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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Friday, February 29, 2008

A Confusion of Sorts

     It is not that the three Selectmen Avellar, Davies and Knight
are being heralded as heroes for attending a PACC meeting. Surely
their presence was appreciated. People were glad that they took the
time to come and observe.

     It is more that these three persons are being vilified for
attending the PACC meeting and attacked as law-breakers.
What is even more problematic is that they are being judged quilty
without a determination having been made by the District Attorney's

     Michelle Couture's and Pam Parmakian's actions are themselves
questionable. Both are accusing. Both are judging. Both are
pronouncing the verdict. Couture and Parmakian are not the law and
they are not the interpreters of the law. That decision and thus the
verdict lies outside their purview and both should have left the
"Shame on you, Guys" to the District Attorney.

     If I had to decide who would be a better role model for a
selectman, it would be Knight and Lynne over Couture and Parmakian.
The premeditated behavior of Couture and Parmakian, with their plant
A.J. Alon and their prepared public statements,shows malevolence.

     The actions of Couture and Parmakian shows the true malfeasance.

      Not Looking for Heroes
10:23 pm est 

Can You Compare the PBG to the PACC? I Think Not!

This is in response to Cheryl Andrews comments concerning the PBG and
the chamber as compated to the PACC meeting. I'm a member of both the
PBG and chamber of commerce and I'm an advocate supporter of this
advocacy/blog. How you can compare the 3 is beyond me. The PACC
meetings are effective use of time where things can and will get done.

I don't know if you've been to a PBG meeting or chamber meeting but
seldom is it ever productive use of your time. In fact, the last PBG
meeting I went to a week or so ago consisted of the treasurer of the
PBG making such a dramatic issue out of how another member in the
meeting had chosen to word something that the entire issue dragged
out far longer then it should. The executive director sat there and
fed us old information. The same information we got when I attended a
meeting a few months ago. No progress whatsoever! The president sat
there and congratulated the executive director and board for all of
it's hard work even though nothing had gotten done. Can you compare
any of this to the PACC meeting?

I've realized by now that meetings with the PBG are a waste of time.
The chamber isn't quite as bad as the PBG but again it's a social
event more then anything. The PACC meeting on the other hand, things
get moving and things can get done with this type of movement and
momentum. Perhaps the PBG staff should turn to the PACC for some
direction on how to get things accomplished?

I would encourage the select board members to attend all meetings in
town that they can, however I think if they end up at a PBG meeting
or chamber of commerce meeting, it's nothing more then a basic public
appearance and nothing to stroke them or condemn them for.

The fact that Couture filed the complaint with the Attorney's office
just shows how ridiculous our town government is. What she doesn't
realize is that this town is  plagued with a pattern of not playing
by the rules and even she has violated a few rules here and there.
Just look at the record. I think if the select board is foolish
enough to draw attention on the town by the County Attorney's office
they may be shooting themselves in the foot. What is the County
Attorney gets wind of the ramped conflicts of interest that are
apparent between the town government and the developers?
10:22 pm est 

The Upcoming Election

From what I have seen in this blog, we have some very qualified
people who live in Town that are dedicated to making Provincetown a
great place to live, work and bring up a family.

The PACC should run a slate of candidates for election from those
PACC members that want to see the Town run right andhave some common

We have two Selectmen's seats coming up for election. One of the
current selectmen whose term is ending must go. I am still on the
fence with the other whose term will be up and I wish two more had
their terms ending too this year.

We also need to place people on the school committee that will take a
serious look at where the Provincetown School system will be in 5 and
10 years and what it will cost to run the school system with an ever
dwindling population.

We need to take some of the emotion out of the equation and be
realistic. As much as we want to keep the kids at home, we are doing
them a diservice by having the kids in a system that must continually
cut programs to survive. The kids deserve better.

As far as the extra time involved in getting to a regional school, so
what! Many of us had to travel great distances for either work or
school (the wash ashores) and it did not kill us. Get up ealry and go
to bed early while you are in school. Play in the summer!

We will not be able to accomplish anything until we take back control
of the Town and get rid of all the programs and employees that are
not functioning correctly.

The Old Whippersnapper
10:20 pm est 

I'm Not the Webmaster

     I posted the information about the $732,000 for Sandy Hill Lane
and how it turned out to actually be  $1.1 million with the interest
that all of us will have to pay. I'm the one who said that Ted Malone
received "Soft Monies" in this deal that I know amounted at least to
$100,000 but I believe is much more than that. And since I'm not sure
of how much more I implied it could be as high as $200,000. You too
can take a look at the grant application and see Ted Malone's name as
advisor and the soft costs associated with his being the consultant
to the developers.

     I'm Checking Fingerprints but I'm not the Webmaster.
10:18 pm est 

To: "Just a Thought"

  You miss the point. People buy a place through affordable housing.
Their taxes are set. They pay minimum taxes---what about tax relief
for the long time resident. This is an issue in town among a whole
generation of us. Our tax dollars are going for affordable housing
when Ted Malone builds it without tax money.

It will be a town of the rich and people on affordable housing and people
with reverse mortgages--and some will outlive their reverse mortgages.
Look at the housing market and banks and loans. Read the fine print.
It is far from the best course of action.
10:15 pm est 

The Future Awaits

Decades ago, I was one of the people at town meeting when a
group of my peers presented an article to create affordable housing
when the late Mr. Jim Jeffers was the town manager. It was roundly

Now look where Affordable housing stands: Front and center
and we have two selectmen with tangential connections to it.

I want tax relief and sever fiscal responsibility. I want every
penny examined before hundreds of thousands or millions of tax payer
dollars are doled out.

(Do you realize that the citizens get so little consideration that people who
are hooked up to the waste water treatment plant are unjustly being charged
for the Deaconess mega complex hook up and also for town buildings.) Well,
what else is going on that the Banner hasnt revealed? We dont know what is really
going on but others do and they can inform us on shout out.

Affordable housing was once a lone voice in the wilderness for its cause--just as
Im a lone voice in the wilderness for mine. Ive learned. Im starting now.

Nothing will happen this year or next but the future awaits with issues of a regional
high school and over development.

Michael Rogovsky
10:12 pm est 

Looking For Answers

The cost of the schools in provincetown was in the vicinity
of $3,700,000 this year. At this rate, multiplying $3,700,000 by 12
representing the next 12 years brings the total to  $44,400,000. This
is the sum that the Provincetown tax payer will be paying to take a
first grader to graduation.

Question no. 1--how many of the families that have students in    the
high school live in Provincetown?

Question no. 2. How many high school students are in the 9th grade,
the tenth grade and the 11th grade? What is the number of students in
the senior math class, english class etc.

High school questions looking for answers
9:59 pm est 

Did Anybody Read It?

I would like to offer kudos and much praise to Jack
McMahon. Finally someone who took the time and energy to actually do
the research so as to back up his claims. Did anybody read it? There
are a lot of indisputable facts offered. So why are people still
making false accusations and spewing the same untruths. The
information is all there. Get over your conspiracy theories and move
on to something more productive already. Stop beating a dead horse to
Jack McMahon deserves all of our thanks for his diligence.
He should be an example to all of us-if you make a claim---have the
FACTS to back it up.
9:56 pm est 

In reference to the Pier Corp. Thinking They Answer to no One Including the Board of Selectmen:

The Pier Corp. is an independent authority as they are under the
Special Act. But, they are also the TENANT of the Town through the
Board of Selectmen under the lease. So, the Board of Selectmen has
every right to discuss interpretations as to the use of Town property
(the Pier Corp. does not OWN the Pier), with its tenant.

The Pier Corp. members are obviously self-impressed failing to
recognize that they answer to a higher authority to some degree.

Candace Nagle

Cc Board of Selectmen/ Town Manager
5:09 pm est 

Just a Thought...

Although some people may feel an 'entitlement' of sorts in being able
to live here because of heritage-like reasons, I feel like the point
of affordable housing is being missed...

If you listen to the Peter Francese report you may understand the
implications of our town's inability to support/maintain or whatever,
affordable housing/renting.

Yes, if someone is lucky enough to obtain affordable housing they are
being helped in their efforts to live here yearround, and it's not
just being given to them.  Hugely helped, yes - but a give away, not

But, we should recognize that even though our tax dollars are helping
'them' - them being the people who live in these houses - the
affordable housing is also helping everyone in town. And I believe it
has been mentioned before, but of course a contractor is going to be
paid to build the affordable units... unless someone out there will
do it for free - but I seriously doubt that.

If people cannot afford to live here, it will eventually effect
everyone.  Restaurants will not be open year round.  Jobs will go
unfilled and businesses will have to close.  Contractors may find
less work because people may not be as interested in building or
buying or sustaining their homes here because of the possible
ghost-town effect of people needing to leave...  people won't be
buying goods, wares etc in local stores because they just won't be

In some ways I liken the discussion to global warming.  Right now,
it's sometimes hard to see the implications of just ignoring the
warning signs... right now we're managing with a reasonable year
round economy, BUT, when those with businesses and with jobs retire
several years down the line...   then what?  It's the future that
needs to be secured now so that we aren't in over our heads later on
down the line.

We talk about building affordable business space which is great, but
I wonder if we continue to boo-hoo the idea of affordable renting and
housing... who exactly will be supporting and using these businesses?

Quite a bit of stuff in town is effected by the ability to attract
citizens (year round included).  So, while tax money is used for
affordable housing, I suggest to you that you may be indirectly
getting your monies worth from it.

Now, all the shananigans with alleged back door deals, the current
model used for affordable housing not quite fitting our specific
needs here and any other stuff aside... just think twice before
completely shoving off the idea of what affordable housing means to
everyone in town.

It's good to have discussions about it, but let's not bite our noses
off to spite our face.  I get very nervous thinking about our future,
globally and here in Provincetown... 15, 20 years from now...  what's
it going to be like?

Biting my nails...
5:07 pm est 

Too Bad!

It is too bad that our tax bill doesn't arrive at our homes
a few days before town meeting.

Provincetown mother
5:04 pm est 

Dear Just Saying...

What you wrote is so true. The only thing I would add is that many
sold their dilapidated houses for lots of money and then moved to
Truro and then try to control the school and other town affairs from
5:02 pm est 

Dear It's Amazing

You raise an excellent question. Ill share my thoughts.

Lets start with the basic  premise that Richard Olson went to a
mid-morning business Meeting and offered opinions on Town
Meeting articles.

Hmmm. Doesnt sound like Richard and I dont think
hes a PBG member. I dont remember this. But Ill call him and ask him.

Lets say ...just for the sake of argumentyoure right. What does or
would  that mean?

Well,  it means we did something dumb. And we shouldnt have.

Of course, Grampy always
said.2 wrongs dont make a rightso I dont think the DA will say that
it makes a difference.

now, the better question is why are people upset about 3 selectmen
attending the Sunday meeting and if it did happenwhy people didnt
complain (including you)  if 3 attended a PBG or Chamber of Commerce

Im not a member of PACC, so I think the members should really figure
that one out. But, my observations tell me that PACC is behaving in a
way PBG never has.


PBG has never had a blog  where the posters  puts targets on some
selectmens backs.
PBG has never  regularly attending BofS  meetings and gotten involved
in the Budget Process.
PBG has never had a secret membership list.
PBG has never crafted its own articles for town Meeting, and
certainly not been a strong participant at Town Meeting.

I know these things because I have been a 20 yr member of both  the
PBG and the Chamber and neither has ever really attempted to be
involved , politically, as a group.

This has always disappointed me. And when I was a selectman, it
disappointed me , because I felt that if I got more input from
people, it wouldve been very helpful.

As a business owner, it always disappointed me that the business
community does not really know how to work together, and advocate for
pro-business policies.

I even joked at one point, that when I retired from the BofS ,
perhaps I would form a group myself. But hey, no need ...PACC came
along.   And did it for me.

But, dont be surprised if PACC is watched and scrutinized in a way
that the PBG and the Chamber is not.

It doesnt take big cajones for selectmen to attend a PBG meeting .
So why do some of the bloggers think it does take big cajones to
attend a PACC meeting?

Ask yourself that.

Attending a PBG meeting does not make a selectman a hero.

But some bloggers seem to want to make the SUNDAY 3 heroes.

Ask yourself why.

I have never said i was perfect. And when someone showed me a screw
up, i learned my lesson. Thats all that needs to happen here. And
...i'd bet it has.

Cheryl Andrews
5:01 pm est 

"Welfare Queens"

We all know the stories of the "Welfare queens" that Ronald
Reagan talked about...well we really do have some "affordable
housing" ones here. (I won't name names) Do these rules of
verification and lottery apply to RENTALS too? If so, how was someone
able to waltz into town and get one and cruise the winter away?
>> In response to "just saying": Imagine if you bought your house
>> 20,30,or 40 years ago and you lived here your whole life and
>> worked here for Provincetown wages. You see what our taxes
>> are--and there is no relief. Everyone is focused on raising our
>> taxes while helping new people move and live here and whose taxes
>> will never increase like ours did. It truly is not fair.

Provincetown mother who wants fairness.
4:58 pm est 

Wow, Did Anyone Notice That the Rant......

....from the person not wanting to be selectman took the 350,000,000
dollars to educate all the students on the cape and applied it to one PTown
student from grade to get from infancy to graduation? This numbers game is
nauseating. What we should really do with that 350,000,000 figure is
to apply it to all the students on the cape to get an average of
about 13,300 per student on average on the cape... or does this not
raise the eagerly desired red flag?

What about how benefits of having a school affects the town? Is
anyone investigating how towns without schools differ from towns with

If we want to have a school, we're going to have to pay more than 10%
of our town budget to that goal... though we're barely doing that now.
4:55 pm est 

What Evidence Does He Offer?

Reading the disclaimers at the top of the Shout Out page,
the webmaster asks people to refrain from making derogatory remarks
on this blog.  Yet he continues to publish statements about people in
town, most notably Ted Malone that are viscious and unsupported by
any evidence.  How does the webmaster know that Ted Malone made
$200,000 from Sandy Hill Lane?  What evidence does he offer?  None. I
suspect that he doesn't care about the truth and instead is
deliberately trying to create the perception that there is a "dirty
deal" where none exists.  Why?  Perhaps he doesn't support affordable
housing, but he is too cowardly to fight for his convictions via the
democratic process and instead has launched an ugly smear campaign.

Luckily, most people in town are not willing to be duped by
unsupported claims and understand how much harm viscious rumors can
cause to a community. Thank you Jack for spending the 60 hours to
research some of these questions and for posting them on this blog...
read below for research on the minutes of CPC meetings and the BOS
meetings.  Perhaps our eager investigative reporter can take a look
at the budgets for Sandy Hill Lane, I believe they are probably
available in town hall, and find out just what money was spent on
consulting and lottery fees.  I bet you it isn't anywhere near what
is being claimed.
4:51 pm est 

Eliminate the Historical Commission

What ever happened to last year's motion to eliminate the
Historical Commission. Why not remove this obstructionist nonsense or
require ten years' residence as a qualification.
4:46 pm est 

To Whoever Wrote This Entry:

"I also remember the west vine condos not having to abide by the new
restrictions for building (33% of units affordable) because it
retained a mixed use zoning.  and the zoning board of appeals got all
excited because the developer stated that the new restaurant on the
property would be year round.  in their zeal and glee at year round
employment, they allowed the development, with its density and growth
in that neighborhood to proceed."

I was a member of the ZBA that rendered this decision, Let's get the
facts straight. The ZBA did NOT allow this development to proceed. We
made a determination that to change that property from a restaurant
with an apartment(which it was) to condos and a restaurant(which was
proposed) did NOT require a special permit or review by the Zoning
Board of Appeals. The bylaw that was in place at the time, section
4170 of the Provincetown Zoning By-Laws only applied to changing from
commercial use to residential use. West Vine street before the
project was a mixed use property and remained a mixed use property
after the project. Article 4170 as it was written did NOT apply. It
has since been amended.

So to say that the ZBA allowed this development to proceed is just
plain wrong. It was determined that the project did not fall under
guidelines requiring review by the ZBA.

The only review it required was a variance from parking requirements
that the restaurant would require. A special permit for a variance
from parking requirements has a Very Low bar to obtain and are
routinely granted by the ZBA. To have witheld this permit for parking
for this project would have been arbitray abd capicious and would
have easily been overturned in Barnstable land court.

Also, contrary to popular belief, besides the parking requirements,
this projects MEETS every one of the Provincetown Zoning By-Laws.
Yes, it even meets the density requirements,Height requirements and
number of dwelling units per lot. If people think this project is too
dense for the area in which it sits, blame the Provincetown Zoning
By-Laws and NOT the people who sit on the Zoning Board.

Peter Bez(former vice chair of the ZBA)
4:43 pm est 

"Red Flag Alert"

What we need is something like a "red flag alert" on the
front page of the banner which signifies that some kind of housing
development is up for discussion and a vote.

If it can't be a little blurb about it--then perhaps it can just be a red
flag and then the page number in the legal notices. I would have gone
and I know other people who would have gone if we knew what was at stake.

**Perhaps with shout out such a blight on the community will never happen again.
11:47 am est 

Just Saying...

I have been in town for thirteen years, and yes, it has changed here.
However, I was born in Los Angeles to middle class parents. The city
changed over the past thirty years; it got gentrified and more
expensive. I never, ever, felt that simply because my parents and
grandparents were also born in LA that the city therefore OWED me
anything... not a place to live, not a job, not keeping good old
Urasmus Hall high School open and running just the way it always did
just cause my Dad and Uncle and I went there.
Ever since moving here (and it is funny that I left LA because I was
"poor" there and could not afford it, then I came here and bought a
house for around 300K that is now worth over a Million, so suddenly I
am one of the evil "rich" here) but, really, ever since I have been
here I have been amused and amazed at the constant whining from all
the "locals" who feel that simply being second or third generation
here means that you have more rights to this place, that Provincetown
"owes" you something. Mostly it seems to owe it to you that your town
will never go through the changes that the rest of the country does,
that the look and feel of PTown in the 1940s, '50s or '60s is the
ideal that we should hold the town to. Imagine if we all got to say
"Hey, I was born here, educated here, my Mother cleaned bathrooms
here, therefore, you owe it to me to let me make all the decisions
because only I, with my birthright, truely understand what this town
is all about, and you better give !
  me a place to live, and if you build that or change that my poor
granny will be spinning and crying in her grave". I wish it was like
that, I would have a huge mansion in West Hollywood.
Anyway, I am done. You may now attack me for being so cold and
heartless and evil for stating what I said above.
Change happens. I am sorry that you liked the old ugly Ice cream
store, the moldering old Meadows motel, the unused and trashy horse
farm(I had a storage/work space there for years so I know)... sorry,
change happens. Deal with it or move. Oh yeah, if you moved, you
would be just another evil "wash-a-shore some where else, and lose
your precious birthright.
11:44 am est 

Pier Corp Issues

In addition to no oversight of almost $600,00 in annual
fees generated from the Pier, since 2003, there have been nearly $2.6
million in Town subsidies to the Pier Corp.: $1,192,000 of which the
Pier Corp. has had complete spending discretion.

--$400,000 start up money in 2003
---$240,000 for Marine Department services in 2003 and
--$ 400,000 in unpaid rent 2003 and 2004 (Town had to
      pay this amount for the debt service the PPPC was
      suppose to cover
--$552,000 Marine Department Budget given to the
    PPPC in 2005 to 2008 as a ''management fee.''
--$993,000 (debt service not covered by the unpaid rent:
    $1.4 million due, only $407,000 paid

Total: $2,585,000

***supporting docs now finally available after it almost took an act
of congress to get!!!!

On Wed, I attended the joint fincom/bos/school committee meeting
briefly. I couldn't help but notice the now requisite nickel and dime
attitude going through the
school committee's budget or any town budget for that matter. There
is a stunning lack of the Pier's budget and subsidies being subjected
to the same scrutiny as all other town budgets.

Selectmen should consider themselves as guardians of town property
and municipal resources.
Respectfully, it is time for the Board of Selectmen to take back the
pier and stop foisting that responsibility onto five unsupervised,
unaccountable, unelected people.
As well as turning a blind eye to the ongoing waste of precious town
revenue the pier generates.

  Yours in Good Government,

  Candace Nagle

Cc: BOS & Town Manager
11:40 am est 

West Vine Condos

I also remember the west vine condos not having to abide by the new
restrictions for building (33% of units affordable) because it
retained a mixed use zoning.  and the zoning board of appeals got all
excited because the developer stated that the new restaurant on the
property would be year round.  in their zeal and glee at year round
employment, they allowed the development, with its density and growth
in that neighborhood to proceed.

i've lived in this town for many years now and i know unless that
restaurant is giving food away, it will have a very hard time being
open year round.  it's a hard location and they way the lot is
designed, it apparently will have limited restaurant parking.

the developers told everyone exactly what they wanted to hear and
then side stepped every other rule to get what they wanted.  granite
counter tops and stainless steel appliances used by second home
owners sold at a huge profit.

and the majority of the labor for this project was from off-cape.

these are the developers we should be focusing our scrutiny on.
11:26 am est 

What Provincetown Cries Out For is a Solid Summer Work Force

What Provincetown cries out for is a solid summer work
force. We need work force housing. Emichaelrichards stated that there
hasn't been a work force here in over a decade or two. Look at all of
the places that are closed now--in the summer they need workers.
After thinking about it, I believe that it is unfair if people can
buy affordable housing and live here year round by working in the
summer and collecting unemployment in the winter just like the people
who have been living here for many years. There is a difference: the
people who have been living here for years and who own a house pay
very high taxes due to the increased value of their homes. What is
the answer to making things fair? Or don't you affordable housing
advocates care?
11:24 am est 

Fair Share of Taxes Posters:

So you think if you own under the affordable housing program that you
should pay market rate real estate taxes? You do realize if that were
the case that nobody would qualify under the income/debt ratio
guidelines and make the whole program moot.

To the poster," no one helped my parents or myself buy a home." Well
no one helped me buy my homes either but offering these programs to
those who qualify make them good citizens with real roots in the
community and it's the right thing to do. I think you may be
confusing affordable housing with tenament slums. Viva la difference.
11:18 am est 

It's Amazing

     Some Bloggers are so certain that the three Selectmen violated
the rules. Some "know" they should not have attended the PACC
meeting. And some act so sacrosanct you'd think three selectmen
attending a meeting without it being posted never happens.

     But some of you were at previous PBG meetings held in the past
few years at Bayside Betsy's. These meetings were to discuss and take
positions on articles on the warrant held before Town Meetings. The
goal was to identify articles particularly relevant to PBG concerns.
The public was invited and who else would attend?

     I remember Cheryl Andrews, David Nicolau and Richard Olson all
attending. They were active particpants giving their opinions on the
articles and adding reasons why certain articles were written as they
written. They explained, discussed and gave their opinions. I also
remember that all three of them were sitting in the same booth.

      I know PBG members were glad that the three Selectmen attended
and participated. There were no attacks against them for attending,
participating, and giving their advice.

     Yet at the PACC meeting this Sunday, three Selectmen did not
participate in discussions of pubic policy nor did they engaged in
giving advice on articles. They provided no opnions on public policy
or town business. They were observers.

     How is the PACC meeting any different from the PBG warrant
articles meetings of the past? Maybe, there are two different
standards? Maybe it depends on who the Selectmen happen to be who
attend such meetings? Or maybe, just maybe, it depends on which
organization's meeting the Selectmen attend? It's OK if it's PBG but
absolutely not OK if it's PACC.

    Asking A Question that Needs to Be Asked
11:16 am est 

The Burden of Affordable Housing

My parents were born here and I was born here. Please tell
me how paying for affordable housing benefits us? We just see more
building, more congestion and no help with our high taxes. Affordable
housing will always be a burden to us--and few seem to care or
understand the huge tax burden we pay.
11:09 am est 

Shining a Light in the Corner

WBZ-TV4 has an investigative group called the I-Team.
I sent them an email yesterday with a link to this blog.

Maybe they'll take an intrest in Provincetown and help expose
whatever is lurking in the dark corners of Town Hall.
11:07 am est 

How Many Affordable Housing Units Are Presently On the Market?

Does anyone have an idea, even roughly? How many lotteries can be
conducted? What are the regulations when there are no qualified
buyers to purchase these residences, what happens then?

I'm all for affordable housing, it's a great oppurtunity for those
who qualify, although the income quidelines I've seen really don't
make sense. I know I couldn't carry a mortgage and all the other
expenses that accompany homeownership at the mandated income
quidelines. I also realize that those requirements are set in stone
and there really is nothing we can do as a community to change them
for our specific needs in our town.

I understand that 10% of the present housing stock is the figure used
as the max that can be set aside for affordable housing. All well and
good as long as you have enough qualified applicants to purchase and
ultimately occupy the residences. If you don't what happens? They
become available at market rate? That seems to me to be quite a
sticky wicket. And here's the big question, does a developer
automatically get approval to build (obviously after all the due
diligence required by all entities having input)? Is there anywhere
in this process where the prospective developer gets denied because
there are "X" number of affordable units sitting unsold in the

Just curious.
11:03 am est 

To: Peter Page

Peter, Our task is to put a question on the May ballot
regarding the high school. Once I get information, I'll post it here
as fast as the two selctmen sent their letter to the Attorney
general's office. It seems that an article in the warrant regarding
the high school is *not* the way to go.

Michael Rogovsky
11:01 am est 

Tip to Michael R.:

Perhaps you shouldn't sign your name since these folks can then
attack you and then take the spotlight off the truth that you speak.
No one helped us to buy our house and no one is helping us to pay
our taxes. We do pay our taxes and we are burdened with paying other
people's share as well. This is the truth.

No one wants to close a school, but it is time to close the high
school. It is too expensive for the community. Do you realize that
many of the locals who grew up here sold their houses and now live in
10:58 am est 

Gull's Nest Developers!

Are the Gull's Nest developers still refusing to spend the
money to connect to the waste water treatment plant as they said they
would when they developed this piece of property with tax payer's
10:56 am est 

West Vine Condos or What Had Been the Dairy Queen

     This property could have been stopped. The answer was Demolition
Delay that is controlled by the Historic District Commission. In an
area of town that is not in the Historic District--and this applied
to the old Dairy Queen--it could have been stopped from being
demolished had there been enough historical documentation that this
property was linked to Provincetown's history and was significant in
its past. From a cultural perspective, the case could have been made.
But few people came to meeting and the vote was 4 to 1 to allow

     Also, the the clients presented this property as less than fifty
years when it was actually built in the 1940s. Since the property was
not in the Historic District, they did not have to have their designs
reviewed by the commission. Thus--the results!

      Fried Clams and Ice Cream
10:54 am est 

Sandy Hill Lane is Tied to Ted Malone

      The $732,000 that came from CPC monies and was given to --or
bestowed to--Jerry Anathan and Cass Benson, a member of the CPC
herself, is tied to Ted Malone. He was the "Advisor" to these women
who hadn't done many developments before and received "soft monies"
that was around $100,000, and possibly even more.The real number
could be around $200,000.

      Then Ted Malone became the "Lottery King" of this project and
received $48,000 for carrying out the lottery. And now Ted Malone is
the Property Manager for this project. Call it the Ted Malone
backstage and now frontstage act.

      And remember, with the town borrowing the $732,000,--our taxed
3% CPC monies-- the interest leads this project to cost all of us
$1.1 million. And now Anathan and Benson are fighting the CPC not to
have to put $70,000 in an escrow account to cover future problems in
the Title V. If the system that is in technical failure totally
fails, this monies would be used by the new owners to handle the
Title V problems in their units.

    But Anathan and Benson, great heroes for the poor, want the
monies used for a phantom sewer hook up. Why? This way they get back
the $70,000 in THEIR pockets, leaving the new buyers high and dry if
the system fails. Talk about caring for the poor! How Profit-driven
can developers be!

      Ted Malone has his little dirty fingers on more developments in
Provincetown than you might think.

     Checking Fingerprints
10:52 am est 

I Find it Hard to Believe..

......that your argument for keeping the school in town is to create
staff for the Deaconess care facility. Oh, how they would love it, though.
Do you know that moral among the staff is in the toilet? They are so
over worked; so understaffed--they would love for all of the high
school graduates to work for them. I do wonder where they will get
the staff to fill the new facility--do you know how many people have
quit in the last year? Do you know how many were hired and left
pronto? It would be interesting to find out.

My hat is off to these hard working individuals.
10:49 am est 

How Sad......

....that there are so few students to interact with
each other at school. We all know how easy it is to be pigeon hold:
this one is the class clown; this one is nerdy, and so on. At Nauset,
it would be a community of students interacting and encouraging and
illuminating and challenging each other. They would blossom. I'm sure
that anyone with even the most esoteric interest would find like
minded friends in such a milieu. How sad that there are only 12
graduating senior--spending all of these years together with just
each other under the intense scrutiny of the faculty. I personally
feel sorry for them...and I expect a deluge of responses talking
about individual attention. Well, there is such a thing as too much
individual attention--it can stifle as well.
too much scrutiny
10:45 am est 


In response to the illegal meeting of the Provincetown
Board of Selectmen: The law is the law.  If we all picked and chose
when to follow the law we would have anarchy!  In the case of Mary
Jo's explanation I guess we can chalk it up to the onset of

Overtaxed Resident
10:40 am est 

Control the Development of Provincetown

 Lets vote that no more of our tax dollars go to the
communityi preservation act to build affordable housing. Ted Malone
can do it without tax payer money--yes, he can do it alone. We have
reached the 10% limit under the law.restructure 40 B and lets
control the development of Provincetown.
10:38 am est 

Restructure Affordable Housing

Is every house that has ever been built as "affordable
housing" been deed restricted, or did people get affordable housing
and then sell them at market value? hmmm. always a loophole... We
need to restructure affordable housing and 40 B projects.
10:35 am est 

I Want to Live in a Town--

No one helped me to buy my house and no one helped my
parents to buy theirs. Now we our taxes go to buy housing for other
people so they can live here. And it is true that they don't pay
their fair share in taxes..I want to live in a town--not in a town
that is being turned into a housing development.
10:30 am est 

They Screw Everyone Equally!

The B.O.S. Above The Law

The prior B.O.S. knowingly stole $20,000.00 from non-resident mooring
holders and refused to repay the money when D.E.P. ruled in my favor.
  This money sits in the Waterways Improvement Fund, not the General
Fund for the Pier Corp to spend as they like, " A.K.A. The Barge To

The present B.O.S. has also turned a deaf ear to doing the right
thing in this matter.  Why should the residents of Provincetown
expect to be treated differently?

After all, the B.O.S. does not discriminate. They screw everyone equally.

David J. Ditacchio
10:27 am est 

Equal Taxes

Everyone who lives and works here makes provincetown wages.
Everyone should pay taxes on what their house is worth on the open

Michael Rogovsky
10:25 am est 

They Just Don't Get It!

It is unfair for people who buy a house way below market
rate then pay that tax rate for the rest of their lives while the
rest of us pay taxes on the market rate of our house. The person who
bought their house 30 years ago pays a huge tax bill--not the
affordable housing folks. Don't see that this isn't fair?
10:23 am est 

Candace Nagle Again?

I thought Candace Nagle left the field?
10:21 am est 

Close-out Sale?

Just like a department store that has merchandise for sale
for $100, suddenly has a sale and it is $75--you think, what a
bargain..thus the school committee can easily say, our budget is five
million dollars--oh, but we cut two million off of it...look what
excellent guardians of the tax payers money we are.

We see through it.
10:19 am est 

No, I'm Not Running for Selectmen.

 It is just that after reading that we few people connected to the waste
water treatment plant have to pay for Deaconess to be connected; after
hearing the Peter Francese report that we are paying three hundred fifty million
dollars ($350,000,000,000) to educate the 26,400 students on the cape
compared to Scotsdale AZ that has 27,000 students and does it for a
hundred million less; that Provincetown has lost residents but
building has increased 4%; that we gave almost a million of our tax
dollars to turn The Gulls Nest into condos by other developers when
Ted Malone has a long list of properties he has developed with out
spending a penny of tax payer money; when I hear about the pier
spending close to $600,000 with no oversight; and when we are
spending over three and a half million dollars to graduate only 12
students-thus it will cost us forty two million dollars
($42,000,000) in the next twelve years to take a first grader to graduation.

I believe that it is time to take heed and to vote to stop the spending
that has become an overarching burden to the beleaguered tax payer. It is time
to demand that the burden be lifted from our back that we can no longer carry
the tax burden of others as well as our own.

People who have owned their homes for decades as I do see their value rise
astronomically--and thus their taxes--but we work and make Provincetown wages
just like the affordable housing folks do but they pay a fraction of the cost in taxes.
I believe this is unfair.

No, I'm not running for selectmen--I'm just an ordinary citizen
stating my views--and I sign my name, so it appears more often. You
can always ignore what I write.

Michael Rogovsky
10:17 am est 

Peter Page Report
First Id like to tell you that I initially attended this
past Monday nights BOS meeting in order to ask a few questions of the
BOS and Town Manager concerning the ongoing topic of the Building
Department fees. The response that I got from everyone at the table
at first seemed to me to be a brush off, and I was a bit perplexed
because I thought that at least one selectman really cared about this
issue. I figured that I was going to just have to find some other way
of asking those questions.

   On Wednesday I happened to need Russell Braun to come to my job
site to do an inspection for me. Before he left I asked him if he
knew anything new about the questions of the fees. He told me that on
Tuesday, Sharon Lynn instructed him to get to the bottom of the
matter and do the research to find out if the fees are justifiable!

   So I do think that because I and others continued to ask the right
people the right questions, the right people are now working to find
an answer.

    Now, the answer we get may not be to our liking, but at least it
will put to rest the any mis-conceptions. If the answer is to our
liking than it seems to me that we will need to look for rebates. But
thats a bridge to cross when we get there.

     I went to the PACC meeting on Sunday. Although all of the issues
that where voted to be addressed are important, none of them were so
attractive to me that I immediately thought thats the one I want to
work on. But I did want to participate, so I chose to help look at
the idea of restructuring some of the aspects of how affordable
housing is constructed. At the Monday night meeting Amy Lawson
happened to be there to give a condensed version of her earlier
public meeting. What I got from that is I think these people know
what they are doing and are already addressing a lot of the issues
the public wants them to.

      Jake, Brian, and I meet with Amy on Thursday for a discussion
and I think that went well. We are still working on an article and
when we get some things straight we will have more to tell you.

      Does anyone else have a progress report on their articles?

       I witnessed the entire event at the BOS meeting. That was the
best entertainment I have seen in a long time! Small town
Provincetown, you cant make this up!

      Peter Page
10:09 am est 

I Met with the Town Housing Specialist, and the Asst. Town Manager Today.
  The information was accurate and very helpful.  I am
very thankful for their time and interest in fielding my questions.

First, the idea of a moratorium against any further development in
town is not possible.  By law, we as a town can not stop a developer,
carpenter or trades-person from performing their job and earning a
legally sanctioned income.  This is why we have Growth Management
by-laws, for control on legally intended alterations to present
property, as well as future building.

Next, the issue of 90 Shankpainter Road:  The land was purchased for
the express purpose to build affordable rental units.  This was voted
on at Town Meeting.  It is a legal transaction through Comberland
Farms and the Town.  Yes, it was paid for with tax revenue, set aside
with oversight from the Community Preservation Committee.  CPA funds
are used for Community Housing and Community Historic Preservation. 
We also approved the $1.9 million for the Cape End Care Campus for
the elderly.  The CPC is acting within their boundaries as described
by the by-laws in oversight of these funds.  We need these rentals on
Shankpainter.  The property will be gifted to a developer to create
affordable housing to meet the needs of the working citizens.  There
is a 99 years lease, which means that the developer can not resell
the property, AND the units are to be priced affordable in
perpetuity.  All the development stipulation are in the RFP on the
Town's web and in Town Hall.  The inform!
  ation is also on a special Municipal web site for the express
purpose to list all available bids to Town, City, State- Govt.
contract developments.  And yes, the CHR is eligible to bid, too. 
There is no conflict of interest!
We also need the affordable units for the elderly to be built.

The 40-b "Loophole"
(for lack of a better term)
This is state law that is mandated only in our Commonwealth.  It
streamlines the permit process for all affordable housing
developments.  This gives a fair playing field for towns who need
affordable housing, but no one can develop, due to lack of labor or
available support ETC.  If the people of Provincetown do not like the
40-B law, they need to address this issue in Boston.  The Town has
it's hands tied because state law supersedes.  Restrictions are still
in place with this law as far as permits and wetlands, conservation,
and size and scale.  The developer can not "just do as he/she
pleases".  Another grave misconception being spread.

I have been reading endless Board minutes posted on the Town web.  I
started out with Provincetown Housing Authority, and contacted Bryan
Green (chair)  Everything is in order.
Next I read through the Community Housing Council.  Page after page,
I could not find any information that Mr. Alon has committed any
conflict of interest.  He always recused himself in meetings when it
was appropriate.  It is not against the by-laws for him to sit on the
Board, and he has a font of information about housing issues,
pertanent for that Board's mission.  The same holds true for Ms.
Parmakian.  She has always recused herself from BOS meetings when an
issue regarding CHR is open.  Also, it is not illegal for her to
serve on the Board.  She is another person who has much information
about other Town issues, besides housing. The Asst. Manager assured
me that no law has been broken, and that Ms. Parmakian has contacted
the proper authorities before her campaign for Selectman. Lets get
back on topic.

Then I proceeded to the CPC and read over all the minutes pertaining
to the development at Sandy Hill.  They (Benson/Anathon) were awarded
a grant from the Cape Cod Light Compact Green Grant.  If you google
this, you will find that this is a great opportunity to start
building "green" environmentally conscience.  The grant enabled them
to place solar panels on the roofs, thus making the cost of the
project actually less.  They also agreed to pay back the bond
earlier, to avoid excessive interest, and thus enabling the funds to
return to the CPC.  Funds were dispersed after they submitted
receipts of work completed before they received the Towns monies. 
Everything is documented, everything is on the up&up.  They are only
allowd by law to make a 20% profit.

It is even legal to retain the CHR to advise them
(Benson/Anathon,LLC) on Community Housing and to perform the Lottery.
This is where we focused on trying to close any special interest or
appearance of- conflict of interest, in the awarding process of the
Lottery.  Amy Lawson (housing specialist) is investigating how the
Town performed the lottery for the units for the Lower Cape Cod
Community Development back in 2004.  This lottery system appeared to
have no connection to any special interest or conflict.  This would
be the prefered method of awarding the new rental units on
Shankpainter Rd.
The Town did not purchase the land at Sandy Hill, it was a private
sale between Benson/Anathon LLC and Thanassi Kuliopulis.  It's all on
the record.  The only thing I found questionable was at the April 24,
2007 meeting of the CPC.

..and I quote,

Elaine Anderson said that the new residents of the Sandy Hill condos
will add to the tax base and the year-round population.  Molly Perdue
said that there will be twelve more affordable homes in perpetuity. 
Elaine Anderson said that although interest will increase the amount
spent for the Sandy Hill condos from $732,000, they wont necessarily
take twenty years to pay off the bond.  Therefore they will not pay
as much interest.
Bill Dougal said that he didnt think the appraisal of the Sandy Hill
project was correct.  He said that he thought that the CPC should
require an appraisal of all properties that are given grants in the
future.  Elaine Anderson that Seamens Bank must have had an appraisal
done.  Bill Dougal said that it was good business practice to require
an appraisal.  He said that buying the land at an inflated price
might be one way a developer could cheat the Town.  He did not think
this was the case with this proposal, but said that the CPC should
make this part of their policy.  After a long discussion the CPC
decided that they would require an appraisal on future projects. 
This would be stated on the application.  Bill Dougal made a motion.

This was the ONLY thing I found questionable in all the interviews,
and Board meeting minutes I read.

We have to remember, this was the first project of it's kind for the
Town to take on, facing a lack of affordable units.  I think it is
important to realize that all the medium-priced units have sold, and
there are year-round townspeople with a secured place to live.  It
was not a perfect venture, we have learned from the mistakes-- lets
move on.

The Housing Specialist will create a document with all the current
statistics pertaining to the tally of all affordable units, both
rental and condo, here in Town.  Then, with the Ryan report as a
guide, we will know where we stand as far as actual numbers of units,
and corelate that with the formula: 10% population +100
That is the fromula from the findings in the report to be used for
our Provincetown Affordable/Community Housing Action Plan.  This
information will be forwarded to the BOS for review as per PCHC - BOS
request by L. Davies.  As far as further assesment of housing, there
is NO need to create a new report, as this would further incure
expense from the Town.  The Ryan report is acurate and will be
tweaked with the new numbers after the years Town census is tallied.

After constructing the Article for the Warrant about the Lottery
process for Town Community Housing, either funding or land grant, to
deem no special interest or conflict of interest in the awarding
process, I feel all the issues regarding affordable housing are in
There is NO housing cartel.  If anyone has concerns, may I offer that
I have spent over 60 hours this week trying to find any impropriety. 
One would think this would be welcomed news.  I for one am happy with
my findings, and am satisfied.
Respectfully Submitted,
Jack McMahon

10:06 am est 


   You have to remember that affordable housing is just that. Its an
ENTRY WAY into the over priced Provincetown real estate market for a
yearround home. If your friend who looked at the Sandy Hill Homes thinks
they are too small and featurless for the price I'm sure Ruth Gilbert or any town real
estate agent could show him some other units on the $$$ market. But
NOT at an affordable price! Maybe after being in town for 10 years
and still looking, he should look again at these homes!
10:03 am est 


 I think you should take your concerns right to the Community Preservation
Commission this coming Tuesday at 9:00 AM at town hall. They gave needed
funds to the Gulls Nest project because the average cost to the town, of the 12
homes at gulls nest was only 60 thousand dollars per home! Not a bad price for
12 year round permanent homes with DEED RESTRICTIONS - FOREVER IN
PLACE to stay affordable! ie: If any of the 12 homes are sold in the
future the owners will not be able to sell them at any ole price like
you could on your non affordable house. All the homes at gulls nest
have been sold to Provincetown residents, all are year round
residents and have to stay year round residents. And yes anyone who
would like to buy these homes have to qualify by the laws of
Barnstable county. Provincetown will ALWAYS NEED AFFORDABLE HOUSING
and Ted Malone can"t do it alone. If you look at your tax bill the 3%
that the Community Preservation Commission takes out of it is a very small
amount to keep Provincetown the great place it is! Or do you want just RICH
seasonal people here who have enough money to buy your art?
Get the facts before you speak. There are NO LAND GIVE AWAYS! Also new
buildings do not have to follow HISTORIC DISTRICT guidlines in building
design. (jump through hoops to change a window). Why don't you join some
of these committees and help them?
9:03 am est 

I Find it so Hard to Believe.......

........that people are truly trying to omit our schools from the community.
Did anyone ever consider that the people who still live here want to because
they were raised here and want to raise their families here as well? Do people
realize that if you close the schools (where every teacher knows and acknowledges
each and every student) and make our children go to Nauset, where
they will become just a number with little significance, that your
tax dollars are still going to contribute to the transportation, and
student enrollment fees? Has anyone who is complaining EVER think of
that aspect? Provincetown USED TO BE about family, friends, respect
towards others and watching out for each other. I have only lived
here for ten years, and amazingly within those years, I feel like I
am no longer safe in a town that wants to remain a community, and
call it home. People are abusive towards one another, hate crimes
increase, doubled police coverage duri!
  ng one of the most lucrative months out of the whole year, talk
about not having a 4th of July parade nor fireworks was hardly ever
spoken. Low income housing is no longer available for year round
residents or for those who grew up in Provincetown, yet someone is
willing to open the requirements to any so called requirement merely
to fill the building. What happened to taking care of each other?
What happened to wanting to keep Provincetown safe? If all of the
volunteer fire fighters, EMT's and Paramedics went on strike, who
would respond to all of the elderly that have been "paying taxes for
the past thirty years" when they are having chest pains, shortness of
breath or have fallen and need assistance. Who will be there for
them? Is the person who has been paying taxes in this town for the
past thirty years ever contributed to the town? Or do they feel that
writing letters to the editor and on this website IS their
contributin to the town? I got news for ya tootz, it's not!
  .  Do you even know ALL of your neighbors? Hwave they all been the sam
e in the last thirty years? Do they all live here year round, or are
they simply here from out of state for the summer in their second
homes? Instead, we see no problem voting FOR the new Manor, and have
no problem fascilitating, staffing and advertising for the elderly.
Yet, we seem to choke on the thought of looking into the eyes of the
young children growing up here, having school choice, choosing
Provincetown and allowing them to further their education within the
town in which they grew up. Who will be the ones wiping your bottoms
when you have messed yourselves in the the new Manor? Who will be the
ones feeding you your three meals a day and giving you your
medications to keep your old a** alive and well in the new Manor? Who
will be the ones coming to your aid before you even reach the Manor
for a rescue call, or car accident? You guessed it, our children,
YOUR FUTURE! How ironic is that?? Instead, you are against having a
school here for the lack of numbers in the cl!
  assrooms. Did it ever occur to you that the numbers have NEVER been
high? My mother graduated with 52 back in the late 60's, my husband
35 in the mid 80's, and just because those numbers are
lower than twenty years ago, doesn't mean that the schools should
close. Have you thought about the reasons why the numbers are low?
One of the main factors is because it costs too darn much to live in
this beautiful town. EVERYTHING costs too much in Provincetown. I
invite you all to spend one day in our wonderful public schools
visiting each and every classroom, memorizing each student along with
their likes, dislike, allergies and all of their family members and
where they work, and see if you still think that the schools should
close. I beg to differ that you will have the same opinions.
Contribute to the community in a productive way, not a destructive

A productive, YEAR ROUND, tax paying citizen of the community and
parent of two beautiful children of Provincetown's future.

Webmaster Comment: For readability, it is recommended that commenters use a paragraphical format.
8:57 am est 

Response to Michael Rogovsky's Post 2/28/08

I fully understand your frustration with the affordable housing
issues. I have no horse in this race but have a fair comprehension of
how the process works. You certainly have a point suggesting more
careful scrutiny of the scope of the proposed project.

On the other hand simple math indicates cluster/attached/condominium
construction is signicantly less expensive then "sick built," ergo the reason a
developer can offer below market or affordable units.

The issue I have trouble wrapping my brain around is...why are more
units (sale units) being proposed when there are so many affordables
still available? My question is rhetorical in nature since I know the

The guidelines set forth are next to impossible to qualify for. I personally
have not been through the process but helped a family member apply in
another community in the Commonwealth.

The income quidelines are so low I don't understand how you could
possibly support a mortgage, let alone all your other expenses
therefore leaving so many worthy of said programs out of the process.

As far as the development on Bradford known as West Vine Condominiums
is concerned, that project was put under considerable scrutiny by the
town and the abutters. Adjustments were made, lawsuits threatened,
and so on. I really don't have a personal opinion on that project but
if it passed muster, I guess all you can is "you can't stop

The only alternative to stopping over development of course is for the town
to buy these properties and or open spaces before they are developed, but
we all know we haven't the financial resources to do that.

I love this town and I hope it can retain as much of it's character
that's left as possible, but I am also aware that if you have all
your eggs in a row and chose to develop, follow all the rules and
realize a significant gain on your investment, so be it.
8:06 am est 

Our Autonomous Pier Corp. That Wants to Answer to no One:

Pier Corp. Jan 24 2008 minutesPhil Tarvers: Concerned that someone
who is not satisfied with our answers and have gone to the BoS.  Do the
BoS have a right to have a public hearing on something that we have yet
to have an opportunity to rule on ? The BoS are out of line.  Its quite upsetting. 
Having the BoS call us in to tell us how to do our job.

Len Clingham: We are an autonomous board.  We can take the BoS under
advisement but by no means do we have to follow their instructions.

This is an arrogant board that needs to be restructured.

Mr. Tarvers, a non-resident, cannot legally own a float license on
the pier because of his naughty past. But, he can make pier policy
and spend our money recklessly. The hell with the taxpayer right
Phil? Phil, tell the board why you cant own a float owners license.

                              should not serve on Town Boards.
8:01 am est 

Regarding First Amendment Rights

You know, I enjoy this blog for the many things I learn. This week, I
am realizing that the average person is not at all familiar with the
rules under which public officials
conduct their business.
Its a lot to learn, I'll admit. But as a selectman, you learn it.
Sometimes the easy way, sometimes the hard way.

I was a bit surprised a few weeks ago, when i heard that a selectman
had said that they had been advised to avoid the blog. And i served 9
years. At first, i didn't get it.

What i ended up remembering was that Town Counsel teaches the
selectmen not how to avoid jail,

but  how to avoid even getting close to a situation that might get
them into trouble.........even if they aren't doing anything wrong.

Its sort of like the male gynecologist always having a female nurse
in the room during exams. The guy is a doctor right?  He's not doing
anything wrong.
But why set yourself up?

So, counsel teaches you how to stay away from  trouble.
Its not an easy transition to make from private life. I know.

Email is a big area that they teach us about. For example, you might
think a selectman has First Amendment Rights and can send an email to
any other selectman any time they want. Nope. They can't. Not

And one thing counsel always taught us, was never to send an email
out to the entire board. Not because it was illegal mind you, but
because it was way too easy for one of the recipients to hit the
REPLY  ALL button, and accidently violate the law. So, we learned to
avoid it. The law says we can't have a quorum talking to each other
on the phone about town business or emailing each other about it.
Because, you folks, the public ,

have the right to see town business conducted in public. Thats the law.

And counsel's job is to advise the selectmen to stay out of trouble
and conduct  town business , in full public view. Thats why when 3
meet for town business, a posted notice in town hall goes up.

The first thing you do, when you get elected to office is go to town
hall, and get sworn in. You take an oath.
And the oath involves laws that have been enacted that , yes , limit
when selectmen can talk to one another, even through a third party.

Its a royal pain in the ass. But its there to protect all of us.
I don't think the answer is to worry about anonymous postings to your
blog. Perhaps that comment was made as a joke.

But, do expect your selectmen to follow the most basic rules. Next
time 3 meet with PACC, have them post the meeting. End of problem.

ps. how'd you all know i shop in the frozen food section?
thanks for a great read. I laughed real good.

Cheryl Andrews
7:56 am est 

Look, Look!

The sky is falling.
7:54 am est 

To "Sorry But..."

Your comments are right on target. Rules are rules. And these
selectmen are no "heros" to me. It was not a chance meeting as
Avellar stated. Saying so reflects her inability to understand rules
that apply to her or perhaps she just thinks she is above it all.
Also, Avellar behaved like a child taking a tandrum at the BOS
meeting. She is an embarrassment, lacks class and integrity.
7:53 am est 

Well, the "Farewell Finger" is a New One for Me... the imagery and such a tasteful way to get the point across. Wave the
single "farewell finger" at town politics...No; the special interests
connecting the dots will be in the spot light. I have so many pages
to send to the attorney general with a special cover letter. What you
have unleashed and what will be revealed about your behavior will
come in time. Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned it has been
said; but it is a mere trifle compared to having our town ruined and
our money taken by special interests.

The facts will speak for themselves and they will either exonerate or condemn.
7:51 am est 

Selectmen/PACC Meeting

One thing i know, after all that has been written on here about the
selectmen, it took really big kahoonas for those three people to show
up at the PACC meeting.  i don't know if i would have done it. 

Whether it is legal or not, they have gained my respect.
7:48 am est 

Affordable Housing Update

I listened to Selectman Lynn Davies request for updated information
from the Housing Council on the telecast last night.  Her request
seemed to be reasonable and information the town needs to evaluate
what we need in terms of affordable housing.
-Approximately how many affordable housing units do we need?
-How many have we built and how many are in the pipeline?
-How many do we still need?

I was disturbed by the response from the gentleman at the table who I
believe was the head of the Housing Council.  He continually stated
that he couldn't come up with that number, it wasn't an easy number
to calculate.

I don't understand why we can't get this information.  Without the
information it would seem that affordable housing goals are just a
shot in the dark.  We don't know how many we need and we don't know
how many we have towards meeting that need?  Surely that can't be the
answer - could someone more familiar with affordable housing please
enlighten me?

7:46 am est 

This Fly on the Wall is Only Affected by the Flouting of the Rules!
This Fly has NO idea of the content of said articles! This
Fly knows that a violation of the Open Meeting Law has occurred and
the perpetrators of said offense need to ADMIT IT and APOLOGIZE very
PUBLICLY for their travails before this gets WAY WAY out of hand!

Or perhaps YOU believe that there was no breaking of the law? My_PACC
should show some responsibility to its members and participants be
DEMANDING that the Selectmen that attended this meeting come clean
immediately! Or perhaps MY-PACC is seeking their support by offering
them protection in the pack? Pack-O'-Jackals indeed! There is more
deception here than meets this Fly's eyes!

Sorry, I have to vomit again!

Fanizzi Fly
7:43 am est 

Thank You for the Questions Micahel

  I am meeting in Town
Hall in a few minutes, and I will address Moratorium, and CPC minutes
of meeting from August/September's 2007 (minutes not available on
Town's web) also prior CPC discussion on why Town chose to develop
Condo's instead of rentals at Sandy Hill?
I am also looking into the 90 Shankpainter Rd. RFP.
Discussion on the exact number of COMPLETED units re: affordable
rentals and condo's and a review of the Ryan report with Amy Lawson.

Jack McMahon
7:39 am est 

Thank you Mr. Rogovsky;

 Are you running for Selectman soon?
We see your name in print more than anyone else in town!
7:38 am est 

You Can do More Michael

Call the state ethics commission and have THEM investigate the
selectmen in question for their apparent conflicts that they refuse
to acknowledge. Just a phone call will fix this because they will
know right away that someone is on to them and they could be fined
big. Again, I don't have a dog in this fight but someone should make
the call. Its anonymous.

From what I have seen in here as far as the "comments and actions"
taken by the three selectmen, they were in the end probably doing the
town a favor by understanding where the PACC committee was coming
from with their articles and how to defend against them, if they felt
they were out of line. Town goovernment could have been able to not
be caught with their pants don at town meeting by knowing what PACC
has instore. I doubt very much that any of those that attended are
going to divulge what was discussed in that it could work against
them. Again, Parmakian gets a pass somewhat on not understanding the
process as far as information that can help but Coture has no clue
and really should go.
7:36 am est 

It isn't Just Quantity

Why can't affordable housing housing be three bedroom capes
set in the middle of a yard with a drive way for the car; where you
can sit in the living room and look out of the side windows watching
the birds at the feeder or the kids playing in the yards? A place
where you have space to sit and talk and not have your neighbor hear
every word; a house where you won't jump in the morning when you hear
your neighbor's alarm clock. It isn't just quantity--its the quality
of life--and it is being reduced.
7:34 am est 

To the Writer of the Comment ..........

......."And, for the first time in
history, the school committee held to the budget and possible reduced
it from last year":

Have you forgotten that the School budget came in $500,000 under LAST
YEAR!!! Where were you? Hiding under the Fin-Com table with your
fingers in your ears? How quickly we forget! I think the School
Committee should be commended for a job WELL done! With everything in
world going up in price, the School Committee managed to level-fund
their budget! KUDOS to them all and Supt Waugh as well who took a 20%
pay cut on an already frozen salary! There's an employee that
deserves our sincerest thanks and praise! SHAME ON YOU for your
untrue statement! Now go back under the table where you belong!
7:32 am est 

Following Your Logic, MYPACC People

If a conflict of interest rests on a particular selectman taking part in topical
dicussions such as the general affordable housing needs of the town,
just because that particular selectman works for an affordable
housing development, even if the general discussion does not pertain
to their place of employment, then I think we have TWO selectmen that
should be recusing from the room for these general dicussions.  It's
my understanding that Ms. Avellar works for Jerry Anathan, the very
same affordable housing developer that has received such harsh
criticism on this blog.   And unlike Ted Malone's projects which I
understand have not recieved one dime of local money, the entire
Sandy Hill Lane project was funded with CPC money voted at town

If the leadership behind this blog continues to focus it's attacks on
only a few members of the board with whom they do not agree or like -
it continues to position itself as a special interest group intent on
destroying the character of a few people in town by spreading
viscious lies.  One of the positive results of Ms. Coutoure's actions
earlier this week is that more and more people in town are becoming
aware of the true nature of the leadership of this "concerned"
citizen group and are shocked at the disgusting nature of this site.
7:29 am est 


I wasn't born yesterday and the School Committee is in the middle of
a clever bit of Public Relations. First the budget they submitted was
@$130,000 more than last year. Then they cut and it was @ $70,000
dollars over last year. And now they have cut again bringing it all
in at @ $4,000 less than last years. Call me cynical but i think
these moves are part of a PR gambit so they will take the pressure
off of them and their budget come Town Meeting. I don't believe for
ONE MINUTE that they EVER intended to submit their original budget at
@ $130,000 more than last year. The budget they are now submitting is
the one they ALWAYS intended to submit, but their PR ploy was
intended to keep us from asking the tough questions. Call me cynical,
but I've lived here long enough to know how a controversial article
is positioned to be passed at Town Meeting. Watch them closely!!!

You've been warned!
7:26 am est 

Thursday, February 28, 2008

To: Respect for the Law

Since when did the individual Selectmen lose their 1st Amendment rights of free speech?

The Blog is a venue for free speech and their rights are protected under that law.

12:56 pm est 

I met with Mr. Ted Malone for Over Two Hours on Sunday Before the PAAC Meeting.

He has been developing his affordable income
properties without taking Any Provincetown tax payer money for at
least ten years now. Why all of a sudden did the Conservation Preservation act need our
tax dollars for the Gull's nest project?

How many are sold to long term town residents? How many are available
for anyone who qualifies on the cape and beyond?

Mr. Ted Malone is proof that we don't need Provincetown tax payer
money for affordable housing. We don't need land "give aways". It is
also true that he can do what he wants with his property and he can
make arrangements with anyone regarding financing too--as can any one
of us.

That said, I want the development in town--especially 40 B
development--to be restructured. I wish that I could call a
moratorium on building and conserving our recourses. I wish that 40B
had to adhere to our zoning laws instead of just being able to ignore

There will be 74 bedrooms in several big buildings on Nelson Avenue.
I forgot to ask Mr. Malone if there is a connection for these to the
waste water treatment plant or if there will be a title 5.

This is what I think is ludicrous: I know folks who have to jump
through hoops to change a window because it will affect the look of
the neighborhood--but Affordable housing can magically do anything
and over build and apply to be over scale and affect the look of the
entire town.

It doesn't make any sense. I just don't think things are fair regarding
who can do what. If you don't call this Special Interests Show me where
I'm wrong.

I think that the towering monolith where the dairy queen used to be
(TED MALONE DID NOT BUILD THIS) dwarfs Bradford street. Now and
forever more, we are but Lilliputians living in its immense shadow.
Provincetown deeply thanks you oh wonderful, benign developers.

Michael Rogovsky
12:49 pm est 

It Never Ceases to Amaze Me.......

How quickly members of the
Fin-Com jump into the fray and spew vitriolic attacks without all of
the details. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
12:44 pm est 

The School is About Jobs

Look at all of the people who would be out of work and thus we are
paying over three million dollars a year and it goes on and on. The
text book reduction and staff increase state this explicitly.

They will hold on to this school even when it is down to one student--it i
s all about the jobs.

And, for the first time in history, the school committee held to the
budget and possible reduced it from last year--isn't that a surprise.
I guess they have heard of the tax payer's discontent. Close to 4
million dollars a year and twelve graduating seniors..don't forget

They can't keep the facts and figures hidden under cover any
more with Shout Out being the voice of the people.
12:27 pm est 

To the Fly on the Wall,

Of course you want the three selectmen to recuse themselves from the
five articles crafted at PACC because you are probably affected by
one! You are as transparent as the Alon-Couture-Parmakian
premeditated, well-rehearsed show that represented a new low in town

Imagine, dropping a dime on your colleagues without
gathering information? Is this the farewell finger to town politics
or is it Selectman Couture's poorly thought out idea of setting the
groundwork for her reelection campaign? Perhaps there needs to be a
sixth article: recalling Selectman Parmakian. She just is too
conflicted to be a selectman!

Fed Up
12:23 pm est 

What About the Blog

Has anyone asked the DA or AG to look into whether or not these same,
or other, selectmen have been participating anonymously on the blog
thus committing possible further violations of the open meeting law?

Respect for Law
12:21 pm est 

Featurless and Cramped

I have a friend who looked at the Sandy Hill units and he
found them featurless, cramped, no closet space, no room for two
people to be away from each other...all the units sandwiched

He refuses to spend that kind of money and to be living in
these kinds of conditions. He has been here for over 10 years. I'm
glad that they appeal to so many others, though.
12:19 pm est 

Sorry But...

Rules are rules.  Whether or not the selectmen are "heros" for
attending the meetings and, in my opinion, violating the open meeting
law, is irrelevant.  It's not about WHO was at the meeting, it's
about 3 people (a quorum) being there.  If it were 2 only - case
closed, no violation.

This is not a chance meeting as Avellar stated in comparison with the
G.U shopping happenstance. (scenario:  Mary Jo in the baking aisle
when all of a sudden Lynn Davies pulls her cart around the corner...
they both reach for the same packet of flour at the same time.  Mary
Jo says laughing, "haha, funny seeing you here, what are you going to
bake?"  Lynn replies, "I'm not sure!  I was just feeling like making
something with this dreary weather today and the storm coming,
and...."  Lynn looks up from the flour down the aisle (ya know toward
the back of the store where the meats are) "hey, is that Austin?" 
Both Lynn and Mary Jo turn toward him.  Austin, with basket in hand,
notices them and waves.  He walks toward them, "Hey ladies, what a
COINCIDENCE seeing you here!"  They laugh, Lynn says, "Hah, who'da
thunk it!  A quorum of the BOS in the baking aisle at the G.U."  They
all chuckle.  Next coming up the aisle, none other then Michelle
Couture!  "WOW guys, wonder if this h!
  as happened before.  Do we all have a craving for cookies or what?"
she says, as she grabs a package of ready to make chocolate chips. 
From the aisle next to them they hear a familiar voice... "Oh my
god, I totally am craving chocolate chip cookies! I've had the worst
day!!!"  Pam comes charging around the corner.  All chime in, "Hi!" 
They are all now laughing hysterically at this.  Mary Jo, nearly
snorting states through her breaths, "Oh Hooo hooo... now I was going
to suggest we get together for some cookies to chat, but then only 2
of us could be there at a time... HAHAHAHA... damn those silly rules!
  Oh well...maybe when I'm moderator again."  They all laugh hard and
say their goodbyes as they go on their way.... Cheryl Andrews
listening in the frozen food aisle next door thinks - awwwe the good
ol' days and begins to think about taking out papers again.) - end
.....Nor is this a chance restaurant outting....  all 5 have brothers
who have a birthday on the same day and they happen to chose
Fanizzi's as the celebration spot for the evening - that's
happenstance.  THESE are happenstance.

It takes "a set" to get up in front of people and point out
discretions or possible discretions of co-workers. Michelle and Pam
were obviously not thrilled about having to do what they did.  And
I'm sorry, but the selectmens meeting is the place for that - since
obviously people in town were upset about it too.  A citizen asked
the question also.

I agree with the other blogger... if it was (just say) Pam, Michelle
and Lynn who went to a meet and greet at the police station - you bet
your bottom dollar Austin and Mary Jo would freak out...... oh wait,I
heard Avellar wouldn't allow the police union to meet with the new
board all together or in groups bigger than 2 at a time because it
would violate the open meeting law. (so she knows the rules...) 
Well, she said it at the meeting... she 'likes' PACC - which pretty
much sums up her opinion of the Police I suppose.

Selectmen don't make the rules, but they do have to follow them. And
they by law cannot make up when the rules apply and when the rules
dont.  They are very aware of the open meeting laws (see above
example). To me the most disturbing part of the meeting was the
statement that went something like, -i'll do whatever i want when i
want and i'll be damned if anyone will tell me where i can and cannot
go -  ......   this is our chair folks.  She basically said, she'd go
to whatever meeting she wants (aka, regardless of the rules, I'll do
what I want...).  She needs to clear that up if that's not what she
meant.  She was so furious she was unable to see straight after all.

2 could have gone, not 3.  And to be so arrogant to think that it
would be and should be ok, is disturbing to say the least. Or - heres
and idea.... post that it's an open meeting.

What are people congratulating - their definance of the rules of our
Town Government...  they said "f-it" because they are soooo
supportive of PACC.  This isn't the good kids skipping school to go
to a Concert with their "cool" buddies and the buddies high-fiving
each other that they've recruited the "goodies..."   this is our
board of selectmen!

If they were meeting with the PTA discussing town meeting articles,
you know you'd all be upset too.  PACC shouldn't take it personally
that these 3 got busted, but PACC should encourage an investigation
to make sure rules are ALWAYS followed by our BOS - this one or
12:17 pm est 

School Departments Budget

The school department should be commended for putting forth a budget
in line with last years (they also were well aware that one penny
over that amount would be widely criticized).

But a quick glance at the budget and you will see that the line item
for text books has been reduced while the salary for an
administrative position received a salary increase of almost 23% over
3 years.

The school committee and the supt. should be ashamed of themselves
for participating in contract negotiations which are detrimental to
the actual education of the children.

This is a perfect example of the benefits to regionalization.  if we
regionalize, then the administrative positions would be eliminated.
12:11 pm est 

I Wish That I Could do More

I sent copies of my letters in defense of the skewered
selectmen who were with us at Fanizzi's to the District attorney's
office, the town manager and all of the selectmen and to the Editor
of the Banner--I wish that I could do more for these three honorable

Michael Rogovsky
12:01 pm est 

I Watched the BOS Meeting Last Evening.....

...and saw conspiratorial looks being exchanged between Ms Coutre and Ms
Parmekian thruout the meeting.

Well into the meeting 3 and a half hrs later they read their statements.
During the discourse post statements it did appear that the selectmen
had discussed going and how their feelings about said meeting were
not in concurrence.

Mary-Jo went ballistic and defied anyone to tell her she couldn't go
anywhere in P-town she pleased.  She said she would defy the powers
that be , arrest her if they liked.

I want to know if any of these people have to get a psychological
evaluation to step into these positions.

I witnessed hysteria, oppositional behavior, passive aggressive
behavior, narcissistic grandiosity , parent child triangulation(splitting)
at a minimum.

At the Ackerman School of Psychotherapy a most prestigious institute ,
they would view this dysfunctional family as swimming with barracudas.

Psychodrama at its best but nauseating.
11:59 am est 

Here is a Copy of My Letter to the Attorney General's Office..... was all copy and paste with a little editing..took just a
few minutes to do while drinking my morning cofee:

Dear Gentlemen,

Those of us who were at Fanizzis on Sunday know that Mary-Jo Avellar,
Lynne Davies and Austin Knight took no votes, did not deliberate on
town policies and did not address town business. They also did not
sit at the Head Table, as they are accused of doing. There was no
Head Table but a series of tables.

These are three selectmen that cared enough about Provincetown
citizens that they took time out on a Sunday to come and listen to
us. They came to hear what concerns us and they should be thanked
for listening to us--not skewered for caring.

With their presence and with their listening, they supported us.
I am writing to the Attorney's Office in support of three dedicated
selectmen whose
actions are being wrongly misinterpreted and misconstrued.

11:45 am est 

Dear Citizens:

Helpful hint: What I have done is to high
light what "Cape and Island's district attorney" posted and then I
opened my word program. I "copied" what was on the blog and then
"pasted" it onto my word document now I can edit it and add my own
words to it..thus I have a base for a powerful letter to the attorney
General's office.

(Now I'll try to "copy and paste" my letter in the body of the e-mail instead
of just attaching it.) Just wanted to give you this helpful hint. This is also how
I intend to send "connect the dots" to the attorney general's office. We should
also send a copy of our e-mails to the banner in the form of a letter to the editor.
This way, even if they print one, they can add that they have received 30
letters or so about this...

Just a helpful hint from one of the little people who is a tax payer
11:38 am est 

These Housing Advocates Have Finally Gone too Far!

I'm certainly going to write on behalf of the selectmen who
attended the meeting. I'm also going to request that they look into
the allegations of impropriety regarding Selectman Ms. Pam P. and
affordable housing et al.

How is it that Ted Malone has been building
affordable housing units for years without Provincetown tax payer
money--but suddenly we must pay for the Gull's nest?

What are Selectmen Ms. Pam P.'s actions regarding not recusing
herself regarding housing issues that come before her? What about the
rest of "connect the dots"? I do have a dog in this fight--I'm a tax
payer--and there are folks spending my tax money. I'm seeking

These housing advocates have finally gone too far and they have
awakened the over taxed tax payer who has finally found its
voice--and the district attorney's office will be hearing it.
sing me: swift as Selectmen Coutour and Ms.Pam P.
11:35 am est 

In Defense of the Three Selectmen

Oh, I'm going to write in defense of the three selectmen at
Sunday's meeting--that will be my first e-mail to the attorney
general. Then, for my second, I'm going to copy and paste the
"connect the dots" in another and explain the "irregularities"
between the housing folks and some other selectmen.

Now that everyone knows about PACC...I hope that they read what
is here. I think that it would be wise to print "connect the dots" again
for the new readers in a few days. I want to be as swift my e-mail as the two
selectmen were with their letter to the attorney general...

Just one of the little people and a tax payer

Webmaster Comment: Thanks for the suggestion. We will take your advice.
11:30 am est 

  I've looked at the affordable units on
Sandy Hill, and all of the homes are great spaces for the money! I
wish those homes were available for me 30 years ago when I moved to
town! And if you find any new large homes for sale up cape for under
200 thousand dollars please let us all know. Thank you Sandy hill &
Community Presevation Committee for all of the Hard work you have
done to keep 12 lucky families live and work in Provincetown and the
outer cape! Also thank you Ted Malone for setting aside below market
rate homes in all of your developments even when you didn't have too!
We all SHOULD  know that some developments have NOT done this! PS I
do not work or am I friends with any of the above, but I do sit on
more than one volunteer board in town. DO YOU?
11:23 am est 

I Commend the Three Selectmen Who Attended the PACC Meeting this Past Sunday

 Their presence was noted, I believe most
were pleased that they made the effort to attend and sit back and
listen. And that is what they did.
      They sat back and listened to our concerns. Mary Jo made one
comment to my knowledge. "In writing an article, you must be
      We all left a meeting that has no connection with the town or
commomwealth government and held it in a very popular and busy
restaurant. The fact that three selectmen choose to attend was their
way of showing us that they are interested in knowing what our
misssions are, and to perhaps give guidelines to the other selectmen
and the Town Manager what might be comming up for the next Town
      Now we know, always travel in groups of two. No more
threesomes. Shame on you.
      What happened on Sunday is so innocent in comparision to what I
wittnessed on the BOS's Monday night meeting aired on Wenesday
evening. I was already prepared for the outbreak that was going to
happen during public and selectmen's statements. What I was not ready
for is the reluctance of Ms. Parakian and Ms. Avelar to recuse
themselves when housing issues came to the floor.
      The second item on the agenda was Amy Lawson and a gentleman
who's name I did not get. They were representing the Community
Housing Council. Ms. Davies asked many good questions and also
pressed for more information. Thank you Ms.Davies for you persuasive
line of questions.
      At that time, I realized what was wrong with this picture.
First of all, why did Ms.Parakian not recuse herself? And then I
stated thinking, Why should Mary Jo be there? They both work for
Affordable Housing Developers.
      It's also funny when 83 Shankpainter Road came up, that Ms.
Coutuer and Ms.Parmakian recused themselves.
      I guess it must have been something to do with Malone.
      Remember, those that live in glass houses don't throw stones.
      To Selectmen Coutuer and Parmakian, what you staged on Monday
night is so far worse and in a breach of conflict than three stag
selectmen attending a meeting of CONCERNED CITIZENS.

11:18 am est 

I Have Just Reviewed the Budget .........

......submitted to the Finance Committee on behalf of the Provincetown Schools
and I must admit I'm a bit perplexed.

The Town is responsible for educating our students, not providing
administrative support, or am I wrong?

There are only a couple of places in Town government where two
secretaries provide support.  One might guess they are in Town Hall
and the Police Department.  If that was your guess, you are wrong! 
The Police Department has one secretary to support the entire
department.  The Town Manager and Board of Selectmen (which supports
seven staff members and elected officials) have two secretaries.  So
does the Provincetown Schools Superintendent's office.  This does not
include the secretaries for each of the two schools.

Town Hall management has recommended a 3% increase in salary to its
support staff, whereas the School Superintendent's secretarial staff
has been recommended an increase that over three years will exceed
20%.  Perhaps the place to work is not Town Hall, but the
Superintendent's Office, where declining school enrollment means an
increase in salary.  This must be the new way of doing math.

I would like to know the guidelines for merit increases at the
school, where only one student is enrolled in the sixth grade.  There
are over three thousand residents in Provincetown.

Something is terribly wrong here.
11:12 am est 

I'm Truly Amazed...... how fast we all wag our respective
fingers and tsk tsk when there is a whiff of wrong doing in the air
on the Affordable Housing front! There are many here that wish to
criticize Parmakian and Couture for taking the high road on the
conspiracy issue as it relates to the My- PACC o' Jackals and their
on going smear campaign against Malone, Anathen, Taylor, Truwhella,
McKinsey, Alon, and on and on... ad nauseum...

How fearful those three Selectmen must be that they felt compelled to
attend that meeting. One has only to read the spew that emanates
forth from this blog to understand the depths to which so many of
these so called "Concerned" Citizens have sunk! Real Provincetown
people don't behave this way toward each other, how sad for you all!

I sincerely believe that THREE members of the Board of Selectmen
attending a previously advertised public meeting to discuss TOWN OF
PROVINCETOWN official government business constitutes a violation of
the open meeting law. There was even participation with the crafting
of ARTICLES for the TOWN WARRANT by at least Avellar! As the senior
most Selectperson, she should certainly have known better! How does a
member of the BoS attend a well advertised PACC meeting, work on the
crafting of Articles for the Town Warrant and then give input into
very Articles that she has every intention of weighing in on at the
Town Meeting in front of the VOTERS? I urge the three of you to
recuse your-selves from the Articles that will come forward from the
PACC o' Jackals meeting! AT least retain a modicum of dignity and
remove the doubt you cast upon yorselves.

These same three Selectmen preach long and loud about the need for
"fiscal responsibility" in our town. And doesn't that all sound so
wonderful when the cameras are on? But what about their "professional
responsibility" when it comes to those people they claim to serve?

Surely you can't tell me that that Knight and Avellar wouldn't be the
two loudest screamers in the room had this been the other way around?

PLEASE excuse me; I must leave the room so I can vomit!

Just a fly on the wall in Fanizzi's

Webmaster Comment: The commenter is incorrect in the description of the Selectmen's "participation with the crafting of ARTICLES for the TOWN WARRANT by at least Avellar". There was no Selectmen participation in the crafting of Articles as has been and will be attested by those citizens that actually attended the meeting.
11:07 am est 


Mary-Jo Avellar you are amazing.

Good for you for speaking up and defending your choice to attend the
PACC meeting and for supporting Provincetown.

You showed leadership and concern, along with the other 2 that attended.


R.  Dean
10:52 am est 

Ethics Committee

With all the town boards and committees we already have, and
considering the small populace and the general entanglements that we
encounter, why doesn't the town have its own 'ethics committee'?

The ethics committee could sit in on certain board meetings, could
avail themselves to citizen inquiries and could have generally easy
access to the MA Ethics Commission when they have specific questions.

The issues that we are facing now could be eliminated in the future
by having a local 'ethics watchdog group'.  it is needed now more
than ever.

Seems like a simple, in-house fix.
10:48 am est 

The Next Meeting of PACC

When we do have the next meeting and printed material is distributed,
it is only fair that we pass the hat to pay the Web Master for any
costs associated with the printing.

Since everyone seems to get the information from the shout out site
about our government operations or lack of, maybe, just maybe we can
all download the agenda and supporting items here from a separate
page and save those costs.

Can the Web Master have a page for meeting downloads?

Shrimp Fillet

Webmaster Comment: Thank you for your kind consideration. However, no contribution is required. We will take your suggestion and add a new Meeting Material Download page. Again, thank you
10:45 am est 

There is Nothing so Valuable as Respect and Compassion

Shame on you CLW, for instigating and continuing to
maintain a space where hateful and offensive commentary can thrive
under the banner of the PACC organization. Why anyone would want to
seriously consider being a member or attending a meeting of a group
that allows this kind of 'freedom of speech' to thrive is absolutely
beyond my comprehension.

There is nothing so valuable as respect and compassion for our
friends and neighbors in this town, especially when there are so many
divisive issues at stake.

Stop Endorsing Hate.
10:33 am est 

Mary-Jo, Austin & Lynne,

I an a voter in Provincetown and fully support your decision to reach
out to the people and hear their frustrations with our government. 
It was an open meeting and as citizens you have every right to
attend.   I want you to know that as elected officials I appreciate
that you are taking the time to get involved and work with the
community on issues they are concerned about.

Ms. Couture & Ms. Parmakian,

"Shame on you!"  You are doing nothing but creating disharmony on the
board by making your discontent such a public matter.  It shows you
immaturity and lack of respect for the people you represent.  I hope
one of the articles is to allow amplified music in front of town
hall.  I'll personally buy Ellie a larger amplifier and make sure
that enough people are there to pass the article!
10:30 am est 

That is the Wonderful Thing About Politics!

Although extreme measures seem to have been taken by
Selectmen Couture and Parmakian that many of us might not agree with,
they did what they believed was the right thing to do. I applaud them
for having the courage to stand up for what they thought was the
right action to take. I would have chosen a different course. But, I
continue to respect them.  I do not attach anything sinister to their
contacting the Attorney General. But I like everyone, am anxious to
see how the Attorney General will rule.

This afternoon, Selectmen Avellar and Couture took a very public walk
together down Commercial Street. We can only imagine the conversation
that took place.

As Selectmen Avellar said Monday night, I wont be mad at you
tomorrow. But, right now I am really mad at you. Monday night,
friendships were put aside. By Wednesday, old friendships still
looked intact.

  That is the wonderful thing about politics!

Candace Nagle
10:28 am est 

Ah, the Vitriol!!

Once again, the Web Master has his wishes
fulfilled. Split the town apart, turn citizen against citizen,
continue to post untruths without bothering to provide the facts to
those reading/ using this blog. How sad.

It is quite clear, after reading the Open Meeting Law in the CC Times
and listening to Ms Avellar change from it being an unplanned meeting
to a planned attendance, that the law was violated. She, with all her
experience, should have known better. Her out-of-control behavior at
the BoS meeting makes me wonder if she shouldn't face a recall. Do
you folks ever think that this woman is representing Provincetown
while being televised? And, this is not the first time she has had a
public meltdown. Remember her screaming at George Bryant a few months
ago? Aren't any of you embarressed by her behavior? I certainly am.
Instead of questioning her and the 2 others judgement, many of you
have chose to shoot the messengers by continuing to post your
conspiracy theories. Ted Malone, the Prince of Darkness, surrounded
by his evil coven of witches and warlocks. I wonder if Ted was
responsible for Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance. Did he conspire to
Kennedy? Was he at Roswell? Hmmm. Perhaps I'm on to something here.
Maybe the WebMaster can fill us in!

10:25 am est 

Cape & Islands District Attorney's Office

      In the Cape Cod Times article, Miss Michelle Couture states
that she has filed an open meeting violation complaint on Tuesday
with the Cape & Islands District Attorney's Office. Miss Michelle
Couture states that "This was not a chance social meeting." She did
not attend the Sunday PACC meeting at Fanizzi's but "knows" this was
not a chance meeting. The meeting was open to the public and who
would or would not attend was not known in advance. Mary-Jo Avellar,
Lynne Davies and Austin Knight arrived separately and Lynn Davies
arrived much later. None of the Selectmen participated in discussions
of issues.

      Here's the definition of Meeting according to the Open Meeting Law:
   'Any corporal convening and deliberation of a government body for
which a quorum is required in order to make a decision at which any
public business or public policy matter over which the governmental
body has supervision, control, jurisdiction, or advisory power is
discussed or considered."

       There were no public policy matters ever discussed by the
selectmen. And this meeting was not about public policy.

      Here's the definition of Deliberation:
      "A verbal exchange between a quorum of members of a
governmental body attempting to arrive at a decision on any public
business within its jurisdiction." Neither Mary-Jo Avellar or Lynne
Davies or Austin Knight ever spoke to or about public business. They
were great listeners, not active participants.

      Here's the definition of Burden of Proof:
      "The necessity or duty of affirmatively proving a fact or facts
in dispute on an issue raised."

      Miss Michelle Couture was not at the meeting, did not observe
the actions occurring at this meeting, failed to garner evidence and
yet issues a formal complaint because she "knows" that "This was not
a chance social meeting."

      Here's the definition of Preponderance of Evidence:
      "Evidence which is of greater weight or more convincing than
the evidence which is offered in opposition to it. Evidence which as
a whole shows that the fact sought to be proved is more probable than

      It seems that the Preponderance of Evidence in this case, by
those attending this PACC meeting, and by those  actually observing
the behavior of the three Selectmen shows these individuals as
listening to the issues, not participating in any deliberation of the
issues, and not involved in individual groups. They did not
deliberate about public policy issues. They were observers.

      The first step by the Cape & Islands District Attorney's office
is to make an information request of the town and to see if
deliberations occurred concerning public policy. The person who will
begin this step is Thomas Shack and his number is 508 362-8113. The
mailing address for both MIchael O'Keefe and Thomas Shack is 3231
Main Street Branstable, MA 02630. The E-Mail address is:

      They encourage individuals to contact their office if there are
issues or questions citizens have. I do believe that many of us
should respond to the complaint filed by Miss Michelle Couture
against the three selectmen. We should write and provide our
observations, our facts, and give our description of the actions that
took place. Those of us who were there know that Mary-Jo Avellar,
Lynne Davies and Austin Knight took not votes, did not deliberate on
town policies and did not address town business. They also did not
sit at the Head Table, as they are accused of doing. There was no
Head Table but a series of tables.

      I encourage a writing campaign to defend three selectmen who
cared enough about Provincetown citizens that they took time out on a
Sunday to come and listen to us. They came to hear what concerns us
and they should be thanked for listening to us--not skewered for

     With their presence and with their listening, they supported us.
We should now support them. Call, Write, E-mail the District
Attorney's Office in support of three dedicated selectmen whose
actions are being wrongly misinterpreted and misconstrued.
11:30 pm est 

To the Webmaster:

There have been more than a few entries on this blog accusing you of
censorship-aside from blacking out inappropriate language-of actually
not printing submissions to the blog that you don't like or agree

I read this blog on a daily basis and would like to believe that
"both sides" of the issues are being included.
Would you please respond to those accusations? Are you selectively
decided what gets printed here?

Webmaster Comment: As a standing general policy, we do not censor Shout Out!. With regard to commenter expression of opinion, however, it is our policy to censor political party promotion e.g. Hillary vs Obama; defaming; demagogic language or non pertinent personal issues. Additionally, we do not publish works of a literary nature (however we are discussing providing an additional page for such a venue). These rules stand for all participants, including comments pertaining to the Webmaster, which as a frequent reader, you must have observed. In conclusion, I draw your attention to the bottom of the MYPACC home page, which delineates our policy. I trust this answers your question and that you will remain an active participant.

Thank you. 

11:26 pm est 

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Make the Call!

Stop complaining abiout the selectmen that are tangled up with Malone
and call the ethics commission in Boston. If the claims are true
about Parmakian and Coture and then Malones "ability" to give his
affordable units to whoever he wants, call.

I'm not saying I don't believe any of you, I do. I know Parmakians past
but I don't have a dog in this fight. Its anonymous and anyone can do it,
no questions asked other than for your side of the story.
9:30 pm est 

I Have Been Doing Some Research...OR...

....What does one do in the winter months in Provincetown?

I have read the John Ryan Report and the Housing Needs Assessment as
well as the Provincetown Affordable Community Housing Action Plan. 
(it is all on the town web)

This is valuable information pertaining to the current housing needs
of our community.  Information is acurate and is only over a year
old.  There is no need for another evaluation, as this would cost
more of Town's money.

Do you know what else you can look up?  By-laws!
April 4th 2007:
Article STM 3 Title: Establishment of Provincetown Community Housing Council
they met on Monday night, February 25th and I was the only
towns-person present.  One would think in this climate of accusation
and "connect the dots" re: the "back-room, illegalities", more
concerned tax-payers would have attended.
Does the name Amy Lawson mean anything to anyone?  She is a great
resource for the housing needs here in Town Hall.  (we voted on that
at Town Meeting, remember?) CPC asked for the line item funding for
this important position, and Amy is doing a great job.  Her post will
be funded by public grants in the near future.  (the Housing Council
does not need to go to Town Meeting to spend the monies from the
Affordable Housing Trust Fund).
April 3, 2007:
Article 2. Community Preservation: Acquisition of 90 Shankpainter
Road for Community Housing Purposes.  the 1 million purchase of
"Cumby's Land"
MOTION PASSED-- For: 198  Against: 78 (2/3rd's vote declared) all leagal!
Also, there is a Public Notice re; Request for Proposals for 90
Shankpainter Rd.  This is an opportunity for all who've expressed
interest in "Give me some land and I'll develop it!"   Deadline is
May 30th.
Do the angry opponents of affordable housing know that so far in
completion, the CHR Tally is:
Residential: 97 Units
              Below Mkt. Rental: 34    35%
              Below Mkt. Condo: 26    26%
and not one cent of the town's money was spent. Info from

The Towns Housing Authority has information containing present number
of Town Owned affordable units.
Try as hard as I might, I can not find a conspiracy.  All the
information is out there.  I've asked questions, interviewed people
and sat in on Town Board Meetings.  I still have a few more
interviews to do tomorrow.  I really do not anticipate any

Jack McMahon
9:25 pm est 

Hey Kids Behave!!

I am saddened to see the personal attacks on this board. I think
people need to take a collective breath and acknowledge that as a
group we who live in town have more in common than not; want more or
less the same good things for this beautiful place we live.

One thing I love about Provincetown is that it is a WAY more
civil-ized place to live than almost any other place I know. Let's
keep it civil and recognize that most of us want what's best for
P-town even if we disagree how to get there.

To serve on a committee or a board is a complex and thankless job and
if you haven't done it I suggest you give it a try. I would say that
we are lucky to have people who serve in these positions even if I
disagree with some of their opinions I thank them for serving.

Let's keep it a civil discourse can't we?
9:13 pm est 

It Does Seem As if PACC Has Arrived

      When the headlines on the front page of the Cape Cod Times
reads: "Provincetown selectmen draw swords over "social"
get-together," it does seem that PACC has arrived.

      Now attending a PACC "social get-together" can lead two
selectmen, Couture and Parmakian, to admonish their colleagues and
cause a bruhaha. Strange isn't it that Selectmen involved with
citizens' issues and taking the time to listen to concerns are
accused of "collusion."

      Stranger still, that Selectman Couture, who is riff with
conflicts of interests when it comes to advocating for developers
Anathan, Benson and Taylor, immediately sends a letter to the Cape &
Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe.

     This conniving woman doens't inform the other selectmen of her "concerns"
but catches them off-guard and publicly rebukes them. And so does Parmakian,
herself involved with conflicts of interest ANYTIME she sits as a selectman
and ANY ISSUES dealing with Affordable Housing, Apointments to
Housing Boards, or Budget items involved with Affordable housing,
including CPC monies, are raised.

     But watch the BOS meetings. Parmakian hardly recuses herself except if
the project involves her boss Ted Malone. Mary-Jo Avellar leaves the room
immediately during Public Statements whenever the Pier Corp or harbor issues
are raised.
    Parmakian should get up from her seat and leave the room anytime
affordable housing concerns are raised by the public. She is in conflict as she just sits there.

      Reprehensible behavior by Couture and Parmakian. Both of you
should be rebuked. How two-faced; how hypocritical.

       Just Shaking My Head
9:10 pm est 

Below is part of an email I received from a Selectman in Chatham

I forwarded the entire email to our Board of Selectmen and
Town Manager:

4) It is the opinion of many people in Chatham that the barge you
bought requires two operators because of its size. One in front one
in back. Has the town budgeted to have experienced personnel
available to run the barge??? And if they are using existing
personnel what job duties really were not necessary prior to the town
having a barge??  How about operational costs and insurance for a
town run barge program, how about fuel????

It was my firm belief that barge work in Chatham could be done much
more cost effectively by private operators with their own equipment.
Maybe P-Town is different and you need the barge working daily or at
least a couple of days a week full time..

I also strongly encourage annual fiscal review of that department as
well as all others, especially when costs appear to be escalating
with only management review. Citizen review at the BOS and Fin Com
level is essential in my view.


We have already wasted $26k buying the barge and now the Pier Corp is
going to put another $20k into it to drive piles. No one, let me
repeat, no one in our harbormasters office has ever driven piles from
a barge!

  The Town of Chatham had a lawsuit against Chatham Welding maker of
the barge for substandard work! Chatham Welding is no longer in

Cape Cod Chronicle on line chat room:

Fortunately for Chatham a generous town at Cape's end agreed to buy
the barge. Maybe the lawsuit goes with it.
Bob R
Chatham, MA USA - Tue 02/26/2008 - 08:26:17

Selectmen should consider themselves as guardians of town property
and municipal resources.
Respectfully, it is time for the Board of Selectmen to take back the
pier and not stop foisting that respondsibliity onto five
unsupervised unelected people and turning a blind eye to the ongoing
waste of precious town revenue the pier generates.

Candace Nagle
9:05 pm est 

Old Cliche

I love that old cliche, "actions speak louder than words".  Selectman
Couture and Parmakian have shown their true colors!  If there was
ever a doubt about the existence of an A.H.I.C. before, put the
debate to rest now!  Its HAPPENING folks, right under our noses.  Two
of our elected officials are bankrolled by this special interest. 
Now it is time we DO something about it!

The PACC is an invaluable tool for encouraging p-town citizens that
never had an interest in town government(for whatever reason), to GET
involved.  Empowering the public to question their government is
PACC's main objective.  Obviously, the word is out.  This special
interest that has held a monopoly for too long is SCARED.  Time is up
for them.  :-)

Thank you to the selectman who attended sundays meeting.  You have
reached out to the public and attempted to hear their concerns. 
Exactly what you were elected to do.

Shame on you Selectman Couture and Parmakian.  I am truly sorry that
I ever voted for either of you.  The good part is, we now know your
true intentions. 

A voter informed must be your worst nightmare!
9:03 pm est 

Why Would Any Family Want to Live in a Cubbyhole............

.......of a so-called affordable income complex when they can move up cape and
buy a single family house with a yard? Taxpayers you were duped into
believing that town workers want to live and work in Provincetown.
There is very little left here for families since money & greed
moved to town.
9:00 pm est 

Welcome to Cirque du Provence

This is no longer a government, it is a circus.  People clamoring for
the spot light.  People wearing masks and costumes only to be exposed
as the lights go up.  Clowns scaring us to the point of being comical.

Thrills, theater and colorful characters.  Everyone loves a circus. 
The problem here is there apparently is no ringmaster overseeing the

Dim the lights, raise the curtain, the show has begun.

This is like a bad car wreck, you know you shouldn't look, but you
can't turn away.

Cirque du Provence...the best show in town.
8:58 pm est 

The Open Meeting Law: 8:56 pm est 

To: "To Fast To Respond":

I too agree with you. Im new to all of the information that Im
reading here on shout out regarding interpersonal connections and the
possibility of conflicts of interests.

I too see with what incredible swiftness Selectmen Coutour and Parmekian
pounced on the knowledge that other selectmen were at Fanizzis restaurant
and then blindsided them at the selectmens meeting with the letter which they
are sending to the Attorney Generals office. Truly, with what swiftness they must
attack all the issues that confront them at Town Hall.

Prior to the meeting, Ms. Coutour and Parmekian obviously didnt talk
to these selectmen or question them to get their side of the story did
they? The resounding answer is No; indeed, they just went on the

Why didnt selectmen Coutour and Parmekian and the accused
selectmen have a private discussion among themselves first? Instead,
from what I read, the same groups of people who have been discussed
and named here were all at this attack meeting.

To Selectmen Coutour and Parmedian; have you any sense of how this
reflects upon you; upon your sense of decency, of decorum, of respect
towards a colleague? You stand gloating in the misplaced knowledge
that you have triumphed over these other selectmen; but in reality
you have only disparaged yourselves. You have truly revealed your
harsh nature and your mean spiritedness to everyone.

Congratulations on doing your civic duty.

Michael Rogovsky
1:18 pm est 

They Should Be Ashamed

     Sometimes, our true character is revealed in one act. The
prepared statements by Michelle Couture and Pam Parmakian which they
read at the Selectmen's meeting Monday night against the three other
selectment for attending the PACC meeting this Sunday is one such
act. You have revealed your true feelings and have revealed your
spirit. It is comtemptible and vulgar.

      Like the Portrait of Dorian Gray, the real you is now on display.

1:12 pm est 

Is it True.....

......that Ms Coutre needs affordable housing since
her life has changed with regard to her personnal and business life?

Really asking where is she living now?
1:10 pm est 

Tired of aal You Idiots

to the webmaster--there is no selectman Davis!are you an
idiot or do you have such poor control of the english lan  guage? 
tired of aal you idiots
1:07 pm est 

I've Always Found Mary Jo to be a Very Forthright Citizen......
.......who cares deeply for the town she lives in and serves. I find it hard
to believe that Mary Jo is part of some conspiracy. I'd be looking to
her accusers for that. I don't see why she wants to even continue
with all the undeserved flak flying her way. This is must see TV!
Tonight on channel 17 at 9 PM.

Czar of the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex. That should be
trade marked. That's much more impressive than that touchy feely name
that they have now.

Outside Looking In
1:04 pm est 

To: "Ask Questions".

My life isn't miserable; I'm just watching out for our tax money.
It is my money and I don't want a few individulas to be using it for their own gain.
Sorry if this bothers you; your moral compass is stuck; pehaps you
need to give it a whirl.
12:59 pm est 

Anathen and Benson

Each have a property for sale in Nov's Banner listings.
One on Commercial and one on Bradford. It was hanging at the post office.

Whats up with that?
12:57 pm est 

In Response to "To What is the Problem":

Why don't you print the law which you say the selectmen broke?

I didn't see the selectmen writing warrants. You obvioiusly weren't there.
I read in the banner that the developers of the Gulls nest took taxpayer money
and now won't spend it on the sewer connection.

I'm reading on shout out about the people responsible for the pier spending tax payer
money with no oversight. Again, I'm reading in the banner how Ted Malone tried to
by pass the cape cod commission for his mega development with 74 bedrooms on
two and a half acres of land; are these the half truths of which you are refering?
Please tell me the whole truth.
12:54 pm est 

To: The Poster "Webby Miser"

Boy oh boy those comments are nasty and untrue. I was there, the
selectmen DID not sit together, two were at one table (not side by
side, others at the table), a third several feet away by herself. You
make it sound like there was some collusion on their part to take

Lap dog? Minions? Selective editing? It was a full range meeting, all
allowed their say with the one and only intent of getting some
traction on issues democratically decided by the group. A fair, even
handed approach is what I witnessed.

I went with no specific agenda, no axe to grind and no alliance with any
specific group or issue. Just an open mind willing to learn and hopefully
a move to action on the concerns of the organization. I suspect I am in the majority of
the attendees sharing the same view. Purer community activism I have
rarely seen.
12:50 pm est 

To: Keeping the Peace

I talked to someone who was brand new to town, got affordable housing
and then went on lavish vacations every winter. There isn't the summer
work force that we need in town-thus we hire the people from overseas
and Jamaica.

Does this mean we need affordable, year round housing--or work force
housing--or housing provided by employers for their workers? Where
are the year round jobs?

The truth his that people work until they are laid off. Look up and down
commercial street and see how many businesses are closed for the winter.
Look at all of the affordable housing that has been built--

and look how much of it is FOR SALE.
12:46 pm est 

People are Hungry to Know

I just went to the Provincetown banner and there is an
article  regarding the unfortunate events of the selectmen's meeting.
It also mentions the PACC meeting. Now everyone can be informed about
what is going on. Too bad it happened this way due to Selectmen
Coutour and Parmakien.
*** I think that the man who addressed his thought to the Webby Miser
will discover that, like me, people are hungry to know what is really
going on with the Powers and who controls what in town.

Read the Banner
12:40 pm est 

Isn't it a Fact

To the person who called the web master Webbie Miser. I
wish to inform you that I went to my first meeting and didn't know
anyone there. I still don't know who the webmaster is. What is
invaluable is that I'm learning what is going on with special

Isn't this a fact? People were made to feel sorry for the poor who
can't afford to live here and town meeting voted to give $800,000 in
tax money for affordable housing. It was a ploy for certain factions to
get money. A motel was renovated by people with connections to
people--and there is a shortage of buyers--so the housing to keep
locals went global.

Wasn't there an article to give a portion of every house sale to "affordable
housing" as well that was defeated that would have given them millions of
dollars to spend? Whew--thank Heaven that was voted down.

Isn't it a fact that what Candace Nagle wrote about the pier is true?
Isn't it a fact that some selectmen are entwined with Ted Malone and
affordable housing and have sweet heart deals have occured?
I come here to learn what is going on. Why do you come to this venue?
12:31 pm est 

The Dowger Empress

Could the connection between the Housing people and
Selectmen Coutour and Parmakian be more cemented than what I hear
happened at the selectmen's meeting? For how many years has the
Dowger Empress Parmakian waved her scepter and cleared the way for
affordable housing interests--which happen to be her own intersts.

How amusing.
12:19 pm est 

You Must be Mistaken

I'm shocked to hear on Shout Out that selectman Parmekian
is considering leaving town. You must be mistaken. Why in the world
would she leave this town? Look where she is; stepping up from being
one of the little people to now being enthroned in town hall in
command of all she surveys with the power to move the agenda to
benefit her friends and to fatten her own coffers? Please, don't be
alarmed, Ted Malone will only sweeten the pot to keep her here.

12:17 pm est 

To Wondering Aloud,

Now that we have shout out, such neglect of the pier won't occur
because all of the issues will be made public. It won't be allowed to
become neglected and it won't be a cash cow for a few people to milk.

Keep Wondering and Keep Over Developing
12:13 pm est 


So now Provincetown has an.....

"anti-affordable housing cartel"  ??!!!
12:09 pm est 

Finally, Selectmen Ms. Coutour and Ms. Parmakiane Express Their Moral Outrage:

Is it against the folks who took close to a
million dollars of tax money to "refurbish" a roach motel and then
refuse to pay for the sewer connection?

Is it against the blatant feeding frenzie on tax payer money on the
pier which took a freedom of information act to reveal?

Is it against the "affordable Housing" gauntlet that runs roughshod
over local zoning ordinances? no--it is against three moral selectmen
who are trying to halt all of this "business as usual" behavior.

Selectmen Coutour and Parmakiane--you hobble the honorable and
validate the corrupt. How proud of yourselves you--and your Affordable
Housing industrial complex cartel-- must be.

Brava! Kudos
12:07 pm est 

The Law is the Law

In due respect for the law, we will just have to see where this goes.
It should not distract us from what we are trying to do. I have a new
respect for the three selectmen who attended the meeting, however I
feel this possibly is a good example of how little our elected
officials know about their role, and ethics and legal issues relative
to conflict of interest laws.

If our congress can get over someone soliciting sex in a mens room
then I think our selectmen should move on too and learn from it.
Let's not make this issue distract us or the town. What I really
object to is the feeling that the selectmen view disagreement as
"negotiating with a terriorist organization". More reaching out would
do wonders for both sides.

Look where Bush got us !
12:00 pm est 

I Just Don't Get the Issue Here.

Route Six Discussion

 I would much prefer to control
whatever roads and land that we have since we have so much government
oversight around us. We have the Federal Seashore to deal with, I am
relieved that we won't have to deal with the state on Route 6. How
much extra effort is it really going take to maintain it?

Maybe we can finally beautify Route 6 as a welcome/entrance to our
town. Maybe we can now reduce the lanes and finally have SAFE access
to the seashore with a bike trail connecting to the town which is one
of the biggest complaints I hear from visitors and residents. Maybe
we can place parking out there and become a no vehicle town in the
summer. Maybe we can just stop talking about this.
11:54 am est 

Wow! PACC has Arrived!

The selecment being censored at the selectmen's meeting; the Attorney
General being involved, postings of meetings required at town hall and
perhas an announcement in the banner for three weeks regarding any
future meetings.

Poor Ms. Coutour and Ms. Parmakian and the ruse of tax payer money
for affordable housing and all of its machinations and the pier and
the interlocking key players--the names keep churning along with the
money--and their housing provided by you know who--the affordable
housing king.

Hand outs need to be printed up and handed out with all
of this information at the next meeting.

Pacc has arrived
11:51 am est 

"In" Thing to Do?

I too wonder why there hasn't been an expose about the
affordable housing industrial complex. Perhaps there is one being
written. I would hope that "connect the dots" would send the info to
the banner as well as post it here.

With the A.F.I.C (affordable housing ect.)  and the folks at the pier on
a spending spree-the tax payers would be galvanized. I certainly hope
that the banner writes an article about the selectmen's meeting.

Wouldn't it be something if attending their meetings became the "in" thing
to do?

A suggestion.
11:44 am est 

To: Did they Only Listen as They Claim?

 Your complaint is about the selectmen attending the meeting but
it is a ploy for you to defend your affordable housing dealings.
There is no investigation into your shady dealings because people
didn't know about all of the sweet heart deals.

It is plain to see from hearing about the selectmen's meeting that
there truly is the affordable housing industrial complex. These affordable
housing units are going begging..but Shankpainter is going to happen--the
Coutour-Parmakian cartel will see to that. They have nothing to lose--it is the
taxpayers money.

Waiting too.
11:40 am est 

Recommend the Following...... anyone with an interest in the
open meeting issue should read the following document which provides
detail on the law:

Facts are Just

PS: Other than the selectmen how many people attended the meeting?
PSS: why are so many items being censored out of the blog these days?
particularly anthing that seems at odds with the webmaster's
11:36 am est 

To :Cheryl Andrews,

What will be the result  from this going
to the attorney General's Office?

Michael Rogovsky
11:32 am est 


"Mary Jo Avellar and Austin Knight and
Lynn Davies were private citizens who happened to come and perhaps
have something to drink in a private restaurant where other citizens
were gathered. They didn't come together and they didn't all sit
together." DOES ANYONE BELIEVE THIS? A Sunday night, they just
happenned to come....WHAT A JOKE. WHAT LIES!
11:30 am est 

Too Fast to Respond...

The quickness of the response of Pam and Michelle to act upon the alleged i
nfraction of meeting rules for selectmen is what gives me pause.

There have been a multitude of suggested illegal infractions by
developers,town employees (especially past), illegal fees by town
departments, deals being made for lotteries for housing and not one
thing has been overtly done about any of it. 

It cannot all just be the ranting and ravings of people who post on this blog.
Yet how quickly these two selectmen reacted when the other selectmen were
part of a group at Fanizzi's.Pam and Michelle, you protest too much
and too loudly. What is hidden behind the smoke?

Slippery Fish, enjoying a glass of wine in hull of the Chico Jess
11:28 am est 

"Don't Throw Rocks if You Live in a Glass House"?

If the three amigos went to the retaurant and discussed
issues as selectmen, with knowledge and insight to the issues and
making comments on such, then yes, they probably did violate the open
meeting laws especially if ones comments were bounced back and forth
to another selectman, a conversation if you will. What's the backlash
from the AG? Don't know.

That being said, how petty and stupid was it for Parmakian and Coture
(and even Alon)to make such a comment from their seats as selectmen?
If Alon was making the comments, agree with him and suggest to him if
he feels strongly, make a complaint but don't do it to other

These two boobs, Couture the worse of the two due to the fact that Parmakian
is new,are really splitting the board at a time when they should be uniting a front
before town meeting.

And then to make matters worse, don't the two selectmen remember the
old saying "don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house"? Their
relationship to Malone alone is enough for the ethics committee to
intervene and for that matter, Alon is possibly putting MacKinsey in
harms way as his boyfriend and employee of Malones.

The state ethics committee is far reaching and can encompass a large
group without anyone knowing they are in violation. For a violation, each
person could be fined up to $3K for each offense. And the complaints are
strictly confidential and you don't need to give your name.

Anyone dialing yet?
11:24 am est 

What is the Problem?

I believe that as long as the selectmen do not discuss
anything among themselves or take any votes and are there as
individuals--what is the problem? I guess I would expect selectmen to
go and listen at an important meeting.

The housing industrial complex must be scared.
10:22 am est 


Why is it that the vast majority of bloggers can't be
bothered to learn the complete facts before writing these half-truths
and out right lies? Do you really believe in the vast conspiracies
you continue to blather about? Are your lives so miserable that all
you can do to feel better is to attack people you haven't even
bothered to meet and talk with? You have 3 selectmen who, at the very
least, have given the appearance of violating the open meeting law.

Oh, they just "happened" to meet at Fanizzi's and never spoke with
each other and sat apart. Yeah, right. They participated in creating
warrents for the Town Meeting. This is NOT the same as seeing each
other at the GU and exchanging greetings. Read the law!

As far as Gulls Nest is concerned, the majority of the Town voted to
approve the funding. It was NOT a Town owned property which is why it
did not go out to bid. ASK QUESTIONS!!! Or, are you afraid of the
real truth, not the garbage you continue to vomit out?
10:19 am est 

I'm Speechless.

All of the people that have been talked about  on Shout Out! in relation
to Ted Malone and Ms. Pam P.--they were there. They make policy, influence
votes and money programs--it truly is the housing indutrial complex.
They should hang their heads in shame. As you wrote: just connect the dots.

I'm overwhelmed
10:15 am est 

Too Bad the Gig is Up for you Webby Miser.

 YOu can't even lie well anymore.  Ms. Avellar, in a fit of rage in front of an
audience and the television cameras has discredited your claim that
it was "chance meeting."  In fact, she exclaimed several times that
she planned to go the meeting, knew her other minions would be there
and that she was going to go anyway. 

And they did sit together as you already know.  It must be hard for you
to keep it all together at this point, now that your lap dog at town hall
is coming unglued and spewing her rage for all to see.  She believes
she's above the law and stated this while the camera's were rolling.

I guess we'll find out soon enough who the dots are connected to....
a nasty special interest group who wants to run town hall from the
shadows with intimidation and blatant lies.   When no evidence shows
up for any of your anti affordable housing stories,all this will die
down and you'll be remembered as a nasty man intent on destroying
people.  I guess this is the only way you can feel worth anything in
the world, huh?  To bad for you.

And by the way, it's out there on the street that you only post
comments that align with your malicious intent.  You coward.

Webmaster Comment: The writer is factually incorrect. Selectman Davis sat completely alone for the full meeting.
9:35 am est 

Everything Is Above Board
To those concerned about the three (3) selectman that attended
Sunday's PACC Meeting were in some ethics violation by their
participation were immediately addressed at the meeting and there was
and is no reason for them to be excluded from the organization.

As far as the affordable housing issues are concerned, the requisites
and lotteries are fair and transparent. To those who think some sort
of "sweetheart deals" or preferences were proffered please do your
research as to the process. The inference that this one knows that
one, this one worked for that one who sleep with his brother-in-law
who once had dinner with this deveolper and so therefore gained some
undo advantage is just bunk. This is a small town, almost everyone
knows everyone or knows somebody that does! That relationship should
not exclude those parties from participation if they meet the

To the person who claimed we could attract young seasonal workers if
the business operators paid a better wage. It's not the wages (most
operators pay above the Commonwealth's minimum wage for non-skilled
employment)it's the fact there is NO LABOR BASE! I know this first
hand in my experience as a business operator that employeed over 70
people in entry level posistions. The current labor base is certainly
different than the one twenty years ago when you had young people
fighting for jobs on the Cape in season and for so called "mother's
hours" scenario. Those bases almost have ceased to exist in the
present day.

Keeping the peace!

9:26 am est 

To Selectmen Couture and Parmakian:

I'm disappointed in your actions.  If the other three selectmen did
in fact technically violate the state's open meeting law it was not a
violation of the spirit of the law.

I lost any respect I had for either of you by your petty attack on
the other selectmen.  In fact I no longer trust either of you, you
appear to have agendas that are not in the best interest of the town
of Provincetown.  I look forward to the day when both of you are off
the BOS, perhaps at that time we will be able to move forward in a
constructive manner and focus on the real issues facing our town.

A disappointed citizen.
9:22 am est 

Wow... Things are Really Heating Up
 Can't wait to see that meeting on LCTV. On the selectmen being
together- They can be in the same place as long as they are not
talking directly to each other, especially concerning town business.

But they can be in a public place of their individual choosing at the
same time. I think one would be hard pressed to prove that they conspired
to meet with each other at the PACC meeting.

BTW - Love the reference to Malone as the Affordable Housing Czsar. Very appropriate.
Anyone considering any time soon to let him stop building on every available space in town.
Soon you should start calling it "Tedtown" or "Maloneville." And the
sophisticated architecture - stunning!
9:19 am est 

They Just Made Their Intentions Public

Its obvious(by their recent actions)that selectman Couture
and Parmakian have made their agenda known.  Everything written on
this blog about the "affordable" housing complex is true.  They just
made their intentions public.

As for AJ-I have known that little           for some time.  He is just a
pawn, a catalyst for bigger           like Malone.

I have every confidence that this will inevitable come back to bite
them in the ass.  Karma's a bitch.  As Nelson from the Simpsons would
say, "HA HA".
9:15 am est 

I Applaud the Selectmen Who Went to the Meeting

 Couture should be recalled, she has learned to abuse her power from Bergman
and Taylor.

 She doesn't have a clue. Parmikan is about as two faced as they come,
and is open about her desire to move out of town.. Bye..Take Doug
Taylor and Tracy Trewhella with you. The dots are well connected.

How do we start a recall?
9:11 am est 

Parmakian a Hypocrite

As we all know Ms. Parmakian(or as I like to call her, Couture-Lite)
is an employee of Mr. Ted Malone, whose business is the development
of Affordable Housing in Provincetown for HIS profit. Fair enough,
everyone is entitled to make money from their business.

So why doesn't Ms Parmakian recuse herself and leave the room whenever the
BOS discuss any issues regarding affordable housing. My understanding
is that she does so only when a project or prospective project of Mr.
Malone's is discussed.

But isn't the reality that any policy the BOS makes regarding Affordable Housing
in the Town of Provincetown has the possibility of having a direct Fiduciary effect
on her employer Ted Malone.

If this is not a direct conflict of interest for Ms Parmakian it is at the very least
the Appearance of a Conflict of Interest and the State Ethics Law  does not approve
of either.

Ms Parmakian, shall we send a letter to the State Ethics board so they
can do an investigation and render their opinion?? AlThough you should know the answer to this because you are part of the appointing authority to most of the Town's Board.

9:08 am est 


Mary Jo Avellar didn't just happen to be at
Fanizzsi. She tried to take over the meeting. Remember, she works for
Anathan, one of the Sandy Hill Group, another dot to connect!
9:04 am est 

At Sundays Meeting The Quorum Was Questioned

When Lynn Davies showed up as the meeting was beginning someone
questioned Roberts Rules of Order re the legality of Ms Avellar and
Selectman Knights presence at said meeting.
Ms Avellar zealously defended her right to be in a public place
drinking a tasty beverage of white wine where other towns people
were. This position was seconded by Ms Davies. Ms Avellar was once
again  offering her unsolicited 30 years of experience in an attempt
to control the activities as i see it.

I knew before hand that they were going to be there.  I believe that
might have been a deterrent for a lot of people who were apprehensive
about repercussions from the people in power.

Now at lasts nights Selectman meeting there was almost fisticuffs
between the apparently divided board.  Ms Coutoure was very vocal
about her sense of wrong doing bv the Chair and two of her minions
being in attendance. What was her agenda? Ted Malones minion Pams

What is happening to our governing body as we depend on their
straightening all the towns mess up?
This behavior does not present a united front or a strong sense of leadership.

The very issues that people have accused the BOS of was acted out as
though it was a Shakespearean piece .

How sad indeed for all of us who live here and are lead by such
amateurish tantrums.

The emperor is indeed stark staring naked.
9:02 am est 

Phew, as Predicted

Finally we're back to attacking rex and
his boyfriend. I'm glad we've finally come full circle. So much

By the by, serious question, doesn't putting the financials of the
Pier Corp in the hands of the voters just bring things back full
circle as well? 10 years down the road the voters will have refused
to fund needed maintenance and upkeep and we'll be right back where
we were when the Pier Corp was formed to take over a decrepit major
piece of infrastructure ignored for decades by town and its voters? I
can see finance committee review/input but the voters have
demonstrated zero interest in even the basics of infrastructure
upkeep (town hall, roads, water, etc) for everything else why would
they change their shortsightedness when it comes to the Pier?

Wondering Aloud
8:59 am est 

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

RT 6. Pilgrims Crossing Causeway

A little bit of history. Route 6 was made a four lane highway because
Massachusettes was going to build a causeway from Provincetown over
cape cod bay to Plymouth, back before the national seashore. Also in
that plan - high rise development along new beach and in the
9:31 pm est 

With regards to the Open Meeting Law

First, let me be real clear. I have differed many times, over many
years, with Michele Couture...about Housing Issues, about a former
Building Commissioner, and also about the evaluation for a former
Town Manager.

But, personal politics aside............

As a believer in what PACC can accomplish, and also what this BLOG
can accomplish, I am compelled to say that what happened at the
meeting at Fanizzi's on Sunday, was ..according to everything I have
been taught, in violation of the Open Meeting Law.

Two can attend the meeting. Three cannot unless is been posted at
Town Hall , like any other BofS meeting.

It is not the same as meeting at the A&P, or having a slice of pizza.
That, yes, does fall under the description of a chance social

But, this was not a social gathering. Or at least from what i have
read and heard, i hope it wasn't !!! Nor was it chance. It was
scheduled. Ahead of time.

and it  was a meeting to discuss town politics and policies.

If i had thought 3 selectmen would be there, I would've

a. attended
b. expected it to be posted and
c. probably seen it on PTV.

Thats the way it works. I know many of you have issues with michele and pam .

But, if folks in town begin to take the position that its ok for 3
selectmen to meet with PACC  without meeting the requirements of the
Open Meeting Law, my grampy used to say, hold onto your

Because the ride has just begun.

But this was not ok. And i am surprised any selectmen thought it was.
In my time, once the third walked in the room, he or she, would've
turned around, and left.

Expect the highest standards from your town officials.
As they say, we get the government we deserve.

Cheryl Andrews
9:29 pm est 


....I meant that they were in a public restaurant...not a
private one..
9:24 pm est 

What Irony

what has happened is that ordinary citizens read about
paying for the sewer for Deaconess facility and then about taxpayer
money going for the Sany Hill project which used tax payer money and
then developers don't hold up their end of the bargain. Then the
units which were touted as being for our dear, dear residents--
didn't sell. Whamo, they are up for grabs to anyone. And look how
people are connected.

Monday nights meeting only proves how these interlocking interests
have been operating under cover developing our land under the guise
of helping our community--but is just a "gimick" as a way to get
around the law and build. How friends in high places orchestrate how
to enrich themselves on tax payer money...and then they cry and go to
the attorney general...what irony..
9:22 pm est 

Did they only listen as they claim?

It strikes me that the real desperation is coming from
those hiding in the shadows and making false accusations about people
in town without a shred of evidence.  If there truly were affordable
housing "backroom" dealings, why is there not an investigation going
on?  Perhaps because these accusations have no merit.  There is so
many lies on this blog, but no real track record or evidence to
support any them.  So one wonders what the real motive of this site
is.... it is certainly not to educate as it claims.  I think we'll
see over time, that nothing comes of these rantings and that the only
thing accomplished is a lot of negativity spread around.

What really did happen with verifiable evidence is that three
selectmen attended a meeting whose published purpose was to discuss
town policy issues.  An agenda was handed out that reiterated this
intention and a discussion ensued.  Did they participate?  Did they
only listen as they claim?  A blog entry just shortly after the
meeting thanks them for their participation in helping to write
warrant articles so I guess there is a real question here that needs
to be answered. I guess the district attorney will determine this. 
I'm a curious citizen who would like to know.  Are policy decisions
being made in conjunction with special interest groups - the
anti-affordable housing cartel or in the open light of day at posted
meetings which is the stated law.  Apparently there is a credible
enough evidence to warrent an investigation.  I'm watching and
waiting too.
9:20 pm est 

From What I Remember,

 Mary Jo Avellar and Austin Knight and
Lynn Davies were private citizens who happened to come and perhaps
have something to drink in a private restaurant where other citizens
were gathered. They didn't come together and they didn't all sit
1:18 pm est 

Well Alon's Strategy of Diversion is not Going to Work

Additionally, Vice-Chair of the Community Housing Council,
A.J. Alon who works for the Affordable Housing Complex Czar, Ted
Malone, initiated the attack from the floor during Public

Of course Alon did when he and his Pier Corp. manager boyfriend heard
that PACC participantsvoted to have an article on the warrant in regards to
Pier Corp.

Restructuring which could compromise his boyfriends fiefdom on
MacMillan Pier and annual 10% raises!  This attack by Alon was to
derail the positive results of taxpayers coming together and
advancing important articles for the warrant. 

Haven't we all noticed any time Malone or MacMillan Pier/Mckinsey are challenged by
bloggers, the henchmen come out? This time, however, Alon had to identify himself!

Well Alon's strategy of diversion is not going to work!

Fed Up with torch and pitchfork in hand at the town hall
12:55 pm est 

Try to Focus on Our True Priorities

Please, Please, selectmen Ms. Coutour and Parmakian--please
try to focus on our true priorities:The pier, irregulaties with tax
money and Sandy hill, the budget--and not on your personal snits.

Please Focus
12:51 pm est 

Not a Cell of Political Intrigue!

With all of shady dealings and illegal connections and
with some selectmen not recursing themselves from voting their own
private interests--selectmen Coutour and Parmakian write a letter for
the Attorney General to investigate of all thing--a chance meeting!
How petty and grasping. Michael R. is right--they have to point
fingers so we aren't looking at them.

Attention: A public place, a chance meeting--not a cell of political intrigue.
12:49 pm est 

How Well We Sleep Under Your Watchful Eye

Please warn the selectmen that they are breaking the law if
they shop at the G.U. or are in the post office at the same time or
at the library---since this seems to be the case if they are in a
public restaurant together. Oh, thank you Selectmen coutour and
Parmakian for being such watch dogs and saving us from these "law
breakers". How well we sleep under your watchful eye.

Thank you for your diligence
12:40 pm est 

Here We Go Again!

It never ceases to amaze me, how the Affordable Housing Industrial Complex can so stupidly and blazingly stoop so low in their the use of their minions as attack machinery. Yesterday, Selectmen Michele Courture and Pam Parmakian rose prepared with  written statements to attack Selectmen, Mary-Jo Avellar, Lynn Davies and Austin Knight  for having attended the PACC meeting at Fanizzi's restaurant.

Additionally, Vice-Chair of the Community Housing Council, A.J. Alon who works for the Affordable Housing Complex Czar, Ted Malone, initiated the attack from the floor during Public Statements, which was then followed up by Courture and Parmakian.

Here we go again; just connect the dots. Parmakian works for Ted Malone. A.J. works for Ted Malone. Courture unabashedly supports Ted Malone.

All  of these actions followed on the heel of the Housing Industrial Complex's candidate for the Planning Board, Mr. Doug Taylor, having withdrawn his name as a prospective candidate in the face of adamant public opposition.

During previous BOS meetings, Selectman Courture in strong support of Doug Taylor, attempted to
have the BOS appoint him, in absentia. However, this maneuver was strongly opposed by Selectmen, Avallar, Davies and Knight, more dots!

When will Shout Out! present Rate the Selectmen? We are waiting! Please

           Anxiously waiting

11:57 am est 

But then They Would Have to Look in the Mirror

At Monday night selectmen's meeting; both selectman Ms.
Michele Coutour. and Ms. Pam Parmakian rose from their seats and read
a prepared statement stating that the other selectmen were in
violation of a state ordinance by being at Fanizzi's on Sunday and
that they are sending a letter to the Attorney General.

From the notice that I saw posted--EVERYONE was invited to go to Fanizzi's.
Anyone could go there and meet and talk about issues that concerned

It is too bad that selectmen Coutour and Parmakian didn't go
themselves to bear witness to what they are accusing these other
selectment of doing before they sharpened their axes. Too bad they
don't spend their time scrutinizing the questionable dealings of the
tax payer's money and inside deals reagarding affordable housing. Oh,
but then they would have to look in the mirror.

Aren't Ms. Avellar and the other selectmen citizens first? What a
window into their character is this slimy maneuver of selectmen
Coutour and Parmakian.

Oh, how palatable is the desperation of slectmen coutour and Parmakian
that they have to point their fingers at the supposed wrong doings of others
inorder to deflect our gaze from their own acts that have been revealed and
that have shredded the last vestiges of their own reputations.

How sad, how desperate, and yet how somehow expected; what a sad tribute
it is to Selectmen Coutour and Parmikian that this letter is but another manifesation of
their character and behavior and thus is not a surprise to anyone.

May you bask in the warm glow of your righteousness and in your
deligence as you oversee and guard the welfare of the citizenry. What
a blessed day it was that you were elected.

Michael Rogovsky
10:37 am est 

Please Explain How this is Fair:

 Lets say folks buy affordable income houses for $100,000 each.
They essentially pay taxes on that for the rest of their lives. They live
here for 20 years  using everything that our taxes provided and we
are working side by side getting the same wages--but my taxes are
through the roof. I live in a house the same size but it is now valued
at over half a millioin dollars. Plus, some can sell them at market price
over a number of years...isn't this true.

sign me: How is this fair?
10:17 am est 

Regarding our School

For anyones information there is 32 preschool kids , the first time
there is a waiting list in Provincetown, lets wake up and keep them

Very concerned for the Children
10:14 am est 

Why Doesn't the Banner do an Expose?

I do not understand why the people who knew about the pier
expenditures didn't blow the whistle. We are paying these people's
salaries--from town hall to the pier--from the teachers to the
DPW--and their health benefits. How many other little fifedoms are
operating in town? From what I understandn, MS. Nagel had to get
freedom of information act to get this information.

The word is out that the town wants lower taxes and suddely everyone
is able to make cuts in budgets. Perhaps people will go down to a
shorter work week--Dartmouth MA had to do it. Perhaps they will
scrutinize everything rather than be of a mind set,"It is the tax
payer's money--so who cares?". Why doesn't the banner do an expose?

Michael Rogovsky
10:12 am est 

Dune Dude

Write up the article and post it here to make sure that the wording
is correct. Years ago affordable housing was lobbying to build houses
on RT 6. This is why there is concern.

Provincetown mother

10:08 am est 

The Route 6 Dilema

Decret development , back room deals?  gimme a break.  it was all out
in the open.  that's how we got the leaching fields (soccer fields)
along route 6.  there was also talk of possible manor move along the
south side of rte 6.

please, this town has enough problems without you creating issues
where none exist.  it's done and no one will be building into the
dunes which by the way, national seashore still owns.  personally i'd
like to see the town reduce rte 6 to a single two way road using the
westbound lane, remove the tar from the eastbound and let nature
reclaim it.  now there's good use of cpc funds (open
space/conservation).  i never did understand why we needed a highway
to nowhere.

but what's the real dirt on a possible ethics violation at the pacc
meeting with the selectmen accidentally creating a quorum in a public
meeting?   ouch.
8:57 am est 

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Route 6 Dilema

I know how to throw a big can of water on the fire of secret future
development of Rt. 6.

Lets pass a law at Town Meeting that NO curb cuts be allowed on Rt 6
with the exception of those needded for a Town owned government

I can think of no reasom for the Town to take over Rt 6 except a back
room deal for future use decided upon that the land would be used for
future development.

The state would never give a curb cut, but Bergman and his sucessors would.

Our last dunes will be consumed!

The Dune Dude
10:23 pm est 

Thank You For the Meeting

    It was good to be together and to understand how many issues and
positions hold us all together. There's much we share in common and I
liked the energy and the ideas that resulted. It was productive and

     Again, so glad you called us all together. I'm looking forward
to working on the articles.

Perfect timing.
8:49 pm est 


Where are the Pier police to arrest these scoundrels?  If
it wasn't for shout out--we wouldn't know a fraction of this stealing
of our tax payer money. First by the affordable housing cartel who
turned the Bates Motel into "affordable housing" (which aren't
selling along with the other "affordable" blights upon our town)--and
now by the pier. Where is the town manager who is supposed to be
"managing" the town? STOP THESE SCAMS!

Ready to march and protest
8:47 pm est 

Where is the Outrage?

This town I love has turned into a crass, jumble of housing
developments. Where is the outrage?  Now we will be responsible for
Rt6 in two years.

We need to protect it from developers. These developers must have
scouts out investigating every plot of land.

We must shout out that this development must stop. The horrible
towering monstrosity at the Dairy Queen--everywhere building crammed

A curse upon affordable housing with every building shoe
horned onto the land--what about the life of the people who have been
living here?

When will people understand that just because they want
to live here doesn't mean developers can rip the town up to
accomodate them.

It isn't just me--the Boston Globe has a story every
month about 40B scams and cheating. Thank you Town meeting for
setting free this virus of development upon us.

Provincetown mother.
8:45 pm est 

In My Next Life......

......I want to come back as a "consultant" or a
"manager" of the Pier, or a Ted Malone "buddy". Or a Ted Malone buddy
with a job at the pier!!! What in the world am I doing wrong?
sign me wrong place at the wrong time--again.
8:42 pm est 

To: Candice

Has there been an article about all of this in
the banner? If now, why not? I will get my e-mail address to you.
Thank you for shining the spot light on this situation.

Michael Rogovsky
8:40 pm est 

Pier Corp

The pier corporation budget, should at the very least, have the over
site of the finance committee.  why don't they have to present their
budget as do all other town departments.  seems like they have a
sweetheart deal and our selectmen, with their heads-in-the-sands
attitude, figure that if it doesn't cost the general budget anything,
then all is well.

we have created a beauracracy.  if they generate $700,000, they will
spend $700,000.  if they generate a million, they will spend a

there's a good chance this year that all town employees will be
forced to go to a 4 1/2 day work week to balance the budget.  they
will be basically forced to take a pay cut and yet the pier corp,
being outside the town budget, spends their budget with total
disregard.  somethings fishy here.
8:37 pm est 

To: Michael R

The projected Pier Corp 2008 budget is whopping $572,000 with a
projected profit of just $8,000.

Almost $600,00 of Town income has been diverted to five unelected
people to spend as they please without oversight by the town manager,
selectmen, finance committee or Town meeting. Two dont even live
here! It is an expensive proposition that can be managed for far less
by a Town department as it had been up until 2005 (never exceeding a
$134,000 budget).  Having a corporation like the Pier Corporation is
like turning over the revenue from one of our parking lots without
regard to how it is spent.

At this time, we should be husbanding every source of our Town income
to make sure itis spent wisely and without detriment to the taxpayer. The taxpayer
has paid heavily for this Pier Corp. with $2.6 million in subsidies
since 2003.

The grants the Pier Corp gets like the courtesy float
grant can be done without spending such large amounts of money on
what has become a financial fiasco. The pier was a cash cow and can
be a big cash cow again if the Pier Corp. wasnt wasting so much
revenue like recently putting a $3,500 cosmetic fascia board on the
dinghy dock facing JUST the pier for appearance sake AND using three
employees to do it while trying to hide the fact that the floating
docks are breaking up with their foam now exposed.  Just look at the
other side of the dinghy dock! What a waste of our money and man

Michael, whats your email address, Ill send you the articles about
the barge and how it was a trigger for the selectmen of Chatham to
look at the waste in their harbormasters budget which was just
$449,000! I am also finding out the results of the lawsuit Chatham
had against Chatham Welding, manufacturer of the barge.

Taxpayers are realizing the cost of running MacMillan Pier has
skyrocketed since the Pier Corp. took over. Thats why there was a big
show of hands last night in favor of MacMillan Piers budget being
subjected to the annual review process like all other town budgets.
This desire has now made it on a short list of articles for the town
warrant supported by PACC.

Candace Nagle
3:29 pm est 

Looking for Volunteers!

There is a group of individuals opening a dialog around
placing a non binding vote in the May election to look at
transitioning the students of the high school into a regional school
and keeping the elementary school in Provincetown.

Anyone who would like to help solicit signatures on petitions would
be welcomed.

Michael Rogovsky
2:12 pm est 

Today's Cape Cod Chronicle (found on-line)

Harwich Invites Regionalization Discussions With Chatham

by William F. Galvin

             HARWICH ---While keeping regionalization options open
with the Dennis-Yarmouth schools, selectmen have written their
neighboring officials to the east to test the waters once again with
the Chatham school system.

             The school building needs committee, which has been
charged with exploring regionalization as it examines ways to address
deficiencies in the high school facilities, was scheduled to meet two
weeks ago with  Dennis Town Administrator Robert Canevazzi and
Yarmouth Town  Administrator Robert Lawton, but that meeting was
cancelled at the last minute because Canevazzi could not attend the

             Town officials met recently with Christine Lynch  of the
Department of Education  to better understand the regional school
processes, including school aid, assessment formulas, regional
transportation and what impact, if any, regionalization would have on
the Massachusetts School Building Authority fundable project list.

             Our board of selectmen, school committee and school
building needs committee are united in finding the optimal solution
of what is best for the children of Harwich. We have agreed that the
solution will not be driven by finances alone for there is a
longstanding history of pride in our local schools. We will be
exploring whether there will be a compatible partner or partners who
share our educational philosophy and our commitment to educational
excellence, selectmen stated in letters sent this week to Dennis and

             We want to tell Dennis and Yarmouth were going to
entertain a conversation with Chatham, Board of Selectmen Chairman
Robin Wilkins said of the letters.

             Wilkins said last week he met with School Committee
Chairman Thomas Blute, School Building Needs Committee Chairman Allin
Thompson, Superintendent of Schools Carolyn Cragin and Town
Administrator James Merriam, and it was agreed to explore
regionalization with Chatham.

             A discussion occurred between Thompson and Chatham Board
of Selectmen Chairman David Whitcomb, during a chance meeting between
the two on New Years Eve, and the Harwich group agrees such
discussions merit more consideration.

             In its letter to Chatham officials, selectmen requested
a preliminary conversation regarding the best way to explore the
issue. It goes on to state if Chatham officials agree the interests
of both towns would benefit from regionalization, they should contact
either Merriam or Cragin to arrange a meeting.

             Its only right that we should follow this out and bring
it to a conclusion for or against, Thompson said in the selectmens
meeting last Wednesday.

             The school building needs subcommittee was in the middle
of looking at all the angles of regionalization, Thompson told
selectmen, when discussions with Dennis and Yarmouth came about. He
urged selectmen to allow the subcommittee to lead the way with
regionalization talks.

             There are a lot of ramifications that will go with this,
Thompson said. Doing it the right way is important.

             Selectman Larry Cole agreed the subcommittee should move
forward with school regionalization discussions, pointing out in an
earlier discussion with Chatham over shared regional functions,
Chatham Town Manager William Hinchey said they could not speak for
the schools.

Thompson said the school building needs committee will do its
homework on the regionalization issue and hold a public hearing next
month. Hopefully, he said they can bring closure to parts of this


Provincetown Taxpayer
2:09 pm est 

The Meeting was One of Accomplishment and Learning for Me
   If I heard correctly, it costs Provincetown over $600,000 to
operate our pier and $400,000 for Chatham to operate theirs. We are
spending over $1,600 a day on ours--why? As you know, the schools
cost over $3,700,000 a year. That is over $10,000 a day. We have 12
graduating seniors. How many under class students are there. How many
students from Provincetown and how many from Truro? How many in a
math class, English class etc.; I'll post this info this week.

**Sunday morning I met with Ted Malone and we spoke for over two and
a half hours.

Michael Rogovsky
1:25 pm est 

I Was at the Meeting Yesterday......

.......and was quite pleased at
what transpired. It was encouraging to see a concerned group of
citizens working together to establish an agenda to present at the
Town Meeting, that's not easy to do with such a diverse group with so
many individual concerns facing our beloved town. I congratulate the
facilitators, not any easy task to focus the group and work toward a
common goal. And a very special thanks to the selectman who offered
their expertise and guidence on what would constitute action on any
warrant(s)proposed as a result of this meeting.
I had to leave early so I ask someone to post or email the final results.
1:19 pm est 

And...a New Day Has Dawned;

A new era will emerge. There will be you will see. For instance,
we are spending close to $4,000,000 to graduate only 12 students this year;
you will be hearing more about  this and in the future you will have a chance to
vote to change this.

There is a desire to change how affordable housing is orchestrated in town.
What is important is that regular citizens who are going about their regular
lives took time to attend and expressed how they are not just going to demand
change--but pledged their personal dedication to create this change.

Michael Rogovsky
1:05 pm est 

Sunday, February 24, 2008


How was the meeting? Anything get accomplished? How many showed?
Dying to know.
10:36 pm est 


Just an interesting side note, even though the population of
Provincetown has decreased from its peak in the 80's, the year round
population of Provincetown is the EXACT same in 2000 as it was in
1900.  not sure what that says, but it is interesting.

Wonder if the people in 1900 had year round jobs?  bet you anything
that most of them owned their own homes.
2:55 pm est 

Generalizations are Usually Dangerous.

 To the writer who stated:  ". . . how bout if the rich summer business owners pay
they're (sic) staff a decent wage and let them find their own

I wish! I'm a year-round business owner here in town and rich I'm
not.  I worry each month about covering the oil bill, the water bill,
the sewer bill, etc. 

Vacation? oh ya, I went to Boston for two days last year.  Of course
there may be business owners in town who have been here for some
time and maybe they are rich, but the great majority of business owners
I know are certainly not rich.  They work very hard to 'get by' so they
can live in this wonderful little town at the end of the Cape. 

Let's not generalize people and assume they are all in the same position. 
We are a very diverse community of people, but I believe by working together
as a community we can improve things here in town for everyone.

A Business Owner
2:53 pm est 

Regarding Year Round Jobs and Quarter Economy:

The population of Provincetown has decreased and yet 4% more dwelling
units have been built. This housing growth is mostly due to the
second home buyers. The work force is declining: over 4,000 people
between the ages of 35-44 left the cape in the last 6 years.

What is needed is middle class housing--not subsidized--middle class. (tell
me, if 50 families moved here with two children each, where would
they live and where would the parents work? probably Orleans and up?)

There are 4,500 fewer students than 6 years ago. The cost of
educating these 26,400 students on Cape Cod is $350,000,000
(three hundred and fifty million dollars).

The age of the population of the cape is the oldest in New England
and out of 3,000 counties in the United States, there are just over a
dozen that are older.

This information is just a fraction of what I've learned from the Peter
Francese interview that I listened to on Shout Out! He delivered it in October
to over 300 business and community leaders. And it is an eye opener.

Michael Rogovsky
9:41 am est 

Be Gone With Old Trash

Don't put Taylor on the planning board, the board that makes the
rules governing the abilities of property owners to do what they will
with their properties.

He will manipulate the board to pass laws that will allow him to build
what HE wants on his properties and leave the rest of town in a mess.
He will get the laws passed, apply under the laws to do what he wants,
then leave the board.

This has happened in the past with individuals that own vast amounts
of land in town who "served" on boards to get their ways and once those
ways are in place, they move on to the next board that will serve their needs.

It happened a few years ago, (no names) and thankfully the perosn was
stopped before they copuld become a selectman. Anyone remember? Don't
put Taylor on the planning board.
9:36 am est 

Permit Over Charges

Someone should look into all permits issued by Doug Taylor and see in
how many he overcharged with his estiamted cost of construction. If a
person has a contract with someone and says they are doing the work
for X and are paid for X, how does Taylor get away with saying the
cost is Y?

I think it is only a court that can assess a building code fine after
a trial and convition after proper notice is given to the offender to
correct something that was done wron, and not as Taylor has done.
There is a process to follow. Fines may need to be returned if
illegally issued.

This is what we get for hiring inexperienced people for important
jobs. Was he the one who would not take his tests as required to be
the building commissioner. He broke the law by not taking the test as
required by law. Did he get a fine?

Our government officals should work with us, even if we make a
mistake. We cannot be fining everyone as I am sure everyone has made
a mistake now and again.

Now, lets put this person who has hurt many on the planning board!

Train off the tracks.
8:48 am est 

If Only There Were Jobs

Granted some people have year round jobs but that certainly
doesn't mean that Provincetown has a year round economy. Just walk
down Commercial Street and see for yourself. I know PLENTY of people
that would work year round if only there were jobs. Note to  Peter
Page-not everyone if fortunate enough to know a trade and therefore
they must rely on service industry jobs which are certainly not year
8:45 am est 

Deed Restrictions

Could someone please tell me why affordable housing deed restrictions
are not in perpetuity?  when an affordable housing unit is built, it
should remain affordable for all time.  period.

My tax dollars should not be used for someone to make a profit in the
real estate market.  and anyone who does should be ashamed of
themselves.  legal or not, shame on you.  all you are is a welfare
cheat.  i want my money back.
8:42 am est 

Pure Kafka!

Provincetown tax payers are now paying the salary of a
housing specialist to help developers get through the mass of red
tape that stalls their housing developments. Ted Malone and his
community housing resouce company and their adjunct in town hall and
Benson and Anathan need someone to hold their hand and help them
through the red tape--pure Kafka!

So another burden is added to the tax payer who already pays a three
per cent surcharge on their taxes under the community preservation
act, and, you guessed it; a percentage goes to affordable housing. My
money, my parent's hard earned money going to make life free and easy
for the affordable housing entitled. We should have a nickname for
them...for someone who takes and takes and takes from what others
make--while always demanding more. Every week, it seems,another coup
for affordable housing. Why don't we just hand these entitled our
8:40 am est 

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Michael, Michael

     Just look at all the people you have known for so many years
here. Look at the ones who really needed housing, who worked so hard
and yet had to move from place to place. Did they get LUCKY in the
lottery? I know so many who naively waited around to have their names
pulled in the lottery. It would never happen and it didn't for them.
If you are not politically connected or if you are not connected to
the Ted Malone Housing "group," you will never get "selected" for
affordable housing.

     So many artists who worked here for years, so many waitstaff, so
many locals, never have had a chance. They are still waiting! And
they will sadly continue to wait.

     But look at Ted Malone's workers. Monica long ago got "lucky"
and now she is even "luckier." Ted Malone sold her the house at top
the crest at Race Point Road for $230,000. It's surely worth around
$750,000. How LUCKY! Now she can and is selling her other affordable
housing, without a deed restriction, at a good profit. And then
there's AJ. He was LUCKY too and received an affordable housing and
then his partner Rex got lucky too and he was chose out the hat and
received affordable housing. And then there are the former partners
of so many who work for Malone who now are settled into affordable
housing units.

     Why be an artist? Why be a waiter? Why be a fisherman? Just work
for Ted Malone and you too will be LUCKY! Soon, you will find that
your name has been picked from the hat. Equally important, your
friends will soon find that they too are LUCKY!

     Rabbit Foot
10:14 pm est 

Quarter Economy

let me get this straight, you want to take my tax dollars and build
seasonal housing for summer workers?  how bout if the rich summer
business owners pay they're staff a decent wage and let them find
their own housing.  seems to me all the year round businesses have
staff they treat well and they all seem to have a place to live.  the
summer business owners come into town, take all they can from the
tourists and then close the minute business slows down.  why the hell
should i pay to subsidize their business by building housing for
their staff?

i'm sick of hearing the 'lobster pot', bubala's and clem and ursies
(i use their names because they have been the most vocal) bitch about
not getting any seasonal staff this year.  offer a competitive wage
and you'll have staff.  not only do we subsidize them by importing
cheap labor, now you want us to build housing for them?

think about it...if they were never allowed to import cheap labor and
were forced to pay competitive salaries to keep staff, we would not
have a housing crisis right now.   affordable housing wouldn't be a
problem if people were paid a salary which would allow them to live

and i can't even begin to tell you how offended i am by you're saying
there is no year round economy here.   i have a job, my friends have
jobs, we all contribute to what we refer to as our year round
community.  in the dead of february is what i call home.  the other
seasons we are opening our homes to our guests.

and i'm damn proud of my little village.
10:11 pm est 

Quick question

For anyone out there that might know, how is it that Malone gets the
money he is allegedly using for the projects he has completed or has
finished in comparison to those that he may develop under 40B? From
what I have seen in the other towns that have 40Bs in them, they
didn't pay the developer to build the project with CPA monies. They
paid out of their own pockets and just had to make 25% affordable.

BTW the amount of affordable housing needed in a town to comply with
the state regs is 10% of the housing stock must be affordable
housing. 3000 homes, 300 must be listed as affordable.
10:07 pm est 

The Broader Picture Wrote THERE ARE NO YEAR ROUND JOBS

This is a very common misconception that I here everyone from the
posters on this blog to the store owners in Town, to the BOS and all
of the special boards we have set up like the Economic Development
Committee. I cant tell you how many times I have read someone quoted
in the newspaper saying something like We need a year round economy.

Since I first came here 12 years ago, not a single day (with the
exception of a short period of time this past summer, partly by
choice) has gone by that if I had wanted to work that I could not
have found work.

Hasnt anyone noticed all the construction going on? Who do you think
is doing all this work? The vast majority is done by Towns people, or
people from nearby Cape Towns.

WE HAVE A YEAR ROUND ECONOMY! And now would be a really good time for
everybody to start paying attention to us.

  We offer JOBS. We offer the chance for people to work in Town. We
offer training in a real trade that can be taken anywhere. This
industry offers the chance for a guy like me who came here with next
to nothing the chance to build my own business, to be able to afford
to buy land in Town and build a house, to support my family, and to
save for the future. And all that only took me about 5 years!

There is an issue that my cries for help for have falling on deaf
ears. Maybe someone reading this can say it somewhere that it will be

I dont ever want to hear that phrase again THERE ARE NO YEAR ROUND JOBS

Peter Page
10:04 pm est 


      I have watched the BOS and the finance committe meetings
regarding the "Wastewater Enterprise Fund". I am shocked that the
only answer to the high sewer rates is to have a public subsidy via a
prop 2&1/2 override.

      The governor signed into LAW the room tax for revenues for
Wastwater act of 1998. It states "localroom tax reciepts are
earmarked for the betterment and operating costs for town-owned
properties." This is between $150,000 & $180,000 each year since
2000, which is equal to between $1,050,000 & $1,260,000 over the 7
years collected.

      The previous Town Manager used the funds "just as income, not
earmarked, these funds were used to capitalize the fund,to start
hiring engineers, etc" according to David Guertin. A finance committe
member said there was "speculation by the town manager on the use of
funds". This is unacceptable, the TM broke the LAW.

      I heard both a finance committe member & a BOS person say " the
previous BOS did not set policy to apprioate the funds." It is not a
policy,it is the LAW. The words POLICY & LAW are not interchangeable.

      The previous Town Manager is accountable.Town council should be
holding him liable. The $1,050,000 - $1,260,000 replaced into the
Wastewater Fund would provide rate relief. I think the sewer users &
taxpayers are being short changed if the BOS or the new TM do nothing
to hold Mr.Bergman accountable.

10:00 pm est 

RE: Split Tax Question

There are two tax rates in town, one for commercial property and one
for residential. I believe, but am not positive, that if a property
is mixed the various parts are tax in their respective categories.
However, the town has maintained both taxes at the same rate for
years so as not to over-burden the commercial sector. There is also
from time-to-time talk of taxing non-resident owners at a higher rate
than resident owners which would be another type of split rate

To the person who asserts that the mysterious "they" are going to
spring a suprise on us and jack up water rates I suggest you actually
take the time to watch Finance Committee meeting and you will see no
suprises. The committee was presented with a multi-year financial
projection, developed by an expert who I think also audited the water
and sewer funds, and in 2010 or so the water enterprise fund will
need to borrow money to drill the new wells required by the state. At
that time undoubtedly water rates will go up from an extremely low
base to cover debt interest and principal repayment costs. No
suprise, public info, no giant conspiracy. There is no "they" there.

Facts are Just
9:56 pm est 

To Well Owner:

If you have a well you are required under Provincetown By-Laws to
have a well medallion. It's easy to obtain from the water department
as long as your well is 16ft or more from the nearest septic system.
They come over, take a look and nail up a medallion on your house or
fence. This allows the town to know who is watering with well water
and who isn't. Your realtor or attorney should have caught this
before you bought and made the old owners get one.

The reason there are properties who are using automated watering
during the water restriction period and aren't stopped is because
there is no pro-active enforcement of any town by-laws except in
aggregious cases, like maybe after you've torn down a 100 year old
house. There is no money for enforcement and I'm sure folks on here
would go ballistic if the town enforced half the by-laws on the books
(eg, no mroe than 3ft bushes at intersections, no lighting that
projects off a property, etc). The entire enforcement mechanism
relies on a Stasi-like system or reporting your neighbors for
violations. The water department even runs ads and has signs on its
trucks encouraging reporting. Most of the time, since we all live on
top of each other, it's easy to tell who reported whom and neighbors
end up despising each other. Someone repeatedly called me in for
having a dumpster to eliminate some trash in a home I bought not for
construction. The building department came and looked twic!
  e and said "nope, ya don't need a permit."

Why don't I stop in and educated people? Because most of the places I
see this happening are long-time locals or second homeowners and they
know better and I don't want to get into it with them. It's work
enough to ask people who let their dog poop in the street in front of
my house and walk off to pick it up and I have had several people say
"F_ck off" when I nicely handed them a bag to do so. I can't imagine
what would happen if I walked up to someone and said "hey, do you
know your entire beautiful garden is relying on an illegal watering

Hope that explains it.

All Wet
9:38 pm est 

I Become Incensed.......

......when I read things about the affordable
housing power base and how it operates in town. I used to be such a
proponent of affordable housing. If it wasn't for this blog, I'd be
so ignorant of all of this. *If* it is true, what a dispicable
scam--utterly reprehensible.

Cheating people of their affordable housing at the lottery. I find this
part hard to believe. I don't know what to say--but what if it was you or
I that this had happened to? This is why I have to speak out.

I totally agree with quarter economy and, whats more, Peter Francese
in his in depth study of the schools etc. on the cape, he came up
with the same conclusion--we need work force housing--for the summer
workers. I'm stupid for signing my name and get attacked again..but
even the affordable housing recepients must be taken aback by
this---or am I the last one in town to hear about all of this?

Michael Rogovsky
9:34 pm est 


I want to whisper something in the ear of the
person who wrote "We Have Enough Affordable Condos" who is in housing
assistance and has a yearly financial review: the words are "under
the table" as in the following statements.

I can work for you U.T.T.
You can pay me U.T.T.
You need someone to sheetrock your room? I can do it U.T.T.
-and The Yearly Financial Review passes the sayer of these words with
flying colors for another year of easy living.

eyes wide shut
9:31 pm est 

Well Information:

About five years ago Desmond Well Drilling from Orleans dug the 70
foot well and coordinated the approval with the town for under
$3,000. A simple (very little damage to property) process  that has
had a payback from lower water bills in less than three years. FYI: A
good system of timed released drip lines actually saves water
compared to the traditional way of hand watering with a hose. The
water when tested was actually drinkable. Highly recommed doing this
for the cost savings and saving our precious water.
9:10 pm est 

Towns Do Not Have to Agree to Promote 40B

     Some towns want to control the level of development and the type
of affordable housing that comes into their town. Many towns have
realized that 40B can be destructive of conservation lands, of open
space, of historic considerations, and therefore refuse to allow
developers to come in and take over the land and the landscape. Many
towns realize that small affordable housing and quaint buildings are
what they want--not over-developed, land-grabbing developments. Yes,
they want some affordable housing but they also want control. They
also do not want to give up conservation, historic, and planning
oversight which happens with 40B projects.

     But why has Provincetown allowed such huge mega-projects? Just
look at who populates and controls the many boards of this town. Look
who is on Housing, who was on Planning, who was involved in Human
Resources, who is on Health Board, who is on Recreation, who was
involved in setting the Local Comprehensive Plan? Look who is now a
Selectman? And consider the other Selectwoman-as-Housing Groupie!

     Look closely and a figure appears: Ted Malone and all those who
work for him and his Community Housing Resource company. They have
stacked the deck and stuffed the committees in this town. They
control the writing of the zoning laws, interprete the rules,
influence who gets CPC monies, influence who gets to develop
Shankpainter Road with $1 million give-away, get the BOS to supercede
the CPC to give Ted Malone's advisees Benson and Anathan the $70,000
for the sewer hook-up instead of placing the monies in the escrow
account for the future affordable housing buyers. Malone was the
major "consultant" and the king of the lottery for this project and
now his company is the property manager for 6 Sandy Hill Lane.
Malone's soft cost consulting fees on Sandy Hill Lane alone were in
the $100,000 to $175,000 fees out of the CPC monies.

      And what do Malone's minions get in return?  Housing for them
and for their friends and for the friends of their friends. It's
better than handing out higher wages when you can "promise" your
workers their friends can get affordable housing. You control the
lottery and you control access to the housing. "It's number 8 that
was pulled from the hat!" and the Lottery Group have many sheets
where Mary or John or Sally or Jeffrey are listed as number 8. On the
other sheets, they are listed as number 5. Oh, how LUCKY you are!
Number 8 wins! Another rabbit is pulled from the hat!

     Some towns are much smarter. Some towns understand the "game"
and "folly" of affordable housing as 40-B. Some towns understand that
the people who gain are not the poor, not the workers, not the
teachers, but the developers.

     A Sad Case in Point
1:17 pm est 

Quarter Economy is Abosolutely Correct.

What we need is WORK FORCE HOUSING. We need it available in the
summer, so DEVELOPERS need to build work force housing that we can close
down in the winter and open in the summer.

Repeat this again: what is needed is Work Force Housing for temporary

Instead, OUR TAXPAYER MONEY, and OUR TOWN LAND is used to build
affordable year round housing--the taxpayer's money is going into
letting you live here. It comes from our tax dollars. Don't you see
why tax payers see this as unfair?

You live here and work here and look at what you made here. Well, the
person who bought their house years and years ago makes the same amount
of money working the same job..but they have a big tax bill to pay.

Don't you see that tax payers pay thousands of dollars a year in taxes but
the affordable home owners pay a fraction of that? 

Don't you see that we need workforce housing and instead year round affordable
housing is built (we are told that it is to keep locals in town) and then the units
are sold on the open market to anyone. What a scam--and the
developers get richer.

Now are your eyes open? Keep posting your ideas until you totally
understand the issue. So far you understand that we don't need Year
Round workers. Please Look at the broader picture.

The broader picture.
1:11 pm est 


Provincetown does not have a split tax.  commercial and residential
properties are taxed at the same rate.  and just a side note,
commercial properties are declining while residential properties
(mostly condos) are rising.
1:05 pm est 

We Have Enough Affordable Condos

Reading some of the blogs from Thurs. and Friday, I am
happy to see people are realizing that we have enough affordable

The town does in fact have a need for RENTAL units.
I stated a few weeks ago tht I live in one unit of 4 apartments
developed as part of the White Pines Assoc. on Harry Kemp.  The units
are managed by a non-profit organization based in N. Eastham, Lowe
Cape Cod Community Development Coprporation.

STRICT guidleines were followed for awarding these one bedroom apartments;
income, income verification, bank statements, IRS returns from the
IRS itself, credit checks, ivestigations into criminal past, 401-K
and stock or any other land holding or asset portfoio ECT.

They looked through everything to try to find if I had any additional
"means" of supporting myself.  There was no way to try to trick the
system, you were required to sign release documents of every sort. 
In addition, I must fill out verification of earnings every year from
the IRS as well as relesing my Seamens Bank statements twice a year. 
Failure to do so would lead to eviction.

Tenants are able to have their income increase, and your rent would
increase proportionately.  There is a "market value" placed on the
units and if one's income exceeds the affordable quidelines, the
tenant would pay the "market-rate" rent, in accordance to Barnstable
county's average (very similar to that of Provincetown alone).
FAX # for the Lower Cape Cod C.D.C.
1:04 pm est 

Shank Painter Land Give Away---

Why am I against all of the speical interests in town? Here is why. I had
to jump through hoops to put a small deck on my house. I know a man
who was born here and whose family has a business and he wanted to
put in some back stairs on his property and he was grilled by the town like 
he wanted to build the Taj Mahal in a bird sanctuary!

Another friend has been trying for years to get rid of a bundle of boards
that the town calls a garage and he is put through the ring of fire. Meanwhile, The
Special Interests can just waltz into town and build a housing
development untouched by any town regulations.

They are given land and now more land. Every phase of life here seems to
be the golden "we" and then there is the rest of us supporting them with our taxes.

What I'm saying is the absolute truth and before all of you
affordable housing people call me names, show me where I'm wrong.
Look at what you have done to the town.

Tired of it
12:54 pm est 

What a Beautiful Thought,

You will be presenting articles at town meeting that are dazzling in their sweeping
ideas of change. I know that I'm going to vote for everything to help the citizens of
Provincetown who live and work here and who don't get a break--the ones who really
need help.

Things need to change here. Affordable housing people don't need any more gifts
from the rest of the taxpayers. Strip the Special interests of their give aways from town
hall. oh yes, Everyone is equal--but now some are more equal than

Enough is Enough--truer words were neve spoken. I've never
been so excited about a town meeting.

Provincetown Mother
12:49 pm est 

Where do I Sign Up?

Can we pass an article stating that all of this Affordable
Housing go out to bid? I'll gladly develop land if you give me the
land and a million dollars..where do I sign up? Ted Malone has been
doing it for over ten years and he has an entire staff to pay. I
don't have a staff to pay--I can underbid everyone.

Waiting to sign up
12:46 pm est 

To All Wet:

You say:

"Further; a walk through town at 7 am in summer reveals a not
insignificant number of properties that have no well medallion
spilling water into streets from their yards/gardens and no one
around, ergo they have an automated system connected to town water."

Please tell me how come I have a well that I installed when I bought
my house. I do not have this so called "well medallion". What the
heck is that? I have never seen one. Please tellme a property that
has one so i may check it out.

I wonder if my home is one you walk by in the morning, and because
you do not see this phantom medalion you think I am using town water?

My bigger question: If you are so bothered by this, why not knock on
the door of the house, and ask if they have a well. Maybe you could
educate them. Maybe you could save them from a fine. Funny how your
"case in point" got caught by the town, yet all these other
properties you claim are illegal, go unnoticed? How is that?
12:44 pm est 

For All That You Have Wrought Upon Us

I'm furious when I read about things such as Doug Taylor,
Connect the Dots, Sandy Hill, and now Shank painter Road. It is all
exposed here--but it needs to be in the banner.

At least the banner wrote about the "community housing" that is going
nation wide--what a knife in the back to Provincetown tax payers. We
gave these developers our tax money--and now they don't want to spend
it on the sewer connection! DO THEY HEAR THEMSELVES???

Thank you Powers-that-Be for all that you have wrought upon us. And
now they are giving away more land for affordable housing on Shank
painter Rd. Ted Malone must be throwing the Party of the Year!

12:41 pm est 

Things are Desperate!

I'm so glad that I heard about you. Things are desperate. I
feel that nothing that my generation wants is being dealt with in
town hall. Living here for decades, paying taxes, the cost of oil.
The cost of food compared to just six months ago. 

People speak up but if you have no clout, if you aren't a developer
or connected to one, you get nothing. The paper is full of Affordable
housing things every week. Affordable housing got passed through the l
egislature and it is a magic wand for developers. They have changed

Too bad there isn't the respect for elders that there is in other
cultures. Too bad there isn't an advocate for us.

I know all about Programs for the Elderly; about putting a lien on my
house for what--a measely $1,000--or giving it to a bank in a reverse
mortgage--no thank you; I don't want to compromise my home.

I bet affordable housing people would scream if they only got a measely
$1,000 break on their property.

Provincetown mother
12:37 pm est 

Oh, My Goodness!

    I was doing some remodeling in my house and making changes to the
second floor. I, too, was highly overcharged by Doug Taylor but
didn't realize others were as well. It was just awful. I was fined
for what appeared to me to be legal work. But Taylor insisted that
the work I did was illegal and fined me. He also changed the
assessment of the cost of my remodeling that was far and above what
contractors had agreed was my cost.

     How did Taylor get away with this? I just didn't realize he was
going this throughout the town. Again, I thought I was being
personally singled out.

     Still Upset
12:33 pm est 

Split Tax

People spoke about the split tax for Provincetown. What
constitutes a commercial property and a home owner's property tax? A
building with a store and one or two apartments is what? will someone
be at the meeting to tell me..or who would I call? Can we write an
article about this?

Wanting Information
12:30 pm est 

Water Facts:

 Will you tell me how you went about digging
your well: and how to contact them.

Interested party..
12:25 pm est 

I Want to Write an Article Stating That::

Every penny that goes over last years budget be subject to a two thirds BALLOT vote.
How can we get this to be the first article?

OR,since the town has enough money that they can give away land, why
don't we have a $900k underride? Why should I have to take another
job to pay other people's benefits?

Townie Forever
12:18 pm est 

The Party is Over!

And Now Land on Shankpainter: Time to cry. It is a shame
that more land is going to affordable housing. Why? These cramed
housing developments spoiled Provincetown.  Under the laws of 40 B,
the developer is *entitled* to by pass all of the by laws of the town
and thus cram buidings together six inches apart if wants to.
Developers genuflect and light votive candles to 40 B!

  Ah! The grand aura of entitlement. The sense of entitlement
pervades all of affordable housing. Such a nice name for the attitude
that people have: I want to live here, so I'm *entitled* to live
here; so--clap, clap, get to it! Build me a house--with TAX PAYER

  Where did this Entitlement come from? My parents never had this
attitude. They worked hard for every thing ever got--I guess that is
the difference--they had to work for it. Other folks throw tantrums
and thus have it handed to them.

End the Era of Entitlement
12:11 pm est 

Three Quarter Economy

With reference to the discussion on affordable housing (moratorium)
and the year round economy, can we speak realistically about "year
round". We will never be a year round economy due to the fact that we
are a seasonal resort community and we live at land's end. Be real!

Many of the most outspoken individuals and the people who lead the
various economic development committees, go to their winter homes for
three months and are not part of this so called year round economy.
We all need to spend money year round to make it a year round

I moved here due to the seasonality of this place. I love the fact
that its crazy busy for six months and then blissfully quiet and
beautiful for at least three months. The nine months on and three
months on unemployment were the chosen lifestyle of many. Who wanted
the responsibilities of owning a house. Most just wanted a decent
apartment and were willing to move from summer small to winter
exceptional places to live.

Maybe with a focus on what we have, we may entice, once again, the
American teenager dream of spending your summer in a resort town.
Worker housing, more friendly business owners, better wages and a
winter of quiet and hopefully some vacation time for those who live
here. Every effort I have ever made to expand a business into the
winter has never been successful. And if you walk around the town,
this is quite evident, either with places not open or owners opting
to go away for the winter. Count our blessings.

We need to be real about the conversation. Then we can begin to
discuss a town government that works for nine months, services
eliminated for three months and no need for any additional affordable

We are a three quarter community and we like it that way!
12:08 pm est 

Revolution of change?

I haven't even seen an agenda yet and you think you're going to
polish diamonds?
12:05 pm est 

Sunday's Meeting

I wouldn't be too concerned if there aren't 500 people at
Sunday's meeting. We don't need 500 people to write the articles.
Remember, these are our words and phrases; our uncut diamonds, so to
speak, that we bring to the meeting. It is here, in this collective
process, that the edges are smoothed and wording polished and issues
honed to their succinct intensity. It is here that their brilliance
is created and when we hold them in our hand; when we lift the veil
and the articles are presented and the electorate is dazzled by *our*
diamonds of hope--it is then we need 500 hands thrust into the air at
town meeting to start the revolution of change.

Michael Rogovsky
9:00 am est 

Point of Infomration:

Have we reached the lawful percentage
of affordable housing in town? If we have reached it, can we have an
article calling for a moritorium on affordable housing? An article
ending the land give-a-way? an article on equal taxation for all home
owners? Will someone be there to answer our questions and to help me
write these at the meeting? Or, can you post an example here that I
and others may use?

8:55 am est 

Water Facts

I read recently that the water consumption in town has actually gone
down due to finding leaks, more second homes, better conservation,
etc... Also, the growth management law that we voted in, restricts
the building of bedrooms due to water restrictions. The reason we
were given when we wanted to add an in-law bedroom. Afforable housing
goes to the top of the list but everyone else has to wait, and
rightly so (at least in the past).

I know we personally have seen a 50% decrease in our water
consumption due to digging a well for outside watering, upgrade of
clothes washers, low-flow shower heads, rain barrells etc.... What
have you done for the water problem lately?

I feel everyone has the right and obligation to "rat" on their
neighbor about illegal water usage. This is a huge issue for every
one of us. It is everyone's personal responsibility as well as the
towns. The new oil.
8:53 am est 

Friday, February 22, 2008

Facts are just

Read between the lines. This presentation is just a way to warm us
all up for the bomb they are going to drop, that being that the water
rates, due to the fact that they are the lowest in the state and that
water is the most important part of the infrastructure, will go up,
dramatically. Spread the cost out over more users, thus justifying
the overbuilding of affordable houses?

That makes absolutely no sense in that even if they had 50,000 rate payers,
once the water is gone or becomes undrinkable, due to the fact that there are 50,000
properties using the sole source of our water, the Pamet lens, IT WILL BE GONE.

That has been explained to the selectmen over and over.
Additional homes in the town must be put on a strict limit or the
system will become stressed. That is a fact they won't reveal. Tell
me this, anyone, what happens when the water is gone or reduced to
the point that it's essentially undrinkable like the water under
P-town? Then what? All the money in the world won't fix it, even spread over all
the new homes in town.
10:23 pm est 

Rethinking Who We Should Vote for Selectmen

Did you ever think that when we vote for someone for
Selectmen because they have the experience, perhaps we should  be
voting for the opposite?  Experience in this town means a lot of
connections and that leads to the many of conflicts of interest we
are now seeing.  Perhaps we need to look at candidates for Selectmen
who are very qualified, but don't have the in town experience. . .
and hence also don't have the conflicts of interest that are so
prevalent with our current Selectmen.

Something to think about.
10:18 pm est 

To a Previous Blogger

You mean to say that the selectmen voted to give the 90 shankpainter
project to Mr Malone....
Sir or Madam...please have you facts straight. I pray that you are
wrong...was selectman parmekien in on that vote ?

If I understood you correctly selectman Cotiour is going to have a
shop there ? and no doubt a home as well.
If these facts are true their is a breech of ethics...

People of Provincetown rich or poor a multi million dollar home or
just a renter DO YOU NOT SEE THE GRAVE INJUSTICE HERE!!!! back room
deals like this have to be stopped. if you could please tell me on
what night did this meeting take place ? because I would like to view

Thank You
5:47 pm est 

The Fox in the Hen House, Again

      Doug Taylor, as a member of the Planning Board, would be
riddled with conflicts of interest. As the Building Commissioner, he
unevenly enforced the state and local codes and regulations. Some
contractors were treated with high fines while for others, Taylor
altered--meaning increased--the assessed amount of their construction
costs. Taylor, often enough, showed up at various sites and fined
contractors for proceeding with the work when these contractors had
permission to proceed from the former Building Inspector Dick
Anderson. But since it wasn't in writing, Taylor would purposefully
fine certain contractors for working without a permit.

     Doug Taylor put pressure on certain designers and architects to
"hand over gallons" from buildings that, at that time, were not using
those gallons. When contractors and designers refused, Doug Taylor
threaten them with fines as high as $10,000. For other contractors,
he served fines as high as $17,000---just because.

      And now, this person who was Building Commissioner and who is
working for a developer Deb Paine, is now going to rule on the
projects of these same contractors and designers and architects? How
will these town contractors get a fair hearing from the Planning
Board? And will Doug Taylor now rule against other contractors, thus
curtailing their future work, to gain advantages for Deb Paine who
Taylor works for as "Architect." It's still unclear if this man truly
is an Architect or is pretending to be a registered Architect. In
which state? Connecticut, Arizona, New York or Massachusetts? Really?

     Something is quite wrong with Doug Taylor applying, as he is now
doing, to be a member of the Planning Board Taylor will be
"interviewed" Monday night at the Board of Selectmen meeting. Of
course Michelle Couture is going to vote for Taylor. This is the same
Selectman who showed up at Historic District Commission meeting to
advocate for Taylor's private development on Alden Street--the
Property Cass Benson under-sold to Taylor while he was Building

     If this isn't enough, Taylor lives on Main Street in Brewster.
Isn't this a convoluted, conflict-ridden situation?

     Just Say "No!"
5:12 pm est 

Dear Oy Vey:

Case in point; friends of mine unfamiliar with town water rules and
new to town were charged $5,000 for an extensive watering sytem
hooked to town water. The building contractor was a local and knew
this was illegal but never told them. The town came along last summer
and cut the connection and said they'd be fined if they reconneceted.
They are now looking into installing a well.

Further; a walk through town at 7 am in summer reveals a not
insignificant number of properties that have no well medallion
spilling water into streets from their yards/gardens and no one
around, ergo they have an automated system connected to town water.
In several cases one can see drip hoses and sprinklers in the gardens
while walking by.

In at least two instances I regularly hear full on sprinkler watering
systems running on properties with no wells when I've walked by on my
way home at night.

Water is the key resource for Provincetown. Most if not all of the
instances I cite are properties where the owners could easily afford
a private well - about $3,0000. Instead they choose to ignore town
rules on summer water usage. This increases costs for all water users
and undermines our negotiations with Truro over future water sources.

It makes the DPW encourage us all to "tattle" on our
neighbors-something I've never done. It seems to me that DPW could do
a simple statistical analysis of water usage in summer months and
quickly identify those properties with inordinate water usage whether
from leaks or misuse of water and solve this (admittedly minor) issue
once and for all.

The point of this is not to divide residents but rather to say it's
incredibly irksome when one tries to follow the volumes of rules in
this town, all voter approved, and then sees people, particularly
locals, completely ignoring them. The message conveyed "we'll pass
all these rules but they aren't for us, they're only for you."

This isn't a big deal but everyone here gets to express their
frustration with issues in town so I'm doing same.


All Wet
5:08 pm est 

Water Clarification:

In watching the incredibly informative finance committee meeting that
had selectmnen in attendance the following information on water
system was conveyed by the DPW:

- water rates are the lowest in the state
- town wells are not going "sour" but rather have developed iron
bacteria which is a common problem in wells with sources in
iron/maganese rich rock as ours our.
- iron bacteria is not good as it forms a goop that plugs and
destroys pumps which it did to one of three pumps in the main field
last year which then had to be taken out of service and replaced.
- well was treated but probably won't eliminate problem
- likely cause is that over-pumping in summer months is drawing
iron-bacteria ladened water from further in cape
- we continue to overpump in summers, particularly weekends, that is
why there are restrictions on all sorts of water-related activities
June 1-Sept 30, not because we are running out of water, also
restrictions are in place to make sure there is extra water for a
major fire
- future field development is needed to meet DEP redunant water
source requirements
- likely that in FY2010 and FY2011 town will need to borrow a million
bucks between the two years to finance two new wells, these are
required for our current population whether there is more affordable
housing or not (my interpretation)
- water is one of the most critical infrastructure items
- sewer rate relief unlikely in the near or mid-term though it is
critical to enticing more users on the system
- sewer rate is one if not the highest in state, if you happen to be
a sewer and water user the average of the two is probably somewhere
in the middle of the pack statewide
- neither system has any type of substantial financial reserve in
case of a major equipment failure
- water and sewer are each enterprise funds, ie they pay their own
costs, expenses, etc and unless there is a shortfall in either fund
they don't impact the town general fund
- buget presented assumes general fund does pay back money that was
mistakenly paid by sewer users for town building hookups to sewer,
this was done without selectmen approval by Keith Bergman
- key to eventual rate decrease for sewer users is more users as this
spreads fixed costs of plant operation over more users.

More info can be obtained by watching the session itself. Detailed
school finance numbers also discussed. Other questions; given the
critical items discussed, which are frequently discussed here, why
wasn't a single citizen in attendance?

Observation; both selectmen and finance committee members waded
through incredibly complex info, asked a lot of pertinent pointed
questions. Hats off to these folks, they actually are doing something
concrete and it is tedious, complex and thankless work. Not one of
them appeared insensitive to the towns' need to save money.

Final observation; obviously some people at that meeting are reading
this blog as there were numerous references pointed at the camera and
intended to refute specific rumours posted here.

Facts are Just

5:04 pm est 

Just a Point of Clarification About this Comment Made Earlier:
QUOTE:It would trend downward even faster if the many town-water based,
illegal automated lawn/garden watering systems throughout town were
eliminated: UNQUOTE
We certainly do not need another devisive issue in this town, so let
me state that I am a landscaper in town. I currently work on about 35
properties, and over the course of my career have been on at least
one hundred different properties in town. I have NEVER seen an
automated sprinkler system that was hooked up to town water, I doubt
you could find a sprinkler installer that would agree to put a system
in a property without a private well to service it. Not to mention
the enormous water bill that would go with such a system.
PLEASE do not create another reasohn for folks in town to be
suspicious of each other. I do not think that the writer of that post
could back up his/her claim of many illegal systems in town. PLEASE
I wonder why, with so many real issues affecting us, why would
someone choose to create a phantom issue like this. Oy vey.
2:08 pm est 

Thanks Peter

 I want to have an article on the warrant that
everything passed at town meeting is a BINDING resolution! Because
there are two many resolutions passed by voters at town meetings that
are non-binding and don't reflect the will of the people!

Provincetown Taxpayer
2:04 pm est 

What's Going On?

Am I to understand that the selectmen have gone and done
this unilaterally--this isn't going before the town meeting? Did the
town meeting vote to do this?
2:03 pm est 

They Don't Hear Us

I dont think town hall is serious about managing municipal
income. Why did they approve $34,000 in inspection studies on our
relatively new pier? Starting with $10k this year according to this
weeks Banner. Dont they hear us? Town officials need to be
accountable for every dime of municipal spending. The mismanagement
of municipal income has to stop in every department!

What part of no more wasting taxpayers money dont they hear?

Fed up with the status quo!
2:00 pm est 

Only the Rich and Those with Affordable Will Live Here

The Problem is that Provincetown has over spent and over
extended itself and we have high costs. There are many people here
who own their own homes and who pay high taxes who have to leave but
the spotlight is only on the ones who rent. Millions for the school,
money to move the library, paying the health benefits of town hall
etc. etc. ect. It is an escalating spiral and it seems that in ten
years it will be only the rich living here and people with affordable

No Solution
1:58 pm est 

PACC Meeting Question

Webmaster, could you please post pacc's agenda on sunday?

Webmaster Comment:  Yes the agenda will be posted
1:55 pm est 

Webmaster Comment: This information is provided in answer to questions which have been raised regarding Building Permit Fees. We trust you will use the following information to address the issues raised by Mr. Peter Page. 

The Official Website of the Department of Revenue (DOR)

Department of Revenue

Answers to the Fees Question:

In answer to the questions raised by Mr. Peter Page and others, I
have received the following information regarding fees. For
additional information please follow the provided links:

The Official Website of the Department of Revenue (DOR)
Department of Revenue
Select an area to search
Home  Local Officials  Municipal Data and Financial Management 
Financial Management Assistance  Best
Practices - Technical Assistance  Reference Library

User Fees

Since the passage of Proposition 2½ in 1980, municipal budgeting in
Massachusetts has been revenue driven. This means that the ability to maintain
or increase a community's level and/or quality of services is dependent on its revenues
and careful planning. Therefore, at the start of the annual budget process, a community should review its four major revenue sources  tax levy, state aid, local estimated receipts and available funds  before entertaining departmental spending requests.

However, because of the constraints of Proposition 2½, recent fluctuations in state
aid, and the depletion of local reserves, communities have become more aware of l
ocal receipts as a source of needed funds.

Local receipts include a variety of excises, user fees, charges, and
other revenues. Some are dictated by statute(i.e., motor vehicle excise, hunting license and firearms permits) while others may be negotiated (i.e., investment income and in-lieu-of-tax payments).

Still other local receipts are established through the adoption of an ordinance or bylaw.
However, among all categories, user fees typically offer communities the greatest potential for revenue gain.

A fee is an amount charged for a service to individuals who use or benefit from it.
A fee may be imposed when a local government provides a particular service
(i.e., police detail) issues a permit or license (i.e., building permit, dog license), or
offers a benefit (i.e., recreational programs).

Much of the legal authority for specific municipal fees is found in MGL Ch. 140. However,
absent statutory authority, municipalities can still establish fees and charges as long as the
three-prong test set out in Emerson College v. Boston, 391 Mass. 415 (1984) is met.

1. A fee must be charged for a particular service which benefits the party paying the fee in a manner not shared byother members of society. In other words, a fee may not be charged
for general services that are mandatory or supplied to the public at large, such as core
education and police protection.

2. A fee must be paid by choice, that is, the person paying the fee
must have the option of not utilizing the service,thereby avoiding the charge. It follows that a service can be withheld from individuals who refuse to pay.

3. A fee must be collected not to raise revenues, per se, but to compensate the governmental entity for its expenses in providing the services. This has been interpreted to mean that a
fee cannot exceed the cost to provide the service that is provided.

As a practical matter, local officials are faced with many considerations when deciding whether or not to implement or increase fees. These include, but are not limited to, the legal authority
(e.g., general laws, special legislation and home rule powers) to charge a fee, the attitudes of citizens and political leaders towards fees, and the cost. To start, before proposing new local charges or increases, a community should review its current user fees in accordance with formal guidelines.

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Workbook and Case Study, at under Publications and Forms.

Finally, it is a good idea to maintain a log of all municipal fees. In addition to a name and description, useful information might include the amount of the fee, when it was last
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1:48 pm est 

In Response to Being Fair to Everyone,

Yes that could be an Article on the Warrant. You
should write it, get it signed by ten voters, submit it, and present
it at Town meeting. And then we will vote on it.

I read a lot of people here saying things like
someone should do this, or how come we dont do that?

I dont read people saying This is what Im going
to do. , or Im going to try to fix that  Folks, it wont get done if
YOU dont do it!

If you need help, then come to this Sundays
meeting and ask for help. And then go out and be proactive.

        Peter Page
11:09 am est 

Yes, there is a RFP on Shankpainter---However

     The Selectmen have agreed to go forward on giving this piece of
land to a developer. We are going to give--yes, give-- a one million
dollar piece of property--to a developer. Does this make sense?
Instead of selling it, we are giving it away. Do we ever learn?
      And guess who will get this?  I give you not three chances but
only one. Oh, could it be that great, generous, Mr. Malone? Could it
be the developer par excellence!!

     And who will be doing the lottery? Oh, again, Michelle Couture
insisted that the developer should be able to do the lottery. Her
position: let us not put any roadblocks in his way. (How much has
this woman gained from these votes? She may as well abe working for
Ted Malone.)

     And then Michelle Couture, again and again, stated that the
developer of this one million dollar land give-away, should be able
to determine who is involved with the busineeses that will be a part
of this. The developer should control, according to the affordable
housing expert Michelle Couture, who rents and who has businesses in
this development.

     Here we go again. Does this town ever learn from its past
mistakes? Or is this town simply and sadly on the take.

      Disgusted with the 2 Ms
11:07 am est 

Committee/Selectmen Meeting of Feb 13th

For those interested for the details of school, water and
sewer funds the finance committee/selectmen meeting of Feb 13th ago
is well worth watching:
10:55 am est 


I just hope that those that attend the meeting on the 24th really put
their collective minds together and commit to getting it done,
whatever the idea(s) is/are. Too many times people come up with
really great idea only to see it all crumble at town meeting or
wherever they plan to make a stand.

Seems like everybody chickens out at the last minute or even worse,
they put up a front man to speak on their behalf only to see the guy
critisized at the podium and then everyone else Judas' the guy. Stand
up for what you think is right, whether it is or not.

At the very least, the selectmen, if they are paying attention (and trust me,
they are) they will know there is a group that is unsatisfied and may return
even stronger next time.

Get the ideas together and present them firmly. Don't chicken out. This
site is a great tool to get people involved but in the shadows
anonymously won't get it done. Nobody at the meeting has to admit to
who they are in here but hopefully most that have posted in here will show
up at the meeting.

Lets see.
10:52 am est 

You Said it Perfectly.

I agree too that the past is the past, but now no more lottery:
let the units go to the people who live and work in town Year Round
and the first priority to people who were born here and then here over
15 years, then 10 years etc.
Some criteria such as this. No more "new guy in town" waltzing in and
getting it ahead of everyone else.I was wondering why it took us so long
to wake up--and then I realized that it is because we were "guilt tripped"
into helping out the poor. (but it turned out to be,"poor____ (you fill in the blank),
the cruise I wanted to go on to the Bahamas is full, so I have to go
to South America hoo. I know this isn't everyone--but if
I know some and you know some....well????

Also with you affordable
10:35 am est 

I Agree........

......with affordable rentals only, but i disagree with a
preference for town employees.  i think everyone  who fits the income
eligibility should qualify regardless of who they work for.  the
person who works at the GU needs housing just as much as the town

Sure you could argue that the town employees should have a
preference because they provide vital town services.  but those vital
services would be much less vital if there were no one here to
provide them for.  we are ALL part of this community.  no one should
be more important than anyone else.
10:30 am est 

Affordable Housing,

You are right that people can do what
they wish with their own money, but this is tax payer money so tax
payers should have a say in the rules. People on affordable housing
don't pay the taxes that I do, so my taxes support them.

Being Fair to Everyone
10:27 am est 

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Equitable taxes

At the February 11th selectmen's meeting, Selectman Davies spoke
about the residents who have lived here for decades being priced out
of town. One perfect solution is for every property in town to be
assessed at market value-even the properties bought under affordable
housing and the affordable rental properties as well-- and thus
everyone pays equal taxes. What could be more fair? Can this be an
article on the warrant too?

sign me,

Being Fair to Everyone
7:53 pm est 

To: The Latest Blogger

On the issue of affordable are correct... and I and
many others agree with you. There are enough affordable CONDOO'S TO
BE BOUGHT" whatever affordable housing built in the future should all
be rentals and should all be year round only...Sad part is no
developer will do that because there's no quick money involved in it
for him or her....90 shank painter is a start....but has the rfp gone
out with all boards approval?...if so has anyone responded to it as
yet...who's going to be in charge ? will it be the town....or if Mr
Malone winds up being the developer are we going to go through
everything his way ?...his lottery ?...regardless of who the
developer is it should be up to the town to decide just who gets to
live there....I mean my GOD we paid a million for it , so we own
it....but That would mean the responder has to care about
provincetown I mean truly care....and not just looking for a quick
7:45 pm est 

I Agree

Agree. Only affordable rentals going forward with
preference to town employees and strict requirements for both
eligibility and ongoing occupancy! No more give aways at taxpayer's

Provincetown Taxpayer
3:32 pm est 

Sunday's Meeting

I've read many statements here that need to be undertaken
and I hope even resolved at Sunday's meeting. It is imperative that
the articles for the warrant that emerge from this meeting reach the
voter's hearts with laser like precision; that they read them and say
to themselves, this is exactly what I was thinking--but these
citizens put it into words--(or into action regarding letters etc.) 
Even voters in opposition to an article or an action will see
reasoned,thoughtful deliberation that makes them pause and consider
an opposite point of view.

Michael Rogovsky
3:29 pm est 

Affordable Housing

i think we can all agree that there are some serious flaws in the
affordable housing system the way it is.  what's done is done.  we
can't go back and change what has already occurred but we can move

let's stop building affordable housing which is for sale.  i won't
say it is rampant with abuse, but a great deal of it is questionable.

build only affordable rentals which will allow someone who works hard
to save money and possibly make a move into a market rate home.

rentals should ONLY be offered to people who LIVE and WORK here year
round.  i'm tired of giving affordable housing to people who suddenly
can afford to take off for florida or costa rica for the winters
because we've helped them live cheaply.  they do not contribute to
the year round economy and i feel that is what affordable housing
should be doing.  and i'm not saying we should pigeon hole them, they
should be able to live nicely, drive nice cars and take vacations
without being judged, but they have to live here year round.

make affordable housing work for the community and stop the abuse.

i would love to hear what other people think should be the criteria
for affordable rentals.
3:09 pm est 

Accountability and An Outside Audit

      I agree. We need to get an accurate picture of our finances and
of the real numbers in all departments. We need a State Audit and it
is this that was asked of the town manager when she just arrived and
was asked of the new selectmen when they were elected.

     Look back at the BOS minutes or go back to your memory of that
meeting. The Selectmen voted unanimouly to get an outside audit.

     What happened? They kept saying they needed to wait until
January and then they did a bait and switch. Instead of a true,
comprehensive outside audit, they said they were getting financial
advice from the state on how to better run the town.

     Please, Bait and Switch.  We need a State Audit and we need it
now. We have monies that are missing and they're still looking for it!
10:19 am est 

I'm Disillusioned;

I thought that affordable housing would
create little 3 bedroom houses with yards for families to be able to
live here.

Over the years, more and more housing is built--but not
for families. The town even voted tax money to create affordable
housing for town people--and it is being offered to anyone.

I thought that it was supposed to be built to allow town people to live here
year round who work here and to encourage families to live here. This
isn't happening--there is just more building.

10:16 am est 

Accountability ....

Didn't "we" vote to give Sandy Hill the money ?
Is this another example of "fillin' the hall" or only a small
percentage of people voting to get an approval. Looks like PACC will
be the next special interest group -- making decisions based on lies
and gossip. Beware of becoming who you despise.

By living in tiny town, we all have conflicts of interest, try having
a business, serving on a committee, doing some construction. It's all
incestuous. With only 3,000 voters and over 50% of the tax payers not
allowed to vote where do these non-conflict people come from? Be real!

I want a Mayor, not Selectmen and and a Town Manager,  who is
accountable to the people, is professional and can be voted out!
Removing people will not solve the problem. We need a major
reorganization of how we run the town, who votes, reduce and combine
committees, include second home owners (no I'm not one), expand
residency rules, ethics training etc....

And accountability from us, its residents and people who work in
Provincetown. We may have issues with the selectmen, town manager,
the Pier, Ted Malone (I don't work for him), building department
however I find our workers rude, contractors (some of the most
unprofessional and expensive I have ever experienced) and all of us
(including myself)who are inflamatory, paranoid and lovers of gossip.
We can't expect change without being part of the change.
9:35 am est 


I reread what Ms. Trudy Vermehren wrote and it reads as
though she wrote it all, but I'm told I'm mistaken. Sorry for
the mistake.  F.Y.I. It certainly is a coincidence that I write how
40 B can build without regulatory oversight ect. and the next thing
you know there is a detailed blog about my house and its cost and its
resale price and how I can sell it and invest the money ect. ect. And
then, a week later,  the webmaster's tax return is distributed after
reading all of this inuenndo regarding his income etc. (You know...I
bet it is the guys at the wharf doing all of this--as I write with my
tongue  pressed again my cheek).

Michael Rogovsky
9:32 am est 

Town in Crisis,

As I read through the blog I find a lot of good information and a lot
of misinformation and unfortunate personal attacks. But after weeding
out the trash it is clear that the town is in need of some serious
help. There are a lot of behind the scenes(sketchy) deals that have
gone on for years(so what else is new in politics). What makes it a
crisis now is the bad economy and years of mismanagement finally
catching up.

The only way to begin to sort it all out is by having an unbiased,
uninvolved third party come in and audit the past couple year's books
and records to see what's going on. The selectmen and town manager
should welcome such an exercise if they have nothing to hide.

Let's get the facts on the table, make sure we have checks and
balances in our government to quickly identify abuse, and put a plan
in place to being to fix our woes. Mudslinging and personal attacks
do nothing but make the problems worse and pit neighbor against

I understand this site was set up to help bring fresh ideas and
solutions to a struggling town. Come on people, step up and make a
positive contribution.

9:26 am est 

What can I say!

Better Than the Banner

      This Blog is just better than the Banner. There
is more information, more analysis on town issues than I find in the
local paper. There's some good investigative reporting on these pages.

     Congratulations to those of you who Blog here. You're a great
resource and a help in trying to understand how we now find ourselves
in many predicaments.

     I understand much more about Provincetown than I ever did before
this web site existed.

     Grateful For the Ideas
12:23 am est 

Water, Water Everywhere But Not A Drop to Drink

     Thanks for the information about the wells. How do we get a
realistic assessment of our water problems? And if the wells are
being contaminated with salt, how serious a problem does our town and
each of us face with water? And if we face water shortages, why isn't
this addressed upfront? We readily discuss extra gallons but we don't
readily discuss the true shortages and the actual dilemma
Provincetown faces.

     And if water is so crucial an issue, why isn't water a prime
concern in large developments like that at the old Nelson Horse Farm?
Why wouldn't the precariousness of water limit these huge
developments and force the Malone developments to be re-scaled,
re-sized and re-assessed?

     These huge developments put our water at risk. Yet its impact on
all of us and our delicate water situation never seems to surface.
Nor is water used to evaluate, as it should be, the viability of such
out-of-scale and over-taxing housing projects.

     Time to get a real assessment of our future water situation.
Time to say no to all large developments, until we know exactly what
our future water situation will be. Doesn't this just make sense!

     H2O, Not To GO
12:21 am est 

NO Raises For Deval Patrick and Many in His Administration

     When serious budget issues face a city, those who lead must take
action. Deval Patrick is cutting his raise and those of many in his
administration in order to reduce the deficit.

     Here's a model Provincetown could follow. NO RAISES for town
manager and all department heads. Step up to the plate and make the
sacrifice. Freeze all raises for one year.

     Or, if not, let's go for an UNDERRIDE. If the BOS and Finance
Committee can't really make surgical cuts, then we, as town voters,
can place an UNDERRIDE on the Warrant.

     Maybe $150,000 UNDERRIDE or a $200,000 UNDERRIDE. The
patient--our town-- is in critical jeopardy. We can perform the
necessary surgery--if others refuse to do so.

     Let me know what you think.

     Red Bowl
12:19 am est 

Connect the Dots for Sunday PACC Meeting

Yes, a copy of Connect the Dots will be available at your
request at this Sunday's PACC meeting.

       Thank you for asking for the "Dots."

       Looking forward to seeing you there at Fanizzi's Sunday at 4:30p.m.
12:17 am est 

I've Never Seen a Larger Conflict of Interest!

At what point is the Attorney General going to get a report
about all of this that's going on? I've never seen a larger conflict
of interest then Jerry Anathan and Cass Bensen's project so
"connected" to town government. There needs to be an investigation
ASAP. Has anything considered calling the Ethic's Committee at the
12:15 am est 

Trudy Vermehren, Another One On Teddy's Payroll

I love Trudy's response about how wonderful Ted Malone is although I
can't sense anything objective there. I don't work for Ted Malone, I
don't benefit from anything Ted Malone does, he doesn't have me in
his pocket in any that being said...we need more objective
information from people who don't work for him and aren't directly
compensated from his CHR "group".

I'd like to see all developers following the rules and not sneaking
things by because they have enough people on payroll, or even worse
select board members on payroll. It's not right.



Webmaster Comment: Ms Vermehren has stated that she does not work for Mr. 
                                  Malone nor does she live in Provincetown.
12:08 am est 

Are the Selectmen reviewing How Departments Work?

In reading the blog and the issue with septic systems, is it time to
reorganize the health department?

We should look for a health agent that will enforce the laws. For that
matter, why do we have two health inspectors?

Towns much larger than ours do very well with just one inspector.
Some of our neighboring towns have only a part time inspector.

I work part time in the food service industry and I see that our
restaurant health inspections are done by the county.

We also should get anyone off the board of health who is a developer.

What gives here?

Scrambled Eggs and Bacon
12:06 am est 

Mr. Rogovsky,

No, I didn't write Don't Shoot the Messenger. I wrote Dear Don't
Shoot the Messenger, in response to the former.
I am not an employee of Ted Malone. I do not live in affordable
housing. In fact, I don't even live in Provincetown.
I have nothing to do with other's tax returns. Your "no comment" means what?
Really, do people behave like this and think it would fly anywhere
else in the world?

Ms. Vermehren
12:02 am est 


With so  many selectmen involved financially with so many projects in
town, why don' they do the right thing and simply recuse themselves
from the discussion and retain some dignity for themselves and the
board? It's just the right thing to do.
12:00 am est 

With All the Water use Restriction in Place,.......

.......why not one
that regulates the amnount of new customers to the system each year.
That way, projects like Malones out atNelsons won't be such a huge
burden on the system and gobble up so much available water. Rehabs to
existing homes that are already on the system would be ok but new
places using more water than current should be regulated according to
their usage.
11:58 pm est 

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

To: Thank you Ms. Avelier

First off, It was quite an easy task for Ms. Aveliar to tell us about
the selectmens meeting and its agenda. But do you know..she has been
involved with Provincetown politics for decades, so she is part of
the problem and not our solutions. She was hand in hand with Keith
Bergman, she is his realtor, trying to sell his condo so she is like
the rest of the selectman. She works for Jerry Anathan from
Provincetown Realty Group with Cass Benson and the Sandy Hill
Project. We need to get ride of most of these selectman. Austin
Knight is the only one who is objective and not part of incestiuos
"sick family" of selectman.

Ptown Most of my life
8:28 pm est 

From the Horses Mouth

These are water use restrictions listed in the Town Web Site

Water Use Restrictions
The following restrictions are in effect from June 1 through October
1 in each calendar year:
No lawn sprinklers
No soaker hoses
No power washing
No hydro seeding
No washing of vehicles (except emergency and sanitation vehicles)
No filling or curing of swimming pools
Violators are subject to fines and termination
of water service.

Hardly the things that are imposed upon a community that has an
adequate water supply! Smoke and mirrors to us from Facts Are Just.

We need to watch future development because when a community stops
you from watering your lawn or washing your car, its because they do
not have sufficient water. We need whats left for fire fighting.

Sparky's Dalmation
8:21 pm est 

To Facts are Just on the Water Issue

The water stystem is failing in that the wells are getting old and
constantly need repair. The wells at Knowles Crossing are a prime
example. Salt is coming into the wells from somewhere and thats not
good. And I don't know if you've heard the latest from the DPW but
the water in the wells at the air force base is going sour, a big
contributor to the water system.

The websites you offer are nice and that's how the town wants you to see
it but the facts lie beneath the surface. Now the town is in negotiations with
Truro about new wells. This can't be good for water rates in the future. Someone has to
drill the wells and lay pipe and monitor them. Bigger system, bigger
costs. All is not well with the wells
8:17 pm est 

The Question of Legitiamte Fees

Mass. General Law, Chapter 40, Section 22F; which was accepted by
vote under Article 16 of the April 1, 1996 Annual Town Meeting,
provides that:

Any municipal board or officer empowered to issue a
license, permit, certificate, or to render a service or perform work
for a person or class of persons, may, from time to time, fix
reasonable fees for all such licenses, permits, or certificates
issued pursuant to statutes or regulations wherein the entire
proceeds of the fee remain with such issuing city or town, and may
fix reasonable charges to be paid for any services rendered or work
performed by the city or town or any department thereof, for any
person or class of persons; provided, however, that in the case of a
board or officer appointed by an elected board, the fixing of such
fee shall be subject to the review and approval of such elected board.

The fee charged must mirror the service or it is a tax!
The Town can factor in extranious costs associated with the permut
such as heat, light and power.

8:14 pm est 

To Dear Ms. Trudy Vermehren,..........

...........employee of Mr.Ted Malone and
Community Housing Resource for eleven years and the author of the
statement entitled,"Don't shoot the messenger" regarding the printing
and distribution of the webmaster's tax returns into people's mail
boxes: no comment.


Michael Rogovsky
8:12 pm est 


8:09 pm est 

Dear Don't Shoot the Messenger,

I'm calling for some transparency here.
I've worked with Ted Malone and Community Housing Resource for over
eleven years now. I don't work exclusively for CHR but I do work
closely with Ted and his company.
I've just recently logged on to this site to read the commentary I've
been hearing about. I'm stunned that so many have bought into such a
wild conspiracy theory, as if suddenly the complete and utter
downfall of Provincetown is the sole responsibility of developers of
affordable housing. Worse still is the backbiting and sniping that
goes on, even about the "webmaster" himself. But I digress...
I'm here about your claim that Ted's "people" went around at night
and distributed copies of  the webmaster's tax returns? Did I read it
Are you serious or just trying to raise a little dust?
You don't know me, you don't know Ted, you don't know his employees, you
haven't a clue of the character of those you so easily smear.
What you've said here is defamatory and hurtful.
I, for one, will stand behind Ted. He has done so much for so many in
this town, residents and artists alike.
And here is my contribution to transparency, should you decide to
send an investigator to question my whereabouts on any given night
(or day), my name is Trudy Vermehren and my phone number is 349-1639.
Feel free to call me for a chat; I'll give you any information I can
and I won't even make you say your name.
5:28 pm est 

Thank you, Selectman Avellar......

......for taking the time to post
these two important public hearings tonight on this blog even though
they have been properly posted!

yours in good government
5:24 pm est 

I'm Almost Afraid to Ask.........

........but what are Economic Development
permits? scared and shivvverrrrring
5:17 pm est 

What a Shame!

I learned about shout out less than two weeks ago and now I
read that the web master's tax records were printed out and put in
people's mail boxes? What a shame. No one is dictating to me what I
should write. I'm new to all of this overwhelming information that
I'm reading about; learning how people are being treated and how some
are afraid to sign their names because of retribution. And now this
tax information distribution--what a crying shame.

Michael Rogovsky
5:14 pm est 

Clarence Thank You.......
..........for all the work you have done to
create this forum which hopefully will lead to some positive change
in our community. I might not always agree with your public
statements or positions but, I respect that you stand up and
challenge the status quo.

Neither friend nor family member
2:15 pm est 

To the Editor:

  The selectmen are holding two public hearings tonight, February
20,for the following reasons only:

  1. At 5:oo p.m. to receive comments regarding the criteria for
Economic Development Permits; and

  2. At 6:00  p.m. to receive comments from the public regarding the
police chief search.

  These are the only topics open for discussion tonight. Should the
public have other concerns, the selectmen will be meeting Monday,
February 25, at 6:00 p.m. where public statements is the second item
on the agenda.

Mary-Jo Avellar

Webmaster Comment: Mrs. Avellar is Chairman of the Provincetown Board of

2:11 pm est 

Will "Connect the Dots" Please Print Out What You Posted?
Will you  bring a written letter to the meeting on Suday which I can
sign and then send it to the Attorney General's office? I don't think
that we need to write a collective letter at the meeting..or can we
just write our own and then you mail it with yours? I want to bring
Michael Rogovsky's letter from the banner and include it--I've have
copies. The more signatures the better.

Ready to sign
1:59 pm est 

So This is What Provincetown has Come to for the Locals

I was born in Provincetown but moved out west. No one
helped my parents to buy their house and they worked hard and never
took fancy vacations. They had to sell their house because the taxes
were going up and up every year--and this was years ago.

Isn't it sad that there are folks here telling people that the
elderly have choices: a reverse mortgage or putting a compromising
their house to get a tax break. Reverse mortgages should be a last

So this is what Provincetown has come to for the locals: we
used to argue about the east or west end of town as being better--now
its whether to get a reverse mortgage or put a lien on your house.
How Sad. Oh, but make sure that the rest of the world can live in
Provincetown on affordable housing.

A native transported west
1:56 pm est 

Please Come Forward With More Information

I talked to Maxine on Tuesday about the Building Department
permit Fees, and asked if she knew if they had been advertised
correctly. As it turns out, she said that several other contractors
had been coming into the Department complaining about the high fees
and asking about the advertisement. She did not have any proof that
they had been advertised, but she did suggest to those contractors
that they do some research of there own by going to the Banner and
looking through past issues. Maxine was able to give them a rough
start date and when those guys did look they found an ad saying that
the new fees had been accepted.

So, yes, the new fees had been advertised correctly.

That brings us to the next few questions about this department.

On Wed 2-6 someone posted the following.

2. Massachusetts General Laws prohibit fee charges for services which
exceed the actual cost of providing such service. Such excessive fee
changes are considered an unauthorized tax and are thus prohibited by

The new Building Commissioner is totally out of control. He recently
published, without approval, a new permitting fee application form.

State Law requires all permitting fee application forms to be
approved by the State Board of Building Regulations and Standards; he
is either ignorant of the law or he is scoffing at it.

Can the writer of this post please give us specific information as to
what laws he is talking about?

On Sunday, 2-10 someone posted the following

Exorbitant Fees!

It is my understanding that Permit Fees are limited by law to the
amount it cost a department to provide the service (no profit).

Current Building Permit Fees represent an increase of over 100% and
in some cases 200% in comparison to 2003 fees, which is the date
still referred to by the Town Clerk public posting. The increase was
made with no justification, which is totally illegal.

By law, Fees are limited to the cost of the service provided; because
it would otherwise be an unauthorized (no town vote) tax. All fees
collected by the Building Department must be used for the furtherance
of departmental operations and cannot be swept into the General Fund,
as was done by the former Town Manager. Is this still being done?

Just the Facts

Can the writer of this post please give us some facts to back up the
claims made in this post?

If you guys think that these statements are true, please come forward
with more information, i.e. the exact Ma. Law you are referring to,
as I would like to look into this myself.

Peter Page
1:53 pm est 

Bloggers Unite!

A few points and questions on the last few posings.

1 Why don't we let our local contractors bid on all of this
affordable housing? All the workers for these projects are from out
of town, way out, some of them. Nothing like sharing your wealth here?

2. Do state and federal subsidized projects have to go out to bid so
our money is properly spent?

3. 6 Sandy Hill Lane and use of Town Funding. Did that project go out
to bid and were prevailing wage rates paid the workers? If the job,
paid for with our money did not go out to bid so the best responsbile
contractor could be found, why not?

Who from the Town monitors the
money spent so money is not being washed. Is it the assistant Town
Manager? Friends, we are talking $732,000 of our money. Lets see the
receipts before any final money is paid out. Is the fox in the

4. I know that new and major renovation projects that go before the
Zoning Board require that the applicant show that they can place a
septic system on site, complying with Title 5, regarless of the
applicant hooking up to Town Sewer.

Many projects are derailed because of this requirement.Why was that
requirements waived for Mr. Malone's project on Nelson Ave? It was also
waived for Sandy Hill and if the system fails at Sandy Hill (its in an old cellar
hole), who is going to pay to fix it or hook up to a sewer that is not there to
hook up to?

I think state building and health laws require that no one occupy a new or
substanially rebuilt struture unless the project complies with all current applicable
What the heck is going on here? The developer makes a quick hit and we are left
holding the bag for shoddy work. Where is our "independent" health and building
inspectors on this? They are supposed to follow the law and do what is right.
The respecto-meter is low with them on this issue.

Let the applicants who were denied permits to build because they
could not meet Title 5 go back to the Zoning Board and get their
permits. Good for one, Good for all.

5.How much of our housing stock is considered low imcome? If we are
at 10%, a 40B project can be sumarily denied. Can someone find out
from the Town Manager?

6. Is one of our Selectman on the payroll of Sandy Hill? Does the
Board of Selectmen normally act as consultants for private business
and hawk their goods at town meetings?

Why is one of our Selectman such a rabid advocate for the former building
commissioner that was forced out of office? We got rid of him. We do not
want him back in any form. He was and is a developer and could care less
for the Town.

This Selectmen and the former building commissioner and the Sandy
Hill people all socialize together. At this election, lets get rid of
one of the Selectmen that appears to be working for her friends and
not the citizens of PT.

Center Board Up and its Windy
1:40 pm est 


I hope you  fine citizens of Provincetown understand that you are
allowing your wonderful Web Master to guide you into disaster just as
                                                          .  He needs to
worry                                                                      .  He has
succeeded in pitting people against each other and spreading gossip. 
Further more, he picks and chooses what to print and what not to
print even though it meets his guidelines.  He will not print
anything about himself but has pleasure in spreading gossip around
about others.  He has since found out that what ever he blacked out
could be viewed by a simple double click.  Your not so smart are you
Clarence.  A more beneficial web site would be that of a more
courteous nature and a signature at the end of your comments so
people will be held accountable for them and will not be able to
blatantly lie.  I believe most of the comments are from the Web
Master, his family, and friends.  Who would know?  Do you think mayb!e
you could print this one this time?
1:30 pm est 


Thanks for printing what I wrote earlier the citizens of
provincetown should know what people they but on boards
1:23 pm est 

Don't Shoot the Messenger!!!!

I wonder how many of us received the mass mailing of the webmasters
supposed tax records ? I talked to friends from the east end to the
west end.

While some not all received this letter, which was put in
our mail boxes by hand in the cover of night as not to be seen. To
much for one person to hand out, but not to much for the stephord
Malone minions !! Who seem to be circling their waggons to protect
their savior.

To the people behind this , WHO CARES WHAT HIS PRIOR
TAX RECORDS ARE ! they have nothing to do with this website and they
do not effect the trouble our town is in .

Which you must not be able
to wrap your simple mind around. This is a site for people to air
their opinions about town government and the people in it....
"remember free speach" You must be trying to protect someone who's
been called on their dealings..... well TO LATE there is blood in the
water and the sharks are circling....

For far to long the people of provincetown have lived in fear of
retribution from every department in town hall. we've been lied to
and deceived by most all of them..

So I hope there are petitions to sign and send to the AG'S office at
the pacc only takes 25 signatures to put something on
the warrant....
1:21 pm est 

I Sent an E-mail to Mary Jo Avellar and to Austin Knight.......
.......asking them to read the "connect the dots" was too much for me to
try to type out. I know that they are extremely busy, but I hope that
they will read it before the meeting.

Michael Rogovsky
1:18 pm est 

A couple of FYI's

Even though the Meadows project was a 40B, Ted Malone put a larger
percentage of affordable housing units there than was necessary for a
40B project.  that should be acknowledged as he is being vilified

the CPC funds GIVEN to gulls nest was indeed borrowed money and
interest is accruing on it.  at payoff it will cost 1.1 million.

the gulls nest project (some might say scam) was planned and thought
out by the developers.  it was never put out to bid because it was
and is a private development.  but now the precedent from the cpc has
been set.  all those other developers can now make money just like
they did.  find a piece of crap property that could never be sold
otherwise, babble on about affordable housing, get the cpc to
gratefully and enthusiastically give you our money and within a few
short months, you too can make a decent 20% profit.  of course, you'd
also have to make sure you have all the correct people sitting on
town boards to make it all come together.

something is SO wrong here.
1:13 pm est 

Let us not forget from whence we came...

"Governments derive... their just powers from the consent

of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government

becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the

People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new

Government. But when a long train of abuses and

usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces

a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism,

(absolute power or influence of any kind) it is their

right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and

to provide new Guards for their future security."

-- US Declaration of Independence
1:08 pm est 

To:Mr. Webmaster
- Cuba seems to be short one leader; (or is
that one short leader?) maybe you should submit an application for
the vacant position? Take some of your PACC writers along with you,
they'd make a nice staff! Talk about swimming with sharks!


Che Guevara
1:05 pm est 

There Have Been Numerous Incorrect Assertions That Provincetown's Water Supply is Failing.....
........and over-taxed. First, it isn't (see You
can also find water quality reports at:

The MA Dept of Environmental Protection requires Provincetown to
develop a redundant water supply and to stop relying on year-to-year
grants of water access by the CC National Seashore. Due to leak
discovery and plugging, more water-efficient building codes, and
economic trends water usage is trending downward as the chart shows.

It would trend downward even faster if the many town-water based,
illegal automated lawn/garden watering systems throughout town were
eliminated. This would also make us much more credible in our
negotiations with Truro and free up more water for affordable
housing. It would be nice if this could be done without asking
everyone to be informants/snitches on each other.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong on any of the above.

Facts are Just
12:57 pm est 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To the Blog Readers

If the connect the dots information is accurate, I believe that one
thing on the meeting agenda for Sunday is a developing a lengthly
letter to the Attorney General outlining all known instances of
conflict of interest with our government.

It looks like legally there is not a quorum for the Selectmen to vote
on many issues because everyone is tied into everyone, but they vote
on them anyway.

I remember during the last election that some of the candidates
wanted an outside review of our accounts. Some of these people were
elected. The new Town Manager wanted that too when she came on board.
Now, all is quiet on the Western Front.

This makes an outside review of all aspects of Town government all
the more critical.

We may be a good candidate for receivership so we can clean house of
any incompetent or dishonest person and get our accounts in order.

I think it may be time that we also assess what we pay for our annual
legal fees and look at the hire of a full-time attorney to work for
the Town. When I say full time, I mean in an office at Town Hall and
he/she be prohibited from any outside work.

The Left Rudder

12:55 pm est 


I called the Cape Cod Commission regarding Ted Malone's
project regarding its status before the CCC should it become a 40B
project,then he no longer has to go before the Cape Cod Commission.

**I also asked about the monolith that towers where the dairy queen
used to be because I thought that projects needed 60 percent of the
surface to be pervious surface. I would need to go to the local
zoning board to find out the answer.

FYI. There is a great deal of discontent with the way that 40B is
structured now. There was even a repeal act I believe.  40 B is in
the process of being reviewed. I believe that it behooves us to put a
moratorium on future building until these 40 B is revamped and 

Michael Rogovsky
12:53 pm est 

Correct Me if I am Wrong But........

I don't think there is any
interest on the $700,000+ from the CPC funds that went to Sandy Hill
project. CPC had the money and did not take a loan and therefore
there is no interest.

12:50 pm est 

You Can Close Your Eyes

If you find that there is too much vitriol, you can
turn away. You can close your eyes. You can face the sea.

12:46 pm est 

Dear "just the facts"...

Would be nice if you could do just that....stick to the facts. every
single item listed in your long winded (yawn!) diatribe is hear-say
and not at all sticking to any concrete facts!

"paying attention here and not willing to listen to gossip"
12:44 pm est 

Please Give me the True Facts so I Can Send an E-mail

For example:

Dear Ms. Mary Jo Avelar (here is my e-mail)
It has been brought to my attention that Mr. Taylor should not be put
into any appointed regulatory positions due to the following reason:

1. ect. 2.ect. 3. ect. If you, Ms. Avellar, would please go to PACC
and read "connect the dots" you will understand my concern. Is there
any merit to these charges? Can your vote stand the white hot
interrogation spotlight if information needs to be sent to the
attorney general's office regarding improprieties I've been reading
about on Shout out?

If you have evidence that contradicts what is written here, Please post
it for all of us to read. I am searching for the truth (the e-mail will be
sent to all of the selectmen)

Thank you,

Michael Rogovsky
12:41 pm est 

Send The Selectmen an E-Mail

If we can't go to the selectmen's meeting wednesday
night--can we all send them e-mails that express our views that must
be read at the meeting? Yes or no? If yes, then get crackin'.

Michael Rogovsky
12:34 pm est 

I Have a Question:

How is it that Jerry Anathan and Cass Benson got the taxpayer's
money to do this project? Golden Hammer, John Lisbon, Sea Level
Construction are a few other builders/constrcution companies that
have been in town for years--did they bid on this project too?

 The party is over

12:30 pm est 

Fairy Dust

     I'd like to know what kind of fairy dust The Hitchcock
Sisters, David Gardner and Health Agent Jane sprinkled over the
failed Title V at 6 Sandy Hill? I bet there are other property owners
who would love to get the formula.

      The current buyers are investing their hard earned savings in good faith.
They deserve the security knowing the monies earmarked for the Title
V upgrade be placed in that escrow account as pledged.

      The Taxpayers also have a vested interest in this project. Our
investment must be managed as agreed. Escrow account for Title V!

12:07 pm est 

Dear Common Goal,

Thank you for your caring, thoughtful blog. I agree with you that
"Shout Out" should be a place for discussion and finding solutions.

The people of Provincetown have finally realized that making change
is not someone else's job. If we all do our part, think logically,
act intelligently and not jump to conclusions, we can change our town
for the better.

Peace to all my neighbors.
12:04 pm est 

Dot to Dot

      This is developing into a most tangled web of "politcal
incest", lubercated hands and inappropriate use of power and position.
      The scarey fact is, the spider has just begun to weave. Stay
tuned for more tangles.
11:59 am est 

What Will be Will be

What words of profound truth "Old Whippersnapper" has
written here. What an eye opener of information "check the Charter"
reveals--it makes the head spin!

It is nice to be applauded for signing my name while other's attack
me because they can't respond to an argument--they can only attack me
personally. It reflects more on them than it does me I believe.

Look at the repercussions when I sign my name; I can readily understand
why someone won't sign their name to a blog if the people about whom they
write have any power over them.

On Sunday, I was invited onto the property next to Ted Malone's
Nelson Avenue site. I'm happy to report that, from what I can see,
the beautiful wetland valley bordering RT 6 and his property hasn't
been touched; it is still an Oasis of gentle charm.

Gaskill's nursery is another spot of charm on the other side of his
property and in the summer, it is a mere bit of landscaped grace that
charms and delights the eye. Regarding its destiny: what will be will

Michael Rogovsky
11:57 am est 

I'm Hoping to See Change in 2008

I can't help but wonder about these shots at the Webmaster
and at anyone who raises an eyebrow at what's really going on in this
town. Now I realize some still believe this is a fishing village and
not a tourist town, but things on here are beginning to smell a bit.
I'm starting to wonder if these personal attacks on the Webmaster and
against anyone on here who is questioning what's going on with Malone
happen to sit on the BOS or town management. I can't help but wonder
if one of these people could actually work for Malone? This is
clearly a tourist town, but it's starting to smell a little "fishy"
around here most recently.

I applaud the mypacc Webmaster for taking the initiative to inspire
change and get conversation going to make improvements. If some
underhanded deals, violations of the town charter and even a hint of
conflict of interest surface in the process, perhaps those involved
should have known better in the first place.

In the past year this town has seen some pretty sad moments. From a
town employee that fabricated his way into his position, to the
select person who supported his efforts and even helped him set up a
website to distribute his frabications online. From a police
department that makes headlines across America beating up a
vertically challenged disc jockey for "allegedly" disturbing the
peace to arsons spreading across town putting fear in nearly every

I'm hoping to see change in 2008. We need to clean up our act and fix
this mess. If it requires an overhaul of the BOS and town officials,
even the town manager if necessary...lets get it done.
11:52 am est 

Here are A Few More Connect the Dots

      Dot Number 9: Jerry Anathan is co-developer with Cass Benson,
on the 6 Sandy Hill Lane project that received the $732,000 CPC
monies. Jerry Anathan publicly admits in March 2007 that the septic
system is a failed system and requests an administrative consent
order (ACO) needed  to begin constructing the project. Now with the
development almost complete, Anathan now fights against puting
$70,000 in escrow funds to protect the prospective Sandy Hill buyers
if and when the system totally fails.

      Dot Number 10: Michelle Couture (also Dot 5) attends the
October 2, 2007 Community Preservation Committee and on her own
initiative brings with her Town manager Sharon Lynn and Ron Gamella
from DPW. Not formally invited, Couture introduces Ron Gamella and
she asks Gamella to speak to the time line of the sewer connection.
Then Couture tells CPC that she feels that flow is flow and that the
intent was the same whether monies were allocated for Title V or
sewer hookup. Then Couture advocates for Anathan and Benson that they
should be allowed to use the monies not for the upgrade of the Title
V but for the sewer hookup where the developers will get back this

      Dot Number 11: CPC members state, at the October 2, 2007
meeting, that the language of the Grant cannot be changed without
approval of citizens at Town Meeting. The Grant was written to deal
only with Title V monies and not for sewer hookup. CPC believe their
interpretation requires the monies to be placed in escrow funds to
protect the affordable housing buyers.

      Dot Number 12:  The CPC, at the October 9, 2007 meeting, move
to draft a letter to the Chair of the BOS to clarify the position of
the BOS vis-à-vis the role of individual BOS members (Coutures
appearance) at the October 2nd meeting.

      Specifically, 1- The CPC requests the BOS to respond to whether
the member (Michelle Couture) was the authorized agent to appear
before the CPC 2- Does the individual Selectman (Michelle Couture) 
have the authority to schedule department directors and the Town
Manager to go before a board for further consideration of an
agreement?  3- Must an individual member of the BOS appearing at a
meeting  (Michelle Couture) qualify themselves as representing
personal opinions not as the Board? 4- Can an individual board member
(Michelle Couture) have unilateral authority to request the CPC to alter its
terms and conditions of an agreement? 5- If the above situation has occurred,
does the BOS consider that action to be a violation of its own code
of ethics and/or the Massachusetts conflict of interest law?

The CPC approves sending this letter to the BOS Chair by a vote of  5-0.

      Dot Number 13: Assistant Town Manager David Gardner this week
tells CPC members that both the local health agent and the town
counsel have said that developers Anathan and Benson are in
compliance with Title V septic requirements and the $70,000 can be
used to pay for the sewer connection fee. Gardner then tells CPC that
the Selectmen have the authority to override the CPC on this decision.

      Dot Number 14: Health Agent Jane Evans was initially involved
in granting the ACO to 6 Sandy Hill Lane and acknowledged that the
system was in technical failure. Since there is less than the
required 4 feet between the bottom of the leach pit and the estimated
top of the water table this puts this system in technical failure.
Jane Evans is the town liaison on the Board of Health.

      Dot number 15: Jerry Anathan is a member of the Board of Health
and her Boards town liaison, Jane Evans, is the key person now
certifying that the Sandy Hill Lane septic system is presently
working properly and in full compliance with the Title 5 Septic
system requirements. Evans is the same health agent who last year
certified that this same system required an ACO and was in technical

      Dot Number 16: Board of Selectmen may vote this week on
overriding the CPC. Consider the members: Michelle Couture has
already insinuated herself and tried to convince CPC that they can
change the grant as written because she knows that flow is flow and
can bypass the language of the  grant and how town members voted. Pam
Parmakian works for Ted Malone and Malones company is now the
property manager for 6 Sandy Hill Lane.  Mary-Jo Avellar works for
Provincetown Realty Group, a company owned by Jerry Anathan. All
three, given their conflict of interest, must rescuse themselves.
This leaves Austin Knight and Lynn Davies as the only two who,
without conflict of interest, should be voting to override or not to
override the powers and legal responsibilities of the Community
Preservation Committee.

       Now a return to Dot 1:  Cass Benson, as co-developer of  Sandy
Hill Lane and co-developer Jerry Anathan, will either keep the
$70,000 as part of their profit, if the monies are used for the future
sewer hookup, or they will be required to put the $70,000 in an escrow
account to protect the affordable housing buyers in case the system
fully fails. The outcome rests with the BOS, if they do or do not
vote to usurp the duties and legal authority of the CPC and the grant
as written.

      In either case, Cass Benson and Gerry Anathan will still have
received $732,000 and with the town paying the interest for years on
these monies, a total of $1.3 million-give or take $70,000!
12:59 am est 

Check the Charter

A person living elsewhere, yet owning a property in town, can in some
towns, hold a position on a local board where they own property.
Check the charter, something I would hope the TM would do and the
selectmen should know before the meeting. Taylor on a local
regulatory board would be a disaster not to mention the baggage he
and lovey have.
12:49 am est 

Make Your Demands Known!

Please go to the Selectmans meeting on Wednesday night and demand
that Mr. Taylor not be put in any appointed position in Town.

Just what was written in the blog conect the dots article should
prompt the Town to check and see if Mr. Taylor issued any building
permits or favorable zoning opinions to Cassandra Benson when he got
the sweetheart deal on his Alden Street property. He should have had
an outside commissioner issue any permits to Ms Benson if he did
issue any.

Shame on the selectman who is his water carrier and thought little of
the historc character of the Town so her developer/commissioner
friend could make a quick hit in tearing down a historic structure so
a new larger than life structure could be built. She would never
notice it from her apartments as i would on a daily basis as I live

The Town voted for Historic Districts and our elected officials
should advocate for what laws we vote to be enacted.

Lets all get jobs with the Town so we can get cut in on some good
development deals!

Also, does Mr. Taylor live in Brewster or Provincetown as reported in
the connect the dots story? Someone should check with the Brewster
Assessor and see if he is declaring his house there as his primary
residence and where he gets his tax bill sent to? Someone should
check with the Brewster Town Clerk and see if he is or ever was
registered as a voter there too. Sine this issue had surfaced,the
selectmen should ask our Police Chief and our Town Clerk to verify
where Mr. Taylor is considered a resident. Maybe look at his 2006 and
2007 IRS filings. Sign an IRS 4506 Form Mr. Taylor so we can see
where you really live.

Too much baggage with the sexual harrassment case, conflict of
interest issues and him working in buildings that he issued building
permits out on.

Too many sneaky things going on with this guy and his friends. Some
of his friend aledgedly represent us.

Question: Does the Town Manager screen applicants that want to be on
Town Boards? Who does a background check? I can't volunteer at my
church unless I have a CORI check done. Do we check anything?? We
could have Jack the Ripper or the Great Ponzi on one of our Boards
and not know it until it is too late.

The Left Rudder
11:17 pm est 

To Hide Behind The Curtains And Your Wifes Skirts

Boy, how low can you go with going to the Registry of Deeds and
looking up information on who you perceive to be your enemies.
Who knows their way around the Registry of Deeds? A developer looking
for deals? One and one equals two.

Steam roll anyone that gets in your way!
You must have no mirrors in your house so you don't have to look at
yourself in the morning!

The persons you are taking stabs at are not using our money and laws
to make money.
How nasty!
Shrimp Filet
11:09 pm est 

Monday, February 18, 2008

Affordable Housing for Familes - HA!

I have looked at some of the affordable housing built in Town the
last few years.The units are like animal cages, they are so small!

How can one expect families to live in the ONE BEDROOM units being built?
As far as looking at a full time fire department, how can a fireman/firewomen
and thier family expect to live in a one bedroom affordable house? They neeed
decent sized space to live in.

Police officers make too much money to qualify for affordable housing
and even with what they make, they cannot afford market rate housing
in Town. They live farther away where you can get bang for your buck
and a yard too for the kids to play in.

The Old Whippersnapper
9:01 pm est 

To: Otherwise I'll Shut Up and Read

I respect your opinion, however your remarks are not borne
out by the facts. You have failed to address most of the particulars
I raised regarding Mr. Malone.

As to whether or not Mr. Malone has followed the due process this
will be determined, hopefully, by the proper authorities; and I don't
mean Provincetown.

Please keep up the dialog.

Thank you,

Just the Facts
8:48 pm est 

Common Goal: Bettering our Community for Everyone!

I'd like to applaud those people who print their names here.  It adds
some consistency to their blogging and it does take some guts
exposing yourself to the pack of pacc.  Printing anonymously is nice
also because it allows people to focus on what is being said rather
than analyzing the content of the post based on who's saying it. 
Having said that... I do not know Mr. Rogovosky personally and only
know what he has volunteered to us here.  I have certainly not agreed
with everything he has said, but he has been curteous to me in any
"discussion" we've had on this board.

My feeling is that we should embrace people who are working toward
"fixing" Provincetown.  Some of the fixes people propose may be good,
may be bad or whatever, but I think it's great to see ideas coming
forth.  Let's not waste our time worrying about the past and who did
and did not contribute to government.  People shouldn't have to
justify why/how they own their homes or how much they work.  We'll
never move forward if we continue to focus our energy on the past.

Now, someone here asked for some positive suggestions for bettering the town.

   1.  Forgive people's mistakes.  Any legal action aside, we have to
put any personal grudges aside to stride forward.  We're in a crisis
and must unite!

    2.   Thinking in the future, for when the inevitable may have to
happen.  I'd like to see the High School building stay provided we
can make use of the space.  Maybe a theater group can use the
auditorium.  Town Hall Offices can use space during renovations (or
even move some crammed spaces there permanently).  Recreation may
even be able to move into the lower level with the full basketball
court, locker rooms, music area and art/culinary section... (freeing
up the current Rec Center).  Maybe even some CCCC satelite or
off-site courses could take place with some open classroom space.

    3.  Perhaps we can come up with a weekly themed parade of some
sort which can be held every week in town during the summer months. 
It'd be a little something for tourists to look forward to and not
something as lengthy as the Carnival Parade and/or 4th but an
abbreviated type of thing.  Perhaps this could even be a child-themed
event where kids can dress up like they would for Halloween, but it'd
be based on the theme.  If this proved successful, it could be
elaborated on in future years and maybe even maybe (gasp) fireworks
could become weekly in the summer (ala a mini Disney World). (stuff
like the pet parade we already do, maybe a street performer parade, a
pajama day parade, a bicycle day parade - promoting a greener
Provincetown.... just some quick thoughts)

     4.  I'm not sure how the income levels are determined for
affordable housing, and I thought it was through the state at fixed
levels....  There is a problem with the program though as many local
workers make just enough to NOT qualify for affordable (median even)
housing.  If they did, the mortgages would most likely be more than
what they are spending for their rental units.  There's a catch with
the system which can be discouraging for some people.  They make too
much for 'affordable' housing but not enough to ever buy in the
regular local real estate market.  I'd imagine this may have been the
problem at the Sandy Hill Lane project and their inability to fill
all the spaces.

      5.  I'd also like to see the Banner to a "Citizen of the Week"
story.  It may be a fun way to get to know each other a little
better.  The idea would be to add a little fun and positive info to a
paper that sometimes just seems to have bad news (doesn't most news
seem that way lately though...)

  ...That's all for now.  I'll keep thinking.  Until then, happy
blogging!  Let's get along!  Disgreements and arguing are great
sometimes and can be very beneficial, but I trust we can all keep it
productive and constructive so that we'll pull through the tougher

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of
comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge
and controversy. " -Martin Luther King Jr.

We're are in a time of challenge and controversy Provincetown, but...
BUT we will not be defeated!  We have to live together, work
together, shop together, drink coffee together, blog together, work
out together, worship together or whatever together...  This crisis
we are in is an excellent time for us to show our true colors and
make this dusty little town shine!  I believe we can!  The true
beauty of Provincetown lies not within the blue bay waters or the
sandy dunes;  it's not in the gorgeous properties and the nicely
landscaped yards;  it's not in the delicious stuffed lobster or the
perfectly made Clam Chowders... no, it's us - the people!  Our
acceptance of one another no matter what and our ability to see
through difference and work toward our common goal!

"Make it Work!"  -Tim Gunn

School Lunch Chat
8:25 pm est 

He Forgot!

I just read in the Banner online an article by the reporter Pru
Sowers, which reported on the Ted Malone Race Point project. It
stated that "Malone said he was taken by surprise by the move to refer
the project to the commission.While his 35-unit project, comprised of
a mix of affordable and market rate rental and homeownership
condominiums, is above the 30-unit threshold set by the commission,
he said he forgot about the ceiling until it was brought to the
zoning board of appeal's attention by assistant town manager David
Gardner earlier this week."

Can you believe it, he forgot! This is a man extremely well schooled
in working the afforable housing game from every angle. But, he

And until David Gardner was informed he seems to either not have
known the regulation or he forgot too.

Was there no one in town government that knew the regulation. This
event alone causes one to hold suspect many of the other Malone
projects that have been permitted throughout these many years. What
else was forgoten and by whom.

So give me a break, Don't ask me to view him as the well meaning
do-gooder that his minions would have you believe.This man is single
minded in his purpose, which appears to me to be  unconscionable greed.

Just as he has affonted this regulation and not to mention the other
apparent violations spelled out on Shout Out! he will continue to do
so until the people take action to put a stop to it.

I agree, the Attorney General should be brought in by a partition of
the citizens of this town.

Then we all can watch how the dots unravel.

just knitting
8:23 pm est 

TO: Just NOT the facts.

You are seriously misinformed. I'm no fan of Ted Malone, but he has
been going through the regulatory process on the Race Point Road
property for about 2 years. Site plan reviews, including road grades,
curb cuts, and he even lobbied early on for a sewer hook-up. Until he
figured out that a P-town municipal sewer hook-up makes affordable
projects infeasible.

This project has been the matter of several articles in our local
newspaper of record, as well as many legal advertisements.

If we want to go after the guy, please let's have a legitimate argument.

Otherwise I'll Shut Up and Read
8:19 pm est 

Just the facts........

--now the acts. Sunday. the articles, the
warrant, justice and fairness. Shine the light and make it right.
I'll never be deceived again with my town meeting voit.
beyond vitrol-- I'm livid.
7:40 pm est 

To Holy Smokes, Just the facts and Others,

We have options;
we CAN write a collective letter and send it to the attorney general
on down. WE CAN ALL SIGN IT. We can get the facts and bring a copy
and fine tune it and mail it out...
We have options...something is not setting off alarms! in my gut.

7:37 pm est 

Is it Beyond Everyone's Imagination.......

...... to believe that these "evil" developers have been and are currently
trying to do some GOOD for Provincetown?  They obviously have a vision
that involves trying to keep lower income people here.  These people will
do the jobs that retired and independently wealthy people will not do. Also, the
housing will provide (and have provided) homes to the older, lower
income people who have worked hard all their lives but never bought
before the boom.  Not to mention, the 10 artists who now have studios
thanks to Mr. Malone.

Is everyone so negative to think that every building that goes up is
bad for the community?  I am very concerned about protecting the
environment here, but there is a limited amount of buildable land in
Provincetown for that very reason.

Instead of more "Moors Condos", "Galeforce Condos", "West Vine
Condos" monstrocities going up without affordable housing,  doesn't
it serve the town that some affordable housing is being built? The
"evil" developers obviously didn't build affordable housing just to
get through zoning, because the above mentioned developers didn't
have much problem.  In other words, Malone, Anathan and Benson
could've made A LOT more money.

And by the way, stop with the lies, lies, lies (oh my god, the lies)
about the scam of affordable housing.  It is built everywhere (as
law) and is regulated very strongly by the state.

Are you all (aff. housing critics) so provincial to think we are the
only community dealing with these issues?  Thanks to the "evil"
developers, who had vision and the resources to help keep this town
affordable for a very few.  They may have done this to no avail, as
the town seems to be losing its soul anyway.

Trying to stay positive

7:35 pm est 


To Just the Facts
You took the words right out of my mouth
7:30 pm est 

A Broader Systemic Problem

The Ted Malone issue is indicative of a broader systemic problem. The
events which have taken place at the Race Road Development between
the developer and the abutters have merely revealed the dysfunctional
underbelly of this towns government and its too cozy relationship
with this one developer in particular.

When the abutters sort intervention by the town on their behalf they
were both ignored and declined. When the abutters appealed to the
Provenctown Health Authorities, they were rejected until they sort
the intervention of the State Department of Environmental Protection.

The DEP in contravention of the Provincetown Health Authority, ordered
Mr. Malone to remove the tons of horse manure that was on his site.
Where upon Mr. Malone instead of removing the material, buried it on
the site, which abuts wet land.

When the abutters again complained to the Provincetown Health
Authority no action was taken.

When the abutters complained about a horse being buried approximately
6-9 feet from their home the Provincetown Health Authority took no

When the abutters complained to the new Building Commissioner about a
5ft-6ft high retaining wall being built without a permit as required
by statue for all retaining walls 4ft or higher the Provincetown
Building Commissioner took no action.

The Provincetown authorities knew full well that the size of Mr.
Malone's development required Cape Cod Commission (CCC) review but
ignored the requirement and only acted when honest citizens began to
register complaints.

Mr. Malone has changed the access road to Race Point Road without
(State)authorization. He has changed the topology of the site by many
feet, in some instances well over 10ft. He has developed new road
cuts on the site all without approval of any authority, which is
required by law.

He has added tons of earth to the site without approval. He is the
only developer that gets away with such acts.

Now the CCC is looking into the matter of Race Point. Time will tell
whether or not Mr. Malone actions have a basis in law.

Perhaps, a review of all of Mr. Malone's previous and ongoing 
development projects should be brought to the attention of the Cape
Code Commission, Attorney General, State Auditor and Governer's

It is time that the citizens of Provincetown take a hard look at who
is associated with whom and how they mutually benefit one another to
the detriment of the town.

For the sake of Provincetown, wakeup and take action!

Just The Facts
5:07 pm est 

Why the Vitrol?

The vitrol is due to the fact that we are living in an
overbuilt town with water problems and so much of it was done  in the
name of affordable housing and SOME people were given a million
dollars in tax money to do it.

Now there are all of the connections such as in connect the dots. What is
legal in all of this? Has anyone written to the attorney general about all of
these hands washing hands?

My hard earned tax money--look  how it was used to overcrowd the town.

Another Citizen Against My Taxes Used for This.
5:01 pm est 

More Disinformation to the Public

I just checked out the barge articles and found another one
9/27/07. . Controversial Barge Sold to Provincetown by Wood. There
were NO bids for the barge except Provincetowns. So, why did we have
to pay so much for it? Figures no one but the Pier Corporation was
interested. And they bided againstNO ONE but themselves! They kept
increasing the bid! One of their selectman was quoted Im delighted we
got something.  Also, McKinsey said the barge was going to be used
for the management of 500 moorings in Provincetown. Oh, really? The
harbormaster does not install or maintain the mooring field.   More
disinformation to the public.

Thanks for bringing these articles to the blog!
4:57 pm est 

What a Crime!

Thank you for illuminting what is truly happening regarding
"affordable housing". How else would we have learned about how the
dots are being connected except from this blog? 

How can we plug the loop holes via articles for town meeting or somehow
get the affordable housing we imagined we would be getting?  When can we
start talking about the articles for town meeting?

Do we wait until after the meeting on Sunday? It would be good to get a
warm up--not just a list. I guess I'm asking if we can start the discussion
now--a pre meeting session? We are going into a recession and builders
received a million dollars in tax payer money. What a crime.

Just curious
4:53 pm est 

American Flag

someone should mention to the harbormaster that it is illegal to fly
the American Flag lower than any other flags flying.  The American
Flag BY LAW must be flown in top position.

Too bad we no longer have a veteran's office here in town.  My guess
is the flag was made in China anyway. 

Very Sad.
4:49 pm est 

Folks, two people have pulled papers,.......

........Selectman Davies and a David Cleveland.
What are their position papers? Clarence, could you invite both to
address the below on this blog? Or invite them to the meeting on Feb
24? Or have a special meeting?

  Property Tax Assessment Irregularities
  DPW Wastewater Assessment Irregularities
  Reconsideration of Current Affordable Housing Model
  Limitations of Housing Development
  Accounting Irregularities
  Excessive use of Consultants
  Pier Corp Potential Savings and Restructuring
  Sole Source Contract Irregularities
  Improper use of town resources
  Restructuring of the School System
  Review of all Design Build Operate Contracts
  Renegotiation of Labor Contracts
  Reconsideration of use of CPC Monies
  Improper Reallocation of Voter Approved Funds and Department Positions
  Control of Class Action and Sexual Harassment Legal Suits
  Proposals for reconfiguring Town government Based on a two Season Economy
  Ballot box at town meeting for voting instead of show of show of hands

Provincetown Taxpayer
4:47 pm est 

Holy Smokes!

Go read the Banner update on Malones project. It was refered to the
commission because he was over the limit on the units. He now is
considering his options on the project, possibly going with a
resubmission under a 40B which places all regulatory issues under the
zoning board.

such as Ptown, small things add up in a big way. How much more
traffic will be brought to this part of town? How much more sewage
will go into the ground, most likely rearing its ugly head in the
nearby swamps?

How much water will this development use from the
already burdened wells in Truro that are overworked as it is? Isn't
the town very near its limit already on withdrawls? How about trash
and other wastes? What will those generated costs be on a yearround
basis because, remember, affordable housing is yearround, not

This project shopuld still be refered to the commission due
to its size. When was the last time a yearround development of 35 units
happened? This is very big and should be refered no matter what by any one
of a number of boards. The selectmen, the police chief, any regulatory board, whoever.
It needs big review and local zoning boards won't do. There's only one chance. It's either do
it now or FOREVER feel the consequenses.
4:42 pm est 

The Commercial Businesses at Race Point Road

     Malone helped keep these businesses going? Really? Gaskill's
Nursery was a wonderful place and Mark was fabulous. It was great to
walk around and enjoy this alcove of plants and beauty. But Mark is
no longer there. He was "pushed out" and forced to sell the business
he loved  at a distressed price. Why? Because Malone, the great
humanist and plant lover, told Gaskill's that he was taking over the
greenhouses, cutting the space in half, and Mark would be left with
the remaining, untenable space. Malone also created new roads  (is
this really lega) and closed off the entry that used to go directly
to GAskill's.

     Yes, if your MALONED, believe me, all small businesses will find
themselves "pushed out." It's a front. And as for Connie's Bakery,
with all the mice running around the entire area, due to all the
hourse manure and dead horses, they may soon find that horse manure,
mice and mice dropping do not mix well with a successful bakery.

     As for the other busineeses, look who they were once partners of
and with. It's quite entangled.

2:53 pm est 

The Nursery was NOT Pushed Out of Business

It has been for sale since the late winter of last year. The nursery
was sold by its former owner, in business for over ten years, maybe
more, to its current owner who is no longer wishing to continue in
the business. It has been offered to other nursery businesses,
landscapers and avid gardeners, to no avail.
Any suggestion that life has been unbearable for the nursery owner
because of a change of ownership is absolutely stupid. It's just not
Furthermore, the bait and tackle shop is still there and there are
new businesses on the site now, like Connie's bakery, Cosmos Catering
and Doggie Styles, a dog grooming salon, and offices and several
apartments, one of which I'm sure was under the affordable housing
And the blogger who wrote that Mr. Malone willfully overrides
everything in his path- are you serious?
He's under more scrutiny than any other builder/developer in town!
Do you think that the former site of Silva's Seafood on Bradford St.
is overcrowded? No affordable housing, just luxury condos.
How about the project across Race Road from the Nelson Stables site?
How crowded is that? Do the children have big back yards?
Why not take a look right in town? Most of the yards in the central
district are tiny and many are yardless. Did anyone complain in the
1800's when building was then rampant and unrestricted? Did the
children of Provincetown suffer then?
I really don't understand why some bloggers out there are singling
out Ted Malone. Why such vitriol?
2:52 pm est 


I agree that the shank painter road property should be developed as a
combination of retail and residential rental units.  Further more a
majority of the units might be considered as "SRO housing"  This is
Single Room Occupancy rental housing. There are plenty on 1-3 bedroom
home ownership opportunities developed as affordable-medium income
housing in town.  How about the single people who live here and want
to stay here, live here, contribute to the town, but not necessarily
want to own property.  Not everyone wants the hassle of condo fees,
real estate tax and maintenence.  A large work force that lives here
year round could benefit from this type of housing.

2:44 pm est 

To Another Citizen

Why did it take years for these YEAR ROUND WORKERS to finally get housing?

Because we who work for Ted had to get our housing first!
That's why!
2:42 pm est 

To Just Curious,

Fishermen continue to have boats damaged because money is going
toward stupid things like that piece of junk from Chatham called a
barge instead of a wave attenuator. Our docks break up more with each
storm too. Thats how the courtesy float was ruined and the next one
will too. Its illogical to have a replacement courtesy float without
protection. Its an endless cycle of destroyed/replace/ repair on the
pier. Wait till the Provincia leaves as one blogger said. But, thats
how things are done down there.

  Below are the articles that are circulating all over the pier but
are buried deep in the harbormasters office.  Theres also a photo of
the barge leaving Chatham heading toward Provincetown entitled Gone
But Not Soon Forgotten Ask George for a copy.

  Cape Cod Chronicle Articles by Alan Pollock and Tim Wood:

  3/1/06 Selectmen Sink Harbormasters Barge
  2/206 Chatham Waterways Committee To Scrutinize Mooring Barge Costs,
  3/9/06 Chatham May Sell Incomplete Mooring Barge
  1/19/06   In a Surprise Move, Chatham Selectmen Slash Harbormasters Budget

  The Chatham BOS cut their losses after doing a cost analysis. 
Chatham even sued the manufacturer of the barge for substandard work
but the pier management here buys it anyway! The pier management is
even spending more money on it. Take a snorkel Just Curious and swim
under our docks. Youll see chunks of cement on the bottom from
the floats. Cabral could have driven piles as needed over time.  Hes
already got equipment and years of experience to do it. The PPPC has
too much power, gives too much power to the pier manager and answers
to NO ONE.  None of their grants help us
and that is what they are supposed to do: help the commercial fishermen.

And we are all disgusted the pier manager put the US flag underneath
a yacht flag at the end of the T. The old timers are really fuming
about it and so are we! But as another writer said ''at least we get
cheap ice''!

I'd sign my name but then I'll get attacked on this blog
by you know who! Afterall Masons protect their worshipful master no
matter what!
2:38 pm est 

I Want to Explain Again.......

......that I was just going about my business when I read that this convoluted
announcement in the legal section of the paper about two different parcels etc. which ended up
being Ted Malone's Nelson Ave project.

I wrote a letter that was published in the banner and then the flood
gates opened: people telling me that I'm brave enough to say publicly
what people are thinking, I'm stopped in the bank by a person who is publicly
praising me in front of everyone. I have calls on my phone from
people saying that they are going to take my letters to town hall.
They are telling me that I should write more letters to the paper and
another tells me that I need to get on this blog.  I didn't ask for
all of this--it just seems that I wrote the right letter at the right
time. Now I truly understand the slogan,"don't shoot the messenger".

This also shows to The Powers That Be and the Affordable Housing
Cartel that the silence of the people doesn't mean that you aren't held
in loving and warm embrace to the degree you assume.

I just naively wrote a letter that was printed along with other
letters about other subjects. Who knew that it would unleash a tidal
wave of such discontent. It should give some of you pause in regards
to the esteem in which you are held.

Michael Rogovsky
2:36 pm est 


I just drove by Malone's house. How come he doesn't have
any affordable housing in his tony West End neighborhood?

Not In My Neighborhood!
2:31 pm est 

What About Helful Suggestions?

It would be most refreshing to read less attacking and more
helpful suggestions for our town. If PACC is what it claims to be,
the emphasis should be on well though out plans for the betterment of
this community we call home.

So far, we've seen attack after attack against Ted Malone. Ted has
done a great deal of good for this town that no one seems interested
in. There are many deserving people that now have a place to call
HOME thanks to Ted Malone.

Former Building Commissioner Doug Taylor has been demonized here
multiple times. Tracy Trewhella, Recreation Dept. Director has been
tried and found guilty here on this Blog!

The Harbormaster's office and Pier Committee have been slandered here
numerous times. I take my hat off to Rex McKinsey and his board for
staying professional and well above the fray.

We've bad-mouthed our new Town Manager Sharon Lynn (who is truly a
professional in every aspect of the word) as well as every member of
the BOS multiple times. Many here bitch and moan about the empty
positions that haven't been  filled on town committees. Ever wonder
why there are so many vacancies? Then surely you're not reading this

There are many here on this blog (well-intentioned as they may think)
who believe that eviscerating the community and bussing our children
20 miles away will answer all of their economic woes. It won't.
Closing the school will result in the loss of MANY jobs, and will
change the entire face of this once close-knit community. The end
result will be a radically different Provincetown than the one we
know now.

Consider the fire department for one second. How many young boys and
girls with aspirations of volunteering for their town will even be
here in a few years if there is no school to keep them here?
Families, already burdened with the high cost of life in Provincetown
will have even fewer reasons to remain. Better start preparing now
for a paid fire department next!

We all need to stop thinking in the short term and start projecting
the weight of our suggestions for the long haul! The vision I see of
the Provincetown of this Blog is not one I'd want to live in.

Let's talk about suggestions for the benefit of Provincetown! This is
OUR town, our community, the place we all claim is so diverse and so
accepting - unless you actually live here and try to contribute in
some way that is!

The only real accomplishement of this Blog to date has been to rip
the very heart and soul out of our town! It has become little more
than the National Enquirer of P-town. Thank you Clarence! Job well
done! I won't be surprised if you don't print this.

Blogging from P-town the way it used to be.
2:28 pm est 

Here is a Copy of the Letter That I Delivered to the Banner Today

.........which I hope they have room to print this week. Again, I
appreciate the thoughtful words of the former PHS students for taking
the time to write to me.

               Letter to the Editor
I was trying to be concise when I wrote my unfortunate letter about
closing the school. My letters have been long in the Banner and thus
edited; but instead of being concise, upon reading this letter, I
found it blunt, callus , cold and offensive.

I want to apologize to the students and to their parents and to the
community for this.I know that the school is a part of the warp and
woof of peoples lives and a generational link among families here.

Im a tremendous supporter of education and Ive always supported
the school. Ive attended the musicals here and when I was a part of
the stage crew years ago for the theater company; we would sometimes
borrow the schools theater equipment.

When Im at the Grand Union and the students have a bake sale for a
trip to Washington D.C. or for the junior prom, Ill give them a nice

I know the high school wont close this year or next year. 
It will need an entire community to come together to make this
decision when the time comes. There will be a wound in the heart of
the community when the school closes, and though the wound will heal 
the loss will still be there.


Michael  Rogovsky
2:26 pm est 

Michael writes:

 I've been asked why aren't I on this
board or that board;
well, the simple answer is that if I was on a board I wouldn't be
able to direct my wrath where it would do the most good regardless of
the recipient.

You have been in town since the 70's and Pacc is just a few months
old!  So what you came out of a 40 year coma and have now decided to
'''help''' the elderly and their tax burdern? Where were you before
PACC, Michael? Clearly this board is done with your BS!

Get on a board and and stop thinking about yourself for a change!
2:18 pm est 


.......when I was working lunches and then six nights a week
all summer at the Moor's restaurant until it closed and then I worked
other places. It was hard to get to attend meetings. And I need time
to do my painting. However, if I knew what I'm reading here...I would
have written my letters long ago.

Michael Rogovsky
11:08 am est 

To the Humble Minion....

.........are you sure that you are reading
what Michael Rogovsky is writing? Will you not just read but
comprehend? Two of my friends received affordable housing FINALLY.
Why did it take years for these YEAR ROUND WORKERS to finally get
housing? How many units have gone to guys who have a rich boy friend
in New York so that they are just here in the Summer.

How many units have YEAR ROUND WORKERS living there--and how many
are off to the sunny shores all winter? This is what the problem is. We
see the rich getting richer and developing the town..and using our tax money.

I want to thank Michael Rogovsky for writing his letter to the Banner
about this project. I loved going to Gaskills nursery. He had plants
others didn't carry. I took a copy of his letters to the Town manager
when I went to vote and I wasn't the only one.

Another Citizen.
11:04 am est 

Thanks for Malone Facts:

Refreshing to see the postings with actual facts about Mr. Malone's
operations, very useful and a sharp contrast to the uninformed
speculation, "wrath" and anonymous attacks.
10:59 am est 

Doug Taylor?!

If Doug Taylor has truly applied to the Planning
Board, I would hope that the BOS will thank him and not even consider
an interview. Due to the many conflicts of interest, it would be a
waste of time.

      In reference to the Banner article about the possibility of a
BOS member to sit in as a temporary member, may I suggest Lynn
Davies. A former member and chair of Zoning, she is very well versed
in the regulations which the planning board works with.

      If Mr. Taylor is appointed to Planning, I suggest PACC goes
directly to the Ethics Committee and submit a complaint. I would also
suggest that the BOS receive medical attention for VERTIGO.

10:58 am est 

I am Writing About the Piece of Property Next to Angel's Market

It is an eyesore to say the least. How is it that a property
owner is allowed to leave their property in such a condition. I
thought I read in the Banner a few years back when a fine was levied
against this property, but never heard about it again. I think if we
want to keep Provincetown beautiful and a place that people want to
visit, then we need to get this property cleaned up. Any one else
have any concerns about this? I'm wondering how the PAMM deals with
having to look at it everyday.

EastEnd PJDP
10:55 am est 

Dear WOW,

It isn't that people are against affordable housing; they are against
the idea of a builder building a number of units that are affordable
and selling the rest for a king's ransom all the while by getting to
by pass zoning rules.

We are against developers using tax money to build affordable housing
developments and then turning around and building their own personal
development on over two acres of land and over powering a
neighborhood and pushing a nursery out of business.
We are against affordable housing units being built and then a few
years later being able to sell them for the going market rate. We are
happy all of you who deserve affordable housing have it. We just want
to end the scams. Read connect the dots etc. etc.

I'm another citizen who is fed up with "affordable housing" scams.
There are generations of families here who struggled day and night
and worked to buy their homes and now they see the town going to
developers in the name of "affordable housing" THAT IS THE PROBLEM
and they are making a fortune on it..and using my tax money. THIS IS
THE PROBLEM. I'm glad that people are finally talking about this
"sacred cow".

just sign me Fed up
10:50 am est 

In Response to Michael Rogovsky's Concern......

........for the residents of Nelson Ave.:
What is about you Mr. R? Do you not see that one can only ultimately
worry about what lies within one's own boundaries?
The Race Road property (often referred to as Nelson Stables) was for
sale for many years.
The property could have been leveled, the stable shuttered, the
garden center "pushed out", the local tradespeople's workshop spaces
emptied and the place could have been made into any number of
commercial or residential spaces. The house at the top of the hill
could have been torn down.
The abutter who is willing to stand up at a town gathering and
actually claim his 5-yr. old daughter has nightmares about drinking
horse urine and that his wife gets horse manure on her heels should
be shut down. Come on... what 5 year old comes up with this kind of
stuff and how, when the paddock is now raised and planted with trees,
would someone get horse manure on her shoes?
This same abutter previously owned the lot next to the one where he
currently lives. He built a duplex. The stable was there then, it was
there decades before that, it was there when he was building his new
place, it was there before Ted Malone. And so was the manure.
In Fact:
The manure used to fill the entire depression from the top of the
hill to the bottom of Stearns Ave. I mean it truly filled it. At
least eight feet deep in places. We used to go dig some out for our
garden when we needed it. Access to it was from Stearns Ave.
I'm surprised the residents of Nelson Ave. don't recognize how
overbuilt their neighborhood already is. When Mr. Malone received
permission to build six units on the 40A Nelson Ave. site, there was
no end to the anger and disappointment over the construction going on
there. Indeed, it was sad to see the huge oaks come down and the tiny
patch of Eden-like forest be destroyed. But now there are formerly
displaced residents living in safe, affordable housing. They mind
their own business, they are good neighbors. The buildings are
beautiful and suit the tone of Cape Cod.
The property next to this project just built a duplex a couple of
years ago that towers over the neighborhood. It dwarfs everything
around it. This resident built it in his own backyard. Do I feel
sorry for him? No, he did what he wanted with his property. He owns

If the laws of Provincetown permit this type of building, and it is
not wanted by the people, it is up to those who disagree to get out
there and change it.
All this steam and where does it go? To this blog???
10:42 am est 

I Read WOW, by Your Humble Opinion...

....if There is so much OTHER money available for affordable housing why
do they need to use the tax payer's money? And now the unsold units built
under the guise of affordable housing are going to be sold on the open market.
Plus, people who bought the affordable units can wait a few  years and sell
them and make a king's profit.

And about the two and a half acres on
by Nelson Avenue--that is strictly for profit--no 40 B there.

Why aren't these affordable units 3 bedroom cottages with a small
yard for kids to play in? They are all just crammed in buildings with
parking. What a wonderful way to live.

Just Another humble opinion..
10:32 am est 


Dear Webmaster:  How come you print messages about everybody, but
when it's about you, they don't show up?
10:27 am est 


 It was Laugh-In's Artie Johnson in the bushes
with his army helmet who said "Verrrry Inteeresssting", and Sgt.
Shultz said " I know nothiiing, I see nothiiing".

10:25 am est 

Elderly Taxes

For the record, if there are any elderly unable to pay their taxes or
need money to surivive, there are programs such as a reverse mortgage
to remedy the situation. Other incentives may be available at town
hall such as a reduced rate or no payment until sale or death,
whichever may come first. The cost of taxes should not be an issue
for the elderly property owners in terms of being able to stay in
their homes. There are ways to fix the problems. The elderly, being
sometimes set in their ways and understandings, need to be more
informed to be able to live happily.
10:22 am est 

Make Sense!

What in the world do you mean, by you don't remenber seeing
Michael's name on any ballots.Since when are individuals permited to
see the names on ballots.

Please make sense or withhold silly comments.
10:20 am est 

How Long?

How long does it take for a message to be posted on this
site after it has been reviewed?
10:17 am est 

Michael, Michael, Michael,  from what i can gather you have lived
here for 30 years and apparently, not year round.  you were here when
ALL the decisions which you now bitch about were made.  i don't
remember ever seeing your name  on a ballot or even seen you serve on
a board.  but suddenly you seem to have an opinion about everything. 
you write a few letters to the banner, so many in fact that they stop
printing you.  then you find pacc.  lucky us.  now you have an
unlimited forum for your never ending opinions.  four or five
postings a day!  how do you find the time?  one day i remember
reading four postings of yours in a row.  now apparently you've made
yourself (with clarence's blessing) the official cheerleader for
everyone's angst.

i have faith that the finance committee will find all the cuts needed
to ensure no over rides with minimal effect on services.  with the
proper people involved on town boards, other issues can be corrected
and yet, michael you seem intent on turning the town meeting into a
charade, a joke of scattered articles with the only clear intent to
creating decisiveness amongst the floor.

if you want to make real change, the planning board is desperate for
members.  maybe a seat on the school committee which you seem so
intent on affecting?  i have more faith that real change will come
from the inside.

looking forward to town meeting and seeing 400 of my neighbors and
friends scattered through the hall.  and in that slurry of faces
there will be a small discontent group called pacc, passing notes,
grumbling and angling to see who can get to the microphone the

'madame moderator, point of order' will be your mantra.  god help us all...
10:13 am est 

Oh, Please!

     How naive. Malone's projects follow ethical guidelines? They
don't even follow regular zoning and planning and conservation rules
that most people have to follow. Their is little or non-existant
enforcement of the rules Malone constantly breaks or refuses to
follow. He bulds retaining walls without permits, creates roads
without permits, changes grade at will, fills in land whenever and
offers his affordables to his workers and his workers partners and
their partners friends.

     It is a sham and a shame and under the guise of helping the
poor, he has altered the town, destroyed quaintness, filled in our
open spaces and made hefty profits from state and town monies. Many
towns would have been smarter and more savvy than we were. They would
not have allowed Malone to enter their towns. They would have run him

     We still have time to save some parts of the town from being
even more Maloned.
10:07 am est 

Remember the Game Connect the Dots?

      Comic books always had one of two Connect the Dots. You started
at Number 1 and connected all the consecutive numbers until the
hidden picture revealed itself. Well, here is a Connect the Dots that
reveals a surprise picture of Provincetown.

     Dot Number 1: Cass Benson, developer of the Sandy Hill Lane,
receives $732,000 from Community Preservation Committee and, with the
interest, actually receives over a Million dollars.

      Dot Number 2: Cass Benson is a member of the Community
Preservation Committee, representing Recreation Committee. Hard to
immediately see what interest Recreation Committee has in Historic
Preservation, Open Space and Affordable Housing.

      Dot Number 3: The Director of the Recreation Department is
Tracy Roderick.

      Dot Number 4: The Director of Recreation Departments boyfriend
is Doug Taylor. While he is Building Commissioner in 2007, Cass
Benson sells to Taylor property on Alden Street for $29,000. Prior to
this, others offered $75,000 and $45,000 for this property but are
refused by Benson. Doug Taylor, while still Building Commissioner,
starts plans to develop this property that will be over 33 feet tall.

      Dot Number 5: Michelle Couture attends the Historic District
Commission and publicly speaks out to advocate for Doug Taylor to
turn this small studio into affordable housing, even if 33 feet tall.
Couture states that affordable housing is more important than the
Historic District guidelines that would disallow such a demolition.
Historic District denies Taylors request to demolish the historic

      Dot Number 6:  Doug Taylor, while still Building Commissioner,
sues the Town of Provincetown and also sues the Historic District
Commission over this decision.

       Dot Number 7: The Massachusetts Commission Against
Discrimination sues the Town of Provincetown and Tracy Roderick,
given her behavior as Director of Recreation, and her boyfriend Doug
Taylor, given his behavior while he is Building Commissioner, over
claims of sexual harassment towards the Assistant Recreation
Director. This Sexual Harassment case is presently on-going with the
MCAD and is in pre-trial litigation.

      Dot Number 8: Doug Taylor, now former Building Commissioner and
involved in the Sexual Harassment case by the Massachusetts
Commission Against Discrimination against the Town of Provincetown,
applies to be a member of the Planning Board. Taylors appointment
will be decided this week by Michelle Couture and other members of
the Board of Selectmen even though it appears that Doug Taylor
actually lives in Brewster.

        Have you finished connecting the dots? Tell me, what picture
do you  now see!
11:16 pm est 

Mr. R:

If you are driven purely by altruism for your elderly neighbors then
your warrant article insisting on property taxes being based on
purchase price and not current value then it should only apply to
those 65 years old or so and above. If it doesn't it proves you are
misleading us with your claims here of purely altruistic and
non-selfish motives.

You elderly neighbors should take full advantage of the deferred or
exempted tax programs available through the town. These seem to meet
their needs and info can be found at:
(see various programs at bottom of page)

In addition, as previous writers have pointed out reverse mortgages
were invented for exactly the situations you outline and many folks
in town have used them.
11:13 pm est 

As I See it

I've been asked why aren't I on this board or that board;
well, the simple answer is that if I was on a board I wouldn't be
able to direct my wrath where it would do the most good regardless of
the recipient.

Now, is Ted Malone worthy of my wrath, the answer is
no. Am I here to ridicule him and to hold him to a greater standard
than anyone else--the answer is no. Is he vicious--no.

What I feel I need to do is to confront the underlying issues and regulations
that allow this type of development to take place. And what kind of
development is this? It is taking a piece of land, cramming it with
building of tremendous size in relation to what is around it so that
the development looks as though it is eating the neighborhood.

Now my task is to shine the interrogating spot light on the zoning
board, to go before the town and to demand a halt to affordable
housing until the loopholes are fixed and non existent.

My goal is to come to the defense of the families impacted by the the
development of Nelson Avenue as much as possible.  This may seem
inconsequential to some, but if I was in their shoes, I'd want
someone to come and help and offer some solace.

So, I'm sorry if you feel that I'm taking up too much space here.
Perhaps something can be done about it.

Michael Rogovsky
11:11 pm est 

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What are the Real Problems at the Pier with the Staff?

What are the real issues with the fishermen there? What changes do
you all agree need to be made?

..Just Curious about the pier
10:35 pm est 

Well then Michael.........

.........perhaps there should be an article on
the warrant to tax the elderlys' homes who are on fixed income at a
discounted rate. Please don't hide behind the elderly when all we
have heard is how YOU don't want to pay today's taxes on your million
dollar house! Once again, what are you doing to make Provincetown a
better community?

What town or non-town boards do you sit on? How do you give back to
Provincetown other than slipping a $5.00 to some needy person from
time to time?

10:31 pm est 


When I read some of this I can't believe how misinformed some of the
readers are. I'm compelled to write simply to say, "Don't believe
everything you hear."
I really wish we'd be hearing from some of the residents of Ted
Malone's projects; some of the families, elderly, singles, gays,
straights, townies... all of you reading this absolutely DO know
someone who has found a home in at least one of these units.
I'll start trying to dispel just a couple of myths:
Not all of these projects are owned by Ted Malone. Some are turned
over to other governing organizations, some are on town owned land.
Some have multiple investors, bank money, grant money and yes, some
of Mr. Malone's business funding through Community Housing Resource,
which is not a non-profit. (Please spare me the groans on this one:
would you spend YOUR money doing this?)
Most of the projects are under strict guidelines, both financial and
ethical. There are guidelines that dictate the rules for placing
affordable units among market units to ensure fairness.
The process of "getting in" is not fixed. There is no favoritism. The
process is simple, albeit very long and tedious. First, one must
apply. It's possible for anyone to apply. Second, the applications
are reviewed by a trained team familiar with the terms of the lottery
process, each reviewing separately behind closed doors. Third,
applicants not meeting the income and/or residency requirements are
culled (the income and residency as well as other requirements can be
obtained by anyone who would like to see them). Fourth, now personal
interviews begin. Applicants are given the opportunity at this point
to clarify any details of the application, explain their
circumstances, etc. From this point on the process is emotional and
the numbers of qualifying needy parties far exceeds the number of
units available- always. Not everyone can be given a space. It's sad
but it is a fact.
Mr. Malone's projects have ALL had 25% to 50% of the units offered as
affordable or low-income. How many developers can any of you cite
with even a 25% rate?
It may not seem to some that these units are needed but do you see
vacancies in Mr. Malone's projects? Do you know that upon completion
of Old Ann Page Way over 20 children were given year-round homes.
Their families live and work right here among us.
Does anyone remember what some of these sites looked like before they
were developed? Can anyone remember now what the boarded up A&P
looked like? For how many years did it exist at the main entrance to
Provincetown, an eyesore "Welcome to Provincetown!"
And how about the Meadows? Does anyone remember the squalid
conditions at that motel? Does anyone know how many homeless people
slept in the moldy abandoned basement before it was torn down? Was it
better then?
Is it just that the readers of this site don't want change?
I guess I can understand if you don't want change but the town of
Provincetown encouraged unrealistic growth and now we've got it. I
don't hear anyone complaining about development of Telegraph Hill, or
the loss many years ago of the Mooring Restaurant to condos, or the
gutting of some beautiful formerly single-family homes and renovation
into condos (and now the restaurantuers and innkeepers despair).
There are so many places and people that can be damned by this blog
but why not put down your guns and take a good look around. What can
you do to make things better? Start by getting reliable answers.

Your Humble Minion
10:25 pm est 

Sunday Night Chat

     Whew!  So much reading!  Mr. Rogovsky, thanks for clearing that
up about your support (outside of finances) of PHS!  And I'm glad you
appreciated my response to you and the other (occassionally random)
comments on the school and town situation!

       I usually cannot attend any of the evening meetings, be it
school committee, BOS etc as my work and family schedule nearly
always conflict.  I do plan on attending the PACC meeting though to
discuss some of these very issues.  I'll think about submitting my
letter to the Banner, not sure yet.  I'm just getting confortable
posting here.  I'm relatively new to the town politics stuff.

       Webmaster:  Can any of us bloggers go to the meeting next
weekend, or do we have to be a member?  I'd like to go to the
scheduled meeting, but I'm not sure what sort of future committments
I can make given my schedule - I can attend this one though...   I
don't know if anyone else is wondering this, but maybe if you could
clear that up? And I do fall into the categories for qualified PACC
membership. Thanks in advance for answering :)

With excitement,
School Lunch Chat

Webmaster Comment: Dear School Lunch Chat, welcome aboard. The scheduled Sunday, February 24 meeting is open to all concern citizens of Provincetown. Membership in PACC is not required. The purpose of the meeting is to provide a platform from which all of our good citizen can come together to confront and hopefully develop solutions to our many problems.

Our goal is to develop a strategy for affecting the outcome of the forthcoming Town Meeting to the benefit of our citizens and our town.
9:04 pm est 

Point of Clarification:

Everyone uses the term affordable housing for the Sandy Hill project.
Well it should be noted for the record that these units were sold as
moderate and median income units. No one I know who would needs
affordable housing could afford those.
7:48 pm est 

My Aim!

My aim is to lower the tax bill so that when I'm at a gala
event and go and sit next to a senior citizen that she doesn't turn
to me and quietly tell me that she has had to put a lien against her
house to pay her taxes.

My aim is to help my elderly Portuguese widow neighbor who tells me
that she doesn't know she is going to pay her taxes.

My aim is to try to lessen the burden on the 80 year old woman
who was born and bread here and who is working full time so that she
can live, pay her taxes and her medical costs.

My aim is to help reduce the cost of these, my neighbors, at a time when we are
entering a recession while developers of low income housing can suddenly sell
their properties at market value prices.

Michael Rogovsky
7:46 pm est 

"You rich taxpayers have your expensive homes so
it is only fair that you build cheap places for me to live because I
want to live here even though I don't make much money. Why shouldn't
I be able to live here to if I want to? Its a free country and we are
all equal. Soon it will be lots of fun here again."

- no matter what the value of your home you want emergency medical
people, town staff, police, fire department folks, small business
owners that might become big business owners, tradespeople and a
whole variety of others to live in town, that's why affordable
housing has to happen, listen to the Francese interview, it's all
spelled out

- without government incented or partially subsidized affordable
housing both rental and purchase (with deed restrictions on how much
one can profit) the community will "aspenize" even more, eg it will
eventually be 95% retired folks and second homeowners, all wealthy
and often not here. everyone else will be pushed out. if you're
already retired and not long for this place, maybe you really don't
care about the community's future, if you're younger and plan on
staying you ought to

- if you are dead set against affordable housing maybe you should
have taken part in the affordable housing summit a while back and
made your point of view know then, if you didn't I think the train
has left the station already.
7:42 pm est 

Whoever you are:

If you want to put an article in the warrant stating that the people who
have lived here longer should pay more taxes than current owners, then
be my guest. I am not against paying for the upkeep of town hall; but I
can't help but wonder why the maintenance dept. there didn't monitor the
building and repair what needed to be repair.

My house was built before the civil war, but if I didn't keep up the repairs,
it would LOOK LIKE it. It is a free county for people to put what they wish on the warrant.
I just take this seriously and don't want to look like a fool.

Michael Rogovsky
7:38 pm est 

I Hope the Following Post is a Joke and not for Real!

"Its a Free Country and We are all Equal

You rich taxpayers have your expensive homes so it is only
fair that you build cheap places for me to live because I want to
live here even though I don't make much money. Why shouldn't I be
able to live here to if I want to? Its a free country and we are all
equal. Soon it will be lots of fun here again."

You've got to be kidding me.....Most of us who own property here are
House rich and cash poor....It is a free country. I would like to
live in Beverly Hills but you know why I don't? I can't afford it.

Get real.
5:35 pm est 


It seems Anathan and Benson want it both ways:

From the Cape codder march 7th, 2008:
"In addition, the septic system is not up to code, but the two women
will go before the board of health soon to request an administrative
consent order. The order would enable them to build the units with
the current septic system in place as long as they commit to connect
to the sewer as soon as feasible. Department of public works director
David Guertin stated at a recent community preservation committee
meeting that the location of the property makes it ideal as a
potential connection point for the sewer expansion and, given the
search for additional flow in the system, the connection to the
property would be helpful to the system. Approvals from the planning
board and the conservation commission are also needed in order for
renovations to begin."

From the Banner January 31, 2008:

At issue is $70,000 in CPC funds set aside to pay for improvements in
the septic system at the 12-unit affordable and moderately priced
development located on the site of the former Gulls Nest Motel. That
money was part of $732,000 in community preservation act funds
granted to the developers by voters at April Town Meeting last year.

While the money was to be spent specifically on improvements to the
existing septic system, the developers, Geraldine Anderson and
Cassandra Benson, have asked that the $70,000 be used instead to pay
the sewer connection fee for the complex. While the sewer has not
expanded to serve the area, the board of health last year granted an
administrative consent order (ACO) to Gulls Nest because the existing
septic system was in technical failure, meaning if and when a sewer
line is constructed in the area, Gulls Nest would be required to hook
up and abandon its Title 5 septic system.

Anathan and Benson said the existing Title 5 system would be
functional for the next five years until the ACO expires in 2012.
They do not want to spend $70,000 to bring the existing septic system
into compliance only to have to pay another $67,000 to the town for
the sewer connection fee.

Well which is it. These developers went inot this project knowing
full well they would need an ACO from the Board of health, but now
they don't want to spend the money required by the ACO. They should
be thanking their lucky starts that the town was shortsighted enough
NOT to see this use of nearly a million dollars of CPC funds as the
DONATION that they were. If they're not going to make money, It's
their fault for being bad businesswomen.
5:31 pm est 

To Drowning in Debt:

You mentioned one of the secretaries at the high school who makes
$70,000 plus and no college degree, just a high school diploma. 
CORRECTION:  it's not one of the high school secretaries; it's
actually the "business manager" in the superintendent's office.  And
she was first employed in the school system as the lunch lady who
counted the daily lunch money.  Talk about climbing the corporate
ladder!  And now she makes more than most of the highly qualified
teachers with college degrees.
5:25 pm est 

To Selfish Selfish Selfish

Selfish property millionaires? Crocodile tears? Please. The town has
spent for years foolishly and now the tax bill comes in as an
override, that's the problem. Millions spent foolishly is the

Millions in tourism and what have you got? More traffic and
nowhere to put the cars and god forbid there's a big bash like the
big tourist draws like fireworks and parades without the police and
EMT personell to take care of the crowds.

Investment in roads? Have you been down Commercial Street or Bradford
lately? Or do you mean the fact that the town has agreed to take over the
highway and have set up plans to do away with the inbound lane and make
the other a two way highway like south Truro, one in and one out which will allow
for the town to make the abandoned area a parking lot? Brilliant!

The water system will cost the town huge money in the future due to the
fact that the town has never secured a deal with Truro in the past for more
water and now the wells in Truro are starting to go bad AND a new wellfield is
about to be built. Can you say lack of forsight for the past 20 years?

The sewer system you speak of is only for a portion of the town but in the end,
everyone pays for it due to the fact that now Commercial St. and Bradford have
to be repaved and the users aren't going to foot that bill alone.

Oh, and don't forget the benefit from the estimated cost of rebuilding
Town Hall at a tune of 10 million plus to house the lousy system we
all complain about in here.

And of course, don't forget how, after spending 3.5 million this year, those 12
kids graduating this year will improve the town which will increase the value of
the homes.

Crocodile tears my ass.
5:20 pm est 

Its a Free Country and We are all Equal

You rich taxpayers have your expensive homes so it is only
fair that you build cheap places for me to live because I want to
live here even though I don't make much money. Why shouldn't I be
able to live here to if I want to? Its a free country and we are all
equal. Soon it will be lots of fun here again.
5:12 pm est 

Hey, What a Scam....

...get money from the tax payers to build
affordable housing and now sell it not as affordable housing but at
market rate.  Time to end this scam. time to end affordabel housing
give aways to developers.
5:04 pm est 

Hey Bloggers:

You are all doing well with your questions and rightfully so. The
town has wasted allot of money over the years and there are to many
jobs that simply should be done away with.

For instance, is it necessary that the recreation Department operate
all winter long when they do nothing for the citizens, or the youth?
Two salaries, for playing on the computer and watching TV. Not
bad....High fule bills, lighting etc.... The town could sell the
building and operate out of the School.Maybe the town should convert
those jobs to part time positions and operate during the summer

Is it necessary to pay a huge salary for a Dare Officer to be in the
schools, where there are very little students who participate to
begin with, who eats lunch for free, plays basketball with the kids
and spends most of his time in the Gym. Pretty cushy job.....

How about one of the secretaries                   at the  high school
$70,000 plus and no college degree, just a high school diploma. Not
bad for also doing nothing.....

Does anyone really know how many students are in a classroom. I heard
that on a good day some classes only have 5 students and a teachers

How about a Staff Sgt position within the Police Dept.  which if the
assignement is filled once the new chief is hired will be making
allot of money if the budget is passed. This assignment is now
distributed amongst three Sergeants who can perform the duties of the
Staff Sgt with no additional pay and have been for the past year and
This position is not even recognized by civil service but was created
many years back, and maybe illegally done.
Why should the new budget call for an increase in salary simply
because                                     and threatens to leave.

Why is it necessary to have two people running the DPW and bucking heads?

How about the money that was missing from the Treasurers office and
money from the parking funds. No investigation was ever conducted and 

drowning in debt
4:51 pm est 

Agree with:

how about a warrant article that requires
all infrastructure repair project related taxes to be pro-rated so
the longer someone has owned a property the more they pay towards
what should have been taken care of long ago but wasn't? that would
be "fair."

Let's change the voting structure so that every taxpayer can vote in
Provincetown and then you'll see a repaved Commercial Street, a
rehabed town hall.  If you leave it to people like MR he'll let the
town's infrastructure go to hell first before he pays another
additional penny in taxes! And then who will he wait on? Please stop
monopolyizing the board and give other people a chance to be heard
4:39 pm est 

Posting Correction

I'd like to make a correction to my blog today, Sunday, Feb. 17,2008.
The quickest way to connect to the article posted in the Wicked Local
Brewster, is to Google; Jerry Anathan Provincetown.

Scroll down to "Inspired by housing summit, two realtors buy motel".
To Sandy Hill posting today at 12:00pm, " The Bates Motel" was
quoated by Jerry Anathan, I was taking this information to the
public. I certainly do not want to place a stigma upon properties
which are in the finale stages to closing. I have friends moving into
this complex and I am pleased that they have found a home.

The reference to the Bates Motel came directly from the horse's
mouth- Jerry Anathan.

Point of interest, beside Cass Benson on the CPC, I guess Jerry
Anathan is on the Board of Health. As Sgt. Shultz would say,"
Veerrrry Interrrresssting".

4:34 pm est 

Thanks Jack.

That's why we are upset about Malone's
housing. For example, a town employee who is now making $58k a year
as a town employee is still living in restricted affordable housing
and certainly wouldn't qualify today. Or some of Malone's employees
who made out like banshees and we are still footing the Hensche bill.

Affordable rental units giving public employees first preference
after we see their resumes is the only thing I would approve at town
4:28 pm est 

To Michael Rogovsky:

"I want to add another one where by the tax payers pay a
property tax based on the cost of their house WHEN THEY BOUGHT IT."

Every position you take here and now suggesting a very impractical under ride
has to do with lowering YOUR tax bill. You dont care that an under
ride or just paying taxes on the purchases prices of our homes will
cause many of our town employees to be laid off. You are just looking
for a self-serving subsidy. You arent fooling us! I certainly could
benefit by paying just taxes on my purchase price. But I care about
the financial health and the welfare of our town employees. Its
stunning that millionaires on paper like you also want subsidies at
the expense of other people!

  Do you serve on any town or non-town boards?

  What are you doing to help Provincetown be a better community?
Because reading this blog, you just seem only be angling to reduce
your tax bill!

Provincetown Taxpayer
4:26 pm est 

Leave Adams Alone.

 He should be angry because two out of
three boards he serves on bloggers want to do away with to save on
their taxbill!Right Just the Facts? Maybe he should serve on boards
that we want to keep. So, he is not so angry all the time!

Jeff's fishing buddy
4:22 pm est 

Selfish, Selfish, Selfish

let's see how this works. someone chooses provincetown 20-30 years
ago. they buy a house for what seems today like a pittance. now, in
large part, thanks to millions of dollars of investment in tourism,
roads, water system, sewer system (avoiding ugly mounded septic
systems all over town), a revamped, rebuilt pier, a much cleaner
harbor and beaches, etc. etc. etc. that house is now worth many times
what it was bought for, in many cases over a million dollars. however
those same people now cry crocodile tears over their "excessive"
taxes which are taxed at a lower rate than much of the state. they
attack those who are trying to build a place to live for new folks
who can't afford a million dollars for a single family home but whose
services are needed to keep the community functioning.

people want to cut cut cut cut. what selfish hypocrisy. their houses
are worth so much primarily because so much was invested over the
years in the community, now that they have theirs they don't want to
share in the expenses and investments needed to keep the community
whole, diverse and growing into the future.

to put it even more bluntly one could argue that newer property
owners are being asked to pay today for the infrastructure
maintenance and upkeep that was previously neglected; roads, town
hall, etc. because over the years the current property owners refused
to pay for proper upkeep. how about a warrant article that requires
all infrastructure repair project related taxes to be pro-rated so
the longer someone has owned a property the more they pay towards
what should have been taken care of long ago but wasn't? that would
be "fair."

is there any else out there who thinks real estate millionaires
attacking everything in sight just isn't right? if so, I hope you
vote on election day and go to town meeting.
4:15 pm est 

Dear School Lunch Chat

Your response to me is very articulate and thoughtful and  needs a
broader audience. I've read it again and it just dawned on me that it
would be wonderful to see it published in the Banner. Would you
please send it to the banner in the form of letter to the editor?


Michael Rogovsky
4:11 pm est 

Dear school lunch chat,

I greatly appreciate you answering my inquiry in such detail. The
problem with my letter to the Editor in the Banner is that it is the
fourth letter that I've written to them about things and some of it
has been edited so I wanted to write a very short letter. (they still
took out the line that in twelve years it will cost us over
$42,000,000 to take a student from first grade to graduation.

I've gone to the school plays and when I was involved in the theater
company we had access to the school's theater for equipment. I've
used things from the school myself. When I'm at the grand union and
the kids are selling cup cakes or something for the prom etc. I'll
give them $5.

I've been to the graduation of a friend's daughter and
to the graduation party. I was in favor of the school for years--even
when people were talking about how expensive it was.

I have  friends here who are now retired teachers. I worked one
summer with a person from the school. I didn't want to alienate
people..but I guess that I have. This is such an important issue that
it has to be presented correctly. Reading the letter in the paper it
does sound cold.I'm very glad that you wrote. I live here and work here
and I'm part of the community.

Again, I greatly appreciate your thoughts on this and I will
definitely change my approach. As I said, I wrote that letter before
I knew about this blog, otherwise, I would have waited and asked for
other people's opinions and I would have written here what I wanted
to send to the paper for feedback.

The summit is a good idea. I decided not to go to the School
Committee meeting because I assumed that it was being postponed due
to the fire at the elementary school.

Best wishes,

Michael Rogovsky
4:09 pm est 

Manure at Race Road

The bulk of this past summer's manure was composted with leaves
and green materials from the Race Road site, including Gaskill's.
This was done at a level upland location in an area that had
previously been a dumping ground (old tires, pipes, etc... still
there) with no environmentally sensitive areas or dwellings down
slope. It is not a wetland. Once composted it was hauled off site and
given to anyone who could use it.

There are two truckloads remaining if someone is interested. It was not
used as fill anywhere. This process was approved by both town and state
after I requested a site visit by them. It is true that it was not removed every
day and at the height of the season the pile was allowed to grow too large. It
is also true that it was composted behind the garages, not for some
clandestine reason, but because it is the best on site location for

This was all done as a favor to the women who run the stables
(at no charge) and to prevent dumping in an area they had been using which
was to close to housing.

This process was not ideal and I agree that better management and oversight of all
possible sources of pollutants and damage to the ecosystem,
especially during construction, is needed throughout the outer cape.

This was a quick attempt to solve a pressing problem and in doing so
I had hoped it was a way to turn a negative into a positive.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit to
the Race Road site I can be reached at fieldworksinc@

Please be respectful.

1:19 pm est 


             THE UNDERRIDE
You have all heard of Proposition 2 1/2,but did you know that there
is one component of it that is called the underride? If not, please
let me explain: Proposition 2 1/2 allows a community to reduce its
levy limit by passing an unerride, according to the Division of Local
Services. When an underride is passed, the levy limit for the year is
calculated by subtracting the amount of the underride. the underride
results in a permanent decrease in the levy limit of a community
because it reduces the base upon which levy limits are calculated for
future years. Simply put, an underride is the exact opposite of a
Proposition 2 1/2 override.

An underride question may be placed on a ballot by a local citizen
initiative procedure, if one is provided by law. An underride
question must state a dollar amount and requires a majority vote by
the electorate.

Since 1994, a total of nine underride questions have been placed on
ballots in eight communities, according to the DLS. Eight of these
questions have been approved by voters, the largest being a $2
million reduction in plymouth for fiscal 1996. The other underrides
that passed were in Ayer, Holland, Orleans, Shelburne, Upton and
Williamsburg(twice), all for amounts below $325,000. A proposed
reduction of $388,353 was rejected by voters in Norton in 1994.
For more information see the DLS publication“Levy Limits: a
Primer on Proposition 2 1/2, ” which can be found on this website please click on the "For the Record" page for a direct link

Michael Rogovsky
1:12 pm est 

This affordable housing issue Im concerned

Ken Weiss developed a group of townhouses on Harry Kemp Way.  Part of
the development stipulation was affordable housing to be built on
site, consistent with the architectural integrity and cohesion of the
development.  When the affordable units were finished, Mr. Weiss
handed these wonderful units over to the Lower Cape Cod Community
Development Corporation based in N. Eastham.  Thankfully, these
beautiful units were put up for affordable lottery as RENTALS.  I was
chosen #7 out of 8 finalists, only 4 available units.  For me, as
luck would have it, three of the previous applicants did not meet the
very thorough guidelines and careful screening process, resulting in
the award of the last available unit.  These great units are
maintained by the L.C.C. Community Development Corp. The state has
strict guidelines as to who can live in the units. I must submit an
annual earned income report from the IRS and complete a roster of
paperwork, including a release to Seamens Bank for !
  open review of my account twice a year to keep in compliance with
the county and state.  This is certainly a small price to pay for the
privilege of being able to remain in Provincetown as a year round
resident.  I applaud the LCCCDC, a very worthwhile non-for-profit
organization, and Mr. Weiss for turning over the units to the Corp.

On the other hand
I am confused with regards to this issue regarding the title V at the
Gulls Nest project.  If the CPC agreed to release funds for
improvements to the EXISTING septic system at the project, than so be
it.  Now the selectmen can over rule this?

I understand the impending problem of hooking up to the sewer in the
future, and the residents should not incur this burden, as this is
intended for MODERATE income housing.  The developers
(Benson/Anathan) should have done their homework!
Is it my understanding that they do not wish to incur the future
liability of hooking up?  It might take some of the towns money; oh
forgive me, their profits from this development out of their pockets?

I have friends that bought units in this renovation of a previous
space and I am sincerly happy for them.  It will enable year round
artists and families to stay in town.  This is a good thing!  BUT-
when I have to read about the misfortune of a developer in the
Banner, that is it!  Im concerned

This town does not need any more affordable condos!
Rental units are few and far between.
I did not ask the town to subsidize my low-income status and build me a condo.
I am grateful for this year round rental I was awarded.
So to Ted Malone and the Benson/Anathan development company
Build some rentals on a pre-existing site to help the year round
labor force here in town.  (or will you not make any money on that???)

Jack McMahon
12:59 pm est 

I'm Concerned----

--and confused. What is going on? Did our tax
dollars go to Ted Malone to build affordable housing. Did he then
convert Nelson's riding stable into affordable housing--or some
portion it? And now, he is going to build a 2+ acre development next
to it? Did he build the Meadows too? How is this to be categorized?
Is he now the biggest landowner and developer in Provincetown? Please
explain in detail..or who do I go and what questions do I ask?
confused and concerned...townie
12:55 pm est 

I'm not Vigilant,

But I am angry!!

Kerry Adams

12:52 pm est 

Anyone can Investigate and ask Questions

I feel that I have struck gold when I heard about PACC last
week and went to its site. I have been reading and writing on Shout
Out for exactly one week now. The most riveting information I've
gleaned was from listening to the Peter Francese interview and
learning that the Scottsdale AZ school system with 27,000 students
and the cape with 26,600 students saves ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS A
YEAR due to regionalization. A comparable number of students--but
what a difference in cost. And with the population of students
declining, the costs will only go up.

I read in the legal section of the banner about 2+ acres of land
being developed. I wanted to write to protest this development. I
innocently inquired at town Hall about a town meeting regarding this
development and was told that it is going before the Cape Cod
Commission and with any new information I now had a place to reveal
it--on this blog. It seems that I'm the first person to make this
information public.

I was only inquiring so that I could write one letter, but now I can
do more than that. People are in favor of Mr. Ted Malone building
this development on this pristine 2+ acres can write in favor of it
and those who oppose can now do the same--but they all now know to
whom they may write.

If someone has questions such as the one regarding zoning and 40-B,
then low and behold someone appears like Peter Bez, former Vice-chair
of the ZBA arrives on the scene to answer such questions. Anyone can
investigate and ask questions regarding any matter and it is here
that we will probably be informed of whom to contact.

Thank you for creating this Blogs an invaluable social tool as well
as a center for discussion and a mouth piece for a cause.
Thank you for creating Shout out and giving us this invaluable social
center for discussion and shining the spot light where needed and for
giving us a voice for any who wish to hear.

Michael Rogovsky
12:51 pm est 

To Blogging from the Temple,
Please be just. Why don't you just stick to the facts and document them
rather than reducing your so called argument to innuendo and trying to
demean people's character.

I don't know any of you, but this kind of posting is beneath you. Examine
your complaints--are if they are real then talk to the individuals and if you
get no satisfaction, then go to their boss. What you say reflects upon you
and even though the majority of us don't know who you are, I'm sure that
your mates at the wharf must have some idea.

After what Jeff pulled regarding his boat sinking etc....I'm going to be skeptical
of any criticism about the harbor master et al. I'm a  resident and and tax payer
of Provincetown and my money goes to pay the salary of the men of whom you
are writing.

You have no cause to malign or insult them just because you are
unhappy about rules and/or regulations. I want to excoriate where
needed and, equally, I want to praise when deserved.

Michael Rogovsky

12:46 pm est 


I just read your blog. Did you want to keep the schools in
Provincetown open until you heard the interview posted here? If so,
that is very encouraging. It means that there is a chance that the
facts will over ride people's emotional responses.

I want to write a letter to the banner with information from that interview--this past
week the banner published my letter stating that sadly, the schools
must close that I wrote before I knew about PACC and heard that fact
filled interview.

 Imagine, the cape has lost 4,500 students in the last 4 years and
the cost of education has gone up 26%...and the drain hasn't stopped.
It is time to close the schools in Provincetown and regionalize.

Michael Rogovsky
12:41 pm est 

What Gives?

Ted Malone gets money from the town to create
affordable housing and then makes such a profit that he can **BUY**
two and a half acres of land and create his own development? Man, did
I lose out...I bet every carpenter who grew up here and then started
their own business wishes that they thought up this gig.
To the victor goes the spoils--and in this case how true: he spoils
and spoils and spoils Provincetown.

12:39 pm est 

What is Crucial to the Ecology?

Wet lands are so crucial to the ecology that a specific law
was passed to protect the wetlands. Just because affordable housing
gets to by pass a number of regulations doesn't mean that wet lands
can be filled in.

When you see this, raise the clarion call and inform every environmental
regulatory office within the state. If the Provincetown Conservation Committee
is indifferent to egregious violations, then go above their head to the next one--don't just
shrug your shoulders.

If you see a kid being beaten, do you just tap the beater on the back and say stop
and then go on your way? No, you call the police...well...any abuse needs to be
addressed even if it is abuse of the land. All of you residents who see abuse of the land
need to stop ringing your hands and keep calling and demanding

Keep calling and writing and documenting what you are doing. Get a video
camera--could you imagine video taping a wet land being filled in? I bet if you
mention that that the Con Com would be there in a heart beat.

You also need to know what criteria they use in determining what is a
true wet land: seasonal flooding, permanent marsh etc. It is true
that some wet lands can be filled in, but then the land has to be
mitigated: fill in one acre of wet land then create 3 or 5 acres of
wet land someplace just don't fill it in.

Fair with Facts
12:36 pm est 


Deaconess was given a pass on hooking up to the waste water treatment
plant due to the notion that Provincetown would get almost a million
dollar grant to pay for it. I guess the thinking is lets buy it or
lets do it because and lets hope that the government will pay for it.
Do you know what folks? This country is in debt to the tune of nine
trillion dollars. Now you read this and you have no idea what nine
trillion dollars is. Well, I'm informing  you that nine trillion
dollars is a million dollars a year for NINE MILLION YEARS. (Hmmm how
much debt does China have?)

I wonder what else the town expected the government to pick up that
we tax payers--or just some of us select tax payers will have to pay?
Evidently the school needs or needed over two and a half million
dollars for repairs--that is a lot of maintenance or upgrading. What
happens when the school  needs it again--and it isn't there---oh, we
just go to the Provincetown tax payer perhaps?

We, the people, are going to have to scrutinize this town meeting and
we are going to have to present articles that stop the spending and
we NEED to have these all secret ballots--no more raising your amid
staring eyes and rebuking glances when you vote down something that
adds to the financial burden of we tax payers.

On Saturday,February 17, Just The Facts listed 16 articles to get on
the warrant. I want to add another one where by the tax payers pay a
property tax based on the cost of their house WHEN THEY BOUGHT IT.
My father had eight children and he was a police man. When he needed
more money, he got a second job.

This town has a summer work force that is non existent this summer--there
are jobs available and desperate for workers. Sign up now--don't expect we
tax payers to carry the load for everyone. We can't afford to pay $600,000 for
other people's health benefits. A friend of mine who is 62 years old is starting a
year round job in a few weeks in order to get benefits--and this job is up cape. So now he has to get a job to cover his benefits and a portion of the increase for town people.

Is this fair? You judge--and we will--at town meeting. One week to go
and then the winds of change will start to blow.

Michael Rogovsky
12:29 pm est 

It Isn't Lazy Ne'r do Wells Who Need Affordable Housing

For those who assault and are dismayed by affordable
housing please please please listen to the Peter Francese interview.
It isn't lazy ne'r do wells who need affordable housing, it's the
cops, emts, teachers and others who make and support the fabric of
the community in the future and who are just arriving now. While
those of you who bought early and now live in million dollar (or
less) places are to be congratulated for your foresight and
perserverence for picking and now maintaining the costs of your homes
others, who come to support our community, need a place to live too.

Realistically Speaking
12:22 pm est 


 if you want to have input to the new Chief of Police
for Provincetown you need to go to meeting on 20th Feb.

Here's mine:

February 15, 2008

Board of Selectmen
Town of Provincetown
260 Commercial Street
Provincetown, MA 02657

RE: Police Chief Input

Dear Board of Selectmen:

You have through public notice solicited input on the criteria to be
used for selection of the next Chief of Police for Provincetown. Here
is one persons input. I am the owner of two residential properties in
town and while I dont reside in Provincetown I spend a good part of
the year visiting. I also, in my other town, have a fair bit of
experience as citizens representative to the San Miguel County Public
Health Emergency Planning Task Force where I helped draft our
pandemic influenza emergency plan.

Others will undoubtedly provide comments on a range of desirable
characteristics for the new Chief so I wont duplicate that effort
other than to say I hope the Police Chief Goals Committee Report to
the Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen, May 25, 2001 (attached)
will be considered as it still provides a good general summary.

My personal input focuses on one major but often overlooked (and in
the 2001 report it wasnt even mentioned) aspect of the Chiefs
responsibilities and that is his/her statutory responsibility as
Emergency Manager for the Town.

Several years ago Provincetown decided to eliminate the full time
role of Emergency Manager and shifted responsibilities for this
function to the Chief of Police. This has happened across the
country. However there was no commensurate increase in salary or
staff to accommodate this and, as was demonstrated by the horrific
response to Katrina, long term emergency planning falls by the
wayside in favor of the demands of day-to-day policing and budgets.
To my knowledge, until the Health Department reinstituted work on
emergency planning this function has essentially been moribund at
best has not been publicized. This is very dangerous as unexpected,
low probability but high consequence events (hurricanes, earthquakes,
pandemics, etc) can kill a community, permanently. At a minimum I
would urge the Selectmen to update their knowledge of the statutory
responsibilities of emergency manager, recommended levels of state
and federal incident command training and make sure the success!
  ful candidate for Police Chief meets those needs, or soon can after
hiring. They should also require that an updated emergency management
plan be created within the next few years.

Specifically I suggest that your give extra weight to possible
candidates who have completed most or all of the required National
Incident Management System (NIMS) training for area commanders which
are as follows and who have prior formal emergency management
experience and make both part of the selection criteria:

Federal/State/Local/Tribal/Private Sector & Nongovernmental personnel
to include: Required: Command and general staff, select department
heads with multi-agency coordination system responsibilities, area
commanders, emergency managers, and; Recommended: Emergency
operations center managers. ICS-100: Introduction to ICS or
equivalent  ICS-200: Basic ICS or equivalent  ICS-300: Intermediate
ICS or equivalent  ICS-400: Advanced ICS or equivalent  FEMA IS-700:
NIMS, An Introduction  FEMA IS-800.A: National Response Plan (NRP),
An Introduction*

As an aside it is also recommended by state and federal government
that local elected officials and senior town staff complete at least
level 100 and 200 NIMS courses to familiarize themselves with the
Incident Management System. These courses can be completed online.

More information on NIMS and training can be found at:

To re-emphasize, the role of Emergency Manager is an important
portion of the Town of Provincetowns Police Chiefs statutory role,
its should also be an important part of the selection criteria for
the new person to fill that position.


Greg Craig

Cc: Town Manager, Sharon Lynn
Deputy Emergency Manager, Brian Carlson

PS: Kudos to those calling for a study committee on schools issue,
it's the way to go folks, first, because an in-seoth study would give
the data needed for everyone to make an informed decision, second,
and equally important, it's a huge decision and not one to be taken
in hast, if at all. Just one person's, humble, opinion.

PSS: get involve in emergency planning: and for you and yours,
please check out (today):
12:19 pm est 


"taking a first grader to graduation is going to cost the taxpayer
$42,000,000 over the next 12 years."

Michael, could you please break down how you get this figure?  I'm no
fan of the school, but that figure might have a couple extra zero's
on it.

Also, I know nothing about boats or boating, but am I reading this
right?  Jeff Perry is bitching because his 6 foot dingy broke loose
during a storm and he feels the harbormasters should ignore fishing
boats that are valued in the hundreds of thousands to save a boat
that he should have taken out of the water himself?  To use this blog
to gain sympathy for their supposed negligence is just plain evil.  
If this is true, shame on you.
12:09 pm est 

With Heavy Heart,

I'm opting out of running for selectman this time. It was an honor to
have run last year and maybe in the future I will run again. I'm VERY
thankful to all of you who did support me in my run. I think its one
of the most important jobs in this town!

After talking to many people whom I respect, I find it very important
to step aside so if there is a strong candidate they will pull papers.

To those Selectmen that are serving I say thank you for your service,
please don't let us down.

Cathy Reno Brouillet
12:06 pm est 

To Bates Motel, indeed,

      Thank you for your response and your addition regarding Cass
Benson. How could the BOS appoint a recipient of $1,000,000.00 from
the board that is signing the check for her "affordable housing"
      This town is infested with political incest. I think I'll move
to Appalacia, at least you know who your relatives are.
      I am pleased that you caught my blog because I think many
missed it due to the placement. It was posted at 7:54 a.m. on Friday,
Feb. 15th. By 8:11 it moved into the archives. Interested readers,
look into the archive dated 2008.02.01. The heading is "Wake up
voters". Please log into www.wickedlocal. com. It's an interesting
      I think Benson should resign before being asked to leave. I
also think that Ms. Avellar should join Ms. Parmakian in the back
room when affordable housing issues are on the floor.

Playing with my rubber duckies in the bathtub- no more showers
12:03 pm est 

Sandy Hill

Just like to remind everyone that the FInance Committee unanimously
voted against using CPC funds for the Sandy Hill Project.  Besides
being a bad idea financially, I'm pretty sure they took into account
the past projects of these developers.

I'd also like to comment on the use of 'Bates Motel' as a moniker for
the project.  I know people who are moving in there.  This project,
whether you agree with it or not, will be their homes.  I think it is
important that we respect that.
12:00 pm est 

Job opening in Truro

Truro Police Dept. has an opening for a police officer.  SGT. Tobias
should think about applying for the job.

You snooze, You lose
11:58 am est 

The End of an Era in Education

The future of PHS is looking more bleak than ever if class
size is taken into consideration when discussing the viability of a
high school.  For example, the Class of 2015 are currently 5th
graders at VMES with a class size of 8 students.  Of those 8
students, 5 have been accepted to the Lighthouse Charter School and
will no longer be students in the Provincetown School System in
September 2008. 

A 6th grade with just 3 students?  And how many Truro students will become
their classmates the following year when those 3 students enter 7th grade at
PHS?  PHS is lucky if they get a half dozen students (give or take one or two)
every year with incoming 7th graders from Truro. 

It's a shame that the former Provincetown-Truro School District experienced such
turmoil years ago and became separate entities.  Unfortunately that was the beginning
of the decline of the Provincetown school system.  And given the
decline in school enrollment all across the Cape with every district "fighting"
for students and dealing with financial difficulties, there really doesn't seem to be
much hope left for good old PHS. 

The school district, teachers, and staff served the students and families
of Provincetown (and Truro) well for many, many years, but now it
seems like the end of an era in education is upon the residents.

~Fond Memories
11:56 am est 

Regarding the sixteen article ideas that were listed:

Right On! I'm alert, poised, ready to act--and panting to sign my name on
these articles. I'm straining at the bit to get to Sunday's meeting.
I want to feel "rode hard and put up wet" after next Sunday's PACC
meeting--what a water shed event this will be in the history of

"FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS" ye who gave us one week and
expected business as usual...the fury of the hurricane that blows
through here will be felt in full come this annual town meeting; it
will leave the "SPECIAL INTERESTS" weeping at their mother's breasts.
We are closing our wallets and concentrating the laser beam of
accountability at the actions of the special interests that seem to
have cowed the populace. Your Days are NUMBERED. Good luck and good
night. I have nothing but my words and my passion...but I learned
from the Affordable housing industrial complex that the squeaky wheel
gets the oil and I vow to get the oil for the decades long residents of my beloved

Inspired and galvanized andwith Conviction,

Michael Rogovsky

11:47 am est 

School Lunch Chat...

..responding to Mr. Rogovsky's question posed to me about the schools...

    I'm not completely sure how to answer this question, because I
don't believe I ever said I was not convinced to close the schools in
the first place.  It seems you may have made that assumption
(possibly based on my alumni status... which is understandable). 
But, please let me be clear - at this point, I think the situation is
inevitable that sooner or later (possibly closer to sooner) the high
school here will have to close.  Will I be happy?  no.  Will I rally
for the schools to close?  no.  Can I live and adjust to the reality?
  Sure can! :)

     The point I was trying to make in my original post was that it's
not really a matter of "convincing" anyone.  You may think when
schools supporters state "nostalgia-like" reasons for keeping the
school open, that they are being "emotional."  It's ok for you to
think that.  But, remember, those reasons to them (if they sound
crazy to you) are real, true reasons and are just as important to
them, as your financial reasons for closing the school.  And it's not
WHO wants the schools open or closed thats important... it's their
reasons and each side may have valid points to support their opinion.

     Instead of "convincing" I'd like to think of it as,
understanding the other side.  We have essentially divided the
community with this school issue when in fact, we NEED to come
together.   While the school is here we need to be supportive of our
students (and not just financially); we need to all take advantage of
the school sports programs, fundraisers, dinners, the spring musical,
graduation etc.

      The school is a HUGE part of the lives of many of our community
members.  To some it's not just a building or a financial vacuum of
our community - it's an institution symbolic of Provincetown's unique
small town, family-like community.  People are going to be emotional
at the thought of it no longer being around.  Likewise, as costs
continue to rise and school population declines, people are going to
be more and more horrified that it remains on the tax roll.

      For Mr. Rogovsky ... the letter to the editor you were
referring to for example:  The very tone of it and accusations are
going to upset people in a way that is not good (for either side). 
And nearly every point you make to try and "convince" the
pro-schoolers is going to be counter-pointed.  Although, I think
sometimes writing can get lost in translation and it may make your
letter sound more offensive than you intended it to (unless you meant
to offend people, but I really doubt it, given the nature of your
posting and your well thought out comments on here)...

      Perhaps it would serve the town better to have a get together
or one of those forums like we had on the Police Dept and then the
Business Summit, so we can all sit down and discuss the issue BEFORE
Town Meeting.

      Our town is in a crisis.  Our schools are in a crisis.  The
entire Cape is experiencing this same situation.  I listened to the
demography study and have read the charts.  Although Peter Francese
mentions regionalization as a part of his 30 minute interview, there
was a much larger part of that discussion. The way I interpreted it
was that the schools are going to have to regionalize (one way or
another), but that our financial woes will not suddenly disappear. 
There is a bigger phenomenon on our hands and it is related to the
unbalanced and further unbalancing demography on the Cape.

       The cost for the school will lessen with it's closure BUT
people will lose jobs and may have to move.  We will no longer have a
High School here, which may have people thinking of migrating 'Up'
Cape or Off Cape where it is less expensive to live and rent.  Which
could mean less people eating (and working) in restaurants, and less
people buying real estate.  I'm not mentioning these things to
support keeping the school, but to point out the domino effect of the
school closure on our isolated town. Of course, the flip side is
money will be freed up for other projects and things to atract young
people to our little town, which will help balance the demography.

      Anyway, almost done blabbing... clearly I need to stop drinking
coffee today...  Let's not try and "convince" the other side.  If we
shared a dog and he was dying, I wouldn't try and "convince" you to
put it to sleep... I'd council you, hold your hand, listen to you and
sympathize with you while gently offering you practical information
in a respectful way so you could come to terms with and understand
what I thought were the benefits of putting it to sleep.  We'd hug at
the end and our friendship would grow after going through this tough
time and being supportive of one another.  We'd both try and cherish
whatever time we had left with our dog; we'd tell tales of the old
times and make a joke about the time he humped Aunt Claires leg at
Thanksgiving... etc.

      There was a time a couple of years ago when I thought I
absolutely wanted the school to remain open.  I've recently had an
introspective glance at this opinion of mine and realized that I
wasn't REALLY rallying for the school to be open... I was arguing for
the school to stay open because I was offended by the
'school-closers' comments and really bothered by the things some
people were saying negatively about the school. I wasn't going to be
told by someone else what my opinion should be of the school. I
wasn't going to be 'convinced' of anything. People telling me I'm
emotional and not thinking straight and being illogical only made me
less likely to want the school to close.  I've learned to not take
these comments that bother me as seriously and certainly to not let
them effect my thoughts on the school closure issue.  Back then I
felt like I had to fight for the underdog!!!  I suspect there are
other people who are thinking like that.  They are defending the
school !
  from the negative comments, or the comments they disagree with and
the 'us' vs. 'them' mentality is fed over and over again.  Both sides
are guilty of feeding it too.

     We need less of the "us" vs. "them" putting us ALL (both sides)
on the defensive and more of the working together attitude to get
through this professionally and respectfully.

     I don't think I'll ever be "convinced," but I'll be open and
accepting of the idea of the High School closing and I think that's a
good position to be in.

Ok, really done now.  Sorry for long post.

It's now After School Dinner Chat I suppose.
11:42 am est 

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nice to Have You Back Rattlesnake

     If the developers of 6 Sandy Hill Lane--known as the Hithcock
Sisters--publicly said that Gull Nest's would be like Bates Motel
since it had a failed septic system, then they accurately named their

     And if, as the Banner states, "the board of health last year
granted an Administrative Consent order (ACO) because the existing
septic system was in technical failure, why would the Assistant Town
Manager and the health agent now say that the developers are in
compliance with Title 5 Septic requirements?

     As this week's Banner explains, "while the system is currently
working properly, there is less than the required four feet between
the bottom of the leach pit and the estimated top of the water table,
putting the septic into technical failure." And what will happen when
people move in and start flushing? We have a disaster waiting to
happen and the CPC is trying to make certain that those who have
bought at the Bates Motel won't find the system broken in a few
months with the new owners having to pay to have it work.

     Bravo to the CPC board.

      Though I do have an additional question: Why is one of the
Hitchcock Sisters a members of the Community Preservation Committee?
Isn't this a conflict of interest or at least a bit suspicious, that
Cass Benson joins the CPB board around June of 2007 and by November
of 2007, she has received $732,000 of CPC funds--and with the
interest that the town is paying on these monies--over a million.
Within five months, Benson has cleaned out the CPC funds by a million
dollars? And even then, she refuses to place the $67,000 in escrow to
cover possible Septic System failure.

     The Bates Motel, indeed. The Hitchcock Sisters, indeed.
6:30 pm est 

To: Peter

Right what I meant was the ones that they don't have to go in front
of. Tell us which boards they don't have to go before because of
pulling a 40B?
6:27 pm est 

Hey Peter,

Didn't Malone try to deceive the board by saying Race Point was two
projects? But he was caught and now he has to go before the Cape Cod
6:26 pm est 

Heaven help us!

Lynn Davies has taken out papers! She has shown no leadership during
her term. She has made NO impact. Her positions change with the
political winds. Remember she motioned for the multimillion dollar
paving study! She reads her packets during the meetings. Selectman
Davies please, please don't help us anymore. Please! Don't you want
your Monday night's back? Please give those papers back to town hall.

Who is Robert Cleveland?

Voter for Change on the right side of the Chair.
6:24 pm est 

To the Harbor Masters,

From what you say, not only were you *both* on the wharf during the
storm, but you were at RISK and SAVING boats. I certainly owe you an
apology and I'm deeply sorry for what I said after taking Mr. Jeff
Perry at this word.

I was rather harsh on the wharf rat too it seems; you certainly didn't deserve
my rebuke. Hopefully you have thick fur and a forgiving nature (or I'm in trouble).
I take back what I wrote about you--and I'm glad that you didn't use your real name. I just
don't understand why Mr. Perry would say what he did and sign his
name. So much for Mr. Jeff Perry's honor.

Michael Rogovsky
6:22 pm est 

Recycling Just the Facts List
I see 16 article ideas right
here.  Thanks JTF.

   Property Tax Assessment Irregularities
   DPW Wastewater Assessment Irregularities
   Reconsideration of Current Affordable Housing Model
   Limitations of Housing Development
   Accounting Irregularities
   Excessive use of Consultants
   Pier Corp Potential Savings and Restructuring
   Sole Source Contract Irregularities
   Improper use of town resources
   Restructuring of the School System
   Review of all Design Build Operate Contracts
   Renegotiation of Labor Contracts
   Reconsideration of use of CPC Monies
   Improper Reallocation of Voter Approved Funds and Department Positions
   Control of Class Action and Sexual Harassment Legal Suits
   Proposals for reconfiguring Town government Based on a two Season   
6:19 pm est 


Once again the Worshipful Masters (our harbormaster) dutiful        
slaves are put to work covering up another mess down on the pier that
could have been avoided. Notice anytime anyone posts anything against
Mckinsey and Malone, the henchmen come out here? How does that work
exactly when someone like Adams is both           his                
and at the same time is his employer? Oh, right give him another 10%
raise and defend him on this blog as Vigilant.  Plus, the other three
older men on the Pier board are sweet on him and that helps secure
his job no matter how poorly he does it.

Jeff, the Worshipful Master curry favors the fishermen by giving them
the cheapest ice on the Cape per ton ($60) vs. places like Bedford
that are three times more. Thats why we dont say anything about the
crap that goes on.  Why are you ratting him out?? Hell punish us by
raising our ice! You need to become a worshiping Mason like me then
hell watch your boat!

I am sick of all that trash down at the T. It has been there since
July. The T has become a dumping ground. When's that barge going to
get out of our way so we can turn around down there? Fishermen like
me want Ribas. He's one of us.

Blogging from the temple
6:14 pm est 

To: Mr. Rogovsky,
Thanks for enlightening us about the
harbormaster's of old. I didn't realize that boats didn't sink in
those days!
5:03 pm est 

To Point of Clarification:

IF a developer chooses to apply for his development under chapter 40
B(Nicknamed the Anti-snobbery by-law). They DO in fact have to go
before regulatory review. The Zoning Board of Appeals then acts as
the one Board doing ALL the regulatory review normally handled by the
planning board, conservation commission etc. The Zoning Board is
given wide latitude by State Law in what it can do.

Peter Bez
Past Vice-chair ZBA
5:01 pm est 

I Have Listened to the Peter Francese Interview...........
.........and he merely confirmed my thoughts.  It is time to merge our
middle and high school with Nauset.

I can not honestly come up with one reason not to do so, other than
the emotional ties some have to our current school system.  I don't
expect that Provincetown will ever be less expensive than Nauset, the
numbers just don't back it up.  I believe our children will receive a
better, more diverse education at Nauset.  I don't believe that
sending our middle school and high school students will change the
'fabric' of our town.  They are our kids and we will love and support
them no matter where they go to school.  I want the very best for
them and the very best for them is the education they will receive at

4:57 pm est 

Dear Cheryl,

      Thank you for your concise explaination.  I understand the
status and commend you for the placement and win on the issue
      Good idea, consolidate some committees.
Mr. Rattlesnake

Dear Michael Rogovsky,
      Welcome to PACC. In less than a week you have have made many
well written and thought out contributions to Shout Out!.

2:04 pm est 

This is Not Truth in Lending

      What is all this concern with truth and with the actual facts?
Since when has this town been focused on the actual numbers, the real
costs, and the true consequences of our decisions?

     This is a Blog. This is a place where the town people provide
what they think are the issues. It is the place they provide their
opinions. Opinions are just that. Others may hold other opinions and
they may present other "facts" to substantiate what they believe.

    It's a place to share ideas. It's not a venue of judgment for
philosophical truth or academic expertise.

     And why would you hold this Blog and its Bloggers to a standard
higher than most in this town demand of the Board of Selectmen and
their deliberations? Why would demand more from ordinary Bloggers
than you demand from the town administrators?

     How Odd
2:02 pm est 

Harbormaster's Have Many Other Duties

Sorry to hear about Mr. Perry's 6' dinghy breaking free
from the pier. What is your dinghy doing in the water this time of
the year Mr. Perry? Who leaves a dinghy in the water during the most
stormy time of the year when it requires constant attention? It
almost sounds like you expected it to sink. Who wouldn't, it's a 6'
OPEN, unprotected boat!

Harbormaster's have many other duties, besides babysitting your tiny
little dinghy. The storm that caused your dinghy to break free was
advised as only a small craft warning. Perhaps you should have driven
to the pier and hauled your small craft out? For two hours the wind
gusted to up to 65mph from the SSW and the Harbormasters (and there
were two of them on the pier during the storm) had three large boats
with broken lines. The Harbormaster that was on duty was assisted by
several fishermen and a second off-duty Harbormaster. The fishermen
came to watch their boats during the height of the storm which is
cutomary. Those boats were saved from what could have been serious
damage. Unfortunately for the out of town boat, he suffered some
damage that was not threatening. The Harbormasters can only attend to
one boat at a time. Next time you should be sure you have good lines
on your boat and perhaps it won't break free so easily!

On Thursday, I watched the Harbormaster, Rex McKinsey on the patrol
boat pick up your dinghy (which did not appear to be damaged at all)
from the breakwater and bring it to the floating docks. Later I
watched the Harbormaster and assistant Harbormaster help you carry
your dinghy to its trailer. This is the way you say thank you to the
people who helped you? Shame on you!

The Vigilant
2:00 pm est 

Master redacter:

All the information you blacked out is public record. You choose to
hide behind your ability to block the public from viewing facts about
you. But, you seem to have no problem publishing                         
and                    about others. A little
hypocritical, no?

Also, you never bothered answering why YOU don't join a Board or run
for Selectman. Why is that, I wonder?
1:57 pm est 

Hey Jeff -

Too bad about your boat. The wind came up
suddenly and without a lot of warning. There is one harbormaster on
duty and I understand that he did his job very well and prevented a
great deal of damage. Too bad yours was damaged, but where were you?
Perhaps the Pier should hire a special harbormaster just to watch
your boat. Ya, that's the solution. Storms and high winds happen,
that's the nature of living here.

Maybe you should take your boat out of the water in the winter if it's at
such a great risk of sinking? Or, perhaps you should take it somewhere
else, somewhere that you can get the personal attention that you deserve.

Stop blaming everyone else Jeff, there are many other boats on the
pier besides yours! Try Pamet Harbor next year!
1:54 pm est 

Are You More Convinced That the School Should be Closed?

Obviously, even the idea of closing the school is going to
create monumental fervor. PHS Grad, Another PHS Grad, PHS Graduate
also. School lunch chat. All of you are graduates. After listening to
the Peter Francese interview--are you more convinced that the school
should be closed?

My letter to close the school was printed in the banner; I tried to make it
short, but they still removed the line that taking a first grader to graduation
is going to cost the taxpayer $42,000,000 over the next 12 years.

I expected to have messages on my phone--none so far. It is  my expectation
that a reasoned and thoughtful article will be born from this blog and the
meeting of Feb. 24th. that will go on the warrant and be presented to
the town.

NOTE: I wish to state that I haven't intentionally been giving out
mis information about Ted Malone or anyone else. I've called the town
and the Cape Cod Commission to get information. I've read the rumors
about the wet lands etc. posted here, but the Conservation commission
would have acted if anything is amiss.

Michael Rogovsky
11:16 am est 

So Much for Protecting Our Fishermen

Wharf rat or shall we say the harbormaster's favorite rat!

There is no commercial pier in Truro! So much for protecting our
fishermen. Right Lee?

Sick of excuses on the wharf.
11:12 am est 

Point of Clarification

To anyone listening.

Its actually quite the opposite on a 40B the developer by passes any
boards! If Mr. Malone or any developer does not pull a 40B they have
to go before Many boards!
Just a point of clarification.

I think it's so important that if you post something factual you
realy want to be sure of what your saying. This is such a touchy
subject to a lot of us!!

"To be or not 40B!

Malone's Race Point Road development IS NOT 40B AND DOES
12:09 pm est"

11:10 am est 

To: Jeff,

I forwarded your terrible experience to the Banner and the town
manager. This never would have happened if Datacchhio was still the
harbormaster! Or a more competent harbormaster like Ribas.

Michael, in the old days, as you know, there were just two full time
employees on the pier who walked the pier. Now they have four who
just  sit around, smoke cigs and watch boats sink like jeff's.

Time for a big change on the pier!
11:07 am est 

A Most Tragic Miscalculation!

I can remember working the night of July 4th 2005 during
the fireworks; passing out flyers on the street. I saw several rowdy
young teens I did not recognize (presumably from up Cape) engaged in
drunken loud behavior and fights; and I myself felt unsafe. This was
before, after, and mostly DURING the fireworks.   

For today's young people in this technology age, fireworks are merely
a loud screen saver in the sky.  Visiting Provincetown on the eve of the 4th July
is as engrained in Cape Codders as is visiting Salem on Halloween is
in Bostonians; If the Selectman think cancelling the fireworks will
keep anybody away or reduce the number of police required; I think
that could prove to be one of the most tragic miscalculations in town
history - What cancelling the fireworks will however do, is upset our
visitors from off the Cape; the people that get most excited about
seeing them, many of whom are already disenchanted enough with our
11:05 am est 

To: Wharf Rat,
You are aptly named.

Michael Rogovsky
11:01 am est 

To Wharf Rat,

 Mr. Clueless, You owe Mr. Jeff Perry a major apology. I don't even
know Jeff Perry, but this is a time of sorrow for him and this is all
that you can say to him:

What's  his problem; he lives in Truro? You say this to him after his boat
breaks lose from the pier during a storm and sinks at the break water shows?
You have a complete lack of empathy and I'm blinded by the glaring light that
shines on your breath taking insensitivity. The poor man has lost his boat because
no one was monitoring the pier during a storm.

He pays good money to secure his boat there. It isn't like a car that is
parked on the street--it is a boat subject to tides and wave action during a storm.
I bet every person who has a boat at the pier will race there when
the next storm arrives. How sad, again, I'm sorry Mr. Perry that this
has happened to you. It should not have happened.

Michael Rogovsky
11:00 am est 

Friday, February 15, 2008

Jeff's Boat

Jeff, whats your problem?  You live in Truro.

Wharf Rat.
10:06 pm est 

Jeff Perry,

I'm sorry to hear about your boat. I assumed that the harbor master would
be on the pier whenever there are storms! My first job in town was unloading
the fishing boats at the end of the wharf in 1976.(Another man whose first job in town was
unloading the fishing boats sometime before me was another artist:
Mr. Robert De Niro,Sr. --the actor's father.) This damage to your
boat would not have happend in that era.

Michael Rogovsky
10:03 pm est 

12:49 pm est 





12:49 pm est 

Close Recreation Department

     To bring the FY2009 budget to level funding, why not close the
Recreation Department for one year. That would save around $150,000.
Also, put off the betterment for this building and that would save
even more.

     Then combine activities that would be held in the Recreation
Building in one of the schools. Let the schools led the
extracurricula activities. We also have the West End Race Club for
water activities.

     Nantucket will be closing its Youth Center and also its Elderly
Adult Day Center.  We are all facing tough times and those department
that are not maximizing their benefit to the town, should be closed.

     At present, this department does little and the staff is hardly
qualified to lead arobics, do training, or organize health-related
activities. Let the schools pick up the  slack and let the town save
these monies for the next year. Most people will not even know that
the Recreation Department is closed.
12:44 pm est 

Make a Move Sooner Than Later

Truro is already paying 20K to ptown to educate a kid and its cheaper
for them to send a kid to Nauset at 17K. If p-town thinks they are
going to get a price ok 20K per kid, they better make a decision soon
and negotiate a price with Nauset before they realize they need money
too and put the burden on ptown. Now is the time to get out and get a
good price instead of waiting till later.
12:42 pm est 

School Lunch Chat

I believe this is the link to that interview Mr. R was mentioning:

I too have listened to this and it is quite interesting.  The
discussion is about demographic trends and what these trends indicate
for the future in regards to schools, business, economic growth etc...

Quite a bit of it is relevant to our local situation, including
discussion on second home ownership, regionalizing or creating larger
school districts (for all of the Cape), building growth and
population decline with specific talk about the implications of wages
not being in line with cost of living, affordable housing, affordable
renting, etc etc... Really interesting stuff and something for

I'd encourage people to check it out when they can.  If I recall, the
interview lasts about 30 mins...

Webmaster Comment: Thank you!
12:40 pm est 

Paul Francese Cape and Island Radio Interview

I found the interview That Mr. Greg Craig sent to all of us and I
pasted it here.

Michael Rogovsky

Webmaster Comment: We have posted the link on Shout Out!

As always,
thank you
12:22 pm est 

To: Webmaster

Dear webmaster, You are most welcome.

Michael Rogovsky
12:19 pm est 


      Thank you for the information. You were very concise, but I'm
very blonde. If you can put your reply in layman terms, it would be

Also, if the decision on "major developments " has been shifted to
another venue, I would like to know.

Thank you,

Rattlesnake taking a bath
12:18 pm est 

Dear Mr Rattlesnake.........

You asked about the Local Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee.........

First, it does not exist anymore. I fought that battle on town
meeting floor a few years ago......and actually won. Its mission, to
implement the new LCP, was then folded into the duties  of the
Planning Board.

I'm sure  you are aware, Mr Rattlesnake,  that we have many 
vacancies on boards and committees right now. Some folks think its a
term limits issue. I'm not convinced of that.

In any case, One answer is to stop forming new committees , and
instead to consolidate them.
We did this, at my suggestion, when the Recycling Committee expanded
to include renewable energy. It seems to be working well. We also did
this when we formed the Housing Council, and merged the former Local
Housing Partnership into it .

I irritated a few of my friends when i championed the elimination of
the LCPIC  but i saw a number of problems with that group at the
time, including conflict of interest, and poor use of staff time and

That committee, longer.

Cheryl Andrews
12:16 pm est 

Who"s Responsible For All This!

 I want to thank the pier corp, and all the harbor masters
for a job well done on this past storm HA HA HA HA .

If someone was on duty and walked the pier my boat would have not
been damaged from debris that blow off of floats which floated into my birth , and
busted the cleats off which floated my boat adrift, and sank at the
break water as well as all  the other boats that were damaged.

The vessel Johannas  stern was  severely damaged , a visiting vessel from
another town.  They need to spend less money on stuff they dont need
and more coverage on stormy nights or more qualified personal ,And
yes i will sign my name I  am sick of it.

I pay to put my boat there, good money too.Who"s responsible for all this.

Jeff perry

12:14 pm est 

To be or not 40B!

Malone's Race Point Road development IS NOT 40B AND DOES
12:09 pm est 

Regarding Mr. Paige's Findings on Permit Fees:

Thank you for visiting the Town Clerk and securing the information for us on
how fees are set.

Mass. General Law, Chapter 40, Section 22F; which was accepted by
vote under Article 16 of the April 1, 1996 Annual Town Meeting,
provides that:

Any municipal board or officer empowered to issue a
license, permit, certificate, or to render a service or perform work
for a person or class of persons, may, from time to time, fix
reasonable fees for all such licenses, permits, or certificates
issued pursuant to statutes or regulations wherein the entire
proceeds of the fee remain with such issuing city or town, and may
fix reasonable charges to be paid for any services rendered or work
performed by the city or town or any department thereof, for any
person or class of persons; provided, however, that in the case of a
board or officer appointed by an elected board, the fixing of such
fee shall be subject to the review and approval of such elected board.

Mr. Taylor appears to have had the authority to set fees as the Town
adopted the law that allows department to set fees.
The fees remain with the issuing authority and must be reasonable.
It would appeare that the fees were not set legally and are excessive.
Look at the cost of operation of the department and what the
department takes in for fees.

The inspections department does have enough money to hire a qualified
and competent staff and supply itslf with what ever equipment it
needs to function. With what the department takes in for fees, it
seems criminal that the permit coordinator is forced to work all
those extra hours for no additional pay. She is not an on call
department head. I hope she stops giving of her time for nothing.

One should also figure in the fees taken in by the other divisions of
the Community Development Department versus operational costs for the
other divisions and see how much other exhorbitant fees are charged
the public.

The Town of Provincetown is in violation of the law it adopted in
1996 by allowing excessive fees to be charged for permits.
A top to bottom review of the cost of providing services is needed.

12:06 pm est 

Staying on Track

I've read the complaint in some people's statements that
Shout Out! is just a big bitch session of anger and resentment and
back bitting etc. and that it is just spinning its wheels, but I want
to say that it it is tremendously more than just that. 

Of course there is anger about issues and wrongs and people are getting
emotional, personal, and at times discourteous, but they do it here, 
and the hope is that once they vent that they are then flooded with
information and once they settle down and get the facts, that they
will see what the true reality of a situation is.

I've been reading Shout Out for less than a week and I've encounted
tremendous sources of information; the most important of which is
listening to the interview regarding the study of the schools which
Mr. Greg Craig attached to one of his blogs. Now when someone rings
their hands and gets emotional about the children, I can retort that
there are 26,500 students in the schools cape wide in all of these
individual schools clamoring for their share of the money pie where
as Scottsdale AZ. has 27,000 students, 5 regional schools and they
are saving tens of millions of dollars on education.

On the cape, enrollment has declined ___% and if it declines
another____% we are going to end up paying $20,000 to send a child to
school. ect.ect. (I can't find the blog to quote its other salient
points, but it is a ram rod of solid facts and figures against the
emotional flower petals of the school committee.)

So my suggestion is that everyone, especially PHS Grad and Also PHS
Grad might consider listening to this interview and to tell their friends about it.
From Shout Out! I've learned that people can have questions about a
subject and get solid information; that they can get help such as I
was being offered by shadow regarding writing an article for town
meeting, and discover from others what they have learned in
researching an incident or subject.

With Shout Out! I don't feel like I'm a lone voice writing letters to
the banner about the injustice of paying for town building being
hooked up to the Waste water treatment plant; or that schools need to
be closed ect.

From Reading Shout Out! I've learned *how* the cape cod commission
is going to scrutinize Mr.Ted Malone's proposal to develope 2+ acres
of land and that I can voice my opposition that with this development
comes destruction; ect.ect. and now all can voice your opinions pro
or con to this same board.

It is my hope that we can *also* meet before town meeting when we
know what the warrant will be and thus scrutinize it for the millions
of dollars that we are being asked to spend. And thus we can post our
findings on Shout Out for everyone to read and understand. I love
this town and it has been my home for over 30 years--and I see this
blog as an important way to make sure that it stays on track.

Michael Rogovsky

Webmaster Comment:Again, thank you mr. Rogovsky
11:36 am est 

Town Meeting Apathy

I attend every town meeting and always stay till the very end.  i'm
always amazed when i see people show up and and then leave after
their pet votes.  other towns have had this problem and there is a
very simple solution.  choose the articles as a lottery as they are
voted on.  the articles are listed in the warrant but on the nights
of the meeting, the moderator simply pulls numbers out of a bowl and
that is the article addressed.  no one knows what time anything will
be voted on.  it ensures fairness and a sustained quorum.

selectman knight suggested this and i hope he follows through on it.

9:54 am est 

FYI: L C P I C Was Dissolved by a Vote of Town Meeting

The local comprehensive plan implemenatation committee was dissolved
by a vote of Town Meeting; Town Meeting Date: April4,2005

Article: ATM 26 Title: Transfer LCP Implementation Functions to
Planning Board; Abolish LCPIC.

To see if the Town will vote to rescind its vote under Article 16 of
the April 3, 2000 Annual Town Meeting, which authorized the Board of
Selectmen to appoint a Local Comprehensive Plan Implementation
Committee (LCPIC) to oversee the implementation of the Local
Comprehensive Plan (LCP); and to transfer the LCP implementation
function instead to the Planning Board, consistent with the Planning
Boards responsibility under Charter §6-12-4 to develop and
periodically update a master or comprehensive plan, subject to the
approval by the town meeting, which shall be utilized as the basis of
all major developments in the town, and shall report annually to the
town meeting on the status of the plan; to take any other action
relative thereto. [Requested by the Board of Selectmen] BOARD OF
Cheryl Andrews moved that the Town vote to rescind its vote under
Article 16 of the April 3, 2000 Annual Town Meeting, which aut!
  horized the Board of Selectmen to appoint a Local Comprehensive
Plan Implementation Committee (LCPIC) to oversee the implementation
of the Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP); and to transfer the LCP
implementation function instead to the Planning Board, consistent
with the Planning Boards responsibility under Charter §6-12-4 to
develop and periodically update a master or comprehensive plan,
subject to the approval by the town meeting, which shall be utilized
as the basis of all major developments in the town, and shall report
annually to the town meeting on the status of the plan. Motion
Passed. (69 For, 60 Against)
9:50 am est 

Our Town Manager is PHENOMINAL

We finaly have someone who cares, and is working hard towards the
good of the community. The reason she is not out at the bars hanging
out with you, is that she is buisy at WORK. She has had an imposible
first year trying to clean up the mess left on her desk by the
privious manager, and that mess will continue for years before it is
all taken care of. We should thank our lucky stars that we have her
sitting in the corner office.

We have all been grumbling for months about what is wrong.
Town meeting is coming up, and our voices have been heard, it looks
like the budget may be on budget. We must work out the solutions 
now. And please, personal atacks? We are the community, we need to
work together.

No Overide
8:48 am est 

Voter Apathy

In reviewing your Mission Statement and reading all of these blog
entries, I keep coming back to the real problem being actual voting
apathy. If MYPACC can do something to influence this then things will
have a chance at changing.

My last Town Meeting was when the library came back for the last time
asking for money and when we approved it, most of the voters left the
building. My "perfect" democratic form of government came crashing
down. In my opinion, Town Meeting is a waste of time due to the
special interests, under-represented voters, very vocal minority and
actual votes not taken seriously or ever enacted.

I have done the board thing, had my own business in town, worked with
one of the ga-zillion non-profits, town meeting etc.... and every
experience was unpleasant. I have never experienced prior to Ptown
this lack of professionalism, the lack of business support, the
amount of special interests and the amount of anger. I was somewhat
mild manner before coming to Ptown and now I'm a rage-aholic along
with everyone else.

When you have a total voting population of only 3,000 and only 10%
actually go to TM, and over 50% of the taxpayers are non-voting, how
can anyone feel represented. The special interests and the vocal
minority will always win. In order to live, and have some sort of
peace of mind, here, it has been necessary to ignore everything.
Thankfully most of my income now comes from out of town. And I am not
alone, most of the people I know and spend time with never go to Town

How can this change? How can we make certain that more people go to
Town Meeting. Larger venue, secret ballots.
I think this blog is a great first step but the anger and disrespect
is making me feel that this is no better than what I have experienced
since I moved here.
8:14 am est 

Report Back From Peter Page

On Thursday I meet with Doug Johnston again, with follow up
questions about the Building Department fees, and who has authority
to raise them.

He referred to our general bylaw 6-6-1 which says  Authorization to
set fees.   Fees for town services, licenses, permits, inspections,
or use of town property shall be set, from time to time, by the Board
of Selectmen, (or other authorized town authority) except for such
fees as may be mandated, permitted or limited by the General Laws,
the Town Charter, these bylaws, or a vote of the town.

At first reading it sounds like only the BOS can set fees. Upon
rereading it I see (or other authorized town authority). That raised
my next question to Doug. What other authorities? And, what gives
them that authority?

He then referred to a memo from the Town Manager which is in his
files that refers to Mass. General Law, Chapter 40, Section 22F

Mass. General Law, Chapter 40, Section 22F; which was accepted by
vote under Article 16 of the April 1, 1996 Annual Town Meeting,
provides that:

                Any municipal board or officer empowered to issue a
license, permit, certificate, or to render a service or perform work
for a person or class of persons, may, from time to time, fix
reasonable fees for all such licenses, permits, or certificates
issued pursuant to statutes or regulations wherein the entire
proceeds of the fee remain with such issuing city or town, and may
fix reasonable charges to be paid for any services rendered or work
performed by the city or town or any department thereof, for any
person or class of persons; provided, however, that in the case of a
board or officer appointed by an elected board, the fixing of such
fee shall be subject to the review and approval of such elected board.

So yes Doug Taylor did have the authority to raise the fees.

The question as to whether or not the higher fees were advertised,
which is a very important part of the process, still remains to be

I also asked Doug if he had any more word from Mr. Braun. He said
although he has not heard from Mr. Braun he did have a conversation
about this matter with the Assistant Town Manager. And he learned
that The Assistant Town Manager has sent off What if questions to
Town Council.

So, people in Town Hall are looking into this matter.

I think I may try to reach Maxine today and ask if she has any
recollection of this happening. When I get more information I will
post it. I will also try to remember to bring a copy of that memo to
the PACC meeting.

Peter Page
8:11 am est 

In Time That Answer Will Become Self Evident

Someone just wrote the following about Sharon Lynne and
when she came to
town, she met with every town organization.

Well I was on the ZBA, and most recently I was Vice-Chairmen, for
seven years and when Sharon Lynne came into office I fully expected
her to come to one of our meetings and introduce herself, and maybe
give us a little idea of what she would like to see concerning the

She did attend meetings of the board, but as far as I can remember
the only thing she ever said to the board as a whole was hello. And
that would have been just the first time she was there.

So yes she did meet with the board, but we never got anything out of it.

Although,I will give her credit where credit is due. She did on
several occasions have private meetings with the ZBA chair, Patrick
Eleey, and Town Council, prior to the beginning of several meetings.

And, when I needed to talk with her concerning matters of my own she
was very easy to approach and get a meeting with. She listened well
and empathized with my trouble. As far as her follow through; that
still remains to be seen.

Does it really matter how nice, well-intentioned, dedicated and
highly educated she is?
Not to me. What really matters to me is what she does, and I dont
think I personally have enough information, nor has there been enough
time to make such a big decision as to whether or not we should keep
her in office. So I sit back, watch, listen, learn, and in time that
answer will become self evident.

  Peter Page
8:06 am est 

Solid, Hard Facts and Figures

Anyone with the slightest qualms regarding the
regionlization of the schools need only listen to the interview
presented to town managers etc. by a man who did an in depth study of
the situation of the cape schools. His findings state that the
commonwealth of MA. would save millions upon millions of dollars if
the schools were regionalized.

The commonwealth spends $11,000 to educate its children in every part
of the cape except on the cape where it is higher. If things continue
as they are, in a few years it will cost $20,000 to educate a child

He gives solid, hard facts and figures in this interview that
will crush any opposition presented by the emotional school board. It
is a must hear interview that left town managers gasping! Stating
these facts in an article to close the school and presenting it at
town meeting will have people gasping too at the consequences of not
closing the school.

(I looked for it again to quote it, but I can't find it). It needs to be sent
in an e-mail to all of the Powers That Be. I hope that Mr. Craig will send it
again in a new message to us.

Michael Rogovsky
8:01 am est 

Would Someone do the Research and Report Back

P.S. What is  the "Local Comprehensive Plan Implementing
It seems that Mr. Snake Oil was a member with an expiration date 6/30/07.
Has he been re-appointed? The BIG question is, What is this commission?
It's a new one to me. I've done enough researching tonight. Would
someone do the research and report back?

Thank You,

No Showers No More!!
7:56 am est 

Wake up Voters!

It's Valentine Eve and I have no "Tine"
So what does one do but go on line.
I want to share what I did find,
it's Verrry Interresssting if you take the time.

Check these Hits:
Seems like the snake oil salesman is already planning to move out of
town. Why not, there is no more land., March 8, 2007.
The Hitchcock Sisters-  Gulls Nest ( The Birds) and the Bates Motel
(PSYCHO). "We're taking a big leap. If there is a cog in the process, we
could end up with the Bates Motel" Anathan noted.
Just wait to read about the septic system.

Moral of this tale: Don't trust the man selling oil, he WILL take our open
space from us. And don't trust the Hitchcock Sisters; they sold the snake
oil to the town as well. Wake up voters!

Moving out from the wetlands to the Bates Motel and NEVER
taking a shower!

7:54 am est 

No Board Review Required

Ted Malones Race point road development is a 40 b, it does
not have to go though the zoning or planning, conservation or any
town boards!
7:50 am est 

Just Think about it!

Think about it!

Ted Malone, Ted Malone!
11:56 pm est 

Dear Salty

i'm amazed that you would even suggest a vote of no-confidence for
someone you have never even met.  sharon lynne is a very nice,
well-intentioned, dedicated and highly educated woman.  she is also
in a very difficult situation (have you even seen a BOS meeting,
those people are her bosses).  she has been on the job for less than
a year.  she doesn't deserve to be dumped on by someone who obviously
has never even stepped foot in town hall.  if you had, sharon is very
approachable and willing to listen to anyone.  and when she came to
town, she met with every town organization.  where were you?

would you rather have her on the streets, shaking hands and kissing
your ass or in her office doing her job.

if anyone deserves a vote of no-confidence, it would have to be
ACTING chief tobias.  the only time we see him is driving around in
his blacked out suv.  what has he done in the last two years besides
paint the cruisers to improve moral and intimidate the citizenry. 
and i have met ACTING chief tobias, and i am not impressed.  a very
serious part of his job is public relations.  when was the last time
you saw him walking the streets of this town?

one last thought, your comments verge on lesbian bashing.  i'd be
very careful crossing that line if i were you.

11:54 pm est 

To: Hide Behind the Curtain

Are you kidding me?

Taking personal attacks on someone who is trying to help the citizens
of Ptown stand up for themselves?

Wow. I hope you can look at yourself in the mirror and love who you
see. You will be in my Prayers.

As far as the Webmaster.
Clarence, stay strong!
I do not know you, but  I see you on TV, on the streets and in the
meetings I do attend. You seem like a wise man and I listen to you
with respect,  although I sometimes disagree...Stay strong.

I posted the video earlier on "America, Freedom to Fascism",(Google
video) in regards to the attempted attack on your character.

Maybe "HIDE BEHIND THE CURTAIN" will see his/her attempted attack is
irrelevant after watching that film.

Again stop the attacks, but then again, this is what those in "Power" want.

Blessings to all and especially to you Clarence.
11:09 pm est 

Speaking of Voting,

 I'd like to see a binding vote of
confidence/no confidence for the town manager.
Rather than town meeting, I see it as a referendum on the November ballot.
Personally, I've never seen/met the woman. I find it odd that there
was zero effort to get out and meet the community.(Other than the
lesbian power elite, I'm sure...)

There is a broom of change sweeping the nation and we should sweep
out all the bums in our local government as well.

11:06 pm est 

Talk about TAXES:

Talk about TAXES:

Everyone should watch "AMERICA FREEDOM TO FASCISM" by Arron Russo.
You can find it on google video or from the link below.

Since someone attempted to degrade an honest American Citizen earlier
i.e. the Webmaster, maybe all of you should watch this.

Stop beating each other up! We need to rise up against the system,
not each other!


Good Night and Good Luck!
11:04 pm est 

Thursday, February 14, 2008

To: Hide Behind the Curtain

Shout Out! is not the place to take personal shots at the people that participate on this blog.

Your insulting remarks, as far as i am concerned did not merit publishing. Shame on you! 

I have noticed and it could very well be a coincidence that since we have been discussing the Ted Malone matter, a small number of writers have become very vicious toward the bloggers.

Now they attack the Webmaster, is this an attempt to silance Shout Out!

Keep up the good work, please!
8:28 pm est 

There are Major Problems if not Disasters

      I find that the bloggers are registering their frustrations,
pointing out problems, some times coming up with solutions and
overall informing all of us about major town problems.  If we had had
fabulous leadership for the last few years and if had some great
leaders now, some of these issues would have been resolved. But
somehow, that is not what has happened.

     The town problems and the town fiscal issues exist. If the town
manager and selectmen had answers, many people on the blog would not
be blogging. But where are their solutions? What is Sharon Lynn
offering? What is David Gardner offering?

     Silence can be golden. But it can also be cowardly.

     I thank all those who write and offer their opnions and present
what they see as the town's problems. You first have to identify the
problems before you find solutions.

     Grateful To All of You
8:00 pm est 

Thank you Michael Rogovsky for Your Information

     I just read your response of a day or so ago and did not
realize, until I read your statements, that the Race Point Project
was going for review by the Cape Cod Commission. Just as the Kline's
house in Truro has brought in so many in the community trying to
preserve the Hopper landscape, it is to the Cape Cod Commission that
the public turned to. Truro residents used the issue of natural
resources that includes wildlife, plants and habitat to demand review
of this project.

      From what I know about the Cape Cod Commission, it seems that
the Malone Race Point Road development will have to deal with the
following issues that fall into the category of Developments of
Regional Impact or DRIs. This is a Mandatory Referral because of the
    1- Development of 30 or more residential lots or dwelling units
    2- Commercial development or change of use for buildings greater
than 10,000 square feet
    3- Bridge, ramp or road construction providing access to several
types of water bodies and wetlands
    4- Mixed use residential and non-residential developments with a
floor are greater than 20,000 square feet

     It seems that the Race Point Road Development falls under all of
these four particular categories which are only some of the ones that
trigger a DRI by the Cape Cod Commission.

     Now this Race Point Road development will have to be judged by
its regional and town impact on the following:
     1- Water Qualtiy
     2- Traffice Flow
     3- Historic Values
     4- Affordable Housing
     5- Open Space
     6- Natural Resources
     7- Economic Development

      The developer has to respond to the impact of his development
to all of these issues--and not only affordable housing.

     Usually the process involves five months of paperwork and public
meetings. Review of this DRI will be assigned to a subcommittee of
five Commission members--one who is usually the local representative.
A report on Race Point will be prepared by staff for the subcommittee
and the subcommittee will hold at least one public hearing on the
project. At least one such meeting must be held here in Provincetown.
Here the public can speak and the public can also send letters and
e-mails on their positions and issues with the project to the Cape
Cod Commission.

      Once the subcommittee's review is finished, they make a report
to the 19 members of the Commission and the full Commission holds a
final public hearing before it renders its decision.

     This means that many neighbors and town people will have the
opportunity to present in writing and in person all their many
concerns to the subcommittee of the Cape Cod Commission and also to
the full 19 member commission.

     I am pleased to know that this Race Point Road project will have
to meet the guidelines of the Regional Policy Plan or RPP and
publicly respond to many environmental,  traffic, density, wetlands,
sewer and historic concerns.

     I thank you for informing us that everything is on hold with
Planning and Zoning here in Provincetown and now the Cape Cod
Commission will investigate, examine, evaluate and analyze this

     That is important news for neighbors and families that abut this
Race Point Road Project.

     Red Pencil
7:58 pm est 

Regionalization of its School System

I would mostly support this motion.  I'm a little hesitant to support
three people being appointed by the School Cte as they appear to
already have made their decision, I'd rather see two from the School
Cte, two appointed by the BOS and two at large members appointed by
the Town Moderator.  But, the concept of having a cross-section of
town residents studying the issue and reporting back to the town is
simple, but exactly what we need.

7:55 pm est 

I Think They Prefer it That Way

For as long as I have been in Town, I have been going to
Town Meeting. And it at least seems like every year at least one
person asks why the school budget is not printed out as a line item
list in the warrant. And every time the answer is the same. You can
come to our meetings and we will be glad to show you. But all of us,
including those of the school committee, know that isnt going to
happen. And I think they prefer it that way. But I have an idea. How
about someone, anyone, get a copy of the budget, make copies and hand
them out at Town Meeting? We only need a couple hundred copies.
Someone at Town Hall might even make the copies. Does anyone here
have easy access to the budget? Is anyone here willing to make that
effort? I would if I knew how to get it.

Will someone please quit your bitching and get into action?

Ill be looking for those handouts.
7:53 pm est 

Conflict of Interest

PHS grad writes;
the School Cte is stonewalling any discussion and refuses to even
discuss it I'm not getting that information.

Don't all members of the school committee have a huge conflict of
interest as they have kids in Provincetown's school system?  That's
why even a discussion of regionalizing the school is being

Can someone research this conflict of interest?
7:51 pm est 

Hide behind the Curtain, and Your Wife's Skirts

Why doesn't the esteemed Web Master put his money where his
mouth is and run for Selectman? Or, even serve on a Town board?Is it
because he knows that all the liens that were put on his house for
not paying his debts
will become public knowledge? The fact that for
10 years he did not pay nearly $568,000 in Federal Taxes? Or that he
still hasn't repaid the Commonwealth nearly $104,000 for taxes not
paid from 1987-2001? All this is public information which can be seen
at the Registry of Deeds.
Also, why were 2 corporations he was President of and, 2 corporations
his wife was President of subjected to "Involuntary Dissolution"?
Yet, he has the absolute gall to stand up at Town Meeting and demand
fiscal reform!
Yes, Clarence, Jr., I know that you'll print this because you NEVER
censor comments on this blog, do you? Yeah, right. I dare you to
print this but, I know you won't because you don't have the stones to
do so. Hide behind the curtain,and your wife's skirts, little man.

Webmaster Comment:

Dear Commenter,

I am in receipt of your Shout Out! Comment, and have published those portions which meet the standards of this site.

As a matter of privacy, I have redacted those portions of the writer’s comments which are of a personal nature.

The nature and timbre of the unsigned comment is indicative of the character of the sender. Cowardice is a poor shield from which to throw stones and this site the wrong venue.

Clarence L. Walker, Jr.

7:42 pm est 

Regarding Horse sh-t

I did not realize that the acumulation now in the ground was new   
(since Malone bought the property).  Sorry about that earlyer comment
about the previous owner.

No Overide
5:46 pm est 

Possible Motion From the Floor at the Spring Annual Town Meeting:

      In my opinion it is a crime that the voters of Provinceton are
expected to vote on the school budget at Town meeting with just a
bottom line number. We have NO idea what we are voting for. Yes,the
School Committee holds public hearings on its budgets, but many of us
are too busy to attend these meetings. We depend on the published
warrant for information. The municipal budget is printed in the
Warrant in fairly explicit detail. We need the same detail in the
warrant for the School budget. How many positons are we paying for
and at what rate? Repairs? Supplies? Enrollment statistics??etc.

a bold motion:

I move to postone Article____(the school budget) until a special town
meeting to be called by the BOS in accordance with the Provincetown
Charter and direct the BOS to call this special town meeting prior to
june, 30 2008. The School committee is further directed to prepare
for publication in the warrant of this special Town Meeting, a
detailed cost breakdown of the school budget including, but not
limited  to, Personnel costs,Maintenance costs, Supply costs and
enrollment statistics. The purpose of this budget is to Provide the
voters of Provinceown enough information in the published warrant to
make a informed decision when casting their vote for or against the
school budget.
5:06 pm est 

Article or Town Meeting?

I know we all want to study the concept of regionalization in spite
of the school committees objection. I would suggest an article for a
group similar to the citizens Advisory Committee on wastewater.We
can't trust the school committee to perform such a study. There is
also the issue of the school committee being autonomous from the BOS.
I move that the town form a Citizens Committee for the Study of
Regionalization of its School System. The committee is to be composed
of 3 persons appointed by the school committee,2 persons appointed by
the BOS, and 2 persons to be appointed by the Town Moderator. This
committee is tasked with the study of the Regionalizing of
Provincetown's School System with the Nauset regional School.
Included in their study should be both the Financial ramifications
for the town of Provincetown as well as Quality of Education
ramifications for the students of Provincetown.The Committee will
hold a public hearing on the matter prior to December 15th, 2008. The
committee will present its reccommendations at a public meeting of
both the BOS and the School committee prior to January 31,2009.

Any thoughts?
5:04 pm est 

Re: School Lunch Chat
I have been reading this blog from the beginning: sometimes with
interest, sometimes with amusement, sometimes with disgust but most
often with frustration.
The entries are all so damn reactionary!
This town is facing extremely serious issues and all that's being
done here is trading accusations and blame  with very few FACTS to
back any of them up. School Lunch Chat finally offered a well thought
out, reasoned and not reactionary response to a very serious issue.
If you really want some change to result from this, you had all
better get down to business and get your facts straight and stop with
the emotional and reactionary responses to every issue. It seems like
you are all preaching to the converted here but if you want to make
some real fundamental, meaningful changes in this town and change
other townspeople's minds you are going to have to make a better case
than anything I have read here.
3:10 pm est 

Really Searching for is an Unbiased Financial Analysis

I for one am currently in favor of regionalization.  It's a
win-win situation where the town saves money and our students receive
a superior education.  I understand those who wish to keep the high
school open for various reasons and I respect their opinions.

What I am really searching for is an unbiased financial analysis of
the situation.  I do feel our middle and high school students will
receive a better, more diverse education at Nauset so the decision
becomes a financial one.  Do we save funds both now and in the future
if we send our students to Nauset?

I could possibly vote against regionalization if I was give an
unbiased analysis on the subject.  But, because the School Cte is
stonewalling any discussion and refuses to even discuss it I'm not
getting that information.  And so I will continue to push for
regionalization and vote yes for any regionalization referendum that
comes up on the subject.

PHS Graduate also
3:08 pm est 

re: School Lunch Chat
very nice contribution to the blog, thank you.

even though i am a huge proponent of closing the high school due to
increasing cost and decreasing enrollments, i still will not vote to
close the school until i can see all the figures and analysis on the
impact.  the problem is really with the school committee.  their
arrogance at not even a discussion on the issue and their continued
insistence that there is nothing wrong up there is disturbing.  we
NEED that information and their lack of addressing it is what's
forcing the issue.

they need to get their heads out of the sand and give me a real
reason to support them.  when they throw out lies about the ownership
of the building or the transportation costs, they immediately turn me
against them.  one thing that really turns me off is when i hear that
in the future the cost at nauset will be so much higher and we'll
wish we still had a school here.  from what i can ascertain, in a few
years we will have even less students here and the cost will be even
higher.  seems to me, i'll regret that we didn't do it sooner.

the school committee's charge is to ensure the highest level of
education to the youth of our community.  then they present that to
the voters in the form of a budget which we vote on.  when the voters
feel we can no longer support their budget based on educational
levels, then we must be presented with options.  they're not giving
me any options, just emotional rhetoric.

please school committee, give me a reason to support you.
3:05 pm est 

No You are a SHAME

Let those who paid over $1M pay the extra taxes since they
obviously are able to. And don't tell me to sell my house, how rude
to even suggest that since you certainly miss the point!

My house is assessed for well over a million dollars. How dare you
say people like me should pay extra taxes when we made smart and
responsible career choices in order to be able to buy our homes and
pay our taxes. I didnt even take a vacation in my twenties and
thirties when people like Mckinsey spent their twenties and thirties
following the sun being here in Provincetown in the summer and then
down south in the winter on his fathers boat. I am sick of
underwriting people like McKinsey and others like him! Imagine, he
needed affordable housing at age 40 as he has written on this blog?  I
dont even want to know how he is mismanaging the money on the pier.
I would only be disgusted Im sure given the way he has financially
mismanaged his own life!
3:02 pm est 

School Lunch Chat

I think PHS Grad was pointing out that since enrollment numbers for
schools are dropping all over the state, specifically Cape Cod...
Nauset costs will be attractive to us in the first year or so, but
that they may spike quickly soon after and eventually we'd end up
paying roughly the same cost (per pupil or in total) as we would to
have students in a school here.

I believe PHS Grad may have been cautioning people to just not make
hasty decisions which will be hard (or impossible) to take back. 
Once the school (high school) is no longer a "burden" to taxpayers,
in otherwords once the High School is closed; that is a very final
decision and one that without careful thought and planning, we all
may regret in the future.

If we do end up paying the same amount, eventually, to have our
children go to Nauset, we won't even have a building in town to call
our own.

I liken the school issue to grandma on her deathbead and/or on life
support.  At a very basic level it seems some people want to rip that
plug out quick so they can cash in on grandma's inheritence and/or
stop paying her medical bills.  Then there are those who simply will
not let her go, no matter what the medical professionals have given
her for a prognosis...  A good balance of emotion and love/support
needs to be mixed with the more practical mindset here so a
comfortable conclusion and decision can be made for everyone.  It's a
sensitive issue that needs careful handling and tact in order for the
absolute right decision to be made for the children of our community;
AND for all community members to really FEEL like the right decision
was made for the RIGHT reasons.  Maybe "pulling the plug" is the
right thing to do, but HOW it's done is what will be important to our
little family community.  This is a time for us to come together as a

1:16 pm est 

What a shame!

For the past two months I have been reading and commenting on Shout
Out and I was initially very happy with the idea of being able to
discuss issues about this 'town without pity'. Once again, character
assassination seems to be the Provincetown way. First Rex and now Ted.
I am neither friend nor foe of Ted Malone, but I have had the
opportunity to work with him on various boards and committees that he
has been on. I have always found him to be an extremely intelligent
and generous person and a huge asset to this town.
Since when is making money a bad thing. We created this opportunity
with affordable housing and he rose to the occasion, took the risk,
created it ... and made money. I know individuals who have benefited
from buying houses and renting apartments from his projects of which
I personally feel are very tasteful and well planned.
I feel the issue has changed and we must stop the money train with
affordable housing. There is no need to attack someone who took
advantage of the situation and has accomplished what we asked him to
do. I think you will find out that all the zoning issues are legal
since there are significant allowances with the law and affordable
Time to close the loophole.

My biggest issue with affordable housing is "who are these people"? I
was lucky enough to buy my house in the 90's.
I now pay extra taxes to help out "people" with  affordable housing.
I actually qualify for affordable housing yet I have to pay extra
taxes to help someone out? There is someting wrong with this.
Personally, I feel the issue is actually worker/seasonal housing.
Change the tax rate to one's purchase price like they do in many
towns in the US. It may help to keep the working class and elderly in
town. Let those who paid over $1M pay the extra taxes since they
obviously are able to. And don't tell me to sell my house, how rude
to even suggest that since you certainly miss the point !

It is "able-to-afford" not "afford-able" housing !!!

1:13 pm est 

Let's see, What Will MYPACC Demand of the BOS

Looking back over the past three months of this blog, here are some major
themes that emerge and will surely fire people up for action:

- Mr. Malone is running and ruining the town and everyone on town
staff is one of his minions, oh and let's not forget the nice organic
compost, oops I mean horsesh_t
- Mr. Braun is incompetent and using the town to further his
contracting business. The building department is afire with scandal,
illegal fees and incompetance. And those fees, we kinda missed the
meeting where we coulda said something, but let's scream now and make
a big stink now. But we love everyone else there - however we should
cut their salaries and kill their benefits
- Ms. Ritchie runs a lousy paper and shes rich and we should do
something about that
- I don't like kids or my taxes so bus the little rug rats to Nauset
and keep 'em out of here and send me a check for the difference, if
there is any
- We hate fireworks and don't want to pay for them, oops they already
took care of that one
- We use too many consultants
- Why not have the consultants pick up the trash?
- Selectmen Couture rents and doesn't own and we just dont like her,
can we do something about that?
- The BOS never answers my emails
- That damn ice machine and barge at that damn pier corp
- You never asked us to vote on a half time position
- Seashore Point sucks
- I hate affordable housing and people in it cause they all got it by
cheating, but I cant afford to live here so can I have some?
- Maybe we should kidnap Bergman and bring him back to empty the trash?
- My house is worth a million bucks but I want my taxes cut, it just
isnt fair!
- I can't afford my house, my house is worth too much, my house isn't
worth as much anymore, I can't decide.
- The state gave us Route 6 five years ago but we're just now
catching on to it even though info on it has been on the town website
for years
- That damn DPW
- People hurt my feelings on the blog, please pass the kleenex while
I avoid answering the questions
- Cut all the salaries, everywhere, for everyone. If I don't make
much money no one else should either!
- Andcan we get more salacious details on that great sexual
harassment scandal?

Well, that just about summarizes the entire past three months on here
and should make for an action packed MYPACC agenda. We demand action
immediately, we will be heard, all 100 of us! We will SHOUTOUT until
we drown out the voices of the other 3,100 registered voters and the
1,600 of them that will likely vote if the primary is an indication.
No telling who we'll decide to punch up here on the blog next week so
dont get yourself in our sights or we'll imagine a scandal to tar you
with, and that McKinsey, dont think youre off the hook, well circle
back to you when we run out of others to trash.

I'm sure the selectmen will be quaking in their boots. I'm sure
they'll drop the real problem of how to grapple with a nearly
$900,000 deficit and more in later years and get right on those
critical issues we've collectively identified above. Oh, and of
course, no freakin' overrides until hell freezes over or town hall
falls down onto crumbling commercial st!

So grab the pitchforks and torches and let's get ready to head to
town hall and town meeting.
1:10 pm est 

Enough of These Affordable Housing Phantoms

      The Race Point Mega development is not 40-B. We have so many
affordable and low cost housing now that we are over the 10% level
that triggers and allows all these horrendous developments to occur.

      Many towns on the Cape do not allow any developer to just come
in and control their town. We ignorantly did.  And in this allowance,
we find the Ted Malone hideous construction and people buying spaces
that are no bigger than large closets. And, as many have intimated,
those who "bought" these units were people who worked for Malone or
those who were partners or lovers of people who worked to Ted Malone.
Look who Malone  sold the huge house up on Race Point Road to for
around $230,000. Monica, who works for Malone, can later sell this
house for $800,000 and give Malone his kickback. She can also now
sell her other affordable "I'm so lucky I won that lottery" unit and
sell it at a profit. Probably Malone gets a kickback on this as well.

     Please, this entire low cost housing deal is corrupt. It is
driven by profit, condoned by town officials, applauded by those
duped by the false belief it's for them, and the cycle of profit and
land destruction continues unabated.

     Many towns realize that growth management is key, preserving
their land and resources are important and helping businesses grow is
paramount. We have given all this up to a sham, to a snake oil
salesman that will leave this town poorer for his actions. But he
will leave a much richer man--and I think some town officials will
also find their pockets stuffed with the snake oil proceeds. Some of
those stuffed suitcases were carried out to Littleton.

     Frankly, a disgusting sham.
1:00 pm est 

In Response to Not A Wetlanmd Signed No Overide,.

For your information the past owners of the stables removed manure daily, that
is the proper thing to do, becasue of methane and levels of nitrogen,
this horse shit that Ted has been piling up since May 2006 and when
the board of health came down with state board of health he was to
remove it. They then buried it and put behind storage garages in the
wetlands, it has nothing to do with him being a developer of
affordable housing it has to do with being down in the right

I invite you to come over to view and smell the horse
12:55 pm est 


Interesting that once again PHS GRAD trys to scare us into thinking
we need the high school here even though Nauset offers a much better
and diverse education.

Your comment about "transportation costs" makes me chuckle because
when I pick up my child from school every day, I watch 3 buses from
Truro load no more than 3 students on each bus.

The school should have been closed years ago. Not just because of the
costs but because its the best thing to do for our children.
12:52 pm est 

Dear Mr Craig

The school committee did have a paid outside consultant come in two
or three years ago to help them understand what they were facing. 
she was chosen for her educational expertise.  she was to prepare her
report in three stages.  she was to be paid in three stages also. 
during the first phase, regionalization was brought up in her report.
she was promptly dismissed and the final reports were never presented.
10:55 am est 

Re: Mark My Words

Just need to clarify two points.

first, "that big brick building on the hill" does not belong to the
regional district.  that building belongs to the school district
which is provincetown.  we own that building.  we will still have to
pay back the state for funds used to renovate that school (about 3
million or so remaining).  it will become payable in full if the
building is no longer used for educational purposes but there are
creative ways to handle that.  first off, we should ask the state to
forgive the debt.

secondly, it will cost us little or nothing additional to transport
kids to nauset.  we already have a bus going there and state funds
are available for transportation costs of students.

the regionalization of the school is coming.  school enrollment
continues to drop.  yes it's painful, sad and emotional.  but
remember, it was also painful, sad and emotional for the towns in the
nauset district when they made the decision to become a regional
district.  it's not easy, but it's coming.
10:53 am est 

If This is a Bargain, Then This is a Crisis

To PHS Grad. I expect that the school committee and the
Powers That Be who are intricately involved with the school will
rapidly inform all of us of the costs involved in the sad situation
of having to close the school.

We taxpayers are spending close to $3,700,000 this year...and
graduating twelve seniors. If this is a bargain, then this is a crisis of
immense proportion, but if can save even $1,000,000 a year, it will be
$12,000,000 saved over the next twelve y ears when today's first grader garduates.

Michael Rogovsky
10:49 am est 

Not a Wetland
Under 40-B  the state anti-snob law was created to allow dense
development outside of all other laws, exept Mass. Building codes.
This means, density, wetlands, zoning, and everything else are thown
out the window. Under that law only a portion of the development
needs to be low income. We should all be glad that they are not
building 20 story apartment buildings.

I find it curious that the horse shit was perfectly fine for the
previous owner to have laying around for 50 years, but now that this
rich manuer is in the hands of a developer, all of a sudden it is
dirty, how convinient, how hypocritical.

If you want to stop future 40-B afordable housing developments, all
you have to do is to repeal the state legeslation. I do understand
the "not in my back yard" mentality. This is why we did not get a
free, town-wide sewer system from the federal Goverment. I find it
curiouse that the biggest oponents are hooked up because their
systems failed, or they did major construction.

The other way to have less dense housing is to donate money, or land
to someone who will develop it with less density.  Join a town board,
or run for selectman.

No Overide

10:01 am est 

I Thank You for Creating This Mechanism of PACC

This is why I'm here when I discovered PACC. I was riveted
when I read in the banner months ago that the selectmen were ignorant
that they would need an over ride. How could they not?

What kind of mindset would even contemplate a $500,000 survey for the
eventual paving of Commercial street much less a paving of the street that
would cost over $5,000,000? We simply can't afford all of the things
on the wish list.

We do need to fix town hall, but that,too, is what the maintenance  is supposed
to keep and eye on and fix or have fixed. Something is wrong. PACC needs to
shine the spotlight on what is hidden..and I thank you for creating this mechanism
of PACC to do so.

Michael Rogovsky
9:58 am est 

To Shadow:

Thank you for the offer to help write an article
for the warrant regarding the school. However, I read what Greg Craig
wrote, and my thought is that it might still be a good idea to put an
article regarding the closing of the school on the warrant as a wake
up call.

Perhaps we can talk about it at the meeting. I haven't seen
the video yet that he has attached to his message, but I expect too.
Plus, now we are informed of a meeting at Fanizzi's, so a great deal
will grow and blossom there because we will all find support for our
causes among ourselves; the people who are for something will find
supporters and encouragement and if they are against it, they too
will find supprot.

What is wonderful is that we won't be alone in our thoughts and ideas
but will find camraderie no matter what positions we take--and we will act.

Michael Rogovsky
9:51 am est 


To those of you that think closing the schools is going to
be an easy roe to hoe... remember, there are costs that aren't being
considered here. First, if you regionalize with Nauset and close the
high school, that big brick building up on the hill is not ours to do
with what we may. It belongs to the regional district. That means the
regional schools control the building. Have you considered the loans
that become immediately payble if the school closes? Also, have you
factored in transportation costs into your proposal?

What may sound like a sweet deal to you isn't going to be such a
sweet deal in the long run! There are a lot of hidden costs that no
one has considered yet! MARK MY WORDS! The bill you receive from
Nauset will look real palatable for the first year or two, then watch
your wallet Provincetown! There's no turning back from this decision
once it's made you're stuck with it!

9:48 am est 

The Building commissioner is Prohibited from serving on a Town Board by the Town's Charter:
Section 4:          Prohibited Activities

3‑4‑1            A person shall not be a member of a town
board unless he or she is a registered voter of the town of

3‑4‑2            A paid town employee shall not be a
member of a town board which is any way related to his employment.

3‑4‑3            A paid town employee with supervisory
duties shall not be a member of a town board which is in any way
related to his employment during his or her term of office or for at
least one year after leaving office. 4

3‑4‑4            A member of a town board shall not serve
on that town board for more than three consecutive terms.  For the
purposes of this section, service to complete the term of another
member shall constitute service for one term if the balance of said
term being completed is more than fifty percent of the original term.
A person who has been prohibited from serving on a town board by this
section may be reelected or reappointed to that board after two years
have elapsed from the ending date of his or her previous

service. 5

3‑4‑5            A member of a town board shall be a
volunteer and shall not receive compensation for service on the board
except reimbursement for vouchered expenses pertaining to town

3‑4‑6            A member of a town board shall not be
paid for any work done for the town, or be allowed to bid on any town
contract for a job, which is in any way related to the board on which
he or she serves or on which he or she has served within the past

3‑4‑7            A member of  the board of assessors, the
finance committee, the personnel board, or the school committee shall
not receive any payment from the town except reimbursement for
vouchered expenses pertaining to town business.6
9:42 am est 

When is a Wetland not a Wetland

     Yes, that is the question. The answer: when it is next to Ted
Malone's proposed property. Ah, not a wetland at all.

     Perhaps a wetland lies in the eye of the beholder. Or in whose
paying whom off. Seems somethings never change.

     No one is stopping Malone from filling in the wetlands now along
Race Point Road. And no one in the Health Agent and Health
Inspector's office has a problem with tons of horse manure being
buried one ton on top of another ton.

      M-M-M-M Smells fresh. Smells like the best air. Great run offs.
Just where we'd all like to live. A truly healthy environment!!

     A Little Box Turtle
11:46 pm est 

A Note on the Warrant

     I did see where some Blogger was discussing the warrant and said
they had until the end of March to put an article on the Warrant.
However, that is not correct.

     Here are the dates for the warrant. The Town Meeting Warrant
will open on Friday February 29th and it will close on Friday March
. The warrant will be open for only one week. When it closes on
March 7th, that will be it.

     You can still pick up Town Meeting article petition forms in the
Clerk's office now. But you can't formally present them until the
last day of February.

      It seems to be a very short time for the warrant to be open.
Does anyone know how long the warrant was open for the last town

      You really don't have that much time to prepare articles with
this deadline.

     For Your Information
11:44 pm est 

Filling Planning Board Member Openings

I heard some scuttlebut at town hall that the Selectmen are
contemplating appointing the former building commissioner to be a
member of the Planning Board.

Are their heads scewed on at all? Are they thinking at all??

Why would they even think about placing a person with so much baggage
on any town board or committee?

1. He possibly illegally rsised permit fees. This brash act could
cost the Town money it does not have to pay back those fees.

2. He was at odds with the Zoning Board and Historic Commission on
the development of property he owns and has ill regard for the
purpose of these boards.He testified at zoning board and historic
commission hearings on his own behalf while he was working for the
Town. I would not be suprised if he even filled out his applications
while we paid him to be at work.

3. He is a defendant in a sexual harrassment action against the Town
and the alledged acts took place while he was a Town employee. This
suit will cost us big money win or loose.This suit is in and enough
of itself to say lets put the brakes on placing this person on any
bosrd or committee until the matter is resolved.

4. He is working on projects that he issued building permits on. The
Etchics Commission will tell you over the telephone that you cannot
do that.

We have five Selectmen. Each one should do some work and come back at
the next Selectmens meeting with at least one potential candidate
each for the planning board position. The selectmen want the glory of
their position? Do something to earn it and stop the nonsense of
bringing us back to a bad time in our government.

The Old Whippersnapper.
11:42 pm est 

Webmaster Comment: Dear Barely Owning, I am certain that Mr. Paige will read your comment and act accordingly.

Furthermore, it is the intention of MYPACC to prepare for the readers of this website, in anticipation of the forthcoming PACC meeting, detailed facts and figures which can be used to develop  specific strategies for changing town government.

Clearly the acculative events and grivences as expressed on this  site have taken their toll on the populace and demand our redress. 

We are determined that the voice of the people be heard and their will respected.

February 24 will mark the beginning of a new day for Provincetown.

Thank you and all of the participants in Shout Out!
11:36 pm est 

Dear Web Master

Please ask Mr. Paige to ask the Town Clerk exactly who is empowered
to set permit fees.
In reading the bylaws, I think it is ONLY the Selectmen who can raise
or lower fees.

We may have many years of illegal fees collected that should be
returned to the people who took out permits.
We also need to look at exorbitant permit fees that are really a
hidden tax that we did not vote for at Town Meeting.


11:13 pm est 

Sticks and Stones

     Names will and do hurt. Facts in Numbers--you are not to be
trusted. You hide your nastiness behind numbers and act as if you
have an objective perspective on Michael Rogovsky. But you do not.

     Then you have the nerve to lecture him--and any of us who owns a
house--on what to do with our homes. Even what mortage to take out.
This is absolutely none of your business. But you do stick your nose
in other people's business.

     We surely don't need you lecturing any of us about our own
residences. It's time you mind your own business.
11:10 pm est 

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

From: H D Thoreau

"I heartily accept the motto `The government is best which
governs least'; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly
and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which I
also believe, - `That government is best which governs not at all'."
-- Henry David Thoreau
9:45 pm est 

Armagedon Revisited

Oh ya, forgot to mention that the selectmen are now in favor of
removing the term limit laws regarding members of local boards and
committees including the selectmen. That will allow the comic genius
of Coture and Avellar to remain if they wish forever. Maybe Andrews
will come back and try to fix all that went wrong when she was in
there. Good luck!!!!!!
9:43 pm est 

Why is Ted so Special?

Why is it that years ago, a particular property oh, say, on Province
lands road was determined to be unbuildable, wetlands to the rear and
salt marsh moors to the front and yet when Ted wanted to build there,
it was ok.

He was able to "alter" the lot and place his mansion in
there. And also he was able to alter the velocity zone in front so he
could not only build a driveway to access his home but also build a
parking spot and landscape it with exotic non native plantings, right
in the wetlands setback area?

And why then was it ok for him to make a HUGE mess of the property
next to him, the big house on the hill where the clearing/cleanup was going
on, when he called the town hall to complain about wetlands destruction that
didn't actually happen?
And now he's buried wetlands around the hourse stalls? Why do
developers get to get away with it? Much like the wetlands that were
filled in behind the DPW garage for a different developer a few years
ago. Old topo maps will show it existed but he was able to fill it in.

Just a hint.
9:41 pm est 

Don't Count on Truro kids in school

30 kids in Truro go to the p-town school system. @ 20k per kid to
p-town or 17k per kid to Nauset, where do you think they're headed?
Don't count on Truro in the future for school funding in p-town.  No
brainer there.
9:37 pm est 

Way Beyond Me:

To the person who wanted me to help research whether or not
regionalizing schools would save money, etc. Sorry, I've done my part
just gathering some minor data on public attitudes. A full analysis
of all the implications of regionalization versus the status quo
would take a real expert in the area and, oh no he isn't going to say
it, probably a paid unbiased outside consultant. There are a slew of
factors to consider and I think it's a much more complex issue than
just an up or down vote pushed this year. I was initially gung ho on
regionalization but deep conversations offline from this forum,
prompted by that survey, lead me to believe the issues are much more
complex than I initially understood and way more complex than what
you read here would lead you to believe.

Therefore, I personally think moving hastily to vote to close schools
and regionalize would be a bad mistake. A more considered approach
might be to call for a study on the issue taking into account all the
relevant factors and opinions of a wide range of people including
school committee, town folks, students, parents, etc. This would
allow a future, informed, decision by everyone on what course should
be taken. It would not be a simple undertaking to say the least.

For more general thoughts on the Cape-wide phenomena of falling
student enrollments and budgets I can't recommend highly enough Peter
Francese interview on The Point:

Greg Craig
9:34 pm est 

I Must be Doing Something Right!

I have only heard about you over the weekend and wrote
here Sunday morning. I've talked to folks at town hall and the Cape
Cod Commission and shared the information with you. I've only been
writing here for four days--and I've already had one personal
"attack" so to speak. I must be doing something right!

Michael Rogovsky

I thank you other folks for your personal support.
Michael Rogovsky
7:51 pm est 

To: Michael R Regarding Schools

This may finally be the time to regionalize the school.  but i want
to warn you, choose your battles.  the town may be ready to close the
HIGH SCHOOL but they are definitely not ready to close the elementary
school.  please separate the two in your upcoming article or it will

I may be mistaken, but i also think your submission of an article for
the warrant would be a non-binding referendum.  it would not actually
close the high school, but it would send a very strong message to the
school committee.

May i also suggest in your article that you specify that the money
saved from closing the high school be used to establish a
stabilization fund for future major capital expenses which can only
be used by approval of the voters at town meeting.  don't let them
take the savings and just plow it back into the general budget. 
there will already be huge savings in the general budget just in the
insurance expense since there will be far fewer employees receiving
insurance benefits.

There should also be some discussion on regionalization of other
municipal services.

Good luck,


PS. To the person who thinks i maligned alix ritchie, i did not.  i
maligned a newspaper she happens to own and i stand by that
statement.  the town newspaper is the national enquirer with real
estate ads and nothing more.  the paper does a disservice to this
town by lacking serious editorial content.

7:44 pm est 

How Come.......
....... .the construction of a multi million dollar house
at Bay Harbor that is not in compliance with our Zoning Bylaws
continues full steam ahead with no interference from the Building
Commissioner, or any other Town authority? Yet I get a stop work
order and a fine because I did not get a permit to replace a toilet?

I feel flushed.
7:32 pm est 

No Override is in La-La-Land

      Thank the "two developers" really? Do you mean Mr. Malone and
Ms. Anathan and Benson? Please, thank them for what? For destroying
the land, for usurping the extra gallons, for taking monies from the
town, and putting their friends and associates into affordable

     This one developer has been run out of other towns and I know
why. He should be run of Provincetown. If we cared about open spaces;
if we cared about the historic nature of the town; if we really cared
about the middle class.

     These developers are the wolf in sheep's clothing. "Come here,
my dear. Let me help you!" Red Riding Hood barely escaped. We didn't
escape but we now have a chance to run this wolf out of town.

    So Shocked At This Fairy Tale
7:29 pm est 

Free Enterprise is Good, But!

I'd like to find out how, much like Teddy Malone I can get
a Select Board Member on my own staff to help me slip things under
the table
and under the eye's of the town? If someone can tell me,
I'm sure I can profit the same way he has.

Free enterprise is good, but when it's at the expense of the people
it must be questioned.

Provincetown Developer
7:25 pm est 

Hi Michael

I have the necessary paperwork which i intend to use for the closing
of the school .  It only requires ten signatures. Any warrant needs
to be returned to the town clerks office by the end of March .  If
you would like to take this over or work together let me know.

7:20 pm est 

Good Post Town Crier

 Just one more thing, Malone takes his
employees and partners on international trips in lieu of the company

Didn't you get their postcards from them all vacationing in
Mexico last year?
7:17 pm est 

You DON"T Need Affordable Housing

Or at least you don't need more right now. Did you not see last month
the fact that homes in the Sandy Hill development didn't even sell?
Why build more?
7:15 pm est 

Town Crier, You are so Right,

 We need jobs in this town;
Good wage paying jobs. Many of these business owners here are all
individuals--they can't pay health care and 401Ks or IRAs. We workers
understand that. Do you really expect Connie's bakery to be paying
benefits or the candy store or the kite shop? No, we need to get some
serious business here--but it seems almost impossible due to our
location etc.

Michael Rogovsky (being non controversial)
7:12 pm est 

Regarding Numbers:

People throw out publicly available data all the time on this board,
particularly in regards to public figures like Malone, the town
manager and others. My use of easily available and assembled public
data (it took five minutes to access it) was not to demean or
intimidate Michael Rogovksy who himself posted data on his taxes from
which one can quickly imput the value of his property. It was rather
to put hard numbers to another view of his situation and that of many
longtime locals. Michael, as are many, is in a tough situation and
one that cuts to the heart of a major problem in Provincetown as he
and many others have pointed out. His willingness to post his
concerns is comendable but doesn't preclude other posters from
debating his conclusions.

Data on each and every property in Provincetown is easily available,
from many sources, completely public (by law), and there is nothing
wrong with using it.

Facts in Numbers
7:08 pm est 

Now I See!

Now I see why people don't use their names!

Michael Rogovsky
7:04 pm est 

Dear Michael:

I completely hear you and understand the situation you outline, real
estate rich and cash poor. However your situation begs the question,
why not sell the existing place, move into a smaller place and put
the cash in the bank? You could probably retire today on that cash.

One, albeit extreme, way of looking at it is that it's as if you won
the lottery for a million dollars but choose to leave the ticket in
your drawer uncashed. Your imputed rent is about $60,000 a year (6% x
$1m). In other words, your choice to continue to live in a million
dollar property is equivalent to renting a place for $60,000 a year.

In essence you are "suffering" from the fact that Provincetown is a
world-class resort community and real estate is not valued based on
the local job market but on the incomes of people from around the
world who want to own property here - a Cape wide phenomena.

Again, I hear you but maintain that to ask that your tax rate be
lowered to keep you in a million dollar home is to ask that others
pay the bills to maintain a choice you make everyday by staying in
your home.

For the 80 year old I wonder is she/he has investigated a reverse
mortgage? This new and innovative financial product, if obtained
through a reputable firm, is targeted at solving exactly the problem
you've outlined, how to tap vast increases in home equity to keep up
with the expenses of owning a property. Several of my older neighbors
have tapped this source of funds much to their benefit.

Your situation cuts to the heart of a major structural
question/problem in Provincetown. How can the needs of funding a town
with $2,597,487,070 (that's $2.6 billion) worth of real estate be
reconciled with the personal financial needs of full time voters,
many of whom are in your situation and are suffering from high fuel,
insurance, health care and others costs? I know I don't have the
answer to that one.

Yours with regards,

Facts in Numbers
6:55 pm est 

When You Don't Like the Bad News

     Obviously, someone is not pleased with Michael Rogovsky and his
posting on this Blog of the new developments with the once horse farm
on Race Point Road. Obviously, this Edward Malone thought he would
have this huge project approved by our town boards. Since he has done
this before, over and over again, he must have assumed that it would
happen again with this horse farm.

     Then when Mr. Rogovsky posted on this Blog that now Edward
Malone must have his horse farm development reviewed by the Cape Cod
Commission, someone was quite upset. Look at what they wrote on this
Blog against Mr. Rogovsky. they purposefully put out how much MIchael
Rogovsky paid when he bought his house, publicized  how much it's
been assessed; then linked to where he lives and how much his house
is worth on the web site.

    This is just disgusting and I find the Edward Malone defense team
to be out of order. Despicable behavior. But then again this is how
Edward Malone and his affordable housing team have intimidated and
harassed and bullied and even threatened abutters and town people who
dared to go go against the proposed "dream-for-me but
nightmare-for-you" projects.

      This is Just More of the Same
3:16 pm est 

Why Anonymity Reigns

     Wow. Yes, put your name on this Blog and looks what happens.
This one person, Michael R., has listed his name when he has written.
and look what happens to him? No retribution? No need to worry when
you sign your name? Who are you kidding, boys and girls.

    That's exactly why this Blog works. Anonymity reigns and it's up
to you if you want---or don't want--to sign. This is not the Banner
with Letters to the Editor. This is not town hall meeting where you
stand and publicly announce your name.

     You are free here. You can say what you want and you don't need,
like michael R., to take this level of retaliation. Shame on you,
vested interest town people to do this to this Blogger.

3:11 pm est 


Anyone who's a developer can go anywhere if they're smart and make
money. What concerns me with what's being said about Ted is just
this.. The way in which he conducts his business. The way in which
the friends system is working in his favor. This is a town that has
no housing.....with looking to the next couple years to make a small
dent to help improve that. BUT and I say this very strongly, TED nor
anyone who is developing in this town are going to do it without
everyone watching very very closely. SO PLEASE do not throw mud, or
get in so personal. Because I see it coming, next will be all about
what Mr. Malone has made in profit, maybe not a bad idea but we're
off the point. Is race point development being done to the books?
Yes, you'll have the affordable housing part as that's your thing,
and no I don't bow to your feet for it.  WE all need to find a
solution and work towards it.

TO YOU TED I ask for you to just get some questions answered. I think
they've been flying around for a very long time. Have you been
pulling favors for your "Friends"? IF so stop it and stop it now. IF
NOT prove it. AND to those that are serving for the benefit of you I
working to benefit your boss prove it!

3:05 pm est 

Webmaster Comment: Please provide your input as to the agenda for the up coming PACC meeting. We welcome your thoughts.

An upcoming editorial will provide an analysis of the first few months following MYPACC's inception and a review of its findings.
2:46 pm est 

Attack Against Michael Unfair

     I find the listing of MIchael's house and the specifics of when
he bought it and the assessments totally out of line. Someone out
there is trying to get Michael to stop Blogging and perhaps it is
someone who is very unhappy that Michael mentioned that the Ted
Malone Race Point Mega Project is now going to be reviewed by the
Cape Cod Commission. Michael was just reporting the truth and the
attack is quite dirty.

      Maybe Mega Developer Malone is not happy with this
development--what a revolting development this is!!--but you don't
need to undermine Michael Rogosky for providing to all of us on the
Blog an update of this mega development. Some of us are quite happy
to see this development reviewed by the Cape Cod Commission.

      Thank you Michael. Let the others try to behave.
1:45 pm est 

Guess What?

Guess whose house at 7 Province Lands Road is assessed at
$1,869,500 according to zillow? Malone's house. I say let's all
become affordable housing developers to '''help''' Provincetown like

Stop defending the indefendsible!
1:42 pm est 

Hmmm. What is Gained by Personal Attacks?

Isn't this the problem: ordinary working people bought houses decades ago that are
now worth a million dollars--and they have to pay taxes on them as
though they are a millionaire--but they are still just working
people? And developers are using our money ostensibly for housing for
Provincetown residents--but they are going to anyone who wants to
live here--using our tax money. There is no need to get so personal.

no over rides

Webmaster Comment: Thank you!
1:40 pm est 

We Need Jobs and A Solid Economy, Not Housing

     Low cost housing and affordable housing are not selling. Look at
Sandy Hill and their desire to sell the units across the Cape and get
a broker's commission from selling these town-funded units.
      Ted Malone has brought affordable housing to those who work for
him, who are partners of those who work for him, who once had
relationships with those who work for him and those who are friends
of friends who work for Malone. They arethe beneficiaries--not those
in Provincetown who really need housing and who have lived here for
many years.

      It's a scam and enough is enough. He is no savior but a man who
makes money and uses the so-called poor as posters for his
profit-making projects. If you're poor and don't know anyone who
works for Ted Malone, you'll never get "selected" in the lottery.
Malone is the one who runs the lottery!!!Why do you think his workers
are on the Housing Boards and one key person is a Selectman? For the
good of the town? Or for his own profit-making schemes?

     Town Crier
1:31 pm est 

Fact in Numbers

Good analysis.....listening heather?
1:29 pm est 

When Will We Have a PACC Meeting!

When will we be able to meet and get these issues on the
warrant? When will the next meeting occur? We can collaborate on
articles and come up with the best wording as Michael has mentioned.
waiting to write.

Waiting to cut our taxes
1:27 pm est 


4,000,000 house? Oh, you must be talking about Malone's mansion
overlooking the Moors! Helping Provincetown? Placing all of his
employees in his Town subsidized projects really helps Provincetown
according to all these bloggers that have outed his skewed lotteries.
He makes more under the guise of affordable housing than private
developers! $48,000 to draw 12 lottery numbers? $150,00 to advice the
girls at Shady? Give us a break!
  You either live in one of his eyesore properties like the one on
Bradford or Hensche and/or work for him!

Stop the ghettoization of Provincetown by Malone!
Tell your buddy Malone to disinter that horse and bury it under his
own bedroom window!

Downwind from Connie's window and holding my nose!
1:25 pm est 

Armagedon is coming

As I read the Banner week to week and then this blog, I see this
place crubling very soon.

1.  The schools are going to close and the town will essentially be
childless or the town will continue to burden the taxpayers with an
ever growing $3.5 million budget.

2. Town hall needs to be rebuilt in the VERY near future at a HUGE
cost to taxpayeres. No grants there folks.

3. Route 6 will be taken over by the foolish town in 2010 and the
costs or this are again, HUGE. Repaving, plowing/sanding, tree
removal, grass mowing, line painting, drainage, ...

4. The expansion of the sewer system to everyone eventually to allow
for EVERYBODY to pay for the downfalls in the stystem.

5. The choice of Commercial street being repaved at $5M (?) or
leaving it in the decrepid shape its in

6. Strong potential for two new selectmen up front in the new
election if anyone takes out papers (or maybe two empty seats
considering nobody feels the urge to fill town board vacancies)

7. A new police chief coming after a "wide search" is performed, only
ending in much of the same only now the potential for the second in
command to leave at the same time.

8. Sour water wells that are going to cost the town some big money to
fix over in Truro or drill new ones for even bigger dough. (don't
think Truro is going to give it to you out of moral obligation MJA)

9. Carpetbagger Ted Malone taking all he can and running real soon.

10. And the town once again looking at a looming HUGE override.

Have a nice day.:)
1:24 pm est 

To Facts in numbers

Yes, my house is worth almost a million dollars--and thus the high
taxes--but my job isn't a millionaire's job. I've been a waiter for
over 20 years. I don't have a millionaire's job or a million dollars
in the bank. This is why people are being priced out of their homes.
This is why I wonder what the tax situation will be. This is why an
80 year old resident is working full time.
1:20 pm est 

Questions About Articles for Town Meeting

I want there to be an article to close the school on the town warrant
for town meeting. What is the protocol for phrasing it etc. How many
signatures do I need to submit it? I don't expect it to pass, but
people need to know that change is coming.

I don't know how to phrase it, here is one example: Due to the fact that
our school system is costing Provincetown tax payers over $3,500,000 a
year and that only 12 students graduated this year and the fact that in
twelve years we will have spent over $42,000,000 to take a child from first
grade to graduation.

I propose that the dedicated School committee be entrusted to make an easy
transition from our school system to the Truro elementary school and to Nauset
regional school dealing with transportation etc. and that this be accomplised in two years.

...something like this...If you help me write it, I can get the
required signatures.

thank you,

Michael Rogovsky
12:21 pm est 

We Need Affordable Housing

Why are people giving the only two developers a hard time.
           Land is expensive