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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



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Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


       I have never rented from A.J. nor Rex. If any of my employees
rented from them, it was between them.
       However, knowing Auturo Alon and Rex Mackinsey(sp?)
and the positions which they hold in the community, I doubt that they
would take advantage of the situation.
      To the poster whom seems to be obsessed with this issue, please
refrain from using out air space and bring up positive issues which
may benefit the town.

  Astrid Berg
2:41 pm edt 


      How fortunate are we to have a candidate on next weeks ballot
with architectural expertise. Not only is Mr. Bryant an M.I.T.
graduate but he is also a historian. He knows every nook and cranny
when it comes to Provincetown's historical buildings.
      I know many homeowners of historic buildings who have hired him
for pre-sale inspections as well as planning the renovations.
      We are entering into a very, very expensive investment
in the renovations and repairs of Town Hall. Wouldn't it be great to
have our own consultant who is willing to donate his time and
      Mr. Bryant is also well versed in the general concept of the
old Provincetown and it's future.
      We are given a choice next Tuesday and I know where I'm going
to put my "X".
    Hit the nail on the head, VOTE FOR GEORGE BRYANT.

Astrid Berg
2:40 pm edt 

Dear Astrid

I hope you get all the info you need to re-introduce your Article at
the next Town Meeting!

10% accross the board INCLUDING affordable housing for the Community
Preservation Act.

Do not be intimidated by the "powers that be"

Elaine Anderson
Molly Perdue
Pam Parmakian
AJ Alon
Elizabeth Bridgewater
Michele Couture

Remember, the CPC voted in favor of your Article in the first round. 
Then you were hi-jacked by the SPECIAL INTERESTS of Ted Malone INC.
2:38 pm edt 

Town Hall is Symbolic of the Town's Problems

     Why didn't the town take the $700,000 that it has from the CPC
funds, to fix some of the problems with town hall? Why has it spent
$67,000 for a report from these top historical reconstruction guys
and also spend $47,000 for Billy Rogers's internal space
analysis--now discarded   by these other honchos? This is just
spending more and more money on reports and consultants while the
building falls apart. With $700,000, the town could have resolved a
few of the major problems on a temporary basis as it looked for
grants and sought more money from the CPC.

    Now, without town approval, officials are spending their time
planning their moves to the Recreation Center and to the Freeman
Building when the town has not oked any money. And they have lost
income from the rentals because they are assuming that the building
is not safe. Of course, these honchos would say this: they want the
$12 to $15 million contract and they want it now.

      Chicken Little is alive and well. What a bloody mess!

2:37 pm edt 

Why is Couture at the Top of the Ballot?

    It seems that all candidates for selectmen should be listed in
alphabetical order. Why is Couture at the top of the list? Who
decided that she should be the first one listed? Should those already
in office have an advantage over the other candidates? I don't think
so. Did Couture vote on this list? Does someone know?
2:35 pm edt 

Upset at Clapps Pond as Part of the Affordable Housing Trade

     Truly, I can't believe that anyone in this town would even and
ever consider trading the wonderful and beautiful land at Clapps Pond
for land to build more affordable housing. It almost seems unreal and
fictional. But that a group of people looked through the town,
seeking any possible piece of open land as a possible place to
construct affordable housing, is so upsetting.

      Don't we have an Open Space Committee to preserve open lands,
wetlands, wild areas? Isn't the Land Bank, our tax money, helping to
protect and purchase wetlands and conservation land? Let me askt his
question: Is this why Pam Parmakian, working for Ted Malone,
suggested that we get rid of the Land Bank? Would the lands in the
Land Bank then become possible land to build more affordable housing?
If Clapps Pond and the cemetery could be swapped for other land to
build affordable housing, then why wouldn't and couldn't the lands in
the Land Bank be held hostage to such ideas?

      Nothing, then, is held in true trust when you can switch, swap
and then take land for usage never intended. Every time I'm walking
along the scenic trails of Clapps Pond, I'll think of this awful
possibility and I'll  remember that Elaine Anderson proposed this
terrible option.
2:33 pm edt 

Miss Berg,

You are on the blog. Is it true? have your workers rented AJ Arturo's
affordable housing unit at Hensche?
2:30 pm edt 

Am I Reading This Right?

    Is someone saying that Astrid's workers were renting AJ's--Artuo
Alon's--affordable housing condomium? With AJ living in Rex's
affordable housing conddomiun, then AJ can get rent from his? But
isn't this illegal? Aren't there rules prohiting individuals from
renting affordable units to others? And isn't AJ the vice chair of
Community Preservation Committee and also on the Provincetown Housing
Council? Isn't this illegal action just plain wrong? And of course he
works for Affordable Ted.

     But is this what some blogger was implying or stating? That
seasonal workers in Provincetown rented AJ's affordable housing unit?

     This is disgusting. And unethical.

12:20 pm edt 

The Time Has Come to Spend 80% of CPA Money on Historial Buildings

Ms. Coutour is a passionate advocate for affordable
housing. In the past I had a partnership with the Housing Assistance
Corporation that spanned 15 years. I was an advocate for affordable
housing before people knew the name.

Now that Provincetown tax payers have spent over $2,000,000 on
affordable housing and after ten years of Mr. Ted Malone creating it
for Provincetown, it is time for the tax payers to have 10% of CPA
money go to Affordable housing and 80% go to historical buildings.

We are faced with renovating town hall and Firehouse #4; the time has
come to spend 80% of CPA money on these historical buildings.
Michael Rogovsky

12:19 pm edt 

Astrid Berg Has Shed So Much Light!

I did not know Astrid Berg personally. I admire her
intellect and her research. She is effecting change because she has
brought so much to light and informed us and we can promote her
findings and make people see that we need to take 80% away from
affordable housing and put it towards renovating our historical
buildings. Let Ted Malone continue to build his affordable housing
units--he has been doing so for over ten years.

We have until the next town meeting to make people aware that we need
to change the 80% back to 10% of CPA funds. Ms. Berg will jump
through all of the hoops that she needs to so that no one can stand
up at town meeting and say that this needs deeper study by more

Ms. Berg isn't sarcastic and doesn't call people names..she is
effective. Oh, if only she was on the finance board or ran for

Michael Rogovsky
12:15 pm edt 

Let's All Chip in to Fix Townhall!

I'm sure among the
residents of Provincetown we have available craftsman and woman who
can assist in the labor of town hall. Sure, we'll have to hire a
general contractor for the big structural stuff, but as far as
manageable carpentry, electric, plumbing, heating, painting,wood
refinishing, floor refinishing, etc... don't you think we could ask
people to volunteer their time? I for one would be willing to
volunteer to work on the beautiful building. We need to work together
as a community. Townhall is central to our community.

East End PJ
12:12 pm edt 

Elect Bryant Green

Bryant Green as an independent will represent all of the
people, without any commitment to any special interest group.

He has a reasonable  approach to affordable rentals and understands
the negative aspects of affordable housing.
12:10 pm edt 

Vote No for Frick and Frack!

Michele Couture aka Frick and Elaine Anderson aka Frack
are like two peas in a pod! They are a package deal and
would represent the total polarization of the BOS.

Couture has been in office for 7 1/2 years, that is 7 1/2 years
too long and Anderson just represents more of the same.

She is so wedded to the cause of the Affordable Housing Industrial
Complex as to make her the single most dangerous individual that
could be elected to the BOS.

The combination of Frick and Frack on the BOS together would destroy
Provincetown as we know it.

The only alternative is to elect the two individuals which stand as
independents i.e. Bryant Green and George Bryant.

Vote Couture out and deny Anderson!
11:01 am edt 

Perfect Timing For George Bryant

With all of the coming construction projects the town is faced
with, this is the perfect time for the BOS to include as a Selectman,
someone who has an experienced technical background in heavy 
infrastructure construction.

George Bryant, is an MIT trained architect, who will be able to render
invaluable service to the community.

In addition, he has always proven himself to be an independent thinker
unbeholding to any interest group.

He is the perfect choice for the demanding work that will be required of the
10:50 am edt 

New Rec Dept Fees?

Has anyone noticed the new rec dept fees proposed and published in
last weeks banner?  even though you might be a taxpayer, but you have
chosen to send your child to truro, you will now have to pay MUCH
more to use the rec services.  if your child attends the VMES, you
get a huge break on fees.  how unfair is that?  when did the school
choice become part of the equation?

just more strong arm tactics from the school committee.  shame on
them.  the rec dept is supported by the general budget and as a tax
payer your child should benefit from their services regardless of
where you chose to educate your child.
10:00 am edt 

Town Hall Restoration

$6.2 million and climbing, boy did we see that one coming. And I
agree it will swell and will become what will be known as
Provincetown's "Little Big Dig." I am no engineer but I always
suspect these estimates as over-reaching and cetainly unrealistic. We
need to save this building but need to find some middle ground. I
don't have many answers just all the questions we'll all be facing.
Time is against us on this one and we need to make the tough
decisions, and quickly.

E. Michael Richards
9:57 am edt 

Water Questions

Question) Is it OK if I wash my car once or twice a year in
Provincetown? Or, if I put a sprinkler out to water my lawn every now
and then?

We have rules, we must conserve, there isn't enough. We need to be
green, we need to protect our resources.

Question) Well, if there's no water, why do we keep building so many
affordable housing units where the residents of the hundreds of new
dwellings and complexes with countless bathrooms will presumably need
and use water?


Question) But where does the water come from to keep building all the
new affordable houses if water is in such short supply and residents
have respected so many water restrictions for so long?

Answer) TBD in the voting booth.
9:55 am edt 

At Arturo's AGAIN

And where will her workers from the
restaurant live????

At Arturo's AGAIN!            !
9:49 am edt 

Just Vote "NO"

Compel the BOS to rethink the budget. By voting "NO" on all

We have to know the true costs associated with all of the work
need to be tackled by the town including the final cost for Town Hall.

The new BOS can legally reconvene  Town Meeting for reconsideration
of our total budget.

Vote "NO"!
9:47 am edt 

We are a Small Town!

Michele Coutour keeps saying that we have a low tax rate;
that is her excuse for all of these big projects. she just wants
to beef it up. It evidently doesn't dawn on her that we are a small
town--we aren't Boston or Hyannis--we are a small village 3 miles
long. We are ***!!SUPPOSED!!** TO HAVE A SMALL TAX BILL.

9:36 am edt 

Color Blinded

Who is responsible for this year's parking sticker being BROWN. Such
a boring color for this beautiful town. I know for a fact that it was
the Selectmen and the Police who decided this as a slap in the face
to residents. Ted Malone and the affordable housing complex
contributed to this decision as a way to deflect our attention from
the real do-do in this down. Then I heard that Candace decided on it
as a way to promote her Dog Bark Park. Shame on all of them.

I am voting NO to all the overrides because of this color choice. I
am not going to spend a dime on the Town Hall because the Selectmen
are just throwing brown in our face. And the Police should be ashamed
of themselves. I am going to continue to destroy every person in
government and workers in this town because I want to make it more
colorful to attract residents to this town.

Ptown Pollyanna

PS: You all need to get a life - paranoia is not pretty !

9:35 am edt 

Please Lets Get Rid of Couture

Oh can there ever be affordable housing without a year
round economy? Counting before hatched, vote for selectman that have
a plan not an agenda, and please lets get rid of Couture.
9:32 am edt 

What I Don't Understand is......

.......why voters are voting to spend
$2,000,000 *So Far* on land to give away for affordable housing when
we need to put trash pick up as an override for the residents already
living here.

We need work force housing. Look at all of the workers returning. We
don't need a work force here in January, February, March.

Developers sure worked it so that tax payers are subsidizing them as
well. Provincetown will be a place for the Rich and People on
affordable housing. The working  home owners won't be able to afford
to live here.

Alex, who spoke at Candidate's night, won't be the only one long time
tax payer home owner who will eventually have to move out of town.

9:30 am edt 

Re: Clean Sweep!

"This Town needs an enima!"

Jack Nickelson as The Joker in Batman
9:28 am edt 

Tax Credits in the Name Of A-Fraud-able Housing???

Could someone explain the tax credits that Malone's neighbors recieve
re. him building these cluster-@*#! development villages?

This sounds very troubling.
I smell an inquisition about to happen!

It looks to me like the 3-card Monty trick or the pea in the 3 shell game!

Watch closely folks, as we move the law around and around so that we
get our way!
..all in the name of a-fraud-able housing!
9:27 am edt 

Who Among Us

Does anyone REALLY think that soil samples taken at 90 Shankpainter
when found to be contaminated would be made public?
Sure in an episode of Erkel vs Are you smarter than a 5th grader
perhaps.  However my friends this is Provincetown, where as Ms Coutre
is found of saying politics is a blood sport.
I can hear it now ,"we are terribly sorry we bought that property but
unless you want three legged babies" yada yada.

Then there's those pesky power grids that will champion the cause as
a beacon of toxic decimation.
It will help to remember that "you can tell a lot about a town by how
they treat their elderly and its young".
We'll fill up the High School with two  headed babies (do we get
tuition for 2 kids then) and build up the number of kids graduating
from our prestigious bastion of academia.

Hey were having a week of rain ,lets see if any bodies float up. 
Jimmy , Jimmy Hoffa i taught yous was in Joyzee unda some football


Bringing in the DEAD
9:25 am edt 


      You obviously do not understand politics, nor the legislative
procedure. I addressed this issue knowing full well that it would be
defeated on my first attempt.

      No one wants change, especially the special interest groups
threatened with Article 30. Lose Their 80% of the CPC tax funds, and
10% of the Land Bank and perhaps more?

      During Town meeting I was told by the CPC, CHC,
COM COM, Open Space, etc. that they needed more time to digest the
change and that I needed
  to do more research.

      Research is my "middle" name. I found some startling and
upsetting information which I have shared on "MYPACC".

  I DID my research and I posted my findings based from information
on the Town Web site.

       Like any changes, it takes time. Most attempts to change
legislature DOES not succeed the first time; ie: Women's suffragette,
desegregation, gay and lesbian unions. They all took perseverance.
Not one of these changes in the laws for the rights of people
happened over

       "TO GET OVER IT, ASTRID" , I'm over the out come of the recent
result of the past Town Meeting, but there will be another
opportunity in the near future to re-present my article.

Cause Celebre,

      Astrid Berg
9:22 am edt 

Re: Astrid Berg

Astrid Berg must be mad as hell because she didn't get
what she wanted at town meeting! And where will her workers from the
restaurant live????
9:19 am edt 

How In The World Did.....

      Cass Benson, partner in LLC Sandy Hill, get an appointment on
the Community Preservation Committee? I know, she's on the Recreation
Committee, but she had recently received $750,000.00 to fund the
"affordable" Sandy Hill development.

      She was also voted to be the CPC's liaison to the Shankpainter
RFP process. Motion made by Elaine Anderson. Yea 3 Nay 0 abstain 1
(Cass Benson).

     I believe, for this particular committee, that the CPC needs a
quorum of 5 to vote. Mona Anderson was voted as alternate in case Ms.
Benson was out of town.
      The last meeting Ms. Benson attended according to the
"available" posted minutes was 1/29/08. I believe her term ended
today, April 29,2008.
      Will she be reappointed? Will she reapply?
Doesn't she still have some issues pending in regards to Sandy Hill?
Or maybe all the muck has been settled into the sandy dunes.

      Good luck and good night,
Edward R. Murrow, burrowed in the Bates Motel
9:18 am edt 

Let's Try to Look at the Bigger Picture

I find it interesting that some are implying that the town
offices will be going to the Community Center. Has anything been
etched in stone? Why isn't the Freeman St. library an option? Where
will the kids go that use the Community Center on a daily basis? How
about the adult programs that are already well established there? You
cannot have public offices  and children in the same building.

Let's try to look at the bigger picture. The town offices will not
simply be in a temporary location. As the town has proven, the truth
is never told to the tax payers on the first conversation. It takes
prying on the tax payers behalf in order to get ALL of the facts out.
By then, the BoS have run us in to a bad situation, and we are stuck
paying for their mistakes. We need to make them do their homework
before they make any changes and moves to their offices. We the tax
payers hold the employer ticket to their positions. Let's not let
them get away with screwing something else up in this town!
9:15 am edt 

May 6th BOS Elections -

So after much debate it seems the only two viable candidates are
Bryan Green and George. They seem to be the only two that seem to
want to represent the people rather than their own self interests.

If you want to see spending reigned in and have a serious, unbiased
look at town finances these seem our only choices.
9:12 am edt 

What has Ted Malone Given to Ptown?!

Ok, I'm for some amount of affordable housing - just to be clear
before I start.

But what has Ted given to the town. He is a for profit corporation.
In town like Boston developers of large scale projects have been
required to provide some give backs to the towns where they build.
This would include things like public area development (parks,
sidewalks, open space on their sites, etc.).

What has Ted provided to the town other than his sprawling, high
density developments. he also continuously changes his plans. On the
Tides Motel site he has way overbuilt from what he promised. There
were supposed to be single family homes alond Bradford street, it
instead became a sprawling solid row of small condos. The building in
the rear was supposed to have a lovely pass through with views of the
horse farm and fields. Instead he filled it in and made another condo.

So yes, ted has provided some affordable housing, but at the expense
of the neighborhoods where he has built.  And while at it he has
become a wealthy man.

If the town want smore housing I suggest they buy the loand next to
Ted's estate and throw up some dense housing there.

9:10 am edt 

Who Would Even Think of Selling Clapps Pond to the State?

     Aren't the woods, the dusty trails, the wild bushes and tall
trees of value to Elaine Anderson and the affordable housing cohorts?
Aren't the hills overlooking the ponds and the open vista of value to
the affordable housing advocates?
Is every piece of available land, all open space, any conservation
land only valued when it can be leveled and built upon and turned
into affordable housing? Is that it? As Peggy Lee used to sing,"Is
that all there is, my friend?"

     I'm offended by this maniacal, one-dimensionality. There is
something so unbalanced, so destructive of Provincetown and Province
Lands. If we as a town owned the seashore, I do believe the
affordable housing advocates would try to sell Race Point and Herring
Cove for monies to be used for affordable housing. Or, they would
build affordably housing condo's on the beach itself.

     And you are part of this Elaine Anderson? And, of course,
Michele Couture, you are the queen of such odd ideas.

      Save our beaches. Save Clapp Pond. Save our cemetery.
Make certain Elaine Anderson and Michele Couture are silenced. Don't
allow either of them to speak for us.
9:06 am edt 

Are You Asking About Candidate Funding?

     You might get the amounts that candidates divulge but you won't
get the monies that are slipped into back pockets. These dollars are
never recorded not publicly discussed. But these dollars are
significant, even if difficult to trace. But take a look. How are
some people making enough to have a decent living? Yep. Makes you
9:04 am edt 

Let Tax Payers Making Over $100,000 in Income Pay
Town meeting has been voting to spend millions of tax
payers money on affordable housing when affordable housing is being
provided by people not taking tax payer's money.

It isn't fair to the working people who own homes to carry the burden
of other's on their backs.

Let tax payers making over $100,000 in income pay for affordable
housing if they wish to do so, but don't burden the ordinary workers
who own homes.

9:01 am edt 

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To: Who Gave What to Whom.

Go to town hall, town clerks office and ask to see their financial
papers, they are public records...and see just who funded who for
11:42 pm edt 

Couture's Usual Disregard

The new numbers for town hall repairs are at 6.3 million dollars. For
sure thats an underestimate. Once opened up, the repairs will balloon
when they see whats really behind the walls. Then there is the cost
of renovating the community center for town hall employees. I bet the
costs go over $7M. And if memory serves me, I recall Couture's
comments were estimating around 1 million. Her lack of insight to
reality is one of many reasons to go.
11:40 pm edt 

Re: Astrid Berg

Hey Astrid your artical failed ! GET OVER IT!
11:38 pm edt 

Re: Affordable Housing

It seems that affordable condos are affordable for a period
of time and then they go on the open market. Development in the name
of affordable housing. I'd be furious if I was a contractor in town.
11:36 pm edt 

To: I'm Just Appalled -- MOVE THE BODIES, WE'RE IN A CRISIS!

Now come on, how can you be appalled? Don't you understand that we
NEED to build on the cemetery!

Don't you know we are in an affordable housing crisis? The Banner
said it over and over again -- CRISIS!  We've heard it from so

Yet we all watch the affordable homes go at market rate because
nobody wants them. No body wants them...but the crisis continues.

Move the bodies for God's sake...

The dead have to do their share for affordable housing too - No?
11:35 pm edt 

Yes We Can!

I am very upset because someone on the blog said that we
cannot stop Ted Malone's projects. Yes we can.

If you look at the gigantic project he is proposing on Nelson
AVenue/Race Point Road, he is prosposing a mixed income and
rental/purchase complex with alot of market rate sales.  He can't
even sell the units he's built on Bradford STreet at the Meadows at
market rate and he's got the audacity to propose to build more market
rate units because all of his rich friends who are his personal
neighbors support him by buying "tax credits" for his projects which
help to  reduce their taxes tremendously.  This is a total insider
scam within Provincetown with rich people profiting from affordable
housing and Ted's elves (Parmakian and AJ) being the "affordable
housing" operatives on the front lines.

11:33 pm edt 

Re: Zoning Bylaws

Could someone who knows the zoning bylaws, please tell us
how the town can move offices to the Community Center and the
Library. These "temporary" relocations will probably last for 3+ more
years.  The community center is in a residential zone.  How can it
can be converted to an office building (meet parking
requirements,etc.) without a variance?
Shouldn't the building beretrofitted to meet minimum office building
code and fire/safety standards under the newly published building
codes?  The same questions for the Freeman Street building or any
proposed relocation to the Schools.  It seems that whatever the town
wants, they can do and circumvent all bylaws?  What about Title V
requirements for increased use in these buildings? Shouldn't there be
regular public hearings on these changes of use of buildings under
zoning bylaws with the town submitting applications like we all have
to do? Has Taxchelle Couture considered this?
11:31 pm edt 

RE: "$500,000" House

If you don't have an income to pay the maintenance costs and taxes
for a $500,000 house you shouldn't live there. That's how our country
got in the mess it is in with mortgages. People buying or owning
property they couldn't afford.

Proposition 2 1/2 is not just for emergencies. It simply says that if
the town needs more revenue than 2 1/2% of prior's year's budget it
has to affirmatively ask the voters.

Vote yes on all the overrides proposed by the town. It is a meager
sum and well below what it should be but a start in keeping up with
the costs of running our jointly owned town.
11:28 pm edt 

$6,000,000 for Town Hall Repair?

Double that. Because construction always is double the first estimate.

Then add $10,000,000 because it is being run by the goverment and
there will be no expence spared for every special interest group, and
in the name of "public safty".

What have you got?

$22,000,000! Sounds right to me.
11:25 pm edt 

A-Frod-able Housing--

OK...lets just finish up these rentals at 90 Shankpainter Rd.  Put an
end to this housing issue.  Move on, VOTE NO to any more projects re:
housing and Town $$$.

Someting is fishy re: these af-frod-able CONDO's!?!

As a town, we can stop any further development of town tax money
sponsored condo development projects in the name of "affordable".

The CPC knows we are hot on the trail for changing the funding
formula.  I believe Astrid Berg's Article, if re-submitted, will pass
muster at the next town meeting.

Sandy Hill (Baite's Motel-Hitchcock Sister's nightmare) was never
priced out as affordable!  We were lied to at town-hall!  Sold a bag
of rotten apples!  And by the way, where were our civicly minded
"do-gooders" this year at Town Meeting???  Vacationing in warmer
climates???  How nice to have the funds available to get away...

Fool us once, shame on the town.  Fool us twice, watch out...

As far as T. Malone, legally he is doing everything with in the law,
and is not taking any town $$$.  That is a runaway train that can not
be stopped.

Shankpainter Rd. will be rentals, hopefully to the deserving people
of Town.  I for one, will be attending that lottery!


A Friend of Astrid's
7:21 pm edt 

Voting NO on All Overrides

To the person who knows what & when a Prop 2 1/2 should be used. 
It's called for emergencies only.  It's not for giving out 3% raises,
financing 25 minutes of fireworks, hiring another person with Great
medical benifits, not for budget line items (trash & sidewalks

The taxpayers are voting NO on ALL the overrides.  It's
the only way our outgoing and incoming BOS will learn how THEY, not
the taxpayers) should balance our town budget. The days of the open
check book is GONE. Oh, and it's not just one more dollar...Tell that
to people who are on fixed incomes.  Just because houses in this town
are appraised at over $500,000 doesn't mean that the people occuping
them have a big matching income.  It's not about YOU, its about how
we all are trying to survive in these bad times.

3:27 pm edt 

Who Gave What to Whom?

How can we find out if Ted Malone or any of his henchmen
have given $$$$ to the candidates for selectmen before May 6?
1:30 pm edt 

Reposted as Requested-

Affordable Industrial Housing Complex

     As Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about the Industrial Military
Complex, we too should be concerned about the coalescing of power in
the hands of a few. Just a group of concerned citizens trying to
handle a problem? Look again.

     Do you think it is just an accident that years back Ted Malone
was on the Local Comprehensive Implementation Committee? Do you think
that the plans for Provincetown's future--including affordable
housing--just happened? Is it just an accident or true community
concern that Arturo Alon, AJ, has been totally involved in the Local
Housing Partnership and he and Ted Malone work together? And do you
think that the major changes in our Zoning by-laws in the last four
years justhappened? With the guidance of the Cape Cod Commission,
they created and helped implement model zoning laws that we, either
in our stupidity or naivete, voted on at many town meetings.

    But did most of us know how orchestrated all these changes in
zoning by-laws were? How the town was being made ripe for affordable
housing and for large, high density buildings.

     There was and still are major power deals happening behind our
backs. Just accidental? Yes, like a robber, with a gang of thieves,
robbing a bank and stealing millions.
1:23 pm edt 

Please Re-Post the Dwight D. Eisenhower Affordable Housing Complex

     Would you please re-post this? Given the material from Astrid
Berg, this should be re-posted. Something almost sinister, and I
don't use this word lightly, is involved with the affordable housing
push or force or power group. As this one blogger said, nothing is
casual, nothing is what it seems. Clearly, truth hurts.
1:15 pm edt 

Reposted at the Request of Bloggers-Re: Affordable/ Community Housing Summit

 I just finished reading the final report of the
Affordable/ Community Housing Summit dated 12/07/06. John Ryan
directed the summit and participants were dispersed into various

      The group involved with New Construction submitted these suggestions:
1. utilize & develop 3.5 acre of Town's Cemetery.
2. Jerome St. parking lot, locate the tour buses elsewhere.
3. Grace Hall parking lot, make underground parking and build units
on top.(we don't want to lose any parking revenues).
4. DPW garage site at 24 Race Rd.
5. Trade Clapps Pond and the remainder of Sandy Hill to the
Government Fishing and Wildlife in exchange for  Route  6 land.
6. Sell Town owned property and transfer funds to affordable housing.
7. Buy private property; Dunes Edge & Coastal Acre Camp grounds,
Hawthrone property etc.

      There are other properties, both private and town owned which
are on the list. I thought I would mention the real Zingers.

      The three key panelists on this New Construction Committee were
Elaine Anderson, Steve Milkowicz and Austin

      No wonder Elaine Anderson and Steve Milkowicz (both members of
the CPC) and the BOS did not back Article 30 at the past Town
Meeting. With all these high aspirations for future development they
need that 80% of the CPC Tax. Oh, and they also get 10% from the Land
Bank Tax. Out of the total 6% surtaxes Affordable housing gets 90%!

      What about funds for the restoration of Town Hall, shouldn't
that be getting more of the piece of the CPC and Land Bank Pie?

      For further info go to, then to
affordable housing, scroll down to Affordable/ Community Housing
Summit report.

      I can't believe how people can think these ideas are beneficial
to Provincetown's future.

From the proponent of Article 30, April 2008 Town Meeting,

Astrid Berg
12:52 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall Rehab

The price tag to fix town hall will stop future affordable
slums dead in its tracks! Thank God!
12:48 pm edt 

Forget Affordable Housing!

Get a job, save for a down payment and secure a mortgage like the
rest of us do.Why are so many of our selectman and people running
for selectman willing to put so much into affordable housing??? Will
the people who live there get a job and work in Provincetown? What
will they do in the winter since most of the jobs are seasonal??? I just
don't get it... would someone please enlighten me?
12:46 pm edt 

Re: Town Hall Repairs

Town Hall repairs: $6,300,000.00!
12:35 pm edt 

Couture and Anderson Must be Stopped!

Ms Astride Berg's comments were quite an eye opener. And when
you connect the dots of the relationships between the major
players, you come to realize what a sham has been played 
on the citizens of Provincetown in the name of Affordable Housing.

Neither Michele Couture or Elaine Anderson are deserving of 
consideration for the BOS.

We must put a stop to this subterfuge.Don't reelect Couture and
don't elect Anderson.
12:32 pm edt 

Thanks Astrid

Looking through that punch list you posted I had to pause to take a
breath! Enough already. Complete the 90 Shankpainter affordable
rentals project and let's take a major break before any further
affordable housing is considered.
And concerning the poster(s) suggesting we need three and four
bedroom new affordable homes in Provincetown to attract families is a
whack idea, not going to happen nor should it. They may not be
affordable but there is one multi-bedroom build and several other
foundations in place in my neighborhood at the former Tides Motel
site. Contact Ruth Gilbert and you can purchase one for $2.8 million!

E. Michael Richards
12:24 pm edt 

I'm Just Appalled

     What I just read concerning the Affordable Community Housing
Summit involved with New Construction takes my breath away. This is
not just a commitment to affordable housing; this is drivenness, a
singularity for housing that will exchange anything and any piece of
land in this town for such housing. How scary this is. It first looks
like it's silly but it's actually insane.

     How can any group in town believe that they can take over 3
acres from the cemetery for use as affordable housing? Isn't any
piece of land sacred? Next, they'd want to move the dead. I'm
appalled that the cemetery land ever came up as a possible land deal
for affordable housing.

      And for many of us who walk along Clapps Pond, who enjoy the
beauty of the open land, the streams, the wild life, and the beauty
of the winding trails, exchange this for land on Route 6 for
affordable housing? Isn't there any value to conservation land, to
nature, to beauty? Again, I'm taken aback by even the suggestion of
negotiating with the state for this Clapps Pond. What were they

     Then the Ryan Report and the New Construction group recommends
selling town owned property and transfering the funds for affordable
housing! Shouldn't selling of town properties have a variety of
budget issues? They're probably salivating for the school to close so
they can turn this into affordable housing as well. And also use the
$4 million for one single issue:affordable housing.

     It's as if Affordable Housing is the only concern that came out
of the Ryan report, like a huge vacuum cleaner that would suck in
anything and everything to bolster and support Affordable Housing.

     I hope the Webmaster prints again the response to some blogger
who said that affordable housing is just a casual group of people
trying to work out a problem. This is scary and dangerous and driven
by some powerful profit-driven hidden forces here in Provincetown.
There is nothing casual about all of this.

      Thanks, Astrid, also for alerting us to the fact that Elaine
Anderson was on this particular committee. Her recommendations scare
me. Clearly, Anderson is the front for affordable housing--and this
is scary too!
12:22 pm edt 

If You Don't Like What You Read

     I agree with the past blogger. If this blog offends some
readers, why do they continue to read the postings? No one is forcing
anyone to read what is posted here. That is not being nasty to say:
Don't Continue to Read What is Posted If You Don't Like It. That is
just common sense. We are not family. We don't have to entertain nor
suffer each other. Find some friends you like and spend time with
12:19 pm edt 

NO, NO, NO to the Overrides

     For me, these overrides do not make sense. I am against them and
when I am behind the curtain, even though I voted for them at the
town meeting, I am voting against them.
No, No, No.
12:17 pm edt 

Re: Acting Chief Warren Tobias

Please somebody tell me why Acting Chief Tobias has not been put out
on Administrative leave. He's a liability to the Town.

He's admitted that he suffers from a so called injury that happend
eons ago and says he can't return to his Staff Sgt.position or
perform the duties of a police officer.

When he took over in 2003 as Staff Sgt, he had no complaints then.
Playing golf, managing and the caretaker for an apartment complex for
many years performing physical work. Climing up and down stairs to
his office in the police station.

Now the winey little baby doesn't get the Chiefs job and he takes his
ball and runs.

Every police office takes an oath of office, part of which is to keep
the peace, preserve and prevent all offenses against the public and
their property and to discharge all the duties thereof.

Police can't pick and choose which duties they will fullfill.

As Chief Warren is supposed to supervise the activities of the police
force at all serious crimes, fires and disorders. If he can't get out
of his office then he needs to be put out to pasture......Time to
bring in an outside Chief and move on......
12:16 pm edt 

Good Work Miss Berg!

We will remember who was on that
committee when we go to the ballot box May 6!

12:12 pm edt 

Re: Recreation Director

The Recreation Director resigned because she didn't get the PERKS she thought
she would on the job! The EVIDENCE against the RD will eventually
unfold. How terrible of her to lash out at the victim on this blog or
anywhere. Her head should be hanging low in absolute disgrace for
what she has done to an underling.
12:11 pm edt 

This Blogger States About the Community Center

What is the town going to gain by having their offices there? Nothing
in the building is up to code.  But you want you kids there?
11:46 am edt 

Re: Recreation Director

Why should the director be protected by the press or sharon
Lynne? these allegations didn't just come  up yesterday.. please you
people are so ignorant.

11:44 am edt 

To Astrid Berg,

Would you copy and paste your posting onto
an e-mail and send it to Sally Rose of the Banner and title it LETTER
TO THE EDITOR? The people of Provincetown need to see this.
10:59 am edt 

I Thought People Were Innocent UNTIL Proven Guilty!!

You seem to contradict  yourself.. After apparently bashing the
accuser.. which as been blacked out,  you go on to say we need to
stop trashing people ? Grow up! were you there? then shut up and go
about your own business.
10:57 am edt 

Attn:If You Don't Like What You Read

Is the typical answer I expected and if you're a parent you children
must be very proud of you and if you're not and are in a position of
making decisions, than you must be a great person to work for...

My blog was not intended to get you to show more of your true colors
but instead do a reality check and understand that there are other
ways to drive your 3rd grade level of intelligence across everyones
dinner table.

You're also probably the same person who is trying to create all this
negativity myself and others keep reading that does disgust many of
us...I read it only to prove my point and your reply did just that.
It's a shame, it's sad and as long as everyone keeps feeding negative
stuff here we are never going to move on.

10:55 am edt 

RE: I'm Voting YES on All the Overrides

I didn't say I don't understand what Prop 2 1/2 is!  I was
questioning where the 2 1/2 percent limit came from.  I know very
well what Prop 2 1/2 is.  My point is that I don't want to see
services cut.  I am very sorry that you can not afford one more
dollar in taxes.  But most everyone in town probably can afford the 2
1/2 override.  Our fiscal situation is a work in progress under our
new town manager.  Give her a chance.  There were some questionable
practices employed by the previous administration.  Lets not cut off
our noses to spite our faces.  I understand Prop 2 1/2 and I am
voting for all the overrides, FOR THE GOOD OF OUR TOWN.

10:51 am edt 

Re: Affordable/ Community Housing Summit

 I just finished reading the final report of the
Affordable/ Community Housing Summit dated 12/07/06. John Ryan
directed the summit and participants were dispersed into various

      The group involved with New Construction submitted these suggestions:
1. utilize & develop 3.5 acre of Town's Cemetery.
2. Jerome St. parking lot, locate the tour buses elsewhere.
3. Grace Hall parking lot, make underground parking and build units
on top.(we don't want to lose any parking revenues).
4. DPW garage site at 24 Race Rd.
5. Trade Clapps Pond and the remainder of Sandy Hill to the
Government Fishing and Wildlife in exchange for  Route  6 land.
6. Sell Town owned property and transfer funds to affordable housing.
7. Buy private property; Dunes Edge & Coastal Acre Camp grounds,
Hawthrone property etc.

      There are other properties, both private and town owned which
are on the list. I thought I would mention the real Zingers.

      The three key panelists on this New Construction Committee were
Elaine Anderson, Steve Milkowicz and Austin

      No wonder Elaine Anderson and Steve Milkowicz (both members of
the CPC) and the BOS did not back Article 30 at the past Town
Meeting. With all these high aspirations for future development they
need that 80% of the CPC Tax. Oh, and they also get 10% from the Land
Bank Tax. Out of the total 6% surtaxes Affordable housing gets 90%!

      What about funds for the restoration of Town Hall, shouldn't
that be getting more of the piece of the CPC and Land Bank Pie?

      For further info go to, then to
affordable housing, scroll down to Affordable/ Community Housing
Summit report.

      I can't believe how people can think these ideas are beneficial
to Provincetown's future.

From the proponent of Article 30, April 2008 Town Meeting,

Astrid Berg
12:41 am edt 

Do We Have a New Police Chief?

     Was a decision made last night to hire a new police chief? If
so, who was chosen? Inquiring minds would like to know.
12:37 am edt 

If You Don't Like What You Read Here

     Then you don't have to hit and enter the mypacc site. If what
you read is not to your liking, no one is forcing you to stay and
read. Life gives you other options. Take them.
12:36 am edt 

Monday, April 28, 2008

It's a Shame!

This blog that allows anyone and everyone say what they
want is doing nothing but creating situations that is dividing more
people than you can imagine and making more people angrier than
supportive. It's a shame. You would think, everyone would rather post
suggestions, idea's and other ways to fix what's wrong, instead
certain individuals rather create as much havoc as possible. Your
blog's are doing absolutely nothing for us and this town. As I'm sure
many of you have heard this before, if you don't like what's going on
in this town than move. There were many people here before you and
there will be many after...
10:21 pm edt 

RE: I'm Voting YES on All the Overrides.

How can you say you are voting yes to everything without
understanding what 2 1/2 is, or without knowing what the long-term
consequences for property owners are? You say it's a "no-brainer,"
but then you go on to ask what 2 1/2 is -- how can you vote in such
an un-educated "no-brainer" fashion?

How nice to say "it's only 80 dollars a year." What about those of us
that can't afford one more dollar? What about next year? What about
forcing fiscal responsibility and ending special interest expenses at
the expense of tax-payers?

Yes, expenses go up everywhere. But cuts and plans for smart
long-term fiscal management are also the norm everywhere.  We need to
get our house in order now. Voting yes only validates the mess we are
in now.

Vote NO to all overrides -- "for the sake of our town."
10:19 pm edt 

Trewhellas Costs

She will cost the town thousands for her actions IF she is found
guilty in a court of law. The ACCUSER will cost the town thousands
and the smearing/loss of an otherwise good town employee if her
allegations are found to have no merit.
10:17 pm edt 

Board of Selectmen Approved Policy on Local Preference for Affordable Housing, September 8, 2003:
It shall be the policy of the Provincetown Board of Selectmen:

1. That for all affordable housing projects which receive a favorable
determination by the Local Housing Partnership, and are thus able to
advance to the front of the Growth Management queue to be in position
to receive their building permits, that these affordable units shall
be rented (or sold) giving the maximum preference allowed by law to
current residents of the Town of Provincetown, employees of the Town
of Provincetown, Provincetown natives and relatives of current
Provincetown residents, all in accordance with the Regulatory
Agreement to be executed pursuant to the requirements of the
affordable housing deed restriction. This provision is intended to
complement and not to override or supersede the fair marketing
regulations of the Department of Housing and Community Development,
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination or any authority with
jurisdiction and like purpose, to provide low/ moderate/ and or
middle income housing.

2. That for the purposes of affordable housing eligibility,
Provincetown resident be defined as an individual who is currently
residing in the Provincetown town limits, or who has been displaced
from his or her home in Provincetown due to condominium conversion or
the sale of his or her unit by the property owner within the past two
years, or who has immediate family (specifically, mother, father,
brother, sister, daughter, son, spouse or domestic partner) currently
residing in the Town of Provincetown. (The term domestic partner
shall be as recognized or defined by the Town.)
10:15 pm edt 

Man or Woman, Gay or Straight?

How about the most qualified
person, who understands the diverse needs of the community. Someone
who can heal the community and bring it together? Let's not worry
about gender or sexual orientation, just the most qualified!

East End PJ
10:11 pm edt 

I Thought People Were Innocent UNTIL Proven Guilty!!

What is wrong with you people? Do you not get it? Sharon Lynn
should be embarrassed for not preventing the articles about Tracy
and the Recreation Department.

Pru Sowers should have been more sensitive to the fact that Tracy has
children and her articles are detrimental to their social
environment. The "Provincetown Slander" should retract their
ridiculous articles and apologize to Tracy for not printing the facts.

Laurie Roles (the accuser)                                                                    

People are forgetting the real issue here. THE CHILDREN! We need to
stop trashing others and focus on the kids. They really need the
Community Center. Their parents need to have the Community Center.

What is the town going to gain by having their offices there? Nothing
in the building is up to code. Where are the kids going to go? The
kids consider the Community Center their second home. They are
comfortable there, secure and safe.

Just remember, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. People
at Town Hall should stop gossiping and find another hobby. They are
spending their paid hours talking smack and spreading rumors about
people they are jealous of. Too bad, so sad that things don't always
go according to plan. Do your job and maybe things will get done and
people won't have to wait for things to get approved.

You ALL know who you are! Get off of your self proclaimed high horses
and do what you get paid to do, your job!!!

Can't wait to see what type of response I will get from this one...
10:10 pm edt 

Banner's Question of the Week

Would a woman or a man make a better police chief?

Are they serious?  Hire the best person, man or woman.  What an
idiotic question.
11:09 am edt 

How Odd

    It's true. This blogger is right. Sharon Lynn's remarks on Tracy
Roderick Trewhella's "resignation" seem rather inappropriate. With a
serious sexual harassment case that the town has tried and tried to
mediate--you know they are concerned--why would the town manager
praise this woman and say she'll be missed? This is the same woman
who will cost the town of Provincetown a significant amount of money
to resolve this case. If it becomes a case heard in court, it will
cost the town hundreds of thousands of dollars.

   Is Sharon Lynn praising this woman for her sexual propositions,
for her inappropriate behavior, for creating a hostile work
enviornment, and for her lack of adminsitrative skills? Quite odd and
quite inappropriate.
11:08 am edt 

Affordable Industrial Housing Complex

     As Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about the Industrial Military
Complex, we too should be concerned about the coalescing of power in
the hands of a few. Just a group of concerned citizens trying to
handle a problem? Look again.

     Do you think it is just an accident that years back Ted Malone
was on the Local Comprehensive Implementation Committee? Do you think
that the plans for Provincetown's future--including affordable
housing--just happened? Is it just an accident or true community
concern that Arturo Alon, AJ, has been totally involved in the Local
Housing Partnership and he and Ted Malone work together? And do you
think that the major changes in our Zoning by-laws in the last four
years justhappened? With the guidance of the Cape Cod Commission,
they created and helped implement model zoning laws that we, either
in our stupidity or naivete, voted on at many town meetings.

    But did most of us know how orchestrated all these changes in
zoning by-laws were? How the town was being made ripe for affordable
housing and for large, high density buildings.

     There was and still are major power deals happening behind our
backs. Just accidental? Yes, like a robber, with a gang of thieves,
robbing a bank and stealing millions.
11:06 am edt 

Re: Bryan Green

Bryan Green may rent but he does not have any proven track
record as to affordable housing.  Michele certainly does.
I think that Brian can hold his own when it comes to the old status
quo of vote yes on everything.

Slippery Fish (looking for new housing soon...bye to Chico)
11:04 am edt 

What Ms. Lynn is Thinking:

It appears she is not as crafty as the last T.M. and she had better
start being a better leader herself or will end up on even thinner
ice with her Board.

Almost every mainstream appointment she has made has been flawed in
one way or another, that lesson is the one she had better take with
her to the table tonight as they talk about the NEXT Chief of Police.
11:03 am edt 

MORE: Police Bloggers

Is that you        ?  WOW! We all missed your ridiculous, almost
frenzied attempts at causing alarm for no good reason.  No one is
listening to you anymore.  GET IT!

Your 15 minutes are OVER!

While I cannot say for sure (or care) if the police BLOG here, they
are probably just as entitled to their opinion as you wish others
believed in yours!

If you really lived in Town you would know that they are most likely
busy working.


11:02 am edt 

What is Sharon Lynn Thinking?

Praising the Recreation Director, acknowledging her pressure from the
sexual harassment complaint, saying she is losing a family member.
Didn't Sharon Lynne say in regards to Austin Night that is was not
her job to decide if the allegation happened or not just to
investigate. Sounds like she is accusing the victim. Trewhella snows
again. Ridiculous!!
8:51 am edt 

Re: Michael R. On the Lookout for Affordable Housing-

Oh, Michael...
may I suggest that you take about 20 hours of your time (which means
you may actually have to step away from this blog) and do some

talk to some of the people who sit on the Housing Council and David
Gardner.  Believe it or not, they actually know what they are doing.

also Michael, there is NO industrial housing cartel conspiracy
subterfuge powerhouse!  you give them too much power.  they are just
people, working towards a remedy for the housing issue here in town.

PLEASE-- Michael, for the ever loving sake of the bloggers here...
8:49 am edt 

Re: Bryan Green

May I remind all you persons who hate Michelle Couture
because she rents her apartment, making her inadequite for taxation
realization issues here in town...
Bryan Green rents TOO!!!
8:47 am edt 

Re: Police Bloggers

I understand there are police blogging here.

I want to be PROUD of the police from my town.

I am not.

Are you?
8:45 am edt 

Re: Acting Police Chief

I thought Warren Tobias was on disability for an ankle
injury?? How can he continue as acting police chief?
8:44 am edt 

2 1/2 Percent Came From the Legislature Trying to Protect Taxpayers

      The limit on tax increases to only 2 1.2 percent came from the
Legislature trying to protect taxpayers who found they had to chose
between eating, heat or paying taxes. With towns raising taxes in
excessive ways, they created a limit on towns to protect taxpayers.
Without any voters approval, towns can increase the tax levy by 2 1/2
percent. Anything over that amount must be voted on by taxpayers.

     What is being missed in seeing the overrides as only "chump
change" is that the $500,000 for the overrides is added permamently
to the town's tax levy. Then next year, with $500,000 increased
permanently to Provincetown's
tax levy, the town can now increase the entire amount by 2 1/2
percent and then create even more ovverides that if passed increase
the tax levy again. We are like chimpmunks spinning in a cage.

     And there are enough people in town who do not view this tax
increase as "chump change." They have to sacrifice something in their
personal budget to pay these additional taxes.

     And what else is being missed is that the tax rate has not yet
been set. You can expect that the rate of $4.96 per thousand will
increase for certain raising our taxes yet again.

     So nothing is as innocuous as it seems.
8:42 am edt 

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Im Voting YES on All the Overrides.

  I own a $400K
condominium.  It is going to cost me about $80 a year.  It is a no
brainer.  What makes anyone think that Provincetown is immune to
increases in costs greater that 2 1/2 percent.  Don't forget that our
insurance costs alone increased about $450.  In how many years since
Prop 2 1/2 took effect in 1980 has inflation been greater than 2 1/2
percent?  I personally don't want to see the town cut vital municipal
services just to meet some ARTIFICIAL cap of 2 1/2 percent.  Who came
up with 2 1/2 percent, anyway?  What is so sacred about 2 1/2
percent?  Where did 2 1/2 percent come from?  Vote YES on the
overrides for the sake of our town.
10:04 pm edt 

To: New Police Chief:

Move on w/ your issue of POLICE BRUTALITY.....  The police in Ptown
are more tolerant then any where else on the cape....  Try getting
away with the nonsense in other towns and areas and see what
happens....  They wouldn't put up with it...   Act like a adults and
not children.....   The OUT OF TOWNER may not be the answer... 
He/She could be worse....  Maybe they will let the POLICE do their
job.......  It's not the Police, it's the people THEY POLICE.......  
  Suggestion....  If you don't like your community MOVE OUT !!!!!!
10:02 pm edt 

Police Chief Position:

I am very concerned about this quick appointment.......  The process
for selection was in my opinion not done appropriately...   To put a
new chief on board right now at this time is ridiculous....   What
happens if the Town Manager chooses one of the three not very
familiar with town?  This is not a good time for transition with
summer ahead.   It is going to take someone quite awhile just to
figure out the inside problems.  How in gods name is someone going to
be able to jump into the season ?  Not off to a good start...  You
need to know your employees first.... If morale is bad then all is
not going to be good either...  You certainly cannot handle town wide
issues if you are not familiar with your own troops....   Why
couldn't this have waited until fall?
8:32 pm edt 

To - "Good Point!"

hopefully what Ms. Lynn is thinking is that the town is a mess and
needs changes at most of our senior leadership positions. The town is
a wreck and needs a good house cleaning.

How about a new head of the DPW, Pier Corp, BOS as her next chore?!

Hopefully the failure of all of the overrides and some new blood on
the BOS will send a strong message to the town leaders.

Sweep 'em out!
8:30 pm edt 

Ms. Lynn

Was not a Police Chief in the past, she was a detective -
Ms. Lynn joined the West Goshen Police
Department as a dispatcher and administrative
assistant in 1975. She became the
Townships first female officer in 1983,
and West Goshens first female detective
in 1992.
8:29 pm edt 

Re: New Police Chief!

Once again, we need an OUT OF TOWNER to help change the image of our
Department. We are a laughingstock currently across the country and
it will hurt us in the tourism dollar if we don't show we are serious
and start again from the last year of police hell.

Just simply do what everyone is doing, google "provincetown police"
or "provincetown brutality" and open your eyes to this stuff.

Unfortunately, Carrie is part of this growing debacle. She is part of
the problem.
8:27 pm edt 

To: Remember What Happened Last Time

It seems imperative to me that the townspeople need to appear or
contact their Selectman and slow this potential mess down. We have an
even numbered Board, which could be prone to split votes. It also has
one or two lame duck members, who will not be accountable after we
get stuck with TEXAS the sequel. The best bet is to make a deal with
a current department member to have him/her serve until after the
season and start anew with a new complete Board in the fall. I know
that is what the Police Department would like to see happen.
6:50 pm edt 


The cops think the Town Manager is going to make a recommendation
about a new Police Chief this Monday night.  Wasnt that kinda fast? 
Remember what happened the last time.
6:49 pm edt 

Sharon Lynn

Someone overheard Selectmen Knight talking about how he felt
confident about Sharon Lynns pick for the next Police Chief because
she was a former Chief of Police herself.  I am pretty sure she never
rose above the rank of Detective in the West Goshen Township Police

Perhaps her resume is a public document.
6:47 pm edt 

Good Point!

I ran your thought past my friend on the police department.  They
touched their finger to their nose said exactly and then walked away.
Why exactly are we heading into the season with someone who not only
has never worked in Provincetown, but has NEVER even worked in

What is Sharon Lynn thinking?  I thought she was smarter than that.
6:46 pm edt 

To: Police Chief

Good point!   If they wait until after the next election we could get
Warren Tobias.  It comes as no surprise that at least 2 of the
current selectmen hate him personally. If Couture is re-elected and
then we add Elaine Anderson and Bryan Green to the mix (all support
inside police candidates) it could turn the tide and finally bring
seasoned stability to the Police Department.
6:45 pm edt 

Police Chief

Do you think it has anything to do with the upcoming elections to the
Board of Selectmen?
6:43 pm edt 

To: Will the New Police Chief Be Announced Monday?

I just spoke to someone on the Police Department. They met with the
four candidates last week. No one seems to be talking specifically,
but it appears that they did not recommend any of them. They found
them all weak in one important area or another.  It sure seems to the
cops that there is a big rush to find a new Chief all of a sudden.
6:42 pm edt 

Thinking About Revitalizing the Winter.

Years ago there were two for one nights and we'd see folks at the
Crown and Anchor and then at the A-House. We used to see all of our
friends no matter what their sexual orientation.

I'd like to see the winter revitalized and get more folks to stay
during the winter. I know folks who collect unemployment who left
this Winter for Florida who used to stay here.

The idea isn't to live in the past--it is to revitalize the winter
like it used to be. Or is this what happens as a population ages?
6:41 pm edt 

Affordable housing at Deaconess..

Don't forget about the affordable tiny shoe box apartments that is
facetiously called affordable housing at Deaconess.

Ah Deaconess! Phase one is almost done and people will move in while
phase two is under construction: what fun and what quiet--not!

Ah Deaconess! Where residents will be charged for every roll of
toilet paper they request; where everything will have an extra
charge. And where no insurance is accepted--only medicare. It is all
PRIVATE PAY out of the residents own pocket.

No local folks will be employed there either; they get their staff
from temp agencies.
2:44 pm edt 

What If the Blogger Had Said:

      "This is not the straightest town in
America, thank God" would that have offended you? I think the blogger
was speaking to the diversity that is here. If it were so extreme as
either the gay or straight population, Provincetown just wouldn't be
as interesting, as exciting, and dynamic as it is. It is all of us
together with our different preferences and lifes styles that makes
Provincetown great.
2:42 pm edt 

Issues with PBG

It seems that the criticism about the PBG is not that its market
is a gay and lesbian market. But of course. The criticism seems
directed at the narrow niche market within this larger market. That
is what seems flawed. Why not the fascinating and exciting
international gay market? Why not the eco-tourist gay market? The
present marketing seems so narrow and so out-of-touch with the
present economic realities and political realities of today.
1:17 pm edt 

Provincetown Has Been Receptive to Affordable Housing

     Provincetown has a higher percentage of affordable housing units
than many other towns on the Cape. If you could ever get the real
number of affordable units, you would see that Provincetown is at the
top of towns on the Cape and beyond for building affordable units.

      But now we have to ask: How many more units? How much more of
CPC monies? How much more of the Affordable Housing Trust? And we
also have to ask: When will we have affordable housing for
Provincetown residents instead of for any one in Massachusetts? Why
should we continue to loosen zoning, planningd and conservation
regulations that exist to protect density, our wetlands, and our
neighborhoods to build condomiums for those who live elsewhere? For
those conncected to Provincetown with threads instead of deep roots?

     There are ways to build affordable housing that goes to
residents but not the way Provincetown has been doing it. We have
been bamboozled by the affordable-housing-Barnum & Bailey Circus. We
were naively mesmerized and enthused like children eating cotton
candy. My dear friends, the circus long ago pulled up its tents,
taking the elephants, the trapeze artists and the clowns with them.
1:16 pm edt 

To: Apartment Needed:

First floor of the old library which
is being rented for $1,000 a month to PTV.
1:14 pm edt 

To: Provincetown is What it is

Take away all the gay dollars that support this town; then take away
all the gay business owners, guest houses and restaurants; take away
all the gay home owners, both primary and secondary; take away all
the gay tourists and workers.  And what do you have? Whether you like
the PBG strategy or not, there are more places open to gay and
lesbian tourists than ever before.  This is a business avenue that
needs to be actively persued.  The Chamber needs to reach to other
types of tourists.

  The PBG was founded to help build and support gay businesses and
tourists when a gay tourist couldn't have dinner in some restaurants
in town without the humilation of waiting longer than anyone else or
having to have a guest house owner reference in order to dine. The
founders of the PBG were a straight couple who owned a guest house,
who saw the need and acted upon it.

The Chamber needs to spend the time and energy that the PBG does to
bring a large diversity of other tourists here. When have you seen
events run by the Chamber that bring the hordes of people, straight
and gay to this town?

How much money do assume the town is giving to promote tourism? 
Seems ther town always has their hands in the pocket of the Visitor
Service Board.
The PBG is doing a great job whether you like the head or not.

Slippery Fish (selling pieces of the Chico Jess)
10:44 am edt 

Hmmm, I wonder........

........if the esteemed webmaster would be as
willing to print openly racist comments as he was to print the
homophobic one:  "It is not the gayest place in America, thank
God..."  Yet another example of the viciousness that lurks just below
the surface of this place some people like to pretend is welcoming to
all.  You're more than willing to accept anyone's money, but that
really does seem to be all that matters to most of the posters on
this "blog".  There's a great deal more to life than money, my
friends, and one day, I hope some of the people who write these
mean-spirited, nasty words realize that.
10:40 am edt 

The Afforfable Housing Subterfuge


People who own homes have taxes, their water bill, their waste water
treatment bill, their house insurance and their health insurance,
fuel costs etc.

When you add the increase in my home owners insurance which went up
$400 to over $2,000 a year and my health insurance increase (my copay
out of my own pocket), the cost of fuel and gas and then the start of
the overrides and when my pay check hasn't gone up...spending
millions on land for affordable housing and giving it away is a slap
in the face to tax payers on fixed incomes.

This has nothing to do with "NOT IN MY BACK YARD" it has everything

If every department had reduced its budget a smidgen, there wouldn't
be this outcry by the beleaguered tax payers who are paying the
salaries of every one associated with the town.

Have you heard anyone protesting affordable housing?
The answer is NO, NO, NO--it wasn't until they started using TAX
10:38 am edt 

Dear Provincetown Residents,

For over ten years affordable housing has been built in town and no
one ever objected because it didn't come out of tax payer's pockets.

Now we have spent over $2,000,000 in the last two years or so for
affordable housing when the tax payers who live here now have garbage
pick up as an override.

We have bans on water use, we pay more than any other community in
the commonwealth of Massachusetts to keep two schools going and we
have 12 graduating seniors.

The tax payers have to tighten their belts at a time when prices are
soaring. Ted Malone is building affordable housing and affordable
housing units are for sale in the banner as I write this.

Yet town meeting has voted to spend two million dollars and will be
pushing for more developments. There is no relief for the elderly.

Why didn't the Town Government go to the landlords in town with some
of this money and offer them greater financial incentives to turn
their units into affordable housing units?

Wouldn't you rather be living in town in a neighborhood in town with
a yard and houses and neighbors instead of on a burn dump next to the
strip malls on Shank Painter Rd.
10:34 am edt 

Re: Chamber of Commerce and Provincetown Business Guild

As to:
Both the Chamber of Commerce and Provincetown Business Guild receive
funding from the Town to help market Provincetown.  The way these
organizations promote Provincetown differs as night and day, and
welcomes a much closer look of how our tax dollars and tourism fund
is being spent to ensure it is in the most appropriate way.

When you reference 'our tax dollars' fund the Chamber and PBG you
must be referring to the grants given out by the VSB to partially
fund projects in town.  Because other than these small grants to the
Chamber and PBG and many other small grants to other functions, 'our
tax dollars' do not go to these two groups, they are membership

You obviously like the Chamber's ED and don't like the PBG's ED.  I
actually like them both, they both work hard to serve in their
designated role and I appreciate their efforts.

If I had to analyze the Chamber and PBG (I'm a member of both) I
would say the PBG does what it was organized to do, promote tourism
to the GLBT community.  I'm not as big a fan of the Chamber, I'm not
sure what they do.  I look at them more as a customer service group
for visitors when they come to town.  I looked on-line to see if I
could find their financial statements, but even though the Chambers
from almost every other community on the Cape could be found, the
Provincetown Chamber was not listed.

In my ideal world the Chamber and PBG would be one entity.  It seems
a little inefficent to have two separate groups who somewhat
duplicate each other's efforts in certain areas.  Example:  The PBG
produces an annual magazine that is sent out to potential visitors
who request the information.  Now I see from the Chamber's web site
they produce the same type of magazine.  As a business owner I'm
encouraged to advertise in both magazines, seems a little silly to
have to pay to be in both magazines.  I think both groups need to
remember it's about promoting tourism to Provincetown, not about
making money for their group.
10:31 am edt 


       A local meals tax will really help promote business?The
restaurants are already having increases in state and federal taxes,
not to mention higher insurance rates, food cost increases, Fair
Share health insurance contributions, just to mention a few. A local
meal tax would would encourage the weekly condo renters to stay home
a cook.

      Why haven't you suggested a local retail tax for the shops in
town? Would that help your business and encourage people to by more
frogs at the lily pad?

      And the 1% transfer tax is another loony idea. What it should
really do is target the real estate flippers, who buy and sell
property in a five year period. But to tax long time owners it not
fair. We've been paying our dues for many years.

10:27 am edt 

Attention Renters of Provincetown

If the overrides pass, so will that tax increase be passed on to YOU. 

10:25 am edt 

You're SO Wrong

When you say that WE passed the budget without the overrides you
should have said three hundred out of est. 2,000+ passed the budget
(town employees, spouces & special interest groups). 

The budgets passed at Town meeting were shoved down our throats by
the "Move the question voters.  Now it's OUR turn to show this small
interest group true democracy at work, ie the Voting Booth.  There's
plenty of money to be found and our BOS, Fin Com and town manager
know where to find it. 

What makes this town government exempt from cutting cost when
ALL around us companies are laying off people (our town keeps hiring)
and businesses are cutting back (business as usual at our Town Hall).
WAKE UP  Theres NO democracy at OUR Town Meetings!!!  That's why most
voters have just stopped going to them.  They say "What goes Around,
Comes Around" so here it comes, May 6. 

Just Vote NO on ALL overrides.
10:24 am edt 

Will the New Police Chief Be Announced Monday?

     Does anyone know if Sharon Lynn plans on announcing her choice
for Police Chief at Monday's BOS meeting? Is there any consensus on
which of the four is the strongest and most qualified?
10:19 am edt 

A Lesson from Mozart

     In 1781, Mozart was fired from the service of Archbishop of
Salzburg. Count Arco, secretary to the archbishop, told Mozart to
"clear out--scoundrel, cretin" and then kicked him in the butt. Seems
we recently saw a re-enactment of this "clearing out" with Tracy
Roderick Trewhella. Maybe voters should do the same with Michele
10:18 am edt 


     Why would you decide to put PTV in the Freeman Building when
they were at Whaler's Wharf, when soon you are facing finding office
space for 30 town employees? If money is voted on to fix town hall,
then you have two buildings available for offices. One is the Freeman
Building, the old library, and the other is the recreation center.
Wouldn't you leave PTV where they were? Somehow this decision doesn't
make sense. Can anyone explain this?
10:16 am edt 

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Provincetown is What it is

Provincetown is currently faced with a tremendous fiscal
crisis, which includes an overwhelming budget deficit accompanied by
an economy that has a year-round no where in sight.  Although our
town has an abundance of funding set aside to market its multitude of
cultural attractions, much of this funding continues to be provided
to the Provincetown Business Guild, which purports our town to be the
gayest place in America.  Our tourism dollars help support this
campaign, which is probably further from the truth than the man in
the moon.

Both the Chamber of Commerce and Provincetown Business Guild receive
funding from the Town to help market Provincetown.  The way these
organizations promote Provincetown differs as night and day, and
welcomes a much closer look of how our tax dollars and tourism fund
is being spent to ensure it is in the most appropriate way.

In addition to the man in the moon, the executive directors of the
two organizations differ as well.  One has been a member of our
community for quite a while, and represents the town from an
impartial perspective, embracing diversity and promoting tourism from
every revenue stream.  The other is someone who has misrepresented
his background, purports to have had a marketing position with the
Walt Disney Company that is simply untrue, and has a mission:  to
promote Provincetown as the gayest place in America.

Provincetown is what it is.  It is not the gayest place in America,
thank God, nor is it the straightest place in America.  When people
stop placing labels on our town, only then might we be better able to
market what makes Provincetown like nowhere else.
11:46 pm edt 

Apartment Needed

WANTED  Yearround 2br apt.  $1200 or less with utilities
included.  Any leads?
9:56 pm edt 

To - Nothing Costs the Same

The problem is $200 year after year after year does add up to
thousands. The BOS is trying to strong arm people into passing
overrides based on scare tactics. The truely optional and emergency
items should be reserved for overrides and operational items left in
the budget.

I just feel like we have been lied to and deceived by our town
leaders for years and it needs to stop.
5:38 pm edt 

Re: Elaine Anderson

Make no mistake, Elaine Anderson, is part of the affordable
housing cartel. She made that quite clear on candidates night.
2:44 pm edt 

Nothing Costs the Same

From all the noise on this blog you'd think these overrides
were costing you thousnds of dollars when the truth is the average
increase will be less than $200. Everything in life changes,
including the cost of doing business. Nothing, absolutely nothing
costs the same as it used to.
2:12 pm edt 

I Don't Get it Sometimes...

It seems everyone complains about development when it's for
affordable housing - conserve they land, it won't be for locals but
poor people from god knows where. and yet, no one seems to be
bothered by the development for the affluent, largely second
homeowners. remember when you could see the bay when joe the barber
cut your hair? the moors? the dairy queen and the sprawling land
leading to the beach where pilgrim heights and creek hill now exist?
it seems one of the biggest myths is that some of you complainers
really, really have the best interests of the town driving your
concerns. it seems like a good, old fashion class struggle where the
rich find wholesome excuses to guard their own wallets and property
values or just outright blame the have-nots for not having. i wish
folks would look at the big picture, learn their history and check
their facts. and then get real.
2:08 pm edt 

Vote Couture Out!!

As a renter, Ms. Couture has NO concept of being stung by the
increase of property taxes.  Of course, she's going to want to
increase the taxes of the property owner, because she isn't one.  
Why do we want a renter making decisions for property owners?  She
only wants to see her "dream" of affordable housing come to fruition.
Isn't that conflict of interest?  Do we want more of the same?  Let's
vote for change and get the fat cats out of the position of power.
12:51 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Seems Like a Sham

     Why would a town allow fast-tracking of affordable housing
projects and increased density and quite unattractive buildings to
punctuate a once-quaint town, when such a town is only clearing land
and building up for outsiders, for those who live anywhere but here?
Isn't this exactly why many towns eschew affordable housing
developments, restrict 40B projects and decide that affordable
housing is not a benefit for the town that supports it?

     Yes, we get fooled. The images and myths that support affordable
housing always include and picture the locals who need housing, the
teachers and firefighters who still require housing, the long-time
residents who are still waiting for their name to be pulled from the

     The affordable housing image--how good it will be for residents
and workers--is only a myth, false images that perpetuate hopes that
will never be fulfilled. And added to the truth are all the names of
the image-makers--those who work for the developer and their
partners--whose names are pulled out of the magic lottery hat. We
live with illusions but they are exactly that--illusions, dreams,

      Time to abandon the thicket of unreality and see affordable
housing for the manupulative game it is. Myths are seductive so we
can't be blamed for falling for all these false images. But isn't it
time to face the truth?
11:00 am edt 

RE: Couture's Political Suicide AND PROPERTY OWNERS

Ms. Couture appears to be in favor of building as many affordable
rentals as possible in order to build a voting base that will ALWAYS
vote to increase the taxes of property owners....ALWAYS.

Think about it...

10:57 am edt 

It is Just the Same Old Double Speak

The selectmen statement of 2003 states CURRENT residents.
My point is that people in Provincetown think that affordable housing
is for local people.

Provincetown residents have no idea that the instant that someone
moves to provincetown that he or she is eligible for the affordable
housing lottery if they qualify.

It is just the same old double speak like Amy Lawson getting up at
town meeting and gushing that her door is open to answer all of your
housing needs...and she had quit before town meeting.

And the explanation is that she is "advocating" for the position. So
the point is that we have to analyze every word to get to the
truth--nothing is face value.

The transparency and trust of affordable housing in Provinctown.

Michael Rogovsky
10:56 am edt 

Sexual Harassment Cases

Your insights are educated and thoughtful. Although you state,
"The case against the recreation director began in November of
last year and hardly received any attention until many months later."
The complaint was filed with the MCAD in September 07 only after the
town refused to investigate and take the necessary actions.
9:26 am edt 

M. Rogovsky,

If you have local friends that need affordable
housing, all they have to do is to get on the housing list and wait
for an opening, when one comes up they will hope like anyone else,
that they will be the one who wins it! Very simple. And the only time
its only for Provincetown residents is when only Provinctown tax
money is used. when the state or government gives tax money it will
be open for all who are legal Americans and fall within the
guidelines of HUD and others.
9:24 am edt 

Michael! Once More!

The only time that affordable housing can ONLY be used for long time
Provincetown residents, is when and ONLY when Provincetown tax dollar$
are used for a development.

When state and /or federal monie$ are ADDED and/or used, the law is
that any state and /or American can apply for the unit. Got that? And
then you have to win a lottery to get that unit if you meet the guidelines
of income and other guidelines for that unit. Whether rental or sale.
9:23 am edt 


Provincetown has reached its quota of affordable housing
when you take into consideration the landlords with section 8
tenants; the other housing authorities that handle rentals and all of
Ted Malone's affordable housing.

Lets preserve the open land; what about the quality of life of the
people who live here? Why does the whole town have to be a housing
development? Our new name is Provincelevittown.
12:59 am edt 

Affordable Housing is for Long Time Residents

This is where I read that affordable housing is for
Provincetown natives. This is why everyone in town thinks that
affordable housing is for the long time residents.

    Board of Selectmen approved policy on Local Preference for
Affordable Housing, September 8, 2003:

It shall be the policy of the Provincetown Board of Selectmen:

1. That for all affordable housing projects which receive a favorable
determination by the Local Housing Partnership, and are thus able to
advance to the front of the Growth Management queue to be in position
to receive their building permits, that these affordable units shall
be rented (or sold) giving the maximum preference allowed by law to
current residents of the Town of Provincetown, employees of the Town
of Provincetown, Provincetown natives and relatives of current
Provincetown residents, all in accordance with the Regulatory
Agreement to be executed pursuant to the requirements of the
affordable housing deed restriction. This provision is intended to
complement and not to override or supersede the fair marketing
regulations of the Department of Housing and Community Development,
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination or any authority with
jurisdiction and like purpose, to provide low/ moderate/ and or
middle income housing.

2. That for the purposes of affordable housing eligibility,
Provincetown resident be defined as an individual who is currently
residing in the Provincetown town limits, or who has been displaced
from his or her home in Provincetown due to condominium conversion or
the sale of his or her unit by the property owner within the past two
years, or who has immediate family (specifically, mother, father,
brother, sister, daughter, son, spouse or domestic partner) currently
residing in the Town of Provincetown)

Michael Rogovsky
12:21 am edt 

90 Shankpainter and Manchester do Have Much in Common

     In both of these situations, we have hazardous materials that
are part and parcel of the land where people are and will be living.
In both developments, people are and will be living, eating, and
socializing on land that once was a burn dump site. In both,
hazardous materials as chromium, cadmium and lead have been found and
pose potential health risks to those living and those who will live
on top of this toxic material.

     What are we doing? How are we making certain the land is not
toxic and the place not a potential cancer-producing site? Who is
testing? Who is analyzing the process carried out by the DPW? Who is
trained professionally in the DPW--not a one-course training--to
seriously handle hazardous material?

      These are the questions that continue to haunt 90 Shank
Painter. Rush to build affordable housing and then find people
sickened from living on top and around toxic, cancer-producing
materials. That is what Provincetown faces, since we will face the
liability for future illnesses and sickness stemming from this burn
dump site. And don't drink the water. It's tainted with lead.

     Shouldn't this raise some concerns?
12:18 am edt 

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Answer to Relocating Town Employees

     As town employees move out of town hall--assuming there will be
money for reconstructing this building?--one answer is to cut the
staff by 20% and then we have fewer people to move. We don't need
everyone who now works for the town. And you know who you are!
11:59 pm edt 

There are Consequences to Actions

     I say let's vote No against the trash override. If trash pick up
stops June 30th, so be it. It is the Selectmen who will bear the
responsibility for this irresponsible act. They never had to place
trash as an override. But they did.

      So let the garbage fall where it may. Let the recycling bottles
tumble, the plastic bottles roll, the tin cans turn and twist. They
took this untenable gamble. Let them squirm in their own festering
11:58 pm edt 

Enough Already!

On Nantucket, the businesses provide the housing--not the
tax payers. Big places like Bubala's can provide housing just like
the Lobster pot and Clem and Ursie's does.

Ted Malone has been providing affordable housing for ten years--has
that increased the school population? Has that increased the work
force population? There is only seasonal Summer work in this town.

The affordable houses that were built are now for sale because there
are no buyers.

Provincetown tax payers are facing overrides--and yet have spent
$2,000,000 in the last few years on land for affordable housing. And
developers profit.

These are the facts as the tax payers see them.
11:57 pm edt 

Yes, Cut 6-8% the Next Few Years

    This is a small town that has thought itself big for too many
years. When Keith Bergman began in 2001 to 2004 to comtemplate big
projects, as Cape End Manor, the new Library, the new problematic
sewer system and big affordable housing developments, he set this
town on the disastrous direction it now faces. These projects
enhanced his resume but they now burden the town and us with
excessive debt.

     Yes, there are maybe 35,000 who are here in the summer. But,
after four months, this place returns to being what it is: a small
town. In fact, a very small town. For those of you who are here in
the winter--and I don't mean those who leave in December and return
in April--there are no more than 800 of us walking the empty, icy
streets of Provincetown. That is the reality and it is this small
town residents that should be the focus that shapes this town. We are
the little group still here and the little group that needs some
services--not those services geared and staffed for 35,000 people.

     Cut back. Be realistic. See that many services should be geared
to the small town--not the tourist town that is here in mid July.
Hire people for the summer. Cut services in the winter. Rethinking
how to govern and run this town. Somehow and sadly this still escapes
11:51 pm edt 

Michele Tax-You-Please Couture

     Did this woman ever see a tax increase she didn't love? Did she
ever see a new tax she didn't support? She is a silly woman who has
done us all much damage. And isn't this all so ironic that this tax
addict is a non-taxpayer? She is a renter. Couture pays no taxes, no
betterment, no sewer bills but she is the first to stand up for any
and all new taxes. Now to support the incredibly burdensome transfer
tax is even more ridiculous and dangerous to the town and to all of
us who do pay taxes. She must go.
11:49 pm edt 

Re: The Fisherman Who Spoke at Candidates Night:

As I heard him, he wasn't asking for sympathy or anything else,
except that when the fishermen come to the BOS he asked that they
will be listened to.

That he felt he had to make that request speaks volumes of how the
previous (and maybe the current) BOS have treated the fishermen in
the past.

Not to mention the rest of us too.
11:46 pm edt 

Re: Trash


"You folks who think the BOS will suddenly find the money for the
trash are SO wrong.  You passed the budget without the over rides.
The BOS does not have the authority to go back in the budget and move
money around ... "


Should the overrides fail to pass on May 6th, I believe the BOS has
the ability and the authority to come up with a new budget and bring
it to the voters for approval.  As there may be a Special Town
Meeting in June (due to the pending Town Hall repairs) that is when
we could approve a new budget which includes trash collection.

And if the BOS follows the formula proposed from the floor at April
Town Meeting (which at least one selectman favored, namely slicing a
very small percentage from each department budget), they can bring us
a budget without overrides.

If the gentleman who made the proposal from the floor is reading this
and can explain here more clearly what I'm referring to, I'm sure
many readers would be both grateful and enlightened.
11:44 pm edt 


You folks who think the BOS will suddenly find the money for the
trash are SO wrong.  You passed the budget without the over rides. 
The BOS does not have the authority to go back in the budget and move
money around.  That is exactly what Keith Bergman did and we got in
trouble for it.  Just read the Banner;s article this week on the DOR

When you vote 'no' on the trash pick up it will end on June 30th. 
What you will actually be voting on is whether you want to have trash
pick up or not.

And to M Rigovsky, I'm not even sure where to start, but I will say
that I grew in Manhattan, I graduated from High School in Manhattan
and when I could no longer live there, guess what? I moved.  There is
no birth right to being able to live somewhere.

And this one's gonna get some great feedback i'm sure.  The fisherman
who made the passionate plea that you're all talking about from
candidates night.  I have great respect for people in the fishing
industry, but it sounds to me like he made a very bad business
decision.  I'm supposed to feel in some way responsible to him and
his family because he chose to enter a dying industry with huge state
and federal regulations?  Does he expect the town to subsidize his
choice in career in some way just so we can feel good about the fact
that this town was once a fishing village?  I just don't understand
what he expects us to do for him besides have sympathy.

9:58 pm edt 

Coutures Political Suicide

She went to candidates night and said she would be in favor of a
local meals tax and a real estate transfer tax to generate revenue?
And this is acceptable how? Many of the locals that sell their homes
don't move too far away, maybe even stay in town in something
smaller. This real estate tax idea is a killer for elderly and those
that need to downsize. And a local meals tax? How many will decide to
go somewhere else that doesn't have the tax like Wellfleet and Truro
or beyond? How does that help tourism and revenues? It's decisions
like this that got the town where it is. Her comments from candidates
night are enough to make me vote Green and Bryant for sure.

9:55 pm edt 

The Town and the Taxpayers are Synonymous

Re: "It doesn't mean the town can shift
the inflation to tax payers and expect them to pay and pay again"

The town is not "shifting inflation" to the taxpayers. The town and
the taxpayers are synonymous. We are the town as far as revenue and
expenses are concerned. Therefore externally driven inflation in the
cost of goods and services the town provides has to us has to be paid
for by the taxpayers. The alternative is simply to cut 6-8% of town
staff/services/etc each year and shift the money to pay inflation
increases in other costs. That would put the town out of business in
about 12 years.

9:34 pm edt 

What in the World is Going on With this Town?

We have overrides, people are forced to leave town and we spend
two million dollars on affordable housing projects--and nowsandy Hill
has units advertised for sale in the banner. Please explain this..
9:31 pm edt 

The Question to Ask is:

Who is eligible to live at 90 Shank
Painter RD?
9:29 pm edt 

Sexual Harassment -

Any town employee acused of sexual harassment should be traeted
exactly the same way- Selectman, Recreation director, Janitor.

I do however think that someone who has daily contact with chikdren
who has been accused needs to have some special handling and
oversight until the issue is resolved one way or the other.

I do think some people make up charges to get back at others,
although I would tend to believe the accusers in most cases. Sexual
harassment has gone on for way to long in the workplace - there
should be zero tolenance and no second chances!
9:28 pm edt 

Nope. You're Wrong

Re:  If We Vote NO on the Trash Override, Trash Pickup
Stops on June 30th

"If we vote no on the trash override, trash pickup stops on June
30th.  Each individual will be responsible for getting their
trash/recycling to the Transfer Station.  Whether that means taking
it in your vehicle or hiring someone to do it for you, the town will
NOT be picking up your trash."


Nope.  You're wrong.  The money for trash pick up will be found.  The
BOS is calling our bluff on this.  They will never allow trash to
pile up in the streets, as the BOS, not the voters, will be held
directly responsible by locals and tourists alike.  They will not put
themselves in that position.  If we vote NO on the trash override,
you watch, the funding will be found to at least get us through the
9:26 pm edt 

M.R. -Ug, Every Time You Write I Cringe

So now we want to dump a bunch into the high school tom make it a
vocational school. Again, no studies - let's just jump on it. This from
the man who was gung ho to look into closing it a month or so ago.

And now, you have to be a PHS student to get an affordale rental? And
you are going to help?  don;t hold your breath people, we saw how he
helped write some articles for the town meeting... Oh wait, that
never happened because it was tooo hard.

Perhpas you and Candice can start your own blog and just bury
eachother with words each day.
9:24 pm edt 

I Think that Two of the Overrides Will Pass

People will go to the ballot to vote for something that
they want. I think that two of the overrides will pass. Fireworks and
the trash--not the 3% raises.
9:21 pm edt 

First Priority for Affordable Housing

A friend's grandson whom I met when he was in pre school is
now a grown man who is married and he can't afford to live  here. He
graduated from Provincetown high school. I think that folks like him
and people forced out of their homes by condo conversions should have
first priority for affordable housing.

Michael Rogovsky
9:07 pm edt 

Stop Saying that the Housing is For Locals---

.....anyone who moves to provincetown and qualifies is immediately
eligble for affordable housing.

Saying it is for locals is to make tax payers think that is for
people displaced by condo conversions or who are relatives of people
who live here. The housing is for any of the 300,000,000 + Americans
nation wide who qualify.

9:05 pm edt 

I Don't Like Overrides

     This is not my kind of fix. Something I just don't like about
one, two, three, four, five, six overrides. And then next year, do we
have six more or twelve more. INflation will continue and this means
tazpayers are feeling the crunch. It doesn't mean the town can shift
the inflation to tax payers and expect them to pay and pay again.

    Something's wrong about this approach. It isn't sustainable.
Well, that's what I think.
8:39 pm edt 

Happy Spring!

     This is a great season. The daffodils, tulips, forsythia and
even the dogwood is blooming. The earth is awkening, the soil is
soft, the grass shoots through. Provincetown is alive with the scents
and sights of Spring.

     Happy Spring to all bloggers. May you feel renewed in this great season.
8:37 pm edt 

Sexual Harassment Cases

     The case against one selectman gained front page stories when
only a letter stating allegations had been sent to Sharon Lynn. A
case had not even been filed and yet the local papers acted as if it

      It is also noteworthy that the letter given to the town manager
on a Monday came one working day after this selectman had voted
against the DPW FY 2009 budget. Who'se threatening whom here?

     The case against the recreation director began in November of
last year and hardly received any attention until many months later.
And here is a sexual harassment case filed with the Commision against
Discrimination and after the town lawyers had written their position
statement that was almost 200 pages long. Think there was some legal
concern about this allegation? Think the allegations may have some
believability by the town and the lawyers and the state agency?

     Yet for over six months the recreation director continued in her
position and continued to work in an environment alleged to be
hostile and harassing. If she was not asked then to resign, why
should the selectman?
7:26 pm edt 

Exactly Right:

How can one person be so ridiculed on MYPACC and be brutalized with
out ever being convicted of a crime while someone else's allegation
goes unnoticed?   HMMMM.... Tracy's allegation has not been proven
along with the other individual (no name mentioned although we all
know)  so why don't you all just tighten up your mouths ?  The other
individual continues to sit on a town board and make important
decisions... (Like, who the police will work with) and have no
reprocutions but yet, Tracy is nailed to the cross !   Lets be fair
when we talk about each other.  People in glass houses, shouldn't
throw stones.........
6:58 pm edt 

Cape Cod Times Misses the Sexual Harassment Point

    They report the "resigning" of Tracy Roderick Trewhella and refer
to the sexual harassment case as a relevant factor. That is certainly
true. However, they state that the Recreation Director was "flirting"
with the Assistant Director.

     Flirting will not cause the Massachusetts Commssion Against
Discrimination to file a suit against the Town of Provincetown and
against Tracy Trewhella. It requires a much more serious sexual
offense. The allegation involves the creation of a hostile work
environment and one in which continual sexual propositions were
involved. That these sexual propositions involved the Director and
her boyfriend, who was then Building Commissioner, is much more
serious. And the fact that someone lost her position because she
refused to engaged in these sexual propositions is what the
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination has filed against the
town of Provincetown.

6:56 pm edt 

You do that and Watch the Discrimination Lawsuits Fly

It is time to take action and to have 90 Shank Painter Rd.
go to the locals who graduated from High school here. I'll make the
calls and talk to people and see what can be done.

Michael Rogovsky.

You do that watch the discrimination lawsuits fly.  They can only go
to locals who graduated from High school here?

That is one of the most idiotic postings I've read here.  Think
before you write people.

6:49 pm edt 

. . .Oh yeah right your against them to. Sahron Lynn should
force Austin Knight to resign, why hasn't she because people are not
tormenting him on MYPACC

Sharon Lynn has absolutely NO authority to force Austin Knight to
resign.  He's HER boss, Town Manager reports to Board of Selectman.

6:46 pm edt 

If We Vote NO on the Trash Override, Trash Pickup Stops on June 30th

If we vote NO on the trash override, the BOS and Fin Com
will have to go back to the budget and find a way to pay for trash

That's incorrect.  If we vote no on the trash override, trash pickup
stops on June 30th.  Each individual will be responsible for getting
their trash/recycling to the Transfer Station.  Whether that means
taking it in your vehicle or hiring someone to do it for you, the
town will NOT be picking up your trash.
6:44 pm edt 

To: About the Police Chief

You make a good point.  Does this patchwork way of picking a Police
Chief sound familiar?

It should!   Back in 2001/2002 the then T.M. hand picked a community
based group to help "pick a new outside Police Chief" while he and
his cronie Mark from MMA were behind the scenes getting the best way
to appoint the lacky that they wanted.

What happened?   A dozen police officers left for other Town's, a
young girl died, and you are now approaching the $1,000,000. mark
with his pension, healthcare, legal bills and fancy boarding schools.

Hello?   HISTORY... is that you?
5:24 pm edt 

Re: Signed Sick of this Town

No one is trashing her, Tracy spun her own web and continues too.
It has nothing to do with people hating Doug Taylor. If that
statement is in fact true than that is a different web.
5:23 pm edt 

Re: A New Police Chief:

Unless the candidate selected is Sgt. Lopes (who I hope it is, given
she knows the town and the department), to put a new, untested police
chief in place right as the season is beginning is foolhardy, to say
the least.

Our new Town Manager freely admits it's taken her about a year to get
up to speed here.  Do we want to put the person responsible for our
safety in the same boat, given the tremendous amount of "change" this
new chief is supposed to bring?

Sgt. Lopes is the only logical choice for the job if replacing Acting
Chief Tobias is of such urgency.  If not, choose another of the
candidates (none of whom seem particularly suited to our town) and
let that person segue into the position over the course of the
season, with a reasonable expectation of taking full command by the
middle or end of August.

Personally, I hope common sense prevails and Sgt. Lopes is hired.
5:21 pm edt 

Couture was Boring

At last night's Meet the Candidate's session, I was struck by
the total lack of any meaningful comments by most of the candidates.

Michele Couture's responses to the last set of questions directed
directly to her about her previous votes and decisions were completely

She assumed no responsibility for her consistent high rating of Keith
Bergman and her support for his many projects for which we now are
burdened with debt.

It was pointed out by the questioner that Couture was responsible for
the previous administration's originally declining the DOR's offer to assist
Provincetown in developing proper accounting procedures.

7 1/2 years is long enough. Couture represents more of the same.

I for one have had enough!
4:45 pm edt 

About Police Chief:

I heard that the Police Chief process is down to 4 people.  When was
the community event to question him/her?

Also, what seems to be the rush?  Since January 2007 we have had an
acting chief, now as we get ready for the summer they are trying to
bum rush in another winner while we are all too busy to notice.
4:27 pm edt 

Re: The School Committee's Indepth Evaluation:

A blogger wrote:

"We heard Michele Coutour state at Candidate's night how the
school committee is doing an exhaustive, in depth evaluation of every
conceivable way to increase the number of students in the school.

At the conclusion of this investigation we will know categorically if
the student population will continue to decline or grow."


No.  At the conclusion of this investigation we will know
categorically only what the School Committee wants us to know.  Or
believes they can force us to accept.

Until there is an independent, non-biased evaluation of the situation
with our schools we will never know the true picture.
4:26 pm edt 

Don't Worry Slippery,

There will be plenty of other
submerged hulls on the pier. It's only a matter of time!
4:23 pm edt 

RE: What is the Situation Regarding the Trash Override

If we vote NO on the trash override, the BOS and Fin Com will have to
go back to the budget and find a way to pay for trash removal.

Just as if we vote NO on ALL the overrides, the budget goes back to
them and they will have to revise their thinking.  Hopefully they
will take the suggestion made on the floor of Town Meeting to slash a
small percentage from each department.  If I understood that
correctly, it would eliminate the need for most if not all the
overrides.  Then that revised budget would be taken to the Special
Town Meeting in June for approval of the voters.

Ms. Avellar is already on record saying she thinks it's a good idea. 
If we vote NO on ALL the overrides on May 6th, I bet the other
selectmen will think it's a good idea too.
4:20 pm edt 

Rumor to Cheryl

Is Ted Malone going to be the developer of 90 Shankpainter?
4:18 pm edt 

Michael Again I Question Your logic.

First we pay millions of dollars to educate a few students; then
we provide them with housing? All for being a PHS grad. You have
lost your mind.

Slippery fish (in the hull of  the Chico Jess, sitting on Death Row)
4:17 pm edt 

Yes Indeed:

What a sound bite! Alex's voice strong and firm
and crystal clear speaking the words of "everyman" who works,
struggles here and bought a house.

And mentioning how the selectmen roll their eyes when the fishermen
go before them---damning, damning, damning to them and Alex--the
working class hero!
4:16 pm edt 

Re: Ms Astid Berg's Article

Ms. Astrid Berg presented an article at town meeting to
change the funds from 80% going to affordable housing back to 10%.

Ms. Berg was told that this needed so much study whereas, town
meeting voted to change the 10% to 80% in a flash.

I'd like to go with Ms. Berg to her future meetings with a tape
recorder so no one can say that she didn't do her homework.

It seems that one group she had to go to all voted  yes on her
proposal and then changed their mind at a subsequent meeting.

It would be interesting to have Ms. Berg make a presentation on a
radio program regarding this in the future. I'll check into it.

Hearing Alex's statement at the candidate's night rebroadcast with
all of his contained emotion and feeling was incredibly powerful. I'd
like to hear  him on a radio program discuss this as well.
4:14 pm edt 


I was listening to WOMR when Hamilton came on at 12:30pm
with the tape of Alex talking about affordable housing and stating
that no one came to help him and his wife when they worked three jobs
to buy their house...very powerful...
4:11 pm edt 

To: E. Michael Richards

I talked with Peter Cook at the transfere station and he has been
screening the dirt that will go to 90 Shank Painter.

There will be a tremendous amount of dirt filling in this dump site.
4:10 pm edt 

Michele Couture

We heard Michele Coutour state at Candidate's night how the
school committee is doing an exhaustive, in depth evaluation of every
conceivable way to increase the number of students in the school.

At the conclusion of this investigation we will know categorically if
the student population will continue to decline or grow.
4:08 pm edt 

Bryan Green

Today at the lobster pot 4-6pm...fundraiser for Byran Green.
4:06 pm edt 

Its is Kind of Funny How Everyone Attacks Tracy for Rumors of Sexual Harrasment. ,,,,,,,

.......(still has not been proven) But Austin Knight
can do whatever he wants, it goes to show what you need to be in this
town to get away with everything. You have all ruined someones life
for nothing because people hate Doug Tayler, everyine has skeltons in
there closet, and I know alot of them. So be careful they might just
come out. This is a loss for our children, Oh yeah right your against
them to. Sahron Lynn should force Austin Knight to resign, why hasnt
she because poeple are not tormenting him on MYPACC. How can you
sleep at night knowing what you did to someone.

Signed sick of this towns      
4:02 pm edt 

What is the Situation Regarding the Trash Override

If we vote yes, then the DPW workers get to keep their job? If so,
then I will vote yes for that overrride only.
3:58 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter Rd. Should Go to People in this Order: anyone born in Provincetown or came here as a minor and is
married and has children.
2. Senior citizens who have lived here over 15 years.
3.First Responders.

Other folks can wait for the next housing development.
This is the first of many housing developments paid for with tax
payer money according to Elane who is running for selectman. She said
that Shank Painter Road will be a swath of affordable housing.
3:56 pm edt 

Did You See Mr. Bryant's Candidate Ad in the Banner?

My first impression was this is a man who likes to hear himself talk. 
His ad had a lot of words, but said very little.  Not what we need as
a selectman.

No to Bryant.
3:54 pm edt 

Problems Self-Inflicted

"Other financial oversight observations made in the DOR [MA
Department of Revenue] report include how far behind other Outer Cape
towns Provincetown was in using Proposition 2 1/2 budget overrides
and debt exclusions as financial management tools. Over the 27 years
since Prop. 2 1/2 was enacted, Provincetown has only approved one
operating budget override prior to this months Annual Town Meeting.
That compares to 36 in Truro, 44 in Wellfleet, 37 in Eastham and 14
in Orleans. While the towns have all faced similar fiscal struggles,
the report read, Provincetown stands alone in an unwillingness to use
overrides to generate additional revenue."
- - Provincetown Banner, April 24, 2008, pg. 21

There it is folks the town has cheapened itself to the point of major
infrastructure failing, major cuts in services, lack of money for
even the basics of maintenance and salary increases commensurate with
or just shy of current inflation, etc. Vote for the town proposed
overrides in the upcoming election. While it won't catch us up, at
least it will slow the damage that has been self-inflicted.
3:52 pm edt 

A Question

    Could someone please explain the Herring Cove disaster? I'd
appreciate knowing the details.
     Thanks so much
3:49 pm edt 

Attention: Mr. Bill Dugal Said it All at the Candidate's Night

Mr. Peter Cook was at candidate's night and he spoke about graduating
from Provincetown high school when it was also a vocational school.
He couldn't say enough positive things about it. Lets do it.

We are spending close to $4,000,000 and we have 12 graduating
seniors..I want to find out if we can fill the school with vocational
students; there is no reason not to do this. Lets get people talking
about this.

90 Shank Painter Rd: I want to see it filled with three bedroom
apartments for families with the first priority going to graduates of
Provincetown High school.

In the past, I've been connected with the Housing Assistance
Corporation in Hyannis for fifteen years. Lets make 90 Shank Painter
Rd. affordable for the residents of Provincetown..are you with me

I know a woman in town whose son makes just a little too much money
to qualify for affordable housing...lets try to make this affordable
for him and his family.

It is time to take action and to have 90 Shank Painter Rd. go to the
locals who graduated from High school here. I'll make the calls and
talk to people and see what can be done.
Michael Rogovsky.
3:48 pm edt 

I'm Aghast.

It never dawned on me that Ms. Pam P. resigned
from the board of selectmen because she might inadvertently be
exposing the nefarious dealings of Ted Malone and jeopardizing his
"fair lottery" very interesting.

Watch this space for future developments...
3:42 pm edt 

Chronical TV

Provincetown is on Chronical tomorrow..lets see what they
say..Michael Rogovsky
3:41 pm edt 

Bryan Green

It didn't matter if Byron Green was the last one to speak
at Candidate's Night. I wish that he took the microphone and in a
strong voice stated his views and what he would do as a selectman.

I wanted everyone to forget what the other's said and to concentrate
on Byron Green's message. He threw away a great moment.
3:39 pm edt 

Vocational H. S. School

Do You want to save Provincetown High school and fill it
with students? My proposal is to see if it can be a vocational school
Michael Rogovsky

3:38 pm edt 

We Need Affordable Housing

My proposal is that it be for Provincetown residents *FIRST* who
graduated from Provincetown High school. I propose that it be three
bedroom apartments couples with children. Do you agree?

Michael Rogovsky
3:35 pm edt 

Mr. Bill Dugal Said it All Thursday Night at Candidate's Night

Ten years ago he and the finance committee predicted that
Provincetown would be in this state.

At Candidate's night, Alex spoke about the situation of being a
fisherman in this town. No one helped him to buy his house etc.

Now it is time to publicize the situation. Affordable housing for

It is time to make the school a Vocational school..and fill it to the rafters.

Provincetown citizen
3:33 pm edt 

Chiefs Position:

Why did  he not apply?  Why would he?  Perhaps you don't have all the
facts?  The truth of the matter is that there were a couple of
selectmen who did not want him for political and personal reasons. 
But, what the outside doesn't know, is the truth.  I think maybe the
same people who didn't want him ought to look in the mirror.... 
Rather not get into those facts.........  I think everyone knows? 
The process that was chosen to pick a chief was aweful..   I hope
Provincetown likes what they get?  Good Luck !!

3:29 pm edt 

Regarding the Harbormaster's Office & Staff:

Dear Webmaster, why did you black out so much of this bloggers blog? 
I can't believe it was all @#$%^ and @#$%^.  You haven't held back on
other personal attacks.  Come on give it up!  I'm beginning to find
you untrustworthy.
3:27 pm edt 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation (PPPC) Meeting Minutes of Friday October 26, 2007

Public Statements:
David Dutra: Provided instructions on what to do with the F/V Chico
Jess.  HM has authority to remove vessel.

Director Statements:
George Hitchcock:  Would like to follow-up with David Dutras comment
in regards to the Chico Jess.



We have the Pier Corporation and Rex McKinsey to thank for the Chico
Jess sinking and soon to be dismantled and disposed of.  According to
this weeks Banner the owner was having a problem keeping the boat
afloat on MacMillan a month before she sank. Why didnt McKinsey take
ACTION to remove the Chico Jess. Why does a fisherman on the pier
have to tell him and the board of five landlubblers a boat is in
trouble? Is he/are they that out of touch with what is going on down
on the Pier?

Yes, Mr. McKinsey it looks bad for your department But more
precisely, it looks bad for YOU and your laissez faire management as
said in a letter to the editor this week.


12:41 pm edt 

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Frick's Finger Prints Again

Wasn't it Selectman Couture (aka Frack) that proposed Tracy Trewhella Roderick to
Town Manager Sharon Lynn for the position of Recreation Director.

Everywhere you look there is Michele Couture planting her seeds of 

Seven years are long enough. Lets put her out to pasture.

Vote Green and Bryant 
5:28 pm edt 

Thank You Dr. Andrews

There are many of us that want to be reassured the the right thing is
being done at 90 Shankpainter, be it who is responsible for prepping
the site and where the funds are coming from and when it is truly
ready for development. I also agree with you that when done the
development will be a great asset to our town.
I also beleive there has been some confusion the last few weeks as to
work being done at the dog park, some thinking this site at the end
of Shankpainter is the former burn dump.
Please keep us advised.

E. Michael Richards
5:10 pm edt 

DOR Critcisim of Provincetown

The Department of Revenue has repeatedly criticized the
Town of Provincetown and how it was tracking and managing taxpayers

Has anyone contacted the DOR about the Pier Corporation?
5:08 pm edt 

Re: It's About Time: Tracy Roderick Resigns

No kidding!

Unfortunately, Sharon will probably appoint her assitant town
manager, recommend her for the school committee, orgive her some
highly paid town job. Oh wait, what about Police chief.

Lynn should have fired her(or at least suspended without pay) until
the mess was cleared up.

Again, where oh where is the leadership in this town. How sad.

I don't agree with  everything on this site, but I do think it's
helping to bring some of these messes to light. Keep the pressure on.

I'm anxious to begin the Mary-Jo must Go campaign next. until the
loons aren't running the asylum things will stay the mess they are.
5:05 pm edt 

Re: Herring Cove Disaster Tied to Frack (Anderson)
Oh please, let's focus on the 21st century. You make it sound like
this was just done. True, it's a wreck and a good example of how not
to do things in the future, but come on - it's been that way for at
least a decade.

5:03 pm edt 

One More Thing on PTV

It should be noted that PTV funding is not free money from Comcast.
Cable TV suscribers in P-town pay a percentage as part of their bill
for that money to go to the town for government programming. Cable
advisory boards main charge in most towns is to advise the selectmen
on matters re cable franchise agreements, not management of
accumulated assets from cable licenses, which is always with Town
government oversight. In Orleans the town banked the money for 4
years earmarked for government access programming. After accumulating
over $300,000 they activated channel 18 in Orleans, bought state of
the art equipment and have hired "ONE" full-time qualified individual
who tapes selectmen's meetings and other meetings requested by town
officials, as well as maintains the channel and the web based aspects
of the town operation. The mistake being made in P-town with the
cable funds is they spend it all up every year without looking for a
viable plan for the future. Having been invol!
  ved in local cable license negotiations I see this as problematic
for P-town's PTV cable negotiations in the upcoming license
negotiations for a contract that I believe expires in 2009.

BTW - With 3 PTV employees I don't see why town-paid DPW staff were
involved in moving a rather small operation when PTV seems to have
money to burn.
5:01 pm edt 

Regarding the Harbormaster's Office & Staff:

I have lived here in P-town for going on 20 years. I have a boat on a
mooring in the harbor out in back of my house on Commercial St. I pay
my mooring fees every year in person at the Harbormaster's office.
Let me add that I am not rich! The only Director I know personally is
Kerry Adams (he is my insurance man). I am familiar with George
Hitchcock and Phil Tarvers as well. They are all very competent

I will say that every time (save one) that I have ever done business
at the Harbormasters office, I have been treated courteously and
professionally. The ONLY time I have ever felt uncomfortable was a
brief dealing with .                                                                 

Aside from the one less than professional event, I have dealt with
Rex McKinsey and he has been nothing but a professional gentleman.
The clerical person, John is kind and professional as well. All in
all, the Harbormaster's office and staff are a top notch department
that our town can be proud of.

If you check with the New Bedford Harbormaster, he too will tell you
that old boats sink. It is a fact of life on the water. He might also
tell you that most of the fishermen he knows are great guys. However,
there are always going to be a few that wouldnt give you the sleeves
off their vest! He will also tell you that no one is perfect and that
we are all on this earth for a very short time, so get over
yourselves and MOVE ON!
1:16 pm edt 

90 Shank Painter Road

I have noticed a few questions about how the
current BofS is dealing with the old burn dump that is located in one
section of this 2.5 acre site.

But hey, can you leave my dad's town, Manchester,out of it?
The 2 situations  aren't the same. Those  poor folks in Manchester
were sold a house on top of an uncleaned up , old dump, and
..........didn't know it.

In Provincetown EVERYBODY, thats right, EVERYBODY knows that there
was  an old dump at 90 SPR . We talked about it for hours at 2
different town meetings.

The Town knows that it has a moral and legal obligation to see that
the site is rendered safe. We got a grant to do that, and we have an
agreement for more $$ from Cumby's if the cost goes higher than the
grant. Thats what i recall. If this info, is dated, please someone,
correct it.

What seems to be missing here is a clear explanation of how that
clean up is being done.
Since i am serving you currently on the Housing Authority, and do
wish to see this project happen, and become something we are all very
proud of, i will work to find out what this clean up plan is . I will
report back with whatever i can learn. I know what the plan was a
year ago, but i need to find out what is

So, lets get the truth here. And work for a great and successful set
of decent , affordable rentals. We need them.

Cheryl Andrews

12:32 pm edt 

It's About Time: Tracy Roderick Resigns

     Well, it's about time! You just don't have a serious sexual
harassment case that involves the Director of Recreation and the
former Building Commssioner aiding and abetting and then pretend
nothing has happened. That Sharon Lynn accepted Trewhella's or
Roderick Trewhella's (how many names does this woman
have?)resignation last night means that Sharon did the right thing.

    Now the town can try to move on and get this sexual harassment
case wrapped up. This was a necessary needed step. Now let's get a
qualified and dynamic director in that department.
12:09 pm edt 

Re: Herring Cove Disaster Tied to Frack (Anderson)

Elaine Anderson (aka "Frack") is Co-Chairman of the
Conservation Commission along  with Dennis Minsky. Where
were they, when this travesty was planned and authorized?

Another event brought to you by the team of Frick & Frack.
What a bone-headed mess! Some teach and some do.

Stick to teaching
12:07 pm edt 

Clueless: If I'm Missing Someone That has Been "Standing Around",,,,,,.

That's why they're called "DIRECTORS"! The only one that I ever see
on the pier for any amount of time (early am) is Kerry Adams. I think
it's pretty admirable that the man takes time from his busy day to go
in the Harbormaster's office and talk to the staff. Seems like a
"hands on" sort of guy.

You complain that the pier directors only meet for a few hours a
month and you don't think that they accomplish enough. Then you gripe
because one of them spends a bit of time at the Harbormaster's
office? So which is it?

You hate the barge and you think it was a waste of money, then you
gripe because it's not being used yet! Have I gotten everything right
so far?

A boat with a mechanical problem sinks and it's obviously the
Harbormaster and Pier Corp's fault? Ya, of course it is! In fact
there was another sinking in the harbor last week! Wichmere Harbor!
Should we blame Pier Corp. for that one too???

Why don't you take your gripe fest to one of the other Town
departments? Your record is broken.
11:43 am edt 

Frick's (Couture) Fingerprints Again

If I'm not mistaken, were not Tracy Roderick, former Recreation
Director and her boy friend Doug Taylor, former Building Commissioner,
both protoge's of Selectman Michele Couture.

Didn't she just as late as a few weeks ago propose that Taylor be
appointed to the Planning Board.Thank god for Selectman Lynne
Davies, who refused to consider Taylor for the Planning Board, when
during a BOS meeting Couture tried to appoint Doug Taylor in absentia.

Subsequently, he withdrew his application.
11:39 am edt 

Flash: Tracy Roderick Trewhella Quits!

The word is out on the street that Tracy Driggs Roderick Trewhella, Provincetown
Recreation Department Director has resigned as of Wednesday.

No further information was available.
11:18 am edt 

You Have Got to be Kidding

"She (Couture) does not seem to  genuinely comprehend the
negative affects of her acts."?  You have got to be kidding. You mean
that she doesn't genuinely understand that 2 1/2 overrides increase
taxes? You mean that she doesn't genuinely understand that
blindsiding your collegues at a public meeting and reporting them to
the DA  shows disloyalty and lack of respect producing a noncohesive
group? You mean she doesn't genuinely understand how voting yes to
every expendature brought before the selectmen costs money to
taxpayers? You mean she genuinely doesn't understand the
ramifications of a governing body?  The list goes on.
Couture GENUINELY does not merit ther reelection to the BOS and
anyone who votes for her GENUINELY hasn't followed her actions and
the results of them.
Slippery Fish (waiting to meet the candidates.)
11:03 am edt 

Herring Cove Disaster

Of course the possible contamination of the 90 Shank Painter Road
sight should be delved into, but has anyone noticed what has happened
up at Herring Cove?  Approximately 75 yards from the left end of the
beach parking lot is what I can only describe as an atrocity.  It
appears that those in charge of our seashore (which I understand is
only leased to the National Park Service--albeit for 99 years)
attempted, at some point in the recent past, to pave all the way down
to the high tide mark along the beach. As one can imagine, it didn't
take. As it should be, nature wins. What we're left with are
car-sized chunks of pavement (a petroleum based material) that
stretches for 100 + yards along our shore.  I invite everyone to take
a drive out there, walk just beyond the main parking lot and see what
has occurred. I'm ashamed that people who come here to bask in our
natural offerings will be faced with this mess. Will they believe
that we, as a town, wantonly allowed this to happen!
  ?  A good bit of one of our most prized beaches now looks rather
like the remnants of a highway after an earthquake. Moreover, I
cannot imagine the impact all of this oil based debris is having on
the water, fish, and overall ecology of the bay. I'm certainly
curious as to any answers anyone might offer as to the logic behind
this destruction.
11:01 am edt 

Michael Richards Has a Good Point

     We should make certain we know exactly what the toxic state of
the site at 90 Shank Painter is now. It should be tested again for
the level of these toxic chemicals and the RFP should reflect all
liability--present and future. The  site is toxic and we already know
that lead is in the ground water and that chromium and cadmonium
levels are significant, then how does the town escape being saddled
with future health claims? What happens when those living on top of
the dump start having breathing problems, respiratory illnesses and
even later lung and kidney cancers? Will we find, like Manchester
today, that sadly the town is the one legally responsible and
burdened with major legal and financial bills? Will the Globe be
doing a story about Provincetown as it is doing one about Manchester?
    Let's make sure this doesn't happen.
10:29 am edt 

My Question for Couture

     Why, at a BOS meeting, did you insist and thus block separating
the running of the lottery for 90 Shank Painter from the developer?
And why did you block separating the selection of commercial
businesses from the developer? Instead of establishing fairness in
the new town development, why did you encourage collusion between the
selection process--who gets affordable units--and the developer? Too
much a Ted Malone groupie, my dear?

10:28 am edt 

Re: Frick & Frack

I like the term Frik and Frack regarding Couture and Anderson.  As for
Michele Couture, need I say anymore? She is seven years too long in
the position of Selectman. She is part and parcel of the old regime that
got us into the fix we are in. She worked hand and glove with Keith
Bergman and all of her solutions are just more of the same populist
approach to government. She does not seem to genuinely comprehend
the negative affects of her  acts.

With regard to Elaine Anderson that side-show she orchestrated at Town
Hall meeting with Amy Lawson speaks legends as to what she thinks of
the citizens of Provincetown and what her true philosophy of town governance
She is wedded to the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex, even though
she admitted in the Banner that the Ryan Report was founded on dated
data and that Sandy Hill was a mistake.  

  Let them Eat Cake
10:26 am edt 

Isn't David Mcllelan From Truro

Who is this man? Wasn't he living in Truro before he had to be
legally evicted from the camp ground? And if he just registered here,
is this like affordable housing? Register to vote here one day and
the next run for selectman and then get selected in the "fair"
lottery for affordable housing? Amazing, isn't it?
10:07 am edt 

Bryan and Bryant

     I'm not for Anderson and Couture. That is too much Frick and Frack.

      I think both Bryan and Bryant will bring a new direction, fresh
ideas--they can't be worse than the ones we've been hearing--and
fiscal restraint. Yes, the two: Bryan and Bryant are my choices for
May 6th.
10:05 am edt 

Right About Parmakian

     I too found her to be silent since she walked out the door.
Resigned to advocate forcefully for affordable housing? Not a peep.
Why did she really run? And why did she really ruan away? Was she too
much a target for her boss Ted? Did her position cause too many eyes
to focus on Affordable Ted's business--his old deals and new deals?
10:04 am edt 

90 Shankpainter Property

It would seem to me that before this project moves forward that the
site would be thouroughly tested and any contaimination issues be
addressed immediately. It would also seem to me any clean-up cost
should be the responsibilty of the developer, not the town. If the
developer should not agree to these terms then the deal should be
deemed null and void. I am sure there may be certain legal
ramifications we may need to explore but I will leave that to those

And by the way...hasn't it been absolutely beautiful in Provincetown?
Everything springing to life, the right whales at the National
Seashore, the glorious moon shining over the bay. Gives you the hope
of spring that we can solve our problems!

E. Michael Richards

10:03 am edt 

Re: List of Questions to Ask Candidates

My contribution to the list of questions is as follows:

What is your stance on the reallocation of of CPA funds for Open Land
Purchase, Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing Acquisition
respectively, from the current 10%, 10% and 80% distribution to 10%,
10% and 10%, while making the remaining 70% available to meet 
other current needs,which was the original distribution as is presently
used by most towns?
10:01 am edt 

Thanks to All for the Explanation of PTV Funding

I can now swim freely knowing it is not costing taxpayers more money.
Slippery Fish (watching whales from the mast of the Chico Jess)
9:36 am edt 

Clueless: If I'm Missing Someone That has Been "Standing Around",,,,,,.

.....please clue me in!

Yes, Kerry Adams and the other four PPPC directors who are always
driving down the pier and stopping into the harbormasters office
unnanounced and hanging out.

Can you imagine, the five selectmen constantly stopping by and
hanging out with coffee in the town managers office, or Chief Tobias
having the equivalent of five PPPC bosses coming by unannounced all
the time and hanging out in his office?

No wonder not much gets down on the pier.

9:34 am edt 

Warren Tobias Didn't Even Apply to be Chief

It is his fault that he wasn't up there along with Carrie. He didn't put
his hat into the ring.

Even Meryl Streep had to audition for her role in "Out of Africa"--it
wasn't just handed to her. Now, do you want some cheese with your

I liked the Law & Order Superintendent from New York.
9:30 am edt 

To: Clueless

You forgot to mention the other guy standing
around all day, the harbormaster's personal secretary he hired as
soon as the Pier Corp. got control of taxpayer's money!

Eight months have gone by and the barge he HAD to buy is still
sitting on the pier unused. Do you think Warren would have bought
another police car and let it sit for months unused, do you think
Gurtin would buy a backhoe and let it sit for months unused? Duane
steale was right when he said it's the DUMBEST thing we ever did
having a Pier corporation. I'm sick of paying for their surplus staff
and toys they never use.

Going to Cape Cod Christmas Tree shop today and buying McKinsey's
featherbedded staff rockers for the platform outside his office!
Maybe when the 6th boat sinks, they'll see it!

Clued In
9:28 am edt 

Who Should Be Chief?

Carrie Lopes, of course.  She has all
the qualifications.  Most importantly, she is in, from and of
Provincetown.  Importing strangers is foolish when we have what we
need in the department.  She knows the ropes, the town, the
department, the people.  Anyone else needs to learn and adjust and
adapt, and is probably interested in the job for the $100,000 + per
year with all the other perks.  It is time for the town to take back
the town before there is no town left.

9:25 am edt 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Couture's Advocacy for Overrides

     In today's Banner, we have Couture advocating for overrides as
an important way for handling future budgets. Seem like a vote for
Couture is a vote for continual, numerous and ever-ending overrides.
Is Couture nuts?

      If tax payers are having a hard time now, they will be burdened
even more with Couture's approval of overrides and more and more
overrides to "fix" the town's problems.

     She is wrong-headed--again.
10:58 pm edt 

Police Chef Finalists

     We can only hope that the strongest and most experienced
individuals were selected as the four finalits. Unfortunately what
can happen--and it has happened in Provincetown for major
administrative positions--is that weak candidates are "selected" as
finalists in order to make the pre-selected candidate look stronger
and the best choice.

     When weak candidates are thrown into the mix to strengthen
another candidate, everyone loses. Yes, the pre-selected candidates
looks so much better than the weaker ones but you'll never see how
that person would compare with the strongest candidates that have
been purposefully eliminated. I've been involved in many searches,
and this process happens all to often.

    Let's hope it didn't happen with the chief of police process.

10:57 pm edt 

List of Questions to Ask Candidates

We should come up with a list of questions that the audiance can
ask of the candidates tomorrow.

Maybe we can all contribute. This would be a great service to citizens that
might not feel certain or are unsure of themselves relative to issues
confronting the town.

O.K. I will start: (1)"Would you be willing to review and modify the budget 
                            if the Overrides fail?"
                       (2) "And if your answer is yes, what items would you
                             remove or reduce from the general budget and replace 
                             with those essential items that are now  indicated as

These are just starters. I am sure we can come up with lots more.                     
10:55 pm edt 

Toxic Site and Housing Don't Reality MIx

     The article in the Boston Globe referenced by some blogger today
is interesting and a lesson, I think, for Provincetown. Only in
trying to sell their house did the Gesner's face the reality that
their house in Manchester-by-The-Sea was built on a on old burn dump
site and is now contaminated. Does this sound like something that
just might happen here?

     When the site was tested, it was found to contain "high levels
of chrominum, arsenic, cadmium, lead and other chemicals in the
soil." These are the hazardous materials that are left when the land
has been a burn dump. And what was 90 Shank Painter in the 1950s? A
former burn dump for the town. And what toxic chemicals do you think
have already been discovered there? Chromium, cadmium and lead, to
name a few.

     The house cannot be sold. The couple have moved but still own
the house. And the land must be cleaned up. Who is left with the high
cost of cleaning the land? As the Town Administrator of
Manchest-By-the-Sea says: "Regreattably, I think the town of
Manchester is going to be the deep pocket here."

      And this may come to haunt Provincetown when people are living
atop this burn dump at 90 Shank Painter and we find that that soil is
still contaminated. Who will pay for the clean up? With our 99 year
lease to a developer, Provincetown will be left will the cost.

     Can't we ever act and grasp the potential consequences of our
decisions? It amazes me.

10:33 pm edt 

To Who Is the Potential Chief:

I along with several others, attended both nights as the candidates
for chief gave their presentations.  The first candidate I felt as
though changed jobs too often...  The second candidate had some in
house issues not explained... The third candidate was very strong
willed... The forth candidate also has had some past issues not
explained....  So... where do we go from here?   It's a damn shame
that they let Tobias go.....  He was a 32 year veteran, who knew the
town and the people in it and has an un-blemished record....  WOW...
how can we make such a mistake?  Now, we will start all over again
and moral will again start to slip....  This is a sad commentary to
have to start all over again.....   It's a good thing that most of
the officers there have enough experience to hold their own....
I was very disappointed in the process....
Good Luck Ptown Police You're on your own !
10:16 pm edt 

TO THE AUTHOR OF: To Mr. McKinsey is Stretched Too Thin:

First of all, his job is the pier.  If he is handling other things as
well, why doesn't he designate one of his 4 Assistants to do
something other than stand around.  If the police have to wear two or
three hats why shouldn't he?  Come on people.. It's not rocket
science. Uf he's the boss he can dish out some of his duties to the


Maybe you could tell us who the "assistants" are that are standing
around waiting for orders?? The Harbormaster is on duty Mon-Fri.
There is an Asst Harbormaster (Luis Ribas) who works 5 days. He is in
charge of maintenance and upkeep. There is ONE Assitant HM on at
night when Rex and Luis are off, that is(Duane Steele). The there is
one part time person to fill in for those three people when they are
off. If am missing someone that has been "standing around", please
clue me in!


10:14 pm edt 

Hello, Hello Anyone Out There!

 Will someone please tell me how Provincetown Tax Payers can
get the attention that is lavished on all of the special interests?

The only time it is *our turn* is when we have to pay for everything.
No one thinks about the tax payer otherwise.

I might as well just sign my pay check over to the special interests.
When anyone questions the millions of dollars spent on the schools or
spending $2,000,000 on land for affordable housing all we get is
contempt from people.

I feel absolutely helpless.
10:12 pm edt 

Getting the Facts Sorted Out About PTV

Its true. The comcast license fees go to the town, and are used to
fund the Cable Advisory Commission's budget (this commission is
appointed by the BofS).

A few years ago, the head of the Commission, Catherine Russo,
complained to the selectmen, that not all of the money was going into
the CAC budget, and that the money not used in a given year, was
getting diverted back into the general fund. Barbara Rushmore noticed
the same problem with the Tourism Fund.

As chairman of the board, i agreed with both women, that the dollars
should stay in their budgets.So did a majority of the Board.  We
asked Alix the accountant to segregate the funds for the Cable
Advisory Commission, so that 100% of the license fees would go
towards their annual budget.

If that policy has changed, its news to me. The last time i saw one
of their budgets, the amount of annual licensing fees was approx 

This budget is managed by the Cable Advisory Commission which is a
volunteer board that has 4 members currently with 2 open seats.
Go online to read about their mission.

Cheryl Andrews

10:10 pm edt 


I hope the Comcast money is not going into the general fund. If that
is the case then there is a good chance that the next time an
agreement is required with Comcast they will bring up that the money
was designated for government and municipal programming and that it
was misappropriated by the town. That happened in Barnstable a few
years back, they were denied any more money by the cable company. As
far as Provincetown being the only town that funds their government
programming that way: simply not true. Harwich, Dennis, Brewster,
Orleans, Eastham, all do it. But liability issues make those town
governments the sole oversight so therefore only Town government
programming is allowed and not public access TV as is done in Orleans
at channel 17. I have seen PTV programs on channel 17 that were not
government programs or even town government related. It's
questionable the legality of PTV operating like a non-profit
community access TV entity as I've seen on 17.

10:07 pm edt 

Town Finances

Sounds to me like there are easy funds to be had if te BOS would make
an effort.

Tourism fund - OK, maybe funded by the room tax, but the room tax
could be used for other general fund items(trash) if it's budget was

PTV - OK, funded by Comcast, but how much could go back to the
general fund if we got rid of one or two employees.

What else is out there like tist?

Seems to me that BOS members are reluctant to make cuts because they
have friends and family in these jobs and are just too connected to
do the right thing.

I'm liking the idea of David Cleveland more and more for BOS. Let's
get someone who is not connected and unbiased to take a look at the
10:05 pm edt 

Could Someone Tell Me?

Thanks for your insights. keeping the recreation director in her
position seems to support and allow her to continue to discriminate. 
Did Sharon lynn attend the the sexual harassment meetings she put in
place? maybe she should.

10:03 pm edt 

Re: Recreation Director

Why is the recreation director still employed by the town?
I heard she is still abusing her power. She is rude and is not open
to any new ideas. This is what recreation is about?

10:02 pm edt 

Boston Globe Today Page B1 Headline:


Records hint of '50's dump on Manchester Property.
Regarding houses built on an old burn dump.

Following the discovery of high levels of chromium, arsenic, cadmium,
lead, and other chemicals in the soil, the state Dept of
Environmental Protection is insisting that the site be cleaned.

Woe to the tax payers of the town regarding 90 Shank painter. Leave
it to Provincetown to spend a million dollars on a hazardous waste
9:47 am edt 

There is No Year Round Industry

The summer workers are returning from their winter sojourns
and the locals on unemployment are returning to work. One would have
to be blind not to see that Provincetown is only a summer resort.

There is no year round industry. Even the business owners interviewed
in the banner recognize the ingrained seasonal worker situation.

We are too far from Boston for a bio-tech or an education-fueled
enterprise. Who will work at these jobs if a business moves here
anyway when people work in the summer and collect in the winter.

  The cape is a retirement community. The jobs in Provincetown are
overwhelmingly jobs in the service industry and trades--and all of
the  jobs related to the town paid for by Provincetown tax payers.
9:44 am edt 

To: I Think This Town Has Had Enough Quirky Lately

Quirky is what Provincetown has always been.  Do you remember the
Pilgrims?  Please tell me they weren't a bit "quirky."

If you don't like quirky, move to Nantucket or the Vineyard.  It
ain't quirky there...

One of the things that makes Provincetown what it is -- call it
unique, call it differet, hell, call it whatever you want --- is the
fact that it's quirky.  Something I hope never changes...
9:42 am edt 

Could Someone Tell Me.........

.....why the town used town workers to clear land they are GIVING
to a developer? Why didn't the developer pay to have this done?
Was that part of the deal? Was that the same sort of deal that used
town workers to move PTV into the old library?

Is that rent going into the general fund? How much rent was collected
from Deconess for use of that building as a sales office for the last
3 years?,,,why do I think that if anyone bothers to ask we will find
out that the previous administration had some sort of deal...isn't
that the answer to everything that has gone on since Sharon Lynn took

I would like to suggest that before we have another State of the Town
address that we take a good look at what the Town Manager has
accomplished...besides creating another middle managment job...David
Gardner...she quickly replaced Bill Schneider the tourism director 
because he lied about being on Oprah but is continuing to support and
employ a woman with serious sexual harrasment charges against her and
a proclivity to express her sexuality in public...and she works with
kids! How many taxpayers were treated to the           parade during Town

Oh yea, before I end I would like to point out to everyone that reads
this blog=Sharon Lynn asked the DPW workers to take a cut in pay,
they voted not to, that 3% override is for all the overpaid
department heads...NOT for the people that actually work for a
9:40 am edt 

So Who is the Next Potential Chief?

Did anyone attend the meetings today interviewing the candidates for
the position? Any names? Any insight?
9:35 am edt 

Truth be Told

I had a dream candidate who I wished was in
this race for selectman. He had passion; but he felt that he wasn't
knowledgeable enough. I tried to tell him that he would learn--it
isn't rocket science. He was ready--and then he wasn't.

I hope that he will be at the candidate's night tomorrow. I don't
want to embarrass him, but I'm going to write in his name on May 6th.

I'm writing this now because of my admiration of this passion which
is for good governement and not for any special interest. Plus, I'm
not the only one who feels this way.

A Provincetown Citizen.
9:34 am edt 

Candidates Night!

I'm straining at the bit to get to candidate's night. Can
we ask more than one question?
9:32 am edt 

This is to Hey...

Comcast gives the Town of Provincetown money not PTV.  PTV is funded
through the town budget process.  PTV does not get all of Comcast's
money, just the portion approved.  The rest goes into the general
fund, which is much more than $60K.

You are missing the details.
9:28 am edt 

I Wonder How Many of You Will be at Candidate's Night to Ask Questions?

It is going to be broadcast live.

Mr. Cleavland wishes to close the school--I want to hear him say this
publicly for the whole town to hear that we have 11 graduating
seniors and the cost to tax payers is beyond reason.

I want to hear why affordable housing isn't being built for families
since we need students in the school. Instead, it Appears that it is
being built for everyone connected to Ted Malone.

I want to hear if the selectmen recognize the severity of the
override to be used only for emergencies.

What questions do you want answered?
9:27 am edt 

To: "Two Wrongs Don't Make it Right"

Once the true voters of Provincetown (not the special interest
groups) defeat all of the BOS's 2 1/2s, it will be up to them, our
Town Manager & the Fin Com. to make it right. We won't be scared off
by your Town Hall Meeting tactics. Your plan is going to back fire
come May 6. When the time comes to point fingers at who is
responsible for all the trash mounting up on the side of our roads on
July 1st, it won't be the taxpayers fault, (your people moved the
question before anyone could speak against it)B it will be our town
government at its worst. Maybe we should invite all the local &
national TV stations to come down to witness a true Taxpayers
revolution. This is a recession and there's a lot more people living
in this beautiful town who have no means of passing their tax
increases on to someone else.  It's not just about trash, its about
taking that extra $45.00 tax increase away from buying medicine, food
& fuel.  You spenders make it sound like its no big deal....BUT IT IS
9:24 am edt 

Slippery Fish

Just to let you know, Comcast writes their check to the Town of
Provincetown and the town oversees the PTV budget.  We're the only
town that does it that way.  DPW workers moving PTV actually saved
you money.  Now the town has even more money to pilfer from the PTV
9:20 am edt 

To Mr. McKinsey is Stretched Too Thin:

First of all, his job is the pier.  If he is handling other things as
well, why doesn't he designate one of his 4 Assistants to do
something other than stand around.  If the police have to wear two or
three hats why shouldn't he?  Come on people.. It's not rocket
science.   If he's the boss he can dish out some of his duties to the
9:19 am edt 

The Taxpayers are NOT Currently Funding the Tourism Fund

The Tourism Fund is funded by room tax that use to go into
the general fund and therefore used to pay town expenses.  So don't
tell me that the tax payers are not subsidizing the tourism fund.
If I'm incorrect on this, please, let me know.
Big Picture Viewer
*  *  *  *
The taxpayers are NOT currently funding the Tourism Fund.  The room
tax revenue from tourist visiting Provincetown are funding it.  So
technically none of your real estate tax dollars are funding the
Tourism Fund.  In fact, a good portion of the room tax revenue from
our tourists goes back into the town coffers, in the Wastewater
Enterprise Fund (or something similar).

On a related point:
Do we ever get an accounting of the Wastewater Enterprise Fund?  How
much was taken in, how much was paid out, what's the balance in the
9:18 am edt 


I am voting NO, and I hope it does send a message.

As for money being acocunted for, budgets can always be re-worked. If
the trash being voted down is not cause for a re-look at a bad budget
then perhaps the town deserves a filthy season and a crisis to
cleanse ourselves of the idiots steering the ship.

Perhaps Mary Jo should reserve her crazy rants for things that deserve a rant!
9:15 am edt 


It's about time someone brought up PTV. What it really is
is a private little club where a few unqualified individuals have
managed to find an unquestioned cash flow. The Banner gets it wrong
all the time. PTV is not channel 17. Channel 17 is in Orleans and is
a public access TV station that PTV programs are played on. PTV is
supposed to be P-town government programming. There are three (last I
heard) employees at PTV. I've been there and they are not
knowledgeable about using the equipment, that is if they are there. I
gave up using the place a couple of years ago, as I felt that I was
not welcome, and went to Orleans for training, where they are
friendly, professional and a lot more knowledgeable. Although I think
the Selectmen's meetings are worthwhile, though poorly produced, I
certainly don't think that it requires three employees with their own
building. Isn't PTV accountable to town hall? There should be an
accounting, because what I saw going on there at Wh!
  alers Wharf was Pretend TV (PTV) There's just one guy in Orlean at
Channel 17 who does all the training, programs the channel, etc. Why
is there three at PTV?
9:14 am edt 

90 Shank Painter and the Gigantic Hole

Add me to the list of people that are very pleased we will have
affordable rentals, but wishes the town had figured out how to leave
a few of the trees along the road during the big dig. Thank god peter
souza isn't here. He'd  have a protest stopping traffic up and down
the street by now.

So, has a developer been selected for the project?
If so, why haven't we heard.

If not, why are we spending money to dig this hole?
And if our DPW workers were cleaning up a hazardous area, why wasn't
their skin covered? I still don't get this part of the story.

Missing the Trees, but can see the Forest
9:12 am edt 

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You've Missed the Point

     You can be for affordable rentals and still be against cutting
down all the trees. It is just butt ugly and could have been handled
with more green sensitivity. Why does ugliness need to be linked with
affordable housing? It doesn't and shouldn't.

     Now we value some trees but cut down others. Sounds like the
same people who killed off the seagulls here and then gassed the
cormorants in Orleans. Robins and bluebirds are fine but not these

    Some weeds are beautiful. You're rationale is plain moronic.
12:51 pm edt 


The day I take a nice litle swim from the Chico Jess
and what do I see? 5 DPW town employees moving PTV into the Freeman
building.  Since Comcast gives PTV $60,000 a year, why are the
taxpayers of Provincetown paying for the move?  Isn't $1,000 a month
rent enough from the taxpayers for the Freeman building?(another item
for discussion).

Slippery Fish (heading back to the Chico Jess in disgust)
12:49 pm edt 


If you think by voting 'no' on the trash over ride that the selectmen
are just going to move things around to keep trash pick up, you're

the general budget was approved AS IS and that is sans trash.  there
is no money in the budget for trash pick up.  the money in those
accounts is accounted for.  no one is going to go back in and juggle
things around.  the selectmen do no have the power to go back and
readjust a budget after it has been approved.

voting 'no' on the trash pick up means that as of july 1st, there
will be no trash pick up.

and if you think voting 'no' is going to send them a message,  i'm
pretty sure they already got the message that they screwed up.  they
know they got it wrong.

two wrongs don't make a right.  keep our town clean, vote 'yes' on
the trash over ride.
10:26 am edt 

Dear Kerry Adams,

You might not be signing your blogs but the municipal finance
director has already found irregularities in the Provincetown Public
Pier Corporation's financial statements that Miss Nagel has pointed
out and that you signed off on. I guess you didn't watch the BOS on
cable this past week and heard the Town's municipal finance director
agree with Miss Nagle. Perhaps you will be asked to step down as
Treasurer when the Finance Committeelooks at your sloppy statements.

10:24 am edt 

Re : "It's spellted TRASH not THRASH."

Are you by any chance the person who reprimanded Bryan about his use
of "Grammer"? (Who as we all know lives with "Gramper").

My point... typos happen.
10:22 am edt 

It's Earth Day: Let's Celebrate

     Just look around. It's a fabulous place with much beauty.
Provincetown sweeps graciously into itself and moves towards the sea.
The sands stretch outwards in salt-washed movements. The daffodils
explode; the maples and black cherry trees explode with buds of color.

     It's a wonderful day to celebrate and honor Earth Day. Nature
and Provincetown's lands are vulnerable and fragile as well as
beautiful. Learning to honor what we love makes Earth Day well worth
10:12 am edt 

Vast Knoweldge and Vision?

     Oh, brother! Here is the oxymoron: vast knowledge equals Michele
Couture. And here is the second one: Michele Couture equals vision.

      A course in Selectman 101 would be helpful. Look again. You're
eyes are distorting what you see and your mind is twisting reality.
Or was this really a joke and you were trying to make us laugh?
10:11 am edt 

Re: Candidates Night

Luckily I'll be able to get out of work early to attend the
candidates night--I hope that it doesn't stop at 7pm if the questions
are hot and heavy.
10:09 am edt 

Can You Say Law Suit From a Health Hazard in Ten Years

Could it be that the toxins in the ground are absorbed into
all of the plants growing at 90 Shank Painter Rd and thus
*everything* needs to be removed?

What about the toxins in the land around there from the rain off from
the burn dump?

Why don't we make a playground on that site for town kids and let
them play there for a few summers making mud pies and playing jump
rope and kick ball before we allow other people to live on the site
if it is so safe.

Can you say law suit from a health hazard in ten years; better have a
disclosure/disclaimer clause in HIGH LIGHTED BOLD LETTERS for every
tenant there to sign--and they better not grow any vegetables--or dig
too deep and put a hole in the toxin barrier.
10:08 am edt 

Re: Pam Parmakian

the question was called before Ms. Pam P., who was in line
at the microphone, could get a chance to speak.
10:05 am edt 

Please Accept That the Rentals Will be Built

First it was an artical that was defeated at town meeting,
then it was a big land giveaway, then it was DPW workers get strange
rash because of some evil dump waste that turned out only to be
poison ivy, now that same person wants us to think that the big ole
bad DPW are cutting down all the nice trees at 90 Shank-Painter Road.
Sorry wrong again they are not trees but large invasive plants that
can even grow thru cracks on NYC highrise roofs and on the dunes of
the cape. Some people can even get a bad rash from this plant. Please
accept that the rentals will be built and give the slum loards and
over priced codo renters in town a little bit of good all American
10:03 am edt 

To the anti 90 Shank-Painter Road Person Who has Nothing to do But Complain.......
...... that all of the tress were cut down. The (trees) that
were taking down are an invasive plant that grows anywhere and takes
over if you let it. It is NOT a native tree. And if you look closer
the good trees that Barbara Rushmore planted years ago on the
property will now be able to grow tall and strong.Thank you
Provincetown for finally doing right! The forty rentals to be built
there are very much needed.
9:59 am edt 

Police Chief Interviews

     Looks like Tuesday at 4 p.m. and then continued on Wednesday at
5 p.m., there will be the public interviews of the individuals who
are the applicants for the Chief of Police. It should be interesting
but somehow, I don't know exactly why, but I do think the person has
already been selected. It wouldn't be the first time that that has
happened even with an apparent open and objective interview process
where the finalists are "interviewed." Somehow, Provincetown has a
way of staging "done deals" when the appearance is fair, balanced and

      So go and see the interviews. Maybe it is a pseudo-event--I
think we are getting to be experts on these-- or maybe, just maybe,
it will prove to be true and honest.
1:17 am edt 

Just A Question

     Didn't Pam Parmakian say she was resigning as selectman because
she wanted to actively advocate for affordable housing and couldn't
do that in her position on the board. Really? Did anyone hear her
advocate or ask pertinent affordable housing questions at the State
of the Town meeting? And then at the first night of Town Meeting, did
anyone hear Pam Parmakian rise to ask and advocate for affordable
housing issues? Did she do this the second night? Did she ever speak
even at the third night of Town Meeting?

     Something's amiss here. Yes, she resigned. But not to be able to
realy speak her mind. Parmakian was silent and that she could have
done as selectman. So why did she resign?
1:16 am edt 

Some Places are Planting Trees

     But, here, we cut them all down. I couldn't believe that not
even one tree was left standing on 90 Shankpainter Road. For a town
that likes to believe it has a level of sensitivity, that it is
eco-friendly and cares about open space, how does this mass cutting
of anything that was alive happen? Here, in Provincetown, under the
guidance of town officials and with the blessing of the CPC, this is
what is done to over two acres of land? Are we in the backwoods of
some other state? Is this what a tourist-driven, visitor-friendly,
ecologically enlightened Cape Cod town does? Someone should be held
responsible for this abomination.

     If you're on the CPC, do you think you're work is done when you
vote? You bought the land. Why does your responsibility--or the
town's-- end when you walk out of your meetings? This is just
shameful and it was sacntioned with town monies. What happened at 90
Shankpainter is an environmental disaster.

1:14 am edt 

Check the Town Report:

David Gardner's position is listed as Assistant Town Manager not
Assistant TO the Town Manager.  There is a BIG Difference!

Your not paying attention to the details.

1:11 am edt 

Dear Candace

You may not be signing all of your blogs but your tone cannot be
hidden.  What will you do when the Fin Com finds no improprieties? 
If were lucky you will self implode.
1:09 am edt 

To Concerning Wareham's Fireworks-

It's spellted TRASH not THRASH.  Everytime you spell it Thrash we
know it's from you.  Try and get it right.
1:08 am edt 

To the Recycling Committee:

When will all of the convenience stores, liquor stores, and all other
establishments that sell beverages in recyclable containers be
required to offer bins/deposit centers?  I thought there was a by-law
or state law that required this?

Green Monster

1:07 am edt 

I Think I am Correct

The Tourism Fund is funded by room tax that use to go into
the general fund and therefore used to pay town expenses.  So don't
tell me that the tax payers are not subsidizing the tourism fund.

If I'm incorrect on this, please, let me know.

Big Picture Viewer

1:06 am edt 


     Maybe Elaine Anderson went to Maine to help Amy Lawson find
Affordable Housing. Oops, I mean Community Housing.
     It's funny how they both disappeared after Town Meeting.
     Or maybe she's joining Hillary on the campaign trail in PA.. It
just seems that she ain't doing much campaigning for her own
candidacy here in Provincetown.
     I can't recall the last time I saw her at a Selectmen's meeting
that wasn't in relationship to the various committees she serves on.
     Reporting Live from Town Hall,
Rossana Danna

1:04 am edt 

Dear Citizens

You are looking at what is right in front of your face; please look
at the broader picture.

Overrides for fireworks and trash pick up? Why are we in such debt?
Is the school in debt? 12 graduating seniors and it costs us over

Assistants to assistants and housing specialist in a town of 3,200 residents?

Go to the polls and let your voices be heard. Town meeting is packed
with special interests looking after their own pay check and
continuing the status quo. Don't just look--try to understand. Things
need to change; if not, then you will pay the price as you carry the
burden of the town on your backs and then on your children's back and
your grand children's infinitum
1:02 am edt 

Thrash vs Trash
Thrash, verb, to flog; to defeat soundly.

Trash, noun, worthless refuse; rubbish.
        verb , to top off, as branches, leaves, etc.

     There have been numerous postings using the spelling "thrash"
where I believe the posters meant to spell "trash". On the other
hand, perhaps they choose to use "Thrash".

     In regards to Article 2A. Residential curbside collection of
solid waste and recyclable materials, in other words, "trash".
     Let's "thrash" it. Defeat it soundly, vote "No".
     Bring it back to the BOS and Fin Com. Perhaps they need to be
"thrashed" in order to finally figure out what they can and should
really "trash".

     Gotta go and take my "trash" out tonight or I'll get "thrashed"
tomorrow by the MRS..


1:00 am edt 

One Question Begs Many Answers

Who knows when a simple question leads to the unraveling of
untold secrets. Ms. Candice N. makes inquiries about the Pier corps
and looks what unfolds.

Someone makes inquiries into the machinations of the head of a condo
association and look at the unraveling that occurs: everything from
cooking the books to fraudulent IRS statements and the result is 30
years of embezzlement. Now we await the intending lawsuit.
Corruption, corruption, corruption. Await the headlines in the banner.

How interesting; one question can lead to the unraveling of who knows
how much corruption.

Forget the past? Ha! prosecute it to the fullest extent of the law.
12:58 am edt 

Elaine Anderson... indeed i town.  she and her wife came back from vacation last week.

doesn't change my vote though, i'm going for michelle couture and
bryan green.  and you folks who think george bryant would be good for
the town, you're as nuts as he is.

say what you want about michelle, but she comes to the meetings
prepared and well read.  there is no need to take someone off the
board with her vast knowledge about many issues facing the town.  
the board will change and she will no longer have the ability or the
support to pursue her pet projects, but do not discount her knowledge.

mary-jo picks up her selectman packet before the meetings and reads
them as the meeting goes on.  her laizes-faire attitude about her job
is appalling.  the board had to postpone the approval of apparently
months of past meeting minutes because she didn't have the time to
read them.

she also stood at town meeting and told the voters that pulling the
over ride items out of the budget was a mistake.  a budget she
approved two weeks prior, but changed her mind because of all the
flack she was getting.

i want people on the board who will stand by their convictions and
actually own them.  people who have vision, an understanding of
budgets and who will work cohesively to improve our town and our

mary-jo is pulling the board down and she needs to be reigned in. 
the future board should never tolerate her demeaning, arrogant
12:55 am edt 

@ An April Prediction:

I barely agree.

American tourism will cut both ways, IMO. Whatever we earn from
vacationers who limit themselves to P'town instead of, say, a grand
tour of Europe will be offset by day-trippers deterred by gas prices
($3.50/gallon for unleaded regular at every filling station in town).

I do think that foreign tourists will save the day...this summer. How
otherwise at nearly $1.60/Euro and who-knows-what vs. the Canadian

Yet I believe we're whistling past the graveyard. For my facts and
opinions leave no room for error, and God help us should the US
recession go global.

  - Laughing Last
12:53 am edt 

Monday, April 21, 2008

What's Up with Elaine Anderson?

Has Anderson opted out of the selectmen race?

Seems she's on vacation for the next two weeks.

Maybe, she decided to not waste her time.

Lets hope so!
7:29 pm edt 

To: Update Requested

The word is that the investigation of the mypacc computer theft is on-going and that photos, fingerprints and GPS coordinates are being analyzed.

It is curious that the investigation involves Local, County and Federal authorities.

7:23 pm edt 

Does Anyone Know Anything About the Cape Inn?

Are they going to open the restaurant? It used to be such a great place to eat,
good price and good food. Some guys from NY ran it two seasons ago...
7:12 pm edt 


I have decided there is enough parking for
visitors in Provincetown!  There is NOT enough when you allow
"residents" to confiscate parking spaces for WEEKS on end.  I was in
PT for 50 days over six months, and find that residents hog metered
spaces overnight, for weeks. This allows those guest house
owners/managers to give up space on their property for guests to
park, but it cuts down significantly on the metered spaces left for
us to park. I suggest there be a limit on the length of time a
"resident" can confiscate a parking spot without ticketing/towing. 
You are so free to ticket a non-resident who has spent 60-90 minutes
hunting for a space only to park for a few minutes to pick up a take
out lunch, but "townies" get special privileges.  And speaking of
special privileges, why can "townie" trucks park right in front of
the movie theater area and not get ticketed when they park illegally?
  Not on one occasion, but constantly.  Police just cruise on by!
  ....apparently looking for a visitor to ticket.  Just give "guest
metered" spaces back to whom they were intended-VISITORS, and not
allow "townies" to hog them for weeks.  Thanks
7:04 pm edt 

Concerning Wareham's Fireworks

     I'm not surprised to read that Wareham is working hard to raise
the money for its fireworks this year--and did you notice that they
will not be having them on the Fourth but on the Fifth? That is
because once you lose your spot on the list, you cannot have the
Fireworks on the Fourth for many, many years. Wareham said no last
year and this year they are scrambling to even have the fireworks on
the Fifth. There is a lesson here for us in Provincetown.

     I had heard that Wareham's businesses suffered significantly
from not having the fireworks and the visitors were reduced and many
businesses suffered.

    Sometimes, you only know the consequences when you don't have
what you always had. Some can see ahead--but others are blind until
it happens.

      Did you also notice that they are ONLY trying to raise $20,000?
They do not have to pay for thrash pickup;they do not have to pay for
police overtime; they do not have to pay for ambulances. But, here,
in Provincetown, that entire bill--all overtime and state police and
lunches for the crew--are included in the cost of the fireworks.
Who's the accountant here?

     Since we already have $14,000 from last year's fundraising, if
we were only paying for the fireworks and the barge, we would only
have to raise another $8,000. However, Provincetown is stuffing
everything and every person and every thrash bucket pick-up, and
every overtime into the so-named "Fireworks" budget. Even the
fireworks are being asked to carry budget items that should be part
of the general budget.

     Yes, Wareham. You are a key lesson. If only some can learn from
Wareham's mistakes.
7:02 pm edt 

Vote for George Bryant Because He's quirky?

  I think this town has had enough quirky lately.

-A town employee has filed a sexual harassment complaint against a
Selectman, that's a quirky I can do without.
-A former town employee has filed a sexual harassment complaint
against a town employee and her boyfriend, the former building
commissioner, that's a quirky a I can do without.
-Our former tourism director lied about his book and Oprah's book of
the month club and his discussions with Oprah, that was a quirky I
could do without.
-Our quirky former town manager contributed a great deal to our
current financial situation.

We don't need any more quirky characters in town government, we need
sane, reasonable people.  I can do without Mr. Bryant's quirkyness. 
I'm not voting for him.
7:00 pm edt 

From What I Understand, Mr. Gardner is Not the Assistant Town Manager

I believe that the title is assistant TO the town

I read in the Cape Cod Times today that Provincetown received a grant
to pay for the retrieval of the Chico Jesse.

The town must be in desperate financial straits to have to resort to
overrides and it is due to the fact that it financed too many big
city items on a small town tax base--and they were all voted in at
town meeting.

Too bad these big ticket items weren't overrides that we could have
voted down at the ballot box.
4:31 pm edt 


From South Coast Today.Com:

Fundraising for fireworks continues

April 16, 2008 6:00 AM
WAREHAM  Thanks to donations from residents and local businesses, the
Wareham Fireworks Committee has raised $8,000 so far for the annual
Onset fireworks display, scheduled for Saturday, July 5.

Three local organizations  the Onset Bay Association, Wareham Village
Association and Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce  teamed up
to raise money for the event, which was put on hold last year after
town officials voiced concerns that they would not have enough
personnel to guarantee public safety.

This year, the Fireworks Committee is hoping to raise $20,000 for the display.

Organizers have said they hope the town will be able to pay for other
costs, including fire and police details and insurance.

"This is an extraordinary event that brings in people from all over
the region and state, and we are committed to bringing the fireworks
back to Wareham," Lauren Besse Cardin said in a news release. She is
co-chairing the committee with Jamie Cubellis Souza.

The committee has been writing appeal letters and contacting
corporate sponsors to raise funds. Donations can be sent to the Town
of Wareham Fireworks Fund, Treasurer/Collector's Office, 54 Marion
Road, Wareham, MA 02571.


WHY can't we do the same here?  Thanks to the business owners we
already have $14,000 left over from last year.  Form a Citizens
Fireworks Committee to raise the balance needed for this year
($9,000) and say NO on the override for a permanent tax increase to
produce the fireworks display.

Let the BOS go back to the budget and find the means to fund the
additional services required on Independence weekend, which should
have been part of the overall budget in the first place.  If we vote
NO on the override, they have no other option.  These services will
be needed with or without fireworks, to have wrapped them into a
"fireworks" override was disingenuous to say the least.

Send a message to Town Hall that their preying on our sense of
patriotism will not stand.

Vote NO on the override and let the citizens join with the business
owners and pay for the show itself.  Surely those of us who want the
fireworks can, through small contributions of just a few dollars
each, make them happen WITHOUT a permanent tax hike.
4:29 pm edt 

Update Requested
How about an update about the status of the stolen computer?
4:26 pm edt 

Great Insite

"Not only do we have a right to know, we have a duty to
know what our Government is doing in our name. If there's a criticism
to be made today, it's that the press isn't doing enough to put the
pressure on the government to provide information."
Walter Cronkite - 3/28/02, PBS

4:25 pm edt 

Contamination From Burn Dump

If the 90 Shankpainter area is the site of an old burn dump, when
trash and all refuse was burned without regard for the environment,
has a site assessment been done similar to the one that was done at
the old burn dump at the sewer treatement plant years ago prior to it
being built? As I recall, lots of lead dust and other chemicals were
found in the sand. Lead from paint and old car batteries were the
main culprits. They even closed down the area to the kids riding dirt
bikes out there for fear of contamination. And they want to put
housing above this site? wow
4:23 pm edt 

Shifting Sands

I have dug literally thousands of holes on the lower cape. Virgin
soil is solid enough to build on but FILL, not compacted right, will
settle over time and shift the homes and buildings. Ask the builder
who, years ago, built the home at the corner of Pilgrim Heights and
Bayberry Ave. Dug out the hill, filled out the drop off to make it
flat. The half of the house on the fill sunk and is still settling 15
years later. Good luck with 90 Shankpainter. Fill it how many feet
4:21 pm edt 

Concerning Fireworks Fundraising

The Fireworks Fundraising Comittee can't just assume that the
fireworks will happen because the override passed at Town Meeting. It
takes Two to Tango and the voters must approve or disapprove the
override on May 6th. So until this issue is resolved at the town
level and since the BOS decided to make the fireworks an override
issue, the Fireworks Fund Raising Committee is on hold.

     If the voters say no to the Fireworks override, there will be no
money in the budget. The committee was committed to raising
$25,000--but not $78,000. When the ballot issue is resolved, then the
Fireworks Fund Raising Committee will act accordingly.

     Hope that answers your question.
4:19 pm edt 

I Agree With Untouched by Schools...

The few parents that I know who send students to the schools here do
not own property here and do not want their kids to stay here after
graduation. Why would they?

We are all watching the schools better than even now.

I assume a goal is to hurry-up and build 90 shank painter so that
more renters with children will come and live there in order to
justify the endless tax burden the schools put on - and will continue
to put on -  property owners. And once any new children enroll,
parents will likely whisk them off elsewhere never to return after
graduation because there are no jobs here.

And all the while, the population continues to decrease...

We'll see.
4:18 pm edt 

Why It Is Going to be a Great Summer Business-wise in Ptown:

"This is our third spring break here," said Daniel Hardrick of South
Windsor, Conn., as he played a round of minigolf yesterday day with
his wife, Deirdre, and his two young girls. "Gas prices are high, SO
WE DECIDED TO DO SOMETHING LOCAL with the economy being the way it
is. ... I'm all about convenience." (emphasis added)


add to this the low value of the dollar and cape cod's (and
Provincetown's) worldwide reputation drawing in scads of foreign
tourists, plus a new ferry route and some right whales.

An April Prediction
4:16 pm edt 

I Say Mr. McKinsey is Stretched too Thin

M.R. :Citizens want to be fair and yet they they can't
help but be concerned when a boat sinks and the repercussions of
pollution etc. are very real. People want to know how such a thing
can happen in calm weather when the boat is in full view.

That's why not only the financials have to be looked at but the
operations too!

One person is incapable of wearing two hats down there: the
harbormaster and pier manager. I have never heard of a harbormaster
spending so much time developing the economy ON a pier. If the
harbormaster wasn't also renting sheds and booking events maybe some
on the piles would have been driven by now! Maybe we would have
gotten that wave barrier too to protect the floating docks that look
like they are on their last legs.

I say Mr. McKinsey is stretched too thin at the expense of the pier,
harbor and us!

2:51 pm edt 

Where Does the Buck Stop on MacMillan?

Capt. Alan Baker of the Northern Approach will
in ME until Friday. I assured him we will look
after his vessel, as usual.

the harbor rule that someone must be on board for visiting vessels
was repeatedly violated unknowingly by the owner and now he is going
to get fined?

What doesn't the harbormaster just admit he wasnt' enforcing that
rule? I'd have more respect for him than all these excuses.

Great is was raised the same day and the owner took respondsibility
right away. but what about the harbormaster's respondsibility to
protect the pier and harbor by enforcing the rules down there?

Where does the buck stop on MacMillan or does it?
2:48 pm edt 

Re: "Build on Sand and the Houses WILL Sink and Shift, Bet on That."

Ummmm... have you ever dug a hole here? This entire town is built on
sand, it seems to have lasted for a little while.
10:54 am edt 

We Must End the Mentality of Spending Tax Money on WHAT We Want

We must spend our tax money on what we need; on what we
can't do without. We must end the mentality of spending tax money on
WHAT we Want.

The school budget is close to $4,000,0000. The law is that the school
committee doesn't have to answer to anyone. The members are elected.
At town meeting Peter Grasso said that the town can't close the
school and Ms. Avellar's idea of the high school students walking to
the elementary school cafeteria was treated as though she was asking
them to walk barefoot in the snow to Hyannis instead of just a few
doors down the street.

There are rich people in this town who can afford to pay any tax bill
with their pin money. The feeling in town seems to be charge what you
want and you will get it.

Friends bought a house and wanted it gutted and renovated. The
estimates that they were given made them blanch--and they were open
ended. They brought in a few guys from New Bedford who completed the
renovation at HALF OF THE PRICE.

Look at what the library paid for the steeple. I saw the guys there
taking out the rotted wood and replacing it with good wood. It wasn't
rebuilt from scratch. How does a job like that come to cost $200,000?

The vocational school students could have rebuilt that steeple using
this technique.

Budgets need to be cut starting with the school and going all the way
to town hall.
10:52 am edt 

To Whoever Wrote "You Ask for Ways to Cut the Budget. I can Give You a Few:"

The Director of Tourism's salary is NOT paid from the general fund.
That position is completely funded by the Tourism fund. Eliminating
that position would have NO effect on the budget or your taxes.

Peter Bez
10:47 am edt 


Is the fireworks fundraiser stuff still happening, or is the
committee still protesting the override?  I'm actually looking
forward to the events they planned (like last year)...   *crossing
10:44 am edt 

Dear My Life is Untouched by Having Schools in Provincetown

Ok, aside from the part about the high school kids walking to the
elementary school for lunch....

The rest... you can't be serious?  Do you really feel untouched?  I'm
not buying it.  I think you should look around more.

And further.  I don't pay for trash pick up (on a private road) yet I
am totally in support of trash pick up for the betterment of the town
and my 'neighbors' yet I don't actually SEE the guys come and pick MY
crap up...

Really... think a little more about being totally untouched by the
schools... just a teeny weeny bit.  I think if you thought in the
abstract some, you'd find something there, even some good stuff.

Smiles :)
10:42 am edt 

How Can People Call Disagreement "Hate"?

What has happened is that proposition 2 1/2 is for emergencies and
the town government has made trash pick up etc. an over ride.

Don't you see how wrong this is? We create and fund positions with
salaries and benefits to run town hall; this is a town that is closed
down in the winter--this is not a major international corporation.

Every position has assistants and consultants and it just keeps
adding up. Not everyone who lives here has a million dollars in the
10:37 am edt 

Sunday, April 20, 2008

You Ask for Ways to Cut the Budget. I can Give You a few:

1) Eliminate the Assistant Town Manager position.

2) Eliminate the Director of Tourism-let the Chamber of Commerce, the
PBG and the many other tourism groups sell the town.

3) The Buildings and Grounds Department and the Highway Department
should have a time study done to see what employees are superfluous
and make the necessary personnel cuts.

4) Town vehicles should not be parked with their engines idling while
performing their duties out of the vehicle.

5) The town should stop reacting to special interest
groups/individuals.  They always include excessive legal fees
burdened by the tax payer.

This is not rocket science.
11:24 pm edt 

A Brazilian Eco-Friendly Governor's Advice

     OK. I admit this appears rather strange. What could this
Governor of a Brazilian region offer advice that we could use. Well,
here it is:

     "Creativity requires removing the zero"

      He was speaking to budgets and the need to cut, simplify, and
live realistically. He is ecologically minded and sees frugality in
government as part of being green.

     I see his advice as part of good, solid and 21st century town
politics. Would that others saw this too!

      Swamp Maple
11:21 pm edt 

I Like George Bryant's Idiosyncrasies

      This town is quirky. That is part of its charm. George Bryant
is part of this individualistic, self-directed and self-reliant type
of person. I think he will be refreshing.
11:19 pm edt 

We Question the Use of Overrides

There seems to be town meeting voters and then the voters
in the greater community. The consensus of citizens I've spoken to
say that the school budget is too high. I believe that the schools
will have to consolidate. Even if you pare down everything to the
bare bones; it is still two schools, two cafeterias etc. Tax payers
want the cost of the schools reduced. Even the school committee must
see this if they look at things objectively from the tax payer's
point of view.

The over riding issue of town meeting is the use of overrides which
are only to be used in emergencies. They seem to be used so
cavalierly here. People think that there is money in the budget and
it is a real shame that people think this, but then you have Amy
Lawson standing up extolling the virtues of her position when she has
given her resignation. Do you see why people are skeptical?

Citizens want to be fair and yet they they can't help but be
concerned when a boat sinks and the repercussions of pollution etc.
are very real. People want to know how such a thing can happen in
calm weather when the boat is in full view.

We are told that we need to work together and that we need to start
fresh, but how do we do this when questions keep arising from the
past that need to be examined?

Michael Rogovsky

11:18 pm edt 

What are the Real Facts?

Harbor Master Dailey Log for the Period 3/19/2008:

    Capt. Alan Baker of the Northern Approach will
     in ME until Friday. I assured him we will look
     after his vessel, as usual. Willis King is his first
     choice to move the boat if necessary.

The LOG Entry that you published here was made by Asst. Harbormaster
Duane Steele. I didn't read anywhere therein where Harbormaster
Steele notified or informed the Capt. of the Northern Approach of the
Provincetown Harbor/Pier Regulations. I did read however that the No.
Approach Captain did have a second local captain available to move
his boat as needed.

Please note: The Northern Approach submerged due to a serious failure
in the "stuffing box/packing gland" as well as the Captain's own
admitted error when he accidentally switched off his own vessel's
bilge pump! Even if the bilge pump wasn't turned off, the amount of
sea water gushing in would have submerged the vessel any way.
Incidentally, the fact that this boat was having some mechanical
issues with the "stuffing box/packing gland" was also duly noted in
an earlier insertion in the Harbormaster DAILY Log. How unfortunate
that you neglected to publish that fact.

Isn't it also a shame that you failed to give any credit to the
Captain of the Northern Approach for taking immediate action to save
his boat and have it raised? Within 5 hours of the boat's submerging,
it was floating again. This same remedy was and still is available to
the Captain of the Chico Jess. Had the Chico Jess captain made
immediate arrangements to raise his boat, it too could have been
floating that same day! Unfortunately, he will have to be legally
forced to do the right thing. When all is done, the town will pay
nothing to raise this boat, the cost will be borne by its owner; as
it should be. The same way the costs were borne by the captain of the
Northern Approach.

Smelling something fishy over the Chico Jess
11:13 pm edt 

The Best & Greatest Celebration in New England

Where?                 Provincetown Town Hall
When?                  May 6
Event?                 Provincetown's first "TEA PARTY"
What to Bring?         Your Vote
What's being served?   Our NO votes on ALL 2 1/2s
RSVP?                  Spread the word
11:08 pm edt 

Disingenuous to say the Least!

Sounds like the violation ticket should not be going to the
owner of the Northern Approach but to our harbormaster!

Why should that guy be ticketed when he wasnt' told that he was in
any harbor violation? Really, Mr. McKinsey how can you write a $50.00
ticket to the owner of the Northern Approach when you gave the the
guy the green light to leave his transient vessel there repeatedly?
What you said in this week's Banner is disingenuousto say the least.

Sounds like a cover-up to me!
11:06 pm edt 

Thanks Candace

You pay a hefty amount, $8500, for your
license each year. my house is valued at $1.5 million and I don't
even pay that amount in property taxes! your detractors are full of

i would like to see all checks made out to Provincetown too. if their
books are so sloppy, how do we know we get the right mooring income,
if the mooring checks are made out to them? One for us, two for you?
But looking at the financial statements the last two years, none for
us! I can see the town being shortchanged with their kind of UNIQUE
accounting. having mooring income in their statements with no
reimbursement line item to the town inflates their bottom line too
and makes them look much better on paper which is not truth in
financial reporting.

Truth and transparency in financial statements should not be an
option for Provincetown Pier Corporation.

I am now very concerned about the Pier's finances!
11:04 pm edt 

Province Road is Nothing but Sink Holes ...

.....what do you
think will happen to the units proposed at 90 Shankpainter??  I guess
the logic is renters can't be choosers.  Everyone should get a lung
scan before they move in and after they can't breath.  Why clean it
up now ? Has someone taken on the malfeasance of building on this
puss hole?

Why take on another losing proposition the Pier Corp gonna run
that too???

11:02 pm edt 

My Life is Untouched by Having Schools in Provincetown

What has dawned on me after town meeting is how completely
and decidedly my life is untouched by having schools in Provincetown.

I neither see nor encounter students; I realized that the school
isn't even on my radar.

I can see how it is such a part of the parents lives--but it isn't
even tangentially a part of my life or the life of my friends. What
is the rational for supporting two schools for so few students? The
answer: there is none.

Somehow, it must become mandatory that the schools combine. How can
this be done? It is ludicrous that high school students can't even
walk over to the elementary school for lunch.
11:00 pm edt 

Not Only Fill But Hazardous Waste at 90 Shankpainter

      For what is happening at 90 Shankpainter, you have to add into
the equation what is already inside the soil. It isn't just sand and
water. You have the end results of many years of burning thrash and
dumping at the old 1950s burn dump that involves one acre of the land
and has spread its toxic chemicals throughout many other areas in the
remaining acre. As the land is bulldoozed, dug up, built upon, you
have dangerous chemicals that are being brought up, unburied and
buried again. Factor toxic chemicals in the mix.
10:58 pm edt 

Freedom of Speech is One of the Multiple Given Rights of Our Democracy

How blessed we are are to be able to experience it,and a
shame to abuse it. this blog is filled with such one sided hatred
that it expresses all the things about the town it wishes to magnify.
for every bad thing that is said should be followed by one good thing
about provincetown and its goverment- although i agree with much
said, pointing out a problem without a solution only adds to the
problem and once again reeks of personal agenda disguised as well
meaning rhetoric by angry individuals with a personal agenda. the
natural beauty and the heart of the people of provincetown who live
here full time is an experience i cherish and doubt i'd find it or leave,i prefer to love it and conduct myself
in my personal life and duty as a taxpaying voter to continue to
remind people why most of us are here. lets hope our part time
home/business owners reflect the forward and it co!
  mes back to not me, not you, but us. two little letters that make a
community-thank god for provinceton,ma!!! signing your name or not is
a personal choice but reminds me of the bully who hides behind the
tree after throwing the stone. I'm barry laporte and i approve this
message haha!! I love you all, my freinds and neighbors.
10:56 pm edt 

Look at the Big Picture of Provincetown
Decades ago the
town was supported by the fishing industry--now it is a seasonal
tourism industry. It is turning into a high end tourist destination.
I remember when hordes of people would go out to one favorite
restaurant one night and then flock to another the next and so on--no
more. Now only the elite do this.

Provincetown is becoming a place for the rich, for people in the
trades and for people on affordable housing.

People settling on affordable housing in town will find life getting
tougher and more expensive in the coming years. What happens when you
are replaced in your job? What happens when your employer decides to
retire or sell the business? What happens if you become ill?

I don't have a town connected job; overrides will become the norm and
I will hold on to my house as long as possible, but I'm not going to
kill myself working in order to live here.

It used to be that every place was busy; now there are places that
just aren't doing the business. Last summer was off for them and it
will be off again this summer.

Everyone who works for the town is set for life--just look at their
salaries. Lands end is for sale, waydowntown is for sale and the list
goes on.

Would I want my child to stay in town working at Deaconess cleaning
up after people--or would I want my child to move out of town and
fulfill a dream and have a career?

I still have options as to what I want to do with my life and one of
them is not to grow old fretting about paying my taxes or putting
food on the table.
10:52 pm edt 


Would it be possible to start some kind of fund that ordinary
citizens could contribute to in order to pay for the actual fireworks
and the barge?

It isn't realistic to think of raising the entire $64,000 (ha) in
this way, but as a previous blogger pointed out, with the $14,000
left over from last year, only $9,000 or so would be needed to be
raised for the fireworks show itself, and that probably is a
realistic goal that could be reached.

There's still the problem of funding the police, ambulances, etc, but
those expenses are going to be paid one way or another as tourists
are going to come to town that weekend expecting fireworks even if
they don't happen.  The BOS is going to have to find a way to pay the
related expenses if the override fails at the ballot box anyway,
which it really could if the taxpayers know they can have the
fireworks by chipping into a town fireworks fund WITHOUT raising
taxes permanently.

I'd rather chuck five or ten bucks into a fireworks fund now, pass on
the tax hike, and let the BOS go back and figure out how to pay for
the other services needed that weekend, which should have been made
part of the overall budget in the first place.

Might be kind of cool to know when the rockets go up this Fourth that
our citizens, along with surplus from the good efforts of the
business owners last year,  really made it happen.
10:49 pm edt 

90 shankpainter

Ok so that answers the septic issue but what about the no fill zone
below elevation 6'? If there is water down at the bottom of the area
then its probably around elevation 3-4' above sea level. That gives a
person insight to the elevations we're talking about. And if it is
allowed to be filled in, is it going to be compacted at the right
intervals with an engineer to validate the compaction of the sand?
Build on sand and the houses WILL sink and shift, bet on that.
1:06 pm edt 

Fireworks and Trash -

Trust me, when the Overrides don't pass we will still have trash
pickup and fireworks. The BOS aren't that stupid- or are they?

The town has plenty of money, it just needs to be spent wisely. This
shall be the true test of the town leaders - Can Ranty Mary Jo, Self
Serving Michelle and the others see past their own interests to do
the right thing?
1:05 pm edt 

The Issue with the Fireworks

     One critical issue is that if they are cancelled this year, then
the company that provides the fireworks will be paid by another town
in Massachusetts to do their fireworks. And then next year, we will
not have firworks. We drop to the bottom of the waiting list and it
may be five or six years before Provincetown could have them on the
fourth. Of course, you can have them in December of 2008, but somehow
that is just not the same.

     Also what is frustrating is that the Firework Task Force has
$14,000 left over from their fund raising last year. Since the
fireworks only cost $17,000 plus $6,000 for the barge, all that is
really needed is $9,000 for the firworks display.

      All the rest of the money--the $55,000--is for state police,
Provincetown Police overtime, lunches for the police, and the
ambulances. And this year with a long weekend, the town will be
spending much of this money to patrol and control the crowds, whether
we have or don't have the fireorks.

     Next year, guest houses and restaurants will suffer the
consequences of not having the fireworks this year as some of
visitors will go elsewhere--to visit and spend tourists money in town
that does celebrate the Fourth of July and puts on a great patriotic

      For a town where the Pilgrims first landed, you'd think the
Fourth of July would be the best and greatest celebration in New
1:04 pm edt 

RE: WOW! Over 35,000 HITS!

Too bad 34,500 came from candace.
11:50 am edt 

90 Shank Painter...

..will be connected to the sewer and the developer will bear the cost
of the betterments.  Please at least get some of your facts before
you rant.
11:49 am edt 


Tourists are still going to come to town whether we have a fireworks
display or not.  20 minutes of excitement for mucho $$$$  seems a bit
excessive.  We need to look at the big picture.  I love fireworks
too...but, is it worth it?  Would we really be in jeopardy if we
didn't have a fireworks exhibition?
11:48 am edt 

Don't Worry Ms Couture

All of the police force woll vote for you.
Oh oh, they all live out of town and can not vote here, oh well.
11:46 am edt 

FYI, This Winter I Read Six Books....

I live in PTown and I know how to read!

It would have been more but two of
the books were over 500 pages. They ranged from stories about the
Holocaust, exploring the Artic region, to a great book about people
who climb the redwoods out in California. This is in addition to the
newspaper and my magazines.
To make a statement that this town doesn't read sort of blows my
mind... I see people reading here all the time, and there are book
clubs to join if you want, and now we have a great new library.
Here's an eye opener for you, many folks in this town READ the paper
and town warrants a few years ago and VOTED to fund the library.
What would you have preferred? That the Methodist Church stay an
unused "Heritage" museum and fall to the ground?
11:45 am edt 

Hey Slippery...

How many boats does it take to sink the
pier???? I don't know but I'm sure we'll find out.....waiting for my
own Chico Jess or as I conceptualize it, the next wave of affordable

Your friend in underwater technology...Moby
11:43 am edt 

RE: "Let's Keep an Eye Out for the Arsonist(s)"

Thank you for providing something useful on this blog. It is a
mightly relief from the ad naseum drivel about the Pier Corp and
Selectmen Couture. How about the rest of you get off the computer
long enough to keep your eyes out for this creep?
11:42 am edt 

To Spenders & the BOS of Provincetown

You still don't get the message.  All of the upcoming props 2 1/2
items should have been main budget items.  Town Meetings have become
a place where budget items & props are shoved down the taxpayers
throats (move the question group).  You won at the Town Meeting, but
you will lose big time on May 6th.  It's Town Hall meeting  voters
who have encouraged our BOS to balance the budget on the backs of its
citizns.  Vote NO on ALL items.  The trash (prop 2 1/2's) needs to be
put out for good.
11:41 am edt 

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation is not Enforcing Our Harbor Rules & Regulations

......causing harmful pollution to our harbor.

All transient vessels must have on board personnel according to the
Harbor Rules & Regs.  But according to the log report below from the
harbormasters office, rule 1-3-11 was overlooked repeatedly with the
Northern Approach that sank last week.  The bilge switch could have
easily been turned on if someone had been on board as required and
the Northern Approach could have avoided sinking causing
environmental damage to our harbor.

  Harbor Master Dailey Log for the Period 3/19/2008:

   Capt. Alan Baker of the Northern Approach will
    in ME until Friday. I assured him we will look
    after his vessel, as usual. Willis King is his first
    choice to move the boat if necessary.

Town of Provincetown Harbor Rules and Regulations
1-3-11 All transient vessels berthed at the Pier shall have on board
at all times sufficient personnel qualified to move the vessels when
requested by the Pier Manager. Upon order of the Harbormaster/Pier
Manager, all vessels must be moved within 30 minutes.

So, much for our harbormaster looking after the Northern Approach!

Gotta go. The DEP is on the line and they want answers!
11:39 am edt 

WOW! Over 35,000 HITS!

     MYPACC is surely part of the dialogue. I'm impressed. More than
35,000 HITS is amazing given this small town.

     Congratulations MYPACC! You've created a venue for our voices
and created a venue for change.
11:36 am edt 

Couture and Parmakian Blindsided Their Colleagues

     I surely don't blame Couture for the three selectmen attending
the PACC meeting. That was their decision. But Couture was
purposeful, disengenous, and deceptive in her tactics. A good
selectmen, a cooperative selectmen, would have informed the three of
her concerns before the event--not attack them publicly and catch
them off-guard at the BOS meeting. Then the next day, send the
letter, the complaint to the District Attorney's Office. That was
divisive and reveals Couture's true colors.
11:35 am edt 

90 Shankpainter

how many units are to go in at the site? Is it going to be mixed use?
And if the swamp is down below where they are clearing, does that
mean the property needs to be filled in? I thought there was a law,
state law if I remember, that a person cannot fill below a certain
elevation, I think it was elevation 6' above sea level which is
probably very close to where they are clearing. I don't think anyone
can build on fill, it moves and settles over time. That just means
more repairs to shifting buildings in the future and as far as septic
systems go, I believe the state regs state that a septic system CAN'T
be installed in fill. Anyone think of that?
11:34 am edt 

No to George Bryant

I just can't vote for him. He ignored the town with his trash issues
and the town had to go to court to make him act. In living within an
historic district, I have to abide by these ridiculous rules that are
forced on us by indidivuals who think they have a better design
sense. Why should George be any different.

Also, its all well and good that he has lived here a long time but
our financial problems are because of inaction and not spending money
in the past (IE: Mary Jo and George). Its time to have someone with a
focus on and vision for the future rather than the past.
11:32 am edt 

A Town Without Pity

I have found it amazing that most people on this blog are all for
encouraging more residents and families to work for this town. Three
bedroom homes, affordable for residents only, need more workers!
However you attempt to destroy all who work here. While there may be
issues with Rex and the Pier, the Selectmen, the Housing person, or
the Police but you only want to destoy them all.

Have you ever heard about helping people out, constructive criticism,
assisting your neighbor with knowledge. These are all current
residents mostly with their own homes and your only focus is on
running them out of town. These are our residents, our neighbors.
They may have jobs that we pay for or they are volunteers doing our
dirty work.

Give them some respect. How would you like to be critized as a human
being as well as demonized by your professional skills. I worked in
this town once and will never do it again. The residents are the most
unforgiving people I have ever encountered in my half century of
working. Think about it.

Ptown Pollyanna
11:31 am edt 

In Answer to the Question About Why I am so Fixated About the Chico Jess...
.....First, the Chico Jess is NOT in danger of sinking
like the other boats tied at the pier, and second, as long as I
remain in the hull, I am not in peril of being hit by the other
sinking boats. Third, if the Chico Jess stays here much longer, it
will be deemed a historical landmark, thus protected by Barbara
Rushmore, and my home will be safe forever.

Slippery Fish (safely in the hull of the Chico Jess)
11:29 am edt 

Re: George Bryant Could be Quite Good for the Town

AT this point, I want change. I want new faces and I want
people who can stand up for the town. Not patsies for others.
Or he could be quite awful for the town.  I watched him in action
when he went to the Selectmen Open Meeting.  I remember thinking
'what's his point?', why is he doing this.  I don't want him sitting
on the BOS for three years and wondering 'what's his point, why is he
doing this'?

It's interesting how this board DOES have an effect.  I'm not a fan
of Ms. Couture although I don't think the persoanl attacks on her are
appropriate.  If you asked me in January if I would vote to re-elect
her I would have said absolutely not.  But, hearing some on this blog
say they would vote for Mr. Bryant has made me decide I would rather
see Ms. Couture on the BOS than Mr. Bryant.

Of course if all of you saying you will vote for George Bryant are
really Ms. Couture backers using reverse pschology, then you got me.

John Doe
11:26 am edt 

To: "I'm Tellin on You!"

Couture knew the other BOS members were going to PACC so she could
have asked one not to go if she was worried about the open meeting
law.  Looks she thought it would be better to just let it happen and
turn them in for it.  Doesn't say much about her caring about them or
the town if she thought it was such a bad thing thing to do.

That's what you're not getting right.
11:24 am edt 

No on Overrides -

I agree. Once the overrides are voted down the BOS will magically
figure out how to balance the budget. trash pickup will continue,
cops will get their raises and we will have fireworks.

There is always excess funds that can be found and cuts that can be
made. The BOS is preying on people's fears.

The BOS should be ashamed of themselves!
11:23 am edt 

Is Elaine Anderson Really out of Town for Two weeks?

     If this is true and Elain Anderson is out of town, I have just
one question: Why is she running for selectman? If this is not a
priority, why did she even run?

     Will she show up for BOS meetings? Or will she be away again?
This is quite strange.

      Does anyone else think this is odd?
11:21 am edt 

Slippery Fish is Happy in the Chico Jess

     This is better than affordable housing. He didn't have to wait
to win the lottery. He has found a home and is content. He has a
water view, lunch is swimming by--oh, sorry Slippery Fish--and he is
creatively recyling this space.

     On a scale--sorry about the pun--of one to ten, I'd give
Slippery Fish a 9.

11:20 am edt 

George Bryant Could be Quite Good for the Town

      AT this point, I want change. I want new faces and I want
people who can stand up for the town. Not patsies for others.

    Goerge Bryant is his own person. That in itself is refreshing. He
would add a new voice at this time, though he was once a selectman.
But he would not have to learn the town as too many new selectmen do.

     I'm leaning toward Bryant and I think he will tell it like it
is. Instead of double-talk, that is appealing.
12:29 am edt 

Can I Contribute to the Anti-Couture Fund Raiser?

     I'd love to send my dollars to the anti-Couture fund raiser.
Sounds like a worthwhile investment. Dollars to donuts we'd be
relieved not having this non-taxpayer woman in this position. What
large-scale project did she ever vote against? Did she ever vote No
on any major spending? Couture is clueless when it comes to the
long-term consequences of town-funded projects. Again, did this woman
ever attend even one semester of college? Did she ever take a basic
math course? Did she ever take logic? Does she have any idea what
sociology involves? Could she lecture on management or organizational

     Please, what intellectual skills does this sad woman possess?
She must be tired from cheerleading so many projects of various
vested interests in town. But shouldn't she have some ideas, some
thinking ability, something more than being able to breath?

     I fail to see even a sliver or scintilla of intelligence with
this woman. Couture is the past. We need the future and she can't
bring the town there. Seven years, like the seven years of the Bush
administration, is seven years too many. Time for a change.
12:28 am edt 

Vote NO on Overrides and Understand Why!

To those who say a NO vote on the Overrides would be disastrous, I say that you
obviously don't understand the nature of the problem and its obvious solution.

To vote NO on the Overrides is to cause the BOS to reconvene to resolve the
issue by balancing the budget, with the overrides as part of the regular budget.

The affect of such an action will eliminate the Overrides having a permanent raising
effect on our Tax Levy, which was the original intent of the use of Overrides by the

Last November when we rejected the Override for the increased salaries for the Police,
we forced the BOS to treat the salary increase as an essential budget item, which should 
always be considered as part of a normal budget consideration and not that of
an item requiring an Override.

This will then compel the BOS to chose from those items which now are included in the
regular budget for placement as optional items for consideration as Overrides.
12:15 am edt 

Saturday, April 19, 2008

TO: Thanks for This New View on 2 1/2 Overrides and all the Rest of You Naysayers on the Overrides...

A no vote will be disastrous for our town! If you want to see garbage
all over your streets and yards, then vote "NO". If you think that
your elderly neighbors living on a fixed income should hire a private
trash hauler to come for their garbage, then vote "NO"! If you'd like
to see 3-5 DPW employees laid off from their jobs, then vote "NO".

If you don't think Fireworks belong here in Provincetown on the
Fourth of July - Independence Day in the "Birthplace of American
Liberty", then vote "NO"! If you believe that the town can just do
without the economic boost that we get from this huge holiday, then
vote "NO". '

Didn't we get a clear message of just how small an increase it would
be to fund the overrides? If you truly feel that you just can't
afford that small increase, then vote "NO".
11:55 pm edt 

Let's Keep an Eye Out for the Arsonist(s).

Here is some profile material to consider:

Serial Arson

Arsonists who set fires repeatedly are referred to as serial fire setters.

The NCAVC classifies compulsive fire setting as mass, spree or serial

The serial arsonist is involved in three or more separate fire
setting episodes with a characteristic emotional cooling off period
between fires. This period may last days weeks or even years.

Serial arson is the most serious type of arson do to apparent random
selection of victims and unpredictable gaps between incidents.
Furthermore a serial arson is not a separate or distinct motive for
fire setting it is a pattern of fire setting frequently encountered
in revenge, excitement or extremist motivated arson

Serial arsonists often create a climate of fear in entire communities
community leaders tend to compound the problem by pressuring law
enforcement agencies to identify and quickly apprehend the fire
setter often the arsonist evades apprehension for months while
investigators become increasing frustrated by the lack of experience
in handling these baffling cases

This type of arson usually involves a disorganized crime scene
physical evidence is often present. The offender frequently uses
available materials found at the scene and carries the source of
ignition with them usually a long offender is involved.

The typical offender in this category is usually male. His age is
generally younger than the single event arsonist. He tends to be a
loner, but a secondary party may have knowledge of his activities. He
will tend to be minimally educated and an underachiever. He generally
has poor interpersonal relationships and is socially inadequate.
Often he is unemployed and if he has an employment history it is
erratic and involves little or no skill.

Serial arsonists often have a history of substance abuse and a
history of police contact/arrests for minor nuisance offenses. The
offender walks to the scene of the fire and generally lives within
one mile of the crime scene He is very likely familiar with the crime
scene and could justify his presence in the area.

It is important to analyze the cluster centers of fire activity. The
tighter the cluster the closer to the area of significance to the

A subtype of the serial arsonist is the extremist serial arsonist.
Research suggests that this offender is usually well educated and
above average in intelligence. He is highly mobile and focuses his
attacks on specific targets. He uses sophisticated incendiary
devices. The crime scenes is organized and there is little or no
physical evidence.

Spree Arson
Sets fire at three or more separate locations with no emotional
cooling off period between them.

Mass Arson
Involves one offender who sets three or more fires at the same
location during a limited time period. Source Information:
Winnipeg Police Service
11:52 pm edt 

To: Slippery Fish

What is that strange fascination that you
seem to have with the Chico Jess? If you could stop all your blogging
from down there, the poor captain might actually be able to raise his
vessel! Now I'm starting to see why all his attempts have failed to
date. Get out of there for God sake! You're gumming up the works!

Blogging from the pier in an effort to help with the actual raising
(if Slippery Fish would just slither out!)
11:47 pm edt 

I'm Tellin on You!

Yes, that's right, let's now blame Selectman Couture for
FORCING the other three members of the board to do something that all
three knew was in violation of the open meeting law! Michele held a
gun to their heads and forced them all to go just so she could tell
on them. Am I getting this right?

Ooooo, you guys are in BIG FAT trouble now! Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!
I'm tellin on you! Ha ha! You're gonna get it now!!

Mmmmm hmmm!
11:45 pm edt 

To: Bonnie

 . .we need to bury the hatchets and work as a team
because two heads are better then one, keep eyes peeled and make sure
you know what your talking about before you shoot yourself in the
*  *  *  *

What ?
11:42 pm edt 

Bonnie: I Believe We are Not Looking at Reality

Well, that was quite a mouthful and I'm not completely sure what you
were actually trying to say. I think it had something to do with
"teamwork"? The problem with teamwork is that while it always sounds
great, the team is only as strong as its weakest link. We have too
many weak links! We even have a couple that squeak so damned loudly
that if we don't oil them soon, we'll have to cut them off!

Oh, and one of the links is too preoccupied with trying to mate with
links from the same chain and it just won't work if the link on the
receiving end wants nothing to do with the unwarranted advances! More
squeaking! Only problem here is that oil won't fix it; but it sure
will make it so much worse for the link on the receiving end!!


8:31 pm edt 

I Have NO Problem Paying $8,548.00 for My Float License

In order for Candace to get the rate relief that she feels
she is so deserving of, she will need to get the Pier Corp. out of
her hair;

I have no problem paying $8,548.00 for my float license as I do each
year adjusted for inflation. The only problem I have is writing my
checks to the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation which goes toward
their excessive staffing, very questionable capital expenditures like
the barge and so on.
I want to write my check to The Town Of Provincetown. So,
that my $8400 is carefully spent using the same checks and balances
as all other sources of municipal revenue spending.

To the previous anonymous blogger, why don't you post something that
will help the Finance Committee and the Town's municipal finance
director in their evaluation of the Pier Corp's books?
8:28 pm edt 

Dear Mypacc Bloggers and Fellow Taxpayer:

I read a blog here today that has really opened my eyes! Can someone
in the know please tell me if it's really true that Candace Nagle
does not pay any taxes for her docks on Macmillan Wharf? If she
doesn't then WOW and SHAME ON HER! How dare she claim to be speaking
for me as a taxpayer when she isn't paying one thin dime for her own
waterfront property?

What is Miss Nagle's real motivation? Certainly it's not to assist
taxpayers like me or you. There's obviously a reason that she is
trying to rally the town against the Pier Corp., Harbormaster
McKinsey and his staff. Could someone please help set the record
straight? I find Miss Nagle's motives and objectives questionable!

8:24 pm edt 

For me the Most Important Reason for Not Re-Electing Ms. Couture are her Actions....

......regarding the other selectpersons attending
the PACC meeting.

Yes, it seems it was both unlawful and inappropriate for three of
them to attend the meeting.  But it is perfectly clear that Ms.
Couture (from the BOS video) knew in advance the three were
attending, and instead of dealing with Ms. Avellar, Mr. Knight and
Ms. Davies directly to avoid the problem, she chose to "allow" the
problem to happen in order to purposefully go behind their backs and
contact the Attorney General the following day.

If she were so concerned about the three representing a quorum at the
PACC meeting, why did she take no action to prevent it from
happening?  Or at least, as Ms. Avellar suggested, "pick up the
phone" to voice her concerns?

Sadly, I can only conclude Ms. Couture thought her own interests,
rather than those of the board as a whole, would be better served by
letting it appear she knew nothing till the next day, and then
"ratting out" the very people she was elected to work with for the
good of the town.

I happen to agree with many of Ms. Couture's positions, and have
probably benefitted from her many years of work in town government. 
But I cannot in good conscience vote for her again, as her continuing
to hold her seat will accomplish nothing but the furthering of
mistrust and bad feeling.

Considering the many important problems the town now faces, we need a
Board of Selectmen comprised of people who can be trusted to work
together and not against each other.  It's a shame that kind of board
can no longer include Ms. Couture.
8:22 pm edt 

I Said it Here First a Long Time Ago and I'll Say it Again!


A Rat in the Basement
8:18 pm edt 

Mooring Fee Accounting Irregularities

Mooring Fee Accounting Irregularities

Len Cligham as Chair of PPPC:

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation
Profit & Loss Budget Vs. Actual
July 2007 through June 2008
4060 (Actual) Moorings (Income):$14,268.40
(Actual)NO Line Item 6150
For Mooring Fee Reimbursement

Lee Ash as Chair of PPPC:

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation
Profit & Loss Budget Vs. Actual
July 2006 through June 2007
4060 (Actual) Moorings (Income):$38,644
6150(Actual) Mooring Fee Reimbursement:$00.00

Paul DeRutyer as Chair of PPPC:

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation
Profit & Loss Budget Vs. Actual
July 2005 through June 2006
4060 (Actual) Mooring (Income):$75,407
6150 (Actual) Mooring Fee Reimbursement:$75,407

The Finance Committee has their work cut out for them as this is just
one of many accounting irregularities uncovered. These documents are
available on the towns website.

Candace Nagle

8:16 pm edt 

To: Unsigned for the Sake of My Fellow Committee Members...

Nice try but your facts are all askew. As far as I know MS. Nagle has
never once complained about her fees. She has only asked that
secondary renters be allowed if commercial renters are not available.
She is not alone in this as her view is shared with other float
owners who would like the same freedom should the need arrive.
A float is a business like any other. When you pay your fees, you
should be able to rent your space.
Ms. Nagle has raised serious issues regarding the pier corp's
automomy and lack of honesty in records. When you have a harbormaster
running a multimillion dollar pier whose background is carnival bead
selling and Flyer's boatyard, the sinking of 5 vessels with no watch
on hand in the office, unsafe barges bought, overpriced ice machines,
boring of 50 holes into the concrete of the pier and other signs of
mismanagement, it is a luxury to have someone doing the DD.  My name
is Not Candace. I appreciate her efforts which will save taxpayers in
this town money, no matter what her motivation is.
Slippery Fish (watching the harbormaster smile at the mast of the Chico Jess)
8:13 pm edt 


Vote NO on all of the overrides.  Let's send another message to the
BOS that NO matter what you put up each year as a prop 2 1/2
override, unless it's an emergency, the voters will NOT accept it. 
Oh, attention renters of Provincetown.  Do you all really think that
if any of these overrides are approved that you won't be
effected???Or are you all in La La land and think that your landlords
will just eat up these new tax increases.... No votes on all props
will send our sneaky BOS's back to the drawing board and come up with
a better solution.
8:10 pm edt 

90 Shankpainter

     You'd think they'd have kept a row of trees along Shank Painter
to hide this ugly site. The trees would have provided a greener sense
as we and summer visitors drive by. This is just clear cutting like
they do in the woods of Maine. It's a problem when it's done in
Maine, but why would you ever do this un-thoughtful approach here?
Who's overseeing this? What ever happened to sensitivity, ecology,
and green environments?
4:30 pm edt 

Thanks for This New View on 2 1/2 Overrides

     All I heard from the selectmen, the town manager, and fin com
was that Prop 2 1/2 was now how town business had to be carried out.
All I heard was that Prop 2 1/2 was now a way of life for
Provincetown. But the perspective that Proposition 2 1/2 should be
used only for emergencies makes much more sense. It tells us that
general operating budgets MUST be reduced so that town taxpayers are
not so overburdened that they can no longer pay their taxes. The
limit on the levy to ONLY an increase of 2 1/2 was the state's way to
say: cut, reduce, limit and live within your town's means. It was not
a license to keep spending and spending, to take on larger and larger
town-funded projects, and then expect--if not demand or threaten--
the town tax payers to fund it.

     To see Proposition 2 1/2 are a means that a town should rely on
only for emergencies, only for the unexpected expense is totally
opposite to how Proposition 2 1/2 was used here in Provincetown to
manage the FY2009 budget.

     I believe we should re-think the use and the purpose of
Proposition 2 1/2 and view it as a tool for emergencies, not as a way
to fix our sidewalks, pick up thrash, continue recycling, and keep
fireworks. All of these items should have been part and parcel of the
general operating budget and each department should have cut 2 to 3 %
of their budgets to get to level funding.

      Consider that we were only trying to cover around $500,000.
That should have been more than do-able had the selectmen, town
manager, and fin com been more courageous. They played with pennies
instead of playing creatively with thousands of dollars.

     This is where leadership, fiscal responsibility, and long-term
thinking helps right the ship of government.

     Since none of the overrides were for emergencies, it may make
plenty of sense to vote against all of them and bring this
un-courageous group of officials back to the cutting table.

      You tell me: does this makes sense?
4:28 pm edt 

With the School in Dire Straits for Many Years,............

......Why wasn't
the school committee actively lobbying for affordable housing for
families. We need three bedroom apts. for families.

Affordable housing has given itself a black eye due to its perceived
favoritism. And now with Ms. Lawson standing up at town meeting
extoling her virtues and then quitting. too much.

Why does this small town NEED a housing specialist? Is it so hard to
call the few organizations here? I want that job!!! $33,000 salary to
put the names of the housing associatins on a page and then sit and
chat with people, hold their hand, and give them a copy of the phone
numbers--what a scam.
4:26 pm edt 

Ms. M. Coutour Will Have All of the Police, Housing People etc. in Her Corner

 MyPACC has made an object of sympathy to these
people. Irene R., the town moderator, publiclly thanked her for her
attention in her bereavment. You couldn't get into M. Coutour's fund
raiser with a shoe horn I bet.
4:24 pm edt 

Oh, by the Way, I've Resigned my Position

My Pacc wasn't doing anything nefarious and illegal or
underhanded----Ms. Lawson lied to us as far as I'm concerned.  And
she did so with the consent of the B of S and Town Manager it seems.

*  *  *

Whoa there, how did Ms. Lawson lie to us?  She was clearly not
planning on speaking at Town Meeting, but was asked by someone to
introduce herself and say a few words.  If I was in her position I'm
not sure I would have stood up in front of the town meeting crowd and
said, oh, by the way, I've resigned my position.

Give her a break.
4:21 pm edt 

Is It True?

     I"ve heard there is an Anti-Michele Couture Fundraiser where the
money raised is given to two candidates--any two but her. And that
the names of the two will be pulled as part of a lottery--like the
affordable housing lottery. This means, like the housing lottery,
that we already know  the two winners:Bryan Green and George Bryant.
4:19 pm edt 


Anyone know anything about David Cleveland?

Anyone hear anything from George Bryant?
4:17 pm edt 

To - I am Not Implying That PACC Did Anything Wrong at All

I agree with you. It was a simple question posted by a lot of people,
and it was never answered. I like and support the site, but as a site
that insists on transparency why not just answer the question?

Were the recommendations those of the Webmaster or some larger
collective group?

Simple question, a simple answer will do and people will stop asking.
  When we get no replies from town officials we keep probing, so why
shoudl this be different?

Perplexed at the evasiveness.
4:16 pm edt 


If you can't do it in person it's not too late to get an absentee ballot.

You can get the form here -

or at at town hall or most postoffices.
4:15 pm edt 

I Believe We are not Looking at Reality

I recieved a phone call the other day and was stated to me
that I sent out postive and honest feed back. Well, here I go
again... I believe we are not looking at reality. The reality is our
United States, citizens will suffer the immoral and pain in which, we
all have landed ourselves and generations back is what has our town
of Provincetown in such a finiancal burden. We are not working
together and this blog has a tendency to target persons for alot of
misinformation. I stated in the past, present and future that we need
to work together and this we are not doing. Have you ever looked at a
Chess board..? We are the Pons, the workers, then we have the
Knights, which is owners and operators, then we have the Bishop,
which is our town management, then we have the Queen, which is the
state, last but not least..we have the King, Federal government, now
there is the problem. The only way I know.. is to hold my head up
high, and deal with whatever is dealt to me. I beli!
  eve we need to bury the hatchets and work as a team because two
heads are better then one, keep eyes peeled and make sure you know
what your talking about before you shoot yourself in the foot.
4:13 pm edt 

I'd Be Happy with the Old Library

     Yes, it's nice to have the new library but can we afforord it?
Does it make sense for the high cost of heating and for air
conditioning this particular building? We are wasting much monies
that could be put into books--yes, books. And with computers, we
could ahve added twenty to thirty computers in the Freeman Library
and find that we had a solution to research and new articles.

     Since what many people take out are dvds and cds, we could have
stored those at the recreation center.

      I adore books. I love reading but on the whole, Provincetown is
not a town that reads. I know this will offend some but unfortunately
it is the truth.

     How often have you seen someone walking along Commercial street
carrying a book? How often do you see someone sitting a cafe or
restaurant reading a book? It is a rare sight here in Provincetown.
We would have done fine with the former library, even though        
       would drive away some library users as she play and sings the
same song over and over again.
4:10 pm edt 

Chill Out

boy, people seem pretty uptight about anyone asking mypacc
questions--chill out!
4:07 pm edt 

Hot and Bothered

can someone please tell me what crime amy larson has
committed that has you all so hot and bothered?

4:04 pm edt 

I Like Your Phrase that the Overrides were "Manufactured"

    That is very insightful. The term you use is brilliant. Yes,
exactly, these projects and general maintenance are part of the
running of government. The BOS and Town Manager took the items that
mean the most to us: thrash pick-up, fixing the sidewalks and the
fireworks and cut them out of the general budget. Take it or leave
it. And instead of cutting raises for themselves--oh, excuse me,
cutting or stopping Step Increases (the end results are the same)
they played games with each of us. They did, in fact, as you say
"manufacture" the conditions of the problems,  "manufacture" the
reasons for doing what they did and "manufacture" the rational. It
will only cost each tax payer a few dollars. but they never, ever
told any of us how much our overall taxes would be and even what the
new, higher tax rate will be.

      It was a Public Relations campaign and they carefully crafted
and "manufactured" the reasons and rational.

      I say Vote NO on May 6th. Vote No to the "manufactured" items
we'll read as the six questions on the ballot.
4:03 pm edt 

I Personally Support Michelle Couture 100%.

I know most of you think she should not have objected to the
selectmen being at the mypacc meeting, but it was against state
law and I think that flaunting the law sends our children the wrong
message.  No matter what MaryJo may personally think, it is important
for the highest publicly elected official to set a law abiding example.
If she wants to do what ever she damn well pleases, as she is quoted
as saying in the Banner, then she should resign and do just that.  In
the mean time she is in fact not a private citizen but the chairman of the
Board of Selectmen.  While many of the bloggers on this site think
Michelle Couture is some kind of traitor to some unnamed cause I
would argue that she takes her responsibility as an elected official
quite seriously and I do agree with her positions on affordable
housing! sorry.
4:01 pm edt 

TO: Thank God for All of Us She (Candace Nagle) Didn't Take Your Advise!!
Please note: Candace Nagle's "quest" for information from the Pier
Corp. has been little more than a self motivated smear campaign
against the Pier Corp. and the Harbormaster. Anyone who hasn't seen
this is most assuredly blind.

Consider this: Do you really, for even a single second, believe that
Ms. Nagle has the "taxpayers" best interest in mind? She has, since
the very beginning, had only Candace's best interest in mind. Candace
is a float owner on MacMillan Pier. Candace feels that the fees she
pays to the Pier Corp. are too high for the float space that she
rents out to others. Please also note that the Town of Provincetown
has to date received $0.00 in property tax revenues from her asset on
the pier. Sweet little arrangement isn't it taxpayers?

In order for Candace to get the rate relief that she feels she is so
deserving of, she will need to get the Pier Corp. out of her hair;
hence the smear campaign. She has managed to bring only one member of
the harbormaster staff to her side. That assistant harbormaster has
been angry ever since the Pier Corp. was formed. Why? He does not
want to be answerable to anyone. I know Mr. Steele somewhat and was
present one evening on the pier as he loudly trashed the Pier Corp.
all the while on duty and being paid as a harbormaster! I found his
attitude toward his employer and fellow harbormasters to be totally
unconscionable, degrading and without justification. Frankly, I was
embarrassed for the man!

For the record Candace, my name is not Kerry Adams. Surely you'll 
blame him for this insertion as you have for all the other unsigned
supporters of the pier. I may also be the person who has been writing
the Mac and Myer pieces!

I've been reading and listening to your rants Candace, and I've seen
you at selectmens meetings and State of the Town. I also watched the
town meeting and found your whole attitude toward these people and
the good work they do totally reprehensible. This is an unpaid
volunteer board, donating their time to try to do something good for
their community. I too serve this town on a board and am so very
thankful that we dont have someone as nasty as you trying to malign
our hard work and good names.

The pier corp. will get their turn and their day. They are a good and
intelligent board trying to do a difficult job that has been made
even more difficult because of Ms. Nagles deliberate and unseemly
attempts to drag them down.

To the Pier Corp: Many of us support you guys and thank you for the
good work you have doneand have yet to do! Our pier looks great!
Thank you guys and dont give up the fight!

Unsigned for the sake my fellow committee members!
3:58 pm edt 

Bryant's a no Vote
Vote for George Bryant and Bryan Green to break the
interest of the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex and to bring
back BOS respect for the citizens of Provincetown.

I'll be voting for Green and Couture.  Bryant's a no vote.
3:53 pm edt 

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fund Raising Schedule

Bryon Green has a fund raiser on Friday the 25th of April
from 4 to 6 at the Lobster Pot. Elaine Anderson is out of town
for two weeks, so who knows? And Ms. Couture has not advertised
one to my knowledge, but who cares? There will only be Pam
Parakian at the door.
9:53 pm edt 

I am Not Implying That PACC Did Anything Wrong at All

I am just curious, as a person who has read this blog consistenly,
how and by who the recommendations were made as I never saw
any notice of a meeting to discuss the articles.

I don't see why this question should be a problem for anyone to
answer. In fact, the lack of "transparency" about coming forward
with this information makes me curious. I subscribe to the notion
that the only reason to withold information is when you have
something to hide!

Why can't someone just say if there was a membership meeting where
this was decided or if it was just the hosts of this blog by
themselves. Indulge my and others curiosity. What's the big deal.
9:25 pm edt 

Mr Green Fund Raiser

Has a campaign function Friday the 25 at the Lobster Pot 4 to 6. Talk
to him about all this
9:21 pm edt 

I Hope That This Answers Your Question

Will the person who is pestering this blog about questions
etc. about PACC and who spoke for whom just stop? What does it
matter? We are all citizens and I don't know if I'm a member of my
pacc or not. The important thing for me is that I'm not alone with my
thoughts--I can share them. I can find that other people agree with
me that things aren't right.

And when I'm wrong--no one hesitates to tell me to check my facts. I
want this town I love to move in the right direction. I need alies to
do this. My Pacc posts everyone's point of view. Please stop hounding
the web master.

I spoke for myself at town meeting as did all of us.
I hope that this answers  your question.

Provincetown citizen
9:19 pm edt 

Fund Raising Question

When are the fund raisers for Byron Green, E. Anderson, M. Coutour?
8:30 pm edt 

What Does it Matter What Determined MyPacc's Position on Articles?

I don't know if I'm a member of MYPACC or not--even though
I went to the meeting and signed my name to postings.

My Pacc wasn't doing anything nefarious and illegal or
underhanded----Ms. Lawson lied to us as far as I'm concerned.
And she did so with the consent of the B of S and Town Manager it

Please don't embarass yourselves with saying Ms. Lawson was just
promoting the "position". We *ALL* thought that she was advocating
for herself. Shame on Ms. Anderson.
8:28 pm edt 

We Need to Go to Candidate's Night and Ask Questions.

I'm going and I want answers. These folks running for office are
supposed to have the best interst of the town at heart, but they
don't seem to and the out right lies of Ms. Lawson at town meeting
must make even the most outspoken critic of My Pacc see that things
aren't right. I personally feel betrayed.

This is all so sad. My friends are critical of me and say that we all
have to bite the bullet and work together and vote these
overrides--but I truly feel that these overrides are "manufactured";
that the budge could have been balanced. I can't help it, I just feel

Provincetown citizen
8:25 pm edt 

Why the Questions About PACC - Are You a Journalist?

All of the info about PACC is posted on this site. All of your
questions have been answered on the blog. You are going to vote how
you are going to vote regardless of how the BOS positions things or
how formal PACC members, or other groups or private citizens,
position and/or support things.

Become a formal member of PACC as opposed to being a blogger only if
you need more. Otherwise, it seems your questions have been answered.
8:22 pm edt 

Why Did Every Town Official Participate in the Amy Lawson Charade?

All credibility is lost if this was meant to sway how town meeting went.

When will an apology be issued for putting on such a show?

Out with the lot of ya.
8:20 pm edt 

Couture Must Go! Vote NO on the Overrides!

We must all work very hard to make certain that Selectman Michele Couture is
not reelected. She is the embodiment of the problems which exist
between the Board of Selectmen and the towns people.

She is contemptuous of the average citizens and is on the BOS only to promote the interest of a select few. By eliminating Couture the people regain control of the town.

Think about the fact that she would pass every expenditure put before her. Review her voting record; she would bankrupt the town if all her proposals were passed.
8:18 pm edt 


Does that mean that you are a member of PACC and were at a
meeting where recommendations on Articles for Town Meeting were
discussed and decided?
7:47 pm edt 

Deceit & Deception are Equal to No Respect!

It would appear that both Selectman candidate Elaine Anderson and 
hopefully unwittingly, Sarah Peake
were a part of the deception played
out at Town Meeting,
as it was representative Peake
that made the
announcement introducing
Ms Amy Lawson.

If indeed the Representative was unwittingly inveigled into the chicanery,
without being informed of Ms Lawson's resignation, than Ms Anderson, who
had prior knowledge is even more at fault and accordingly cannot be trusted
to do the "People's Business".

Ms Anderson might just as well forgo continuing any campaigning for the
position of Selectman as she is not even worthy of consideration.

Vote for George Bryant and Bryan Green to break the interest of the
Affordable Housing Industrial Complex and to bring back BOS respect for the
citizens of Provincetown.

7:33 pm edt 

Process and Procedure

I have been reading this blog on an almost daily basis
since it started. I have read the mission statement, editorials, etc.
I have not chosen to become a member of PACC but I think that I still
have a right to know who made the recommendations. I don't remember
any meeting being called on this blog to discuss recommendations,
perhaps if I did I may have joined PACC and attended. Was a meeting
called amongst PACC members that was invitation only? These aren't
stupid questions and I am not lazy and quite frankly resent the
implication. This is a public blog that is open to all and I don't
think asking the Webmaster questions as to process and procedure is
7:27 pm edt 

Oh What a Web We Weave When We First Deceive!

It is simply deceitful that Amy Lawson, the housing
specialist who quit, stood up at town meeting extolling the virtues of
her position telling people to come and see me; my office door is
open. And it is all lies.

Town hall extols us to work together; yet look how blatantly they lie
to us. Ah, the extended arm of the affordable housing industrial
complex--it even forces a woman lie to the citizens at town hall. How
pathetic. And the Powers That Be rationalize it as "funding the

And what do we hear the Powers That be say: Please believe us that we
squeezed every penny out of the budget. We must work together, so
vote yes on all of the overrides.
yeah, sure.

7:01 pm edt 

Vote "NO" on Overrides!

What did Mr. Walker state at town meeting? If every budget
(excluding the school) was reduced by 0.9 percent (less than 1%) 
there would be no override for trash pickup?

All of the people sucking at the nipple of the tax payer's wallet
just expect people to pay and pay because they think that everyone
who lives here is rich.

We all have health insurance premium increases; the price of gas is
up for all of us. People working in non town related jobs don't get
the pay increases the town employees do.

I'm sorry, but we are in a recession and we can't afford to vote yes
for overrrides. The selectmen will have to return.

The problem is that for the first time in their lives the folks
getting paid by tax payers will have to put on a belt--not just
tighten it.
6:58 pm edt 

Tell the Candidates What You Read Here, Ask Hard Questions!

I read this and I've posted it here because candidates
night is coming up and they need to hear this. I believe that we will
be getting prop 2 1/2 overrides every year. People say,
"We have to pay for the overrides because we are all in this together".

  No, the overrides are due to over spending: the result of spending
over two million dollars on land for affordable housing when private
developers have been doing it for over ten years.

the result of supporting the school budgets when the school committee
needs to entertain the idea of consolidating buildings or regionalize.

the result of allowing budgets to get out of hand and not doing the
tough work of making dept. heards adhere to a reasonable budget.
There was a letter to the editor in the Cape Cod Times published
last week. I was struck by Thomas Barnes' knowledge of Prop 2 1/2 and
his wise position on when and when not to issue Prop 2 1/2s. Here's
what he said:

      "Proposition 21/2 for Emergencies Only:
In upcoming town meetings, departmen heads will be pleading for extra
funds for essential services. They will explain how an override of
Proposition 2 1/2 is the only way voters can prevent budget meltdown.

       It's a good time to recall exactly what Proposition 2 1/2 is
about and why overrides shold be rejected at town meeting.

       When Proposition 2 1/2 was established, towns were routinely
raising property taxes to the point where voters on fixed incomes
were forced to choose between paying their property taxes and buying

      This resulted in the passage of Proposition 2 1/2, a state law
that told town governments, "No you can't raise property taxes at
will," and put an end to the escalation in property taxes.

       In the present environment of inflation and recession, it's
disgusting that towns would even consider asking voters to ante up
more in property taxes.

       Before voting to override Propostion 2 1/2, ask town officials
where the money went that was collected to cover essential services.

       Propostion 2 1/2 overrides were intended for emergencies, not
for pet projects or as a way to pay for everyday expenses."

        Here's a refreshing point: Propostion 21/2 was "intended for
emergencies, not for pet projects or as a way to pay for everyday
expense." Seems like Provincetown's 6 overrides fit into all of these
non-intended categories.

       Thanks Thomas Barnes. Thanks for giving us a perspective that
seems lost on our town government. We still have our ballot votes on
May 6. Maybe we'll take your position on overrides to heart and vote
against our 6 overrides--all pet projects and everyday expenses. As
you say, this is not what overrides were meant for.
6:46 pm edt 

You're Asking What is PACC?

     Try hitting the mission statement, the editorial, and all of the
information and videos that are provided on this mypacc site. You
obviously are just a blogger. And that is ok. since the blog is open
to everyone, not only PACC memebers. But if you're not a PACC
meember, then you won't be coming to meetings and won't be active on
that level.

     The answer to your perpetual question is right here on this
blog. Do some rearch, won't you? It's tiring. Then you will stop
asking this constant question. What is PACC? Stop being so lazy.
6:41 pm edt 

Thank God for All of Us She Didn't Take Your Advise!!

And as far as the Pier, can we stop hearing about that now
Duane and Candace? You got your damn public hearing and review by Fin
Com, lets give it a rest until after that hearing is held!

Giving ''it a rest'' is what you said after Candace Nagle was
successful in getting the Pier Corporation to  finally realease their
financial documents to the public.

Thank God for all of us she didn't take your advise!!

So, Candace, please don't give it a rest!
6:37 pm edt 

PACC Recommendations:

Once again, someone is asking the same questions that have been asked
before and that you never answered.
Who is PACC and who made the recommendations for Town Meeting.

*  *  *  *

This question has been asked a number of times with no response from
PACC organizers.  Because of the lack of response I think you should
assume that the PACC recommendations were the recommendations of Mr.
and Mrs. Webmaster.  Or perhaps a Mr. and Mrs. and few close friends.

It's unfortunate that they chose to make their own personal opinions
the 'PACC recommendations', but hopefully they have learned that it
wasn't appropriate and will have better method for determining 'PACC
recommendations' on future issues.
5:15 pm edt 


Someone felt the need to attack and denigrade "PTown PollyAnna" for
trying to see the town in a positive light; and go through her/his
day with an optimistic attitude. Yes, those projects cost the town
money, and with in those projects there was mismanagement (however,
show me a large American city or town municipal project that wasn't
mismanaged in one way or another and I will sell you the Brooklyn
Bridge from my old hometown in NYC). However, it is silly to not let
oneself see the benefit (long term) that these projects will have for
the betterment of the town at large.

In our home, we hear nothing but praise for the library from our
nieces and nephew, and our many summer tenants. We also hear how
wonderful the new pier is, and we share these thoughts. I believe in
our Harbormaster and feel the Pier Corp has managed the pier better
than the town could (please show me a town run building or structure
that they have not let run into the ground).

I was a bit off put by the size and scope of the New SeaShore Point,
however, I actualy can see how that project is coming together now
and it is far from an eyesore in my opinion. I think it will age well
(pardon the pun), and I am comforted about having a world class
rehabilitation center in town now that I am seeing my 50th birthday
coming up on the not too distant horizon!

I also thought the person using sexual innuendo regarding one of our
candidates for the BoS was being simply complimetary, if a little
juvenile. Being reminded that this candidate has experience being
kind and thoughtful and patient to a difficult clientele (men on
vacation seeking massage) actually makes him a better candidate in my

So, after months of reading this blog as a lurker, I have now written
to add my two cents and will now sign my name, although a little
cyptically because I do still have some trust issues!!!

-MB up on the hill.
5:12 pm edt 

Quality of Life Issues

What people are saying about George Bryant's property
touches on a larger issue in this town.  I think that we pride
ourselves on being a town where we have a live and let live attitude.
  That is fine until it encroaches on someone else's space and
quality of life.  While George has a right to load his property with
all sorts of "collectibles" does that encroach on neighbors' and
visitors' quality of life rights and expectations.

There is another quality of life issue in this town that I would like
to mention.  It seems that people are permitted by our police
department to drive cars with blown mufflers and modified exhaust
systems indefinitely.  We live in a town where most of us live on
streets where the houses are located very close to the street.  Not
that many of us have expansive front yards that insulate us from
street noise.  Are the many detail officers earning good money
watching contractors dig holes in the street deaf?  Don't these
officers hear these loud vehicles?  When one asks a police officer
about these offenders the answer is, "We need a license plate
number."  I don't want to be turning in plate numbers but I do want
peace and quiet in my house.  If you are paying attention,
Provincetown police department, please listen.  It is not just
motorcycles that are disturbing the peace, it is Toyota's with blown
mufflers and pick-up trucks with modified exhaust systems.  We ALL
have a right to peace and quiet in our homes.
5:09 pm edt 

Blatantly Disrespectful

I had heard a few years back that Mr. Bryant was fined by
the town in an effort to clean up his property. Is this true? What
ever happened?

I just don't understand how someone can be so
blatantly disrespectful of everyone else around them. Does anyone
know if there are laws on the books to keep properties from becoming
eyesores. I won't shop at Angel's Market because I'm scared of what
little critters might be coming from Mr. Bryant's property next door.

East End PJ
5:05 pm edt 

Provincetown is Not a Gated Community

We are free to maintain our properties and ourselves any way we
choose.  If you want to be told how to live, what to look like and
what to do, then maybe Provincetown isn't the place for you.

5:01 pm edt 

It's Not That Only Natives Should Run For Selectman,.......

.......but a selectman should actually care for the town and its
people--especially the people who have built the town, remain in the
town and are the true backbone of the town; e.g., members of the fire
department and rescue squad, employees of the manor, teachers,
construction workers and those who run themselves into the ground
every summer in order to give Provincetown its reputation.

Provincetown has forever been accepting of all peoples.  That's what
makes it charming.  That's why people come here.

And natives haven't been in charge of the government with a couple of
exceptions.  The reason the town is in this mess is due to outsiders
who promote big ideas, but truly are only in it for themselves and
their wallets.

What has destroyed this town is greed.  Because we accept all, we
have been taken for a ride.  It's time to find our leaders amongst
4:59 pm edt 

To - George Bryant as a Fiscal Conservative

Great, so we'll get someone who won't spend a penny on anything.

What we need is someone who can make smart choices. Money needs to be
spent, but smartly! The crumbling infrastructure needs help now.
12:50 am edt 

BOS Members

What we really need is someone who -

- is inteeligent enough to look at issues and projects and make a
decision based on facts, short long term and long term impacts,
priorities, budget constraints, etc

- understands the laws that he/she has been elected to uphold

- be able to communicate and negotiate with other board members,
finance committe members, school committee, town unions, etc.

- not have a personal agenda to fulfill

- understand the implications of their decisions

- understand the cyclical fiscal cycles that we'll inevitably go
through and plan for them

- be creative enough to deal with emergencies, unexpected expenses
and problems which will always pop up

- be cool headed and sane

There are people in town who meet these criteria.  Sadly I don't see
any of them running for BOS.
12:48 am edt 

Thursday, April 17, 2008

George Bryant as a Fiscal Conservative

    What I like about George Bryant is that he has a definite sense
of fiscal restraint. He is truly a fiscal conservative and I consider
that a plus for a selectman. We have too often elected the spend and
spend more candidates and now look at the mess we are in.

     I think George knows Provincetown so well, knows its past, and
has a sense of stopping new huge projects. I like that and think he
would bring a good balance to the board.

     At this time, being a fiscal conservtive is a postive and I'm
looking to vote for this man. Look at the options. Bryant will sit
with a voice. Better than muffled sounds that mean little. I like his
quirkiness. He's old line Provincetown. A little quirky but
intelligent and steady.
11:55 pm edt 

Who are You?

    If you didn't join the Provincetown Association of Concerned
Citizens and if you didn't attend any of the meetings, then you
probably are not a member of the association.

     There are members of the Provincetown Association of Concerned
Citizens and then there are bloggers on this site.
You can blog and state your concerns and you don't have to be a
member of PACC.

     If you want to join, then hit the header Contact US. But if you
do, then you give your name and e-mail. and then you can request
joining PACC. You don't have to. But that's your decision. However,
just know that there are bloggers and then there are members of PACC.
They are not necessarily the same.
11:54 pm edt 


Once again, someone is asking the same questions that have been asked
before and that you never answered.
Who is PACC and who made the recommendations for Town Meeting.
11:52 pm edt 

To the Neighbor of George Bryant Who Said "Everyone is a Little Crazy........
........ that is whats charming about this town". Are you kidding
me? His home is an eyesore and it needs to be addressed! If I was his
neighbor I would be on the phone everyday to town officials asking
that something be done!

What gets me is that we have people who are concerned about a little
outside trim work and whether its historically correct but we have a
property like that that no one does anything about!

As far as the crazy reference maybe its the craziness that has us in
the fix that we are in...a town hall that is condemned, Commercial
St. that is in complete disrepair, a firehouse that leans to the
left, a library that is leaking water, the list goes on and on
but,"thats what makes this town charming"????

Its not charming and its not a little crazy it is simply
irresponsible and those who were on the Board of Selectmen for the
last 15 years are the ones who need to accept the blame for this
nightmare that we are now living in this charming little town.

And as far as the Pier, can we stop hearing about that now Duane and
Candace? You got your damn public hearing and review by Fin Com, lets
give it a rest until after that hearing is held! Why don't you focus
on the town hall and who is responsible for that whole mess and how
we are going to come up with the $8-10 million dollars it will cost
to fix it! I am more concerned with that than the fact that we pay a
couple hundred thousand dollars for a few salaried positions at the

And to the person who says that only people who are from here should
be allowed to run for selectmen, really? Well I think those people
who have been from here have just an outstanding record on running
this town just look at the current condition of the town
infrastructure and that should answer that question.

Good Grief !
11:51 pm edt 

Mr. Bryant's Property

I walk by his property every day and it is what it is. If a neighbor
has a problem, they should work it out as neighbors.

My Bryant has my vote because he has been here for a long time and
understands what Provincetown is and is not.

With sex scandals, affordable housing scandals, tax issues for
property owners, the roads looking like heck, the town hall condemned
and special interests running rampant because of a wish list
belonging to those who have not been here for any significant length
of time, Mr. Bryant seems to me, to be a breath of fresh air.

This town isn't only about what your neighbor's house looks like...
11:47 pm edt 

I'm Not a Next Door Neighbor of Mr. Bryant,........

.......but I do live within a block of his house.  Everytime I walk
by his house on my way to work I cringe.  One person's trash is
another person's treasure?
I guess that must be it because all I see is trash.  And I'm pretty
sure there are a number of little critters living in that garbage. 
My Terminix guy even mentioned it to me.

I agree with other writers, Mr. Bryant's 'quirks' don't make him a
viable selectman.  One writer said it perfectly, if he can't clean up
his property how can he clean up the town?
11:45 pm edt 

I Have a Question.

WHAT AND WHO IS PACC? I never got an
answer to my earlier queries about the articles that "PACC"
recommended or did not recommend. Who is PACC and who does PACC
represent? Surely not me. I was never asked a single question.
8:46 pm edt 

I Agree Wholeheartedly About Mr. Bryant's Property.

It is a disgrace. Don't we have laws in this town about keeping up one's
property. I for one would have a hard time voting for him. If he
can't clean up his own property, how can we expect him to clean up
town government?
East End PJ
8:44 pm edt 

Myer: Hey Mac!

Mac: Ya, you wanna call me a big dummy again Myer?

Myer: Mo Mac, you're as smart as I tell you to be! Now listen up!

Mac: Oh, uh ya boss go ahead...

Myer: Scuttlebutt round town is that the harbormaster ain't worth his
salt. Candace says all the boats sinking are his fault and of course
the pier corp.

Mac: Ya well? Whose fault is it then Myer?

Myer: Didn't your sainted mother ever teach you not blame anything on
someone else unless you have proof?

Mac: Yup, she did. Innocent til proven guilty she always said.

Myer: Well your mother was right my boy. Just cause Candace and Duane
say it, don't make it so. They got an agenda.

Mac: Agenda? Myer what's an agenda?

Myer: It's when you got something to gain by dragging someone else down.

Mac: You mean like you do to me?

Myer: Shut up you big dummy!
8:41 pm edt 

As a Neighbor of Mr. Bryant,

I really need zero pity from the writer who feels sorry for me. 
Bryant's property doesn't bother me and there are no varmints 
about the property either.

George Bryant will make a great selectman.

If we are using personal quirks as a litmus test for electability
then no-one in this town is eligible to run.

Everyone in this town is a little crazy - that's part of our charm!
8:39 pm edt 

Why Don't You Explain Exactly Who You Feel Should Run for Selectman?

Re: We need people running this town who are from the town, care
for the town, and won't leave here when they don't get their ways.

Why don't you explain exactly who you feel should run for Selectman? 
Only people who were born in Provincetown?  Only people who sign an
agreement stating they promise to never leave?

Sorry, I would gladly vote for someone has the ability to affect and
accept change and think outside the box.  Quite often, that doesn't
apply to people who were born in Provincetown.
8:37 pm edt 

To - How is Mr. Bryant's Behavior Unacceptable?

A lifetime of collectibles? Are you serious? If they are collectibles
they should be stored someplace safe and secure.

I feel sorry for his neighbors. Aside from being an eyesore the
property is a fire hazard. Multiple building would burn if the heap
ever caught fire. I'm sure there is a large collection of rodents
that inhabit the innards of the heap as well. Probably also some
environmental damage and god knows what leaching into the harbor.

How can someone who treats his property and his neiighbors in such a
way be expected to act in my best interest? If he wants to represent
the town I would suggest that he start cleaning up his town dump and
showing that he can live in a civilized and orderly manner and be
respectful of his neighbors.
7:19 pm edt 

Affordable or Not -

I'm conflicted over the affordable housing program. I definitely see
a need for it, but...

1)The abuses that go along with it seem rampant and there is no good
system of checks/blanaces or penalties. We all know many people make
much more than they claim by working under the table in Provincetown.
We also know people who work less than they could because the system
is paying for them not to. I break my butt and pay my share of taxes,
why should I subsidize someone who is working the system?

2)Why should anyone ever be able to sell a unit they bought
affordable later at market rate? If they do they should have to pay
additional back taxes based on the market rate at which they sell.
This also then lowers the stock of afordable housing.

3) Homeownership isn't all it's cracked up to be for lower income
individuals. They must pay market rate condo fees, need to pay for
maintenance and repairs to their units, may need to pay special
assessments for things like roof repairs, painting, landscaping.

3)Rentals with long leases seem to make more sense. There can be more
oversight and less financial responsibility for the tenants.

How do we fix it? make it work better for everyone?

7:12 pm edt 

TO: This Town Needs Affordable Rentals

This is probably true. And when those who claim to be affordable
housing advocates talk about affordable housing, it should be put in
the context of affordable rentals, rather than lump it all together
as an affordable housing crisis.

We've all watched land, resources and money go to affordable homes
that no one wanted to buy. In my opinion, folks profited under the
guise of a "crisis."

Once the land is gone, it's gone. And the problem these affordable
homes were said to solve has not been addressed.

You can't scream housing crisis and not mention the fact that no one
wanted the affordable homes we already built. If you want to scream
crisis, put it in context.  And please don't tell us after so many
affordable homes have sold, or are for sale at market rate, that we
need more. There are many of us who don't want to be fooled again.
7:10 pm edt 

No One Wanted to Buy Those Affordable Housing Units:

 1) They were unaffordable; 2) A family cannot live in a one
bedroom home.  It was planned to fail.  It's all about $ $ $. 
Those without money are forced to leave; then all the rich complain
that there is no one to shine their shoes.  The slaves used to live with
their masters.  I'll do you laundry if you let me live with you!
7:08 pm edt 

How is Mr. Bryant's Behavior Unacceptable?

Is it because he has accumulated a lifetime of collectables?
We need people running this town who are from the town, care for the
town, and won't leave here when they don't get their ways.

7:03 pm edt 

This Town Needs Affordable Rentals.

This town needs affordable rentals.
This town needs affordable rentals.
6:16 pm edt 

Dear Ptown Pollyanna

     The "wonderful" buildings you cite, like the Library, and Sea
Shore Point, and the great sewer projects, Phase I and Phase II and
all you applaud are now part of the largest debt service this town
has ever faced. Learning to say No would have served us better.

     You would probably see the glass half full even if it were
empty! Like our town bank accounts and our non-existant reserves.
6:14 pm edt 

To: Rid ourselves of Couture, Elect Green and Bryant!

I'm sorry, but I absolutely can not vote for Bryant.  If it comes
down to Couture or Bryant I will vote for Couture.  Mr. Bryant's
behavior is just not appropriate for a Selectman.  Will NOT vote for
6:12 pm edt 

Ships Graveyard!

Provincetown Harbor has just replaced Nova Scotias Sable Island as
the Ships Graveyard of the Atlantic.
6:10 pm edt 

I Live in a House That You would Never Know is Affordable

To all of you anti affordable housing people, did it ever
occur to you that you might even have a friend or next door neibor
who is living in a affordable home? I've lived in my affordable home
for over 10 years! I've lived in Provincetown over 30 years. Most
people in town know me. I'm on many boards around town and have been
on town boards since the first year I moved here. Many of you have me
to thank for many things that make Provincetown the great place it is
today! I know who most of you are, I've held back telling who I am
for now, but when the right time comes I'll let you know. And by the
way I live in a house that you would never know is affordable, its a
house that people take pictures of. Please think before you put down
affordable housing because someday YOU might need it like I needed it
10 years ago, way before Ted Malone moved to town.
6:08 pm edt 

During Mr. McKinseys Five Years, Five Boats Have Sunk.....

During the six years when David Datacchio was harbormaster,
he had 24/7 coverage of MacMillan Pier with one full time assistant
harbormaster and two part time assistant harbormasters off-season vs.
the Piers Corp.s staffing of four full time employees and ?
part time employees.

During David Datacchios tenure, one boat sank, the Josephine G.
Former harbormaster Datacchio notified the owner that the boat was
listing and to come down to the pier. The owner didnt come down right
away as he thought it was just heavy gear and waited until the
morning, which was too late.

.....including the harbormasters boat. The four boats that have sank,
the Pat Sea, the Joe & Tom, the Chico Jess and the Northern Approach,
the owners were contacted only after their boats sank.

A bigger harbormasters staff, no 24/7 coverage, five boats sinking,
four boats sinking under the harbormasters office while a
harbormaster was on duty, no owner contacted until they were lying on
the floor of the harbor, harbor rules & regs not being enforced like
the most recent transient vessel in violation of the 1-1-13 reg and a
log entry March 19 from the owner of the Northern Cross who had
called from Maine to check on his boat indicates incompetent
management by this harbormaster and Pier Corporation and consequently
has resulted in environmental damage to our harbor and physical
damage to our pier.

Harbormaster McKinsey in this weeks Banner, sums it up This is a
drag, but stuff happens to boats.  No, Mr. McKinsey, your
laissez-faire management style of MacMillan Pier is a drag.
5:57 pm edt 

We Need Valid and Coherent Answers From the Candidates

Can someone on this blog tell us why we should vote for
Brian Green and George Bryant. For that matter why should we vote for
Elaine Anderson and Michelle Couture?

What qualifies each of them to be on the board:

What expertise do they have to address the current problems that the
town faces?

What is their position on making Provincetown an important tourist
destination since that is really the only viable source of economic
development here.

What are their goals for their upcoming term on the board? What do
they plan on accomplishing during their term?

How do they plan on addressing financial waste in town government?

What is their position and their ideas on viable plans for addressing
education? affordable housing? town infrastructure?

And finally, we are currently experiencing a clear enviroment of
division between a number of special interest groups in town. What is
their plan for bringing these groups together in order to address
town problems and how would you carry out this plan?

In closing I really think, at least in my mind that this is what
really needs to be addressed. If these candidates can give me some
valid and coherant answers then I will consider any one of them and
will honor them with my vote.
5:52 pm edt 

FACT - No One Wanted the Affordable Houses!

So many deemed affordable had to be sold at market rate.

Why? No one wanted them.

Zero interest. Zero.
5:48 pm edt 

Nobody Wanted the Affordable Units!

We've seen over and over again units established as affordable
housing go at market rate. At market rate! What does this mean?
Nobody wanted them.

And once they go at market rate -- the door is open for those leading
the affordable housing charge to tell the community the crisis still we need to build more.

I am tired of hearing about the crisis when we have all seen so many
units be sold at market rate - which only allows the affordable
housing folks to keep saying we need more.

The affordable housing units going at market rate only adds to the problem.
5:42 pm edt 

Stand Tall Bryan

Yes, the previous poster made a dumb typo mistake and
forgot that "Grammer" is married to "Gramper" and that they wanted to
point out GRAMMAR to Bryan... mea culpa to them, but then, THEY ARE
Besides, what exactly is hypocritical about the sexual references?
Bryan knows how he made his living the past few years and should not
be ashamed of it, massage and release are commonplace.
However, simply putting on a suit for Town Meeting doesn't make you a
different person.
Bryan should be proud and open regarding his past experience.

5:39 pm edt 

Michele Couture Must be Rejected!

This coming election is the citizens opportunity to finally
rid itself of a co-opted Selectmen.

Selectman Couture is totally beholding to a single purpose 
interest group, whose goals are counter to those of the average
Provincetown citizen.

Elect Brian Green and George Bryant to bring back people
oriented government, which will develop long term, goals which
directly benefit the majority of the people as opposed to special 
interest groups.

Rid ourselves of Couture, Elect Green and Bryant! 
9:19 am edt 


      Whoever published Thomas Barnes' information on Proposition 2
1/2 has provided us with a much different perspective than I've heard
here in Provincetown. The idea that Prop 2 1/2 is meant for
emergencies is important. That makes much more sense than using Prop
2 1/2 to cover general budget shortfalls which is what the town just
did in their overrides. They used the warrant to handle general
budget items and pet projects. To use the overrides for fixing
sidewalks and drains and then using the overrides to pay for the
assistant recreation director position that had been cut from the
general budget seems a misuse of overrides. I guess he would consider
the fireworks a "pet project" even though some of us would consider
fireworks essential for a tourist town, for the economic well being
of Provincetown and for any patriots.

      Wow! What a perspective. I feel I learned a new perspectives on
9:06 am edt 

Learn the Facts for Once...

there is a local preference - i stand corrected as it's 70%, not 75%
- when it comes to affordable housing. so, sure, everyone in the
country could apply. but the first seven units of every ten awarded
would be set aside for locals. and it is a crisis. maybe you haven't
been here long enough to know how many people have left in the last
ten years. i've heard as many as 50 to 100 each year. and there goes
your off season economy. i'm only on my first cup of coffee and i can
think of a half a dozen people who plan to leave this fall. inaction
and lack of attention, largely fostered by the naysayers, have
allowed the crisis to continue to the point where it's pretty much
too little, too late. you can huff and puff and try to blow the
affordable housing crisis down, but it's real for many who try to
continue to live here. the most alarming number i've seen on here is
the median price of a single family home - $729,000. where in town
are you going to find a job that would pay eno!
  ugh to support that kind of mortgage??? the town's highest paid
positions wouldn't cut it.

so, if you don't care about it, fine. but stopping saying it's all
lies and we don't need it. it's real for many of us and there are
these annoying things called facts that will support that reality.

but first... it's a beautiful day. go see the whales. stroll through
town. maybe you'll be inspired to take a more positive approach to a
very real problem.
9:00 am edt 

A Spring Ride Through Town

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Provincetown. Took a ride through
town and looked at all the wonderful things we have done in the past
five to ten years.

A new Library, a new home for the Elderly, a new Sewer system, a new
Pier, a new Theater, an expanded and world class Museum, a new dog
park, a new skate park, lots of construction on new and old homes,
old time friends renting and owning affordable homes, rental housing
constuction beginning, our neighborhood filled with year rounders,
artists and seasonal friends, a vibrant visual arts and writing
community, a beginning of a focus on a sustainable community and
recycling. All of this for a tiny, tiny town.

What a wondeful town we live in and to be proud of.

Ptown Pollyanna.
8:58 am edt 

Quit Your Whining

I am perplexed by all of the writers on this blog.  Most
seem to be complaining and whining about the way things in town
government are working.  I don't see many recommendations for
improvement being offered.    Much of the info provided here is
erroneous if not out right lies.  Until you get off the pot and offer
some constructive recommendations for change you need to grow up and
quit your whining!

Tired of Tiny Minds
8:55 am edt 

Wise About Prop 2 1/2

     There was a letter to the editor in the Cape Cod Times published
last week. I was struck by Thomas Barnes' knowledge of Prop 2 1/2 and
his wise position on when and when not to issue Prop 2 1/2s. Here's
what he said:

     "Proposition 21/2 for Emergencies Only:
In upcoming town meetings, departmen heads will be pleading for extra
funds for essential services. They will explain how an override of
Proposition 2 1/2 is the only way voters can prevent budget meltdown.

      It's a good time to recall exactly what Proposition 2 1/2 is
about and why overrides shold be rejected at town meeting.

      When Proposition 2 1/2 was established, towns were routinely
raising property taxes to the point where voters on fixed incomes
were forced to choose between paying their property taxes and buying

     This resulted in the passage of Proposition 2 1/2, a state law
that told town governments, "No you can't raise property taxes at
will," and put an end to the escalation in property taxes.

      In the present environment of inflation and recession, it's
disgusting that towns would even consider asking voters to ante up
more in property taxes.

      Before voting to override Propostion 2 1/2, ask town officials
where the money went that was collected to cover essential services.

      Propostion 2 1/2 overrides were intended for emergencies, not
for pet projects or as a way to pay for everyday expenses."

       Here's a refreshing point: Propostion 21/2 was "intended for
emergencies, not for pet projects or as a way to pay for everyday
expense." Seems like Provincetown's 6 overrides fit into all of these
non-intended categories.

      Thanks Thomas Barnes. Thanks for giving us a perspective that
seems lost on our town government. We still have our ballot votes on
May 6. Maybe we'll take your position on overrides to heart and vote
against our 6 overrides--all pet projects and everyday expenses. As
you say, this is not what overrides were meant for.
12:43 am edt 

Please Tell the Truth for Once

There are 303,870,538 Americans in this country. Anyone of
them can move to Provincetown and, if they qualify, would be eligible
for affordable housing. Please tell the truth for once. This needs to
be broadcast to certain business owners who are furious because they
feel that they have been mislead by hearing that affordable housing
is for locals.
Please, affordable housing advocates, read this before you shed more
falsehoods about affordable housing.
12:41 am edt 

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hey Mac: Ya What is Myer?

Myer: I thought you told me the pier corp was responsible for all bad
things that happen on the pier and in town.

Mac: Yup

Myer: Well whaddaya know, the boat that sank had a serious mechanical
problem and the captain accidentally switched off the bilge pump!
Jeez, I guess the pier corp. isn't to blame after all!

Mac: Oh, don't worry Myer, it was their fault alright.

Myer: How do ya figure Mac?

Mac: You really are a dummy Myer! Candace says everything's the pier
corp's fault and that's good enough for me! That means it's good
enough for you too!

Myer: Ya, uh ok, whaddeva you say Mac.

Shifting winds

PS - The writer of this is not a pier corp person or a harbormaster!
Just someone that has been paying attention.
8:20 pm edt 

Hey Working Class!

You don't need to sign your name. You already outed yourself.

Tit 4 tat and all that sort of rubbish eh what?
8:17 pm edt 


I don't think it's right to call those who critique affordable
housing as "bashers." We were told there was a crisis...The Banner
ran back to back stories last year. But the Banner never told us more
than the 'emotional' stuff they thought we should hear. That
affordable housing is not permanent, it can go to market rate after a
period of time,  that anyone can get it no matter how long they have
lived here, etc. I was for affordable housing based on the 'crisis.'
Granted, we all could have dived deeper, but what's going on now is
not what I was led to believe I was supporting last year. The reality
under current circumstances appears to be that it will never end.  We
will always "need' more, even if  (and as) the population continues
to decrease.
7:36 pm edt 


check into the facts about affordable housing folks. yes, when public
- state and/or federal - funds are used as part of the project
finances, the availabilty is opened up to anyone basically. folks
have relocated here bringing their section 8 voucher with them. it's
just the way it works. however, recognizing that communities
generally prioritize housing locals in need, a town can apply a local
preference. i believe the selectman did that a couple of years ago. i
seem to remember the local preference being set at 75%. check it out
and stop bashing affordable housing and those who advocate for it. it
just shows how much you just don't get the whole picture. and it's
just plain mean. most of them are just trying to help people stay in
their town.

oh, and there's a debate on at 8.
6:44 pm edt 

Surprise Surprise

The top person in a certain department in Provincetown
thought that affordable housing was for the locals. This individual
was incredulous to learn the truth: which is that anyone who moves to
town can apply for affordable housing a second later if they qualify.

4:08 pm edt 

Perfect Idea!
I too believe that having a state of the town address every
six months would be perfect--even if it is just for the next few

For instance, the school is giving its report in May and in six
months it will be October and we can ask for an update and then next
May it will have been a year--and we can all publicly see what the
results have been in one year and ask the Town Manager about them.

The same with the proposed work on Town Hall and the sewer hook ups.
Plus, any issues that need to be addressed can be brought up at these

It would be public and so open. It is an excellent idea.

4:06 pm edt 


Seems like my favorite blog has really stirred up some trouble
lately!  I just can't understand some of the  morons who write in. 
They claim they hate MYPACC, but continue to support it with their
ridiculous entries.

Here is my response to a few:
      "Nice try" to the blogger who slammed Bryan Green.  Your
subversive text implied sexual impropriety.  Really all you proved
was your hypocrisy by mis-spelling the word grammar.  An attempt at a
cheap shot.  Too bad it back fired.  MORON

      So, another boat sank.  The PPPC has to open their books to

      The webmasters house was broken into!  Have you ever had this
happen to you?  It a horrible feeling of violation, besides the theft
of personal property.  Those of you that blame the victims, shame on
you!  Its pretty obvious to me what the theives were trying to do. 
Some of you on here seem a little to "in the know" about the motives
and the actual crime itself.

      To the person who passed this off as an act to cover up libel,
your a MORON!  This is a blog, do you know how it works?  Unpopular
speech is vital to a democracy.  This leads me to another point. 
Some of you moan and groan about bloggers not leaving their name. 
Anonymity is a basic right of a democracy.  Ever looked at a ballot
box?  You don't sign your name after you vote.  Our founding fathers
figured this would protect people against RETRIBUTION.  Do you know
what that is?  MORON

      Lastly, here is my two-cents on the police. I have had many
dealings with them, both good and bad.  They perform the most
important civic duty.....public safety.

The key word is DUTY.  Its not a RIGHT.  Absolute power corrupts
absolutely.  I beleive the p-town police would be in a much better
position if they remembered that.

I'm not leaving my real name-
Working Class
11:55 am edt 

Regarding Loss of Computer

To the poster who posits that loss of webmaster's computer is related
to attempts to get rid of information that might be a target of
attornies' discovery efforts related to a slander suit you should
know that all such evidence that might be of interest (IP addresses
tying posters to their posts, message id's, weblogs, etc.) would be
retained/stored on the web server hosting MYPACC not on the
webmaster's computer. It would also likely be backed up by the
hosting company as well. Therefore the loss of an individual user's
computer would have no impact. Let's try to stick to real facts huh?

Computer Whiz
11:52 am edt 

To Peter Page,

Would you consider going to a selectmen's meeting and asking the
town manager if this is feasible during public statements? Decide if
you want to do this and ask on this blog who wants to go with you.
11:50 am edt 

State of the Town Address

I think the town charter should be changed to include that a state of
the town address must be presented the monday before the beginning of
any town meeting.  If we choose to have a fall town meeting, then we
should have the ability to hear the state of the town and to ask
questions in a public forum prior to that meeting.

It should be part of our charter.
11:48 am edt 

These Facts Trouble Me!

As a taxpayer, I read these facts and it troubles me. This
is why I want the FinCom to put this budget under the microscope.
These are facts--this isn't name calling. I can't help but wonder
what else will be revealed.
..4077- Ice Sales
We invested about 90K in a (ice) plant three years ago that should
serve for 10 years without major expense.

But the reality is quite different:

   Pier Corp FY June 2004 through June 2005 #6115 Ice Machine
Maintenance/Repair: $50,580.98

Pier Corp FY June 2005 through June 2006 #6115 Ice Machine Maintenance/Repair:

Maintenance & Repairs totaling $97,677 is a major expense Treasurer Adams!
11:46 am edt 

Five Boats, Including the Harbormaster's Boat, Have Sunk...... MacMillan Pier under the watch of the current PPPC
and its staff. Que pasa?
  Word on the street was that the recent sinking was due to water
leaking into the area near the rudder, but the Cape Cod Times today
reports Rex McKinsey blaming the boat's crew for shutting off the
bilge pump. Which is it?
  Not to mention that the harbormaster's boat did not get pulled out
of the water this winter and actually spent the winter banging up
against the pier. Whew!
  Anyone who knows boats knows that you pull your boat out of the
harbor for the winter unless the boat was built to withstand the
winter. If memory serves me, this boat is a recreational boat that
was retrofitted for the PPPC. Would anyone like to venture a guess
that that the boat, a/k/a Marine 1, probably sustained avoidable
11:34 am edt 

How About Giving Some Solutions

To: Federal Offense! Item Written by Webmaster
To: Good Luck with the Police Finding Your Computer!!
To the One Who Criticized Brian's Spelling and Grammer,.......
Wow, What an Astute Observation!
Mack: If a Boat Sinks on the Pier, Whose Fault is it?
To Good Luck with the Police Finding Your computer:

OK, town meeting is over, the summer is around the corner, it's
getting warm out.  Let's use all this energy to make positive changes
to our town.  We have a gem of a town here, let's make it even better.

It's very easy to point out what's wrong in town, harder to point out
solutions.  But, solutions are what we need, let's come up with some
suggestions for positive change in town.
11:19 am edt 

People Want to Know the Underlying Truth.......

..........about the school, 
affordable housing, the pier and all of the other things that cost us

The school is too expensive for this community and the school needs
to address this cost issue. People are going to be in a different
mind set come next year when they are in the midst of a recession and
supporting two schools that are next to each other with a budget
costing us millions each year--with only 11 or 12 graduating seniors.

affordable housing claims that it is for locals but there are
literally millions of Americans who qualify if they move here.
Provincetown tax payers think that locals have priority.

The pier finances and what it owes the town are in contention between
some citizens and the pier corps. We need to find the truth.
11:15 am edt 

To the Political Wind of Provincetown...

Cute little dialogue but when you get down to the problem of boatS
sinking.. not one, not two, not three, now four all under the care of the
same harbormaster who was the pick of the pier corp, just where does
responsibility lie?  Perhaps the harbormaster is not responsible
since no one from the harbormaster's crew was there, including the
harbormaster, for any of these tragedies. We need a new harbormaster
who will do the job.
Slippery Fish (from the stern of the Chico Jess noticing how quickly
my new neighbor was removed)
11:10 am edt 

Its Time for a Change!

According to the Cape Cod Times, the crew of the Northern
Approach left the boat unmanned for a few days. What was so important
that our harbormaster did not know that this visiting boat was left
unattended for days in clear violation of harbor regulations?  The
article goes on the say  containment booms were deployed and limited
the spreading of fuel.  Five boats have sunk recently polluting our
harbor. There is a pattern of reckless management on the pier at the
expense of our harbor and taxpayers wallets because harbor
regulations arent being enforced.  Issuing a $50.00 ticket will
really send a strong message! Pier management continues to be
ineffective and incompetent. Its time for a change.
11:07 am edt 

"A Taxpayer" Wrote:

Why don't we hold a State of Town Meeting every six
months? Only this time, let's invite the people to come in and ask
questions. Everybody gets a question and then we move on and if
you've already asked a question but have another one on a different
subject, you get to ask it after everyone who hasn't already asked a
question has had a turn. A representative of each  of our Regulatory
Boards could be there to answer specific questions.  The Town Clerk
could be there to address voting questions, and on and on.

This is an excellent idea. What can we do to act on this? Will the
poster have enough courage to sign your name so you and I could talk
about how to make this happen? Id be willing to work on this if other
people help too.

Post your interest in this idea and sign your name. I will then contact you.

Peter Page
11:05 am edt 

July 4th Fireworks

Once again I will try and post this and see if it gets screened
again. I wanted to urge everyone to think twice if the Fireworks are
on the May ballot for final approval.

My reasons are, (1) July 4th falls on a Friday this year,(2) I have
heard both Truro and Wellfleet are not having fireworks this year
(not uncommon for Truro not to),(3) which means there will be more
people coming to P'town to see our whopping 22 minutes of
fireworks,(4)and of course being on a weekend and potential for more
people we are at risk for added hours of problems for a below average

If other Towns can avoid having them, why can't we just for one year.
If the fireworks ran for an hour and were rated amongsts the best, I
could maybe deal with that but for 22 minutes on the average of below
average display I'm not over excited about it.Because you know as
well as I do we could repeat what happened a couple of years ago and
you know who many of you are going to blame "The Police" when it's
you who voted for the fireworks.

P.S... Add this to the information I posted recently about the
Tourism and we could help save our Town or maybe it's easier to come
on here and point fingers ???
11:03 am edt 

The PPPc Should Have Enforced Harbor Reg 1-3-11......

.....instead they blog aggressively here trying to deflect respondsibility
and attack ms. Nagle. i lIke the BOARD OF FIVE LANDLUBBERS. funny..

A harbormaster should be just that, a harbormaster not trying to book
circuit parties at the end of the pier like some event
coordinator. soundsLike a 3 ring circus down there.
11:00 am edt 

Three Issues!

Lets wait and see what the repercussions are regarding
these three issues. One, the school has a committee searching out all
of the possible ways that it can increase enrollment. It will state
its case in May and we can see the results over the next year.

If the student population declines and we are still paying millions
of dollars for the school, then they will have to consolidate the
schools or lose all credibility and the tax payers will stop funding
the school.

2. The Pier corps will be scrutinized by the FinCom committee and we
can all go to the meeting and see the public part of this process.

3. Regarding affordable housing--it is so thick with underhanded
deviousness and sweet heart deals that it will never extricate itself
from the bog of distrust it has created. Go and ask people around
town who they think their tax supported affordable housing is
supposed to go to.
10:56 am edt 

What Slander?

What is the nasty slander that has been said about
affordable housing?
10:54 am edt 

What is the Slander?

Affordable housing touted itself as
being for the locals--but it is available to anyone the minute that
they move to Provincetown as long as he or she qualifies financially.

Why don't the affordable housing advocates stand outside the church
on Sunday and ask the folks coming out if they think that affordable
housing is supposed to go to the locals.

It isn't slander--it is contempt for you who have led people to
believe that affordable housing is for the locals and thus $2,ooo,ooo
of tax payer's money has gone to affordable housing while we suffer

There are millions of good, decent people in this country who qualify
for affordable housing; why not just state that instead of always
talking about spending our tax dollars on housing for the locals; you
make it sound as though they get special priority.
10:52 am edt 

The Affordable Housing Complex is Mightily Angered

      Obviously, you are not happy. In fact, you are very angry. Life
has changed and you do not like all the facts that are revealed. You
do not like that so much information is now public. We can now
differentiate shams from facts; myths from reality; obfuscation from

      Up the Rebels!
10:43 am edt 

Odd, What?

Odd, if the Harbormaster's office is staffed until
midnight, and Mr. Kinkor saw the "distressed" vessel at 6pm already
in trouble... what gives? Sounds like someone is lying? Why not
report the sighting of a ship in potential danger to the
Harbormaster, or police? Why report it on the blog after the fact?

What would the Harbormaster on duty have to gain by covering up a
boat sinking? The fellow on duty has nothing to lose by reporting it,
in fact, it's his sworn duty to act. Two and two do not equal four
10:41 am edt 

Obviously the Truth is Hurting Someone

     The Truth hurts. The Truth Disturbs. The Truth unsettles. The
Truth threatens.

     So you try to find some way to stop the uncovering, to prohibit
disclosures, the end the revelations.

      It won't stop. Mypacc continues. The venue continues for all to
post and inform. The Blog is here and what you fear, what you work to
censure, and what you insist on snuffing out, will continue.
10:39 am edt 

To Just Can't Win:

I don't believe anyone is asking to hire someone from the 12pm-8am
shift.  All their asking to do, is take one of the 4 guys off the
days and put one on every shift so that all shifts are covered.... Do
you really need 3-4 on during the day ? 1 from 4P-12A and noone from
mid-8.  That makes no sense at all.  Just utilize who you have and it
will all work out.....   It's not rocket science.....
10:37 am edt 

Dear Candace and Duane:

If a boat sinks in the harbor while
on its mooring, is that the fault of Pier Corp. and Harbormaster? And
if a boat sinks beacause of the captain's error and that vessel had a
maintenance issue, is that too the fault of the Pier Corp and
Harbormaster? If someone slips and falls off the side of the pier,
will you blame the Pier Corp ad Harbormaster?

Just wondering
10:35 am edt 

To: Federal Offense! Item Written by Webmaster

BRAVO!!!! Well said!

I know who stole the webmaster's computer! It was the              
           They are responsible for all bad events in Provincetown!

Book em Danno!!!!

10:34 am edt 

Four Boats Have Sunk Beneath the Window of the Harbormaster's Office

Thank you for your unbiased opinion Mr. Steele! Pray nothing sinks on
your watch!
10:31 am edt 

We Don't Need Anymore Harbormasters!

All five boats sank while harbormasters were on duty!let's not forget!!!
I'd like to see the harbormaster's log book. Heard he never reads it.
I want to see the assistant harbormaster's entries about the northern

Could you put that on the town's website too?
10:30 am edt 

Be Prepared!
Treasurer Mack Adams your time would be better served
figuring out what you are going to tell FinCom when they ask you
about the below:

The packet submitted by the Pier Corporation to the BOS at their
annual joint meeting Dec 10 2007:

4077- Ice Sales
We invested about 90K in a (ice) plant three years ago that should
serve for 10 years without major expense.

But the reality is quite different:

  Pier Corp FY June 2004 through June 2005 #6115 Ice Machine
Maintenance/Repair: $50,580.98

Pier Corp FY June 2005 through June 2006 #6115 Ice Machine Maintenance/Repair:

Maintenance & Repairs totaling $97,677 is a major expense Treasurer Adams!

Also, you might want to wiki the word actual before you sit before FinCom.

Candace Nagle

10:28 am edt 

George Bryant is a Dedicated Public Servant......

.........who took office
the first time as a selectman in 1976 after a bitterly contested
recall election, the same one that gave us Mary-Jo Avellar.

He has a master's degree in architecture from M.I.T., I believe, and
despite his compulsion to collect, he has a keen intelligence.  His
head has always been in the right place on municipal matters--on your

In view of the fact that the roster of selectmen's candidates for
this position is a collection of small people, except for Bryan
Green. Both of them should make effective selectmen.  Do yourselves a
favor and vote for people with the courage and character to do the
right thing.  It's the only thing that counts.

Recent boards of selectmen have been so timid, so afraid to take any
kind of stand, for lack of conviction and purpose that problems are
never solved.  We have a seemingly inexperienced and timid town
manager who has not exhibited any serious leadership.  We are all
going aground.

Try Bryant and Green.  They look like effective people who have you in mind.

Old Timer
10:26 am edt 

To: Good Luck w/ Police Finding Your Computer

How pathetic are you?  Obviously, very.  Instead of helping to solve
a crime, let's just be critical. That always helps!  Provincetown
Police have more to do then spread false accusations and whatever
else you alledge you know...  You should stop by sometime and check
out all they really do and the nonsense they have to deal with.  Your
ignorance has proven your intelligence.  Need I say anymore ?
10:22 am edt 

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To: Federal Offense! Item Written by Webmaster

The talk around Town is this.  MPACC is in its death throws and you
are hoping for some much needed attention (read: support) in your
alleged loss.


Another theory is that you have heard rumblings that you and your are
very shortly going to get a visit from the legal torts fairy in
reference to a nasty slander suit and you needed a public and indeed
convenient way to account for the missing hard drive.

The FBI website states that solvability factors in random B&E crimes
are in the single digits.

I believe that McGruff the crime dog recommends locking your doors on
your way out of your home at night as a basic deterrent to crime!
6:52 pm edt 

To: Good Luck with the Police Finding Your Computer!!

I think that it is just about time that you stop blaming our police
department in order to further youre personal and private crusade!  
I believe that the department does the best job that they can under
oftentimes very difficult circumstances.

By the way.  I would have loved to have this debate with you last
week at Town Meeting, but I missed you.   Its not because you are not
a registered voter here is it?

I for one think it is.  Lay off our cops!  You,             and the 
      friends are wasting your time here.  I laugh at you!  We are not
ready to return to the days when the type of service you received was
based on who you were, how much money you had or who you slept with! 

  Grow up Jackass!
6:48 pm edt 

To the One Who Criticized Brian's Spelling and Grammer,.......

...........try GRAMMAR.

Slippery Fish ( from the Chico Jess, deciding to rent out
affordable housing units in my new neighbor)
6:44 pm edt 

Wow, What an Astute Observation!

To the author of: Good Luck with the Provincetown Police
Finding Your Computer!!

You might have better luck yourself.

After all their misdeeds during the past year, they seem only capable
of hurting innocent people, spreading false accusations and charging
people they injure with crimes. The arsonist also continues to harm
the town.

They are a sorry bunch...and need some strong OUTSIDE leadership to
get them back into shape after the year of Tobias terror.

Wow, what an astute observation! You are obviously a mental behemoth!
My goodness, such acuity you have.

I hope you never need the assistance of the Provincetown Police
yourself. Considering how incompetent they are, you wouldn't stand a
chance. Of course, you neglected to sign your name so obviously you
take the cowardly way and hide in anonymity where you belong!

Duh, I must be a cop cuz I can't member my name neither
6:42 pm edt 

Mack: If a Boat Sinks on the Pier, Whose Fault is it?

Myer: I dunno, do tell!

Mack: Why, the Pier Corp. you big dummy! Don't you know that anything
that goes wrong at the pier is automatically their fault!

Myer: So if a tree falls across Commercial Street?

Mack: PIER CORP!! Now you're getting it!

Myer: Thanks, now I see. Candace is right! Why didn't I see this before?

Mack: Because you're a big dummy!!

Myer: Oh ya, right!

The Political Winds of Provincetown
6:32 pm edt 

Just Can't Win

So Candice... you         and scream that the pier corp is
spending too much money right? Now you want them to employ a watchman
from 12pm - 8am?

Wonder how much that will set the pier corp back? Guess you'll have
something else to pontificate on, eh Candice? Suppose a boat sinks
during those hours, who will you blame then? No matter what those
people do, you won't rest so my suggestion to them is to just ignore
you until you go away. I for one am tired of hearing your mantra of
disolve the pier corp board.

New flash: your Article did not pass muster. Please drop this red
herring and leave us alone.

Sick of hearing about the pier!
6:29 pm edt 

To Good Luck with the Police Finding Your computer:

You seem to know it all and have the answers... Why don't you try and
solve it?

Oh no, you're to busy ridiculing and making false accusations about
the police instead of helping..

6:26 pm edt 

Please Explain

Odd, I just came from the pier a few moments ago (it's 3:30
pm) and there is no boat sunk there other than the Chico Jess? Where
is the sunken boat? Is it the Chico Jess that has everyone stirring
because that boat's been down for a bit.

Also, isn't Mr. Kinkor an employee of Barry Clifford? Why didn't Mr.
Kinkor walk over to the harbormaster office and let someone know what
he saw?

I guess I'm lost because I find no other boats that are sinking or
sunk at the pier.

Splain Lucy splain!
6:24 pm edt 

24 / 7 You Bet!

They dont know whats going on if  you dont leave the games
on the computer or are sleeping  but Im  sure there will be plenty of
excuses why Just pay your dockage fees and your boat will be watched
24 7 ha ha ha ha
6:21 pm edt 

Re:Sinking Vessel:

My point exactly... Where were ALL the Harbormasters?

Two boats and noone around...  Hmmmmm  Maybe because they're all on
the 8-4 shift?
6:15 pm edt 

Just a Thought

Maybe Winkler Crane can do a 2 for 1 raising of the Chico
Jess and the Northern Approach!
6:13 pm edt 

All Could Have Been Prevented if the Rules and Regs Were Enforced.

1-3-8 All vessels using the Pier shall be maintained in a safe, sound and
seaworthy condition and capable of getting underway under its own
power except incases of temporary incapacity during emergency.

There are at least two draggers currently on MacMillan Pier that
arent seaworthy and havent left the pier for ages. One does not even
have its transmission. The Chico Jess was unseaworthy and hadnt left
MacMillan Pier for well over a year.

Nothing has been done about these two boats either.  The Harbor Rules
& Regulations are just a suggestion to pier management. Our harbor
has paid dearly for the environmental damage by draggers sinking in a
couple of years.All could have been prevented if the rules and regs
were enforced.
6:11 pm edt 

Re:Here We Go Again

Well another sinking at the peir because again no
harbormaster on duty

I guess I don't get it.  It's the harbormaster's fault when a boat
sinks?  The water was very calm last night when I was out walking the
dog and the boat sank.  So I would guess the boat must not have been
in very good shape if it just sprung a leak and sunk.  I'm not an
expert on boats, but if the Harbormaster does see a boat sinking what
does he do?  I'm not being sarcastic here, just really don't know
what the harbormaster does when they see a boat sinking.
6:05 pm edt 

Harbor Regulations
                             Harbor Regulations
                  Mooring Rules and Regulations
                                            Approved January 1, 1997
                                            Amended March 26, 2004
                                            Amended March 13, 2006

1-3-11 The owners or captains of all resident vessels using MacMillan
Pier shall
make available to the Pier Manager the names of at least two
qualified persons who can contacted in the event of the need to move
vessels. All other transient vessels berthed at the Pier shall have
on board at all times sufficient personnel qualified to move the
vessels when requested by the Pier Manager. Upon order of the
Harbormaster/Pier Manager, all vessels must be moved within 30

Three log entries had been made by assistant harbormasters in the
past that the Northern Approach was violating 1-3-11 of our Harbor
Regulations. Nothing was done. In fact, the owner of the Northern
Approach, said to the harbormaster Thanks Rex. See you in a few days.

Safety issues continue to be ignored on MacMillan Pier.
6:03 pm edt 

David Dattachio if You are Out There?

Is it true you had
around the clock coverage of MacMillan Pier with a staff less than
our current harbormaster?
6:02 pm edt 

Should We Rethink This?

Mr. McKinsey is in over his head like the Chico Jess and
the new boat that just sank!
5:59 pm edt 

Should the Pier Management be Fired!

If it's true that boat sank because of pier regulations not
being enforced, the pier management needs to be fired!

Let's hope the new selectmen coming in aren't all      !
5:57 pm edt 

Factless Gossip!

How timely another boat has sunk at the pier maybe it was
Candace or Duane who sank it?

Ha ha ...just thought I'd place my share of way out factless gossip!
5:50 pm edt 

I Drove Down the Pier at 7pm.

I saw the harbormaster's pick
up truck parked outside his office. Sounds like the boat was sinking
well before then according to Mr. Kinkor's account.
5:38 pm edt 

Four Boats Have Sunk Beneath the Window of the Harbormaster's Office

1. two boats sank together because one unseaworthy one was allowed to
be tied to another to make room for a visiting dragger. Thanks Rex!
2. the chico jess sank after being in rent arrears for over two
years, David Dutra went before the PPPC one week before it sank
telling the board of five landlubbers it was about to sink and still
nothing was done. oh, and the boat hadn't been to sea in over a year.
wonder why? Thanks Rex.
3. even after three log entries in the harbormaster's office by an
assistant harbormaster that the owner of Northern Approach from Maine
was tying up his boat and going back to Maine leaving his boat
unattended, nothing was done by the harbormaster. even though it is a
harbor regulation that these boats can not be left unattended. Well,
the fourth time it happened, it sank! Thanks Rex!

There is a pattern of boats sinking on this harbormaster's watch
including the harbormaster's boat. All could have been prevented
using sound maritime judgement and enforcing harbor safety rules and

Our harbormaster is not suited to be harbormaster. period.
the board of five landlubbers are not suited to oversee the pier
manager and harbormaster. period.
5:36 pm edt 

Subject: Vessel Sinking

Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 05:54:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ken Kinkor <>
Subject: Vessel sinking

As I was leaving work at the Whydah Museum a little before 6 pm on
Monday, April 14, I noticed that a boat tied up to Macmillan Wharf,
just across from the Harbormasters Office, seemed to be low in the
water and was obviously listing to starboard.

Being an Iowan by background, I dont have much experience with boats
and so I thought it might be just overloaded with fish.

Since it was broad daylight, and since the boat was in plain sight of
the Harbormasters office, I thought theyd know if there was an actual
problem and deal with it.

The next morning I was horrified to see that the boat had sunk, and I
want to say to the owners how sorry I am that I did not call the
Coast Guard.

I do not know why the Harbormasters office did not notice what was
going on, but similar sinkings have happened all too often over the
last few years.

I dont understand why two boats can sink right outside the
Harbormasters window, in plain view, less than 100 feet away.
1:39 pm edt 

Here We Go Again

Well another sinking at the peir because again no
harbormaster on duty
1:37 pm edt 

I Hear that They Have the Video of the Person (s)

Anyone who would break in and steal a computer is just not
thinking. Nowaday with all of the security around, there are hidden
cameras everywhere. I hear that they have the video of the person (s)
who stole the computer. Real smart!

1:34 pm edt 

Good Luck with the Provincetown Police Finding Your Computer!!

You might have better luck yourself.

After all their misdeeds during the past year, they seem only capable
of hurting innocent people, spreading false accusations and charging
people they injure with crimes. The arsonist also continues to harm
the town.

They are a sorry bunch...and need some strong OUTSIDE leadership to
get them back into shape after the year of Tobias terror.
1:31 pm edt 

Sympathy on the Burglary

"What is truly revealed here, by this heinous act, is the
depth and breath of the corruption that exists in Provincetown."

Wll be interested to see the concrete proof of this statement. in
the meantime, sympathy on the burglary and hope the perpetrator is
1:28 pm edt 

Another Boat Sinks at the Pier

Sometime during the night, an out of town boat from Maine sank at the
pier.  Once again, there was no harbormaster on duty.  The captain
and crew had gone back to Maine, leaving no one on board to watch the
vessel, in violation of the pier regulations.
  How many more boats have to sink before we have 24 hr coverage at
the pier and when will the habormaster start enforcing the rules.
Old Salt
1:25 pm edt 

Where's Waldo?

Webmasters Computer stolen? What idiot in their right mind would
break-in and steal this computer? This person (or persons) has got to
be the stupidest being on God's green earth. Shouldn't be hard to
track down.
And to those who are complaining about some of the negativity on this
site...look again. For every personal attack, doom and gloom and
throw my hands up and give up attitude there are ten others with
thoughtful, intelligent discourse and the willingness to help with
positive change by attending meetings, volunteering for committees
and generally serving the community. PACC and this site have sparked
a passionate resolve to get things done unlike any other vehicle this
town has ever seen. We may not all agree with the ultimate results
but your voice has been heard, loud and clear.

E. Michael Richards
1:24 pm edt 

Restructuring of the Pier Corp -

Candace's ultimate goal. 

The rest of us?  Not so much.
1:23 pm edt 

Thanks for Introducing yourself here, Bryan

Just a suggestion, because I have always liked you... try to edit
your comments for spelling and grammer. People who want to hold
public office should be extra careful about showing the town they
have the intellectual capacity for the job. I know that you do, so
please let your writing speak for you with complete sentences and
correct spelling.

You always gave me a happy ending, and I just know that you could do
that for my (w)hole town as well!

Bryan Green: He's got the heft, girth and weight needed to slap this
town to attention! You want cajones?? He's got the best around!! And,
he knows how to use them!

sincerely, A Thousand Sailors (we can't be wrong)
1:21 pm edt 

Eyewitness account:

Listing hard to starboard at 6pm last night in full view of the
harbormaster's office with our harbormaster there according to an eye
witness, Ken Kinkor. Why would a lawyer from Iowa discern that a
dragger was in trouble and not our harbormaster?
1:20 pm edt 

SOS SOS...Opps too Late...

From the hull of the Chico
Jess...I have company.  Another boat on the harbormaster's watch (or
lack there of since it took close to an hour for him to show up) has
joined me.

(Slippery Fish (venturing from the hull of the Chico Jess
to survey the damage)

1:18 pm edt 

Hold it...

Did you ever stop and think that a crook stole  a
computer and not an emeny of pacc stole the webmaster's computer?
Your narsicism now coupled with paranoia is not a healthy mix. You
have created this pacc which has no members; seems I saw a note from
Cheryl Andrews asking how to become one.
1:16 pm edt 

Harbormaster Last to Arrive

Yet another dragger sank last night and no harbormaster was
to be found. Barry Clifford, owner of the Whidyah, on MaMillan Pier
reported it to both the Coast Guard and the police. Our harbormaster
was the last one to arrive on the scene 45 minutes after the police
and Coast Guard.

As usual, there will be no accountibility on MacMillan Pier.
1:14 pm edt 

MYPACC is the Corruption!

RE: What is truly revealed here, by this heinous act, is
the depth and breath of the corruption that exists in Provincetown.

Give me a *%*@*&$ break ! MYPACC is the only corruption that exists
in this town.
1:11 pm edt 

Let it Go!

This is another important step in the ultimate goal the
restructuring of the Pier Corporation.
Candace Nagle

How long are you going to continue with your vendetta?  It didn't
pass, let it go.
1:10 pm edt 

Federal Offense!

Webmaster Comment: Tonight while attending a Board of Selectmen meeting a break-in occurred and  the MYPACC computer was stolen. This egregious act was an attempt to quash the publication of MYPACC.

What is truly revealed here, by this heinous act, is the depth and breath of the corruption that exists in Provincetown.

However, smile you're on candid camera!

1:27 am edt 

Webmaster Computer Stolen From His Home!

To the thief of the web masters' computer, how low can you
go? How foolish in the day and age of DNA and more intense detecting
of finger prints. You will be caught, one way or another
we're going to find you.
1:11 am edt 

Pier Corporation

I am pleased to announce after my public statement tonight
at the Board of Selectmens meeting in which I cited accounting
irregularities of the Pier Corporations financial statements
including the stunning omission of line item 6150 (mooring fee
reimbursement) in the Pier Corp.s most recent budget FY June 2008 and
the ill titled P & L Budget Vs. Actual Statements for FY 2007 and FY
2008, the Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to have the Finance
Committee examine the Pier Corps financial statements before a public

This is another important step in the ultimate goal the restructuring
of the Pier Corporation.

Candace Nagle
1:04 am edt 

Allow Me to Introduce Myself,

My name is A. Taxpayer and my
partner's name is A. Voter.

We are angry with what has become of our beloved little town. Why is
there so much contempt and hate on the blog? What is with you people?
You all claim to want better for this town. PROVE IT!

How about we all start writing a suggestion that will help IMPROVE
the town instead of bashing away at our fellow townspeople?

I'll start: Why don't we hold a State of Town Meeting every six
months? Only this time, let's invite the people to come in and ask
questions. Everybody gets a question and then we move on and if
you've already asked a question but have another one on a different
subject, you get to ask it after everyone who hasn't already asked a
question has had a turn. A representative of each  of our Regulatory
Boards could be there to answer specific questions.  The Town Clerk
could be there to address voting questions, and on and on.

There, I did one, now it's YOUR turn. Perhaps as everyone makes a
comment, they could end with a suggestion. Just a thought to actually
make this blog a more worthwhile endeavor for everyone.

A. Taxpayer
12:58 am edt 

Keith Bergermeister-man Just Hung up With me and he is Furious!

See, I told you people to be careful what you wished for!
Keith Bergermeister-man just hung up with me and he is furious! He
says you people are ruining everything! It's all coming unraveled.
His master plan is at risk. Who are all these people running for
office? That's not what he said would happen!

The man called me collect for GAWD sake! Babbled something about
financial ruin and the big white building in the center of town
falling apart just like he said it would. Between the incoherent
giggling, babbling and sobbing, he said everything would be spelled
out in the "Unshucked" cartoons if we just follow the clues. FOLLOW
THE CLUES! Look around you, they're everywhere!
12:52 am edt 

I am Surprised Anyone Can vote for Ted Myers

The people running for selectman can't know everything
about how the town runs ahead of time.  So what you have to look for
is someone who can look at facts, get information, and make a good
decision.  That's why I am surprised anyone can vote for Ted Myers
for selectman.  He did nothing when he was chief to bring together
the different groups in the police department.  He let community
policing fade away to nothing.  The worst example of his bad
judgment, in the opinion of many,  was the suicide that he could have
prevented just by doing his job well.

Ask anyone you know on the department or the previous chief  how
badly that was done.  Many believe He should have been fired.  But it
was convenient for the former town manager to have someone in there
who wasn't too good. All that happened was a letter that was later
removed from his file.  There is no way this guy should be a
12:47 am edt 

To: I Agree With:

First of all, the salaries people are reading in the town book should
be looked at closer.  Instead of looking at the total earnings, look
at the breakdowns...  That's what makes the total.. If you have a ?
which obviuosly you have no idea what some of the breakdowns even
mean... Why don't you try asking.   Secondly, the police again as
stated in an earlier blog, are the first responders to all calls...
They have keys to seniors homes if needed and they are the only ones
that have access.  Just keep in mind, the town cannot run without the
police.  Last of all, the police did not put in the article and for
the record, they only get $2,000.00 coverage.  This is for death in
the line of duty...  Who would like to see that happen?  If it was
your family member, I'm sure you'd be very upset.

As you stated,              may have had the courage to get up, but she
did not state her name as you are suppose to according to the rules
of Town Meeting as announced by the moderator.  OOPS!  People should
think, before they speak......

12:39 am edt 

Monday, April 14, 2008

Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

Remember, the most important actions you can take during the
May Elections are: not to elect Elaine Anderson or Michele Couture.
Elect Bryan Greene and George Bryant to bring back some order to the BOS
and free ourselves from the special interest Cabals.

For Good & Affective Governance
5:29 pm edt 

Are You Kidding Me????

Ted XXXXX is going to win the seat.

Just one short year ago he was run out of office for being a babbling
buffoon. Now overnight all is forgotten and the body politic will put
him in a position where he can exert even more influence and enact
even more harebrained ideas all in the name of helping his two or
three friends.

If he is that unhappy with his retirement, maybe he can get a job
babysitting his              and take the burden off us taxpayers!

Enough is enough!
5:21 pm edt 

The Blog is Here for Opinions and Positions

      Document positions? Provide evidence for perceptions? Audit
numbers before they are posted? You don't have a clue what a blog is.
You are like the person who calls and someone has to say: "Sorry,
wrong number."

     You are way off base. This is a Blog, not a site for writing a
doctoral thesis.
5:14 pm edt 

Elect Steele!



5:10 pm edt 

Hi Michael,

Could you do us one small favor?  Please put your name at the top of
your messages.  That way those of us who don't care to read your
constant chatter will know we can skip those writings.

John Doe
5:08 pm edt 

Allow Me to Introduce Myself
My name is Bryan Green and I am running for selectman. For those of
you who do not know me. It was brought to my attention that the web
master had put an advertisement on the front page. This is NOT an
admonishment of support.

So please do not label me without knowing
who I am or what I believe in. I have contacted the web master about
this. It is simply stated that if you want to know who I am please
attend my campaign dinner at Bay side Betsy's 5 to 7.30 on Tuesday.

Weather you are pro pacc or anti pacc. I am my own man and I am
beholding to no one and no group. I am no ones puppet and  Dr Cheryl
Andrews Is my financial treasure she is there to make sure that
things are done legally that is it. I am not her mouth piece as
someone stated nor am I a malcontent as stated by a selectman about
the people on here.

Addressing your concerns about my relationship
with the web master and his wife, yes I know them and they have been
friends of mine for many years I used to be their waiter at Bubala's.

So please do not judge me. Come talk to me.

Bryan K Green
5:07 pm edt 


What a wreck. You change postions so frequently it's impossible to
understand what you are for or against. You ramble on and say
nothing, you provide mis-imformation, half truths and jibberish.

Please, please, please never run for a town board or office. What a
true wreck you woudl create.
5:03 pm edt 

Combining the Schools

I am not trying to offend anyone or upset anyone with this question
but with some chatter talking about combining schools like Ptown with
Nauset,etc, etc...Why can't we look in our own closet and combine the
two schools we have into one ???

If the High School could house 3 or 400 students and it's housing
only around 200 now (these figures of course are gueess-to-mates),
and the Vets School has less than 200, than why don't we look into
the costs of housing both schools under one roof and maybe this way
we won't lose our school(s)...

After all if anyone one of you owned two stores and one was doing a
good buisness and the other was not would you close both buisness or
just close the one that was not as fortunate ???
5:01 pm edt 

Put Up or Shut Up

And so it begins again, now that town meeting is over we are
returning to what those who post on this site do best....attack
people personally based on rumor, gossip and innuendo. We go after
individuals and their housing arrangements, we go after people who
hold positions of leadership in this town and attack them personally,
we go after children and attack them for something that is provided
to them based on the law, or we go after people's partner, spouse,
child and family. Nothing is off the table here. I frankly have had

I have finally figured out what this whole blog's primary mission is
supposed to accomplish. It is all about jealousy. Some people are
upset because some one else got something they did not. Whether it be
related to the pier, affordable housing, town permits, a town job, a
raise, the list goes on and on. Simply put, some individuals on here
feel they have been denied something and are going to revert back to
their childhood and throw a temper tantrum and continue to whine and
cry about it until someone sticks a pacifier in their mouth.

I think its time for all of these people who have made these laundry
lists of accusations and assertions to show all of us some evidence
to support what you are claiming. We post everything else on here,
why not post the actual evidence of what you are claiming to be
occuring or what has occurred. If you can not do that then all of
your posting(s) are nothing but ...blah....blah....blah.

Maybe thats something that the webmaster of this site could start
requiring. Any accusation or assertion against a person, organization
or body must have documented proof to go along with the post in order
for it to be placed on this site.

I am tired of the National Enquirer mentality on here.

In other words its time to, put up or shut up!
4:59 pm edt 

I Agree with..........

    I know what she was saying. She had sympathy for the firemen and
little they are paid. But she saw the high salaries and raises of the
police and believed that their life insurance should be enough. The
burial costs should not be the town's, was her point. And she had a
valid point.

     She was courageous enough to rise and state her views in public
as the police were looking out from every corridor and checking out
was the voters were saying. That is no way to honor the voters vote.
We should vote by ballot  when it comes to personeel, town employees,
firemen and especially the police.

     Right on     .
4:12 pm edt 

Duane Steele

No need to worry about Mary Jo's husband being on the Board of
Selectmen or any perceived conflicts.
Ted Meyer is going to win the seat.
4:08 pm edt 

Is it Only Me?

Is it only me, but does the ruckus around regionalizing the high
School remind you of a similar ruckus when the town had the
conversation and went through the process of closing the Cape End
Manor?? If you suggested closing the Manor you were called
anti-senior citizen the same way now if you talk of regionalization
you are anti-student.

I think the writing is on the wall the same way it was with the
manor. It may take us a little time to get there, but eventually
reason will win out and the Town will realize that regionalization is
actually good for the Town and the Students.
4:07 pm edt 

Hazardous Waste Specialist Told Me

I was talking with a hazardous waste and contamination
specialist who has been in the field for 27 years. He told me that
the hazardous material in these light bulbs is ten times worse than
lead. If you break a bulb and get the stuff on your skin, it will be
absorbed into your body if you don't wash it off. There is mercury in
these bulbs. Hmmm, too bad I can't ask him about 90 shank painter Rd.
Sharing the news
4:05 pm edt 


When are you ever going to get it thru your head
that the education  that is provided here is meager at most.  I
taught in a JUNIOR high school and the kids were offered basic math,
computer science, art, home economics and cooking,.. industrial arts,
alegebra, pre alegebra, basic math, special education, Language arts
(3 levels), physical education, science, French, Spanish, German and
Italian-here it should be Portugese (2 year full courses) equilalent
to 1 year high school, music, band, orchestra, music lessons, etc. 
Get the point.  This was a Junior High School... I won't even break
down the High School courses. It would take up too much room, which,
by the way, you have been doing  lately. If you think Waugh has the
best interest of these kids in mind, think again.  She has pollyanna
thinking in the 21st century.
4:02 pm edt 

Lies, Misstatements & Obfuscation

The Pier Corp has paid it's rent, no it has not, yes it has...  Pam
P. has an affordable housing unit, no she doesn't, yes she does, no
she doen't... AJ and Rex cohabitate and rent out an affordable
housing unit, no they don't, yes they do, or not...there is something
toxic giving people a rash at 90 Shank Painter Road, no it is just
poison ivy, hmmmmm...are you sure...?  Michele Couture is
systematically knocking of other selectmen like in "Ten Little
Indians"! The Housing Lottery is fixed!  There is evil ice on the
Pier!  There are consipracies everywhere!

1:49 pm edt 

Rogovsky Again!

Michael Rogovsky does not have the intelectual acuim to
process the points people make about his flip flopping positions.
He is all flowery, over emotional writing. (The mighty Colorado River
as J. Waugh?????)
Anytime you point out his rediculous inconsistencies, he will always
write back that "I was just saying blah blah blah".
He is addicted to seeing his name on here and thinking to himself,"
what a brave brave boy am I, mommy will be sooo pwode of me".

On another note, lets all vote for Bryan Green! He is, after all,
best suited to give the whole town a "happy ending"!!
I say                                           in town government!!! Hooray!
1:47 pm edt 

Dear Provincetown Citizen

Your last post:


Look at the Housing Authority Fiasco!

Look at how affordable housing operates which talks about housing for
locals when it is really available for anyone in the country.


You seem to have confused  the Housing Authority with a different
municipal group

The Housing Authority is an independant body which takes no money
from the town whatsoever. It is funded via the state. It owns a
building on Harry Kemp Way called Maushope and the Foley House on
Bradford Str. We also manage several private residential low income
Most towns have a Housing Authority. And they are not  part of Town
government at all. Please read the report in the Annual Town Report
you got at Town Meeting from Patrick Manning, our Exec. Director. Let
us know if you have any questions about the Housing Authority. Bryan
Green is the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. I am the

If you have questions about local , affordable housing issues, and
community housing , and your local taxes and bylaws, that has nothing
to do with us.

Those questions rightfully go to the HOUSING COUNCIL, which is
chaired by Joe Carleo. There is a report from him as well in the book.

Their job is to advise the Board of Selectmen.

These are 2 totally distinct groups.

Cheryl Andrews
1:43 pm edt 

My Agenda,too,is Good Government.

Anyone who went to town meeting saw the community of people
centered around the school. The hearts of these fellow citizens are
entwined in the school. What good does it do to alienate people and
demean people who only want the best for their community?

To many people, the cost of the school is just one of the costs of
living here; to others the cost of maintaining to school has just
grown too expensive and feel that changes need to be made.

The school is looking at ways to try to increase enrollment and
eventually, when they have exhausted every potential and discover
that the student population continues to decrease they will face the

Praising an individual for what she has done and believing that
maintaining the schools is costing too much are two totally separate
things. (I saw a painting on the wall during the state of the town
meeting and it was a pleasure to look at it during town meeting. I
also thought that the animals lining the wall like the camel and the
lion were  incredibly creative.)

My agenda,too,is good government.
Michael Rogovsky
10:11 am edt 

My Father Was a Police Officer in Washington, D.C.

No one goes out on a job where there is the possibility of not returning
home to their family at the end of their shift except for the police
and the firemen.

I never expected people to object to the article to spend $15,ooo to
bury Fire Fighters and Police Officers that have died in the line of
duty. It was quite a surprise and I rose to speak in favor of the
article, but the question was called.

For people to be against this article shows the degree to which
people will go to try to control the spending in town hall. It isn't
that they don't want to give the money because one man who spoke
against the article said that he would write a substantial check--it
is that people see their taxes rising and rising and they want to do
everything within their power to stop the rise in taxes. Look at what
prices were 30 years ago, see what they are now and imagine what they
will be in 30 years.
Michael Rogovsky
10:07 am edt 

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Town Meeting on Channel 17

Last night I was at home watching channel 17, the last
night of town meeting.  An article was on the floor for $ 15,ooo. to
bury Fire Fighters and Police Officers that have died in the line of
duty.  I was under the impression that if a Fire Fighter or Police
Officer were killed in the line of duty the town would pay for the
Funeral.  I do believe they have a policy in the event of an on duty
death in the amount of $2,000.00  I was absolutely appalled  when a
woman                                      got up and said she was
in full support of the fire fighters but the police make enough money
to bury themselves.  You have the audacity to say such a thing.  Yes,
everybody is entitled to their opinion.  But what kind of opinion is
that?  Its not an opinion, it is simple minded stupidity.  In case
you have not watched selectmens meetings, those officers work around
the clock for that money.  They have been ordered to work for years
just to keep two Officers on the road even when they dont want to work. 
If a plane crashes through the airport while you are working, I would
hope they would pay for your funeral also.  Just remember, It will be the
Officer that will be there first to give you medical treatment, It will be the
Officer first on the scene of a fire going into the burning building with out 
fire equipment and with a  flammable uniform,, it will be the Officers at
the scene of a fatal accident, it will be the officer to keep your heart
pumping until the rescue gets there.  But you my dear, should be ashamed.
10:28 pm edt 

Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes

    Vote against the overrides on May 5th? Why? Here's what town
officials did not tell you. We already have raised taxes 2 and 1/2
percentage over last year's taxes. Then in addition to the 2 and a
half tax increase, each override will cost additional monies that
will remain on next year's tax levy. And next year, you can expect
ten overrides or twelve. Only a few dollars more for the overrides?
That is only if you fail to take in the larger picture. If you think
you paid too much in taxes last year, even without the overrides you
will pay more. And then there's the hidden tax secret: what the tax
rate will be. They purposefully delayed that decision. So you can
expect the tax rate to increase in order to bring in more and more
money. And here we go again in the wrong direction.

      Towns need to live within their limits. We still have to learn
that lesson. It makes the most sense to vote No to the overrides and
then let the selectmen rethink their budget--something they should
have done right the first time around.
10:23 pm edt 

To: The Writer of Nobel? Honorable? Jessica Waugh?

There really must be something in the water! Well she did honor her
two close friends/non union/non educated/non NICE friends with 24%
raises this year. And she cut the budget for books and educational
materials to do call that nobel? I call that criminal...and
is not a damn thing we as taxpayers can do about it...

Oh, and she did get an expensive boarding school education for the
expolice chiefs daughter, one that pays the mother a salary too, no
wonder he wrote a letter to the banner praising her, That may not be
criminal but it sure is stupid...

Even more stupid would be electing the ex chief selectman...why not
just rehire him as police chief?

Or maybe all the people that knew Amy Lawson quit and lied to the
voters should be held accountable.

This place should just sink................


MY TURN NOW:  You are truly a spiteful and mean-spirited person. It's
too bad you didn't have the intestinal fortitude to put your name
where your        mouth and ego reside.

Jessica Waugh took a 20% pay cut at her own request. She has NOTHING
to do with the pay that the other people make as budgetary items are
not in her purview but are that of the School Committee. The 2
secretaries of whom you undoubtedly refer are receiving what appears
to be a 24% raise. However, their "raise" was the result of two Step
Increases and Cost of Living raises that take place over 3 years.
Since both of those individuals have seen their work loads severely
increased due to other employee cuts, they are deserving of their pay
raises. Collectively, these two secretaries have roughly 50 years of
experience at the school. The Business Manager has bailed this town
out by finding some big money over the years that no one else would
or could have found. Both of these exceptional women deserve every
dime they receive!

Therefore, since you have obviously showed yourself for what you are
(angry and ignorant) perhaps you should be quiet and go attack
someone else. Or at least have the        sign your name if you are
going to make your attacks personal.

You show me yours and I'll show you mine!
10:21 pm edt 

Here's an Idea to Make Some Money for the Town.

Let's  lease the air-space above the wharf parking lot to a developer
to put a platform for some nice restaurants, shops or small inn. We
can retain the parking concession and get big bucks for the prime
real estate rental.
10:16 pm edt 


      Go to the Town's web site, and look
into the the registered minutes for the PCHC and the CPC. Very
interesting reading.
      Here's a couple of excerpts to entice those that are really
looking for the FACTS.
      December 3,2007, Provincetown Community Housing Committee
minutes; RE: Race Point Road Development.
      "Ted Malon said he would probably need additional money from
the CPC in the amount of $300 odd thousand."

      January 29,2008, Community Preservation Committee minutes; RE:
83 Shank Painter Road.
       "Elaine Anderson said, he (Ted Malone) is developing some
affordable rental units at 83 Shank Painter Road. He will probably
look elsewhere for funding, but may come to the CPC."
       Just sharing the facts,
Research Nerd
10:15 pm edt 

Dear Strange Thinker

I thought we went over the issue months ago that the fees collected
for permits are by law required to pay for the service rendered and
not be transferred to pay for an assistant clerk position that is not

The requirement for the fee to remain with the issuing authority is
posted on the Massachusetts Department of Revenue Web Site and at MGL
Chapter 40, Section 22F.

To heck with public safety! I want the town to fund a glass beaded
necklace class for myself and at least two other people that have
shown interest in attending. We want it now!

Does anyone know of any law the town does follow???
10:13 pm edt 

His Question:

If you had the choice, whom would you wish that the former town
manager emulated: himself or Superintendent Jessica Waugh?
Michael Rogovsky

Neither, both options would bring the town down !
8:05 pm edt 


How do I say this in the nicest way?  You seem to be talking out both
sides of your mouth.  First you are a leading proponent of closing
the high school, now you are kneeling and kissing the ring of School
Superintendent Waugh (and you've never met her) who is one of the
leading, if not THE leading, proponent of keeping the status quo with
the schools.  Sorry, doesn't make sense.

You might be better served if you made all your comments anonymous
like the rest of us so we don't notice the inconsistencies in your

John Doe
8:03 pm edt 


Apparently there must be some truth to the fact that Ted Malone does
not want housing in his back yard.  I hope whoever buys the 2
Commercial Street property builds several condo units stacked up
overlooking his property......I believe there is 2-3 acres of land...
  Boy, can that hold a number of units....Then maybe he will stop
craming units all over town in others back yards.....  Give people
some peace.....
8:01 pm edt 

Nobel? Honorable? Jessica Waugh?

There really must be something in the water! Well she did honor her
two close friends/non union/non educated/non NICE friends with 24%
raises this year. And she cut the budget for books and educational
materials to do call that nobel? I call that criminal...and there
is not a damn thing we as taxpayers can do about it...

Oh, and she did get an expensive boarding school education for the ex
police chiefs daughter, one that pays the mother a salary too, no
wonder he wrote a letter to the banner praising her,
That may not be criminal but it sure is stupid...

Even more stupid would be electing the ex chief selectman...why not
just rehire him as police chief?

Or maybe all the people that knew Amy Lawson quit and lied to the
voters should be held accountable.

This place should just sink................
8:00 pm edt 

To the Writer Regarding the PBG, Who Stated:

Time to face reality. Time to put marketing dollars where they can
gain the greatest impact. Leave fantasy land to Walt Disney and get a
grip. We need to enlarge our visitors to include eco-tourists,
beach-loving tourists, people who love the Cape and those who are
intrigued by the artists and writers who once lived here.

You obviously have no idea what the PBG does.  The PBG was conceived
with the mission of promoting Provincetown tourism to the Gay &
Lesbian tourist because no other group in town was targeting that
market.  The Chamber was not, nor was the town's tourism office.  And
I'd say obviously they are doing their job very well when you see the
number of gay and lesbian tourists in town.  Could they do better? 
Absolutely, we all could.  But, their mission is the gay and lesbian
tourist and unless the entire membership of the PBG votes to change
their mission you are barking up the wrong tree.

The Tourism Office and I guess the Chamber(?) markets to the general
population and your eco-tourists, beach loving, Cape loving, art
loving tourists.
7:56 pm edt 

I Haven't Lost My Mind in the Chico Jess

I think that it is tragic that the high school is reduced to so few
students. I wish that the schools could consolidate or somehow
boost enrollment. At some point the citizens are going to say
that the high school is costing us too much money. I think that
the time is now--but I'm in the minority.

If you had the choice, whom would you wish that the former town
manager emulated: himself or Superintendent Jessica Waugh?

Michael Rogovsky

7:06 pm edt 

Look at the Housing Authority Fiasco!

Look at how affordable housing operates which talks about housing for
locals when it is really available for anyone in the country.

Look at the pier--I can understand praising the superintendent for
her devotion to the school and the honesty of their budget. It
doesn't mean that the school isn't costing us too much to operate--it

Do you see the distinction? Praising a noble person--as opposed
to someone who is out for him or herself?

Provincetown citizen
7:03 pm edt 

Where do You Get Your Information From Michael?

You go on and on about ms waugh and then admit that you haven't even
met her.  only a fool would take a pay cut then give that money to
another employee.  and yes they came in with their lowest budget (and
the lowest number of students) in years, but most of the cuts came
from the students educational programs.  yes, she's a very nice,
energetic woman, but i'm really not that impressed.

And all the of the sewer users will be paying for the $200,000 loan. 
you just won't notice it because some of it will be offset by the new
betterment fees.  it is an enterprise fund.  no part of the fund can
be singled out to compensate or pay for anything individually.

Just who are you talking to.  and whoever they are, they're not
giving you facts even though you seem to believe they are.

BTW: it was cloudy today, i'm pretty sure the pier people had
something to do with that.
6:58 pm edt 

Yes, I Wrote a Posting Praising Superintendent Waugh.........

.......because of her dedication to the school and because of the
bare bones budget submitted by the schools.

I have never "wanted" to close the schools; instead I sadly feel that
we have no choice but to close the high school because we can't get
more students.

I haven't changed my position on the high school, I just wish with
all of my heart that there were more students. If the school could
have attracted more students it would have by now, but they a
committee that is exploring this so we will have to see what happens.

Having to close a school is nothing to be gleeful about; it is a
manifestation of the changes going on in society and the reality of
the cape being the oldest county in New England and one of the oldest
in the country.

Yesterday's editorial in the Cape Cod times stated that schools will
need to regionalize and it even stated that the Patrick
administration will pay for the busing of the students.

In my praise of Superintendent Waugh I'm praising an individual--I am
compelled to do this if the rumors I've heard regarding other people
involved in other organizations in town are true.

Michael Rogovsky
6:56 pm edt 

Dear Webmaster:

I made a posting today about the lady that
got up and said the police make enough money to bury themselves.  Do
you know why it was not posted?

Webmaster Comment: If you do not see it, please post again.

Thank you
6:52 pm edt 

Would that PBG Sought Out Global Visitors

      There are many Europeans and Asians with money to speand on
vacations and summer enjoyment. Somehow the cover of the new PBG
brochures are marketing to so narrow a tourist target that it seems
money is spent for the ideal, fantasy visitor, not the ones who might
come. Trying to appeal to young, attractive gay guys and young
lesbians instead of the larger more diverse tourist market is
misdirected. This may be what some of the PBG leaders would want to
happen. This might fill someone's fantasy. But reality is harsh.
Money is tight. Provincetown is expensive. Gay tourists can be well
received in many places. Provincetown holds no monopoly.

     Time to face reality. Time to put marketing dollars where they
can gain the greatest impact. Leave fantasy land to Walt Disney and
get a grip. We need to enlarge our visitors to include eco-tourists,
beach-loving tourists, people who love the Cape and those who are
intrigued by the artists and writers who once lived here.

      You're just headed in the wrong direction. The recession is
here. It has arrived. Time for a dose of reality and a more diverse
marketing program. The 90s are over and have been for a few years.
It's the 21st century and PBG needs to act and market accordingly.
6:49 pm edt 


 I said that 719 folks connected to the waste
water treatment plant are going to have to pay for the $200,000--this
is a mistake: I've been told that the new users are going to pay for
most of this $200,000.

Michael Rogovsky
4:09 pm edt 

Regarding Jessica Waugh

  . .I hope that she will meet with me so that I can thank her in
person for her all that she has done for the school and for the
citizens of Provincetown.
Michael Rogovsky

A serious problem with anonymous postings is that anyone may write
anything and sign anyone's name to it.  Unfortunately that dimishes
the credibility of the postings here.

Michael, did you really write that?  Less than a month ago you were a
leader in working to close the high school.

4:08 pm edt 

To: "All of the towns problems will vanish if only we can get

Sounds more to me, if we don't get rid of the pier corp, the pier
will vanish into the harbor!
4:06 pm edt 


The town should sue that corporation for ruining our pier!

What a bunch of idiots!
4:04 pm edt 


I have found a mind in the hull of the Chico
Jess.  Is it yours? Slippery Fish (loading a bucket of chum)
4:02 pm edt 

To: The Town is Out of Control

First of all, let's get something straight... Tobias has never
pervade cronyism within his department.  His group of men and women
are intelligent enough to make their own decisions.   Secondly, the
BS that is tollerated in this town I know for a fact, would not even
be allowed in other towns.   People often ask the police, how can
such things be allowed to go own here?  So unless, you know something
I don't, which I doubt....  It is a shame for you to talk out of

Sorry to know the facts, but true....
4:00 pm edt 

Strange Thinking

     The FY2009 budget was initially %900,000 over the level funding
objective. For all the work, and all the meetings, both the BOS and
FinCom only cut around $375,000. That is not serious cutting. And all
the rest was placed as part of 6 overrides totalling around $530,000.

      But the first position they cut--which without exaggerating
Michele Couture gleefully announced--was the Community
Development Clerical Position. I find it interesting that they never
put that critical position as part of any override. But they did put the
assitant recreation director as an override. How foolish. For the
little that actually takes place in this empty-more-than-used
building, and for adult ballet and the 3 kids in ballet, this
position was ranked higher and more important than the clerical
position in Community Development Department.

What takes place in this department? Here's where building permits,
applications for zoning, planning and historic district are carried out,
where meetings with clients take place and where many residents need
answers to so many building and renovations questions.

     Oh, and yes, inspections. Restaurants are starting to get ready
to open. Buildings need to be inspected. You need information. The
hours have been reduced. You will now wait. Forget the ASAP
spontaneity. Forget asking a question and getting an answer.

     Tomorrow, you will see the result of this foolish budget
decision. The hours will be cut in Community Development. You will
not receive the services you once received. You will stand in line
and do so at certain posted hours. Don't think you'll just stop by.
The window will be closed. The people there will have other orders to

     You want your permit in a timely fashion? You want zoning to
rule on your request soon? Surprises for everyone, including
contractors, builders, home owners and abutters. Fast and timely will
be part of how we once did beusinee.

      But don't worry. Adult ballet will be saved. The 3 children in
kid ballet will continue to twirl and pirouette. And the full funding
for Susie Fultz's position as Assitant Town Clerk will give you added
services in the clerk's office. Maybe you could see if Suzie could
help answer some of the questions she used to answer when her
position was downstairs--the position they cut completely and did not
replace. That's why the hours are being cut. The services trimmed.
The window closed at key hours.

    Is this decision good for business? Is this helpful for the
bulding trade and home owners? Maybe we should all meet at the
Recreation Center--now fully funded and fully staffed--to discuss the
irritations that surely will result from town leaders' convoluted thinking.
3:58 pm edt 

Question: Are town employees allowed to serve on the Board of Selectmen?

I assume not. So how does Duane Steele, a town employee stay on the
job as Asst. Harbormaster and be a Selectman at the same time? If
he's married to MaryJo, do we really want a husband and wife team
serving together? Seems kind of strange and a bit scarey to this
voter. 2 votes are predetermined already. Not a wise precedent to set
is it?
3:53 pm edt 

Time to Clear up More Wrong Information

It would be nice, if on important  subjects, people
did some home work before these posted their views as

Now , regarding Duane Steele , or any other current town employee.

The charter says

4‑1‑3            A member of the board of selectmen shall
not hold any other appointed or elected, paid or non‑paid,
position in town government, including any temporary, or ad‑hoc
committee created at town meeting, or otherwise.

So, duane cannot be a selectmen and  harbormaster at the same time.
Don't believe me? Ask the town clerk. He is the authority on anything
having to do with elections.

Do your Homework
3:50 pm edt 


Correct me please if I am off base on this one but x-amount of
dollars was approved for tourism and the Tourism director thinks this
town is going to have a good summer. Well I don't know if that
director is living a dream or what but there are people still getting
laid off,the rate for foreclosures on homes has doubled and unless
the director is going to meet and greet people at the gas pumps I
don't see how in gods creation is gas when it reaches $4.00 a gallon
gonna bring people to Provincetown.

I also think if Provincetown is not known by now than maybe we need
to change the way we advertise. I don't think that's the case, so why
don't we put that money towards the town's budget crisis where I
think it will be better served. After all many towns and cities are
in the same crunch and the world's economy is in trouble. I don't see
how x-amount of dollars is gonna convince anyone to come here.
3:05 pm edt 

To: Superintendent Jessica Waugh

There is heroism and bravery and then there is the Medal of Honor
caliber of heroism and bravery. There is love and devotion and
dedication and then there is the kind of love, dedication and
devotion that carves itself into an institution as deeply as the
Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon out of rock. This is the depth
of the love, dedication and devotion with which Superintendent
Jessica Waugh embraces our schools and the students.  This kind of
love, devotion and sterling honesty needs to be acknowledged and
applauded.  I only wish that I could have said this publicly with her
students, teachers, school committee and citizens all in attendance
at the town meeting held in the school.

I wish to honor her sterling devotion to the school and to publicly
thank her and the school committee for doing absolutely everything
within their power to make the budget the lowest that it could
possibly be for we tax payers.

Superintendent Waugh has demonstrated through her own personal
financial sacrifice in taking a pay cut that every expense of the
school is real.  She has gone beyond the call of duty and has taken
an unheard of and unprecedented step through her own personal
financial sacrifice by her pay cut.

Everyone to whom I have spoken who knows Superintendent Jessica Waugh
(regardless of their position on the school) all speak of her years
of devotion starting when she was a reading instructor and of her
deep and abiding love of the students. My only wish is that we had a
hundred graduating seniors and a school full to the brim with
children. I firmly believe that each one of them would benefit from
attending our school.

There is total honesty in her budget; there is nothing like the
subterfuge, affordable housing is being built for the locals and then
we find out that anyone in the country can move to Provincetown and
apply for affordable housing the minute that they move here if they
qualify financially.

If only Jessica Waugh could be cloned and put in charge of every
department and organization regarding the town we would all know to
the depths of our being that everything that is being done is all of
the highest caliber and to our complete benefit.

I hope that she will meet with me so that I can thank her in person
for her all that she has done for the school and for the citizens of
Michael Rogovsky
3:03 pm edt 

One Last Time..

Pam Parmakian does not live in an affordable unit!
Ted Malone just gave her a great deal on it. It is not deeded
affordable and she can sell it whenever she wants for whatever she
2:52 pm edt 

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Housing Specialist?

We do not need a housing specialist to facilitate the maze of
paperwork for developers.  What we need is a housing specialist who
will go back and check the mortgages and deeds of everyone who has
received affordable housing to determine if any fraud exists.  If
there has been fraud committed, then there must be recourse specified
in the mortgages since these units have deed restrictions attached to

We all have questions, we all suspect abuse and we need to have faith
in a system which is supported by tax dollars.  Without trust in the
system, the system is doomed.

The housing specialist should be working for the tax payers and not
the developers.

11:13 pm edt 

Re: Budget Carryover

Money that is unspent in a budget is returned to the general fund at
the end of the fiscal year.  What is being referred to here is the
sign making equipment.  I'm assuming that the sign making equip was
specifically budgeted and approved at town meeting by the voters.  In
such a case the money would remain until the machine was purchased or
a decision is made to not purchase.  If a decision is made to not
purchase it, then it has to go before the voters again to reallocate
the funds.

The real question here is; Why do two small towns such as
Provincetown and Truro both require such a machine?  This is a
perfect example of sharing municipal costs.

Hope that answers your question.
11:11 pm edt 

Leading By Example

Has anyone seen the big Poland Spring jug of water in
Caucus Hall?  Who's paying for this?  Taxpayers?  Where else are
these jugs residing in town government?  Here we have David Guertin
telling us we have good potable water and could even drink our
treated sewer water but apparently not good enough for town
employees. Is this how our town manager is setting the standard and
leading by example?
11:05 pm edt 

TO: "Now I suppose it is Ted Malones Fault That DPW Employees have Poison Ivy!"

Actually, the blame lies with the Pier Corp! Every thing else is
their fault too! Just ask Candace Nagel and Dwane Steel! All of the
towns problems will vanish if only we can get rid of that Pier Corp,
right guys?
11:04 pm edt 

Duane Steeles Situation

He can keep his job as asst. harbormaster so long as he refrains from
discussing issues related to the harbor or the pier or anything else
employee related if it pertains to his income, for instance his union
negotiations and such as he is paid as a result of the negotiations
and the subsequent contract. He can discuss all other related issues,
just recuse himself from the ones he has a conflict in.

When it comes to budget time, he approves the buget in general but
announces at the time of the vote that he is abstaining his vote from
approval of the budget related items to the pier or labor. He can do it
but is that what you want, someone who, at times, will have a bit of a
weight around his neck? He is clear in his thinking and can stand apart from
MJA whenever he sees fit.

He knows his stuff as he was once married
to another former selectwoman who by the way, after the divorce,
married a different selectman and all the while Duane ran the
Advocate newspaper before it was the Banner.

He's seen his share of politics.
11:01 pm edt 

This Town is out of Control!

As a person who has been coming to Provincetown 20 years
and who has lived here 4 years full-time, I am shocked at the level
of incompetence and mismanagement that I see at town hall.

From town hall being so poorly maintained that it is ready to fall
down while spending money to examine putting internet kiosks on the
street, what is this town government thinking?

And another thing, in any other town, the Warren Tobias cronyism that
has been allowed to pervade the police force would have been put to a
stop straightaway.

And is it really true that Pam Parmakian, after living in her
affordable housing unit for no more than two years (check the
records) can now sell her unit for market rates? So, basically, we
are using town funds to provide kickbacks to employees of the town's
most rampant developer in the name of affordable housing?

This town is way out of control
10:57 pm edt 

The Voters Have Been Had!!!!!!!

You will not have the opportunity to vote NO on the housing
specialist.  It was approved as part of Article 11 (Community
Preservation Committee), is not subject to 2 1/2 over ride and will
not be on the ballot on May 6th.

From Town Web Site - Decisions of Town Meeting:
Elaine Anderson moved that the Town vote to approve Article 11,
Section 2-c, to appropriate the sum of $50,000 to fund the
Provincetown Housing Office Specialist and that $25,772 shall come
from the Community Housing estimated annual revenue and $24,228 from
community housing reserves.   Motion Passed.

If indeed Ms. Lawson had already resigned prior to town meeting and
your BOS, Town Manager and Community Preservation Cte Chair Elaine
Anderson knew of this, but misled you, there's not a thing you can do
about it.  In other words - YOU'VE BEEN HAD !!!!!
10:54 pm edt 

Basic Tutorial on Spalling:

  Rebar, a common steel bar, is used in reinforced concrete and
reinforced masonry structures. Rebar is made of unfinished steel,
making it susceptible to rusting. As rust takes up greater volume
than the iron or steel from which it was formed, it causes severe
internal pressure on the surrounding concrete, leading to cracking,
spalling, and ultimately, STRUCTURAL FAILURE. This is a particular
problem where the concrete is exposed to salt water, as in bridges
built in areas where salt is applied to roadways in winter, or in
marine applications such as piers. Rebar reinforces the concrete and
overall structure to MacMillan Piers surface area.

  The pier management drilled 50 four inch holes into the surface of
MacMillan Pier exposing the rebar. Taxpayers probably wont even
finish paying the piers debt service before the pier is considered
unsafe (again).  Taxpayers should demand the engineering study that
will be conducted on the pier be made public. Next time you drive
down the pier, look at the new fault line running across the Ts
concrete. Could it be the start of spalling on our new pier?

Not only will fiscal mismanagement come out at the public hearing but
serious overall mismanagement of MacMillan Pier.
10:52 pm edt 

Affordable Housing:

Has Ted Malone thought about purchasing the property that abutts him
at 2 Commercial Street?  Perhaps he should and build some affordable
units on it.  So that way, they can be in his back yard as he has
done to others.

This would save alot of other areas in ?    Oh, I know why, it's ok
to not have them around his property to look awful, but it's ok to be
in other neighborhoods!   I am in favor of him purchasing that
property....   So he will understand how others feel......

That explains why he was so upset over the trees being cut...   So
his privacy isn't disturbed.  Who's he kidding??
10:50 pm edt 

I Did Watch Town Meeting on Comcast

  If town employees
wouldn't change their hours from 40 to 37 and a half, why should we
vote to give them three percent more? That makes no sense. As for the
police, I don't know. They were everywhere and they were watching the
voters. I was watching them watch the voters too. I don't think I'm
voting for their raises either. I'm not too happy about these and so
I think I'll vote differently when I have my chance.
10:49 pm edt 

Housing Specialist -

I agree. Vote no in May to the housing specialist funding. It's
crazy. The last specialist hired was NO specialist. She had never
held a job in the field, just had some education. What a waste.

Oh wait - Parmakian or Coutoure may need a job soon, let's throw them
some more freeebies.

1:18 pm edt 

Budget Carryover -

Someone mentioned that unspent monies from the 2008 DPW budet were
being carried over to the 2009 budget. Could this be true? If so, how
is this nay way to manage a budget? I've never heard of such a thing
coming from a corporate job. You don't spend it, you don't need it in
the year you asked for it - so you need to ask for/justify it again
in the next budget year.

Could we have helped balance the budget with unspent money from 2008?

Is there no one responsible on any of the town's boards?
1:17 pm edt 

Yes, Duane Steele and Mary Jo Avellar are Married.......

.......and live here in Provincetown. I share your concern about a
married couple sitting in judgement of town business on the same
board. How dangerous for us! Mr. Steele is also the Assistant
Harbormaster that blew whistle against The pier corp. at Town
Meeting. Mary Jo has long been an advocate against the pier corp.
Now Duane has jumped on her ship by trying for a seat on the BOS.
Guess he'll need to resign from the Harbormaster job won't he? Can
anyone say "disgruntled employee"?
Wonder who his campaign manager is? My money is on Candace Nagel!

1:15 pm edt 

To the Webmaster:

Please stop these mean, personal attacks
on the pier personnelle. Shout out needs to be a source of truth,
insight, and information on issues.

  Instead of personal attacks state injustices: such as how only the
719 users of the waste water treatment plant have to pay the $200,000
waste water article that passed.
Michael Rogovsky
1:11 pm edt 

Oh, Boy!

    I don't think the way you get answers, the truthful ones, is by
directly asking Ted Malone for what happens with Rex and AJ's
affordable housing units. Of course, the Malone is going to say: We
don't allow affordable residences to be rented out. But there are
many others being rented out now.

     There are people I know who rented Rex and Aj's affordable
Henshe Lane residences. There are other people I know who are renting
rooms inside their affordable units at this moment.

     Please! The truth is not what people say. Some fear the truth.
Others work hard to cover up the truth. The truth is what you
discover from researching, analyzing, and thinking.
1:09 pm edt 

It Was Never True!

"It's not a scientific analysis of the ice. The cloudiness
was a reference to what happened inside the ice house."

11:27 am edt 

The Pier is Being Slowly Destroyed

Take Off Those Rose Colored Glasses!
Things maintained by a private group:
          1. MacMillian Pier - clean, no trash,well
             maintained, visually appealing, able to
             host town events public and private

This ''private group'' without looking into the consequences,
authorized the pier manager to drill 50 four inch holes into the
surface of the hardtop at the T to pitch a tent for events a few
nights each summer. Because of this stupid and reckless decisioin,
what destroyed the last pier, spauling, has now been fastracked to
destroy this pier.

Birdman Day: our pier manager destroyed a curb so the flatbed truck
of jumpers could clear the pier. What a reckless and stupid thing he
did destroying town owned property. He should be held accountible but
taxpayers once again will have to open their wallets and pay for his
endless damage to the pier. The police complain to this day that it
is a danger to the public as it hasn't been repaired. George, how low
long have the lights been out on the high poles? You brought pictures
a town meeting, didn't you? Please bring them to the public hearing.

Clearly, the harbormaster's job was not properly vetted.
Safety issues on the pier continue to be ignored and the pier is
slowly being destroyed by pier management.

Having my cocktails straight up on the pier!
11:25 am edt 

Do We need a Housing Specialist?

     Perhaps we don't. The $50,000 that is going to her salary could
be used towards renovating Town Hall. That would make more sense.

     This is what town "leaders" didn't want even brought up. So,
when they knew last week that Amy Lawson was leaving, they made an
effort to pretend that she was staying. They even had Amy speak as if
she was going to be here to daily answer questions and do even more
for housing. The brochure was not only the first effort from the
housing specialist; it was her last act.

      It's the deception that annoys.
11:22 am edt 

You Missed the Point About the Ice

     It's not a scientific analysis of the ice. The cloudiness was a
reference to what happened inside the ice house.
11:02 am edt 

Can Someone Clear Something Up for Me?

Is Duane Steele
married to Mary Jo Avellar?  I did a google search on Mr. Steele and
it appears he is married to Ms. Avellar.

I see he has taken out papers for the vacant BOS seat.  I'm not
comfortable voting for him if he is the husband of the current BOS
chair.  40% of BOS votes coming from one household doesn't seem like
a good thing.  He may be the greatest guy in the world, but I
couldn't vote for a BOS candidate who is married to a current BOS.

Thanks in advance.
11:00 am edt 

Protecting My Tax Dollar, While Being Fair

Dear Clarence, please read the second to last Paragraph and
restate your calculations...thanks for posting this...Regarding talk
of Amy Lawson's alleged resignation: When I want information I'm now
going right to the source to ask the questions and get the answers.
It would have been much more powerful if you had called Ms. Lawson
and posted her response here.

Am I correct in my belief that the FinCom are the white knights of
the town? I want them to be white knights and Grand Inquisitors too.

I'm going to the FinCom-Pier Corps meeting because I want the FinCom
to definitevly state what the state of the pier is financially. If
people have questions about the pier and monetary fairness then make
the FinCom aware of what you know.

Call Ted Malone and ask him about Rex and AJ and their houses if you
want answers, what is accomplished by  throwing their names around
here if it is just slander?

Mr. Clarence Walker stated how the budget could have been done
differently with a small percentage taken out of different budgets
and thus prevented an override. Too bad the B of S didn't get that
memo during their budget talks.

My agenda is protecting my tax payer dollar so that it benefits my
town and that things are done fairly.

Michael Rogovsky
9:52 am edt 


It's what we ask for, it's what we deserve.

To the BOS and our Town Manager:
If it is true that you knew of Amy Lawson's resignation and yet you
used her to sway residents at town meeting, you have basically given
us all a one finger salute.  What a slap in the face to all of us. 
Your credibility has taken a huge hit if this is true.

To the Webmaster of this sight:
I have yet to hear how the MYPAAC recommendations were determined. 
We ask for transparency in our elected and appointed officials, we
ask the same from you.  If these MYPACC reccomendations were the
thoughts of Mr and Mrs Webmaster we deserve to know that.  Your
silence on the explanation is deafening.

To BOS Candidate Elaine Anderson:
I think the voters would like to hear from you as well.  Did you know
of Amy Lawson's resignation prior to town meeting?  Why did you feel
it was OK not to inform the voters, but instead mislead them into
thinking that our 'housing specialists' was in place and working on
the issues?

I'll be waiting for your responses.
9:45 am edt 

I Remember George

i for one will never vote for george bryant.  i just can
not get the picture from my mind of him displaying a poster sized
image of his mother in her hospital bed during a selectman's meeting.
I agree, I have the same image of Mr. Bryant.  That was a bizzare
display by him and why he thought that was appropriate is beyond me.
9:43 am edt 

Now I Get This MYPACC Thing

The juvenile antics of some on this site force people
with a bit of intelligence to seek their daily dose of non-fictitious
reading elsewhere! Cloudy ice? Rex and AJ each own an affordable
unit? SO? The Pier Corp. has riled up Duane (" I've filled my boats
bilge with gasoline, whatever shall I do") Steele and somehow that
matters? Candace Nagel is going to rip the Pier Corp. a new one? Ya,
weve heard that and seen the results!

    Oh wait, it's possible that someone has involved themselves in
something scandalous! Salacious even!  Now I get this MYPACC thing.
It's all about exposing the truth! Clarence, Marcene, MaryJo, Duane,
Austin, Astrid and Candace Nagles version thereof... If that's their
truth, I'd prefer to read elsewhere. Perhaps a new blog with real
postings about the real Provincetown as opposed to the vast array of
drivel that oozes from this poor excuse for a blog. Youve exposed
yourselves too often here guys! Mypacc? More like Clarences PACK of
hyenas! The smell of blood is too alluring to their ilk. Result: prop
up your new puppet mouthpiece for Selectman in the form of Duane
Steele whos only objective is to tear down the Pier Corp. Ok, then
what Duane?

    How sad for MYPACC and how sad for Provincetown. No one's going
to buy into your B.S.
9:42 am edt 

To Sticks and Stones

Thank you for getting the facts. AJ and Monica both won housing
BEFORE working for Ted Malone. Parmakian lives in a house that was
only purchased two years ago and built three years ago. Do the Math!
That unit NEVER had a deed restriction. Mary Jo is the realtor.
Webmaster do you EVER EVER correct posting you know are false?? In a
town of 3000 year round citizens it would be hard NOT TO connect the
dots. Now I suppose it is Ted Malones fault that DPW employees have
poison ivy!
9:39 am edt 

Get Your Facts Straight...

Cheryl is NOT brian Green's
campaign manager.  She is the finance manager for his
other words, she takes in the donations, makes SURE they are legal,
submits paperwork to the state and pays the bills.  (ps I am not
Cheryl)  I am fully in support of Brian because he is intelligent and
honest. He will be at Bayside Betsy's Tuesday for a dinner where he
will answer your questions. Show up or shut up. (ps also I am not a
buddy of Brian Green. I have met him and talked to him about town
issues and I am impressed.)
Slippery fish (waiting for the slander in the hull of the Chico Jess)
9:37 am edt 

Now We're Going to Attack the Quality of the Pier Ice?

go to your freezer in your kitchen and pop an ice cube from the tray,
let me guess, it's cloudy right?  clear ice only occurs when
continuously flowing water is is frozen as it passes over a freezing
element.  cloudy ice occurs when a 'cube' of water is frozen and the
air trapped inside expands against the freezing water.  certain ice
machines create 'clear' ice and others don't.

i assume the water supplying the ice machine at the pier is
provincetown water which is very high quality albeit the high iron
content.  if you question the cleanliness of the machine itself, call
the health department and ask them to look into it.  they can easily
determine if the machine is producing ice for consumption.

by the way, it's supposed to rain tomorrow, let's blame the pier corp.
9:32 am edt 

Friday, April 11, 2008

As To the Ice at the Pier

     I don't suggest you put the ice in your Margerita.  And don't
drop a chip into your Bud or Sam Adams. AT the pier, best to sip any
of your favorite drinks without the cool, but questionable, cloudy
11:46 pm edt 

You Don't Want it to be Poison Ivy

re:DPW Workers Come Down With Several Cases of Poison Ivy?

So a few DPW workers came down with poison ivy while clearing a
woodland and that warrants your attention?

you don't want it to be poison ivy, you want something so much more
so you can rationalize your loathing for the project.  admit it,
that's the only reason you posted that blog.  create something from
nothing to further your cause.

and i'm sure outer cape health sent them to cape cod hospital because
they do not see walk-in patients,  plain and simple.   the only thing
that surprises me there is that adult men can't distinguish poison
ivy from weeds.
11:45 pm edt 

Upcoming Elections

i for one will never vote for george bryant.  i just can not get the
picture from my mind of him displaying a poster sized image of his
mother in her hospital bed during a selectman's meeting.

elaine anderson pushed through the sandy hill project, so she's a no
vote also.

bryan greene's campaign manager is cheryl andrews and he appears to
be way too connected to these damn blog people.  not too sure if he
won't just be cherly's puppet.  she was, after all, chair of the BOS
during most of bergmans reign of mis-management.  his choosing to
associate himself so closely with PACC also makes me question his
decision making.

david cleveland i just don't get at all.  the only ad he took out for
his campaign in this weeks banner was in the classified section. 
really, who is he?

michelle couture, i won't even go there.

so those are our choices.  plain and simple...they suck.

seems like we have some interesting folks vying for pam's seat
though.  a harbormaster, a fincomm member, an ex police chief and a
few other locals have taken out papers.  now that should be an
interesting race.
11:43 pm edt 

DPW Workers Come Down With Several Cases of Poison Ivy?

Have you heard the latest? Several DPW workers developed a
rash after working at the 90 Shank Painter Burn Dump site.
They were clearing the land for future development as per the
Town's agreement with Cumberland Farm, when they suddenly 
became affected.

They were advised by Outer Cape Health staff that they should
go to Cape Cod Hospital for examination.

A DPW official said that it looked like it was just a case of poison ivy.

Lets all pray that that is the case.
11:07 pm edt 

Round Robin Round Robin

Go back and look at the earliest blogging when this thing started the
look at virtually any time period in between then and now. You will
see, guess what, Pier and AJ and Rex slander. Also Candace's
diatribes against the pier. Can we rename this blog "we hate rex, the
pier and his damn gay boyfriend" and start another blog that actually
covers something that matters. Not only is this boring it's inane,
unproductive, juvenile and shining a bright light on how          
stupid you people are. No wonder this town has major problems, we
spend all our time beating the proverbial dead horse. I think if I
read another Pier posting its going to finally drive me off of this
thing. Can we discuss something that matters or just shut this thing
down know that we know it has no power for good?
10:53 pm edt 

Re: Amy Lawson Resignation

If what we have been reading on Shout Out! about Amy Lawson's
resignation is true, and that the CPC, BOS, Provincetown Community
Housing Council, Town Manager and Assistant Town Manager all
knew of this prior to Town meeting, we as the voting representatives
of this town should demand not only an explanation but an apology
as well.

This is indicative of the total lack of respect that these official bodies
have for the citizens of this town. Were they afraid they the voters
would have asked that the funds be reconsidered for application

We should use this as inspiration to vote in new faces to the BOS.
Take note, that Elaine Anderson as Chair of the CPC had to have
known of Ms Lawson's leaving. This says more than a thousand words
she might give at any political debate or rally.

She has shown her true colors and should not even be considered for 
Selectman. We must vote in Brian Green and George Bryant, neither
of which would have stood for such an act.

Speak with your vote! 
10:50 pm edt 

MacMillan Pier Our Economic Engine

To Curry Favor with the fishermen and not make them pay
rent? There are at least ten of them who are in arrears for months
and years.  Wasn't the Chico Jess in arrears for two whole years. No
wonder they like McKinsey. Free berthing on MacMillan PIer. No
penalities, no late fees. That's how jobs are kept on the pier at the
expense of taxpayers.

When are you going to use that barge that has been sitting there
unused since Oct 2007? The pier management had to run and and buy
that defective homemade barge while we are passing overrides at town
meeting and forever increasing our tax levy!

Some economic engine!
9:19 pm edt 

Looks like Mike Rogovsky is FINALLY Starting to GET IT!

Good job Mike! You finally hit one out of the park. Ask the people
involved... now you may be on to something!
9:15 pm edt 

How Low Can You People Slither on PACC

AJ Alon who works for Ted Malone won his affordable unit
years BEFORE he ever worked for Ted! You people need to check your
facts before you make slanderous, libelous accusations that attempt
to character assassinate those you publicly savage on this site.

Mr. Webmaster: If you intend to print this       , you might want to
verify its authenticity? You were vilified on this same blog but you
had the benefit of the black pen to cover your questionable financial
history! What's good for the goose, ey Clarence old man?

How low can you people slither on PACC before the town crumbles
around us all! Anonymous blogging to destroy the lives and
reputations of our fellow citizens; who'd a thunk it? Have you people
no shame, civility or just plain ole common decency?

Oh and I thought this "BLOG" was supposed to further the betterment
of our town. So far it's been little more than a scandal sheet.
Something for you to be proud of right Mr. Webmaster? Thou hath no
shame! You reap what you sow!

Sticks and Stones break more than BONES!
9:13 pm edt 

Town Meeting What a Difference

What a different Town Meeting this year with Irene
Rabinowitz at the podium! She handled herself and the meeting with
professionalism and fairness. Anyone remember the train wrecks when
Mary Jo Avellar was our Moderator?

Showing no favoritism, Ms. Rabinowitz marched us to a dramatic
conclusion with that odd Pier Corp. Article. Didnt Miss Nagle's Pier
dissolution Article fail? She and Duane Steele did that little dance
at the front of the room with Duane pontificating and Candace
smirking. Kinda made my stomach churn.

So they lost their bid to dissolve a town board and now they attack
everyone involved. Rex and AJ on the affordable housing front (Rex is
the Harbormaster so that makes sense and AJ is his partner). Let's
not forget the Pier Corp too. Now they're thieves stealing town
monies! One problem with that though... didn't I clearly hear that
the Pier Corp. has no checkbook and that all monies go through the
town? While we're at it, didn't Town Accountant Alex Haleila refute
all the erroneous information the Assistant Harbormaster and
MacMillan Pier Float owner put out?

I guess I and those I attended the show with were at the wrong
meeting? We must have been listening to the wrong people talking
because we got a whole different picture. By the way, I think the new
sign at the pier looks great!

I will vote YES to the OVERIDES! Pay our people, pick up our trash
and blast those fireworks! I like Ted Meyer for Selectman too!

A. Voter
9:09 pm edt 

More Information

I have talked with Mr.Duane Steele, Ms.Candice Nagel and
Mr. Rex MacKensey. There will be a public meeting between the FinCom
and the Pier Corps. There are explanations for things--even regarding
why the lighting on the pier is the way that it is. I'm looking
forward to attending this meeting.

Remember, there was a board that quit en mass a few years ago.

I hope that Ms. Nagel and Mr. Steele will be allowed to give all of
their research to the FinCom before the scheduled meeting.

On another matter regarding Mr. MacKensey's personal life:
I asked and Mr. MacKensey told me that neither he nor his partner
rent out their homes to anyone.

I also talked with two different members of the finance committee.
One told me that there isn't any money in the budget for the
overrides and if they fail then the budget will have to be gone over
again. I was also told by a FinCom member that the school budget was
pared down to bare bones and that the two salary increases in
question were absolutely justified.

Michael Rogovsky
9:06 pm edt 

RE: Amy Lawson, Housing Specialist Resigned and Leaving Provincetown

Dear Any Member of Town Government who Knew About This,

.."What she or any member of town government failed to tell the
voters was that Ms Lawson had tendered her resignation weeks before
Town Meeting and was shortly intending to move to Maine, where her
husband and child now live."

Why was this charade allowed to happen?
9:04 pm edt 

Grammar 101 --

I'm sure this won't help, but here goes -

They're - they are. They're going to the beach.

their - a form of the possessive case of they used as an attributive
adjective, before a noun: their home; their rights as citizens; their
departure for Rome.

there - in or at that place (opposed to here): She is there now.

you're - You are.  You're an idiot.

your - (a form of the possessive case of you used as an attributive
adjective): Your jacket is in that closet. I like your idea.
9:02 pm edt 

While We're at it...

Why was the incedent involving the             a couple years ago
squashed? He was caught in the ice cooler with someone and that was
never investigated further? There is a lot more going on on the pier
than we're led to believe. Duane Steele at least has the testicular
fortitude to bring forth the info and complian, regardless of the
fact that the Mrs. is up front trying to keep a smile on. Duane has
forgotten more politics in this town that most will ever know.
9:00 pm edt 

Fair Wages,

So a lot has been made of town employees not payng a living wage.
What of Ted Malone? If all of his employees qualify for affordable
housing it seems he is not paying very well. Or does he just use
affordable housing as a special "payment" to his employees so he can
pay them less?

The town needs a good purging! What a mess.
8:57 pm edt 

Pier Corp:

Lets get to the real deal..  Whose facts are true? Candace or Rex.  I
don't know, Candace sounded pretty accurate.....From one fishermen to
another...   When the pier allows someone who owes several months
rent to remain on the pier while the others have to pay promptly is
that fair?  If you rented an apartment and didn't pay rent do you
think you would be evicted or would it be OK?  Anyone can present
figures in a public forum but until someone views all the files we
will not know the truth....  Furthermore, how can one pier corp
member feel like its sufficient that the pier has coverage during
storms and after midnight in the summer..   How about all the other
times you go down there when there are 3-4 on during the day standing
around.  One even brings his dog.....  Maybe,  the parents who work
for the town and have to pay daycare,  should be able to bring their
children to work... What a liability to be untrained, unmanned (when
there are enough of them to fill all shift!
  s) and have a dog on the pier.  WOW !
8:55 pm edt 

Have You Ever Been to a Magic Show?

     Have you ever seen a bowl of rice turn into two bowls of rice
right before your eyes? Have you ever seen the pencil go through
glass with a playing card behind and afterwards the card is perfect?
Have you ever seen the Chinese string that seems to run from one end
of black sticks to another yet you see that there are two separate
and unconnected sticks?

      How does this happen? Well, there is only one bowl of rice that
looks like two. There is a hidden hold in the cardholder. The two
sticks have magnets that pull one string one way and the other string
the other way. But if you look closely, carefully, you will not see
these tricks.

     And so to for the Affordable Housing Lottery. You see the
numbers being thrown in, you see certain people selected and you see
the surprise and the happiness. All a show, a magic show. Most know
ahead of time who is selected. How is it done? Like magic tricks,
there are many ways to fool the public.

       You can have different lists of available candidates and on
each list, that person is given a different number. So we have Rex
Mackinsey as number 8 on one list, Rex Mackinsey as number 2 on
another list, and Rex Mackinsey as number 9 on another list. Then
when number 2 is selected. Here it is. The list with Rex Mackinsey as
applicant no 2 is brought forward. He acts surprised; The lottery
magicians smile with "surprise" and then they move on to "select" the
next applicant.

     Yes you are looking at a performance that appears to be fair,
appears to be on the up and up. But it is the Affordable Housing
Magic Show carefully designed and programmed to fool you. And
obviously it has fooled many people for many years. Why do you think
there are so few long-term residents, so few children of townies, so
few year-round workers selected? They never will be.

     And Monica Stubner, Ted Malone's Construction manager, also was
"lucky." Years ago, Monica was "selected" and can now also sell her
affordable at a profit. The five year restriction--which is not much
of a restriction--is over. And where is she going? Race Point Road.
Two months ago, Ted Malone sold Monica the house on the top of the
hill for around $238,000. You can see this grand house from Route 6
and it is actually worth around $800,000. Probably the materials for
the construction are affordable housing materials.

     This is why many of us find problems with affordable housing.
Here, in Provincetown, it is a scam, with Community Housing Resources
working hard to gain a veneer of respectability. But it is a Grand
Magic Show and the man with the black hat and black cape is none
other than You-Know-Who.
8:53 pm edt 

Please VOTE on May 6th -

If you can't be there get an absentee ballot by filling out this form -

You can also get the form at town hall or most postoffices.

Surely a greater number of people can vote than showed up for town
meeting!  Let's express the town's real feelings.
6:51 pm edt 

RE: I am an Advocate for Affordable Housing...

Loop hole? These people make policy!

If this is true, the joke is on Provincetown and I am ashamed.

How sad.
6:33 pm edt 

Housing Issues:

Boy, how ironic.... As I read the previous bloggers and sit back,  I
realize that this housing issue has become a huge debate.    I can
sympathize with why this is so.  Let's take a good look at the
housing lottery winners in the past.  Pam Parmakian ( works for Ted
Malone), Monica ? (works for Ted Malone), AJ ( works for Ted Malone)
and the list goes on.   I would be all for it, if it was done in a
fair and equitable manner.   But, it would obviously appear to me,
that certain individuals who are participating in this project are
the same ones benefiting from it !  Some people must just have all
the luck ?
The other problem that concerns me, Ted Malone who repeatedly submits
plans in piece work is able to get the permits.....  ( I know as I am
an abutter on one of his projects in question).  And know that he has
been asked to submit plan in full....   Let's get to the facts and be
honest with who is going to benefit in the future....
As a long time ( and I mean long time) resident, I have been watching
and noting all in question...  People let's wake up..... Let's see
how Ted feels when the property next to him on Commercial sells and
is made into condo's?
Will he feel differently when it's in his own back yard?  That's how
we all feel........
6:22 pm edt 

I am an Advocate for Affordable Housing...

However, If the rumor is true, I find it troubling that Pam Parmakian
and AJ can sell their units at market rate after 5 yrs.  If this is
true this loophole should be closed immediately!

And again I HAVE BEEN TO THE LOTTERY DRAWINGS, they are NOT! fixed,
everyone can see the numbers go into the empty jug, get shaken and
get pulled.  Unless Houdini has returned from the dead and is doing
some sort of slight of hand, the actual drawing is legit!
6:20 pm edt 

What About the Guy Who Sank the Harbormaster's Boat?

Your funny: He wants to be harbor master.  Remember, folks,
this is the guy who filled his boat's ballast tanks with gasoline. 
Could have blown up the pier!

What about the guy who sank the harbormaster's boat? The only guy who
tied up a boat to the floating docks when all the fishermen were on
moorings during a bad storm. As a result, it sank. What about that
guy, current harbormaster rex mckinsey?

And this summer, Mr. McKinsey, please don't take the harbormaster's
boat out at 11pm on a Saturday night with your boyfriend. We aren't
going to remain silent anymore about that either!

Watching you from the the second floor of the Whidyah.
6:18 pm edt 

Take Off Those Rose Colored Glasses!
Things maintained by a private group:
         1. MacMillian Pier - clean, no trash,well
            maintained, visually appealing, able to
            host town events public and private

This ''private group'' without looking into the consequences,
authorized the pier manager to drill 50 four inch holes into the
surface of the hardtop at the T to pitch a tent for events a few
nights each summer. Because of this stupid and reckless decisioin,
what destroyed the last pier, spauling, has now been fastracked to
destroy this pier.

Next posting, what our pier manager destroyed in preparation for
BIRDMAN day a couple of years ago.

Next time you go down to the pier, leave your rose colored glasses at
the ridiculous placement of the new MacMillan Pier sign.
6:15 pm edt 

How Could Community Housing Reveal the Truth?

     Some blogger asked why community housing wouldn't want to reveal
the deal with Rex and AJ and what they do with their extra affordable
unit? Arturo Alon is the Vice Chair of the Provincetown Community
Housing Council. He would do everything to keep this under wraps, as
he has successfully done for years.
5:10 pm edt 

Amy Lawson, Housing Specialist Resigned and Leaving Provincetown

The other night during Town Meeting, the Affordable Housing Industrial
Complex lobby group had Ms Amy Lawson rise and introduced her to
voters as the new Housing Specialist; who was the recipient of an
approved CPC funded $50,000 salary.

Ms Lawson spoke in regard to  her ongoing and forthcoming efforts
on behalf of affordable housing.

What she or any member of town government failed to tell the voters
was that Ms Lawson had tendered her resignation weeks before Town
Meeting and was shortly intending to move to Maine, where her husband
and child now live.

Ironically, the reasons given for the rapid turn-about was that Provincetown
was too expenses and had too few children!

So, what was all the theater about, with the introduction and applause?
Do they not see that these kind of actions only reduce the faith of
our citizens in their honesty.

Who's spooning Whom?  
5:01 pm edt 

AJ Yelling "Conflict of Interest!"

     Candace states that she heard Arturo Allon yelling "conflict of
interest" as she spoke about the Pier Corp at Town Meeting. AJ is
raising this issue? AJ is questioning Candace's conflict of interest?
Really? Then what about his continual conflict of interest? How can
he sit and sit and judge affordable housing issues, evaluate
presentations, when he works for Ted malone and for Community Housing
Resources? Arturo AJ Allon should recuse himself on almost every
issues that the Community Housing Council discusses? How often has AJ
recused himself? Look at the minutes of this Community Housing
Committee and see.

    And when AJ, at a BOS meeting, stood and presented his problems
with Mary-Jo, Austin and Lynne attending the PACC meeting, he was in
collusion with Pam Parmakian when she stood and admonish her three
colleagues for attending the meeting. AJ, who works for Ted Malone,
was in cohoots with Pam Parmakian, who works for Ted Malone, yet he
acted as a disinterested citizen. He was the plant. Pam Parmakian
should have recuse herself and left the room when AJ got up to speak.
Like Mary-Jo continually does if even the word Pier is used or
someone with an interest in the pier rises to speak.

      AJ as Vice Chair of the Community Housing Committee, when he
benefits from affordable housing, when he gains added advantages for
his boss Ted Malone, should not even be on the Community Housing

     So before you yell out "Conflict of Interest" to Candace and try
to defend your partner Rex Mackinsey, look closely at your own
conflict of interest.
4:27 pm edt 

What a Sad Joke on Provincetown

Whoever is responsible for this blog should know that after
7 years AJ was able to recently remove his affordable deed
restriction on his unit which means that he can now sell his unit at
market rate at a tremendous profit. 

Thank you Ted Malone for all your insider deals which benefit
this community.  Is this part of the employee benefit package
for working at Community Housing Resource Development in
exchange for your employees getting up at town committe meetings,
Selectmen meetings and town meetings and espousing dire state of
affordable housing in Provincetown? 

What a joke. When is this going to stop?

Disgusted by the Hipocrisy of Affordable Housing
4:24 pm edt 

The Lucky Lottery Winners

     Yes. Some people are just lucky and some people are luckier than
others. And people's luck just happens to increase exponentially if
that person works for Ted Malone.
Arturo Alon, AJ, is just this type of lucky man. His name just
happened to be pulled out of the hat. He "won" a place at Henshe Lane.

     Pam Parmakian is also a very lucky woman. She too "won" an
affordable housing unit. Luck is just in the air. Oh, yes, she too
works for Ted Malone. She is living in the Conwell Street Affordable
Housing. Just a fluke. Just the luck of the draw.

     Now Parmakian is trying to sell her affordable residence and,
surprisngly, she can sell the residence at market rate. WHY? The deed
restriction was a five-year restriction so now Parmakian can gain a
profit on this once affordable housing. And also, this property that
once counted as affordable housing in Provincetown, now won't. Five
years are up. And what has the town gained? Little compared to what
Ted Malone and Pam Parmakian have gained.

     And Rex Mackinsey? Well, just before he was hired as
Harbormaster and just before his salaray might have changed his
financials, Rex got lucky too. His name was miraculously pulled out
of the lottery, like a rabbit out of the black hat, and his name was
"selected." Since Rex and AJ live together, they have rented out the
other "affordable" making them a little windfall during summer
seasonal rentals. Friends should help friends, shouldn't they? These
are just two fortunate guys.

     So if any of you have been on the waiting list and hope your
name will be pulled, let me suggest you act as an Intern at Community
Housing Resource. Tell them you'll take out the garbage, you go get
them coffee, or go pick up the mail. Then you too will have a chance
of being lucky. Or, date someone who works for Ted Malone.
4:17 pm edt 

Community Housing Favoritism

 One would think that community housing would broadcast the
facts that Rex and AJ are not doing anything illegal with their
housing. Community Housing is wondering why people are upset with
them and it is precisely because of this kind of favoritism.
4:13 pm edt 

Duane Steel Attacks the Pier Corporation Why?

He wants to be harbor master.  Remember, folks, this is the guy
who filled his boat's ballast tanks with gasoline.  Could have blown
up the pier!

Now he wants to be a selectman.  Hope he knows he can't do that and
be harbor master.  I vote for selectman.  Let him and MJ duke it out
on camera at selectmen's meetings.  It will be like old times when
the Steele's, Avellar, and Jeffers aired family laundry in public
4:08 pm edt 

To: Rex McKinsey and AJ Alon

Do you or do you not rent out one of your affordable units and live
with the other?

I just heard that in the past staffing of                  has rented
AJ' unit. Is this or is this not true?

Provincetown taxpayers have a right to know since we pay/paid the
debt on Hensche's project and it certainly would violate the spirit
of affordable housing's intention.

Provincetown Taxpayer
4:04 pm edt 

To Second Home Owners:

I think it would great if you got together and discussed issues.  I'm
sure the second home owners can contribute alot to this town even if
we are not your primary residence.

A year-round resident.
3:56 pm edt 

Just an Observation

I am a bit perplexed so please help me. Just an observation.

Things maintained by the BOS:
        1. Town Hall - on the verge of being condemned.
        2. Firehouse #2 - leans to the left,boarded up,
           paint peeling off, evidence of some decay
        3. Public Library - it leaks water to the inside
           of the building, had to be renovated through
           private/ public donations.
        4. Freeman St Library peeling paint, visual
           evidence of wood rot, and poor care
        5. Path between the two piers, trash all over,
           grass cut maybe once a month.
        6. beach along the harbor, dirty, trashy, litter,
           rusting pieces of metal, broken glass, rotting
           wood, boats in different states of disrepair
        7. Commercial district - sidewalks in states of
           disrepair, no easy access for handicapped,
           pot holes, pavment cracked and or gone

Things maintained by a private group:
        1. MacMillian Pier - clean, no trash,well
           maintained, visually appealing, able to
           host town events public and private

To those opponenets of the Pier Corp, you want the pier to be run by
BOS again? Really? Are you kidding?
3:54 pm edt 

Mismanagement not Corruption!

There have been a number of postings about the Pier
Corp/Pier Manager being corrupt and/or stealing money. This is untrue
and unfair to them. All of my research indicates serious fiscal

  Had MacMillan Piers budget been properly vetted over the years and
not had an inexperienced former boatyard hand most likely compromise
the integrity of our $14,000,000 pier and possibly its life, oversee
the day to day operations and budgets, we would have had close to $1
million dollars more in our town coffers. At the public hearing, all
of this will have a chance to come out vs. being stonewalled by a
couple of voting blocks at town meeting.

I want to publicly thank full time assistant harbormaster, Duane
Steele, who had the courage to come forward at Town Meeting in spite
of a potential backlash from pier management (At yesterdays public
meeting, the Pier Corp. went into closed session to discuss
personnel. We can only imagine that conversation!).  Mr. Steele put
the Town first and blew the whistle on this corporate fiscal train
wreck called the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation.

Oh, and AJ Alon, I heard you yell out conflict of interest from the
back of the room as I stood at the podium. I am sure the Board of
Selectmen, Town Manager and other town officials heard you too. Dont
you know by now, your strategy of trying to invalidate any of my
fiscal concerns related to MacMillan Pier because I am a float owner
is simply not working?

Candace Nagle
3:51 pm edt 

Sorry Folks, I am not a "Disgruntled Employee,"

I am a Town employee whose services have been leased out to
the Pier Corp.  But as part of the bizarre handling of this concept,
the Town pays the Pier Corp to pay me.

While you are trying to wrap your mind around that idiocy, try to
remember that I went before the selectmen in public three years ago,
backed up by every assistant harbormaster, to warn them that the Pier
Corp was going off the tracks.

We gave them a written explanation about why the Pier Corp was not a
good deal for the people of Provincetown. We also presented them with
a budget to do it right.  We were ignored because people then, as
now, are wedded to a concept that cannot workand after five years has
not worked. Now, we have the documentary and financial evidence that
this mission has failed horribly.

The whole idea in the first place was for the Pier Corp to manage the
pier and relieve us, the taxpayers, of the expensemost especially the
cost of the loans we took out to pay for its construction. That was
the model.

The Pier Corp is not relieving us of the debt service, paying instead
a severely reduced rent schedule over five years that amounts to only
$407,000.  They were supposed to pay $1,070,000.

According to the lease, they still owe us this rent, plus interest! 
Don't hold your breath for it.

This has been a huge, costly mistake that has sucked $2.5 million out
of the Town treasury in five years.  Continue this nonsense and we
will live every year with overrides, layoffs, cuts in services and
increasing pressure on the school budget.

Yrs. in Gd. Gvt.

Duane S. Steele
3:47 pm edt 

Affordable Housing Lottery...

I have been to the affordanble houseing lottery and have seen the
numbers get assigned and go into the pot.  Then watched them get
pulled.  It is a fair lottery as far as how the numbers/person gets

So stop acting like there is something fishy going on regarding who's
name is called...

However, I still would like someone to answer whether it is true that
Rex and AJ live in one affordable housing unit and rent the other
unit out.  If this is true, then I think that Community Housing
should try and do something, although they probably do not have any
real legal recourse to do so.
12:10 pm edt 

It is the Burn Dump That is Being Capped!

I just called the DPW and the old burn dump next to
Cumberland Farms (to the left of the gas tanks when facing Cumberland
farms) is being "capped": first dirt, then an impenetrable cover and
then more dirt. They are burying it and protecting it from rain
water--hence the impenetrable cover.

F.Y.I. I also learned that Mr. Rex M. has asked for a public hearing
with the FinCom so we can all learn the truth about the finances at
the pier. I don't know if they owe us money or not--I hope that
everything is clearly revealed so we know the truth once and for all.

I totally agree with Mr. Sinaiko that first responders should get
affordable housing first.

Michael Rogovsky
12:09 pm edt 

To: Misinformation in ALL CAPS

The work on the 90 shank painter project began on monday.  the DPW is
clearing the land and will be filling it in within the next few
weeks.  before you chastise everyone, you should go take a look.
12:06 pm edt 

Send Steele Report to Boston Globe and the Cape Cod Times

Will Mr. Duane Steele please print out what he read at town
meeting and send it to the Boston Globe and the Cape Cod times so
they will do a story on it and make the selectmen and Town manager
get our tax money back? Somehow this autonomous group needs to give
back what they have stolen.
12:04 pm edt 

I Feel Like Marching on the Pier With Signs

Just got my oil bill from cape cod oil--$793.00
My house insurance and health insurance went up. I'm voting no on the
override come May. It isn't fair. I don't depend directly on the
tourists like a shop owner or a waiter; the town would have if they
MADE the guys at the pier give the town back the money that they owe
us. I feel like marching on the pier with signs telling them to give
us back the money that they stole from us.
12:02 pm edt 

Is That Legal?

Rex and AJ both have restricted deeds at the
Hensche affordable housing project. Can one legally rent out his
place and shack up with the other?

Let's get to the bottom of this one!
12:00 pm edt 

I'm Thinking the PACC Leaders are a Bunch of Johnie Come Latelies

I am a quiet person who rarely speaks out.  So I was glad
this blog was started.  You can talk about being cowards for not
signing names, but some of us just aren't comfortable doing that. 
Some fear retaliation because of where they work or who their
neighbors are.  Even cowards can have something important to say.

And I was glad PACC formed and thought they would make a difference
to taxpayers.  But I was disappointed in how they handled themselves
at town meeting.  It seems since november they have not gone to
hearings or offered anything real to help town finances.  I watched
the leaders who didn't seem to know procedures or even basic facts. 
I was upset at how they tried to pull apart a budget that had been
carefully done just to not have to pass an override.  They don't care
about the results of doing that.

I don't have much money.  I worry about the raise in taxes.  But I
also know that some things just have to be done.  Everything costs
more today.  I'm thinking the PACC leaders are a bunch of johhnie
come latelies who think they have all the answers for us dumb locals.
  I'm thinking they're bags of hot air.
11:59 am edt 

The Overrides Will not Pass in May.

People will see the amount needed and they will vote no. They will
assume, as I do,  that the town will come up with the  funds for trash
pick up. I truly feel that the selectmen were using extortion tactics.
11:55 am edt 

And Now For Something Completely Different

In todays Boston Globe yet another article about the impact of the
loss of the H2B workers this season on Cape Cod.
Although this subject has been discussed on this site quite
thouroughly it remains to be seen what the ripple effect will be in
our town that is struggling with the other major issues at Town
I do hope that our business owners and operators find the staffing
they need to be successful and profitable. If our vacationers and
other visitors are turned off by lack or service or no service as the
case may be some of our other issues will be rendered moot points.
Tourism is our lifeblood and we want them taken care of and have them
leaving wanting to come back, not reconsidering due to bad
experiences regarding their stay in town.
Just another problem facing our complex little town.

Click link to read article

E. Michael Richards
11:53 am edt 

Lost Credibility

Why didn't Ron G. just read Austin the riot act 3 years ago
and forcefully state his demands that Austin stop any all sexual
references etc. etc. etc.?

Three years after the first encounter he delivers a letter on the
first day of town meeting and states that he will drop the issue if
Austin resigns? How serious does Ron take this issue because he has
lost a lot of credibility with a lot of people.
11:51 am edt 

Here are Some Comparisons

While waiting for the School Committee to come up with
their analysis of the schools I did my own.  I wondered how we
compared to Truro.  Here's what I found out.

Pre K  Provincetown 30  Truro 21
K  Provincetown 7  Truro 23
1st  Provincetown 9  Truro  20
2nd  Provincetown 7  Truro 10
3rd  Provincetown 11  Truro 20
4th  Provincetown 12  Truro 14
5th  Provincetown 9  Truro 16
6th  Provincetown 11  Truro 13

Provincetown 96  (76 from Provincetown)
Truro  137

For grades K-6 the Truro budget is $2,013,606 and Pre K budget is
$92,467 for a total Pre-K through 6th grade budget of $2,106,073.

Provincetown's total school budget is $3,854,666.  One would assume
that Provincetown could educate their 96 Pre-K through 6th grade
students at a cost equal to or less than it costs Truro to educate
137 students.

So assuming that it would cost $2,106,073 for Provincetown's Pre-K
through 6th grade that would leave $1,748,593 to pay for the
education of grades 7 through 12.

Provincetown Enrollment
7th 17  (5 from Provincetown)
8th 13  (9 from Provincetown)
9th 19  (11 from Provincetown)
10th 14  (5 from Provincetown)
11th 25  (11 from Provincetown)
12th 14  (5 from Provincetown)
Total  102  (46 from Provincetown)

If one were to use approximately $12,000 to tuition in our students
into Nauset it would cost $552,000 to send our 46 Provincetown
students to Nauset.  According to the Finance Cte's report we are
projected to receive $600,000 in tuition from Truro which would go
away if Truro students went to Nauset instead of Provincetown.  That
leaves a difference of approximately $600,000.

-One argument has been made that the families would all leave
Provincetown if there were no high school.  That doesn't seem to be
the case in Truro where although their overall population is smaller,
their school population is larger.
-When talking of 'only 14 graduating seniors', in actuality there are
only 5 Provincetown residents in the senior class.
-Not all of the $600,000 would go away because there is still tuition
of the 20 Pre-K through 6th grade students coming from outside of
-One would hope we could educate 96 Pre-K through 6th grade students
at a cost lower than it costs to educate 137 in Truro.
-We would still need to pay for transportation costs to send our
students to Nauset.

11:48 am edt 

Eligibility Fact Hidden From Provincetown Residents

Provincetown's statement about affordable housing written a
number of years ago states that affordable housing is supposed to go
to people displaced from their apartments when they go condo and for
the family members of locals etc., but this WOULD only be true if
Provincetown citizens used only their own money to build affordable
housing and thus had total control.

The REALITY is that a person is eligible for affordable housing the
second that they move to Provincetown if their yearly income is below
a certain amount because Affordable housing uses state money.

and their employers (who are upset that their long time employees
can't seem to get affordable housing) then they and everyone else
would clearly understand the situation.

  Please be COMPLETLEY CLEAR AND HONEST and stop saying that
affordable housing is for locals--please STATE that affordable
housing is available to anyone who lives or MOVES to Provincetown and
qualifies. And please stop being so saintly about your blind lottery
when everyone knows that AJ and Rex both won the lottery. What a
Marvelous coincidence.
11:41 am edt 

Is it True?

A previous blogger wrote that Rex and Aj each have won affordable
housing units, and that as a couple they live in one and rent the
other.  Is this true?
11:38 am edt 

TO: Second Home Owners

This is a simple answer but.....If you want more of a say then
register to vote in Ptown, attend town meeting, and speak up!
11:37 am edt 

Issues at Town Meeting:

First, I would like to know why Town Employees are working at the
burn dump wearing suits.  Oh, Maybe it's because the chemicals are so
dangerous.  I was told the DPW workers took a class before they went
there and were given the answers just to be able to work on the site.
  That's a dangerous shame.  Haz Mat takes alot more than one class
before you can just be sent out to work it!  Secondly, what a joke
the affordable housing will be for EVERYONE.  We can't even get a
straight answer on how the lottery is chosen.. It seems obvious they
are hand picked by a handful!  How can Rex and AJ both have units,
live together and rent one?  Is this low income? Lastly, I as many
are very concerned about who was telling the truth when the Pier Corp
issue came up ?  It seemed to many that there were alot of
discrepencies...   Oh and when a question was asked a while back
regarding first aid and CPR for the pier workers who are serving the
public.....  Keep in mind noone is certified....!
    How can they be held to a lesser standard than other Town
Employess who need to be?  Let's hope we don't have a need on the
11:36 am edt 

Three Cheers!

RE: "Thank You"

I am neither michele or a disgruntled selectmen. Only a homeowner who
believes in paying the costs of keeping up with rampant energy,
health care, infrastructure cost increases mostly out of town control
in the short term. I also believe in listening to the hard work of
the volunteer committees and other folks who actually do something
rather than whine through their keyboards. My only regret is that the
selectmen were somewhat fooled and cowed prior to town meeting by the
15-20 actual people on this blog who don't believe in paying the true
cost of operating a town.

Three cheers for sanity and the other 300+ people who are still sane
in this town.
11:33 am edt 

I Think You're Right

     Yes on all overrides still requires the same votes during the
ballot. No at the ballot will make all of these overrides null and
void. So, without the eyes of the town on voters, will they so
generously agree to higher taxes? I wouldn't count on it. More Nos
will creep in and voters will have second thoughts. "Do I really want
to do this?"
      It will be interesting to see what voters do. We only caught
half the show this week. The second half is yet to come. How will the
play really end?
11:31 am edt 

How Lucky Rex Was

     It's just amazing. The luckiest people, the ones whose names get
pulled at the affordable housing lottery, just happen to be those who
are partners of people who work for Ted Malone. Take a look. It's
incredible how lucky some people--present partners or past partners
or partners of partners--happen to be. They all get connected to Ted
Malone and Community Housing Resources.
     Rex just happened to get lucky. And AJ, well, he probably pulled
out his own name. Another very lucky man.
11:30 am edt 

I Can't Wait to Hear the Real Numbers

Unfortunately for this voter, I did not get to hear the Pier Corp.
side of the smear campaign that was led by a disgruntled Pier
employee Duane Steele and a pier tenant that is angry over her fee
increases. Sorry folks, but this smacks of something way bigger than
a dispute between a landlord and tenant!

I wanted to hear from Rex McKinsey and Kerry Adams but they were
squelched when Austin (Flipper) Knight moved to postpone. He voted
for the Article to begin with. All my reading on this issue tells me
that something smells on the pier and it's not fish or the Pier Corp!
The stink comes froma float owned by Ms Nagel. Pheeew!

I believe when the dust settles that the Pier Corp will be venerated.
Sarah Peake is behind the PPPC. Michele Couture supports them. The
fishermen support them. So many people that have dealings on the
wharf love this board! What gives? I know Kerry Adams to be an
honorable man and I can't believe that he would lend his name to
anything he found questionable. This Board is made up of volunteers
who gain nothing but harassment from the likes of their critics.

I can't wait to hear the real numbers. I won't vote for Duane Steele
(Mr. Avellar?) (MaryJo's husband?)because he is in a pissing contest
with his employer. PERIOD... Sorry Duane and Candace, I think you may
have awoken a sleeping bear.

PAAHHLEEEEZ!! How dumb do you think we voters are??

A. Voter
11:28 am edt 


11:21 am edt 

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Keep in Mind,

Just because Town Manager Sharon Lynn
allegedly stated "no further action" will be taken at this time
against Austin Knight, does not prelcude the fact that a civil suit
cannot be taken where MCAD could be involved....  So stand by until
all the facts are known......
11:14 pm edt 

The Ballot Box Will Tell

     Easy to vote for overrides in full view of the town. But will
voters vote for these in secret? Don't be so sure. Maybe then they
will see that overrides do not only cost a few dollars more. You
still haven't seen how much you taxes are increasing overall--how
much will the tax rate be-- plus the override.

     You don't think it's an accident that they waited to decide what
the rate will be. Much higher. Much more money. And then on top of
that--the cost of the overrides.

      See you May 5th for the final answer. Then what happens when
thrash pick up is a No. Will this attempt to place all our favorites
things in the override have worked?
Maybe not.
     Wait and See.
11:12 pm edt 

Dear Duane Steele

As a tax payer, I'm humbled by your passion and your pursuit of
guarding the tax payers purse. I applaud you for exposing the
corruption on the pier. However, my only wish is that you revealed
the totality of the rip off that a member of the pier corps is doing.
What I'm referring to is the the fact that AJ and Rex EACH won the
lottery and have an affordable housing abode. However, since they are
a couple, they live together IN ONE AND THEY RENT OUT THE OTHER
UNIT!! How sweet is that?

Just think: Big bucks in salaries and raises; a life time of
affordable housing largess and one unit to rent out to add to their
income. Don't you see--affordable housing puts you on the path to
living large on the backs of the tax payers! (My new favorite phrase
is transparency).
P.S. look at the work being done on 90 Shank Painter Road; it started
the day after town meeting--WOW!!! How the affording housing
advocates are cheering!!
Provincetown Citizen
11:10 pm edt 

To: Second Home Owners, Who Pay Taxes and Have no Say in Town.

Yes! Great idea. We need more of a say.

The things that happened here last summer by the police alone (mostly
Boston citizens) are worth shouting about.

We can make change here and need to...or we will all leave in mass!
11:08 pm edt 

Just Think, the Town Meeting was Taped--

Everyone will hear Duane Steel lambaste the Pier Corps and their
theft of town money with his list of dates and quotes and money!

Everyone will see how the question was called when ever he was up a
the mike..and everyone will hear the Affordable Housing Industrial
complex hiss as he so emotionally talks about affordable housing
being first for people who were displaced by the condo conversions.

Everyone will hear how Astrid Berg's article was sand bagged at
meetings and everyone will hear about the million dollar give away
and the burn dump and the rush to get this affordable housing complex
built and the promise of Cumberland Farms to pay anything over the
$300,000 to mitigate the toxins at the burn dump.

Bravo! Ladies and Gentlemen.

11:05 pm edt 

Re Good Lord...

I was simply stating the ridiculousness of blaming Ms. Couture as
having something to do with the sexual harasmnent issue of another
selectman.  Everything isn't a conspiracy.

And on another matter...
last night at town meeting, Ms. Marcoux was speaking regading the
towns possible cost to remediate the property at 90 Shank Painter
Road, should the cost go above the $300,000 grant.  She said that the
town would have to pay the additional cost.  It was later pointed out
that in fact Cumberland Farms would pay any additional cost.
I was told that Ms. Marcoux was at many meetings regarding this issue
and KNEW this to be the case....
So my question is did she intentionally lie at town meeting in order
to sway the voters?  I find this disturbing...
I was initally somewhat sympathetic but when I found out that she was
deliberately misleading the voters at town meeting, I was not
impressed.  If she would lie about the costs of remediation, I felt
that the rest of her arguments became suspct.
11:02 pm edt 

'Thank You"?

Sounds like "thank you" is a disgruntled selectman.

Any one?
11:00 pm edt 

Thank You Mr. Steele

..........for showing courage and blowing the
whistle on all the hidden subsidies on MacMillan Pier that taxpayers
are footing. I think all of us are looking forward to the Finance
Committee getting involved and looking at the the PPPC's books.

Thank you to all members of the Finance Committee and Selectman
Knight for showing support for a public hearing.

I heard Kerry and Candace were spotted at the Top of the Pot's post
TM party having a beer together last night!

Cheers to a Public Hearing!
10:58 pm edt 

Just Wait and See

Just wait until the town starts to see the woods by the
cumberland farms turn into a construction zone for affordable
housing..what an uproar there will be. How the town will howl to see
2.5 acres of asphalt laid down. It is one thing to hear the words 90
shank painter rd--another to see a strip mall.
10:57 pm edt 

Mr. Duane Steele--

What a job he did detailing with facts
and figures and dates the thievery of the pier corp of the tax payers
money. Unconsionable--and how Ms. Nagel needs to be included in this
too. Bravo! I wish it was printed in the Cape Cod times and the
Banner. I hope they get fired.
10:55 pm edt 

To You People Are Nuts

     Is that you again Michele? Of course you support the person who
brought the sexual harassment charges since he is the one you brought
to the CPC meeting to have him talk about PHase Three Sewer Hook Up.
Last October, you tried to use your position to coerce the CPC to
allow Cass Benson and Gerry Anathan-- where were they last night?--to
be allowed to pocket the $67,000 and profit from this money instead
of their putting it in escrow for the new Sandy Hill home owners.
Remember? You brought in Sharon Lynn, David Gardner and this
particular DPW employee. So of course you back him. Sadly, you are
part of this sick game of trying to slander Austin. You were the one
who blind sided your three colleagues--including Knight, Avellar and
Davies--with your complaint to the District Attorney's office. And
you are at it again.

     Maybe Sharon Lynne shouldn't listen to your whisperings.
10:54 pm edt 

What Will be Will be!

With the editorial in the Banner regarding the "strategic
committee" school committee report due May 7th, the school and its
budget is on everyone's radar. With the rise in oil prices, with the
rise on the tax bill in November, and with the declining economy--the
issue of the cost of the school will never go away. What will be will
2:44 pm edt 

Thank You

Thanks to the sensible voters of Provincetown who listened to the
reasons for and against and came to the decision that a minor
increase in taxes is worth it to preserve a modicum of fiscal sanity
in Provincetown. Thank you also to the various commi