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DEK: A letter from Provincetown


“L’Affaire Sal’s Place: Money and Meanness in the New Ptown."


By Peter Manso


The first thing you notice when you walk into the resurrected Sal’s Place, in the heart of Provincetown’s West End, is the hustle and bustle of a hot restaurant: the place is packed, the noise level is high, and the servers scoot nonstop to and from the close-set tables. There’s a museum-quality Hawthorne and other class art on the walls, but the place still has a fish shack feel, with exposed rafters and the rhythmic slop of the bay against the pilings on which the waterfront building partially sits. And the food—the Brodetto or Zuppa di Pesce that one Facebook blogger raves about as “so wonderful that Marcella [Hazen] herself would flip,”—well, let me tell you, the Zuppa is so sweet, so transporting in its plummy, tomato-y tannic richness as to have made Sal’s the vacation spot’s dining destination of choice near overnight.

All this was pretty much the word around town last summer when the fifty-four year old Sal’s Place reopened under new management. But the food wasn’t the only things people were talking about. There were also whispers that the owner—a single, self-described blue-collar woman who’d originally arrived in Boston from Tipperary at age 17—was at war with her neighbors—four wealthy men, all gay, who had recently bought the abutting properties for summer party pads, and wanted the place dead and shuttered. In fact, depending on who you knew, you might have heard about bouts of property destruction, interminable delays for the restaurant’s opening, and armies of lawyers getting rich on both sides.


As the not-so-secret knock-down-drag-out tumbled into public view, eating there became an almost political act. Now, after simmering all winter, locals in P-Town are waiting for the hostilities to start afresh.


One resident called the quarrel the “worst case of bullying” he’d come across in his 50 years in town. But you could just as well call the fight over Sal’s place a sort of battle for Provincetown’s soul in miniature—a David and Goliath story about whether the artists, fishermen, and non-mainstream types of all persuasions were still welcome in the new Ptown. Or is this haven at the end of the Cape destined to become an exclusive enclave for the rich gay elite?



To read further click  on the link below



Click Here for L'affaire Sal's Place

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Monday, December 31, 2007

East End Eddy Has His Panties in a Twist!

"The harbormaster and his boyfriend, AJ who works for ted
malone to name two..... they both have separate units in the same
complex! Lucky weren't they?"

Hmmmmmm, names not capitalized... ... ... looks like the work of..
... ... ... ... C. Nagle! She has a huge problem with Mr. McKinsey
and his board of PPPC. So now let's try another tactic!!! When will
this crap end? We get that you're mad at them all Candace, but jeez!
How do you know it wasn't luck?

East End Eddy has his panties is a twist!
9:08 pm est 

East End Eddy is Getting Angry!

Wait a minute... did I read correctly?? Candace Nagle got
to put her float on the pier and was charged NOTHING??? Was that the
monstrousity that sat there for an entire season? What if someone got
hurt on it? What if it did damage to the Pier, or did it? I'm not in
the insurance business but I do know a "risk" when I see one! What's
her beef?

East End Eddy is getting angry!
9:03 pm est 

Mooring Fees

MGL CH91 S10A, states in part, "That any mooring fee collected shall
be deposited into and used in accordance with the purposes of the
Municipal Waterways Improvement and Maintenance Fund, pursuant
section 5G of Chapter 40.  In the past before the PPPC, Town Meeting
approved how these monies would be spent on what waterway projects
best served the town.
9:00 pm est 

Perhaps We Should Concentrate on the Real Issues?

Does ANYone on this website believe that by dissolving
the Pier Corp, the town tax rate will go down? Perhaps we should
concentrate on the real issues? If the pier people charged the users
of the pier to be there, then paid the bills, still made $35,000 and
didn't come to the taxpayers for any money, what is the problem?
    Does Nagle have a problem with the electricity sucking Christmas
lights on the monument too? Or maybe she thinks the toilet paper in
town restrooms is too thick and cushy?

East End Eddy

8:46 pm est 

Let the Market Rule!

The type of affordable houseing this town needs the most of
is cheap subsidized rentals. The people who think they deserve cheap
rent are the below avarage income earners. And most, but by no means
all, of these people are those in our sociaty who never take the
responsability for getting themselves up and out of the lower class.

But if we give them subsidized low rents are we not just keeping them
down? I think this idea has been proven many times over all over our
country.This affordable houseing development business is just another
way for developers to make money, and for do gooders to feel good
about themselves using other peoples money. Its all just so typical
for this State. Let the market rule!
8:41 pm est 

Yes, Yes, Shadow for Selectmen!

    Shadow you are doing a fabulous job. Good insights, rational
thinking, penetrating questions. You might just be what we need. And
you too Rattlesnake, you're not too bad. I kind of like your sizzle.

    With two positions up in May, you too just might be great choices.
    I see the sign now: The Shadow Knows!! The Snake Knows!!

7:02 pm est 

Wait, Just Wait a Minute!

    Is someone saying that someone who works for the developer and
the same person who controls the lottery was "lucky" enough to get
selected? And that this lucky person has a boyfriend who is and was
also "lucky" and that he too had his name picked from the great white

    Who else who works for the developer--it needs a capital D, yes
Developer--has been so lucky? Maybe everyone who works for the Big D
has been as fortunate? Could that be true?

    Why isn't the lottery controlled and managed by someone other
that the Big D? In fact, why would Provincetown and its official
allow such a strange arrangement? It is almost a conflict of interest
and allows for shenanigans. Maybe now I understand why some people
question who is actually being selected for low-cost housing.

6:58 pm est 

'All PIER Money is in the Town's Coffers! '

why did Pier Corp Director say:

'All PIER money is in the Town's coffers! '

That's just not true. Is it? Sounds like a bunch of half truths from
Adams! If even that!

6:53 pm est 

What Were You Thinking Sharon?

Hey wait a minuit. Russel Braun. I knew I heard that name
before. He's the devoloper who twisted and cheated the zoning bylaw
about no new condos in Truro. He got a permit to build a "cottage
colony", and then when it wasnt even half done he took advantage of
the missing prefix of "pre" in front of "existing" and applied to
convert the "existing cottage colony" into condos. Shame on you Mr.
Braun for takeing the spirt out of the bylaw.

And now he is our Building Commisioner/Zoning Enforcment Officer?

Whats next? Hire an excon as Police Chief? How about appointing bank
robbers and embezalers onto the Finance Committe? No No! Wait! I got
it. When we catch the arsonist, lets appoint him Fire Chief!

What were you thinking Sharon?
6:10 pm est 

Now I 'm Really Baffeled

  Why does the town give the pier
$139,000 back??? For what?

6:04 pm est 

SHADOW FOR SELECTMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:41 pm est 

Hope That Helps!

Does the Pier Corp consider the moorings fees it
collects for the town part of its budget?  YES

Are the moorings fees categorized as income by the Pier, Yes
even as it gives the monies to the town? 

The money the PPPC gives BACK to the Town is categorized as a
Lease/Rental Payment. FY 2008. It is $106,000 but the Town will give
the PPPC back $139,000. If you want a copy of the current budget,
post your fax # and will send it to you.

Could someone clarify this?   Hope that helps!
4:36 pm est 

And Shadow You Ask a Good and Key Question:

What happens when arenter or a buyer of an affordable housing unit finds
that his or her income now goes above the previous income limit? Who checks and does
the individual now have to move? Or should they move?

Well we all know from this website the harbormaster is going to make
58,000 this year. so how will that work?
4:30 pm est 

Lucky Weren't They?

The harbormaster and his boyfriend, AJ who works for ted
malone to name two..... they both have separate units in the same
complex! Lucky weren't they?
4:24 pm est 

There is a Lot of Fat That Can be Trimmed !

Yes Mr Ribas would be a Good Harbor Master.
Louis Ribas is like a swiss army knife ,a fix for everything.

I agree that our fire cheif should get health insurance.

Pay for each bag of garbage above our current taxes.
Isn't that what taxes are for??

Overseeing the affordable housing lottery.
I still haven't gotten an answer to my how it works question.

Cutting work hours to reflect the needs of the winter population.

No more new projects.

Maybe the pay raises that the harbor master got should pay for the
fire chiefs health insurance?
It would seem that there is alot of fat that can be trimmed to meet
the towns shortfall.

4:00 pm est 

The Chosen Few?

Yes, can someone give us the information on who are the
individuals whose names have been pulled in the affordable housing
lotteries? How long have they been here? Are there are any
connections-- as friends, employees, partners,or past partners--of
those running the lottery?

    And Shadow you ask a good and key question: What happens when a
renter or a buyer of an affordable housing unit finds that his or her
income now goes above the previous income limit? Who checks and does
the individual now have to move? Or should they move?

     Also, if someone sells a low-cost unit, can they now make a
profit on the sale? And if they can, doesn't that mean that you can
get a proxy or two, chosen from the "legal and fair" lottery to be
lucky and then two years later, sell the unit, leave town, and give a
kick-back to the developer or the lottery organizer.

    It would be good to get answers to these questions. Seems some
suspicions about who "gets" and is "chosen" for these units should be
clarified. Then we can feel better about those who are chosen.

3:48 pm est 

Could Someone Clarify This?

Does the Pier Corp consider the morrings fees it
collects for the town part of its budget? Are the moorings fees
categorized as income by the Pier, even as it gives the monies to the
town? Could someone clarify this?

    Just ME
3:43 pm est 

Let's Move Forward. Next Issue?

I agree, let's tackle some of the real issues in town
instead of a one focus attack on the Pier Corporation.  We should be
so lucky that the Pier Corporation is the biggest issue we face.

Let's move forward.  Next Issue?
3:39 pm est 

3:36 pm est 

Im Doing the Math.Hold on..Got it!

So, When Are You Going to Start The Engine?

PPPC Director Kerry Adams Writes:

The Pier Corp, besides being the Board that "runs" the Pier is the
ONLY board in town that is operating an economic engine for the Town!

Lets see. The PPPC made $35,000 on an $18 Million Dollar Town Asset.
Ok. Im doing the math.hold it! Thats a .001944% return! Why is
anyone complaining about the PPPC?  The Town should just short the stock!

Even annuities have better returns!

Too bad we are not leaving the PPPC behind us in 2007!

Happy New Year Everyone!

1:53 pm est 

Why Aren't We Trying to Tackle Some of the Real Issues in Our Town?

     Can anyone on this web site tell me how a tenant? of
the town's pier can raise such a fuss and make her issues so
vehemently nasty unless she has something to gain from all of it? If
it were anyone else, it might seem sincere but this smacks of
something much more sinister.

    I have talked to several of my friends that own property in town,
have moorings and own boats, and even one that has his boat on
one of the docks on the town wharf. They all seem quite happy with
the pier committee and the harbor masters.

      I had a problem on the wharf last summer and had to get help
from one of the harbor masters, Mr. Ribas. He was awfully kind and
very professional. These people all seem to be caring and dedicated.
I will be pleased and honored to give them my full support!

      Why aren't we trying to tackle some of the real issues in our
town? I for one do not want to pay my taxes and then have to pay to
have my refuse picked up! Do you? Perhaps I'll just flush it down the
toilet, I pay so damn much to use the highly touted sewer!!!

      And I like the new black and white police cars, so what's that
fuss about? And why can't our Fire Chief get health insurance
benefits from the town? Where's the anger over that?

     We have the best volunteer fire department anywhere, shouldn't
we take care of these people that take such great care of us? We've
had an arsonist in our midst and I feel much better knowing that our
fire department is so responsive and professional! It's time to take
care of our own people! So let's stop the petty squabbling and as one
writer said "roll up our sleeves"!

East End Eddy
1:47 pm est 

The Pier Corp. is Not in the Mooring Business

The Pier Corp. manages and maintains the mooring field for the Town. It
collects the mooring fees and returns those fees to the town. Town
regulations do not allow commercial fishermen (or anyone else for
that matter) to rent / lease / sell their moorings to anyone else.
11:22 am est 

Point of Clarification re: Zoning Enforcement Officer

Clarification: Matt Mulvey, is not the Zoning Enforcement Officer in question. He had no relationship with Truro.

The discussion concerns the new Zoning Enforcement Officer, who lives, and has developed property in Truro.
12:45 am est 

What Would They Suggest? What Would They Cut and What Would They Keep?

What Would the Finance Committee and Selectmen Do?

   What if the reality of the April Town Meeting is that no Prop 2
1/2s would be enacted, no over-rides allowed by the townspeople? And
what if the townspeople want the tax rate to go down--not to go up.

      What would they suggest? What would they cut and what would they keep?
     Shouldn't these scenarios be contemplated? Shouldn't we have
Option 1 and Option 2 and Option 3?

     Do you think they are considering such approaches? Or are they
burying their heads in the sand and hoping the "NOs" and "No more 2
1/2s" will be smoothered?

     Listen carefully and you will know that the staccato of "No's"
will not disappear and they may hardly diminish. Wishing it were
otherwise will not make it so.

12:36 am est 

Malice is not What PACC is All About-it's Questions, Discussions & Then Solutions

Dear Mooring Buisness,
           You perked my interest. In reference to your concerns, I
would like some clarifications &  more information.
            1. Who owns the moorings?
            2. To whom do they pay? ie. The Town or Pier Corp., in
other words, what is the name on the check?
            3.How are the commercial fishermen affected with this?

Please be specific, I am interested with your questions and need more input.
  Without more information we cannot help.
Thank you for your concerns,


P.S. I have been dormant, it's been moulting season. I've been
peeling off the many layers of this blog site. I'm ready to bite.
Lets keep it to ISSUES,
FACTS, and RESPECTFUL debating.
                Let's  start the New Year off in not being afraid to
have our own opinions,questions & beliefs, but remember malice is not
what PACC is all about- it's questions, discussions & then solutions.
12:29 am est 

Zoning Enforcment Officer?

Re: Zoning Enforement Officer: Just read this previous
blog: It appears to be a non-issue since Matt Mulvey is no longer
here.  Was not aware that he had questionable dealings in Truro.

Zoning Enforcment Officer?

Should we have hired as Zoning Enforcment Officer (Building
Commissioner) a man who, for his own personal profit, knowingly and
blatently manipulated Zoning Laws in Truro? Should not someone hired
to this position be held to a higher standard? This man preches the
law, yet for his own profit he destroys the spirit of the law. Can we
stop a bad hire before it does damage to the Town?
12:21 am est 

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Since When is the PPPC in the Mooring Business?

Last time I checked, Moorings were owned by the mooring holder, who
has to pay and maintain the mooring when necessary, not the PPPC. 
Where is the mooring field and moorings that the PPPC have to
maintain?  Does the PPPC plan on going into the mooring business,
cutting out those local commercial fishermen trying to make a few
extra dollars when they can't fish?  And while on the subject of
moorings, how did the former chairman of the BOS get a mooring space
inside the Breakwater, when some people have been waiting for years
to be inside the Breakwater?  Where is the waiting list?

8:32 pm est 

Let's Dig Ourselves Out of This Fiscal Crisis"

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can
do for your country" - John F. Kennedy

"Ask not what your Town can do for you, ask what you can do for your
Town" -  Wash-a-Shore

"We will bury you!"  Nikita Khrushchev

"Let's dig ourselves out of this fiscal crisis"  -  Wash-a-Shore
8:28 pm est 

Winterberry We are on the Same Page

As i followed the posts that offer proposals on HOW to cut costs with
the least amount of damage to the people it will effect, i think you
are right on.  These cuts should not effect their health benefits
however.   It sure beats losing your job.
I have seen this plan in action and it does work.

On another subject ,what happens when a person who was in an
affordable housing income range  then exceeds that ?
Are these lotteries done in a public forum so that there is no
favoritism shown.  Where names get put in a hat by the possible
recipients and they watch as names are pulled out? How does it work ?
Can someone share this information.

Is it possible to get these numbers that are bandied about from
public records and posted on this board?

I am in no way saying that Ms Nagle has not done her due diligence
but it sounds like she has had little cooperation in uncovering pier
information .
My hunch is that a lot of the frustration we are seeing is as i have
said before, things don't seem to be equitable in many dealings town

Whether it be favoritism getting on the pier, pay raises or afforable
housing.  It does appear that certain people in this town get
preferential treatment .  Do you have to be a Mason in order to get
ahead in this town.  I'd like to know the secret handshake too.
5:40 pm est 

Thanks Pariots for a lesson in winning!

I agree! Another way the Pat's taught us to win... CHEATING! GO Pat's! Now I wonder,
is Shadow still looking in my window?  Or did he leave is Video
Camera there instead? Either way there will still be blinding light!

5:35 pm est 

Maybe the Patriots Provide a Lesson!

    How to win? Leadership. How to break records? Leadership. How to
handle the pressures of breaking these records? Leadership.

     How will Provincetown thrive? Leadership. We need a team effort
filled with the most capable individuals. We need inspiration,
encouragement and skills.

    Thanks Patriots. Thanks for the lesson in success.

    A Fan
3:24 pm est 

We Must All Face the Harsher Realities of This Town

Should town Offices Be Closed on Fridays?

    Since Provincetown is the only town on the Cape where employees
work 40 hours, closing on Fridays in the winter is a great idea. Or
closing for an unpaid lunch is also good. I do think we have to
consider such proposals.

   If major towns only have 35 hour-weeks, then
we also need to re-consider such ideas. We surely need less services
in January and February and March and we could streamline services
while still continuing to employ individuals. Will people make less?
Yes. But will they still have a job? Yes.

    When a town is facing so much debt and is carrying the burden of
so many mega projects, the town must scale back. Pretty it is not.
Comfortable, it is not. But reality, at times, is eye-opening.

     We must all face the harsher realities of this town. The
continued income brought in by continuing to raise taxes and increase
the assessment value of properties is over.

   The town people have said no to overrides. And the assessed
values of properties are decreasing--not increasing. This does not mean
town people will accept an increase in the tax rate to make up for shortfalls. Cut,
cut, cut. That is how you handle shortfalls.

3:19 pm est 

PS Mr. Kerry

you are an insurance man...right?
what do you know about barges? what does McKinsey know about barges?
he has never even worked on one. again, please look at my report and
ALL of my references from Presidents of Marine Contracting Companies.
Taxpayers would like to see your report. Where may we pick it up?


Candace Nagle
2:56 pm est 

Actually, Mr. Kerry, I am not Deep Throat.!

My references don't go back as far as 2003. However, rest assured, I will be going
to the Library with this new posting on the Harbormaster's 39% in pay
raises in just four years to see how his raises compare to other
department heads. On average 10% a year for the Harbormaster...hum my
guess is he has had the highest pay raises of any department head.

Also, please check with the Town Manager or BOS as I submitted a
well-documented research report on why the barge should not have been
purchased to them a month ago.But as we all know, many share my concerns about the barge from a liability point of view too.

At the end of the day Mr. Kerry, the BOS will look at the
numbers on the pier. The BOS will not protect the interests, egos and
paychecks of a few as they represent all Provincetown taxpayers. So,
please stop your personal attacks and start showing some numbers to
taxpayers starting with the 300% increase in staffing in just a few
years...we are still waiting......

Candace Nagle
2:51 pm est 

Hey Deep Throat - or Should I say Ms. Candace Nagle?

Please refrain from making your attacks personal.

(YOUR WORDS): "Harbormaster McKinsey started in 2003 at $41,666 and
in four years (FY2007/08) his pay hit $58,000, an increase of 39.2%.
Town department heads may be interested to know that while they were
starved of pay raises and town employees worked without contracts
during those years, Mr. McKinsey was rewarded handsomely for boosting
pier expenses through the roof.  What were those directors thinking?
They made the sole decision to hand Mr. McKinsey those raises, even
though two of the five directors want to fire him." (END)

Two of those five Directors of the Provincetown Public Pier Corp.
(PPPC) serve on the PPPC "Personnel Sub-Committee" the committee that
decides pay raises, etc... Since we decided unanimously as a Board to
give Harbor Master/Pier Manger McKinsey the pay raise that we all
felt he deserved,  I'm not sure what you are talking about.

If two of the directors want to "fire" him, which two might that be? And for
the record, I'm NOT on the Personnel Sub-Committee! IF YOU WANT TO

The Pier Corp. budget for fiscal year July 2006- July 2007 (after we
met our financial obligations INCLUDING rent payment to the Town) had
a net PROFIT of $35,000! Because ALL Pier expenses are TRANSPARENT
and go through ONE department, OURS, the Town can easily see where
all that money is going. That was ONE of the reason's for the Pier
Corp. in the first place!

All PIER money is in the Town's coffers! We pay for the electricity, water,
maintenance, insurance, staffing, etc. Costs have increased everywhere
Ms. Nagle, the Pier is no exception!

We raised rates on the Pier to PIER  TENANTS in order to accommodate
those expenses. We did NOT go to the Town voters and request any money
to operate the Pier! If you are not happy with the rate you pay on MacMillan
Pier Candace, you are most welcome to unhook your float and find another
place to operate your business.

The Barge did not cost the Town $46,000. We/PPPC  paid $26,500 to the
town of Chatham for their Barge that they spent over $90,000 on.

Our intention for the Barge is to use it to to take care of our mooring
field. We currently have to hire one of the local commercial fishing
boats to handle heavy moorings for us. That can cost a significant
amount of money. 

Having our own barge will eliminate that expense. We would like to use
the barge to replace the Fender Piles that surround the OUTSIDE of the  Pier.
Those pilings are intentionally sacrificial and require regular replacement
whether it be wood-boring worms, old age, rot, or wear & tear from boats
that bang up against them.

Having our own Barge will eliminate a huge expense that will be
required if we have to contract that work out. In addition; we plan 
to use the Barge to add floats at the end of the Pier. This will
facilitate a way for the large transient yachts that berth on the
Pier during the summer to back in Mediterranean style. By doing this,
we will be able to accommodate more of this type of traffic on the Pier
which will result in an  increase in profit.

We also MAY (depending on size and legal requirements)  be
able to use the Barge to launch the Fireworks for the 4th of July
celebration! That will result in a big savings to the Town if the
barge rental fee is eliminated yearly! 

There is also the possibility for us to lease the Barge to other Town's / Entities for a fee. There
are MANY cost effective and  profitable uses for the Barge, we know
it will pay for itself in no time!

We just added a brand new Pavilion this year! We plan to offer it for
a fee for parties, weddings, events, etc. We have added new Restrooms
for the comfort and well-being of our guests on the Pier. Grant
monies paid for these two additions. The Trap Sheds (3 new double
sized buildings) were also just added this summer. We have discussed
a number of ideas for them and settled on the idea of artists and

We preferred NOT to be in a competitive situation with the
businesses on Commercial Street. Because the sheds were not completed
until  the season had already begun, renting them this past season
was difficult but not impossible.

We do NOT expect to have that difficulty this year. In fact, we
have already had several offers for them for the coming season! We
anticipate that the sheds will pay for themselves in two  three years.
We will profit from them continuously thereafter.

The Pier Corp, besides being the Board that "runs" the Pier is the
ONLY board in town that is operating an economic engine for the Town!
I have only served on this Board for a year and a half and have
personally seen a lot of positive things developing in a very short
period. Perhaps you might consider giving us an opportunity to do our
jobs for a bit longer?

It's easy to sit on the sidelines and  throw stones. I would personally
be very grateful however if you'd stop the personal attacks!

Kerry L. Adams

PS: Thank you again for the opportunity to express my views.

Happy New Year to all, and to all... A GOOD NIGHT!
11:14 am est 

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shadow is Looking in My Window? Yikes!

Humor? I'm not sure. Slums? Where? Float on the Pier? White
Elephant on the Pier? Candace Nagle's Bark Park is on Pier?
Harbormaster overpaid? Somebody throw me a life-line! Shadow is
looking in my window? Yikes, best get dressed then!!!!

Peace to you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR Please, Happy New Year!
9:29 pm est 

And I Know Who You Are!!

I'm outside looking in your window
so please put on some clothes !!!!!!
Blinded by the light

6:13 pm est 

Thought I Saw You

thought i saw you AJ...

slumming it in your slums
6:10 pm est 

Mr. McKinsey Was Rewarded Handsomely

Harbormaster McKinsey started in 2003 at $41,666 and in
four years (FY2007/08) his pay hit $58,000, an increase of 39.2%.

Town department heads may be interested to know that while they were
starved of pay raises and town employees worked without contracts
during those years, Mr. McKinsey was rewarded handsomely for boosting
pier expenses through the roof.  What were those directors thinking? 
They made the sole decision to hand Mr. McKinsey those raises, even
though two of the five directors want to fire him.

6:05 pm est 

Moody's Gave Our Town an A+ Bond Rating!

By the way nay sayers, Moody's gave our town's bond rating
an A+!! And Candace Nagle, ask some of the fishermen what they think
about the Pier Corp, I personally hear a LOT of good things about the
work they do! Do they receive pay for their accomplishments? And
where are all these harbormasters of which you speak? Before you jump
to any conclusions, no, I am not a member of their group and I am not
a fisherman! I do live near the pier and I like what I see down
there! Rex the harbormaster is a smart man who loves our town and
does a lot of good for it. Remember that little "dedication" to the
Pilgrim Monument this past summer?? I understand that Rex was
responsible for making that happen. Poo-Poo all you want! I wonder...
is the new Bark Park on the Pier? I see banners all over a Float down
there!?! Could someone pleae enlighten me? Oh and one last thing
Candace Nagle, wasn't that YOUR float that graced the end of pier a
winter or two ago? How much did you pay the!
   Pier Corp. for that little favor??? Maybe it was a "wink & a nod"
because I am told they let you put it there for nothing!!!???

6:01 pm est 

Low blow, Even For You Shadow!

"What a perk...sign me UP!!   I would love to "roll up my
sleeves" (OF course even with all of my other busy chair appts) and
take a chair position as i am getting a new boat and need to have a
pier favor.
Sounds like there's alot of horse trading between the harbor master
and the Pier Corp.
In all seriousness i think there may be some unethical violations going on.

Low blow, even for you Shadow!  Yes, we know who you are!
4:50 pm est 

Oh, What the Town Could Have Done With $46,000 if only.....

The $46,000 ill-conceived white elephant at the end of
Macmillan Pier update:

Chatham built the BARGE to drive pilings, but it was too small to
carry the weight, listing so badly they were afraid of capsizing. 
could this be true?

Oh, what the town could have done with $46,000 if only.....
4:41 pm est 

I Don't See a Lot of Helpful Solutions

Glass Houses

Hmmmmm... when does this website become populated with the views of
people who truly want to "help" the town out of it's fiscal concerns?
Personally, I'm sick and tired of reading one persons constant
blathering about the Pier! Get a life, please! I read a lot of
bashing and name-calling but I don't see a lot of helpful solutions
to problems! Let's take some time to recognize that we are ALL
fallible and stop throwing stones at the people in our town who have
volunteered their time to do what they can for us! Isn't that why
they're volunteering their time? We are fortunate to have so many
talented and descent folks working in our mutual best interest.
Surely there are many that are deserving of our praise? People who
live in glass houses...    By the way, I've been driving all over
town and darned if I can find the "slums" I've been reading about

4:36 pm est 

In the Interest of Having Constructive Conversation

I'd like to ask the readers what are your top issues for Provincetown and
what are potential solutions for these issues?

From my point of view I offer the following in no particular order:

Affordable Housing

With the recent turn of events it appears there was not as much
demand as thought.  To some people (including two selectmen) this
issue is one of the top issues for the town, but I would say that
perhaps the ability to make an affordable living in town comes before
or hand in hand with housing.  If I'm not sure I can afford to live
in Ptown, I'm certainly not going to commit to buying a home to live

Potential Solution:

We have to slow this down dramatically and really look at it
unbiasedly to see how much need there is.  Do we really need to be
adding all the Shank Painter units?  I've heard comments that summer
workforce housing is a more urgent need.

School System

Our school system does not seem to be a cost effective means for
education.  I realize there is alot of emotion tied to this issue,
but we have to balance the need for a good education for our children
with the cost of doing so.

Potential Solution:

We either need to combine the two schools in town as some have
suggested or we need to regionalize our high school system with

I've become quite familiar with Nauset while watching
Channel 17 and reading about their schools in the paper.  Nauset is
an excellent school and our children would receive an excellent
education there with many more options available to them. 

We have to face the facts, as our school system enrollment continues to decline
we can't continue down the same road.  How small does the enrollment
have to get before we seriously look at this issue?  At the very
least we should consider having all of our education, grades K-12
provided at the building now called the high school.


I have concerns about the DPW in town.  There have been a number of
issues that have come up that concern me.  When the director of the
department was fined by the state for an ethics violation it
certainly didn't increase my confidence in the person.

The deputy director went before the BOS in late September, early
October and stated the public restrooms would be closing early
because they didn't have any more funds to staff them.  It being
right before Women's Week that seemed to be a very odd time to bring
it up and the timing seems suspect.  It really put the BOS between
a rock and a hard place and forced them to provide additional funding.
I've also heard we spend between $75,000 and $95,000 a year to staff
the public restrooms.  That's way out of line, you mean to tell me it
costs that much to staff the public restrooms for the part of the
year they are open?

Trash pickup for condos over a certain number of units.  I don't
recall the exact amount, but the deputy director provided a cost to
the BOS that seemed way out of line. 

I thought to myself, if it would really cost that much perhaps the town
should just outsource it to a local collector.  At the very least we should compare the costs
between the two methods.

Potential Solution:

We really need to have a complete review of how the DPW is run and
the efficiency of the department.  Something just doesn't add up
here.  We have alot of hard working men in women in that department
and this is no slam against them, but I feel the leadership of the
department needs to be closely looked at.

I could go on, but this is long enough as it is.

Let's find solutions.
4:31 pm est 

Restructuring MacMillan Pier

Yes, thats one of the reasons the Harbormaster should report directly
to the Town Manager instead of the Pier Corp. It would eliminate the
ongoing quid pro quo and currying favor on MacMillan Pier that
happens often.

The Pier Corp. should not be the Harbormaster/Pier
Managers boss. It should be the Town Manager. It was stunning to see
Chair Clingham go before the BOS knowing he had approved a fellow
board member and recreational boater, Phil TARVERS, to be on my
float. Im surprised he was able to keep a straight face!

Again, ALL float owners including myself have gone on record that we
would like the tenant policy modified to FIRST preference to
commercial boaters.

Has anyone noticed the Pier Corp and Harbormaster have not responded
to the 300% staffing cost increases that I have brought to the
attention of PACC readers and have asked them to address? Taxpayers
are still waiting to hear..

C. Nagle
4:18 pm est 


    I like that reference to Dr. Gropman and "How Doctors Think." It
seems worth buying. Maybe we can get a dozen and hand them out. A
little late for Christmas but maybe a New Year's gift.

1:13 pm est 

Any Idea?

I just read in the Cape Codder that the Department of Community
Development will be closing each Friday in January. They say it is to
archive their old files. Is this happening because the department is
short one person now that this staff person is upstairs as the
Assistant Clerk leaving a vacuum downstairs?

Or is this done to see how a department works when closed on Fridays?
Does anyone know whether this is a smart move or a punitive move? Is
this decision forward-thinking or backwards?

Please help me figure this one out.

    Just Me

1:10 pm est 

Favoritism or Precedence?

Ms. Nagle  Are you implying that the pier corp members have
shown favoritism..hmmmmmm... or have they set a precedence for all
non commercial float owners to follow?

Slippery fish {but not slimey)
10:07 am est 

Pier Corp Takes Care of its Own!!

What a perk...sign me UP!!   I would love to' roll up my sleeves" (OF
course even with all of my other busy chair appts) and take a chair
position as i am getting a new boat and need to have a pier favor.
Sounds like theres alot of horse trading between the harbor master
and the Pier Corp.

In all seriousness i think there may be some unethical violations going on.

10:03 am est 

His Name is Phil Tarvers

He was a tenant on your float and
you can't even spell his name correctly? If it's as simple as a bass
license, then why didn't your new tenant think of that?
9:59 am est 

Hypocrisy At Its Best Slippery Slope Indeed!

In 2006, Pier Corp. Chair Len Clingham, and directors Hitchcock, and
Ash approved fellow board member, Phil Tarvis, to be on my float. It
is public information.

Phil Tarvis is a recreational boater who went on line to get a bass
fishing license so he could qualify to be on my float. I think it
cost around $130. Phil owns a couple of stores in Lopes Square and a
big ATM business. The board gave him a wink and a nod and approved
his application.  So for the record, in the past, if you were a
director on the Pier Corp. and a recreational boater, it was NO
problem being on MacMillan Pier. Right George?

I have great respect for Phil Tarvis and the input he has had on
this board. Too often, he is swiming against a tide of three, however.
He is a likeable guy too. It would be an honor to serve with him on
any board if he were a Provincetown resident. George Hitchcock is a
very nice man and I am fond of him too.
But, Mr. Clingham, Mr. Adams and Mr. McKinsey thou protest too much!

Candace Nagle
12:14 am est 

Affordable Slums??

Have you ever taken a drive up to Old Ann Page Way? Would you call
that a slum? I wonder what all of those residents who love their
homes and are the working class would think about that? No idea what
buildings you are looking at, but do look again. Also in the midst of
the not so attractive neighborhood of Nelson Ave there is another
development tucked in. (No, it is not the monster house built in
someones backyard for their kids) It is another so called affordable
slum and all working towns people. Ever looked at these? I doubt once
you really looked at the details, and the thought that went into
these you would call it an affordable slum!
12:10 am est 

Friday, December 28, 2007

"How Doctors Think"

     Jerome Groopman, M.D. writes in "How Doctors Think" that on
average doctors fail to listen to their patients. Within eighteen
seconds doctors interrupt, decide what the diagnosis is,and then
proceed to offer treatment. Often, if doctors had listen more, they
wouldn't have made some wrong diagnosis with catastrophic

     Groopman believes that doctors can learn to avoid
making snap judgments and must embrace ambiguity.Answers are not
always quick to appear or to be uncovered.

     Seems that our selectmen and town officials can learn from
Groopman. Listening and learning is important. Thinking you know the
answer is different from really knowing the right or best answer.

     Jerome Groopman is trying to get smart doctors to realize they
can often be wrong. They need to re-examine how they think and do
more in-depth thinking.

     It seems to me that PACC at its best is trying to do something
similar. It is trying to get the town and town officials to
re-examine how they make decision and realize that habits of the mind
can give comfort but they may not give success.

     "How Selectmen Think" could be the next new book.

      True leadership requires this.


2:01 pm est 


     Yes, thanks for using that phrase: affordable slums. That is
what we have allowed to be created here in town. It's as if
developers keep putting up poorly constructed buldings with
absolutely horrible taste. Provincetown is now marked by so many
truly ugly projects. They look like the worse projects in the poorest
sections of urban areas of the Northeast. Why have we allowed such
eyesores to be here in this beautiful town--or a town that once was
more beatiful before they came and conquered.

     So many of these affordable slums are over-scaled and over-built
and destroy the charm and quaintness that was so characteristic of
Provincetown. Will we wait until the developers have make this town
so ugly that the value of our properties drops dramatically?

     Why do our boards allow this? Why does Planning keep approving
such disasters? Look carefully, look observantly and you just want to
cry. Ask yourself: Would Truro allow this? Would Chatham put up these
ghettos? Then why should Provincetown!
11:44 am est 

Development on Shankpainter Will be a Disaster!

Agreed..development on Shankpainter will be a disaster.

The parcel is an old town dump with toxic waste concern... The
parcel is at a low lying point quite a bit lower than surrounding
area... making this parcel a basin for water run off from the
surrounding higher areas...The land above is not stable with constant
pot hole development on the unpaved road above, leading me to believe
that the low parcel will be subject to unstable foundations unless
costly construction processes are used... I would not want to be an
owner of a unit in that location as the construction "settles."

Unfortunately there are still unsold affordable units in town.  The
larger economic picture in the US shows that houses remain unsold
nation wide. Why should P-Town be any different.  The national
ecomony indicates  people are worried about lower home prices and
higher taxation.

It is definitely time to step back, take care of stream lining local
government before taking on what could be a new take on Fulton's

Slippery Fish
9:44 am est 

If We Build That Place on Shankpainter It Will be a Disaster

The problem with affordable houseing is that the people who
cry for it the most, dont want to buy it. They just want to live in
it using someone elses money.

They are looking for a handout not a hand up as evedenced by
the total lack of responce at Gulls nest. If medium income peolpe
wanted to buy it they would have come forward with the money. But
I would bet my last dollar that if we were to make those apartments
avaiable for section 8 rentals the owners would be overwhelmed with
applications. This isnt at all P.C. but it is the truth.

As for the DEVELOPERS (pronounce it like its a bad word) they saw
what they thought was a good deal for themselves and took a risk on
it. They may or may not come out ahead. Too bad more of us dont take
risks like that in life, if we did we would all be better off.

If we build that place on Shankpainter it will be a disaster. In every way.

Does anyone remember that Outer Cape Health wanted to swap that land
for the land they own on Harry Kemp way.I thought that was a great
idea. Outer Cape would build a brand new start of the art complex in
a commercial district, and the town could build some houseing in a
lovely residential district.

Now we end up with an outdated medical facility and an affordable slum.
6:58 am est 

Good Things Happening!

Well we have some great input from many voices who have put their
suggestions and plans for a better Provincetown on this board.
All the folks who write comments like, 'enough gripping' and  people
who do not appreciate the 'hard work people on boards are doing', 
are NOT being constructive re problem solving.
  Nothing changes until enough discomfort is felt.

Peace ,love and harmony occurs when ALL people feel a sense of equity
and are part of the solution.

The linear way to problem solving is to identify the issues
(information gathering).Then, a logical progression would be to quantify
 the material and come up with real numbers that represent the expenditures.

After having an accurate accounting, then  plans for amending can
begin with number comparisons and feasibility, followed by majority
vote and implementation.

I am seeing some really productive and well thought out approaches to
the MANY issues being brought up. The broad stroke is town management
and fiduciary accountability . The people are calling for answers so
that they can be part of the solution.

In solidarity,

6:49 am est 

Thank You For Your Kind Words

I am going to continue my
research on restructuring the Pier Corp and Harbormasters office.

Cost Savings if Pier Corp. dissolved:

Town Resources of Indirect
Administrative Support to Pier Corp:                                 
Liability Insurance Savings
if Pier is Insured by Town:                 $12,000
Pier Corp. D  & O Liability Insurance Savings:                       

Restructuring Harbormaster's staff back
to two Full Time Employees Est. Savings:    $100,000
(Up until 2006, there were only two
full time employees and several
seasonal employees)
                          Total:   $139,894
These are savings year after year!

Future Savings if voters are able
to vote on capitale expenditures?
A lot with the way the taxpayer
sentiment is now!

Thanks again,

Candace Nagle
11:21 pm est 

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Here are some thoughts on how we can save the town some money.

Two years ago the town did Seashore Point a favor by leaseing the old
library building for $10,000. in lease-hold improvements.  The first
floor space is a rental worth about $50,000. a year.

The lease is up in June.  Maybe it's time to give back.  There is no
reason why Seashore Point's office can't be at the recreation
building or in the old Manor building and let the town rent that

The tax payers were just sent out water and sewer bills just before
Christmas, a time when money is tight.  Let's look at sending out
bills at another time when people have more money.  Maybe in late
summer or Fall after people have had a chance to make some money
during the high peak season.

Lets give business owners that struggle to stay open year round a
break on their licensed fees and choices of when they can pay those
fees that works.

Lets try and be more reasonable with all our tax payers and each other.

I am not interested in complaining or pointing the finger at anyone. 
Let's remember that people who give their time to the town should be
acknowledged and not torn down because they don't always agree with
ones particular thoughts.


10:42 pm est 

Gloom and Doom. . .the Sky is Falling!

This board has gone down hill rapidly.  Unfortunately it has just
become a board for a few people to complain.  I read very little
positive information here when I had hoped it would become a forum
for intelligent conversations with potential solutions to issues.

Still looking for solutions.
10:37 pm est 


    To give voice to issues; to name the problems; to come forward
with new ideas. This gives me hope. I was starting to pull back and
almost give up. But not now.
    Now that PACC and this Blog is alive and well, it renews my faith
in the town and in all of us.
10:33 pm est 

Ever Feel So Angry That You Just Want to Spit?

If our Community and leaders read these comments and still
fail to address the town's problems - we can be sure that they are in
office to suit their own needs rather than those of the town.

Perhaps they should be feeling some anxiety and a need to take cover
like when a loud rumble in the sky indicates an impending

Most of us know a fistfull of people in town positions who are there to
either exert their own power through town money or to make a name for
themselves as they climb up the ladder.

Thank you, Candace, for your due diligence and continual effort to
expose the jackass antics and incompetence with the Pier. Your
research impresses a growing number of us.

The earlier comments are worth reading by everyone!
Ever feel so angry that you just want to spit?
8:37 pm est 

Lets Not Be So Blinded By the Pier That We Let Other Problems Go

 This town has a lot of things we need to talk about
folks, and if we dont they will just slip on by us like so many other
things have.

Lets start with the possibility that we might have to pay to dump
trash that we alredy pay to have dumped!

Or how about the $4000 that the ACTING Police Chief spent out of left
over funds to paint two cars that did not need to get painted just so
that the cops could "feel like part of the team" when they are
working with other law enforcmnt departments. How come he couldnt
have sent that money back to the general fund? And on that subject,
it wold seem to me that there is a reason our Police cars are all
white, not black and white. I personaly like the white because I
think they are more user friendly, black and white is used to
intimadate us.

P.S. Truro cars are all black, State cars are blue. How about other
towns? What a team!
8:30 pm est 

How Sad it Makes Me Feel!

How sad it makes me feel to know that P-town now has a
place for hate.Thank you P.A.C.C.for providing such a vehicle.
              Arturo Alon

7:49 pm est 

Nice Try However Candace!

No, sorry to say I am not a member of the Pier Board. I am
a concerned citizen and taxpayer like everyone else here, I think?  
Nice try however Candace!
7:46 pm est 

The Whole Town is Logging On!

Why bother going to the pier's meetings? all the board
members are on the blog and the harbormaster too. let's see...A
Johnson, Mongoose, Adams, McKinsey. where have you been lately
I say why don't you all 'roll up your sleeves' here and start
answering taxpayers' questions as the whole town is logging on!
6:17 pm est 

Baby Boy

Kerry... Does that mean you don't have the time to answer
the questions... Wah Wah to you ,baby boy.
Slippery fish
6:10 pm est 

Interesting to Note Slippery FIsh

 I haven't seen the other 9 Float owners writing in this Blog, only
Ms. Nagle! If you call what I wrote a "temper tantrum", you obviously
weren't paying attention.

Our Board meets in the Judge Welsh Hearing Room (they are regularly
posted) every other Thursday at 4:00pm. I welcome your comments there
where they can be heard by the other Directors as well and can be
acted upon if they have merit.

I am not going to get dragged into a "back and forth" here because I
simply do not have the time, I have a job and serve on two other Town
Boards as well as the Pier Corp. I'd rather dedicate my valuable time to them.

Kerry L. Adams

Happy New Year to one and all! May 2008 be a year of cooperation and
good fellowship!
6:02 pm est 

Thanks for the Helpful information Mr. Adams.

Thanks for the helpful information Mr. Adams. Your
insightful and intelligent commentary certainly helps me to better
understand MacMillan Pier and the Board that runs it. I believe you
are Kerry Adams that serves on the P-town School Committee? If so,
then I'm glad I voted for you! I don't recall reading any mention
from Ms. Nagle about a problem she had with the board of the Pier! Oh
what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive..." ey Ms.

A. Johnson

5:56 pm est 

A Question

   Could someone explain what the "soft costs" are that are
associated with 6 Sandy Hill Project?  Town Crier seemed to imply
that another developer, so-called the Big Developer, received monies
on this project. I thought there were two developers, these two real
estate people, who received CPC monies? Is there really someone else
additionally involved in this development?
    Can someone provide more information on this? I'd apprecciate
better understanding what took place. Thanks to anyone who can
enlighten me on this.
5:53 pm est 

Winterberry Makes Some Very Salient Points. Sounds like a Plan to Me

Mr Adams do you get  28%(over 2 years) raises in this day and is unheard of...and people who make a lot less money work
just as hard and are just as creative.

You haven't far to look but when you do your food shopping at the GU ask any of
those folks (most likely the GU is only one of their jobs)how much money they make and
what their health insurance is .  How about the business owners who sit in their
store 12 hrs a day 7 days a week and make sometimes don't even make expenses.

To tell readers that in your opinion the entries on this board are
nothing but temper tantrums insults all particpants'intelligence. 
Are these the same people who have no right to question, recieve
information and express opinions just like you have?

And by the way i still don't see any answers to the questions being raised.

5:50 pm est 

Board Member on Pier Corp. Gave an Earful !

Mr. Adams,

FYI, one of your board members on the Pier Corp. gave an earful of
concerns about the Pier Manager to our Town Manager this fall.  I
believe the Pier Corp. director was trying to get the ear of at least
one selectman although I dont know if that materialized.
I heard this from the board member and not from the town manager.

Candace Nagle

5:42 pm est 

Grow Up and Address the Issues

Seems like the only issue that you want to deal with is Ms. Nagle and
her float.You ignore the other nine owners on the petition, focusing
only on Ms. Nagle trying make her float more profitable. I personally
do not take any offense to bringing as many recreational boaters into
our harbor to bring money into the town and Ms. Nagle renting her

I admire her enthusiasm and dedication.  I doubt if her only interest
is being able to rent her float.  She has raised many pertinent
issues... ice machine...over staffing....unnecessary barge.... Rex
pile driving (God forbid)... Sheds...not producing financial
records...It is also called trying to save taxpayers money. I do not
call that a little temper tantrum. Since you did nothing to address
the issues involved, I would be more inclined to address your little
diatribe, as just that...a temper tantrum... Grow up and address the
Slippery fish
5:38 pm est 

Please Don't Invalidate My Concerns as a Provincetown Taxpayer

Mr. Adams,

  Please don't invalidate my concerns as a Provincetown taxpayer.

For instance, if any other town department's staffing costs increased
over 100% in just two years, taxpayers would be storming the town
hall as the French did the Bastille. Provincetown residents are
concerned about the town's fiscal health. I am bringing my concerns
about how the pier is run and how the money is spent to this blog.
But so aren't other people.

I also like every other float owner have concerns about some of the
Pier Corp.'s policies. The float owners and Pier Corp. had a meeting
Dec. 10 after a petition that All commercial float owners signed and
submitted to the Pier Corp. not just me. The float owners are going
before the BOS on Jan. 28. Please don't invalidate nine other float
owners concerns. It's not fair to them.

I believe that the money made on the pier should go back to the town
coffers. Please don't condemn me for believing there should be a
system of checks and balances in place.
I believe the harbormaster's office needs to be restructured and have
cited many examples why.

Let's find our way starting with telling Provincetown Taxpayers why
the harbormaster's budget has gone through the roof in such a short
time. Please justify this over 100% increase in staffing costs. Have
I overlooked something?

In 2004 (Harbormaster Department) there was just a marine
superintendent and one assistant full time harbormaster and eight
seasonal assistant harbormasters (cost: $86,614) Source: 2004  Town
Annual Report


In 2006, (Pier Corporation/Harbormaster) with Rex McKinsey as
harbormaster, the staff ballooned to
one administrative assistant ($30,980), three FULL TIME assistants
harbormasters and seven seasonal assistant harbormasters (Cost
$202,933.59) Source: PPPC Aug 29, 2006 to BOS/Town Manager.

Budget July 2007-July 2008:
5550: Management Salary: $58,000
5560: Payroll Expenses Staff: $120,981.92
5561: Contract Employees: $38,923.56
5575:  Health Insurance: $31,800.00

Candace Nagle
5:34 pm est 

Speaking of Money... That's What This Whole Tirade is About!

Such a shame that a DISGRUNTLED tenant of the pier is
creating such a volume of signed and unsigned blogs that serve only
to attack the PPPC and it's staff! Rex McKinsey is a very talented
and hardworking Pier Manager / Harbor Master. I had hoped to avoid
entry into this nauseating little temper tantrum, but feel it
necessary at least from my own perspective. I won't go into salary
details here because I don't believe that this is the appropriate
place to have that discussion. Let's just say that I don't believe
anyone here in this "blogosphere" would be willing to put in the
time, energy, effort, creativity and intelligence that Mr. McKinsey
does for any LESS money!

AND, speaking of money... that's what this whole tirade is about. Ms.
Nagle came to a PPPC meeting in an uproar because our board had the
unabashed audacity to dare question one of her sub-tenacy
applications! It seems that there were a few questions we had as a
board BEFORE we were willing to provide her with her expected
"rubber-stamp" of approval on her application. We didn't... and she
was furious over that. How dare we question her sub-tenants, or her
for that matter? Considering we hadn't even met the applicants and
really did not know what sort of business they intended to operate;
of course we had questions! We merely postponed the application's
approval pending a meeting with the applicants.

Now, because we dared question the application, which looked oddly
like an application for a luxury recreational vessel to berth on a
commercially licensed float space, we are summarily attacked with
half-truths and erroneous information!

Personal attacks do little to foster goodwill in the eyes of many
silent folks that read this column. As a member of the PPPC Board, I
am happy to roll up my sleeves and do whatever it takes to make the
Pier a money making operation. We have tried to make the operation as
transparent as possible by running all costs through one department,
ours. When the town ran the Pier, most of the costs of running it
were put through so many other town budgets, that it was virtually
impossible to figure out what the actutal costs associated really

We heartily welcome any suggestions that Ms. Nagle, or anyone else
may have that will improve the overall business of MacMillan Pier.
Preferable without making this personal.We would love to have you in
attendance at our regulary scheduled and posted meetings! The PPPC
Board is a group of 5 dedicated people with different talents and
backgrounds. We work together cohesively and do as much as we can
with what we have available to do it with on the Pier. Note: in one
year, we have added Bathrooms, and a Pavillion at NO cost to the
taxpayers! By adding these amenities, we have summarily increased the
overall value of the asset which is our Pier!

Thank you for the opportunity to offer my perspective on this and
please understand that the views and opinions expressed here are mine
only and not necessarily those of the other memebers of the PPPC.

Kerry L. Adams
3:55 pm est 

On Deck of the Titanic

It's a fool who stands aboard the Titanic and hearing
people crying and complaining, says "This does not give me  hope."
    The town is sinking. You are hearing the woes, cries, and
anxieties of those still aboard. They clearly see the omninous
iceberg ahead and poignantly grasp the consequence.
     On Deck of the Titanic
12:14 pm est 

A Board of Just Five People Decided On the Harbormasters Salary !

In 2005, the harbormasters salary was $45,132.10. In the
Pier Corp.s budget overview July 2007-July 2008; the harbormasters
salary is $58,000. That is a $12,877 or 28% jump in just two years.

A board of just five people decided on the harbormasters salary
increases let alone approving the staffing increases. It did not go
through the checks and balances that town government has in place as
we just saw by the recent vote at the polls.

I would like to hear why we should not have a system of checks and
balances on the pier?

11:25 am est 

This Website Does Not Fill Me With Hope!

Vultures waiting to attack......
Wow, a bunch of angry vultures sitting up late at night just waiting
to attack. Throwing potshots. This website does not fill me with
hope, more like disgust!

10:50 am est 

We Continue to Operate the Town and the Pier, as if Summer is Forever

Couldn't some of the exorbitant costs of the pier be
related to a lack of dual thinking? Here's what I mean. It's as if we
have two distinct towns in one. We have the summer "madness" with the
great influx of tourists and second home owners. Then we have the
winter "silence" and emptiness. Yet we continue to operate the town,
and the pier, as if summer is forever. But it isn't and we need so
few people to be doing the work. Because there is so little work to
do in the winter quietness.
     Why don't we operate the town, including the pier, with few
full-time workers: efficient, multi-taskers. Then, in the summer, add
part-time workers to carry out the additional work demands.
      We need to realistically assess how many employees we need
full-time. It seems we hire and operate the town as if summer is
perpetual and we have 35,000 people here. But look around, who'se
really walking the streets? Who's really entering the few open
stores? For the 800 to 1,200 people who actually are living here in
the winter, why do we need a full-staffed crew?
     Dual thinking could provide a new way to manage Provincetown.
And we do know we need a new way to operate this town since the old
way is just not the answer anymore.
10:46 am est 

Please Respond to My Research

Dear Mr. McKinsey,

If you can keep your panties in a wad, please respond to my research
on the spike in the harbormasters staffing costs on your watch. Are
the references I used correct?


Candace Nagle
9:34 am est 

At Least, Nagle Gave Us Numbers!

To Rex...

First, do you have any facts to back up what you say?  "Im told..."
and "If true..." do not begin factual statements.

Secondly,  can you explain what you mean by "...yes, we do know how
much, how long based ice on market-those numbers were part of a
negotation.,"when speaking about the $110,000 ice machine? At least,
Nagle gave us numbers.

Also, if Nagle's "tactics" are to overwhelm as you describe, again
she has done a great job as your input as shown.

Finally as an aside...  thank you for using spell check... Now work
on your punctuation.

Slippery fish
9:28 am est 

Maybe He is Not the Right Person?

If the harbormaster needs such a big staff, maybe he is not
the right person. I remember when it was just a couple of people
working down there. I would like to see that money go toward the
things that were voted down like the increase in police salaries, the
town manager's and our fixing the school steps for our children.


9:10 am est 

The Shadow Knows!

     Seems like the shadow has understanding of a wide range of
topics integral to the town. Thanks for your insight and
understanding and for posting what you know.
    Obviously, The Shadow knows!
11:40 pm est 

It Was a Bad Deal For Taxpayers and It Still Is!

If the pier corp. is so great, why did two current selectmen, Chair
Avellar and Selectmen Couture vote against it? They knew it was a bad
deal for taxpayers!
And it still is!
11:21 pm est 

Hey Rex, Are You Trying to Dazzle Me With Illiteracy ??

Well a fine job , indeed then.

Please rewrite your diatribe and try to keep all your thoughts on the
same subject together.  It was very difficult to tease out many of
your points because of a lack of cogency.

All of your courtesy float piles popped out, is this not a fact? 

Please do not drive any more , please no matter how tempting.
Do you have a degree in Marine Science? Was that part of your
training at Flyers.

Is Ms Nagle the only float owner at the Pier because my impression
was that there are  10 float owners who all signed a petition
recently because they ALL have a problem with your policies.

As fisherman Alex Brown stated at last weeks BOS meeting,"just
because you can swing a hammer ,doesn't mean you can build a house,"
or apparently run a pier.

Run Forrest run.

11:13 pm est 

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mckinsey Has NO Experience !

Maintenace Barge

Just read last week's Banner. Nagle is not the only one who thinks
mckinsey is not qualified to operate a barge.
Aex Brown: 'no one down there is qualified to operate a barge.' 'Just
because you can swing a hammer, doesn't mean you can build a house.'
flyers does not have a pile driving barge. so, Mckinsey has NO
experience which will be a liability for the town if done improperly.
6:15 pm est 

Rex McKinsey's Fiefdom On the Pier at Taxpayers' Expense

In 2004 (Harbormaster Department) there was just a marine
superintendent and one assistant full time harbormaster and eight
seasonal assistant harbormasters ( cost: $86,614) Source: 2004  Town
Annual Report


In 2006, (Pier Corporation/Harbormaster) with Rex McKinsey as
harbormaster, the staff ballooned to
one administrative assistant ($30,980), three FULL TIME assistant
harbormasters and seven seasonal assistant harbormasters (
$202,933.59) Source: PPPC Aug 29, 2006 to BOS/Town Manager.

Budget July 2007-July 2008:
5550: Management Salary: $58,000
5560:Payroll Expenses Staff: $120,981.92
5561: Contract Employees: $38,923.56
5575:  Health Insurance: $31,800.00

stop waisting taxpayers' money!

Candace Nagle

6:11 pm est 

Hey Rex... !

You definitely need to spend 12 weeks in a
writing course if you want people to understand what you are writing
about.  If you think those incoherent passages that you are trying to
set forth as paragraphs, clearly represent a point of view, guess
6:06 pm est 

Provincetown Harbormaster Speaks Out!

From Under the Bus.

Well, I don't think I have ever been called a carpetbagger, even at
the playground.  If you are not sure the shoe fits, google it. Many
bloggers on this site have or had businesses and/or employees.  I
doubt any of you would allow your staff to be treated as town
employees and volunteers are regularly subjected to.  I am as proud
of my southern heritage as you of yours here and I have spent a fair
amount of time helping to celebrate and promote your history. To be
clear, I do not have any financial interest in the pier or harbor
other than the harbormaster position I currently hold and some days I
wonder if it is worth the personal attacks.  The thoughts below are
mine alone.  Some may share my opinions, but I only represent myself

I became interested in Pier Corp because of the business plan I read
while serving as a volunteer board member.  That plan concluded
things could be done better on the pier.  Indeed, rates had not
changed since 1987.  The pier was not treated as an economic engine
by or for the Town.   Its been a long road and I feel we have made
progress with the pier in spite of attacks from every quarter.  The
Town Meeting vote April 7, 2004 was just such an attack.  Aggrieved
tenants were not getting everything they demanded.  The result was a
non-binding resolution article at the end of the warrant and a
stacked room.  Surprise- this round is no different.  Pier Corp is a
regulatory board.  Popularity is not required.

Town Meeting voted to create Pier Corp in 1999.  That article was at
the front of the warrant and I doubt anyone will accuse Pier Corp of
being able to stack a room- even here.  It passed, as did an article
to finance the project over 40 years.  In spite of the name Pier
Corporation, the Town created it, owns it, appoints it and can
dismantle it.  Before you get all excited about that, consider some
details that have either been glossed over or misrepresented here and
at other venues these past months.

The majority of the information presented on this blog site regarding
the pier comes from one source- an aggrieved tenant.  You will not
hear much about the original complaint- that of recreational boats as
sub-tenants because that will not incite you.  But $600K, now that is
news.  You are asked to believe that when the Town ran the pier it
only cost just over $100K and now its $600K, what happened?!

We raised the tenants rates- all of them, something not done for over
15 years.  They fought us, they sued us, and they complained that we
did not represent the taxpayers.  In reality, the towns contribution
through the harbormasters budget still exists at roughly the same
amount including consumer price index (CPI).  We pay all the bills of
the pier with those tenants fees.  Pier Corp doesnt cost the
taxpayers more it costs the tenants more. They are supposed to pay
for the improved pier.  All major revenue and expense components now
include CPI under Pier Corp management.

Its a $600K budget because we track all revenues and expenses coming
though this office.  Most of the effect of those increases either
comes to the Towns coffers directly for rent and mooring fees or as
savings to Town budgets with Pier Corp paying for water, electricity
and the rest of the bills from tenant fees not Town Meeting
appropriations.  Taken together, the money Pier Corp generates for
the Town will pass current debt service and over 40 years will pay
the Town $1.7 million more that the principal and interest payments. 
So when you ask where the money goes- it goes to the town.

Ill get back to more interesting numbers in a moment, but I want to
address Shadows comment that I do not know how to work an e-mail.  On
the contrary, I intended to include that line as a reminder that the
tenant direct her future questions and requests for public
information though the chair or at public meetings.  The chairman of
Pier Corp is my direct supervisor and that requirement was a direct
result of our need to manage these requests with all the other work
to be done in this office.

If you dont believe the detail we have been asked to respond to,
please review Ms. Nagles Dec. 22nd Ice Machine posting along with the
frequency of the others.  (BTW Shadow- yes, we do know how much, how
long and based ice on market- those numbers were part of a
negotiation.  We had no need to inform the party across the table.)
The tactic is to overwhelm.  Overwhelm and deflects from the real
issues.  Ms. Nagle is concerned with having a vacancy on her float. 
From my experience to the Directors intentions and residency to
staffing and the ice machine and trapsheds, Ms. Nagles research and
attacks are to incite your support because her real reason will not -
the following are some examples.

Ms. Nagle asserts that the maintenance barge was ill conceived.  She
wants to present it as the first time the directors have considered a
work barge.  No, we have been looking for solutions to the cost of
maintenance and saving contractor profits all the while.  Without
doing maintenance in-house, it gets deferred like the old pier under
the management of a Marine Superintendent.  (Remember the MPL parking
revenue was supposed to provide for pier maint.)  Chathams politics
just afforded us a chance to fast track that project.

She polls contractors, websites and other officials- not for
research- but on a search for anything that can be made damnable to
use against us.  Ms. Nagle does not mention that she spoke to my
former employer, John Santos, who felt I have enough experience
driving pile in the manner we propose.

No, Ms. Nagle spoke of greenheart wood, impervious to wood boring
toredo worm. No mention of wearing by vessels that will require the
green heart pile to be replaced as well. She spoke of contactors
requirements for his staff.  I guess John (of AGM) didnt tell her he
had offered me a job during construction.  Oh right, because she
didnt tell him what the info was for.  Ms. Nagle asserts, In 2003, I
received a degree in Professional Mariner Training at the Chapman
School of Seamanship as her due diligence.  Google it- Chapmans
offers a 12-week prep course for those interested in passing the
Coast Guard captains license test.  To be sure, it is an onerous
test- I have passed it, but its no degree in marine science.

Ms. Nagle asserts that she has solutions for the pier.  Windmill? 
Been there, got an article about it in the paper- caused firestorm in
public.  She asserts that the trapsheds wont make money.  When she
was playing nice with us, Pier Your Arts was a good idea- her idea. 
But that was to support having a gallery to rent in her ticket booth.
  Our due diligence doesnt move fast enough or make enough for her.

Staffing?  Where are the seven assistants or the principal assistant
I have?  The Cape and Islands Harbormasters website is outdated- that
was the staff load I inherited from the town in 05.  Ms. Nagle
asserted my staffing numbers and other towns from an outdated website
without reasonable due diligence.  Ms. Nagles research report to you,
dear bloggers, was three days before sending an e-mail poll asking
the Harbormasters about their staffs.  I could go on but I promised
you interesting numbers.  They are $17,000, $40,000 and $100,000.

I can only report these numbers based on hearsay as we dont have a
way to confirm private sale of public licenses.  The special
conditions the Town agreed to with the float space license holders
only allowed for blocking a transfer if either party has a felony or
owes back taxes.  Those conditions were supposed to allow a license
to transfer a business though the family or sell a business ensuring
that it continues in Provincetown.  The license holders needed a way
around public bidding rules.

Those interesting numbers are hidden from view, as there is no
requirement to make a private sale public.  So I can only say I have
heard that Peter Pannoni sold float space 8W to Ms. Brooke for
$17,000 in 2002.  Ms. Brooke then reportedly partnered with Ms. Nagle
selling half the license for $40,000.  For whatever reasons the
partnership seemed to deteriorate.  Im told Ms. Nagle bought Ms.
Brooke out for $100,000. If true, plus the cost of the expanded dock
(over $30K) and repairing the expanded dock, it is easy to see why a
vacancy on float 8W would be untenable.  The Town didnt make a dime
on $123,000 profit from the sale of a town issued license.

The partners of 8W made a request to expand their space so they could
have more tenants to offset increased fees.  The Directors agreed and
conditioned that approval on the sub-tenants complying with the
commercial business definition.  That was in 2005 and now only two
years later a request- nay demand- that we allow them to rent
recreational boats.  Why?  Its not really about your money- the towns
money, its about hers.  Pier Corp apparently has to be responsible
for the float space tenants profitability until they can sell their
licenses and they keep the profit.

So bloggers, the corporate greed is not your volunteer Directors or
your Harbormaster.  If anything, we are trying to make sure the town
doesnt get taken for a long ride down a short pier- Again!  Have you
googled carpetbagger yet?

Rex McKinsey
Provincetown Harbormaster
5:08 pm est 


Another Million Dollar Give Away!

Why are we going forward on Shankpainter and rushing to get
proposals for the development of this land? Why not do nothing? Why
hand over one million dollars to a developer? Here we go again. And
the Selectmen couldn't even vote to make certain that the developer
is not the same person who will control the lottery and the
management of this yet-another development.

Even with the housing committees recommending this separation between developer and lottery
controller. How odd to comingle these two roles. No wonder it's friends of friends of the developer who happily are "selected" for the lottery. And if you work for the developer, then you are even
more lucky. Your name is the first selected, as well as your former
partners. How lucky can some people be?

As Barbara Rushmore often has said, "Just say no" I think Nancy
Regan tried saying this as well but that was a different issue. Still
the message should be ours. "Just say no."


2:06 pm est 

Yes, More Discussion on Affordable Housing

   I also would like to see more discussion on how we in town are
handling or mishandling affordable housing. I'm glad The Banner did a
front-page story on 6 Sandy Hill Lane. When the town voted to give
these developers $720,000 of Community Preservation Funds--and with
the interest, it's over a million dollars--you knew something was
just wrong. But why did CPC agree to this questionable, if not almost
laughable actions? And why did the Finance Committee only vote
against it at five o'clcok the night of the town Meeting vote?
    A bit more courage, a bit more analysis, a bit more concern for
the town over developers and the props they hold up: the fronts for
affordable housing --should be the norm. Dig deep CPC, dig deep
Finance Committee, and value the strength of "NO." A few more "No's"
would hold us all in good stead.
     And as to Sandy Hill, what about the "soft cost'? There's over
$250,000 in these so-called "soft cost" and that includes much money
that went to the town's Big Developer! He received advising monies,
he received $48,000 to run the lottery and also other costs. The Big
Developer wrote the grant and collected monies from the CPC under the
cover of the two Baby Developers. Why are we funding so many
developers and putting so many dollars in their pockets--monies
coming from the town coffers?
      There's something radically wrong here. And this problematic
thinking is driving Shankpainter Cumerberland Farm development and
the disaster at Nelson Avenue.
     Town Crier
1:59 pm est 

A Blatant Untruth of Which the Record Needs to be Set Straight!

I read with interest these posted comments yesterday. Below is a
blatant untruth of which the record needs to be set straight:

'MacMillan Pier was designed, built and operated as a Commercial
Pier.  To allow recreational boats...however, by displacing the very
type of business that belongs on the pier, the results will be
disastrous to economic viability of the entire pier and potentially
the town itself.'

  I own an art gallery in town. A passenger on one of those
RECREATIONAL yachts tied to Macmillan Pier came into my gallery this
summer and bought four paintings!

Those boats must have to pay a lot of money to tie up as well. So,
that comment 'disastrous to the economic viability of the entire
pier' seems like nonsense. I don't care who ties up to the pier as
long as they bring their money to Provincetown...and hopefully into
my gallery!

1:51 pm est 

Parking Should Require the Same Fee From All

I agree that parking should require the same fee from all
tax-payers.  Why not require a tax bill and utility bill in addition
to the P-Town parking department placing the sticker on the
registered car of the taxpayer.  There definitely should be equity
here.  Does anyone know why this double standard exists?
11:29 am est 

Don't Throw the Baby Out With the Bath Water!

Tobias may have his short falls, but I will have to say
given what we had going on with Meyer, Tobias looks like a saint. I
don't see the plethera of police misconduct issues that occurred
under Meyer, nor have I been personally harrassed by Tobias, nor has
anyone I know (Quite the opposite of what was going on with Meyer). 
I am sure it was difficult to move from the ranks of a small
department, to the Chief, now the boss.  Perhaps before we throw out
the baby with the bathwater and spend thousands of dollars to locate
another loser, we need to help Tobias take the command and assist him
in being more authoritative and less a good old boy.  I would rather
give the man a chance to be educated into this position, than take a
risk in getting another Meyer.
Another avenue is to fire the officers involved in numerous
substantiated complaints and get a new Police Force that can function
in this complex town.
11:24 am est 

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Town Manager & BOS Need to Fast Track Hiring of New Police Chief

The Town Manager and BOS need to fast track the hiring
of a new police chief.  The acting police chief needs to accept
the fact that the job isn't his.  He is part of the problem for low
morale, by not putting a stop to the improper conduct of some
officers under his command.
9:58 pm est 

How Many Harbormasters Do We Need to Watch Boats Sink?

How many harbormasters do we need to watch boats sink like
the Chico Jess?

what exactly do all these harbormasters do? Watch boats like the
Chico Jess sink which is now leaning against our
pier? David Dutra brought his concerns about the Chico Jess to the
Pier Corp. and harbormaster before it sank.
It is in their minutes. Unlike the existing harbormaster, Dutra knows
what is going on with the boats down there.
Why don't our harbormaster and that Pier Corp?
9:55 pm est 

What About Parking Permits?

Why do provincetown taxpayers
have to pay more for parking permits if their cars are not registered
here and addresses on their licenses are not here?

My primary residence is here and my two cars are registered in
Provincetown. But, I believe the two-tiered payment system is unfair.
We already learned that with the mooring fee two-tiered payment

I would like to hear from the BOS their thoughts about the existing policy.

9:47 pm est 

I Would Like to See Some Input On Affordable Housing

So far this forum has made it very clear that problems
exist with the pier corp and those problems seriously effect
taxpayers of P-Town... What is the next step to get these resolved by
dissolving the corp and placing matters where they are visable in
town hall

I would like to see some input on affordable housing also.  Seems we
have unsold units and are going to build more by Cumberland Farm...
Also, how many people have looked at that site...What a mess. Seems
that no developer tried to buy it for years.. It is a hole... and it
cost 1,000,000, thanks to Bergman... Maybe we should as a town, cut
our losses instead of spewing more tax dollars into this folly.

What about the trash pick up in town... Why do some residents get it
and others don't... Why should we be extending services to condo
owners who are either landlords ar temporary visitors while other
citizens have to pay for private services or lug their trash to the
10:08 am est 

Ideas Do Not Stop

   Even as Santa is off delivering goodies to all good boys and
girls, the town people keep on speaking out. You are all so
impressive. There's much hope here with all of you. Engaged and
speaking out, this town will, in time, thrive.
  Just Me
12:15 am est 

We are Taking Back Our Pier and Whats on it Too!

The Town did not purchase the Ice Machine with "Tax-Payer"

So, what does that mean? The Pier Corp. takes the ice machine with
them when taxpayers dissolve them? What else are they going to take
with them? The barge? The trap sheds? the pavillon? Are we going to
see them for sale on eBay and hear Chair Mongoose laughing all the
way to the bank?

Taxpayers own the pier. It is a town resource. Not mongoose's
fiefdom, not the Pier Corp's fiefdom and not the harbormaster's
fiefdom! Stop wasting our money, now!

We are taking back our pier and whats on it too!
12:12 am est 

Both the Harbormaster's Office and the Pier Corp. Need to be Restructured

Reckless staffing by Harbormaster and Pier Corp at
taxpayers' expense!

2005 $90,611  (Town Report 2006 pg. 21 # 295)
2006 $186,008 (Pier Corp. P & L vs. Actual July 2005-                 
June 2006 line item 5550,5560,5561)
2007 $217,905 (Pier Corp. P & L Budget July 2007-July
2008 line item 550,5560,5561)

***health insurance line item costs have almost tripled during this
short time with increased staffing

  Part of the problem is our harbormaster/pier manager does not have
the maintenance skills to be harbormaster. So, he keeps hiring and
hiring people to do the things he should know how to do down there.

The town manager and BOS should consider someone like Luis
Ribas, assistant harbormaster who is the most qualified one down on
the pier to be a marine superintendent. John Davidson is extremely
competent, as office manager and should be considered as office
manager/pier manager.
Phil Tarvis gets my vote to stay on a restructured board. All one has
to do is read the minutes to draw the same conclusion! But,
unfortunately he lives in Truro.

As one of our senior citizens told the BOS at the forum, she
remembered when the pier just had a couple of people down there as
harbor staff employees. The footprint of MacMillan Pier is the same
since it was rebuilt and does not warrant over $200,000 in staffing!

Both the harbormaster's office and the Pier Corp. need to be
restructured which will benefit taxpayers.
11:43 pm est 

Monday, December 24, 2007

Shout Out! Does Not Censor Commentary

We have never censored any message on this Blog. It is our policy to publish all material that is presented within the guide lines of our policy of polite conversation (no profanity or unsubstantiated derogatory comment).

To-date we have only struck one profane word (shit) from a comment. We suggest that you send your comments again.

Thank you for the inquiry.

Web Master
5:12 pm est 

Are We Being Censored on This Board?

Are we being censored on this board? I believe I made an
earlier post which I have not seen yet.
5:06 pm est 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays To All!

    To all blog writers and readers, I'm sending my best wishes. This
is a wonderful season and may it be filled with joy, peace and
enthusiasm. May we find that Provincetown finds its heart and its
financial balance during this season.
    May the food be delightful, family loving, and friends
encouraging and warm.

    All my best,

5:03 pm est 

So, Who is Your Santa?

Rudi--no, not Guiliani--with the Red Nose
So, who is your Santa? Who's wearing the big, fat red suit that 
you imply shouldn't be? Any hints, Rudolph? It is the season, so
should we be careful of our local Santas? Rudolph, you did seem to
imply that even with our Santas, something's wrong.
Isn't anything sacred anymore?
Christmas Carol
4:59 pm est 

Zoning Enforcment Officer?

Should we have hired as Zoning Enforcment Officer (Building
Commissioner) a man who, for his own personal profit, knowingly and
blatently manipulated Zoning Laws in Truro? Should not someone hired
to this position be held to a higher standard? This man preches the
law, yet for his own profit he destroys the spirit of the law. Can we
stop a bad hire before it does damage to the Town?
4:55 pm est 

Thanks to Town Crier!

Dear Town Crier:

Thanks for the heads-up. We have taken your advice regarding accessing archived comments  to heart, and have included instructions as to how to access earlier blogs on the Shout Out! page.

Thank you for your sincere interest.

Happy holiday,

My PACC Web Master
10:22 am est 

Respect Taxpayers' Money On the Pier!

Not only have three boats sank on the habormaster's watch why don't
provincetown taxpayers go down to the pier and look at the hull of
'Marine One' our harbormaster's boat which is only a few years old.
it is upsetting to how our money is being treated down there on the
pier! respect taxpayers' money starting with Marine One!
10:01 am est 

Let's Find Someone Competent to Run the Pier!

How many more boats are going to sink including the
harbormaster's boat on this harbormaster's watch? what is it up to
three now?

Why doesn't he go back to selling carnival beads in new
orleans where he came from once and for all and let's find someone
competent to run the pier and harbor! stop the incompetence now!

11:09 pm est 



Town Meeting date: April 7,2004
Article: ATM 28 Title:non-binding referendum to dissolve Provincetown
Public Pier Association

Motion passed. For 61 Against 51
11:04 pm est 

Point of Information

    If anyone wants to read the rest of Shout Out, just hit the 12/01
tab at the end of the page. It's to the far left. Then you'll get all
the many-- and I do mean many--other responses from town people. It
took me awhile to realize that I could still get to read the many
other past responses that go beyond the first blog page. It's well
worth reading these other comments. Well worth a consultant's grant!
Town Crier

11:00 pm est 

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Nameless, Faceless But Not Mindless!

This is the World of the Internet--Anonymity Reigns
    Signing is not the test of one's position or of one's integrity.
Welcome to the world of the internet. Anonymity reigns and opinions
count. We may not all agree--and that is obvious--but we all have the
right to state how we feel, present the problems in town that bother
us the most and clearly state the core of the difficulties we face.
     Asking for people to "Sign in Please" so we can know you is as
old as the black and white tv program "What's My Line" where the
candidates had to guess what the guest did.
     It's a new era. Nameless, faceless but not mindless. WE're not
asking for people to send in their pictures and describe how they
look. Neither are we asking them to have to give their name, address
and other coordinates. It is the 21st century, n'est ce pas!

10:57 pm est 

Taxpayers Want Answers

Annual Expenses when MacMillan Pier was being run by the
Marine Department (a town department):

2001:  $132,812.00
2002:  $120,331.00
2003: 105, 621.00
2004: $130,210.00
2005: $108,609.00

Provincetown Public Pier Corporation running the pier:

July 2005-June 2006:  $627,903.82
July 2006-June 2007:  (Pier Corp. refuses to release)
July 2007-2008 $564,793 (budget)

Taxpayers want answers. why is it costing the Pier Corp. 600% more to
run the pier?
10:51 pm est 

I Like Your Style!

Hey Mongoose, I like your style! Sign your name so we that
agree and support you can know who you are!!!!!

9:35 pm est 

I Await the Truth!

This is truly an interesting blog. Although I must say it
sounds (after reading) like the Candace Nagle soapbox. I love the
"panties in bunch" line!! What is Ms. Nagles problem with Pier Corp?
If she is a tenant on that Pier, shouldn't she be trying to work out
whatever her issues are with the people that run it? I've met
Harbormaster McKinsey and quite frankly find him to be articulate and
very intelligent! He seems to be a "straight-shooter". I know a
couple of the board members of Pier Corp. and don't see that they
have any financial interest for themselves. They are dedicated
volunteers doing a tremendously difficult and dare I say THANKLESS
job. From everything I have read and heard, the reason for the Pier
Corp. was to run the pier as a business and to have everything go
through that body so that the town will have an accurate accounting.
Didn't their Treasurer say at their meeting with the Selectmen that
they had a $35,000 profit this year? I find Ms. Nagle'!
  s attitude toward this board very unfair. There must be more to
this story than meets the eye... I await the truth!

A. Johnson
9:31 pm est 

Hey Mongoose - You are Awesome!!!

 It's time someone told C.
Nagle to back down. She owns a float space on the Pier? Sounds like
spilled milk to me...

Wondering aloud

9:25 pm est 

I Look Forward to the Future Ratings of This Town's Selectmen

Dear Pacc,
    I must say, and I am saying it, that I look forward to the future
ratings of this town's selectmen. Let's see upfront what people
actually feel about each select person. Some have been hiding for too
long behind special interests issues. Some have been the front for
developers. Just listen to their arguments on the Cummerland Project.
You'd think that more than one of them worked for this town's
biggest, and I must add, problematic developer.
    Let's shake out the cobwebs. Let the real black widow spiders
appear on our mirrors.
     Sorry, little Baby Rattler, but there are other scarier cretures
climbing along our walls.
8:12 pm est 

And a Very Merry X-mas to Both Your Faces

Hey Mongie,

Re helping the Pier Corp...I am referencing your e-mail re the fact
that Ms Nagle was NOT allowed to join the you want
her help....well which is it fly boy??????

It appears you can't get this simple fact correct either ...there are
great meds on the market to help with such determined ambivalence.

And a Very Merry x-mas to both your faces

6:59 pm est 

Provincetown Can no Longer Afford This Trial and Error Approach

dear mudhead,

good point. that is part of the problem on the pier: financial smoke
and mirrors. All income from the pier and harbor should go back to
the town coffers. The pier and harbor are both town resources and
taxpayers should have financial information available and a vote on
large capital expeditures.

Taxpayers pay much more than the $45,000 differential between the
mooring fees of $92,000 and the $137,000 in contract fees as has been
suggested. For instance, taxpayers are paying for the water on the
pier for the commercial ice and water usuage at the harbormater's
office/restrooms. I submitted to this blog information of how much
taxpayers pay in town resources to the pier corp., ($29,000+), which
was provided by Alix Heila. Does the Pier Corp. pay for snowplowing?
So, whoever is telling readers that taxpayers are only paying $45,000
is not being truthful let alone paying us with money from taxpayer
Provincetown can no longer afford this trial and error approach to
economic development on the pier as we are in financial trouble. Nor
can it afford the poorly thought out purchases like the barge that
will become a liability issue for the town.

Why doesn't the Pier Corp. or Pier Manager come forward with
responses to some of the issues I and others have brought up here and
stop hiding behind unsigned and erroneous information?

candace nagle
6:23 pm est 


Dear Ms. Nagle;

Since you seem to have all the answers for the proper management of
the pier, perhaps you should fill your float space with an ice
machine and put the Pier Corp. out of business! Your vitriolic
attacks serve no useful purpose, perhaps you could offer to assist
the people that run the pier instead of butting heads with them!
There are never easy answers for all of our economic woes, but
venomous attacks against volunteer board members who love and serve
this town should not be the means to your end! It serves no one!
Relax and let these people do their jobs, go to their meetings and
help them since you seem to have all the answers!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

The Mongoose
6:17 pm est 

Some of My Ideas For Solutions On the Pier

I would like to see all the income from the pier go back into town
coffers. It would allow for a system of checks and balances which
does not exist presently. Taxpayers would be able to vote on capital
expenditures on the pier.
I would like all financial information on the Pier to be published as
it used to be before the Pier Corp. took over in the annual Town
Report each year which provided fiscal transparency.

I would like to see a harbor master and marine superintendent report
directly to the town manager as do other department heads.

I would like to have an appointed board of only Provincetown
residents oversee the economic development of the pier but not have
discretionary income. With throughly researched ideas, go before the
BOS or have an article on the town warrant and let voters decide. As
an example, research offsetting the the pier's $50,000 in annual
electric bills by having a windmill at the end of the pier.

Since 2003, I have witnessed tremendous mismanagement of the pier as
a float owner but remained silent. Being on the Pier Corp. board is
not an option as I am a float owner. But I am also a Provincetown
taxpayer. When prop 2.5 failed, and Provincetown is now faced with a
fiscal crisis, I decided to come forward and make public my concerns
about the pier's management.

I have in concert with my concerns brought to the attention of our
Town manager and BOS some of my ideas that I believe will benefit the
pier and taxpayers.

Thank you for asking what I think some of the solutions are for the
pier. In hindsight, I should have balanced my concerns with what I
think are solutions.

Candace Nagle
6:14 pm est 

OBVIOUSLY Ms Nagle Should Have Been On The Pier Corp


Thank you for bringing up that Ms Nagle was not selected to be on the
Pier Corp... I have just finished watching BOS meeting on TV and saw
and heard Ms Nagle logically put forth issues about the Pier Corp and
the mismanagement of funds.  A barge that no one is really certified
to use? A Harbormaster whose experience is Flyers? Pier shacks that
do not produce revenue? She has also pointed out that the pier Corp
can't make money selling ice in the summertime.

OBVIOUSLY Ms Nagle should have been on the Pier Corp. vested interest
or not.  She talks clearly and honestly and is well informed in this
arena.  Too bad she is not on the Pier Corp so she could watch her
money, my money, and every other taxpayer in town's money. Seems we
all have a vested interest in the pier...taxpayers' money. Call me a
self-serving hypocrite too.
6:07 pm est 

Thou Protest Too Much, Len Clingham!

Mongoose is Len Clingham, pier corp Chair, who is trying to conceal
his incompetence as chair on the Pier Corp.

Len Clingham gives new meaning to the word 'hypocrite.'

so, is Nagle right about the ice?
6:02 pm est 

Loosey Goosey Leaves Poop in His?Her? Wake

Loosey Goosey leaves poop in His?Her? Wake

Who in this life is without personnal interst in operations in Provincetown.
Who is the genius or geniuses that didnt let a fine mind who is
willing to sort out fact from unadulterated FICTION on the Pier Corp
Does the Mongoose NOT have a vested interest?????
Hypocracy at its finest win Mongoose
5:55 pm est 

Just A Question

     The $92,000 that is returned to the town in moorings
fees--shouldn't that be the town's monies to begin with? The moorings
fields belong to the town, so it seems that these monies should be
paid directly to the town. It isn't actually income that the Pier
Corp has earned and can be used to "cover costs." It is in actuality
town resource that the town perhaps should never have let any other
group take over.
     It seems that the monies from the moorings should be going
directly to the town coffers just as the excise taxes on boats and
trailers does. This seems logical, isn't it?
12:52 pm est 


By signing a petition, all the float owners proposed was to be able
to rent to recreational boaters in the event they could not find
commerical subtenants.

Recreational boaters bring money to town--they go out to eat, they go
to the bars, they shop for food...
12:47 pm est 

I Have the Backbone !

Dear Mongoose,

At least i have the backbone to attach my name to that which i
believe unlike you.

12:43 pm est 

My Question is What do You Think is The Solution?

Ms. Nagle,

I have read with interest your many comments on the Pier Corp., how
it's run and the mistakes that have been made.  I have to admit that
I have sometimes wondered what your agenda is because you seem so
entirely focused on this one issue.  But, I do appreciate your
passion for Ptown and the the time and effort you have put into the

My question is what do you think is the solution?
If the Pier Corp. is eliminated what takes its place?  Or are you
just looking for a better run Pier Corp., the replacement of members
of the Pier Corp, or the replacement or position elimination of
members of the staff on the Pier?

I'd just like to hear your ideas on solutions.

Thanks in advance.

12:10 pm est 

What Ms. Nagle Fails to Mention

What Ms. Nagle fails to mention in her MANY lengthy
diatribes is the fact that no matter how much venom she spews at the
Pier Corp. (a VOLUNTEER Board) she has MANY of her (FACTS?) wrong.
The Town did not purchase the Ice Machine with "Tax-Payer" money. The
Ice Machine was purchased with monies paid by pier tenants that
include the commercial dragger fleet, lobstermen, transient yachts,
and Ms. Nagle, a Float Space owner! The only monies the town
taxpayers contribute to the Pier Corp. are for the management
contract of $137,000. Of which $92,000 is returned to the town in
mooring fees! The remainder of the $137,000 is used for such things
as vessel upkeep, harbor regulation enforcement and clerical expenses
associated with the paperwork and upkeep of the mooring field.

Ms. Nagle was not interested in saving money for the taxpayers of
Provincetown until her personal finances were involved as a MacMillan
Pier float owner. She now seeks to change the rules that regulate the
west side float owners to allow recreational vessels to berth on
her/their float spaces! This is a slippery slope that will change the
entire dynamic of the pier for the worse! MacMillan Pier was
designed, built and operated as a Commercial Pier.  To allow
recreational boats on the west side could ultimately cause a shift
that will result in a loss of business for the town as whole. It is
certainly easier for a float space owner to rent to a recreational
tenant than a commercial one, however, by displacing the very type of
business that belongs on the pier, the results will be disastrous to
economic viability of the entire pier and potentially the town itself.

  Recently, Ms. Nagle sought appointment for a seat on the Pier Corp.
Board of Directors. BOS did not appoint her due to her conflict of
interest (she owns a float space on the very pier she sought to
govern). Now she attacks them?!

What a self-serving hypocrite!

The Mongoose
12:06 pm est 

Ice is Nice, But!

Ice is nice, but at a price tag of $110,000
Big Bertha should be pumping out diamonds.
pear shapes, emerald or tiffany cuts are most

I too, would like to know the make, model &
the daily production capacity.

11:58 am est 

Thanks Mary Pop"kins"

You are a delight. What a sweet holiday card you have sent. How
appreciative you are. Many thanks. It's nice to be read and
12:42 am est 

The Spirit of Christmas Past

It seems Scrooge may have a chance of redemption, may have a
chance to turn his life and his town around. Maybe, just maybe, he
can see what was, what is and what can be. And maybe, just maybe, he
can redeem himself and his town. A look into the future may save not
only Scrooge but all of us in this our town.
You imply this, don't you, Spirit?
12:37 am est 

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's a Slippery Slope Indeed When We Practice to Decieve

Pier manager and Pier Corp should be put on Ice!!

Gosh and golly i'm just afraid to pick up a rock(or ice ) for fear of
what crawls out(no offense rattlesnake /not you at all).

What kind of business do you know that invests $110,000 of capital
without knowing what their rate of return is going to be on their
investment.  Unless of course, the money isn't theirs and in this
case it was the taxpayers of Provincetowns money.

It looks like Ms Nagle has a better handle on the Pier Corp spending
than the town who is funding it.

6:49 pm est 

A Look at Things to Come: Eyes on the World

I recommend that everyone take a look at the Eyes on the World page. This fellow Peter Farncese is great! He hits the nail right on the head. It's as though he, like a spectre, had attended our BOS meetings and heard all of the Selectmen arguments for spending and raising taxes. He must have been in the back of the room shaking his head in utter disbelief!

He explains through the use of demographics how the BOS reasoning is based on a well proven failed policy, which will doom our economy by: driving down real-estate values through excessive taxation and over-production of housing units which do not meet our needs; compelling second home owners to protect their investment by selling-off their property which will affectively drive down property value and reduce our commercial attractiveness; reduce our retail business; pushing out our youth and elderly; further exacerbating Provincetown's downward spiral to the point where we are no longer a tourist attraction. The center cannot hold! It is unsustainable!

Tell me spirit are these the thing that are to come or are they only the image of things that might come? Is there no possibility to alter the outcome? Am I doomed? I'm not the town I was! I'm not the town I was...............!

6:27 pm est 

MacMillan Pier Ice Machine: We Were Operating on Assumptions Made From Someone Elses Business Plan

In the Provincetown Banner, Pier Manager McKinsey states the ice
sales 'were just under $16,000, which were significantly below
assumptions (made) from someone elses business plan which had been
hoping for $43,775. Mr. McKinsey further states 'we'll expect a
return of $20,000-$25,000 on an $110,000 investment.

1. The $110,000 that Provincetown taxpayers paid for the ice machine
was based on assumptions from someone elses business plan of $43,775
in sales! What due diligence did the Pier Corp. and Pier Manager do
before deciding to spend $110,000 of our money for the ice machine of
whose commercial ice sales came in significantly below expectations? 
Is there any available information for the public to see?

2. Was the $16,000 stated in ice sales net? Or gross?

3. If the $16,000 was gross, what was the net return on the ice
machine in 2006?

4. Was both electricity and water taken into account?

5. Is the Pier Corp. paying for water or is the Town?

6. What was the total water consumption of the ice machine for FY 2006?

7. What was the total cost of electricity for the ice machine for FY 2006?

8. Was the make and model of the ice machine, which will further help
my research?

9. How many units of ice were sold to generate $16,000 in (gross?) sales?

10. What research did Mr. McKinsey do to justify his position that
ice sales will be $20,000-$25,000 in the future which is a 20%-36%
jump in ice sales from 2006?

11. How is the cost of a unit/tub of ice determined? Is it market based?

12. What information related to the purchase/renovation and operating
costs of the ice machine is available for the public to see?

Commercial fisherman need and should have an ice machine on the Pier.
But the cost of this ice machine like the barge, was not well
thought out by the Pier Corp and Pier Manager at the expense of
taxpayers!  I also believe the BOS, Town Manager and taxpayers are
being hoodwinked by the Pier Manager and Pier Corp. as the $16,000 in
sales does not take into account the operating costs. At the recent
joint meeting between the Pier Corp. and BOS, the Pier Corp.
misrepresented the economic benefits of the ice machine.

Once again, I respectfully request the BOS and Town Manager to look
at MacMillan Piers budget that has increased 600% in just a couple of
years from overstaffing and imprudent capital expenditures such as
the barge and ice machine on the watch of the Pier Corp. and Pier
Manager. I would be happy to research anything that would help the
BOS and Town Manager evaluate the management of MacMillan Pier.

Candace Nagle
5:01 pm est 

"Whos's Your Santa?"

I brought my child to a PTA Christmas party. Many of us kept
asking: "Who's Santa?" The organizers giggled but refused to say.
Then I brought my child up to Santa and I realized who he was! 
Should our children be sitting in this Santa's lap?
1:47 pm est 


Happy holidays to all who have
contriibuted to shout out!

Special greetings to:
  serching for ans
  mud head
  c & m snow
  take action
  rattlesnake & baby rattle
  myths & facts

Mary popkins

10:33 am est 

Thank Keith Bergman for the Pier Corp

  Let us not forget
that it was Keith Bergman, who pushed so hard for turning over the
running of the pier to a Pier Corp.  Bergman led many to believe that
the town wouldn't get the funds needed to rebuild the pier without
turning the operation of the pier over to a Pier Corp.

Once again, Bergman's lies have come back to bite the town in the ass. It's time
for the town to disolve the Pier Corp., and clean house by getting
rid of all the carpet baggers starting with the Harbormaster/Pier
Manager, and the Pier Corp. that put him incharge. When you drive
down the pier, that rotten smell isn't from the fish. That smell is
coming from the Harbormaster's office.

Take action now.
8:56 am est 

A Great Primer, A Great Help!

   Thanks BaBy Rattle for your primer. I find it helpful for
understanding the world we walk in. If you're going into the jungle,
it's good to know what you may find underfoot or what you might find
when you turn over stones.
   As for Joyful Heart, Polyanna's are not helpful at all when the
territory becomes difficult, challenging, and trying. Smiling faces
and talk of cliches and slogans dooms any serious search for
solutions to the dangers we face and the problems that threaten our
fiscal stability. Unfounded optimism perpetuates its own downfall.
8:52 am est 

Friday, December 21, 2007

Guide Book #2: Snakes- A Primer On the Various Members of the Spiecies

1. Garderner snake- Slug like, they just hang around and bother
no one.

2. Vipers & Cobras- They are charming and can
be charmed after some work, but keep
attention at all times. Don't turn your back for
they will attack and not even know why.

3.Boas & Pythons- They will squeeze the
living life out of you and enjoy watching you
take your last breath.

4. Rattlesnakes- They will give you a warning
with their shake-shake-shake. They
will not normally attack unless provoked.

Yes, they have venom, but very rarely
use it, unless needed.

Therefore, to dear Joyfull Heart, thank you for the
compliment. If I'm going to be a snake, I'm proud to be a Rattler.  

Signed, Baby Rattle
5:09 pm est 

The BOS Needs to Create an Avenue to Find People in Town

Dear Annie,

The Town Manager to inherits all the problems, including finding a
suitable  chief of police. Her expertise could be used on a board.

I concur with rattlesnake who seems to share the view I have. This
town needs to save money by using what we have here and now and not
spending unnecessarily. The BOS needs to create an avenue to find
people in town. If that means using the Town Manager, then that is a
possible direction to consider.
4:54 pm est 

Executive Searches are Standard in Both the Private and Public Sector

Dear Rattlesnake,

Our new town manager will be a tremendous asset evaluating
the police chief candidates having been a chief of police. She is
working 24/7 to both run the town and tackle many of the problems she

Executive searches are standard in both the private and
public sector. To expect her to conduct a search on top of all her
other responsibilities is not realistic.


3:20 pm est 

What Voters Want

First :re the e-mail attachment sent to Mr Clingman from Rex M
referenced in Ms Nagles letter is obvious that it was meant
for their eyes only.  So ,if you can't send a proper e-mail then what
are our hopes for competency in driving piles???  What the voters
want is to not be treated like mushrooms..kept in the dark and feed

Second: re the post by c.Snow ,my point exactly

Third: re the rattlesnake on town talent...there is also a women who
is a resident in P-town who is a retired NYC police Capt who i'm sure
would be an excellent candidate to sit on a hiring committee; for
free albeit a donut and a cup of joe.

10:52 am est 

Guide Book #1: Where's the Chief?

The BOS(s) has found a solution to our Police Chief search.
In lieu of the $26,000.00 consultant fee originally approved by
the BOS(s) in oct. 07, BOS(s) has found a way to save us money by
spending $9,000 to $10,650 dollars.

Why the reduction in consultant fees? Perhaps BOS(s) does not need to
ask mother for her blessings. BOS(s) can spend their allowance without
mom's permission [no approval required].

If I may make a suggestion, I know how we can really save their allowance.
There is a woman in town who is a former police chief and a former applicant
for the same position. She could head the search with a commitee comprised of a cross-section of citizens. What a way to use her talents and involve the community and save dollars.

With so many options in this world, isn't it amazing that all you
have to do is look in your own back yard.

That's why I love Provincetown, we may not be so bright
but we are abundant with hidden talents, let's use them.

The rattlesnake
9:52 am est 

Something is Wrong With This Picture

Kudos to Shadow for saying what many of us are thinking...

It may be time to let go of the small town government that has served
P-Town for so long where anyone could just throw the hat in the ring
and be elected and do a good job. 

Today requires the ability to deal with multimillions of dollars, complex
technological and environmental isues, social issues and walking a fine line
between preservation of history and necessary changes in a more complex arena.

For example, the BOS seems to need the magic consultant to fill the
gap.  Provincetown cannot even hire their own Chief of Police.  First
the BOS had a $26,000 fee allocated to do this but now has shaved it
down to under $10,000 dollars.  The last time a Chief of Police was
hired the BOS didn't need a consultant to fire him, just hire him.
Something is wrong with this picture.  Perhaps having selectmen that
had the abilities to do their own DD [due diligence], could save the town money and
get the special person that this town needs.

Keep talking Shadow... Love your incite.

c. snow
9:00 am est 

What's Going On?

We bring in a housing expert and he sets forth a study that sets
forth a housing "vision" that the town bases its housing policies on
and now we find that this study is outdated. But the John Ryan study
was done in August 2006. Outdated? Or are we now saying that is was
wrong, misguided, and incorrect? Was the study not so much a study
but the presentation of certain data to reinforce a position or
belief some in town wanted emphasized? Was it more a position paper
with facts--untested and unchecked--interspersed throughout more
pages of opinion? And now what about the rest of our policies still
based on the Ryan report? What is going on here?
   Searching for Answers
11:38 pm est 

What are Their Qualifications?

     That's a very good point. What expertise, what training, what
educational background do our selectmen really have? Common sense is
not the basis for solutions. Common sense is not the foundation for
solid analysis. You need strategic skills, sharp analysis and
intelligence. Thanks for your input.
11:35 pm est 

Eyes on the World is Great!

    I wouldn't think that a demographer could be interesting but this
person is. So much information that pertains to the Cape and to
Provincetown. I found that I had to click the video a few times
before it began but it is wonderful. Real numbers, real facts and
intelligent analysis. I'd like to see this person come to
Provincetown. We would get facts over myths as one blogger has begun
to inform us. Too many illusions, too much thinking stuck in the
nineties that drives this town to the brink it is on. This is good.
11:32 pm est 

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Perhaps Our Entire System of Town Government Should be Changed

Without any vitriol and with all due respect, perhaps the town's criteria for positions on the BOS should include more education of a formal nature in fiscal management, legal, business ,
and town government rather than the current system of town's people who in their well intentioned way cannot absorb all of the intricacies required to avoid the current issues facing Provincetown.

We have gone from a quaint little fishing village to a multimillion
dollar resort destination.  If the needs swell to accommodate the
numbers of people, with more adequate utilities ,then it would seem
only logical that with the upgrade of modernization and technology
that the level of advancement would extend to personnel also.

We have some of the finest minds, with educated backgrounds who also
live in this town.  I have noticed that they seem to not be as
welcome as the simple townsfolk who step up and win the popularity
contest we call free elections.

This past election we were in the position of either not voting OR
choosing the best of the lot that we were given, who 'at least knew
something about the town'.

When a person who clearly was the most qualified for a position on
the Board(this past election) did throw their hat in the ring ,they
were bypassed in my humble opinion because of their  personality not
being a glad-handing warm and fuzzy character. 

This in my opinion was very sad.  While we embraced for many years a selectmen who is
sadly in dire straits with John Barleycorn, we remained in denial about the problem .  All knew and no one spoke.

This is not sound government but small town misplaced charity or
complacency. Perhaps the entire system of qualifications for government positions
needs an overhaul.


9:08 am est 

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Asking for Accountability is Far From Being Nasty"

Asking for accountability is far from being  "nasty". 
Problems in P-Town have escalated because there has not been a forum
both to vent frustration and to get the sense that others have mutual
concerns.  Spending in this town has continued without any real
fiscal responsibility and accountibility.  The current board of
selectmen have shown that they are not willing to find places to cut
the current spending but instead are willing to go to such places as
the visitors' board and remove their funding to patch holes, and to
the person who expressed that the visitors' board just spends their
money for tourism, wake up... no P-Town. 

The voters said no... It's only two letters but seems to be the word that
is least understood by town officials.  I am still waiting to see what all the
consultation fees that have been spent in the past by selectmen have
bought other than "embrace the chaos" for 60,000 dollars. 

To all the peace sayers, you have missed the point of the forum.  No one is fighting, just expressing.

m. Snow
9:38 pm est 

I Believe the Town and Taxpayers Can Save Money on MacMillan Pier

At Monday night's forum, I told the BOS how grateful I was
that our town employees not only respond to requests for information
from residents but respond promptly too when they can.
It doesn't get any better: pleasant prompt responses for information
and offers to help when one can by our town employees. So, thank you,
to all of you.

Unfortunately at Monday night's forum, I needed to register a
complaint that the secretive Provincetown Public Pier Corporation
cherry picks what information they will give out to town residents.
For instance,
after repeated written attempts to get complete financial records
from them, I was forced to request them under the Freedom of
Information Act but still they have refused!  The Pier Corp.s secrecy
is an anathema to the participating democracy we have in
Provincetown. When MacMillan Pier was being run by the town marine
department, all financial information was disclosed each year in the
Town Report. That's one of the sources I used to find out that the
budget on MacMillan Pier jumped a whopping 600% in just a couple of
years after the Pier Manager and Pier Corp. took over the income
generated on the pier!

Even requesting information to help the float owners on MacMillan
Pier was demeaning as evident by the email from the Pier Manager, Rex
McKinsey, to the Pier Corp. Chair, Len Clingham, which was still
attached to the Pier Manager's email to me:

Len, FYI- advise your pleasure. Are her requests to still come though
the chair? Rx

I forwarded the entire email exchange between the Pier Manager and
Pier Corp. Chair including my request for information that could help
float owners to both the Town Manager and Selectmen Couture to show
them how I am treated when asking for any information. At Monday
night's meeting after registering my complaint, Selectman Couture
offered to help by speaking to the Pier Corp. Chair of which I was
extremely appreciative. Thank you Selectmen Couture!

I believe that the Town and taxpayers can save money on MacMillan
Pier.  I will continue to do my research no matter how challenging
and continue to share it with the BOS, Town Manager and Provincetown

Candace Nagle
9:31 pm est 

Mary Popins Already Got the Job!

Dear Joyful Heart,

Mary Popins already got the job!  What is your name so i can vote for
you next time we have a chance to elect new town officials?

Signed the Shadow

4:58 pm est 

It Has Very Rapidly Become My Morning Read

I hope that the residents of Provincetown appreciate what
this Website represents.

As a condo owner that resides in California ,I only have a limited
interface with town government and its operations.

Your publication provides a means by which I can get a sense of the
detailed concerns of the year round citizens and the nature of the
town's problems and activities during the off season months.

It allows me the chance to gain insight and to become  an active
participant in the give and take that affects us all.

It has very rapidly become my morning read along with my first cup of coffee.

Thank you and please keep up the good and much needed work.
4:44 pm est 

This is One of the Nastiest Websites I've Ever Seen!

Wow, this is one of the nastiest websites I've ever seen. 
It's clear from the personal attacks of our town leaders and
employees that the originators are not interested in solutions, but
rather to fill the town with negativity and ill will.  Most of it is
an invitation to complain and blame.  Our leadership is just getting
started as a team and have inherited a very difficult job. Bravo to
them for stepping up and trying to make a difference, particularly in
the face of such dark energy being directed to them. I agree that our
selectmen need to be accountable, but I suggest we approach them with
professionalism and constructive ideas so that a spirit of good will
can be created and we can work together to identify solutions.

Satie Culhane
4:29 pm est 

Fabulous Work: Uncovering Myths and Facts!

Fabulous Work: Uncovering Myths and Facts
     You are terrific. Wow. Thanks for so much analysis. Your ideas
should be published on the front page of the Banner. Tell us more.
Please don't stop.
    So Impressed
12:22 am est 

Let's Learn to Work Together in a Positive Way

I must say that I'm am constantly amazed that in such a
beautiful town such as Provincetown that so much dreadful negativity
spews like venom from a rattlesnake.  With luck we don't have to hear
the rattle to know who the snakes are here in town....some of us are
capable of seeing through the false 'concern' these people speak of
when referring to the future of Provincetown.  I am not talking about
the Town Manager, Board of Selectman nor any Provincetown employees. 
I am talking about the individuals who constantly look to create
chaos.... individuals who dwell in the bottomless pit some call Hell.
  It's amazing how much negativity surrounds these certain
individuals.  I'm curious to why these people are not volunteering on
town boards instead of complaining about what town officials are
doing or not doing.  Then again maybe it is better for all of us if
they do not since they speak with misinformation.   If all poisonous
energy would dissolve and be created into !
  POSITIVE energy....well think about all the good that could be done
for the town and humankind alike.  So much more can be accomplished
with POSITIVE energy, but noooooooo.....certain individuals need to
eat, sleep and live within their lives as toxins ooze from their
pores.  It's as if they are so miserable in their own lives that they
must spread their misery like the plague.  We all remember what
occurred during the plague right? So why don't we all work together
with a common goal in making Provincetown a better community.  This
is capable of being done without the anger and hatred. 
Remember....we all have to live here let's learn to
work together in a POSITIVE way.

As for the unkind opinions spoken about all Provincetown
employees....I believe they do a great job.  Be lucky you don't have
to stand in line at a big city Department of Motor Vehicle location
for a few hours to be helped.  We are all lucky to be able to walk
into town hall and be helped immediately by not just an employee, but
a smiling and friendly employee.  Where else can you go where DPW
workers are friendly and helpful, and even wave a hello in passing. 
And now for the Provincetown Police Department.  Never before in my
life would I have interacted with police officers before moving to
Provincetown....even with law enforcement being in my immediate
family.  I must say that Provincetown has some great police officers
who do more for the public than what is known, especially the female
officers.  Whether it's wellness checks or other acts of
kindness....they do it because they genuinely care about people.  I
find the officers to be consistently friendly and extremely a!

Now as the New Year approaches let us all remember that 'WHAT YOU

Happy Holidays!

With Love,
Joyful Heart
12:17 am est 

When People Say They Want it, it Should Stick!

Town Meeting date: April 7,2004
Article: ATM 28 Title:non-binding referendum to dissolve Provincetown
Public Pier Association

Motion passed. For 61 Against 51

Maybe next time when people say they want it, it should stick!

12:08 am est 

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Be a Part of the Solution!

Those that are complaining about the Board Of Selectmen -
step to the plate and run for Selectman.  It's very easy to throw
stones and complain, much harder to be a part of the solution.  Be a
part of the solution.
4:48 pm est 

Why Didn't You?

Hey Pier Corp is doing a great job
....panties in a wad
.....Ms Nagle has the cajones to sign her statements,
why didn't you....???????Signed the Shadow
1:27 pm est 

Uncovering Some Myths and Facts About Provincetown

Feel free to add your own:

Myth- Provincetown embodies the spirit of small town America with
open and fair government from its elected officers and town
administrators and staff to its town meeting process.

Fact- The information provided to voters at town meeting is
frequently manipulated by various players in town government to
present a sanitized view to the voters. The information provided
beforehand and the order in which articles are presented are
carefully crafted to influence the outcome. Perhaps more time and
effort  especially where town staff whose salaries are paid by the
voters come into play- should be spent on presenting an ACCURATE view
to the voters. The voters themselves need to demand more as well- an
increasing number of voting blocks are showing up at town meetings to
push agendas- this is a very dangerous situation in the case of
creating new bylaws- governance and politics are NOT the same thing.

Myth- Provincetown is a truly Unique place.

Fact- Provincetown IS unique for its incredible wealth of beauty,
history, and the culture of its community.

BUT- the problems and challenges we face as a community are NOT and
the response we have to them and to each other is not much different
than what is happening in the larger world around us.  Town leaders
and committees need to stop perpetuating the idea that we are so
unique that even our public policy decisions need to be developed
from scratch.  There are thousands of communities the world over that
have already developed excellent models for solutions in areas like
pier policy, road construction, wastewater management, affordable
housing, business development, tourism, environmental policy, etc .We
should be leveraging the resources available to us by using models
from these policy decisions to create efficient solutions to our
problems.  Having a basis for these solutions provides the community
with a way to see the future, examine the potential pros and cons
from real historical data and utilize resources for implementation
more efficiently. It also helps generate broad based support for projects that the community truly decides it needs.

Myth- Provincetown is a fiscally responsible community- just look at
our bond rating.

Fact- Town officials have a long history and to this day continue to
mismanage money in huge amounts each year.  What seems most to elude
them is what it means to have a budget.  If our leadership would
start behaving with our money as if it were their own household
accounts we would be able to accomplish a lot more with the resources
available.  Is anybody going to bat for the voters and bargaining
with the contractors as if it were their own road, pier, land
building etc.?? Why are we not presented with accurate figures at
town meeting- or for that matter in the annual report? Why dont we
want the state to assist us in cleaning house in our accounting and
reporting  a FREE service- instead the town decided to spend $30,000
to hire outside assistance ( then they had the gall to ask voters for
$30,000 for a phone system for town hall at the same time proposing a
$7 million dollar road????  Why didnt you ask us what we thought of
throwing away money on the outside accountants!
    I for one would have chosen free state accounting help and spent
that money on a phone system-  or for that matter if  anybody at town
hall actually knew how to bargain with contractors youd find plenty
of room in that road contract (regardless of what size it ends up
being)to find savings that could be brought back to the voters for
funding of other capital projects on the back Burner

Myth- Provincetown is in dire need of large amounts to affordable
housing to stabilize our community- both economically and socially.

Fact- Provincetown is in the top three of all towns in Barnstable
county at providing affordable housing. The problem lies more in the
combination of a lack of year round jobs and infrastructure to
support those on moderate fixed incomes. Additionally the types of
housing the town wants us to believe we need will only worsen the
problem. We need to invest more resources in providing real,
affordable, home OWNERSHIP opportunities to people of moderate means-
and that means sustainable housing- not a step up housing unit that
you outgrow the minute families come into the picture.  So why is the
town developing more rental housing on Shankpainter Road? If I were a
police officer, town employee, or teacher as examples looking for a
FUTURE in Provincetown, I wouldnt want a subsidized rental  Id be
looking for a unit with ownership that I could take pride in as
member of the community AND as a taxpayer  so Id be concerned about
how the town spends its (my) money-  hmm, so maybe thats why the town leaders want rental units..

Providing more ownership opportunities increases THE NUMBER OF

Myth- Provincetowns administration looks to the local community for
assistance in solving town problems and supports local industries as
a way to develop the community.

Fact- Town officials have long relied heavily upon volunteer boards
to develop policy decisions- But the buck seems to stop there-  (Why?
Because there is no buck involved with volunteer boards)   When it
comes to services, contracts, consultants, etc. there is a long
history of hiring outsiders- Seems we have lost an economic
development opportunity right there. Its very possible a great deal
of these contracts to outsiders have been awarded illegally- How many
RFPs have been advertised for these services- how many competitive
bids were solicited? Was any proactive effort made to identify and
notify local providers if possible? Recent articles in the banner
have identified many outside consultants form architectural firms to
engineering firms and Housing consultants that are already working
for the town at our expense. Who authorized these contracts without
the proper bid process? Just one example of the many conflicts of
interest that continue to occur where our town offic!
  ials are concerned-Is it any wonder the town doesnt want the state
to see its books??
1:17 pm est 

The Jury Should Still be Out

Tonight, I attended the town forum. I voiced additional
concerns that our harbormaster's staff of a full time office manager
and seven assistant harbormasters was the biggest of all Cape and
Island harbor staffs.

I told the BOS that I spoke with the harbormaster in Nantucket today
who have year round ferry and cargo service, 150 town rental slips
and 3000 boats on any given day of the summer. They have no barge.
They contract out all their maintenance. The Nantucket harbormaster
has an office manager and ONLY during the summer does he have (just)
two assistant harbormasters. That's it just an office manager and two
assistant harbormasters during the summer!

The BOS listened to me and they all expressed a desire to look into
the concerns I have been bringing to their attention about the Pier
Corp. I urge everyone to remember that four out of five selectmen
were just elected last year, and that our town manager has been here
less than a year. I felt that the BOS showed a lot of compassion when
people spoke up tonight about personal challenges facing them such as
property taxes and the Damocles sword that hangs over our school
system because of lack of kids in town. Let's give this board and
town manager a chance as they have inherited many difficult
challenges facing our community. The jury should still be out on them.

Candace Nagle
12:07 am est 

Provincetown Public Pier Corp. is Doing a Great Job!
I personally feel that the Provincetown Public Pier Corp. is doing a great job!  Sometimes a person will get their proverbial "panties in a bunch" over something they perceive as an injustice as I believe Ms Nagle has done. I have read a lot about the PPPC and what they are trying to accomplish and quite frankly, I think they should be commended. I watched their meeting with the Selectmen on CH 17 the other night and while I found the Chairman Mr. Clingham a bit wordy and monotonous, he made a lot of good points. Mr. Adams was excellent and spoke very candidly when questioned. I know that Mr. Adams serves on the School Committee here in town and is quite well respected and very well liked by everyone I have spoken with. The Harbormaster, Mr. McKinsey strikes me as a man who is careful in his work and knowledgeable about the place he works. I believe the town has a good and competent group of people caring for our Pier.
11:21 pm est 

Monday, December 17, 2007

All They Have to do is Call!
I have read with interest the remarks of the citizen who
thinks I'm arrogant for thinking it important to listen to a citizen
group like PACC.
  I'm not sure how long this person has lived in Provincetown, but no
one knows better than I how incredibly important citizen's groups
are. I once belonged to one. It was called SCRAM. In 1976, we
successfully recalled three of four sitting selectmen for
mismanagement, replacing them with several of our own group, myself
included. It took two years, so I know better than most the value of
a citizen's group and  I welcome PACC for stepping forward at this
critical time.
  One has to look no farther than the failed November Proposition 2 &
1/2 ballot initiatives to know how true this is. Anyone who was
shocked by the results of the November election must be living in
another universe. Taxpayers are angry.  I delivered this message to
the board of selectmen.  I cautioned my colleagues to pay serious
attention. The anger expressed at the ballot box will only worsen, I
said, unless this government finds ways to streamline costs and
reduce the burden on property owners and user-fee payers.
  Since my re-election in May, I have complained long and loud about
our unfair and unjust taxes, betterments and user fees Provincetown
residents are having to shoulder.  And when I was a selectmen during
the period when many of these projects were in the planning stages, I
voted against them as well.  Several prominent examples being peak
period pricing for water, the plan for the sewer system that the town
evenutally chose, as well as the Provincetown Public Pier
Corporation, about which I no longer speak since my husband is an
assistant harbormaster.
   And where I am able, I will continue to rail against the injustice
many of these outrageous boondoggles, user fees, and taxes have
heaped upon Provincetown citizens.
  It is also important to realize at the outset that myself, three
other selectmen and the current town manager were not in office when
the budgets now in question were planned. But we are saddled with the
fallout. All of us take our responsibilities to the voters very
seriously and are desperately seeking ways to ease reduce expenses.
  Let me also say to the citizen who thinks I'm arrogant and unfit
for office that I live here too. My husband and I pay taxes, sewer
betterments and user fees. We gag at waste, crassness and the lack of
leadership which may have led to these problems.  We worry about
rising costs just like everyone else in town and are very often
afraid that we too may be driven out of our own home because we may
not be able to afford to live here as we continue to grow older.
  Lastly, and for the record, I've never hesitated to speak my mind
or sit down with anyone who's asked to share their concerns with me.
My telephone number is in the book. I'm ready, willing and able to
speak to anyone at any time about any and all concerns they might
have. All they have to do is call.
Mary-Jo Avellar
5:11 pm est 

Take a Look at Your Own Mistakes!
I am so sick and tired of citizens stating that a Town
Employee should be thankful that they have a job, let alone with
benefits and possible raises. HELLO???? Though they are being paid
through tax payers money to work in a run-down, moldy and rodent
infested building that the elevator breaks down everyother day, the
water should be condemn to drink and the building is sinking on one
side... they have to put up with citizens who jump to conclusions and
have NO IDEA as to how any branch of government works let alone what
rules and regulations are in place for their own community which they
voted on at a town meeting.
If a citizen is so jealous that a town employee has a job with
benefits, then I dare you - apply for an open position! See how much
fun it really is working for local government.  Wonder why
Provincetown has such a high turn around rate for employees? Because
they have to deal with people who accuse them of not working and
citizens who are totally ungrateful of what they have for hard
workers who actually do give a who-ha about that town. Truely, those
employees really LOVE that town, and love working for the town
however there is only so much they can take of negative criticism.
Let's be honest. It's true that taxes go up, that any type of license
or permit has tons of paperwork and hurdles to jump through. But the
only reason Provincetown is that way is because it's citizens has
made the town hall SO paranoid that it's going to get sued for not
crossing its "T's" and doting its "I's". No wonder it takes FOREVER
to get anything approved there! And you dare to blame it's employees from making it difficult for YOU to do anything or not
having as much freedom as you think you should have? You citizens are
all to blame! Remember, when you point a finger at someone else,
there are four additional fingers pointing right back at you from
your own hand. Take a look at your own mistakes before you start
blaming your dedicated employess whom you hired to put up with your
rules, and shit!
2:40 pm est 

Taxation With Representation
MacMillan Pier Expenses Before the Provincetown Public Pier
Corporation began running the pier:

2001:  $132,812.00
2002:  $120,331.00
2003: 105, 621.00
2004: $130,210.00
2005: $108,609.00

Expenses of MacMillan Pier at the helm of Provincetown Public Pier
Corporation and Pier Manager:

July 2005-June 2006:  $627,903.82 (actual)   $547,836.80 (budget)
July 2006-June 2007:  (Pier Corp. refuses to release)
July 2006-June 2008:                                       
$564,793,12 (budget)

I have repeatedly asked the Provincetown Public Pier Corporation for
a complete set of financial documents to no avail. They have only
released their current budget ending June 2008.  The other data was 
developed through personal research. Close to $300,000 can be eliminated
from the Pier Corp.s bloated budget starting with a reduction of staff.

For example, why are we paying for seven assistant harbormasters, an
office manager and a clerk, which is more staffing than all the other
harbor staffs on the Cape and Islands?  Nantucket: has two assistant
harbormasters, Tisbury: four, City of New Bedford: six but no office
manager, Sandwich: two, Harwich: six but no office manager,
Fairhaven: five, Chatham: five, and Barnstable: two. (Source: Cape
Cod & Islands Harbormasters Association).

Recently, I saw the maintenance hand-out by the Pier Manager. Anyone
would discern it does not require a staff of seven! It is clear to see that 
there is simply not enough to do on the pier to warrant such a large
staff. Staff members standing around looking busy doesnt look good. Driving
down the pier, one cant help notice a lot of standing around on the
platform outside the harbormasters office.

The Pier Corp. and Pier Manager give new meaning to the expression,
fiscal train wreck.

Again, I respectfully request the Board of Selectmen and Town Manager
to order a critical analysis of the spending on the pier and take the
necessary steps to have the income generated on the pier go back to
the town coffers for fiscal transparency and returning the concept
taxation with representation to taxpayers who are footing MacMillan
Piers debt

Candace Nagle
2:24 pm est 

Glad PACC is Here
So Many Ideas,
  So Many Wonderful People
     The first meeting of PACC was just wonderful. It was great to
see so many town people who have lived here for years and help give
us a strong sense of history. How things had been before! How the
town can be run differently! I'm so very impressed with the energy,
ideas, analysis. Wow what a strong, dedicated, caring group.
     Glad PACC is here
1:44 pm est 


I've had a business in Provincetown for 30 years.
Let it be known that I am not against development, nor lower cost housing--However, I am against the over-development of parcels of land that accommodates, not only lower cost housing, but market value housing. It is changing the character of our town, not to mention the burden it has on our resources. This should be stopped and not allowed, before the beauty and integrety of Provincetown no longer exists. The need for lower cost housing is indeed real but should be done in moderation and to scale in accord to the town and its neighborhoods.
It seems that the way things are being done have been a way of getting around local bylaws, and the result has been saturated, over-developed land. How can we let this happen ??? In order to protect and preserve what is left of our very special town.
1:37 pm est 

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thank You For Being There!
i was so happy to read the article "Citizen's Group Takes
Shape In Wake Of Budget Overrides" in teh Banner.
Our town leaders needs to realize that they are in position TO SERVE US.
They are accountable TO US.
I am delighted that everything was voted down.
The article also mentioned that MaryJo Avellar has "no problem" with
any citizen group...
How arrogant and indicative of the attitude we are dealing with in town hall.
She needs to realize that WE have a problem with her emotional,
uneducated decisions. She is unfit for public service and an
embarrassment to watch on the TV.

Your energy and focus are everything this town needs...
ACCOUNTABILITY from town hall. How can they act like we are
benefiting from their actions?

Our town leaders have repeatedly failed to be accountable and want
the taxpayers, the homeowners to pay the consequences of their
negligent actions.
If i handled my personal finances the way our leaders have, i would
have lost everything and be thrown in jail for deception,
manipulation and fraud.i would be held accountable.

Most people in town do not have paid sick days or holidays or
vacation. We do not have health benefits... but town employees do.
How dare they expect us taxpayers to give them a raise.
they should be grateful we hired them in the first place.

That clown of a town manager: Keith acted as stupid as he looked. We
all had to pay for his personal agendas.
Again an embarrassment to town hall leadership.
i am so angry with the liberal allocation of money and the
irresponsibility of town hall - i will never vote for any increase.
Its about time they try to work with what they have, instead of
blaming the people in office before them.
If we need to layoff town employees then so be it.
I've been laid off before and had to deal. They can also.
Its unfortunate but a part of life, not a vindictive punishment.
I'm exhausted emotionally but feel relief in sight with the PACC.
10:56 pm est 

Thank You!
Thank you all for your time, energy and wisdom on matters
that our town has failed to comprehend and correct.
PACC is a blessing and answer to this town.


suzanne ingraham
10:42 pm est 

Fellow citizens!

It's up to us.  I don't believe it is posible to reach a town manager
and board of selectmen and all their wasteful minions with our
message: We are sick and tired and we're not going to take it anymore!

Do these people live on the same planet with us?  I haven't spoken to
any of our elected "make-believe leaders," but from what I hear it's
a waste of time.  I don't know the size of the town budget, but it
must be gazillions.

It seemed ludicrous that they "forced" the Visitors Service Board to
kick back a whopping $25,000 from the more than $400,000 they suck
out of our tax income stream to promote their businesses, blowing
most of it on what they call marketing.  It is even more ludicrous
that $600,000 is being blown on the pier.

Diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers' revenue fto
be spent by unelected special interests like the pier corporation or
the VSB or the sewer system is nuts!

We've got to set this straight.  Allowing unelected, unsupervised
appointees to decide how to spend and WASTE our tax revenue must be
stopped.  I'll be at your meeting this afternoon, weather permitting
and if it is still on.  You've got my vote!
10:35 pm est 

Thank You!!!

I thank you so much for organizing this. I know how much time and energy this takes and I hope to give you much of my own. It's such a relief to have the hope, at least, to perhaps effect some real change here and at the very least, a venue in which one can openly air their ideas.

Thank You!!!
10:05 pm est 

Who's in Charge!

 i think PACC is the only viable answer.
the website is awesome.
so glad others feel the same way.
lets make town hall rethink who's in charge!

1:23 pm est 

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fiscal Responsibility
    We need to re-establish fiscal responsibility. We need to be
realistic in our needs and down-scale our future projects. It always
seems that some humanistic concern is used to gain support for huge
projects. We used the elderly for Shore Point and now how many of our
citizens are really going to live there? And what did it cost the

      And under the guise of helping teachers or the police or
firemen, we spend enormous amounts on low-cost housing that few town
people really get a gain. It's a developer's dream and a developer's
profit at the cost of the town's monies and the town's land. And when
the town's developer can't even find low-cost buyers, they petition
the town to re-negotiate the terms and turns low-cost housing into
higher income housing. Who gains? The developer. Who loses? The town
in giving away its assets and control over its own land.

      And isn't this what we can expect from the Cumberland Land
project? The town spends $1 million---a lot of money--and what does
it do? It gives away precious land to a developer who once again will
control the lottery; who will control who gains access to these units
and more out-of-towners, well-connected to the developer and friends
of friends of the developer, will find that they are the "lucky"
names pulled out of the lottery hat.

      We have been fiscally irresponsible and foolish. It's time to
stop being swayed by a developer's game that makes these exorbitant
land-grabs and profit-driven projects seem to be for the "poor" or
the "aged" or those who "don't have." It's truly the town that
doesn't have anymore because we have foolishly given away our town.
      Upset but concerned
10:48 pm est 

Friday, December 14, 2007

Taxation Without Representation: The Provincetown Public Pier Corporation

Why are five unelected people, two of whom live in Truro, controlling
almost $600,000 of income from MacMillan Pier with no oversight?
Why is no financial information available for taxpayers to see? Why
aren't taxpayers being able to vote on capital expenditures
  like they are entitled to with everything else? Why should we allow
money the pier makes to go anywhere but back into town coffers?
  Why don't taxpayers have a voice when we are servicing millions of
dollars of MacMillan Pier's debt?
10:51 pm est 

Thank You So Much!

     I am so impressed. thanks so much for the great ideas and
analysis I am reading. So many people with so many good and
constructive ideas. If we can harness these insights and
problem-solving ideas, we can help this town get back in line. We
have so much history; so much strength; so much in resources.
      Thanks you all for your wonderful and encouraging ideas. We can
make a difference and I believe it is starting to happen. It's not
easy to stand up and literally be counted. But, wow, so many people
are doing this.
4:26 pm est 

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Responding to Time to Demand a Change
    You are so right. I too believed that with the new town manager
and the new group of selectmen there would be a change here in
Provincetown. But within a few weeks, it was life as usual in town
hall. Somehow, everyone seemed as if they had been here for years and
were so soon steeped in the old ways of thinking and managing. I,
too, was disappointed.
    You say it so well. First, educate. Then, if the new realities
are not incorporated and if there is no change, then let's start all
over again. Let's bring in new faces with new minds and with
gumption. There seems to be a lack of courage, especially to take
actions that the town people are demanding. Something's so very wrong.
     I thank you so much for your words and the clarity of your position.
     In Full Agreement
8:20 pm est 

Just Three Examples of Cost Savings if the Pier Corp. Were Desolved
Three examples of cost savings:

1. $23, 844.00 indirect savings
The indirect total administrative support to the Pier Corp from the
Town is $23,844 according to the Pier percent allocation of town
resources in its 2008 budget.
Alix Heilala facilitated the above information.

2. $12,000 liability insurance savings

Pier insurance costs jump (Banner) 6/21/07
  PROVINCETOWN  Liability insurance costs for MacMillan Pier have
jumped from $17,000 to $29,000.
The insurance policy increase occurred last September but was
disclosed to selectmen at a recent joint meeting with the
Provincetown Public Pier Corp.  PPPC members were outlining a series
of additional costs the pier now pays that were previously paid by
the town, which has hurt efforts to increase revenues on the pier.
The pier had been covered under the towns blanket liability policy
and was billed back to the PPPC as a percentage of the total policy,
which was $17,000. However, according to harbormaster Rex McKinsey,
the insurance carrier decided last fall that since the Pier Corp. was
a semi-autonomous organization, it should have a marina operators
liability policy separate from the town. The cost of that new policy
was $29,000.
McKinsey said the change occurred too quickly to allow the PPPC time
to get competitive bids from other carriers. A competitive bidding
process will take place when the current policy comes up for renewal
this October, McKinsey said. - PS

3. $4,050.00  D & O liability insurance savings

  There is an insurance expense for D & O of $ 4050.00 listed in the
Pier Corp.'s current budget.

Just these three expenses amounting to $39,894 is what the Town could
save if the Pier Corp. did not exist.
8:12 pm est 

Stop the Hemorrhaging

On December 10, 2007 at the Board of Selectmen's meeting, George Bryant, citizen of Provincetown spoke out with an inquiry regarding the recent work done by Medcalf & Eddy on the renovation of the Council for the Aging parking lot.
Mr. Bryant questioned who authorized the preparation and poring of new asphalt for the parking lot and the addition of a new retaining wall and the resultant cost.

David Guertin, Director of the DPW explained that the work was done as a part of the new sewer connection project.
Disconnecting of the existing Title-five system may have been valid, but who paid for the construction of the new retaining wall and paving of the parking lot? Does not the law require all retaining walls of 4 feet hight or greater to go through the permitting process and walls of 10 feet from footing to top of wall to require an engineering plan? Does the the new retaining wall also  need a guard rail? Given the amount of earth removed from the site shouldn't Planning have been consulted? What law exempts DPW from going through the due process? Should not this project been advertised as a competitive bid?

Why are the limited number of sewer rate payers paying for this project? Isn't this another additional expense being fostered onto the sewer system, ergo the rate payers.

If the parking lot improvements were required, why was this not brought to the attention of the Town Manager and public application made for the necessary funds? In any case, it would appear that the funds should have come from the General Fund not the Sewer Fund. Why is the public the last to know? 

This is yet another example of government operating without any adherence to regulations or due process. DPW represents the largest expenditure of town revenues and yet there are no checks and balances placed on the operation.

One would think that given the the last vote the Selectmen and Town Manager would have gotten the message. However it seems that they are no better then the previous administration and are proceeding with a "business as usual" attitude.

A detailed look into the operations of DPW is required. In my opinion it represents Provincetown's greatest revenue leak. We are dying the death of a thousand cuts. Stop the hemorrhage and demand accountability now!

One cut too many

4:55 pm est 

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thrash the First Thing They Attack
     Didn't we all know that the selectmen would get back at the
citizens by either cutting down on thrash removal or charging for it.
And this pay-as-you throw idea is just such a bad idea. What do our
taxes pay for? Will someone please tell me? PAY FOR THIS, PAY FOR
   Unhappy with management
10:28 pm est 

Over-taxed and over it!
How much more can we take
     Who can now afford to live here? On my very average income, I am
being strained. Too many of my dollars are going to the town. And
each year, the town seems to want more and more. Me and many of my
friends and family just find it harder and harder to make ends meet.
Thank goodness enough of us said no to more overrides, to more taxes.
    I hope through you the select men start to hear what we have been
saying for quite awhile.
     Over-taxed and over it
10:21 pm est 

Time to Demand a Change
For many, many years now, the people of Provincetown have
been lead by pedestrian leaders, administrative and elected, who have
failed in their first responsibility to protect the taxpayer from an
accumulation of financial burdens that are now threatening to drive
middle-class homeowners to places more affordable.

This is particularly true of young people and the old, which is
changing the character of our beloved community. Real estate taxes,
sewer betterments and usage fees, lavish expenditures on a dying
school system and just plain waste in Town Hall and on MacMillan
Pier, are pressing homeowners hard.

What are we to do?  First we must press back. We expected this new
crop of selectmen and town manager to be sensitive to our situation,
but we see almost no movement by them to arrest the errors of the
past and set a new course.  They are new to government, most of them,
and need an education.  Failing that they must be replaced with
selectmen who truly represent the taxpayers.

My neighbors, my friends and I want to see some changes, dramatic
changes, so that our tax bills will subside, not stay even or go up a
little, but decrease.  I will support this organization and hope that
we can generate enough people to challenge the selectmen, the finance
committee and the town manager to let them know they will have to be
replaced if this mismanagement keeps up.
10:13 pm est 

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pier Corp, Lacks Checks and Balances!
Last week, I submitted a report to the BOS and Town Manager
entitled, 'Why the Pier Corp. Should Not Have Purchased the Barge.'

A brief summary:

This past spring, the Pier Corp. authorized the purchase of a barge
for the primary purpose of driving oak piles. The Pier Manager will
drive replacement oak piles as invasive shipworms have compromised
the existing oak fender piles on MacMillan Pier.

The Pier Corp should not have authorized the purchase of the barge
which will cost up to $41,511.00 for three reasons. One, the
presidents of three marine contracting companies stated, replacing
oak piles with oak piles is throwing good money after bad as oak
piles only last 8-10 years.
Two, the Pier Corp authorized the purchase of the barge before
knowing what was destroying the piles and then coming up with the
most appropriate strategy. Three, liability concern. The Pier Manager
does not have the appropriate background to drive piles.  The Pier
Corp could be found negligent if piles fail as the result of being
installed by an inexperienced employee.

Financial Consequences alone: The Pier Manager and Pier Corp.s choice
of replacing the failing oak piles with oak piles will cost over
$210,000.000 more than it should. Marine Contractors recommend green
heart piles which last 40 years. The barge purchased is too small to
drive green heart piles according to one reference as they are twice
a heavy.
  This is just one example of the Pier Corp and Pier Manager not
doing the proper due diligence. This alone is reason to examine why
there are no checks and balances with the income generated on the
pier and spent at the Pier Corps discretion!

In 2003, I received a degree in Professional Mariner Training at the
Chapman School of Seamanship. Studying the effects of shipworms on
wooden hulls and solutions were included in the program.

Candace Nagle
Float Owner
MacMillan Pier
7:24 pm est 

Who Can Count?
Does anyone know how many large-scale projects are still
affecting the town? What is Shore Point costing us now? Two years of
rent-free use of the Freeman building, except for a $10,000 carpet,
burdens us. Also, why spend $70,000 for another engineering study for
town hall repairs? What about Shankpainter and the Cumberland project?

      Also, what about the additional plans for firehouse number 2
and number 3? Whose paying for these architectural studies?

      Does anyone have an accurate count of these big projects? I'd
like to know.

     This Inquiring Mind Wants to Know
1:29 pm est 

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Just received your web announcement.

We will definitely attend the PACC meeting on Dec. 16.

Thanks for supporting all us.
9:34 pm est 

It's About Time!

    So glad to know this organization exists. Many of us are pleased
and excited to have this forum. I know we stopped being involved for
too long but now we want to support and be part of this town group.
This is so important. Thank you.
   An Older Townie
5:21 pm est 

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thank You and Merry Christmas!!
Hi! My wife and I own a condo in Provincetown and receive the Banner to stay in touch. As out of town owners we cannot be as informed as we would like and are truly thankful for your efforts and "the other side of the story". Thank You and Merry Christmas!!
3:58 pm est 

Who's Steering the Ship!
Dear PACC,
      The time is right. At least, that's how I feel. Here's my
issue: where's the leadership? Where's the vision for the future of
Provincetown? We don't need more and more administrative
positions--yet we just created more. Didn't we just do this? Filling
positions is not what we need. I'd like to see gumption, strategies,
and new ideas.
     I hope PACC can help do this. I'm aboard. Is there a captain
that can steer this ship?
    Beverly from the West End
9:22 am est 

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What a Mess!
Wherever we look--if you dare to look--we find disasters. From
waterfront projects to town hall renovations, there is little
long-term thinking. Someone, please, help the town think clearly!Or
maybe, help the town think!
    A Townie who cares
6:55 pm est 

Government Does not Understand!
comments: There is no doubt they need to better understand what
voters are saying and demanding. They need to rethink a smaller
government with more efficient, productive and yet energetic staff
and administrators. We are far from this realistic goal.
    A Concerned Citizen
6:43 pm est 

6:40 pm est 

Saturday, December 1, 2007

PACC Initiates Shout Out!

PACC has initiated a new addition to our Website, which will provide a platform for individuals to speak their mind. We welcome your comments, suggestions, opinions and thoughts on all issues that affect Provincetown.

We hope to provide an insightful, thought provoking means by which your voice can be combined with those of your fellow citizens to right the listing ship.

2:25 pm est 

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