trouble.
We cannot afford three more years of her simplistic, uninformed thinking.

A Vote for Bryan Green and George Bryant represents a vote for the
restoration of clarity and common sense in government!
8:50 am edt 

We Can't Afford it?? Just Apply For a Grant -

---there is plenty of grant money out there.....

Why is it that every time we find ourselves in a financial bind -
someone stands up at town meeting or BOS meeting with their brilliant
solution of "Why don't we look for and apply for a grant so someone
else pays for our problems????"

How smart...

For once, I would like the speaker to actually research potential
grants and come to a meeting with the organization giving the money,
how much is available and the probability of actually being awarded
the grant in the next 10 years.

Does anyone know how many grants the town has actually received in
the past 5 years and for what?  Hmm....  Yes - thats my point Ms.
8:34 am edt 

To: Color Blinded:

Sorry, but your facts are inaccurate.  Perhaps you need a real source
of info.  The police have NO in-put on the parking sticker color
chose.  I know that for a fact !  If something so simple as this is
not correct, what does the rest of this BS in here tell?   I would
get my facts before I make comments........

I am right.......
8:09 am edt 

TO THE WRITER OF: Why is Couture at the Top of the Ballot?

It seems that all candidates for selectmen should be listed in
alphabetical order. Why is Couture at the top of the list? Who
decided that she should be the first one listed? Should those already
in office have an advantage over the other candidates? I don't think
so. Did Couture vote?

OH MY GOD!!!!!!?????  Why on earth does that matter? If you can
s-p-e-l-l then what difference does it make? Waaa, waaa! Michele's
name is first! Boo Hoo!!!

Sheeesh! Grow up! She's an i-n-c-u-m-b-e-n-t!!!! Ugh!

Please stop the adolescent whimpering and find something important to
sputter and spew about! Some of you people are so pathetic! What did
you do before blogging? Now go on back to your cage and rattle your
sabre quitely! Other people are trying to think here!
8:06 am edt 

Ms Couture May She Sleep in Peace and Joy

Writing on the blog is one thing, but there are people here
who go to the selectmen's meeting and stand up and speak out for
everyone to hear in the TV watching audience and it is also printed
in the banner.

So, it is perfectly permissible to go to the selctmen's meeting and
ask Ms. Couture directly if she believes that the "low" tax rate, as
she interprets it to be, means that she should pile these high priced
back breaking luxurious tax burdens on the public at a time when gas
is nearing $4 a gallon and people on fixed income are debating
selling their homes.

What a legacy Ms. Couture is making for herself: impoverishing local
residents who pay their bills, save their money, don't incur debt and
who live frugally: it is all interpreted by Ms. Couture as ready
money for her to spend on her pet projects. May she sleep in peace
and joy.
8:04 am edt 

RE: Water Questions

Question) Is it OK if I wash my car once or twice a year in
Provincetown? Or, if I put a sprinkler out to water my lawn every now
and then?

Answer: If you have a well you can water your lawn and wash your car.
If not, I believe after May 1st the water ban takes affect and you
cannot use CITY water to wash a car or water a lawn.
8:01 am edt 

This Place is Loaded with Laughs!

Someone posted that with the exception of Austin Knight, no BOS
members have any expertise in the building trades? I don't think
Knights name has ever been associated with expertise of anything,
especially building trades. I've seen his work and have gone in to
fix the mess after he left. And if he's the one that will lead the
decisions on the TH project with "insight", well, god bless ya!

Oh, and can someone please explain to me the spending of 47K for an
"internal space analysis report" by none other than P-towns finest,
Billy Rogers? 47K for a                ! Isn't he the guy that was just 
                            not too many years ago? And now he's a consultant
to the town?

Again, god bless ya!
7:59 am edt 

The Reality is Wealth for Developers and Homes For the Anointed Few

Elaine Anderson, Michele Coutour, Pam. P, et al--part of
the affordable housing industrial complex. They only have eyes for
A-Fraud-able housing. Buy low, sell high...develop, Develop, DEVELOP.

The mantra is develop--the reality is wealth for developers and homes
for the anointed few. Who wouldnt push with all of their might and
every ounce of their strength for such a sweet dealfor themselves and
their friends? Remember, you are eligible for a seat at the banquet
of affordable housing the moment you set foot on Provincetown soiland
it is now at the Tax payers expense.

Provincetown citizen
7:55 am edt 

Predictable Sad Future For Residents

I surmise that we should feel sorry for people on
affordable housing. What options do they have as they age? They will
have no assets; the slightest financial set back will be their
economic ruin.

Provincetown will become a retirement community with a handful of
year round residents and the affordable housing folks will still be
high fiving each other that they beat the system but the words will
only echo among themselves during the winter.

  In the summer they will be working the service jobs to ease the
lives of the rich summer residents who leave in the winter to their
warm abodes.  And the fate of the folks on affordable housing as they
rattle around in this ghost town? They will become bitter.

How do I know? I have been the object of this bitterness from locals
who thought that they could keep living in this town with out an
education doing labor work. The world has changed. The next to leave
are the folks who bought their homes years ago; homes now worth a
fortune and which are taxed accordinglybut homes that are owned by
people who make a pittance of a wage working seasonally.

Dont just take my word for it; a man named Alex spoke about this very
thing on candidates night.

The Powers that Be devote all of their time to affordable housing for
future residents or people who just moved here while the long time
resident homeowner only gets the back of their hand. Im glad that
Alex spoke up for the rest of us. We will all be saying adieu before
too long, selling our homes and relocating where the cost of living
is reasonable.

What a shame that people like Ms. Coutour look at our tax rate, roll
their eyes and dismiss it as so much petty chang--and then vote in
high priced projects.

Provincetown Citizen

7:52 am edt 

DOR Recommendations and School Supt. Jessica Waugh

Included in the 30 recommendations given to town finance
managers by the Mass. Department of Revenue recently were three
particularly controversial proposals.

From the Banner on-line regarding DOR recommendations:
.. And the third recommendation seemed at first glance an unlikely
area for the DOR to be stepping into: assessing the fiscal impact of
combining the local school system with the Nauset Regional School

I, on one hand, understand that [recommendation], said Provincetown
School Supt. Jessica Waugh. But second, they dont have any authority.
And third, theyre stupid.

*  *  *
Geez, Jessica Waugh will do and say anything to protect her turf
won't she?  Anyone who thinks the School Cte will come up with an
unbiased analysis of the cost of regionalization is stupid.

Regionalization will NOT come from the School Cte and the rest of us
don't have the authority.  We will continue to be held hostage.
7:46 am edt 

Looking at the Ballot

    When you read some of the override questions, you might be
confused. Some of them seem so vague it's hard to know what we're
voting for.

     Consider Questions 2: Shall of the Town of Provincetown be
allowed to assess an additional $63,594 in real estate and personal
property taxes for the purpose of supplementing the operating budget
of the Town as voted under Article 2b of the warrant for the 2008
Annual Town Meeting for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2008?

     Does this, as it stands, make sense to you? It's so vague, on
first reading I'm confused. But here is what Question 2 is about: the
money for the Assistant Recreation Director and part-time police for
the summer.

     Who in the voting booth, would be able to go back to the warrant
to know what this is really about. Why did they not specify on
Question 2 the exact positions being referred to?

      More reason to just vote No.
7:44 am edt 

Just a Question, I Fear the Answer

     When the Ryan Report published the results of the so-called New
Construction group, did this little group identify any personal
property they earmarked for purchase? Did they look all over town,
including land owned by taxpayers, and also identify these pieces of
property? This seems so ludicrous but I have to ask. Any committee
that identified DPW garages, Jerome Street and the kids skatepark,
and Clapps Pond, could have had some other not-so-bright ideas?

    If anyone knows, would you please let us know?
7:42 am edt 


      I was surprised when Ms. Couture took all the credit  bringing
in the DOR audit.
      As I recall, was it not Astrid Berg who urged the new BOS and
Town Manager that it was crucial for them to start off on a new
fiscal platform and to clear the slate for any past mistakes.
  Ms. Berg was at the meeting last Monday nite. It would have been
nice to have thanked her for giving you the impidus to move this
issue forward.
     It also merited a thank you to Sharon Lynn, Alix and David
Gardner etc. for the extra time that they spent with these auditors.
    Don't take all the credit, you did nothing but make a motion.
Miss Manners
7:40 am edt 

Where is Sarah Peake in This Town Hall Restoration Money Fiasco?

Why can't she put an amendment in the state budget for this?  All the
other reps. pull out tens of millions of pork... Where's ours? Six
million dollars is a drop in the bucket compared to what other reps.
are getting for their districts.  She is up for reelection and this
should be demanded of her in exchange for our votes.

Before the powers that be start spending even one more penny that
isn't theirs, every single avenue for financial aid should be

Senators Kennedy & Kerry and every politician ought to be asked for
help. But Peake's feet ought to be held to the fire in this matter.

7:38 am edt 

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