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  Mark Silva: A Rich Goodby

The church was packed. There was even a long line to enter St. Peter's. There were people sitting along the side pews. All the pews were filled.

We were there to attest to your legacy, to what you gave to this town and to all of us. You brought the energy for the Portuguese Festival and revived it. You brought the energy for the Regatta and revived this wonderful celebration. You gave of yourself, of your time and of your vision.

The town was there to bid you farewell and to thank you for everything that you have done for us. And you did it with humor, joy and a sense of much celebration. You knew how to throw a party and taught the town to do it too!

You were unique and you will be missed. But you would not leave without our thanks and without a party at the Red Inn. We were there with tears and we were there with much laughter and gratefulness for you.

Adieu, Mark! May the angels carry you on holy wings into eternal peace and celebration!


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Friday, November 23, 2007

Congratulations Voters of Provincetown!

Provincetown citizens have spoken and expect their Selectmen to enact their expressed wishes, without modification or delay.

See Editorial

3:04 pm est 

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